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U.S. Dept. of Commerce 

How to sell to the 
government for civilian... 






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'^'^^U^ S. 2?«p^. {?/ commeroe. 

... How to sell to the govenimeiit for civilian needs. Wash- 
ington, XT. S. Govt print, off., 1941. 

V, 25 p. 23i*". (lU. S.J Bureau of foreign and domertic commeroe 
(Dept. of conuuerce) Industrial series no. 2) 

At h ead <tf tttle: United ^tes Dq^ of eommom Jesse H. JonsSi 

inother copy in Business. 1941» 

1. Bnymg. 2. Public contracts— U, S. i. Title. 


Library of Congress 


T7.TJ62 no. 2 
JK1673A53 1941 

(60082) 8SL710078 


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AUG 14 1941 

How to 

to the 


for civilian needs 




JESSE H. JON£S, Secretary 

Industrial Series No. 2 





Two kinds of buyii^ 

The Procurement Division of the Treasury Department 

Specifications available 

As to local purchases 

Three ways of purchasing 

Federal standard stock catalog 

The Department of Agriculture.-- 

Bureau branch pruchasing offices 

Farm Security Administration 

Department of Commerce 

Department of the Interior 

Additional purchasing offices , 

Department of Justice 

Department of Labor 

Post Office Department 

Department of State 

Treasury Department 

Miscellaneous Government agencies 

Miscellaneous buyers 



The present pamphlet is intended to supply information, m sunple 
form, on how the Government routine purchases are made. 
Obviously, such purchases are large in variety and number. The 
Federal Government is an enormous organization, and it needs many 

supplies for its daily work. ,. , , ■„ u i n 

It is not likely that the methods outlmed here will be radically 
t^mged by 4he ia^pNAct of defense needs. Some changes, however, 
may occur. 


Two Kinds of Buying 

The Federal Government is engaged in two kinds of buying — for 
war needs and for ordinary needs. A tank, for example, is for war 
needs. Office desks and supplies are for ordinary needs. 

The war purchasing is done by the Army and Navy. The ordinary 
purchasmg is done chiefly by the Procurement Division of the Treasury 

Army and Navy purchasing is explained by the two booklets pub- 
lished by these two Departments: The Army Purchase Information 
Bulletin (1940), and Selling to the Navy. Copies of these publications 
will be s^t on request to any manufacturer or dealer of good standing 
and reputation. 

This pamphlet is to help the businessman imderstand how the 
Government attends to its ordinary, routine needs. 

The Procurement Division of the Treasury 


The Procurement Division of the Treasury is the place where the 
various needs of governmental agencies are ascertained, pooled 
together, assorted, and tabulated. This is done in order to make 
large purchases at small cost, and to prevent the various Government 
departments from bidding against each other. 

Small-scale purchasing is done also by the various purchasing 
offices of the individual governmental agencies. The amount usually 

does not exceed $100. 

There is no great mystery involved in doing business with the 
Government. Any businessman desiring to do such business may 
write to the Procurement Division, Treasury DepuiUneut, Wash- 
ington, D. C., requesting that he be listed to receive invitations to 
bid on items he can furnish. 

He should furnish sufficient information to the Division to explain 
his financial and technical status as a bidder. 

Specifications Available 

The businessman may also obtain, in advance, a list of specifica- 
tions in force, by asking for Price List 75, 6th Edition. Or he may 
purchase from the Government Printing Office, Section 4, Part 1 , of the 
Federal Standard Stock Catalog, entitled ''Federal Specifications In- 
dex" (price 15 cents). 



Whore «pocifications have been recently written, nmneographed 
information is sent out as part of the mvitation to bid. The Procure- 
ment Division will flro]) from its mailin| list any concern remaining 
unresponsive to several invitations to bid. ^ 

Specifications should at all times be closely exammed, and the bidder 
should take note of such items as child labor, wages and hours, ma- 
terials of foreign origin, and limitation of profits applying m certam 

Provisions relating to delivery merit special attention. A bond for 
performance is sometimes required. i j i_ *u • -i; 

To receive invitations to bid on the items purchased the mdi- 
vidual departments of the Govei-nment, and not throiigh the Procure- 
ment Division, application for listing must be made direct to the 
purchasing offices of such departments. 

As to Local Purchases 

To facilitate local purchases the Procurement Division has offices 
in every State, equipped to furnish information on the proper pro- 
cedure "in bidding and filling contracts. A list of these State offices 
is included. It must be borne in mind at all times that Government , 
purchnsing is done on a competitive basis. Invitations to bid identify 
the ao-encv issuing the invitation and include quantity of matenal 
desired, sikes, grades, specifications, delivery requu-ements, and other 

™Firms selling to the Government should bear in mind also that it is 
not essential, though it may be convenient, to maintain a representa- 
tive in Washington to attend bid openings. The factors which, above 
all, will "clinch" a sale with the Government are the right price 

*™Gove^ent purchasinij procedure is outlined by law which requires 
advertising of its needs and award to the low(>st responsible bidder 
meeting ttie specifications, except where negotiated contracts are 

Three Ways of Purchasing 

In o-eneral, all the purchasing is done in one of the following ways: 
1. Through invitations to bid on standard Government lorui ot 

Through the General Schedule of Supplies which lists it_ems in 
conimon use contracted for on a term basis, including such articles as 
hardware, building materials, electrical equipment, fuel, drugs, and 
hospital and office supplies, and furnishings. 

3: Throi^ minor buying under legislative exemptions, on smaU 

The Gen^ Schedule of Supplies is csompfled by the Procurement 
Division, It represents a long list of items employed m the tunction- 
mg of the various civU branches of the Goyemment 

A current study of the purchasing machmery of the Umted States 
Government wouM not be complete without a word about the Division 


of Purchases of the Office of Production Management. This Division, 

however, is concerned with National-Defense needs exclusively. 
However, it cooperates with the Procurement Division insofar as such 
coordination may facilitate purchases for National Defense. 

Any businessman wishing to do business with the Government, who 
is doubtful about the proper procedure, even after a perusal of this 
pamphlet, may write to the Commercial Intelligence Unit, Division 
of Commercial and Economic Information, Department of Commerce, 
Washington, D. C, and his inquiry with reference to any phase of the 
subject will receive prompt attention. 

Federal Standard Stock Catalog 

The Federal Standard Stock Catalog is designed to list, in orderly 
and classified arrangement, all supplies regularly procured, stored, 
and issued by or for the various departments and establishments of 
the Government and to furnish the necessary information for procure- 
ment, storage, and issue of each item. 

The catalog comprises a general index of Federal property; detailed 
listings of commodities under each of the 74 classes for storage and 
issue, with standardized nomenclature, stock numbers, data as to 
departments and estabhshments by which used, references to any 
applicable Federal or departmental specifications, approximate prices 
and code words. The catalog also contains detailed information of 
value to Government procurement agencies for various commodities, 
as to geographical distribution of sources of supply, domestic and 
world production and utilization, variation in practice as to production 
or marketing, and other data requisite for economical and expeditious 
procurement. Federal specifications are published as a part of the 
Federal Standard Stock Catalog. Approximately 1,345 individual 
Federal specifications have been promulgated. 

Since the compilation and arrangement of the catalog is a highly 
technical procedure, and since copies of it (complete with its various 
sections) are not generally available to most businessmen, there is no 
need to go into a detailed description of it here. 

The part of most use to busmessmen interested in selling to the 
Government is section IV, part 1, Federal Specifications Index, 
which is generally revised annually and which is available from the 
Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D. C, for 15 cents. This 
pubUcation hsts the specifications now in force, alphabetically and 
by groups, such as "Aircraft, Boats and Ships,'' "Animals," "Animal 
Products." These specifications are listed also, with prices, in Price 
list 75, 6th Edition Federal Specifications, which will be sent to 
anyone applying for it to the Superintendent of Documents, Govoti- 
ment Printing Office, Washington, D. C. 

Separate indexes of United States Army and Federal specifications 
used by the War Department and those used by the Navy Department 
for naval stores and material are published by the departments and 
are sold by the Superintendent of Documents, for 25 cents each. 

A small number of spedficafions for the Marine Corps, which does 
its own purchasing, are printed separately and are available from the 

327207°— 41 2 


Quartermaster General, United States Marine Corps, Washington, 

^ Occasional specifications for Army and Navy requirements^ 
Issued onlY in mimeographed form, by purchasii^ o&cers of those 
Services Both the Army and the Navy have developed specifications 
coveHnc^ nfanv commodities. Many of th^e, applicable to aircraf 
m- Si- als^nd suppUes, are used jointly. They ye listed m Material 
Td Process Specifications, Bulletin No 23, available from Chief Ma. 
tedal Section, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. 

