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Full text of "The New Royal Dictionary (1911)"

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?tt?t *$$* *Tr*5j> TTsfta swttcr mv&ft | 

L B S. National Academy of Administration U 

*$*> i 


g?cT^T5m $ 


I anrTfar RW 

Accession No. 

Class No. 

Book No. 

_ Roy 1 


ftoyal Dictionary 

English info Hindustan! 


Hindustani info English 


liev. THOMAS CRAVEN, M. A. f B. D. 


Revised and Enlarged 


Methodist Publishing Hoaeb- 

191 1 


The present edition of the New Royal Dictionary is a revision and en- 
largement of the book that has been on the market since 1893. It was 
orgmally issued to meet <the demand for a somewhat comprehensive and yet 
inexpensive lexicon on the part of students and others interested in the study 
of the Hindustani and English languages. That it has met the need is 
proved by the fact that since the original book was published, edition after 
edition has been printed, and the demand is now greater than ever before. 
The compilers acknowledge the help derived from Forbes, Fallon, Platt, 
Richardson and from vernacular dictionaries, and also the aid given by many 
munshis, pandits and other Indian scholars. 

The following explanation of the diacritical marks employed throughout 
the book will be of convenience to all who make any extended use of the 
Dictionary : 


unmarked — f or v sounded am a m alone. 


marked — f or ^ 


„ a in for. 

e m 

mer marked — »*_ or * 



„ 6 in thqy. 


marked --1 or t 


„ i in pm. 



„ i in m achine. 

0 never marked — 3 or ^ 


„ 0 in note. 


unmasked — 1 or * 


„ u in ptdL 


marked. — 3 or * 


„ u in rwke. 

J m H 5 u — £ £ £ respectively. Their sound is somewhat like above, but 

very guttural, to be learned only by hearing them used. In some fonts the 
Roman equivalent for £ is marked by a dot under the vowel. 

a the guttural Arabic h: it has no equivalent in English. 

Tpk — £ the guttural Arabic &A, pronounced as though hawking to clear 
the upper part of the throat, is similar to Scotch oh in lo oh or German ch in 
buck/ it has no equivalent in English. 

g £ the Arabic guttural somewhat like the sound of garglingthe 

throat or clearing lower part of throat; it has no equivalent in English. 

t *=* o or k; d — a, unmarked, are softer than the English letters, nearly 
as soft as lisping these letters, spoken with the tongue almost between the 
teeth, somewhat as t in after ana d in subdue, where the t and d are slightly 
held in check by the labials f and b preceding them. 

d — 3 and t — a are harder than English letters d and t. They are 
spoken with the tongue turned back in the roof of the mouth in position to 
trill the letter r. They correspond fairly well to d and t following r in hard 
and ar£. 

th, dA, th, dA, are simply the above sounds, t, d, 4 aspirated ; th, £A, 
should never be sounded like th in *Am or in this, 
n is the sound of ng in ing . 

r unmarked is not trilled; it is a gentle sound of r like r in me. 
r marked is trilled; its nearest English equivalent is therm whir or 
like the second r in barrel. 

The apostrophe following a vowel as a 9 in such words as fdHda, simply 
prolongs the sound of the vowel and introduces the following consonant with 
sound of short i preceding it, and should be pronounced almost as though 
written fa-ida ; this must not be confounded with the apostrophe representing 
£ in some type as explained above. 

6 or u* or (j» all pronounced alike, as s in see, and never has the “b” 
sound as s in was;— similarly 0 — u *, * all have simple sound of 0, as z in 

All other vowels, diphthongs, and consonants are exactly like their 
English equivalents. 


The consonants employed in the phonetic spelling, with the exception of 
ff 9 retain their name sounds, and the vowels, unless marked, retain their short 
sounds. The diphthong au or aw represents the sound of a, as heard in all; 
ou or that of ow , as in now; and oo unmarked as in book; the short sound 
of oo, os in moon. The sharp sound of th is indicated by common letters, a a 
in thin ; the flat sound by small capitals, as in thou. The syllabic sound of 
ble, whether terminal or incidental, is represented by bl. By referring to the 
following key it will be seen that the notation of long and peculiar vowel 
Bounds is remarkably simple : 

Fate, far ; me, bSr, mine; note; tune; moon. 


e. . adjective. 
adv. . adverb. 

Amer. . American. 

A. . Arabic. 

A.-S.. . Anglo-Saxon. 

Celt. . Celtic. 

cf. . confer (compare] 

Chin. . Chinese. 
comp. . comparative. 
conj. . conjunction. 

D. . Dutch. 

Dan. . Danish, 
dim. . diminutive. 

Eng. v English. 

c. g. eeempli grat ia ( for example ) . 

fern. . feminine* 

F. . French. 

Gael. . Gaelic. 

Ger. ■. German. 

Go. «. Gothic. 

G. . Greek. 

H. . Hebrew. 

Hung. . Hungarian. 

Icel. . Icelandic, 
i. e. .id set (that is) 
imp. . imperfect. 
inter j . , interjection. 

Ir. . Irish. 

It. w Italian. 

L. . Latin. 

maw. . masculine. 

Malay- Malayan* 


. nonn. 


. neuter. 

Norm. F. . Norman French'. 


. Noras 1 . 


. participle. 

p. a. 

. participial adjectlvo. 


. passive. 


-. Persian. 


. Portuguese. 


. plural. 


i Polish. 


. participle past. 


. participle present. 


. Provencal. 


. preposition. 

p ret. 

* preterite* 


► privative. 


. pronoun. 


. fed vide (which see)'. 


. Roman. 


. Roman Catholic. 


. Russian. 


. Saxon. 


. scilicet (being understood), 


. Scottish. 


* singular. 

Skr. . 




Bp. . 


eaperl superlative. 









«.i. . 

verb intransitive. 

e. t. . 

verb transitive. 








A, Angrezl hurtif i tahajjf kA pah III barf hai. A, 
e k, kot, fulfmA ; jin lafzon Ice shurfi’ moil barf 
i fialifh kl AwAzhotl hai, un kepahle yib liarf 
i tankir likhA jALA hai, aur jin lafzon ko shurft’ 
men harf-i-’illatkf AwAz hot! liai un ke pnhlc 
ttkt jagah men an IngAyA j\UA hai. A, .Tab yih 
lafz ism-i-fA’il ke shurft’ men isti’mal kiyft 
jAtft hai, to “/co” ke ma’ue (leta hai, jaise "he 
is gone avisilin p” “wuli mul&q&t ko gay A,” 
u ko” kA istiTnui fchilAf muhriwara samjlm jfttfi 
hai, aur is liye ’tirara bol ehftl men is lafz ko 
clihor dele bain. A, Jab a b'l-taur liurf-1- 
masbrfit ke isti’mfti hot A hai to “men” “par,” 
wat k« raa’nft detfi hai jaiso "asleep” “nlnd 
men,'* “ aboard “jahAz par,’' was. 

Aback, a-bak\ad. (backward) plchlic, pichhir 
taraf; — a. (surprised) uiutaliaiyir. 

Abaft, a-baft', p. A.-S. a. and birftcn , after, 
behind; (toward the stern) plchhc ; jahAz kl 
patwftr kf taraf. 

Abandon, a-ban'dun, v. t. F. abttndonncr. (to 
forsake entirely) chhof d., tark k.« tyftgnA ; to 
— all hopes, nft-umraed h.[ — by]. Syn. Leave; 
relinquish; quit; forsake; Abandoned, a- 
ban'dund, p. ®. (deserted) cbhoi-fthftft; (very 
wicked) bahut burft. [ — to, — by] ; Abandon- 
ment, n. (entire desertion) tark, dast-kashf ; 

Abase’ a-bfis\ v, t. F. abaisscr. (to bring low) 
zalfl k., haqlr k., be-qadr k. Syn. depress; 
humble; degrade; Abasement, u-lms'ment, 
n. ( the state of being brought low ) zillat, hiqft- 
rat, khwftrl. 

Abash, a-bash', v. t.F. abaisscr. (to make a- 
shained)shannAnA, Jajftnfi, pAnl pftnl k., pashe- 
mftn k. ; (to confuse or confound) ghabninfi, 
byAkul k., pareBlifin k. Syn. Confuse; con- 
found; shame. [ — by]. 

Abate, a-bflt', v. t. F. ubatlrc. (to diminish) kam 
k., ghatAnft ; — v. i. kam h., ghatnft ; Abate- 
ment, n. (decrease) kaml, gha(£io, [ — from, 
— of, — in, — on]. 

Abatis, a-ba-tfi', «. F. (a defence of sharpened 
branches) k Antes bad 1 do ke live. 

Abba, ab'ba, n. (a Syriac word meaning father, 
used co denote a religious superior) abbn, bftp ; 

Abbess, ab'bos, w. F. ahbesae. (governess of a 
nunnery) ’auraton kf khAnqAh kl sardftrin. 

Abbey, ab'be, n. (a monastery or convent) khAn* 
qali, math, dbararnsAlA. 

Abbot, ab'but, n.Jj. ubbu. (head of a society of 
monks) khftuqfth ^ sardftr, mahant. 

Abbreviate, Hb-i>rS'vi-&t, v. t. h. ab and breviare. 
(to shorten) kam k., mufchtasark., saukshep! 

k. ; Abbreviation, ab-br6-vi-a'shun, n. (act 
of shortening, contraction) ikhtisAr,sankshep. 

Abdicate, ab'di-kat, f\ /. or i. L. abdicate. 
(abandon a right, power, or trust, and the like) 
lmqq yd *uhda chhof d., pad tyftgnA ; Abdica- 
tion, n. (the net • f resigning a public office or 
trust) da.stbardArl, tyAg. 

Abdomen, nb-do'mon, n. L. (the lower part of 
the belly) pet, slifkuin ; talpot, perfi; Abdo- 
minal, ab-rioiu'in-al, a. (pertaining to the ab- 
domen) pet kA ; — n. ek qism kl machhllAn. 

Abduct, ab-dnkl/.v. t. abduetus. pp. ot abducent, 
ba-zor yA ^hilftf-i-shara’ bhagA lej.: Abduc- 
tion, ab-duk'shun, n. (act of carrying away) 
khinchAo, kashish ; khilaf qftnftn bbagu lej. 

Abeam, ab-cut, ud\ (at right angles to the ship’s 
keel) jahftz ke lutthe ke sftmhne. 

Abed, n-bed', ad. (in bed) bichlmune par. 

Aberrance, ab-er'rans, Aberration, n.Ij.aber* 
rare, (a wandering from the right way) gum- 
rfthf, gum-gaslitagf, inhirAf, tajAwuz; Aber- 
rant, a. gumrAh, luunharif; Aberration of 
mind, pAgalpan. 

Abet, a-het', v. t. Old F. abeter. (to encourage, 
incite or instigate to commit n crime) kisl 
gunAh men madad d., himAyat k.* ubhAvnA, 
uskftnA. [ — in, — from, — of, — on]. Abetment, 
n. himmalrdihl; targib-dihf; sahAyatA; Abet- 
tor, a-het'tor, n. (one who abets) tnrglb d. w., 
ubhArne yA uskAue w., yA madadgAr i jurm. 

Abeyance, a-ba'ans, n , F. bayer , (a state of 
suspension) altiwA; intizAr; umraed, As. 

Abhor, ab-lior', v. t. L. abhorrere . (to dislike 
bitterly) uafrat k.; parhez k.; chifhnA; 
Abhorrence, a. (detestation) nafrat, karAhi- 
yat. [ — of]. Abhorrent, ab-bor'rent, tf.( in- 
consistent, detesting) nA-ma’qAl; nA-pasand, 
nafratl, khilAf. [ — from, — to]. 

Abide, a*bld', v. i. or t. (to stay in a place, to 
wait for) rahnA, basnA, thabarnA; (bear) 
bardAsht k., sahnA, [ — in, — at,— with, — by]. ; 
Abiding, a. (fixed) pAedAr, mustaqlm; — n, 
sukAnat, qayAm, istiqAmnt. 

Ability, a-bil'li-ti, n. L. habilitaa. (quality of 
being able) HyAqat, qAbiliyat, yogyatA; (po- 
wer) raaqdftr. maqdarat ; — pi. (talents) zinnl 
tAqat, isti’dAd, dakhl. Syn. Capacity ; talent; 
faculty; capability. 

Abject, ab'jekt, a. L. abjectus. (mean, worth- 
less) haqfr, be-waqr, rasTl, zall), kamfna; 
Abject ness, n. (meanness of spirit*) zillat, 
khwArt, pareshAnl, durg^t ; (servility) kamtna- 

Abjuration, n. halafiya inkdr, shapath ke dwArA 
tyAg. [ — of]. Abjure, ab-jSor', v. t. Ij. 
abjurare. (to reject with solemnity) halfan 
inUAr k.,saugandh kbAnA* 



Ablative, tib'k-iiv, a. L. rUuiitus . hiVat-i* aOC k. [— from]; Abridgment, ». (alJ ab- 

muiftw.izul, hillat nashf, h.ilut i mafuiiyat; struct) ijvhtisfir, fcbulftsii, snnkshep. Syn. 

sa in t « ra . i A ii - k -1 i-n k. Compendium ; epitome ; abstract. 

Ablai.c. n-Mft ■/. .V. (ml tire) juitft lift ft. rozindn. Abroad, n-brawd', ad. (out of the House) bft. 
Abic, ii'h!, a. Iv. haOilis, qubit, Iftiq ; tn be—, hnr; (in another country) parties; wide—, 
Iftiq !i„ rakn.i. | [zubardasl, qnwf. (at large) kbiile bnudon, ek&roju i&ste; to go 

.Iblc-buiiirii, ii'b! bod-id, a, (robust) 1 war, — , mu Ik sc briltnrj. 

Abieiwir, ;ib'-io-;:;V. r. 1. L. ah umi tcwc. ( to / Abrogate, ab'ro-g&i, v. t. L. ubroffitre. (repeal) 
y;r:;d nwnv) U:\Un r .rtf dir /•/.■ jtni. / lu.m^ukh k. t radii k.,biitilk.; Abrughtion, n. 

Ablution, .v. i.. uh’aiio. n:ih;U~i, tnhfirni, gn si; nnskh, mnuqfiff, irtidd. 

(prrriou ■ h> whwV, nshun'j : — «-*f the Abrupt, iib-rupt', a. L. abrupt as. (broken) (d* 

h:\udii, iih-d.ii a ; — of {be dead, imirda-shof ; I (ft phfitfi ; (sleep) finchft nfchft; (sudden) 
p/mriur — .Jnhwl. ck'irk ; ochfinnk; (rough) nfishuista ; asam- 

Ably.u- b\i f vd. ( with' gr in t ability) ilyftcjat sl», bandh; (unconnected) be-meJ, be-rabfc; Ab- 
q .1 hi Jivo l ruptinn, n. (sudden breaking ofl ! ) ackftnak 

Abnegate, al/in-^rd, r. /, L, ahncaa.'c. (to Kit, flkasmik blianjnn; Abruptness, n. nft- 
druyaud roie‘1) inkftr k.. lurk It., aswilmr k. liaimvfirf, nftshfiistagf, jaldl, hafbnif. 
Abnc.'nfioii, if. (dL'.ii:;l and reniiLci. tiou) Abscess, al/scs, n. L. ab and census, phofft, 
iukftr, t: lk. nrwskftr. dummal. [or cut) kftf $• 

AbnoriniJ, ab-imnn'al, a. L. vh and norma. AFt'-clnd, ab'sind', v. t. L. ab and sci nderc. (rend 
(contrary to lav.j Irl ilftf i qft'ida yft; Abscissa, ab-sis'n, n. h. abscissas, (part of tbe 
(irn* '..liar; !>(-<? ;’mI x ; Abnormity, ab-imrni'i- dia motor of a oonic section) jus? qutr-Marftsli, 

1i, //. t irrcgalai ity.f br-qfi*id:igi ; (deformity ) Abscission, n. tarfrdj, kft(. [ina Ij-hrlit siiakl. 
bad-sli Uf. { parsawftr hokar j. /ibsconrf, ab-wkond', v. i. 1 j. ubscondtr. firftr li.; 

Aboard, n-bf»n!', ad. .in lifts? par ; to ftu — , jaluiz (to hide one's self) chbip r., rftposh li. 

A?>ode, a-i»{i.r. >i: (bon- r ; giiar, tli' , kftnft. sukf:- Absence, ab'sens, «. L. absentia, gair-bftzirf, 
na'. qa ''fun, !d..rfj. inulnn: — r. vp. oj jii'jaf, callat ; Absent, nb'sent, a . gair-hrtzir, 

raii'i, Syn Shvcd.-in :: habitat inn ; domicile; g.niMnahjfir, dur; (inattentive, hoed less) gftfil ; 

Abode, aim'd, r. 1. (to f«#ic:;h .w)agt* so jatftr.a. — sniiuletJ, bo-dil, cutil; to — one’s self, gair- 

Abolish, a-liori=h. v.i. Ij. rJa.-fen ere. (destroy j Lazir k. i_ — from]; Absentee, ab-sen-tc, n. 

b:itil I:., m*st litdd k., mau-tuf It., nian- tlkh I:.. gnir-hftzir (l. w. 

nnyatltft 1:.: Almlishnirstt, n. inasninfi, in.inri'i- Absinthe, ab-aiiitli', n. L. absinthium, (a cordial 
k!n' ; khandan ; AI»o*i: iosi, al -n-lii-di'.iii, n. of bi'amly tincture. I with worm wood ) sharftb 

maiupi.'i', i.- an^'iitbu na. k i. ibL.1I; Ai/.v-i(:o s r- aur ok kflfwo per left ’arq milft lififi. 

1st, niajoiikii yft r.i<!d kin iie tv. Absolute, al/su-lut, a. L, ubsolutus. (uncondi- 

Abuminablc, n-im.u'in-a-bl, «. makrnb. karfli tional) bilft qnid yft sliart, gair masbrfit; 
paild, nftpftk; "hinaunft. [. — I »]. Abominate. (despotic) kull-mukhtftf ; (perfect) bo-hadd, 

a-bom'iii-iit, v. t. Ij. a ham in ere. (to hat • lulinil; (un rein ted) bo-lagfto, benisimt; (posi- 

uttcrly) kurfthiyat. k., gliin k. ; Abomination. live) wftqn'f.Mftla'fy ufttiq, shftll ; (purc)kliftli^, 

n. (act of loathing) u ifrat, karftliiyat; uftpakl : Syn. lVdllve; peremptory; arbitrary; des- 

dwos!). polio; Ai>soJutcness, n. (completeness) tfik- 

Aboi'fttiual, nb-o-rij'in-nl, «. a rdf bftsbinda; — a. mil. t-imamf ; (arbitrariness) khud.snrf ; Abso- 

aslf bftshinda l;ft miiinqaddnm, wahshf, be-tai- lution. «. (release from punishment) mu’fiff, 

biyal.-yftfta ; Aborigines. aVb-rij'in-ez, n. pi. nnjftt, l.hnlftsf ;(a remission of sin pronounced 

Ij ab and orifju. jnulk kepablr rahuewftlc. by the iiomnn Catholic Priest) inukti, moksh, 

ftdi-nivftsi. uddhar, mngfarat. 

Abortion, a-b^r'shun, n. L. aborlio . isqftliho- Absolve, al>solv\ v. i. L. fllisoitere. (to set free) 
mal, pet- giriul, gariihasrftv ; Abortive, a-bortA ftzftd k. ; mu’tif k. ; mnkli k. ; nirdosli k. Syn. 
iv, a., nftkftmyftb ; (apt to miscarry) Exonerate; acquit. [ — from], 
pel pi rue ke ijftbil ; to proic — , be-JYiida b.; Absorb, ab-sorb. r.t. Ij. absorbcrc . (suck up) 
Aburtfvrly, ad. (untimely) penb az waqt, jazb k.,sokhnft, pflenft. khnpnfl ; to he absorb- 

bahut Rii were. cd, nutsligu! b., masrftfh. L — in.] ; Absorbent, a. 

Abound, a -boiintl', r. f. L. abundarc. (to bo In .iftzib, sokhnewftlft, plncwftlft ; soslmk ; Absorp- 

plcnty ) bharpur h., ha-kasral b., paripAran b. lion, n. ;jazb, sol h. 

I — in, — with]. Abstain, ab-stftn', V. i. Ij. a bstinere. (refrain) 

About, a-boul', prep. A.-S. abutan. (concerning) pavhez k., bfiz r., munb phernft, nivritta h. 
bftbat, nisbat ; (bore niul there) idhar udbav; [ — from]. 

(near) qaith, unzdfk; — ad. (on all sides) Ab tcmioiis, ab-sle'mi-us, a. L. abstemius, ab* 
chftron taraf; all — , cbftron taraf; round from, temchnn strong wine; (temperate) 

— , ird gird; to go round— way, ghumkar parJjezgftr, pftrsfi, nmttaqf, bhngat, niyatftbftri, 

j. ; to ft o — zinc's business, apnc kftm jjai sanjann.L — in] ; Abstemiously, ad. parhezyftrf 

j. ; to bria;; — , nikftlnft, pfirft k. ; to come — , se; Abstemiousness, n. parliezgftrf, saujnm. 

nazdfk il., wftqi’ b. : what are you — , turn kyft Abstsneiire, ab'sii-neus, n. pnrliez; total — , 
karte ho; to Imvc one’s wits — libn, chauknn- sliavftt) pin >se bilkuli parbez. L — from] ; A ba- 
il a r., hoshiyftr r. ; to lake one — , sair karftnft; tinent, al/sti-nent, «. parhczgftr, sunjamf. 

to be up and — , pluirti dikhftnft, tezf dikhftnft. Syn. Abstaining ; fasting. 

Above, a-buv\ prep . A.-S, abufan. (higher in Abstract, nb-strakt', v. t. I». abslractus. (draw 
place) ft par, ftucbft; (surpasRiug) Imfbkar from) ulag k.« lchiyftl tdierl. ; (epitomize) 

a’lft; (more in number, quantity or degree) kliulftsa iiikftlna, intikhftb k. ; (purloin) kisf 

barbkar, siwft, ziyftda, adhik ; — a a. (overhead) chfz ko poshfda taur se apue isti’mftl ke liye 

ftpar, tinche, Bir kefipar; (before) palile, po.-b- le 1.; ehorl k.; — w. lcbulftsa, sanksbep; (to 

tar, sftbiq men ; (higher in rank or power) a’Jft, separate ideas by tbe operation of the mind) 
afzal : — all, sab sc pnble, I;biioe3aur ; over and zilini qftwat se khiyftlftl ko judft k.; (separate) 

— , miqdftrsf* ziyftda; it is— me, liyftqatse lift- judft, muglaq; — a. bilft wujCid, qftyam; (ftbs- 

har; — board, ’alftniya, khuleklmzftne; — deck. trusc) <la*ilq, mushkil, bftrlk, pecblda ; — nunt- 

kishtf yft jaliftz kl clihat yft takble pur;— her, koift ftnk, ’adad-i-mn jarrad ; — uf an 

around, zamfn par jftft, zinda ; as — said, maz- account, cbitlhft, bahf, godnvftra; in the — , 

kfira i bftlft; — suspicion, rftstbftz, be-'aib; — mujmilan, til-jumla. L — from]; Abstraction, 

mentioned, or cited or said, inn z kfira i bftlft ; n. (a diawing from) qitu’-nazrr, judftl, khil- 

— par, ma'mfilf qfmat se ziyftda; — stairs, wat-iiashfni ; (an idea) lchiyftl, soch; (absence 

zfnepar; — measure, hadd se ziyftda. oi ! inin;l) he-khudf; taking anything nurrepti- 

Abrasioo, ab-ru-zbu n, n. ( the act of wearing off ) 1 ionaly) ehorl, fnreb. 

ragar, g:;isfto. Abstruse, ab-stvdd /, u. Jj. abstru«us. (obscure) 

Alirra -t, a-bres!/, ad. pahld bn pahffi, harftbar. dn .Tq, lsVlmll, bftvfk, gftrb, mushkil; Abstruse* 

Abridge, a-brij', v. t. F. abrvr/ct\ (sliortcn) ly, ad. (o.iscurciy) daqfq lurnh sc : # Abstraae- 

ghafftaftf mukbtasark. ; (to deprive of J mau- ness, n. bfirikf ; dusbwftif, katbintft. 



Absurd, ab-surd', a. L. absurdus . bojA, fuzftl, Accidence, a k'si-dens,». (a grammatical pricier) 
fchilAE i ’aql, bebflda. Syn. Foolish; irrational ; palile qA’idr* kf kit Ab ; sarf, Amad-nfttna. 
ridiculous; unreasonable; Absurdity, n. be- Accident, ak'si-deut, «. L. ad and cado. (casual- 
htldagf, butlAn, fchurAf At. ty) hAdisa, wuqi'u, raAjrA; (chance) IttifAq; 

Abundance, a-bund'aus, n. L. abmduntia, (a property or quality of a thing which is not 

(plenty) babutfi yat, kasrat, firAwAnf Syn. essential to it) kbawAs-i-Arizf ; — pU (the pro- 

Exuberauee, plenty, affluence; Abundant. parties and qualities of the parts of speech; as 

a-bund'nut, a. (plentiful) kasfr, wfifir, sfiyAda, gender, number and case) gardAn ; Accidental, 

adhik. baliut; (full, sufficient) wA»r< *■.«:, a. ittifAqiya ( unexpectedly) UtifAqfi 

has. [ — inj ; Abundantly, ad. (plentifully, fnon-esscu tial) Anzf, ntfgabAnf; jo ghAssiyal 

fully) kasrat se, Unit se, bahutfiyat se. aslf na ho. # 

Abuse, a-buz, v. t. L. ab. from, ntor, usus, to Acclaim, nk-klam , v. t. L. acclamare . (to honor 
use. (to misuse, to make an ill or improper use or meet with applause) shAbfisbl.d., wAh wAh 
of) bad-isti’nullf k., bad-sulfikl k. ; (to revile) k. ; — n. sbAbAshf, wfihwflfi; Acclamation, ft. 

gAlf (I., lA-sakhun kahnA ; (to receive or impose (a shout of applause) shAbAsM, Afrfn. 
upon) chhuddA r., huliLAn r., ilzArn l.;to — the Acclimate, ak-kli-mat, v. t. L. ac for ad and 
car of person, kAn phfmkna, kfta bbarnA. climate. ( to habituate to a climate) gair mulk 

Abuse, a-lrns', ». (ill use) bad-isti’mAl ; (rude kf fib o bawd ke muwAfiq ’ainal k. 
speech Jbatl-zubAnf.diisdinfiiu, gAlf; (deception) Acclivity, ak-ldiv'i-ti, n. L. acclivitus. (ascent), 
dagu, dbokbA; (blame) tuhmat, ilzArn; (a chnrhaf ; (a slope) dlial. 
corrupt practice or custom) bud-mu Ymialagf, Accommodate, ak-kom'md dat, v. t. L. a a com - 
badrasmf; Abusive, a-bus'iv, a. (containing inodare. (to render fit) mu wAliq k., munAsib i 
abuse) sakht kalfun, bad-subAn, nindnk. Syn. hulk.; (fit) (hfk k. ; (to supply) muhaiyA k., 

Reproachful ; apprdbrious ; rude. [ — to]. denfl, matlab bar iAnA; (oblige) ihsAn k., 

Abut, a-but'. v. i. F. aboutir. (to meet) milnA, khaburjrfrf k., tavvAzfi’ k., bandugf bajA 1.. 

mulhnq li. L — on, — upon) ; Abutment, n. (that yogya k. ; (reconcile) mol mil tip k. ; — one’sself 

on which a thing meets) jis par kofclifz mile. to the times, zauTma-sfizf k. t — with, — to]. 

Abyss, a-bis', n. (3. a. without, byssos, bottom Accommodating:, a. ( kind) mihrbAn ; (oblig- 

(a bottomb'Rs depth, a gulf; hence, any deep) ing) uturauwalf; Accommodation, n. (fit- 

gnhrfio, ’umuq ; utiiAli garhfi, kund. ness) muwAfiqat, uitmAsibat; gunjAlsh, samAf; 

Acuciu, a-UiVshi-n, n. (J. alcahiu. ckqisraku (adjustment of differences) durustagf, isIAh- 
dnraklit, babul, kiknr. pizlif, mel ; (provision of conveniences )sAmAn, 

Academic, ak-a-dcin'ik, a. (pertaining to an lawAzinui ; (a loan of money) udhAr, qarz. 
academy ;helonging to tlie school or philosophy Accompaniment, ak-kum'pa-ni-ment, n . (some* 
of Plato) maktnbf,afifiU*mf ; Academician, ek- thing which accompanies or is added) jo sAth 

a-dg-mish'i-an, n. (a member of an academy) ho yA ba-taur zebAishJke jor diyft jAe ; Accom* 

’Aliinon kf majlis kA ek juz yAnhl; Acu- pan 1st, ak-kum'-pa-nist, n, ’(one who accom- 

demy, a-kad'e-mi, n. (a school of arts and panics in music) jo rag ke gAne kesAthbftjA 

sciences) rnaktab yfi mad rasa i ’ulftm ofuntin, milAlft lini; Accompany, i?. t. (to go or be 

pa (slmla ; 'Aliinon kf jamA’at. with) sAth j. yfl h., hamrAh h. Syn. Attend; 

Accede, ak-yed', v. i. L. ad to, cedo to go; (to escort. | — by, — with), 
assent) manzfir k., qabfil k., mfimiA, saminati Accomplice, ak-kom'plis, ». (an associate in 
k. [ — to]. general) madadgfir, sAlbf; (apartaker In guilt) 

Accelerate, ak-sel'er-at, v. t. L. aocclrrare. ad shank i jurra. Syn. Abettor; accessory ; asso- 
to, and cclcro to haslon, celar , swift, (to quick- date. 

en) jaldi k., shitAbf k. Syu. listen, expedite, Accomplish, ak-koni'plisli, v. t. F. uccomplir. 
quicken; Acceleration, n. (act of hastening) (to finish entirely) tamAm k., kbatmk., sam- 
jaldl, shitAbf, sfghratA. prtran k. [ — by] ; Accomplished, p. a. tarn Am; 

Accent, ak'sent, n. L. accent ua. from ad and (perfect) pa kkA ; kArail ; Accomplishment, ». 
mntU8, song; (modulation of voice; a mark (completion) tamumi, ikhtitAm, anjAm, nibAh; 
used to direct the modulation) talaffinz ka (acquiremenls) hunar, liyAqat, gun, waof* 
nishAn, qirA’ai; uchcbAran chiuli. lahjn ; Accord, n k-kord # , n. Ij. cor. cordis, (agreement) 
(words, language or expressions in general) ittifaq, mutAbiqat, yak-dilf; of one 7 s own — , 

bAtchft, guitiir; Accent, v. t. (to mark the apnf khiiBhf se ; of one — , ck dil; — v. t, (make 

accent) talaffuz k. ; nishan lagAnA; Accentun- to agree) muwAfiq k. ; — v. i. muttafiq h., mutA- 

tlon, ak-sont-ft-a'shun, n. (mode of uttering biq h. ; (to grant) denA. [ — with);Accord- 

or marking accent) luhja kA taur, talaffuz kA mice, n. (conformity, agreement) mutAbiqat, 

tarfqa. rael, a nurd pat A ; Accordant, a. (correspoad- 

Acccpt, aksept', v. t. L. accept are. (to receive, ing) muwAfiq, munflsib; According, fl. a. 

to admit, to subscribe, and become liable for) mutAbiq; — as, jaisA. [ — to); Accordingly, 

qubdl k., manzfir k., pnsand k., taslfm k. ; ad. ba-miljib, miiwAfiq us ke. 

mAnnA, sakAruA, swfkAr k. [ — from, — -of]. Accordion, ak-kord'i-un, «. (a small keyed 
Syn. Receive, take, admit; Acceptable, a. wind instrument) ek q ism k A liawA kA bAJA. 

(likely to be accepted )qAbil i manzflrl ; (agree- Accost, ak-kost', v. t . L. ad and cotta, (to speak 
able) pasandfda ; Acceptance, ak-sept'ans, to, to address) salArn k., taslfmAt bajA 1. ; sam- 
ara favorable reception) qubtiiiyat, manzdrf, bhAshan k., toknA. “ ijannA. 

raz&maudf, iqbAl; Acceptation, ak-sep-ta'- Accouchement, ak-koosb'-mong', it. F. lafkA 
shun, a. (the commonly received meaning of a Accoucheur, ak-kfiosh-ur', n. F. (a man who 
word) Infz ke |Amm isti’mAl kf manzfirf, isti- assists women in childbirth) jnndncwAIA. 
lAhf ma ne; (a kind reception) maqbflliyat. Account, ak-kount', n. (a reckoning) bisAb ; 
Access, ak-ces . n. L. acccssus. (approach, ad- (a written or printedstatement of transaction) 
mittanceirasaf, guzar, pahunch, dakhi ; (addi- bayAu. kaifiyat, ahwAl ; (estimation) qadr; 
tion) ilhAq, izAfa ; (a fit of disease) daura ; to (sake) wAste, sabab • on — of or on this — , ba- 
have— , dakhl p. [ — to] . sabab, ba-bA’is : call to — , ( to demand explana- 

Acccssary, Accessory, ak'ses-Bgr-i, a. (addi- tion) jawAb talah k.; to make no— of, kam 

tional) ziyAda t> bafbkar; — n. (one who helps ’izznt k.; a man of great — , *Alf rutba; people 

to commits crime) sharfk, madadgAr, sAthf; of no — , kamlne; uu no — , kisf tarah nahfn; 

sanyukt ;— to a crime, ham-jurm, sbarfk-i- to cast— s, hisflb k . ; to open an — , hisAb khol- 

jurm. [ — to]. [pahunch ke qAbil. nA, kAr o bAr sburlT k. ; to keep open—, bisAb 

Accessible, a. (that which may be approched) kitAb jArf rakhnA;— of balances, baqAyA, tau- 

Acccsslon, Hk^sesh un, «. L. uccesaio. (the act jlh of current demands, hAl-taujlh; ou 

- of acceding and becoming joined) shirkat, il- all — s, har sfirat se ; turn to — , ’umda taur as 

hAq; (increase) iihAq, taqffr, ziyAdatl ; ( arrival isti’mAi k.;— book, n. bahl; bank — , bnhl 

at a throne) takht-nashfnf ; abhigainan, rAj khfitft ; current — , chaltA hisflb ; — of standing 

tilak; (the invasion or approach of a disease) balances, dain-gair-ul-wusfll; cash-book. 

daurAa rokar bnhl ; post an—, khAtA k. ; suspense— > 




jflkar, 'alal-hisfib; Account, v. t, and v.i. h. 
ud and computare (reckon) hisAb k. p ginnA; 
(consider) samajlinA ; — for, sabab h., julunfi ; 
—to, tafsfi bay An k. ; Accountability, n. ja- 
wAb-dibf, lii.'Ab-dihf ; zimma, AhwAuAdhiuata ; 
Accountable, a. (responsible) j:nvAb-dih„ ziin- 
mewar. [ — for] ; Accountant, n. bisAb-nawIs, 
muttisaridf ; — General, n. mulkl hisab ka raulj- : 
tnini m ; vi I Inn c — , pa ( vvfi rf . I 

Accoutre, uk-kuot'dr, v. t. F. accouircr. (to 
equip) imwnllah k. t sajimfi. / — with, — in]; 
Accoutrements, n. pi. (drew, 
libUs, iiliit i jntig; sfiz o sa/nAn. 

Accredit, ak-kred'it, v. t. L . accrcditus. (to give 
trust to) yuqfn k., sauad ke sAth qusi.l bhojnA. 

[ — to], fbarb;io. 

Accretion, nk-kr@'shun« n. L. accrctio. bulfdugf, 

Accrue, nk-krob', v. i. F. accrue, (to be added to) 
JagnA, miluA; (to arise from) zuhir h., basil b., 

Accubation, n. L. ad. and cuharc, to lie down, 
(lying or reclining on a couch at meals) lefuA, 

Accumulate, ak-kCL'inu-lat, v. t. Tj. accumulatus. 

(to collect) batornfi, jama’ k. v furAliam k., 
dher k.; Acrntnultitiou, n. jamao, clhnr, kasrat, 
majma’ ; Accumulative, a. jo' bafore yfi 
barb Awe. 

Accuracy, ak'-kii-rii-si, n. (exactness) silibat, 
durusll; Accurate, ak'kii ifit, a. L. accurntus. 
(free from error or defect) flifk, durusl, snbfh, 
ebaukas; sukdmn. t — in]., nk-kurs', v. t. bad-du’A k. ; Accursed, 
ak kmVed, pp. or a . (execralde) malYin, la’ 

Accusation, ak-kfi za'shun, n. da’wA ; shikAyat ; 
tuhmat, ilzAm.; Accusative, ak-kiia'al-iv, a. 
ittiUAm d. \v. : lullat i muffll; ka rnuilcarak. 

Accuse, ak-kuz', v. t. h. accufturc. (to dun go 
wilh a cr me or fault) da’wA k., imittabim k., 
dokhnA; (to blanm) ilssAm lagAnA. L — by, — 
for, — of].; Accuser, n. mudda’f, dAmungfr; 

Accustom, ak kus'tum, v. t. (habituate) Mdat 
d., ’Ad£ b., ubbhyAs k. L — toj ; Accustomed, 
a. da, slur ke mutfibiq, mu’ mull ; Arliarit. 

Acc, as, n. L. as. ekkA, iiukkA, pan. 

Acephalous, ii-set'ai us, w. G. akiphaloe. 
out a bead) be-sir. 

Acetic, a-set'ik, a. L. acetic us. (sour) 
klmttrt, sirkc kl khfissiyat rnkbnewfilA. 

Arlic, Ak, v. i. (Jr. aches. dukhuA, dard 
(continued pain) dukh, dard, taklff. 

Achievable, a-clifiv'n-bl, a. (capable of being 
performed) jo ho sake; sAdhya; Achieve, a- 
chev', v. t. F. acJtcrcr. (to accomplish) pftvA k. ; 
(obtain) pAnA, basil k., kAuiyAI) li; Achicvc- 
meiit, a-chev'nient, n, (a heroic deed) kari 
’azlm, muhiniin, jokhim. 

Achromatic, nkrO-mnt-ik, a. G. uchromalos. 
(free from color) be- rang. 

Acid, as'id a. (sour) Uhntlu, lursli. cbflkh; — n. 

Jj, ociduH, khatfis, turshAI ; Acidity, a-sid'i-li, 
n. (sourness) kh a(. As, turshAf, chfikh; Acidu- 
late, a-sid'ii-lAl, p. t. (to tinge with acids) 
turshfinA. kliatta k. 

Acknowledge, ak-nol'oj,v.f. OM 13. acknowledge . 

(to confess) iqrar k. ; manna, qubtil k. Syn. 
Avow, proclaim, own, admit; Acknowledg- 
ment, «. (the act of acknowledging) qubCii, 
iqrAr ; (grntitude)shukrguzArf ; ( receipt) rasfd ; 
maunat ; (a declaration, receipt) rasfd, iqrAr- 
nAma; (something given in return fora favor) 
shukriya, mzr. Syn. Confession, concession, 

Acme, ak'nie, n. G.akmc. (height, top ) bulandf, 
chotl. nnj ; (crisis) intihA, gayat darja. 

Acorn, a'kom. n. A.-S. acccrn. bn lot ka btj. 

Acoustics. u-kous'tiks, n. sing G. akoustilcos , 
(the science of sounds) AwAz kA ’ilm, sruti- 

Acquaint, ak-Lwant:, v. t. Old F. accoinlcr from 
L. ad cog ni lure, (to inform) Ithnbar d.; (be 
familiar with) AshuA h., ma’liim k. [ — with]. 
Acquaintance, n. AsbnAf, mulAqAt, dost! ; (one 
well known) dost, jAu-pahchfln; (knowledge) 

waqfiyat, ’ilm. Syn. Familiarity; intimacy; 
fellowship; Acquainted, p, a. wflqifkAr, Agtih, 
sArat-AslmA; to make one’s seif— with a 
thing, AgAli k., wAqifkAr h. 

Acquiesce, ak-kwg-es', v. i. L, acauiesoere. (to 
rext satisfied) khmdi h., rnzAmand h., prasann 
h.; (to assent to) qabii] k., pasand k.Syo. 
Itepose; rest ; submit : comply; assent. [ — inj ; 
Acquiescence, it. razflmandl, khusknfidf;(con- 
sent) iminzuri; Acquiescent, 9. (submitting) 

, ..... miinnewiihi, sldliii . 

trappings) I Acquirnhle.u. qfibil i iahsfl; Acquire, ak-kwlr', 

1 v. t. L. ucij nitre, (to gain) (knmtinfi, litlail k. ; 
upArjan k. [ — by, — of, — from. — for] ; Acqulrc- 
incut, «. taiisfl, iktisAb: (skill) hunar. 
Aeqiiisstion, ak-k\vl zisb’un, n. (the thinggain- 
o I) Iahsfl, husfjl, yAft. 

Acquit, ak-kwit', v. t. F. acquitter. ( to set free) 
ehlioinA, barf k. ; (to absolve) be-gun&h (hah- 
rAnfi ; (to act ono’s part) basar le j. ; Acquit- 
ment, Acquittal, n. (deliverance) rihAf, 
bnriyat, mal>blasf, chhufkArA. 

Acquittance, n. fArig-kbattl, faisalnAma; — roll, 
tankliwAh k(i kftgaz jis i>gr bar-waqt tankhwfth- 
dihl mulfizamfn kc pfire dastkliatt liye jftte 

Acre, fi-kcr, n. a. A.-S. accr . L .ager. zamfn 4,840 
gaz nnirabba’, bliunii prAyoli derh bfghc ke. 

Acrid, ak'rid, a. L. accr . (sharp, pungent, harsh) 
latldi, tez, kapwA, tftA. 

Acrimonious, ak-ri-ino'ni-us, a. (sharp, corros- 
ive) fez, Lalkh, cliarparfi; (bitter) knpvA, 
tftfi; (sarcastic) tauz-Anicz, ha jo-funez; Acri- 
mony, ak'ri-niun-i, n. talklif. jhfil. clmrparA- 
lu.i ; (sharpne-s) tutidf, iez-iriizAjf. 

Acritude, ak'ri-tfid, n. (an acrid taste) talkh 
zaiqn, ka\\va swAd. 

Acrobat, ftk'ro-bat, n. G. ukros and baincin. nat 
ka taiuasha k. w., bazigar. 

Across, u-kros' 9 prep. Aifi, bend A, tlrcbhA, wAr- 
pAr; to come — one's mind, dil men guzaruA. 

Act, akl, i? i. L. aclu*, kainfi, haraknt d.; 'arnal 
k. swung k. ; — on or upon, tAsfr k., asar k., 
’amn 1 k., bajfi Lin A, muwafiq k., UArhand li., — 
up to, muwAfiq k., knrnA, nibAhnfi, prtrA k., 
’nmul k., baja lAiui;- — under, mlUahtf k.. 
Uukin ke nuiwuGq k. ; — for, bnjfic kisl kc kfim 
k. ; — in case, muqaddamc kf pairawf k. ; — 
judicially, bar sar-i-ijlAs tajwfz k. [ — from, 
—out,— of, — by, — for, — with] ; — n. (a deed) 
fi’l, kfun; (a law) Afn, qAuun; (a play) uaql, 
swung, IjIiuo; (readiness) taiyArf ; Acting, /<. 
karkun, *iwazf. 

Action, n. (dm ) fi*I, kAm-kAj; (battle) Iaplf, 
jnng;. (suit at law) muqaddama; (incidence) 
chot ; sadma; to he slain in — , lncitt men mftrrt 
j.; (gesticulation) bhfto; — against one, nAli li 
fuliin par; civil — , muqaddnma-i-dfwfinf ; crl- — , miur.uldaaia-i-faujdArl ; personal — , 
nali h i zatf; suiijcct or subject matter oi 
the — . I'liai-i-da.’wA; to bring an — ngnhi.-t 
one, tcisi ic flnnr nAlbsh k. ; to gain an—, 
gAlih li., mtiqaddnnia jftnft; Actionable, a 
(admitting a suit) ’adAlati, saza-talab, qfibil i 
isligasr, ; Active, ak'tiv, tf. (quick) chfilfik, 
phurifla; chust; (voice) fi'l i mut’addf-i- 
ma'uii' ; (causing chauge) rautnlmddil ; (prac- 
tical) ’amali, baralnejog; Activity, ak tiv'i- 
ti, n. (agility) jahll, chfilfikf, chustf, pburtf. 
Syn. Agile; alert; brisk; nimble; Rprightly; 
Actor, n. l'A’il, ’Anill: (stage-phiyer) naqqftl, 
kartAr; Actress, akt'res, n. (a female stage- 
player) na-iqfilnn, nn(ni; AetuaL alct'u-(il, a. 

Ij. a ctuali8 . sacli,, tahqfq, vnqfnf, nishchit; 
(present) hfil. Syu. Ileal; genuine; positive; 
Actuality, rfistf, haqfqal, snchchfif. 

Actually, a kt'u-nl-li, ud. (in fact) haqlqat men, 
wao.i’ men, ya-fnan ; Actuate, akt’u-At, v.t. 

(to put iTito action) liarulcat d.; (to excite) 

k.; — n. 

tnbrfk d. ; pravitta k. [— by]. 

Actu .ry, akt'u-n-ri, f». (a registrar or clerk) 
'adulat ka munsbl yA mubarrir. 

Acumen, a-kiVmen, n. L. ucitere. (sbarp v point) 
tozf, r.okflfipan ; (qui .kness of intellect) zlrakl, 
tex-fnlnin, buddhitivrata. Syn. Sagacity ; keen- 
ness ; sharpness. 




Acute, a-k (shrewd) sahln, zlrak ; (sharp) 
tez, shadld angle, zAviya i hAdda. 
Acuteness, a-kiU'nes. n. (sharpness) tez- fan mi, 
ch&lAkl, jaudat, (violence of a disease) shid- 
dat, tezf. £”J asa J’ 

Adage, ad'Af/n. Jj.adagium. maqrtla, IcnhAwnt, 
Adamant, a'd'n-mant, n . G. udamus. kolsaltht 
chfz misl hfro ko, mfts, alrnAs; vajra, “Irak; 
Adamantine, ud-a-inant'in, a. nihfiyat saltlit, 
mflsyA alraAs sA. . . . . 

Adamic, ad-nm'-ik, a. (pertaining to Adnin) jo 
Adatn so ta’alluq rakhtA >.n i : — earth, 1AJ I initjf. 
Adapt, a-d:ipt', v. t. L. udapture .(suit) Miq k., i 
muwAfiq k., miinsisib k., thfk k. ; upayukt ke 
yojrva k. [ — to] ; Adaptability, a-dapt-a-bil i- 
ti, a. (suitableness) rauwAfiqat, ArAstagf, hyti- 
qat ; Adaptable, a-dapt'a-bl, o. qAbil-i-durus - 
agf, tarbiyat-pizfr; Adaptation, a-dap-ta - 
shun, n. (the act of fitting) muwufaqat, 

munAsibat.hamwflrf. . 

Add, ad, v.t. Ij.addere. .lofiia, milanfi, wasl k., 
bafhAnA; adhikk.J Addition, ad-dish'un, n. 
(increase) intzAu, ziyfidatl, joy; compound---, 
jama* murakkab ; in — to, b&luf, siwa; Addi- 
tional, a. ziysida, mazfd, adhik ; Additionally, 
ad us ke iipar, aur bh£ baylikar. [t.itimma. 
Addendum,' ad-den'dum, n. T'j. (appendix) 
Adder, ad'Sr, n. A.-S.aetter. (avenomous reptile) 
aft, zahrflft sflnp. 

Addict, ad-dikl', v. t . K. uddictus. ’Adf li., kho d., 
Jat d,. bAu d„ wAruA. Syn. Devote ; dedicate to. 

[ — to]. ’ [liFiI.nplial. 

Addle, adMI, a. A.-S.adf. (barren, empty) shore, 
Address, ad-dres', v. t . L. dircctm . ( to speak to) 
bayfln k., ’arz k., dars simfinfi, inukliAtib lion a, 
(to address to) pata d., saruAma likhnA, sluldf 
ke wflsle muhabbat rAhir k. ; ’ishqbAzf k. ; Adil- 
ress, n. bayau, waza’.sarnAmn, alqAb, elift, 
dars; (dexterity) chAlAkf, charb-dastf ; (where 
to find one) pata nishAn, IhikfmA. 

Adduce, ad-dus', v. t . L. adduccrc. (to bring) 
pesh k.; (to allege) bntfiufi, IcalinA, bo In A; 
lAnfl. Syn. O.Ter; present; allege; cite; 
Adducible, ad-du'si bl, a. jo pc3li bo sake. 
Adept, a-dept', a. (skilful) hunarmand, m.lhir, 
pukhta ;— n. (one skilled in any art) jo sliakhs 
kis’f hnnar men kftmil howe. [ — at, — in]. 
Adenimtc, ad'c-kwfit, u. L. ada'tjuatuts. (fully 
sufficient) kaff, Ifiiq; (equal) barabar. [ — to.] I 
Adhere, ad-hor', v. i. L. adcurcrc. (to stick 
fast) ba-klifibl rail j., ehipaknA, lipa{nfi; (to 
remain firm) mustaqil r., Iftgfi r. ; Adherence, 
n. chipkfio, wafAdnrf, rifaqat, lagfio, sAbit- 
qadnmf. [ — to]; Aherent, n. (a follower) 
pairau, sAthf, r;ruta’alliq, inutawassal; — a. 
chipkA hflA. 

Adhesion, ad-he'zliun, n. (the state of sticking 
or being attached) chaspldagl, paiwastnpf, 

Adhesive, ad-hS'siv, a. (sticky) lasdAr, chip-chi- 
pA ; Adhesiveness, n. (stickiness) laslasAhal, 
chaspfdagf. [mol A. 

Adipose, ad-i-poz, a. L. adipostis. (fatty, fat) 
Adieu, a-dii', ad, F. a J)ieu, to God. (farewell) 
alwida’, IfhudA bafiz, fshwar bhalA karo. 
Adjacency, ad-ja'sen-si, n. L. adjucerc , nazdfkf, 
qurbat ; Adjacent, ad-j:Vsent, o. (lying close 
to) nazdlk, muttasil, qarfb. [ism i sifut. 

Adjective, ad'jek-tiv, u. L. adjactivum. sifat. 
Adjoin, ad-join', v. t. F. adjoindre. (to join or 
unite to) milAuA, muttasil k , yA h. [ — to]. 
Adjourn, ad-jurn', v. t.W.ajourncr. (to put off 
to another day) barkhAst k., multawf r. Syn. 
Postpone; delay; differ; prorogue, [ — from, 
— to, — for] ; Adjournment, ad-jurn'ment, n. 
derf, waqfa, ckliuUl. 

Adjudge, ad-juj', v. t. L. adjudicarc. (to sen- 
tence) faisala k., tahqtqAt karke hukm d., fat- 
wA d. ; vichftr k. 

Adjudicate, ad-jilOMi-kSt. v.t. (to decree) fai- 
sal k. f hukm sunAnA; Adjudication, n. (de- 
cision) faisala, tajwfz, niydft. [ — to]. 

Adjunct, ad-jungkt', n. L. adjunotus . fan ap- 
pendage) mnlhaqq shai; — a. (united) milA 
nd&, juiAhflA; raftq, sfithf. [ — tol. 

Adjuration, ad-jb^ra’shun, n. (form of oath) 

halaf.qasam; Adjure, ad-joor', v.t. h. adjw 
rare, (to charge under oath) hnlnf 1., casnm d.. 
sapath khilAnA. [ — by]. , 

Adjust, ad just', v. t. L. udjustare. (to set right) 
faisalk. ; (to fit) thfk k. ; (to put in order) 
tartlb d., baqA’ida k., imirattib k„ sAm&n k. 
Syn. Adnpt ; suit ; accommodate; settle; recti- 
fy* L — to, — by ) ; Adjustable, a. qAbil i durus- 
tngl; Adjiisinicnt., n. (arrangement) durus- 
tagl, sib hat, nipfArA. 

Adjutant, ad'joo-tnnt, n. ajftan, fauj kAekaf- 
sar ; mejar kA sabAyak ; gnruf, khages. 
Admeasurement, ad-mezh'-ur-rnent, n. (dimen- 
sions) miqdar, 'nrz o tul, ’unniq. 

Administer, ad-min'is-tfir, v. t. L. administ - 
rare, (to manage) intizAm k . ; {to give) dead; 
(to settle) faisala k. ; nirvAli. k., bharnA, nl- 
bAbufi, cbalAuA ; — an oath, qasam d., dilAnA 
yA khilAnA. Syn. Manage ; conduct ; dispense ; 
contribute ; Administration, n. ( management) 
intizAm, kfir-guzflrf; (government) rAj pAt;— 
paper, ban do bust k A kAgaz; Administrative, 
o. ’ainall, intizAini ; Administrator, n. mun- 
tazirn, intizAm k. w., sarbarAhkAr. 

Admirable, ad'mi-ra-bl, a. qAbil i ta’rff, khfib; 
Admiral, ad'mi-ral, n . A. amir ul halxr. (prin- 
cipal officer of a navy) mfr-ul-babr, jabAzon 
kA af.sar, balirf sardAr; Admiralty, n. bahrl 
muntazimAn kA gurob ; Admiration, ad-mi' rA- 
shun, a. (wonder) ta’ajjub; (esteem) ta'rlf; 
Admire, ad-mir', v. i. Tj. udmirari . (to marvel) 
ta’ajjub k. ; ( to prize highly) qadr k. ; prasan- 
sA k. [ — for]. Syn. hJstftoin ; approve. 
Admissible, ad-mis'si-bl, a. qAbil i manzflrf, 
wujibf, swfkAraniyA ; Admission, ad-inish'un, 
n. (permission to enter) darAmad, guzar, 
daklii, ijAzat, qubniiyat. Syn. Admittance; 
access; entrance; initiation; concession. 
Admit, ad-mit', v. t. L. admiitcrc. (let in) Aue 
d. ; (to allow) ijAzat d., parwAuap,! d. ; (to 
receive as true)qubfil k., mAn lena ; to — a boy 
into sc hool, nAm IikhrnV bhartf k.; to — a 
point, <iuhill k.; — If to be so, aisA hone do. 

[ — to. — of, — inlo], [inilAwat. 

Admixture, ad-miksl/ur, n. (a mixing) Amezish, 
Admonish, nd-mon’ish, v. t. Lt. udmonerc. (to 
warn) lambfh k. f AgAh k.. sarzauisli k., dfmt:- 
ua; (to advise) nasihat k., samjhAnA. [ — for, 
— by] ; Admonition, ad-mo-nish'uu, nasfhat, 
tnmblh. Again, sarz.mish; siksliA; Ad monitor, 
ad-mon'i-ter, n. inVdh, tamhlli k. w. ; upadesak. 
Ad nascent, ad-nas'ent, a. L. adnanattna. (grow- 
ing upon something (dse) kisf ddarl chfz par 
j.iiuuo vA barlinewAlA. 

Ado, a-dod', a. prefix a to do. (trouble) taklff; 
(difficulty) diqqnt; (bustle) shor-o-shar, gul; 
without any — , chupke, be-’uzr; with much 
— , gul-o-shor ko sath ; tauba tilla se. 
Adolescence, nd-o-Ies'ens, n. (youth) jaw&nf, 
hulrtgat, shabab; Adolescent, ad-O-les'ent, a. 
Tj. udulexccns. (growing) bAlig, siyAuA. 

Adopt, a-dopt', v. 1. 1/, adopt are . (to receive the 
child of another and treat it as one’s own) 
lem'ihik k., i*A« baithAuA; (to select and take), 
ikhtiyftr k., lena ; Adoption, a-dop'shun, n. 
(the act of adopting) IcpAlak-pan, tabannA, 
talmiyat, mulabannA-pau, qubniiyat. 

Adorable, a-dor'a-bl, a. (worthy of divine hon- 
or) lAiq ta’zfm, nihil paraslish. 

Adoration, ad o-rfi'shun, n. (divine worship, 
homage) paras fish, ta’zfm, ’ibAdat, pdja, ’izzat ; 
A«iorc, a -dor', v. t. L. udorarc. (to worship). 
’ibAdat k., pfijnA; (to love in the highest deg- 
ree) niha.vat clifllmft, bahut piyAr k. [ — for]. 
Adorn, a-dorn', v. t. L. udornare. (to deck), 
sanwArnA; (to embellish) firasta k., zfnnt d, 
Syn. Decorate; deck; embellish; beautify; 
ornament. [ — with] ; Adornment, a-dorn'- 
ment, it. (embollishment) zebAish, Araish. 
Adrift, a-drift', a. or ad. (floating at random); 

awarA, bah I A InVi, dAwAndol, 

Adroit, a-droit', n. F. adroit, (skilful) fmnar- 
mand, chAIAk, zfrak, zabfu, Syn. Dexterous ; 
skilful ; ingenious ; expert; ready ; Adroitness, 
n. (skilfulncss) hunarmandt, chAl Akf, 

Adry, a-drl', a. (thirsty) piyAsa* 




Adulation, ad-A-Ja'skua, n. L. adulatio. (ser* 
vile flattery) fchush-Amad, cbApliW, lallo pat 
to; Adulatory, ad'u-IA-to-ri, a. khusli-Aimidf. 
Adult, a-dult', c. L. adultus, (grown up) bfllig; 
— n. bfllig, mard. 

Adulterate, a-diii'-ter-ftt, v. t. L. adullerare . 
(corrupt by mixture) iimezish if., ufujis k.. 
kbartibk., mifauufk .; — //. {Hilda, khotri, midis . 
Adulteration, n. khopfif, milnunl, tagullub . 
Adulterer, n. L. adulter, zin&kiiv, zAnf, c/j/iinrA ; 
Adulteress, a. zdniya, fHIiisba; Adulterous , 

•. sinAkAr; vyAbhichar; Adultery, ». zinikArf, 

Adumbrate, ad-um'brilt, v. /. L .adnmbra. (to 
faintly shadow forth) halkf taswlr klifncliml. 

Advance, ad- vans", v. t. Old F. vanccr. (pay 
beforehand) Age d. f peshgf d. ; (promote) t.-i- 
raqqf k.. bafhuA, nikalnA ; innke an — , peshgf, 
d. an opinion, rAo pesh k. ; in — , fiijc so, 
pahle; — ». (promotion) barlitf, tnraqql; pay- 
ment before hand) peshgf; — a. pnliifl, nglA. 
t — from. — to, — for].; Advancement, n. (in 
advance) pahle, Ago; (promotion) ’urtij, ta 

Advantage, ad-vant';Lj, n. F. wantage. (fnvonr- 
able circumstances) inauqa’; (gain) fAida; 
(superiority) fauqiynt, galba ; to let go un — . 
mauqa’ zAya’ k.; to take — i>f, qAbA p. ; faida 
utb&nft, to have the — , jftiiA, gulib r. ; to reap 
an — , phal p., liAsil k. [ — of, — overl.— r. t. 
(benefit) ffiida d.; (promote) taruqql d. t 
barhAnA; Advantageous, ad-van-tuj'us, a. 
(profitable) muffd, iViidamand ; (useful) mu- 
fid ; lAbhdayak ; — \y, ad. fAida so, subhfLe se. 

Advent, ad' vent, n. L. ndventus. (coining, espe- 
cially the coming of Christ) Amad, khususan 
Masfh kl Amad. 

Adventitious, ad-vcn-Lish'us, a. L. advcnlitius. 
(accidental, casual) itlifAqf, Tlrlzf, chand-roza. 

Adventure, ad- vent'ur, n. L. ad venture, mu, jura ; 

‘ ‘ *1 (chatrn; (hazard )muhimm, hAdisa, itti 

fAq. S 

:Aq. Syn. Incident; occurrence; event; — v. 
t. jfhatremen dfllnfi, jokhim utlnlnA ; (to try 
the chances) tftli’-Azmfil k.; Adventurer, nd- 
vent’ur-flr, n. qisraat-Aziufi, jAnbAz, saiyah; 
Adventuresome, a. (bold) diler, hiimnafcwnlA; 
( daring) jAnbAz; Adventurous, ad-vcnt'lur-us, 
a. jfinbAz, mnn-chnlA, diler. 

Adverb, ad'vCrb, n. I*. adverb! um. hurf-i-tamlz, 
zarf, muta’alliq-i-fi’I ; Adverbial, a. zarf se 

Adversary, ad-vSr-sar-i, ». h. advcr>arius. (ene- 
my) dushman, ganfm; (opponent) mnuda’f 
mukhAlif; the—, (tiutan) SliaitAn, Iblfs. 
( — tol ; Adverse, ad'vtfrs, a. L. adversus. mu- 
(hAlif, khilAf, viprit ; (to be adverse in religi- 
on) mazliab kt taruf rAgib yA mail mi h. 
[ — to]. Syn. Averse; reluclant; unwilling; 
Adversely, ad-vers'it-i, ». (misfortune) bad- 
bakhtf; (calamity) slid mat, tabfihf, sakhtf; 
vasht; beset with—, taklff men mubtilA h. ; 
to suffer — , sakbtt utlianA. Syii. Calamity; 
misfortune ; affliction ; distress. 

Advert, ad-vfirt\ v. i. It. advert ere. (heed) cllit- 
y&nk., lihAzk., gaur k; (attend to) tawajjnh 
k., rAgib h., manoyogf h. [ — to]. Syn. Attend ; 
regard; observe; Advertence, Advorfrney, ». 
(attention) tawajjuh, kliiyAI, lihAz; Advert- 
ent, a. (attentive, heedful) mutawajjib, kha- 

Advertise, nd-vfcr-tiz', v. t . or i. L. advert ere. 
z&hir k.. shAP k.; (give public notices) ishti- 
hArd. [ — in, — for, — of]; Advertisement, ». 
(public notice) ishtihAr, khabar, itti 1 A’. 

Advice, ad- vis', a. F. avis. (instruction) naslhat, 
salAh: (intelligence) khabar; (suggestion) 
maslahnt;samAchAr, uoadesb, to take — , sa- 
lAh lenft. 

Advisable, ad-viz'a-bl, a. (prudent) ma’qfil, 
munAsib; (fit) lAlq;uchit; Advisablrncss, n. 
(propriety) munflsibat; Advise, nd viz’, v. t. 
L. ad vi 8are. nasi hat d. : (inform of) khnbard., 
eh It An A, batlAnA v fell, sal Ah lenA. Syn 
Counsel ; inform ; apprise, acquaint; admon- 
ish ; Advisedly, ad-vlz'ed-li, ad. boshiyrtrf se, 
AgAhf se, ba-gaur ; vicbArapQrwak, sAvadhAnl 

se; Adviser, n. nAsih, salAhkAr; religions — •, 
vvA’iz; Advisory, ad-vi'zo-ri, o. sal Ah ya kha- 
bar dene kf tAqat rakhne w. 

Advocacy, ad'vo-fca-si, n. (intercession) ’uzr, 
wakAlnt, sifArisli ; Advocate, ad'vo-kftt, n. 
(one who pleads) wakll, sbtilr ; — v. t . a d 'id- 
led t, h. aduticaius. himfiynt k. r dastxfrf k.,\va - 
kdittt k. t puksli k.; Faculty ot advocates, 
hare bn jv wnkfl a’ hi f addin ton ke. 
jffiidinn,6 o'li-an, a. (pertaining to wind) hawil 
se nisha t ra khini. [h awA se hha r d. 

Aerntc, A'or-at. v. t. L. aer. ( to supply wilh air) 
Aerial, a o'ri-al, a. havvAf; AnchA, bulnnd; nabh- 

Aerolite, a 'fir o-llt, n. G. aer and litkos. (a me- 
teoric stone) suug-i shaliAbf, shahAb, shaliAb- 

Aerometer, fi or-om'e-tf*r, n. G. ucr and rnctron , 
uioasure. (an instrument for measuiing the 
density of air and gases ) miqiyAs-ul-liav\ A. 
Aeronaut, u'Gr-O-nawt, n. G. aer. air and 
naules, sailor, (balloonist) gubbare menbaifli- 

es-thel'iks, n. siny, G. aislTiancsthai. 
(science of the beautiful) kbrtbsfiratf kf pnli- 
ehAu; (relating to the sentiment or feeling) 
klii.iAl yA qiyaR se iiisbnfdar. 

Afar, n-liir', ad. (far olT) dilr se, dfir dnrAzse. 
Afl’abiiity, af-fa-bil'i-1 i, n. (courteousness, 
civility) murauwat, klmlq, husn i klmlq; 
(readiness to converse) bat-chit knrne lie liye 
taiyarf ; Affable, nf'fa-hl, a. T,. a/fabitis. (conr- 
tcous)sAliib i murauwat, hnllm.mihrbau, susfl. 
Affair, a f-far', n. \j. ad and jaicre. (business) 
kArbur, amr; (matters) mfijarA, bAt, muVimn- 
la; wordly — , umrtrAt i dunyAwI ; un — of Iio- 
Mur, (a duel) la^fif. 

Affect, a f-feki', v. t. Ij. affectorc. nsar k. ; (to 
aim at) qasd k., jnstoju k. ; (to make a show) 
zAhirdArl k., makr k. ; (to love, to desirejchnli- 
nA, pasnnd k., piyAr It.; — Ignorance, tniAhul 
k. Syu. Influence: move; melt; soften; subdue; 
put on; Affectation, n. (pretence) hfln, fareb, 
nakhra ; (false show) zAhirdArl; A lire led, a. 
(full of alTeetntion) lillabfiz, nnkhrebAz, mak- 
kar; (grieved) magniflm, dilglr, main!, rlukhf ; 
Affecting, a. pur-tfislr; (pathetic) dil-soz, 

Affection, af-fek'shu ti, «. (love) muhnbbat, ul- 
fat, ’ishq; (disease) rog, ptfA, blmArf; with- 
out — , be-rahm. [ — for, — towards, — to] ; Af- 
fectionate, u. ul fat I, muhubbatf, sliaflq; rau- 
hibb, preml. Syn. Tender ; attached ; loving. 
Affective, af-fek'tiv, a. JAiq, muassir. 

Alliance, at-li';.. is, v.t. Old. F. from L. fides, 
trust, fidentiu , confidence, (trust) i’litnfid, i’ti- 
bAr; (to betroth) nisbat k., mangnf k. 

Alliilavit, af-fi-dfi'vit, n.L. ad and (idea, izhar 
ba hnlaf. 

Affiliate, af-fd'i-fit, v. t. Tj. effiliurc. (to adopt ) 
bofe kl tarah lepAlnk k. ; (to ally) rifAqnt k., 
kumakk. ; (to receive into fellowship), milA- 
nA, shAmil k. ; Aflilialctl Societies, mAtaht 

Affinity, ai>fin'i-ti, n. L. affinitaa. nAtA rishta- 
dArl, ’ilAqa, nisbat. Syn. Connection ; resembl- 
ance; agreement. 

Affirm, af-ferni', v. t. L. af/lrmure iqrAr k., kali- 
nA, mustahkam k. Syn. Assert ; aver; declare ; 
protest : confirm. 

Affirmnblc, af-ferm'-a-bl, a. qAbil iqrAr. 
Affirmation, (a declaration) qaul iqrAr; porhdl, 

Affirmative, «. (ratifying) musbit mAjiba; (a 
word expressing assent, as yes) bale, hfin, are ; 
to maintain the — , asl) At i hujjat ko t AM* k. 

Affix, a-fiks', v. t. L. uljlanis. (to connect \ jofnA, 
lag An A, pa i wand k. [ — to]. 

---- - 1 . 1. L. aftiictarc. (give j»ain) 

' — at, — by. — 

Afflict, af-flikt', v. i. _ 
satAnA, takltfd., dukh d. f pfi’A d 
with] ; Afflicted, o. (troubled) 
gnmnAk, afsurda, raniflr, ranjlda ; (sulTeiiag 
distress) muslbat-zada, ranztarib, paresliftu; 
Afflicting, a. (grievous) dard-angez, takilf- 
dih, musibat-dih; Affliction, ty. (distress) 
taklff, zahmat, gam, tasdf a, Izfl. raflj, Azurda* 



gt, Syu. Calamity; sorrow; distress; grief; 
oaia ; misery ; wretcheduess. , _ . 

Affluence, uf'fla-ens, n. L. ajjluere. (abundance) 
ifrdt, Asfldag!, farAgat ; (riches) daulat, mAl. 
dhan, Syn. Abundance; exuberance; wealth; 
Affluent, af'flfl-ent, a. (opulent) ftsflda-krtl, 
gam-bhar.1, pfirA ; (rich) aanlat-mand, dnnni ; 
— n. (a stream flowing into a river) mu A win 1 

Afford, "af-f<5rd', v. t. V, offer, (yield) deni, 
bufehshnft, pahunchfinA# (be able to sell or 
expend) beeh yA kharch kar sakua. &yn. Give ; 
impart ; yield ; produce. 

Affray, af-fra', n. F. effreyer. (quarrel ) la fuf, 
jhngfA, qaziyd; (tumult) hang* tuft, tauta, 
hullac; actual — , khAna-jnng! liaipql ; simple 
— .^hAna-jang! ijduifif. /A . . , . 

Affright, af-fiit' v. t. A.-S. ajyrhtan . (to fright- 
en) dnhslmt d., da ran A; (to terrify) dlmm- 
kAnA: — n . dahshat, bhny, khauf. [—by, — 
with]. Syn. Terrify; frighten; intimidate; 
confound; dishearten. _ 

Affront, af-frunt', v. t. L. ad. and irons . znlfl 
k., khafff k„ halkfi k., haqlr k., l e-’izzat k., 
a pin An k. ;— n. khiffat, be-liunnali; take as 
an — , zillat samajhnA. Syn. Insult; outrage; 
abuse ; provoke ; pique. 

Affuse, nf-ffr//, V. t. L. affendre. (lo pour out) 
babauA, dAlnA, iindelnA; Affusion, n. (act of 
pouring upon) uczudi, bahAo. 

Afield, a-fSld', ad. Uhct ko yA khet men. 

Afire, a-flr\ a. or ad. Ag par. [b:ihl,f hAA. 

Afloat, allot', ad. or a. (in a floatiug ala to) 
Afoot, a-foiit', ad. piyada-pA, pniUal, panw 

Aroro, afor', ad. or prep, (in front) sflmline, 
pahle, posh tar; — going, peslinift. Age jAnowa- 
ift; — sufd or — mentioned, ad. maz,kura-i-b.i- 
1A, mundo.ri.ia i bala; purva kalhit; — time. 
ad. guzre zauiAne men; vivltit kAl men. Age. 
Afoul, a-foul', a . or ad. (entangled) pimnsA hrtfi, 
lag A hfiA. 

Afraid, a-frfid', a. (frightened) khauf-zadn, 
dahshat-zada, shaslidar; — of nothing, bo- 
khauf; he sore — , khauf-zada h. ; to he half: 
— , shnkk men h. Syii. Fearful ; apprehensive; 
timid; alarmed. I 

Afresh, n-fresh', ad. az sar i sau. [tarn f. 

Aft, aft, a . or ad. (astern) jahAz ke pfciiheki 
After, aft'Sr, prep. A.-S. aj ter. ba’d; (behind) 
plchhe; — an imitation of, mnwaliq, mutabiq: 
— Ilfs manner, hash i daalilr; — a!!, inagar. 
Akhirash ; ant men ; what are you — , turn k.vA 
kartcho; — cast, ko! ebfz jodermen k! Awe; 
— ad. plchhe se; — hlrtli, n, haf, jar, jur ; — 
noon, n. sipahar, tisrA pnlur; — thought, n. 
pas-andeshf; — piece, phlihIA swung yA nuql; 
Afterwards, aft'Sr-wArds, ad. Akhirash, ha’d 
is ke, ba’dalui. 

Again, a-gon', ad. A.-S. agen. (once more) do- 
bfira, phir, mukarrar; — and — , (of fen) bar 
bar; as much — , dugmi, do-ehnml: back — , 
phir A.; over — , shurQ’ sc; once — , phir, kisl 
aur waqt. 

Against, a-genst', prep. A.-S. agci:* (in opposi- 
tion) khiluf; (as to swim against; the tide) 
ya’ne nisA sa^lit kdm karri A jis kA karna nA- 
mnmkin ho,bar-'aks, sAtnhnc ; to hope — hope ; 
also waqt par uramed karnA jab koi maumi’ 
ummed ka uahlgjto work — time, aisA sainajh- 
kar kAm karnA ki mu’aiyan waqt purkhatin 
ho jAwe ; over—, samnukh, Amne sAnine, 

Agape, a-gftp, ad. prefix a and gape, (gaping, 
staring with wonder) munh bauAmi, shauq yu 
ta’ajjub setalstok! lagAe. [yashm. 

tan — , ? ilinl zamana; the dark — s, tArfki yA 
jahalat 1<A zamana ; Aged, fi'jad, a. (advamoJ 
years) sinu yA ’umr-raslda, biifliA. 

Agency, a'jen-.d, n. L. agens. kArguzAri, gum.'.sh- 
tagf, wakAlat; Agent, a'jcnt, n. (one doirn; 
or acting, deputy). gumAshta, wakll, 'fimil* 
[ — for]. 

Agglomerate, ag-glom'fir'iit, «. t. h. ad and 
glomerarc , (to wind into a ball) jawa’ harks 
gola b. 

Ag-fiitinnte, ng-grOo'tin-at, v . t, TJ. agglutinate* 
milAuA, paiwasta k. ; (to unite with glue; sa- 
resh se jofnu. 

Aggrandize, ag'gran-uiz, v. t. L ad. and grand- 
is, large ; (make great) barA k., bayhaiiA, nar- 
faraz Ir., taraqql d., unnnt k. t Syn." Augment; 
exact; promote ; enlarge ; Vggimudi/xmciit, 3! « 
taraqqf, snrfarAzf, bartai i. 

Aggravate, ag'gra-vut, v. t. L. ad and gravis, (to 
make worse) uadtnr k. giusa dilauA, nArAz k. 
(exaggerate) ziyAda k. ; mub.ilagu k. [ — by]. 
Syu. Heighten ; raisr *, make worse ; iucreas. . 
Aggravation, u. (tnakiug worse) badtarl; (iu- 
crease) ziyAdaii. 

Aggregate, ng'giel-gat, v. t. aggregate, (to col- 
lect) ikul jlui k., dherf k. ; — n. (the whole) hull 
jama*, gn(th;ir; — a. majmii’a ; sum Ah, Syn. 
ilt-apnp; aecumulale; pile; AggregaUun, n. 
fai.iiiami, iju;A\ 

Aggress, ag-grex', i\ i. (make first attack) 
pahle Iwrala k., yA elihcrnA; Aenrcsshm, a 
gresh'dii, n . L. a./gredi Lo approach, pesh-dat li, 
haml.1, zabftr-.lasif, chlier-cbliAr, pesh-qaJaml ; 
Aggressive, a. jjeah-qadam, pahle elihoruewAlA; 
Aggressor, n. Immla-awar, zabaruast, bani-i- 
f arfif I, chliofiiewAlA. 

A'.vgrlcvnnce, ng-grev'ajis. n. (injury, griev- 
ance) ran j, iu.'ArI ; zului ; Aggrieve, ag-giev', 
v. t. fj. ad and gravis, hawy, ciukb d., (to vex, 
harass) rar.j d., tang k., satAml. 

Aghn.-t, a-jdiau/, a. ov ad. (amazed, terrifieJ) 
hnirat-z i la, khaiiL-zada, haibat-zada. 

Agile, aj'il, a. L. og a\\ to stet. (quick of motion) 
dial .Ik, cliust, phurKhi. Syu. Nimble; active; 
lively; brisk; Agifity, a-jii'i-li, n. (activity) 
d»Al:’il;i, tezi, plmvtf. 

A iiitle. aj'it-fit, v . t. (disturb) jumblsh d„ mu- 
tiiharrik k. f bi-kal k., bo-chain k., ghabranA ; 
(diseii.-s) mub.iJiasa k. f — with, — by, — for]. 


Agate, a&'at, n. G. achates . sang i Su’aimAnf, 
Age, ceta8. aj, n . L. a etas, sinn, 'umr; (time) 
zamAoa; (decline of life) za !f!; of — , pAr! 
*urar; a green old — , bufhfipA sAtli kliush- 
waqtf o zinda-dilf ke ; tlic golden — , zninAna i 
ma'stimiyat yft be-’aibf; satjug; iron — , kal- 
jugi middle — s, zainAna i tawassut yu’ne 
jawAn! aur buvbftpeko bfch kA zamAna, Atliwln 
sad! se pandarhwln sad! tak kA ’ars^a ; — of con“ 
sent, zamAna i razAmand!; — of discretion, 
dim 1 tamfi ; ( maturity) buidgiyat ;tlie Augus- 

Move; sh ike: cxeilo; rouse; disturb; 
Agitution, a.j-it-Fi'shun, n. hilAoduIAo, tnhrfk,; ( perl urha ti‘*n of mind) be-qarArl; 
di.-:en.-s, : </ii) imibiiha a. Syn. 10mol.ion;coin« 
motion; oxciLemeut; Agitator, aj'it-at or, «. 
muta!;nrrik yA bo-qm Ar karnewAlu, fasadf. 
Ago, a-i’o, ail. or a. L)ld E. a gone, (in lime past) 
sabiq m*n, posh tar, age ; ln«i.g — , nmddut bfif. 
Ag'oj, a-gog', a. or ad. (excited with desire) 
arziirnaml! ki haiat men; to set — , uskAnA, 
shauq dilana ; lo bo all — , toiasuA, sir h. 
Agoing, ppr. (in motion) ch:il(:i, raw An. 
Agonize, ag'o-nlf, v. i. (1. agonize in, r;Ays bharuA 
hiclikiy.'tn 1., s-iklit taklif men pnriiA; — r. t. 
sal Alia, sivAsat mend.; Agony, ag'o-ni, n. G. 
agoing, dard ya (aklif, im/. i’, jaiiknnf, hAlat i 
marg. Syu. Angtilfdi ; torment ; distress ; pang; 
huITim ing; pain. [ — by, — with]. 

Agrarian, a-gra’ri-an, a. L. from ager, a field 
(relul.iiig to lields or lands) khot yd zamfn ke 

Agree, a-gre', v. i. pp. agreed, L. ad and gratus • 
(to harmonize in opinion) inuttafiq-ur-rAo h., 
rAz! h., miinA; sammatli; (to resemble) niu- 
shAbih h./*ksAn h.[ — with — to, — in, — together, 
— onj, Syn. Assent; concor; consent; acqui- 
esce; comply; comport; Agreeable, a. (suit- 
able) inuwAliq, mun.lsib; (pleasing) dil-pa- 
sand, margfib, khush-Ayand, dil-kash, latff, 
nalfa, raalth; to lie — , khush A., bhAnfi. ach- 
chhA lagnA. [ — t«»] ; Agreement, n. (com- 
pact) shart, qarAr, iqrAr, 'ahd, waMa; — in 
writing, qabA la, qabfilivat; (concord) mushA- 
b ah at ; (harmony) ittifAq, sulb, Ashtf, rabt, 
shart. wn*da. 

Agricultural, ng-ri-kul'i fir-al, a. zirA'at yA kAsht- 
liurf ke muta’alliq; Agriculture, n. zarA’ut, 




k&shtk&rt, khetl-bftrl ; Agriculturist, ag-ri- 
kul’tur-ist, n, kis&n, kdshtkdr; krishak. 

Aground, a-ground, ad. (stranded) fchusbkf par 
afkd y& phnnsit hud. 

Ague, d'gQ, n. (chilliness) tap i larza, jrtff, jfire 
kdbukhdr; (intermittent fever) bar! kdrf kd 
bu^hdr; (tortiau fever) tijarf, tiyfi. 

All, mt. afsos, hue, fill. 

Alin, d-liil', int, wdh wdh, Bbdbdsh, wdchhre. 

Ahead, a-hed', ad. (onward) figo; (in front) 
darposh. [ — of]. 

Alloy, a-hoi, int. (a term used in hailing at sea) 
eklafzjo inalldlioQ ke darmiydn saldm karne 
men musta’mal hti.e lmi. 

Aid, v. t. li. ad and jitvare. (to help, succour) 
madnd k., dast-glrl, k. ; — n. m:\tlad, irnddd, 
kumak. [ — with, — to]. 

Aid-de-camp, ai'de-kang, ». F. (an officer select- 
ed to assist the general) musdliib, sipalisfildr 
kd naqlb; send pat I kd ajndwah. 

Ail, &1, v. t. A.-S. eglan. (to feel pain) dnkh yd 
takllfmen h. ; — n. (disorder, pain) dukh dard 
yd takHf ; what — s you, turn hen kyd hfifi hai ; 
Ailment, a T meat, n. dukh, laklff; (diyease) 

Aim, dm, v . i. L. testimare. qasd k. ; nishdua 
bdndhud ; abliistindhdn k. ; — n. nishdua ; ( pur- 
pose) maqsad, matlal); (guess) qiyds; Aim- 
less, ftm'les, u. he-irdda, bejd. 

Air; dr, n. G. acr. hawd ; (time) dhang; (a tune) 
dhun, rdg.sur; (appearance) siiratf; to take — , 
mushtahir h., plmilnd ; to take the — , hawd 
khdne ko j. ; to take on — s, magrdr h. ; to give 
one’s self — s, akarnd, lautardnl k. ; to fire in 
tlie — , liawfif gulf chaldnd ; lmlld castles in 
the — , khfim-khiydlf k. ; — pi. Airs — , v. t. riliflp 
dikhdnd;wdyu men rakhnd; — hole, fir'hGl, n. 
rand, manfas ; — pipe, dr' pip, n. nal jo hawd dnn 
ke liye lngdyd jde ; — tight, av'tit, aisd band yd 
sakht ki hawd na ddkhil ho sake; — pump, 
dr pump, n. hawd nikd'tie kf knl; — shaft, ha 
wdddn; Airing, ar'ing, n. Imwd-khorf, cliilil- 
qadamf : to take tin — , sair k., hawd-khorf k. ; 
Airy, ar'i, a. ha wad dr, kushdda. 

Aisle, II, n. L. ala, wing, girje kc andar kf rdh. 

Ajar, a-jiir', ad. nisf khuld, ddhd khuld. [sfith. 

Akimbo, n-kiin'bo, a. (with a bend) kb am ke 

Akin, a-kin', a. (related) rishtadar; (similar) 
muwdfiq. [ — to]. 

Alabnstcr, al'a-bns-tdr, n. G. alabastron. sang i 
marmar ; ok pnrkdr kd komal patthar. 

Alack, a-lak', int. hnibnt, hai hai. 

Alacrity, a-lak'ri-ti f ». L. alavritas. dil-dihf; 
(liveliness) hnshftshat, ziuda-dilf, chdldkf. 
cliustf, phurtf. 

Alarm, a-lilrm', n. It. allarme. hullnr, hangdma, 
balwa, slior-shar; (sudden fright) aclidnak, 
khnuf ; (warning) lifat kl khobar, gliabrdhat, 
dagdagd ; (a summon to arms) rdt ki gliabrd- 
hat men bandtiq ddgke jawdb (lend; fnuj ko 
fauran ” taiydr karud; — clock, jagdnewdlf 
hatf. Syn. Fright; terror; const ernation ; 
ismay. [ — at, — for, — by]; Alarm, v. t. dah- 
shat d., chaukannd k., dardnd; to sound the — , 
narsingd phflnknd. 

Alas, a-las', int. L. lassus. afsos, dh, hde lido. 

Albeit, awl-be'it, c. or ad. (although) agarchi, 
kdsh ki, bd-wajfide ki. 

Albino, al-br-uo, n. L. albus. (a person unnatur- 
ally white and having tlie pupil of the eye of 

S ink color) ekshakhs jo kffiildll-i-laba’ sufotl 
o aur jis kl dnkh ki putlf guldbf ho. 

Album, aKbum, n. L. albus. (a blank book) sddf 
kitdb taswlr wg. ke liye. 

Alchemist, nl'kem-feC* *• kfrniydgar. 

Alchemy, al'ke-mi, n. A. al-kimia . 'ilm-i-kfmiyd. 
Alcohol, al'ko-hol, n. A. aUlcoKl. tez aur khfllis 
sh a rdb ; Alcoholic, al-ko-hol'ik, a. tez snardb 
ke muta’alliq, jis men shardb hai ; alcoholic 

Aleorau, n. Qurdn. [tdq, kiiuj. 

Alcove, a r kb v, n. A. aUgubba. (a recess) qubba, 
Alderman, awlMGr-man, n. A.-S. ealdor. (a city 
magistrate) shahr kd hdkim. 

Ale, &1, ». A.-S. eale. shardb kl qism, boza ; — 
house, boaa-khdna. 

Alembic, a-lem'bik, n. A. alambiqi, bhabkd. 

Alert, a-JGrt', o. It. aWerta. (watchful) hosbi« 
ydr, chdldk, phurtlld. Syn. Brisk; prompt; 
lively; Alertness, a-lGrt'nes, n. (activity), 
chdldkf; (briskness) chustl, phurtl. 

Algebra, al'je-bra, n. A. gabnra , to bind, jabr O 
muqdbala ; vfjagnnit ; Algebraic, algebraical, 
a. jabr-o-rauqdbala ke muta’alliq. 

Alias, al'i-as, ad. L. alius, another, ’urf. 

Alibi, a n. L. alioubi , elsewhere, aur kahlQ, 
’adam-maujfldagl ; sthandntar, anyatra. 

Alien, al'jren, a. L. alicuus. (foreign) ajnabl, be- 
gdna, gair; — n. (foreigner) pardesl; Al.cifate, 
V. t. L. alienure. phir j., (to estrange) juddb., 
muhubbat ufchd 1; jdeddd inuntnqil k. ; — a. 
kusbfda, mutagniyir. [ — from]; Alienation, 
n. (estrangement) juddl, mufdr.iqat, kashish; 
(a transfer) intiqdl i jd*ddd. 

Alight, a-lit’, v. i. A.-S. alihtan. d pafud, utar- 
nd, ndzil h. [ — from, — upon, — at]. 

Align, a-IIn', v. t. and v. i. (to adjust by a line, 
to put in line) saf bdndh ke lugdud. 

Alike, a-Hk', a. (similar) yaksdn ; — ad, usl 

Aliment, al'i-ment, n. It. aliment um, (food) 
CizM, khfirdk. Syn. Food ; nourishment ; Aii- 
mciital, a. khdnd yd khfirdk kd. 

Alimony, al'i-mun-i, n. L. alimonia. (allowance 
to a married woman when separated from her 
husband) ndu o nafqa, ’aurat kd ’alahida 
kharch, mahr. 

Aliquot, al'i-kwot, o. L. aliquot, (dividing ex- 
aotlv or without a remainder) ’adad-i-mut- 

Alive, a-llv', a. (not dead) zinda, jftd : (active) 
chdldk, hoshiydr ;sachel ;be — to u thing, boshi- 
ydr r. [ Alkaline, a. khfir yu sajjf kd. 

Alkali, al'ka-li, n. A. al-quli. khflr, sajjt, reh ; 

All, awl, a. A.-S. caZZ. sab, kull, tamdm, jaml% 
before — , sab se pnhle ; Is that — , aur kuchh 
nalify, bas; once for — , (finally) ek daf’a 
kullkcliyc; it Is — over, sab no chukdjby — 
mirnns, ba-kar sdrat; at — events, zarflr biz 
zarnr; beyond — doubt, bc-slmklc, id-knldm; 
nothing nt — . kuchh nahi'n ; — n. ma.ima*, 
sob; — fours, hdth pair; — up, kliatm hdd, 
ho-cliukd ; — ad. bilkull, kulliynn ; — oil a sud- 
den, ek bdragL ; it is — one, yih ek hf bdt hai ; 
— about, clid run taraf; — alone, nkcld; — at 
once, ek <lnm ;— along, bnrdbar; — In — ; kuli 
kulldn, sab kuchh kullahum: — the better, 
yihf inuffd yd duriist hai; — tlic day long, ta- 
infun din. 

Allay, al-lil, V. t. j. alligarc . kam k., takhfffk., 
thandd k. [ — b.v, — with]. Syn. Chock; ap- 
ppase : calm ; pacify ; assuage. 

Allegation, al-lo-ga'shun, n. (affirmation) iqrdr, 
mnqfila; bachan, (plea) da’wd, hath, hujjat ; 
Allege, al-lej', v. t. L. allcgare. (to declare) 
iqrdr k., ’uzr k. ; (to ph ad) da’wd k., liujjat 
k.juttarvdk k., parkdsh k. [ — against]. Syn. 
bring forward ; adduce; assign; quote; ciie; 
affirm ; nssert. [wafdddrf. 

Allegiance, n. farmdnbarddrf, itd’at ; (loyalty) 

Allegorical, al'lc-gor'ik-al, a. (figurative) tam- 
sfll; Allegory, n. G. allcgoria. (a parable) 

Alleviate, al-le'vi-iit, v. i. L. allcviarc . (ease) 
halkd k., faro k. ; (to lesson) kam k. [ — by] ; 
Alleviation, al-le-vi-iVshun, n. takhflf, kamf, 

Alley! ai'lc, n. galf, kdeha ; a blind — , tang o 
fdrflc galf, ek gulf jo ek taraf band hoi. 

All-lmll, awl-hill', int. (all health) khairiyat ; 
Rttlam; saknl pnnch kf rdm rdm. 

Alliance, al-ll'ans, u. F. allicr. (union) ’ahd o 

f iaimdn;, ndtd, birddarf; Allied, al- 
Id’, a. pp. (related) rishleddr, uisbatddr, mild 
hdd muttaliM. 

Alllgatc, arii-gfit,a. t. L.alligare. (to unite, to 
tie together) jor d M mildnd. 

Alligator, al-Ii-ga'ifir, n. Sp.cZ lagarto. Ij. laccr - 
tus. (crocodile) liiagar, ndkd, ghnfi.vdl. 
Alliteration, al-Iit-Gr-d'shun, n. L. ad and 
litera. tajnfs, radlf, saja’ ; anupras. 

Allocate, al'Jo-kat, v. t, (to distribute) bdQU&i 




taqsfmk.; (to set aside) nlag k.; Allocation, 
L.allooatio. (adding to) ziyAdatf, barhAo. 

Allocution, al-10-kiVsliun, n. L. ad and loqui. 
to speak ; gufto&fl ; (address) dais. 

Allot, al-Iot\ v. t F. alloter. (give by lot) taq- 
sfm k., bAntnA, hissa k. ; Allotment, n. (share 
allotted) hissa, ba^lira. 

Allow, al-lou', v. t. (permit) ijAzat d.; (grant) 
bafehshnA ; (give up) chhof den A ; (to yield) 
mAunA ; qfibfi k. ; (suffer) bardAsht k. ; anumatl 
d. [ — to] ; Allowable, a. (lawful) juiz, 
w&jibf, rawd, qAbil-i-ijAzat; Allowance, al- 
lou'ans, n. (act of allowing) ijAzat ; (sanction) 
manztirf; (abatement) kamf, talshfff, rainhAf ; 
(portion) hissa, mu’tAd; adliAr, bhattfi, jfvi- 
kA ; (income, pay) Amadanf, talab; uaushAhira ; 
(maintenance) nA no nafqa. 

Alloy, al-loi', v. t. F. aloi. (to corrupt) Amozish 
k., milAo se khontA U. [—with] n. Amczisb, 
milaunl. . „ „ # . .... 

Allude, al-lfid', t\ i. alludcrc (refer to) ishAra 
k.,fmAk., dalAlatk. [ — to]. Syn. Refer ; hint; 
suggest ; Allusion, al-lii'zhun, n. pata, ishAra, 
kindya, fmA, rainz ; prablied. [ — to]. 

Allure, al-lur', v. t. F. leurrer. (tempt by the 
offer of good) phuslAuA, bahkAnA, lubbAnA, 
khfijebnA, rijhAnA. L — by, — to, — with]. Syn. 
Entice ; attract ; tempt ; decoy ; seduce ; Allure- 
ment, n. (temptation, enticement) fa’-eb; 
kashibh; phuslAhat; Alluring, a. (enticing) 
fareb-dili, tama’ dilAuewAll ; mohnf. [murAdl. 

Allusive, al-hVsiv, a (hinting at) ishAratf, 

Alluvial, al-hVvi-al, a. mitti jo pAnl ke zor se 
bahkar aur jagah jama’ lio. 

All-wise, awl-wl//, a. sab kuchh j&nnewAlA, 
hama dAn, sarvgyAnf. 

Ally, all!', v . t. Jj. alii pare, (lo unite, to connect) 
rishta yd dost! kaiAuA. [ — to, — with], n. pi. 
Alies, sliarlk, sAtlif. 

Almanac, awl'ma-nak, n. A. mana , measure, 
jantarf, taqwfm, yattarA; nautical — , taqwfm- 

Almighty, awl-ml'ti, a. A.-S,«7, all, and mil/ tig, 
mighty ; (the Supreme Being) QAdir i Mutlaq: 
— n. fsliwar, SarvshuktiinAn. 

Almond, il'inund, n. F. umande. bAdam, lnuz — 
oil, rau gan i bAdfuu; — of the throat, gilliynn; 
(oueof the tonsils) galpher, bel. 

Almoner, al'inim-er, n. ban (new A hi, bliamhirf. 

Almost, awl'niusl, ad. ’auqarfb, qarlb, nazdflc- 
tar, lagbhag. 

Aims, ilmz, n. pi. A.-S. aimed, (cliarity) khairat, 
bhfkli, langar, zakat, sadqa; dAn. dachchhnA; 
— house, ljihairAt-kliAiia, Inngar-khAna. 

Aloe, al'o, n. L. aloe, musabbar, elwA, sibr; — 
wood, ’Ad, agar; small — , ghikwftr; — pi. 

Aloft, a-loft', ad. (above) A par, buland. 

Alone, a -Ion', a. (single) akelA ; (solitary) tun- 
hA ; let — , chhopia, hath iifhAiui, darguzar k.; 
— ad. Ap se Ap, nkelA. 

Along, a-long', ad. A.-S. unillung. sAlh sAth ; — 
pr. lambAn men, Age ; go — , chale jAo ; — with, 
sAth sAth, humrAh, bAlmm;ull — , ab Ink, linnez. 

Aloof, a-Ifiiif, ad. [AZ/ off.] dur, alag, uiyarA ; to 
stand or keep—, nlag rahnA. 

Aloud, a-louil', ad. (loudly) zor sc, chi 11 A ke. 

Alpacu, al-pak'a, n. ek qi-m kA jAnwar ; kappa. 

Alpha, al-fa, n. (first letter of Greek alphabet) 
YAnAnf hui tif kA pahlA hnrf, ibtidA. 

Alphabet, al'fsi -bel, «. O. alpha and beta. liurfif 
i lahaijl, alif # be; vurnamalA; Alphabetic, a. 
alif be ke taur par. ( (some time past) pa hie. 

Already, nwl-red'i, ad. (now) abhf, is! waqt ; 

Also, awl'so, ad. or c. bhi, aur; not only so but 
— , na sirf yih bnlki yih bhf. 

Altar, awl'tfir, n. L. altera . (a table on which 
gifts and sacrifices are offered) qurbAngAli, 
iuazbah; yajuavedi ; led to the— , mansiib hflf, 
nikAh men bAndlif gaf. 

Alter, v. t. L. alter arc. (change) badalnA, tabdfl 
k. ; — v.i. (vary) farq h. [ — from, — to] ; Alter- 
able, a. (capable of being changed or altered) 
mutnkin ul tabdfl; parivartnniy; Alteration, 
n. (change) tabdftf, ibtidAl; tagalyur; Alter- 
ed, a. (changed) mutabaddal, mutagaiyur. 

Altercation, nl-t Ar-kA'-shun, ». (dispute with 
anger) takrAr, jhagpl, bahs, hujjat, jaug o ja- 
dal, radd o kadd, tahattuk. 

Alternate, al-tSrn'At, a. L. alternatm . (recipro- 
cal) bA r i bArf, plur phAr; [ — with] ; — n . tabA- 
dala ; — v. t. pher phAr k., adiA badll k. f bArf 
bArf k. ; Alternative, a. (choice of two things) 
chArA, tadbfr ; do chfzon men se ekkopasand 
k. “ 

Although, awl-tluV, c. (admit all that, notwith- 
standing) agarchi, harchand ki, go ki, bar-’aks 
is ke, bu-wn jfldo ki ; tathApi, yadyapi, kintu. 

Altitude, al'ti-lud, n. L. a Ititudo. (elevation) 
buland f, irtifd*, unchdl ; to take the — , bulan- 
df amlAznA. 

Altogether, awl-too-getli'Cr, ad. (wholly) mut- 
laqan, bilkull, sab snmet, kulliya; nipaf, sArA. 

Alum, al'iim, n. L. alumca. phitkarf, zAj i sufed. 

Alumnus, a-lnm'nus, n. shAgird, kisf madrase kA 
sahad-yAfta ; — pi. Alumni. 

Always, awl'waz, ad. lmmesha,har waqt, dAim, 

Am, am, Inin. Emndum, liar dam, nitya. 

Amain, a-inan', ud. (with all force) zor se, ni- 
dliafak, bc-takAsIiA, ba-shiddat; let go — , fau- 
ran chlioi* do. 

Amalgam, a-maTgam, n. G. malagma. milflifif 
dbAlen ; Amalgamate, a-margancat, v. t. (to 
compound or mix nictnJs) Amozish k., dhAton 
ko milAnA. [ — with] ; Amalgamation, n. 
(mixture) Amozish, mel. 

Amanuensis, a-inan-u-cn'sis, n . L. manus . 
(copyist ) inuharrir, naqlnawfs, kAtib ; — pU 

Amass, a-mas', v. t. L. masd-. (to accumulate) 
jama’ k., ba.ornA, dher k.; Amassment, n. 
(heap) dlicr, ga(hri, jama’. 

Amateur, am- i-tftr, n. L. amator. jcisf fan kA 
sluiiti na ki kfunil. 1’lshq-bAzf. 

A illative ness, ain'a-tiv-nes, (propensity to love), 

Amatory, am-a-10-ri, a. (relating to love) ’ishq- 

Amaze, a-rnfiz, v. t. A.-S. made, (confound) 
mut-fuijib k., inuztarib k., hairAri k., sarfisfma 
k., ghabrauA; vyakul k., [ — with, — at, — of, — 

, by]. Syn. Astonish; confound; perplex; 

1 Amazement, n. (astonishment) ta’ajjub; 
(confusion) glmhrAha{;, huirAnf ; Amazing, a. 

( wonderful ) ’a jib o garfb, hairat-angcz, turfa. 

Ambassador, am-bas'a-dcr, n . F. atnbussadeur, 
elchf saffr. 

Amber, nni'bor, n. kahrubA, 

Ambidexter, ain-bi-deks'tfir, n. do-dastf, jo do- 
nou halboii so eksAnkamkar sake; (double" 
denier) do-tarfa, ri.vakar. 

Ambiguity, am-bi-gQ'i-ti, n. zrtma’nf, ma’nfkf 
juiiz i bzahf, yAmubhnmf; mugAlotn, dhokhft; 
Ambiguous, nra-big'u-us, a. L. umbigere. pe- 
cbfda; (doubtful) mashkiik, rnubham, mush- 
tab ili, muzabzab, gol gol ; Ambiguously, ad. 
ishtibfdmn, peebMaul se. 

Ambition, ntn-bisb'un, n. L, umbitio, (eager, 
desire of fame) hausila, hirs, uniang, liurmat 
yA hnkAiuftt kf bawas; dbuntrisbna. [ — for] ; 
Ambitious, a. hnusilamand, himmatf, umangf. 

