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United States Patent and Trademark Office 

~~ I GRP ART T~ 
| UNIT [ 



10/581,639 06/05/2006 



NXP, B.V. 


SAN JOSE, CA 95131 

US03 0499US1 20 3 



Date Mailed: 06/23/2009 

Receipt is acknowledged of this non-provisional patent application. The application will be taken up for examination 
in due course. Applicant will be notified as to the results of the examination. Any correspondence concerning the 
application must include the following identification information: the U.S. APPLICATION NUMBER, FILING DATE, 
NAME OF APPLICANT, and TITLE OF INVENTION. Fees transmitted by check or draft are subject to collection. 
Please verify the accuracy of the data presented on this receipt. If an error is noted on this Filing Receipt, please 
submit a written request for a Filing Receipt Correction. Please provide a copy of this Filing Receipt with the 
changes noted thereon. If you received a "Notice to File Missing Parts" for this application, please submit 
any corrections to this Filing Receipt with your reply to the Notice. When the USPTO processes the reply 
to the Notice, the USPTO will generate another Filing Receipt incorporating the requested corrections 


Johannes Josephus Theodorus Donkers, Valkenswaard, NETHERLANDS; 

Petrus Hubertus Magnee, Leuven, BELGIUM; 

Eddy Kunnen, Kessel-Lo, BELGIUM; 

Francois Igor Neuilly, Helecine, BELGIUM; 
Assignment For Published Patent Application 

Power of Attorney: The patent practitioners associated with Customer Number 24737 

Domestic Priority data as claimed by applicant 

This application is a 371 of PCT/IB04/52742 12/09/2004 
which claims benefit of 60/529,028 12/12/2003 

Foreign Applications 

If Required, Foreign Filing License Granted: 02/06/2007 

The country code and number of your priority application, to be used for filing abroad under the Paris Convention, 
is US 10/581,639 

Projected Publication Date: Not Applicable 
Non-Publication Request: No 
Early Publication Request: No 

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Preliminary Class 



Since the rights granted by a U.S. patent extend only throughout the territory of the United States and have no 
effect in a foreign country, an inventor who wishes patent protection in another country must apply for a patent 
in a specific country or in regional patent offices. Applicants may wish to consider the filing of an international 
application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). An international (PCT) application generally has the same 
effect as a regular national patent application in each PCT-member country. The PCT process simplifies the filing 
of patent applications on the same invention in member countries, but does not result in a grant of "an international 
patent" and does not eliminate the need of applicants to file additional documents and fees in countries where patent 
protection is desired. 

Almost every country has its own patent law, and a person desiring a patent in a particular country must make an 
application for patent in that country in accordance with its particular laws. Since the laws of many countries differ 
in various respects from the patent law of the United States, applicants are advised to seek guidance from specific 
foreign countries to ensure that patent rights are not lost prematurely. 

Applicants also are advised that in the case of inventions made in the United States, the Director of the USPTO must 
issue a license before applicants can apply for a patent in a foreign country. The filing of a U.S. patent application 
serves as a request for a foreign filing license. The application's filing receipt contains further information and 
guidance as to the status of applicant's license for foreign filing. 

Applicants may wish to consult the USPTO booklet, "General Information Concerning Patents" (specifically, the 
section entitled "Treaties and Foreign Patents") for more information on timeframes and deadlines for filing foreign 
patent applications. The guide is available either by contacting the USPTO Contact Center at 800-786-9199, or it 
can be viewed on the USPTO website at 

For information on preventing theft of your intellectual property (patents, trademarks and copyrights), you may wish 
to consult the U.S. Government website, Part of a Department of Commerce initiative, 
this website includes self-help "toolkits" giving innovators guidance on how to protect intellectual property in specific 
countries such as China, Korea and Mexico. For questions regarding patent enforcement issues, applicants may 
call the U.S. Government hotline at 1 -866-999-HALT (1-866-999-4158). 

Title 35, United States Code, Section 184 
Title 37, Code of Federal Regulations, 5.11 & 5.15 


The applicant has been granted a license under 35 U.S.C. 184, if the phrase "IF REQUIRED, FOREIGN FILING 
LICENSE GRANTED" followed by a date appears on this form. Such licenses are issued in all applications where 
the conditions for issuance of a license have been met, regardless of whether or not a license may be required as 

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set forth in 37 CFR 5.15. The scope and limitations of this license are set forth in 37 CFR 5.15(a) unless an earlier 
license has been issued under 37 CFR 5.15(b). The license is subject to revocation upon written notification. The 
date indicated is the effective date of the license, unless an earlier license of similar scope has been granted under 
37 CFR 5.13 or 5.14. 

This license is to be retained by the licensee and may be used at any time on or after the effective date thereof unless 
it is revoked. This license is automatically transferred to any related applications(s) filed under 37 CFR 1 .53(d). This 
license is not retroactive. 

The grant of a license does not in any way lessen the responsibility of a licensee for the security of the subject matter 
as imposed by any Government contract or the provisions of existing laws relating to espionage and the national 
security or the export of technical data. Licensees should apprise themselves of current regulations especially with 
respect to certain countries, of other agencies, particularly the Office of Defense Trade Controls, Department of 
State (with respect to Arms, Munitions and Implements of War (22 CFR 121-128)); the Bureau of Industry and 
Security, Department of Commerce (15 CFR parts 730-774); the Office of Foreign AssetsControl, Department of 
Treasury (31 CFR Parts 500+) and the Department of Energy. 


No license under 35 U.S.C. 184 has been granted at this time, if the phrase "IF REQUIRED, FOREIGN FILING 
LICENSE GRANTED" DOES NOT appear on this form. Applicant may still petition for a license under 37 CFR 5.12, 
if a license is desired before the expiration of 6 months from the filing date of the application. If 6 months has lapsed 
from the filing date of this application and the licensee has not received any indication of a secrecy order under 35 
U.S.C. 181, the licensee may foreign file the application pursuant to 37 CFR 5.15(b). 

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