The Department of Agriculture 

This Department, which includes such organizations as the Soil 
ConS^Sn Service, Farm Security Administration, and the Rural 
EfSStion Admin stration, m addition to its many other Bureaus, 
SuS^gr^t quwitities of material of a widely diversified nature. 
^ The DelXL has a very large number of agencies in all parts 
of the uSstates with limited authority to purchase h;om loca 
sources but the great bulk of purchases are made^by the Divis on of 
~;erSales,^d Traffic located in ^X^hinln^D C 
United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, U. 

THs Di^on not only procm-es a large amount of common sup- 
nhes from Z Procurem4t Division of the Treasury but^it also pur- 
chSes Hi eat deal through contracte it makes direct with purveyors, 
a result of bids which it invites. , i. i. 

The D^^^^^ raaintains its own mailing list of concerns which have 
expressed^ ^h^^^^^ to receive invitations to bid^ Other concerns 
wiSii^^^^ listed should write dkect to the Division, at the address 
V n tbove and request to be Usted for bidding on the particular 
f tern they are^^^^^^ furnish.. Apphcation should be made on the 
bTank form provided for that purpose, which wi^ be furnished upon 
reauest Stores requisitions of the Departm^t of Agnculture a^ 
Sdled by the Division's Central Supply Section, South Building, 
Sd St.Ls Department of Agriculture Washmgton, D. C. 

The purchasing officers of the various Bureaus 
Deoartment of Agriculture buy some of their supphes dnrect from 
PpiS S^^^^ Supply contractors. Others are purdiased 

or purveying specialized items may deal direct with th^e Bureau 
DurEino- officers with respect to the set-up of transactions. On 
KfSs however, these officers place thefr orders with the C^- 
t^rLSy Section of the Division of Purchases Sales, and Traffic 
S the D^^^^^ which thus exercises a control over all Depart- 

"oS ^'S^Ss, the distinction bet.-^ r'""^ ^JtJ^^i^ 
of Purchases Sales and Traffic is an arbitrary one, fixed by the dc- 
plSaH^ authorized the delegation o considerable pur- 

^Wn^nower to the field agencies. For example, agencies m the 
Md^aT^ ho.^e-d.wn Vehicles locally or direct; but motor 
refaides are m aU cases purchased oniy by headquarters. 


A list of the principal purchasiog offices in Washington, D, C, 

Division of Purchases, Sales, and Purchases and Property, Bureau of 
Traffic, Room 1870, Agriculture South Entomology and Plant Quarantine, 
Building, Washington, D. C. Room 5832, Agriculture South Build- 

Purchasing Officer, Agriculture Adjust- ing, 
ment Adminisferation, Room 1973, Central Supply Section, Room 1906, 
Agriculture South Building. Agriculture South Building. 

Purchasing Officer, Farm Credit Ad- Property and Supply Section, Bureau 
ministration, 1300 E Street NW. of Animal Industry, Room 402, 

Procurement Officer, Bureau of Agri- Agriculture East Administration 
cultural Economics, Room 3429, Building. 

Agriculture South Building. Purchasing Section, Farm Security Ad- 

Bureau of Dairy Industry, Room 2963| ministration, 1320 G Street NW. 

Agriculture South Building. Procurement Officer, Forest Service, 

Purchasing Officer, Main Library, Room 908 Independence Avenue. 

1051, Agriculture South Building. Procurement Contracts and Space Sec- 
Purchasing Officer, Bureau of nant tion, Soil Conservation Service, Room 

Industry, Room 23, Agriculture West 439, Standard Ofl Building, Pennsyl- 

Administration Building. vania Avenue at Third Street NW. 

Purchasing Officer, Rural Electrifica- National Agricultural Research Center, 

tion, Connecticut and Rhode Island Beltsville, Md, 


Purchasing Agent, Bureau of Agricul- 
tural Chemistry and Engineering, 
Room 4302, Agriculture South Build- 

The Surplus Marketing Administration, Temporary Building No. 2, 
Nineteenth and C Streets NW., Washington, D, C, which includes 
the former Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation, purchases sur- 
plus food fmd clothing for distribution throu^out ilm United States. 

Biirrau Branch Piirchasing Offices 

Bureau of Dairy Industry: 

Iberia Livestock Experiment Farm, Jeanerette, La. 

United States Northern Great Plains Dairy Station, Mandan, N. Dak. 

Woodward Dairy Field Station, Woodward, Okla. 

Dairying and Livestock Experiment Station, Lewisbuzg, Texm. 

Hatch Dairy Experiment Station. Oakwood, Mo. 

Huntley Field Station, Huntley, Mont. 

Sandhill Experiment Station, Columbia, S. C. 

Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine: 

Gypsy Moth Control. 20 Sanderson St., Greenfield, Mass. 

Dutch Elm Disease Eradication, Glenwood Avenue and Henry Street, Bloomfield, 

Pink Bollworm Control, 1602 E. Houston Street, San Antonio, Tex. 

Mexican Fruit Fly Conlrol, 503 Rio Grande National Life Bmldin«, Harlingen, 


Blister Rust Control, 206 Federal Building, Cambridge^ Mass. 

Blister Rust Control, 618 Realty Building, Spokane, Wash. 

Blister Rust Control, U. S. Appraisers Buildmg, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Phony Peach and Peach Mosidc Eradication, 410 National Stwdard Building, 

Little Rock, Ark. 
Blister Rust Control, 804 Grace American Building, Richmond, Va. 
Blister Rust Control, 610 Syndicate Building, Oakland, Calif. 
Barberry Eradication, 170 Federal Office Buuding, Minneapolis, Mmn. 
Grasshopper Control, 707 Thorpe Building, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Mormon Cricket Control, 702 New House Building, SaltlAke City, Utah. 
White-fringed Beetle Control, Florala, Ala. 

Office of Ki^mlment Sfatiens: 

Agricultural Experiment Station, Mayaguez, P. R. 
Agricultural Eaqperiment Station, Hoiudulu, T. H. 


Farm Security Administntion (Address Mail to RegloMl Suppb Depot): 

County Courthouse BuUding, Sixth Floor, Milwaukee, Wis 
Marott Building, 342 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, ln<L 
Faircloth Building, 227 South Edenton Street, Raleigh, N. C. 

1216 Bell Building, 215 Monroe Street ^""'^l^S^^J: f.^l.^ i>^v Ark 
Donaghev Trust Building, Mam and Seventh Streets, Little Kock, ATK. 
Union Terminal Building, 901 North 17th miwt, Lincoln, Nebr. 
Chevrolet Building, 3221 Commerce Street, Dallas, Tex. 
227 Wells Fargo Building, 85 Second Street San Francisco, Calif 
Tn^iirance Exchange Building, 810 Fourteenth Street, Denver, Colo. 
233 Term^^ Morrison Street Portland, Oreg. 

Amarillo Building, Third and Polk Streets, Amarfllo, lex. 
Upper Darby, Pa. 

Sou Conservation Service (Address Mail to Regional Procurement Officer): 

WiUiamsport, Pa. I^I^^^^^+I^^'toJ^* 
Dayton, Ohio. Fort Worth, Tex. 

Des Moines, Iowa T??*™***' "^V 

Salina, Kans. ^^l'"* pIT^ <^Hf 

Rapid City, S. Dak. Santa Paula, Cahf. 

Spokane, Wash. 

Forest Service: 
Supply Officer, Region 1, Missoula, Mont* 
Supply Officer, Region 2, Denver, Colo. 
Supply Officer, Region 3, Albuquerque, N. Mex. 
Supply Officer, Region 4, Ogden, Utah. 
Supply Officer, Region 5, San Francisco, Calif. 
Supply Officer, Region 6, Portland, Oreg. „ . . . ^ ^ 
Supply Officer, Region 7, Victor Building, Waehmgton, D. C. 
Supply Officer, Region 8, Atlanta, Ga 
Supply Officer, Region 9, Milwaukee, W is. 

SupplV Officer, Region 10, Juneau, Alaska. ^ Wnndland Avenue 

Allegheny Forest and Range Expenment Station, 3437 Woodland Avenue, 

Ap^l^S and Range Exp^nt Station, Federal BuUding, AsheviUe, 

CaHfornia Forest and Range Experiment Station, 331 Giannini Hall, Berkeley, 
CeSial States Forest and Range ExperiiUBnt Stetion 

Intermountain Forest and Range Expemnent Station, Forest Service Jiuuaing, 
La?f Stot^Fireet and Range Experiment Station, University Farm, St. Paul, 

Northeastern Forest and Range Experiment Station, 1^^ 

Northern Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Expenment Station, federal 

pS^feh^t^F^^^^^^^^ Range Experiment Station, 423 United States 

SoSthe^'S^^^^^ Experiment Station, 348 Ba«>nne Street, New 

SoShwSem Forest and Range Experiment Station, Agricultural Building, 

University of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz. 
Santa Rita Experiment Range, Tucson, Ariz 
Jornada Experimental Range, Las Cruc^, N. Mex. 
Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wis. a^w.^h r^Wi 

Forest Supply Service Depot, Government Island, Oakland, Cab£. 