Amble, am'bl, v. i . L. ambulurc . chalAnA, Asanf 
se chalna. 

Ambrosia, am-bro'zhi-a, n. G. a. priv. and 
broto8. (imaginary food of gods) amrit, sndha. 

Ambulance, am'bfi-lans, n. L. ambulare. to 
walk; (conveyance) bfmAron ko j-liafa-khAne 
le janewAlf gArf ; Ambulant, a . (walking 
from place to place) challAu; ehaltA phirtA. 

Ambuscade, Ambush, n . It. imhoacarA a hiding 
plac e) kamfngali, ghat ki jugal) ; to fall into 
an — , jAl men phans j. ; to lie in — , ghfl* men 

Ameliorate, a-nud'yer-at, v. t, L. ad and 
meliorarc. (make better) bilitnr k. ; banAnfl v 
simbarnfi; Amelioration, n. durustugl, bih- 

Amen, A-men', n. G. Amfn, ek kalima jo du’A ko 
Akliir men kahA jat A hai, jis ke ma’ne bain aisfi 
hf lion ej’Amcnablc, a-men'a-bl, n. F. amener, 
(responsible) zer ’umal, jawAb-dih. [ — to]. 

Amend, a- mend', v. t. h. cm.cndarc ; (make 
better) durust k., sudhunia, suQwArnfu Syn. 


Correct; reform; rectify. L — by, — with]; 
Amendment, ». durustf, Ar&slagf. Syn. Cor- 
rection ; improvement. . 

Amends, a-menda', n. sing, & pi. (satisfaction) 
’i was, bad la, jnzil, I tl wn n ; dn a d . 

Amenity, a-mtn'i-li, n. L. amaentts. (pleasant* l 
ness) |rh rt.f; (agrcenbleness of situation ) 
jagab fcf farhat. I n ikivarn. 

Amethyst , am'e-tnist, n. G. amethuslos. ya«|iU; I 

Amiability, A-rai-a-bil'i-ti, ». (gentleness of 
disposition) nek- bakhtf, skuistagf, khubf, har- 
dll-’azfzf ; Amiable, a'mi-a-bl,a. L. amabilis. 
(worthy of love) har-dil-’azfz, dil-rul>A. mall- 
bflb-ul-qultlb, nek-nihAd. 

Amicable, aru'i-ka-bl, a. L. umarc. (friendly, 
peaceable )su1b-jo, mihrb&n, sfihib i, 
aost-parwac; upakurf. [.van- 

Amidst, Amid, pr. ( in the middle) Well, danui- 

Amiss, a-mis', a. and ad. prefix a and mitts, (im- 
properly) burn, gulat; dosbf, auucbit; to 
take — , burA manna. 

Amity, ain'i-ti, n. I* amicus, mihvhAnf ; (friend- 
ship) dost! ; (goodwill) khnirjdiwAhf, ikhlas. 
Syn. Harmony ; kindness allV-Uon. 

Animonia, um-uuVni-n, n. nausadar. 

Ammunition, am-mu-nHi'un, n. Tj. mini ire. 
(military stores) bftrrtd golf, asbab i jnng; 
yuddh kfsamngtf. [—-for]. 

Amnesty, am'nes ti, n. (a pardon of offences 
against government) ’Amin mu'aff-nftmn, ansiin- 
nfuna. [ Inch ; madhya, nntar. 

Among 1 , a-mung'. pr. A.-S, among. darmiyan, 

Amorous, nm'or-us, u. L. amor. ( loving)* 'ashiq- 
mizAj. Syn. Loving; fond; tender ; passionate. 

I — of]. 

Amorphous, a-mor'fns, a. G. morpha. (having 
no determinate form) bc-daul, bad-uuuia; 
kurftp, ku*<jaul. 

Amount, a- mount', v. i. Tj. mans, ho j., paJiuneli* 
nfi, chorhnik, tnrnqqf k. ; — to nothing, be- Tahiti 
h. [ — to | ; — /». (sum) jama*, jutnla, mublig. 

Amphibia, am-fib'i-n, «. pi. G. am phi, on bolli 
sides, bios, life, Abf o linwftf janwar; Amphibi 
ous, am-lib-i-us, a.hawa pani men raiiiio \v., do 

Ample, am'pl, a. Tj.atnplus. b'diiit ; (large) bar:l ; 

J 'wide) chnurA; (extended) kushfrln, warn’; 
liberal, diffusive) musliarrah, mufussul. | — 
or]. Syn. Full; spacious; extensive; capaci- 
ous ; plentiful. 

Amplification, am-pli-fi-kA'fdiun, n. (diffusive 
discourse) tfil bayAn, mu bn logo; Amplify, 
am'-pl!-fl, v. t. Ij. amplus and jacerc . (t< 
enlarge, I o exaggerate) barliana, mubAlngn, k., 
tfll tawll k; Amplitude, am'pli-lfid, n. (large- 
noss) baplf; (extent) kushfidagf; (capacity! 
samrtf ; vistar, samAw; Airily, am'pli, ad. 
bahutAyat se, knsrat sc. 

Amputate, ain'pu-lat, v. t. Tj. puturc. (fo cut off 
a limh)’azw kut d„ qalam k ; Amputation, nin- 
pdt&'shun, n. kfltAo, tarush, qulam. 

Amuck, a-muk', n. (MgIui/) (act of killing, 
slaughter) qatl, khlin, zabli ; to run — , saivYif- 
ob kt tarah rAste par daurnfl, aur jo Age Awe 
mAr dAlnA. i band ; kn va eh. 

Amulet, nm'u-let, n. A. hamala. ta'wfz, bftzft- 
Amuse, a-mflz', v. t. F. amuscr. (to outer-lain) 
bahlflnA, finish k.; (to deceive). lif la hawflla k. : 
(to divert) tafrfh d., parcIiAnA. [ — by, — with] 
Syn. divert ; entertain ; please; gratify ; Amuse- 
ment, n . tamAshn, tafrlb. eliugl. Syn. Diver- 
sion; entertainment; pastime; Amusing, a. 
dil-cbnsp, fehiishf d. w. 

An, a. A.-S. an. ek, kof, fulAnA. 

Anabaptist, an-a-bap'tist, n. G. ana and hup - 
tizein. bachehon ke bnptisrao kfi munkir. 
Anachronism, n-nak'ron-izm, n. G. na f chronos. 

tftrfkh calatf, ikhtilftf-i-waqt ; kftl-birodh. 
Anaconda, nn-a-kon'-da, n . (a large snake) ek 
bar A sAgp. 

Anagram, an'a-gram, n. G. ana. agnin. grapho , 
to write, hurrt f kf tabdilf se ek lnfz ko dtisrfi 
kar 4&lnft, tahrlf qalb. 

Analogous, a-nnl'o-gus, Analogical, nn-a- 
loj'ik-Al, a. (having resemblance) mushfibih, 
muwAfiq samAn. [—to] ; Analogy, a-naTo-ji, 

11 . (likeness) mush&blhat, muw;1fiqat;—l>y— 

qaifnc se. 

A miiysls, n-nal'i-sis, n. G . ana and lain, tnqsfm, 
tasiirflr, lafs/I ;■ — pi. Analyses; Analy.* f, nn':i- 
Jist, ii. tafrfq k. w; Analyze, au'a-iiz, v. t . 

1 (resolve n compound into its simple parts) 
tafrfq k ., tashrfh k , 

Anarchy, nu'iir-ki, n. G. anarch os, without 
head ; ( la wlcssness, confusion ) gmiar, ant her, 
bnd-'ainalr, mulkf be^intizAmf, hal-clnil. 

Auuthrniii, n-nalh'e uia, n. G. an a and tithenui . 
(an ecclesiastical curse) la ’mil ; pbi;kAr 9 
sbrAp; Anathematize, v. t. (to denounce with 
cur.-es) Ja’nnt k., bad-du’A d. 

Anntouiist, a-uat'o-inist, n. tafhrlli i bn dan kA 
jAnnewalu : jarrah ; Anatomy, a-nnt'G*mi, n . 

G. lemnein, to cut, ’ilm i tashrfh i budan. 

Ancestor, an'ses-ier, n. (one from whom a 
person is descended ) bAp dfidfi, bu/Aiig, jadd, 
purkbA ; — pi. aslaf; iiba-ujdfid, baj> ilade; 
Ancestry, a. jaddiyat, saltiyat, khfuulan ; pur* 
kliAf, gharfmA. 

Anchor, nn^/ker, v. t. L. unchcra, an anchor; 
laniard.; — w. lungar ;— nl, langar se hnndli.l 
lifui ; to cast — , langar d. ; to weigh — , langar 
u(bAuA ; sheet — , barh bhaif aur mazla'it. 
langar; Am-hora/.^e, ang/ker-fij, n. (a place 
where anchor) lang:'r-gfih. 

Anchorite, nng'ko-rli, n. (J. chorda, to iclire. 

(a liermif ) tarik ml dunya; (a recluse) ta- 
pes wt, gosha-nasiun. 

Anchovy, an cho'-vi, a. Ili ".e.ancJiuu. (a small 
sea-liuh ) ek eldioii muehhlf. 

Ancient, fin'shent, a. F. ancicn. (of former 
times )«ria»liiu, amvnltn. 

Ancillary, an'sil-ar-i, tr. f j. ancilla. (subcrvienl ) 
mumid, madadgar, gunakfuf, abhipriiy o pn Ka- 
ra k. LtAhuiii. 

And, c. A.-S. aur; — so forth, wngnira; — yet, 

Auecdolc, nn'ek-dot, a. G. ckdotos. (a short 
story) (|issn„ naql, afsuua, nmjtn, chuikula. 

Anew, a -mV, ud . (afresh) naes.irse, pliir. 

an'jel, n. G. aggehs. (spirit employed by 
God) lirislita ; dill; (evil spirit) bhiU; the 
recording; — , Uiram ul katibln ; the — of death, 
m:\lak ul ninut. [t.a su. 

AimcUc, an-jel'ik, n. tnalalif, firish 1 a-kho, lirish- 

Angcr, ang'ger. a. h. aagor, gussn, khafgf. taish, 
gazab, ’it.-ln ; 1-rodh, ;ikn sh.[ — by] Syn. Ucfcid ■ 
incut; wrath; rage; fury; passion; — v. t. 
gussa k., kliiila K, khij.'in.i. 

Angle, aug'gi, n. Ij. aagulus , G. ugh os, a band, k - 
lift, go. si' a, nok, zfiwiya ; n rigid — , zAwiyu (;ai- 
ma ; neutr — , z: wiya hAdda ; obtuse — , zfnviya 
munfarija ; — v. /.(to fish)bansf lagfmft.uiachlilf 
mil in a ; Angular, niig-gii-ler, «. (having cor- 
ners) goshndiV, nokila, kona-vishisht. 

Angler, aiig'gler, n. mabf-gfr, bansl-bflz;ek 
qism kf maehhli. 

Anglican, ang'gli-kan, a. L. Aagli. Angrezf ; — a 
Angrozi kalfriyii k:i lia ii k. 

Anglicism, ang'gli-sizrn, a. Angre/I mululwara. 

Angry, ang'gri, a. sussa, kin fa, iuiruz, khoshm- 
mik, barham. [ — with]. 

Anguish, ang'gwish, n. (escess'vo pain) siyAsnt, 
’azAh, koft, jigarsezf, ag, jalan, kaslit. Syn. 
Agony: pang; distress ; torture ; torment. 

Anil, mi'll, n. A. an-nil, from Skr. nila, dark blue, 
nil ka panda. [sf. 

Anile, an'il, a. Tj. anus, (old-womanish) bufhi.u'i 

Animadversion, an-i-mad-vCr'shun, ». (cen- 
sure) sarzanish, dupt da pat, ta'uazanf, ilzftm, 
chaslirn-nnmfif. Syn. Stricture: comment.; 
blnme: remark; reproof; Animadvert, an-i- 
mad-vert', v. i. Ij. animus, a(1v*rt$re. (to turn 
the mind to) mutawajjih h. ; (censure) ilzfim 
laguna. [jlWbjant, haiwAn. 

Aiiiuml, an'i-mnl, n. L. anima , Skr. an. JAnwar ; 

jlnimnleiile, an-i-mal'kdl, n. {♦? iklle animal 
that is invisible to the naked *ye) nihAyat 
c!:l;ota janwar, kffA n^kofA, hasbrAt ul arz. 

Animate, an'i-mAt, v i. L. anima . (quicken) 
jilana, tfizagfd.; (give life to)zinda k. jtln d.s 
^encourage) himmat dilAnA : [ — )vith, — by] 

— -n. zinda, jflA. Syn. Enliven; inspiiit; stim- 
ulate; urge:, ebeer; incite; Animated, p. a. 


zinda-dil. chAlAk, drier, mardAna 

Animosity, an-i-mos'i-ti, n. L. (hatred), add- 
wat, dushmanl, kkusflmat, jam us, bair. 

Animus, an'i-mus, n. L. mind. (purpose) irflua, 
maqsad; (spirit, temper) mizAj, khfl, bd. 

Anise, an'is, n. G.unethpn, sauaf, anin<\v. 
Ankle, ang'ki, n. A.-S. anke. t&ihna,. gattj}, 
Don*. " [biehhyd. 

Anklet, n. ‘p/lzeb, pfiyal ; — \»itli bolls, glvingrfi, 

Annals, an'nalz, n. pi. h. annus, taw&rlkh. 

Anneal, an-n61', v. t. A.-S. aelan, to kindle* (to 
temper) tAod. . , , . 

Annex, an-neks', v. t. L. ad. to, and nect erc, to 
tie. (unite) shamil k., joruA, raulhaq k., uiii- 
Anft; (fasten) IagAnA; sauyog k. L— to.] 

Annexation, n. illi&n, puiwand, jof, ittisd , wash 

Annihilate, an-ui'liil-at, v. t. L. ad. ami nihil. 
nothing, (destroy) mn’diini k. f nest k., JiAbud 
■c., mltlnfl ; Aonllallntiun, n. ’adain, nestf, fanfl# : 

Anniversary, an-ni-vCrs'a-ri, a. n. L. annus, 
oar Bare. sdl-girab, baraswAn ; prativfirshik ; 
(yeftrly) bars! y ft barkM, barsinf. 

Annotate, an'nG- tat, v. i. L. ud and nolare . (to 
make comment or remarks ) shark k., lafsfr k. 

- upon.] Annotation, n. (remark) sharh. 
tafslr;tlkd; Aunututor, n. (u commentator) 
mufasslr, shArih. 

A nn ounce, an-nouns', v. t. L. ad and nunciarc. 

( to give public notice) zfiblr k., khubar k., ish- 
tihir d. ; prakAsh k. [ — to] Syn. Publish; pro- 
claim; make known; Announcement, «. (pub- 
lication, declaration) ittHA'-dilif, izhftr. 

Annoy, an-noy',v. t. F. anoier , L. noceo. (tease) 
chhefnA. satAnA; (hurt) dukh d., niklffd., iza 
d. Syii. Molest ; vox; trouble; perplex;; 
Annoyance, n. dukb, taklif, IzA. 

Annual, an'nQ-al, n. (yearly) jo shai baras Ain 
ba’d phir Awe, raaslan sAlfina rlsftla, yA wo 
paudhejo sdl sill aptio mausim par hole t.ur 
marjdte; — a. (happening yearly) bar sAl, bar 
baras, sAIAna. [dur. 

Annuitant, an-mVit-ant, n. wasfqaildr, wuzffa- 

\unuity, an-mVi-ti, n. h. annus, year, (an 
allowance by the year) s.iliy&na wasfqa. 

Annul, au-nul', v. t . L. ad and nullum, (sei 
aside) radd k., man.sfikh k., bdtil k. ; mbit k. 
Syn. Abolish ; repeal ; cancel ; set aside. 

Annular, a. (ring shaped) halqe-uuuia, chhalle 
kl tarah. 

Annumerate, nn-oft'm5r-fif- v. t. L. ad and 

numerare. (add to) k., mihinA, jorn.i. 

Aiiniiuclatc, an- nun 'si -fit, v. 1. G. annunoiaro. 
(to announce) il.tilu’ d., mushtnhir k. : (bring 
tidings of) kliabar IA 11 A; Annunciation, an* 
nun-si-a'shun, », (act of announcing)! till. A* di- 
hl, izhftr; March rnahlnc kf pnchfswln tftrfkh, 
kl firishte ne usi Ifirfkh lco Masilt ke paidA hone 
kl khabar Mur i. yarn ko df. 

Anodyne, an'6-dln,n. G. apriv. and odunc , pain, 
(serving to assuage pain) inusakkin, tnskfn- 
bakbsh yft dukh liaran dawa. Syn. Opiate, sed- 
ative ; narcotic. 

Anoint, a-noiut', v. t . L. in and ungcre , to smear, 
(consecrate) mnsali k.. makbsGs k., tadhfn k., 
(rub over with oil) tel malnA, chupafnA [— 

Anomalous, a-nom'a-lus, a. G. a , priv.- omos , 
same, (abnormal) rugardAn, munharif, be- 
t&rtfb, be-qA'ida, be-dastfir; Anomaly, n. 
(irregularity) be-tartfbl ; aniyam. 

Anon, a-non', ad. Old Eug. (quickly) fan ran. 
jaldl; — ^af, (again) phir; ever and — , kabhi 
kabhl, aksar. 

Asuonymous, a-nou'i-mus, a. G. n. priv. and 
anoma. (without the real name) be-nAm o iii- 
shAo, gumnAm. 

Another, an- uth'or, a. dAsrA, kof, gair, ckaur; 
to bo of — mind, mukhtalif ur rAe h.; differ 
from one — , mutafarriq h«, ittifAq nn k. 

Answer, an'sdr, V. t. A.-S. and, against and 
ewarjan, to alfirm ; (speak in return) jawAb d,, 
kalinA ; uttar d. ; (be accountable for) zimma- 
dArli.; (he equivalent to) barAbarh.. mutAbiq 
li., iniiqAbll h. ; — for, gimmadar li., jawAb-dih 
h. ; to— the bell, ghautt bajne par jdk&r dekh- 

nA ki wuh kyflp bajl hai ; to— the door, darwft- 
> zepar jakardekhudkl kaun khatkhatAtA hai ; 
to— -tli© purpose, matlab ke muwdfiq'h., baa 
b*» L — to, — for], — n. jawAb, AwAz; uttar; an 
— to tlio purpose, jawAb bA sawAb. Syn. 
Reply; response; rejoinder; Answerable, a. 
(responsible) jawubdib, qAblii jawAb; (con- 
formable) barAbar. 

Arit, ant, n. chyAntA y/i chydnff, m or; white— ^ 
dfmnk ; red — , bonlnif, — liifl, dhehdr, bAmbf. 
Antagonist, nn-tag'G-nist, n. (an oxiponeut),' 
harlf, mukhAlif, dushman, muqAbil; sbatru, 
bairl, virodhl. Syn. Adversary; enemy; oppo- 
nent. [jandbf. 

Anfractlc, ant-Ark'tik, a. G . anti, arktoa , qutb i 
Antecedent, an-tc-sGd'out, a. L. ante, before 
and cedcro, to go; aglA, peshln, pablA. Syn. 
Prior; preceding ; previous ; — n. (that which 
goes before) niuqaddam, Age, qabl ; — in gram* 
mar, marja', muzmar, ’ilm 1 mausfll ; the— 
and consequent, sugrA o kuhrA; — pi. (the 
earlier events of one’s life) pahle wAqi’At. 
Antechamber, an'te-chum-ber, ». (a chamber 
leading to the chief apartment) pesh-dAlAu, 
jiiaukliAna, deorhf. 

Antedate, an'te-dAt, n. Age yA pahle yA peshtar 
ki tArfkb ; — v. t. waqt sc pahle tArlich d. 
Antediluvian, an-t6-di-ioi)'vl-an, a. L. ante, 
diluvium, (before the deluge) tfif&n ko pahle 
lcA ; — /». (one who lived before the flood). tAfAn 
so pahle kA nnkhltiq. 

Antelope, au'te-lop, n. G. anthalopa. chikAra, 
gizAla, Ahti ; ok zAt kA Iiiran ; mirg. 

Anterior, an-{6r'-5ri o. L. (before) peshrn, mu- 
qaddan, aglA. Syn. Antecedent; previous; 
preceding; foregoing. [ — to]. 

Anteroom, an'lC-rotim, n. uglf kotln!. 

Autliem, an'thein, n. G. anti, against, phone, 
sound, (sacred soug) m«T»qabat, bhajan, stuti. 
Anther, an'ihGr. n. G. anthos „ zlra, zar i gul 
dust, zfre ki dhtil. 

Anthology, uu-thol'o-ji, n. G. o nlhoa, and 
les/cin. guldasta i liiizin. dfwAn, inajrafi'a ill 
ash’Ar. [pox and logos, tilrlljb i insflnl. 

Anthropology, nn-tbro-poJ'o-ji, n. (t. anlTtro* 
Antic, an'tik, a. F. antique, (odd) ’a.iib maMkha- 
ra, tarangf, zalallt ; — n. (a buffoon) maskhara, 
’ajth st'irat, liaz/.Al ; viiTip. lRin) guuahgAr. 
Antichrist, an'ti-kil^t, n. dajjAl; (the man of 
Antichristian, an-ti-krist'yan. n. (An opposer 
of Christianity) maxhab i ’fswf kA iuukhAlif. 
Anlfcip.'.tc. au-tis'i-pftt, v. t. L. ante, before, 
and caperr, to take. ( lake up beforehand )pesh- 
dasli k., khiyal k., tasauwur k. ; (foretaste or 
foresee) pesb-bfnf k., pahle se mnzA cbakbnA. 
Syn. Preoccupy ; precede : foresee ; expect. 
Anticipation, an-tis-i-pa'shun, ». pe^h-dastf, 
pesh-qa land, sabqnt ; (i>reconcoption) tasau- 
wi:r, pesiibandl; — of revenue, hAl-baqAyA; 
list I hhanjit. Syn. Preconception; foresight; 
expectation. [zawAI. 

Anticlimax, an-ti-kll'mnk**, n, dnrja ba darja i 
Antidote, a iPti -dot, n.G.anti , didonai, to give. 
tiriyAq, zahr-muhru, idsmAr. Syn. Remedy; 
counteraction ; preventive. L — to.]. 

Antimony, uu # ti-imm-i, n. A. al-ithmidun . sur- 
ma, san?4 surma, atijan. kubl. 

AnUnomiuu, au-ti-no # mi-an, n. G. untinomos . 
munkir ul aklduq. 

Antipathy, an-tip'a-th», n. G. anti , and paso7icin, 
to suffer, (dialike, hatred) nafral, gliin, gurez, 
karAhiyat, zidd; a natural — , nafrat i zAti. 

Antipodes, an-tip'o-dez, ». pi. G. anti, pom , foot, 
kura kf dusri janib ke ralmewAle, us taraf 
ke log, sAkinfln i laht u! :irz. 

Antiquarian, au-ti-kwiVri-an, a. L. antiqvue . 
(pertaining to antiquity) qadfraf, mntaqad- 
dam, salaf kA; Antiquary, au'ti-kwa-ri, n. qa- 
dfrn chizon ko pulichAnueo tartib d. w. 
Antiquate, an't -kwAt, v. t m (to make old or 
obsolete) pur An A k., l e riwfij k, gfiir-isti’mAl k; 
Antique, an-tek', a. L. ante, (old, ancient), 
qadim, derfun, puranA ; — n. (a relic) ganlmat, 
tabarruk; Antiqnity, an-tik'wi-ti, n . (old 
times) agl& waqt, salaf, mutaq&ddam. 




, Anifauriptural, an-ti-skrip'tAr-al, a. frhilAf i In- 
311 ; mang&l samAcbAr ke biruddh. l&ml. 
Antlslgvery, an-ti-slAv'Sr-i, ». mukhAUfat i gul- 
. Antithesis, an-titb'e-sis, n. G. antt , thesis, (con- 
trast) muqAbala, rau’Ariza;— pi. antitheses. 
Antitype, an'ti-tlp, n. G. anti , tupos. (that 
which is prefigured by the type ; thus “The pas- 
chal lamb was a type of which Christ is the 
antitype”) asl. [sfngh. 

Antler, ant'JSr ». F. antoillier. bArah-singke kA 
Anvil, au-yil, n. A.-S. anfilt. nihfif, siudfin. 
Anxiety, a ng-zl'e-ti, n. L. andesha, likr, trad' 
dud, soch, tashwlsh ; (apprehension) iztirAb; 
chintA; (depression) udA f, afsurdagf. 
Anxious, an ck'shus, a. L. anxius. (concerned) 
fikrraaud, andeshnmnnd; (uneasy) be-qarAr; 
— for, khwAUishmand. [ — about, — for]. 

Any, en'ni, a. A.-S. an and g. kof, kisf, jo kof ;— 
time, ad. kisf waqt ; — how, kisf tarali ; at — 
rate, bll-zurfir, kisl tarah ; — body, kof Ad ml ; — 
where, kahfn. 

Aorist, a'5-rist, ». G. a, priv. and horos , limit, 
(an indefinite tense in the Greek verb) mnzAri’, 
ades. [IjbAss rag, bafl shiriyuii. 

Aorta, A-ort'a, a. G. ac rein , to heave, jism kf 
Apace, a-pas', ad. jaldl, shitAbl, turt phurL, tur- 
ant, zfid. 

Apart, a-part', ad. (separately) alag, judfl, 
aldhida; , (aside) kiwi ra, uiyAru. i — from. | 
Apartment, a-piirt'ment, n. L. a. and pars, 
part (room o£ a bouse ) koihrl, kamra, kiiihvat- 1 
kb Ann. 

Apathy , ap'a-f/ii, n. G. a. priv. and pathos. 

( want of feeling ) be-pnrwAf, susl f, kAhilf, Ins A - 
hulj gaflat. Syn. Insensibility ; unfeeiiuguess: 
indifference; uneoucorn. 

Ape, ftp, n. A, S, apa. Skr. kupi. G. kepos, Iceipos. 
bandar, bozna, maim fin; — v. t. (to mimic) 
naql k., liiskA k., taqlld k. 

Aperient, a-pe'ri-ent, a. L. uperirc. (laxative) 
dasL&war, mulaiyiu. [siirakh, rauzau, darAr. 
Aperture, ap'ur-tur, ». (an opening, a hole) 
Apex, a'peks, n. (tin* top) nok, anl, sdrA; — of a 
hill, pahAfikt chojf. 

Aphelion, a-fe'ii-on, n. G. apo. from, and hdios , 
sun. (that point of a planet's orbit most dis- 
tant from the sun) silraj se diir nnkta. f slmrA* 
Aplieresis, a-fgr'e-sis, n. G. apo, airein. Ii.izaf i 
Aphony, af'o-ni, n. G. a. priv. and phone , voice. 

(a loss of voice, dumbness) go 1A baithnA. 
Aphorism, af'or-izm, n. G. aphorizein. kaliAwat. 

masla, maqfila. Syn. Axiom ; maxim ; adage. 
Apiece, a-pe-/, ad. liar ek ko, ek ko. 

Apish, up'ish, a. bandar sA. 

Apocalypse, a-pok'a-lips, n. G. apokaluptcin. 

ilhAm, wahf, inkishAf ; Ha i 1ml kl pichlill kitAb. 
Apocope, n. L. apocope, (the omission of the 
last letter or syllable of a word ; as di for dii, 
yond for yonder) hazaf i Akliir. 

Apocryphal, a-nok'ri-lal, a. (not canonical) 
nA-rau’tabar, mashkuk. Tdeota. 

Apollo, a-pol'Io, ». (a Greek deity) ek YAtiAnf 
Apologetics, a-pol-O-jet'iks, n. sing, muta’azzir, 
’uzr k. w. f nawishton ko sfibit k. w. 

Apologist, «. ’uzr k. w., ja wAb-dih. • 

Apologize, a-pol'o-jlz, v, t. mu’iiff mfingnfi, ’uzr 
k. [ — to, — for]. Lfable) hikayat, qissa. 

Apologue, ap'o-log, n. G. apologos. (a moral 
Apology, a-pol'o-ji, n . G. apo, from, and logos, 
a speech, (excuse) ’uzr, ma’zarat ; -(defence) 
bintl. [—for]. 

Apoplexy, ap'G-plek-s!, n. G. (a disease caused 
by pressure on the brain) salcta kl blmArf. 
Apostasy, a- pos'ta-si, n. G. apostasis. (u depar- 
ture from one’s faith and principles) tark i din, 
inkAr i din; inhirAf imnzhab: swadharmmat- 
yAg ; Apostate, a-pos'tut, n ( forsaking a prin- 
ciple) munharif, munkir i din; Apostatize, 
a-pos'ta-tlz, v. i. (to abandon one's faith or 
party) apne din ko tark k. 

Apostil, a-pos'til, n . F. apostille, (a marginal 

’ubda; Apostolic, ap*os-to'lik, a. rasfllsenis- 
batdAr fathers, pabUsadl ke ’fsAl mu war* 
ri^h see, Pop kl jAe-sukdnat, moslan UOm kl 

Apostrophe, a-pos'tro-re, n. G. apo , strcphein. 
(diversion) hazaf i kalAm, gurez, ’alAmat i 
ikhtiaijr i lafz (’) jaise can't for cannot . 

Apothecary, a-]> >th'e-knr-i, ». G. apolheke. 
(keeper of medicine) dawA-farosh, dawA-saz, 
’attAr. , T 

Apothegm, ap'o-them, n. G. apo, and phthegma. 
(a short, pithy, and instructivo saying) qhul i 
inashhflr, kalAm i muqbdl, nnokhl hilt. 

Appal, ap-pawl', v. t. F. appalir . L. ad and 
pullco. (to frighten) darAnA, dar dikhlAnA, 
dhamkAufi ; (to depress) nistej k.. afsnrda k. 
[ — by]. Syu. To dismay; terrify; daunt; 

Apparatus, ap-pa-rA'tns, n. L. ud and parare. 
(machine, inst uments)siiz, sAmAn, lawAzimAt; 
surgical — , jarrAbl auzfir. 

Apparel, ap-pat'cl, n. F. apparcil. L. pnro. 
(dress, clothes) libAs, posbiik. Syn. Dress; 
clothing ; vesture ; garments; — v. Mto dress, ito 
attire) libus pahinuA, poah.’ik badnluA. 

Apparent, np-par'ent, a. h. apparcrc. (evident.) 
s.irlh, zAhir, AslikArA; (plain) sAf, sarlh. fciyn. 
Obvious; clear, evident ; visible. 

Apparition, aj)-pa-risli'un, n. (appearance )khi- 
yal, ssalifir, walun, sfnat ; (a gbosi ) bhrtt, paret, 
udai : sitilnm ,vA saiynron kt nniiindiirf.luhV. 

Appeal, np-po n. rlo-btira niili.'h. wartifn \ tnj - 

/ Appeal, np- 
’a mint i 

note, a postscript) hAshiyapar jo likliA bo. 
Apostle, ii-pos'sl, n. G. apostellcin. (one sent, 
one of the twelve leading followers of Christ ) 
rasQl, preril:, liawArl ; — ’s Creed, ftasdlon kft 
aqlda ; ApustlcsUp, w risAlat, bawAzl kA 

, court of—, suihir i ’uilfiJdl yfi 
mu ru fa’. [ — to, — against, — for] ; 
admitted — , apll-i-manziir; an — to arms, 
hathyAr sefaisal.i ; place of — , (Law) murju’ ; 
regular — , apll lam barf, apN-i-Vmnn ; — r. t , 
L. ad and pcllcre. (to transfer to a higher 
tribunal) kisf chliotf 'adAhit ke faisala se nArAz 
hokar muqaddame ko h:i rf ’adnlnt men rujA’ k., 
murafa’ k., inuknrrar uaiish lc., a[»Il k. 

Apprulcr, ap-pf*rcr, n. npfl k. vv. 

Appear, ap-per', v. i. L. ad and parcrc. zuhir h., 
AslikAru h., nazar A. diki'lAt pnpiA, hs'izir h. ; — 
for, wukfl h. ; — gainst, mudda f b. [ — to, — 
from, — in] Syn. To seem; Appraramc, n. 
z:\hur, surat. shnkl, chill ra. S.ui. Arrival; 
presence ; air ; look ; manner ; mien. 

Appeasable, n. tii^kfn-lmkbsli, t tsalll-bnkhsh ; 
Appease, ap-pez', v /. F. cpaixvr. L. ad and 
pax. peace, (calm) tns-kfn d., (handhA k., shAutl 
k., fllifmfi k., Aram d. L — l*y ] - 

Appellant, ap-peTcint, n. (one who appeals) 
mudda’I, nAlh'if, dad-khwAh, murAf.i' k. w., 

Appel In lion, n. (title) Inqnb, nfnn, khltAb; 
padwl; (from a sou) kuniyut. Syu. Title; 
address ; Appellative, ap-peKa-tiv, //. L. appcU 
lare. (name by which anything is called) nAm, 
kliitAb, laqab. * 

Append, ap-pend’, v.1. L. ad. append ere. ( lobang) 
latkAnA, mullinq k. ; (to add) jornfi, tnilAna; 
hiigAnA. [ — to]; Appendage, op-pend'aj, n . 
ilbaq, pal wand, fiwezn, duin-gaz.j, dumbAla. 
Syn. Addition; adjunct. 

Appendix, ap-pend’iks, a. (a supplement )tatiin- 
mn, takinlla. znmlma. 

Appertain, ap-iiGr-tan', v. i. L. ad and perf iiwrc . 

( belong to) ta'alluq rakhua, ’ilaqa rakhnfi, 
sambandh rakhnA. L — foj. 

Appetite. ap'pe-t!t, n. L. appefarc. (hunger) 
blnikh, khflrAk, ishtiliA ; (strong desire) kliwA- 
hish. Syn. Craving; longing; desire; appeten- 
cy ; passion. 

Applaud, np-plawd', v. t. ori. L adtindplau- 
dcrc. (praise liiglily) Afrln li., ta'rif k.; sarfdi- 
nA, wAh w;ili k. [ — for] . Syn. To praise ; extol ; 
commend ; cry up. 

Applause, ap-plawz f , n. shAbAshf, Afrln, bafAf, 
wAh wall ; dhauyavAd, prasahsa. Syn. Acclaim ; 
plaudit; commendation. 

Apple, ap'pl, n. A.-S. ueppel. seb; — of the eye, 
put If, maivlum i chaslim ; — of discord, binA-i- 
if.sftd;— of Soilom, plial jo dekhne men subf>- 
onA, par tofne par dbAl ho jAne w.;— of love, 
(tomato) walAyatl baigan. 



A BO no 

Appliance, ap-pll'ans, ». lagflwat, milAwat, 

Applicability, n. mu nftsibat, mutabiqat; Appli- 
cable, ap'pli-kfi-hl, a. (suitable) lAiq, munAsib, 
iuutdbiq, sazfl-wfir. 

Applicant, ap'pli-kant. n. darkhwAst k. w«, dar- 
khwflst-aihanda ; Application, ap-pli-k&’sbun, 
A. ’arzf, darkhwAst; mashaqqat, raihnut ; prArth- 
nft, lagAo, bartAo ; Apply, ap-pll', v.t. L. ad and 
pticarc. (put to, lay onjlagftnft ; ( busy ) mashgfil 
h. ; (address) ’arzl d. ; (suit, fit) mowAfiq h.. 
sambhftslian k. ; (to use or to devote) isti’mfil 
k., yA rankbsds k. [ — for. — to] . 

Appoint, np- point', v. t, L. ad and punctum t a 
point, (to fix) tai’nflt k., nAmzad k.; (settle) 
tbahrflnA; muqarrar k.; (decree) farmftnA; 
(furnish) ArAsta k„ sar-ba-rAh k., raur.Utab 
k.; niyuktk. [ — to]. ; Appointment, n. wa’da, 
IqrAr, mansab, taqarrurl, ’ulida, nankarl; (sti- 
pulation) sbart, tajwlz, hukm, amr; (equip- 
ment) ibtimAm. taiyArl, ArAstagl ; niyog. 

Apportion, ap-pdr sbun, v. t. L. ad and portio. 
(set out in shares) tuqslin k., hissa k., bfinfuA. 

Apposite, np'po-zit, a. L. ad and poncrc. (pro- 

f er) tl'fk* munftsib, lAiq; yogya, upayukt. 
— to], Syn. Apt. ; fit : suitable ; appropriate. 
Apposition, ap-po-zbb'un, n. (accretion, adding 
to) ziyAdalf, nuqtft muqftbil, do isru kl ck hi 

'Appraise, ap-prfiz', v. t. L. ad and pretium. (set 
the price of any thing) nirkh lagflni, qfmnt 
thalirfluA, tashkbfs k., Ankud. [ — at, — for] 
Appraisement, a. lakbmlnn, tnshklils, kiit. 
Appraiser, n. takbmlua-suz, flnknc w., kutne 

Appurtenance, ap-pur'ten-ans, (an adjemet, an 
appendage) ta’ailuq, *ilflqa # lawAi'u 
Apricot, a'pri-kot, a. zard AlO, shAh Alfl, fchfl- 

April, a'pril, ». L. aperire, to open. Aggies! 

‘lkl pah- 

Apprcclnte, np-pnVshi-fit, v. t. (value justly) 
inshVhfB k. ; (appraise) nndAz k. ; (esteem) 
’nziz jftnnft, qadr k. Syn. Estimate; esteem; 
Appreciation, n. (valuation or estimation) 
qadr, saimjb, rAo. 

Apprehend, np-pre bond', v. t. L. ad and prehen 
derc. (lay bold of) pakarnfi; (comprehend) 
samajhufi, khiy&l men I.; (think of with fear) 
khauf LIiAnd, iflrnA, dekhnft. Syn. Catch, seize; 
arrest; detain; capture. [ — fori; Apprehen- 
sion, n. (conception) bfijh, nfkal, bichAr, khi- 
yfll, samajh; (fear) khatra; (arrest > giriftflrf. 
Apprehensive, a. L. ad and prehendo. wakmf, 
ramfda-inizAj ; (quick to understand) tez 
fa hm. 

Apprentice, ap-pren'tis, ». L. ad and prehendo. 
(one bound to learn a trade) n mm el war, tal- 
mlz, sh :i gird; sikb, chelA; Apprenticeship, n. 

Apprise, ap-prTz\ v. t. F. apprise, khabar d., jat- 
finA, muttalu’ k., cbitana ; — v . i. nirfcb lagftnA 
[ — of]. 

Approach, ap-prOeh', v. i. h. ad and propiare. 
qarlb yA nazdfk yA pftsflnA yA pahunchnA; — n 
(access) Amnd, ra^fil, nwAl, pahnnch; (pas- 
sage) rfista. dakhl; Approachable^ ap-proch- 
a-bl, a. qAbii i pahunch ; abhigamya. 

Approbation, ap-pro-ba'shun, n. (commenda- 
tion) pasand, manzflrl; angikftr, prasannatA. 
Syn. Approval ; consent : concurrence. 

Appropriate, ap-pro'prC-At, v. t. L. ad and pro - 
prius , one’s own. (set apart) alag k., takhmfna 
k. ; (take as one’s own) a pn A k. ; (adapt) mu- 
nAsib k., makhsfls k. Syn. Fit; adapted; perti- 
nent. [ — to]; — o. (adapted, suitable) khAss, 
lAiq, muwAfiq, munftsib ; Appropriateness, n. 
(suitableness, fitness) munasihat; Appropria- 
tion, n. kh Ass khnrch rfipae kA, kisl klidss isti’ 
mftl keliye ’alahidagt, tashakhkbus, taqarrur. 

Approval, a-prtibv'al, n. (approbation) pasand, 
manzflrl, qabfll; Approve, ap-proov', v. t. L. 
ad and probare . (like) pasand k. f pizlrA k.; 
(commend, praise) ta’rlf k. t manzflr k. ; (to 
sanction ) hukm lagAnA. [ — of]. 

Approximate, ap-prok'si-m&t, v. t. L. ad and 
prowimare, (bring or come near) nazdlk a vA 
qarlb lAnA; — v.t. nazdlk h., qarfb h. [ — to]; 
Approximation^ n. nazdlkl, ittisAI. 

Appalsioii, p-pul'shun, #, dhakkA, takkar, fho- 
ur, sadma. 

chauthA mahlna, baisflkh; — tool, April kf pa« 
11 tArlkh jis roz ki log Apas meq maskharApan 
karte hnin. [kardbanl. 

Apron, a'purn or a'prun, «. tahband ; — string;, 
Apt, apt, a. I j. (disposed) mAil. mutawajjih; 
(ready) hftzir, taiyAr, rnusta’idd ; (fit) lAiq, 
thlk; (qualified) tez-fahm, qAbil. Syn. Fit; 
meet ; disposed ; liable : prompt ; quick ; ready; 
inclined. [ — to] ; Aptitude, ap'ti-tfld, n.. (fit- 
ness, tendency) isti’dAd, sailqa, shflistagl, iiyA- 
qat, qAbitiyat. 

Aqua, a-kwii, n. L. (water) pftnl. 

Aquarius, a-kwsVri-us, n. L. aqua. *(The water 
bearer, a sign in the Zodiac) dalw, burj i Abl; 
kumbb. [panibt. 

Aquatic, a-kwat'ik, o. AhT, daryAl; jnlchar. 
Aqueduct, ak'we-dukt, n. L. aqua and duoere. 

Abguzar, nahr, mubrl, nfibdAn. 

Aqueous, a'kweus, *. (watery) pftnl sft, martrtb; 
— humor, (Anat) Anlcb kf rutflbat; — rocks, 
panpatthar. [hooked) ’unAb sft, AnkfldAr. 
Aquiline, ak'wi-Iin, a. L. aquflda.(like an eagle, 
Arab, ar'ab, n. mullc i ’Arab kft bAshinda, ’Arab! 
ghoffl ; street — s, yatlm, Ift-wAris lafke jo saf- 
kon par uiflre raAre phirte liaig. 

Arabesque, ar'a-besk, n. ’Arabkl mi’mArl aur 
b ut-sAzl ke ten r par. ['ArnbT, babfiJ ka good. 

Arabic, ar'ab-ik, n. ’Arab! zubfin; — gum, samag 
Arabic, ar'a-bJ, u. L. ararc. jotue ke qflbi I, qAbii 
i zirA’at. [ [ — between]. 

ArhUcr, Arbitrator, n. L. (judge) sfliis, panch. 
Arbitrary, a. L. arbitrary (despotic, absolute) 
kbud-mukhlar, IcliudrAe, be-qaid ; swatautra, 
swfidhlu, Syn. Tyrannical; imperious; un- 

Arbitrate, iir'bi-tr&t, v. i. (to decide, to judge 
of) sftli-q k., panchuyat k. [ — between] ; Arbi- 
tration, n. salisl, pancliAyat. [dAr. 

Arboreous, a. L. arborcus. darakbton se nisbat- 
Arhour, ar'bfir, n. (a shady bower) kunj, mash- 

Arc, ftrk, n. L. arcus, (arch) mihrdb, qans. 
Arcade, iii -kful', n. Sp. urcuda. (a wall arched 
above) mihrAhdflr rAh. 

Arch, ilrcb, a. Properly chief, vis., in art. (cun- 
ning or sly, mischievous, roguish) thathol, 
thatthebftz, m iff, khush-taba’, — n. dflt, mibrAb, 
kapl ; — v. t. or i. dAt laganfi, mihrAi> b. 
Arcliicoluary, Arke-oJ’o-ji, n. G. archaios and 
logos. (The science of antiquities) ’ilm i qad&- 
mat ; prAchln vidyA. 

Archangel, iirk-an-jel, n. (an angel of. the high- 
est order) muqarrab iirishta : mahftdflt. 

Arch bishop, Urch-bish'up, n. LAt PAdrf, muj- 
tahidon kA sardAr; Archbishopric, arch-bish'- 
up-rik, n. (the jurisdiction of an archbishop) 
sardAr pfidrl kl hukflmat. 

Archdeacon, lirch-de'kn, n. pAdrlon kAek ’uhda, 
jo Bisiiop se kam hotA bai. [barA nawAb. 

Archduke, ilrch-duk', n, sbAhzAdon kft khiMib, 
Archer, arch'dr, n. (a bowman) tlrandAz, ka- 
mdndAr; Archery, Urcb'fir-i, «. tlrandAzl, ka- 

Archetype, iirk'e-tip, n. arch e and tupos f (the 
original, the model) binA, nsl, namflna, mlsl. 
Archipelago, br-lci-pel'a-go, n. G. archi and 
pelugos. (group of isles) majma’ e jazAir. 
Architect, iir'ki-tekt, n. G. urchi and tektoh , 
(head builder) mi’mftr, rAj, mlr-’imflrat; Ar- 
chitecture, n. (science of building) ini'mArf, 
’ilm i ta’mlr ; Architectural, &r-ki-t$k'l.ur-al y 
n. ’ilm i mi’mflrf ke muta’nlliq. 

Architrave, Ar'-ki-triiv, n. G. archi. It. traba, 
darwaze par asiarkArl kf mflrat; mn.k&n kl 
wuh his*a io thlk kharnbe par rabtfl bai. 
Archives, ar'klvz, n. pi. G. arche. (repository of 
records) daftar-kbAna, daftar, sarkArl kA- 
gazftt kft daftar. Syn. Register; records; 
chronicles. . , ( ^ 

Archway. ilrcb'-wA, n. mihrftbke andar ka r/ista. 
Arctic, Uik'tik, a. G. arktos. (northern) obimfiU. 




Ardent, Ur'dent, n. L. ardcrc. (fiery) garm; arms for the body) hathyfir, siJnh, baktnr.zf- 

(zealous) dil-soz, muharrik. Syn, Burning; rah ; Armourer, n. (a maker of arms) hath - 

intense ; eager; keen; ferric/; passionate, [ — / j'fir ban 'me u\, harba-s.iz; Armoury, iivm'Gv-i, 
In, — for] : Ardour , ar'uer, ». L. ( boat, fervour, «. silah-kh&na, h&thyftc-kh&na. 
eagerness) dli-smd, sbauq, haiurat, garinl, Army, iir'mi, n. (regular troops) Ioshkar, fauj, 
sozish ; uttap. aijolh, seufi, dal ; standing — , mustaqil fauj. 

Arduous, ar'dfl-ns, «. L. arduus. (difficult) Aroma, a-rd'ma, n, G. (pleasant oravicy smell) 
dushwfir, inuslikil; (hard) sakht. Syn. Difii- kb ushbii ; Aromatic, sir-d-mat'ik, «. ^bufihbd- 
cuit ; trying; painful ; laborious. dfir, mu 'attar. 

Arc, iir, pi. oi lobe, knin. Around, a-round', pr, idbar tulhar, fig pfis, ird 

Area, a're-n, n. L. vvas’at, maidftn; (court) gird, bar taraf, chaugird ; ebaupher ; — era. id- 

silin, fingan, chauk, ihfita; ( (Jeom .) lambda hnr udhar se, liar taraf se, girdfi-gird. 

chaupin, raqba, 'arz o till, masfihat. Arouse, a-rouz', v, t . jagfinfi, uthfinft, bed dr k. 

Areca-uut, n. supfirl, chhfiiiyfi, <lalf. . i — from]. 

Arena, a-ro'na, n. L. ( the area in which gladia- Arrack, iir'ak, «. A. araq. 'arq, maslnn tfirf, wg. 

tors fought) aUh&rd, tamdshagflh. A resign, a rail', v. t. L. ad and ratio, (to accuse) 

Areometer, ar 5-omVlcr, ». Gr. (a hydrometer) da’wa k., nfilish k., mfikhuzk., Arraignment, 

miqyfis ul rnfi, pfiuf-nfip. [puli If, niKjral, slmf. a-r£Lu'ment n. iJzfiin. 

Argent, fir'jcnt, a. L. argentum, (siiv.r.v) ru- Arrange, a- ran j', v. t. F. ad and ranger, (set in 
Argil, iir'jil, n. U. (potter’s clay) kuiuhfir kt order) murntlab k., sijil k., iWisla k., tbfk k., 

mit(j, piudol ; — u. Argillaceous. inti /fun k. | — willi] ; Arrangement, w. dur- 

Argue, iir'gfi, v. i. L. a.* guvre, (reason, dispute) ustf, fir fist agf, inti yarn, 

balls k , tuqrfr k., liuiiat k.; (prove by reason- Arrant, ni'ant, u. Eng. errant, wandering, (very 
ing) sfibit k. Syn. lt»asou; evince; discuss; bad) nilulyat klmrfib, bahut burfi; (notorious) 
debate; remonstrate. t — for, — against, — with, masblnir, badnfim. 

— upon] ; Argument, iir'gfi- meat, n. (coni ro- Arras, ar'us, n. musliajjar, rangCn btitedftr kapfft 
versy) balls, inunfiznra, ; (proof) dnlfl, jo Riakfin men lai'fiyfi jfitfi lmi. 
snnad; Argumentation, ar-gu-ment-a'shun, Array, a-ra', n. F. arrai. (order, arrangement, 
ft. balls, miij&dilu, m-n.izrat. Syn. discussion ; dress, order chieliy of war) sail, saff-i-jang; 

controversy. [Musfli kf ultihiyat kft inkfir. (apparel) poshfik, libfis; — 1 >. t. (to dress) po- 

Ari:iuii)in, a'ri-an-iziii, n. Arlan logon kf ta’lfm, shfik pahiniina ; (to deck)firfista k.: (to place in 

Arid, ar'id. a. L. arcrc. (parched up)jaJa ; (dry) order) saff-^rfif k. £ — with, — in]. Syu. To dis- 

kbushk, siikha ; Aridity, n. sdkhfipan, khushkl. pose ; deck: arrange. | hisfib. 

Aries, a'ri-ihs, n. (Lho rain), wendijfi, mckli, Arrears, a-ierz\ n. pi. F. arriere. bfiqiyflt, bfiqf 
mesb, burj-i-kuinal. L’hfh taurse. Arrest, a-eest', r. i. 1... ad and rvfttarc, (to ob- 

Aright, a-nV, ad. (rightly) thfk, durust y& sa- struct or slop) roknft ; ( to take by authority of 
Arise, a-ri//, *?.*. uthnd, chafhnd, find; (toorigi- lav-) pakarnS, giriftur k., qaid k. ; — n. girif- 

nato) shurii'h. ; (bo produced) nikalnh, hdzir tirT, ruk.Qwat. [ — for, — in], 

h. ; (out) nikalnfi, paidd h. [ — from]. Arrival, a-riv'al, n, palninch, fimnd, dflkhHa; 

Aristocracy, ar-is-tok'ra-si, n. G. aristou and dgma u ; Arrive, a-ilv', v. i. L. ad and ripa. (to 

kratcin. umard, umarfif liukfimat; Aristocrat, come) puhunohn.1, s'uifi, ddkhil h., wflqi* h.; (to 

ar'is-to-krat, n. uinanVdost; (a proud or gain an object I hilsil k. L — from, — ntl. 

haughty person) mutakabbir, ruiigrfir. Arrogance, ar'b-gnns, n, L. ad mid rogarc , 

Arithmetic, a-ritli'rnet-ik, n. G. arithmos and (undue azsutupl on of importance) mngrdrl, 
techne. 'ilm i Uisab, ’ilm i hindisn, fann i siyfiq ; gustSkhl, gbunmnd. Syn. Haughtiness ;assump- 
Arlthmrtical, a-rith'mct'ik-al, a, 'ilm i hisAh (ion; pride; conceit; Arrogant, n. magrUr, 
ke muta’ailiq ; Arithmetician, n. muhasib, ?usUkh. bo-aclah, mngrd, ghnmnndf; 
hisAb-ddn, siyaq-diln; ankaganit. luroffiitc. aru-gili, v. t, (to claim unduly, to 

Ark, iirk, n. A.-*S. crk. (a chest which contained * ^dme) uahaqq ghamandse da’wh k., thahrAndt 
the tables of tlr.* .! owisb covenant) 'ahd-nftm*' kft [ — toj. [dang, biin. 

sandi'n ; (a large boat) ek bafl kishtf. Noah’s Arrow, ar'O, n. O. Eng. arw?e. nfiwak, tir, kha- 
— , NQk ki kishtf. Arrowroot, ar'6-rdut, n. arfirot. 

Arm, Arm, w. A.- S. arm, carm. bfizfi, dast, kahif: Arsenal, iir'se-nal, n. A. Uurcinah, (armoury) 

— of the sea, khaifj, sotli, khfirf; to — s, In raf top-klifina, silaL-khfinn. [hartfil, zarnfkh. 
kt pukAr ; to be under — s, musallah hokelarAf Arsenic, iir'sen-ik, n. G. artcniJcon. sankbiyfi, 
ke liye taiyfir rahnfi; t«* bear — s, sipahgarf Arson, iir'sun, n. L. ardcrc, ghar men fig lagdne 
stkhud : — 17. t. inusallah k., hathydr bfindhnfi, kft gunah, slialir-sozt, acan-(lah. 

Arms, iirmz, pi, L. oraia. bathyfir, silali,Iiiirl>a, Art, iirt., ». L. «r«, G. arc,n. fan; (skill) hunar, 
filfit i jang ; to be in — . jnng ke liyo musta’idd 'iim, fun, san’at, oastkArt, bidyA ; (trade) pes- 

rahnd ; a stand of — , sipdhtkc pfinchon hath- bn ; fi»c — s, 'iluii sha’irl, 'ilmi mfislqt, 'ilmi 

yfir; to keep at— length, ddr r.-ikhnfi, na/.dik hidfiyat, Mhn i v imfirat ( ’ilra i musauwarf, ’ilm i 

na fined.; to take up — , hnthyur u'hana; to but-tarfisht ; liberal — , ’ulfim; the — and scl- 

lay down — , bathyar rakiinfi. I — with, — euces, ’ulfirn o fun fin ;thc mechanical — , dast- 

against, — for] ; Armlet, iirm'let, n. hlmjband ; kilrf ; — v. fi'J sfga wiihid hfizir lmi ■ (second per- 

bfizfiband; khapvfi; Armed, o. musallah, sonsingularfurmot toho)Syn.Science;liter- 

hatbyfir-band; kamar-bnsta, taiyfir ; Armful, aturejl skill ; contrivance; trade; profession; 

firm '-foci I, n. pauja bliar. knulfi, goplift; Arm- artifice; Artful, Urt'fdd!, o. hikmatt, jugtl; 

hole, firm'hol, Armpit, n. (the cavity under the harrfif, fitralt, 'aiyfir. Syn. Cunning; skilful; 

shoulder) baga I, kfinkh. adroit; crafty; deceitful. Artless, iirt'les, a. 

Armada, ar-ma'da. n. Sp. (a licet of armed (simple) sfida-dil. sfida-mau, sfida-lauh,mfl- 
ships) jan^t jahfizon kfi beffi. rakb, bhondfi.gartb. Syn. Simple; unaffected; 

ArinadllloTiir-ma-dirio, a. Sp dim of armudo, sincere ; frank ; candid ; Artlessuess, n. (simpli- 
aruir'd ; ek sipardfir jfinwar. city, sincerity) sachfif, sudhfif, bliolfipan. 

Armament, firm'a-ment, n. L. (body Oi And or Artery, fir'tfir-I, n . G. airein, shiriyfin ; (pi, sha^ 
naval forces equipped for war) jangl fauj, rfiln ) rag, nftr!. 

hatliyfirband siMfihf. Artichoke, ar'ti-chok, n. A. urdcachanki. ek qism 

Arm-chair, firm'ohfir, n. firfim chaukf. kfi clihotfi darafcht, hfithl-chak ; Jerusalem — , 

Armenian, iir-inon'i-an, a. Arman kfi;— bole, hfithl-plch. 

multfiuf mit(.f. Article, fir'ti-kl, n. L. art us. a joint, (indefinite)! 

Armhdttji, fir-min'i-an, n t Arraanf ta’IXm kft ta- liarf i tanklr ; (definite) havf i ta’rff; jins, bfit; 

rafdfir, niunkir i taqdlr. Arminiauism, ». Ar- — of trade, raqam; — s of religion or faith, 

mnnfon kl ta’llnnlt. hukm, filn, mazhabl maRfiil ; — s of peace, sulb- 

Arniistlcc, ilr'niis-tis, ti. L. arma and stare, (a nfime; — sof war, filn-i-jangl ; (a single clause), 

truce) muhlat, uiuhlat i jang ; yuddha kl ni- daf'a, zimn; — in journalism, mazmfin;— " 
vri< ti. v. t. jude jude infiddon men zfihir k.', (an articled 

Armour, firm'fir, n. 0. Bug. urmure, (defensive Cierk) iqrfiri mohamr. 




Articulate, ar-tik'ii-mt, a. (dear) rti Avto, 
khulA ; — i?. t.b. artioulare. ( to utter distinctly) 
taialfuzk., bolnfi, uchchfirnfi; Articulation, n. 
(of words) mjkhrjj, sfir taiaffuz, uchcbfir, 
(IJutOgirahjbaridjgfinth. . 

Artifice, firt/i^s, ft. L. ars, and facere. fan, fit- 
a-at; li.Ua, banfina, chkal, kapat. Syn. Strata- 
gein ; deception ; fraud; Artificer, * kfirfgar, 
dankar, ahl i hirfa, ahi i pesh x; Artificial, a. 
(feignel, fictitious) Iiuoarl, tarkf-1, amall, 
ntasnCL’l. . [i top -man, ft. golftndfiz. 

Artillery, ar-til'Sr-i, n. F., s&mfin 
Artisan, Hrt'i-zan, n. (a handicraftsman) kfirf- 
gar, dastkfir, hunarmand. byn. Aruficor ; artist. 
Artist, firt'ist, n. (a skilful man) sftm», nipun, 
gunl. Syn. Artisan ; Artistic, U"-tist ik, a. hu» 

narmandf t . .. 

As, as, ai A.-S. ase. jausfi, chfinkl, jabki, jis 
tarah; (like) muwfifiq, mfinlud, goyfi ; (while) 
jab, jad, jis waqt; (because) ky.inii, liye, 
wfiste ; — to, (re«a»*d to) nisbat; — if, — though, 

j. ino, m'uio, jaisfi ki; — fur — , jo’.ifin tak;— 

long—, jab tak, tab tak; — often, jab; — it 
were, fcoyft ki ; — well, bhf; — yn, ab ink: — 
usual, ba-dastlir, waiafi. L h In ,1 ukiV/a. 

Asnfoctida, as-a-Cel'i-dn, n. L ati a and fwtidus. 
Ascend, as-send', v. i. L. ad. and ticandcrc. 
ciiafb nfi, aa’ild k., buiand b. Syn. To rise ; climb ; 
soar. L — from,, — to] ; Ascendent, a. gfilib ; ( pre- 
dominant) n u la ; (surpassing) barhktr; As- 
cen hint, as scnrt'nul, n. (superiority) bulanU, 
fuuqlyat, ziyjilalf; (forefather) buzurg; (the 
horoscope) jauim-patra ; to be in the — , (to 
have influence) ru’bdar; Ascendency, n. (po- 
w *r) ilflitiyfir, iqbfil, galbu, ’urfij. Syn. Author- 
ity; prevalence; control; Ascension, as-seu'- 
shun, Ascent, as-sent, n. chafh/io, ’urfij, sa’fid, 
alia eh fit, kbfi skar k? Mu^fh ki asm fm ko j. ; — 
day, n. Mudh ke finnan par jfine kfi din; the 
— of n prophet, mi’rfij, 

Vsccrtaiu, as-sfir-tfm', v. t. L. aa and cerium. 
jfinclinfi; (find out) taliqfq k. ; (learn) ma’lfiui 

k. [ — from,— by] ; Ascertains bic, as-sfir-tfin' 
a-bl, o. daryfifr. yfi tahqfq ke qfibil; Ascertain- 
incut, n. tahqlq, isbfit. 

Ascetic, ns-sot'ik, n. G. aslcein . (a hermit, a re- 
cluse) ’fibid, faqfr, tapsf. 

Ascitis, a-sl-lfiz, n. jaluudhar, istisqa. 
lscribiible, as-krli/a-hl, «. qfibil inunsfib; As- 
cribe, ns-kiib', v. 1. L ad scribcrc. (to attribute 
to) bi‘is tbalirfinfi, mausfib k. Syn. Attribute; 
■impute. [ — to]. 

Ash, ash, n. A.-S note, jnnglf darakht kf ckqfsm; 

— Wednesday, roz ya’ue Lent kfipahlfi din, 
Ashamed, a-shamd', a. sharminda, kbajil, pa- 
gliemfiu, la j jit. [ — of], 

Aslies, tish'ez, n. pi. A.-S. asca. rfikh, khfik, 
bhabluit ;bhasm ; — of the dead,, masfin ; hot — , 
bhubhal; to reduce to — , kliiik kar denfi; 
Ashy, ash'-i, a. rfikh sfi; i>fla, zard. 

Ashore, a-slior', ad. (on the shore) kinfire par, 
Aslmood, n. ek qism ki lakfl. ikhushkf par. 
Asiatic, a. Asliiyfi kfi. 

Aside, a-si:le', ad. (apart) alag, ek alang, ek 
taraf, judfi ; to set — , marisfikh k., bfitil k., alag 
k. ; — from, (apart) ’alfihida. 

Ask, ask, v. t. Q. Eng. aschc. pfichhnfi, istifsfir k., 
chfibnfi, rafin?na, darkhwfist k., istidu’fi k.; — 
after one, kisf ka lifil daryfift k. Syn. Demand ; 
beg; question ; claim ; inquire ; invite. [ — of, — 
from, — for,— about], [(oblique) tirehhfi. 

Askance, n-akans', ad. D. ad scliuin . (sloping, 
Askew, a-skfi, ad. (sideways) tirehhfi, tefbfi;, 
l contemptuously ) hiqfirat se. 

As’ ant, a-slant', ad. (obliquely) tirehhfi; look 

kanaklilon se dekhnfi. 

AsU-cp, a-ilep', ad. (iu a state of sleep, dead) 
inn 1 men, sotfi, soyfi, murda. fwAn. 

As’ojic, a-sifin # , ud. (on a declivity) dhfilfi, dhal- 
As,» ( asp, n. G. aspis. ek zahrdfir sfinp*, afa’f.’ 
Asparagus, as-par'a-gus, n. nfigdaunfi, sufaid 
iniii f, inarch oba. 

. Aspect, ns'pekt, rt. L. ad and spiccre. (look) sfi rat, 
sink I, haiat. m&msar; (position or situation) 
qiyfim, jflgau. [jis ke patte hilfi knrte bain. 
Aspeu, us'pea, n.«pe, ek qlem kfi dara^llt 

Asperity, os-pCr'i-ti, ». L. asper. (roughness) 
talfchj, sakhtf, rukhfif. 

Asperse, as-pSrs', v. t. b.ud spargcre.(to aland r, 
vilify) tuhmat lagfinfi, 'aib iagfici. Syn. To 
calumniate; slander; defame; Aspersion, 
n. (calumny) tuhmat, buhtfin, kalaQk. 
Aspirant, as-plr'ant, a. and w. (aspiring) ba(4 
firzfimand, urnmedwfir. 

Aspirate, as'pi-rat, v. t. L. od'and spirare . (to 
breathe) adfi k., hakfirnfi, zor se tttlaffuz k. j— 
n. zorse talaffuz karne kfi nishfin; — o. sfif ta- 
laffuz; Aspiration,??, (strong wi^h or desire) 
kamfil firzii, bar) ishtiy&q; zol* kfi talaffuz; As- 
pire, v. i. (desire with eagerness) firzrt r., ckfih- 
ufi ;.(pant after) s.lns bharnfi ; tnuslitfiq h. ; (to 
asceirl) barhnfi, ebaruui, buiand h. [—to]; 
Asplrcr, a^-plr'gr, n. firzfiuanJ, mushtfiq; 
Aspiring, a. hansilo, khwfibish. 

Ass, as, n. A.-»S. ass'i, L. asinns. gndhfi, khar; 
wild — , gorkhar; an — in a lion's skin, be- 
waqfif h.kir ’filimon kf taqlld k., yfi buzdil 
liokur liimmatwfilon ki nail k. 

Assail, tis-sA/, v. t. L. ad salirc. hamlu k., m fir nfi, 
wdr k. ; cbariifif k. Syn. Attack; assault; 
invade. [ — with, — for]; Assailable, a. qAbil i 
iiamia ; qfibil 1 mnbfihisa ; Assailant, ft. (at- 
I Lickiug) bamla-fi.vur, wfir k. w. 

! Assassin,, n. A. nashishin. (a secret 
murderer) chuppfi qfitil, glifitf, klifinf: gupta- 
g lifil a k ; Assassinate, v. t. dagfi se qatl k^ khfin 
k., mfir d. Assassination, n. poshida qatl, 
khfin rezl. 

Assault, as saw It', v, t. F. assaulter, hamlo k., 
mfirnfi, djurnfi, ch.ifli bnithua; chafhfilk. [ — 

• with]. — «. liimla, chufhfif ; take by — , cliarhfif 
se gfilib h.; — battery, liamla aur zud o 
kob ; — of arms, kartab, dikhfiwfi ; criminal — , 
liamla i mujrimfiua ; make au — , zad o kob k. 
Assay, os-sa, n. h ex agcrc. (attempt) koshisb, 
q isd ; (examination) kisautb .ifinch, parakh, 
i utikfin, fizmfiish; — office, luksfil, dfir-ul-zarb; 
— v. t. (try, find out purity or alloy of metal) 
knsnfi, tfiod. [ — with.] Assaycr, «. parkhalyfi, 
jfinebnewfilfi. [ — for]. 

Asscnibluge, as-sem'blllj, n. (a company) jamfi’- 
ai, izliililifitu, i»hl|*. hujfirn ; Assemble, fts-sem'- 
bl, v. i . L. adsimul. (meet or bring together) 
jama’ h., yfi k., I hfi b.. yfi k., farfiliam h. f yfi 
k. [ — at, — iu, — together] ; Assembly, ft. (a 
company) majiis, mahfil. jamfi’at, majma’. 
Assent, as-.>ent', v , t. L. ad sentire. (to admit) 
qabul k., mfiunfi, rfizf h., taslfmk.; (agree to) 
razfimaud h. ; sammat h. ; swfkfir k» [ — to] ;— 
ft. (consent) razfimandf, 'qabfil; deed of—, 
rfizf -nfi ma. 

As <crt, as-sert', v. t. L. ad and serere. (to main- 
tain) iqrfir k., da’wfi k.; (affirm positively) 
qaul par qfiimr. ; Assertion, n. (affirmation) 
bfit, qaul, i jrfir, baclian. 

Assess, as-ses', v. t. L. assidere. (to estimate) 
taklirnfna k., tasbkhfs k. ; (to set as a tax) 
kliirfij lagfiufi, fikas bfindhnfi, kar lagfinfi;— 
damages, zar-i-barja; — revenue, jama* 
bfindhnfi. [ — at, — on] ;Asscssraent, «. tash^bfs- 
i-jiinift’; (valuation) jfinch, fink; (of revenue) 
kbirfij, malisfil ; — in kind, batfif, ftfn-i-jins;— 
on a share, bficlih, behrl; — on houses, teks 
chaukldfirl ; free from — , khirfij se barl, fcar- 
raliic ; gross — , jama’bandf khfim ; over — , 
blifirf lagfin ; Assessor, n. tashlfhfs k. w., ’fimil* 
Asset, es'set, ft. pi. L. ad satis . (goods available 
for payment of debts) jfiedfid; maujfida asbfib, 
jama’, bilirf ; personal — , uthfifi dhan, jfiedfid- 
i-manqfila; real — , atal dhan, jfiedfid-i-gair- 
manqfila; unrealized — , matfilaba, yfiftanl, 

Asseverate, as-sev'fir-fit, v. t. L, ad severys, 
(to aver) ba-halaf iqrfir k. ; Asseveration, ». 

( solemn affirmation) iqrfir ba-halaf. 

Assiduity, as-si-du'i-ti. ft. jfinfisbfinf, mashaq- 
qat, koshish, sa’f ; Assiduous, as-sid'd-us, a. L. 
ad and seilcrc. mustaqil, mibnatf, sa*f. [— 
at] ; Assiduously, ad. (diligently) mihnat ke 
sfith; sh .rm se. 

Assign, as-slu’, v. t. L. ad signum. thahrfinfi, maVb- 
sfis k., denfi, dilfinfi « reason, sabah batfinfi » 




Assignation, as-sig-nfi'skun, n. (appointment 
to meet ) wa'da wasl, mulflqAt ki jagah aur waqt 
kfi ta’aiynn; Assignee, as-sln-e', n. muntaqii 
i ’alaik, kAriada. uiukhtAr, qAira-muqAm; 
Assignment,?*. intiqAl i haqq; — of land, jAglr; 
— of property, dhan sankalp, intiqAl-i- jAglr; 
— of title, intiqAI-i-haqq. 

Assimilate, as-siiu'il-iir, v.t. L. adsimiUs. (to 
t-ause to resemble) lnilanfi, eksAn k., btirAbar 
k., muwAfiq k. ; — v. i. nJtiwaliq b. t eksAn k., 
milnfi. [ — to, — with] ; Assimilation, n. mel, 
m u ivd G ga t, m a tli baqn t 

Assist, assist', v. t. L. ad sistere. (help) madad / 

najOml, munajjim; Astrology, ». ’iim i nujflm 

tArfiphaht. " 

tables, zfj, zfch ; Astronomy, n. 'ilm i kaiat 
jyotisk sidrihflnt. ' 

Astute, as- tut', a, L. astus. (conning) fitratf 
siyAnA; (shrewd) hoshiyar, tez-fakm ; chatur’ 
[ — in] ; Astuteness, as-tfit'nes, n. Qtrat, koski- 
yfirf, tez-fabinf ; ckaturaf. 

Asunder, a-sun 'tier, ad. (apart) ’al&hida, jodU 
judd, a lag, prithak, nyfirfi. 

v. and title, (a place 
panSkgfik; fisray- 

k„ thdinuA, y&rt k. Syu. To help; aid; back; / Asylum, nsi'lum, n. G. a priv. 
succour; befriend. [ — with]; Assistance, n. / of refuge) dflr ui amdn, jr.i 
madad, dastgfrf, yArf, kuiuak, sah&rA. i'&nnt; sthfin ; lunatic — , pAgal khAua. 

Assistant, a. (one helping) raadadgAr, yAr, At, at, prep. A.-S. mt L. ad. pAs, men, par. ko ; 

mu 4 win. all, mutlaqan, bilkull first, pahte flret 

Assize, as-slz , n L. ed edcrc. 'ad'il.-it, mnlikanifi, slfflit, deklite hi;— large, fizfid, kliulfl: Jast. 

* — v. f.jiiikli ni kftlna. | fllfbirash ; — length, Akhirk&r, bfiro, pas ; 

most, ssiyftda se ziyAda; — full length, mufas- 
fal ; — least, kam s» kam; — hand, sari dost, 
kfizir; — all events, lth vv fill ma khwAk, ba-liar 
sflrat, ba-liar hAl ; none— all, kuchh nahfn ; — 
once, fauran, ekbArgl; — present, filhAl; — 
random, ittiffiq se, be-hisAb; yflnhf, a(kal- 
pachehft; — times, kabkl kabhf; — sixes and 
sevens, darham barham, nA-muttafiq ur rile; 
— home In a subject, us se khub wAqif h.; — 
death's door, qarfb ul marg h. ; to be — sea, 
gha r&yA Itfiti h. ; daryftl salar men h.; to be 
— a loss, kai r.ln o pareshAn In 
Atheism, A'lhft-izm, n. (disbelief in the exist- 
en e of God) dahriyflpan, ilhAd; nAtikatu; 
Athc ! st, u'tlie-ist, n. G. a. priv. Thcos, God. 
dahri.vA, mulhid; nusiik. Syu. Infidel; un- 

Athirst, a-thi*rst' f a. (thirsty) piyAsA. 

Athlete, nth’let', n. G f (a wrestler) palil- 
wAn, kushtl-bAz ;Atti#Hic,ath-let'i'', o.( strong 
muscular) pahlwAn, mushtan^A, kungfA, zor- 
Awar, sliahzor; daud-pel. 

Athwart, a-tkwawrt', pr. (across) rtfd, ben 

Associate, ^ ne-6'shi-at, t. t. L. ad and fiocius, 
(meet with as a friend) suhbat r., mel r. 
ittifiiqk, ; (fellowship) skarlk b., s&jhfh., [— 
with];— a. (comj>anion) raffq, sfttkf, sangatf. 
Syn. Oornp;mion; mate; fellow-friend ; ally; 
Association, n. (connection of ideas) ittiffiq 
(fellowship) mel; (partnership) n&jbft, abir- 
kat; (an a setnhly) rnajl's, bazm; — of ideas, 
silsila y & bun Jish-i-kliiydliit. 

Assort, as-sort', f>. t. L. ad and sors. tafrfq k., 
tartlb d. t ’alfilii la \il ihida k, ; Assortment, n. 
tarlfb, ftnistagf ; inqisftm ; ( variety of t he so me 
kind ) tarah tarah kf chlz, muntukhab yft inu- 
rattab shai. 

Assuage, ai-swij', v. t. L. ud. and suavis. (to 
abate) takhfff k., tkamlhfi k.: (allay) dim a 
d. ; ArAm d. ; (pacify, as passion or tumult) 
IhArabhnA, sfiut k. L— by]. Syn, To pacify; 
mitigate; alleviate. 

Assuni •, as-sum', v t. L. ad sumcrc. (arrogate) 
leh: fakhrk. ; (to take for granted) ikhtiyftr 
k., rarz It., mfmnfl ; to — airs, faklir k., sbekhf 
in., itranft, abhimAn k. Syn. To arrogate; 
usurp; appropriate. L — to] ; Assumption, as- 
suin'xhun, ». I' irzf slmi. 

Am uranre, ask-shoor'ans, n, (confidence) ya 
qfn, i’tiufir, blmrosa; (impudence) siiokln : 
(security) bfmn; — company, bfrna IcnewAlf 
kampanf office, bfma kl kothf; life—, .iftn 
blinn: Assure, asli-shoor', v. t. L. ad sccurus 
(make sure) ynqfn karilnA; vhwfish k.; (per- 
sua e) hirnmsit d. t samjhfinA, tasallT d., dilflaA 
d. against loss, blina k. Syu. To declare; 
aver ; assert. [— to,— f jr. — against] ; Assured, 
o. ratiqirr, qfiil, inu’taqad; to be— of a tiling 
yaofn ho j. 

Asterisk, as'tCr-isk, a. G. aster, skfiro kfi sfi ni- 
shftu [*J jo likhue men isti’miU kota liai, khfi- 
nia. f hlasn. 

Astern, a-stSrn', ad. pfchhe, jahfts kA pichhlu 

Asteroid, as'tCr-oid, a. G. aster, eidos. clihoifi 
sitftra. [unfs. 

Asthma, ast;ma. n . G. acin . sfink, daraa, zfq un 

Ast r, a -stir , a. hoshlyflr, chAlfik, tez-dnst. 

Astonish, as-ton'isk, v. t. O. Eng. astone. (to 
amaze) mu ta’aj jib k. ; (surprise) mulahaiyar 
k. ; (to confound) glmbr&n;1, kairfin k., muz- 
tarab k. [—with,— by,— at] ; Astonishing, 
u. (wonderful) ’ajfb, tnrfn, ’njflba; adbluit; 
Astonishment, n. ta’e.vub, tahnivur; Ash- 
charj, achambhfl. Syn. Amazement; wonder: 

Astound, a8-tound', v. t.O. Eng. raula’ajjili k 
mutahaiyar k., kairAn k„ ckakrit k. [—with! 
— at J. 

Astray, a-strcV, ad. gnmrAh, be-rAli, bhntkS. 

Astrjctlon, as-tiik'skun, n. qabz; insidfld i re- 
zisli l khrtn. fsfvrke. 

Astride, a-st rid', ad. pflnw phailA kar, (Ang pa- 

Astrtnge, as-tnn j', u. t.lL. ad and stringere. (to 
bind last, to constrict) bfindhnA, sikofuA, sa- 

Astringent, a q}biz, inqibAz karnewAlf, samet- 
newdll. Syn. Binding ; contracting ; — ». qabz 
pmdA karuewul! dawA. 

Astrologer, as-trol'o-jAr, it. Q. natron, logos. 

Atlas, at'las n. raulk ke naqshon kl kitAb; (a 
rich silk) atlas, kapf/i. 

Atmosphere, at'inos-fer, n. G. utmos , and 
sphaira. kur°-.j-bad jo kura-i-zamln kc gird 
bai, hawA, fAa; batfls, vAyfl-mandal ; Atmos- 
pheric, at-mos-Ier'ik, a. hsiwA ka yA hawA ke 
inuta’alliq. [babut chhotA reza, zarra. 

Atom, at'um, n. (minute particle of matter) 

Atone, a-tou', v. i. From at one (answer for) 
tAwAnd., badbl d., Mwaz d. ; (expiate) kafAra 
d. ; prAyashclii ta k., [ — for] ; Atonement, n. 
(expiation, satisfaction) badlfi. kafAra; 'iwaz, 
milAp; razAmandf; gnnAb ke *iwaz Mnsfh kA 
wub khAss kafAra jis se IfhudA aur insAn kc 
darmi.vAu mel hotAhai. 

Atrocious, a-tro'shi-us, a. J*. atrox. (dreadfully 
wicked) nihA.vnt sharir, baliut burA; (cruel) 
sakht;inahA dusbt; qahr-AlAda; Atruclous- 
ncss, Atrocity^ a-tros'i-ti, n. shiddat, sa^Utf ; 
gunAli i 'azfm, roahA pfip. 

Atrophy, at'rofi, n. G. a priv. and trepkein, t*» 
nourish, (a wasting away) sfikhA, sukkandf. 

Attach, at-tach', v. t. F. attacker. apnA k.,‘gir- 
wld.i k„ halqa ba-gosh k. ; moh 1., lagA 1., gAntli 
nfi, milAnA. wasl k. [ — to, — for] ; Attache, at- 
ta-shA', ». F. (one attached to the suite of rn 
ambassador) elchl kA musAhib ; Attachment, 
at-tach'ment, n. (adherence) chaspidagf, dil- 
bastagf, helmel, piyAr, chAk, ulfat ; (seizure 
by legal process) qurqf, zabtl. 

Attack, at-tsk', v. t. F. attuquer. bamln k., mftr- 
nA, charbnA. Syu, assault ; invade ; — n. hamla, 
charkAf, dhAwA, yfirisli. 

Attain, at- San', v. i. L. ad and tangcre. pAnA, kAsil 
k., baham pahunchnA ; — one’s majority, sin i 
buldgiyat ko pabuncknA, apnf jawAuf par pa- 
kunchnA- Syn. Obtain ; acquire ; procure. [— 
to,— by] ; Attainable, a. qAbil yAft. yAftanl, 
mumkin ul-husfll ; Attainment, n. busAl ; gun, 
wasf, jauhnr, ta’rff; (attainment of one*a 
wishes) kAmyAbf, kAmrAnl. [ — for]. 

Attainder, at-tAn'cter, ». F. atteindre. dug, 'aib^ 
ruswAi ; — v, t, ruswAl k., dagilA k. 


Attaint, at-tftnt', v. t. (to disgrace, to corrupt) Auditory, nwd'it-Sr-I, a. suuuekl tdqat rakhno 
ruswd k., ’aib lagdoft, fft^id k. w H sAma’fn, mad rasa. [gilmiL 

Attempt, at-temt', v.t. L. ad and tent are. ko- Auger, aw'gGr, n. A.-S. nafa, and par, barrad. 
■hish k., sa’I k., qasd k. ; (to attack) hamia k. ; Aught, awt, n. A.-S. a uht. (anything) kol chla* 
— n. koflhish, sa’f, jih<L qasd. Syu. Endeavour ; kuclih. 

effort; exertiou. Augment, nwg-ment', v. t. L. auger e. (make or 

Attend, at-tend', v. t. L. ad and tendere. (heed) become more or larger) baybAnA, ziyAda k., 
gaur k„ dil d. ; (listen) k&n dharnd ; (to wait vnddbl k., arihik k. [ — by, — with] . — n. bar hit, 

on) ktairr. ; (accompany) s&th r., rukh k. ; — ziyAUatl, afzflisb ; Augmentation, n. bafhtl, 

as a physician, dawd pdnl k., mu’dlija k.; — to turaqqt, afzaish, atzunl, ziyAdatl. Syn. la- 
the duqr, rukbsat k., pahunchunA ;— at, kisl crease ; enlargement ; extension, 

jagah hfltir h. ; — on, khidraat k.;— home, gkar Augur, sw'gfir, n. L. avia, Celt. gar. uhugfiniyft, 

e ar IflnA; — to, tawajjuh k. ; — upon, tflbi’ddrl rainmdl, fill-go, peshlngof k. w. ; — v. shugtln 

. — upon, — at,— on]. Syn. Attend; bichA rod, fdl kholnd; Augury, aw'gfi-ri, w. fdi- 

listen ; hearken ; Attendance, n. hdzir-bdsbf, k ishAI, i e3hgo/. Syu. Prognostication ; predic- 

tai’ndtf, kbidmat;— -on the sick, blmdiddrl, tion ; prophecy. 

■btmftrpursl, khabargiri ; close — , kliari chflk- August, aw-gust' f a. L. aug rc. (majestic) bug* 
ri ; hdslr-bftshf ; in— upon, hamrflhl men rab- urg, ’AlIshAn.’azIm, ’dU-jdb, ru’bddr, humflydg; 

nd; Irregular — , gandeddr hdziif ; to dance — , (gracious) mubdrak. Syn. Grand; magnificent, 

&th pabar hdzir rahnd; Attendant, ». kbid- awful ; majestic; — n. L. aug ust us. Angrezl d(h- 

inat-guz&r, hdzirb&sh, jilau-dAr; liam-rukAb, wAn mablna ; bliAdon. 

sewak; Attention, at-ten'sbun, n. lihdz, ta- Aunt, ilnt, n. F. tante~Lt. amitr.. (paternal) phfl- 
wajjuh, kbabardAri;— to a guest, tawAzu\ phi; (maternal) khAlu,* musi; (maternal 

ddar. Syn. Oare ; heed; regard; Attentive, a. uncle’s wife) mu in Aul, mdmi; (paternal uncle’s 

(careful) mutawaj jib, masbgQl; chaukas, mus- wife) oh.ichl, tfll. 

ta’idd. Auricular, uw-rik'ii-IGr, a. goshzad, dhistagl se 

Attenuate, at-ten'fi-dt, v. t. L. ad and tenuis. kalid gayA, podifda yft makhfl. [tarkft. 

(to make thin, or less dense) patld k., rnqlq k. Aurora, n, aw'i O' ra, (tbe dawn) fajr, subli, bhor, 
Attest, at-test', v.t. L. ad ami te*tis. ( to bear wit- Auspice, aws'pis, n. L. avis an.l spiccre. shugfin ; 
ness, to affirm) gawAbl d., sbahAdat d. ; sahib (influence) bimAyat; (patronage) badaulat, 
k. ; Attestation, n. shahddat, tas.liq, gawAht. Iqbdl; Auspicious, aw-spisb'us, a. mubdrak, 

Attic, at'tik, n. G. attikos. (garret) bdld-khana, b. ikbtiydr, sa’id; — moment, su ! ‘h ghafl;— 

kothd. star, subh lagan. Syn. Prosperous ; propitious. 

Attire, at-tlr', v. t. F. attirer . (dress, array) Austere, a w-su-r', u. G. autrteros. (harsh, s were) 
drdsta k., malbfis k., pahndnd. [ — in] ; — n. sakbt, duruslit, karakht, ka(bor t kaslld, 
poshdk, libds ; vastra. [anddz, du, dhaj. baksA ; Austerity, ». ( roughness ) sakbtf, kayd- 

Mtltude, at'ti-tild, n. L. aptus. (posture) waza’, pan ; (strictness ) uafs-kusbl, zuhd ; kaihintd. 

attorney, at-tur'ni, n. L. ad and tornure. (oik Authentic, aw-then't k, a. G. aulhentikos, (pro- 
iegally appointed by another to transact busi- perly authorized) tabqiq, mutabaqqiq, mu’ta- 
ness for him) wakll,ndib; power of — , mukb- bar;(true)sabIb,rdst,durust;saLya;Autlien- 
tdr-ndma. Syn. Agent ; factor ; proxy ; deputy : timte, v. t. (to prove) tahqlq k., sdbit k; 
substitute ; Attorney-general, n. sarkdvl wakil. Authenticity, aw-then-tis'i-ti, n. (gonuine- 
Attract, at-trukt', v. t . L. ad and trahero , to ness) sibat, saebaf, i’tibdr, sanad, satyatd, 
draw, (draw toward )khInchnA, jazb k., mdil k. ; sachautl. 

(entice) farefta k., Msliiq k; Attrnctability.X Author, nw'ther, n. L. augcre. bdnf, musannif, 
kasb sh, dil-kashl, fareftagl. [—from, — to,— muallif,§mfijid; Authorship, a w'thfir-ship, mu- 
by,— with] ; Attractable, u. jazb hone yd khin- snnuiff, muallill. 

che jdne ke qAbil ; Attraction, n. kasbish, kbln- Authoritative, aw-thor'it-iit-iv, a. (positive) 
chdo, jazb yd qflwat i jdziba ; (female charms sunadl, bd-liukurn:it, ba-ikiitiydr ; Authority, 

or attractions) dil-kashl, dil- rubdl, mob; At- aw-tbor'i-ti, ». (power) 'ifchtiydr, hukdmat; 

tractive, x\ttractlng, a\ jdzib, kblncbnewdld ; (witnesO gawdb i mu’labar ; absolute — , ifch- 

( alluring) dilbar, manraoban, dilkash. tiyAr i mutlaq ; arro nation of — , kbud-bdkiml ; 

Attribute, at-trib'ut, v. t m L, ad and triluere. juilirial— , ikbtiydr i 'addlat; marital — , 

(set down to) mansub k., nisbat d., thabrdnd. ikbtiydr i sbauhnrl; official — , i^btiyAr i 

[ — to]; — ». L. ad and tributum. (a quality) mansabl ; Authorize, aw'tbor-Iz, v. t. mu^htdr 

waBf, sifat, radhiyat, khawds, kbAssiyat, gun, k., ikbtiydr d., buktn deud ; Authorization, aw- 

dharm; Attributive, at-trib’u-tiv, a. sifati, thor-i-zfpsliun, n. ikhtiydr-dibl, ijuzat-dihl. 

sifat batdnewAld. ^ Autobiography, aw-tO-bl-og'ra-fi, n. G. autos. 

Attrition, at-trish'un, n. gliisAo. ragaf ; (forced bios , yraphein. apuf ziudagl kd likhd hdd ahwdl, 
grief) afsos, taassuf ; tauba ; inkisArl. nuskha i bdldt i *umrf. 

Attune, at-tun', v. t, L. a < and tonus, aur mild- Autocracy, aw-tok'ra-si, n. (independent or 
ud, dwdz mildnd, tdl mildnA, khush-dwdz k. self-derived power ; unlimited authority) khud- 

Auburn, aw'burn, a. L. alburnus, (brown) gan- mukhtdrl, kbud-snrl ; Autocrat, aw' to-k rat, n. 

dum-ragg, bhfird. G. autos, and fcra/oa. kUud-wukbtdr bddaUub, 

Auction, awk'shun, n. L. uugere. (a public sale Sbdh i Uils kd laqab. 
of property to the highest bidder) nlldm, bikrl; Autograph, aw'Lo-graf, w. G. autos, graphein , 
—room or hall, ntldmghar ; Auctioneer, awk* kbdss apue bAth kA likhd hdd, dastl nawishta. 

sbun-6r\ n. nllArn k. w. Automuta, aw-tom'at-a, n. pi. Apse chalnewdlf 

Audacious, aw -da shi-us, a. L. audere. (bold) kal; Automatical, aw-lo-mat'ik-al, a. (self- 

diler, be-bdk; (insolent) gustdkb, be-adab, actiug) khud-rau, ba-nafsihl ; Automaton, aw- 

uiad, niaar, alikhar; Audacity, aw-das'i-ti, n toin'a-tou, n. G. dla i fchud-rawfig ; Autonomy, 
dilerl, gustdkbi» be-adabl ;nir-bhayatd; be-bdkl, aw-ton'o-mi, n. autos, nomos. kbud-mukhtdrl. 
shokhi. Autopsy, aw'top-si, n. G. autos, and opsis % murde 

Audible, awd i-bl, a. L. audire. sune jdne ke qd- ko chlrnd phdrnd sabab darydft karne ke liye. 
bil, bulanddwdz, Onchd bul; an — voice, buland Autumn, aw'tum, n. L. augers, kbizdn, kh &r ^> 
dwdz. [—to]. patjbdf. 

Audience, awd'i-ens, n. (attention) samd’at; Auxiliary, awg-zil'i-ar-i, a. L. uuxiUum. (helper), 
hdr-ydbl ; (interview) mulAqdt^ mujrd; (as- madadgdr, mu’Awiu, uiumidd, sharlk yd raflq, 
•embly) jamd’at, sdma’In, ahdiiydn i majlis; kumakl, sdthl, sabAyak. 
to give—, kdn d., bdr i ’uinm k. ; the hall of — , Avail, a-vdl', v. t. L. ad and valere. (profit) fdida 
dlwdn i ’dram. h kdm d. [ — of] ; — n. fdida, nafa\ hdsii, ldbh, 

Audit, awd'it, n, Texamination of accounts) phal; Available, u.kdr-dmad, fdidamand, ydfla- 

muhdsiba, bazar i sAnf, jdnch v. t. jAncbnd, ni, raufld, muassar. 

hisdbkosahl i dekbnd ; Auditor. awd r iso r , n. Avalanche, av'a-lansh, n. F. lahet ,r 9 to slldt. 
(examiner of accounts) mubdsih, hisdb jdgch- barf kd ^ber jo pabdr par se luvhaktd hal. 
n^vAlA> Avarice, av'a-ris, n. Leavers, (greediness), ldlach. 





tama’i Lira ; Avaricious, av-a-rish'as, n. 
(greedy) l&ldit, barfs. Syn, Covetous; miserly; 

Avast, a- vast', int. bas baa, fbabro fhahro. 
Avaunt, a-vawnt', int. F. uvant. (begone) ddr 
bo, chain jA. 

Avenge, a-venj', v. t. L. vindicate ( take satisfac- 
tion for) badlft I., intiqrtm l., sazl d. [ — by] ; 
Avenger, n. bndlfi I. w., muntaqlm. 

Avenue, nv'-e-nQ, n. L ad venire . (passage 
guzftra, rawish, rfth; (walk shaded with trees 
darafebton ice darmiyftn kt rfth. [ — to]. 

Aver, a-vftr', v. t. L. ad. varus. iqrftr k., qaul k. 
Average, avi-6r-ftj,n. ( mean number or quantity) 
ausat; — a. mutawassit, sarfisarl; — v.t. ausat 
k. general — , ausat i ’&mm ; upon an — , ausat 
nikfilkar;— price, parfft rifim. 

Averse, a-v6rs' a. (unwilling) nft-razftmand ; 
(opposed) mufchftlif, barkhilftf, dushman. [— 
to] ; Aversion, a-vfir'shun, n. h.avcrsio. (hat- 
red) nafrat, ijtinftb, tanaffur, mufchftlafat. 

[ — for]. 

Avert, a-v6rt', v. t. L. ab vertcrc. (turn aside or 
away) data* k., tftlnft, phernfi, hatfinfi, biz 
rakhnft. [ — from]. 

Aviary, a # vi-ar-i, ».L. avis, a bird. chiryft-khfina. 
Avidity, a-vid'i-ti, n. L. avcrc. (eagerne?s)shauq, 
firzG, iehc.ihft, ta>na\ blifikb, tamaunft, hirs. 
Avocation, av-6-ka'shun, n. L. ab vocarc. 
(pursuit) pesha, sbufil, mashgala; (calling) 
kftm, dbandlifi. 

Avoid, a-void', v. t. L. ex, out of, and viturc . to 
avoid, (shun) parhezk.; (set aside) bfiz rakh- 
nft, dflr ubfigufi, jl churfinii. Syn. Shun; 
Avoidable, a. q (lbil iparhez, qftbil i’tirfiz. 
Avouch, a- vouch', v. t. L. ad vocarc. (to declare 
positively; to maintain; iqrftr k., zftbir k.. 
qfiim k., sahfh sfibit k., wfijib (hah rand. 

Avow, a-vow', v. t. L. vovere. (declare openlv) 
sftf iq r A r k. t zftbir k. ; (to justify) hujjat k., 
hatk. Syn. Acknowledge; confess; recognize. 

[ — to] ; Avowal, n. sftf iqrftr, izhfir; angtkfir. 
Avulsion, a-vul'shun, n. L. ad vcllere. ek tutu 
liflil tuks'A. shikastagl, kashldagl. 

Await, a-wftt\ v. t. F guetter. (expect) rfth 
dekhnfi, muntazir r. ; apeksha k. ; (ready) 
taiyftr r. [ — for). 

Awake, a-wftk' v. t. A.-S. awcconn. jftgnrt, 
jagfiufi, jagft d.[ — to] ; — a. jftgtft, bedfir, wftqif ; 
to bo wide — , bahut hoshiyftr aur bedfir rahnft ; 
Awaken, a-wak'n, v, t. &. i. Awake, with its 
A.-S. infinitive, jfig uthnfi, jagfiufi. [ — from, — 

Award, a-ward', v. t. F. awarder. tliahrfinfi, dilft- 
nft, hukru d., chukfinfi, insfif kl rfl se d., faisala 
k., tajwiz k., haqq tliahrfinfi; nirnay k. 

Award, a. hukm, tajwiz, tat w ft. 

Aware, n-war\ a. hoshiyftr, ftgfth, bedfir, wftqif, 
muttala’, chetan. [ — of]. Syn. Mindful ; cons- 
cious ; observant. 

Away, a-wft', ad. gair-hftzir, gftib, ddr, judft, bfi- 
har ; give—, de d. ; tlirow — , dfil d. ; let us — , 
chalcp, rawftna howen ;— with him, use le jfto ; 
go — v chalft j.; come — , chalft ft. : steal — , chhip 
kar chalft j. ; to make — with, kalftk k. ; walk 
—with, churft lend. [ — from]. 

Awe, aw, n. A.-S. aige. (dread with reverence) 
dar, dabfto, ru'b, dabdaba, 'ibrat, dnhshat; — 
struck, khauf-znda, ru’b-zada; — v. i. dahftuft, 
dhftnk bfindliufi, dabkftnft. Syn. Awe; rever- 
ence ; dread ; Awful, aw'fool, a. haulnftk, da- 
raunft ; — day, qiyftmat kft din. 

Aweary, a. (tired) thakft, mftnda. 

Awhile, a-hwir, ad. (sometime) thofd, zarfi, 
chaud roz, chand mnddat. ! 

Awkward, awk'w&rd, a. O. Eng. awk. (clumsy) 
be-sallqa, be-daul; (wanting elegance) bad- 
numft; (bungling) nfl-tarftshlda, anftfl, phfthar, 
kflfh, mftrakh; Awkwardness, n. bad-numal, 

Awl, awl, n. A.-S. cel sutftrl, sflft, sfljfl. 

Aw mug, awn'ing, n. A.-S. helan , shftmiyftna, 
sftyabftn, namglrft ; chand wfl. Syn. Canopy ; tilt. 
Awry, a*rl', a. or ad. (perverse) tefkft, tirchhft; 

. ( squint) bendft, kaj. 

Axe, aks, ». A.-S^ eav, kuiBAtT, tabar, basdlft, 

kndftl, kudrft; to bang up one's — > kil n se fa 
rftgat k* 

Axiom, aksO-fim, n. G. awioun. 'ilm-i-muta'ftrafa, i 
azhar, badfhf qau J; pra tyaksh. Syn . Maxim; | 
adage. . . ^ / 

Axiomatical, aks-f-um-at'ik-a/, s. badfhf. j 
Axis, aka'ia, n. L . dhurt; — of the globe, mah« ; 

war, qutub; (pi. Axes). 

Axle. aks'J, n. A.-S. ces, earn, dhurf yd dhurft. 

Ay, f, ». albatta ; (pi. Ayes). 

Aye, ft, ad. A.-S. aa , G. uei. hamesbo, sadft. 
Azimuth, az'i-muth, ». A. as-samt. (a way or . 
path) kon bfch, nazar gberft ; — circles, chak- ; 
kar jo chotf se pfttftl tak nazar gberft kft(e. 

Azure, a'zhur, a. Per. la j award, nfift, ftsmftnf, nil- 
glifi, fib-gdn. 

B. ; ’ 

B, be, Angrezl hurfif i t lhajjf kft dftsrft barf hat. 
Baa, bft, n. ( the cry of a sheep) bhegbhiyfthat, 
mimiyfthat; — v.u (to cry like a sheep) bhig- 
bhiyftnft, mimiyftnft. 

Babble, ba'bl, v. i. It bubbolare. kaknft, barbirft- 
nft, yftwagol k. ; — ». ( prattle )bakbalc, bakwftd ; 
Babbler, bab'blftr, n. (a foolish talker) fuzfil- 
go, bhafbhanyft, yftwago. 

Babe, hab, n. W. baban. bachcha, shfr-khora. 
Babel, bu'bel, n. gafbnr. [kft bandar, langftr. 
Baboon, ba-bfifia, n. O. Eng. babion. ek qism 
Baby bii'bi, n. (young child) bachcha, tifl, putll. 
Babyish, b&'bi-ish, a buchcha-pau, lilipnn. 
Babylonian, ba-bi-lOn'i-an, n. Bftbulistftn kft 
bashinda ; najftml. 

Bacchanal, bak'ka-nal, n. aubftsh, matwlllft. 
Syn. Reveller ; carouser ; Bacchanalian, bak- 
ka-nft'li-an, a. kbarmast, badmast, tlhftm-dbft- 
ml. [kunwftrft, muflis. 

Hacliclor, bach'el-6r, ». F. bachelier. mujarrad. 
Back, bak, n. A.-S. base, pith, pusbt, pichhft 
v. t. pfcbhe d.ibftnft, pf(h lagftnft, pushtf k., sa- 
wfir k. ; — ad. pbir, bftz ; to be put — , darje se 
utftrft j. ; give—, lau|ft d. ;— ground, plchhe kl 
zainln, sftya ; come — , phir ft. ; write — , jawftb 
menlikbnft; — ing up, (in cricket ana other 
games) gend ko rok ke plchhe phernfi. ; to turu 
the — on one, chhor d., tark k. ; to fall — upon, 
pfelihe phernfi; — to — , pusht-ba-pusht ; turn 
them — , ( in tight) jang se pith phirnft ; to turn 
one’s—, (not to give help) munh mofnft; bc- 
litud one’s — , us kl gair-hftzirl meg, pith pl- 
chhc ; to fall — , plchhe hatnft ; — out or do«u, 

(to refuse to fulfil a promise) wa’da wafft na 
k. ; — out of, * change one’s mind) irftda tabdll • 
k. f chhor d-i bow the — , (submit to oppression^ 
takllf uthftnft ; — up, kumak k. 

Backbite, bak'blt, v. t . chufi.ll khftnfl, burft kah- 
nfi. Syn. Defame; malign; slander: libel; 
Backbiter, bak'bit-ftr, ». chugal^hor, bad-go, 
gammfiz. Syu. Slander ; detainer ; traducer. 
Backbone, bak'bOn, n. rlrh, pith kl * ( firm* 
ness ) istiq lfill. [mown, ek qlsm kft khel. 

