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B ECAUSE utility was believed by the original editors, in 1768, and by subsequent editors, 

' to be the “principal intention of every publication,” the Britannica’s progressive history 
has been one of expansion and enlargement, and the aim of the editors has been to sift 
% the vast store of available knowledge and render its essential part accessible to all “who read. 

One difficulty has been to keep this essential part to a convenient and usable form. Times 
change, fresh information demands inclusion, and supplementary volumes added to old ones 
offer no adequate solution of the problem of keeping the reader abreast of the times; nor, indeed, 
do new editions solve the problem. Editions in the past have taken from three to fourteen years 
to make, and material in one volume was old before the next volume was made: • 

«*The matured three-point plan of continuous revision of the Britannica obviates these editorial 

By 1771, the Encyclopaedia Britannica consisted of three moderately sized volumes. Today 
the Britannica is made up of three great units: the regular printing of the twenty-four volumes 
■themselves ; the annually issued Book of the Year ; and the Library Research Service. Experience 
down the years indicates that 75% of the material in an encyclopaedia need? changing only at 
long intervals. The other 25% requires continuous revision. With the plan of regular printings, 
all the material in the Britannica, both the 75% and the 25%, is scheduled in subject classifications’* 
for more extensive revisions than have ever before been possible in the history of encyclopaedias. 
The result is that, within', of course, the obvious limitations set by the manufacture and structure 
of an encyclopaedia of 38,000,000 words, the Britannica is never old. The second unit of the plan 
i» the annual Book of the Year which keeps the information of the Britannica owner current. It 
is an encyclopaedia of about 700,000 words covering the significant data of each succeeding year. 
The third unit is the Library Research Service, matured after years of useful activity, which each 
year answers thousands of questions of the moment for individuals who own the Britannica. 

The three units which now constitute the Encyclopaedia Britannica present a modem informa- 
tional instrument in a changing and complex world. It is not the work of a few authors or of the 
authors of any one country. It is the result of the cordial co-operation of more than 4,700 author- 
ities from all the countries of the world. Without their help no good work of reference, covering 
information on every essential subject, could be made. 

The reader can contribute much toward the economical use of the great quantity of material 
in- this reference set by first turning to the index in Volume 24 when in search of information. 

, N. % 

The index is the direct guide to the many thousands of topics in the 43,500 entries, and the way 
to use it is described on pages v-ix in Volume 24. 

Walter Yust, Editor 

WALTER YUST, Editor in Chief 

JOHN V. DODGE, Managing Editor JOHN ARMITAGE, London Editor 

The Encyclopedia Brilannica is published with the editorial advice of 
the faculties of The University of Chicago and of a committee of members 
of the faculties of the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London 


R. G D. ALLEN, Professor of Statistics , University of 

J. F. BAKER, Professor of Mechanical Sciences , Depart- 
ment of Engineering, Cambridge University. 

SIR HAMILTON A. R. GIBB, Laudian Professor of Arabic , 
Oxford University. 

SIR RICHARD LIVINGSTONE, formerly President of 
Corpus Chris ti College, Oxford. 

ALaN MONCRISFF, Suffietd Professor of Child Health, 
Jmvt of London. 

SIR MAURICE POWICKE, formerly Regius Professor of 
Modern History , Oxford University. * 

W. 0 LESTER SMITH, Professor of Sociology of Education, 
University of London. 

C. E. TILLEY, Professor of Mineralogy and Petrology , Cam - 
bridge University. • 

BASIL WILLEY, King Edward VII Professor of English Liter- 
ature, Cambridge University. 


EMMET B BAY, Medicine 
JOHN M BEAL, Botany 
WALTER BLAIR, American Literature 
DANIEL J BOORSTIN, American History 

FRED KGGAN, Anthropology 
BFRT F HOSKUTZ, Economics 

J Physics 


JAMES G MILLER, Psychology . 

WILLIAM W. MORGAN, Astronomy. 
THOMAS PARK, Zoology. 




BIRGIT VENNESLAND, Biochemistry . 
ALLEN P WIKGREN, Religion . 



G. DONALD HUDSON, Professor of Geography , University 
of Washington, Seattle , Washington. 

HANS HUTH, Research Curator, Art Institute of Chicago , 
Chicago, Illinois. 

FORREST A. KINGSBURY, Associate Professor Emeritus 
of Psychology , The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. 
HANS KOHN, Professor of History, City College, New York 

W. RHOADS MURPHEY, Assistant Professor of Geography, 
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. 

JOHN COURTNEY MURRAY, S.J., Professor of Theology, 
Woodstock College, Woodstock, Maryland . 

JOHN L. PRATT, President, A. S. Barnes & Company, pub- 
lishers , New York, New York. 

C. HERMAN PRITCHETT, Chairman of the Department 
of Political Science, The University of Chicago, Chicago , 

DEEMS TAYLOR, American Composer, Author and Critic. 
LEONARD D. WHITE, Professor of Public Administration, 
The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. 


LORD ABERDARE, Member of British Olympic Associ- 
ation; Chairman, National Association of Boys* Clubs. 

F. S. BOAS, Vice-President, Royal Society of Literature; 

Former President of the English Association . 

Attacks, Parts, Brussels, The Hague and Rome ; Former 
Assistant Chief of Air Staff. 

H. C. DENT, Educational Correspondent of The Times, Lon- 

A full list, in alphabetical order by initials, of all the writers for the Encyclopaedia Brilannica is to be 
found following this page. An alphabetical list by name follows on p. xcv. • 

H. J. FLEURE, Former Professor of Geography, University 
of Manchester. 

E. HINDLE, Former Scientific Director of the Zoological 
Society of London 

F. L KENT, Librarian, U N.E S.C 0. 

W. C. KNEALE, Lecturer in Philosophy and Fellow of 
Exeter College, Oxford. 

SIR JOHN RUSSELL, Former Director of Rothamsted Ex- 
perimental Station and of the Imperial Bureau of Sod 
Science; President of the British Association, 1 Q 4 .Q. 

W. T. WELLS, Barrister -at-Law ; M ember *of Parliament . 

i w. C. ALLEE, Head Professor of Biology, University of 

Florida, Gainesville, Florida. 

CHRISTOPHER E. BARTHEL, Jr., Illinois Institute of 
Technology, Chicago, Illinois. 

D. A. BROWN, Agriculture Librarian, Associate Professor 
of Library Science, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois. 

HORACE R. BYERS, Chairman, Department of Meteorology, 
The University of Chicago , Chicago, Illinois. 

HARVEY WILEY CORBETT, Associate Architect of Rocke- 
feller Center, New York City. 

COLONEL CALVIN GODDARD, United States Army (re- 
tired), Military Editor, Encyclopaedia Britannica. 

JOHN B. HEFFERNAN, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (retired), 
Director of Naval History, Navy Department. 

GEORGE HOWERTON, Professor of Music History and 
Literature , Dean of the School of Music, Northwestern 
University, Evanston, Illinois. 

WARREN E HOWLAND, Professor of Sanitary Engineer- 
ing, Purdue university, Lajayette, Indiana . 




A. A. A.— A, A. Adnan. Former Professeur 
Agrege m the University of Istanbul, Turkey. 

A. A. Aa. — Aarne Armas Anttila. Pro- 
fessor in Finnish Literature at the University 
of Helsinki, Helsinki, Fin. Author of Vihtori 
Peltonen- Johannes Linnankoski 1 - 11 ; Elias 
Lonnrot 1 - 11 . 

A. A. An. — Arthur A. Allen. Professor of 
Ornithology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. 

A. A. At. — A. Adrian Albert. Professor of 
Mathematics, The University of Chicago. Au- 
thor of Modern Higher Algebra; etc. 

A. A. B. — -Albert A. Bennett. Professor of 
T^thematics at Brown University, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Author of Tables for Interior Bal- 

A. A. Bd. — Arthur A. Blanchard. Emer- 
itus Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, Mas- 
sachusetts Institute of Technology, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Co-author oi^The Electrolytic 
Dissociation Theory; Synthetic Inorganic 
Clfcmistry . 

A, A. Bi. — A. A. Blowski. Technical Ad- 
viser, California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining 
Corporation, Ltd., Crockett, Calif. 

A. A. B.-P.— Anton Alexander Bene- 
detti-Pichler. Associate Professor of Chem- 
istry, Queens College, Flushing, N.Y. Author 
of I hor to the Microtechnique of 
Inorganic Analysis . 

A. Ai. — Alfred Ainger. English divine and 
man of letters. Author of Charles Lamb ; The 
Life and Works of Charles Lamb. 


A. A. M." — A. A. Michelson. Nobel Prize 
for Physics, 1907. 

A. A. Ma. — Arthur Anthony MacDon- 
ell. Former Professor of Sanskrit in Oxford 
University. Author of A Vedic Grammar; A 
History of Sanskrit Literature; etc. 

A. A. T. — Alrutheus Ambush Taylor. 
Professor of History and Dean of the College 
of Liberal Arts, Fisk University, Nashville, 
Tenn Author of The Negro in the Recon- 
struction of Virginia; The Negro in Tennessee. 
186 5-1880. 

A. A. Y. — A. A. Yugow. Author of Eco- 
nomic Trends in Soviet Russia; Russia’s Eco- 
nomic Front for War and Peace 

A. B. — Aubrey FitzGerald Bell. Author 
of Portuguese Literature; etc. 

A. Ba. — Adolfo Bartoli. Former Professor 
of Literature at Institute di studi superior! 
at Florence. Author of Storia della letteratura 
Italiana; etc. 

A. Bar. — Alice Prentice Barrows. Spe- 
cialist in School Buildings, U.S. Office of Edu- 
cation, Washington, D.C., 1919-42. 

A. B. B. — Alvin Barton Barber. Colonel. 
Manager, Transportation and Communication 
Department, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 

A. B, Bg. — Anton B. Burg. Professor of 
Chemistry, University of Southern California, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

A. B. Bo.— A. Bruce Boswell. Bowes 
Professor of Russian History, Language and 
Literature, University of Liverpool, Eng. 

A. B. Bu.— -A. B. Butts. Technical Civilian 
Educational Advisor, U.S. Army Ground 
Forces, 1946- . 

A. B. C. — -A. B. Culley. The Eagle Star and 
British Dominions Insurance Company. 

A. B. Cx.— Alonzo Bettis Cox. Professor 
of Cotton Marketing, University of Texas, 
Austin, Tex. Author of Cotton Markets and 
Cotton M er chandising. 

A. Be. — Augustin Bernard. Professor of 
Geography and of Colonization of the Peoples 
of North Africa, at the Sorbonne, Paris Au- 
thor of L’Archipel de la Nouvelle Caledonie ; 
Les Regions Naturelles de I’Algerie; etc. 

A. Ber. — Arthur Berry. University Lec- 
turer in Mathematics, 1914-29; Fellow and 
Vice-Provost of King’s College, Cambridge, 

A. B. F. Y.— Alexander Bell Filson 
Young. Editor, Saturday Review, 1921-24. 

A. B. G. — Alfred Bradley Gough. Some- 
time Casberd Scholar of St. John’s College, 

A. B. Go. — Lady Gomme. Author of Dic- 
tionary of Traditional Games of Great Britain 
and Ireland; etc. 

A. B. H. — Albert Bushnell Hart. Author 
of Essentials of American History ; etc. 

A. B. HI. — Alfred Brazier Howell. As- 
sociate Professor of Anatomy, The Johns 
Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, Md., 
1932-44. Author of Speed in Animals ; etc. 

A. Bi,« — Prince Antoine Bibesco. Ru- 
manian Minister in Washington, D.C., 1920- 

A. Bk. — Alan Bullock. Censor of St. 
Catherine’s Society, Oxford University. Uni- 
versity Lecturer in Modern History and for- 
merly Fellow of New College, Oxford Author 
of Hitler : A Study in Tyranny . 

A. B. K. — Adrian B. Klein. Major. For- 
mer Director of Experimental Department for 
Army Camouflage. Author of Colour-Music; 
The Art of Light; etc. 

A. B. L. — Arno B. Luckhardt, M.D. 
Chairman, Department of Physiology, The 
University of Chicago. 

A. B. M. — Arthur Bartlett Maurice. 
Former Literary Editor, New York Herald. 

A. B. ML — A. B. Meinel. Associate Di- 
rector, Yerkes and McDonald Observatories, 
Williams Bay, Wis. Associate Professor of As- 
trophysics, The University of Chicago. 

A. Boy. — Aram Boyajian. Development 
Engineer, General Electric Company, Pitts- 
field, Mass. 

A. Br. — Alexander Brady, Professor of 
Political Economy, University of Toronto, 
Canada. Author of William Huskisson and 
Liberal Reform; etc. 

A. B. R. — Alfred Barton Rendle. Keeper 
of the Department of Botany, British Museum* 
(Natural JHistory), Londoiy ^906-30. 

A. BrL— Asa Briggs. Reader in Recent 
Social and Economic History, Oxford Univer- 
sity. Fellow of Worcc s;e.' C r !Y~e. Oxford. 
Author of Hktory of ^ t rming>.c s ■ 1 ;o-author 
of Patterns of Peacemaking. 

A. Bt.— Arnold Brecht. Professor of Polit- 
ical Science, Jurisprudence and Public Fi- 
nance, Graduate Faculty, New School for 
Social Research, New York, N.Y. Lecturer, 
Civil Affairs Training Schools, Harvard and 
Yale Universities, 1943-44. Author of Prelude 
to Silence — The End of the Qerman Republic; 
Federalism and R.eglyXiAL^. in Germany — 
The Division of Prussm; etc. 

A. Bur.— Agnes Burke. Former Instructor,* 
Teachers College, Columbia University. • 

A. B. W. — A. B. Wood. Royal Naval 
Scientific Service. 

A. B. Wm. — A. B. Woliam. Former 
Treasurer, American Sugar Refining Com- 
pany, New # York, NY. 

A. Bx.— Albert Bettex. Literary Editor, 
Du, Zurich, Swjfz. 

A. By. — Alice Bradley. Principal, Miss 
Farmer’s School of Cookery, Boston, Mass., 
1915-44. Author of The Alice Bradley Mert%i- 
Cook-Book; etc. 

A. Ca.— Arthur Capper. United States 
Senator from Kansas, 1919-49. Former pub- 
lisher and proprietor, Topeka Daily Capital 

A. Car.— -Alexis Carrel, M.D. Former 
member of i>e Rocke'eLer Instil ite for Medi- 
cal Research. Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1912. 

A. C. B. — Alan Coates Bouquet, D.D. 
Vicar of All Saints, Cambridge, Eng. « 

A. C. Bk.— Alfred Charles Beck, M.D. 
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 
Long Island College of Medicine, Brooklyn, 
N.Y. Author of Obstetrical Practice . 

A. C. Bn.— A. C. Beaton. Member of the 
Sudan Political Service. 

A. C. C. — Albert Curtis Clark. Former 
Corpus Christ! Professor of Latin, Oxford 
University. Editor of Cicero’s Speeches. m 

A. C. Ce. — Alistair Cameron Crombie. 
Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science, 
University College, London. Author of Au- 
gustine to Galileo; The History of Science 
A.D. 400-1650; Robert Grosseteste and the 
Origins of Experimental Science. 

A. C. Ck.— A. C. Cook. Associate Animal 
Husbandman, U.S. Bureau of Animal Indus-,, 

A. C. Cs. — Alexander Crane Chartecs, 
Jr. Aeronautical Research Scientist, Ames 
Aeronautical Laboratory of the National Ad- 
visory Committee for Aeronautics. 

A. C. D. — Arthur C. Diliman. Associate 
Agronomist, in charge Seed Flax Investiga- 
tions, Division of Cereal Crops and Diseases, 
Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils and Agri- 
cultural Engi^ering, U.S. Department of 
•Agriculture. • • ** • * * , 



A. C. de C.— Ardre^r Claude de la Cher- 
ois Crommelint. President of the Royal 
Astronomilaj^Society, 1929-30 Author of The 
Star World; Catalogue of Qomeis; etc. 

h. Ce, — A!exa^d@ f r Cowie, Benjamin L. 
Waite Professor o* English f WiJey an Univer- 
sity, Middletown, Conn. Author of John 
Trumbull: Connecticut VJit; The Rise of one 
American Novel. 

A. C. Es. — Arthur Cecil Edwards. Au- 
thor of Persian Caravan. 

A . C. G. — -Alfred C. Gilbert. Author of 
Boy’s Scientific Library. 

A. Ch. — Andre Chaumeix. Director of La 
Revue des Deux Mondes , Pads Editor of 
Le Journal des Debats, 1900-40 Director of 
La Revue de Paris , 1920-26. 

A. CD H.— Alfred Cort Hadden. Reader 
in Ethnology in Cambridge University, 1909- 
26. Author of The Wandering* of Peoples; etc. 

A. C. He. — Rt. Rev. Arthur Cayley 
Headiam, D.D. Former Bishop of Glou- 
cester, Eng. Regius Professor of Divinity, 
Oxford University, and Canon of Christ 
Church, Oxford, 1918-' 23 Author of The New 
Prayer . Book; etc. 

f A. C. Hoi. — Arthur C. Holden. Holden, 
McLaughlin and Associates, Architects, New 
York, N Y Author of The Primer of Housing; 
Pocket Guide to Good Construction; etc. 

A. C. Hy. — Arthur C. Hardy. Professor of 
Optics and Photography, Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass Au- 
thor of Handbook of Cplorimetry ; The Prin- 
ciples of Optics. 

A. C. K.— Arthur Charles Keller. Di- 
rector of Switching Apparatus Development, 
Bell Telephone Laboratories, New York, N Y. 

A. C. Ke . — Arlington Colton Krause, 
M.D. Professor of Surgery, Division of Oph- 
thalmology^ The University of Chicago. Au- 
thor of Biochemistry of the Eye. 

A. C. McG.— Arthur Cushman McGif- 
fert, tD.D. Professor of Church History, 
1893-1927, and President of the Union Theo- 
logical Seminary, New York, NY., 1917-26. 

A. C. Or.— August Caesar Orthmann. 
Consulting Chemist, President, Director, 
Orthmann Laboratories, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis. 

A. C. P . — Anna C. Panes. Former Lec- 
turer in Germanic Philology at Newnham 
College, Cambridge Author of A Four- 
teenth .Century Biblical Version ; etc. 

Ac. R. — Alec Robertson. Author, critic, 
broadcaster. Specialist Talks Producer (Mu- 
sic), British Broadcasting Coiporation, 1944- 
53 Author of Dvorak; Sacred Music . 

A. C. R.— -Albert C. Ritchie. Former 
Governor of Maryland. Professor of Law, 
University of Maryland, Baltimore, 1907-20. 

A. C» Re.— -A. C. Reiley. Author of The 
Story of the Typewriter. 

A. C. S.— Algernon Charles Swinburne. 
English poet. Author of Poems and Ballads; 
Age of Shakespeare; etc. 

^ r 

A. C. T.- — A. C. Thaysen. Former Principal 
Snentific Officer, Chemical Research Labora- 
tory, Department of Scientific and Industrial 
Research, Teddmgion, Eng. 

A. C. V .—A. C. Vivian. Assistant Secretary 
of Mines, Northern Rhodesia. 

A. Cy. — Sir Arthur Ernest Cowley. 
Librarian, Bodleian Library, Oxford, 1919-31. 
Author ^ of Catalogue of the Hebrew Manu- 
scripts in,the Bodleian Library ; r etc. 

* (T * f ~ 1 t 

A. D.— Alfred D unhill. Former Chairman 
and Founder of Alfred Dunhill, Ltd. Author 
of The Pipe 3 oor.\ 

A. Da.— Allison Danzig. FootbaT Editor, 
The New York Times 

A. B. An.— Arthur D. Anderson. Former 
Editor, Boot and Shoe Recorder, Boston, 
Mass Author of Shoe and Leather Lexicon. 

Ad. C. K. — -Arnold Charles Kettle. Lec- 
turer m English Literature, University of 
Leeds, Leeds, Eng. 

Ad. E.- — Arnold Edmunds. Dmt.’ty Con- 
troller of Death Duties, Bc:-c -- Inland 
Revenue, London 

A. de B. — A. de Bouard. Professor of 
Palaeography at the Acole Nationale des 
Charles Author of Manuel de Paleographie 
Latzne et Frangaise (in collaboration with 
Maurice Prou) ; etc. 

A. D. G. — Andrew Dewar Gibb. Profes- 
sor of Law, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, 
Scot. Author of Law of Collisions on Land: 
Scottish Judicial Dictionary. 

A . D. H.— Sir Alfred Daniel Hall For- 
mer Director of the John Innes Horticultural 

A. D. I. — A. D. Imms. Honourable Fellow 
of Downing College and Reader in Entomol- 
ogy, Cambridge University, 1931-45. Author 
of A General Textbook of Entomology ; etc. 

A. D. J. — Adrian D. Joyce. President and 
Chairman, The Glidden Company, Cleveland, 

A. D. L. — Alexander Dunlop Lindsay, 
1 st Baron Lindsay of Birker. Principal, 
North Staffordshire U*i ! verity College, Keele, 
Eng, 1949-52. Mast-* c; IL'h.ol College, Ox- 
ford, 1924-49 Author of Christianity and 
Economics ; The Modern Democratic State; 

Ad. M.— Adolf Meyer. Former Professor 
of Psychiatry, The Johns Hopkms University, 
and Director of Henry Phipps Psychiatric 
Clinic, The Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

A. D. M. — A. D. Mitchell. Assistant Editor 
of the Journal of the Chemical Society; As- 
sistant Examiner in Chemistry, University of 
London and Institute of Chemistry 

A. D. McD. — Angus D. McDonald. Pres- 
ident of the Southern Pacific Company, 1932- 

A. D. ML — Aristotle Demetrius MichaL 
Professor of Mathematics, California Institute 
of Technology, Pasadena, Calif. Author of 
Matrix and Tensor Calculus with Applications 
to Mechanics , Elasticity and Aeronautics. 

A. D. Mo. — Arnaldo Dante Momigliano. 
Professor of Ancient History in the Univer- 
sity of London at University College, London. 
Author of Claudius; Filippo il Macedone. 

A. Do.-— Austin Dobson. English poet and 
man of letters Author of Eighteenth-Century 
Vignettes; Hogarth; Fanny Burney; etc. 

A. Dor. — Albert Dorfman, M.D. Assist- 
ant Professor of Pediatrics, The University of 

A. D. R. — Andrew Donald Roy. Univer- 
sity Assistant Lecturer in Statistics, Faculty of 
Economics and Politics, Cambridge Univer- 

A. D. R-C. — Alan Daubeny Russell- 
Clarke. Barrister-at-Law Author of Copy- 
right in Industrial Designs; Copyright and 
Industrial Designs. 

A. D. T. — Anne Dewees Taylor (Mrs. 
Henry C. Taylor). Co-author of World Trade 
in Agricultural Economics , 


A. Du.— Alan L. Durst. Teacher of Wood 
Carving at Royal Col* ge of Art, London. 

A. D. Z.-— -Augustus Belafield Zanzig. 
Lecturer on Music Education, Harvard Uni- 
versity. Director of Music, Brookline Public 
Schools, Brookline, Mass. Author of Music 
in American Life; Singing America. 

A. E.— Adrian Eck^erg/ Master Gilder, 
Foreman. Yose Art Galleries, Boston, Mass. 

A. E. A.— Albert Ernest Alexander, 
M.D. Professor of Applied Chemistry, New 
South Wales Institute of Technology, Sydney, 
Ausfcr Co-author 0 f Colloid Science.' 

A. E. 3 .— Arthur E. Brown. Author of 
Brick Drying; Hand Brick Making. Patentee 
of improvements in kilns and drying plants. 

A. E. Be.— Agnes E. Benedict. Former 
Research Editor, National Association of 
Day Nurseries, Inc, New York, NY. 

4‘ rAo ®°- Arthur Edwin Boycott, 
M.D. Granam Professor of Pathology. Uni- 
versity of London, 1915-35. 

A. _ E. C.— Arthur Edward Clery. 
Barnster-at-Law. Former Professor of the 
Law of Property and of Contracts, Univer- 
sity College, Dublin. 

A. E.. Cn. — Aksel E. Christensen. Pro- 
fessor in History in the University oi Copen- 
hagen, Copenhagen , Den. Author oi Dutch 
Irade to 1 ^ bz t.r about 1600; Kongemagt 
og Anstokrak. 

A. E. D. — Albert Ernest Dunstan. Chief 
Chemist of the Anglo-Iranian Gil Company, - 
and Director, National Oil Refineries, Ltd. 

A. E. E.— Alfred E. Emerson. Professor 
of Zoology, The University of Chicago Co- 
author of Principles of Animal Ecology. 

A. E. F. — Albert Edgar Feavearyear. 
Former Undersecretary, Ministry of Food. 
London. Author of The Pound Staling. 

A. E. G. — A. E. Garvie, D.D. Former 
Principal of Hackney and New College, Hamp- 
stead, Eng. Editor of Westminster New Tes- 
tament Author of The Christian Doctrine of 
the Godhead. 

A. ^ E. H. — Adrian Elliot Hodgkin. 
Major. The Technical Dept., Imperial Chem- 
ical Industries, Ltd. 

A. E. Ho.— A. E. Houghton. Author of 
Restoration of the Bourbons in Spain 

A. E. Hu.— Sir Albert Edward Hum- 
phries. Member of the Royal Commission 
on Wheat Supplies and Flour Mills Control, 

A. E. Hul. — A. Eaglefield Hull. Former 
Editor, Monthly Musical Record Author of 
Modern Harmony; Handbook of Bach’s 
Works; etc. 

A. Ei. — Albert Einstein. Nobel Prize for 
Physics, 1921. Author of Relativity , the Spe- 
cial and the General Theory; etc. 

A. E. J .—Arthur Ernest Jolliffe. Former 
Professor of Mathematics at King’s College, 

A. E. J. R,— Rt. Rev. A. E. J. Rawiin- 
son, D.D. Bishop of Derby, Eng. Author 
of “The Gospel According to St, Mark,” in 
the Westminster Commentaries. 

A. E. K.— Avery E. Kolb. Chief, Staff Sec- 
tion, Highway Transport Service Division, 
Office of the Chief of Transportation, Depart- 
ment of the Army, Washington, D.C. 

A* E. L.— Ada E. Levett, Reader in Eco- 
nomic History, King’s College, London. Au- 
thor of English Economic History; etc. 

A. E. M. — ‘Arthur E. President, 

Antioch College, Yello^T''* , 1920-36. 

Author of Education — '' : . " '? ; of the 

Arts of Life ; The Hum^t Goal of Education; 
A Compendium of Antioch Notes . 

A. E. O.-— Sir Arnold Edersheim Over- 
ton. Permanent Secretary, Board of Trade, 
London, 1941-45. 

A. JE. P.— -Arthur E. Popham. Keeper, 
Department of Prints and Drawings, British 
Museum, London. Author of The Drawings 
of the Early Flemish School; etc. 

A. E. R.— Albert Edward Richardson. 
Emeritus Professor of Architecture, Univer- 
sity of London. Author of London Houses; 
Monumental Architecture; etc. 

*A. Es. — Arundel! Esdaile. President of 
the Library Association, 1939-45. Editor of 
The Library Association Record, 1924-35. 
Lecturer in Bibliography, London University 
School of Librarianship, 1919-39. Author of 
The*$ources of English Literature; The Brit- 
ish Museum Library; A Student’s Manual of 
Bibliography ; Famous Libraries; etc. 

A. E. Sh. — Austin E. Smith, M.D. Editor, 
Journal of the American Medical Association, 
i#T3- • Author of Drugs You Use ; editor 

of Medical Research: A Symposium; co- 
editor of Drug Research and Development. 

A. E. Sm. — Alfred E. Smith. Governor 
of New York, 1919-20, 1923-28. 

A. E. St.— -Adlai E. Stevenson. Governor 
of Illinois, 1949-53. * 

A. jS. Sta.- — Alfred E. Stacey, Jr. Con- 
sultant, Carrier Corporation, Syracuse, N.Y. 

A. E. T.«— Alonzo Englebert Taylor, 
M.D. Director of the Food Research Insti- 
tute, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif., 
1921-36. Author of Digestion and Metabo- 
lism; etc. 

A. E. Ta.— Alfred Edward Taylor. For- 
mer Professor of Moral Philosophy in the 
University of Edinburgh, Scot. Author of 
Plato, the Man and His Work ; A Commen- 
tary on Plato’s Timaeus; etc. 

A? E. Tw.— A. E. Twentyman. Former 
Librarian and Information Officer, Board of 
Education, London. 

A. E. Wd.— Arthur Evans Wood. Emer- 
itus Professor of Sociology, University of 
Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Author of Com- 
munity Problems; Crime and Its Treatment. 

A. F. — Sir Arthur Fell. Former Honorary 
President, House of Commons Channel Tun- 
nel Committee, London. 

A. Fa. — Rev. Alfred Fawkes. Vicar of 
Ashby St. Ledgers, Eng. 

A. Far. — Alexander Farquharson. General 
Secretary, Institute of Sociology, Ledbury, 

A. F. B.— Aldred Farrer Barker. Profes- 
sor of Textile Industries, Chiao-Tung Univer- 
sity, Shanghai. Author of Wool and the Tex- 
tile Industries; etc. 

A. F, Be.— Archibald Frank Becke. Ma- 
jor, Royal Field Artillery (retired). Author of 
Introduction to the History of Tactics. 

A. F. Bn. — Arthur F. Buddington. Pro- 
fessor and Chairman of the Department of 
Geology, Princeton University, Princeton, 
N J Author of Geology and Mineral De- 
posits of Southeastern Alaska; co-author of 
Adirondack Igneous Rocks and Their Meta- 

A. F. Br. — A. F. Brinckerhoff. Practising 
landscape architect, New York, N.Y. 

A. F. Bs.— Alan Fraser Davies. Senior 
Lecturer in Political Science, University of 
Melbourne, Melbourne, *Austr. Author of 
Local Government in Victoria. 

A . F. H.— A. F. Henderson. Manager, 
The Theatres Mutual Insurance Company, 
Ltd., London. 

A. F. Hu.— A. F. Hutchison. Sometime 
Rector of the High School, Stirling, Eng. 

A. F. K. — Albert Frank Kendrick. Keeper 
in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 
in charge of Textiles, 1897-1924; of Ceramics, 
1899-1902; and Woodwork, 1904-08. Author 
of English Embroidery ; Oriental Carpets; 

A. FI. — Sir Alexander Fleming. Professor 
of Bacteriology, St. Mary’s Hospital Medical 
School, University of London, 1928-48 Nobel 
Prize for Medicine (with Sir Howard Florey), 

A. F. M.— Allan F. Matthews. Geologist, 
Operations Research Office, The Johns Hop- 
!?:"« Umve^Py Bn u imore, Md Materials 
Cnn- . • an* .< nr 1 Security Resources 

Board, 1952 Assistant Director, Domestic Re- 
source Area, President’s Materials Policy Com- 
mission, 1951. Editor, Minerals Yearbook , 

A. Fo. — Alexander Forbes, M.D. Pro- 
fessor of Physiology, Harvard University 
Medical School. 

A. Foe. — Anna Foehringer. Senior Phys- 
icist of the Central Geophysical Observatory, 

A. For. — Alexander Forward. Managing 
Director, American Gas Association. 

A. F. P. — Alfred Francis Pribram. For- 
mer Professor of Modern History in the Uni- 
versity of Vienna. 

A. F. Po. — Albert Frederick Pollard. 
Founder and Chairman of the Institute of 
Historical Research, University of London, 

A. Fr. — A. Fisher. Expert Examiner to the 
Board of Education, London. Gold Medallist, 
Barcelona. Author of The Art of Enamelling 
on Metals ; etc. 

A. F. R. — Austin Flint Rogers. Emeritus 
Professor of Mineralogy, Stanford University, 
Calif. Author of Introduction to the Study of 
Minerals; co-author of Optical Mineralogy. 

A. Fs. — Adalbert Farkas. Research Chem- 
ist, Barrett Division, Allied Chemical and 
Dye Corp., Philadelphia, Pa. Author of Ortho- 
hydrogen, Parahydrogen and Heavy Hydro- 
gen; etc. 

A. F. S. — Alexander Faulkner Shand. 
Author of The Foundations of Character; etc. 

A. F. SI. — A. Franklin Shull. Professor 
of Zoology, University of Michigan, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Author of Heredity; Evolution. 
Co-author (with G. R. LaRue and A. G. 
Ruthven), Principles of Animal Biology. 

A. F. Ws. — Alan Frank Wells. Lecturer 
in Social Studies, University of Malaya, Singa- 
pore. Author of The Local Social Survey in 
Great Britain; etc. 

A. Fx. — Aileen Fox. Lecturer in Archaeol- 
ogy, University College, Cardiff, Wales. 

A.F.Z. A. — Abul Faiz Ziauddin Ahmad. 
Member of the Pakistan Foreign Service. Sec- 
ond Secretary to the High Commissioner for 
Pakistan in the United Kingdom. 

A. G. B. F. — Allan G, B. Fisher. Price 
Professor of International Economics, Royal 
Institute of International Affairs, London, 
1938-46. Author of Economic Progress and 
Social Security; etc. 

A. G. Bs.— Arthur G»lbe;»t Bills. Head of 
C'Z of ^eychology, University of 

Ocv 0 # Author &f General 

Experimental Psychology ; The Psychology of 
Efficiency. * \ 

A. G. D.« — Si# Arthur G.£o*ighty. Former 
Archivist of the Public ‘Records and War 
T Canada. Author of Quebec Under 

: ■ / L ' 3 etc. r 

A. G. D. W.— Arthur Gilbert Dixon 
West. Chief Research Engineer, British 
Broadcasting Corporation. 

A. Ge. — Andre Geraud. Pertinax (nom de 
plume). Foreign editor of L’Echo de Paris, 
1917-18. Editor of L’Europe Nouvelh, 1939- 
40 » 

A. Gel.— Sir Archibald Geikie. Director 
General of the Geological Survey of the ynited 
Kingdom and Director of the Museum of 
Practical Geology, London, 1881-1901 

A. G. F. — A. G. Francis. Chemist, Govern- 
ment Laboratory, Clifford’s Inn Passage, Lon- 


A. G. Ga. — Alfred G. Gardiner. Editor of 
The Daily News, London, 1902-19. Author of 
Prophets, Priests and Kings; The Lifg of Sir 
William Har court; etc; and works under the/ 
pen name of “Alpha of the Plough.” 

A. G. H. — Arthur Garfield Hays. Mem- 
ber of the law firm of Hays, St John, Abram- 
son and Schulman, New York, N.Y. 

A. G. Ht.~ Albert Gsttord Hart. Re- 
search Economist, Committee for Economic 
Development. Author* of Debts apd Recov- 
ery ; etc # 

A. G. I. — A. G. Ingalls. Contributing Ed- 
itor, Scientific American . Co-author of Ama- 
teur Telescope Making. 

A. Gi. — Arnold Glover-. Formerly of Trin- 
ity College Cu^hridce Co»editor of Beau- 
mont and F "r 7 'c>' .c* the Cambridge Uni- 
versity Press. 

A. G. L. S. — Alan George Lewers Shaw. 
Senior Lecturer in History, University of 
Sydney, Sydney, Austr Author of The Aus- 
tralian Coal Industry; co-author of The Eco- 
nomic Development of Australia. 

A. G. M. B. — A. G. M. Batten. Assistant 
Manager, Accident Department, Alliance As- 
surance Co., Ltd 

A. G. McN. — A. G. McNish. Chief, Sec- 
tion of Basic Ionospheric Research, Central 
Radio Propagation Laboratory, ^National Bu- 
reau of Standards. m 

A. Gn. — Albert Goodwin. Vice-Principal 
and Tutor in Modern History, Jesus College, 
Oxford. University Lecturer in Modern His- 
tory (French), Oxford University. 

A. G. N. — Arthur Geoffrey Norman. Pro- 
fessor of Soils, Iowa State College, Ames, la. 
Biochemist, 1 932-3 7 i Rothamsted Experi- 
mental Station, Eng. 

A. Go. — Rev. Alexander Gordon. Former 
Lecturer on Church History in the University 
of Manchester, Eng. 


A. G. O.- — Abraham G. Osier. Assistant - 
Professor of Bacteriology, School of Hygiene 
and Public Health, The Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, Baltimore, Md. Director of the Im- 
munologic Laboratory, The Johns Hopkins 

A. G. P.— Arthur George Perkin. Former 
Professor of Colour Chemistry ‘ and Dyeing 
and Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Uni- 
, versity of Leed^ Eng Joint author of Natural 
Organic Col&urmg Matters. 



t'T't?. t'q< ANI 

- Jl 

■ Nit^ 



iS J. K1j5U 

r '^DO 
- v/'AO 

A. Gr.— Arthur Greenwood. Minister of 
Health, 7020-3: Ccreral Secretary of the 
Labour Pact's /-d f :sc:^ Committees, 1920- 

2I ; * r 

AfJ G$.— Alexaadef Gillies. Professor of 
German L engine 2 ore 5 Vteratfre. University 
of Leeds, Leeds, Ehg. Editor 01 The Modem 
Language Review. Author of Herder; Herder 

und Ossian . 


A. G. S.— Antone G. Singsen. Assistant 
Director, Blue Cross Commission of the 
American Hospital Association. Assistant Sec- 
retary and' Assistant Treasurer, Health Serv- 
ice, Incorporated, Chicago, 111. Editor of the 
Blue Cross Manual . 

A. H. — Sir Alfred H cpIdr.Sor- Member 
of Parliament for Combined Eng-ish Univer- 
sities, 1926-29. 

A. Ha. — Adolf von Harnack. German 
theologian. Author of Lehrbuch der Dogtnen- 
geschichte; Das Monchtum , seine Ideate und 
seme Geschichte; etc. 

A, H. A. — A. Hilliard Atte ridge. Jour- 
naEst, .specializing on foreign affairs and inter- 
national questions. 

A. Har. — Austin Harrison. Author of Life 
* r of Frederic Harrison. Former Editor of The 
English Review. 

A. H. Bt. — Alva Herschel Bennett. Di- 
rector of Research, Scientific Instrument Di- 
vision, American Optical Company, Buffalo, 

A. H. C. — Arthur Holly Compton. Chan- 
cellor, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. 
Nobel Prize for Physics, 1927. Author of 
Secondary Radiations Produced by X-rays ; 

A. H. Ck. — Austin Hobart Clark. Cur- 
ator, Division of Echinoderms, U S. National 
Museum, Washington, D.C. 

A. H. Cn.— Alsoph Henry Corwin. Pro- 
fessor^ and Chairman of the Department of 
Chemistry, The Johns Hopkins University, 
Baltimore, Md. 


A. He. — Archibald Henderson. Head, De- 
partment of Mathematics, University of 
North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C. Author of 
George Bernard Shaw: His Life and Works; 

A. Hf. — -Arthur Haseloff. Professor of the 
History of Art at the Christian Albrechts 
University, Kiel, Germany. 

A. H« F.-S-r— A. H. Fox-Strangways. 
Music Critic of The Observer , London, 1925- 
39. Editor of Music and Letters. Author of 
Music of Hindostan, 

A. H. G.— Arnold Hartley Gibson. Pro- 
fessor of Engineering, Victoria University of 
Manchester, Eng Author of Hydraulics; 
Hydro-Electric Engineering. 

A. H. Ge.— Alston H. Garside. Former 
economist, New York Cotton Exchange. Au- 
thor of Cotton Goes to Market and Wool and 
the Wool Trade. 

A. H. Hn. — Arthur H. Herndon. Research 
Engineer, Technical Department of California 
and Hawaiian Sugar Refining Corp., Ltd., San 
Francisco, Calif. 

A, Hk.— Albert Hauck, D.Th. Former 
Professor of Church History pi the University 
of Leipzig, Germany. Author of Kirchenge- 
schickte Deutschlands. 

A. H. L. — AlbertrHowe Lybyer. Former 
Professor of History, University of Illinois, 
Urbina, 111,, and former ProJ&ssor in Robeit 
CpUege, JstanbujL Turkey * * 

A. H-M.— * Agnes Headlam-Morley* 
Montague Burton Piofessor of Internationa! 
Relations, Oxford University Author of The 
Neiv Democratic Constitutions of Europe . 

A. H. M. — Anne Henrietta Martin. Na- 
tional chairman, National Woman’s Party, 
1916-17 Head, Department of History, 
University of Nevada, Reno, Nev., 1S97- 

A. H. Md.— -Albert H. Morehead. Bridge 
Editor, The New York Times . Author of The 
Modern Boyle; etc. 

A. H. Mr — -Alnheuc Hyatt Mayor. Cu- 
rator of Pri-._s, v n Museum of Art, 

New York, N.Y. Author of Baroque and Ro- 
mantic Stage Design; The Bibiena Family; 
Giovanni Battista Piranesi. 

A. H. Q. — Mrs. A. H. Quiggin. Lecturer, 
Department of Geography, Cambridge Uni- 

A. H. S.— Rev. Archibald Henry Sayce, 
D.D. Professor of Amvnclory Oxford Uni- 
versity, 1891-1919. Autnor of Sennacherib; 
The Hittites; etc. 

A. H. Sh.- — Alexander Hardwick Smith. 
Chief of the Economic Intelligence Depart- 
ment, Swiss Bank Corporation, London. 

A. H. Sm. — Arthur Hamilton Smith. 
Keeper of the o f Greek and Ro- 

man Antiquities . i* - - Museum, Lon- 
don, 1909-25. 

A. H. Sr. — Archibald Herbert Stockder. 
Professor of Business Administration, Gradu- 
ate School of Business, Columbia University, 
New York, N.Y Author of Business Owner- 
ship Organization; German Trade Associa- 
tions: the Coal XaiteV*: Reguhfmg an 
Industry: the c'tpdTian Coal 

Syndicate , 1893-1929. 

A. H. T. — A. Hamilton Thompson. Pres- 
ident, Royal Archaeological Institute, 1939-45. 
Professor of History in the University of 
Leeds, Eng, 1927-39. Author of The Cathe- 
dral Churches of England ; etc. 

A. Hu. — Arthur Hunter. Former Vice- 
President and Chief Actuary, New York Life 
Insurance Co., New York, N.Y. 

A. H. W.—~ A. H. Walker. Captain, RN. 
Director of Torpedoes and Mining, Admiralty. 

A. H. Wt. — A. H. Wright. Professor of 
Agronomy, University of Wisconsin, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

A. I. A. — Andrew Irving Andrews. Pro- 
fessor and Head of Dept, of Ceramic Engi- 
neering, University of Illinois, Urbana, 111. 

A. L B. — Arthur I. Bloomfield. Econo- 
mist, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 
New York, N.Y. 

A. J.— Alexander Johnston. Professor of 
Jurisprudence and Political Economy, Prince- 
ton University, 1884-89. 

A. J. A.— Arthur J. Altmeyer. Commis- 
sioner for Social Security, Federal Security 
Agency, Washington, D C., 1946-53. 

A. J. Al. — Anthony J. Arkell. Lecturer 
in Egyptology, University College, University 
of London. Former Commander for Archae- 
ology, Sudan Government. Author of Early 
Khartoum ; Shaheinab. 

A. J. B.- — A, J. Bull. Former Principal of 
the London County Council School of Photo- 

A. J. Bu.— Arthur John Butler. Former 
Professor of Italian Language and Literature, 
University Co’le^e University, of London. 
Author of a prose translation ot Dante’s Di- 
vine Comedy y etc. 

A. J. B/ W.— Alan John Bayard Wace. 
Laurence Professor of’ Classical Archaeology, 
A University, 1934-44 Author of ri 

- 'g : of the Spar fa Museum; etc. 

A. J. By.— Arthur John Berry. Fellow of 
Downing College, Cambridge 

A. J. C.— Alfred Joseph Clark, M.D. 
Professor of Materia Medica in the Univeisitv 
of Edinburgh, Scot, 1934-41. 

A. J. Ce.— Abel Jacobus Coetzee. Pro- 
fessor of Afrikaans Literature and Folklore, 
University of the T7hv aters-ani, Johannes- 
burg, U. of S. At A Ah 01 0: C c: van die Afn- 
kaanse Kultuurgedagte aan die Rand; etc 

A. J. Cm— Anton Julius Carlson, M.D. 
John P. Hixon Distinguished Service Pro- 
fessor of pwri-.ey Emeritus, The Univer- 
sity of Chi xu , .’...the. of Control of Hunger 
in Health and Disease; The Machinery of the 

A. J. D.— Arthur J. Dempster. Former 
Professor of Physics, The University of .Chi- 

A. J. G. — -Rev. Alexander James Grieve, 
D.D. Principal of Lancashire Independent 
College, Manchester, Eng, 1922-43. 

A. J. H. — Alfred J. Hipkins. AuthofUf 
Musical Instruments , Historic , Rare and 
Unique ; etc. 

A. J. He.— A. J. Heinicke. Director, New 
York State Agricultural Experiment Station, 
Geneva, NY, 1942— . Professor of Pomol- 
ogy and Head <*f Department of Pomology, 
Cornell University, 1921- . 

A. J. Hy.— Arthur James Heighway. 
Editor and Managing Director, World’s Press 
News, London. 

A. J. L.— Andrew Jackson Lamoureux. 
Former Librarian, College of Agriculture, 
Cornell University. 

A. J. La.— Anthony J. Lanza, M.D. Pio- 
fessor ai.<3 Cha.rme^ of the Dcpc. -.f 

Industrial Medicine, Post Gian at ,\\u -v 1 
School, Bellevue Medical Center, New York 
University, New York, NY. Author of In- 
dustrial Hygiene; Silicosis and Asbestosis 

A. J. Li. — A. J. Liebman. President, Schen- 
ley Rc«e.ucu Im Jmu 

A. J. Ln.— Arthur J. Larsen. Secretary 
and Superintendent, Minnesota Historical So- 

A. J. Lo. — Alfred J. Lotka. Assistant Stat- 
istician, Metropolitan Life Insurance Com- 
pany, 1934- . 

A. Jo. — Albert Johannsen. Emeritus Pro- 
fessor of Petrology, The Ur he: o' E v - 

cago, Chicago, 111. Autfa',i r fL 1 ■ 
Petrography of the Igneous Rocks, 4 vol. 

A. J. P.— Arthur J. Packard. Chairman 
of the Board, American Hotel Association 
President of the Packard Hotels Company, 
Mt. Vernon, O. 

A. J. Pa. — Arthur Josiah Parkes. Cap- 
tain, Royal Engineers Reserve of Officers. 

A. J. Pi. — Adrian John Pieters. Principal 
Agronomist, Bureau of Plant Industry, U.S. 
Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C., 
1938-40. Author of Green Manuring: Princi- 
ples and Practice; etc. 

A. J. P. T.— Alan John Percivale Tay- 
lor. Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. 
Author of The Course of German History; 
The Habsburg Monarchy, 1809-1918. 

A. J. R. — Miss A. J. Robertson. 

A. J. Sh. — Aaron J. Sharp. Associate Pro- 
fessor of Botany, the University of Tennes- 
see, Knoxville, Tenn. 


* HP 

A. J. T.-— . Arnold Joseph Tcyibes, Di- 
rector of Studies in tSe Royal — of 

International Affairs and Research Professor 
of International Histoi^, University of Lon- 
don. Director, Research Department, Foreign 
Office, 1943-46. Author of A Study of History ; 

A. J. W.— A. Jfc Winkler. Professor of Viti- 
culture and Viticulturist in the Experiment 
Station, College of Agriculture, University of 

A. K.—Sir Arthur Keith, M.D. Former 
Rector, Uxyversity of Aberdeen, Scot., and 
Fullerian Professor of Physiology, Royal In- 
stitution, London. Author of Antiquity of 
Mhn ; etc. 

A. K. C. — Ananda K, Ccr— rrzv7£“. 
Former Fellow for Research Tn . u v : 
and Mohammedan Art, Museum of Fine Arts, 
Boston, Mass. Author of History of Indian 
and Indonesian Art; etc. 

A. K. Ck.— -Arthur Kennedy Crook- 
shark. Lieutenant Colonel, General Staff Of- 
ficer 1, War Office, London. Author of History 
of Sixth Mahratta Light Infantry. 

A. KL— -Adolph Knopf. Sterling Professor 
of Geology, Yale University, New Haven, 
Cora. Author of The Mother Lode System of 
California ; co-author of Physical Geology. 

A. KL— -Alexander Klemin. Guggenheim 
Research Associate, 1941-50; Professor of 
Aeronautical Engineering, Daniel Guggenheim 
School of Aeronautics, New York University, 
1924-41. Author of Textbook^} Aeronautical 
Engineering; etc. 

A. Kr.— Arthur Krock. Chief of the Wash- 
ington Bureau of The New York Times , Wash- 
ington, D C. 

A. K. R. — A. K. Romberg. Director, Pre- 
liminary Design Branch, Bureau of Ships, 
US. Department of the Navy, Washington, 

A. K. S.— Albert Kenneth Sho waiter. 
Forecaster in Charge, U.S. Weather Bureau, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

A. L.— Andrew Lang. Journalist, poet, 
critic and historian. Author of Myth, Liter- 
ature and Religion; The Book of Dreams and 
Ghosts; The World of Homer; etc. 

A. L. B.— Arthur Lyon Bowley. Acting 
Director of Oxford University Institute of 
Statistics, 1940-44. Author of The Course of 
Prices and Wages During the War; etc. 

Al. Bu. — Allison Butts. Professor of Elec- 
trometallurgy, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, 
Pa Author of Textbook of Metallurgical 

A. L. Cn.- — Arthur Le Roy Cohen. Pro- 
fessor of Biology, Oglethorpe University, Ogle- 
thorpe University, Ga. 

A. Ld. — Aldo Leopold. Professor of Wild- 
life Management, University of Wisconsin, 
Madison, Wis., 1933-48. Author of Game 
Management; etc 

A. L. D. — Arthur L. Dakyns. Barrister-at- 

A. L. du T.— Alexander L. du Toit. For- 
mer Consulting Geologist, De Beers Consoli- 
dated Mines. Author of Geology of South 
Africa ; etc. 

A. Le. — Andre Levinson. Lecturer on Art 
at the Louvre and the Sorbonne, Paris. 

AL E. H. — Alfred E. Hudson. Associate 
in Anthropology, Department of Anthropol- 
ogy, University of Washington, Seattle. 

A. LeR. L. — Alain LeRoy Locke. Former 
Professor of Philosophy, Howard University, 
Washington, D.C. Author of The New Negro; 

A. L. F. — Arthur L. Faubel. Former As- 
sociate Professor of Economics, New York 
University. Author of Principles of Econom- 
ics; etc. 

AL G.— Alan Gregg, M.D. Director for the 
Medical Sciences, Rockefeller Foundation, 
1930- . Author of The Furtherance of Med- 
ical Research. 

A. L. H.— Alexander L. Howard. For- 
merly of W. W Howard Brothers and Com- 
pany (Hardwoods), teak merchants, London, 

A. L. He.— Albert Leon Henne.^ Profes- 
sor of Chemistry, Ohio State University, Col- 
umbus, O. 

A. L. Hs. — Abram Lincoln Harris. Pro- 
fessor of Economics, Howard University, 
Washington, D C. Author of The Black 
Worker (with S. D. Spero); The Negro as 

A. l. J. — A. Le Roy Johnson. Professor 
of Clinical Dentistry, Harvard University. 

A. Lk.— Captain Albert Larking. Former 
Secretary, the Early Closing Association, Lon- 

A. L. K.— Alfred L. Kroeber. Professor 
of Anthropology and Director, Anthropologi- 
cal Museum, University of California, Berke- 
ley, 1919-46. Author of Anthropology ; etc. 

A. L. L. — A. Lawrence Lowell. Former 
President of Harvard University. 

A. LL D. — Arthur Llewellyn Davis. For- 
mer Barrister-at-Law, Inner Temple, and As- 
sistant Reader in Common Law under the 
Council of Legal Education. 

A. LI. -J. — Arthur Lloyd- James. Profes- 
sor of Phonetics, School of Oriental Studies, 
London, 1933-43* 

A. Lo. — Auguste Longnon. Former Pro- 
r 'V ,x "v de France, Paris. Author of 
. ' >f la Gaule au VI Siecle; etc. 

A. L. P. — Austin L. Poole. President of 
St. Johr’s CVheo. Oxford. University Lec- 
turer in A'‘ i'cicv'-. History, 1927-35* 

A. L. R. — Arthur Lionel Rawlings. Spe- 
cial Research Engineer, Sperry Gy' o scope Cc. 
Inc., New York, N.Y. Author of The Theory 
of the Gyroscopic Compass; etc. 

A. L. Rd. — Austin L. Rand. Curator, Divi- 
sion of Birds, Chicago Natural History 
Museum, Chicago, 111. Author of Birds of 
Yukon Territory; Distribution and Habits of 
Madagascar Birds. 

A. L. S.— Andre L. Simon. President, Wine 
and Food Society; Editor, Wine and Food 
Quarterly. Author of The Blood of the Grape ; 

A. L. Sc.— Albert L. Schomp, President, 
American Bank Note Company, New York, 

A. L. Sm. — A. Lorrain Smith. Sometime 
Acting Assistant, Department of Botany, Brit- 
ish Museum (Natural History), London. 

A. L. Tm. — Arthur Lawrie Tatum, 
M.D. Professor of Pharmacology, School of 
Medicine, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 

A. Lu. — Achille Luchaire. Former Pro- 
fessor of Mediaeval History at the Sorbonne, 

A. L. W.— Rev. A. Lukyn Williams, 
D.D. Former Honorary Canon of Ely Ca- 
thedral. Chaplain to the Bishop of Durham, 
Eng., 1901-13. 

A. M. — Sir Allen Mawer. Provost, Uni- 
versity College, University of London, 1930- 
43. Author of The Vikings; Problems of Place 
Names Study; etc. 

• „ 

A. M. A. — Alex M.*Arrfett. Professor of 
History, North Carolina College fgr Women, 
Greensboro, N.C., 1923-45 Author of The 
Populist Movement in Georgia; etc. # 

A. Mac.— Alexander’ Macalister, M. 2 ». 
Former Professor* of An^toifiy, Cambridge 
University. Author of Textbook of Human 
Anatomy; etc. 0 

A. M. B.— A. M. BoaL Admiralty'Counsel, 
U.S. Shipping Board, Washington, D.C., 

A. M. C. — Agnes Mary Gierke. Author of 
A Popular History of Astronomy during the 
igth Century; Problems in Astrophysics ; etc. 

A. McF.— -Sir Andrew McFadyean. Pres- 
ident, Liberal Party Organisation, Great Brit- 
ain. General Secretary to Reparation Com- 
mission, 1922—24, and to Dawes Committee, 
1925 Author of Reparation Reviewed; etc. 

A. M c Q. — Alexander McQueen. Re- 
search Director, Alexander McQueen and As- 
sociates, Chicago, 111 Author of A Romance 
in Research; America's Heritage. 

A. M. C.-S. — Sir Alexander Morris 
Carr-S&unders. Director, London School of 
Economics. Author of Eugenics; World Pop- 
ulation; etc. 

A. M. D. — A. M. Daniels. Consulting and 
advisory engineer, Washington, D.C. Author 
of Steam and Hot Water Heating; Warm Air 
Furnace Heating 

A. M. Ds.— -Audrey M. JJavies. Librarian, 
Institute of public Administration, New York, 

A. M. Bu.-— A. M. Dudley. Former En- 
gineering representative in Patent Depart- 
ment, Westinghouse Electric and Manufactur- 
ing Company, Pittsburgh, Pa Author of 
Connecting Induction Motors; etc. 

A. Me. — Antoine MeiXlet. Former mem- 
ber of 1 ’Institut de France and B^ofessor at 
the College de France, Paris. * 

A. M. E.— Alba M. Edwards. Statistician 
for Occupations, US. Bureau of Census, 
Washington, D.C., 1909-4 3* 

A. Mel. — Arthur Mellor. Of Messrs, J. 
and T Brocklehurst and Sons, silk manufac- 
turers, Macclesfield, Eng. 

A. Mey.* — Alice MeynelL English p5et 
and essayist. Author of Poems; The Rhythm 
of Life; etc. 

A. ML — Baron Alexander MeyendorfL 
Reader in Russian Institutions and Econom- 
ics, School of Economics and Political Science, 
University of London, 1922-34. 

A. M. H.— Arthur M. Hind. Keeper, 
Department of Prints and Drawings, British 
Museum, London, 1933-45. Author of Great 
Engravers; Introduction to a History of 
Woodcut; etc. 

A. Ml.-— Albert MordelL Author of The 
Literature of Ecstasy; Quaker Militant; John 
Greenleaf Whittier; etc. 

A, Mor. — A. Mora. Director of Plywood 
Marketing Corporation, Ltd., London. 

A. Ms.— -Rev. Allan Menzies, D.B. For- # 
mer Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criti- 
cism, St. Mary’s College, St. Andrews Uni* 
versity, St. Andrews, Scot. Author of History 
of Religion. 

A. Mu. — Arthur Murray. Director of a 
chain c ( spools throughout the 

United "i: ' . ’ of Modern Dancing; 

How to i* - .. : > Dancer; etc 

A. M. We.*— Arthur M. Wehrmann. Na- 
• tional Handball* Chairman, Amateur Athletic 
Union of the United States. * * • % 




A. N.— •Allan 'ffjevisfs. Professor of Amer- 
ican Columbia University. Harms- 

worth P-o*t\A r O-Vord University, 1940-43. 
Author of The Emergence 0 / Modern Atner - 
icq; Grove* Clevd'ir'* ; The Heritage of 
America; A>: ? :cT ^ ac Qpinfpn; etc 

A. N. C. S.— A. 1 ;. C. Shelley. Barriscer- 
at-Law LegaJ Department, Local Govern- 
ment Board, 1910-19. 

A. Nh. — Arnoldus Noach. Author of De 
Oude Kerk te Amsterdam 

A. N. J. W. — A. Neville J. Whymant. 
Professor of Chinese and Oriental Philosophy, 
Hosei University, Tokyo Author of The 
Oceanic Theory of the Japanese Language and 
People ; China; Colloquial Chinese; Mongo- 
lian Grammar: Outlining the Khalkha Mon- 
golian, with Notes on the Buriat, Kalmuck, 
arid Or^doss Mongolian 

An. M. — Andrew McKellar. Astronomer, 
Dominion Astrophysics! Observatory, Vic- 
toria, B C. 

A. No. — Arne Novak. Professor of Czecho- 
slovakian Literature at the Masarvkova Uni- 
versity of Brno (Brunn), 1920-39 Co-author 
of A History of Czechoslovakian Literature. 

# A. O. Gn. — Avery O. Craven. Professor of 
♦History, The University of Chicago. Author 
«?f The Coming of the Civil War; Edmund 
Ruffin, Southerner; The Growth of Southern 
Nationalism . 

A. P. — AttiHo Picciriili. Founder and 
Former Presidents the Leonardo da Vinci 
Art School, New York, N.Y. Sculptor. 

A. P. B.-r-Aliing Pi’udden Beardsley. 
Technical Adviser, Calco Chemical Division, 
American Cyanamid Company, Bound Brook, 

A. P. Co. — Arthur Philemon Coleman. 
r Former Professor of Geology, University of 
Toronto, Canada,. Author of The Canadian 
Rockies; et*\ 

A. P. E.— Adolphus Peter Elkin. Pro- 
fessor of Anthropology, University of Syd- 
ney, Sydney, Austr Author of Aboriginal Men 
of High Degree; The Australian Aborigines: 
How to Understand Them . 

A. Ph.— Alexander Petrunkevitch. Emer- 
itus Professor of Zoology, Yale University 
Aufhor of Morphology of Invertebrate 
Types; A Study of Amber Spiders. 

A. P. L. — Arthur Pillans Laurie. Princi- 
pal of the Heriot-Watt College, Edinburgh, 
Scot , igoo-?8 Author of Processes , Pigments 
and Vehicles-*- A Manual for Art Students; 
New Light on Old Masters; etc. 

A. P. Lr. — Abba P. Lerner. Associate Pro- 
fessor of Economics, Graduate Faculty of 
Political and Social Science of the New School 
for Social Research, New York, N.Y. Author 
of The Economics of Control , 

A. P.-S. — A. Parker-Smith. Counsel in 
patent and trade-mark cases, New York, N.Y. 

A. P. Si. — Angelo Piero Sereni. Profes- 
sor of Law, University of Ferrara, It. Adjunct 
Associate Professor of Law, School of Law 
New York University. New York, N.Y. Au- 
v thor of Le Societd per azioni negli Stati Uniti; 
petti del processo civile negli Stati Uniti. 

A. P. SI. — Alfred Pritchard Sloan, Jr. 
Chairman. Board of Directors, General Mo- 
tors Cciporation, New York, N.Y., 1937- 

A. P. W.— Archibald Percival Wavell, 
1st Earl Wavell. Field Marsha! Viceroy 
and Governor-General of India, 1943-47. 

A. P . Wi.— Albert P. Wills. Former Pro- 
fessor of Mathematical Physics, Columbia 
University. * * * 

A. Ra. — Arthur Ransoms. Author of The 
Crists in Russia, Six Weeks in Russia; etc. 

A. R. C. — Alexander Ross Clarke, in 
charge of Trigonometrical Operations of the 
Ordnance Survey, i3$4-8r. 

A. Re.— Arthur Rose. Associate Professor 
of Chemical The Pennsylvania 

State College, ? e.e C- Pa 

Ar. F.— Arthur Fisher. Register of Copy- 
rights, L'hrary of Congress, Washington, D C 

Ar. F. W.- — Alexander Frank Weils. 
Crystallographer, Research Detriment Im- 
perial Chemical Industries, % Cjci..\s 

Division) , Manchester Eng Author of Struc- 
tural Inorganic Chemistry. 

A. R. K. — A. R. Hamilton, Former Exhi- 
bitioner of Winchester College and Scholar of 
New College, Oxford. 

A. R. L. — -Arthur Robert Ling. Professor 
of Malting and Brewing and of the Biochem- 
istry of Fermentation, University of Birming- 
ham, Eng, 1920-31. 

A. R. M. C.— Albert Raymond Maillard 
Carr. Fellow at New Coi'ege, C\ Vc 

A. R. Mr.— Albert R. Miller, D.V.M. 
Chief, Meat Inspection Division, Bureau of 
Animal Industry, U.S. Department of Agri- 
culture, Washington, D C. 

A. R. Ms. — Arthur Richard Margetts. 
Scientific Officer, Fisheries Laboratory. Min- 
istry of Agriculture and Fisheries, England 
and Wales. 

A. Rn. — Arthur Reisman. Author of 
Championship Checkers: The Pioneer Sys- 
tem; etc. 

A. R. N. — Albert Ray Newsome. Former 
Professor and Head of the Department of 
History, University of North Carolina, 
Chapel Hill, N C. 

A. R. P. — Antonio R. Pastor. Cervantes 
Professor of Spanish Language and Litera- 
ture, King’s College, London, 1930-45 
Author of Contemporary Spanish Literature. 

A. R. Po. — Alfred Richard Powell. Re- 
search Chemist and Assistant Director of 
Research, Koppers Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

A. R. Pr. — Alan Reed Priest. Curator of 
the Department of Far Eastern Art, Metro- 
politan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y. 

A. R. Pt. — Alan Richmond Prest. Lec- 
turer in Economics, Cambridge. Author of 
War Economics of Primary Producing Coun- 

Ar. R. H.— Arthur R. Hutchens. Com- 
missioner of Football Officiating, Southern 
Conference. Author of Manual of Football 
Officiating; NCAA Football Rules, Revised 
and Recodified 

A. Rs. — A. Richards. Professor of Zoology 
and Director of the School of Applied Biology, 
University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla. 

A. R. S.— A. R. Smythe. Professor of Ma- 
teria Medica and Therapeutics, Royal Veter- 
inary College, Camden Town, London. 

A. R. S. K— Rev. Archibald Robert 
Stirling Kennedy, D.D. Professor of He- 
brew and Semitic Languages in the University 
of Edinburgh, Scot , 1895-1937. 

A. R. T. — A. Ranger Tyler. Director, 
Bureau of Business Publicity, New York State 
Department of Commerce, Albany, N.Y. 

Ar. Y. — Art (Arthur Henry) Young. 
American cartoonist. Author of On My Way. 

A. S. — A. Safrastian. Former British Vice- 
Consul at Bitlis, Kurdistan. 

A. 3 a.—' Sir James Arthur Salter. Glad 
stone Professor of Polfical Theory and Insti- 
tutions, Oxford University, 1934-44 Author 
r/ I 57 Is C \ CP ’ n Experiment in 

' . j \ svc.—? ; etc. 

A. Sab.— A. Sabonadiere. Professor of 
Indian Law, School of Oriental and African 
Studies, London University. - 

A. Sau. — ■ Aurelien Sauvageot. Lecturer in 
French Language and Literature, University 
of Budapest 

A* S. B. — - Alice Stone Blackwell. Author 
of Lucy Slone, the Little Grandmother of the 
Russian Revolution , Some Spanish- American 
Poets . 

A. S. Rev. Monsignor Ar- 

thur Stapyiton Barnes. Former Domestic 
Prelate to Pius XI. Author of The Popes and " 
the Ordinal; etc. 

A. S. BL— Asa S. Bushnell. Executive Di- 
rector, Centra! Office for Eastern Intercol- 
legiate Athletics. 

A. S. Alan Summerly Cole. Author 
of Ancient Needle Point and Pillow Lace; 
Ornament in European Silks; etc. 

A. 8d. — Archibald Salford. Barrister-at- 
Law, Middle Temple, London Author of 
Law of Town and Country Planning , etc'®*” 

A. S. E. — Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington. 
Former Plumian Professor of Astronomy and 
former Director of the Observatory, Cam- 
bridge University Author of Stellar Move- 
ments and the Structure of the Universe; The 
Expanding Universe; etc 

A. S. G.— Arthur S. Gelston, Jr. Assist- 
ant in History, University of Calif 01 nia. 

A. Sh.— Arthur Sherwell. Member of Par- 
liament for Huddersfield, 1906-18 Author of 
The Russian Vodka Monopoly ; State Pur- 
chase of the Liquor Trade ; etc. 

A. S. H.— Arthur Surridge Hunt. Pro- 
fessor of Papyrology in (Mold University, 
1913-34, and Fellow of Queen’s Col'ese Au- 
thor of New Classical Fragments , and Other 
Papyri, etc 

A. H. Hs.— Agnes H. Hicks. Consultant 
on Scandinavian Affairs to the Royal Institute 
of International Affairs, London. 

A. Si.— Arthur Sidgwick. Former Fellow 
of Corpus Christi College, Oxford ; Reader in 
Greek, Oxford University. 

A. Sk. — Aloys Skoumal. Cultural Attache 
to the Czechoslovak Embassy, London 

A. SI. — Arthur Shadwell, M.D. Author 
of Drink , Temperance and Legislation; etc. 

A. S. L.— Arnold S. Lott. Lieutenant, U S 
Navy. Office of Public Information, Office of 
Secretary of Defense, Washington, D C 

A. S. Lk. — Arthur S. Link. Associate Pro- 
fessor of History, Northwestern University, 
Evanston, 111 . Author of Wilson: Road to the 
White House; Woodrow Wilson and the 
Progressive Era . 

A. Slo.* — Antoni Slonimski. Writer Di- 
rector of the Polish Cultural Institute, Lon- 
don. Author of Selected Poems; The Family . 

A. S. M. — Alexander Stuart Murray. 
Former Archaeologist and Keeper of the 
Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities 
in the British Museum, London. Author of 
White Athenian Vases; etc. 

A. Smi.— Alexander Smirnoff. Former 
Military Correspondent to Rossiya. 

A. S. P.— . Arthur Samuel Peake, D.D. 
Rylands Professor of Biblical Exegesis, Vic- 
toria University, Manchester, Eng., 1904-29. 
Author of Recent Developments in Old Testa- 
ment Criticism; The Religion of Israel; etc. 



A. S. P.-P.— Andrew Seth Pringle- 
Pattison. Professor %i Logic and Meta- 
physics in the University of Edinburgh, Scot., 
1891-1919. Author of %ke Philosophical Rad- 
icals; The Idea oj Immortality ; etc. 

A. S. Rt.— Alfred S. Romer. Professor of 
Zoology and Curator of Vertebrate Paleon- 
tology, Museum of — r.”rt'~; Zoology, 
Harvard University. „ n s - — Vertebrate 
Paleontology ; etc 

A. Ss.— Ashton Stevens. Drama critic and 
columnist, Chicago Herald American , 1932- 

A. St.— “Anna Standoff. Wife of Dimitri 
Standoff, former Bulgarian Minister in Lon- 

^A. S. T. — Arthur Stanley Tritton. Emer- 
itus Professor of Arabic, the School of Orien- 
tal and African Studies, University of London. 
Author of Rise of The Imams of Sanaa ; Ara- 
bic Self-Taught; etc. 

A. Std. — Alexander Stoddart. General 
Outdoor Advertising Company, New York, 

A. St. H. B. — Alan St. Hill Brock. Di- 
rector of C. T. Brock & Company’s “Crystal 
Palace” Fireworks, Ltd. Author of Pyrotech- 
nlts; etc. 

A. Sto. — Albert Stoessel. Head of Opera 
and Orchestra, Juilliard Graduate School, 
New York, NY, 1930-43. Author of Tech- 
nique of the Baton. 

A. S. W. — Sir Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Keeper of Geology in the British Museum, 
London, 1901-24. Author of Catalogue of Fos- 
sil Fishes in the British Museum ; Outlines of 
Vertebrate Paleontology ; etc. 

A. Sy. — Arthur Symons. English poet and 
critic Author of Studies in Seven Arts; etc. 

A. T.— -Albert Thibaudet. Author of La 
Poisie de Stephane Mallarme; Trente ans de 
vie frangaise ; etc. 

A. T. C.— Arthur T. Goode. Of Messrs. 
Coode, Fitzmaurice, Wilson and Mitchell, 

A. T. Cl. — Arthur Trevor Campbell. 
Public Relations Officer, Office of the High 
Commissioner for New Zealand, London. 

A. T. F. — A. T. Fidler. Assistant Secretary 
of the Dunlop Rubber Company, Ltd., and 
of its subsidiary companies. 

A. TL— Avray Tipping. Author of English 
Homes; The Cabriole Period of English Fur- 
niture; etc. 

A. T. I. — Alexander Taylor Innes. 
Scotch Advocate. Author of John Knox; 
Studies in Scottish History ; etc. 

A. T. Ls. — -Anthony Thomas Lucas. As- 
sistant Keeper, National Museum of Ireland, 
Dublin, Ire. 

A. Tp. — Sir (Herbert) Alker Tripp. 
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Scotland 
Yard, 1932-47 Member of the London and 
Home Counties Traffic Advisory Committee, 
1932-47 Member of the Royal Academy 
Planning Committee 1942-49 Author of 
Road Traffic and Its Control; Town Plan- 
ning and Road Traffic; etc. 

A. T. P. — Albert Theodore Poffen- 
berger. Professor of Psychology, Columbia 
University. Author of Psychology in Adver- 
tising; Applied Psychology — Its Principles and 
Methods; etc 

A. T. Q.-C, — Sir Arthur Thomas Quil- 
ler-Couch. King Edward VII Professor of 
English Literature, Cambridge University, 
1912-44. Author of Studies in Literature; 
Editor, Oxford Book of Prose , 1923 ; etc. 


A.T. T.— , Alfred T. Thorson. Former 
Chief, Division of Finance, U S Coast Guard. 
Treasury Department, Washington, D C. 

A. T. W.— Sir Arnold Talbot Wilson. 
Lieutenant Colonel, formerly of the Indian 
Army Acting Civil Commissioner and Polit- 
ical Resident in the Persian Gulf, 1918-20. 
Author of The Persian Gulf ; etc 

A. Ty.— Albert Tyler. Associate Professor 
of Embryology, California Institute of Tech- 
nology, Pasadena, Calif. 

A. U. D.— Arthur Ulderic Desjardins 
M.D. Head, section of Therapeutic Radi- 
ology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn Author 
of Anatomical Cross-Section Charts of the 
Human Body. 

A. U. P. — Arthur Upham Pope. Director, 
American Institute for Persian Art and Arch- 
eology, 1930- . Editor of Survey of Persian 
Art , 1929-38 Author of An Introduction to 
Persian Art; etc. 

Au. S. — Austin Stromberg. Editor, Treas- 
urer and Copublisher, Power Wagon. 

A. van M. — Alexander van Millingen, 
D.D. Former Professor of History, Robert 
College, Istanbul, Turkey Author of Byzan- 
tine Constantinople; Constantinople ; etc. 

A. Y. B. — Albert Victor Bleininger. 
Chemist, Homer Laughlin China Company, 
Newell, W Va , 1920-46. Author of The 
Manufacture of Hydraulic Cements 

Av. Be. — Avery Brundage. President, In- 
ternational Olympic Committee. 

A. V. C. — A. Vaughan Chinnock. Sales 
Development Department, Hooker Electro- 
chemical Company, Niagara Falls, NY. 

A. v. d. V. — Adriaan van der Veen. Lit- 
erary Editor, Nieuwe Rotterdamse Courant, 
Rotterdam, Neth Author of Het wilde feest; 
Wij hebben vlengels; etc 

A. V. H. — Archibald Vivian Hill. Foul- 
erton Research Professor of the Royal Society, 
London, 1926- . Nobel Prize for Physiology 
and Medicine, 1922. Author of Muscular 
Activity; Living Machinery; etc. 

A. Vo. — August Vollmer. Chief of Police, 
Berkeley, Calif, 1905-32. 

A. Vs. — Alfred Vagts. Member of Institute 
for Advanced Study, Princeton, N J., 1939-42. 
Author of A History of Militarism; Landing 

A. V. W. — A. V. Williamson. Professor 
of Geography, University of Leeds, Eng. 

A. W. — Abel Wolman. Professor of Sani- 
tary Engineering, The Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity, Baltimore, Md. Consulting Engineer. 

A. Wa.— Arthur Waugh. Former Chair- 
man of Chapman and Hall, Ltd. Author of 
Alfred, Lord Tennyson ; Reticence in Liter- 
ature; etc. 

A. W. Ay. — Arthur Wilfred Ashby. 
Former Director, Institute for Research in Ag- 
ricultural Economics, Oxford University. Au- 
thor of Small Holdings in Oxfordshire ; Rural 

A. W. B. — Andrew Wilson Brown. For- 
mer Associate Professor of Psychology, The 
University of Chicago, Chicago, 111 . 

A. W. C. — Rev. A. W. Climenhaga. Dean 
and Instructor in Church History and Sys- 
tematic Theology, Messiah Bible College Au- 
thor of History of Brethren in Christ. 

A. We.— Alice Werner. Former Professor 
of Swahili and Bantu Languages at the School 
of Oriental and African Studies, University of 
London. Author of Native Races of British 
Central Africa; etc. 

A. W. F.— Sir Al£r#d William Flux. As- 
sistant Secretary, Statistics Department, 
Board of Trade, London* 1918-152® 

A. W. F. K.—*Sir Alfred William Fpr- 
tescue Knox. Major General. Chief of Brit- 
ish Military Mission to Swerk, 1918-20 Au- 
thor of With the Russiah Army , 1914-27 

A. W. G.— Albert Willian® Giles. Head 
of the Department of Geology and Geogra- 
phy, J-.n o:si:: M Arkansas, Fayetteville, 

A. W. Hu.— Rev. Arthur Wollaston 
Hutton. Former Rector of Bow Church, 
Cheapside. Author of Life of Cardinal New- 
man; Life of Cardinal Manning; etc 

A. W. Km.— A. W. Knapp. Chief Chemist 
to Cadbury Bros , Ltd., Bourn ville, England 
Author of The Cocoa and Chocolate Industry 

A. W. L.— Alexander W. Luce. Profes- 
sor and Head oi the Department of Mechani- 
cal Engineering, Lafayette College, Easton, 
Pa Author of Machine Design; co-author of 
Steam and Gas Engineering. 

A. W. Le. — Alec Wi If fed Lee. Major 
General (retired), Bri^sh Army. 

Aw. M. — Andrew Me: klajcbn, M.D. ^ 
Senior Lecturer in Indiana Uni-J 

versity of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scot. 

A. W. Ma. — Alexander W. Mair. Former 
Professor of Greek, Edinburgh University, 
Scot. Author of Hesiod: Introduction , Trans- 
lation and Appendices ; etc. 

A. W. M . JD . — Arthur~W\ M. Dickins. 
Photographic Chemist, Eastman Kodak Com- 
pany, Kodak Park, "Rochester, NY. 

A. W. M. Dy.— A. W. M. Disney. Mem- 
ber of the Sudan Political Service 

A. W. Mr. — A. W. Meyer. Department 
Head, General Laboratories, United States 
Rubber Company, Passaic, N J. 

A. Wo.— Abraham Wolf. Head of 
the Dept, of the History and Method ftf 
Science at University College, University of 
London, and of the Department of Logic and 
Philosophy at the London School of Econom- 
ics and Political Science. Author of The Oldest 
Biography of Spinoza; Textbook of Logic ; 

A. W. P. — Alfred William Pollard. Pro- 
fessor of English Bibliography, King’s College, 
University of London, 1919-32 Editor of 
English Miracle Plays; Macmillan’s Library 
of English Classics. Author of Fine Books ; 
Chaucer Primer ; etc 

A. W. Po. — Alfred Willi am*Porter. For- 
mer Professor of Physics in the University" of 
London. Editor of Preston’s Theory of Light 
(fifth edition). Co-author of Treatise on Elec- 
tricity and Magnetism ; etc. 

A. W. R. — Sir Alexander Wood Renton. 
Puisne Justice Supreme Court, and Procureur 
and Advocate-General, Mauritius, 1901-05; 
Ceylon, 1905-14. Author of Law and Practice 
of Lunacy. 

A. Wt. — Alexander Wetmore. Secretary, 
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. 
Former President, American Ornithologists’ 
Union Author of The Migration of» Birds; 
Fossil Birds of North America; etc. * 

A. W. V. B. — Albert William Vaaa 
Buren. Emeritus Professor of Archaeology, 
American Academy in Rome, It Author of 
Ancient Rome <&s Revealed by Recent Dis- 

A. W. Wa.— Sir Adolphus William 
Ward. Vice-Chancellor, ^Victoria University 
of ^ Manchester Manchester, Eng. Author of 
History of English Dramatic Literature tojhe 
Death of Qu$emAnne. 



A W W.-E.— R.v. ^rt^.r Wade Wade- 
Evans. Rector - 1932- . Author 

of Welsh M ^lievclJLaw; Life of St. David; 

A, Y.— Alexander. YewSall. Lecturer in 
tfie Textile IndusHes Department, University 
of Leeds, England'" 

A. Yo. — Allyn Abbott Young. Fortner 
Professor of "Political Economy in the Um- 
versity 0/ London 

Ay, S.— Anthony Salys. Associate Profes- 
sor in Baltic and Slavic Philology, University 
of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa Author of 
Lithuanian Dialects , Dialect Map of Lithu- 
ania . 

Ay. Sy .—Anthony Sillery. Secretary to the 
Curators of the Taylor Institution, Oxford. 
Author of The Bethmnaland Protectorate. 

A. Z.— Sir Alfred Zimmern. Adviser, 
U N.Ef.S C 0 . Preparatory Commission, 1946. 
Burton Professor of International Relations, 
Oxford University, 1930-44. Author of Europe 
in Convalescence; The Third British Em- 
pire; etc 

A. Z. B. — A. Z. Baker. President, American 
Stockyards Association. Chairman of the 
Board, Cleveland Unjpn Stockyard Company. 

A. Zd*— Antoni Zygmund. Former Pro- 
cessor of Mathematics, Mount Holyoke Col- 
lege, South Hadley, Mass Author of Trig- 
onometric Series; etc 

B. A. — Barbara Abel. Associate Director, 
Public Relations Department, Community 
Chests and Councils of America, Xnc , New 
York, NY. EditofT Community Magazine. 

B. A. El. — Burl A. Ely. Director of Pro- 
motion, International News Service, New 
Y6rk, N.Y. 

B. A. L. C. — Bryan A. L. Cranstone. As- 
sistant Keeper, Department of Ethnography, 
British Museum, London. 

B. A. M.— Brian Allan Marwick. Govern- 
ment Secretary, ^Basutoland Author of The 

B. A. T. — B. A. Tyson. Principal, Fisheries 
Department, Ministry of Agriculture and 
Fisheries, London. 

B. A. W. R.— Bertrand Arthur William 
Russell, 3rd Earl Russell. Professor of 
Philosophy, University of California, 1939. 
Author of Philosophical Essays; The A. B. C. 
of* Relativity ; etc. 

B. B.* — Bjarne Berulfsen. Teacher, Oslo 
Handelsgymnasium, Oslo, Nor. Lecturer in 
Norwegian Literature and Language for Eng- 
lish-Speaking Students, University of Oslo, 
Oslo, Nor Ailfchor of English- Norwegian Die - 
ti&nary; Kulturtradision fra en storhetstid. 

B. B. B. — B. B, Bayles. Former Principal 
Agronomist m Wheat Investigations and As- 
sistant to the Head of the Division of Cereal 
Crops and Diseases, Bureau of Plant Industry, 
Soils, and Agricultural Engineering, U.S De- 
partment of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 

B. Be. — Bernard Brodie. Research As- 
sociate, Institute of International Studies, 
Yale University Author of Sea Power in the 
Machine Age; etc. 

B. B. K. — Benjamin B. Kendrick. Pro- 
fessor rand Chaiiman of the Department of 
History and Political Science, North Carolina 
College for Women, Greensboro, N.C., 1930- 
46. Author of The Journal of the Joint Com- 
mittee on Reconstruction , 1865-7. 

B. Br. — Barbara BuckmSster (the Hon. 
Mrs. Barbara Miller). Writer on Balkan 
affairs. London Former member of the staff, 
Foreign Research and Press Service, Royal 
Institute of International Affairs. Author of 
“Roumama 5 in Hitler’s Rouje to Baghdad; 

CtC. r 2 * r ' 

B B R.— B. B. Robinson. Senior Agron- 
omist* Office of Fiber Plants, Bureau oi Plant 
Industry, Soils, and. Agricultural 
U.S. Department of Agriculture, ... - - 


B. Co G.— Basil Campbell de Guerrn. 
Journalist, Guernsey, Channel Islands Au- 
thor of The Norman Isles ; etc. 
g Ch. Bertram Cholet. Educational Di- 

rector, ’ Charles M Higgins and Company, 
Inc., Brooklyn, NY. 

B. Cha. — Bennett Chappie. Assistant to 
the President of Armco Steel Corp., Middle- 
town, 0. 

B. C. P.— B. C. Palmer. Former Chief 
Engineer, American Taximeter Company. 

B Cr.— Benedetto Croce. Minister with- 
out Portfolio, Italy, 1944 Senator of the 
Kingdom of Italy, 1910. Author of Filosofia 
dello spirito; Problemi di Estetica; etc. 

B. D.— Barry Dibble. Consulting engineer 
specializing in electric power, pumping and ir- 
rigation. Chief Electrical and Mechanical En- 
gineer, U S. Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, 
Colo., 1923-24. 

B. De.— -Byron Defenbach. Author of 
Idaho : The Place and Us People , etc. 

B. D. L.— Bertram David Lewin, M.D. 
President, American Psychoanalytic Associa- 

B. E. — Bengt Edlen. Professor of Physics, 

tt ..." i*-.. n.? T T ursr? 

B. E. A. — Basil E. Allen. Head of Metal 
Work and Enamelling Department, Royal 
College of Art, London. 

B. E. E. — B. Eldred Ellis. Author of 
Gloves and the Glove Trade. 

B. E. O.— Benjamin Evan Owen. School- 
master at Deykin Avenue Secondary Modern 
School. Birmingham, Eng Lecturer, Univer- 
sity of Birmingham Extra-Mural Department 
in English Literatuie. Lecturer, Workers’ 
Educational Association in English Litera- 
ture, Drama and World Affairs. 

B. E. P. — Barthelemy Edmond Palat. 
Former General of Brigade in the French 
Army. Author of La Grande Guerre sur le 
Front Occidental, Les Batailles d’ Arras et de 

B. E. S.— Bernadette Everly Schmitt. 
Emeritus Professor of Modern History, The 
University of Chicago Chief, German War 
Documents Project, U.S. Department of 
State, Washington, D C. Author of The Com- 
ing of the War, 1914; etc. 

B. E. Sz. — Birl E. Shultz. Formerly Edu- 
cational Director of the New York Stock Ex- 
change and Director of the New York Stock 
Exchange Institute. Author of The Securities 

B. F. — Bernard Fay. Former Professor in 
the Faculte des Lettres de TUniversite de 
Clermont-Ferrand, France. Author of Frank- 
lin , the Apostle of Modern Times; etc. 

B. F. A. — Benjamin Franklin Affleck. 
Former Director of Universal Atlas Cement 

B. F. C. A.-*— B, F. C. Atkinson. Under- 
Librarian, University Library, Cambridge. 

B. F. D. — Bryce F. Denno. Lieut. Col. 
Assistant Editor, Officers* Call , Office of the 
Chief of Information, Department of the 
Army, Washington, D.C. 

B. F. H. — Bert Frank Hoselitz. Profes- 
sor of the Social Sciences, The University of 
Chicago. Author of The Progress of Under- 
developed Areas; co-author of The Economics 
of Military Occupation . 

B. F. Bl L— B enjamin Franklin Howell. 
Professor of Geology and Palaeontology, 
Princeton University, Princeton, N J 

B. F. L.~— B. F. Bynip, Jr. Statistician, 
California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining Cor- 
poration, Ltd , San Francisco, Calif. 

B. F. S. B.-P.— -Baden Fletcher Smyth 
Baden-Powell, Major Inventoi of man- 
lifting kites, 1894. Author oi Ballooning as a 
Sport; etc. 

B. G. G.— B. G. Chitwood. Associate Hem- 
atologist, Bureau of Plant Industiy, Soils, 
and Agricultural U-S Depait- 

ment of Ag.icTitu* : r.v : , DC. Au- 

thor of An Introduction to Nematulogy. 

B. G. H. — PorNzrrn C~ad Holzman. 
Colonel, Air D" 1 ' Ci Ew.aation and 
Development r-on, -’CA.vJ Weather 

B. Gm.— Bessie Graham. Director, Temple 
University Library School Philadelphia, Pe . 
1925-40. Author of The Son-t >,ai\ Ma»vci 
and Famous Literary Prizis and lie. 1 ' 

B. Gt. — Bruce Grant. Author of Isaac 
Hull: Captain of Old Ironsides; co-author of 
Tong War. 

B. Gy.— Basil Gray. Keeper of Oriental 
Pn.IaDtks, British Museum, London Author 
of iy Chin ’:c Potter j and Porcelain , Per- 
sy: . Mmicru'e Pain mg: Rajput Painting. 

B. Hd.— Bray Hammond. Former Assist- 
ant Secretary, Federal Reserve Board, Wash- 
ington, D.C. Author of The Federal Reserve 
System — Its Purposes and Functions. f 

B. H. L. H. — B. H. Liddell Hart. Cap- 
tain. Military historian and critic Mihtan 
correspondent of The Times, London, 1935- 
39 Author of The British Way in Warfare; 
T. E. Lawrence — in Arabia and After; etc 

B. H. M. V.— Bernard H. M. Vlekke. 
Director, Netherlands Institute of Interna- 
tional Affairs. Author of The Evolution of the 
Dutch Nation ; A History of the East Indian 

B. Hz.— Bernhard Haurwitz. Associate 
Professor of Meteorology', Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass Co- 
author of Dynamic Meteorology, Climatology 

B. I. — Beresford Ingram. Organizer cl 
Continuation Schools, London Count}. Coun- 

B. J. H. — ‘Burton Jesse Hendrick. As- 
sociate Editor of the World’s Work, 1913-27. 
Co-author of The Victory at Sea (Pulitzer 
Prize, 1920) ; author of Life and Letters of 
Walter H. Page (Pulitzer Prize, 1922) , etc. 

B. J. CL — B. J. Owen. Captain. Director 
of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering, 

B. K. C. — B. K. Cooper. District Officer, 
Ibadan, Nigeria. 

B. Ko. — Bjorn Kornerup. Superior Ar- 
chivist, National Record Office, Copenhagen, 
Den. Author of Bishop Hans Poulsen Resen; 
Ribe Katedralskoles Historie, I. 

B. Le.— Bernard Lewis. Professor of the 
History of the Near and Middle East, Univer- 
sity of London. Author of The Origins of 
Ismailism; The Arabs in History ; etc. 

B. Ls.— Bernard Lewis. Chief, Explosives 
Division, Bureau of Mines, U.S. Department 
of the Interior Author of Combustion t Flames 
and Explosions of Gases . 

B. L. S. — Burdell L. Springer. Deputy 
Chief, Airframe and Equipment Engineering 
Branch, Office of Aviation Safety, Civil Aero- 
nautics Administration, Washington, D.C. 

B. M.— Budget! Meakin. Author of The 
Moors; The Land of *he Moors; etc. 

B. Ma.- -Bronislaw Malinowski. Profes- 
sor of Anthropology in the University of 
London, 1927-42. 

B. M. A.- — Bennet M. Allen. Professor of 
Zoology, University of California at Los 
Angeles. ® 

B. Mack.— Renton Mackaye. On staff of 
U S. Rural Electrification Administration, 
1942-45 Author of The New Exploration; 
co-author of Regional Planning . 

B. Mar.-— Benjamin March. Curator of 
Asiatic Art, The Detroit Institute of Arts, 
Detroit, Mich. Author of The History of 
Chinese Painting in Outline . 

•B. M. B.— Bernard Mannes Baruch. U.S. 
Representative, U.N. Atomic Energy Commis- 
sion, 1946 Author of The Making of Eco- 
nomic and Reparation Sections of Peace 
Treaty . 

B. M. Bk.— Bertram Maurice Beck. Di- 
rector, Special Juvenile Delinquency Project, 
Children’s Bureau, Federal Security Agency. 
Author of Five States , A Study of Youth Au- 
thorities; Youth Within Walls. 

IVMc. —Beatrice McConnell. Director, 
Xndustiial Division, Children’s Bureau, Fed- 
eral Security Agency, Washington, D.C. 

B. Md. — -Ben Markland. Assistant Outdoor 
Editor, Chicago Tribune. 

B. M. E. M.— Brita Maud Ellen Mortem* 
sen. Lecturer in Swedish, Cambridge Uni- 
versity. Co-author of Scandinavian Litera- 
ture; Strindberg , An Introduction , 

B. M. J.— Sir Bennett Melvill Jones. 
Francis Mond Professor of Aeronautical En- 
gineering, Cambridge University, 1919- . Co- 
author of Aerodynamic Theory. 

B. M. P. — B. M. Pickering. Sometime 
Scholar of Gonville and Caius College, Cam- 
bridge, and Hebrew Master at Merchant 
Taylor’s School. 

B. Mr. — -Bela Menczer. Hungarian publi- 
cist, historian and literary critic. Author of 
Catholic Political Thought , 1789-1848; La 
Situation historica del tiempo actual . 

B. M. St.— Ben M. Stem. Director, Office 
of Aviation Information, Civil Aeronautics 
Administration, Washington, D.C. 

B. N.— Beaumont Newhall. Author of 
Photography, A Short Critical History; etc. 

B. O. M.— Byron Omar McCoy. Hy- 
draulic Engineer, Chas. T. Main, Inc., Boston, 

B. P. B. — Burton Peter Block. Assistant 
Professor of Chemistry, Pennsylvania State 
College, State College, Pa. 

B. Ka. — Bernard Rackham. Keeper of the 
Department of Ceramics, Victoria and Albert 
Museum, London, 1898-1938. Author of A 
Book of Porcelain; etc. 

B. R. C. — B. R. Goad. In charge. Delta 
Laboratory, Bureau of Entomology, U.S. De- 
partment of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 

B. R. D. — B. R. Donaldson. Of the Ford 
Motor Company, Dearborn, Mich. 

B. Re. — Bertha Rembaugh. Lawyer. 
Author of Political Status of Women in 
United States. 

B. R. L. — B. R. Lewis. Major, Ordnance 
Department, U.S. Army, Washington, D.C. 

B, R. P.— Bertie Reginald Pearn. 
Former Professor of History, University of 
Rangoon, Burma. Author of History of 
Rangoon; The Indian in Burma; etc. 


B. R. Pn.— Buel R. Patterson. Assistant 
Professor of Physical Education and Coach of 
Wrestling, University of Illinois, Urbana, 111. 
Author of Wrestling Guide. 

Br. S.— Bruce Smith. Secretary, Institute 
of Public Administration, New York, N.Y. 

B. Sa,— » Bernard Samuel. Mayor, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 1944-52. 

B. S. B.— Rc-njamV ? Bloom. Professor 
of Educsicca. ?=j. and University 

Examiner, The University of Chicago. Co- 
author of Problem Solving Processes of Col- 
lege Students . 

B. S. I. — -Brian St. George Irwin. Field 
Investigation Officer, Ordnance Survey of 
Great Britain, London. 

B. Sm.— Bernard Smith. Director of Geo- 
logical Survey of Great Britain and Museum 
of Practical Geology, London, 1935-36 Au- 
thor of Physical Geography for Schools. 

B. S. M.— Bernard Sandler Meyer. Pro- 
fessor and Chairman of the Department of 
Botany, Ohio State University, Columbus, 0 
Co-author of Laboratory Plant Physiology ; 
Plant Physiology. 

B. Sn. — Brady Sand email. Lieutenant, 
U.S. Army. 

B. S. R. — B. Seebohm Rowntree. Chair- 
man of Rowntree and Company Ltd., 1925-41. 
Author of Poverty: A Study of Town Life; 

B. S. Y.— Basil Selig Yamey. Reader in 
Economics, University of London. 

B. T. — Sir Basil (Home) Thomson. As- 
sistant Commissioner, London Metropolitan 
Police, 19x3-19. Director of Intelligence, 
1919-21. Author of The Criminal; etc. 

B. T. D. S.— Rev. B. T. D. Smith. Uni- 
versity Lecturer in Divinity and Fellow of 
Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. 

B. To. — Bailey Townshend. Former Chief 
Physicist and Manager, Research Labora- 
tories, Johns-Manville Corporation. 

B. T. P. B. — Bertie Thomas Percival 
Barker. Professor of Agricultural Biology, 
University of Bristol. Eng' arc 1912-43. Au- 
thor of Cider Apple ?roauc:ic»; etc. 

B. Tr.— Basil Taylor. Librarian, Royal 
College of Art, London. Author of French 
Painting, 1400-1900; Gainsborough; The Im- 
pressionists and Their World . 

B. U. R.- — B. U. Ratchford. Professor of 
Economics, Duke University, Durham, N.C. 
Author of American State Debts . 

B. V. — Birgit Vennesland. Associate Pro- 
fessor of Biochemistry, The University of 

B. V.-F. — Brian Seymour Vesey-Fitz- 
gerald. Editor, “Country Books” Series, 
1943- . Editor in Chief, The Field , 1938-46. 
Author of British Countryside ; Gypsies of 
Britain; Winchester . 

B. V. N. — Bruno Victor Nordberg. Exec- 
utive Engineer, Nordberg Manufacturing Co., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

B. W. B. — Barry Wallace Bruce. Spe- 
cialist in advertising and commercial organiz- 
ing. Author of Business Simplified; etc. 

B. W. Ba.— Rev. Benjamin Wisner Ba- 
con, D.D, Former Professor of New Testa- 
ment Criticism and Exegesis in Yale Univer- 
sity. Author of T he Fourth Gospel in Research 
and Debate ; The Founding of the Church ; 

R. W. Be. — B. W. Best. Editor, Cycling,* 

B. W. H. — Be mar | William Hender- 
son. Fellow and Tutor of Exeter College, 
Oxford. Authoi of Civil Wfar and f Rebellion in 
the Roman Empire; etc 

B. WL— -(Arthur Frederic) Basil Wi- 
liams. Profe^or * of History, at Edinburgh 
University, Scot., 1925— /. Author of The 
Life of Wtlham Pitt, Earl of £ hatham , etc 

B. WL— Bernard Wall. Author gf North- 
ern Italy; Rome and South Italy; These 
Changing Years. 

B. Y.— Barney Yanofsky. Editor of For- 
eign Service and Director of Public Relations, 
Veterans ot Foieign Wars of the United States, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

B. Y, L. — fienson Y.® Landis. Associate 
Director, Department of Research and Sur- 
vey, National Council of the Churches of 
Christ in the U S.A. Author of Rural Welfare 
Services . 


C. — Ronald John McNeill, xst Baron 
Cushendun. Chancellor of the Duchy of 
Lancaster, 1927-29 Parliamentary Under- 
secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1922- 
24 Author of Ulster’s Stand for Union; Home 
Rule: Its History and danger; etc 

C. A. Be,— Sir Charles Alfred Bell. For- . 
mer British Political Agent for Tibet, Bhutan-® 
and Sikkim. Author of Tibet: Past and Pres- 
ent; etc. 

C. A. Bn.— Charles A. Breskin. Publisher, 
Modern Plastics. 

C. A. C. — Claude A. Claremont. Assist- 
ant to Dr. Maria Montessori (Montessori Di- 
ploma). • „ 

C. A. Dt. — Car# Albert Bragstedt, M?D. 
Professor and Chairman of the Department 
of Pharmacology, Northwestern University, 
Evanston, 111 . 

C. A. E. L.— C. A. E. Lea. Member of the 

Sudan Political Service. • * 

C. A. F. R. D.— Caroline A. F. Rhjs 
Davids. Lecturer on History of Buddhism, 
School of Oriental Studies, London, 1918-^ 
Author of Buddhist Psychology : Ethi&s; Old 
Creeds and New Needs; etc. 

C. A. H. — Carl August Heilamd. Profes- 
sor and Head of Department of Geophysics, 
Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colo , 
1926- . 

C. A. H. F.— Charles Aubrey Hamilton 
Franklyn, M.D. Bedell of Convocation and 
Member of the Standing Committee, Uni- 
versity of London. Author of The Bearing of 
Coat Armour by Ladies; A Genealogical and 
Heraldic History of Four Families; etc. * 

C. A. J. A. — Charles Arthur John Arm- 
strong. Fellow of Hertford College, Oxford 
Author of Politics and the Battle of St. Albans, 
1455; The Usurpation of Richard III. 

C. A. Je.- — Cyril Alfred Joyce, Head- 
master, the Cotswold School. Former Gover- 
nor, His Majesty’s Prison and Borstal Service 

C. A. M.— Carlile Aylmer Macartney. 
Research Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, 
1936- . Author of The Social Revolution in 
Austria; etc. # 

C. A. P.— Charles A. Perkins. Member 
of the firm of Perkins, Malone and Washbuoi, 
Attorneys-at-Law, New York. 

C. A. R.— C. # A. Richardson. Chief In- 
spector, Ministry of Education, London Au- 
thor of Spiritual Pluralism and Recent Philos- 
ophy; etc. 

Car. B. — Carleton Beals. Associate Editor, 
Mexican Folkways, 1925-37. Author of Amer- 
ica Sotdh; itfaxico — An Interpretation; 9 etc. 

• ® 


C. A. Rd. — Cl&renfe Arthur Reed. As- 
sociate Pomologist, U S Department of Agri- 
culture, Wasl'ingtoF, DC 
CLA. R. N.— Cyril Alfred Rankin Hitch. 
Fallow of the %yal College^ of Surgeons. 

C. A. Ro.— fc. i . Robins. Governor of 
Idaho, 1947-^1. 

C. A. Sc.— Rev. Charles Anderson Scott, 

D. D. Former Dunn Professor of the New 
Testament, Theological College of the Presby- 
terian Church of England 

C. A. Sp.— Charles A. Sprague. Editor 
and Publisher, the Oregon Statesman , Salem, 

C. A. Ss.— Charles Andefson Stokes. 
Director of Research and Development, God- 
frey L. Cabot, Inc , Boston, Mass. 

C. Bv — Cyril Bailey. Jowett Lecturer, 
1932-39, and Classical Tutor, 1902-39, of 
Balliol College, Oxford. Author of Religion 
of Ancient Rome ; etc. 

C. Ba.— Christian Barman. Fellow of the 
Royal Institute <of British Architects Assist- 
ant Director, Post-War Building, Ministry of 
Works and Buildings, f, i 94 i ~45 Author of Sir 
John Vanbrugh; The Bridge; etc OF 'CONTRIBUTORS 

C B. P.— Charles Benjamin Purdoin. 
Finance Director, Welwyn Garden City Ltd., 
1919-28 Author ol'The Garden City , etc. 

C B Ph.— Catherine Beatrice Phillips* 
Sometime Associate of Bedford College, Uni- 
versity of London. 

C Br. Cloudesley B rereton. Former Di- 

visic for Modem Languages^ to 

the ' * Council Member of Legion 

of Honour Author of Modern Language 

C. B. R. — Charles Bedell Rose. Presi- 
dent, American-La France and Foamite Cor- 
poration, New York, 1927-36 Former Vice- 
President, Baldwin Locomotive Works, 
Eddystone, Pa. 

C. B. Sn.— Chester Baker Slawson. Pro- 
fessor of Mineralogy, University of Michigan, 
Ann Arbor, Mich Co-author of Gems and 
Gem 1 Materials 

C. B. Sr.— Charles Baldwin Sawyer. 
President, the Brush Laboratories Company, 
and Chairman, the Brush Beryllium Company, 
Cleveland, 0 . 

q b. T.— C. B. Tracey. Governor of 
Northern (Ed Darner) Province, Anglo- 
Egyptian Sudan. 

C. C. Pe.— Charles C. Price. Professor of 
Chemistry, Universities! Notre Dame, None 
Dame, Ind Author of Brief Course m Organic 
Chemistry; ReactionSbat the Carbon-Carbon 
Double Bond . 

c. C. T.— Charles Cutler Torrey, D.D. 
Emeritus Professor of Semitic Languages, 
Yale University. Author of tOur Translated 
Gospels; etc. 

C. C. Ta.— Charles Callan Tansill. Pro- 
fessor of American History, U * 

Washington, DC Author 0. v 
and Maryland Boundary Controversy; etc. 

C. C. Tay.— Charles Carlisle Taylor. 
Former British Vice-Consul at New York, 
N.Y. Author of The Life of Admiral Mahan; 

C. Gy.- — Charles Clay. Director, Canadian 
Research and Editorial Institute. Author of 
Muskrat Man ; Phantom Fur Thieves; 
Young Voyageur; etc 

C. C. 2.— Carle Clark Zimmerman. Soci- 
ologist, Harvard University Author of Family 
and Civilization ; Graphic Regional Sociology, 

C. Da,— Cyril James H. Davenport. Ma- 
jor Former Superintendent of Bookbinding, 
British Museum, .London. Author of Cameos; 
Mezzotints; etc. 

*C. Ban.— Catherine Bauer. Vice-Presi- 
dent, National Housing Conference Council 
Member, International Federation for Hous- 
ing and Town Planning Author of Modern 
Housing . 

C. B. B. — Arthur C. Barrington Brown. 
Consulting oil geologist. v 

C. B. BL — Charles* Bedford Biswell. 
Research Chemist, Jackson ^Laboratory, E I. 
du Pont de Nemours & Co., Wilmington, Del 

C. B. Br.— Carl B. Boyer. Professor of 
Mathematics, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, 
N.Y Author of TheXoncepts of the Calculus; 
A History of Analytic Geometry. 

Q- B. Bt.— Charles Barron Bisset. Di- 
rector, Geological Survey, Tanganyika. 

C. B. C.— Christopher Bush Coleman. 
Director of Indiana State Historical Bureau, 
1924-44, and of the State Library, 1936-42. 

C. B. de M.— Cecil Blount de Mille. 
Playwright, actor and motion picture pro- 
ducer. Productions: Ten Comiucr.diKcnts; 
Cleopatra; etc 

C. Be. — Charles Bennion. Formerly of 
The British United Shoe Machinery Company 
Ltd, Leicester, England. 

n + 

C. Bern. — Charles Bemont. Author of Les 
Charles des Lzbertes anglaises; Histoire de 
V Europe au moyen age, de 395 d 1270; etc. 

C. Bg. — Carl Berg. Vice-President and 
Chief Engineer, Nickel Cadmium Battery Cor- 
poration, Easthampton, Mass 

C. B. H. — Charles Belknap Henderson. 
Director (1934-47) and Chairman of the 
Board (1941-47), Reconstruction Finance 
Corporation, Washington, D.C. 

C. Bi.— Rev. Charles Bigg, D.D. Regius 
Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Oxford, 
1 901-08* Author of Neoplatonism ; etc. 

b. B. M.— Charles B. MacDonald. Histo- 
rian, Office of the Chief of Military History, 
Department of the Army, Washington, D C. 

C. B. W. — C. B. Williams. Chief Ento- 
mologist, Rothamsted Experimental Station, 
Harpenden, Herts , Eng , 1932- . 

c. C.— Charles Cestre. Piofessor of Amer- 
ican Literature and Civilization at the Sor- 
bonne Author of An Introduction to Edwin 
Arlington Robinson; etc. 

C. Ca.— Clarence Cannon. U.S. Congress- 
man from Missouri, 1923-49 Author of A 
Synopsis of the Procedure of the House; etc. 

c. C. D.— Cuthbert Collin Davies. 
Reader in Indian History, Oxford University 
AuUthor of The Problem of the North-West 
Frontier , 1890-1908; Warren Hastings and 
Oudh; An Historical Atlas of the Indian 
Peninsula; etc 

C. Ch.- — Cecil Chisholm. Chairman of 
Business Publications, Ltd. Editor of System. 
Author of Marketing and Merchandising . 

C. Chr. — Charles Chree. Superintendent, 
King’s Observatory, Kew, England, 1893- 


C. C. J. W. — Clement Charles Julian 
Webb. Oriel Professor of the Philosophy of 
Christian Religion, Oxford University, 1920- 
30 Honorary Fellow of Oriel College and of 
Magdalen College, Oxford. Author of In Time 
of War; Divine Personality and Human Life; 
History of Philosophy; etc. 

C. Cl. — Charly Clerc. Professor of French 
Language and Literature, Zurich Federal Poly- 
technic School Author of Jesus et Marc 
Aurele ; etc 

C. C. L.— Charles Christopher Lloyd, 
F.R.H.S. Senior Lecturer, Royal Naval Col- 
lege. Greenwich, Eng, Author of Captain 
Cook; Lord Cochrane; The Nation and the 
Navy; etc. 

C. C. Le. — Clarence Cook Little. Director, 
Roscoe B Jackson Memorial Laboratory, Bar 
Harbor, Me., 1929- . Managing Director, 
American Society for Control of Cancer, 
1929-45. Author of Civilization against Can~ 

C. D. A. — Charles Dennis Adams. Lec- 
turer in Botany, University College of the 
Gold Coast, Achimota, Gold Coast. 

C. De. — Calvin Derrick. Former Superin- 
tendent, State Home for Boys, Jamesburg, 

C. D. Hd.— Charles DeWitt Hurd. Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry, Northwestern University, 
Evanston, 111 . Author of Open-Chain Nitro- 
gen Compounds ; Pyrolysis of Carbon Com- 

C. D. J, B.— Coenraad Dirk Jan Brandt. 
Extraordinary Professor m Contemporary 
History, University of Utrecht, Ut-ccrt l\e:r. 

C. D. Me. — “Charles Duncan McGilvray, 
M.D.V., D.V.Sc. Former Principal, Ontario 
Veterinary College, University 0: Toronto, 
Toronto, Ont. Author of Bang's Disease in 
Cattle; Diseases of the Foal. 

C. D. My.— Charles Dudley Massey. 
Managing Director, Pickering and Chatto, 

C. Do.— Campbell Dodgson. Keeper of 
Prints and Drawings, British Museum, Lon- 
don, 1912-32. Author of Old French Colour- 
Prints; Woodcuts of the Fifteenth Century 
in the British Museum ; etc. 

C. D. R.— Charles Derek Ross. Lecturer 
in Mediaeval History, University of Bristol, 
Bristol, Eng. 

C. D. S. — -Chauncey Depew Snow. Man- 
ager, American Section, International Cham- 
ber of Commerce, 1935-42. 

C. D. Sn.— C. D. Stein, V.M.D. Veteri- 
narian, Pathological Division, Bureau of Ani- 
mal Industry, Agricultural Research Admin- 
istration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 
Washington, D.C. 

C. D. T. — Carl Dean Thompson. Former 
Director, Public Ownership League of Amer- 
ica. Author of Municipal Ownership; Public 
Ownership; etc. 

C. E. — Charles Everitt. Sometime Scholar 
of Magdalen College, Oxford. 

C. Bn. — A. Curtis Brow$u Former Presi- 
dent of Curtis Brown, Ltd, International 
Publishing Bureau, London and New York. 

C. B. N. — Charles B. Nutting. Vice- 
Chancellor and Professor of Law, University 
of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Psu Co-author of 
Cases and Materials on Legislation, 

C. C. M. — C. C. MacDuffee. President, 
Mathematical Association of America, 1945 “ 
46 Author of The Theory of Matrices ; etc. 

C. Com. — Christine Comber. Foreign Re- 
search and Press Service, Royal Institute of 
International Affairs, London, 1941-43. For- 
eign Office, London, 1943-48. 

C. E. A. — C. E. Allred. Head of Depart- 
ment of Agricultural Economics and Rural 
Sociology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 

C. E. Br. — Charles E. Brown. Lieut. Col. 
General Staff Corps, Office of the Chief of 
Staff, Department of the Army, Washington, 

D. C. 


C» E. Bs.— -Charles E(verett) Bills. Re- 
search Director, Mead Johnson and Company, 
Evansville, Ind. 

C» E. Bu.—~ Claude £. Buxton. Professor of 
Psychology, Yale University, New Haven, 
Conn., 1949- . 

C. E. C.— -Sir Charles Edward Callwell. 
Major General Director of Military Opera- 
tions at the War Office, London, 1914-16. 
Author of Small Wars; The Dardanelles; etc. 

C. E.^ C. F.— C. E. C. Fischer. Assistant 
Botanist on Indian Botany, Kew Herbarium, 
Kew, England 

C. E. Cg. — Cecil Edwin Corrigan, M.D. 
Assistant Professor of Surge**v, Um^ersity of 
Manitoba, Winnipeg, Man Drcclor, Depart- 
ments of Surgery, Deer Lodge Hospital and 
St. Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg, Man. 
Author of Clinical Diagnosis of Swellings. 

C* E. Ch. — Charles Edward Chapman. 
Professor of History, University of California, 
1914-41. Author of History of Spain; etc. 

C. E. Cl. — Charles Edward Clark. Judge, 
U.S. Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit, 1939- . 
Dean of the Law School, Yale University, 
I 9 # 9 ~ 39 * Author of Code Pleading; etc. 

C, E. Cn. — Charles Edward Cauthen. 
Professor of History and Political Science, 
Wofford College, Spartanburg, S.C. 

C. E. De.-r Charles Eugene Denney. 
President, Northern Pacific Railway Co. 

C, E. F. — C. Ernest Fayle. Author of 
Seaborne Trade {History of the Great War ) ; 
The War and the Shipping Industry; etc. 

C. E. G. — C. E. Golding. Treaty Insur- 
ances, Ltd., London. 

C. E. Gn.-— C. E. Gapen. Senior Informa- 
tion Specialist, Division of Information, Bu- 
reau of Plant Industry. Soils, and Agricultural 
Engineering, ^Agricultural Research Adminis- 
tration. U S Department of Agriculture, Belts- 
ville, Md. 

C. E. H. — Charles Evans Hughes. Chief 
Justice, Supreme Court of the United States, 
1930-41. Secretary of State, 1921-25. Author 
of Our Relation to the Nations of the Western 
Hemisphere; etc. 

C. E. K.— ■ Charles E. Kellogg. Chief, 
Division of Soil Survey, Bureau of Plant In- 
dustry, Agricultural Research Administration, 
U S. Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, 
Md. Author of Soils That Support Us; Soil 
Survey Manual. 

C. E. Ke.—C, Edith Kerby, Associate for 
Program Planning and Research, National 
Society for the Prevention of Blindness. 

C. E. K. M.— Charles Edward Kenneth 
Mees. Director, Vice-President in Charge of 
Research, Eastman Kodak Company, Roch- 
ester, N.Y. Author of The Fundamentals of 
Photography ; etc. 

C. EL — Sir Charles Norton Edgcumbe 
Eliot. British Ambassador to Japan, 1919-26. 
Author of Hinduism and Buddhism; etc. 

C. E. L. C. — Charles E. L. Corthorn. As- 
sistant Manager and Secretary of the Ottoman 
Bank, 1911-28. 

C. E. Lu. — Cyril Edward Lucas. Head of 
Department and Deputy Director of Re- 
search, Department of Oceanography, Uni- 
versity College, Hull, Eng. Co-editor, Hull 
Bulletins of Marine Ecology . 

C. E. M, — Sir Charles Edward Mallet. 
Secretary for Indian Students at the India 
Office, London, 1912-16. Author of Herbert 
Gladstone , A Memoir; etc. 

C. ^E. Me.— -Constantine Edward Mc- 
Guire. Economic adviser to c - \ 
and to governments. Autho: M s 

Capacity to Pay; Italy’s International Eco- 
nomic Position. 

C. E. Me.— -Coyle E. Moore. Dean of the 
School of Social Welfare, Florida State Uni- 
versity, Tallahassee, Fla. 

C. E. N.— Charles Eliot Norton. Editor 
of the Orations and Addresses of George Wil- 
liam Curtis; etc. 

C. E. 0 ? H.— Charles E. O'Hara. Captain, 
U.S. Air Force. Instructor, Office of Special 
In* estimations Training School, U S Air Force 
Co- tut '. c- of An Introduction to Criminal- 
istics; Practical Photographic Chemistry. 

C. E. P. B. — C. E. P. Brooks. Former 
Honorary Secretary, Royal Meteorological 

C. E. Pr. — Carl E. Pray. Former Head, 
Department of History and Social Sciences, 
Michigan State Normal College, Ypsilanti, 
Mich. ~ ' 

Ce. R. — Cecil Rowntree. Former Consult- 
ing Surgeon to the Royal Cancer Hospital. 

C. E. R. S.— Charles Ely Rose Sherring- 
ton. Secretary, British Railways Research 

C. E. S. — Courtney Edward Stevens. 
Tutor in Ancient History, Magdalen College, 

C. Et.— Carl Eckart. Associate Professor 
of Physics, The University of Chicago (on 
leave for government service). 

C. E. T,- — Cecil Edgar Tilley. Professor 
of Mineralogy and Petrology, Cambridge Uni- 
versity, 1931- 

C. E. Ta. — Creassey Edward Cecil Tat- 
tersall. Keeper, Department of Textiles, Vic- 
toria and Albert Museum, London (retired). 
Co-author of Hand-W oven Carpets , Oriental 
and European ; etc. 

C. E. We.— -Charles Edwin Weaver. 
Professor of Palaeontology, University of 
Washington, Seattle, Wash. 

C. E. Wi. — Charles Edward Wilson. 
Director, U.S. Office of Defense Mobilization, 

1 95 °~ 5 2 • President, General Electric Company, 

Q, F Cesare Foligno. Professor of Eng- 
lish, University of Naples, Italy, 1940- . 

C. F. A.— Charles Francis Atkinson, 
Author, The Wilderness and Cold Harbour. 

C. F. A.-C. — Sir Charles Frederick 
Arden-Close. Colonel. President, Interna- 
tional Geographical Union, 1934-38. Author, 
Text Book of Topographical Surveying; etc. 

C. F. B. — Charles Francis Bastable. 
Former Professor of Political Economy, Dub- 
lin University. Regius Professor of Laws, 
1908-32. Author of Theory of International 
Trade; Public Finance ; etc. 

C. a F.-Br. — Sir Charles Fortescue- 
Brickdale. Chief Registrar, Land Registry, 
1900-23. Author of Registration of Title ta 
Land; etc. 

C. F. C. — ‘Charles Frederick Cross. Ana- 
lytical and consulting chemist. Co-author of 
Researches on Cellulose; Text-Book of Paper- 

C. Ff. — Charles John Ffoulkes. Trustee 
of the Imperial War Museum, London, 1934- « 
47. Author of Armour and Weapons; etc. 

C. F. F.— ‘Carl F. P3be. 7 i rofessor of Met- 
allurgy, Massachusetts Institute of Technol- 
ogy, Cambridge, Mass. metal- 
lurgist • 

C. F. G.— Charles Francis Goldthwait. 
Senior Cottoi# TSchnolop 5 4t, *Southern Re- 
gional Research Laboratory, U.S. Department 
of Agriculture, New Orleans, Va , 1941- . 

C. F. Gu, — C. F. Gummer. Prolessoi of 
Mathematics at Queen’s University, Kingston, 
Onfc., Canada 

C. F. Kv — -Charles Fabens Kelley. Cu- 
rator of Oriental Art and Assistant Director 
of the Art Institute of Chicago 

C. F. Ke.— -Charles Franklin Kettering. 
Vice-President and Director, Charles F. Ket- 
tering Foundation, Inc. 

C. FI. — Carl Flink. Mechanical Engineer, 
American Radiator and Standard Sanitary 
Corporation, New York, NY. 

C, P. L.-H.— Carl F. Lehmanr.-Haupt. 
Former Professor of Ancier.: 'i.-toi) n t: e 
University of Innsbruck, Austria 

C. F. Lo.— C. Frances Loomis. Former 
Director of Program, Camp Fire Gigls, Inc 

C. F. Ls. — Charles F. Lewis. Director, # 
the Buhl Foundation, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

C. F. McK.— Charles F. McKhann, 
M.D. National Medical Director, United 
Cerebral Palsy Associations, Inc. 

C. F. R.-* 3 ir Charles Fernand Rey. 
Lieutenant Colonel Commander of the Star 
of Ethiopia, 1924 Author of Uhconquered 
Abyssinia as It Is Today; etc. 

C. F. St.— Carl Frederic Schmidt, M.D. 
Professor of Pharmacology, University of 
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Co-author dt 
Ephedrine and Related Substances ; co- 
editor, J. J. Macleod, Physiology Modern 
Medicine. * 

C. Fu. — Clyde Furst. .Former Secretary, 
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of 
Teaching. # 

C. G. — Charles Gide. Former Professor at 
the College de France, Paris. 

C. Ga. — -Clement Galley. Author of The 
Law and Practice of Libel and Slander ift a 
Civil Action ; etc. 

C. G. A.— Charles Greeley Abbot. Re- 
search Associate, Smithsonian Instit^tbn, 
Washington, D.C Director of £ne Smithson- 
ian Astrophysical Observatory, 1907-44. Au- 
thor of The Sun ; etc. * 

C. G. C. — Sir Charles Gibson Connell. 
Senior Partner, Connell and Connell, Writers 
to the Signet, Edinburgh, Scot. Author of 
Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Acts. 

C. Gd.— -Calvin Goddard. Colonel, U.S. 
Army, retired. 

C. G. D. — Sir Charles Gallon Darwin. 
Director of National Physical Laboratory, 
Teddington, Eng Tait Professor of Natural 
Philosophy in Edinburgh Univcrritv Scot., 
1923-36. Author of The ' L 01 .,w> of 

Matter; etc * » 

C. G. F. — Colin Garfield Fink. Professor 
of Chemical Engineering. Head of Division of 
Electrochemistry, Columbia University, 
1922-50. Invented ductile tungsten filament 
and electrochemical restoration of ancient 

C. G. F. S. — Colin George Frederick 
Simkin. Professor of Economics, Auckland 
University College, Auckland, N Z. Author 
The Instability of a Dependent Jkoqpmy. 

xxii ( f INITIALS r 

^ C 

C. G. Gr.— Coivstafftine G. Grand. Re- 
search Associate, Laboratory of Cellular Phys- 
iology, New vork University. 

C/G. H. — -Clay G.rKuff. Chief Parasitolo- 
gist, Nt 'V". Research Institute, Betn- 

esda, Mg., 194 7- . Vo-author of Parasitology ; 
author of A Manual of Medical Parasitology, 

C. Gi.-rCedric Gibbons. Art Director, 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Culver City, 
Calif,, 192a- . 

C. G. P, — Carl G. Paulsen. Chief Hydrau- 
lic Engineer, Geological Survey, U.S. Depart- 
ment of the Interior. 

C. Gr, — Charles Gross. Processor of His- 
tory at Harvard University, 1888-1909. Au- 
thor of The Gild Merchant. 

C. G. r Ro. — Sir Charles Grant Robert- 
son. Principal, Birmingham University, Bir- 
mingham, Eng, 1920-38 Author of England 
under the Hanoverians; etc, 

C. Gs. — Clifford Goes. Member of U.S 
Olympic Committee. 

C. G. S.— Charles,* Gabriel Seligman, 
r M.D. Former Professor of Ethnology, Uni- 
versity of London 

C. G. T. — C. Gordon Tether. Money 
Market Editor, the Financial Times, London 

C. G. W.«— Carter Godwin Woodson. 
Former Editor of Journal of Negro History 

C. H.— Charles - "* Hose. Member of the 
Sarawak State Advisory Council at West- 
minster, London, 1919/ 

C/H. A.— Charles Henry 1 Ambler. Emer- 
itus Professor of History, West Virginia Uni- 
versity, Morgantown, W.Va Authoi of His- 
tory of Transportation in the Ohio Valley; 

<r Francis H. Pierpont t 

C. H. B.-r-ChaHes Herbert Best, M.D. 
Director of Banting-Best Department of 
Medical Research, University of Toronto, 
Canada, 1941- . 'Co-discoverer of insulin, 
1921. r 

C. H. Be.— Charles H. Behre, Jr. Pro- 
fessor of (Economic) Geology, Columbia Uni- 
versity, New York, NY Member of Behre, 
Dolbear, and Company, consulting geologists 
and mining engineers, New York, N.Y. 

C. H. Br. — Sir Charles Herbert Bres- 
sey. Principal Technical Officer, British Min- 
istry of Transport, 1928-3$ 

C. H. *C.— Charles Herbert Colvin. Di- 
rector, Daniel Guggenheim School of Aero- 
nautics, New York University, 1941-44. 

C. H. C. B, — Charles H. Collins Baker. 
Research in Art History, Huntington Library, 
Calif Author of British Painting; etc. 

C. H. Cn. — C. H. Curran. Curator, Ameri- 
can Museum of Natural History, New York, 
NY. Author of Families and Genera of 
North American Diptera ; etc, 

C. H. Cr. — Charles Howard Crane. Ar- 
chitect, designer of Music Box and Guild 

* Theatres, New York, N.Y., etc. 


C. H. D. — Charles H. Dennis. Former 
Editor of the Chicago Daily News. 

C. H. F. — Clarence Henry Faust. Dean 
of Humanities and Sciences *.nd Professor of 
English, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif. 
Co-author of Jonathan Edwards . 

C. H. H. — Carlton Joseph Huntley 
Hayes, Seth Low Piofessor of History in 
Colombia University Author of Historical 
of Modern Nationalism ; etc. »■ 


c. H. Hr. — Chester Henry Houser. Cur- 
ator of die Embryologies! Collection, Depart- 
ment of Embryology, Carnegie Institution of 
Washington, Baltimore, Md. 

C. H. K.—- Clarence HiL Kelsey. Former 
Chairman of the Board of Title Guarantee 
and Trust Company 

C. H. K. B.— The Rev. Canon Charles 
Henry Snowier Houghton. Former Vicar 
of Saint John the Baptist, Knighton. 

C. H. Ky.*— Clarence Hamilton Ken- 
nedy. Professor of Zoology and E“tc~m 7 o?y 
Ohio State University, Columbus 3 
of Manual for the Study of the internal Anat- 
omy of Insects. 

C. H. L.— Cecil H. Lander. Professor of 
Engineering at Imperial College, London, 

C. H. LaW.— Charles H. La Wall. For- 
mer Dean, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy 
and Science, Philadelphia, Pa 

C. H. L. J. — Charles Haven Ladd John- 
ston. Author of Famous Cavalry Leaders; 

C. H. M.— Conrad Henry Moehlman. 
Visiting Professor, School of Religion, Uni- 
versity of Southern California, Los Angeles, 
Calif Author of The Christian- Jewish Trag- 
edy; Protestantism’s Challenge; School and 
Church * The American Way; The Wall of 
Separation Between Church and State; etc 

C. Ho.— -Sir Charles Holroyd. Director, 
National Gallery, London 

C. Hoi. — -Carl Hollweg. Admiral. Former 
Director of Department in German Admiralty 
(Reichsmarineamt) Author of Unser Rechi 
auf dem U-Bootskrieg 

C. Hos. — Constance Hoster. Former Prin- 
cipal of Secretarial Training College for Edu- 
cated Girls and Women, London. Author, 
with Ellen, Countess of Desart, of Style and 

C. H. P. — Charles Herman Pritchett. 
Professor and Chairman of the Department 
of Political Science, The University of Chi- 
cago Author of The Tennessee Valley Author- 

C. H. R, — Charles H. Reilly. Former Pro- 
fessor of Architecture, University of Liver- 
pool, England 

C. H. Rn. — Charles Howard Richard- 
son. Professor of Entomology, Iowa State 
College, Ames, la. 

C. H. T. — Crawford Howell Toy. Former 
Professor of Hebrew and Oriental Languages, 
Harvard University. 

C. H. Tu. — Cuthbert Hamilton Turner. 
Grinfield Lecturer on the Septuagint, 1925-27. 
Author of Studies in Early Church History; 

C. H. Tut. — Charles H. Tuttle. Member 
of the Board of Higher Education of the City 
of New York. Member of Special Committee 
of National Crime Commission, 1927- . 

C. H. van T. — Claude Halstead van 
Tyne. Former Head of Depaitment of His- 
tory, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 
Mich. Author of Causes of the War for Inde- 
pendence; etc. 

C, H. V. S. — -Charles Humphrey Vivian 
Sutherland. Student of Christ Church, Ox- 
ford Author of Coinage and Currency in 
Roman Britain; Coinage in Roman Imperial 
Policy; The Romans in Spain, 

C. H. W.— -Camilla H. Wedgwood. Prin- 
cipal of Women’s College, University of Syd- 
ney, Austr., rt 9^5-44. 

C. J.— Charles Jamfs. Former Professor of 
Chemistry, U-F’crritJ of New Hampshire, 
Durham. K--. 

C. J. B.— -Charles Jasper Blunt. Colonel, 
R AOC. Served in World War I at Gallip- 

C. J. Bt.— Clarence Joseph Bulliet. 
Former Ait Critic, the Chicago Daily News 
Former Chicago C Critic, Art Di- 
gest , New York, _ , of Apples and 

Madonnas; The Significant Moderns. 

C. J. D. —Charles James Dunn. Lecturer 
in Modern Japanese School of Oriental and 
African, London 

C, J. F. — -Charles James Fox. Lieutenant 
Colonel Former Chief Officer, London Sal-, 
vage Corps, and President of Association of 
Professional Fire Brigade Officers 

C. J. F£.— Constance Jocelyn Ffoulkes. 
Translator of Morellfs Italian Painters ; etc. 

C. J. Ph.— Carl Joachim Friedrich. Pro- 
fessor of Government and Director of the 
School lor Overseas Administration, Harvard 
University , Cambridge, Mass Author of The 
New Belief in the Common Man. 

C. J. G.— *Cyril John Gadd. Deputy 
Keeper, Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities, 
British Museum, London. 

C. J. H. — Sir Charles John Holmes. Di- 
rector of the National Gallery, London, 
1916-28. Author^ of Constable; etc. 

C. J. Hk. — C. Judson Herrick. Emeritus 
Professor of Neurology, The Univeisity of 
Chicago. Author of Neurological Foundations 
of Animal Behavior; etc. 

C. J. J. — Charles Jasper Joly. Former 
Royal Astronomer of Ireland, and Andiews 
Professor of Astionomy in the University of 
Dublin, 1897-1906 

C. J. J. F.— Charles J. J. Fox. Former 
Principal of Physical Chemistry, Royal Insti- 
tute of Science, Bombay, India. 

C. J. L. — Sir Charles James Lyall. For- 
mer Secretary, Judicial and PL she Depart- 
ment, India Office, and Fellow of King’s 
College, London Author of Translations of 
Ancient Arabic Poetry; etc. 

C. J. Ln. — C. J. Livingstone. Industrial 
Fellow, Mellon Institute of Industrial Re- 

C. J. Mi.— Courtenay J. Mill. City Editor 
of The Times , London. 

C. Job. — Charles Johnston. Bengal Civil 
Service (retired). Orientalist, author and stu- 
dent of bird life. 

C. J. P. — C. John Phillips. Corning Glass 
Works, Coming, N.Y. Author of Glass: The 
Miracle Maker. 

C. J. P£.— Carl J. Potthoff, M.D. Na- 
tional Director of First Aid and Associate 
Medical Director, American Red Cross. 

C. J. Pn. — C. J. Pederson. Research As- 
sociate, Jackson Laboratory, E. I da Pont de 
Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del 

C. J. Sh.— Rev. Charles John Sheb- 
beare, D.D, Chaplain to H.M. the King, 
1921-45. Author of Religion in an Age of 
Doubt; etc. 

C. K.— Charles Kerr, Jr. Transportation 
Engineer, Westinghouse Electric and Manu- 
facturing Company, East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

C. K. H.— Charles Kenneth Hobson. Au- 
thor of The Export of Capital * 

C. K. 0 .«**“Char!es K^y Ogden. Originator 
of Basic English. Organizer of the O • iU r , cr‘:'' 1 
Institute, London. Founder, Ba> i , 
Foundation. * 

C. Kr. — Clark Kerr. Chancellor of the Uni- 
versity of California, Berkeley, Calif. Co- 
author of Unions , Management and the Pub- 
lic . 

C. K. T.— Cheng Kwei Tseng. Research 
Associate, Scripps Institution of Oceanogra- 
phy, University of California. 

C. K. W.— Charles Kingsley Webster. 
Stevenson Professor of International History, 
London School of Economics, 1932- . Pre- 
paratory Commission to General Assembly, 
U N , London, 1945-46 Author of British 
-Diplomacy, 1813-1915; etc 

C. K. We. — 'Chester Keeler Wentworth. 
Principal Geologist, Honolulu Board of Water 
Supply, Honolulu, Haw. 

C. La. — Carney Landis. Professor of Psy- 
chology, Columbia T J n i v e r s ? tv Author of 
Personality and v ./. he Physically 

Handicapped Woman; etc. 

C. L. A.— -Charles L. Amick. Illuminating 
Engineer, General Electric Company, Cleve- 
land, 0 . Author of Fluorescent Lighting Man- 
ual . 

C. L. Bo. — Charles L. Bolte. Major Gen- 
eral. Director of Plans and Operations, 
General Staff, Department of the Army, 
Washington, D C. 

C. L. Bt.* — Carroll L, Bryant. National 
Director, Water Safety Service, American 
National Red Cross. Author of Swimming 
and Diving; Life Saving and Water Safety . 

C. Ld. — -Catherine Littlefield. Former 
Director, The Philadelphia Ballet Company, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

C.-L. de B.— Charles-Louis de Beau- 
mont. Honorary Secretary, Amateur Fenc- 
ing Association, London. Author of Modern 
British Fencing; Fencing. 

C. Le. — Cal Lewis. Of The Manufacturing 
Clothier, New York, N.Y. 

Cl. F.— Clifford Fronde!. Associate Pro- 
fessor of Mineralogy and Curator of the 
Mineralogical Museum, Harvard University. 
Co-author of System of Mineralogy of Janies 
Dwight Dana and Edward Salisbury Dana 
(7th ed.). 

C. L. F. — C. L. Ferguson. Former Assist- 
ant Clerk, House of Commons, London, 

C. L. Fe.— -Carroll Lane Fenton. Author 
of Our Amazing Earth; co-author of The 
Rock Book; Story of the Great Geologists . 

C. L. Gn. — Charles Lewis Gazin. Curator 
of Vertebrate Palaeontology, U.S. National 
Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washing- 
ton, D.C. 

C. L. Hs. — Carl L. Hubbs. Professor of 
Biology, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 
University of California, La Jolla, Calif. Au- 
thor of Guide to the Fishes of the Great Lakes 
and Tributary Waters; etc, 

C. Li. — Caldwell H. Lipsett. Former Edi- 
tor, Civil and Military Gazette , Lahore, India. 

C. L. K. — Charles Lethbridge Kings- 
ford. Assistant Secretary, Board of Educa- 
tion, London, 1905-12. Author of Life of 
Henry V . 

C. LI. M. — Conwy Lloyd Morgan. For- 
mer Professor of Zoology and Geology, Uni- 
versity College, Bristol, England. Author of 
introduction to Comparative Psychology; 

C. L. F. — C. L. Patton. Former President 
of the American Whist League. 

C. L. St. — C. L. Stewart. Professor of 
Agricultuial Economics and Chief in Land 
Economics, University of Illinois, Urbana. 

C. L. T.— Charles Lamar Thomas. As- 
sociate Director of Research, Sun Oil Co., 
Marcus Hook, Pa. 

C. L. V. M.— -Carroll L. V. Meeks. As- 
sociate Professor of Architecture and the 
History of Art, Yale University. 

C. L. W. — Charles Leslie Wrenn. Raw- 
linson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo- 
Saxon, Oxford Urn verity Fellow of Pem- 
broke College, On.'cil of Beowulf , an 
edition; The English Language. 

C. L. Wn. — Carl Louis Wilson. Professor 
of Botany, Dartmouth College, Hanover, 


C. M.— Christopher Morley. Author of 
The Haunted Book Shop; Chimney smoke; 
Inward Hoi; Thunder on the Left; etc. 

C. Ma.— Charles Marriott. Art Critic, The 
Times, London, 1924-40. Author of Modern 
English Architecture; etc. 

C. M. A. — C. M. Austin. Commander, 
U S N. Formerly stationed at Washington, 

D. C. 

C. Mas.— -Charles Masson. Conservateur 
Mus6e du Luxembourg. 

C. M. Ay. — Cecilia Mary Ady. Honorary 
Fellow, St. Hugh’s College, Oxford Author of 
The Bentivoglio of Bologna; Milan Under the 
Sforza; Morals and Manners of the Quat- 
trocento; Pope Pius II. 

C. M. Br. — C. M. Breder, Jr. Chairman 
and Curator, Department of Fishes and 
Aquatic Biology, the American Museum of 
Natural History, New York, N.Y. Author of 
Field Book of Marine Fishes of the Atlantic 

C. M. Cd. — Charles Manning Child. 
Emeritus Professor of Zoology, The Univer- 
sity of Chicago. 

C. M. Cl. — Constance Margaret Cornell. 
Diplomatic Correspondent, The Glasgow 

C. M. Cr.— Charles M, Carpenter, M.D. 
Professor and Chairman of the Department of 
Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine, Uni- 
versity of California, Los Angeles, Calif. 

C. M. Cs. — Cecil Marvin Charles, M.D. 
Associate Professor of Anatomy, Washington 
University, St. Louis, Mo. 

C, M. Cy. — Clifford M. Carey. Director 
of Research, National Council of the Young 
Men’s Christian Associations, New York, N.Y. 
Author of Between Two Centuries. 

C. M. D. — Carlton Miles Dean. Assistant 
Manager, Engineering Sales, Monsanto Chem- 
ical Company, St. Louis, Mo. 

C. M. E. M.— Charles Marie Emmanuel 
Mangin. General Commanding the French 
V, VI and X Armies, 1916-18, and the French 
forces in Rhineland, 1918-19. 

C. M. H. — Charles Meyer Hardin. As- 
sistant Professor of Political Science, The 
University of Chicago. 

C. M. H. C. — Charles Manning Hope 
Clark. Professor of History, Canberra Uni- 
versity College, Canberra, Austr. Editor of 
Select Documents in Australian History, 1788- 
1850. ® 

C. Mi.— Carl TheJior/Mirbt. Former 
Professor of Church History in tje JJniversiiy 
of Marburg, Germany. Author of Fublizisiik 
im Zeilalter Gf&gor VII; Quellen zur Ge- 
schichte des Papsttkums*; e$£. * 

C. Mij.— Crfedomille ^ij&tovich. For- 
mer Senator of the Kingdom of Serbia Ser- 
bian Minister to the Court of St. James's, 
1895-1900 and 1902—03. Author Serbia 
and ike Serbians; etc. 

C. M. J. — -Rev. Charles Michael Jacobs, 

D. D. Former Professor of Church History 
and President of the Graduate School, Lu- 
theran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, 
Pa, Editor of Luther’s Correspondence. 

C. M. K.— &ir Charles Malcolm Ken- 
nedy. Head of Commercial Department, For- 
eign Office, 1872-93. 

C. M. Kn. — C. M. Knowles. Former As- 
sistant Legal Adviser, Home Office, London. 

C. M. L.— Charles Mostyn Lloyd. Lec- 
turer and Head of the Department of Social 
Science and Administration in the London 
School of Economics and Political Science, 
University of London^ Assistant Editor of 
The New Statesman. 

C. Mn. — Colin Matheson. Keeper, Depart-^* 
ment of Zoology, National Museum of Wales, 
Cardiff, Wales Author of Changes in the 
Fauna of Wales; Wales and the Sea Fisheries. 

C. Mo. — Herbert Clifford Mortimer. 
Barrister-at-Law, Probate and Divorce Court, 


C. Mon.-— William* Cosmo Monkhouse. 
English poet and art critic. Author of The 
Italian Pre-Raphaelites; Life of Turner; die. 

C. M. F. — Sir Charles Max Page. Fellow 
of the Royal College of Surgeons, London. 
Author of The Treatment of Fractures in 
General Practice; etc. 

C. M. S.**— Cecil M. Smith. Editor, Mu- 
sical America. Author of Musical Comedy 

C. M. Tr.— Carlisle Monroe Thacker. 
Solvay Process Corporation, Hopewell,' ®Va. 

C. N. E. — Carl N. Everstine. Research 
Assistant, Maryland Legislative Council. 

C. N. G. — C. Norman Guice. Formerly on 
faculty of Stephens College, Columbia, MA 

C. N. H.-— Clarence N. Hickman. Re- 
search Physicist, Bell Telephone Laboratories, 
Inc., New York, N.Y. 

C. N. P.— Cyril Northcote» Parkinson. 
Raffles Professor of History, University^ of 
Malaya, Singapore. Author of Trade in the 
Eastern Seas; War in the Eastern Seas (1793- 

Co. B. — Cornelius Betten. Emeritus Pro- 
fessor of Entomology, Cornell University, 
Ithaca, N.Y. Author of The Caddis Flies ; or 
Trichoptera of New York State; etc. 

C. O. B.— Charles Otto Blagden. Dean, 
School of Oriental Studies, London, 1922-35. 

Co. C. — Colin Carmichael. Editor, Ma- 
chine Design. 

C. O. F. — Charles Owen Fairchild. Presi- 
dent, The Instrument Society of America®. 
Co-author of Pyrometric Practice . 

C. O. G. — Charles O. Gregory. Professor 
of Law, University of Virginia, Charlottes- 
ville, Va. Authof of Labor and the Law; co- 
author of Labor Law: Cases, Materials and 

C. P. — Rev. Charles Plummer. Former 
Fellow and Chaplain of Corpus Christi Col- 
» lege, Oxford. Author of Life and Time* 0} 
Alfred the Gredt. m # 


% & 

C. Pa.— Cesarfc Paoli. Italian historian. 
Former Editpr of Archivio slonco iiabano 

€. P. 5.— Charles Paul e Boner. Associate 
IJfrector, Undei water Sound laboratory, 
Harvard Author f»t Laboratory 

Manual or Cir ft , Physics; etc 

C. P@,~— -Charles Palache. Emeritus Pro- 
fessor of Mineralogy, Harvard University. 
Co-author of Dana’s System oj Mineralogy. 

C. Pf. — Christian Pfister. Former Profes- 
sor at the Sorbonne, Paris Author of Etude 
sur le regne de Robert le Pieux ; etc 

C. P. I.— Sir Courtenay Peregrine 11- 
bert. Former Clerk of the House of Com- 
mons and Chairman of Statute Law Com- 

C. P V L.— Rev. Charles Patrick Lough- 
ran, S.J. Professor of Classics, St. Andrew 
on Hudson, Poughkeepsie, N,Y 

C. P.-li- — Chen Pu-lai. Secretary to 
Chiang Kai-shek. Former Editor, Shang Pao 
and China Times 

C. Pn. — Charles Parmin. Honorary 
Teacher of English, Lycee Marcel Gambler, 
LisieuXj Fr 

* C. P. N. — Charles P. Nash, Jr. Professor 
of Law, University of Virginia, Charlottes- 
ville, Va. 

C. P. 0.~ -Charles P. Olivier. Director 
of Flower Observatory and Cook Observa- 
tory, University jjf Pennsylvania, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Author of Meteors; etp. 

C. P. S.— Clifford R Smith. Former Ed- 
itor, Department of Histpry of The First 
Church of Christ Scientist, Boston, Massa- 

C. P. Sa.— -Charles Percy Sanger. For- 
merly of Lincoln’s r Inn, Barrister-at-Law. 

C. P. Sy.— Charles Perry Stacey. Colonel, 
Canadian Army. Director, Historical Section, 
Army Headquarters, Ottawa, Ont Author of 
Canada and the British Army ; The Canadian 
Army ^ 

C. P. W. — Charles P. Wood. Industrial 
Engineer, Lockwood Greene Engineers, Inc, 
New York, N Y. Author of Factors Control- 
ling the Location of Various Types of In- 

€. P. Y.*— Constantin Prodomos Yag- 
lou. Associate Professor of Industrial Hy- 
giene, Harvard University School of Public 
Health, 1938- . 

C. R,— Cecil Roth. Reader in Post-Biblical 
Jewish Studies, Oxford University, 1939- . 
Author of The Last Florentine Republic; etc. 

C. Ra. — Cornelia M. Raymond. Former 
Director, Bureau of Publications, Vassar Col- 
lege, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

C. R. Al.— Carl R. AddinalL Foreign Sci- 
entific Adviser of Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, 
N.J. Author of Story of Amino Acids. 

C. R. B. — Sir Charles Raymond Beaz- 
ley. Emeritus Professor of History, Birming- 
ham University,. England, Co-author of His- 
tory ofJRussia ; author of Nineteenth Century 
Europe; etc. 

C. R. Bn. — Charles Ridgaway Bragdon. 
Consulting Chemical Engineer, Larchmont, 

C. R. Br. — Rev* Charles Reynolds 
Brown, D.D. Former Dean, the Divinity 
School, Yale University, New Haven, Conn. 
Author of The Modern Man’s Religion ; etc. 

C. Re. — Charles Reitell. Partner, Steven- 
sorf, Jordan and Harrison, Inc ./management 
^engineers, New York, N.Y. 



c. R. Pi.— Carl Russell Pish. Former 
Professor of American History, University 
of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Author of Amer- 
ican Diplomacy ; etc. 

C. R. Gy. —-Carl Raymond^ Gray^ Jr. Aid- 
minis traior of Veterans’ Affairs, Veterans 
Administration, Washington, D.C., I947""S3» 

C. R. H. — C. R. Houseman. CL the Brit- 
ish Oxygen Company Ltd , Research Labora- 
tory, Middlesex, Eng 

C. Ric.— Corrado Ricci. Former President 
of the Royal Institute oi Archaeology and 
History of the Aits. Author of II Correggio; 

C. R. K.— Charles Richard Kna ppett, 
M.D. Lecturer, of Bacteriology 

St. Mary’s Hosp ** ■ > ' ' . School, London 

C. R. Me. — Carl Richard Moore. Profes- 
sor of Zoology, The University of Chicago 

C. Rn.— Chaim Rabin. Cowley Lecturer of 
Post-Biblical Hebrew, Oxford University Au- 
thor of Ancient West-Arabian; The Zadokite 
Documents . 

C. R. Nb — Carl Robert Noller. Professor 
of Chemistry, Stanford University, Stanford. 

C. R. P.— -Chesley R. Perry. President, 
Rotary Club of Chicago, 111, 1944-45. 

Cr. R. — Chester Rapkin, Research Asso- 
ciate, Institute for Urban Land Use and Hous- 
ing Studies, Columbia University, New York, 
N Y. Author of Housing Market Analysis; co- 
author of Urban Traffic. 

C. R. Ro. — Clarence Rufus Rorem. Ex- 
ecutive Director, Hospital Council of Phila- 
delphia, Philadelphia, Pa Author of The 
Public’s Investment in Hospitals; Private 
Group Clinics; etc. 

C. R. S. — C. Richard Soderberg. Dean 
of Engineering. Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 

C. R. Wy. — Charles R. Whittlesey. Pro- 
fessor of Finance and Economics, University 
of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa Economist, 
the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company. 
Author of International Monetary Issues. 

Cs. B.— -Carlos Baker. Chairman, De- 
partment of English, Princeton University, 
Princeton, N.J. Author of Hemingway : the 
Writer as Artist; Shelley’s Major Poetry. 