Farm Security Administration 

Purchases exceeding $1,000 are made through the Divi^^^^^^ 
Purchases, Sales, and Traffic, of the Dep^tment of 
Purchases up to $1 ,000 are made by the Farm Security Adpaims^^ 
and mostly in the field. AU strictly local purchases are hmited, with- 
out bids, to $100. 

On purchases of trailers as temporary homes for defense laborers, 
the invitations to bid are sent out by the Defense Coordinator and the 
contracts are executed by Farm Security. Purchases of automobiles 
and trucks are approved in Washington, and the contracts are executed 
by the Division of Purchases, Sales, and Traffic. 

' No separate mailing list is kept by Farm Security; use is made of 
the lists of the Department. Field offices maintain small local mailing 
lists. Specifications used are those of the Department of Agriculture 
or regular Government specifications. 

Farm Security Administration is prepared to build dormitories and 
hotels for defense use uuder a special $5,000,000 appropriatiioii. 

Department of Commerce 

Principal purchasing agencies of the Department of Commerce, for 
specialized purchasing, are as follows: 

Bureau of the Census: 

Chief Clerk's Office. (All procurements are made under existing Procurement 
Division contracts, and in the open market when the purchase does not exceed 
$100. Puircbases exceeding $100 are referred to the Procurement Division of 
the Treaaory Departntient for apimpriate action.) 

Civil Aeronautics Administration: 

Office Service Division, Commerce Building, Fourteenth and Constitution 
Avenue, Washington, D. C. (Except automotive and special equipment ex- 
ceeding $100, excluding technical equipment and aids to navigation, and the 
moving of the household effecte of Washington personnel, all of which are 
haudl^ by the Procurement Division of the Treasury Department.) 

Regional Managers: 

LaGuardia Field, Jackson Heights, City Hall Building, Kansas City, Mo. 

Long Island, N. Y. 1508 Fourth Street, Santa Monica, Calif. 

P. O. Box 4327, Atlanta, Ga. King's County Airport, Seattle, WaOu 

1204 New Post Office Building, Chicago, Superintendrat <rf Airways, Anchorage, 

111. Alaska. 
P. O. Box 1689, Fort Worth, Tex, 

Weather Bureau: 

Chief of Supidies, Twenty-fourth and M Stroets NW., Washington, D. C. 

Division of Purchases and Sales, Commerce Building, purchases for: 
Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. Secretary's Office. 
Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation. Patent Office. 

Coast and Geodetic Survey (except for construction of and repaii^s 
to vessels, which are contracted for direct by the Bureau). 

National Bureau of Standards (stationery and office supplies only; 
technical and laboratory equipment purcliased direct by Purchase 
Section of tJie Bureau), 

Department of the Interior 

The same method of purchasing which the other main departments 
of the Federal Government follow is employed by the Department of 
the Interior. That is, standardized items of equipment and supplies, 
whidi are listed, purchased, or stored by the Procurement Division, 
are purchased through them« However, a number of Government 
ag^cies, fonneily set up independently, but now a part of the Interior 


Department as a result of the Reorganization Plan, can purchase 
either through the Purchasing Officer of the Department of the 
Interior or direct from the Procurement Division. . 

The chief purchasing offices, besides the Purchasing Othce ot the 
Department of the Interior which is located in Room 2661, New 
Interior Building, Washmgton, D. C, are as follows: 

In Washington, D. G*: 

Chief, Procurement Service, National P^hasing Officer, Fish and Wildlife 
Park Service, Public BuQdings Branch, Service, 334 1 Agriculture South Build- 
South Interior Building, Washington, ing, Washin^on, D C. 
D C Purchasing Officer, Mount Rushiuore 

Purchasing Agent. Bureau of Insular National Memoml ^J^^}^^^''' 
AflFairs, Navy Building, Washington, tenor Building, Washington D. C 
p Q ' ^ Chief Supervisor of Construction. De- 

Purchasing Officer, Migratory Bird partment of the Interior, Washington, 
CJonunission, Interior Building, Wash- _ 1^ . ^ ^ ^ * - 

irxQ^nJy 6 Chief Clerk, Bureau of Mines, Intenor 

Chief Clerk. Geological Survey, 523 Building, Washington, D. C. 
New Interior Building, Wasliington, 
D. C, 

PfinciiMU Purchasing Offices in Other Cities: 

Superintendent, United States Indian Purehasring Officer, The Bozmeville 
Warehouse, 615 West Pershing Road, Project, Portland, Oreg. _ 
Chicago III Purchasing Officer, Consolidated Pur- 

Superintendent, United States Indian chasing and Shippmg Unit (Alaska 
Warehouse, Room 23, AppHOsCTs Railroad), Federal Buildmg, Seattle, 
Building, San Francisco, Calif. Wash. . rr . . 

Superintendent, United States Indian Superintendent of Hotels, Commissary 
Warehouse, 419 South Twelfth Street, and Stores, Department of the 
St Louis Mo Interior, Anchorage, Alaska. 

Chief, Procurement Section, National Purchasing Agent, Territory of Puerto 
Park Service, Department of the Rico, 17 Battery Place, New York, 
Interior, New Pogt (Mice Building, N. Y. 
Portland, Or^* 

The many regional offices of the Department throughout the United 
States are available for limited local purchases, without bids, m the 

open market. j i 

Some subsidiary purchasii^ offices are listed below: 

FMh and Wihttife SMTice (Address Mail-^^ 

1140 Park Square Building, Boston, Mass. 
1013 Glenn Building, Atlanta, Ga. 

402 Federal Building (P. O. Box 1306). Albuquerque, N. Mex. 
404 United States Courthouse, Portland, Oreg. 
500 National Building, Minneapolis, Minn. 

These offices can purchase m the apen market, without bids, up to 

Additional Purchasing Offices 
nMsion of Territories and Island Possessions 


Purchasing Agent, Consolidated Purchasing and Shipping Unit, Federal Office 

Building, Seattle, Wash. 
Seetetary to the Govenunr, Juneiau, Alaska. 


The Alaska Railroad: 
General Manager, Anchorage, Alaska. 

Superintendent of Hotels, CommisBary, and Stores, Anchoraee» Alaska. 

Alaska Road Commission: 

Chief Engineer, Juneau, Alaska. Superintendent, Nome, Alaska. 

Superintendent, Anchorage, Alaska. Superintendent, Valdez, Alaska. 

Superintendent, Chitina Alaska. Assistant Engines, Takotna, Alaska. 


Secretary of Hawm Mid Special Disbursing Agent, Honolulu, T. H. 
Puerto Rico: 

Purchasing Agent for the Insular Government, 17 Battery Place, New York, N. Y. 

Purchasing Officer, San Juan, P. R. 

Purchasing Clerk, University Hospital, San Juan, P. R. 

Dean of Administration, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, P. R. 

Director, Agricultural Experiment Station, College of Agriculture and Mechanic 

Arts, Mayaguez, P. R. 
Finance OflSoer, Agricultural Experiment Station, College of Agriculture and 

Mechanic Arts, Mayaguea, P. K. 

Grazing Service: 

Director, New Interior Building, Washington, D. C. 

Supervisor, Civilian Conservation Corps, New Interior Bufldmg, Washington, 
D. C. 

Administrative Assistant, Civilian Coneervation Corps, New Interior Building, 

Washington, D. C. 
Chief, Range Operations, 241 Federal Building, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Chief, Range Surveys, Federal Building, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Chief, Range Improvements, Federal Building, Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Officer in (^aatge of Hearings, Federal Building, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Range Examiner, Federal Building, Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Assistant Range Examiner, P. O. Box 429, Reno, Nev. 
Regional Grazier: 

P. O. Box 1740, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

P. O. Box 429, Reno, Nev. 

709 Idaho Street, Boise, Idaho. 

P. O. Box 1776, Billings, Mont. 

P. O. Box 575, Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

P. O. Box 157, Grand Junction, Colo. 

803 Security Building, Phoenix, Ariji. 

P. O. Box 588, Rawlins, Wyo. 

Lakeview, Oreg. 

Burns, Ga. 

Green River, Wyo. 
Principal Fiscal Accounting Ckatk: 

Albuquerque, N. Mex. , 

Reno Nev. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

General Land Office: 

Assistant to the Commissioner, New Interior Building, Washington, D. C. 
Supervisor of Surveys, Federal Building, Denver, Colo. 
Associate Supervisor of Surveys, New Interior Building, Wariiington, D. C 
IHstrict Cadastral Engineer: 

Juneau, Alaska. 