Backgammon, back-gam'mun, n. W. bach, cum* 
Backslide, bak-slid', v. t. (apostatize) bargashta 
h. y gumrfih b. ; Backslider, bak-slld'ftr, n. bar* : 
gashta, muukir. Syn. Apostate; deserter; 

Backward, bak'wgrd, ad. back and ward, plchhe 
kl taraf, pusbt par o. plchhe, rft-gardftn, ka« 
shlda, nftrftz. [gosht. 

Bacon, bft'kn, n. O. D. baeo. sflar kft namkfn 
Bad, bad, a. Per. bad. (not good) fcharftb, burft; 
(hurtful) rnuzir; (sick) blmftr ; to be iuone’s 
— books, kisl kl nazaron se utar j. ; — hand at, 
anftrl ; to go to the — , aubftsh ho J. ; Badly, 
bari'li, ad be-tarah se, kbarftbl se, burftf se ; to 
be— off, tabfthl yft kbarftbl yft hftlat i blmftrf 
men h. [tftl, zabfinl. 

Badness, bad'nes, n. burftf, badl, kharftbl, kho* 
Badge, baj, n. A.-S. beag. nisbftn, cbaprfts, pah* 
chftn, ’alftmat. [taqftzft k. 

B idger, baj'6r, n. L. bZoda. bijjfl ^ftnwar ; — v. t. 
Badinage, bad'in-azh, n. (light or playful die* 
courses) halkl yft hagsl kl guftogd; lagha 
vfiky;». # 

Baffle, baf'fl, v. t. Prov. Ger. Oaffen. fare! d., 





hairin k.. r&egftQ k., mahrflm r., bAz rakhnA. 
£— by,—with]T Syn. Balk; frustrate; disap- 

Bm! tag, W. A.-S. tcelff. tHatia, Waa, 

»d, tart, batwa. Syn. Sack ; pouch 
thailf mas bharta: (aaiie, capture or entrap) 

Bagatelle, bag-a-tel'. ». F. trifle) tarn* 

qadrshni; (game with balls) goll ka tael. 
Baggage, bag'Aj, n. F. bague. (luggage) ^^ukar 
yAsafar kA sArnAn, asbdb, asa=«a, dera dandA, 
-—traiu. mAlgArl. [h<l H® ek baj * I 

Bagpipe, bog'pli, n. shahndl kl ke muwA- 
BaufbAI, v.t.L. bajulare. zAminl 
h n. (surety) zamdnat; (the person 
gives surety) zAuun, kafll ; 
mAl zAmin; pratibhA; Bailable, bal a-b a. 

BaHiff/ bA?If, na *- sasAwal. muhassil, dastakl. 
Bait, bAt, 9 . t. (to catch full ) chArA 

lagAnA, dAua pAnl d.; to—a trap. dAm mep 
dAna dAlnA ; to swallow the--, plians j., glrif- 
tArh.; [ — with] — ». ohArA, khflrAk v. t. (to 
provoke) lalk ft rnA, u*kAnA ; (to clap tje wings) 
bA>A phatphatAnA. Syn. Lure; decoy; allure- 
ment; enticement; temptation. 

Baize, bAa, n. pattd * ek bhAnti kA raofA bastra. 
Bake, bAk, v. t. A.-S. bacan. (cook or be cooked) 
pakAnA, sepknA, tApnA, sukhAuA; Baker, 
bAk'Ar, n. nAnbAf, rotfwAU, uAnpaz, tabbAkh : 

's dozen, bArali ke terah (inisA rotlwAlonkA 

hisAb hoti hai) ; Baking, baking, a.nAnpazI, 

Balance, bal'ans, n. L. bis, twice, and Ians, plate ; 
(pair of scales) tarAzft, mlzAn {small) nirzA. 
kAntA'; (a sign in the zodi-ic) tulA; (what 
wanting) bAql, fdssil ; (movement of n watch) 
gharf kA ek purza: to— -an account, wfinil bAql 
nikAlnA; — sheet, far-1 i l>d<il; to lo-sc one’s — . 
ghabrAnA, pare hAn h. ; to disturb tlic— of 
one's mind, ghabrA d. 1». t. wazu k., taulnu ; 
bAqf nikAlnA; sAdhnA. [—against 1* 

Balcony, bal'ko-ni, n. O. II. Ger. balho. barAraa- 
da, bAiA-khAna. 

Bald, bawld, a. S p.buldo. (wanting liair) ganja, 
cbandlA; (undorncd) bad-numA ; Baldness^ 
bawld'nes, n. clnwllAf. t f 

Bale, bAl. n. O II. Ger. bulla, (bundle, package- 
of good?) galthar. gntlirf, bisti; — o. t. ga(inf 
blndbnA. L — out]; A.-S. heal, qaht, akAI; 
Afat, pnrediAnl, musfbat, sinkat; — v.t. ulach- 
nA; Baleful, bal'fool, o. bad, burA, muzir, 

Balk, bawk.n. A.-S. bald, (a stumbling block) 
thokar; (disappointment) nA-ur.imedl, yAs; 
nlrAs; — v. i. (disappoint) mail rum k., mayfls 
k., nA-ummed k. „ 

Ball, bawl, n.O. II. Ger. balla . (anything in a 
round shape) golA, goll, gen I ; (entertainment 
with dancing) nflcli, gat ; — v. t. golA l>. 

Ballad, bariad, n. it. ballata. (song) git, idg ; — 
singer, gawaiyA. 

Ballast, bal'last, v. t. jabAz kA sldhA rakhnewAlA 
bojh; (gravel) kank&r jorel kl sapak par bi- 
chhAe jdte. [ta’alliq tawArikh. 

B illet, ba-lA', ft. F. bal, nAch, tamAsba, raqs rau- 
Ballonn, bal-lOou', n. Augm. of F. balle, Sp. bala. 

gubbArn. [ — v.i. (vote) qura’d. 

Ballot, bal'lot, n. F. ballote. qura'; iqrAr-nAmn. 
Balm, bAm, a. G. baleamon . balsAn, dard gbatA- 
newAlA marhara; — v. t. khushbfldAr marlmrn 
lagAnA, mulAim k., taskln d., takhflf k.[ — for]. 
Balsam, bawrsam, n. raugan i balsAn, gulmeu 
df, ArAm-dih raarbara.. 

Balustrade, bal'us-trAd, ». khambbon kl qatAr. 
Bamboo, bam-bdi)', ». Malay, bambu. bins. 
Bamboozle, bam-boo'zi, v. t. (to deceive, to mis- 
lead) (hagnA. dboka d., babkAnA. 

Ban, ban, «. F. ban . (curse) la’nat; (public 
notice) islitihAr pi. (marriage notice) shAdl 
kl ittilA* yd shtihAr. 

Banana, ba-nA'm, n. Sp. banana. kelA. 

B ind, b ind, n, A -S. bindun. tobind ; (something 
that hinds) pattf, hand; (a body of men) ja- 
mA'ut, gnrob;— of music, tAifa, bAjA; — 
9 . t* CbinD bAjdhnA yA gAQ(U lagAuA; (as-, 

soclate) farAham h., mattafiq h., ek k. [—to* 
aether] ; Bandbox, band'boka, n. kAgaz kA 
baud hAAsandAq, topi, dastAne, wg. r&khne ke 
Hye ; to come out of a—, or neat as a — , sir o 
sutbrA nikalnA yArabnA. [dhan 1., paUl b« 

Bandage, hand'Aj, a. bandbau, pattl ; — v.t. ban- 

Bandlt, ban'dit, n*pl. Bandltls, ban* 
dire. JuterA, ^A^A. Syn. Outlaw; robber; bigb- 
waymazi. .... 

Bandy, ban'di, ». F. bander, gend khelne ka 
landA, chiugAn v. t. idliar uobar pbenknA, 
IAnwAn<]ol k., radd badal k. ; to— words, lafal 
jaEs karnA. 

Bane, b.i>i, n. A.-S. buna, (poison) sahr, samm, 
bikh; Baneful, a. (poisonous) zahrdAr, samml, 

Bang, bang, v. t. Icel. banga. mArnA, plfnA, 
dhamkdnA; — a. (thump, heavy blow). mAr, 
ghdnsA, tainAncha, tbappar. . _ . 

Bauisli, ban'isb, v. t . L. banntre . (drive away 
from one’s country) shahr-badar k., jilA-watan 
k-, [—from,— to]. Syn. Exile ; expel; Banish* 
meut, n. jilA-watanl, banwds. 

Bank, baugk, a. A.-S. bano. pAr; (side of a 
water-course ) kinAra, sAbil, tf r, daryAkl khush* 
kf kl zarain; (heip of earth) pushta, tAda; (a 

K lacd where money is kept) fchasAna, kotnf. 

ank; — v. t.bdndhnft, pushta-bandlk.; fbanAne 
men rupae jama.' k ; Banker, ». mahAjan, aar* 

• a . Dn.Jrn.dn kanirlr'nAl m. Knnfff. 

dlwAla, muflis'l, nAddrl. [’alam, nishAa. 

Banner, banV.6r, ». F. banniere. (flag) jhanda. 

Banquet, bang'kwet, n. F. (grand feast) «yd- 
fat, da’wat, jaslin, khAnA : — hall, zlyAfat-kbA- 
na. Syn. Feast; entertainment; treat;— 9. *• 
ziyAfat b., da’wat k., vA bhoiand. .... 

Banter, b-m'ler, v. t. F. badiner. maagbarA b. # 
thatthA k., bansl k., cliubl k., mazAq k. Syn. 
Billy, joke; jest; ridicule; — n. (jeer, light 

ridicule) thatthA, bans!, mazAq, chuhl. 

Bantling, ban t'li tig, ». bacbcha,shlrkbora,bAlak. 
Syn. Infant ; babe; brat. 

Banyan, ban'yan, n. bar kA darakbt. 

Fkiobab, ba'o-bab, n. (Ethiopic) ekaiamkA da- 
ralj:ht jo Al’rlqa mulk men sab se buland aur 
inotA liotA hm. . 

Laptism, bap'tizm, n. G. baptizein. baptlsma, 
ist big, ’IsAl mazuab men sbarlkkarpa kl ek 
rasm ; Bajitlsinal, bap-tiz'mal, a . istibdg kA, 
bapti?ma kA : Baptist, bap'tist, ». baptlsma d. 
w. ; (as a cjntraction of Anabaptist) wuh jo 
n A-b Aligon ko baptisma nahln detA ; Baptize, 
bap-tlz', v. t . haptisma d., IstibAg d. 

Bar, bile, n. F. barre, W. bar, branch, (a long, 
piece of wood or metal ) chhaf, bill!. dandA ; 
beufa, aybangA; — of a court, katabrA;— of a 
harbour, char; (obstacle) rok, Af; — v. t. bllll 
lagAnA, katahrA luganA, roknA. 

Barb, bilrb,^i. L. barba, Ankrl, bansl kA kbAr, tfr 
kA khAr, pdklmf ; — v. t.”jangl gbofe ko zirah 
pahinAnfi, tfr men kblr lagAnA. 

Barbarian, bilr'bA'ri- an, n. G. barbaroe, (unci- 
vilized, savage) jAhil, wahshl, nA-shAista: 
(cruel) berabm ; Barbaric, bftr-bar'ik, a. wah- 
shl, ganvvAr; Barbarism, b&r'b&r-izra. Bar- 
barity, bAr-bAr'i-ti, «. be rahmf, jahdlat; — »• 
nA-shAistagl, wabshnt; (cruelty) be-rahml, 
zulm, sang-dill; Barbarous, bUi f bAr-us, a. 
be-rabra, zAliin, jangll, wabsbf. 

Barber, bUr'bSr, n. L. b irbu. nAl. hajJAra. 

Barberry, bilr'bei-ri,n L .berberis. ek qism ka 
katllA darakbt. 

Bard, l.ttrd, n. W. bardd. sbAMr, bhAf. 

Bare, bar, a. A.-S. bar, boar, (naked) bnrakna, 
be parobAl, uangA; (poor) dublA; (exposed) 
khulA; — v. t. nangl k., kapfo utArnA ;— faced, 
o. ( without shame) be-sharm, be-lihAz. 

Barely, bAi-'li, ad. faqat, sirf, ba-musbkil suf- 
ficient, kam, qalll. 

Bargain, b&r'gin, n. L. bare*, (agreement b/ 
word, iqrAr, qaul o qarAr: ( a gainful tran ac- 
tion ) achchhA saudA, kharl l farokbt; a bud — * 
saude men totl b. ; strike a — , samU-clmkAnA, 
'abd o pafmAn k, ; to make the best of a bad 




— . gale pare kil nibAlmA v. i. ska rt k., fcha- 
rfrirarokht k., Ion don k. £ — for, — with]. 

B:irgc, bilr'j, n. L. bare i. mor-parikhl, bajrd. 

Burillu, ba-ril'Ja, n. Sp. barrilla. ek qism kfl 
dar&kht jisse namnk bautd hai, jawAkhftr. 

Bark, ba,rk, n. Icel, borkr. (rind, externnl cover- 
ing of a tree) chip'll, post, baklA; (the noise 
made by dog)k.ilii- kf AwAz, blinun bliaun; — v. 
t. A.-S. bcorcan. bhaunknd, clibUi cliMIna. [ — 
ntj. [wuic jnlmz. 

Bark or Barque, n. L. bnrcu , boat, tin mastfil- 

Barlcy, bdr'li, n. A.-S. here. Go. barbis. jau, ja- 
wA ; — corn, bAr'li-korn, a. jau ka d.iua ; — sug- 
ar, frtnfz pAnlz. 

Barm, bjirra, n. A.-S”. beorma. (yeast) Shamir; 
tfiff; Barmy, biirin'i, a. fchatnfrf. 

B ir-maid, n. dukdudftr chhokrf. 

Barn, barn, n. A.-S. here and ern. fchirman, 
khaiyAu, mnbar, blmndftr, bliusailfl. 

Barnacle, b&r'na-kl, n.’ L. perna. syAlApokA ; (a 
species of goose) bans k« mushAbih ek chiriyfi ; 
(a kind of instrument) ghofe ke natbne pakdf- 
ne ka ek Ala, pflzf, ka jal. 

Barometer, ba-rom'e-tfir, n. G. baron and met- 
ron. ek fila jis se ab o hawfl kf kailiyat ina’ldra 
botf hai, mfzAn ul hawA, hawA ka fila. 

Baron, bar'u n, n. Go. t?o*r. InglistAn ke ainfron 
ka ek khitflb, ta’alluq'IAr ; Baronet, n. Dim oi 
baron, ek cIihofA nawAb; Baronetcy, bar'o- 
net-si, n. BAruef kd ’uhda ; Baronial, ba-ro-ni- 
al, a. Baron ke inuta’alliq. 

Baroscope, bar'o-skop, n. ek Ala jis se hawA kA 
wazn ma’iarn hold bai, inf/. An ul hawA. 

Barouche, hq-rott <h', n. L. bis, twice, and rota, 
wheel, ek qism kf chan-pahiya eAj-f. 

Barrack, bar'ak, n. Sp. burro , , bar. fauj ke sipfl- 
Iifon ki m.ikAu, bAruk; chbiionf; — master, n. 
sirkirf ’iimirat ki muhtamim, bArakmdslar. 

Barrel, barrel, n. Gael, b irra, bar. pfofl ; — of a 
gun, rial, naif, nAl ; single—, ck-nAlI bandfli; 
double barreled, do-nulf bandAq ; — v. t. pfpA 
bhnniA, nal bharn't. 

Barren, bar'en, a. N. F. barein. (not yielding) 
n.iqis, bc-phal ; — land, lisar, ban jar ; — woman, 
baijh, ’aqfrna; — as a cow, bahilA; Barrcn- 
Tiess, n. usar-pan, banjar-pan, bAnjh-pan. 

Barricade, bar'i-kud, n. St), burrica. ask. (n forti- 
fication made in haste to keep oft on attack) 
nAka-bandf, kftchu-bandf, qiia’-baudf; — v. t. 
niVca-bandf k., rAh roknft, rakhna-andiizf k. 

Barrier, bar’i-fir, n. F. barre. (fence) mend: 
liadd-handf, sarlmdd, fchandaq, siwAna, sima; 
(a fortress) rjila’. L’adAlat. 

Barrister, bar'is-t$r f n. From bar. wakf!-i- 

Barrow, bar'O, n. A.-S. boorun, to bear, h'llh- 

Barrow, n. A.-S. bcorg. (a hog) suar; (a 
hillock or mound) (Ila yA pahfift jo murdon ke 
dafukurne ke isti’mAl men Awe. 

Bar-shot, biir'shot, n. dande-dur gold. 

Barter, bilr'tAr, v. i. * It ’ barattor. (trade by 
exchange of goods) adlA badlf k., ti j:\rat ka 
’iwnz mu’Awiza k. [ — for] ; — n. tabAdula, adlA- 

Basalt, bn-zawlt', n. L, busaltes, sang i mdsA, 
teliy.1 patthar, kAlA patthar. 

Base, bas, a. F. has, L. bassus. (low in value) 
nikammA, uA-chfz, razfl, katufna, zalfl, kliwflr; 
(vile) harAinz.ida, bad-zAt, pfljf ; (worthless) 
khotA; (humble) halfra. Syn. Moan; vile; 
— ». G. busts, step, (the bottom) noo, bunyAd, 
jar, nok, kursf ; — v, t. (to found )neo d., bunyAd 
qaiin k., jar d* [ — upou, — on]. Syn. To found; 
set or lay; Baseless, o. be-bunyAd, be-asl; 
Basement, n. tah-khuna ; Baseness, n. kamf- 
napan. zillat, hiqArat. 

Basliful, bash-fool, a. sharminda, pashetnAn, 
lia.vA-d ir, lajflA. Syn. Shy; timid; timorous; 
coy; Bashfnhicss, n. F. bnisser. sharm, pashe- 
mAuf, sharmindagf, liayAdfcrf, laijA ; sankoch. 

Basil, bfiz'il, n. L. busnninnt. bherfkfk imAf hflf 
khAl; hathiyAr par bArh rakhae kA Ala, sAu; 
— ». Q. basilikos. kAlf tulsf. babaf. 

Basilic, ba-zil'ik, n. G. busilik % blrgAh, yA bAd- \ 
shibf Mialial, barA girjA. 

Baslu, bu'su, n. F. bass in, Ger. beckon, (a bowl 

to hold water) chiJamchl, Ultilba; (pond) 
kuud, hauz. 

Basis, i.*a'sis, n. G. basis, sath, bunyAd. 

Bask, bask, v. i. Ger. bachern, (lie or warm !n the 
sun) dhfip khAnA, trhnmAuA. [ — in J. 

Basket, bas'ket, n. W. basgawa. fokrf, daliyA;— 
slung, ciihfkA, sikaiiar lillt, mdth jis se kAth 
kA bacliAo ho. 

Bass, has, n. ting, and pi. A.-S. baert. ek qism kf 
machhif; — n. kharj, gambhfr, bhArf yA moff 
Bassoon,. bas-sbbn, n. It. basso. sliahnAf. [AwAz. 
Bast,, ». A.-S. b(B8t. chhAl kA giidA. 

Bastard, bas tard, n. F. harAm-zAda, walad ul 
zinA;— u. (illegitimate) barAin-zAda, walad ul 
zinA ; (something spurious) naqlf. 

Baste, bAct, v. t . Icel. beyast. (to beat) mArnA, 
d.inde in.; (drip butter or grease on meat) 
gosht par makkhan malnA ; (sew slightly) pasflj- 
n A, dhAgA il., kachchf silAf k. [raAr. 

Bastinado, bas-ti-nAMo, n. F. baton. Idthf kf 
B istiou, bast'yun, n. F. bastir. burj, pafh. 

Bat, bat, n. A.-S. bentan. g nd kbelnc kA d^ndA, 
chaugAn : — v. i. gend khelnA. 

Bat, n. O. Eng. bav.'ce. cbatngfdar, shah- arn. 
Bitch, ha h, n. A.-S. bacan. ghfin, ek daf’n kf 
pakkf hflf roffAn. [k., lakhlff k. 

Bate, bat, v. t. F. battre. to brat, ffhaf lmi, kam 
B itli, b ith, n. A.-S. baeth. hammAm, gusl-khAua. 
Bathe, bA ril, v. t. gnsl k. f nal)Au;i. [ — in]. 

Baton. bA-tong', n. F. baton. daudA, chob ; mar- 
shal’s — , sipahsA!Ar kfl ’asA." 

Battalion, bat-laKyim, n. F. bataillon. paltan ; 

( more than one rrgimont ) lashkar. [mot A k. 

Batten, but'n, v. t. F. baton, (to make fat) 
Batter, bat'tSr, a. t. Tj. batuerc. (knock or beat 
down) be-r.thmf se mArnA; — n. halwA, lapsf. 
Battering-ship, n. top-khAna kA jahAz. 

Battery, bat'ter-i, n. F. battre. morcha, dam- 
daina ; top-khAna; (in law) mAr-pft, zad okob. 
Battle, bat'l, n. Jj. batuere. lafAf, jangojadal; 
ran, yudh ; — v. i. lafnft. [ — with, — for, — 
against] ; to give — , jang k.; a drawn — , larAf 
jo barAbar chhflt jAwe, aur us men kisf kf hAr 
jft 11 a ma’lflra bo ; a pitched — , ghamsfin larAf, 
bhArf jang, suff i jagg ; — array, saff-ArAf, para- 
bandf; — ^axe, bat'l-aks, n. tabar, ganrAsA; — 
flcld, n. inuidAu i jang. Syn. Combat ; fight ; 
piigngf»inent. [panAh, rnunder. 

Battlement, n. F. batir , to build, fasfl, shahr- 
Baublc, baw'bl, n. It. babbolu. (a gew-gaw) 
mulamma’ kA zewar. 

Bawd, bawd, n. Go. bolths. (a procurer) kutnA, 
bharwA; — woman, ku[nf; Bawdy, bawd'i, a. 
be-sharm, fAhisha ; — house, chaklA. 

Bawl, bawl, v. i. Icel. baula . gul machAnA, shoe 
k. [ — out, — to]. [inait; — tree, taj. 

Bay, bA, a. L. badius. lAklif, teliyfi, surang, ku- 
Bay, t». khalfj, kol, khArf. Syn. Bight: inlet of 
the sea; — n. muhAfizat, amn chain; to stand at 
— , ruknA, datnA; keep at — , bAz r. ; — v.i. F. 
abager. (of a hound) bhaunknA, af af k. 
Bayonet, bii'on-ct, n. IiayonJie ( a dngger fixed to 
a gun) sangfn ; — v t. sangfn m., yA chalAnA. 
Bazaar, ba-zar', ». Per. bazar , market. bdzAr, 
mandf, hAt- 

Be, be, v. i. and auxiliary. A.-S. beon, Skr. bhn. 
honA, jAnA; so — it, sof ho; let It — , jAne do, 
rahne do; to — out, bAhar r. ; to — out with, 
nArAz r.; — up, uthnA ; to — 111 at case, hai i An 
o pare-ibAn r.; to — on the alert, chaukannA r. 
Beach, hScli, n. D. & Sw. bakke. sAliil,* kanAra, 
lab i daryA; — v. t. sAhil par daurAnA. 

Beacon, he'kn, n. A.-S. bcacen. niskAn mahtAba; 
AkAsh diyA. 

Bead, bed, n, A.-S. bead, prayer, from biddan , 
to pray, tnshfh, rofllA, inanku, sumran. 
Beagle/ho'gl, n. Ir. & Gael, beag, small, ok ediho* 
[A shikArf kuttA. [nok. 

Beak, bek, n. Gael, bee, D. bek. minqAr, chonch. 
Beaker, bo'kfcr, n. G. bcclccr. pivfila, Abkliora. 
Beam, bem, «. A.-S. beam, shahtfr, lattliu, karf; 
weaver’s — , tflr; — of a plough, haras; — of u 
sugar-mill, dhenkA; — of a balance, daiulf;— 
of tlie sun, kiran, partau, shuA* ; — of a cha- 
riot. iu:'i; (horn of a slag) biimn kA sfngh;to 
kick the—, i>aUA se lagAuA, halkA honA. 




Bern m, v. 4. chamaknA, jhalaknA. 

Beau, bin, a. A.-S. bean, lobhiyA, bAkld. 

Bear, bftf. v. i. A.-S. beran. Go. buiran, L. ferre , 
G. pherein. le jftnft ; sahnA, bardAs>ht k., sam- 
bh&lnA; jannA; b.IgdhuA, rakbnA, mAnnA; 
phalnA; — off, or — away, le j.; — down, daba- 
nl, mag lflb k. ; — a price, muqarrara nirfch li. ; 
—in wtnd,y&d r.; — with, sabr k., bardAsht k. ; 
to — upon, plchhe k. ; dabAuA ; — witness, ga- 
wAW d. ; — a part, bojh uthAnA; to — ones 
company, ham rAh h- ; — affection to one, mu- 
habbat b. ; —one’s good will, khair-kli wAh h. ; 
to— a hand, madad k., flAth kAmk., safcbt h.; 
to — sway, hukmrAnf k,ibhtiyftr chalAnA; — 
date, tArikh b. ; — up, pnalitf k., madad k. ; 
bardAshtk. ; — out,ta-dfqk., pAedArk.L — 

— off] ; Bearer, b&r'ftr, n. le jAnewAiA, fcbid- 
matgAr, harkAra, kahAr, behra. 

Bear, a. A.-S. here. bhAld, rlchb, khirs. 

Beard, bftrd, n. A.-S. beard , L. bearba. dAflif, 
rlsh; — v. t.dAfhf nochnrt ; rauqAbala k. ; Beard- 
ed, bAni'ed, a. A, rlsbd&r. 

Bearing, bAr'ing, a. tarfqa, waza’, stirat. Syn. 
Deportment ; behavior. 

Beast, beat, ». F. bete. cliaupAya, haiwAn; (a 
bad man) wahshf fidral; Beastly, bist'li, a. 
haiwAn-khaslat, najis, gnnda. 

Beat, bit, v. t. A.-S. beaten. inArnA, sazA d. ; — 
about, justoju k., tfhflndhnA ; — down, girA d. ; 
karu k. ; — out, pff ke patlAk. ; nikAlnA; lo — a 
retreat, jal ;i se pfchhelaut AnA, paapA h. ; to 
be — out, bilkull thak j. : to— the nlr, bo-fAida 
koshish k., dead — , bah it mAnda h.; — off, ka- 
tA d. ; — about the bush, be-tukf liAnknA, id- 
har ndhar kf hAnkuA, ’aqif gadde lagAnA, Lmhfi- 
na k. ; — back, mAr hatAnA, paspA k. ; to— 
time, tAl d. Syn. Strike ; buffet; drub : — n. mAr, 
chof. tnpak, dh.ifak; Policeman’s — , ’ilAqa ; 
Beaten, bit'n, a. raundA hQA, kuchlA litlA; 
Beater, bi l 'ir, n. mn sal" mogrf, durmut, pffne 
yA krttnewAlA; Beating, bet'ing, n. sazA, mAr, 
tambfh, ghfinae kf mAr; (land, tApan. 

Beatific, be-A-tif'ik, o. C blissful ) rAhat-bnkhsh. 
farhat-bafehsh. [shAd k., khusli k. 

Beatify, b§-at'i-fl, v. t . L. bcatus and facerc. 

Beatitude, bi-at'i-tul, n. L. (blessedoes'O inu- 
bfirakbAdf, be-hadd khushl, kamAl kbushf. Syn. 
Blessedness ; felicity ; happiness. 

Beau, bd, ». F. bankA, chhailA, chikaniyA ; — pi. 

Beau-Ideal, bM-dfi'al, n. F. Vhiyftl l munAslb. 

Beauteous, bu'te-us, Beautiful, bu'ti-fodl, a. 
khflbsflrat, hasfn, ’umda, pasandlda sflrat; ma- 
nohar, sudaul. 

Beauty, bu'ti, n. F. beautc. (handsomeness) 
fchQbrtrntl, khush-numAl; (one who is fair) 
hasfn; — spot, klidl, til; sundirtA; Beautify, 
bA'ti-fi, v. t. kbiibsArat b., Arftsta k., zel) d. Syn. 
Adorn ; grace ; embellish ; deck. 

Beaver, bi'vir, n. A.-S. bcofvr. Ad-bilAo, sag i 
Ab, Ad-bilAo kA bAl; — hut, fid-bilAo kt khtll kf 
topf. [mA k. taskfn d., faro k., rafa’ k. 

Becalm, b£-kftrn,t?. t. It. oalma. (keep still) dhf- 

Becausc, bi-kawz’, o. O. Eng. from by and cause. 
ky'inki, libAzA, is liye yA is wAste ;~of, ba- 
bA’is. [ishAra k. ; sain k. 

Beck, bek, n. A.-S. becnian. IshAra, fmA; — v. i. 

Beckon, bek'n, v. i. sir yA uggll yA hAth ke IshAre 
se bulAnA. [ — to]. [rfk k. 

Becloud, v. t. (dim, obscure) dhundhlA k., tA- 

Bccomc, be-kum', v. i. A.-S boatman. ho j„ lio- 
nA, guzarnfi, wAqi’ h , rnunAsib h., phabnA, saj- 
nA; to— of, anjdm h., kaifiyat h., natfja b., 
Afehir h ; Becoming, be-kutn'i >g, a. !Aiq, munA- 
sib, muzaiyab, sajflA, sazAwAr. Syn. Fit ; suit- 
able; graceful. 

Bed ; bed, n. A.-S. bed, bedd, Go badi. (some- 
thing to sleep on) palang, biohbaunA, bistar; 
(channel of a river) nadf kf tah; (piece of 
ground in a garden) kiyArf ; make the — , bich- 
haunA bichliAnA ; to be brought to — , janAnA ; 
to put to — , larke ko sulAuA, lapkA janAnA; 
from — and board, talAq den&, magar tau bill 
fehflrAk ke wAste apnf Amdanl se kuchh denA ; — 

‘ v. t. patagg par litAnA ; ( put in the ground ) zA- 
m In meg gArud ;— clothes, n. palang kf ch&dar, 

bAlAposh ; — ridden, bed'rid-n, a. p;1hib i bistar, 
yA jo kamzorf se u(h na sake; — stead, bed'sted 
n. palang, tbArp:if, khAt; — time, sonekA waqt. 
Bedding, bed'ing, ». p siang kA kaprAf bistar. 
Bedaub, be Mwb', v. t. dug yA dhnbbA J. 
Bedazzle, be-Unz'zl, v. t. dhun IhlA k., tirmirAnA. 
Bedeck, be-d ‘k', v. t. Arista k., sajAnA, banAo k. 

[ — with], Syn. Adorn ; decorate; embellish. 
Bedew, be dff', v. t. bhigonA, tar k. 

Bedim, bS-dim’, v. t. (make dim) dhundlilA k. ; 

(darken) andherA k. ~ [fell Inn. 

Bedlam, bed'lam, n . (a lunat’c asylum) pAgai- 
Bedouin, bed'ob in, n. A. bedawi. Baddii, khAua- 

Bee, 6', n. A -S. beo. shahd kf raakkhf, madh 
inAchbf, m idhu makshikA ; mumAkhf, — line, 
nazdfk kf rAh; Bee-hive, be'blv. n. shahd ki 
makkbf kA chhatta; Bees wax, bSz'waks, n. 
morn ; madluiranl. 

Beech, bediV A.-S. bece. ek qism kA dara^bt, 
Beef, bef, «. F. bauf. gAe kA gosht; — pi. Beeves. 
Beer, b6 r, ». A.-S. 6eor. I), and Ger. bier . ck 
qisw kf sharAb. 

Beet, bet, n. A.-S. bete. chuqandar. 

Beetle, bc'tl, n. A.-S. bytl. gubrnunhfi, gubrflilp 
— -browed, a undbfpeshfmf; — v. i. A.-S- bcotan . 
latkAnA, pbailftnA. 

Befall, be-fawl', v. t. Six. bcfacllan. (happen). 

wAqi’ b. t jAnA, papnA, sarzad li., uAzil b. t bftuA. 
Befit, bo-lit', v. t. (become suit) rnunAsib h., zebA 
b., phabnA, Kajnft. [be-waqrtf b., bnhkAnA. 
Befool, be-fbd!', v. t. (make a fool of) khabtl 
Before, be-fdr' prep A.-S. before n. ( furl her, on- 
ward) Age; (in front of) aAmline, rA ba rrt; 
pahlo,peshtar, qabl, amvnl (sooner than) pahlo 
se, Age se, auwal se, ; — mentioned, mnzkilru ; 
— time, pabJp; — long, jald ; — and aft, Age pf- 
cbhe; — li tnd, walan, peditnr se v pable se. 
Befoul, be-fouJ', v. t. niailA k., ganda k. 
Befriend, be-frnnd', v. t. (act as a friend to), 
dastgfrf k., mihrbAufk, pushtf k„ madad k., 
kripA k. 

Beg, beg, v. t. A.-S. bidden, (ask or live upon 
alms) bhfkh mAngnA ; (usk) suwAl k., tnhb k., 
ArzA k., minnat k. ; to — the qucslion, da’wa 
be-dalfl k. L — of, — from, — for]. Syn. Ask; re- 
quest ; Beggar, beg'ger, n. From beg faqfr, ga- 
dA,bbikli:irf, mangta, sail ; — v. t. faqfr k„ aiuf- 
lisf men d. ; (to exhaust) khAlf k: Beggarly, 
u. mum's, tihf-dast, kliwAr, duliddrf, kangAl; 
Beggary, n. mullisf, zillat, khwfivl. 

Beget, be-get', r. 1. be and A.-S. ge'an. paidA k., 
janAnA ; utpatf k. 

Begin, be-giu', v. i. A.-S. beginmn sburfl’ k., 
ibtidfik., fj;id k., AgAz k. ; Arambli k. Syn. 
Commence ; originate ; set about ; enler upon. 
[ — by, — wilh, — at, — upon]; Beginning, n. 
shuriV, ibtidi. AgAz, asl, bunyAd, ini'll, Adi. 
Begird, be-u&ra', v t. kamar bAndhnA, lapetnA ; 
(shut iu)band k. ; (to surround or encompass) 
gher 1., ihAta k. [dhundhlA k. 

Beglooni, b§-gliiora', v. t. (darken) tArfk k., 
Begone, be-gon', int. ebale jAo, dflr ho, nikal jA. 
Begot, Begotten, Cro n Beget, jannA. 

Begrime, bS-grlm', v. t. (dirt) inailA lc., siyAh- 
fAm k. [of) hasad k., dAh k. 

Begrudge, be-gruj', v.i. (envy the possession 
Beguile, bi-pil', v.t. (deceive) balikAml, fareb 
d., dagA d., jul d., butIA d.; — time pain, &c., 
dil balilAnA. Syn. Delude; deceive. [ — with] ; 
Bcgullcmont, be-gll'ment, n. fareb, (lagl : but- 
Bcgtm, from Began, shuru* kiyA. [tA, jul. 

Behalf, bc-liAf', n. A.-S. behefe. (sake, favour, 
interest) wAste, khAtir, liye, Imnq, min-jAnib. 
Behave, b6-!iAv', v. t. A.-S. bchnbban. n'.bAhnA, 
suIAk lc., haqq adA k , dial ikbtiyAr k.; Behavi- 
our, bg-hfiv-yfir, n. waz i’, taur, rawaiyn, chAI, 
(jhnng. tnrfq, rAh, rawish, nashisht-barkhAst. 
Syn. Conduct : deportment. [kA(nA. 

Behead, bS-hed', v. t. si:’ kAtuA, gar.lan m., mdf 
Beheld, from Behold, v. t. dekhA wg. 
Behcmutli, be'lie -moth, n. H. wnh jAuwar jls kA 
zikr AiyAb 40 : 15-21 men hai, aur jis ko log 
daryAf gborA knhte bain. [hukm, amr, AgyA. 
Behest, bg-hest'. n. A.-S. b"hms. (injunction)! 
Behind, bS-blnd , prep . A.-S. behind an. pas- 




gaibat, pfchhe, mi-ba’d, mutnft^hkMr \—ad, 
. pfebhe, pusht pfchhe, pasraAgda ; Behindhand, 
D6-htaa'h&nd, a. baqAyA se, tier se ; (in arrear, 
dilatory) klbii, sust; (Inaatato of backward* 
nes*.) knshfda, paspA. 

Behold, b§-b51d', v. t. A.-'S. bealdan. Hook at or 
toward) dekbnfi, tAknA, nigAh k , nazar k. ; ni- 
hArnA; Beholden, bA-hOld'n, a. (obliged, in- 
debted) ibsAumand, marnntin ; Beholder, be- 
taOtd'Ar, n. dekhne w. t dikhwaiyA. 

Behoof, bS-bO&f’, n. (Aida, nafa\ hlsil ; lAbh . 
(for the sake of) fchAtlr, liyc, wAste. Syn. Ad- 
vantage ; benefit ; profit ; interest. 

Behoove, b£-h53v\ v. t. A.-S. behofian. zurflr h., 
fart b., lAiq h., wAjib h., inunAsib h., avasbya li. 
Being, bS'ing, n. (existence) bastf, wujrtd; 
das hA, avasthA; (circumstance) ahw&l, hftlat; 
human—, mutanaffis, mardumAu ; (creature) 

Belabour, bA-li’b&r, v. t. (beat soundly) mftrnfi, 
, pffnA, gnfigsA ns.; (to wort diligently) bn- 
kosbish kAm k. [— »wi th ] . [ tack ) cha rb A f k. 

Belay, bA-JA', v. t. (block up) rAk roknA; (at- 
Belch, belsh, v. i. A.-S. bealcjan. dakArl., £a- 
kArnA. [ — out, — forth]. 

Betdam, bel’dam, a. F. belle dame. bupbiyA nA 
nf ; (a hag) bad-sflrat 'mirat ; daln. 
Beleaguer, bfi-lS'gAr, v. t. Ger. lagcm. (besiege) 
t mubAsara k., gbernA. Syn. Block up; besiege; 
f environ [ghar. 

Belfry, berfri, ».F. beffroy. jaraskhAna, ghanta- 
Belial, bg'n-al, ». H. bad rAh, ek badzAt staakhs, 
> shaitAn. 

Belle, bg-ir, v. t. A.-S Jig. (tell lies of) jhutli- 
IAdA. jhflthA k. ; (represent falsely) tuhmnt. 
bAgdhn.4, ittihAm I. 

Belief, bA-lfif’, ». (act of believing) i’tibiir; 

(religion) fmAu, dfn, ’aqfda ; (opinion) rfie. 
Believable, be-l6v'a-bl, a. qAhil i i’tiqAd, mu’* 
tabar ; Believe, b5-16v', v. 1. Prefix be and A.- 
S .lefan, lyfan, to allow, permit. mAonA, loiAn 
1.; (think) khiyAl k., patiyAnA ; (trust) bfiwar 
k., bishwds k. [ — in] ; Believer, bS-lev'fir, n. 
mAnnew&lA, mu’taqid, nhl i kitAb; — in relig- 
ion, tmAndAr ; bishwAs k. w. 

Belike, b£-llk', ad. shAyad, gAliban. 

Bell, bel, ». A.-S. bellan. ghanta, ghantf; — t<Sf 
tlie feet, ghungrfi, piinjanl ; — of a flower, 
piyAla, kaforf. [kf, nrtzaufn, raugflf. 

Belle, bel, «. L. bellus. (a gay young lady ) bAn- 
Belles-lcttres, bel-let'tr, n. pi. (F.) (polite 
literature) InshA, 'ilm o bunar, ’lira o faz). 
Belligerent, bel-lij'6r-ent, a. L. helium , gererc 
(warrior) iangAwar, jaggf ; yuddhraftn, larAkA. 
Boll-metal, berinet-al, n. azhdliAt, kAnsn, phfll 
Bellow, berlft, v. i. A.-S bellan . (cry aloud) 
bambAnA, gakArnA, garajufi [ — out] ; — n. shor, 
chillAhat, gars j ; dahak. 

Bellows, bel'J&z, n. sing . & pi. A.-S. baity,, 
dhaunknf, kliAI, damkash. . { 

Belly, Beni, n. A.-S. boelg boelig. pet, fihikflmt 
—ache. ( vulgar ) marorA. dard i-sliik sm;— 
0. t. nikal A.,fph(ll A., ubhar A. ; Belly-band, 
bel'li-band, ». petf, pttkl, kamarband, ghofe kA 
tagg ; Bellyful, a. pet-bhar, bh^r-pet. 

Belong, bft-long, v. Prefix be und O. Eng. long. 
’ilAqarakbnft, pahunchnA.muta’alliq h., shAmil 
h., ta’alluq rakhnft ; (be tue property) milk h.; 
(proper business of) us kekfim A., yA us ke 
IkhtlyAr men b. [ — to] ; Belonging, n. (qual- 
ity, endowment), liy&qat; Belongings, n. pi. 
mAl o asbftb. chfz bast. 

Beloved, be-luvd', a. piyArA yA piyArf, 'azlz, 
chahltA;— of, mahbAb yA mahbQba, ma’sbflq. 
Below, bA-15% and low. niche, tale, zer ; 

(unworthy) nAIAiq ; — par, karatar, utrA hfiA. 
Below, ad. (under) niche se, tale se. 

Belt, belt, ft. A.-S belt. L. balteus. (girdle) pe(i, 
kamarband: — o* .leather, tasma, boddhl: 
•word—, dawAi, partalA; — v. t. petl lagAnA, 
path A bAqdhnA. 

Bemoan, bft-raOn', v.t. (lament much) mAtam 
’k., wAwailA k. f afsos k. Syn. Deplore. 

Bench, bensh, n. A -S. benc t W. bank, ebaukf, 
eandall, tipAl of Justice, mahkama i *adA- 

Bend, bead, v. t. A.-S. bendan. (bow) ihuknA, 
jhukfinfi; (make crooked) t^fhA k.;khamk.; 
( overcome) jitnA ; ( apply ) lagAnA ; ( be inclined) 
mfiil li., qasdk. ; to— one’s way, opnf rAhl.; 
[—with.— down] ;— ». Vham, tcybAI, peph, bal ; 
— of a river, daryA kA mof. 

Beneath, be-uAih', prep A.-S. beneodhan, niche, 
tale, pfifn, karatar ; be — notice, nAqAbil i lihAi 
h., nazar se gif j; — ad. niche ae, tale se. 
Benediction, beu-3-dik'shan, ft. L. bene, dieere. 
du’u. barukat ; ashis. 

Benefaction, ben-e-fnk'shun, ». L. 6e»e, face* 
re. mihrbAnf, baklmhish, ihsAn, nek-sulfikf; 
up ilcAr; Benefactor, beu-S-fak'tSr, n. ihsAn yA 
nekf k. w., garlb-parwar, mubsin, niunim. 
Beneflccncr, bA-neH-sens, n. kbfibf, nekokAri, 
iaiyAzi. Syu. Benevolence ; Beneficent, a. fai- 
yAz, mibrbAn ; dayAl. 

BoucAcc, ben'e-fis, n. mihrbAnf, pAdrf kf ma’Asb; 
Bcncftcod, ben'e-fist, a. pAdrf kf ra&’Ash rakh- 
ne w. 

Benefit, ben'e-fit, u, L. benefactum. ihsAn, ni’- 
inat, bakhshish, fAida ; — v. t. nafa’ b.. fAida k . ; 
Beneficial, ben-c-fish’i-al, «. mutfd, khfib, 
bhalA, sAdmnnd. Syn. Advantageous; profit- 
able [ — to]. 

Benevuiencc, b6-nev’5-lens f ». L. benevoh ntia . 
(good will) khair-khwAhf, khrtbf, nek-andeshf, 
iltifAt, karam, mihrbAnf; Benevolent, a. L. 
bene , volo. k mir-kliwAh, mibrbAn, sVffq. 
Benight, be-nlt', v'. t. A.-S. niht. tArfkf yA jahA- 
lat men ph&nsAnfi. 

Benign, be-nin’, a. L. benignus . (kind) mibrbAn, 
halfm, shnffq, korfm; (wholesome) ’umda, 
ma’qtll, fAida-bakhsh. Syn. Kind; propitious; 
favorable; wholesome; Benignant, bS-nig # - 
nant, a. mihrbAn, nek, rahm-dil; Benignity, 
bc-nig’ni ti. «. nekf, mihrbAnf, shafaqnt. 

Be 1 1 iso :i, n. F.Benir. (a bleqsin • )du’A, AshfrvAd. 
Bent, bent, n. tefhApan, kajf, kbamf; (inclina- 
tion) ragbat. [ — on]. 

Benumb, be-num’, v. t. A -S. benumen. sunn k. v 
bi'-bosh k., thithurftnA. 

Benzoin, bcn-zO'in, n Per. banasab. To’>An, 
iirqueath, be-kw6tl»’, v. t. A.-S. beouedhun (to 
give or leave by will; to hmd down) wnsfyat 
se de raarnA, hiba k. [ — to] ; Bequest, b6- 
kwest’, ». hiba-nAma, bnkhshish-nAma. 

Berate, v. t. (to tcold) jbiraknA. 

Bereave, be- rev’, v. t. A.-S. bereafian. malirfim - 
k., chlifn I., le 1. [ — of] ; Bereavement, n. af- 
sos ; nuqsAn, barbAdf, sndina ; maut. Syn. Dep- 
rivation, lo. s. [v. i. plialnA, dAna paidA h* 
Berry, ber’ri, n. A.-S. ebrin. dAna, phal, ber ;— 
Berth, bArth, n. From the root of bear, langar- 
gAh; (sleeping place in a ship) jahAz kf ek 
kothrl; (employment) naukarf; to give a 
wide — to, us se dilr rahnA. 

Beryl, bAr’il, a G. berullos. ffroza, zabarjad. 
Beseech, be-sec'i’, v. t. Prefix be and see k. 

/ (entreat) minnat k., darkhwAstk.; (ask) ’ars 
k., iltimAs k., istidu’A k. ; prArthnA k., mint! k. 
Beseem, b§- 5ra’ f v. t. (become, befit) lfiiq 
mun&sib h., zeb d. 

Beset, be-set’, v. t. A.-S. & cseffa a. (besiege )glier- 
nA, girda blndhnA, mubAsara k., (waylay) 
chhenknA, gAns I. Syu. Encompass ; hem in; 
besiege. [ — with] ; Besetting, p. a. hamesha 
gberne yA sAth rahne w. 

Beside, bg-sid’, prep. Be and side, by the side, 
nazdfk, qarfb, alag, judA; (over and above), 
'al&wa, siwft, minba’d, mA-siw& ; be — one’s self, 
dfwAna h., be-kbud h. ; — that, ’alAwa us ke 
ad. raA-siwA, ’ai&wa, is ke (Spar;-— prep, ki- 
nAre, nazdfk, gairmutAbiq ; is ke sAth. 

Besiege, be-sgj’, v. t. (lay siege to) mubAsara k^ 
gher 1., qila’baudf k. [ — with]; Besieger, fog- 
sej’Sr, n. muhAsir, gberne w. 

Besmear, bg-smAr’, v. i Aldda k., bharnA, mailA 
k., saundnA, IfpnA. fbnyh nf. 

Besom, bg-zura, ft. A.-S. bee mo, jArob, jhArfi, 
Besot, be-sot’, v. t . be-hosh k* t aanhAr k., fee- 
khurl k. [ArelagAnA* 

Bespangle, be-spang’gl, v. t. afshAn chunnA, sit- 
Bespatter, be-spat’tfir, v. t. klchaf ae chhfate <L 
AlAda k. f bhar. d. 




Bespeak, be-spSk\ f. t. rok rakhnfl, kah fakhnfl, 
le rakhnft. [chhfntnd, ehbiraknd. 

Besprinkle, bfi-spring'kl, v. t. (to scatter over) 

Best, best, «. enperl. A.-S. testa . nchchhe se 
achchhd, auldtarln, bihtar se bibtar; make 
the— of, (improve ?o the greatest advantage) 
hard bhald nibdhnd:— ». hatt ul maqdtir, apne 
bas bhar ; hatt nl im tin ; — ad. achchhl tarah se# 
auldtarse; — man, dulhd kd azfz. ‘ . 

Bestial, best'i-al, a. L. bestia, beast, haiwdn si- 
rat, haiwdnf, wahskl ; Bestiality, best-i-al I-ti, 
n. haiwdniyat, ndpdkl, bhrashtatd. 

Bestir, bfi-stir', v. t . sargarm k„ mnsta’iad k. 

Bestow, be-std', v. t. Prefix be and A.-S. stov, a 
fixed mansion, denfl, de d., atd k ; ddn k. [ — 
upon] ; Bestowal, be-stC'al, n. dfln, den. 

Bestrow, bS-str6\ v. t. (scatter over) clihifakna, 
chhlntnd, phaildnd, blthrdnd. [-—on]. 

Bestride, b6-strld, v. t. cbafh baithnd, sawdr h. 

Bestad, bd-stud', v. t. (to adorn with studs) 
pliftl jarnd. [shart lagfind, bdzl 1. 

Bet, bet, ». A.-S. bad , pledge, shart, Ddzl 1 >. t. 

Betake, bS-tftk', v. t. (have recourse to) rujfi’k., 
mas rdf k., daufdnfl, lagdod, le j. [ — to]. 

Betel, bg'tel, *. pftn; — leaves, pdn, harg i tam- 
bol;— nut, supdrf; — roots, kulanjan; — box, 
pdnddn; — seller, tumbolf; bunch of — leaves, 
qholl ; — prepared, bird, gilaurl. 

Bethel, beth'el, n. H. beth el, house of God. 
3£huri& kd gbar. 

Bethink, be thingk', v. t. (call to mind) ydd 
k., gaur k. t ma’lfirn k. Syn. Recollect; remein 
her. L — of]. [guzarnd, pesh ft. 

Betide, b£-tld', v. t. Be; A.-S. tidan. d parnd, 

Betimes, b€-tlmz', ad. (early, seasonably) sa 
were, bar waqt, bar inanal. [hir k. 

Betoken, bO-tO'kn, v. t. (signify) dshkdrd k., zft- 

Betray, bd-trft', v. t. be and trahir. (give up by 
breach of trust) bewafdl k., pakafwdnd; 
(show) zdhlr k., fdsh k. [ — to, — for] ; Betra- 
yal, n. dagdbdzf, be-wafdf. 

Betroth, bg-trOth', v. t. (pledge in marriage) 
mangnl k., nlsbat k., sagdf k. [ — to] ; Betroth- 
al, n. mangnl, nisbat, sagdf. 

Better, bertSr, o. comp, of pood. A.-S bats, good, 
achchhd, bihtar, sifat kd ausat darja; — oft, 
khush-hdl li. ; for — or worse, jo ho so ho ;-» 
’nmdagl, bhalftf, sihhat; buzurgl; — half, blbf, 
lord; — v. t. sudhdmd, bandnd, bihtar k., bhalfl 
k., isldh d. Syn. Improve ; mend ; advance. 

Between, bg-twdn', prep. Prom prefix be, and 
tioein, two. darmiydn, blch men, dpas men. 

Betwixt, bg-twikst', prep. From be and twyg. 
(between two) blch men, darmiydn, dpas men, 

Bevel, bev'el, a. P. beveau. gun yd, blwal. 

Bevel-gear, bev'ol-ger, n. dAntddr pabiya. 

Beverage, bev'gr-ftj, n. L. bibere . sharbat. 

Bewail, bg-wftl', v. t. afsos k., rond, mdtam k. 

Beware, bg wdr\ v. i. Be n nd ware, fchabard&r 
h., hoshydr dgdh h., muttala’ h. 

Bewilder, be- wil'dOr, v. U Be and wild, (lose In 
pathless place) bbatkdnd, gumrdh k. ; (per- 
plex) ghabrdnd, hairdn k. [mob 1. 

Bewitch, bg-wich', v. t. A.-S. wiglere. jddfi k., 

Bey, bd, a. saltanat i Turk! kd ek bdkim. 

Beyond, bO-yond', prep . A.-S. be and geond. us 
taraf, pare, bdhar ; go—, fareb d., sabqat le j.; 
— ad. ndharse, idharse, us taraf se. 

Bias., bPas, n. P. biais. (improper influence) nd« 
wdjib asar ; (inclination )maildn, ragbat, tar&f- 
ddrl ; — 9. t. rdgib k. t rujd’ k., mdil k. 

Bible, bl'bl, ». G. biblos. fch&ss kitdb jis men 
]£hud& kl marzl mundarij hal, Khudd kd Ka- 
1dm :Biblieal,bib'lik-al, a. muta’alliq i Baibal ; 
Blbllst, bib'list, a. mu’taqid i Baibal, tdlib ul 
’ilm I Baibal. 

Bibulous, bib'CL-Ius, a. L. bibere. jdzib, dbkash. 

Bice, bis, n. P. and Pr. bis. halkd dsmdnl rapg. 

Bicker, bik'fir, v. i. W. bicra. (wrangle) fchdna- 

, -gdfl. 

»»U| uiu. v. i, At-o. otaran. to ask, kahnd, irshdd 
k.,hukm k., tdkld k., da’wat k., buldnd; — 
against, muqdbala meg nlldm kl boll boind ; — 

for, kahnd, saudd k. down, knm dftm kahnd $ 
—up, dam bafhAnd ; — fare, achchbe ftsdr zdhir 
k.; to — farewell, widft’ k., fcbrtir-bdd kahnd; 
to — fair, achchhd wa’da k., achchhl uininea 
d ; — n. nlldm kf boll. 

Bidder, n. qfmat lagdnewdld. 

Bide, bid. v. i. A.-S. bidan. ( wait) rabnd ; (dwell)' 
basnd, dbdd b. ; (bear) barddsbt k., tnhnmmul 

k. , intifcdr k. ; to— one's time, achclihe mauqa* 
kdmuntazir r. 

Biennial, bi-cn'ni-al, n. L. biennium, ek darnkht 
jo do baras tak rahtd aur phir ba’d-azftn zftya’ 
ho jdtdhai, do-sdla. 

Bier, bgr, n. jandza, tdbrtt, arthf, rathl. 

Big, big, o. W baich. burden, (huge) bard, mo(d, 
kaldn, jaslm ; (pregnant) blidrl, hdmila. 

Bigness, big'nes, n. (bulk)bardl,motdl. jasdmat. 

Bigamist, big'a-mist., n. do jordwii’d, do kha- 
sam w., dohftjfl ; Bigamy, ». L. bis, G.[gainoe. 
do jord karne kd gundh. 

Bight, bit, n. klidrl, ghumdo. 

Bigot, big'll t, n. F. (a blind zealot) ta’assub, hatt, 
paksh ; Bigottcd, a. hattf, muta'assib, pakshf. 

Bigotry, bi?'ut-ri, n. (blind zeal) ta’a^sub ; apne 
mat men hatt- 

Bile, bll, n. L. oilis. pit, safra ; (ill-feeling) bad- 
mizfljl ; to stir one’s — , guBsa dilSnd. 

Bilge, bilj, n. pendd, lab; — v. i. pendd pbatnd, 
paniydnd, jnhdz ke talechhed h. ; — water, pdnl 
jo jabdz mep ildkhil bokar us kl pendi men 

Bile, bil, n. L. bilis. pit, safra ; ( Ill-feeling )bad- 
mizdjl ; to stir one’s — , gussn dildnd. 

Biliary, bil'yar-i, a. safrfiwl, muwallid-us-sifra; 
Bilious, bil'yns, a. L. bilis. safrnwf, pittnhd. 

Bilk, bilk, v. t. Go. bilankan. thngnd, cbhalnd. 

Bill, bil, ». A.-S. bile, eboneb, nok, minqtir. Syn. 
Beak ; mandible; neb ; — n. A.-S. bill, bil. tabar, 
kullidfl, gnnp'isd ; — n L. bulla, (account of 
goods bought or money owing) fard i hisdb; — of 
fare, (in a hotel) qismqisrn ke kbduon klfili- 
rist ; — of health, jah.lz-rdnon kl tanduruotf lift, 
iqrftr-ndma ; — of indictment, muirimkl kai- 
fiyat yd rfiddd yft chftlftn ; — of lading, fikrist 
asbftb i jabdz jo mdlik i jabfiz rawdna karne- 
wdle ko ha-taur rasld ke detft hai ; — uf divorce, 
taldq-ndma; — of entry, (income) fihrist i 
asbyd jo chuugl se mdlik ko mile;— of right, 
fihrist i huqdq i ri’ftyat ; to pay a — , bisfib ebu- 
kdnd; — of sale, bai’-ndino: qabftla; (note) 
tamassuk, dastdwcz; — 1>. t. Prom bill, a beak, 
ddna badalnd. chonch milftnd, Idf piyar k. 

Billet, n. F. bilct. (letter) chitthl, pdil, ruqq’n, 
sipdhlon ke riaqdm karne kd ruqq'a; — of 
wood, chaild, kunda ; — v. t. chichi yd ruqq’a 
bhejnd; sipdhlon ko basdnd. 

Billet-doux, bil-le-diio, ». P. billet, note, and 
doux , sweet, (love letter) ma’shQqftna kbatt 
yd ruqq’a. 

Billiards, bil'yardz, n. pi. F. billard . antd khel. 

Billion, bil'yuu, n. L. bis, twice, and millc. 
kharab. , . , 

Billman, bil'man, «. gonrdsd bdndhnewdld. 

Billow, bil'<J, n. Ger. bulge, luhr, ranuj ; — v. i. 
lahr m., lahrdnd, mauj m. Syn. Wave, surge, 
breaker ; Billowy, bil'O-i, a. mauj-zan, muta- 
Jdtim. [na, shardb wg. kl kothrl. 

Bin, bin, n. A.-S. binn. crib, kotlirl, ambftr-kbft- 

Blnary, bi'na-ri, a. L. bini. musanuft, dfil. 

Bind, bind, v . t. A.-S. bindan. (fasten with 
bands) bdndhnft, kasnft; (border) hadd bdndh- 
nd; (oblige to serve) majbfirk.; (biud books) 
jila-bandl k. ; (to make coBtive) qabz k.;— 
down, raabddd k., roknd ; to — over, muchalka 

l. , hdzir zdminl L; — to, iqrdr k.:— up, bdndh- 

nd. [ — over, — to, — with, — together] ; Binder, 
n. bdndhnewdld, slnewdld, jildband ; Binding, 
blnd'ing, ». bandish ; jildbandl; (obligatory), 
farzl; (costive) qftbiz. _ 

Binnacle, bin'a-kl, n. L. habitaculun,. jabdz ke 
qutub-numd kd sandfiq. 

Binocular, bl-nok'fi-lOr, a. (having two eyes),, 
do-chasbma, do-dpkhd, donnn dnkli kl dfirbln, ’ 

Biography, bl-og'rafi, ». G. bios, life, and gra* 
phein, to write, (history of the life of an 
individual) swdnib-’umrl, ahwdl, tazkira. Ban* 




guzasht; Biographer, ». muarrikh, nAqil, kisl 
sha^hs kf sarguzasht likhnewAJA. 

B'ology, bl-o I'o-ji, n. G. bios , life and logos, di s- 
course. (science of life) ’ilm i hnyat. 
Bipartite, bl-p&rt'It, a. L. bis , twice, and part- 
ire , to divide do bn ra bar bisson men taqsfm 
klyrt hrtA. 

Blpc.1, bf'ped, n. L. bis, twice, and pes* font, (ft 
two-footed animal 1 do-pAyn, dopAnw-wAlA. 
Birch, hgrch, n. A.-S. birco. ek qi*m k;\ darnfcht. 
Bird, herd, n. A.-S. bird , young, Eng. breed, ehi- 
riyft, tAIr, mtirg, parnnd, panchhf, pnkherfl; — 
fancier, (dealer in bird*) chifiyA bechnewAlA; 
— - -lime, hSrd'JIm, n. lAsfl, chenp yA kampA; — 
of Paradise, ek qism kf chifivA; — ulU'd, 
(flighty) ^Anwfindol, ekbAtohhorke dAsrf ko 
pak&rnewAlA; — of a feather, ek hi tirz ke 
log; — of passage, nmusimf rhip.vAn; Bird’s- 
eye, bfirdz'i. a. rtpir se dekliu gayA ; chfl kl 
nazar ; to give a — view of a subject, kbu-Asa 
bayAn k. ; Bird’s-nost, bgidz'nest, ». ghonslA, 
AshiyAna ; h ‘iiglng — , jhonjh 
Birth, berth, n. A.-S. brordh, beoran, to bear, 
paidlish,; (origin) shurA', Agrtz; 
(dignity of family) bin*, khAmlAn, msob, 
nnsl ; Birthday, bSrthMFi, a. sAl-girnh, jnnarn- 
din; Birthplace, n. w.tfnn, man I id ; jnnain- 
RthAn, zld l>rtm ; Birthright, bfirlh'rlt, n. haqq 
i \vn I Ada t , b tpaiH f k A li i qn. 

Biscuit, his'kit, n. F. pre'ix his and cuit , from L. 

coqucre , to cook, knlchn, I ikiya, bi*kii(;. 

Bisect, bi-sekt', v. t. L. bis, twice, and sera re, 
cut, do-qiU’ k., do barA >nr liissn k., samb ifigi 
Bishop, bish'up, n. A.-S. bisrnp. G cpi, over, and 
skopein , to view, inujtabid, kArn kA nigrun, 
kalfsiyA kft ek khA*s ’ulida-dAr, bishap: — v. t. 
qAim k. ; — n. mai, nArmjgf aur chin! kf Ainez- 
idi ; Bishopric, n. wuh mnqAin jo bishop ko 
mfttaht b. 

Bismuth, his'muth, a. Ger. bismuth, pb 1-dhAt 
Bison, bi'zun, a. G. bison, janglf bli.iin* kf qhs:n, 
nrnA bhainsA. 

Bissextile, bis-soks'til, n. L. bissextilis. (leap 
year) sfll i knbfrn, bar elm u Hi A sAl jis men 
February ke m lhfne mon ek din l> a flit A Ini. 

Bit, n. A.-S. b‘Vlc f from bitan , to bite, (iron 
rnoul h-piece of n nridle) dahAna, <pz if ; — n.A.- 
S .bite, (mouthful) niwAla, Itiqnui, (ukrA: (a 
silvcrcoin) rezgurf; (a small tool lor boring) 
barme kA loll A ; — by — . {ukfA (ukfA; not a — , 
bilkull nalifn; eight anna — , a(liannf; four 
anna — , cluunniif ; two an.ia — , doanuf. [va. 
Bitch, bjeh, n. A.-S bicce. kutif, UutiyA, kuk.iri- 
Blte, bit, t 1 . t. A.-S. bitun. kA(.na, bbnuibtiorn.i ; 
(deceive) fa rob <1., chlialtiA; Bitten, «. d.igfi 
khfiyA hrtA; Biting, o. tez, talkli, *akht ; — a. 
kA‘, z ikhm, liabak ; (a client) dngA. 

Bitter, *It't6 a, i a. A.-S. biter. knovA, talkli, tftfi, 
tez, saklit, shadfd, nfm-zalir; — spoken, a. 
saklit knha gayA ; — v. t. talkli k.; Bitterish, u. 
kuchb talkh ; Bitterly, ad. shiddat se, zAr zAr. 
Syn. Keenly ; severely; piiipfully; Bitterness, 
n. karwAlia’i, tnlkhf;— of temper, tun If, te/.f; 
(milice) kfna, bugz; (sorrow) gain; Bitters, 
Mt'tArz, n. pi. ekqlsm ko talkli paudlic lift arq 
misl ebirnite ke, Ab i talkli; (tonic) mupiwwf, 

Bittern, bit'tSrn, n. bnglA ; (the brine which re- 
mains In salt works after the salt is concreted) 
namak kA khAr. 

Bitter-sweet, bit'tfir-sw6t, n. ekqisra kA panda 
jochabflne men pahle talfch ba’d-nzAn mf(bA 
ma'lAro hotfl Inti. 

Bitumen, bi-ta'uien, n. L. naft, matiy.j-!el, kaf- 
ra ul yahOd. [tiyA“tel milAnA. 

Bltttminize, bi-til'inin-Iz, v. t. naft milAnA, mil- 
Bivalve, bl'valv, n. L. bis, twice, and valvu, val- 
va. ek qism kA sfpfdAr jAnwar jis ke dhakne ke 
do hisse hote aur we khulte aur band hote Inin. 
Bivouac, blv'wak, n. F, from H. G. 6ei, by, 
wucUc, watch, ehor pahreke sipAbf, yA we si- 
pAbf jo ^liairne ke bitiar n'gahf'Anf par bon, 
xauj kA parAo;— v. t. fauj kl nigalu Anl k„ l^haT- 
mc se bfllmr r., fauj kA thabaruA yA qayAm k. 
Bi-weekly, bl-wik'li, a. (fortnightly) bar dAsrft 

Blab, blab, v. i. Ger. blabbern. (tattle) bak bak 
k. : (to reveal) k., bhea fash 
ifshA k. ; — n. bak bak k. w., lutrft, cbhicbbofft. 
Syn. Prater; tattler; babbler. 

Black, blak, a. A.-S. blmo . andherA, tArfk, BiyAb, 
kAI:i; — a. (the darkest colour) siyAbf; (ab- 
sence of light) tArfkf, kAIApan ; (a negro) Ii n . • - 
Bhf; in — and white, likhfl hrtA, tfthrfr; — v. t, 
kAIA lc., siyAh k. ;— art, jAdrt, afsrtn-garf;— 
ball, v. t. qur’a ke saudrtq men golf flAlne se 
inkAr k. ; — berry, ». jhafberf k.i phal ; — bird, 
w. koel, ck qism kf gAnewAlf chifiyA; — board, 
n. likline ki siyAh takhta ;— border, n. (sign of 
mourning) tnAtam yA gam kA nishAn ;— -day, 
(day of gloom and disaster) fifat yA afsos kA 
din; — deeds, af’Al i shanf’ ; — cn, v. t . kAlfi k., 
siyAii k. ; harfgfrf k. ; — flag, n luferon ke jahAz 
k i siyAh jhandi; — guard, blak'gttrd, n. N. 
blachard. badtna‘Ash, badz&t, Awflra. shuhda; 
— guard, v. t. shuhdapan k., luclichapan k. ;— 
lie irted, siyAh bAtin ; — ing, blak'ing, n. jfitft 
sAf karne kf siyAhf; — Ish, a. surmaf, siyAh;— 
jack, a. balrtt kf ek qism, cliamfe kA piyAla ;— 
Icod, blak'led, a. surma, niurda sfsa; — leg, ■». 
juArf, dagAbftz ; — ly, ad. dhundlilepan se, siyA- 
hf so, (fragf se, shiddat se ;— mail, n. rrtpiya jo 
hifuz'tt i jfln o mAl ke liye d y i jAwe; — ness, 
blak'nes, n. tArlkf, siyAIri; n — sheep, wnh 
shakhs jis kf rAo jamA’at ko sab logon se nirAlf 
ho, nur use kof pasand na ka re ^ smith, », 
lohAr, :i hangar. 

• Blackamoor, n. black and moor, linbdif, kAliy.l. 

Bladder, hladMer, w. A.-S. t lawan. thailf ; ma- 
sAna : phunknA ; gall — , pitta. 

Blade, b u l, n. A.-S. blad, G. plutus , broad. gbAs 
kA pattA, dal, tinkA, pattA; (a rake) fAsid 
shakhs; — of gruss, pattA; — of knife or 
sword, plial ; tlie shonlder — , lwndhe kf haddf. 

Blame, i»lfi n, v. t. F. blamer. ilzAm 1., mal&iinit 
k., dosh d., raulzim k. ; he is to—, kliatfiwAr 
h.. miilzim h.; — n. (censure) ilzAm, malAraat; 
(fault, crime) qusrtr, khnJft. [ — for] ; Blam- 
nh)r, b aru'a-bl, a. gnnahgAr, taqsfrwAr, mul- 
zim. doshf. Syn. Culpable; faulty ; censurable ; 
lilamclrss, a. b’-tnqsfr, bs-gurifth, b'-qusrtr; 
Blameworthy, b’fim'wur-TUi, a. khatAwAr, 
q^isrtrwAr, qAhil i mn Amat. 

Blanch. bian*li. v. t. F. blunchir. (to peel) chhil- 
ka utAruft, suf'd k. ; (to whiten) nikhArnA* 
njIA k. ; nirinal k. 

Bland, bland, a. L. hlundus. (soft, m Id, gentle) 
in ilAim, narin, subiik, lialkA, l itff ; (flatterer) :s ; Blandish, v. t. L. blandiri. phu. A, 
naz o ni.vaz lc., nlthf inf (lif bA'en k. Blandlsh- 
tnent, a. p’luslAhnt, nAz. chochalApan, na^hra. 

Blank, blangk, a. G r. hlinken. (without writ- 
ing) sad i ; (empty) IjdiAlf, korA; (white) su- 
fed; — n. (an empty spice on paper) s&lngf, 
korApan; — verse, uizm i gair inuqaffA, uasar 
i musajjA. bahr i tawfl ; — cartridge, khAlf kAr- 
tfis j s m. n iiArAt ho aur golf wg. na ho. 

Blanket, n. F. blanehet. kammal, kaniall, lof 
v. t. kuminal ughAnfi. [^hushAmad, 

Blarney, hlar'm, :i. Ir. bladaircacht. chApIrtsf, 

Blaspheme, bins-. e n', v. t. G. blaptein to dam- 
age; phbmi, I spmk. (to speak improperly of 
the Almighty) ikufrkahnA; 1-diwnrkf 
nindok : Blasphemy, n. G. bias phb min . kalima 
i kufr, kufr-gof,, nikarm ; Blas- 
phemous, b as'fe-mous, a. (impious) kufrAna. 

Blast, blast, n. A.-S. blcesan. (act of blowing! 
jhopk; (gust of wind ) jhikoiA, jbokA; (sound 
of an instrument) phunk: (explosion of gun- 
pi. wd<’r)bhabak, IflkA; (blight) nuqsAn, sadina, 
dhakkA; — furnace, dhAt kiignlAne kfbhn tbf; 
— v. t. grtrnt k., satyAu.i* k., pliAnkn), jalAnA., blat'anr, a S. blacta n ; ^bellowing as a 
boast) bhiikartA, dakArtA, bambAtA. 

Blaze, blfiz, n . A.-S. blccse. Ancb. shu'Tft. lahar, 
rosbnf; jot; — v. i. shu’ia-zin h., bhnbhakoA, 
lahrAnA ; (publish abroad )zAhir k., mnsbhrtr k.; 
(mark ou trees) d&rnVht par nishAn k. [ — up]. 

Blazon, blA'zn, v. t. seb d., saQwArnA, ArAsta k.; 
— forth, (show forth) ishtihArd.* mashhrtrk. 

Bleach, bl§ch, v. t. A.-S. blaecan . fash k., sAf k# 
ujlA k„ niklfiaA. [—with]* 



Bleak, bltk, a. A.-S. blao. rukhfl, fchushk;— 
weather, sard, thandhA; ( desolate )sfluA, udAs. 

Blear, M6r, v. t. Sw. blira, to winkle. fiQkh^n 
u(hnA, kichfAnA, dhugdhlA dikhiAI d. ; — a. chip- 
{ft, chundhlft ; — eye, n. chundha ; — eyed, bler'- 
Id. 0 . chipfft, chundhlft. 

Bleat, blftt, v. i. A. S. bcetan ., me me 
k. ; — n. me me, blien bhen, bher kl AwAz. 

Bleed, bled, r. i. A.-S. bledan. rasd kholnl, lohtl 
nikftlnft; (extract juice) 'arq nikftlnft ; (draw 
money) diqq Uarkerflpiva 1. ; to make a m m 
— , kisf ko tftflg karke rfipiya lea i; my heart 
- — s for you, tnerA dil tumhftre liyekarhlft liai ; 
Bleeding, n fasd; — at the nose, ntksir, 
bin w Am. 

Blemish, blemish, n. f. F. blemir. dft" l., ’aibl.; 
— ». dAg, ’nib, k dank. Syn. Spot ; speck ; Haw ; 
deformity; stain ; fault. 

Blench, bleush, v. t. F. blanchir . (to shrink) 
jhn jhaknA, ch lunknft, bichaknA. hatnft. 

attend, blend, v. t. A.-S. blandun, Ger. blende /, 
to blend. milAnA ; (mingle ) shAmil k., milAnA ; 
(pollute) AlAdak. [ — with, — together]. 

Bless, hies, v. t. A.-S. blessjan. (to wish happi- 
ness) barakat d., duYi d., rau>ftmk k., asl.fsh d. ; 
(to praise) sarAhnA ; sumnnift; [ — with, — 
for]. Blessed, a. ftstidn, klm^ii-li'il, mubft:ak, 
bakhtiyftr, bhAgwAn. Blessedness, n. saVidnt, 
khushf, ’nish, fazl-i-HAhf. Syn. Happiness. 
hlis< ; felicity ; Blessing, n. mu .ArakbA if, du’A, 
barakatj faiz. Blest, u.est, a. (made happy) 
khudi kiyA gayA, ftsiiua-liftl. 

Blew, imp. of Blow. 

t light, hilt, i’. t. O. Ger. blech , pah, A.-S. 
blincan. barbftd h., pnzhmurda h., laimlilAuA ; 
— n. ( m i I ( I e .v ) ge rfl f, p \ I ft , A fa t , gaz i b, tiift r. 

Blind, blind, a. A.-S. blind. aiidhA, ufthfuA, k< r. 
L — to]; — v. t. a udb A k., nftblrift Ic. ; — n. (a 
screen) chik ; (that, which mi lends t ho eye or 
understanding) dliokhft; — fold, hlind'foid, a. 
Ankli-mflnda, chaslim-poah ; — side, MInd'sI I. n. 
kamzorf, ’aib, nirbaltft; — worm, blnd'wur.n, 
n. ba pAnw UA ek kfrA ; — alley, andhf galf jis k 
nikfts na ho ; Blindness, n. andhApan, nft-bfnftl ; 
(ignorance) jahA'at. 

Blink, blingk, V. i. Ger. blinken. milmilAnA. 
raich nicliAnA ; (avoid noticinj:) chashm-posijl 
k. [ — at] ; — n. jhilmilAhat, michmichAhat, jag- 
nvififthat, jhalak ; Blinker, blingk'fir, n. ebun- 
dhft, kor nazar. 

Bliss, blis, n. A.-S. bliss. bo-hadd khushl, rAbnt, 
najftt; Blissful, a. lAliat-angez, dil-kusbA 
farhat-b ikhsb. 

Blister, bil^tfir, n. Ger. blase, pb ipholA. < hhAIA, 
jbalkA, Abla, ek da wA jis se cbliAIA partA liai ; — 
v. t. Abla parnA, ph ipholA parnA. L— up, — 
with] ; — iiy. blis'ler-lli, n. SpftuI inakkhf jis se 
Abla pafnc k( daw A banal jAtl. 

"tilt lie, blith, a. A.-S. blidhe. (joyous) hans- 
mukh, khanda-rfi, khush-dil, kusbAda-pesbAnl; 
Blithesome, olith'sum, a. kbiish*dil,^liauda-rO. 

Bloat, blot, v. t . blow , to swell. pbulAnA, sujfinft, 
plmph isnA ; Bloater, n. ek. qistn kf raaclihll. 

Block, blok, n. Ger. block , F. bloc, ktinda, Ink- 1 
ka?; — of stone, sutrtnl sillf; (mould for a 
hat) qftlib, kAlbud — head, bc-waqfif, ahmaq ; 
(pulley) bAIA-kuppI ; (hindoranc,*) rok, liarja; 
(ontinuous mass of houses) baliut sc ghar; 
— v. t. roknA, gheruA, baud k., rauliAsaru k. ; 
— up, bilkull band k. out, khAka kblnchuA, 
daul dftlnft. 

Blockade, bloa-Ad', n. It. bloccata . F. Hocus. 
mukAsara, gherA, nAka-bnndl; — v. t. nAka- 
bandl k., muhAsarn k., mabdrtd k. 

Blonde, blond, n. F. blond, basin, khObstirat. 

Blood, blud, a. A.-S. blod. lahfi, ^bAu ; rudbir; 
(juice of anything) ’arq; (murder) ^hflnrezl; 
(descent) zAt : (family ) ^liAudAn ; a prince of 
the — , shAhzAda ; be connected by ties of — , 
•agA rishtedAr, sagA bhAI ; — feud, ^Iifinl jhag- 
fA; flesli and— , jismaur Sbfln, bAl bachche; 
(human nature) insAniyat; — guiltiness, blud' 

g ilt-i-nes, n. ^hiiurc/l kA guriAh; — horse, 
lnd'hors, n. ’nmda nasi kA ghoyA ; — hound, n 
•d&gh kar pata lagAnewAlA kuttA ; In cold — , 
to-rahmlie; — iuess, blud'i-nes, n. fchQn-aiada- 

g(;— Is up,gussa mep&., josh men A.^-less, 
blud - es, e. be-kbdn; nir-rakt; let — from, 
fasdkholuA; — shed, blud'-shert, n. khAn-rezv, 
kbAti-klin rAbA ; — shot, blud'shot, 0. kbAu 
Alrtdn ; — stone, blud'stdn, ». hajar ud dam 
sucker, blud'suk-Ar, n. lahA-chds, ^hdn-AsbAm, 
jonk ;— thirsty, nlud'tbArst i, u. fcbdn kA piyA- 
sA, tishua i kbdn vessel, blud'ves-J, n, rag i 
kbAn ; to warm or heat the — , gussa dilAnA, 
kbnn kbaulun;i ; the field of — , razragAh, mai- 
dan i jnng; half—, sauteiA ; Bloody, 0. khfln- 
AlAda, kbrtukbwAr. Syn. Sanguinary; gory. 

Bloom, blodm, ». A.-S. blovun. shigdfn, guneba, 
kali; (liushin the cheek) gAl k( surfcbl;— of 
youth, nau-jawAuf, sbabAb ;—v. i. kbiluA. skig- 
ufta h..nau-jawAu h., babAr men h., iqbAlmand 
h., A.-S. bioma. kacbchA lohAjo~Agse nikAl ke 
pabll bAr kfitA jAe; Blooming, 0 . sarsabz, 
nau-jawAn, iqbAlmand. 

Blossom, bios'll m, n. A.-S. blosinu. (flower of a 
plant) kali, skigAfa v. i. phAlnA, khilnA, iq- 
bAlmand b. 

Blot, blot, r. 1 . 1 cel. blctti. dAg IngAnA, ’aib lagA- 
uA out, (erase) mip\ d., dbo dAlnA ; (reject) 
radd k. ; — n. IAg, diinbba, ’ai i >. Syn. Obliterate ; 
erase ;efif ice; iiloltcr, blot'Ar, w. jazb kar 1. 
w. ; Blotting-paper, blot'lng-pA-pAr, ». jazb 
k. w. kAgnz, jazib. [dadofA, d:ig. 

Blotch, b;ocli. v. t. kAlA k., d ; g( k. ; — n. inuhAsa, 

Bloiir.blO, n O.II. tier, pluoh, (bloom or blossom) 
kali, pluil, Ui.vArl, guldasta; — ». Go. blggvun. 
(stroke) clioj, zarb ; (a sudden shock) sadma, 
jhonk.'i ; a — for a — , ghtiose ke badle gliAnsA ; 
unexpected—, nAgahAnl Afat ; — v . i. A.-S. bio - 
van. (bloom) kbilmi, philluA; (brentbe)phftnk- 
uA; (move) clialnA; (to sound) bajAnfi; (to 
kindle) (Blow pipe) dahkAnA;— ahunt, (flut- 
ter loosely about) phusphnsAnA; — away, (dis- 
sip:iie)gAibho j. ; — clown, (prostrate by wind) 
girA cl., jar se ukliAf d. ; — in, hawAckall A.; 
— hot and cold, be-snbAt h. ; — off, hawA se 
nr j. ; — uut, bujliAnA, pbflnknA over, beasar 
kiyeguzar j.; — pipe, hliVpIp, pbunkul ; — the 
nose, chliinakna; — up, (fill witli air) hawA se 
bliarnA; (kindle) jalA iA, suigAnA; (explode) 
u ran A ; at a — , achAnak ; — onevs own trumpet, 
apnl nArnwarl zAhir k. ;— the brains out, 
kbud-kusbl k., magz uiAtiA ; — the coals, jhag- 
rA pa ill A k. 

Blubber, bin ‘/fir, v. i. Ir. plub. bilbilAnA, ro ke 
gAl sujAu.i ; — n. Abl junwaron kl charbl. 

Bludgeon, blticl'jm:. n Go .bluggwan. bod (A, 1A- 
t hi. Syn. club ; cudgel. 

Blue, blu, n. A.-S. bleoh. nllA rang, AsmAnI, ka» 
bAdl; to be or look — , be-ebain yA raujlda 
ma’lrtin parnA; — v. t. :,I1A k. 0. nllA ; — bouk, 
blu'book, Parliament kc intizAm kl kitAb; — 
light, bliVIU, ». nllo rang kl rosbul jo rat ki 
want jabAzun men ba-taur ’aliraat ke isti’mAi 
kl jAtl hai ; — ness, biu'nes, ».nllAhat;— vitriol, 
bhVvit-ri-ol, n. tiitiyA; Bluing, bhVing, ». 
nflAhat, kabfidiyat; Bluish, blu'ish, a. nllA, 

Bluff. . • 1 u f , a. O. Eng. blough y. (blustering) 
bar-bolA, dhlth, mn grA ; (rude in manner) nA- 
tarAshMa; (surly) talkh ; — n. (steep) khArh 
pabArh dbAlfl kafarA ; Bluffness, blaf'nes, i». 
magral, dliithAI. 

Blunder, blunMSr, v . *. Ger .blcnden. (to mistake 
grossly) bhtil k., galatl k. ; — n. bhfll, galatf, 
clifik. Syn Frror. 

Blunderbuss, n. Ger. donner c?isc. karAbfn, 
cbbotl aur bare munbwAII b.tndilq. [iuaq. 

Blunderhead, n. (stupid fellow) b-waqAf, ab- 

Blunt, blunt, a. G. amblunb. (dull ou the edge) 
kund, bhfitrA ; (rude) bad-liluiz; — v . t. kund 
k. ; kam k; Bluntncss, n. kuiidl, bbutrAi; 
kund-zihnl, be-imtiyAzI 

Blur, blur, v. t. Scot, bladder dAg yA’aib lagAnA, 
yuswA k.; — n . dag, ’aib, ^liatA. Syn. Blot; 
stain ; defect. 

Blurt, blurt, v, t. Scot, bluticr . shugflfa chhofnA, 
knh baitbuA; to— ut, gAlf d., tnmaskhur k. [— 

Blush, blush, v . i. A.-S* blysa, (be ashamed) 
sbarminda h., khajil h., sard-rjJ mabjflb b.; 



— it. fchijAlat, sbarraindagf, hijAb ; Blushing:, 
». (reddening of the cheeks) zard-rtil, sharm 

Bluster, blus'tgr, v. i. allied to blast, sansanAnA, 
chillAna, dhfim dhAm k. n. sannAtA; — 
about, shekbf in., gul gapAr& k., lAf-zanf k. 
Syu. Noise ; boisteroosness; tumult ; boasting; 
swaggering ; bullying ; B1 nsteror, ». (ass ag- 
yerer) lAf-zan, shefelifbAz. 

Boa, bd'a. n. L. boa. sflnp kl ek qism ; — constric- 
tor, bd'a-kon-strikt'Ar, n. L. constringcre , to 
draw together. nihdabA. ek qism k& mazbdt 
sAqp Jo tin yA chAlfs fat lambA botft hai. 

Boar, bbr. ». A.-S. bar. suar, khtlk ; bArAh; 
wild — v jaflgK suar. 

Board, bdrd, a. A-S. bred, tafehta, tafchtT ; — of n 
book, daftf; (food) khAnA pfnA; (table) das- 
tarfchwAn, me* ; (council) majiis, kamitf; — of 
revenue, mahkamai mill ;on — , jahAz yA ki^li tl 
par; bed and — , khAnA koprft aur tnnkAn; — 
of control, (governing body ior India) Hind 
k( hukdmnt karnewAU majiis; to.go by the — , 
(to be lost or destroyed ) barbAd h. ; the wea- 
ther — , jahAz kA wuh ru^h jo hawA k( taraf 
ho ; to fall over-—, jahflz par sc gir parnA ; — tv 
t. tafebti bicbhAnA ; kbilAuA pilAnA; to — with 
a person, kisl ke sAth khAnA ; Boarder, bbi d'- 
ftr, n. wuh jo kisl ke sAth rahlA o khAtA pftA ho ; 
Boarding-house, n. musAfir yA tAlib ul ’ilmon 
ke rahne kA makfln; Bdardlug-school, bord'- 
ing-sk5oI, n. mad rasa, jis men shAgird ustAd 
ke sAth brtd o bAsh karte bain, maktab-fchAna ; 

Boorish, b&r'lsh, a. from boar. nAtar.lshfda. 

Boast, beat, v. i. O. Hug. bast, shelf hi m., lAf-zanf 
k., bnrA bol bolnA ; — n. shekbf, lAf-zauf, gnrfir ; 
Boaster, bb*t-Sr, ». shekbf-b&z; ahankAr; 
Boastful, bost'fbol, 0. shefcfil-bAz, magrAr. [ — 
of] ; Boasting, ». magrflrf, shefchf-bAzf. 

Boat, hot, n. A.-S. bat. uAo, kishtf; — man, n. 
roflnjhT, mallAb. 

Bob, bob, n. lafkan, bhujkf ; — liilnA, bbnjkf 
m., fareb d.; to— clown, fnreb yA dboka d. ; (to 
strike) mAruA, pf(nA; — wig, bAl kf chho(l fopf. 
[ — about]. 

Bobbin, bob'in, n. bomous. jAlf Wnne kf sal AT. 

Bobtail, bub'tAI, n. lacdilrA ; — and rabble, AwA 
ra, bAzArf log. 

Bode, b6d, v. t. A.-S. bodiun. shugfln d., batAnA, 
jatAnA, Ayaoda kA hAl batAnA; Budcinent, 
bSl'inent, n. shugfln. fill. [inahram, cholf. 

Bodice, bod'is, n. (stays) sfnnband, angiyfl, 

Bodkin, bod'kin, n. W. bidogyn . sutArf. srtjfi, 
sAA, bAl kA kAntA, chhApnewAlon kA hart nikAl- 
ne aur bi^hAlne kA Ala. 

Body, bod'i, n. A.-S. odig. badan; (bulk of an 
animal) jism, jAma, tan, deh ; ( person ) sharks, 
Admf, (Corporation) firqa, jasAmat ; — of men, 
guroh, jamA’at ; jathA ; — of the army, gol ; — 
of a tree, tana, kunda of the law, kulliyAt ; 
(strength) qflwat; a homogeneous — , bain- 
jlns, jism i masAwf; the heavenly — , ajrAm i 
falakf; m eta lie — > jism i jamAdf ; an animal 
— < > jism i haiwAnl ; any — , kof; every—, har 
ek; — guard, n. we sipAhf jo muhAbzat ke liye 
hamrAh raben; — snatcher, n. knfao-clior ; 
Bodied, bod'id, a. jismdAr, mujasrim ; able — , 
tAq&twar; Bodiless, bod'i-les, a. be-jism, be- 
baaan ; Bodily, a. jismAuf, zAtl ; — ad. jism se, 
badan se. 

Bog, bog, «. Ir. & Gael, daldal ; (privy) jAe zu- 
rAr; — v. t. daldal yA klefaaf men phansnA ; 
Boggy, bog'i, a. dald&lf. [pesh k., waswAs k. 

Boggle, bog'l, v. i. (hesitate) jhajhaknA, pas o 

Bo-hen, bo-b€', Chinese Wu-i. knm qlmat kf 

Boil, boil, v. i. L. bilire. ubAlnA, josh d., khaulA- 
nA, pakAnA over, ubAlnA; — away, ubAlnA; 
— ft. A.-S. byle. bile, sore. phorA, dumbal; a 
blind — , be-munh kA phorA; Boiler, n. deg, 
patllA, karAh; Soiling, boiling, ft. josh, ubAl; 
— pulntjis darje par ki josh AtA hai, khaulA- 

Boisterous, boia'ter-us, a. O. Eng. boistous. 
tund| Sakht, tez, shadld ; Boisteroosness, n. 

Bold, bald, a. A.-S. bald. bahAdur, diler, jawAq- 
mard ; make — , (to take liberties) AsAdl bAsii 
k.; — faced, gustAfcb, ghfth. Syn. Courageous; 
brave ; valiant, prominent ; Boldness, ft.DabA- 
durf, dilerf, jawAQ mardf. Syn. Courage ; brav- 
ery ; intrepidity. 

Bole, ba , », Sw. bul t Ger. boll, per kl dAl; anAJ 
kA paimAna ; (clod) ^belA; — n. G. lotos , mul- 
tAnf mittl. 

Bolster, bOi'at&r, ». A.-S. bolster. takiya. gaddl; 
— v. t. takya yA gaddl lagAnA. [ — upl. 

Bolt, bolt, n. A.-S. bolt, sitkanf, Lilli, ben ft; 
(measure of canvas) {AtkfnAp; — of a door,*' 
Bitknnf; — v. t. hlllf IagAnA, beQjd 1.; — away, 
— off, bhslg j. ;— in, band k. ; — out, ocbAunk 
bAhar nikalnA; to — food, jaldl jaldf khAnA yA 

Bolter, bolt'cr, n. bhfignewAlA^(a sieve) cbalnf. 

Bolus, ba'lnf?, n. L qurs, fikiyA. 

Bomb, bum, n. G. bombos. bam kA golA; (a loud 
noise) barf AwAz ; — proof, bnm'proof, a .bam ke 
zarar ae mahfdz; Bombard, bnmbArd'. v. t. 
gole m. f bam ke gole chalAnA, gola-andAzf k; 
Bombardier, bum-bil d-Sr', ». golandAz ; Bom- 
bardment, n. go.'andAzf. 

Bum bast, bum'bast, it. L. bombusium. shekbf; 
(inflated language) bace bare alffiz sc bhard 
hfiA; lafAf; mubAlaga, lAf-zanf; — a. shefchf- 
b'\z, lAf-snn. 

Bonnlide, LO'nR-fl'dS, a. or ad. L. fmAn kc sAth, 
be-dngA, salifh, wAjib; (In reality) ha<ifiat 

Bund, bond, n. A.-S. bond, (band) band, pnt:f; 
(in nnlcn) riebta, nAtA, silsila, "ilAqi ; — fui* 
debt, tamassuk, iqrAr-nAraa ; — a. (In slavery ) 
guIAm; (bound) bandhA hAA; Bondage, m . 
quid, band, nsfrf, gulAmf. 

Bends, ». bandhan, zanjfr; gulAmf ; aBlrf r q 2 >d. 
Syn. Imprisonment ; ciptivity ; chains ; Bonds- 
man, bond/maD, n. (a surety) zAmln, kafil; 
(a slave) guIAm; banda; Bondswoman, n. 
laundl, bAndf. 

Bone, bOn, n. A.-S. 6ff», Go. bain. haddf r wta- 
kliwAu; — dust, liOn'-dust, n. haddf kAcbdnd; 
— earth, b6n'6rth, n. hadtjf kf kbAk; — of con- 
tention, jhagio kA gliar ; — less, a . bn-Imddf, be- 
ustukbwAn ; — setter, bfm'set-6r, ». haaqffjof- 
nowAIA; to make no — s, and*sha na'k.; to 
pick n — with any one, (to dispute) jhagiA 
k. ; Bony, bO'nl, a. ImtUlfdAr, ustughwAnf. 

Bonfire, bon'IIr, n. O. Eng. ek alAo yA dhAnf Jo 
InglistAn kelog khnshf men jalAte bain. 

Bonnet, bon'net, n. F. zanAnf fopf. 

Bonny, bon'ni, **. F. bon . white, khtibstiraff, 
khush-numA,hasfn. Syn. Handaomo; beauti- 
ful ; pretty. 

Bonus, bo'nus, n. L. good. in’Am, nafa r kA ziyAda. 
hissa. Syn. Premram ; reward. 

Booby, boo'bi, ft. F. boubie. Abf cbiviyA; {is. 
dunce) be-waqAf, bhondd. 

Book, book, n. A.-S. boe. kitAb; jlld, pnstak: — 
v. t. darj k., dAkbil k., tAnk I.; (take places for 
travelling) safar ke liye jngah 1.; toklss tho 
— , (to take oath) qasm khAnA; — hindfng; 
jildbandf; — learning, kitAbf ’ilm;— case; 
boiik'kASjft. kitAb rakhnekf almArf r — kecpfng; 
«. Amad o kkarch » A hteAb; — maker, biSSk^- 
inAlc-fir, «. musannif, kaltib ;— making, tas-* 

nff. tAlff ; — mark, ft. nishAn jo jagah kl pah- 
chan ke liye kitAb men rakhA jAwe 

sbAiq i kitAb ; he is in my good — fl* main tm 
se kliu^k hfls ; Booking, ft. len den otqarz- wg» 
kitAb men likhnA office, bObk^ing-Qf-tis, »• 
rel kA daftar jahAa musAflroa ko tika| mi ltd 

Boom, bbbm, n. S. beam, D. boom. ek damjA j5a 
pAl phailAne ke isti’mAl meQ AtA haf; top y& 




Boorishness, ft. ganwAr-panA, dabqAniyat, 
nAtarAsMdagf, be-tamlzl. 

Boot, &55L v. t. A.-S. hot, fit, moza cbafhAnA; 

i torture) takllf d. ». fAlda, uafa\ ganfmat ; 

%%1!1 give you tlmt to — » main wuh ghAte 
meg dfiggt;— ». F. lotto. jfitA, moza 1 cbirml ; 
(a box or receptacle in a coach) sandfiq; 
Bootless, bofit'les, a. be-ffiida, IfihAsil, be-arth ; 
Boot-last, bOot'last, ». kAI-bfit. [sAya* 

Booth, boOth, ft. ebbs ppar yA kisX balk! shai kA 
Booty, btt&t'i, ». F. butin. lrtt, ganlmat, mAt i 
mutt, yagmfl. . _ x [Boozy. ». mast, sarahAr. 
Booze, bfifiz, v. i . <V. bozi, shiddat se sharfib plnfi. 
Bo-peep, bO-pSp', ft* jbfinku jlifinkl. 

Borax, bfi'raks, ft. A.j buraq. > sobAgil. 

Border, bor'dfir, ft. A.-S. lord, kinrtra; hadd, 
kor, adman, magzf, sanjAf, sarhadd; (of a 
book) hAshiya;— v. i.kadd bAndbnA, lnklr k. ; 
(be near) milnA, qarib h.;— on or upon, (bo 
adjacent) milnA; (approach) nazdlk A.; — 
land, mead, aamln i sarhadd. 

Bore, bdr, v. t. A.-S. borian. cbhcdnA, bedh iA ; 
khijtlnA jsatAnA. [ — through, — oat j. — n. ebbed, 

meg cbhed kartA hai, gbun. [tmsfm i shimAl. 

Boreas, bo're-a*, ft. uttrf hnwA, bAd i shimAl, 

Born, v.i. paulA h. ; — again, sar i nau paid! h. 

Borne, pp. of bear, utbAyA gay A, liyA gnya. 

Borough, bui 'A, ft. Ger. burg, qaumi inajlis men 
mufehtfir bh 'jne kA ifchtiyar r. w. sbalir. 

Borrow, bor'O, v. t. A.-S. borgian. qarz 1., udhftr 
1., 'Ariyatl. [—from, — ofl. [khurifdt. 

Bosh, bosh, re. Ger. hossc, (nonsense) wAhiyAt, 

Bosom, boo'zuin, re. A.-S. bosum. (breast) cbliA- 
tl, sXna; (the heart) dil ; — n. ( d.» ir, intiuiite) 
dill; a — frleud, hara-dam, dost juul. 

Boss, bos, re. Go*, butz. (a stud) phai, pliftil, 
kokd, qabah. 

Botany, bot'a-nl, a. hotane. ’ilm i nnbdt yA na- 
bAtAt ; jap' kalp; Botanic, bo-tan'ik, a. nab&- 
tAtl; Botanist, bol'an-ist, n. nnbAtfit ke ’ilm 
kA j. w. 

Botch, bi:cli, ft. It. bozza. (work clumsily done) 
kachchA kiim, jor yA ranraminnt ; — on the 
skin, dAg, muhAsa, chittl; (patch in woik) 
burA jor. 

Both, boLh, a. and pron. A,-S. ha. don on, bar 
do; — c. jainA, sfitli, bhf, usi tarah se, waisA hi. 

Bother, bothAr, v.f. diqqd., fuzfilgol k.. hairAn k., 
tasdl’a d., tang k. [ — about, — with] ;— re. tak- 
Uf; (puzzling) hairdo! ; Botheration, botli- 
Sr-a'shun, ». diqqat, taklff, bairAul; BoLhcr- 
some, a. hair.'m k. w., diqq k. w. 

Bottle, bot'l. it. IT. bauteillc. botal, qardba, shl- j 
sha ; — v . t. botal men bharnA. 

Bottom, bot'urn, » A.-S. botm. talA, pendA ; tah ; 
—of a ship, pendA, pAln ; (foundation ) bunyAd ; 
(native strength) asll tAqat; (a ship) jalnlz ; 
(ball of thread) sdt kA golA ; ( buttocks )kfilhA ; 
— o. ulchA, sab se nlc m; at — , (in reality ) dar- 
haqlqat; on one’s own—, (independent) 
fchud-mufchtAr; Bottoms, pi. talckbat, gAd ; — 
v. t. bunyAd d., ta’mfr k., ufliAuA ; — land, ft. 
zamln jo daryd ke sAhil par no; Bottomless, 
a. athAh, a gam, be-pfiyAg, gahrd, ’amlq ;— pit, 
jahannam. '• [Branch ; shoot. 

Bough, bow, ft. A.-S. bogu. dfll, dAU, sliAkh. Syn. 

Bought, bawt. ». aigthan yA gfintb, bal, kbam, 
pech ; — v. t. kbarldA hAA. 

Bounce, bouns, v. i. D. bonzen. chauka rl bharnA, 
kuldncb ra., lapaknA, mdrnA pl[nA; — off, jha- 
patnA. [ — about]; — ». (a sudden leap or 
bound) chauka rl, lapak ; Bouncing, a. tundu- 
rust, shahwatl. 

Bound, bound, part . Arm. bonn, bandhd, kasd, 
p A band, raajbAr, muqaiyad; — n. haad; ucbhal 
kAd, urdn;— pt. and pp. of bind, sarhadd 
bAndhnA, mahdAd k.; pdband k., muqaiyad k. ; 
kfidnA,uchhalnA; (certain) ynqlnan; (obliga- 
tion) majbfiran: — os a book, mujallad k. ; — 
about, (jump about) chdron taraf kAdnA; — 
ed by, badd kiyA gayA ; be— for, jAnA ; whither 
are you—, turn kahAg jAte bo;— away, (to 
van away)bhflg,j. on, AmAda b. ; homeward 

— , (sailing homeward) gbarkl taraf rAblh. ; 
weather — , mukhAlif bawA ko bA’is bandar- 
gAh meg tliabrA raboA; Boundcu, bound'en, 
a. From bind, (made obligatory) farzl, lAsiml, 
Boundhvss, a. be-hadd, ba-kasrat, be-nlbAyat, 
be-intiha ; Boundlessness, re. ifrAt, ziyAdatl, 

Boundary, bound'a-rl, ft. ha ld, sarhad, raqba. 

Bounteous, boua'ti-us, a. ( liberal )sakhl, kushA- 
da-dil, faiyAz; Bounteousness, ft. sakbAwat* 
bimmat, faiyAzl. 

