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Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 10825787"

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Attorney Docket No. IL-11206 

A stretchable electronic circuit or electronic device and a polymer-based 
process to produce a circuit or electronic device containing a stretchable 
conducting circuit. The stretchable electronic apparatus has a central longitudinal 
axis and the apparatus is stretchable in a longitudinal direction generally aligned 
with the central longitudinal axis. The apparatus comprises a stretchable 
polymer body and at least one circuit line operatively connected to the 
stretchable polymer body. The circuit line extends in the longitudinal direction 
and has a longitudinal component that extends in the longitudinal direction and 
has an offset component that is at an angle to the longitudinal direction. The 
longitudinal component and the offset component allow the apparatus to stretch 
in the longitudinal direction while maintaining the integrity of the circuit line.