Glendale, Calif. 

Denver^ Colo. 

Boise, Idaho. 

Helena, Mont. 

Santa Fe, N. Meac 

Portland, Oreg. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Bureau of Indiait Affairs: 

Finance Officer, New Interior Building, Washington, D. C. 

Chief Supervisor of Construction, New Interior Building, Washington, D. C. 

Supervising Construction Engineer: 
Albuquerque, N. Mex. 
Fratt Bldg., Billings, Mont, 

Care of Five Civiliaed Tribes A«^ey, Muskogee, Okla. 
Supervisor of Trade and Industrie Training, Education Division, New Int^tor 

Building, Washington, D, C. 
Director, Extension Division, New Interior Building, Washington, D. C. 
Director, Forestry Division, New Interioi Building, Washington, D. C. 
Director, Health Division, New Interior Building, Washington, D. C. 
Chief Pharmacist, Health Division, New Interior Building, Washington, D. C, 
Assistant to the Com]iik»fc»ier, Indii^ Oxganisation, New Interior Buildingp 

Washington, D. C. 
Director, Irrigation Division, New Interior Building, Washington, D. C. 
Director, Land Office, New Interior Building, Washington, D. C. 
Director of Highways, Roads Division, New Interior Building, Washington, D. C, 

Field Offices of Forestry Division (Address Mail to Rej^ional Forester): 

424 Federal Building, Spokane, Wash. 

224 Fratt Building, Billings, Mont. 

171 Federal Office Building, Minneapolis, Minn. 

60? Federal Building, Salt Lake City, Utrfi. 

719 SMurity Buikliiig^ i^oenix, Aria. 

Field Offices of Irrigation Division: 

Supervising Engineer, Irrigation Office: 

Fratt Building, Billings, Mont. 

Eighth and Figueroa, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Wells Fargo Building, San Francisco, Califs 

Key Building, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Special Disbursing Agent, Irrigation Project: 

Wapato, Wash. 

St. Ignatius, Mont. 

Coolki^, AriK. 

Field Offices of Roads Division (Address MnH to IHstrict Highway 

171 Federal Office Building, Minneapolis, Minn. 

520 Securitv Building, Phoenix, Ariz. 
310 Fratt Building, Billings, Mont. 
520 Key Building, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
414 Federal Building, Spokane, Wash. 

Indian Agendea Address Superintendent): 

Blackfeet Agency, Browning, Mont. Five Civilized Tribes Agency, Musko- 

Carson Agency, Stewart, Nev. gee, Okla. 

Cherokee Agency, Cherokee, N. C. Flandreau School, Flandreau, S. Dak. 

Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, CJon- Flathead Agency, Dixon, Mont. 

cho, Okla. Fort Apache Agency, Whiteriver, Aris. 

Cheyenne River A^^y, Gteywme Fort Belknap Agency, Harlem, Mont. 

Agency, S. Dak. Fort Berthold Agency, EU)OWOods, 
Chilocco School, Chilocco, Okla. N. Dak. 

Choctaw Agency, Philadelphia, Miss. Fort Hall Agency, Fort Hall, Idaho. 

Choctaw-Chickasaw Sanatorium, TaH- Fort Peck Agency, Poplar, Mont, 

hina,Okla. Fort Tottra Agency, Fort Totten, N. 

Oaremore Hospital, Claremore, Okla. Dak. 

Colorado. River Agencv. Parker, Ariz. Great Lakes Agency, Ashland, Wis. 

Colville Agencv, Nespelem, Wash. Haskell Institute, Lawrence, Kans. 

Consolidated Chippewa Agency, Du- Hoopa Valley Agency, Eureka, Calif. 

luth, Minn. Hopi Agency, Keams Canon, Ari». 

Consolidated Ute Agency, Ignacio, Jicarilla Agency, Dulce, N. Mex. 

Colo. Keshena Agency, Keshena, Wis. 

Crow Agency, Crow Agency, Mont. Kiowa Agency, Anadarko, Okla. 

Crow Creek Agency, Fort Thompson, Klamath Agency, Klamath Agency, 

S. Dak. Oreg. 


Manager, Menominee Mills, Neopit, Shawnee Agency, Shawnee, Okla. 

Wis. Shawnee Sanatorium, Shawnee, Okla. 

Mesealero Agency, Mescalero, N. Mex, Sherman Institute, Riverside, Calif. 

Mission Agency, Riverside, Calif. Sisseton Agency, Sisseton, S. Dak. 

T eicv^Sala Y Standing Rock, Fort Yates, N. Dak 

NorErn Ida^^A^^^ Idaho. I^^ff Hospital, Tacoma, Wash, 

Osage Agency, Pawhuska, Okla. Taholah Agency, Hoquiam, Wash. 

Paiute-£^ncy, Cedar City, Utah. Tomah Agency, Tomah, Wis. 

Pawnee Agency, Pawnee, Okla, Tongue Biver Ageney> Lame Deer, 
Phoenix School, Phoenix, Ariz. Mont. 

Phoenix Sanatorium. Phoenix, Aria. Truxton Canon Agency, Valentine, 
Pierre School, Pierre, S. Dak. Ariz. 

Pima Agency, Sacaton, Ariz. Tulalip Agency, Tulalip, Wasli. 

Pine mdge Agenc^s Pine Ridge. S. Dak. T^l^ Mountain Agency, Belcourt, 

Pipestone School, Pipestone, Mmn. 

Potawatomi Agency, Horton Kans. ^-j^^;^^ Ouray Agency, Fort 

Quapaw Agency, Miami Okla. Duchesne. Utah. 

Red Lake Agency, Red Lake, Minn. .... . ' tj jw r\ 

Rocky Boy's Agency, Rocky Boy, Mont. Umati la Agency Pendleton Oreg. 

Rosebud Agency, Rosebud, S. Dak. United Pueblos Agency, Albuquerque. 

Sac and Fox Sanatorium, Toledo, Iowa. }\ , , , w u * tvt i 

Sacramento Agencv, Sacramento, Calif, ^ahpeton School, Wahpeton, N Dak. 
Salem School, Cheinawa, Oreg. Wwm Springs Agency, Warm Springs, 

San Carlos Agency, San Carlos, Ariz. ^, , ^ ^ , xr 

San Xavier Sanatorium, Tucson, Ariz. Western Shoshone Agency, Oyhee, Nev. 

Sells Agency, Sells, Ariz. Wind River Agency, Fort Washakie, 

Seminole Agency, Dania, Fla. Wyo. 

Sequoyah Training School, Tahlequah, Winnebago Agency, Winnebago, Nebr. 

Okla. Yakima Agency, Toppenish, Wash. 

Special Disbursing Agents: 

Cashier,- Five Civilized Tribes, Muskogee, Okla. 

Chief Clerk, Consolidated Chippewa Agency, Duluth, Minn. 

Senior Clerk, Osage Agency, Pawhuska, Okla. 

Chief Clerk, Carson Agency, Stewart, Nev. 

Senior Clerk, Navajo Agency, Navajo Agency, Ariz. 

Chief Clerk, United Pueblos Agency, Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Senior Clerk, San Carlos Agency, San Carlos, Ariz. 

Indian ^oMtency Gonswation Work: 

Director, New Interior Building, Washington, D. C. 

General Production Supervisor, New Interior Building, Washington, D. O, 
Associate Director, New Interior Building, Washington, D. C. 
Associate Forester, New Interior Building, Washington, D, C. 
Coordinating Officer, 310 Fratt Building, BilUngs, Mont. 
Associate Forester Engineer, 424 Federal Building, Spokane, Wash. 
Associate Forester, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Production Coordinating OfRcer, 171 Federal Office Building, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Ckiordinating Officer, 412 West Gold Avenue, Albuquerque, N. Mex. 
Senior Conservationist, 118 South Central Avenue, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Conservationist, 419 Braniff Building, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Bureau of Mines: 
Chief Clerk, New Interior Building, Washington, D. C. 
Supervising Engineer: 

Mining Experiment Station: 

Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Tucson, Ariz. 

Berkeley, Calif. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Rolla, Mo. 

Reno, Nev. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Coal Division Field Office, Golden, Colo. 
Helium Production Plant, Amarillo, Tex. 


Superintendent Mining Experiment Station, College Park, Md. 

Engineer in Charge, Electrometallurgical Laboratory, Boulder City, Nev. 

Assistant to Superintendent, Pittsburgh Experiment Station, 4800 Forbes Street, 

Pittsburgh, Pa. • 
Supervising Engineer: 

Petroleum Field Office, 506 Custcunhousef 
Petroleum Experiment Station: 
Bartlesville, Okla. 
551 Federal Buflding, Dallas, TeaL 
Lamnie, Wyo. 