Bounty, boun'fi, ft. L. bonus, (generosity) sa- 
khAwat ; (gift) bakhshish, ’inAyat, karara, na- 
wAzish ; Bountiful, boun'tl-fQtt), *. sakbl, ka- 
rlm, faiyAz. [Nosegay ; buneb of flowers. 

Bouquet, bb()-k&', n. F. guldasta; turra. Syn. 

Bourguois, bur'jois, re. ek cbhote qism keburflf 
jo long primer aur brevier kl blch ke miqdAr 
ke hole hain. [FrAnslsl rals. 

Bourgeois, boiir'jiiii-wa n. F. ck saudAgar, ek 

Bourgeon, bur'jun, v. i. F. bourgeonner. kaliyd- 
nA, pnuapnA. [limit ) hadd, intihA ; dihor. 

Bourn, boin, hoorn, re. F. borne, (a bound, a 

Bourse, boom, re. F. (the exchange) tabAdila. 

Bout, bout, re. (turn) bArl, daura; (trial) Az- 
rnAisli, qasd, koshisb; (going and returning), 

Bow, bow, v. t. A.-S. bugun. jhukAnA, niwAnfi, 
kliam k., tcfbA k.; (obeisance) kornlsh, rukfl’. 
L — to, — down] ; — re. salAm, bandagl ; (nead of 
a ship) sit A. 

Bow, bo, ». khamdAr clilz, katnrtn ; a — for clean- 
ing cotton, dhunkl, dbunwl ; a poHet — , gulel ; 
rain—, dbauuk, qatis 1 quzah ; (fiddlestick) 
kurnAnl. [(tenderness) rahm-ilill. 

Bowel, bow'el, ft. L. botcllus . antfiyAn, Ant; 

Bovver, bow'Ar, ft. A.-S. bur. kunj, gophA, kAtl. 

Bowl, bo), n. A.-S. bolla. piyAla. jAm, ka^orA; 
genrl. an[A ; sparkling — , jAm l labrez;— v. t. 
gend lurhkAuA, an[A kheluA; — along, lurbak- 
nA; — out, hflrnA; Bowler, bo/6r, ft. an(A 

liil f HUD, UlUUil y UU 

khelnewAlA, gend phenknewAlA. 
owhlcr, boI'dAr, re. gol patthar. 

BowhlCr, uui irai, «. ft-vi nun. . 

Bow-legged, bo-legd, a. [efhl [AngwAlA, kaj-pA. 

Bowline, bd'lin, a. ek rassl jo jahAz ke pAlko 
sldliA rakhtl hai. 

Bowling-alley, bdring-al-li, ft. antA khelne ke 
liye ck sflyadflr makilu ; — green, ». gend phegk- 
ne kl ek musatlah jagab. 

Bowman, bo'man, n. karoAndAr, (IrandAz. 

Bowsprit, bo'sprit, w. sabdharA. [rodA, tAQt. 

Bowstring, bd'string, n. kamAnkl qorl, chlllA, 

Bow-wow, n. kutte kA bbaugknA, bhon-bhog. 

Box, b )ks, re. A.-S. box . (a hard wood) safcht 
lakff ; (chest of wood or iron) sandfiq, san« 
ddqcha; (first class seat in a theatre) nfich- 
gharmenauwal darje kl nashisbt-gfih ; — for 
dice, chonuA: — for pills, dibiyA ;— or a coach, 
g&l't men bAnkncwAle kl jagab ; in the wrong 
— , (mistaken) gnlatl men b. ; to — the ears, 
goshmAU k„ thappnr mArnA;— ft. G. pux, fist, 
dhnul, ghrtnsA, goshmAIl; — v. t. sandfiq meg 
bharnA, ghfig«A m., mukke-bAzl k.; Boxer, 
boks^fir, ft. ghnnsA larnewAlA, mukke-bAz. 

Boy, boy, ». Ger. bube. la^kA, chhokfA, laugdA ; 
Boyhood, boy'hood, n. larakpan, tuffiliyat; 
Boyish, boy'isb, a . tifl-mizAj, tifl-fcho; Boyish- 
ness, ft. tillagl, larakpan. 

Brace, brfis, ft. L. brachium. band, bandban, pat- 
tl, jotA ; — pi. (straps that sustain pantaloons) 
band jis se patlfin saiubhall rahtl hai, gAlis; 
— v. t . band bAndbnA yA kasnA, pattf bAgdhnA. 

Bracelet, brfis'iet, ft. chfirl* pabugchf, kangan. 

Bracing, ti. kasAo, chustl;— a. tAzugf d. w. f 

Bracken, I rak'en, ft. jbArh jhAf. 

Bracket, brak'et, ft. F. braquet. kbfigtf* t^kanf 
ek nisbAu is tarah kA []. 

Brackish, brak'ish, a. namkln, khArl. 

Bract, brakt, ft. L. bractea. (a small leaf, from 
the axil of which a flower proceeds) kogpal, 
chhotA pattA; Bracteal, brakt'ft-al, a. kogpnl- 
dAr. [me^h. 

Brad, brad, n. Dan. brand, prick, be sir kl kll yA 

Brag, v i. Ger. pruchen. (a boast or boasting) 
sbegblau [—of, — about] n. ebe^hl, lAfz-aali 




t&shk? khel kt ek qism; Braggart, brng'art, 
it, (boaster) shekhf-bnz, Qingrflr, ek uikammA 
shafcbs. [entwine together) gtindlmA, bfnuA. 

Braid, brftd, v. t. A.-S. bred in. (to weave or 

Braid, n.jMU lari, cliotf, lot. Syn. IMail ; pint. 

Brain, bran, n. A.-S. brugen. mag/, diiniig, fahm, 
*aql; *to — s, (witless) kufh-niagz: — v. t. innez 
nikftl I.; — fever, n. pirsAtn ; Brainless, a. be- 
samsjb, be-'aql. - - 

Brake, brik, ». From the root of break, qnzaf, 
jdahflna; (instrument to stop a carriage) bn k. 
rokne kl kal; (for breaking horses) klwr- 
khnfiyd; (for dressing flax) knnglif: — vim, 
rel kf pichhlf gAif. [cl >r jhArf, Tint kaiAie. 

Bramble, bram'bl. ». A.-S. brcmbcl. fcliflr, khAr- 

Bran, bran, F. & Sp. bren. chok ir, bhfisf, ;mfij UA 
ctihilkA, bfirA, La ul ; — new, hilkull nnyfi. 

Brauch, bransh, n. F. brunchc, d Al, ^hftkh of 
a river, sotA ; — of a family, nasi, anIAd ; — v. t\ 
haliAoA, taqsfrn k, (ikre.k.; — off, ok tnrai 
o j. [ — outj. Syn. Bough; limb, shoot; 
Branchless, u. be-dAI, b ,-shilkii ; be-aolAd. 

Brand, brand, n. A. *S. brand, b cor nan, (a bum 
ing piece of wood) diig. IflkA, lukff ; t-ilwAr; 
(stigma) kabtnk kA (IkA ; — »». t. garm lobe «.■ 
dAgtiA yA dagAnfl, istAmp chipkAnA ; (to stig- 
matiz*) baduAm k. I — with]; Branding iron, 
brand'jng l-riiQ, n. dAgne kA lohu. 

Brandish, brandish, v. t. From brand . phirAnA, 
chamkinA. [slmrAb. 

Brandy, brand'd!, n. O. Mug. brand win v. br.indf 

Bra as, brass, n. A.-S. bran, pitil, bir.inj ; (mi* 
pudense) be-hnyAf ; Brassy, a. p.tal kA, biran* 
Jl; (impudent) be-hnyA, b n -sharm. 

Brat, brat, n. A.-S. brati. (a child) larkA, 
chhokcA, laundA. Brats, pi. n. kachclic bach* 
che, larke bale.’ 

Bravado, bra-vA'do, n. Sp. bravuda. (boast) 
she^bf. JAf-zanI; (defiance) dhamkf, gldni- 

Brave, brftv, a. F. brave. bahAdnr, diler, jaw an 
raard, mardAna; — n. bahAdnr shaklis; — v. I. 
bahAdurf k., dhifAl k. ; (defy) haiu-ehnshm h. ; 
—it out, mustaqil r., fnisala yA anjAin tak 
larnA. Syn. Couragonns; daring; bold : Brav- 
ery, n. bahAuurl, dilcil, jawAnmardl. Syn. 
Courage; heroism ; intrepidity. 

Bravo, bru'vO, n. (assassin) qAlil ; khfinf; — int. 
shAbAsh, Afrfn, marlin bA, wAchh;e. 

Brawl, brawl, v. i. F. bruitlcr. gnl k. ; jliagrA k. ; 
— n. (noisy, quanel) gul gapAifi, jkugpi: a 
drunken — , sharAblon kf la cAf yAaul g>pA(A; 
Brawler, n. gaugAf, liujjall, lar&kft, jhagrAnl, 

Brawn, brawn, «. O. II. Ger. braio. suar kA 

{ rosht, namkfn goslit ; patthA, mutApA ; — of tlic 
eg, piudif; Brawny, a. (inuscnlur) qawl. 

Bray, br&, 17. i. brayer . (to pound) bArfk pfsnA ; 
(to utter a harsh cry as an ass) r.nknA; — n. 
gadhe kf AwAz, renk. 

Braze, bruz, v. t. F. bruser. pftal bo ninrhnA; 
Brazen, a. ( made of brass, impudent) gustAUli, 
be-s iarin ; biranjf, pftalf ; — age, dwApar-jim ; 
— e. i. munh chirhAnA, munh bauAnA ; — fared, 
br&'zn-fast, a. be-gairat,~bc-h:iyA, be -s harm, 

Brazier, brft'zhSr, n. tbajherA, knscrA. 

Breach, bi&ch, n. F. orvehe. durAr, shizfif; higAf, 
ifchtilAf, nlfAq, nAchAqf, JudAf; — of won! or 
contract, shikastagf-i-iqrdr;— of a wall, shi 
g&f ; — of faith, ’adh-shikanf, be-fmAnf ; — of 
promise of marriage, shAdf kl wa’da-shik ini ; 
—of iaw, taulifn of peace, bid’at, AmAdagf i 
fasAd; — t>. t. darAr k.,shigAf k., naqab d. Syn. 
Rent ; cleft ; dispute ; contention. 

Bread, bred. ». A.-S breod, rotf, nAn, chapAtf; — 
•fruit, bred'frfft, n. ek qism kA dar.ikht. 
Breadth, bredtb, a. A.-S. brad. clmufAf, ’arz, 

Bieak, brftk, e. f. A.-S. brikan, (rent or 
burst with violence) toynd, phovnA, ttirkAnn; 
(become bankrupt) diwitliya b.; (decline 
in health) blmAr h. ; — open, (open by forev) 
sabardastf khol tof tAf k., tor pliAf k„ 
(as morning) pau pha(uA; — away, (run off) 

bhAg j. against, (dash against) {akkarm.;— 
cover, (dish forth) jhnpatko nikAlnA ; — down, 
tni j., kani7or ho j., radd b.; — fast, nAshta k. ; 
— ground, (begin) shurfl’ k.; (plough) jotn&; 
— forth, (issue out) philtnA, nikalnA ; (forcing 
a passage) rAh k. ;~«a house, Fepdh mfirnA, 
naqab-zanf k. ; — in or upon, (enter unexpect- 
edly) tfichunak A j.; (train as a horse) qadam 
nik ilnA into, (break in) sendhd.,ghus parti A ; 
(tooxenim) chillAnA; — loose, (escape from 
f«‘tlers) AzAd h. off, (stop suddenly) nchAnak 
ruk j. ; (t ar as under) pliAf <J., (or nikal 
bliAgnA ; — out, (form in erruptlons)phtit nikal- 
nA ; (h come dissolute) gum rAh ho J. ; (to 
appear suddenly) aehAnnk h. J — through, 
(force through) gfuis j. ; — up, (dissolve) bar- 
kiiAst li. ; (turn up with the plough) jotnA;— - 
vrltli, (cease to be friends) aostf chhornA : — 
one’s fast, roza kholnA; to — the heart, dil 
tofn.'i ; to— the ice, mushkil AsAn k., kisf mush- 
kit k:iui men hA(h IngrtnA; — news to one, kisf 
ko is tnnr par bid khabnr sunAnA ki us ko 
sadina na pnhunebe ; — n. A. S. hrmc. (At phfft; 
(a pause) (IuiIhAo; — of day, (opening) bhor, 
fajr, tnik 5 ; Iheiknge, bin'kflj, n. (At 1 phAtf 
clifz, tA(f hAf chfz kf qfmat jo ’iwaz men dl 
jAwe; Breaker, luak'Sr, w. tornowAlfi, phorne- 
wAIA; pasifkA pfpA;— pi. aor Id lahren, luud 

Breakfast, bra k 'faBt, n. nAshta, nihArf, hAzirf 
ya’ue suhh kA kliAnA; — v. 4, nAshta k., hAzirf 
lciAnA. [tor. 

Brcnk-rrrlr, lirAk'nek, a. kf vVirnAk, gnrdan- 

Brakcwnter, brftk'waw-tSr,' n. (any structure 
to break the force of waves) 1: hri kA rokne- pushta. 

Bream, briim, n. F. bretne , ek qism kf machhlf. 

Breast, hresl, n A.-S. breast, (bosom) chliAtf, 
Bfna; kuch; (nipple) bliilnf; (dispodtion) 
mizAj ; (conscience) zainfr; (miiul) dil, jigar; 
give l lie — , dAdii pilAnA ; — of a bird, pe[f ; — v. 
t. elihfttf s<; lagAnii yA I i plana ; (meet in front) 
sAmluie k. ; — holt, sfna-baud; — bone, brest'- 
l on, 7i. sirsfna, cl.hAtf kf haddf ; — pin, brest'- 
]iin, n. ekzcwnrjo sine pur pnhlnte hnin; — 

I laic, b rest' plat, n. chaprAs, poll, sfnnbmd; 
to make a clean — of, dil kA buklulr nikfilnA, 
k di guzarnA. 

Brcatli, broth, n. A.-S, bret'dh. dam, sAns ; (life) 
jAn. zindagf ; out of — , (without life) bo-jAn 
h., (!:iin ukiiii fiiA, j-Aih (AfnA. Breathing, brfith' 
ing, n. (laiu-lt!islif. Breathless, brfith'les, 
o. b?-j.*in, bo-ilan? murda. [vlam chhornA. 

Breathe, broth, v. ..dam 1., pAqs 1. ; (to expire) 

Breech, Ineoh, a. (hnderpnrt) pfchhA, pepdA ; 
ciifitar: kollif. [ pAejAina, tambA. 

Breeches, hr eh'ez, n. pi. A. S. broc. (trousers) 

Brcreh-loailing, brecii'iOJ-ing. a. koihidAr, pen- 
deda r. 

Breed, b:ed, V. t. A.-S. bredan. pftidA k., jannA, 
biyAuA ; p ;inA, parwarish k., tarbiyat k.; pel 
r. [ — from | , —a. nasi, asl, zAt, byant, jbol, 
qal)fla,aulAii ; bans ; pure — , asfl ; cross — , dog* 
1A, Breeding, n. (education, maimers, nur- 
ture) taibiyat, lawish, parwarish, pilan; 
bad — ,’asbl ; good — , adab, imtiyAz, 
nek niliAdf. 

B coze, lire/, n . Sp. brizi. rk balkf hawA, jhikorA, 
jhoku : (an excited .•dale) toz labf’at; jhagrA; 
morning — , sabfi. Breczelcss, brez'lcs, be-ha- 
wfi, sunsAn, sAkin. 

Brethren, breth'ren, n. pi. bhAf, birAdar. 

Brevet, b re-vet' n. F. hAsil kiyo htie darja kl 

Brevier, bre-ver', n. rk qism ke Inirfff; (Print) 
A small kind of printing type, in size between 
bourgeois and minion. [ikhtisAr, kotAbf. 

Brevity, brev'i-ti, n. L. brevis, kamf, chhofAf, 

Brew, bind, v.t. A.-S. breovau. slmrAb khfncbnA, 
shnrAbb. ; (toplot) tndbfr k.. mansfiba bAqdh- 
nA; Brewer, n. knlwar, bozAkash ; tadbfr k. 
w. ; Brewery. bido'6r*i, n. (brew-house) sha- 
rub-kluina, kalwariyA; Brewing, ». sharub- 
kaslii', 'nrq-kashf. , 

Bribe, bill*, n. F. brine, rishwat, glifls ; — v. t, 
rishwat d. Bribery, brib'£r-i # n nshwat* 




Brick, brik, ». Armor, pri. (clay) Inf, khisht. 
Brick, v. t. IntbichuAnA, lat se b. ; — 1st se 
band k. ; — Out, brik'bat, n. roffi, 1st kA tukrA ; 
•— kiln, brik'kiln, n, pazAya, bhafjhA; — layer, 
brik'JA-Ar, n. rAj, nn’mAr; — work, n. 1st kA 
kflm ; — (Just, surghf. 

Bride, brid, n. A.-S. bryd. dulhin, 'urrts ; — cake, 
b U'kAk, n. sliAcIl ke waqt kl mi^hAI ; — cham- 
ber, sliAdf kA katura; — groom, brld'-grfliJui, 
n. A.-S bryd, and gumu. dulliA, nausha; ban- 
rfl, bar. 

Bridal, bild'al, a. From bride , biyAh kft, ’urflsf. 
Brides maid, bildz'mad, n. dA>A,dulhIn kl sahell 
yA kliAdima. 

Bridge, brij, ft. A.-S. bryeg. pul, sctu ; (of the 
nose) biusd; (of (bo fiddle) juwArl ; — of boats, 
nAw kA pul ; draw — , takhte kA pul jo ufiw gu- 
zar jAne ke liye uthA lewen ; suspension — , 
IbAIA pul ; — v. t . pul bdndbuA ; — over, pul 

Bridle, brl'dl, n. A.-S. bridel. bfig, lagAm ; — v. t. 
lagAm lagAnA ; ikbtiyAr yA qAbrt mes k. Syn. 
Check ; goveru ; coutrol ; repress. 

Brief, bifif, a. L. brevis, (short, concise) inukh- 
tasar, rnujaul, zara sA, nannhA sA; snuclihcp; 
— ft.ifchlisAr; (short writing) tah- 
r(r; — in short, iua word, mukhtas.iran. 
Brier, brl'ftr n. A.-S. braar. kliArdur darafclit, 
katHA darafcht ; sadA-gulAb; syotl. 

Brig, brig, ft. Abbreviation of brigantine, do mns- 
tdl kl kisbtf. 

Brigade, brig'Ad, n. F. from brigue , luraan, fauj 
kA ek hissa ; — v. t. pal(an qAim k., f.mj-baudl k. 
Brigadier-general, bng'ii-der-jeu'Ar-al, n. tu- 
maudAr, fauj ke ek hisse kA sardAr. 

Brigand, brig'aud, n. F. brigand, (robber) qaz- 
zAq, luterA, <jAkQ; Brigandage, brig'an 1-aj, n. 
chorl, lflt» rahzaiif. 

(right, brlt. a. A.-S. beorht. (shining) chamak- 
dar,sAf; (iullof light) roshan, tAbAg, jalwa- 
gar; (witty) tez-fahm, zahfn ; Brightness, u. 
(illustrious) mashhdr, nftmwar ; Brighten, n. 
t. chamkAnA, roshan k., khush k., shuhrat d. 
.irllllaut, bril'yaut, a. F. briller. raunaqdAr, tfi- 
bAn ; (shining) chamakdAr; Brilliancy, bril'- 
yan-si, n. bar! roshnl, nihAyat chaiuak damak. 
Brim, brim, n. A.-S. brymme. lab, kinAra, munli. 
Syo. edge, border, rim, yerge, margin ; Brim- 
ful, brim'fOftl, «. labAlab, muuhA-munh, labrez, 
nharpAr ; Brimming, brim'iug, o. labrez, labA- 

.rimstonc, brim'stdn. n. A.-S. brync. gandliak. 
Brinded, brind'ed, a. A.-S. byrnan, ablaq, kabrA, 

Brindled, brind'ld, a. bfltedAr. 

Brine, biin, n. A.-S. brync. Abshor, khArA yA 
narakln pAnl ; (sea) sAgar,bahr; (tears) AqsA, 
ashk ; Brinish, brlu'ish, Briny, biln'i, a. khA- 
rA, namkfn, shor, lonA. 

(ring, bring, v. t. A.-S. bringan. lAnA, le A., lete 
A., pahugchAnA; (to incline) jhukAuA phirAnA ; 
— about, nikftlnA, tamAm k. ; — against, (to 
accuse) ilzAm l&gAnA ; — back, (recall) pherl., 
bulAnft; — before, (to present j posh k. ; — 
down, (to humiliate, to depress) niche k., ha- 
11m b., zalli k. ; utAruA; — forth, (to give birth, 
to produce) phal lAnA, jannA; — forward, (bring 
in front) sAmhne 1.; (cause to advance) 
b&fhAuA; (adduce) peshk. ; — in, andarl. ; (to 
suppljr) muhaiyA k. ; — into order, (reduce to 
order) tartlb d. ; — off, chhutAnA; — on, — up- 
on, shurfl’ karAnA; — over, apne men milAnA, 
pher 1., pAr le JAnA out, ( to show ) zAhir k. ; 
— round, (conciliate) rAzlk. ; (to make well) 
changA k. ; (to bring to) lAnA ; — to pass, 
(effect) karnA, anjAm d. ; — under, (to subdue) 
apue taht yA qabze men k.; — up, (educate) 
tarbiyatd.; (vomit) qai k. ; to — to, bear up- 
on, ( to bring to act ) tAslr k. : to — to light, ( to 
make clear) sAf k., raushan k. ; to — to mind, 
sihn-naBhfn k., yAd dilAnA ; to — to terms, rAzl 
k. ; to — home a charge to one, mulzim k. ; to 
— to grief , ran j pahunchAnA; to — to a stand- 
still, thahrAnA, roknA, thAmnA. 

Brink, bringk, ». Dan. (edge ormargin of a steep 
place; verge) kayArA, kinAra, lab ; tlr. 

Brisk, brisk, a. W. brys. (full of spirit or life)! 
chu^t, cliAiuk, jaldbAz, pburtflA, cbanchal; 
Briskness, brisk 'ness, n. cbustl, cbAlAkl, jald* 
bAzI. [(the breast) cbhAtf. 

Brisket brisk'et, ». F. brechet. slue ka gosht; 
Bristle, br.s'sl, n. A.-S. bristl. kach, suwar kA 
bAI ; — a. t. bAl tharrAuA, phurahri i., roAp kha- 
fA k. ; to — up, gussa h. 

Bristly, bris'ii, n. khArdAr. katflA. [daftf. 

lirlstol-board, bris'tol-bord, n. ek musattah 
Britannic, bri-tan'ik, British, brit'ish, a. Brit- 
A n i y a’ no Arigrez. [ nish An. 

British-iion, bril'ish-II-iin, n. Great Britain kA 
Briton, brit'un, n. Britain kA bAshinda. 

Brittle, brit'l, «. A.-S. breotan. (easily broken, 
fragile) uAzuk, subuk, tunak; — ft. Brittle" 

Broach, broch, n. F. broche. sfkh ; jngnd -o. A. 

( pierce) chliedn'i, khotnA ; (utter) kah a., bat- 
1A d., shuhrat, d., prakash k. ; to — a subject, 
bAt clihefnA. 

Broad, braw l, o. A.-S. brand, (wide) chaufA, 
'arz-dAr, farA^h ; (extended) sAf, zAhir;— 
day-light, din doptihar, roz i raushan. Syn. 
Ample; comprehensive; wide; large; vast; 
Broaden, brawd'n, v. i. chaufA k., kushAda k. ; 
Broadness, brawd'nes. n. chaufAf, knshAdagf. 
Broadcast, hrawd'kast, a. kushAdagl se*; to 
sow — , bakhern.i. 

Ilroadi loth, brawd'kloth, n. bAnlt. 

Broadside, brawdMd, n. jahAz kfx wnh hissa jo 
pAul sc u par ho ; ek rukhA chhapA bfiAkAgaz. 
Broadsword, bra wd'sord.n. chauje phal kl tal- 
wAr, tega, shainsher. 

Brocade, bio- k ad', n. It. broccare. kam^hwAb, 
zar-buft, zar-doz, lasli, bAdlA. [qlsm. 

Broccoli, brok'o-li, n. It. broccolo. kobl kl ek 
Brochure, bro-slidor', n. F. brecher. (a pamph- 
let) risAla. 

Brocket., brok'et, n. do-sAla hiran. 

Brogue, brdg, n. Ir. and Gael, brog, bhArl aur 
bad-shaki jCltl ; bad-talaffuz aur feharAb muhA- 
wara. [kAr-choblk. 

Broider, broid'er, v. t. F. broder. gul-bAta b.. 
Broil, broil, n. (lumult) jhagfA, bakberA, qaziya, 
takrAr, hujjat, Syn. Feud ; contention ; fray ; 
affray ; — v. t. bhdnnA, kabAb k., jhulasnA, jhul- 

Broke, brOk, v. i. dfisre ke liyekAm anjAm d.; 
Broker, brtYkfir, n. O. Eng. brooour. darmiyA- 
uf, dallAl, arhatiyA; Brokerage, brO'kAr-aj, 
n. iln II All. 

Brukru, From break. (At A phrtlA, shikasta ; — up, 
mauqflf hAA ; — hearted, brokn-httrt-ed, a. dil- 
Rhikasta ; — sleep, kachebi nfnd ; — meat, niwA- 
la, reza, jhAfba khanA. [sambandhl. 

Bronchial, brong'ki-al, c. muta’alllq-halq,kanth- 
Bronchitis, brong-kl'tls, n. balq kl sozlsh. 
Bronze, bronz, n. It. bruno, brown, kApsA, pltal ; 
sikka; mArat; — v. t . (harden or colour like 
bronze ) pftal sA kupA k. [par lagAyA jAtA. 
Brooch, broch, n. ek zewar jo poshAk men sine 
Brood, brOdd, v. i. A.-S. brod. (sit as on eggs), 
andc senA ; andesba k., taraddud k. over, nA- 
ummcdl se sochnA; — ». (offspring) bachche, 
aulAd, jhol. 

Brook, brOtjk, it. A.-S. broc. (stream smaller than 
a river) uAla, nahr; — v. t. A.-S. brucan. (bear, 
endure) bardAsht k., sabr k., tahammul 
sahnA. [jArob ; — stick, jArob kA <jan$A* 

Broom, brUlim, n. A.-S. brow. jhAffl, barhnf. 
Broth, broth, n. A.-S. brodh. sborbA yA surwA, 
jilik [kasbl-kbAna, chaklA* 

Brothel, broth'el, n. F. bordel. (a bawdy house), 
Brother, bruth'Ar, n. A.-S. brodhor , L. /roter. 
sagA bhAt, bhAl, bhaiyA, blran ; — in-law, sAfhtt, 
ham-zulf, sAla ; a twiu — , tauml bhAl, jufiyAn ; 
step — . sautolA bhAl; — 's wife, bhAbi, bhAwnj; 
— ’s son, b atfjA; — ’s daughter, bhatljl; 
Brotherhood, bruth'8r-b8ttd, n. bhAl-bandl, 
birAdarf ; Brotherly, bruth'fir-li, a . bhAl kA 
birAdnrAna ; — love, birAdarAna muhabbat. 
Brougham, brdcim, n. cbAr pahiye kl gAfl. 

Brow, brow, n. A.-S. brav. abrff, bhaup; (fore- 
head ) m AthA ; — of a hill, lab ; chb Atl, dAmaa 2 
to knit the — , nAk bhaun chafbAnA, gussa k* 




Br.iirbeat, brow'bSfc «. t dbamk4n4,4Bfch dikb 

Brown, brown, «. ganduraf rang, bhflrfl rang 
a. A.-S. beornon. bbflrd, gaudumt, Mdimt 
' study. hAlafc i be-khudl, hAlat i be-dill; v, t. 
bhArA k., gaud urn! yA bfidAral k.; Brownish, 
.brown'ish, «. fhfirA, ganduml; Brownuess, 

и. bbArApan. ^ . . , 

Browse, brows, t, t. (feed as cattle on branches 

and shrubs) charnA, cliugnA. [ — on] ; — n.^Armor 
brous. ohArA, ghAs pfit yA darakht kl narm 
dAliyAn jo jAuwar ke kliftne kc lAiq hon. 
Bruise, biiidz, v, t. A.-S. brysan (crush by a 
' heavy fall > kuehaluA, kflnchuA, chaknAcbfir k. ; 
(to fight with the fists) ghAnse la^nA, mukke- 
bAz! k.;~ ». chot, chapef. , _ 

Bruit, brbttt, n. F. (report, rumour) shuhrat, 
charcba, nfwAh; — v. t, shuhrat urAnA, charchA 

к. , mashhAr k. [ — about]. „ 

Brumal, broO'mal, a. L. brumma sarmAl, jfife ka. 
Brunette, brbd-net', n. F. brun. sAonll aurat, 

k&adutul rasa kl chbokrl. [sadma, barala. 
Bruut, a. A.-S, bront. zor; (shock) jhonk, bnl, 
Brush, brush, n. O. FI. Gcr. 6 ursta f kfifichl, kflach ; 

. (a painter's pencil) raA-qalam, burush ; (bushy 
tail) gucbchhedar dura ; (a quick fight) dhAwe 
• kl mgr; — v. t. kAncbi m., jhAruA; (paint) 
rafiguA ; — wood, brush' wbfid, n. jn&ii, jangal. 
Brusque, brfisk, a. F. (rude). nA-t&rAshlda, 
guatAkh, be-adab. 

Brussels-sproats, brus'selz-sprowts, n. pt. ek 
narm qism kl kobhl, kogpal i kobhl. 

Brustle, brus’l, v. i. A.-S. bentan (to crackle) 
taraknA, kar*kn&, ch&taknA. 

Brutal, broO'tal, a. wuhshl, be-rahm, k&ttar, 
akkh&r; Brutality, brttO-tai'i-ti. n. be-rahml, 
nA-shAyastagl, sape-dill. 

Brute, brfifit, a. L. brutua. (unreasoning man) 
be-’&ql, be-tamlz; (a beast ) hai win ; (a savage) 
janglf; (violent man) tund-kfao: — a. haiwAn i 
mutlaq, oe-'aql sbafchs ; Brutish, brAOt'ish, a. 
haiw&a-khaslat, tnnd-kho, wabshf. Syn. Igno- 
rant ; stupid; savage ; cruel ; Brutishucss, n. 
be-rahml, wahshlpan, haiwAniyat. 

Babble, bubl, n. D. bobbcl. L. bulla. babfilA; 
.(anything empty) feliiyfil i kUAm, be-asl sbai, 
namAd be-bad; — a. (a cheat) dagAbAz; — v. i. 
babfllA ntbnA ; fareb d. [ — out, — up]; Bub- 
bler, bub'lgr, n. fareb, ek qism kl machbll. 
Bucauler, Buccaneer, bnk'a-nAr, n. F. boucanier. 

(a pirate) daryAt chor yA tfAkA. 

Buck, buk,n. A.-S. bucca. (male of the deer, 
sheep, goat, rabbit and hare) AhA, hiran. 
Bucket, n. F. baquet, dol, (jolcbl, chhAgal. 
Buckle, buk'kl, ».L. bucca. baksfiA; chaprAs ; — v. 
t. bApdhnA, k&snA.baksAA lagAnA; — -with, (to 
grapple) pakarnAyA la^nA, ham-rabt h., mil- 
nA; — to work, kftm men Up&tnA, mail h. 
Buckler, buk'JSr, a. ek qism kl qhAI. 

Buckra, buk'ra, n. gorA Adml. 

Buckram, buk'ram, a. kalapwAlA kapfA. 
Buckskin, buk'skin, a. hiran kl khAi ; mirgchhA- 
1A. Linn ide se rot! bantl. 

Buckwheat, buk'hwSt, ». pauda, asifij jis ke 
Bud, bud, a. D. hot. G. phuo. konpal, kali, shigA- 
fa; — v. t. (put forth buds) kaiiyAnA ; ( to graft) 
qalam lagAnA. Budlct, bud'let, a. chho(l kail ; 
Budding, bud’ding, n. shiguftagf. 

Buddhisut, bud'izm, a. mazhab i Baudh. 

Budge, buj, v. t. F. bouger . hat U hilnA, talnA, 
•araknA, chale j. [ — from]. 

Budget, buj'et, a. F. bougette. (a bag, a stock, a 
financial statement) thaill; ek sAlAna IdsAb 
}o InglistAn kl majlis i 'Amm meg pesh hotA 
nal, sambll. 

Buff, buf, a. F. bOBuft beef, bhains kA chamrA ; 
fauj kft chirm! llbAs ; halkA zard ragg, sAbar ; 
|bfigsA, miikkA ; to stand—, Astln chafhAkar 

buffalo, buf'fa-16. h, G. boubulot. bhaigsA, 
bhains ; — robe, buf fa-Ifi-rOb, ». bhains kl 
khAIjo ma* bAlke taiyAr kl jAtf bai. "fsbai. 
Buffer, bul'fftr, n. relaArl kl takkar roknewAU 
Buffet, buf'fet, n. F. buffet, ek qism kl aim Art ; — 
a. F. buffe. It. buftetto. ghdgsA, tamAcba, thap- 
^5— F. ghugsiyAnA, ghfigsAm. Buffeting, 

n. mflrplf, jhagfA, hakhefA; toga tOrr-, (t© 
fight) JafAl k. 

Buffc^ia, buf-fdfin, n. It. buffa. (a m/mfc) mas- 
fcbara, (hathol, naqqdl, bhAgcl. Buffoonery, 

n. maskbarApan, dll Jag!, hazl. 

Bug. bug, n. w. bwg. khatmal, Uffs. 

Bugbear, b.ig'bAr, a. W. bicg. (a scarecrow) 

dhapallA, dhokhA; ghfighfi, Ifhiy&ll ^hauf, 

Bii?gy, bug'i, n. bagghf. fqnrnAl, bignl. 

Bugle, bfi'gl, a. F. beuglcr, turbl, narsinghA, 
Build, bild, v. t . A.-S. byldan, ta’mir k., ran An A, 
utbAnA;—on, — upon, bharosa rakhnA: to— 
castle In tlie air, ghAm-^hiyAl! k. [—up] ;— ». 
banAwat, dil daul ; a man of strong — , shah- 
zor Adm!, tawfinA. Building, ». 'imArat, mabal, 
hawel!. [girah ; — v. t. phfil j. £ — out]* 

Bulb, bulb, n. L. bulbus. pot!, putiyA, gAgth» 
Bulge, bnlj, a. A.-S. balg. pipe kA ubbfA hirna;— 
v. i. ubharnA, phtlinA, mArA j. [ — out]. 

Bulk, bulk, n. Icel. bulka . mofAl, barAf. qadd, 
jasAraat ; In — , (in the mass) samflchfl, bilkull. 
Bulkiness, n. motAl, ba*Al, jasAmat. Bulky, 

o. motft, jasf :n, qaddAwar. 

Bull, bo51, it. A.-S. bellan. sAnd, nargAo; pope kA 
isbtihfir ; — clog, n. ek mazbnt o dil&war kuttA ; 
— finch, boul'linsb, n. ek qism kl chi(iyA;— 
frog, bdOl'iiog, n. barA mendhak; (asigu In the 
zoliac) burj i saur ; brikh ; to make a — .gala- 
tl k. necked, dagAbAz; — ’s eye, ek qism kl 
lAl(ain ; — calf, bachhfA ; ahmaq, gabl. 

Bullet, bfiol'let, n. F. boulc. bandfiq kl golf. 
Bulletin, n. F. bulctin. hAkimAna kaifiyat, sa- 
rishie kf kaifiyat. [rtlpA, slm o zar. 

Bullion, bddl'yun, n. L. bulla. chAgdf-sonA, sonA- 
Bullock, boOrlok, ». A.-S. bulluoa. bail. 

Bully, biKH'i, n. O. Eng. dangal, kalla-zan, bAn- 
kA, shefchf-bAz ; — v t. (endeavour to frighteiT) 
dbamkflnA, gulfish k. Syn. BIuBter ; swagger. 
Bulrush, boo 'rush, n. barA mothA. 

Bulwark, bool'wArb, n. O. H. Ger. polon, and 
Ger. icerh. burj, hiaAr, marhala, parda; — r. t . 
mazbfit k., qawl k. 

Bum, bum, v. i. bhinbhfnAnA, shor k. 

Bumble-bee, bum'bl-be, n. O. Eng. bumble , 
and bee, mumAkhl. 

Bump, bump, w. (a thump, a heavy blow) dha- 
mak, dhamfikA, gaddA; — v. t. Ger. bamsen . 
(honknA, plfaiA, mArnA, gul k. f shor k. [rez. 
Bumper, bump'dr, a. labAIab piyAla,jAm i Jab- 
Bumpkln, bump'kin, n. W. pwrnp o ddyn. (an 
awkward rustic, or country lout) dahqAnf, be- 
tamlz shafehs. Ltr mfthl rotl, gandaura. 

Bun or Bunn, bun, n. Scot. bun. ek qism kl chho- 
Bmicli, bunsb, *> Icel. bunki, (a number of 
things tied togther) guchchhA, pfill, gaudh, 
gaddf; (knot) gAnth; (as bunch of carrots, 
radish, onions, greens) gAjar, mail, piyAzvft 
tarkAr! kA gafthA ; — of keys, chAMon kA guch- 
chhA; — v. t. ikattbA k., guchchhA bAndhnA yA 
kasna ; Bunchy, a. guchcbhedAr, chhatnAr. 
Bundle, bun'dl, n. A.-S. byndcl. gat hr!, buqcha, 
gatthA, bandal, pArsal; (as a bundle of clothes) 
kapre kl ga[hr! v. t. chfzen ika[(hA k., gatthA 
bilQdhnA off, —out, nikAl d., bAhar k. : — up, 
gatlirl bia<ilia4. 

Bung, bung, n. dflf, ga{ta p. {. d4t lagtnft, 
munh band k. L — up] ; — holc. bung'hol, n. pipe 
kA ebbed yA sArAkh. [bangla, kothl. 

Bungalow, bung'ga-10, n. Bengalee, bangla. ghar. 
Bungle, bung'gl, v. i, be-wuqQf! se k„ bigAynA, 
kharAb # k. ;— ». (clumsy work) kuchchApan, 
chAk, bigAf, be-waqAfl ; Bungler, bung'glSr, o. 
nA-AzmAdakAr, anArl, kflfh, phAbar, mArakh ; 
Bungling, u. bhogqA, bholA, badnumA, anArl, 

Bunt, bunt, a. Ger. bund. pAl kA darmiyAn! his- 
sa ; Bunting, a. Ger. bunt, ek qism kl cbiriyA. 
jhande kA kapfA. f 

Buoy, boy, a. D. boey. langar kA nlshAn : — v. t, 
(keep afloat) thahrAnA, utrAnA; sambhAlnA, 
thAmbnA ; — np with. nibAhnfi ; Buoyant, boy' 
ant, o. tbahrAo; subuk o halkA; (vivacious, 
cheerful) zinda-dil, kbllsh-taba^ r£ 

Burbot, bur'bot,n. F. barbote. ekqism kf m&ckh* 
Burden, bur'dn, n. A.-S. byrdhetr. (load) bojhA, 




bftr t hflftnl; (load, responsibility) zimmadArl ; 
(cargo, tonnage) laddo; beast of—, bojhbar- 
ddr jAowor; to be a— toany one, tnkllf-dik h ; 
—a. F. bhourdon. (of a poem ) radlf, karf ; (of a 
song) antra; (capacity) pet, bhartl; (incum- 
brance) gale ka bar ; pdnw tl befl ; to feel the 
—of, garda gusarna; a ship of great—, bare 
bojb ka jahAz of proof, bar i subflt, dalfl i 
da’wi e. <• bojh IftdnH, bojbal k. [-with]; 
Burdensome, bur'dn-sum, tf. bhdrl, dushwdr, 
sakbt, gar4a* Syn* Heavy ; ponderous ; oppres- 
sive. [kl alman, daftar-khdna. 

Bureau, bft-rft', n. F. (chest of drawers) likhue 
Burg. Burgh, burg, ft. A.-S. (a corporate town) 
shanr jo Parliament ke liye apno logos ko bhej- 
ta hai, nagar; Burgher, burg'fir, n.shahrl, 
dzdd, mujarrad. . ( k , bi l n J 

Burgeon, bur' jun, v. t. F. bourgeon . kaliydnd, 
Burgess, bur'jes, ft. F. bourgeois . shah rf, rals. 
Burgess-ship, ft. sliahrl haqq. 

Burglar. burg'ISr, n. burg . and L latro. chor, 
segdha. w., naqabkan; Burglary, burg'la-ri, 
a. (housebreaking) naqab-zanl, segdh. 
Burgundy, bur'gun-di, n. ’uinda qism k( mai. 
Burial, beri-al, n. dufo, tadfln, tajblz o takfln ; 
—place, ber'i-al-plAs, ». qabristan, maqbara, 
dargdh, marghat; — service, murda dafnflue kl 
namaz. [ka ek auzAr, kandagar. 

lurln, bd'rin, n. O. H. Ger. bora, kanda karne 
lurkc, burk, v. t. gala ghon{kar mdr <)Alnd. 

Surl, v. t. F. bourrelet. istrl k., kapre banana, 
(urlesque, bur-lesk', a. It. burleaco. bans! k. w., 1 
mask tiara ; — a. tbatthd, khilll, mazAq; — v. t. 
thattkd k., maskhnrd-pan k., raazdq k. 
lurly, bur'll, a. O. Eng. borrely. qawl, mazbdt, 
jaslm, mutallA, kaffi, kardid. 
turn, burn, v t. A.-S. byrnun. jalAnd, phfinknA, 
sulgdnA, senknd, dg lagdnd ; ( to brand ) ddgnd ; 
(rage) gussa k. ; — down, (destroy) jal j., bar- 
bdd h. ; — In, ddgnd ; — out, sab jalA d., mitd d. ; 
— be burnt out, gbar aur asb&b jal j.;to— 
one’s flayers, achdnak kisl takllf men mubtilA 
ho j. ; to — the candle at both ends, rdt o din 
kl mihnat kf wajb Be npnl tandunistf k&nuqsAu 
k., muhtd j bo j. ; — n. sokhta, jald ; — n. nadf yd 
ndla, ndll, nahar ; (as priming) ranjak UfnA; 
— with lust, b&lbaldnd, mast! meg And. 
Burning-glass, burn'ing-glas, n. atasbl sblslin, 
sdraj kdat. 

Burnish, v. t. F. brunir. chamkAnA, jhalkAnA, 
jild d.,saiqal k. Syu. Polish ; furbish ;brigbten ; 
— n. chamkflhat, jhalkdhat, saiqal. [ bAnf . 

Burnt-offering, burnt'of-Sr-ing, n. sokhtanl qur- 
Burr, bur, n. ek qism kd kbdrdAr bQta. 

Burrow, bur'5, ft. A.-S. oeorg. bill, mAnd, gosh a ; 
— 9 . i. bil khodud, sArdkh k. ; — under, surang 
lagan*. [—In]. 

Burse, ». L. burs a. (an exchange where mer- 
chants meet) saudAgaroa ke ikatthe hone kl 

Burst, burst, v. i. A.-S. byrat an. phfltnA, phatnd, 
tfltnd, taraknd away from, uchhalbhAgnA ; 
—into tears, phftt pbflt kar rouA ; — open, 
(break open) kbulnd;— asunder, (break to 
pieces) phrtfke alag k. v tafkAnA ; — forth, nikal- 
nd, upajnd; — out, hansnd; rond; — upou, (tit 
pa?nd, A parnd, wdqi’ h. ; — into langlitcr, qah- 
qaha mArnd as a spring, phdt nikalnA. [ — 
out,— forth, — -in] *(a sudden out-break) 
k&rak, tarak. 

Burthen, n. S. lyrthen, bdr, bojh; Burthen- 
some, n. gardg, dard-angez, sakht. 

Bury, bftr'i, v. t. A.-S. byrigan . (cover with earth) 
gdrnd; (put into a grave) dafn k., mittld.; 
(conceal) chhipAnd *, to — the hatchet, sulh k., 
mel k. Syn. Entomb; enter; cover; conceal. 
I— In,— under] ; Burying-placc, bdr'i-ing- 
plds'.ft. qabristdn. 

Bush, bOttsh, ft. D. boach. jhAf, JhArl ; — v. i. chhi- 
tarnd, gband b. ; to beat about the—, kisl sbai 
ke pds ghdm kar pahugchnA. 

Bushel, bttdsh'el, n. Norman F. buaael. ek paimd- 
na battle serke waznkd; (of a wheel) Awda* 
Bushy, bdOsh'i, o. jhdfdAr, jh&ngdlA. 

Business, bii'nes, ». kdm, kdj, shugl ; pesba ; 
matlab j mind one's own— ^ apod ka® dekhnd ; 

do—, kdm chaldnd ; full of-^, bdtb meg b%* 
sbiddat kdm b. Syn, Affair j concern ; matter; 
engagement ; occupation ; profession. / 
Bosk, busk, v. t. or *. «. pahinnd. , 

Buskin, busk'in, n. F. broeaequin. ek qism kd 
dacha jdtd ; Busklned, busk'ind, a. dgcbd jdtd 
pahinehde. [L,chdmA L 

Buss, bus, n. L. busivm. bosa, cbdmd ; — v. t. boca 
Bust, bust, ». Ger. brust, breast. Go. draft*, nisf 
qdmat kl sdrat, radrat yd taswfr nlm qadd. 
Bustard, bust'drd, n. F .biatarde. shutar-murg 
ke qism kl chifiyd, bard perd. 

Bustle, bus'sl, v. t. A.-S. byaig. (stir about In 
a hurry) d*uf dhdp k., dhdm dbdm k. ; — n. 
(burry) dauf dhdp, walwala, tagdpd, dbdm 

Busy, biz'zi, n. A.-S. byaig. masfagdl, masrdf, 
sargafm ; — v. t. mashgdl b., musta’idd h , lags 
rahnd; — body, biz'zi-bod-i, n. dastanddz, dds- 
ron ke mu'dmale men dakhl d. w. [ — with]. 

But, but, prep, and o. A.-S. butan. magar, lekin, 
to, par, sirf, faqat, w&lekin ; parantu. 

But, n. Fr. brut, (a boundary, a limit) hadd, sar- 
hadd, intibA;— r. t. (to buck at one end) pal 
wasta b. 

Butcher, bi$5ch'£r, n. F. boucKer. qasdf, qassdb, 
qdtil, halAkd; — v. t. balAk k., zabh k., in'irnA;— 
bird, bSucb'Ar-b&rd, n. ek qism kl chifiyd 
meat, bOdch'Ar-mdt, n. zabb kiye bde jdnwar 
kd goebt ; Butchered, a. be-rabaal se qatl kiyd 
gayd ; Butcherly, a. be-rahml se ; Butchery, 
n. haldkat, khdn-rezf, qatl. 

Butler, but^r, n. F. boutexllier. kbdn^dmda, 
cblzon kd muhdfiz ; — ship, khdu-Amdgsarl. 

Butt, but, n. F. but , aim, Gael, buts, mark; 
(fount&ry) Bird; (lower end of a musket) 
kunda; (mark to be shot at) nishdna, cbdQd- 
mArf; dAg, sadma; (blow given by a horned 
beast) dhnkkA, ragar; (large barrel) bafA pl- 
pd ; full — , (bead-long) slrkebal; — end of a 
thing, nisbAne kA ru^h; to make a — of a 
person, kisf shafehs ko be-waqdf b. ; a — ’s 
length, chAgdmArl aur goll cbaldnewdle ke 
darmiyAn kA fAsila; — v. i. F. bouter. t&kkar 

m. , mArnA; (touch at one end) milnd. [ — at, 
— with]. 

Butter, but'tSr, n. A.-S. buter. makkhan, maskd ; 
naimi ; — v. t. makkhan malnA, chupafod; 
( flatter) Vbusbdmad yd mfthl bdteg k.;— cup, 
ek qism kA zard phdi; — milk, b it-tdr-mllk, 
». matthA, chhdch; — fly, but-ldr-fll, ». titll, 
parwAua, fardsh ; pankbf. [ — over] ; Buttery, 
u. chiknA, makkhan kf taruh sufed, rauganf;- 

n. modlkhdoa, bhanddr-khdna. 

Butter is, but'tdr-ls, n. fauldd kd auzdr jig se 
ghofe ke na’l bfindhte bain. 

Buttock, but'uk, n From butt, ehfltaf, surfa. 

Button, but'n, n. F. bouton, tukma, ghun<jf, bo- 
tdm; — v. i. tukrad lagdnd, ghundt iagdnd;— 
hole, but'n-bdl, botdm kA gbar, kdj ; I don’t 
care a — for you, main dp kl zard bht parwdb 
nahln kartd ; — hook, botdm lagdne kd kdg|d. 

Buttress, but'tres, n. F. bouter . pusbta; — v. t. 
pushta bdndbnd. 

Buxom, buks'um, a. A.-S. bocaum. (lively, brisk) 
kbnsh-taba* shaj^bs, zinda-dil, chilbillA. 

Buy, bl, v. t. A.-S. byegun. kb&rld k., mol 1.;— 
up, sab moll., — In, nlldm meg apnd mdl boll 
parchhufA).; — out, sbarlkdAr kd kfssa kba- 
rldnd; — over, rUhwat d., ek bissa d. ;— off, 
rishwat d., hissa d., mftil k., rdgib k. ; to— a 
house at une’s head, kirdeddr ke rahte fade 
kisl makdn ko mdiik se fch&rld I. ; to— ft pig In 
a poke, (to risk, to venture) jurat k. t andbt 
hoke mol 1. 

Buyer, brfir, ». kbarlddr, mol 1. w. 

Buzz, buz, v. i bhinhhindnd, phusnhusdnd. [— 
about] ; — n . bhinbbiodbat, miomludhat Syn. 
Hum ; humming noise. 

Buzzard, buz'$rd, n. L. buteo % hawk, ek qism kd 
bAz ; (a dunce) be-waqdf, gadhd. 

By, bl, prep . A.-S. big. pds, qarlb, sdtb, se ; — the 
way of, az rAh, bokar; — reason that, ba-sa- 
bab; year — year, sdl ba-sAl;— and— , thoff 
dermeg, rafta rafta; — the — , kbair to, bdg, 
bb&ld;— all means, bar sdrat se;— -no moan, 




shara’au ; to come — , bflsi 
(to treat ) suldk k. ; to set 

-, (to value) qfmat 

{tree, go) kaddri kd darafcht. 

lag in A ; to stand—, (to aid) madad k. Calabash, kalVbash, ». tunbA, kaddti, laukl;— 
stander, bl'stand-Ar, n. gaw&h, sftkh! ; — word, Calamity, ka-lara'il-i, n. L. calamitas. (great 

hr ward, n. kalnlwat, uouual, rnauAla. misfortune) afat, musfbnt, dhakkA, bad-bakbtf 

* r ... ret I..U.K d.... :_i. ^ _ . .1:.. 

Byre, blr, n. gau?Ala. [ft. ya kam-baklitf. Syn. Disaster, mishap; inis- 

Byzaiit, blz-uuL, n, Uaizantiam, sliulir kl ashra- fortune; Calamitous, ka-lntn'it-us, a. (full 

of misery) Afat-znda, Af.u-rasfda, kain-bakht, 
O. bad-bakht, taklff dih ; — time, muslbat yfi bi’pat 

ke,din Syn. Miserable ; dis’ressful ; afflictive. 

C, s£, Angrezf kA tfsrA harf ; is kA talaffu* do Calamus, kal'a-mus. n. L. bent krt darakht. 
tarah par botft hai, ek tarah misl k ke, jaisA Calasli, ka-lash', n. F. caleclte. gAff, rath, rah ffl. 

lafz icum kl pahlA harf; ddsrA misl a ke jo lalz 

[to make, chflnA b. 

ainn kA pahlA harf hai ; lekin jab harf h se mil- Culclfy, knl'si-fl, v. i, L. cub, lime, and fucere , 
tA hai to tfsrf tarah parotokf AwAz detA hai. Calcine, kal-sin, v. t . L. cab, lime, khAk k., 
C, Usutum ; (one hundred) ek sau. kushta k , mAniA. 

Cab, kab,n. Cabriolet, ek ghoj e kf chhatdAr gft- Calcography, kal-kog'ra-fi, n. G. chalkos, and 

fl;— -fare. n. gAff kA kit Aya; — n. H, gubab. ’Ib- 
rAnfon k.i ek paimaua; Cab-man, kab'man, 
n. gAffwAn. 

Cabal, ka-hal', n. IT. gabal. (an intrigue) band- 
ish, sAzish, ittifAq ; (Jewish tradition) Yabi- 
dfon kf riwAyat ; — o. i. bandish k., sazisb k. 
Syn. Intrigue; plot. 

Cabbage, knb'aj, «. O. Eng. cubbish, kobf, ka- 

ra; — n. II, gubab. ’Ib- gmphein. khariyA so naqsha khfnchnt* kA fnnn. 

Cab-man, kab'man, Calculation, ka -kfi lu'shun, n. sliurnAr, qiyAs 
hisAb, amlAzo, tnkbmfna, lekhA.[ — on — upon] ; 
(an intrigue) band- Calculable, knTkfi-lA bl, a. qAbil andAza, shu- 
sih tradition) Yuh'i- inAr karue ke lAiq ; Calculate, kaTkii-iat, v. t. 
)andish k., suzisb k. (esiimate) andAza k., takhmfna k., AnknA, 
jAnchni; (reckon) ginnA, joj-nfl ; Calculator, 
;. cubbish, kobf, ka- kal'ku- A L-S:*, n. inuhAsib, hisAb-chln. siyAqcJf.n. 

r imknlla; katran kl chort ; — v. t. ckbotf cblz kl Calculous, kul'kfi-lus, a. (like stone, gritty) 
chorl k. pathrf, sau; i musflna, patlirflA. patthar sA. 

Cabin, kab'in, n. F. cabane. (small room) chhotf Caldron, k-iwl'drun, a. L. calidus. deg, handA, 

kothrT, jbonpfA ; (a room in a ship) jahAz ki 

Cabinet, knb'in-et, n. cabin, (room in which con- 
sultations arc held) khilwat-khAna ; (council) 

karAh, ketlf : charnA. 

Calefaclent. kal-i-fii'shi-ent, n. (a substance 
that excites warmth) garrnf pahunchAnewflll 
shai. [chhotA cbiUhA ya gulkhan. 

khAss wa*fr, dfw&n i khAss ; (a set of drawers) Calefactor, kal-i-fak'tfir, n. (a small stove) ek 

ulmArf ; — maker, n. bafbal, uajjftr. 

Cable, ka'bl, n. L. oapulum. rassA, zanjfr; (sub- 

Calcfy, kal'e-tl, v. t. L. calefucere. (grow oi 
make warm) garm k. yA h. 

marine telegraph wire) samundar kf tAr-barqt Calendar, kaTeu-dAr, n. L. culendarium. an 

ka tAr; — v t. rasol bAndhiiA ; slip the — , rass.'i 
chhofnA ; to pay out or veer out the — , rassl 
dhhf k. 

account book, bald; (almanac) taqwfm, jnntrf, 
pattrA; — v. t. jantr! men likhnA: (cloth) 
kundtk.. ghotnfl; (calendar) kundl-gar. 

Cabriolet, kab-ri-A-lA', n. F. (a small one horse Calends, kal'endz, n. pi. L. calctidas . RQmfou ke 

carriage) ek shore kf kkulf hQt gfiff. 

har rnahlne kA pahlA din. 

Cachexy, ka-kebd/n. G. Icakos , and exiac. (a Calf, kaf, u. A.-S. cealf. (young of the cow) 

bad state of body) abtar hAlat, kharAb hAJat. 
Ciichlnntttlon, kak-in-A'shun, n. L. cachinnarc. 

(a loud laughter) khilkhdAImt, qahqahft. 
Cackle, kak'l, v i . Ger. lcakeln. ( to giggle) qA qA 
k., ghen pen k., kut kuf k., buk br.k k. ; — n. 
gheQ ghen, bak bak. 

bachhrA; (a stupid fellow) gAodf; — of the leg, 
pindlf, sAq. 

Calibre, kal'i-hSr, n. Ij. qua libra (a gun’s bore) 
bandfiq yA top kf nai kA chaufAn ; (capacity) 
gunjAisk; (capacity of mind) liyAqat, qrtwat i 
dimAg. [kaprA. 

Cacogruphy, ka-kog # ra-fi, n. G. kakoa , bad, and Calico, kal'i-kfi n. calicut. (a cotton cloth) sAtl 

graphb, writing, (bad spelling) imle kf galatf. 
Cactus, kak'tus, u. G. haktos. senhur, tbrthar, 

Calld, kal'id, a. L. culidus (hot, burning) garm, 
jaltA hfiA. [andherA, dhundhlA. 

Culiginoiis, ku-Ii i'in-us, a. L ouligo, (dim, dark) 

Cadaverous, ka-dav'$r-us, a. L. vidaver. (hav- Caligruphy, ka-lig'ra-fl, n. G. kaloa and gruph< 
ing i he appearance of a corpse; ghastly) mur- ein. (fair or elegant penmanship) khush- 
da sfi. . nawfsf, khusb khattf. [khamdAr. 

Caddis, kad-dis, n. Ir. cudaa. ek ois " kA fltn. Calipers, kal’e-pArz, n. pi. golA nApne kA parkAl. 

Caddy, kad-di, n. cade. chAe rakluie k.'i *>k chlio- Caliph, kaTif, n. A. khalifuh. khalifa, Mohara- 
tA sanddq. [pfpA . — a. hilfi, pftld. inftd jAe-nashfuon kA khitAb, 

Cade, k&d, n, G.kados. (a barrel or cask) ek I Calisthenics, kal-is-then'iks, n. sing. G. kaloa 

Cadence or Cadent;y, ka'dens, n. L. cadere , lfci, 
lalija, nagma, alup, utAr, dhAl, andfiz; — v. t. 
rA g ke anoAz par tartlb d. 

and sthenoa. (healthful and graceful bodily ex- 
ercise) kasrat, warzish. [kA Aparf dkaknA. 
Callx, kA’liks.n. (a dower cup) ek piyAla; phfll 

Cadet, ka-det', n. F. jangl madrasa kA tAlib ul Calk, kawk, v. t. A. galafo. (to drive oakum into 
Mlm, uuiinedwdr: (younger brother) chhotA the seams of a ship) gAhnA, darj- band! k. 
bliAf. (ke shahr yA gftnw kA munsif. Call, kawl, v.t. G. kalein. (name) uAm rukhnA; 

Cadi, ka'dl, n. (a Turkish magistrate) Turkog (summon) buIAnA ; (make r short visit) dekh- 

Cadl, ku'dl, n. (a Turkish magistrate) Turkog 
Cadmium, kad'mi-um, ». L. cadmia. justa ke 
mushAb ; h ek dhAt. 

Caesura, s§*ziVra, n. L. ccedere. (a pause or di- 
vision in a verse) taqtf, waqfa i raisra’. 

Cag, kng, n. Dan. kagge , ek chhotA plpA. 

Cage, kAj, ». I*, cavna. plnifA, qafs ; (prison > 
qaid-khAna, katahrA ; — ti. t. pin j re men r., qn i I 
k., qafs men band k. [ek halkf kishtf. 

Caique, ka'Sk, n. Turk, qniq, boat. Turkog kf 
Cairn, kSrn, n. Ir. corn, patthar kA dher. 
Oalpsoii, kAs'son, n F. (a chest containing am- 
munition) golf bArdt kA ek sand Aq, jangl AlAt 
ke le .lAnewAl! gArt. [marddd shakhs, pAjl. 
Caitiff, kA'-t if. ». L. captivua. mala’do, kAflr, 
Oslwia, «• t. F. oajokr, (to deceive or 

(summon) buIAnA ; (make s short visit) dekh- 
nA; tu — up, utbAnfi, jnglnA; to — off, bulA 1., 
pher 1 M utbA 1., (divert) tabf’at hatAnA; — tu 
account, bAz-purs k., muwAkbiza k., mubAsaba 
1.; — at, (to visit) mulAqAt k., — before, inlab 
k. down, ( invoke) du’A k. ; — forth, (to bring 
to action) talab k.;— for, (demand) mAng- 
nA, darkhwAst k M chAhnA ; — In, (invite) hulA- 
nA ; (resume) pher I. ; — in question, shakk k.; 
shubha k, ; — over, ( repeat )ra(n A, bflrbAr k‘ih- 
nA un, (implore) mlnuat k.; (visit) mulA ;At 
k.; — upon, (solicit) mAggnA;— out, pukfirnA, 
chillAnA ; — to mind, yAd rakhnA yA k. ; — n. pu- 
kAr, hAnk. ; amr, irabAd, talab, bnlAhat Syn. 
Name; denominate; summon: Calling, kauri' 
ing, *. bulikat ; posh* kftsb, kirfi; beohiU. . 

Cfellid, kftnH.fl.Xi. oalMm. (erafty, cunning, 
artful) dagAbAa. oakkAr. Uha. 

Callosity, k ,1-lorl-ti, n. ghattbA, ch&ttA, fb*t m 

Callous, kai'lus, a. L. eulloaua. (hardened, insens- 
ible, unfeeling) safcht, karaght. Syn. Obdu- 
rate ; hard ; indurated; Callousness, n. safchtX, 
karafcbtagt sang-dill. [be-bAl o par, luntfA. 
Callow, kal'IO, o. L ovUnu. (unfledged, naked) 
Calm, kim, e. G. kaumn. AsAdA, mutama’iynn, 
(quiet) sAkin, sunstn, khftinosh ; — n - rukAo, 
rAhat, taskln ; — v. t. band k., thdmbnA; tasalli 
d. v tasklo d, ; — ucss, a. Ahistngf, mulAimiyat, 
itralnAu. C — by, — with]. Syn. S: ill ; quiet; 
allay: pacify- ~ _ _ [kAku-hta. 

Calomel, kal'A-mel, a. G. halos and tnclua. pArc 
Calorific, kal-or-ii'ik, a. L. oalor. and facere. 
(cfludng beat) garinl pahuficbAnewAlA, buiA- 
rat pah igcIvinewAlA. [harchikAr. 

Caltrop, kal'trop, a. A-S. oaltrccppe. gokhrfl. 
Calumniate, ka-lum'm-At, v. t . L. mluinniari. 
tub. oat UrAnA, badnArn k., muttahim k. [ — 
by]. Syn Slander ; asperse ; maiign; def.ime; 
Calumniation, a. tnhmat, b idnAoif; OaJ am- 
nio as,'ni-us, a. tnhmat L w., bud-go ; 
Calumny, kal'um-ui, a. L. oalumnia. (slander) 
tuhmat, ittihAm, bub tin, bad-n&mL Syn. Slan- 
der ; defamation : libel. 

Calve, ktv, a. i. calf, jannl, bty&nfi. 

Calvinism, kal'vin-ism, a. Oalrin aur us be pair- 
anon kf ta’lfm ; Calvinist, kal'vin-ist, a. Cal- 
vin kf mazhabl ta’Um ke pal mu. 

Calx, k ilka, a. L. oalm. A.-S. oalo. (linear chalk ) 
khAkisiar, fchAk, mahrAqa; khariyA mittf. rAkh. 
Calyx, ki'liks, a. G. kalum. (fioweronp) pfe&l kA 
b&hi'f dbaknA yA pattL 

Cambric, k&m'brik, a. Oambv «y. (a kind of fine 
linen! ’umdao bArlk kapfA# ^ 

Came, v. t. AvA. 

0 kind, a. L. oa meins. Agf, sbutar; Oamel’s- 
halr, kain'elz-h&r, a. flat kA bAJ jiase mAq&lam 
bant A hui. 

Camelopard, kam-el'A-pArd, a. G. host (Hot and 
paidaii * . zarAfa, shutar-gAo, gAo palang. 
Cameo, kam'A-A, a. L. gemma, (a gem on which 
figures are engraved) ekqfmatf patthar jis par 
taswlren kbodi JAtl haiQ. [ wfr deklme kA Ala. 
Camera Obscura, kara'er-a ob- kfi'ra, a. L. tas- 
Camomile, kam'6-ml!, a. G chamaimdon. (a 
bitter plant of different species used in medi- 
cine) MbAna. 

Camp, kamp, a. L. oampua. papAo, laahkar-gAh; 

— p. t. papAo par n tarn A, lfhaima 4- 
C imp ilgn, kara-pan', n. L. Oampania. mu id An, 
w si’, hainwAr zamln, iashkar-gfth ; — v. i . mai- 
dftn pakapnA, chhAonl k. ; to open — , lapAl kA 
sAmfin k. [kAfAr, kapAr 

Cam ihlre. Camphor, kam'fftr, a. Per. hnfra . 
Cam-wood, kam'wOod, a. ek iakpt jis se 1A1 ragg 
n kail A hui. 

Can, kan, a. A.-S. canne. piyAla, chnkkar. kul- 
hap, pfpi : — v. t. A.-S. ounnan. snknA, qAbil h. 
Canadian, ka-nA'di-an, a. mulk i KanAdA kA bA- 
siiin la. , [nXch log. 

Can dlle, ka-n&r, a. P. (the rabble) kamlne log. 
Canal, ka-naT, a. L. conns. reed, nahr, nAld. 
Canary, ka-nA'ri, a. ek kbush-Aw;iz cbiriyA. 
Cancel, kau'sel. v. t. L. can eili, lattice; (blot 
o it a writing) mitAnA. a(hA d.; (set it aside) 
raansfikh It., bA il k. ; mahw k. 

Cancellated, a. chArkhAnadAr, j.lldAr. 

Cancer, kan' Sr, a. S. cancre. sartAn, kekrA; (a 
sign of the zodiae) bnrj i snrtAn; kark; 
(disease) nisAr; Cancerous, kan'sgr-us, o. 
nAsAr sA. Lc mdle, chi i Ag-dAn. 

Ouulclabrum, kan-de-lA'briirn, a. L. candel®, 
Canilent, kan'deut, a. L. vandeo, (hot, glowiug 
with heat) garin. tAbAp. 

Candid, kan'did, a. L. Candida «. (open, fair) 
sAl, kharA, nAk, rA^t-bAa, rAst-go, sichchA, sAf- 
dil. Syn. Impartial ; just ; frank; Caudld- 
ness, k nMid-nes A. safAl, rAf-ditl, rAstf. 
Candidate, kan'di-dAt, a. tAli», nmmedwAr. Syn. 

▲apirant, solicitant , Candidature, a. (state 
. or position of being a candidate) nmmodwArf. 
Candle, kan ^ A . A.-& ouudaL mom yA charbi 

sbuM’-dAa, ehirAg-din. 

Candour, kan'dur, s. It. oandere. (openness; 
(frankness) safflX, sfif-dill, rA nit. 

| Gandy, kaa'di, v. t. (proserve or frost over with 
•ugar) pfigna, murabba b. ; — n. Per. hand, pag, 

°i ka “. »• L. oanno. cbha A bed jt beat. It- 
e. t. begt m., easa d. ; •near—, gannfi 
mill, kiti mil. a. ganne ke ras perne kA kolhfl ; 
Caning, kAu'mg', a. bent kf mar. 

Canine, ka-nln', a . L. onnis. kuttA aA, aag Id 
sifat ; — teeth, nflb. 

Canister, kan'is-tAr. a. G. konaatron. (small 
metal busker ) sandftq, aandAqcha, pfpA. 
Canker, kang^kfir, a. L. ounctr. (.corroding ulcer) 
mawA 1 1 fAmd t. sapAnA, bi».ApnA, sapnAy 
-—worm, kang'kAr-wurrr., a. guun, ek klfA jo 
darukhtop aur paudhop ko barbA i kartA haL 
Oauuibal, knn ni-bal, a. Sp. caribales. (a man- 
eater) rnkchhaa, Adamkbor ; manukh-adhArl; 
Cannibalism, kAa'ai-bal-izm, a. Adamkborl. 
Cannon, kan'un, n. L oanmi. top. zarb . — ball, 
top kA golA; Cannonade, kan'un-A i, a. to- 
pon kX mAr, salAkh ; — v. t. topeg m. yA dAgnA, 
golandAzX k. ; Oanuouier, kau-nn-nAr% a. , 
topebf, golandAz. [qnrArd. 

Canonize, kan'un-nlz, v. t. kisf ko waif yA plr 
Canny, kan'ni, a. bosbiyAr, dflr-andeah. 

Canoe, ka-n5i>', n. F. canot . dongf. 

Canon, kan'nn, a. L. canon,' (a law or rale in 
general) qAnfln, qA’ida, rasm, AXn, zAbita, sha- 
ra T ; Canonical, kan-on'ik-al, a. ba-mAjib 
qAnAn, sbara’X, dlnX, mazbabl. 

Canopy, kan'O-pi, a. G. konopeion. sAyabAn, 
chhatr, sbamiyAna; — v. t. sAyabAn bdndhnA, 
chhatrf bAgdbnA. 

Cant, kaat, a. W. cant, ek zAwiya; bhangep-kbA- 
ne kl bit, basArfl bit chit ; shekhX ; Shagal ; — 
v. t. dhalkAnA, she^bl baghAruA ; — a. nA-ma’- 
qAl, nA-mausAn ; (in religion) zAhirdArl, riyA- 
kfirl. [sharAb-kbfina. 

Canteen. kan-tAn', n. Sp. cantina, paltan kA 
Cantor, kan'tfir, v. i. (to move, as a horse, in a 
mod rate gallop. ) poiyfin chalnA. 

Canto, kan'tO, a. It. ahi’r kA ek bissa. 

Canton, kan'tnn, n. It. cantone. zila’„ pargana ; 

— v. t. taqslm k. ; chhAonl 4- 
Cantonment. ». chhAonf, lashknrgAb. 

Canvas, kan'vas, n. L. cannabis, (a coarse 
hempen cloth) wilAyntf (At, kirmiz. 

Canvass, t. t. jAnchnA, 'uhde ke liye durkhwAst 
k.; (to discuss) bails k. ; — n. tahqfoAt, daryAft, 

Cap, kap, «. A.-S. cappe. (opt, tAj, sar-band;— 
v. t. topi pahinnA, khatm k. ; pukbtak. 

Capable, kA'pa-bl, a. L. cupere. (able to hold) 
qAbil ; (qualified for) lAiq, sazAwAr; (intelli- 
gent ) liyaqatdAr, mustu'idil. Syn. Able: com- 
petent; fitted ; efficient; Capability, kA-pa- 
biri-ti, a. (power, adaptability) qAbiliyat, 

Capacity, ka-pas'i-ti, n. L. capacitae. gunjAish, 
liy iqHt, was’at, kushAdagl, isti’dAd; (in one’s 
official capacity) ba-lihAz i’uhda; Capaci- 
ous, ka-pA'Fhi-us, a, L. oapaw. (able to bold 
muc i) kusfaAda. bapA pbailA bAA; Capaci- 
tate, k a- as’it-At, v. t. (make capable) liyA- 
qat d., qAbil k. 

Canarison, ka-par’i-sun, n. Sp. oapnroeon. jbAl, 
zln-pn^b ; — v. t. zeb o zlnat kA kaprA pabinnA. 
Cape, kAr>, n. L. caput, (a headland) rAs, nok- zamln; (neck piece of a cloak or coat) 
labAde kA wub par bo, gare- 
bAn. . 

Caper, kA’pAr, v. i. L. caper. uclihalnA, jsstk.; 
—a. (leap, jump) ucbbal, kAd;— n. G. kap- 
paris. chliote paudhe ke pbAl, kail jis kA achAr 
bantA bai. [ — about] — 

Capillary, kap'il-la-rl, n. chboff nail;— a. 
(resembling a bain mabfn. birlk bAl kf mA- 
nind, chboti naif op ke muta*&lllq. ^ > 

Capita!, kip’it-al, a. h. caput. liyhqotdAr, 
auwal; — offence, wAjib ul qatl; — punish- 
ment, phfmsr, qatl ; — a. /a chief town) t&kht- 
gAh, pAetakht, sadr shahr, dAr ul aaltanat; 
(stock) pAnjf ; (shares) sarmAya; (largs 
latter) ba*A barf. Sy *. Chief; ps^wipsi; 


leading; Capitalist, kap'It*al-i«t, a. (a wan 

of mge means > da uJ stinted, can;. 

Capitation, kap-i -A'shuu, a. L. capitatio. »ar- 
ssujinArf; ti»ix» ju/.iva. 

O pitulate, ks-pit/fl-iAi. v. i. shartog par mutf 
k., uni k. ; Capitulation, a. qaui .|»rftr, ’slid 
. o i>ai -Au. [ftfchtu mnrg. 

Capo i, kft'imn, ». L. enpo. (castrated cock) 
Caprice, ka-pr#s\ a F. (fre.k) bc-**b.itf ; 

aha, Hoch, taraddud, parwfth ; to take— of « 
us i* kkabardArf k. ; — >wro, fikrzada 
; Tf‘ *• < be ®uxlous) fikrmand h. # 
khwfthishmand h. ; (mind) parwfth k.; (have a 
regard tor) lihAz k. fcyn Solicitude; anxiety, 
[--about.— f °rJ ; Careful, kAr'fWi, o, bosb- 
y4. ; kifAyat-alu’Ar neas, a. howhyftrf, kha- 
bar l4rl; Careless, a. giti], be-fchabar, JApar- 
*A ; — ne»».s, a. b^-khabnrf, gaflat. 

( *iu.n) kkiyal, wahm. Syn Whim: freak, Career, ka-r*r\ n L. eurru*. ( race >daur: (speed) 
lancytvag iy; Capricious, ka-pria.i'i-ua, a. tn-rawf, ssrpe*; (way of iifo) wnqt, sam- 
} b ?“* a , >ie ’ J‘? ci[U ul ‘* auwun- uhAj, be- Ana, rawish, rawinl;— * i. daufnA, tea cfcal- 
<)ar4r; — Jy, i.d. be-subfttf ae f taiauwuu-miift.if nA, sarpetj* 

»e, k»4m-kniyiil ae; — ucsa, a. wahm, talau- Oarraa, ka-res', a. t. F. os rearer. plyAr k gala 

* xvuii-.nU Ajf. [ »«rj i jadf. makr. 

Capricorn, kap'rl-korn, a. L. caper. and ooraa. 

iasAn4 t nawAsiah k, mihrbAnf k. ; — «. mih^ 
Mnl, piyir, duiAr. [hAs, bhurt !. 

Cap.sK.-am. kap'ai-kum, a. L. eayea. (rod pepper) Cargo, kAr'go, a. Sp. oargar. bojh, bAr. bftr i c- 
iAI i«in h, liifil i aurkh. Lpalat d. C rleatnre, kir-i-ka-tflr', ». It. oanioaturo. Va 

ffl&l I ktfir.flk lian.. M li « 4 jl — £ _ • . • . ' * 

Capsize, kap-^Is, ». paJifto, uftAo; — v. i. ula^d., ridiculous fignre 01 
Capstan, kap'siau, n. L. captstrum, halter, (a Ac.) tfttlhAi»f taai 

machine to draw up a groat weight) jarr i p>, r kief kf tsswfr kk 

■aqfl, Ungnr kA rharkl). [tarab jauf-riftr. Carl one, kA'ri-a«, «. 

Capsular, k~p*'0-l6r, a. kbokh'A, sandftq kf sar.1, bo^fda, gai.da. 

ridiculous fignre or description of a person. 
Ac.) tfitlbAa ,f taawfr ; — o. t . swAnr ke taur 
P* r klfff kf taawfr khfgchnA yA naqJ k. 
arloas, kA'ri-uc, «. (ulcerated or decayed) 
sari, bosfda, gar. da. [aurkh rang, akmar. 

Capstile, caps'fli, n. L, capcula. (the ee d veasel Carmine, ktr'min, n. L. <mrm+*inu* liihflyat 
o» a p.ant) tukiun-dAr phal yi phAl jia ine^ Carnage, kAr'nAj, n. L. Oft ro. (slaughter) oatl. 
af a hotA bal. kapAs yA posta. khtlere*!- ’ q 

Captain, kap'iAn, n L. caput, fauj kA ek sarddr, Carnal, kkr'nal, o. L. oaro. (fleshly) jismftnf I 
kupiAw sAhib ; — of a^ry, r»A-k ! ‘udA. ( lustful ) nafsAnf ; — minded, dunyAdflr: Car- 

kupLAu siibib ; — of a.jvy, r»A-khudA. 

Captain, y, c ptaiusliip, n. kap'tan-ti, kaptAn 
kA ’tih'ia yA ikaiiyAr, lisuldArf, sfii.tdArL 
Oaptiou, kap^bun ». L. ooptio. ( the act of 

nallty, n.abahwnt-parnKtf. sbahwat, maslf. 
Carnival, kkr'nlv-al, n. It. cernoaals.dhftmdbAm 
aar ah<>khf kA waqt, ’fd, holf. by an liiOilty ; arrest) ItAkim kr tara: ae tiarnlvoroas, klr-niv'e-rue, a. (flesh-eating) 

girnitA T; — v. t. girifiAr k ; Captious kap'- goshi-khwA» ; mrtniskh .ne ArA. 

shi-ua, ft. (apt to lind fau t; insi lions) aib o. Oarob, ktr'ob, n A ~ khurrub. kharfib, yih wnh 

V> . ..I* I. Alrt k. .LI { 1.1. ...I -I LL. L.l L/ - L-lii- It .1. ., jiiagrdlfi, b*kb»‘(i.vA. tak>Aif, nukta- 
r hin. fciyn. i 'eusorious : pe vish ; cntica . 

Oa tlvr, kapMv, n L. enptivut *o:.e takru i» 
war) mahbUs, a^fr, bandh,i<v4 : i one cliurme « 
’Aslii ), m.iftrt i, g ilAm; C.ipL.vate, kHp'ii-vftt 
v. t. virilAr k. ; fnreftn k. p infill, I bliA A. 

C pt ration, n. gir.ifiArf; 

dar khi hai jie kf i»hallhn suar khAyA knrte 
the, raisA Uaibai meg rausrif be[e ke bay An meg 
Ay A hai. 

Uarol, kAr'ol. n. L. o*roln. (a song of jo? or 
mi rib) khnsbf kA ek rft*. ek ’ibAdatl gft u. 1. 
in’ ff kA ri g-lnA a. A ni. 

lty, ». asfrl, viraftirf, tjai b ibs; Captor, 
ka,/l*r, a. L. oi apart. yirnitA. -kuuinda, .nknf- 
w ijr.i ; C >pture, kap'iQr v. t. (make prison- 
er) giiaf-Ar k., imk.-rnA; (of u town) us^bfr 
k. (fascinni ) fnre tn k. 

Oar, kl>, a currus. gA|f, babalf, rath. 

Cameo e, k& 'a-k6 , a. (a leap sule-wnys, as of 
a h«rs»* » l bn\ A rhfll. 

Carafe, khr-a/, n. F. su Ahf yi shfshf kf botal. 

Carat, k:tr'at, ». A. qirrat. a bean, chAr grain 
kA wnxn. 

Caravan, ktr'a-van, u. Per. qirican, travelling. 
kArtv AQ, »iAlila; — pi. qawAfil [kft- wAg sai Ae. 

Cuptiv-, Ca: onsal, k*-rouz' f v. i. Ger. pnraut. 

(to revel) ba-kasrst ahniA^ nfnA, masnflr ho- 
kar )>fnA: — n. ran -noahf, bad-maetl. Syn. 
Feast ; banquet ; festival ; G t rooser, ka-i ouz'- 
Ar, n. b ir'i *bfli Abf yA sherfib-ljchwAr. 

Carp, kAm, t). *. L ettrpere. (to censure, or find 
fault without reason) ‘aib-gfrf k, nukta-chfnf 
k [ — nt] : — n. L. carpo. ek oism kf machhlf. 

Carpenter, kHr'peu tfir, n. t,. curpcntum. baf- 
hal, najjAi ; Carpentry, kAr'pcn-trj, n. baf- 
baf kA krtm, na.ijArf. 

Carpet, kftr'i et, n. L. curpere. farsh, galfcha, 
qAifn v. t. qilfn yA galfcb • bichh&nA ; - bag, 
kftr'p' t-bag, n. rausAfirf thnilft. 

Carriage, klr' ij, n. dhulwfif : (vehicle for con - 

kftrvvAQ, tt&lila; — pl.qawfitil LkA wAg so i Ae. kftr'p' t-bag, n. rausAfirf thni 

Caravau^ar), ». Fro.u oaruvan. and tarai, inn Carriage, klr' ij, n. dhulwfif : (vehicle for con- 
Caruway, klr'.t-wl, ». A. karwiya. (anaroraatic veying) gAff,bahal, rath; (charge for carry- 
plant and Its seed) ajiuod, aoA, ajwAin, rl ra ins) qhulAf; (behaviour) waza’, chAl ; — free, 

wa ftyatf. be kirlya. 

Carbine, k&r'bin, a. F. carabine, ek chho(f ban- Carrion, klr' ri nn. «. L. o«ro. (putrlfying flesh) 

dAq, knpibJn ; C rblncer, kil« -bin-Ar', «. wub 
sipAhf jo cbliotf bnudfl«| se musallah ho. 

safA huA gosht;— a. murda, sayA hrtA. 
Carrot, klr'ut, ». It. oarota. gAjar, zardak. 

Cat bon. kli 'bon, a L. oarbo. (pure charcoal) Carry, kar'ri, v. F. oharrier. \c j., uthAnA, le 

koei>> kf usl, wub korln jia kf rutfib it nikal jAe; chamA. satni 

Carbonic, klr-bo.i'ik; n . khAlis koele ke r. : to — thru 

mu la 'a iiq. effect, bajA I 

Carbuncle, Llr’bung-kl, «. L. carbunouU a. (a kAmy.ioh. ; 

red gem) la'I, sbab i chirug; U boil) raugh* wA : A:ckqi' ; 

b'lud shAo ; <a pimple) raui AsA. Cart, UArt, n ! 

Oarcnuct, kA 'ka- et w. Armor, hurch n. tauq. — t? t. gAff ) 
Carcass, kft # kas, a. L. caro , flesh, and oapsa , L — from, — 

box. ( i dead body) murda lA«h. Curtige, kin 1 

Card, klnl, n. L. charta. ruqq’a, trtsh, ga n jf f.« ; Cart -dev islte, 

chamA. sarnl hAlnfi, tbAmnA ; (to pursue) ,j;irf 
r> ; to — throngli, niiiAhnA, anjftm d. ; t« — >»tu 
effect, baiA I. : — out. ba:A I.; to— one’s point, h. ; Carrier, klr'ii-lr, n . bojh lo jAne- 
wA ft : ck qi -m k:l kalifttar. 

Cart, klrt,» L. o rrue. gftff, chhakfA, l fbiyl; 
—v t. gAff j*er lftdkar le j. wheel, pabiyl. 

ciiT)ge, n klr!'Aj*. n. gA ff kA bojh, gAff kA.klrAya. 

— v.t. (pi y a cards) tftsu klvlna, kanghf k., clibote ca 
An db ni*A; — v.t. L cardnus QA yA sau sAf Cartel, kl< 
ka 1 ue kA ftla. .[ilfticiif ; large — , baff ilfticbf. wiqtq-i 

Card miom. ». 11 i f**hf. qAquin s f na I — (‘hhoff Carter, '1 

art ige, klri'Aj. n. gAff kA bojh, gift kA.klrAya, 
art-devislte, kAn-dA-vii et’, ». r aksf tnswfr jo 
clibote card ( visiting card) par utArf jAe. 
artel, kAr'tel, n L charts, ek shart, jo i At ke 
w iqt ip-i Hog kf bib it do -altanatog men hotL 

Card om. ». ilif-lif. qAquin s-na I-, chhotf Carter, Art ft* n. - ... v 

Car line, UftrM - .k. a. G kirdi*. (penaiamg to Cartll g -, kbr ..*• vi®/' 

i he h art » dilf. muta'ai.i t -i-dil. kurrf murmurf haMl. <lf ° 1 " a rtllttglno, ft V b *; T * 

Cardinal, klr' in-al.a. L. cardinalit. aslf, auwal, ti-l j in-us, e - kiiril bj^^f kA. (kflrius. 

’aziin. a knar, sAtf ; — n Pope s<hib kf madia 
kft ek sinrfk; — :'olnts, (north, east, south, 
west) chi on siinteg, pflrab, pachchhim, uttar 
anr dakhin virtues, (nrudence )dftr-nndesht, 
khabsrJirf; (josticet insftf; (fortitude) i&tlq- 
1A : (temperance) i'tidftl. 

Care, kAr, ». A.-S. ottru, h, cur of, heed, fikr, ande- 

O* trldse. kAr'tri ', ». L churta. paper, ^og ft. 
Carve. kArv, v. t. A.-S. ooorfan. (to cut in an 
artistic or decorative manner) kAVnft, tarAsh- 
nft, kanda k. ; munab at k. f— out] ; Carving, 
». tarftsh; nnqqft^bl: khodAJ. 

Cascade, kas' ftd, f». F. cascade, (a water fall)] 
j bar uft« ftbthftr, , 




e, k&s, n. L. oopta. (box) sandQqcha ; (cover) 

gilAf, khol; (outride of a watch) tfhafenft, ek 
fch&nedAr sanddq chhAp* ke hurdf rakhne ke 
Hy*; — ». It. casus. I hAI ; (proceeding at 
law) muqaddama; (of a noun) hAlat; (re- 
presentation) tiqrfr. gnzArish, ’ir* ; in that—, 
ns hAlat tuen ; suppose a — , far* k. ; in — , dar 
b IS pki, mubAdA ; Casemate. kAs’mit, n. It. 
easumattu. gnrabaz ; OMomeat, kA^'ment, a. 

Caseous, ki'afi-us, a. L. eases*. ( resembling 
cheese) paalr si, paalr k* mAmnd. 

Cash, hash, n, F. ouisse. (ready money) naqdf 
sikka; (money) rdpiva, net ; — *■ (make into 
money) bhmiAke rfipiya d. ; — book, a. ek kitflb 
jis men uiqdf kA lik&b darj hot A hai; Cashi- 
er, kash-fir', n kbazAnchf, pot-dAr; — v. t. L. 
cassare. mauqdi k., utnAn&t ke ’uhtle se bar 
tnr.if U. 

Cashmere, kash'ragr, n. riindu^tAn kA ek sdba; 

ek miffs o qfmatf shAI, Kashmir kl shAI. 

Cask, kisk, n. F. casque. pfpA. 

Casket, Mfik'et, n. cask, ek sandflqcha ; dibiyA. 
Casque, k, ». (a helmet) fchod, raigfar. 

Cassia, ka^h'ya. n. H qestah. rejpAt. 

Oassimere, kns'si-mfir, ». Sp. casimiru. bArfk 
rtnfkaprfi. [khel. 

Cassiuo, kas'i-nd, n. ganjlfa meg ek qism kft 
Cnssok, krs'iik, n. F. oasuque. l;u»-tA, kbirqa, 

Cassowary, kas # Kd-wa-ri, n ek barl chipyA. 

Cast Uaat.v. t. Dan. kasto. (throw) phenku.'i. 
(lAlnA. SfirAnfl, jhApiA ; ( to mould ) d ./ilnfi ; — a, 
wrecked, defected ) barbAd ; — about, (to con- 
trive, t-* consider) tujwTz k., khi - A I k., dbflgijh- 
nfl : (endeavour to find a pretext) hah Ana 
dhflqdkn't ; — out, a. makhrAj, nia&IA htU; — 
down, a. udAs, malfil; — v. i. (deject) nAuia- 
med h., magrafina h.; (throw down) <jUinA, 
pa'dihAfnA, do mArnA : — inff vote, qur’a dAlw 
se faisala karne kA ifehtiyAr ; — a fiance, aigflh 
k.:(flx) tbabnln*; (place) rakhn* ; — aside, 
(dismiss as nsele s) a lag k., radd k. ; — away, 

( wreck ) tabfth k. : — off, ( discard ) chhopi t ; — 
on, (resieu to, refer to) aenpaA: — ant, (re- 
ject) nikllnA; — one’s *elf oa, (resign with- 
out reserve) cbhor d. d* 1 d. ; — np, i add up) 
jofail; (vomit) qai k. ; to — a nativity. zAicha 
klqcmfi, janm-pair b. ; — young. ( miscarry) 
pet jjirnA; isqft -i-hamal h. ; — forth, (reject) 
nikAluA, phailAnA; — lots, qur’n \ — *. (* 

throw) p gk, andAkht ; (act of casting from 
a mould) d-iAl; (form of counteaance) efirat, 
waza’ ; — of the eye, bhingA- nan, kajl; Cast- 
away. knst'a-wA, n. (an abandoned pemon, a 
reprobate) mahhrflj yd aikamma ikflkha; 
Casting, kast'ing, n. andAkhU, 4AIA yA phegkA 

Caste, kast, w. F. caete. zAt ; low — , kamtna, 
nlchf zAt w. ; high—, flQchf zAt w. ; of une— f 
zAt bhAf, pat oat of — , zftt se bfihar k. I>ha. 

Caster, kad'Ar, ». khAne ke masAle kA aaudflq- 

Oasttfate, kas't»-gAt, v. t. L. oastigare. (to 
chastise) d„ mArnA; pet m. [ — with, — 
for]; Castlgatlou, kaa-ti-ii’shun, a. isldh, 
durustt ; ckA-Mi< k( u»Ar, tambfh. 

Castle, kas'sl, n. L. oastellum. abAUAna tnaKal ; — s 
in the air, kb Am kbiydl, oe-bunyAd taiwfseg. 

Castor- oil, n. kas'^-oi^a corraptloa of Castue- 
oil, repdf kfl te’. aa^I kA tol. 

Castrate, kas'trtf, o. t. L. csstrsrs. (gold) Akbta 
k,bndhiyAk., kbojak. 

Casual, kash'fi-iil, s. L. os* a*, (ba opening by 
Chauce) ittif iql« nAgnhAaf, achAnak. Syn Ao- 
cid^ntal ; loci lentil ; occasional ; Casualty, n. 
ittifAqiwA idft^.’trizi. 

Casuist, kaab'A-ist, a. L. casus. (su« who stud- 
ies and settles cases of conscience ) faafh, 
masAil-dAq. f*4 langar nikA'ne ke itya 

Oat, kat, *. A.-SU so*, billt, bllio ; ek maabdt ras- 

Cataconlb, kat'a-kdm, a. Q. beta sad bwmbe. 
(a ei ve used for tbs burial of tbo dead) mur- 
dou ke rakhne kA tah-khAna. 

Cataloarue, kat'a-loa, a . O. kata and Jegs*», as- 
bAb kl tartlbwAr fthrist, Mjak. siyAha;— v. t. 

Catapult, kat'a-pu It, ». G. kata and balltin, pat* 
thnr pheflKne kA Ala, guJel, gophsn. 

Cataract, kai'a-rakt, n. G. butarignunai, (a 
water-iall) j barn A, AbshAr, chAdar; (a d&U 
order in ihe »*ye) dbundb, motiyA-biud, phfiif. 
Catarrh, ka-tttr', a. G kat ar rein to flow down 
uazla ; zukAru, -ardl. 

Catastrophe. ka-tss' ». G. kata and stra» 
phein. bad-anjAm . A at; ’Aqibst; bipat ; sud- 
den— , Afat iai'shAnl. 

Catch, kach, v f.A.-S. oeoc, ft, tor. (lay bold 
of) pakacnA, g>nftAr k. ; (seise by hunting) 
shtkAr k. f uljh^nA; (ensnare) phag«nHA, moh 
J.; (take infection) ia:i>A;— at, (to try to lay 
bo d of) pakaruA; cold aardl khAnA; — ft«e t 
phutiK j., Ag isgriA; — hold, (sols*') p«k*raA; 
—■up, (snatch) jhapattA rn., jalU paksf 1. ; — a. 
(ase zur*) pak*f, ginft, «iai»za; (a deception) 
dhokhA ; khiyAl ; < advantage ) fA d ». 

CatecijJse, ^at'A-klz, v. t. G ketechizein, suwAl 
o jawAb k. Oalet-Mein, kai'fi ki»<n, n. sow A! o 
jawAb kf kltAb ; Catechist, ka '6-kist, n. sAii, 
suwAl pdclihnewAlA ; ’IsAf wA’iz. 

Catreliuincn, kat-S-kd'men, ». G. kateohein. 
tAiib i mazbab i ’Iswf. 

Category, kat^-gor-i. n. G> wn, agoreue - 
in, t > aaoert. ailaila i khiyAUt; darja, jins ; ma- 
qflla. Categorical, kat'6 gor- # ik-ai, a. (abso- 
lute, positive) sAf, mutlaq ; — answer, qata'I 
ja Wfl b. [ ler. kffrt, kamlA. 

Caterpillar, kat'Ar-pil-lir, n. O. Jfiug. ooicr-p*Z- 
C tgut, kat'giit, n unt. iod.i. 

CuLha tie, ka-tbArft ik, a. G. katharos. dastAwar, 
dast lAnewAII ; — n (a purgative) jul.Jb, masa- 
bil IkbA s nm ’a llq ho. 

Cutliedral, ka-tbe'drai. n. g.rja jo BiihapJ se 
Catholic, katb'ol-ik, e. G. kuta and ofo* ’Alain kA 
yA ’A uin, Az cl ; Homan — , UAml ka DiyA kA ; 
— a. lirtmf Kallsiyn kft oairau; Catholicism, 
ka-thol'i-Rizm, n K^mf KalfsiyA kf tA’ilmAt o 
ro sA in At. 

Cat o-nine-tails, kat-fi-nlti'tfilz, n. (a whip with 
nine lashes ) ek naunhAkha chAbuk. 

Cattle, kat'i, n. pi. It. oapitalis. cbaupAya, ma- 
weahf, pAlfl jAnwnr. finde. 

Cauc isiau, ka w-kt'shi-au, ». koh i QAf ke bA<<h- 
Caudal, kaw'dal, a. L. cuudu. (relating to the 
tail) dum aeniabaidAr; pAnc >b kA viehavak. 
Caul, kawl, n. cowl agiflffun kf jbiiif, jA'f, pet 
kA iurda. Lkobf, karana-kalla. 

Cauliflower, kaw’li-flow-ftr, n L, eawlts, phrtl- 
Oaasal, kawz'al, a. L muselis. mfljib, musab- 
bah. [^aba f verb, (i’l i mu a’addf. 

Causative, ktwz'a-tiv, «. L. causare, to cause. 
Oan8e, kawz, ». L causa, (what prod cea an 
effect) sabab, wnjb bA’ia, mrt jib, jibat ; (sake) 
wAste ; (law proceeding) mnqaddamn, mu’Ain- 
ala, qAziya and effect, ’illat o ma’101 : com- 
mon — , Mlat i kul.f ; — v. t. karAnA, knrnA, bar- 
pA k., pa id A k. less, o. be-aabab, be-wajb, 
nA-baqn, muft, yfishf. [jA, rtgchf Barak. 

Causeway, kawz'wA, n. O. Eng. calsep. kbaran- 
Oaostic, kaws’tik, a. G. kutein. (burning or eat- 
ing away) jalAuewAD, t-z; — n. tezAb, sakht da- 

Canter, kaw'tfer. ». (a searing iron) garm dAg- 
aewAtfi loh.n. Cauterize, ft. t. (to burn with a 
hot iron) loh4 garm karke dAgnA. 

Caution, kaw'sbun, ». L oavere. (wariness) 
khabardilrf, boshi.vArf, ihtiyAt, tabarcmnl, d bi- 
An, fikr; (warning) AgAhf; (bail) aAminf; — 
v. t. ittilA’ d.,ki»abird^r k. [ — asa net;— up- 
on]. Cantioos, kaw'sbuB, a. kbabardAr [ — 
of], Cnutionsuoss, a. kbabardAtf, ihtiyAt, 

Cavalcade, kav'ai-kld, n. L. oebuUus. (a pro- 
ewion on horseback) sawArog kf sswArf yA 

Cavalier, kav-a-lSr', ». L. oabaUus, (a Usrse- 
oaan) aawAr; (a knight) amir, bAdahAh; 
Charles Auwal kA ek musAhih;— a, jang-jfl, 
magrAr, diler. 

Cavalry, kav'ai-ri, ». riaAla, turksawAr. 

Cave, kiv, n . L. eavus. (hollow place) gAr* gar* 
bA, guphA ; — v. t. gafhA khodnA, gAr b. iu, 
girnA, band h. 


Onveat,k«'ve-at, a. I* (intimation of eontlon) f mutnwassit; Centrallae, seii'traMg. a. I bleb 
fchabardAr bone be liys if Ahl. k. [fug ore. mark” z ae jAaewA Je. 

Ouveru, kar'lkn, n. L. oases. (a care) guph A, (Centrifugal, sen-t» if fl-gai, a. oenlrum and 
cAr. garhA, moiAra. * Centripetal, sen-trip'i-tal, #. L. centrum and 

Cavil, bar'll, v ♦. 1*. ctvittcri. bar fgtrt k., be-) pe*ere. aaarkaz k! taraf mail. 
fAida i'tiria L, nuktachfnl k.^aiiyfrf k. [— Cephalic, sA-fai'ik, a. G. kephmlikoe. (p„.tain- 

at) ; (bYiiliar, kiv'ii-ing, a. behfida hnjjat. ins to the head; sar ke muta’alJiq ; maatakr. 
Cavity, kav'l-ti, a. L. eases. (a hollow) gafhA, Cere, sAr, v. t. ( wax) mom IagAaA,mom chip k and. 

ioj: to the head; sar ke muta’ailiq ; maatakr. 

gahrde, jauf. 

Qnw, baa, e. i. kawwe kl tarab qA «A k. 

Gsyenue popper, kA-tu'pop-Ar. a. (a very 
po agent pepper) gel mi rob. 

Cause, ate, t. i. L. eeeeore. (stop or put a stop 

Cereal, sB'rg-al, ». anAj wg. 

Cerebellum, s-r-A-bel'um, a. L. oerebrum. khoprf 
ke nlcbe kA hiaaa. 

Careb um, ■er'A-brnm, a. L. khopff ke dpar kA 
hard h>s*a, rang*, dimAg. f jAma, moral kaprA. 

to) maoqAf b- tark k., bAi r.? (to end) Akbfr Cerecloth, sgr'kJeth, a. L. cere and cloth . mom 
JwjAtA r., otbj. Spa. De*lst; forbear; tail. Ceremony, Ceremonial, n. L. cor i mom a (oat- 
[—from]; — leas, o. (Incessant) lagAtAr, he* ward rite, form; rasm,zAhirdArf, takallnff chAl; 

mesha. [dsodAr. 

Cedar, sA'dtr, a. G. bedroo. saro, sanaobar, 
Cede, sid, e. i. L. ociere . (yield, give up) de cL, 
haw Ala k. t sangpaA. [—to.] 

ward rite, form) rasm, zAhirdArf, takallnff chAl ; 
Ceremonial, aer-fi-mon'ni-al, a. zAbird&r, ta- 
kalluf-miaAj ; Ceremonious, a. dastflr ke 
matibiq, rasm ke taur par; — ly. ad. z&hirf 
taur ao, takaiiufl ae. ■ 

Ceil, sAl,** t. L. oelaro. bhftarl ebbat banAnA ; Certain, sfir't An, u. L. oertuo. (constant) rauqa 

Ceiling, sel'ing, a. bbitarl chbat. aaqtgach. rar, mu’aiyan; (some or one) kof; (sura an* 
Celebrate, sel'i-brtt, v. t. L. ceiebruro. ta’rlf questionable) yaqlui, nlschai, be-shakk, lAraib, 
k., masfeMrk. ; — a day. raAaoA, mubArak yd [ — of], — ly, ad. albattn, surdr, bhwfth-ma- 

motabarrak jAnnd ; Celebrated, a maahhdr, khwflh ; avasbya : Certainty, a. tayaqqun, sa- 

■Am war. Syn. Distiagnishedjfameus; renown- chAt tMbaqquq, isbdt. 