C. S. B. — Charles S. Braden. Professor 
and Chairman of the Department of History 
and Literature of Religions, Northwestern 
University, Evanston, 111. Author of Modern 
Tendencies in World Religions ; Religious 
Aspects of the Conquest of Mexico; etc. 

C. Se. — Charles Seignobos. Former Pro- 
fessor, Faculty of Letters, Sorbonne, Paris. 
Author of The Rise of European Civiliza- 

C.Sey. — Charles Seymour. President, Yale 
University, 1937-50 Author of The Diplo- 
matic Background of the War; etc. 

C. S. F. — Sir Cyril Sankey Fox. Director, 
Geological Survey, India, 1939-43. 

C. S. G. — Charles Stuart Gager. Director, 
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, N.Y., 
1910-43. Author of Fundamentals of Botany; 

C. S. H. — Cornelius Searle Hurlbut, Jr. 
Associate Professor of Mineralogy, Harvard 
University. Co-author of Manual of Mineral- 
ogy; Minerals and How to Study Them. 

C. Si. — Charles Singer, M.D. Emeritus 
Professor of th<f History of Medicine, Univer- 
sity of London. Author of Greek Biology and 
Greek MedtUns; etc. 

rYbutoKs , 

C. Sk.— Clifford S^rock, Editor, Heating 
and Ventilating. 

C. S. K.— Clareacf Selby Kempff. Rear 
AdmLal, U S Navy (retired) Former By- 
drographer, Bureau of Navigation, Navy 
Department, Washington, D C. 

C. S. Kr„« — Chester Scoct* Keefer, M.D. 
Wade Professor of Medicine, Boston Uni- 
versity School of Medicine. 

C. S. L.— Charles Sumner Lobingier. 
Securities and Exchange Commission Officer, 
1934-46 Author of The Beginnings of Law; 
Extraterritorial Cases; etc. 

C. S. P.— Rev. Charles Stanley Phillips. 
Formerly of King’s College, Cambridge. Glad- 
stone Memorial Prize, 1904. 

C. S. Pa.— Rt. Hon. Charles Stuart Par- 
ker. Author of Life of Sir Robert Feel; etc. 

C. Sr.-— Charles Sawyer. Secretary, .US. 
Department of Commerce, Washington, D C. 

C. S. R. — C. Stanford Read, M.D. Lec- 
turer in Psychological Medicine, Bethlem 
Royal Hospital, and Clinical Psychologist to 
the West End Hospital for Nervous Diseases, 
London. Author of The Struggles of Male 
Adolescence ; etc. 

C. S. Ri.« — Clarence Self Ridley. General. 
Governor of the Panama Canal Zone, 1936-40. 

C. S. Rs.— Carl S. Roys. Professor of 
Electrical Engineering, University of Massa- 
chusetts, Amherst, Mass. 

C. S. S. — Sir Charles Scott Sherrington, 
M.D. Former Waynfiete Professor of Phys- 
iology, Oxford University. Nobel Prize for 
Medicine, 1932. Author of Thr Integrative 
Action of the Nervous System; etc. 

C. St.— Constantine Stanislavsky. Rus- 
sian theatrical producer. Founded, with V. N. 
Danchenko, the Moscow Art Theatre. Au- 
thor of My Life in Art. 

C. Str.— Carl Stripe. Manager, Stoker Di- 
vision, Combustion Engineering Company, 
Inc., New York, N.Y. m 

C. T. B.« — Clinton T. Bissell. Associate 
Consulting Engineer, National Board of Fire 
Underwriters, New York, N.Y. 

C. T. Bs. — Charles Thomas Brues. 
Emeritus Professor of Entomology, Harvard 
University. Author of Insects and Human 
Welfare; etc. 

C. T. C. — Sir Cecil T. Carr. Editor of 
Statutory Rules and Orders , 1923-43. Au- 
thor of Law of Corporations; etc. 

C. Te.—Sir Charles Bruce Locker 
Tennyson. Former Deputy Director of the 
Federation of British Industries. 

C. T. H. — Charles T. Haven. Co-author 
of The History of the Colt Revolver and 
Automatic Arms , Their History } Develop- 
ment and Use. 

C. T. H. W.— Sir Charles Theodore 
Hagberg Wright. Former Librarian and 
Secretary of the London Library. 

C. T. O. — Charles Talbut Onions. 
Reader in English Philology, Oxford Univer- 
sity, 1927- . Joint Editor, Oxford English 
Dictionary , 1914-33. 

C. T. R. — C. Tate Regan. Director, British 
Museum (Natural History), London, 1927- 
38. Author of British Freshwater Fishes; etc. 

C* V. C.— Chester V. Clifton. Colonel, 
U S. Army. Assistant to the Chairman, Joint 
Chiefs of Staff, Washington, D.C. 

C. V. B.~ Charles pickery Drysdale. 
Director of Scientific Research* Admiralty, 
> IQ 29 - 34 - % 

C. V. U.-*— Cecil Vivian XJsborne. Vice- 
Admiral, formerly with Royal Navy. Author 
of The Conquest of Morocco; Smoke on the 
Horizon. * 

C. W.— Charles Wright. Of Messrs. 
Henry Head and Company, Ltd., Brokers, 
London. Co-author of of Lloyd’s. 

C. Wa. — -Sir Charles Walston. Former 
Slade Professor of Fine Art, Cambridge Uni- 
versity. Author of Greek Sculpture and Mod- 
ern Art. 

C. Was. — Carleton Wolsey Wash- 
borne. Superintendent of Winnetka, 111 ., 
schools, 1919-45. Author of Adjusting the 
School to the Child; etc. 

C. W. B. — Carl W. Bishop. Associate Cur- 
ator of the Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian 
Institution, 1922-42. 

C. W. Be.— -Clarence W. Balke. Research 
Director, Fansteel Metallurgical Corporation, 
North Chicago, III., 1916-48. 

C. W. C. O. — Sir Charles William 
Owdwick Oman. Member of Parliament 
for Oxford University, 1919-35. Author of A 
Short History of England . 

C. W. D. — C. W. Dannatt. Lecturer in 
Assaying, Imperial College of Science and 
Technology, London. 

C. W. Da. — Christopher William Daw- 
son. Barrister-at-Law. British Colonial Ad- 
ministrative Service (retired). 

C. We. — Cecil Weatherly. Former 

Scholar of Queen’s College, Oxford. 

C. W. E.— Charles William Eliot. 
President of Harvard University, 1869-1909. 

C. W. Ee.— C. Wesley Eisele, M.D. As- 
sociate Professor of Medicine, University of 
Colorado School of Medicine, Boulder, Colo. 

C. W. F. N. — (Cuthbert) Wilfrid Fran- 
cis Noyce. Master at Charterhouse School, 
Godaiming, Surrey, Eng. Writer. Member of 
Meunt Everest Expedition, 1953. Author of 
Mountains and Men; Scholar Mountaineers; 
South Col . 

C. W. G.— Claude William Guillebaud. 
Lecturer in Economics, Cambridge Univer- 

C. W. Gm. — Cornelius W. Gillam. As- 
sistant Professor of Business Law, School of 
Business, The University of Chicago. Author 
of A Casebook of Law and Business; A Text- 
book of Law and Business. 

C. W. H. — Charles Wilson Hackett. 
Professor of Latin-American History, Uni- 
versity of Texas, Austin, Tex. Author of The 
Mexican Revolution and the United States 
( iq 10-1926). 

C. W. He. — Charles W. Hinkle, Major, 
U.S. Air Force. Office, Secretary of Defense, 
Washington, D.C. 

C. W. M.— C. W. Metz. Professor of 
Zoology and Director of the Zoological Lab- 
oratory, University of Pennsylvania, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

C. W. Mr. — Clarence Weinert Muehl- 
berger. Toxicologist, Michigan Department 
of Health, Lansing, Mich. 

C. W. N. — Chester William Nimitz. 
Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet, 1941-45. 

C. Wr. — Clark Wissler. Consulting An- 
thropologist, Bishop Museum, Honolulu, 
Haw., 1920-47. Author of The American 
Indian; etc. 

C. W. R.—! Rev. Charles W. Reinhardt, 
S.J. Professor of History and German, St. 
Andrew-on-Hudson, Poughkeepsie, N Y. Au- 
thor of An Outline of Roman History . 

C. W. Ro.— -Sir Charles Walker Robin- 
son. Major General. Governor and Secretary, 
Royal Military Hc-mis.!, ChPsea, 1895-98. 
Author, Strategy s, Ac •: 'y,.w War; etc. 

C. W-Sfa. — -Cecil Woodham-Smith. Au- 
thor of Florence Nightingale; The Reason 
Why. ' 

C. W. T.— Charles Warren Thornth- 
waite. Director, Laboratory of Climatology, 
The Johns Hopkins University, Seabrook, 
N J Former Principal Climatologist, U S Soil 
Conservation Service D.C. Au- 
thor of Internal I ; *1 „ he United 

States ; etc. 

C. Wtr. — Charles Winter. Barrister-at- 
Law, Gray’s Inn, London 

c. W. W. — Sir Charles William Wil- 
son. Former British Commissioner on the 
Servian Boundary Commission. Author of 
From Korti to Khartum; etc. 

C. Z. — Carl Zeisberg. President, U.S. 
Table Tennis Association. 

C. Z. K.— Charles Z. Kiauder. Former 
Consulting Architect, Harkness Memorial 
Dormitories, Yale University. 

D. A. — Sir David Anderson. Former senior 
partner in the firm of Mott, Hay and Ander- 
son, consulting engineers. 

D. A. D. — Dorothy Anne Bonder e. 
Former Professor of English Literature, 
William Woods College, Fulton, Mo. Author 
of Four Centuries of Description; etc. 

D. A. Gd. — David Alexander Guild. 
Sheriff -Substitute of Lanarkshire at Glasgow, 
Scot. Author of The Law of Arbitration in 
Scotland . 

D. A. G. R. — Donald A. G. Reid. Prin- 
cipal, Brixton School of Building, London. 
Author of Building Science. 

D. A. H. — Daniel Andreas Haakonsen. 
Lecturer in Norwegian Literature, University 
of Oslo, Oslo, Nor. Author of Skabelsen i Hen- 
rik Wey elands diktning. 

D’A. Me. — D’Arcy McNickle. Director, 
Branch of Tribal Relations, Bureau of Indian 
Affairs, U S. Department of the Interior, 
Washington, D.C. Author of The Surrounded; 
They Came Here First . 

D. A. P. — Douglas Archibald Porteous. 
Deputy Government Actuary, London. Au- 
thor of Pension and Widow’s and Orphan’s 
Funds . 

D. A. S.— Damon Alvin Spencer. In 
Charge, Sheep, Goats, and Animal Fibers, 
Bureau of Animal Industry, U.S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 
Author of Factors That Influence Wool Pro- 
duction of Range Rambouillet Sheep; etc. 

D. A. W. — -David Alec Wilson. Author 
of The Truth about Carlyle; Carlyle till Mar- 
riage; Carlyle at His Zenith; etc. 

D. B. — David Baxandall. Former Deputy 
Keeper of the Science Division, Science 
Museum, South Kensington, London. 

D. Bea. — Donald Bear. Former Director, 
Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barba- 
ra, Calif. Author of Russell Cowles; Prelude. 

D. Bh. — Douglas Bush. Professor of Eng- 
lish, Harvard University. 

D. B. K. — David B allin Klein. Professor 
of Psychology, University of Texas, Austin, 
Tex. Author of General Psyckeldgy* 

D. B. M.— Duncan %!aek MacDonald, 
D.D. Professor of Semitic Languages, Hart- 
ford Theological Seminar^ ^ S', 2 -193” Au- 
thor of Development of T'.sc c~:. 

Jurisprudence and Constitutional Ttteor 
etc. $ * >!<s • 

D. B. Mh.— Dorothy B. Marsh. Good 
Housekeeping Institute, New Y 3 rk, N.Y. 

D. B. Mn.- Dean B. Pro- 

fessor of Astronomy, University of Michigan, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. 

D. Br.— -Dirk Brouwer. Director of the 
Observatory, Yale University. Editor of the 
Astronomical Journal. 

D. Bru. — »Dsfoid Brunt 4 Professor of Me- 
teorology, Imperial College of Science and 
r rech’' rt1 cc:y London, 1934- . Author of 
. ' : v „ j for Everybody ; etc. • 

D. B. S.— D^vid Barnard Steinman. 
Founder, President, 1934-36, National Society 
of Professional Engineers. Author of A Prac- 
tical Treatise on Suspension Bridges, Their 
Design, C onstruction, and Erection; etc. 

D. C.— Sir David Thomas Chadwick. 
Secretary of the Imperial Economic Commit- 
tee, 1927-46. 

D. C. Br. — Dorrance Crawford Bron- * 
son. Actuary, The Wyatt Company, Wash- 
ington, D.C. 

D. C. C. — Delmer Clair Cooper. Asso- 
ciate Professor of Genetics, University of 
Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. - 

D. C. Cr.—^Donald^C. Cutter. Instructor 
in History, San Diego State College, San 
Diego, Calif. • 

D. C. H.— Daniel Clarence Holtom. 
Haskell Lecturer, The University of Chicago, 
1940. Professor, Theology Department, 
Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo, 5936-40. Author of 
The National Faith of Japan*; Modern Japan 
and Shinto Nationalism; etc. m m 

D. C. M.— • Dana C. Munro. Former Pro- 
fessor of Mediaeval History, Princeton Uni- 
versity. Author of Middle Ages; A Source 
Book of Roman History; Co-author, Essays 
on the Crusades . 

D. C. McD.—~ D. Clay McDowell. Execu- 
tive Secretary, Institute of Tropical Meteor- 
ology, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedrhs, 

D. C. McM. — Douglas C. McMurtrie. 
National Editor of American Imprints In- 
ventory, 1937-41. Author of The Golden 
Book ; American Type Design ; etc. * 

D. Co. — Dorothy Cocks. Director of Ad- 
vertising for the Marinello Company, New 
York, N.Y. Author of The Etiquette of 
Beauty. 9 

D. Coc. — Douglas Bennett Cockerell. 
Former partner of Douglas Cockerell and 
Son, Bookbinders. Author of Bookbinding 
and the Care of Books; etc. 

D. C. Pe. — Dorothy Constance (Mrs. 

C. S.) Peel. Former Departmental Editor of 

Queen. Former Editor of Hearth and Home 
and Woman . Author of My Own Cookery 
Book ; etc. • # 

D. Cr. — Douglas Colyer. Air Marshal. Civil 
Air Attache to British Embassies at Paris, 
Brussels, The Hague and Rome, 1947- . 

D. C. S. — Revf Professor David Cap ell 
Simpson, D.D. Oriel Professor of Inter- 
pretation of Holy Scripture, Oxford Univer- 
sity, 1925- . Canon of Rochester Cathedral. 

D. C. Sh.— David Clyde Smith* Professor 
of Agronomy* tyiiversity of Wisconsin, M&di- 
s&n, Wis. * m ~ ~ 

-Da v“:d Chur chi "I & o-tist ye 1L 
at Tonbridge School Ton- 

Aisistant at ,o?cr:a^e scr.oo. ^on- 

bi.dge, Kent '19:9-* . Author of The Eeig ~ or 
K&g i 7 :^, The British Eupz-c; 

G?C . \ • * 

B. C. To.-P^v. Duncan Creeps 

Tovey. Feeder Assistant Master,^ ^ E:gh 

College. Editor of 2 "&*j j^eut^s o> jl he, 'cs 

Gtcy: ett. 

D. €. T. T .—David Chris topherJT-a- 
herne Thomas. Assistant Lsctuier. Coun- 
auid Institute of Art, University oi London. 

Author of Cezanne; Tuner. Joint compiles, 
TVite Hundred Years of the Royal Acad- 
emy 1760-1868 { catalogue of E^ova. Academy 
winter exhibition,* London, zgS’S^) ana 
Dutch Pictures 1450-1750 (RA, 1952-53)* 

D. C# W.— David Cleveland Wimer. 
Piofessor of Soil Physics, University of Illi- 
nois, Oban a, Hi. • 

D. D. B. — Donald D. Brand. Professor 
and Chairman of the Department of Geog- 
raphy, University of Texas, Austin, Tex. Au- 
thor of QuirogafVi Mexican Mimic? pic. 

D. D. C.-T.* — Dorathy Daisy Cotdng- 
ton-T^ylor. Director, Good Housekeeping 
^Institute, 1924-4.0. Former .Associate Editor, 
Homes and Gardens. 

D. D. L. — Don Divance Lescofeier. 
Professor of Economics, University of Wis- 
consin, Madison, Wis., 1918- . Author of 
The Labor Market; Co-author of Population 
Problems; Can Business Prevent* Unemploy- 
ment? ; etc. 

D.^ D. P.—David D. Pratt. Assistant Di- 
rector, Chemical Research Laboratory, Ted- 
dington, Middlesex, Eng. 

D. D. W. — David Duncan Wallace. 
Former Professor of History and Economics, 
Wolf oid College J3p*arianburg, S.C. Author of 

Life of He®.ry Laurens ; etc. 


D. E.— David Ewen. Author of Music for 
the Millions: From Bach to Stravinsky; The 
Bookyof Modern Composers; Music Comes 
to America; etc. 

D. E. C.— Donald E. Cassels, M.D. As- 
sociate Professor of Pediatrics, The University 
of Chicago Medical School, Chicago, III 

DAE. PI. — Rev. Dorn. E. Horne. Down- 
side Abbey, Bath. 

D. E. Mb — Donald E. McCown. Associ- 
ate Professor of Archaeology, the Oriental In- 
stitute,* The University of Chicago. Field Di- 
rector, Joint Expedition to Nippur. Author of 
Comparative Stratigraphy of Early Iran; co- 
author of Tall-I-Bakhn A, Season of 1932. 

D. E. M. G. — Dorothy Ellen Marion 
Gardner. University Reader in Child De- 
velopment and Head of the Department of 
Child Development. Institute of Education, 
University of London. Author of The Chil- 
dren's Play Centre; Education Under Eight; 
Testing Results in the Infant School . 

D. E. S. — David Eugene Smith. Former 
Professor of Mathematics, Teachers College, 
Columbia Univeisity. Author of History of 
Modern Mathematics; etc. 

9. E. Sp. — Bomina Eberle Spencer. 
Assistant Professor of Physics, Brown Uni- 
versity, Providence, R.I. 

D. E. Wd. — -David E. ^iegand. Senior 
Physicist, Armour Research Foundation, Illi- 
nois Institute of Technology, Chicago, 111. 

D. F. B. — Donald F, Bond. Piofessor of 
English, The University of Chicago. Co-editor 
of .4 Ctyticai Bibliography oi French Liter a- 
^Ture'vol. iv. The Eighteenth Century . 

Roicl ^rc.esso* cf Music, University of Edin- 
b^igh. Sect., 1914-40. Author of Essays in 
Musical Analysis comprising the Classical 
Concerto; The Goldberg Variations. 

D. F. Tr.— Donald F. Taylor. Chief 
Chemist, Far steel Metallurgical Corporation, 
North Chicago. 111. 

D. G. — Denis Ro Heston Gwynn. Re- 
search Professor of Modem Irish History, 
University College, Cork, Ire. Author of 
Daniel O'Connell; History of Partition; Life 
of John Redmond; etc. 

D. Ga.— -Daniel Garber. Painter, Member 
of Faculty, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine 
Arts, Philadelphia, Pa., 1909- . 

D. Gd. — Dorothy Good. Member of the 
staff of the American Geographical Society, 
New York, N.Y. Co-author of Japan: A 
Geographical View. 

D. Ge. — David (William) Greene. As- 
sistant Professor, School of Celtic Studies, 
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. Duo- 
lin, Ire. Member of the Royal Irish Academy. 

D. G. H. — David George Hogarth. 
Former Keeper oi the Ashmolean Museum, 
Oxford, President of the Royal Geographic 
Society, 1925-27. Excavated at Paphos, 188S; 
Naucratis, 1889 and ^903 ; Ephesus, 1904-05; 
Asyut, 1906-07. Author of The Nearer East ; 
The Ancient East; etc 

D. Gi. — Sir David Gill. H.M. Astronomer 
at the Cape of Good Hope, 1879-1907. 

D. G. K.— Dattatreya Gopal Karve. Ex- 
ecutive Editor, Bombay District Gazeieers (re- 
vision). Author of Federations; Population 
Problem, in India . 

B. Gry. — Dorothy GraSy. Curator of col- 
lections. Drexel Institute, Philadelphia, Pa., 
1934-45. Author of Parade of American Art 

D. G. Z. — Donald Guyer Zink. Superin- 
tendent, Chemical Products Department, 
Stanolind Oil and Gas Company, Tulsa, Okla. 

D. H.* — David Hannay. Former British 
Vice-Consul, at Barcelona. Author of Short 
History of Royal Navy , 1217-1688; etc. 

B. H. A.— Donald Hatch Andrews. Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry and Director, Cyrogeny 
Laboratoiy, The Jonns Hopkins University, 
Baltimore. Md. 

XX He.*— Dudley Heath. Author of Minia- 
tures; Tradition and Modern Schools; etc. 

D. H. L. — Dickson H. Leavens. Former 
Research Associate, Cowles Commission for 
Research in Economics. The University of 
Chicago. Author of Silver Money. 

D. H. Lr. — Derrick Henry Lehmer. As- 
sociate Professor of Mathematics, University 
of California, Berkeley. Calif. 

Dh. M. — Sir Bhiren Mitra. Legal Adviser 
and Minister, India House, London. 

D. H. M. — Donald Howard Menzel. 
Professor of Astrophysics, Harvard Univer- 
sity. Author oi .4 Study of the Solar Chromo- 
sphere; Stars and Planets; etc. 

D. H. P. — David Henry Peacock. For- 
„ mei Professor of Chemistry, University of 
Rangoon, Rangoon, Burma. Author of Life 
of Joseph Priestley. 

lX LL Pe.— Dougisfi Henry Pike. Reader 
in History, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, 
Austr. f 

D. Hr. — Davenport Hooker, professor 
q: Anatomy end Head of Anatomy Depart- 
ment. Scnool ci MecLclne, University of 
Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa Managing Editor, 
Journal of Comparative Neurology . 

D. H. R.— Dennis Holme Robertson. 
Professor of Political Economy, Cambridge 
University, 1944- . Author of Money :n 
Cambridge Economic Handbook senes. 

D. H. S. C.— Very Rev. David Herbert 
Somerset Cranage. Dean oi Norwich, Eng., 

D. Hu.— Bard Hunter. Author of Primi- 
tive Papermaking; Old Papermaking; etc. 

D. I. C. — Denis Irvine Cocmber. Senior 
Scientific Officer, Department of the Govern- 
ment Chemist, London 

3D. J. — Diamond Jenness. Former Chief, 
Division of Anthropology, National Museum 
of Canada. Ottawa, Ont Author of The In- 
dians of Canada; The People of ike Twilight; 
etc. #*■* 

p. J*..-— Dunham Jackson. Professor cf 
». -hematics, Univeisity of Minnesota, 
Minneapolis, Minn, 1919-46 Ac -her of 
Fourier Series and Orthogonal Polynomials; 

D. J. E.— Delbert j. Duncan. Professor 
of Marketing, University of California, Berke- 
ley, Calif Co-author of Marketing' Princi- 
ples and Methods: Retailing: Principles and 

D. J. H. — Donald J. Hart. Dean, College 
of Business Admimsfciation, Univeisity of 
Idaho, Moscow. Ida 

D. J. K.— Duncan J. Kerr. Former Presi- 
dent, Lehigh Valley Railroad, New York, 

D. J. M. — IX J, Matthews. Formerly with 
Hydrographic Department, Admiralty, Lon- 
don Former Hyd r ographe r , Laboratory of the 
Marine Biological Association of the United 
Kingdom, Plymouth. 

D. J. W. -—Dorothy Julia Willmann. As- 
sociate Editor, Now. National Organizational 
Secretary, Women’s Parish Sodalities of the 
United States. Author of Parish Sodality 
Helps; Parish Union Helps. 

D. K. — David Kinley. Former President, 
University of Illinois, Urbana, 111. Author of 
The Independent Treasury of the United 
States; etc. 

B. Ka.— Daniel Katz. Professor and Chair- 
man cf the Department of Psychology, 
Brooklyn College, "Brooklyn, N.Y. 

D. Kg.— Donald King. Assistant Keeper, 
Victoria and Albert Museum, London. 

D. Kn. — Dorothy Kenyon. Member, 
League of Nations Committee on Legal 
Status of Women, 193S-43. 

B. K.-P. — Douglas King-Page. Author of 
Marine Insurance in 1931. 

D. K. Pe. — Don K. Price. Associate Di- 
rector of Public Administration Clearing 
House, Chicago, 111. Co-author of City Man- 
ager Government in the United States. 

D. L. — David Lyell. Colonel. Former Di- 
lectoi of Pauling and Company, Ikd, Lon- 
don. Chief Railway Construction Engineer 
to the British Army in France during World 
War I. 

D. L. F.— Denis L.IFox. Associate Pro- 
fessor of Marine Biochemistry, Scripps Insti- 
tution of Oceanography, University of Cali- 
fornia, La Jolla, Calif 

D. L. Hk.— -Balziel LIew?Hyr Hammick. 
Fellow and Tutor, 0” e Ccl’: 0 2 Oxford. 
Aldrichian Praelector in Chemistry, Oxford 
University Author of Introduction to Organic 

D. L. Mu.— David Leslie Murray. Edi- 
tor, Times Literary Supplement, London, 
1938-44. Author of Disraeli. 

D. L. R. ^L.— David Lockhart Robert- 
son Lorimer. Lieutenant Colonel, In- 
dian Army (retired). Former H.M. Consul, 
Kerman and Persian Baluchistan ; Civil 
Governor, Amara, 1915-16. Author of Pho- 
nology of the Bakhtiari Badakhskani and 
Madaglashti Dialects of Modern Persian; etc. 

D. L. W. — D. L. Walker. General Secre- 
tary to the Federation of British Industries. 

D. L. Wr.— David L. Webster. Professor 
of Physics, Stanford University, Stanford, 
Calif. Co-author of General Physics for Col- 

D»L. Ws. — Dick Lloyd Wilks. Member 
of the staff, Research and Statistics Office, 
Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Wellington, 

D. M. — Rev. Dugald Macfadyen. For- 
mer Director of the London Missionary Soci- 

D. M a.— David Masson. Former Histo- 
riographer Royal for Scotland. Professor of 
Rhetoric and English Literature, Edinburgh 
University, 1865-93. Author of Life of 
Milton; etc. 

D. M. B.— Dorothy M. Broome. Former 
Jones Fellow in the Victoria University of 
Manchester, England. 

D. M. Bl. — Delbert M. Bergenstal, 
M.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine, The 
University of Chicago Medical School, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

D. McM.— David MacMillan. Assistant 
General Manager of Braby’s Iron and Steel 
Sheet Rolling Mills and Galvanizing Works, 
Glasgow, Scot. 

D. Md.— Duncan MacDougald, Jr. Au- 
thor of T he Languages and Press of Africa. 

D. Me.— Sir David Milne. Permanent Un- 
dersecretary of State for Scotland, Edinburgh, 

D. M. H. E.< — D. M. H. Evans. Member 
of the Sudan Political Service. 

D. Mi.— David Mkrany. Professor in School 
of Economics and Politics, Institute for Ad- 
vanced Study, Princeton, N J , 1933- . 
Author of Marx against the Peasant ; The 
Progress of International Government; The 
Effect of the War in Southeastern Europe; A 
Working Peace System ; etc. 

D. M. L.— D. M. Lierle, M.D. Professor 
and Head of Department of Otolaryngology 
and Maxillofacial Surgery, College of Medi- 
cine, State University of Iowa, Iowa City, la. 

D. M. M. — David Morrice Man. Princi- 
pal, Colonial Office, London. 

D. M. P.— Donald M. Pilisbury, M.D. 
Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology, 
School of Medicine, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, Philadelphia, Pa. Co-author of Man- 
ual of Dermatology. 

D. M. S. — Doris Mary Stent on. Lecturer 
m History in the University of Reading, Eng- 
land. Author of The Reign of Henry II; The 
Earliest Lincolnshire Anise Rolls; etc. 

D. M. Se. — Dorothy M. Sells. Former 
special agent of the U^. Department of 
Labor, and Assistant Professor o: Social 
Economy, Bryn Mawr Co^ge B«-yn Mawr, 
Pa. Author of British Crz'ds System. 

D. M. Sh.— Denis Mack Smith. Fellow 
and Tutor of Peterhouse, Cambridge Univer- 

D. M. S. W.— David Meredith Seares 
Watson. Jodrell Professor of Zoology and 
Comparative Anatomy, University College, 
University of London. 

D. M. W. — Sir Donald Mackenzie 
Wallace. Director of the Foreign Depart- 
ment of The Times, 1891-99. Author of 

D. No. — Daisuke Nohara. Director, 
Yokohama Specie Bank, Ltd. 

B. 01 .— Rev. Daniel O’Connell, S.J. 
Librarian at the University of Detroit, Mich. 

D. O. W.— David Oakes Woodbury. As- 
sistant Editor, Power , New York, N.Y. Au- 
thor, The Glass Giant of Palo mar; Communi- 
cation; etc. 

D. Pr.— David Morris Potter. Coe Pro- 
fessor of American History, Yale University, 
New Haven, Conn Author of Lincoln and His 
Party in the Secession Crisis; Trail to Califor- 

D. R.— Dunbar Rowland. Former Di- 
rector of Mississippi State Department of 
Archives and History. 

D. R. C.— David Raymond Curtiss. 
Former Professor of Mathematics, North- 
western University, Evanston, 111. Author of 
Analytic Functions; etc. 

D. Ri— Dorothy Lois Riker. Editor, 
Indiana Historical Bureau, Indianapolis, Ind. 

D. R.-J. — Dennis Ross-Johnson. Gen- 
eral Manager and Secretary, Port of Bristol 
Authority, England, 1911-28. 

D. R.-M. — David Randall-Maclver. 
Archaeologist and anthropologist engaged in 
research work in Italy, 1921-45. Author of 
Italy before the Romans; etc. 

D. S.- — Denis Saurat. Professor of French 
Language and Literature, King’s College, Uni- 
versity of London. Author of Literature and 
Occult Tradition ; etc. 

Ds. B. — Dennis Barker. Barrister-at-Law, 
Middle Temple, London. 

D. Sc. — Dorothy Scarborough. Former 
Associate Professor of English, Columbia Uni- 
versity. Author of On the Trail of Negro Folk- 
Songs; etc. 

D, Se.— Daniel Clemens Sayre. Former 
Chief, Division of Safety Rules and Educa- 
tion, Civil Aeronautics Board, Washington, 

D. S. F. — Douglas Southall Freeman. 
Editor, the News Leader , Richmond, Va., 
1915-49. Editor of Calendar of Confederate 
Papers; Lee’s Dispatches. 

D. S. J. — David Starr Jordan, M.D. For- 
mer Chancellor, Stanford University, Stan- 
ford, Calif. Author of Guide to the Study of 
Fishes; etc. 

D. S. K. — Dexter Simpson Kimball. 
Former Dean, College of Engineering, Cornell 
University, Ithaca, N.Y. Author of Industrial 
Education ; etc. Editor, The Book of Popular 

D. S. M. — Prince Dimitri Mirsky. Lec- 
turer in Russian Literature, King’s College, 
University of London, 1922-32. Author of 
Contemporary Russian Literature; Pushkin ; 
History of Russian Literature? etc. 

$ p 

D. S. Ma.— David Samuel Margoliouth. 
Laudian Professor of Arabic, Ox^oad Univer- 
sity, 1889-1937. Author of Arabic Papyri of 
the Bodleian Library; Mohammed and tike 
Rise of Islam; etc.* ^ 

D. S. Mu.— David Savihe Muzzey. Emer- 
itus Professor of American History, Columbia 
University. Author of The United States of 
America; etc. 

D. Sn.— David Snedden. Former Profes- 
sor of Education, Columbia University Au- 
thor of V ocational Education; etc. 

D. S.-S.— - David Seth-Smith. Former Cu- 
rator of Mammals and Birds, Zoologies* So- 
ciety, London Former Editor, * of 

British Ornithologists’ Club and Avicullural 

D. S. Sg.— Donald Stuart Strong. Asso- 
ciate Professor oi Political Science, University 
of Alabama, University, Ala. Author of Or- 
ganized Anti-Semitism in America. 

D. St.— Daniel Starch, psychologist and 
consultant in business research and manage- 
ment. Author of Principles of Advertising; 
Educational Psychology ; etc. 

D. S. T.— Derick Smith Thomson. Lee-* 
turer in Welsh, University of Glasgow, Glas- 
gow, Scot. Author of The Gaelic Sources of 
MacP her son’s Ossian; An Dealbh Briste. 

D. Sw. — David Shakow. Professor of Psy- 
chology, College of Medicine, University of 
Illinois, Chicago, 111. Professor of Psychology, 
The University of Chicago. Author of Intelli- 
gence in Mental Disorder; N atari of Deteri- 
oration in Schizophrenic Conditions. 

D. T.— Deems Taylor. Author, radio and 
television commentator, composer, New York, 
N.Y. Author of Music to My Ears, Of Men 
and Music; The Well-Tempered Listener. 


D. T. F. — David Theodore Fyfe. Former 
Convener, Panel of Architects for Air Raid 
Damage to Buildings of Historical Impor- 
tance, Cambridgeshire, under Ministry of 
Works and Planning. Author of Hellenistic 
Architecture ; etc. 

D. Tn.— David Thomson. University Lec- 
turer in History, Cambridge University. Fel- 
low and Senior Tutor of Sidney Sussex Col- 
lege, Cambridge Author of The Bab euf Plot; 
Democracy in France — The Third Republic; 
The Democratic Ideal in France and England; 
England in the Nineteenth Century; etc. 

*1 M 

D. T. S.— David T. Shute. Assistant Vice- 
President, Liberty Mutual Insurance Com- 
pany, Boston, Mass. 

D. Tt.— David Tail. Lecturer, Department 
of Sociology, University College of the Gold 
Coast, Achimota, British West Africa. 

D. V.— Douglas Veale. Registrar of the 
University of Oxford. Fellow of Corpus 
Christ! College, Oxford. 

D. V. B. — -Dow Vawter Baxter. Profes- 
sor of Forest Pathology, University of Michi- 
gan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Author of Pathology 
in Forest Practice; etc. * 

D. W. — Diedrich Hermann Wester- 
mann. Professor of African Languages ih 
the University of Berlin, 1920- . Co-author 
of Practical Phqpetics for Students of Afri- 
can Languages ; etc. 

D. Wh. — Derwent Whittlesey. Professor 
of Geography, Harvard University. Author 
of The Earth and the State; A Study of 
• Political Geogmphy; etc. Editor, Annali of 
tfie Association of Americ&n Geo&rap}ier$. 
1950-42. * ^ 


* * A 

xxviii ' ' INITIALS 

* e 

D. W. K.— Dudley* Wright Knox. Com- 
modore, Ji S, Navy (iet.). Author of A His- 
tory of the h\nited e States Navy; The Eclipse 
of t American Sea Pozvei , The Naval Genius 
(ff George Wc» zvgian, etc. 

D. W. Kif.— X?ev, Daniel Webster 
Kurtz, D.D. Clergyman, educator and au- 
thor President of General Education Board, 
Church of the Brethren, 1915-35* 

D, W. T.-— Sir B’Arcy Wentworth 
Thompson. Professor of Natural History, 
University of St. Andrews, Scot., 1917-48. 

D. W. W.— Dilworth Wayne Woolley. 
Associate of the Rockefeller Institute for Med- 
ical Research, New York, NY.r 

D. Z. S. — Doris' Stone. Re- 

search Fellow m C , .'j .'.■*. c. . Archae- 
ology ^-Peabody Museum, Harvard University. 

E. - — Reginald Baliol 2nd Vis- 

count Esher. Former Governor of Windsor 
Castle, London. Editor of The Letters of 
Queen Victoria; etc. 

E. A.— Edward. Altham. Captain, formerly 
with Royal Navy. Former Secretary, Editor 
and Chief Executive 1 " Officer, Royal United 
Servicer, Institution. Senior Naval Officer, 

* Archangel River Expeditions, 1918-19. 

E. A. A. — E. A. Atkins. Director of Re- 
search, the Pearson and Knowles Engineering 
Company, Ltd., and Ryiands Brothers, Ltd., 
Research Laboratories. 

E. A. B.— Eric Arthur Barber. Rector of 
Exeter College, Oxford. r 

E. A. Ba.—™ Ernest "A. Baker. Director, 
University of London School of Librarian- 
ship, 1919-34; Author of The Public Library; 
The Uses of Libraries; etc. 

E. A. Bl. — Emery A. Brownell. Executive 
Director, National Legal Aid Association. Au- 
thor of Legal Aid in the United States. 

EL A. Br. —-Edwin Arthur Baker. Princi- 
pal Scientific Officer, Royal Observatory, 
Edinburgh, Scot. 

E. A: D. — Edgar A. Doll. Co-ordinator of 
Research, Devereux School, Devon, Pa. Au- 
thor of Clinical Studies in Feeble-mindedness . 

E. A. F. — Edward Augustus Freeman. 
English historian. Author of History of the 
Norman Conquest; etc. 

E. A. G. — Eugene Allen Gilmore. Former 
Professor of Law; President, 1934-40, State 
University of Iowa, Iowa City, la. 

E. A. Gr.— Emanuel Alexander Goiden- 
we&ser. Former member of the Institute for 
Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J. Director of 
Division of Research and Statistics, Board of 
Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 
1926^45. Author of Federal Reserve System 
in Operation. 

E, A. H. — E. A. Hollowell. Senior Agron- 
omist, Division of Forage Crops and Diseases, 
Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agri- 
cultural Engineering, Agricultural Research 
Administration, U.S. Department of Agricul- 
ture, Washington, D.C. 

E. A. HI.— E. Adamson Hoebel. Professor 
and Head of the Department of Anthropology, 
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Author of The Cheyenne Way; Law and 
Anthropology ; co-author of Conflict and Case 
Law in Primitive Jurisprudence. 

E. A. J.— E. Alfred Jones. Author of Old 
English Gold Plate; Old Church Plate of the 
Isle of Man; etc. 

E. A. K. — Ewald A. Kamp. Manager, 
Mechanisms Research, Mechanics Research 
Department, American Machine und Foundry ' 
"-0. /Chicago, 111. 


E. A. M. Tcr . - E—yr Ahm Moelwyn- 
Hughes. J’ Lecturer in Physical 

Chemistry, :: University Director 

of Studies m Natural Science, Trinity Hall, 
Cambridge. Author of The Kinetics of Re- 
actions in Solution; Physical Chemistry. 

E. A. ML— Edward Arthur Milne. Rouse 
Ball Professor of Mathematics and Fellow of 
Wadham College, Oxford, 1928-50. Author of 
Thermodynamics of the Stars; etc. 

E. A. Mn. — Ethel Austin Martin. Direc- 
tor of Nutrition Service, National Dairy Coun- 
cil Chicago, 111. 

E. An. — Ernest Anderson. Professor and 
Head of the Department of Chemistry, Uni- 
versity of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz. 

E. Ap. — Erik Arup. Former Professor of 
Danish History at the University of Copen- 
hagen, Denmark. 

E. A. P. — Edgar Allison Peers. Former 
Gilmour Professor of Spanish, University of 
Liverpool, Liverpool, Eng Author of Spain , 
A Companion to Spanish Travel; Studies of 
the Spanish Mystics; etc. 

E. A. Pr. — E. A. Power. Chief, Statisti- 
cal Section, Branch of Commercial Fisheries, 
Fish and Wildlife Service, U S Department 
of the Interior, Washington, D C Author of 
Fishery Statistics of the United States. 

E. A. Ps. — Edward Alexander Parsons. 
President, Louisiana Historical Society. Au- 
thor of The Letters of Robert R Irvin gri or — 
The Diplomatic Story of The j-oridcca Pur- 
chase; etc. 

E. Ar. — Edward Armstrong. University 
Lecturer in Modern History, Gxfotd Uni- 
versity. Author of The Emperor Charles V; 

E. A. R. — Rev. Edward A. Ryan, S.J. 
Archivist, Woodstock College, Woodstock, 
Md Author of The Historical Scholarship of 
St. Bellarmine . 

Ea. S. — Ezra Solomon. Assistant Professor 
of Finance, The University of Chicago. Editor 
of Journal of Business. 

E. A. S.— Rev. E. A. Shattock. Vicar of 
St. Mark, Woodcote, Purley, England. 

E. A. Sp. — Elmer A. Sperry. Founder of 
the Sperry Gyroscope Company. 

E. At. — Edith Abbott. Professor and 
Emeritus Dean of the School of Social Serv- 
ice Administration, The University of Chi- 
cago. Author of Public Assistance: American 
Principles and Policies; The Tenements of 

Ea. T. — Earl Theisen. Honorary Curator 
Motion Pictures and Theatric Arts, Los An- 
geles Museum, Los Angeles, Calif. 

E. B.— Sir Ernest Barker. Life Governor 
of King’s College, University of London. Au- 
thor of Greek Political Theory; Essays on 
Government ; etc. 

E. B. B. — Sir Edward Battersby Bailey. 
Director of Geological Survey of Great Brit- 
ain and Museum of Practical Geology, 1937- 
45. Author of Recumbent Folds in the Schists 
of the Scottish Highlands; etc. 

E. B. By.— -Emmet Blackburn Bay, M.D. 
Professor of Medicine, The University of 
Chicago, Chicago, 111 . Author of Medical 
Administration of Teaching Hospitals. 

E. B. C. — Edwin Beresford Chancellor. 
Former member of the Council of London 
Topographical Sbciety. Author of The Lon- 
don of Charles Dickens; The Clubs of London, 
Past and Present. 

E. B. CL— Eric Bertrand Ceadel. Uni- 
versity Lecturer in Japanese, Crmbrdcc Uni- 
versity Author of Literature :• . ■ LUr. 

E. Be.— Eduard Benes. President of the 
Czechoslovak R:r.T i; :. ^35-38 and 1946-48. 
Author of i'LL * g - „ Europe; Problems 

of Czechoslovakia ; etc f 

E. Ben.— Emile Benveniste. Professor of 
Cc’Tonrrri": Philology, ficole des Hautes 
A .3 

E. Bg.~ Eskil Berg. Formerly of General 
Electric Company, Schenectady, N.Y. 

E. B. H.— E. B. Hudson. Senior General 
Engineer. American Rolling Mill Company, 
Middletown, O. 

E. B. He. — -Edward Butler Hodge. Re- 
search Chemist, Commercial Solvents Corp., 
Terre Haute, Ind. 

E. B. Hg. — Emanuel Benjamin Hersh- 
berg. Research Chemist, Schering Corpora- 
tion, Bloomfield, N.J. 

E. B. Hy.— -Ethel Browne Harvey. Inde- 
pendent Investigator, Department of Biology, 
Princeton University. 

E. Bn. — Eduard Bernstein. Editor, with 
August Bebel, of Sozialdemokrat. Authored 
Die V oraussetzungen des Sozialismus und die 
Aufgaben der Sozialdemokratie ; etc. 

E. B. N. — Evan Baillie Noel. Former 
Secretary of Queen’s Club, London, 

E. B. O. — E. B. Osborn. Former Literary 
Editor of the Morning Post , London Author 
of The New Elizabethans ; Our Debt to 
Greece and Rome ; The Middle Ages ; Socrates 
and His Friends; etc. 

E. B.Po.— -Sir Edward Bagnall Poulton. 
Hope Professor of Zoology in Oxford Univer- 
sity, 1893-1933. Author of The Colours of 
Animals; Essays on Evolution ; etc. 

E. Br. — Edward Breck. Former Foreign 
Co-respondent of The New York Herald and 
The * New Ycrk Times. Executive, History 
Section, U.S. Navy Department, 1919-22. 
Author of Sporting Guide; etc. 

E. Bra. — Erich Brandenburg. Former 
Lecturer in Philosophy and History at the 
Prussian Akademie der Wissenschaften, Ber- 

E. B. Rd. — Edwy B. Reid. Director of In- 
formation and Extension, Farm Credit Ad- 
ministration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 
Washington, D.C. 

E. Bs. — Elizabeth Brandeis. Lecturer in 
Economics, University of Wisconsin, Mad- 
ison, Wis. 

E. B. Sa. — Eleanor B. Sachs. Former As- 
sistant Curator, Metropolitan Museum of 
Art, New York, N.Y. 

E. B. T.— Sir Edward Burnett Tylor. 
Anthropologist. Author of Researches into the 
Early History of Mankind; Primitive Cul- 
ture; etc. 

E. B. V. V.— E. Burr Van Vleck. Former 
Professor of Mathematics, University of Wis- 
consin, Madison, Wis. Editor of Transactions 
of the American Mathematical Society. 

E. B. Wn. — Edwin Brayton Wilson. 
Executive Editor of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle , 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 

E. Bz. — Eirikur Benedikz. First Secretary, 
Icelandic Legation, London. Author of Ensk 
V erzlunarbref ; Enska 1 - 11 . 

E. C.-— Edward Channing. Former Pro- 
fessor of History, Harvard University. Au- 
thor of History 0} the United States; Town 
and Country Government in English Colonics 
of North America ; etc. 

E. Ca.— Emile Campiaerts. Former Pro- 
fessor of Belgian Studies and Institutions in 
the University of Lon^gn Author of Belgium , 
From the Roman Invasion to the Present 
Day ; New Belgian Poems; Albert of Belgium; 

E. Cas,— Egerton Castle. Formerly of 
Trinity College* Cambridge Author of Eng- 
lish Book Piaizs , Bibliotheca Dimicatoria ; etc. 

E. C. B.— Rt. Rev. Edward Cuthbert 
Butler. Abbot of Downside Abbey, Bath, 
England, 1906-22. 

E. C. Bn.— Edmund Charles Blunden. 
Author of Undertones of War; Shelley: A 
Life-Story; Shells by a Stream; After the 

E. C. Br.— Edward C. Bridgman. Presi- 
dent, Bridgman Publishers, Inc., Pelham, N.Y. 

E. C. Bu. — Eric C. Burkman. Secretary, 
United States Rubber Company, New York, 

E. C. Cr. — Elliott C. Carter. Associate 
in Music, Columbia University, New York, 

E. C. D. M. — E. Charles D. Marriage. 
Former Librarian, Nevada State Library, 
C^son City, Nev 

E. C. F.— Ernest Carroll Faust. Profes- 
sor of Parasitology, Head of Division, De- 
partment of Tropical Medicine and Public 
Health, Tulane University of Louisiana, New 
Orleans, La. Author of Human Helmin- 
thology; Clinical Parasitology. 

E. C. G.— Egerton C. Grey. Former Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry University of Cairo. Au- 
thor of Practical Chemistry by Micrometh- 
ods; etc. 

E. C. J.— Edward C. Johnson. Former 
Director of Research, Worsham College of 
Mortuary Science, Chicago, 111 . 

E. C. Kg.— -Edward C. King. Dean and 
Professor of Law, School of Law, University 
of Colorado, Boulder, Colo. Author of Future 
Interests in Colorado . 

E. C. Kl.— E. C. Kendall. Visiting Pro- 
fessor in Chemistry, Princeton University, 
Princeton, N.J. Author of Thyroxine. 

E. Cl. — E. Clouzot. Head of Secretarial De- 
partment, International Red Cross, Geneva, 

E. C. L. — E. C. Laidlay. Subeditor of The 
Fur World , London. 

E. Cn. — Emil Carlsen. Former member of 
National Academy of Design and of Institute 
of Art and Letters. 

E. C. of D. — Ellen Odette Desart, 
Countess Dowager of Desart. Former 
Senator, Irish Free State. Author of A Guide 
for Secretaries , Public and Private ; Style and 
Title (with Constance Hoster). 

E. C. Q.— Edmund Crosby Quiggin. For- 
mer Fellow of, and Lecturer in, Modern Lan- 
guages and Monro Lecturer in Celtic, Gon- 
ville and Caius College, Cambridge. 

E. Cr. — Ernst Cassirer. Former Professor 
of Philosophy and Rector of Hamburg Uni- 
versity, Hamburg, Ger. Author of Kants Le- 
ben und Lehre; Substanzbegriff und Funk - 
tionsh e griff ; etc. 

E. C. Ra.— Rev, E, C. Ratcliff e. Ely Pro- 
fessor of Divinity, Cambridge University, and 
Canon of Ely. 

E. C. Sd. — Edwin Colston Shepherd. 
Secretary- General, Air League of the British 
Empire. Author of Great Flights; The R.AJ ? . 

E. C. Ss. — E. C. Simmons. Associate Pro- 
fessor of Economics, Duke University, Dur- 
ham, N C. 

E. Cu.— Edmund Curtis. Lecky Professor 
of Modern History, University of Dublin, 
1939-43. Author of A History of Ireland; 

E. Cul.— Ely Culbertson. Author of Con- 
tract Bridge Red Book on Play; Contract 
Bridge Blue Book; etc. Editor, The Bridge 
World Magazine 

E. D. — Sir Edwin Deller. Former Prin- 
cipal, University of London, and University 
Extension Lecturer. 

E. Da.— Eloise Davison. Director, Herald 
Tribune Home Institute, New York, NY. 

E. D. A.— Edgar Douglas Adrian, M.D. 
Professor of Physiology in Cambridge Uni- 
versity, 1937- . Nobel Prize for Medicine, 
1932 Author of The Mechanism of Nervous 
Action; etc. 

Ed. B.— Edward Bower. Director, British 
Industries Fair, London. 

E. De. — -Ernest Dale. Economist, Amer- 
ican Management Association, New York, 

E. de W.- — Ernest De Weerth. Stage de- 
signer, Max Reinhardt Productions in Amer- 
ica, etc. 

Ed. G. — Edward Girden. Professor of 
Psychology, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Ed. M. — Eduard Meyer. Former Professor 
of Ancient History in the University of Ber- 
lin. Author of Geschichte des Altertums; etc. 

E. D. M. — Edward Barley Miller. Lieu- 
tenant Colonel. Author of Modern Polo; etc. 

E. D. Mac!. — Sir Edward Douglas Mac- 
Lagan. Governor of the Punjab, 1921-24. 
Lieutenant Governor, 1919-21. Former Presi- 
dent of Royal Asiatic Society. 

E. D. ML— Elmer Drew Merrill. Arnold 
Professor of Botany; former Administrator 
of Botanical collections and Director of 
Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University. Au- 
thor of Plantae Elmerianae Borneenses; Dis- 
cussion and Bibliography of Philippine Flow- 
ering Plants; etc. 

E. D. P. — Everett Dudley Plass, M.D. 
Former Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecol- 
ogy, State University of Iowa, Iowa City, la. 
Author of Obstetrics for Nurses. 

Ed. P. F. — Edward Paul Farrell. Student 
at the Dominican House of Studies, Wash- 
ington, D.C. Author of The Theology of Re- 
ligious Vocation. 

E. D. R. — Sir Edward Denison Ross. 
Director, School of Oriental Studies, London, 
and Professor of Persian in the University of 
London, 1916-37. Author of Eastern Art and 
Literature; The Persians; etc. 

E. D.-Ra. — Emilius C. Delme-Radcliffe. 
Lieutenant Colonel. Author of Falconry: 
Notes on the Falconidae used in India in 

E. D, T. J.— Evan David Thomas Jen- 
kins. Professor of Classics, University College 
of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1938-47. 

E. D. Ts. — Elbert Duncan Thomas. Sen- 
ator from Utah, 1933-51. Professor of Political 
Science, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 
I 924 - 33 - 

Ed. W.~~ Edward Pearson Warner. Pres- 
ident of the Council, International Civil 
Aviation Organization, Montreal, Canada. 
Author of The Aviation Handbook; Airplane 
Design . 

Ed. Ws. — Edward Wichers. Chief, Divi- 
sion of Chemistry, National Bureau of Stand- 
ards, U.S. Department of Commerce, Wash- 
ington D.Q. * * 

E. E.— Earl Franklin English. Dean of 
the Faculty, School of J - ir-c'/vr.. and Pro- 
fessor of ’curndlsn, c' Missouti, 

Columbia, Ko Author o: in Jour- 

nalistn; Introduction to* J oiqrnalistn Research 
Methods; co-author of SchUaHic Journalism 

E. EL A.- -Eugorc E.' Agger. Professor 
and r.eac M 're .epartmenfc V Economics 
and Director of Bureau of Economic and 
Business Research, Rutgers University^ New 
Brunswick, N J Author of The Budget in the 
American Commonwealth ; etc. 

E. E. B. —Edward E. Bennett. Professor 
of History and Political Science, Montana 
State University, Missoula, Mont. 

E. E. Bs.— -Sir Edward Ettingdene 
Bridges. Permanent Secretary to H.M. 
Treasury, London. 

E. E. C. — Elliott E. Cheatham. Professor 
of Law, Columbia University, New York, N Y 
Editor, Cases on the Legal Profession; co- 
editor, Cases on Conflict of Laws. 

E. E. De. — E. E. Dale. Research Profes- 
sor of History, University of'Oklahoma, Nor- 
man, Okla. Author of J'he Range Cattle In- 
dustry; Cow Country; etc. 

E. E. DeT. — Ernest E. BeTurk. Profes-^ 
sor of Soil Fertility, University of Illinois, 
Urbana, 111 . 

E. E. E. — E. E. Evans. Lecturer in Geog- 
raphy, University of Belfast, N.Ire. 

E. E. Es. — Everett Eugene Edwards. 
Agricultural ^Historian, Division of Statistical 
and Historical Research, Bureau of Agricul- 
tural Economics, U.S? Department of Agri- 
culture, Washington, D.C., 1927- . Editor 
of Agricultural History, 1931- . 

E. E. F. — Edward Elway Free. Consult- 
ing chemist and physicist. Lecturer on Out- 
lines of Science, New York University, 1926- 
34. Author of Pocket Guide+to Science. 

E. E. H. — Edward Everett Hale. Amer- 
ican writer. Author of The Man Without a 

E. E. He. — Edgar Erskine Hume, -M.D. 
Brigadier General, formerly with U.S. Army. 
Commanding Officer, Winter General Hos- 
pital, Topeka, Kan., 1942-43. Former Asso- 
ciate Editor, Annals of Medical History. 

E. E. K.—Edward Ernest Kellcttt. 
Former literary critic and author. Former 
Senior English Master, the Leys School, Cam- 
bridge, Eng. Author of Suggestions; Fashion 
in Literature; The Northern Saga; etc. 

E. E. L. — Edward Ernest Long. British 
journalist. * * 

E. En. — Edward Epstean, Former Treas- 
urer and Director, Walker Engraving Corpo- 
ration, New York, N.Y. 

E. E. R. — Edgar Eugene Robinson. Di- 
rector, Institute of American History, and 
Executive Head, Department of History, 
Stanford University, Stanford, Calif. Author 
of The Presidential Vote; The New United 
States; The Evolution of American Political 

E. E. S. — Edward Ernest Sikes. Former 
Fellow, President and Lecturer, St.^ John’s 
College, Cambridge. Newton Student at 
Athens, 1890. Editor of Aeschylus’ Prometheus 
Vinctus, 1898; The Homeric Hymns, 1904. 
Author of Anthropology of the Greeks; etc. 

E. E. Sh. — Eb£n E. Smith, M.D. Captain, 
Medical Corps, U.S. Navy, 1941- . Editor, 
US. Naval Medical Bulletin; Instructor in 
History of Medicine, US. Naval Medical 
School, Washington, D.C. 

E. E. SI.— Slosson. Author of Great 
American Univer sities; Snapshots oj Scftnce ts. 


E. E. Sm.— l£rne#c Ellsworth Smith, 

M. D. Forjnar s-rr:a!:*t :r. Experimental Med- 
icine and Cl^i.c.' A. 4 'C- 

E. T.— Ernest* Edgar Thum. Editor, 
Metal Progress /futfaor of Practice Book in 
Elementary MetaiCrgy ; Editor and Compiler 
of National Emergency Steels ; etc. 

E. E. Wa.—E. E. Ware. The Sberwin- 
Williams Company, Cleveland, O. 

E. E. Wi.— -Edwin Eliott Willoughby* 
Chief Bibliographer, The Folger Shakespeare 
Library, Washington, D.C., 1935- . Author 
of The Times and Books of William laggard; 
etc. f 

E. F. A.— Edwafd F. Albee. Former Pres- 
ident of the Keith-Albee Circuit, New York, 

N. Y. r 

E. F. Be. — E. F. Bullene. Major General, 
U.S. Army. Chief Chemical Officer, U S. De- 
partment of the Army, Washington, D C. 

E. F. B. G.— Elinor F. B. Grogan (Lady 
Grogan). Author of articles on Balkan sub- 
jects in the Nineteenth Century ; New Europe; 
etc. r 

r E. F. C. — E-Igcnc Francis Clark. Secre- 
r tary, Dv ..r >_ ’* College, Hanover, N H., 
1918-30. Former Editor, 150 Years of Dart- 
mouth College; Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, 

E. F. D.— Edward French Dow. Profes- 
sor of Government and Head of the Depart- 
ment of History and Government, University 
of Maine, Orono, Me. 

E. F. G.— Edwin Francis Gay. Professor 
of„ Economic History, H^vard University, 

: 924-3 6 Member of Research Staff, Hunting- 
ion Libiary, San Marino, Calif, 1936-46. 

E. F. H.— Eldred Frederick Hitchcock. 
Director Sisal Estates, Ltd., Bird and Com- 
pany (Africa), Ltd. During World War I, 
Government Wool Statistician and Deputy 
Director, Wool Textiles, War Office, London. 

E. FI. — Eugcn Fischer. Author of Kriegs - 
schuldfragc und Aussenpolitik and Holsteins 
grosses Nein. 

E. F. J.— Ernest Fraser Jacob. Chichele 
Professor of Modern History, Oxford Univer- 
sity. Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. 
Adthor of Essays in the Conciliar Epoch; 
Medieval Humanism and the Renaissance; 
The Register of Archbishop Henry Chichele . 

E. F, L. — Edward F. Law. Messrs. Riley, 
Harboyd and, Law, consulting metallurgists 
and chemists. 

r * 

E. F. La,- — Edward Frederick Lawson, 
4 th Baron Burnham. Major General. Di- 
rector of Public Relations in the War Office 
and 'Senior Military Advisor to Ministry of 
Information, 1942-45. 

E. F. M.-S. — Elizabeth F. Malcolm* 
Smith. Former Fellow of Newnham College, 

E. F. O.— Edwin F. Orlemann. Assistant 
Professor of Chemistry, University of Cali- 
fornia, Berkeley, Calif. 

3 . E. Ph. — Everett Franklin Phillips. 
Former Professor of Apiculture, Cornell 
University, Ithaca, N.Y. Author of Beekeep- 

E. Fr.— Edward Fuller. ^Compiler of In- 
ternational Handbook of Child Care and Pro- 
tection. Editor, The World's Children , Lon- 

B» F. R. — Eleanor F. Rathbone. Member 
of Parliament Gffid.) Combined English Uni- * 
^ersjtiesr, i929~/;6. 



E. F. Rg,— Edward F. D 

Assistant Professor of N. :: 

Medical School, Chicago, 111. Staff member, 
Michael Reese Fo«=™>pJ and Ml Sinai Hos- 
pital, Chicago. SV* - : - author, . Thera- 
peutics in Inlet 9 ?/ - / Arthritis and 

Allied Conditions. 

E. F. S.— Edward Falrbrother Strange. 
Lieutenant Colonel. Former Keeper of Wood- 
work, Victoria and Albeit Museum, London. 
Author of Chinese Lacquer; /lowers and 
Plants for Designers and Scnooh; etc. 

E. F. S. B.— Lady Dilke. Author of 
French Painters of the Eighteenth Century; 

E. F. W.— Eltinge Fowler Warner. 
Publisher, Field and Stream , New York, NY. 

E. F. Wn. — Edward Foss Wilson. Pres- 
ident, Wilson and Company, Inc, Chicago, 
111 ., 1934- . 

E. F. Wr.— Elizabeth Farrar Wecter. 
E. G.— Sir Edmund Gosse. Former As- 
sistant Librarian, British Museum, London 
Author of History of Eighteenth Century 
Literature; etc. 

E. Gar.— -E. Garcke. Former Managing 
Director of British Electric Traction Co., Ltd. 
Author of Manual of Electrical Undertaking; 

E. G. Bor.— Edwin Garrigues Boring. 
Professor of Psychology, Harvard Univer- 
sity. Author of History of Experimental Psy- 
chology; The Physical Dimensions of Con- 
sciousness; Co-editor of Psychology: A 
Factual Textbook; etc. 

E. G. Bow. — E. G. Bowen. Professor of 
Geography and Anthropology, University 
College of Wales, Aberystwyth. 

E. G. Br.— Elmer Grlmshaw Butler. 
Vice-President, the American Society of Zo- 
ologists, 1946. Professor of Zoology, Prince- 
ton University, 1937- . Chairman of De- 
partment of Biology, 1933- 

E. G. C. — E. Gladys Clarke. Former 
Principal of the National Training College 
of Domestic Subjects, London. 

E. G. Co.-— Ernest George Coker. For- 
mer Professor of Civil and Mechanical En- 
gineering, and Dean of the Faculty, Univer- 
sity of London. 

E. G. G. — E. G. Gardner. Former Pro- 
fessor of Italian at University College, Uni- 
versity of London. Author of Dante; Dante 
and the Mystics. 

E. . G. Gr. — Eugene Gifford Grace. 
Chairman and Director, Bethlehem Steel Cor- 
poration and Bethlehem Steel Company. 

E. G. H. — Earl Grant Harrison. Dean of 
the^ Law School and former Vice-President, 
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Practising lawyer. 

E. GL— Eric Gill. Sculptor and engraver. 
Author of Work and Property. 

E. G. K. — E. Gordon Keith. Associate 
Professor of Finance, Wharton School of 
Finance and Commerce, University of Penn- 
sylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

E. GL— Lord Edward Gleichen. Major 
General. Former Equerry to H.M. the King. 
Served in the South African War and in 
World War I. 

E. G. M. — Edwin. George Morgan. Lec- 
turer in English, University of Glasgow, Glas- 
gow, Scot. Translator of Beowulf . 

E. G. Me. — Elizabeth Glen McAllister. 
Member of the Executive, Town and Coun- 
try Planning Association, London. Co-author 
of Town and Country Planning; Joint Edi- 
tor of Homes,/ owns and Countryside . 


E. G. 'P.— Edwar^ Greydon Pickets. 
President, Specialized Instruments Corp , San 
Carlos, Calif 

E. Gr.— Ernest Arthur Gardner. Vice 
Chancellor of the University of London, 
1924-26 Foimer Yates Professor of Archae- 
ology, Umveisity College, University of Lon- 
don. Author of The Art of Greece. 

E. G. R. — Ernest George Ravenstein, 
Professor of Geography at Bedfoid College, 
University of London, 1882-83 Author of 
The Russians on the Amur; A Systematic 
Atlas; etc 

E. Gru.— Ernest Gruening, M.D, Gov- 
ernor of Alaska, 1939- * Chairman, Alaskan 
War Council Former Editor of the Nation; 
New York Evening Post; etc 

E. G. Rw.— Eugene George Rochow. 
Professor of Chemistry, Harvard University. 
Author of Chemistry of the Silicones ; Gen- 
eral Chemistry • a Topical Approach. 

E. G. W.— Ernest Glen Wever. Profes- 
sor of Psychology, Princeton University, 
Princeton, N J. 

E. H. — -Emil Hatschek. Lecturer on Col- 
loids at the Sr John Cass Technical Institute, 
London. AC.hnr c: Introduction to the His- 
tory of Colloids. 

E. H. A.— -Edmund Hugh Ashton. Di- 
rector, Native Administration, Bulawayo, 
Southern Rhodesia. Author of The Basuto. 

E. H. B.— Sir Edward Herbert Bun- 
bury. Author of A History of Ancient Geog- 
raphy; etc. 

E. H. Bn.— E. H. Baumgarten. Secre- 
tary, American Bowling Congress Author of 
Bowl — Here's How. 

E, H. C. — Ernest Hartley Coleridge. 
Editor of Byron's Poems; Letters o, Sa^.uel 
Taylor Coleridge; etc. 

E. Hd.— Edwin Haward. Secretary, India, 
Pakistan and Burma Association, London. 
Author of .4 Picture of India; etc. 

E. He.— Edouard Herriot. President of 
the French Chamber of Deputies, 1925, 1936 
and 1947- . Author of Madame Recamier et 
ses amis. 

E. Hea.— Edward Heawood. Librarian, 
Royal Geographical Society, 1901-34. Author 
of Geography of Africa; etc. 

E. Her.— Ernst Emil Herzfeld. Former 
Professor at Institute for Advanced Study, 
Princeton, N.J. Explorations and travels in 
Kurdistan, Constantinople, India, Syria, Tur- 
key, Persia, Afghanistan. 

E. H. G. — Emile Henry Gauvreau. Au- 
thor of What So Proudly We Hailed; My 
Last Million Readers; Billy Mitchell , Prophet 
Without Honor; etc. 

E. H. H. — E. Herman Hespelt. Professor 
of Spanish, New York University. 

E. H. He.— Ernest Herman Hahne. For- 
mer President, Miami University, Oxford, O. 

E. Hi.— Eva Hibbert. Assistant Lecturer 
in Applied Chemistry, University of Man- 
chester, England. 

E. Hir. — Emanuel Hirsch. Former Pro- 
fessor of Church History, University of 
Gottingen, Germany. 

E. H. Kd.— Earle Hesse Kennard. Phys- 
icist, U.S. Navy Dept., Washington, D.C. 
Professor of Physics, Cornell University, 
Ithaca, N.Y., 1927-46. Author of Kinetic 
Theory of Gases; etc. 

E. H. L. — Eugene Heitler Lehman. 
President, Highland Manor School and 
Junior College, West Long Beach, NJ Editor 
of Camps and Camping. Associate Editor of 
Camp Life. 

E. K. Ld.— Erwin ^Hugo Loefrenfeld. 
Solicitor of the Supreme Couit, Great Biitam 
Legal Adviser of Liechtenstein Govemmcnt 
Co-author of Recht der Siaatsangckorigkdt ; 
Der Zivilprocess in den Europmschen Staaten. 

E. H. M.— Sir Ellis Hovel! Minns. 
Former President and Professor of Archae- 
ology, Pembroke College, Cambridge Trans- 
lator and Editor of Bruckner’s Literary His- 
tory of Russia* Author of Scythians and 
Greeks; etc 

E. H. Mb. — -E. H. Macintosh. Member of 
the Sudan Political Service 

E. H. My.—Ear! Hamlet Myers. Ocean- 
ographer, Scripps Institution of Oceanogra- 
phy, La Jolla, Calif Co-author of Inverte- 
brates: The Protozoa ; etc. 

E. Hn. — Edward Hutton. Member of the 
Council of the British Institute of Florence, 
Italy Author of Italy and the Italians; Gio- 
vanni Boccaccio; etc. 

E. H. N.~~ Edgar Hugo Nollau. Former 
Staff Assistant, Chemical Division, E I. du 
Pont de Nemours and Company, Wil- 
mington, Del. 

EL Hoi. — Emory Holloway. Professor of 
English, Queens College, Brooklyn, NY., 
1939- . Author of Whitman: An Interpre- 
tation in Narrative. Editor of Leaves of 
Grass; etc. 

E. Hr.— -Edna Heibreder. Professor of 
Psychology, Wellesley CV-rcc, ” T ellesley, 
Mass. Author of Seven ? y ; etc. 

E. Hs. — Enr; quota Harris. Member of the 
staff, Yarbuig Institute. University of Lon- 
don. Author of Spanish Painting : the Prado . 

E. H. Sg.— -Edward Helmer Stromberg. 
Director of Publicity and Publications, North- 
western University, Evanston, 111 . 

E. H. St. — Ernest Haywood Swift. Pro- 
fessor of Analytical Chemistry, California 
Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif. 
Author of A System of Chemical Analysis; co- 
author of Qualitative Chemical Analysis. 

E. Hu. — -Edmund Husserl. Former Pro- 
fessor of Philosophy, University of Freiburg, 

E. H. W. — Egbert H. Walker. Assistant 
Curator, U.S. National Mu c eu™ Washing- 
ton, D.C Co-author of A /.• 

Eastern Asiatic Botany (with E D. Meirill). 

E. I. J.— E. Ibbetson James. Former 
member of the Secretariat, League of Na- 
tions, and International Labour Office, 
Geneva, Switz 

E. I. Je. — Eldon I. Jenne. Supervisor of 
Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 
Portland Public Schools, Portland, Ore. 

E. J. — Ernest Jones, M.D. President oi 
the International Psycho-Analytical Associa- 
tion. Honorary President of the Institute of 
Psycho-Analysis and the British Psycho- 
Analytical Society. Founder and former Editor 
of the International Library of Psycho- 

E. Ja. — Edgar Jadwin. Major General. 
Former Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army, 
Washington, D.C. 

E. J. B.— Edward John Bicknell, D.D. 
Professor of New Testament Exegesis, King’s 
College, University of London, ^ 1928-33. 
Author of A Theological Introduction to the 
Thirty-nine Articles ; etc. 

E. J. Bn. — Edgar John Bergen. Radio 
entertainer. Creator of comedy characters 
“Charlie McCarthy” and “Mortimer Snerd.” 
1 — B 

E. J. D.— J— ^ Dillon. Author 
ot Russian - - Maxim Gorky ; 

The Peace Conference * 

E. J. En,— Edward J. Engel. Former 
President, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe 
Railway Company. 

E. J. F.— Sir Edgar John Forsdyke. 
Director and Principal Librarian, British 
Museum, London, 1936- Editor of the 
Journal of Hellenic Studies , 1912-23 

E. J. K. — Ely Jacques Kahn. Architect 
for V S government housing projects. Author 
of Design in Art and Industry 

E. J. McM. — Edward Joseph Mc- 
Namara. 0 TT :gh School of Com- 

merce, Ncv . * . N Author of Methods 
of Teaching Shorthand; etc 

E. J. Mr.— Edward John Minser. 
Assistant Manager of Operations, Trans- 
World Airline. 

E. Jn.— Edna Jackson. Deputy Chief 
Nursing Officer, Ministry of Health, London 

E. J. N. W.— E. J. N. Wallis. Governor 
oi the Province of Khartoum, Anglo- 
Egyptian Sudan 

E. J. O.— Elder J. Olson. Associate Pro- 
fessor of English, The University of Chicago. 
Author of Thing oi Sorrow; The Cock of 
Heaven; General Prosody. 

E. J. P. — E. J. Passant. University Lec- 
turer in History and Fellow of Sidney Sus- 
sex College, Cambridge. 

E. J. Q. — E. J. Quirin. President, F. R. 
Harris, Incorporated, New York, N.Y. 

E. J. R. — Sir (Edward) John Russell. 
Director, Rothamsted Experimental Station, 

Harpenden, En ; Author of English 

Farming ; The . . the Soil; Soil Con- 

ditions and Plant Growth. Editor of Agricul- 
ture To-day and Tomorrow 

E. J. S. — Sir Edward James Salisbury. 
Director, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Eng. 
Authoi of The Living Garden ; The Repro- 
ductive Capacity of Plants. 

E. K. F.— Earl K. rtscfcfer. Former Head, 
Physical Chemistry Division, Institute of Tex- 
tile Technology , Charlottesville Va 


E. Kk.— Edward Kook. Sales Manager- 
Treasmcr, Century Lighti;%,^ Inc. Technical 
lighting consiStanl. ( 

E. Ku.—Eugene Kulisc^er. Demog- 
rapher, Library of Congress, Washington, 

D. C Author of Europe on the Mwe; The 
Displacement of Population in Europe . 

E. K. W.— E. K. Wade. Author of The 
Piper of Pax. 

E. La.— Eduard Laaman. Chief Editor of 
Vaba Maa (Estonian paper), 1923- . 
Directoi of the Press Bureau at the Estonian 
Ministry foi Foieign Affairs, 1920-24 

El. B. — Elizabeth Bacon. Ethnographic 
expeditions m Kazakstan, Iran and Afghan- 
istan Former Instructor, Far Eastern Depart- 
ment, University of Washington, Seattle, 

E. L. Bf.— Elias Lunn Bredsdorff. Uni- 
versity Lecturer in Danish, ^Cambridge Uni- 
versity Author of Danish Literature m Eng- 
lish Translation ; D II Lawrence , An Intro- 
duction to Scandinavian Liter at ute ; John 

E. L. D. — Edward L. Drew. Statistician, 
Tanners’ Council of America, Inc, New York, 

E. L. De.— Everette Lee DeGolyer. 
Senior partner, DeGolyer and MacNaughton, 
Dallas. Tex Consulting geologist and petro- 
leum engineer 

E. Le. — Emil Lederer. Former Professor, 
Faculty of Phllc^uhy , University of Heidel- 
berg, Germany Former Editor of Archiv 
fur Sozialwissenschaft und Sozialpolitik ; etc. 

E. L. F. — Ernest Louis Franklin. Former 
senior partner in the banking firm of Samuel 
Montagu and Company, Lohdon^ 

E. L. H.— Eardley Lancelot Holland, 
M.D. President of the Royal College of 
Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, 1943-46, 
Former Editor of Journal of Obstetrics and 
Gynaecology of British Empire 

E. J. Sz.— Edward J. Stieglitz, M.D. 
Consultant in Geriatiics, Veterans Administra- 
tion, Washington, D.C. Consulting Editor of 
Geriatrics Author of Abnormal Arterial Ten- 
sion; Arterial Hypertension; A Future for 
Preventive Medicine; The Second Forty 
Years ; editor of Geriatric Medicine 

E. J. T. — Edward J. Thomas. Translator, 
Vedic Hymns. Author of The Life of Buddha 
as Legend and History. 

E. J. W.— E. J. Walaszek. Research Fel- 
low, National Cancer Institute. 

E. J. Wg.—E. J. Working. Professor of 
Agricultural Economics, University of 
Illinois, Urbana, 111 . 

E. J. Wn. — E. John Workman. President, 
Director of Research and Development 
Division and Professor of Physics, New Mex- 
ico School of Mines, Socorro, N.M. Co-author 
of A Preliminary M the Elec- 
trical Structure oj , etc. 

E. K. — Ernst Kuhnel. Keeper of Islamic 
Art in the Berlin Museum Author of Minia- 
turmalerei im Islam; Maurische Kunst; etc. 

E. Ka. — Edward Kasner. Ad rain Pro- 
fessor of Mathematics, Columbia University. 
Author of New Names in Mathematics; etc. 

E. K. C. — Sir Edmund Kerchever 
Chambers. Author of The Mediaeval Stage; 
The Elizabethan Stage ; William Shakespeare ; 
etc. a 

El. Hn. — Ellsworth Huntington. Former 
Research Associate in Geography Ya’e Uni- 
versity Explorations and travels in Persia, 
India, China, Siberia, Asia Minor, Central 
America, etc. Author of Civilization and 
Climate; etc. 

E. L. Hs. — Ethel L. Hutchins. Head, Ref- 
erence Department, Cincinnati Pubhc Li- 
brary, Cincinnati. 0 * 

EL K. — Ethel Kawin. Director, Parent 
Education Project, and Research Associate, 
The University of Chic* no 0 f Children 

of Preschool Age; t r , • of Toys. 

E. L. Ka. — Edward L. Kropa. Research 
Chemist, American Cyanamid Company, 
Stamford, Conn. 

E. LI. — Edgar Lobel. Sublibrarian, 
Bodleian Library, Oxford. Reader in Papy- 
rology, Oxford University. 

E. L. M. — Rev. Edward L. Murphy, S.J. 
Professor of Ascetical Theology and Miss- 
iology, Weston College, Weston, Mass. 

E. L. Mn. — Edwin Lakenan Marvin. As- 
sociate Professor of Philosophy and Psychol- 
ogy, Montana "State University, Missoula, 

E. Lo. — Ellis Lovejoy. Research Director, 
Edward Orton Ceramic Foundation, Colum- 
bus, O,, 1933- . Author of Scumming and 
Efflorescence ; "Drying and n Burning (Hay 
Wares; Scum oh Cl#y Wares] etc. n ^ 


E. Lok.— T ex/- Lokey. Vice-President, 
New YorkrS^ock Exchange, New York, NY 

E V L. Po.— Edith Louise Potter, M.D. 
Arsociate Professor of Patholo;. D r ‘m * ' 

of Obstetrics and CLVnecolog} , - 
The University of Chicago, Chicago, 111 Au- 
thor of The I^mdamentals of Human Repro- 
duction; etc 

E. L. Pr.— E. L. Peffer. Chief, Capacity 
and Density Section, National Bureau of 
Standaids, U S Department of Commerces 
Washington, D C. 

E. L. Ru.—E. Leighton Fudo 7 nh. Asso- 
ciate Professor of English U x e* ; of 
Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark. Author of Con- 
federate Broadside Vene. 

E. L^.— Edith Lutyens. Designer and 
executor of costumes, New York, N Y. 

E. Lu — E. S. Lumsden. Painter and 
etcher Author of The Art of Etching; etc. 

E. Lud. — Emil Ludwig. Author of bi- 
ographies of Bismaick, William II, etc. 

E. L. W. — Ernest Llewellyn Wood- 
ward. Former Lecturer in Modern History 
r and Tutor at New College, Oxford. Author 
of War and Peace in Europe; etc 

E. MacN. — John Eoin MacNeill. Former 
Professor of Early History, University Col- 
lege, National University of Ireland, Dublin. 

E. Mar.— -Sir Edward Howard Marsh. 
Former Private Secretary to Winston 
Churchill. Author of Memoir of Rupert 
Brooke ; etc. 

E. M. B. — E. M. Brannon. Judge Advo- 
cate General of the U.S. Army, Washington, 

D. C 

E. M. Br. —Eliza Marian Butler. Emer- 
itus Professor, Cambridge University. Author 
of The Fortunes of Faust; Rainer Maria 
Rilke; The Tyranny of Greece Over Germany. 

E. McC. — Edward McCartan. Former 
Member of National Sculptors’ Society. 

E. M. C. D. — Edward M. C. Denny. Bar- 
rister-at-Law of Gray’s Inn and the Western 
Circuit, England. 

E. M. D. — Edwin Merrick Dodd. For- 
mer Professor of Law, Harvard University. 

E. Mey. — Emile Meyerson. Former Pro- 
fessor of Philosophy, Academic des Sciences 
Morales et Politiques, Institut de France, 

E. M. Ge. — -Esson M. Gale. Counsellor to 
Foreign Students and Director, International 
Center Umwrsit} of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 
Mich Editor, Journal of the Royal Asiatic 
Society, North China Branch, 1932-37. 

E. M. H.— Edward Mandell House. 
Colonel. Representative of the United States 
at the making of the Armistice, Versailles, 
1918 Co-editor, with Charles C. Seymour, 
of What Really Happened at Paris. 

E. M. H. L. — Edward Mayow Hastings 
Lloyd. Undersecretary, Ministry of Food, 
Great Britain Author of Experiments in 
State Control; Stabilisation. 


E. M. Ho. — Edward Morell Holmes. 
Former Curator of the Museum of the Phar- 
maceutical Society, London. 

E. M. Hw. — Elizabeth M. Halcrow. 
Arthn ist , Tow* Clerk’s Department, New- r 
upon Tyne, Eng.. 

E. M, L. M.— Smile Marie Loiris 
Madelin. Chairman of The Fiench Alliance 
of the United States and of Canada, 1907-08. 
Author of La BataiUe de Fiance; etc 

E. M. N. — Edward Max Nicholson. 
T Oxford Universitv Greenland 

.92 8 Author ol B>rds in Eng- 
land; How Birds Live; etc 

Em. O.— Emil Ort. Director of Research, 
Hercules Powder Company, Wilmington, Del 

E. Mor.— Elliott Morrill. Vice-President 
in Charge of Research, Rit Products Corpo- 
ration, Chicago, 111 . 

E. Mr.— Ernest M ^onseil juridique, 
Pans Author of commercial et 

Vordre public; Moyens de defense etvoiesde 
recours contre une sentence arbitrate etrangere . 

E. M. S.— Elmer M. Soles, O.D. Op- 
tometrist Director of Public Information, 
Ameiican Optometric Association. 

E. Mt. — Edward Myatt. Financial Jour- 
nalist Member of staff, Investors’ Chronicle. 

E. M. T.— Sir Edward Maunde Thomp- 
son. Director and Principal Librarian of the 
British Museum, 1888-1909 Author of Shake- 
speare’s Handwriting; etc. 

E. M. W. — Edmund Murton Walker. 
Professor, Invertebrate Zoology and Head of 
r>er)o»-trnf»r.f of Zoology, University of 
, , F 1 j.\. Royal Society of Canada. 

E. M. Wa.— Rev. Edward Mewburn 
Walker, Former Chaplain to the King; Pro- 
vost of Queen’s College, Oxford, 1930-33. 
Author of Greek History, Its Problems and 
Its Meaning; etc. 

E. N. da C. A. — Edward Neville da 
Costa Andrade. Quain Professor of Physics, 
University of London. Author of The Struc- 
ture of the Atom; etc. 

E. N. H. — Edmund Newton Harvey. 
H. F. Osburn Professor of Physiology, 
Princeton University. Vice-President, Marine 
Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass. 
Author of The Nature of Animal Light ; 
Living Light; etc. 

E. O. E. — E. O. Essig. Professor of Ento- 
mology, University of California ; Head of the 
Division of Entomology and Parasitology, 
California Agricultural Experiment Station. 
Author of Insects of Western North America ; 
College Entomology; etc. 

Eo. S. — Emilio Segre. Professor of 
Physics, University of California, Berkeley, 

E. 0 . S.— Elbert Orla Sowerwine. Vice- 
President, Anaconda Copper Mining Com- 
pany, New York, N.Y. 

E. Ow.— Ernest Ower. Author of The 
Measurement of Air Flow. 

E. P. — Edgar Prestage. Former Profes- 
sor of Portuguese Language, Literature and 
History, University of London. Former Edi- 
tor of Zurara’s Chronicle of Guinea ; etc. 
Author of D. Francisco Manuel de Mello in 
Hispanic Society’s Portuguese series; etc. 

E. Pa.— Eric Parker. Editor of “The 
English Scene” Series ; Editor in Chief of The 
Field, 1930-37. Author of Elements of Shoot- 
ing; etc. 

E. P. B. — E. Phillips Barker. Reader in 
Classics, University College, Nottingham, 

E. P. Bs. — E. Power Biggs. Concert, ra- 
dio and recording organist. Fellow of the 
Royal AcadCmy of Music, London. 

E. P. C.— Edwar^ Provan Cathcart, 
M D. Regius Professor oi Physiology, Uni- 
versity of Glasgow, Scotland, 1928-47 Mem- 
bei of War Cabinet Scientific Committee on 
Food Policy. 

E. P. Cii.— Ell wood P. Cubberley. For- 
mer Dean, School of Education, Stanford Uni- 
versity, Stanford, Calif Author of History 
of Education; Public School Administration ; 

E. P. F.— Ep^rsrm Porter Felt. Director 
and Chief Entomologist Bartlett Tree Re- 
search Laboratories, Stamford, Conn, 1928- 
43. Authoi of Plant Galls and Gall Makers , 

E. P. Ft.— Einar P. Flint, Chairman of the 

Ceramics and Minerals D * * ’ lour 

Research Foundation, . >. 0 f 

Technology, Chicago, 111. 

E. P. L.— Ernest Preston Lane. Pro- 
fessor of Mathematics, The University of 
Chicago Author of Projective Differential 
Geometry of Curves and Surfaces; etc. 

E. P. N.— Edwin P. Norwood. Author 
of The Other Side of the Circus; etc. 

E. Pu.— * Monsignor Enrico Pucci. 
Former Domestic Prelate to the Pope Former 
Editor, Corriere d’ Italia. Author of La Pace 
del Laterano. 

E. R. — Elihu Root. Former Member, 
Permanent Court of Arbitration at The 
Hague; Secretary of War in Cabinet of Presi- 
dent McKinley, 1809-7902 Secretary of 
State in Cabinet o* ?’ esicen. Theodore 
Roosevelt, 1905-09. Awarded Nobel Peace 
Prize, 1932. 

E. R. B.- — Edwyn Robert Be van. For- 
mer Honorary Fellow of New College, Ox- 
ford Lecturer on Hellenistic History and 
Literature at King’s College, University of 
London, 1922-33. Author of Later Greek 
Religion; A History of Egypt under the Ptole- 
maic Dynasty ; etc. 

E. R. Cn. — E. Richard Cohen. Physicist, 
Atomic Energy Research Department North 
American Aviation, Inc., Downey, Cam 

E. R. Cy. — Everett Ross Clinchy. Presi- 
dent, National Conference of Christians and 
Jews. Author of All in the Name of God; 
Handbook on Human Relations; Human Re- 
lations Centers; World We Want To Live In. 

E. R. E. — Edwin Rogers Embree. Former 
President, Julius Rosen wald Fund. Author of 
Brown America , The Story of a New Race; 
Color and Democracy ; etc. 

E. R. G. R. E.— Edward Ratcliffe Garth 
Russell Evans, 1st Baron Mountevans. 
Admiral, Royal Navy. Author of Keeping the 
Seas; South with Scott; etc. 

Er. H. — Eric Hutton. Writer and Editor, 
Toronto Star, Toronto, Can., 1929-46. 

E. Rh. — Ernest Rhys. Former Editor of 
“Everyman’s Library.” 

E. R. J. — Emory Richard Johnson. 
Professor of Transportation and Commerce, 
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 
Pa , 1902-50 Dean, Wharton School of 
Finance and Commerce, University of Penn- 
sylvania, 1919-33. Author of Inland Water- 
ways, Their Relation to Transportation; etc. 

E. RL — Elbert Russell. Former Dean, 
School of Religion, Duke University, Dur- 
ham, N.C. Author of T he Parables of Jesus ; 
The History of Quakerism; etc. 

E. R. L.—Edmond Ronald Leabh. Lec- 
turer in Anthropology, Cambridge University 
Author of Political stems of Highland 
Burma; Social Economic Organization of the 
Rowanduz Kurds. 

E. R. Ld.—E. R. Loveland. Executive 
Secretary, American College of Physicians. 

E. R. Lg.— Esmond Ray Long, M.D. 
Director, Henry Phipps Institute, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Director, Division of Research, 
National Tuberculosis Association Author of 
A History of Pathology. 

E. Ro.— Edward Robertson, D.D. Li- 
brarian, the John Rylands Library, Manches- 
ter, Eng. Piofessor of Semitic Languages and 
Literature, University of Manchester, Man- 
chester, Eng., 1934-45. Author of The Old 
Testament Problem . 

E. Row.— Eron Rowland (Mrs. Dunbar 
Rowland) . Consultant, Rowland Historical 
and Research Library, Jackson, Miss Author 
of Andrew Ja'ckson’s Campaign Against t\ie 
British; etc. 

E. R. Pe. — Elizabeth Robins Pennell. 
Author of Life of Mary W ollstoncraft , Feasts 
ofmAutolycus Co-author of Lithography and 

E. R. Pk. — Edson R. Peck. Associate Pro- 
fessor of Physics, Northwestern University, 
Evanston, 111. 

Er. S.— Eric Stone. Lecturer in History, 
Manchester University, Manchester, Eng. 

E. R. S. — Sir Edward Raymond Streat. 
Chairman, the Cotton Board, Manchester, 

E. R. T. — E. Raymond Turner. Professor 
of European History, The Johns Hopkins 
University, Baltimore, Md., 1925-29. Author 
of The Privy Council of England in the 
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. 

E. Ru. — Ernest Rutherford, 1st Baron 
Rutherford. Cavendish Professor of Experi- 
mental Physics and Director of Cavendish 
Laboratory, Cambridge University, 1919-37. 
Nobel Prize for Chemistry, 1908. 

E. S. — Edward Salmon. Honorary Editor 
oi United Empire , journal of Royal Empire 
Society, 1941-46, Editor, 1920-37. Author of 
Life of General Wolfe ; The Story of the 
Empire; etc. 

E. Sa. — Edward Sapir. Former Sterling 
Professor of Anthropology and General Lin- 
guistics, Yale University. Author of Lan- 
guage, an Introduction to the Study of 
Speech ; Time Perspective in Aboriginal 
American Culture; etc. 

E. S. B. — E. S. Bunn. Assistant Director 
of Research, Revere Copper and Brass Inc., 
Rome, N.Y, 

E. S. Ba. — Edson Sunderland Bastin. 
Former Chairman of the Department of Geol- 
ogy and Emeritus Piofessor of Economic 
Geology, The University of Chicago. 

E. S. Br. — -Edwin S. Baker. Executive 
Secretary, United States Lawn Tennis Associa- 
tion. Former Editor and Manege*-, Ainercin 
Lawn Tennis. Former Editor of Publications, 
National Electric Light Association. 

E. Sc. — Emil Schiirer. Former Professor 
of New Testament Exegesis in the Univer- 
sities of Giessen, Kiel and Gottingen. Author 
of Geschichte des judischen Volkes im Zeil- 
alter Jesu Christi. 

E. S. F. — Edward Sanborn French. 
President, Boston and Maine Railroad, and 
Maine Central Railroad Company. 

E. Sg.— Eugenie Strong. Member of 
Council of Hellenic Society, 1892-1943 As- 
sistant Director of the British School of Ar- 
chaeology m Rome, 1909-25 Author of Art m 
Ancient Rome (“Ars Una” Series) ; etc. 

E. S. G.— Eric Stanley Greenaway. Prin- 
cipal, Yorkshire Residential School foi the 
Deaf, Doncaster, Eng. Formerly editor of The 
Teacher of the Deaf. 

E. S. G. B. — E. S. Guzman Barron, M.D. 
Associate Professor of Biochemistry, The Uni- 
versity of Chicago Author of Modern Trends 
in Physiology and Biochemistry. 

E. S. Hr. — Ellwood Scott Harrar. P10- 
fessoi of Wood Technology, Duke Umvetsity 
Graduate School of Forestry, Durham, N C. 
Author of Forest Dendrology and Guide to 
Southern Trees. 

E. S. Hs. — Edwin Sherbon Hills. Pro- 
fessor of Geology and Mineralogy, University 
of Melbourne, Melbourne, Austr Author of 
Outlines of Structural Geology , Physiography 
of Victoria. 

E. S. Jn. — Earl Shepard Johnson. Pro- 
fessor of the Social Sciences, Division of the 
Social Sciences, The University of Chicago 

E. S. M. — Edwin S. Murphy. Member of 
the firm of Kirlrn, Campbell, Hickox and 
Keating, New York, N.Y. 

E. S. P.— Edward S. Prior. Slade Pro- 
fessor of Fine Arts, Cambridge University, 
1912-32 Author of Eight Chapters on Eng- 
lish Mediaeval Art; etc. 

E. S. R. — Edward Stanley Roscoe. 
Registrar of Prize Court, 1914; Official Law 
Reporter in Admiralty Court, 1883; Ad- 
miralty Registrar, 1904; Assessor, North Sea 
Enquiry, 1905. Author of Admiralty Law and 
Practice; etc. 

E. St. — Miss E. Stevenson. ^ 

Schools to the London County ( • 
mer Head Mistress of St. George’s School for 
Girls and St. George’s Training College for 
Secondary Women Teachers, Edinburgh, 

E. T. — Edward Tuthiil. Professor of 
History, Univeisity of Kentucky, Lexington, 
Ky., 1908-45. Author of Government of 

E. Ta. — Ethelred Taunton. Author of 
The English Black Monks of St. Benedict; 
History of the Jesuits in England . 

E. T. B. — Eric Temple Bell. Professor 
of Mathematics, California Institute of Tech- 
nology, Pasadena, Calif. Author of Men of 
Mathematics; etc. 

E. T. Be. — Elexious Thompson Bell, 
M.D. Professor and Head of the Department 
of Pathologv, the Medical School, University 
of Mmnojta Minneapolis, Minn Author of 
Te*' Boot z oj Pathology; Renal Diseases 

E. T. B. G. — Eric T. B. Gross. Professor 
of Electric Power Systems Engineering, Illi- 
nois Institute of Technology, Chicago, 111. 

E. Te. — Edward Teller. Professor of 
Physics, Institute for Nuclear Studies, The 
University of Chicago. 

E. T. F. C. — Sir Edward Thomas Fred- 
erick Crowe. Comptroller General of the 
British Department of Overseas Trade, 1928- 

E. Th. — Edward Thatcher. Former In- 
structor in Fine and Applied Arts, Teachers 
College, Columbia University. Author of 
Making Tin Can Toys. 

E. T. J. — E. Taylor Jones. Emeritus 
Professor of Natural Philosophy University 
of Glasgow, Scotland. Author of Theory 0} 
the Induction Coil ; etc. 

E. T. K.— Edward 1*. KAnedy. Coach of 
Swimming and Water Polo, Columbia Uni- 
versity. * ' 

E. Tr. — Ethel *Trum$tn. Bedford College, 

University of London. J* 


E. T. W.— Edward Tho.nas Waters. Asso- 
ciate Professor of Physiology, ^University of 
Toronto, Toronto, Ontario 

Et. W. B.— Ernest Watson Burgess. 
Professor of Sociology, The Umvj’.sity o: Chi- 
cago Author of The Family Fiom Institution 
to Ccm parlor 'hip ; Introduction to the Sci- 
enc- 0 * S r :.oi')gy 

E. T. Ws -.-Edgar Trevor Williams. 
Brigadier, British Army. -Fellow and Tutor, 
Balhol College, Oxford, 1947- * Chief In- 

telligence Officer, British 8th Army, 1942-43, 
and 2 1 st Army Group, 1943-45* 

E. Un. — Evelyn Underhill (Mrs. Stuart 
Moore). Former Fellow of King’s College, 
London Author of Mysticism , A Study in the 
Nature and Development of Man’s Spiritual 
Consciousness ; etc. r 

E. V. — Ethan VialLdField Editor of Motor 
Service Magazine. Former Editor in Chief 
and Special Correspondent of The American ^ 
Machinist. Author of Broaches and Broach- 
ing; Electiic Welding; etc. 

E. Va. — Emile Vandervelde. Minister of 
State in the Belgian Government, 1914-38. 
Author of Le Parti Ouvrier Beige (1885- 

1925) ; etc. ^ 

E. V. A. — Sir Edwurd Victor Appleton. 
Secretary, Department of Scientific and In- 
dustrial Research*, London, 1939- . Nobel 
Prize for Physics, 1947. 

E. V. C.*— Eugene Van Cleef. Professor of 
Geography and Professor of Business Organi- 
zation, Ohio State University, Columbus, O. 
Author of Geography for the Businessman , 
Getting into Foreign Trade ; etc. 

E. V. K. — Edmund George Valpy Knox. 
Editor of Punch , 1932-49. Author of Parodies 
Regained; etc. 

E. V. L.-— Edward Verrall Lucas. For- 
mer writer and Chairman of Methuen and 
Company, Publishers, London. Editor of an 
edition of the Works and Letters of Charles 
and Mary Lamb. Author of English Leaves; 

E. V. M. — Elmer Verner McCollum. 
Professor of Biochemistry, Schcol of Hygiene 
and Public Health, The Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, Baltimore, Md, 1917-44. Author of 
Foods , Nutrition and Health; etc. 

E. V. Mn. — Edward Victor Morgan. 
Professor of Economics, University College 
of Swansea, Swansea, Wales. Author of The 
Theory and Practice of Central Banking; The 
Conquest of Unemployment ; Studies in Brit- 
ish Financial Policy, 1014-25 

E. W.«— Edward Alexander Wester- 
marck. Former Professoi of Philosophy at 
the Academy of Abo, Finland; Professor of 
Sociology at the University of London, 1907- 
30 Author of A Short History of Marriage'; 

E. Wa. — Rev. Edmund Warre, D.D. 
Former Provost^ of Eton. Head Master of 
Eton College, 1804-1905, Author of Grammar 
of Rowing. 

E. W. Al. — Edward W. Allen. U S. Com- 
missioner and ^ Chairman, International 
Fisheries Commission U S Commissioner, In- 
ternational Pacific Salmon F’-sheries Comlnis- 
slon. Author ol N*rth Pacific. * * ^ 



E. W. An.— -Eawar& W. Axdson. Chief, 
Float Nr Section, Engineer Rc^eaich 

and Laboiatones, Ft Behcir, 

‘i r 

Ef. W. Bm.— Bjjc Walter Blom. Music 
Critic, Observe, London EdiCor of Grove's 
Dictionary of Music . Author of Mozmt, Mu- 
sic in England. 

E. W. B. N.— -Edward Williams Byron 
Nicholson. Former Librarian of the. Bod- 
leian Libi ary,* Oxford Authoi of Keltic Re- 
searches; etc. 

E. W. Bs.— Esther Willard Bates. Pro- 
fessor of Dramatic Ait, Rhode Island School 
of W’T-- ^ evidence, R I Author of The Art 
of .' t > ' ^ Pageants ; etc. 

E. W. Ch.— Edna Woolman Chase. 
Editor r in Chief, Vogue, New York, NY 

E. Wf. — Eugene Wolff. Former Ophthal- 
mic Surgeon, Royal Northern Hospital, Lon- 
don Former Surgeon, Loorfields, Westminster 
and Central Eye Hospital, London Author of 
Anatomy of the Eye and Orbit ; Diseases of 
the Eye . r 

E. W. G.— Edward William Golding. 
Head of Rural Electrification and Wind 
rPower Department, British Electrical and Al- 
lied Industries Research Association Author 
of Electrical Measurements and Measuring 
Instruments; Electrification of Agriculture 
and Rural Districts. 

E. W. G. M. — E. W. G. Masterman. 
Former Honorary Secretary, Palestine Ex- 
ploration Fund, London. 

E v W. Fid. — Edward William Herald. 
Research Section Head, RfcA Laboratories, 
Princeton, N J. 

E. W. He. — Edgar Wendell Hewson. 
Assistant Conti oiler, Research and Training 
Service, Meteorological Service of Canada, 
Toronto, Gan. 

E. W. Ht. — Edward Weston Hurst, 
M.D. Head of the Subdivision of Micro- 
organismal Research, Biological Department, 
Imperial Chemical (Pharmaceuticals) Ltd, 
Manchester, Eng. 

E. Wi. — Elizabeth Wiskemann. Writer 
on foreign affairs, London Author of Czechs 
ir-F Genian*; hety; The Rome-Berlin Axis ; 

U n declared War. 

E. W. L. — Ernest Walter Lindstrom. 
Professor and Head of Genetics Department 
and Vice-Dean of Graduate College, Iowa 
State College 'of Agriculture and Mechanical 
Arte, Ames, la. 

E. W. MacB. — Ernest William Mac- 
Bride. Former Professor of Zoology, Im- 
perial College of Science, South Kensington, 
London. Strathcona Professor of Zoology at 
McGill University, Montreal, Can., 1897- 
1909. Author of A Text Book of Zoology; 
Introduction to the Study of Heredity; etc. 

E. W. M. B.-M. — Evan Whyte Melville 
Balfour-Melville. Senior Lecturer in His- 
tory, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, 
Scot. Author of James /, King of Scots . 

E. Wn. — Edward Weston. Internation- 
ally known photographer. 

E. W. P. — Elbridge Woodman Palmer. 
President of Kingsport Press, Kingsport, 
Tenn , 1925-53. Former Associate Editor, 
Merriam Webster's Dictionary . Author of A 
Course of Bookbinding for Vocational 

E. W. P e.— Emmett W. Price. Assistant 
Head, Zoological Division, U S Bureau of 
^nlrpal industry, Department' of Agriculture. 

E. Wr.- Sir Edmund Whittaker. Herbert 
Spencer Lecturer, Oxford University, 1948- 
Author cf Modern 'Analysis; etc. 

E. W. S.—E. W. Sheppard. Directorate 
of Reciuiting and Organization, Wax Office, 

E. W. Sn.— Ernst V/. Swanson. Research 
economist, U S. Chamber of Commerce 

E. W. Sz.— Edwin William Schultz, 
M.D. Professor of Bacteriology and Experi- 
mental Pathology, School of Medicine, Stan- 
ford University, Stanford, Calif. 

E. Wt. — Edward Wagenknecht. Profes- 
sor of English, Boston University, Boston, 
Mass Author of Cavalcade of the Amencan 
Novel , Cavalcade of the English Novel. 

E. W. V.— Ernest W. Volkmann. Assist- 
ant Director of Research, Koppers Company, 
Inc , Pittsburgh, Pa. 

E. W. W. — Rev. Canon Edward Wil- 
liam Watson, D.D. Former Canon .of 
Christ Church College, Oxford, and Regius 
Professor of Ecclesiastical History in Oxford 

E. Wz.— Eugene Willihnganz. Director 
of Research, Gould-National Batteries, Inc., 
St. Paul, Minn. 

E. Y. — Ernest Young. Former Inspector 
of Anglo-Vernacular Schools, Siam. Author 
of A Peep at Siam; etc. 

E. Z.— Edwin Ziegfeld. Head, Depart- 
ment of Fine and Industrial Arts, Teachers 
CrP-'ic. Cckmbia University, New York, 
\ Y J ‘'o- of Art in Daily Living; Art 

E. Z. V. — Even Z. Vogt. Assistant pro- 
fessor of Social Anthropology, Department of 
Social Relations, Harvard University. Co- 
author of Navaho Means People. 

F. — Edmund George Fitzmaurice, 1st 
Baron Fitzmaurice. Chancellor, Duchy of 
Lancaster, with a seat in the Cabinet, 1908- 
09; Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, 1882- 
85 and 1905-08. 

F. A. B. — Francis Arthur Bather. For- 
mer Keeper, Department of Geology, British 
Museum (Natural History), London, 1924- 
28. Author of “Echinoderma” in Sir Edwin 
Ray Lankester’s A Treatise on Zoology; etc. 

F. A. Bh. — Frank A. Beach. Professor of 
Psychology, Yale University, 1946- . Chair- 
man and Curator. Department of Animal 
Behavior, The American Museum of Natural 
History, New York, N.Y., 1942-46. 

F. A. Bn. — Frank A. Brown, Jr* Pro- 
fessor of Zoology, Northwestern Univ., 
Evanston, 111. 

F. A. Co. — Francis Arthur Cockfield. 
Director of Statistics and Intelligence, Board 
of Inland Revenue, London. 

F. A. E. — Sir F. A. Eaton. Former Secre- 
tary to the Royal Academy. 

F. A. E. C. — F. A. E. Crew, M.D. Direc- 
tor, Institute of Animal Genetics, University 
of Edinburgh, Scot, 1921-44. Co-editor of 
the British Journal of Experimental Biology . 

F. A. F. — Frank Albert Fetter. Former 
Professor of Political Economy, Princeton 
University, Princeton, N.J. Author of Eco- 
nomic Principles; etc. 

F. A. G. — F. A. Gould. Senior Principal 
Scientific Officer, Metrology Division, Na- 
tional Physical Laboratory, Teddington, 

F. A. G. W. — Frederick Andrew Graves 
Willis. Rec^or^of Bagenalstown, Ire. 

F. A. I*.— Frederick A. Irving. Superin- 
tendent, U S Military Academy, West Point, 

F. A. Js,— Francis Arthur 
fessor of Physics, University 0. CT.Tlc. > 
Berkeley, Calif. Author of Fundamentals of 
Physical Optics. 

F. A. K.— -Forrest Alva Kingsbury. As- 
sociate Professor Emeritus, Department of 
Psychology, The University of Chicago Co- 
authoi of Psychological Tests in Business. 

F. Al. — Frederick Allemes. French ad- 

F. A. Lz.— Friedrich A. Lutz. Profes- 
sor, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switz Au- 
thor of The Theory of Investment of the Firm. 

F. A. M.— -Frank Anderson Merrick. 
Vice-Chairman, 1938-44, and President, 
1929-38, of Westinghouse Electric and Manu- 
facturing Company. 

F. A. McN.— -Frank A. Me Name e, Jr. 
Colonel, U S. Army. Deputy Director, Co- 
operative for American Remittances to Eu- 
rope, Inc. 

F. A. M. W.— Frederick Annesley 
Michael Webster. Former Editor, Playing 
Fields, London. Author of Why? The Science 
of Athletics; etc 

F. A. Ph.— Frederick Adolphus Paneth. 
Professor of Chemistry, University of Dur- 
ham, Durham, Eng 

F. A. R.— Frederic A. Russell. Profes- 
sor of Marketing, University of Illinois, 
Urbana, 111. Author of Management of the 
Sales Organization; Textbook of Salesman- 

F. A. S. — Fred A. Shannon. Professor of 
History, University of Illinois, Urbana, HI. 
Author of America's Economic Growth; The 
Farmer's Last Frontier; The Organization and 
Administration of the Union Army. 

F. A. Sw.— Frederick A. Sweet. Associate 
Curator of Painting, the Art Institute of Chi- 
cago, Chicago, 111. Author of George Bellows; 
The Hudson River School; co-author of 
Colony to Nation. 

F. B.— Francis Bickley. Editor of state 
papers for the Public Record Office and of 
reports for the Historical Manuscripts Com- 
mission, England 

F. B. L. — Fred B. Lautzenhiser. Consult- 
ing Engineer, International Harvester Com- 
pany, Chicago, III Author of The Motor 
Truck Manual; etc. 

F. B. M. — Sir Frederick Barton Mau- 
rice. Major General, formerly with British 
Army. Principal of Queen Mary College, Lon- 
don, 1933-44 Director of Military Opera- 
tions, Imperial General Staff, 1915-18. 

F. B. McC.‘ — F. B. McConnell. President, 
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Chicago, 111. 

F. B. Mn. — Frank Barron Morrison. 
Professor of Animal Husbandry and Animal 
Nutrition, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. 
Author of Feeds and Feeding. 

F. B. Mt. — Fred B. Millett. Olin Profes- 
sor of English Literature and Director of the 
Honors College, Wesleyan University, Middle- 
town, Conn. Author of Contemporary Amer- 
ican Authors; The Rebirth of Liberal Educa- 

F. B. My. — Francis B. Mahoney. Dis- 
trict Anthropologist, Palau District, Trust 
Territory of the Pacific Islands. 

F. Bn. — Sir Frank Brangwyn, Artist. 
President of Graphic Arts Society, England. 

F. Boo.— Franklin ^ Booth, Illustrator, 

F. Bra.— Frederick*?— ^ eeman 
of the Company of Cu rs - Eng- 

land. Author of History of Old Sheffield 
Plate; etc. 

F. B. Sr. —Francis B. Sumner. Former 
Professor of Biology, Scnpps Institution of 
Oceanography, University of California, La 
Jolla, Cal 1 : 

F. B. St.— Florence Barbara Seibert. As- 
sociate Professor of Biochemistry, Henry 
Phipps Institute, University of Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia, Pa 

F. B. T .—Frederick B. Tolies. Member 
of Permanent Research Group, Huntington 
Library, San Marino, Calif Author of Meeting 
House and Counting House: The Quaker Mer- 
chants of Colonial Philadelphia. 

F. Bn. — Fred Bullock. Former Secretary 
and Registrar, Royal College of Veterinary 
Surgeons, London Author of Handbook for 
Veterinary Surgeons; etc. 

F. Buc. — Francis Buckley. Author of 
History of Old English Glass; Old London 

F. B. W. — -Frank B. Willis. Former U.S. 
Senator from Ohio. 

F. B. Wy.— Francis Bowditch Wilby. 
Major General, U.S. Army (retired) Super- 
intendent, United States Military Academy, 
West Point, NY, 1942-45. 

F. C. — F. Clements. General Manager, the 
Park Gate Iron and Steel Company, Ltd., 
Rotherham, England. 

F. Ca. — Florian Cajori. Former Professor 
of History of Mathematics, University of 
California. Author of A History of Mathe- 
matics; etc. 

F. C. B.— - Francis Crawford Burkitt, 
D.D. Former Fellow of Trinity College, 
Cambridge. Norrisian Professor of Divinity 
in Cambridge University, 1905-35. 

F. C. Ba.— Frederic Charles Bartlett. 
Professor of Experimental Psychology, and 
Director of the Psychological Laboratory, 
Cambridge University. 

F. C. Bd. — Frederick Charles Brad- 
ford. Senior Horticulturist, Bureau of Plant 
Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering, 
U.S Department of Agriculture, Glenn Dale, 
Md. Co-author of Fundamentals of Fruit 
Production; etc. 

F. C. Bo. — Frank C. Bowen. Editor of 
Merchant Skips of the World. Author of The 
Golden Age of Sail; etc. 

F. C. Br.— Frederick Charles Bauer. 
Professor of Soil Fertility, University of Illi- 
nois, Urbana, 111. 

F. C. C. — Frederick Cornwallis Cony- 
beare. Former Fellow of University College, 
Oxford, and of the British Academy. Author 
of The Ancient Armenian Texts of Aristotle ; 

F. C. F. — Francis Cowles Frary. Director 
of Research, Aluminum Company of America, 
New Kensington, Pa. Co-author of The 
Aluminum Industry . 

F. C. H. — Frederic Clare Hawkes. Secre- 
tary, the Chartered Auctioneers’ and Estate 
Agents’ Institute, London. 

F. C. Kk^r— Frank Charles Kracek. Phys- 
ical Chemist, Geophysical Laboratory, Car- 
negie Institution of Washington, Washington, 

F. C. L.- — Frederick C. Lincoln. Assist- 
ant to the Director, Fish and Wildlife Serv- 
ice, U S. Department of fciie Intenor, Wash- 
ington, D C 

F. C. Mn. — Frank Charles Mann, M.B, 
Professor of E\ ' Medicine, Mayo 

Foundation, J - - c.-" of Minnesota, 
Rochester, Mmn 

P. # C. R. J.— Rev. Francis C. R. Jour- 
dam. Former Member qf the British Orni- 
thological Union, Former Honorary Fellow, 
American Ornithological Union. 

F. C. Sd.« — F. C. Steward. Research As- 
sociate in Botany, The University of Chicago, 
1945-48. Reader in Botany, University of 

F. C. Si.— -Frederick Cameron Sillar. 
Principal Assistant Secretary, Imperial War 
Graves Commission, London, Eng 

F. C. S. S. — Ferdinand Canning Scott 
Schiller. Former Fellow and Senior Tutor 
of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Authoi of 
Formal Logic ; Humanism; etc. 

F. Ct. — Frangois Marie-Joseph Crou- 
zet. Assistant a la Sorbonne, Paris University. 
Author of U Economic du Commonwealth 

F. C. Wh.— Frank Clifford Whitmore. 
Former Dean of the School of Chemistry and 
Physics, The Pennsylvania State College, 
State College, Pa. Author of Organic Chem- 
istry; Organic Compounds of Mercury. 

F. D. — Sir Frank Watson Dyson. As- 
ti onomer Royal of England, 1910-33. 

F. Da. — Frederick Dalgas. Managing Di- 
rector of The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain 

Fd. C. — Floyd Clymer. Publisher of books 
relating to automobiles, motorcycles and 
motor racing. Author of Treasury of Early 
American Automobiles . 

F. De. — Frank Debenham. Professor of 
Geography, Cambridge University, 1930- . 
Founder and Director of Scott Polar Research 
Institute, 1925-46. Former Editor, The Polar 

F. D. Sh.— F. D. Sm?th. Assistant Diiectoi, 
Dc\ elopment Department, Organic Chemicals 
Division, Monsanto Chemical C'oTSi. Louis, 
Mo. - ^ 

F. D. W.— Florence ^ah! Walrath. 
Founder and Managing I? .'rector, Cradle So- 
ciety, Evanston, 111. 

F. E.— Fritz Ernst. Professor of German 
Literature, Swiss Federal Institute “of Tech- 
nology. Professor of Comparative Literature, 
University of Zurich, Zurich, Switz. 

F@. C.«— Felix Cole. U.S. Minister to Ethi- 
opia, 1945-47. 

F. E. Ci.— Francis Edward Cislak. Direc- 
tor of Research, The Reilly Tar and Chemical 
Corporation, Indianapolis, Ind. 

F. E. D. — F. E. Drury. Former Principal, 
London County Council School of Building, 

F. E. F. — Felix Eugen Fritsch. Former 
Head of Department of Botany, Queen Mary 
College, London Author oi,An Introduction 
to the Study of Plants; etc. 

F. E. L.— Francis Ernest Lloyd. Emeri- 
tus Professor of Botany, McGill University,^ 
Montreal, Que Co-author of The Teaching' 
of Biology in the Secondary School (“Ameri- 
can Teachers Series”); Guayule , A Rubber 
Plant of the Chihuahuan Desert; etc. 

F. E. M. — F. E. Matthews. Former Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry at the Royal Indian Civil 
Engineering^College (Cooper’s Hill College), 
Egham, England. T 

F. E. Mn.— ■ -Francis Elmer McMahon. 
Associate Professor of Philosophy, The Uni- 
versity of Chicago. Former President, Ameri- 
can Catholic Philosophical Association, and 
Catholic Association for International Peace. 

F. E. S. J.— F. E. Skdne lames. Of 
Lincoln’s Inn. Barnstcr-at-Law. 

F. E. Wa.~— Rev. Frederick Edward 
Warren. Hon. Canon of Ely, 1906-1$. Au- 
thor of The Liturgy and Ritual of the Ante - 
Nicene Church; etc. 

F. De C.— Francis De Crue. Rector of the 
Universite de Geneve, Geneva, Switz., 1916- 
iS, Author of La guerre feodale de Geneve et 
Vestablissement de la Commune {1285-1320) ; 

F. D. G. — Frank D. Graham. Walker Pro- 
fessor of International Finance, Princeton 
University, 1930-49. Author of Protective 
Tariffs; etc. 

F. D. L. — Frank D. Lamb. Chief, Ore 
Dressing Section, U.S. Bureau of Mines, Col- 
lege Park, Md. 

F. D. N. — F. D. Nichol. Editor, Review 
and Herald , Washington, D.C. Author of The 
Midnight Cry; The Answer to Modern Reli- 
gious Thinking; etc. 

F. D. P. — Frederick Douglas Patterson. 
President, Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee In- 
stitute, Ala. Co-author of What the Negro 

F. D, Pe. — Francis Douglas Price. Dean, 
Fellow and Tutor, Kebie College, Oxford. 

F. D. R. — Frank Driver Reeve. Asso- 
ciate Professor of History, University of New 
Mexico, Albuquerque. Editor, New Mexico 
Historical Review . 

F. D. S. — Franklin D. Scott. Professor of 
History, Northwestern University, Evanston, 
111. Author, Bemadotte and the Fall of Na- 
poleon; etc. * 

F. E. Z.— Frederick Everard Zeraier. 
Professor of Environmental Archaeology, 
University of London. Author of Dating - the 
Past; The Pleistocene Period. 

F. F. — -Ferdinand Foch. Former Marshal 
of France. Commander in Chief of the Allied 
Armies in France, World War- I. Author of 
The Memoirs of Marshal Foch. 

F. F. Dg. — Frank Fraser Darling. Senior 
Lecturer in Geology and Conservation, Uni- 
versity of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scot. Au- 
thor of A Herd of Red Deer; Natural History 
in the Highlands and Islands . 

F.-F. Ds. — Fanny-Fern Davis. Acting 
Director, U.S. Golf Association Green Section. 

F. F. G. — Frank F. Grout. Visiting Pro- 
fessor of Geology, California Institute of Tech- 
nology, Pasadena, Calif. Author of Kemp’s 
Handbook of Rocks ; Petrography and Pe- 
trology . * 

F* FI. — Fred Fletcher. Sporting Depart- 
ment, New York Herald Tribune . 

F. F. Rx. — Frederick Ferdinand Rex. 
Librarian, Municipal Reference Library, Chi- 
cago, 111. Author of The Alderman’s Manual ; 
The Mayors of the City of Chicago from 
March 4 , 1837, 1 ° April 13 } 1933. 

F. G. — Fr«tnk Gahan. Editor of tenth-edi- 
tion, Mayne’s Treatise on damages/ - 

Former Tecnpicai Consul Uni, Rcsearcii Cor- 
poration, STefy York, NY Consulting Chem- 
ist, Bureau Oj Plant Industry, 1940-43, Bu- 
rflu of Chemistry sTnd Soils, 1930-40, U S. 
Dept of AgnqultCie • r 

F. G. H. — Sir Frederick Gowland Bop- 
kins, Hon. M.D. Professor of Biochemistiv 
m Camb/d;; University, 1914, Sir William 
Du-:'". 3 1921-43. Nobel Prize for 

Medicine, 1929. 

F. G. H. T.—Francis G. H. Tate. First 
Class Chemist, British Government Chemist’s 
Department, London. 

F. G. M. — Frank Grant Menke. Author 
of Encyclopedia of Sports; Down the Stretch; 

F. G* M. B. — Frederick George Mee- 
son Beck. Former Fellow and Lecturer of 
Claie College, Cambridge 

F. G. Me. — F. G Merkie. Professor of 
Sods, Pennsylvania State College, State Col- 
lege. Pa 

F. G. P. — Frederick Gymer Parsons. 
Fo.mer Research Fdiow m Anthropology, 
St Thomas's Hospital, London 

r F. G. U. — F. G. Underkay. Editor of the 
Official Report s of Patent, Desert and Tradt- 
Maik Case* Editor of Ktrly l*V t id* Marks 

F. G. W. — Francis Graham Wilson. Pro- 
fessoi of Political Science, University of Illi- 
nois, Urbana, 111 Author of The Elements of 
Modern Politics , etc. 

F. H.- — Fred Horner. Consulting engineer 
Contributor to The Times r Enguieenng Sup- 
plement, London, Engineering , etc 

F. Ha. — Francis Harper. Research As- 
sociate, John Bartram Association, and of the 
Morris Arboretum, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, Philadelphia, Pa 

F. H. A. M. — Francis Hugh Adam Mar- 
shall. Reader in AjrriruPriP 1 Physiology, 
1919-43, and Dean, 1926-36, Christ’s College, 
Cambridge. Author of The Physiology of Re- 
production; etc. 

F. H. An. — Frederick Harold Allen, 
M.D. Medical Director, ^ri.Ybib-a Cr.K 
Guidance Clinic, Phdad? lr R,n, ? • : > 

Professor of Psychic *.r: L ..*• ; of Penn- 

sylvania , Philadelphia. Author of Psycho- 
therapy with Children. 

F. Har. — Frederic Harrison. Author of 
De Senectute; Life of Ruskin ; etc. 

F. H. r B. — Francis H. Butler. Associate 
of the Royal School of Mines, Imperial Col- 
lege of Science and Technology, University of 

F. H. Br. — Sir Frank Herbert Brown. 
On the Editorial Staff of The Times , London. 
Former Editor of the Indian Daily Telegraph . 

F. H. C. — Fred Herbert Colvin. Con- 
sultant, U S Navy Bureau of Aeronautics. 
Emeritus Editor, American Machinist Co- 
author of American Machinists 3 Handbook; 
Aircraft Handbook; etc 

F. Hd. — Frank Lloyd Hopwood. Former 
Yice-Btan, Professor of Physics, St Baitholo- 
fhevris Hospital Medical College, University 
of London. 

F. H. X>. — Francis H. Dowley. Assistant 
Professor, Department of Art, The University 
of Chicago. * 

F. He. — Friedrich Hempelmann. For- 
mer Professor of Zoology, University of Leip- 
zig, Germany 

F. Hed. — Frank Hedley. Foimer Presi- 
dent and General Manager, Iiyic* borough Ra- 
frafisit Company, N$w York, N.Y. 

/ . 

ji.orir.ei Eoicor m 

F. H. Ha.— Frederick Henry Hatch. 
Former President, Institute of Mining and 
Metallurgy, London Author of The Iron and 
Steel of the V K. under War Conditions ; etc 

F. H. K.- — Frank Hyneman Knight. Pro- 
fessor of Social Sciences and of Philosophy, 
The University of Chicago. Author of Risk, 
Uncertainty and Profit; The Economic Order 
and Religion; etc. 

F. H. Kn. — Frank Hammond Krusen, 
M.D. Head of Section on Physical Medicine, 
Mayo Cimic. Rochester, Minn Professor of 
Physical Medicine, Mayo Foundation of the 
University of Minnesota. M^rcaoNis. Minn. 
Co-author of Physical ■ Piastre 

F. H. M. — Frederick Henry Marshall. 
Koraes Professor of Modern Greek and By- 
zanhre History, language and Lite 1 at- rc, 
King’s College, University of London. 

F. How. — F. Ho vvarth. Lecture: in Bot- 
any, Imperial College of Science and Tech- 
nology, University of London. 

F. H. P. — Frederick Henry Pollard. 
Senior Lectaicr in Inorganic Chemistry, Uni- 
versity of Bristol, Biistol. Eng 

F. Hr — Friedrich Hrozny. Former Pro- 
fessor of Cuneiform Writing and History of 
the Ancient Orient, Charles UrmeisAy, 
Prague, Czech Conducted excavations a 1 
Cheikfc-Saad, Tell-Erfad and Kultepe Author 
of Das Getreide im Alton Babylomen Editor 
0 1 and Archro Oriental, u. 

F. Hs. — Fritz Haas. Curator of Low2r In- 
vertebrates, Chicago Natural History Mu- 
seum, Chicago, III, 1939- 
F. H. S. — Frederick Hanley Scares. Re- 
search Associate of Mount Wilson Obseiva- 
tory of Carnegie Institution, Washington, 
D C , 1940-46 Author of Practical Astronomy 
for Engineers; etc Collaborating Editor, 
Astro physical Journal. 

F. H. SI. — Frank Harvey Snoxell. As- 
sistant Editor, The Motor Boat and Yachting. 
Author of Motor Boating; co-author of The 
Motor Beat and Yachting Manual 

F, H. Sp. — Frank Harold Spedding. 
Professor of Chemistry and Physics and 
Directoi of the Institute for Atomic Re- 
search, Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa, 
X942- Membei, Board of Governors, Ar- 
gonne National Laboratory, Chicago, Illi- 

F. Hu.— Francis _Hueffer. Former Mu- 
sical Critic of The Times, London, and Editor 
of Great Musicians Author of Richard Wag- 
ner and the Music of the Future. 

F. H. Wr. — Frank Henry Westheimer. 
Professor of Chemistry, The University of 

F. I. W. — F. I. Watson. Sports Editor of 
The Field, London 

F. J. A. — Frederick J. Adams. Professor 
and Plead of the Department of City and 
Regional Planning, Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 

F. J. B. — Frank John Bruno. Professor 
of Applied Sociology and Chairman of the 
Department of Social Work, Washington Uni- 
versity, St. Louis, Mo. Consulting Editor, 
Social Science A. bs tracts; Encyclopedia of So- 
cial Sciences. 

F. J. B. W. — Francis John Bagott Wat- 
son. Assistant Director, Wallace Collection, 
London Assistant Surveyor of the Queen’s 
Works of Art. Author of Canaletto; Cata- 
logue of FufmUtre . 

P. John Cievetc 

' 3 e.-j._- Meaag-r, si Western Rail- 
way, London, 1921-2^9. 

F. J. D.—» F. J. Drover. Engine:’' Cactrrir 
Royal Navy. Author of Marine *.* 

Practice; etc 

F. J. G. Du.— Frank J. G. Duck. Of the 
Worthington Pump and Machinery Corpor- 
ation, New Jeisey Co-author of na. op- 
tion of Coal Aimer 3 s Handbook. 

F. J. H.— Francis John HaverReld. For- 
mer Camden Professor of Ancient History, 
Oxford University. 

F. J. H. D. — F. J. Harvey Darton. Some- 
time Scholar of St John’s College, Oxford. 

F. J. H. M.— Hon. Frederick James 
Hamilton Merrill. Consulting geologist 
and mining engineer State Geologist of New 
York. 1899-iooj Author of Reports of New 
Jersey and New York Geological Survey 4 , 

F. J. Hn. — Frederics J. Hoffman. Asso- 
ciate Professor of English, University of 
Wisconsin Madison Wis Author of Freud- 
iamsm and tk > Lne . v y Mind; co-autnor m 
The L'Pii Magazine & 

r. 7 . Hu. — F. J. Haalestcn. Former Li- 
brarian, Y« T ai Office London. 

F j . M. — Frees J. Miller. Author of Amer - 
?ca,r 5 rc ' 3 “ ro P? an Machinery Abroad. For- 
me- Euiior American Machinist 

F. J. JMcC.— -Francis John McConnell, 
D D. Fcrmei Senior Bishop or die Method: 5 1 
Episcopal Church Author of The Diviner 
I n.ranencc; etc. 

F. J. Mn. — Frederick Justin Mann. Gj 
canization and Methods Examiner, Bureau jf 
Security and Consular Affairs, US Depart- 
ment of State, Washington, D C. Co-author of 
Creation of Rights of Sovereignty Through 
Sjmbohc Alls i^oq-z2og. 

F. j. N. — Frederic. " J. North. Keeper of 
the Department of Geology, Nanonai Mu- 
seum of Wales Cardiff 

F* J. O . — Frances JenKins Olcott. Or- 
ganizer and former Director of Training 
School for Childien’s Librarians, Carnegie 
Library, Pittsburgh, Pa. Author of The 
Children f s Reading; etc. 

F. J. P. — F. J Petri John. Professor of 
Geology, The Johns Hopkins University. Bal- 
timore, Md. Author of Sedimentary Rocks. 

F._J. S.— Frederick J. Stevenson. Gene- 
ticist, Bureau of Plant Industry. Soils, and 
Agricultural Engineering, U S. Department 
ot Agriculture. 

F. J. Se. — Frederick J. Stare, M.D. Pro- 
fessor and Chairman of the Department of 
Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, 
Boston, Mass 

F. J. Sr. — Fred Jay Seaver. Head Cura- 
tor, New York Botanical Gardens. Editor 
of Mycologpa, official organ of Mycologica! 
Society of America. 

F. J. T. — Frederick Jackson Turner. 
Former Professor of History, Harvard Uni- 
versity. Author of Rise of the New West; etc. 

F. J. W. — Frank John Wilson. Chief, 
U S. Secret Service, Treasury Department. 
Washington, D C , 1936-46. 

F. K. — Friedrich Wilhelm Eduard 
Keutgen. Former Professor of History, Uni- 
versity of Hamburg, Ger. Author of Die 
Hanse und England im 14 J ahrhundert ; etc. 

F. K. B. — Frederic K. Brown. Author 
of The Playtime Guide Book ; etc. 

jF„ K.S.— F-crence ey. r crmLr Scae- 

i£.r-, T JS Boca a of Control of Labor Star cl- 
arets for Army Clothir^ Author o: 3Iodt~'i 
industry r o: Fo'i of Cl o die i^rc) > test a, e 

Fk. R. Tvf — 7 : auk Res: Mayo. Research 
CneniSt, General Laboratories, United Stales 
Robber Company Pabsaie, N J 

F. L — Frances -L I £1* s- Associate Curator, 
Department of end Modern AC, 
Metropo'itan Museum o£ Art. New Yor>c, 

F. L. A. — Fred Lyman Adair, M.D. 
Mary Carrpau R > erson Profe^oi Euientas 
o: Obstetrics and Gynaecology, The umve-si'y 
of Chicago 

F. L. 3 . — Francis L. Birch. Attached to 
the Foreign Off.ce, London Former Lecturer 
in History, Cambridge University. 

F. L. Be — Frederick Lincoln Browne. 
Chemist Foie-t Products Laboratoxy. Forest 
Se-rice, U S Department of Agucuituie, 
Madison, Wis Co-author cf Casein and hi 
hJduiti ml Applications. 

F. L. D. — Fred L. Dendy. Former Pio- 
icssor ot Public Sneaking and Director of 
Dramatics, Daviason College. Da\idson, N C. 

F. L. Sa. — Frank L. Earnshaw. Bureau 
ot Biological Survey, Department of Agit- 
cultuie, Washington, DC 

F. L. G. — Florence Laura Goodenough. 
Emeritus Research Pi ofessor, Institute of 
Child Welfare, University of Minnesota, Min- 
neapolis, Minn Anther of Anger m Young 
Children; Developmental Psy etiology , etc. 

F. L. K. — Francis Lawrence Kent. Li- 
brarian, University of Bristol, Bristol, Eng, 

F. L. Kg. — Frank L. King. Executive Sec- 
retary, Fountain Pen and Mechanical Pencil 
Manufacturers’ Association. 

F. L. L. — Lady Lugard (Flora). Foimer 
Head of Colonial Department: of The Times , 
London. .Author cf A Topical Dependency . 

F. LI. G.— Francis Llewellyn Griffith. 
Formei Professor and Reader in Egyptology, 
Oxford University. Former Editor ct the Arch- 
aeological Swvey and Archaeological Reports 
of the Egvpt Exploration Fund .Author of 
The Nubian Texts of the Christian Period; 

F. L, Mr. — Frank Luther Mott. _ Dean, 
School of Journalism, University of Missouri, 
Columbia, Mo Author of American Jour- 
nalism . 

F. L. P.— Frederic Logan Paxson. For- 
mer Margaret Byrne Professor of History, 
U"* . ‘ " California .Author of History 

t ' ■ " Frontier; etc. 

F. Lr. — Friedrich Lemmer. Economic 
Correspondent in Bonn, Ger., of the Easier 
N ackrickten. 

F. L. S. — Frederick Lewis Schuman. 
Woodrow Wilson Professor of Government, 
Williams College, Wilhamstown, Mass. Author 
of Germany sines iqi 8; The Nazi Dictator- 
ship; etc. Co-author of Design jor Power. 

F. L. We. — Fred Lawrence Whipple. 
Associate Professor, Harvard University. 
Author of Earth , Moon and Planets 

F. M.— -Sir Francis Meyneil. Author of 
The Typography of Newspaper Advertise- 

F. Mac. — Fitzroy Maclean. Member of 
Parliament for Lancaster, Eng. 

F. LI. Sz. — Fra r-c i.iaciarla'ie £ 

M.D. D.recDr Y/a J t*_. e~,I F izi L7’ Zn- 
stnuie cl Mci-ui a\~h He'ooi'-oe, 

A list r Rc-jl. d-n e.'ior n Ex\. u .ccnUi v,’ Me bourne. Mel- 

bourne, rvuslr A. id ex "■ 3 c f'+tCG .hpec-s 
of hi fee i ji J D: e-.'C , r i o ' G/g("ns /. 

5. X. C. — Frederick X ,'Rc g Hern”) 
Clancy. Aa.hoi ol 1 at Ro . dap, Stampses 
aid Cowboy Spons G.^de 

F. LI. Cr. — ?. Mb Ca-psnter. ProfcSiO. of 
Salome log \ Agamic LrMe so: of ZooIo;y 
and Curator of Fosci: Insects-, Mu-eum of 
Comma 'aLve Zooloaj Harvard Urn . ersuy. 

F. IvL. Du. — F. Martin Duncan. Former 
Librarian o: the Zoological Society of London. 

F. M. F. — F i anKiin Maruey Foote, M.D. 
Executive B.rcctor, Ndtuna. Society :oi the 
Prevention of B’indncs* 

7 . M. Kg. — Felix M. H^Lssor 

arnl Executive Hcaa o' M >' of 

Sociology and AnihrcycDgj ord Uni-, Stanford, Ca-'if Authoi of Native 
Peoples or the Pacific World ; The South Sea s 
m the Modtrto Wo. Id, etc. 

F M. M — Fritz Morsrei n Marx. Staff As- 
sistant, Office o f t**L Birec.o: Bureau o» the 
Budget, E’.ucuti' e Office ol tne Pic-irknc, 
Washing! x;n, DC Lecti ier on PohUcal Sci- 
ence, American and Howard Universities, 
Washington, D C 

F Mr..-— Frank Morgan. Ac f or, stage and 
mo ion picture* 

F. Mo. — Frances Morris, Associate Cura- 
tor Department of Decorative Art, Metro- 
politan Museum of Art, New York, NY - Vice- 
PresiGent of the Needle and Bobbin Club 

F. M. P.— Sir Frederick Maurice 
Powicke. Rcgiua Professor of Modern His- 
toiy, Oxford University, 1928-0.7 Honorary 
Fellow of Merton College, Oxfoid and of 
Balliol College Authci of Th* Loss of Nor- 
mandy; Stephen Langlor , etc 

F. M. Rn. — Francis Minot Rackemann, 
M.D. Physician Massachusetts Geneia* Hos- 
pital, Boston, Mass Author of Chm:al Al- 
lergy PaUiculaily Hay Fever and Asthma 

F. M. S. — Sir Frank Merry S teuton. 
Former Professor of Model r Histoty and 
Vice-Chancellor, University of Reading Read- 
ing, Eng Authoi of The Danes m England; 

F. M. Se.— Frank Mary! Selzler. Head 
Curatoi, Department of Anthropology, U.S. 
National Museum, Washington, D C. 

F. M. T. — Frank M. Tatnagna. Econo- 
mist, Federal Reserve Bank of New York. 
New York. N.Y Author of Italy's inlet ests 
and Policies in the Fay East; Baiikmg and 
Finance in China; etc. 

F. M. T. B.—F. M. T. Bohl, D.D. Rector 
of the University of Gioningen, 1974-25 

F. Mu. — Frank Murphy. Former Associate 
Justice, U.S. Supieme Court 

F. N.— -Frank Nasmith. Of the Universal 
Winding Company, Manchester, England. 

F. Na. — Fridtjof Nansen. Arctic explorer. 
Former Professor of Oceanography. Oslo 
University. Minister for Norwav at the Court 
of St James’s, 1906-08 Nobel Peace Prize. 
1921-22. Author of Armenia and the Near- 

F. N, F. — Frank Nugent Freeman. Pro- 
fessoi of Educational Psychology and Dean, 
School of Education, University of California, 
Berkeley Cilif .Audio, c: Visual Education; 
etc. _ * % 

7 . N H. — Frank* Xefrmar: Y owes. 
X n 2 it , Museums of Economic J^ocn.v ^ aj} a. 
2 -bj.r : :c Careens. New, E*vc Ac. i®. ol Lvt:, 

P ' t ’ ?* 7 / 1 cgei ps e 'i i'. a .( 

Resms, V 1 ■ - 1 •- -...g Jivet-ah. \ 

F. ;r M.— at? rede rlc La&.sch Ka-ce 
Ccuonel Au: nor of Cavalry, h > Past ana, 

F r a'e , cl volition or Shaggy ('•let idaCd :rto 
German) , War 2'td the fv oild's * Cam- 
paign of Leipzig; etc. 

F. No.— Francis Benedict Vincent 
Norris. Badris ter-at-Lavv, Lmccin’s *nn, 

F. N. Fredus Neison Peters, Jr. 
Director cf Research, Quaker Oa‘s Company, 
Crmaco. Ill * 9 

F. O. B — Frederick Grpen Bower. 
Foroxer Professor ol Botan», UmveisAy ol 
Glasgow, Scot .Author 0: The Otig.n of a 
Lana Flora, S'Xty Yeats of Bo* ah y m Britain; 

F. O. K. — Frances Oldham Kelsey, M.D. 
Co-auLhoi 0: E^cntiuh of Phc/tnacology. 

F. O. W. — F. O. V/aage.* Profeasor 01 tbc 
Histoiy of \ A ar- J ’.'--r’og' end Chair- 
man ot the !)■;. ' -X , Aits. Cornell 

Cn: vers: tv , Ithaca, NY Auihoi of Excava- 
tions at Antioch-on-the-Ot antes, vol. iv,*® 
part 1 

F. P. — Frank Podmore. Author of Studies 
in Psychical Research; Modern SpiDtuaLsn , 

F. P. C. — Frank P. Cullinan. Assistant 
Chief of tmfBuieau of Plant Industry, Soils, 
and Agricultural Engine enng, tVastungton, 
DC ' @ 

F. P. D — Francis P. Duffy. Pi ofessor of 
Logic and M -.’C', St Joseph’s Semi- 
nary, New ’■ : ■ \ i . 

F. P. Do — F. P. Dorizzi. Director of 
George Rovvney and Company*, Ltd. and 
Works Manager of Malden Penal Work*, 

F. P. F. — Francis Peloubet Farquhar. 
Author of Place Names in the High Sifrra 

F. Pn.— Florence Peterson. Professor of 
Economics, Rollins College. Winter Park, Fla. 
Author of Survey of Labor Economics. 

F. Po.— -Rt. Hon. Sir Frederick Pollo-ck. 
Former Judge of Admiralty Court of Cinque 
Peris, Editor of Law Report'., 1895-1935; 
Corpus Piofessor of Jurisprudence, Gx:o-d 
University, 1883-1903 Author cf Principles 
of Contract; e ic. 

F. P. R. — Frank Plump ton Ramsey. 
University Lectuicr in Mathematics and Fel- 
low of King’s College, Cambridge 

F. P. S. — Frederick Peter Siehel, jr. 
President. J E. Siebel Sons’ Company, Inc 
Chicago, III Former President, the American 
Society of Brewing Chemists 

F. P. T. — Frederick Porter Todd. 
.Associate Archivist, War Depaitment Division, 
National Archives. 

F. P. Z, — Frederick Paul Zscheile. 
Associate Professor m Agronomy, College of 
Agriculture, University of California? Davis, 

F. R. — Francis Rawle. Editor of Re- 
visions of Bouvier's Law Dictionary 1883, 
1898, 1913 ; etc* 

F. Ra. — Frank Rabak. Consultant and 
Biochemist. S S Steiner, Inc , New York, 
NY Associate biochemist, US. Depaitment 
of Agriculture, 1927-46. 

Fr. Br. — 5 r*tz BrugeL ^Dnector of* the 
Reseal eh Institute qf Social \ roblems, Yicmw* 

F. R. C — ? :cT-? Rich a r ;Lc r C?-?. 
Author of 3?V" Ajr'cn jtOm r'c , 1 ” 
*0 cue Z/morix r l: f 

F< R. rl.~ -/L cCriC Rooerc Harris. Co.. - 
siting Enci?.\^' New "Cork, L Y 

t v* r 

F. R. K.-J.— F. R. H urlestone-Jones. 
Former Join 4 * Secretary of the T nco’ r 'e ~Nd 
Association of Head Masters .1 a*. - 1 - ~ 
of Holloway School 

F. R. L. — Frank R. Lillie. Former Andrew 
MacLeish TL-t vziiC'Y Service Professor of 
Embryology, The University of Chicago. 
Author, The Development of the Chick; etc. 

F. R. M. — Francis Richard Maunsell. 
Lieutenant Colonel^ Military Attache, British 
Embassy, Constantinople, 1901-05. Author of 
Kurdistan ; etc 

F. R? T.— -Frederick Robert Tennant, 
D.D. Lecturer in Theology, 1913-31, and 
Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge Author 
of Philosophical Theology; etc. 

F. R* W. — Floyd Rowe Watson. Emeri- 
tus Professor of Physics, University of Illinois, 
Urbana, 111 . Editor of The Acoustical Journal , 
1929-39. * 

F. S. — Francis Storr. Former Editor of 
** The Journal 0 ; Education , London. 

F. S. B. — Frederick S. Boas. Inspector of 
English Language and Literature to the Lon- 
don County Council, 1905-27. Author of 
Shakespeare and His Predecessors; University 
Drama in the Tudor Age; etc. 

F. Sc. — *F. ScholeHeld. Lecturer in Bleach- 
ing, Dyeing, Printing *and Finishing in the 
Manchester Municipal College of Technology, 
Manchester, England. 

F. S. E.- — Frederick Seward Erdman. 
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineer- 
ing, Cornell University, Ithaca. N Y. 

F. S. G. P. — Francis Stewart Gilderoy 
Piggott. Major General, formerly with Brit- 
ish Army Author of Broken Thread ; The 
Elements of Sosho. 

F. Sh. — Frederick William Sherwood. 
Barrister-at-Law, former Recorder of Wor- 

F. S. H. — Frank Stewart Howes. Music 
Critic, The Times. Lecturer, Royal College of 
Mhsic, London Author of The Borderland of 
Music and Psychology , Byrd, Full Orchestra; 
Man, Mind and Music; The Music of 
Vaughan Williams. 

F. Si.v—F. Simon, Counsellor of the Foreign 
Office, Berlin Former Private Secretary to 
Heir Rathcnau. 

F. S. M. — Rev. Fred Shipley Marsh. 
Lady Maigaret’s Professor of Divinity, Cam- 
bridge Umveisity, 1935-51. 

F. S. N. — Frederick Samuel Northedge. 
Lecturer in International Relations, London 
School of Economics and Political Science, 
University of London. 

F. S. P.— Francis Samuel Philbrick. 
Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia, Pa, 1929-47. Translator of 
Subnets History of Germanic Private Law. 

F. >Ss.— -Frank Smithies. Lecturer in Math- 
ematics,* Cambiidge University. 

F. Sz.— -Frederick Seitz. Professor of 
Physics, Department Head, Carnegie Institute 
of Technology, Pittsburgh/ Pa. Author of 
Modern Theory of Solids ; The Pkvsics of 

F. T. — Frank T wyman. Honorary Associ- 
ate, Manchester Municipal Collcae of Tech- 
nology, Manchester, Eng. Author of Prism ' 
j#nd'Lens Making, etc.. 

-Ys.s. „*v,;er.i. - <-er 

^ - rr? r* 

F. r L C H. — Sir P. T 1. -lob cay. ?c: 
me - * Honored S-i-teor to z'z 

JLrg, enc Dear., Ac. a .Harm- 
Coue&c. A-Uo* 0. C^me arJ f'jPM S\ 3~v; 

..op or 0^ nc 
gis. to Lo: 


F. T. H. — F. T. Harvey. Examiner in 
Veterinary Medicine to the Royal College of 
Veterinary Surgeons 

F. T. J.— Frederic Theodore Jung, M.D. 
Assistant Secietary, Council on Physical Med- 
icine, American Medical Association. 

F. T. M. — Sir Frank T. Marzials. Editor 
Ql “Great Writeis” Senes. 

F. T. W.— Frederick T. Weber. P01 trait 
painter, sculptor and etcher. 

F. v. H.— Baron F. von Huge!. Author 
of The Mystical Element of Religion ; etc. 

F. V. S. — Frazer V. Sinclair. President, 
Drug and Cosmetic Industry, New York, N Y 

F. V. W. — Sir Francis Verner Wylie. 
Indian civil servant (retired). 

F, Wa. — Sir Frank Warner. Chairman of 
Silk Advisor} Committee, Imperial Institute, 

1917- 27 Piesident of the Textile Institute, 

1918- 20 Chairman of British Silk Research 
Association, 1920-27. Author ot The Silk 
Industry of the Untied Kingdom 

F. W. A. — Francis William Aston. 
Nobel Pnze for Chemistry, 1922 Author of 
Isotopes; etc. 

F. W. B. — Frederick William Brad- 
nock. Public Relations Officei, Birm.rfJ'rm 
Eng Editoi of City of Birmingham Off r /at 

F. W. D. — Frederic William Brew. Au- 
thor and journalist Studied for thirty-five 
years viniculture and the cultivation and 
marketing of tropical and subtropical produce. 

F. W. F. — Frank Whitson Fetter. Piofes- 
sor of Economics, Northwestern University, 
Evanston, Iil. 

F. Wg. — Fredrik Wulfsberg. Cultural 
Attache, Norwegian Embassy, London. 

F. W. G. — Sir Frank W. Goldstone. 
General Secretary of the National Union oi 
Teachers, 1924-31 

F. W. H. — Frederick Webb Pledge. 
Director, Southwest Museum, Los Angeles, 
Calif Ethnologist with Museum of American 
Indian, Heye Foundation, New York, N.Y., 

F. W. Ha. — Frank W. Halliday. Major, 
Judge Advocate General’s Department, 0 S. 
Army, Washington, D C. (retired). 

F. W, J. — Frank William Johnson. 
Writer and lecturer on botanical subjects 

F. W. Js. — Frederic Wood Jones. Hon- 
orary Curator, the Royal College of Surgeons, 
London. Author of Hallmarks of Mankind ; 
The Mammals of South Australia ; Maids 
Place Among the Mammals; eLc. 

F, W. M. — Frederic William Maitland. 
Former Downing Professor, Cambridge Uni- 
versity. Author of History of English Law 
(with Sir F. Pollock) ; English Law and the 
Renaissance ; etc. 

F. W. McB. — F. Webster McBryde. 
Geographer-Consultant, Bureau of the Census, 
U S Department of Commerce, and Institute 
of Inter-American Affairs. Lecturer-Professor, 
Department of Geography, University of 
Maryland, College Park, Prince George’s 
County and Baltimore, Md. Author of Cul- 
tural and Historical Geography of Southwest 
Guatemala , Solold : A Guatemalan Town and 
Cakchiquel Market -Center. 

- £ -Y - Frederick %V als sr 
I ensu'tlrg Physician 
:n:, London Former 
it.roic gis. to ^oncor. Conns.} Asylums and 
Lectj.r^’- on Mcrmd Psychology, Birmingham 
Ur. v.rsik r utiGi ol ''dr neuroses ard 
Sr ell Shock; e.-. 