National Park Senrfce: 

Chief, Procurement Section, Branch of Buildings Management, Room 5508 

New Interior Building, Washington, D. C* 

For following, address — Superintendent: 

Park: Park: 

Abraham Lincoln, Hodgenville, Ky. Lassen Volcanic, Mineral, Calif. 

Acadia, Bar Harbor, Maine. Mammoth Cave (Proposed), Mammoth 
Bryee Canyon, Zion National Pftrk, Cave, Ky. 

Utah. Messa Verde, Mesa Verde Ni^onal 
Carlsbad Caverns, Carlsbad, N. Mex. Park, Colo. 

Crater Lake, Crater Lake, Oreg. Mount McKinley, McKinley Park| 
Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Md. Alaska, 

General Grant, General Grant National Mount Rainier, Longmiie, Wash. 

Park, Calif. Olympic Natfonal Park, F^ri Angeles, 

Glacier, Belton, Mont. Wash. 

Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon, Ariz. Piatt, Sulphur, Okla. 

Grand Teton, Mosse, Teton County, Rocky Mountain, Estes Park, Colo. 

Wyo. Sequoia, Sequoia National Park, Calif. 

Great Smoky Mountains, GatHnburg, Shenandoah, Luray, Va. 

Tenn. Wind Cave, Hot Springs, S. Dak. 

Hawaii, Hawaii National Park, T. H. Yellowstone, Yellowstone Park, Wyo. 

Hot Springs, Hot Springs National Yosemite, Yosemite National fark, 

Park, Ark. Calif. 

Isle Royale, Houghton, Mich. Zion, Zion National Park, Utah. 

Bureau of Reclamation: 
Purchasing Agent, United States Customhouse, Denver, Colo. 

For loUowing projects, address — Chief Clerk: 

Project Project 

AU-American Canal, Yuma, Ariz. Owyhee, Boise, Idaho. 

Belle Fourche, Newell, S. Dak. Parker Dam, Parker Dam, Calif, 

Boise, Boise, Idaho. Pine River, Bayfield, Colo. 

Bowlder Dam and Power Plant, Boulder Provo River, Itxjvo, Utah. 

City, Nev. Rio Grande, El Paso, Tex. 

Buffalo Rapids, Glendive, Mont. Riverton, Riverton, Wyo. 

Carlsbad, Carlsbad, N. Mex. Elephant Butte Power Plant, Engle, 
Central Valley, Sacramento, Calif. N. Mex. 

Kennett Division (Shasta Dam), Red- Salt River, Phoenix, Ariz. 

ding, Calif. Sanpete, Provo, Utah. 

Colorado-Big Thompson, Denver, Colo* Shoshone, Powell, Wyo. 

Colorado River, Austin, Tex. Heart Mountain Division, Cody, Wyo. 

Columbia Basin, Coulee Dam, Wash. Sun River, Greenfields Division, Fair- 
Deschutes, Bend, Oreg. field, Mont. 

Fruit Grower's Dam, Montrose, Colo. Truckee Rivo: Storage, Reno, Nev. 

Gila, Yuma, Ariz. Umatilla (MeK&y Dam), Pradleton, 
Grand Valley, Grand Junction, C<do. Oreg. 

Humboldt, Lovelock, Nev, Uncompahgre: Repairs to Canals, Mont- 
Kendrick, Casper, Wyo, rose, Colo. 

Klamath, Klamath Falls, Oreg. Upper Snake River Storage, Ashton, 
Milk River, Malta, Mont. Idaho. 

Fresno Dam, Havre, Moili» Vale, Vale, Oreg. 

Minidoka, Burley, Idaho. Yakima, Yakima, Wash. 

Moon Lake, Duchesne, Utah. Roza Division, Yakima, Wash. 

North Platte, Guernsey, Wyo. Yuma, Yuma, Ariz. 
Ch-land, Oxland, Calif. 


Department of Justice 

The Department of Justice maintains a Division of Supplies and 
Printing, Room 1211, Justice Building, Washington, D. C, for routine • 
purchases necessary for the administration of that Department, and 
for other specialized purchases, such as those of the Bureau of Immi- 
gration and Naturalization. Some autonomy is given this Bureau 
in purchases, such as providing for meals of persons detained at Ellis 
Island, N. Y. This Division maintains its own mailing list. Pur- 
chases are made for the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization 
according to its own specification of some items. These speci£cations 
are available to bidders from the above-named office. 

United States attorneys have authority to invite local bids for the 
printing of briefs and records, but contracts are executed in Washing- 
ton and signed by the Attorney General, on recommendation of the 
Division of Supplies and Printing. 

United States marshals also have limited authority to make pur- 
chases necessary for the performance of their duties. 

The Department of Justice also has a Purchase and Contract Sec- 
tion of the Bureau of Prisons, Room 4742, Justice Building, which 
coordinates the purchasing of the various penal institutions listed 
below. Many requisitions for supplies and equipment, especially 
those bought from the General Schedule of Supplies, are filled by 
this office^ but wardens and superintendents of penal institutions have 
authority under the law to purchase locally. Practically all perish- 
ables are purchased locally. £ach institution maintains its own 
mailing list of firms wishing to receive invitations to bid, and firms 
which do not acknowledge invitations are usually dropped from the 

Local purchasing offices for the purpose of procuring items of a 
perishaUe or local nature are located at the following institutioiw: 

Penitentiaries (Address Mail to Warden): 

U. S. Penitentiary: 
Alcatraz, Calif, 
Atlanta, Ga, 
Terre Haute, Ind. 
Fort Leavenworth, Kans. 
Annex, Fort LeavMWortli, Kans. 
Lewisburg, Pa. 
McNeil Island, Wash. 

Ref<Mniiatwie« (Address Mail to Wwden); 

Federal Reformatory: 

Chillicothe, Ohio. 
El Reno, Okla. 
Petersburg, Va, 
For Women: 


Aldersdn, W, Va. 

Detention Headquarters (Address Mail to Warden): 

Federal Detention Headquarters: 

427 West Street, New York, N. Y. 
Esplanade, New OrXeans, La. 


Correctional Institutions (Address Mail to Warden): 

Fedi^al Correctional Institution: 
Terminal Island, Calif. 
Englewood, Colo. 
Danbury, Conn. 
Tallahassee, Fla. 
Ashland, Ky. 
Milan, Mich. 
La Tuna, Tex. 
Texarkana, Tex. 

Hospitals (Address Mail to Warden): 

Medical Center for Federal Prisoners: 
Springfield, Mo. 
Sandstone, Minn. 

Camps (Address Mail to Superintendent): 

Federal Prison Camp: 
Montgomery, Ala. 
Tueson, Aria. 
Kooskia, Idaho. 
Dupont, Wash. 
MiU Point, W. Va. 

Superintendent, National Training Scbool for Boys, Bladensburg Koad NE., 
Washiogton, D, C. 

Department of Labor 

The Department of Labor does most of its purchasing through the 
Procurement Division, in the same way as other departments. Spe- 
cialized matraials, necessary to its administrative work, are purchased 
through the Diviaon of Pubhcations and SuppHes, located in the 
Department of Labor Building, Washington, D. C. 

This Divifflon gets out bids on spedal items and maintains a mailing 
list for invitations to bid. Firms wishing to be placed on this list 
should write to the Division of Publications and Supplies, describing 
material they wish to supply. Repeated failure to bid wiU cause a 
firm to be dropped from the list at the option of the Division. 

Note. — Contracts bv Government agencies amounting to $10,000 or more must 
be reported to the Division of Public Contracts, under the Wslsh-Healy Public 
Gontracts Act of September 28, 1936. 

Post Office Department 

Because of the specialized nature of much of its equipment, the Post 
Office Department does not buy as much through the Procurement 
Division as do most of the regular Government departments. The 
Department maintains its Purchasing Agent and Director of Building 
Operations and Supphes in Room 3334, Post Office Building (Twelfth 
Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, D. C). This 
office. 1^ supplies envelopes for all Federal departments and inde- 
pendent oi^anizations. The Purchasing Office is at present respon-* 
^ble for the operation of post offices throughout the country. 

Department of State 

Most of the requirements of the Department of State are filled 
through the Procurement Division, but for specialized items needed 
for the administration of the various activities of the Department, 


the following purchasing offices liave been set up, all of whicli are in 
the Department of State Building, Washington, D. C, except the 
Foreign Buildings Office, which is in the Metropohtan Club, Wash- 
ington, D. C: 

Office of the Director of Persoinicl. Supply Unit. 