Celebration, a. ta'rff, ’iazat, Certify, slr'd-fl, v. t. (make certain) tabqfq k. ; 

sbabrat, sanA. Afrfa. Syu. Honor; praise; 
commendation; Celebrity, ae-LAb'ri-ti, n 
(fame, mown) abnbrat. nArawarf. 

Celerity, sA - IAr'1-ti, a. U refer, (swiftness) tez 

(witness) caw AM d. v bayAn k. ; Certificate, 
sAr-tif'-i-kAt, «. nanari, aifdrish-ndma. 
Certitude, sAr'ti-fcQd, a. L. oertuo. (assurance, 
oeriamty) yaqfo, i’tibdr. 

raftArl, cuAlAkX, jaldl. {>Anf. Cerulean, aA-rfl'lA an, e. L. ourulcuo. (sky- 

OaUry, sil-Ar-4, a, Q. oelinon. ajwdyan VbyirA- blue) A-<uiAnf, Abl, nllgfln. 

Oelastlal sl-leat'yal, e. L. ccolum, (heaveu'y) Cervical, ser'vi-kal, a. L. ocrtim. (belonging to 

Asmiad, biaUbti, jannatl, faiaki;— n. bihisht 
kA r. w., firiabta 

the nark) garden ae aiabatdfir, ghtncb kA 

Celibacy, sal*A-bA-al t a. L. caslebi. (unmarried Cessation, ses-A'aliim, «. L. cetgare. (stop) 

« • % * ^ « . i_ t % * * I _ ^ m m .l i- a. A. a a. a m 

state) kugAr-pan, mujarradl, uAkat-febudAl, 

S ift, ael, a. L. ootu. kothrl, huJrA, kunj. ing) aiipurdagf. bawAia ; ia«ttm t tafwls 

Har, sel'lir, a. L. oolloriom. tabkbAna, chor- Cesspool, aes'f>AAl, a. (aeavityaonk >n the earth 

ma mnbJat. farAgat, tnwaqquf, waqfa. 
Cession, sesh'un, a. L cedoro. (surrender, yield- 
ing) siipurdiigf, bawAia ; ia«>lfm t tafwls 

khAba. [(havi goal Is) kbAnadir. 

Cellular or Cenaluae, aert-lAr, e. L. eellnU. 

to receive and retain the sediment of water 
contained in drains, ribddn, cbahbachcha. 

Gemaat, aA-maat', a. L ammonium, F. si meat. Chafe, cbAf, s. t. L. colefo ere . (to irritate) 
(glue) aareeh; (mortar) gacb; tao<der)qala’r,l k ndrda k.; (fret by rubbing) ragapift, maluA, 
— r. #. jeraA, aallAaA. pai^and k. [ — with], f * mftllsh k. [—against] ;— a. mAiiab, yd ragap kl 

Cemetery, sem'A-tAM, a. G. boimoterion. qab- irarmL 

Z I .k.l AM ^ wv 

Cemetery, seaa'A-tAe-i, a. G. boimoterion. qab- 

rietAa, mafbara, noa. 

Cenotaph, saa'A-taf, a. Q. bonoo and tapkoo 
rauaa jis be faqet jAdgArf kt wdate banAte baig 
a or os meg kef darn aaklg betA. 

Cense, sans, a. (a public tax) mahs&l; (rank) 
daria , hAlat. 

Censer, seaa'Ar, a. AhipdAn, bakhdrd&D, ’fid-soz 
Censor, a. L. ssa s srs. mubtasib, nuktucbrn, 
’aibjd; ek lUmf afaar jo s.iabrwAloa k& ahn- 
otAr kartA bai ; a^bbAr kA nigrAg. [ m uf tn rl. 

O uns a r loaa, aen-ad'ri-ua, e. ’atb-jA, bartgfr, 
Cemeursbtp, son'air-shtfr a. mebtaalt kd *uhda 

Chad, ehaf, ». A.-S. ooof. bh 'isf, cbokar, nikam- 
mf shai, bhrisd; — ing-disb, aggfthf, baiosT, 
Atashddn ; Chaffy, chaH, a. bhnslddr, chukrf- 
]Af bbdsl k! tftrah halkd yd be-qadr ; (banterer) 
hans! k. w. [chifiyd. 

Chaffinch, chaffinsh, n. ek eism kf gduewdlf 
Chagrin, sha- Trin', a. F. (ill-humour) nfi-kbu- 
shl ; d>aapr>ointment) nA-ummedl, dzurdagf 
v. t. jhunjhlAaA, aatAnA, barbam k. 

Chain. chAn, n. L, catena, sanjfr, sdnkar, jarfb, 
ailaiia; (fatter) berf, hathka^f; — v. t, zanjfr 
yA hlndbnd, kalqa-ba*goab k. [ — up, — 

C---*re, am'abMr, a. Lu mm era. (biame) ilaam, togetber]." _ . 

bale, Mb, «u*aa Hsbaa’i— a. t. ilsdm Chair, char, «. L. oatbodra. 

hair, char, a. L. oatbodra. (movable seat) 

mal&mat £ Syn. llama; reprove ; condemn ; knrsf. cbauki, raaehiyA, pf fhl ; (seat of autbori- 

vepvkaaad C— for] ; OeMenrable^en'sbbdr-a- ty) bAkim kf nasblst-cAh, masnad, gaddf; 

U 9 a. lame be ldlq, IA‘>f I ma<dmct, muleim. Chairman, n. kursf<na*bln, mfr i majlis, sadr- 

Oeaees. sen'aus, a. L. from, c easere. mardum- nashln * — ship, n. kuroi-aaahfnf. 

abauiArf, khduaniitunArL Chaise, sbAz, a. F. c As ire. do pabiye Vi gAff raisl 

Cent, seat, ». L. oontum. aaibgA, sau, sad ; ekka ke, gburbahal. [sang i »hab>cbirdg. 
Amcrika kd ek slbka >o qarfb Ao paisa ke barA- Chalcedony, kal-^acF-e-al. n. (white ag«te) 
bar hai, Per — , ft aaAl ; Centenary, sen'ten-a- Chaldrou, ehArdruu, n. caldron, koele kA pai- 
d, it. (the aomber of a hundred) sadf; mfinaattbAla man b-ttfaser ke qarfb, 
Oantamilal, eea-tea-l-al, a. L. oontum, and Chalice, ehal'is, n. L. ealim. (cup) piyAla, 
annuo, aadl kA din; Oantnry, sen'turi, n. L. arghA ; (communion cnp) ’AshA i RabbAnf kA 
e ea f asi. aadf, ran baraa ; Centurion, seu'tu- piydla. 

rl-na, a. L. e Ontario. adba-dAr, tumaodAr, sa» Chalk, chawk, a. A.-S. eoalo. khar>yA raittt, 
Rrtmf aipAhfug kA afaar. duddbf mittf : — 1> t. khariyd mi\tf «e malnft yA 

Ceutanr, aan'tawr, a. G. bontuurot.o k kMyAIt likhnd; Chalky,#. khariyA mit(f sA, duddbf 
JAa :Ar jeniaf InAnaur jnlsf gh >rA tamjhd JAtA s&. # 

bai. v-jLka nkhajiira, gojar. Challenge, cbal'leni, a. Nor. coienge. (a demand 

Oentlpada, sea'ti-pid, a. L. oentun and poo. of any kind; a auminons to single combat) 

Centra, aea'rir, a. Q. bontron. bfdk, darmlyAn, da’ * A, taiab. [ — to]: — v. t. da’wA k., lafAf 

maskaa, anqta a. i. raarkaz h., nnqta b. : — e. mAggnA, muqAbala cbAbn A bai A bad! k. 

ty) bAkim kf n&shlst-cAh, masnad, gaddf; 
Chairman, a. kursf-mubla, mfr i majlis, sadr- 
nashln r— ship, a. kuraf-aasbfnf. 

Chaise, sbAz, a. F. cbairo. do pabiye kf gAff raisl 
ekka ke, gbarbahal. [sang i »hab-cbirAc. 
Chalcedony, kal- 4 ed # -e-ai. a. (white agute) 
Chaldrou, chAl’dnin, n.oaldron. koele kA pai- 

mAnaattbAfs man b tttaser ke qarfb, 
bailee, ehal'is, a. L. ealim. (cup) piyAla, 
arghA ; (communion cnp) ’AshA i RabbAnf kA 
plj4l». . . _ , 

cup) piyAla, 
U RabbAnf kA 

Ceutanr, aan'tawr, n. U. montuurot. ak gfilyAn 
JAn : Ar je niaf in An aur ^laf gb rl aamjhA JAVA 
bai. k» nkha j i ra, go.ia r. 

Oentlpada, sea'ti-pid, a. L. oentun and per. 
Centra, aea'rir, a. Q. bontron. bleb, darmlyAn, 
maskaa, anqta ;— a. i. raarkaz h., nnqta b.: — e. 

camera. ( room), 

I. masbai b.JMtbog bleb men k., waatmegr.; — Chamber, ebAm'blr. a. L. camera, froom), }*i«b par jasaa’ b. Syu, Middle ; midst ; kotbrf, kamra ; (bedroom) kbwAb-gAb, bujra, 

oddMe-peint; Onrtriaal, sen'trik-al, e. dar- kb Ana; (hollow space) kothl; (ball of justice) 

■ftyAnl, mutawaaslt ; Oeatral, sen'tral, a. L. kacbahrL » _ 

centrum, (in tke mMSteTdarmiyAnf, Web kA, Chnmberlain, ebta'Mr-lto, a. €kr, bammm 




and ling, (a treasurer of public money) nAzir, 
’Amro fttpae kA khaaAncbr. [gat, bAqalainfifl. 

Chameleon, ka-mSl'yun, ft. G. ehamatleon . gir- 

Chamois, shsm'waw,. ». Sp. gamusa buiikob, 
pah&fl bakrl. 

Champ, champ, v. t. G. kapto, to gnaw, (to 
bite or chew) chAbnA yd chab&nA. 

Champagne, sham'p&u', ft. ek qiun kl Frflnsfef 
mai.8ba.upfn. [yd kushAda maidAn. 

Champaign* ». (an open level country) chaptA 

Champion, cham'pi-u.i, ». L. campus. (a com- 
butiui, a hero) pahnlwAn, b ihA lur * sflr, bfr; 
Olinmploncss, cham'piun-es, ft. pabalwdnin, 

C.tanee. chans, h. F. cheoir. (mishap, accident) 
mau ja*. wA idAt; (luck) qiaraat; (fortuitous 
eye- t) ittiffiq. Syn. Accident ; bn znrd ; oppor- 
tunity ; — v. i. & pornd, nfizil h , wAqi’ h., ittif iq 
b.;— tf. ittfAqiyi. *hudnl, 'dnzl; by— , liUffiq- 
nn, nAgAli ; ga me of—-, qi-un 1 1 

Jhaiiccl, channel, ft. L. canccllx. girje kl wuh 
ja :ah j »hAn log Masfb kl yddgdrl meg i<4£ aur 
nmi kliAt." Rur pf e bain. 

Jhanccllor, cliauVI-lAr, ft. sadr-'.is-sudfir, sadar 
djwAn ; afd r i 'li ;— of tlic exchequer, til »vAn 
i k ha li-a ; CMum cllurs.ilp, n. afsar i a id k;i 
’ubda, nlr mumifl. 

C anccry, ». L. ci ccUariut. (a court of equity) 
s ulr 'idAlat. s *dr diw <nl. [batlf kA ihir. 

i>li:iiadelier, shan-de-ifi- ft. L. omiela. jhAr, 

Cliand-cr, chnuTlfir, ft. F. chmielicr. sliaraa’- 
sAz, hatlf-farosh ; ( r) saudigar. 

C tango, cb& ij, v. t. F. changer, badilnd, adlA- 
badll k., Mwaz-mu’Awaza k. ; (alter) tabdll k. ; 
—money, bbunAiA of the moon, clinnd 
chdpnfl; taht ush-shuA’, arniwaa; — about, 
bilrl burl k., bfldal j. mubaddnl li. ; ( — for] ; — i 
n. (newness) nnyA-pan; (alteration) tab 1111, 
pber, tagniyur; (am >11 money) rezgfirl; — able, 
u. rnutalau win. tabdll-pazlr, mntazalzal, gair- 
inustaqil; — ful, chin i'fO&i, o. mutagaiyur, mu- 
tazalzal; — ling, chAnyiing, ». ek lafke ke’iwaz 
men UOsrA lafkA badlA LiQA. ek baunA lafkA, 
mutagaiyar; — less, gair-tabdll, musiaqil;— 
er of money, ear rAf. . # , „ t 

Channel, chan'nel, «. F. oannl. (hollow bed) 
aAla, nil! ; (arm of the sea) daryAI rfth ; — v. t . 
nala b., kb Ay! b. 

Cnaiit ebant, v. t. L. cant are. gfinA yA sarod k. ; 
—n. "It, sarod. Syn song ; carol ; melody. 

Chantry, chant'ri, ft. ekchbotA girjA jahflg pAd- 
rf mur Ion ke baqq men du’A mingle haig. 

Cltuos, kA'oa, «. G chant, (a confused masR) 
Milam i hayfila; ialftinaf, b^-tar lib: (confusion) 
cafbifl; Chaotic, UA-ot'ik, «. be-Urtlb, gaf- 

Cliap, chop, v. t. D. kanpen . tn (deft nil, darkrtnfi, 
puu’r A;— ». (opening) darz, datAr, slngAf; 
(p irts about the mouth) galpkafA, jabj A, kal- 
ln ; (fellow ) sliakus. 

Chape, ch&p, ft. (a catch, a hook) bakstlA kA 
kAntA, A ikri.Miyfl ivA Ankrt. 

Chapel, cha /el, ». F. capelle. ’lbAdat-kbflna, 
ek chnntA gi’ : A, ma’bad. . 

Chapiter, chap'it-6r, n . L. copuf. (the upper 
part or capital of a pillar ) kh rabho kl chotl. 

Chaplain, chap'l&n, n. F. c hapelain. sarkArl 
pAdrl; Cliaplu incy, Chaplainship, chap'lAn- 
si, n. s.irkArl pAdrl kl ’ulida. 

Oliaplct, chap'iot, ». F. chapelet. head; sibrA, 
■arpeeb; (ros^y) tasbrh; (neck) mAlA ; 
(tuft) kalgl* 

Chapter, cha >'tfir, n. L. caput . bAb, fasl ; parb ; 
—anil verse, hull bayAn. 

Char. chUr, v. t. Ir. caor. (to reduce to charcoal, 
to burn partial .v) jhulasna, sulagnA, jaikar 
koela b.; — ft* ek qism kl inacbhll. 

Character, kar'ak-tftr, n. G. churn nein. (letter 
used in writing) barf, Agk, acbcbhnr; (distinc- 
tive mark) nishfln, naqsh. raqam; (represent- 
ation of personal qualities) cbll, khaslat ; 
(literal) khatt; ( person igelshakhs; (account, 

n n': ,1 7,?^ TOIV 

^5! prad ?’ s ^A** , 4d / , ». (a kind of riddle) ok qism 
kA mu’ainma, pahelf, bujkauwai. 

Charcoal, ch&t 'kOI, #». koela, sugil. 

Charge, chan, ft. F. charge, (treat) amlnat ; 
(custody) hawAlft.zimmadArf; (coat) qfaaat; 
(blams) ilzAm, uiahaA, gila, ahikwa; (load) 
bojh; (command) amr; (office) khldmat; 
(accusation) nfilish. tub mat; (exhortation) 
talqlu, muslahat; (expense) ^harch, lAgat; 
(onset, attack) hamla, chafhAl;— of m 
gun, chot:— of powder, bArfld kf miqdAr; 
—o. f. F. charger, amln k., nignhbAn k., tai'nAt 
k.; (impute) tbahrAufi, mabmAl k.; (accuse), 
da wa k.; (to command) hukm k. ; (to loid) 
bharnl; (attack) hamla k., charhfff k. ; (ac- 
count) likbnA, leuA; (to enjoin) tAkld k.,sam* 
jhAnA ; — against, ilzArn lagAnA; — for, hiiAb 
lacAnA; — to, (put in account against) hisftb 
menlikhnd ; — on, — upon, (toiinpute) mAkbAz 
k., zimme'Ayad k.; — with, suour Ik; Charge- 
able, a.qAbil. lAiq, muhta nal, qAbil i uUUhAzf, 
zitnmawAr. (costly) qf matt, besh-bahA, bbArl, 
Rangfn; Charger, ft. qlmat lagAnewAIA; qabl 
tastat; angfgboi’A. 

Chariot, cbArVut, ft. F. char. gAfl, rath, bahal jo 
jang ke isti’mfti meg At! hai; Cuarlotecr, 
c iiir-i-ut-6r, ft. nArathf. gArf-bAn, rath-uA i. 

Charity. chAr'i-ti, ft. L. carita*. ( kindness 1 m!hr- 
bftnl, pivAr; (goodwill) nek-niyatl; (well-do- 
ing) n- kok'irf ; ( open-handed iic'jr to the poor) 
kh urfit, fuiyAzT, pun. zakAt, sadqa ; Charit- 
able, cliiir'i-ta-bl, a. (full of charity) s%khl, 
garlb-parwir, faiyAz. dAtA; (kind) mihrbAn; 

( tbinkmg kindly of others) nek-andesh, kbair- 
k’iwAh. [ — to]; — ness, ft. faiyAz!, fn^Aniyat, 
rahmat. [ (a quack) nlm ha^lm. 

Charlatan, RbUr'la-tan. a. It. oiarlare , to prate. 

Cluirm, cbArm, n. L. carmen. jAdA. tilism, af 'An, 
silir, totkA, mantra; [ — for,— with,— by] ; — v. 
t. (bewitch) jAdAk., mantra phAknft ; (delight) 
fa reft a k. cr, «. jAdAgar, tonhA ; nAznfn, san- 
am, dilbar, man-mohan; — log, p. a. dilch&sp, 
dil-rubA, pasandlda. Syn. Spell; enchantment; 
incantatiun. [haddiyAn rakhne kl jagah. 

Charnel-house, chlr'nei-hous, ft. murdog kf 

Chart, ch&rt, ft. L charts, G. chartes , a leaf of 
paper, naqsha. pat, kbika, babrl naqsha. 

Charter, n. L. charta , paper, (a writing bestow* 
ing privileges) ’ahd-nAraa, iqrflr-nAma, san* 
ad ; — v. t. 'ahd k., iqrAr k. ; JahAz ke kirAya ke 
liye'alido paimAn k. Syu. Instrument; deeds 

Chartism, ehart'izra, ft. F. charte, charter, aha- 
iiyAn i mu Ik kf taiwfz jo Iogog ke 'ahd-nAme 
meg likhl jAe ; Clinrt'st, chArt'ist, ft. ahAliyAn i 
mulk kl tajwlz men koshish k. w. 

Chary. cbAr'i, a. A..-S. eearig. (cautions) k«»" 
bardAr, bosbiyAr; Chariness, char-i-ness, ft. 
hosbyArf, dAr-ondeebf. 

Chase, chAs, v. t . L. oaptiare. khadefuA, rich h A 
k., shikAr k. : — away, bbagAnA ; — ft. F. oKatt* 
(bunting) ta’aqqub, ptchhA; (a bunt) sbikAr; 

( ground for hunting) ramna, suikAr-gAh ; « i r en 
frame to bold pages of type) ek lobe kA qhAg* 
chA chhApe ke hurdf kasne ke Hy*; Cliaser, 
chAs'Ar, n. shikAr k. w., shikArl ; jabds kfaglf 
yft pichhlt top. ^ t . . . 

Chasm, kazin, n. G. ohutma. (a cleft) darz, ski* 
gAf, darflr ; phAgk ; (unfi led ) khAU jagah ; jauf. 

Chaste, cbAst, a. L. eattut . (pure) pAk, sAt; 
(mode t) pflk-dfiman; ( of good taste or style). 

. latff, faslh; Chasteness or Chastity, ft. awn- 

» at. 'iffat, pAk-dAmanl ; aafAl, pfkklzagl. 

Chasten, chus'n, v. t. L. cattigare. (correct), 
tambth dekar durust k.. tAdlb k. ; (punish). 
sazA d. Syn. Chastise ; punish ^correct. 

Chastise, cbas-tlz' o. t. L. castigate, (punish), 
sazA d* tam:.lh*Tc. ; Ohu stiseme -it, ft. MzA t 
tamhfh, goahmAll, ta’zlr, naslbat, t|4fb- Syn. 
Punishment ; correction. 

Chat, v. i . A.-S. owasdan. b&t-chft k., gnftogfi k.S 
— »». (free and easy talk) gap- hap, be-iakal- 
lufl guftogfl j Chatter, chat tfir. v. t. V .heater* 
«s. (to prate) bAtegk* bebdda bak-bak k-;— • 




«. tea te&» kilfcilAbat; — eb bachcha jo ba- 
irn baieg karta hal ; Chatterer, n. bakkf, baf- 
harija;ek chi[iy4; Chatty, chat'i, «. bat k. 

OiiAteftB^a-ta', ft. r. ek qit'a raalk kft sadr 
i&qAa ; (a cauhe) qil’a, ko , g > yh. 

C:i .«•!, cbat'l, n . F. okutal . ( ,ny movable or 
iinuiora »le artic.e ) manqflla jA gair-uMnqnla 
milkiyat ’alAwa famludAi! ke. [kflchnl. 

Oiinv, chaw, v.t. A *8. oeowan. rhAbnA, chab-luA, 

C.ioap, cUAp, •. A.-S. oeap. (at a low price) 
sastA, ars.ii], hi Ik i, aa^tmulA; (little respeci- 
©d) kanqidr; CUeipen, chSi/n, v. <• A.-sv 
oaapan. kaun-qlmut lash AnA; Cheaply, 
sastA, kam qfui&t par, arzun; Cheapness, n. 
kam-ql.unll, saatAnan, arzAnl. 

Cheat, cb*t, n. A-S. aeat. (hagl, dagft, farcb, 
nakr, butta, dag&bAzl; — v. t. fliugnA, dusAb.izi 
k., burta d., fitrat larAnA. Syn. Trick ; cozeu ; 
Sail; chouse. 

Check, chek, n. F. echco. (stop ) rok, pech, atkflo ; 
(reproof) muxAhiinat, muraAni’at ; (in chess) 
sbaa, kisht; (in accouu a) jAgcu; (bill) tip: 
(order on a hanker) ch-. k, hundl : (a pass tick- 
et) rAhdAil kA parwnna; (furious sorts of 
doth) sA»l ; — i>. t. atkAnA. roknA, uatAnA, hand 
k„ mauqtkf k.: dA'itnA; (comp ire) mu'jAbala 
k., imiAni; (in cbes ) ki.hi d., *h;ih d. ; (a 
bill or account) muqAbala k , jAiza k. 

Checkers, chi'k'ftrz, «. pi. shatranj ; — board, 
biaAt, taklita i n r I ; — a. j igchnewAla. 

Checkmate, cbek'mAt, n. Per. ahahmit. hir; — 
v. t. raAt k. 

Cheek, chftk, n. A.-S. ceno. gAI, rnkhsAr; (im- 
pudence) shokhl, gustAkbl; — l>y jowl, (noar- 
nesa, closeness) naz <f<f, hninrAhi. 

Cheep, chAp, v. i. clinlichiiliAnA. 

Oliecr, chAr, n. G. kara, head, khushrdl : ( gaiety) 
fchnrraml, hazz, khuslil, rAhat, mu «arrat ; 
(hopefulncs ) umm *d ; (shout of applause) 
jal iaikAr — v. t. (enliven) kb *h k. t dil-dAri 
k., kUAtir-furn’l k. ; (applaud) ahAbA«hl d. ; 
(give shouts) iai jaikAr kahuA : — up, kh :sh 
k. on, ragbat d. [ — with,— bv]. Syn. Glad- 
den ; encourage ; cxliil mite; enliven; Cheer- 
ful, chAr' 581, «. khush, masrAr, khush in zAj, 
tchush-dil, migan; — ly, ad. kiu.slil se, ha-sar 
o cha«hn, ba-dil, Bar fink og so: — ness, or 
Chcerlncss. n. khnndarfll, aind i-dilf, khnsh- 
taha’l, khushl; Cheerless, chAr'les, a. u IAs, 
uchAt, b**-dil, nfl-khuah ; Cheery, CliAr'i, a. 
kbush-dil, ziudn-dii. 

Cheese, chez, ». A.-S. oe*e. L. caneun. panfr. I 

Chemise, she- me//, n. F. (a shift) 'auraton kA 
bhlinrf kurtA. 

Chcm stry. n. F. chimie. kfmiyfl-ffarf, kfmiyft- 
b'izI; inur^miic — , hl nivA i uia* InniyAt; or- 
ganic-—, kfmiyA i haiw.'inAt o nabitfit ; practi- 
cal — , kftniyft i iktisAbt; Chemist, ke o'ist, 

1 «. kfmiyA-gar, kliuiyA-saz ; Chemical, keiu'ik- 
« o.ktmiyAl. 

Cheque, chek. », (an o*der for money) bnndf. 

Cherish, eher'ish, v t. F. c Jierir. (foster) pAlnA ; 
(treat kindly) kb > bar-girl k., kmiAyut k , 

Cherry, cher'l, n. L. oera*ua. Alfl-bfllfl, shflh dA- 
na, walAyatf mako; — a. IAI, surkh. 

Cherub, cher'ub, n. U. kcrub. (an an^el) firish- 
ta, karflbl. 

Chess, chos, w. Per. shatranj yA sadranj ; 
— hoard, che/bO d. n. bi^At, biaAt i shatranj ; 
— man, ». shatranj krt muhra. 

Chest, ». cheat, ». A.-S ceat. bapA sandflq; (of 
the body) chhAtl, sina ; — of drawers, alra'irl. 

Chestnut, ches'nut. ». G. khaatnnon. shAli lialdt. 

Chevalier, shev-a-lAr', n F. gAal yA jawAg maid. 
Syn. a horseman ; knLht. 

Chew, ch55, v t. A.-S. ceoioan. (crush with the 
teeth) clubAnA, chAbnA; (rumiuate) jugAII 

_Jk* *—-tlie cud. jugAlf k. 

Chicane, shi-kAn', n. F. ( Al matol, hfla-sAzf ; (t o- 
pbistry) hlla-hawAla, clmkarmukir : — v. i . 
hllH-havyAla k.,cba karma kar k.; Ch ; canery, 
ft. hila h i w Ala, chakarmakar. Syn. Trickery; 
duplicity ; chicane ; dornptlon. 

CUdcken. chik'n, n. A.-S. dosa. ebingnA, chi&sa, 

murgl kA bacbeha hearted, a. bni-dll;-* 
pox, cblka'poks, n, cheebak kt ek qism. 

Dhide, chid, v. t. A.-S. cidan. (reprove) dAnfnfl, 
ghufaknA, ssrzaniah k., tambfhk. ; (blame) 
UzAm lagAnA. [—for]* Syn. Blame; rebuke; 

Chief, chAf, n. barA, auwal, pah A; aa dr, muqad- 
dam, birtar, nfzal; — n., peshwA, sar- 
war;— ly, ad. khu-Asan, aksar karkc, pfthle, 
kl»A a karke, auvralan. 

Chlcftaiu, chef'iftn, n. L. caput. sardArifauj, 
qaum kA sardAr, aarpauch; Chief taliiship, 
n. sar .'Ail, ’uhda. 

Chilblain, chirhiAn, n. (a blain or sore on the 
hand or foot p 1 educed hv cold) biwAl. 

Child, chi d, n. A.-S. vild ;b ichcha, au Ad, bAIak ; 
with — , (pregnant )h.'tmila; — beating, cbl.d'- 
bAr-ing, n. zAldagl, bachcha-kashi ; — birth, ft. 
jannMard i zih ; — hood, n. baohjan, layakpan, 
nA-bAligl, tufflliyat, laykAI; — lah, cbXId'ish, a. 
tifi-i :, laykekA sA ; — Ishneas, n. tifl-mizftj, 
chiibillApun, chulbulAhaf; — less, chlid'les, a. 
be-aulAd, bAgih. 

ClilUad, ki 'li-ud, it. G. chiliaa. (a thousand; 

especially a tho isand years) ImzArhA ; sahas: a. 
Chill, a. A -S. cc'.e. (cold) (handA, kh muk, sard J 
— u. (band* kbutikl, sardl; — v. t. (baudA k., 
alrAnA, thitharnA. afsurda k ; Coilly, chi 'i, o. 
sard, il. a idA; Chilliness, c-iil'i-ues, n. saidi, 
(hand, (Imiid k, afsurdagi. 

Cliime’ chltn, n. L enmpunu. |;lia -iflkA, jhankAr. 

[ — wiiii, — to„ r therj ; — v. ». bin- hagq h., 
inilnA, muwafiq b., ek till h. ; — in. (take part 
in ) sharfk b., hnm-rAe h. ; to — In with, rdzl h. 
Chimera, ki-mS'ra, n. G chi ' o ra. 'unuA ; (an 
idle, sroundle s wliim ) kkiy-il. w htu,khiyAli 
b til : Chimerical, ki-rner'ik al.. <a. wahml, 
khiyiil. bauAwa((. Syn. Ima b inary ; fanciiul ; 
tauiastic . wild. 

Chimney, chi n # nl, ft. G. kaminoa, drtd-knah, bu- 
kliAri ; — sweep, — sweeper, dQd-kash ko BAf 

k. w. 

Cmmpanzee, chira-pan'zA n. bandar kl ek qism 
io iusAu ae bah ut musiiAbih ha aur qadd men 
tlu yA cliAr fu( kA hotfl h i i, banmAnus. 

Chin, < hiu, n. A.-S. oinue. (h .d<jl, (hofhl, eaqan, 
tuna kit. 

Chinchilla, cbln chiHa, n. Sp. ek chliotA jAnwar 
jogilainf kn mnwA'iq ho. A hai aur uakebAl 
nihAy»t 'unida bote ha n. 

C' » ‘ x *, hin'kof, n. Scot. kink. hn‘*bA ^abhu 
. ., uQkar khAnsl. [kl haddl, ptiju. 

1 .iic, cliln, n. O. H. Ger. akina. jAnwar ke puslit 
Jiiink, ch'm-k, n. A.-S cine, (narrow opeuii g 
or gap) tafik, sliigaf, sflrAkh; — v . ». tayak j., 
shigiif h. ; — n. (jingle) ihnnjhituA .at, kban- 
khnnAhat, bajuJ ; Chhiky, cliingk'i a. p api, 
dakA. [chhlnf. 

C InU, ohintz, ft. Iliad, chhint. (printed cloth) 
Chip, v. t. II. Ger. kippen. chi f(hl k., chailA k., 
(ukcA k ., fi'z i reza k., push pftsh k. n. (cut 
off with an axe) chiptbt, chnilf; (break in 
ainnll pieces ) (ukyA, reza . a — of the old block, 
ek k< nde k\ reza, jaisA bAp wa sA befA. 

Chirogra h, kl'-rb-graf, n. G. cheir and graph* 
ein. (a wriiiug, n deed, a fine) ehar’lSanad kl 
do naqlr’S, nawi>hta, dnatuwez; jurmAna; 
Ch rograp’iy, ki-rog'ra-fi, w. 'iira 1 tahrlr, 
dast nawidit. flshAron kl guftogfi. 

Chirology, kfrol'o-ji, ft. G. o'leir. end logoa. 
Chirp, chArp, t>. i. Ger. tachirpen ebahe uifiAnA, 
rez k., chrt i chug k. ; — n. ( voice of birds or 
insects) chirchirabot, chug chftn. [hAnft, 

Chirrup, c Ar'up,^. t. chi'ig chAg k., ehnheita- 
Cliisel, cbiz'el, n. F. ciaeau. ruk Anl, bat A f, (Ag- 
kl,chhenl; — v. t. khodnA, naqsb k., (cheat), 

Chit, chit, ft. A.-S bidh. shoot, killa, anknrA; (a 
child) bachcha; (a short letter) ehitthl, 
Chit-chat, n. bAt-chlt. u 1 p-shap qfll • qAI. 
Chivalry, n. F. chevulivr. (gallnntrv, liero f sm)I 
bahAdurl, shujA’ut; Chivalrous. Bhiv'ul-ruz- 
o. bahAdur. dilt-r, g'zf, jan bAz. f 

Chock, chok, v . t, (fill up) bandk., bhard.:-^ 
full, bharA hAA, labAlab. 

Chulue, chois, «• F. ehoiair. i|htiyAr, khuzh^ 



8 * 

martlf khwAbista, chAh; (things chosen) pa- 
sand; (best part) ’umda hi*sa;— a. umda, 
nafls. hash i dll ^hwfth, pasandMa, raaVjAl. 
Obolr, kwlr, a. G. o horot. gawaiyon kA tA'fa, 

{ Irjt kl wuh j jgati jahAn gAnewAle ba4h«« 
aig ; Chorister, kor'ist Sr, n. gawaiyA, gAnt- 

Clioke, chfik, f. t. A.-S. aceotjan. (st:fle) S*1A 
ghontnA, sAgs roknA; (stop up) dam band k. 
Choker, ». gal& gh»ntnewAlA; (what cannot be 
answered ) lA-jawnb : (cravat) gum band. 
Ohuler. koi'&r, n.G.choloa. pit, safra: (anger) 
gussa, teal. tai.°li : his —win rise, us k& pitta 
bharak ofhegA ; Choleric, kol fir-ik, fl. saf rA- 
wl, gussawar, Atask-inizA.i, tuud. 

Cholera, kol’Sr-a, n. haiz 
Choose, clitKiz, v. t . A.-S. ceoaan pasand k., 
eh Ah n A ; (to select) muntakhab k., chunnA ; 
(adopt HkhtiyAr k. Syu. Select ; prefer ; elect. 

Chop, chop, e.l. G. kalaphot. (cut quickly) kAt 
d. ; ( mince) tukrA vukjA k. ; to— off, (to cut 
off with a quick blow) kAt 4* ; to— up, (uk- 
ri tukfftk. ; (todevour)habak 1. [—up];— a./. 
A.-S. csapa*. lendeak.; ((o exchange) tabAda- 
la k. ; to— logic, (to bandy words) radd badal 
ikaUmk.;to — in, (to nlerpret) tashrlbk.; — 
*. (a’-ica) tokfA, 4*11, botl, qAsh ; Chopper, *. 
hhftrl chhurl, cbApaf ; Choppy, a. sliigAfdAr, 
daradkr. [ke muta’alliq. 

Choral, kO'ral, a. G. chorea, gawaiyon ke tAife 
Chord, kord, a. G. ckorde. (tendon )tAgt; (string 
of a musical instrument) tlr, rotia ; (har- 
mony of sounds) kam-Awftzl ; (line joining two 
ends of a curve) ek sldhl Uklr jo d&irc se mil 
jAwe; — v. t. tAr chafbAuA. rods kasnA, ham- 
Aw&z k. [graphoin. uaq«hn-kn.*bl. 

Ohorography, W-rog'ra-ti, n. G. choroa and 
Ohoroi. I, kd'roid, a. Q. chorion, skin, and eidot, 
form. Agkh kA -.flsrA parda. 

Chorus, kd'rua, a. G. ohoroa jawAM, upaj, karl. 
t£i o sur; to Joiuin — , AwAz tn lAnA, gAuewA- 
log kl tAifa. 

Cliousc, oiiou*, n. Turk, ohiaoua. (cheat) fnreb; 
(trick) hfla, chhal, thagil ; (tool) ausAr; 
(simpleton) bbogdA, be-waquf; — p.t. thaguA, 
dngA d., chhali.A. 

Christen, kris'n, w. t. A.-S. criatnicn. bapt ? Bma 
d.. *lsAl k ; Christemiom, n. A.-S. crislcndom. 
Maslhl mumAlik. 

Christian, krist # van,». G. clriatianoa. Masfh ke 
pairau; — a. Masihfj Christianity, kns-ti- 
an'i-ti, ». mszbab i MiBlhl, wuh ta’llm jo Ala- 
nth ne dl ; Christianize, kriat'yan-I*. v. t. 
’IsAl k.; Otiristleas, a. Mtslh se uaunkir; 
Christmas, kris'mas, n. (Jhriat and mms b.iffl 
din Jo Maslh kt paidAiah kt yidgflrt men 25wfn 
December ho mAu& jAtA hai ; Ohristolugy, 
kris-toro-ji, n. G. okriatoa and logoa. Maslh kl 
bAbatdara. [i rang. 

Chromatic, krd-mat'Ik, a. G. ohro too. muta alliq 
Chronic, kron'ik, s. G. ohronoa. dinf, purAnA, 
der-pft, ’arseki; (disease) safrht blmArl. 
Chronicle, kron'i-kl. n. L. chronica. tawArlkh, 
pur Ana ’ahd-nAme kl do kitAlx>g ;— v. t. wAqrAt 
UkhaA, tawArl^b UkhnA; Cbronicier, a. rnu- 
warri^h, rAwl. 

Chronology, kro-nol'o-Ji, n. G. ohro not and 
logoa. 'ilm i tawArlkb, ’Ilia i tirfkb ; Oiiroao- 
loger, kro-nol'o-jAr, n. tawArl^h llkhn wAli^ 
tArUFb-nawla ; Chronological, kron-o-loj'ik- 
al« s. ba-mrtjlb i tartlb i zamAna. 

Chronometer, kro-nom'e-ttr, s. G. eXrosoe and 
meiro*. ak ’uiada gharljo sahib waqt batlAtf 

Chrysalis, krii'a-lla, *. G. chruaallic , from ohru - 
toe, gold, tabdll h. w., klyog kl aall ad rat hadai- 

Chrysolite, kris'o-llt, n. G. chruaolitTioa lahsuni- 
yA, ekqiatn kl aanl yA sabz na-ifna, sabarjad. 
Chub, chub, ». A.-S. oapp, bead, ck qiam kl ma- 

Chubby, n. gund-mun^. eal pbullA. 

Chuck, ebuk, s. ». tboyl dfir pbenknA; (cluck) 
ku(ku(AnA; (bit gently) Ahista m., ghAn*e kl 
mAr ;— over, pbefik <L £— under] g. kuikut- , 

Aha{: (term of endearment ) piyirA. *a»lz; (a 
throw) pbegtc; (touch under the chin) vbuddl 


Chuckle, cbuk'l, v. t From, chuck. han«;nA. b igal 
bajAnA, kutkur k.; — n. ek h <lkf ua uat; Chuck- 
ling, n. hiifisf, poshlda khusht. 

Ohuffy, chui'i, a. be-Umls, galphfilA, gul-gu^bnA ; 

tu ku-misAj; (fnt) far >ih. [him-hujra. 

Clium, cb -m, n* A.-S cuna. hem-kuAna, dost, 
Church, church. ». A.-S. circ , Ger. kircha giriA, 
Maslhlon kl ’»bA tatgAh kt kdlsijA yA ja nA- 
’at;— o. i. air je meg muttafii hokar buktAna 
adfi k. ; — man, n. us kalleiyA kA sharlk jo sar- 
kAr se muiu’a iiq hai ; — warden, c.iurch'wawr- 
de« # n. ka fsiyA ke chande kA muliAfis ; — yard, 
a qa^rislAn, gorlst in, maqbara. 

Churl, euuri, n. A.-S. oeo/l. (ruat : c) gngwAr; 
(ill-bred) nA-shAi-.ta,(lahqAul; (greedy fe low), 
kbud-garus, ba^hll; — i«h, ». safiit, sang-dil, 
’•e-rahui, dabagg. 

Churn, ch ir-i, n. drtdli kl hftgdl. mathAniyA; 
(staff) matbal, raihAnl; — v. i. A.-S. oersos. 
mathnrt, mabnA ; —lug, s. mathan, mahan. 
Chyle, kli, %. G. chuloa. (juice) kallds, raa, kai- 

Chyme, n. G. chuntoa. kaimtia. [kA nlahAn. 
Cicatrice, *ik'a-tri\ a. dA 2 , chinh, asar, n^im 
Cicatrize, sik'a-trlz, ». 1. za^um par goalit buar- 
nA, mundamil k. 

Cider, fd'der, . i . F. cidre. aeb kA ras. 

Cigar, sigii', n S,>. c guorro. churut. 

Ctmcter, sim'e-Lfir, w. Per. achimachir. fega, tal- 
wAr, sbnmsblr. 

Olncliouu. sin-ku'nn, n ek qi-m ke per kl chhAl 
jo bokbAr kl daw$ ke kJl a men ill Uni, sinkonA. 

C ncture, singk'idr, /». L. cingcrc , to gird, (a 
I band) katnar bund. ko la ;( hot ) nn;,)ra. 
Cinder, sinMfr, n. A.-S aindcr, L. cinis. ("cold) 
Cinerary, aiiTAr-ur-i, n. rftkhtiAr; — sr-ns, vruh 
bartan jij m g azi • z mtAne men log tuurd''Q ko 
j ilAknrun kt r.ikb rakh ehliop • ih^. 

C.nnabur, siu'uu-bttr, n. G. klnmb iris . shang- 
raf. Ingur. [ul, dAl-clilnl. 

Cinnamon siu'na-raun, «. G ki/inumon. dAr chl- 
C n |uc, siugk, n. Ij.quinjue. tash k> nanja. 
Cipher, sl'ler, n. A. aijrurt. ( naug it-0)sif«r, bin- 
dl. sunn; (person) n&qsb i dlvvAr. bnch, nA- 
ebtz; (secret manner of writing) kUuliya-ua- 
wlsl; (figure) raqam, auk; — v. i. (practise 
arithmetic) hisAb k. ; (write secretly) ramz- 
nnwl-1 k. 

Oifvle, sftr'kl, n G. kirkoa (round) dAira, halqa; 
(space within a round line) girda; (assembly) 
jamd’at; (conmunity) nrqa; (province) 
sflba ; half a — , nfm d/lira; — t*. t. giida k., 
daura k., rauUAaara k., «h»'i nuA, glier I ; Cir- 
clet, s&r’klet, b. ek chliotA dAira yA gb rA. 

Circuit, nftr'kit, ». L vircuitua. gardi-U, pher, 
ghutnAo, iliAta, daur, hi..Ar, girda, gasht ; Cir- 
cuitous, a*r-kii'it-ua, o. ^tortuous) pechfda, 

Circulation, n. (act of circulating) garlish, 
ghuinAo, babAo; chalan ; Circular, sA 'kQ- 
l€r, o. L.circularia. tnudauwar, gol, hn qidar; 

— a. ishlihAr, itiilA'-unm i, — line, girda, khatt, 
dftira; Circularity, sgr-kfl-lar'i-ti, s. golAl, 
mudauwarl, girda-girdl ; Circulate, s8 'kd- 
14t, v. i. L. ciroulure. ghuniAnA, phirAnA, Chak- 
kar d., mashhiir k.; — v. t. gardish k. 

Circumcise, sfe/aum t-lz, v. t. L. circum, around, 
and cidere , to cut. kbatna k., tuuMaimAnl k. ; 
Circumcision, n kb->tus, sunuat. 
Circumference. s&r-kuiu'iAr-ens, n. L. ciroum, 
around, and /errs, tu boar, -ird, gird-pe^h, 
gherA, rnulilt. dura; Circumferential, sgr- 
kum-fi -en # - hi-nl, a. mublti, mudauwarl; 
Circuiurereutor, vAr-knm' Ar-eu-tAr, n. ek Ala 
jo painiAiHb kam^wAle zAviya 1 ufaq aur *imt 
lun’IAm karne ke ilye is; i’uiAl kar)e liaig. 
Circuinttex. sAi'kinu-rieks, n. L circum, around 
and Jtcctt re , to b**ud. Awas kA ek uisA I ° or 
i.mliAn:— v. t. nishAo ke mutAbiq talaffuz k. 
Circumjacent, sAr-kuin-jA'»eat, a. L. circum, 
around, and juocra, to lie. muttaail, qarlb, 
nnzdlk, lag bhag, ckau-tarfa;— places, uavAh 
jfA gixd-aawAk 


Circumlocution, sSr-kiim-Io.-ktL'shun, ». L. mnsbkil chafhnA, yA kith pAftw M ofcaghaA. 
from ciroihh. around and loqui. to speak, peck!- L npj. . r . 

dag!, ghumAo, tai-kaWml; Circumlocutory, Clamour, klam or, a. I* clamare. »&©r f ful, 
sSr-kum-lok'tbtor-i, s.gol, pecbfda. gauga, josh-lfharosli ;~-0. i gul k* ptikArnA. 

Circumnavigate, e€r-kuin-nav'i-gat, v. t. L. I Clamorous, kaJam'Ar-us, a, gaugAf, 

circum, around and nsvigare, to navigate. snor k. w, «... . . . . * 

dunyA ke gird bakr! safar k ; Cimimuaviga- Clamp, klarap, a. D. klamp. Jobe kA patfcar, lak- 
tion, s€r- k u m-na v-i-gd'sh u n,^*. j&hAz par kl pntir ;—o;t. pattar iagnA, yd JagAaA, jog 

girdWarf m men lob* lagfinA. 

Circumscribe, sAr'kum-skrfb, r. t. L. circum , Clan, klan, a. Ir. clann. (tribe) qanm, idt; 

• •* 9 ■ 1 1 * 1. I IflfKVA fn •Milvv I IrhiM I. - . 4. . . „ . - L L 

around and f oribere, to write. glieraA, badd 
bAU'lhnA, majbflr be-bas k., dabd r. 
Circumspect, ■ftr'kum-spekt, a. L. circum ana 
sphere. chaukas, hoskiyAr; chaubannA. Syn. 
Cautious. Circumspection, a. chauka*!, cldr- 

( large family) fchAn JAn, gharAni, kuturnbb, 
guroti; Clannish, klnn'ish, a . t&wassnl, bhAl- 
bandf; Clannishly, ad. birAd&rAn* taur se; 
Clansman, kl&nz'man, n. ek sharks jo kisf 
kkAsa gaum yA zAt se muta'alliq ho. 

andeshf, ’ ihtiyAt, tawajjuh. Syn. Caution ; Clandestine, klan-des'tin, u. L. clandestine. 

. « I. 9 lit .. I I HAnn tinHarUanJ 1> I/I/Iam \ 

watchfulness; deliberation. 

Circumstance, sAr'kum-staus, ». L. circum and 
dare. ittifAq, kaifiy&t, haqiqat, hAIat, hfll, ah- 

(done underhand, hidden) poshlda, chhipfi, 
makhfl, khufiya. Syu. Hidden; socret; pri- 
vate ; concealed. 

wAI, waqt ; iu easy — s, Asfida-’hAl, khush-bAI ; Clang, klang. v. t. L. clang ere. (to produce a 
according to — s, bash i hAl; under these— s, shnrp, shrill sound) khatkhatfinA, kbarkhag- 
in wajahon se, ais! hAIat meg. Syn. Fact; Anfi;— n. khatkhatAhat, t&gtugAhat, jttankAr. 

event; incident: Circumstantial, a. ittifAqf, Clangour, n. jhanjhanAhat, khagkhagAhat, (an- 
’Arizf, w&jfihAtl; (full) mufassa!, wAzih; — tanAbat. 

hat, khagkhagAhat, (an- 

g&wAb! d., raufassalan bayfin k. 

Circumvent, sAr-kum-vent', v. t. L. circum and 
venire, (cheat) thasnft* dhoka d., farrb d., 
’aiy&rlk.; Circumvention, w. thagAT, kapat, 
chakarrnakar, farob. 

Circumvolution, sAr'-kura-vo-IQ'shun, ». (act 
of rolling, or state of being rolled) ghumAo, 
gardisb; Circumvoive, BSr-kum-volv', v. t. 
L. circum and volverc. ghuaiinA, phlrAnA. 

Circus, s&r-kus, ». G. kiikes. tam&shngAh, akhl- 
gA. [kuutj, chahbachcha. 

Cistern, sis'tSrn, n. L. cisia. (reservoir) hauz, 

Citadel, sit'a-del, ». It. citadclla. qil’a, garb, 
gaghl, shabr-panAh. 

Cite, sit, 9. t. L. citarc. i’lAn bhejnA, bnlA bbej- 
nA: (to quote) hawAla d. Syn. Quote; Cit- 
ablo, slt'a-bl, a. zik e karoo ko laiq ; Citation, 

kapufl, pataknA; — in, be-jA dakhl d. ; — to or 
together, achAnak band k. np, milAnfl, jo;- 
nA; (imprison) qaid k., (to complete sudden- 
ly) achAnak khatmk. ; — on, dAm bafhAiiA; — 
the wines, kuude jhAfuA yA phatpbatAnA; — ' 
the hands, tA I bajAuA; shAbAshf; khafkfi, 
kliatsk, bharbharAbat; — of thunder, kagak; 
Clapper, n. khatkA k. w., lolak. Ia(knn. 

Clare-obscure, klAr'ob-skQr. n. L. clarut aad 
obscurus, taswfr kA halk.i sAya. 

Clurct, klur'et, ». F.clairct ck qisjn kf lfil ^harAb. 

CiirUicMtion, klnr-i-fi-kfi-a un, n. saffif, mail 
chhnntAf, mdl kvtal; Clarify, kla»*'ifl, v. t. 
Jj. clarus and/ucere. (make or become clear) 
mHil ciih istnA, sfif k„ nirmal k. 

nA; (to quote) haw Ala d. Syn. Quote; Cit- Olurion > klMr / i-un».L.o/orttff.qarnAf,narsing- 
ablo, slt'a-bl, a. zikr karno kn laiq ; Citation, hA, turlil; Clarionet, klar'i o-net, n. clarue. 
rf-ti'shun, ». h. citarc. talabl, bulAhat; iqti- bflnslt ke muwAfiq ek bAjA. shahnal. 
bAs, bayAn. [Citizenship, ». shahrl huqflq.- Clash, klasli, v. t. Ger. klaUchen , (knock to- 

Oilizen, sa'i-zen, n. h\ citoyen. shahrl, rals; gel her with a noise) khatkA uA, takrAnA (op- 

Oitron, sit'run, n. L. citreum, cbakotrA, turanj. mukoalifat k., zidd k. ( — against,— 

City, sit'i, n. L. ciui/as. shahr, nagar, nagrl. with] a. khatkA, jhnnkAr. zidd, mukhAiifat ; 

Civet, siv'et, n. G. capct ion. zaoAd, ek qism kf Clashing, n. taUkar, mukhAiifat, zidd, bar- 

khnshbddar shai ; ek qism kA jAnwar, mushk khilAfl. 

bilAo. Clasp, klasp, a. ginft, bagal-gfrf, pakag, chap- 

Olvll, siv'il, a. L. chilis, (relating to the com- rAs, kakul j— v. t. O. Eng. elapse, girift k. f 

mon wealth) mulkl; (kindly) milan^fir, sushll, bagal-gfrh. [--round.] 

ithib i akhlAq, bhalA-mAnus war, khAua- Class, klas, ». L. lassis. (rank, order, division) 
jangf, gadar;- -employment, sarkArf kAm; darja, firqa, kilfts, a At, jins, fard;— o. t. F. 
the — power, ’adAlat; — court, sndar ’adAlat; — chsscr, darja-handl k M tartlb d.; Classic, 

list mu Ik! afsaron klfihrist; Civilian, si-vir- klas # ik, «. mu’tabar, muhaqqiq ; -hiinda tasulf; 

yau. ». ahl i nizAmat, ’Amil pesba, ahl i qalam ; Classical, a. h. classic, ’utnda mu’tabar, mu- 

Civility, si-vil'i-ti, n. (cjourlesy of behaviour) haqqiq ;— author, muannnif i mu’labar. 

khulq, insAoiyat, bb&lmansf, uarmf, inilausArf, Classify, v. t. L classic and favere. darja-band! 
murauwat, takrfm. silsiltiwAr r. ; Classification, -klas-i-Ii-ka'- 

Oivlllzatloii, siv-il-iz-A'sbnn, ». InsAniyat, tar- shun, ». tartlb, in juls-jinswarf. 

ah « 2 vn n.itfnr-* nnh ivAtion : Clutter, klat 6r, 17. t. A.-S. clatruna. ( to mnkn 

Dlvllizatloii, siv-il-iz-A'sbnn, a. InsAniyat, tar- 
biyat, sbAistag!. Syn. Culture; cultivation; 
rottnement; Civilize, siv'il-Iz, v. t. (reclaim 
from savageness) shA stab., ArAsta k., durust 
k.; (enlighten) tarbiyat k^ta’llmd.; Civiliz- 
ed, 8. shAista, muhazzab. 

Clutter, klat'fir, 17 . t. A.-S. clatrung. (to make 
rattling sounds) kharkhafani, thakthakAnA, 
taft vfAn i, bak bak k. ; — ». kbit rkbarft hat, tar- 
tagAhaC [shart ; fasi ; madd. 

Clause, klawz, n. L. claud ere . fiqra, jumla; 

Clack, klak, v. *. bskbak k , bagbarAnA, tUkArnA, Clavicle, klA'vi-kl, «. hansl! k! hadd!. 
q!l o qAl k. W. elec. jhankAr, kapik, jhan- Claw, klaw, ». A.-S. oluvn , cla. uAkhlin, changul, 
jhmnfthat, khagkharAhat, fantauAhat; (undue p tnja;— v.t. uochnA, khasotnA, noch <1., kbuj- 

talk in g) bakbak. lAnA, panja m„ bakofuA. 

Claim, klAm, v. t. L. clamure. d^’wA k., taqAzA Clay, klfi, n. A.-S. clacg. piudol, chiku! mittt 
k., talab k. t mAfignA ;— unjustly, nA-haqq da’- S&rA, J— •• leSD(l * 

wAk. ; — n. (demand as of right) da’wA, dar- Clayey, kiA matUA, mi t (Ik A. 

fchwAst; (thing claimed) istibqfiq: Claim- 
able, klAm'ii-bl, o. qAbil 1 da’wA ; Claimant, 
kl&tn'ant, a. (one who demands) mudd&’l, 
talabgAr, dAdfchwAh. 

C<am, klam, v. t. (to clog) lAnA lagtnA : anm k., 
tar k.; skor macbAnA; Clammy, klam'i, a. 
(damp, gummy) hr.dAr. chlpebipA; Clammi- 
ness, kl«m'i-ne\ n. JaslasAkat, lablabAhat, 
chipcbipAhat, lasIlA. 

Clamber, klam'bAr, a. i, L. Ger. kkmperu. ba- 

ClaxTtiorc, klft'mOr, n. Gael. olaidheamU and 
mor, (a two-handed sword, a broad sword) 
khAurA, kharg. 

Clean, klAu, e. A.-S. otccne. (tree from dirt) 
isuthrA, ujlA, nirmal, sAf; (not foul) pAkfza, 
pAk, naffs; (whole) bilkull; — ad. safAt se, pA- 
klzaglse; — v. t . sAt k., ujlA k. v dhonA out, 
(empty) fchAl! k.. sAf k.; — liness, klgn'Ji-ne.s, 
a. saiAf, pdklzag! ;— ness, n.safAf, pAklsagU 

CtesuM, M«m. *. *. A.-S. e»o«*»/«*. (djm 
thoroughly)**/ k., nftk k. ; Cleansing, *. »afM, 
Mkfsad* [-—from]. „ 

Clear, fciAr, 0. L. clarus, clear, (bright) shaffAf J 
(fair) b& : (pure) khAlis. (apnaent) zAhir, 
kba'A, IsbkAr.i ; ( free ) Azfid ; [ — f; o;n] 
(plainly ) s.if sAf; (quite) bilnull; — v. t, sAf 
k„ jilAd. ; kho.uA, suljhAnA; (to remove) ddr 
k. ; (to free) chburAiA, Az'id k. ; get — ,a!agbo 
j.; stand — , alag khapA r. ; keep — of, bail e.; 
a — sky knulA IsruAn ; — up, (close an ac« ount) 
&<IA k..sfifk.,denA;f have fine weather) kb’.lnfi; 
—out, (empty l^hAlf k. ; (leivenport) rawfioa 
na h.;— off, bbAg j.;— away, c. f. (remove 
things) sAfk. ; — ness, klfir'ues, n. safAi.nilA- 
pan ; Clearance, klAr'ans, n. nikA>f chittbi; 
chAlfin, rawanna ; Clearing, klSr'ing, ». saffif ; 
(escape) bbagofAnun, nikAsf. 

Cleat. klAt.a. Ger. hidden, ek tukr& lakrf jus kA 
ek si rA ublirA hdA ho, r»a(tf jof, pushtlbAn. 

Clen vc, klfiv, a. «. A.-S. difan. (adhere) 1 ngfi, 
iiptfi, Chianti yA gathA r.; (to split) chfrnA, 
phatnA, katnA ; (to be adopted ) le-pAlak h. [ — 
to, — together] ; — v. t. A.-S. oleofun* juUA k., 
taqsfna k., kritnA, kkoinA. 

Cleaver, a. qassAb ka chhurA, tabar. [nishfin. 

Clef, kief, a. L. da vis, key, G. klais. r&g kA <*k 

Cleft, kleft, ». darAz, darz, chAk, shigAf, chlr, 

Clemency, klera'en-sl, a. L. cfewene, rah mat, 
inihrbAnf, shafaqat. Syn. Millnes^; tender 
ness: lenity; Clement, kl‘ii)'»ir, a. hafn, 
mihrbm, sh&ffq, daywmt Syu. L**uieni ; 
merciful *, compassionate. 

Clergy, kiAr'ji, a. G kleros. F. elerge. pfidrf, 
kliAdiin ud dfn ; — man, n. fchAdim ud din; 
Clrrlcnl, kler'ik al, a. kliAdim ud din yl tuu 
liarrir k*» muta'al iq. 

Cler :, k'Ark. a. A.-S. oloro. mnharrir nawf«in- 
da; goods — , munslit joashAb wg ra.vAna kar- 
tA hai of the court, nAzir; p irlsh—, pfidrt 
kA nAib ; Clerkship, n. mubarrirf, wuias nddf 

Clever, klev'Ar a. A.-S. gleaw, skilful, ftnlent- 
ed ) cliAlAk. tez-fabm, h shiyftr. [ -at— with. 
— in] ; Cleverness, a. chAlAkf, tez-faiunl, 

bosh y Art. 

Clew, klu, n. A.-S. cUo w, sit kf peebak; (a 
guide) rahnu uA. 

Click, klik, a. khatkhnt; — v. t. kbafkbat k. 

Client, kll'ent, ». L. cliene. (one who applies to 
a lnwye< for advice i muuf \ rauwakkil. 

Cliff, klif, n. A.-S. clif. (a high steep rock) kba- 
rf nahAff, (lla. 

Climate, kTinftt. a. klima. fib o bawA, sarzaratn, 
aqllm ; change of — , tahrifl i ftb o ha wA ; Cli- 
matic, klf'raat'ik, a. aqifmf, sarzamfnl. 

Climax, kli'-mtks, n. G. klimax. (gradation, 
ascent) ladrfj, darja ba darja ’urfij, su’fld, 
tithio. cbayhAo. [sawftr h. [ — up, — along]. 

Climb, kllm, e. i. or v . t. A.-S cli/nban. chaplinA, 

Clinch, klinsh, a. pakay, gi-ift ; — v. t pakar 
1., m&zbfit k., m*>piA, oukhtak., pAbnnd k. ; (to 
confirm) sAbit k ; to — the argument, bahs 
kbatm k. Clincher, klinsh'Ar, n. pakarne- 
wAlA ; lA-JawAb dalfl. 

Cling, kling, v . i. A.-S. clingan. (to adhere close- 
ly; to hold fast) latuknft, HgA r., ataknA; — 
together, mi Ike r. ; — to, lagA r. 

Clinical, klln'ik al, a. G. kalinikos, blmArl ke 
bi -tar se mut')*aUiq. 

Clink, klingk. t.i O H. G »r. klinlcan, jhanjhanA* 
nA. tliantbanAnA ; — «. jhanjhnnAbat. 

Clip, klip, v t. A.-S. clyppun. kAtnA, tarAnbnA, 
chhftntnA, katar d. ;to— the wings, pnr kfltnA. 
[—off] n. kAt, ta rftsh, katar, chhAst » Clip- 
ping, n. kati an, chhftQian. 

Cll'ine, kiSk, n. F. mailis jo ek rAe ho; to- 

gether, w. t. mansfib.i b ndbnfijto form a— 
ekA k., A r > ko kbAss log banAnA. f 

Cloak, klfik, n. L. cfooa, Gael, cleoc. fargul, 
labftda, bArAnf; (cover) parda; under n 
—of religion, tattl kl fir men, riyAkAr! se. 
[—in,— with] v, t. cbhipAnA, dbAppuA, ikhfA 

k. t lapetnA. 

Clock, kiok, A. A.-S. olucge. gharf* gkaylyAi; 

I what o’ — (what Is the hour of the clock) kyi 
waqt hai. 

Clod, klod, A. A.-S. 6M, tjhelfi, lopdA, miftl; 
(a dolt) be-waqfif;— (clot) jamAnA ; (pelt 
with clods) logdA phonk m.; — hopper, klod'* 
bop-A r , ». balwAhA, agwAr. 

Clog, kl g, v. t. Scot. c/ay. (bu’then) lAdnA; 
(stick to) jarnAuA, bhAri k., waznl k.;— up, 
band k.[— with J ;— n. (wood«*u shoe) khafAnvf; 
(weight) bojh. bdr, wazn 

Cloister, kiois'tdr, a. D. chuetrum. kbAnqAh, 
gos a, luijra, mnfhf ; — v. t. go sha men mkhnA, 
dunyl se r A -posh raklmA. Syn. Monastery; 
nunnery : convent ; abbey. 

Close, k &/., v. t. (shut) bend k. v. i. (end) 
kbitm k., niptAuA, mi AnA. [ — up, — with]; to 
— a bus ness, kAr o band k. ; to — accouuts, 
hisAb bebAq k. ; to — the courts, kachahrl 
ba'kbAst vA baud k. ; — the eye, Ankb cufindnfi: 
— in with, muwAJiqttt k., ittKAq k., mel 
milAp k; — n. (end) khAtima, anjAm, ant. 
— a, L. daudcrc. (shut up) band, ch dipfi 
(warm) muas; (dense) ghanA, gunjfin; 
(concise) mukhtasor, pur-ma'ne; (tight) maz- 
bdt (narrow) tap*; (miserly) khasfs; (attent- 
ive) rnusta'idd ; (n -ar ) nazdfK, muttasil, lage; 
(thick) gh&nA, gunjfin; — at hand, nazidk;— 
by, muttasil, pds; — to, — together, nazdlk 
naz.lfk; a — content, pakht muqAbaia; a — ob- 
server. bArfk-bln; — fisted. t.*ng-dil, khnsfs; 
— fr.cnd, gaiira dost : — shave, bA> bfil bach a A ; 
— game, barAbar kf b';zl: a — secret, kb(A; — 
ly ad. ta taiyud se 8.:te a ’ta; — packed, a. maz- 
bil i f se hflfi ; Closeness, n. nazdtkl, 
ilit bfic, rutfiwnt, guniAnf, injiuirtd, hubs. 

Closet, kloz'et. n. F. kbilwat-gAb, huj a. kothrf, 
pAe-khftua ; — v. t. kmlwat k., mashwar» kc 
1 y ' goshe men j. fnA. tbakkAh. 

Clot, klot. ». thnkkA. chnhkA, Anthf ; — v i. jam- 

Cloth, kloth, n.A. S oladh knpfA, pArcha, thfin; 
to lay the — , raez lagfinA. 

Clothe, k Oth, v. t. A. L. cladhj n, kanpA pabin- 
nA \A pahnfinA. roil kaup d., tan-i et kf kha- 
bar l.[ — with, — in] : Clotlies, klOtuz, ». kapye, 
pArclie, libfiM, ofhnA; Cloth er, kloth'vAr, a. 
kaprA bn-Ane yA bechnewAIa. darr.f yA b.izzAz. 
Clothing, ». kapre, libAs; Clothcless, o. ba- 
r knA, be kapre, usngfl. 

Cl *ud, kloud, n. A.-S. dud. abr, bfidal, badll; 
(obscurity) tArlkf, aidlnrA; (crowd) bhff, 
bahutAyat, knsrat ; to be under a — , kisf ’illat 
men inti8htr.buh taur psr mubtilA h.,shakkmeg 
bonfi; — v. t. abr ghirnA, badlf chhA j.; (to 
make sorrowful ) udAs k.: to drop from the — •, 

( lobe unezpecte<l )nAgabfinf,achAnak; Cloudi- 
ness, n. andherA, tArfkr, tlragf, zulmat; 
Cloudless, kloud'les, a. be-abr, be-ghatA, sAf o 
kbulfi hAA ; O loud y,a.dhuQdhlfi,abrdAr; (obs- 
cure) mubham. 

Clout, klout, ». A.-S. dut. paiwand. joy; sAft; 
angochliA, laggu^i, potfA ; ha la. kA bleb ; — v. U 
A-S. dutjun. (patch) paiwand lagtnA, jog 
lagfmfi; (beat heavily) mArnA. 

Clove, k Ov, «. L. olnvua. nail, laufig, karanphrtl. 

Cloven-footed, kl6v'n-f05t-ed, o. kburfdAr, 
cbirA bfiA kbnr;to show the cloven-foot, 
bad-niyatl sAhir k. 

Clover, kldvAr.n. A.-S. clatter, ek qism kf gh&s, 
tipatiyfi; to be in — > kbusb bAlat meg b. 

Clown, klown, ». L. oolonus. gagwAr, dabqAn, 
kisAn; (a buffoon) naqqAl ; — lah, 0 . (ill-bred), 
nfitnrfishfda, be a iab, akkhtf. 

01 »y. kloy, v. t. F.douer . to nail, (satisfy) ser 
k , A fi la k., ch'iakAnA, agbAnA. [ — with]. 

Club, klub, n. O. H. Ger. chlofon . son(A, chob, 
lath; (an association of persons) inajlis. 
masha’ra, anjuman ; — v. i. (combine) sharA- 
kat k., muttafiq b ,bihrfk. ( pattl k.; — footed, 
tefh-pAgw; — man, lath band. [ — together]. 

Cluck, klub.f. t. A.-S. oloevon. kutkutAnfi, kay* 
karAnA, kut kut k. 

Clue, k!fi, n. sfit kl golA: pata, nishAn; to give 
a — , surAg d., patn batiftnA. 

Clump, klu mp, n I cel. klumpr. be-danl lakrf yd 
kunda ; (cluster of trees) darafcht kA jbnnd. 
Clumsy, klum *i, 0 . From dump, (awkward)] 



bad-sallqa, anitf, hath* kedaul, be-$ba»ga» 
bad-numA, nu-tarAshlda. 

Cluster, klua'iftr, a. A.-S. clutter, (bunch of 
tfciags) khoafaa, gucuchhft, tun -ha, majun , 
bhff , — kbuaha lagnA, jama’ h., ikatihA k. 
L— together]. „ „ .. # . 

t»*h. kiui k, v. t. O. II. G-r. chluppa . (g-aap) 
p .iwfui, girift k., p *du yft changui m a tana 
— a., pakac; — pi. (the taloua of rapaci 
ousani rails) uakhrin, changui. 

Clatter, kiui'ir, ». (a noise, a bustle) shoe, gul, 
b aftgfi u a , — a. i. ( to make u noi*e) abor k ., gul 

Co .eh, kOch, m, ohftr pahijekl gflfl; mail—, drtk 
kl gAfl ; — e. /. g rfpurlej. ; (ground studeu; a » 
■idUirdon ko imti >An k llye taiyAr k. ; — box, 
gAfl hlBkuewile kl ba p k;— man, kricb'man, 
a.kochwAn, gAff-wAa ; hackney—, (h< ka gftff 
jA kir ie kl girl I atage — , alsf gftfl jo im'sftfirog 
ko rk J«g h «•* drier! ja„ah le jitf hoi, <jAk gftff* 
Coartion, kd- k'shuu, n. L. con, and apere, to 
drive. (lore#, compulsion) sibardastt, aor- 
Awar t. [a'gAr, sftthf, raff ( 

Coadjutor, kO-ad-jdd't£r, ». (hdpfellow ) mad- 
Coacuiute, kd-ag'u lit, r. t, L. co agulart. (to 
ch -age int » a curniik • at te) jumftnft, banta k., 
mu a ia mid k. ; Coagulation, n. jamiwat, inji- 

Coal, kOl, ». A -S. ool. koels ; — v. t . koela jalfinfi 
koolak.; — Held, n. kd ' eld, qit’a i zamln jis 
meg koela ho; — nilur, kol'ualn, or — pit, ». koe- 
\t kl kin ; — tar. kd.'lft , n kft tel yA sat ; 
a live — , sul&gtA haft k .e a, ang&rA. 

Coalesce, kd-a-les', ». *. L. couleacere. (grow 
together) sftlli bdfluiA, mi tuft, jurnA, lunl^h fit 
fc., Amefcbta h., p*iwa«t h. [ — with]; Coalcs- 
ceuce, n. met, paiwaeiagl, iklitilat, ittifan, 

Coalition, kO-a-lish'un, n. L ooalitio. qarihat, 
d©*tl, met, ittifjq. Syn. Alliance; con fed ra- 
tion ; 1 a uue ; conap. racy. 

Coa sr kdis,a. t clumsy) mufft, bhud li, be-d*ul; 
(indidicate) nft-shftista, riA-tarusblda ; (viie 
galls, n.\pAk. 

Coast, ktei,a L. coat*, rib. (shore) kinfira, eft- 
hil, Ian, tf r ; tue — Is clear, m :i Iftn Vh.ill hai ; — 
9. t. kiuira pakujke j. ; — wine, k&si'wlz, ud. 
k Dire kmftre; Co.istcr. kot'fer, ». jo juhft/ 
k inn re kinftre jftyft kartri bai. 

Gust, kdt, n. F. ootte. (upper garment) kurtA, 
shat k&, ’abi, .iAma, kot ; (layer) tah ; — of 
arms, ’alAmat, ni bin; over — , bAnAtf ’ab i ; 
wnlst — , ek taruh kA chbotn knrtA, inir/af, 
fatril; — v. t. antar lugflnd : — of mall, n. airah 
baktar; Coating, kd 'ing, ». gilAf, nstar. 

Coax, kflks v. t. O. Envr. cokea. (to aiu over by 
flattery) phnslAnA, darn dilA*A d., baiilAnA, 
chumkArnA, cbA Ins! k. Syn. Wheedle; flat 
tsr ; s*oJhe: fawn [—with]; Coaxing, koks' 
lag, a. rlam-di As'i, lalln p 1 1 to. 

Cub, kob, n. A. S. oo;>, W. coo. $hMA; (spider) 
ntakfA: (strong pony) tattri, mazbrit tattri ; 
(stone) roffi. 

Cubblc, kob'I, v. t. L. oapulare. chinn-doaf k , 
gAgthnA, tAgknA; Cobbler, kou'lAr, n. eba- 
mAr, mochf, kafsh-doz; krifh, anAft. 
Cobra-de-rape I lu, k<>b'm-de-ka-perio, a. Pg. 

ek qlsm kA sabrdAr sAqjj, 

Cobweb, kob'weo, w. Prom cob and web. makff 
kA jAlA; — «. jbirjhirA, jbillf se patlA. 

Cochineal, ko h'i-nil, ». L. coccum. kirm-dAna, 
qirmis 1 farangf, nA?pbanT. 

Cock, kok, ». A.-S. coc , F. ooip. raurg, raurgA, 
khurtis; (part of agun- ock) ghofA; (spout) 
tontl; (small boat) cbh \\ ki^htT;— of hay, 
qherl;— up, v. t. ( e upright) uthflnA, kha- 
fAk. ; — a gnn. ghofft .cbafbAnA ; — cru\%, k «k- 
krfl, or— crowing, «. ’al-as-sab.'ih murg ke 
bang dene kA wa t; — loft, ruak.'tn ke ripar kA 
darja; — sure, (confidently, certain) yn«|fnau; 
— pit. kok'pit, ». pAII;a— -and bull story, ek 
tfll tawfl aur wAhiyAt kwhAnf. 

Cockade, kok-Ad', %, F. cocarde. guchchhA, 
pbugdnA. [triA, tote kf ek qism. 

Cockatoo, kok'atOfi, n. Malay, kuka tua . kAkA- 
Oocker, kok'Ar, «. t W. oooru, piyAr k^xtAxk. 

Cocket, kok'ot. n . d.i.Ntas, rdhdArf, rawannd. 
Cockle, n. A -S. coccel. ghonghA. 

Cockney, kok'ne. n. O. Eng7 cohering, ekaan-si- 
far sb ifcln; sbalrr j Lrnrja » kA bi hfnda. 

C ickroacir, kok'ioch, ft. rilc'iattf, jbfBgur, 
Cockscomb, koks'kOm, «. turra, tAj, khuras, 


Cocks wr In, kok’swfin, n. mAnjhf. 

Cocoa, ko'kS. n. It. cocco nA'i^al kflffnrsfcht. 
Cocoon, kd Mu', n. F. cocon. ie»li;im ke klfe kft 

Coctlon. kok'shun, ft. L eoctio. Josh, ubAT. 

Cod, kod, n A.-o. c odd. <jh- b Ihl, phull, cbhfmf ; 
Ger. gudite. ek qism kl maLhnlljo shim A 11 sa- 
mundar men ;ahtf hai. 

Co :c, k6 1, u.L. code*, (book, collection of laws) 
Af<i .vA qA fin kft majrari’a; Codify, v. t. L. 
codex and fttcere (draw up in a cod ) qAurin 
kft ta t tf.i k. f Witsfy : t-nftme kA tatimmo. 
Codicil, kod'i-sP, a. L. (a supplement to a will) 
Cod-liver-oil, cod'liv-Ar-oll, n. cod machbll kA 

Co-equal, kfi-6'kwal, a. bam-darjn, bam-rutba; 
ham-ar, barAjar; Co-eqna lty, u. hamsarL 
barftba 1. 

Coerce, kd-fi-s', t. t. L. coercere. (restrain).' 
rokuA, ser k, dabftnA ; (force) sa’.nrdastl k. t 
stor k. Syn. O teck ; constrain; Coercible, u. 
rokne ke qftbil ; Coerc on, kd-Ar'sbun, n. 
(penal rest rai it) sor, zabaidustf, jabr. 
Coctmeous. kO-6-tft'ne-us, a. L. cocetaneut . 

baui-'umr, h vm-zamftn i. [ — t *, — with.] 
Coeval, kO-ft'vvI, a. L. con and cevum (of the 
same age) har.i-’urn r, ha n-sinn. 

Co-exist, kd-egz 1st', 9. i ek want meg h.; Co- 
existent, a. ham-’, kun-’ahd. 

Co-extend, kO eka-.end', v. t. hmn-’t^r h., bam- 
w .qt ^k sftth phailuA; Co-cxteuslve, a. 

Coffee, k jf'16, n. A. qihuah F. oa/e.qahws, bun. 
Coffer, n. G. kopkinoa. (chest) saudA^elia, pe(f ; 

( treasurer khazftop kA suiidflq. 

Coffin, kof'lin, n. L. oo hinua. tAbftt, murde k£ 
s.indiVj : — v. t. (Abut tueg rakbnA ; — bone, 
^hup* k*» sum k! h; d<jl. 

t!og, n. W. cog. pahiy kft dftgt ; — v. t. fareb 
dagft k. ; — In, jhrith bol ke uaukhil lionA. 
Cogency, kO'j^u-si, ». zor, tA iat, bal. Syn. 
Force ; strength ; power ; Cogent, ko',ent, a* 
L. cogere. (forcible) mnz’ rit, qawl, qAbil liliAz; 
(powerful) rauqauwf, nstuwAr. 

Cogitate, koi'it At. 9. *. L cogiture. (think over)] 
gaur k., andesha k., bhiyftl k., bi hdr k. [ — on, 
— upon]; Coglttitlon n. fikr, andesha, gaur. 
Cognate, kos'nAt. a. h. con and naaci. harn-n si, 
harn-khftndftn, lam-jins; Cognition, kog- 
nish'un, ». L.cop»»'io. ( knowledge) palichAn, 
waq iyat, dftnistagl, khabar. 

Cognizance, n (knowledge) waq flvat f( notice)] 
k‘iab i r, fary^d-rasl ; (acknowledgment) maq- 
briliyat ; take — of, 9 . i. mutawajjin honA, kha- 
burl.; Cog.. liable, kog'a s i-a-bl, o. (capablt 
of being known) tnjwfz kiye jAae ke lAiq; 
(judicial) qftbil isamA’at. 

Cognizant, o. wAqif. 

Cog wheel, kng'tiwSl, ft. ek dflqtedAr pahfya. 
Cohabit, kO-bab'it, t>. t. L. con ana hubitare. 
(live together as man and wife) kam bistar h* 
harn-n gosh h. ; Cohabitation, a. ham-biatarL 
bain-ftgo^hl, suhbat. 

Cohero Id. n. ham- imAm, peshrau VA sAtht. 
Cohere, kO bAr', r. i. L. con end hoertre. (stick 
toget er) chipak j.; (to fit) fchlk h. ; (a-ree) 
muwftfiq h. ; (connect) milnA, j&mnft, munjamid 

h. ; — nee, ». 'ilftqa, ta’al uq, bast&gl, ebas- 
pldagf : Cohesion. kO-he'zhun, n. (a state of 
connection) chespldagl, ’ilftqa, wasl, ta’al luq; 
Cohesive, ko-hA'siv, «. chlpchipA, lasdAr; 
Colirsivrness, n las, chinch ipAhat [hissa. 

Cohort, kA'hort, n. L. cohort, palfan, fauj kA. 
Coif, koif, n. 0. II. Ger. kuppu, mitre, ofbnl; 

Coll, koil, 9 . t. L. oolligere. halqa b.,kun£ll m. 

[ — round] ; — ». kun<jll» halqa ; ehor o gul. 

Coin, koin, n. L. cuneut. ( money stamped ) sikka 9 

i. xoetal money) p&iaa, naqd ; .(sxdaUX 

(bate) kho{A sjkka ; (current) »Alj jl 
■ikkm ; — sikka b.; (intent) ljftd k ; ; t«— 
words, lafs gafbaA; Ooluage, konftj, «. 
sikka-sanl, sarrAbf ; (inveutio .) band l sh 

Coincide, M lu-*J, «. t. L. com tud tnadcre. 
milnA, muwAfiq b., mutAbiq h., ck dilb. 
wish]; Oolucidence, ». muwAiqat, me I, *k- 
iill, inuttbiqat; Colueldent, a. muwAfiq, inu- 
tlbia, eknlL 

Coiner, koiu'Ar, *. cikka b. w., faked HyA, m^Jid, 

Co tion, k6-isfa'uo, *. L. coif (s xuul inter- 
ouarar) jiia*\ mut»A*harar, naujAua’at. 

Coir, kwlr, a. nAriyal ke ebb Ike kA rassA. 

Coke, Mk, n L. G<»r. koke. ek qle i kA koala. 

Colander, kol'aa-4*r, a. L. oolum. (a aiere) 
ehal il. .... 

Cold, Mid, a. A.-S. ecold. (cooled) thanflA; 
(•hill) aerd, fcbunuk ; (reserved) afsurda;iu — 
Wood, be-ra iraf e. jAn bdjh kar; — shoulder, 
kinAm-kashl ;tak* or catch — , aardl bo j ; — a. 
■artil; (catarrh) zukAua; — blooded, M-d'blud- 
#d,a. (cruel ) b»-d ird; — season, aarmA ; Oo.d- 
neaa, a. aardl, thaudak, afaurdagl; (neglect) 
giflar, sard-mihrL [nlsm. 

Cole, Mi, a. L. colic. G. kaulo a. atalk. kobf xl ek 

Colic, kol'ik, a. G.koliko. bAo-sdi, pat kAdard, 

0 oil apes, kel-lap*\ v. A, L. com and lad. ( to 
shrink up) b Ith j., band b., mauqdf b., p>chak 
j.. slkuf j. ; (in business) nA-kAmyAb b. ; — ». 
pichkA'ist, aikiif-an. 

Jollar, kol'iAr, ». oollum. (for a man) kAlar, 
gulfl band ; ( for a slave ) taug ; ( for a woman ) 
hags t ; (foradog) paUA — bone, kol'lAr-bOn, 
hagsll kf hiujdr, h<n II; to slip the — , (to 
eacaj»e) p«t(A al Al b iAxnA, AzAd ho j . cbhrtt 
j.: — v.t. g»rel»A.i pakarnA. 

Collate. kol-’.At, ». t. I*, oonforr * . (compare) 
muqAba a k. ; (br’ng or laj together) milAnA, 
muwAhihak. [ — wi kj; Collateral. ko!-!at'4i- 
al, a. L. com and l*tu*. pahlfi ba puhlQ, b irAuar 
barioar, hnrasar, hara-p»hlf1, bihira; — secur- 
ity, simma Ar. xAmin; Collation, n. (compar- 
ing) muqA ala; ( a repast ) uA hia ; Collater, 
n. (ono who compares manuscripts or books) 
muqibala k. w. 

Colleague, kol'.ir, ». L. oAloga. rafl.j, sb^rfk, 
aAtld, aangf, iiaui-’ubdn, b im'iuansab. 

Collect, k Ji-lekt', v. i. I* colligcro. ( gather to- 
gether) jima’ k., batornl ; (get in money) 
wusfil k., tnhsll k. ; ( as a ctmsequen e) 
natlja nikulnft ; — one’s self, a;>neko samb Al 
n:\, bosh rmkirnft, k >iyAl k. ; to — one s 
thoughts, khiyai k. [ — from, — together] ; —a. 
ek mukutasar du'A ; — eil, a. j.ima*. fonlh nn ; 
(coin><>*ed) mustnq l-mizAj .• -edness. n. riil- 
jam.i f, istiqIA.1; — or,(c m.dlpr) jA i’, mnall.f ; 
(tax gutherpr) talr-dJriflr. raulmssil, bAdAr; 
(of a district) zila’-dAr, h kim i zi la’ ; Col- 
lect or ship, n. tahafidArf, mubasdU, bij dArf : 
Co lection, ». chandi, dher; — of 

pr«ms, ma m.l’a-i nazm. Syn. A^spfn I igp; a 
cont- ibutiou ; a gethering;' Collective, s. 
jama kiy bdA, maj.nA'a. 

Col ege, kol'ej, n. mad rasa i a’lfl, kAlei, ’AMmog 
kl j.un&'at; Collegian, kol-lg'ji-an, n. k.'ilej 
kA tAlib ul 'ilm; Collegiate, kol-li'ji-At, s. 
k&'ej UA t^lib iil'ilm. 

Collide, kol-lld', v. i. L. con and laedcre, to strike, 
(striue together) tivkkar khAnA, lap j. [ — 
with]; Collision, !■* ol-lizh'un, n. L. oolliiio. 

( ct of striking together) dhakkA, (akkar, the®, 
thokar; (opin sition ) inukhAlifat. 

Collie, korii, n. Gael, oulie. garnriye kA k’lttA. 

Collier, kol'y&r, n. From c al. koeia kliodnpwA- 
1A, koele kA saud ignr, koeie kA beopArl; 
Cohlery, n. koeie kl kftn. 

Collocate, koHO-kAt, v. t. L. con and looafm 
tar lib d., ikn (hA r. . 

Colloquy. korid-kwA, n. L. con and logui. (dla« 
logue ) L’.uftog(l, . At-chft,bo -chAl, zikr, mazkflr, 
Ool.oquial, kol-10'kwi-nl, a. (pertaining to, or 
employed in common conversation) muta’a liq 
1 bol-ehAl, roa-mana ke muhAwara yA boil ke 

Collude, kol-ldd'i % i. L, eon and luicrc t hanc^fr 

„ sAzish k., ittifAq k., mel k. E — with]; 
Collusion, n. bandish, ■Aalah, IttifAq, satt& 
b >tU. frAo kA aisbAn, laise [ 

Colon, M'on.n. G. holon. do nun to ya’nethah« 

Coonel, kur'utl, n. kar nail, pal(an kA bat A af- 

Coloalttl, kC-IA'nl al, a. muta’sllfq i AbAdt yA 
nau- bAdmuik; Colonist, koi'on-ist, a. bust! 
kA r. w; Colonise, ko 'on Is, v. t. bAsAnA, 
AbAd ma'mAr k ; Colonisation, kol-on-t- 
st'sh in, ». nau-Abulf : Colony, kol'd-ni, «. 
L. oolonim. nau AbAdf, bastf. 

Colonade, kol on-Ad', n. L. oolumnu. chfbaf sntdn 
kt q tir, silk i sulAo. 

Co oasal, M-ios'ai, a. (of enormous size; gigan- 
tic) ’if rlt pflrat, nawl haikal. qad Awar. 

Colour, ku /A r, n. L. (tint, dye, paint) rang, 
rflp, sflrat, ibes; (pretence) bibflna, hlla; 
(flag) jhamjA; — v.t. ragg A, zAbir-numA k. ; 
(to liiush) sharin khAcA, lajAnA ; — over, (use 
a pretext) buhdna k. ; — blindness, n. ragg kl 
nA-sbin isf ed, s. raggA hflA, raggln, raggllA, 
ba sbl; Colourless, a. be-ragg, bad-rttgg, 

Col portage, ko!'pflr-tAj, n. kftAb kl taqslm, ku- 
tuh fur< shl ; Colporteur, koi'pd.-tAr, a. F. 
oolportcr. kutub-faro^h. [bachcba, kurra. 

Colt, tbit, n. A.-S. cel an. hnctihfA, gbofu kA 

Colter or Coulter, a. A.-S oultor , from L. out - 
tor. ph(U. phAf. bai kA lohA. 

Column, kol'um, a. L. column*, (cy indrical 
post) sutfln, pi j pAya; (b>dy of troops) dasis, 
qaiAr, pArjt;— of a newspaper, safba kA ek 
hisna, ek kAUtn. [ghurrutA. 

Coma, kO'.ua, n G koimnn. (stupor ) oe-bonhl, 

Comb, Mm, n. A.-S. comb. sbahd-khAna, kag- 
gid : shAna; (crest) tAj-i khuriis, kesar ; — 
v. t. kuughl k. 

Combat, k*<m'bat. V. ». F. combattre, lapift, IarAI 
it., inuqAbnla k , i tirfiz k., kA( d- — a. (fight) 
lafAf, jhacrA, jagg o jad il ; a single—, sirf do 
Admlog kl kuslitf yA IarAI. Syn. B.itth',* en- 
gagviuent; conflict ; contest; Combatant, a. 
hatlf, InpiewAlA; Com but! veaesa, n. mu’ta- 

Combination, kom-b n-i'ahun, a. ittifAq, mel, 
fiiil.lp, shan't kal, bandish, ittisAl, s.iJhA. Syn. 
G'»a'iti»>n; coujunetiou ; conspiracy; Com- 
bine, kom-bln', v. t. L. con and binua milAnA, 
jori»A, pniwMsta k., etc k.; — v.i. milnA, ek h., 
pniwiixt h. [ — with ]. 

Cwni uistlble, kmu-hus'ti-bl, a. I*, comhurcre . 
boz u in ; juiauiiar ; — n. jaiuewAll sliai; Com- 
bustion, kom-bust'yuu, n. sokhtigi, sozisb, 


Conic, kuin, v. i. A.-S. cuman. An A, pahugchnA, 
w: ri I h., eAdirh., A jilnd, wlqi' h. ; — down 
with, (t » pay over) deml ; —down on, (to des- 
ce d) pufnA, A pspiA, liamla k., jbapat 
paruA haiul i-awar h. ; — short of, (be defici- 
ent) kam ho JAnA, ho cbuknA; — what may, 
cbii.ejo ho;— to terms with, itti:Aq rfle h. ; 
to— to l>e, (to become) hcnA ; t»»— round a 
person, (to prevail) gAlib A., pbuslA leuA ; — 
after, (follow) pienhe A.; — against, (strike) 
(akr’inft; — again, ( return) pherA k. ; — alone, 
(come singly) akele A. ; — at, (reach) pahugch- 
nA; — about, ( i appeu) wAqi’ h.; (come rouod) 
pAs A.; (to change) badalnA ; — away, ( eaveV 
chhoruA; (tod part) chale j.; — by, (obtain) 
bAsil k.; — before, (precede) pahie ft.; — be- 
hind, (succeed) plchhe A.; — between, (inter- 
vene) b(ch meg A.: — down, (descend) utaruA; 
— to want, kaugil ho j. ; — face to face, mu- 
qAbtile par A.; — home to, dil p» r asar k. - 
forth, (issue) niaaliift ; — In, — into, (jolu 
with) milnA, nftmilb.; (accede) inanztirk.;— 
In for, (arrive in time for a share) hissadAr 
h., pAnfl ; — near, or— nigh, nnzdfk AnA; (be 
equal) barftbar h.; — of, (issue from) nikalnA; 
— off, (happen) wAqi’ h. ; (escape) bhAg ke 
bach n A, fatliyA * b. off from, (depart) chale 
j.;— on. (advance) Age harhnA; (thrive), 
tarnqql k., sursabz b. ; — over, ( wheedle) phus- 
lAnA ; (pass from one side to another) ek t->iaf 
•edOszXUxaf j.i— out, Xkfl discovered), sAU* 



iwxaashhllr h*l— out of,— out from, nikdlnd ; 
*7«at with, sfthir It., kah baithnA round, 
cbangA h.; (change) badaloA: (wheedle) 
phusldnA ;— to, (yield) rAsl h. ; (arrive) wd- 
rid h„ And; (attain) hfisil k. ; (be forfeited to) 
ddkbil i aarkdr h. ; to — to one's self, ( recover ) 
bosh men and; to— to pass, (happen) wdqi’ 
h. ; — together, (agree) milnft; — up, (moke 
an appearan'e) zfihir h. ; (rise)bafhnd, bond : 
— opto, pabnjgchnd, barhdnd, bardbar h.; — 
opon, (invade) hamla k., ittifdqan milnft; — 
op with, (overtake) mil 1; — under, shftmll- 
hft« h. ; (be subject) mutl' h. : to—, Anewdld. 

Crivnedy, kom'S-di, n. L. comadia . naql, swdQg, 
babrdp ; Comedian, ko-m§'di-an, n. (an actor 
or player in comedy ) naqqdl. 

Comely, a. A.-S. vymVo. (handsome, graceful) 
kbdbsdrat, basin, sbakfl ; sudaui, sunder; — 
ad. kbtib-sflrntl sekhush-and final se, sajd wet Re. 

Comeliness, knm'li-nes, ». khtibsfiratl. kbush- 
snddml, busn, sajftwaf. Epdnchbal tdrfi. 

Comet, kom'et, n. G. Icome. aumodr saiyfira. 

Comfit, kum'fit, n. L. con and fuoere , to make, 
sdkhl mithrtl. Hdechl dfina, kamfit. 

Comfort, kum'fArt. v. t. L. con and tortis , strong, 
tasalll d.. tasbaffl d , qtiwat d. ; to take — , ta- 
salllpAnd; — n. taqwiyat. taskfn, tasalll, khd- 
tir-j&raa’l. dildsd. Syn. Cheer ; solace ; console ; 
Comfortable, a. fistida-hftl, taskln-bafcbsh ; 
Comforter, kum'f8rt-dr, n. tasalll d. w., Rflh 
Pftk: (a knitted woolen tippet or scarf) tint 
gold-band; Comfortless, a. be-taRaltl, be- 
taskln, be-ebnin. Syn. Forlorn: desolate: 
wretched : miserable, [edy ) th&tholiya, zarlf. 

Comic or Comical, kom'lk, a. (relating ro com- 

Comity, kora'i-ti. ». L. comia. (mildness or 
suavity of manners) hallrnl. nek-sulfikl. 

Comma, kom'ma, ». G. koptein. is tarah kd ni- 
shAn [*]. 

Command, kom-mand', v. t. L. con and mo«- 
dore. (order) farmdnfl, hukm k.. yd d.: (gov- 
ern) sarddrf k.« hukdmat k. : — n. irshfld. far- 
mdn, farradish, hukdmat, sarddrf, riyflsat; — 
er, n. hdkim, sarddr, sdldr, sar-guroh, peshwfi ; 
Commander-in-chief, n. fauj kd sarddr i 
a*ld; Commandment, n. hukm; dgyd; ten 
Command**, Kbudfl ke Das Ahkdm. 

Commemorable, kom-mnm'or-a-bl. a. qflbil i 
ydd; surarnn-yoga; Commemorate, kom- 
mem'o-rdt, v. t. L\ oommemorare. yfidgfirf k., 
ta'rlf k., snrdbnd. Syn. Celebrate; Com- 
memoration, ft. ydd-dibl, yfldgfirl, 'urs of 
the dead, 'urs, yddgdrl of one’s ancestors, 
buzurgon kl yddgdrl; Commemorative, a. 

Commence, kotn-mens', v. t. L. con and t nxtxare. 
(begin) shurfl’ k., dgdz k. ; hfltb lagdnd. [ — by, 
— w |tb, — at, — from] ; Commencement, ft. 
stourd*, Agdz; madrasa men *ubda milne kd 
wa qt;_ofa book, bismilldh; (preface) dl- 

Commend, kam-raend', v. t. L. commendurc. 
sifdrishk., ta'rlf k.; (to deliver) anpurd k., 
bawdla k., sompnd; to — to God, ROh ko 
Khudd ke hawdle k. [—for] able, a. ldiq 
ta'rlf, pasandlda ably, ad, ta'rlf se; Com- 
mendation. ft. ta’rlf, tahsfn, bapdl ; letter of 
Commendation, sifdrisbt chilfhf. 

Commensurablllty, kom-men-sfl-ra-biri-ti, n, 
ham-anddzl, mudwfiqat : Commensurable, 
a. L. con and meneurare. ham-anddz, mu wdfiq, 
ham-wnzn. .... 

Comment, kom-ment', c. t. L. co mment art. sharh 
k., tafaf r U. ; tlkd k.; (make remarks) rde d. 
[ — on] ;— ». (note) sharb, tafslr; tfkfl ; Com- 
mentary, n. tnfstr yd sharb; tlbA; Com- 
mentator, ft. sharh likhnewdld. shdrih, mu fas* 
sir. Syn. Annotator; expositor; writer of 

Commerce, kom'mfirs, «. L. con and mens. 
sai ddgnrf, tijdrat,, len den; (inter- 
course )»angat,draad-o- raft, rdh-o-rasm, byopdr. 
Syn. Trade; traffic; dealing; Commercial, 
kom-mfir'tshi-al. a. saudAgardna. tijdratl, bd- 
zdrl. [tainori. (a threat) dhamkl, la'nat, 

Coiumlnatlou, kom-ml-nd'shun, ft. L. con and 

Commingle, kom-ming'gl, «. i. L. eon and Blji. 
mingle, (to mingle in one mass) ikafthA K 
mllftnft, ek k. 

Comminute, kom'mi-ndt, 0. t. L. con a AJ 
mineure . (to pulverise) resa resak.,buknl h,; 
(to make less) kam k. 

Commiserate, kom-mlz'fir-At, v. t. L. con and 
miaerari. (pity) rabm k., sbafaqat k. t tars khft- 
nd ; dnyft k. [aat, tars, dayfi. 

Commiseration, i». (compassion) rabm, shaf- 
Commissariat, kom-mis-s&'n-at, ft. iasbkarf 
saranjdm o rasad kd mabkama. 

Commissary, kom'mis-fir-i, ft. L. con and 
mittere. ddroga, nftib. 

Commission, kom-mish'un, ft. L. commiaaio. (act 
of committing) ’aroal; (warrant of authority) 
sanad, dastdwez ; (trust) amful; (command) 
farmdish ; (brokerage) dalldil, dastdrl; to pnt 
a ship into—, (to equip a ship for service) 
jabdz ko lar&f ke liye taiydr k. ; — v. t. muqar- 
rar k. 

Commit, kom-mit', v. t. L. con and mittere, 
bawdla k., denfi, sonpnfl; (imprison) qaid k.; 
(expose) zdbir k. ; (to perpetrate) karnd : — 
to memory, hifz k . ydd k. ; to — one's self to, 
qaul d. [ — to] : Committal, kom-mit'al, ft. 
(commitment) bawdla, supurdagl, qaid, dkar- 

Committee, kom-mit'tA, ». (a legislative socie- 
ty) ranjlis, panchdyat, kametl, sabhd; (court) 

Commodious, kom-m5'di-us, a. L. commodioaua r 
raa’qdl, rnuwdfiq, Idiq, qdbil, mundsib; — place, 
jde gutijdish, Arflm kf jagah. [ — for]. 
Commodity, kom-m5d'i-ti, «. L. commoditaa, 
(advantage) nafa*, fdida; (wares) jins, mdl, 

Commodore, kom'o-ddr, «. It. ooma«t<fafor*» 
jangl jabflz kd bard afsar. nmlr ul bahr. 
Common, kom'un, a. L. con and munua. (be- 
longing equally to many) *Amm, rausbtarik; 
(usual) ma’mnil; (inferior) cbhotd, knm{ 
(generally) aksar, beshtar; (plenty) bahut; 
(vulgar) kam-qadr, adnfi, zaill ;in — , bardbar; 
— place-book, baiyfiz, safloa, yflddAsht, babl; 
— consent, rde i 'dmm ; — gender, nar-mddln ; 
— law, ’urf i 'dmm, 'dmm ’amal yd dastdr; — 
noun, ism i na.vra; — verb, ti*] mushtnrik; 
karam dwibdhd; — practice, kaslr ul isti'mdl 
— sense, hiss i mushtarife: — right, haqq i 
mushtnrik ; — place, (ordinary) rdij [ — to] ; — 
w. mnidfln; — s, ft pi. fcha«s o 'dmm logos kl 
mailia ,jis men rdndn bandyd jdtft bai ; Com- 
moner, ft. ’dmm darje kd ek sharks, nafar; 
Commonwealth, (popular government) band- 
obast, intizdm. 

Commotion, kom-mo'shun, ft. L. commotio . 
(disturbance) gafbaff, tazalzul, fitna, jban- 
jhnt, halball, barakat. 

Commune, kom-iniin% v. *• L. communicate, 
ham-snkbnn h., bolnfi, guftogd k. [ — with]. 
Communicate, kom-m&'ni-kAt,t>. t. L. communia. 
(impart) dp.nA; (give information) fchatt- 
kitdbat k., kahnd. batidnd, likhnd; (partake 
of the communion) ’Ashd e Rabbdnl ke sbarlk 
b. ; (to have counrctlon) 'ildqa rakhnA, Amad o 
raft r.[ — to, — with, — by]; Communication, 
ti. bdt-chft, kbatt-kitdbat; lagAo, mel, khabar, 
ittild' ; Communicative, o. faiyAs, dsnnd mi- 
zdi, be-garaz; Communicable, kom-md'ni- 
ka-bl, a. qdbil baydn. 

Communion. kom-mQn'yun, ». (common wor- 
ship) mazha 1 mel ; (celebration of the Eucha- 
rist) muqaddas ’A hd eRabbdul; (fellowship), 
rifdqat; Communicant, kom-mfl'ni-kant, n. 
'Ashd e Rnbbdnl ke sbarlk ; (a church member) 
Kalfsivd kd sbarlk. 