F. W. O.—Francis Waif Oliver. Quain 
Professor of Botany, University College, Uni- 
veisity of London, 1888-1929. Former Editor 
of Annals of Botany . 

F. W. P.— Frank W. Peek, Jr. Former 
Engineer in Charge, General Transformer 
Engineering Department and High Voltage 
Engineering Laboratory General Electric 
Company, Pittsfield, M*ass. Author of Die- 
lectric Phenomena in High Voltage Engineer- 

F. W. Q. — -Frances Wells Quantius. As- 
sistant Professor of Economics, Ohio State 
Univeisity, Columbus, 0 Co-author of Eco- 
nomics. Basic Problems and Analysis. 

F. Wr. — Friedrich Weber. University 
Professor, Law Faculty, Heidelberg Univer- 
sity, Heidelberg, Ger Author of Beitrage zum 
grako-agyptischen Obhgationenrecht ; Sach- 
aujklarung und Gfjenbarungseid in der 

F. W. R. — Frederick William Rudler. 
Curator and Librarian of the Museum of 
Practical Geology, London, 1S79-1902. 

F. W. R. B. — F. W. Rogers Brambell. 
Professor of Zoology, University of Wales, 
University College of North Wales, Bangor, 
Wales Author of The Development of Sex in 
Veitebrates; etc. 

F. W. Re. — Frank Walton Roe. L *oe- 
toi of the Geological Suive} Bepaitmcm, 
British Territories in Borneo Author cl 
Memoirs of the Geological Survey of the 
Federation of Malav a. 

F. W. Sh. — Francis Wayland Shepard- 
son. Former Editor of Baird’s Manual of 
American College Fraternities. 

P„ Wt. — Francis Watt. Author of Law’s 
Lumber Room. 

F. W. T. — Frank William Taussig. Pro- 
fessor of Economics, Harvard University , 
1901-35 Author of Principles of Economics; 
Tariff History of the United States ; etc. 

F„ W. Ta. — Fred Wilbur Tanner. Pro- 
fessor of Bacteriology, also Head of the De- 
partment of Bacteriology, Univcrsitv of 
Illinois, Urbana, 111 . Author of Bacteriology 
and Mycology of Foods ; etc. Co-author of 
The Yeasts 

F.W.Th. — Frederick William Thomas. 
Former Librarian to the India Office, 
London; Lecturer in Comparative Philology 
and Reader in Tibetan, University College, 
University of London Honorary Secretary, 
1920-27, and Director, 1921-22, of Royal 
Asiatic Society Boden Professor of Sanskrit, 
Oxford University, 1927-37. Former Editor 
of Epigraphia India. 

F. W. W. — Frederic W. Whyte. Author 
of Actors of the Century; etc. Translator of 
Filon’s English Stage; etc. 

F. W. We. — Frederick W. Weber. 
Treasurer and Diiector of F. Weber Company, 
Inc., Philadelphia, Pa. 

F. W. W. G. — F. W. W. Gwynne. 
Major A Director of Lena Goldfields Lim- 
ited, London 

F. W. W.-S. — Francis William Went- 
worth-Sheiids. Artist. Visiting Instructor, 
Twickenham School of Art, Middlesex, Eng 

F. X. T, — Rev. Praxis Xavier Talbot, 
S.j. Former Editor in Chiei of Amenta, 
national Catholic weel^y, New York, NY 
Author of Jesuit Education m Philadelphia; 

F. Y. — Sir Frederic Wiliam Young. 
Former Chief Surveyor, Liverpool Salvage 
Association Commodore, RNR, and Head 
oi Admiralty Salvage Section, 1914-18 

G. — Ronald Gorell Barnes, 3rd Baron 
Gorell. Honorary Fellow, Royal Society of 
Teachers Chairman, Teachers Registration 
Council, 1922-35. 

G. Ab. — Grace Abbott. Former Proiessor, 
School of Social Service, The University of 
Chicago Former Chiei of U S Children’s 
Bureau, Washington, D C Author of The Im- 
migrant and the Community 

G. A. Bl. — -Gilbert Ames Bliss. Former 
Professor and Chairman of the Department 
of Mathematics, The University of Chicago 

G. A. Bo. — Giuseppe Antonio Borgese. 
Former Proiessor of Italian Literatuie, The 
University of Chicago Author of History of 
Romantic Criticism; etc 

G* A. Bt. — George Allen Bennett, M.D. 
Associate Professor of Anatomy, Jefferson 
Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa. 

G. A. Bu.— G. A. Burls. Author and Co- 
editor with Sir Dugald Clerk of works on 
internal combustion engines. 

G. A. C.— Rev. George Albert Cooke, 
D.D. Regius Professor of Hebrew, Oxford 
University, and Canon of Christ Church, 
1914-36 Oriel Professor o f T^mretYmr 
of Holy Scripture at 0 Coi a C.u ' , 


G. A. Cr.— G. Arthur Cooper. Curator of 
Invertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeobotany, 
United States National Museum, Washington, 
D C Co-author of Brachiopod Genera of the 
Suborders Orthoidea and Pentameroidea , etc. 

G. Ad.— -Gilbert Adrian. Dress designer. 
Costume designer for the Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer Studios. 

G. A. E. — George Anderson Eastwood. 
President and Chairman of the Board, Ar- 
mour and Company, Chicago. 

G. A. H. — George Andrew Hawkins. 
Dean of Engineering and Director of 
Engineering Experiment Station, Purdue 
University, Lafayette, Ind Author of 
Thermodynamics ; co-author of Elements of 
Heat Transfer and Insulation 

G. A. H. S. — George A. H. Scott. Gen- 
eral Counsel, Illinois Humane Society. Direc- 
tor, American Humane Association. 

G. A. K. — George Arthur Kelly. Ex- 
ecutive Vice-President of the Pullman Com- 
pany, Chicago. 

G. A. Mn. — George Ashmun Morton. 
Research Physicist, RCA Laboratories, 
Princeton, N J. Co-author of Television; etc. 

G. An.— Gleb von Anrep. Professor of 
Physiology in the University of Cairo, Egypt. 

G. A. P. — George A. Pfeiffer. Former 
Professor of Mathematics, Columbia Univer- 

G. A. R. C. — Sir Geoffrey Arthur Ro- 
maine Callender. Former Director, Na- 
tional Maritime Museum, London. Honorary 
Secretary and Treasurer to the Society for 
Nautical Research Former Professor of His- 
tory and English at the Royal Naval College, 
Greenwich, England. Author of The Life of 
Nelson; The Naval Side of British History; 

CL A. jRL — A rnytage Rounse- 
f ell. Aquatic Biologist,^ Fish ana Wddhfe 
Service, U S Dept of the Tnte’ lor 

G. A. Ro. — Gar A. Roush. Metals Engi- 
neer, US Treast ~ ^ -** trer.t Bureau "of 
Federal Supply, S : 1 r Critical Ma- 
terial Division, 1946- Editor, Mineral 
Industry, New York, 7913-43 Mineral Tech- 
nologist, U S Bureau of Mines, 1943-46. 
Author of Strategic Mineral Supplies 

G. A. Sn. — Gustav A. Swanson. Profes- 
sor and Head o r .re TNn L'lr'Z” of Conser- 
vation, Gomel! I'v. ^ N.Y. 

G. At. — Gertrude Franklin Atherton. 
Author of Rezdnov; Ancestors; etc. 

G. A. T. — George Alfred Thiel. Profes- 
sor and Chairman of the Department of Ge- 
ology and Mineralogy, University of Minne- 
sota, Minneapolis, Minn. Author of The 
Geology and Water Resources of Southern 
Minnesota , Geology, Principles and Proc- 
esses; Limestones and Marls of Minnesota. 

G. B.« — Gamaliel Bradford. Author of 
Damaged Souls; Darwin; Lee, the American ; 

G. B. A. — George Burton Adams. For- 
mer Professor of History, Yale University. 
Author of Civilization During the Middle 
Ages; etc. 

G. B. Br.— George B. Former 

Instructor, Art Students .* >\ v York, 

NY Author of Life Drawings; The Hand. 

G. B. C. — George Barr Carson, Jr. As- 
sistant Piofessor of Modern History, The Uni- 
versity of Chicago Editor, Journal of Modern 
History Author of Men and Centimes of 
European Civilization, etc. 

G. B. D. — George Bion Denton. Emeritus 
Professor of Dental History and Literature, 
Northwestern University, Evanston, 111 Spe- 
cial research worker, American Dental Asso- 

G. Be. — Gertrude Bell. Former Oriental 
Secretary to the British High Commissionei 
of Iraq Author of Review of the Civil Ad- 
ministration of Mesopotamia 

G. B. E. — George Blow Elliott. Former 
President, Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Com- 
pany and Atlantic Land and Improvement 
Company, New York, N Y. 

G. B. En.— George B. Eusterman, M.D. 
Emeritus Head, Section m Medicine, Mayo 
Clinic, Rochester, Minn Emeritus Professor 
of Medicine, University of Minnesota, Mayo 
Foundation, Rochester, Minn. Co-author of 
Stomach and Duodenum 

G. B£. — Garrett Birkhoff. Associate Pro- 
fessor of Mathematics, Harvard University. 
Author of Lattice Theory ; etc. 

H * 

G. 3 h.— Geoiirey Darrrclou^ Author of 
The Origins oj Mode .* T, , r Pro- 

visions Aspect of Church History, Constitu- 
tional, Legal and Administrative, in the Ls,ter 
Middle Ages. % 

t * 

G. B. He.— George Baugh Heckel. For- 
mer Secretary, National Paint* Varnish and 
Lacquer Association, Inc. Former owner, Ed- 
itor, and Publisher of The Paint Industry 

G. B. X.*— George B. Kistiakowsky. Ab- 
bott and James Lawrence Professor of Chem- 
istry, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass 
Author of Photochemical Processes 

G. B. M. — George Bragg Massey. Con- 
sulting engineer, Chicago Author of The En- 
gineering of Excavation; etc 


G. Bn.— Gladys Bryson. Former Professor 
of Sociology axd Chairman of the Division 
of Social Sciences, Smith College, Northamp- 
ton, Mass. Author of Man and Society: The 
Scottish Inquiry of the 18th Century. 

G. Br.— Geoffrey Brooke. Major General 
(retired). Author of Horse Sense and Horse- 
manship of Today; etc. 

G. Bs. — Georges Boussieres. Director of'* 
Research, Radium Institute, Paris, France 

G. B. S. — George Bernard Shaw. Former 
novelist, dramatist and wntei on social ques- 
tions Nobel Prize for Literature, 1925 Author 
of The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Social- 
ism and CcPpitalism ; etc 

G. B. T. — Girard B. Troland.’ Lieutenant 
Colonel, Corps oP Engineers, U S Army, War 
Department, Washington, D.C. 

G. Bu.— Sir Gerald Burrard. Major, 
Royal Field Artillery (retired). Editor of 
Game and Gun, 1924-25 „ Gun expert to 
The Field, 19x9-33. Author of ^ Big Game 
Hunting in the Himalayas and Tibet; etc. 

G. Buc. — Sir George Seaton Buchanan, 
M.D. Former Senior Medical Officer,' Min- 
istry of Health. 

G. B. Wa.— George Benson Watkins. 
Director of Research, Libbey-Owens-Ford 
Glass Co., Toledo, O 

G. C. — George Copping. Managing Ed- 
itor, The Pottery Gazette and Glass Trade Re- 
view and the Oil and Colour Trades Journal, 

G. Ca. — George Carroll. Publicity Di- 
rector, Lake Placid Club, New York. 

G. C. A. — George C. Allen. Professor of 
Political Economy, University College, Uni- 
versity of London 

G. B. G. — George Beardoe Grundy. Fel- 
low and Tutor of Corpus Chusti College, Ox- 
ford, 1903-31. Former University Lecturer in 
Classical Geography and Lecturer at Brase- 
nose College, Oxford. Author of The Great 
Persian War; etc. 

G. B. G. C. — Guy Basil Granville Chap- 
man, British Colonial Civil Servant (retired). 
Editor, Nigeria Handbook 1953. 

G. B. Gr. — George Buchanan Gray, 
D.D. Former Professor of Hebrew and Old 
Testament Exegesis, Mansfield College, Ox- 
ford, and Examiner in Hebrew, University of 
Wales. Author of The Divine Discipline of Is- 
rael; etc. 

G. B. Gy. — George Barnes Galloway. 
Staff Director, Joint Committee on the Or- 
ganization of Congress, United States Con- 
gress, 1945-46. Author of Plannir^g for Amer- 
ica; etCr 

G. C. de H. — George Charles de Hev- 
esy. Associate of the Institute of Theoretical 
Physics, University of Cooenhagen, Copen- 
hagen, Den Associate of 6: Institute of Re- 
search in Organic Chemistry, University of 
Stockholm, Stockholm, Swed Author of 
Chemical Analysis by X-Rays and Its Ap- 
plication; Manual of Radioactivity. 

G. C. Bi. — George Campbell Dixon' 
Critic and playwright. Literary Editor, The 
Daily Mail , London, 1925-31. Author of From 
Melbourne to Moscow; etc. 

G. Ce. — Lady ’’Gwendolen Cecil. Co-au- 
thor of Life of Robert , Marquis of Salisbury . 

G. C. E. — George C. Engerrand. Grad- 
uate Professor of Anthropology, University of 
Texas. Chief Geologist, Instituto Geologico 
Ijfacional, Mexico, 1907-15 Author o^Si^Le- 
Qons de Frehist care P ^ 

Pcoff \hi Od' 7 vC 0’ j ciennous Onj( ri 'on ; 7' 1 ? 
Philosophy 0] Plato; Pic^o and Jits Comen*- 
poranes . 

G. C. Ha. — George Christe Harris. Re- 
search Chemist, Hercules Powder Company 
Experiment Station, Wilmington, Del 

G. C. K.— * -Grant C. Knight. Professor of 
English, Univeisity c r Tr e-* Lexington, 
Ky. Author of The . . y c. in Ameri- 
can Liteialvre; James Lane Allen and the 
Genteel Tradition; etc. 

G. CL— George Chrystal. Former Profes- 
sor of Mathematics and Dear^of the Faculty 
of Arts, Edinburgh University. 

G. C. M. — George Campbell Macaulay. 
Formei Lecturer in English, Cambridge Uni- 
versity Former ♦•Professor of English Lan- 
guage and Literature, University of Wales Ed- 
ited the Works of JohtT Gower . 

JG. C. Mi. — George Charles Miller. 
Printer and instructor for many etchers and 
lithographers in America, including George 
Bellows, Rockwell Kent, Thomas H Benton, 
Giant Wood and others. 

G. C. Ml. — George Catlett Marshall. 
General of the Army, U S. Army President, 
American Red Cross. U S Secretary of State, 
1947-49 Chief of Staff, P U S. Army, 1939-45- 

G.*C. Ms.— -Geoffrey Christopher Mor- 
ris. Fellow and Director of Studies in His- 
tory, King’s College, Cambridge. University 
Lecturer in History, Cambridge University. 

G. C. N.— Grover C. Neff. President, Wis- 
consin Powp,r and Light Company, Madison, 

G. Co.— -Georges Contenau, M.D. Di- 
rector-General of Archaeological Missions in 
Iran. r 

G. C. R, — Guy Colwin Robson. Assistant 
Keeper in the Department of Zoology, British 
Museum (Natural History), London, 1931-36. 

G. . C Rh. — George C Rhodes. Director 
and General Passage Managei, Compagnic 
Generate Transatlantique 

G. Cri. — George W. Crile, M.D. Chair- 
man, Bboard of Regents, American College of 
Surgeons, 1917-39. 

G. Ct. — George Calingaen. Dhector of 
Chemical Researcn, EiLri Coipo.aiun, De- 
tioit, Mich , 1932- 

G. C -T. — Gertrude Caton-Thompson. 
President, Prehistoric Society, England, 1937- 
46 Dhector of Excavations in the Fayum for 
the Ro>al Anthropological Institute, 1927- 

G. C. W — George C. Williamson. Au- 
thoi of Poitiait Miniatures ; etc. 

G. D. — Guillaume Duffou. Former Profes- 
%oi of History of Flemish Grammar, German 
Philology and Comparative Grammar. Uni- 
versity of Brussels, Belgium. 

G. D. -Br. — George Doswell Brooke. 
President, Chesapeake and* Ohio Railway 
Company and New York, Chicago and St. 
Loins Railroad. 

G. D. D. — G. D. Dunkerley. Former Sec- 
retary, Incorporated Association of Assistant 
Masters m Secondaiy School^ England. Co- 
author? d'he A sis tart Master. Co-editor, thg 
journal of Education. * 


G. D. H. C.— -George Douglas Howard 
Cole. Chichele Professor of Social and Po- 
litical Theory, Oxford Univeisity. Author of 
The World of Labour; Building and Planning; 

G. Dk.— George Dock, Jr. Author of Why 
Birds Leave Home and Vast Mystery of the 

G. Do. — George Dow. Information Agent, 
the London and North Eastern Railway Com- 

G. D. O. — George D. Olds. Former Pres- 
ident, Amherst College, Amherst, Mass. 

G. E. — Rev. George Edmundson. Former 
Fellow and Tutor of Brasenose College, Ox- 
ford Author of History of Holland (“Cam- 
bridge History” series) 

G. E. A. — George E. Armstrong, M.D. 
Major General, LT S. Army The Suraeor. Gen- 
eral, U S. Army 

G. E. B. — George Earle Buckle. Editor 
of The Times, London, 1884-1912. Editor of 
Letters of Queen Victoria Author of The Life 
of Disraeli. 

G. E. Bs. — George Edwin Bogaars. Civil 
Servant, Coteniai Administrative Serv- 


G. E. C.— -George Earl Church. Explorer 
of the Amazon, 1868-79. 

G. Ed. — Rev. Gerald Ellard, S.J. Pro- 
fessor of Liturgical Theology, St Mary’s Col- 
lege House of Theological Studies for Mem- 
bers of the Society of Jesus, St Marys, Kan. 
Author of Christian Life and Worship; Men 
at Work at Worship, etc. 

G. E. F. — George Emory Fellows. For- 
mer Head of Dnrrt—rrt cP UMory and 
Political Saenc' t - » W L iah, Salt 

Lake City, Utth of the 

Univeisit} of Maine, Orono, Me. 

G. E. H.— George Ellery Hale. Former 
Honorary Dnector, Mount Wilson Observa- 
tory Inventoi of the ^pectroheliogiaph. 

G. E. Ha. — George Evelyn Hutchinson. 
Professor oi Zoology, Scientific Consultant 
in the Bingham Oc^r.ogmpV: Laboratory 
and Fellow of Sax brook C. Yale Uni- 
versity. Author of The Clear Mirror. 

G. E. Hy. — Godfrey Eric Harvey. In- 
dian Civil Service (Burma), 1912-33. Lec- 
turer in Burmese, Oxford University’', 1933-41. 
Author of Oudtne of Burmese History: His - 
toiy of Burma ; British Ride rn Burma 1 824- 

G. E. K. — George Eden Kirk. Middle 
East Specialist. Royal Institute of Interna- 
tional Affairs, Chatham House, London Au- 
thor of A Short History of the Middle East; 
Survey of International Affairs, 1939-45. 

G. El. — Sir (Robert) Geoffrey Ellis. 
Co-editm of English Reports. Author of 
Peerage Law and History. 

*• G. E. Lr. — George E. Lardner. Associate 
Editor of the. Bell Syndicate, Xnc , New York, 
N.Y. • . 

~ 1 PcL 

G. E. Sh.— - -George E. Shambaugh, Jr., 
M.D. Professor of Otolaryngology, North- 
western University Medical School, Chicago, 


G. E. W. — -George Earle Wakerlin. Head 
of the. DepvitmerL of Physiology, College of 
Medicine, L:*‘vo“s\y of Illinois, Chicago, 111 
Author of Laboratory Manual of Human 

G. E. W. C. — G. E. W. Crowe. House- 
hold labour saving expert. 

Ge. W. S.— George W. Spicer, Professor 
of Political Science, University of Virginia, 
Charlottesville, Va Author of The Constitu- 
tional Status and Government of Alaska; Fif- 
teen Years of County Manager Government 
in Virginia 

G. F, B.— George Frederick Barwick. 
Keeper of Printed Books, British Museum, 
London, 1 91 4-1 9. Assistant Keeper and Super- 
intendent, Reading Room, British Museum, 

G. F. H. — Sir George Francis Hill. 
Director, British Museum, London, 1931-36. 
Keeper, Department of Coins and Medals, 
British Museum, 1912-30. Author of Sources 
of Greek History, 478-431 b.c ; Handbook of 
Greek and Roman Coins ; etc. 

G. F. K. — George Frederick Kunz. 
Former Honorary Curator of Precious Stones, 
American Museum of Natural History, New 
York, N.Y. Vice-President and Gem Expert, 
Tiffany and Company, New York, N Y., 
1879-1932. Author of Gems and Precious 
Stones of North America; etc. 

G. F. M. C. — Sir Gilbert Francis Mont- 
riou Campion. Formerly Clerk of the House 
of Commons. Author of An Introduction to 
the Procedure of the House of Commons . 

G. F. S.— Sir George Frederic Still, 
M.D. Physician Extraordinary to the King, 
1937-41. Former Consulting Physician for 
Diseases of Children, King’s College Hospital 
Author of Common Disorders and Diseases of 
Childhood ; History of Pediatrics; etc 

G. F. Sh. — Sir George F. Shee. Former 
Secretary of the Royal National Life Boat 

G. . F. Ss. — George Finlay Simmons. 
Assistant Professoi of Anatomy, Loyola 
University School of Medicine, Chicago, 111 
Author of Birds of the Austin Region 

G. F. Sw. — Gustavus Franklin Swift. 
Vice-Chairman of the Board, Swift and Com- 
pany, Chicago, 1881-1943 

G. F. Z. — George Frederick Zimmer. 
Former Consulting Engineei and Co-editor 
of Fngin''f>r>nv and Industrial Management 
Aut 'o :i Mechanical Handling and 

Storing of Material 

G. G. — George Glasgow. Author oi The 
Minoans; Ronald Bui rows' A Memoir; Fiom 
Dawes to Locarno; MacDonald as a Diplo- 
matist; etc 

G. Ga. — George Galloway, D.D. Former 
Principal and Primanus Professor of Theol- 
ogy, St Mary’s College, St Andrews Uni\er- 
sity, St Andrews, Scotland Former Dean of 
the Faculty of Divmitv Author of Religion 
and Modern Thought; etc. 

3 . G. A. — Sir George (Grey; Aston, 
ML, or Ccnev.! Former Lecturer or. Naval 
History, UrI verity r ‘c:’e , r'' U r vrsity of 
London Processor *,? ■<,' cai'.jr. at the 
Royal Naval CeLege Greenwich 1896-99. 
Author ui The Navy oi To-day, etc Editor, 
seventh edition, Hamley’s Operators o> War, 
and of ^he St .dy of War. 

G. G A. M. — George Gilbert Aims 
Murray. Regius Professor of Gieek, Oxford 
Ur.ivers.ty, 1908--36 CbaJes Shot Norton 
Professor of Poetry, Harvard University, 
1926 Author of Rase or the Creek Epic; etc. 

G. G. 3 . — George Gordon Battle. 
Attorney -at- Law, member of the firm oi 
Battle Lew, Fooler and Neaman, New York, 
N Y 

G. G. C. — George Gordon Coulton. 
Ford’s Lectuier m English History, Oxford 
University, 1930-31 Author of Social Life in 
Britain from ike Conquest to the Reforma- 
tion, The Medieval Village , etc 

G. G. Kh.- — Graham G cruder Hough. 
Feliovv of Christ s Coliege and University Lec- 
turer in English, Cambridge University Au- 
thor of The Last Romantics; The Romantic 

G. G. K.— G. G. Kloeke. Professor of the 
Dutch Language, State University of Leyden, 
Netherlands Former Lecturer on Dutch Lan- 
guage and Literature. University of Hamburg, 

G. G. N. — G. G. Nearing. Horticulturist. 
Authoi of The Lichen Book. 

G. Go. — Gerald Gould. Associate Editor 
of The Daily Herald, 1919-22. 

G. G. P. — George Grenville Phillimore. 
Barristei-at-Law, Middle Temple. 

G. Gr. — Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor. 
President, Natioral Geographic Society, 
Washington, D C , 1920- Author of History 
of National Geographic Society 

G. G. S. — George Gregory Smith. Pro- 
fessor of English Literature at Queen’s Uni- 
versity. Belfast, 1909-30 Author of Scottish 
Literature ■ Character and Influence, etc 

G. G. Si. — George Gaylord Simpson. 
Chairman, Department of Geology and Pa- 
laeontology and Curatoi of Fossil Mammals 
and Birds, American Museum of Natural 
History, New York, N Y Author of A Cata- 
logue of the Mesozoic Mammalia m the Geo- 
logical Department of the British Museum; 

G. G. W. — George Grafton Wilson- 
Former Professor of International Law, 
Harvard University Special Counsel, U S. 
Maritime Commission, 1 941-51 Foimer Pro- 
fessor of International Law, Fletcher School 
of Law and Diplomacy Tufts College, Med- 
ford, Mass Former Editor n Chief, American 
Journal of International Law Author of In- 
ternational Law Situations (US Naval War 
College) , etc 

G. H. A. — George Henry Addison. 
Major General (ictired) Colonel Com- 
mandant, Royal Engineers, 19*0-46 

G. H. B. — Rev. George Herbert Box, 
Hon.D.D. Former Rectoi of Sutton. Beds , 
England. Honorary Canon of St Albans 
Davidson Professor of Old Testament His- 
tory, University of London, 1926-30. 

G. H. C.— George H. Cady. Professor of 
Chemistry. University of Washington, Seattle, 

C K. Ca — Cuuo-'' Haven Cady Se.c; 
Gzg 1 cu.< and Heaci of Com D. vision L ;\o.s 
State Geological Survey E-viswr 

G. H. G.-~Gec~ge H. Guttridge. Pro- 
fessor of orclis** H.vto-y at Un.vo-s fy of 
California Berkeley. ClM unhsr of Lite of 
David Hartley, De Timer. Curt Patriot, etc 

G. K. H — Green, H Hackworth. Judge 
on the International Cm.rt of justice The 
Hague, Nath Author of Digest of Tue na- 
tional Lew 

G. H. j. D. — George Henry John Daysh. 
Professor of Geography, King’s College, Ual- 
verv.U cf Durham, Durban, Eng Editor of 
Studies iv Regional Planning. 

G. HI. — Gottfried Haberler. Protestor of 
Economics, Harvard University, iq s 6~ 
Author of The Theory of International Trade; 

G. H. Ln. — Graham Henry Lawton. 
Reader in Geography, University of Adelaide, 
Adelaide, Austr. 

G. K. M. T.— - George Henry 7 Main 
Thompson. Admiralty Registrar, Royal 
Courts of justice, London Author of Cui- 
izne oj Law Relating to Bills oj Lading 

G. Hn ■ — Goran He din. Managing Director 
of the Swedish Toun^t Traffic Association, 
Stockholm, Swed Editor of Ekonomisk Revv. 
Author of Economic Life m Sweden 

G. H. N S-W. — (George) Hugh Nicho- 
las Seton- Watson. Professor of Russian 
History. University of Lonoon Authoi of 
Eastern Europe Between the Wars, r<?r?- 
XQ41 ; The East European Revolution, etc 

G. H. P. — George Howard Parker 
Emeritus Professor of Zoology’ and Dirccror 
of Zoological Laboiatoiy, Haivard Univer- 
sity Author of Biology and Social Problems , 

G. H. R. — George H. Ryden Foimer Pro- 
fessor of History and Political Science, Lm- 
veisxty of Delaware Newark, Del Author of 
Foreign Policy or ihe United States in Rela- 
tion to Samoa 

G. Hs. — Granville Hicks. Author of The 
Great Tradition ; John Reed Co-editoi of 
The Letters ot Lincoln Steffens 

G. H. W. — George H. Warburton. Edi- 
tor of the sixth edition of Oils, Fats and 
Waxes, by J I Lewkowitsch, and Chief 
Chemist of the Lewkowitsch Laboi atone^ 

G. Hy. — George Humphrey. Professor of 
Psychology and Duector of the Institute of 
Experimental Psychology Oxford University 
Author of Nature oj Learning, Thinking An 
Introduction to Its Experimental Psychology . 

G. I. B. — George I. Blanksten. Assistant 
Professor of Pr/iLcy* Science, Northwestern 
Univeisity, Evanston, III Author of Ecuador ' 
Constitutions and Caudillos. 

G. I. Bk. — George I. Back. Major Gen- 
eral, U S Army Chief Signal Officer, U S De- 
partment of the Army 

G. J. — Geoffrey Jefferson. Professor of 
Ncuro-Suigery, Univeisity of Manchester. 
England Honorary Suigcon, Saifoid Royal 

G. Ja — George Jack. Architect and wood 

G. J. B. F. — George J. B. Fisher. Lieu- 
tenant Colonel, Chemical Warfare Service, 
U S Army r . Secretary, Chemical W ariare 

G. J. L. — Grace J. Landon Formerly with 
the Statistical Department, National Lumber 
Manufacturers Association. « 

”, m . Uar-LL J vlStchecc. -Vector 

of lUiueatmo and R^caicr % .r. Byncm c 
E-Momcm Pc hey ard A^ociaie r* oie^oi oi 
Lcoron.c.>, In* -tut 2 *<* leUwo 1 'gy 
Chica-M, Ik Co -author Mputr* L un-Pcf- 

rot, ks - 9 


G ~ >1. j. — George James McHev 

T acoo. Gerewd Se-etaiy . London Po’ice 
Co. Mission Memoei, Panel cf Chairman of 
the Metropolitan juvenile Courts London 

G. J. N. — George Jean Nathan. Foimde. 
and nvme* - Emter (with H Iv Mencken), 
now drama critic, of The America ,1 Mercur" 
and the Kmg Features Syndicate Author of 
The Popular T header , The Cmtic and ne 
Drama: Encyclopaedia o* the Theatre; Since 
Ibwn; Lana of the Pdgn as' Prulc; etc 

G. J T. — George James Turner, former 
Eu.fcor of Select Pie ^ of ihe Forests for the 
Selaen Society.® 

G. J. W. — G. J. Weston. Journalist and 
authoi of art.clcb on the drapery anti aided 

G. j. Z — George J. Zimmerman 
Colonel. U S Army ITS Army Cot p* oi En- 
gineers, Washington, D C 

G. K A. B. — Rt Rev. George Kennedy"® 
Allen Beil, D D. Bishop of Chichester, Eng- 
land Dean of Canterbury, 1924-29 Authoi of 
The Meaning ot t h e Creed, Documents Bear- 
ing on the Protnern of Christian Unity and 
Fellowship, The Modern Pwso.i; etc 

G. K. C. — -Gilbert Keith Chesterton. Au- 
thor and journalist Jfuthoi of Digkens; ttc 

G. K N. — G Kingsley Noble. Curatoi of 
Herpetology, American Museum 01 Natural 
History, New York, N Y , 1919-40 Authoi of 
The Biology of the Amphibia 

G. K. Z. — Gordon Kav Zern. Former 
Editor of Model Builder. * 


G. L. — Gonzalez Lodge. Former Professor, 
Latin and Greek, Teacher College, Columbia 
Univeisity Author of Le aeon Plau&num; 
Vocabulary oj High School Latin 

G. L. A. — Gay L. Arnold. Airman’s Stand- 
ards Specialist (Flight Navigator), Amman 
Division, Civil Aeronautics Administration, 
Washington, DC 

G. L. Bh. — George L. Bach. Professor of 
Economics and Dean ot the Graduate School 
ot Industnal Administration, Ca.negie In- 
stitute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pa -Author 
of Economic Analysis' and Public Pokey; Fed- 
eral Reset ve Policy-Making. * 

G. L. C. — Giles L. Courtney. As*Mant 
Chief Examiner, Farm Credit Administration, 
Washington, D C. 

G. L. Ck. — George Lindenberg Clark. 
Piofessor of Chemistiy. University of Illinois, 
Urbana, 111 Author of Applied X-Rays 

G. L. E. — G. L. Elies. Lecturer in Geology, 
Newnham College, Cambridge. 

G. Le G. N. — G. Le G. Norgate. Con- 
tributor to The Dictionary of National Biog- 
raphy * 

G. L. H. — Geoige Leslie Harrison. Pres- 
ident of the Federal Reserve Bank of New 
York, 1936-40 

G. L. Hp — Gerard Lawrence Huis- 
kamp. Piesiaent, Huiskamp Brothers Com- 
pany 7 , Keokuk, la. 

G. L. K. — Geoffrey Langdon Keynes, 
M. D. Edited Writings of William Blake. -Au- 
thor of William Blake ; etc.® 

e:s:t\ Le ctyrj. n 'CL, L \ J *. 
ly. ♦ 

G f L. Me.— L. Noble. Director, National 
Qommittee orTBtys and Girls Club Work, 
f v f 

G. L. P.— -Grace L. Pennock, Associate 
Editor, Lading* Home Journal 

G. L. St.—George Leslie Stout Director, 
Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Mass. 
Author of The Care of Pictures; etc. 

G. L. Sz. — George l _ Shwartz. 

Secretary of London . r c. j Eco- 

nomic Service, London School of Economics 
and Political Science. Cassel Lecturer m the 
University of London, London, England, 

G. L. T. — George L. Trager. Professor 
T -c 0 £ Languages and 

' University, Washing- 

T ' Analysis of Culture; 

Outline of English Structure. 

G, L. W.— George L. Warren. Adviser on 
Refugees and Displaced Persons, U.S. De- 
partment of State, Washington, D.C. 


G. M. — Sir George MacDonald. Presi- 
dent, Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 

” I 933"4°* 

G. Sir George Fletcher Mac- 

Munn. Lieutenant General. Commander 
in Chief, Mesopotamia, April 1919 to Janu- 
ary 1920. Author of The Armies of India. 

G. Mar.-— G. Martin. Suoerir.tfndent, Rub- 
ber Investigations, Impen.i InstL utc cordon. 

G. M. A. R . — Gisela Marie Augusta 
Richter. Curator of the Greek ana Roman 
Department, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 
New York, NY Author of Catalogue of En- 
graved Gems of the Classical Style in the 
Metropolitan Museum of Art; etc. 

G. Me.-— Gilbert McAllister. Member of 
Parliament Co-author of Town and Country 
Planning ; joint editor of Homes , Towns and 
Countryside . 

G. M. Ca.-— Gerald M. Capers. Professor 
and Chairman of the Department of History, 

H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College for 

Women, Tulrr;'* n :r .y. New Orleans, La. 

Author of *i '.pn&hy O' a River Town. 

G. M. Ce. — Gerald M. Clemence. Senior 
Astronomer. U S Naval Observatory, Wash- 
ington. DC. 

G. McL. Wo. — George McLane Wood. 
Editor; U S Geological Survey, Washington, 

D G , 1886-1925 Author of Texts for U.S. 
Geological Survey, etc. 

G. M. Cs. — George M. Curtis, M.D. Pro- 
fessor of Surgery, Ohio State University, Co- 
lumbus, 0. 

G. M. D.— George McMillan D arrow. 
Bureau oi Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricul- 
tural Engineering, U S. Department of Agri- 
culture, Beltsville, Md , 1911- . Senior 

Pomologist m charge of Small Fruit Investi- 
gations. Editoiial board of Journal of Hered- 
ity . 

G. M.Dk.— Gail M. Dack, M.D. Director, 
Food Research Institute, The University of 
Chicago Author of Food Poisoning. 

S’ y G.-H.— Geoffrey Malcolm 

Gathorne-Hardy. Author of The Norse 
Discoverers of America; Norway; A Short 
History of International Affairs , 1920-3Q. 

G. Mh.--- Geoffrey Mott-Smith. Editor of 
The Bridge World , 1936-46. Editor of Games 
Digest, 1938-30. Author off Mathematical * 
Puz^Us^ etc. - 

R-j'Us ^ ■ . ; - ^ 

V, 1 i UvaSm V, '~r- " ^ 

land, 1910-34. Author of The Theology of 
the Epistle to the Hebrews; etc. 

G. ML— Gabriel Marcel. Dramatist and 
literary critic foi L’Europe nouvelle Author 
of Studies on Ccr.:emprz>y English and 
American Philosophers 

G. M. McB.~ George McCutchen. Mc- 
Bride. Professor of Geography, University of 
California, Los Angeles. Visiting Professor, 
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 
South America, 1929-30; Central America, 
1938. Author of Agrarian Indian Communities 
of Highland Bolivia; etc. 

G. M. S.— Gilbert Morgan Smith. Pro- 
fessor of Botany, Stanford University, Stan- 
ford, Calif. 

G. M. S. S. — George Marquis Stewart 
Stitt. Commander, Royal Navy (retired). 
Cabinet Office Historian, Great Britain. Au- 
thor of H M S. Wideawake; A Prince of 
Arabia; Under Cunningham’s Command. 

G. M. T. — Galen M. Taylor. Lieutenant 
Colonel, Ordnance Department, U.S. Army. 

G. M. W.— George Mackinnon Wrong. 
Former Professor of History, University of 
Toronto, Canada. 

G. M. Ws. — George Michael Wiekens. 
University Lecturer in Arabic, Cambridge. 

G. N. C. — George Norman Clark. Prov- 
ost of Oriel College, Oxford, 1947- . Chi- 
chele Professor of Economic History and 
Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, 1931-43 
Regius Professor of Modern History Cam- 
bridge University. 1943-4'; Author of The 
Dutch Alliance and the War Against French 
Trade; etc 

G. N. H. — George N. Halm. Professor of 
Economics, Tutts College, Medford. Mass ; 
Professor of International Economic Rela- 
tions, Fletcher School of Law ana Diplomacy, 
Tufts College Author of International Move - 
lery Co-operation; etc. 

G. N. W. — George Neville Watson. 
Piofessor of Mathematics, University of 
Bffmmirham. Enjriand. Author of The Thcoty 
o‘ At i'N Fv*x „ o' 

G. O’B.— George O'Brien. Professor of 
Political Economy, University College, Dub- 
lin Author of The Economic History of Ire- 
land (1800-47) , etc. 

Go. P. — Gordon Pall. Piofessoi of Mathe- 
matics, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

G. P. Br. — G. P. Broomhall. Editor of 
Corn Trade News , Manchester England. 

G. P. DuS. — Graham Phillips DuShane. 
Professor of Biology, Stanford University, 
Stanford, Calif. 

G. P. E. — George Pearse Ennis. Former 
member, American Water Color Society. Guild 
of American Painters, Society of Painters, 

G. P. J. — Gwilym Peredur Jones. Pro- 
fessor of Economics, University of Sheffield, 
Sheffield, Eng Co-author of The Mediaeval 
Mason . 

G. P. M. — George Percival Mudge. For- 
mer Professor and Head of the Department 
of Zoology. East London College (now Queen 
Maiy College), University of London. 

G. P, P. — Gilbert Paul Phillips. Assistant 
Director, Bureau of Agricultuiai Economics, 
Canberia, Anstr 

- o.- 

. L.-,o- Brazilian 

Council, London Ch&f Press Censor, Minis- 
try of Information, London, 1940-45 Authoi 
of Blue Pencil Admiral. 

G. R. B.— George Reginald Balleine. 
Honorary Librarian, Societe Jeisaise. Jersey, 
Channel Islands Author of The Bailiwick of 
Jersey; Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, 
History of Jersey. 

G. R. C.— George Rowland Collins. Pro- 
fessor of Marketing and Dean, Graduate 

School of Business Administration, Univer- 

sity College of Arts and Pure Science, New 
York University Author of Marketing; An 
Outline of Business ; etc 

G. R. D.-— Godfrey Holies Driver. Grin- 
held Lecturer on the Septuagint, Oxford Uni- 
versity, 1935-39- Piofessor of Semitic Philol- 
ogy, 1938. 

G. R. de B. — Gavin Rylands de Beer. 
Professor of Embryology, University College, 
University of London. Former Head of De- 
partment of Anatomy and Embryology Jen- 
kinson Lecturer in Embryology, 1927-38, and 
Senior Demonstrator in Zoologv, Oxford 
University, 1926-38. Author of Vertebrate 
Zoology; Embryos and Ancestors; etc. 

G. Re.- — Sir George Reid. Scottish artist. 

G. R. F. B. — G. R. F. Bredin, Fellow and 
Bursar of Pembroke College, Oxford, 1950- . 
Governor of Blue Nile Province, Anglo- 
Egyptian Sudan, 1941-48. 

G. R. P. — George Richard Porter. ? 0- 
lessor of Modern History, Un^’ersicy oi CL j;- 
ffeld, Sheffield, Eng Author of :'V' 3 .y * 
of Ovsama ; Short History of S^^w’,ia*c, 
Sir Thomas Mac. 

Gr. P. B .—Gregory Paul Baxter. Former 
Theodore William Richards Professor of 
Chemistry, Harvard University. 

Go R. R.— -G. R. Rudolf. A.verage adjuster 
Co-editor of Loundes > Law of General Aver- 

G. Rs. — Graham Reynolds. DepuU 
Keeper, Department ox Paintings, Victoria 
and Albert Museum, London. Author of Eng- 
lish P 07 trait Miniatures ; Nicholas Hilliard 
and haac Oliver. 

G. R. S.— George Robert Stibitz. Con- 
sultant in Applied Mathematics, University of 
Vermont, Builington, Vt. 

Gru. — TVL Gruson. General Secretary, Com- 
pagme des Chemins de Fer de FEst, Paris 

G. S.— Grant Showerman. Professor of 
Latin in the University of Wisconsin, Madi- 
son, Wis, 1900-35. Author of The Great 
Mother of the Gods. 

G. Sa. — George Edward Bateman 
Saintsbury. Essayist and critic Former Pro- 
fessor of Rhetoric and English Literature at 
Edinburgh University Author of Essays on 
French Novelists; etc. 

G. Sar. — George Sarton. Associate of the 
Carnegie Institution of Washington, D C. 
Lecturer on History of Science, Harvard Uni- 
versity. Author of Introduction to the History 
of Science; etc. 

G. S. Bd.— -George Samuel Blanchard. 
Major, U S Army. Assistant to the Chairman, 
Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

G. Sc. — Paul Gerhard Schott. Ocean- 
ographer, Geiman Naval Observatory, Ham- 
burg. Honorary Professor of Oceanography, 
University of Hamburg. 

% . A 

Ur. £>- u. — >^eor gs vt . i ;sr 

3 *ron Z'jicv: cr oi ‘^rr. Autno; of 
htpei’d Lewies; Rustic’: Sea Power, The 
Last G'.ecl Here l Vet. 

G. S. Co.— 0 . S, Cols man. Lecturer ir. 
Sar.uary Engineering ord m die Faculties of 
Bacteriology, and Preventive Medicine and 
Technology. Victoria University of Man- 
chester, England. 

G. S. Cr.— George Stuart Carter. Fellow 
oi Corpus Cnrist: College, Cambridge, and 
Lecturer in Zoo'ogy, Cambridge University 

G. S. F. — George Sutherland Fraser. 

T ^.i.abst iiu bioadcaster. Author of British 
Count -I Pa.-r.pmeL on W B Yeats, T/je Afod- 
e*n Writer and Hi * World. 

C. S. G. — Rev*. George Stanislaus Glanz- 
man, S.J. Assistant Editor, Theological 

G. S. J. — Gilbert Starling Jones. Execu- 
tive Vice-President and Treasurer, Valley 
Forge Historical Society, Valley Forge, Pa. 
Author of Valley Forge Park , An Historical 
Record and Guide. 

G. S. L. — George Somes Layard. Author 
of Charles Keene, Shirley Brooks , etc 

G. S. P. — George Smith Pryde, Reader 
in Mediaeval Scottish History, University of 
Glasgow, Glasgow, Scot Author of The 
Treaty of Union, 1707; co-author of Scotland . 

G. Ste. — George Stevenson, M.D. Med- 
ical Dneccor, the National Committee for 
Mental Health, Inc Co-author of Child 
Guidance Clinics 

G. S. W. — Graham Selby Wilson, M.D. 
Professor of Bacteriology as applied to Hy- 
giene, University of London Author of The 
Bacteriological Grading of Milk and The 
Pasteurization of Milk 

G. S. W. E. — Sir George Selby Wash- 
ington Epps. Actuary, Government Actu- 
ary's Department, London, 1936-44; Deputy 
Actuary, 1926-36 

G. S. Ws. — Gertrude S. Weiss. Home 
Economist, Agricultural Research Service, U S. 
Department of Agriculture, Washington, D C. 

G. T. A.- — G. T. Atkinson. Superintending 
Inspector, Animal Health Division, Ministry 
of Agriculture and Fisheries, England 

G. T. B. — George Thomas Burrows. 
Editor of the Live Stock Journal, 1915-33 

G. T. Bs, — Gordon T. Bowles. Profes- 
sor 0: Anthropology, University of Tokyo, 
Tokyo, Japan Author of New Types of Old 
Americans at Harvard K and Eastern Women’s 

G T. Ft. — George Tobias Faust. Miner- 
alogist, Section of Geochemistry and Petrol- 
ogy, Geological Survey, U S Department of 
the Interior 

G. T. G. — Sir George Taubman Goldie. 
Former English Administrator and Founder 
of Nigeria. 

G. T. M. — Sir Gilbert Thomas Morgan. 
Director, Chemical Research Laboratory, 
Department of Scientific and Industrial Re- 
search, London, 1925-38. Former Mason 
Professor of Chemistry, University of. B11- 
mingham. Author of Inorganic Chemistry; 

G. T. R— Gordon Thayer Nightingale. 
Physiologist, Hawaiian Pineapple Company, 
Honolulu, Hawaii. 

G. T-P. — Gabriel Turville-Petre. Vigfus- 
son Reader in Ancient Icelandic Literature 
and Antiquities, Oxford University Author of 
The Heroic Age of Scandinavia; Origins of 
Icelandic Literature . 

Pieiosor oi buigci\, _\eu Yo* ^ 

CoIkgC, >T'V YC"k, N Y ’ P.oNi'O* 

of Ckmca' S.-gery, HYneh UnAo'sio Mea.- 
cal Schcol, New YoG NY Attor.amg S.i“- 
geon, Ivlemona. Cenier ior Cancer ar.c 
Diseases Nc tt Y orb, N Y Autho. 0: End Re- 
sults :n Cancer of Sioiuach ; etc. 

G. Tr. — Griffith Taylor. Heag o« Depart- 
ment 0: Cievrn’Y ■ . University oi Toronto, 
Canada boimer Piofessor of Geography. 
University of S\dne>, Acsbaha Author of 
Australian Me:eo oiogy, Australia, etc 

G, T. S. — George T. Springer. President, 
National Roleo Association 

G. T. Sg. — Glenn Theodore Seaborg. 
Professor c: Chemistry and Dnector rf 
Chemical Research, Radiation Laboratory, 
Univeisity of Caiiforma, Berkeley, Calif 
Member, General Advisory Committee of the 
U S Atomic Energy Commission, 1940- Co- 
recipient oi the Nobel Prize m Chemistry, 


G. T. W.— -Sir Gilbert Thomas Walker. 
Professor of Meteorology, Imperial College of 
Science and Technology, University of Lon- 
don, 1924-34 Director General of Indian 
Observatories, 1904-24 Fellow of Trinity 
College, Cambridge, 1S91. Author of Aberta- 
tion: The Theory of Electromagnetism; etc. 

G. Y. — Gerard Vidalenche. Financial Edi- 
tor, La Vie Franqaise 

G. V. C. — George V. Caesar. Laboratory- 
Director, Stem, Hall and Company, Inc , New 
York, NY. 

G. v. E. — Guenther von Elbe. Physical 
Chemist, Bureau of Mines, *U S Department 
of the Interior Co-author of Comousuon, 
Flames and Explosions of Gases. 

G. V. M. — George Vernon Mueller. Pro- 
fessor of Electrical Engineering, Purdue Uni- 
versity, Lafayette, Ind Author of Alternating 
Current Machines; Introduction to Electrical 

G. W. — Geoffrey White. Major General. 
Director of Remounts, War Office, England, 
1925-29 Colonel Commandant, Woolwich 
Sub- Area, 1920-23 

G. W. A.— Gay Wilson Allen. Professor 
of English, New York University, New York, 
NY .Author of American Prosody; Walt 
Whitman Handbook. Co-editor of Pope to 

G. W. B. — George William Bartelmez. 
Ementus Prolessor of Anatomy, The Uni- 
versity of Chicago. 

G. W. B. H. — George Wynn Brereton 
Huntingford. Lecturer in East African Lan- 
guages and Cultures, School of Oriental and 
African Studies, University of London. Au- 
thor of The Nandi of Kenya: Tribal Control 
in a Pastoial Society ; Nandi Work and Cul- 

G. W. C. — Graham W. Corddry. Direc- 
tor, Titanium Pigment Corporation, New 
York, NY. 

G. W. Cb. — George Watson Cobb. Jr. 
Formerly with the American Can Company, 
New York, NY. 

G. W. Cr. — George Washington Corner. 
Director, Department of Embryology, Car- 
negie Institution of Washington, D C. Profes- 
sor of Anatomy, University of Rochester, 
Rochester, NY, 1923-40. Author of Our- 
selves Unborn; etc. 

G. W. Cu. — G. W. Cussons. Of the firm 
of Messrs. G. Cussons, Ltd , makers of scien-^ 
tific and technical apparatus for education, 
research and industry, Manchester, England. 

Ledger Autnor of The Anertan Book oj 
Days, etc. 

3 . W. G.— George W. Giles. Secretary of 
ins Ahotmenta Organization Society ar.d 
Small Holders, Ltd. 

G. W. 31 . — George Waters Gilbertson. 
Author of The Bciochi Language , etc. 

Cr. W. So.— George Washington 
Goethals. Former Instructor in Civil ana 
Military Engineering. U S Military Academy, 
Wes: Point, \ Ch.ef Engineer, Banama 
Canal, 1907-14 Civil Governor, Panama 
Canal Zone, 1514-16. State Engineer, New 
Jersey, 1917. 

G. W. H.— -George William Heise. 
Research Chemist, National Carbon Com- 
pany, Cleveland, O. 

G. W. X.— George" Williams Keeton. 
Proiessor of English Law and Dean, Faculty 
of Laws, Univers:t> College, University of*® 
London Editor of The Cambridge Review, 
1924 Author of The Elementary Principles oj 
Jurisprudence , etc. 

G. W. Ki. — George W. Kirchwey. Head 
of the Department of Criminology, New York 
School o 1 ?i : U) 1917-32 Warden of 
Sing Sing Prison, 191^-16 Author of Readings 
in the Law of Real Property. 

G. W. Kn. — ?Rev. George William 
Knox, D.D. Former Professor of Philosophy 
and History of Religion, Union Theological 
Seminary, New York, NY. Author of The 
Direct and Fundamental Proofs of the Chris- * 
izan Religion; etc * m 

G. W. O. — Gerrit Willem OverdijkinSL 
Expert on southeast Asian affairs. 

G. W. R. — George William Red way. 
Author of The Wat of Secession, 18*61-62; 
Fredericksburg' A Study in V/ar. 

G. W. RL — George Warren Richards, 
D.D. President, the Theological Seminary of 
the Reformed Church In ihc Unhixl States, 
Lancaster, Pa. Author of Christian Ways of 
Salvation , etc. 

G. W. S. — Geoffrey William Shaw. For- 
mer Assistant Lecturer m Geography, Uni- 
versity College, London 

G. W. Sr. — George W. Schaeffer. Associ- 
ate Proiessor and Dliector of the Department 
of Chemistry, St. Louis University, St. Louis, 

G. W. T.~ Rev. Griffiths Wheeler 
Thatcher. Warden of Camden College, 
Sidney, NSW. Former Tutor in Hebrew 
and Old Testament History at Mansfield 
College. Oxfoid. 

G. W. Tr. — Sir George "Wilfred Turner. 
Permanent Under-Secretary of State for War, 
Great Britain , formerly Second Secretary, 
Ministiy of Supply. * 

G. W. Wd. — George Willard Whelani. 
Professor of Chemistiy, The University 
of Chicago. Author of The Theory oi Res- 
onance; Advanced Organic Chemistry. 

G. W. Wi.— George Woodward Wick- 
ersham. Attorney-General oi the United 
States, 1909-13. 

G. Yo. — Sir George John Young- 
husband. Meyor General. Former Keeper of 
the Jewel Bouse, Tower oftLondon.«Author 
bf The Jewel House; etc. * • 



Gy. T.— Geoffrey Templeman. Lecturer 
in History* ¥niveisity o: Bir- 

mingham, En" 

py A. — Hamsun Atwood. Chairman of 
the Executive, Ccmr.Lt: " J Lcc-President 
and Director, McCanr-E:- Iv New 

York, N.Y. * 

H. A. Ar. — Hans A. Adler. Executive Of- 
fice of the President, Bureau of the Budget, 
Washington, D C. 

H. A. B. — Harry Arnold Baylis. Deputy 
Keeper, Department of Zoology, British 
Museum (Natural History), London. 

H. A. Be.— Hans Albrecht- Bethe. Pro- 
fessoi of Physics, Cornell University, Ithaca, 
N.Y. Author of Elementary Nuclear Theory . 

H. ACCs. — Harry Alfred Curtis. Dean, 
College of Engineering, University of Mis- 
souri, Columbia, Mo. 

H. A. Cw. — H. A. Caddow. Secretary- 
Manager, Wine Institute, San Francisco, Calif. 

H. A. Dr.— Hugh A. Drum. Lieutenant 
General, formerly with U S. Army. Chief of 
Staff, i st Army, A E.F., 1918-19. 

r Ha. F.— -Harvey Fletcher. Diiector of 
Physical Research, Bell Telephone Labora- 
tories, Murray Hill Laboratory, Murray 
Hill, N.J. 

H. Ah.-— Hakon Ahlberg. Chief Architect 
to Royal Medical Board of Sweden, 1934- . 
Professor of Ornamental Architecture, Royal 
Technical College, Stockholm University, 
1918-29, Author of Modern Swedish Archi- 

H. A. H.— Howard Archibald Hubbard. 
Professor of History and Head of the Dept, 
of History and Political Science, University 
of Arizona, Tucson, Anz. 

H. A. Ha. — H. Ainsworth Harrison. 
Research Chemist, Chemical Research Lab- 
oratory, Tcddingten, Middlesex, England 

H. K. He — Harold Augustus Hyde. 
Keepr Department of Botany, National Mu- 
seum of Cardiff, Wales. Author of 
Wcbh Timber Trees . Co-authoi of Welsh 
Ferns; Welsh Flowering Flaws . 

Ha. Hr. — Harry Hilfer. Chemist, Lucien 
Belong Inc , Chicago, III 

H, A. I. — Harold Adams Innis. Former 
Professor and. Head of the Department of 
PoUTcal Economy, University cf Toronto, 
Toronto, Ont Author of A History of the 
Canadian Pacific Railway; etc. 

H. A. J. — Henry Albert Jones. Principal 
OlericultunT, U S Department of Agriculture. 
BeUsvilie. Md. Co-author of Truck Crop 
Plan**; etc. 

H. A. K.— Hans Adolf Krebs. Professor 
of Biochemistry, University of Sheffield, Shef- 
field, Eng 

H. A. M. — Sir Henry Alexander Miers. 
Trustee of the British Museum, London, 1926- 
30 Yice*Chancclloi of the University of Man- 
chester and Professor of Cr> stallography, 
1^15-26. Author of A Visit to the Yukon Gold 
Field ?; etc. 

H. A. My. — Howard A. IVJurphy. Profes- 
sor of Music and Music Education, Teachers 
College, Columbia University, New York, 
NY. Author of Form m Mutic for the Lis- 
tener; Teaching Musicianship ; co-author of 
Creative Hanuony and Musicianship 

H. — Horace Arthur Rose. Distiict 
and Cessions Judge, Punjab, India. 1906-17! 

H. A. Re.— -Harrison August Ruehe, 
Professor of Daiiv Manufactures, College 
of * 0 and Chief of Dairy Manu- 

factures, Illinois A 

Station, i94S~S3- ' v >'7 - - i *7 l t 
factuies and Head of the Department Ox 
Dairy Husbandry, Univeisity of Illinois, 
Urbana, 111 , rg 2 i- 46 - 

H. A. R. G.— Sir Hamilton Alexander 
Rosskeen Gibb. Laudian Professor of Ara- 
bic, Oxford University. Editor of Whither 
Islam. Author of Arabic Literature; Damas- 
cus Chronicle of the Crusades; Modern 
Trends in Islam. 

H. A. Rn. — Hobart Ansteth Reimamn, 
M.D. Professor of Medicine, Jefferson Medi- 
cal College, Philadelphia. Pa Author of The 
Pneumonias , Edito. o: Treatment in Gen- 
eral Medicine. 

H. Ar. Rn.*— H. Archie Richardson. Free- 
lance sports writer ar' 1 * #■> t= - r search spe- 
cialist Author of The , • ■ -< Story; etc. 

H. A. S.— H. A. Sloman. Senior Principal 
Scientific Officer, Metallurgy Division, 
National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, 
Middlesex, England. 

H. A. Sc.— Hugh Arthur Scott. For 25 
years Music and Dramatic Critic of the IT est - 
minster Gazette, London. 

H. A. Sch.— Harry August Schoth. 
Senior Agronomist, Division of Forage Crops 
and Diseases, Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, 
and Agricultural Engineering, U S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, Oregon State College, 
Corvallis, Ore. 

Ha. Sh. — Haig Shekerjian. Brigadier 
General. Commanding General, Chemical 
Warfare Replacement Training Center, 1942- 
43; Ccr.miird-iu, General, Camp Sibert, Ala., 

H. A. T.— Howard A. Turner. Assistant 
Agrcultura 1 Economist, U.S. Department of 

Ha. W. — Harvey Walker. Professor of 
Political Science, Ohio State University, 
Columbus, O Author of Public Administra- 
tion in the United States. 

K. A. Wf.— Heinrich A. Wieschhoff. 
Curator, African Section, University of Penn- 
sylvania Museum, Lccturei on African Cul- 
ture Graduate School, University of Penn- 
svlvania. Philadelphia, Pa Author of Colonial 
Policies m Africa; etc. 

H. Ba. — Hugh Baillie. President and Gen- 
eral Manager. United Press Associations, New 
York, NY 

H. B. B. — Sir Henry Britten Bracken- 
bury. M.D, Former Vice-President of the 
Council of the Biil^h Medical Association. 

H. B. C. — H. B. Carter. Secieiarv, Reuters 

H. B. €s.— Plenty B. Collins. Anthro- 
poioe’st. Bureau of American Ethnology, 
Smitrsoniar Institution, Washington. D C. 
Author of Archaeology ot Si. La-uience Is- 
land, Alaska; Outline of Eskimo Prehistory; 
Prehistoric Art of Ike Alaskan Eskimo. 

H. B. D. — Harold Baily Dixon Chair- 
man of Uic- Ro>al Technical College, Salford, 
England, 1916-30. Plonorary Professor of 
Chemistry. University of Manchester, 1922. 
Author of The Velocity of Sound in Gases and 
Vapours, etc. 

PL Be. — Horace Beck. Specialist on beads; 
auanged the Egvptian beads in the British 
^Museum, London. Authoi of The Classifica- 
tion and Nomenclature of Beads and Pend- 
ants, etc. * - 

IT. B. H.— Henry beetle Hough. Editor 
and Publisher, Vineyard Gazette , Edgartown, 
Martha's Vinej^ard, ^Mass Co-author of 

Pulitzer ~-*rc--v : i History of Services 

Rendered z, t \r. Press. Author of 
Martha's 1 c 1 .1 Resort; Country 
Editor; etc. 

H. B. Hd.— -Herbert B. Hungerford. 
Head, Department of Entomology and 
State Entomologist, University of Kansas, 
Lawrence, Kan. 

H. B. Hs.— Henry Bohn Hass. Head of 
the Department of Chemistry, Purdue Univer- 
sity, Lafayette, Ind. 

H. BL— Henri Bidou. Former Editor of 
Le Journal des Debats, Paris 

H, B, Lm.— Harvey Brace Lemon. Pro- 
fessor of Physics, The University of Chicago, 
and Curator of Physical Science. Museum of 
Science and Industry, Chicago, 111 Author of 
From Galileo to Cosmic Rays; etc. 

H. B. Md. — Herbert B. Mulford. Former 
banker and newspaperman 

H. Bn.— Harry Bateman. Professor of 
Mathematics, Theoretical Physics and Aero- 
nautics, California Institute of Technology, 
Pasadena, 1917-46. Author of Partial Differ- 
ential Equations of Mathematical Physics; 
Electrical and Optical Wave Motion; Differ- 
ential Equations. 

H. Bp.— Rev. Herbert Louis Bishop. 
Missionary, Lourengo Marques, Mozambique, 
Portuguese East Africa, 1909-26. 

H. Br.— Henry Bradley. Former Co- 
editor of The New English Dictionary (Ox- 
ford). President, Philological Society, 1891- 
93, 1900-03 and 1909-10 President, Oxford 
Philological Society, 102:. Author of The 
Story of the Goths ; Taz Making of English; 

PL B. R.— Harold B. Rowe. Member of 
Research Staff, Brookings Insulation, Wash- 
ington, D C , 1933- Former Director, Food 
Rationing Division, Office of Price Adminis- 

H. Bt. — Harry Barnhart. U S singer 
Former leader of community singing. 

H. B. T.— Harold Bradford Takey. 
Read, Department of Horticulture, Michicar 
State College, East Lansing, Mich Chief in 
Reseai ch, New York State Agricultural Ex- 
perimental Station and Piofessc-r of Pomol- 
ogy, Cornell University, 1927-45 Editor, 
Proceedings of the American Society for 
Horticultural Science. 

H. B. We. — Harry Brandeis Wehle. 
Curator of Paintings, Metropolitan Museum 
of Art, New Y T ork, N V 

H. C. — Hugh Chisholm. Editor of the 
eleventh and twelfth editions of the Encyclo- 
paedia Bniannica 

H. Ca. — Helen M. Cam. Professor of His- 
tory, Harvard University and Radchffe Col- 
lege, Cambridge, Mass, 1948- Lecturer in 
History, Cambridge University, 1928-48 Au- 
thor of Studies in the Hundred Rolls . 

H. C. Bo.— H. C. Booth. Consulting 
Engineer, Messrs Booth, Wilson and Pettit, 

H. C. Br. — Harold Chalton Bradshaw. 
Former Secretary, Royal Fine Art Com- 

H. C. C — Henry Cope Colies. Musical 
Critic of The Times , London, 1 91 1-43. Editor 
cf third edition, Grove’s Dictionary of Musi: 
and Musicians , 1927, fourth edition. 1940. 

H. C. B.— Harold Collett Dent Editor 
of The Times Educational Supplement , Lon- 
don ^ 

H. C. Dn.— Hobart Cutler Dickinson. 
Former Chief , Heat and Power Division, 
National Bureau of Standards, Washington, 
D C. 

H. C. Dy.- — Kenry Clifford Darby. John 
Rankin Professor of Geography, University 
of Liverpool E-r-'r.d w Ehrman Fel- 
low, King’s ('„ v'.-'s’ ,, 1932-^5. Au- 

thor of The .V » ;■ . fv ; etc. 

H. Ch. — H. Chambers. Former Principal, 
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, London. 

H. Cha. — Henry Chalmers. Advisei on 
Commercial Policy, U S. Department of Com- 
merce, Washington, D C. Author of World 
Trade Policies : me Changing Panorama 3 
1920-53; etc. 

H. C. Hk,« — Harold C. Hickock. Assist- 
ant Sales Manager, Elevator Division, West- 
inghouse Electric Corporation, Jersey City, 
NJ Author of The Economics of Vertical 
Transportation . 

H. C. Hr.- — Hubert Crouse Heffner. Pro- 
fessor of Dramatic Literature and Executive 
Head of the Department of Speech and 
Drama, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif, 
Co-author of Modem Theatre Practice. 

H. C. Hy.— Rev. Horace Carter Hovey, 
D.D. Author of Handbook of Mammoth 
Cave of Kentucky; etc 

H. C. J. H.~ Sir (Henry Cecil) John 
Hunt. Brigadier Assistant Commandant, 
Staff College. Camberley, Surrey, Eng. Leader 
of the Mount Everest Expedition, 1953. Au- 
thor of The Ascent of Everest. 

H. CL — Sir Hugh Clifford. Former Gov- 
ernor of the Straits Settlements. High Com- 
missioner for the Malay States and British 
Agent for Borneo 1927-29 Governor of 
Ceylon, 1925-27 Author, Further India; etc. 

H. C. L. — H. C. Long. Former Senior Staff 
Officer, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, 
London Editor of Journal of Ministry of 
Agriculture and Fisheries. Author of Common 
Weeds of the Farm and Garden; Plants 
Poisonous to Livestock ; etc. 

H. C. M. C. — H. C. M. Case. Head, De- 
partment of Agricultural Economics, College 
of Agriculture, University of Illinois, Uibana. 

H. C. Pr.— Horace Chamberlain Porter* 
Consulting chemist and chemical engineer, 
Philadelphia, Pa Author of Coal Catbon- 
ization; etc. 

H. C. R. — -Henry Cushier Raven. Former 
Curator, Department of Comparative Anat- 
omy, American Museum of Natural History, 
New York, NY. Prosector, N.Y. Zoological 
Society, 1925-27. Associate, Vertebrate Pa- 
laeontology, Columbia University, 1926-29. 

H. C. Ro. — H. C. Robbins. Former Gen- 
eral Manager, Press Association. 

H, C. S. — H. C. Stuart. Former Assistant 
Collector, U S. Custom Service, New York, 

H. C. T,— Harry C. Thomson. Chief His- 
torian, U.S. Army Ordnance Corps, Washing- 
ton, D.C. 

H. C. U. — Harold Clayton Urey. Martin 
A. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor 
of Chemistry, The University of Chicago. 
Nobel Prize for the discovery of deuterium 
(heavy hydrogen), 1934* 

H. C. V*— -Hein Cornells Visser. Bar- 

H. C~\-- H*”’ Crr"?. Foimer Piofessor 
of *■;-.**, L nf ’ University, Evans- 
ton, II. Author of General Physics; Rise of 
Modern Physics 

H. C. W. — Henry C. Watts. Fellow of the 
Royal Aeronautical Society, England Author 
ot Screw Propellers for Aire? aft. 

H. C. Wt. — Kurd Curtis Willett. Pro- 
fessor of Meteorology, Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology, Cambridge, Mass Author of 
Descnptive Meteorology 

H. Cx. — Henri Cochaux. Advocate of the 
Couit of Appeal, Brussels, Belg Author of 
Le Pape et V Italic 

H. Cy,— Harold Conolly. County Archi- 
tect, County Council of Essex, Eng. 

H. D.— Herbert Dingle. Professor of 
History and Philosophy of Science, Univer- 
sity College, Uriveisity of London Director 
of the South Kensington Observatory. Author 
of Modern Astrophysics; etc. 

H. Da. — H. Das. Graduate Member of New 
College, Oxford. Editor of The Life and 
Letters of Tom Dutt. 

H. D. A. M.< — Rev. Henry Dewsbury 
Alves Major, D.D. Honorary Canon of 
Birmingham, England Examining Chaplain 
to the Bishop of Birmingham Editor of the 
Modern Churchman. Author of English Mod- 
ernism; etc. 

Hd. B.- —Harold Briercliffe. Editor, 
Motor Cycle and Cycle Trader. 

Hd. C. — Howard F. Cline. Director, The 
Hispanic Foundation, Library of Congress, 
Washington, D.C. 

H. D. C. — Harold Dean Cater. Director, 
Minnesota Historical Society. Author of 
Henry Adams and His Friends; etc 

H. De. — Rev. Hippolyte Delehaye, S.J. 
Former Co-editor of the Acta Sanctorum. 
Author of The Work of the Bollandtsts. 

H. D. K. — Harry Dexter Kitson. Pro- 
fessor of Education, Teachers College, Colum- 
bia University. Author of The Psychology of 
Vocational Adjustment; etc Editor, “Kitson 
Careers’’ Series, Occupations — the Vocational 
Guidance Journal. 

H. D. L. — Harold D. Lass well. Professor 
of Law, Yale University School of Law, New 
Haven, Conn Author of World Politics and 
Personal Insecurity; etc. 

H. D. N. — Henry Darnley Naylor. For- 
mer Professor of Classics in the University of 
Adelaide, South Australia. Former Governor 
of the Public Library of South Australia. 

H. D. O. — Hilda Diana Oakeley. Head 
of Department of Philosophy', King’s College, 
University of London, 1930-31. Author of A 
Study in the Philosophy of Personality; 
History and the Self; etc. 

H. Ds.— -Ballowell Davis, M.D. Direc- 
tor of Research, Central Institute for the 
Deaf, St. Louis, Mo Author of Hearing and 
Deafness . a Guide for Laymen. Co-author of 
Hearing Aids; Hearing: Its Psychology and 
Physiology . 

H. D. S. — Harlow Dow Savage. Former 
President of Dry Quenching Equipment 
Corporation, New York, NY. 

H. D. Sm — Hermon Dunlap Smith. 
Vice-Piesident, Marsh and McLennan, Chi- 
cago. Author of Revolutionary War Journals % 
of Henry Dearborn , 1773-83, wkh biograph- 
ical essay. 

% * * 

H. D. T.— Harvey Dona luring. Heitor 
of The Salmon and Trout Maga\irtf t 1913- . 

Author of Tiout Fishing , Modern Coarse 
Fishing , etc. • 

' T> 

H. E. — ‘Kaypn Emerson, M.D. Professor 
of Public Health Administration, Columbia 
University, 1922-40. Editor Alcohol and 
Man; etc. 

H. E. A. — Hugh Elmer Agnew. Chair- 
man of :L"a-vner J _ of Marketing, New 
York Lr.ive'^:/ School of Commerce, 
Accounts and Finance, 1928-43 Auihoi of 
G ' Advertising by Competitor s, 

( ■ ' . • , etc. 

H. E. Ba. — Harry Everett Barnard. For- 
mer President, H E Barnard, Inc , Indian- 
apolis, Ind Editor of Baking Technology 

PL E. Bar. — parry Elmer Barnes. Pro- 
fessor of History and Sociology, Smith Col- 
lege, Northampton, Mass , 1923-30. Author of 
Progress of American Penology; The Re- 
pression of Crime; etc 

H. E. BL — Sir Herbert Edward Blum- 
berg*. General. Former Honorary Colonel 
Commandant, Chatham Division, Royal 
Marines. * 

H. E. Bu. — Harold Ernest Burtt. Profes- 
sor of Psychology, Ohio State University, 
Columbus, 0 . Author of Legal Psychology ; 
Psychology in Advertising. 

H. E. By.— Huly Edwin Bray. Former 
Director, Office of Information, War Assets 
Administration, Washington, D C, 

H. E. C,— H. E. Cox. Public Analyst 'for 
the Metropolitan Borbugh of Hampstead, 

H. E. D.— Harold Edward Dale. Princi- 
pal Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Agn- 
cultuie and Fisheries, 192^-35. «. 

H. E. Da.— H. E. Dalton. Former Comp- 
troller, Studebaker Corporation, South Bend, 


H. E. Du.— Henry Ernest Dudeney. 
Mathematical puzzle expeit Author of The 
Canterbury Puzzles; Amusements in Mathe- 
matics; etc 

H. E. E. — H. E. Ewing. Entomologist. 
Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, 
US. Department of VrkNtur'*. Washington, 
D C , 1929-45 Autho- Qj A £•-’ of Exter- 
nal Parasites. 

H. E. Ex.* — Hiram Eli Essex. Co- 
chairman, Department of Physiology, Mayo 
Foundation and Mayo Clinic, Rochester, 

PI. E. G. — Henry Edward Garrett. Pro- 
fessor and Head of the Department of Psy- 
chology, Columbia University. Author of 
Great Experiments in Psychology; etc. 

H. E. Hd,— Herman Eliot Hayward. 
Senior Plant Anatomist, Bureau of Plant In- 
dustry, Soils, and \prica!tuial Engineering, 
U.S. Department of .Vuic.iirmt Author of 
The Structure of Econo, >ic Pian*<. 


H. E. Ho.— Henry E. Hoagland. Former 
Director, Home Owners' Loan Corporation, 
and former Trustee, Federal Savings and Loan 
Insurance Corporation, of the United States 
Housing and Home Finance Agency, Wash- 
ington, D C Author of Corporation Finance; 
Work Book in Corporation Finance; Real Es- 
tate Principles; etc 

H. E. Ht. — Harold Edwin Hurst. Scien- 
tific Consultant, Ministry of Public Works, 
Egypt. Author of The Nile; t:o-authg*»cf The 
*Nile Basin . * ® • 


t ? 

H. E. Hy.- — Hr^d Evans Hartney. 
Lieutenant- Colonel, formerly with Air Corps 
(Res ), U S.A. Former Ccrsultin™ Aeronauti- 
caU Assistant/, Civil Aeronautics Authority. 
Author of Compete Flying Manual. 

H. E. J.— H.’E. Jeffery. Secretary* British 
Goat Society. 

H. E. L. — k. Edgar Landauer. Former 
member of the Board of Managers of Verein- 
igte In d u ~ t rie - Ur. f e eh m u n ge 1- * A.G , Berlin, 
and r 'le;chs-jCrcc::-C^e Ischm. AG, Berlin. 
Author of Industrial and Commercial Devel- 

H. E. M. — Harry E. Maufe. Editor, Ran- 
dom House, Inc , New York, N.Y. Author of 
A Boy’s Book of New Inventions . Editor of 
A Book of JVat Letters; Great Tales of the 
American West. Co-editor of The Man From 
Main Street . 

H. E. S. — Horace Elisha Scudder. For- 
mer Editor of The Atlantic Monthly. Author 
of Life of James Russell Lowell; History of 
the United States; Dream Children; Life of 
Noah Webster; Men and Letters; etc. 

H. E. T. — H. E. Tunnicliffe. Fellow and 
Lecturer in Physiology, Gonville and Caius 
College, Cambridge. University Demonstrator 
-in Physiology. 

H. E. Van Ge, — H. E. Van Gelder. Ad- 
viser, Service of Fine Art, The Hague, Nether- 
lands, 1941- . Director of the Service for 
Art and Science (including the Town Mu- 
seums) of The Hague, 1919-41 Editor of Oud 
Holland Author of Pottenbakkers. 

He. W.— Herbert Woodrow. Professor 
and Head o„f the Department of Psychology, 
University of Illinois, Ur ban a. 111 Author of 
Brightness and D dm ess vi Children; The 
Measurement of Attention. 

H. E. W. — Harold E. Wethey. Professor 
of Fine Arts, University of MicMgsn Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Author of Colon cl Arcn>'c v :me 
and Sculpture in Peru; Gil de Siloe and His 

H. E. Wi. — Henry E. Wirth. Associate 
Professor of Chemistry, Ohio State University, 
Columbus, O. 

H. E. Wp. — H. Edward Wrapp. Asso- 
ciate Professor of Production and Director of 
the Executive Program, School of Business, 
The University of Chicago. 

H. F. — Helena Frank. Translator from the 
Yiddish of stories and pictures by Perez; 
Yiddish Tales. 

H. Fa. — Harrison Fahrnkopf. Former 
Director, Gram Marketing Department, Illi- 
nois Agricultural Association. 

H. F. Br. — Horatio Robert Forbes 
Brown. Former Editor of the Calendar of 
Venetian State Papers for the Public Record 
Office Author of Life on the Lagoons; Vene- 
tian Studies ; etc. 

H. F. By.— Harry Flood Byrd. U.S. 
Senator. Governor of Virginia, 1926-30. Pub- 
lisher of Winchester Star and Harrisonburg 
(Va.) Daily News Record. 

H. F. C. G. — Hubert Francis Cawdron 
Grigg. Economic Assistant, Commonwealth 
Economic Committee, London. 

K* Fe.— Hugh Ferriss. President of Archi- 
tectural League of New York, N.Y , 1943-45. 
Author of The Metropolis of Tomorrow. 

H. F. G. — Henry Francis Grady. Presi- 
dent, American President Lin*s, Ltd., 1941- . 
Professoi of International Trade and Dean of 
the College of Commerce, University of Cali- 
fornia, 192 8 - 37 . Vice-Chairman, U.S. Tariff 
Commission, 1937 - 39 - Assistant Secretary of 
State, Department of State, Washington, D.C., 
Leader* American Technical Mission 
to Irdia* 1942. „ 

H. F. Gh.— Herbert F. Goodrich. Judge 
of the U.S Couit of Appeals, 3rd Ciicuff 
Director, American' Law Institute Author of 
Handbook of the Conflict of Laws. 

H. F. Gl.— Harold Foote Gosnell. Spe- 
cial Consultant, Office of Public Affairs, U.S. 
UcTC-t-rnt of State, Wash-g tor. D.C. Au- 
thor oi Grass Roots Politic*, etc. 

H. F. Gn. — Hugo F. Garten. Head of 
German Westminster School, 

London, r. uinc" 3 Ceorg Kaiser . 

H. FL— Herman Finer. Professor of Polit- 
ical Science, The University of Chicago. 
Lecturer and Reader in Public Administration, 
London School of Economics and Political 
Science, 1920-42. Special Consultant on Post- 
war Reconstruction to International Labour 
Office, Montreal, Canada, 1942. Author of 
Foreign Governments at Work; The Case 
Against Proportional Representation ; etc. 

H. F. J.— Herbert Felix Jolowicz. Pro- 
fessor of Roman Law in the University of 
London, 1931- Dean of Faculty of Law, 
University of London, 1937-38. Editor, Jour- 
nal of the Society of Public Teachers of Law. 
Author of Historical Introduction to the Study 
of Roman Law; etc. 

H. F. MacN. — Harley F. MacNair. Pro- 
fessor of Far Eastern History, The University 
of Chicago, 1928-47 Author of Modern 
Chinese History; China in Revolution; etc. 

H. Fn. — Herman Finkelstein. General 
Attorney, American Society of Composers, Au- 
thors and Publishers. 

H. F. N. — Helena Florence Normanton. 
Queen’s Counsel. First woman barrister 
briefed at High Court of Justice and Central 
Criminal Court, London. Author of Everyday 
Law for Women; Trial of A. A. Rouse; Trial 
of Norman Thorne. 

H. Fo. — Henry Ford. Organizer and for- 
mer President of the Ford Motor Company. 
Author (with Samuel Crowther) of My Life 
and Work ; etc. 

H. F. P. — Henry Francis Pelham. For- 
mer Camden Professor of Ancient History in 
Oxford University and President of Trinity 
College Author of Outlines of Roman His- 
tory; etc. 

H. F. Pr. — Henry Fowles Pringle. Chief, 
Division of Publications, Office of War In- 
formation, 1942-43. Professor of Journalism, 
Columbia University, 1936-43 Author of 
Alfred E. Smith , a Critical Study ; etc. 

H. Fr.— Henri Frantz. Art Critic, Gazette 
des Beaux-Arts , Paris. 

H. Fs.- — Homer Folks. Secretary of the 
State Charities Aid Association of New York. 
Author of Care of Destitute , Neglected and 
Delinquent Children; etc. 

H. F. T. — Harry F. Tapp. Manager, Oil 
Heating-Air Conditioning Division, Gilbert 
and Barker Manufacturing Company, West 
Springfield. Mass. Author of Hand Book of 
Domestic Oil Heating; etc. 

H. Fu. — H. Fuchs. Literary Department, 
Disconto-Gesellschaft, Berlin. 

H. F. W. — H. Fred Wilson. Assistant 
Vice-President and Manager, Bank Relations 
Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Chi- 

H. Fx. — Howard Fox, M.D. Emeritus 
Professor, College of Medicine, New York 
University, New York, N Y Author of Skin 
Diseases in Infancy and Childhood . 

H. G. A. — Harry G. Armstrong, M.D. 
r Major General. Surgeon General, U S. Air 
Force, 1949-* 3 * 

H. G. Ar.—Horacr Alexander. 

Adviser to the Society ■/ s in India 

Author of The Indian Ferment; India Since 
Cnpps ; Narcotics in India and South Asia. 

H. G. Bn.— Harry Gunnison Brown. Vis- 
iting Professor of Economics, University of 
Ur/versity, Miss. Author of Basic 
P". c economics; The Economic Basis 

' T.: “L ; r v 7 ; The Economics of Taxation 

H. G. Bt.-— H. G. Barnett. Professor of 
Anthropology, University of Oregon, Eugene, 
Ore. Author of Innovation: the Basis of Cul- 
tural Change. 

H. G. G. Dowie. Honorary Secre- 

tary, Torquay Natural History Society, the 
Museum, Torquay, England. 

H. G. Dn. — Herbert Girton Deignan. 
Associate Curator of Birds, U S National 
Museum, Washington, D C. Master, the 
Prince Royal’s College, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 
1928-32, 1935-37 

H. G. G.* — Henry George Greenish. For- 
mer Professor of Pharmaceutics in the Uni- 
versity of London. Co-editor of the British 

H. G. Gd. — Harry Gehman Good. Emeri- 
tus Professor of Education, Ohio State Uni- 
versity, Columbus, O. Author of Benjamin 
Rush and His Services to American Education 

H. G. Gn. — Harry G. Guthmann. Morri- 
son Professor of Finance, Northwestern Uni- 
versity, Evanston, 111 . Author of Analysis of 
Financial Statements; co-author of Corporate 
Financial Policy; Investment Principle and 

H. G. Hn. — Henry Garrett Houghton. 
Professor of Meteorology and Head of De- 
partment, Massachusetts Institute of Tech- 
nology. Cambrdere, Mass. 

H. G. K. — Henry Granger Knight. Chief, 
Bureau of Agricultural Chemistry and Engi- 
neering, U S Department of Agriculture, 
Washington, D.C, 1939-42. 

H. G. M. — Henry Gascoyen Maurice. 
Former Fisheries Secretary, Ministry of Agri- 
culture and Fisheries, London. 

H. Gn. — Hans Gaffron. Professor of Bio- 
chemistry, Department of Biochemistry and 
Institute of Radio biology and Biophysics, The 
University of Chicago. 

H. G. N. — Herbert George Nicholas. 
Fellow and Tutor, Exeter College, Oxford 
Faculty Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford Au- 
thor of The American Union. 

H. Go.- — Hugh Godfrey. Author of An 
Elementary Treatise on the Lunar Theory; A 
Treatise on Astronomy. 

H. Goe. — Hermann Goetz. Volunteer As- 
sistant in Charge of the Mohammedan Col- 
lections, Museum of Ethnology, Berlin. 

H. Got.—Hugh Goitein. Professor of Com- 
mercial Law, University of Birmingham. 
England. Author of Primitive Ordeal and 
Modern Law; etc. 

H. G. R.— H. G. Richardson. Former 
Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture 
and Fisheries, London. 

H. G. Rn. — Hugh George Rawlinson. 
Indian Educational Service (retired). Author 
of Brnish Achievement in India; India: A 
Short Cultural History. 

H. G. Sh. — H. Grayson Smith. Associate 
Professor of Physics, University of Toronto, 
Canada Co-author of Phenomena at the 
Temperature of Liquid Helium; College 

H. G. Ss. — Henry Gordon Stokes. Au- 
thor ^ of English Place-Names; The English 
Seaside; etc. 

H. Gu.— Harold GuUiksen. Professor of 
Psychology, Princeton 'University, Princeton, 

H. G. W.— Herbert George Wood, Hon. 
D.D. Professor of Theology, University of 
Birmingham, England, 1940-46. 

H. G. W£.— Harold G. Wolff, M.D. As- 
sociate Professor of Medicine, Cornell Uni- 
versity Medical College, Ithaca, N.Y. Attend- 
ing Physician, New York Hospital, New York, 

H. Ha. — Harry Hansen. Book Critic for 
Harper’s Magazine , 1923-39. Author of The 
Adventures of the Fourteen Points; etc. 

H. Hag. — Hermann Hagedorn. Executive 
Director and Trustee, Roosevelt Memorial 
Association. Author of Roosevelt in the Bad- 
lands; etc. 

H. H. Ar.— Henry H. Arnold. Former 
General of the Army. Commanding General, 

U S. Army Air Forces, 1942-45 Co-author of 
Army Flyer; Winged Warfare; etc. 

H. H. Br. — Harold H. Bender. M. Tay- 
lor Pyne Professor Emeritus of Indo- 
Germamc Philology, Princeton Uo’Nerritw 
Princeton, N J Author of The 
and “vant” in Sanskrit and Ave'-* ni ; A 
ahian Etymological Index; The Home of the 

H. H. Sir H. Hardinge Cunyng- 
hame. Assistant Undersecretary, Home Office, 
1894-1913- Former Vice-President, Institute 
of Electrical Engineers. 

H. H. Cl. — Harry Hayden Clark. Pro- 
fessor of English, University of Wisconsin, 
Madison, Wis. 

H. Hd.— Eric Hesketh Hubbard. Exten- 
sion Lecturer in Art, London, Oxford and 
Cambridge Universities. Author of Materia 
Pictona; Some Victorian Draughtsmen; etc. 

H. He. — Halldor Hermannsson. Emer- 
itus Professor of Scandinavian Languages and 
Curator of the Fiske Icelandic Collection, 
Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. 

H. Hea.— Herbert Heaton. Professor of 
Economic History, University of Minnesota, 
Minneapolis, Minn. Author of The Yorkshire 
Woollen and Worsted Industries; The British 
Way to Recovery; Economic History of 

H. Her.— Harold Heron. Analytical and 
Consulting Chemist. Lecturer on Malting and 
Brewing Chemistry, Sir John Cass Technical 
Institute, London. 

H. H. G. — Herbert H. Grimwood. Prin- 
cipal, School of Wood-carving, South Ken- 

H. Hh. — Helmut Hirsch. Associate Pro- 
fessor of History, Roosevelt College, Chicago, 
111 . 

H. H. H. — The R t. Rev. Herbert Hens- 
ley Henson, Hon. D.D. Lord Bishop of 
Durham, 1920-39. Author of Anglicanism; 

H. H. J.— Sir Harry Hamilton John- 
ston. Special Commissioner, Commander in 
Chief and Consul-General for the Uganda 
Protectorate, 1899-1901. Consul General in 
the Regency of Tunis, 1897-99. Commissioner 
and Consul General in British Central Africa, 
1891. Author of British Central Africa ; The 
Uganda Protectorate ; The Nile Quest; etc. 

H. H. Jo.— Helen Haiman Joseph. Di- 
rector of Helen Haiman Joseph Marionettes. 
Author of Book of Marionettes ; etc. 

H. H. L.— -Herbert H. Lehman. U.S. Sen- 
ator, 1949- . Director General, United Na- 
tions Relief and Rehabilitation Administra- 
tion, Washington, D.C., 1943-46. 

H. H. L. B.— Hugh Hale Leigh Bellot. 
Sometime Acting Professor of Constitutional 
Law, University of London, and Secretary, 
Breaches of the Laws of War Committee. 
Author of Commerce m War; etc 

H. H. Lr.— Hiram H. Lesar. Professor of 
Law and Editor of the Missouri Law Review , 
University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. 

H. H. Mn. — Hugh H. Mottern. Senior 
Chemist in Charge, Apple Utilization Section, 
Eastern Regional Research Laboratory, U.S. 
Department of Agriculture, Wyndmoor, Pa. 

H. H. N. — H. H. Newman. Emeritus Pro- 
fessor of Zoology, The University of Chicago. 
Author of The Biology of Twins; The Phys- 
iology of Twinning; Multiple Human Births. 

Hh. O. — Hugh Odishaw. Assistant to the 
Director, National Bureau of Standards, U.S. 
Department of Commerce. 

H. Hoi. — Horace Holley. Secretary, Na- 
tional Spiritual Assembly of Bahais of United 
States and Canada, 1924-30 and 1932-48. 
Author of Bakaism; etc. Editor, Baha'i 
Scriptures. Former Editor, Baha'i World. 

H. Hp.— Henry Harap. Associate Director, 
Division of Surveys and Field Services, George 
Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville, 
Tenn. Author of Economic Life and the Cur- 
riculum; The Technique of Curriculum Mak- 

H. H. R.— Herbert Holdsworth Ross. 
Systematic Entomologist, Illinois State Nat- 
ural History Survey. Author of The Caddis 
Flies or Trichoptera of Illinois. 

H. Hs. — Hermann Helms. Publisher, 
American Chess Bulletin , New York, N.Y. 
Former Chess Editor, Brooklyn Eagle. Former 
Chess Editor, New York Sun. 

H. H. S. — Sir Henry Harold Scott, M.D. 
Former President, Royal Society of Tropical 
Medicine and Hygiene. Examiner for Diplo- 
mas in Tropical Medicine and Tropical Hy- 
giene, Liverpool University, Liverpool, Eng- 
land. Director, Bureau of Hygiene and 
Tropical Diseases, London, 1935-42. Author 
of A History of Tropical Medicine; etc. 

H. H. Sd. — Howard Hayes Scullard. 
Reader in Ancient History, University of Lon- 
don. Author of 'A History of the Roman 
World, 753-146 B.C ; Roman Politics, 220 - 
150 B.C.; Scipio Africanus. 

H. H. Sh.— Henry H. Storch. Chief, Re- 
search and Development Division, Office of 
Synthetic Liquid Fuels, Bureau of Mines, 
U.S. Department of the Interior, Pittsburgh, 

H. H. Sk. — Helmuth H. Schrenk. Chief, 
Health Division, U.S. Bureau of Mines, Cen- 
tral Experiment Station, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

H. Hy. — Henri Simon Hymans. Former 
Keeper of the Ribliotheque Royale de Bel- 
gique, Brussels. Author of Rubens: sa vie et 
son oeuvre . 

H. H. Y. — Harland Harry Young. As- 
sistant Director of Research, Swift and Com- 
pany, Chicago, 111 . 

H. L — H. Inwards. Former President of 
the Chamber of the town of Luton, England. 
Author of Straw Hats . 

H. I. B. — Sir Harold Idris Bell. Keeper 
of the MSS. and Egerton Librarian, British 
Museum, London, 1929-44 Honorary Fellow 
of Oriel College. Oxford. Honoiary Reader 1 
in Papyrology, Oxford. * 

Hi, Br.— -Henri Brenier^Director General 
of the Chamber of Commerce, Marseilles, 
France General Secretary to the National 
Colonial Exhibition at Marseilles, 1922, and 
to the Colonial Organization 'Congress, 1^2. 

Hi. L.— HAiri Lagarde/ Directeur des 
Etudes, Banque de France, Par^, Fr. Author 
of La Monnaie et le Change. 

H. J.— Harold Jeffreys. Plumian Profes- 
sor pf Astronomy and Experimental Philoso- 
phy, Cambridge University. Fellow of St. 
John’s College, Cambridge Author of The 
Earth: Its Origin, History , and Physical 
Constitution; The Future of the Earth; etc. 

H. Ja.— Sir Herbert, Jackson. Former 
Director of Research, British Scientific In- 
stmments Research Association Former Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry, University of London. 
Former Daniell Professor of Chemistry, King’s 
College, University of London. 

H. J. A. — Harry J. Anslinger. United 
States Commissioner of Narcotics, Bureau of 
Narcotics, Washington, D.C. 

H. J. B. — H. J. Butler. Technical expert 
of The Electric Railway and Tramway Jour- 
nal. Former Technical Editor of The Auto-*® 
mobile and Carnage Builders' Journal. Author 
of Motor Bodies and Chassis; etc. 

H. J. Bn.— -Henry J. Bruman. Associate 
Professor of Geography, University of Cali- 
fornia at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Calif. 

H. J. Br.— Hermann Justus Braunholtz. 
Keeper, TLn .-j of Ethnography, British 
Museum, Formir President, Royal 

Anthropological Institute. 

H. J. C.— Henry Joel Cadbury, D.D. 
Hollis Professor of Divinity, Harvard Uni- 
versity. Secretary, American Schools of 
Oriental Research. Director,^ Andover- 
Harvard Theological Library. Author of 
Style and Literary Method of Luke. 

H. J. D.— Harry J. Daniels. Former 
Editor of The Casket and Sunny side. New 
York, N.Y. 

H. J. De.— Herman Julius Beutsch. Pro- 
fessor of History and Political Science, State 
College of Washington, Pullman, Wash. ; 

H. Je. — Sir Hilary Jenkinson. Deputy 
Keeper of Public Record Office and Keeper of 
Land Revenue Records and Enrolments F. 
W. Maitland Lecturer, Cambridge Univer- 
sity, 1 91 1-3 5 and 1938 Reader in Diplomatic 
Archives, University of London, 1925-47. 

H. J. E. — H. Julius Eggeling. Professor 
of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology, Edin- 
burgh University, Scotland, 1875-1914. For- 
mer Secretary and Librarian to Royal Asiatic 

H. J. E. P.— Harold John Edward 
Peake. Former Vice-President of the Royal 
Anthropological Institute of Great Britain 
and Ireland. Author of The Bronze Age and 
the Celtic World; etc. 


H. J. F. — Herbert John Fleure. Honor- 
ary Secretary, Geographical Association and 
Honorary Editor of Geography , 1917-47. 
Professor of Geography, Manchester Univer- 
sity, 1930-44 Author of Human Geography 
in Western Europe; etc. 

H. J. Fn. — Henry James Franklin. Di- 
rector of Cranberry Station, East Wareham, 
Mass. Research Professor, University of 
• Massachusetts? Amherst, Mass. Author of 
Cape Cod Cranberry Insect ?; etc. # 



LJL - 

\JT'\ ' -\7 

— r "Avnv.'i Tr^TT' 

I ✓’ * A - ^'4 jl jlA '-J' r '—“ 


H. J. G. — HerSert jfohn Gough. Engineer 
in Chief, Lqver Brothers and Unilever Ltd, 
1945- • Superintendent of the Engineering 

Deoartme^t Rational Physical Laboratory, 
^eLcir.g.c.'* 'England, 1930-38. Birecioi- 
Gereru. of Scientific Research r and Develop- 
ment, Ministry of Supply, 1942-45. 

H. J. L. — if arold J. Laski. Former Profes- 
sor of Political Science, University of London. 
Former Member of Council of Institute of 
Public Administiation Author of A Grammar 
of Politics; Communism; etc 

H. J. M. — Hermann Joseph Muller. 
Professor of Zoology, Indiana University, 
Bloomington, Ind. Senior Geneticist, Institute 
of Genetics of the Academy of Science, 
U S S.R., 1933-37. Nobel Laureate in Phys- 
iology and Medicine, 1946 Author of The 
Mechmism of Mendelian Heredity (with 
others) ; Out of the Night; etc. 

H. J. Ma. — Rt. Hon. Sir "Halford John 
Mackinder, Vice-President, Royal Geo- 
graphic Society, 1933-36. Reader and after- 
ward Professor of Geography, University of 
London, 1900-25, Author of Britain and the 
British Seas; etc. * 

H. J. Mac.— Horace James Macintire. 
^Professor of Refrigeration, University of Il- 
linois, Urbana, 111 , 1920-48 Author of Hand- 
book of Mechanical Refrigeration; etc. 

H. J. Ml. — Harrison J. Merrill. Chief, 
Physical Optics Section, Applied Physics 
Branch, Evans Signal Laboratory, Signal 
Corps Engineering Laboratories^ Fort Mon- 
mouth, N J. 

H. J. M. R. — H. J. M. Rundle. Comman- 
der, R N. Former Deputy Chief Inspector, 
H.M. Coastguard 

H. J. Mu.-— Hans J. Morgenthau. Pro- 
fessor of Political Science, The University of 
Chicago. Author r of In Defense of the National 
Interest; Politics Among Nations; etc. 

H. Jn. — Henry Jackson. Former Regius 
Professor of Greek m Cambridge University 
and Ijellow of Trinity College. Author of 
Texts to Illustrate the History of Greek Phi- 
losophy from Thales to Aristotle; etc. 

H. J. R.— Herbert Jennings Rose. Pro- 
fessor of Greek, United College, St. Andrews 
University, Scotland Professor of Latin, Uni- 
versity College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1919- 
27. Author of A Handbook of Greek My- 
thology; etc. 

H. J. Re.— Henry Joseph Reilly. Brig- 
adier General. Author of Why Prepared- 
ness? ; America's Part; etc. 

H. Js. — Harlean James. Executive Sec- 
retary, American Planning and Civic Asso- 
ciation, Washington, D.C. Author of The 
Building of Cities; etc. 

H. J. S. — Howard James Savage. Treas- 
urer, Carnegie Foundation for the Advance- 
ment of Teaching, New York, N.Y. Author of 
Games and Sports m British Schools and Uni- 
versities; etc, 

H. J. Sy. — Howard John Shaughnessy. 
Chid, Division oi Laboratories, Illinois De- 
partment of Public Health Associate P10- 
fessor of Bacteriology and Public Health, Col- 
lege of Medicine, University of Illinois, 
Chicago, 111. 

H. J. T. E. — H. J. T. EHingham. Impe- 
rial College of Science and Technology, Uni- 
versity of London 

H. J. V. C.— Harley Jones Van Cleave. 
Professor of Zoology, University of Illinois, 
Urbana, III Author of Invertebrate Zoology ; 
(with Jlenry R.JJnville and Henry A, Kelly) 
A Tmiffook in General Zoology; etc. 

H. J. W. — * H. J. Whittle. Lieutenant 
Colonel. Contributor to The Field. 

H. J. W. T. — Henry Julius Wetenhall 
Tillyard. Professor of Greek, University 
College, Carditf, Wales, 1926-46. Author of 
Byzantine Music and Hymnography; etc. 

H. K. — -Holloway Kilborn. Vice-Pres- 
ident and Treasurer, The Kilborn and Bishop 
Company, New Haven, Conn. Author of Iron 
Age; Hardware Age. 

H. K. C.— Henry King Carroll. Author 
of Religious Forces in the United States; Mis- 
sionary Growth of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church . 

H. K. G. — Howard K. Gloyd. Director, 
Museum of Natural History, The Chicago 
Academy of Sciences, Chicago, 111. 

H. Kl. — Heinrich Kliiver. Professor of 
Experimental Psychology, The University of 
Chicago. Associate Editor, Journal of Psy- 
chology . 

H. Kn. — Hans Kelsen. Professor of Polit- 
ical Science, University of California, Berke- 
ley, Calif Author of Society and Nature; 
General Theory of Law and State. 

H. Ko. — Hans Kohn. Professor of History, 
City College, New York, N Y., 1949- • 
Author of The Idea of Nationalism; Prophets 
and Peoples; The Twentieth Century; etc. 

H. Kr. — Harald Kreutzberg. German bal- 
let dancer. 

H. K.-S. — Harold Knox-Shaw. Rad- 
cliffe Observer, Oxford University. Former 
Director of Helwan Observatory, Egypt. 

H. L.— Harold Lancour. Associate Di- 
rector, Library School, University of Illinois, 
Urbana, 111 Author of American Art Auction 
Catalogs, 1784-1 Q42; Heraldry: a Guide to 
Reference Books; Issues in Library Educa- 

H. La. — Herbert Lapworth. Former 
President of the Institution of Water Engi- 
neers, London. 

H. Lab. — Henri Labouret. Professor of 
African Languages, Hcole Nationale des Lan- 
gues Orientales Vivantes, Paris. Director 
(Paris) of the International Institute of Afri- 
can Languages and Cultures. 

H. L. A.-F. — Sir Henry Lancelot Aub- 
rey-Fletcher. Major, formerly with the 
Grenadier Guards Author of A History of 
the Foot Guards to 1856; etc. 

H. L. Bk. — Henry Lowe Brownback. 
Brownback Motor Laboratories, Norristown, 

H. L. C. — Hugh Longbourne Callendar. 
Former Professor of Physics, Imperial Col- 
lege of Science, University of London. 

H. L. Cr. — Harold L. Cross. Of the firm 
of Brown, Cross and Hamilton, lawyers, New 
York, NY. 

H. L. Cs. — Harvey L. Curtis. Principal 
Physicist, Chief of the Inductance and Ca- 
pacitance Section, National Bureau of Stand- 
ards, U S. Department of Commerce, Wash- 
ington, D C , 1928-46. Author of Electrical 

H, Le. — Henry Lewis. Professor of Welsh 
Language and Literature in University Col- 
lege, Swansea, Wales. 

H. L. E. — Helen L. Eddy. Bureau of Agri- 
cultural Economics, U.S. Depaitment of 
Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 

H. ^ L-H.— Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt. 
Bibliographical Consultant, the H. P. Kraus 
Company, New York, N.Y. Lecturer, the New 
School for Social Research, New York, NY. 
Co-author of The Book in America; Book- 
binding in America. 

H. L. Ha.— Haroljfl Le Roy Haywood. 
Editor, New York Masonic Outlook , New 
York, NY, 1925-30. ^Author of Great Teach- 
ings of Masonry; etc.' Co-author of A History 
of Freemasonry. 

H. L. He. — Harriet L. Hennessy, M.D. 
Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons, 

H. Li.— Hans Lietzmann. Former Profes- 
sor of Church History, University of Berlin 

H. L. K.— Helen Lois Koch. Professor of 
Child Psychology, The University of Chicago. 

H. L. Ln. — Harold Lloyd Lyon. Director 
of Hawaiian Sugar Planters’ Association 
Experimental Station, Hawaii. 

H. L. M. — Henry Louis Mencken. For- 
mer Editor of American Mercury. Author of 
The American Language; Prejudices; A Book 
of Prefaces; etc. 

H. L. Mo. — -H. L. Morrow. Assistant 
Editor, John O’London's Weekly . 

H. Ln.— Helge Larsen. Teacher at Nyko- 
bing Kathedralskole, Denmark. Author of 
Liberalisme og Socialisme, Politiske Grund- 

H. Lo. — Henry Louis. Professor of Mining, 
Armstrong College, University of Durham, 
England, 1896-1923. 

H. L. O. — Herbert Levi Osgood. Former 
Professor of History, Columbia University. 
Author, The American Colonies in the Seven- 
teenth Century , etc. 

H. L. P.— H. L. Pugh, M.D. Rear Ad- 
miral, U.S. Navy. Surgeon General and Chief 
of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, U.S. 
Navy, Washington, D.C. 

H. L. Sh.— Homer LeRoy Shantz. Chief, 
Division of Wildlife Management Forest 
Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 
1936-44. President, University of Arizona, 
Tucson, Ariz., 1928-36. Co-author of Vege- 
tation of the United States. 

H. L. Ss. — Hazel Lee Shands. Associate 
Professor, Department of Agronomy, Univer- 
sity of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. 

H. L. St. — -Herbert Lawrence Stone. 
Editor of Yachting , New York, N Y Author 
of America's Cup Races; The Yachtman's 
Handbook (with others); etc. 

H. L. Sti. — Henry Lewis Srimson. US 
Secretary of War, 1911-13, 1940-45 U.S. Sec- 
retary of State, 1929-33. Chairman of U S 
Delegation to the London Naval Conference, 

H. L. Str. — H. L. Straus. President, Auto- 
matic Calculating Machine Company of 
Maryland Vice-President and Treasurer, 
American Totalisator Company, Baltimore, 

H. L. Tl. — Harlan L. Trumbull. Assistant 
to the Vice-President in Charge of Research, 
The B F Goodrich Company Research Cen- 
ter, Brecksville, O. 

H, L. We. — Helene L. Wentzel. Editor 
of Publications, Colorado State Planning 
Commission, Denver, Colo. 

H. Lz. — Hans Liebeschutz. Lecturer in 
Mediaeval History, University of Liverpool, 
Liverpool, Eng Author of Mediaeval Human- 
ism in the Life and Writings of John of Salis- 
bury . 

H. M. — Hugh Macdonald. Author of John 
Dryden: a Bibliography . Editor of England's 
Helicon i6oo t 

H. Ma. — Kenry Mar^genau. Professor of 
Natuial Philosophy and Physics, and Fellow 
of Silliman College, Ya^e University, Author 
of Foundations of Physics; etc 

H. MacC. — Henry MacCormac, M.D. 
Former Consulting Physician, Skin Depart- 
ment, and former Lecturer on L^rrn? v olog> . 
Middlesex Hospital, London. 

H. M. B.-— H. M. Bridgewater. Of the 
American Chain Company, Inc. 

H. M. Br.~— Henry M. Brinckerhoff. 
Former Consulting Engineer, Parsons, Bnnck- 
erhoff, Hall and MacDonald, New York, N Y 

H. M. C. — Hector Munro Chadwick. 
Former Elrington and Bosworth Professor 
of Anglo-Saxon, 1 91 2-41, Cambridge Uni- 
versity ^ Author of Studies in Anglo-Saxon 
Institutions ; The Heroic Age ; etc. 

H. M. D. — H. M. Dawson. Professor of 
Physical Chemistry in the University of Leeds, 
England, 1919-39. 

H. Me. — Herman Merker. Vice-President, 
Pressed Steel Tank Company, Milwaukee, 

H* M. F.- — Harry Morton Fitzpatrick. 
Professor of Plant Pathology, New York 
State College of Agriculture, Cornell Univer- 
sity. Associate Editor of Mycologia . 

H. M. J. L.— -Herbert Martin James 
Loewe. Former Reader in Rabbinics, Cam- 
bridge University, and University Lecturer in 
Rabbinic Hebrew, Oxford University. Former 
Honorary Fellow of Queen’s College. 

H. M. K. — Horace Meyer Kallen. Pro- 
fessor of Philosophy and Psychology, The 
New School for Social Research, New York, 
N Y. Author of William James and Henri 
Bergson; etc. 

H. M. KL — Henry M. Kendall. Professor 
of Geography, Syracuse University, Syracuse, 
NY., 1948- ~ 

H. Mm.— Hermann Mannheim. Reader in 
Criminology, University of London. Author of 
Social Aspects of Crime in England; etc. 

H. Mo.— Harold Moore. Director of the 
British Non-Ferrous Metals Research Asso- 
ciation, 1932-44. 

H. M. R. — Hugh Munro Ross. Former 
Exhibitioner of Lincoln College, Oxford. Au- 
thor of British Railways . 

H. M. Re. — Henry M. Reed. Former 
Chairman of the Board and President, Amer- 
ican Radiator and Standard Sanitary Cor- 
poration, New York, JNT Y. 

H. M. Ro. — Henry M. Robinson. Former 
Chairman of the Board of Security, First 
National Bank, Los Angeles, Calif. 

H. M. S. — Henry Martin Snow. Former 
Agent-General, Cie des Wagons-Lits et des 
Grands Expresses Internationaux. 

H. M. Sn. — Harris Martin Sullivan. As- 
sistant Director, Research and Development, 
Central Scientific Co., Chicago, 111. 

H. M. St. — Henry Morse Stephens. For- 
mer Professor of History, University of Cali- 
fornia Author of History of the French Rev- 
olution; etc. 

H. M. T. — Horace Mann Towner. For- 
mer Governor of Puerto Rico. 

H. M. V. — Herbert Millingchamp 
Vaughan. Formerly of Keble College, Ox- 
ford Author of The Last of the Royal Stu- 
arts; The Last Stuart Queen; etc. 

H. _ M. Wn. — Field Marshal Henry 
Maitland Wilson, 1st Baron Wilson. 
Head, British Joint Staff Mission, Washing- 
ton, DC., 1945-47 Supreme Allied Com- 
mander, Mediterranean Theatre, 1944 

H. N.' — H. Nisbet. Textile technologist and 
consultant. Author of Grammar of Textile 

H. N. B.— Henry Newton Dickson. For- 
mer Professor of Geography, University Col- 
lege, Reading, England Author of Meteor- 
ology; Papers on Oceanography; etc. 

Hn. F.— Helen R. Fairbanks. Bureau His- 
torian, Bureau of Yards and Docks, U S De- 
partment of the Navy, Washington, D C. 

H. N. H. — Harry Nicholas Howard. 
Professor of History, Miami University, 
Oxford, 0. Member of Board of Editors of 
Journal of Modern History Author of The 
Partition of Turkey ; A Diplomatic History, 
1913-1923; etc. 

H. ML- — Hon. Harold Nicolson. A Gov- 
ernor of the BBC, 1941-46. Parliamentary 
Secretary to Ministry of Information, 1940- 
41 Member of Parliament for West Leicester, 
England, 1935-45. Author of Paul Verlaine; 

H. Nn. — Hoffman Nickerson. Major, U S. 
Army (retired). Intelligence Section General 
Staff, GHQ, AEF, March-Dec 1918. Au- 
thor of Warfare (in collaboration with 
Colonels O L Spaulding and John W. Wright, 
U.S.A.), Can We Limit War?; The Armed 
Horde, 1793-1939. 

H. N. P. — H. N. Perham. Commander 
(E), U.S. Coast Guard. 

H. N. R.*— Henry Norris Russell. Emer- 
itus Research Professor of Astronomy, Prince- 
ton University. Author of The Solar System 
and Its Origin; etc. Co-author of Astronomy . 

Hn. W. W. — Hermann W. Williams, Jr. 
Director and Secretary, the Corcoran Gallery 
of Art, Washington, D.C. Co-author of Wil- 
liam Sidney Mount, 1807-1868 , an American 

H. Nz. — Hans Nabholz. Honorary Pro- 
fessor, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switz. 
Author of History of Switzerland Till 1516; 
History of Switzerland 1874-1914; Medieval 
Agrarian Society in Transition , 

H. O.- — Hermann Oelsner. Former Tav- 
lorian Professor of the Romance Languages 
in Oxford University. Author of Frederic 
Mistral; A History of Provengal Literature; 

Ho. B. — -Horatio Bond. Chief Engineer, 
National Fire Protection Association. Author 
of Municipal Fire Administration. 

H. O. B.— Harry Oliver Buckman. Pro- 
fessor of Soil Technology, Cornell University. 
Co-author of The Nature and Properties of 
Soils; etc. 

Ho. Bm. — Howard Bingham. Information 
Specialist, Office of Aviation Information, 
Civil Aeronautics Administration, Washing- 
ton, D.C. 

Ho. F. — Holden Furber. Associate Pro- 
fessor of History, University of Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia, Pa., 1948- . Author of Henry 
Dundas ; 1st Viscount Melville 1742-1811; etc. 

Ho. Me. — Horst Mendershausen. Econo- 
mist, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 
NY. Author of The Economics of War; 
Changes m Income Distribution during the 
Great Depression 

H. Or. — Hilda Ormsby. Lecturer in Eco- 
nomic Geography, London School of Econom- * 
ics and Political Science. * 

H. Ow.-— Hamilton * Owens. Editoi in 
Chief, the 5utt-papers, Baltimore, ^Md. Author 
of Baltimore on the Chesapeake * 

H. O. Y. — H. O*. Yates. Doctor of Floyi- 
cultuie. Camden County Vocational School, 
Camden, N J * * 

H. P. — Hans Przibram. Professor of 
Experimental Zoology, University of Vienna. 

H. Pa.— Sir Harold George Parlett. 
Japanese Counsellor of H M. Embassy in 
Tokyo, 1919-27 Former Assistant Japanese 
Secretary at H.M Legation in Tokyo and 
Vice-Consul at Dairen, China Joint compiler 
of An English- J apanese Dictionary of the 
Spoken Language 


H. Pal. — Howard Palmer. Assisted in 
organizing Mt Logan Expedition to Alaska, 
1925 Author of Mountaineering and Explor- 
ation in the Selkirks; A Pioneer of the Cana- 
dian Alps. * 

H. P. B. — Henry Penn Burke. President, 
National Association of Amateur Oarsmen, 

1 9 2 5-45 • Chairman, American Olympic Row- 
ing Committee, 1920, 1924, 1928, 1932 and 

H. Pe.— -Hayford Peirce. Specialist in 
Egyptian, Byzantine and Islamic art and art * 
in the middle ages. Author (with Royal! 
Tyler) of Byzantine Art. 

H. P. F. — Henry Pratt Fairchild. Emer- 
itus Professor of Sociology, New York Uni- 
versity, New York, N.Y. Chairman, Depart- 
ment of Soqology, Graduate School of Arts 
and Science, New Yojrk University, 1938-45. 
Author of Immigration; Outline of Applied 
Sociology ; etc. F#ditor of Immigrant Back- 
grounds; The Obligation of Universities to 
the Social Order. 

H. P. H. — Henry Park Hollis. Assistant 
in the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, 1881- 
1920. Editor of The Obseruatory Magazine , 

H. P. Hu.— Hilda Phoebe Hudson. For- 
mer Lecturer and Fellow of Newnham Col- 
lege, Cambridge. Author of Ruler and ^Com- 
passes and Cremona Transformations in Plane 
and Space. 

H. Pi.— Henri Pirenne. Former Professor 
of Mediaeval History, University of Ghent, 
Belgium ; Member of the Royal Academy, of 
Belgium and the Institut de France. Autnor 
of Histoire de Belgique; etc. 

H. P. J.— Henry Phelps Johnston. For- 
mer Professor of History, College of City of 
New York. Author of Observations on Judge 
Jones f s Loyalist History of the American 
Revolution; The Yorktown Campaign; etc. 

H. P. Js.— Hilger Perry Jenkins, M.D. 
Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery, Col- 
lege of Medicine, University of Illinois, Chi- 
cago, 111. Author of Terminology of Opera- 

H. P. K. — Harry P. Kelliher. Aviation 
writer, traveller and observer. 

H. P. Kg. — Hugh P. King. Assistant, De- 
partment of Economics, School of Commerce, 
New York University, New York, N.Y. 

H. Ps. — Herman Pines. Division Co- 
ordinator, Universal Oil Products Company, 
Chicago, 111. Research Assistant Professor of 
Chemistry, Northwestern University, Evans- 
ton, 111. * 

H. P. St.— -Here ward Philip Spratt. 
Deputy Keeper, Science Museum, London. 
Author of Libraries for Scientific Research in 
Europe and America; Merchant Steamers and 
Motor-Skips £ * Outline History of Transat- 
lantic Steam Navigation . * 9 


H. P. V. — Hugh P. Vowles. Member of 
the Amerigai* Academy of Political and Social 

H.« P. Wk.-£l^erbert Percy Whitlock. 
Curator of Minerals ard American 

Museum of Natural -I.sto "vf Nt.v York, 
NY., 1918-4^. Author of The Story of the 
Gems; etc. 

H. P. Wr,- — Henry Paul Wheeler, Jr. 
Petroleum Engineer, United States Bureau of 
Mines, Washington, D.C. 

H. Q. — Hugh Quigley. Economist and 
Chief Statistical Officer, Central Electricity 
Board, London, 1931-43. Author of Electrical 
Power and National Progress^ Housing and 
Slum Clearance in London (with I Goldie); 
The Influence of English Philosophy and the 
Development of Aesthetics , Based on Imagi- 
nation; A Plan for the Highlands; etc. 

H. R.— -Sir Humphry (Davy) Rolle- 
ston, M.D. Physician in Ordinary to the 
King, 1923-36, and Physician Extraordinary 
to King George V, 1932-36 Consulting Phy- 
sician to the Royal Navy, 19 14-19. Author of 
Clinical Lectures; etc., and Co -editor (with 
Sir Clifford Allbutt) 6f second edition of A 
System of Medicine . 

R. B. — Horace Robert Byers. Pro- 
fessor and Chairman of the Department of 
Meteorology, The University of Chicago. 
Author of General Meteorology ; Nonfrontal 
Thunderstorms ; etc. 

H. Rd.— -Herbert Read. Director, George 
Routledge and Sons, Ltd , Publishers. Assis- 
tant Keeper, Victoria and Albert Museum, 
London, 1922-31. Lecturer in Art, Liverpool 
University, 1935-36. Author* of The Meaning 
of Art; The Grass Roots of Art; Art and 
Society; etc. 

H. R. H. — Harry Reginald Holland 
Hall. Former Keeper of Egyptian and Assyr- 
ian Antiquities in the British Museum, Lon- 

H. Rl. — Herbert Riehl. Associate Professor, 
Department of Meteorology, The University 
of Chicago, Chicago, 111. Author of Waves in 
the Easterlies and the Polar Front in the 

H. R. M. — Henry R. Mussey. Former 
Professor of Economics, Wellesley College, 
WeTJesley, Mass. 

H. R. Mcl. — Henry Read Mcllwaine. 
Former Librarian, Virginia State Library. 
Author of The Struggle of Protestant Dis- 
senters for Religious Toleration in Virginia; 
etc. r 

H. R. ML— Hugh Robert Mill. Rainfall 
Expert to Metropolitan Water Board, Lon- 
don, 1906-19. President, Royal Meteoro- 
logical Society, 1907-08. Author of Record 
of Royal Geographical Society: etc. 

H. Ro.— Herman Rosse. Architect, 
painter, lecturer. 

H. R. T. — Harry Robert Tisdale. Direc- 
tor, United Dyewood Corp., Belleville, N.J. 

H. R. W. — Rev. Hilary R. Werts, S.J. 
Prefect of Studies and Professor of Moral 
Theology, Alma College, Alma, Calif. 

H. S. — Henri Eugene See. Former Pro- 
fessor of Histoiy in the University of Rennes, 

H. $. A.— *H. S. Altham. Assistant Master, 
Winchester College, England. Author of His- 
tory of Cricket , 

H. S. B. — Harold Scott Booker. — Lec- 
turer in Economic Statistics, University of 
London Author pi The Problem* or Britain’s 
Oiierwas' Trade . f ' 

H. 8. Bh. — Henry Simon Bloch. Direc- 
tor, Fiscal Division, United Nations, New 
York, N.Y Author of La Theorie des Besoms 
de Carl Menger. Co-author of Economics of 
Military Occupation ; The Progress of Under- 
developed Areas; Taxation and the Social 
Structure; etc. 

H. S. C.—Henry Seidel Canby. Chairman 
of the Board of Editors, the Saturday Review 
of Literature , New York, NY. Member of 
Department of English, Yale University. 
Chairman of the Board of Judges, Book-of- 
the-Month Club, 1926- . Author of The 

Short Story in English; Literary History of 
the United States; Thoreau: A Biography; 
The Age of Confidence; etc. 

H. S. D.— Herbert Stanley Deighton. 
Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford Former 
Visiting Professor, Fuad Al-Awal University, 
Cairo, Egy. 

H. S. DL— Harold S(heely) Diehl, M.D. 
Dean of the Medical Sciences and Professor 
of Public Health, University of Minnesota, 
Minneapolis, Minn Author of ifealthful Liv- 
ing; A Textbook of Healthful Living. 

H. S. Dt.— Harriet S. Daggett. Professor 
of Law, Law School, Louisiana State Univer- 
sity, Baton Rouge, La Author of Community 
Property System of Louisiana; Mineral 
Rights in Louisiana . 

H. S. Dy. — Howard S. Dewey. Office of 
Public Information, Commander of Sub- 
marine Force, U S Atlantic Fleet. 

H. S. F.— Herbert Sinclair Fairbank. 
Deputy Commissioner, Research, Public 
Roads Administration, Federal Works Agency, 
Washington, D C. Editor, Public Roads , 1920- 

H. Sg. — Haakon Shetelig. Emeritus Pro- 
fessor, University of Bergen, Bergen, Nor. 
Author of Prehistoire de la Norvege; Scan- 
dinavian Archaeology. 

Hs. H. — Hans Huth. Research Curator, 
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, 111. Author 
of Abraham und David Roentgen und Hire 
Neuwieder M oebelwerkstatt ; Kuenstler 
Werkstatt der Spaetgothik ; Observations 
Concerning the Conservation of Monuments 
in Europe and America; Der Park von Sans - 

H. Sh. — Herman Shaw. Director and Sec- 
retary, London Science Museum, 1945-50; 
former Keeper, Department of Physics and 
Geophysics Author of Applied Geophysics: 

A Bnef Survey of the Development of Ap- 
paratus and Methods Employed in the In- 
vestigation of Subterranean Structural Con- 
ditions and the Location of Mineral Deposits. 

PI. S. H. — H. S. Plarrison. Former Cura- 
tor, The Horniman Museum, London. 

H. S. Hd. — Herbert Spencer Harned. 
Professor of Chemistry, Yale University, New 
Haven, Conn. Author of The Physical Chem- 
istry of Electrolytic Solutions. 

H. S. H.-S. — Henry Selby Hele-Shaw. 
Former Professor of Engineering, University 
of Liverpool, England. 

H. Si. — Henry Sidgwick. Knightbridge 
Professor of Moral Philosophy, Cambridge 
University, 1883-1900. Author of Outlines of 
the History of Ethics; Lectures on the Ethics. 

H. Sim. — Harry Simons. Former Tech- 
nical Editor of The Clothing Trade Journal 
New York, N.Y. 

H. S.-J. — Sir Henry Stuart- Jones. Prin- 
cipal of University College of W T ales, Abery- 
stwyth, 1927-34. Vice-Chancellor of the Uni- 
versity of Wales, 1929-31, Former Camden 
Prof, of AnciCnt History, Oxford University. 

H. S. Js.-~ Sir Harold Spencer Jones. 
Astronomer Royal, 1933- . President, British 
Horological Institutes 1939- . Author of 
General Astronomy ; Worlds Without End; 
Life on Other Worlds. 1 

H. S. K. — H. S. Kingsford. Former As- 
sistant Secretary of the Society of Antiquaries, 

H. S. Kn.— Hugh S. Knowles. President 
and Director of Research, Industrial Research 
Products, Inc., Franklin Park, 111. 

H. SI. — Henri Speciael. Managing Direc- 
tor, Societe Internationale d’Energie Hydro- 

H. S. L.— « -Herbert Sidney Langfeld. 
Stuart Professor of Psychology and Director 
of Psychology Laboratory, Princeton Uni- 
versity. Author of The Aesthetic Attitude; etc. 

H. Sle. — Sir Henry Slesser. Member of 
Devon County Council Lord Justice of Ap- 
peal, 1929-40. Author of The Middle Ages in 
the West; etc. 

H. Sm. — Herbert Sidebotham. Formerly 
on editorial staff of The Manchester Guard- 
ian, Manchester, England. Author of Pillars 
of the State; etc. 

H. S. M. C. — Harold Scott Macdonald 
Coxeter. Professor of Mathematics, Univer- 
sity of Toronto, Toronto, Ont. Author of The 
Real Projective Plane; Regular Polytopes . 

H. Sn.- — Heinrich Straumann. Professor 
of English Literature, University of Zurich, 
Zurich, Switz. 

H. Sp. — Howard Spence. Managing Direc- 
tor, Peter Spence and Sons, Ltd., Man- 
chester Alum Works. 

H. S. P. — H. S. Pearson. Senior Assistant, 
Department of Zoology, University College, 
University of London. 

H. Spe.-—E. Harold Spender. Author of 
A Briton in America ; The Cauldron of 
Europe; and biographies of David Lloyd 
George; etc. 

H. Spr. — Harold Sprout. Professor of Pol- 
itics in Princeton University. Co-author, 
with Margaret Tuttle Sprout, of The Rise of 
American Naval Power , 1776-1918; Toward 
a New Order of Sea Power: American Naval 
Policy and the World Scene ; 1918-1922; etc. 

H. Ss.— -Harry Samuels. Barrister-at-Law 
of the Middle Temple and Northern Circuit, 
Eng Author of Factory Law ; Industrial Law; 
Law of Trade Unions. 

H. S. Sh. — Harry S. Smith. Professor 
of Entomology, University of California, and 
Entomologist in the Agricultural Experiment 
Station, Riverside, Calif. 

H* St. — Henry Sturt. Author of Idola 
Theatri; The Idea of a Free Church; Per- 
sonal Idealism. 

H. St. J. B. P. — Harry St. John Bridg- 
er Philby. Explorer in Arabia. Author 
of The Heart of Arabia; etc. 

H. St. J. I. — Henry St. John Ingram. 
Editor of Contract Bridge Journal. Author 
of How to Win at Bridge; The Ingram One 

H. St. J. W. — -Harold St. John Loyd 
Winterbotham. Brigadier, formerly with 
the Rfeyal Engineers Former General Secre- 
tary, International Geodetic and Geophysical 
Union Author of Ordnance Survey; A Key 
to Maps; etc. 

H. S. V, — Harry Shultz Vandiver. Pro- 
fessor of Pure Mathematics, University of 
Texas, Austin, Tex. 

H. S. Vd. — Henry^ Serrano Villard. 
Deputy Director, Office of Near Eastern and 
African Affairs, U.S. Department of State, 
Washington, D C , 19^6-47. Chief, Division 
of African Affairs, 1944-46. 

H. Sw.- — Henry Sweet. Author of A His- 
tory of English Sounds since the Earliest 
Period; etc. 

H. S. W.— Henry Seely White. Former 
Professor of Mathematics, Vassar College, 
Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Author of Plane Curves 
oj the Third Order. 

H. S. WL— -Hubert Stank:/ Wall. Pro- 
fessor of Mathematics, University of Texas, 
Austin, Tex Author of Analytic Theory of 
Continued Fractions. 

H. T. — Henry Tetlow. Henry Tetlow 
Company Ltd., London. 

H. T. A. — Herbert Thomas Andrews. 
Author of “The Commentary on Acts” in the 
Westminster New Testament ; “The Apocry- 
phal Books of the Old and New Testament,” 
Century Bible Handbooks. 

H. T. B .—Henry T. Bailey. Painter and 
illustrator Former ^rcrtrr the Cleveland 
School of Art and c\r_ Huntington 

Polytechnic Institute. Author of Art Educa- 
tion; etc 

H. T. Be.— Herman Thompson Briscoe. 
Professor of Chemistry, Vice-President and 
Dean of the Faculties, Indiana University, 
Bloomington, Ind. Author of General Chem- 
istry for Colleges; Structure and Properties 
of Matter. 

H. T. D.— Harold Thayer Davis. Henry 
S. Noyes Professor of Mathematics and 
Chairman, Department of Mathematics, 
Northwestern University, Evanston, 111 . Au- 
thor of The Theory of Linear Operators; etc. 

H. Te.— Henry Tanbe. Associate Professor 
of Chemistry, The University of Chicago. 

H. T. Es. — Harry Taylor Edwards. 
Senior Technologist, Bureau of Plant In- 
dustry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering, 
U S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, 
D.C., 1924-45. 

Ht. F.— Herbert Filer. Partner of Filer, 
Schmidt & Co., New York, N.Y. Dealer in 
put and call options. 

H. T. F. — Howard T. Francis. Supervisor 
Electrochemistry Research, Metals Eesearcn 
Department, Armour Research Foundation, 
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, 111 . 

H. Th. — Huston Thompson. Former 
Chairman of Federal Trade Commission. As- 
sistant Attorney General of United States, 
1913-18 Author of Co-Operative Marketing 
Abroad; etc. 

H. T. H.— Horace Terhune Herrick. 
Special Assistant to the Chief, Bureau of 
xAgricultural and Industrial Chemistry, U.S 
Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 

H. Tho.— Sir Henry Thomas. Former 
Principal Keeper of Printed Books m the 
British Museum, London. 

H. T. M. — Hudson T. Morton. Standards 
Engineer, the Fafmr Bearing Company, New 
Britain, Conn. Author c f Textbook 0} Anti- 
Friction Bearings. 

H. T. Mg.— Helen Taft Manning. Pro- 
fessor of History, Bryn Mawr College, Biyn 
Mawr, Pa. Author of British Colonial Gov- 
ernment After the American Revolution. 

H. To.— Henry Tonks. Former Professor 
01 Fine Art m the University of London. 

H. T. S. — Hugh Tempest Sheringham. 
Former .-m* C-": d of The Field. Author 
of Elements of Angling; Coarse Fishing; 
Trout Fishing; etc. 

H. T. T. — Sir Henry Thomas Tizard. 
President of Magdalen College, Oxford, 1942- 

Ht. W. — Hubert Walker. Manager, M. F. 
A. Sales Engineering Detriment. American- 
LaFrance-Foamite Coiooi- :o: Lc ?' N.Y. 

Hu. Be.— Hubert Deschamps. Former 
French colonial governor Professor at the 
ficole de la France d’Outremer and the In- 
stitut d’Etudes Politiques, University of Paris. 
Author of Champlain; Madagascar ; UUnion 
franchise; etc. 

Hu. S. — Hugh Shearman. Author of 
Arglo-Jrzsh Relations ; Finland; Modern Ire- 
1 Cni > Nor an Inch, a Study of Northern Ire- 
land; Ulster. 

H. U. S. — Harald Ulrik Sverdrup. Pro- 
fessor of Oceanography, University of Cali- 
fornia, and Director, Scnpps Institution of 
Oceanography, La Jolla, Calif. Author of 
Oceanography for Meteorologists. Co-author 
oi The Oceans; Their Physics , Chemistry , 
and General Biology. 

H. Van D.— Henry Van Dyke, D.D. 
Professor of English Literature, 1900-23, 
Princeton University. Author of T he Spirit of 
America; etc. 

H. V. B. K.— Hibberd Van Buren Kline, 
Jr. Assistant Professor of Geography, Syra- 
cuse University, Syracuse, NY. 

H. V. L. — Harold Victor Livermore. 
Educational Director, Hispanic and Luso- 
Brazilian Council, London. Author of A His- 
tory of Portugal. 

H. V. T, — Harold Victor Taylor. Senior 
Educational and Advisory Officer, Ministry of 
Agriculture and Fisheries, London. Author of 
The Apples of England 

H. W. A.— Heinz Wolfgang Arndt. Pro- 
fessor of Economics, Canberra University Col- 
lege, Canberra, Austr. Author of The Eco- 
nomic Lessons of the Nineteen-Thirties. 

H. W. B.— H. W. Bartleet. Writer on 
motoring and cycling topics. 

H. W. Bea. — Henry Walter Bearce. 
Chief, Division of Weights and Measures, 
Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C., 
-r'c-45 Author of A Fundamental Basis for 
uk' 'i.'r 'j of Length; etc. 

H. W. B. J.— Horace W. B. Joseph. 
Lecturer in Philosophy, Oxford University, 

H. W. BL— Herbert William Blunt. 
Student, Tutor and Librarian, Christ Church, 

H. W. Bn. — Henry W. Brosin, M.D. 
Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pitts- 
buigh, Pittsburgh, Pa 

H. W. C. — Harvey Wiley Corbett. For- 
mer Lectuier in Architecture, Columbia Uni- 

H. W. C. Br. — Harris Warren C. 
Browne. Editor and publisher, The National 
Lithographer, New York, N Y. 

H. W. C. D. — Henry William Carless 
Davis. Former Director, Dictionary of Na- 
tional Biography Former Regius Professor 
of Modern History and Fellow and Tutoi of 
Baliioi College, Oxford Fellow of All Souls, 
Oxford, 1895-3902 

H. Wd. — Hubert Witheford. Research 
Assistant, War History Branch, New Zealand 
Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington, 
N Z Auihor of The Falcon Mask; Shadow of 
the Flames. % 

H. W. F.— Sir Howard Walter Florey. 
Professor of ?at u ok'rv. Oxford University. 
Nobel Prize ic. and Physiology, 

I 945 * * f 

H. W. G.— H. W. GriftLl * Superintending 
Clerk, Board *10! Trade. First <kne_-:. Secre- 
tary, National Maritime Board. 

H. W. Ga.— Heathcote William Garrod. 
Former Professor of Poetry, Oxford Univer- 
sity. Author of Wordsworth : Lectures and 
Essays; The Profession of Poetry; By? on; etc. 

H. W. Gn. — Howard Wright Gordon, 

J r. Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy, Public 
Relations Branch. 

H. W. H.— hope W. JJogg. Former Pro- 
fessor of Semitic Languages and Literatures 
in the University of Manchester, England. 

H. W. Hk.— Howard W. Hopkirk. 
Senior Consultant, Child Welfare League of 
America Author of Institutions Serving Chil- 

H. W. H. 1 C— Henry William Howard 
Knott. Former Lecturer at the Law. School 
of the University of , Manitoba, Winnipeg, 

H. Wit.— Hartley Withers. Editor of The* 
Economist, London, 1916-21 Director of 
Financial Enquiries m the Treasury, 1915-16. 
Author of Money ; International Finance; etc. 

H. W. K.— Henry Wilder Keyes. U S 
Senator, 1919-37. Governor of New Hamp- 
shire, 1917-^:9. 

H. W. L. E. — -Herbert Walter Lloyd 
Evans. Former Superintendent of the Royal 
Mint (retired, 1939). 

H. W. M.— Horace Winchell Magoun. 
Professor of Anatomy, School of Medicine, 
University of California, Los Angeles, Calif. 

H. Wn. — Walter Hugh John Wilkinson. 
Former British Envoy at the Court of Nepal, 

H. Wo. — Humbert Wolfe. Poet. Author 
of London Sonnets; Cursory Rhymes; Hu- 
moresque; etc. 

H. W. P.— H. W. Parker. Keeper of Zo- 
ology, British Museum (Natural History), 

H. W. Ph.— Henry Willis Phelps, for- 
mer Chairman of the Board of Directors, 
American Can Company. 

H. Wr.— Harry Wexler. Chief, Division 
of Special Scientific Services, Weather Bureau, 
U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, 

H. W. Rv — Rev. Henry Wheeler Robin- 
son, Hon. D.D. Principal of Regent’s Park 
College, Oxford, 1920-42. Author of The Reli- 
gious Ideas of the Old Testament; etc. 

H. Ws. — Howe! Williams. Chairman, De- 
partment of Geological Sciences, University 
of California, Berkeley, Calif. Author of 
Crater Lake : The Story of Its Origin; co- 
author of Methods in Geological Surveying 

H. W. S. — Henry Wickham »Steed. 
Lectuier on Central European History, King's 
College, University of London, 1925-38. Prq- 
prietor and Editor of The Review oj Reviews , 
1923-30 Editor of The Times , London, 1919- 
22 Author of 'She Antecedents of Post-War 
Europe; etc. 

H. W. Sh. — Homer W. Smith, Piofessor 
of Ph\ siology, New York University College 
of Medicine, New York, NY. Author of The 
> Kidney — Structure and Function in Health 
and Disease. * * 


ff 0 

H. W. Sr.— -Herbert Wallace Schneider. 
Professor, oC Philosophy, Columbia Univer- 
sity, New York, N.Y. Author of Making the 
Fascist State ^ The Fascist, Government of 
Holy; The Puritan Mind . 

H. W. Ss.— Henry W. Sams. Associate 
Professor of*English and Director of the Sum- 
mer Qva-fer. The University of Chicago Au- 
thor of Problems in Reading and Writing. 

H. W. W.— Herbert Wrigley Wilson. 
Former Assistant Editor of The Daily Mail 
and Director of Associated Newspapers, Ltd. 
Author of Ironclad , in Action; etc. 

H. W. Ws.- Harry Warren Wells. Phys- 
icist and Radio Engineer, Ionospheric Sec- 
tion, Department G of Terrestrial Magnetism, 
Carnegie Institution of Washington, D C. 

H. W. W. Wil.— Sir Herbert William 
W. Wilberforce. Deputy Chairman of the 
County of London Sessions, "19 2 6-3 8. Metro- 
politan Police Magistrate, 1914-26. 

H. Y. — Sir Henry Yule. British Orien- 
talist. Author of Cathay and the Way Thither; 
The Book of Ser Marco Polo. 

I. A.— Israel Abrahams. Former Reader 
in Talmudic and Rabbinic Literature in Cam- 

n bridge University. Author of A Short History 
of Jewish Literature; etc. 

I. A. R.— Irma A. Richter. Artist and 

I. B. — Irving Brown. Former Assistant 
Professor of Romance Languages, Columbia 
University. Author of Nights and Days on the 
Gypsy Trail; Gypsy Fires in America. 

I; B. B.— Sir Isaac Cayley Balfour, 
M.D. Former King’s Botanist in Scotland, 
Regius Keeper of Royal Botanic Garden, 
Edinburgh, and Professor of Botany in the 
University of Edinburgh, Scot. 

I. B. Bernard Cohen. Instructor 

in Physics, Harvard University, 1941- . 
Author of Benjamin Franklin’s Experiments; 

I. B.'J. — Ira! Brown Johns. Assistant Cen- 
tral Research Director, Monsanto Chemical 
Company, Dayton, 0 . Author of Laboratory 
Manual o; Microchemistry. 

I. B. K.— Irving B. Kravis. Assistant 
Professor of Economics, Wharton School of 
Finance and Commerce, University of Penn- 
sylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

I. Br. — Ivor Brown. Editor of The Ob- 
server. Director of Drama, Council for En- 
couragement of Music and the Arts, 1940-42. 
Shute Lecturer in the Art of the Theatre, 
Liverpool University, Liverpool, England, 
1926. Author of Now on View ; etc. 

I. C. R. — Isidor Clinton Rubin, M.D. 
Consulting Gynaecologist ; Mount Sinai, 
Montefiore, Beth Israel and Harlem Hospitals, 
New York, N.Y. Author of Symptoms in 
Gynaecology . 

I. D. — Isaac Deutscher. Author of Soviet 
Trade Unions; Stalin: A Political Biography. 

I. D. A. — Ira D. Anderson. Professor of 
Marketing and Chairman of the Marketing 
Department. Northwestern University School 
of Commerce, Evanston, 111 . Author of Prin- 
ciples of Retailing. 

I. Dd.— Irving Billiard. Editor of the Edi- 
torial Page. St. Louis Post-.Dispatch Author 
of Pm From Missouri. Editor of Mr. Justice 
Brandeis: Great American; The Spirit of Lib- 
erty: Addresses and Papers of Learned Hand. 

h. — * vo D’Oyly Elliott. Indian 

Civil Service (retired). Editor of Balliol Col- * 
lege, Register. 

I. E.— Isidore Epstein. Principal, Jews’ 
College, London. Author of Jewish Way of 
Life; Judaism. Editor of Babylonian Talmud 
in English. 

I. E. L. — -Isabel Ely Lord. Editor and 
consultant. Author of Getting Your Money’s 
Worth; Editor of Everybody’s Cookbook. 

I. E. M. — Irving E. Muskat. Director of 
Research, Vulcan Detinning Company, Se- 
waren, NJ. 

I. F. D. M.— Ian F. D. Morrow. Former 
Semor Moderator, Trinity College, Dublin. 

I. F. H.— Irving F. Hand. In Charge, U.S. 
Weather Bureau Solar Radiations Investiga- 
tions, Blue Hill Observatory, Milton, Mass. 

I. F. Hn. — I. Forest Huddleson. Research 
Professor, Michigan State College, East Lan- 
sing, Mich. Author of Brucellosis in Man and 

I. Fr.— Sir Ian Fraser. Chairman of the 
Executive Council, St. Dunstan’s (1921- ). 

Member of the Executive Council, National 
Institute for the Blind. Governor, British 
Broadcasting Corporation (1941-46). Author 
of Whereas 1 W$s Blind. 

I. F. S. — Isabelle Florence Story. For- 
mer Chief of Information, National Park 
Service, U.S. Department of the Interior. 

I. Fx. — Irving Fox. Assistant Professor of 
Entomology, School of Tropical Medicine, 
University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR., 
and Columbia University. Author of The 
Fleas of Eastern United States; etc. 

I. G.— Sir Israel Gollancz. Former Fel- 
low and Secretary of the British Academy. 
Former Professor of English Language and 
Literature in the University of London. 

I. Gg. — Isaac Gregg. Director of Press Re- 
lations, Office of the Postmaster General, 
Washington, D.C. 

I. Gh. — Isidore Gersh. Professor of Anat- 
omy, The University of Chicago. 

I. Gy. — -Ian Grey. Secretary to the Coun- 
cil, Royal Institute of International Affairs, 

I- H. — Isaac Husik. Former Professor of 
Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia Pa Author of A History of 
'dcci'icvu: Jewish Philosophy; etc. 

I. H. C. — Irving H. Crowne. Chief Engi- 
neer, Splitdorf-Bethlehem Electric Company, 
Newark, N.J. Author of Theory of A.C . 
Circuits . 

I. H. F. — -Irvin H. Fullmer. Senior Phys- 
icist, National Bureau of Standards, U.S, 
Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C 

I. H. H. — Ida Husted Harper. Author, 
Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony. Co- 
author, History of Women’s Suffrage. 

I. Hk.- — Ives Hendrick, M.D. Instructor, 
Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Mass. 
Author • of Facts and Theories of Psycho- 
analysis; Practitioner System of Medicine; 

I. H. L. — Isaac H. Levin. Technical Di- 
rector, Gas Industries Company, Pittsburgh, 
Pa. Honorary member, Gas Products As- 

I* J. C. — Isaac Joslin Cox. Emeritus Pro- 
fessor of History, Northwestern University, 
Evanston, 111 . Author of Nicaragua and the 
United States; etc. 

I. J.-Ce. — Irene Joliot-Curie. Professor 
of General Physics and Radioactivity, Uni- 
versity of Paris, France. Director of the Curie 
Laboratory. Commissioner for Atomic En- 
ergy. Co-winner of the Nobel Prize for 
Chemistry, 1935, Author of Les Radioiliments 
naturels; etc. 

I. J. Ct.— -Ira Ju^son Condit. Associate 
. Professor cf Sub*’rop , *c? 1 Horticulture, Uni- 
verse j: CP for-, a.. and Associate Subtropi- 
cal >’ 0 - o.isf, Experiment Station, 

Riverside, Calif. 

I. J. F. — Her J. Fairchild. Secretary, 
Enameled Cast Iron Fix f,, -es As- 
sociation and Vitreous _r<. Fix- 

tures Association. Author of The Grade Ter- 
minology Problem; Holding Power of Wood 

I. J. T .—-Irene Joan Thirsk. Senior Re- 
search Fellow in Agrarian History, University 
College of Leicester, Leicester, Eng Author of 
Fenland Farming in the Sixteenth Century 

I. L. BL — Irene L. Blunt. Secretary, The 
National Federation of Textiles, Inc., New 
York, N.Y. 

I. L. G.—~ Iva Lilian Giachardi. Research 
Assistant, Foreign Office, London 

I. L. K. — Isaac Leon Kandel. Emeritus 
Professor of Education, Teachers College, Co- 
lumbia University. Author of Elementary 
Education in England; Federal Aid for Voca- 
tional Education; etc. 

I. McQ. — Irvine McQuarrie, M.D. Pro- 
fessor and Head of the Department of 
Pediatrics, University of Minnesota, Minnea- 
polis, Minn. Author of The Experiments of 
Nature and Other Essays. 

I. M. St. — I. M. Stainback. Governor of 
Hawaii, 1942-51. 

I. N. G. — Ira Noel Gabrielson. President, 
Wildlife Management Institute Former Di- 
rector, Fish and Wildlife Service, U S De- 
partment of the Interior, Washington, D C 
Author of Wildlife Conservation ; Wildlife 
Refuges; etc. 

I. R. — Irving Rappaport. Director, the 
Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

I. R. Wh. — Irma Lenore Reed White. 
Free-lance writer. 

I. S. — Isaac Schapera. Professor of An- 
thropology, London School of Economics and 
Political Science, University of London Au- 
thor of The Ethnic Composition of Tswana 
Tribes; Married Life in an African Tribe; Mi- 
grant Labour and Tribal Life; Native Land 
Tenure in the Bechuanaland Protectorate. 

I. S. R. — I. S. Ravdin, M.D. Director, 
Harrison Department of Surgical Research, 
and John Rhea Barton Professor of Surgery, 
School of Medicine, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, Philadelphia, Pa. Author of American 
Edition of Kirschner’s Operative Surgery. 

I. S. S. — Ivan Stephan Sokolnikoff. Pro- 
fessor of Mathematics, University of Cali- 
fornia, Los Angeles, Calif. Chief Technical 
Aide, Applied Mathematics Panel, National 
Defense Research Committee, Office of Scien- 
tific Research and Development 1944-45 Au- 
thor of Higher Mathematics for Engineers 
and Physicists ; Advanced Calculus; etc. 

I. W.—~ Sir I£or Williams. Emeritus Pro- 
fessor of Welsh, University of North Wales, 
Bangor, Wales. Author of Canu Aneirin; Canu 
Llywarch Hen; Pedeir Keinc y Mabinogi. 

I. W. S. — I. W. Shklovsky. Author, Liter- 
ary Characteristics; etc. 

J. A. — Rt. Hon. Sir John Anderson. 
Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1943-45. Secre- 
tary, Ministry of Shipping, 1917-19. Perma- 
nent Undersecretary of State, Home Office, 
1922-32. Governor of Bengal, 1932-37. 

J. A. An. — John Alan Appleman. Attor- 
ney. Author of Automobile Liability Insur- 
ance; Insurance Law and Practice ; etc. 

J- Ao.— Jesse ‘P. Abramson. Sports mker 
hera'd T< ibnne,. New Yoik, N Y. 

J. A. S. 7 -Ja=ies^ lender Beattie. 
- rc lessor o- ^ nvs-ca* ^nemistry, Ma^cchu- 
setis Institute of Techcoiogj, Cambridge. 
Mass , 193S- . 

jet. art’s s -ULev/scer. Connecticut 

Slate Libranar 

J. A, Br.— James A. Baker, B.V.M. Di- 
rector, Veterinary Virus Research InstPtfe 
Snyder Kill New York State Veterinary Col- 
lege, Cornell Univeisifcy, Ithaca, NY. 

j. A. Bs. — John Arundel Barnes. Reade- 
rs Anthropology, London School of Ecol 
nomics, University of London. Author of 
Marriage m a Changing Society; Politics 1 n a 
Changing Society. 