Division of Foreign Service Adiuinis- Foreign Buildings Office, 

Treasury Department 

In addition to the Procurement Division, which is, in effect, a 
general purchasing agent of the Government, the Treasury Depart- 
ment has set up purchasing agents in the following: 

Bureau of Engraving arid Printing, — Purchase, Storage, and Issue 
Division buys standardized items from the General Schedule of Sup- 
phes, but aiso purchases some items direct, such as stock for ])aper 
money, printing machinery, and engraving equipment and supplies. 
The Bureau has a Research and Development Engineering division 
which draws specifications for special items. 

Bureau of the Mir?i.— Buys some special items direct, under super- 
vision of the Chief Clerk of the Treasury. Located in the Treasury 
Department Building, Washington, D. C. 

Alcohol Tax Unit, — Limited amount of special-item purchasing 
done by chief clerk. Located in the Internid Eev^ue Building, 
Washington, D. C. 

United States Coast Guard has a purchasing ofl&cer in Washington 
(Fourteenth and Water Streets NW.). For general information 
r^arding purdbases, inquiries should be addressed to: 

The Chief Procurement OflBoer, United Purchasing OflScer, Coast Guard Store, 
States Coast Guard, Procurement Government Island, Alameda, Calif. 
Section, Washington, D. C, or to The Commandant, Coast Guard Depot, 
Purchasing Officer, Coast Guard Curtis Bay, Md. 

Store, Twenty-ninth Street and Third 
Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. 

District offices of the Coast Guard which buy for the lighthouse 
Service are: 

District Offices (Address Mail to Superintendent of Ligiitlioufles): 

First: South Portland, Maine, 269 High Street. 
Second: Chelsea, Mass., 37 Marginal Street. 
Third: Staten Island, N. Y., Lighthouse Depot. 

Fourth: Philadelphia, Pa., 803 New Customhouse, Second and Chestnut Streets. 

Fifth: Norfolk, Va., 420 Federal Building, P. O. Box 420. 

Sixth: Charleston, S. C, Lighthouse Depot, Tradd Street. 

Seventh: Key West, Fla., Corner Whitehead and Front Streets. 

Eighth: New Orleans, La., 327 Customhouse, 423 Canal Street. 

Ninth: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Lighthouse Depot, Old Araenal BCarina. 

Tenth: Buffalo, N. Y., 305 Old Post Office Building. 

Eleventh: Detroit, Mich., 3760 East Jefferson Avenue. 

Twelfth: Milwaukee, Wis., 532 Post Office Building. 

Fifteenth: St. Louis, Mo., 1006 United States Courthouse and Customhouse 

Sixteenth: Ketchikan, Alaska, Federal Building. 
Seventeenth: Portland, Oreg., 301 Customhouse Building. 
Eighteenth: San Francisco, Calif., 425 Customhouse Building. 
Nineteenth: Honolulu, T. H., 201 Federal Building. 


Bvurmu of Public Health Service: Purchasing Offices: 

Chief, Supply Section, Hospital Division, Nineteenth and Constitution Avenne 
NW., Washington, D. C. Address mail to Medical Oflacer in Charge: 

Remington Avenue and Wyman Park Drive, Baltimore, Md. 
Carville, La. (Public Health Service Leprosarium)- Freight and Express Ad- 
dress: St. Gabriel, La. 
Windmill Pointe, Detroit, Mich. 
2700 Wert IllhM^ Sbeet, Evansville, Ind. 
43d Street and Avenue North, Galveston, Tex, 
Portland Avenue and Twenty-second Street, Louisville, Ky. 
Delaware and California Streets, Memphis, Tenn, 
Hampton Boulevard, Norfolk, Va. 
331 Veranda Street, Portland, Maine. 

Fourteenth Avenue and Lake Street, San Francisco, Cahf. , ,r 

Bay Street, Stapleton, N. Y. Freight Address: CUftwi, Staten Island, N, ¥• 

Narcotic Farm, Lexington, Ky. 
525 Couch Avenue, Kirkwood, Mo. 
High Street, Chelsea, Boston, Mass. 
2183 Mam Street, BuflFalo, N. Y. 

4141 Clarendon Avenue, Chicago, 111. . ^, , ^ 

Fairmount Road and East One Hundred and Twenty-fourth Street, Cleveland, 


EUis Island, N. Y, ^ . v , ^ w 

Fort Stanton, N. Mex. (Tuberculous Samtonum). Freight and Express 

Address: Capitan, N. Mex. 

Front and Emma Streets, Key West, Fla. 

St. Anthony and Bayou Streets, Mobile, Ala. 

210 State Street, New Orleans, La. 

67 Hudson Street, New York, N. Y. 

Fortieth Street and Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

3640 Marine Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. 

York and Abercorn Streets, Savannah, Ga. 

Judkins Street and Fourteenth Avenue South, Seattle, Wash. 

Vineyard Haven, Mass. 

Narcotie Farm, F<nt Worth, Tte* 

Miscellaneous Government Agencies 
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System 

Purchasing Office, Federal Reserve Building, Washington, D. C. 

Buys from the Procurement Division as a matter of convenience, 
although not compelled to do so by law. No limit set for purchases 
without bids. 

Civil Service Commission 

Chief. Accounts and Maintenance Division, F at Eighth Street NW., Washington, 

D. C. 

Buys through Procurement Divimon where possible, and in the open 
market up to $25; otherwise on bids. Maintains its own mailing list 
of bidders and writes some of its own specificates. 

Columbia Hospital for Women 

Superintendent, Twenty-fifth and Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, D. C. 

Columbia Hospital is on land owned by the Federal Government, 
which also has title to the building. The Siiperintendent purchases 
dfo^eet, without reference to any Government purchasing office, except 


that the Architect of the Capitol has a fund of $5^000 iidiich has been 
appropriated by Congress in recent years for repairs ta tihte building. 
This fund is expended as needed, by the Ardiitect, upon recommendar 
tion by the Suporintcndent of Columbia Hospital All other pur- 
chases are made privately, on bids or in the open market, as the Siq[>cr- 
intendent may elect. 

Columbia Institution for the Deaf 

Business Manager, Seventh and Florida Avenue NE., Wariiington, D. C. 

Columbia Institution for the Deaf receives an annual grant from 
the Federal GovOTnment, and this money is expended in accordance 
with GovOTmient r^ulations* Such items as are available are pur- 
chased through the ftocurement Division of the Treasury; others are 
purchased elaewhere. Funds contributed by private donors to Co- 
lumbia Institution are expended as the business manager sees fit; no 
formal mailing list is maintained. The Institution writes its own 
specifications for purdiases made outside of the ProcurOTi^it Diviston. 

Federal Communications Commission 

Chief, Servioe Division, Room 6146 New Post Office Building, Washington, D. C. 

All purchasing is centralized in Washington, D. C. The Commis- 
^n buys in open market without bids up to $25, It maintains its 
own mailmg list, and writes its own specifications for technical radio 

Federal Loan Agency 

The Fedexal Loan Agency, created by the President's Reorganiza- 
tion Han No. 1, <rf April 26, 1939, includes the following agenci^ 
which have been established to improve conditions m industry and 
finance, and to rawnote business generally and the defense program 
in particular. Where purchasing is done bv the oiganisation, the title 
of the purchasing officer is listed in parenl^eses. 

Disaster Loan Corporation, Federal Defense Plant Corporation, same ad- 
Loan Agency Building, 811 Vermont dress as above. 
Avenue, Washington, D. C. Rubb» Reserve Co., same address as 

Electric Farm and Home Authority above. oii * 

(Chief Clerk), same address as above. Metals Reserve Co., 811 Vermont 

Export-Import Bank of Washington Avenue NW., Washington, D. U 
(Purchasing Officer), same address as Defense Supplies Corporation, same 
above address as above. 

Federal Home Loan Bank Board (Pur- Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, 
chase and Supply Section), First National Press Bmldmg, Washmgton, 

Street and Indiana Avenue NW,, I^- C!- „ 

Washington, D. C. ^^^^^l Deposit Insurance g«I»rafeLO^ 

Home Owners Loan Corporation (Dire^ Washmgton Bufldmg, Wadungton, 
tor, Purchasesand Supplies), same D. C. * . . . . ^ 

address as above. Federal Housing Administr^ion (Pur- 

Federal Savings and Loan Insurance chasing and Property Otticer, rro- 
C^orporation, same address as above. curement Section), 811 Vermont 

Federal National Mortgage Association, Avenue, Washmgton, D. C 
811 Vermont Avenue NW., Wash- IMense Homes Corporation, same ad- 
inffton D C dress as above. 

Reeonstniction Finance Corporation FTC Mort«age Co., same address as 
(Chief Clerk), same addzess as above, above. 


