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Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 10535594"

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.# Be^dAPTQ Jia may 2005 


(19) World Intellectual Property 
International Bureau 


(43) International Publication Date (10) International Publication Number 

10 June 2004 (10.06.2004) PCT WO 2004/048047 Al 

(74) Agent: WHTTAKER, Iain, Mark; Sommerville & Rush- 
ton, 45 Grosvenor Road, St Albans AL1 3 AW (GB). 

(81) Designated States (national): AE, AG, AL, AM, AT, AU, 
AZ, BA, BB, BG, BR, BY, BZ, CA, CH, CN, CO, CR, CU, 
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SD, SE, SG, SK, SL, SY, TJ, TM, TN, TR, TT, TZ, UA, 
UG, US, UZ, VC, VN, YU, ZA, ZM, ZW. 

(84) Designated States (regional): ARIPO patent (GH, GM, 
KE, LS, MW, MZ, SD, SL, SZ, TZ, UG, ZM, ZW), 
Eurasian patent (AM, AZ, BY, KG, KZ, MD, RU, TJ, TM), 
European patent (AT, BE, BG, CH, CY, CZ, DE, DK, EE, 
ES, FI, FR, GB, GR, HU, IE, FT, LU, MC, NL, PT, RO, 
SE, SI, SK, TR), OAPI patent (BF, BJ, CF, CG, CI, CM, 
GA, GN, GQ, GW, ML, MR, NE, SN, TD, TG). 


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O (57) Abstract: The present invention provides a hand held cleaning utensil having an extendable elongate handle with a working 
head at one end of me handle, the handle being assembled of at least a first length to which the working head is mounted and a 
second length that is coupled to the end of the first length remote from the working head, and which is adapted to be moved from 
Q a first position, in which the second length is stowed alongside or substantially coaxial with the first length but not obstructing the 
working head so that the utensil may be used, to a second position, in which the second length is substantially aligned with the first 
length to provide an extended overall handle length. 

(51) International Patent Classification 7 : B25G 1/04, 

1/06, F16C 11/10 

(21) International Application Number: 


(22) International Filing Date: 

19 September 2003 (19.09.2003) 

(25) Filing Language: English 

(26) Publication Language: English 

(30) Priority Data: 

0227796.0 28 November 2002 (28. 1 1 .2002) GB 

(71) Applicant (for all designated States except US): 
= House, 2 Albert Place, Finchey, London N3 1QB (GB). 

— (72) Inventors; and 

533 (75) Inventors/Applicants (for US only): MAY, Andy, Robert 

= [GB/GB]; 7 Vicars Close, London E9 7HT (GB). NEU- 
= MANN, Daniel [GB/GB]; Easy-Do Products Limited, 
Unitec House, 2 Albert Place, Finchley, London N3 1QB 
= (GB).