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Now, we've expanded 
typing power 
with memory power. 

Introducing the IBM 
Mag Card II Typewriter. 

The new IBM Mag Card II Typewriter. 

Its working electronic memory expands 
your capability for typing, revising, editing, merging, 
correcting and rewriting. 

All the typing 
youre doing now can 
be done more easily. 

You can do more of the typing you've always wanted to. | 
For instance, this typewriter can produce personalized 
sales letters with virtually no attention from the secretary. § 
Names, addresses, and fill-ins canbe merged with |= 

the standard text of the letter automatically, in the 
memory, and played out perfectly on the page. 



MEMO dou 

dmpeton SS 
To: W. E. Cornwell 
From: L,. Ross — 


A,Report on Word Processing in Our Office) 

Qaieinf As you requested, I have conducted extensive research into 
the way we process words in this office currently -- and into 
ways we might consider improving the efficiency of our work 
flow, =———— = e aS 

Summary and Conclusion: 

In this report, you will find detailed information on the 
benefits and cost efficiencies to be realized by improving 
our word processing system. First, let me quickly summarize 
some of the more important findings, and my, recommendations. 

~ Remdallint 

IBM Input Word Processing Equipments 

This is a flexible (@nd compatible)line of equipment. Each 
unit (and there is quite a variety of them) uses the same _ r 
kind of magnetic belt for recording words:’~Sound quality“ *9¢ 
is good. A secretary hears dictation exactly as spoken, in 

Ge —Rormal speaking tones., As well as individual desktop models, 

“ “there are expandable centralized systems available which 
we might consider in light of our plans to take over the 
18th and 19th floors in this(ffice-5,you, and the other 

juildint—vembers of the executive comuttes: night be particalarly—t A 
interested in the fact that these systems can be accessed Vial 
by telephone -- so you can record your dictation anywhere, [*#@r%y 
anytime, for prompt transcription. (Compatible, compact, 
portable units might prove useful’ to you while commuting, “%.<" 
as well as to our people in the field.) home. office 
s s 
PRRs: co ent O ut of h Cav revi S I O Nn S 
A very flexible addition to the line of IBM Output Word s 

Processing Equipment is the IBM Mag Card II Typewriter. 

pote pyre nati or gt ats Add words, add paragraphs. Take out words, sentences, 
oe of ialcn ao agen paragraphs. It’s all arranged electronically, in the 
Typing seh nh fn dp atic 8,000-character (two-page) memory. The good material 

does not need to be re-keyboarded. 

It erases from the keyboard. 

By simply pressing the backspace key, you can erase from the 
electronic memory and from the original page. Errors 
vanish —the page is left clean and ready for correct typing. 

Mistake is made. No manual erasure Simultaneously, the original page is The typist types the correct 

need be made... just press the corrected— incorrect characters characters—simultaneously they’re 

backspace key, and mistakes are erased. The paper is left clean without entered into the electronic memory 

erased out of the memory. a smudge of ink—and it’s all done and onto the page. The result: 
from the keyboard—erasing letter-perfect copy on the first drafts, 
characters, or even words. and on all playouts from the memory 

and the magnetic-card record. 

Statistical typing— $1,009,858.75 
electronically 123.45 
aligned on the 89,408.00 
first draft. 1.016 

The memory can be coded to determine 
where the decimal point is placed. The » For more information, please | 
secretary simply keys numbers—but nothing is 675 ’ 098.01 eee ee ee » | 
typed out until the entry is completed. someone has already removed | 
Then the typewriter types and automatically 199 ~99 Wig Card Wie 0: 

International Business Machines 

locates all the figures properly, on the first draft. Corporation 

Office Products Division 

ac 0 0 0 0 0 1 Franklin Lakes, New Jersey 07417 
v e 

You should see this typewriter in 
action to appreciate how much it can 
coniribute to the quantity and quality 
of your typing output? 

*For more information , please cS GaeSEEEESS coSEE —— 
complete and mail the attach — = =< << ooo 
postage-paid reply card. If a === — — 
someone has already remove — —_— —_— <_< == 

h a ‘e. == = == «= =a 
. F P = Sw i OS =D) 
=saas assess sae 6 cms (7) 
Corporation W ] p =