Since the work of these agencies does not require the prociirement of 
Miy great volume of material, they all purchase through the Procure- 
ment Diviaon of the Treasury, except for a few special items. Thfe 
purchaaiBg offices which they do maintain, however, receive and 
transmit requisitions to the Procurement Divifidoilji and act as pur- 
chasing advise to their respective i^ncies^ 

Federal Power Gommisskm 

Purehase wd Property Section, Federal Power Couuuission, Hurley- Wright 

Building, Washington, D. C. 

Buys throu^ the Procurement Division, where possible, and in the 

open market, without bids, up to $50, Maintains its own maiUng list 
of bidders and writes some specifications. 

Federal Security Agency 

The Federal Security Agency consists of the Social Security Board; 
the PubUc Health Service; the Office of Education; the Federal 
Advisory Board for Vocational Education; the National Youth 
Administration; the Civilian Conservation Corps; and the Food and 
Drug Administration, 

With two exceptions, these organizations make most of their pur- 
chases through the Procurement Division of the Treasury. The 
exceptions are the Public Health Service and the Civihan Conservation 
Corps. Even in the case of the Public Health Service, much of the 
purchasing is done by the various hospitals through the Procurement 
Division; but because of the fact that the purchasing of such material 
requires technical knowledge, the directors of the various hospitals 
receive information from concerns which wish to supply them, and 
use this information in fortifying themselves to purchase through the 
Procurement Division. A list of the hospitals may be obtained from 
the Federal Security Agency, Public Health Service, Nineteenth 
Street and Constitution Avenue, Washington, D. C. 

The Purchasing Officer of the Social Security Board, Portland 
Building, Fom-teenth Street and Vermont Avenue, Wadiington, 
D. C, makes administrative purchases. The Supply Division of the 
NatioB&l Youth Administration, 2145 C Street NW,, Washington, 
D. C« purchases ilirough the Procurement Division for the Washing- 
ton office and lor regional offices of the organization. The American 
Printing House for the Blind, Louisville, Ey., purv^ases direct as a 
part of the Federal Security Agency. 

Supplies fmd subsistence for the Civilian Conservation Corps are 
purchased by the Quartermaster Corps of the Amyr; but Civilian 
Conservation Corps camps on land controlled bv the Interior D^art- 
ment buy took and light equipment through tne Purchasing Officer^ 
Interior Department, Washington. Heavy equipment, however, is 
purchased through the Procurement Division. Field purchasing 
oflScers can buy up to $300 without getting bids. Pacific coast needs 
are supplied through the Purchasing Officer, National Park Service, 
San Francisco, Cahf. Civilian Conservation Corps camps on Recla- 
mation projects buy through the Purchasing Officers, Customhouse, 
Denver, Colo. 


Federal Trade Commission 

Chief Supply Service Section, Room 607, Federal Trade Cominissiou, Constitutiou 

Avenue at Sixth Street NW., Washington, D. C. 

Buys most of its equipment from the Procurement Division. 
Buys in open market, without bids, up to $50. limited outside 
buying and writes some of its own spedfieations. Mmntains a 
select^ mailing list. 

Federal Works Agency 

The Federal Works Agency includes the Work Projects Administra- 
tion, the Public Works Administration, the Public Roads Administra- 
tion, the United States Housing Authority, the Pubhc Buildings 
Admmistration, and the Federal Fire Council. 

Since th^e agencies negotiate and award contracts for construction 
projects, most q/ the purchasing of material mcessary Jar the completion 
of the contracts h done by the eoniractors themselves. 

The Work Projects Administration^ although it does very little 
purchasing at the present time, has a Purchasing and Contracting 
Officer at 1729 New York Avenue NW., Washington, D. C. 

The Public Works Administration is, as such, domg practically no 
purchaang at all, and probably- will not do any in the future. 

The United States Houswg Authority has a Purchasing and Contract- 
ing Officer m Room 3312 North Interior Building, Washington. H C. 

The PvUic Buildings Administration, having m dmrge the placing 
of contracts for construction of all Post Offices and other Federal 
Buildings, with some exceptions, has purchasing offices in New York 
City and Boston, in additicm to one for the National Park Service in 
the Interior Building, Washington, D. C, and the genaral purchasing 
and contracting office of the Federal Works Agency as a whole, also 
in the Interior Building, Washington, D. C. All of these agencies, 
however, place their contracts with private concerns, who buy ^mr 
own requirements. 

General Accounting Oflace 

Chief Clerk's Office^ Fifth and F Streets, Washington, D. C. 

All purchases are centralized in Washington, D. C. Buys in open 
market, without bids, up to $50. Maintains its own mailing list and 
writes specifications. 

Government of the District of Columbia 

Purchasing Officer, Room 816, District Building, Washington, D. C. 

Buys through the Procurements Division where possible; otherw ise 
in the open market up to $100. Maintains its own m ai l in g hst of 
bidders and writes s^nes of its own specifications. 


Govemment Printing Office 

Director of Purchases, United States Govermnent Printing OflSce, 

Washington, D. C. 

Buys through the Procurement Division where possible: otherwise 
in the open market up to $50. Maintains its own mailing list of 
bidders and writes some spedfications* Bulk of purchases are outside 
Frocurement Division. 

Interstate Commerce Commission 

Purchasing Agent, Section of Supplies and Publications, Interstate Commeree 
Commission Building, Twdftii Street and Ckmrtitution Avmue NW., Waab- 
ington» D. G* 

Buys 90 percent of its equipment througli the Procurement Divi- 
sion; otherwise in the open market, without bids up to $50, except in 
an emei^ency. Purchases centralized in Washington, D. C. Main- 
tain its own mailing list and writes specifications. 

Maritime CcMnmission 

The Maritime Commission is charged by Congress, under tihe 
Merchant Marine Act of 1936, with the building and development of 
our merchant shipping service and an auxiliary fleet for the Navy. 
It purchases everything needed in the constructing Mid outfitting of 

The Division of Purchase and Supply of the Commission, Fourteenth 
Street and Park Road NW., Washington, D. C, the main purchasing 
agency of the organization, has the authority to contract for and pur- 
chase materials and equipment of cargo vessels which are beiog built 
by the Commission under plans originally set forth in the Merchant 
Marine Act of 1936. In actual practice, however, the Commission 
contracts with shipbuilding yards for the ships needed, and these 
yards purchase the materials and built-in fixtures required to outfit 
them. The purchase of movable furnishin^^s, such as chairs, table- 
ware, and navigational instruments, remains in the hands of the 
Division of Purchase and Supply. 

The division has four district offices, which make some local pur- 
chases and which perform their functions under the direction of the 
Washington office. They are located at 45 Broadway, New York, 
N. Y.; United States Maritime Terminal, Norfolk, Va.; Federal 
Oflfice Building, New Orleans, La.; and 200 Bush Street, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. The officer in charge is designated District Purchasing 

The program of the Commission was enlarged to provide for the 
construction of an emergency cargo fleet of 200 ships, purchases for 
which are under the jurisdiction of the Emergency Ship Construction 
Division of the Commission, Washington, D. C. 

In addition to the purchases mentioned above, the Commission 
contracts for repairs to ships, listing in the invitations to bid whatever 
. services and matenals are needed* 


The Commission makes up most of its own specifications, since 
the needs cannot always be met by the use of existing Govemment 


Concerns wishing to receive invitations to bid should write to the 
Division of Purchase and Supply at Washington asking to be listed, 
and giving as complete information as possible regarding the products 
and services which they are prepared to furnish. 

In the case of emergency needs and personal services, the Commis- 
sion can buy without advertising for bids, but in all other cases the 
usual bidding procedure followed by Government organizations is 

The Nati<Mial Archives 

Chief, Division of Purchase and Supply, Room 107, the National Archives 

BuUding, Washington, D. C. 

Makes some purchases through the Procurement Division. Main* 
tains a mailing hst of prospective bidders on special items. 

National Capital Park and Planning Commission 

Secret^oy's Office, Landacape Aichitect, 7013 New Interior Buildiiig, Washington, 

D. C. 

Buys throng Procurement Division where possible; otherwise in 
the open market, without bids, up to $50. Money is allotted to this 
Commission by the District Commisnoners from the District of 
Columbia appropriation. 

National Labor Relations Board 

Chi^. Purchase rnxd Supply Division. 1020 Vermout Avenue NW., Washington, 

D. C. 

Piu-chases centralized in Washington, D. C. Buys from the Pro- 
curement Division, where possible; also in the open market, without 
bids, up to $100. 

The Panama Canal 

Chief of Office and General Purchase Officer, 1435 K Street NW., Washingtim, 

D. C. 

Independent organization under the President, who is represented 
by the Secretary of War. Buys mostly for dehvery at Isthmus. 
Maintains its own mailing list and writes few specifications, which are 
written mostly on the Isthmus, Makes pnrchases in the open mar- 
ket, without bids, up to $500. Permitted to make emergency pur- 
chases under section 3709 of United States Statutes. 