]. A. Bw.— Joseph A. Bourdow. Assistant 
Editor, Officers Call, Troop Information and 
Education Division, U S. Department of the 

J. A. C. — Sir Joseph Archer Crowe. 
English consular officer and art critic \^hor 
(with Cavalcaselle) of Early Flemish Painters • 
etc 9 

j. A. Ca. — John Anthony Carroll. Pro- 
fessor of Natural Philosophy, University of 
Aberdeen, Scotland. 1930-45 Assistant Direc- 
tor, Solar Physics Observatory, Lecturer m 
Astrophysics, Cambridge University, 1924-30. 

Jac % F. — Jacob Fahrenfort. Financial 
Chief .L , ;r, l-V' re"* Handelsblad, Amster- 
dam, .-M.Uor Beurs en Kraut, Geld 

en wat wij er mee doen. 

J. A. Co. — Jay Alien Cassino. Special 
Consultant on Public Relations to the Sec- 
retary, U S Department of the Army, and 
to the Chief of Staff, Washington, D C. 

J. A. B. — James A. Dunnage. Author of 
How to Import Goods ; The Importer's Rand- 
hook; etc. 

J. A. Dn.— -John A. Davison. Group 
Leader, General Laboratories, United States 
Rubber Company, Passaic, N J. 

J. A. E. — -Sir (James) Alfred Ewing. 
Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Edinburgh 
University, Scotland, 1916-29. Professor of 
Mechanism and Applied Mechanics m Cam- 
bridge University, 1890-1903 President of the 
Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1924-29. Author 
of Thermodynamics for Engineers; The 
Steam Engine and Gther Heat Engines ; Mag- 
netic Induction m Iron and Other Metals: etc. 

J. A. Ed. — Sir John Augustine EdgelL 
Vice-Admiral, RN (retired). Admiralty 
Representative on the Port of London Au- 
thority Hydrographer of the Royal Navy, 

J. A. Es. — Joseph Alvie Estes. Editor, 
The Blood-Horse. Research Director, Ameri- 
can Thoroughbred Breeders Association Au- 
thor of American Race Horses; Average- 
Earnings Index (for Thoroughbred Sires). 

J. A. F. — Sir John Ambrose Fleming. 
Former consulting electrical engineer Pro- 
fessor in University College, University of 
London, 1885-1926. Author of The Principles 
of Electric Wave Telegraphy and Telephony; 

J. A, Fa. — James A(ugustine) Farrell. 
President of the United States Steel Corpoia- 
tion, New York, N.Y., 1 91 1-32. 

J. A. F.-M. — John Alexander Fuller- 
Maitland, Author of Life of Robert Schu- 
mann; The Musician's Pilgrimage ; Masters 
of German Music; etc. 

Ja. G. 'T. — fV'er L£ : Iie- VLL? 

Char, , ai D:pa:;mect of 

rsycr.ology, Tne Jiivc.-s:.y cf Chicago, 
wJ'icago. id Author cf Gnzonsc^ow.ness. 

Ja. A . — James Killter. Research Physicist 
In charge of Electron Miacsccpe Research, 
RCA Laboratories, Prmceton, N J. 

J. A. K. — John Allen Rows. Former As- 
sistant Director, Geoiog-ca. Survey, England. 
Author of The Geology of Budding Stones ; 
Stones and Quarries; etc. 

Ja. Hn. — James Hogan. Processor of His- 
tory, University College Cork. lie Editor of 
Analecta Hibernian Author of Election and 
* Ireland in the European Sys - 
’ / L. : Law of Kingship. 

J. A. Hn. — John Anthony Hutton. Re- 
search Assistant, Institute of Colonial Studies, 
Oxford University, 1946-48. 

J. A. K. — Julius A. Krug. Secretary, U.S. 
Department of the Interior, \v T ashington, 
D.C., 1946-49. 

J. Al. — John Allan. Keeper. Department 
of Coins and Medals, Britisn Museum, Lon- 
aon, 1931—49 Vice-President, Ro>ai Archaeo- 
logical Institute. 

J. A. Lo. — John Avery Lomax. Vice- 
President, Republic National Company, Dal- 
las, Texas, 1925-32 President, American 
Folklore Society, 1912-13. Associate editor, 
Southwest Review, 19^3- . Author of Cow- 
boy Songs; etc. 

J. A. M. — James Alexander Manson. 
Author of The Bowlers Handbook; etc. 

J. A. Mi. — John A. Miller. Editor, Tech- 
nical Publications, General Engineering Lab- 
oratory, General Electric Company, Schenec- 
tady, NY Author of Fares, Please!: Master 
Buddets of 60 Centuries ; Men and Volts al 
War; Workshop of Engineers. 

J. A. Mn. — J. Alden Mason. Curator, 
American Section, University Museum, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

J. A. P. — James Alexander Paterson, 
D.D. Foimer Professor of Hebrew and Old 
Testament Exegesis, New College, Edinburgh, 
Scot Author of The Period of the Judges; 
Translator of Schultz’s Old Testament Theol- 

J. A. Ph. — James Alexander Fetch. Sec- 
retary to the Joint Matriculation Board of 
the Universities of Manchester Liverpool, 
Leeds, Sheffield and Birmingham, Eng. Author 
•of Fifty Years of Examining: the Joint 
Matriculation Board , 1903 to 1953. 

J. A. R. — James Alexander Robertson. 
Archivist, Hall of Records, Annapolis, Md., 
1935-39* Professor of American History, John 
B Stetson University, De Land, Fla., 1923-33. 
Co-editor of Blair and Robertson’s The Philip- 
pine Islands. 

J. A. R. M. — Sir John Arthur Ransome 
Marriott. Honorary Fellow, former Fellow 
and Lecturer of Worcester College, Oxford 
Author of The Remaking of Modern Europe; 

J. A, Ry.— John Alfred Ryle, M.D. Pro- 
fessor of Social Medicine, Oxtord University, 
1943-50 Physician Extraordinary to the King. 
Regius Professor of Phasic, Cambridge Uni- 
versity, 1935-43 

J. A. S. — John Addington Symonds. 
Author of Renaissance m Italy; etc. 

J, A. Sc. — J. A. Scott, M.D. Deputy Medi- 
cal Officer of Health and Deputy School 
Medical Officer, London County Council, 
London, Eng Author of The National Health 
Stivzte Act , 1046; etc. * 

J. A. SI. — Judith Arm Silhum, Forme: 
Trade Investigator, Ministry of Labour, Lon- 
con 9 > 

J. A. Sk. — Julian A Steye* mark. Curator 
of the Herbarium, Department 01 Botany, 
CHcago Natural History Museum, Chicago, 

Li Author cf Contributions tooths Flore of 
Venezuela, Spring Flora of Missouri; co- 
author of Flora of Guatemala 

J. A. -Jc-i Alexander Smith. For- 
mer 1 ■/ of Moral and Meta- 

physical Philosophy, Oxford University. 

J. A. Sp. — J. Alfred Spender. Editor of 
the Westminster Gazette, 1396-1952, author 
of Fifty Yeat-e of Europe , A Short History of 
Gur Times; etc. ■* 

J. A. Sr. — Joseph Alois Schumpeter. 
Former Professor of Economics, Harvard 
University Author cf The Theory of Eco- 
nomic Development ; etc. 

J. A. S. R. — John Anthony Sydney 
Ritson. Professor of Mining in the Univer- 
sity of London at the Royal School of Mines, 
Imperial College, London. 

J. A. St. — James Andrew Strahan. For- 
mer Professor of Jurisprudence, University 
cf Belfast, Reader of Equity, Inns of Courts 
London. 1897-1929 Author of The Bench and 
Bar of England; etc 

J. A. T. — John Alton Todd. Special Officer 
(jute). Government of Bengal, India. Author 
of The Cotton World 

J. A. Th.*— Sir John Arthur Thomson. 
Regius Professor ot Natural History in the 
University of Aberdeen Scotland, 1899-1930. 
Gifford Lecturer, 1 *St Andrews, Scotland, 1915 
Terr/ Lecturer, Yale University, 1924. Author 
of The Study of Animal Life; Outlines of 
Zoology; Heredity ; etc. 

J. A. To. — James Alner Tobey. Director ' 
of Nutrition, American Institute of Baking, 
1937-43 Lecturer on public health law, Mass- 
achusetts Institute of Technology, Yale School 
of Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health, 
and Columbia University Associate editor ol 
American Journal of Public Health. Author 
o f The National Government and Public 

J. A. Tr. — James A. Tower. Professor of 
Geography, Birmingham-Southern College, 
Birmingham, Ala. Instructor, American Uni- 
versity of Beirut, Lebanon, 192S-31. 

J. Ay. — Joseph Anthony. Public relations 
consultant, journalist and editor 

J. Ba. — Jean Babelon. Keeper, Depart- 
ment of Coins and Medals in the Bibhotlfeque 
Nationale, Paris, 1937- , Chief Editor of the 

Gazelle des Beaux- Arts, 1928-39. 

J. Bai. — Jacques Bainville. Former Edi- 
tor of the monthly review, Action Frangaise. 
Author of Histoire de France; etc. 

J. Bar.— Sir Joseph Barcroft, M.D, 
Former Lecturer, King’s College, Cambridge. 
Professor of Physiology, Cambridge Univer- 
sity, 1926-37. FuHerian Professor of Physiol- 
ogy, Royal Institution, 1923-26 Former 
Director of Unit of Animal Physiology (Agri- 
cultural Research Council). Author*" of The 
Respiratory Function of the Blood; etc Edi- 
tor of the sixth edition of Huxley’s Physiol- 
ogy Co-editor of the Cambridge Comparative 

J. B. B.- — John Bagnell Burj;. Regius Pro- 
fessor of Modern History, Cambridge Uni- 
versity, 1902-27, Regius Professor of Greek, 
Trinity College, Dublin, 1898-1902 Author of 
History of the Roman Empire 27 B C.- 18 Q 
A D , etc Editor of Gibbon's Decline and Fall 
*of the Roman Empire (189V1900) »* ^ 


J. B. Ba.— Sif Ja&es B. Baillie. Vice- 
Chancellor, ^University of Leeds, England, 
1924-38. Frofessor of Moral Philosophy, Uni- 
versity of Aberdeen, Scotland, 1902-24. 

Jn B. BL — Joseph Rucklin Bishop. For- 
mer Secretary to the Panama (?anal Commis- 
sion. Author^of The Panama Gateway; etc. 

J. B. J. B. Crane. Former Mechan- 
ical Combustion Engineering Corn- 

pan} . l c . j* . York, N.Y. 

J. B. Ce. — John B. Condliffe. Professor 
of Economics, University of California, 
Berkeley, Calif. Author of The Commerce oj 
Nations ; The Reconstruction of World Trade . 

J. B£.-~J. Badeffi Dramatic Adviser at the 
National Theatre, Bulgaria. 

J. B.JF.— John B. Firth. Author of Au- 
gustus Caesar ; Constantine the Great; etc. 

J. B. Fh. — James Burgess Fitch. Pro- 
fessor and Chief of the Dairy Division, Uni- 
versity of Minnesota, Department of Agri- 
culture, St. Paul, Minn. 

J. B. Fo.» — John B. Foster. Former Edi- 
tor of Spalding’s Official Base Ball Guide ; 
New York, N.Y. Author of A History of Na- 
tional Association of Professional Base-Ball 

J. B. Fz. — Joe B. Frantz. Associate Pro- 
fessor of History, University of Texas, Aus- 
tin, Tex . Author of Gail Borden } Dairyman 
to a Nation. 

J. B. G. — James Bert Garner. Professor 
and Senior Fellow, Mellon Institute of Indus- 
trial Research, Pittsburgh, Pa. Former Di- 
rector of Research for Hc^pe and affiliated 
natural gas companies. 

J. B. Gn.— ~ James B. Griffin. Director, 

_ Museum of Anthropology; Professor of An- 
thropology, University of Michigan, Ann Ar- 
bor, Mich. Huthhr of Fort Ancient Aspect. 
Editor of Archaeology of Eastern United 

J. B. r H« — James Brents Hill. President 
of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Com- 
pany, Louisville, Ky., 1934-5° 

J. B. Hn.~~ , John B. Heffernan. Rear Ad- 
miral, U.S. Navy (retired) . Director of Naval 
History (Op-29), Office of the Chief of Naval 
Operations, U.S. Department of the Navy, 
Washington, D.C. 

J. B-J. — John Buettner-Janusch. Na- 
tional Science Foundation Fellow in Anthro- 
pology, The University of Chicago. 

J. B. JL — James Bysse JolL Fellow of St. 
Antony’s College, Oxford. University Lecturer 
in Modern History, Oxford University Joint 
Editor in Chief, Documents on German For- 
eign Policy. 

J. B. Kr.-— Joseph B. Kirsner, M.D. 
Professor of Medicine, The University of 

J. B. L.— -John Barger Leighly. Professor 
of Geography, University of California, Ber- 
keley, Calif , 1943- . Meteorologist, United 

States 'Army Air Forces Weather Service, 
3:9.14-46. Councillor, American Meteorological 
Society, 1937-39* 

J. B. Mu.— -James Bass Muilinger. 
Former Lecturer in History , c St. John’s Col- 
lege, Cambridge Author of History of the 
University of Cambridge; etc. 

J, Bn.— -John Bryson. Fellow, Balliol Col- 
lege, Oxford. 

J. B. p. — J. Peatman. Author of Heel- 

aitd'-T 0 $ Walking . 

J. B. P5. — James Bayard Parsons. 
Associate c‘ Chemistry, The Uni- 

versity of Chicago. Co-author of The Study 
of the Physical World . 

J. B. R. — John Bernard Reeside, Jr. 
Chief, Section of Paleontology and Stratig- 
raphy, U.S. Geological Survey, Washington, 

J. Bry .—James Bryce, 1st Viscount 
Bryce. Statesman, jurist and author. Au- 
thor of The American Commonwealth ; etc. 

J. B. Se. — John B. Spore. Editor, Combat 
Forces Journal. 

J. B. S. H.- — John Burdon Sanderson 
Haldane. Professor of Biometry, University 
College, University of London. Fullerian Pro- 
fessor of Physiology, Royal Institution, 1930- 
32; Professor of Genetics, University of Lon- 
don, 1933-37. Author of Animal Biology (with 
J. S. Huxley) ; The Causes of Evolution; etc. 

J. Bt.-— James Bartlett. Former Lecturer 
on Construction, Architecture, Sanitation, 
Quantities, etc , King’s College, University of 
London. Authoi of Quantities. 

]. B. van U. — J. Blan van Urk. Author of 
The Story of American Foxhunting and Little 
Charlie , The Fox. 

J. B. Wa.— John Barker Waite. Profes- 
sor of Law, University of Michigan, Ann Ar- 
bor, Mich. Author of Patent Law; etc. 

J. C. — John Cadrnan, 1st Baron Cad- 
man. Former Professor, Birmingham Uni- 
versity, Birmingham, England, Chairman, 
Anglo-Iranian Oil Company; Consulting Pe- 
ti oleum Adviser, HM Government. 

J. C. A. — James Coats Auchincloss. 
Congressman, 1 943-53* Former President, The 
Better Business Bureau of New York, N.Y. 

J. Car. — Jacques Cartier. Chairman of 
Cartier, Ltd. 

J. C. B. — J. C. Brooke. Squadron Leader, 
R.A F Attached British Naval Mission, Minis- 
try of Marine, Athens. 

J. C. Br. — John Christian Bailar, Jr. Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry and Secretary of the 
Chemistry Department, University of Illinois, 
Urbana, 111. 

J. C. Bt. — -John C. Bisset. Chairman, Bil- 
liards Association and Control Council. Editor 
of the Billiard Player , London, 

J. C. By.— John Cary Bellamy. Former 
Assistant Professor of Meteorology, The Uni- 
versity of Chicago. 

J. C. E. — James Chidester Egbert. Pro- 
fessor of Latin, 1906-42, and Director, Uni- 
versity Extension, 1910-42, Columbia Univer- 
sity. General Editor of Macmillan’s Series of 
Latin Classics. Author of Introduction to the 
Study of Latin Inscriptions; etc. 

J. C. Em.— John C. Emison. Vice- 
President* and Treasurer, American Smelting 
and Refining Company, New York, N.Y. 

J. C. G. J. — J. C. Griffith Jones. J ournalist 
and broadcaster. Welsh Correspondent, the 
Observer, London. 

J. C. H. — Rt. Rev. John Cuthbert Hed- 
ley, O.S.B., D.D. Former R.C. Bishop of 
Newport, England. Author of The Holy 
Eucharist ; etc. 

r J. C. Hn. — James C. Harrison. Public 
Relations Divector, U.S, Trotting Association. 

J. C. Hr.* — Jeroxx^ Clarke Hunsaker. 
Professor of Aeronautical Mas- 

sachusetts Institute of T ' jr:,. Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Co-author of Engineering Ap- 
plications of Fluid Mechanics. 

J. Ck.— James Chadwick. Professor of 
Physics, University of Liverpool, England. 
Author of from Radioactive Sub- 

stances; etc. 

J. CL— John Cahill. Principal Informa- 
tion Officer, Home Office, London. 

J. C. M.— — Jonathan Campbell M eakins, 
M.D. Former Professor of Medicine, McGill 
University, Montreal, Que. Author of Practice 
of Medicine; Symptoms in Diagnosis . 

J. C. Ma.- James Clerk Maxwell. Au- 
thor of Electricity and Magnetism; On Fara- 
day’s Lines of Force. 

J. C. Mr. — Jacob Conrad Meyer. As- 
sociate Professor of History, Western Reserve 
University, Cleveland, O. Author, Church and 
State in Massachusetts from 1740 to 1833. 

J. C. Ms.— *J. Clyde Marquis. American 
Representative and Vice-President, Interna- 
tional Institute of Agriculture, Rome, Italy, 
I 935~4*> Former Director of Economic In- 
formation, U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

J.C.My. — Rev. John Courtney Murray, 
S. J. Editor, Theological Studies . 

J. C. Ns.— Joseph C. Nichols. Sports 
Department, the New York Times. 

J. C. O. — James C. Olson. Superintendent, 
Nebraska State Historical Society. Author of 
J. Sterling Morton. 

J. C. Os.— John Clyde Oswald. Former 
President of the New York Employing 
Printers Association, Inc. Former Editor of 
The American Printer. 

J* C. S. — John C. Sacks. Captain, formerly 
with the Northampton Regiment. Lecturer to 
the Draper’s Summer School, Cambridge, 
1926. Author of Furs and the Fur Trade . 

J. C. Sh. — James C. Shaw. Commander, 
U.S.N Naval Historian, U.S. Naval War Col- 
lege, Newport, RI Former Instructor in 
Strategy and Tactics, U.S. Naval General 
Line School, Monterey, Calif. 

J. C. Sm. — James Cruickshank Smith. 
Former Senior Chief Inspector of Schools in 
Scotland, 1927-32. Editor of Spenser’s Faerie 
Queen and (with Professor E. de Selincourt) 
of Spenser’s Poetical Works . 

J. C. Smu. — Jan Christiaan Smuts. 
Field Marshal. Prime Minister and Min- 
ister of External Affairs and Defense of South 
Africa, 1939-48. Author of Holism and Evo- 
lution; Plans for a Better World; etc. 

J. C. T.“— Joshua C. Taylor. Assistant Pro- 
fessor, Department of Art and the College, 
The University of Chicago, 

J. C. Van D. — John Charles Van Dyke. 
Professor of the History of Art, Rutgers Col- 
lege, New Brunswick, N J., 1889-1932. Former 
Editor, Studio and Art Review. Author of Art 
for Art’s Sake; History of Painting; etc. 

J. C. W. — Sir John Charles Walton. 
Deputy Undersecretary of State for Burma, 
1942-46. Assistant Undersecretary of State for 
India, 1936. 

J. C. We. — James Claude Webster, Bar- 
rister-at-Law, Middle Temple. 

J. C. Wn. — John Clare Whitehorn, 
M.D. Henry Phipps Professor of Psychiatrv 
and Director of the Department of Psychiatry, 
The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 
Md. Psychiatrist in Chief, The Johns Hopkins 
Hospital, Baltimore, Md. 

J. C. wr. — J orm cmistian Wenger. As- 
sistant ?:r .*^3 of Bible and Philosophy, 
Goshen College, Gcshei> } Ind Treasurer, The 
Mennonite Historical Society of Goshen Col- 
lege. Associate Editor, The 'Mennonite Quar- 
terly Review. Author of History of the Men- 
nonites of the Franconia Conference; Glimpses 
of Mennonite History. 

J. C. W. R. — John Charles Walsham 
Reith, ist Baron o£ Stonehaven. Captain, 
RNV.R. Director of Combined Operations 
Material Department, Admiralty, 1943. Di- 
rector-Ger nd, dritmr Broadcasting Corpo- 
ration, 1927-38. Chairman, Imperial Airways, 
Ltd , 1938-39. First Chairman of British 
Overseas Airways Corporation, 1939-40. 
Minister of Information,' 1940. 

J. Cy.-— Jaroslav Cerny. Professor of 
Eg'’pt^ogv, Oxford University. Author of 
li^ypi'un Religion; Late Ramesside Letters. 

J. Da. — Rev. James Davies. Former Head 
Master of Ludlow Grammar School and 
Prpbendary of Hereford Cathedral, England. 
Translated classical authors for Bohn’s “Clas- 
sical Library ” Author of volumes m Collins’ 
Ancient Classics for English Readers 

J.%D. B. — James David Bourchier. For- 
mer Correspondent of The Times ; London, 
in >cl.: ■‘easLcrr. El rope 

J. D. Be.-— John Desmond Bernal. Uni- 
versity Professor of Pbvcic« Bhkbeck Col- 
lege, ' ,nc»:r. . . Assistant 

Direc ‘ 'i * in Crystallography, 

Cambridge University, 1934-37. 

J. D. El. — Jc Uu z Donald Black. Professor 
of F mi 0"";- rl . ;r.v University, 1927- . 
Chief Economist, Federal Farm Board, 1931- 
32. Consulting Economist, U S. Department 
of Agriculture, 1937-40, War Food Admin- 
istration, 1943; Tennessee Valley Authority, 
1940- . Former Professor of Agricultural 
Economics and Chief of the Division, Uni- 
versity of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Author of Agricultural Reform m the United 
States; etc. 

J. D. Ee.— John D. Eyre. Assistant Profes- 
sor, Department of Geography, University of 
Washington, Seattle, Wash. 

J. D. F.— -John Donnelly Fage. Senior 
Lecturer and Head of the Department of His- 
tory, University College of the Gold Coast, 
Achimota, Gold Coast. 

J. D. Fn. — John Derek Freeman. Lec- 
turer m Anthropology, University of Otago, 
Dunedin, N.Z. 

J. D. H. — John Donald Hicks. Morrison 
Professor of American History, University 
of California, 1942- . Professor of History, 
1932-42, and Chairman, Department of His- 
tory, 1938-42, University of Wisconsin, Madi- 
son Author of The American Nation; etc. 

J. D. Hd. — Joseph Douglas Hood. As- 
sociate Professor of Biology, Cornell Univer- 
sity, Ithaca, N.Y. 

J. D. H. D.— Joseph Desire Hubert 
Donnay. Professor of Crystallography and 
Mineralogy, The Johns Hopkins University, 
Baltimore, Md. Author of Spherical Trigo- 
nometry After the Cesaio Method. 

J. D. L. — James Douglas Lambert 
Foreign Office Research Department, Lon- 
don. Author of The Overburean Characters ; 
Parliament in Debate. 

J. D. Ls. — Jo Desha Lucas. Assistant 
Dean and Dean of Students, the Law School, 
The University of Chicago, 

J. D. M.— John David Mabbott. Tutor 
and Lecturer in Philosophy, St. John’s Col- 
lege, Oxford, Author of The State and the 

J. D. M. S.—J. D. Main Smith. Former 
Research Assistant to the Piofessor of Chem- 
istry, University of Birmingham, England, 
and Examiner in Chemistrv, Umveisi.y of 
London. Author of Chemistry and Atomic 
Structure; etc 

J. D. N.— John Douglas Newth. Honor- 
ary Secretary of the British Council for Doc- 
tor Albert Schweitzer’s Hospital 

J. D. Pr. — John Dyne ley Prince. F01- 
mer Professor of East European Languages 
at Columbia University. 

J* D. R. — J. D. Ryder. Professor and Head 
of the Denr^mert of Electrical En cc.* : n~. 
Universe o: TDreis. Urbana, II. vl 

Electronic Engineering Rr^cip 1 ?:; Electronic 
Fundamentals and y jpiic*. „v: * Networks , 
Lines, and Fields. 

J. D. S. — John Duncan (Ernst) Spaeth. 
First President, University of Kansas City, 
Mo , 1933-36 Amateur Coach and Director 
of Rowing, Princeton, 1910-23 Murray Pio- 
fessor of English Literature, Princeton Uni- 
versity, 1930-35 Author of Camp Reader for 
American Soldiers; etc. 

J. D. Sn. — James Decking Stranathan. 
Piofessor of Physics 'mu C” tumar, Depart- 
ment of Physics and Astronomy, University 
of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan Author of The 
t{ Particles ” of Modern Physics 

J. Dz. — Rev. Jean Deianglez, S.J. 
Former Professor of History, Lovola Uni- 
versity, Chicago, 111 Author of El Rio del 
Espiritu Santo; Hennepin's Description of 
Louisiana; Life and Voyages of Louis Jolhet; 

J. E. B. G.-~ -John Evelyn Bury Gray. 
Lecturer in Sanskrit, Schooi of Oiiental and 
African Studies, London, 

J. E. C. — Janet Elizabeth Courtney. 
Member of Executive Committee, Carnegie 
United Kingdom Trust, 1913- . Author of 
Recollected in Tranquillity ; The Women of 
My Time ; etc. 

J. E. E.— -Sir James Edward Edmonds. 
Brigadier Geneial. Officer in Charge of Mili- 
tary Branch, Historical Section, Committee 
of Imperial Defense, London. Served in South 
African and European wars Author of A 
Handbook of the Get man Army; Official 
History of the War; etc. 

J. E. F. — James Everett Frame. Baldwin 
Professor of Sacred Literature in Union The- 
ological Seminary, New York, N.Y, 19 19-38. 
Author of Purpose of New Testament The- 

J. E. Fi. — Joel E. Fisher. Former Presi- 
dent, American Alpine Club. 

J. E. Fr.- — James Earle Fraser. Former 
Director, Art Students League, New York, 

J. E. Gg. — John Eldon Gies eking. Pro- 
fessor of Soil Physics, University 01 Illinois, 
Urbana, 111, and Chief, Illinois Soil Survey, 
1945 - * 

J. E. H. — John Edgar Hoover. Director, 
Federal Bureau of Investigation, United 
States Department of Justice. 

J. E. HI. — John Eric Hill. In Charge, 
Department of Comparative Anatomy, 1941- 
47, Assistant Curator, Department of Mam- 
mals, 1935-41, The Ameiican Museum of 
Natural History, New York, N.Y. 

J. E. Hs. — J. Edward Hedges. Professor 
of. Insurance, Indiana University, Blooming- 
ton, Ind. Author of Compensation of Life In- 
surance Agents; Practical Fire a$d Casualty 

J. E. H. W.— John Eryl Hall, Williams. 
Barrister-at-law Lectures in Law 1 ? London 
School of Economics and Political Science, 
University of London 1 9 % 

J. E. X.—J&mes Edward Knott. Profes- 
sor of Truck C* or 5 end Head of Division, 
College of a ?. UniverJty of Cali- 

fornia, 1940- . 

J. E. L. — Sir John Edward Lloyd. Emer- 
itus Professor or i’s-io*;, University College 
of North Wales, Bangor, 1930-47 Former 
President of the Welsh Language Society. 
Author of A History oj Wales to the Edwar- 
dian Conquest ; Editor of Hubert Lewis’ An- 
cient Laws of 'Wales 

J. E. Lr.— John Events Lamar. Geologist 
and Head of Ini Minerals Division, 

Illinois State Geological Survey. • 

J. E. M. — Jaynes Elvins McCartney, 
M.D. Major, R.AM.C Director of Research 
and Pathological Services, Lon Jem County 
Council Former Lecturer m hw; 
University of Edinburgh, Scotland Co-authoi 
of A Handbook of Practical Bacteriology. 

J. E. Me. — Joseph Earle Moore, M.D. 
Associate Professor of Medicine, The Johns 
Hopkins University, 1916-45, Physician-in- « 
charge, S' -Auks D* vision, Medical Clinic, The 
Johns Htohms Hospital, Baltimore, Md. 
Author F- ■ Modem Treatment 0} Syphilis; 

J.-E.-M.-G. D. — Joseph-Edouard- 
Marie-Ghi^lain Delmelle. Honorary Pres- 
ident of Jeunes Ecrivams Beiges. Author of 
Histome des lettres beiges d’expression fran- 
qaise, Panorama 4 e la jeune poesie frangaise 
en Belgique ,* Profondeur de la trier; etc. 

J. E. Mu. — John E. Muhlfeld. Author of 
Locomotives of Great Power; New Era for 
Steam Locomotives , etc. 

J. E. My. — James Edwartl M-fMurtrey, 
Jr. Principal Physiologist, Division of To* 
bacco LvestigaLcr* Burea- of Plant In- 
dustry, Sciis, ana \gncu\ural Engineering, 

U S. Department 01 Agriculture. % 

J. En. — Jeannette Eckman. Historian 
and Director, New Castle Tencentenary Com- 

J. E. S. — John Edward Sears. Former 
Superintendent of Metrology Department, 
Xariorrd Phwca. Laboratory, England. * 

J. E. $a.~~ Sir John Edwin Sandys. For- 
mer Public Orator, Cambridge University. 
Author of History of Classical Scholarship. 

J. E. Spr. — J. E. Springmeyer. Legisla- 
tive Counsel, State of Nevada, Carson City, 

J. E. S. S. — Jocelyn Edward Sails 
Simon. King’s Cou'sel, London, 

J. E. T. H. — John Ernest Troyte 
Harper. Vice-Admiral, R.N. Director of 
Navigation at the Admiralty, 19 19-21. Au- 
thor of The Royal Navy at War; etc. 

J. Ev.* — Joan Evans. External Examiner 
in History of Art, University of London, 
1938-46. Author of English Jewellery; etc. 

J. E. W.— James Edward West.* Chief 
Scout, Boy Scouts of America, 1943-48 Au- 
thor of The Lone Scout of the Sky; etc. 

J. E. Ws. — John Elliot Wills. Associate 
Professor of Fayn Management, College of 
Agriculture, University of Illinois, Urbana, 111. 

J. F. — John Fiske. Sometime History Tutor 
at Harvard University. Author of The Amer- 
ican Revolution; etc. 

j. f. c. — James Ford Cairns. Lecturer in 
Economic History, University of Mefen^rne, 
Melbourne, Austr. * • 


J. F. C. F.— John Frederick Charles 
Fuller. Major General (retired). Former 
Military Assistant to th$ Chief of the 
Imperial Genefed Staff. Chief General Staff 
Officer, Tank Corps, 1917-18, Author of The 
Reformation of War; etc. * 

J. F. Do.~ % James F. Doster. Assistant 
Professor of History? University of Alabama, 
University, Ala. Author of Alabama’s First 
Railroad Commission, 1881-1885 . 

J. F. Fy.— Joseph F. Farley. Comman- 
dant, United States Coast Guard, 1946-50. 

J. F. G.— John Frank Gregg. Town Clerk, 
Birmingham, Eng. ^ 

J. F. G. P. — Sir James Frederick 
George Price. Deputy Secretary, Ministry 
of Labour, London, 1935-38. 

J. FL— Jack Filman. Hockey Department, 
Madison Square Garden, NevT York, N.Y. 

J. F.-K. — James Fitzmaurice-Kelly. 
Former Gilmour Professor of Spanish Lan- 
guage and Literature, University of Liver- 
pool, England. Author of A History of Span- 
ish Literature . 

J. F. Ki. — James F. King. Assistant Pro- 
fessor. of History, University of California, 
Berkeley, California. 

J. F. M. — James Fullarton Muirhead. 
Former Editor of many of Baedeker’s Guide 
Books Author of America , the Land of Con- 
trasts; etc. 

J. F. Md. — J. F. Madden. Member of the 
Sudan Political Serviced 

J.' F. Mi. — John F. Mkchell. Assistant 
Professor of History, American International 
College, Springfield, Mass. 

J. Fn. — Jack Fulton. Director, Interna- 
tional Recreation Association. 

_ i 

J. Fo. — Sir John William Fortescue. 
Librarian at Windsor Castle, 1905-26. Au- 
thor of Wellington; History of the 17th 
Lancers; etc. 

J. F. P.— Joseph Frank Payne/ M.D. 
Former Harveian Librarian, Royal College 
of Physicians. Author of Lectures on Anglo- 
Saxon Medicine; etc. 

J.Fr.— Jacob Fisher. Office of the Com- 
missioner; Social Security Administration; 
Department of Health, Education and Wel- 
fare, Washington, D.C. 

J. F. R. — James Frederick Rees. Prin- 
cipal of University College of South Wales 
and- Monmouthshire, Cardiff. Professor of 
Commerce, University of Birmingham, Eng- 
land, 1925-29. 

J, F. Ri. — J oseph Fels Ritt. Professor of 
Mathematics and Executive Officer, Depart- 
ment of Mathematics, Columbia University, 
1942-45. Author of Differential Equations 
from the Algebraic Standpoint . 

J, F. S. — John Frederick Stemming. 
Warden of Wadham College, Oxford, 1927- 
38. Former University Reader in Aramaic. 

J. F. §m. — Rev. John Frederick Smith. 
Author of Studies in Religion under German 
Masters; etc. 

J, F. Ss. — John F. Simmons. Chief of 
Protocol, U.S. Department of State, Wash- 
ington, D.C. r 

J* F. Sy. — Rev. John F. Sweeney, S.J. 
Professor of Humanities, Woodstock College, 
Woodstock, Md. 

J. F, W. — John Forbes„ White. Co- 
Author, of Life ^and Art of 6VP. Chalmers , 

J. F. Wr.— J. Frederic Walker. Research 
Supervisor, Technical Division, Electrochem- 
icals Department, E I. du Pont de Nemours 
& Co., Inc., Perth Amboy, NJ. 

J. Gai.— -James Gairdner. English histo- 
rian and Sometime Assistant Keeper of the 
Public Records Editor of the Paston Letters; 
Letters and Papers Illustrative of the Reigns 
of Richard III, Henry VII, and Henry VIII. 
Author of The House of Lancaster and York ; 

J. Gal.— -Jean Gallotti. Supervisor of Na- 
tive Moroccan Arts. Instructor of History of 
Mohammedan Art, University of Bordeaux, 

J. G. B. — J. G. Bullocke. Civilian Lec- 
turer, Royal Naval College, Greenwich, Eng. 

J. G. B.-C. — John Gilbert Beebe- 
Center. Lecturer on Psychology and Tutor 
in the Department of Psychology, Harvard 

J. G. Be.— J. Gould Bearn. Chemist, 
Messrs. Walter Carson and Sons, Battersea, 

J. G. Br. — Sir Joseph Guinness Brood- 
bank. President of the Institute of Transport, 
1923-24 Chairman of the Dock and Ware- 
house Committee of the Port of London Au- 
thority, 1909-20. Author of History of the 
Port of London. 

J. G. C.— John Grenfell Crawford. Sec- 
retary, Department of Commerce and Agri- 
culture, Canberra, Austr. Co-author of Na- 
tional Income of Australia. 

J. G. D.« — : J, G. Dollman. Captain. Assist- 
ant Keeper, Department of Zoology, British 
Museum (Natural History), London. 

J. G. De.— John Gilbert Dean. Assistant 
?- Development and Research Divi- 

Chemicals Section, The Inter- 
national Nickel Company, Inc., New York, 

J. G. F. — Justus George Frederick. 
Founder and President, The Business Bourse, 
International, New York, N.Y. Author of 
Modern Sales Management ; etc. 

J. G. Fr. — Sir James George Frazer. 
Author of The Golden Bough. 

J. G. G. — Jean Gabriel Goulinat. $ocie- 
taire et Membre du Comite du Salon de la 5th 
National© des Beaux Arts. 

J. G. Hh.— J. G. Hardenbergh, V.M.D. 
Executive Secretary and Managing Editor, 
American Veterinary Medical Association. 

J. G. Ho. — J. G. Horner. Author of Plat- 
ing and Boiler Making; Practical Metal 
Turning . 

J. Gi. — Jekuthiel Ginsburg. Professor and 
Head of the Department of Mathematics, 
Yeshiva College, New York, N.Y. 

J. Gir. — Jean Giraud. Of the Fondation 
Emile - et Louise Deutsch de la Meurthe, Uni- 
versity of Paris. 

J. G. K.— Sir John Graham Kerr. MJP, 
(Nat. Govt.) , Scottish Universities, 1935-50. 
Regius Professor of Zoology, University of 
Glasgow, Scotland, 1902-36. Author of 
Textbook of Embryology; etc. 

J. G. Kd.— John Gamble Kirkwood. 
Todd Professor of Chemistry, Cornell Uni- 
versity, Ithaca, N.Y. 

J, G. Kn. — Jerome Gregory Kerwin. 
Professor of Political Science, The University 
of Chicago. Chairman, Chicago Institute of 
Social and Religious Studies, Chicago, 111 ., 
1944- . Author of Federal Water Power Leg- 
islation. * 

J . G. L.— Jacob Gffsodale Lipman. For- 
mer Dean of AgricuTare and Director of the 
Agricultural Experiment Station, Rutgers 
University, New Brunswick, N J Author of 
Bacteria in Relation to Country Life; etc 

J. G. M.— J. G. Mitchell. Principal Sci- 
entific Officer, Chemical Research* Laboratory, 
Teddington, Middlesex, England. 

J. G. McD. — James Grover McDonald. 
Member, Anglo-American Committee of In- 
quiry on Palestine, 1946. President, Brooklyn 
Institute of Arts and Sciences, 1938-42. 

J. G. N. G. — John George Noel Gaskin. 
Principal Scientific Officer, Department of 
the Government Chemist, London. 

J. G. R. — John George Robertson. For- 
mer Professor of German Language and 
Literature, University of London. Author of 
The Literature of Germany. 

J. Gra. — John Graham. Chairman of the 
Tonic Sol-Fa Association. 

J. G. R-S. — John Graham Royde-Smith. 

J. G. S. — John Garibaldi Sargent. For- 
mer Attorney-General of the U.S. Depart- 
ment of Justice, Washington, D.C. 

J. G. V. — Joseph Gordon Vaeth. Lieu- 
tenant, U S.N.R. (inactive). Scientific Re- 
search Administrator, Special Devices Center, 
Office of Naval Research. Former Official 
Historian, U.S. Navy Lighter-than-Air Or- 

J. G. W.— Jane G. Wheeler. Specialist, 
Near East and Africa Section, Division of 
Territorial Studies, Department of State, 
Washington, D.C. 

J. H. — John Hilton. Professor of Indus- 
trial Relations, Cambridge University, 1931- 
43. Director of Statistics, Ministry of Labour, 
London, 19 19-31. Author of Why / Go In for 
the Pools. Co-author of Are Trade Unions 

J. Ha.— Jeannette Halford. Founder and 
Honorary Secretary, Cookham Child Welfare 
and Nursery Centres, England, 1939-46. 
Honorary Secretary, National Association for 
the Prevention of Infant Mortality and As- 
sociation of Maternity and Child Welfare 
Centres, 1909-37. 

J. Hac. — Joseph Hackin. Archaeologist 
and administrator. Former Curator, Musee 
Guimet, Paris. 

J. H. A. H. — John Henry Arthur Hart. 
Former Fellow, Lecturer and Librarian of 
St. John’s College, Cambridge. 

J. Har. — Jiro Harada. Of the Imperial 
Household Museums, Japan; former Profes- 
sor in the Nagoya College of Technology. 
Author of The Gardens of Japan. 

J. H. Arn.— J. H. Arnold. Former Secre- 
tary of Westminster Bank Limited. 

J. Has.— J. Hasselkus. Chairman and 
Managing Director, Ross, Ltd., Optical 
Works, London. President of the British Op- 
tical Instrument Manufacturers Association, 

J. Hau. — Jean Haust. Former Professor of 
Walloon Dialects in the University of Liege, 

J. H. B.— Joseph H. Bonneville. Pro- 
fessor of Finance, Department of Banking and 
Finance, New York University School of 
Commerce, Accounts and Finance, New York, 
N.Y. Author of Elements of Business Finance , 

J. H. Ba. — Joab H. ^anton. Former Dis- 
trict Attorney, State of New York for County 
of New York 

J. H. A ’’-'.ry Beale. Royal! 

Professor c * J : - < University, 1912- 

37. Author of Cases on Criminal Law; Con- 
flict of Laws ; etc. 

J. H. Bn. — Joseph H.. Braun. Secretary 
and General Counsel, Chicago Motor Club. 
Authoi of Law Manual; Illinois Justices and 

J. H. Br. — James Henry Breasted. For- 
mer Professor of Egyptology and Oriental 
History and' Chairman of the Department of 
Oriental Languages, The University of Chi- 

J. H. Bt.— James H. Barnett. Professor of 
Sociology, University of Connecticut, Storrs, 
Conn Author of Divorce and the American 
Divorce Novel, 1858-1937. 

J H. Bz. — -J Harlen Bretz. Professor of 
Geology, The University of Chicago Author 
of The Grand Coulee; Vadose and Phreatic 
Features of Limestone Caverns . 

J. H. Cb. — James Harrel Cobb. Lecturer, 
School of Religion, Vanderbilt University, 
Nashville, Tenn. Author of Principles and 
Methods in General Adult Education. 

J. H. Co. — Julius Henry Cohen. Former 
Special Attorney General, State of New York, 
in Housing Cases Author of Law and Order 
in Industry; etc. 

J. H. Cs. — Joseph Hardy Olivers, M.D. 
Medical Director, Crane Company, Chicago, 
111 . 

J. H. D. — J. H. Driberg. Author of The 
Lango, A Nilotic Tribe of Uganda. 

J. H. Df. — James H. Duff. Governor of 
Pennsylvania, 1947-51. 

J. He. — John Hoye. Instructor, Strauben- 
muller Textile Evening High School, New 
York, N.Y. Author of Staple Cotton Fabrics. 

J. H. F. — John Henry Freese. Former 
Fellow of St. John’s College, Cambridge 

J. H. Gd. — John H. Garland. Piofessor of 
Geography, University of Illinois, Urbana, III. 

J. H. H. — John Henry Hutton. William 
Wyse Professor of Social Anthropology, Cam- 
bridge University. 

J. H. Hd. — Joel Henry Hildebrand. 
Professor of Chemistry, University of Cali- 
fornia, Berkeley, Calif. Author of Principles 
of Chemistry ; Solubility of Non-Electrolytes. 

J. H. Hes.- — John Henry Hesseis. Author 
of Gutenberg; An Historical Investigation. 

J. H. J. — Sir James Hopwood Jeans. 
Former Professor of Astronomy in the Royal 
Institution, London. Secretary of the Royal 
Society, 1919-29 Professor of Applied Mathe- 
matics, Princeton University, 1905-09. Author 
of The Dynamical Theory 0} Gases ; Atom- 
icity and Quanta; etc. 

J, H. Jn.— John Hampden Jackson. Staff 
Tutor, Cambridge University Board of Extra- 
Mural Studies. Author of The Between ar 
World ; Finland . 

J. HL— Jerome Hall. Professor of Law, 
Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind Author 
of Living Law of Democratic Society; Theft , 
Law and Society. 

J. H. L.— John Howland Lathrop, D.D. 
Pastor. First Unitarian Congregational 
Church, Brooklyn, NY. Author of Toward 
Discovering a Religion. 

J. H. Lh. — John Hugh Loch. Officer in the 
British Colonial Administrative Service (Ma- 
la) an Civil Service) 

J. H. M. — J. Hamish Miles. Author (with 
R. Mortimer) of The Oxford Circus. 

J. H. MacD.— J. H. MacDonald. Budget 
Officer, National Broadcasting Company. 
Author of Practical Budget Procedure , etc. 

J. H. McG.«— James Howard McGregor. 
Associate in Human Anatomy, American 
Museum of Natural History, New York, N.Y , 
1916- ; Professor of Zoology, Columbia Uni- 

versity, 1924-42. 

J. H. Mi. — -John Henry Middleton. Art 
Director, Victoria and Albert Museum, Lon- 
don, 1S92-96 Slade Professor of Fine Art, 
Cambridge University, 1886-95 Director of 
the Fifczwilham Museum, Cambridge, 1899-92. 
Author of The Engraved Gems of Classical 
Times; etc. 

J. H. Mn. — John Holmes Martin. Senior 
Agronomist in charge of Sorghum and Broom- 
corn Investigations, Bureau of Plant Industry, 
Agricuituial Research Administration, U S. 
Department of Agriculture, 1925- 

J. H. Mo. — John Hartman Morgan. 
Brigadier General Honorary Adviser to 
American War Crimes Commission, Nuern- 
berg, Germany, 1947 Emeritus Professor of 
Constitutional Law in the University of Lon- 

J. H. Mu. — -John Henry Muirhead. For- 
mer Professor of Philosophy in the University 
of Birmingham, England Author of Elements 
of Ethics; etc Editor of Library of Philos- 

J. H. My. — John H. Manley. Professor of 
Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, 

J. Hn. — Julie Helen Heyneman. Portrait 

J. H, Nu. — Joseph Henry Nuelle. Pres- 
ident, Member of Executive Committee and 
Director, The Delaware and Hudson Com- 
pany, New York, NY, 1938- 

J. Ho.— Josef Hoffmann. Professor at the 
School of Industrial Arts at Vienna. Art 
Director of the Wiener Werkstatte. 

J. H. Os. — J. H. Osborne. Chairman, 
Merryweather and Sons, Ltd., London. 

J. H. Oy. — John Hallowell Ohly. Deputy 
to Director nr P.ogrum and Coordination, 
Mutual Security Agency, Washington, D.C. 

J. H. Par.— Julius Hall Parmelee. Vice- 
President, Association of American Railroads 
(1947- ). Author of The Modern Railway. 

J. H. Pe. — John H. Paige. President, United 
States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association. 
Member, Lacrosse Referees Association. 

J. H. Py.— John Horace Parry. Profes- 
sor of Modem History, University College of 
the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica Author of 
The Audiencta of New Sahcta ; Europe and a 
Wider World; The Spanish Theory of Empire. 

T Hr. — John Hightower. Kennel Editor 
and Manager of “Where to Go” department, 
and member of the general editorial staff of 
Field & Stream. 

j. H. R. — John Horace Round. Former 
Historical Adviser to the Crown. President, 
Essex Archaeological Society, 1916-21. Author 
of Feudal England; Peerage and Pedigree 
etc. * 

J. H. Rn.— John HeiYy Richardson. Pro- 
fessor of Industrial Relations, university of 
Leeds, Leeds, Eng Author of Brttisk Eco- 
nomic Foreign Fahey; Industrial Relations in 
Great Britain. ’* # ^ 

J. H. Ro.— »John Holland Rose. Vere- 
Harmswortb Professor of Naval History, 
Car~. u r.d~e Diversity, 19x9-3* Reader m 
, Cambridge, 19x1-19 Author 
of The Development of the European 
Nations , 1870-1900 ; etc. 

J. H. Rob.— James Harvey Robinson. 
Former Professor of History, Columbia Uni- 
versity. Author of T he Mind in the Making , 

J. H. Rs.— James Ha<rdy Ropes, D.D. 
Former Professor of Divinity and Dexter 
Lecturer on Bible Literature, Harvard Uni- 

J. H. Ry.— Most Rev. James Hugh 
Ryan, S.T.D. Bishop of Omaha, Neb , 1935- 
47. Former Professor of Philosophy and Rec- 
tor, Catholic University of America, Wash- 
ington, D C. Author of Directory of Catholic 
Colleges and Schools; etc. 

J. H. Sd. — Julian H. Steward. Graduate 
Research Professor of Anthropology, Univci- ^ 
sity of Illinois, Urbana, 111 Editor of Hand- 
book of South American Indians 

J. H. Sr.— J, H. Sinclair. Geologist and 
explorer. Author of Explorations in Eastern 

J. H. Ss. — %John Harrison Sachs. Former 
Manager, Development Division, Organic 
Chemicals Department, JE. I. du Pont de 
Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del. 

J. Ht. — James Hart. Professor of Political 
Science, University of Virginia, Charlottes- 
ville, Va. Author of Tenure of Office Under 
the Constitution; etc. 


J. Hu. — John Hutchinson. Keeper of 
Museums of Botany, Royal Botanic Gardens, 
Kew, England. Author of A Botanist in South 
Africa; etc. % 

J. Hud. — Joseph Hudnut Professor of 
Architecture and Dean of the Faculty of 
Design, Harvard University. Author of 
Modern Sculpture; etc. 

J. H. V. C.- — John Henry Verinder 
Crowe. Brigadier General. Commandant 
of the Royal Military College of Canada, 1909 
-13. Former Chief Instructor in Military To- 
pography and Military History and Tactics, 
Royal Military Academy, Woolwich England. 
Author of Epitome of the Russo-T u^kish 
War , 1877-78 ; etc. 

J. H. V. V. — J. H. Van Vleck. Dean of 
Applied Science and Hollis Professor of Math- 
ematics and Natural Philosophy, Harvard 
University. Author of Quantum Principles and 
Line Spectra; The Theory of Electric and 
Magnetic Susceptibilities. 

J. H. Wi. — John H. Wigmore. Colonel. 
Professor of Law, 1893-1943, and former 
Dean of Faculty of Law, Northwestern Uni- 
versity, Evanston, 111 . Author of Panorama 
of the World’s Legal Systems; etc. * 

J. H. Wn.— John Harold Wellington. 
Professor of Geography, Urnersity of the 
Witwatersrand Johannesburg, U of S. Af 
Author 0: Southern Africa: A Geographical 

J. H. Y. — John H. Yoe. Professor of 
Chemistry, University of Virginia, Charlottes- 
ville, Va. Author of Photometric Chemical 
Analysis ; Chemical Principles; Qualitative 
Analysis; ett. * 

* * • 


J. H. Z.— Jo'an Henry Zeller. Senior 
Animal Husbandman, m charge of Swine 
r ’ i of Animal Industry, 

: . ' , ' Administration, US. 

) ,* , ’ v ' Iture, Washington, D C. 


J. I.— -Jules dsaac. Professor of History at 
the Lycee of Lyons, France 

J. I. €.— John I. Cooper. Assistant Pro- 
fessor of History, McGill University, Mon- 
treal, Quebec, Canada. 

J. I. G. — John Inkster Goodlad. Pro- 
fessor of Education and Director of the Divi- 
sion of Teacher Education, Emory University, 

J. I. P. — John Isaac Platt. Lecturer in 
Geology, University College of Wales, Ab- 

J. Is.- — Jacob Isaacs. Professor of English 
Language and Literature, University of Jeru- 
salem, 1942. Lecturer in English Literature 
at King’s College, University of London, 
1928-42. Author of Shakespeare as Man of 
Ike Theatre; etc. 

J. Ja. — Joseph Jacobs. Former Professor 
of English Literature in the Jewish Theo- 
logical Seminary, New York, NY. Author 
of Jews of Angevin England , 

~ J. J. C. — John J. Colly er. Brigadier 
General. Former Officer of the Legion of 
Honour. Former Chief of the General Staff, 
Union of South Africa. 

J.-J. Ds. — Jean- Jacques Despois. Profes- 
sor of Geography, Faculty of Letters, Uni- 
versity of Algiers, Algeria. 

J. J. F.-^-John Jacob Fox. Former Super- 
intending Chemist, Government Laboratory, 
London. 1 

J. J. Fy. — James J. Foley. Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Business Administration, Graduate 
School of Business Administration, Harvard 

J. J. John J. Healy, S.J. Pro- 

fessor of Fundamental Theology, Alma Col- 
lege, Alma, Calif. 

J. J. Ky. — John Joseph Kennedy. Chem- 
ical and Mining Engineer, Maywood Chem- 
ical Works, Maywood, N.J. 

J. J. Le. — James J. Lingane. Professor of 
Chemist) , Harvard University. Co-author of 

J. J. M. — James Joseph Mallon. Warden 
of Toynbee Hall, London. Honorary Secre- 
tary of Trade Boards Advisory Council. 
Honorary Adviser to the Minister of Food 
on feeding in air raid shelters. 

J. J. McC. — John Jay McCIoy. U.S. High 
Commissioner in Occupied Germany, 1949-52. 
U.S. Assistant Secretary of War, 1941-45. 

J. Jn. — John Jackson. H.M. Astronomer, 
Cape of Good Hope, 1933-50. 

J. J. O’N. — John J ohnston O’Neill. Dean 
of Engineering and Vice-Principal of McGill 
University, Montreal, Que. 

J. J. P. — John Joseph Pershing. General 
of the Annies of the United States. Chief of 
Staff, U.S. Army. 1921-24. Commander-in- 
Chief, American Expeditionary Forces in 
Europe, 1917-19 Author of My Experiences 
in the World War 

J. J. R.— Joseph James Runner. Professor 
of Geolog>, State University of Iowa, Iowa 
City, la. Senior Geologist, U.S. Geological 
Survey, 1942- . 

J. J. R. MacL, — John J. R. MacLeod. 
Former Regius Professor of Physiology, Uni- 
versity of Aberdeen, Scotland Former Pro- 
fessor of Physiology, Unhersity of Toronto, 
Canada Winner of Nobel Priz* for Medicine, 

2924 **- 

J, J. Sn. — John J. Sheehan. Public Rela- 
tions Director, American Stock Exchange, 
New York, N Y 

J. J. John James Tigert. President 
of the University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla. 
United States Commissioner of Education, 
1921-28. Author of Philosophy of the World 
War, etc 

J. K.* — John King. Former Chairman of 
the National Light Castings Association. 

J. K. F.— J. K. Fotheringham. Former 
Reader m Ancient Astronomy and Chronol- 
ogy in Oxford University Honorary Assistant 
in the University Observatory, Oxford, 1925- 

J. K. G. — James K. Gsyno- Lieutenant 
Colonel, U S Army. Cr:ci, Yew Trial Divi- 
sion, Office of the Judge Advocate General of 
the Army. 

J. K. H. — John Knowles Herr. Major 
General, U.S A. (retired) Chief of Cavalry, 
Washington, D.C , 193S-42 Assistant Chief of 
Staff, American Forces in Germany, 1921-22. 
Director G-2, Army War College, 1932 

J. K. H. W.— J. K. H. Wilde. Chief Veter- 
inary Officer of Nigeria. 

J. K. I. — John Kells Ingram. Former 
Regius Professor of Greek, Professor of Ora- 
tory and English Literature and Librarian, 
Trinity College, Dublin. 

J. K. R. — John Kerr Rose. Gsog-apher, 
Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 

J. K. S.— James Keilum Smith. Lieuten- 
ant Colonel. President, The American Acad- 
emy in Rome U S. Army Air Forces, General 
Staff Corps, World War II. 

J. K. Sk.— James Keane Stack, M.D. 
Assistant Professor of Bone and Joint Sur- 
gery, Northwestern University Medical 
School, Evanston, 111. 

J. K. So.— *Judith Katrina Sollenberger. 
Pamphlet Librarian, Indianapolis Public Li- 
brary, Indianapolis, Ind. 

J. L. — Julien Luchaire. General Inspector 
of Public Instruction, 1920- . Director of 

the International Institute of Intellectual Co- 
operation, Paris, 1925-31. 

J. La. — Sir Joseph Larmor. Former Fel- 
low of St. John’s College, Cambridge. Luca- 
sian Professor of Mathematics in Cambridge 
University, 1903-32. Professor of Natural 
Philosophy, University College, Galway, and 
in the Queen’s Un.\ersk\ of Ireland, 1880-85. 
Author of Ether and Matter; etc. 

J. L. A. — James Luther Adams. Professor 
of Theology, Meadville Theological School 
and Federated Theological Faculty, The Uni- 
versity of Chicago, Chicago, 111 Author of 
On Being Human — The Liberal Way. 

J. L. A. B.— Jean Louis Auguste Bra- 
chet, M.D. Professor at the Sciences Faculty, 
University of Brussels, Belgium. Author of 
Embry ologie Ckimique. 

J. LaF. — The Reverend John LaFarge, 
S.J. Associate Editor, America. Author of 
Interracial Justice; Jesuits in Modern Times; 
No Postponement. 

J. L. Ba. — Joseph Louis Baer, M.D. 
Rush Clinical Professor Emeritus of Obstet- 
rics and Gynaecology, University of Illinois 
College of Medicine, Chicago, 111. Senior At- 
tending Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, 
Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, 111. 

J. L. BL — John L. Brill. Technical Di- 
rector, Film Department, E. I. du Pont de 
Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del 

J. L. Bm. — J. Lyman Bingham. Executive 
Director, United States Olympic Association. 

J. L. G.— James X. Calver. Geologist* 
Florida Geological Survey, Tallahassee, Fla. 

J. Le.— -James Legge. Former First Pro- 
fessor of Chinese Language and Literature, 
Oxford University Author of The Life and 
Teaching of Confucius; etc. 

J. Lee.— John Leckie. Head of Sales 
Promotion Bureau, Joseph Dixon Crucible 
Company, Jersey City, N.J. 

J. L.-Ee.— , Juan Labadie-Eurite. Chief, 
Division of Statistics, Bureau of the Budget, 
San Juan, P.R. 

J. L. B.“ — John Lawrence Le Breton 
Hammond. On editorial staff, Manchester 
Guardian , 1939--49. Co-author of The Village 
Labourer, 1760-1832; The Town Labourer, 
17 60-1832; The Skilled Labourer 3 1760-1832; 

J. L. Ha.— John L. Haughton. Senior 
Assistant in the Metallurgy Division, National 
Physical Laboratory, Teddington, England. 

J. L. He. — John L. Hervey. Former spe- 
cial writer on racing for the Sportsman; The 
Thoroughbred Record ; Daily Racing Form 
Author of American Race Horses; Racing, in 
America ; etc. 

J. L. Hh. — Jack L. Hough. Professor of 
Geology, University of Illinois, Urbana, 111. 

J. L. I. F.— John Lister Illingworth 
Fennell. Reader in Russian and Head of the 
Department of Slavonic Languages, University 
of Nottingham, University Park, Eng 

J. L. Ky.— John Lyon Kennedy. Asso- 
ciate Professor of Psychology, Tufts College, 
Medford, Mass. 

J. L. L. — John Livingston Lowes. For- 
mer Professor of English and Dean of the 
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Har- 
vard University. Author of Convention and 
Revolt in Poetry. 

J. L. La. — Jesse L. Lasky. Associate Pro- 
ducer, RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. Former 
Vice-President, Paramount-Publix Corpora- 
tion, and President, Pickford-Lasky Pro- 
ductions, Inc. 

J. L. Lh. — Jay Laurence Lush. Professor 
of Animal Breeding, Iowa State College, 
Ames, Iowa. Author of Animal Breeding 

J. L. M. — J. Leask Manson. Sometime 
Technical Officer, Department of Scientific 
and Industrial Research, London. 

J. L. My. — Sir John (Linton) My res. 
Chairman, British School at Athens, 1934-47. 
Former Fellow and Librarian of New College, 
Oxford. General Secretary, International Con- 
gress Anthropological and Ethnological 
Sciences, 1934-47. Wykeham Professor of An- 
cient History in Oxford University, 1910-39. 
Frazer Lecturer, Cambridge University, 1943 
Author of The Dawn of History; The Political 
Ideas of the Greeks; etc. 

J. L. N.— , John Lloyd Newcomb. Presi- 
dent, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, 
Va, 1933-46. 

J. L. S. — Julian Larcombe Schley. Ma- 
jor General. Former Director of Transpor- 
tation, Office Coordinator Inter-American 
Affairs. Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army, 1937- 
41. Governor Panama Canal, 1932-36; Direc- 
tor Panama Railroad Company, 1928- . 

J. L. T. — John L. Thornton. Librarian, 
St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College, 
London. Author of A Chronology of Librar - 
ianship; Medical Books, Libraries and Col- 
lectors; A Mirror for Librarians; etc. 

J. L. W.— Jessie L. Weston. Author of 
Arthurian Romances. 

J; 3 ~- Weiner. Director 

of Civilia . Su-\ y War Production Board, 
1941-43. Director Public Utilities Division, 
Securities and Exchange Commission, 1939- 

J. Ly.- - - -Ury, M.D. Associate 

Profess - ' , School of Medicine, 

Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa. 

J. M. — James MacKinnon, D.D. Profes- 
sor of Ecclesiastical History in the University 
of Edinburgh, Scotland, 1908-30. Author of 
The Origins of the Reformation; Luther and 
the Reformation; etc. 

J. M. A.— John Morris Arthur. Bio- 
chemist, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant 
Research, Yonkers, N.Y., 1921- 

J. Mac.— Sir John MacDonell. Former 
Master of Supreme Court, Quain Professor 
C— pa-cdiv? Law, University College, 
V-. "’"d.' 0 ..ondon, and Editor of State 
Trials; Civil Judicial Statistics; etc Author 
of Survey of Political Economy; etc. 

J. M. At.— John Murray Atwood, D.D. 
Dc%n, Theological Department, St. Lawrence 
University, Canton, NY 1914-51 President 
of New York State Convention of Universal- 
ists, 1927-29 and 1940-42. 

J. M. Bl.« — John Mann Beal. Professor of 
Botany, The University of Chicago. 

J. M. C.— Rev. John Martin Creed, For- 
mer Ely Professor of Divinity, Cambridge 
University. Former Canon of Ely. 

J. McG. — J. E. M. McGregor. Office of 
the Engineer-in-Chief, General Post Office, 
London, Eng. 

J. M. Cn. — Jose M. Calderon. President, 
Calderon and Company, Inc., New York, N.Y. 

J. M. Cy.— John M. Carmody. Member, 
General Review Board, War Assets Adminis- 
tration, 1947-48 Chairman, Maritime War 
Emergency Board, 1946-47 Member, Mari- 
time Commission, 1941-46. Administrator, 
Federal Works Agency, Washington, D.C., 

J. M. D.— John M. Davis. Former Presi- 
dent, Delaware, Lackawanna and Western 
Railroad Co., New York, N Y. President, 
Manning, Maxwell, & Moore, Inc , 1920-25. 

J. M. de N. — J. M. de Navarro. Former 
Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 

J. M. G.— John Merriman Gaus. Profes- 
sor of Government, Harvard University Au- 
thor of Reflections on Public Administration; 
co-author of Frontiers of PubLc Adminis- 
tration . 

J. M. Gy. — Sir John Milner Gray. For- 
mer Chief Justice of Zanzibar. Author of 
Biographical Notes of the Mayors of Cam- 
bridge; A History of the Perse School , Cam- 
bridge; The School of Pythagoras. 

J. M. Hs. — John Moore Hills. Consulting 

J. M. Hy. — Joan Mervyn Hussey. Pro- 
fessor of History, University of London. Au- 
thor of Church and Learning in the Byzantine 
Empire , 867-1185- 

J. M. K. — James Moss Ketch. Illuminat- 
ing Engineer, National Lamp Works of 
General Electric Company, ^ Cleveland, 0. 
Author of Cotton Mill Lighting. 

J. M. Ku.— James M. Kurn. Former 
Trustee, St. Louis-San Francisco Railway 
Company, St. Louis, Mo. 

J. M. L.— James Miller Leake. Profesbor 
and Head of the Department of Histoiy and 
Political. Sciences, University of Florida, 
Gainesville, Fla, 1919-50. Authoi of History 
of Florida. 

J. M. La McCauley Landis. 

Chairman, . - - w .' . t „ Board, 1946-47. 

Dean of the Faculty of Law, Harvard Uni- 
versity, 1937-46 Director, US Office of 
Civilian Defense, 1942-43. Director of Ameri- 
can Economic Operations and Minister to 
Middle East, 1943-45 Co-author of The 
Business of the Supreme Court ; Author of 
Cases on Labor Law; etc 

J. M. M. — John Malcolm Mitchell. Sec- 
retary, Carnegie United Kingdom Trust, 
1919-^9 President, Library Association, 1931- 
32. Author of The Public Library System of 
Great Britain and Ireland; editor of The 
Rural Libraries Handbook. 

J. M. Mag.-— John Mac Arthur Maguire. 
Professor of Law, Harvard University. Au- 
thor of The Lance of Justice , a Semi-Centen- 
nial History 0 f the Legal Aid Society ; etc. 

J. M. Me. — James Malcolm Milne. 

J. M. Mk. — Joseph M. Michalak. As- 
sistant Editor, Electrical World. 

J. Mn. — John MacPherson, M.D. For- 
mer Inspector-General of Hospitals, Bengal, 

J. M. N. — John Macarthur Nicolle. 
Secretary of Trinity House Corporation, 
London, 1935-46. 

J. Mo. — John Motley, 1st Viscount 
Morley of Blackburn. Lord President of 
the Council, 1910-14. Secretary of State for 
India, 1905-10. Author of Edmund Burke; 

J. Mo£,— Rev. James Moffatt, D.D. 
Washburn Professor of Church History, 
Union Theological Seminary, New York, 
N.Y., 1927-39. Yates Professor of Greek and 
New Testament Exegesis, Mansfield College, 
Oxford, 1911-15 Professor of Church History, 
United Free College, Glasgow, Scot, 1915- 
27. Former Editor of the Expositor . Author 
of Critical Introduction to New Testament 
Literature; etc. 

J. M os.— John Moss, Public Assistance 
Officer for Kent, Eng Author of Health and 
Welfare Services Handbook. 

J. M. P. S.— J. M. Fowls Smith. Pro- 
fessor of Oriental Languages and Literature, 
The University of Chicago, 1915-32 Former 
Editor of the American Journal of Semitic 
Languages and Literature. 

J. M. R. — John Mackinnon Robertson, 
Author of Montaigne and Shakespeare; Mod- 
ern Humanists; The Problems of the Shake- 
speare Sonnets . 

J. M. Re. — John Morgan Rees. Lec- 
turer in Economics and Political Science, 
University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 

J. M. Rn. — John Monteath Robertson, 
Gardiner Professor of Chemistry, University 
of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scot. Author of Organic 
Crystals and Molecules 

J. M. Rs. — John Morris Roberts. Fellow 
of Magdalen College, Oxford 

J. Ms. — Rt. Rev. Monsignor J. Moyes, 
D.D. Former Canon of Westminster Cathe- 
dral, London. Former Editor of The Dublin 
Review and Domestic Prelate to H.H. Pope 
Benedict XV. 

J. M, Sc. — J. M. Scammell. Former 
Assistant in History and Lecturer m Political 
Science, University of California!. 

J. M. Sn.—J. M. Stapleton. Assistant to 
Vice-Piesicknt, Iron Protjuctiorf, U.S. Steel 

Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

» * 

J. Mt.— Jean Martet. Pri.ate Secretary ’to 
M. Clementeav. , 

J. M. T.— James Matthew Thompson. 
Honorary Fellow of Magdalen College, Ox- 
ford Author of The French Revolution; 
Leaders of the French Revolution ; Napoleon 
Bonapaite , Robespierre. 

J, Mu.— -John Mulholland. Member of 
Society of American Magicians. Author of 
Quicker Than the Eye; Story of Magic; etc. 
Editor of They Sphinx, professional magazine 
of magic. " 

J. M. W-H. — John Michael Wallace- 
Hadrill. Fellow and Tutor of MertoJi Col- 
lege, Oxford. Author of The Barbarian West , 
400-1000. ' 

J. M. Wr.— J. Marvin Weller. Professor 
of Invertebrate Palaeontology, The Univer- 
sity of Chicago. 

J. M. Wt. — James Muir Watt. Joint As- 
sistant Secretary, The Chartered Auctioneers’ 
and Estate Agents’ Institute, London Author 
of The Agriculture Act, 1947 , The Agricultural 
Holdings Act , 1948; The Landlord and Tenant 
(Rent Control) Act, 1949; The Leasehold 
Property (Temporary Provisions) Act , 1951. 

J. N. — John Nichol. Professor of English 
Literature, ^Glasgow University, Glasgow, 
Scotland, 1802-89. Author of Robert Burns; 
Carlyle; etc. 

J. Na.— James ifraismith, M.D. Formerly 
with Department of Physical Education, 
University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan Author 
of Basketball Rules. Originator of the game 
of basketball. 

• ^ 

Jn. B. — John Blackmore. General Church 
Historian, Reorganized Latter Day Samts 

J. N. Bl. — Joseph N. Bell. Manager? Pub- 
lic Relations Buieau, Portland Cement Asso- 

J. Ne. — Joseph Needham. Director of the 
Section of Natural Sciences, U N.E SCO. 
Fellow of Gonville and Caius College and 
Sir William Dunn Reader in Biochemistry, 
Cambridge. Author of Chemical Embryol- 
ogy; etc. 

J. N. H. — John Newbold Hazard. Pro- 
fessor of Public Law, Columbia University, 
New York, N.Y. Author of Soviet Housing 

J. N. K. — Sir John Noble Kennedy, 
Major General. Governor of Southern Rho- 
desia, 1946-54. War Office, London. 1940. As- 
sistant Chief of Imperial General Stall, 1943- 

J. N. P. — John Norman Pring. Principal 
Senior Officer, Armament Research Depart- 
ment, Woolwich, England Former John 
Hastings Professor in Physics and Reader in 
Electro-Chemistry, Victoria Man- 
chester. Author of The Electuc Furnace; etc. 

J, Ns. — Jerome Namias. Chief, Extended 
Forecast Section, U S. Weather Bureau, 
Washington, D.C. Author of An Introduction 
to the Study of Air Mass and Isentropic Anal- 
ysis; etc. 

Jn. W. G.— John W. Gruner. Professor of 
Geolog> and -Mineralogy, University Min- 
nesota, Minneapolis.* Minn. * * * 


J, O.— Josiah Oldfield, M.D. Lieuten- 
ant Colc^nef Founder of the Humanitarian 
Hospital of St. Francis Former Warden of 
and Senior Physician to the Lady Margaret 
Fruitarian Hospital, Eng. Au- 

thor of Eat md Keep FVL;* 1 ’ csk-Eating a 
Cause of Consumption ; etc. 

J. O. B.— -John Oliver Borley. Former 
Principal Naturalist, Ministry of Agriculture 
and Fisheries, London. 

Jo. G. — Joseph Gilbert. Technical Editor, 
Society of Automotive Engineers Journal , 
New York, N.Y. 

Jo. Gr. — John Glaister, M.D. Regius Pro- 
fessor of Forensic Medicine,*" University of 
Glasgow, Glasgow? Scot Author of Medical 
Jurisprudence and Toxicology ; co-author of 
Medico -Legal Aspects of the Ruxton Case . 

J. O. K. — John Otto KraehenbuehL 
Professor of Electrical Engineering, Univer- 
sity of Illinois, Urbana, 111. Author of Electri- 
cal Illumination . 

J. O. M. B.~~, Jan Q. M. Broek. Associate 
Professor in Geography, University of Cali- 
fornia, Berkeley, Calif. Research Associate, 
American Council, Institute of Pacific Rela- 
te tions, New York, NY. 

J. O. McC. — John Oppie McCall, 
D.D.S. Associate in Public Health and Pre- 
ventive Medicine, Cornell University Medi- 
cal College. Director, Mur.-> and Leome 
Guggenheim Dental Clinic, 1931-46. Former 
Professor of Periodontia, New York Univer- 
sity College of Dentistry, New York, N.Y. 
Author of Fundamentals of Dentistry in 
Medicine and Public BealCfi . 

Jo. M. L. — John M. Letiche. Assistant 
Professor of Economics, University of Cali- 
fornia, Berkeley, Calif. Visiting Professor of 
Economics, University of Aarhus, Aarhus, 
Den., 1 95 1^5 2 • Author of Reciprocal Trade 
Agreements in the World Economy . 

Jo. P.— -John Pantin. Superintendent, 
American Printing Ink Company, Chicago, 
111 . - 

J. P. — J ohn Percivai. Professor of Agri- 
cultural Botany, University of Reading, Eng- 
land, 1903-32. Author of The Wheat Plant; 

J.. Pa.-— John Leslie Palmer. Author of 
Peter Paragon; The Happy Fool; The Future 
of the Theatre; etc. 

J. P.-B. — James Penderel-Brodhurst. 
Former Consulting Editor, Editor of The 
Guardian, London. 

J. P. Bo. — John Poland Bowen. Engineer 
in Chief, Corporation of Trinity House, 

J. P. Bt. — -John Paul Blewett. Research 
Physicist, Research Laboratory, General 
Electric Company, Schenectady, N.Y. 

J* P- D. — James P. Dawson. Former Box- 
ing Editor, the New York Times. 

J, Pe. — Jean Perrin. Former Professor of 
Physical Chemistry at the SoiLonr.e, Pa~i- 
Nobel r Prize for Physics, 1926. 

J* P. E.— -Jean Paul Hippolyte Emman- 
uel Adhemar Esmein. Former Professor 
ol Law. University of Paris. Author of 
Cours element air e d J lust one du droit fran^ais. 

J. P. Ea. — John P. Earnest. Former Pro- 
fessor of Criminal Law, George Washington 
Univeisitv, Washington, D.C. " 

J. Per.-— Janet Perry. Lecturer in the De- 
partment of Spanish Studies, .Xing's College, 
University of London. Editor of Juan de 
Values" Didlogo de las letguos. 

J. P. G.— , John P. Giilin. Professoi of 
Anthropology and Research Professor, Uni- 
versity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N C. 
Author of The Barama River Canbs of British 
Guiana ; The Ways of Men. 

J. P. Hy. — James Philip Hyatt. Profes- 
sor of Old Testament, Vanderbilt University, 
Nashville, Tenxi Author of Prophetic Re- 

J, Pi. — Jacques Pirenne. Formerly Secre- 
tary to King Leopold III Professor of His- 
tory of Civil Law, Umveisity of Brussels, 
1924- Tutor to Prince Leopold of Belgium 
(later King Leopold III), 1920-24. Author of 
A History of Europe . 

J. P. L. — James P. Leake, M.D. Former 
Medical Director, U S. Public Health Service. 

J. P. L. S. — Jacobus Petrus Lodewicus 
Snyman. Lecturer in English, Northern Cape 
Technical College, Kimberley, U. of S. Af. 
Author of A Bibliography of South African 
Novels in English; The South African Novel 
in English. 

J. P. M. — -James Philip Mills. Former 
Assistant Commissioner, Makokehung, As- 
sam. Fellow of Royal Asiatic Society of Ben- 
gal, India. Author of The Lhota Nagas . 

J. P. Me. — John Percy Moore. Emer- 
itus Professor of Zoology, University of 
Penns>l vania, Philadelphia, Pa. Author of 
Leeches of Minnesota . 

J. P. Mn.— John P. Maxton. Institute of 
Agrarian Affairs, Oxford, England. 

J. P. Mt. — John Perry Moffett. Principal 
Assistant Secretary, the Secretariat, Tangan- 
yika. Co-author of Tanganyika: A Survey of 
Its Resources and Their Development . 

J. Pp. — James Philp. Clerk to the Skye 
District Council, Skye, Scot. 

J. P. P. — John Percivai Postgate. For- 
mer Professor of Latin in the University of 
Liverpool, England. Former Editor, Classical 
Quarterly . Former Editor in Chief, Corpus 
Poetarum Latinorum ; etc. 

J. Pr. — Joseph Proudman. Professor of 
Oceanography, University of Liverpool, Eng- 
land, 1940-46. Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Di- 
rector of Liverpool Observatory and Tidal 
Institute, 1919-45. 

J. Pre. — John Price. Secretary, Research 
Department, Transport and General Workers’ 
Union, London, England. Author of Organised 
Labour in the War; etc. 

J. Ps.— John Purves. Emeritus Reader in 
Italian, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, 
Scot. Author of A First Book of Italian Verse. 
Co-editor of A Dictionary of Modern Italian; 
Works of William Fowler . 

J. P, S. — John P. Sheehan. Supervisor, 
Metals T )? T v.r tr.rr* \rmour Research Foun- 
dation, Cm .-t; of Technology, Chi- 

cago, 111. 

J. P. Sp. — John Philip Spielman. Professor 
of Metalluigy, Montana School of Mines, 
Butte, Mont. 

J. Pt. — Joseph Prescott. Associate Profes- 
sor of English, Wayne University, Detroit, 

J. P. T. B. — John Patrick Tuer Bury. 
Fellow and Librarian of Corpus Christi Col- 
lege, Cambridge. University Lecturer in His- 
tory, Cambridge Univeisity Author of Gam - 
betta and ihe National Defence ; etc. 

J. P z . — John Petrov Plamenatz. FpiW 
of Nuffield College, Oxford. or I he 

English l' iihianans ; The Revolutionary 
Movement in France (1815-71). 

J. R.— -J, Romanes. Petroleum geologist. 

J. R. A.— James Russell Andrus. Former 
\1s1fcing Professor, University of Redlands, 
California Professor of Economics, Univer- 
sity of Rangoon, Burma, 1936-40. 

J. R. A. N.— John Ramsey Allardyce 
Nicoll. Professor of English, Birmingham 
Unhersity, Birmingham, Eng Author of A 
History of Early Eighteenth Century Drama; 
Studies in Shakespeare ; World Drama; etc 

J. R. Dy.—J. R. Dymond. Professor of 
Systematic Zoology, University of Toronto, 
Canada Director, Royal Ontario Museum of 
Zoology, Toionto. 

J. Rei.— Jacob Reighard. Former Profes- 
sor m Zoology, University of Michigan, 1927- 
42. Director of the Biological Survey of the 
Great Lakes for the *U S. Fish Commission, 

J. R. F. — John Ritchie Findlay. Author 
of Personal Recollections of De Quincey . 

J. R. G. — -John Robert Griffin. General 
Secretary, British Legion. 

J. Ri. — James Ritchie. Professor of Nat- 
ural History and Dean of the Faculty of 
Science, Edinburgh University, Scotland. 
Keeper of the Natural History Department, 
Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh, 1921- 
30 Author of Influence of Man on Animal 
Life in Scotland . Editor of the Scottish Nat- 

J. Rk.«— John Rock, M.D. Director of the 
Fertility, Endocrine and Rhythm Clinics and 
Visiting Surgeon, Free Hospital for Women, 
Brookline, Mass. Research Associate in Ob- 
stetrics and Gynaecology, Harvard Medical 
School, Boston, Mass. 

J. Rm. — J. Ramsbottom. Keeper of Bot- 
any, British Museum (Natural History), 
London. Co-editor of the Journal and Trans- 
actions of the British Mycological Society. 

J. R. M. — Rt. Hon. James Ramsay 
MacDonald. Prime Minister and First Lord 
of the Tieasury, 1929-35. Prime Minister, 
First Lord of the Treasury and Secretary of 
State for Foreign Affairs, Jan.-Nov. 1924. 
Chief British Delegate to and Chairman of 
the London Naval Conference, 1930. Author 
of Socialism and Society; Labour and the 
Empire; etc. 

J. R. Mac.* — James Robertson Mac-* 
Gillivray. Professor of English, University 
College, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont. 
Author of John Keats: a Bibliography and 
Reference Guide , With an Essay on Keats 7 

J. R. Mag.*— John Robert Magness. 
Head Horticulturist in Charge of Division of 
Fruit and Vegetable Crops and Diseases, Bu- 
reau of Plant Industry, U.S. Department of 
Agriculture, 1941- . 

J. R. Mar.— -John Richardson Marrack, 
M.D. Professor of Chemical Pathology, Uni- 
versity of London. Author of The Chemistry 
of Antigens and Antibodies; Food and Plan- 

J. R. Ms.— Jacob Rader Marcus. Pro- 
fessor of Jewish History, Hebrew Union Col- 
lege, Cincinnati, 0. Author of Rise and Des- 
tiny of the German Jew ; etc. 

J. Ros. — Julius Rosenwald. Former 
Chan man of the Board, Sears, Roebuck and 
Com nan: , Chicago, III, 

J. R. P. — James Riddick Partington. 
Professor of Chemistry, East London College, 
Lniversilv ci London Author of A Textbook 
of Inorganic Chemistry for University Stu- 
dents; etc. 

J. R. PR.— J. Roland IPennock. Professor 
and Chairman, Department of Political Sci- 
ence, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa. 
Author of Administration and the Rule of 
Law . 

J„ R. R.— John R. Riddell. Former Prin- 
cipal of the London School of Printing and 
Kindred Trades. Author of The Training of 
the Printer. 

J. R. Rn.— John Reginald Richardson. 

Ph> sicist, Radiation Laboratory, University 
of 'California, Berkeley, Calif. 

J. R. Re J“c? Rennell Rodd, ist 
Baron -1- - Ambassadoi to the 

Couit of Italy, 1908-19, Secretary of Lega- 
tion, Cairo, 1894-1901 , Counsellor of Em- 
bass’} at Rome, 1901-34 

J. R. T. — Joseph Robson Tanner, Lec- 
turer in History at St John’s College, Uni- 
versity of Leeds, England, 1883-1921. Author 
of Pepys’s Naval Minutes; etc. 

J. R. Th. — Sir James Richard Thurs* 
field. Former Dean, Fellow, Lecturer and 
Tutor of Jesus College, Oxford. Author of 
Peel, etc. 

J„ R. To. — John R. Tunis. Writer on 
sporting subjects. 

J. R. W. — James Robert Wilson, M.D. 
Secretary, Council on Foods and Nutrition, 
American Medical Association. 

j. S.—Josiah Charles Stamp, ist Baron 
Stamp. Former Chairman and President of 
the Executive, London, Midland and Scottish 
Railway. Former Director of the Bank of 
England. Author of Wealth and Income of 
the Chief Powers ; etc. 

j. s a . — John Sankey, ist Viscount of 
Moreton. Lord Chancellor, 1929-35* Lord 
Justice of Appeal, 1928-29. 

J. S. B. — John Sutherland Black. For- 
mer Co-editor of The Encyclopaedia Biblica. 

J. S. Be.— Rev. Canon James Stanley 
Bezzant. Canon Residentiary and Chancel- 
lor of Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool, Eng- 

J, S. By. — John Sherman Beekley. 
Chemical Director, Ammonia Department, 

E I "iu de Nemours & Co., Wilmington, 

J. S. Co.— James Sutherland Cotton. 
Former Editoi of The Imperial Gazetteer of 
India. Author of India in the Citizen 

j. S. D. — J. S. Davis. S — *0 the 
Education Authority for the C .u"l; 0: Nor- 
folk England, and former Vice-Principal and 
Master or Method to the Culham Training 

Ts. F. — James Franck. Professor of Bbysi- 
cal Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, The 
University of Chicago. Author of Anregung 
von Quant enspr ungen. 

j. s. F. — Sir John Smith Flett. Director, 
Geological Survey of Great Britain and Mu- 
seum of Piartical Geology. 1920-35 
Lecturer on Petrology in Edmourgn Univei- 
sity, Scotland. 

T S. Fa. — John Shields Fairbairn, M.D. 

Former Consulting Obstetric Physician and 

Gynaecologist, St Thomas s Hospital. F 
mer Consulting Physician, General Lymg-m- 
Hospital, London. Author 01 < ^ymea.y, 
with Obstetrics; etc. Former Editor 0l jou- 
rnal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 0. wi« 
British Empire . 

J. S, H.— Julian Sorell Huxley. Honor- 
ary Lectuier, King’s College, University of 
London, 1927-35 Forme 1 Fullerian Profes- 
sor of Physiology m the Royal Institution. 
Author of Essays of a Biologist; Evolution, 
The Modern Synthesis; etc. 

J. Si. — J. Sime. Author of A History of 

J. Sib.— Rev. James Sibree, D.D. For- 
mer missionary of London Missionary So- 
ciety. Author of Madagascar and Its People ; 

J. S. K.— Sir John Scott Keltic. Secie- 
tary, Royal Geographical Socict}, 1892-1915. 
Former Editor of Statesman’s Year-Book; 
Geographical Journal 

J. S. L. — John Silas Lundy, M.D. Sen- 
ior Consultant, Section on Anaesthesiology, 
Mayo Clinic, Rochester Mmn Professor of 
Anaesthesiology, Mayo Foundation ior Med- 
ical Education and Research, University of 
Mmnesot K ' : CL Minn. Author of 
Clinical ' > . ' . Manual of Clinical 


J. S. M.-— John Schoff Millis. President, 
Western Reserve University, Cleveland, 0. 
Author of Laboratory Outline of Physics. 

J. S. McD. — J. S. McDaniel. Secretary, 
Cordage Institute, New York, N.Y. 

J. S. M. W. — John Sebastien Marlow 
Ward, D.D. Father Supenor of Confrater- 
nity of the Kingdom o‘ Ch M (Orthodox 
Catholic Church in England), and Director 
of the Abbev Folk Park and Museum Au- 
thor of An Outline History of Freemasonry; 

J. S. No. — John Samuel Noff singer. Di- 
rector, National Home Study Council, Wash- 
ington, D.C. Author of Correspondence 
Schools, Chautauquas and Lyceums, etc. 

j. Sp. — John Sparrow. Fellow of All Souls 
College, Oxford. 

J. S. P. — J. S. Prendergast. Formerly 
with Worcester College, Cv.erc 

J. S. R.— James Smith Reid. Former Pro- 
fessor of Ancient History in C n ^-'drs Di- 
versity and Fellow and Tut*'- ^ n". 1 . 
and Caius College. Former Editor of Cicero’s 
Academka; etc 

J. S. Rb.— Jane Sands Robb, M.D. As- 
sociate Professor of Pharmacology, College of 
Medicine, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y. 

J. Ss.— Joel Stebbins. Director, Wash- 
burn Observatory and Professor of Astron- 
omy, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. 
Research Associate, Mount Wilson Observa- 
tory, Pasadena, Calif. 

J. s. S.— John Stuart Scrimgeour. Bar- 
rister-at-Law of the Middle Temple. 

J. S. Sm. — John Samuel Stamm, D.D. 
Vice-President of Executive Committee, 
World Council ot Churches. Senior Bishop 
and President of Board of Bishops of the 
T?,.o r rr e ]icnl Church in the Eastern Area of 
jw** Chuic"' 1936-46. President, Evangelical 
School of Theology, 1 Q3S~4 *• 
j g So. — J. Salwyn Schapiro. Professor 
of History, City College, New York N.Y. 
Author of Modern and Contemporary Ewo - 
pean History; etc. 

j g t.— J ohn Spencer Thompson. Pres- 
ident, Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Com- 
pany of Newark, NJ . 1946-53* 

t gw.— -Joseph Swire. Former Member 
of the Ro\al Institute of International Affairs, 
and of the Balkan Committee. ' 

T s. W.— Sir John Stephen Willison. 
Foimci Editor of the Toronto Canada 

Author of Szj II ih id Lau'W' and the Liberal 
Party; tic e ^ 

t x. A.— -James Truslow Adams. Editor 
m Chief, AtlaT 0; American History 1943- 
Author of Founding of New England; etc. 

T T. Be.— John Thomas Bealby. Co- 
author of Stanford’s Europe; former Editor 
of the Scottish Geographical Magazine 
Translator of Sven Hedin’s Through Asia, 
Central Asia and Tibet 

T x. Bz. — John Theodore Buchholz. 
Former Professor of Botany, University of 
Illinois, Urbana, 111 . Head of the Department 
1938-42 Former President of the Botanical 
Society of America 

j. Te.*— Rev. John Telford. Wesleyan 
Methodist Connexional Editor, 1905-36 Ed- 
itor of Wesleyan Methodist Magazine; 
Preacher’s Magazine; etc. Author of Life 0 f 
John Wesley; etc. 

T T. F.—John Thomson Fans, D.D. 
Director, Editorial Division of the Board of 
Christian Education of the Presfcyt^nan 
Church in USA, 1923-37 Author 0. _ 

Our History Was Made ; etc 

J T. G. O. — Jan Theodoor Gerard 
Overbeek. Piofessor of Physical Chemistry, 
University of Utiecht, Utrecht, Neth. Co- 
author of Introduction to Physical Chemis- 
try, Theory of the Stability of Lyo phobic 
Colloids % 

J. T. Hk.— John Tilton Hack. Senior 
Geologist, U.S Geological Survey, Washing- 
ton, D C. 

J. T. HI.—* John Thomas Howell. Assis- 
tant Curator, Department of Botany, Cal- 
ifornia Academy of Science, San Francisco, 
Calif. * 3 

J. T. M.— John Torrey Morse, Jr. Au- 
thor of The Life and Letters of Oliver Wendell 
Holmes; etc 

J. T. Ma.- John Thomas Madden. Dean, 
New York University School of Commerce, 
Accounts and Finance, New York, NY., 
1925-48. Formei Director, Institute of Inter- 
national Finance. Co-author of Elementary 
Accounting Problems ; etc 

J. T. McG.— John Terrence McGovern. 
Lawver, and Promoter of Public Recreation 
and Counsellor to Carnegie Foundation for 
the Advancement of Teaching Director, Pan- 
American Sports Congress and U.S. Spirts 
Federation, 1941. 

J. T. W.— John Tracy Winterich. Au- 
thor, editor and critic Author of Early Amer- 
ican Books and Printing; Twenty-three Books 
and the Stories Behind Them. 

J. T. N. — John T. Nichols. Curator of 
Fishes, The American Museum of Natural 
History, New York, N.Y. Author of Fresh- 
water Fishes of China. 

J. T. Nn.— James T. Nicholson. Execu- 
tive Vice President, American National Red 

J. T. P.— - Joseph Thomas Pardee. Geolo- 

J. T. S. — James Thomson Shotwell. 
President, Carnegie Endowment for Inter- 
national Peace, New York, N.Y. Emeritus 
Bryce Professor of History of International 
Relations, Columbia University. Chairman, 
National Committee of U S.A. on Interna- 
tional Intellectual Co-opeiatipn of League of 
Nations, 1932-43. „ * * 


J. U. — Joseph Urfjan. Architect, decorator 
and sceryc ^designer. Author of A Book oj 

Jn. H. — Julies Hays Hess, M.D. Emeri- 
tus Professor of Pediatrics, University of Illi- 
nois College of Medicine, Cfficago. Member 
advisory committee, Children’s Bureau, Fed- 
eral Security Agency, Washington. DC. For- 
mer President, Chicago Medical Society. 

J. V. — Jules Viard. Former Archivist of 
the National Archives, Pans. 

J. Van Biv— John Van Brunt. Vice- 
President in charge of Erciree-ir." Combus- 
tion Engineering Compn>, Ir.c , Niv, York, 
N.Y (1933-48) r 

J. V. B.— -James Vernon Bartlet, D.D. 
Foimer Professor of Church History, Mans- 
field College, Oxford. Author of The Apostolic 
Age , etc 

J. V. C.— -James V. Cunningham. Asso- 
ciate Professor of English, Brandeis Univer- 
sity, Waltham, Mass Author of The Helms- 
man; The Judge Is Fury. 

J. V. D. — James Viner Delahaye. Colo- 
nel President, No. 1 War Office Selection 
Board (Experimental), 1942-43 General 
Staff, War Office, 1925-28 

J. V. H. — J. Vincent Higginson. Man- 
aging Editor, the Catholic Choirmaster . 
Member of the faculty, Pius X School of 
Liturgical Music, New York, N.Y. Secretary, 
Society of St Gregory of America. 

j — Jonas Viles. Former Professor of 

American History, University of Missouri, 
Columbia, Mo. Author of* Archives of Mis- 
souri; History of Missouri 

J. V. M. — J. V. Morton. Editor, Wine 
Trades Review t London 

j. W.— -John Westlake. Professor of In- 
ternationaKLaw* Cambridge University, 188S- 
190S Author of A Treatise on Private Inter- 
national Law , or the Conflict of Laws. 

J. Wa. — James Walker. Clerk of Justici- 
:n \ ScotVnd. 1940-48. Author of Intestate 
S'ucesnO'. :n Scotland; etc. 

J. W. A. — James Wendell Alexander. 
Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, 
Princeton University. 

J. Wal. — Jan Walch. Former Lecturer on 
Diama, University of Leyden, Netherlands. 

J. War. — James Ward. Former Professor 
of Mental Philosophy and Logic in Cam- 
bridge University. 

J. W. Br.—John W. Bricker. United 
States Senator from Ohio, Washington, D.C. 

J. W. Bs. — Jesse Wakefield Beams. 
Professor of Physics, University of Virginia, 
Charlottesville, Va. 

J. W. C.— John William Cobb. Former 
Livesey Professor of Coal, Gas and Fuel In- 
dustries, University of Leeds, Leeds, Eng. 

J. W, Ck. — James Wilfred Cook. Regius 
Professor of Chemistry, University of Glas- 
gow, Glasgow, Scot 

J, W. Cr. — John Wesley Coulter. Pro- 
fessor of Geograph), University of Cincinnati, 
Cincinnati, O. Author of Fiji : Little India of 
the Pacific; A Gazetteer of the Territory of 
Hawaii; Land Utilization in*the Hawaiian Is - 
lands , 

J. W. Ct. — John Winter Crowfoot. For- 
mer Chairman, Palestine Exploration Fund. 
Former Director, British School of Archaeol- 
ogy in Jerusalem Author of %trh Churches 
Ma&ftine; Samaria-Sefyesh I and IL 

J, W. En. — Joseph Wechsler Eaton. 
Director of Research, Rural Settlement Insti- 
tute, New York, NY. Author of Research 
Guide to Cooperative Group Farming; etc. 

J. W. Ev. — J. W. Evans. Lecturer in 
'V:’ Imperial College of Science and 
. . * University of London, 1912-27. 

J. W. F. — John Watson Foster. Former 
Professor of American Diplomatics, George 
Washington University, Washington, D.C. 
Former US. Secretary of State. Author of 
Diplomatic Memoirs; etc. 

J. W. Fe.— J. Walter Ferrier. Trans- 
lated Kaufmann’s George Eliot and Judaism . 
Author of Mottiscliffe . 

J. W. G.—John Walter Gregory. Profes- 
sor of Geology, University of CV^mv Scot- 
land, 1904-29 Author of The .Pit .• of 

British East Africa; etc. 

J. Wh.— Joshua Whatmough. Professor 
and Chairman of the Department of Com- 
parative Philology, Harvarc 
Sometime Faulkner Fellow of the University 
of Manchester and Research Student (Craven 
Award) of Cambridge University Author of 
The Prae-Itahc Dialects of Italy. Editor of 
Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, 1932- 
34 and 1941-44. 

J. W. Hh. — Joel Walker Hedgpeth. 
Marine Biologist, Texas Game, Fish and 
Oyster Commission, Rockport, Tex 

J. W. H.-M.— James Wycliffe Head- 
lam-Morley. Former Historical Adviser to 
the Foreign Office, London. Former Fellow 
of King’s College, Cambridge Assistant Di- 
rector, Political Intelligence Department of 
the Foreign Office, 1918-20. Author of The 
History of Twelve Days; The Issue; etc. 

J. W. Ho. — J. W. Holloway, Jr. Direc- 
tor, Bureau of Legal Medicine and Legisla- 
tion, American Medical Association, 1942- . 

J. Wi. — James Williamson. Member of 
the firm of Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners, 

J. Wil. — James Williams. Former All 
Souls Reader m Roman Law, Oxford Univer- 
sity, and Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford. 

J. W. J. — James Weldon Johnson. For- 
mer Secretary of the National Association for 
Advancement of Colored People and Director 
of the American Fund for Public Service. 
U.S Consul to Puerto CabeIJo, 1906; Corinto, 
1909-12. Author of The Book of American 
Poetry ; etc. 

J. W. J. C.—J. W. J. Carpender, M.D. 
Associate Professor of Radiology, The Uni- 
versity of Chicago. 

J. W. Js.— Jenkin William Jones. Senior 
Agronomist, in charge of Rice Production and 
Improvement Project, Division Cereal Crops 
and Diseases, Bureau of Plant Industry, U.S. 
Department of Agriculture Washington, D C. 

J. W. K. — Joseph W, Krulch. Brander 
Matthews Professor of Dramatic Literature, 
Columbia University, New York, N Y. Author 
of Samuel Johnson; The Twelve Seasons. 

J. W. L. — J. W. Luce. Production Man- 
ager, The Fleischmann Distilling Corporation, 
New York, N.Y. 

J. W. Le.---James W. Lane. Research As- 
sistant, National Gallery of Art, Washington, 
D.C. Author of Masters in Modern Art; 

J. W. M. — John William Moyer. Staff 
Taxidermist, Chicago Natural History Mu- 
seum, Chicago, 111, Author of Lessons in 
Museum T&xidermy . 

J. W. McB. — Jaiftes William McRain. 
Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University, 
Stanfoid, Calif. Author of Sorption of Gases 
and Vapours by Solids. 

J. W. McL.—James Walter McLeod. 
Brotherton Professor of Bacteriology, Uni- 
versity of Leeds, Leeds, Eng. 

J. W. M. D.— Jesse William Monroe 
DuMond. Professor of Physics, California 
Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif , 

J. W. Mw.— -Joseph W. Marlow. Lawyer 
Editor and Research Analyst, Military Intel- 
ligence Service, U S Department of War, 
Washington, D C , 1944-46 

J. W. P-H.— John Wyndham Pope- 
Hennessy. Deputy Keeper, Department of 
Sculpture, Victoria and Albert Museum, Lon- 
don Author of The Drawings of Domemchino 
at Windsor Castle; Fra Angelico; Giovanni di 
Paolo; Paolo Uccello; Sassetta 

J. W. R.— Jackson W. Riddle, M.D. As- 
sociate Professor of Medical Bacteriology and 
Pieventive Medicine, Ohio State University, 
Columbus, 0. 

J. Ws. — Joseph Wells. Warden of W#d- 
ham College, Oxford, 1913-27. Vice-Chancel- 
lor, Oxford University, 1923-26 Author of 
Oxford and Its Colleges; etc 

J. W. S. — John Waugh Scott. Professor 
of Logic and Philosophy, University College 
of South Wales and Monmouthshire, Cardiff, 
1920-44. Author of Syndicalism and Philo- 
sophical Realism ; Kant on the Moral Life; 

J. W. Sc. — James W. Schade. Director 
of Research, B. F. Goodrich Co., Akron, 0 

J. W. Sr. — John W. Snyder. Secretary, 
U.S. Department of the Treasury, Washing- 
ton, D C., 1946-53. 

J. W. Ss.—J. W. Severs. Vice-President, 
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific 
Railroad Company, Chicago, 111. 

J. W. T. — John William Tibbie. Pro- 
fessor of Education and Director of the In- 
stitute of Education, University College of 
Leicester, Leicester, Eng Author of John 
Clare: A Life ; The Letters of John Clare; 
The Poems of John Clare; etc. 

J. W. Y. — John W. Young. Professor of 
Mathematics, Dartmouth College, Hanover, 
N.H , 1911-32. Former President of Mathe- 
matical Association of America. Author of 
Projective Geometry; etc. 

J. Z.-— Joseph Zubin. Instructor in Psy- 
chiatry, Columbia University, New York, 
N.Y. Associaie Rc^aich Psychologist, New 
York State Psychiatric Institute and Hosphal, 
New York, NY. Co-author of Handwnung 

K. A. Eck. — Karl August Eckhardt. 
Former Professor in :bc Facult) of Law, 
University of Gottingen, Germany. 

K. B. M. — Kenneth Ballard Murdock. 
Professor of English, Harvard University. 
Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 1931- 
36, Author of Portraits of Increase Mather; 

K. R. Mn. — Karl Boyer McEachron. 
Former Assistant Works Engineer, General 
Electric Co., Pittsfield, Mass. Author of Play- 
ing with Lightning . 

K. B. W K. B. Wiklund. Former Pro- 
fessor of Finno-Ugrian Languages, Univer- 
sity of Uppsala, Sweden. 

K. C. — Kent Cooper. Executive Director, 
The Associated Press, New York, N.Y. Au- 
thor of Barriers Down . 


K. C. B.— Kenneth - Caron Buss. Air 
Commodore Head of Middle East Section 
Research Department, Foreign Office, London! 

K. C. D. B.— Kenneth Claude Devereux 
Hickman. Vice-President m Charge of Re- 
search, Distillation Products, Inc., Rochester 
NY. ' 

K. C. L.— K. C. Law, Of the Alliance As- 
surance Company, Ltd, London. 

K. C. M.— Kenneth Cunningham Me® 
Guftie. Ban ister-at-Law and Advocate of the 
Scottish Bar. Editor of Marsden’s Law of Col- 
lisions at Sea. 

?' ‘““Kenneth Charles Morton 
Sills. President Emeritus of Bowdoin College 
Brunswick, Me. ’ 

K. Co. — Karl Cohen. Head of Theoretical 
Physics Group. r>:.. ision> Stand . 

ard Oil Develop 4 „ s 

K. D. D. H.-—K. D. D. Henderson. 
Governor of Darfur, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 
1949- • 

K. E.— Katherine Esau. Associate Profes- 
sor of Botany and Associate Botanist, Col- 
lege of Agriculture, University of California. 

K*E. B. — Kenneth E. Boulding. Asso- 
ciate Professor of Economics, Iowa State Col- 
lege, Ames, la. Author of Economic Analysis ; 

K. E. E* — Kenneth Edward Eckenstein. 
Consul of Monaco in London. 

K. E. H.— Kenneth Edward Hunt. Uni- 
versity Demonstrator, Oxford University. 

K. Es. — Kathleen Edwards. Lecturer in 
Mediaeval History, University of Aberdeen, 
Aberdeen, Scot. Author of The English Secular 
Cathedrals in the Middle Ages. 

K. F. L.— Katharine Fredrica Lenroot. 
Chief, Children’s Bureau, United States Fed- 
eral Security Agency, Washington, D C. 

K. F. M. — Kenneth Fuller Maxcy, M.D. 
Professor erf Epidemiology, The Johns Hop- 
kins Umversity, Baltimore, Md. 

K. G. — Karl Friedrich Geldner. Former 
Professor *of Indian Philology, Umveisity of 
Marburg, Germany. 

K. G. J. — Kingsley Garland Jayne. 
Sometime Scholar of Wadham College, Ox- 
ford. Author of Vasco da Gama and His 

K. Gn. — Kenneth Greisen. Professor of 
Physics and Nuclear Studies, Cornell Uni- 
versity, Ithaca, N.Y. 

K. G. St.— Kurt G. Stern. Adjunct Pro- 
fessor of Biochemistry, Polytechnic T nstitute, 
Brooklyn, N.Y. Co-author of General En- 
zyme Chemistry; etc. 

K. Hi.— Karl Hildebrand. President of 
the Swedish National Debt Board Editor of 
the Stockholm Dagblad, 1904-13. Member of 
Swedish Parliament, 1907-18. 

K. H. P.— Kirk Harold Porter. Profes- 
sor and Head of Department of Political Sci- 
ence, State University of Iowa, Iowa City, la. 
Author of State Administration; etc. 

K. I. — Kenneth Ingham. Senior Lecturer 
in History, Makerere College, University Col- 
lege of East Africa, Kampala, Uganda. 

K. J. L.— Karl Joseph Leyser. Tutor in 
Modern History and Senior Dean of Arts, 
Magdalen College, Oxford. 

K. K. — K. Krumbacher. Former Professor 
of Greek Language and Literature in the Uni- 
versity of Munich, Germany. 


K. K. D. — Karl Xelchner Barrow. Re- 
search Physicist, Bell Telephone Laboratories, 
New York, NY Author of Renaissance of 
Physics; etc 

K. L.— Karl Loewenstein. Piofessor of 
Political Science and derer -VrA erst 

College, Amherst, Mass. Soc...:' to 

the Attorney General :C ::e C..'e_ S::tes, 


K. Le.— Kirsopp Lake. Professor of His- 
tory, Harvard Umversity, Cambridge, Mass., 
r Y . r \ , * The Historical Evidence 

* ' ’ - ' of Jesus Christ; etc. 

K. M. — Kenneth Maegowan. Professor 
of Theatre Arts and Chain man of the De- 
partment of Theatre Arts, University of Cal- 
ifornia, 1947- . Director, Greenwich Village 
Theatre, 1925-27. Producei, 20th Century- 
Fox Film Corporation, 1942-46. Author of 
The Theatre of Tomorrow; etc. 

K. M. W.- — Kenneth M. Watson. Pro- 
fessor of Chemical Engineering, University of 
Wisconsin, Madison, Wis Author of Indus- 
trial Chemical Calculations. 

K. N. L. — -Karl Nickerson Llewellyn. 
Betts Professor of Jurisprudence, Columbia 
University. Author of Cases and Materials on 
the Law of Sales; etc. 

K. O. D.— K. Onwuka Dike. Lecturer in 
History, University College of Nigeria, Iba- 
dan, Nigeria 

K. P.-— Karl Plath. Curator of Birds, Chi- 
cago Zoological Park, Brookfield, 111. 

K. P. O. — Kenneth Page Oakley. Princi- 
pal Scientific Officer, British Museum (Natural 
History) , London. Author of Man the Tool- 

K. P. S. — Karl Patterson Schmidt. 
Chief Curator of Zoology, Chicago Natural 
History Museum, Chicago, 111. Co-author of 
Ecological Animal Geography; Principles of 
Animal Ecology. 

K. P. W. — Katherine Pokan Whitaker. 
Lecturer in Chinese, School of Oriental and 
African Studies, London. 

K. R. C. — K. Ruth Collins. The Associa- 
tion of Drop Forgers and Stampers, Birming- 
ham, England. 

K. R. Cr. — Kenton R. Cravens. Adminis- 
trator, Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 
Washington, D.C. 

K. R. R.— Kenneth R. Redden. Professor 
of Law, University of Virginia, .Charlottes- 
ville, Va. Author of Career Planning in the 
Law ; Cases on Equity; Law in Our Civiliza- 
tion; Lawyer’s Investment Manual; So You 
Want to Be a Lawyer. 

K. R. V. — Kenneth R. Viney. Assistant 
Editor, World’s Press News . 

K. S. — Kathleen Schlesinger. Author of 
The Instruments of the Orchestra; etc. 

K. S. Ad. — Kazi S.-ud-D. Ahmad. Profes- 
sor and Head of the Department of Geog- 
raphy, Univeisity of the Pan jab, Lahore, 

K. S. C.— Kenneth S. Carlston. Professor 
of Law, University of Illinois, Urbana, 111. 
Attorney, Mexican Claims Commissions, 
Washington. DC, 1928-31 Author of The 
Process of International Arbitration; etc. 

K. S. D. — Kenneth S. Davis. Author of 
In the Forests of the Night; The Years of the 
Pilgrimage ; Morning in Kansas; Soldier of 
Democracy (biography of Dwight D Eisen- 

K. S. L.— Kenneth ^Sccat Latourette, 
D.D. D. Willis James Professor t ,of Missions 
and Oriental History and Director of Gradu- 
ate Studies, Department of Religion, Yale 
University Author of The ‘Chinese; Their 
History and Culture , etc. „ " 

K. S. Ly.— Karl S. Lashley. Research Pro- 
fessor of Neuropsychology, Harvard Univer- 
sity Director, Yerkes Laboratories of Pri- 
mate Biology, Orange Park, Fla., 1942. 

K. 3m.- — Kazimierz Maciej Smogo- 
r zew ski. Foreign "■ Moulder and 

Editor, Free Euro;> , c- c m . : - of Po- 
land’s Access to the Sea; The United States 
and Great Britain. 

K. S. P.—K'oppel S. Pinson. Assistant 
Professor of History, Queen’s College, Uni- 
versity of London. Co-editor of Jewish Social 
Studies; Assistant Editor of the Ency- 
clopaedia of the Social Sciences Author of 
Pietism and the Rise of German Nationalism; 

K. T. — Kojiro Tomita. Keeper of Jap- 
anese Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 
Mass Lecturer on Chinese and Japanese ait. 

K. T. K.— - Kaufman Thuma Keller. 
President, Chrysler Corporation, Detroit, 

K. von O.— -Karlludwig von Oertzen. 
Former Chief of the Intelligence Branch of 
the personal staff of the Ministry of Defense, 

K. W. K. — Katherine W. Kumler. For- 
mer Director of Home Economics, Skidmore 
College, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 

K. W. Mac. — Kenneth Wulsten Mac- 
kinnon. Barristerial -law. Joint Editor, Hals- 
bury’s Laws of England, vol 5, Companies. 

K. Y.— Kimball Young. Chairman, De- 

partment of Sociology, Northwestern Uni- 
versity, Evanston, 111. Author of Social Psy- 
chology and Personality and Problems of 
Adjustment. v ; 

L. A. — -Lascelles Abercrombie. Former 
Reader in English, Oxford University Pro- 
fessor of English Literature of 
Leeds, England, 1922-29. Author of Thomas 
Hardy, A Critical Study 

L. A. G.— « -Lois Angell Green. Resident 
Fellow, Radchffe College, Cambridge, Mass. 
L. A. Gs. — Leonard A. Goss. Information 
Officer, Docks and Inland Waterways Board 
of Management (British Transport Commis- 
sion) . 

La. R.— Luca Rosania. Research Depart- 
ment, Bank of Italy, Rome, it, 

L. A. T.— -Laurence A. Turner. Past 
Master, Ar* g. .'Id ^ast President, 

Master (Kr. nv n Author of 

Decorative f >Y 1 .. Great Britain. 

L. A. Tu. — Leon Arthur Tulin. Former 
Assistant Professor of Law, Yale University. 

L. A. W. — Lee A, White. Former Associ- 
ate Professor of Rhetoric, University of 
Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

L. A. Wa. — Laurence Austine Waddell. 
Lieut. Col., formerly with the Indian Civil 
Service. Author of Lhasa and Its Mysteries. 
L, A. Wd,— — Lionel Albert Wolford. 
Former Aquatic Biologist, Fish and Wildlife 
Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, 
Stanford Umverritv. Stanford, Calif. Author 
of Marine Game F. wres of the Pacific Coast; 

L. A. Wn. — Lincoln A. Werden. Sports 
staff, The New York Times . Co-editor, The 
Golfer’s Year Book, 1930-32 

L. B.— -Louis M. Brandim. Former Pio- 
fessor of French and of Romance Philology 
in the University of London? *** ^ 

lxiv - ~ INITIALS 

L. B. B. — Lionel bailey Budden. Roscoe 
Professor orf Architecture, University of Liv- 
erpool, England f " 

L. B. F. — Louis B. Flexner, M.D. Pro- 
i ess or of Anatomy and Chairman, Department 
of Anatomy, 'School of Medicine, University 
of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa 

L. B. He . — -Lloyd B. Holsappls Pro- 
fessor of Latin and Greek, Manhattanville 
College, New York, N.Y. Author of Constan- 
tine the Great. 

L. Bi. — Laurence Binyon. Keeper of sub- 
department of Oriental Prints and Drawings, 
British Museum, London, 1913-33 Author of 
Chinese Painters in English Collections , etc 

L. B. L. — Leonard Benedict Loeb. Pro- 
fessor of Physics, University of California, 
Berkeley, Calif. Author of Atomic Structure; 
Fundamentals of Electricity and Magnetism; 
etc. # 

L. B. M. — L. B. Macurdy. Chief, Mass 
Section, National Bureau of Standards, U S. 
Department of Commeice, Washington, D C. 

L. Bo. — Lorraine Bouthilet. Managing 
Editor, The American Psychologist. 

L. Bt. — Libby Benedict. Author of The 

L. Ca. — Luis Cabrera. Author of The 
Heritage of Carranza , published under the 
pseudonym Lie Bias Urrea. 

L. C. A.— -Lincoln Clark Andrews. Brig- 
adier General (retired). Formerly in charge 
U S. Coast Guard and Prohibition Unit 
charged with enforcing the Volstead Act. 
Author of Fundamentals of Military Service; 
etc. * 

L. Cam.— Rev. Lewis Campbell. Profes- 
sor of Greek and Gifford Lecturer, University 
of St Andrews, Scotland, 1863-94. 

L. C. C. — LaMont C. Cole. Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Soolog}, Cornell University, Ithaca, 

L. C. D. — L. C. Dunn. Professor of Zo- 
ology, Columbia Uni' e.v>, New York, NY. 
Executive Head, Department of Zoology, 
1940-46. Author of Heredity and Variations; 

L. C. M. — Sir Leo Chiozza Money. 
Member of the War Trade Advisory Com- 
mittee, 1915-18. Parliamentary Secretary to 
the Ministry of SHppmg 1 or 6-18 Chairman 
of the Tonnage Pno it}" Commit Ice, 1917-18 
Chairman of the National Maritime Board, 
1917-18. Author of The Nation's Wealth; 
Product Money; etc. 

L, ft C. P.— Linus Carl Pauling. Professor 
of Chemistry and Chairman, Division of 
Cherrrst'^ and Chemical Engineering, Direc- 
Lv 0. Cate: and Crellin Laboratories of 
Chemistry. California Institute of Technol- 
ogy, Pasadena, Calif Author of Nature of the 
Chemical Bond; etc. 

Ld. — Edward Arthur Henry Pakenham, 
Bari of Longford. Director of the Dublin 
Gate Theatre Dublin, In\ Author of The 
Dave in the Castle; Poems From the Irish; 
More Poem ? From the Irish. 

L. D* — Louis Marie Olivier Duchesne. 
Former Professo- at the Catholic Institute 
m Pan* Former Director of the French 
School of Archaeology at Rome. Author of 
Origin es du culte chretien, e*ude siir la Idwgie 
lathie avant Charlemagne ;„e tc 

L. D. B,— Leon Dexter Batchelor. 
Director, University of California Citrus 
Experiment Station. 

L. D. C. — Lotus Delta Coffman. Former 
; 5 . -J‘ nt 01 t i ie University of Minnesota. 
Mmn^r.pohs, Minn. 


L. de B. H. — Louis de Breda Handley. 
Author of 7 . , and Watermanship; 

Crawl Stroke e : . ' , ; etc. 

L. D. S.— Laurence Dudley Stamp. Re- 
search Professor of Social Geography, Uni- 
versity of London, 1948- . Chief Adviser 
to the Ministry of Agriculture on Rural Land 
Use, 1943- . Author of An Introduction to 
Stratigiaphy ; etc. 

L. Du. P. — Lammot Du Pont. Former 
Chairman of the Board E. I. du Pont de 
Nemours and Company, Wilmington, Del. 

L. D. W. — Leonard Dupee White. Pro- 
fessor of Public Administration, The Univer- 
sity of Chicago. Author of Whitley Councils 
in the British Civil Service; etc. 

L. E. — Louis Eisenmann. Ernest Denis 
Professor in Slavonic History, University of 
Pans Author of Le compromis austro- 
hongrois de 1867; etc. 

L. E. Bh. — Lloyd E. Blauch. Chief, Edu- 
cation in the Health Professions, Office of 
Education, Federal Security Agency, Washing- 
ton, D C Author of A Course of Study in 
Dentistry , Teaching in Colleges and Univer- 
sities With Special Reference to Dentistry ; etc. 

L. E. Bo. — LeRoy E. Bowman. Director, 
United Parents’ Association, New York, N.Y., 
1 93 5 “ 3 S. Department of Social Science, Co- 
lumbia University, 1917-31. Author of Com- 
munity Programs of Summer Play Schools; 

L. E. E. — Leslie Ernest Eggir.ton. Offi- 
cial of the Automobile Association, London. 

L. E. E.-B. — Leonard Elliott Elliott- 
Binns, D.D. Vicar of St Newlyn East and 
Honorary Canon of Truro, England, 1943- 
45 . 

L. E. F. — Laurence E. Falls. Secretary- 
Treasurer, Insurance Institute of America, 
Inc , New York, N Y. 

L. E. G. — Linton E. Grinter. Dean of the 
Graduate School, University of Florida, 
Gainesville, Fla. Author of Design of Modern 
Steel Stiuch're *; Engineering Mechanics; 
Theory cj Modern Steel Structures. 

L. E. H. — Sir Leonard Erskine Hill. 
Director of Research, St John Clinic and 
Institute of Physical Medicine. Former Di- 
rector of Applied Physiology, National Insti- 
tute of Medical Research, Mount Vernon, 
Hampstead, England. Author of Science of 
Ventilation and Open Air Treatment; etc. 

L. E. M.— L. E. Moffatt. Former Man- 
aging Editor of Electrical Merchandizing „ 
New York, N.Y. 

L E. T. — Leon E. Truesdell. Chief De- 
mographer, Bureau of the Census, U.S De- 
partment of Commerce, Washington, DC. 
Author of The Canadian Born in the United 
States; Faim Population of the U.S.; etc. 

L. E. V, C. — Louis Emilien Victor 
Cordonnier. General Commanded the 
French Army in the East under General 
Sarrail. Author of The Japanese in Man- 

L. F. A. — Ludwig Frederick Audrieth, 
Professor of Chemistry, University of Illinois, 
Urbana, 111 . Editor in Chief of Inorganic 
Synthesis , 1946- . 

L. F. B. — Lewellys F. Barker, M.D. 
Former Professor of Medicine, The Johns 
Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 

L. F. C. — Leslie Frederic Church. Hon- 
orary Editor, The Methodist Church in Great 
Britain and Ireland . Author of The Eatly 
Methodist people. 

L. F. G. — Laurence Frederick Graber. 
Head of Agronomy D?pr.- f m?rh University 
of Wisconsin, Madispr, " * .u : * . of Agron- 
omy, Principles ana Practices ; etc 

L. F. M. — -Louis F. Mart. Staff Member, 
Industrial / Labour Relations), 

Detroit Bo_ c " C, ” '< Detroit, Mich. 

L. F. S.— Louis Francis Salzman. Editor, 
Victoria County Histories. Author of English 
Industries of the Middle Ages; etc. 

L. F. Sh. — Leo F. Smith. Chairman, Edu- 
cational Research Office, and Director of 
Counseling Center, Rochester Institute of 
Technology, Rochester, N Y. Co-author of 
How to Read in Science and Technology . 

L. F. SI. — Lyndon Frederick Small. Sci- 
entist Director, National Institute of Health, 
Washington. D C. Author of Chemistry of 
the Opt, m 4 Ikaloids. 

L. F. Sr.— -Laurance F. Shaffer. Head of 
the Department of Guidance, Teachers Col- 
lege, Columbia University, New York, N.Y. 
Author of The Psychology of Adjustment. 

L. F. Sz.— L. F. Szilagyi. Managing Di- 
rector, Messrs. Siemens-Schukert (Great 
Britain), Ltd. ^ 

L. F. V.-H. — Leveson Francis Vernon- 
Harcourt. Professor of Civil Engineering, 
University College, University of London 
1882-1905. Author of Rivers and Canals; 
Harbours and Docks ; etc. 

L. G. — Linda Gardiner. Secretary of the 
Royal Society for Protection of Birds, 1900- 
35. Former Editor of Bird Notes and News. 

L. G. B. — Lottie Genevieve Bishop. 
Executive Secretary in the University Secre- 
tary’s Office and in the School of Medicine, 
Yale University. 

L. G. C. L. — L. G. Carr Laughton. Au- 
thor of Old Ship Figureheads and Sterns. 

L. G. N.« — Leo George Nunes. Board of 
Governors, Amateur Fencers League of Amer- 
ica. Chairman, Fencing Committee, New 
York Athletic Club, New York, N Y. 

L. G. R.— ■ -Leander Gaspard Roussin. 
Former British delegate on the International 
Financial Commission, Athens, Greece. 

L. Gs.- — Leo Gross. Professor of Interna- 
tional Law, Fletcher School of Law and Di- 
plomacy, Medford, Mass. Author of Pazifis - 
mus und Imperialismus. 

L. Gu.— -Luther Halsey Gulick. Presi- 
dent, Institute of Public Administration, New 
York, . N.Y. Executive Director, Mayor’s 
Committee on Management Survey of the 
City of New York. Author of Education for 
American Life. 

L. H. — Lewis Hodous, D.D. Head of the 
Chinese. Department of the Kennedy School 
of Missions, Hartford Seminaiy Foundation, 
Hartford, Conr.., 1917-45. Professor, History 
and Philosophy of Religion, Hartford The- 
ological Seminary, 1928-41. Former President 
of Foochow Theological Seminary. 

L. Ha. — Louis Haiphen. Professor of His- 
tory, £cole des Hautes Etudes at the Sor- 
bonne, Paris, 1928- . 

L. H. Ba. — Liberty Hyde Bailey. Direc- 
tor, Bailey Hortorium, and Dean of College 
of Agriculture. Cornell University, 1903-13. 
Editor, Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture. 

L. Hd. — Leland Howard. Acting Director, 
United States Mint Service, Washington, D.C. 

L. H. D. B.—-L. H. Dudley Buxton. For- 
mer Reader in Physical Anthropology in 
Oxford University. Author of Peoples of Asia . 


L. H. H.— Libbie Henrietta Hyman. 
Research Associate, Department of Inverte- 
brates, The Amencan Museum of Natural 
History, New York, NY Author of The 
Invertebrates' Protozoa Through Cteno- 
phora; Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy. 

L. H. L.— Lewis Harper Leech. Colum- 
nist and editorial writer on Chicago Daily 
News , 1 937-5 J- 

L. Hn.— Leon Henderson. Chief Econo- 
mist, Research Institute of America Former 
Administrator, Office of Price Administration, 
Washington, D C 

L. H. R.— Lloyd H. Reyerson. Piofessor 
of Chemistry and Assistant Dean of the In- 
stitute of Technology, University of Min- 
nesota, Minneapolis, Minn. 

L. J. — Sir Louis (Charles) Jackson. 
Major General Assistant Director of Forti- 
fications and Works, War Office, 1907-10, re- 
appointed, 1914-46 

L. J. B .-—Lawrence Johnston Burpee. 
Former Secretary for Canada, International 
Joint Commission Author of Bibliography of 
Canadian Fiction. 

L. J. C.— Leslie John Comrie. Superin- 
tendent of H M Nautical Almanac Office, 
Royal Naval College, Greenwich, 1930-36. 

L. J. Ce.—Leon Jacob Cole. Professor of 
Genetics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 
Wis , 1918-47. 

L. J. D. R.— Leopold John Dixon Rich- 
ardson. Professor of Greek, University Col- 
lege of South Wales and Monmouthshire, 
Cardiff, Wales. 

L. J. K.*— Loyd J. Kiernan. Manager, Spe- 
cial Studied, Public Relations Department, 
Association of American Railroads. 

L. J. L. — Lawrence J. Linck. Executive 
Director, National Society for Crippled Chil- 
dren and Adults, Inc. 

L. J. N. — L. J. Norton. Professor of 
Agricultural Economics and Chief in Market- 
ing, Aujir.^Lr.:" Experiment Station, Univer- 
sity 01 Ul.nois, Urbana, 111., 1936- 

L. J. P.— Louise Jenison Peet. Professor 
and Head of Department of Household 
Equipment, Iowa State College, Ames, la. 

L. J. S. — Leonard James Spencer. Edi- 
tx* 7i f’v }Az r "izine, 1900- , and 
1 ' e m. ow'r t > > - w . Keeper of Min- 
eralogy, British Museum (Natural History), 
London, 1927-35. President of the Mineral- 
ogical Society, 1936-39. Author of The 
World’s Minerals; etc. 

L. J. T. — L. J. Trinterud. Professor of 
Church History, McCormick Theological 
Seminary, Chicago, 111. Author of The Form- 
ing of an American Tradition. 

L. J. V. — Lee J. Vance. Publisher of the 
Beverage News. 

L. K. — Lawrence Kolb, M.D. Director, 
Medical Department, California Department 
of Mental Hygiene, 1945- . Assistant 
Surgeon- General and CHe* DVsior of Men- 
tal Hygiene, U.S. IVAuc Hv.-Y S'rvice, 

L. Ka. — Leo Karpen. President, S. Karpen 
and Bros., Chicago, 111. 

L. K. B. — Lester K. Born. Co-ordinator of 
Microreproduction Projects, Library of Con- 
gress, Washington, D C Secretary- General, 
International Council on Archives. Authoi of 
Erasmus: The Education of a Christian 
Prince . 


L. K. D. — Louis Klein Diamond, M.D. 
Associate Piofessor of Pediatiics, Harvard 
Medical School Physician and Haematologist, 
Children’s Medical Center Director, Haema- 
tology Research Laboiatoiy, and Director, 
Blood Grouping Laboratory, Children’s Hos- 
pital, Boston, Mass. 

L. K. Fk. — - Lawrence K. Frank. Former 
Director, Caroline Zachry Institute of Human 
Development, New York, N.Y. Author of 
Nature and Human Nature; Projective Meth- 
ods; Society as the Patient; Understanding 
Children’s Play. 

L. K. J. — Lee K. Jaffe. Director of Pub- 
lic Relations, Port of New York Authority. 

L. K. S.— Lewis Eetcham Sillcox. Execu- 
tive Vice-President, New York Air Brake 
Company, Watertown, N Y. Author of Mas- 
tering Momentum. 

L. L.-~Lihero Lent!. Professor of Statistics 
at Pavia University, Pavia, It. Contnbutor on 
Economics to Corriere della Sera , Milan, It 
Author of Analisi di statistica economica; 
Statistica econo mica. 

L. Len. — Leo Lentelli. Sculptor Member, 
National Sculptors Society Member, Archi- 
tectural League of New York. Associate of the 
National Academy Studio, New York, N.Y. 

L. Li. — L. Liegler. Author of Karl Kraus 
und sein Werk. 

L. Lip.— Leslie Lipson. Professor of Po- 
litical Science and Public Administration, 
Victoria University College, University of 
New Zealand, Wellington, N Z Author of 
The American Governor: From Figurehead 
to Leader; Politics of Equality: New Zea- 
land’s Adventures in Democracy. 

L. L. L. — Lewis L. Lorwin. Economic 
Adviser, Office of International Trade, United 
States DepaTment of Commerce, 1945- . 
Author 01 PoA-War Plans of the United Na- 
tions; etc 

L. L. Ms. — Lynn L. Means. Meteorologist, 
United States Weather Bureau, Chicago, 111. 
Author of The Nocturnal Maximum Occur- 
rence of Thunderstorms in the Midwestern 

L. Lo. — Laurence Lockhart. Orientalist. 
Author of Nadit Shah; Famous Cities of Iran. 

L. L. W.— Lorande Loss Woodruff. Col- 
gate Professor of Protozoology, 1922-47, and 
former Director of the Osborn Zoological 
Laboratory, Yale University. 

L. M. — Laurence Montague. Sports Edi- 
tor, the Manchester Guardian. 

L. M. B. — L. M. Buchanan. Member of 
the Sudan Political Service. 

L. McB. B.— Liliana McBurney Brisby. 
Author of Les relations russo-bulgares , 1878 - 

L. Me. — Leila Mechlin. Editor, the Amer- 
ican Magazine of Art, 1909-31. 

L. M. F. — Leonard M. Fanning. Director 
of Public Relations, Victor A. Bennett Co., 
New York, N Y. Author of American Oil Op- 
erations Abroad; The Rise of American Oil. 

L. M. G. — Lawrence Murray Graves. 
Professor of Mathematics, The University of 
Chicago. Vice-President, American Mathe- 
matical Society, 1943-44. 

L. M. Gh. — Leland M. Goodrich. Profes- 
sor of International Organization and Ad- 
ministiation, Columbia University, New 
York, NY Co-authoi of Charter of the 
United Nations: Commentary and Docu- 
ments , 

L. M. M. — Louis Melville Massey. Pro- 
fessor of Plant Pathology jind Head of De- 
paitment, Cornell ^University, Ithaca, NY 

L. M. P. — Lillian Mar^iry Penson.^ 
Professo’ of Mod:'*n History, Bedford Col-' 
lege, v r. . London. Author of The 

Colonial Agents of the British Wrst Indies 

L. M-Po.— -Lorenzo Minio-Paluello. 
Senior Lecturer in Mediaeval Philosophy, Ox- 
ford University. Author of critical editions of 
Aristotle’s Categonae and De Interpret at tone; 
critical edition of the Latin translation of 
Plato’s Phaedo by Aristippis. 

L. Ms.— Leonor Michaelis. Former Mem- 
ber, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Re- 
search, New York, NY 'Former Member, 
National Academy of Science. Author of Hy- 
drogen Ion Concentration ; Oxidation- 
Reduction Potentials. 

L. M. T.« — Leonard Monteath Thomson. 
Senior Lectuier m History, University of Cape 
Town, Cape Town, U. of S. Af. Author of 
The Cape Coloured Franchise. 

L. Mu. — Lewis Mumford. Member of 
Executive Committee, Regional Planning As- 
sociation of America. Author of The Golden 
Day; etc. 

L. N. R.— Louis Nicot Ridenour, Jr. 
Dean of the Graduate School, University of 
Illinois, Urbana, 111 , 1947- . Professor of 
Physics, University of Pennsylvania, Phila- 
delphia, 1946-47. 

L. O. B. — Lawrence Olin Brockway. 
Professor of Chemistry, University of Michi- 
gan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

L. of F. — Arthur Hamilton Lee, 1st 
Viscount Lee of Fareham. Chairman of 
the Board of Governors, Sulgrave Manor, 
Northamptonshire, England, 1925-27. 

L. O. H. — Leland Ossian Howard. Prin- 
cipal Entomologist, U S. DepaAment of 
Bureau of Entomology, Wash- 

< ■ - c., 1927-31. 

Lo. L. — Leo Loewenson. Deputy Librar- 
ian and Tutor in Russian Iiisloi} , School of 
Slavonic Studies, University of London. 

L. Or. — Louise Overacker. Professor of 
Political Science, Wellesley College, Welles- 
ley, Mass. Author of The Presidential Pri- 

L. P. — Louise Pound. Professor of Eng- 
lish Literature, University of Nebraska, Lin- 
coln, Neb , 1912-45. 

L. P. A.— Leonard Porter Ayres. For- 
mer Vice-President, The Cleveland Trust 
n r f—- CV’U'-’id, O. Author of Seven 
, etc. 

L. P. E. — Luther Pfahler Eisenhart. 
Dean of the Graduate School, Princeton 
University, 1933-45- Editor of Annals of 
Mathematics. Author of Differential Geom- 
etry of Curves and Surfaces. 

L. P. S. — Lybrand P. Smith, Jr. 

L. R. D. — Lawrence Robert Dicksee. 
Former Head of Sellars, Dicksee & Co. Sir 
Ernest Cassel Professor of Accountancy and 
Business Organization in the University of 
London, 1919-26. 

L. R. Dt. — Lester R. Dragstedt, M.D. 
Professor and Chairman of the Depaitment 
of Surgery, The University of Chicago. 

L. R. F. — Lewis Richard Farnell. Vice- 
Chancellor, Oxford University, 1920-23. For- 
mei Ur-Aeis’t\ Lecturer in Classical Arch- 
aeology; and Wilde Lecturer in Comparative 
Religion. Author of Cults of* Greek Spates: 
Evolution of Religion; etc. - * 


L. R. Fd.— Lester R. For d. Professor of 
Mathematics, Illinois Institute of Technology, 
Chicago, 111 Former President, Mathematical 
Association dj> America. ‘Author of Auto - 
vi orphic Functions; Differential Equations; 
Alignment C Barts. 

L. RL— Louis Ripault. Private Secretary 
to the President of the Chamber of Deputies, 
Paris, France. Author of Histoire du Canada . 

L. R. L. — Lenox Riley Lofar. President, 
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, 111. 
Author of Fair Management; Magazine Pub- 
lishing; Television Broadcasting. 

L. R. Ma. — L. R. Marti. Head, Men’s 
Physical Education, University of North Da- 
kota, Grand Forkfc, N D. 

L. Rov — Lennox Robinson. Manager of 
the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, 1910-14, 1919-23. 
Director, Abbey Theatre, 1923. 

L. Rs.— Laszlo Rostas. Research Statisti- 
cian, Board of Trade, London. Former Re- 
search Associate, National Institute of Eco- 
nomic and Social Research, London Author 
of Productivity , Prices and Distribution in 
Selected British Industries; etc. 

L. R. T.—L. Reed Tripp. Lecturer in Eco- 
nomics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 

L. R. W. — Leonidas Rutledge Whipple. 
Professor of Journalism, New York Univer- 
sity, New York, N.Y., 1930-46. Author of 
The Story of Civil Liberty in the United 
States ; etc. 

L. S.— Sir Leslie Stephen. English bio- 
grapher and literary critic JEditor, Dictionary 
of National Biography , 1882-91. 

L. S. B. — Lawrence Sabin Brodie. 
Senior Scientific Officer in Royal Naval 
Scientific Service. 

L. S. B& — Lawrence S. Brodd. Office 
Engineer, Portland Cement Association. 

L. Sc.— -Rt. Hon. Sir Leslie (Frederic) 
Scott. Lord Justice of Appeal, 1935-48. 
Represented His Majesty s Government at 
International Conferences on Maritime Law, 
Brussels, 1909, 1910, 1922 and 1926. 

L. S. C. — Lee S. Crandall. General Cura- 
tor, Mammals and Birds, New York Zoo- 
logical Park, New York, N.Y. Author of 
Pets : Their History and Care and Paradise 

L. Sco. — Lester Scott. Of the Sports De- 
partment, New York World-Telegram , New 
York, N.Y. 

L. S. D.— Louis Serle Dederick. Head 
Mathematician, Aberdeen Proving Ground, 
Aberdeen, Md 

L. S. H.— Leta S. Hollingworth. For- 
mer Professor of Education, Teachers College, 
Columbia University, Author of Psychology 
of Subnormal Children; Children above 180 
/. Q., Stanford-Binet : Origin and Develop- 
ment; Psychology of the Adolescent; etc. 

L. SL— Lee Simonson. Director of Theatre 
Guild, Inc. New York, N.Y., 1919-40. For- 
mer Editor, Creative Art , Author of The 
Stage is Set; Theatre Art; Part of a Lifetime: 
Drawings and Designs, 1919-1940. 

L. Sk. — Louis Skidmore. Chief of Design, 
A Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago, 
B1 *j 1933-34* Consultant .for New York 
Woild’s Fair, 1939, 

L. S, X, — Lawrence Schlesinger Kubie, 

M. D. Associate in Neurology, College of 
Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia Univer- 
sity, New York, N.Y. Facujty, New York 
Psychoanalytic institute, New -York. Author 
of Practical Aspects of Psycho analysis. 

L. S. Kl.— Louis S. Kassel. Assistant Ex- 
ecutive Vice-President, Universal Oil Products 
Company, Chicago, 111 Author of Kinetics of 
Homogeneous Gas Reactions. 

L. SI. — Leverett Saltonstall. U S Sena- 
tor, 1945- , Governor of Massachusetts, 

1939-45. Overseer of Harvard University 

L. S. Ma. — Lionel Simeon Marks. 
Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineer- 
ing, Harvard University Editor in Chief of 
Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook. Author 
of The Airplane Engine; etc. 

L. Sn.~ Ludwik Silberstein. Mathemati- 
cal Physicist, Research Laboratory, Eastman 
Kodak Co , Rochester, N.Y , 1920-29. Author 
of Vectorial Mechanics; etc 

L. S. O’M.— L. S. O’Malley. Author of 
History of Bengal; Bihar and Orissa Under 
British Rule; etc 

L. S. R.— Leo S. Richardson. Assistant 
to the Chief, Section of Information, Bureau 
of Dairy Industry, U.S. Department of Agri- 

L. S. Rl. — Lewis S. Ramsdell. Professor 
and Chairman of the Department of Mineral- 
ogy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 
Mich. Co-author of Mineralogy. 

L. S. Ro.—Leo S. Rowe. Former Director 
General, Pan American Union, Washington, 
D C. Co-author of Report of the United States 
Commission to Revise the Laws of Porto 
Rico; etc. Author of The United States and 
Porto Rico; etc. 

L. S. S. — L. Susan Stebbing. Professor 
of Philosophy in the University of London, 

L. S. Sd.— Lucy Stuart Sutherland. Prin- 
cipal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford Author 
of A London Merchant , 1695-1774; The East 
India Company in Eighteenth Century Poli- 

L. St. — Leonard Stein. President, Anglo- 
Jewish Association. Author of Zionism. 

L. T. — Lorado Taft. Sculptor Author of 
History of American ScJpDre; etc. 

L. T. A.— Lyle Thomas Alexander. Soil 
Scientist, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 
Washington, D.C. 

L. T. Co. — -Lowell T. Coggeshall, M.D. 
Dean, Division of Biological Sciences, The 
University of Chicago. 

L. T. E. — Leon Theodore Eliel. Vice- 
President, Fairchild Aerial Surveys, Inc, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

L. T. G. — Laura T. Griggs. Wife of 
Robert F. Griggs, the discoverer of the Valley 
of Ten Thousand Smokes and Author of The 
Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. 

L. T. H. — Lancelot T. Hogben. Professor 
of Medical Statistics, 1947- , Mason Pro- 
fessor of Zoology, 1942-47, University of 
Birmingham, England. Regius Professor of 
Natural Historj', University of Aberdeen, 
Scotland, 1937-41. Author of The Nature of 
Living Matter; etc. 

L. T. Ho. — Leonard T. Hobhouse. For- 
mer Professor of Sociology, University of 

L. Tr.— -Lev Trotsky. Former Head of 
the Central Committee for Concessions, Un- 
ion of Soviet Republics, and People’s Com- 
missar for Foreign Affairs, and Commissar 
for War, Moscow, U.S.S.R, 

L. Ts. — Lorie Tarshis. Professor of Eco- 
nomics, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif. 
Co-author of Elements of Economics : Mobi- 
lizing Resources for War . 

L. T, Se. — Lucy ^Faxis Shoe. Associate 
Professor of Art and Archaeology, Mount 
Holyoke College, Soufh Hadley, Mass. Author 
of Profiles of Greek Mouldings. 

L. Tu.— Louis Tuft, M.D. Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Medicine, Temple University School 
of Medicine, Chief of Al- 
lergy Clime, ' ."-j .* ■ «’ Hospital, 

Philadelphia, Pa Author of Clinical Allergy; 
Clinical Immunology , Biotherapy and Chemo- 

Lu, — -Frederick Dealtry Lugard, 1st 
Baron Lugard of Abinger. British Mem- 
ber of Peimanent Mandates Commission, 
League of Nations, 1922-36 Commander ol 
Legion of Honour, 1917 Authoi of The Dual 
Mandate m British Tropical Africa; etc. 

L. U. — Lyndall Urwick. Lieutenant- 
Colonel, Petroleum Warfare Department, 
1942-44. Consultant to PI M. Treasury, 1940- 
42. Co-author of Factory Organization; etc. 

L. Un.— -Louis Untermeyer. Author, 
critic and editor Editor of Modern Amer- 
ican Poetry, Modern British Poetry; etc 
Author of American Poetry since 1900; etc. 

L. V. — Luigi Villari. Official in the Royal 
Italian Foreign Office (retired) Author^of 
Italian Life in Town and Country ; etc. 

L. V. F.— Leon V. Foster. Chief Micro- 
scope Engineer, Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., 
Rochester, N.Y. 

L. V. H.— Lewis Victor Heilbrunn. 
Professor of Zoology, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, Philadelphia, Pa Author of The Col- 
loid Chemistry of Protoplasm; etc. 

L. V. J.— Lewis Van Hagen Judson. 
Chief, Length Section and Senior Physicist, 
Division of Weights and Measures, National 
Bureau of Standards. Author, Testing of 
Line Standards of Length 

L. von M. — Ludwig von Mises. Visiting 
Professor, Graduate School of Business Ad- 
ministration, New York University. Author 
of Socialism; etc. 

L. V. P.— Ludwig von Pastor. Former 
Professor of History in the University of 
Innsbruck, Austria, and Director of the Aus- 
trian Institute of Historical Studies in Rome. 

L. V. Po. — Leroy V. Porter. Former As- 
sistant Vice-President and Comptroller, New 
York Central System. 

L. W. — Lucien Wolf. Former President of 
the Jewish Historical Society of England. 
Author of Diplomatic History of the Jewish 

L. Wa. — Lina Waterfield. Foreign Cor- 
respondent of the Kemsley Press, 1946- . 
Author of Home Life in Italy; The Story 0} 
Rome ; etc. 

L, W. B.— Lewis Warrington Baldwin. 
Former President, Member of Executive 
Committee and Chief Executive Officer, Mis- 
souri Pacific Railway Company. 

L. W. Be.-— Lewis W. Bealer. Berkeley, 
California Former Assistant Professor of 
History, University of Oklahoma, Norman, 

L. W. D. — Leon W. Dean. Assistant Pro- 
fessor of English and Vermont History, Uni- 
versity of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

L. W. F. — Lionel Wray Fox. Chairman, 
Prison Commission for England and Wales. 
Author of The Modern English Prison. 

L. W. H. — Lawrence Whitaker Harri- 
son. Colonel. Former Special Medical Officer 
(Venereal Disease), Ministry of Health, Lon- 
don Editor, 1925-42, British Journal of 
Venereal Diseases . 





L. W. Hg.— Lowry £¥. Harding. Pro- 
fessor of Education, Ohio State University 
Columbus, 0 Author o£ Anthology m Edu - - 
cology , Functional Arithmetic Photographic 
J ; student Teaching m the Ele- 

mentary Scnool 

L. W. Hu. — Leroy W. Hutchins. Writer 
or outdoor sports 

L. Wi. — Louis Wiley. Business Manager. 
The New York Times , 1906-35 

L. W. J 
Albeit A Wells 

■Lloyd W. Josselyn. Librarian, 
ells - i~'”o .a. LiO-arj, Lafayette, 

L. W. Ms.— Lloyd W. Mints. Associate 
Professor of Economics, The University of 

L. Wr.— -Laurence Wray. Editor, Electri- 
cal Merchandising Author of Electrical Ap- 
pliance Sales Handbook 

L. Ws. — Lou Williams. Instructor in Ge- 
ology, The University of Chicago. Author of 
A Dipper F.A n >, ai * 

L. W. S.— Louis Wendlin Sauer, M.D. 
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Northwest- 
ern University Medical School, Chicago, 111. 
Author of Nursery Guide; From Infancy 
Through Childhood. 

L. W. Sh.—Leo W. Stach. Technical Con- 
sultant, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Tokyo, 

L. W. T.— Lloyd William Taylor. Head 
of D.pi’.rvj. 1 of Ph\sics, Oberlin College, 
U’ odm, C 1024-48. Author of Fundamental 
Physics; etc 

L. W. V.-H. — L. W. V ernon-Harcourt. 
Author of His Grace the Steward and the 
Trial of Peers. 

Lz. — Count Lutzow. Author of The Life 
and Times of Master John Hus; etc 

M. — -Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1st 
Baron Macaulay of Beth 'ey. Englisr 
statesman, essayist and historian. Author of 
The History of England; etc 

M. A. —Mary Hunter Austin. Author 
and former lecturer at Yale University. 
Translator of American Indian poetry. Au- 
thor of The Basket Woman; etc. 

M. A. B. — M. A. Blankenhorn, M.D. Di- 
rector, Department of Internal Medicine, Cin- 
cinnati General Hospital Professor of Medi- 
cine, University cf Cincinnati, Cincinnati, 0. 

Ma. Bg.- — Baroness Maura Budberg. 
Story Editor, London Films, London. 

M. A. C. — Morse Adams Cartwright, 
Professor of Education and Executive Officer, 
Institute of Adult Education, Columbia Uni- 

M. A. F. — Mildred Adams Fenton, Co- 
author of The Rock Book; Story of the Great 
Geologists . 

Ma. G. — Marija Gimbutas. Archaeologist 
of East Europe and Siberia, Peabody Mu- 
seum. Research Fellow, Harvard University. 

M. A. H. — Mary Agnes Hamilton. Re- 
tired British Civil Servant. Editor, English- 
Speaking World. Author of Life of Arthur 
Henderson; Sidney and Beatrice Webb. 

M. A. Hn. — M. A. Hein. Senior Agrono- 
mist, Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and 
Agricultural Engineering, United States De- 
partment of Agriculture. 

M. A. J. — Morley Allan Jull, Professor 
of Poultry Husbandry and Head of the De- 
partment, Univeisity of Maryland, College 
Park, Md Author of Poultry Husbandry and 
Successful Poultry Management . 

M. A. L.— -Morris Albert Linton, Presi- 
dent, Provident’ Mutual Life Insuiance Com- 
pany of Philadelphia, Pa Foimei President, 
Actuarial Society of America 

M, A. M. — Margaret Alice For- 
mer Assistant ~-e.e«sc of T , Uni- 

versity of London Author ot Witch Cult in 
Western Europe; etc. 

M. A. Ml.— Max A. Michael. Office of 
Public Relations, U S Department of the 
Navy, Washington, D C 

Ma. S. — Maurice Saunders. Chairman of 
the Board of Directors, the Lithographers 
National Association Inc. 