Community, n. L. communitaa. ri'dyd, khilqat, 
kb Ass o 'dmm ; fur the good of the — , fdida • 
’dmm, faiz i ’dram, rnfdbiynt i khaiq. 

Commute, kom-mttt', v. t* L. oommutare , (buy 
off one thing for unorher) *iwas d., badal lend, 
tabdll k., [ — for] ; Commutable, kom-mflt'a- 
bl. a. qdbil i tabdllt ; Commutation, kom-md- 
tA'shun, ft. tabdlllt mubddala. ’.wav. inc'dwir-, 
adld-badlf. her-pber. 



w . gdrbd, m . 

— (an agreement) iqcdr, iqrdr-ndma; 
t. jama’ k., nazllk baithfmd; — nose, kom-pakt - 
nes, a. injimftd, nazdfkf, ittifdq. b , 

Company, knm'pa-ni, a. (society) majlis, ja- 
md^at tdifa, guroh; (fellowship) B P 1 ,l k a u t » 
(body of sold ers) fanj kf karapanf, ‘mn sipfthl, 
tntrnn; [ trading society) sdjhe kf Ipt*'* •-■■■r. 
t. sA tli j. ; to bear—, (to accompany) sdth J., 
harardh r.; to keep— with, (to accompany 
with) adth r., hamrdb r., suhbat r. Syn. As- 
sembly ; society ; group : circle ; troop ; Com- 
panion, kom-pen'yun, a. F. oompayaon. sha- 
rlk, raffq, sdthf;— able, a. (sociable) m»lan- 
sftr; Companionship, a. shirks t, r»fdqat, 

Compare, kom-pdr', a. t. L. eompar. like, (liken, 
measure one thing by another) muqdbala k., 
milAni, tashblh d. [— with,— to,— together] ; 
Comparison, a. muqabaln, tashblh ; (simili- 
tude) rnisdl; (simile) muahdbahat; Compar- 
able, kom'pdr-a-bl, a. mumkin ul tashblh, 
muqdbala kiye jdne ko Idiq ■ -ly, ad. tashblh 
se, muqdbala se, bardbarl se; Oomparatiye, 
kom-pdr'a-tiv, a. (reckoned by comparing) 
muqilbil ; — degree, sfga i tafzfl -no an. Ism 
i tafzfl. [na; (division) bissa. 

Compartmeut, kom-pErt'raent, a. (part* khd- 
Oompass, kum'pas, a. L. con and daura, 

gherd, gtiumuo, ebakkar, girda, gardish, ibdtn; 
(reuc'i) pahunch, rasil; (extent) tniqddr, 
was’it, thikaud; the mariner’s — , qutab-na- 
mfi; — v. t. (encircle) ghernd, mubd^ara k., 
gi* *1 k.; (attain) pdnd: (contrive) tad»>lr m- 
kdlnd In, (to besiege, to block ) gher 1. ; in a 
small — . (little, small) chhofft; to — an ob- 
ject, (to obtain, to procure) hfisil k.; to fetch 

a—, (to '1 opart from the ri^ht line) ghumdnd. pli-kd'shun. a. pechfdagf, uljlian. nljj 
[ — with]. :/in]; Complicity, kom-plis'I-ti, a. 

Somuasscs, kura'pas-ez, a. pi. narkdr, karkfitak. ] sdjhd. 

T. nnn nr. A r. r. n..mnlimant . r 

Compasses, . . 

Compassion, kom-pash'un, n. L. oon and pati. 

m ralim, tars, dnrd-rcnn If, Bhafaqat. davfi. 

; Compassionate, a. (merciful) 
rahm-dll, mihrbdo, dard mand, shaftq ; dnyrtlfl. 
Syn. Sympathising; tender; merciful; — v . t. 
ralun k. t gainkkwarl k. 

Compatible, kom-pat'i-bl, a. L. computibilis • 
(suitable to) ldiq, qftbil, shftydn ; (consistent) 
mutiftdb. [ — with]; Compatibility, a. (con- 
sistency) tiydqat, qftbiliyat, mimdsibat, mn- 
wdtiqat. [mu lk. 

Compatriot, kom-pd'Cri-ot, «. haru-watan,ham- 
Compecr, kom-pSr, n. L eon and pur. (equal) 
h, bardbar, hamiolf, sdthf. 

Compel, kotn-pel', v. t . I*, cempellere. (force to 
some act) ba-zor kardnd, zabarlastl k., unj- 
bilrk.;(cull forth) ba-zor kabldnd. [ — by]. 
Syn. Constrain; necessitate. 

Compcllation, n. L. oompellire, laqab, fchitfib. 
Compend, kom'peudj a. L. eon and pendere. 
(abridgment) ikhtisdr, khulftsa, ijmfll, inti- 
fehdb; Compendious, a. mukbtasar, munta- 
khab, mujmal; Syn. Short; abridged; brief ; 
concise:— 4y, ad. bil-ikhtisdr; Com pc ml turn, 
a. ikhtisdr, khaldsa, ijmU. 

Compensate. k<>ra'peivs-at, e. /. L. con pen tare. 
(pay what is due or for injury done) ’iwaad., 
k., njr d., badld d. [— f >r,— with] ; 
Com ‘imsatiou, n. Nwaz, badld, >ijr, mu’dwiza. 
Syn Recompense; reward; satisfaction; re- 

Compete, kom-ptt', v.i. Ia. oon and pet ere. ( rival, 
contend )sabaqat kf koshish k., riqdi*at k., ham- 
chashmt k.. ham-sari k. [ — for, — with] ; Com- 
petence, knm'|ig-tens, n. L. competentia. 
(adequacy) kifdyat; (ability) livdq-it; (suffi- 
ciency) dstida-hdlf. fardgat ; Competent, a. 
qflbil, ldiq, muwdflq, ba**dl>ar, bas; (reason- 
able) wdjibf. [ — for], Syn. Sufficient; fitted; 
Qualified; Competition, kom-pd-tish'ua, n. 
(emulation, rivalry) muqdbaiat, riqdbat, mo- 
ndia'at, muqdwamat, baddb&dl, hiskfihlsltf; 
Competitor, n. (a rival) harif, mukhftlif. 
OompUa, kom-pll 9 o. t. U compilarv tdllf k., 

jama’ k., fardham k„ sangrah k. [—from] ; 
Compiler, n. maallif, jdmr ; CompIlatlon v n 
( that which is compiled ) tdlff, majmfi'a. ^ 

Complacency, kom-plt'sen-si a. ghuslif. us- 
kfn, bashd^hat; (sat sf action ) dil jama’f, 
santosh; Oomplaeeut, kom-pIA'sont, u. L. 
oon and plaoere. raulftim, haifoi, khalfq, sushll. 

Complain, kom-ptftn', v. t. Ik oon and plangere. 
(utter expressionsmf grief )shikdyat k., fftry.fd 
k.» ndla k ; (to inform agiinstjndlish k.. [-—oft 
—to, — against] ; Complainant, ft, faryddi, 
•kdkf, ndlishf; (a plaintiff) muddi’f; Com- 
plaint, n. (a cusation) ndlish, shikwa, shikd- 
yat; (grief) gnm; (illness) bfmlrf. rog. 

Oom dalsauce, kom'-pld-zsns, n. V. (civility) 
khulq, murauwat, tamalluq, ahliyat, akhldq; 
Complaisant, kom'pJd-zaat, a. F. complais- 
ant. khalfq, sushfl, sdbib i murauwat, nek 

Complement, kom'plfi-ment, a. L. complement 
turn, (that which supplies a deficiency) t:;’ddd, 
miqddr, kamd), tftmdmf. 

Complete, kom-pifit', a. pfiri, kdmil, tamdm; 
(full) bhard hfid. [ — in, — with, — by.]; — v. 1. 
L. oomplere. pdrd k. ; (finish) tamdm k. ; (end) 
khatm k. Syu. Perform ; conclude ; accompl- 
ish ; effect ; — ly, ad. bilkull ; Completeness, 
Completion, «. takmfl, ikhtitdm, ma'mttrf. 

Complex, kom'pleks, a. L. oon and plectere. 
(intricate) pechddr, murakkab. 

Complexion, kom-plek'shun, ». L. oo tuple# io. 
sfirat, rfip, ragg, chi lira, mizdj. 

Compliance, kom-pirans, ft. razfimandf, marzf. 
Syn. Concession; submission; obedience; 
Compliant, ft muldim, sallm, narui, halfui ; 
Syu. Yielding; submissive; obedient. 

Complicate, kom'pli-kd , v. t. Lw oomplioare. 
pt-chMa k., phaqsdnd, uljhdnd. Syn. Entan- 
gle; involve ; perplex; Complication, kom- 

oljherd. [ — 
shirk tit, 

Compliment, kom-pli-ment, ft. L. oomplere. 
saldm. bandagl, takellnf, muddrdt ; — v 1. inu- 
bdrakbddf d. t saldm k., khusbdmad k. ; to pay 
— s, ta’rff k. ; to stand on — , (to treat with 
ceremony) tnkallufdoa birtdok ; to give — s, 
mldm kahnd. Syu. Praise; flatter ; adulate. 
[ — by, — on, — for] ; Complimentary, a. tam- 
alluqdna, takallnfdna, tu’rlf-dmez. 

Comply, kom-pir, v. t. L. oomplere. rdzf h., 
razdmand h., qabfii k. [ — with]. 

Component, kom-pd /ent, ft. (a constituent 
part) juz. hissa, bbflg. 

Comport, kom-pflrt', v i, L. oon and porret . 
( behave )c ialan dikhldud ; (be suit ible)muwA- 
fiq h., mutdbiq h., [ — with]. 

Compose, kom-p5z\ v. t. L. con and ponere. 
ikatlhd k., bandnd ; (shape )tarkfb d. ; (soothe) 
taskfn d. ; ( to adjust HI u rust k., isldh d. ; (form 
a compound) murakkab k.; (as an author) 
tasnff k., inshd k.; (music) rdg nikdlnd;— 
type, hurfif jamdnd; Composed, kora-pozd, 
a. sinjida, khAmo-h, musfaqii, bd-qirdr; 
(made up */t) jama* kiyd hfid; Composer, 
kom-poz'dr. ft. (writer )musannif,inshd-parddz, 
tarkfb d. w. ; — of music, rdg nik&lne yd banAnc 
w. ; Composing-stick, ft. hurfif ja vftne kd ; C.noposltion, ». tasnff, taba’zdd, tar- 
kfb, linshd. bandwat, sdkht, dmezi<h, musfllaha ; 
Compositor, kom-poz'it-dr, a. cbhdpekebn- 
rdf jimdnewdld : Composure, kora-poViflr, 
n. drdtn, itmfndn, dil-jarn'f ; qardr. 

Compound, kom'pound', v. t. L. con and ponere. 
(combine) mildnd, tarkfb d.; murakkab 
k.; (mingle) (dmcslsli k. ; (settle by con- 
cession) musfilaha k. [—with.];— a. amrak- 
kab, mild hfid, fftafehlfit; — Interest, sfid dar 
sfid; — s. tarkfb mitdo, ihdta; Compounder, 
s. (one who com pounds) dawd sdz, raildne- 

Comprehend, kom-prg-hend', e. t. L» oon and 
prehendere. (understand) bfijhnd, darydft k., 
samajbnd; (include) mnshtamil k, shAmil k. 
Syn. Apprehend; contain; include; embrace; 
comprise; Oomprehanaloa, kom-pre-hen*- 


shan, M intellect )«amajb, sihn, fahmfd, tsaaa- •’ Conmnhu x f prep. 

war; gjAn; Comprehensive, a. sihio, fuhml- mabat, wAste, bfibat, liye,, ko; Cunceru- 
da. tea- fab m, pur-mi'uf. Syn, L*.i rg • ; iu. ; incut, a. IJAqa, snrokdr, k&robAr, mn Amain, 
capacious; Comprehensiveness, kom-prj* Concert, kon-sei't, v. t. L. con hud cert arc 9 
hens'! v-nes, iaulAnf, thofo mcfl bahut samAue ( plan ) tadbfr k., banlish k. ; (adjust by con- 

Sf khAsaiyat, wa-’at. feronce) ma»lahat k., k. [— 

Compress, kom-pr s', *. t. L*. co» and premer* . together.— -wit h ] a. (agreement in plan- 

do press together, to condense j d il)A .A, d.ibuA, ning*) ittifAq; (harmony) ham-AuAzf. 
nicuurnA l — int ] ; Oo^ijireasIblHiy, n. da » Co K-rrtin *, kon Sn-r na. n. ek qism kA bAja. 

Ao dAbnekf qAbliyat; Comprc^l <le, ko n- Concession, knn-sesfa'uii, n. L. conceseio. (ron- 

E ris' i-bl ; Co npresslve, ko o premie. a. qA- ce linj) q infll, marxf. ijAzat; (grant) ’iuAyat, 

ile-<labA>; Compression, kora- pres i'un. a. mihrbA ii, ri’Ayat [ — to]. 

dabAo, samet. Oonrli, koi.gk, n. G kogche. sankh, kaurA. 


(inciade) shAmd k., mi InA dA 1 A. [—in]. 

Compromise, koin'prO-mlz, a. L. con an I p> om- 
ittere. aulh, sfcnrt, fnisala b r-rax.1 ; — o. t. (t 
adjust ) faisa. > k. ; ( e tie by muiiiai ronres- 
■ion) musAlaba k., »ulh k., rafa’-i-sh >rr k. [ — 
by,— .vith, — for]. [s ilirnlna, na^hf, ia »rly i. 

0>na pulsatory, ko n-p il'-aa-tor-l, •• nb ir list. 

Co npiidioit, korn-pil'shuo, a. L. com uhio. 
majbArf, aur, sulin, sa >a da«tf, ziyAlatl: 
Compulsory, koia-pul'sor-i, a. JabAA, raajbdi 
k. w., zarftrl. 

Compunctlou, kom-pangk'shun, n. L. compun- 
gore. ifsos, ia« uraf, nadA n*(, taubti, pichhti- 
wA Syn. He norm* ; co it ri >on. 

Compute, ko o- pilt', r. t. L. com put are. gfnnl. 
shu.nAr k., takh nfnn k., an lAxa k [ — atl. ‘ rn. 
Calculate, number ;c mnt ; reckon: Coinp.iter, 
». (a reckoner) tnubftsih, hIs.V> IAq: dumps 
table, a (leckon) trine jAn* ka qAbil, sliuutr 
sAsfr ; glnne-jog ; Com,»ut tio i, n. (calcula- 
tion) nauhftsa»a, situ nftr, gintl, ta’dftd. 

Comrade, kora'rAd, n. L camera, (a matt) bam 
fchAna, taffq, sdilif. sangf, yAr. 

Con, kon, v. t. A -S. runnnn. soch A, yA 1 k., dll- 
nashtn k. n. t^rlfd, rad l-o-bt la I. 

Concatenate, kon-knt e-nAt, e. t. L. con and 

t. L. oomprehendtre. ( Ooncl late, kon-Kjl'i-it, e. t. jL co ncilia re. 

(reconcile) rAzf It., faisaln k; (winl inilA I.. 
t VTf i qulflb k., jlLnA. L— I.y.— With]. Syn« 
Win; p opitiate; engage: Conciliation n. 
razl unudf, rail ip, tael ; Concidntury, a. dil* 
ka«h, di’-paas n l, dil-chaap. 

C J icisr, kon-«Is% o. Ij. oon and ccedere, (br'ef, 
short) mukhtasrir, raujmil; — writer, mn hh- 
tasa r-nawfy. Syn Terae; brief; short; Oon- 
edencss, n. ghs|:,o. ifchl sAr, kotAhf, ijnc.Al. 

I'onclude, kon-k ! flr, v. t L. con ana cluudere 9 
(end ) tamA u k., anjAm d. : (decide) tajwla k. # 
thahr.lriA ; (infer) samajimA, tasflya k., n ktl- 
nA; ( iri -lude ) ■ •flmil k. Syn. Infer; deter- 
mine ; decide ; end ; Gu sh ; Cuneluaion, kon- 
klfl's mn, n. k'lAtims, anjAm, nntfja, ; 

Com ) naive, k n-’clu-siy, a. *hAff, qAti*, qat’f. 
ktff y,1 wAf, klri.m. 

Ount-iK-t, ko -kokt, v. t. L con and coquerc. 
(dijeeit by i he stO'iaeh) Ins rn k. ; (ri onl 
puk'ita k., pakAoA ; (device) t: dbfr k. ; — to- 
grtlier. hauildi big !hnA, taobfr k.; Cou- 
cor Ion, kon-kok's.iun, n. hazmiyat, ihlilAI, 
tadlilr. i .a -shba. 

Concomitant, kon-komTt-ant, a. L. con and 
come», sh.-lmil; (vrbat accompanies) sAlM, 
lAh'q, lAzim. 

oaten a. (link together) silsi'a-bind k., zanjIrA Concor !, kon^'ko/d, n. L. con and cor. (agree- 
band k. men ) ia-1. milAp, muwAnqat; (harmony) 

Con care, kon'kflv, «. L oon and oavue. mujau- «« '•). h m i Aha ingf ; in gram. »abt ; Cont-ord- 

waf, ra iq’ar. k iokh A, kb ill, qan4; Concar- »nt. kor.-kmd ant, a L. concordnre. muw fiq, 

tty, kon rir'i-ti, n. qa‘* r, jauf, gAr. mutAbiq ; m gram. maibAt ; Concordant e, a. 

Conceal, kon-s«l', v. t. L. con and celare. (fo musrA qat, yagrtnngai. mntAhiqat, ekA; lugat- 

aroid ) nazar l achAnA: (hi<le) chMpAuA. n\im\ fihrU i kitAh i Muqaddas. 

da k., dkAgpn t, ra akbflk.[ -from]. Syn. Hide Cor.courae. kon«'kO r s. n. L concurrcre. ranjma\ 
disguise; secret; — able, qftinl-i-pos ,ld«-.f. _b ify, linjA n, izhdj ;,Ain. ^ 

chhipAne ke IA ! q; Concealment. n.( priv Concrete, kon'-kret. a. L. con and crescere. 
poahi lafil. ikhfA, rd-poshl ; (seerst nlsce» po- mtinjamid, bnsta;— noun, ism i sifnt;— v. i . 
shfda ja^ah ;— of crime, ikhfA*-i-jnr n of bAn l»mA, hasta lu munjami.i b ;— n. clirt iA, 
marriage, ikhfA-i-nikAh of birth, ikhfA-i- mi. tl. aur chh He p ttliar k( Arneziah jo makAn 

poshf lagl. ikhfA, rfl-poshf ; {secret nlscei po- 
shfda ja^ah;— of crime, ighfA-'-i-iur n : — of 
marriage, i^hfA-l-mkAh ;— of birth, ifcbfA-i- 
tawaHu I az-taraf i mftdur. 

Concede, k > l-sfi T, e. t. L oon and cedere. (ad- 
mit, allow) m 'mnA, qabftl k , mnsallam r. ; jAiz 
r,; (yield, grant) de (J)lnA, iiwVa k. [ — to]. 

Conceit, kou-set', ». L. concept* *. (thought! 

ban.) ne ke k:lm men Ate ha in. 

Concablnr, kong'kU'hln, a. L. con and cub a re. 

har.un, sur at ; iifhatf, sahell. 

Concupiscence, kon-kQ'pis-ens, n. (lust) shah-, ma If, kAm. 

hhiyAI, r.le; (fancy) wahm, an le*ha ; (vanity) Concur, knn-kur', e.U concurrere. (meet on 

gh.iminij, gurflr; Conceited, k <n si 'ed, s 
khud pjHund, magrdr. Syn. Vain: proud; 
Conceited ness, a. kbad-paasndf, gn flr. 

Conceive, kon-afty', o. t L. eoa and eepere. (re- 
ceivo im. # the wo nb) bamal as r. ; bAinila fa, 
pet se h.; (derise) irAda k. ; (comorebend, 
imagine) smmajhnA, daryAft k^ jAnnA, sochnA. 
b ciiAmA. [—from] ; Conceivable, a. mumkin 
ul fahm, qAbll i khiyftl, jo khirdi m gA«nk^; 

punt) milnft; (agree) qa fll k., muwAfiq h.; 
Tact logetner) nuftaGq h. [ — in, — With]; 
Concur! ence, n. ittifAq, miiwAflqnt, ekl, mel; 
Concurrent, a. m ttafi i, muttahid, rauwAGq; 
(joint and equal) musalsal, barAbar; (shak- 
ing, shock) (akkar, jumbish. Syn. Associat- 
ed ; united ; coincident. 

Concussion, kon-kush'un, n. Jj. concutere. jum- 
bish. hnrakit, lagsisb. 

Conception, kon-«er/.Hbnn, n. (act of con ee v- Condemn, kon-dem'. o. t. L. oon nnd domssrs. 

ing) hemal; (idei, notion) kbiyAl rAc, i irAk 
Concentrate, Icon-sen' trAt. v. t. (combine, to 
nnite) jama' k., bana-markas. k. ; — a force, 
fauj ko chhAonf meg Jama’ k. [—in]; Oou- 
centr tlon, n. h*ra-na*rkasf : — of an army, 
fauj kf rk-jAl;— of thought, khiyAI k* **k-jAf. 
Concentre. kon sen'tAr, v. i L oon and centrum. 

kam-markask; Concentric, s. ham mnrkaz. 
Concern, k m- Arn', o. 1. 1*, oon and csrnere. ’ilft- 
qa rekbnA, dllgtr k. ; (disturb) fiknnand k. : — 

(doom) fatwA d. ;(b:arnr)tiqsfrwAr thahrAnA; 
doshl k., aprAd I thahr.inA ; t to is ect)nikAl 
[ — for. — o] ; Condemn tloo. w. fatwA, hukm 
i sns.l, dnnd ; Condemnatory, a. hnkmf. 

Condewsate, kon-dens'ftt, v. t. eAjhA k., ratinja- 
inid k., j'mAnA, kaslf k. ; Condensation, a. 
takslf, jaraAhat: Condense, kon-dt ns’, v. t, 
L. oon an - ! denies. jamAnA, gAr : >d k., munjaihld 
k , bista k. [ — fioin, — Into, — to] ; Condenser, 
kon-dens'A.’, n. .iamAne w. 

one’s self, dakhl d.*, hAth d ; It — s me, wuh Condescend, k<m -de-sen 1', e. i. L. oon and 
merAkArnbal, wubmnjhse’ilAqa rskhtA hai; detoendere. tarota. l k., tawi iijuh k. ; (tocon- 
— ed for, fikrmand ; — ed in, shirik. [— in,— sent) qsbfll k- swIkAr k. (to bend) dabuA, 
for,— about] (business) mu ’A rnaia, saro- nib urn A. [—to]. Syn. Stoop; submit; deign; 

•--- — ^ • vouchsafe; vield ; Condescending, a. faro- 

tanl se pesh A. w„ khalfq, hhush-nkh?Aq, sAldbl 

moxauwat ; Condescension, ken-dt-spA'skaa* 

far,— about] ; — a. (basinets) mu A mala, saro- 
kAr, *ilAqa; (anxiety) chlntA, 6kr, andesha; 
« weightiness) gam, dard; (importance) asrti- 
greet—, bhAx! Ida, Syn, Qsre; 




n. farotanf, inkfcArf, hilm. Syn. Complais- 
• aupe; courtesy ; affability. 

Condign, kon-din', a. L. con and dignua. (suit- 
able, meritcl) idiq, munasib, wAjib, lAzim: 
yogya: — punishment, inunAsiosaaA.lAiq’azfib. 

Condiment, kou'di-ment, n. L. ound re. masA- 
l.ih, cliashnf, Kntnf, aenftr. feyn. Seasoning; 
rciHb ; appn-..iug substance. 

Condition,'sbun, n. L. venders, (state) 
hfil, halat; (quality, attribute) wasf, kbAssi- 
yat; (stipulation, term*) short; (rank) darja, 
martaba, inuumb. Syn. State; situation; 
terms; provision; stipulation; case; — v. t. 
■hart k., ’abd o paimAn k.; — al, a. shartiya. 

Condole, kon-dol\ v. i. L. con aud Uolcre. (grieve 
for another) mutam-pursf k., ga;n-k»wArl k., 
hftiu-dardf k.; Condolence, n. gam-kbwArf, 
ham-dardf, mAtam-pursf. [k. 

Condone, kon- Ida', v. t. chashin-poshf k., mu’Af 

Conduce, kon-diis', •. * L. oon and ducere. ( pro- 
mote, answer, or further an end ) bA’is h M taq- 
wiyat d., madad k. [—to] ; Conducive, Con- 
ducive, a. muinidd, mu’Awin, sabdyak; Con- 
duciveness, ». i’Auat, mu’Awaaat, DA’is; »a- 

Conduct, kon'dukt, n. sulflk, bartuo, (behavi- 
our) chAl chalun, vvaza’, rawish, sh^wa ; — 
v. t. lechalnA ; (lead) le j. ; (guide) rab-numAf 
k., pahugchfinft; (manage) baudobast k. [ — 
from, — toj; — one’s self, (behave) rahnA . 
Conductible, n qslbil i ihtimAm, kArrawAf ke 
lfiiq; Conductor, n. hAdf, penbwA, rabnumA, 
sarbarAhkAr. Syn. Leader ; guidi* ; director. 

Conduit, kou'dit, n. L. ooniucere. nahr, parnA-1, 


Gone, kdn, ». Q. konoa. P*akhrftfc. rAo-dum. 

Confabulate, kon f.ib'ftlAi, v. i. L. con nn d fa- 
bnlari. tc itl) bat -chi. k., gufl <efi k , g*p h.igk- 
nA; Oonf bulat^*u, n. bAt-chft, bol-chAI, gof- 
togA, gipsuap. 

Confecttou, . koi* fek'shun, ». L. confioere. 
(sweetmeats) in ir.ibba, mithAf, shlrfnf, pig; 
Confectioner, n. UalwAf, miflifil farosli ; Con- 
fectionery, n. mithAf yfi murabbe kf dfikfin. 

Confederacy, kon-fed'Ar-a-si, n. (league) ’ahd 
o paim&n, bandish, ekA, rAh rawisb, qaul o qa- 
rAr; Confederate, kon-led'Ar-At, n. L. con 
nndfatdu*. (aly) rafiq, sfithf, shaifk; — v. t. 
sharlk k., h un ’abd k. L — with]. 

Confer, kon-£6r', v. t. L. con and ferre. denfi, 
marhamat k. ’inAyatk., ’atfi k. ; — with, (t;ilk 
togeth r) bAt-chft k.; — on. (tograut to) d^nA. 
[—on, — about, — vith] ; Conference, n. (talk- 
ing together) guftogfl, mukAlama, bAt-chlt, ja 
wfib suwAl. 

Confess, kon-fes', o. t. L uoon and fateri. (own 
to) qAil h., iqrAr k., rfiAunA, qubul k.; (tell 
secretly) kbufiya bayAn k. ; Confession, n. 
IqrAr, i’tirAf, goshguzftrl, swfkAr. Syn. Ack- 
nowledgment; admiseion; avowal; Confes- 
sor, ft. qAil, mu’atarif, muqlr; (martyr) aha* 

Conflcta. kon-fld' s. i. L. oon and ft dere. ( truat ) 
i’timAd k* i’tibAr k., bharoaA k., patiyAnfi, 
vishwAs k.; — to, snpurd k. [ — in, — to] ; Con 
fidence, kon'fi-dens, ». (trust) hharcsA, urn- 
med. As; (firm belief) itiqfid; (certainty) 
yaqfn; (boldness) dilerl ; in — , bhed ke taur 
par. Syn Truat; hope; expectation; assur- 
ance ; Confidant, or Confidante, kon-fi-dant', 
n. IP. oon/idente. (one who is trusted ) mu’tnbar, 
mu’tamid; (bosom friend) hamrA*. jfinfdost: 
Confident, kon'fi-dent, o. mu’taqia. u mined - 
wilr. mustaqil, nldhurak, shokh, qhUh. L — in, 
— of] ; Confidential. rAsdAr, poshlaa yfi 
khunya, h im-r is, *»hedf. 

Coiiflguratio i, kon-fig-ttr-r«hun, «. L. oon and 
fijuro. tarkfb, ba Awat, rachAwat; (aspect of 
p.anets) sal v Aron k( bait y(\ ^rtrat. 

Co.iflne, kon'fln, n. L. eon and /l»ia, hadd, intihA. 
sarhadd, kinAra, aiwina, dAnciA ; — s. t. (to 
imprison) band k.. qaid k., mnnbasnr k. ; (to 
restrain) rokn.l ; to be — ed, znch »-khAr>e m- g 
h.;— cd to one’s bed, chflrpAf so !a • j. [ — to]. 

Confinement, n. qaid, b nd, t^frf; (chiidbirtii) 
s&IdagL baehche kf paiddisii kf bdiAt 

Confirm, kon-fArm% v. t. L. con and firmaro • 
sAbit k. ; (to render fixed) mustaqil lu, mashfit 
k. ; (ratify) taadlq k. ; kalfsiyA ks hoqfiq meg 
sbarfkk. ; (certify) pram in k.« muqarrar k. ; 
(to appoint) qAim k., khafA k. [—by]. Syn. 
Stren ;theu ; verify ; assure ; settle ; Conflrra- 
atio i, » mnsbfitf. isiiqAmat, subdt, sadAqaty 
kalfdyAke buqdq; Confirmatory, kon-fArm'- 
a-tor-i, a. sAbit k. w., inusbfit k. w., muinidd. 

Confiscate. kon-fis'kAt, v. t, L. eon aud fiacm» 
(to appropriate, as a penalty to tut pubito 
nee ) zabt k., qurq k. ; Confiscatlou, n. nabtU 

Co, , Hug rat ion, kon-fla-grA'shun, a. (a fire oo A 
great scaic) Atash-zadagt, nhu’l i-zauf. 

OonUict, kou'fl kt, n. larAf, jagg o jadal, JhaffA: 
(a ony) koft, kalap, dukh; — v. i. L. oon And 
fiigero. la rn A, jagg k. ; (oppose) mnqAbala k. 

[ — with.] Syn. Contend; fight. 

Oo fluruce, konMQ-eus, ». bhlf, sangam, msla: 
—of two rivers, do dary iog kA sangam,— of 
three sacred rivers, tribenf; Confluent, 
kon'iia-eut, a. L. oon md Jlnere. (flowing to- 
gether) ek sAth bahnewAlA; — amall-pox, ki- 
raiyA, masflriyA. 

Conflux, kon'n.ix, ». kaf nnddfog kA mflAo; 

( large crowd ) bhfr, guroh, am boh, kasrat. 

Conform, kon-fo;m', v. t. L. con and fortnure. 
(make like) bam-ahakl k., muwifiq k. [ — to, — 
into] ; Conformable, a. (corresponding) 
mutAliiq, muwAiiq ; (submissive) farroAnbar- 
dAr, garfb, balfm; Conformatlon,kon-form- 
A'sinii., n. muwAiiq it, srtrat, bauAwnf, tarkfb; 
Conformist, n. mutAbiqai k. w., ra^in ko qu- 
bUl k. w. ; Conformity, t». muwAfiqat, rnutA- 
lm >at. [ — with]. 

Confound. I on-found', o. t. L eon and fundore, 
(piMplex) ghibrA A; ( sharminda k. ; 
(mingle, confuse) uiilAnA, arbar k., dsrham 
barbam k. [ — with. — by]: Confounded, p. a. 
(perid xe ) hair.m, parcsbAn, chabrfiyA hAA; 

( bad or vi dent) asbadd, sa^bt, babut bad, 

Ooniront, kon-frunt', v. t. L. eon and front. 

( «t i mi face to face) sAmhne k.. rd bn rrt k , dfi 
ba drt k. ; (oppo-e) muqAbi' k. [ — wl>h]. 

Confuse, kon-fuz'. v. t. L. contundere. Icon- 
found ) uljhfinA, gnabrAnA, hairAu k., mustarab 
k. ; — ed, p. a. muntiislm r, nb ir, darham bar- 
ham; Confusion. kon-fQ'zhun, ». intishAr, 
abtarf, ghabrAhaf, httf apf; (disturbance) 
gftiig ’, balwa, sbonuh ;— of thought, pareshA- 
nf i diin.ig. 

Confute, kon-ffltf, v.t. L. oon, futare. (disprove) 
hi til k., lA-jawfib k., jhA[hA k., rndd k. Syn. 
Seaside; refute. [ — by 1 ; Confutable, kon- 
ffit’a-bl, a. qA'iil i tardld ; Confutation, kon- 
fOt'A-shan, ». ta’dfd, iawfib, ibtfil. 

Congeal, kon-j«r. v. t. L. oca and gclu. jamAaA, 
bAgdhn'i, munjnm d k. 

Congenial, kon-jA'ni-al, e. L. eoa and genioUA. 
(agreeable to the nature) dil-khwAh, khAtir* 
khwfth, muwAiiq ; — climate, muwAfiq Ab o ha- 
wA ; — temper, nurra misdj. [ — to]; Con- 
geniality . ». ham-jinsiyat. 

Congenital, kon-jen’lt-al, s. L. oon aad gignere. 
ham-paidA, haru-sAd. 

Congest, koii'iest', v. t . L. oongerere . (to collect 
in a mass) /men’ k., arabAr k., ^ber lagAnA; 
Congestion, kon-j^st'yun, a. injlmAd i khAn. 

Conglobate, kon-gl&b'it, e. U gnliyAnA, gUyhlA- 


Conglomerate, kon-giom'fir-tt. o. L. oon and 
glomus. vnlfsA bonft hAA ; — v. t.guiiyAnA; Con- 
glomeration, n.iniimAd, litima*. 

Congratulate, kon-grat'fi-lAt, e. t L. oon nnd 
<;r talari, (wish, joy) mub.irakbA ku nA, 
miizbda d. [—on, — upon], Syn. Fe' cii te; 
Cotigratnlaton. n. mubArakbfidf, tahuiyat; 
CuMgrntnlutory, a. tahuiynt-'iraes. 

Congregate. kong'grfi-vAt, v. 1. L. eon and great* 
jn ma' b., ikat (bfi h. ; Congregation, kong-gra* 
gfi’shun, ». jamft’at, m .jlis, aabhA. guroh; 
Couiregatlonalism, n ikhtiyflr jo ! a f yA kt 
Rim 1 MK.i k * judi jrnlA kalfsiyAog ke intisAo 
karoo ke liye rniltA bai. 


Congress, kong'gress, a. con and grudua. kArra- 
wil kl jami ’at, sabhA, majlis, SflbajAt i Mutta- 
bidda kl qAntla banAnewAll majlis. 

Congruence, kong'griHS-ens, 0 . L. oongruere . 
(suitableness) mun&sibat; (fitness) mol; 
Congruent, a. (suitable) mun&sib, muttafiq; 
Oungrulty, ft. muwAfiq&t, mu n As i bat, mol; 
Congruous, kong'gr56-u% 0. (suitable, har- 
monious, fit) muwAfiq, ek-sfin, hamwAr, barA- 
bar, tblk,l*iq. mun&sib. [ — with]. 

Conic, kon'ik, a, G. konikoa g.Aodum, makhrQti ; 
Conical, kon'ik-al, o. makhrfltl. gAodum. 

Coulcs, koa'iks ». stng. ’ilm i mnfchn&tl. 

Conjecture, koii-iek'LQr, v. t. L. oon and jaoere. 
qiyfts k , gum&n k.; a mere—, be-Vbik&nfi ft. 
(supposition) qiyAs; (notion) fcbiyAl : Cou- 
Jectural, kon-jek'tfir-al, 0. qiy&sl, khiyAli, 

Conjoin, kon-join', v. t. L. con and jungere. (join 
together) milAnA, lagfinfi, joj-nA, paiwasta k.; 
Conjo in t^ k on- Joint', o. (united) muttafiq, 

Conjugal, kon'jSB-gal, a. L. conjur. (matrimon- 
ial, connubial) nikAhl, biy&hi; — affection, 
mlyfin blbl kft ikhlfis. 

Conjugate, kon'jfio-gfit, ft. t. L oon and jugum. 
garddnnA, tasrlf k. ; Conjugation, ». gardAn, 

Conjunct, ken'jungkt, a Lu con jungere. mnl- 
baq, paiwasta, muttafiq ; Conjunction, kon- 
jungk'shuu, ft. wasl, ittisAl, mei, barf i *atf; 
—of stars, qlrAu ; Conjunctive, a. wasil, 
abort iya. 

Conjuncture, kon-jungk'tfir, ft. hAlat, ittiflq; 
(a critical time) ’ain waqt, gaun. 

Conjure, kon-jti5r', ft. t. L. con and jurats. 
qasam A., saugand d., wAsta d., jAdfl k. 
[ — by.] ; Conjurer, n. (a juggler) jAdfl-gar, 
afsftnsar, sAhir. 

Connate, kon'oit, a. L. oon and (united 

in origin) biz-zAtibl, janaml, hatn-zAd. 

Connect, kon-nekt', v. t. L. con and nectere. 

( ioin together) jopiA, miiAnA, wasl k.; bandh- 
bA, gaQthnA [ — with, — to, — by] ; — ed, a. juy& 
bfiA; guudhA hftA; (united) mulhaq, murtabit, 
musktarik, paiwasta ; Connection, kon-nek'- 
shun, ft. L. cannewio. jof, wasl, paiwastagl, 
’ilAqa, rabt, munAsabat ; (by marriage) qarA- 
bat. Syu. Union ; coherence ; junction ; in- 

Oonuive, kon-nlr', v. i. L. oon and ftteere. (to 
overlook) dar-guzirnA. Agkb chbipAnA, sunn 
khlgchuA, igmAz k. [ — at] ; Connivance, kon- 
nlv'ans, n. ebashm-poshf, tagaful. 

Connoisseur, kou'ia-afl.r, ft. F. wAqifkAr, mA- 
bir; ahaualn. 

Connote, kon-n<H / , ft. t. L. con and noiort, (to 
be taken) dal&lat k., jatAnfi, batlAnA. 

Connubial, kon-nfl'bi-a t, a. L. oon and nob ere. 
nik&hl, muta’alliq 1 blyAh ; — love, miyAg blbl 
kl mubabbat. 

Conoid, kdn'oid, ft. G. konoe, and eidoe. (any- 
thing that has the form of a cone) makhrfitl. 

Conquer, koug'k&r, ft. L L. oon and queer ere. 
(overcome) fath k., gAlib h. ; (win) jltnA, 
fatbmand h., mArnt, girAuA, dabAnA : ( acquire ) 
hAsil k. [ — by, — from] ; Conquerable, a. snr 
hone ke qAbil, fath kiye jAne ke lAiq ; Con- 
quest, kong'kwest, a. fath, taskbfr, zafar, jit. 
Syn. Victory ; triumph ; subjection. 

Consanguineous, kon-san-gwin'8-us, a. L. oon 
and Bunguis. ham-zAt, yagAna, ek l ihfi, khwesb ; 
Consanguinity, s. bam-zAtf, yagAuagl, qarA- 

Conscience, kon'shi-ena, a. L. con and Boire. 
(moral sense) tamfa, samlr; (honesty) divA- 
uatdArl; (right) haqq; (scruple, doubt) shakk, 
andesha, dhnrki; Conscientious, a. haqq- 
sbiuAs, sAf bAtin, ImindAr, diyAnatdAr. Syn. 
Scrupulous ; exact ; faithful ; just; upright;— 
»ms, a. khndA-taasC, diyAnatdArl, kaqq-ahi- 


OoowilMK m . fkMwlog) wtqif; 

(aware) IfbabanUr, Alta, xrattala’. Syn. 
Aware; apprimd; nnslMe; Ooaactonsneaa, 

*> (kanMM AtfU. kkakar. ’ll®. 

Conscript, kon'skript, ft. L eon and scribere. 
(written) nawishta; — ft. wuh sjpAhl jo nayA 
fauj men bhartlkiyA jawe. 

Consecrate, kon'so-krAt, e. U L. oonBecrare. 
makhsfis k., nazr k., niyAs k. ; sankalap k. 
[ — to] ; Oousccration, ft. niyAy, nasr, taquls, 
makhsfisiyat ; SJinskAr: prxtisbthA. 

Consecutive, kou-sek'fi-tiv, 0 . . mutasalsal, 
mma’qib, mutnwat r. 

Consent, kon-sent', ft. (accord) razAnmndl, fchu- 
slil, marzf; (assent) ijAbat. [ — to].«Kyn. 
Acquiescence, free will ; — ft. i. L. con :.ud sent - 
ire. tAzlh.,q bdi k., mAunA, muttafiq li. fcyu. 
Acce e; comply; agree; Consentient, kun- 
sen'shi-ent, o. L. ooneent ena ek lAe. < k d i. 

Co tsequence, kon'^i kwens. n. anjAm, a t, na- 
tfja, ’Aqibai ; (iiiiporlauce) mi'zAiqa, ziifintt, 
in — , (hence) is sabab se, bi-tlln sai>»b; In— 
of, (by r, a-enn of) is sabab se; of — , (possess- 
ed of importance value, or iufi.ience) ba kl, 
kamqndr; Consequent, a. L. conaequene. ua- 
tlja,anjilm, phal ; [ — ou. — to] ; — n. m. afchkhir, 
tamAmt; Consequential, kon-si-kwen'sbi-al, 
0 . magrdr, numAishf; Consequently, ad. ba- 
natlja, libAzA, biz-zarfir, kbwAh ma khwAb, 
be-sbubhs, lAjaram. 

Consertion, kon-ser'sbun. n. L. con and aertum. 
(junction, adaptation) ittisAl, paiwand, wasl ; 
yog, sanjog, joy, mel. 

Oouservatloii, kon-sArv &'bbun, ft. hi f Azat, ni- 
gahbAnl; Conservative, kon-s€rv'ftt-iv. a. 
muhAfiz, nigahbAn. bAfiz; Conservator, kon- 
sdrv'At-Ar, n. muhAfiz, nignbbAn; Conser- 
vatory, kon-s6rv'i-tor-i, n. cbtzog kA mubAfiz- 
khAna; Conserve, ko'i-eftrv', ft. t. L. con and 
aervare. (preserve, save) mkh cbboynA ; (pre- 
pare with sugar) murabba b., pAgnA, mi|bAl 
banAnA ; — n. murabba, mithftl. 

Consider, kon-sii!'6r, v. t L. considerate. ( think 
of with ca:e)sochuA, bicIiArnA, tauinA ;( guess) 
afkal k. ; (snppose) samajhnA. fikrk., qiy&^k., 
farz k. [ — of] ; Considerable, kon-sid'&r-a- 
bl, 0 . (noteworthy) buzurg, ’izzatdAr, lAiq; 

( modern tely large) kisf qadr, kuchh ; Con- 
siderate, kon-sbi'er-ftt, 0 . (delibprate, care- 
ful) kbnir-andesh, gambhfr, mudabbir, dhyAnl, 
Again -sochl. Syn. Thoughtful; prud«»nt ; dis- 
creet; deliberate; Consldernteness, ». (pru- 
dence) ’Aqibat-andeabl, anjAra-blnl; Con- 
sideration, n. (mature thought) gaur. dhyAn, 
andesha.lihAz ; (importance) i’tibAr; (com- 
pensation) badla, f iwaz; (motive) sabab, 
bA’is; in — of, (on account of) ba-sabab, ba- 

Consign, kon- sin', ft. t. L. consignors, (give in 
trust )hawA!a k., taslfm k., snpiml k , muntaqil 
k^ denA;— to the flames. jalA d. Deliver; 
commit; entrust ; [ — to] ; Consignee, 
kon-<In-A', ft. jis ko unit supurd kiyA JAwe; 
Consignor, kun-sIn'Ar, n. jo mAl supurd bare; 
Consignment, ». bawila, tafwfz, supurdagf, 
amAnat; (in wr ting) hit»n-nAnm. 

Consist, kon-aist', ft. i. L. con and sister. honA v 
shAmil rakhnA, rahnA, muiAidq b., murntkab 
b.. muwAfiq In, muiassai > b., namfi I h., tbaliar- 
nA : to — In, (to He in) munhnsnr h ; — with, 
mutAbiq h.; — togetlier, sAth r. ; — ing of, 
(composed of) mushtnmil h. [ — of, — in]; 
Consistence, kon-sist'* n or— cy, ». mutA *i- 
qit, sbAistai:l, liyAqat, muwA q tt; (slab iity) 
qiyAm, tbikAu i : (state) hAlat. gat, dnsA; 
(existence) waifid, bast!; Consistent, kon- 
sist'eut, a. (unifo-ra) munA^io, mn Abiq; 
(firm) bastn, mun <ami 1 ; [ — with, — to]. Syn, 
Comp tible, suitable; accordant. [jnmA’at, 

Consistory, n. L. oonsistore . (a council) majlis. 

Consolation, kon-s6-IA'shun, n. taskl>^ tasallf, 
tashafil, dilAsA, dil-jam’i. Syn. Comfort; 
solace; alleviation, [—for]; Consolntory, 
kou-sol'a-tor-i, a . tasal’I-bakhsh, firAm bakl.ah: 
Console, kon-sfil, ft. t. L. oon and solori. (cheer 
in sorrow) taskln d. ; (comfort) dil-jam'f k, 
Syn. Comfort ; solace ; cheer; sustain ; support, 
[—for,— by,— with]. 

Consolidate, kon-sol'i-dlt, ft. t. (harden) sakht 
k. ; jamAnA, bastn k. j (make solid) munjamld 

k. [ — into] ; Consolidation, ft. injiindd, bas- 
ta-X [tamawuk. 

Consols, kon'solz, a. pi. sarkdr nngrez k& k^dss 

Consonance, kon'nO-nans, n. inel, muwdliqat. 

Consonant, o. L. con and aonare. ldiq, munftsib, : 
mutdbiq, hamwdr,shdUta. [—with, — to] n. 1 
hart i sahfh. 

Consort, kon'sort, n. L. con and tors, haanmr, 
ham-dam; (a companion, a partner) r.iflq. ydr, 
dtarik, kbaaam yd jorfl, zaaja; — v. i. suhbat 
k., rifdq&t k. 

Conspicuous, kon -spik'd -as, a. L. con ana 
spicere. (readily to be seen) zdhir, ’aldniya, 
ishkdr, mashhdr, ma’rdf, namfid&r ; to make 
— , ndmvrar k., idbir k. Syn. Distinguished; 
eminent; fastens ; illustrious. 

Conspiracy, ken-spira-si, n. bandish, sfizlsh, 
ittifdq, ck;1. kdad-phdsl. Syn. Combination; 
plot; cabal; Conspirator, kon-spir'A-idr, n. 
mufsid, bdgf, hatn-rdz, fitrati ; Conspire, v. i. 
It. con and apirure. (plot) s&zi h k. bandish b., 
muttifiqh., maslahat k. [ — with, — against, — 

Constable, kun'sta-bl, ft. F. cannetable. thdne- 
ddr, sipdnf, chaukfd&r, ndzir, kotwdl. 

Const int, «. L. oeitand stare, (steady) astu- 
wAr, pdedflr; (fixed) mustaqfm ; (persevering) 
sdbit-qadan; — a. qiy&m, sabdt; Constancy, 
kon'stan-si, a. qiydoi, ntiqrdrf, ustuwdrf, 

Constellation, kon-stel-Il'shua, n. L con and 
Stella, bar], akhLir, tdra-aiand il. 

Consternation, kon-atdr-n&'shua, n. L. con and 
aterngre. (fright) hairar, haul, khauf, (Jar, 
iztirdb, hairdnf; (surprise) ghabrdh&t, pare- 
shdnf. Syn. Alarm; amazement ; terror; 
fright ; dismay ; panic ; sudden fear. 

Constipate, koa'sti-pdt, v. t. (to stop) qabzE., 
band k. ; Constipation, n. qab^yat, inqibdz. 

Constituency, kon-stit'd en-si, n. intizd n ke 
liye log cimnnewAIon kf jamd’at ; Constitu- 
ent, a. asll, zdtf, khilql. i 

Constituent, n. muwakkil, mu alb; (a compo- 
nent. an element) juz, tukfd. 

Constitute, k m'sti-t&t, v. t. It. oon and atutuere. 
(for u ) b.mdtiA ;(establl di ) muqarrar k., makh- 
zfis k. ( (hahrAnd; Constitution, kon-sti-ld'- 
sbun, n. jiam, inizftj, ; (temper) sfrat, 
Vhaalat, qdnuu, zftbita; Constitutional, kon- 
sti-tfl'shun-al, a. khiiql, zdtf, paiddishf, jftiz, 
hash i zdbita, shir’f;— infirmity, kbilqf kam- 
sorf; — government, liukfimat i qdnflnl. 

Constrain, k ja-strdu', v. t. L. con an 1 slringere. 
(force) ba zar k., dabdnd, majbdr k. Syn. 
Compel; force; drive; urge. J— by] ; Con- 
straint, kon-strant', n. rok, pabandf, dabao; 
(compulsion) zor, zabardastf, jabr, zulm. 

Constriction, n. s imet, slkof, kashish. 

Constringc, kon-s rinj', v. t. L. conrtringert. 
(bind, cramp) eikofnd ; (narrow) sametnd; 
(to draw) klifgolmii; Constringent, a. (com- 
pressing) sikornewuld, sametnewald, bandhej ; 
(bind in ;-) i flg lhncw&lu. 

Construct, kon-strukt', v. t. L. cos and atruere. 
(form with c mtrivance) d au l 3 » bandnd, ta’- 
mlrk. ; (compose) tarkfb d; — a sentence, taa- 
nff k. Syn. Build: erect ; form; make ; intent ; 
originate; Construction, n. ta’mf”, sdfcht, 
bandwat; tarkfb ; ma'nf, mazradn ; Construc- 
tive. a. binlne kfl, ishdra'f, jo mazmdn sc nikle, 
bdt jo paidd ho. 

Construe, Eon-strbtt, v. t. L. oo tatuere. rabt <]., 
marbiit k. ; (put a m anlngou) flqre ke ma’ne 

? dim k. ; tajrlr k. ; (translate) tarjuma k. 
— into]. 

Constuprate, k >n'stfl-prdt, e. t. L. atuprum. 
(violate) be-hurraat k , zind k. ; (to deflower) 
khardbk. ; Const u pration, ». (defilement) 
be-hurmatt. zind, nfcpdkf. 

Consubstautlal, a. L. con and auhatantlmlia. 
ham-jins, ham-zdt, hana-asl, eksAg; Con* 
substantiate, v. t. L con an 1 substantia, ham- 
jlus k., ham-zdt k., eksAn k. 

Consul, kon'sul, ». L. consulere. elehf, ndib, 
wakfl, hdkim, amfn; Consular, a. ndib yd 

Consult, kon-sult', v. i . L. consulere. (seek 
advice) mashwarat k., maslahat k., yd 1. [— 
with,— on,— ap,— upon] ; Consul tatluu, n. 
saldh, mash warn, maslahat. . 

Consume, kon-5-fl'n', e. t. L. t rom con and smu* 
ere. (waste) uyind, sdi* k., talaf k.; (use up) 
kharch k., sarf k. ; (destroy) barbdd k. ; Con- 
sumption. kou-sum'shun, n. L. conanmpUo. 
kharch, talaf, sarf ; (a disease) sil, diqq, chhaf. 
Syn. Decline ; waste ; decay ; Consumptive, 
a. maslfil, madqrtq. 

Consummate, kon-sum'ftt, v. t. L. coneummore. 
(perfect) pakkA k. ; (complete) taradm k. f 
pdrd k. ; [—by]; — a. nakkd, pukhta, kdmll; 
Consummation, n. takrnil, tamdml, anjdm; 
(end of life) dkhirat ; marriage—, gaund, shab 
i wasi. 

Contact, kon'takt, a. L. con and tanpere. 
(union) lagdo, mildo; (touching) wael; (with 
a thing) ilhdq, mass. 

Contagion, kon-td'jun, n. contagio. slrdyat, 
phiildo; (plague) wabd, marl. Syn. Into#- 
lion; Contagious, a. (catching) sdrl, muas* 
sir, plmiine w. 

Contain, kon-tdn', v. t. L. oon and fenere. 
(comprise, hold, inclose) bond, rah nd, shdmil 
ii. f mti'lttamil h., samdnd, sabrk. ; (restrain), 
roknd; (live in continence) parhezk.; — od, a. 
maahmdl, mundarj. 

Contaminate, kon-tam'in-dt, v. t. L. eon and 
tatninore. (foul, stain) ndpdk k-, chkAt k., 
bhrashtk. Syn Pollute; defile; stain. ( — by, 
—with ] ; Contamination, n. chh&t, ndpdkf, 

Cootomu, ken-tem% o. t. L. con and temnere. 
(slight scorn)- ihdnat k., haqlr jdnnd, nd-chfs 
samajhnd. [—for]. 

Contemplate, kon-tem'pltt, v. t. L. contemplori. 
(think of with continued attention) taammul 
k., gaur k., dekbnd ; Contemplation, kou-tem- 
pl&'shun, n. taammul, mnULhiia, gaur, tasau- 
wur, dhiydn ; to have in — , kh'i'ft 1 men dud; 
Coutcmplative, a. mut.-iammil, gaur k. w. ; 
the — faculty qdwat i uiutalfhaiyila. 

Contemporaneous, kou-tem-pO-r&'ue-us, a. D. 
con and tenpua. ham-iimdaa, ham-’asr, ham- 

Contemporary, e. (living at the same time) 
ham-’asr, ham-waqt, ham-’ahd ; — n. ifchwdni 

Coti tempt, kon-temt', it. L (disdain) ihdnat, 
inaz .amat, hiqdrat, zillat, khwdrl, khiffat;— 
of court, tauhf i i 'addiat. Syn. Scorn; deri- 
sion ; mockery ; contumely neglect ; slight. [— 
for] ; Contemptible, a. haqlr, subuk, khafff, 
khwdr, zaill, Syn. Despicable; abject; vile; 
mean; base; Contemptuous, kou-teint'Q-us, 
a. (proud) magrdr, mulammlg, mutikabbir; 
(haughty) sharfr; — ly, ad. magrfirl se, be- 
adabl se, be-imtiy;izf se. 

Contend, kon-tend', v. i. L. con and tenders . 
(dispute) jhagafad, lufnd; (strive) muqdbala 
k., ham-ckashoil k., mdrnd. [ — for, — with,— 
against] ; Contention, kon-ten'shu i, n. L. 
contentio. (quarrel) jhagf.i, bikbefd, lafdf, 
qaziya ; (controversy) mubdliasa, gnftoshu- 
nfd, radd-balal; Contentious, kon-ten'shl- 
us, a. lapdkd, jhagr&lfi, hnjjatf. 

Content, a. L. con and tencre. rdzf, khusbnfid, 
sdbir ; sautokhf ; (the thing contained )mazrflf 9 
mazmfia; — a, t. (appease) rdzf k. : (delight) 
khush k. ; (satisfy j pet bharnd. Syn. Satiate; 
satisfy ; — n. razdmanaf, khushf, sabr. santokh; 
table of — s, fihrist i mazdmfn; Contented, 
a. dsfida, magan, khush, rdzf, qdni’; be— # 
khusb h. 

Contest, kon-test', v. t . I* oon and testori. (con- 
trovert) hujjatk., takrdr k. ; (struggle to de- 
fend) muqdbala k. ; hamsarl k., jharpd jharpf 

* k. v jaas k. [ — with] ; — n. kusbtf, laydf, mujd- 


Context, kon'tekst, a. L. conteatue. matan, ’lbd- 
rat, mazmdn, mdl bdham bind hfid ; san* 

Contiguity, kon-tt-gd'i-tl, n. (contact) wm1 9 




qurbat t nazdfkf; Contiguous, kon- tig O-us, 
ft. U oo ji and tangere. rnaihaq, paiwasta, mut- 
tadl, mild, jutf. Syn. Adjoining; adjacent. 
[— oj. 

Continence, kon'tl-nens, n. (selfcommanu 
chastity) ibtirAz, Auhd, ijtiuA\ pnrhez, pArsAf t 
parbezgarf, ’iffat, ’israat ; Continent, kon'tl- 
nent, a. L. con and tenere. (chaste) parhezgAr, 
muhtiriz, ruujfauib, s i bid ; — ». dip, barr j 
a’zim, fchAss Yurap ji» se InglistAn fchAss aur 
dfgar jaziir kbArij baifi ; Continental, kon- 
ti-nmt'al, a. muta alliq barr ia’zaua yA Yflrap 
jis se Ingli3tdn khAss aur dlgar jazAir khAiij 

Contingency, kon-tin'jen-si, n. (a casualty) 
w.iqfi’, it: itilq ; Contingent, a. L. contingerc. 
Mrizf, ittifAqf ; sanjogl, AkasmAtf ; — n. ittifAq, 
hissa, aiidizi; (expenses) inazklirAt. Syn. 
Accidental; casual; fortuitous. 

Continue. kon-tin'Q, v. t. L. oontinuare. (abide, 
stay) rah nil ; (cniure, last) pAedAr b., bn rp:\ 
h., j:\rl r.. uiluhnA. [ — from, —to] ; Contin- 
ual, Uon-tin'll-al, a. pled fir, mudAmf, dAira, 
rautawAtir; auantsr, la^sUdr; Continuance, 
n. mill A vi mat, ham^shagf, pAedArl, istiqA nnt; 
Continuation, n. rnud&w&in&t, barhAo, irati- 
dfid, ini jAmat, tawfitur. 

Continuity, konti-nQ'-i-ti, n. pAedArf, ilhftq, 
mudAwamat, tawAtur, paiwastagf; Continu- 
ous, a. L. continent. p:V?drtr, rauihaq, mudAmf. 
Contort, kon-tort', v. 1. L. con and torquere. 
(twist together) maiornA ; (writhe) ainthnA, 
umetbnA; Oo itortion, n. girab, gfiQth; (of 
the bowels) ra u;or*», pe jiiisli. 

Contour, kon-ttfdi-', n. F. von and tour, naqsln. I 
sh »k1, stir \t, flail 1. I m tmuQ’, nA-jAiz, ranna’. I 
Contraband, kon'tra-baud, a. (prohibited I 
Contract, kon-trakt\ v. 1. L. con and trahere. 
ninthuA, jakarml, iJAra 1. ; — a debt, qarz I., yl 
k.; (toloMseuj kotAh k., mukhtasar k.; (bar- 
gain) slurtk.; (to b.'lrolh ) mangnf k ; (pro- 
cure) nikAlnl, lAnA; (i« grammar) tarkhfmk., 
Iiazf k. Syn. Shorten ; abridge ; red ice: confine. 

( — or, — with]; — n. qail o, *nhd o pai- 
inAn, (h‘ki. Syn. 0 >vou;iut ; agreement; sti- 
pulation; bargain; Contracted, p. a. (nAr- 
row. rn-:an, mlfisfi) ting, kot-lb, mashrflt, ma*- 
bud; Contraction, n. bimflo, in libilz, jakfio; 
(abri iginent) ikhrrsflr, ijmAI, kotflhr, ghalfio; 

< spasm ) Ushamiuj ; Contractor, n. L. fheke, ijfireklr, imMtAjir. 

Contradict, km-i r.i-dikt', v. t . L. centra and 
di'ere. (oppose) ■/ id 1 k.. bar-'aks k.; (deny) 
iukir k , radd k. Syn. Deny ; gainsay ; oppose ; 
cmtnnvne; Contradiction, w. zidi, takhA- 
luf, t mains ; biro.lh; Contradictory, a. (in- 
*: > miaiiuit ) niiikhllif,’nk<, nA-matAbiq. 

Contradistinction, n. raukhAlif, farq k. w. 

Contrariety, kon-tra-ii'e-ti, n. m ikbAlifat, zidd, 
ikh'ilftf. Syn. Inconsistency ; repugnance. 

Contrary, km'tra-ri, <r. L. contra, (opposite )mu- 
kh&lif; (inconsistent) nA-uiuwAfiq, bar-kbilAf, 
bar-’nk*; on tlic— , bar-khilAf; to the— , bar- 
’nk<;— n. zidd,-:nnkhAlifat, bar-’aksf. [ — to]; 
Contrariwise, koii'lra-ri-wls, \:bilAf is ke, 
b i-’uk^ is k-s 

C mtrast, kon-t rast, v. i. L. contra and stare. 
(compare by difference) wnqAbala k., milAnl 
[ — with] ; — n. muq&bala, tni l An. 

Contravene, kon-tra-v6n\ v. t. L. coafra and 
venire, (defeat, baffle) mahrfim r., bAz rnkhnA; 
(oppose) mnzAhimat k. ; Contra ventloa, kon- 
tra-ven'shun, w. (opposition) mufehAlifat, mu- 
lihimat; vAdhA. 

Contribute, kon-trib'Qt, v. t. L. con and tribu- 
ere. (give a share) hissa yA ebanda d., b ikhsh- 
nA; (help) malad k , vA pahnflchAnA. [ — to] ; 
Contribution, n chanda, bihrl, in’Am; 
(tax) bissi, ras;id, c ha nth ; Contributor, 
kon-trib'fl-te.-, n. mafadfAr, mumidd, murA- 

Contrite, kon'trp, a. L con and terere. (penit- 
ent) nAdim, pidiemAn, rautaasslf, kbAk^Ar, 
pachhtanewllA ; Contrition, kon-trhh'un, 

». L. contritio. (deep sorrow for sin) tauba, 
pachhtAwA, taassuf, nadAmat 

Contrive, kon-trXv', v. t. F. con and trouver, 
(plan, scheme) tadhirk, baudisb b., tsjwlzk.: 
(invent) IjAd k., nikAinA: Co itrivable, kou- 
triv'a ul, a. (capable of being planned) q.ibil i 
tAdblr, ■naansflba-pazfr ; Contrivance, kon- 
triv'ans, ». IjAd, san'at, bikm&t, tadblr, banA- 
wat* farm; (plot) bandish. Syn. Device; 
plan; cheme ; design. 

Control, kon-tror, n. F. contre and role, roll, 
(command) ikhtiyAr, bukm; (chock) alkfto, 
rok. Syn. Direction; command ; check; rest- 
raint; — 1 >. f. afkAnA, roknA, mans' k., tAbi’k. 
Syn. Restrain; rule; govern; direct; check. 
[ — by]; Controller, n. (superintendent) nA- 
zir, mukhtftr, dAroga; (ruler) ’Amil ; (of ac- 
counts) inustuufl. 

Controversy, kon'tro-vfir-si, n. L. controvert!*. 
(dispute in writing) br.hs, radd o bidal. Syn. 
Dispute ; contest ; debate ; strife ; Controver- 
sial, kon-tr5-v5i # shi-al, a. mutnhiliq i hujjat 
yA mubAbisa; Controversly, ad. liujiat ke 
taur pir; Contro vers. « list, kou-tro-vAr'shi- 
al-ist, ft biluik. w., hujj.uf Admf. 

Controvert, kou'tr0*v5rt, v. t. L. contra and 
verlere. balls k., radd o badal k., laj nft, jhagar- 
uA ; Controvertible, o. qAbii i babs, hujjat- 
pazfr, muobtabah. 

Contumacy, kon'tfl-raa-si, n. L. con and tumere. 
magrAI, liaf, sharArat, (JhithAI, gurdan-kashl. 
Syn. Stubbornness; perverseness; Contu- 
niadoas, kon-tll-niA'shi-us, a. (rebellious) 
magrA, sharfr, be-imtiyAz, be-adab, dhljh, gar- 
dau-knsh, halflA. 

Contumely, n. L. confumelia . (upbraiding) 
bad-zuiiAnT, gAH ; (shame) be-hayfif; (rudeness) 
l>e-ad i hi, shokhf, guslAkhl ; Contumelious, a. 
Ind-zubAn, gAH d. w., phdliar, be-adnb, dartda- 
dahan. [kuchlAhat. 

Contusion, kon-tu # zhun, ». (bruise) chof, zarb, 
Conundrum, kA-nuu'driim, n. O. Bog. conne. 

(a jest, a riddle) ek mazlqyu pnhelf. 
Convalescence, kou-va-les'eus, n. (recovery 
of health after sickness) ArAm. nihhat, ifdqa; 
Convalescent, a. ArAm*pizfr, s/hhiit-pizlr. 
Convene, kon- vfiu\ v. *. L. con and venire. ( bring 
together) JkafthA k., inma’k. ; (call) farAbam 
k , bulAnA. Syn. Meet; assemble; join ; unite; 
Convener, n. mir majlis, jama’ k. w., ck jA 

Convenience, kon-v5u'yens, ». (fitness) munA* 
■abat, ma’qflliyat, fursnt; (ease) frAgat, Asd- 
dagl; Convenient, a. L. convenirc, (fit) 
raa’qAl, lAiq, qAbii; (suitable) munAsib. [ — 
for]. CkbAnqAb. 

Convent, kon'vent, n. L. convent us. (monastery) 
Convention, n.h. convcntio. ( assembly )inajl is, 
jamA’at; (treaty) qaul o qarAr, *ahd o paimAn. 
Conventionalism, n. isti’mAI, riwAj, 

Converge, kon-vfirj', v. i. L. con and vergere . 
(tend to the same poiut) ek taraf mill h., mil- 
nft. [ — to, — together]. 

Convergent, a. (approaching) mftil, jhukA bdA. 

Conversant, kon'vgrs &nt, a. wAqifkAr; (ex- 
perienced) AzmddakAr, mfibir, AgAb;— n. (with 
the world) jahfiQ-dlda. ( — with]. 

Converse, kon-vSrs\ v. %. L. con and vertari, 
(chat) bAtegk. t guftogd k., kahoA sunnA; — *, 
guftogii, boI-chAI, bAt-chft. [ — with, — to- 
gether] ; — »• kb i lAf, jawAbl ; Conversation, n. 
bAt-chlt, gufto-ii, boIchAl, zikr raazkur ; Con- 
versational, a. bAt-chft ke qAbii, raa’qftl-go. 

Convert, kon-v5rt', v. t.L con and verlere. (to 
change from one side to another) nau-murfd 
k., badal flAlnl, nayA mazhab qubrtl k. ; to be— 
ed, gnnAb se bAz A. [ — from, — to, — byl;— ft. 
nau-murfd, nau-mu’eaqid ; Conversion, «i. L. 
conversio. tabdfif, inqilAb, toqlfh, dil aur chAl 
chalan kf tabdfif ; Convertible, q. muinkin al 
tabdfl, tabdfl-pnzfr. 

Convex, kon'vAks, c. L. oonvcwut. qubba-dAr f 

S umbaz-dAr, muhaddab; Convexity, ft. qub- 
a-dArf, gumbaz-dArf. 

Convey, kon-vA', v. i. F. conveier . (carry) le j u 
1® cbalnl, bhp ; nil ; (transfer) biba k., hawAlo 
k. [—from, — to] ; — anuc, n . eawArl; intiqAl; 
blba, dA»’V*ttra, 

ooi mo® 



Convict, kon*?lkt', ft #. ooaand eiaesrft (prove 
guilty) gun Ah sAbit k., ganahgAr thahrAnA, mul- 
§Xm k. taqsfrwAr thahrAnA ; — a. mnlsiu, taqsfr- 
wAr; Oouvictlon, a. (of sin) ils&m, qAiI 
ma’qdl 5 (belief) rtlqtd. . 

Convince, kon-vins\ v. t. L. from eon and we- 
cere, qtil k., Uadm ItgAnA, qAil-ma’qrtl k.; 
(convict) taqsfrwAr thahrAnA. Syn. Peren. 
ade ; satisfy ; convict. [— of 1 ; Convlncible, 
#. qibil fliifim, qtil hone ke liiq. 

Conviviality, kon-viv-i-al'i-ti. a. khilt-milt, 

jol, yafftnacat, khaahf, kUuA-ikhtilfttt. 

Convoke, kon-vdk', f. t L. oonvocare. bulAaA, 
astn d., jama* k. Syn. Call ; summon ; convene ; 
Convocation, koa-eO-kt'shun, a. (a meeting) 
majlis, sabht. _ _ . 

Convolve, kon-volv', e . U b. oon and eoJeere. 
lapetnd, batnfl, aigthuA; Convolution, kon- 
vO-lt'Khun, a. iapet, lipat, aigtb; atato of—, 

1(1 iiirfi 

Co a volvulus, kon-volv'fl-lus, a. snraundar-sokh 

Convoy, kon-voy', v. t. F convoyer. mubtfizat 
k . bauhftnt, nibAhnfi, hiin&yat k. ; — n. badnqa- 
rasAnf, ek fauj jo m&l y& jabAz ke s&th hifazat 
kellyejAwe. _ „ 

Convulse, kon-vuls', v . t. Tj. oon and vellere. 
akaf&nt, marornt. ainthnA; (agitate) bil&ufi. 
Syn. Dsturh; shake; tear; rend. [ — with]; 
Convulsion, a. aiQthan, ;ikar, chinak-bAf, 
dhfim-dhAm, mafOfi ; Convulsive, n. ainthne 
w., hilAne w. 

Cony, k5'oi, n. L. ouniculus. (a rab’dt) khargosb 
>kf ek qlsin ; (a simpleton) sAdA-laub yt nlwoaq. 

Coo, kW, v. i. (form the sound) gutaknA, kd kd 

Cook, kfttfk, v. t. t*. coquere. pakAnA, rfndhnA, 
batiAut; to — an account, hisAb jhuthlinA, 
hisAb kit&b meg milaunl k. ; — n. bAwarchf, tab- 
bAfcli, ndnlifif, pakAnewAiA; — room, bAw&rcbf- 
khfiua. inatbakh ; Cookery, ». bftvva- *hl-garl. 

Cool, kohl, a. A.-S. oo. thantji, khunun; (not 
hasty > afsurda-dli ; (impudent) gustftfch, pit- 
temAr; — >». (hand, sardf, kbunkl; — v.t. (bandA 
k., kAbll, mAn la yft gtfil k. [ — down] ; — er, n. 
thandaf, kun^ert, tAs-jalebl ; Coolness, n. 
than&ik. (bundA, khunkt. 

Coolie, klKSi'i, ». Hind kuH. quit, raasddr. 

Coop, kddp, a. 1). kuip, L. oupa . (for fowls) tt 
p&, khtpeht; l»en — , murgton kt ttpt; — v. t . 
band k. [— upj. Syn. Crowd; confine. 

Cooper, kdop'ftr, a. plpi-s&z • — v. t. pfpt b. 

Co- operate, kA-op'&r-At, *. i, L. oon and opus. 
(act together) ek dtl h., btham b^ sharfk k. [ — 
with] ; Co-operation, a. ittiftq, mel, samud- 
yog. [ — ini. 

Co-ordinate, kft-orMia-fit, a. L. oon and ordi- 
no re, to regulate, haxa-qadr, kam-martaba, 
ham-darja. [ — with] ; — o. L ham-q&dr h., kam- 
martaba h.; — a. ham-darja, kam-martaba; 
Co-ordination, n. ham-qadrf. 

Coot, kdttt. «. D. boot, W. owls, bobtailed, mnrg i 
tbl, ek qism kf AW ckiriyfi ; (simpleton) gAodf, 

Co-partner, kA-p&rt'nftr, ». From eoaad parl- 
ner. (equal sharer) sharlk, sAjkl, bhAgl, rafiq ; 
Co-partnership, n. shirks t, BAjkA. 

Cope, kdp, n. W. ook, A.-S. ooppo. chbat, saqf; 
(cloak ) qabA.labAda ; (for the head) sarposb, 
Ofbnf o. i. O. Eng. coupe. (contend )barA bar! 
k., ham-sarl k., ham-ebaskmt k., muqAbala k., 

Coping, kdp'Jng, ». mua^arf, parckbatX. 

Copious, a. L. copiu, abundance, (plentiful) 
bah ut, siyAda, kaslr; (extensive) wasf,farAkh, 

8 hail A bdfi ; Copiousness, a. bshutAyat, siyA- 
atl, kasrat, was’at 

Copper, kop'Ar, n. G. Kuprus. tAabA, mis «. 
mi si ; (coin) sikka; — o. t. tAgbA chafhAnA; — 
as, ». O. Ger. koper rose tdtiyA, sAj, hlrA knsfs ; 
—-plate, a. tAnbe kf kbudf hdl takbtf ; — smith, 
n. tlmtberA, mjsgar. ib [jangal, 

rabt; (amtomy) ha<)(Jfonkfl band. 

Copulate, kop'ft-l&t, s. t. L. oopuloro. (unite) 

mllnfi. bam-bistar h., mabfisbarat t, Jim A* k.; 

bAs&araV < subb l t 

Copulative, a. barf i *atf, sansargkArf. 

Copy, kop'i, n. F. oopie. naql, namdna 9 jiid, 
nuskba ; — book, a. osaebq karoo kf kltAb 
holder, n. paftedAr; (print) wuh sbakbs Jo 
kisl ke liye kuchh parks;— ft t. naql k., naql* 
nawlsf k.; biskA k.; — hold, a. pat (a, sanad, 
parwAna;— 1st, kop # l-ist, n. naql-nawls;— 
right, ft. baqq i tasnff, baqq 1 Miff; the first 
or foul— of any writing, maswada ; Copyist, 
kop'ist, Copier, kop'ier, a. naql-nawls, kAtlb, 

Coquet, kd-kot', v. i. (to attract notice) nAsk., 
g&mza k.. nakhra dikhdnA, atn lAnft ; Coquette, 
n. F. nakbra-bAz, cUoQchle-bAa, nAzinfn. Syn. 
Flirt, Jilt ; Coquetry, a. adfl, nakbra, games, 

Coracle, kor'a-kal, ». W. corwg. ek qism kl kishtL 
Coral, kor'al, a. G. k or allion . mdngA ; marjAn ; 
a child’s — , ebuanf. 

Corbau, kor'ban, n. H. korbun. khairAt. 

Cord, kord, a. G. chrodo . (small rope) rassf, 
^orl, Upt v. t. rassf se bAfidhnA ;— age, a. 
jahAs ke pAl ke rasse. 

Cordial, kor'dl-al, 0 . L. cor. (hearty) dill; 
(strengthening) muqauwl, mufarrih : — a. mu- 
qauwldawA ; — pi muqauwiyAt ; Cordiality, 
a. dildArf, mikrbAnl. [silsila. 

Gordon, kor-dong', a. F. eorde. jingf nAkonkA 
Core, kdr, a. I*. 0 or. (heart) dll, q&lb; (inner 
part ) darfin, aadar, mags : ( of a sor#* ) kf I. 
Co-regent, kfi-re'gent, a. u. oon and ropo. (a 
Joint governor or ruler) ham-nAsim, ham- 
hAkim. [rekA. 

Coriaceous. kdr-i-A’shi-us, a. L. eorintn. ckam- 
Coriaoder, kor-i-au dfir, a. L. conundrum, koth- 
mfr, dhaniye kA per. 

Corinthian, kor-in'ibi-an, s. Qurintl wasa’ kA, 
Qurinll wasa’ kf mi’inArf ke tlsre darj^ kl. 
Cork, kork, ». L. cortex, dba^hf, kAg; — v. U 
4katih( lagAnA, kAs laeAnA. [—up]. 
Cork-screw, kork'skrbo, n. botalog kf dA( nl- 
kAlne kA Ala. [ wasl-pA Abf chifiyA kf qism. 

Cormorant, kor'mo-rant, a F. cormora a. ek- 
Coro, korn, n. A.-S. com. anAj, galla, onn, dAnA; 
— land, kishtsAr ; L. cornu, (on the feet) gokh- 
rd ; ghatthA. 

Cornel la 11 , kor-nS’li-an, a. 'aqfq, yamanf. 
Corneous, kor’oS-us, a. L. corneus. (borny)i 
shokkf, sbokhdAr, slagfbA, sfngsfi. 

Corner, n. L. cornu . konA. gosba, kunj ; khfigt ; 
(of the eve) koA, durabAla; — v. t. qabze meg 
lAni, ghabrAhat mead.; — stone, ». kftsl ’imA- 
rat kA fchAM pattbar, kone kA sirA. 

Cornet, kor'net, a. F. cornet. L. cornu, horn. 
qarnAl; (aa officer who bears the standard of 
a troop) risAle kA jhandA-kardAr. [kangnf. 
Cornice, kor'nis, a. Q. korenis. kirnis, kagar. 
Oorofls, kfi-rol'a. ». L. corolla, diminutive of 
corona, crown. phdlkA andarflnf dbakuA, 4an^f. 
Corollary, kor'ol-la-ri, a. L. corolla, nntfja, 
asar; mAhAsil, bAsil ; beskl, afzflnf. [ — from], 
(surplus). [tllak. Syn. Crowning. 

Coronation, kor-O-nA'skun, a. jalfis, tfkA, rAj- 
Ooroner, kor'O-nAr, n. sarkArf afsar jo ittifAql 
maut kl wajb daryAft kartA haL 
Coronet, koi^ft-net, n. L. corona. tAj, muknt. 
Corporal, kor'po-ral, a. F. oaporul. pa) tad meg 
sab se chhote darje kA afsar, nAek, daf adAr;— 
a. L .corpus, (material) JismAnf, badanf. 
Corporate, kor'po-rftt, u. mnttafiq, ek-dil, ek 
cbi t ; Corporation, a. firqa, JamA’at , ( having 
a body) jathA. 

Corporeal, kor-pd'rfi-al, a. L. corpus , body, 
f having a material body or substance) mAduf, 
JismAnf. [pal tan. 

Corps, kOr, a. sing. & pi. F. fauj kA gol. guroh. 
Corpse, korps, a. L. corpus. lAnb, muraa, loth. 
Corpulent, kor’pQ-lent, a. L. corpus, (bulky, 
fleshy, fat) mofA, jasfm, farbib. 

Correct, kor-rekt', 0 . ( right )sahfh, da rust, rfist, 
tabqfq ; — v. t. L. oon and ropers. ( make right) 
durust k., sabfh k., tbfk k.; (punish) tainbfh 
d.. tAdfb sikbAnA; Correction, a. sibhat, ArAs* 



tagf, tarnblh ; bouse of — , haran-bftrf ; Cor- 
rective, a. qftbll i damstagl, muslin ; Cor- 
rectness, n. sihbat, durustl ; shnddhatft. 
Correlation, kor-rft-l&'shun, * L. con and reis- 
w. nisbat, mutftbiqat ; Correlative, a. Iftsim, 
maGtzfltn, ham-nisbat, ham-mar ja*. 

Correspond, kor-re-spftud', v. i. L. ess and 
reapondera. (answer, suit) barfibarh., tfafk h., 
mnqfibil h. ; ( Interchange letters) khatt o kitA- 
batrakbnft; [ — about, — to, — with]; Corres- 
pondence, ft. muwftfiqat, mushfibabat; (lit- 
ters) khatt-kitftbat ; (intercourse) rfth, rasm, 
byohftr; Correspondent, a. muwAfiq, barft- 
bar, mushftbfh, eksfin, mutftblq ; murftsala-na- 
wfs. [rftata. 

Corridor, kor'ri-dOr, a. F. bar&mada ; ek Iambi 
Corrigible, kor'ri-ji-bl, c. L. oorrigere. (capable 
of being mended or refined) naslhat-pazfr. 
Corroborate, kor- rob'd- r&t, o. t. L. cos and 
roboraro. (strengthen) muzbflt k., tasdfq 1 l, 
qflwat d. ; (to confirm) inadad k., tftfd k. ; Cor- 
roboration, n. uiazbtHl, taqwiyat, pusbtl, su- j 
bfit. 1 — by]. i 

Corrode, kor-rdd', a. t. L. con and rodcre. (gnaw 
away) kfa& lend, kfttoft; Corrosion, kor-rft'- 
zfeun, m. L. oorreaio. kafcfto, burish, hlddat 
Corrosive, o. burinda. 

Corrugate, kor'rOd-gfit, #. i. L. cos and mgo 
eikufnft, jhuriy&nA ; (to purse up) slraatnfl. 
Corrupt, kor-rupt', o. t. L. oon nnd rumpere . 
(rot) sa rand ; (spoil) bigfirn A; (taint) filflda 
k. ; (bribe) ghfis d., rishwat d. ; (allure to 
evil) gumrfih k. ; (debase) zalll k. ; (introduce 
errors) tahrffk., kharfib k. [ — by, — with] ; — 
a. sajli hflfi, klmrfth, bosfdn ; Corrupter, n. 
mufted, big! rft, rishwat-khor ; Corruptible, 

«• safnewfil:i. fanl; Corruption, n. saran, 
saffio, fanfl; (filth) mail, fllfldagf, kadGrat; 
(perversion) labaddul, tabdllf ; (wickedness) 
b-id-zAtf ; (brib ry ) rishwat-khorf. 

Corsair, kor'sii r, «. F. corauira. (a pirate) dar- 
yftf ya da knit. 

Cotton, kot'a, n. A. fetoa. rdf, pnmba;— silk, 
semarkl rdf;— tree, kapAs; raw—, b&ngfi;— 
seed, bintulft;— -mill, rdf kf charkbf, otnf, 
putllghar;— dotfx, rdf kft kaprft;— carder, 

Couch, kouch, s. t. F. s anchor. (lay or Ifs down) 
ghutuiyfta bai^hnA,^ lefcnft ;^hide) chhipeft ; 

(as a beast) < 

Curse, kors, n. raurdn, Iftsh. [shan. 

Corselet, n. F. cor*, (iron for the breast) jau- 

Corset, kor' set, n. F. cora. 'auratos kft ek kapffi, 
a#giyft, cholf, maliram. 

Cortege, kor'tfizh', n. F. (a train of attendants) 
mulflzimon kft par.i, parich aravarg. 

Coruscation, kd-rus-kft'shun, »• lapak, chamak, 
damak. [lifts. 

Corvette, kor-vet', n. F. khabar-rasfln j?.ngf ja- 

Coscy, kd'zi, </. ftsfid i-h&l, khush-hfil. ftrftm-dih. 

Cosmetic, knz-inet/ik, ». G. koametiskoa. ubtau, 
gftza, butuft., a. G. kosmilcos. dunyftwl , iahftnf. 

Cosmogony, koz-inog'on-i, ». G. koamoa and 
gignesthai. (origin of the world) dunyft kf pai- 

Cosmology, koz-mol'o-ji, n. G. kot mot, the 
world, and lopes, disceu rae, ashlyfte khilqat kft 
‘’lira; Cosmopolitan, koaxno-pol'i-tan, n. G. 
'koamoa and pout, ahl i jahkfe. 

Coosaos, koz'mos, n. Q. koamoa. (the world) 
khalq, dunyft, sansftr. 

Cost, kost, v. i. L. o an and store, qfmat lng&nft ; 
nuqsftn uthftnft; — n. (pries) qlmat, mol, bhfto, 
kharch, nirkh pri«?e, asll qlmat; (loss) nuq- 
sftn; — s, n. pi. kbarcha; Costly, o, besh-ql- 
mat, glraQ-bahft ; Costliness, n. qlmatf, besh- 
bahftl, an mo If. 

Costermonger, n. mewa-farosh, kabafiyft. 

Costive, kos'tiv, a. L. oon and stipare. qabs, 
band, bandhft ; Costivencss, ft. qabziyat, qabz. 

Costume, kos'tdm, n. L. conavatudo. (style of 
dress) libfts kft tarfq, poshish, pahinfto, pahirft- 

Cot, kot, n. A.-S. cote, Icel. kot. (small house) 
jhonprf, chhappar ; (bed) chftrpftl ; a sheep—, 

Coteniporancoos, or Cotemporary, kO-tern- 
pfl • rft'nft-us, a. ham-zamftna, ham-'asr, ham- 

Cott, kot, n. A.-S. cote, palaggrf, khatola. 

Cottage, kot'lftj, ». From oot. jbonpff, ek chhotft 
ghar; Cottager, CoUer, a. kt|f yft jhogpfl 
kft r. w. 

. „ Je) 

. ukkl uu; (stoop) dabak r.; 

to— a spear, taulnft ; to—mdep, (to intimate 
or suggest by) batlftnft, sfthir k.; — a. palnug, 
kbit, kaunch ; dying — , bistar i raarg ; Cou- 
ehant, kouch'ant, a. sir uthftkar niche baiflift 
hftft, mislsher yft aurjftnwarke, ukfft baithft 

Cough, kof. M. H. Ger. kuchen . khfigaf. dhftgs* 
— r. i. khftgsnft, khokbnft ; to— up, khakiifir 

Aft loft* 

Could, kWd, imp. of oon. sakfi. [phftr, uasf. 

Coulter, kol'tftr, n. L. oulter. (a ploughshare) 

Ooaocil, koun'sil, ». L. concilium, (assembly to 
give advice) majlis, panchftyat; (lawyer) 
wakfl; — hourd, n. men jis ke gird sfihibfia 1 
majlis bai[hkar maahwara karteha g ; cham- 
ber, dfwfin-khftna;— of war, afsarftn i fauj 
kft jalsa; legislative — , (senate) majlis i qft- 
nflnf ; a privy — , dlwftn i khftss ; Councillor, 
n. mushlr, salfihkftr. 


Counsel, keun'sel, n. L. contulere. r 

nasfhat, pand, tajwfs; (deliberal ion) salfth, 
rfle;— v. t. (warn) figfth k., batlftufi, salfth d. ; 
(advise )sikhUnfi, nasfhat k.; — man, n. pauch: 
te ask — , salfth lent ; to keep — , apnfl bhed 
chhipftaft. Syn. Advice; opinion; Counsel* 
Kjt, ». urashfr, salfihkftr, nftsih ; parftmarshf. 

Count, kount, v. t. F. L. oomputere. (reckon) 
ginnft, hlsftbk., shumftr k., jofnft ; (estimate) 
samajbnft; — against, sirame likhnft; — down, 
(pay down) dftm d. ; — on er upon, (depend 
upon) bnarosft rakhnft, u turned raklmft; — for, 
(pass for) kftm kft hieftb men h. ; — up, (add 

up) hisfib k. ; — n. (reckpnAng) giritf, shumftr, 
liisfib; (charge in an indictment) ilzftm. Syn. 
Calculate; reckon; number; compute; — n. F. 
comte. ek khitftb; (nobleman) nawftb, tliftkur; 
Countess, n. F. Contesse, begam, amfr'kf bfld; 
Counting, n. shumftr; — house, hisfib kft dai- 
tar; Countless, a. be-shumftr, be-hisfib, an- 
ginut, be-gintl. 

Countenance, koun'ten-ans, n. F. contenance. 
(appearance of the face) chihra, rfl, mukhfft; 
(look) sflrat; (favour) rfld&rf, mihrbftnf, 
tawajjuh, shafaqat; (patronage) ’ ; out 
of — , (abashed) sharmlnda; in — , be-bftk, be- 
sharm; to keep the — •. sanjlda-misftjf dikh- 
lftnft ; light of the — , (favour) himftyat, mihr- 
bftnf ; to keep in — , (to support) aambbftinft, 
himftyat k. ; to put in— * (encourage) himmat 
d. ; — u. t. madnd k. 

Counter, kouu't&r, n. ginnearftlft ; ek tukfft dbftt 
yft lakrf kft shumftr karaeke liye, ek mes yft 
takhta jis par rflpiya ginft jfttft hai, tit 
(opposite, contrary) ba khil&f, mukhftlif 
march, ». wftpasf i fauj; — mine, shikastagfi 
surang; — v. t. suraQg barbftd k. ; — motion, a. 
khilftf harokat; — pane, n. p&lang-poah 
part, n. jawftb; jornft; — plot, v . t. fchiiftf 
tadbfr k., bar-’aks mansfiba bfin<lhnft;— 
poise, koun-tftr-pois / , v. t. hamwazu k., mu* 
aftbil k. ; — revolution, n, aglf hfllat kf tab- 
dill; Oounterai-t, v. t. (act against) bav^hi* 
lftf k„ bar-’aks k. ; (hinder) muz&himat k., 
rok tok k. ; Counteraction, n. mukhftlifat, 
rok tok; Ouunteractor, koun-tdr-akt'ftr, n. 
mukhftlif, mukbftlifat k. w. ; Counter-bal- 
ance, v. i. p&sang k., barftbar k., ham-wazn k. ; 
— n. pfisaQg; Countercheck, o. t. muqftbale 
ko roknft ; Counterfeit, koun'lftr-lit. o. t. F. 
contrctoire. (copy) naql k. ; (feign) bahftna 
k. ; (forge) ja’llb.;— <t. (spurious) ja'lf, naqll, 
jhfltbft ; — ». ja’liyfi, dagftbfts, jhfithft; Coun- 
terfeiter, a. (a forger) ja'l-sfiz, makkftr, 
dagflbftz; Countermand, *. t. F. contra - 
monder. ( to revoke a former command ) radd 
k„ hukra tabdll k., palat d. ; — n. raddoba al, 
tabdllf i hukm; Countersign, koun-tftr-sln'. 
v. U dastlfhatt k.;— n. dastkhatt 'aiftinat; 




Countervail, koun-t8r-vAr, v. t. Counter aad 
L. volere. barAbar ham-qlmat k. 

Country, kun'trl, ». F. aontreo. (large tract of 
land) mulk ; (native land) des, watan ; — man- 
ners, ganwArd <jhaag;— people, fApw ke log, 
dahAqln; native — , z&db&m, janam-bhflm, 
pajd&iih kl jagah o. deal, bAharf ; dahqAnl ; 
— maa. n. watanf ; (a rustic) dihqAn, faqwAr. 

OuuntyTkcrun'ti, n. F. eomte, b comftotui. zila , 

Couple, kup'l, n. L. copula, (pair) jorA; (man 
and his wife) zauj ; (two alike) do, donon ; — 
v, t. jornA, bAgdhnA ; (to marry) gath-bandhan 
k., nlkih k. ; Coupling, kup'ling. n. jor, ban- 
dhan, wuh chfz jo ek dasrl chlz so waal no jAtl 
hai, misl karl yA zan jlr ke. 

Couplet, kui/let, n. F. bait, dohd, chaupdf. 

Coupon, ka(j-pong, n. F. oouper, addl iqrar- 

Courage, kur'&j, n . F. ( fearlessness) jurat; 
(bravery) mardAnagf, jigrA, babAdurl; (bold- 
ness) dilerl. Syn. Bravery ; intrepidity ; va- 
lour; daring; Courageous, a. bibAdur, diler, 
raardAna, dilAwar. [kAra, nAma-bar. 

Courier, kbd'ri-fir, n. F. courir qAsid, pAik, har- 

Course, kOrs, n. F. course . (race) daur» dapat; 
(progress) raftAr ; — of a river, bahAo, dbArA ; 
(race ground) maidAn; (way) r&b, rAsta : 
(succession) silsila, bftrl; (manner) tarfq ; 
(dishes at a meal) parosan ; (conduct) chAl 
clialan, dhaqg; (series) sirishta, silsila ; (con- 
tinuous range) tab, jahAz ke nfchewAlA pdl ; 
( menses )haiz; — v. t. daurnfl, shikar k., raged- 
nfl, babnd; of — , be-?hakk, zurtir; as a mat- 
ter of — , bilA-shakk ; in — , silsilewAr; in tlie 
— off, kisl waqt ; Syn. Way; road; route ; pas- 
sage, race ; series ; succession ; mode ; Cours- 
er, n. bftd- pd, shab-dez, samand, tez-ghofA. 

Court, kort, ». A.-S. ourt. ( residence of royalty) 
daulat-khdna, bArgAh; — iff Justice, kachahrl; 
— yard, chauk, jilau-khAna, sibau ; — v. t. chAh- 
nA, darfchwAst k., ’ishq-bftzf k. t khushAraad k. ; 
—of inquiry, tahqlqAt karne kl kamitfl; — 
martial, kdrt-mUr'slial, n. jangl 'adAlat; — 
dress, darbArl libAs; (retinue) hashm o kba- 
dam; (the members of a court) arbftb i ’adAlat; 
— v. i. (to ask in marriage) mnggnf k.; (to 
woo) 'ishq-bAzl k.: Courteous, kurl'e-us, a. 
From court, (well bred) khush-akhlAq ; (good 
manners) nek atwAr, inllansAr, garlb-nawAz ; 
Adhfn; Ouurteousness, n. kbulq, zAIiir-dArl, 
mibrbAnl, tawAzd’, milansArf; Courtesan, 
kurt' 6 -zan, ». F. oourtisane. fchAnagl, kasbf, 
tawAif; Courtier, kdrl'i-fir, n. From court . 
darbArl; (flatterer) khushAmadl, dunyA-sflz; 
Courtly, kftrt'li, o. nauaddab, khush-afcblAq, 
nek; Courtship, kOrt'ship, a. biyAh ke liye 
muhabbat kA izhAr, ’ishq-bAzl. 

Courtesy, a. khush-akhlAql, nek-nihAdl, kbulq; 
by — , mibrbAnl se. 

Cousin, kuz'n, a. F. cousin. ’amtnd yA kbAlazdd 
bhAf, chacberA, mamerA, phupherA. 

Cove, kflv, ». A.-S. 00/0. khAff, koi ; (fop) ran- 
gllA, ’ajlb Ad ml. 

Covenant, kuv'en-ant, a. F. oonvenont. (con- 
tract) qaul qarAr, iqrAr-nAma; — v . t. shart k., 
qaul oqarArk.. *ahd bAndlmA. [—with] ; Cov- 
enanter, kuv en-ant-Ar, a. r ahd 0 paimAn 

Cover, kuv'Sr, e. t. b con and operire 
(disguise) bhes badalnA ; (oover) pAtnA, 
lfpnA, lean A, dbAppnA; (shelter) bachinA; 
(dress) kaprA pahinuA; (overspread) ebhAnA; 
(copulate) Juftf yA jor khAnA. [—up,— with] ; 
— a. sarposb, dhaknA; (shelter) pan Ah; (of a 
book) daftl, psttbA; (place) ghar, jagah. 
[— for];— Ing, a. poshlsh. libAf, bAIA-posh, 
rasil;— let, kuv'lr-let, a. F. eouorir. and Pit. 
palaag-posh, bAlA-posh, dulAl, orhnA. 

Covert, kuv'ftrt, «. F. fcfepftya. pinhAn, sobAgan ; 
—a. JhAfl, Jttuud, panAh-gfih. Syn. Shelter 
refuge ; asylum ; retreat. [ panA, patitwa. 

Coverture, kuv'ftrt-te, a. poshldagl. sobAgau- 

«fe?et. kuv^et. e. tjr. oonpottor. (desire greedi- 
ly) lAlach L, WAhrit, tnxtn.* k. Syn. Long 
mi desi re^ukie, a. chAhue ke l/i 

0. lAlcbl, tAmf, barfs, lobbl ;-^ousuess, fl, 
lAlach, tama*, fairs; lobb. Syn, Avarice; cu- 
pidity; eagerness. 

Covey, kurl, n. F. eouter, jhol, pAI, Jhun<?, gol. 
Syn. Brood ; flock ; set. 

Cow, kow, a. A.-S. cu. Ice!, ku. gfle, gorfl; — v. U 
Icel .kupa, (depress with fear) dabflnA, dham- 
kAnA; Cowherd, kow'hArd, n. guwAlA, ahfr, 
gbosl ; Cowhide, kow'hld, a. chars A, gAe kA 
chamfA ; — v. t. chatnro ke tasme se m. 

Coward, kow'Ard, n. F. couard. (dastard) dtar- 
pok, buz-dii, nA-mard, leptjl;— Ice, a. nA- 
mardl, kara-himmatl, buz-dill 11 ness, n. buz- 
dill, kam-bimmatl ; — 1 7, a. buz-dilA, aA-marJA ; 
— ad. buz-dill se. 

Cower, kow'Ar, v . ». W. oierion. (bend) darse 
dabaknA, jhuknA, niburuA. Syn, Cruucb ; 
cringe ; fawn ; stoop. 

Cowl, kowl, a. S. oufie. (a monk's hood, a 
vessel) knlah, qalandar kf (opl, dolcbl. 
Cow-pox, kow’poks, a. gav-than, sltlA. 

Cowslip, kow'slip, a. bahAr kA ek plifil. 
Coxcomb, koks'kdm, a. bAnkfl, kbudbfo. 

Coy, ko.v, 0. F. coy. (shy) sharmllA, sharmfnda, 
mahjftb, kashlda. Syn. Modest; shy; timid; 
bashful;— v. t. sharinAuA, ma'ijab k. ; (decoy), 
phuslAnA, lubhAnA; — ness, «. sharmindagl, 
sharm, liijAb. [(bag 1 ., fareb k., cbhahiA. 

Cozen, kuz'n, v. t. Qor. fcosen. (cheat) dagd d., 
(Jozy, 0. F. causer, (snug) (diusb, AsAda-hAl. 
Crab, ». A.-S. crubba sarlAn, kekfA ; (sign of 
the zodiac) burjisartAn; (wild sour apple), 
jangl! seb; Grubbed, a. From crab, sa^ht, 
trush-mizAj, khatfA. 

Crack, krak, v . *. F. croc. pbArnA, shigAf k., 
cbatkAnA, pbovnA, ta i lilnA, toruA, AwAza kas- 
nA; to— a nut, pdull bjjlinA, kisl se mazfiq 
shurfl’ k., diliaqf k-, fliaftbA m'irnA; to — a 
whip, cbAbuk phatbA'-nA; to — a joke, hansf 
k. ; — n. shigAf tarak, darz, cli.i|Al:a; — er, tt, 
(firework) patakhA ; (boaster) sliokhf- Az ; 
(biscuit) biskuj;; nut cracker, sarauta ; 
Crackle, krak'l, v. i. Diminutive of j orach. 
charcharAnA, chataknA. .. . 

Cradle, krA'dl, a. A.-S. oradel, W. cryd. jhflIA, 
bin<jolA, pftlnfi ; — v. t. jhu anA, 1. 

Craft, kraft, n. A.-S. or- ft. ( trade i peslm, birfa. 
kAm; (fraud) dagA, fareb; (small vessel). 
chhotA jahA* ; Craftiness, n. makkArl. chatu- 
rAl, titrat, robAh-bAzl: Craftsman, krafts'- 
man, n. kArfgar, ahl i pesba yA birfa; Crafty, 
kraft 'I, a. hila-bAz, siyfmA, makkAr, fitratf. 
Syn. G inning ; artful ; deceitful ; sly. 

Crag, k rag, ». W. araiff. (rough steep rock), 
karArA; Craggy, a. (full of crags), AnchA 
nlohA, blhaf. 

Oram, kram, v.t. A.-S. orammian. (stuff, full), 
thflsnA, dhauQsnA, bar-zubAn k., ratnA, [— 
down.] — a. jhfith. 

Cramp, krnmp, n. D. & Sw. kramp. Dan. krampe, 
(spasmodic contraction of muscles) akfAf, 
tnshannuj; (restraint) rok; — v. t, (fasten). 
b.IndhnA, afkAnA ; (pain with spasms) akapiA, 
ainthnA. [(engine) damkalA. 

Crane, krAn, n. A.-S. oran. sAras, kul&ng, laglag ; 
Cranium, krA'ni-um, «. L, (skull) kapAr, 

Orauk, krangk, ». Ger. krink, mo?, peeaaar 
guftogtl r— 0. I>. A Ger. krank. raoabflt, diler; 
uiat jAne ke qAbil. [darz, darAr, chlr. 

Cranny, krani, ». F. oran. (fissure) darkfi. 
Crape, krftp, n. F. crepe. mAt&ml kaprA, kapay 

Crash, krash, v. t. Go. kriustan. oharchar&nA, 
toynft ;— n.karkarAhftt. charcbafAhat. 

Orate, krtt, n. b crates. tokrA, jhAupA, daurl. 
Crater, krAL'Ar, n. b G. krater , jwAlA-mukhl kA 
mnph, AtashfishAa kA dahAna. 

Orauncli, krAush, v.t. D. sobransen. chabAnA, 
dApt katkatAnA. 