Public Roads Admioistration 

Willard Building, 515 Fourteenth Street XW., Washington, D. C. 

Purchases are made through the Procurement Division. The 
Washmgton Office of the PubUc Roads Administration allots Federal 
money for road building to States, which make their own construction 
contracts with contractors. Contractors buy their own equipment 


and materials. For information on regional activities, write to Dis- 
trict Engineer at the following addresses: 

P. O. Box 3900, Post Office Building, Portland, Oreg, 

254 New Customhouse, Denver, Colo. 

Post Office Box 391, Federal Building, Ogden, Utah. 

Masonic Temple Building, Ninteenth and Dotu;la8 Streets, Omaha, Nebr. 

South Chicago Post Office Building, Chicago, IB. 

505 Post Office Building, Albany, N. Y. 

Federal Building, Civic Center, San Francisco, Calif. 

P. O. Box 1511, 415 Federal and Territorial Buildijig, Juneau, Alaska. 

Montgomery Building, Spartanburg, S. C. 

711 United States Courthouse, Kansas City, Mo. 

Railroad Retirement Board 

Chief, Purchase and Supply Office, 1406 G Street NW., Washington, D. C. 

Buys some items from ihe Pix>curement Division; also in the open 
market, without bids, up to $50, from railroad funds, and up to $300 
from unemplojanent-compeiisatioii funds. Main trains its own mailing 
list of bidders and writes some specifications. 

Securities and Exchange Commission 

Chief, Service Subdivision, 1778 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, D. C. 

Buys tiirough the Procurement Division; also in the open market, 
without bids, up to $50. Maintains its own mailii^ li£^ of bidd^ 
and writea some specifications. 

Smithsonian Institution 

Property Clerk and Superintendent of Buildings, Room 133, Smithsonian Building, 
The Mall at Seventh Street NW., Washington, D. C. 

Funds allotted by Government appropriation are used for purchases 
through Procurement Division. Private funds are expended, as 
desired, to any limit without bids. 

National Museum (Property Clerk, Room 85, Natural History 
Building, Washington, D. C). Buys about 55 percent outside of 
Geneml Schedule. Purchases in the open market, without bids, up 
to $100. Writes specifications and mamtains its own mailing list for 
general items only. 

NaHoMd Zoological Park (Property Clerk, The Zoo, Adttms Mill 
Road Gate, Washington, D. C). 

Soldiers Home, Washington, D. G« 

Quartennaster and Purchasing Officer, Rock Creek Church Road at Upahur Street 

NW., Washington, D. C. 

Formal contracts through the Procurement Division. Makes some 
outside purchases. Maintains a selected mailing list of bidders and 
writes some specifications. 

Tariff Commission 

Purchasing Officer, Finance IHvidon, Washington, D. G. 

Makes most of its purchases through the Procurement Division; 
some are made in the open market, without bids, up to $50. Writes 
specifications inirequenUy. 


Tennessee Valley Authority 

Director of Purchases, Washington Office, Room 437 Woodward Building, 
Fiftemitii and H Streets NW., Washington, D. C. 

Makes some purchases through Procurement Division; also makes 
some of its own contracts on national defense items without asking 
for bids. Maintains its own mailing hst and writes some of its own 

Field Offices: 

Director of Materials Department, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Purchasing Officer, Old Post Office Building, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Furcfaasing Officer, Tennessee Valley Authority, Wilson Dam, Ala. 

Veterans' Administration 

Director of Supplies, Supply Service, Procurement Division, Arlington Building, 

Washington, D. C. 

Buys only rarely through the Procurement Division. Uses the hid 
system only, and writes some of its own specifications. Administra- 
tive officers are entitled to make miscellaneous purchases all by bids, 
except purchases iu the open market up to $50. 

Regional Offices (address mail to Manager): 

New Customhouse, Philadelphia, Pa. 333 Saint Cluurlee Street, New Orleans, 

Post Office Building, Cleveland, Ohio. La. 

Courthouse, Nashville, Tenn. Fort McHenry, Md. 

Customhouse, Denver, Colo. 40 Fountain Street, Providence R. I. 

406 West Thirty-fourth Street, Kansas Federal Building, Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 

Citv, Mo. Federal Building, Muiehester, N« H« 
212 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, 

N. C. 

Address mail to— U. S. Veterans* AdmlnMnitioti FadUty: 

Albuquerque, N. Mex. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Alexandria, La. Minneapolis, Minn. 
American Lake, Wash. Mountain Honie, Tenn. 
Aspinwall, Pittsbur^^, Pa. Muskogee, Okla. 
Atlanta, Ga. Newington, Conn. 
Augusta, Ga. Northampton, Mass. 
Batavia, N. Y. North Chicago, 111. 
Bathu N. Y. North Little Rock, Ark. 
Bay Pines, Fla. Northport, Long Isluid, N. Y, 
Bedford, Mass. Oteen, N. C. 
Biloxi, Miss. ' Outwood, Ky. 
Boise, Idaho. Palo Alto, Calif- 
Bronx, N. Y. Perry Point, Md. 
Camp Ciuiter, Mieh. Portland, Oreg. ^ 
Canadaigua, N. Y. Reno, Nev. 
Castle Point, N. Y, - Roanoke, Va. 
Cheyenne, Wyo. Roseburg, Oreg. 
Chillicothe, Ohio. Excelsior Springs, Mo. 
Coatesville, Pa. Fargo, N. Dak, 
Columbia, S. C. Fayetteville, Ark. 
Danville, 111. Ft. Bayard, N. Mex. 
Dayton, Ohio. Ft. Harrison, Mont. 
Des Moines, Iowa. Ft. Lyon, Colo. 
Dwight, IlL Gulfport, Miss. 


Hines, Til. 

Hot Springs, S. Dak. 
Huntington, W. Va, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 
Jefferson Barracks, Mo. 
Kecoughtan, Va. 
Knoxville, Iowa. 
Lake City, Fla. 
Legion, Tex. 
Lexington, Ky. 
Lincoln, Nebr. 
Livermore, Calif, 
Lob Angeles, Calif. 
Lyons, N. J. 
Marion, Ind, 
Menipliis, Tenn. 
Mendota, Wis. 

Rutland Heights, Mass. 
Salt Lake ('ity, Utah. 
San Fernando, Calif. 
San Francisco, Calif. 
Sheridan, Wyo. 
St. Cloud, Minn. 
Sunmount, N. Y. 
Togus, Maine, 
Tucson, Ariz. 
Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
Tuskegee, Ala. 
Wadsworth, Kans. 
Waco, Tex. 
Walla Walla, Wash, 
Washington, D. C, 
Whipple, Ariz. 
Wiehita, Kans. 

Miscellaneous Buyers 

Miscellaneous buyers having purchasing stents, but which buy only 
routine items and which are not purchasers of significimt quantities, 
may be addreraed as follows: 

Acting Director, Botanic Garden, Capi- 
tol BuUding, Maryland Avenue be- 
tween Second and Third Stoeets 8W., 
Washington, D. C. 

Chief Clerk, Library of Congress, Room 
3, Library- of Congress, First Street 
between East Capitol and B Streets 
SE., Washington, D. C. 

Assistant Secretary, National Media- 
tion Board, Room 2014, North Inte- 
rior Building, Eighteenth and F Streets 
NW., Washington, D. C. 

Corresponding Secretary and Purchas- 
ing Agent, Register of Wills and Clerk 
of Probate Court, Room 3, District 
Supreme Court Building, between 
John Marshall Place and Fifth Street 
NW., Washington, D. C. 

Secretary, United States Employerb 
Compensation Commission, Room 
156, Old Land Office Building, 
Seventh and E Streets NW., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Mr. Edgar B. Carroll, Chief, Purchases 
and &ipply Section, National Bitu- 
minous Coal Commission, 1510 H 
Street NW., Washington, D. C. 

Chief Clerk, American Battle Monu- 
ments, Room 1402, New Post Office 
Building, Pennsylvania Avenue be- 
tween Twelfth and Thirteenth Streets 
NW., Washington, D. C. 

Purchasing Agent and Assistant Secre- 
tary, National Advisory Committee 
for Aeronautics, Room 3841, New 
Navy Building, Seventeenth Street 
and Constitution Avenue, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Chief Clerk, Recorder of Deeds, Room 
4, 412 Fifth Street NW., Washington, 
D. C. 

Purchasing Clerk, United States Board 
of Tax Appeals, Room 2315, Internal 
Revenue Building, Connecticut Ave- 
nue at Twelfth Street NW., Washing- 
ton, D, C. 

Purchase and Sales Section, United 
States Maritime Conunission, Room 
509, Electrical Workers Building, 
Fifteenth and M Streets NW., Wash- 
ington, D. C. .