Ma. Si.— Marcel Simon. Professor and 
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and former Lec- 
turer in Alsatian History Urn verity of Stras- 
bourg, Strasbourg, Fr -u't.'o* is Israel: 

Etude sur les relations entre Chretiens et 
Juifs dans V empire romain ; Vues Generates 
sur Vhisloire de V Alsace. 

M. A. W. — Martha Annie Whiteley. As- 
sistant Professor, Chemical Department, Im- 
perial College of Science and Technology, 
University of London, 1920-34 Editor of 
Thorpe’s Dictionary of Applied Chemistry 

M. A. Wa.— Mary A. Ward (Mrs. 
Humphry Ward). Author of Robert Els - 
mere; etc, and contributor to Dictionary of 
Christian Biography. 

M. B. — Millar Burrows. Professor of Bib- 
lical Theology, Yale TT Tvc’riD’ B’vimty 
School. Co-editor of Jour. * ' jj '< r.r't. Lit- 
erature Author of Founders of Great Reli- 
gions; etc. 

M. Be. — Marcu Beza. Former Consul 
General at the Rumanian Legation, London. 
Former Lecturer on Rumanian, King’s Col- 
lege, University of London. Author of Ru- 
manian People and Literature. 

M. Bf. — Max Beloff. Reader in the Com- 
parative Study of Institutions, University of 
Oxford. Professorial Fellow, Nuffield College, 
Oxford. Author of The Foreign Policy of 
Soviet Russia. 

M. Bg.— Hon. Maurice Baring. Wing- 
Commander. English diplomat. Sometime 
correspondent for the Morning Post (Lon- 
don) in Manchuria, Russia and Constanti- 
nople, and for The Times , London, in the 

M. B. H.— Milton B. Herr. Major, U.S. 
Army. Information Office, Chief of Staff, 
Washington, D.C. 

M. Bo. — Moritz Julius Bonn. Visiting 
Professor, University of California, 1935- . 
Lecturer, London School of Economics, 1933. 
Author of Die Englische Kolonisation in 
I Hand; etc. 

M. Bra.— Mary N. L. Bradshaw. Mary 
Ewart Travelling Student of Newnham Col- 
lege, Cambridge. 1915. Sometime Lecturer in 
Classics, East London College and Univer- 
sity of Birmingham, England. 

M. Bt.— Michael Brett. Barrister-at-Law, 
formerly at Middle Temple. 

M. Bu. — Millard Buckley. Publicity 
Manager of Rolls-Royce Ltd., London. 

M. C. — Max Cary. Emeritus Professor of 
Ancient History in the University of London. 
Author of A History of the Greek World 
from 323 to 146 b.c.; etc. 

M. C. B. — Miles Crawford Burkitt. Uni- 
versity Lecturer on the Faculty of Archaeol- 
ogy and Anthropology, Cambridge Univer- 
sity. Author of Prehistory; etc. 

M. C Bh— Mcrgrrci C. Bristol. Associate 
Professoi ot > r . 1 " ork,. School of Social 
Welfare, Flonda State Umvfeisity, Tallahassee, 
Fla • 

M. C. H.— Margaret Coshun Hutchin- 
son. Chairmans National Panhellenic Confer- 
ence. „ 

M. C. Js. — Milton Carl James. Assistant 
Dnector, Fish and Wildlife Service, U S. De- 
partment of Interior, Washington, D C. Co- 
author of Fish Stocking as Related to the 
Management of Inland Waters 

M. C. L.— M. C. Lamb. Analytical chem- 
ist and consulting expert to the leather trades. 

M. C. M. — Max Cornils Mangels. Legal 
member of the department for administering 
the Kiel Canal. 

M. C. Mi.— Max C. Miller. Knitting 
Engineer, Manville, R.L 

M. C. ML — Matthew Cargill Mitchell. 
Associate Professoi of Political Science, 
Brown University, Providence, R.I 

M. C. P. — Merle C. Prunty, Jr. Professor 
and Head of the Department of Geography 
and Geology, University of Georgia, Athens, 

M. C. R. — Mabel Mary Cheveley Ray- 
ner. Forme ily ensased in forestry research 
in coliaboiation wuh Research Department 
of Forestry Commission. Sometime Head of 
T) er ,o r *>™ r + 0 f Botany, University College, 

■ :l T. Author of Mycorrhiza; etc. 

M. C. S. — Malcolm Charles Salaman. 
Former Dramatic and Art Critic of The 
Sunday Times , Lopdon. Author of Old Eng- 
lish Colour-Prints. 

M. D. — Marcus Dods, D.D. Former Prin- 
cipal of New College, Edinburgh. Editor of 
Lange’s Life of Christ and author of The 
Epistle to the Seven Churches; etc. 

M. D. A,— Milo Don Appleman. Asso- 
ciate in Soil Biology, University 0: Illinois, 
Urbana, 111. 

M. D. C.— Sir Mackenzie Dalzell 
Chalmers. Permanent Under-Secretary of 
State for Home Department, 1902-08. First 
Parliamentary Counsel to Ties jury, 1902-03 
Author of Digest of the Law of Bills of Ex- 
change; etc. 

M.D. D. — Mary Dabney Davis. Specialist 
in Nursery-Kindergarten-Primary Education, 
Office of Education, Federal Security Agency, 
Washington, D C. Author of Schools for Chil- 
dren Under Six; Schools for Young Children 
in Twenty-Seven Countries. 

M. D. H.— Marshall Dees Harris. Agri- 
cultural Economist, Agricultural Research 
Service, Production Economics Research 
Branch, U.$. Department of Agriculture, 
Washington, D.C. Aiuncr of Origin of the 
Land Tenure System m the United States. 
Editor of Agrarian Reform and Moral Re- 
sponsibility; Family Farm Policy. 

M. Di. — (Mrs.) Mary Danielli. Private 
research worker in anthropology and folklore 
Horniman Student of the Royal Anthropolog- 
ical Institute, 1945-47, for field work in Mada- 
gascar Honorary Assistant Editor, Folk-Lore , 

M. Dk. — (John) Michael Derrick. As- 
sistant Editor, Tablet. Editor, Catholic Year 
Book. Author of Eastern Catholics Under 
Soviet Rule; etc. 

M, D. Km.— Marshall D. Ketchum. As- 
sociate Professor of Finance, School of Busi- 
ness, The University of Chicago. Author of 
The Fixed Investment Trust. „ 


M. D. Ks.-— Max Davis Xossorls. Officer 
in Charge, 'Regional Office, Bureau of Labor 
Statistics, San Francisco, Calif Author of 
Manual on Mdustrial Infury Statistics; etc. 

' ? M. Dn.— -Mitchell Dawson. Lawyer, writei, 
former Editor, Chicago Bar Record , Chicago, 

Me. — James Scorgie Mes ton, ist. Baron 
Meston. Chancellor of Abeideen University, 
Scotland, 1928. Finance Member of Governor- 
General’s Council, 1919. Lieut Governor, 
United Provinces of Agra and Oudh, 19x2-18 

M. E. A. B.— Marian Ellen ^ Alberta 
Bowley. Lecturer, Department of Political 
Economy, University College, London Au- 
thor of Nassau Senior and Classical Econom- 
ics; Housing and the State 1019-1044. 

M. is. D. — Malvin E. Davis. Actuary, 
Mbtiopobtan Life Insurance Company, New 
\ ork, N.k’. Author of Industrial Life Insur- 

M. E. Dn.— Mary Earhart Dillon. Chair- 
man, Department of Political Science, Queens 
College, FAT-: N v, Author of Frances 
Willard: .A. - to Politics; Wendell 


M. E. G. — Marjorie E. Green. Secretary, 
The Family Endowment Society, London. 

M. E. He. — Mary Emogene Hazeltine. 
Principal, Libiary School, University of Wis- 
consin, Madison, Wis , 1906-38. Author of 
Anniversaries and Holidays; etc. 

M. E. M. — Sir Mervyn Edmund 
Macartney. Architect to the Dean and 
Chapter of St. Paul’s Cathedral, 1906-31. 
Editor of the Architectural Review , 1906-20. 
Co-author of Later Renaissance Architecture 
in England . 

M. E. Mj.-— M. E. Marts. Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Geography, University of Washing- 
ton, Seattle, Wash. 

M. E. P.~ Marlen Edwin Pew. Former 
Editor and Vice-President, Editor and Pub- 
lisher, New York, N.Y. 

M. E. Pa.— Marion Edwards Park. 
Emeritus President, Bryn Mawr College, 
Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

M. E. Se, — M. Edmund Speare. Educa- 
tional Director, Bituminous Coal Institute, 
The National Coal Association, Washington, 

M. E. Wn.- Morley Evans Wilson. Ge- 
ologist, Geological Survey of Canada. 

M. Fa. — Michael Farbman. Former Ed- 
itor of the Europa Year Book. 

M. F. Be.— M. F. Betiar. Consulting en- 
gineer, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

M. F. de C. — Morris F. de Castro. Gov- 
ernor of the Virgin Islands of the U.S.A. 

M. F. G. — Michael Frederic Guyer. 
Emeritus Professor of Zoology, University 
of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Author of An- 
imal Biology; etc. 

M. Fi. — Morris Fishbein, M.D. Editor, 
Excerpta Medica , Contributing Editor, 
Postgraduate Medicine 

M„ Fn. — Margaret Fishenden. Reader in 
applied Heat, Mechanical' Engineering De- 
pan men t, Imperial College of Science and 
Technology, University of London. 

M. F. N. — Meyer F. Nimkoff. Chairman 
of the Department of Sociology , Florida State 
Umvet At> , Tajjahassee, Fla Author of Mar- 
nafc^id the Family; co-author of Sociology . 

M. G. — -Moses Gaster. Chief Rabbi of the 
Sephardic Communities of England, 1887- 
1919 Ilchester Lecturer at Oxford on Slavonic 
and Byzantine Literature, 1886, 1891 Vice- 
President, Zionist Congress, 1898, 1899 and 
1900. Author of A New Hebrew Fragment of 
Ben Sir a; etc. 

M. G. B. A.— -Mildred Gwinn Barnwell 
Andrews. Cotton and textile consultant. Au- 
thor of Cotton Magic ; Faces We See. 

M. G. D.—Rt. Hon. Sir Mountstuart 
Elohlr-atsne Grant Duff. Governor of 
, 4 . : 58—86. Under-Secretary oi State 

for the Colonies, 1880-81. Under-Secretary 
of State for India, 1868-74. Author of Studies 
in Euro pearl Politics; etc. 

M. G. G. — Martin Gustave Glaeser. Pro- 
fessor of Economics, University of Wisconsin, 
Madison, Wis Former Statistician, Railroad 
Commission of Wisconsin. Chief Power Plan- 
ning Erffinee’*, Tennessee Valley Authority, 
1937—33 .1.1 th./" of Outlines of Public Utility 

M. Gi. — Morris Ginsberg. Martin White 
Professor of Sociology in the University of 
London, London School of Economics. Co- 
editor of Sociological Review. Author of The 
Psychology of Society ; etc. 

M. G. I,— -Mark G. Inghram. Associate 
Professor of Physics, The University of Chi- 
cago Author of Handbook of Mass Spectros- 

M. Gn. — Maurice Glicksman. Instructor 
in Physics, Roosevelt College, Chicago, 111. 

M. Go. — Margaret Goldsmith (Mrs. Fritz 
A. Voigt). Jo-.rmi'M Author of Franz Anton 
Mesmer; Studies in Aggression; etc. 

M. G. P. — Mary Gray Peck. Instructor 
and Assistant Professor of English Literature, 
University of Minnesota, Minnetoch-, Minn., 
1899-1909. Author of Came Chapman Catt, 
A Biography. 

M. G. R.-— Margaret G. Reid. Professor 
of Economics, University of Illinois, Urbana, 
III. Author of Food for People; Consumers 
and the Market. 

M. Gs. — Marshall Gates. Assistant Editor, 
Journal of the American Chemical Society . 
Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Roches- 
ter, Rochester, N.Y. 

M. Gt— -Milton Gilbert. Chief, National 
Income Division, Office of Business Econom- 
ics, U.S. Department of Commerce, Wash- 
ington, D C. Author of Currency Depreciation 
and Monetary Policy; Export Pricing Policy 
of U.S. Corporations. 

M. Gu. — M. Guillaume. Managing Direc- 
tor of he Petit Journal, Paris. 

M. H. — Max Huber. President, Interna- 
tional Red Cross Committee, 1928-44. Judge 
of the Permanent Court of International Jus- 
tice and Member of the Permanent Court of 

M. Ha. — Manuel Hahn. Editor, Postal 
Markings. Author of U.S. Post Office, x8$i- 
60; U.S. Postal Markings, 1847-51; So You're 
Collecting Stamps ! ; etc. 

M. H. C. — Montague Hughes Crackan- 
thorpe. Former member of the General 
Council of the Bar and Council of Legal Ed- 
ucation, England. 

M. H. De.— -Maurice H. Decker. Writer 
on outdoor sports in numerous magazines and 

M. H. En. — Milton Hyland Erickson, 

M. H. F. — MartispjHenry Fischer, M.D. 
Protessor of Physiology, University of Cin- 
cinnati, Cincinnati, Q. Author of Oedema and 
Nephritis , Death and Dentistry; The Lyo- 
phihc Colloids , In Praise of Man; etc. 

M. H. L. — Margaret Helen Longhurst. 
Keeper, Department of Architecture and 
Sculpture, Victoria and Albert Museum, Lon- 
don, 1938-42. 

M. H. M. — Mabel H. Mills. Editor of 
The Pipe Roll for 1295; Surrey Record So- 
ciety; and author of articles on the exchequer 
in The English Historical Review ; etc 

M. H. Me.— -Mary Hume Maguire. Tutor 
in History, Radcliffe College, Cambridge, 
Mass., 1925-45. Author of “Attack of the 
Common Lawyers on the Oath ex officio as 
Administered in the Ecclesiastical Courts^ in 
England,” in Essays in History and Political 

M. Hn. — Martin Heinemann, M.D. As- 
sociate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Yale 
University, New Haven, Conn 

Mh H. S. — Marion Harry (Alexander) 
Spielmann. Former editor of the Magazine 
of Art. Member of Fine Arts Committee of 
International Exhibitions of Brussels, Pans, 
Buenos Aires, Rome and the Franco-British 
Exhibition, London Author of British Por- 
trait Painting to the Opening of the 19th 
Century; British Sculpture and Scidptors of 
To-day; etc. 

M. H. SI. — M. H. Sherrill. Investigating 
Chemist, California and Hawaiian Sugar Re- 
fining Corporation, Ltd., Crockett, Calif. 

M. Hy. — Marion Hathway. Director of 
the Graduate Department of Social Economy, 
Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pa. Author 
of Migratory Worker and Family Life; co- 
author and editor of Education for the Public 
Social Services . 

Mi. C.— Mildred Campbell Professor of 
History, Vassar College. PouchkccpyL, N.Y., 
1937- < 

M. I. G.— Morton I. Grossman, M.D. As- 
sociate Professor of pkycffilo'ry University of 
Illinois College of Chicago, 111. 

ML M. — Michel Mollat. Professor, Uni- 
versity of Lille, Lille* Fr. Author of Le Com- 
merce maritime normand a la fin du Moyen 
Age; La Comptabilite du Port de Dieppe au 
XV 6 siecle; Sequestre et vente des biens de 
Jacques Coeur. 

M. X. N. — Marion I. Newbigin. Former 
Editor of the Scottish Geographical Maga- 
zine. Author of Mediterranean Lands; etc. 

M. J. de G. — Michael Jan de Goeje. For- 
mer Professor of Arabic at Leyden ; Membre 
de FInstitut. Editor of the J>y “D -* 
Islam (vol. I-III) . Autho: * f < ■■-•s 

historicorwn Arabicorum ; etc. 

M. Je. — Mark Jefferson. Former Profes- 
sor of Geography and Head of the Depart- 
ment, State Normal College, Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Author of Peopling the Argentine Pampa; etc. 

M. J. G. — Rev. Michael Joseph Gruen- 
thaner, S.J. Associate Professor of Sacred 
Scripture, Catholic University, Washington, 
D.C., 1946- . Professor of Sacred Scripture, 
St. Mary’s College, St. Marys, Kan. Editor in 
Chief, The Catholic Biblical Quarterly . 

M. J. H. — Max John Herzberg. Literary 
editor, Newark Evening News; Principal, 
Weequahic High School, Newark, N.J. Pres- 
ident, Stephen Crane Association, 1924-30. 

M. Jol. — Maria Jolas (Mrs. Eugene Jolas) . 

M. J. Py. — Merlo J. Pusey. Associate Ed- 
itor, Washington Post , Washington, D.C. Au- 
thor of Big Government ; Can We Control 
It?; Charles Evans Hughes . 


M. J. R.— 1. J. Ryan^Piofessor of Consti- 
tutional Law, University College, Dublin. 

!VL J. To. — Maurice* J. Tobin. Former 
Secretary, U S. Department of Labour, Wash- 
ington, DC, 

M. J. V. — Melvin J. Vincent. Head of 
the Sociology Department, University of 
Southern California, Los Angeles, Calif Au- 
thor of The Accommodation Process in In- 
dustry; co-author of Analyzing Social Prob- 

M. J. Z.— Michael J. Zigler. Professor 
f" d „ Chairman of ?s, b;.- department, 
Wellesley College, ’ v-:- ^ Mi-s 

M. K.— Meave Kenny, M.D. University 
Reader in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Post- 
graduate Medical School of London.' Author 
ot Til Change the Colour. 

M. K. E. — Maxim K. Elias (Elias Levich 
of Russia prior to naturalization) Palaeontol- 
ogist Professor, Graduate College, University 
of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb 

M. K. S.— Malcolm K. Scott. Secretary 
of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping. 

M. Ky.— Marshall Kay. Professor and Ex- 
ecutive Officer, Department of Geology, Co- 
lumbia University New York, N.Y. Author 
of North American Geosynclines. 

M. L. A.— Mary Langs Argo. Research 
worker in physics. 

M. L. F.— Mary L. Farley. Secretary - 
Treasuier, American Milk Goat Record 

Ml. Fe. — Michael Ference, Jr. Chief 
Scientist, Signal Corps Engineering Labora- 
tory. Author of Lhd; sicz: -Expen rental 

M. L. H.— Maurice Leslie Hartung. As- 
sociate Professor of Education, The University 
of Chicago. Co-author of Mathematics in 
General Education. 

M. L. Hs. — Maurice Loyal Huggins. Re- 
search Chemist, Eastman Kodak Company, 
Rochester, N.Y. 

M. L. M.— Max L. Moorhead. Assistant 
in History, University of California. 

M. Loc.— Margery Locket. Education 
manager, British Instructional Films Ltd., 

M. L. T.— Miriam Louise Tildesley. 
Leverhulme Research Fellow, 1939. Former 
Research Worker in Craniology, Royal Col- 
lege of Surgeons of England. 

M. M. — Sir Murdoch MacDonald. Con- 
sulting civil engineer. Former Advisor and 
Under-Secretary of State for Public Works, 

M. Macd. — Michael Macdonogh. For- 
merly on the staff of The Times, London. 
Author of The Reporters’ Gallery; The Eng- 
lish King; etc. 

M. M. B. — Marcelle M. Bresson. A li- 
brarian of Conservatoire National des Arts 
et Metiers, Paris. Former Assistant in Geog- 
raphy, Sorbonne, and member of the staff of 
Annales de Geographie. 

M. M. Bh. — Sir Mancherjee Merwanjee 
Bhownaggree. Former Fellow of Bombay 
University, India. M.P. Bethnal Green, 
North-East, 1895-1906. Author of History 
of the Constitution of the East India Com- 

M. M. €. — Margaret Monteith Carlyle. 
Editor, Documents on International Affairs, 
1947-1948, 1949-1950, 

~N1. M. D.— M. M. Durkee. 

of oil department, A E Staley . ' ■ * . 

Company, Oil Division, Decatur, Hi 

M. M. Ds.—~ Mary M. Douglas. Lectuier 
in Anthropology, Univeisity of London Au- 
thor of The Peoples of the Lake Nvasa Re- 

IC M. E.-— Martha May Eliot, M.D. As- 
sociate Chief, U S. Children’s Bureau, Social 
Security Administration, Federal Security 
Agency, Washington, DC. 

M. M. F.— Myrtle Meritt French. 
Head of Ceramic Division, School of Art 
Institute of Chicago, III 

M. M. G. — Margaret M. Green. Assistant 
editor, International Section of The Contem- 
porary Review , 1921 ; The New Leader, 1923— 
26, and Foreign Affairs, 1926-28 

M. M. L, — Morris M. Leighton. Chief, 
Illinois State Geological Survey. Co-author of 
The C ah okia Mounds ; The Iowan Drift. 

M. M. R.— -Mary M. Roberts. Emeritus 
Editor, American Journal of Nursing. 

Mn. B. — Martin Bronfenbrenner. Asso- 
ciate Professor of Economics, University of 
Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. 

M. Mr. — Mabel Newcomer. Professor and 
Chairman of the Department of Economics, 
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N Y Author of 
Separation of State and Local Revenues in 
the United States; etc Co-author of Facing 
the Tax Problem ; etc. 

M. N. T. — Marcus Niebuhr Tod. Fellow 
of Oriel College, Oxford, Vice-Provost, 1934- 
45. Reader in Greek Epigraphy. Co-author of 
Catalogue of the Sparta Museum; etc. 

M. O. E. — Morris O. Edwards. Lieuten- 
ant Colonel, U.S. Army. Co-author of Soldier 
and the Law. 

M. O. P. — Mildred Othmer Peterson. 
Special Assistant, American Library Associ- 

M. O’R. — M. O’Reilly. Formerly with 
University Museum of Archaeology and 
Ethnology, Cambridge. 

M. P. — Leon Jacques Maxime Prinet. 
Directeur d’Btudes a I’Bcole Pratique des 
Hautes Btudes. Auxiliary of the Institute of 
France (Academy of Moral and Political 
Sciences), Author of L } Industrie du set en 

M. Pa.— -Rev. Mark Pattisozi. Rector of 
Lincoln College, Oxford, 1861-84. Author of 
Isaac Casaubon. 

M. Pac. — Marcel Pierre Pacaut. Assist- 
ant Professor, University of Paris. 

M. Pal. — Maurice Paleologue. French 
ambassador to Russia, 1914-17. 

M. P. B. — Marland P. Billings. Professor 
of Geology, Harvaid University. Author of 
Structural Geology. 

M. P. Bn.— Michael Parker Banton. As- 
sistant in Social Anthropology, University of 
Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scot. Author of Ur- 
banization in Sierra Leone. 

M. P. N. — -Martin P. Nilsson. Former 
Professor of Classical Archaeology and Rector 
of the University of Lund, Sweden. Author 
of Primitive Time Reckoning; etc. 

M. Po. — (Cesar) Marcel Poete. Direc- 
tor of the Institute of History, Geography 
and Civics, Paris. Author of L’Enfance de 
Paris; etc. 

M. P. O’B. — Morrough P. O’Brien. 
Dean, College of Engineering, University of 
California, Berkeley, Calif. Author of Ap- 
plied Fluid Mechanics . 


M. Pol.— Michael Polanyi, M.D. Pro- 
fessor of Physical Chemistry, Victoria Uni- 
versity of Manchester, Manchester, Eng. Au- 
thor of Atomic Reactions. * 

M. R. — Maude Robinson. Director, Green* 
wich House Pottery Classes Consultant in 
Ceramic Technique, Metropolitan Museum 
of Art, New York, N.Y. 

M. R. B. — Max Russell Brunstetter. 
Associate Professor of Education and Man- 
aging Editor, Bureau of Publications, 
Teachers College, Columbia University. Au- 
thor of How to Use the Educational Sound 
Film; etc. 

M. Re. — Max Reinhardt. Austrian the- 
atrical producer Producer of The Miracle; 
Oedipus Rex; etc. 

M. R. J.— Montague R. James. Provost 
of Eton College* England, 1918-36. Author, 
Eton and King r s, 1875-1925. 

M. R. L. — M. R. Lewis. Former Chief, Di- 
vision of Irrigation Operations, Bureau of 
Reclamation, U S Department of the Interior. 

M. R. N. — M. R. Neifeld. Vice-President 
and Economist, Benefkia 1 1 FD^a™ wi e^t Cor- 
poration, Newark, N J. .1. r ,■ of ; V 
Guide to Instalment Computations; Trends 
in Consumer Finance. 

M. R. P. M. — Martin Rawson Patrick 
McGuire. Professor of Greek and Latin and 
Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and 

Sciences, Catholic University of America, 

Washington, D.C. Author of St. Ambrose. 

M. R. W. — M. R. Werner. Noted US. 
biographer. Author of Tammany Hall; etc. 

M. S. — Morton Snyder. Head Master of 
the Rye Country Day School, and member of 
the Progressive Education Association, Eng- 
land * * 

M. S. A.— Sir Maurice Sheldon Amos. 
Judicial Adviser to the Government of 
Egypt, 1919-25. Judge of Native Court of 
Appeal, 1906. 

M. S. Dr.— Margaret Stefana Brower. 
Lecturer in Ancient History, University Col- 
lege, London. 

M. S. En.— Morton Scott Enslim. Pro- 
fessor of New Testament Literature and Exe- 
gesis, Crozer Theological Seminary, Chester, 
Pa. Editor of Crozer Quarterly. Author of 
The Ethics of Paul; Christian Beginnings. 

M. Si.— Max Silberschmidt. Assistant 
Professor, Cantonal Technical School, Win- 
terthur, Switzerland. 

M. Sie.— Karl Manne Georg Siegbahn. 
Director, Research Institute for Physics, 
Royal Academy of Sciences, Stockholm, 
1937 “ • Professor of Physics, University of 
Uppsala, 1923-36. Nobel Prize in Physics, 
1924. Author of The Spectroscopy of X-Rays; 

M. SL— Marc SzefteL Associate Professor 
of Russian History, Cornell University, Ithaca, 

N. Y. Co-editor of La Geste du Prince Igor . 

M. S. L. — M. S. LombardinL Secretary, 
Pirelli, Ltd., London. 

M. Sm. — May Smith. Lecturer in Applied 
Psychology, Birkbeck College and Bedford 
College for Womin, England. 

Ms. N. — Morris Neiburger. Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Meteorology, University of Califor- 
nia, Los Angeles, Calif. 

M. S. N. — Melvin Spencer Newman. 
Professor of Chemistry, the Ohio State Uni- 
versity, Columbus, Ohio. cr , 


M. Sp. — Mo-timer Spiegelman. Assistant 
Statistician,- Mei^cpoktar Life Insurance 
Company, New York, NY 

M- Spi. — Ma^hc ” Sn-rArr T>'r'?«sor of 
Church History, i ' ..c Semi- 
nary, Hartford, C. » ' -Ttstory 

of Christianity in the Balkans; The Church 
and the Russian Revolution; etc. 

M. Spr.— Margaret (Tuttle) Sprout. 
Co-author of The Rise of American Naval 
Power , jyy6~igi8 , American Naval Policy 
and the World Scene, igiS-iQ22. 

M. S. Sn.—* Maurice Sommer Shahan. 
Veterinarian, Pathological Division, Bureau 
of Animal Industry, U S. Dept, of Agricul- 
ture, Washington/ D C. 

M &. V.— Manuel Sandoval Vallarta. 
General Director, National Polytechnical In- 
stitute, Mexico, D F Chri f o f 

Mexico, UN Atomic I. ■'(*:&• U ^ v. ^ 
1946. Research Professor of Physics, Univer- 
sity of Mexico, 1947 Author of An Outline 
of the Theory of the Allowed Cone of Cos- 
mic Radiation. 

M. Ta.— Milton Tabor. Managing Editor 
of the Topeka Daily Capital. Author of the 
" Story of Kansas. 

M. T. Bi. — Millicent Todd Bingham. 
Fellow, American Geographical Society Au- 
thor of Peru, Land of Contrasts; etc 

M. Tr. — Mildred Trotter. Professor of 
Gross .* r » r . - Washington University 
School 0 y. St Louis, Mo 

Mu. B.— Sir Muirhead Bone. Former 
etcher and painter. Official artist, Admiralty, 


M. V, B. — Mark V. Brunson. Lieutenant- 
Colonel, Quartermaster Corps, U.S. Army. 

M. V. SfCW.~M. V. Se ton- Williams. 
Joint Director, Archaeological Expedition to 
Cyprus sponsored by Ashmolean Museum, 
Oxford University, and Sydney University, 
Sydney, Austr. Author of Britain and the 
Arab States ; Palestinian Temples , Iraq ; Ex- 
cavations at Sauce Gdzii, Iraq. 

M, V. W.— Miriam Van Waters. Super- 
intendent, State Reformatory for Women, 
Framingham, Mass. Director, Juvenile De- 
linquency section, Harvard Law School Crime 
Survey. Referee, Los Angeles County Juvenile 
Court. Los Angeles, Calif., 1920-30. Author 
of Youth in Conflict; Parents on Probation. 

M v W.— Maurice Henry Woods. Private 
secretary to Lord Beaverbrook, 1916-29 Pri- 
vate secretary to Earl of Birkenhead, 1911-14. 

M. W. C.— Mary W. Calkins. Former 
Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, 
Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass. Author of 
A. First Book of Psychology; etc. 

M. W. Ch. — Marquis William Childs. 
Columnist. United Feature Syndicate, Wash- 
ington, D C. Author of Sweden: The Middle 
Way; I Write from Washington . 

M. W. CL — Martin W. Clement. Chair- 
man of the Board and former President of 
the Pennsylvania Railroad. 

M. W. F. T.— Michael Wiiimer Forbes 
Tweedie. Director, Raffles Museum and Li- 
brary, Singapore Author oi The Snakes of 

M. W. J. — Martin Wiggo Johnson. 
Professor of Marine Biology, Scripps Institu- 
tion of Oceanography, University of Califor- 
nia, La Jolla, Calif, Co-author of The Oceans; 
ThgirdPhysics, Chemistry and General Biology. 

M. W. L. K.— Michael William Lely 
Kitson. Lecturer m the History of Art, De- 
partment of Fine Arts (Slade School), Uni- 
versity College; Visiting Lecturer, Courtauld 
Institute of Art, University of London. 

M. W. S. — Max W. Salvador!. Sometime 
member of the faculty of the University of 
Geneva, Switzerland, sometime member of 
the faculty of St Lawrence University, Can- 
ton, N.Y. 

M. W. T. — Morris William Travers. 
Emeritus Professor and Fellow in Applied 
Physical Chemistry in the University of 
Bristol, England. Director, Indian Institute 
of Science, 1906-14. Technical Consultant, 
Ministry of Supply, 1940. Author of The 
Liquefaction of Hydrogen; etc. 

M. W. v. B. — M. W. von Bernewitz. 
Formerly with Federal Bureau of Mines. Au- 
thor of Cyanide Process, igio-igi3; Hand- 
book for Prospectors. 

Mx. G. — Max Gluckman. Professor of So- 
cial Anthropology in the University of Man- 
chester, Manchester, Eng. Author of Economy 
of the Central Barotse Plain ; The Judicial 
Process Among the Barotse of Northern Rho- 

M. Y. — Mahonri (Mackintosh) Young. 
Sculptor, painter and etcher. 

My. S. S. — Mary S. Sherman, M.D. As- 
sociate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Tu- 
lane and Ochsner Clinic, New Orleans, La 

My. W. — Mary Walton. Chief Assistant, 
Sheffield City Libraries. Author of Sheffield; 
Its Story and Its Achievements. 

N. — William Richard Morris, 1st Vis- 
count Nuffield. Chaiiman of Morris Motors 

N. A. — Nels Anderson. Formerly with De- 
partment of Sociology, Columbia University. 
Author of The Hobo. 

Na. Br. — Nathan Brewer, D.V.M. Re- 
search Associate in Physiology (Assistant Pro- 
fessor) and Superintendent of Animal Quar- 
ters, Illinois Society lor Medical Research, 
Chicago, III. 

N. A. C.— Nelson Antrim Crawford. 
Editor in Chief of The Household Magazine, 
Topeka, Kan. Director of Information, U.S. 
Department of Agriculture, Washington, D C., 
1925-28. Cc-author of Agricultural Journal- 

N. A. Cn.— Norman Alexander Cam- 
eron, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry, School 
of Medicine, Yale University. New Haven, 
Conn. Author of Reasoning ; Regression and 
Communication in Schizophrenics. 

N. AL — Sir Norman Angell. Member, 
Council, Royal Institute of International 
Affairs, 1928- Member, House of Com- 
mons, England, 1929-31. Awarded Nobel 
Peace Prize, 1933. Author of The Great 
Illusion; Preface to Peace ; etc. 

Na. L. — Nathan Levinson. Chief Engi- 
neer, Warner Bros. Studio, Burbank, Calif. 
Vice-President, Reseaich Council, Academy 
of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 1942. 

N. A. T. — Nicolas A. Transehe. Com- 
mander, formerly with the Russian Navy. 
Member of the staff of the American Geo- 
graphical Society. Author of Problems of 
Polar Research ; etc. 

N. B. — Niels Henrik David Bohr. Di- 
rector of the Institute of Theoretical Physics 
at Copenhagen, Denmark. Nobel Prize for 
Physics, 1922.' President, Royal Danish 
Academy of Science. 

N. B. G.— Normap Bel Geddes. Scenic 
artist. Designer of The Miracle; The School 
for Scandal; etc. ^ 

N. B. J.— Norman Brooke Jopson. Pro- 
fessor of Comparative Philology, Cambridge 
University, 1937- • Fellow of St. John's Col- 
lege, Cambridge, 193?“ • Professor of Com- 
parative Slavonic Philology, University of 
London, 1936-37. Co-author of Spoken Rus- 

N. B. M.— Norman B. McCullough, 

M. D. Chief of Clinical Research, National 
Micrcb’oDpca! Institute, National Institutes 
c * Ileriii., Be'hesda, Mci. 

N. B. Mr.— ‘Norwood B. Melcher. Chief, 
Ferrous Metals and Alloys Branch, Bureau of 
Mines, U S Department of the Interior, 
Washington, D C. 

N. Br.— Norton Breton. Messrs. Henckell 
du Buisson, London. 

N. C.— Norman Callan. Reader in English, 
University of London. Author of The Poems 
of Chnsiopaer Smart; Poetry in Practice. 

N. C. R. — Nathan Chamberlain Rock- 
wood. Editorial Consultant, Rock Products. 
President, Tradepress Publication Corpo- 
ration, 1931-39. Compiler of Cumulative 
Index of Engineering News, Chicago, 111 ., 

N. C. S.- — Norman Clemens Schultze. 
Technical Representative, Mathieson Chemical 
Corp , Baltimore, Md. 

N. C. V.— Nina C. Vandewalker. Spe- 
cialist in Kindergarten Education, United 
States Bureau of Education, Washington, 
D.C. Author of The Kindergarten in Amer- 
ican Education; etc. 

N. D. G. — Nasser D. Ganjei. Economic 
Affairs Officer, United Nations, New York, 

N. D. M. — Norris Dewar McWhirter. 
Athletics Correspondent, the Observer, Lon- 
don. Co-author of Get to Your Marks. 

N. E. C. — Norman E. Crump. City Edi- 
tor, The Sunday Times, London, England. 
Joint author of Clare’s A.B.C. of the Foreign 

N. F. — Norman French. Editor, The 
Hardware Trade Journal, London. 

N. F. B. — Neil Freeborn Beardsley. 
Former Assistant Professor of Physics, The 
University of Chicago. 

N. F. M. — Nevill Francis Mott. Mel- 
ville Wills Professor of Theoretical Physics, 
University of Bristol, England. Co-author of 
Electronic Processes in Ionic Crystals; etc. 

N. G.— Nathan Greene. Practising lawyer 
in association with the firm of Cook, Nathan, 
Lehman and Greenman, New York. Co- 
author of The Labour Injunction. 

N. G. A. — Noel Gilroy Annan. Fellow of 
King’s College, Cambridge. Author of Leslie 

N. G. G. — Nicholas George Gedye. For- 
mer Consulting civil engineer. Former Re- 
gional Works Adviser to Regional Commis- 
sioner for S.W. England. 

N. G. M. — N. G. Mavris, M.D. President 
of the Dodecanesian National Council. Au- 
thor of The Historical Archives of the Island 
of Cassos in the Dodecanese; etc. Editor, The 
Greek Dodecanese. 

N. G. S. — Norman G. Shidle. Executive 
Editor, SuiJS. Journal , and Automotive Edi- 
tor, Forbes, New York, N.Y. 


N. Gy.—Nicolette MPry Gray. Autfooi of 
Dante Rossetti and Ourselves; XIXth Cen - 
tiny Type and Title Pagws; Jacob's Ladder . 

N. H. E.*»— Nathanael Howard Engle. 
Director, Bureau of Business Research, Uni- 
versity of Washington, Seattle, Wash Assist- 
ant Director, in charge of Research and 
Statistics, Bureau of Foreign and Domestic 
Commerce, ’Department of Commerce, Wash- 
ington, ' C . Author of Housing 

Conditions in the United States; etc. 

N. H. Me. — Neil Hartley McLean. Pub- 
lications Department, the Broken Hill Pro- 
prietaiy Company Limited, Newcastle, Austr. 

N. I. M.*— Nicholas Ivan Momtchiloff. 
Economic Adviser to the Industrial and Com- 
mercial Finance Cornorrtion, London Au- 
thor of Ten Year » of C r ><: oiled Trade in 
South-Eastern Europe. 

N. J. — -Nathan Jacobson Former Asso- 
ciate Professor of : . ‘W r. \ The Johns 
Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. Author 
of The Theory of Rings. 

N. J. B. — N. J. Berrill. Professor of Zo- 
ology, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. 

N.eJ. K.— Nicolaas Johannes Krom. For- 
mer Professor of the History and Aichaeology 
of the East Indies, University of Leyden, 
Netherlands. Director of the Institute of 
Indian Archaeology. 

N. J. T. — Rev. Neil J. Twombly, SJ. 
Professor of Classics and Director, Depart- 
ment of Classical Humanities, Woodstock 
College, Woodstock, Md. 

N. K.— - Nathaniel Kleitman. Professor of 
Physiology, The University of Chicago. Au- 
thor of Sleep and Wakefulness ; co-author of 
Sleep Characteristics . 

N. L.«— ■ Nathaniel Lloyd. Former lecturer 
on architecture. Author of A History of Eng- 
lish Brickwork; etc. 

N. Le.— -Nathan Levi, Former Assistant 
Editor of Die Volkstem, Pretoria, South 

N. L. F.— Norman L. Porter. Translator 
and archivist to H.M. Legation in Rumania. 

N. L. H.— Nina L. Hills (Hon. Mrs. 
Eustace Hills). Chairman of the Council 
of the National Society of Day Nurseries, 

N. L. HL— Norman Llewellyn Hill. 
Professor of International Law. and Rela- 
tions, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. 
Author of Claims to Territory in Interna- 
tional Law and Relations ; International Ad- 

N. M. — Neil Munro. Author and journal- 

N. Ma. — Sir Neill Malcolm. Major Gen- 
eral. Served N.W. Frontier, India, South 
African War and World War I. Editor of The 
Science of War , 

N. M. B. — Nicholas Murray Butler. 
President, Columbia University, 1901-45- No- 
bel Peace Prize, 1931. Author of The Meaning 
of Education ; etc. 

N. M. F. — Nevin M. Fenneman. Former 
Professor of Geology, University of Cincin- 
nati, 0 . Author of Physiography of Western 
United States; etc, 

N. M’L. — Norman M’Lean. Master of 
Christ’s College, Cambridge, 1927-36, and 
Former University Lecturer in Aramaic. 

N. M. P. — Norman Mosley Fenzer. Au- 
thor of Non-Ferrous Metals and Other Min- 
erals; etc. 

N. N. D. — Nellis Norman Dalton. Con- 
sultant, Association of American Soap and 
Glycenne Produceis. 

N. N. P.— Nicholas N. Pop pe. Professor, 
University of Washington, Seattle, Wash. Au- 
thor of History of the 5 '•*:**; 

The “Square” Alphabet; •. c '! c .go 1 e 
grammatik . 

No. B. — Norman de Mattos Beniwicb. 
Piofessor of International Relations, Jerusa- 
lem University. Author of Judaea Lives 
Again; From Geneva to San Francisco ; etc 

No. Br. — Norman Bauer. Research Chem- 
ist, California Research Corp , Berkeley, Calif. 

N. R.— Nicolai Rubinstein. Lecturer in 
History, Westfield College, University of Lon- 

N. R. E. — -Merman Robson Elliott. Re- 
search Student and Demonstrator, King’s Col- 
lege, University of Durham, Durham, Eng. 

N. S. A.— -Nathaniel S. Apter, M.D. Head 
and Associate Professor of Psychiatry, The 
University of Chicago. 

N. S. B. — Norman Sharpe Buchanan. As- 
sociate Director, Rockefeller Foundation, 

1 947- . Author of Economics of Corporate 
Enterprise; International Investment and 
Domestic Welfare. 

N. 8m. — Normand Stulman. Chief, Ap- 
plied Physics Section, Engineering and Tech- 
nical Division, U S. Army Signal Corps. 

N. S. M. — Norman Stayner Marsh. 
Barrister-at-Law. Stowell Fellow in Civil Law 
and Bursar of University College ; Lecturer in 
Law, Oxfoid University. 

N. S. T. — Prince N. S. Trubetzkoy. For- 
mer Professor of Slavonic Philology, Univer- 
sity of Vienna. 

N. S. T£.— Nicholas S. Timasheff. Pro- 
fessor of Sociology, Fordham University, New 
York, N.Y Author of Introduction to the 
Sociology of Law; One Hundred Years of 

N. Sy. — Nicolas Slonimsky. Writer, mu- 
sician and teacher. Author of Music Since 
1 goo; Music of Latin America. 

H. Tr. — Norman Taylor. Assistant Cu- 
rator at the New York Botanical Garden, 
1905-11 Director of Cinchona Pioducts In- 
stitute, Inc., New York, N.Y. Editor of The 
Garden Dictionary; botanical and horticul- 
tural editor of Webster’s Dictionary . Author 
of Botany; The Science of Plant Life. 

N. T. R. — Nellie Tayloe Ross. Former 
Director of the United States Mint. 

N. U.— Norman Underwood. Chemist, 
U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, 
Washington, D.C. Co-author of Chemistry 
and Technology of Printing Inks. 

N. U. M. — Nicholas Ulrich MayalL 
Associate Astronomer, Lick Observatory, 
Mount Hamilton, Calif. 

N. V. McC. — Nancy Vincent McClel- 
land. Author, decorator and lecturer on 
interior decoration. 

N. V. S. — Nevil Vincent Sidgwick. Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry, Oxford University, 1933- 
45. Author of Electronic Theory of Valency; 

N. W. B.— Norman Wood Beck. Lecturer 
in Political Science, Hunter College of the 
City of New York, 


N. W. S.— Nathaniel W. Stephenson. 
Foimer Professor of History and Biogiaphy 
in Scripps College and in the Graduate School 
of Claremont College, Claremont, Calif Au- 
thor of Abraham Lincoln and the union , 
etc. ? 

N. W. T.— Northcote VTh'itbridge 
Thomas. Government Anthropologist to 
Southern Nigeria. Author of Thought Trans- 
ference, etc 

N. Z.— Nathaniel Zalowltz. Former Edi- 
tor, English section, Jewish Daily Forward , 

O. A.— Osmund Airy. Former HM. Divi- 
sional Inspector of Schools and Inspector of 
Training Colleges, Board of Education, Lon- 
don Author of Louis XIV and the English 
Restoration; Charles 11; etc 

O. B.— Oswald Barron. Editor of The 
Ancestor ; 1902-0^5. 

o. C. A, — Oswald C. Allen. Principal 
Assistant Under-Secretary of State, Civil De- 
fence Department, Home Office, England. 
Under-Secretary, Ministry of Home Security, 
1944-45 Former Assistant Secretary, Minis- 
try of Labour, London, 
o. C. S.-— Oscar Clemen Stine. Assistant 
Chief in Charge of Price and Marketing 
Research, Bureau of Agricultural Economics, 
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, 
D.C , 1946- ; Head Agricultural Economist, 

in charge of Statistical and Historical Re- 
search, 1922-46. 

O. C. Sh.— Otto C. Sommerich. Member 
of the Bar of the State of New York. Member 
of the Bar of the S&preme Court of the United 

O. D. E.~ Owen David Evans. Super- 
intendent of Mechanical School, Girard Col- 
lege, Philadelphia, Pa. Author of Educational 
Opportunities for Young Worker Si 

O. D. Y.— » Gwen D. Young. Chairman, 
Advisory Council, National Broadcasting 
Company. Chairman of the Experts’ Com- 
mittee on Reparations, Paris, 1929. Associated 
with General Dawes on the experts’ Com- 
mittee which drew up the Dawes Plan. 

O. E. E.— Orland E. Esval. Director 
Aeronautical Instrument Research, Sperry 
Gyroscope Company, Inc., Garden City, N.Y. 

O. E. M. — Oscar Edward Meinzer. 
Chief, Ground Water Division, U.S. Geolog- 
ical Survey, U.S. Department of the Interior, 

O. E. R. — Ollie Ezekiel Reed. Chief- of 
Bureau of Dairy Industry, U.S. Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 

O. E. W. — Orland Emile White. Profes- 
sor of Agricultural Biology and Director of 
the Blandv Experimental Farm, University of 
Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 

O. F. E. — Oren Frank Evans. Professor 
of Geology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, 

O. F. G. S. — O. F. G. Schilling. Associate 
Professor in Mathematics, The University of 
Chicago, Chicago, 111. 

O. F. K. — Ole Ferdinand Knudsen. As- 
sistant Press Attache, Royal Norwegian Em- 
bassy, London. 

O. G. S. — Orri$t G. Sherman. Recording 
and Statistical Corporation, New York, N.Y. 
Past President of the National Office Manage- 
ment Association. 

O. G. S. C. — Osbert Guy Stanhope 
Crawford. Archaeology Officer of the British 
Ordnance Survey. Author oi-Man and HU 
Past ; Air Survey and Archaeology ; etc, ~ ' 


O. G. So.— O. G. Sonneck. Former Vice- 
President 01 G. Syhirroer, Inc., New York, 

N. Y. 

O. ” H.— Oscai Hardman, D.D. Chaplain 

of St. Monicr’s Home, West{)ury-on-Trym } 
Bristol, .1.944- . Professor 01 Pastoral ^ and 

Liturgical Theology, King’s College, Univer- 
sity of London, 1932-44. Author of The Ideals 
oj Asceticism; etc 

O. Ha. — Oskar Haiecki. Professor, East- 
ern European History, Graduate School, 
Fordham Unive rc itv, New York, N.Y., 
1944- . :r Slavonic History, Uni- 

versity of Montreal, Canada, 1944- • Direc- 
tor of the Polish Institute of A^ts and Science, 
New York Professor of History in University 
of Warsaw, 1919-39* 

O. B.— Oswald H. Brownlee. Profes- 
sor of Economics, University of Minnesota, 
Minneapolis, Minn. Author of Economics of 
Public Finance. 

O. H. K. S. — Oskar Hermann Khristian 
Spate. Professor of Geography, Australian 
National University, Canberra, Austr Joint 
editor of The Changing Map of Asia. 

O. Hn.- — Olga Hartman. Research As- 
( sociate, Allan Hancock Foundation, Univer- 
sity of Southern California. 

O. Ho. — Otto Holstein. Former Secretary, 
American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico. 
Author of Chan-Chan , the Capital of the 
Grand Chimu; etc. 

O. H. S. — Ogle Hesse Sears. Professor 
of Soil Biology, University of Illinois, Urbana, 
111 . 

O. H. T. R.— O. H. T. Rlshbeth. Pro- 
fessor and Head of the o f Geog- 

raphy, University Co lege Sc-iNmrLe'-, 

O. J. — Ctto Jespersen. Professor of 
English in the University of Copenhagen, 
Denmark, 1893-1925. Former Corresponding 
Fellow of British Academy;* of Acad- 
emies of Copenhagen, Oslo, Lund, Helsingfors 
and Ghent. Author of Growth and Structure 
of the English Language; etc. 

O. J. B. — Otto J. Baab. Acting President 
and Professor of Old Testament Interpreta- 
tion Garrett Biblical Institute, Evanston, 111. 
Author of Jesus Christ Our Lord; The Theol- 
ogy of the Old Testament. 

O. J. L. — Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge. 
Principal of the University of Birmingham, 
England, 1900-19. Professor of Phwcs. Uni- 
versity College, Liverpool 1881-1900. Albert 
Medallist of the Royal Society of Arts for 
pioneer work in wireless telegraphy, 1919. 
Author cf Ether and Reality; Evolution and 
Creation; Energy ; etc. 

O. J, R. H.— -Osbert John Radclyffe 
Howarth. Curator of the Darwin Memorial 
Down House, Downe, England. Secretary of 
the British Association for the Advancement 
of Science, 1909-46. Member of Geographical 
Section, Naval Intelligence Department, Lon- 
don, 1915-19. 

O. K7— -■ Otto Kinkeldey. Emeritus Profes- 
sor of Musicology and Emeritus University 
Librarian. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. 
Lecturer in Musicology, Faculty of Philoso- 
phy, KonigHehes akademisenes Institut fur 
Kirchenmusik, University of Breslau, Ger. } 

O. L. — Oscar Levy, M.D. Editor of the 
authorised English translation of Nietzsche’s 
woiks. Translator (into German) of Disraeli’s 
novels Taiured. or Ike New ^Crusade and 
Co-'Uinni Fleming, t 

O. M. D.— -Ormonde Maddock Dalton. 
Former Keej . . EcnaNmmt c f British and 
Mediaeval . ■ V 1 Museum, 


O. M. J.— O. M. Johnson. Senior Agri- 
cultural Economist, U S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D C 

O. M. T. — Owen Meredith Tweedy. 
Retired British :rr-ve nf oTicer. Author 
of By Way of the s ‘ at Random; 

Cairo to Persia and Back 

O. P.— Orlando Park. Professor of Zool- 
ogy, Northwestern University, Evanston, 111. 
Co-author of Introduction to Animal Ecology 
and Taxonomy ; Principles of Animal Ecol- 

O. P. R. — O. Preston Robinson. Assistant 
General Manager, Deseret News Publishing 
Co , Salt Lake City, Utah. Author of Retail 
Store Operation and Management; Successful 
Retail Salesmanship . 

O. R. A.-— Olivia Rossetti Agresti. 
Writer, lecturer and interpreter to the As- 
semblies of the League of Nations and the 
International Economic Conference. Author 
of Giovanni Costa , His Life and Times. 

O. R. H. — Oscar Rudolf Hobson. City 
Editor, News Chronicle, London Author of 
Does Money Matter? ; How the City Works; 
Talks with a Banker. 

O. R. M.—Oscar Roland Mathews. Sen- 
ior Agronomist, Division of Dry Land Agri- 
culture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 
1909- . 

O. S.— Osvald Siren. Keeper cf Pictures 
and Sculptures, National Museum, Stock- 
holm, Swed., 1928-45. 

O. S. A.-— Olaf Sverre Aamodt. Head 
of the Division of Forage Crops and Diseases, 
U.S. Do — + ~'c v '"‘- c* \~nru!ti;rc. Plant Indus- 
try - ' Met., 1939“ * Pro- 

fessor of Agronomy and Chairman of 
Department, University of Wisconsin, Madi- 
son, Wis., 1935-39* 

O. S. D. — Ozora Stearns Davis, D.D. 
Former President, The Chicago Theological 
Seminary; Professor of Practical Theology; 
Moderator, The National Council of Congre- 
gational Churches, Chicago, 111. Author of 
International Aspects of Christianity ; etc. 

O. Sk.«— Otis Skinner. Actor. Author of 
Footlights and Spotlights; Mad-folk of the 
Theatre; etc. 

O. St. — Otto Struve, Director, Yerkes 
Observatory, The University of Chicago, Wil- 
liams Ba; , Wis . 1932-47, and Director, Mc- 
Donald Observatory, University of Texas, 
Mount Locke, Tex., 1932-47. Editor, As- 
trophysical Journal . 

O. T.— Oswald Tippo. Assistant Professor 
of Botany, University of Illinois, Urbana, III 
Associate Biologist, Wood Section, Testing 
Laboratory, U S Navy Yard, Philadelphia. 

O. Td. — Ordway Tead. Editor of social 
and economic books, Harper & Brothers, New 
York, N Y. Chairman of the Board of Higher 
Education, New York, N.Y. Author of The 
Art of Leadership. 

O. V.— Oswald Veblen. Professor, Insti- 
tute for Advanced Study, Princeton Univer- 
sity Member, National Academy ct Sciences, 
Washington, DC President, American Math- 
ematical Society, 1923-24. Author of Founda- 
tions of Differential Geometry {with J H. C. 

O. v. F.— Otto v^> Friesen. Professor of 
Swedish Language, University of Uppsala, 
Sweden * 

O. Vo.— Otakar Vocadlo. Professor of 
English Language and Literature, Comenius 
University, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, 1933- 

O. W.— Orville Wright. Former Chair- 
man, Advisory Commission, Daniel Guggen- 
heim School of Aeronautics, New York Uni- 
versity. Former Diiector, Wright Aeronautical 
Laboratory, Dayton, O. 

O. W. H. — O. W. Holmes. Reference 
Staff, New York Public Library (American 
History Division). 

O. W. Rs. — Oscar W. Richards. Research 
Biologist, Spencer Lens Company, Buffalo, 

O. W. T. — O. W. Tiegs. Associate Pro- 
fessor of Zoology, University of Melbourne, 
Melbourne, Australia. 

O. Z. — Otto Zmeskal. Professor and Direc- 
tor of the Department of Metallurgical Engi- 
neering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

P. — Walter George Frank Phillimofe, 
1st Baron Phillimore. Judge of Queen’s 
Bench Division of High Court of Justice, 
1897-1913 , Lord Justice of Appeal, 1913. 
Author of International Law ; etc. 

P. A.-— Sir Percy Alden. Bursar of the 
Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust; For- 
mer Chairman of the British Institute of 
Social Service Former Commissioner to 
Board of Agriculture for Cultivation of Va- 
cant Lands Author of Housing; Democratic 
England; etc. 

P. Ai. — Peter Ainslie, D.D. Author of 
If Not a United Church, What ? 

P. A. K. — Prince Peter Aiexeivitch 
Kropotkin. Former Editor for the Jura Fed- 
eration of Le Rivolte Author of V Anarchic: 
sa philosophic, son ideal; etc. 

P. Al. — Paul Daniel Alphandery. Pro- 
fessor of the History of Dogma, tlcole Prati- 
que des Hautes fitudes, Sorbonne, Paris. 
Author of Les Idees morales chez les ketero - 
doxes latines au debut du XIII 0 Siecle 

P. A. M. — Percy A. Martin. Professor 
of History, Stanford University, Stanford, 
Calif., 1923-41 Secretary of the Brazil Com- 
mittee of the Pan-American Financial Con- 
ference, Washington, D C , 1920 Author of 
The Republics of Latin America (with H. G. 
James) ; Latin America and the War ; Simon 
Bolivar, the Liberator; etc. 

P. An. — Phyllis Ackerman. Professor of 
Iconography, Textiles, School of Asiatic Stu- 
d*es, Xe a Yo:k NY Assistant Editor of A 
Survey of Persian Art. Author of Tapestry 
— Mirror of Civilization ; etc. 

P. A. S. — Percy Alfred Scholes. Inspec- 
tor of Music in Schools, University of London. 
Former music critic of T l e Obfu?-', and the 
British Broadcasting Corporation. Author of 
The Book of Great Musicians ; etc. 

P. A. Sn.— Pitirim Alexandrovitch Sor- 
okin. Professor of Sociology, Harvard Uni- 
versity and Radcliffe College, Cambridge, 
Mass. Author of Contemporary Sociological 
Theories; etc. 

P. A. T. — P. A. Tiele. Former Librarian, 
Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands 
Author of Biographical and Historical Mem- 
oir on the Voyages of the Dutch Navigators; 

P. B. — Pierre Bernus. Former Foreign Ed- 
itor, the Journal des Debats . Former Paris 
Correspondent, the Journal de Geneve . 



P. Bd,— “Philip Bard^Professor of Physi- 
ology, The Johns Hopkins University, Balti- 
more, Md. <& 

P. Be.-— Paul Beaujon. Pen name of Mrs. 
Beatrice L. Warde. Writer and lecturer on 
typography. Co-author, Books American. 

P. B. F.«— Philip B. Fleming. U S. Am- 
bassador to Costa Rica Former Undersecre- 
tary of Commerce for Transportation 

P. B. H.« — Paul B. Halstead. Secretary- 
Treasurer, The Cotton-Textile Institute, Inc., 
New York, N.Y. 

P. B. Hn.— Patrick Bruce Hepburn. Sec- 
retary, the Booksellers Association of Great 
Britain and Ireland. 

P. B. I. — P. B. Ingham. Director of the 
London School of Dalcroze Eurhythmies. 

P. B. N. — Pierrepont Burt Noyes. Presi- 
dent, Oneida Ltd., Oneida, N.Y. 

P. B. P. — -Pitman Be?ramr“ Potter. Gro- 
zier Professor of Intern: ma' Law, American 
University, Washington, D.C. Managing Edi- 
tor of the American Journal of International 
Law . Author of Introduction to the Study of 
International Organization ; etc. 

P. B. S. — Paul Bigelow Sears. Professor 
of Botany, Oberlin College, Oberlin, 0. Author 
of Deserts on the March ; etc. 

P. By. — Paul Bellamy. Editor, the Cleve- 
land Plain Dealer , Cleveland, O. 

P. C. — Pierre Champion. Author of Pro- 
ces de condemnation de Jeanne d’Arc; etc. 

P. C. By.— Paul C. Rucy, M.D. Profes- 
sor of Neurology and Neurological Surgery, 
College of Medicine, University of Illinois, 
Chicago, 111 Author of The Precentral Motor 
Cortex ; co-author of Neurology . 

P. C. IT.— Paul C. Hodges, M.D. Profes- 
sor of Radiology, in charge of the Section of 
Radiology, The University of Chicago. Co- 
author of Diseases of Bones and Joints. 

P. C. K. — Peter C. Kronfeld, M.D. Pro- 
fessor of Ophthalmology, College of Medicine, 
University of Illinois, Chicago, 111 

P. C. M. — Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell. 
Secretary to the Zoological Society of London, 
1903-35. Author of Outlines of Biology ; etc. 

P. C. Me.— Paul C. Melrose. Correspond- 
ent of South China Morning Post , Hong 
Kong, China, 1921-38. 

P. C. Mf. — Paul Christoph Mangels- 
dor£. Professor of Botany and Director of the 
Botanical Museum, Harvard University. Co- 
author (with R. G. Reeves). of T ' li 3 Origin of 
Indian Corn and Its Relatives. 

P. C. Y. — Philip Chesney Yorke. Magda- 
len College, Oxford. 

P. D. C. — *Paul D. Converse. Professor 
of Business Organization and Operation, 
University of Illinois, Urban a, 111. Author of 
Marketing Methods and Policies etc. 

P. D. G. H. — Peter Davidson Gunn 
Hamilton. Chief Port Engineer, U.S. Naval 
and Air Force Bases in Spain, 

P. Dh. — Percy Dunsheath. Member, Lon- 
don Electricity Board. President, Electrical 
Development Association. Chairman of Con- 
vocation, University of London. Author of 
A Century of Technology; The Electric Cur- 
rent; The Graduate in Industry. 

P. D. M. — Patrick Denis Mehigan. Free- 
lance journalist and author, Dublin, Ire. 
Author of History of Hurling; History of 
Irish Athletics; History of Gaelic Football; 

P. D s. — Porphyries Dikaios. Curator, 
Cyprus Museum, Nicosia, Cyprus Author of 
Khirokitia; Guide to Cyprus Museum . 

P. D. T. — Parker Davies Trask. Geol- 
ogist, U S Geological Survey, U.S. Depart- 
ment of the Interior. 

P. Du.— Paul Dumas. Vice-President, 
Standard Technical Company Member, Na- 
tional Technical CcmnvUee Conference 
Board, American Automobile Association. 

P. Dw. — Philip Drew. Lecturer in English 
Literature, Glasgow University, Glasgow, 

P. E. C,— Percy E. Corbett. Research As- 
sociate, Center of International Studies, 
Princeton University, Princeton, N J. Author 
of Law and Society m the Relations of States; 
Post-War Worlds 

P. E. Ch. — P. E. Church. Professor and 
Executive Officer, Department of Meteorology 
and Climatology, University of Washington, 
Seattle, Wash , 1947- 

P. Eg.— Paul Einzig. Political Corespond- 
ent, The Financial Times, London Er.g.^'.o 
Author of The Theory of Forward Exchange; 

P. E. G.— Paul Eveleigh Grainger. Stat- 
istician, British Non-Ferrous Metals Federa- 
tion and British Bureau of Non-Ferrous 
Metals Statistics, Birmingham, Eng. 

P. E. Jn. — Paul E. Johnston. Professor 
of Agricultural Economics, University of 
Illinois, Urbana, 111. 

P. E. K. — Paul Ernest Klopsteg. Pro- 
fessor of Applied Science and Director of 
Research, Northwestern Technological Insti- 
tute, Evanston, 111 Author of Turkish Archery 
and the Composite Bow. 

P. E. L. — Peter Edwin Lewis. Practising 
Barrister of the Honourable Society of the 
Inner Temple, London. 

P. E. R. — Peter Edward Russell. King 
Alfonso XIII Professor of Spanish Studies, 
Oxford University. Fellow of Queen’s College, 

P. F. P.— Rev. Paul F. Palmer, SJ. 
Professor of Dogmatic Theology and Lecturer 
in the History of Penance, Woodstock College, 
Woodstock, Md. 

P. F. W.— Park F. Wollam. Former As- 
sistant in History, University of California, 
Berkeley, Calif. 

P. G. — Percy Perceval Gardner. Pro- 
fessor of Classical Archaeology, University 
of Oxford, 1887-1925. 

P. G. B. — Peter Gordon Brown. Fellow 
of the Institute of Actuaries. Assistant Actu- 
ary, Government Actuary’s Department, 

P. G. Ds. — P. G. Davies. Colonel R.A.O.C, 
Former Secretary, The Croquet Association, 

P. Ge. — Pieter Geyl. Professor of Modern 
History, University of Utrecht, Utrecht, 
Netherlands. Professor of Dutch History and 
Institutions, University of London, 1919-35. 
Author of The Revolt of the Netherlands, 
15 5 5~! 60 9; etc. 

P. G. F. — Peter Godfrey Foote. Lecturer 
in Old Scandinavian, University College, Lon- 

P. G. H. B. — Percy George Hammall 
Boswell. Emeritus Professor of Geology in 
the University of London, Imperial College 
of Science and Technology. 

P, Gi.— Peter Giles. Vice-Chancellor of 
Cambndge Umveisity, 9-21 , Master of 
Emmanuel College, Cambridge^ and Univer- 
sity Reader in Compaiative PSilology, 19x1- 
35. Author of The Aryans (Cambridge His*' 
torv of India)* ^ 

P. G. K.— Paul G. Konody. 'Former Art 
Critic of The Observer and The Daily Mail, 
London. Author of Velasquez , His Life and 
Work; etc. 

P. Gm.— Percy Groom. Professor of the 
Technology of Woods and Fibres, Imperial 
College of Science and Technology, 1911-31. 
Author of Trees and Their Life Histories ; etc. 

P. Go.— PhiUp Gosse, M.D. Author of 
The Pirates > Who’s Who 7 The History of 
Piracy; etc. 

P. Gr. — Philip. Graves. Former Assistant 
Foreign Editor of the Times, London. Au- 
thor of The Land of Three Faiths; etc. 

P. G. Rs. — Philip George Rogers. Former 
Lecturer in German History and Institutions, 
School of Military Intelligence, British Army 
of the Rhine. 

P. G.-S.— Rev. P. Gardner-Smith. Fel- 
low and Dean of Jesus College, Cambridge. 

P. G. Sr. — Paul George Steelier. Chem- 
ist, Research and Development Laboratory, 
Merck & Co, Inc., Rahway, N.J. 

P. G. T. — Peter Guthrie Tail. Professor 
of Natural Philosophy, Edinburgh Univer- 
sity, Scotland, 1860-1901. 

P. Gu. — Right Rev. Monsignor Peter 
Guilday. Former Professor of American 
Church History, - Catholic University of 
America, Washington, D C Founder of Cath- 
olic Historical Association, 1919. Made Do- 
mestic Prelate by Pius XI. Former Editor of 
Catholic Historical Review (founder). 

P. H. H.— Paul H. Holinger, jM.D. Pro- 
fessor of Bronchoesophagology, Department of 
Otolaryngology, College of Medicine, Univer- 
sity of Illinois, Chicago, 111. 

P. H. J.— Percy Herbert Jones. General 
Secretary, the Cremation Society Secretary - 
General, the International Cremation Federa- 
tion Author of Cremation in Great Britain; 
Pioneers of Cremation. 

P. H. K.— Peter Henry Karmel. Profes- 
sor of Economics, University of Adelaide, 
Adelaide, Austr. 

P. H. M.-B. — Sir Philip Henry Manson- 
Bahr, M.D. Consulting Physician, Hospital 
for Tropical Diseases and Albert Dock Hos- 
pital, London, Eng. Former Director, Clinical 
Division, London School of Hygiene and 
Tropical Medicine. Author of The Dysenteric 
Disorders ; etc, 

P. H.-My. — Philip Hewitt-Myring. Pub- 
lic Relations Adviser for the Development 
and Welfare Organization in the British West 

P, H. O. — Paul H. Oehser. Editor, De- 
partment of Engineering and Industries, U.S. 
National Museum, Washington, D.C. 

P. H. O. R. — P. H. Otto Remmuth. Re- 
search Fellow in Chemistry, The University 
of Chicago. 

P. H. P.-S.— -Philip Henry Py e-Smith. 
Former Consulting Physician to Guy’s Hos- 
pital, London, and Vice-Chancellor of the 
University of London. Co-author of A Text 
Book of Medicine; etc. 

P. Hu. — Prevost Hubbard. Chemical En- 
gineer, The Asphalt Institute, New York, N.Y. 
Author of Duzt Preventives end Roac^JSind- 
ers; etc. «* 9 * 



P. H, W.— Sir Percy Henry Winfield. 
Rouse Ball Professor of English Law, Cam- 
bridge Unive-hy 1928-43- former Editor 
in* Chief, Law Journal. 

p 1. D. — Philipp Ignaz D^ngel. Former 
Profess©*, of Modem History in the Univer- 
sity of Inr?,bruck, Austria Director of the 
Austrian Institute of History m Rome, 
p J a.— -Paul Jamot. Honorary Curator, 
Louvre Museum, Paris. 

p. J. D.— Rev. Philip J- Donnelly, SJ. 
Professor of Dogmatic Theology, Weston Col- 
lege Weston, Mass. Doctor of Sacred The- 
ology, Pontifical Giegorian University, Rome, 


p T J. — Philip James Jones. Lecturer in 
Mediaeval History, University of Leeds, Leeds, 

Eng * 

P I My Peter John jyEurray. Libra- 

iian, Witt Library, Courtauld Institute of Art, 
University of London. 

p T N -B.— Philip J. Noel-Baker. Sec- 
retary of State for Commonwealth Relations, 
IQ47- Sir Ernest Cassel Piofessor of Inter- 
national Relations in the University of Lon- 
don, 1924-29. Joint Parliamentary Secretary 
to Ministry of War Transport, 1942-45. Min- 
ister of State 1945-46 Secretary of State for 
Air, 1946-47 Author of Disarmament; etc. 

p k. — P hilip Henry Kerr, Marquess 
of Lothian. British Ambassador to the 
United States of America, i939~4° Secretary 
of Rhodes Trust, 1925-29 

p t H. Philip Khuri Hitti. Professor 

of Semitic Literature and Chairman of the 
Department of Oriental Languages and Liter- 
atures, Princeton University, Princeton, JN.J. 
Author of History of the Arabs; etc. 

P. K. L.— Patrick K. Lynch. Lecturer in 
- Economics, University College, Dublin, Ire. 

p Kr raulTCircher. Assistant Professor 

of Accounting, The University of Chicago. 
Author of Accounting for Investments ; co- 
author of Management Planning for Corpo- 
rate Taxes . 

p, L. — Percy Longhurst. Honorary Sec- 
retary and Treasurer, International Amateur 
Wrestling Federation. Author of Wrestling; 

p. La.— -Philip Lake. Former Lecturer on 
Physical and Regional Geography in Cam- 
bridge University. Formerly of the Geological 
Survey of India. Author of Monograph on 
British Cambrian TrUobites, 

P. L.-B. — Percy Lazarus-Barlow, M.D. 
Pathologist to the East Sussex Hospital, 
Hastings, Eng.; former Assistant Bacteriolo- 
gist, Metropolitan Asylums Board. 

p t Le. Philip Levine. Director of Biologic 

Division, Ortho Research Foundation, Raritan, 
M.J. Research Associate, Columbia University, 
New York, N.Y. 

P. Leb. — Phileas Lebesgue, Editor, 
Mercure de France, 1896— 1940* Author of 
La Grace litter air e d’aujourd’hui; etc. 

P. L. G. — Paul L. Gerhardt. Former Vice- 
President and General Manager and Mem- 
ber cf Board of Directors, Bush Terminal 
Company, New York, N.Y, 

P. L. Go. — Paul L. Goering. Associate Sec- 
retary, National Service. Board for Religious 
Objectors, Washington, D.C 
P. L. K . — Paul L. Kirk? Professor of Bio- 
chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, 

p. L. M. — Philip L. Miller. First Assist- 
ant, Musk Division (in charge of Record 
Archive), New York Public * Library, New 

p Eq —Percy Longmuir. Former Presi- 
dent Institute of 3 'itish Foundrymen, and 
Sheffield Foundry Trades Technical Society. 

P L. T.—Philin Livingston Thomson. 
President, Audit Screau of Circulations, 
p M wiwkov. Former member 

of’ the ‘ 3rd and -to fTo 

of Foreign Affairs in the first 
Government of Prince Lvov 
P. M. A. F.— Pierre Marie Auguste 
Pilon. French man of letters Author of Le 
Theatre Anglais; etc. 

P. Man.— Paul Manship. Sculptor. 
Works* “Prometheus Fountain, Rockefeller 
Center, New York, N.Y ; “Dancer and Ga- 
zelles ” Art Institute of Chicago, 111. ; etc. 

P M. F.- — Peter Marshall Fraser. Lec- 
turei in Hellenistic History, Oxford Univer- 

P M H — Peter Martin Heldt. Engi- 
neering Editor of Automotive Industries. Au- 
thor of Automotive Engines; High-Speed 
Diesel Engines; etc. 

P. M. Ha.— -Philip M. Hauser. Professor 
of Sociology and Associate Dean, Division of 
the Social Sciences, The University of Chi- 
cago. Co-author of Government Statistics for 
Business Use. 

P. M. M.— Philip M. Marston. Professor 
and Chairman of the Department of History, 
University of New Hampshire, Durham, IN tl. 

p. M n . Parry Moon. Associate Professor 

of Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts In- 
stitute of 'L'dmotog}, CamLr:cgw. Mass. 

p yi p. Paul Martin Pearson. Founder 

and President (1912-30), Swarthmore Chau- 
tauqua Association, Swarthmore, Pa Former 
President, The International Lyceum Chau- 
tauqua Association. Author of Intercollegiate 
Debates; etc. 

P. M. R.— Percy Maude Roxby. Profes- 
sor of’ Geography in University of Liverpool, 
1017-44. Member of China Education Com- 
mission, 1921-22 Visiting Professor, Egyp- 
tian University, Cairo, 1930. Author of The 
Far Eastern Question in Us Geographical Set- 
ting; etc. 

P. M. S. — Sir Percy Molesworth Sykes. 
Brigadier General. G.O.C., Southern Per- 
sia 1916-18. Consul-General for Khurasan, 
1905—13* Consul-General for Chinese Turkes- 
tan 1915. Author of History of Persia; with 
Ella Sykes, Through Deserts and Oases of 
Central Asia; etc. 

P. M. T.— Prentice M. Thomas. Editor, 
Textile World. 

P. N. S. M.— -(Philip) Nicholas Seton 
Mansergh. Smuts Professor of the History 
of the British Commonwealth, Cambridge 
University. Former Abe Bailey Research Pro- 
fessor of British Commonwealth Relations, 
Royal Institute of International Affairs, Lon- 
don Author of Britain and Ireland; The Com- 
ing ’ of the First World War ; The Common- 
wealth and the Nations; etc. 

P P. C. — Philip Putnam Chase. Lec- 
turer in History, Harvard University. 

P. P. Cr. — Paul Philippe Cret. Former 
Professor of Architectural Design, University 
of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Architect of 
Pan American Union, Washington, D.C. ; val- 
ley Forge Memorial Arch, Philadelphia; etc. 
p. p e . — Pierre PeissL Secretary, Comit6 
des Forges. 

P. P. Gt— Philip Porter Gott. President, 
National Confectioners' Association, 1941- . 
Former Manager, Trade Association Depart- 
ment, U.S.« Chamber of Commerce. 

P Pm.— Palmer Xrutnam. Assistant direc- 
tor Psychological Strategy Board, Washing- 
ton, D.C. Author o t Energy m the Future , 
Power From the Wind. 

p p p — Pascal P. Parente. Professor of 
Ascetical and Mystical Theology, Cathohc 
University of America, Washington, D.C. 
Author of The Ascetical Life; etc. 
p p r —P eter P. Regna. Group Leader 
in' Organic Research, Charles Pfiyer and Com- 
pany, Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
p, p. s.— Peter Platou Stabell. Supreme 
Court Advocate (barrister) Partner m the 
firm of Herman Christian, Wilhelm Bugge and 
Peter P. Stabell. 

P. R. B.— Paul Ryan Byrne. University 
Librarian and Director of University Librar- 
ies, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, 

p p, Br.— Paul Rufus Burkholder. 
Eaton ’Professor of Botany and Fellow of 
Silliman College, Yale University. Secretary, 
Botanical Society of America. 

P. R. C.— Philip R. Coursey. The Dubi- 
lier Condenser Company, Ltd., London, 1925. 
P. Re.— Paul Reboux. Directeur Litteraire, 
Les Editions de Laurier, Paris. 

P. R. E. L.— P. R. Elsa Lewkowitsch. 
Associate, Royal College of Science. 

P R. S.— Paul Roscoe Stillman, D.D.S. 
Clinical Professor of Periodontia, New York 
University. Post Graduate Lecturer, Harvard 
University, 1928. Co-author of Text Book of 
Clinical Periodontia. 

p s Preserved Smith. Professor of 

Mediaeval History, Cornell University, 
Ithaca, N.Y., 1922-41. Author of The Age of 
the Reformation ; etc. 

p o 3^ G.— Paul S. GaltsofL In charge, 
Shellfishery Investigations, Fish and Wild- 
life Service, United States Department of the 
Interior, College Park, Md. Scientific Ob- 
server, Bikini Atom Bomb Tests, 1946. 

P. S. H. — Philip Showalter Hench, 
M„D.* Senior Consultant, Staff of Mayo 
Clinic, Rochester, Minn. 

P. Si.— Percy Simpson. Former Reader 
in’ English Textual Criticism and Fellow of 
Oriel College, Oxford. Author of Shake- 
spearian Punctuation ; etc. 

P. S. L. — Paul S. Lomax. Chairman, De- 
partment of Business Education, School of 
Education, New York University, New York, 
NY. Author of Commercial Teaching Prob- 

P. Sr.— Paul Sollenberger. Principal As- 
tronomer, U.S. Naval Observatory, Washing- 
ton, D.C. 

P. Ss.— Percy Stebbings. Insurance Edi- 
tor and Correspondent to the Financial 
Times, Bankers y Magazine and Investors 
Chronicle, London. 

P. T. Eh. — Paul Theodore Ellsworth. 
Professor of Economics, University of Wis- 
consin, Madison, Wis., 1944" • Senior Econ- 
omist, United States Treasury Department, 
1935-36. Economic Adviser, United States 
Department of State, i943“44* Author of In- 
ternational Economics; Chile: An Economy 
in Transition. 

p, Tn. — Procter Thomson. Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Economics and of Education, The 
University of Chicago. Author of Economics 
in the Modern World. 

p. Tt. Philip Taft. Professor and Chair- 

man of the Department cf Economics, Brown 
University, Providence, R.I. Author 01 Eco- 
nomics and the Problems of Labor ; Move- 
ments for Economic Reform » 


P. T. Y.— Paul Thomfs Young. Professor 
of Psychology, University of Illinois, Urbana, 
111 . Author of Emotion m Man and Animal; 
Motivation of Behavior. 

P. V.— Pasquale Villari. Italian historian 
and statesman. Author of I primi due secoli 
della storia di Firenze; etc. 

P. V. B.« -—Percy V. Bradshaw. Principal, 
the Press Art School, London. 

P. Vi.— Sir Paul Vinogradoff. Former 
Corpus Professor of Jurisprudence, Oxford 
University, and Honorary Professor of His- 
tory, University of Moscow. Author of Vil- 
leinage in England; etc 

P. Vt.— Pierre Viot. Auditor of the Cour 
des Comptes, Paris, Fr. 

P. W. B.— Percy Williams Bridgman. 
Hollis Professor of Mathematics and Natural 
Philosophy, Harvard University, 1926- . 
Nobel Prize for Physics, 1946 Author of The 
Logic of Modern Physics; The Physics of 
High Pressure; The Nature of Physical 
Theory; The Intelligent Individual and So- 
ciety; The Nature of Thermodynamics. 

P.« We.—Perc W estmore. Director of 
Make-up, Warner Brothers First National 

P. W. I. — Philip Willard Ireland. First 
Secretary and Consul, Cairo, Egypt, 1945- . 
Author of ’Iraq: A Study in Political Devel- 
opment; etc. 

P. Wo.— Philippe Wolff. Maitre de Con- 
ferences a PUniversite de Toulouse, Toulouse, 

P. W. S.— Pierce Wilson Seiwood. Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry, Northwestern Univer- 
sity, Evanston, III Author of Magnetochem- 
istry . 

P. W. T.«— Philip W. Thayer. Dean, 
School of Advanced International Studies, 
The Johns Hopkins University, Washington, 
D.C. Author of The Comparative Law of In- 
ternational Commerce; The Law Merchant . 

P. W. Wg.-P. W. Whiting. Professor 
of Zoology, University of Pennsylvania, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. 

P. W. Z.— Percy White Zimmerman. 
Plant Physiologist, Boyce Thompson Insti- 
tute for Plant Research, Yonkers, N.Y. Au- 
thor of Vegetative Plant Propagation. 

Py. B.— Perry Byerly. Professor of Seis- 
mology, University of California, Berkeley, 
Calif. Author of Seismology . 

P. Z. C.— Sir Percy Zachariah Cox. 
Major General. High Commissioner in 
Mesopotamia, 1920-23. Acting British Min- 
ister to Persia, 1918-20. Secretary, Foreign 
Department, Government of India, 1914. 

Q. W. — Quincy Wright. Professor of In- 
ternational Law, The University of Chicago, 
Chicago, 111 . Author of A Study of War; etc* 

R. — John William Strutt, 3 rd Baron 
Rayleigh. President of the Royal Society, 
1905-08. Former Chancellor of Cambridge 
University. Professor of Natural Philosophy 
at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, 
1887-1905. Nobel Prize for Physics, 1904. 
Author of The Theory of Sound and numer- 
ous scientific memoirs. 

R. A. — Robert Adamson. Philosopher, 
Professor of Logic, University of Glasgow, 
Scotland, 1895-1902. Author of The Devel- 
opment of Modern Philosophy ; with Other 
Lectures and Essays . 

R. A. Bn. — Roger Avery Barton. Editor, 
Advertising Agency magazine Lecturer in Ad- 
vertising, Graduate School of Business, Co- 
lumbia University, New York, N Y Editor, 
Advertising Handbook . 

R. A. Br.— Rt. Hon, Richard A. Butler. 
Member of Parliament. Minister of Labour, 
1945 Minister of Education, 1941-45 

R, A. D.— Reginald Aldworth Daly. 
Sturg:= Hrio-'c-] Ementus of Geol- 
ogy, Fr'.i-r . a.* vi\' 1; Author of Igneous 

Rocks and the Depths of the Earth; Strength 
and Structure of the Earth. 

R. A. F.— Ronald Aylmer Fisher. Arthur 
Balfour Professor of Genetics, Cambridge 
University, 1943- . Author of The Genetical 
Theory of Natural Selection ; etc. 

R. A. FI. — Robert Andrew Fell. Horo- 
logical Research Engineer, Smith’s English 
Clocks, Ltd. 

R. A. Ga. — Ruth Augusta Gallaher. As- 
sociate Editor and Librarian of the State His- 
torical Society of Iowa. Author of Legal and 
Political Status of Women m Iowa; etc 

Ra. J. M. — Raymond Joseph Miller. 
Professor of Sociology, Redcmptorist Fathers 
Seminary, Oconomowoc, Wis. 

R. A. L. — R. A. Langworthy. Vice-Pres- 
ident and General Manager of Ruths Accu- 
mulator Company, Inc, New York, NY. 

R. A. Le.— Sir Rudolf Alexander Little. 
Director-General, General Post Office, Lon- 

R. AIL — Ray Allister. Journalist. Author 
of Friese-Greene * Close-Up of an Inventor. 

R. A. Lo. — Robert A. Long. Former 
Chairman of the Board of Long-Bell Lumber 
Company, Kansas City, Mo. 

R. A. Lr. — Robert A. Lubker. Associate 
Manager, Metals Research, Armour Research 
Foundation, Illinois Institute of Technology, 
Chicago, 111 . 

R. A. Lu.— R. A. Lundell. Ingersoll-Rand 
Company, New York, N.Y. 

Ra. Ms. — Ralph Marcus. Associate Profes- 
sor of Hellenistic Culture, The University of 
Chicago. Author of Law in the Apocrypha; 
Works of Josephus. 

R. An. — Robert Anchel. Archivist, Na- 
tional Archives, Paris. 

R. A. R. — Raymond A. Ruge. Secretary, 
Eastern Ice Yachting Association, 1938-42. 

R. A. S.— Ralph Allen Sampson. Astron- 
omer-Royal, Scotland, 1910-37. Former Pro- 
fessor of Astronomy, University of Durham, 
England Author of Tables of the Four Great 
Satellites of Jupiter; etc. 

R. A. Sm. — Reginald Allender Smith. 
Keeper of British and Mediaeval Antiquities, 
British Museum, London, 1928-38 

R. A. S. M. — Robert Alexander Stewart 
Macalister. Professor of Celtic Archaeology, 
University College, Dublin, 1909-43 Author 
of The Archaeology of Ireland; etc. 

R. A. W. — Richard A. Wilkins. Vice- 
President and Director of Research, Revere 
Copper and Brass, Inc., Rome, N.Y. 

R. Ay. — Robert Auty. Fellow of Selwyn 
College and ITihcrsity Lecturer in German 
and Czech, Cambridge University. 

R. B. — Ralph Bown. Director of Research, 
Bell Telephone Laboratories, New York, 
N.Y.. 1046- . 


R. B. Be.— -Robert Bigham IJrode. Pro- 
fessor of Physics, University of California. 

R. B. Br.— R. B. Bryce. Secretary to the 
Cabinet, Government of Canada, Ottawa, Qfit # 

R. B. D.— Roland Burrage*Dixon. For- 
mer Professor of Anthropology ^^farvard 
University. Author of Racial History of 
Man; etc. 

R. Be.— Riccardo R. Bertelli. Former 
President and Director, Roman Bronze 
Works, Inc, Long Island City, NY 

R. B. En.— Russell Brayton Eaton. In- 
structor, DcoartrrmN of Chemistiy, Cornell 
Univei sity. , N V. 

R. B. F.— Raymond Blaine Fosdick. 
President and Trustee, Rockefeller Founda- 
tion and General Education Board. Former 
Under-Secretary General of the League of 
Nations Authored American Police Systems ; 
European Police Systems ; etc. 

R. B. Fm.— Royal Bailey Farnum. Presi- 
dent, National Association of Schools of De- 
sign, New York, N Y. Author of Learning 
More about Pictures; Fine and A spiled A'ts 

R. B. G.— R. B. Gray. Principal Agricul- 
tural Engineer In Charge of Division of 
Farm Power and Machinery, Bureau of Plant 
Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering, 
Agricultural Research Administration, U.S 
Department of Agriculture, Beitsville, Md 

R. B. H. — Robert Burnett Hall. Colo- 
nel, A U ^ Professor of Geography, 1938- , 

and D meet or* Center for Japanese Studies, 
1947- , University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 
Mich. Director of pacific Coast Office, Office 
of Strategic Services, 1942-43. Co-author of 
Elementary College Geography; etc. Author 
of A Geography of Primary Production; etc. 

R. B. Ha.— Richard B. Hall. Executive 
Secretary, The American Title Association, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

R. B. Hr.— Robert Brinton Harper. 
Former Vice-President in charge of Research 
and Testing, The Peoples Gas Light and Coke 
Company, Chicago, 111 Former Director and 
Treasurer, Research Foundation of Armour 
Institute of Technology. 

R. B. I.— Robert Benjamin Irwin. Former 
Executive Director, American Foundation for 
the Blind. Co-author of Blind Relief Laws. 

R. Bk. — Robert Balk. Principal Geologist, 
New Mexico Bureau of Mines, Socorro, N.M. 
Author of Structural Behavior of Igneous 
Rocks; etc. 

R. B. K. — Roy Bernard Kester. Proces- 
sor of Accounting, School of Business Colum- 
bia University Author of Accounting Appli- 
cations in Business and Industry. 

R. B. Kr. — R. B. Koeber. Manager, Re- 
search Department, San Francisco Chamber 
of Commerce. 

R. B. McC.— Ronald Buchanan Mc- 
Callum. Senior Tutor, Pembroke College, Ox- 
ford. Author of The British General Election 
of 1945; Public Opinion and the First Peace . 

R. B. McK. — Ronald Brunlees McflKer- 
row. Former Honorary Lecturer in English 
Bibliography, King’s College, London. 

R. B. Ms.— Richard B. Morris. Professor 
of History, Columbia University, New York, 
N.Y. Author of Government and Labor in 
Early America Editor of Encyclopedia of 
American History. 

R. B. My. — Ray trend Braislin Mont- 
gomery. Physical Oceanographer, Woods 
Hole Oceanographic Institution, Wood^Hole, 
Mass. Editor. Journaioi Meteorology. * * 




R. Bo.— -Robert Boutrache. Professor at 
the Facult/ of Letters, University of Stras- 
bourg, Strasbourg, Fr Director of Studies, 
ficole Pratique des Hautes-^tudes, Paris. Au- 
thor of L 3 Alien en Bordelais ei en Bazadais 
du XI e au XVIII s siecle; La Crise d'vne so - 
ciete: “^fgneurs ei pay sans du Bordelais 
pendant la Guerre de Cent Ans. 

R. B.-P.— Lord Baden-Powel! of Gil- 
well. Lieutenant General. Founder of the 
Boy Scout and Girl Guide Movement. 

R. B. Pi. — Robert Brindley Pitt. Colo- 
nel. Managing Director of Stothert and Pitt, 
Ltd., Engineers, Bath, England. 

R. B. R. — Richard Biddle Richter, M.D. 
Professor of Neurology, The University of 

R. B. Bn.— Robert Browning Bosnian. 
Assistant Director of Research, United States 
Steel C^rooraiiom Kearny, N J. Member of 
the Sc :f,;ment of Ceramics, Rutgers 
University, New Brunswick, N J. Author of 
The Properties oj Silica ; etc. 

R. B. Wh. — Roy Barton White. Presi- 
dent, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, 
1941- . President, The Western Union Tele- 
graph Company, 1933-41. 

R. B. Win. — Richard Bruce Wernfiam. 
Professor of Modern History, Oxford Univer- 
sity. Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford. 

R. B. Ws. — Russell Byron Williams. 
Former advertising executive, writer and lec- 
turer. Author of Potpourri. 

R. C. — Rhys Carpenter. Professor of Clas- 
sical Aichaeology, Bry$ Mawr College, 
Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

R. C. A. — Raymond Clare Archibald. 
Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, Brown 
University, Providence, R.I. 

R. C. An. — Roy Chapman Andrews. 
Hon, Director (formerly Director), Ameri- 
can Museum of Natural History, New York, 
N.Y. Author of Camps and Trails in China ; 
Across Mongolian Plains; etc. 

R. C. B. — R. C. Brooks. Former Professor 
of Political Science, Swarthmore College, 
Swarthmore, Pa. Author of Political Parties 
and Electoral Problems; etc. 

R. C. Bd. — Robert Cecil Bald. Professor 
of English, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., 

mi- * 

R. C. D. — Romesh Chunder Dutt. Au- 
thor of Economic History of India in the 
Victorian Age , 1837-1900; etc. 

R. Ce. — Rudolf Criegee. Professor of Or- 
ganic Chemistry, Technical High School, 
Karlsruhe, Ger. 

R, C. E. L.— Richard C. E. Long. Author 
of McLya and Christian Chronology; etc. 

R. C. F. — R. C. Farmer. Former Chief 
Chemist, Explosives Department, Ministry of 
Supply. Author of Manufacture and Uses of 
Explosives; etc. 

R. C. G. — R. C. Grant. Brigadier General. 
General Secretary of Toe H. 

R, C. Gl. — Richard Cochran Gill. Pres- 
ident, Gill, Miller Co., Ecuador, 1930- . Field 
Manager in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia for 
B. F. Goodrich Rubber Corp,. 1928-30. Au- 
thor of The Other America ^ etc. 

R- C* Gn.— Robert C. Goodwin. Director, 
Bureau of Employment Security, U.S. De- 
partment of Labor, Washington, D.C. 

R. Ch. — Robert Chambers. Research Pro- 
fesso*spf Biology, Washington Square College, 
New York Univeisity, New York. N.Y. 

R. C. J.— Sir Richard Claverhouse Jebb. 
Public Orator, Cambridge University, 1860- 
73, and Professor of Greek, 1889-1905 Au- 
thor of Translations into Greek and Latin 
Verse; etc. 

R. Ck.— Robert Cruikshank, M.D. Pro- 
fessor of Bacteriology, University of London, 
at St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, Lon- 
don. Joint Editor, Control of Common 
Fevers; sectional editor, Recent Advances in 
Clinical Pathology . 

R. C. O. — Raymond C. Osburn. Emeri- 
tus Professor of Zoology, Ohio State Univer- 
sity, Columbus, Ohio. Research Associate, 
University of Southern California, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

R. Cr. — Robert Charr, M.D. Assistant 
Professor of Medicine, Jefferson Medical Col- 
lege, Philadelphia, Pa. Director of X-Ray Sur- 
veys, Philadelphia Tuberculosis and Health 
Association Associate Physician, Pennsylvania 
Hospital, Philadelphia. 

R. C. R.— Reed C. Rollins. Associate Pro- 
fessor of Botany and Director of the Gray 
Herbarium, Harvard University Author of 
The Guayule Rubber Plant and Its Relatives. 

R. C. Sma.— Raymond Charles Small. 
Fellow and Tutor of Sidney Sussex College, 

R. D.— Randal! (Robert Henry) 
Davies. Sometime Art Critic to the Acad- 
emy , Westminster Gazette , New Statesman 
and Queen , London. Secretary to the late 
Joseph Pulitzer, owner of New York World. 
Author of Six Centuries of Painting; etc 

Rd. A. K. — Richard Arthur Kahn. Chief, 
Economic Facilities Branch, Defense Fisheries 
Administration, U.S Department of the In- 

R. D. Ca. — Robert Daniel Carmichael. 
Professor of Mathematics and Emeritus Dean 
of the Graduate School, University of Illinois, 
Urbana, III. Author of T keory of Numbers; 

R. D. D. — Ralfe Davidson Davies. Cap- 
tain, Royal Engineers. Experimental Officer, 
Experimental ’’"'-tabiishment, Christ- 

church, Hants 

R. De.« — Ruth Dean. Practising landscape 
architect, New York, N.Y. Author of The 
Livable House — Its Garden. 

R. d’E.— -Raul d’Eca. Assistant Chief, East 
Coast Area, Office of the Public Affairs Ad- 
viser, Bureau of Inter-American Affairs, U.S. 
Department of State, Washington, D.C. Co- 
author of Outline History of Latin America. 

R. de R,— Raymond de Roover. Asso- 
ciate Professor of Economics, Wells College, 
Aurora, N.Y. 

R. de T.-E. — Romain de Tirtoff-Erte. 
Artist and painter. Contributor to Harper's 
Bazaar; U Illustration; Vogue; Sketch; etc. 

R. de W. C.— Robert de Wolf Coghiil. 
Director of Research, Abbott Laboratories, 
North Chicago, 111 ., 1946- 

R. D. H. — R. Dawson Hall. Engineering 
Editor, Coal Age , New York, N.Y. 

R. D. Hi.— R. D. Hicks. Former Fellow 
and Classical Tutor, Trinity College, Cam- 

R. D, Hn.— Richard David Hahn, M.D. 
Instructor in Medicine, The Johns Hopkins 
School of Medicine, Baltimore, Md. Senior 
Medical Supervisor, Venereal Disease Divi- 
sion, Baltimore City Health Department, 

R, Do Hu.— Rockwell Dennis Hunt. 
Emeritus Dean of the Graduate School and 
Professor of Economics, University of South- 
ern California, Los Angeles. Author of Cal- 
ifornia the Golden; etc. 

R. D. Le.— Ralph D. Lillie, M.D. Chief, 
Laboratory of Pathology and Pharmacology, 
National Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic 
Diseases, National Institutes of Health, 
Bethesda, Md. Author of Histopathologic 
Technic; Pathology of Experimental Vac- 
cinia in Rabbits; Pathology of Psittacosis ; 
Pathology of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever; 
Pathology of Tularaemia. 

R. Do.— Robert Dowson. Engineer, 
Messrs C A. Parsons Co , Ltd , Heaton 
Works, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England. 

R. Don.— Sir Robert Donald. Chairman, 
Empire Press Union, 1915-26. Editor of the 
Daily Chronicle, 1902-18. Managing Direc- 
tor of United Newspapers, Ltd, to 1918. 

Rd. P.— Richard Pittioni. Professor, In- 
stitute of Ancient History, University of 
Vienna, Vienna, Aus Author of Vom geistigen 
Mensckenbild der Urzeit; Die urgeschicht- 
lichen Grundlagen der europaischen Kultur. 

R. D. P. — Ralzemond Drake Parker. 
Telegraph Development Director, Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, New York, NY. 

R. Dt. — Roger Doucet. Rector of the 
Academy of Besangon, University of Besan- 
gon, Besangon, Fr. Author of Les Institutions 
de la France au XVIme siecle; Le Parlement de 
Paris et Francois L 

R. D. W.— Ralph D. Wyckoff. Staff Geo- 
physicist, Gulf Research and Development 
Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

R. Dy,— Roman ByboskL Former Pro- 
fessor of English Literature in the Univer- 
sity of Cracow, Poland. Author of Poland 
Old and New; etc. 

R. E. — Ralph R. Enfield. Chief Economic 
Adviser, Ministry of Agriculture and Fish- 
eries, London. 

R. E. B.— Richard Evelyn Byrd. Naval 
officer (retired) and aviator. In command of 
South Polar Expeditions, 1928-30, 1933-35, 
1939, 1947. Commander, Aviation Unit of 
Navy-MacMillan Polar Expedition, 1925. 
Made flight over North Pole, 1926. Made 
transatlantic flight with three companions 
from New York to France, 1927. 

R. E. Bn. — Ray E. Brown. Superintend- 
ent, The University of Chicago Clinics, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

R. E. C.— Dame Rachel Eleanor 
Crowdy. Regions’ Adviser, Ministry of In- 
formation, 1939-46 Chief of Social Questions 
and Opium Traffic Section, League of Nations, 

R. E. Ck. — Robert Elwell Connick. As- 
sistant Professor of Chemistry, University of 
California, Berkeley, Calif. 

R. Ed.‘ — Ralph Edwards. Keeper, Depart- 
ment of Woodwork, Victoria and Albert Mu- 
seum, London. Co-author of The Dictionary 
of English Furniture. 

R. E. E. — Richard Edgar Evans. As- 
sistant Superintendent, Production Engineer- 
ing and Control, Remington Arms Company, 
Bridgeport, Conn. 

R. E. F.— Robert Elliott Freer. Chair- 
man, Federal Trade Commission, 1939, 1944 
and 1948. 

R. E, G.— Reginald E. Gillmor. Vice- 
President, Sperry Gyroscope Company, Inc., 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 




R. E. Gm T,'. r’’~ Grim. Principal 

Geologist, .‘-'I' , :: Survey, Urbana, 

111 Author ' *’# Action of Clay; 

Modern Concepts of Clay Materials. 

R. E. J. — Robert Edmond Jones. Amer- 
ican theatrical designer Author of Drawings 
for the Theatre; The Dramatic Imagination. 

R. E. K.— -Roland Ernest Krause. Cap- 
tain, U S Navy (retired). 

R. E. L.— -Rudolph Ernest Langer. Pro- 
fessor of Mathematics and Chairman, De- 
n? r t r ne«t Mathematics, University of Wis- 
- *• . , Wis. 

R. E. M. — Robert E. Martin. Associate 
Professor of Government, Howard Univer- 
sity, Washington, D C Author of Negro Dis- 
franchisement in T T T r -White Par- 
ticipation in the . ‘ ' . 

R. E. My.-— Robert Edgar Megarry. 
Barrister-at-Law. Reader T ^ the 

Inns of Court, London. - - ■ - ■ ■ ' of 

the Law Quarterly Review Member of the 
Lord Chancellor’s Committee on Law Reform 
Author of A Manual of the Law of Real Prop- 
erty; The Rent Acts; Snell’s Equity, 

R. E. O.— -Ralph Edward Oesper. Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry, University of Cincinnati, 
Cincinnati, O, 

R. E. R.— Richard Ellis Roberts. Au- 
thor of A Roman Pilgrimage; Hemik Ibsen; 
The Other End; etc. 

R. E. W. — Robert E. Wocd - 
General Chairman of the 
Roebuck and C^moanv Chicago. Actrng 
Ou?it£V”na«tcr Cerc.T, Um‘ed States Army, 
during World War I 

R. E. W. J.-— Richard Edward Warwick 
James. Assistant Curator, Barber Institute of 
Fine Arts, Birmingham, Eng Honorary Lec- 
turer, University of Birmingham, Birming- 
ham. Author of Perugino ; Rembrandt; Ru- 
bens; Titian. 

R. E. Wy. —Robert E. Wyllie, Brigadier 
General, USA (retired). Author of Orders, 
Decorations and Insignia . 

R. F.— Raymond William Firth. Profes- 
sor of Anthropology, University of London. 
Leverhulme Research Fellow in Malaya, 
1939-40. Author of Primitive Economics of 
the New Zealand Maori. 

R. F. A.— Robert Franz Arnold. Former 
Professor of German Literature in the Uni- 
versity of Vienna. 

R. F. Ft. — Richard Foster Flint. Pro- 
fessor of Geology, Yale University. 

R. F. H. — R. F. Harrod, Member of the 
Council, Royal Economic Society. Fellow of 
the British Academy Author of International 
Economics , the Trade Cycle; Lite of J. M, 
Keynes; Towards a Dynamic Economics. 

R. F. K. — Robert F. Kelley. Assistant 
Secretary, United States Polo Association. 

R. F. L.— Raymond Fernand Loewy. 
Head of Raymond Loewy Associates, Indus- 
trial Designers, New York, N Y. Author of 
The Locomotive ( Its Esthetics). 

R. F. Ls. — Rene Felix Lissens. Flemish 
critic and literary historian. Author of Brieven 
van Albrecht Rodenbach ; Het Impressiomsme 
in de Vlaamsche Letterkunde. 

R. F. M. — Robert Foster Moore. Con- 
sulting Ophthalmic Surgeon, St Barthol- 
omew’s Hospital. London Consulting Sur- 
geon, M001 fields Eye Hospital Author of 
Medical Ophthalmology; etc. 

R. F. N.— Roy Franklin Nichols. Pro- 
fessor of History, University of Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia, Pa Author of The Democratic 
Machine (1850-1854) , etc 

R. Fr.- .~ x >z 4 5Z~ m Fry. Artist Honorary Fel- 
low, K.'v - o- 'v Cambridge, 1927 Au- 
thor of Giovanni Bellini 

R. Fs.— -Robert Foss. Publicity Director 
and Editor, University of Wisconsin News 
Bureau, Madison, Wis. 

R. G. — Richard Garnett. Former Super- 
intendent of the Reading Room and Keeper 
of the Printed Books, British Museum, Lon- 
don Co-editor with Edmund Gosse of Eng- 
lish Literature. Author of Emerson; Milton; 

R. G. A.— -Robert Greenhalgh Albion. 
Prolessor of History, Piinceton University, 
Princeton, N J Assistant Director of Na\ al 
History, U S Department of the Navy, Wash- 
ington, D C. Author of Forests and Sea 
Power; Rise of New York Port. 

R. G. A. de B.— Reginald George Ar- 
thur de Bray. Lecturer in Comparative Sla- 
vonic Philology, School of Slavonic and East 
European Studies, University of London Au- 
thoi of Guide to the Slavonic Languages. 

R. G. D. A. — Roy George Douglas Al- 
len. Professoi of Statistics, University of 
London Author of Statistics for Economists. 

R. G. H. — Ralph George Hawtrey. As- 
sistant Secretar> to the Treasury, London. 
Author of Currency and Credit ; etc. 

R. G. Hu. — Ray Garland Hulburt. Di- 
rector of Information and Statistics, Ameri- 
can Osteopathic Association, 1924-47. Former 
Editor of The Journal of the American Oste- 
opathic Association 

R. Gi. — Sir Robert Giffen. Former As- 
sistant Editor, with Walter Bagehot, of the 
Economist . (1892-97) to 

the British ,; , , . Author of Es- 

says on Finance; etc. 

R. Git.-— Roy Gittinger. Regents’ Profes- 
soi of Histoiy, 1946- . Dean of Administra- 
tion, 1926-41, Dean of Admission, 1941-46, 
University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla. Au- 
thor of The Formation of the State of Okla- 
homa; etc. 

R. Gl. — Ral£ Gall. Former Assistant Fi- 
nancial Editor, Chicago Daily News. 

R. G. O — Ralph G. Owens. Dean of Engi- 
neering, 1 u’U/.s ,i.. 0 of Technology, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

R. G. P. — Ralph G. Peterson. Public Re- 
lations Consultant. 

R. G. Rr. — Robert George Raymer. 
Former Associate Professor ot History, Uni- 
versity of Redlands, Redlands, Calif. Author 
of Montana, the Land and the People. 

R. G. S. — Robert Gordon Sproul. Pres- 
ident, Univcisity of California, Berkeley, 

R. G. Se. — Robert Granville Stone. Me- 
teorologist, Hcadouariers Air Weather 
Service (A A F ) Editor, Bulletin of the 
American Meteorological Society. Author of 
Meteorology of the Virgin Islands ; etc. 

R. G. Sr. — Ralph G. Sanger. Professor 
and Head of the Department of Mathemat- 
ics, Kansas State Codege, Manhattan, Kan- 
sas. Author of Synthetic Projective Geom- 

R. Gt. — Raleigh Gilchrist. Senior Chem- 
ist, National Bureau ol Standards, U.S De- 
partment of Commerce, Washington, D.C. 

R, H. Bt.— Ralph Henrj Basfiett. Retried 
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industries 
and Fisheries, Ceylon Government Authoi of 
The Rare Romances of Nor ya the Jatl^ptl, 
Romanize Ceylon. # 

R. H. C.— Sir Reginald H^p^Crad- 
dock. Member of the Royal Commission on 
the Civil Services of India, 1923-24. Lieuten- 
ant-Governor of Burma, 1917-22. 

R. H. Ch,— Robert Henry Charles, 
D.D. Former Archdeacon of Westminstei 
Former Fellow of Merton College, Grinficld 
Lecturer and Lecturer m Biblical Studies, 
Oxford. Author of Lectures on the Apoca- 
lypse; Studies 9 in the Apocalypse ; etc. 

R. H. D.« — 'Sir Robert H. Davis. Govern- 
ing Director of Siebe, Gorman & Co., Ltd , 
submarine engineers, London Authoi ol Deep 
Diving and Submarine Operations; etc. 

R. He. — Richard Hesse. Professor of Zo- 
ology and Director Zoological Institute in 
the University of Berlin, 1926-36. 

R. H. E. — Robert H. Ebert, M.D. Chief 
of Division of Pulmonary Diseases, Billings 
Hospital, The University of Chicago, 

R. H. Fe. — Ralph Holmes Ferguson. 
In charge of the Physical Chemical Reseaich 
Laboratory, Procter and Gamble Co. 

R. H. Fg.« — Richard Howell Fleming. 

Assistant Pio f *' 0 C ''***. Scripps 

Institute of C • .a, Calil 

Co-author <*f The Oceans; Their Physics, 
Chemistry , and General Biology. 

R. H. Ga. — Ralqph Henry Gabriel. Pro- 
fessoi of History, Yale University. Author 
of The Evolution of Long Island; etc Ed- 
itor, Christianity and Modern Thought; etc. 

R. H. Gr. — R. H. Grettpn. Lecturer in 
Modern History, Oxford University. 

R. H. L.— Robin Humphrey Legge. 
Music Critic for The Daily Telegraph, Lon- 
don, 1908-31. Author of Annals of the Nor- 
wich Festivals; etc 

R. H. Le. — Richard Henry Leigh. Ad- 
miral, United States Navy. Former Chief of 
Buieau of Navigation, Washington, D.C. ; 
Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet. 

R. H. Lo. — Robert Harry Lowie. Pro- 
fessor of Anthropology, University of Cal- 
ifornia, Beikcley', Calif. Former President, 
American Anthiopological Association. Au- 
thor of Introduction to Cultural Anthro- 
pology; The History of E-hnolog^al TNvaVj ; 

R. H. Mr. — Ralph Hermon Major, M.D. 
Professor of Medicine, University of Kansas 
School of Medicine, Kansas City, Kan. Au- 
thor of Physical Diagnosis and Classic De- 
scriptions o f Disease. 

Rh. P. — Ralph Pemberton, M.D. Pro- 
fessor ol Medicine, Graduate School of Medi- 
cine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadel- 
phia, Pa Author of Arthritis and Rheumatoid 
Conditions; co-author of Medical and Ortho- 
paedic Management of Chronic Arthritis. 

R. H. P.— - Rupert Howard Porter. Seed 
Technologist, American International Associa- 
tion, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1947- . Pi 0 lessor 
of Botany, Research Piofessor of Agronomy 
and Director of Seed Laboratory, Iowa State 
College, Ames, Iowa, 1932-46. 

R. H. Q. — Rev. Robert Hebert Quick. 
Former Lecturer on Education, Cambridge 
University. Aithor of Essays on Educational 
Reformers . • * * 


R. j m K. — Raymond John Kelly. Na- 
tional Commander, The Amencan Legion, 

R. J. Mi. R. J. Milbourne. Member of 

the Council and Chan man (1928-29) of the 
Society of British Gas Industries Author oi 
Gasholder Design and Construction 

R. J. Mr.-— Robert J. Maurer. Associate 
Professor of Physics, Carnegie Institute of 
Technology, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

R. J n . — Raymond Johnson. Sports Editor, 
The Nashville Tennessean , Nashville, Tenn 
President, Amateur Softball Association of 

R. J. Sn. — R. J. Stephenson. Professor and 
Head of the Dcr,r. ;tmeN of Physics, College 
of Wooster, 'A 0 .Authoi of Exploring 

in Physics; Mechanics and Properties of Mat- 

R. J. T.— Richard John Tabor. Retired 
Assistant Professor of Botany, Imperial Col- 
lege of Science and Technology, University 
of London. 

R. J. Tr. — Robert Julius Trumpler. Pro- 
fessor of Astronomy, University of California, 
Berkeley, Calif. 

R. K. — Rollin Kirby. Former Cartoonist, 
Look Magazine Political Cartoonist, the New 
York Post , 1939-42. 

R. K. B. — Ralph Klaus Blumenau. As- 
sistant Master at the King’s School, Canter- 
bury, Eng. 

R. K. D. — Sir Robert Kennaway Doug- 
las. Former Keeper of Oriental Printed Books 
and MSS. at the British Museum, London, 
and Professor of Chinese, King’s College, 
London. Author of The Language and Litera- 
ture of China; etc. 

R. Ke. — Rudolf Kingslake. Head of Op- 
tical Design Department, Eastman Kodak 
Co., Rochester, N.Y. 

R. K. E*. — Richard Kempton Estelow. 
Research Chemist, Columbian Carbon Com- 
pany, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

R. K. G. — Ralph Kalb Ghormley, M.D. 
Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery, Mayo 
Foundation, and Head of Orthopaedic Sec- 
tion, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. Co- 
author of Diagnosis in Joint Disease. 

R. L. A. — Sir Reginald Laurence 
Antrobus. Member of Central Board of Fi- 
nance of Church of England, 1925-35, and 
National Assembly, 1920-25. Governor of St. 
Helena, 18S9-90. 

R. L. Be. — Richard L. Beyer. Depart- 
ment of History, State University of Iowa, 
Iowa City, la. 

R. Ld. — Robert Lynd. Formerly on staff of 
the News Chronicle , London. Author of 
Books and Authors; etc. 

R. L. E. — Richard L, Evans. Editor, 
writer, church official. Author of At This Same 
Hour; The Spoken Word; This Day and Al- 
ways; Tonic Jor Our Times ; Unto the Hills. 

R. Lev. — Reuben Levy. Lecturer in Per- 
sian, Cambridge University. 

R. L. Ho.— Robeit Lockhart Hobson. 
Former Keeper of Department of Oriental 
~u:t:o c and Eth#ogiaph\. Biitish Mu* 

... . : ; endon. Author of Worcester Porce- 
lain,' Chinese Pottery and Pmcelam , etc 

R. L. Ht.— R. L. Hallett. Formei Chief 
Chemist, National Lead Company, New York, 
N.Y Author of Paint Industiy Section oi 
Repiesentative Industries m the United 
States; etc 

R. L. M.— Rodolphe Louis Megroz. Au- 
thor of Gabriel Rosetti; Profile Ait Through 
the Ages. 

R. L. Ne.— R. L. Meyman. Commander, 
U S Navy Bmeau of Ordnance, U S Depart- 
ment of the Navy, Washington, D C 

Rl. P.— -Raphael Powell. Reader in Law, 
University of London. Author of The Law of 
Agency; etc. 

R. L. P.— Reginald Lane Poole. Former 
Honorary Fellow of Magdalen CTLlj C-- 
ford. Lecturer m JYp’omatirs in u . e Ur ea- 
sily, 1896-1927. Keeper ot the University 
Archives, 1909-27. Curator of the Bodleian 
Library, 1914-26. Author of Wy cliff e and 
Movements for Reform . 


R. L. Pn.— Robert L. Pendleton. Principal 
Soil Technologist, Office of Foreign Agricul- 
tural Relations, U.S. Department of Agri- 
culture, Washington, DC, 

R. L. S.- — Robert Louis Stevenson. For- 
mer novelist, essayist and poet. Author of 
Kidnapped; Treasure Island; etc. 

R. L. S.-R. — Reginald Leslie Smith- 
Rose. Director, Radio Research, 
of Scientific and Industrial Resear r , . "1 

R. L. T.— Ralph Lilley Turner. Director, 
School of Oriental and African Studies ; Pro- 
fessor of Sanskrit, University of London. 
Author of Gujarati Phonology; etc. 

R. L. Te. — Robert L. Thorndike. Profes- 
sor of Education, Teachers College, Columbia 
University, New York, N.Y. Author of Per- 
sonnel Selection. 

R. L. W. — Ray Lyman Wilbur, M.D. 
Former Chancellor of Stanford University, 
Stanford, Calif Former Secretary of the In- 
terior, Washington, D C. 

R. L. Wi. — Raymond Louis Wilder. Re- 
search Professor of Mathematics, University 
of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Former Re- 
search Worker, Institute for Advanced Study. 

R. L. Wl. — -Rupert L. Wenzel. Assistant 
Curator of Insects, Chicago Natural History 
Museum, Chicago, 111. 

R. Ly.-~ Richard Lydekker. Member of 
staff of Geolcgicai Survey cf India, 1874-82. 
Author of Catalogues of Fossil Mammals , 
Reptues and Birds in Museum ; etc. 

R. Ma. — Robert Mackintosh, D.D. Pro- 
fessor at Lancashire Independent College and 
Lecturer in the University of Manchester, 
England, 1904-30 Author o r Essays Towards 
a New Theology; First Primer of Apolo- 
getics; etc. 

R. H. R.— -Sir (R.) Henry Rew. Chair- 
man, Inter- > Committee on Un- 
employment insurance m Agriculture, 1925- 
26 Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, 1898, 
Assistant Secretary, 1906-18. Secretary to the 
Ministry of Food, 1916-17 -Author of A 
Prim erTtd^gri cultural Economics ; etc 

R. H. Ra. — Robert Heron Rastail. At- 
tached to War Office, 1913-19 Author of 
Geology of the Metalliferous Deposits; Phys- 
ico-Chemical Geology Co-author of Text- 
book of Geology and Petrology of Sedimen- 
tary Rocks ; etc Former Editor of the 
Geological Magazine . 

R. H. Rn.— -Robert Henry r Ralston. Re- 
search Chemist, Hercules Powder Co , Wil- 
mington, Del 

R, H. Rs. — Ray Harland Roberts. Pro- 
fessor of Horticulture, University of Wiscon- 
sin, Madison, Wis 

R. H. S. — Richard Haviland Smythe. 

Rh. S. C. — Ruth Shonle Cavan. Associate 
Professor of Sociology, Rockford College, 
Rockford, 111. Author of American Family; 
Criminology ; Suicide. 

R. H. Sh.— Robert Hale Shields. Assist- 
ant in History, University of California, 
Berkeley, Calif 

R. Hu.— Sir Robert Hunter. Author of 
The Preservation of Open Spaces and of 
Footpaths and Other Rights of Way. 

R, H. W.— Robert Hendry Weir. As- 
sistant Director, Directorate of Engine Re- 
search and Development, Ministry of Supply, 

R. H. Y. — Richard Hugh Young. Assist- 
ant Public Relations Adviser, Development 
and Welfare Organization in the West Indies 

R. I. — Roger Xngpen. Editor of Letters of 
Shelley; A Selection of Shelley* s 
. Regent Library. Co-editor of 
Julian Edition of Shelley’s complete works. 

R. I. P. — Reginald Innes Pocock. Tem- 
porary Assistant in the Zoological Depart- 
ment of the British Museum, London, 1923- 
47, and former Natural History Editor oi 
The Field . Author of Arachnida of British 
India and Mammalia of British India, Vol. 
I, II. 

R. I. T.—Robert I. Tenney. President, 
Wahl-Henius Institute, Chicago, 111. 

R. Ja.— Roland Godfrey Jansen. New 
York, N.Y. 

R V J, Be. — Ralph J. Bunche. Director, De- 
naitrront of Trusteeship and Information 
Lorn Ne^-SCf-Goveirune Territories, United 
Nations; Acting U.N, Mediator on Palestine, 
1948-49, Nobel Prize for Peace, 1950. 

R. J. C. — Robert Jesse Charleston. As- 
sistant Keeper, Department of Ceramics, Vic- 
toria and Albert Museum, London. 

R. J. C. A, — Richard John Copland At- 
kinson. Lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology, 
Umversitv of Edinbuigh. Edinburgh, Scot. 
Author of Field Archaeology. 

R. J. G. — Reginald John Gladstone, 
M.El Former Reader in Anatomy and Lec- 
turer in Embryology, King’s College, Uni- 
versity of London. 

R. J. H. K. — Robert John Herman 
Kiphirth. Professor of Physical Education 
and Head Coach of Swimming, Yale Univer- 
sity, New Haven, Conn. United States Olympic 
Coach, TG2S, 1932, 1936, 1940, 1948. Author of 
Swimming; co-author of Basic Swimming 

R. J. J .--Richard J. Jones, M.D. Assist- 
ant Professor *of Medicine,* pepariment of 
Mtditlne. The University of Chicago. 

R. L. F. — Rachel Louise Fitch. Dean of 
Women, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., 

R. L. H. — Richard Lionel Hippisley. 
Colonel Formerly employed in the Trig- 
onometrical Survey of Cyprus. Deputy Direc- 
tor, Army Signals, Central Force, 1914-16. 

R. L. Ha. — Robert Lee Hale. Professor 
of Law, Columbia Univeisity. Author of 
Valuation and Rate Making; etc. 

R. M. A. — Rudolph M. Anderson. Chief 
of Division of Biology, National Museum of 
Canada, Ottawa, 1920-46. Author of Birds of 

R ; MacD. — Robert MacDonald, Jr. 
Vice-President and Director, General Abra- 
sive Company, Inc , Niagara Falls, N.Y. 

R. M. B. — Richard Milton Bozorth. Re- 
search Physicist, Bell Telephone Laboratories, 
Murray Hill, N.J. 


R. McK.— Roderick^ MacKenzie. For- 
mer Fereday Fellow of St John’s College, 
Oxford, and Assistant Editor of the 9th edi- 
tion of Liddell and Scott’s Greek-English 

R. M, F.— R. M. Fleming. Librarian, The 
Geographical Association, Aberystwyth. Au- 
thor of Ancient Tales from Many Lands ; etc. 

R. M, F” — Ra? — c^d Michael Foley. 

- sriMtor. i.o..* '■l and Home Finance 
Agency, Washington, D C. 

R. M. H.»— -Ronald Martin Howe. Deputy 
Commissioner of Police, Scotland Yard. Au- 
thor of Criminal Investigation , Adapted From 
Hans Gross . 

R. M. He.— -Robert Mitchell Henry. 
Professor of Humanity, St Andrews Univer- 
sity, Scotland Honorary Professor of Clas- 
sical Literature, Trinity College, Dublin. 
Professor of Latin, 1907-38. 

R. M. Hu.— ^Rowland M. Hussey. Super- 
intendent, Wire Department, Jones & Laugh- 
lin Steel Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

R. M. J. L. — Robert Maurice Jean 
Lofioir. Technical Director, Smith’s English 
Clocks, Ltd., London. 

R. M. L. — Russell Mortimer Luckock. 
Major General Commander, 54th Division, 
T A., 1934-38. Former Commandant, Small 
Arms Schools, India, and O.C. 163rd Infantry 
Brigade, Territorial Army, 1926-28 Briga- 
dier, General Staff, Southern Command, 
Salisbury, 1928-32. 

R. M. Le.— Robert MacDonald Lester. 
Secretary, Carnegie Corporation of New 
York, N.Y. Author of Forty Years of Car- 
negie Giving ; etc. 

R. M. O.— Robert M. Ormerod. Direc- 
tor of John Ormerod and Sons, Ltd., manu- 
facturers of leather belting, etc. 

R. Mr.— Roland Ibmile Mousnier. P10- 
fessor of Modern History in the Faculty of 
Letters, University of Strasbourg, Strasbouig, 
Fr. Author of La Venalite des offices sons 
Henri IV et Louis XIII; Le XV file Siecle, 
revolution intellectuelle, technique, politique. 

R, M. R. — R. Marion Robb. Research 
Group Leader, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & 
Company, Inc., Wilmington, Del. 

R. M. T. — R. M. Try on. Chemical War- 
fare Development Laboratory of the Massa- 
chusetts Institute of Technology. 

R. Mu. — Ramsay Muir. Former Lecturer 
in Modern History at Owens College, Man- 
chester, England 

R. M. W. — Robert Mark Weniey. For- 
mer Professor of Philosophy in the Univer- 
sity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

R. M. Wn. — Richard Middlewood Wil- 
son. Head of the Department of English Lan- 
guage, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, Eng. 
Author of Early Middle English Literature; 
The Lost Literature of Medieval England. 

R. M. Wr.- Russell M. Wilder, M.D. 
Director, National Institute of Arthritis and 
Metabolic Diseases, Bethesda, Md. Former 
Professor and Chief of the Department of 
Medicine, Mayo Foundation for Medical Ed- 
ucation and Research, Rochester, Minn. Au- 
thor of Clinical Diabetes Mellitus and Hy- 
perinsulinism ; A Primer for Diabetic Patients. 

R. My. — Raymond Massey. Actor of the 
stage, screen and radio ; director and pro- 
ducer in the theatre. 

R. N. B.— Robert Nisbet Bain. Assistant 
Librarian, British Museum, London, 1S83- 
1909. Authoi of Scandinavia The Political 
History of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, 
1513-1900, Slavonic Europe. The Political 
History of Poland and Russia from 1469 to 
1796; etc. 

R. N. Ba. — Robert Nesham Bax. Ad- 
miral, R N (retired) Director of the Mobili- 
zation Department at the Admiralty, 1924-26. 
Naval ADC to the King, 1922-23 

R. N. C.— Ram Nath Chopra, M.D. Di- 
rector, Drug Research Laboratory, Jammu 
and Kashmir, India. Author of Anthelmentics 
and Their Uses in Medical and Veterinary 
Practice; Indigenous Drugs of India; Poison- 
ous Plants of India; Tropical Therapeutics. 

R. Ne. — Ragnar Nurkse. Professor of 
Economics, Columbia University, 1947- 
Member, Economic, Financial and Transit 
pflnnrfmAnf T ponrijo of Nations, 1934-45* 
r . . ; : ' Kapitalbewegungen. 

R. N. L.—- Richard N. Larkin. Bureau 
Manager, Business Week, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

R. Nm. — Rodney Needham. Research 
worker, Institute of Social Anthropology, Ox- 
ford University. 

R. N. R.-B. — R. N. Rudmose- Brown. 
Emeritus Professor of Geography, University 
of Sheffield. England. Member of the Scot- 
tish National Antarc f ic Exnedit'cn 1002-04, 
and of the Scottish Arctic Expev-’ 1909, 
1914 and 1919 Author of Spitsbergen. 

R. N. S. — R. Norris Shreve. Professor of 
Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, 
Lafayette, Ind Author of Chemical Process 
Industries; Selected Process Industries; Dyes 
Classified by Intermediates ; etc. 

R. N. W. — Ralph Nicholson Wornum. 
Keeper of the National Gallery, London, 
1854-77 Author of The Epochs of Painting; 

Ro. F. — Robert Ferber. Research Asso- 
ciate Professor, Bureau of Economic and 
Business Research, Department of Economics, 
University of Illinois, Urbana, 111 Author of 
Statistical Techniques in Market Research. 

Ro. P. Be. — Roland P. Blake. Principal 
Safety Engineer, United States Department of 
Labour. Author of Industrial Safety 

R, P.-— Rene Poupardin. Secretary of the 
Lcole des Chartes ; Honorary Librarian at the 
Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris. 

R. Pa.- — Sir Richard Arthur Surtees 
Paget. Assistant Secretary, Admiralty Board 
of Invention and Research, igis-rS. 

R. Par. — Raymond Parmer. Of the firm 
of Kirlin, Campbell, Hickox and Keating, 
lawyers, New York. N.Y. 

R. P. B. — Rudolf P. Berle. Former law 
secietary to the Justices of the Massachusetts 
Supreme Judicial Court. 

R. P. Br. —Ralph Paul Bieber. Professor 
of History, Washington University, St Louis, 
Mo, Author of The Lords of Trade and Plan- 

R. P. Bs. — Robert P. Brooks. Dean of 
Faculties, 1945- , and Director, Institute of 
Public Affairs, University of Georgia, Athens, 
Ga. Author of .4 History of Georgia; The 
Agrarian Revolution in Georgia. 

R. P. C.— Robert Pierce Casey. Profes- 
sor and Head of Department of Biblical 
Literature and History of Religion, Brown 
University, Providence, RX, 1934-50. 

R. P. Co. — Richard Po^oe Cctwl Former 
Professor of English at Bristol University, 

* uthor Poetic Theory in Eng - 
, 7- \ _ ol Heniy the Fourth, Pis I mid^ 

II 111 Arderne Shakespeare « 

p e . — Robert Peele. Form«» p, ^rnfessor 
cf Mining School of Mines, Go- 

lem j a "T ' -a.iA j of Mining Engi- 
neers' * Handbook ; Compressed Air Plant, 5th 

R. p. F.— Roland Post Falkner. Statis- 
tician, Research Staff, National Industrial 
Conference Board, 1926-40 Assistant Direc- 
tor of the Census, 1911-12. 


R. P. G.— Robert P. Getyer. Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public 
Health, Boston, Mass 

R. P. H. — Raymond Priraty Holland. 
President, American Game Protective Asso- 
ciation. Editor of Field and Stream , 1924-41 
Writer of shooting stories under the name of 
“Bob White.” 

R. PI. — Raymond Pearl. Professor of Bi- 
ology, 1923-40, and Director, Institute of 
Biological Research, 1925-30, The Johns Hop- 
kins University, Baltimore, Md 

R. P. McC.— Richard P. McCormick. 
Associate Professor of History, Rutgers Uni- 
versity, New Brunswick, N.J. Author of Ex- 
periment m Independence' New Jersey in the 
Critical Period , 1781-1789. 

R. Pn. — Ra^ph Pearson. Etcher and de- 
signer -1 dv> , J',.. Prints of the Year; etc 

R. Pr.— Robert® Priebsch. Professor of 
German Language and Literature in the Uni- 
versity of London, iqo2~}i Author of 
Deutsche Handschriften in England; etc. 

R. P. S. — Ralph Pray Sewarc^ Associate 
Professor of Chemistry, The Pennsylvania 
State College, State College, Pa 

R. P. Sp.— Robert Phillip Sharp. Profes- 
sor of Geology, California Institute of Tech- 
nology, Pasadena, Calif. 

R. R. — Sir Richard Augustine Studdert 
Redmayne. Member, Past President of In- 
stitute of Mining and Metallurgy; Honorary 
Member, Surveyors’ Institute, HM Chief 
Inspector of Mines, 190S-20. Author of THe 
British Coal Industry During the War; etc. 

Rr. C. An.— Roger Charles Anderson. 
Author of The Rigging of Ships, 1600-1720; 
The Sailing Ship. 

R. Rd. — Robert Redfield. Professor of 
Anthropology and Dean, Division of the So- 
cial Sciences, The University of Chicago. 
Author of Tepoztlan, a Mexican Village; 
Chan Kom, a Maya Village; The Folk Cul- 
ture of Yucatan. 

R. Re. — Raymond Regamey. Artist and 
designer. Author of Gericaull. 

R. R. E. — Richard R. Ely. Chief, Division 
of Philippine Affairs. U S. Department of 
State, Washington, D.C 

' m 

R. Ret. — Robert Retzer. Director, Life 
Insurance Training Course, School of Com- 
merce, Accounts and Finance, New York Uni- 
versity, New York, N.Y., 1928-29. 

R. R. G.— Roy &. Grinker, M.D. Chair- 
man, Department of Neuropsychiatry, Mi- 
chael Reese Hospital, Chicago, HI. Author of 
Neurology; Men Under Stress. 

R. R. L. — Robert R. Linton, M.D. As- 
sistant Clinical ^Professor of Surgery, Hafcv^rd 
Medical School, Cambridge, Mass. 


R. R. M.-^Rob ert Ranulph Marett. Rec- 
tor of Exeter College, Oxford, 1928-43. For- 
mer University Readei in Social An thi apol- 
ogy. Editor of Anthropology and the Classics . 
Author of Anthropology ; Psychology and 
Folkloigje tc. * ® 

R. Rob,— Aair Robert Robinson. Wayn- 
fiete Professor of Chemistry, Oxford Univer- 
sity, 1930- . Nobel Prize for Chemistry, i947« 

R. R. P. — Raye R. Platt. Plead of Depart- 
ment o f w i«parir American Research, Amer- 
ican L Society of New York. 

R. R. R.— Raymond Ronald Ridgway. 
Formei Associate Director of Research, Nor- 
ton Company, Worcester, Mass , and Niagara 
Falls, Ont. 

R. R'S.* — R. Ross. Ministry of Agriculture 
and Fisheries, London. 

R. R. Sh.— -Robert Ross Smith. Historian, 
Pacific Section, Office of the Chief of Military 
History, U.S Department of the Army, Wash- 
ington, D.C. 

R. Rt. — Reinhold Rost. Editor of Wilson’s 
Essays on the Religions of the Hindus; Hodg- 
son’s Essays on Indian Subjects. 

R. R. Th. — Reuben R. Thompson. Edi- 
tor, Tobacco . 

R. R. V.— Richard Rockhill Vogt. Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry, University of Notre 
Dame, Notre Dame, Ind. Co-author of The 
Chemistry of Acetylene. 

R. R. W.~ Russell Randolph Waesche. 
Admiral, U S N. Former Commandant, United 
States Coast Guard 

R. Ry.— * Robert Ridgway. Former Chief 
Engineer, Board of Transportation, New 
York, NY 

R. S. — Richard Seligman. Sometime Chief 
Chemist to the British Aluminium Co., Ltd., 
London. Technical Managing Director of the 
Aluminium Plant and Vessel Company, Lim- 
ited, London. 

R. S. Ba.— Ralph Samuel Bates. Instruc- 
tor in English and History, Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 
Author of Scientific Societies in the United 

R. S. C. — Rev. Richard Seymour 
Cripps. \icar of Horningsea, Cambs , Eng. 

R. Sch.— Robert Schmidt. Former Direc- 
4 - Berlin Author of Bran- 
1 ( ' ’ Das Glas; Mobel; etc. 

R. S. Cl.— Reginald S, Clay. President of 
the Royal Microscopical Society, 1937-38, 
Principal, Northern Polytechnic HcPo^ay, 
London, 1902-31. Author of P) actual Exer- 
cises in Light; etc . 

R. S. Cn.— Ronald Stephenson Cogdon. 
Engineer, River Wear Commissioners, Sunder- 
land, Eng. 

R. S. Co.-— Robert Seymour Conway. 
Former Professor of Latin and Indo- 
European Philolocjj in the University of Man- 
chester, England 

R. S. Cy. — Robert S. Casey. Chief Chem- 
ist, W. A. Sheaffer Pen-Company, Fort Madi- 
son, I&, 

R. Sh, — Ralph Spaeth,** M.D. Assistant 
Professor of Pediatrics University of Illinois 
College of Medicine, Chicago, 111, 

R, S. H.-— Robert Selph Henry, Vice- 
President, Association of American Rail- 
roadsc*Author t>f This Fa^cinHIing Raiboad 
Business; Portraits of the Iron Horse , 

R. S. L. — Robert Strong Lewis. Profes- 
sor of Mining, University of Utah, Salt Lake 
City, Utah Author of section on Boring, 
Peelc's Mining Engineer s’ Handbook ; Ele- 
ments of Mining. 

R. Sm. — Reed Smoot. Former Senator 
from Utah and member of the World War I 
Foieign Debt Commission. 

R. S. M. — R. S. Morrell. Research Chem- 
ist, Mander Bros., Ltd , Wolverhampton, 

R. S, Me. — Richard Stetson Morse. 
President and Director of Research, National 
Research Corporation, Boston, Mass 

R. S. Mn. — Robert Swain Morison, 

M. D. Assistant Director for the Medical Sci- 
ences, the Rockefeller Foundation, New York, 

N. Y. Former Assistant Professor of Anatomy, 
Harvard Medical School. 

R. S. P. — Reginald Stuart Poole. Former 
Keeper of the Department of Coins and Med- 
als, British Museum, London. 

R. S. Pa. — Richard S. Patterson. Assist- 
ant to the Editor of the Treaties, Depart- 
ment of State, Washington, D.C. 

R. S. Pn. — Sir Ralph Sneyd Pearson. 
Director, Forest Product Research Laborato- 
ries, Department of Scientific and Industrial 
Research, Princes Risborough, Bucks., Eng- 
land, 1925-33. 

R. S. R. — Sir Robert Sangster Rait. 
Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the Univer- 
sity of Glasgow, Scotland, 1929-36 

R. S. S. — Robert Sidney Smith. Associate 
Professor of Economics, Duke University, 
Durham, N.C. Author of The Spanish Guild 
Merchant; etc. 

R. S. Sh. — Raymond Stratton Smith. 
Chief of State Soil Survey and Emeritus Pro- 
fessor of Soil Physics, University of Illinois, 
Urbana, 111. 

R. S. Sr. — Russell Scott Stauffer. As- 
sistant Professor of Soil Physics, University 
of Illinois, Urbana, 111. 

R. S. T. — Robert S. Thomas. Military 
Historian, Historical Section, Army War Col- 
lege, Washington, D.C. 

R. So. — Ronald Sutcliffe. Principal Officer, 
British Government Chemist’s Department, 

R. T. — Royall Tyler. Author of Byzantine 
Art; etc. 

R. Ta. — R. Taylor. Assistant, Chemical 
Research Laboratory, Teddington, Middlesex, 

R. Tay. — Richard Taylor. U.S. cartoonist. 
Contributor to The New Yorker magazine, 

R. T. B. F. — Roger Thomas Baldwin 
Fulford. Co-editor of The Greville Memoirs; 
author of The Prince Consort; Queen Vic- 
toria; Royal Dukes 

R„ T. D. — Reginald Trevor Davies. Uni- 
versity Lecturer in Spanish History, Oxford 
University Tutor of St. Catherine’s Society, 
Oxford Author of Four Centuries of Witch- 
belief; The Golden Century of Spain. 

R. T. F. — Russell Todd Fisher. Former 
President, National Association of Cotton 
Manufacturers, Boston, Mass. 

R. T. G. — Robert Theodore Gunther. 
Former Tutor in Natural Science and Librar- 
ian of Magdalen College, Oxford, Curator 
of the Lewis Evans Collection of Scientific 
Instruments, Oxford, 1924. Author of Early 
Schnct m Oxford; etc. 

R. T. Gl.— -Sir Rfchard Tetley Glaze- 
brook. Former Fellow of Trinity College, 
Cambridge, and Chairman Aeronautical Re- 
search Committee. Director of the National 
Physical Laboratory, 1899-1919 Zaharoff 
Professor of Aviation and Director of the De- 
partment of Aeionautics, Imperial College of 
Science and Technology, University of Lon- 
don, 1920-23. Editor of Dictionary of Applied 
Physics . 

R. T. Go.— “Rupert Thomas Gould. Lieu- 
tenant Commander, R N. Former member of 
the British Hoiological Institute Author of 
The Marine Chronometer: its History and 
Development ; etc 

R. T. J.-— Robert Thomas Jenkins. 
Emeritus Professor of Welsh History, Univer- 
sity College of North Wales, Bangor, Wales. 
Author of The Mot avian Brethren in North 
Wales. Editor of the Cymmrodorion Diction- 
ary of Welsh Biography. 

R. T. McK. — Robert Tait McKenzie, 
M.D. Former Research Professor of Physical 
Education, University c* R- — sy 1 *.* — r, 
adelphia, Pa Author of v ■ / * 

and Medicine; etc. 

Rt. P. — Robert Price. Professor of Lan- 
guage and Literature, Otterbein College, West- 
erville, O. Co-author of Johnny Appleseed: 
A Voice in the Wilderness. 

R. T. P. — Roger Tory Peterson. Author 
of Field Guide to the Birds; Junior Book of 
Birds; etc. Co-author of The Audubon Guide 
to Attracting Birds. 

R. Tu.—Ray Tucker. Washington Col- 
umnist, “The National Whirligig,” McClure 
Newspaper Syndicate, New York, NY. Au- 
thor of Mirrors of 1932; Sons of the Wild 
Jackass . 

R. T. W,— Robert T. Williams. Spe- 
cialist in. P-nt’Az rr y Lithography, Carrier 
Engineering o s Newark, N J. Au- 

thor of Manufactured Weather in the Printing 
and Lithographic Industries. 

R. T. Wa.— Ralph Thomas Walker. Ar- 
chitect Voorhees, Walker, Foley and Smith, 
Xc*v Yoik, NY. 

R. U£.— Ruth Updegraff. Professor of 
Preschool Education, Iowa Child Welfare Re- 
search Station, State University of Iowa, Iowa 
City, la Author of Practice in Preschool Edu- 
cation; Studies in Preschool Education . 

Ru. H. — Rupert Hughes. Author of 
George Washington : etc. 

R. U. S. — *R. U. Sayce. Lecturer in Mate- 
rial Culture and Physical Anthropology, Cam- 
bridge University. Former Lecturer in 
Geology ?nd Natal University 

College, Natal. 

R. van O.— R. van Overstraeten. Major 
Member of the Order of Leopold and of the 
Legion of Honour. Former Aide-de-Camp to 
His Majesty the King of the Belgians. 

R. von H.-G.- — Robert von Heine-Gel- 
dern. Research Associate, The American Mu- 
seum of Natural History, New York, N Y. 
Former Professor of Anthropology, University 
of Vienna Author of The Archaeology and 
Art of Sumatra; etc 

R. V. S. — Sir Richard Vynne Southwell. 
Rector of Imperial College of Science and 
Technology, University of London. In charge 
of Non-Rigid Airships Design at Royal Navy 
Air Station, Kingsnorth, 1915-18, and of Aero- 
dynamic and Structural Experiments at the 
Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, 
1918-19. Professor of Engineering Science, 
1929-42, and Honorary Fellow of Brasenose 
College, Oxford, 


R. V. W.— Ralph l|aughan Williams. 
Authoi of National Music 

R. V. Wd. — Ralph H. Wakefield. Assist- 
ant Sales Manager, Equitable Powder Manu- 
facturing Company, Olm Industries, Inc , East 
Alton, 111. 

R. W. B.— Robert Wilbur Burgess. 
Statistician and economist, Western Electric 
Co Author of Introduction to the Mathe- 
matics of Statistics. 

R. W. Bd. — Raymond Walter Barnard. 
Associate Professor of Mathematics, The Uni- 
versity of Chicago, Chicago, 111 

R. W. Br.— Roland Wilbur Brown. Ge- 
ologist, Geological Suivey, U S Department of 
the Interior, Washington, D C. 

R. W. Bt. — R. W. Bennett. Former Man- 
ager, Bureau of Publicity, Chamber of Com- 
merce of the City of Newark, N J. 

R. W. C. — The Very Rev. Richard 
William Church, D.D. Former Dean of St. 
Paul’s Author of The Oxford Movement; etc. 

R. W. Ch. — Randolph W. Church. State 
Librarian, Virginia State Library, Richmond, 
Va. Editor of Virginia School Boards; joint 
ec?!tor of Vngima Imprint Series. 

R. W. Co. — Robert William Cooper. 
Former Berlin Correspondent, the Times , Lon- 

R. W. Cy.— Ralph Works Chaney. Pro- 
fessor of Palaeontology, and Curator, Mu- 
seum o f University of Cali- 
fornia, \ , 

R. Wd. — Richardson Wood. Consultant 
on Public Opinion Research, New York, N Y. 

R. We. — Raymond Weeks. Professor of 
Romance Philology, Columbia University, 
1909-29. Author of Ode to France; etc 

R. Wer. — Reinald Werrenrath. Former con- 
cert singer Composer of Cavaliers' Song; etc. 

R. W. F. H. — Robert William F. Har- 
rison. Assistant Secretaiy of the Royal So- 
ciety, London, 1896-1919 

R. W. Fy.— Richard W. Flournoy. Re- 
tired Assistant to the Legal Adviser, U S De- 
partment of State, Washington, D C Chair- 
man of Committees on Nationality of the 
American Bar Association and the Interna- 
tional Law Association 

R. W. Hn.— Robert W. Hansen. Editor, 
Eagle Magazine. 

R. W. L.— Robert Warden Lee. Rhodes 
Professor of Roman-Dutch Law, Oxford Uni- 
versity, and Fellow of All Souls College 

R. W. Ms.' — Robert W. Morris. Editor 
and Technical Writer, \pnIication Engineer- 
ing Department, Lamp D.v.sion General 
Electric Company, Cleveland, O. 

R. W. N. — Roy Wesley Nixon. Associate 
Horticulturist, US. Denai Inert of Agricul- 
ture, U.S. Date Garden, bubo, Ca'iu 

R. W. P. — Raymond William Postgate. 
Authoi of Tht Bohhfiik Theory; etc Editor 
and tianriaiGi 01 A n >gilr‘m Veneris 

R. Wr. — Raymond Wexler. Research 
Meteorologist, Harvard Univeisity. 

R. W. R,— Robert William Reid, M.D. 
Former Regius Professor of Anatomy, Univer- 
sity of Aberdeen, Scotland Former Lecturer 
on Ar.atomv, St Thomas’s Hospital, London. 

R. W. Rd.— -Robert William Richard- 
son. Chief Social Sricme Anah^ Office of 
Cooidinatoi of Inter- A..a.: 5> Wash- 

ington, D C. 

R. W. S.— Roy W. Steele. Of the Indian- 
apolis, Ind , Chamber of Commerce 

R. W S.-W. — Robert William Seton- 
Watson. Professor of Czechoslovak Studies, 
Oxford University, 1945-49 Masaryk Pro- 
fessor of Central "European History at King’s 
College, Umveisity of London, 1922-45 Au- 
thor of The Rise of Nationality in the Bal- 
kans; etc 

R. W. W • — Robert Williams Wood. 
Emeritus Professor of Expenmental Ph>sics, 
1938- , Research Professor of Phvsics, 
1938- , The Johns Hopkins University, Bal- 
timore, Md Author of Physical Optics ; Re- 
searches m Physical Optics; etc. 

R. Y.— Richard Young. Member of the 
New York Bar Member of the Board of Edi- 
tors, American Journal of International Law 
International Law Editor, Amencan Bar As- 
sociatiori Journal 

R. Z — Raphael Zon. Professor of Forestiy, 

University of Minnesota, ■ 

Diiector, Lake States 

Station, U S. Department of Agriculture, St 
Paul, Minn , 1922-45 Co-author of Forest 
Resources of the World 

S. - — Samuel Montagu, 1st Baron Sway- 
thling. Founder, Firm of Samuel Montagu 
and Company, Bankers, London 

S. A. — Samuel Alexander. Honorary Fel- 
low of Lincoln College, Oxford, 1918. Hon- 
orary Fellow of Balliol College, 1925 Profes- 
sor of Philosophy, Manchester, 1893-1924 
Author of Moral Order and Progress; etc. 

S. A. A. — S. A. Asdell. Piofessorof Animal 
Physiologv , Cornell University. 

S. A. C. — Stanley Arthur Cook, D.D. 
Former Lecturer in Hebrew and Syriac, Cam- 
bridge University Regius Professor of He- 
brew, Cambridge, 1932-38 Author of Re- 
ligion of Ancient Palestine; etc. 

S. A. H. — S. A. Hurren. Lecturer on Tech- 
nology of Pianoforte Construction at North- 
ern Polytechnic Institute, London. 

S. A. S. — Sergei A. Schelkunoff. Member, 
technical staff, Bell Telephone Laboratories, 
New York, NY, Author of Electromagnetic 

S. B. — Standish Backus. Former Presi- 
dent, Bui roughs Adding Machine Company, 
Dayton, 0 

S. B. F.— Sidney Bradshaw Fay. Pro- 
fessor of History, Yale University 1945-46. 
Author of Origins of the World War; etc 

S. B. H. — Stanley B. Hunt. President, 
Textile Economics Bureau, Inc., New York. 
Editor, Rayon Organon 

S. Bl. — Sigfus Blondal. Lecturer on Mod- 
ern Icelandic Language and Literature, Uni- 
versity of Copenhagen, Denmark, 1931-46. 
Librarian in ihc UniV.iViL of Copenhagen, 


S. B. N. — Seth Barnes Nicholson. As- 
— -r- VT v^’Non Observatory of the 
v Washington, Pasadena, 


S. Br. — Samuel Brody. Professor of Dairy 
Husbandt} and Chairman, Interdepartmental 
Committee on Growth and Metabolism, Uni- 
versitv of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. Author of 
Bioenergetics and Growth. 

S. B. S. — Sydney Bernard Smith. Chief, 
Foreign Air Tiansport Division, Civil Aero- 
nautics Board, Washington, D C. Aviation 
Specialist, U S Department of State, 1936-41. 
Author of Air Transpoit in the Pacific Area. 

