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Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 10643431"

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Applicants hereby claim priority to the applications listed below and request a filing 
receipt reflecting the same. 

This application: 

> is a divisional application of U.S.S.N. 09/503,219 filed February 2, 2000 

> which claims benefit of U.S.S.N. 60/1 18,335 filed February 3, 1999. 

The specification has been amended to reflect this priority claim as well as the current status of 
the priority applications. In addition, the specification has been amended to incorporate these 
applications by reference. 

The specification has also been amended to comply with 37 C.F.R. § 1 .821-1 .825. A 
paper copy of the "Sequence Listing" which is believed to comply with 37 C.F.R. § 1 .821-1 .825 
is submitted to replace the current "Sequence Listing." In addition, a computer readable form of 
the "Sequence Listing" is submitted along with a Statement declaring that the information 
recorded on the diskette is identical to the paper copy. 

Applicants elect to prosecute Group II (Claims 1-17 [1-7]) as set forth in Paper No. 6 of 
the parent application without traverse. These claims are directed to a method of modulating 
migration of a cell within, or to the skin of a mammal, comprising administering to the said 
mammal an effective amount of an antagonist of CCR6 . Claims 8-20 have been withdrawn as 
they are drawn to non-elected inventions. For greater clarity, Claims 1-7 have been cancelled 
and the subject matter that is directed to the presently claimed invention has been incorporated 
into new claims 21-42. Support for these new claims can be found in the specification and the 
originally filed claims (e.g. , on page 3 , lines 21-31 and in Claims 1 -7). No new matter has been 
added by these claim amendments. 



It is believed that the foregoing amendments place this application now in condition for 
allowance. Early and favorable action allowing pending claims 21-42 is respectfully solicited. 

Respectfully submitted, 


Patent Department, K-6-1, 1990 Reg. No. 45,997 

2000 Galloping Hill Road Patent Agent 

Kenilworth, New Jersey 07033-0530 (908)298-7221