Cravat, kra-vat', n. F. eravate. gulflband. 

Crave, krAv, v. t. A.-S. orafion. (ask or long for 
earnestly) darlchwAst k., inlnnnt k., lstidu'A k. 
[—of, — for, — from]. Syu. Ask; seek; begf 
beseech ; implore ; entreat ; solicit. 

Craven, krAv n, n,(acoward)bu*-dilA, uA-mardl 




— a. nA-mardL bua-dil. Syn. Coward; polt- 

OrawJ krawjT*. *D. kruig. jhojh, pptA ; ~ 
Cray fis h, kraw'fish, ft. torevias «. (shrimp, 

or^r^^l 4 “! XkrM'Un. . (creep slowly) 
reggnfi,hALh pAnw se cbalnA, pkisalnA; — 
or about, rcng kar cbalnA; — n. reggAuat, 
kbaskAbaf; maelihll ku jAl. . ffff 

Crayon, krA'on, a. L. crcla. chalk, khariyA mittl 
kd got tukrd, naqsh kbfncbne kA ek qalarn ; — v- 
t. kbariyA miRf se naqqAsbl k. . . 

Grace, krAs, v. t. Icel. krassa. (break) torn A , 
(weaken the mind) dfwAna k. ; (to weaken) 
nA-tawAB k., naqfh k. [—with,— by]. Crane 
or Craziness, ». dfwAnagl, saudAfpan , Crazy, 
a. From erase, (deranged) bAolA, saudAf, dur- 

Creaic, krOk, v. 4. cbarcharAnA, kirklrAnfi, clifig 
chfla k. f j&ankArnA; Creak or Creaking, ft. 
charcharAhat, kirkirfthat. - 

Cream, krgm, n. L. crcmor. (oily part of milk) 
laalAf. sArbl ;(best o£ any thing) tuhfa. lutf, (a 
colour) rafig;— v. t. mal&I ut&ruA; Creamy, 
a. mal&f-dAr, sAfhl sft. , - 

Crease, krAs, ». H. Ger. krause. (mark made by 
doubling) sfclkan, chin, chuuuat;— *• 

• hand. . n 

Create, krfl-At', v. t . L. crcare. (cause to exist) 
hast k.; (make) bauAnA; (bogetj s «nidA k. ; 
Creation, n. pniciAish; (created be iusi 
qat, kAinfit, fehalq ullAli; Crcutor, kre nt Sr, 
a. KbAliq, taidA k. w., Kart A ; Creature, krS - 
tflrTn. L. creatura. mnklufiq, banda, bechflra; 
rational — , baiwfln i nAtiq ; irrational—, hai 
wAn i uiutlaq. [belief) bAwar. i’tibAr, yaqfn. 
Credence, kiS'dens, ft. L. crcdentia. (credit, 
Credential, a. sauad, dastAwez ; pratft, patra. 
Credible, kred'i-bl, s. L. cridcbilis. mu ial>ar, 
mu’ U mad, qftbil i i’liblr, lAiq I’timAd; Cre- 
dibility, a. l’tibAr, an’tabarl; bishwAs. 

Credit, kr JM, n. L. kre . it um.( reliance) l liqfld, 
bh .rosa; (repuUti n) qadr sbubrat, uAmwa- 
rf, (infliencc) ifchtiyAr; (means of possessing 
propei ty ) sAkb, sAhfipanA: (opposed to debt) 
ndaAr; (inaccomU) mujrA; letter of — , i ti-j 
bArf chiRhl ; on—, qarz ; — v. t. mAnna, PjitiyA- 
■A, yaqfn lAuA; jama* k. ; to give— , udhAr d ; 

able, s. mu’tabar; qfibil i i tiliAr, sAhib i 

Mssat ; Creditor, u. qarz-fchwAb, byobAnya ; 

Ovality, kre-dfi'li-ti,». sAda-dilf, sari ul-i’ti- 
qAdl, bholA-pan, sidbAl; Credulous, kred u- 
lus, a. L. credulus. (unsuspecting) za If ul l ti- 
qAd, sA la-dil, bholA. 

Creed, krgd, ft. L. credo, I believe, aqlda. 

Creek, krgk. ft. A.-S. oreooa. kol, kbAfl. 

Creep, krCn, v. t. A.-S. orepan. (move slowly) 
renguA, Jihista dialnA; to— in, ghusnA, paith- 
ng. [ — into]; Creeper, ». repine w., petke 
balchalnew. : (plant) bei. . 

Cremation, krt mA'shun, n. L. cremo. (burning) 
sosish, Jalan, agnl dAh, dAh. 

Cremona, krg-mb'ua, n. ’umda qism kA belA. 
Crenated, krg'nflt-ted, a. L. crena. (notched) 
khandftnft-1 Ar, lahriyA. 

Orescent, kres'eot, s. nayA chAna, hilAl. 

Cress, kres, s. A.-S. crease, (garden) bAlim, 

CnBSset? f kres'et, n F. oroiaette. Diminutive of 
eroi *. chirflg kf ek qism ; ek chirAg jis meg 
jalnewAH ashy A bharkar bAQS par rakb dete 
baiq, mash’al, AkAs diyA. . . 

Crest, krest, n. A.-S. orssta, L. crisis, (top of a 
helmet) kalgl; (the comb of acock) tAj i khu- 
rds; (summit) chotl; (pride) gurdr; shegbf, 
fakhr; — fallen, mAyfts, dil-shikasta. 

Crevice, krev'is, «. F. crevasse, (a deft) sftrakb, 
dars, shUAf. [jahAs ; 

Crew, kriW, n. O. E. eras. tAifa, guroh ; ahl i 
C rib, krib, n. A.-S. orybb. (stall) thAn, charnl; 
(child’s bed) pal aggff; (cottage) jhopfA;^-!). 
t . (steal trifles) cborl k. . __ 

Cricket, krik'et, n. W. crioiad , cricket, ericells, 

s ▲ GftOO. 

Wl iVMDf Alla CL| ff • VF W»WW 9 VMV 

to chirp, jhfneur, ghurghurA 
gepl-bAsI, gefid kA khel. 

Crier, kri'Ar, ft. ghiydhoryu, manAdf k. w. 

Crime, krlm, «. L. crimen , (breach of law); 
gutiAh, pAp, fchatA. taqsfr, ’isyAn, bapfl jurmf 
capital — , bhArf gha(A f jis kfsazfl maut hai; 

■ commit — , gunfth k. ; Criminal, krWin-at v 
o. guunhgAr, jurral; — ft. plpf, taqslrwflr, gu- 
nahgftr;— court, ft. faujdArf kA mahkama; 
Criminality, n. u. criminalis. gunahgArf, ma’- 
siyat, ^hatAkftrl ; Criminate, krim'in-At, o, 
t. iizAm lagAnA, gunahgflr yA mulzim [hahrAnA ? 
Crimination, n. jurm, gunAh, llzflin. 

Crimson, krim'zn, ft. A, qermee. argawAnl, qir- 
mizl, sur^h, 1AI> 'abbAsI;— p. t. argawAnlyA 
surkh rasgnfi. 

Cringe, krinj, v. i. Icel. kring. (fawn) EAmAjat 
k., khushfinind k., tamalluq k., chAplAsI k. 
Cripple, krip'i, n. A.-S. crcopan , to creep. (lame 
person) lA igrA ; — v. t. lniWfAnA, lang k. 

Crisis, n. G. ka i;Al, 'ain waqt, sA’at ;— of a dis- 
ease, buhrAn. 

Crisp, krisp, a. L. crispus. churchurd, kurkurA; 

—v. t. mafofiirt, sikopiA, ain(hnA. 

Criterion, kri-te'ri-un, ft. G. krinein. (standard 
of judgment) qAi’da ; nishAn, mfl-shigAf, pah- 
chAn. [ — of]. 

Critic, krit'ik, ft. bArlk-bfn, barfgfr, daqlqa-san j, 
muha>iqiq, nukta-cbln; — nl, o. nfizuk; at the 
— time, ’ain waqt par; Criticize, krit'l-slz, 
v. t. (find fault) ’ajib-jol k., barf-glri k.; 
(judge ) tnmlz k. ; Criticism, n. kburda-blnf, 
’nib-j jl. nuktn-chfiil. 

Croak, krok, v. i. A.-S. crucctan. glion ghon k., 
(ar tor k., gliar ghon k. ; (grumble) knrkurflnA; 
— n. -lion gh n, barhnrAhflt. [jAl kA kAm. 

Crochet, krO'sliA, n. F. ek nisra kA srttl yA reshmf 
Crockery, krok'Ar-i, n. mittl ke bartan. 
Crocodile, krok'S-df, ft. G. krokodeiloa. magar, 
ghafiyAl, nihang; — tears, (false tears, hypo- 
critical sorrow ) jhfithA ronA, jhfithA gam. 

Oroft, kroft, »». A.-S crojt. (a small field near a 
house) klict, maidan. 

Crone, kron, n. G. gcron. burhlyA ’aurat. 

Crony, kron'i, (feliow f pupil) langotiyA yAr, 
raffq, qftdim raffq. 

Crook, kidok, ft. Icel. krokr. (bend) kham, bal ; 
(shepherd’s book) kant^yA. anksl, langsf; 
(trick) hlla, fareb ; — v. t. (erliA k. ; jhukAnA; 
— backed, kuza-puslit, ku >rA ; Crooked, p.a. 
tefhA, bAnkA. khamdAr, bangas; Crooked- 
ness, n. torhAf, khaml, kaji, kaj-mizAjl. 

Crop, ft. A.-S. crop, (craw of a bird) po[A, 
jbojh ; (highest part) chotl: (yield of the 
ground) paidAwArl v. t. kAtnA, chhAntnAf 
tarAshuA ; — out, zAliir h., AshkAr b. 

Croquet, kr5-ket', «. ek qism kA khel. 

Cross, kroa, n. L. crux, (two things laid athwart) 
Afl chlz; (mixture of two breeds) do-naslA, 
doglA; (decoration of knighthood) tamga; 
(emblem of Christian ) sallb ; take up one’s — , 
sallb uthAnA, apne se inkAr k.; to— question, 
aindc b >nde suwAlk.; to— the cudgels, lafAl 
par AmAda h. ;— a. ArA, t«rha, tirchhA, magrA, 
sarkash, hatll;— y. t. ArA JagAnA, guzar k., 
pAr k., ’ubflr k. f tni k , mana k., barbAd k. ; (to 
cancel) qalnm m., kAt d.;— bar, ben^lA;— out, 
mitAd., — bill, kros'-bil, chifiyA kf ek qism; — 
bow, kros'bd, ». gulel, kanaAn bite, dhoka, 
cbhal ;— breed, kros-brftd, *. doglA-pan; — 
examination, ft. ek-tarnfl gawAhl ;— legged, a* 
palthlmAre bAe, (Ang par tAn? dliare hfle;— 
way. — road, n. chaurAhA ; Crossness, ft. hat, 
zidd, tunuk-mizAjl; Crosswise, kros'wlz, ad. 
sallb sA, barchhf sA. 

Crotchet, kroch'et, ft. F. orochet. rAgkA ek ni- 
shAn; (conceit) taragg* kbiyAl; (a bracket) 

Orouub, kroucb, v. i. From crook, dabok baithnA, 
pAfiw pan»A, hAth jofnA. [ — down.] 

Croup, krdfip, ft. F. croupe. dumgazA, putthA, 
sburwAl ;— ft. Go. kropian. gale kf bfmArf. 

Crow, krd, ». A.-S. orawe. kauwA, zAg ;— bar, ft, 
bhArf lohe kf salAkh qA3 flAS k- J—ovcr, 

(boast) shekhf baghA^uA 
Crowd, krowd, ft. A.-S. crodo. (tjjrong, ■warm), 
bhlr, jamA’&t, amboh; (confused, multitude) 
hujflm, rel&t ’awAmm an nAs; (press) kasrat; 




— v . t. dabflnfl, bliar d., jama 1 k., gunjfln k , ba< 
kasrat h. 

Crown, krown, n. L. corona . (emblem of royal- 
ty) tflj, muku(; (a coin, 2*. 6d.) ek augrezf 
sikka; (top of the bead) farg, chflnd, kboprl ; 
— v. t, tflj r., raunaq a.; (reward) ajr d. ; 
(finish) tamflmk., fighirk, ; — paper, ek nfip 
kfl kflgaz; Crown-wheel, krown'wbSl, a. 
dfiatedflr pahiyfl. 

Crucial, krttd'shi-al, a. I*. crux, crow. ( trans- 
verse ) flrfl»sallbl; (severe, trying,) sakht. 

Crucible, krckJ'si-bl, n. F. crueit, ghariyfl, kulh- 

Crucifix. kr86'si-fiks, n. L. crust, and figere. salfb 
anr Maslh kf taswlr; Cruciflxiou, krdd-sl- 
fik'shun, n. tasllb. 

Cruaify, krbb'si-11, v, t. L. crus, and figsre . salfb 
d., yfl eharbflnfl, maslflb k. 

Crude, kr3od, e. L. crudus. (raw) kachchfl, 
khflm, nflqia, nfl-tamflm, nfl-flzmftda. Syu. 
Raw; unfinished; unripe; Crudity, n. bad- 
hazmf. nfl-pukhtakf, be-tarllbf, khftml. 

Cruel, kr&ii'el, a. L. crudclis. (ferocious) be- 
rahm, safcht, zfllira ; (hard-hearted) sang-dil; 
— ty, sang-dilf, sakbtf. durushtf. 

Cruet, kroiVet, n. F. cruchs. sirkfl-dflnf, shfshf. 

Cruise, krobz, ». ’itr-dfln yd chhotl shfshf ; — ». ». 
(rove over the sea) daryfl kfl safar k. ; — n. saf- 
ar be-tbikflne. [chdr char, rotf kd giidfl. 

Crumb, krum, n. A.-S crume. tukrd, pdreha, reza, 

Crumble, v. i. Diminutive of crumb, chfir clirtr 
k., reza reza k. ; — ed bread, chdrfl ro|f, malfda. 

Crumple, krum'pl, v. t. mavofufl, shikun d., 
jhol d. [asp. 

Crupper, krup'ftr, n. F. croupe, dumchf, kafal i 

Crusade, krbo-sftd', n. Sp. cruzado, charhflf, ji- 

Crusader, n. jihddf. [piyflla yd bntal. 

Cruse, krttbz, n. D, krocs. ek chhotl kaforf ya 

Crush, krush, v. /.Icel. krasso. (bleak, bruise) 
kuclialnfl; (squeeze) masalnd, chdr char k.. 
torrid ; (oppress) past k., majlfib k., pel drtl'fl ; 
tu — out, dabflnfl, bilkull barbfld k. ; (crowding) 
(labflo; (crowding together) relfl, dliakkd. 

Crust, krust, n. L orusta. papffl, chliilkd, chlifil, 
roll kfl chhilkd : — r. t. part d., papfiydnfl. 

Crustacea, krus-ta'.slii-a, n. pi. L. crusta. cliMlkrt, 
girah, jor, ek qisin kfl chhMkedflr kfrfl ; Crus- 
taceous, krus-ldsh'us, cbli.lkeddr. 

Crusty, a. sakht, chifchirfl, tnnd-mizfli. bnd-khrt ; 
Crustiness, a. chi fchifdhat, ztid-runjf, kufku- 

Crutch, krnch, ». It crocoia. ’asfl, bnisAkhf. 

Cry, kri, v. i. F. erter. pukdrnd. hflnk m., shor k., 
rond; (proclaim publicly) ishtihflrd.; — down, 
kam-nadr k.; — for,chdhnd ; — out against, or — 
out of, or — out upon, farydd k., yd ilzdm I. ; — 
up, Shuhrat d., sarflhnd; to — , minnat k. ; — 
out, chi I Id uthnd; — n. (screira) chillflhnt 
pukdr; (weeping) giriya, zflrl ; (proclamation) 

Crypt, kript, ». G. kruptcin. tah-khftna, Vhufiy« 
gnar; Cry, tlcal, krip'tik-nl, a poshlda, khuti 
ya, chhipfi, makhff ; gnpt. 

Crystal kris'tal, a. G. krustullo*. biihtur, kneli- 
ch&hfrft, qaam; — a. billaurf.billaur kfl, qal- 
ami, sflf, slmffAf; Crystalline, kris'tal-In,«. 
billsurf. sflf, shaffdf; Crystallize, v . t. G. 
krustallisien. billaur sfl banflnfl. 

Oub, kub, n . L. cubare. bachcha, pillfl; — v. t. 
bachcha jannfl. 

Cube, ktlb, ft. G. kudos, shask-p&hal. iazr, ka’ab, 
ghan *. Jnzr k. ; Cubical, kdb'ik-al, a. 
shasbdar sfl muk ab. 

Cubit, n. L. oubitum. hdth, dnst. 

Cuckoo, k5b'kb3, n. L. cuoulus. koel, koklfl. 

Cucumber, ka'kum-bflr, u, t». ououmis. khirfl, 
kakrf, fchiyflr. [gur. 

Cud, kud, n. A.-S. cud from ceoioan. jugfllf, pd- 

Cuddle, kud'dl, v.i. W. cuddiaw. (to be close or 
snug) llpatkeletnfl. 

Cudgel, kud'jei, n. W. oogsl. (short stick or 
cluo)sontd; — v.t. logte se m., yfl pftnfl; to 
cross the — s, laffll karneko tsiyflr l». 

Cue, kd, A. F. queue, (tall or end; bfl) kl eiiotl; 
(rod used iu billiard*^ khslae kfl ; 

(hint) ishura; to give the — to, aisfl ish'tra 
karnfl jis so sacb o jnfith ma f ifiin ho jflwe. 

Cufif, kuf, v. t. 8\v. kuffu. (striko with the list)! 
tamfleham. ; — n. tamdeha, dhaul; — >* A .kaufj. 
(end of a sloeve) dstln kf mohrf. 

Cuirass, kwe'ras, n. L. ooriutn. ek flbanf yd zan- 
jtrdflr buktar jis se gardan se kamar tak badau 
dhunkd rahtd hai, jaushau, baktar; Cuiras- 
sier, kvve-ras-sdr', n. bak tar-posh, zirah-posh. 

Culinary, ku'lin-ar-i, o. L. ca/i/itf. bdwarchf-kbd- 
ne kfl, um tba khl. [Jfbftb k. 

Cull, kill, v. t. ij. oolligcre. cliunnfl ; (seloct) inti- 

Cully, n. D. kullen. (a moan dupe) sflda-dil, 
modbfl; — v. t. fareb d., thagflf k. 

Culminate, kul'min-at, v. i. L. culmen, (to rcacb 
the highest altitude) hadd flurje tak pahunchA- 
nfl, kamdl 'uiflj ko pahirnchnd, khatt-i-nisf-un- 
nihflr par And. [—in J Culmination, ». Inti- 
hfl darja, hashmat iqtldar, kisl saiyflro kfl 

khatt-i-nisf-un-iiihflr par dud. 

b. L. culpare. (biamable) 
wdr. L — of] ; Culpabi- 

CufpaUc, kulp'abl, a. _ 
mujrim { mulzitn, taqsirwdr. 
lity, n. jurin, ilzdtn, dokh. 

Culprit, kul'prit, n. O. Eng. culpit . (one guilty)! 
gun oh. "dr, iRqhtvw&r, pflpf. 

Cultivable, kiiTti-va-bl, o. qflbil i zird'at, jotno 
bone ke Idiq ; Cultivate, kiil'li'-viit, v. t. L. 
colere. (till) j tn.i, upjanfl; (fo<tcr) qfliui 
rakhnd; (improve) tnrbiyat k., fliflsta k , dur- 
ust k., banflnfl ; Cultivation, n. khetf, zarfl- 
’at; (improvement) rlurustf, islali. 

Culture, kuTtiir, «. L. culture, kishtkflrl, tarbi- 
yat, flrflstaaf. 

Culvert, kuKvert, n. F. concert, pul. 

Cumber, kum'bflr, v. t. F. cneotnbrer. roknfl ; 
(mu bar rasa) tang k., pareshflu k.; (entangle) 
uljliflnl. [ — with] aruc, a., bl.flrl, 
tuklit-dih : Cuinberancc, n. :.ojb, n(kflo. 

(’.imln, kum'in, n. (j. ku:n non. zfrfl, kainun. 

Cumulate, kihn'Q-mt, t’. /. Ti. cumulus, aheap, 
(heap up) batorufl, farflham k., jama' k; 
Cumulation, n. jaina*, dhcr. a in bar; Cumula- 
tive, 0. (formed in a mas ?) laragqf-pizir, inaj- 
nifl’a, liisson kfl baufl !ni;i. 

Cunning;, kim'ing, 0. A.-S. cunnun. (knowing), 
hikmatf, siyaufl; (sly) litratf, ’aiyflr, mutafau- 
nf, chfltur ; — n,, titrat, hikmat, fail- 
rflff, chaturfll. 

Cup, kup, a. A.-S. cupp. pij fila, jflm, katorfl; — 
ping, siugf ; — v. t . (draw bio >d) singf lagflnfl; 
— bearer, kup', n. sflqt ; — board, a. piyfl- 
la o bartan rakhne kf aluiflrf; to be I11 one’s — s, 
makhuiiir h ; Cupping-glass, kuy , ing-glass,*». 

Cupid, ka'pid, n, kflm, kflm-deo; kflndarp; 
Cupidity, kfl-pid'i-ti, n. L. cupcra. armfln, 
hirs, Ifllach. shahwat. 

Cupola, ku'po-Ia, n. It. gumbaz, qubba. 

Cur, kur. n. Gor. kotcr. (low dog) londf ; (surly 
man) jhagrfllfl. [rfki’iwaz. 

Curate, ku'rflt, n. U curutus. imflm, Vhfldi n, pfld- 

Curntor, n. L. cur r. mubfliiz, ilflroga. 

Curb, kurb. v. t F. courbcr. th&umfl, samblifllnfl, 
lagflm d. ; — n. zanjfr, karf ; rok, afkflo. 

Curd, n. Scot. crud. thokkfl, flnthf, dahf, mattbfl* 

Curdle, v. i. From curd, jainnfl, munjamid h. 

Cure, kdr, n. L. cure, (remedy) *ilflj, rnu’fllnja; 
(healing) sbiffl, sihhat ; — v. t. (heal) changfl 
k., achchhfl k., sbiffl bakh<hnfl, tandnrust k; 
Cureless, kur'les, a. lfl Mlflj, gair-raunikin-ua- 
sbiffl ; Curable, a. 'ilflj-pizfr, mumkin-us-shiffl. 

Curfew, kur'ffl, n. £\ couvrc. and feu. (au even- 
ing bell) sham kfl ghanta. 

Curiosity, kd-ri-0''i-ti, n. rflz-jot, khoj, Bhang, 
taiassus ; ( nrity) saug&t, tuhfa, nfldira, kam-v 
yflbf ; Curious, ka'ri-U'*, ». L. curiosus. (in* 
quisitive) tflllb, mutalflsbf, rflz-io, khojf, shau^ 
qfn ; (careful) boshiyftr, (fhabardflr, , uinda 1 
nflzuk. Syn. Inquisitive: prying. 

Curl, kurl, v. t. Icel. krulla . pech d., iapetnfl? 
(writhe) gundli b., bal khflnfl: — ». (ringlet), 
kflkul, zulf; (wave) lahar, pechtflb, sbikau. 
[ — up]; Curly, a. (having curls.) ghungha* 
rfllfl, peehdflr ; Curly-licadcd, a. kflkuidflrg 
patt^wfllfl. ^ - 

Carlow, kur' 10 , n, F. corlicu . ek pfl&l kl chlfl^ 




51b kf choQch fembf tar r&Qg fchAkfaur siyAh 

Curmudgeon, kur^muj'no, ji. O. Eng. cornmud- 
jin. (nuMr) kanjfls, bakhfl, iAlachf, sfltn. 

©urrasst, kur'aut, n. From Corinth, khusnk 

CarreaC, kar'ent, a. L. eurrerc, te run. rdij, jirl, 
nturauwaj, rawts ( — Ab i rawAs, ba 

hAo; fchiyAi. Byn. Stream! course ; Our- 
rency, t* ijrA; (circulation;, riwAj, chalan, 
( money) sikka, not . . . 

Curricle, kur'i-kl, «. L. omrero. ek gA ff. 

Curriculum, kur-rik'd-lum, n, L. no ad rase kf 
kitiboQ kl Christ. ^ . .. 

Currier, knr'l-ftr, n. From curry, dabbAg, chirm- 
sAs, efaamir; (instrument) byongf. 

Currish, kur'isfc, a. kuttA, sag-sirat ; fasAdf. 

Curry, kur'i, e. t, L. cerium, (to dress leather) 
narlpakAuA, katnAnA, dabbfigat k. a horse, 
malnA, kh&rohrA k. ; — favour, khushAinad k. ; 
—tomb. u. kbarahrA ; — staff, *. tarkArl kl 
chisel), aabbAg&t kf asblyA; — stone, sil. 

Curse, kurs, e. t. A.-S. cunian. (imprecate) kos- 
n&. bad-du’A d., nafrln k., ia’nat k.; (injure) 
taklff d. ; — n. bad-du’A, la^nat, sarflp, dhatkftr ; 
(affliction) Afat. gazab, balA; Cursed, a. 
la'aatf, raaPfln, la*fn, kamuafcht. 

Cursive, kur'siv, a. L. enrrero. rawd raw!, Jalul, 
sarAsarl. jald. 

Cursory, kur'sor-i, a. jald, be-HhAz, thofi 

Curt, s. L. curtu8. (short) mukhtasar, sanchhep ; 
— ness, kurt'aea, n, kotdiif, kamf, ghat do, 

Curtail, kur-tftl, v. t. F. curt and tniller, (cut 
off or shorten) kam k., ghat&nA, mufchtasar k., 

Curtain, kur'tAn, n. L. Cortina, m&sahrl, parda 
ojhal ; draw the—, parda g. ; (withdraw it) 
parda kholnft ; drop the — , tamftm k., khatm 
k. ; behind the — «, ( hidden )posklda ; — lecture, 
ta'Ilm 1 khilwat, yd jo kuchh blbf apuc miyAn ko 
akele meg samjhAtf hai; the rising of the—, 
(opening, entrance) idkhdl, izkAr’.tulift up 
orremore tlie — ■, zAhtrk., AshkAr k. ; to raise 
the—, shurd’ k.; — r. t. masahrf lagdnA. 

Curve, kurr, n. (efhAf, khamf, pech ; — v. t. (ephA 
k., lachAnA, kb am k ; Curvatcd, s. L. curvure. 
khamd&r; Curvature, kurv'a-tttr, n. khaml, 
kajf, fe rb. 4 pan. 

Curvet. kurv'et, n. F. courlotte. (leap) kfld, 
phAnd, jast ; — v. i. ktiduA, phAndnA. jast L 

Cushion, ktffah'un, ». F. ooussin. gaddl., masn&d, 
g,\o-takiya;— v. t. gaddl lagAnA, masnad la- 

Custard, kus'tfird, ». W. caios. fAMda, ek qism 
kA khfinA; — apple, «. sharffa; sftA-phal. 

Custody, kus'td-di, (keeping) hif Azat, habs; 
(guarding) mgahbSnl; (imprisonment) qaid, 
bawA-lAt ; Custodian, kus-to'di-an, ». L. ous- 
toa. inuhAfiz, dAroga.niguhbAn. 

Custom, kus'tum, «. F. conlume. (usage) das- 
tur, rasm ; (habit) zAbita, rawish, chAl, ’Adat ; 

mahatkl ; — duties, kus'tum-dfl-tis, n. 
mabspl lagftuA : — house, n. sair, chungl, par- 
raifghar. [dastdr. 

Customary, a. raurauwaj, ma’mAlf, rasml, ba- 

C us to m or, n. nsAml, kharfdAr, gAbak. 

Cut, kut, c. t. Norm. F. cote, cat. (make an in- 
c is ,o| i) kAtnA, qalam k., tarAshnfi; (divide) 
/u ag \ ; ul vi Z TC V <*bednA; (carve) khodnA; 
(hew) chlrnA; (geld) Akhta k.; (divide pack 
tgsh ba St«A; (shun) chhofnA; — 
,l g aif i fi O khllAf k. ; — purse, 
jeb-katrA, gath-kafA ; short — , chhotA rAsta ; 

(hinder) roknA; (abridge) kamk.;— in, (take 
part) sharlk h., alag k.; to— or— into, dakhl 
d. ; —open, (open with n knife) cbhurl se kut- 
nA; — out, (shape) shakl b. ; (yurpass) eabqat 
lo jAnA; (capture) ga!b& k., paknrnfi; (to 
fashion) byontnA; (to adapt) tajwiz k. off, 
kAt jndA k.; (to withhold) rok lonA; (to 
interrupt) rok lend off from, kAt d. ; (inter- 
cept) bartaiaf k., roknA; (separate) judA k.; 
(run away) bhAg j.;— under, (to undersell) 
kam dAm 1. ; — up, (divide into pieces) (ukrA 
tnkfAk. ; (to destroy) barbdd k. ; (to wound) 
gakhmf k. ; — down. girA d., ghatAnfl, sharinin- 
da k. ; — the acquaintance of, or to a person, 
mulftqAt chhornA; — the teeth, dApt nikA!nu; 
—off, rawAna h., rAhf h.;— n. (gash) z^lim; 
(lope) thappar; tarAsh; (sarcasm) ta’u; 
(near passage) nnzdlk kf rAh; ( fashion ) riwAj ; 
(fool) ahmaq; (picture) taswfr, Burnt; Cut- 
ter, kut'Ar, n. qism i jahdz; buriuda, qAti’ ; 
Cutting, n. kafrnn, chh.intnn. 

Cutaneous, ku tfi'ne-us, a. L. cull*, (bclor in? 
to the skin) jildf, chamfeyA khAJ se nisbnt A r; 
— eruption, la.shfna. [chhiJkA. 

Cuticle, kGt'i-kl, n. L. culicula. post, chamrA, 

Cutlans, kut'h.s, a. L. cultcr. tahv&r, shamsher. 

Cutler, n. cultcr. knife, lohAr. 

Cutlery, kut'lSr-i, n. lokliar yA lobArf, aAngarf. 

Cuttle- Ash, kut'l-ftsh, n. Ger. cuttei fisch. ek 
qism kA p.'inl kA jAnwnr jis kf dns tAngen hotf 
haip. [clihappan ser kA Angrezi wnzn. 

Cwt, n. (an nbhrcvi.iton for hundredweight) 

Cycle, si'kl, n. G. kuklos. ring, cLarkh, dAira, 
daur, daura. jug. 

Cyclone, si'kl On, «. G. kuklos, circle, bafA IfifAn. 

Cydopedln, sl-klo-j c'di-a, n. G, kuklos and 
puideia . ’i!m o hunar kl lugat, majmiVa ul- 
r ulAm. 

Cyclops, si'kl ops, n. ph G. knklops. ek deo kf 
qism ji^ ke ek Ankh niAthe kc bfch men hr»tf 
hai; Cyclopean, si-klo-pe'an, a. 'ozfm, hnul- 
nAk, wah^hf, dahshatiulk. [bans kA b.ichcha. 

Cygnet, sig'net, n. F. cygnc. G. kuknos, swan. 

Cylinder, sil'in-der, n. G. kulicin. iml, belnn, 
sutdn, <?an<jA ; 'umAd. [rA, kartAl. 

Cymbal, sim'bal, n. G. kumbolon. jhAnjh, majf- 

Cynic, sln'ik, a. (a surly person) tarik ud dun- 
yA. [shAd, snnobar. 

Cypress, sl'pres, n. L. cuprcssus. saro, shom- 

C/ar. zAr, n. Russ, tsarj, L. C Uesar. Qaisar yA 
Qaisar l Rfls; Czarina. zA-ic'nn, n. Russ. 
tsaritsa. malika i Rfjs kA kbitAb ; Cznrowftz, 
zAr'o-vits, n. Russ, tsorewitoh. Qaisar i RAs 
ke bare bete kA ^hitAb. 

tagethruugli, (to open) kbolnAjto 

—and run, (to eseape) bachnft ; to — the mat- 
tershurt .(to complete, to fiahth) Ithtitftm k ; 
+u J- UP 8t ‘V k » a ^ay) chaie jAnA; — throat, 
;!l ag, » — of* coat, kAt, qata' ; 

• 10 — * figure, numA- 
ish dikhlAnA;— along, (rnn fast) jaldf daur- 
nA.— aeapw*, uchhalnA, krtdnA away, (run 
?n!! y > 5 n 5 ; ( s «parate) alag h. ; — about, 
; — across, ( make a short 
£utS5 e ^i? a,! i d ix r4sta *• I — us under, (sever) 

alihlua kA( 4 . and dry, talyAr; -short, 


D, di, Angrezl hurdf i taliajjf kA chnuthA barf 
hai. Is liye ki yih ba-sflrat i mihrAbdAr darwA- 
za hai, is ko ’IbrAnf men daleth t jis ke ma’ne 
“darwAze” ke haip, kahte hain. 

Dab, dab, v. t . En:. dap, tap. thappar m. ;— n. 
(a gentle blow) thopjmf, tukfA, pArcha, cbh/n- 
{A ; — cli lk, ek oh hot A Abf murg. 

Dabble, d&l/bl, «. t. Diminutive of dab. (to 
splash) pAnl mep kbeluA, Ab-bAzI k., dAb dflb 
k., lfpnA, chhiraknA. [kh»lne w. 

Dabbler, dab'blAr. n. hAth T agAni wAlA, pAnf men 

Dace, dAs, n. W. dursen. «k qism kf chhotf 

Dacuit, ft. dakfl, rAhzan. 

Daddy, dad'i, ft. Ir. daid. W. ted . (father) bdp. 

Daft, daft, a. Scot, (foolish) he-waqflf, jAhil. 

Dagger, <lag-fir, n. F. daguc. l.hanjar, kafAr, 
pesh-qabz, ek nishAn is shakl kA (t) ; to look 
— s. gusse kl nigAli se dckhnA. 

Daggle, dag'l, v . t . lathernA, ghasftnA. 

Daily, di'li, a. har-roza, rozfua; — ad. har rot, 
rozba roz; prati-din; — pay, lozfua, yauiniya * 
— food, rozf. ' 

Dainty, dfti/ti, ft. W. deintiaidd. (nice, delicate) 

nAzuk, naffs; (pleasant) latff, mazedAr; ». 

nAznk, tuhfa. JbniiAun kA ghar, gopagriba. 

Dairy, dA n, a. O. E. dcy. paufr anr makkhan 

Dais, dft'is, n. G. diskos, khAue ke Obar kf mas. 
manch, chabQtara, 




Daisy, da'al, n. A«-S. dacgcs-eage. (a flower) gul 
i babdr. [margzdr. 

Dale, dal, n. O. Sax. A Go. dal. (a valley) wadi, 

Dalliance, dal'li-ans, n. bos o kindr, ndz o niyiz. 

Dally, v. t. A.-S. dot. derf k., diragg k., tdfchlr k. 

Dam, dam, ». mdda; (used of beasts, a human 
mother, in contempt) ; — n . D. dam. bdgun, 
pushta; — v.t, (shut up water). bfigdh bdguh- 
nfi, band k. 

Damage, darn'd j, n. F. from L. damnum . (loss) 
nuqsan, qabfihit; (hurt) aarur; (compensa- 
tion for loss) nuqs&n kd ’iwaz, tdwdn, badld. 
Syu. Mischief ; injury ; harm ; to sue for— s, 
nuqsdn kft da’wd k.;— v. t. nuq*fin uthdnfi ; 
'aib laganft ; frhalal d.;— able, s. qdbil i nuqsan 
yd ziyan. 

Damask, datu'ask, n. (silk) raussajjar ; (doth) 
j&mdAuf, klmfchdb;— e. t (variegate) bdleddi 

Dame, d&m, %. L. domina. bfbf, begam. 

Damn, dam, v. t. L. damnum. ( doom evi rlasting- 
lyjla’natk., mal’dn k., nar;ik-bdsl k. ; — able, 
•. ia’uatl; (hateful) nafrntf, jahannuinf; — 
ation, n. la’nat, phitkdr, dlntkflr; — a tor y, a. 

Damp, damp, n. Ger. damp}, (moist) tarf, namf, 
gflapan, oddsfl ; — a. tar, slid, nam ; (cast down ) 
afsurda; — v. t. nam k., sard k„ martdb k.; 
— ness, n. namf, t*»rf, tardwafc, rutfibat, sfl. 

Damsel, dam'zel, n. F. demoiselle. It. damigellu. 
nau-jaw&n lain war! lsfkf, suhelf, s.ikhf, ail, 
nftzinln; — of paradise, hflr. 

Dance, dans, v. i. F. danser. ndchnd, raqs k. 
about, ( leap about ) uchhalnn.kadnd ; — attend 
ance, (wait with obsequiousness) kkushdmad 
se kbidmat k. ; to make to — , ndch naclifind 
a. ndch, raqs; Dancer, n. n&chncwdld yd 
nachuewaif; Dancing, u. ndch. 

Dandle, dan'dl, v. t. Ger. tandeln. (more a child 
up and down) hath par ucbb&lud, kudaud, 
hi I Ana. 

Dandy, dan'dl, n. F. dandin. (a fop) albeia, 
chhalld; Dandyism, danMi-izm, n. (foppish- : 
ness) albeldpan. 

to nffnat dSn'iir 

reza reza k., pdsh pdsh k.; (to spill) chhalkd- 
nft; — n. t&kkar, fhokar, tbes, dbakkd; (mix- 
ture) amezish; (in printing) chhdpe meu is 
tarah kfi nishdn [ — ] ; — about, (rush ai out), 
dauf j; (parade ostentatiously) numdish dikh- 
land; — against, (strike against) takkarkhd- 
nd ; — along; (move rapidly) jaldl j. ; — at, 
(make a chance, attack on) hamia k. ; — aside, 
(put aside) bar- taraf k.,alag k. away, (show 
off) dikhldnd; (cast oil) <)dl d. ; — forward, 
(rush forward) jbapat j. ; — in, (rush in) glius 
j. ; (throw in) cjdlnd ;— off. (make a slight 
sketch) naqshab. ; (to make anything rapidly 
or carelessly) jald-bdzl k., be-taammulf k. ; — 
opeu, (throw open hastily) jald khol d. out, 
jaldf naqsha b. ; metna, kdfcnd; — through, 
(passthrough hastily) jald guzar j. ; to — into 
pieces, tukre tukfe k.; — board, gdfl kl wuh 
j a gall jakrtn kochwdn baiflid hai, yd wuh tafch- 
ta jo gfirl men age lagd rahtft hai; — ing, dash' 
Ing, a. (precipitate) utdolA, tez; (gay)raggl- 
Id; (showing off) numdishl. 

Dastmd, das'ldrd, it. A.-S. adastrigan. (a 
coward) nd-mard, buz-dii; — ly, ad. kam- 
hlimnatf fie, bu/.-di f se, darpok, buz-dibi, nd- 
mard. Syn. Coward; poltio m. 

Date, dat, n. L. dare, tdrfkh, mitf; bearing — , 
muarrifehn : — out of, piclihlf tarfkh kd, mud- 
datl; — o. t. din lilclmd, tdrfkh ckafk'ind; 
(reckon) sbumftr k. ; — from, oliurd* b. 

Dale, n. O. (laid ulus, a linger, khurma, khajrtr « 
palm, dra'i>;i.n, n. khajiir kd dnrafcbU 

Dative, da'Liv, n. L. dativus . bdlat i mafdliynt J kiirnk. 

Daub, dawb, v. t . Ir. dob losnd, potnfl, ftlflda k.J 
(pnint coarsely ) anfiflpan se khfnchnd ; (flat- 
ter grossly) babul chlpldsl k. [ — with. — over] ; 
— n. lop, pot, d Irtish. 

Daughter, daw'tdr, n. A.-S. dohtor. betf, dufch- 
tar; — in-law, «. patch, bahrt. 

Daunt, dilnt, v. t. F. doniptcr. (frighten) dard- 
nd, dabshat d., dharakana. [ — w th], Syn. 
Intimidate; dishearten; dismay; — less, o. be- 
khauf, ni-dharak, diler. 

Danger, dftu'jSr, i». L. damnum, (peril, risk) i 3) .xv, daw, n. (a bird of the crow family) kauwd. 
khatra, kbauf, qabahat. hnldkat. Syu. Peril Dawdle, v. t. (waste time) waqt barbdd k. 
hazard; jeopardy; risk ; — ous, a. F. dang ere- ! [ — away]. 

__ kbatarndk, pur-kbatar, pur-dfat, dush- 
wir ; — ously, ad. khatre se, khauf se. 

Dangle, dang'gl, v. i. Dan. dingle, (to bang 
loosely) lataknd, hilagnfi, muta’alliq h. 

Dank, dangk, a. Allied to damp, (wet) nam, tnr. 

Dapper, dap'fir, «. Gor. tapfer . (little and 
active) chdldk, tez, nfi(A, tonf. 

Oapple, dap'l, a. Ger. dippt 

lippcln. (variegated, 

dhamkdnd; (have courage) himmat k., jurat 
k. ; — you do It, ky& yih karne kl tumhen him- 
mat bai; Daring, n. marddna, diler, shuja’, 
hlmmatf. Syn. Fearless; intrepid ; defiant ; 

Dark, dfirk, o. A.-S. dearc . Gael. & Ir. dorch. 
(wanting light), andberd, tdrfk, tlrah, ghup, 
ki.ll; (ignorant) ; (serious) saD jlda ; 
(gloomy) dhuQdhlA, sard ; (obscure) muglaq ; 
(mysterious) poshlda ; — w. tfirlkl, andherdpan; 
— en, dirk'n, v. t. tarlk k., poshlda k. ; — 
— Ish, a. dhundhld ; — ly, ad. dhundhlepan so, 
tdrlkl se ; — ness, n. andhiydrd, tdrlkl, jahd- 
lat;land of darkness, (the grave) qabr; — 
some, a tdrlkl, andhiydrd. 

Darling, dlir'liug, n. A.-S. deorling . (favorite) 
duldrft, piydrd; (much loved) lakht i jigar, 
*azlz, mahbcl^|r— a. ldrld, piydrd, duldrd. 

Darn, dim, v. t. W. & Arm. darn, (mend by 
sewing) rafd k., marammat k. ; — a. rafu ; 
Darning, dftrn'ing, n. rafdgarl. 

Dart, dirt, n. H. Ger. tart. b&rchhA, bhdld, neza, 
nokddr chlz. [ — out, — forth, — in]; — v. t. 

barchbi ra., phenknA, tarapnd, kauadhni; to 
— of, tezf se blidg jand. 

Dash, dash, v . t. Sw. & Iccl. dmha. de m., takrd- 
nfl, pheQkni. marnd; (sketch) chitharnd, 
khaigehni ; ( break ) to end, phoyni ; ( in pieces ) 

I). mu, dawn, v. i. A. S, dacg . pbatnd, tarkd h., 
zdhir hone lagnd ; — n. tafkd, bhor, ndr ki tag- 

>ay, dd, n. A.-S. dacg. (time of sun-light) din, 
roz; (light) roshnf; zamdua, ziadagl;to — , 
dj ko din; every — ,by — , roz roz; — after to- 
morrow, parson ; some — , kisi din ; from — to, 
har-roz, roz-marra; one — , kisl din; — of 
wratli or judgment, n. roz i qiyamat, roz i 
hashr, roz i jazd yd sazd ; this — eight days, dj 
ke Atbwon din ; this — month, untlswen din ; 
alack- a—, (sorrow) afsos; a red letter — , 
bhdgwdn din ; good — , din kd saldra, roz-i- 
sa’ld ; now -a — s, dj kal; after — , diniba din ; 
— light, roz roshan;-— of grace, fazl kd din; 
— s of grace, (in commerce) bill kl tdrfkh ke 
aiydm i mu’aina ke guzar jdne ke ba’d tin din ; 
peep of—, partau i suhh ; to win the — layal 
jltnd ; a nine — s’ wonder, (shortness) mu^hau- 
waf ; — book, n. roz-ndmeha, bahf ; — break, n . 
tafkd, subh, sawera; — labour, n . rozlna mnz- 
ddrl. [miydnf. 

Daysman, daz'man, n. ( mediator) sdlis, dar- 

Daysprlng, da'spring, n. subh, tafkd. 

Daze, dflz, v. t. A.-S. dwae ■», stupid, tilmildud, 
chaundhiydnd. U'ar j., chubhud. [ — with]. 

Dazzle, dnz'l, v. t. lirmirdnd,; 

Deacon, (le'kn, n. G.di'tfconos K:ilf c iydke dun- 
ydwl kdm kd muuUzim ; — ship, n. dlkan kfi 
f uhda. 

Dead, dod, a. A.-S. dead. Go. dauths. (deprived 
of life) inard, murda. be-j-in; (dull) sust; 
(tasteless) bc-maza; (useless) be-fdida, akd- 
rath ; (gloomy) sun* khushk; — to, sard-dii; 
— n. murda, Idsb, lofbjto rise from the— > 
murdog sn jl ut-hn i : — drunk, bilkull be- 
hosh, sarshdr, bad-mast; — language, zubfin 
jo ab boll auhln jdtl; — as a door nail 
or bucket, bilkull murda ; to watt for — man’s 




marie ke mAi i matrtka kA montazir 
dafn ke waqt kA ek sanjlda 
(great weight) bojk; (in- 
j (one very dull) nAkAraja— 
lift, mushkil utbAnA ; — as night, khflmosh ; in 
the— uf night, Adhl rAt ko ; — shot, bar A nlsbA- 
aabfli; (a nan of business) kAr-pardAz; — as 
a stone, be-hiss o harakat; — ahead, or — in 
front, bilkull sflrahne. mukhAlifat mefl; a — 
calm, (unruffled calm) sAkin h„ bahut sor jA 
talAtum na k. ; a— luck, ( a complete stoppage) 
bilkull band kar d. ; a— loss; sar tA ear nuqsAn 
kA bA'is h. ; the— of winter, sard! kA bleb, 
bhfirl sard! kA zamAna; a — silence, bilkull 
kkAmoshf; a— letter, nA-rAlj i sanAna, wub 
chifthl Jo dAk-fchAne meg paff rah jAtl hai aur 
jiskAkol gAhak nahfg (hahartA hai; — letter 
office, gumnAm ch 4th log kA daftar;— and 
goue, raft guza^ht, gal gasrf ; — cart, (bearse) 
gift jis meg innrda le jAteharg; Deaden, 
ded'n, v. t. sun k., ka razor k., mftrnft. be-hiss k. ; 
— ly. a. mublik, qAtil, halAkd ; — aa. be-rahml 
se, adAwat se; — ness, ft. murdanl, mast; 
be-parwftl, sustl. 

Deaf, d^f, a. A.-S. deaf. bahsA. [ — to] ; — mate, 
def'milt, a. babrA gflngt ; — as a door nail, bil- 
kull bahrA jA bajjar babrA on, def'n, v. t. 
babrA k., kAn phofnA ; — n ans, def'nes, a. babrA - 


Deal, dAi, e. t. A.-S. Sedan. bAafnA, hissa k., kAr 
o Mr k. ; — with, suldk k. ; ( buy of ) mu* A mala 
k», mol 1. ; to — bj, sulAk k.; — in, tijArat k.j — 
out, (distribute) bintnA. [ — in] a. A.-S. 

deal, (ptrt) kissa; (quantity) qmdi 
is) bAgf;ek qism 

(act ef dealing cards 

great — , bahnt 
dW'Ac, ». saudAg&r, 

dr, babut ; 
kl lakfl; 

kochh, babuterA ; Dealer, 
kArblrl, baipArl; Deal- 
ing, ddl'ing, n. tijArat, len den, kAr o b&r ; byo- 

Dean, dta, a. I*, decan**. ImAm kA nAih. 

Dear, dAr, a. A.-S. dear*. ( beloved ) ’azlz, dulirA, 
piyArA; (costly) qlraatl; (scarce) kam-yAb. 
£ — to] ; — ad. gar An, besh-qlmat, tea, mahangA ; 
— me, hAehAe; — bought, mahagg-molA, garAg- 
kbartd; — a. ’asls, dulArA; — 1 y, od. piyAr se, 
sbauq se. [ihtiyAj. 

Dearth, dgrth, a. (scarcity) kaml, qillat, tnggl, 

Death, deth, a. A.-S. de<dh. (extinction of life) 
qazA, ma'it, njal, kftl ; — *s door, mnut ke nnz- 
dlk ; spiritual — , rflhAul rn tut jo gunAh ke Ra- 
babsehai; put to—, halAk k.; — bed, deth'- 
bed, a. bistar i marg, maran sej. ; — rattle, 
gh&rrA; — less, a. amar, gnlr-fAnl; — like, a. 
mautsA, raarg-numA; sudden — , marg i ma- 
fAjAt: to feign — , data churAnA; untimely — , 
ku-rairt; — watch, sufed klvA; — warrant, 
phAgsl kA hukm. 

Debar. dS-bftr\ v. t. From da and bar . (exclude) 
khArij k., mahrflm r. ; (hinder) bAa rakhnA, 
in ana' k. [ — from]. 

Debase, de-b&s', 9. t. From da and base, (deg- 
rade) haqfr k., fcbaflf k., salfl k., past k.; 
(alloy) khofA k. [ — by, — with] ; Debase- 
ment, a. be-ftbrfil, taslll. 

Debate, dA-bAt', a. balls, mubAhisa, jhagyA ; De- 
batable, dA-bAt'a-bl, 0 . mubAhisa- pa tlr, bahs 
keqAbil; — e. t. F. dabattre. babsk. [ — about, 
— with, — on]. * % 

Debauch, dA-bawcb', v. t, F. dabauckar. (rerij) 
bad-mastl k. ; (corrupt) MgAinA, abtar k., 
gumrAh k., AwAra k. t fcharAb k. ; (seduce) sinA 
k., lucbcbApen k. ; — a. bad-parhesl, bad-mtstf, 
zinAkArf ; Debauchee, deb 7 A-shA, a. lucbchA, 
zAnl, matwAlA, rind, aubAsh, tamAsb-bln; 
Debauchery, a. harAmkArf, aubAshl, bad-kArf, 

Debenture, dA-bent'tkr, a. L. debar a . (a writing 
acknowledging a debt) tamassuk. 

Debility, a. kamsorf, zu’f, nA-tawAnf. Syn. In- 
firmity ; imbecility ; Debilitate, dS bil'it-At, *. 
t. L. dabili*. (weaken) kamzor k.. nA-tawAg k. 

Debit, deb'it, a. L. dabitum , from dab are, to owe. 
qarsdArf kl madd. [ — to]; — v. t. qarz likhnA. 

Debonnair, deb-6- nAr', a. F. debonnaire. (com- 
plaisant) latlf, kheih-akblAq, fchulql, Urelyat- 
yAfta, | 

Debris, dl-brA% ». F. briaar. (rubbish) malwA 
Debt, det, n F. detta (that is due) udhAr, qar» 
—bearing no i . forest, qarz i hasnA; to b« 
over head and ears in — , bAl bAl qarz met 
mubtilA h. ; to be in deep— , bahut qurzdAr b 
in—, maqrflz ;— or, a. L. debitor , from debe' i 
to owe. qarzdAr, maqrAz, dendAr. 

Decade, dek^d, n. Q. deka. dahAl, das. 
Decalogue, dek'a-log, a. G. daka t ten, and loy**. 

speech. £hudA ke das ahkfira ; das AgyA. 
Decamp, dA-kamp', v. i. F. decamper . (shift 
camp) kfleh k.; (move off) chale j.; (escape) 
bbAgj. E — from, — to]. 

Decant, dA-kant', v . t. F. decanter. nlthArmi, 
posAnA, undelnA ; (speak often) bAr bur bolnA ; 
— er, ». piyAla, Abgfna, min A. 

Decapitate, de-kap'it-At, v. t . L. de and caput , 
brad, (behead) gardan m., sir kAliui. 

Decay, aA-ka 7 , v. i. L. do and cadere. (decline) 
z&U h.. j.-ltsi r., murjhunA; (rot) sar.f. ; — ». za- 
wAl, gbatAo; (rottenness) s&rAo. Syn. Dec- 
line; consumption. 

Decease, de-sis', n. L. dcccdera (death) maut, 
rihlat, intiqAI, wafut; — v. i. (die) guzar j., 
rlhlat k. Syn. Death, departure ; demise. 
Deceive, dA-sAv', v . t. L. de and capera. fareb d., 
dagA d., bhulAwA d. [ — in, — with, — by] ; De- 
ceit, di-sit', ft. Jj. decipere. (guile, cheat) 
dsgA, raakr, blla, fitrat. Syn. Duplicity ; arti- 
fice ; fraud ; Deceitful, u . farebl, dagAbAz, 
ja’lsAz, makkAr, (hag; Deceitfulness, ft. 
fareb, thagfil, ja’lsAzf. 

Deceiver, ». dagAbAz, farebl, cbhall; Decep- 
tion, di-sep'shun, ft. Ij. daoeptio . fareb, dlioka, 
bhulAwA; Deceptive, or Deceptions, a. fa- 
rebf, dagAbAz. [mabfna. 

December, di-sem'bir, ». aggrezl bftrabwAn 
Decency, dA'sen-si, ft. L. dacantia. sbAistogl, 
imtiyAz. ma’qAliyat, munAsibat ; (modesty) 
sharm lAj. 

Decennial, dA-sen'i-al, a. dah-sAla, daa baras kA. 
Decent, dA'aent, a. Jj. decent, (becoming) ma'- 
qul, imtiyAzl; (moderate) lAiq,wAjib, munAsib, 
sbAista. [fais ila k. 

Decern, dA-.‘ Arn', e. ». L. de and ccrnere, to judge. 
Decide, rii-sld', v. t. L. de and cadere. (settle) 
tajwlz k , rafa' k. ; (end) falsaln k. t chukAnA, 
tai k., tbahrAnA ; (resolve) qasd k. [ — on, — 
upon, — against] ; — a. muqarrar.sAf, munfasal, 
qat’I; Decision, di-sizh'un, n. L. decisio. 
hukm, faisala, tajwlz. infisAl, niptArA; Deci- 
sive, de-sr dv, a. qAtr, kArail, sAf. 

Deciduous, (ig-sid'fi-us, a. (liable to fall) glrne 
w., jharne w. f nA-pAedAr. 

Decimal, dAs'i-mal, a. L. deoimus. ^ashrf, ’ashrA- 
tl, ta’shirl ; — ». daswAg hissa, 'ashAr; — frac- 
tion, kasr ’ashArya. [1., das se ek 1. 

Decimate, des'i-mAt, «>. t. L. decimare. daswAg 
Decipher, dA-erfAr, o. t. F. dechiffrer. ( to un- 
ravel) b&tlAnA, kbolnA, bayAn k. f ta’blr k. 

Deck, a. t. A.-S. daean. (cover) pahinAnA ; (dec- 
orate) ArAsta b., (floor) tafchta-bandl k. [ — 
with] ; — ». ta^bta-bandl ; a two — er, do man- 
sila jabAz. 

Declaim, dA-klfim', 9. and darner e. taq- 
rlr k.; (speak rhetorically) faslh kalAm k. [ — 
on, — upon,— against] ; Declamation, n. h 
declamatia . fasfh kalAm, taqrfr; Declama- 
tory, di-klam'a-tor-i, a. targfbAna, targfbl, 

Declare, dA-klftr', v. t. L. da and olarura. (make 
known) sAhir k., bayAn k.; (avow) qaul k. ; 
(proclaim) mashbfirk. ; (utter) kahnA, bo In ft, 
farmAuA; prakAsb k. ; — fur, (Jjaride in favour 
of) tarafdArbo j.; to— one’s^ffllf, apne talg 
zAhir k. [ — to] ; Declaration, dek-la-rfifshoD, 
ft. iqrir, izhAr, taqrir, tasbrlh, isfatibAr. 
Declension, dA-klen'sbun, n. taarlf, gardAn, alga 
sawAl, fcharAbl. 

Decline, d§-klln', v. i. L. dacUnara, (bend or lean 
downwards) nihurnA; (reject) nA-manzflr h. ; 
(close) zAilh.; (sink) ftlhnA; (inflect a noun) 

S irdAnnA; — ft. Shaft 1, tanazsul, sawAl: dbAI; 
eclinatlon, dek-iin-a'shun, ft. jhukAo; sawAl. 
Declivity, dA-klhPl-ti, ft. h dmmvia. (a slope) 




Decoct. d§-kokt\ v. t. L. de and coquere. auntd' 
nA, ubAlnA, josh d,; Decoction, o. joshAnda, 
kAyhA, ’arq* [behead ) air kAtaA. 

Decollate, d3-kol'At, e. t. I* de and oollum. ( to 
Decompose, dg-kom-pOz\ v. t. F. decomposer* 
judA k., tafrfq k., murakkab ko alag k. ; De- 
composition, dS-kom-pO-zish'un, fi. murakkab 
ke bissoQ kl taf rlq. _ _ Ul 

Decorate, dek'fi-r&t, v. t. L. deeorare. (deck) 
ArAsta k. ; (adorn) zinat d., sagwArnA. [— 
with] ; Decoration, a. ArAisb, zinat, banao, 
sebAish. . _ _ * 

Decorous, d6-kor'as, a. L. decus. (becoming) 
munAaib, lAiq, wAjib, ma’qtil, shAIsto. 
Decorum, dS-kO'rum, m, L. sallqa, imtiyAz, 

Decoy/df^koyS From de and coy. (allure) 
fakeb d., wargalAnnA; (snare) phAgsnA;- 
fareb, phuslAwA, dhoka. 

Decrease, de-krAs', v. i. L. de and crescere. kam 
k., ghat AnA ; — ». (lessening) kamf, zawAl; 
(waning of the moon) ghatAo. 

Decree, dfi-kri', n. L .decor were, to decide, (edict) 
hukm, fatwA; (Judgment )faisala ; — v. t. bukm 
k., faisala k., dlgrl k. 

Decrepit, dA-krep'it, a. L. de and crcpere. kam- 
zor, sa'lf ; dokrA, buddbA. [tayaknA, bhunnA. 
Decrepitate, #. t. From de and crepitate. Ag men 
Decrepitude, dg-krep-it-Ud, ». kamzorl, za’Ifi. 
Decrial, dft-krl'al. n. mazammat. badnAmi. 
Decry, ud-krl, v . t. F. decrier, (cry down ) zor 
shorse mazammat k., badnAm k. ; (censure) 
’aib lagAnA, hajo k., kam-qadr k. 

Dedicate, ded'i-k&t, v. t. L. dc and dicare , to 
declare, (hallow, consecrate) raafchsfis k., nazr 
k., muqaddas k H muqarrar k. [ — to] ; Dedi- 
cation, a. taqarrur, tashnkbkhus, makhsflsi- 
yaL taqdlai Dedicatory, ded'i-ka-tor-i, 

Deduce, dg-dfls', v. t. and ducere . (draw 
from, infer) natlja nikAlnA, hAsil k., isti^brAj 
fc* mlnhA k. [ — from] ; Deduclble, de-dus'i- 
bl. s. munti j, istimbAtl, qAbil i istifchrAj. 
Deduct, dt-dukt,*- t. L. deducere. (subtract) 
mlnhA k., waza' k., mnjre k., kA(uA. [kAf kflt- 
Deduction, ». natlja, hAsil-m nhAi, batt fl # kasar, 
Deed, n. A.-S. deed, (what is done) kAm, fi’l ; 
(feat) nmbtmm ; (a written contract or agree- 
ment) qibAla, daBtAwes; In — , (in fact) zu- 
rfir, albatta, haqlqatan. 

Deem, dAm, v. t. A.-S. deman. ma'lAm k., jAnnA ; 

(suppose) qiyAs k. ; (regard) samajhuA. 

Deep, dAp, o. A. S. deop. (reaching far below) 
gahrA; (profound) daqfq; (crafty) farcbl; 
(artful) makkir; (dark coloured) slio^h, gah- 
rA; (grave sounding) bhArf AwAz; — n. (hol- 
low) kkokhlA; (sea) samuudar, bahrimubfi, 
sAear;— burled, a. baliut gayA bflA. — culour. 
gahrA rang;— sleep, sukh-nindyA thought, 
gahrA fchiyAI ; — water, g&rqAb ; going — into, 
t&’amwuq toued, a. bhArf AwAz kA ; — root- 
ed, a. q Aim shaded, a. bar A sAyadAr; — en, 
v. t. gahrA k., barA b. ; — ness, ». gahrAf, ’urauq. 
Deer, dAr, stag. A pi A.-S. deor. n. hiran, Aba. 
Deface, dA-ltr, v.t.L. de aud facies, (mar) 
bftgArnA; (destroy) tor mismAr k., mifA d., 
kAti, makw k. ; — meat, n. bigAy, barbAdi, 

Defalcate. dA-fal'klt, v. t. L. de and falw, a 
sickle, (deduct) kAt q.» chbAgt d.; ( take away) 

Is 1., mlnhA k., fchiyAn&t k. ; Defalcation, a. 
(diminution) kaml, fchiyAnat. 

Deflame, di-fim', «. t. L. de and fame. fame, 
(slander) bad-nAm k.; (libel) hatak i ’iazat 
muttanim k., ’alb lagAnA. [—by]; Defa- 
mation, def-a-AiA'sbnn, a. badnAmi, ilzAm. 
Default, dA-fawlt', a. F. defuus. (failure) kam- 
tf: (omission of a duty) khatA, qusdr, nuqs, 
’aib ; aprAdh v. t. qusflr k., khatA k. er, n. 
taqslrwAr, qnsarwAr. [ibtAl. 

Defeasance, dA-fAz'aus, a. F. defaire. mansQkhf, 
Defeat, dA-fit', a. F .defaire. (overthrow) shi- 
kast, hAr; — u. t. shikast d., harAnA, hhagfinA, 
bnrbad k. 

Defecate, def-A-kAt, e. t. L. de and /me, dregs, 
(free from filth) mail kAtoA, sAf k^ chhAnnA. 

Defect, dA-fekt # . n. L. defioere. (want of some* 
thing, neeJful) kaml; (imperfection) ’aibt 
nnqs, khatA, chdk ; [—of] Ion, n. h. defee * 
t%o. (falling away) bargashtagft bagAwat, ir- 
tidAd; Defective, 0. nAqis, dAgf, kliofA; 
(faulty), ma’yfib; a defective noun, ism i 

Defence, d A- fens', n. L. defender e. (protection); 
panAh; (guard) hifAzat; (vindication) hujjat, 
ta arruz, taujlb, JawAb; — less, 0. be-himAyat, 
be-panAh, karazor, lAchAr, za’ff. 

Defend, dS-fend' v. t. L. defend ere . (protect) 
himAyat k., bachAnA; (repel) ha(Ad., rafa’ k.; 
(to reply) JawAb d. ; (uphold) dast-gfrf k.; 
(to vindicate) *uzr k. ; (forbid) mana’ k. ; 

L — from, — by, — against]. Syn. Protect ; — 
ant, de-fend'ant, n. mudd’A-’alaib, farfq I 
sAnf;prativAdf;— or, n. bAnif, himAyatf, mu- 
hAfiz, bAfiz; [Defensible, de-fens'i-bl, a. bifA- 
zat-pazfr, mustahkam kiye JAne ke lAiq; ba- 
chanhAr; Defensive, 0. muhAfizAna, bachAne- 
wAlA ; — n. chaukf, bachAo, Af. 

Deter, d§-fAr', v. t. L. de and ferre. rakhoA, mul- 
tawf r^ tdl matol k. ; (to delay) db(ld-»sustf 
k. ; — to, denA, 'at A k. [ — from, — to] 5 — once, 
n. lihAz, adab, tAbi’ddrf. [ — to], 

Deflancc, de-fi'ans, «. F. defiance, dliamkf, dhfn- 
gA-dhfngf, hankAr, lalkAr; dress of — , surkh 

S osbAk ; to set at — , (to challenge) aggAthA 
ikhlanA ; Dflant, 0. lalkArne w., haqkane w. # 
diler ; Defy, de-fi', v. i. F. defier (to challenge ), 
layAI chAbnA, dhamkf d. [ — to]. 

Deficiency, a. de-fish'i-en-si, n . (wanting) kamf, 
kasar, glia! tl ; qusdr, galatf, nA-tamAmf ; De- 
ficient, de-fish'i-ent, a. L. defioere. kam. kotAh, 
adhArA, nd-tamAm, nA-kAmil. [ — of, — in]. 
Deficit, def'i-sit, ft. L. defioere. (want) kamf, 
kotAhf; zurdrat. 

Defile, ds-fll\ v. t. A.-S. tylan. mail A k., Aiada 
k., ganda k., nApAk k. y be-hurmat k. ; — v.i. L. 
dis & filutn. saflE-band! karke chalnA. [ — with] ; 

— ». tang-rAh, gali. nAkA ; Defilement, ft. nd- 
pAkl, Alddagf, gandagf.' 

Define, dA-fln, v. t. L. de and flnire. hadd hAndh- 
uA, bayAu k., sharh k.; Definable, dA-fln'a-bl, 

0. qAbil i bAyAn yil ta’aiyun, qAbil 1 tnshkhfs; 
Definition, def-i-nish'un, /». ta’rlf, bayAn, 
tashkhls, hadd, bichAr; Definite, def'in-it, 0. 
(precise) thlk, sahfh, muqarrar: — article, 
harf i ma’rifat; Definitive, d£-fin'it-iv, 0. 
qat’f, mulcamraal, pGrA; — ft. tahqfq yA ranhdGd 
k. w. ; Definiteness, ft. tashrfh, ma'ne, bayAn. 
Deflagrate, def'la-grfit, v. u L. de and flagrare. 
jalAnA, phGnk d. 

Deflect, de-flekt', v.i. L. deand jleotere. (devi- 
ate) ek tarnfli., jbnknft, rAh i rAst se alag ho 
j., bargashta h., bad-rAh h. Syn. Deviate ; di- 
verge ; swerve. [ — from] ; Deflection, de*fiek'- 
sbun, ft. jhukAo, bargashtagf, gumrAhf, kaj- 

Dcflour, da- flour’, v. t. L. de and fios, flower, 
pbGlon ko toynA ; (to deprive of virginity) bakr 
toynA, zafAf k. 

Deflow, dA-fld, v. t. niche bah j ;— ». Deflux, 
Defluction, zuk'im, nazla, niche ki taraf kfi 

Deform, dA*form', v. t. It. de and formate, (disfi- 
gure) bad-shaki k. f bad-waza’ k. ; (make ugly) 
kudaul k. Syn. Mar ; spoil ; injure;— ed, 0. 
baa-sbakl, be-daul ; — ation or — ity, dg-form'- 
it-ti, ft. be-dauli, bad-shakll, kajl. 

Defraud, dg-frawd', v. t. It. de and fraudore. 
(cheat) dagA d., thagnA, fareb d., thagAI k. 

[ — of, — by, — with]. Syn. Cheat; cozen {de- 

Defray, d§*fr&', e. t . F. de and frais. expense, 
(pay) khaich adA k., uthAnA, denA, add k ; 

— ment, n. adAi-e-kbarch. 

Deft, a. A.-S. daft from defan, to befit (apt); 
lAiq, bosbiyAr, chftlAk. 

Defunct, dg-fungkt', 0 . L. de and fnnpi. (one 
deceased) marhGm, magffir, marda. 
egencrate, d£-jen'Ar~At, 0 . t. L. de and genus, 
birth, kAm-qadr h n kharAb h., salll h., bigar- 
nA. L — from]; — ft. aam-qadr, kharAb, zaill; 
Degeneration ft. kharAbf, kam-qadrl, bar- 




denahowai tarn 

b&dt, rusw&l; Degeneracy, dg-jen' 6 r-a«si, n, 
kam-qad.I, t&nazzull, kharAbl, ibtizAl. 

Deglutition, deg-IBb-tisu'un, f». L. de and glutio . 
(the act of swallowing) nigalnA, UlnA, ga- 

degrade, dB-grgd', #. f. be-hurmat k* kam*qadr 

. k., utarnA, girftnft, gh&tAnA. [ — from,— to] ; 
Degraded, p. a. be-AbrA, raswA, be-qaar, 
be-Eurmat; Degradation, deg-ra-dA'shun. *. 
F. from L. grain*, kaminagl, ruswai, kblffat, 
be-hurmatf, faslhat. 

Degree, da-grg', n. F. dtgre. martaba. mansalat, 
naubat ; dasA ; (descent) pusht, pffhl; (class) 
qisra, jins, tarah, prakAr; (rank)darja; (step) 
qadarn ; to such a — , is martabe ko, yahAp 
tak ; to this—, is qadr; In some—, kuchh ek ; 
by— s, rafta rafta. 

Deify, dg'i-fl, v. i, L. deus and facer a. make, 
deotA y& £hudA JAntiA, yA banAnA, AliAh sA 
mAnnA; Dedication, dg-if-ik-A'shun, ». deo- 

Deign, dftn, v. i. Fr. daigner. (grant) bakhshnA 
’inAyat k. ; (vouchsafe) rAzl b., qabAl k., muta' 
wnjjih h. 

Deism, dg'izin, it. L. deus. tasawwnf, tauhfd t 
wahrlAniyat; Deist, de'ist, n. sflfl mazhab, 
mulhid, ahl-i-l&sawwuf. 

Deity, dg'it-i, n. deus. KhudA, ulAhiyat, deold. 

Deject, dg-j»*kt', v. U L. ae and jacere. (cast 
down) udAs k. ; (depress) gamgln k., Azurda 
k., dilglr k., rnnjfda k. [—by] ; Dejection, 
n. udnsl, dilgfrl, Azurd&gl, malAmat, afsurdngl, 
ranj. [I.; pahunchAnA, le jAnA. 

Delate, de-lSh v. t. L. dclatus. shikAyat k., IlzAm 

put off) dlrang, deri, 
ger) derf k„ tfll k. f 

Delay, dg-lA', n. F. dc ,Jt. 

tawaqquf, rok; — v.t, (1 , 

t&waqquf k. ; without — , biiA tawaqquf, jald. 
[ — by, — w i t h , — f ro m , — t o ] • 

Delectation, n. kliushf, bashArat, musarrat; 
Delectable, dg-lekt'a-bl, 0 , L. delcutare. dii 
chasp, mnzadAr, margAb. 

Delegate, ». cldif, wakfl, nfiib, poshdast; — v.t. 
(send) bhejnA; (entrust ) sogpnA, denA; (ap- 
point) muqarrar k., thuhrAnA. [ — to]; De- 
Ic.rntion, n. wukAlat, niyAbut, ’iwazl, sa- 

Delete, tl5-Iet^, v. t. L. delere. mitA d„ ma’dflm 
k., maliwk., kAfnA; Deleterious, del-e-tc'ri- 
ns, o. ranhllk, inuzlr, halAkfy qAtil, zahidfir. 
Deliberate, de-lib'gr-At, v. t.h. de and libra- e. 
(consider) noehnA, andeslia k., laninmu) k., 
bichArnA; (hesitate) pas o pesh k. [ — on, — 
with.! ; — a. dAr-andesh, miulahbir: gambhfrA; 
(fixe 1) ma/biit; (slow) dhfwA; Deliberate- 
ness, n. tnammnl, andesba, hoshiyfirf, dflr-au- 
deahf; Deliberation, n. taammul, fikr, gaur. 
Delicate, dol'i-kit, a. L. deli cut us, from deliciai. 
iiAzinfu ; (line) n&xuk ; (neal) pAklza ; sAghar ; 
(nice) nufls, kamzor, narni; — state, hAlati 
dard i Kill ; — ness, n. imzAknt, inulAimat, bArf- 
kf, p.ikfzngf; Delicacy, n. F. delicatesse. nazA 
kat, khubf, nafdsat, lutf, nAkfzagf, jam&l; 
(softness) narml. Syn, Fineness; nicety; 
softness; smallness. 

Delicious, de-lish'i-us, a. L. deficue. \atff, mar- 
gAb, kbusli-ga wfir, tuhfa. nAdir, lazzal-dAr; 
— ness, n. latAfat, nafAsat, baliAr, maza, 

Dcliglit, df-llt', v. t. 0. Eog. d elite, (please high- 
ly) kkush k., yA h., masrrtr k., yA h., 
mngan k., rljhAu.1, nihAl k., yA h. ; — n. kliushf, 
khurraml, shAdl. [ — with, — by, — in]; — cd, 
p. 0 . khush, mahxftz, mag&n, shAd, khurrarn, 
mnsrAr; — ful, 0 . dil-chasp, farhat-bakhsh. dil- 
kash ; — fulncs3, n dil-ebaspi, dil-Awezl, khu- 
shl, musarrat. 

Delineate, dA-lir/B-at, v. t. L de and lincare, 
n&qsha b., taswlr khfnchnA, taqrlr k., kbAka 
khlgcbnA ; Delineation, n. L. delineal io. naq- 
sha, kbAka, nsql, bayAn. 

Delinquency, dS-lin'kwou-sl, ft. (fault) kbstA, 
qustl r, chAk ; Delinquent, d6-lin'kwent, 0. L. 
de and linquere. gunahgAr, ’Asl, qusQrwAr, 
mujrlm; aprAdhf. 

Delirious, d^-llr'i-us, a. be-hosh, be-liawAs, bc- 
khud; Delirium, dg-lir'i-um, ». L . de and 

**■'»*'• ««4nT, 

DjUver, dMly’fir, v. t. V. ivUvrier. (rwe U ,l> 
izHA k., najttt d., chhortni ; (utter) bolnl • 
(to (Ire up; hewtle k., eupurd k., iaunonV 
telwl* k.i (delivered of a etlid) jannd jtfal 
nini ; [— from] back, (return) wftpJa (J. 
— -un, (dUeourae upon) bt;la k. ; — out. (rit.l 
tribute) Matoa -to, (p^“; t0 ( a.I 

ate ; pronou ace ; utter ;— ame, o/JfSlveri* 
a. F. deliverance. najAt, kbalAsl ; r&At, chhut- 
taqrfr; tafwls; waza* e — - 

kA chau- 
1 U sbakl 

rijAf-bakb^hne w., najAt d. w.. bachAnewAlA.* 
Dell, del, a. A.-S. dehle, vale, wAal, dam, |0ian- 


Delta, deFta , n. YAnAnf hurAf tahajjl 
thA harf A, wuh zamln jo musallas 
par pfinf se ghirl ho. 

Delude, do- lud\ v.t. L. de and ludere. (impose 
upon) bahl&nA, bahkAnA, bhntkAnA, fareb d.; 
Delusion, de lu-zhun, n. L. delusio. dhoka, 
khiyAl i kbAm, tawahhum, kbwflb 0 khiyAI: 
Delusive, a. furcbf, dagAbAz, hfla-sAz. 

Deluge, derflj, n. F. deluge. tAfAn, tugiyAnf, 
sailAb, hfl rh v. t . dubAnA, garq k., sailAb k. 
[ — with]. [gornA. 

Delve, delv, v. t. A -S. delfan. (dig) khodnfi. 
Demagogue, dem'a-gog, a. G. demos and again . 
sar-guroh, mlr mojlis, cbAlAk, mutakallam, 
fitnagar, mutafannf. 

Demand, de-mand', v. U L. de and mandare. 
(claim) da’wa k. ; (question) suwAl k., isti- 
du’Ak.; (desire) chAhnA, kbwAhish k. £ — of, 
— from]; — n. da’wA, talab, khwAhish, chAb; 
un — , darkbwflst par; in — , hAlat i taiassus 
meg. [quer. hadd-bundf, raqba-bandl. 

Demarcation, df-mArk-a'shun, ». F. demor- 
Dcnican, de-mCn', v. t F. demcner, mener. (be- 
have) Chilian chalnA; (undervalue) kam-qadr 
k. ; (debase) zalfl k., LalkA k., khwAr k., 
kamfna k;— oar, «• waza’, chalan, dliang, 

Demerit, dS-mfii-'lt, n. F. do and merit . ’aib, 
nA-lAiqf, chAk, dosh, be-qadrf ; nirgun. 

Demi, dem'i, n. F. from L. dimdium . (half)nlsf, 
AdhA; — god, a. (a deified hero) nfm-deotA. 
Demise, dfi-mla, n. F. demettre. rihlat; maron. 

Syn. Death : decease ; departure ; release. 
Democracy, de- Mok'ra-si, a. G. demos and kra- 
tein. Bnltanat i jamhArl; Democrat, ». sal- 
tanat i jamhArf kA sharlk yA dost. 

Demolish, de-morish, v. t. L. from deand moliri. 
(to destroy) misinAr k., tor ( J., ujArnA, (JhAnA, 
wfrAn k. ; (throw down) girAnA. Syn. Over- 
turn ; destroy ; dismantle ; raze ; Demolition, 
n. I udemolitio. pAetnAlf, wfrAnl. inhidAm. 
Demon, de'mon, ». G. deimen. jinn, bhAt, deo; 
Demoniac, de-mo'ni-ak, a. L. deemoniacus 
As( b-zada, deo zada; bbutahA. 

Demonstrate, de-moi/strAt, V. t. L. de and 
monstrurc. (prove with certainty) sAbit k. ; 
(point out) dikklAnA; (explain) balAnA ; (ex- 
hibit parts) tashrih k. [ — to, — from]. Syn. 
Evince; manifest; Demonstrable, dg-mon'- 
stra-bl, 0 . qAbil i subAt; Demonstration, ft. 
dalll i burhAn, isbAt, hujjat; Demonstra- 
tive, 0. musbit, mudallil, mubarhin. 

Demoralize, de-mor'al-Iz, v. t . F. demeraliser , 
(to destroy moral habits) nkhlAq MgAfnA, bad- 
alil'tqf k.; durvritta k.; Demoralization, a. 
bad-akhlAqt. . _ _ ...... 

Demur, dg mur', v. i. F. demeurer . (hesitate) pas 
0 pesb k.; (doubt) shakk rakhnA; sandesh 
r&khnA; (object) i’tirAi k.;— n. shakk; nA- 
manzArl, pas 0 pesh. , _ . _ 

Demure, dg-mAr # , 0. F. de meant*, (sober) mu- 
dabbir, rnahjAb, sanjlda, sharmsAr; gambhfr, 
dhlrA ness, ». hijAb, sharm, sanjldagf. 
Demurrage, de-mur'ftj, «. rukAwat, nuqsAn. 

Den, den, n. A.-S. den. gAr, mAgd., . 
Denationalize, dg-nash'un-al-Xz, v. t. qauml 
huqAq se ma’sCl k* 




p.nlzeu, ddn'i-zn, Norm. F. deinstein. bdshMa, 
sbahri rahnewdld ; Qagar-bislil. * 

Denominate, dS-nom'ln-dt, v. t L. jic ana worn 
«». kahnft. ndrn rakhnd, ndmzad k., malaqqab 
k. ; Denomination, ». L. denonmatxo. »dm, 
ism. laaab ; Denominator, dS-nom iu-at or, 

n. n&m raklinew&, f » r in y r<ib,, ?iy bntldnd 
Denote, dft-ndt, and notare. batlftna, 

zdhir k.» dlkhldnd. E — b T^V nn A nunciare 

Dsn ounce, d6- nouns', v. t. ana nuM^re* 
(threaten by proclamation) barmaid dham- 
fcand, maiftmat k.; (declare ) f khabar d.; 
(accuse) shik&yat k. f bad-ndm k. C“"5P on ». f 
to,— for] ment, Denunciation, n. dhamkf, 

n£2fl& “J.TVeww. mild EflS, eblpW M4, 
bhftrl, munjamid, gdrhd. Syn. Close, com- 
pact ; — ly, ad. mild h':d, gafchft h£id ; Density, 
n. (tliickness) zaeglnl. injimdd, kasdfat. 
Dental, dent'al, a. L. dent, dandflnf, wait! 
dantl; — n. wuh makbraj ydhartjis kd talaf 
fus ddnt o zubdn se ho. [maujan, missl. 

Dentifrice, dent'i-fris, n. L. dens and Irware. 
Dentist, de»t'ist, n.L. dens, dfigt kd tablb, dan* 

Denude, de ntid', v.t. L. de and nudfare. (strip 
naked) naggd k.; (lay bare) kbdll k., kapfe 
utdr lend, barahna k. . . t<> , 

Deny, dd-nr, v. t. F. denier. ! ikdr k., nahln k, 
na-m&nnd, nd-raanzflr k. ; to — one’s self, 
khud-inkdr! k. ; Deniable, dc-ul'a-bl, o. radd 
hone ke lfliq, qdbil i inkdr; Denial, de-nl'al, 
n. inkdr, tunfiff, ndnh, radd. 

Dcobstrucnt, do-ob'strdb-cnt, n. mufattih, mu 
laiyan, rok ko dfir k. w. 

Depart, <I€-pArt', v.i. L. dc and pa rtiri.( go away) 
cbald j., rawdna h., rdbfh.. (quit) chhofiid ‘ 
(die)inarnd, sidh&rnA, wida’ h., rukb^it h. ; l< 

— ary, n. amfn, kbazAnchf ory, *. amftnat- 
kbdna, jins-kh.. ui, kothl, bhanqdr-Jkhdna: (of 
treasure) dau'.ia. Jaau, goddm. 

fi on 

—from, bargashta h., bhdi j., na k _ 

— to] ; — ure, dg-pArt'fir, n. rawdnagl, kfleh 
wafat. rihlat. 

Department, n. F. department, 'ildqa, slmnri 
mahkaraa, khidumt, ’uhda ; — al, a. muta’alliq 
'uhda yd kbidmat. 

Depend, d€-pend', v. i. L. de and pendere. (bang 
from) Jafaknd; (to confide in) bharosu r., 
oramed r.; (be connected) lagnd, ataknfi; (in 
suspense) munhaslr h., maiiqfifb. ; — on, (re 
ly) bharosa rakhnd; [ — on, — upon]; — cnee 
or ance, dS-pend'ens, n. L. dependentia. sil- 
sila, ’ildqa, ta’alluq, lag&o, mel; (confidence) 
bhnrosa, i’tlbdr; (subjection) tdbi’dArf; — 
cncy, ancy, dd-pend'en-si, n. td i’ddrl, ’ild 
qa, umined, i’tibdr; (confidence) fisrd, As; (sub- 
jection) fartndnbar idrf ; — cut, a. muta’alliq, 
mulhnq, rautawassil; — n. tdbi'ddr, ddmanglr, 

Depict, dd-pikt, v. t. L. rfeand pingere (paint) 
taswfr khlgchnd, naqsha b ; (describe) baydn k. 
Depletion, dd-pld-skun, n, L. de and pleturn. 
(the act of emptying) kbdlf k., tihl k., chhfin- 
chhd k. 

Deplore, dS-pI5r', v. t. L. de and plorure. (be- 
wail)afsos k.,gnm k.. dh o ndla k., taassuf k., 
zdrl k. Syn. Mourn; lament; bewail; De 
plorable, a. kam-bakht, sakbt, tang, shadfd, 
burd. [dikhldnd, kholuA, phalldnd. 

Deploy, dd-ploy' w. t. F. deploy er . (to open) 
Deplume, v. t. par ukhdr 4 , be-bil o par k. 
Deponent, dd-pdn'ent, n. L deponens. gawAli. 
shdhid ; sdkbl. 

Depopulate, dd-pop'ft-lftt, v. t . L. depopulari . 
Ujdrnd, wtrdn k^ gdrat k., tdfcnt o tdrdj k., 
*er ozabark.; Depopu‘atlou, n. wfrdnl, pde^ 
mdlf: fchardbf. be-cbirdgl. 

Deportment, ad-pdrt'ment, n. F, deportement. 

chalnn, dhang, tarfq, rawish, raf(ftr. 

Depose, dd*poz', v. t. F. deposer, (degrade) mau- 
qftf k„ ma’zfli k., girdnd, takht se uthdud: 
(assert) kahnd; (attest) gawd hi d. ; Deposi- 
tion, a. gawdhf, sdkhf, zubdn-bandf, takh- 
^liya. ¥ 

Deposit, dd-poz-it, v. i. L deponere. (laydown) 
rakhnd, dharnd; (entrust to) sonpnd, ddlnd, 
amdnat rakhnd, zirarna k. ; in — ,or on—, su* 
purdagf men;— a. amdnat, girau, dharohar; 

Depot, dd-pd', a. F. depot, (a store-house) ma^h- 
Deprave, dd-prdv', v. t. L. de and pra0us.(maka 
bad) burd k., khardb k., tabdh k., kliotd k., 
munharif k , phirdnd. Syn. Corrupt; pollute; 
contaminate; Depravity, dd-prav'i-ti, a. L. 
ds and p ravitas. burAf, ^hardbf, tab&hf, inhirdf, 
pher plidr. S>u. Corruption; wickedness ; 
vice ; vitiation. _ . 

Deprecate, dep'rfi c&t, v. t. L. de and preou i. 

filiafu’at k., ’uzr k , ma’zarat k., taubak. 
Depreciate, de-pre'sbi-dt, v. t. L. de and pret- 
ium. (lesse:i ) kam k., halkd k. ; (degrade)' zalfl 
k , mazamtnat k , ihdnat k. ; Depreciation, a. 
mazaramnt, ziliat, ihdnat, kam qadrf, snbukf. 
D?predntlon, dep-ru-dd'shun, n. (spoil) lflt pdt, 
gdrat. - • 

Depress, dg-pr^s', v. t, L. de and premere • 
(lower) jUulifind; (humble) pastk. ; (sadden) 
afsurda k. ; (loosen) ghatdnd, dabdnd. Syn. 
Si k ; lower ; abase ; cast down ; deject ; — ion, 
a. L. depre-isio. (abasement) dabdo, pastl, 
ziliat, uddsl, dil-tangf, afsurdagl. 

Deprive, dc-prlv', v. t L. de and privare . (take 
away) 1? J„ khdll k., nikAl 1.; (bereave, divest) 
malmliu U. [ — or] ; Deprivation, dep-ri-vd- 
shun, n nuqsftn, zavvdl, ', bartarCl. 
Depth, depth, ». From deep, (profundity) gah- 
rdo, ’umuq: (m ddle)blch ; (greatness) ziy&da- 
tl; (completeness) Lakmll. 

Depute, <16 put', v. t. L. deputare. (appoint as a 
substitute) wakll bhojnd. [ — to 1 ; Deputa- 
tion, de > u la'-hun, n wakdlat, niydbat. 
Deputy, dop'd II, n. F. depute. wukTl, guindshta, 
ainln. Syn. Delegate ; representative ; proxy. 
Derange, de ranj', v. t. F deranger, (disorder) 
uljh.nii, nbtar k., ult'i pultd k., darham 
barlnm k., titar-biUir k. Syn. Displace; un- 
setib»; — incut, n. uljhan, abtarl, be-tartfbf, 

Dereliction, rl?r-S-lik f 8hun, n. tnrk, chhufio. 
Deride, de-rld', v t. L deand ridere.(jee r, mock) 
(haUhA k., bans! k., ta’na m. Syn. Ridicule; 
taunt; Derision, de-rizh'un, n. L. derisio. 
thattliA, m skliorf, tamaskhur, mazdq. Syn. 
Scorn ; mockery ; insult ; ridicule. 

Derive, de-rlv', v. t. L. de and raws. (draw from) 
hAsil k. ; (deduce) nik&Ind; (trace from its 
root) ak’iaz k., mushtaq k. Syn. Trace; de- 
duce; infer. [ — from]; Derivation, ddi-i-vft'- 
shun, n. Ishtlqftq, istifchrdj, buuydd, jar, mdl, 
mAdda, masdar ; Derivative, a. mushtaqa;— 
n. mushtaq. 

Derogate, dSr'd-gflt, v. t. h. de and rogare . 
(lessen) gha(dnft, kaink.; (disparage) b.'-qadr 
k., be-waqr k.; baqlr k ; (repeal) radd k. [— 
from] ; Derogation, n. be-waqrl, biqdrat, be* 
qadrl, subkf ; Derogatory, a. bc-qadr yd kam 
qadr k. w.. ina’yfib. [jogl. 

Dervls, dSr'vis, w. Per. dervesch. fnqfr, darwesh ; 
Descant, des'kant, n. F. des chant , (a song or 
tune in parts, a discourse) sarod, gdn; — des- 
kant', v. i. gdn.1, sarod k. i — on, baydn k., 
taqrlr k. 

Descend, d6-send', v. i. L. descender r. utarnd, 
wdqi’b., uAzil h., sddir li., An.1, pahnnehnd; 
(derived from) u idea In A. [ — from] ; to— 
to particulars, fardan fnrdan baydn k. ; to 
cause to — , utdrnd; — aut, n. auldd, nasi; 
santdn. [ — into, — to]; Descent, or Descen- 
sion, de-sen t', n. F. descente. (slope) utdr; 
(fall) girdo, uuzAl, sudiir; (passing from a 
forefather to a son) nuzdl; (birth) paiddish; 
(invasion) ydrisb, hamla; (lineage) nasi, 

Describe, de-skrlb', v. t. L. de and scribers. ba* 
ydn k., taqrlr k., batdnd ; Dcscribable, a. qd- 
bil i baydn ; Description, dg'skrip'shun, n. 
sharh. ta’rlf, baydn, na jl ; (sort)qimdsh, waza\ 
cb.'il ; Description of a person, huliya, feh&l o 
kuad ; Descriptive, de-skrip'tiv, o. muzabir, 
mubaiyan, nnql-kundn, ta'rff k. w. 

Descry, <16 skrl\ v. t . Norm. F. descrier tlknd, 
ma’ldm k. ; dekbnd, nazdra k„ pahchdnndt 



Desecrate, dee'S-krAt, v. ft. L. deseorart, nApAk 
k., ftldda k., palld k. ; Desecration, n. Alftdagl, 
nftpAkf, abtftl i niyAz. 

Desert, dg-z&rt', v, ft. L. da and serere t 
(abandon) chho? d., dal d.; (run away) 
chhof bhftguA. [ — from]. Syn. Abandon; 
forsako; relinquish ; quit; — n. F. deaerte. ajr, 
■aiAwArl. Syn Merit; worth; excellence; 
— e. wlrAa; — n. bayAbAn, jangal; — ed, a. 
chhofA haft, tark kiyA hdA, matrak; wlrAo, 
khftlf, sQnA, ujftf; — cr, d*-z8rt'Ar, n. bhagofft, 
firftrf, bhaggfi; — lou, flrftr, chalft-chal, rawA 
rawf, bhagef. 

Deserve, dA-zArv' v. i. L. de and tereiVa. (worthy 
of) sazftwAr k., lAiq h., muatahaqq h. t qftbil h 
Deserving, a. sazftwAr, lAiq, haqq-dAr, qftbil, 
Desiccant, dg-sik'ant, ft. srtkhft gAlnewAU shai 
Desiccate, dft-zik'At, v. ft. fchushk k., sukbftnft, 
rutdbut khfQchnft. 

Desiderate, dg-sid'gr-At, v. ft. L. deetderare. (In 
want of ) muhtftj h. ; (want) shanq se cliAbnA, 
ghwAhUh k; Desideratum, a. L. deaiderure. 
zurfirat. hAjat, fchwAhish. 

Design, aA-sXn', v. ft. L. de and aignare. irAda 
rakhnft, mansftba b., naqaha b. ; — a. F. deaaern. 
.(purpose) irAda, mansdba; (scheme) tadbfr; 
(plan) naqsha; (plot) bandish, gbftt. Syn. 
Sketch ; plan ; purpose ; mean ; — lng,df slu'ing, 
p. a. uaqsha b. w. ; (intriguing) fitratl, fchud- 
garaz. daglbftz; — a. taswlr-kashf, musawwa- 
rljghftt, fit rat. 

Designate, des'ig-uat, v. ft. L. deaignare. zAhirk., 
batAaA, alag k ; Designation, des-ig-nA'sbun, 
a. 'alAtnat, nishAn, ishftra; laqab ; izuAr ; taqar- 

Desire, dg-zlr\ v. ft. F. detirer. (hankering af- 
ter) ragbat k., khwAhish k., chfthuA; (ask) 
■AflgnA, laichAnA; — n. (lust) raastf; (request) 
darkbwAst; (longing for) khwfthish, chAh; 
(appetite) bbflk. Syn. Wish; inclination; 
craving; eagerness. [ — for] ; Desirable, a. 
margab, pastudfdn, dil-pasand; Desirous, 
dg-zlr'us, a. F. desireux. mushtAq, khwAhish- 
mand. Syn. Eager; covetous. 

Desist, de-sist\ v. i. L. dc and aiatere. (leave off) 
chho( d. ; (stop) dasl-bardAr h., parhez k. ; 
(cease) bAe r. [ — from]. 

Dc^lc, desk, ». Sax &. Icel. disc, likhne kf me*. 
Desolate, des'6-lfit, v. ft. L. da and aolare. (lay 
waste) ujArnA, wlrAn k. ; (ruin) kharftb k.; 
—a. wlrAn, khAk-slyAh, ujftf, udfts; Desola- 
tion, n. kharftbf, wlrAnl, dilgfrl. 

Despair, dg-sp&r', v. i. F. desesperer .( lose hope) 
nft-ummed h., mftyfls h., nirAs h. ; — ». nft-um- 
medl, mAyflsf, nirAs. [ — of]. 

Despatch, de-spach', v. t. F. iepeofier. (semi 
away hastily) bhejnA, daurinA, jaid rawAna 
k. ; (kill) mAr d., thikAne lagAnA; (finish) 
khatmk.; — n. jaldf, shitAhf ; chftlftn; Govern- 
ment — , sarkftrl murftsala or, ». dAkrawA- 
na k. w. 

Desperado, des-p£r-&'<!9, «. Sp. deaperer. jangf, 
tarangl, gussawar. Syu. Daredevil; desperate 

Desperate, des'pgr&t.s. ( fearless )be-bAk, nidar ; 
(hopeless) nirAs, nA-ummed; (irrecoverable) 
be-hAl; (mad) mn jntin, sift ; to grow—, marne 
par AnA. Syn. Hopeless ; despairing ; furious ; 
frantic; Desperation, ». nirftsf, nft-ummedf; 
gaznb, gu&sa. [zalfl, haqfr, be-qadr. 

Despicable, des'pik-a-bl. u. L. deapieeri. pAif, 
Despise, dfi-splz', v. ft. L. deapioere , haqfr jAnnA ; 
(disdain) hiqArat, k., past samajhnA. Syn. 
Scorn ; contemn ; slight ; undervalue. 

Despite, dg-splt, n. L. deapectua . (malice) sldd, 
’adAwat; — uf, prep, hat kbilftf ; In — , bar-’aks, 

[ — of] ; — ful, fl. bad-khwfth, bad-andesh, klna- 
war, ziddf. 

Despoil, d6-spoil', v. ft. L. de and apoliare. (plun- 
der) chbfn 1., IfltnfifUfA d. f — of]. 

Despond, d§ spond', v. t. L. dc and apondere. (be 
cast down) nA-ummedh.; (lose courage) hlm- 
niat hftrnft, mftyfts h„ dil-tapg h.;— cncy, 
de spond'en-si, n. nft-ummedf, mAyfisf, dil- 
tnggf. Syu. Dejection ; discouragement ; dep- 
ressioa; sadness eat, s. L. deapaniana. 

(depressed) ftsurda-dil, past-hlmmat, mAyds, 

Despot, des'pot, ». G. deapotea . (tyrant) JAbir 
zAlim ; mukhtAr i kull lc, «. mukhtAr i ku)l: 
jAbir; — ism, w. tasalluc; aitam, sulm, khud- 

Dessert, dez-z6rt, ft. F. deaaervir . nnql, mewa. 
Destiny, n. taqdfr, qisinat, aujAm, naslb ; Des- 
tlnate, or Destine, des'tin, v. t. L. deatinure 
(doom) muqarrar k., muqaddar k. f thahrAnA; 
(set, apart) makhsfls k.; Destination, i». 
marja , manzil ; maqsfid ; (design) irAda, mat. 
lab; (appoint) thikftnA. Syn. Lot; fate; endl 
destiny; inclination. 

Destitute, dt'a'ti-tflt, a. L. de and atatuer «. 

tihf-dast; (forsaken) 
chhocahfiA; (without means) mufiis, lAehAF, 

li J cU4ri t mahtSjV - 

Destroy, dd-stroj', v. f. L. de and atruerc, (lay 
fj'Md k. ; ujftfnft ; (rain) n. k.. uA- 
bfidk. , (kill) mAr d- Syn Lay whmc; ruin; 
consume cr, w. qAtil. barbAd k. w., halAk *!. 
Destruction, n. pAemfilf, kharAbf, tabfthi, shikas- 
De ^ truL ^ii>le, ue-struk'ti-bl, «. bar- 
bAd hone ke qftbil, fanft-pazlr; Destructive, 
a. L. deatruoUvua. muzir, muhlik. Syn. Mor- 
tal ; deadly ; fatal ; ruinous. 

Desuetude, des'we-tfid, ». L. de and euetum. 
cessation of use) be-isti’mftlf, be-rawftjl; rlti 
kf uivirittl. 

Desultory, des'ul -tor-i, o. L. de and aalire. be- 
sarishti, be-tartfb. Syn. Inconstant; unset- 
tled; Dcsulturincss, n. (absence of order 
and method) bn-iartfbf. be-qft'idagl. 

Detach, de-tach', v. t. F. detacher. chhafftnA, 
judft k., bhejnu. Syn. Separate ; disunite; dis- 
engage. [ — from] ; — ment, n. gol, gurob, 
lasbkar, dasta, jatbft. 

Detail, dft-tai', v. t. F. de and tailler. mufassal 
kahnA, tafsli k., tafrfq k. ; — n. tafsfhvAr, mu- 
fassal. Syn. Account; narrative; relation; 
recital; — ed, a. mufassil, musharrah; (in 
detail) ma&hrflhan, tafsIlwAr. 

Detain, de tAn', v. t. L. de and tenere . (keep 
b^ck) bfta rakhnft, roknft; (keep in custody) 
qaid k. f dftb r. S>n. Withhold ; stop ; hinder; 
check; retard; Detention, dft-ten'sbu^ ». 
(restraint, withholding) atkfio, qaid. 

Detect, de-tekt', v. t. L. de and tegere , to cover, 
dekhnft ; (convict) pakar 1.. dharuft; (find 
out) tftrnft, daryftft k. Syn. Discover; find out ; 
expose ; lay open ; Detection, ». kashf, dhar- 
pakar, girift. Syu. Discovery. 

Deter, dg-tfir', v. t. L. de and terrere . (disheart- 
en) dil tofnft; (hinder) bAz rakhnA, roknft, 
chashm-nuinAf k. [ — by, — from]. 

Deterge, 'dft-tArj', v. t. (to cleanse) sAf k., gbAo 
kf Alftish mkAlnA. 

Deteriorate, dS-tg'ri-fi-rtt, v. t. L. deterier. bi- 
gftpift, badtar k., yA h., kharftb k. [—from]: 
Pu CtC x r ^ ra i ,on ’ T, n V abtarl, badtarf. 

kharAbf. Syn. Debasement ; dagradatioa ; de- 

Determine, dfi-tftrm'in, v. t. L. de and terminua 
thahrAnA, thik k. ; (resolve) qasd k., 'azfmai 
k.; (decide) hukm k. ; (finish) tamAm k.: 
(bound) lhAtak. ; (inflaence) tahrfkd.; (con- 
ceive) JAnnA. [—on]; Determinate, dg- 
tfinn in- At, a. L. determinate, tahqfq, mu’ai- 
yan.lhlk, mahdrtd, musammam; Determin- 
ation, ». qasd, azfmat. infisAI, tajwfz, istiq- 
1A1 ; fixed — , qasd i musammam, f Asm-bil-jazm. 
Detest, dg-test , v. ft, L. de and ftzsftar*. (hate) 
makrfih JAnnA; (loathe) karAhiyat k., nafrat 
k. Syn. Abhor; loathe; abominate, f — for]; 
—able, a. nA-gawAr, makrfth, galls, ghi- 
naunft ; naaht;— ation, n. nafrat, ghin. karA- 
hiyat. [utArnA, be-tAj o takht k. 