S. C.— Sir Sidney dolvin. Foimer Slade 
Professor of Fine Ait, Caigsbridgt University, 
and Keeper of Prints and Drawings^ in the 
British Museum, 1 ” London. Author of Early 
History of Engraving in England; etc / ^ 

S. Ca.— - Starkey Casson. So*netimey\ssist- 
ant Directoi of the British Schofll^v Athens 
and Director of the Excavations carried out by 
the British Academy at Constantinople, 1928- 
29 Author of Macedonia, Thrace and Illyria; 

S. C. Gd.— Sydney Charles Gould. Senior 
Lecturer m French, University of Bristol, 
Bristol, Eng 

S. C. H. — S. C. Hammer. Oslo Corre- 
spondent of Tfte Times , London Editor of the 
Norway Year Book 

S. C. H. D. — S. C. H. Davis. Of Autocar , 

S. Che,— Sheldon Cheney. Founder of 
The Theatre Arts Magazine and Editor until 
1921 Author of The Art Theatre ; etc 

S. C. Hy.— Samuel C. Harvey, M.D. For- 
mer Professor of Surgery, Yale Umveisity. 
New Haven, Conn Author of The History oj 

$. c. I.— S. C. Isaacs. Author of The Laws 
Relating to Theatres , Music Halls and Other 
Public Entertainments 

S. C. M. — S. C. Manning, Jr. Assistant to 
the Secietary, United States Maritime Com- 
mission, Washington, D C 
S. Cn.— Sydney Chapman. Sedleian Pro- 
fessor of Natural Philosophy and Fellow of 
Queen’s College, Oxford, 1946-53 Professor of 
Mathematics, Imperial College of Science and 
of London, 1924-46. 
Association of Mete- 
orology, 1936-48. 

S. C. R. — Sydney Castle Roberts. Master 
of Pembroke College, Cambridge Author of 
The Story of Doctor Johnson 7 Boswell's Tour 
to Corsica; etc 

S. Cu. — Stewart Culin. Formerly of Brook- 
lyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn, 
N Y Author of Korean Games; Games of the 
American Indians. 

S. D.— - Rev. Samuel Davidson, D.D. 
Examiner in Scripture in the University of 
London, 1862-98. Author of The Canon of the 
Bible; A Treatise on Biblical Cnticism 

S. d’A. — -Silvio d’Amico. Dramatic Critic 
of the Idea Nazionale, Rome, 1914-25. 

S. D. C.— Sanford D. Cole. Of the Middle 
Temple, Barrister-at-Law Author of Insur- 
ance Law; etc. 

S. D. F. S. — Rev. Stewart Dingwall F%>r~ 
dyce Salmon, D.D. Professor of Systematic 
Theology and Exegesis of the Epistle*, United 
Free Church College, Aberdeen, 1876-1905. 
Author of The Paiables of Our Lord, etc. 

S. Dt.— Stuart Daggett. Professor of 
Transportation, University of California, 
Berkeley, Calif Author of Principles of In- 
land . ^he Structure of 

Transcoi ■ . Rates. 

S. Du.*— -Saul Dushman. Former Diiector, 
Research Division, Edison Lamp Works, Har- 
rison, N J. Author of Elements of Quantum 
Mechanics ; High Vacuum. 

S. E. Bm. — Sara Elizabeth Branham, 
M.D. Senior Bacteriologist, National Insti- 
tutes of Health, Bethesda, Md. Author of 
Practical Bacteriology, etc 

S. E. By. — Stanley E. Bradley, M.D. 
Associate Professor of Medicine, Columbia 
Uni* er<W New York, NY Associate At- 
icn'kr.f: Pnv PresbVterian Hospital. New 
Yoik, X.Y. Editor in Chiei, Journal of Clinical 
Investigation ,* • 4* 



S. E. Ce.«— Sioyl Eyre Crowe. Tutor in 
Politics and Fellow of St. Hilda’s College, 
Oxford. Author oi The Berlin West African 
Conference , 1^84-5. 

L.— Simeon Elbridge Leland. Pro- 
fessor of Economics and Dean- of the College 
of Libv Arts, Northwestern University, 
1946- . Piofessor of Government Finance, 
1938-46 ; Chairman, Department of Econom- 
ics, 1940-46, The University of Chicago. 
Author of Taxation in Kentucky; The Clas- 
sified Property Tax in the United States ; etc 

S. E. M. — Stuart Edward Mann. Member 
ol the Council of the G\ psy Lore Society Au- 
thor of Acts of the Apostles in Romani; Al- 
banian Literature; etc * 

S. .E. S. — Samuel Edward Sheppard. 
Assistant Director of Research, Eastman Ko- 
dak Compr^y N.Y., 1923-48. 

Autho , s *'#u c*t/ £:, r « etc. 

S. F. H. — Sir Sidney Frederic Harmer. 
Former Tutor, Fellow and Lecturer, King’s 
College, Cambridge. Director of Natural His- 
tory Departments British Museum. London, 
1019-27 Co -editor of The Cambridge Nat- 
ural History . 

S. F. Hd.-~ Samuel Frederick Hilde- 
brand. Senior Ichthyologist, U.S. Fish and 
Wildlife Service, Washington, D.C 

S. Fn. — Sidney Franklin. Matador de 

S. Fr. — Sigmund Freud, M.D. Professor 
of Neurology, Vienna University, 1902-38. 
Former Director of The International Journal 
of Psychoanalysis. 

S. G.— : Stephen Lucius^ Gwynn, Author 
of Irish Books and Irish People; etc. 

S. Ga. — Sir Stephen Gaselee. Librarian 
and Keeper of the Papers at the Foreign 
Office, r 9 20-43 Sandars Reader in Bibliog- 
raphy, Cambridge University, 1935. Author of 
Anthology 'of Mediaeval Latin; Oxford Book 
of Mediaeval Latin Verse. 

S. G. B.-B. — Rev. S. Graham Brade- 
Birks. Lecturer in Zoology and Geology, 
South-Eastern Agricultural College, Wye, 
Kent, Eng 

S. GL — Sarvepalli Gopal. Assistant Direc- 
tor, National Archives of India, New Delhi, 
Ind Author oi The Permanent Settlement in 
Bengal and Its Results . 

S- G. O. — Sidney George Owen. Student 
and Tutor of Christ Church, Oxford, 1891- 

S. G. P.y—S. G. Paine. Assistant Professor 
of Bacteriology, Imperial College of Science 
and Technology, London. 

S. G. T. — Sir Stephen George Tallents. 
Principal Assistant Secretary, Ministry of 
Town and Country Planning, 1943-46, Secre- 
tary to the Empire Marketing Board, 1926- 
33 * 

Sh.— Thomas Shaw, 1st Baron 
Craigmyle of Craigmyle. Lord of Ap- 
peal, 1909-29. Lord Advocate for Scotland, 

S* H.E-Sydney Herbert. Lecturer in His- 
tory and International Politics, University 
College of Wales. Aberystwyth. 

S. Ha. — Somerville Hastings. Consulting 
Surgeon and Lecturer to the Ear and Throat 
Department, Middlesex Hospital, London. 

S. H. B. — S. Howard Bartley, Professor 
<r Ps\cholouj Michigan State College, East 
Lansins:. Mich ^utilor of Beginning Expo 1- 
mentai < hoiugj , Fatigue otid Impairment 
in Mat* Vision^ A Study uf Its' Basts. 

S. H. H. — Sam Hield Hamer. Secretary 
of the National Trust for Places of Historic 
Interest or Natural Beauty, 1911-34 Author 
of The Story of the Ring; The Jungle School; 

S. Hk. — Sidney Hook. Professor and 
Chairman of the Department of Philosophy, 
New York University, Washington Square 
College, New York, N Y Author of From 
Hegel to Marx; The Hero m History; Rea- 
son, Social Myths and Democracy. 

S. K. M. — Sydney Herbert Mellone. 
Minister, Lincoln Unitarian Church, 1930-39. 
Former Lecturer, Manchester College, Oxford. 
Author of The New Testament and Modern 
Lite; The Dawn of Modern Thought; etc 

S. Hn. — Sven Henningsen. Assistant Pro- 
fessor, University of Copenhagen, Copen- 
hagen, Den. Author of Studier over den 
modern e liber alismes gennembrud 1 Danmark; 
Det fjerne osten og magternes kamp. 

S. L.— - Stephen Herbert Langdon. Pro- 
fessor of Assyriology, Oxford University, 

1919 - 37 . Curator in ^ TT .~**y Museum, 

Babylonian Section, - , Pa, 1916- 

18. Director of the 1 - ■ _ and Field 

Museum Expedition to Mesopotamia, 1923- 

S. L. A. — Sewell Lee Avery. Chaiiman of 
the Board, Mongomery Ward & Company, 
Chicago, III. 

S. L. B. — Stephen Leonard Baker, M.D. 
Reader in Pathology, University London. 
Professor of Pathology, Mar.cics.c_- Univer- 

S. L. C. — Stevenson Lyle Cummins, 

M.D. Colonel, Army Medical Service (re- 
tired). David Davies Professor of Tubercu- 
losis, Welsh National School of Medicine, 
Cardiff, Wales, 1921-38. 

S. L. Co.— Sherwin L. Cook. Author of 
Boston, the 18th Century Town. 

S. H. M. — S. H. Her love. Professor of 
Business Economics, The University of Chi- 
cago. Author of A Decade of Corporate In- 
comes, 1Q20 to iq2q; etc. 

S. L. D. — Sara L. Deese. Foreign Trade 
Analyst, . Special Programs Branch, Office of 
International Trade, U.S. Department of 
Commerce, Washington, D C. 

S. H. S.— -Silas Hardy Strawn. Senior 
Member, Winston, Strawn and Shaw 1918-46. 
Former President, The American Bar Asso- 

S. I. H. — S. I. Playakawa. Editor, ETC.: 
A Review of General Semantics Lecturer, 
University College, The University of Chi- 
cago Author of L'WQvage in Thought and 
Action; Oliver We .del 

S. J.— y S. Jones. Assistant, Deparimen: of 
Phonetics, University College, UmveisUv of 

S. L. Dn. — Sidney L. Dervan. Writer p-nd 
consultant, National Guard Bureau, Depart- 
ment of the Army, Washington, D.C. 

S ; Le. — Stuart Lewis. Professor of Law, 
New Jersey Law School. Author of An Out- 
line of American Federal Government . 

S. Lea. — Stephen Butler Leacock. Head 
of the Department of Economics, McGill Uni- 
versity, Montreal, Canada. 1908-36. Author 
of Elements of Political Science; etc. 

S. Li.— Stuart Little. Writer on industrial 
subjects, New York, N.Y. 

S. J. B. — S. Josephine Baker, M.D. For- 
mer Directs., Bureau Child Hygiene, New 
York C.L\ Department of Health. Author of 
Healthy Mothers; Healthy Babies ; etc. 

S. L.-P. — Stanley Lane-Poole. Former 
Professor of Arabic, University of Dublin 
Eire. Author of The Life of Lord SitutfcnrJ t "c 
Redcliffe; etc. 

S. J. Br. — Sidney J. Baker. Author of The 
Australian Language; New Zealand Slang; 
Dictionary of Australian Slang; etc. 

S. J. Bu.— Solon Justus Buck. Archivist 
of the United States, 1941- . Professor of 
History, University of Minnesota, Minne- 
apolis, Minn., 1921-31. Director of Publicity, 
National Archives and Secretary, National 
Historical Publication Committee, 1935-44, 
Co-author of Stories of Early Minnesota; etc. 

S. J. McK. — Samuel Justus McKinley. 
Professor of History, Springfield College, 
Springfield, Mass., 1946- . Professor of His- 
tory and Social Science, Emerson College, 
Boston, 1933-46. 

S. K. L. — Samuel Kirkland Lothrop. 
Research Associate. Harvard University Au- 
thor of Pottery of Costa Rica and Nicaragua; 
Pottery Types and Their Sequence in El Sal- 
vador; Indians of Tierra del Fuego ; etc 

S. Ks.— Sidney Kansas. Attorney at Law, 
New York, N.Y. Author of Citizenship of the 
United States of America; Lniec Stales Im- 
migration, Deportation and Citizenship. 

S. Ku. — Simon Knznets. Professor of Eco- 
nomics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Member of Research Staff, National 
Bureau of Economic Research, New York, 

N.Y. Author of National Income and Com- 
modity Flow and Capital Formation, 

S. Kz. — Saul Katz. Commander, U.S. 
Navy. Legal Officer, U.S. Naval Facility, Lon- 
don, Eng. 

S. L. Ph.— Sydney Lovell Phipson. Au- 
thor of The Law of Evidence. 

S. L. Pk.— Stephen L. Polyak, M.D. 
Piofessor of Anatomy, The Umversitv of Chi- 
cago. Author of The Retina ; The Human Ear 
in Anatomical Transparencies. 

S. L. Py. — Sidney L. Pressey. Professor of 
Psychology, Ohio State University, Colum- 
bus, O. Author of Psychology and the New 
Education; etc. 

S. Ls.~~ Sir Stanley M or daunt Leathes. 
Civil Service Commissioner, 1907; First Com- 
missioner, 1910-27. One of the Editors of 
Cambridge Modern History; etc. 

S. M. C. — Sonia Mary Cole, Author of 
An Outline of the Geology of Kenya ; etc. 

S. McC. — Shannon McCune. Professor of 
Geography, Colgate University, Hamilton, 
N Y. 

S. McC. L. — Samuel McCune Lindsay. 
Emeritus Professor of Social Legislation, Co- 
lumbia University, New York, NY. Author 
of Railway Labor in the United States; etc. 

S. McG. — Stuart McGregor. Associate 
Editor, the Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Tex. 
Editor, The Texas Almanac. 

S. M. LaM. — Stewart M. LaMont. For- 
mer Third Vice-President, Metropolitan Life 
Insurance Company, New York, N.Y. 

S. M. M. — Samuel Michael MacDou- 
gall. Author of Card Mastery; Danger in 
the Cards; Gamblers Don't Gamble; etc. 


S. Mo.—Stanley Mofison. Typogiaphical 
Adviser to the Lanston Monotype Coipo- 
ration in London, to J:he Univeisity Press, 
Cambridge, r 1 1 o The Times ; Lon- 
don. Editor r.' ' London, 1926-30. 

Author of Four Centuries of Fine Printings; 
First Principles of Typography ; etc 

S. N.— -Simon Newcomb. Former Professor 
of Mathematics in the United States Navy. 
Former Professor of Mathematics and Astion- 
omy, The Johns Hopkins Univeisity, Balti- 
more, Md Editor of the American Journal of 
Mathematics, 1874-1909 Author of The Stars; 

S. N. D. — -Samuel Newton Dicken. Pro- 
fessor and Head of Dept of Geogiaphy and 
Geology, University of Oregon, Eugene, Ore ; 
Special Consultant, U.S. Army Air Forces, 
1942 - 44 . 

Sn. G. — Strathearn Gordon. Librarian, 
House of Commons, London. Author of Our 

S. N. M. — S. N. Miller. Former Lecturer 
in Roman History and Antiquities, Univer- 
sity of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scot. 

S. Nn. — Sylva Norman. Author and critic. 
Afthor of Cat Without Substance; Flight of 
the Skylark • Shelley's Reputation 

S. Nr. — Stanley Nehmer. Office of Inter- 
national Materials Policy, U S. Dept of 
State, Washington, D C. Lecturer m Econom- 
ics, American University, Washington, D C 

S. O'H. — Sean O'Huadhaigh. Senior 
Partner, Sean 0 / Kuadha , * 2 u . and Son, Solici- 
tors, Dublin, Ire Counc ’1 Member and Past 
President, Incorporated Law Society of Ire- 
land Editor, Irish section, Annuaire Interna- 
tionale des avocats. 

S. O. L,- — Sidney O. Levinson, M.D. 
Former Executive Director, Michael Reese 
Research Found:: ::or Chicago F.: Fo-mer Di- 
rector, Samuel Deutsca Conva'e-cenL Scrum 
Center, Chicago Former Assistant Professor, 
University of Illinois Medical School, Chicago. 

S. P.— ■ -Seymour Pile. Consulting metal- 
lurgist. Specialist in nonferrous metals 

S. Pe.— -Selig Perlman. Professor of Eco- 
nomics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 
Wis. Co-author of History of Labor m the 
U. S.; etc. 

S. Ph.— Sava Popc\i:cn. Reseat ch Worker 
in Art and Aesthetics a-. Munich, Moscow, 
Florence, Paris, Rome and Cambridge. 

S. P. Jn. — Stanley Percival Jackson. 
Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geog- 
raphy, University of the Witwatersrand, 
Johannesburg, U. of S. Af. Author of Weather 
on the Coasts of Southern Africa; etc. 

S. P. T. — Silvanus Phillips Thompson, 
M.D. Former Principal and Piofessor of 
Physics in the City and Guilds Technical Col- 
lege. Finsbury, London, England Author of 
Lectures on Light; Michael Faraday; etc 

$. P. V. — Sir Sylvanus (Percival) 
Vivian. Principal Assistant Secretary, Min- 
istry of Health, and Registrar General, 
1921-45. Editor of Campion’s Works, 

S. R. — Sidney H, Ray. Former Lecturer in 
Polynesian, Melanesian, Micronesian and Pa- 
puan Languages, Cambridge University. 

S. Ra. — Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. 
Spalding Professor of Eastern Religions and 
Ethics, Oxford University. Vice-Chancellor, 
Benares Hindu University. George V Profes- 
sor of Philosophy, Calcutta University, 1921- 
31. Author of The Reign of Religion in Con- 
temporary Philosophy ; etc. 

S. R. B.— - Sona Rosa Burstein. Research 
Assistant at the Wellcome Historical Medical 
Museum, London Member of the Folk-Lore 

S. R. D. — -Samuel Rolles Driver, Hon. 
D.D. Regius Professor of Hebrew, Oxford 
Univeisity, . * * or of Isaiah , His 

Life and Tin , * to the Literature 

of the Old Testament; etc 

S. Rg.— Saul Rosenzweig. Professor of 
Psychology and of Medical Psychology, 
Washington University, St Louis, Mo. 

S. R. G.— Samuel Rawsom Gardiner. 
Sometime Editor of the English Historical 
Review Author of Student’s History of Eng- 
land; etc 

S. R. L. — Samuel Richard Lewis. Past 
President, American Society of Heating and 
Ventilating Engineers. Author of Air Condi- 
tioning for Comfort 

S. Ron.— Stephen Rothman, M.D. Pro- 
fessor of Dermatology, School of Medicine, 
The University of Chicago 

S. R. S. — Samuel Ray Scholes. Emeritus 
Professor of Glass Technology, New York 
State College of Ceramics, Alfred University, 
Alfred, NY Author of Modern Glass Prac- 
tice; Oppoitunities in Ceramics . 

S. S. — Sophy Sanger. Chief of section in 
the International Labour Office of the League 
of Nations, Geneva, 1920-24. Secretary of 
British section, International Association for 
Labour Legislation, 1906-19. 

S. S. B. — Stanley S. Ballard. Officer in 
charge of Research and Development in Op- 
tics, Bureau of Ordnance, U.S. Navy Depart- 
ment, 1941-46 

S. Sm. — Sidney Smith. Keeper, Depart- 
ment of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities, 
British Museum, London Hon. Lecturer in 
Ass\ noiogy, King’s College, University of 
London, 1923-39. Professor of Near Eastern 
Archaeology, University of London, 1938-46. 
Author of Early History of Assyria , etc. 

S. Sn. — Sidney Schulman, M.D. Assistant 
Professor of Neurology, School of Medicine, 
The University of Chicago. 

S. Sr. — Sidney Specter. Research Director, 
Council of State Go\u.imcnis 

S. S. R. — Samuel Shelburn Robison. 
Admiral, USN. (retired). Superintendent, 
Admiral Farragut Academy. Tom’s River, N J. 
Former Superintendent of U S. Naval Acad- 
emy, A rr.apiLs Md Author of History of 
Naval Tactics . 

S. S. W. — Samuel Stanley Wilks. Direc- 
tor, Section of Mathematical Statistics, and 
Professor of Mathematics, Princeton Univer- 
sity, Princeton, N.J. Author of Elementary 
Statistical Analysis; Mathematical Statistics; 

St.— Gerald Strickland, 1st Baron 
Strickland. Head of the Ministry and 
Minister of Justice, Malta, 1927-32. Member 
of the Malta Legislative Assembly, 1921-30. 

S. T. — Sarkis Topalian. Lecturer in Ar- 
menian and Turkish, School of Oriental Stu- 
dies, London. 

St. C. — Stafford Henry Northcote, Vis- 
count St. Cyres. Lord Rector of Edinburgh 
University, 1883. Author of Lectures and Es- 

St. H, — Lord St. Helier (Sir Francis 
Henry Jeune). President of the Probate, 
Divorce and Admiralty Division of the High 
Court of Justice, 1892-1905. 

S. T. H. W.— S. T. ft. Wilton. CaDtain. 
Royal Navy (retired) Fopmer Assistant Di- 
rector of Naval Ordnance, Admiialty, Lon- 
don * r 

St. P.— Stanley Peat. Reader in Gigsnis. 
Chemistry, University of Binfiinghapr^ Bir- 
mingham, Eng. 

S. T. P.— Stefan T. Possony. Professor of 
International Politics, Georgetown Univer- 
sity, Washington, D C 

S. Tt.— Sheldon Tefft. Professor of Law', 
The University of Chicago. Co-editor of Cases 
on Property 

Su. C.— Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. 
Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics, The 
University o f F’ * . . x 1 nkes Observatory, 
v’ 1 ..' r-iiai » - - . of An Introduction 
to the Study of Stellar Structure; etc. 

S. V .—Serge Voronoff, M.D. Former Di- 
rector, Biologic^! Laboratory, Ecole Pratique 
des Hautes Etudes, Paris. Former Director 
of Experimental Surgery, Station Physio- 
logique du College de France, Paris 

S. V. K. — S. V. Keeling. Lectuier in Phi- 
iosophv, University College and Birkbeck Col- 
lege, University of London 

S. W. C.— Sydney W. Cole. Lecturer in 
Medical Chemistry, Trinity College, Cam- 

S. Wf.— Stewart Wolf, M.D. Assistant 
Professor of Medicine, Cornell University 
Medical College, Ithaca, N Y Assistant At- 
tending Physician, New York Hospital, New 
York, NY. 

S. W. S. — Samuel Wesley Stratton. 
Former President of Massachusetts Insti- 
tute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass 

S. Wt.— Sewall Wright. Burton Distin- 
guished Service Pro lessor of Zoology, The 
University of Chicago. Hitchcock Professor, 
University of California, 1943. c 

S. Y. — Samuel Yellin. Former Teacher in 
the Pennsylvania Museum and School of 
Industrial Art, Philadelphia Master crafts- 
man and an authority on art metal work. 

T. A. — Thomas Ashby. Former Director 
of the British School at Rome. Author of 
Turner’s Visions of Rome ; etc Revised A 
T opographical Dictionary of A ncient Rome 
(by the former Professor S. B. Plainer). # 

T. A. A. — Thomas Andrew Archer. 
Author of The Crusade of Richard I; etc. 

T* Ad. — Thomas Adams. Lecturer on 
Civic Design, srN- Institute of 

Technology, Ono: v u.->' 1921*36. 

First Town Planning inspector of Local 
Government Board (now Ministry of 
Health) of England and Wales. :ocq-i* 
Director of Plans and Surveys of Regional 
Plan of New York, 1923-30. 

T. A. H. — Thomas Anderson Henry. 
Director of Wellcome Chemical Research 
Laboratories, London, 1919-43. 

T. A. I.-— Thomas Allan Ingram. Edi- 
tor of Hazell’s Annual, 1913-22. 

T. A. J. — Thomas Athol Joyce. Sub- 
Keeper, Department of Ethnography, Sritish 
Museum, London, 1902-38. 

T. A. L. — Thomas Alexander Lacey, 
D.D. Former Canon of Worcester 

T. A. Ln. — Tatt Alfred Larson. Associ- 
ate Professor of History, University of Wy- 
oming, Laramie, Wyo. 

T. A. S, — Thomas Alan Stephenson. 
Professor of Zoology. University College of 
Wales, Abeijctrtjth, Wa : e> * m 


T. A. W. — •T r . A.*" Weston. Author of 
Practical Carnation Culture; etc 

T. B.— Sir Jlfaomas Barclay. Former 
Vice-President/ International Law Assn. 

T. B^--Th&mas Baker. ©Chief Metal- 
lurgist a>$^JHead of Research Department, 
Messrs Steel, Peech and Tozer, Limited 

T. B. M. — Thomas Byrd Magath, M.D. 
Chief, Division of Clinical Laboratories, Mayo 
Chine, Rochester, Minn Professor of Pa- 
thology and Parasitology, University of Min- 
nesota School of Medicine, Rochester, Minn. 

T. Br. — Theodore Baumeister. Stevens 
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Colum- 
bia University, New York, NY Consulting 
Engineer Babcock & Wilcox Co — New 
Yc’k. NY Author of Fans. ' ' :■ of 

Heat Pumps. 

T. Bu.— Travers Buxtdti. Vice-Chair- 
man, Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection 
Society, London. 

T. Bw.‘ — Thomas Burrow. Fellow of Bal- 
liol College, Oxford Boden Professor of 
Sanskrit, University of Oxford 

T. C. — Thomas Caldwell, D.D. Emeritus 
Principal Clerk, General Assembly of Church 
of Scotland Foimei editor of Church of Scot- 
land Year-Book. 

T. C. I. — Thomas C. Izard. Associate 
Professor of English, Columbia University 
Author of George Whetstone: Mid-Ehzabe- 
than Gentleman of Letters 

T. C. L. — Thomas Charles Lethbridge. 
Honorary Excavator, Cambridge Antiquarian 

T. Co.-— Thomas Coulson. Major. Direc- 
tor, Technical Publicity, The Franklin Insti- 
tute, Philadelphia, Pa 

T, C. O’DJ — Thomas C. O’Donnell. For- 
mer Editor, The New York Masonic Out- 

T. C. P. — Thomas Cruddas Porteus. 
Former Canon of Blackburn Cathedral Au- 
thor of History of the Parish of Standish; 
Captain Myles Standish ; etc. 

T. C. S. — T. C. Schneirla. Curator of 
Animal Behaviour, American Museum of 
Natural History, New York, N.Y. Co-author 
of Principles of Animal Psychology; etc. 

T. C. W. — T. Carroll Wilson. Hills 
Bros. Coffee, Inc, San Francisco, Calif. 

T. C. Wn. — -Thomas C. Wasson. For- 
mer^ Assistant Chief, Division of African 
Affairs, Department of State, Washington, 

T. C. Y. — T. Cuyler Young, Associate Pro- 
fessor of Persian Language and History, 
Princeton University, Princeton, N.J. Editor 
of Near Eastern Culture and Society. 

T. D. E.— -Thomas Dawes Eliot. Pro- 
fessor of Sociology, Northwestern University, 
Evanston, 111 Author of American Standards 
and Planes of Living; Outlines of Social 
Economy; etc. 

T. D. K. — Thomas Downing Kendrick. 
Keeper, Department of British and Mediae- 
val Antiquities, British Museum, London. 
Author of History of the Vikings; Anglo- 
Saxon Art to A.D. poo. ^ 

T. D. S.— Thomas Dale Stewart, M.D. 
Curator of Physical Anthropology, U.S Na- 
tional Museum, Washington, D.C. Author of 
Anthropometric Observation^ on the Eskimos 
and Indians of Labrador . Editor of Hrdiicka’s 
Practical Anthropometry. * 

T. By.— Theodosius Pcbzh— Vr. 
lessor of Zoology, C.~:r v ^ 
Author of Genetics and the Origin of Species 

T. E. A.— T. E. Armstrong. Research Fel- 
low in Russian, Scott Polar Research Institute, 
Cambridge, Eng. 

T. E. F.— Thomas E. French. Former 
Professor of o* Drawing, Ohio 

State U^’crsit: a ■" 0 Author of 

A '.for. cl w Ergznce’ ii:g Drawing; etc 

T. E. G.— Sir Theodor E. G. Gregory. 
Economic Adviser to Government of India, 
1938-46 Sir E Cassel Professor of Econom- 
ics in the University of London, 1927-37. 
Author of Tariffs, A Study in Method; The 
Return to Gold; etc 

T. E. H. — Thomas Edmund Harvey. 
M.P for West Leeds, 1910-18, for Dewsbury, 
1923-24 and for Combined English Univer- 
sities, 1937-45. Author of The Rise of the 
Quakers; etc. 

T. E. L.— Thomas East Lones. Former 
Senior Examiner in H.M Patent Office, 
London Author of Zinc and Its Alloys; etc. 

T. E. La.— T. E. Lawrence. Colonel. 
Foimei Research Fellow of All Souls, Oxford. 
Assistant in the British Museum’s Excava- 
tion of Carchemish, 1910-14. Author of The 
Seven Pillars of Wisdom; Revolt in the 

T. E. P. — »T. Eric Peet. Former Reader 
in Egyptology, Oxford University. 

T. E. R. P. — Rev. Theodore Evelyn 
Reece Phillips. Secretary, Royal Astro- 
nomical Society, 1919-26; President, 1927 and 
1928. Co-editor of the Splendour of the 
Heavens ; etc. 

T. F.- — Tenney Frank. Former Professor 
of Latin, The Johns Hopkins University, 
Baltimore, Md Author of Roman Imperial- 
ism; A History of Rome; etc 

T. F. C. — Theodore Freylinghuysen 
Collier. Emeritus Professor of History and 
International Relations and Head of the 
History Department, 1917-39, Brown Uni- 
versity, Providence, R.I. 

T. F. H. — Talbot Faulkner Hamlin. 
Instructor and Lecturer on the History and 
Theory of Architecture, Columbia Univer- 
sity School of Architecture Author of 
Architecture Through the Ages; etc. 

T. F. Mcl. — Thomas Forsyth Me- 
Ilwraith. Professor and Head of the De- 
partment of Anthropology in the University 
of Toronto, Canada. Associate Director and 
Keeper of the Ethnological Collections, Royal 
Ontario Museum of Archaeology. 

T. Fr. — Thomas Francis, Jr., M.D. Pro- 
fessor and Chairman of Department of Epi- 
demiology, University of Michigan, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. 

T. F. T.— ' Thomas Frederick Tout. 
Former Honorary Professor, Manchester 
University; Professor of History, 1890-1925. 
Author of The Place of the Reign of Edward 
II in English History ; Edward the First , etc. 

T, G. — Thor Germundsson. Manager, 
Structural and Railways Bureau, Portland Ce- 
ment Association. 

T. G. B. — Thomas Gregor Brodie, 
M.D, Former Professor of Physiology at 
St. Thomas’s Hospital Medical School, Uni- 
versity of London 

T. G. C. — Thomas Gilbert Carver. Au- 
thor of On the Law Relating to the Car- 
riage of Goods by Sea . 

T. G. G. H. — ■'B G. G. Heywond. 
Lieutenant Colonel, former G„\: " . St:. '* 
Officer, British Territorial Army, Air Defense 

T. G. H. S.— Theodor George H. Streh- 
low. Senior Research Fellow in Australian 
Linguistics, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, 
Austr. Author of Aranda Phonetics and Gram- 
mar; Aranda Traditions 

T. G. M.— Tomas Garrigue Masaryk. 
President of the Republic of Czechoslovakia, 
1918-35 Author of The Problem of Small 
Nations in the European Crisis; etc. 

T. G. S. — Thomas Gaskell Shearman. 
Author of The Single Tax; Natural Taxa- 
tion; etc. 

T. H. — Thomas Hodgkin. Author of Italy 
and Her Invaders; Theodoric the Goth; etc. 

T. H. B. — Thomas Hannahan Burford, 
M.D. Associate Professor of Surgery, Wash- 
ington University School of Medicine, St 
Louis, Mo 

T. Her.* — Thomas Herdman. Former 
Senior Lecturer in Geography and Educa- 
tion, the Training College, Dudley, Eng 
Author of Discovery Geography , Books I a£d 
II, Geography for To-Day — The World. 

T. H. H. — Sir Thomas Hunger ford 
Holdich. Superintendent, Frontier Surveys, 
India, 1892-98 H M. Commissioner for 
Perso-Baluch Boundary, 1896 Author of The 
Indian Borderland; The Gates of India; etc. 

T. H. HI.— Theodore H. Hubbell. Pro- 
fessor of Biology and Geolog” TTpJv-w’f,, 
Florida, Gainesville, Fla * « 1 

tor of Orthoptera, University of Michigan 
Museum of Zoology, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

T. H. Hr.— Turner Harcourt Hopper. 
Head of the Analytical, Physical- Chemical and 
Physics Division, Southern Regional Research 
Laboratory, New Orleans, La 

T. H. J.— Thomas Hope Johnson. Chair- 
man, Physics Department, Brookhaven Na- 
tional Laboratory, Uptcn, NY Chief Physi- 
cist, Ballistic Re^r*cb Labcrator>, Aberdeen 
Proving Ground, Md., 1942-47. Author of 
Cosmic Ray Intensity and Geomagnetic 

T. H. M.— Thomas Hunt Morgan. For- 
mer Professor of Biology, California Institute 
of Technology, Pasadena, Calif. Former Pro- 
fessor of Experimental Zoology, Columbia 
University. Nobel Pnze for Medicine, 1933. 
Author of Evolution and Adaptation ; etc 

T. H. Ma. — Thomas H. Mawson. For- 
mer Consultant to the firm of T. H Mawson 
& Sons Author of The Life and Work of an 
English Landscape Architect; etc 

T. H. MacD. — Thomas Harris Mac- 
Donald. Commissioner of Public Roads in 
charge of Public Roads Administration, Fed- 
eral Works Agency, Washington, D C. 

Th. N. — Theodor Noldeke. Professor of 
Oriental Language* at Strasbourg, 1872-1906. 
Author 0 Ceu . W des Korans and numer- 
ous essays 

T. Hn.— Tom Harrisson. Government 
Ethnologist and Curator, Sarawak Museum, 
Sarawak Author of Borneo Jungle; Britain; 
Savage Civilization. 

T. H. P. — Tom Hatherley Pear. Profes- 
sor of Psychology, University of Manchester, 
Manchester, Eng. Temporary Lecturer in 
Psychology, University of Liverpool, Liver- 
pool, Eng Author of Remembering and For- 
getting; Voice and Personality; The Psy- 
chology of Effective Speaking. 


3 c ^’“Theodore* Henry Robinson. 
£).£}. Professor of Semitic Langur g^ Uni- 
versity College, Cardiff 1927-44. Author o! 
An Introduction to the History of Religions * 
etc* ' 

T. H. Rd.— Thomas Harrison Reed. 
Municipal Government Counsellor, Connecti- 
cut Public Expenditure Council, Inc , 1943- 
47- Author of Municipal Government in ike 
United States ; etc, 

T. H.-W . — ‘Thomas Hudson- W illiams. 
Emeritus Professor of Greek in the Univer- 
sity College of North Wales, Bangor, Author 
of The Elegies of Theognis, etc. 

T. H. Wr.— Thomas Huckie Weller, 
M.D. Associate Professor of Tropical Public 
Health, Haivard School of Public Health, 
Harvard University Assistant Director, Re- 
search Division of Infectious Diseases, Chil- 
dren's Medical Center, Boston, Mass. 

T. I. — Sir Thomas Innes of Learney. 
Lord Lyon King of Arms Author of Scots 
Heraldry; editor of Clans , Septs and Regi- 
ments of the Scottish Highlands. 

T. L C.— Thomas Ira Cook. Professor, 
Political Science Department, University of 
Washington, Seattle, Wash. Author of A 
History of Political Theory From Plato to 

T. J. — 1 Thorkell Johannesson. Professor 
in Icelandic History at the University of Ice- 
land, Reykjavik, Ice Author of Stellung der 
freier Arbeiter in Island bis zur Mitte des 16 
Jakrkunderts 1933; Saga tslendinga , Vol. VI- 
VII (1730-1830). 

T. J. A. — Thomas Joel Anderson, Jr. 
Associate Professor of Economics, New York 
University, New York, N.Y. Author of 
Federal and State Control of Banking; etc. 

T. J. Dn.— -Thomas James Dunbabin. 
Reader in Classical Archaeology, Oxford Uni- 
versity. Author of The Western Greeks. 

T. J. E. — T. J. Edwards. Major. Secre- 
tary to the Honours and Distinctions Com- 
mittee, War Office, London. Author of The 
Non-Commissioned Officer’s Guide to Promo- 
tion in the Infantry. 

T. J. F.— Thomas James Fielding. Con- 
sulting Engineer. Author of Photo-electric and 
Selenium Cells. 

T. J. K. — Theodore J. Kreps. Professor of 
Business Economics, Graduate School of 
Business, Stanford University, Stanford, 
Calif. Author of Economics of the Sulfuric 
Acid Industry; Some Measurements of the 
Social Performance of Business; etc. 

T. J. Sh. — Thomas J. Schoch. Research 
Group Leader, Corn Products Refining Com- 
pany, Argo, 111 . 

T. J. W. — Thomas J. Walsh. U.S. lawyer. 
Former Senator from Montana. 

T. K. — Theodore Eomisarjevsky. For- 
mer Producer and Art Director of the Mos- 
cow State and Imperial Theatre. Author of 
The Theatre and Changing Civilization; The 
Art of the Actor ; etc. 

T. K. C. — Thomas Kelly Cheyne, D.D. 
Oriel Professor of the Interpretation of the 
Scripture, Oxford University, and Canon of 
Rochester, 1885-1908. Author of The Prophe- 
cies of Isaiah; etc. 

T. K. H. — Theodora Kimball Hubbard. 
Former Associate Editor, Landscape Archi- 
tecture. Co-author of Introduction to Study 
of Landscape Design; Landscape Design; etc. 
Author of Manual of Information on City 
Planning; etc. 


T. Ki.— Thomas Kirkup. Author of An 
Inquiry into Socialism ; Prime > of Socialism; 

T. Km.— Theodore Eustace Kalem. 
Contributing Editor, Time 

T. K. R. — Sir Thomas Kirke Rose. 
Chemist and Assayer of the Mint, 1902-26. 
Author of The Metallurgy of Gold; The 
Precious Metals; etc 

T. L. B.— Rev. Timothy Lincoln Bous- 
caren, S.J. Procurator General, Society of 
Jesus, Rome, Italy Author of Canon Law 
Digest and Ethics of Ectopic Operations. 

T. L. Be.— -Thomas L. Blakemore. Law- 
yer, Tokyo, Jap Author of Criminal Code of 

T. L. H. — Sir Thomas Little Heath. 
Controller-General, National Debt Office, 
1919-26 Joint Permanent Secretary to the 
Treasury and Auditor of the Civil List, 19x3- 
19. Author of A History of Greek Mathemat- 
ics; Archimedes; Aristarchus of Samos , the 
Ancient Copernicus ; etc. 

T. M. C. — Thorne Martin Carpenter. 
Former Director, Nutrition Laboratory, 
Carnegie Institution of Washington, Boston, 

T. M. F.-— Thomas Macall Fallow. Edi- 
tor of the Antiquarian , 1895-99 Authoi of 
Memorials of Old Yorkshire ; The Cathedral 
Churches of Ireland. 

T. M. Li. — Rev. Thomas Martin Lind- 
say, D.D. Former Principal of the United 
Free Church College, Glasgow, Scotland Au- 
thor of History of the Reformation ; Life of 
Luther ; translation of Ueberweg’s Logic. 

T. M. T. — T. Marston Till. Of the British 
Brush Manufacturers Association, London, 

T. N. — Thomas North. Brigadier General, 
U S Army. Secretary, American Battle Mon- 
uments Commission, 1946- 

T. N. E. G. — Thomas Nall Eden Gre- 
viile. Chief, Actuarial Analysis Branch, Na- 
tional Office of Vital Statistics, United States 
Public Health Service, Washington, D C 

T. N. T. — T. N. Thomson. Former Con- 
sulting Engineer and Technical Editor, 
Plumbers and Heating Contractors Trade 

T. O.— -Thomas Okey. Former Professor 
of Italian, Cambridge University. 

T. P. — Thomas Parran, M.D. Dean, 
Graduate School of Public Health, University 
of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. Author of 
Shadow on the Land. 

T. Pk.-— Thomas Park. Professor of Zo- 
ology, The University of Chicago. 

T. P. K. — Truman Paul Kohman. Fellow 
in Chemistry, Institute for Nuclear Studies, 
The University of Chicago. 

T. P. Ma.— -Thomas Powderly Martin. 
Assistant Chief and Acting Chief, Manu- 
script Division, Library of Congress, Wash- 
ington, D.C. Former Associate Professor of 
History, Boston University, Boston, Mass. 

T. P. Me. — Thomas Potter Mc- 
Cutcheon. Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, 
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Co-author of General Chemistry. 

T. Ra. — Terry Ramsay e. Editor, Motion 
Picture Herald and Motion Picture Almanac . 
Author of A Million and One Nights — A His- 
tory of the Motion Picture . 

T. R. P.—Thomas Reed Powell. Emeritus 
Proiessoi of Law, Harvard University. For- 
mer Special Assistant to Attorney General 
of U S Author of® Separation c?f Powers; etc. 

T. R. P. G.— Thomas R. f. Gibb^Jr- 
Associate Prolbssor and Direct'"" 
sored Research in Chemistry, “ : L 
Medford, Mass. Author of A Tv. 
the Hydrides of Metals and MetaUotas ; 'Op- 
tical Methods of Chemical Analysis. 

T. R. Ph.~ Thomas Raphael Phillips. 
Brigadier General, U S.A. Department Chair- 
man, Joint Export-Import Agency, Urnfed 
States — United Kingdom, Office of Military 
Government ip Germany, 1941-17 Author 
of Roots of Strategy; The^New Face of War; 

T. S.- — Thomas Seccombe. Former Lec- 
turer in History, East London and Birkbeck 
Colleges, University of London Assistant Ed- 
itor of Dictionary of National Biography , 
1891-1901. Author of The Age of Johnson; 

T. S. Gy.—Theophilus Stephen Greg- 
ory. Producer, Talks Department, British 
Broadcast ’’-. % Generation, London. Author 
of The l *\ 

T. Sm. — Thomas E. Smith. Superintend- 
ent of Light Division, National Physical 
Laboratory, Teddington, England. 

T. Sn.— -Thors ten Selim. Professor of So- 
ciology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Edftor, The Annals of the American 
Academy of Political and Social Science. Au- 
thor of Crime in the Depression; The Crimi- 
nality of Youth; (Culture Conflict and Crime; 
Pioneering in Penology. 

T. S. Pe. — Theodore Stephen Page. Bar- 
rister-at-law of the Inner Temple, London. 
Former Senior Press Censor, Ministry of In- 
formation, London e 

T. S. R.—Tyler Stewart Rogers. Tech- 
nical Director, Owens-Corning Fiberglas 
Corporation, Toledo, O. Author of Plan Your 
Home to Suit Yourself. 

T. S. T. — Thomas Smith Tait. Director 
of Standardization, Ministry of Works and 
Buildings, 1940-42. 

T. T. — Sir Travers Twiss. Former Pro- 
fessor of Political Economy and Civil Law, 
Oxford University, and of International Law, 
University of London. Author of The Nations 
in Peace ; etc. 

T. V. H. — Thomas ¥. Haney. Men$ber 
of the Staff, New York Times , New York, 

T. W.— Thomas Woodhouse. Former 
Head of Weaving and Textile Designing De- 
partment, Technical College, Dundee, Scot- 

T. W. A, — Sir Thomas Walker Arnold. 
Former Professor of Arabic, University of 
London. Former Professor of Philosophy, 
Government College, Lahore, India. 

T. W. C. — T. W. Casey. Assistant ^Secre- 
tary, Ministry of Pensions, London, Eng. 

T. W .»D. — Theodore Watts-D union. 
Author of The Renascence of Wonder; etc. 

T. W. F .—Thomas W. Fox. Former Pro- 
fessor of Textiles in the University of Man- 
chester, England. Author cf Mechanics of 

T. WL — Thomas Wilfred. Founder of 
the Clavilux Laboratory, New York, N.Y. 
Inventer of the Clavilux. * * 

« * • 


T. W. J. T. — Sir Thomas Weston Johns 
Taylor. Former Principal, .Univeisity College 
of the South-West of V-crr"' 1 . Exeter, Eng. 
Editor of the third G of Richter- 

A»schutz’s Ckemze der Konlenstoffverbind - 

sy * ^ 

T. W". '^—Theodore William Richards, 
M.D. Former Professor of Chemistry and 
Director of the Walcott Gibbs Memorial Lab- 
oratory, Harvard University. Nobei Prize for 
Chemistry, 1914. 

T. W. R. D.—T. W. Rhys Davids. For- 
mer Professor o r Religion in the 

University of so . - * .ngland Former 
Professor 0^ Pali and Buddhist Literature, 
University College, University of London 
Author of Buddhism, Its History and Litera- 
ture . 

T. Wy. — Thomas Woody. Professor of 
Education, University of Pennsylvania, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. Author of A History of Women’s 
Education in the United States; Life and Edu- 
cation in Early Societies. 

U. E. B.— Urbanus Edmund Baughman. 
Chief, United States Secret Service U S De- 
partment of the Treasury, Washington, D.C. 

U. G. F. — Urban Gerard Flanagan. Lec- 
turer, University College, Cork, Ire Editor of 
Calendar of Papal Registers (P.R.O ). 

U. L. — Uberto Limentani. Lecturer in 
Italian, Cambridge University Author of 
Poesie e f 'r ■/.V' 1 ? di Salvator Rosa ; 
L’attivita letteraria di Giuseppe Mazzinz. 

U. R. E. — Ulick Richardson Evans. 
Reader in the Science of Metallic Corrosion, 
Cambridge University. Author of Metals and 
Metallic Compounds; Metallic Corrosion 
Passivity and Protection. 

U. W. — Ulrich F. Westphal. Chief, Pro- 
tein Section, Biochemistry Department, Army 
Medical Research Laboratory, Fort Knox, Ky. 

V. A. S.— Vernon Arthur Stenger. An- 
alytical Research Chemist, Dow Chemical 
Company, Midland, Mich. Co-author of 
Volumetric Analysis, Vol. I and II. 

V. Rr.— Victor Branford. Chairman of 
Council (British) Sociological Society. 

V. Bu.— Vannevar Bush. Chairman, Joint 
Research and Development Board, Joint 
Chiefs of Staff. Director, Office of Science 
Research and Development; President, Car- 
negie Institution of Washington. Professor of 
Electric Power Transmission, Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, 1919-32, Vice-Presi- 
dent and Dean of Engineering, 1932-38. 
Author (with W. H Timbie), Principles of 
Electrical Engineering; Operational Circuit 

V. Bw.— Virginia Bartow. Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry, University of Illinois, 
Urbana, 111. 

V. B. W. — V. B. Wigglesworth. Direc- 
tor of Agricultural Research Council, Unit of 
Insect Physiology Former Reader in Ento- 
mology, University of London, 1936-44 Au- 
thor of The Principles of Inject Physiology 

V. C. As. — Vladimir C, Asmous. Assist- 
ant 'Librarian, Arnold Arboretum, Har- 
vard University, Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

V. C. C. C.—V. C. C. Collum. Fellow of 
the Royal Archaeological Institute of Great 
Britain and Ireland. f 

V, Cm — Vern Countryman. Assistant 
Professor, Yale University Law School, New 
Haven, Conn. 

V. C. T. — Ylctor^Chandler Twitty. Pro- 
fessor of Biology, Stanford University, Stan- 
ford ^aliL 

V. B.— -Victor Donahey. United States 
Senator fiom Ohio, 1935-41 ; Governor, State 
of Ohio, 1923-29. 

V. E. J.— Vincent E. Jakl. Regional Di- 
rector, U S. Weather Bureau Office, Chicago, 
111 . 

V. E. M. — V. E. MeKelvey. Chief, Trace 
Elements Office, Geological Survey, U S. De- 
partment of the Interior, Washington, D.C. 

V. E. N. — Victor Ewings Negus. Sur- 
geon, Ear, Nose and Throat Department, 
King’s College Hospital, London Forme: 
Lectuier at King’s College Hospital Medical 
School. * 

V. F. M. — Vladimir F. Minorsky. Emer- 
itus Professor of Persian in the University of 
London. Lecturer of Persian Literature, Tur- 
kish and Oriental History at the llcole Na- 
tionale des Langues Orientales Vivantes, Paris, 

V. G. C. — V. Gordon Childe. University 
Professor of Prehistoric European Archae- 
ology and Director of the Institute of Archae- 
ology, London, 1946- Librarian to Royal 
Anthropological Institute, 1925-27. Professor 
of Prehistoric Archaeology, Edinburgh, 1927- 
46. Author of The Aryans ; etc. 

V. G. G.— -Vernon Guy Grove. Professor 
of Mathematics, Michigan State College of 
Acrricukuro and Applied Science, East Lan-, 

V. H. — Viktor Hamburger. Professor of 
Zoology ; Head, Department of Zoology, 
Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. Author 
of Manual of Experimental Embryology. 

V. H. B. — Vernon Herbert Blackman. 
Chairman, Forest Products Research Board, 
1 93 9~4 7 Director of Research, Institute of 
Plant Physiology, Imperial College of 
Science and Technology, University of Lon- 
don, 1913-43. 

V. J.— -Vera Javarek. Lecturer in Serbo- 
Croatian Languages and Literature, School 
of Slavonic and East European Studies, Uni- 
vtrsity of Lo.u .on. 

V. J. S. — Vincent Joseph Schaefer. Re- 
search Chemist, General Electric Research 
Laboratory, Schenectady, N.Y. 

V. K. — Vernon Kellogg. Former Secre- 
tary, National Research Council, 

D.C. Author of Scientific Aspect * . j L; \ cr 
Burbank’s Works; Evolution; etc 

V. Kr.— Victor Kramer. Laundry man- 
agement consultant Author of Establishing 
and Operating a Laundry. 

V. Kz. — Vernon Kinietz. AgricUt’mdi-t 
Author of Chippewa Village; 7 ' ;, e I. et:c 0 
the Western Great Lakes, 16x5-1760. 

V. K. Z. — Vladimir Kosma Zworykin. 
Vice-President and Technical Consultant, 
Electronic Research, RCA Laboratories Di- 
vision, Radio Corporation of America, Prince- 
ton, NJ Author of Photocells and Their 
Applications; etc. 

V. L. K. — Vincent Lome Kennedy. Pro- 
fessor, Greek and Christian Archaeology, St. 
Michael’s College, University of Toronto, 
Canada. Professor, History of Christian Wor- 
ship, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 
Toronto, i935~43- Author of The Saints of the 
Canon of the Mass . 

V. L. P. — Vernon Louis Farrington. 
Former Professor of English in the Univer- 
sity of Washington, Seattle, Wash. Author 
of Main Currents in American Thought 

V. N.« — Virgil Ney. Lieutenant Colonel, 
U.S. Army. Office of the Executive for Re- 
serve and ROTC Affairs, Department of the 
Army, Washington, D C. Author of Arms 
Collectors of the United States. 

V. M.— ‘ Vartkes igrdichian. Chemist, 
American Cyanamid Company, Stamford, 
Conn Author of Chemistry of Organic 
Cyanogen Compounds. 

V. M. Ra. — Vincent M. Rabuffo. Editor, 
Ice Cream Trade Journal. Author of Packaged 
Profits . 

V. O. K.— V. O. Key, Jr. Alfred Cowles 
Professor of Government, Yale University, 
New Haven, Conn Author of The Admin- 
istration of Federal Grants to States; etc. 

V. Pi.— Vivian Pierce. Director, Amer- 
ican League to Abolish Capital Punishment. 

V. Ps. — Victor Paschkis. Technical Direc- 
tor, Heat and Mass Flow Analyzer Labora- 
tory. Department of Mechanical Engineering, 
Columbia University, New York, N.Y. Author 
of Industrial Electric Furnaces. 

V. R. B. — -Victor Rickman Boswell. 
Principal Horticulturist and Assistant Head 
of Division of Fruit and Vegetable Crops and 
Diseases, Bureau of Plant Industry, U.S. De- 
partment of Agriculture. 

V. R. C. — V. R. Croswell. Of the Hercules 
Powder Company, Wilmington, Del. 

V. S.— Vilhjalmur Stefansson. Comman- 
der of the Canadian Arctic Expedition under 
the auspices of the American Museum of 
Natural History and the Geological Survey 
of Canada, 1908-12; and of several other 
expeditions to Arctic regions. Author of My 
Life with the Eskimo; etc. 

V. Sd. — Vera Sanford. Professor of Math- 
ematics, State Teachers College, Oneonta, 

V. S. J. — Vernon S. Jones. Member of 
firm of Karlin, Campbell, Hickox and Keat- 
ing, lawyers, New York, N.Y. 

V. Sn. — Virgil Snyder. Emeritus Profes- 
sor of Mathematics, Cornell University, 
Ithaca, N.Y. 

V. St.— -V emey Stott. Senior Scientific 
Officer, Metrology Department, National 
Physical Laboratory, Teddingion, England. 

V. Sta. — Vincent Starr ett. Book Colum- 
nist, Chicago Sunday Tribune. Author of The 
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes; Books 
Alive; etc. 

V. T. — V. Tolnai. Former Professor of 
History of Hungarian Literature, University 
of Pecs, Hungary. 

V. T. A. — -Victor Thomas Allen. Direc- 
tor, Geology Department, St. Louis Univer- 
sity, St. Louis, Mo. Author of This Earth 
of Ours; The lone Formation of California . 

V. Tn. — Virginia Thompson. With Insti- 
tute of Pacific Relations, 1936-42. Author of 
French Indo-China; Postmortem in Malaya; 

V. W. B. — Van Wyck Brooks. Author 
of America’s Coming-of-Age; The World of 
H. G Wells; The Pilgrimage of Henry 
James ; The Ordeal of Mark Twain; The 
Flowering of New England, 1815-1865; etc. 

V. W. M. — Villiers Willson Meloche. 
Professor of Chemistry, University of Wis- 
consin, Madison, Wis. 

W. — Wang Chi-Wu. Research Associate, 
Harvard Forest, Harvard University., Peter- 
sham, Mass. Author of The Vegetation of 
Eastern Asia. 

W. A. A.— W. A. Aitken, D.V.M. Editor 
in Chief, Journal of the American Veterinary 
Medical Association . 


W. A. B.—Wyndhafi A. Bewes. Bar- 
rister-at-Law. Former Honorary Secietary 
of the International J^aw Association and 
Grotius Society. 

W. A. B. C.— -Rev. William Augustus 
Brevoort Coolidge. Former Fellow of 
Magdalen Cohere Oxford Editor of The 
Alpine . o. :T3c-<>' etc. 

W. A. Be.— W. A. Bettesworth. Former 
Sports Editor of The Field . 

W. A. Ben. — Wilson Alwyn Bentley. 
Author of many mono graphs relating to the 
subjects of snow, i^n, dev, frost and clouds. 

W. A. Bn.— W. A. Benton. Second Chief 
of the Research Department of Messrs W. T. 
Avery, Ltd , Birmingham, England. 

W. A. Br. — William Adams Brown, 
D.D. Former Professor of Theology, Union 
Theological Seminary, New York, NY. Au- 
thor of The Essence of Christianity ; Christian 
Theology in Outline; etc. 

W. A. Bn.— William Aubrey Darling- 
ton. Drama Editor and Chief Drama Critic, 
the Daily Telegraph, London. London Drama 
Correspondent, the New York Times . Author 
oiPThe Actor and His Audience; J. M. Barrie; 
The World of Gilbert and Sullivan; Liter- 
ature in the Theatre; etc. 

W. A. F. — William A. Flere. River Divi- 
sion, Port of London Authority, London. 

W. A. G. — William Addleman Ganoe. 
Colonel, United States Army. Theatre His- 
torian, European Theatre of Operations, 
1943-46. Director, Public Relations Divi- 
sion, First Army, 1941. Author of The History 
of the United States Army; Soldiers Un- 
masked; etc. 

W. A. Go.- — William A. Good. Editor for 
the Associated Press, New York, N.Y, 

W. A. H. — W. A. Han ton. Head of the 
weaving section, Textile Department, Man- 
chester Municipal College of Technology, 
Manchester, England. 

W. A. Ha. — William Allen Hamor. 
Assistant Director of Mellon Institute of In- 
dustrial Research, Pittsburgh, Pa. Co-author 
of The Examination of Petroleum ; etc. 

W. A. Har. — William Andrew Harden- 
bergh. Colonel, Sanitation Corps, and Chief 
of Division of Sanitary Engineering, U.S. 

W. A. Hh. — William Aquinas Hinne- 
busch. Professor of Mediaeval History, Prov- 
idence College, Providence, R.I. 

W. A. I. — William A. Irwin. Emeritus 
Professor of Old Testament Language and 
Literature, The University of Chicago. 

W. A. J. — Walter Albert Jessup. For- 
mer President, State University of Iowa, 
Iowa City. President, Carnegfe Foundation 
for the Advancement of Teaching, 1934-44. 

Wa. L. — Walter Lichtenstein. Adviser, 
United States Control Council, Germany. 

W. A. L. E. — William Alexander Les- 
lie Elmslie, Hon. D.D. Professor of He- 
brew and Old Testament Literature and Prin- 
cipal in Westminster College, Cambridge. Au- 
thor of Five Great Subjects; How Came Our 
Faith; etc. 

W. A. M.— W. A. Mitchell. Brigadier 
General, U.S.A. Colonel of the Corps of 
Fngineers during World War I Former Pro- 
fessor of Military Engineering and Military 
Art at US. Miliiai v Acadenu West Point, 

W. A. Ml.— (Mrs.) Winifred Alice 
Maxwell. Professor of History, Rhodes Uni- 
versity College, Grahamstown, South Africa 

W. A. N. — William Allan Neilson. Pres- 
ident, Smith College, Northampton, Mass., 
1917-39. Author of Essentials of Poetry; etc 

W. A. P. — Walter Alison Phillips. 
Lecky Professor of Modem History, Univer- 
sity of Dublin, Dublin, Ire , 1914-39. Former 
contributor to the Cambridge Modern His- 
tory; etc. 

W. A. Ph. — William A Phair. Associate 
Editor, The Iron Age. 

W. A. Po. — William A. Poucher. Con- 
sulting chemist m perfumery, cosmetics and 
industrial problems. 

W. A. R.— William Alfred Reid. Former 
Foreign Trade Adviser, Pan American Union 
Lecturer on Latin American Commerce at the 
School of Foreign Service, Georgetown Uni- 
versity, Washington, D C. Author of Ports 
and Harbours of South America; etc 

W. A. Sh. — William A. Smith. President, 
Advance-Independent Electrotype Company, 
Indianapolis, Ind 

W. A. S. H. — William Albert Samuel 
He wins. Secretary of the British Tariff 
Commission, 1903-17 Former Director of the 
London School of Economics Author of 
Trade in the Balance; Empire Restored; etc. 

W. A. Sr. — Wilbur Augustus Sawyer, 
M.D. Director of Health, United Nations Re- 
lief and Rehabilitation Administration, 1944- 
47. Director, International Health Division, 
Rockefeller Foundation, New York, N.Y., 

W. A. St— William Aiken Starrett. 
President, The Starrett C — rr^ ; o v ' and Vice- 
President of Starrett ■ ‘ 1 orporated, 

New York, NY., 1922-32. Author of Sky- 
scrapers and the Men Who Build Them 

Wa. V. W.— Walton Van Winkle, Jr. 
Director of Research, Ethicon Suture Lab- 
oratories Incorporated, New Brunswick, N J. 

W. A. W.— W. A. Wooster. Demonstra- 
tor in Mineralogy in Cambridge University. 

W. Ay.— Wallace Ashby. Principal Agri- 
cultural Engineer In Charge of Farm 
Structures Investigations, Bureau of Plant 
Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering, 
Agricultural Research Administiation, U.S. 
Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, Md. 

W. B. — Wilhelm Bousset. Former Pro- 
fessor of New Testament Exegesis in the 
University of Gottingen, Germany. Author of 
The Antichrist Legend; etc. 

W. Ba. — William Bacher. Professor, 
Rabbinical Seminary, Budapest, Hungary. 

W. B. Bt. — Wyatt Brearley Brummitt, 
Editor, Amateur Photographic Puh!icsrio r 's 
Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, X Y Author 
of How to Make Good Pictures; etc. 

W. B. Ck.— William Bell Clark. Vice- 
President, N. W. Ayer & Son, Advertising, 
1939-47. Member, Naval History Foundation. 
Author of Lambert Wickes, Sea Raider and 
Diplomat; etc. 

W. B. Co. — William B. Cox. Field Secre- 
tary and Prison Investigator of the National 
Society of Penal Information. 

W. B. D. — William Bell Dinsmoor. 
Professor of Archaeology and Executive 
Officer, Department of Fine Arts, Columbia 
University Professor of Architecture, Ameri- 
can School of Classical Studies at Athens, 
1924-28 Associate Editor, American Journal 
of Archaeology Co-author of The Architec- 
ture of Ancient Greece . 

W. B. Bn.— Wiiiton f Basii Dean. Authoi 
of j Bizet; Carmen ; etc. * 

W. Be.— William Beebe. Curator of Or- 
nithology and Diiector of of 

Scientific Research, New Yon*. Zoc^icaL*^ 
Society. Author of Galapagos? WorteK End 

W. B. E.— Walter Bryan Emery. Ed- 
wards Professor of Egyptology, University^ of 
London Author of G?eaz Tenths of the First 
Dynasty ; H or- Aha; Nubian Treasure; The 
Royal Tombs of Ballana and Qustol; The 
Tomb of Hemaka. 

W. B. Fg. — William Buller Fagg. As- 
si c ta"t Fleeter, Department of Ethnography, 

_! LoyLn Secretary, 

Royal Anthropological Institute Author of 
The Webster Plass Collection of African Art. 

W. B. Fr.— William Bayne Fisher. Sen- 
ior Lecturer in Geography, University of Aber- 
deen, Aberdeen,® Scot Author of The Middle 
East * A Physical , Social and Regional Geog- 

W. B. G. — William Benjamin Gregory. 
Former Professor of Experiment^ Engineer- 
ing and Hydraulics, TJane Jr.rerUly, New 
Orleans, La. 

W. B. H.— Walter Borton Harris. For- m 
mer Correspondent of the Times (London) 
in Morocco Author of Morocco That Was. 

W. B. He.— William B. Hesseltine. Pro- 
fessor of History, University of Wisconsin, 
Madison, Wis. Author of The South in Ameri- 
can History etc 

W. B. Ho. — William Bowyer Honey. 
Keeper, Department of Ceramics, Victoria 
and Albert Museum, London. Author of Old 
English Porcelain; etc. 

W. B. Ht. — W. Ben Hunt. Author of 
Indian and Camp Handicraft; Indiancraft. 

W. Bi. — Walter Binni. Professor of 
Italian Literature, University of Genoa, 
Genoa, It Author of La poetica del decaden- 
tismo italiano; etc. 

W. Bl. — Walter Blair. Professor of Eng- 
lish Literature, The University of Chicago. 

W. Bm. — William Bloom. Professor of 
Anatomy, The University of Chicago. 

W. Bn. — Walter J. Brown. Manager, 
Publicity Department, San Francisco Cham- 
ber of Commerce, San Francisco, Calif. 

W. B. P.— William Belmont Parker. 
Former Editor of South Americans of Today. 
Author of Chileans of Today; Paraguayans 
of Today; etc. 

W. B. Pn. — Wheeler B. Preston. Former 
author and publicist. 

W. B. Py.— Walter Bowers Pillsbury. 
Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Univer- 
sity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Author of 
History of Psychology; Fundamentals of 
Psychology . 

W. Br. — William Brown, M.D. Wilde 
Reader in Mental Philosophy and Director 
of the Institute of Experimental Psychology, 
Oxford University, 1936-45. Director of the 
Psychological Laboratory at King’s College, 
University of London, 1908-21. Author of 
Mind and Personality . 

W. B. R.— Wilbur B. Ray ton. Former 
Director, Scientific Bureau, Bausch & Lomb 
Optical Company, Rochester, N.Y. 

W. B. R. K. — Willia&i Bernard Robin- 
son King. Professor of Geology, Cambridge 
University , 1*943- * r * 


W. Bro. — William Brown. Professor of 
Plant Pathology of the University of London 
and Head of the Botanical Department at the 
Imperial College of Science and Technology, 
Uiryersity of London. 

W. hq : — Wifliam Charles Burges. Town 
Clerk, Newcastle, Austr 

W. B. S.— William Barclay Squire. 
Former Assistant in charge of Printed Music, 
British Museum, London, and Honorary 
Secretary of the Purcell Society. 

W. B. Sh. — Wilfred Byron Shaw. Di- 
rector, Bureau of Alumni Relations, Univer- 
sity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich Editor 
of Michigan Alumnus: Quarterly Review. 
Author of Tile University of Michigan; etc. 

W. B. Sm. — William Benjamin Smith. 
Former Professor, Tulane University, New 
Orleans, La. 

W. Bu.— --William Burrows. Associate 
Professor of Bacteriology, The I 1 "’ varsity of 
Chicago Author of Textbook of or 

W. B. W. — William Basil Worsfold. 
Editor of the Johannesburg Star, 1904-05. 
Author of A History of South Africa; etc. 

W. B. Wo. — W. Birkbeck Wood. Some- 
^ time Classical Scholar of Worcester College, 
Oxford Author of A History of the Civil War 
in the United States. 

W. By.— -Hon. Wilfrid Bovey. Member, 
Logishtbe Council Oucbcc, Canada. Author 
0 ? 77: * F> c a c h ( n *« a 1 . -» #: ■ Today ; etc 

W. C. A. — W. C. Alice. Head Professor of 
Biology, University of Florida,' Gainesville, 
Fla Author of Animal Aggregations; Social 
Life of Animals. 

W. C. An.— William Christopher Atkin- 
son. Stevenson Professor of Soamsh. Univer- 
sity of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scot. Author of 
* Spain: A Brief History. 

W. C. Re. — William Cabell Bruce. 
Member of the United States Senate, 1923- 
29. Author of John Randolph of Roanoke; 

W. C. Ben.— Wendell Clark Bennett. 
Professoi of Anthropology, Yale University, 
I 945~53- Associate Professor of Anthropol- 
ogy, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis , 

W. C. B. T,— William Cuthbert Brian 
Tunstall. Lecturer in International Rela- 
tions, London School of Economics. Lecturer 
in History and English, Royal Naval College, 
Gieenwich, 1925-37 Member of B B.C Re- 
search Unit (Overseas), 1941. Naval Corre- 
spondent, B.B.C European Services, 1942-45. 
Autaor of The Realities of Naval History ; 

W. C. Dr.— Sir William Cecil Dampier. 
Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 1891. 
Sometime Chairman of the Home Office Com- 
mittee on the Lighting of Factories and of 
the Machinery Committees of the Ministry 
of Agriculture ^ Vuthcr of The Theory of 
K\pet<," tala' Electricity ; etc. 

W. C. G. — ‘Wayne C. Grover. Archivist of 
the United States, General Services Adminis- 
tration, Washington, D.C. 

W. C. Ha.— Sir William Clarke Hall. 
Former Metropolitan Magistrate and Chair- 
man of the Shoreditch Juvenile Court, Eng- 
land. Author of The Law Relating to Chil- 
dren ; etc. 

W. C. J, — Warren C. Johnson. Chairman, 
Department of Chemistry, and Associate 
Dean, Division of the Physical Sciences, The 
UnkiiNitv of Chicago Author of Ionic Equi - 
hbm w a* ip plm d to Qualitative Analysis; 
Qualitative Analysis and Chemical Equilib- 
rium , 

W. Ck. — Walter Clark. Technical Assist- 
ant to Vice-President in Charge of Research 
and Development, Eastman Kodak Company, 
Rochester, NY Author of Photography by 
Infrared: Its Principles and Practice. 

W. C. K. — William Calvert Kneale. Fel- 
low of Exeter College, Oxford. Lecturer in 
Philosophy, Oxford University. Author of 
Probability and Induction . 

W. C. M. — Walter Conrad Muenscher. 
Professor of Botany, Cornell University, 
Ithaca, N.Y. Author of Weeds (of the United 
States); Poisonous Plants of the United 
States , etc. 

W. C. N.— Winthrop C. Neilson. Presi- 
dent, Republic and Manufacturing 

Compan., r Pa. 

W. C. Ny.— Wayne C. Neely. Professor 
of Sociology, Hood College, Frederick, Md. 
Author of The Agricultural Fair. 

W. C. P. — W. Conway Pierce. Chair- 
man, Department of Chemistry, Pomona Col- 
lege, Claremont, Calif. Author of Quantitative 

W. Cr.— 1 Walter Crane. Art Director of 
Reading College, England, 1896. Principal of 
the Royal College of Arts, 1898. 

W. C. R.— William C. Reavis. Emeritus 
Professor of Education, The University of 
Chicago. Author of Administering the Ele- 
mentary School; Duties of School Principals. 

W. Cro.— William Crocker. Former Man- 
aging Director of the Boyce Thompson Insti- 
tute for Plant Research, Inc, Yonkers, NY. 

W. C. Rs. — Walter C. Reckless. Profes- 
sor of Crirrinriosy and Penology, Ohio State 
University, Columbus, O Author of The 
Crime Problem; Criminal Behavior. 

W. C. T. — W. Cave Thomas. Author of 
Mural or Monumental Decoration ; Revised 
Theory of Light ; etc. 

W. C. Wh.— William C. White. Electron- 
ics Engineer, General Electric Research Lab- 
oratory, General Electric Company, Schenec- 
tady, N.Y. 

W. Da.— W. Dalton. Author of Bridge 
Abridged , or Practical Bridge. 

W. D. A.- — Winfield Dockery Armen- 
trout. Vice-President, Colorado State College 
of Education, Greeley, Colo. Author of The 
Conduct of Student Teaching in State Teach- 
ers 3 College . 

W. D. C. — William D. Clark. Former 
Assistant Director, British Information Serv- 
ices, Chicago, 111. 

W. de B. H.— William de Bracy Her- 
bert. Former Recorder of Newcastle under 
Lyme, England. 

W. D. F. — Walter Deane Fuller. Presi- 
dent, Curtis Publishing Company, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

W. D. G. — William D. Grampp. Vice- 
Consul in the American Foreign Service 
Auxiliary, the Department of State. Former 
Professor of Economics, Elmhurst College, 
Elmhurst, 111. 

W. Di. — Wayne Dinsmore. Secretary, 
Horse Association of America Co-author of 
A History of the P ere her on Horse 

W. Dk. — -William Dameshek, M.D. Pro- 
fessor of Clinical Medicine, Tufts College 
Medical School, Medford, Mass. Senior Phy- 
sician and Haematologist, New England Cen- 
ter Hospital, Boston, Mass. 

W. D. Kr. — Walter David Keller. Pro- 
fessor of Geology, University of Missouri, 
Columbia. Mo Author of Common Rocks and 
Minerals of Missouri . 

W. D. L.— Williagn Draper Lewis. Di- 
rector, American Law Institute, Philadelphia, 
Pa , 1923-47. Professor of Law, University of 
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1896-1924, Dean 
of Law Department, 1896-1914. Editor of 
Great American Lawyers; etc. 

W. D. La.—Walter Davis Lambert. 
Principal Mathematician and Chief of the 
Section of Gravity and Astronomy, U S. 
Coast and Geodetic Survey. Author of The 
Effect of the Change of Spheroid on the 
Mapping of a Region ; etc. 

W. D. M. — William Diller Matthew. 
Former Professor of Palaeontology, and Di- 
rector, Museum of Palaeontology, University 
of California , Curator m Chief of The Amer- 
ican Museum of Natural History, New York, 

W. D. Os.—William David Ollis. Lec- 
turer in Organic Chemistry, University of 
Bristol, Eng. 

W. D. Oy. — William D. Owsley. Vice- 
President for Engineering Advice to Manage- 
ment, Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Com- 
pany, Duncan, Okla. Author of Drilling Prac- 

W. Ds. — William Davis. Professor @ of 
Textile Industries, University College, Not- 
tingham, England. 

W. Du. — William James Durant. Author 
of The Story of Philosophy ; etc. 

W. Dy. — Walter Duranty. Correspondent 
of North American Newspaper Alliance in 
Europe, U.S.S.R., Japan, 1939-41 Corre- 
spondent in Moscow for The New Yoik 
Times, 1921-34. Author of The Kremlin and 
the People; etc. 

W. E. — William Henry Eccles. Presi- 
dent of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, 
1926-27. Former Professor of Applied Physics 
and Electrical Puri'', City and Guilds 
of London Technical College, Finsbury. 

W. E. A. — W. E. Armstrong. Former 
Lecturer on Social Anthropology, Cambridge. 

W. E. A. A. — William Edmund Army- 
tage Axon. Sometime Deputy Chief Librar- 
ian of the Manchester Free Libraries, Man- 
chester, England. 

W. E. Ai. — Wellington E. Aiken. Emeri- 
tus Professor of English, University of Ver- 
mont, Burlington, Vt. 

W. E. B.-— William Edgar Borah. 
United States Senator fiom Idaho, 1907-43. 

W. E. Ba. — William Emery Barnes, 
D.D. Former Fellow of PcT-ho 
sor of Divinity and Dean, O n-b.idcc Uni- 
versity. Hulsean Professoi o* .A'.-, ity, 
Cambridge, 1901-34. 

W. E. Bn. — Walton E. Bean. Instructor 
in History, University of California, Berke- 
ley, Calif. 

W. E. Bt. — William E. Brandt. Author 
and radio commentator. 

W. E. By.“—Wil£red E. Binkley. Profes- 
sor of Political Science, Ohio Northern Uni- 
versity, Ada, 0. Author of American Political 
Parties: Their Natural History ; President and 
Congress . 

W. E. C. — Walter E. Collinge. Keeper 
of the Yorkshire Museum, York, England, 
9 : : -4 ,r Former Editor of The Journal of 
Zoolo^.cal Research, and Lecturer on Eco- 
nomic Zoology, University of Birmingham. 

W. E. Cl. — William Elmer Caldwell. As- 
sociate Professor of Chemistry, Oregon State 
College, Corvallis, Ore. Author of General 
Chemistry ; Semimicro Qualitative Analysis. 



W. E, Cn.— W. E. Collin. Associate Pro- 
fessor, Department of Romance Languages, 
University of Western Ontario, London, Gut 
Author of Clockmaker of Souls ; The White 
Savannahs . 

W. E. Co.— Rt. Rev. William Edward 
Collins, D.D. Former Bishop of Gibraltar. 
Former Professor of Ecclesiastical History, 
King’s College, University of London, and 
Lecturer, St. John’s and Selwyn Colleges, 

’ .her of The Beginnings of 

Rnghih C 

W. E. Cu.— William Edward Curtis. 
Professor of Physics, King’s College, 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, University of Durham, 
England Scientific Adviser, Research and 
Experiments Department, Ministry of Home 
Security, 1940-43 

W. E. Cx.— -Warren Earle Cox. Lecturer 
on decoration and craftsmanship 

W. E. D.— W. Ernest D-alby. Former 
Dean and Professor of Engineering at the 
City and Guild’s Engineering College of the 
Imperial College of Science and Technology, 
University of London. 

W. E. Dn.— Walter Edmund Doran. 
dSief Engineer, Great Ouse River Board, 
Cambridge, Eng. 

W. E. E. — Walter Elmer Ekblaw. 
Professor of Geography, Clark University, 
Worcester, Mass., 1926-49. Assistant Editor, 
Economic Geography , 1924-49. 

W. E. F. — W. E. Forsythe. Physicist, 
General Electric Company, Cleveland, 0 , 
1913-46 Co-author of Fluorescent Lamps. 

We. G. — Werner Goldschmidt. Profesor 
contratado de dedicacion exclusiva de Derecho 
Internacional Privado Director of the cor- 
responding section at the National University 
of Tucuman, Tucuman, Arg. Author of Sis - 
tema y filosofia del Derecho Internacional 
Privado, con especial consider acion del 
Derecho Internacional Privado Espaho. 

W. E. Gr. — Walter Ervin Gloor. Plastics 
Supervisor, Hercules Powder Company, 
Parlin, N J 

W. E. Gs.— ' Willard E. Givens. Execu- 
tive Secretary of the National Education 
Association, 1935- 

W. E. H. — William Ernst Hocking, 
D.D, Chairman of Department of Philoso- 
phy, Harvard University, 1937-43. Author 
of The Meaning of God in Human Experi- 
ence; Science and the Idea of God; etc. 

W. E. Hd.— ' W. E. Howland. Professor of 
Sanitary Engineering, and Educational Con- 
sultant to the Dean of Engineering, Purdue 
University, Lafayette, Ind. 

W. E. I. — William Edmund Ironside, 
1st Baron Ironside of Archangel and 
of Ironside. Field Marshal. Commander 
in Chief, Home Forces, 1940 Commander in 
Chief, Allied Troops in Russia, 1918-19. Com- 
mandant, Staff College, Camberley, 1922-26. 
Chief of the Imperial General Staff, 1939-40. 
Author of Tannenberg: The First Thirty 
Days in East Prussia. 

W. E. K. M.— William E. Knowles 
Middleton, Meteorologist, Meteorological 
Service, Toronto, Ont, Can. Author of Visi- 
bility in Meteorology ; etc. 

W. E. L. — William Egbert Leveson. 
Assistant Secretary, 1896-1906, and Secretary, 
1906-18, to the Council for the Foreign Com- 
munity of Shanghai north of the Yang King 

W. E. M. — W. E. Morton. Professor of 
’Textile Technology in the University of Man- 
chester, England Author of An Introduction 
to the Study of Spinning; etc. 

W. E. Ma.— Wilbur E. Mailalieu. Gen- 
eral Manager, National Board of Fire Under- 
writers, New York, N Y. 

W. E. My. — William Edward May. 
Commander, Royal Navy Naval Assistant to 
Director, Compass Department, Admiralty. 

W. En.— William Ebenstein. Associate 
Professor of Political Science, University of 
Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Author of The 
Nazi Stale; etc. 

W. E. P. — William E. Powers. Profes- 
soi of Geography, Northwestern University, 
Evanston, 111 . Co-author of Introduction to 
Weather and Climate. 

W. E. S. — Walter Earl Spahr. Professor 
of Economics, School of Commerce, Accounts 
and Finance, and Chairman of the Depart- 
ment of Economics, New York University 

W. E. Ss. — Wayne Edson Stevens. 
Professor of History, Dartmouth College, 
Hanover, NH. 

W. E. T.— William Edward Tate. Lec- 
turer, University of Leeds, Leeds, Eng. Au- 
thor of His Worship the Mayor ; The Parish 
Chest Editor of English Inn Signs 

W. E. Th.— Wendell E. Thome. Inter- 
national Section, Division of Research and 
Statistics, Board of Governors of the Federal 
Reserve System. 

W. E. W.— W. E. Wornum. Technical 
and Research Chemist, Mander Brothers, 
Ltd , Wolverhampton, England. 

W. E. Wa.— William E. Warne. Assist- 
ant Secretary, Department of the Interior, 
Washington, D C Assistant Commissioner, 
Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the 
Interior, 1943-47. 

W. E. Wh.— Wallace Edward White- 
house. Acting Head of Department of Geog- 
raphy, University College of Wales, Aber- 
ystwyth, 2941-46. 

W. F. — William Fairweather, D.D. 
Minister of Dunniker, United Free Church, 
Kirkcaldy, N.B. Author of The Background 
of the Gospels; etc. 

W. F. A. — William F. CV.:-- 

man, Oriental Seminary, T 1 Jf 1 '"" .:s 

University, Baltimore, Md Author of The 
Excavation of Tell Beit Mirsim ; From the 
Stone Age to Christianity . 

W. F. B. — Walter Francis Bogner. 
Architect. Associate Professor of Architecture, 
School of Design, Harvard University. 

W. F. C.—William Feilden Craies. 
Former Lecturer on Criminal Law, King’s 
College, University of London. Editor of 
Archbold’s Criminal Pleading (23rd edition). 

W. F. Cs.- — William F. Christians. Asso- 
ciate Professor of Geography, Wharton 
School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Co-author of Economic Geography 
of South America. 

W. Fd. — Walter Armitage Justice 
Ford. Former Professor of Singing at the 
Royal College of Music and University of 
Reading, England. 

W. F. D. — Walter Fairleigh Dodd. Pro- 
fessor of Law, 1927-30, and Research As- 
sociate Professor, 1930-33, Yale University. 
Author of Modern Constitutions ; etc. 

W. F. F. — William Frederick Fried- 
man. Principal Cryptanalyst, U.S. War De- 
partment, Washington, D.C. Director of 
Signal Intelligence School, War Department. 
Chief of Signal Intelligence Service, 1930-40, 
Author of Elements of Cryptanalysis; etc. 

W. F. Fr.— ’ Waller Francis Frear. Chief 
Justice, 1900-07, and Governor* 1907-13, of 
Hawaii Former Vice-President, Bishop Trust 
Company, Honolulu, Hawaii ^ ^Author of 
Evolution of the Hawaiian Judiciary; etgf 

W. F. I.— William Fergusson^Vvine. 
Local secretary for Cheshire for .ue Society 
of Art: qua Res. 1909- Hon. Secretary and 
Gene: a. Editor of Record Society of Lanca- 
shire and Cheshire, i 895 - W 0 9 Author of 
Liverpool in the Reign of Charles 21 ; etc. 

W. F. K.— Winifred F. Knox. Author of 
The Court of a Saint. 

W. F. L. — ’ Walter Firth Lanterman. 
Engineer, National Broadcasting Company, 
Chicago, 111 . 

W. F. M. — William Frederick Meg- 
gers. Chie f Cnar+rQc;rnr)v National 

Bureau of R *. V. *■ 1 '!-> DC. 

W. Fo. — Wolfgang Foerster. Lieutenant 
Colonel, formerly of the General Staff, Ger- 
man Army Former Member of the Historical 
section of the General Staff Chief of the Gen- 
eral Staff of the XI Corps, 1917 Author of 
Prinz Friedrich Karl von P reus sen; Graf 
Schlieffen und der Weltkneg 

W. F. P .—William F. Parish. Consulting ^ 
and lubricating engineer, New York Member, 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 

W. F. R. — William Frank Rasche. Di- 
rector and Principal, Milwaukee Vocational 
School, Milwaukee, Wis. 

W. F. Re.— -William Fiddian Redda- 
way. Former Fellow of King’s College, Cam- 
bridge, and University Lecturer. Censor of 
Fitzwilliam Hous. Eng., 1907- 

24. Author of : -> '■ in the Cam- 

bridge Modern History. 

W. F. S. — William Fleetwood Shep- 
pard. Former Fellow of Trinity College, 
Cambridge Senior Examiner to the Board of 

W. F. Sw. — W. F. Swann. Technical Cor- 
respondent, Sales Service Division, Eastman 
Kodak Company, Rochester, N.Y. 

W . Ft. — Wesley Frost. Former U.S Am- 
bassador to Paraguay. Author of German 
Submarine Warfare 

W. F. W. — Walter Francis Willcox. 
Emeritus Professor of Economics and Sta- 
tistics, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y Spe- 
cial Agent of the U S Census Bureau, 1902- 
31. Author of The Divorce Problem — a Study 
in Statistics; etc. ^ 

W. G.— ’ William Green. President of the 
American Federation of Labor, Washington, 

W. Ga.— 1 Walter Garstang. Former Pro- 
fessor of Zoology in the University of Leeds, 
England. Vice-President, Marine Biological 
Association, 1940. 

W. G. A. — Walter Gordon Armstrong. 
Assistant to the President, Youngstown 
Pressed Steel Company, Warren, O. 

W. Gam. — W* Gamble. Editor, Penrose's 
Annual . 

W. Gar. — W. Garnett. Educational Ad- 
visor to the London County Council, 2904-13. 

W. G. B. — Waiter George Bell. Author 
of The Great Fire of London in 1666; The 
Great Plague in London in 166s; Unknown 
London; etc. 

W. G. C. — Walter Goodman Cowles. 
Former Vics-fresident, Travelers Insurance 
Company, Hartford, Conn. * * , 


W. G. William G. Downey, Jr, 
Major, U S Army Chief, International Law 
Branch, Office of the Judge. Advocate General. 
Aidhor of American Maritime Neutrality 
— Revision oj the Rules oj Warfare, 

W. Gr>*§ir* Wilfred T. Grenfell, M.D. 
Author of/iw Autobiography of a Labrador 
Doctor; etc. 

W. G. M. — Walter George McMillan. 
Former Secretaiy of the Institute of Electrical 
Engineers and Lecturer on Metallurgy, Mason 
College, Birmingham. Author of /I Tteatise 
on Electro -Metallurgy. 

W. G, P. — Wibo G. Peekema. Legal Ad- 
viser, Standard-VScuum Petroleum Co. 

W. Gr. — William Graham. Former M P. 
for the Central Division of Edinburgh. Fi- 
nancial Secretary to the Treasury, 1924. 

W. G. R. — Will G. Robinson. Secretary, 
South Dakota State Historical Society. Au- 
thor of South Dakota in World War II. 

W. Gs.-— Walter Adolph Gropius. Senior 
Professor of Architecture and Chairman of 
School of Architecture, Harvard University. 

W. G. W. — William Gillies Whittaker. 
Gardiner Piofessor of Music, Glasgow Uni- 
versity, and Principal, Scottish National 
Academy of Music, 1930-41 

W. G. Wt. — William G. Watt. Director, 
Division of Maritime Security, U S. Navy 
Hydrographic Office, Washington, D.C. 

W. H.~— Sir (Thomas) Wolseley Haig. 
Lieutenant Colonel Former Lecturer in Per- 
sian, School of Oriental Studies, University 
of London. HBM.’s Consul-General and 
Agent to the Government of India, Khurasan, 
Persia, 1914-16; Isfahan, 1916, Tehran, 1919. 
Co-editor of the Cambridge History of India, 

W. Ham.— Walter Hampden. Actor 

W. H. R.— William H. Burnham. For- 
mer Professor of Education and School Hy- 
giene, Clark University, Worcester, Mass. Au- 
thor of The Normal Mind ; Great Teachers 
and Mental Health, 

W. H. Ba. — W. H. Balzer. Research En- 
gineer, Staff of Ansonia Clock Company, 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 

W. H. Bau. — William H. Baumer. Lieut. 
Col. Plans and Operations Division, General 
Staff, Department of the Army, Washington, 

W. H. Be.— -William Henry Bennett, 
D.D. Former Professor of Old Testament 
Exegesis in New and Hackney Colleges, Lon- 
don. Author of Religion of the Post Exilic 
Prophets; etc. 

W. H. BL — Walter Harold Blucher. 
Executive Director, American Society of 
Planning Officials. Lecturer in Planning, The 
University of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 

W. H. By. — Wilmot Hyde Bradley. Chief 
Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey, Washing- 
ton, D.C. 

W. H. Ca. — Willis Haviland Carrier. 
Former President, American Society of Heat- 
ing and Ventilating Engineeis. Co-author and 
editor, Fan Engineering, ** 

W. H. Ch.— William Henry Chamber* 
lin, American correspondent for the Chris- 
tian Science Monitor in France, 1939— * in 
the Soviet Union, 1022-34, „the Far East, 
*935-3$ Author of Soviet Russia; Russia's 
Iron Age; Japan Over .*Wj; etc. 

W. H. Cl.— Sir William Henry Clark. 
Former Director of Barclay’s Bank, etc. 
Controller- General of Department ot Over- 
sees 7vrr, 10 High Commissioner in 
Union of South Africa for H.M. Government 
in United Kingdom, i934~39- 

W. H. Cr. — Walter Hill Crockett. For- 
mer Editor of Publications, University of Ver- 
mont, Burlington, Vt. 

W. H. Dr. — William Hamilton Drum- 
mond, D.D. Honorary President Manchester 
College, Oxford, 1938-42 Secretary of Jhe 
International Congress of Free Christians 
and other Religious Liberals, 1920-29. 

W. H. D, R. — William Henry Denham 
Rouse. University Teacher of Sanskrit, Cam- 
bridge University, i9°3“39; Head Master 
Perse Grammar School, Cambridge 1902-28. 
Author of Latin on the Direct Method. 

W. H. F. — Rt. Rev. Walter Howard 
Frere, D.D. Bishop of Truio, i9 2 3~35- Ex- 
amining Chaplain to the Bishop of South- 
wark, 1895-1909. Author of The Marian Re- 
action; Sursum Corda; etc. 

W. H. H.— Sir William Henry Hadow. 
Vice-Chancellor, University of Sheffield, Eng- 
land, 1919-30. Former Member of Council, 
Royal College of Music Editor, Oxford His- 
tory of Music. Author of Studies in Modern 
Music; Sonata Form; etc. 

W. H. Ha. — William Henry 
Emeritus Professor cf Rural Ed. <.:> v r. Co - 
orado State College of Education, Greeley, 

W. H. Pis.— William Herman Haas. 
Emeritus Professor of Geology and Geogra- 
phy, Northwestern University College of Lib- 
eral Arts, Evanston, 111. Author of The South 
American Indian 

W. H. Is. — William Harold Ingrams. 
Adviser on Overseas Information to Secretary 
of State for the Colonies. Author of Arabia 
and the Isles ; Hong Kong. 

W. H. J. — Willis Hugh Johnson. Profes- 
sor of Zoology and Chairman of 'Department 
of Zoology, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, 

W, H. Jn. — Walter Henry Johnston. As- 
sistant Editor, Yorkshire Post, Leeds, Eng. 

W. H. K. — William H. Kobbe. Director, 
Kobbe Laboratories, Inc., New York, N.Y. 

W. H. Kn. — William H. Kern. QIC, 
Planning and Operations Section, U.S. Army 
Pigeon Service Agency. 

W. H. La.-— William Henry Lawrence. 
Emeritus Professor, Architectural Engineer- 
ing, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 
Cambridge, Mass. Curator and member of 
faculty of Lowell Institute, Boston, Mass. 
Author of Principles of Architectural Per- 

W. H. Le.— W. H. Leffingwell. Author 
of Scientific Office Management; etc. 

W. H. L. W.— William Henry Lowe 
Watson. Author of A Boy's Book of Prose; 
Tales from English History; etc. 

W. H. M. — William Henry Maxwell. 
Borough and Waterworks Engineer, Tun- 
bridge Wells, England. Former President In- 
stitute of Sanitary Engineers, London. Author 
of Removal and Disposal of Refuse. 

W. H. Ma.- William Herrick Ma- 
caulay. Former Fellow and Tutor of King’s 
College, Cambridge Author of The Law of 
Thermodynamics; etc. 

W. H. Mi.— Wifiiam Hobson Mills. 
Emeritus Reader in S^e-U^^^y and Fel- 
low and President 2 ' * . . lege, Cam- 

bridge. President Chemical Society, 1941-43. 
W. H. Mk.— Walter Heinrich Munk. 
Associate in Dec rr ccrmnh”, Scripps Institution 
of Oceanography , J * ’Oy of California, La 
Jolla, Calif. 

W. Hn.— -Wilder Hobson. Author of 
American Jazz Music. 

W. H. N.— W. H. Nalder. Chief Designing 
Engineer, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Den- 
ver, Colo. 

W. Ho.— William Hodson. Commissioner 
of Public Welfare, New Yoik City, i934“43* 

W. H. O. — Wilfred H. Osgood. Former 
Curator of Zoology, Chicago Natural History 
Museum, Chicago, 111 . 

W. H. p.— Wallace H. Pauli. Technical 
Director of the Dunlop Rubber Co , Ltd., 
Birmingham, England. 

W. H. P. F.— William H. P. Faunce, 
D.D. Former Piesident of Brown University, 
Providence, RI Foimer President, World 
Peace Foundation Author of The Educa- 
tional Ideal in the Ministry; etc 

W. H. Po.— Walter Herries Pollock. 
Editor of Saturday Review, 1883-94 Author 
of Lectures on French Poets; etc. 

W. Hr. — William Holtzheuer. Of the 
Continental Caoutchouc and Gutta Percha 
Company, Hanover, Germany. 

W. H. R.— Worth Huff Rodebush. 
Professor of Physical Chemistry, University 
of Illinois, Urbana, 111 . Author of Physical 

W. H. S. — W. Howard Sadgrove. Man- 
aging Director of Messrs Sadgrove & Co , 
Ltd, Furniture Manufacturers and Uphol- 
sters, London. 

W. H. Sa.— William Henry Salter. 
Treasurer and Joint Honorary Secretary, So- 
ciety for Psychical Research, London 

W. H. Sie. — William Henry Siebert. 
Secretary and Director, Hammacher Schlem- 
mer and Company, Inc., New York, NY. 

W. Ht. — Willard Hurst Piofessor of Law, 
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Au- 
thor of The Growth of American Law: the 
Law Makers. 

W. H. T.— William H. Taliaferro. Elia- 
kim Hastings Moore Distinguished Service 
Professor of pp^e’+oks' 7 and Cftairman of 
the Departmem " . and Para- 

sitology, The University ot Chicago. Author 
of Immunology of Parasitic Infections; etc. 

W. H. Te.— William Homan Thorpe. 
Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. Lec- 
turer in Entomology in the University, Cam- 
bridge University. 

W. H. Tl. — William H. Twenhofel. Re- 
search Consultant, Magnolia Petroleum Co. 
Co-author of Invertebrate Paleontology ; 
Principles of Sedimentation, 

W. H. U.— ' William H. Ukers. Former 
Editor, The Tea and Coffee Trade Journal. 
Author of All About Coffee; All About Tea; 

W. H. Wh. — William Henry Wheeler. 
Director, Projectile Development, Ministry of 
Supply, Eng. 

W. H. Wi.~— Sir William Henry Will- 
cox, M.D, Colonel. Medical Adviser to 
Home Office, 1919-41. Physician, Lecturer on 
Chemical Pathology and on Forensic Medi- 
cine, St. Mary’s Hospital, London, 1900-35. 



W. H. Wo.* — William H. Woodcock. 
Member of the Society of Pablic Analv <Ts 

W. a H. ^Wr. — William Hammond 
Wright. Director (1935-42) and Emeritus 
Astronomer, Lick Observatory University of 
California. In charge of the Lick Observa- 
tory’s Expedition to the Southern Hemis- 
pheie, 1903-06 

W. H. Wt.— Willard Hull Wright. SH- 
entist Director (Colonel), US Pubkc Health 
Service. Chief, Division of Tiopical Diseases, 
National Institutes oi Health, Bethesda, Md. 

W. I. — Will Irwin. Author of Youth Rides 
West ; Propaganda and the News; etc 

WL H. — Wilfried Heller. Reseat ch As- 
sociate and Lecturer in Colloid Chemistry, 
The University ot Chicago Author of Non- 
velles Recherche s sur Les Proprieties Mag - 
neto-Opliques des Solutions Colloidales, etc 

W. I. J. — William Ivor Jennings. Vice- 
Chancellor, University of Ce>lon. Author of 
Cabinet Government ; Parliament 

W. I. K. — Willford Isbell King. Pro- 
fessor of Economics, New York University 
School of Commerce Author of The Wealth 
and Income of the People of the United 
States; etc. 

Wi. Mr.— William Miller. Editor, Alfied 
A Knopf, Inc, New York, NY Author of 
The Age of Enterprise: a Social History of 
Industrial America. 

W, La.— William La*ey. Qf 
Temple, and the Probate'and Divorce Com ts, 

W. L. ' /—"r':: ' L. Ayers. 

Director ' .7 - n NvL v, Inter/ ational 
Bank for Reconstruction and D^rGopment, 
Washington, D C 

W. L. B.— William Lewis Blenner- 
hassett. Former Acting British Vice-Consul 
at Kovno, Lithuania Member of the London 
Stock Exchange. 

W. L. Bd.— William Leslie Bradford, 
M.D. Associate Professor of Pediatrics and 
Assistant D$an, University of Rochester 
School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, 

W. L. Bn. — William Laurence Burn. 
Professor of Modem History, King’s College, 
University of Durham, Tyne, 

Eng. Author of The tiniisH Lest indies; 
Emancipation and Apprenticeship in the 
hr * n I, Indies. 

W. L. D.— Wilfred L. Denno. Warden of 
Sing Sing Prison, Ossining, N Y. 

W. L. de B. — William Lane de Baufre. ^ 
Chairman, Department of Engineenng Me- " 
chamcs, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. 

W. L. F. — Walter Lynwood Fleming. 
Former Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, 
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn Au- 
thor of Documental y History of Reconstruc- 

W. J.— W. Jutzi. Dyewoiks and Chemical 
Industries Amalgamation, Ludwigshafen, 

W. J. B.— Sir William John Berry. Di- 
rector of Naval Construction, Admiralty, 
1924-30. Director of Warship Production, 

W. J. Bg.— Wilfred Joseph Bigg. Head 
of the Communications Department, Colonial 
Office, London. 

W. J. Bp.— William John Bishop. Li- 
brarian, Wellcome Historical Medical Li- 
brary, London. Co-author oi Notable Names 
in Medicine and Surgery. 

W. J. Br. — Rev. William Jackson 
Brodribb. Former Fellow of St. John’s Col- 
lege, Cambridge. 

W. J. Ch.— William Joseph Chipman. 
Former Football Editor, New York Daily 
News, New York, NY. 

W. J. D.— William John Dakin. Former 
Professor of Zoology, University of Sydney, 
Australia Former Professor of Biology in the 
University of Western Australia. Author of 
Textbooks on Zoology; etc. 

W. J. Do. — William John Donald. Man- 
aging Director, National Electrical Manu- 
facturers Association, New York, N.Y. Au- 
thor of Canadian Iron and Steel Industry; 
Trade Associations; etc. Editor in Chief, 
Handbook of Business Administration. 

W. J. Don. — William Joseph Donovan. 
Major General, U.S.A. Co-ordinator of Infor- 
mation and Director of Strategic Services, 
Washington, D.C U S. Commissioner and 
Chairman, Colorado River Commission. 

W. J. E. — W. J. Everard. Director of F. 
T. Everard and Sons, Ltd. 

W. J. E. B. — William James Eames 
Binnie. Consulting Engineer, Senior Partner 
of firm of, Deacon and Gourley, Lon- 
don. President of Institution of Civil Engi- 
neers, 1938-39* 

W, J. Et.— Wallace John Eckert. Pro- 
fessor of Celestial Mechanics, Columbia Uni- 
versity, New York, N Y Author of Punched 
Card Methods tn Scic mhc Computation. 

W. J. F.— William J. Filbert. Former 
Director and Chairman of Finance Com- 
mittee, United States Steel Coiporation, New 
York, NY. 

W. J. Gru.— William John Gruffydd. 
Emciitus Professor oi Celtic, University Col- 
lege of South Wales and Monmouthshire, 
Cardifi. Wales Author of History of Welsh 
Literalwe ( 1450-1600) ; History of Welsh 
Ft ose ( j 540-1660); etc. 

W. J. H. — William James Hughan. Past- 
Senior Giand Deacon of . .^v. vn: Eng- 
land, 1874 Honorary Senior Warden of Grand 
Lodges of Egypt, Quebec and Iona 

W. J. Hs. — William Jackson Hum- 
phreys. Retired government scientist Author 
of Physics of the Air; Ways of the Weather; 

W. J. J. — William Jackson Jenks. Chair- 
man of the Board, Norfolk & Western Rail- 
way Company 

W. J. L. — William John Loeffel. Profes- 
sor of Animal Husbandry and Chairman, 
Animal Husbandry Department, Univ. of 
Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb 

W. J. Lu.— Rev. William J. Lallou, 
S.T.D. Associate Professor of Sacred Lit- 
urgy, Catholic University of America, Wash- 
ington, D C 

W. J. M.— William John McCallien. 
Professor of Geology, University College of 
the Gold Coast, Achimota, Gold Coast. Author 
of Geology of the Glasgow District; Scottish 

W. J. Ry. — W. J. Rooney. Physicist, Car- 
negie Institution of Washington, Department 
of Terrestrial Magnetism 

W. J. T. H.— W. J. T. Halliwell. Former 
Principal Pilotage Clerk, Trinity House, Lon- 

W. K. — Wolfgang Kohler. Professor of 
Psychology, Swarthmore College, Swarth- 
more, Pa., 1935- . Author of The Mentality 
of Apes; The Place of Value in a World of 
Facts; etc. 

W. K. G. — William King Gregory. 
Emeritus Curator of the Department of Com- 
parative Anatomy and Depailmer.t M Ichthy- 
ology, American Museum 01 Natural History, 
New York Emeritus Professor of Vertebrate 
Palaeontology, Columbia University. Author 
oi The Orders of Mammals; etc. 

W. K. L. C. — William Kemp Lowther 
Clarke, D.D. Canon Residentiary of Chi- 
chester Cathedral, 1945- . Editorial Secre- 
tary of Society for Promoting Christian 
Knowledge, 1915-44. Author of St. Basil the 
Great; etc. 

W. K. McC. — Sir William Kidston 
McClure. Former Counsellor, British Em- 
bassy, Rome Former correspondent of The 
Times (London) in Rome War Correspond- 
ent of The Times on the Italian Front, 19x5- 
17. Author of Italy's Part in the War ; etc. 

W. Kt. — Waldemar Kaempffert. Science 
Editor, the New York Times. Author of Ex- 
plorations in Science; History of Astronomy ; 
Popular History of American Invention; Sci- 
ence Today and Tomorrow. 

W. L. — Walter Landells. London Stock 

W. L. Fk. — -William L. Frederick. Re- 
search Associate^ Council of State Govern- 

W. L. G. — William Lawson Grant. For- 
mer Principal of Upper Canada College, 
Toronto Beit Lecturer in Colonial History 
at Oxford University, 1906-10 ©Professor of 
Colonial History, Q-'cen’s University, King- 
ston, Canada, 1910 -5 FiLtor of Acts of the 
Privy Council, Canadian Constitutional De- 
velopment (in collaboration). 

W. L. Gn.— W. Lashford Griffin. Direc- 
tor of Messrs William Griffin and Sons, Ltd., 
Cham Manufacturers, Cradley Heath, Staffs., 

W. L. H. D. — Wynfrid Laurence Henry 
Duckworth, M.D. Master of Jesus College, 
Cambridge, 1940-45; Reader in Human 
Anatomy, 1920-40. 

W. Li.— ~ Walter Lippmann. Special 
Writer, New York Herald Tribune. Former 
Editor of New York World. Author of Liberty 
and the News; etc. 

W. L, J.*— William L. Jellison. Sanitar- 
ian, United States Public Health Service, 
Rocky Mountain Laboratory, Hamilton, 

W. L. P.— William Lyon Phelps, D.D. 
Lampson Professor of English Literature, 
Yale Univeisity, 1901-33 Author of Some 
Makers of American Literature; etc. 

W. L. R.*— William L. Rodger#. Vice- 
Admiral, U S N. Commander in Chief of the 
United States .Asiatic Fleet, 1918-19. 

W. L. St.— Waldo L. Schmitt. Head 
Curator of Zoology, United States National 
Museum, Washington, D C. Author of The 
Marine Decapod Crustacea of California; 

W. L.-W.— Sir Wi&iiam Lee-Warner, 
Former Secretary in the Political and Secret 
Department* of the India Office, ^jthor of 
Lite o; the Marquis of Dalhousie; etc. 


W. L. Lansdell Wardle, 

D.D. Former Reader in Biblical Criticism 
and Exegesis of the Old Testament, Manches- 
terJJniversity, England Principal of Hartley 
— ^iciv^a College, Manchester, 192S-1943. 

W. Wilford Lenfestey White. 

Chief of ' Management Division, Office of 
Small Business, 1946-52 Chief of the Di- 
vision of Marketing Research, Bureau of 
Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Depart- 
ment of Commerce, Washington, D C , 1934“ 
39; Chief, Publication Service Division, 
3939-41 ; Chief, Regional Research Unit, 


W. M. — William Miller. Author of The 
Latins in the Levant; The Ottoman Empire 
and Its Successors (2801-1936) ; Greece; etc. 

W. Mar.— -Sir William Markby. Former 
Judge, High Court of Calcutta, Reader in 
Indian Law, Oxford University. Author, 
Lectures on Indian Law ; etc. 

W. M. Ca.— William M. Carpenter. 
Economist, Edison Electric Institute Author 
of The Electric Light and Power Industry , 
Its Facts and Figures; etc. 

W. McD. — William McDougall. Former 
Professor of Psychology m Duke University, 
Durham, N C, ; formerly of Harvard Univer- 
sity and Reader in Mental Philosophy in 
Oxford University. 

W. M. Ck.— ' W (illiam) Mansfield Clark. 
De Lamar Professor of Physiological Chem- 
istry, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, 
Baltimore, Md Author of The Determination 
of Hydrogen Ions . 

W. M. D. — William Morris Davis. For- 
mer Professor of Geology, Harvard Univer- 
sity. Author of Physical Geography. 

W. Me. — Wilfrid Meynell. Editor of the 
Collected PFor&s of Francis Thompson and of 
Alice Meynell. 

W. M. F. P.— -Sir William M. Flinders 
Petrie. Emeritus Professor of Egyptology, 
University College, University of London, 
1933-42. Excavator of Giza, etc. 

W. M. Gn.— William M. Gibson. Profes- 
sor of English, New York University, New 
York, N.Y. Co-author of A Bibliography of 
William Dean Howells; Readings for Liberal 
Education . 

W. M. H.— William M. Hines, Jr. Writer. 
Associate Editor, The Manassas Journal s 
Manassas, Va. 

W. r M. H. G. — W. M. H. Greaves. As- 
tronomer Royal for Scotland and Professor of 
Astronomy, Edinburgh University. 

W. M. Je. — William Martin Jeffers. 
Former Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors, 
and former General Manager, Union Pacific 
Railroad, Omaha, Neb. 

W. M. L. — William M. Leiserson. In- 
dustrial relations consultant and arbitrator. 
Author of Adjusting Immigrant and Industry; 
Right and Wrong in Labor Relations . 

W. M,, La.— Wendell Mitchell Latimer. 
Dean, "College of Chemistry, University of 
California, Berkeley, Calif. 

W. M. M. — William Moulton Marston. 
Consulting Psychologist. Tufts College, Med- 
ford, Mass., 1925-47. Author«*of Emotions of 
Normal People; Psychology (textbook), 

W. M. McG. — William M. McGovern. 
Professor of Political Science, Northwestern 
University, Evanston, HI. Lecturer, Naval 
War College. Author of Early Empires of Cen- 
tral 1 si#-' From Luther to Hitler ; Modern Ja- 

W. M. Mn. — William M. Mann. Direc- 
tor, National Zoological Park, Washington, 

Wm. O.— William Osmun. Associate 
Keeper, Department of Exhibitions, Cooper 
Union Museum the Arts of Decoration, 
New York, N.Y. 

W. M. Pn.— William M. Pinkerton. Di- 
rector, News Office, Harvard University. 
W. M. R. — William Michael Rossetti. 
One of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite 
Brotherhood. Former Editor of The Germ. 
Author of Lives of Famous Poets; etc. 

W. M. Ra. — Sir William Mitchell 
Ramsay, D.D. Professor of Humanity, 
Aberdeen University, Scotland, 1886-1911; 
of Classical Art, Oxford University, 1885 
W. M. S. — William Marshall Smart. 
Regius Professor of Astronomy, University 
of Glasgow, Scotland, 1937- • John Couch 
Adams Astronomer and Lecturer in Mathe- 
matics, Cambridge University, 1919-3? Au- 
thor of The Sun , the Stars and the Universe; 

W. M. SI. — William Milligan Sloane. 
Former Professor of History, Columbia Uni- 
versity. Secretary to George Bancroft while 
Ambassador in Berlin. Author of Life of 
Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Wm. Sp. — William Sprargen. Director, 
Welding Research Council, Engineering Foun- 
dation. Editor, Welding Journal. Editor, 
Welding Engineers Handbook. 

W. M. U.— Wilbur Marshall Urban. 
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, and Chair- 
man Department of Philosophy and Director 
of Graduate Studies, Yale University Author 
of Valuation — Its Nature and Laws; etc. 

W. M. W.— Walter Muir Whitehiil. 
Commander, U S.N.R. (inactive). Director 
and Librarian, Library of the Boston Athe- 
naeum, Boston, Mass. Editor, The American 
Neptune: A Quarterly Journal of Maritime 
History ; etc. 

W. M. We. — Willard M. Wallace. As- 
sociate Professor of History, Wesleyan Uni- 
versity, Middletown, Conn. Author of Ap- 
peal to Arms: a Military History of the Amer- 
ican Revolution; etc. 

W. N. D. — William Nelson Davey. Di- 
rector, Johnson and Higgins, Average Ad- 
justers and Insurance Brokers, New York, 

W. N. H. — (Walter) Norman Haworth. 
Former Professor of Chemistry and Director 
of Department of Chemistry in the University 
of Birmingham Vice-Principal, University of 
Birmingham, England, 1947-50 Nobel Prize 
for Chemistry, 1937. 

W. N. J. — W. Neilson Jones. Hildred 
Carlile Professor of Botany, University of 
London. Author of Plant Chimaeras and Graft 
Hybrids ; etc. 

W. N. K. — William Norton Keeler. 
General Manager Sun-Maid Raisin Growers’ 
Association, Fresno, Calif. Vice-President and 
Director of Dried Fruit Association of Cali- 

W. O. B. — Rt. Rev. Winfrid Oldfield 
Burrows, D.D. Bishop of Chichester, Eng- 
land, 1919-29. Honorary Canon of Birming- 
ham, 1906-12. Lecturer in Pastoral Theol- 
ogy, Cambridge University, 1910-n. Lord 
Bishop of Truro, 1912-1919. Author of The 
Mystery of the Cross. 

W. O. E. O. — William O. E. Oester- 
ley, D.D. Former Examining Chaplain to 
the Bishop of London. Former Professor, He- 
brew and Old Testament Exegesis, King’s 
College, London University. Author of The 
Books of the Apocrypha: their Origin , Con- 
tents and Teaching; etc. 

W. O.-J.— W. Oltar-Jevsky. Graduated 
as architect from Moscow Academy of Fine 
Arts. * 

W. O. L. S.— -William Owen Lester 
Smith. Professor of Education, London Uni- 
versity Institute of Education. Author of To 
Whom Do Schools Belong ?, etc. 

W. Or.-— Winfred Overholser, M.D. 
Superintendent of Saint Elizabeths Hospital, 
Washington, D.C Professor of Psychiatry, 
George Washington University School of 
Medicine, Washington, D.C. 

W. O. S.— William Oscar Scroggs. Dean 
Graduate School, 1941-49, and Professor of 
Economics and Sociology, 1913-19, Loui- 
siana State University, Baton Rouge, La. 
Editorial staff, New York World , 1925-31. 
Author of Filibusters and Financiers ; etc 

W. P. — Woodford Patterson. Former 
Secretary, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. 

W. Pa.— Rev. W. Paton. Editor of The 
International Review of Missions , 1927-1943. 

W. P. A. — William Patrick Anderson. 
Colonel. Former Chief Engineer, Department 
of Marine and Fisheries of Canada, and Mem- 
ber of the Geographic Board of Canada. 

W. Pas. — Rev. Wilfrid Parsons, SJ. 
Professor of Political Science, Catholic Uni- 
versity, Washington, D.C. Author of Which 
Way Democracy? ; etc. 

W. P. C. — William Pitcher Creager. 
Consulting hydraulic engineer. Author of En- 
gineering for Masonry Dams; etc. 

W, P. F. — William Preston Few. Presi- 
dent of Duke University, Durham, N.C , 

W. P. G.— ' William Percival Grieve. 
Barrister-at-Law of the Middle Temple, Lon- 
don, and the Midland Circuit. 

W. P. J. — William Price James. High 
Bailiff of County Courts, Cardiff, Wales. Au- 
thor of Romantic Professions; etc. 

W. P. M a.— Walter P. Marshall. Presi- 
dent, the Western Union Telegraph Company, 
New York, N.Y. 

W. Po.— (Frederick) Wilson Popenoe. 
Director, Escuela Agricola Panamericana, Te- 
gucigalpa, Honduras, C A. Collaborator, Of- 
fice of Foreign Agricultural Relations, U.S 
Department of Agriculture Author of Man- 
ual of Tropical end Subtropical Fruits. 

W. P. P. — W. P. Py craft. Former Assist- 
ant Keeper in Charge of Osteological Collec- 
tions, British Museum (Natural History), 
London. Author of A History of Birds; etc. 

W. P. R.— Wilds Preston Richardson. 
Colonel, U. S. Army. Author of Reports of 
Alaska Road Commission ; etc. 

W. P. Re.— Hon. William Pember 
Reeves. Director, London School of Eco- 
nomics, 1908-19. Agent-General and High 
Commissioner for New Zealand, 1896-1908. 
Author of State Experiments in Australia and 
New Zealand. 

W. P. T.— William Peterfieid Trent. 
Former Professor of English Literature, Co- 
lumbia University, New York, N.Y. Author 
of English Culture in Virginia ; etc. 

W. P. W.— W. Porter Ware. Director of 
Public Relations, University of the South, 
Sewanee, Tenn. 

W. P. Wb.— Walter Prescott Webb. 
Professor of History, University of Texas, 
Austin, Tex. Author of The Great Frontier; 
The Great Plains . 


W. Py.— ■ William Rteery. Associate Pro- 
fessor of English, University of Texas, Austin, 
Tex. Editor of The Pla^s of Nathan Field 

W. R.-— William Ripper. Former Profes- 
sor of Engineering, University of Sheffield, 
England Former Chairman, Joint Advisory 
Council of the Sheffield Trades Technical 

W. Ra.— William Katner. Of the Newark 
Evening News (N J ). 

W. R. B.-— Rt. Rev. William R. Brown- 
low, D.D. Former Roman Catholic Bishop 
of Clifton Provost and Domestic Prelate to 
Pope Leo XIII. Co-editor of English Roma 

W. R. Be. — -William Rose Benet. Con- 
tributing Editor of the Saturday Review of 
Literature , 1929-50 Awarded Pulitzer Prize 
for Poetry, 1942. 

W. R. By. — William R. Barclay, M.D. 
Instructor, Department of Medicine, The Uni- 
versity of Chicago. 

W. R. Ce. — Wesley R. Coe. Emeritus 
Professor of Biology, Yale University. 

W. R. D. — Warren Royal Dawson. Hon- 
orary Member of the Egypt Exploration So- 

W. R. Fe. — William R. Forsythe, Phys- 
ical chemist. 

W. R. G. — William R. George. Founder 
and former Director of National Association 
of Junior Republics. Author ot The Junior 
Republic; etc. 

W. R. Gs. — William Robert Geddes. 
Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropolog} , Auck- 
land University College, Auckland, N Z. Au- 
thor of Deuba: a Study of a Fijian Village; 
The Land Dayaks of Sarawak. 

W. R. H. — Sir William Reginald Hal- 
liday. Principal of King’s College, London. 
Member of the Court of the University of 
London. Rathbone Professor of Ancient His- 
tory in the Uri'v»r«:tv of Liverpool, 1914-28. 
Author of 'uF lor: S ? ,, ;<»•'» c and Mod - 
ern; etc. 

Wr. H. B,— Walter H. Brill, Jr,, M.D. 
Assistant in Medicine and Physician in the 
Student Health Service, The University of 

W. R. Ho.— William R. Hodgkinson. 
Former Professor of Chemistry and Metal- 
lurgy, Artillery College, Woolwich, and Prin- 
cipal Demonstrator m Chemistry at Royal 
College of Science Co-author of Yalentine- 
Hodgkinson’s Practical Chemistry; etc. 

W. R. I. — Very Rev. William Ralph 
Inge, D.D. Dean of St. Paul’s 1911-34; 
Romanes and Hibbeit Lecturer, 1920,* Lady 
Margaret Professor of Divinity and Fellow of 
Jesus College, Cambridge, 1 907-11 Gifford 
Lecturer, St. Andrews, 1917-18 Author of 
Lay Thoughts of a Dean; The Philosophy of 
Plotinus; etc. 

W. R. L. — William Raymond Longley. 
James E. English Professor of Mathematics, 
Yale University, and Associate Fellow of 
Trumbull College, Yale 

W. R* Le.— William Richard Lethaby. 
Former Professor of Design at the Royal 
College of Art, South Kensington; former 
Principal of the London County Council 
Central School of Arts and Crafts. Author 
of Mediaeval Art; etc. 

W. R, Li. — W. Robert Liefmann. For- 
mer Professor of Economics and Finance, 
University of Fieiburg m Breslau, Germany. 
Author of Kartel and Trusts . 

W. R. M. — Very Rev. Walter Robert 
Matthews, D.D Dean of St Paul’s, 
J 934“ Fellow of King’s College, London, 
and Member of Senate, University of London 
Dean of King’s College, London. 1918-32. 
Piofessor of the of Religion, 

King’s College, 1918- rx ~: -,'v" *0 il - King 
1923-31 Authoi of * ' : Phi- 

losophy, etc 

W. R. M. L.- — Sir Walter Rangeley 
Maitland Lamb. Secretary of the Ro>al 
Academy of Arts, 1913-51. 

W. R. Mo. — William Richard Morfxll. 
Formei Piofessor of Russian and Other Sla- 
vonic Languages m Oxford University and 
Curator of the Tavlorian Institution, Oxford. 
Author of Russia; etc 

W. Rn. — Walter Rosenhain. Sunc-mt^r 5 
ent, Department ot Metallurgy r : „ .s - 
tional Physical Laboratory, Teddmgton, Eng- 
land, 1906-31 Autho** of Introduction to the 
Study of Physical Metallurgy . 

W. Ro. — William Rowan. Professor of 
Zoology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, 
Can. Authoi of Riddle of Migration 

W. R. O. — William R. O’Connor. Pro- 
fessor of Dogmatic Theology, St Joseph’s 
Seminary, Dunwoodie, Yonkers, NY Author 
of The Layman's Call; etc 

W. R. P. — Walton R. Patrick. Professor 
and Head of the English Department, Ala- 
bama Poh technic Institute, Auburn, Ala Co- 
editor of American Short Stories 

W. R. R. — William R. Redden, M.D. 
National Medical Offices, American National 
Red Cross, Washington, D C 

W. R. S. — William Robertson Smith. 
Scottish philologist, physicist, archaeologist, 
Biblical critic , Editoi of the 9th edition of the 
Encyclopaedia Britannica 

W. R. Sm. — William Roy Smith. Former 
Associate Professor of History, Br>n Mawr 
College, Bryn Mawr, Pa. Author of Sectional- 
ism in Pennsylvania during the Revolution. 

W. R. So. — William Ritchie Sorley. 
Knightbridge Professor of Moral Philosophy in 
Cambridge University, 1900-33 Author oi A 
History of English Philosophy, etc 

W. R. Wi. — William Rulon William- 
son. Actuarial Consultant, Washington, D.C. 

W. S. — William Sharp. Author of volumes 
of poetical prose under pen name of “Fiona 
Macleod.” Author of biographies of Dante 
Gabriel Rossetti; Heine ; etc. 

W. S. A. — Sir Westcott Stile Abell. 
Professor of Naval Architecture, Armstrong 
College, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1928-41. 
Chief Ship Surveyor, LIo>ds Register of 
Shipping, 1914-28. 

W. S. As. — Walter S. Adams. Research 
Associate, Carnegie Institution. Director, 
Mount Wilson Observatory of the Carnegie 
Institution of Washington, Pasadena, Calif, 

W. Sc. — Rev. P. Wilhelm Schmidt. Pro- 
fessor of Ethnology, Fribouig University, 
Switzerland, and Director, Anthropological 

W. S. C. — Walter Stanley Campbell. 
Pen Name: Stanley Vestal Research Profes- 
sor, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla. 
Author of Sitting Bull, Champion of the 
Sioux ; Warpath and Council Fire. 

W. S. De. — William Smith Denham. 
Director of Rescaich, British Silk Research 
Association, 1921-34. 

W. S. E.— William Snyder Eichel- 
berger, Professor of Mathematics, United 
States Navy, 1900-02 Director of the Nauti- 
cal Almanac, United States Naval Observa- 
tory, 1910-29 ^ ^ 

W. S, F.— rjViliiam Scot? Farr«\ Di- 
rector, Royal Aircraft L-ic 
borough, Hants, England, 1941-45 Lecturer 
in the Engineering Department, Cambridge 
University, and at the Royal College of 
Science, London Directoi of Technical Devel- 
opment, Ministry of Aircraft Production, 

1940- 41. 

W. S. Fe.— -William Scott Ferguson. 
McLean Professor of Ancient and Modern 
History, Hansard Univeisitv, 1929-45, Dean 
of the Faculty of Arts affid Sciences, 1939-42 
Former President American Historical As- 
sociation Author of The Athenian Secre- 
taries; etc 

W. S. G. — Walter Sherman Gifford. 
Chairman of the Board, American Telephone 
and Telegraph Company, New York, N Y 
1948-49 Chairman, industry Ad\isoty Com- 
mittee of the Board of War Communications, 

1941- 47 

W. Sha.— W. Shakespeare. Former Pro- 
fessor of Singing at Royal Academy of Music 
and Queen’s College, London Author of 
Art of Singing, etc. 

W. S. Hd. — Walter Scott Huxford. Pio- 
fessor of Physics, Northwestern University, 
Evanston, 111 . 

W. S. Hi. — Walter Sanders Hiatt. 
Newspaper and magazine writer. Former 
correspondent for Associated Press, Europe 
and Asia, 1915-2$, for other journals, 1937- 

W. S. Hr. — Walter Samuel Hunter. 
Professor of Psychology, Brown University, 
Providence, R I Author of General Psychol- 
ogy, Human Behavior. e> 

W. S. J. — William Stanley Jevons. Eng- 
lish economist and logician Author of Theory 
of Political Economy; The Principles of 

W. S. L. — W. S. Lewis. Professor of 
Geography, University College, Exeter, Eng 

W. S. L.-B. — Walter Sydney Lazarus- 
Barlow, M.D. Former Member of Cancer 
Committee, Ministry of Health , former Pro- 
fessor of Experimental Pathology, Middlesex 
Hospital Medical School. University of Lon- 
don. Author of A Manual of General 
Pathology ; etc. 

W. S. M. — Walter S. McCellan, M.D. 
Medical Director, Saratoga Spa, Saratoga 
Springs Commission, Saratoga Springs, NY. 
Associate Professor of Medicine, Albany Med- 
ical College, Albany, NY. 

W. S. McC.— William S. McCann* 
M.D. Dewe\ Professor of Medicine. Univer- 
sity of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y, Phxsiaan 
in Chief, Strong Memorial and Rochester Mu- 
nicipal Hospitals, Rochester. Author of Calo- 
rimetry in Medicoie. 

W. S. Ro. — William Spence Robertson. 
Emeritus Professor and Head of Department 
ot History m the Unixersity of Illinois, 
Urbana, 111 Author of Rise of the Spanish - 
American Republics; etc. 

W. S. S. — William Stanley Sykes, M.D. 
Anaesthetist for the General Infirmary, Hos- 
pital for Women, St. James’ Hospital, and 
Dewsbury Infirmary, Leeds, England 

W. S. Sn. — W. Stuar? Symington. Secre- 
tary US. Department the Air Force, 
Washington, D.C , 1947-50. 

XC 1 V 


W. Sta.— William Staniar. Mechanical 
Power Engineer afrd Division Head, Manu- 
facturing Division, Engineering 

Company, Wilmington, JX. ..jiry' of Me- 
^charged! Power Transmission . 

W. SC'V— W. Stormont. Msjor Manager, 
CompagriuDvItahana Tunsmo (Italian State 
Railways), Official Agency and Steamship 

W. S. To. — Walter S. Tower. President, 
American Iron and Steel Institute, New York, 

W. Sw.— ’ Wolfgang Stechow. Professor 
of Fine A-ts, Oherim College, Oberlin, O. Au- 
thor of Apollo und Daphne ; ~ Salomon van 

W. S. W. — William S. Williams. Super- 
intendent of Engineering, J A. Fay and Egan 
Company, Cincinnati, O. 

W. S. Wa.— ' William Stewart Wallace. 
Librarian, University of Toronto, Canada. 
Honorary Editor, Royal Society of Canada 
Author of .4 History of the Canadian People; 

W. T. C. — William Thomas Caiman. 
Keeper of the Department of Zoology, British 
Museum, London, 1927-36. 

W. Th.— William Thalbitzer. Professor 
of Eskimo Language and Culture, University 
of Copenhagen, 1920-45 Author of Phonetic 
Study of the Eskimo Language 

W. Tho.— -Wallace Thompson. 

Editor m Chief of Ingemenc I r.itrnac.or.a: , 
New York, N.Y. Author of The People of 
Mexico; etc. 

W. T. I.-— William Thorton Innes. 
Founder and Director, Typothetae Printing 
Trade School, Philadelphia. Pa Author of 
Contributions or* Pko'o-hnvn.v*.'', 

W. T. M.d—Rt. Rev. William Thomas 
Manning, D.D. Bishop of New York, 

W. T. M. F. — William T. M. Forbes. 
Assistant Professor of Entomology, New 
York State College of Agriculture, Cornell 
University Agricultural Station, Ithaca, N.Y. 
Author of The Lepidoptera of New York and 
Neighboring States. 

Wc T. R, F. — William T. R. Fox. Pro- 
fessor of International Relations, Columbia 
Unive'riA, New York, N.Y. Managing Ed- 
itor, World Politics. Author of The Super- 

W. r Ts.— ■ -William Thomas. Chief Inspec- 
tor of Schools for Wales. 

W. T. Sa. — W. T. Saxton. Lecturer on 
Botany, University of Reading, England. 

W. T. T. — William Tatem Tilden, Jr. 
Three times World Champion of Tennis; 
seven times U.S. Champion. Author of Art 
of Lawn Tennis; etc, 

W. Tu, — Worth Tuttle. Writer. 

W. T. W. — William Templeton Waugh. 
Kingsford Professor of History and Chairman 
of ifa*, Depai tment of History, McGill 
University, Montreal, Canada, 1925-32. 
Author of The Monarchy and the People; 

W. T, Ws. — William Thomas Wells. 
Barrister-at-Law. Member 0; Parliament for 
Walsall, Eng, 1945- - General Staff Officei, 
and Grade, Dueetorate of Military Training, 
War Office. London, 1942-45. Author of How 
English Law Works; etc. 


W. Y. B.— Sir William Valentine Ball. 
Master of the Supreme Court, King’s Bench 
Division, 1921-43; Senior Master and King’s 
Remembrancer 1943-47. Author of Bank- 
ruptcy , Deeds of Arrangement and Bills of 
Sale; etc. 

W, v. Bud.— Wolfgang von Sudden- 
brock-Hettersdorf. Professor of Zoology, 
University of Kiel, Germany Director of the 
Zoological Institute and Museum, Kiel. 

W. V. H.— “William Vermillion Hous- 
ton. President, Rice Institute, Houston, Tex. 
Professor of Physics, California Institute of 
Technology, Pasadena, Calif, 1931-46. Au- 
thor of Principles of Mathematical Physics. 

W. V. M. — William V. Morgenstern. 
Director of Public Relations, The University 
of Chicago 

W. V. Q. — Willard Van Orman Quine. 
Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University 
Author of Elementary Logic; Mathematical 
Logic; etc. 

W. W.“— Williston Walker, D.D. Former 
Professor of Church History, Yrde 
Author of History of the f.V.v C" 
Churches in the United States; etc. 

W. Wa.— -William Ward law. Professor 
of Physical Chemistry, Birkbeck College, 
University of London. Secretary of the Chem- 
ical Society. 

W. Wal. — William Wallace. Former Fel- 
low and Librarian of Merton College, Oxford, 
and Whyte Professor of Moral Philosophy. 
Author of The Logic of Hegel; Kant; etc. 

W. W. Ch. — Winn W. Chase. Associate 
Editor of Textile World . 

W. W. D. — Werner Wilfred Duecker. 
Manager, Research Department, Texas Gulf 
Sulphur Company, Inc., New York, N.Y. 

W. W. F. — W. Warde Fowler. Gifford 
Lecturer, Edinburgh University, Scotland, 
1908. Former Fellow of Lincoln College, 
Oxford, Author of The City State of the 
Greeks and Romans; etc. 

W. W, Fe.— Ward Willard Fetrow. 
Associate Chief, Co-operative Research and 
Service Division, Farm Credit Administration, 
Washington, D.C., 1938-48. 

W. W. Gd.— William W. Gothard. Gen- 
eral Manager of Domestic Engineering ; 
Chicago, 111. 

W. W. Ge. — Walter Wyatt Grave. Prin- 
cipal, University College of the West Indies, 
Kingston, Jamaica. 

W. W. H. — W. W. Hawk. Former Vice- 
President, Diamond Match Company, New 
York, N.Y. 

W. W. Hr.— Walter W. Heller. Profes- 
sor of Economics, University of Minnesota, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

W. W. J S .— Waiter W. Jennings. Pro- 
fessor of Economics, University of Kentucky, 
Lexington, Ky. Author of A History of the 
Economic and Social Progress of the American 
People; A History of the Economic and So- 
cial Progress of European Peoples . 

W. W. M. — William Wilson Morgan. 
Professor of Astrophysics, Yerkes Observa- 
tory (The University of Chicago), Williams 
Bay, Wis. 

W. W. Ms. — WillSim W. Manross. Li- 
brarian, The Church Historical Society, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Author of The Episcopal 
Church in Tie United States , 1 800-1 S 40; etc 

W. W. O. — *W. W. Qffner. President and 
Technical Director, X-Ray Engineering Com- 
pany, San Francisco, Calif. 

W. W.-P.— W. Wyatt-Paine. Stipendiary 
Magistrate, East Ham, London, 1925-35. 

W. W. R.— William Walker Rockwell. 
Professor of Church History, and Emeritus 
Librarian, Union Theological Seminary, New 
York, N.Y. 

W. W. Rs. — Wilfred William Robbins. 
Professor of Botany, University of California, 
and Botanist m the Experiment Station, 
1929- . Author of Principles of Plant 
Growth; etc. 

W. W. S. — William Warren Sweet, 
D.D. Emeritus Professor of History of Amer- 
ican Christianity, The University of Chicago; 
Professor of Church History, Garrett Biblical 
Institute, Northwestern University, Evanston, 
111., 1946-48 Author of The Methodist Epis- 
copal Church and the Civil War; etc. 

W. W. 3k. — Walter William Skeat. 
Philologist. Former Elrington and Bosworth 
Professor of Anglo-Saxon, Cambridge Uni- 
versity Author of Etymological English 

W. W. W.— William Walter Watts. 
Former Keeper of the Department of Metal 
Work, Victoria and Albert Museum, London. 
Former Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries 
of London. Author of Old English Silver; etc. 

W. W. Wx. — Walter W. Wilcox. Profes- 
sor of Agricultural Economics, University of 
Wisconsin. Madison, Wis. Author of The 
Farmer in ike Second World War. 

W. Y. S. — William Young Sellar. For- 
mer Professor of Humanity in Edinburgh 
University, Scotland. Author of The Roman 
Peer* oj 1 he Republic. 

W. Yu.— Walter Yust. Editor in Chief, 
Encyclopaedia Britannica. 

Y. A.— Yarnall Abbott. Artist, painter. 

Y. H.— Yrjo Hirn. Professor of Aesthetics 
and Modern Literature, University of Hel- 
sinki, Finland. 

Y. K . — Younghill Kang. President, Ton- 
gyang Oikukwu College, Seoul, Korea, 1947- 
48. Staff Member, Metropolitan Museum of 
Art, New York, N.Y., 1936-41. Author of 
East Goes West; etc. 

Z. J. — Zay Jeffries. Vice-President and 
General Manager, Chemical Department, 
General Electric Company, Pittsfield, Mass. 
Consulting Metallurgist of the Aluminum 
Company of America, New York, N.Y., 1920- 
36. Co-author of The Science of Metals. 

Z. P. M.— Zeno P. Metcalf. Professor of 
Zoology, Entomologist, Experiment Station, 
and Director of Instruction, North Carolina 
State College of Agriculture and Engineering, 
University of North Carolina, Raleigh, N.C. 
Author of “Insect Pests” in Rural Efficiency 
Guide; Key to Insects; etc. 

X . —Initial used for anonymous contributors. 


Aamodt, Olaf Sverre. Grass and Grassland 
Abbot, Charles Greeley. Henry, Joseph; 

Smithsonian Institution; Stratosphere 
Abbott, Edith. Abbott, Grace, Addams, Jane 
Abbott, Grace. Child Welfare and Child Labour 
(tn part) 

Abbott, Yarnall. Landscape Painting (in part); 

Abel, Barbara. Community Chest 
Abell, Sir Westcott Stile. Shipbuilding* Mer- 
cantile; SMp™* elation, Chssilic?- 
tion and tog- Shipping: Ton- 

nage Terms 

Abercrombie, Lascelles. Hardy, Thomas 
Abrahams, Israel. Duran; Einhorn, David; 
Gersonides or Ben-Gerson (Gersohon); Jel- 
linek, Adolf; Kalisch, Marcus^ Lazarus, 
Emma; Leon, Moses De; Nasi, Joseph; 
Samuel of Nehardea; Singer, Simeon; Tam, 
Jacob Ben Meir 

Abramson, Jesse P. Athletic Sports (in part) 
Ackerman, Phyllis. Asia (in part); Persia (in 
part); Rope and Ropemaking (in part); 

Adair, Fred Lyman, M.D. Abscess; Acne; 
Acriflavine, Acromegaly; Adams, Robert; 
Adenoids; Adrenaline; Agglutination (in 
part ) ; Amyl Nitrite, Anastomosis; Aneurysm; 
Antipyrine (in part) ; Aorta and Aortic 
Valves; Aphemia; Ascites; Asphyxia; Astig- 
matism; Atrophy, Avenzoar; Baillie, Mat- 
thew; Bar&ny, Robert; Barber’s Itch; Bed- 
sore; Bright’s Disease; Bronchiectasis; 
Calabar Bean; Capsicum; Carus, Carl 
Gustav; Cascara Sagrada; Codeine, Convul- 
sions; Cortex; Croton Oil; Croup; Diabetes 
Insipidus; Diathermy; Dilation; Diuretics; 
Dolichocephalic; Ehrlich, Paul; Elixir, Em- 
physema; Erysipelas; Fauces; Fistula; 
Haematocele; Head;. Hydrocephalus; Hy- 
pertrophy; Ichthyosis, Integration; Jaw; 
Knuckle; Lead Rrc-m- cr "tojnbisro; 
Ligament; Ludwig La* . . ■ v:.:t : Wilhelm; 
Myelitis; Narcotics; Necrosis; Paracelsus, 
Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim; 
Ptomaine Poisoning; Rheumatism; Sanda- 
rac. Sneezing, Spleen; Stethoscope; Throat; 
Zinc (in part) 

Adams, Charles Dennis. Gold Coast (in part) 
Adams, Frederick J. Garden Cities (in par t) 
Adams, George Burton. Feudalism (in part) 
Adams, James Luther. Christian Socialism 
Adams, James T. Massachusetts (in part) 
Adams, Thomas. Zoning 
Adams, Walter S. Observatory (Astronomical) 
(in pari) „ 

Adamson, Robert. Bacon, Francis (in part); 
Berkeley, George (in part); Kantian Phil- 
osophy; Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph 
von (in part) 

Addinall, Carl R. Pyrimidines 
Addison, Major General George Henry, Engi- 
neers, Military (in part) 

Adler, Hans A. Deutsche Bank; Deutscher 
Lander, Bank; Dresdner Bank 

Adnan, A. A. Turkey (in part) 

Adrian, E. D., M D Chronaxie; Equilibrium, 
Animal; Nerve (in part) 

Adrian, Gilbert. Dress (in part) 

Ady, Cecilia Mary. Italy (in pari) 

Affleck, Benjamin Franklin. Atlas Portland 
Cement Company 

Agger, Eugene 2. IV* v„ev Market (in part ) # 

Agnew, Huge 2 A cu t.-> ; (in part), Ameri- 
can issooiat'Ci of Advertising Agencies; 
American Newspaper Publishers’ Associa- 
tion; Brands; Price-Cutting (in part) 

Agresti, Olivia Rossetti. Mafia (in part); 
Naples, Bank of 

Ahlberg, Hakon. Modern Architecture, 18th 
and 19th Centuries (in part) 

Ahmad, Abul Faiz Ziauddin. Arbitration (in 

Ahmad, Kazi S.-ud-D. Baluchistan; Bolan 

Aiken, Wellington E. Vermont (in part) 

Ainger, Alfred. Lamb, Charles (in part) 

Ainslie, Rev. Peter, D.D. Christian Unity; 

Disciples of Christ or Christians 
Airy, Osmund. Sidney, Algernon (in part) 
Aitken, W. A., D.V M. Veterinary Science (tn 

Albee, Edward F. Vaudeville 
Albert, A. Adrian. Determinant; Fields; 
Groups; Linear Algebras; Quasi-Groups; 

Albion, Robert Greenhalgh. Government De- 
partments (in Part) 

Alb-nght, VT'lum F. Palestine (in part) 

Alden, Sir Percy. Elberfeld Poor Relief Sys- 
tem; Vagrancy (in part) 

Alexander, Albert Ernest, Colloids (tn part); 

Dialysis , 

Alexander, Horace Gurney. Gandhi, Mohan- 
das Karamchand 

Alexander, J. W. Knots; Manifolds 
Alexander, Lyle Thomas. Alkali and Saline 

Alexander, Samuel. Qualities 
Allan, John, Numismatics (in part); Sanskrit 
Language and Literature (in part) 

Allee, W. C. Animal Behaviour; Animal Soci- 
ology; Distribution of Animals (in part); 

Ailemes, Frederick. French Law and Institu- 
tions (in part) 

Allen, Arthur A. Birds (in part); Song Birds (m 

Allen, Basil E. Lead in Art 
Allen, Bennet M. Metamorphosis (in part) 
Allen, Edward W. Fisheries, Law of (in part) 
Allen, Frederick Harold, M D. Psychiatry (in 

Allen, Gay Wilson. Caesura 
Allen, George C. Hollow-ware 
Allen, Oswald C. Employment Exchange (in 
part ) . . 

Allen, Roy George Douglas. Prices, Statistics 
of (in part) 

Allen, Victor Thomas. Bentonite; Diatoma- 

ceous Earth;* Fuller’s Earth (in part) 

Alhster, Ray. Friese-Greene, William 

Allred, C. E. Tennessee . . 

Alphandery, Paul Daniel. Humihati; Inquisi- 
tion, The (in part) 

Al'l am Captain Edward. Admiralty; Anchor; 

'ir* 7-i*' (**. part), Beatty, David; Cap- 
stan; China' (in part); Coronel, Battle of, _ 
Fleet, Naval (in part), Jellicoe, John Rush- - 
worth Jellicoe (in part), Jutland, Battle of, 
Log, Maritime; Midshipman (in part), 
Navy and Navies; Quartermaster (in part), 
Rule of the Road at Sea; Scapa Flow; Sea- 
manship, Ship (in part); Staff, Naval (in 
part); Wilson, Sir Arthur Knyvet 
Altham, H. S. Cricket , 

Altmeyer, Arthur J» Social Security (in 
part ) , , , 

Ambler, Charles Henry. West Virginia 
Amick, Charles L. Illuminating Engineering; 

L" ; G' , > T rir.t'V*' (in part) 

Amos, Sir Maurice 6. Code i\aporiuii (in part) 
Anchei, Robert. Marat, Jean Paul, Vendee, 
Wars of The * ,. 

Anderson, Arthur D. Boot and Shoe Machinery 
(in part) . „ . 

Anderson, David. Bridges (tn part); Tunnel 
(in pari ) 

Anderson, Ernest. Algin; Gums, Plant 
Anderson, Ira D. Marketing 
Anderson, Sir John. Shipping, Ministry of 
Anderson, He Is. Vagrancy (in part) 

Anderson, Roger Charles. Ship (in part) 
Anderson, Rudolph M. Fur-Bearing Animals 

Anderson, Thomas Joel, Jr. Trusts (m part) 
Anderson, Colonel William Patrick. St. Law- 

Andrade, Edward Neville da Costa. Arrhenius, 
Sva m c August , Bp rcmetric Light . In terfero- 

meier (n- par ') , Micmdsorw^or.e} uApe*i- 
ment; Perpetual Motion (in pari); Physics, 
Articles on; Radiation Rays (in part); 
Raman Effect; Resonance Potentials; Trans- 
mutation of the Elements; Vacuum (in 
part); Wilson Cloud Chamber (in part) 
Andrews, Andrew I. Porcelain Enamelling 
Andrews, Donald Hatch. Heat (in part) , Latent 


Andrews, Rev. Herbert Thomas, D.D. Logia 
(in part), Polycarp (in part) 

Andrews, Brigadier General Lincoln Clark. 

Andrews, Mildred Gwinn Barnwell. Cotton 
and the Cotton Industry (in part ) ; Cotton 
Waste; Synthetic Fibres (in part) * 

Andrews, Roy Chapman. Mongolia (in part) . 
Andrus, J. Russell. Bangkok; Cambodia (in 
part); Cochifi-China; JKavoi; Hud; Laos; 
Luang-Prabang; Patani 
Angell, Sir Norman. Outlawry of War 
Annan, Noel Gilroy. Strachey, Giles Lytton 
Anrep, Gleb von. Vascujp System 
Anslinger, Harry J. Drug Addiction (in part); 
Opium TrjL&c (in part) * 




Anthony, Joseph. Public Relations 
Antrobus, Sit Reginald. St. Helena (in part) 
Anttila, Aarne Armas. Finnish Literatuie (in 

App^man, John Alan. Motor Vehicle Tnsur- 
‘ ¥w?> an^ (in pari) 

Apple Don. Soil (in part) 

Appleton, Edward Victor. Wireless Teleg- 

raphy (in part) 

Apter, Nathaniel S.» M.D. Neurasthenia 
Archer, Thomas Andrew. Ursula, St (in pari) 
Archibald, Raymond Clare. Curves, Special 
(in part); Hodograph; Peirce, Benjamin 
Arden-Close, Colonel Sir Charles Frederick, 
Map (in part) , Surveying (in part) 

Argo, Mary Langs. Nucleus (in pari) 

Arkell, Anthony J. Baggara; Bertat , Ham eg; 
jur; Nubia (in part); Sudan, Anglo- 
Egvptian (in part ) 

Armentrout, Winfield Dockery. Consolidated 
School (in part), Rural Education (in part) 
Armstrong, Charles Arthur John. Germany (in 
part ) , Warwick, Richard Neville 
Armstrong, Edward. Charles V 
Armstrong, Major General George E., M.D. 

Medical Service, Army 
Armstrong, Harry G., M.D. Aviation, Medical 
Aspects of 

Armstrong, T. E. Buriat; Koryaks 
v Armstrong, Walter Gordon. Pressed Metal 
Armstrong, W. E. Clan, Family (in pari), New 
Guinea (in part ) ; Oceania (in part ) ; Totemism 
Arndt, Heinz Wolfgang. Australia (in part) 
Arnett, A. M, Jay, John, Pierce, Franklin; Sher- 
idan, Philip Henry 
Arnold, Guy L. Aerial Navigation 
Arnold, Henry H. Air Warfare (in part) 
Arnold, J. H. Westminster Bank Limited 
Arnold, Robert Franz. Austrian Literature 
Arnold, Sir Thomas Y/alker r Arabic Language; 

Islam; Miniature Painting (in part) 

Arthur, John Morris. Climate, Artificial 
Arup, Erik. Denmark (in part) 

Asdell, S. A. Gestation Periods 
Ashby, Arthur Wilfred. Land Nationalization 
Ashby, ThoiAas. Agrigentum (in part); Apen- 
nines (in part); Callicula; Cannae; Clusium; 
Ferentino; Flaminia, Via; Fondi; Frascati; 
Friuli; Gabii; Gaeta; Gela; Grottaferrata; 
Halaesa; Hispellum; Ischia (in part), Italy 
(in part); Lavinium; Leghorn (in part); Loc- 
ri; Loreto; Lucania (in part);L ucca; Magna 
Graecia; Megara Hyblaea; Messina (in 
pari): Metaurus, MonreaN (in part), Nola; 
Orvieto OM.a: Pacstum, Pantelleria (in 
par ) , Pa via {’n par) Pe: ugte; Pisa (in part) ; 
Pompeu I-Taencstc (in part): Put- 

eoli; Ravenna (in part); Sardinia (in part); 
Segesta; Setia; Siena (in part); Spoleto; 
Subiaco; Sulci; Sutri; Syracuse (Sicily) (in 
part), Taranto; Terracina: Tivoli (in part) ; 
T*asimenus_, Lake; Trebia, Turin (in part); 
Tuscany (in i>arf) 7 Tuscutem, Tyndaris; 
Umbria; Veil, Velletri, Venetia (in part); 
Vercelll, Verona (in part ) ; Vesuvius (in part) ; 
Vi ho Valentia; Vicenza; Viterbo; Vol terra 
Ashby, ’Wallace. Farm Buildings 
Ashton, Edmund Hugh. Basutoland 
Asmous, Vladimir C. Engler, Heinrich Gustav 
Adolf; Jung, Joachim; Senebier, Jean 
Aston. Francis William. Isotopes (in part); Pos- 
itive Rays 

Aston, Major General Sir George (Grey). 
Abyssinia (in part); China (in part); 
Estonia (in part); Great Britain (in pari); 
Nigeria [in pan), Palestine {in part) 
Atherton, Gerirude Franklin. Eezanov, Nico- 
lai Petrovich de 

Atkins, E. A. Barbed Wire; Galvanized Iron 
and Steel (in pari): Wire (in part); Wire 
Manufactures; Wire Springs (in part) 
Atkinson. B. F. C. Aehaens; Alphabet; Dorians; 
lonians; Leleges; Pelasgians; and Articles on 
the following letters of the Alphabet: A; H 
(o; paii), 1; K to 7* 

Atkinson, Charles Francis. Austrian Succes- 
sion, -War of The (m part); Cattle (in patf); 
Dutch Wars (’n part); Franco-German War 

(in part), French Revolutionary Wars (in 
part); Grand Alliance, War of The (in part); 
Grant, Ulysses Simpson (in pari), Great 
Rebellion, Long Island (in part), Rossbach, 
South African War, 1899-1902 (in pari); 
Thirty Years’ War (in part) , Turenne, Henri 
de La Tour D ’Auvergne, Vicomte de, Wilder- 
ness (in part) 

Atkinson, G. T. Fish Curing (in part) 
Atkinson, Richard John Copland 
Atkinson, William Christopher. ' 

part), Novel (in part), Olivares, Gaspar de 
Guyman; Spain (in part), Spanish Lan- 
guage, Spanish Literature 
Atteridge, A. Hilliard. Germany (in part) 
Atwood, Harrison. Merchandise Marks (in 

Atwood, John Murray, D D. Universalist 

Aubrey-Fletcher, Major Sir Henry Lancelot. 
Barrosa, Battle of,' 1811; Ciudad Rodrigo 
(in part), Corunna (in part), Toulouse (in 

Auchincloss, James Coats. Frauds (in part) 
Audrieth, Ludwig Frederick. Ammonia; Hy- 
drazine, Hvdroxylamine, Nitrides 
Austin, C. M. Pilotage Laws (in part) 

Austin, Mary Hunter. Amerind Folklore 
Auty, Robert. Czech Language and Literature 
(in part) 

Avery, Sewell Lee. Montgomery Ward and 
Co , Inc (in part) 

Axelson, Edward W. Bridging, Military (in 
pari ) 

Axon, William E. A. Manchester (in part) 
Ayers, William L. Bank for Reconstruction and 
Development, International 
Ayres, Leonard P. Community Foundation (in 

Baab, Otto J. 

