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Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 10826261"

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. 08/17/2005 WED 15; 44 FAX — USPTO General Fax '0005/023 

Applications.: 10/826,261 Docket No.: 4459-147 


A micromachine packag e comprise s includes a first chip, a second chip, a spacer ring, a 
plurality of bumps, a plurality of leads, and an encapsulant The first chip has at least one moveable 
structure. The second chip has at least one electrode for cooperating with the moveable structure of 
the first chip, and a plurality of pads disposed on one side of the second drip. The spacer ring is 
disposed between the first chip and the opposite second chip and surrounds the moveable structure. 
The bumps are disposed on the pads. The lead has a first surface, which is connected to the 
bumps, and an opposite second surface. The encapsulant encapsulates the first chip, the second 
chip, the spacer ring, the bumps, and the first surfaces of the leads, and the second surfaces of the 
leads are exposed out of the encapsulant. 


PACE 5/23 - RCVD AT 8/17/2005 3:45:06 PM [Eastern Daylight Time] » SVR:USPTO-EFXRF-6/27 ■ DNIS:2738300 - CSID: » DURATION (mm-ss):08-30