Babeion, Jean. Ci.-'n, r'} 

Bach, George L. Inflation <.*•'( ' i 
Bacher, William. Gamaliel (in part) 

Back, Major General George I. Signal Com- 

Backus, Standish. Burroughs Adding Machine 

Bacon, Rev. Benjamin Wisner, D D. James, 
Epistle of; Jude, Epistle of (in part), Thessa- 
lonians, Epistles to The 
Bacon, Elizabeth. Asia (in part) 

Badeff, J. Bulgarian Literature (in part) 
Baden-Powell, Major Baden Fletcher Smyth* 
Kite-Flying (in part) 

Baden-Powell of Gilwell, 1st Baron, Lieuten- 
ant General Sir Robert (Stephenson Smyth) 
Baden-Powell. Boy Scouts (in part) 

Baer, Joseph Louis, M D. Gynaecology (in 

Baiter, John Christian, Jr. Alum (in part ) ; Co- 
ordination Compounds 
Bailey, Cyril. Roman Religion 
Bailey, Sir Edward B. Scotland (in part) 
Bailey, Henry T. Art Teaching (in part) 

Bailey, Liberty Hyde. Palm (in part) 

Baiilie, Hugh. United Press Associations (in 

Baiilie, Sir J. B. Hegelian Philosophy (in pan) 
Bain, Robert Nisbet. Absalon, Apraksin, The- 
dor Matvyeevich; Bela IV, Bestuzhev-Ryu- 
min, Mikhail Petrovich; Boyar; Charles IX 
(in part); Charles XIX, Christian TX (rr pari): 
Christina (in part): Estherhazy of Galamhc 
(in part); Eudoxia Lopukhina; Gedymin 
(in part); Godunov, Boris Fedorovich, Golo- 
vin, Fedor Alekseyevich; Griffenfeldt, Peder 
(in part); Gustavus I Eriksson (in part); 
Gustavus II Adolphus; Gustavus III (in 
Part); Gyllenstjerna, Johan (in pari); Hop- 
ken, Anders Johan; Hunyadi, Laszlo; Ivan 
IV (in part), Kisfaludy, Karoly; Kosci- 
uszko, Tadeusz Andrzej Bonawentura (in 
part); Margaret (1353-1412); Menshikov, 
Alexander Danilovich (in part), Nikon; 01- 
gierd (in part); Oxenstjerna, Count Bengt or 
Benedict Gabrielsson (in part ) ; Panm, Niki- 
ta Ivanovich (in part); Peter I; Peter III; 

Petofi, Alexander C {in part); Piper, Carl; 
Poland (in part); Potemkin, Grigory Alek- 
sandovich; Razin, §lenka, Svane [or Sva- 
ning], Hans (in Pari), Sweyn I (in pa*t), 
Toll, Johan Kristoffe: TNTo" Petr An- 
dreyevich, Count; r o:ce"’R/ Peder (in 
part ) ; Torstensson, Lennart; Valdemar I (in 
fart); Valdemar XI (in part); Valdemar IV, 
Vladimir, St ; Vorosmarty, Mihdly; Wall- 
qvist, Olaf ; Witowt 
Bainville, Jacques. Napoleon I 
Baker, A. Z. Stockyards 
Baker, Carlos. Hemingway, Ernest (Miller) 
Baker, Charles PI. Collins. Dobson, William; 
Droesbout, Martin; Faithorne, William, 
Hilliard, Lawrence; Merian, Matthaus, 
Oliver, Isaac Peter 

Baker, Edwin Arthur, Photometry (in part) 
Baker, Edwin S. Lawn Tennis and Tennis (in 

Baker, Ernest A. Trollope, Anthony 
Baker, James A., D V M. Rinderpest (in 

Baker, Sidney J. Pidgin English; Slang (in 

Baker, S. Josephine, M D. Nursery Equipment 
Baker, S. L. Incuba f o r * (*> pn**) 

Baker, Thomas. Cr.-'.-lv- Crucible Cast 
Steel; Furnace, Metallurgical 
Bald, Robert Cecil. Great Britain (in part) ® 
Baldwin, Lewis W. Missouri Pacific Lines 
Balfour, Sir Isaac Bayley, M.D. Angiosperms 
(in part) 

Balfour- Melville, Evan Whyte Melville, Mal- 
colm (four Scottish kings); Scotland (in 

Balk, Robert. Schists 

Balke, Clarence W. Carbides; Columbium (in 
part); Molybdenum; Rhenium; Tantalum 
Ball, Sir William. Appeal (in part); Bankruptcy 
(in bart); Legal Aid (in part); Libel and 
Sla^dei (in pait); Practice and Procedure 
(in part) ; Venue (in part) 

Ballard, Stanley S. Periscope 
Balleine, George Reginald. Channel Islands; 

Balzer, W. H. Clocks (»V pact's 
Banton, Joab H. I part) 

Banton, Michael Parker. Krumen 
Barber, Colonel Alvin Barton. Rule of the 
Road (in part) 

Barber, Eric Arthur. Catullus, Gaius Valerius 
Barclay, Sir Thomas. International Law, Pub- 
lic; Pacific Blockade (in pari) 

Barclay, William R., M D. Silicosis 
Barcroft, Sir Joseph, M D. Anoxaemia; Physi- 
ology; Pigments of Skin and Hair; Respira- 
tion (in pari) 

Bard, Philip. Sea Sickness 

Baring, Wing-Commander Hon. Maurice. 

Taine, Hippolyte Adolphe (in part) 

Barker, Aldred Fairer. Alpaca (in part); Comb- 
ing; Felt; Woollen Manufacture; Yarn 
Barker, B. T. P. Cider (in part); Perry 
Barker, Dennis. Na\”gation Laws 
Barker, E. Phillips. Folk-Dancing 
Barker, Sir Ernest. Aristotle; Aulic Council; 
Baldwin I (Count of Edessa) (in part); 
Baldwin II (Count of Edessa) (in part); 
Baldwin III; Crusades (in part); Diet; 
Electors (in part); Empire; Fulk (in part); 
Imperial Chamber 

Barker, Leweliys F., M.D. Endocrinology (in 

Barman, Christian. Bridges (in part) 

Barnard, Harry Everett. Flour and Flour 
Manufacture (in part) 

Barnard, Raymond Walter, Commutative 
Laws: Exponent; Infinitesimal; Mathemat- 
ical Induction; Mean (in part); Moore, 
Eliakim Hastings 

Barnes, Rt. Rev. Monsignor Arthur Stapyltcra. 

Roman Catholic Church (in part) 

Barnes, Harry Elmer. Flogging; Prisons (in 

Barnes, John Arundel. Kinship 
Barnes, Rev. William Emery, D.D. Ecciesias- 


Barnett, H, G. Modoc; ^North Pacific Coast 
Indians (in part) 

Barnett, James H. Halloween 
Barnhart, Harry. Community Singing 
Barraclough, Geoffrey. Electors (in parti) 
Barron, E. S. Guzman, M.D. Pj'ruvic Acid; 
Respiration (in part) 

Barron, Oswald. Beard. Bill, Cecil (Family); 
Collar (in pari); Girdle: Heraldry: Russell 

Barrows, Alice Prentice. Platoon School (in 

Bartelmez, George William. Menstruation; Re- 
productive System (in part ) 

Bartleet, H. W. Cycling (in part) 

Bartlett, Frederic Charles. Experimental Psy- 

Bartlett, James. Carpentry; Masonry 
Bartlett, James Vernon, D D. Acts of the Apos- 
tles, Barnabas, Barnabas, Epistle of; From- 
mel, Gaston; Hebrews, Epistle to the; Luke 
(in part), Mark, St.; Paul, Stephen, Vinet, 
Alexandre Rodolphe 
Bartley, S. Howard. Vision or Sight 
Bartoli, Adolfo. Italian Literature (in part) 
Barton, Roger Avery. Advertising (in part) 
Bartow, Virginia. Northrop, John Howard; 
Wallach, Otto 

Baruch, Bernard Mannes. Raw Materials 
Berwick, George Frederick. Midhat Pasha 
Bassett, Ralph Henry, Ceylon (in pari) 
Bastable, Charles Francis. Bimetallism (in 
part ) , Decimal Coinage 
Bastin, Edson Sunderland. Penrose, Richard 
Alexander Fullerton, Jr. 

Batchelor, Leon Dexter. Citrange, Citron; 
Grapefruit; Lemon; Lime; Orange; Shad- 

Bateman, Harry. Dynamics; Elasticity; Hy- 

Bates, Esther Willard. Pageant (in part) 
Bates, Ralph Samuel. Chemical Societies 
Bather, Francis Arthur. Echinoderma (in part) ; 
Sea-Urchin (in part) 

Batten, A. G. M. Accident Insurance, Personal 
(in part); Engineering Insurance (m part) 
Battle, George Gordon. Women, Legal Posi- 
tion of 

Bauer, Catherine. Housing (in part) 

Bauer, Frederick Charles. Catch-Crops; Rota- 
tion of Crops; Soil (in part) 

Bauer, Norman. Refractometer 
Baufre, William L. de. Steam Generation (in 
part ) 

Baughman, Urbanus Edmund. Secret Service, 

Raumeister, Theodore. Boilers 
Baumer, William H. Fortification; Infantry (in 
part); Officers; Staff, Military; Strategy 
Baumgarten, E. H. Bowling 
Bax, Admiral Robert Nesham. Convoy; Sub- 
marine Campaigns (World Wars I and II) 
(m part) 

Baxandail, David. Calculating Machines (in 
part); Ellipsographs; Graduation 
Baxter, Dow Vawter. Arboriculture 
Baxter, Gregory Paul. Atom (in part) 

Bay, Emmet Blackburn, M D. Arteries, Dis- 
eases of, Heart, Diseases of the 
Bayles, B. B. Cereals (in part) 

Baylis, Harry Arnold. Platyhelminthes or Pla- 
todaria (in part); Tapeworms (in part); 
Trematodes (in pari), Tu~bc M aria (in part) 
Beach, Frank A. Play in Se> u.d Be- 


Beal, John Mann. Bermuda Glass; Bird-of- 
Paradise Flower; Bolivia (in part), Bottle- 
Brush Plants, Bougainvillea; Ceroid iphyl- 
lum; Gas Plant; Heterogamy; Hydrophyl- 

Bealby, John Thomas. Syr-Darya (in part) 
Beale, Joseph Henry, International Law, Pri- 
vate (in part) 

Bealer, Lewis W. Amazonas; Ancash; Argen- 
tina (in part); Bolivia, ,'w putt); Brazil (in 
part), British Honduras (m part); Callao 
(m part); Colombia (in part); Costa Rica 
(in part); Ecuador (in part); Guadeloupe; 

Guatemala (in part), Honduras (in part): 
Loreto, Madre de Dios, Martinique; Nica- 
ragua (in part), Panama (country) (m part); 
Paraguay (in part), St Eustatius and Saba; 
St Kitts or St. Chnstopher, Si Lucia, St. 
Vincent, Salvador, El (in part), San Martin, 
Tobago; Trinidad, Trujillo (in part), 
Tumbes, Turks and Caicos Islands, Uruguay 
(in part); West Indies, The (in part); Wind- 
ward Islands 

Beals, Carleton. Mexico (in part) 

Beams, Jesse Wakefield. Velocity of Light 
(in part) 

Bean, Walton E. America (in part) 

Bear, Donald. Painting (in part) 

Bearce, H. W. Jolly Balance 
Beardsley, A. P. Ultramarine 
Beardsley, Neil Freeborn. Lantern 
Bearn, J. Gould. Distemper (in part), Lumin- 
ous Paint, Paint (in part); Painter- Work in 
the Building Trade 
Beaton, A. C. Kassala 
Beattie, James Alexander. Water 
Be&ujon, Paul. Books (in part) 

Beaumont, Charles-Louis de. Cane Fencing 
Beazley, Sir Charles Raymond. Andrew of 
Longjumeau, Cam (Cao) Diogo, Chang 
Chun, Kiu, Columbus, Christopher (in part); 
Cook, James, Dampier, William, Davis or 
Davvs, John, Hay ton; Idrisi, Leif Ericsson, 
Monte Corvino, Giovanni di, Neckam, 
Alexander (in part), Ptolemy (m part); 
Thorfinn Karlsefm, Varthema (Barthema 
Vertomannus), Ludovico di; Vespucci, 
Amerigo; Zemarchus 

Beck, Alfred Charles, M D Biith (Labour, 

Beck, Bertram Maurice. Juvenile Delinquency 
(in part) 

Beck, Frederick George Meeson. Aethelred; 
Deira, East Anglia; Edwin, Essex, Kingdom 
of, Goths (in part ) , Hwicce, Kent, Lombards 
or Langobardi (in pait ); Lothian, Mercia; 
Northumbria; Saxons; Strathclyde, Sussex, 
Kingdom of; Vandals (in pari), Wessex (m 

Beck, Horace. Beads 
Beck, Norman Wood. New Jersey 
Becke, Archibald Frank. Waterloo Campaign, 

Beebe, William. Galapagos Islands (in part ) 
Beebe-Center, John G. Feeling, Psychology of 
Beekley, John Sherman. Urea or Carbamide 
Beer, Gavin Rviands de. Caenogenesis 
Behar, M. F. Regulation, Automatic 
Behre, Charles H., Jr. Ore Deposits 
Bell, Aubrey Fitzgerald. Camoens (Camdes), 
Luis de, Garret 1, Joao Baptista da Silva 
Leitao de Almeida (m pait ); Gibraltar (in 
pari); Goes, Damiao de (in part); Herculano 
de Carvalho E Araujo, Alexandre (in part); 
Lopes, Fernao (in part); Manuel de Mello, 
Dom Francisco (in part); Portuguese Litera- 
ture (in part); Vincente, Gil 
Bell, Sir Charles Alfred. Tibet (in part) 

Bell, Elexious Thompson, M D Purpura; Ulcer 
Bell, E. T. Abel, Niels Henrik; Bolyai, Johann; 
Bolyai, Wolfgang; Dedekind, Julius \\ iibelm 
Richard: Equations, Theory of; Fermat, 
Iherrc, Fredholm, Erik Ivar; Frobenius, Fer- 
dinand Georg; Galois, Evariste; Gauss, Karl 
Friedrich; Hermite, Charles, Hesse, Lud- 
wig Otto; Hilbert, David; Kummer, Ernst 
Eduard; Liouvilie, Joseph, Picard, Charles 

Bell, Rt. Rev. George K. A., D D. Davidson of 
Lambeth, Randall Thomas Davidson 
Bell, Gertrude. Druses (in part) 

Bell, Sir Harold Idris. Palaeography (in part) 
Bell, Joseph N. Concrete (in part) 

Bell, Walter George. Barnet (in part); Bos- 
worth Field, Battle of; London (in pari); 
Tewkesbury (hi part) 

Bellamy, John Cary. Altimetry 
Bellamy, Paul. Cleveland; Ohio (in part ) 
Bellot, Hugh Hale Leigh. Age; “Alabama” 
Arbitration; Alien (in part); Allegiance (in 
part); Amnesty; Angary, Right of, Better- 

ment; Blasphemy; blockade (in pari); 
Common Pleas, Court sof, Compensation 
(in pan), Conquest, Contraband, Declara- 
tion of Pans, Diago Doctrine, Embargo; 
Exterritoriality, Inns of Court and ^Chan- 
cery (in part), Justiciary* T’ 

gliae. King’"? Bench, Cour. 0 , ±-0 ' 

Chancellor, Master of the R ■’ s; I - - >r~ o: 
(in part), Money-Lending (in part), Pa- 
cific Blockade (in part), University Courts 
Beloff, Max. Russia (m part) ^ 

Bemont, Charles. Baluze, Etienne; Bearn; 

Bender, Harold H. Geigei, Wilhelm 
Benedetti-Pichler, Anton Alexander. Chemis- 
try (in part) 

Benedict, Agnes E. Day Nurseries (in part) 
Benedict, Libby. Rothschild 
Benedikz, Eirikur. Iceland (in part) 

Benes, Eduard. Little Entente (m part) 

Renet, William Rose. Dreiser, Theodore; Mas- 
ters, Edgar Lee (in pari) 

Bennett, Albert X. Combinatorial Analysis (in 

Bennett, Alva Herschel. Binocular Instrument 
(in part ) 

Bennett, Edward E. Montana (in part) 
Bennett, George Allen, M D Tongue 
Bennett, R. W. Newark (in pari) 

Bennett, Wendell Clark. South America (in 

Bennett, William Henry D D Balaam (in 

Benmon, Charles. Boot and Shoe Machinery 
(in part) 

Bentley, Wilson Alwyn. Frost 
Benton, W. A. We*ghmg Machines 
Bentwich, Norma- de Israel; Zionism 

(in part) 

Benvemste, Emile. Asianic Languages; Etrus- 
can Language ® 

Berg, Carl. Battery (in part) 

Berg, Eskil. Mercury-Vapour Boiler 
Bergen, Edgar John. Ventriloquism 
Bergenstal, Delbert M., M D. Animal Extracts 
Berle, Rudolf P. Conspiracy (in petrt) 

Bernal, John Desmond. Crystallography (in 
part); X-Rays and Crystal Structure 
Bernard, Augur tin. Momeco (in part), Tan- 
gier (in far :, , \tu (in part); Tlemcen 

(in part) 

Bernewitz, M. W. von. Prospecting 
Bernstein, Eduard. Bebel, August (in part), 
Maix, Karl Heinrich (in part) 

Bernus, Pierre. Briand, Aristide; Dreyfus, Al- 
fred, Cachm, Marcel (in part); Painleve, 
Paul; Poincare, Raymond; Viviani, Rene 
Befrill, N. J. Tunicata 
Berry, Arthur. Elliptic Functions (in part) 
Berry, Arthur John. Chemistry (in part) 
Berry, Sir William John. Armour Plates; Bat- 
tleship (m part), Shipbuilding 
Bertelli, Riccardo. Sculpture Technique (m 

Berulfsen, Bjarne. Norwegian Language 
Best, B. W. Bicycle (in part) 

Best, Charles Herbert, M D Diabetes Mellltus 
(in part), Insulin (in part) 

Bethe, Hans Albrecht. Neutron (in part) 
Betten, Cornelius. Trichoptera 
Bettesworth, W. A. Stoolhail 
Bettex, Albert. Swiss Literature (in part) 
Sevan, Edwyn R. Alexander III (“The Great”) 
(in part); L> simachus, Perdiccas; Philip V; 
Ptolemies; Seleucid Dynasty (in part) 
Bewes, Wvndham A. Bailiff and Bailie (in 
part); Inheritance (in part) ; Instalment Pur- 
chase (in part); International Law, Private 
(in part); Trust and Trustees (in part) 
Beyer, Richard L. Hunter, Robert 
Beza, Marcu. Rumanian Language and Litera- 
ture (in part) 

Bezzant, Rev. Canon James Stanley, B.D. 

England, The Church of (in part) 
Bhownaggree, Sir Manc&srjee Merwanjee, 
Patel, Framje^ Nasarwanjee (tn part) 

Bib e sco, Pnnce Antoine. Rumanian Language 
and Literature (in $arl) , 


Bickley, Francis. Diplomatic (in part) 

Bicknell, Edward John, D D Athanasius “The 
Great” ^ . 

Bidou, Henri. Joffre, Joseph Jacques Cesane; 

I^anrezac, Charles Louis 
"1Siet«^ s Ralphs Paul. Missouri {in part); St. 
Louri . 

Bigg, RevfXharles, D D Philo (in part) 

Bigg, Wilfred Joseph. British Commonwealth 
(in part) 

Biggs, E. Power. Organ 
Billings, Marland P. Fault; Folds 
Bills, Arthur Gilbert. Efficiency, Conditions of; 
Fatigue (in part); Psychology, History of 
(in part) 

Bills, Charles E(verett). Cod Liver Oil 
Bmgham, Howard. Aerodrome': 

Bingham, J. Lyman. Athletic Sports (in part) 
Bingham, Miilicent Todd. Cuzco (m pari ) ; lea 
(in part); Lima (city) (in part); Peru (in 

Binkley, Wilfred E. Wheeler,, William Almon 
Bmni, Walter. Drama (in patt) 

Binme, William James Barnes. Catchment 
Areas; Reservoirs 

Binyon, Laurence. Chinese Painting; Japanese 
Painting and Prints 

Birch, Francis Lyall. Great Britain (in part); 

Prime Minister (in part), Privy Council 
Birkhoff, Garrett. Lattice Theoiy; Mathemat- 
ics, Foundations of; Number 
Bishop, Carl W. China (in part) 

Bishop, Rev. Herbert Louis. Angola (in part); 

Portuguese East Africa (in part ) , St Thomas 
Bishop, Joseph Bucklin. Goethals, George 
Washington . 

Bishop, Lottie Genevieve. Yale University (in 

Bishop, William John. Ranvier, Louis Antome 
Bissell, Clinton T. Fireproo£ng (in part) 

Bisset, Charles Barron. Tanganyika (territory) 
(in part) 

Bisset, John C. Billiards (in part) 

Biswell, Charles Bedford. Resorcinol # 
Black, John D. Agricultural Wages; Agricul- 
ture, Census of 

Black, John Sutherland. Gibbon, Edward (m 
part ) ; Mazzini, Giuseppe (in part) 

Blackman, Vernon Herbert. . Leaf (in part); 
Lianes or Lianas; Palm (in part); Pollina- 

Blackmore, John. Latter-Day Saints, Reorgan- 
ized Church of Jesus Christ of 
Blackwell, Alice Stone. Stone, Lucy 
Blagden, Charles Otto. Malay Language (in 

Blair, Walter. American Literature 
Blake, Roland P. Factory Inspection 
Blakemore, Thomas L. Arbitration (in part) 
Blanchard, Arthur A. Carbonyls, Metal 
Blanchard, Major George Samuel. Korean 
War (in part) 

Blankenhorn, M. A., M.D. Sunstroke and 

Blanksten, George I. Colombia (in part); 
Ecuador (in part); Honduras . (in part); 
Nicaragua (in part); Salvador (in part) 
Blanch, Lloyd E. Land-Grant Colleges and 
Universities; Universities (in part ) . 
Bleininger, Albert V. China-Clay (in part); 
Chinaware (in pari) 

Blennerhassett, William Lewis. Finland (in 
pari), Lapland (in part); Lusatia 
Blewett, John Paul. Amplifiers 
Bliss* Gilbert Ames. Calculus of Variation 
Bloch, Henry Simon. Credit Foncier de France; 
Land Taxes (in part); Leroy -Beaulieu, 
Pierre Paul 

Block, Burton Peter. Tin 
Biom, Eric Walter. Mussorgsky, Modest Petro- 
vich; National Anthems; Opera 
Blondah Sigfus. Icelandic Literature (in pari); 

Sigurbsson, J6u (in part) 

Bloom, Benjamin S. Examinations (in pan) 
Bloom, William. Ili^ology , Microtomy 
Bloomfield, Arthur L Bill of Exchange in Prac- 
tice^ - 

Blowski, A. A. Sugat (jn-part) 

Blucher, Walter H. Town and City Planning 
Blumberg, General Sir Herbert Edward. 

Marines (*' f tr~i) 

Blumenau, -xlrh Liege 

Blunden, Edmund Charles. English Literature 
(in part) 

Blunt, Charles Jaspar. Tirah . 

Blunt, Herbert W. Logic, History of (m 

Blunt! \rene L. Silk and Sericulture (in part); 

Silk Manufacture (in part ) ; Silk Trade 
Boal, A. M. Admiralty Jurisdiction (in part) 
Boas, Frederick S. Drama (in part), English 
Literature (in part); Medwall, Henry 
Bogaars, George Edwin. Malaya (in part) 
Bogner, Walter Francis. Libraiy Architecture 
(in part); Museum Architecture; Religious 
and Memorial Architecture (in part) # 

Bohl, F. M. T., D D Abraham; Amontes; 

Canaan, Canaanites (in part) 

Bohr, Niels Henrik David. Atom (m part) 

Bolte, Charles L. Army (in part) 

Bond, Donald F. Tir— Av (in part) 

Bond, Horatio. F . ■. p.r Fire Protection 
Bone, Sir Muirhead. Dry Point (in part) 

Boner, Charles Paul. Electronic Musical In- 

Bonn, Moritz J. Erzberger, Matthias; Ruhr 
Bonneville, Joseph H. Acceptance (in part); 
Accrued Dividends, Accrued Interest; Cer- 
tified Cheque; Commercial Paper (in part); 
C;.. f rolh>c Interest; Joint Account, Kiting 
CKqoes, M:i-a n (in part); Panic (in part); 
'"rif'-'V *. p '• 0 

Booker, Harold Scott. Wages (in part) 

Booth, Franklin. Pen Drawing 
Booth, H. C. Vacuum Cleaner (in part) 

Borah, William Edgar. Idaho (in part) 

Borgese, Giuseppe Antonio. Italian Literature 
(in part) 

Boring, Edwin Garrigues. Consciousness; Or- 
ganic Sensations; Psychology (m part); 
Psychology, History of (in part); Psycho- 
physics; Titchener, Edward Bradford; Sen- 
sation . 

Borley, John Oliver. Seining, Netting and 
Trawling; Whale Fisheries 
Born, Lester K. Archives 
Boswell, A. Bruce. Czarniecki, Stefan; Czar- 
toryski, Adam Jerzy; Czartoryski, Fryderyk 
Michal, Kollontaj, Hugo; Poland (in part); 
Poznan or Posen (in part) 

Boswell, Percy George H. Clay (in part); 
Conglomerate; Flint; Greywacke; Itacolu- 
mite; Limestone; Sand (in part); Sand- 
stone; Sedimentary Rocks 
Boswell, Victor Rickman. Artichoke; Bean; 
Beet; Broccoli; Cabbage; Celery; Collards; 
Cucumber; Eggplant; Endive; Muskmelon; 
Mustard, Onion (in part); Parsley; Parsnip; 
Pea; Peanut; Pumpkin, Radish; Salsify; 
Sea-Kale; Shallot; Spinach; Squash; Sweet 
Potato; Tomato; Turnip (in part); Water- 

Bernard, A. de. Palaeography (in part) 
Boughton, The Rev. Canon Charles Henry 
Knowler, B.D. Bible Societies 
Boulding, Kenneth E. Futures; Market (in 
part ) ; Wealth and Income, Concepts of 
Bouquet, Alan Coates, D.D. Conversion (in 
part); Solomon, Odes of 
Bourchier, James David. Athens (in part); 
Balkan Peninsula (in pat ') ; Bulgaria (in part) ; 
Crete (in pari); Greek Literature (->><, part); 
Ionian Islands (in part); Stambulcv, Stefan 
(in pari) 

Bourdow, Joseph A. Tactics (in part) 
Bouscaren, Timothy Lincoln. Index Librorum 

Bousset, Wilhelm, D.Th. Antichrist 
Boussieres, G. Polonium (in part) 

Bouthilet, Lorraine. Affection 
Boutruche, Robert. Alb ret; Bastide 
Bovey, Hon. Wilfrid. Quebec (in part) 

Bowen, E. G. Wales (in part) 

Bowen, Frank C. Ship (in part); Shipping Lines 
and Groups (in part) ; Shipping Routes 
Bowen, John Poland. Lighthouses (in part) 

Bower, Edward. Brit^h Industries Fair; Exht- 
bitions and Fairs (in part) 

Bower, Frederick O. Pteridophyla (m part) 
Bowles, Gordon T. Japan (in part) 

Bowley, Arthur Lyon. Index Numbers 
Bowley, Marian Ellen Alberta. Industry and 
Trade, War Control of (in part) 

Bowman, LeRoy E. Community Centres (m 

P ar 0 . , . . A 

Bown, Ralph. Broadcasting (in part) 

Box, Rev. George Herbert, Hon D.D. Gama- 
liel (in part ); Hezekiah (in part ) , Isaiah, John 
the Baptist; Jubilee; Libertines, Sy-.a-jo cue 
of the; Messiah and Messias, Nahum, ± ass- 
over (in part), Pentecost, Pharisees; Sad- 
ducees; Shekmah; Tabernacles, Feast of; 
Uiim and Thummim 
Boyajian, Aram. Transformer (in part) 

Boycott, Arthur Edwin, M D PT U ~ rtr” 

Boyer, Carl Benjamin. Archib. 1 ’' *'} 

Clare (m part); Lebesgue, Henri Leon ; Lip- 
schitz, Rudolph Otto Sigismund; Mathe- 
matics, History of . . _ 

Bozorth, Richard Milton. Diamagnetism; Fer- 
romagnetism; Magnetism; 

Brachet, Jean Louis Auguste, M 0 -mt:; o’ 
ogy, Chemical , 

Brackenbury, Sir Henry Britten, M.D. Insect 
Bites and Stings 

Bradbury, Frederick. Sheffield Plate _ • 

Brade-Birks, Rev. S. Graham. Centipecie (in 

Braden, Charles S. Rosicruciamsm 

~ „ "D1« ‘P-r/vrvj era.. 

Bradford, Gamaliel. Webster, Daniel 
Bradford, William Leslie, M.D Scarlet Fever 
Bradley, Alice. Cookery (in pari) 

Bradley, Henry. Beowulf (in part); Heliand 
(in part) 

Bradley, Stanley E., M.D. Kidney, Diseases 

Bradley, Wilmot Hyde. Conrolites (in 
Bradnock, Frederick Wil i&r.. Bi-m.ngham 
(in part) 

Bradshaw, Harold Chalton. Roman Architec- 
ture (in part) 

Bradshaw, Mary N. L. Roman Architecture 
(m part) 

Bradshaw, Percy V. Poster (in part) 

Brady, Alexander. Canada (in part); Ontario 
(in part ) 

Bragdon, Charles Ridgaway. Varnish 
Brambell, F. W. Rogers. Balanoglossus; Hemi- 

Brand, Donald D. Tarascans 
Brandeis, Elizabeth. Workmen’s Compensation 
(in part) 

Brandenburg, Erich. Berlin (in pc P; Bui > . 
Eerrhard; Germany (in part); I . , 
f/jr*) ; Wil iam II 

Brandin, Louis M. Anglo-Norman Literature; 
Catalan; Charlemagne Legends; French 
Language; p ro^e"ca! I ppgnaire a^d Litera- 
ture (in p k'..Uv .> L> •-■'i.c.' gv.r -es; 
Romance Languages; Rumanian Language 
and Literature (in part) 

Brandt, Coenraad Dirk Jan.’ Holland (in part); 
Hohanfh County and Province of (in part); 
(in part) 

Brandt, William E. Baseball (in part) 

Branford, Victor. Sociology 
Brangwyn, Sir Frank. Mural Painting. 
Branham, Sara Elizabeth, M.D. Meningitis 
Brannon, E. M. Judge Advocate General 
Braun, Joseph H. Motoring (in part) 
Braunholtz, Hermann Justus. Easter Island 
(in part); Oceania ( : n part) 

Bray, Euly Edwin. "ur, P c -.if N Disposal 
(U.S.) (in part) 

Breasted, James H. Ikhnaton; Tutenkhamon 
Brecht, Arnold. Government Departments (in 

Breck, Eduard, Kite-Flying (in part) 

Breder, C. M., Jr. Aquarium 
Bredin, G. R. F. Gezira 

Bredsdorff, Elias Lunn. Danish Language; 
Danish Literature; Drama (in part) 



Brenier, Henri. Xndo-Cl^na, French (in part); 
Morocco (in part) 

Brereton, Cloudesley. Academies (in pari); 
Classical Education *(in part); Education, 
History of (in part); Foreign Languages, 
Teaching of (in part); Oxford University 
(in part); Universities (in pari) 

Breskin, Charles A. Bottle Manufacture (in 

Bressey, Sir Charles Herbert. Roads and 
Streets (in part) 

Bresson, Marcelle M. Madagascar (in pari) 
Breton, If orton. Silk and Sericulture (in part ) ; 

Silk Manufacture (in part) 

Brett, Michael. Salvage (in pari) 

Bretz, J Harlen. Korea (in part); United 
States (of America), The (in part), Water- 

Brewer, Nathan, D V M Animal Experimen- 
tation; Foot-and-Mouth Disease, Swine 
Fever (in part) 

Brewster, James. Connecticut (in part) 

Bncker, John W. Taft, Robert Alphonso 
Bridges, Sir Edward Ettingdene. Bank Holi- 
days; Budget (in part); Civil Service (in 
part); Pensions (in part) 

Bridgewater, H. M. Chain Manufacture (in 

Bridgman, Edward C. Drawing, Anatomical 
4in part) 

Bridgman, George B. Drawing, Anatomical 
(in part) 

Bridgman, P. W. Dimensional Analysis 
Briercliffe, Harold. Motorcycles (in part) 
Briggs, Asa. Corn Laws (in part); Disarma- 
ment; Domestic Service (in part); English 
History (in part); Hours of Labour (in 
part); Sweating System (in part) 

Brill, John L. Cellophane 
Brill, Walter H.» Jr., M D. Streptomycin; 

Brinckerhoff, A. F. Landscape Architecture (in 

Brinckerhoff, Henry M. Traffic and Traffic 
Regulations (in part) 

Brisby, Liliana McBurney. Bulgarian Litera- 
ture (in part) 

Briscoe, Herman Thompson. Barium; Cal- 
cium; Strontium 

Bristol, Margaret C. Charity (in pari) 

Brock, Alan St. Hill. Fireworks; Flare 
Brockway, Lawrence Olin. Electron Diffraction 
Brodd, Lawrence S. Curling 
Erode, Robert Bigham. Wilson Cloud Chamber 
(m part) 

Brodie, Bernard. Pacific, Command of the; Sea 

Brodie, Lawrence Sabin. Compass (in part) 
Brodie, Thomas Gregor, M.D. Muscle, Struc- 
ture of ; Phagocytosis 

Brodribb, Rev. William Jackson. Tacitus, Cor- 
nelius (in part) 

Brody, Samuel. Growth 
Broek, Jan O. M. Asia (in pari); Batavia (in 
part ); { } Jambi (in part); Java (in part); 
Lampongs (The) (in part); Palembang 
(in part) 

Bronfenbrenner, Martin. Competition in In- 

Bronson, Dorrance Crawford. Pensions (in part) 
Broodbank, Sir Joseph Guinness. London (in 

Brooke, Major General Geoffrey. Horseman- 
ship and Riding (in part) 

Brooke/, George Boswell. New York, Chicago 
and St Louis Railroad 

Brooke, Squadron Leader J. C. Seaplane (in 

Brooks, €. E. P. Africa (in part ) ; Asia (in part); 
Climatic History 

Brooks, R. C. Baker, Newton Diehl; Progres- 
sive Party, U.S (in part) 

Brooks, Robert Preston. Georgia 
Brooks, Van Wyck. James, Henry; Twain, 

Broome, Dorothy M. Chamber, The King's; 
Household, The Royal or Curia Regis; Seals 
(in pari) 

Broomhall, G. P. Gram Production and Trade 
Brosm, Henry W., M D Psy chosis 
Brouwer, Dirk. Celestial Mechanics, Trojan 

Brown, A. Curtis. Royalties 
Brown, Andrew Wilson. Psychology (in part) 
Brown, Arthur C. Barrington. Joints 
Brown, Arthur E. Brick (in part) 

Brown, Charles E. Signal Corps, U S , Tanks 
Brown, Charles Reynolds, D.D. Edwards, Jon- 

Brown, Frank A., Jr. Hormones, Invertebrate 
Brown, Sir Frank Herbert. Halifax, Edward 
Frederick Lmdley Wood, 3rd Viscount (in 
pari), Lajpat Rai, Lala, Naidu, Sarojini (in 
part), Nehru, Pandit Motilal, Sankaran Nair, 
Sir Chettur; Sapru, Sir Tej Bahadur (m 
part), Sastri, V S Srinivasa (in part) 

Brown, Frederic K. Snow-Shoes (in part) 

Brown, Harry Gunnison. Single Tax 
Brown, Horatio Robert Forbes. Venice (in 

Brown, Irving. Gypsies (in Pari) 

Brown, Ivor. Drama (in pari) 

Brown, Peter Gordon. Annuity (in part); Ex- 
pectation of Life; Industrial Insurance (in 

Brown, Ray E. Clinic 

Brown, Roland Wilbur. Eocene and Palaeocene 
Brown, Walter J. San Francisco (in part) 
Brown, William, M.D. Body and Mind 
Brown, William. Plants and Plant Science (in 

Brown, William Adams, D.D. Fundamentalism 
Brownback, Henry Lowe. Motor Car (in 

Browne, Frederick Lincoln. Casein 
Browne, Harris Warren C. Printing Type (in 

Brownell, Emery A. Legal Aid (in part) 
Brownlee, Oswald H. Income Tax 
Brownlow, Rt. Rev. William R., D.D. Cata- 
combs (in part) 

Bruce, Barry Wallace. Boxmaking 
Bruce, William Cabell. Randolph, John 
Brues, Charles Thomas. Ant 
Brugel, Fritz. Kautsky, Karl 
Bruman, Henry J. Argentina (in part); Chile 
(in part); Peru (in part); South America (in 

Brummitt, Wyatt B. Phctog-anhy (in part ) 
Brundage, Avery. OK «rpic Games 
Bruno, Frank John. Relief (•/? pr t) 

Brunson, Mark V. Barracks G** pa-' 
Brunstetter, Max Russell, Mci.on P.ctiteS (in 

Brunt, David. Dust; Rainbow 

Bryant, Carroll L. Drowning and Lifesaving 

Bryce, Rt. Hon. James, 1st Viscount Bryce. 

Justinian I (in part) 

Bryce, R. B. Budget (in part) 

Bryson, Gladys. Nation, Carry 
Bryson, John. Ergbsk Literature (in part) 
Buchanan, Sir George Seaton, M.D. Public 
Health (in part) 

Buchanan, L. M. Dongola (in part) 

Buchanan, Norman Sharpe. Company Pro- 

Buchholz, John T. Gymnosperms (in part) 
Buck, Solon Justus. Minnesota (in part) 
Buckle, George Earle. Balfour, Arthur James 
Balfour (in pa r t); Grey of Fallodon, Edward 
Grey (in pan); Law, Andrew Bonar; Mc- 
Kenna, Reginald 
Buckley, Francis. Glass (in part) 

Buckley, Millard. Rolls-Royce Limited (in 

Buckman, Harry Oliver. Physical Natural 
Resources (in part) 

Buckmaster, Barbara. Rumania (in part); 
Vladimirescu, Tudor 

Bucy, Paul C., M.D. Apoplexy; Brain (in part) 
Budberg, Baroness Maura. Drama \m pari) 
Budden, Lionel Bailey. Architectural Educa- 
tion (in part) 

Buddenbrock-Hetiersdorf, Wolfgang Von. 

Sight, Sense of; Touch, Sense of 
Buddington, Arthur F. Sill 

Buettner-Janusch, John. Central America (in 
pari) - * 

Bull, A. J. Bank-Notes (in ?~ri) 

Bullene, Major General E - . - War- 
fare _ 

Bulliet, Clarence Joseph. Chicago (in pa: ) * — 
Bullock, Afan.'iGermany (tn pari) 

Bullock, Fred. Veterinary Science (Jh part) 
Bullocke, J. G. Austrian Succession, War of The 
(m part); Collingwood, Cuthbcrt Colling- 
wood (m part), Ccnenhagen (in pari); First 
of June (in part), French Revolutionary 
Wars (in part), Lepanto, The Battle of (in 
part), Napoleonic Campaigns (in part), Nile, 
Battle of The (in part); Saints, Battle of The 
(in part); Toulon (m part); Trafalgar, The 
Battle of (tn> part) 

Bunbury, Sir Edward Herbert Pompeii (in 
Part), Ptolemy (in part) 

Bundle, Ralph J. Beira, Belgian Congo (in 
part), Nairobi; Portuguese East Africa or 
Mozambique (m pari) 

Buna, E. S. Brass Manufactures (in part) 
Burford, Thomas Hannahan, M D Heart and 
Lung, Surgery of . , ^ , 

Burg, Anton B. Borax; Boric Acid; Borides, 

Burges, William Charles. Newcastle 
Burgess, Ernest Watson. Park, Robert Ezra 
Burgess, Robert Wilbur. Graphic Methods m 

Burke, Agnes. Children’s Games (in part) 

Burke, Henry Penn. Rowing (in part) 
Burkholder, Paul Rufus. Botanical Society of 

Burkitt, Francis Crawford, D.D Do . 1 ;** vrr ‘ 
Bible (in part), Edessa (in part); LG- .< tu a - 
Syriac Language 

Burkitt, Miles Crawford. Archaeology (in 
part), Eoliths; Flints, Typology 
Burkinan, Eric C. United States Rubber Com- 

Burls, G. A. Internal Combustion Engines 
Burn, William Laurence. British Honduras (in 
part), Guiana (in part) 

Burnet, Frank Macfarlane, M D>, Filterable 

Burnham, William H. School Hygiene and 
Physical Education 

Burpee, Lawrence Johnston. Ottawa (in part) 
Burrard, Major Sir Gerald. Big Game Hunt- 
ing, Pig-Sticking or Hog-Hunting (in pari) 
Burrow, Thomas. India (in part) 

Burrows, George Thomas. Bowls (in part) 
Burrows, Millar, B.D. Job 
Burrows, William. Cholera 
Burrows, Rt. Rev. Winfrid Oldfield, DfD. 

Burstein, Sona Rosa. Tabu 
Burtt, Harold Ernest. Psychology (in part) 
Bury, John Bagnell. Alexius I; Alexius II (in 
part); Alexius III; Gibbon, Edward (in 
part) ; Roman Empire, Later ^ 

Bury, John Patrick Tuer. France (in part) 
Bush, Douglas. English Literature (in part) 
Bush, Vannevar. Harmonic Analysis 
Bushnell, Asa A. Football (in part) 

Buss, Kenneth Caron. Aleppo (in part); Cy- 
prus (in part); Egypt (in part); Iraq (in 
part); Lebanon (in pari); 

Sudan; Sudan, . 1 (in pari), 

Syria (in pari) ; ■ . . >. t) 

Butler, Arthur John. Dame (or Durante) Ali- 
ghieri (in pari) 

Butler, Rt. Re^ . Edward Cuthbert Benedict of 
Nursia, Saint; Brigittines; Canon (in* part); 
Clara, Saint; Dominic, Saint (in part); 
Franciscans; Francis of Assisi, St. (in part); 
Groat, Gerhard (in part); Imitation of 
Christ, The (in part); Mabillon, John; Mau- 
rists; Mechith&rists; Mendicant Movement 
and Orders (in part); Servites or “Servants of 
Mary”; Thomas of Celano; Trappists 
Butler, Eliza Marian. Kafka, Franz 
Butler, Elmer Grimshaw.^\merican Society of 

Butler, Francis'S. Compass (in part); Hunter, 
John (in part) , f 


Butler, H. J. Carnage 

Butler, Nicholas Murray. Columbia Univer- 

Butler, Richard A. Conservative Party, 

•m But •% A. B. Mississippi (in part) 

Butts, 411ison. Copper (in parfi 
Buxton, Cifiude E. Transfer of Training 
Buxton, L. H. Dudley. Ainu, Asia Minor (in 
part), Basra (in part), China (in part), Eu- 
phrates; Kirghis, Kish, Mesopotamia (in 
part)] Mongolia (in part), Mosul (in part), 
Nineveh, Nippur, Races of Mankind, Sarts, 
Seleucia, Shu’unmk, Tigris; Turkomans; 
Turks (in pc'%, C- 
Buxton, Travers. Slavery Convention 
Byerly, Perry. Earthquakes - 
Byers, Horace Robert. x ^’‘zzard; 

Brocken Bovs , Spectre ■ ' 1 Con- 

vection, Crepuscular Rays, Cyclone; Dol- 
drums, Gale, Hurricane, Insolation, Isallo- 
bars, Isobar; Isopv cnic, Isosteres, Storm 
Byrd, Harry Flood. Virginia (in pait) 

Byrd, Richard Evelyn. Peary, Robert Edwin 
Byrne, Paul Ryan. Notre Dame, University of 
(in part) 

Cabrera, Luis. Carranza, Venustiano 
Cadbury, Henry Joel, D D. Luke, Gospel of 
Caddow, H. A. Burgundy Wines; Champagne 
Wines, Claret, Hock, 'Moselle Wines; Port 
Wine, Sauternes, Sherry 
Cadman, John, 1st Baron Cadman. Anglo- 
Persian (now Anglo-Iraman) Oil Company, 
Ltd (in part) 

Cady, George H. Krvpton 
Cady, Gilbert Haven. Coal and Coal Mining 
(in part), Lignite; Neon, Xenon 
Caesar, George V. Starch (in part) 

Cahill, John. Daylight Saving (in part) 

Cairns, James Ford. Australia (in part). Bush- 

Cajon, Florian. Binomial Formula, Geometry 
(in part), Log.v\thrrs 
Calderon, Jose M C/h v. Oil 
Caldwell, Thomas, D D Scotland, Church of 
(in pari) 

Caldwell, William Elmer. Gold (in part) 
Cahngaert, George. Organometalhc Com- 
pounds (in part) 

Calkins, Mary W. Royce, Josiah (in part) 
Callan, Norman. English Literature (in part) 
Callendar, Hugh Longbourne. Black Body; 
Calibration; Heat (in part), Thermodynam- 
ics (in part), Vaporization 
Callender, Sir Geoffrey Arthur Romaine. Ar- 
mada, d he (/;; part)] Austrian Succession, 
War of The (in part), Chioggia (m part), Col- 
h'ngvoo^. Cufhbe , -t CoPingwood (in part)] 
Cone rh ui • ( »» *) ,rl) , Hitch Wars (in part)] 

I ■’>* hi Ti v th i'L French Revolution- 
aij V v p. u) (Land Alliance, War of 
’In (*>’ -'rl' La Cogue, Battle of (in part)] 
Lepanto, The Battle of (in part); Napo- 
leonic Campaijms (Jn part) Xavarmo, Battle 
of (in pari) N'N, Battle of the (tn part), 
QuiV'(»* Campaign and Battle of (in part)] 
Su-t ts Bait “ of the (m part). Seven Years’ 
War (in puii); Spanish Succession, War of 
The (in part), Toulon (in part); Trafalgar, 
The Battle of (in part) 

Callwell, Major General Sir Charles Edward. 
Balkan Wars, 1912-13; Dardanelles Cam- 
paign, Mesopotamia, Operations in 
Caiman, William Thomas. Iv^i-rle, B-anch- 
lopoda (//• pait), p Sl . prr, \ t Cope- 
pooa (in pn)f)> Cmb (ni part), Cu^tacea (in 
Malatosiraca (m pa r t), Osiracoda; 
Rolffera (?n part). Teredo (m part), Trilo- 
bita; Water-Flea, Wood Louse (in part) 
Calver, James L. Everglades" 

Cam, Helen M. Borough (in pari); Mayor (in 

Cameron, Norman Alexander, M D. Abnor- 
mal Psychology, Defense Mechanisms; Hal- 

Camm&erts, Err-'le. Belgium \ pi part), Met- 
wei. Desire r 

Campbell, Arthur Trevor. New Zealand (in 
part), Seddon, Richard John 
Campbell, Rev. Lewis. Jowett, Benjamin (in 

Campbell, Mildred. Absentee Ow nership 
Campbell, Walter Stanley. Sitting Bull 
Campion, Sir Gilbert Francis Montriou. Parlia- 
ment (m part) 

Cana, Frank Richardson. Africa (in part)] An- 
gola (tn part ), Belgian Congo (in part)] 
Benin; Cameroons (in pari), Congo; Congo 
Free State (in part), Egypt (in part)] 
French Guinea (in part)] Gold Coast (in 
part), Liberia (in part), Madagascar (in 
part), Natal (in part); Niger, Nigeria (in 
part), Nyasaland Protectorate (in part)] 
Portuguese East Africa or Mozambique (m 
part), Rio de Oro, St Helena (in part ); 
Senussi and Senussites (in part ) , Sierra 
Leone; Stanley, Sir Henry Morton, Sudan, 
a .i t — p ar [ j. Timbuktu (in 

* (in part), Togoland (in 
part ) , Transvaal (in part), Tripoli tama (in 
pail), Uganda (in part), Wadai (tn part); 
Zam bezi 

Canby, Henry Seidel. Gather, Willa Sibert; 

Lewis, Sinclair (tn part) 

Cannon, Clarence. Parliamentary Law 
Capers, Gerald M. New Orleans (in part) 
Capper, Arthur. Kansas (in part) 

Carey, Clifford M. Young Men’s Christian 

Carlsen, Emil. Still-Life Painting 
Carlson, Anton Julius, M D Temperance (in 

Carlston, Kenneth S. Blockade (in part); Neu- 
trality (in part) 

Carlyle, Margaret Monteith. Italy' (in part); 
Sicily' (in part) 

Carmichael, Colin. Crank (in part); Horse- 

Carmichael, Robert Daniel. Barycentric Cal- 
culus; Diagram (m part), Dimension, Geom- 
etries, Finite; Infinity and the Infinite; 

Carmody, John M. Relief (in part) 

Carpender, J. W. J., M D. Radiology (in 

Carpenter, Charles M., M D. Leprosy (in 

Carpenter, F. M. Neuroptera (in part) 
Carpenter, Rhys. Spam (in part) 

Carpenter, Thorne Martin. Animal Heat 
Carpenter, William M. Electricity Supply: 

Technical Aspects (in part) 

Carr, Albert Raymond Maillard. Bonde, Gus- 

Carr, Sir Cecil. Provisional Order 
Carrel, Alexis, M.D Tissue Culture 
Carrier, Willis H. Air Conditioning (in part) 
Carroll, George. Winter Sports 
Carroll, Henry King. Mennonites (in part); 

MoT-Aian Broth (in part) 

Carroll, John Anthony. Eclipse (in part) 
Carr-Saunders, Sir Alexander Morris. Eugen- 
ics; Population 

Carson, George Barr, Jr. Bolshevism (in part) 
Carter, Elliott C. Music (in part) 

Carter, George Stuart. Animals, Phylogeny of 
Carter, H. B, Reuters (in part) 

Cartier, Jacques. Jewellery (in part) 
Cartwright, Morse Adams. Adult Education 
(in part) 

Carver, Thomas Gi’Vr* Q r ; r“ t: . h 
Cary, Max. Aetolia* . • - , des; 

Athens (in part); ■ i . 'ene 

(in part); Justin II, Macedonian Emphe; 
Manuel I, Coninenus, Pericles; Phrygia; 
Plataea; Punic Wars, Salamis 
Case, H. C. M. Agricultural Economics (in 
p-r*): \cn:cultural Labourer (in part); Farm 
Management (.»: part); Farm Rents (in 

Casey, Robert Pierce. Anathema (in part); 
Simon Magus 

Casey, Robert S. Ink (in part 1 
Casey, T. W. Wai Pensions (in part) 

Cassels, Donald E., M.D. St. Vitus’ Dance 

Cassino, Jay Allen. Government Departments 
(in part) 

Cassirer, Ernst. Neo-Kantianism, Rational- 
ism, Substance, Transcendentalism, Truth 
Casson, Stanley. Rumania (in part) 

Castle, Egerton. Book-Plates 
Cater, Harold Dean. Minnesota (in part) 
Cathcart, Edward Provan, M D. Nutrition 
Caton-Thompson, Gertrude. Stratigraphy 
Cauthen, Charles Edward. South Carol. ra (in 

Cavan, Ruth Shonle. Suicide 
Ceadel, Eric Bertrand, Literature 

Cecil, Lady Gwendolen SJi'O’-ry, Robert 
Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquis of 
Cerny, Jaroslav. Horns 
Cestre, Charles. Poe, Edgar Allan 
Chadwick, Sir David Thomas. Imperial Eco- 
nomic Committee (in part) 

Chadwick, Hector Munro. Anglo-Saxons, Brit- 
ain (in part), Goths (in part), Jutes; Teu- 
tonic Peoples (in part); Thor 
Chadwick, James. Radioactivity, Natural (tn 

Chalmers, Henry. Tariffs (in part) 

Chalmers, Sir Mackenzie Dalzell. Bill of Ex- 
change (in part); Sale of Goods (in part) 
Chamberlin, William Henry. Brunei (in part), 
Fiji, Gilbert and Ellice Islands, Japan (in 
part), Melanesia, New Britain; New Hebri- 
des, Pacific Islands (Oceania), Russia (tn 
part) , Tonga 

Chambers, Sir Edmund Kerchever. Shake- 
speare, William (in part) 

Chambers, H. Seed Trade (in part) 

Chambers, Robert. Micromanipulation or Mi- 
crurgy (in part); Protoplasm (in part) 
Champion, Pierre. Joan of Arc (in part) 
Chancellor, Edwin Beresford. Clubs (in part) 
Chandrasekhar, Subrahmanyan. Chromo- 
sphere (in pari ' . CrJaxy 
Chaney, Ralph Wor *f 'b V 1 q, 

Channing, Edward. Adams, John; Adams, John 
Quincy; Adams, Samuel 
Chapman, Charles Edward. California (in part ) ; 
Cuba (in part) 

Chapman, Guy Basil Granville. Kontagora 
(in part) 

Chapman, Sydney. Atmosphere; Aurora Po- 

Chappie, Bennett. Tin-Plate and Terne-Plate 
Charles, Cecil Marvin, M D Reproductive 
System (in part) 

Charles, Robert Henry, D D Anorak Title 
Literature (in part), Apocrypha: Litc'viN.n- 
(in part), Baruch (in part); Daniel (in part), 
Enoch, Book of (in part), Ezra, Fourth Book 
(or Apocalypse) of (in part ) , Jeremy, Epistle 
of; Jubilees, Book of (/« JuHqh, The 
Book of (in part); \‘ * . • m oi (in 

part ) ; Moses, Assumption of ; Solomon, Psalms 
of; Testaments of The Twelve Patriarchs 
Charleston, Robert Je-£3. WrA- ’ o< d, Josiah 
Charr, Robert, M l) R - > System, 

Diseases of 

Charters, Alexander Crane, Jr. Spark Pho- 
tography (in part) 

Chase, Edna Woolman. Forms of Address (in 

Chase, Philip Putnam. New England 
Chase, Winn W. Cotton and the Cotton In- 
dustry (in part); Rain-Proof Fabrics 
Chaumeix, Andre. France, Anatole 
Cheatham, Elliott E. Legal Education (in part) 
Chen, Pu-lai. World War II (in part) 

Cheney, Sheldon. Theatre (in part) 

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith. Dickens, Charles 
John Huffam 

Cheyne, Rev. Thomas Kelly, D.I). Esther (in 
part); Jonah 

Child, Charles Manning. Axial Physiological 

Childe, V. Gordon. Europe (in part); Scythia 
(in part); Skaia Brae 
Childs, Marquis William. Adams, Brooks 
Chinnock, A. Vaughan. Phosgene 
Chipman, William Joseph. Football (in part) 
Chisholm, Cecil. Instalment Selling (in part) 


Chisholm, Hugh. Albert Prince Consoit of 
England, Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, 1st 
Earl of (in part), Cai®r>n (in part), Edward 
VII (in part), George IV (m pari), Meredith, 
George, Parliament (in pari), Sherbrooke, 
Robert Lowe, Walter, John (m part) 
Chitwood, B. G. Nematoda 
drivers, Joseph Hardy, M D Industrial Medi- 
cine (in part) 

Cholet, Bertram. Brush (in part) 

Chopra, Ram Hath, M D. Opium Eating and 
Opium Smoking 
Chree, Charles. Inclinometer 
Christensen, Aksel E. Denmark (in part) 
Christians, William F. Siam (tn part) 

Chrystal, George. Perpetual Motion (in part) 
Church, George Earl. Plata, Rio de la, or River 
Plate (tn part) 

Church, Leslie Frederic. Wesleyan Methodist 

Church, P. E. United States (of America), The 

(in part) 

Church, Randolph W. Virginia (in part) 
Church, The Very Rev. Richard William, D.D. 

Lombards or Langobardi (tn part) 

Cislak, Francis Edward. Coal Tar, Creosote; 

Tars, Low-Temperature (in part); Toluene 
Clancy, Frederick M. (“Fog Horn”). Rodeo 
Claremont, Claude A. Montessori System 
Clark, Albert Curtis. Cicero 
Clark, Alfred Joseph, M.D. Heart, Compara- 
tive Physiology of 

Clark, Austin Hobart. Echinoderma (in part ) ; 

Sea-Urchm (in part); Star-Fish 
Clark, Charles Edward. Appeal (in part) ; Land- 
lord and Tenant (in part); Practice and Pro- 
cedure (in part) 

Clark, Charles Manning Hope. Australian Lit- 

Clark, Eugene Francis. Dartmouth College 
Clark, George Lindenberg. X-Rays, Nature of 
(in pari) 

Clark, George Herman. Holland (in part); 
Netherlands (in part) 

Clark, Harry Hayden. Freneau, Philip Morin 
Clark, Walter. Filters, Light; Photography (in 

Clark, William Bell. Barry, John; Biddle, 
James; Conyngham, Gustavus; Dale, Rich- 
ard; Du Pont, Samuel Francis; Fiske, Brad- 
ley Allen; Fleet xAuxiliary Vessels; Fleet, 
Naval (in part); Gleaves, Albert; Hcpkins, 
Esek; Jones, Jacob; Jones, John Paul, Ring, 
Ernest Joseph (in part); Leahy, William 
Daniel; Marines (in part); Mayo, Henry 
Thomas; Truxton, Thomas 
Clark, William D. Crown; Customhouse (in 
part); Rupee (in part); Sterling^ 

Clark, Sir William Henry. Trade Facilities 
Clark, W(illiam) Mansfield. Hydrogen Ions 
Clarke, Alexander Ross. Map (in pari) 

Clarke, E. Gladys. Cookery (in part); Salad; 

Clarke, George Sydenham, 1st Baron Syden- 
ham of Combe. Graeco-Turkish War 
Clarke, Rev. William Kemp Lowther, D.D. 
Apollos; Catechumen; Joseph of Arima- 
thaea; Matthias (Disciple); Philip (Evange- 

Clay, Charles. A T berta (in peri); British Co- 
lumbia (in pa r i); Canada (in pan); Cha- 
tham (New Brunswick); Chatham (On- 
tario); Chicoutimi; Crdmazie, Octave; 
Drummondville, Guelph; Kingston (On- 
tario); Labrador (in part); Manitoba (in 
pait); New' Brunswick (in part), Newfound- 
land (in pari), Northwest Territories (in 
part); Nova Scotia (in part), Ontario (in 
part); Ottawa (in part); Parker, Sir Gilbeit; 
Prince Edward Island (in pait), Quebec 
(province) (tn pari); Rouyn; St. Pierre and 
Miquelon; Saskatchewan (in part); Saska- 
toon; Shawinigan Falls; Three Rivers; Tim- 
mins; Toronto (in part) ; Ungava; Van- 
couver; Victoria; Winnipeg, Yukon Terri- 

Clay, Reginald S. Kaleidoscope; Mirror (in 

Clemence, Gerald M Time Measuiement (tn 

Clement, Martin W. Pennsylvania Railroad 
Company, The 

Clements, F. Bessemer Steel (m part), Blast 
Furnace (in pari) 

Clerc, Ch&rly. Ramuz, Charles Ferdinand 
Clerke, Agnes Mary. Astronomy (in part); 
Copernicus or TC A: Nicolaus; Gali- 
leo Galilei (in • x L Alexander (in 

part); Maye^ « Tobias (in part) 

Clery, Arthur Ld.'.'-rd Laws (in part) 

Clifford, Sir Hugh. Borneo (in pari); Borneo, 
North (tn part), Johore (in part); Malacca; 
Malay Language (in part) , Malays 
Clifton, Colonel Chester V. Korean War (in 

Climenh&ga, Rev. A. W. Brethren in Christ 
Clinchy, Everett Ross. Anti-Semitism (in part) 
Cline, Howard F. Acapulco, Anahuac; Califor- 
nia, Lower; Campeche (state), Campeche or 
Campeche de Baranda; Casas Grande? ; 
Durango (state); Durango, (Mexican city); 
Hidalgo; Manzanillo; Matamoros; Mazatldn; 
Mexico (in pari); Mexico; Mexico, Federal 
District of; Mexico City; Monterrey; Naya- 
rit, Nuevo Leon, Oaxaca, Oaxaca de Juarez; 
Merida; Michoac&n, Orizaba; Puebla (city); 
Puebla; Quintana Roo; OuemTaro, Salina 
Cruz; Saltillo; Sinaloa; a, TL.xci.iC ; 
Toluca, Valladolid, Veracruz (state); Vera- 
cruz (town) 

Clouzot, E. International Bureaus 
Clymer, Floyd. Motorcycles (in part) 

Coad, B. R. Boll Weevil, Cotton (in part) 

Cobb, George Watson, Jr. Canning, Commer- 
cial (in part) 

Cobb, James Barrel. Churches of Christ; 
Jehovah’s Witnesses 

Cobb, John W. Gas Manufacture (in part) 
Cochaux, Henri. Arbit 1 "**™ 

Cockerell, Douglas B. * • - part) 

Cockfield, Francis Ar.\. 4 "ax. In 

Practice (in part) 

Cocks, Dorothy. Hair (in part), Me N curing 
Coe, Wesley R. Nemertea; Se> Tat.o (in 

Coetzee, Abel Jacobus. South African Litera- 
ture (in part) 

Coffman, Lotus Delta. Minnesota, University 
of (in part) 

Cogdon, Ronald Stephenson. Jetty (in part ) 
Coggeshall, Lowell T., M.D Malaria 
Coghill, Robert de Wolf. Purines 
Cohen, Arthur Le Roy. Mycetozoa or Myxo- 

Cohen, E. Richard. Fundamental Physical 
Constants (in part) 

Cohen, I. Bernard. Camera Obscura 
Cohen, Julius Henry. Port Authority (in part) 
Cohen, Karl. Diffusion 
Coker, Ernest George. Pulley 
Cole, Alan Summerly. Textile Printing (in 

Cole, Felix. Algeria (in part); Algiers (in 

Coie, Geoigt Douglas Howard. Butler, Sam- 
ue 1 , CrA Carny; Cobbett, William; Co-opera- 
tion; Fabian Society, Guild Socialism; In- 
dustrial Councils; Industrial Court; In- 
dustrial Health Board; Marx, Karl Heinrich 
(in pari); Labour Party, The; Minimum 
Wage (in pa*'!) ; Socialism ; Strikes and Lock- 
outs (in par*); Sv radicalism; Trade (Labour) 
Unions (in part) 

Cole, LaMont C. Physical Natural Resources 
(in part) 

Cole, Leon Jacob. Sex Ratio (in part) 

Cole, Sanford D. Affreightment; Bottomry; 

Code; Fisheries, Law of (m part) 

Cole, Sonia Mary. Barmgo; Kenya (colony) 
(in part) 

Cole, Sydney W. Proteins 
Coleman, Arthur Philemon. Canada (in part ); 
Quebec (in pari) 

Coleman, Christopher Bush. Indiana (in part) 
Coleman, G, S. Sanitation of Buildings (in 
part); Sewer Construction 

Coleridge, Ernest Hartley. Byron, peorge Gor- 
don Byron, 6th Baron (in part) 

Colie s, Henry Cope. Ravel, Maurice 
Collier, Theodore Freylmghuysen. Innocent 
(m part) , Sixtus V ^ 5 — 

Collin, W. E. Canadian Literature (Fre* Ji) 
Collinge, Walter E. Ornithology (in part) 

Collms, George Rowland. Jobber; Retailing 
(in part) 

Collms, Henry B. Cahokia Mound (tn part); 

Miami, Pueblo (in part) 

Collins, K. Ruth. Drop Forging (in part) 

Collms, Rt. Rev. William Edward, D.D. Estab- 
lishment (in Part), Testamentum Domini 
Collum, V. C. C. Carnac (in part), Stone Monu- 
ments, Primitive 

Collyer, Brigadier General John J. East Africa, 
Operations in 

Colvin, Charles Herbert. Air Log or Air Dis- 
tance Recorder 

Colvin, Fred Herbert. Automatic Machines, 
Machine-Tools (m part); Valves (Mechani- 

Colvin, Sir Sidney. Bellini (in part); Durer, 
Albrecht (in part); Giorgione (in part); Giot- 
to (?« part)' Le^ardo da Vinci (in part), 
km uc'o { :# part) 

Colyer, Douglas A.r Forces (in part); Air 
Rruds; Co\e ir-men' Departments (in part); 
Great Britain (in part) 

Comber, Christine. Bruce of Melbourne, Stan- 
ley Melbourne Bruce, 1st Viscount 
Compton, Arthur Holly. Compton Effect; 

Washington University 
Comrie, Leslie John. Ephemeris 
Condit, Ira Judson. Fig; Olive 
Condliffe, JohnB. Free Trade; Most-Favoured- 
Nation Treatment 

Connell, Sir Charles Gibson. Landlord and 
Tenant (in part)* 

Connick, Robert Elwell. Cadmium (in part); 

Francium, Zinc (in part) 

Conolly, Harold. School Architecture (in part) 
Contenau, G., M D. Asia Minor (tn part) 
Converse, Paul D. Broker ^ r 
Conway, Robert Seymour. Xoviiae*; Piaeneste 
(in part) 

Conybeare, Frederick Cornwallis. Ablution; 

Armenian Literature (in part) 

Coode, Arthur T. Dredges and Dredging (in 

Cook, A. C. Cattle (in part) 

Cook, James Wilfred. Carcinogenic Hydro- 
carbon; Fvd-O'T.ri'io’’; Naphthalene 
Cook, FM ljv e .re. Boston (in part) 
Cook, Stanley Arthur, D.D. Baal (in pari); 
Chronicles, Books of (in part); Damascus (in 
part); Decalogue (in part); Edom (in part); 
Genealogy (in part), Genesis; Gideon (in 
part); Haggai (in part); Hezekiah (in pari); 
Jacob (in part); Jesus Christ (in part); 
Jews (in part); Joshua, Book of; Judges, 
The Book of (in pari); Kings, First and 
Second Books of; Levites (in part); Moab; 
Moloch (in pari); Moses (in part); Naba- 
taeans (in part); Philistines; Ruth, Book of; 
Sabbath (in part); Samuel, Books of; Ser- 
pent Cults; Sinai; Talmud (in part); Zeph- 

Cook, Thomas Ira. Authority, Political; Re- 

Cooke, Rev. George Albert, D.D. Ezekiel; 
Odaenathus (in part); Palmyra; Phoenicia; 
Zenobia (in part) 

Coolidge, Rev. William Augustus Brevoort. 
Arnaud, Henri; Dauphine (in part); Je- 
na tsch, Georg; Lugano, Lake of; Switzer- 
land (in part); Tell, William (in part); 
Zurich (capital) (in part) 

Coomaraswamy, Anauda K. Bronze and Brass 
Ornamental Work (in part); Dance (in part); 
Indian and Sinhalese Art and Archaeology; 
Indian Architecture (in part); Indonesian 
and Further Indian Art; Iron in Art (in 
Part); Textiles and Eiffcroideries (in part); 
Yaksas * 

Coomber, Denis Irvine. Wine (in parity 
Cooper, B. K. Ibadaff 


Cooper, Delmer Clair. Anglosperms (in pari) 

Cooper, G. Arthur, Brachiopoda 

Cooper, John 1. Breadner, Lloyd Samuel; 

Canada (in part); Newfoundland (in part) 
^cc^r, Kent. Associated Press (in pari) 
Cooped Robert William. Berlin^- v 
Copping, George. Chmaware (in m , * , d - 

Corbett, Harvey Wiley. Architecture 
Corbett, Percy E. Laws of War 
Corddry, Graham W. Colour Mill 
Cordonnier, Louis Emilien Victor. Frontier, 
Battles of the (in pari) 

Cornell, Constance Margaret. Chamberlain, 
Arthur Neville, George VI (in part) 

Corner, George Washington. Embryology, Hu- 
man (in part) 

Corrigan, Cecil Edwin, M.D Tumour 
Corthom, Charles E. L. Ottoman Bank (in 

Corwin, Aisoph Henry. Pyrrole 
Cottington-Taylor, Mrs. Dorothy Daisy. Carv- 
ing (in part); Menus; Preserving and Bot- 
tling (in part) 

Cotton, James Sutherland. Hastings, Warren 
(in part); Omichund 

Cottrell, Frederick Gardner. Fume Precipita- 
tion, Electncal 

Coulson, Major Thomas. Research, Industrial 
(in part) 

Couitei, John Wesley. Capiz 
Coulton, George Gordon. Concubinage; Knight- 
hood and Chivalry (in part) ; Reformation 
Countryman. Vern. Bankruptcy (in part) 
Coursey, Philip R. Condenser (Electrical) 
Courtney, Giles L. Account; Account Current; 
Account Rendered; Account Sales; Accounts 
Payable Ledger; Accounts Receivable (in 
pari); Accounts Receivable Ledger; Current 

Courtney, Janet Elizabeth. Alexandra, Queen 
Cowie, Alexander. Novel (in pari ) 

Cow* Richard Peps. Edda (in part); Icelandic 
Luerataie pan] _ 

Cowles, Walter Goodman. Engineering In- 
surance (in pari) 

Cowley, Sir Arthur Ernest. Samaritans; Sea- 
diah, Ben Joseph 

Cox, Alonzo Bettis. Cotton and the Cotton 
Industry (in pa*t); Cotto~ Belt 
Cox, H. E. Food Fi estivation (m part); Jams 
and Jellies (in part) 

Cox, Isaac Joslin. Chile (in part); Wilkinson, 

Cox, Major General Sir Percy E&chariah. Fars 
(Or- part); Firuzabad; Hormuz; Kerman; 
Khurasan. Khuzistan 'jn p yy t); Kuchan; 
Kurdistan (in part); LarLtan, L.nvchr Per- 
sia (in part); Persian Gu.f, Quin (a part) ; 
Qais; Resht; Seistan (tn pen). Shim/.: Tab- 
riz (in pari); Tehran Province ( ? L part) ; 
Yfzd (in part) 

Cox, Warren Earle, Batik; Cartoon (in part); 
Design (in part); Drawing (m part); Goth- 
ic Art; Lamp (in part): Periods of Art (in 
part); Sculpture Technique (in part) 

Cox, William B. Chain Gang 
Coxeter, Harold Scott Macdonald. Mathemat- 
ical Models (in part); Surface (in part) 
Crackanthorpe, Montague Hughes. Mediation 
(in part) 

Craddock, Sir Reginald Henry. Bilaspur (in 
part); Central Provinces and Berar (in 
part); Chhatrisgarh (in part); Chhindwara 
(in part) 

Craies, "William Fedden. Habeas Corpus (in 
part); Quarter Sessions, Court of (in part); 
Trade Marks (m part); Treason (in part); 
Warrant {in part) ; Wildlife Conservation and 
Management (in part); Witness (in part) 
Craigmyle of Craigmyle, Thomas Shaw, 
1st Baron. Vergniaud, Pierre Victurniea 
(in part) 

Cranage, Very Rev. David Herbert Somerset, 
B.D. University Extension (in part) 
Crandall, Lee S> Aviary arid Aviculture 
(hi pail) 

Crane, Charles Howard. Theatre (in part) 

Crane, J. B. Steam Generation (in part) 

Crane, Walter. Arts and Crafts Movement, 
The (in part) 

Cranstone, Bryan A. I. Dayaks; Kayan; 
Kenyah, Klemantan, Negritos, Nicobar Is- 
lands (in part) 

Craven, Avery O. Washburne, Elihu Benjamin 
Cravens, Kenton R. Reconstruction Finance 
Corporation (in part) 

Crawford, John Grenfell. Australia (in part) 
Crawford, Nelson Antrim. Nonpartisan League 
Crawford, Osberf Guy Stanhope. Archaeology 
(in pari); Barrow, Mound-Builders 
Creager, William Pitcher. Dams (in part) 
Creed, Rev. John Martin, B.D. Baptism (in 
part); Bible (ni part); Eucharist (in part) 
Cret, Paul Philippe. Library Architecture (in 
part) ; Renaissance Architecture (in part) 
Crew, F. A. E., M.D. Albino; Fertility and Fe- 
cundity (ir p^r 1 ) , Genetics; Hermaphrodite 
(in part), Ivic;>c!e::s v ’\ Selection (in part); Sex 
(in part) 

Crew, Henry. Langley, Samuel Pierpont; Mil- 
likan, Robert Andrews (in part); Physical 
Units (in part); Rutherford, Ernest; Thom- 
son, Sir Joseph John 
Criegee, Rudolf. Ozonides 
Crile, George W., M.D. American College of 

Cripps, Rev. Richard Seymour. Amen 
Croce, Benedetto. Aesthetics 
Crocker, William. Boyce Thompson Institute 
for Plant Research, Inc. (in part) 

Crockett, Walter Hill. Vermont (in part) 
Crombie, Alistair Cameron. Swammerdam, 
Jan; Spallanzani, Lazaro 
Crommelin, Andrew C. de la C. Comets (in 
part); Eros; Minor Planet (in part) 
Crookshank, Arthur Kennedy. Territorial 

Cross, Charles Frederick. Fibres 
Cross, Harold L. Press Laws (in part) 

Croswell, V. R. Naval Stores 
Crouzet, Francois Marie- Joseph. Agenais or 
Agenois; Bar, Counts and Dukes of; Blois, 
Countship of; Limousin; Lorraine; Louis X; 
Nogaret, Guillaume de; Orleanais; Orleans, 
Louis, Duke of; Poitou; Roussillon 
Crowdy, Dame Rachel. Opium Traffic (in 

Crowe, Sir Edward Thomas Frederick. Consul 
(in part) 

Crowe, G. E. W. Household Appliances (in 

Crowe, Brigadier General John Henry Verm- 
der. Pievrx, Shi ok a Pa^s 
Crowe, Sir Joseph Arche:. Carp (in part); 

Eyck, v nn (in par!), Koine! a, 

Crowe, Sibyl Eyre. Algeria (in paiij , Morocco 
(in part): Tangier (in perl); Tunisia (in 

Crowfoot, John Winter. Palestine (in part) 
Crowne, Irving H. Magneto, High-Tension 
Crae, Francis De. Geneva (in part ) 
Cruikshank, Robert, M.D. Antiseptics (in 

Crump, Norman E. Bank of England; Com- 
mercial Paper (in part); Consols; Interna- 
tional Payments (in part); Kran; Mint Par of 
Exchange (in part) ; Pools, in Industry (in 
part); Rial: Rupee (in part); Shares; Trans- 
fer (in part) 

Cubberley, Ell wood Patterson. Education, His- 
tory of (in part) 

Culbertson, Ely. Auction Bridge (in part); 
Bridge (in part). Contract Bridge (in part); 
Whist (in pari) 

Gulin, Stewart. Dolls; Headdress; Masks 
Culley, A. B. Agents in Business 
Cullinan, Frank P. Apricot; Cherry; Nectarine; 
Peach; Plum; Quince 

Cummins, Colonel Stevenson Lyle, M.D. Tuber- 
culosis (in part) 

Cunningham, James V. Anthology 
Cunynghame, Sir H. Hardinge. Clocks (in 

Curran, C. H. Anopheles; Bee Fly; Black Fly; 
Bloodworm; Bluebottle; Botfly; Deer Fly; 

Diptera; Drosophila, Flesh Fly; Fly; Frit 
Fly; Fruit Fly; Fungus Gnat; Gallfly; Gall 
Midge; Hessian Ffy; Horsefly H~-- /1 y 
Hover Fly; Leather jacket; / 

part); Onion Maggot; Robbc ' „ - - 

Fly; Tachinid Fly; Screwworm 
Curtis, Edmund. Ireland (in part); Robert 
Guiscard (in pari); Roger I; Roger II (in 

Curtis, George M., M.D. Thyroid 
Curtis, Harry Alfred. Fertilizers, Liming, Ni- 
trogen, Fixation of; Phosphorus 
Curtis, Harvey L. Current Balance 
Curtis, William Edward. Band Spectrum 
Curtiss, David Raymond. Bessel Function 
Cushendon, 1st Baron of (Ronald John Mc- 
Neill). Bunker Hill; Grattan, Henry, Jeffreys, 
George Jeffreys, 1st Baron 
Cussons, G. W. Mathematical Models (in 

Cutter, Donald C. California (in pan); San 

Back, Gail M., M.D. Food Poisoning, Bacte- 

Baggett, Harriet S. Birth, Legal Aspects of 
Baggett, Stuart. Inland Water Transport (in 

Bakin, William John. Onychophora (in par £ 
Bakyns, Arthur L. Co-Partnership 
Balby, W. Ernest. Dynamometer; Power 
Transmission (in part) 

Dale, E. E. Branding (hi part) 

Dale, Ernest. Keynes, John Maynard 
Bale, Harold Edward. Agricultural Education 
(in part) 

Dalgas, Frederick. Pottery and Porcelain (in 


Dalton, H. E. Studebaker Corporation, The 
Dalton, Nellis Norman. Glycerin (Glycerol) 
Dalton, Ormonde M. Catacombs (in part) 
Dalton, W. Bezbue. Piauct, 'kp-t-Et-Un 
Daly, Reginald Aid verb. T. 

Dameshek, William, M D Anaemia; Blood 
(in part); Haemophilia 
D*Amico, Silvio. Pirandello, Luigi 
Dampier, Sir William Cecil. Electrolysis (in 
part) ; Science 

Danielli, (Mrs.) Mary. Hova 
Daniels, A. M. Chimney (in part) 

Daniels, Harry J. Burial (in part) 

Bannatt, C. W. Assaying 

Danzig, Allison. Rackets or Racquets (in part); 

Squash Rackets (in part) 

Darby, Henry Clifford. Fens 
Darling, Frank Fraser. Scotland (in part) 
Darlington, William Aubrey. Drama (in part) 
Barrow, George McMillan. Bilberry, Blaeberry 
or Whortleberry; Blackberry; Blueberry; 
Currant; Dewberry or Trailing Blackberry; 
Gooseberry; Raspberry; Strawberry 
Barrow, Karl Kelchner. Physics 
Barton, F. J. Harvey. Children’s Books (in 

Darwin, Sir Charles Galton. Light (in part) 
Das, H. Dutt, Torn; Ghose, Lalmohun 
Davenport, Major Cyril James H. Mezzotint 
or Mezzo Tinto 

Davey, William Nelson. Marine Insurance (in 
pari ) 

Davids, Caroline A. F. Rhys. Pali Language 
and Literature (in part) 

Davids, T. W. Rhys, Devadatta; Mahavamsa 
(in part); Pali Language and Literature (m 

Davidson, Rev. Samuel, D.D. Canon (in part) 
Davies, Alan Fraser. Australia (in part) 
Davies, Audrey M. Municipality (in part) 
Davies, Cuthbert Collin. Akbar, Jalal ud-din 
Mohammed, Asoka; Aurangzeb, Mohi ad- 
din Mohammed; Baber, Zahir ud-din Mo- 
hammed; Bengal (in part) ; Central Provinces 
and Berar; Ceylon (in part); Child, Sir John; 
Choi as; Dewan; India (in part); India, 
French; Kashmir (in fart); Kaw; Kunbi; 
Mogul; Punjab (in part) 

Davies, Rev. James. Hesiod (in pari) 

Davies, Colonel Percy George. Croquet (in part) 


Bavies, Ralfe D. Bridging, Military (in part) 
Davies* Randall (Robert Henry). Caricature 
(in part) • 

Davies* Reginald Trevor. Bedmar, Alfonso de 
la Cueva; Spain (in part) 

Davis, Arthur Llewellyn. Negligence 
Davis, Fanny-Fern. Greens 
Davis, Hallowell, M D. Deaf-mutism, Medical 
Aspects of 

Davis, Harold Thayer. Mathematical Tables 
Davis, Henry William Carless. Ambrose; 
Benedictus Abbas; Bohun, Charles, The 
Great; Geoffrey of Monmouth (in part); 
Gerard (Archbishop); Gilbert Foliot, Henry 
I, Henry II; Henry III; John (King of Eng- 
land ) , La nf rar.c (in part ) ; I ,? - : f cr Ql 'N'> 
Mandeville, Geoffrey Dt ; , j 
Montfort, Simon De (in part); Nennius; 
Odo of Bayeux; Orderic Vitalis (in part); 
Richard I, Richard (Earl of Cornwall); 
Stephen (1097^-1154); Theobald; Wace, 
Robert (?); Walter of Coventry, William I; 
William of Ncvbu r gh 

Davis, John M. Dca^-e, Lackawanna and 
Western Railroad Ce^n — v The 
Davis, J. S. Rural <>' K >. part) 

Davis, Kenneth S. Eisenhower, Dwight D. 
Davis, Malvin E. Industrial Insurance (in 

Davis, Mary Dabney. Kindergarten (in part) 
Davis, Ozora Stearns, D.D. Congregational- 
ism (in part) 

Davis, Sir Robert H. Divers and Diving Appa- 

Davis, S. C. H. Motor Racing (in part) 

Davis, William. Lace (in part ) 

Davis, William Morris. America (in part); 

Coral Reefs; North America (in part) 
Davison, Eloise. Housekeeping (in part); 
Washing Machines 

Davison, John A. Gutta Percha (in part) 
Dawson, Christopher William. Borneo (in 
part); Borneo, North (in part); Sarawak 
Dawson, George Walter. Flower Painting 
Dawson, Harry Medforth. Chemical Action 
Dawson, James P. Boxing (m part); Sullivan, 
John Lawrence (in part) 

Dawson, Mitchell. Divorce (in part); Infant; 

Libel and Slander (in part ) 

Dawson, Warren Royal. Imhotep; Mummy 
Daysh, George Henry John. Free Ports (in 

Dean, Carlton Miles. Sulphuric Acid (in part) 
Dean, John Gilbert. Nickel 
Dean, Leon W. Vermont (in part) 

Dean, Ruth. Landscape Architecture (in part) 
Dean, Winton Basil. Bizet, Georges 
Debenham, Frank. Antarctic Regions (in part) 
De Bray, Reginald George Arthur. Serbo- 
Croatian Language (in part) 

D’Eca, Raul. Aracaju , Aracati ; Araguaia ; Bagd; 
Brazil (in part), Ceara (in part); Esplrito 
Santo (in part); Fernando Noronha (in 
part); Para (in part); Parand (state) (in 
dart); Pe^tas: Pernambuco (in part); Piauf 
( in !>art), .To de Janeiro (city) (in part); 
Salvador, S.lo Paulo (state); Sao Paulo 

De Castro, Morris F. St. Thomas 
Decker, Maurice H. Camping (in part) 
Dederick, Louis Serle, Ballistics 
Deese, Sara L. Trade; World Statistics (in 

Defenbach, Byron. Idaho (in part) 

DeGolyer, Everette Lee. Salt Domes 
Heighten, Herbert Stanley. Abbas II; Fuad I; 
Egypt (in part); Gordon, Charles George; 
Mohammed, Ahmed ibn Seyyid ‘Abdullah; 
Shagia; Sudan, Anglo-Egyptian (in part) 
Deignan, Herbert Girton. Asia (in part)* 
Delahaye, Colonel James Viner. Woolwich (in 

Delanglez, Rev. Jean, S J. Marquette, Jacques 
Delehaye, Rev. Hippolyte, S.J. Canonization; 

Helena, St.; Roch, St.; Vitus, St. 

Deller, Sir Edwin. London University (in part) 
Delmelle, Joseph - Edouard - Marie - Ghislain. 
Belgian Literature (in part) 

Deime-Radcliffe, Lieutenant Colonel Emilius 
C. Falconry (m part) 

De Mille, Cecil Blount. Motion Pictures (in 

Dempster, Arthur J. Mass Spectroscopy (in 

Dendy, Fred L. Acting (in part), Inlaying 
Dengel, Philipp Ignaz. Papacy (in part) 
Denham, William Smith. Silk and Sericulture 
(in part); Silk Manufactuie (in part) 

Denney, Charles Eugene. Northern Pacific 

Dennis, Charles H. Field, Eugene 
Denno, Bryce F. Battalion; Supply and Trans- 
port, Military 

Denno, Wilfred L. Electrocution 
Denny, Edward M. C. Bill of Exchange (in 

Dent, Harold Collett. Central Schools; Com- 
mercial Education (in part), Education, 
History of (m part); Elementary Education 
(m part), Polytechnic (in part); Secondary 
Education (in Part) , Teachers, Training of 
(in Part); Technical Education (in part); 
Universities (in 

Denton, George Bi Teeth, Arti- 


Derrick, Calvin. Reformatory School (in part) 
Derrick, (John) Michael. Italy (in part) 
Bervan, Sidney L. Militia, National Guard 
Desart, Ellen Odette, Countess Dowager of 
Desart. Forms of Address (m part). 
Deschamps, Hube-^ C~* Guiana (in 
part); Senegal , • . French; 

Tunis (in part) 

Desjardins, Arthur Ulderic, M.D. Finsen, Niels 

Bespois, Jean- Jacques. Algeria (in part); 

Morocco (in part). Tunisia (in part) 

DeTurk Ernest E. St : 1 (m part). 

Deutsch, Herman JuFu? Washington Isaac S:aV\ Toseph Vissarionovich 
Dev/ey, Ecwg.v S. Submarine 
Diamond, Louis Klein, M D. Blood Transfu- 

Dibble, Barry. Electric Power: National and 
Regional Schemes (in part) 

Dicken, Samuel N. Culiacan or Culiadin Rosa- 
les; Monterrey; Quintana Roo 
Dickins, Arthur W. M. Gallic Acid 
Dickinson, Hobart Cutler. Calorimetry 
Dicksee, Lawrence Robert. Ac cc untar c-^ and 
Accountants (in part); Cost 

Accounting (in part); Goodwill; Liquidation 
(in part); Overhead Charges; Stock-Taking 
Dickson, Henry Newton, Mexico, Gulf of 
Diehl, Harold S(heely), M D. Cold, Common 
Dikaios, Porphyries. Cyprus (in part) 

Dike, K. Onwuka. Sokoic ( : n part) 

Dilke, Lady. Millet, Jean Francois (in part) 
Billiard, Irving. Bok, Edwoui VA-han 
Dillman, Arthur C. Flax (in part) 

Dillon, Emile J. Alphonso XIII (in part) 
Dillon, Mary Earhart. Willard, Frances Eliza- 
beth Caroline (in part) 

Dingle, Herbert. Sun (in part) 

Dinsmoor, William Bell. Greek Architecture 
Dinsmore, Wayne. Horsemanship and Riding 
(in pari) 

Disney, A. W. M. Fazughli; Fung; Sennar 
Dixon, George Campbell. Hughes, William 
Morris (in part) 

Dixon, Harold Baily. Chemistry (in pari) 
Dixon, Roland Burrage. Calchaquian 
Dobson, Austin. Hogarth, William (in part); 
Kauffmann (Maria Anna) Angelica; Richard- 
son, Samuel (in part) 

Dobzhansky, Theodosius. Hybridism 
Dock, George, Jr. Falconry (in part) 

Dodd, Edwin Merrick. Company and Corpora- 
tion Law (in part) 

Dodd, Walter Fairleigh. Amendment: Ameri- 
can Law (in part). Constitution and Consti- 
tutional Law (in part); United States (of 
America), The {in part) 

Dodgson, Campbell. Dry Pomt (in part) 

Bods, Marcus, D.D. Pelagius (In part) 

Doll, Edgar Arnold. Mental Deficiency 

D oilman, Captain J. G. Deer (in part)} Game 
Reserves (in part); Insectiyora 5 in pan) 
Donahey, Victor. Ohio (in part) 

Donald, Sir Robert. Newspapers (in part) 
Donald, William John. Emp o”-ees. Training of__ 
Donaldson, B. R- Ford IVocor Gorman-. 
Dondore, Dorothy Anne. Biography (in pari) 
Donnay, Joseph Desire Hubert. . Crystallog- 
raphy (in pari), Goniometer (in part) 
Donnelly, Philip J., S.J. Grace 
Donovan, Major General William. Joseph. 
FpfeSbsepre Military, Supreme Courtof the 
j '..c. £ es, The 

Doran, Walter Edmund. Drainage of Land (in 
part) . 

Dorfman, Albert, M.D. Rheumatic Fever 

Dorizzi, F. P. Pencil 

Doster, James F. Alabama 

Boucet, Roger. France (in part), Mornav, 

„ j. . Arthur G. Frontenac et Palluau, 
Buade, Meighen, Arthur (in 


Douglas, George William. Flag (or “Flagge”) 
(in pari ) , Franklin Institute, The, Penns> 1- 
vania (in part) 

Douglas, Mary M. Yao 

Douglas, Sir Robert Kennaway. Hsuan Tsang 
; -/.i,' Jenghiz Khan, Mongols (in part); 

i\ Nr Harry Smith; Tseng Kuo-Fan 
Dow, Edward French. Maine (in part) 

Dow, George. London and North Eastern 
Railway Company, The 
Bowie, H. G. Kent’s Cavern 
Dowley, Francis H. Highmore, Joseph 
Downey, William G., Jr. Espionage 
Dowson, Robert. Turbine: Steam 
Dragstedt, Carl Albert, M D A-r’N-A'i'T 
Dragstedt, Lester R., M D - . « ” ’ - . 

denal Ulcer; Peigtonitis 
Drew, Edward L. Hides (in part) 

Drew, Frederic William. Chartreuse (in part) 
Drew, Philip. English Literature (in part) 
Briberg, Jack Herbert. Africa (in part); 
Age-Grades; Angoni; Ankole, Ganda; Hehe; 
Lango; Masai, Nyika; Seciet Societies (m 

Driver, Godfrey Rolles. Assyrian Language, 
Bible (in part); Hebrew Language; Jehovah; 
Semitic Languages 

Driver, Samuel Rolles, Hon. D.D. Bible: Old 
Testament (in part) 

Drover, Engineer Captain F, J. Marine Engi- 
neering; Rotor Ship 

Drower, Margaret Stef ana. Egypt (in part) 
Drum, Hugh Aloysius. St. Mihiel (in par- -Q 
Drummond, Rev. William Hamilton, D.D. 
Reunion, Church 

Drury, F, E. Building (in part); Foundations 
(in part) , Structural Engineering (in part) 
Dry scale, Charles V. Instruments, Electrical 
Duchesne, Louis Mane Olivier. Calixtm or 
Callistus (in part); Gelasius (in part); Libe- 
rius (in part); Lucius (in part); Papacy (in 
Pari) ; Sixtus 

Duck, Frank T. G. Lithopone; Mercurochrome 
Duckworth, Wynfrid Laurence Henry, M.D. 

Dudeney, Henry Ernest. Magic Square 
Dudley, A. M. Motor, Electric (in pari) 
Duecker, Werner Wilfred, Sulphur 
Duff, James H. Pennsylvania (in part) 

Duff, Rt. Hon. Sir Mountstuart Elphinstone 
Grant. Oliphant, Laurence (in part) 

Duffy, Francis P. Gibbons, James (Cardinal) 
Duflou, Guillaume. Flemish Language, The 
Dumas, Paul. Motor Racing (in part) 

DuMond, Jesse William Monroe. Fundamen- 
tal Physical Constants (in part); X-Rays, 
Nature of (in gar t) 

Dunbabin, Thomas James. Sicily (in part) 
Duncan, Delbert J. Department Store 
Duncan, F. Martin. Hair (in part) 

Dunhill, Alfred. Pipe Smoking 
Dunkerley, G. D. Educational Associations (in 

Dunn, Charier James. DramI (in part& 

Dunn, L, C. Bateson* William; Monster , 



Dunnage, James 4* Importing In Practice (in 
pari) f 

Dunsheaih, Percy. Engineering Education (in 

Dtugitan, Albert E. Kerosene (in part) , Paraffin 
T)u Jr^nt, Lassmot. Du Pont de Nemours and 
Company, El 

Durant, William James. Dewey, John; Santa- 
yana, George (in part) 

Duranty, Walter. Russia (in pari) 

Dturkee, M. M. Soybean Oil 
Durst, Alan L. Sculpture Technique (in part) 
Du Shane, Graham Phillips. Degeneration 
Bushman, Saul. Thermiomcs 
Du Toit, Alexander L. Gondwanaland (in part) 
Butt, Romesh Ghunder. Vidyasagar, Iswar 

Dyboski, Roman. Mickiewicz, Adam (m part); 
Poland (in part); Polish Literature, Poznan 
or Posen (in pa it) 

Dymond, J. R. Canada (m part) 

Dyson, Sir Frank Watson. Paiallax 

Earnest, John P. Arson (in part), Inebriety, 
Law of (in part) 

Earnshaw, Frank L. Game Reserves (in part) 
Eastwood, George Anderson. Armour and 

Eaton, Sir F. A. Academy, Royal (m part) 
Eaton, Joseph Wechsler. Farm Colony or 
Group Farm 

Eaton, Russell Brayton. Zirconium 
Ebenstein, William. Fascism, Economics of 
Ebert, Robert EL, M.D Bronchitis, Pleurisy or 
Pleuritis; Pneumothorax 
Eccles, William Henry. Wireless Telegraphy 
(in part) 

Eckart, Carl. Ether (in Physics) 

Eckberg, Adrian. Gilding (in part) 

Eckenstein, Kenneth Edward. Monaco (in 

Eckert, Wallace John. Calculating Machines 
(in part) 

Eckhardt, Karl August. Germanic Laws, Early 
(in part); Salic Law (in part) 

Eckman, Jeannette. Delaware (in part) 
Eddington, Sir Arthur Stanley. Aberration of 
Light; Algol; Astronomy (in part); Cen- 
taurus, Cetus; Constellation (in part); Mi- 
crometer (in part); Sirius; Star (in part); 
Telescope (in part); Time, Standard 
Eddy, Helen L. Crop-Drying; Cultivation; 
Reaping; Sowing 

Edgell, Vice-Admiral Sir John Augustine. 

Chart; Sounding 
E4l€n, Bengt. Corona 

Edmonds, Brigadier General Sir James Ed- 
ward. Loos. The Battle of* Marne, The First 
Batt’e o r the, Yprcs The Bactle of, 1914; 
Yprcs, Toe Bat lies of, 1915 
Edmunds, Arnold. Es ate Duties; Legacy Duty 
a^d Succession Duty 

Edmund son, Rev. George. Brabant; Flanders 
(in part); Gelderland (in part); Jacoba or 
Jacqueline; Oldenbamcveldt, Johan Van (in 
part); Orange, House of; Pensionary 
Edwards, Alba M. Domestic Service (in 

Edwards, Arthur Cecil. Turkey (in pari) 
Edwards, Everett E. Agricultural Organization 
(in part); Agricultural Research; Agricul- 
tural Societies and Shows (in part); Agricul- 
ture, A General Survey (in part); American 
Farm Bureau Federation; Arable; Cream- 
eries; Crops, Farmers’ Clubs; Fanners’ Or- 
ganizations; Farmers’ Union; Grange, The; 
International Conferences of Agricultural 
Economists; Thrashing or Threshing 
Edwards, Harry Taylor. Abacd Fibre; Sisal 

Edwards, Kathleen. Cathedral (in part) 
Edwards, Morris O. Court-Martial (in part) 
Edwards, Ralph. Interior Decoration (in part) 
Edwards, Major T. J. Captain (in pari), Col- 
ours, Military (in} part); Honourable Artil- 
lery Company; Lance; Numismatics (in 
part)® Quartermaster (in pari); War Office 
(m part) 

Egbert, James Chidester. University Exten- 
sion (m part) 

Eggelmg, H. Julius. Hinduism (in part), San- 
skrit Language and Literature (m part) 
Egginton, Leslie Ernest. Motoring (in part) 
Eichelberger, William Snyder. Newcomb, 

Einstein, Albert. Space-Time (in part) 

Einzig, Paul. Bank for International Settle- 
ments (in part), Capital Levy (in part) 
Eisele, C. Wesley, M.D. Malta Fever or Medi- 
terranean Fever 

Eisenhart, Luther Pf abler. Affine Geometry; 

Riemannian Geometry 
Eisenmann, Louis. Bohemia (in part) 

Ekblaw, Walter Elmer. Chichen-Xtzd or Chi- 
chen, Colossal Cavern; Dismal Swamp; 
Dunes; Mammoth Cave; Uxmal, Wyandotte 
Cave, Yellowstone National Park 
Elbe, Guenther von. Combustion 
Elias, Maxim K. Pliocene 
Ehel, Leon Theodore. Photogram metry . 

Eliot, Sir Charles Norton Asia (in 
part); Huns (in part); Japan (tn part); 
Khiva (in part) 

Eliot, Charles William. Gray, Asa 
Eliot, Martha May, M.D. Maternal and Child 
Health (in part) 

Eliot, Thomas Dawes. Civil Liberties 
Elkin, Adolphus Peter. Australia (in part) 
Ellard, Gerald, S. J. Mass (m part) 

Elies, G. L. Palaeozoic Era 
Effingham, H. J. T. Electrochemistry 
Elliott, George Blow. Atlantic Coast Line 
Railroad Company 

Elliott, Ivo D’Oyly. Biron; Lefebvre, Pieire 
Francois Joseph 

Elliott, Norman Robson. Free Ports (in part) 
Elliott-Binns, Rev. Leonard Elliott, D.D. Ba- 
laam (in part); Jashar, Book of; Numbers (in 

Ellis, B. Eldred. Glove Manufacture 
Ellis, Sir (Robert) Geoffrey. Peerage 
Ellsworth, Paul Theodore. International Pay- 
ments (in part) 

Elmshe, Rev. William Alexander Leslie, Hon. 
D.D. Prophet 

Ely, Burl A. International News Service 
Ely, Richard R. Luzon 

Embree, Edwin Rogers. Negro, The American 
(in part ) ; Philanthropy (in pari) 

Emerson, Alfred E. Species (in pari); Wheeler, 
William Morton 

Emerson, Haven, M.D. Public Health (in 

Emery, Walter Bryan. Egypt (in part) 
Emison, John C. American Smelting and Re- 
fining Company, The 
Emmons, Gardner. Cloud (in part) 

Enfield, Ralph R. Agricultural Credit (in 

Engel, Edward J. Atchison, Topeka and Santa 
Fe Raihvay Company 
Engerrand, George C. Mexico (in part) 

Engle, Nathanael Howard. United States (of 
America), The (in part) 

English, Earl Franklin. Journalism, Schools of 
(in part) 

Ennis, George Pearse. Water-Colour Paint- 

Enslin, Morton Scott. Galatians, Epistle to 

Epps, Sir George Selby Washington. Super- 
annuation (in part) 

Epstean, Edward. Photo-Engraving 
Epstein, Isidore. High Place; Judaism 
Erdman, Frederick Seward. Food Preservation 
(in part) 

Erickson, Milton Hyland, M.D Hypnotism 
Ernst, Fritz. Swiss Literature (in pari) 

Esau, Katherine. Plants and Plant Science (in 

Esdaile. Anmdell. Libraries (in part) 

Esher, 2nd Viscount, Reginald Baliol Brett. 
Edward VII (in part) 

Esmein, Jean Paul H. E. A. Appanage; Bailiff 
and Bailie (in pari); Basoche; Chatelet; 
Code Napoleon (in part); French Law and 

Institutions (in p&rt); Lettres de Cachet; 
Parlement, Provost, Taille (in part) 

Essex, Hiram Eli. Sh§ck and Collapse 
Essig, E. O. Entomology (in part) 

Estelow, Richard Kempton. Methane 
Estes, Joseph Alvie. Horse Racing and Breed- 
ing (in part) 

Esval, Orland E. Earth Inductor Compass 
Eusterman, George B., M D Alimentary Sys- 
tem, Diseases of the 
Evans, D. M. H. Nubia (in part) 

Evans, E. E. Denmark (in part) 

Evans, Herbert Walter Lloyd. Mint (in pan) 
Evans, Joan. Jewellery (in part) 

Evans, John W. Devonian System, The 
Evans, Oren Frank. Waves and Shore Cur- 
rents and Their Work 

Evans, Owen David. Schools, Evening (in 

Evans, Richard Edgar. Spark Photography 
(in pari) 

Evans, Richard L. Latter-Day Saints, Church 
of Jesus Christ of (in pait) 

Evans, TJIick Richardson. Conosion and Oxi- 
dation of Metals 

Everard, W. J. Barges and Canal Craft 
Everitt, Charles. Constellation (in part) 
Everstine, Carl N. Maryland (m part) 

Ewen, David. Ackte, Aino; Alfano, Franco 
Ewing, Sir (James) Alfred. Air-Engine, Se- 
mens, Sir William; Steam; Steam Engine 
Ewing, H. E. Apterygota; Arthropoda, Spring- 

Eyre, John D. Japan (in pail) 

Fage, John Donnelly. Ashanti, Kumasi; Gold 
Coast (in part); West Africa (in pari) 
Fagg, William Duller. Belgian Congo (in part); 
Bobo; Dogon; Edo; Ewe; Mandingo; Mu- 

Fahrenfort, Jacob. Stock Exchange (in part) 
Fahrnkopf, Harrison. Granaries and Gram 
Elevators (in part) 

Fairbairn, John Shields, M.D. Menopause 
Fairbank, Herbert Sinclair. Roads and Streets 
(in part) 

Fairbanks, Helen R. Dockyards and Naval 
Bases (in part) 

Fairchild, Charles Owen. Thermometry 
Fairchild, Henry Pratt. Americanization 
Fairchild, Her J. Standardization 
Fairweather, William, D.D. Maccabees; Mac- 
cabees, Books of 

Falkner, Roland Post. Machinery and Produc- 

Fallow, Thomas Macall. Coronation; Crown 
and Coronet 

Falls, Laurence E. Insurance: Miscellaneous 
Fanning, Leonard M. Gasoline; Gasoline 
Pressure Appliances; Petroleum 
F&rbnaxi, Michael. Russia (in part) 

Paris, John Thomson, D.D. Arlington National 

Farkas, Adalbert. Hydrogen 
Farley, Joseph F. United States Coast Guard 

Farley, Mary L. Goat (in part) 

Farmer, R, C. Filtration 
Farnell, Lewis Richard. Greek Religion (in 
part); Mystery (in part) 

Farimm, Royal Bailey. Paul, Bruno 
Farquhar, Francis Peloubet. Sequoia (in part); 

Sierra Nevada, The; Yosemite 
Farquharson, Alexander. Branford, Victor 
Farrell, Edward Paul. Apologetics 
Farrell, James A. Gary, Elbert Henry 
Farren, William Scott. Fuselage 
Faubel, Arthur L. Cork 

Faunce, William H. P., D.D. Brown University 
Faust, Clarence Henry. Puritanism 
Faust, Ernest Carroll. Blackwaler Fever; 
Kala-Ayar; Parasitic Diseases; Psorosper* 
miasis; Sand-Fly Fever; Schistosomiasis; 
Sleeping Sickness; Yaws 
Faust, George Tobias. Becker, George Ferdi- 
, nand; Erythrite 

Fawkes, Rev. Alfred. Establishment (in part) 
Fay, Bernard. Franklin, Benjamin 


Fay, Sidney Bradshaw/fSerlin (in part ); Ham- 
burg {in part) 

Fayle, Charles Ernest^ Shipping, History of 
(in pari) 

Feavearyear, Albert Edgar. Pound Sterling (in 

Fell, Sir Arthur. Channel Tunnel 
Fell, Robert Andrew. Watches (in pari) 
Fellows, George Emory. Utah (tn part) 

Felt, Ephraim Porter. Galls 
Fennell, John Lister Illingworth. Basil 
Fenneman, Kevin M. United States (of Ameri- 
ca), The (m part) 

Fenton, Carrol! Lane. Bertrand, Marcel Alex- 
andre (in part); Clarke, John Mason (in 
pari); Lapworth, Charles (in part); Sorby, 
Henry C. (in part); Zittel, Karl Alfred (in 

Fenton, Mildred Adams. Bertrand, Marcel 
Alexandre (in part), C „ 'hr. Mason 
(in part); Lapworth, Ir.a’V.s C-i part); 
Sorby, Henry C. (m part); Zittel, Karl 
Alfred (in part) 

Ferber, Robert. Market Index 

Ference, Michael, Jr. Assmann, Richard; 

Cloud (in part); Fohn 
Ferguson, C. L. Parliamentary Procedure 
Ferguson, Ralph Holmes. Soap 
Ferguson, William Scott. Greek Law 
Ffrrier, J. Walter. Heine, Heinrich (in part) 
Ferriss, Hugh. Rendering, Architectural 
Fetrow, Ward Willard. Agricultural Co-Opera- 
tion (in pari) 

Fetter, Frank Albert. Clark, John Bates 
Fetter, Frank Whitson. Commercial Treaties 
(in part) 

Few, William P. Duke University (in part) 
Ffoulkes, Charles John. Arms and Armour 
Ffoulkes, Constance Jocelyn. Morelli, Giovanni 
(in part) 

Fidler, A. T. Dunlop Rubber Company, Ltd. 
Field, Guy Cromwell. Pacifism 
Fielding, Thomas James. Selenium Cells 
Filbert, William J. United States Steel Cor- 

Filer, Herbert Options 
Filman, Jack. Ice Hockey (in part) 

Filon, Pierre Marie Auguste. Drama (in part) 
Findlay, John Ritchie. De Quincey, Thomas 
Finer, Herman. Electoral Systems, Local Gov- 
ernment; Proportional Representation (in 

Fink, Colin Garfield. Bronze and Brass Orna- 
mental Work (in part) ; Sculpture Technique 
(in part) 

Finkelstein, Herman. Copyright (in pail) 
Firth, John B. Burnham, Edward Levy 

Firth, Raymond William. Currency, Primitive; 
Economics, Primitive; Labour, Primitive; 
Magic (in part); Maori; Property, Primitive; 
Social Anthropology; Trade, Primitive; 
Wealth, Primitive 
Fischer, C. E. C. India (in part) 

Fischer, Earl K, Paints, Chemistry of 
Fischer, Eugen. Holstein, Friedrich von 
Fischer, Martin Henry, M.D. Dropsy 
Fish, Carl Russell. Wisconsin (in part) 
Fishbein, Morris, M.D. American^ Medical 
Association (in pari); Health Visitor (in 
part); Medical and Surgical Societies (in 
part); Public Health (in part); Quackery 
(in part) 

Fishenden, Margaret White. Smoke and Smoke 
Prevention (in part) 

Fisher, A. Enamel (in pari) 

Fisher, Allan George Bernard. Imperial 
Preference; International Monetary Fund 
Fisher, Arthur. Copyright (in part) 

Fisher, George J. B. Chemical Warfare (in 

Fisher, Jacob. County Home 
Fisher, Joel E. Mountaineering 
Fisher, Ronald Aylmer. Biometry 
Fisher, Russell Todd. Sailcloth and Sailmaking 
(in part) 

Fisher, William Bayne. Palestine (in pari); 
Tripoli tania (in part) 

Piske, John. Grant, Ulysses Simpson (in part); 
Parkman, Francis 

Fitch, James Burgess. Dairy Machinery and 

FL;h Louise. Coeducation; Sororities 

(in pari) 

Fitzmaurice, Edmund George, 1st Baron 
Fitzmaurice. Commons (in part) 
Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James. Barahona de Soto, 
Luis; Caballero, Fernan, Calderon de la 
Barca, Pedro; Campoamor y Campoosorio, 
Ramon de; Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de; 
Lull (or Lully), Raimon (or Raymond); 
Nunes de Arce, Caspar, Palacio Valdes, 
Armando; Pereda, Jose Maria de, Pica- 
resque Novel, The (in pa* f P : Quevedo y 
Villegas, Francisco Z-s..* ' , Ruiz, Juan; 

Valera y Alcala Galiano, Juan; Vega Carpio, 
Lope Felix de (in part) 

Fitzpatrick, Harry Morton. Mushroom 
Flanagan, Urban Gerard. Ireland (in part) 
Fleming, Sir Alexander. Penicillin 
Fleming, Sir John Ambrose. Electrical (or 
Electrostatic) Machine (in part) 

Fleming, Philip B. Shipping, History of (in 
part), Shipping: Merchant Ships of the 

Fleming, Richard Howell. Atlantic Ocean (in 
pari), Indian Ocean (in part), Ocean and 
Oceanography (in part) , Pacific Ocean (in 

Fleming, R. M. Bessarabia (in part) ; Far East- 
ern Area (in part); Kamchatka; Latvia (in 
part); Ossetian Autonomous Areas; Russia 
(in part); Siberian Area; Tajik Republic; 
Tatar Republic (in part); Ukraine (in 

Fleming, Walter Lynwood. Lynching (in part ) ; 

Nullification ; Secession 
Flere, William A. Inland Water Transport 
(m part) 

Fletcher, Fred. Angling (in part) 

Fletcher, Harvey. Noise and Its Control (in 

Flett, Sir John Smith. Andesite (in part); 
Breccia; Concretion; Diorite; Gabbro (in 
part); Glauconite; Greisen; Laccolith; Lam- 
prophyres; Marble (in part); Micropegma- 
tite; Neck; Nepheline-Syenite or Elaeolite- 
Syenite (in part); Nephelinites; Obsidian; 
Peridotite; Perlite or Pearlstone; Phyllite; 

KX, ) y - * 1 

Scapolite (in p:> -'or i 


Fleure, Herbert John. Asia (in part); Europe 
(in part); Gibraltar (in part); Tibet or 
Thibet (in part) ; Toulon (in part) ; Transyl- 
vania (in part) 

Flexner, Louis B., M.D. Meninges and Cere- 
brospinal Fluid 
Flink, Carl. Radiator (in part) 

Flint, Einar P. Firebrick 
Flint, Richard Foster. Glacial Epoch (in pan) 
Floe, Carl F. Nitrogen Hardening 
Florey, Sir Howard Walter. Lymph, Its For- 
mation and Movement 
Flournoy, Richard W. Nationality 
Flux, Sir Alfred William. Production, Census 
of (in part) ; Statistics 
Foch, Ferdinand. Army (in part) 

Foehringer, Anna. Golitsyn, Boris Borisovich 
Foerster, Lieutenant Colonel Wolfgang. Luden- 
dorff, Erich (in part) 

Foley, James J. Mass Production (in part ) 
Foley, Raymond Michael. Housing (in part) 
Foligno, Cesare. Italian Language, Modern; 

Italian Literature (in part) 

Folks, Homer. Poor Law (in part ) 

Foote, Franklin Manley, M.D. Blindness (in 

Foote, Peter Godfrey. Icelandic Language 
Forbes, Alexander, M.D. Ali-or-None Law 
Forbes, William T. M. Ailanthus, Cynthia or 
Eria Silk Moth; European Com Borer (in 
pari); Lepidoptera (in part) 

Ford, Henry. Mass Production (in pari) 

Ford, Lester R. Nomography 


Ford, Walter Armitage. Song (in part); Wolf, 
Hugo ' 9 

Forsdyke, Sir Edgar John. Africa (in part); 
Bronze and Brass Ornamental Work (in 
part); Crete (in part); Pottery and Porcelain _ 
(in part), S.rve. smiths' and Gold truths 
Work (in fi&ri) 

Forsythe, W. E. Electric Lamps, Manufacture 
of (in part) 

Forsythe, William R. Nitric Acid and Nitrates 
(in pari) 

Porter, Merman L. Bessarabia (in part); 
Dobruja (in part) 

Fortescue, Hon. Sir John. Peninsular War 
Fortescue-Brickdale, Sir Charles, Land Titles 
(in pari) 

Forward, Alex&n&er. Gas Man /at _rc (in£ vr) 
Fosdick, Raymond Blame* New Yotk (Cny) 
(in part) ; Rockefeller Benefactions ( in part) 
Foss, Robert. Wisconsin, University of 
Foster, John B. Billiards (in pari) 

Foster, John Watson. Harrison, Benjamin 
Foster, Leon V. Microbe op 2 (tn part) 
Fotheringham, J. L. he hst (in part) 

Fowler, W. W arete. Fo’tj .a; Mars 
Fox, Aileeu. Caerleon 

Fox, Lieutenant Colonel Charles James. 

Salvage Corps (in part) 

Fox, Charles J. J. Paper Manufacture (in 
part); Paper Materials 

Fox, Sir Cyril Sankey. Bauxite (in pari); 

Fox, Denis L. Colours of Animals (in part) 

Fox, Howard, M D. Lupus 

Fox, Irving. Flea 

Fox, John Jacob. Salt (in part) 

Fox, Lione’ W. Pn-on (in part) 

Fox, Thomas W. Spinning; Weaving (in part) 
Fox, William T. R. Secir ty 
Fox-Strangways, EL T ndian Music 
Frame, James E. Colossians, Epistle to the 
Francis, A. G. Salt (in part ) 

Francis, Howard T. Electroplating 
Francis, Thomas, Jr., M.D. Influenza 
Franck, James. Hahn, Otto 
Frank, George Christian. Erie R£lroad 
Frank, Helena. Yiddish Language and Litera- 
ture (in pari) 

Frank, Lawrence K. Psychiatry (in part) 

Frank, Tenney. Italy (in part); Rome (in part) 
Franklin, Ernest Louis. Arbitrage (in part) 
Franklin, Henry James. Cranberry 
Franklin, Sidney. Bullfight 
Franklyn, Charles Aubrey Hamilton, M.D. 
Robes (in part) 

Frantz, Henri. Manet, fidouard; Puvis De 
Chavannes, Pierre Cecile (in part) 

Frantz, Joe B. West, The (in pari) 

Frary, Francis Cowles. Aluminum or Aluminium 
Fraser, George Sutherland. English Literature 
(in pari) 

Fraser, Sir Ian. St. Dunstan’s * 

Fraser, James Earle. Sculpture (in part) 
Fraser, Peter Marshall. Palestine (in part) 
Frazer, Sir James George. Praeneste (in part) 
Frear, Walter Francis. Hawaii (in part) ; Hono- 
lulu (in part) 

Frederick, Justus George. Income Tax: In 
Practice (in part); Luxury Taxes (in part) 
Frederick, William L. Apportionment Bill 
Free, Edward Elway. Noise and Its Control 
(in part) 

Freeman, Douglas Southall. Davis, Jefferson 
Freeman, Edward Augustus. Goths (in part); 

Normans (in part); Syracuse (in part) 
Freeman, Frank Nugent. Visual Education 
Freeman, John Derek. Iban (Sea Dayaks) 
Freer, Robert Elliott. Price Maintenance 
Freese, John H. Calpumius, Titus (in part ) ; 

Hesiod (in party; Julian (in part); Leo VI 
French, Edward Sanborn. Boston and Maine 
Railroad, The (in part) 

French, Myrtle Meritt. Pottery and Porcelain 
(in part) 

French, Norman. Hardware (in part) 

French, Thomas E. Drawing, Engineering 
Frere, Rt. Rdv. Walter Howard, D.Efc Plain- 
song, or Plain Chafnt 


Freud, Sigmund, ]V1.D. Psychoanalysis (in 

Friedman, William Frederick. Codes and 

JPri©f|rich, Carl Joachim. Government; Oli- 
garchy ; Rep~esen ta tion 
Friesen, Otto von. Runes 
Fritsch, Felix Bugen. ?v,o vh\ a T* 

Fronde!, Clifford. .1 ger.' :e. 1. \.o~ ‘a, Ce- 
russite; Chalcocite; Chalcopynte or Copper- 
Pyrites (in part); Columbite, Emery, Hu- 
mite; Sphalerite; Staurolite (in pari); Stron- 
tianite (in part), Tetrahedrite (in part) 
Frost, Wesley. Arequipa (city) ^ Arequipa (de- 
partment) (in part); Asuncion; Bocas del 
Toro; Carapegua; Col6n (in part); Concept 
cion, Cuzco (in part); Iquitos; Junfn; 
Libertador La Libertad; Panamd (country) 
Cr ma (city) (in part); Para- 

gjcv, A ra-iusy (in part); Pasco; Peru (in 
V:n l , p’ura, South America (in part); Villa 
del Pilar; Villarrica 
Fry, Roger. Cezanne, Paul 
Fuchs, H. Disconto-Gesellschaxt, Berlin 
Fulford, Roger Thomas Baldwin. Elizabeth II; 

Fuller, Edward. T N*;---E rac (in part); 

Foundling Hospi * 

Fuller, Major Genera! John Frederick Charles. 
Aornos, Siege of, Arras, Battle of (in part); 
Conscription (in part); Cavalry (in Part); 
Constantinople, Siege of, Diadochi, Wars of; 
Dreux (in part); Formigny, Battle of (1450); 
Gaugamela (Arbela), Battle of; Granicus, 
Battle of The, Hydaspes Battle of The; 
T Vda Jf, Tssus, Battle of; Ivry, 

Ba.i e o' h 5 c . ! C; Jemappes; Macedonian 
1 nr 1 Mp. >: r .. Battle of (1071) (in part); 
v' v '\N. : : .a'e V; Mursa, Battle of; Neuve 
Chapelle, Battle of; Patay, Battle of (1429); 

‘o^rsalus, Battle of; Pydna, 
h Wars of (1562-1609); 

^ . • ■ ' • - Taginae, Battle of (a d. 

552); Teutoburger Wald, Battle of; Thapsus, 
Battle of, Tyre (in part) 

Fuller. Walter Deane. Curtis Publishing Com- 
pany The 

V uEer-Maitiand, John Alexander. Brahms, 

Fullmer, Irvin H. Precision Gauges and Com- 

Fulton, Jack. Golf 

Furber, Holden. Cape Province (in part); 

Durban (in part); Natal (in part) 

Furst, Clyde. Philanthropy (in part) 

Fyf e, David Theodore. Egyptian Architecture; 
Western Asiatic Architecture 

Gabriel, Ralph Henry. Long Island (in part) 
Gabrielson, Ira Noel. Fish and Wildlife Serv- 
ice; Wildlife Conservation and Management 
(if part); Wildlife Reserves 
Gadd, Cyril John. Babylonian Law; Sumerian 
Language; Syria (in part) 

Gaffron, Hans. Photosynthesis 
Gager, Charles Stuart. Botanic Garden 
Gahan, Frank. Damages; Wildlife Conserva- 
tion and Management (in part) 

Gairdner, James. Mary I; Talbot (Family) (in 

Gale, Esson M. Asia (in part) 

Gall, Half. Early Closing Movement (in part) 
GaUaher, Ruth Augusta. Iowa (in part) 
Gallotti, Jean. Wood-Carving (in part) 
Galloway, George, D.D. Religion (in part) 
Galloway, George Barnes. House of Represent- 
atives; Senate (in part) ; Speaker (in part) 
Galtsoff, Paul S. Oyster; Sponges 
Gamble, W. Music Printing 
Ganjei, Nasser D. Land Taxes (in part) 
Ganoe, William Ad die man. Buena Vista (in 
part); Cerro Gordo; Chapul tepee; Churu- 
busco; Contreras; Palo Alto; Resaca de la 

Gapen, C. E. Agricultural Power and Machin- 
ery (in part ) 

Garber- Daniel. Landscape Painting (in part) 
Garcke, E. Tramway (iz part) 

Gardiner, Alfred G. Oxford and Asquith, Her- 
bert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of 
Gardiner, Linda. Birds, Protection of (in part) 
Gardiner, Samuel Rawson. George I (in pari); 

George II; George IV (in part) 

Gardner, Dorothy Ellen Marion. Nursery 
Schools (in part) 

Gardner, E. G. Dante (or Durante) Alighieri 
(in part) 

Gardner, Ernest Arthur. Clazomenae, Inscrip- 
tions; Parthenon (in part) ; p ropyIae? 
Gardner, Percy. Demetrius; Greek Ar.: Lysip- 

Gardner-Smith, Rev. P., B.D. Peter, St. (in 
part); Peter, First Epistle of; Peter, Second 
Epistle of 

Garland, John H. Cora (Maize) Belt; Great 
Lakes, The 

Garner, James Bert Natural Gas 
Garnett, Richard. Irving, Washington; Muller, 
Max (m part); Panizzi, Sir Anthony (in 
part); Peacock, Thomas Love (in part); 
Sarpi, Paolo; Satire (in part); Swift, Jona- 
than (in part) 

Garnett, W. Energy (in part) 

Garrett, Henry Edward. Differential Psychol- 

Garrod, Heathcote William. Wordsworth, Wil- 

Garside, Alston H. Cotton and the Cotton In- 
dustry (in part) 

Garstang, Walter. Amphioxus or Lancelet; 

Pisciculture (in part) 

Garten, Hugo F. Drama (in 
Garvie, A. E., D.D. Devil, EbC.'U' Im- 
mortality; Inspiration; Miracle; Predestina- 

Gaselee, Sir Stephen. Foreign Office (in part); 

Latin Literature (in part) 

Gaskin, John George Noel. Rum 
Gaster, Moses. Bassarab, or Bassaraba; Has- 
deu or Hajdeu, Bogdan Pelriceicu; Sturdza; 

Gates, Marshall. Morphine (in part) 
Gathorne-Hardy, Geoffrey Malcolm. Norway 
(in part) 

Gatley, Clement. Guarantee (in part); Libel 
and Slander (in part) 

Gaus, John Merriman. Public Administration 
Gauvreau, Emile Henry. Mitchell, William 
Gay, Edwin Francis. Hanseatic League 
Gaynor, Lieutenant Colonel James K. Mili- 
tary Law 

Gazin, Charles Lewis. Tertiary 
Geddes, Norman Bel. Theatre (in part) 
Geddes, William Robert. Borneo (in part) 
Gedye, Nicholas George. Beacon (in part); 
Breakwater; Caisson; Canals and Canalized 
Rivers (in part) ; Coast Protection and Land 
Reclamation (in part); Embankment; Fog 
Signals; Graving Dock; Groyne; Harbours 
(in part); Inland Water Transport (in part); 
Jetty (in part) : Lighthouses (in part) ; Lock; 
Pier (in pari ) ; River and River Engineering 
(in part): Slipway; Weir; Zuider Zee (in 

Geikie, Sir Archibald. Hutton, James (in part); 
Vesuvius (in part) 

Geldner, Karl Friedrich. Zend-Avesta (in part) 
Gelston, Arthur S., Jr. Brazil (in part) 
George, William R. George Junior Republic, 

Geraud, Andre. Delcassd, Theophile 
Gerhardt, Paul L. Port Operation (in part) 
Germundsson, Thor. Concrete (in part) 
Gersh, Isidore. Glands 
Geyer, Robert P. Vitamins (in part) 

Geyl, Pieter. Holland (in part); Holland, 
County and Province of (in part) ; William 
(the Silent) 

Ghormley, Ralph Kalb, M.D. Orthopaedic 

Giachardi, Iva Lilian. Austria (in part); Ger- 
many (in part) 

Gibb, Andrew Dewar. Scots Law 
Gibb, Sir Hamilton Alexander R, Abbasids; 
Abu Bekr; Almohades (in part); Almoravides 
(in part), Alp Arslan, Mohammed ibn Da’ud; 

Arabic Literature 7 (in part); Caliphate; 
Omar, Persia (in pari), Seljuks, Spain (in 
part) ; Syria (in parti* , Timur 
Gibb, Thomas R. P., Jr. Hydrides 
Gibbons, Cedric. Motion Pictures (in part) 
Gibson, Arnold Hartley. Hydraulic Machin- 
ery; Hydraulic Power Transmission; Hy- 
draulics; Pump; Tidal Power, Turbine 

Gibson, William M. Howells, William Dean 
Gide, Charles. Economic Man. 

Gieseking, John Eldon. Soil (in part) 

Giffen, Sir Robert. Bagehot, Walter 
Gifford, Walter Sherman. American Tele- 
phone and Telegraph Company, Telephone 
(in part) 

Gilbert, Alfred C. Pole Vaulting 
Gilbert, Joseph. Motor Car ( t n part) 

Gilbert, Milton. United States (of Amenca), 
The (in part) 

Gilbertson, George Waters. Balochi Language 
Gilchrist, Raleigh. Ruthenium 
Giles, Albert William. Novaculite 
Giles, George W. Allotments (in parti) 

Giles, Peter. Indo-Europeans 
Gill, Sir David. Telescope (in part) 

Gill, Eric. Stone Carving 
Gill, Richard Cochran. Curare 
Gillam, Cornelius W. Business Codes 
Gillies, Alexander. German Literature; No£el 
(in part) 

Gillin, John P. Piaroan; Warrau 
Gillmor, Reginald E. Gyroscope (in part) 
Gilmore, Eugene Allen. Iowa, State Univer- 
sity of (in part) 

Gimbutas, Marija. Balts, The (in part) 
Ginsberg, Morris. Social Philosophy 
Gir. 3 b. 1 rg. JeHPMcl. EVer Numbers or Eul- 
cr:r‘i V- , Mr? 5;,ri 1 . Numbers 
Gir*ud. Jea. . Stc w hv 
Girden, Edward. Conditioning 
Gittinger, Roy. Oklahoma 
Givens, Willard E. Educational Associations 
(in part) 

Gladstone, Reginald Jchn, M D Brain (in part ) 
Glaeser, Martin Gustave. Public Utilities 
Glaister, John, M.D. Poison (in part) 
Glanzman, George S., S.J. Apostle 
Glasgow, George. Benes, Eduard (in part); 
Locarno, Pact of; Masaryk, Thomas Garri- 

Glazebrook, Sir Richard Tetley. Newton, Sir 
Isaac (in part); Research, Industrial (in 

Gleichen, Major Genera! Lord Edward Glei- 
chen. Abyssinia (in part) 

Glicksman, Maurice. Neutron (in part) 

Gloor, Walter Ervin. Celluloid 
Glover, Arnold. Layard, Sir Austen Henry (in 

Dloyd, Howard K. Chicago Academy of 
Sciences, The (in part) 

Gluckman, Max. Barotse, Barotseland 
Goddard, Colonel Calvin. Ammunition; Ar- 
moured Car; Artillery (in part); Balloons 
in War; Canteen; Cantonment; Engines of 
War; Gun, Machine: Gunpowder (in part); 
Ordnance (h part); Pistol; Small Arms, 
The Development of 

Godfrey. Hugh. Dial and Dialling (in pari) 
Goeje, Michael Jan de. Arabic Literature (in 

Goering, Paul L. Conscientious Objector 
Goes, Clifford. Rowing (in part) 

Goethals, George Washington. Panama Canal 

(in part) 

Goetz, Hermann. Mohammedan Architecture; 
Mohammedan Art 

Goitein, Hugh. Jurisprudence; Jurisprudence, 
Comparative (in part); Sale of Goods (in 

Goldenweiser, E. A. Central Bank 
Goldie, Sir George Taubman. Brazza, Pierre 
Paul Francois Camille Savorgnan de 
Golding, C. E. Reinsurance (in part) 

Golding, Edward William. Electricity Supply; 
Commercial Aspects (in part); Electricity 
Supply: Technical Aspects (in part); Elec- 


trification, Rural (in }arf), Electric Power: 
National and Regional Schemes (in part) 
Goldschmidt, Werner, .%-bitration (in part) 
Goldsmith, Margaret (Mrs Fritz A Voigt). 
Mesmer, Franz Anton 

Goldstone, Sir Frank W. Educational Associa- 
tions (tit pan) 

Goldthwait, Charles Francis. Mercerizing 
Gollancz, Sir Israel. Pearl, The 
Gomme, Lady. Children’s Games (in pari) 
Good, Dorothy. Japan (in part) 

Good, Harry Gehman. Teachers, Training of 
(in part) 

Good, William A. Canoe (in part) 

Goodenough, Florence Laura. Atypical Chil- 
dren; Genius 

Goodlad, John Inkster. Elementary Education 
(in part) 

Goodrich, Herbert F. Judielz 1 15 c form (in part) 
Goodrich, Leland M. W. 

Goodwm, Albert. Barras, Paul Frangois Jean 
Nicolas; Malesherbes, Chretien Guillaume 
De Lamoignon de, Silhouette, Etienne de 
Goodwin, Robert C. Unemployment Insurance 
(in part) 

Gopal, Sarvepalli. Bhopal; Keonjhar; Mandi; 

Murshidabad, West Bengal 
Gordon, Rev. Alexander. Blandrata or Bian- 
drata, Giorgio; Buckholdt Johann; BuHin- 
fer, Heinrich, r/^rri'T-mck or Kn:» > 2 r- 
dolling, Bernt; Ser Michael; S:,c; 
Valdes, Juan de 

Gordon, Howard Wright, Jr. Battleship (in 

Gordon, Strathearn. Great Britain (in part) 
Gorell, Lord. Teachers Registration Council 
Gosnell, Harold Foote. Voting 
Goss, Leonard A. Canals and Canalized Riv- 
ers (in part) 

Gosse, Sir Edmund. Anagreontics: Andersen. 
Hans Christian; Beaumont, Sir Jcir' Col- 
lins, William; Donne, John; Drachmae. 
Holger Henrik Herboldt; Drayton, Michce ; 
Etherege, Sir George; Fitzgerald, Edward; 
Gnome and Gnomic Poetry; Heioic Ro- 
mances (in pari)', Herrick, Robert, Huy- 
gens, Sir Constantijn (in part); Kyd, Thom- 
as (in part); Lie, Jonas; Norton, Thomas; 
Ohlenschlager, Adam Gottlob (in part); 
Prologue (in part); Prose (in part); Rim- 
Jean Xrthui ; Rossetti, Christina 
Georgira, Stevenson. Robert Louis Balfour 
(inpirf): Style \ir l art); Swinburne, Alger- 
non Charles (in part); Tennyson, Alfred 
Tennyson; Waller, Edmund (in part); Wat- 
son, Thomas 

Gosse, Philip, M.D. Pirates and Piracy (in 

Gothard, William W. Plumbing 
Gott, Philip Porter. Confectionery Manufac- 

Gough, Alfred Bradley. Swabian League; West- 
phalia, Treaty of 

Gough, Herbert John. Fatigue of Metals; 

Gould, F. A. Barometer 
Gould, Gerald. Wells, Herbert George 
Gould, Lieutenant Commander Rupert Thomas. 

Chronometer (in part) 

Gould, Sydney Charles. Novel (in part) 
Goulinat, Jean Gabriel. Oil Painting, Tech- 
nique of 

Graber, Laurence Frederick. Alfalfa, Lucerne 
or Purple Medick 

Grace, Eugene Gifford. Bethlehem Steel Cor- 
poration (in part) 

Grady, Henry Francis. Reciprocity 
Graham, Bessie. Nobel Prizes 
Graham, Frank D. Gold Standard 
Graham, John. Tonic Sol-Fa 
Graham, William. General Strike (in pari) 
Grainger, Paul Eveleigh. Nickel Silver 
Grasnpp, William D. Biddle, Nicholas; Carey, 
Henry Charles; Inter- Allied Debts; Repara- 
tions, Savings Banks 

Grand, Constantine G. Micromanipulation or 
Micrurgy (in part) 

Grant, Bruce, Hull, Isaac 

Grant, Brigadier General R. C. Toe H 
Grant, William Lawson. Brown, George, Galt, 
Sir Alexander Tilloch; Mackenzie, William 

Grave, Walter Wyatt. Cambridge University 
Graves, Lawrence \'wr''r*'t:r Theory 

of, Bliss, Gilber. Comple- 

ment; Continuity; Function, Maxima and 
Minima; Number Sequences, Taylor’s Theo- 

Graves, Philip Perceval. Druses (in part); 
Lebanon (m part); Mesopotamia (in part); 
Palestine (in part) 

Gray, Basil. Bmyon, (Robert) Laurence (in 
part ) 

Gray, Carl Raymond, Jr. Veterans Adminis- 
tration; War Pensions (in part) 

Gray, George Buchanan, D D. Bible (in part) 
Gray, John Evelyn Bury. Drama (in part) 

Gray, Sir John Milner. Gambia (in part); 

Zanzibar (protectorate) 

Gray, Nicolette Mary. Binyon, (Robert) 
Laurence (in pari) 

Gray, R. B. Agricult urn 1 Erg ; nee r ’ng* Agricul- 
tural Power and I--. 1 u y 11 Har- 

vesting Machinery; Planting Mar .:n*ry; 
Processing Machinery, Spraying and Dust- 
ing Machinery; Tillage Machinery; Tractors 
(in part) 

Greaves, W. M. H. Photometry (in part) 
Green, Lois Angel!. Spencer, Anna Garlim 
Green, Margaret M. Education, History of (in 

Green, Marjorie E. Family (in part) 

Green, Nathan. Injunction (in part) 

Green, William. American Federation of La- 

Greenaway, Eric Stanley. Deaf and Hard of 
Hearing; Education of (in part) 

Greene, David (William). Irish Language; 

Irish Literature (in part) 

Greenish, Henry George. Pharmacy (in part) 
Greenwood, Rt. Hon. Arthur. Trades Union 
Congress, The (in part) 

Gregg, Allan, M.D. Medical Education 
Gregg, Isaac. Government Departments (in 
part ) ; Post and Postal Services (in part) 
Gregg, John Frank. Birmingham (in part) 
Gregory, Charles 0. Labour Law (in part) 
Gregory, John Walter. Africa (in part) 

Gregory, Sir Theodor E. G. Fiduciary Issue; 

Panic (in bar*); Quant 5 tv Theory of Money 
Gregory, TMopbiEs Stephen. Roman Catholic 
Church ('.v pc ) 

Gregory, William Benjamin. New Orleans (in 

Gregory, William King. Mammalia; Marsupi- 
alia (in part); Monotremata; Perissodactyla; 
Primates (in part); Ungulata 
Greisen, Kenneth. Cosmic Rays 
Grenfell, Sir Wilfred T., M.D. Labrador (in 

Gretton, R. H. English History (in part) 
Greville, Thomas Nall Eden. life Tables 
Grey, Egerton C. Fermentation 
Grey, Francis Temple. Capital Punishment (in 
part); Coroner; Extradition (in part); In- 
sanity in Law (in part ) ; Medical Jurispru- 
dence (in part) 

Grey, Ian. Russia (in part) 

Grieve, Rev. Alexander James, D.D. Cate- 
chism (in part); Logos (in part); Preaching; 
Primitive Methodists (in part) ; Septuagint, 
The; Smyth (or Smith), John {in part); 
Swedenborg or Swedberg, Emanuel (in 
part); Ursula, St. (in part) 

Grieve, William Percival. Chancery (in part) 
Griffin, H. W. Shipping: War Losses of (World 
Wars I and II) (in part) 

Griffin, James B. Serpent Mound, Great 
Griffin, John Robert. British Legion 
Griffin, W. Lashford. Chain Manufacture (in 

Griffith, Francis Llewellyn. Busins; Coptic 
Language; Demotic Language and Writing; 
Egypt (in part); Egyptian Language; Hiero- 
glyphs; Meroe; Meroilic Language and 
Writing; Moeris, Lake of; Nubian Language 


and Writing, Obelisk; Pl^araohj Psammeti- 
chus, Scarab (in part)/ Sphinx (in part); 
Thebes (in part) 

Gngg, Hubert Francis Cawdron. Oil Palm 
Gnggs, Laura T. Valley of Ten Thousand 
Smokes * 

Grim, Ralph Eirly. Argillite; Shale 
Grim wood, Herbert H. Wood-Carving (in 

Grinker, Roy R., M D. Psychiatry (m part) 
Grinter, Linton E. Engineering (in Part); 
N.-^-TTa'Nrg and Shot Peening; Wheel, 

Grogan, Elinor F. B. (Lady Grogan). Bulgaria 
(in part) 

Groom, Percy. Dry Rot, Timber, Wood 
Gropius, Waited Adolph. Architectural Educa- 
tion (in part) 

Gross, Charles. Guilds 

Gross, Eric T. B. Electricity Supply: Technical 
Aspects (in part) 

Gross, Leo. Congress, International; Fried, 
Alfred Hermann (in part) 

Grossman, Morton L, M D. Medical Research 
Grosvenor, Gilbert Hovey. National Geo- 
graphic Society (in part) 

Grout, Frank F. Barrel], Joseph (in part) 

Grove, Vernon Guy. Differential Geometry 
Grover, Wayne C. National Archives, The 
Greening, Ernest, M.D. Alaska (in part) 
Gruenthaner, Michael Joseph, S J. Angel 
Gmffydd, William John. Welsh Literature 
Grundy, George Beardoe. Graeco-Persian 
Wars; Greece (in part) 

Gruner, John W. Tacomte 
Grason, M. Est de France, Compagnie des 
Chemins de Fer de L’ 

Guerin, Basil Campbell de. Guernsey 
Guice, C. Norman. Honduras (in part) 

Guild, David Alexj^ider. Arbitration (in part) 
Guilday, Right Reverend Monsignor Peter. 

Roman Catholic Church (in part) 

Guillaume, M. Lyautey, Louis Hubert Gon- 
zalve; Nivelle, Robert George 
Guillebaud, Claude William. Luxury (in part ) ; 
Luxury Taxes (in part); Malthfis, Thomas 
Robert (in part) ; Marshall, Alfred (in part) 
Gulick, Luther Halsey. Brooklyn (in part); 
Long Island (in part); Mayor (in part); 

part); New York (City) 

' 7 . :■ Island 

Gulliksen, Harold. Learning; Memory 
Glimmer, C. F. Triangle 
Gunther, Robert Theodore. Armllla or Armil- 
lary Sphere; Astrolabe; Dial and Dialling (in 
part) « 

Guthmaxm, Harry G. Financial Statements 
Guttridge, George H. Whig and Tory 
Guyer, Michael Frederic. Birth Control; Re- 
production (in part) 

Gwynn, Denis Rolleston. Ireland (in part); 

Ireland, Republic of (in part) # 

Gwynn, Stephen Lucius. Collins, Michael, Cos- 
grave, William Thomas (in part); Griffith, 
Arthur; Heaiy, Timothy Michael 
Gwynne, Major F. W. W. Lena Goldfields 
Limited (in part) 

Haakonsen, Daniel Andreas. Norwegian Liter- 
ature (in part); Novel (in part) 

Haas, Fritz. Pearl (in part) 

Haas, William Herman. Chile (in part) 
Haberler, Gottfried. Quota 
Hack, John Tilton. Wind 
Hackett, Charles Wilson. Mexico (in part) 
Hackin, Joseph. Tibetan Art 
Hackworth, Green H. International Court of 

Haddon, Alfred Cort. New Guinea (in part) 
Hadow, Sir William Henry. Bach, Karl Philipp 
Emanuel; Haydn, Franz Joseph; Schubert, 
Franz Peter 

Hagedom, Hermann. Roosevelt, Theodore 
Hahn, Maanel. Philately 
Hahn, Richard David, M.H. Venereal Diseases 
(in part) * 

Hahne, Ernesf Herman. War Finance: Cost of 
World Wars I and II 


Haig s Lieutenant Colonel Sir Thomas Wolse- 
ley. Afghanistan (in part) 

Halcrow, Elizabeth M. Newcastle upon Tyne 
Haldane, John Burden Sanderson. Heredity 

Hale, TEdward 1 * Everett Clarke^ James Free- 
man; Everett, Edward 
Hale, George Ellery. Spectroheliograph 
Hale, Robert Lee. Compensation (tn fart) 
Halecki, Oskar. Poland (in part) 

Halford, Jeannette. Baby-Farming (in pari)', 
Foundling Hospitals (m pari) 

Hall, Sir Alfred Daniel. Agricultural Organiza- 
tion (in part), Agriculture A General Survey 
(in part) 

Hall, Harry Reginald Holland. Archaeology 
(in Pari), Chronology (in p$rl ) ; Dress (in 
part), Egypt (in part)', Scarab (in part); 
Sphinx (in part) 

Hall, Jerome. Criminal Law (in part) 

Hall, R. Dawson. Anthracite (in pari) 

Hall, Richard B. Title Insurance or Guarantee 
of Title 

Hall, Colonel Robert Burnett. Haiti (in part); 

Santo Domingo (in part) 

Hall, Sir William Clarke. Borstal System; 
Children’s Courts or Juvenile Courts (tn 
part), Probation 
Hallett, R. L. Lead 

Halliday, Frank W. Martial Law (in part) 
Halliday, Sir William Reginald. Folklore 
Halliweil, W. J. T. Pilotage Laws (in part) 
Halm, George N. Exchange, Foreign 
Halphen, Louis. Anjou (in part); Fulk Nerra 
Halstead, Paul B. Cotton and the Cotton In- 
dustry (in part) 

Hamburger, Viktor. Experimental Embryol- 
ogy; Regeneration 

Hamer, Sam Hield. Monuments, Preservation 
of (in part) o 

Hamilton, A. R. Quarter-Staff; Single-Stick 
Hamilton, Mary Agnes. MacDonald, James 
Ramsay; Webb, Sidney James and Beatrice 
Hamilton, Peter Davidson Gunn. Docks (in 

Hamlin, Taloot Faulkner. Amphitheatre; Apse; 
Arcade; Arch; Atrium; Baldachino; Basilica; 
Baths; Battlement; Buttress; Byzantine and 
Romanesque Architecture; Campanile; Cap- 
ital; Ceiling; Chateau; Chimney (in part); 
Column, Crypt; Decorated Period; Diaconi- 
eon; Dome; Door; Doorway; Early English 
Period, Erechtheum; Flamboyant Style; 
Flute (in part), Fountain; Fret; Gothic 
Architecture; Governmental Architecture; 
Half-Timber Work; Hall; House, Hypae- 
thrus; Lotus (in part); Louis Styles; Manor 
House; Minaret; Mosque, Moulding; Order; 
Panel; Perpendicular Period; Persian Art, 
Painting and Calligraphy (in part); Plater- 
esque; Porch; Renaissance Art; Romanesque 
Art; Rosette; Rose Window or Wheel Win- 
dow; Screen (*n par *') ; ^hift: Spme; Stair; 
Staircase, Temple; 

Tile; Tomb; Tower; ' Tracery (in part); 
Tritorium; Triumphal Arch; Tudor Period; 
Va.ilt; \\ mew 

Hammer, S. C. Drama (in part); Norwegian 
Literature (in part) 

Hammick, Dalziel Llewellyn. Benzidine (in 

Hammond, Bray. Banking (in part) 

Hammond, John Lawrence Le Breton. In- 
dustrial Revolution, The 
Ham or, William Allen. Motor Car Engines: 
Their Operation and Care (in part); Re- 
search, Industrial (in part) 

Hampden, Walter. Booth, Edwin Thomas 
Hand, Xmng F. Sunshine 
Handley, Louis de Breda.# Swimming (in 

Haney, Thomas V. Baseball (in part); Moun- 
taineering (in part); Ski; Walking Races; 
Weight Throwing; Yachting (in part) 
Hannay, David. Abbadtdes; Alphonso I; 
Bambndge, Wijliam, Byng, John; Dahlgien, 
JoimxAdolf, Fisher, John Arbuthnot Fisher, 
1st Baron (in Part), Fox, Charles James (in 

part), Junius (in part); Lissa, 

Nelsoi , - c > v. ■ Viscount (in part), 
Pep}^, Samuel (in part), St Vincent, John 
Jervis, St Vincent, Battle of, Sluys (Slois), 
Battle of; Spmola, Ambrose 
Hansen, Harry. Lawson, Victor Fremont 
Hansen, Robert W. Friendly Societies (in part) 
Hanton, W. A. Weaving (in part ) . 

Harada, Jiro. Bon-Seki, Dance (in part); In- 
terior Decoration (in part), Ivory Carving 
(in part), Japanese Architecture; Japanese 
Gardens, Japanese Music, Japanese Sculp- 
ture; No Drama (tn part), Societies of Art 
(in part); Tea Ceremony, Wood-Carving 
(in part) 

H&rap, Henry. School and Curriculum (in 

Hardenbergh, J. G., V.M.D. Pleuropneu- 

Hardenbergh, William Andrew. Refuse Dis- 
posal, Sewage Disposal 
Hardin, Charles Meyer. Government Depart- 
ments (in part) 

Harding, Lowry W. Illiteracy 
Hardman, Oscar, D.D. Fasting 
Hardy, Arthur C. Colour 
Hargrove, William Henry. Consolidated School 
(m part) 

Banner, Sir Sidney Frederic. Cetacea (in 
part); Polvzoa (in part); Pterobranchia (in 

Harnack, Adolf von. Millennium; Neoplaton- 
ism (in part); Origen; Sabelhus, Theodore of 
Mopsuestia (in part ) ; Theodoret (in part) 
Harned, Herbert Spencer. Solutions 
Harper, Francis. Wildlife Conservation and 
Management (in part) 

Harper, Ida Hasted. Women’s Suffrage (in 

Harper, John Ernest Troyte. Falkland Islands, 
Battle of; “Goeben” and “Breslau”; Navi- 
gation (in part) 

Harper, Robert Brinton. Gas Manufacture (in 

Harrar, Ellwood Scott. Acacia; Ailanthus; 
Alder; Arborvitae; Arbutus; Ash, Aspen; 
Athel; Basswood; Beech; Birch; Biackhaw; 
Cedar, Chinquapin; Cypress; Dogwood; 
Douglas-Fir; Fir; Hackberry; Hawthorn; 
Hornbeams; Horsechestnut (in part); Juni- 
per; Larch; Lime or Linden, Maple; Mes- 
quite; Mountain Ash; Palo Verde, Persim- 
mon (in part); Pine (in part); Sycamore; 
Tree (in part ) ; Tuliptree 
Harris, Abram Lincoln. Sombart, Werner 
Harris, Enriqueta. Navarrete, Juan Fernandez 
de; Zuloaga, Ignacio; Zurbaran, Francisco de 
Harris, Frederic Robert. Harbours (in pari) 
Harris, George Christe. Abietic Acid 
Harris, Marshall Dees. Land Tenure: Eco- 
nomic and Agrarian Aspects (in part) 
Harris, Walter Burton. Abdel Krim 
Harrison, Austin. Harrison, Frederic 
Harrison, Earl Grant. Naturalization Laws 
Harrison, Frederic. Ruskin, John 
Hamson, George Leslie. Federal Reserve Sys- 
tem, The (in part) 

Harrison, H. Ainsworth. Fluorene 
Harrison, H. S. Material Culture 
Harrison, James C. Horse Racing and Breed- 
ing (in part) 

Harrison, Colonel Lawrence Whitaker. Salvar- 
sanor “606” (in part) 

Harrison, Robert William F. Royal Society, 
The (in part); Violin (in part) 

Harrisson, Tom. Borneo (in part) 

Harrod, R. F. Mai thus, Thomas Robert (in 

Hart, Albert Bushneil. United States (of Amer- 
ica), The (in part) 

Hart, Albert Gailord. Depreciation (in part); 

National Savings (in part ) 

Hart, Donald J. Hours of Labour (in Part) 
Hart, James. Administrative Law; Authority, 

Hart, John Henry Arthur. Asmoneus or Asa- 
monaeus; Josephus, Flavius (in part): Sibyl- 
line Oracles (in part) 

Hartman, Olga. Annelid? { Ul 
Hartxiey, Harold Evans. C* ^ .<*. Corps in Air 
Defense (in part), . 

Hartung, Maurice Les c Secrc ' j Educa- 
tion ( in part) 

Harvey, E. Newton. Bioluminescence 
Harvey, Ethel Browne. Fertilization 
Harvey, F. T. Veterinaiy Science (tn pari) 
Harvey, Godfrey Eric. Bunna (in part); 
Burmese Wars 

Harvey, Samuel C., M D Surgery 
Harvey, Thomas Edmund. Fox, George 
Haseloff, Arthur. Illuminated Manuscripts 
Hass, Henry Bohn. Charcoal 
Hasselkus, J. Binocular Instrument (iv part) 
Hastings, Somerville. Sinus (in part) 

Hatch, Frederick Henry. China-Clay (in part); 

Ilmenite; Kaolinite 
Eathway, Marion. Social Service 
Hatschek, Emil. Viscosity 
Hauck, Albert, D.Th. Church History (in 

Haughton, John L. Metals 
Haurwitz, Bernhard. Winds, General Circula- 
tion of 

Hauser, Philip M. Production, Census of (in 

Haust, Jean. Walloon Literature 
Haven, Charles T. Colt, Samuel 
Haverfield, Francis John. Boadicea; BritBn 
(in part); Caledonia (in pari); Ermine Street, 
Gaul (tn part); Numantia, Roman Army; 

Haward, Edwin. India (in pari); Punjab (in 
part ) ; Sind (in part ) ; United Provinces (in 

Hawk, W. W. Diamond Match Company, The 
Hawkes, Frederic Clare. Estate and House 

Hawkins, George Andrew. Engineering Edu- 
cation (in part) 

Haworth, Walter Norman. Carbohydrates (in 

Hawtrey, Ralph George. Civil List (in part); 

Exchequer (in part ) ; Finance 
Hayakawa, S. I. Korzybski, Alfred Habdank 
Skarbek; Semantics 

Hayes, Carlton Joseph Huntley. Gelasius (in 
part); Guibert or Wibert; Lucius (in part); 
Matilda, countess of Tuscany; Paschal II; 
Sixtus IV (in part); Truce of God; Victor (in 

Hays, Arthur Garfield. Theatres, Laws Relat- 
ing to (in part) 

Hayward, Herman Eliot. Fruit; Leaf (in pari); 
Root; Seed; Stem 

Haywood, Harold Le Roy. Freemasonry (in 

Hazard, John Newbold. Communist Party 
Hazeltine, Mary Emogene. Christmas (in 

Headlam, Rt. Rev. Arthur Cayley, D.D. Prayer, 
Book of Common (in part) 

H eadlam-M orley, Agnes. Stresemann, Gustav 
Headlam-Morley, James Wy cliff e. Benedetti, 
Vincent; Capri vi de Caprera de Montecuc- 
coli, Georg Leo Von 
Healy, John J., S.J. Episcopacy 
Heath, Dudley. Art Teaching (in pari) 

Heath, Sir Thomas Little. Apollonius of Perga; 
Archimedes; Diophantus; Euclid; Heraclei- 
des, Ponticus; Heron of Alexandria; Nico- 
machus; Pappus of Alexandria; Porism; 
Ptolemy (in part); Pythagoras; Serenus; 

Heaton, Herbert. Factory Production, History 
of; Market (in part) 

Heawood, Edward. Elgon 
Heckel, George Baugh. Interior Decoration 
(in part) 

Hedges, J. Edward. Insurance (in part) 
Hedgpeth, Joel Walker. Pycnogonida 
He din, Gbran. Sweden (in part) 

Hedley, Frank. Interborough Rapid Transit 

Hedley, Rt. Rev. John Cuthbert, O.S.B., D.D. 

T rausubstantiation (in part) 

Beffernan, Rear Admiral John B. Constitu- 


» A 

tion; Navigation (in psart), Sloop; United 
States (of America), The (in part); Yacht 
Heffner, Hubert Crouse.^Melodrama 
Keidbreder, Edna. Thinking. Psychology of 
Heighwav, Arthur J. Advertising (in part) 
Keiland, Ca:l August OeonByciVoi ^»»- 0S p ec ^ 
I *' ‘ . ' • Qeo- 

HeiiDrunn, Lewis Victor. Acclimatization 
Hein, M. A. Ensilage 

Heine-Geidera, Robert von. Indonesia * Archae- 
ology (in part ) 

Heinemann, Martin, M D Tongue, Diseases of 
Heinicke, A. J. Fruit Farming (in part) 

Heise, George William. Battery (m part) 
Heldt, Peter Martin. Speedometers, Tractors 
(in part) 

Hele-Shaw, Henry Selby. Power Transmission 
(in pari) 

Heller, Walter W. Excess-Profits Tax (in 
part), Surtax; Taxation 
Heller, Wilfried. Crystalloid; Emulsions; Gel 
Helms, Hermann. Chess (t'n part) 
Hempelmann, Friedrich. Psychology, Com- 

Hench, Philip Showalter, M D Osteoarthritis 
Henderson, A. F. Fireproofing (in part) 
Henderson, Archibald. Shaw, George Bernard 
Henderson, Bernard William. Peloponnesian 
War, The 

Henderson, Charles Belknap. Reconstruction 
Finance Corporation (in part) 

Henderson, K., D D. Beja (in part) 
Henderson, Leon. War Organizations, U.S. 

(World War II) (in part) 

Hendrick, Burton Jesse. Page, Walter Hines 
Hendrick, Ives, M.D. Psychiatry (in part) 
Henne, Albert Leon. Freon 
Hennessy, Harriet L., M D. Intestinal Ob- 
struction; Plague (in part ) 

Henningsen, Sven. Denmark (in part) 

Henry, Robert Mitchell. Drama (in part) 
Henry, Robert S. Railways (in part) 

Henry, Thomas Anderson. Alkaloids; Cin- 
chona Bark, Alkaloids of (in part); Gluco- 
sides, Natural 

Henson, The Rt. Rev. Herbert Hensley, Hon. 
D D. Bible, English (in part); Church and 

Hepburn, Patrick Bruce. Bookselling (in part) 
Herbert, Sydney. Syndicalism (in part) 
Herbert, William de Bracy. Arrest (in part); 
Bail (in part); Bigamy; Blackmail (in part); 
Bribery (in pan), Hahitua. Offenders (in 
part); Incest; Infanticide (in part); Intent; 
Larceny (in part); Obscenity (in part); 
Quarter Sessions, Court of (in part); Riot 
(in part); Treason (in Part) 

Herdman, Thomas.. Arabia (in part); Black 
Sea (in part); Crimea (in part); Czechoslo- 
vakia (in part); Elbe; Guiana (in part); 
Hunter River; Ireland (in part); Mediter- 
ranean Sea (in part ), North Sea; Persia (in 
part); Prussia (in part); Russia (in part); 
Wash, The; Yugoslavia (in part); Zuider 
Zee (in part) 

Hermannsson, Halldor. America (in part); 

Vinland or Wineland 
Herndon, Arthur H. Sugar (in part) 

Herold, Edward William. Electron Tube 
Heron, Harold. Starch (in part) 

Herr, Major General John Knowles. Cavalry 
(in part) 

Herr, Major Milton B. Artillery (in part); 
Coast Defense; Field Artillery; Gas Mask; 
Guerrilla Warfare (in par); Smoke In War- 
tan.-; C: I ted Slaves (of America), The (in 

Herrick, C. Judson. Evolution, Organic (in 

Herrick, Horace Terhune. Chemurgy 
Herriot, Edouard. Danton r Georges Jacques; 

Jaures, Auguste Marie Joseph Jean 
Hershberg, Emanuel Benjamin. Chemical 

Hervey, John L. Horse; Horse Racing and 
Breeding (in part) 

Herzberg, Mai John. Crane, Stephen 
1— E 

Herzfeld, Ernest Emil. Persepolis (in part) 
Hespelt, E. Herman. Spamsh-American Litera- 

Hess, Julius Hays, M.D. Antenatal Clinics 
Hesse, Richard. Distribution of Animals (in 

Hessels, John Henry. Gloss and Glossary (in 
part), Gutenberg, Johann (in part) 
Hesseltine, William B. Wisconsin (in pait) 
Heuser, Chester Henry. Embryology, Human 
(in Part's 

Herecy G:c ttc Charles de. Hafnium 
Hewins, William Albert Samuel. Protection 
(in part) 

Hewitt-Mvring, Philip. Barbados 
Hewson, Edgar Wendell. Baroclinic; Baro- 
tropic; Coriolis, Gaspard Gustave de; Ek- 
man Spiral; Fronts; Geostrophic Wind; Hu- 
midity, Atmospheric; Inertia Motion; Mo- 
tion, Laws of (in part) 

Heyneman, Julie Helen. Sargent, John Singer 
Heywood, Lieutenant Colonel T. G. G. Serbian 

Hiatt, Walter Sanders. Circulars and Circular- 
izing, Clubs (ir part) 

Hibbert, Eva. Bleaching; Calico Printing; Dye- 
ing; Textile Printing (in part) 

Hickman, Clarence N. Rockets (in part) 
Hickman, Kenneth Claude Devereux. Distilla- 
tion (in part) 

Hickock, Harold C. Elevators; Escalator 
Hicks, Agnes H. Sweden (in part) 

Hicks, George Dawes. Knowledge, Theory of 
Hicks, Granville. Steffens, Lincoln 
Kicks, John Donald. Wisconsin (in part) 
Hicks, Robert Drew. Stoics 
Higginson, J. Vincent. Mass (in part) 
Hightower, John. Camping (in part); Grey- 
hound Racing (in part) 

Hildebrand, Joel Henry. Chemical Equilibrium 
Hildebrand, Karl. Sweden (in pari) 
Hildebrand, Samuel Frederick. Salmonidae 
Hilfer, Harry. Cosmetics (in pari) 

Hill, Archibald Vivian. Muscle and Muscular 

Hill, Sir George Francis. Numismatics (in 

Hill. James Brents. Louisville and Nashville 
Railroad Company 

Hill, John Eric. Alpaca (in part); Antelope; 
Artiodactyla: Bat; Beaver, Bobcat; Bovidae; 
Caenoiesud, Carnivora (in part), Cat; 
Chimpanzee; Chipmunk; Chiroptera; 
Clouded Leopard; Coyote; Diana Monkey; 
Dingo or Warrigal (in par*'*’ Dormouse; 
Drill, Dromedary; Ermine, Fyrr, Flying 
Squirrel, Fossa, Fox (in part); Genet; Goral; 
Orison, Grivet; Grizzly Bear; Ground Squir- 
rel Guencn, Guinea Pig; Ichneumon; Indri; 
Insectivora (in part); Jaguarondi, Jumping 
Hare, Jumping Mouse, Kangaroo Rat; Kra; 
Linsang; Marten; Monkey; Moufion or Mu- 
flon; Musk Ox; Muskrat; Ocelot; Patas or 
Hussar Monkey; Palm Civet, Panda, Pec- 
cary; Pika; Pocket Mouse; Prairie Dog, Pri- 
mates (in part); Ratel, Rodent, Rodentia; 
Sea Cow; Sea Elephant, Sea Lion; Shrew; 
Tarsier; Thylacine or Marsupial Wolf; Tiger 
Cat; Tree Shrew; Viscacha; Water Deer; 
Wapiti; Zebra; Zorilla 

Hill, Sir Leonard Erskine. Aer otherapeutics ; 
Kata Thermometer; Light and Radiation in 
Relation to Health 

Hill, Norman Llewellyn. Annexation; Bounda- 
ries; Hinterland 

Hillier, James. Electron Microscope; Electron 

Hills, Edwin Sherbon. Australia (in part) 
Hills, John Moore. Salt (in part) 

Hills, Nina L. (Hon. Mrs. Eustace Hills). Day 
Nurseries (in part) 

Hilton, John. Amalgamation (in part) ; Com- 
bination in Industry; Gentlemen’s Agree- 
ments; Monopoly; Pools, in Industry (in 
part); Profit-Sharing (in part); Rebates, 
Deferred; Trusts (in part) 

Hind, Arthur M. Engraving 

Hines, William M., Jr, War Graves (in part) 

Hinkle, Charles W. Camouflage; Cavalry, 
Chasseurs; Engineers, Military* (in part); 
Flame Thrower, Grenades; Mountain War- 
fare; Training Camps, U S Military 
Hinnebusch, William Aquinas. Tetzel, Johann; 

Torquemada, Thomas f 

Hipkms, Alfred »J. Pitch, Musical (in part) 
Bippisley, Colonel Richard Lionel. Linkages 
Him, Yrjo. Finnish Literature (in part) 

Hirsch, Emanuel, D.Th. Creeds (in part) 
Hirsch, Helmut. Campo Formio, Peace of; 
Gastein, Convention of; Gerlach, Hellmut 
von; Mercenary, Pirmasens; Saarland 
Hitchcock, Eldred Frederick. Wool, War Con- 
trol of 

Hitti, Philip Khuri. Arabia (in part); Hadhra- 
maut (in parti); Hasa (in part), Jidda (in 
part), Kuwait (in part), Maronites, Mecca 
(tn part); Yemen (in part) 

Hoagland, Her~y E. Building Societies (in 

Hobday, Sir F. T. G. Canine Distemper 
Hobhouse, Leonard T. Comparative Ethics 
Hobson, Charles Kenneth. Profiteering (in 

Hobson, Oscar Rudolf. Money Market (in 
part); Wealth 

Hobson, Robert Lockhart. Pottery and Porce- 
lain (in part) 

Hobson, Wilder. Jazz 

Hocking, William Ernst, D.D. Royce, Josiah 
(in part) 

Hodge, Edward Butler. Nitro Compounds 
Hodge, Frederick Webb. Cliff-Dwellings; 

Hodges, Paul C., M.D Radiology (in part) 
Hodgkin, Major Adrian Elliot. Alkali Manu- 
facture (in part); Chlorine, Soda 
Hodgkin, Thomas. Alaric (in part), Ravenna 
(in part); Vandal^ 

Hodgkinson, William R. Picric Acid or Lyddite 
Hodous, Lewis, D.D., B.D. Confucianism; 

Hodson, William. Children — Protective Laws 
(in part); Legitimacy and Legitimation (in 
part) * 

Hoebel, E. Adamson. Blood Feud 
Hoffman, Frederick J. Psychoanalysis (in 

Hoffmann, Josef. Art Teaching (in Part); 

Interior Decoration (in part); Tool 
Hogan, James. Ireland (in part) 

Hogarth, David George. Aegean Civilisation 
(in part), Asia Minor (in part); Comana; 
Druses (in part), Ephesus; Lawrence, Thom- 
as Edward (in pari); Schliemann, Heinrich; 
Sis or Kozan; Smyrna (in part); Xanthus 
Hogben, Lancelot T. Cell; Chromosome; Com- 
parative Physiology; Endocrinology (in 
part); Homology 

Hogg, Hope W. Mesopotamia (in part) 

Holden, Arthur C. House Planning (in part) 
Holdich, Sir Thomas Hungerford. Chitral \in 
part), Kabul (w part); Kalat; North-West 
Frontier Province (in part); Quetta 
Holinger, Paul H., M D Laryngitis 
Holland, Sir Eardley Lancelot, M.D. Gynae- 
cology (in part) 

Holland, Raymond Prunty. Shooting (in part) 
Holley, Horace. Babiism; Baha’i Faith 
Hollingworth, Leta S. Family (in pari) 

Hollis, Henry Park. Observatory (Astronomi- 
cal) (in part); Photography, Celestial (in 

Holloway, Emory. Whitman, Walt 
Holloway, J. W., Jr. Medical Legislation (in 

Hollow ell, E. A. Clover; Sweetclover 
Hollweg, Admiral Carl. Tirpitz, Alfred von (in 

Holmes, Sir Charles John. Constable, John 
Holmes, Edward Morefl. Opium (in part); 

Holmes, 0. W. Carver, Jonathan (in pari) 
^°p tQ J)^’ ^ ^ ar ^ es * ke^ros, Alphonse (in 

Holsapple, Lloyd B. Donatiorh)! Constantine 
Holstein, Otto. Chan Chan; Trujillo (in part) 




Holtom, Daniel Clarence, D.D. Shintoism 
Holtzheuert William. Continental Caoutchouc 
and Gutta Percha Company 
Holzman, Benjamin Grad. Hygrometer 
Honey, William Bowyer. Pottery and Porce- 
* (in parf) 

Hood, Joseph Douglas. Thysahoptera 
Hook, Sidney. Proletariat 
Hooker, Davenport. Embryos, Behaviour of 

Hooper, Franklin Henry. Hancock, Winfield 
Scott; Harvard University (in pari) ; Liberty 

Hoover, John Edgar. Fingerprints 
Hopkins, Sir Frederick Gowland, Hon. M.D 

Hopkinson, Sir Alfred. Adoption 
Hopkirk, Howard W. Children: Protective 
Laws (in pari) 

Hopper, Turner Harcourt. Cottonseed (in part) 
Hopwood, Frank Lloyd. Physics in Medicine 
Horne, Rev. Dom. E. Glastonbury 
Homer, Fred. Annealing; Axle; Brake; Bra- 
zing and Soldering; Buffer (in part); Bunsen 
Burner; Clutch; Condenser, Cylinder; Fan; 
Forging Press; Gas Meter (in part); Gov- 
ernor (in part); Grindmg-Machines; Hy- 
drant; Jig; Lathe; Machine-Tools (in part); 
Milling Machines; Punching and Shearing 
Machines; Sawing Machines; Shaft, Driving; 
Steam-Hammer; Steam Shovel or Navvy, 
Torque; Wood-Working Machinery 
Horner, J. G. Screw; Tool 
Hose, Charles. Banjermasin or Bandjarmasin 
(in part); Beri-Beri; Blowgun; Borneo (in 
part); Brunei (in part); Java (in part); 
Labuan (in part); Malay Archipelago (in 
part) ; Sumatra (in part) 

Hoselitz, Bert Frank. Drachma , F P ** : - 

cles on; Franc; Krone; §pl; C ' v. \ 

(in part) 

Hoster, Mrs. Constance. Forms of Address (in 

Hough, Graham Goulder. English Literature 

(in part ) 

Hough, Henry Beetle. Martha’s Vineyard; 

Nantucket (in part) 

Hough, Jack I. Michigan, Lake 
Houghton, A. E. Serrano, Francisco (in part) 
Houghton, Henry Garrett. Adiabatic Processes 
in Atmosphere; Condensation Trails; Geo- 
potential: Hail 

House, Colonel Edward Mandell. Paris, Con- 
ference of (in part) 

Houseman, C. R. Oxygen 
Houston, William Vermillion. Electron, The 
Hovey, Rev. Horace Carter, D.D. Luray 

Howard, Alexander L. Teak (in part) 

Howard, Harry Nicholas. Balkan Entente, 
The, Little Entente (in part) 

Howard, Leiand. Mint (in part) 

Howard, Leiand Ossian. Alfalfa Weevil; 
Chinch Bug (in part), Colorado Potato 
Beetle; European Com Borer (in part); 
Gypsy Moth; Harlequin Bug; Japanese 
Beetle; Peach Tree Borer; Plum Curculio; 
Woolly Apple Aphid 
Howarth, P. Bryophyta (in part) 

Howarth, Oshert John Raddyffe. London (in 
part); Norway (in part); Scotland (in part) 
Howe, John Alien. Fuller’s Earth (in part) 
Howe, Ronald Martin. Scotland Yard 
Howell, Alfred Brazier. Locomotion of Animals 
(in part) 

Howell, Benjamin Franklin. Cambrian System 
Howell, John Thomas. Eastwood, Alice 
Howes, Frank Norman. Cane 
HoWes, Frank Stewart. Carol 
Howland, W. E. Engineering (in part); Engi- 
neering Education (in pari) 

Hoye, John. Cotton and Cotton Industry (in 

Hrozny, Friedrich. Hittites, The 
Hubbard, Eric He^keth. Dobson, Frank 
Hubbard, Howard Archibald.„Arizona 
Hubbard, PrewCL Asphalt 
Hubbard, Theodora ^Kimball. Landscape 

Architecture (in part) 

Hubbeli, Theodore H. Cockroach; Cricket; 
Earwig; Grasshopper, Grouse Locust; 
Katydid; Leaf Insect; Locust; Orthoptera; 

Hubbs, Carl L. Cyclostomata or Marsipobran- 
chii; Fishes (in part); Hagfish; Lamprey 
Huber, Max. Red Cross (in part) 

Huddleson, I. Forest. Brucellosis 
Hudleston, F. J. Balaclava; Crimean War (in 

Hudnut, Joseph. Renaissance Architecture (in 
part); Sculpture (in pari) 

Hudson, Alfred E. Asia (in part) 

Hudson, E. B. Sheets, Iron and Steel 
Hudson, Hilda Phoebe. Analytic Geometry; 

Curve; Surface (in part) 

Hudson- Williams, Thomas. Theognis of Me- 

Hueffer, Francis. Handel, George Frederick 

(in part) 

Huff, Clay G. Entomology (in part) 

Hiigel, Baron F. von. John (The Apostle); 

John, Gospel of St. 

Huggins, Maurice Loyal. Association 
Hughan, William James. Freemasonry (in part) 
Hughes, Charles Evans. Monroe Doctrine, The 
Hughes, Rupert. Borglum, Gutzon 
Huiskamp, Gerard Lawrence. Boot and Shoe 

Huiburt, Ray Garland. Osteopathy 
Hull, A. Eaglefield. Musical Notation 
Hume, Brigadier General Edgar Erskine, 
M.D Society of the Cincinnati 
Humphrey, George. Association, Mental 
Humphreys, William Jackson. Mirage 
Humphries, Sir Albert Edward. Middlings; 

Hungerford, Herbert B. Bedbug, Hemiptera 
(in part); Water Boatman 
Hunsaker, Jerome Clarke. Farman, Henri 
Hunt, Arthur Surridge. Papyrology 
Hunt, Brigadier Sir (Henry Cecil) John. 

Everest, Mount (in part ) 

Hunt, Kenneth Edward. Milk (in pari) 

Hunt, Rockwell Dennis. Los Angeles (tn part) 
Hunt, Stanley B. Synthetic Fibres (in part) 
Hunt, W. Ben. Woodcraft 
Hunter, Arthur. Annuity (in part) 

Hunter, Dard. Watermarks 
Hunter, Sir Robert. Commons (in part) 
Hunter, Walter Samuel. Behaviourism 
Huntingford, George Wynn Brereton. Leka, 

Huntington, Ellsworth. Fire (in part) 

Hurd, Charles DeWitt. Thiophene 
Hurlbut, Cornelius Searle, Jr. Asbestos; Beryl; 
Mineralogy (in part) 

Hurlestone-Jones, F. R. Training Corps, 
Officers’ (in part) 

Hurren, S. A. Pianoforte (in part) ; Pianoforte 
Manufacture (in part); Player-Piano 
Hurst, Edward Weston, M.D. Encephalitis 
Hurst, Harold Edwin. Kagera; Nile 
Hurst, Willard. Lawyer (in part) 

Husik, Isaac. Jewish Philosophy 
Husserl, Edmund. Phenomenology 
Hussey, Joan Mervyn. Basil I; Basil II, Bul- 

Hussey, Rowland M. Nail Manufacture 
Hutchens, Arthur R. Football (in part) 
Hutchins, Ethel L. Cincinnati 
Hutchins, Leroy W. Canoe (in pari) 
Hutchinson, George Evelyn. Biology (in part); 
Palolo Worm 

Hutchinson, John. Africa (in part) 

Hutchinson, Margaret Coshun. Sororities 

(in part) 

Hutchison, A. F. Wallace, Sir William (in part) 
Huth, Hans. Museums and Art Galleries (in 

Hutton, Rev. Arthur Wollaston. Leo XIII (in 
part); Manning, Henry Edward (m part); 
Newman, John Henry {in part); Wiseman, 
Nicholas Patrick Stephen (in pari) 

Hutton, Edward. Boccaccio. Giovanni 
Hutton, Eric. Lewis, John Llewellyn (in part) 
Hutton, John’ 'Anthony. Bermuda; British 

Commonwealth (ifo part) 

Hutton, John Henry. Aeta; Batak; Bugis; 
Cynothe'-apy; Hec^-FuMF™- Khasl and Kiris (in p u .) , ri. g s. Tling; Kuki; 
Lisu; Lolo; Lyc^thropy* Meithex; Metem- 
psychosis (i>: par , t idem, Naga Hills (in 
part), Rejang; Sakai; Semang; Shan; Ta- 

Huxford, Walter Scott. Stroboscope 
Huxley, Julian Sorell. Courtship of Animals; 
Dedifferentiation; Individuality; Metamor- 
phosis (in part) , Selection (in part) 

Hyatt, James Philip. Jeremiah (m part) 

Hyde, Harold Augustus. Wales (in pari) 
Hyman, Libbie Henrietta. Morphology; Rotif- 
era (in part); Tapeworms (in part), Turbel- 
laria (in part) ; Vertebrata, Worm, Zoology 
Hymans, Henri Simon. Rubens, Peter Paul 
(m part), Van Dyck, Sir Anthony (in part) 

Ilbert, Sir Courtenay. Evidence (in part) 

Imms, A. D. Aphides (in part); Coleoptera (in 
part); Diptera (in part), Entomology (in 
part); Hemiptera (in Fyme^o^rier'" ; 

Lepidoptera (in part ) I ’ >y ; [ , ./ , 

Mosquito (in part); \>v:\ '■« 

Phylloxera; Saw-Fly; Social Insects; Tsetse 
Fly, Wasp; Weevil (in part) 

Ingalls, A. G. Mirror (in part) 

Inge, Very Rev. William Ralph, D.D. Plotinus 
Ingham, Kenneth. Kenya (colony) (in part) 
Ingham, P. B. Eurhythmies 
Inghram, Mark G. Mass Spectroscopy (in 

Ingpen, Roger. Shelley, Percy Bysshe (in part) 
Ingram, Beresford. Continuation Schools (in 

Ingram, Henry St. John. Whist (in part); 
Whist, Solo 

Ingram, John Kells. Senior, Nassau William 
(in pui). Slavery (in part) 

Ingram, Thomas Allan. Bill of Sale (in part ) ; 

Ingrams, William Harold. Hong Kong (in 
part); Sokotra (in part) 

Innes, Alexander. Knox, John 
Innes, William Thorton. Ives, FrecerL Eugene 
Innes of Learney, Sir Thomas. Eglinton, Earls 

Xnnis, Harold Adams. Canada (in part) 
Inwards, H. Straw and Straw Manufactures 
(b: 4 V«; i) 

T ~i> ,, WTIard. Addis Ababa; Algeria 
pc v : , ..kura (in part); Angola (in part), 
Asmara; Benghazi (in part); Congo Free 
State (in part); Eritrea (in part); Fez; Fez- 
zan, Iraq (in part); Jibuti, Kantanga; Mas- 
sawa; Mesopotamia (‘n part); Misurata; 
Oran; Qair*\ Rnoriesla (in Pa* 0 : Ruanda- 
Urundi (in pari); Somaliland, Tanga, To- 
bruk; Transvaal (in part); Tunis {'in, par .) , 
Tunisia (in part); Wazzan 
Ironside, Field Marshal Sir William Edmund. 
Russia, Campaign in North (in part) ; Russo- 
Polish Campaign; Tannenberg, Battle of 
Irvine, William Fergusson. Liverpool (in part) 
Irving, Frederick A. West Point (in part) 
Irwin, Brian St. George. Land Description (in 

Irwin, Robert Benjamin. Blindness (in part) 
Irwin, Will. Baseball (in part) 

Irwin, William A. Wisdom Literature 
Isaac, Jules. Anne (of France); Francis I (in 

Isaacs, Jacob. Dramatic Criticism 
Isaacs, S. C. Theatres, Law Relating to (in 

Izard, Thomas C. Whetstone, George 

Jack, George. Sculpture Technique (in part ) 
Jackson, Dunham. Polynomial (in part) 
Jackson, Edna. Health Visitor (in part) 
Jackson, Henry. Parmenides of Elea; Sophists; 
Thales of Miletus (in part); Xenocrates of 
Chalcedon (in part) 

Jackson, Sir Herbert. Microscopy (in part) 
Jackson, John. Moon, Planetarium 



Jackson, John Hampden^ Finland (in pari) 
Jackson, Major General' Sir Louis (Charles). 

South African War, 1899-1902 (in part) 
Jackson, Stanley Perciva^. South Africa, Union 
of (in pari) 

Jacob, George James Morley. Juvenile Delin- 
quency (in pait) 

Jacobs, Rev. Charles Michael, D D Lutherans 
(in part) 

Jacob, Ernest Fraser. History (in part) 
Jacobs, Joseph. Jew, The Wandering (in part); 
Passover (in part) 

Jacobson, Nathan. Polynomial (in part); Ring 
(hi part) 

Jadwm, Edgar. Champlain, Lake, Colorado 
River; Erie, Lake (m pari), George, Lake; 
Hudson River, Missouri River; Niagara 
River, Ontario, Lake (in pari), Saint Clair 
River (in part) 

Jaffe, Lee K. Port Authority (in part) 

JaM, Vincent E. Kite-Flying (in part) 

James, Charles. Holmium; Neodymium; Sa- 
marium, Terbium; Thulium; Ytterbium; 

James, E. Ibbetson. Aytouu, William Edmon- 
stoune, Chesteiton, Gilbeit Keith, Cheva- 
lier, Albert, Lloyd, Mane 
James, F. E. Skone. Copyright (in part) 
James, Harlean. Washington 
Jaimes, Milton Carl. Pisciculture (in part) 
James, Montague R. Eton 
James, Richard Edward Warwick. Coques, 
Gonzalez, Koninck, Philips; Neer, Van Der; 

James, William P. Kipling, Rudyaid (in part) 
Jamot, Paul. Painting (in pait) 

Janson, Roland Godfrey. Skating 
Javarek, Vera. Serbo-Croatian Literature 
Jayne, Kingsley Garland. Malay Archipelago 
(in part) 

Jeans, Sir James Hopwood. Cosmogony; 
Kinetic Theory of Matter (in part), Rela- 
tivity (in part) 

Jebb, Sir Richard Claverhouse. Aristophanes 
(in part), Demosthenes; Greek Literature' 
(in part); Isocrates (in part), Lysias (in part); 
Pindar (in part); Rhetoric (in part); Thucy- 
dides (in part) 

Jeffers, William Martin. Union Pacific Rail- 
road (in pari) 

Jefferson, C* Column, Surgery of 

Jefferson, . * (m part) 

Jeffery, H. E. Goat (in part) 

Jeffreys, Harold. Earth 
Jeffries, Zay. Alloys 
Jellison, William L. Bird Louse; Louse 
Jenkins, Evan David Thomas. Constitution of 

Jenkins, Francis Arthur. Light (in part) 
Jenkins, Hilger Perry, M D Appendicitis 
Jenkins, Robert Thomas. U a VrD 

Jenkinson, Sir Hilary. Exchequer (in part); 

Jenks, William Jackson. Norfolk & Western 
Railway Company, The 
Jenne, Eldon I. Physical Education 
Jenness, Diamond. Eskimos; Ivory Carving 
(in part) 

Jennings, Walter W. Kentucky (in part) 
Jennings, William Ivor. Ministry; Speaker (in 

Jespersen, Otto. Grammar; Philology 
Jessup, Walter Albert. Iowa (in part) 

Jevons, William Stanley. Boole, George 
Johaxmesson, Thorkell. Iceland (in pari ) 
Johannsen, Albert. Diabase; Dolerite. 

Johns, Iral Brown. Calomel; Corrosive Sub- 
limate; Mercury 

Johnson, A. Le Roy. Orthodontia 
Johnson, Earl Shepard. Civics 
Johnson, Edward C. Embalming 
Johnson, Emory Richard. Inter-State Com- 
merce; Transport (in part) 

Johnson, Frank William. Oak (in part) 
Johnson, James Weldon. Negro, The Ameri- 
can (in part) 

Johnson, Martin Wiggo. Marine Biology; 
Ocean and Oceanography (in part); Zoologi- 

cal Collecting (in part) 

Johnson, O. M. Farm Rents (in pait) 

Johnson, Raymond. Softball 
Johnson, Thomas Hope. Chronographs (in 
part); Electricitv, '* * ’ 

Johnson, Warren C. * Clayton 

Johnson, ^ ’IN TT < \ , - . dena, Para- 
mecium, ; v . 

Johnston, Alexander. United States (of Amer- 
ica), The (m part) 

Johnston, Charles. Song Birds (in part) 

Johnston, Charles Haven Ladd. McClellan, 
George Bnnton 

Johnston, Sir Harry Hamilton. Africa (in pait); 

Liberia (in part), Uganda (in part) 

Johnston, Henry Phelps. American Revolu- 
tion, The (in part) 

Johnston, Paul E. Farm Management (in part) 
Johnston, Walter Henry. Great Britain (in 

Jolas, Maria. Diama (in pait) 

Joliot-Cune, Irene. Polonium (in part) 

Joll, James Bysse. Germany (in part) 

Jolliffe, Arthur Ernest. Series (in part) 

Jolowicz, Herbert Felix. Roman Law 
Joly, Charles Jasper. Camera Lucida 
Jones, Sir Bennett Melvill. Aerodynamics 
Jones, E. Alfred. Golden Rose (m part), Mace 
(in part), Silversmiths’ and Gokismitks’ 
Work (in pait) 

Jones, Ernest, M.D Freud, Sigmund (in part) 
Jones, E. Taylor. Electiomagnet (in pari); 
Induction Coil 

Jones, Frederic Wood. Australia (in part) 
Jones, Gilbert Starling. Valley Forge 
Jones, Gwilym Peredur. Freemasonry (in 

Jones, Sir Harold Spencer. Astronomy (in 
part); Astrophysics; Telescope (in part); 
Star (in part) 

Jones, Henry Albert. Potato (in pait) 

Jones, J. C. Griffith. Eisteddfod; Wales (in 

Jones, Jenkin William. Rice (in part) 

Jones, Percy Herbert. Cremation (in part ) 
Jones, Philip James. Farnese, Sforza, Sforza, 

Jones, Richard J., M D. Thrombosis and Em- 

Jones, Robert Edmond. Theatre (in pari) 

Jones, S. Voice (in part) 

Jones, Vernon S. Laws Relating to Seamen (in 

Jones, W. Neilson. Chimaera 
Jopson, Norman Brooke. Old Slavonic; Polish 
Language, Russian Lr^ gauge and Litera- 
ture (in part); Serb-' Language 

(in part): Slavonic Language* Slavs (in part) 
Jordan, David Starr, M.D Agas-.z. Jean Louis 

Joseph, Helen Kalman. Marionettes and Pup- 

Joseph, Horace W. B. Species (in part) 
Josselyn, Lloyd W. Canoe (in part) 

Jourdain, Rev. Francis C. R. Cuckoo 
Joyce, Adrian D. Turpentine 
Joyce, Cyril Alfred. Juvenile Delinquency (in 

Joyce, Thomas Athol. Colombia (in A./^; 
Dress (in part); Inca; South 'hi 

part) ; West Indies, The (in part) 

Judson, Lewis Van Hagen. Measures and 

Jull, Morley Allan. Poultry and Poultry Farm- 
ing; Turkey 

Jung, Frederic Theodore, M.D. Beauty Cul- 

Jutzi, W. Dyeworks and Chemical Industries, 
.Amalgamation of (in part) 

Kaempffert, Waldemar. Inventions and Dis- 

Kahn, Ely Jacques, Colour in Architecture; 

Shop Front Design (in part) 

Kahn, Richard Arthur. Physical Natural Re- 
sources (in part) 

Kalem, Theodore Eustace. O’Neill, Eugene 


Kallen, Horace Meyer. James, William 
Kamp, Ewalct A. Bolt * * 

Kandel, Isaac Leon. Classical Education (m 
part); Degree (in part), Education, History 
of (in part) 

Kang, Younghill. Bed (in Part), Dance (in 
part), Dress fan part), Li Po or Li Tai Po; 
Societies of Art (in part); Tonghak or Chun- 
tokyo; Tu Fu 

Kansas, Sidney. Deportation (in part) 

Karmei, Peter Henry. South Australia (in 

Karpen, Leo. Furniture Manufacture (in part) 
Karve, Batt&treya Gopal. Bombay (in pait), 
Bombay State (in part); Kathiawar 
Kasner, Edward. Levi-Civita, Tullio 
Kassel, Louis S # Catalysis (in part) 

Katz, Darnel. Aesthetics, •Experimental (in 

Katz, Commander Saul. Judge-Advocate of 
the Fleet 

Kawin, Ethel. Parent Education (in part) 

Kay, Marshall. Ordovician System 
Keefer, Chester Scott, M.D. Sulfonamides, 

Keeler, William Norton. Raisin 
Keeling, S. V. Cartesians 
Keesing, Felix M. Batak; Bontok; Igorot 
Keeton, George Williams. Torture (in part) 
Keith, Sir Arthur, M D. Man, Evolution of 
Keith, E. Gordon. Corporation Tax 
Keller, Arthur Charles. Gramophone (in part) 
Keller, Kaufman Thuraa. Chrysler Corpora- 

Keller, Walter David. Tripoli 
Kellett, E. E. Jew W'r’dH-ir (hi part); 
Paston Letters ( P.rt > ; og.’ \in part), 
Prose (in part); ^ A:*" \ P " ' . Round 

Table, Sonnet; ' i 

Kelley, Charles Fabens. Bronze and Brass 
Ornamental Work (m part) 

Kelley, Florence. Sweating System (in part) 
Kelley, Robert F. Polo (in part) 

Kelliher, Harry P. Trans-Oceanic and Trans- 
continental Flights (in part) 

Kellogg, Charles E. Glinka, Koq^tantin Di- 
mi trievich 

Kellogg, Vernon. Burbank, Luther, Hoover, 
Herbert Clark (in part) 

Kelly, George Arthur. Pullman Incorporated 

Kelly, Raymond John. American Legion 
Kelsen, Hans. Absolutism, Political 
Kelsey, Clarence Hill. Title Guarantee Com- 

Kelsey, Frances Oldham, M D Atropine; Dig- 

Keltic, Sir John Scott. Africa (in part) ; Living- 
stone, David 

Kempff, Clarence Selby. Ship Lanes of the 
North Atlantic (in part) 

Kendall, E. C. Addison’s Disease; Adrenal 
Glands * 

Kendall, Henry M. Air; Belle-Ue-En-Mer; 

Corsica (in part) ; Tahiti; Tripoli (in part) 
Kendrick, Albert Frank. Dress (in part); In- 
terior Decoration (in part); Textiles and 
Embroideries (in part) 

Kendrick, Benjamin B. Calhoun, John Cald- 
well; Hayes, Rutherford Birchard (in part); 
Johnson, Andrew; Quincy, Josiah 
Kendrick, Thomas Downing. Balearic Islands 
(in pari); Corsica (in part), Druidism; Malta 
(in part); Sardinia (tn part) 

Kennard, Earle Hesse. Kinetic Theory of 
Matter (in part) ; Radiometer 
Kennedy, Rev. Archibald Robert Stirling, D.D. 

Kennedy, Sir Charles Malcolm. Commercial 
Treaties (in pari) 

Kennedy, Clarence Hamilton. Dragonfly; In- 
sect (in part) 

Kennedy, Edward T. Water Polo 
Kennedy, John Joseph. Sodium (in part) 
Kennedy, John Lyon. Parapsychology; Psy- 
chical Research (in par & 

Kennedy, Majol: General Noble. Artil- 
lery (in part) # * 


Kennedy, Vincent Lome. Assumption, Feast 
of; Exorcism a 

Kenny* Meave, M.D. Puerperal Fever 
Kent* Francis Lawrence. Libraries (in part); 
Periodical (in part) 

Kenton, Dorothy. Husband and Wife (in 

Ker by, C. Edith. Blindness (in part) 

Kern, William H. T >V 2 or.-F , r*^ 

Kerr, Charles, Jr. \o?cr' r ‘ . . . part) 

Kerr, Clark. Industrial Relations (in part) 
Kerr, Duncan J. Lehigh Valley Railroad, The 
Kerr, Sir John Graham. Vertebrate Embry- 
ology (in part) 

Kerr, Philip Henry, Marquess of Lothian. 
Rhodes Scholarships 

Kerwin, Jerome Gregory. Alderman; Autoc- 
racy; Democratic Party (in part); Filibuster 
Kester, Roy Bernard. Cost Accounting (in 

Ketch, James Moss. Reflectors 
Ketchum, Marshall D. Investments: In Busi- 
ness; Investment Trusts; Listed Securities 
Kettering, Charles Franklin. Motor Car (in 

Kettle, Arnold Charles. Novel (in part) 
Keutgen, Friedrich Wilhelm Eduard. Com- 
mune (in part) 

Key, V. O., Jr. Corrupt Practices (in part); 
National Convention, The (in part) ; Party, 
Political; Referendum and Initiative; Spoils 
System (in pari) 

Keyes, Henry Wilder. New Hampshire (iv her*) 
Keynes, Geoffrey Langdoi. M.D Bi?ke, 

Kiernan, Loyd J. Railways (in part) 

Kilhom, Holloway. Drop Forging (in part); 

Kimball, Dexter Simpson. Technical Educa- 
tion (in part) 

Kimball, Fiske. Interior Decoration (in part) ; 
Modern Architecture, 18th and 19th Cen- 
turies (in pari) 

King, Donald. Mostaert. Jan 

King, Edward C. Land Description (in part) 

King, Franfe L. Fountain Pen 

Kang, Hugh P. Instalment Selling 

King, James F. Colombia (in part) 

King, John. Light (Thin) Castings Industry 
King, Willford Isbell. Demand; Diminishing 
Returns; Panic (in part); Trade Forecasts; 
Trusts (in part) 

King, William Bernard Robinson. Coprolites 
(in pari); England (in part); Springs 
King-Page, Douglas. Marine Insurance (in 

Kingsbury, Forrest Alva. Abilities, General 
and Special; Psychological Tests 
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge. Buckingham, 
Henry Stafford. 2nd Duke of; Edward IV; 
Henry IV; Henry VI; Richard II; Richard 
III; Salisbury, Thomas de Montacute; 
Somerset, Edmund Beaufort, Duke of; 
Whittington, Richard 
Kingsford, H. S. Seals (in part) 

Kingslake, Rudolf. Photography (in part) 
Kinietz, Vernon. Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe 
Kinkeldey, Otto, Chinese Music 
Kinley, David. Illinois (in part); Illinois, The 
University of (in part) 

Kiphuth, Robert John Herman. Swimming (in 

Kirby, Robin. Cartoon (in part) 

Kircher. Paul. Accrued Expenses; Accrued In- 

Kirchwey, George W. Convict; Habitual 
Offenders (in part) : House of Correction or 
Bridewell. Imprisonment, Penology 
Kirk, George Eden, Aden; Arabia (in part); 
Arab League; Cyrenaica (in part); Ibn Sa‘ud, 
‘Abd u I- ‘Aziz ibn £ Abd ur Rahman ibn Fai- 
sal, Kuwait (in pari); Lebanon (in pan); 
Mediterranean Sea (in part), Palestine (in 
pan ) ; Syria (in part) , Transjordan (in pan ) ; 
Tiipohlama {in part) 

Kirk, Paul L. Ultr .miciochcmistiy 
KirkujJ, ThonsgD Juhan (in Part); Lassalic, 

Kirkwood, John Gamble. Liquid State, The 
Xirsner, Joseph B., M.D. Liver and Gall- 
Bladder, Diseases of 

Coorge B. Cyclonite; Detona- 
Lead Azide; Mercuric Ful- 
minate;" Nitrocellulose; Nitroglycerin; Pro- 
pellants; Tetryl; T.N.T. 

:Kitson, Harry Dexter. Job Analysis 
Kitson, Michael William Lely. Caravaggio, 
Michelangelo da; Vouet, Simon 
Klauder, Charles Z. University Architecture 
(in part) 

Klein, Major Adrian B. Colour-Music 
Klein, David Ballin. Dreams 
Kleitman, Nathaniel. Sleep 
Klemin, Alexander. Gliding (in port) 

Kline, Hibberd Van Buren, Jr. Gold Coast (in 
part); Kontagora (in pari), Tripoli (in part) 
Kioeke, G. G. Dutch Language (m part) 
Klopsteg, Paul Ernest. .Archery; Vacuum (in 

Eliiver, Heinrich. Eidetic Images 
Knapp, A. W. Chocolate (in part) 

Knappett, Charles Richard, M.D. Antiseptics 
(in part) 

Kneale, William Calvert. Frege, Gottlob 
Knight, Frank Hyneman. Capital and Interest; 

Economics; Individualism 
Knight, Grant C. Stockton, Francis Richard 
Knight, Henry Granger. Coco-Nut Oil and 
Cake, Maple Sugar, Margarine 
Knopf, Adolph. Becke, Friedrich 
Knott, Henry William Howard. Hughes, 
Chailes Evans (in part) 

Knott, James Edward. Lettuce 
Knowles, C. M. Workmen’s Compensation (in 

Knowles, Hugh S. Loud-Speaker 
Knox, Major General Sir Alfred William 
Fortescue. Nicholas (Grand Duke) 

Knox, Dudley Wright. American Revolution 
(in Part); War of 1812, The 
Knox, Edmund George Valpy. Horace; Lim- 
ericks; Parody 

Knox, Rev. G. W. # D D. Christianity (in 

Knox, Winifred F. Saladin (in pari) 

Knox- Shaw, Harold. Nebula 
Knudsen, Ole Ferdinand. Norway (in part) 
Kobbe, William U- Sulphur, Special Applica- 
tions of 

Koch, Helen Lois. Child Psychology and 
Development; Handedness 
Koeber, R. B. San Francisco (in part) 

Kohler, Wolfgang. Psychology, History of 
(in part) 

Kohman, Truman Paul. Radium; Radon 
Kohn, Hans. Abyssinia (in part); Colour and 
Race (in part); Communism; Damascus (in 
part); Democracy (in part); Dobruja (in 
part); Fascism; Greece (in part); Haifa; Im- 
perialism; Jerusalem (in part); Minorities; 
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (in part); Nation- 
alism (in part); National Socialism; Nehru, 
Jawaharlal (in pari); Palestine (in part); 
Pan-Slavism; Ruthenia or Carpathian Ru- 
thenia (in part); Tel Aviv (in part) 

Kolb, Avery E. Motor Transport, Military 
Kolb, Lawrence, M.D. Drug Addiction (in 

Komisarjevsky, Theodore. Acting (in part) 
Konody, Paul G. Art (in part); Impressionism; 

Post-Impressionism; Potter, Paul 
Kook, Edward. Stage Design (in part) 
Kornerap, Bj0m. Andersen, Hans Niels 
Kossoris, Max Davis. Industrial Accidents 
Kracek, Frank Charles. Polymorphism 
Kraehenbuehl, John Otto. Lighting and Arti- 
ficial Illumination (in part) 

Kramer, Victor. Dry Cleaning; Laundry In- 

Krause, Arlington Colton, M D. Spectacles 
Krause, Captain Roland Ernest. World War II 
(in part) 

Kravis, Irving B. Prices, Statistics of (in pari) 
Krebs, Hans Adolf. Citric Acid 
Kreps, Theodore J. Trade Organization 
Kreutzberg, Harald. Pantomime 

Krock, Arthur. Baruoh, Bernard Mannes 
Kroeber, Alfred L. Algonkin; Athabascan; 
Aztec; Chinook; Cree; Creek; Dakota; Flat- 
head; Hokan; Hopi; Iroquois; Kiowa; Koo- 
tenay; Kwakiutl; Mandan; Micmac; Mus- 
kogian Indians; North America (in paif), 
North Pacific Coast Indians (in pail), 
Ojibwa; Pima; Plains Indians; Powhatan, 
Pueblo (in part); Siouan Indians (in pail), 
Tlingii, Uto-Aztecan Family 
Krom, Nicolaas Johannes. Cambodia (in pail), 
Java (in part) 

Kronfeld, Peter C., M D. Colour Blindness 

Kropa, Edward L. Fumaric and Maleic Acids; 
Plastics; Resins 

Kropotkin, Prince Peter Alexeivitch. Anarch- 
ism (in part); Bulgaria, Eastern, Syr-Darya 
(in part) 

Krug, Julius A. Government Departments (in 

Krumbacher, K. Greek Literature (in pari) 
Krusen, Frank Hammond, M.D Electrother- 
apy and Electrodiagnosis; Ultrasonics in 

Krutch, Joseph W. Cabell, (James) Branch 
(in part) 

Kubie, Lawrence Schlesinger, M.D. Psychia- 
try (in part); ?svehor r ‘al\>Is (In part) 
Kiihnei, Ernst. Persia-* and (cal- 

ligraphy (in part) 

Kuiischer, Eugene. Migration 
Kumler, Katherine W. Home Sewing 
Kunz, George Frederick. Jade and Other Hard 
Stone Carvings; Lapidary and Gem Cutting 
Kurn, James M. St. Louis-San Francisco Rail- 
way Company (in part) 

Kurtz, Rev. Daniel Webster, D.D. German 
Baptist Brethren (in part) 

Kuznets, Simon. National Income; Wealth, 
National, Wealth and Income, Statistics of 

Laaman, Eduard. Estonia (in part) 
Labadie-Eurite, Juan. Aguadilla (in part); 
Caguas; Fajardo; Humacao (in part) ; Ponce 
(in part); Porto Rico (in part); San Ger- 
man; San Juan (in part) 

Labouxet, Henri. Africa (in part); Hausa (in 

Lacey, Thomas Alexander, D.D. Augustine, 
Saint (Aurelius Augustinus); Church (in 

LaFarge, The Reverend John, S.J. Roman 
Catholic Church (in part) 

Lagarde, Henri. Banque de France 
Laidlay, E. C. Fur 

Lake, Kirsopp. Soden, Hermann von 
Lake, Philip. Asia (••* ^ f) ^ ants, Origin 
of; Europe (in ; ■ ‘ ■ , * q (in part); 

India (in part) 

Lallou, Viliism J.„ S.TD. Consecration 
Lamar, John Everts. Cement Rock; Stone 
Lamb, Frank D. Ore Dressing 
Lamb, M. C. Leather 

Lamb, Walter Rangeley Maitland. Academy, 
Royal (in part) 

Lambert, James Douglas. Belgium (in part); 
France (in part) ; Holland (in part) , Luxem- 
bourg; Paris (in part); Spain (in pari) 
Lambert, Walter Davis. Geodesy 
LaMont, Stewart M. Accident Insurance, 
Personal (in part) 

Lamoureux, Andrew Jackson. Atacama, Des- 
ert of; Belem (in part); Bogotd (in part); 
Venezuela (in part) 

Lancour, Harold. Auctions and Auctioneers (in 

Landauer, H. Edgar. Dyeworks and Chemical 
Industries, Amalgamation of (in pari); 
Siemens (in part) ; Vereinigte Industrie-Un- 
ternehmungen Aktiengesellschaft 
Landells, Walter. Jobber (London Stock Ex- 
change); Stockbroker (in part) 

Lander, Cecil Howard. Fuel: A General Sur- 

Landis, Benson Y. Anti-Semitism (in part) 
Landis, Carney. Emotion; Psychogalvanic Re- 
flex (in part) 




Landis, James McCmil#. Alien (in part); 
Ejectment (in part); Executors and Admin- 
istrators (m part); Extradition $ cr A : 
Habeas Corpus (in part); A' ' rt 

part); intestacy (in part); La*\i Tm 5 ( ,• 
part). Maintenance and Charr^rty (in 
part)' K Nullity of Mairiage ( » pa. ); Part- 
nership (in part ) ; Petition of Right (in part); 
Police Power; Statute (in pari), Summary 
Jurisdiction (in bar*); Sunday (ir f)c v t)- 
Treason (in ^ / ) r 7 : _sr and 7 It' 

part); Usury; Warrant (in part); W T rit (in 

Landon, Grace J. Lumber ng (in part) 

Lane, Ernest Preston. Involu.e 
Lane, James W. Fraser, James Earle 
Lane-Poole, Stanley. Burton, Sir Richard 

Lang, Andrew. Apparitions; La Cloche, James 
de (tn part ) ; Prometheus (in pari ) ; Second 
Sight; Tale (in part) 

Langdon, Stephen Herbert. Assur, Ashur, , 
Asur;^ Babylonian and Assyrian Religion; 
Creation, Epic of; Hammurabi; Marduk; 
Mesopotamia (in part); Nebo or Nabu; 
Cannes; Sin, Tammuz 

Langer, Rudolph Ernest. Birkhoff, George 
David (in part); Calculus of Differences; 
Differential Equations; Mer_s«”i \^r. 
Lai^eld, Herbert Sidney. Aesthetics, Experi- 
mental (in part ) ; Stumpf , Carl 
Langworthy, R. A. Steam Accumulators 
Lansbtiry, John, M.D. Gout 
Lanterman, Walter Firth. Broadcasting (in 

Lanza, Anthony J., M.D. Pneumonoconiosis 
Lapworth, Herbert. Well 
Lardner, George E. Crossword 
Larkin, Richard N. Electricity Supply: Com- 
mercial Aspects (in pari) 

Larking, Captain Albert. Early Closing Move- 
ment (in part) 

Larmor, Sir Joseph. Energy (in part) 

Larsen, Arthur J. Minnesota (in part) 

Larsen, Helge. Denmark (m part); Greenland 
Larson, Taft Alfred. Wyoming 
Lashley, Kari S. Instinct; Psychology (in part) 
Laskl, Harold J. Anarchism (in part); Bolshe- 
vism (in part); Laissez-Faire 
Lasky, Jesse L. Motion Pictures (in part) 
Lasswell, Harold X>. Propaganda 
Latey, William. Nullity of Marriage (in part); 

Press Laws (in part); Sunday (in part) 
Lathrop, John Howland, D.D. Unitariamsm 
(in pari) 

Latimer, Wendell Mitchell. Chromium (in 
part); Lewis, Gilbert Newton; Manganese; 
Oxidation and Reduction 
Latourette, Kenneth Scott, D.D. China (in 
part); Chinese Literature; Chinese Eastern 
Railway, Formosa (<?; part); Manchuria 
(Manchoukuc) (in part); Missions (in part); 
Mongolia (in part) 

Laughton, L. G. Carr. Ships’ Figureheads 
Laurie, Arthur Pillans. Fresco Painting 
Lautzenhiser, Fred B. Motor Vehicles, Com- 

Law, Edward F. Anti-Friction Metals 
Law, K. C. Fire Insurance 
La Wall, Charles H. Pharmacy (in part) 
Lawrence, Colonel Thomas Edward. Guerrilla 
Warfare (in part) 

Lawrence, William Henry. Perspective 
Lawson, Major General Edward Frederick, 
4th Baron Burnham. Yeomanry (in part) 
Lawton, Graham Henry. South Australia (in 

Layard, George Somes. Keene, Charles Samuel 
(in part); Linton, William James 
Lazarus-Bariow, Percy, M.D. Calculi or 
Stones (in part) 

Lazarus-Barlow, Walter Sydney, M.D. -Aus- 
cultation; Inflammation and Its Sequels; 
Mammary Gland, Diseases of; Mirror-Writ- 
ing, Mouth and Salivary Glands (in pari); 
Pericardium, Diseases of the; Quackery 
(mpart); Sunlight Treatment (in part) 

Lea, C. A. E. Gallabat 

Leach, Edmund Ronald. Miao-Tsze 
Leacock, Stephen Butler. Alberta (in part); 
British Columbia (in part); Canada (m 
part), Humour, Manitoba (m part), Mon- 
treal (in part), New Brunswick (in part); 
Northwest Territories (in part), Nova Sco- 
tia (in part), Saskatchewan (m part) 

Leake, James Miller. Florida 
Leake, James P., M D Smallpox, Vaccination 
Leathes, Sir Stanley Mordaunt. Cromwell, 

Leavens, Dickson H. Bimetallism (in pari); 
Tael (in pari) 

Lebesgue, Phileas. Greek Literature (in part) 
Leekie, John. Pencil Drawing (in part) 

Lederer, Emil. International, The (in part) 

Lee, Major General Alec Wilfred. World War 
II (in part) 

Lee, Robert Warden. Roman-Dutch Law 
Leech, Lewis Harper. Chicago (in part) 

Lee of Fareham, Arthur Hamilton Lee. Sul- 
grave Manor 

Lee-Warner, Sir William. Dalhousie, James 
Andrew Brown Ramsay, 1st Marquess and 
10th Earl of (in part) 

LefBngwell, W. H. Office Machines and Ap- 
pliances (in part); Office Management 
Legge, James Confucius (in part ) ; L&o-Tse (in 

Legge, Robin Humphrey. Debussy, Claude A. 
(in part) 

Lehman, Eugene Heitler. Camping (in part) 
Lehman, Herbert H. War Relief Work 
Lehmann-Haupt, Carl F. Urartu 
Lehmann-Haupt, Heilmut. Bookselling (in 

Lehmer, Derrick Henry. Bernoulli Numbers or 
Bernoullian Numbers 
Leigh, Richard Henry. Uniforms (in part) 
Leighly, John. Running Water; Seasons 
Leighton, Morris M. Glacial Epoch (in part) 
Leiserson, William M. Industrial Relations (in 

Leland, Simeon Elbridge. National Debt 
Lemmer, Friedrich. Krupp 
Lemon, Harvey Brace. Bohr, Niels; Capaci- 
tance; Capillary Tube 

Lenoir, Robert Maurice Jean. Watches (in 

Lenroot, Katharine Fredrica. Child Welfare 
and Child Labour (in part), Maternal and 
Child Health (in part) 

Lentelli, Leo. Sculpture Technique (in part) 
Lenti, Libero. Italy (in part) 

Leopold, Aide, Game Management 
Lerner, Abba P. Investments, Economic As- 
pects of 

Lesar, Hiram H. Landlord and Tenant (in 

Lescohier, Don Divance. Casual Labour (in 
part); Profit-Sharing (in part); Unemploy- 
ment Insurance (in part) 

Lester, Robert MacDonald. Carnegie Trusts 
(in part) 

Lethaby, William Richard, Design (in part) 
Lethbridge, Thomas Charles. Scandinavian 
Civilization (in part) 

Letiche, John M. Balance of Payments 
Levesen, William Egbert. Chang Tso-lin; 

Chiang Kai-shek (in part) 

Levett, Ada E. Manor (in part) 

Levi, Nathan. Smuts, Jan Christiaan (in part) 
Levin, Isaac H. Gems, Synthetic (in part) 
Levine, Philip. Blood (in part) 

Levinson, Andre. Bakst, Leon 
Levinson, Nathan. Motion Pictures (in part) 
Levinson, Sidney O., M.D. Serum Therapy 
Levy, Oscar, M.D. Nietzsche, Friedrich Wil- 

Levy, Reuben. Ecbatana; Susa 
Lewin, Bertram David, M.D. Psychoanalysis 
(in pari) 

Lewis, Bernard. Assassin 

Lewis, Bernard. Flame 

Lewis, B. R. Guerrilla Warfare (in part) 

Lewis, Cal, Clothing Manufacture (in part) 

Lewis, Charles F. Pittsburgh 

Lewis, Geoffrey Lewis, Kuprili; Mahmud I; 

Mohammed I, II, III, W; Myrad I, II, 
III, IV; Selim I, Selim II; Selim III, Soli- 
man I, II, Turkey (in part) 

Lewis, Henry. Breton Literature; Cornish 

Lewis, M. R. Drainage of Land fin part) 

Lewis, Peter E<$wm. Court (m part); Hanging 
(in pa>t ), Landlord and Tenant (in part); 
Legitimacy and Legitimation (in part); 
Statute (in part) 

Lewis, Robert Strong. Mining, Metalliferous 
(in part) 

Lewis, Samuel Richard. Ventilation 
Lewis, Stuart. Assessor (in pait); Associate 
Justice; Budget (in part), Corrupt Prac- 
tices (in part); Initiative, Mason and Dixon 
Line; National Convention, The (in part) 

Lewis, William Draper. Judicial Reform (in 
part); Marshall, John 

Lewis, W. S. Austria (in part), Austria, Lower; 
Budapest (in part), Burgenlancl, Carnsthia; 
Carlsbad (Bohemia) (in pari), Carpathian 
Mountains; Prague, Styria; Tati a Moun- 
tains, Tirol (in part); Vienna (in part) 
Lewkowitsch, P. R. Elsa. Almond Oil (in pail); 
Beeswax (in part), Bone, Industrial Uses of 
(in part); Candle (in pari), Essential Oils (in 
part ) ; Oils, Fats and Waxes (in part) ; Palm 
Oil (in part) ; Tung Oil (in part) ; Whale Oil 
(in part) 

Leyser, Karl Joseph. Germany (in part), Welf 
Lichtenstein, Walter. Bank for International 
Settlements (in part) 

Liddell Hart, Captain B. H. Allenby, Edmund 
Henry Hynman, 1st Viscount, Aspcrn-Ess- 
ling, Br.tT.i of; Cambrai, Battle 

of; Cr-'-Tiiri-DcN-Damos, Hamilton, Sir Ian 
Standish Monteith, Uipa, Battle of; Man- 
tineia; Marne, Second Battle of The; Mongol 
Campaigns; Pershing, John Joseph (in part ) ; 
Quebec (in part), St QuenriX Battle of, 
1918; Salonika Campaigns, K-l 5-1 8, Somme, 
Battles of The,! 1916; World War I (in part ) ; 
World War II (in part); Ypres, Battles of, 

Liebeschiitz, Hans. Brandenburg (Margravi- 

Liebman, A. J. Whisky or Whiskey (in part) 
Liefmann, W. Robert. Cartel or Kartel 
Liegler, L. Vienna (in part) 

Lierle, D. M., MD Deaf and Hard of Hear- 
ing, Education of (in part) 

Lietzmann, Hans, D.Th. Baptism (in part); 
Creeds (in part) 

Lillie, Frank R. Feather (in part) 

Lillie, Ralph D., M.D Psittacosis 
Limentani, Bberio. Italian Literature (in 
part); Novel (in part) 

Linck, Lawrence J. Cripples 
Lincoln, Frederick C. Bird be ''ding 
Lindsay, Alexander Durdcp, 1st Baron Lindsay 
of Birker. Adult EcL’caiion (w pa~t) 
Lindsay, Samuel McCnne. International 
Labour Organization, The; Liquor Laws and 
Liquor Control; Prohibition 
Lindsay, Rev. Thomas Martin, D.D. Lollards 
(in part); Lutherans (In part); Thomas a 

Lindstrom, Ernest Walter. Plant Breeding 
Ling, Arthur Robert. Malt (in part) 

Lingane, James J. Polarography 
Link, Arthur S. Daniels, Josephus 
Linton, Morris Albert. Actuary 
Linton, Robert R., M D. Varicose Veins 
Lipman, Jacob Goodale. Agricultural Educa- 
tion (in part) 

Lippmann, Walter. Pulitzer, Joseph (in part ) 
Lipsett, Caldwell H. Afridi (in part) 

Lipson, Leslie. Governor (in part) 

Lissens, RenS Felix. Belgian Lucraime (in 

Little, Clarence Cook. Cancer Research 
Little, Frances. Textiles and Embroideries (zVi 
part) \ 

Little, Sir Rudolf Alexande&^ost and Postal 
Services (in'pari) • 

Little, Stuart. Match * 



Littlefield, £athe^ne. Ballet 
Livermore, Harold Victor. Portugal 
Livingstone, C. J. Motor Car Engines: Their 
Operation and Care (in part) 

.Llewellyn, Karl Nickerson. Bill o- 
(in part) , Chattel Mortgage; 
part), Factor (in part), Foreclosure (in part)] 
Guarantee (in part)] Instalment Purchase 
(in part)] Sale of Goods (in part)] Valuation 
and Values (in part) 

Lloyd, Charles Christopher, F.R.H.S. Keith, 
George Keith Elphinstone 
Lloyd, Charles Mostyn. Pauper; Poor Law (in 
part)] Workhouse 

Lloyd, E. M. H. Rationing (in part)] War Con- 
trol of Food (in part) ^ 

Lloyd, Francis Earnest. Byblis; Carnivorous 
Plants; Darlingtonia; Drosophyllum; Pin- 
guicula; Pitcher Plants, Roridula; Sundew; 
XJtricularia; Venus’s Fly-Trap 
Lloyd, Sir John Edward. Wales (in part) 

Lloyd, Nathaniel. Brickwork 
Lloyd-James, Arthur. Pronunciation 
Lob el, Edgar. Sappho 

Lobingier, Charles Sumner. Aliaga, Antipolo; 
Aparri; Argao; Bacolod; Baguio, Balayan; 
Baliuag; Barotac Nuevo; Barugo; Batac; 
Batangas; Bauan; Baybay; Binan; Bin- 
maley; Bog6; Bulacan; Burauen; Cabatuan; 
Cadiz; Calamba or Klamba; Calasiao; 
Candon; Carcar, Carigara, Hagonoy; Ha- 
gan, Iloilo; Iriga; Manila; Philippine Is- 
lands (in fart)] San Carlos; San Fernando 
(de la Union); San Pablo; Santa Cruz; 
Surigao (in part)] Taal, Tabaco, Tarlac; 
Tayabas; Tuguegarao; Zamboanga 
Loch, John Hugh. \i:Ja>a (in part) 

Locke, Alair LcRo}. Xegio, The American (in 

Locket, Margery. Motior- Pictures (in pari) 
Lockhart, Laurence. £ Abbas I; Merv; Persia 
(in part) , Riza Shah Pahlavi 
Lodge, Gonzalez. Classical Education (in part) 
Lodge, Sir Oliver Joseph. Spiritualism 
Loeb, Leonard Benedict. Corkscrew; Electric- 
l , of (in part) 

Loeffel, William John. Bacon, Beef (in part); 
Meat (in part)] Pork 

Loewe, Herbert Martin James. Calendar (in 
part)] Chronology (in part), Essenes; Je- 
msalem (in part)] Jews (in part) 
Loewenfeld, Erwin Hugo. Arbitration (in part) 
Loewenson, Leo. Osterman, Andrei Ivanovich 
Loewenstein, Karl. German Law (in part) 
Loewy, Raymond Fernand. Motor Car (in 
- pari) 

Lohr, Lenox Riley, Exhibitions and Fairs (in 
pari) ] Museums and Art Galleries (in part) 
Lokey, Eugene. Stock Exchange or Bourse (in 

Lomax, John Avery. Folk-Song (in part) 
Lem&x, Paul S. Commerc’al Education (in 

Lombardini, M. S. Pirelli, Ltd (in part) 
Lones, Thomas East Meters, Electric 
Long, Edward Ernest. Amboina (in part)] 
Bachian (hi part)] Bali (in pari)] Bandung 
(in part)] Banka (in part); Bantam; Bata- 
via (in part), Celebes; Ceram (in Part)] 
Flores (m part)] Garut (in pa,t) t Jamni {in 
part)] Jokjakarta or Jokyakarta; Kei 
Islands, Lam pongs (The) (in part)] Lam- 
bok; Macassar (in pari): Madura; Malay 
Archipelago (in parf)] Mcntawei; New 
Guinea (in part), Nias, Paiembang (in 
pari}, Sangihe (Sangir) and Talaut Islands 
(in pari): Semarang -^Residency) (in part); 
Semarang (Town) (in part), Solor and Alor 
Islands (in part), Sula Lianas (in pari)] Su- 
matra (in pan)] Sumba tin pari)] Sumbawa 
('.n part)] Sin a bay a (Port) (in pari): Sura- 
karta (in pari), Ternate {in part'*, Tidore 
or Tsdor (in part)] Timor; Timor Laut, 
Tenimbar or Temmbet (in part) 

Long, Esmond Ray, M D Tuberculosis 
long, H, C* Gr$tt Britain (in pari) 
long? Richard'C. E. Calendar (in part), Chron- 
ology (in pail) 

Long, Robert A. Lumbering (in pait) 

Longford, Edward Arthur Henry Pakenham, 
Ear! of. Irish Literature (in part) 

Longhurst, Margaret Helen. Effigies, Monu- 
mental, Ivory Carving (in part) 

Longhurst, Percy. Wrestling (m pari) 

Longley, William Raymond. Descriptive Ge- 

Langmuir, Percy. Founding, Needle 
Longnon, Auguste. Chamnpgne (in part) 
Loomis, C. Frances. Gills, Camp Fire 
Lord, Isabel Ely. Home Economics, Oriental 
Cookery; Preserving and Bottling (in part) 
Lorimer, Lieutenant Colonel David Lockhart 
Robertson. Buiushaski Language 
Lorwin, Lewis L. Direct Action 
Lothrop, Samuel Kirkland. Alacaluf; Ona; 

Pipil; Pokoma’"> 0 ’V v e Yahgan 
Lotka, Alfred J. ,l -.I .\:t v (in part)] Death- 
Rate (in part)] Longevity (in part)] Mar- 
riage-Rate; Sex Ratio (in part) 

Lott, Arnold S. Aircraft Carrier; Destroyer; 
Dockyards and Naval Bases (in part); 
Mines (Naval); Monitor, Naval; Submarine 
Campaigns (World Wars I and II) (in part) ; 
Torpedoes, Torpedoplane 
Loughran, Charles Patrick, S J Montanism 
Louis, Henry. Blowing Engines 
Love joy, Ellis. Brick (in part) 

Loveland, Edward Rutherford. American Col- 
lege of Physicians 

Lowell, A. Lawrence. Lowell Institute 
Lowes, John Livingston. Lowell, Amy 
Lowie, Robert Harry. Relationship Terms; 

Lubker, Robert A. Invar 
Lucas, Anthony Thomas. Ireland (in part) 
Lucas, Cyril Edward. Plankton 
Lucas, Edward Verrail. Austen, Jane; Lamb, 
Charles (in pari) 

Lucas, Jo Desha. Women, Legal Position of (in 
pari), Women’s Suffrage (in pait) 

Luce, Alexander W. Voting Machines 
Luce, J. W. Gin (in part) 

Luchaire, Achille. Papacy ( : n part) 

Luchaire, Julien. Intellectual Co-operation, 
International Institute of (in part) 
Luckhardt, Arno B. Bayhss, Sir William Had- 
dock; Bell, Sir Charles; Cannon, Walter 
Bradford; Ethyl Chloride (in part); Ethyl- 
ene (in part) 

Luckock, Major General Russell Mortimer. 

Amiens, Battle of (1918) 

Ludwig, Emil. Hohenzollern Dynasty 
Lugard, Frederick Deaitry Lugard, 1st Baron. 

Mandate (in part); Slavery (in part) 

Lugard, Lady (Flora). Nigeria (in part); 

Rhodes, Cecil John (in part) 

Lumsden, E. S. Etching (in part) 

Lundell, R. A. Pneumatic Tools 
Lundy, John Silas, M.D. Anaesthesia and 

Lush, Jay Laurence. Animal Breeding; Ani- 
mals, Domestication of; Breeds and Breed- 
ing; Inbreeding 

Lutyens, Edith, Costume Design, Theatrical 
(in part) 

Lutz, Friedrich A. Monetary Agreement 
Liitzow, Count. Hussites 
Lyall, Sir Charles James. Arabic Literature 
(in part); Hamasa (in part); HindostanI 
Literature; Mofaddaliyat; Tulsi Das (in 

Lybyer, Albert Howe. Turkey (in part) 
Lydekker, Richard. Sheep (in part) 

LyeJl, Colonel David. Light Railways, Military 
(in part) 

Lynch, Daniel F. J. Cottonseed (in part) 
Lynch, Patrick K. Ireland, Republic of (in 

Lynd, Robert. Bennett, Enoch Arnold 
Lysiip, B. F., Jr. Sugar (in part) 

Lyon, Harold Lloyd. Sugar (in part) 

Mabbott, John David. Free Will 
Macalister, Alexander, M.D. Palmistry 
Macalister, Robert Alexander Stewart. C £ 
Chulaiim; Deirdre; Diptych; Edom (in 


pait), Finn Mac Cumhaiil; Ireland (in part); 
Oisin; Palestine (in part) 

McAllister, Elizabeth Glen. Housing (in part) 
McAllister, Gilbert. Housing (in part) 
Macartney, Carlile Aylmer. Alexandrov, To- 
dor, \quileia, Asen or Assen, Austria, Em- 
pire of (in pait); Avars, Bulgaria (in part); 
Conrad von Hotzendorf, Fianz, Cumans or 
Comans, Czech, Francis Joseph I, Galicia 
(' « -vwV rwh^els, Josef; Goluchowski; 

Habsburg or Hapsbu/g; 
Horea, Nicolas Ursu (in part); Hungaiy (in 
part); Kun, Bela; Ludendorff, Erich (in 
part), Military Frontier; Pefchenegs or 
Patzinaks; Rudolph of Habsburg; Ruthe- 
nians; Schnitzler, Arthur; Silesia; Slovakia; 
Successor State; Transylvania (in part); 

Macartney, Sir Mervyn E. London (in pait) 
Macaulay, George Campbell. Gower, John 
Macaulay, Thomas Babington, 1st Baron 
Macaulay of Rothley. Bunyan, John; Gold- 
smith, Oliver; Johnson, Samuel (in part) 
Macaulay, William Herrick. Motion, Laws of 
(in part) 

McBain, James William. Detergents and Wet- 
ting Agents 

MacBride, Ernest William. Metamorphosis (in 
part); Phoromdea (in pari) 

McBride, George McCutchen. Bolivia *(in 
part), Cuba (in part); Florianopolis (in part); 
La Paz (in part), Oruro, Venezuela (in part); 
West Indies, The (in part) 

McBryde, F. Webster. Central America (in 

McCall, John Oppie, D.D S. Pyorrhoea (in 

McCallien, William John. Gold Coast (in part) 
McCallum, Ronald Buchanan. Paris, Confer- 
ence of (in part) 

McCann, William S., MD Whipple, George 

McCartan, Edward. Sculpture (in part) 
McCartney, James Elvins, M.D. Carriers 
McCellan, Walter S., M.D. Mineral Waters 
(in part) 

McClelland, Nancy Vincent. Interior Decora- 
tion (in part) 

Me Cloy, John Jay. World War II (in part) 
McClure, Sir William Kidston. Asiago, Battle 
of, 1916; Cadorna, Luigi; Caporetto, Battle 
of; Italo-Turkish War; Vittorio Veneto, 
Battle of 

McCollum, Elmer Verner. Cereals (in part) 
McConnell, Beatrice. Child Welfare and Child 
Labour (in part) 

McConnell, F. B. Sears, Roebuck and Co. 
McConnell, Francis John, D.D. Asbury, 

MacCormac, Henry, M D Urticaria 
McCormick, Richard P. Rutgers University 
McCown, Donald E. Persia (in part) 

McCoy, Byron Omar. Dams (in pait) 
McCullough, Norman B., M D. Typhoid and 
Paratyphoid Fevers 
McCune, Shannon. Korea (in part) 
McCutcheon, Thomas Potter. Cobalt 
McDaniel, J. S. Rope and Ropemaking (in 

McDonald, Angus D. Southern Pacific Com- 

MacDonald, Charles B. C- — 

MacDonald, Duncan : , T . Imam; 
Islan ! ~ c V r<: Thousand and 

One ' l ■ ■ 

MacDonald, Sir George. Britain (in part); 

Caledonia (in part); Gaul (in part) 
Macdcneld. Hugh. English Liters Tire (in part ) 
McDonald, James Grover. Refugees and the 
Exchange of Populations (in part) 
McDonald, Rt. Hon. James Ramsay. London 
Naval Conference, 1930, The (in part) 
MacDonald, J. H. Budget, Business (in pari) 
MacDonald, Sir Murdoch. Irrigation (in part) 
MacDonald, Robert, Jr. Corundum, Artificial 
MacDonald, Thomas Harris. Highways, U.S.; 

Roads and Streets (in part) 

MacDonell, Arthur Anthony. Kalidasa 



Macdonell, Sir John. Protectorate, Sovereignty 
(in pari) 

Macdonogh, Michael. .R'T'vtmz ( ; n part) 
MacDougald, Duncan, J-. B.. . -» Irregu- 

MacDougall, Samuel Michael. Lotto (in part) 

McDougall, William. Trance 

McDowell, D. Clay. Surge 

MacBuffee, C. C. Arithmetic; Coefficient; 

Complex Numbers, Matrices, Root 
McEachron, Karl Boyer. Lightning and Light- 
ning Protection (in part) 

McFadyean, Sir Andrew. Inter-Ally Council 
of War Purchases and Finance (in part); 
Liberal Party (in part) 

Macfadyen, Rev. Dugald. Concordance (in 
part), Excommunication (m pait), Glasites 
McGiffert, Arthur Cushman, D D. Church 
History (in part) 

MacGillivray, James Robertson. Canadian 
Literature (English) 

McGilvray, Charles Duncan, M D V , D.V Sc. 

McGovern, John T. Track and Field Sports 
McGovern, William M. Japan (in part) 
Macgowan, Kenneth. Theatre (in part) 
McGregor, J. E. M. Pneumatic Dispatch 
McGregor, James Howard. Gorilla (in part); 

Primates (in part) 

McGregor, Stuart. Texas 
McGuffie,^ Kenneth Cunningham. Laws Re- 
lating to Seamen (in part) 

McGuire, Constantine Edward. Antofagasta; 
Anzoategui; Apure (state); Aragua; Arau- 
cania; Avellaneda; Bahia Blanca, Barcelona; 
B''-rv v ~'Cto £>f 0 (province), Bolivar; 

C .■ ■* c - / ' \-denas; Catamarca (province) 
(in part); Catamarca (city); Chaco; Chu- 
but, Ciudad'Bolivar; Colon; Colorado Rivei , 
Cordoba; Coro; Cuba (in part); Cumana; 
Entre Rios (m part); Falcon; Formosa (in 

part); Giba*-" n M’ Guanabacoa; 

Guana j ay, ( * , . 'rico, Haiti (in 

part ) ; Havana (in part); Holguin; Jujuy (in 
part); La Guaira; La Plata; Lara, Maracai- 
bo, Matanzas; Pampa, La, Paraguana; 
Patagonia (in part); Port au Prince; Puerto 
Cabello, Puerto la Cruz, Sancti Spirilus; 
Santo Domingo (in part); Venezuela (in 

McGuire, Martin Rawson Patrick. Clementine 

Mcliwaine, Henry Read. Smith, John 
Mcll wraith, Thomas Forsyth. Canada (in 

Macintire, Horace James. Refrigeration and 
It? ApYicrtien (in part) 

Kacm'uosh. E. K. Omdurman 
Mackaye, Benton. Regional Planning (in 

McKellar, Andrew Comets {'V pc~t) 
McKelvey, V. E. >!• Phospna;^ 
McKenzie, Robert Tait, M.D. Gymnastics and 
Gymnasium (in part J 

MacKenzie, Roderick. Greek Language (in 
part); Lettish Language, Lithuanian Lan- 

McKerrow, Ronald Brunlees. Parnassus Plays 
McKhann, Charles F., M.D. Measles and Ger- 
man Measles 

Mackinder, Rt. Hon. Sir Halford John. Trade 
Routes (in part) 

McKinley, Samuel Justus. Boston (Mass.) (in 

MacKinnon, James, D D. Covenanters; Luther, 

Mackinnon, Kenneth Wulsten. Company and 
Corporation Law (in part) 

Mackintosh, Rev. Robert, D.D. Dogma, Dog- 
matic Theory 

Maclagan, Sir Edward Douglas. Punjab (in 

McLaughlin, Dean Benjamin. Nova and 

Maclean. Fitzroy. Guerrilla Warfare (in part) 
McLean, Neil Hartley. Broken Hill Proprietary 
Company Limited 
M’Lean, Norman. Syriac Literature 

McLeod, James Walter. Diphtheria 
MacLeod, John J. R. Insulin {tn pail) 
McMahon, Francis Elmer. De Valera, Eamon 
(in pa it) 

MacMillan, David. Corrugated I ton 
McMillan, Walter George Graphite (in part) 
MacMunn, Lieutenant General Sir George 
Fletcher. Barman, India (iu part), Indian 
Mutiny, The 

McMurtrey, James Edward, Jr. Tobacco 
McMurtrie, Douglas C. Books (m part), Collo- 
type; De Vinne, Theodore Low 
MacNair, Harley F. Chinese Immigration; 

Far Eastern Problem, The 
McNamara, Edward Joseph. Shorthand 
McNamee, Colonel Frank A., Jr. Obseiver 
Corps m Air Defense (tn part) 

M&cNeill, John Eoin. Ireland (in part) 
McNickle, D’Arcy. Indian, North American 
McNish, A. G. Magnetometer, Terrestrial 

MacPherson, John, M.D. Paranoia 
McQuarrie, Irvine, MD Children, Diseases 
of, Epilepsy and Epileptic Fit 
McQueen, Alexander. Buncombe; Crank (in 
part), Dictionary; Slang (in part); Yankee 
Macurdy, L. B. Balance 
McWhirter, Norris Dewar. Athletic Sports (in 

Madden, J. F. Darfur (in pari) 

Madden, John Thomas. Accountancy and Ac- 
countants (in pari). Fiduciary Accounting 
Madelin, Emile Marie Louis. Foch, Ferdinand 
Magath, Thomas Byrd, M D Albuminuria 
Magness, John Robert. Crab-Apple; Pear 
Magoun, Horace Winchell. Bram (in part) 
Maguire, John MacArthur. Evidence (in part) 
Maguire, Mary Hume. Leach, Abby 
Mahoney, Francis B. Micronesia 
Mair, Alexander W. Classics; Epicurus, Livy; 
Lucan (Marcus Annaeus Lucanus); Lucian; 
Lucretius, Martial (Marcus Valerius Mar- 
tiahs), Menander; Petronius, Pliny The 
Elder, Pliny The Younger, Polybius; Seneca, 
Annaeus (in part); Seneca, Lucius Annaeus; 
Terence, Varro, Marcus Terentius 
Maitland, Frederic William. Bracton, Henry 
De, English Law (in pari ) 

Major, Rev. Henry Dewsbury Alves, D.D. 

Major, Ralph Hermon, M D Diagnosis 
Malcolm, Major General Sir Neill. Wilson, 
Sir Henry Hughes 

Malcolm-Smith. Elizabeth F. Canning, Charles 
John; Canning, George (in part); Dilke, Sir 
Charles Wentworth 
Malinowski, Bronislaw. Marriage 
Mallalieu, Wilbur E. Salvage Corps (in part) 
Mallet, Sir Charles Edward. Gladstone, Wil- 
liam Ewart 

Mallon, James Joseph. Social Settlements (in 
part), Toynbee Hall 
Man, David" Morrice. Governor (in part) 
Mangels, Max Cornils. Kiel Canal (in part) 
Mangelsdorf, Paul Christoph. Maize (in 

Mangin, Charles Marie Emmanuel. Cham- 
pagne, Battles in (in part) 

Manley, John H. Atomic Energy 
Mann, Frank Charles, M D. Gall-Bladder 
Mann, Frederick Justin. Consul (in part) 
Mann, Stuart Edward. Ovpsies (in pari) 
Mann, William M. Zoological Gardens 
Mannheim, Hermann. Crime (in part ) 
Manning, Helen Taft. Taft, Helen Herron 
Manning, S. C., Jr. Shipping: War Losses of 
(World Wars I and II) (in part): Shipping: 
Wreck Statistics; Shipping Lines and Groups 
(in pari) 

Manning, Rf. Rev. William Thomas, D.D. 

Protestant Episcopal Church (in part) 
Manross, William W. Protestant Episcopal 
Church (in part) 

Mansergh, (Philip) Nicholas Seton. British 
Commonwealth (in part) 

Manship, Paul. Sculpture (ni part) 

Manson, James Alexander. Bowls (in part) 
Manson, J. Leask. Building (in part); Foun- 

dations (in part), SinuAuia! ^Engineering 
(in pari) 

Manson-Bahr, Sir Philip Henry, M D. 
Diarrhoea, Dysenteiy 

Marcel, Gabriel. Bernard, Jean-Jacques; Ro r 
mains, Jules (in part) • 

March, Benjarifin. Iron m Art (in pari) 

Marcus, Jacob Rader. Jews (in pari) 

Marcus, Ralph. Scribes 

Marett, Robert Ranufph. Animalism; Anim- 
ism, Anthropology, Dynamism; Law (Prim- 
itive); Mana, Prayer, Religion (in part); 
Spell, Supernaturalism 
Margenau, Henry. Energy (in part) 

Margetts, Arthur Richard. Fisheries (in part) 
Margoliouth, David Samuel. Egypt (in part); 
Ethiopic Literature (m part); Fatimites, 
(Fatimides) (in part), Mohammed (in part) 
Markby, Sir William. Indian Law (in part) 
Markland, Ben. Dog (in part) 

Marks, Lionel Simeon. Mechanical Engineer, 
Power (m part) 

Marlow, Joseph W. Antioquia; Baker Island, 
Barranquilla; Bluefields; Bogota (in part); 
Bolivar, Bolivia (m part). Canton Island, 
Cochabamba (department), Cochabamba 
(city); Colombia (in part); Cordoba (de- 
partment), Costa Rica (in part); Formosa 
(in part); Galapagos Islands (in part); 
Guatemala (in part); Guatemala (Nueva 
Guatemala) (in part); Guayaquil; Haiti (in 
part), Howland Island, Ibarra; Jarvis Is- 
land; rr. 1 — Midway Islands; Sucre; 
TampLc . j , Tehuantepec; Visit and 
Search (in part); Wake Islam 
Marquis, J. Clyde. International Institute of 

Man, Louis F. Detroit 

Marrack, John Richardson, M D Immunity 
(in part ) 9 

Marriage, E. Charles D. Nevada (in part) 
Marriott, Charles. Religious and Memorial 
Architecture (in pari) 

Marriott, Sir John Arthur Ransome. Baldwin, 
Stanley Baldwin (m part) 

Marsh, Dorothy B. Cakes and Cdke-Making 
Marsh, Sir Edward Howard. Brooke, Rupert 
Marsh, Rev. Fred Shipley. Elijah, Elisha 
Marsh, Norman Stayner. English Law (in 

Marshall, Francis Hugh Adam. Reproduction 
(in part) 

Marshall, Frederick Henry. Greek Language 
(in part), Greek Literature (in part) 
Marshall, General of the Army George Cat- 
lett. World War II (in part) 

Marshall, Walter P. Telegraph 
Marston, Philip M. New Hampshire (in part) 
Marston, William Moulton. Anger; Antipathy; 
Synapse (in part) 

Martet, Jean. Clemenceau, Georges 
Marti, L. R. North Dakota 
Martin, Anne Henrietta. Butler, Josephine 
Elizabeth; White-Slave Traffic 
Martin, Ethel Austin. Ice Cream (in part) 
Martin, G. Rubber: Botany, Cultivation and 

Martin, John Holmes. Buckwheat; Millet; 

Sorghum; Wheat (in pari) 

Martin, Percy A. Brazil (in part) 

Martin, Robert E. Negro, The American (in 

Martin, Thomas Powderly. Austin, Stephen 
Fuller; Dallas, George Mifflin; Green, Duff; 
McDuffie, George 
Marts, M. E. Cascade Mountains 
Marvin, Edwin Lakenan. Division (in part) 
Marwick, Brian Allan. Swazi; Swaziland 
Marx, Fritz Morstein. Budget (in part) 
Marzials, Sir Fr^nk Thomas. Dumas, Al- 
exandre; Zola, fimile fidouard Charles 

Masaryk, Tomas Garrigue. Czechoslovakia (in 

Mason, J. Alden. Mataco %, 

Massey, Charles#Budley. BD^k Collecting (in 
part); Bookselling (in part)* • 

Massey, George Bragg. Excavation 


Massey, Icpuis Melville. Smut and Bunt 
Massey, Raymond. Acting (in part ); Motion 
Pictures (in part) 

Masson, Charles. Portrait Painting (in part) 
Masson, David. Milton, John (in part) 
Masterman, £. W. G. Sepulchre, The Holy 
Mafchett, Gerald J. Wages (itl part) 
Matheson, Colin. Wales (in part) 

Mathews, Oscar Roland. Dry Farming (in 

Matthew, William Diller. Carnivora (in part); 
Creodonta (in part)- * 

Machairodus (in ; ■' *1 ’ - * . ■ 

Mylodon (in part ) ; r . . x 

Phenacodus, Tylopoda (in part) 

Matthews, Allan F. Physical Natural Resources 
(in part) c 

Matthews, D. J. English Channel 
Matthews, F. R. Gold (in part); Iridium; Os- 
mium; Palladium; Platinum; Platinum 
Metals, Rhodium; Silver 
Matthews, Very Rev. Walter Robert, D.D. 

Maude, Colonel Frederic Natusch. Franco- 
German War (in part); Napoleonic Cam- 
paigns (in pari); Seven Years’ War (in 
part); Worth 

Maule, Harry E. Lewis, Sinclair (in part) 
Maunsell, Lieutenant Colonel Francis Richard. 

Diarbekr (in part) 

Maurer, Robert J. Photoelectricity 
Maurice, Arthur Bartlett. Caricature (in part) 
Maurice, Major General Sir Frederick Barton. 
Haig, Douglas Hug* Jackson, Thomas Jona- 
than; Lee, Robert Edward 
Maurice, Henry Gascoyen. Fisheries (in part) 
Mavris, N. G. Dodecanese 
Mawer, Sir Allen. Aethelfiaed or Ethelfleda; 
Aethelstan, Danelagh (in part); Edred; 
Edward, “The Elder”; Place-Names (in 

Mawson, Thomas H. Landscape Architecture 
(in part) 

Maxcy, Kenneth Fuller, M.D. Epidemiology; 
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Other 
Spot ted ^Fevers; Typhus Fever 
Maxton, John P. Agricultural Labourer (in 

Maxwell, James Clerk. Faraday, Michael (in 

Maxwell, William Henry. Destructors 
Maxwell, (Mrs.) Winifred Alice. Orange Free 
State (in part); Zululand 
May, William Edward. Compass (in part) 

May all, Nicholas Ulrich. Nebula; Photography, 
Celestial (in part) 

Mayo, Frank Rea. Polymerization 
Mayor, Aipheus Hyatt. Bibiena (Bibbiena), 
Galli da (in part ) 

Meakin, Budget! Almohades (in part); Almor- 
avides (in part); Morocco (in part) 
M»eakins, Jonathan Campbell, M.D. Medicine 
Means, Lynn Lester. Thunderstorms (in 

Mechlin, Leila. Societies of Art (in part) 
Meeks, Carroll Louis Vandersiice. Industrial 
Architecture; Stadium 

Mees, Charles Edward Kenneth. Motion Pic- 
tures (in part ) , Photography (in part) 
Megarry, Robert Edgar. Customary Freehold; 
Landlord and Tenant (in part ) : Land Ten- 
ure; Economic and Ajiariar Aspects (in 
part); Laws of Real Property and Convey- 
ancing (in part) 

Meggers, William Frederick, Spectroscopy; 

Stark Effect, Zeeman Effect 
Megroz, Rodolphe Louis. Silhouette 
Mehigan, Patrick Denis. Hurling 
Meiklejohn, Andrew, M D Dangerous Trades; 

Industrial Medicine (in part) 

Meillet, Antoine, Albanian Language; Arme- 
nian Language 

Meinel, A. B. Telescope (in part) 

Meinzer, Oscar Edward. Ground Water; Hy- 
drology * 

Meicher, Norwo/i B. NickelxChromium Steels; 
Nirkcl SiedT. Open-Heartlf Steel Process; 
Stainless Steel 

-Mellone, Sydney Herbert. Anthropomorph- 
ism; Basilides; Bible, English (in part); 
Christianity (in part); Gnosticism; Heresy; 
Ophites; Pelagius (in part); Tithes; Uni- 
tarianism (in part) 

Melior, Arthur. Silk Manufacture (in part) 
Meloche, Villiers Willson. Selenium; Tellu- 

Melrose, Paul C. Hainan; Hakkas . 

Mencken, Henry Louis. Americanism; Slang 
(in part) 

Menczer, Bela. Hungarian Literature 
Mendershausen, Horst. Industry and Trade, 
War Control of (in part) 

Menke, Frank Grant. Cock-Fighting or Cock- 

Menzel, D. H. Eclipse (in pari) 

Menzies, Rev. Allan, D.D. Scotland, Church 
of (in part) 

Merker, Herman. Containers, Metallic 
Merkle, F. G. Physical Natural Resources (in 

Merrick, Frank Anderson. Westinghouse Elec- 
tric and Manufacturing Company (in pari) 
Merrill, Elmer Drew. Aceraccae, Bignoniaceae: 
Combretaceae; Comaceae; Dipterocarpa- 
ceae; Ery throxy laceae ; Gesneriaceae; Loga- 
niaceae; Meliaceae; Philadelphus; Pipera- 
ceae; Rhamnaceae ; Salicaceae; Taxaceae; 
Thymeleaceae; Zygophyliaceae 
Merrill, Hon. Frederick James Hamilton. 

Merrill, Harrison J. Range Finders (in pari) 
Meston, James Scorgie Meston, 1st Baron, 
Egypt (in part) ; India (in part) ; Untouch- 
ables (in part) 

Metcalf, Zeno P. Cicada; Cuckoo-Spit; Lan- 
tern Fly 

Metz, C. W. Cytology; Nucleus 
Meyendorff, Baron Alexander. Siberia (in part) 
Meyer, Adolf. Insanity (in part) 

Meyer, A. W. Gutta Percha (in part) 

Meyer, Bernard Sandler. Plants and Plant 
Science (in pari) 

Meyer, Eduard. Ardashir; Artabanus; Arta- 
xerxes; Astyages; Bactria; Darius; Deme- 
trius (King of Bactria); Diodotus; Eu era- 
tides; Euthydemus; Hormizd or Hormizdas; 
Kavadh; Media; Mithradates (in part); 
Osroene or Osrhoene; Pacorus; Parthia; 
Peroz; Persia (in pari); Persis (in part); 
Pharnabazus; Phraates; Phraortes; Satrap; 
Shapur; Smerdis; Tiridates; Tissaphernes; 
Vologaeses; Vonones; Xerxes; Yazdegerd 
Meyer, Jacob Conrad. Alsace-Lorraine (in 

Meyerson, Emile. Explanation 
Meynell, Alice. Browning, Elizabeth Barrett 
Meynell, Sir Francis. Books (in part) 
Meynell, Wilfrid. Meynell, Alice 
Mezger, Ernest. Arbitration (in part) 

Michael, Max A. Cruiser 
Michaelis, Leonor. Free Radicals (in part) 
Michal, Aristotle Demetrius. Differential 
Forms (in part); Tensor Analysis (in part) 
Michalak, Joseph M. Electricity Supply: Com- 
mercial Aspects (in part) 

Michelson, A. A. Interferometer (in part); 

Velocity of Light (in part) 

Middleton, John Henry. Monreale (in part); 
Raphael Sanzio (in part), Ring (in part); 
Verona (in part); Wren, Sir Christopher 
Middleton, William E. Knowles. Anemometry 
(in part); Beaufort Scale; Cloud (in part); 
Radiosonde; Upper Air Soundings; Visibility 
Miers, Sir Henry Alexander. Diamond 
Migrdichian, Vartkes. Cyanamide; Prussic Acid 
Mijatovich, Chedomille. Karajich, Vuk Set- 
fanovich (in part) 

Milbourne, R. J. Gasholders 
Miles, J. Hamish. Beerbohm, Sir Max (in 
part), Doughty, Charles Montagu 
Mill, Courtenay J. Stock Exchange or Bourse 
(in part) 

Mill, Hugh Robert. Geography 
Miller, Albert R., D.V.M. Slaughterhouse 
Miller, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Barley. 
Polo (tn part) " 

Miller, Fred J. Scientific Management (in 

Miller, George Charles. Lithography (in part) 
Miller, James Grier, M.D. Unconscious 
Miller, John A. Electric Traction; Tramway 
(in part) 

Miller, Max C. Hosiery; Knitting 
Miller, Philip L. Gramophone (in part) 

Miller, Raymond Joseph. Liguori, Alfonsa 
Maria dei 

Miller, S. N. Eburacum 
Miller, William. Adriatic Sea (in part); Crete 
(in part); Fiume (in part); Greece (in part); 
Ionian Islands (in part), Skanderbeg or 
George Castriota; Thrace; Zalmis, Alexander 
Miller, William. (fa part) 

Millett, Fred B. nlc.og-T 
Milligan, Rev. George, D.D. James (in part) 
Millingen, Alexander Van, D.D. Constanti- 
nople (in part) 

Millis, John Schoff. Western Reserve Uni- 
versity (in part) 

Mills, James Philip. Assam; Chakma; Magh 

Mills, Mabel H. Exchequer (in part) 

Mills, William H. Stereochemistry (in part) 
Milne, Sir David. Scotland (in part) 

Milne, Edward A. Chromosphere (in part) 
Milne, James Malcolm. Legal Education (in 
part) ' • 

Milyukov, Paul. Duma; Russia (in part) 
Minio-Paluello, Lorenzo. Buridan, Jean 
Minns, Sir Ellis Hovell. Europe (in pari); 

Minorsky, Vladimir F. Iranian Languages and 
Persian; Persian Literature 
Minser, Edward John. Contact Weather; Ice 
on Aircraft; Instrument Weather; St. El- 
mo’s Fire 

Mints, Lloyd W. Currency 
Mirbt, Carl Theodor, D.Th. Pius IX (in part); 
Trent, Council of (in part); Ultramon- 
tanism (in part); Vatican Council, The (in 

Mirsky, Prince Dimitri. Chekhov, Anton 
Pavlovich; Dostoievsky Theodore (Fyodor) 
Mikhaylovich; Gorky, Maxim; Russian Lan- 
guage and Literature (in part ) ; Tolstoy, Leo 
(Lyev) Nikolayevich, Count ; Turgenev, Ivan 
Sergeyevich; Ukrainian Literature 
Mises, Ludwig von. Boehm Von Bawerk, Eu- 
gen; Wieser, Friedrich von 
Mitchell, A. D. Hydrogen; Indicators; Oxide 
(in part ) ; Zinc (in part) 

Mitchell, J. G. Peryiene 
Mitchell, John F. Boston (in part) 

Mitchell, John Malcolm. Bacon, Francis (in 
part); Carnegie Trusts (in part); Harem 
(in part); Mnemonics; Neoplatonism (in 
part); Solon (in part); Sphinx (in part) 
Mitchell, Matthew Cargill. Rhode Island 
Mitchell, Sir Peter Chalmers. Alimentary 
Canal (in part ) ; Biogenesis 
Mitchell, Brigadier General W. A. Bridging, 
Military (in part) 

Mitra, Sir Dhiren. Arbitration (in part) 
Mitrany, D. Peasant Movement 
Moehiman, Conrad Henry. Baptists 
Moelwyn-Hughes, Emyr Alun. Chemistry (in 

Moffatt, Rev. James, D.D. John, The Epistles 
of; Pastoral Epistles, The; Philemon, Epistle 
to;^ Philippians, Epistle to the, Romans, 
Epistle to the; Timothy or Timotheus; 

Moffatt, L. E. Household Appliances (in part) 
Moffett, John Perry. Tanganyika (territory) 
(in part ) ; Tanganyika, Lake 
Mollat, Michel. Normandy; St. Pol, Counts of 
Momigliano, Arnaldo Dante. Hypereides 
Momtchiloff, Nicholas Ivan. Boris III; Bul- 
garia (in part); Exports; Stambulov, Stefan 
Money, Sir Leo Chiozza. Armstrong (Sir W. 
C.), Whitworth and Co., Ltd. (in part); 
Bolckow, Vaughan & Co. Ltd.; Consolidated 
Gold Fields of South Africa, Ltd. (in part) ; 
Fine Cotton Spinners’ and Doublers’ Asso- 
ciation, Ltd.; Furness, Withy and Company 



Limited; Gas Light atid Coke Company 
(in pari); Imperial Tobacco Company, 
Limited, Lever Brothers & Unilever Limited 
(in part) ; Lloyds Bank Limited (in part) ; 
Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Co., Ltd ; 
Midland Bank Limited (in part) ; Pearl (in 
part) ; Plaster-Work (in part); South Metro- 
politan Cas Company, Swan, Hunter, and 
Wigham iLcxa-cse.., Ltd (in part); Vickers 
Limited (in part); Wall Paper Manufac- 
turers Ltd; White Star Line (in part); 
Yorkshire Electric Power Company (in 

Monkhouse, William Cosmo. Hunt, William 
Holman (in pari );. Leighton, Frederick 
Leighton, Baron; Millias, Sir John Everett 
(in part) 

Montague, Laurence. Football (in part) 
Montgomery, . Raymond Braisiin. Ekman, 
Vagn Waif rid; Turbulence, Atmospheric 
Moon, Parry. Candlepower; Photometry (in 

Moore, Carl Richard. Reproduction (in part) 
Moore, Coyle E. Charity (in part) 

Moore, Harold. Microscopy (in part) 

Moore, John Percy. Annelida (in part); Leech 
Moore, Joseph Earle, M,D. Venereal Diseases 
(in part) 

Moore, Robert Foster. Ophthalmology 
Md&rhead, Max L. Guatemala (in part) 

Mora, A. Plywood; Veneer 

Mordell, Albert. Hearn, Lafcadio (in part); 

Whittier, John Greenleaf 
Morehead, Albert H. Auction Bridge (in pari ) ; 
Baccarat, Boston (in part); Bridge (in 
part); Canasta; Cards, Playing; Chouette; 
Contract Bridge (in part); Faro; Gaming 
and Wagering; Lotto (in f part); Poker; Rou- 
lette; Rummy; Whist (in part) 

Morfill, William Richard. Nestor 
Morgan, Arthur E. Antioch College 
Morgan, Conwy Lloyd. Emergence 
Morgan, Edward Victor. Banking (in part); 
Great Britain (in part) 

Morgan, Edwin George. Scottish Literature 
(in part) 

Morgan, Frank. Motion Pictures (in part) 
Morgan, Sir Gilbert Thomas. Acenaphthene; 
Aldehydes (in part); Amines (in part); 
Antipyrine (in part); Atomic Number; Bri- 
tannia Metal; Gallium; Germanium; Hy- 
drate (in part) ; Ketene* Af *» K^tore^ 

(in part); Lactic Acid; V.’ \v' 0 s- 

tallic Compounds (in y r ‘], O °y \.* 
zoles (in part); Pyrogallol; Salicylic Acid; 
Scandium; Stilbene; Succinic Acid; Sulphonic 
Acids; Tarta (in part); Tartaric Acid (in 
part); Thiazoles; Thorium; Triphenylmeth- 
ane; Type Metal; Vanadium 
Morgan, Brigadier General John Hartman. 
Attorney-General (in part); By-Law or Bye- 
Law (in part); Common Law; Constitution 
and Constitutional Law (in part); Martial 
Law (in part); Official Secrets; Petition of 
Right (in pari); Prerogative; Public Au- 
thorities Protection Act; State, Act of 
Morgan, Thomas Hunt. Lamarckism 
Morgan, William Cr.^Tc 11 , William 
Wallace; Kapteyn, J ac , , Ccr ■•/r - Rigel; 
Saturn (in part); > \ / .od ■ U Georg 


Morgenstern, William V. Chicago, The Uni- 
versity of 

Morgenthau, Hans J. Authoritarianism ; Peace, 
International; Spheres of Influence; Ultima- 

Morison, Robert Swain, M.D. Hypothalamus 
and Thalamus 

Morison, Stanley. Calligraphy; Printing Type 
(in pari) ; Typography 
Morley, Christopher. Henry, 0 . 

Morley of Blackburn, John MorJey, 1st Viscount. 
Burke, Edmund; Comte, Auguste (Isi- 
dore Auguste Marie Francois Xavier) (in 
Part); Diderot, Den: s (a pur.) 

Morrell, R. S. Carmine (m part) 
Morrill, Elliott. Incendiary Mixtures 
Morris, Frances. Lace (in part) 

Morris, Geoffrey Christopher. Prime Minister, 
British (in part) 

Morris, Richard B. WTiiskey Xnsuirection, The 
Morris, Robert W. Electric Lamps, Manufac- 
ture of (in part) 

Morrison, Frank Barron. Feeding Stuffs and 
Livestock Feeding 
Morrow, H. L. Street Cries 
Morrow, Ian F. D. Baden (land) (in part); 
Beust, Friedrich Ferdinand von; Black Sea 
(in pari) Crmbe ",Pir~c P~ B CnltuV.:' -»•* 
Clarence.. Ceo-ge V.’ F.eocrL : V - 
Hers, 4th Earl of; Dardanelles; Eulenburg- 
Hertefeld, Philip zu, Prince and Count (in 
part) ; Tirol (in part) 

Morse, John Torrey, Jr. Holmes, Oliver Wen- 

Morse, Richard Stetson. Vacuum (in part) 
Mortensen, Brita Maud Ellen. Swedish Lan- 
guage and Literature 

Mortimer, Herbert Clifford. Divorce (in part) 
Morton, George Ashmun. Television (in part) 
Morton, Hudson T. Bearings 
Morton, J. V. Chartreuse (m part); Creme de 
Men the; Curasao 

Morton, W. E. Cotton and the Cotton In- 
dustry (in part) 

Moss, John. Social Security (in part) 

Mott, Frank Luther. Journal; Journalism; 
News Agency (in part); Newspapers (in 
part) , Periodical (in part) ; Syndicate, Press; 
Weed, Thurlow 

Mott, Sir Frederick Walker, M.D. Neuropa- 

Mott, Nevill Francis. Electricity, Conduction 
of (in part) 

Mottern, Hugh H. Vinegar 
Mott- Smith, Geoffrey. Backgammon; Chess 
(in part); Cribbage; Nine Men’s Morris 
Mountevans, Admiral Edward Ratcliffe Garth 
Russell Evans, 1st Baron. Observer Corps 
in Air Defense (in part) 

Mousnier, Roland Umile. France (in part) 
Moyer, John William. Taxidermy (in part) 
Moyes, Rt. Rev. Monsignor J., D.D. Pius XI 
(in part) 

Mudge, George Percival. Incubators (in part) 
Muehlberger, Clarence Weinert. Drunkenness 
Mueller, George Vernon. Electric Generator; 

Electric Power Generation 
Muenscher, Walter Conrad. Convolvulus; 
Dandelion (in part); Poison Ivy, Poisonous 
Plants; Thistle, Water-Hemlock; Weeds (in 

Muhifeld, John E. Locomotive (in pari); Loco- 
motive Coaling (in part) 

Muir, Ramsay. Liberal Party (m part) 
Muirhead, James Fullarton. Huggenberger, 
Alfred (in part), Spitteler, Carl 
Muirhead, John Henry. Idealism 
Mulford, Herbert B. Cornerstone 
Mulholiand, John. Conjuring 
Muller, Hermann Joseph. Gene; Variation (in 

Mullinger, James B. Universities (in part) 
Mumford, Lewis. Regional Planning (in part) 
Munk, Walter Heinrich. Waves of the Sea 
Munro, Dana C. Rome (in part) 

Munro, Neil. Conrad, Joseph 
Murdock, Kenneth Baflard. Lo^gfebow, Henry 
Wadswoith, Mat he-, Co a on; Maftiei, In- 
crease; Mather, Richard 
Murphy, Edward L., S.J. Asceticism 
Murphy, Edwin S. Salvage (in part) 

Murphy, Frank. Government Departments (in 

Murphy, Howard A. Music, Teaching of (in 

Murray, Alexander Stuart. Lamp (in part) 
Murray, Arthur. Dance (in part) 

Murray, David Leslie. Beaconsfield, Benjamin 
Disraeli, Earl of 

Murray, George Gilbert Aime. Drama (in 
part); Euripides; Homer; Homeric Poems 
Murray, John Courtney, S.J. Extreme Unction; 

Holy Spirit, The (in part) 

Murray, Margaret Alice. Witchcraft 
Murray, Peter John. Wilkie, Sir David 

Muskat, Irving E. Alkali ^Manufacture (in 
part ) 

Mussey, Henry R. Protection (in part) 
Muzzey, David Saville. United States (of 
America), The (in part) 

Myatt, Edward. Stock Exchange* (in part) 
Myers, Earl Hfmlet. Foramimfera 
Myres, Sir John Linton. Argos (in Part), Corfu 
{: n +'•*•*'' rete (in part); Euboea or Negro- 
■ yna; Oxford; Paphos; Salamis; 

1 , ,'roy and Troad (in part) 

N&bholz, Hans. Switzerland (in part) 
Naismifch, James, M.D. Basketball (m part ) 
Haider, W. H. Irrigation (in part) 

Namias, Jerome. Isentropic Charts; Weather 
Forecasting * 

Nans-- J f. Refugees and the Exchange 

of 1 4 - (m part) 

Nash, Charles P., Jr. Laws Relating to Seamen 
(in pa*f) 

Nasmith, framr. Cotton and the Cotton In- 
dustry (m part) 

Nathan, George Jean. Drama (in part) 
Navarro, J. M. de. Hallstatt; Teutonic Peo- 
ples (in part) 

Naylor, Henry Darnley. New South Wales (in 
part) , Queensland (in part) 

Nearing, G. G. Lichens (in part) 

Needham, Joseph. Hopkins, Sir Frederick 
Gowland (in part) 

Needham, Rodney. Punan 
Neely, Wayne C. Fair (in part) 

Neff, Grover C. Electrification, Rural (in 

Negus, Victor Ewings. Voice (in part) 

Nehmer, Stanley. Agana; Guam (in part); 

Korea (in part); Samoa; Yap 
Neiburger, Morris. Inversion of Temperature 
Neifeld, M. R, Moi^y-Lending (in part) 
Neilson, William Allan. Smith College 
Neilson, Winthrop C. Bauxite (in part) 
Nerlove, S. H. Dividends 
Nevins, Allan. Ford, Henry; Hearst, William 
Randolph; Pulitzer, Joseph (in part); 
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano %in part); 
Washington, George 

Newbigin, Marion I. Albania (in part); Balkan 
Peninsula (in part); Bulgaria (in part); 
Greece (m part); Yugoslavia (in part) 
Newcomb, John Lloyd. Virginia, University of 
Newcomb, Simon. Neptune (in part); Velocity 
of Light (m part) 

Newcomer, Mabel. Taxation, Local 
Newhall, Beaumont. Photography (in part ) 
Newman, Horatio H. IV. ins ant Twinning . 
Newman, Melvin Spencer. Anthraquinone (in 
pari); Phenanthrene; Quinones 
Newsome, Albert R. North Carolina (',: part ) 
Newth, John Douglas. Schweitzer, Albert 
Ney, Lieutenant Colonel Virgil. Volunteers 
Neyman, R. L. Gunnery, Naval (in part) 
Nichol, F. D. Miller, William; Seventh-day 

Nichol, John. Burns, Robert 
Nicholas, Herbert George. Baldwin, Stanley 
Baldwin, ist Earl, of Bewdley (in part); 
Cabinet, The (in part ) ; Churchill, Sir Win- 
ston Leonard Spencer; English Histoiy (in 
part); Government Departments (hi part); 
Prime Minister, British (in part ) ; Secretary 
of State 

Nichols, John X. Barracuda; Fishes (in part); 
Grunt; Lancet Fish; Lion Fish; Mamamu; 
Moorish Idol, Poison Fish; Scorpion Fishes; 
Squirrel Fishes 

Nichols, Joseph C. Ice Hockey (in part) 
Nichols, Roy Franklin. Taylor, Zachary 
Nicholson, Edward Max. Birds (in part) 
Nicholson, Edward Williams Byron. Mande- 
ville, Jehan De {in part) 

Nicholson, Janies T. Red Cross (in part) 
Nicholson, Seth Barnes. Neptune (in part); 

Nickerson, Hoffman. War (in part) 

Nicoll, John R^nsey Ailanfyce. Drama (in 
part) • V 

Nicolle, John Macarthur. Buoy (in part) 



Nicolson, Hon. Harold. Hugo, Victor 
Hightingale, Gordon Thayer. Pineapple 
Nilsson, Martin P. Calendar (in part ) 

Nimitz, Fleet Admiral Chester William. United 
States Naval Academy 
ftimkoff, Mej'er F. Illegitimacy 
Nisbet, H. Angola; Brocade Cotton; Cali- 
co, Cashmere; Charmeuse, Cheviot Cloth; 
Delaine; Flannelette (in part)] Fustian; 
Gabardine; Georgette; Han is Tweed, Maro- 
cam; Moire, Prunella; Satin, Schappe; Serge; 
Shantung; Silk Fabrics, Artificial; Tweed; 
Velvet; Velveteen; Vicuna 
Hitch, Cyril Alfred Rankin. Urology 
Nixon, Roy Wesley. Date Palm 
Noach, Arnoldus. Keyser, Hendrik de; Post, 
Pieter e 

Noble, G. Kingsley. Amphibia (in part); Cae- 
ciiian (in part) 

Noble, G. L. Four-H Clubs 
Noel, Evan Baillie. Fives, Rackets or Racquets 
(in part); Squash Rackets (in part) 
Noel-Baker, Philip J. Sanctions and Guar- 
antees {in part ) 

Hoff singer, John Samuel. Correspondence 

Nohara, Daisuke. Yokohama Specie Bank, 
Ltd , The 

Noldeke, Theodor. Arabic Literature (in part); 
Mo’ Ailaqat or Mu’ Ailaqat (in part); Pah- 
lavi or Pehlevi (in part); Persepolis (in part) 
Nollau, Edgar Hugo. Leather, Artificial 
Noller, Carl Robert. Benzoic Acid; Saponins 
and Sapogenins 

Nordberg, Bruno Victor. Diesel Engine 
Norgate, G. Le G. Chelmsford, Frederick John 
Napier Thesiger, 1st Viscount 
Norman, Arthur Geoffrey. Rothamsted Ex- 
perimental Station 

Norman, Sylva. English Literature (in pari) 
Normanton, Helena Florence. Women, Legal 
Position of (in part ) ; Women’s Suffrage (in 

Norris, Francis Benedict Vincent. Droit Ad- 

North, Frederick J. Slate 
North, Brigadier General Thomas. World 
War II (in part) 

Northedge, Frederick Samuel International 
Trade Associations and Congresses 
Norton, Charles Eliot. Curbs Geo 1 ge William 
Norton, L. J. Federal Fu;n Board 
Norwood, Edwin P. Circus (in pari) 

Nov§k, Arne. Czech Language and Liteiatuie 
(in part) 

Noyce, (Cuthbert) Wilfrid Francis. Everest, 
Mount (in part) 

Noyes, Pierrepont Burt. Oneida Community 
Nuelle, Joseph Henry. Delaware and Hudson 
Company, The 

Nuffield of Nuffield, William Richard Moms, 
1st Viscount. Morris Motors Limited 
Nunes, Leo George. £pee Fencing; Fencing; 

Foil Fencing, Sabre Fencing (in part) 
Nurkse, Ragnar. Reichsbank (in pari) 

Nutting, Charles B, Statute (in part) 

Oakeley, Hilda Diana. Personality 
Oakley, Kenneth Page. Neanderthal Man 
O’Brien, George, Shannon 
O’Brien, Morrough P. Coast Protection and 
Land Reclamation (in part) 

O’Connell, Rev. Daniel, SJ. Newman, John 
Henry (in part) 

O’Connor, William R. Confirmation 
Odishaw, Hugh* Stand, nu* National Bureau 


O’Donnell, Thomas C. Friendly Societies (in 

Oehser, Paul H. North America (in part); 

United States (of America), The (in part) 
Oelsner, Hermann. Italian Literature (in 
part); Provencal Language and Literature 
(in p'.rt ) 

Oertzen, Karlludwig von. Schlieffen, Alfred 
Oesper, Ralph J^iward. \rmstrong, Honrv 
Edward, \: r!rt mu>, Svante August { in hM }, 
Beiuielot, Marcehn Pvenc Eugene (in part); 

Berlhollet, Claude Louis (in pait), Berzelius, 
Jons Jakob (in part), B^ack, Joseph (in 
part), Cannizzaro, Stanislav; Ciookes, Sir 
William (in part), Dumas, Jean Baptiste 
Andre, Fresenius Karl Remigius, Glauber, 
Johann Rudolf; Graham, Thomas; Haber, 
Fritz, Henry, William; Hofmann, August 
Wilhelm von, Kolbe, Hermann, Le Bel, 
Joseph Achille, Mitscherlich, Eilhardl; 
Nernst, Walter, Nobel, Alfred, Gstwald, 
Wilhelm, Perkin, William Henry, Jr ; Priest- 
ley, Joseph (in pari); Raoult, Francois 
Marie; Richards, Theodore William; Stahl, 
Georg Ernst; Werner, Alfred; Wislicenus, 
Johannes; Wohler, Friedrich; Wollaston, 
William Hvcle 

Oesterley, William W. 0 E.DD A .woc?ly? f; c 
Literature (in part); \y*< a’- .*• ma 

(in part); Baruch (in part), Enoch, Book of 
(in part); Ezra, UoiTth Bock (or Apoca- 
lypse) of (in part); Isaiah, Ascension of; 
Jubilees, Book of (m part); Judith, The 
Book of (in part), Manasses, Prayer of (in 
part); Sibylline Oracles (in part) 

Offner, W. W. Magnetic Inspection 
Ogden, Charles Kay. Basic English 
O’Hara, Captain Charles E. Investigation, 
Criminal (in part) 

Ohly, John Hallo well. Government Depart- 
ments (in part) 

O’Huadhaigh, Sean. Arbitration (in part) 
Okey, Thomas. Basket (in part); Osier 

Olcott, Frances J. Children’s Books (in part) 
Oldfield, Lieutenant Colonel Josiah, M.D. 

Olds, George D. Amherst College 
Oliver, Francis Wall. Spartina 
Olivier, Charles P. Meteor (in part) 

Ollis, William David. Pyrones 
Olson, Elder J. Criticism; Verse 
Olson, James C. Nebraska 
Oltar-Jevsky, W. Russian Architecture (in 

O’Malley, L. S. Khasi and Jaintia Hills (in 

Oman, Sir Charles (William Chadwick). 
Hundred Years’ War, The; Mohammedan 

C'Nl’II John Johnston. Adams, Frank Daw- 

Onions, Charles Talbut. Gloss and Glossary 
(m part) 

O’Reilly, M. Scandinavian Civilization (in 

Orlemann, Edwin F. Iron 
Ormerod, Robert M. Belting for Power Trans- 
mission (in part) 

Ormsby, (Mrs.) Hilda. London (in part) 
Orthmann, August Caesar. Leather, Care of 
Osborn, E. B. Boxing (in part) 

Osborne, J. H. Fire Engines (in part); Fire 
Escapes (in part) 

Osburn, Raymond C. Kamptozoa; Polyzoa 
(in pail) 

Osgood, Herbert Levi. United States (of Amer- 
ica), The (in part ) 

Osgood, Wilfred Hudson. Zoological Nomen- 

Osier, Abraham G. Wassermann Reaction. 
Osmun, William. Thornhill, Sir James; West, 

Oswald, John Clyde. Printing (in part) 

Ott, Emil, Cellulose 
Overacker, Louise. Primaries 
Overbeek, Jan Theodoor Gerard. Colloids (in 

Overdijkink, Gerrit Willem. Malay Archipela- 
go (in part) 

Overholser, Winfred, M D. Psychiatry (in 

Overstraeten, Major R. van. Antwerp, Siege 
of; Belgium, Invasion of (1914), Yser, Battle 
of the (in part) 

Overton, Sir Arnold. Trade* World Sla- 
bs! ics (in part) 

Owen, Benjamin Evan. Hopkins, Geiard 

Owen, Captain B. J.rSfieep Shearing Machines 
(in part) 

Owen, Sidney George. Ovid (in part) 

Owens, Hamilton. Baltimore 

Owens, Ralph G. Electrical Machine (in part) 

Ower, Ernest. Anemometry (in part) 

Owsley, William D. Drilling, Petroleum 

Pacaut, Marcel Pierre. Bou vines, O-*" '•-paz *c 
(in part); Dauphin (in part); Louis iX {in 
part), Nivernais, Paris (m part), Pans 
University; Provence (in part ) 

Pack, George T., M.D Cancer 
Packard, Arthur J. Hotel (in pait) 

Page, Sir Charles Max. Fractuies 
Page, Theodore Stephen. Censorship (m part) 
Paget, Sir Richard Arthur Surtees. Voice 

Paige, John H. Lacrosse 
Paine, S. G. Bacteriology 
Palache, Charles. Goldschmidt, Victor 
Palat, Barthelemy Edmond. Champagne, 
Battles in (in part), Frontier, Battles of The 
(in part) 

Paleologue, Maurice. Romanoff Dynasty 
Pall, Gordon. Numbers, Theory of 
Palmer, B. C. Taximeter 
Palmer, Elbridge Woodman. Bookbinding (in 

Palmer, Howard. Rocky Mountains, The t 
Palmer, John Leslie. Lenormand, Henn-Rene 
(in Par*); Moliere 

Palmer, Paul F., S.J. Confession; Indulgence 
Paneth, Frederick Adolphus. Meteorites 
Pan tin, John. Ink (in pait) 

Paoli, Cesare. Siena (in part) 

Pardee, Joseph Thedas. T>v»,« r 'K<»fA Rock 
Parente, Pascal P. 1 * . • 

Parish, William F. h notion; .Lubricants; 

Park, Marion Edwards. Bryn Mawr College 
(in part) 

Park, Orlando. Ecology, Animal 
Park, Thomas. Fertility and Fecundity (in 
part); Population Ecology 
Parker, Rt. Hon. Charles Stuart. Peel, Sir 

Parker, Eric. Shooting (in part) 

Parker, George Howard. Comparative Ner- 
vous System 

Parker, H. W. Gecko; Iguana; Lizard (in part); 
Python (in part); Sea Serpent; Snakes (in 
part), Turtle (in part) 

Parker, Ralzemond Drake. Telephotography 
Parker, William Belmont. Atahuallpa or 
Atabalipa; Bustamante, Antonio Sdnchez 
de n n r-^ni a , Luigi Palma di; Con- 

i."*. U' •«' 'it i , Francisco Vasquez de, 
Durao, Jose de Santa Rita, Francia, Jose 
Gaspar Rodriguez (in part), Guzman Blanco, 
Antonio, Hernandez, Jose; Iturbide, Augus- 
tin de, Jimenez de Quesada, Gonzalo, Las 
Casas, Bartolome de; Leguia, Augusto B , 
Lopez, Francisco Solano, Maximilian (Fer- 
dinand Maximilian); Medina, Jose Toribio 
(in part); Mendoza, Antonio de; Mitre, 
Barto'ome, Olmedo, Jose Joaquin de, Paez, 
Jose Antonio; Palma, Ricardo; Pedro II; 
Rod6, Jose E "rime; Rosas, Juan Manuel de 
(in part); ~i. 1 Vi- riu, Jose de; Sarmiento, 
Domingo Faustino; Sucre, Antonio Jose de 
Parker-Smith, A. Patents (in part) 

Parkes, Arthur Josiah. Lock 
Parkinson, Cyril Northcote. Gambier, James 
Gam bier, Baron; Hoste, Sir William; Hoth- 
am, William Hotham; Great Britain (in 
part); Malaya (in pari); Singapore 
Pariett, Sir Harold George. Japanese Language 
Parmelee, Julius H. Railways (in part) 
Parmer, Raymond. Laws Relating to Seamen 
(in part) 

Parmin, Charles. Lisieux 
Parran, Thomas, M.D. Preventive Medicine 
Farrington, Vernon Louis. Hawthorne, Na- 

Parry, John Horace. Jamaica (in part) 
Parsons, Edward Alexander. Louisiana 
Parsons, Frederick Gymer. Anatomy (in part); 


Arteries; Joints and ligaments (in pent ); 
Liver, Anatomy of, Lymphatic System; 
Mouth and Salivary (glands (in pari), Mus- 
cular System, Anatomy of, Nerve ( m part). 
Nervous System; Olfactory System (in 
pa)t ), Pancreas, Phaqw'x Reproductive 
System (in part), 

Anatomy of, Scalp, Skeleton (in part), 
Skull; Spmai Cord (in part); Teeth; Veins 
Parsons, James Bayard. Alkali; Aludel, 
Alumina, Anion, Cation, Chemistry (in 
part); Copperas, Dalton’s Law; Efflores- 
cence, Elements, Chemical; Equivalent; 
Glauber’s Salt, H, 'Losulphite of Soda; Iso- 
topes (m paii), r.c Plaster of 

Paris, Sodium (in part); vitriol 
Parsons, Wilfrid, S J Democracy (tn part) 
Partington, James Riddick. Nitrogen 
Paschkis, Victor. Electric Furnaces 
Passant, E. J. Consul (in part); Foreign Office 
(in pari) 

Pastor, Antonio R. Spanish Language and 
Literature (in part) 

Pastor, Ludwig von. Papacy (in part) 
Paterson, James Alexander, D.D. Numbers 
(in pa ft) 

Paton, Rev. W. Missions (m part) 

Patrick, Walton R. Short Story 
Patterson, Buel R. Wrestling (in part ) 
Patterson, Frederick Douglas. Tuskegee Insti- 

Patterson, Richard S. Seals (in part) 
Patterson, Woodford. Cornell University (in 

Pattison, Rev. Mark. Erasmus, Desiderius (in 
part), Grotius, Hugo (in part); Macaulay, 
Thomas Babiugton Macaulay, Baron (in 

Patton, C. L. Pinocle 
Panes, Anna C. Bible, English (in part) 
Pauling, Linus Carl. Ice; Periodic Law; Reso- 
nance, Theory of ; Valence (in part) 

Pauli, Wallace H. Tyre (in part) 

Paulsen, Carl G. Physical Natural Resources 
(in part) 

Paxson, Frederic Logan. American Frontier, 
The; Middle West, The (in pari) 

Payne, Joseph Frank, M.D. Plague (in part) 
Peacock, David Henry. Camphor, Ter penes 
Peake, Arthur Samuel, D D Bible (m part) 
Peake, Harold John Edward. Archaeology (in 

Pear, Tom Hatherley. Imagery 
Pearl, Raymond. Death, Biological Aspects of 
Pearman, J. B. Bowls (in part), Croquet (in 
part), Handball (in part) 

Pearn, Bertie Reginald. Bengal 

Burma (m part); Central • * ,*» m 

Berar (in part) 

Pearson, H. S. Pecora 

Pearson, Paul Martin. Lyceums and Chau- 

Pearson, Ralph. Woodcuts and Wood-En- 

Pearson, Sir Ralph Sneyd. Timber Picserva- 

Peat, Stanley. Cirbohyd rates (in part) 

Peck, Edson R. .it'> u (:.i pu>t; 

Peck, Mary Gray. Catt, Carrie Lane Chapman 
Pederson, C. J. Antioxidants 
Peek, Frank W., Jr. Electrical Power Trans- 
mission (in part); Transformer (in part) 
Peekema, Wibo G. Banka (in part) 

Peel, Dorothy Constance (Mrs. C. S.). Pastry, 
Home Made 

Peele, Robert. Blasting (in pari); Boring; 

Shaft-Sinking (in part) 

Peers, Edgar Allison. Drama (in part ) ; Franco 
Bahamonde, Francisco 
Peery, William. Field, Nathan 
Peet, Louise Jenison. Refrigerators (House- 
hold) (in part) 

Peet, T. Eric. Calendar (in part) 

Peffer, E. L. Hydrometers (in part) 

Peirce, Hayford. Byzantine Ait (in part) 
Peissi, Pierre. Forges, Comite des 
Pelham, Henry Francis. Augustus; Nerva 
Marcus Cocceius (in pari); Rome (in part) 

Pemberton, Ralph, M D Massage 
Penderel-Brodhurst, James. Bed (in pait); 
Cabinet; Chan, Clocks (in part); Desk; 
Paunbiokmg, Verms Maitm 
Pendleton, Robert L. Tropical Agriculture 
Pennell, Elizabeth Robins. Lithography (in 

Pennock, Grace L. Housekeeping (in part) 
Pennock, J. Roland Administrative Regula- 

Penson, Lillian Margery. Colony 
Penzer, Norman Mosley. Zinc (in part) 
Percival, John. Wheat (m pait) 

Perham, H. N. Bayonet (in pari) 

Perkms, Arthur George. Dyes, Natural; 
Fustic, Yellow Wood or Old Fustic, Indigo 
(in part), Lac Dye, Logwood; Persian Ber- 
nes; Purple, Quercitron Bark, Weld 
Perkins, Charles A, Third Degiee (in part) 
Perlman, Selig. Closed Shop; Company Un- 
ions; T i '«*f \ *'.e !. Exchange (m part); Gen- 
eral Strike (in part); Trade Board (in part); 
Trade (Labour) Unions (in pait) 

Perrin, Jean. Brownian Movement 
Perry, Chesley R. Rotary Club (in part) 

Perry, Janet. Spanish Language and Litera- 
ture (in part) 

Pershing, General John Joseph. Meuse- Ar- 
gorme Operation; St Mihiel (in part); 
United States (of America), The (in part) 
Petch, James Alexander. Examinations (in 
part ) 

Peters, Fredus Nelson, Jr. Furan, Furfural 
Peterson, Florence. Labour Turnover 
Peterson, Mildred Othmer. Libraries (in part) 
Peterson, Ralph G. Cafeteria 
Peterson, Roger T. Birds, Protection of (in 

Petrie, Sir William M. Flinders. Measures and 
Weights, Ancient; Pyramid, Sequence Dat- 

Petrunkevitch, Alexander. Acarus; Arachmda; 
Black Widow, Euryptenda; Pedipalpi; Pen- 
tastomida, Scorpion, Spiders; Whip Scor- 
pion, XrA—.rr. 

Pettijohc. 7 J • ' 

Pew, M'.’-Jtr E r* \ w porting (in part) 
Pfeiffer, George A. Polygons (in part), Solids, 

Pfister, Christian. Antrustion, Austrasia, Ca- 
pitulary, Carolingians, Charibert, Charles 
Martel; Childebert; Childeric, Clotaire; Clo- 
tilda, Saint, Clovis, Dagobert I, Franks; 
Fredegond; Germanic Laws, Early (in part); 
Gregory, St of Tours; Hunald; Mayor of the 
Palace, Pippin or Pepin; Salic Law (in 
part), Sigebert 

Phair, William A. Iron and Steel (in pari) 
Phelps, Henry Willis. American Can Company, 

Phelps, William Lyon, D D. Cooper, James 

Philbnck, Francis Samuel, American Law (in 
part), Declaration of Independence; Hamil- 
ton, Alexander; Jefferson, Thomas 
Philby, Harry St. John Bndger Arabia (in 
part); Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lov-thian; 
Hadhiamaut (in part), Hasa (in part); Ibn 
Sa‘ud ‘Abd ul-‘/\ziz ibn *Abd ur- Rahman 
ibn Faisal (in part), Jidda (in part); Kuwait 
(in part) 

Phillimore, George Grenville. Burial (in part) 
Phillimore, Walter George Frank Phillimore, 
1st Baron. Admiralty, High Court of; Ad- 
miralty Jurisdiction (in part), Advowson 
Phillips, Catherine Beatrice. Marie Antoinette 
(in part) 

Phillips, Rev. Charles Stanley. Edward “The 

Phillips, C. John. Glass (in part); Glass Manu- 

Phillips, Everett Franklin. Bee (in part ) , Honey 
Phillips, Gilbert Paul. Australia (in part) 
Phillips, Rev. Theodore Evelyn Reece. Jupiter; 
Mercury, Ncpiune (in par). Saturn (in 
part); Venus 

Phillips, Brigadier General Thomas Raphael* 
Tactics (in part) 


Phillips, Walter Alison Aix^La-Chapclle, Con- 
gresses of, Alexander I (Alekscftider Pavlo- 
vich), Alliance, Balance of [Twer, Baron; 
Berlin, Congress and Ticaly of, Brest- 
Litovsk, Tteatics of, Canon (in poit), Carls- 
bad Decrees, Church Hist^iy (in part); 
Dalmatic; dispensation; Dragon; Duke; 
Eastern Question, The, Esquire; Excellency; 
Faust or Faustus, French Revolution, The, 
Gentleman, Greek Independence, War of, 
Holy Alliance, The; Jacobins, The; King, 
London, Conferences of; Lon” PU'moe I 
Magyars, Mahmud II {in ), .L\d i"- 
topheles; Nibelungenlied; Nicholas I (in 
part); Paris, Treaties of; Schleswig-Holstein 
Question (in part), Templars (in part), 
Verona, Congress of; Vestments; Walther 
von der Vogehveide * 

Philp, James. Skye 

Phipson, Sydney Lovell. Evidence (in part); 
'Witness (in part) 

Piccirilli, Attilio. Sculpture • v (\ part) 
Pickets, Edward Greydon. Centrifuge 
Pickering, B. M. Joel 

Pickford, Grace Evelyn. Annelida (in part), 
Earthworm , Echiurida, Priapulida, Sipun- 
cuhda, Vermes 

Pierce, Vivian. Capital Punishment (in part) 
Pierce, W. Conway. Chemistry (in part ) 
Pieters, Adrian John. Lespedeza (m part); Seed 
Trade (in part) 

Piggott, Major General Francis Stewart Gii- 
deroy. Enomoto (Yenomoto), Buyo, Yoshh 
hito, Yoshizawa, Kenkichi 
Pike, Douglas Henry. South Australia (in part) 
Pile, Seymour. Brass 

Pillsbury, Donald M., M D Psoriasis; Pruri- 
tus; Seborrhoea, Shingles; Skin Diseases 
Pillsbury, Walter Bowers. Beneke, Friedrich 
Eduard, Catt elk James McKeen; Ebbing- 
haus, Heiman; j11net, Pierre; Kulpe, Oswald 
Pines, Herman. Butane, Olefin, Paraffin Hy- 
drocarbons, Chemistry of 
Pinkerton, William M. Harvard University 
(in part) 

Pinson, Hoppe! S. Anti-Semitism (dn part) 
Pirenne, Henri. Belgium (in part) 

Pirenne, Jacques. Belgium (in part) 

Pitt, Colonel Robert Brindley. Cranes 
Pittioni, Richard. La Tene; Terramara 
Plamenatz, John Petrov. Pasic, Nikola 
Plass, Everett Dudley, M.D. Obstetrics (in 

Plath, Karl. Ptarmigan, Waxwing 
Platt, John Isaac. Alps; Apennines (in pari); 
Atlas Mountains; Caucasus (in part), Gla- 
cier; Jura, Liverpool (in part); Manchester 
(in part), St. Helena (in part) 

Platt, Raye R. Andes; Orinoco; Patagonia (in 

Plummer, Rev. Charles. Alfred or Aelfred (The 
Great), Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Bede. Beda 
or Baeda * * 

Pocock, Reginald limes. Carnivora (in part); 

Edentata (in part); Fox (in part) 

Podmore, Frank. Automatic Writing 
Poete, (Cesar) Marcel. Paris (in part j 
Poffeaberger, Albert Theodore. Advertising 
(in pari), Applied Psychology 
Polanyi, Michael, M D. Chemiluminescence 
Pole, Sir Felix John Clewett. Great Western 
Railway Company (m part) 

Pollard, Albert Frederick. Coverdaie, Miles 
Pollard, Alfred William. Bibliography, Book- 
Collecting (in part); Books (in part); Chau- 
cer, Geoffrey; Colophon, Incunabula; Poly- 
glot! or Polyglot 

Pollard, Frederick Henry. Oxide (in part) 
Pollock, Rf. Hon. Sir Frederick. Contract (in 
part); Tort 

Pollock, Walter berries. Musset, Alfred de (in 

Polyak, Stephen. L. Basilar Membrane; Ear, 
Anatom)' of, E\e, Human (in part) 

Poole, Austin L. Tours (in part) 

Poole, Reginald Lane, Wroiffe (or Wyclif), 
John (hi pant) 

Poole, Reginald Struct. Egypt (in partj 




Pope, Arthur TJp^am. Bistam; Isfahan (in 
pari); Persia (in part); Rugs and Carpets 
(in pari) 

Fope-Hennessy, John Wyndham. Mino Da 

Popenoe, (Frederick) Wilson. Avocado; Ba- 
nana; Breadfruit; Jujube, kitchi, Mango; 
Papaya; Pomegranate 

Popham, Arthur E. Aquatint; Etching (in 
part); Line Encrarir.g 
Popovitch, Sava. an Art 
Poppe, Nicholas N. Mongolia (in part); Mon- 
golian Language and Literature 
Porteous, Douglas Archibald. Superannuation 
(in part) 

Porter, Alfred William. Electrical (or Electro- 
static) Machine (in part); Sky (in part); Sur- 
face Tension; (in part ) 

Porter, Horace^ C l a./ 1. . oke, Coking 

and High Temperature Carbonization (in 

Porter, Kirk Harold. State Government 
Porter, Leroy V. New York Central System 
Porter, Rupert Howard. Seed Testing 
Porteus, Thomas Cruddas. Standish, Myles 
Possony, Stefan T. Europe (in part) 

Postgate, John Percival. Juvenal (Decimus 
lunius luvenalis) (in part); Latin Literature 
(in part); Phaedrus (in part); Propertius, 
Sextus, Textual Criticism; Tibullus, Albius 
(in part) 

Postgate, Raymond William. Bakunin, Mik- 
hail, Blanqui, Lou‘- Chartism; 

Churchill, Charles; CT.vr D G liM * e Paul; 
Combination Laws: Co.* -e ^ part); 
Delescluze, Louis Charles; Flourens, Gus- 
tave; Hunt, Henry; Leipzig, Battle of; Mu- 
nicipal Trading (in pari), O’Connor, Fear- 
gus Edward; Peterloo, Place, Francis, Radi- 
cal; Sabotage: Wilkes, JqJin; Wine (in part) 
Potter, David Moms. Long, Huey Pierce 
Potter, Edith Louise, M.D. Loetal Disorders 
Potter, George Richard. Switzerland (in part) 
Potter, Pitman Benjamin. League of Nations 
Potthoff, Carl J., M.D. Artificial Respiration; 

First Aid\o the Injured 
Pouch er, William A. Cosmetics (in part); 

Poulton, Sir Edward Bagnall. Darwin, Charles 
Robert; Mimicry 
Pound, Louise. Ballad (in part) 

Poupardin, Rene. Arles; Burgundy; Franche- 
Comte; Philip the Bold (in part); 
Philip the Good (in part); Provence (in 

Powell, Alfred Richard. Coke, Coking and 
High Temperature Carbonization (in part ) 
Powell, Raphael. Breviary of Alaric 
Powell, Thomas Reed. Constitution and Con- 
stitutional Law (in part) 

Power, E. A. Fisheries (in part) 

Powers, William E. Watershed 
Powicke, Sir Frederick Maurice, Middle Ages, 

Pratt, David B. Tars, Low-Temperature (in 

Pray, Carl E. Argentina (in part ) 

Prendergast, J. S. Galen 
Prescott, Joseph. Joyce, James 
Pressey, Sidney L. Psychology (in part ) 

Prest, Alan Richmond. Unemployment 
Prestage, Edgar. Garrett, Joao Baptista da 
Silva Leitao de Almeida (in pari); Goes, 
Damiao de (in part); Herculano de Carva- 
lho E Araujo, Alexandre (in pari), Lopes, 
Fern no (m pari); Manuel de Mello, Dom 
Francisco (m part); Portuguese Literature 
(in part) 

Preston, Wheeler B. Ceylon (in part); Gibral- 
tar (in parf); Great Britain (in part); Hong 
Kong (in pari); Malta (in pari); New Zea- 
land (in pari) 

Pnbiam, Alfred Francis. Aehrenthal, Aloys 
Lexa Von, Austria, Empire of (in part); 
Berchtold von und zu Ungarschitz, Leopold; 
Renner, Karl /* H 

Price, Charles C^1' , riedel-CrafiS''Reaction 
Price, Don 3L City Manager; General Strike 

Price, Emmett W. Cattle (in part); Pig (in 
part ) ; Sheep (in part) 

Price, Francis Douglas. High Commission, 
Court of 

Price, Sir James Frederick George. Dole (in 
part); T T — Insurance (in part) 
Price, Jo strike (in part); Trade 

Board (in part) 

Price, Robert. John 

Priebsch, Ao- art. Gt Language 
Priest, Alan Reed. Seals (in part); Theatre (in 

Prince, John Dyneley. Chaldaea 
Prinet, Leon Jacques Maxime. Beauharnais; 
Joinville (in part) 

Pring, John Norman. Electricity, Conduction 
of (in part ) ; Electrolysis (in part) 

Pringle, Henry Fowles. Smith, Alfred Em- 

Pringl e-Pattison, Andrew Seth. Mysticism (in 
part) ; Philosophy and Philosophical Studies; 
Scepticism (in part), Theosophy; Weber’s 

Prior, Edward S. Fine Arts 
Pritchett, Charles Herman. Government Cor- 
porations, Government Departments (in 

Picirdmar., Joseph. Tides 
Prunty, Merle C., Jr. South, The 
Pryde, Geoige Smith. Scotland (in pari) 
Przibram, Hans. Heteromorphosis 
Pucci, Enrico, Monsignor. Vatican, The