Dethrone, dg-thrfin', v. ft. F. detroner. takht se 
Detort, dg-tort', v. ft. L. de and ftorgtiere. (to 
pervert, to wrest) aigthnA, marofnA, ulatnA. 
pulatnA ; Detortion, n. uRAo, aig^h, maroVi 
Detract, d6-trakt', v. ft. L. de and trahere. (take 
away merit from) ghatAnA, 'alb-jol k.. gfbat 
k. Syn. Decry ; disparage ; depreciate; abase. 



r— from] i— Ion, n. 'alb-Jof, tahmat, dbat ; 
nindi i— or,*, ’aib-jof k, w. By u. Slauder- 
er : defamer. 

detriment, det'ri-ment, ft. L. detrimentum, 
(hurt) nuqsAn, ebikast; (damage) ghalal; 
dokh.' Syn. Injury; loss; damage; hurt; 
barm; — al, det-ri-ment'al, u. muzir, mufchil, 
mufsid ; augun-kftrf. 

Devastate, dev'as-tftt, ft. U L. dt and vastare. 
(lay waste) wlrAn k., barbAd k. ; (desolate) 
^Aemfll k. ; Devastation, a. wlrAnf, pAemAJI, 

Develop, d€-vel'up, ft. t. F. developer. ^unravel) 
kholnft, sAhir k., nikAlnA, taraqql denA ; (lay 
open) suljhAnA, ball k.;— ment, ft. mukA- 
sbaf a, taraqql, ishAr. . _ 

Deviate, de'vi-At, v. %. L de and vxq. (wander 
from ihe way) bhataknA, gumrAh h., munharif 
]] t> rfl-gardfin h. Syn. Swerve ; stray ; wander. 
[ — from]; Deviation, ». be-rAbl, guiurAhl, 

Device, dA vis', ft. L. divider e. (contrivance) 
bikmat; (scheme formed) ruansftba, tajwls; 
(emblem) niahAa, tamga. Syn. Contrivance; 
design : project. [a. shaitAnl. 

Devil, dev'il, ft . A.-S. diafol. shiitAn; — ish, 
Devious, de'vi-us, a. L. de and via. be-rAh, gum- 
rAh, tei'hA, kaj-rau. 

Devise, (16 -via', v. t. (scheme) tadblr k., ljAd k. ; 
(contrive) mansAba bAndhnft;; (bequeath) 
cb iof marnA ; — n. waslyat-nftraa ; Devisable, 
de-viz-'a-bl, a. qftbil IjAd ; Devisor, n. fitratl, 
mansAbe-bAs, IjAd k. w., mAjid. 

Devoid, d6-void', o. (empty) IfhAlI. [—of]. 
Devolve, d6-volv', v. t. L. de and volvere. dast 
b:\ dast p&hunchAnA, cUlnA, A pafaA, sogpnA. 

L — on, — upon]. 

Devote, (16 vdt\ v. t. L. de and vovere. (dedicste) 
nivAsk., filAk., nazr k., qurbAn k., tasadduq 
k.cbajhAaA ; (to appropriate) mafchsAs k., 
jhahrAuA; (addict) masrdf k., hawAla k. , 
(give up) chhor d. Syn. Apply; resign; con- 
sign. £ — to]; Devoted, a. jAn-nisAr; (zeal- 
ous) ailsoz, sargarra ; Devotee, dcv-5-t6', ». 
F. devot. zAhld, riyAzf, ’Abid, murtAz; pujArl, 
rishl, jogl, tapasbwl. [ — to] ; Devotion, n. 
’ibidat, bandagl, riyAzat, parastish, ptljA, na- 
mAz ; (deep love)birl muhabbat ; (earnestness) 
sirgarml. Syn. Consecration; devoutness; 
piety ; religiousness ; Devotional, d6-v0'shun- 
al, a. ’ibAdatl, Ulnl, mazhabl; sargarm, jAn- 

Devour. (16- vour\o. de and vorare. nigal 

j , kliA 1.. bhakosnA. Syn. Consume; waste. 
Devout, d6-vout', 0. L. devotue. (pious) namA- 
zl, diudAr. Syn. Holy ; pure; religious ; prayer- 

Dew, dll, ft. A.-S. deaw. os, thabnam ; kobar, sit ; 
— drop, n. shabnam kAqatra, os kA bAgd ; — v. 
t. shabnam se tar h., os kbAnA. [gab-gab. 

Dewlap, dQ'lap, ». From dewand lap. chaddar, 
Dexter, deks'ter, a. L. (the right) dAhine, dAhi- 
nA ; — lty, deks-tCr'i-tl, ft. L. de&teritae. kArl- 
garT, san’at, tesdastl, cbAlAkt, ustAdl, hunar. 
Syn. Adroitnesa ; skillneas ; cleverness ; tact ; 
—• ous, deka't&r-us, a. L. demter. kArlgar, 
boshiyAr, chAlik-dast. Syn. Adroit; active; 
expert ; skilled; clever. [haul. 

Diabetes, dl-a-bg'tez, ». Q. tiny, ft pi. G. bulsui 
Diabolical, dl-a-bol'ik-sl, a. G. diabohs. shai- 
tAnf, jahannuml, dozaklil. 

Diadem, dl'a-dem, n. G. diode mo. tAj, kuIAh i 
shAhl, daihlm ; mukut. ftashkhls. 

Diagnosis, dl-ag-nO'sM, a. Q. dim and ft gneekein. 
Diagonal, dl-ag'on-al, a* konA kool hbatt, qutr, 
yA watr. _ I'a&qoha, s Age ha. 

Diagram, di'a-gram, a. G. dtm^ramma. shakl, 
Dial, dl'al, n. L. dialis. dhAp-ghafl ; dAira, balqa, 
ralqlyA*, jontra. 

Dialect, di'a-lekt, a. G. d»s and legein. boll, 
zubAn; rauhAwara, bhAshA; — ic, dl-a-b*k'tik, 
a. (logical) mantiql IguftogA. 

Dialogue, dl'a-log. a. G. dielogos. suwAl jawAb, 
Diameter, dl-anret-6r. a. G. dia and matron. 

qutr, dAirc ke blch kA fchuit, ^hatt 1 istiwA. 
Diamond, di'a-mond, a. G. adamae . alm&s, 

MrA; tAsh JI® par fnt kA naqsb ho; sdb ss 
chhote qism kA barf; a cutting— used by 
glaziers, qala ml a lm As. [dawA. 

Diaphoretic, dl-a-fO-ret'ik, a. paslna lAnewAU 
Diaphragm, dl'n-fiam n. G. diaphrogma. parda 
i shikaui. 

Diarrhoea, dla-re'a, a. G. dia and rein, (a pur- 
ging. a flux) ishai, jiryAn i sbikam ; sangrihnl, 

Diary, dl'a-rl, ft. L. diuritm . roz-oAmcha ; Dia- 
rist, dl'a-rist, n. roz-n&mcba rakhnewAlA. 
Diatribe, dl'a-trlb, ». Q. dia and tribein. (a con- 
tinued discourse, disputation) lagatAr bayAn 
yA mubAhasa ; anantar varnan wA vivAd. 

Dice, dls, n. pi. of die . kAbatain, pAnse; — v. i. kt’- 
batain khelnA, pApse phefiknA;— board, bisAt, 
takhta i nard. 

Dictate, dik'tAt, v. t. L. diotare. farmdnA, kahnA, 
'ibArat batlAnA, llkhwunA ;[— to] ; — ». hukm, 
farmAn, irshAd, A fgyA. Syn. Command; in- 
junction ; Dictation, n. bukmf intizAm ; harf 
[ l imIA; Dictatorial, dik-t.i-iO'ri-ai* a. (abso- 
lute, impervious, overbearing) hukml, ba-hukA* 
mat, kbud-numft, magrflr, jAbir. 

Diction, dik'^hun, ». L. die tie. (style) ’ibArat, 
muhAwara i roz-marra, inshA; bol-chAl. [kosh. 
Dictionary, n F. dietionnaire . higat, farhang; 
Dictum, d k'tura, n. L. dioere, to say. (an apo- 
thegm ) mustaqil ul qaul. 

Didactic, di-<Jak'tik, a. G. didaekein. (percep- 
tive) na<Ihat-Amez, pur-ta’Um, pand Amez. 
Die, dl, v. i. Icel. deya. marnA, ma'dAm h., nAbad 
h., faut h., sAnt ., bujhnA, sard h., kbushk h. 

[ — by, — of]. Syn. Exp. re; decease; perish; 
depart ; vanish ; — n. F. de. ka’b; sikka, (happA, 
zarb, rhhAp; pAg^A. 

Diet, di'et, ». G. diaita. kbAnA; — v. t. khilAnA, 
gizt\ tsjwfs k., Ah ir batAnA. 

Differ, dif'6r. v. i. L. die and ferre. (make unlike) 
ifchtilAfk. ; (disagree) nA-innwAfi ; h. ; (vary) 
khilAfrAeh. ; (contend) jhagaruA. Syn. Vary; 
disagree, dispute; contend ; oppose. [ — from, 
— n, — with] ence, ». (dispute) nA-muwA- 

fiqat, jhagfA, baht; (distinction! ikbtilAf, 
farq; — ent, a. alig, mukhtalif. nA-muwAfiq; 
Differentiate, ft. t. lmtiyAi k. ; farq nikAlnA yA 
ma lfim k. 

Difficult, dif'i-kult, 0. L. diffloilie. mushkil, dash- 
wft 1 , Aham, sakbt, daqlq, kathin, bhArl ; — y, ft. 
F. dijfriculte. mushkil. diqqat. paresliAnf. dush- 
wArf, bairfinl, sakhtl, janjAI, jhanjhat, kadd o 
kAwish, dukh, ta’arruz. Syn. Impediment, 
obstacl'*, perplexity, distress. 

Diffidence, diri-dpns, n. (distrust) shakk, an- 
desha ;sharmindagl, be-hiinmatf. waswAs.wahra, 
shubha; sankoeb. [ — of]; Diffident, a. L. 
dijffldcns. shakkf, snarmgln, waswAsi, wahml, 
andesha-nAk; sankochl. 

Dlfformlty, dif-for'mi-ti, ft. (irregularity) be- 
ta rtlbl, nA-hamwArf. be daull. 

Diffuse, dif-fffs', ft. t. L. die and fundere. phailA- 
nA, chht|kAnA, muntashar k., bakhcroA ; rawaj 
d«; — n.mufassal, tawll, musharrah, muntashar, 
lambA chaurA; Diffnsedncss, ft. tdl, tfllAnl, 

Dig, dig, v. t. A.-S. dician. khodnA ;— down, (get 
down bv digging) niche khodnA; — in, — iuto, 
(pierce) chhed k., sdrAkb k. ; — out, — out 
from, (excavate) khoJke nikAlnA: — through, 
(make a passage through) rAh nikAlnA; — un- 
der, (undermine) surang khodnA; — up, (bring 
up from below by digging ) khod ke n kAlnA. 
Digest, de*je>t', v. t. L. di and gerere. to bear, 
carry, (dissolve in the stomach )bazm k., tahlli 
k ; (soften by beat) galAnA ; (think over) 
gaur k., sochnA ; (arrange) murattab k.. ArAsta 
k. ; — dl'jest, ft. Ale kA majmfl’a, majmrt'a-i- 
qawAnln; — lble, dc-jest'e-bl, a. Imzm bona 
ke lAiq ; — ibliity, ft. hazm hone ki qAbillyat; 
— ion, ft. L. digeetio. hazm, pschAo ; pufchtagf ; 
(arrangement) intizAm. 

Digit, dij'it, ft. L. digitus, a finger, ungal bhar; 

sfiraj yA cbAnd ke quir kA bArahwAg bissa. 
Dignity, n. L. dig nit as. (worthiness) liy&qat, 
'izzat; (elevation of rank) martaba, darja, 
.mancalat mansabjwaqr, iftikhAr; Dignitary, 




dlg'nl-tar-i, n. mu'azziz pAdrl ; barA ’uhdedfir ; 
Dignify, dig'ni-fl, v. t. L. dignus. and faccre. 
bafhAnA, taraqql d., sarfarAz k., ’izzat d. ( 
hurmat k., ta’zfm o ta^rfm k. 

Digress, de-gres', v. i, L. 4i and grtidi. (l.urn 
aside) knnftro ho j., tajAwuz k., asl matlab ko 
talk karke baydnk., gurezk. Syn. Deviat e 
wander; expatiate; amplify ;— ion, de-gresh'- 
un, n. kanira-kashl, gurez. 

Dijudicnte, di-jtT-di-kfit, v. t. L. di and judex. 
(to determine, to decide, to judge) tajwlz k., 
nirnai k., k. 

Dike, dXk, n. A.-3. die, (channel) khfii, khan- 
daq; (mound against inundation) puskta ; — 
v. t. pusiita bAgdhnA. 

D Macerate, di-las'Ar-At, v. t. L. di and lacerare. 

(to tear) ciilrnA, phflrnA, (ukre tukr® k. 
Dilapidate, di-lap'i-dAt, v. t. L. dis and lapis 
(waste) barbAd k., tabah k., wirfin k. : (hurt) 
nnqsfin pahunchAnA ; (fall into decay) zdil h.; 
Dilapidation, n. barb Ad I, wlrAnl. 

Dilate, di-lat', v. t. L. dian d latus. (to expand) 
phailanfi, bafhAnA, cliaurAnA; — upon or — on, 
trtl bayAn k., bayhAnA, kholnl, chaufAu.l ; — n 
bafhotaii, ahiguftagf ; — a. kushfida, cnuufft ; 
Dl'atory, di-lg-to-ri, a. L. dilator, Ahistn. sunt, 
k&hil. Syu. Slow; sluggish ; delaying; luact 
ive; Dilatorincss, dil'ft-tor-i-nes, n. (delay) 
Ahistagf, derf, dirangf, tAkhfr, kahili, (Al-raatol. 
Direction, de-Jek'-ahun, n. L. di aud ledum. 
(the act of loving, kindness) piyfir, mihrbAnf ; 

Dilemma. di-Ieiu'it, n. G. di and lemma, (in 
logic) inuhtarnil uzziddain ; (vaxati >us, alter- 
native) shakk, dub lhA ; bhapwar-jal. 
Diligence, dil'i-jens, «. (industry) koshish, 
sargarmf, miimat, tanrtihf;to give — , or use 
— , tau-dihl k., koshish k. Syu. Attenlion; 
Industry; constancy; assiduity ; care; Dili- 
gent, dil'i-jent, a. L. tliligeis. inasrAf, inihnatf, 
musta’idd, shAgil. [hulk.i k. [ — with, — by]. 
Dilute, di-lui\ v. t. L. diluere. patlA k„ raqlq k., 
Dim, dim, a. A.-S. dim. (not clear) dliuudbh'i ; 
(dull) dbtiuilfi; (faint) phfkA, be-nfir, be-Ab. 
Syn. Obscure; dark ; dusky ; dull ; imperfect ; 
— v. 1. dliu .dlilfinA; — ncs9,dim-ness, n. dbundh, 
dhundhIAf, tfragf. 

Dimension, di-inon'shun, n. L. dimetiri. (mea- 
sure) «n Ip, andflza, miqddr, paimfiish ; (capa- 
city) was’at, ’arz o till. 

Diminish, di-miu'ish, v. t. L. diminuere. (les- 
sen) mukha/Taf k., kolAh k. t gbalAuA, kara k. 

[ — by]. Syn. Decrease ; abate. 

D mlnutfve, di-tnin'CL tiv, o. (small) chh* I.A, 
kochak, uannliA; — n. (a diminutive noun) ism 
i musaggar ; sangj'4 ; Diminution, dim-i-mV 
shun, n. L. diminufio. taqltl, kaml, takhflf; 
(discredit) kam-qadrf. 

Dimity, dim'i-ti, n. G. dinitos. doriyfi, sfgkiyA. 
Dimple, diin'pl. n. garhA, chAU i zanafch ; — a. i. 

pacbaknA, gaphA pa pi A. [gauge, dhfirn dhAra. 
Din, din, ». A.-S. dyne, (ciamoor) shor, gul, 
Dine, din, v. t. F. diner . L. dis and jcjunarc, to 
fast, khflnft kliAnA, khilAnA, bhojan k. ; Din- 
ner, din'Sr, n. kbAnA, nah'irl. 

Ding, ding, v. t. A.-S. dingan. zor se bolnS, ghan- 
(e k 1 tarah AwAz k„ tantanAnA; — v. t. de mAr- 
nA, pa(ak d, ; — dong, tanfanlhat, ghangkanA- 
ha( *, Dingy, din'ji, a. Allied to dim and dun. 
kAlA, mallA; Dinginess, din'Jl-nes, n. kAlA- 
pan, mailApan. 

Dint, dint, n. zarb, chot, nishAna; (strength) 
zor; by— of, ba-waslle; to carry a measure 
by — of money, paise ke zor se kAm nikAlnA. 
Diocesan, dl-os'es-an, a. sardAr pAdrl; Dio- 
cese, drd-sgs, n. G. dioikien sardAr pAdrl ko 
qalam-rnu ke muta'alliq. 

Dip, dip, v. i. A.-S. dippan. dubkt d., gota d., 
dubAnA, garq k. ; — in, — Into, kit Ab dckhnA; — 
11 . dob. [ — in,-— into]. 

Diphthong, diPthong, dip'thong, a. G dis and 
phthoggos . doharf i ’illat kl mill hfll AwAz, lafz 
l maqrfln. ■ [ wez . 

Diploma, di-plb'ma, », G. diploma. sanad,dastA- 
Diplomacy, n. From diploma, sifArat, elchl-, 
garL hikrnat i ’a mall. j 

! Diplomatic, dip-16-mat'ik, c. snnad ke muta’al* 
liq, bAdshAhf elcblon keda^trtr ke muta’alliq. 

Dire, dir, a. L. dir us. daraun.i, khauf-nAk: bhArf 
katbin; — ful, dlr'fool, n, (dreadful) haulnAk* 
mulifb, khaufmlk. 

Direct, do-rekt', a. L. direotus. sldhA, muslaqfin ; 
—-id. (forthwith) fauran. [— toj ; — v. t. L. 
dir i gore, b Ul AuA, dikh I And, sujhAnA ; ( in -truct ) 
tarbiyat k.; (order) farmAnA; (regulate) 
baudobast k., intizAm k. ; (aim) nish.ina 
bAndhnA; (to addivss) sarnAma liktinA. Syn. 
Guide; lead; conduct; manage; — ion, «. 
(order) amr, rah-numAt; (aim or cause) 
taruf, matlab; (order) bukm; (management) 
iutizAm; (board of directors) muntazimos kl 
jamA’Rt; Direction of a letter, saruAma, 
pata. Syu. Administration ; guidance ; order ; 
government; — or, n. (guide) rahnumd; (in- 
structor) ta’llm d. w., uiushlr, salAhkAr; 
(ruler) hAkim; (manager) mobtamim, kAr- 
pardAz, lcAr-kun; — ory, n. kitAb i hidAyat, das- 
Iflr ul ’amah 

Dirge, dgrj, n. marsiya, nnuha, mAtam. [rA. 

Dirk, dArk, n. Scot. dark. katAr, kbanjar, cbhu- 

Dirt, d6rt, n. Icel. drit. mail, gard, klch, gallz; 
Dirty, «. mailA, najis ; malfn ; — v. t. mnihl k. 

Disable, dis a'bl, v. t. be-maqdflr k., ’Ajiz k., 
be-kask. [ — by, — with,— from]. Syn. Unfit; 
weaken ; Disability, riis-a-bil'i-ti, n. From 
disable. uAtawAnf, nA-tAqat, lAchArl, be-qud- 
rntf, zu*f, nd-qilbiliyat. 

Disabuse, tlis-a-bflz', v. t. F. desubuscr. (unde- 
ceive) Ankh kAu kholnA, hoshiyAr k. ; (set 
right.) duriistbatAnA. [ — of]. 

Dlssicivunt:ige, dis-ad-van'laj, ». F. desavan - 
t go. nuqsAn, gliAtA ; zarar, khalal, qabAhat. 
Syn. Detriment ; injury ; hurt ; loss ; damage ; 
— ous, a. be-fAidn. :A-liAsil, niuzir. 

Dlsnffect, dis-af-fekt', v. t. L. dis and ulcere. 
nArAz k , bigAj'nfi, ba l-khwAht k.; (dislike) nA- 
pasand k. ; — cd, a . bad-kbwAh, badznn, bad- 
gumAn, bad nndesh, be-dil; — ion, n. bad-gu- 
iii A ul, b id-andeshf. 

Disagree, dis-a-gre', v. t. F. agreer. L. dis and 
agree . (differ) nA-muwAflq h.. inukhAlif ur rAe 
h., bign rnA, bipltavni. [ — with] ; — able, a. nA- 
minvAli r, nA-pas.iud, bad-maza, mnkrQh; — 
meat, n. nA-ittifAqf, nA-khnshl. 

! Disallow, dis-al-Iow', v. t. L. dis and F. allouer . 
miua’ k., inkArk. ; (refuse to allow) nA manzAr 
k., nA-pttsand k., radd k. 

Disannul, dis-an-nur, v. t. (to render void) 
ina.iquf k., radd k M bAtilk. 

Disappear, dis-ap-pCr', v. i. Ii, dis and apparere. 
(withdraw/ gAib ho j. y chliipAnA, kAfflr ho j., 
gum ho j. [ — from] ; — ance, dis-ap-per'ans, n. 
gum- 'hashlasljaiop. 

Disappoint, dis-ap-point', v. t. L. dis and 
appoint. nA-ummeu k., mAyfis k. nirask. [ — 
of] ; — incut, n. nA-umme dl, yfis. 

Disapprobation, HTg^ap^pro-bA'shun, n. L. dis 
and approbare. nA-manzrtrl, nA-pasandl, naf- 
iiit. Syn. Dislike; ccusure. 

Disapprove, dis-ap-priitJv', v. t. nA-pnsand k., 
nA-manzAr k., rod. Ik., inkar k. t — of]; Dis« 
approval, n. (dislike) nA-manzflri, nafrln, 

Disarm, dis-firm', v. t. L. dis and arma. (deprive 
of weapons or strength) hathyAr chbln 1., 
karaar khulAna, uangA k. 

Disarrange, dis-a-runj', v. t. L. dis and F. 
arranger, (unsettle) be-tarllb k., (disorder) 
garbar k.. darham barbam k., abtar k. 

Disaster, diz-as # t6r, n. F. desastre . Afat, musl- 
bat; (unfortunate) kambnkhtl, bipat. Syn. 
Calamity; mishap; misfortune; grief; Dis- 
astrous, a. bad-bftfcht, Afat-raslda, kam- 

Disavow, dis-a-vow', v. t. L. dts and F. t wouer . 
(to deny, disown) inkftr k., mukarnA; — al, 
n. inkAr, lA-da’wA. 

Disband, dis-band', v. t. L. dis and Sw. band. 
Sax. banda . fauj mauqflf k., iashkar tor d., 
jawAb d. Syn. Separate, disperse ; break up ; 

Disbelief, dis-b€-15f', «. L. dvs and Sax. geleat § 




geleafan , to believe, be-i’tiqAdl, be-lmAnl, be- 
i’tib&rf, kufr. Syu. Distrust ; un be ief ; scep- 
ticism; Disbelieve, dis-bS-l5v', v, t. i’tiqAd 
na k., yaqlu na k., I’tibftr na k. 

Disburden, v. t, L. dis and Sax. bynan, a harden, 
khftll k., AzAd k., bojh utArnA, lialkd k. Syn 
Onload ; discharge ; free ; relieve. 

Disburse, dis-burs', v. t. I* di8 and F. course. 
klrirch k; — ment, ». (that which is paid out), 
fcharch, sarf, ifchrAjAt. 

Disc, Disk, disk, n. qurs, girda, tabqa ; manual. 

Discard, dis-kArd', v . *. (cast off) mauqflf k., 
khdrU k., nikfll d., bar-taraf k., dflr k., ma’zal 

Discern, dis-sSrn', v. t . Tj. dis and earners, (see) 
drkhriA ; (discriminate) tamlz k., farq jAnml, 
pabchAnnfl; (discover) ma’ltiin k. [ — in, — 
from]; — er. dis-sfirn'Sr, n. imtiyAz k. \v., na- 
zar-bAz, wAdf-kAr. qadnlfln, mnbnssir: — of 
merit, qadnb'm : — ifoic, dis-sflrn'ibl, a. dldauf, 
zAhir, kliulA; — ment., n. (acute judgment) 
irntiyAz, falimld, daryAft. sIiinAklit. Syn. Dis- 
crimination ; penetration : sagacity. 

Discharge, dis-ch&rj', V. t. F. decharger. (re- 
lease) Azfld k. ; (unload) bojh ulArnA; (let off) 
chhof il. ; (let fly) dAgnA, chhopiA; (execute) 
ta’mtl k., lmjA 1., (dismiss) jawAb d., raauquf 
k., khalAs k. ; (send off) ; (clear a deb! 
by payment) be-bAq k. [ — from]; — n, rihAf, 
chhuttl. bartarfl, mauqflff, saftif-uAma, fdrig- 
khnttl, 'amal. 

Disciple. dis-el'pl, v t. sh.igird chela k. ; — 
n. D. discern, murid. ‘liflgird, clirul. 

Discipline, dis'si-plin, n. h. discipline. fn'llm, 
torbiyat, til-ilb ; (main known) Arustagf.hmi- 
obast; (correction) ta ubfh. Syn. Education; 
instruction; c.ilture; correction; — v . t. (erlu- 
cate) tn’llm tl., qA’ida sikhiAn'i ; (train) tar- 
bivat. k., tuinblh k., t.l-hn k. Syn. Train; bring 
up; emulate : correct. 

Disclaim, (lis-kiAm. v. t. L dis and cbimare 
inkAr k., tnrk k., t-da'wA b. t chhoynA. Syn. 
Disavow ; deny. 

Disclose, dis-kloz', v. t. U. dis and F. clot . (lay 
open) kliolnA, sAhii k. ; (to tcllj kali d* gosh- 
guzftr k. r— to ]• Lie von 1 ; titter. 

Discolour, dis-kul'Sr, o. t. L. discolor, ba.l-ran" 
k., (lAgdar k. 

Discomfit, dis-kum'fit, e. t. L». dis awd con/ir-err. 
(overthrow) rnaglflb h., sbikast d., iab.ii.d 
Syn. Defeat; — urc, n shikant, hazlmni , 

Discomfort, dis-kum'i6rl, n. L. dis and comfort. 
bc-chainl, ranj, bc-qarArl, gam. 

Discompose, dis-kom-pflz', t). t. L. dis and com- 
pose, gbabrAnA, ranjlda k., abtar k., muzturai' 
k., hairAn k. Syn. Disorder; unsettle; disturb; 

Disconcert, dis-kop-sfirt', V. t. L. dis and con- 
cert. (disorder) bigArnA.ab ark.; (inierrunt ) 
ghabrAnA, klialal d. Syn. Derange; ruffle; dis- 
turb. L — by | . I'alAhidagt, judAl. 

Disconnection, dis-kon-nek'sbun, n. ( disunion ) 

Disconsolate, dis-kon'sO-lflt, a. L. dis and con - 
solari. (sorrowful) gnmglu; (hopeless) nA- 
ummed ; (melancholy) dllgfr, udAs, malai, 

Discontent, n. nArflzl, nA-khushl, be-sabrf, nA- 
kAml ; — v. t. L. dis and content, n.lrftz k., nA- 
khusb k., ranjfda k. ;— ed J a. nA-kbusb, be- 
sabr, nftrftz. [—with]. 

Discontinue, div-kon-tin'fl. v. t. L. dis and oon- 
tinuare. ( cease) mauqflf k.; (interrupt) nAga 

k. ; (leave off) chhor d., band k , roknA: Dis- 
continuance, n. L. dis and oontinuus. (break- 
ing off) mauqflff, nAga, waqfa ; (disruption) 
fAsila, bfch, farq. Syn. Cessation ; intermis- 
sion; reparation; disruption; Discon tin na- 
tion, n. frrq, judAl, f .si la. 

Discord, dis'kord, n. L. dis ano cor. (want of 
agreement) nfi-muwAliqat, iklitilAr, higAr;! 
be-surl, be-tAlf; — ant, «. (disagreeing) nA- i 
muwifiq, mukbtalif; be-sur, be-tAl. Syn. 
Disagreeing ; incongruous ; opposite : contrary. 

Discount, dis'konnt, n. Prefix dis and count . 
batta. dustflrf, kamfsban ; — v. t. dastflrl d., yA 

l. t baUa d. 

Discountenance, v. L L. dis and countenance, 
(cold treatment )munh pher 1., khAtirdArf na k. 
Discourage, dis-kur'a.i, v . t. L. dis und F. cuur - 
age. hi mini t liAruA, dil t»fnA. Syn. Disheart- 
en ; dispirt ; depress; deject. ( — by] -ment, 

n. be-himmiitf, dil-shikanf. 

Discourse, dis-kGrs', n . L. discursus . guftogrt, 
dars, mnkAlaina, qll o qAI ; — V. t . bAt chit k., 
guftogfl k., bayiln k. [ — with, — on, — upon,— 

Discover, dis-kuv'Ar, v. t. Tj. dis and F. couvrir . 
(bring to light) zAhir k. ; (find out) dhQndh 
nikAInfl, dnryAft k. ; (detect) pakaynA, ijAd k., 
iiikAlnA. Syn. Exhibit; toll ; reveal ; Discov- 
ery, n . inkishAf, daryAft, izluir. 

Discredit, dis-krcd'it, v. t. F. decrediter. (dis- 
trust) na-mAnuA; (disgrace) be-Ahrfi k., bo- 
i’tibAr k., khafif k., zalll k. n. bc-i’libArf, 
ilzAtn, khiffat ; dosb. [ — by]. Syn. Disrepute; 
dishonour; — able, di-; krtMl'it-a-bl. n (dis- 
graceful) zabdn, ruswA, nia'yAb, nd-shAista. 
Discreet, dis- k ret', o. Tj. d. sereins, (saLacious) 
hoshyAr, sukhansanj, sAhib i saliqa, Virji fah- 
mldu, sAhib i tamfz ; Discretion, n. L. discre - 
tio. liosliyArf. imtiyAz, ’aql; at Discretion, 
bilAshart; Discretionary, a. (uni entrained) 
AzAd, uA-muqniyad. 

Discriminate, dis-krim'in-At, r t. L. d is vr\ mi- 
nor e. (to separate) imtiyaz k.. m qk., tnmfz 
k., JudA k. [ — between] ; — u. imtiyAzf, tamiz- 
dAr; Discrimination, n .intiyaz, tamfz, farq. 
Syu. Discernment; penetration; clearness; 

Discuss, dis-kus', v.t. L. dis and quatcre. (de- 
bate ) raubAhnsa k, lia.s.*; k. ; (sift) j.inchnA; 
(lo disperse) tali II k. Syn. Examine; de- 
bat. : — ion, n. mubAb.-ma, munAzani, tahqfqAt. 
Disdain, dis-d&n', v. t. h. dis and dignuri, (d s- 
pise) hiqdr^t k., zalll k., nA- ,! \f. k. : — n. hiqA- 
rat, zillat, ihAnat. Syn, Contemn; despiso; 

Disease, diz-5//, n. Prefix dis and case. blmArf, 
ruarz, AzAr; rog ; — v . i. bfmAi li., hill. h. 
Disembark, dis- in-ldlrk', v. t. F. dc.scmbarquer. 
jabAz se utarua, L — from] ;— atioii, n. jabaz 

DLsemliody, dis-em-hod'i, v t. Tj. dis nn^bodig. 

( to di\ est of body, to discharge) be-jism k., 

T>i-«em bowel, dis-em-hnwVl, v i .^nten nikAlnA. 
Disengage, dis-en-gfij', v. t. jiulA k7, AzAd k., 
cbbui'A il., be-kAr k. [ — from]. Syn. Detach; 
release; Disengaged, a. bc-kAr ; (at leisure) 
fArig, khAlt, Azad. 

Disestablish, v. t. ukh.IrnA, jnmne na d. 
Disentangle, dis-eu-ta ir'gl, v. t. suljhAnA. alag 
k. Syn. Unravel; unfold; loo:e; untwist; 

Disestecm, dls-es-tem', n. L. dis and estimare , 
(disregard) be- A brill, biqAr it, ba-’iz/oitl : — v.t. 
hiqArat k., bo-’lzzat k., be-Alml k., zalll k. 
Disfavour, dis-fa-ver, n. nA-khu bf, nA-rAzI, nii- 
m tirbAnl, nA-iltifAtl. 

Disiigure, dis-fig'Qr, v. t. bad-sArnt k.,b ul-numA 
k. ; kurflp k. ; — ment, or Disfiguration, n. bad- 
sbnkll, bad-uumAI ; ku-daull. 

Disfranchise, dis-fran'chlz, v. t. L. dis nud F. 
fra ncTlise. be-haqq k., haqq se muhrflm k., be- 
istihqAq k. 

Disgorge, dis-gori', v. 1. F. degorger , the throat. 

(yield up)radd k„ kbArij k., nikAI a., istifrAg k. 
Disgrace, d i s- gr As', n. L. dis and gratia be-’izzatf, 
battak, napg, ruswAf, fazlhat. [ — of, — to] ; — v. 
t. ruswA k., be-Mzzatk.; — ful, a. ma’yflb, nA- 
ma’qfll, nA-lAiq, nA-shAistn, zalll. 

Disguise, dis-giz, v. t. bhes badaleA, 3 A rat tabdll 
chhipAnA. Syn. Com eal ; bide ; dissemble : 
— fl« bbes, burqa ; (pretence) hlla, makr. [— ■ 

Disgust, dis-gust', n L. dis and gustus. nafrat, 
karAbi vat, chin ; — v. t. L. dis and gustare. naf- 
rat k., karAhiyat k., ghiu k. Syu. Distaste ; dis- 
like; aversion. [ — for, — with | . 

Dish, dish, n. A.-S. disc. dix. takAhf, tabAq ; kbA- 
nfi; — v. t. khAnA nikAlnA, paro:3nA; (make 
hollow) kb All k. ; (cheat) fureb d. 




Dishearten, dis'liArt'n, 9. t. L. d%8 and heart, 
(discourage) tang-dil k., shikasta-dil k., bc- 
dil k. [the hair disorderly) bill bikliernA. 

Dishevel, di-shev'cl, v. U F. deohevelar. (spread 
Dishonest, dis-ou'est, a. Tj. dis and F. honete. 
(not honest) be-fmAn, bad-diy:Uar, nflv/i-t; 
Dishonesty, dis-on'est-i, ». be-ImAnf, nd-rAsU, 

Disiionour, dia-on'er, 9. t . Tj dls and honor, be- 
hurinat k., be-Abril k., be-'izzat k. [ — by] n. 
bc-Abrdf, be-gairatf, bc-hur.aatl. Syii. Dis- 
groce; shame; reproach; — able, c. bc-’izzat, 
zalfl, be-Abr<l ; kalankf. 

Dis humor, dis-ha'-mfir, n. L. dis and humor. 
(ill-humor, peevishness) bad-mizAjf, chirchifd- 

Disincline, dis-fn-klln', e. t. mo tar. a (hr h., dll 
phernA. [ — to] ; Disinclination, dis-in-klin- 
A'shun, n. nft-pasandf, nA-manzurl, nafrat, 
gurez. Syn, Aversion. 

Disingenuous, dla-in-jen'u-us, a. makkAr, dngd- 
bAz. udqis, farebf, Syn. Unfair; illiberal de- 
ceitful. [kbArijk. 

Disinherit, v. t . wirse se makrflm k., ’Aqq k, 
Disinter, dis-in-tfir', V. t. gafl hfll chfz khodknr 

Disinterested, dis-In't^r-^st-ed, r. L. d'snnd F. 
inlercsmr. (not interested) b'-g.raz, b.-par- 
wd, bc-ta na\ Syn. Unbia-s-d ; iuiparUal; 
indilTerent ; — ness, n. bo-gnrazf, bc-p • rwAf. 
Disjoin, dis- min', v. f. (s^verj ala.; k , jidfi I: 

Syn. Disunite ; separate ; sever ; detach. 
Disjoint, dis-joint', v. t. uk’-jir d., band ban'; 
k lolnA, jof alag k. ; — cd, a. ulug alag, ukhiA 
liilA, be-silsila. 

Disjunction, dis-junk'shun, n. L. dis and } ling- 
er e. judftl, farq, tafAwat, ittifdo, hijr; I) is 
junctive, a. judd k. w., 'alAliida k. w. ; — a. hart' 
i tardld. 

dislike, dis-llk', n. (disrelish) nA-pasanrtf ; 
(aversion to) kardhiyat, nafrat. [ — to, —for]. 
Syn. Disapprobation ; aversion ; disgust ; — v. 
t. nA-pasand k., nA-khush h. 

Dislocate, dis'ld-kAt, v. t.Tj. dis nnd Jnrnro. (to 
displace) sarkAnA, gAnfh kg nklTspiA, had II 
tdl nil ; Dislocation, n. ha<j(jl k A sarkdo, safkA 
Inis! ior. 

Dislodge, dI.«-Ioj\ 9. #." : k *M., bdhar k.,d(1rk., 
tdl d. [ — from); Dish- figment, ». sarkdo, 
hat do, nikAl. 

Disloyal, dis-Ioy'ftl, ff. namnk-harAm, be-trnfa, 
bfigf. [ — to] ; — ty, «. bc-wafAI, sarkashf, bagA- 

Dismal, diz'mnl, o. (sorrowful) gamgfn, nflas; 
(gloomy) srtnA, liaiiliiAk, rmibham, bhny.'innk, 
dli undid, aniherd. Syn. Dreary; lonesome; 
gloomy; sad; unhappy. 

Dismantle, dis-mnn'tl, 0 . t. dls nnd mintle. (stri > 
of bulwarks) shahr-panAh tofnA, mrigA k., 
ntAr 1., tof d- Syn. D.-raolish ; raze. 

DIsmask, dis-mask', 9. t. (to unmask) bo-pard 
k., burqa’ utArnA. [k. 

Dismast, dis-mnst', 9. t. mnstfil tornrt, be-mastdl 
Dismay, dis-mfi', v. t. Sp. desmayar. daranA, 
dabahat d., khauf-zada If., he-dil k. ; — n.’khanf, 
dahshat, tara. Syn, Fear; fright; terror; 

Dismember, dis-m?m'b6r, r. 1. band band jndft 
k., *azw IcA$nA. Syn. Disjoin; dislocate; 
divide; — ment^j juddf, 'alAhdacf, taqsfm. 
Dismiss, (lis-rorT, v. t. h. dis and miterc. (dia- 
clinrire) mauqdf k„ bartaraf k., jawdo d.,chhu- 
rdd.; (send away) bhejnfl* rnghaat k., wida' 
k. ; (to divest of an office) raa’ztll k., khArij k. 

[ — from] ; — al or — luu, n. bar-tarff, ru£h- 
aat, barkbAstagf. 

Dlsmouut, dis-mounT, v. t. ghofc yd gdff par se 

giro! yd u tarn A. [ — from] 

Disohrdiem e, dD-o-he'di-ens, a. L. dis and 
obedintia. n '-fannanf, ’u tll-hukmf, sar-kashf ; 
Disobcdicv. * a. na-farinAnbardArf. 

Disobey, dis-o oh # , v. t. nA-farmftnl k , sarkashl 
k. Syn. Transgress; violate. 

Disoblige, dis-5-blIj', v. t. L. dis and oblipatio. 
ranjfda k., bezArk., nA-khush k. ; (offend) nd- 
rds k. ; (not to oblige) ibaftn na k. 

Disorder, dis-or'ddr, ft. L. dis and or Jo . (eonfus« 
ion) abtarf, b^-intizAml; (tumult) halchal, 
bangdma, gbabrAhnt ; — v. t. abtar k., darham 
barham be-tartlb k. [ — by]. Syn. Der- 
ange; confuao. "S 

Disorgiiiiize, dis-or'-gan-Iz, v. t. Tj. dis and F. 

organiser, be-tartlb k., gjiibar k. [ — by]. 
Disown, dis-5n', o. t. (deny) inkflr k„ mukarnA. 
Disparage, dis-par'ftj, v. t. Norm. F. dexparager. 
zalfl k., be-qadr k., ihftnat k., tuchh k., nindd 
k. ; — meat, ». zillat, be-qadrf, hatak, hiqdrat. 
Syn. Detraction; derogation. 

Disparity, dis-par'i-tl, •. L. dispar, far, Ifchtilflf, 
nft-muwfiqat, tafftwat. 

Dispart, dls-pttrt, v . t. L. dis and partir , (to 
divide, to separate) do tukfe k., yfi alag k., ya 
h., tofnA, phopnA. 

Dispassionate, dis-pash'un-At, a. hurrlbAr, ra- 
l!iii-nt-taba , > halfm; (impartial) bc-tarnldAr, 
'Adll. [qntl k. 

Dispatch, v. t. rawAna k., bh n jnA: tamfim k., 
Dispel, dis-pol', v. t. L. L. dis and pellcre. khArij 
k., nikAlnA, da fa’ k„ diir k. [ — from]. 
Dispensable, dis-pens'a-bl, a. clihore jAno ke 
lAiq. [khAn i. 

Dispensary, dis-pens'ari, n. dawA-khAnn, shifA-, dis- pens', v. t. L. dis and p< ndcre. 
(deai out l do. .A, bAn(uA ; (make up a m<Mli'-ine) 
d-iwA b.; (do without) bilA-wo^fla k.; (grant 
a dispensation) ’inAyat k. ; — with, bilA-wnslln 
k., judA k., alag k., chhop d. [ — to] ; — r, 
dis-pens'5r, n. taqsftn k. w., insAf k. w* mu’Af 
k. w. ; Dispensation, ». (<‘x«inption) imi’AC 
( distribution i ini is .imp, bant; (method of 
Providence) KhudA kl marzl yA intizAm. 
Disperse, dis-p6rs', v. t. L. dis and spnrgere , 
(scatter) chliitkAnA; (spread) phailAnA, man- 
tashir k., abtar k. ; Dispersion, intishAr, 
par.igandngl, phnilAo. [dii tofnA, udAs k. 

Dispirit, dis pir'it, v. t. (cast down) Azurda k„ 
Displace, dis-plas, v. 1. F. deplacer, (put out of 
place) uthAnA, alag r., bo innu«!a r rakhnA, 
aauqQf k., ma zdl k. Syn. Disarrange ; dis- 
misa ; discard. 

Display, di — plA', v. i. F. deployer. khoInA, zAhir 
k., dikhlAnfi. Syn Exhibit ; show ; spread out ; 
— n. izliAr, numAish, phailflo, namiid. 

Displease, dis-plez', v . t. Tj. dis nnd placers, (off- 
end) nArAz k., nA-kbush k., lthafft k„ bezAr 
k. [ — with]; Displeasing or Displeasant, c, 
nA-pasand, nft-gawAr, zabfm; Displeasure. 
dis-plczh'Qr, n. nArAzagf, Azurdagf, ni-khushf, 

Dispose, di. pOz', v. t. L. dis and ponere. (ar- 
range) ArAsta k., sanwArnA, tarttb d. ; (sot) 
lacAtiA, rAgib k., jhukAnA; (adopt) imiwAfiq 
k.: — of, (do) karnA; (put away) alag k. ; 
(sell) bech d J (use) k:1ra men lAnA; — to, 
(incline) ruAil k. ; — for, lAiq h., yA b., tartfb d., 
ArAsta k., do <j., bochnA ; Disposing of, bikrf, 
beclme kA kArn; Disposal, dis'pdz-al, n. ikhti- 
yA r, intizAm, qabza, qAbfi, bandoba -.! ; (sole) 
bikrf ; Disposition, a. (arrangement) tartfb, 
ArAsta gf, sajAwat ; (tomi)cr)mizAj, toba’, ’Adat, 
kho, sfrat, tluat; — to, khwAhish; — for, liyA- 

Dispossess, dis-poz-zes, v. 1. kbArij k., bc-dnkhl 
k. ; — ion, dis-poz-zesh'un, n. be-dakhlf, be- 
ikhtiyArf. [be*subfltf, butlAn. 

Disproof, dis-pr59f, ft. Ij. dis and Sax. profian. 
Disproportion, dis-prft-p&r'shun, n • Ije-andAzagf, 
tafAwat, nA-muwAfi'jat, be-i’tidAlf, bc-^aull; 
— v. t . L. dis and proportio. nfi-niuwAtiqt k., 
be-rtidAif k. ; — al, «. nA-muwAfiq. be-andAza, 

Disprove, d:B-prf8v , , 9, t. Tj. dis nnd prohare . 
(confute) difltliAk., radd k., bAtil k , kAt d. 

[ — by] ; Dlsprovnl, di^-p'oov'al, n. jlid(h« 
Dispute, dia-pht', ft. t. L. di* and puture. (con- 
test) jhagarnA; (debate) bahs k., hujjat k. ; 
(deny) inkAr k.; beyond—, or without—, 
bc-i’tirAz, bilA hnj:nt. [—with,— on] ; — ». 
bahs, hujjat, b bAd; Disputable, dis'pftt-a-bl, 
a. mumkiii-ul-bah^ yA taqrfr; Disputant, n. 
mubAhis • k. w., takrArf, bujlatl, bibAdl; Dla> 
putatiou, n. bahs, hujjat, muoAzara. 




Ml iyat. 

D quiet, dis-kwl'et, v. t. L. rfr> and quietus, sa- 
i An t, kliij <nfl, fh'iepi.i. Syn. Di;turn; vex; 
frpl ; — a. up-ArAim, be-ch iinf, o -kali, dul;li. 
fcyn. it -jjtli Hsu »*ss ; — u<Je, dis-kwi'etud, ». 
lik ■, b * qarAri, be ArAiuf, be-kaif, dukli, taklif, 
r-ni, znhrani. 

D's jiiisition, dis-kwi-zfsh'un, n. L. diquisitio. 
i rib, taftlah. tnun&zara, riaftla. [ — on i. 

D).v . -^ard, dis-rA-gUrd', v. t . L. dis and F. egor - 
der , to look to, na tnAtmA, AnAkAnl k.. gall at k. ; 
— n. be-iihAzf, be-parwfif, be-iltiffitf,* fiftflat. 
[ — for]. 

Disrelish, Us-rel'lsh. n. nft-gawArl, bad- tnazagl ; 
— v. t. nA-pasand k , bad-maza k. [ — fori. 

Disreputable, dis r q/llt-a-bl, «. Tj. dis and repu- 
tnlio. nA-ma'qfll, nA-pa-wndl la, hadnAm. 

Disrespect, dis-ri spekt', n. (want of respect) 
b<»-a laid, guslAkhl, be-’izzitf. ; — v. t. L. dis and 
respect, be adabl k., gustAkhf k., tark i ada'> 
k. [ — for] ; — fill, i». bc-adab, nlr-Adar, be- 
ta llz, guslAkh. 

Disrobe, dis-rdb, v.t.Tj dia and F. robe. (t > 
undress, to uncover) kapyc utftr I., khol d., 
nangA k. 

Disruption. dis-rap'shun, n. darldngf, phfil. 

Dissatisfaction, dfe-Rat-is-fak'Mliun, n . nA-razA- 
mandf, nA-paeaadldagl ; (displeasure ) nfi-khu- 

Dissect, dis-sekt', v. t. L. dia and secure, (cut 
up ) ki(nA, chlmA; (anatomize) jAnchnA, im- 
tihAn k. - ion, dissek'shun, n. taslirlh kAtkar 
imtiliAn. [dastf sc be-daklil k. 

Disseize dis-sCz', v. t. milk o mal chliln 1., »a'»ar- 

Dissemble, dis-eern bl, v. t. F. dissembler. ( to 
disguise) chhip&nA, hahAnn k. f makr k., poshl- 
da k. ; Dissembler, dis-som'blftr, ». makkur, 

Disseminate, dis-sem’ln-ftf, v. t. L. dis and scmU 
nure. phailAnA, bond, dibit rAnd; zAliir k., 
inazuliflr k., shuhrat d. Syn. Spread ; diffuse ; 
disperse: Disscminntlou, dis-seni-in-a'shun. 
n. pbailAo, chkitrAo, intishAr, prisAr. 

Dissension, dis-sen'shnn, ». 1 j. derssenao. qazyfl, 
jliagrA, fasAd, bakhefA, nifaq, kbai'khashn. 

Dissent, dis sent, o. t. L. dis and sentire. nA 
inuwafi \ li., inukhtalif-ur rAe h. ; — n. inkfir, 
ikhti Af, nA-muwAfiqat, nA-inutAbiqat ; Dis- 
senter, dis-sent'Sr, n. sark.irl kalfsiyA kl bA- 
bat mukhAlif r.ia rakhne vv., din i rAij kA inun- 
kir. [ — from], [risAla, dars, bayAn, taqrfr. 

Dissertation, dis-agr-tA'shun, n. L. dissertatio. 

Dissever, v. t. L. dis aud sever, alag k., judA 
judA k. [ — from]. 

Dissimilar, dis-si'ini-IAr, a. L dis and similis. 
nA-mnwAliq, bar-’aks, kliilAf, alag. [ — to, — 
from] ; — ity, n. iiA-mu wAliqat, ikbtllAf ; birodh. 

Dissimulation, n. L. disnimulatio. (hypocricy) 
riyAkArl, igraAz, ball Ana ; (feigning) makr. 

Dissipate, dis'si-pfit, v. t. L. dissipare. (scatter) 
chhitkAnA, phailAna ; (squander) urAnA, sarf 
k. Syn. Disperse; scatter: dispel; spmd; 
Dissipation, n. aubAshl, pareslifinf, Aw&ragf. 

Dissolute, dis'ol-flt. o. L. dissolulus. aubfish, 
AwAra, be-qaid. Syn. IJncurbcd; wild ; l^vel ; 
rakish; — ness, n. bad-kArl, AwAragf; Disso- 
lution, (lis'ol-u f shun, n. (melting) pighlAliat; 
(annihilation) uestf, kharAbf, gudA^litagf; 
(destruction) zawAl; (death) mnnt. 

Dissolve, diz-zolv', v . t . Ij. dis and solvere, gliu- 
lAnA, pighlAnA ; (to dismiss an assembly) bar- 
khAst k., ruklisat k., manqtif k.; (Jo annihilate) 
nest o nAbAd k. [ — into] ; — nt, a. galAnewAlA, 
gudAzinda; Dissolvable, diz-zulr 'a-bl, a. 
(soluble) tahlfl-nnzfr; galno-jog. 

Dissonance, dis'sd-naus, n. nA-sfizgArf, an-mel ; 
be-tAil, sur kl nA-inuwAficiat ; Dissonant, dis'- 
sd-nant, a. be-tAI, nft-mnwAfiq, sakht. 

Dissuade, dis-swAd f , v. t. L. dis and suudere. bAz 
rakhnA, rnana’ k., roknA. [ — from]. 

Dissyllable, dfs-siria-bl, n. G. dis and sullabe. 
do harkat kA iafi, do hijje kfi lafa. 

Dist-uice, dis'tans, n. L. distare, (remoteness) 
dflrf; ffisila. rnasAfat; (respect) adab; (re- 
serve) sanjfdagf : (alienntinn ) /nvo »•_ 

, l \ axil/, l re— 

ve) sanjfdagf; (alienation) pr-af; (aver- 
sjou ) n nfr n v. t. fAsila h., pP hiic chhor A 

J, r0 i l\T ! ‘1 • Distant, distant, «. -iiir, 
bai<l; ukh i, n;i-Ashua uii/Aj. Syn. Separate; 
far ; indistinct ; shy; cool ; hauglity. L— from]. 
Distaste, dis last', n.di*» n d taste, (dislike) 
nuLrat, tanuffur, na-pasandl ; (disrelish) bad- 
innza, bad-zAiqa;— v. t . nA-pasand k., bad-maza 
(ha lir An A. [—for] ; — ful, a. nA-pasand, bad- 

Distemper, dlstem'pAr, ». L. dis and temper are . 
(a disease, malady, ill-humor) bad-mizAjf, 

Distend, dis-tend', v. t. L. dis and tendere. (to 
stretch in all directions) phailanA, chaurAk. : 
Distention . n. pbailAo, was’at. 

Distich, iis'tik, n. G. di and stirhos. bait ; dohA. 
Distil, dfs-tir, v. i. L. de and stillare. (apaknA, 
chflnA, rasn i. [ — from] ; — latton, ». chuAo, 
tapkfto, ’arq-kashf; — ler, n. k*UAr, ’arq-kash; 
— lery, n. kalwariyA, sharAb kl bhuttl. 
Distinct, dis-tingkt', a. L, distinct as. mufassil, 
tkfk, sahib, sAf, zAbir, wAzili. [ — from];— 
ion, i*. It. distinotio. farq, iintiyAz, shiuAkht, 
darja, martaba, shAn ; — ness, n. imtiyAz, ta- 
miz, farq, safAl. 

Distinguish, dis-ting'gwish, v. t. L. dis and 
stinffuere. farq k., imtiyAz k.; (to make con- 
spicuous) namAd k., raa’rflf k., luashhfir k.; 
(to judge) pahchAnuA, jAnnA, tamlz k. [— 
between, — from]; — able, a. pahcliAnneke qA- 
bfl, qAbil ImtiyAz; — ed, a. nAmwar, mashhflr. 
Distort, dis-tort', v. t. dis aud (orquere. peeb d. t 
ail|iinA, umcthnA, marofnA; (pervert) febilAf 
batAnA. Syn. Twist; deform; ben I ; pervert; 
wrest; — ion, Uis-tor'shun, n. peeb, maror, 

Distract, dis-trakt', V. t. L. dis and trahcrc. 
(turn away) pheruA ; (perplex) pareshAn k., 
ghabrAnA, muztarib k. ; (madden) dfwAna k. ; 
mohit k. ; — ion, n. L. distractio. ghabrAhaf, 
iztirAbl, be-tfibl; (commotion) hafbarl* fitftr ; 
(madness) m iud,l, shorldagf, dlwauagf. 
Distrain, dis-f ran', v. t. L. distringoro. (seize for 
debt) qurq k., zabl k. 

Distress, d is- 1 res', n. F. detresse. (trouble) 
takllf, IzA, azlyat, AzAr; (misfortune) kim- 
bakhtl; (pain) durd; (grief) ranj ; (woe) 
Afat; (seizure of goods) qurql; [ — at, — by,— 
with]; — v. t. diqq k., pnreshAu k. ; — ed, dis- 
trest', a. pareshAn-hAI, muslbat-zada. 
Distribute, dis-trib'ut, v. t. dis and tribuere • 
(share out) hi sa k. ; (divide) taqslm k. ; (ad- 
minister) faisala k. ; ( victuals at meals) paros- 
nA. [ — to, — among]. Syn. Disperse; allot; 
share; Distribution, n. taqslm, inqisAm; 
Distributive, a. taqslml. 

District, dis'trikt, n. L. districtus. zila’, sAba. 
Distrust, dis- trust ', v. t. L. dis and Dan trost . 
shubha k., shakk k., be-iMibAr sama jhnA. u. 
shakk, b«-i*tii>Arl, shubha, be-i’tiqAdl. [ — of, 
— for] ; — ful, a. be-i’tibAr, be-lmAn, be-i’tiqAd. 
Disturb, dis turb', v. t. L. dis and turbare . (die* 
quiet) be-ebain k.. be-knl k., ghabrAnA; (dis- 
order) abtar k. v diqq k; — unce, ». hairAul; 
(tumult) hangAma, fusAd;(interruption)harj f 
harakat. . . . 

Disunion, dis-fm'yim, n. uA-ittifuql, judal. 
Disunite, dis-u-nlt', u. t . L. die and It. unare. 

( cause dissension) uft-ittifAql karAnA ; (separ- 
aite)alag k., judA k., tafrlq k. [ — by, — from]. 
Dis usage, Jis-fiz'flj, n. bn-izfi’mAU, be-rnwAjf. 
Disuse, n. be-isii’mAH, be-rnw.-ijl; — dis-tiz , v. t € 
L. dis and F. user, isti’m'il chhornA, uyA d. t 

Ditch, °dich , n. A.-S. die. khandaq, khAl, nAIA 
i>. t. khandaq y:i khAl b., na A khodnA. 

Ditto, dit'd, n. It. detto, contracted into do. 
aizan, mazkAr, wuhl;— ud. pahlA sA, aglA sAf 
usl taur par. 




Ditty, dit'i, n. A.-S. diht, L. dictum, (a song) 

git, nagtna. . (yauinf ;— n. roz-uAmcha. 

Diurnal, dl-urn'al. tf. L. diurnut. rozAna, 

Dive, div, v. i. A.-S. dujan. gota in., (jubkl lagA- 
uA, (1(1 bad. [ — into, — down, — under] ; Diver, 
n. (for pearls) gota-khor, gaww&a, pan-<jubl>I. 

Diverge, de-vC.J\ v. i. L. di and vcrycrc. 
cuhiurnA, phailufi, phrtluA. [—from] ; Diver- 
go nee, di'vfirj'cns. n. piiaillo, intishar. 

Diverse, dl'vfirz, a. L. diversus. ba’ze, cliand, 
la rah. mukliLalif: Diversify, de-v6rs'i-fl, v. 
t. Jj. a i versus, and jaccre. rang ba rang k., tarah 
ba uirah k., gfin ba gun k., tabdll k. ; Diver- 
sion, n, (amusement) tainAskA, sair, dillugf ; 
(act of turning) inhirfif; Diversity,*, farq, 
tafAwat, ikhtilAf. 

Divert, de-vert, v.t. L. di and vertere. pbernA, 
ruuuliaril k., bahlfinA. f — to]. _ [I., lei. 

Divest, de- vest, v. t. It. divestrie. nikAlnA, chhln 

Div- tic, dc-vIJ' ( v. t. L. dividers, (rend into 
pieces) bintnft; (disunite) judA k.; (bwa 1 ; 
friendship) do>tf chhofnA; (form to show which 
lias a majority) zAhirk., (stri|>) bjntua, bissa 
lagan:!, ’alAhida k.; (to halve) do tukf<‘ 
k., adhiyAuA. [ — from, — into, — between. — 
among]; — ml, div'i-dend, n. bfint, hissa; 
(sh ire) maqsfiin ; (in arithmetic.) imiuqasam. 

DiviuuU >n, diviu-fi'shun, n. ’ilia i gaib, rainal, 
ilh Ain. 

Divine, di-vin'. a. L divinus. llftlif, rabb.lnl, 
ilhAmf; — inspiration, i:iiAm i rubbAnl. Syn. 
Supernatural ; God-like ; lieiveiily; holy; 
sacred ; — n. marsh id, kbadim-ud-dtii, pfidrl ; — 
v.t.ij. div.narc. peshlugof k., ta’blr k„ ga>b- 
dilnik; Divinity, di-Yiu'i-ti, ». J^lnidfil, ulii- 
hiyat, ’ilm-i-UAliI. 

Di vi tig-bell, div'iug-bel, «. gota-kbor lift ghanlA. 

Division, di-vizli'uu, n. L. divisio. taqsfin, bissa ; 
(share) qismai; biiAg; (partition) par, la; 
(class) firq.'i ; (section j fasl, b.ib. Syn. Com- 
partment ; section; share ; variance; partition; 
— al, a. ta.jfismf. 

Divorce, de-vors', n. L. disarnl vertere. talfiu, 
li kli ; ty.ig ; — v.t talAq . ; tyAgnA. [ — fro.. 1. 

Divulge, iic-vulj', o. t. Ij. di and vulgaro. (reveai ) 
zfibir U., kbolna, fAsb k., ifsbA k. [ — Lo]. Syn. 
Publish ; disclose. 

Dizzy, diz'i, a. A -S dysig. sargardag, m ulbodi ; 
— v. t. sar&ard.lnf k., mad-hosh k. ; Dizziness, 
<li/.'i-nes, ». dauran i, chakkar, ghumnf. 

Do, dob, v. t. or auxiliary. A.-S .don. Go. t a up tit. 
ksrni, f amal k.. bajA iAnA; — away wiili, 
ciihnpiA, barbAd k. ; — for, (work for one) us 
kc liyo k., muuAsib li , k.Uf h. ; — out of, (cheat ) 
fareii so 1. ; — up, pArc taur par k. ; guthri 
ban Hi ii.t ; (destroy) barbAd k. ; — wit. i, (dispo.s > 
oiT kar chuknfi ; (employ) kAm uu*g IAnA; 
(concerned) wasta raklmA ; — over, dobAra k. ; 
to — without, bilA madal k.; to have to — 
witli, (to deal with) k;im b. ; to l>e well to — , 
fArig-ul-bAl h., sAbib i daulat o iqbAl h., to — 
one good, f&ida pahuncbAnA; to— to death, 
inirdAinA, qatl k. ; how — you— , Ap kA mizAj 
kai'A* 1m i; this will — , yih kAff liog A. Syn. 
Act: l) rform; achieve; fare; make; cause. 

Docile or Dociblc, do'sil, u. b. docilis, tarbiyat- 
pizlr; Docility, n. fanuAnbar-JArl, tarbiyat- 

Dock, dok, t< 1. landdrA k. f dum kalarnA ; — s G. 
doche. gu Id?, k'lfin; — n • langar-^rth, ban !nr- 
g.lli ; — yard. jaliAz bAndlme kf jaguh. 

D >ckct, «. From dock, kbulfisa hukm ; — v. t. 
k'liiIAsrt k., muklilnsar likbuA ; on the — , bar 
sar i UAr, gaur-talab. 

D-wtor, dok'tftr, n. L. from dooere. hakim, tabfh, 
tiA II. ustAd. ’Alim; — v. t. tnbftbat k., haklml k. 

Doctrine, dok'trin, *. L. doctrinu. ta’lfm, usrtl i 
’i'm i IlAhl, Tnitl kf suchAI, ’ilm i shinAkht; 
Doctrinal, dok'Lrin-al, o. (relating to doct- 
rine* ) ta’llmf, ii sAl i ’ilm i UAliI. 

Document, dok'Q-ment, n. L. documentum. das- 
taw '/i, s.umd, parwAna, hukm-nAma, ittilA’- 
uA.ii i ; — ary, a. dastAwesf. 

Dr»ili?e, doj, r. i. Probably a modification of dog. 
tAl matol k.. kouA kAnl k., kauiyAnA. [ — 
about] ; — ». (A l inilol, kouA kAnl 

Doe, dfi, n. A.-S. da. haraf. 

Doff, dof, v. t. From do and off. utAr d., dfir k. 
Dog, dog, n, Icel. doggr. F. doytic. kutiA, kAkar; 
zaill; — v. t. pnnchkiyAiiA, pfebbe lagnA; — 
cart, />. ok gliofe kl gAfl; — keeper, doriyA;— . 
lousti, kilul ; — rose, jangll gulAb ; — teeth, dAf- 
hon se pAs kft dAnt; — kctmel, tAzI-khdua; — . 
star, dog'st&r, ». suhel;— days, mausiim gar- 
mA; — meat, (refused food) fuzla; to give to 
the— A, b.-kAr jAn ke phenkd. ; to give to the 
— s, barbAd li. ibalir. 

Doggerel, dog'd r-el, ». zatal-qAfiya, shikastu 
Dogma, dog'ina, n. G. from dokein. qA’ida, ta’- 
llm, qAnun* Syn. Tenet; opinion; proposi- 
tion ; doctrine ; — tlcai, dog'ik-al, a. qAnOn- 
dAn, khud-bln, fcliud-rAe, khud-uumA; — tlsin, 
dog'mat-izm, w. khud-numAl, khud-blnl; — 
tizc, v. i. yaqlu k., bayan k. 

Dole, do!, n. A.-S. dal. deal, bAgt. tnqplm v. t. 
bfintoA. taqslm k. [ — out] ; — ful, a. gam-nAk, 
ranj-Alfl la, gaingfn. Syn. Mournful; sorrow- 
ful ; molaucholy. [nA. 

Doll, dol, «. G. eidolon. guriyA, kapfe kA Idiilau- 
Dollar, doriar, n. ek chAgdl kA sikka jo 3 rfipae 
kc barfibar hotA bai. 

Dolorous, do'lfir-us, a. (sorrowful) ranj-Awar, 
m.itam-angcz, gam-rasAn, muslbal-zadu, pur- 
dard. [qism kf straundarf macbhlf. 

Dolphin, dol'fin, n. L. dolphin , delphinus. ck 
Dolt, doit, n. A.-S. dvol. ahmaq, nAdAn ; kaudan, 

Domain, (10-nan', ft. L. dominimum. mulk, sal- 
tana t, mamlukat. Syn. Empire; dominion; 
possession ; estate. [ rat, makAn, hawell. 

Dome, (io;n, n. L. domus. gumbaz, qubba; 'imA- 
Doincstic, do-nics'tik, a. L. domus. khAnngf, 
gb.irehi, pa n ; — n. ghar ka r. w., naukar chA- 
kar; — ate, v. t. paid b. f sadhanA, wAl>astn k. 
Dtiiniiuitc, dom'in fit, v. /. L dominari. hukfimat 
k., farmAn-rawfil k. ; Domination, n. huktl- 
ealtanat, ikhtiyAr, zabardastl, zulm ; 
i>ouiiuunt, doui-in'antj o. L. dominuri . far- 
luAnrawA, hakim. [h"kfimatk. [ — over], 

Doniliicor, dotn-in-fir', v. i. F. dv miner, zulm se 
; 'ominion, do-min'yun, n. L. dominium, sal- 
tana t, bAdsh i!mt, r.lj. 

Don, dun, v. i. To do on. pahinnfi ; — ». (a Span- 
ish title) Spain kA ek khilAb. 

Donor, mViiCr, n. F. donnucr. bakbshinda, di- 
bind a; dal A, danl. 

Donation, do-na'shun, n. bakhshish, nazr; dAn. 
Done, dun, pp. of do. kiyA, banAyA hflA, tamftra ; 

• — brown, (completely befooled) be-waqfif ba- 
nAuA; to li >vc — with, (to have completed) 
bo chnknA, kar cbuknA; — up, (exhausted) 
barbAd h. 

Donkey, n. from dun and kin. gadhA, khar. 
Doom, doom, u. A.-S. dom. fatwA, hukm; (lot) 
qi mat, nasfb ; bhAg ; (ruin ) tnbfthl, qazA, kba- 
ru.-i ;— s day, n. qiyamat, 'Aqibat ; — *. U fatu u 
d., ijAzat d., farmAuA, rauqarrar k. [ — tol. 
Door, (10r, a. A.-S. dora. darwAza, dar; dwAr: 
witliin — s, gliar men ; next — to, lag bhag ; out 
of — s, darw Aze bAhar; — keeper, darbAn;-* 
way, rfih. 

Dormant, dor'raant, a. F. ppr . of dormir. (sleep 
ing) khufta, sotA, kbwAbfda; (concealen 
makhfl, poshlda. [gAb, sone kA kainrn 

Dormitory, doFmit-or-i, n. L. dormir. khwAb- 
Dnrmoiise, doFmous, n. Prove. Fng. dorm, to 
doze, and mouse. kutarnewAle aur dfldh piiAm- 
wAlc jAuwar kf ck qism jo misl gilahrf ke do- 
ra kb tog par rahtA bai, magar aiyAmisarmu 
bharapae bil men sotAhai. 

Dose, dds, n. F. dose, (of medicine) mu’tAd. 
khi'n Ak, uiiqdAr, dawA kf pai.nAish; — v. t. mu’- 
tAd k. ; parimAn d. 

Dost, dust, second person present of do. kartA 
bai, sfga i wAbid hAzir yA mukhAtib. 

Dot, dot, *. A.-S. dyttan. nuqta; bindf; — v.t, 
iiuqta d. ; — down, (make note) yAddAsht ke 
liyelikbnA. [ — with, — over]. 

Dote, dfit, v . i. D. doten. safliiyAuA, zaudAI h. 
— — upon] ; Dotage, doi'fij, n From 
ote % satbyAhat, jumin, za’lf ul/aqll; Dotard. 
za’If ul Aql. 




Double, <lul/l, «. F. from L. duo. ddnA, do chand, 
do-ranafl ; — v. t . cJQnft k., duhrAnA : — up, mof 
d., dub run A ; sh;i<lf k. : — n. duhrAo, blulnj ;— 
faced, a. dngAbAz, makkAr, farebf, kapff ;— 
dealing, «. dw ran id, makkArf, fareb; — Ii » rul- 
ed, do-rluBtf edged, do-dhArf hearted. 
do-dilA, makkAr, farebf ;— minded, do-uilA; 
Doubly, «d. dngnA, do chand. . 

Doubt, dout, v. i. F. douter . shakk k.. snubha k. 

shakk, shubha, sand eh fnl, a. 

shakk), mashkrtk ; — ly, ad. ishtibAhan, shakk 
se ; — less, ad. be-shakk. bilA-shubhn. 

Dough, d6, ». A.-S. dah. gundhfl btld Atd yd 
kljamfr ; my cake is — , merA kflru abhi nA-kA- 

Doughty, dow-ti\ a. A.-S. dohtig. (brave, noble, 
eminent) diler, jaw:in-mard, mardAua, sliarff ; 

sfthnsf, vfr, sAr, kulfn. 

Dove, duv, n. A.-S. duva. fAkhta, qurarl, pirukf ; 
— cot, kabftt»r-kliAna. . _ 

Dovetail. duv'laJ, n. quiff. kau wAra ; chtil, jor<j. : 
— v. t. quiff, kauwAm yA <-hdl lagAnA, jofnA. 

Dowager dow'a-jfcr, «. F. douairiore. bewa, 
rAnd, bidhwA. ... 

Dowdy, dow'-di, a. pbfthaf. [kannyAdAn 

Dower, dow'ftr, dowrery, n. F. douaire. jahez, 

Down down, ». leal. dun. pashm, rom, rongt&i 
— a. A.-S. dun. registAn, sAhil. tnaidAn ; — prep. 
se, iifchf* : — a. nfchewalA, zerfn, lalewAIA, nf- 
chA ; up and — , (here -md then*) farfizona- 
sheb; idhar udhar; — with, gird d. ; — in the 
month, (dejected) be-dil, udAs, garagfn ; to 
take — , llkh lend* tAnk 1. : lay—, rakh d.: — 
cast, down'kast, o. shanugln, mahjub, InjllA ; 
— fall, down'favvl, ». zawAl.tabAhf ; — liearled, 
a. afsurdi, nirds ; — right, dowu'-rlt, ad. sAda. 
stdhA, sAf, bilkull, kulluhum; — ward, down'- 
wfird, a. pnst, nfchA, zerfg ; — y, a. narm, mu- 
lAnn ; roendfir. 

Doxology, n. G. doxa and leg tin. (Praise of the 
Trinity ) Tamjfd i Taslfs. 

I)oze, doz, u. i. D in. dose, jhapkf lenA, tinghnA, 
Ankhen band k.; — » tingh, jhapkf; Dozy, 
doz'i, a. (drowsy, heavy, sleepy) uguhdsA, 
nindAsd, gundda/alsAnA. [dwddasb. 

Dozen, duz'ii. n. F. douzaine. bdmh, darjau ; 

Drab, drab, n. A.-S. drabe (a strumpet) £ar- 
khal, b&zdrl paturyd ; — ». F. drap, c oth, rnofA 
flnf kapyA. [fuzla, khol, khalf. 

Draff, draf, n. A.-E. Drub 6 le. dregs, (refuse) 

Draft, draft, n. Originally draught, (design) 
naqsha, maswlda ; (bill) hundf; (portiou of 
men) liissa ; (drawing out) kaskish ; (pull) 
kbfnch; (sweeping with a net) gliasft; (depth 
to which a ship sinks) pdnf kA ’nmuq ; (medi- 
cal potion) miqdAr; — v. t. hundf IikhnA, raas- 
widu k., tahrfr U. [ — out, — ’ roraj; — sman, 
draftsman, n. naqsha -nawfs. 

Drag, drag, v. t. A.-S. drogan. ghasffnA, khlnch- 
nA, tAnnA; — down, (haul down) utArnS, 
klifgch 1.; — hi, (haul in) andar lAnA — out, 
(haul out) bAhar nikAlnA; off, (fnree o/f) 
ghasft ke dAl d. ; — away, (carry away ) le j. ; 
— ». ghasft, khlnchAf; to put on the — , (to 
stop or check too rapid a motion ) rokufl. [ — 
about, — along]. [lithfipiA, mailA k. 

Draggle, v. t. diminutive of drag . (to drabble) 

Dragon, a. G. drakon. azhdalv), baf.i bhAil Shai- 
tAn, ekhaibat-nAk sAnp, shakhs, ok qism kf 
cbhipka f. biskhApng ; — y, n. Vk barf LAtue- 
wAlf inakkhl. 

Dragoiiet, drag'uti-ef, n. machhlf kr ek qism. 

Dragoon, dra-go3n', n. ek sipAhf jo sawAr yu 
piyAda boke zarflrat ke mutAbiq fauj met) kAui 
detA hai; — bird, dra-gtHJn'bSrrf, ». mulk i 
Brazil kf ek ohiriyA jis ke sir par gliaue par 
misl chhAte kt bote lmin. 

Drain, drftn, e. #. A.-S drehnigean , (to filler) 
chbdanA, pasAnfi, nichofnA ; (exhaust) nikAl- 
nA;— «. niuhrf, nAb-dAn, nAlf. . 

Drake, dr&k, a. Ger. drake . batt-na*\ bans. 

Dram, dram, a. Contracted from drachma, mis- 
qAl, dirham ; ghflat. 

Drama, dram'a, n drama , indarjdl, nAt^k. naql ; 
— ■ tist, ik Mfyik yA naql kA mnsannif; — tic, a, 

naqil, aAtakl, tam&aha kl sdraL 

Drape, drap, w. t. F. draper, (to cover) k^pr'i 
pnhinAoA ; [ — with]; — r, n (cloth morcliant) 
bazzAz, pArcha-farosh ; — ry. n. poshAk yA bane 
hue npi-e kA kAr o bAr. 

Drastic, dras'tik, o, G. draslikos ; (powerful, 
aciive) mnzbfi , s ikbt, zorAwar, cbAInk ; bala- 
wAn, prabal, phurtflfi. 

Draught, driUr, ». A.-S. droht. ghAnt, kasbish, 
naqsha, dhuQchA, naql, kbasra; rQpaya milne 
kA hukm ; neo ke pAnf kA andAza; ek qisui kfi 
kbel ; — v. t. see drart. 

Draw.Jdraw, v. t. A. K & O. S. dragan. khfnchnA, 
ukhAfnA, ghasf(nA, tAnnA, — about, (drag) 
chAroo tar.ff ghasf(uA ; — after, (lay behind), 
sAthlAnA; — conclusion, uatfja nikAlnA; to— 
a curtain, parda khfnchnfi, band k. ; to— a 
bow, ka cn An khfucliuA; — asunder, alagk. 
aside, (move to one sidr*) ek taraf Jo j. 
bade, (retire) pfchhc ha|nA , (receive back) 
phir p.; (to refuse) iukAr k. down, (re- 
duce) glmtAnA ; — lor, (cast lots for) eliitllif 
d. ; — forth, (extract) nikAlnA; — In, — into, 
(reduce) ghafAna; (a'lure) farefta k. ; (to 
pull in) bliftar ghasft kar I. : (to regale) mah- 
zflzk.; (to c*‘llf*ct) ja nn' k. ; — near, — nigh, 
(approach) nazifkA.; — off, — off from, (iiini 
aside) <*lc taraf pliermi; (allure away » faier't.i 
k. ; (abs« ract) nikAlnA ; (leiire) pfciiiie ba{uA, 
nlag bo j., diir ho j. ; — on. ( al'ure) phusl n '»; 
(otreasion ) sn.bab h. ; ( icquiic money ) nipiya 
mAngnA: (gain on) mz lfk p'lhuncliA ia ; — 
one's self up, (raise L-> Jail heigh ) ak.n; ke 
klr.rAh.; — out. — out of, (prot art) 'ari.AnA; 
(extract) nikAlnA; — up, (<o:ue t<. stand) 
thahar i.; (arrange n battle) salT-bnudf k. ; 
(arrange in writing) durust iikht>A, t-« rtfii d.; 
— over, (cause to ch i ng - a pa rty l t r. rn 1‘dAr b. ; 
— togctlicr, (assemble) jama’ k. ; — from, 
uatfja nikAlnA; a — an game, (a gam** in wlfc'i 

} neither parties win) bazf jis kof *»n. ..ftl 
bo, hurdjto — a cheque, (to fill in a «*hequ-) 
chik 4 bhar d. ; to — a deed, dastAwvz IikhnA ; to 
— on a person for an amount, (to obi a. a si 
bill for the amount from him) kisf s.? rs'irmo 
ko Ji \ e bill pAnA ; to — upon a bank, bank so 
rflpiya pAnA; — interest, «uid !.; — n. khuineh, 
ghasft: — back, n. ( diseou rag merit) r k, ;i<i- 
qat ; — bridge, ». u(hA:iewAla pul, taklita. 
Syn. Disadvantage; detriment; dohciency ; 
imperfection^ — cr, n. khfncimcwAH ; ghar, 
khiina ; — ers, n. pi. pAcjAmu, nlmArf, daraz ; — 
lng, ». naqqAsb], nnqsh o nigAr: — around, 
(collection) ikatthA ; — back, n. ( withdrawal 1 
wApasf; — forth, a. (extiact) ka^hish, ja/b;- - 
In. n. (entice.iicnt) fareftugl; — off, (with- 
drawal) ’alAhidagf; wApasf; — out, n ( i>ro- 
traction) plmilAo ; — together, n. (assembling) 
jamA’at; — lug-room, n. gol kauir.:, dfwAn i 
’Amin, ha Him k. [». tAI-k'W.iuil. 

Drawl, drawl, v. t. D. draelen. cluioAkc bolnA; — • 

Drawn-battle, iarAf jis men donon bar Aha r ra- 
il en. 

Dray, drA, n. A,-S. drage. chhakpl, fhel. 

Dread, dred, n. kbauf, dahshat, ilar, andeshn, 
blnii ; — n. khanfnAk; — v. t. darua, kliaiirkh.iuA. 

Dreadful, a. dalishat-nAk, khauf-iiAk, wulisitaL- 
angcz, muhib. Syn, Terrible: sb 'icUing. 

Dream, diem, n. O. Sax. drum. kh\iab, roya, 
sapnA, wuhtn : — 1 >. i. khwAbdekhnA ; (im giue) 
khiyAl k. ; (idie) sustf k. ; to — a ♦.ay, — out,— 
through, (to pas.; in reverie or inaction) 
hiiat i kii wAb men h. [—of J- S.wi. S eeping; 
vision : fancy : reverie ; — or, n. I^.iwab di-khna 
w„ wiilimf, kbi.v«Alf. 

Drear, drgr, a. tArfk, sunsAn, haulnAk; — y, a . 
A.-S. drearig. muhfb, khataruAk, liaibat auk, 
haulnAk, tArfk, sunsAn. Syn. Gloomy ; cheer- 
less ; dismal ; dark. 

Dregs, dregs, n. pi. led. dregg G. trux , lees, 
tulchhat, mail; to the — , uih tuk, bilkull. 
8yu. Sec'iment ; lees ; grounds ; feculent e. 

Drench, dretish, v, t. A.-S. drenonn. (to soak, 
to saturate) bliigona, tar k., pilA d. ; (physic 
vlo ently ) juffAb d. [ — with]. Syn. Saturate; 
soap; steep; imbibe: wet throughly. 

Dress, dies, v. t % drawer. AiAsta k., sagwAr- 


nA; kaprA pahinAnA; pakAnfi, taiyAr k. ; — a 
wound, m irham pa(tl k. ; — up, — uut, (dress 
showily ja^Ischhe kapfe pahianA, arastah. Syn. 
Attire; ap urel; clothe; array; deck. [ — in, 
—with, — for] ; — n. kapfA, ItbAs, ArAish ; — Ing, 
poshuk, zebAish ing room, dres'iug-rtiOm, 
n. posh&k vu k ipfe palnnne kA karara ; Dressy, 
a. (showy in dress) khuab-poahAk. 

Dribble, drib'l, v. i. drip, (to fall in drops) 
tapaknA, q-ttra qatra girnA. chAnA, chhalaknA. 

Driblet ,drib'let, ». From dribble, fchurda, reza, 
cliho(f miqdAr. 

D.-ifi, drift, n. From drive, bahs; (impulse) *or, 
cal ha ; (cloud of dust)gubAr ; (the drift of rein, 

(road)rAsta; galla ; — n 
n. gallabAn, eharwAbA. 

imp. vt drive. Dnwer, 

galha ; (cloud of dust)gubAr ; (the drift of rein, 
wind, &c.) bauchbAr, jhafikor; (the drift or 
tenor of a man’s discourse) fahwA e kaiAm, josh ; 
( tendency) guraz, ghAt, andAz, bbed; — sand, 
n. urkar jama’ hQA bAlfi kA dher u. i. ball j., 
chalA j. 

Drill, dril, v. t. D. &. Ger. driUen , A.-S. thyritan. 
(bore) sAlnA; (sowing in rows) kiyArl UanAi A, 
bonA ; ( train soldiets) jangf qawA’id sikhAnA ; 
— it. barma ; qawA’id, mff-ArAf. 

Drink, dringk, v. i. A.-S. drincun. pfnA, gbflqtnA, 
msi-noshl k. down, (swallow )pl 1. ; (reduce; 
kam k.; — in, (absorb) ja/b k. ; — up, (consume) 
lenA, pi j. ; — to the hcalli of, (s.ilute) salA- 
matf kA jAmpfnA; — off, (finish draught) 
aab pf 1. ; — deep, mndhosh h., inakbmfir h. ; — 
n. sharbut ; meat and — , kliAnA pfnA, akl o 
shurb. [ — with]; — lug glass, n. Abkhora. 

Drip, v. i. A.-S. dripun. tapaknA, chfinA, muqat- 
tar h. [ — from]. 

Drive, drlv, v. t. A.-S. drifan. (force) zord.; 
(hunt)shikAr k., khadepiA, khednA, dutkArnA; 
(guile a carriage) hrinknA, chalAnA, dauyAnA ; 
— about, (hunt about) dhflndnnA; (take ex- 
cursions) hawA knfinft ; — down, (remove) 
hafAdenA; — at, (tend towards) irAda k.; (to 
mean) irAda k. ; — off, (depart) rawAna h. ; 
(to insert) ghusepiA ; — a haul bargain, 
qabtichiya-pan k., hilaq yA gale par khan jar 
phernA ; — a nail home, aisA s tmnjin.A ki fab- 
mAiah manzQr i nnzar thahre; to — to the wall, 
(to bring to extremities) past-hAl k , zalll k. ; 
to let — at, (to aim a blow) niahAua sAdh kar 
mAraA; — to a good bargain, achchhA saudA 
k. ; to— a trade, (to carry on business) kAm 
chalAe J. out, (expel )aik Ain A ; — up, (arrive) 
pahugcbnA, AnA;— n. hAuk, gAff klrAh; — on, 
(go on) chalAnA; Driver, a. gdrlwAn, injin 

Drivel, driv'i, v. i. From dirp. (to dote) girAnA, 
kamaor yA be-waqAf h.; — n. rAI, lu’Ab i dahan ; 
yAwagof. Syn. Slaver ; slobber ; droll. 

Drizsle, dris'l, a. jhfst, jhisiyAhat 

Droll, drill, a. ’ajtfh, zatalll, maskhara, thatholi- 
yA. Sya. Comical ; farcical; waggish ; queer ; 
merry; — v. t. maskharapan k. ;( cheat) fnrebd. 

Dro medar y, drum'i-dar-i, n. F. dromedaire, 
dromes, running, «An<jn!, ufitnf- 

Drone, drtn, it. A.-S. dren. ahahd kf nar m ik- 
khf; sued; bhanbhauAkat ; — v. i. majhul r., 
aunt r. ; bhaabhaoAnA. 

Droop, v. i. A.-S. drepuv. murjhAnA, kuinlilAnfi ; 
sa*lf no j., pas-murda b„ nA-tawAp h. 

Drop, drop, n. A.-8. drape. Ger. tropfen. (small 
globule) bdgd; qatra; (small quantity) qatra ; 
(act of falling) t*pak; (ear-ring) bAlA; — v. t. 
(fall in drops; tapaknA; (fall) girnA; (quit, 
cease) ekhofaA ; (let go lower) niche k. ; (let 
fall) girne d. ; (die) maruA; — down, (fall 
dewn) gir j.; (to sail) khenA; — in, (come 
accidentally) A papiA; — into, (get casually) 
IttifAq se milnA; — through, (fall ) lA-hAsil h. ; 
(to perish) barbAd h. ; — off from, ( fall down ) 
gir paynA; (desert or leave) chhornA, bbAguA; 
—oat, (fall out) nikalnA;— to, (descend) 
n tarn A; — upon, (meet by chance) ApapiA. 

Dropsy, a. G hudropa. istisqn, julandhar; 
Dropsical, drop'si-kal,a. xnustusql, jalandharl 

Droes, dros, a. A.-S. droa. mail, fusia, kit; ku- 
dArat ; Drossy, o. mailA, nAkAr% najis. 
Drought, drout, a. A.-S. druguik. khushk-sAU, 
qaht, kill ; kaaf. 

Drove, drift?, a. A.-*, drvf, ( crowd) tknnd. bhf r : 

Drown , v. t. dubAnA, garq k. [—in,— with]. 
Drowsy, a. nindAsd, fehwAb-AItida, mnjhdl, sust, 
()hiiu. Syn. Sleepy; dull; doty; stupid. 
Drowsiness, drowz'i-nes, n. nfgd, sustl, ^htl. 
Drub, v. t. pl( ua, kiUnA, inArnA, thoflkuA;— a. 
iuukka, chfinsA, thappaf; — bing, drubbing, a. 
mAr pft, kui pft. 

Drudge, druj v. i. Provincial Bug. drugge . 
aakiit mihnat k., tahal k„ gnlamlk. ; — a. raih- 
natf, mazdur ; — ry, n. gulAiul, masdArf, tahal. 
Drug, n. D drooy. dawA, dAru ; aukhad; — lu a 
market, fazil chlz jis kA kol gdhak na ho, kam 
bikrl ki chlz; — gist, drug'ist, a. ’attAr, pansA- 
;1. [dim pnrohit yA mazhabf knAdim. 

Druid. drdS'id, a. G. drug. oak. JnglistAn kA qa- 
Drura, drum, n. O. Sax, drom. dhoi, tubal, roir- 
dang, klmnjfl, tambAr; (braces) jot!; (bar- 
rel) khol; (of the ear) kAn kA parda; — v. i. 
dhol yA tambAr bajAaA, naqqAra h. ; a kettle 
— , naqqAra; — stick, chob i (jankA; — into, 
(instil, by repetition) r&iAnA; — out, sharmin- 
da k. ; — up, jama’ k. 

Drunkard, n. tsharAb khor, sharAbf, nashabAz ; 
Drunken, u. matwAIA, makhmir. mast. 
Drunkenness, n. sharAb-khwArf, nasiiabAzl, 
mni-kliurl. Syn. iutoxication ; inebriation. 
Dry, dvi, a. A.-S. dryg. (free from wet) sfikhA. 
rdk '.A ; (thirsty) piyAsA ; (barren) A nr; 

( >i dious) aukht, durusht ; (sarcastic) tn'na; 
(tasteless ) bud-m za ; — v. t. sukbAnA, pouclib 
uA, siiktuia, cliafakhnA; — up, sAkhnA; — ness, 
vt. (insipidity) kboshkl, rdkbAwa(; (disrelish) 

■ bad-ruazagl ; — between friends, kudArat, 
Dual, a. L. duo. musannA; du-bachan; (dual 
uumber ) tasniya. 

Dub, dub, v. t. ( make a knight) k<>f mart aba yA 
khitAb d., khil’nt d. ; (make a quick noise) laid 
AwAz k. ; to — uut, bharn. 1 , pArA k. ; — ». gbAn- 
sA, thappar, thr.kar. [ — of J. 

Dubious, dfl'hi- us, o. L. dubtua. mashkAk, mnsh- 
tahah. Syn. Doubting ; uucorlain ; unsettl' d. 
Ducal, du'kal, o. sab se bare martabe ke amir, 
pAdshAh yA sardAr ke muta’alliq. 

Ducat, duk'at, ek Italy kA sikka. 

Duchy, duch'i, n. sab se bare martabe ke arnfr 
kf saltanAt yA milk. 

Duck,. ft. From the verb to duek. (tome) bait, 
batakh; (wild) chakor. chakai, murgAb!; — 
v. t. duiken. gota m., ^ubkf in., sir jhukAnA ; to 
make — s and drakes of oim’b money, kau- 
kar imtthar kf ^orah rApiya phenknA yA «rd>>A; 
— ling, duk'ling, a. batt kA baaheka. [— 
under] . 

Duct, dukt, n. L. duetua. nal. 

Ductile, duk'til, a. L. dvctilia. okimpA, maHUra, 
dam-dAr, jo ba-AaAnf barb sake. 

Dudgeon, duj'un, n. Ger. degen. (a small dag- 
ger) ek hhotl katArl; (anger) khalagl, nA- 

Due, dtt, n. F. da. (owed) qarz; (proper) wA- 
jib; (exact) thlh; (time o. arrival) pahupch- 
ne kA waqt. L — toJ* — •• *ldhA, t‘»fk;— n. mah- 
sAl, ila^tur, haqq. 

Duel, dfl'el. n. L . due Hum, dok! la^Af, kbA' »* 
japgl ; — v. i. khAna-iangl k. f mi Ike gAwon. 

Duct, duVt, ». L. duo. two. ek rAg jis ko do Adml 
Dugong, dA-gong, n. Malay, duyng. Javan, dtt- 
vung. inachhll kl ek qism jis kl ohaad 'Adates 
Whale maclihll kl si haig. 

DuUc, dQk, n. F. due. bare dariekt amir, sardAr, 
bAdchAh ; — dom, n. amir kA ’uhda. 

Dull, dul. a. A.-S .dol. (stupid) ahmaq; (blunt) 
kund; (unready, slow) sust; (sad) udAs; — v. 
t. ahmaq k., kund k. ; — u css, kund-zihnl, himA- 
oat, su'-tl, kA ill. v 

Duly, diVli, ad From du . (properly) achchhl 
turah se, jaisA cl* Ah. ye, thlk, kamA haqqahA, 
ba-khfl')!. , , 

Dumb, dumb, a. A.-S. dumb. gfiBKA, gupg, anbol- 
t-i; — bells, mugdar; deaf and-—, gApga bah- 
tA to strike — , ImirAn k.. cbakk(tr men dAlnA. 
Syn. Mute; silent ; speechless; — ocss, f». 
gAp^rA-pan, kbAmosbl, be-zubAnf. 

Das Aubu «. dun a. samand, bhfirA aur kAlA 

milft EM U A--S. dgnion. taqAzi k., dabA- | 
nft, mnhasRilf k.; — ft. taqAsfi, ugftbl. talab. 

Dunce, duns. ft. Ger. duns, from duns, Scotus. 
ahmaq. giodl, bbuggA. be-waqtlf, ullft. 

Dung, dung, ft A.-S dung, gflh. lid. gob ar t 
noeggni blf : — a. . khAd d., p&gs ijAlnA ; — hill, 
ft. afobar M flher. [kAl-kothrt 

Dunfeuu. dun'jun, ft. F. donjon. qn id-khAu-'i, 

bupo, dttp, n. F za’ff nl i'tlqAd, aAda-dil. bhogiiu . ; 
— if. t . fareb d., migA d. 

.Duplicate, .ifl'pH-WU ft. L. duphoatut. (double) 
dobrd ; <lop i rr ; du-cha»d ; — a. ♦. dflsrf naql k. f 
dubrftnA. ~ 

Duplicity, ..a-pUii'f-ti, a. L. dnpUn. do-rangf, 
do- abiuf ; fareb, etihal. Syn. Dissimulation; 
deceit ; guile. 

0ur itiou. rttlr-ft'sh’.in, ft. pAedArf, qiyAm, istlh- 
kArnat ; Durable, Iflr'a-li:, o. L. durare. stable. 
pAe iAr, mu lahkam, sAbit. mazbfit. qftira, q Ai- 
»I; Durability, dtlr-a-bil'i-ti, n. pAodAil, 

During, ppr. of dura, (continuing, lasting) men, 
bfeli, hota. rabte, jab talak. ilarniyAn. 

Duriou, dtrri-ou, ». Malay, duty. Diirlon nAme 
ok bare o huland daraklit kA pbal jo katbal ke 
nsAnind botA hnt, aur Penang ke taraf ke jazf- 
rog meg pfiyA jfttA bal. 

Dusk, dusk, a . Gor. dntter. dhundIA, k&IA. dhum- 
1A; — n. dbumldpan, tfragl; Dnaky, dhuralA, 
kAIA, tArfk, mail A. 

Dust, dust, «. A.-8. Gwf. gard, khAk. gnhflr ; — 
9. t . dhill jhAruA, dlirtl bnurbhurAnA ; down, 
with your — , (slang for “put down your 
money” ) rflpiya uikAlo ; to bite the—, ( to tall ) 
girnA ; to— one’i jacket, (to give a hen ting to 
any one) kisf ko mAiriA ; to kick up a — , (to 
make a disturbance) gaybarf d« halchal ma- 
ohAnA; to throw — In the eyes, (to confuse) 
pare-hftn k., bkatkftnft; (to mislead) rAh 

Dutch, duch, n. (the people and language of 
Holland) Holland ka htshiuu’eaur zuhftu, 

Duty, dfl'ti, n. From da*, (what is due) farz; 
(ol»ed ent) tAbi'dArf, (tax) mab^lil ; (obliga- 
tion) b.«qq; be on—., wird k. ; to do one’s 
d».l.v — , (devotion) vird, wazffa parbnfi 
[ — to]. Syn. Servian; business; function; 
office ; Dutiful, dtTti-fbrtl, «. nek-kird&r. far- 
roAn bard fir, shfiista, nek' bnkht. wai'.VlAr, t A. b i ' - 
dAr* Syn. Obedient ; submissive : respectful. 

Dwarf, dwflwrf, ». A.-S. diveorg. bannA, [btim- 
kfi : — v. t. barline na d., mUA k. Syn. Piiriny ; 
— 4sh, a. clihovfi, (hingitA, nftfA. Syn. Stunt- 
ed; dwarfed ; wnd«r-siz»*d. 

Dwell, dwel, v. i. Icel dml. rahnft, tikuA, basnA ; 
— on or — upon, (to think about, to discourse) 
■ochnA yfi gaur k., bAr bl\r kahe j.. ba-tashrfh 
bayAn k.,bn rhAn A : [ — among, — at, — in ] ; — lug, 
n. jagah, ghar, mnkAn, spaqAm, maslcnn. Syn. 
Habitation ; abode ; rcsidei^ ; domici e ; home; 
— er, n. bfishinda, rahne w., muqtm, sQkin, ruls. 

Dwindle, dwin'dl, v i A.-S. dvt'nun. kam h., 
ebhntnA, sikuynA ; (tock*ct\y) tablll h. [—to, 
— into]. 

Dye, dl, v. t. A.-S. deugan. r&ngnA, rang clia rlnl- 
t \ii ; — n. ragg ; baran ; — sUuif, n. rag^ kd masA- 
la ; — ing, ». raggwAi, ranqsfi af ; — r, «. rangrez, 

Dynamics. dl-nam'Iks. n. tiwg. (the science of 
mechanical powers) Mira l jnrr i saqfl kd wuh 
hissft jis meg qtiwftt i ajsftra i rawAg kd bayAn 

Dynasty, dPnas-tf, ft. G. dunnsthai. hnkdmatf, 
salta oat i fthAhl, khAndAn yA nasi i sbdhl. rdj. 

Dysentery, dis'en-tcr-i. n. Q.dusenteriu. isabAl, 
jiryAn i sbikam, Anw kf blmdii. 

Dyspepsy, dis-pep'si, ft, G. due. and peptcin. 
bad-hazmf, siql. [bad-hazamf ho. 

Dyspeptic, dis-pep'tik, ft. ifuk shakhs jis ko 


B, Aiffezf Kurdf ! tnhajjl kA pAnchwAg barf 
bai, yih barf chfigki khirki s«* <! hakl o mirat 
meg inushdbfh hai, is liye is ko ’IbrAnf meg he 
jis ka ma’ne UMrki ka balg, kab te baig. 

Ebi*7i, ech, a. A.-S. alio, do men se fc oI, harek^ 
*. k ok ; — other, fipas, bAham. ^ 

Eoafcr, 5'gfr-, a. F. atflrre. (koemy, desirous) 
mushtAq, shauqfTi, Arzumand, sargnrni; iez p 
aakUt, fund: — eyed. a. taktekf briudlie hfio. 
Syn. Rarnisr: zealous; forward: tervoni ; — 
neas, 6V6r-ncs, n. abauq, tezf, sarrannl, cbAb, 

Eatrle, S'gl, ». h. ftqnila. ’ii'.Ab, hnmfi ; Arnrfka 
kA s[kkn ;o b;ifs rupae kf ta’dAd k.i bold bni. 

Ear, cr, ». A.-S. eare. (c gan of l.o:u iog) IcAn. 
gos!» . kanras; bftl, khosha; over head 
fttif* — s, nnr tfi pA, bilkull ; to drum in the — , 
(to bent) hajflnA; to be by t!:e — . to fall to- 
geti'.rr by the — . to go tugetber by the — . (to 
quarrel) ihngrA k., A pas mon larnA; to set by 
tfu •, (to make strife) lar.inft,’ jbagrA k.;to 
steal on the — . (to whisper) phusphusfinA ; 
to turn n deaf — to. (not to hoar)kAn na dhar 
n.A ; to give — . kftn lagAnA : about, tlio — s. naz- 
dlk h.; (about the enrs) qarfi). balmt i.azdlk; 
pull the — a. goshmAlfk. ; up to the — s, gnrq 
ho j. ; whisper in the — , snrprosbf k. ; — rrnx, 
kAnkAm.iil. [ — to*. — !o]; — ing. ». jot, bal- 
wfllil . pAl kf ok rrissf ; — ring or — drop, Gr'riug, 
n. jhuuika, b.ilf, bundA. kAn ke zewarflt. 

Earl. Grl. n. A.-S. earl. Inrrlistfln ko tlsrndurle 
kA amfr ; — dom, n. InglietAn ke tlsre durje ke 
nmfr kd mirtabn. 

Early, a. A.-S. orlioe. (soon) t-hifAh, Jn ! 1 J 
(seasonaldo) l)or-wflqt; (first) pabb- :«d. 
jaldf so. Syn. Soon ; betimes ; sea^onub’y; )U 
good time. 

Earn, era, v. t. A.-S. enrnian. karadr.A, IiAsll k. 
Syn. Gain; gpt; acquire; win; outaiu; pro- 

Eiirncst ) 0# g A.-S. eornont. (zealous) saigarm, 
musia’idd, dil-soz ; (solicitous) mushtAq: [ — 
in, — for, — about | ; to be In — , (to be deter- 
mined or resolved) sanjfda h., qAim h. Syn. 
Eager ; ardent; zealous; — money, «. kafAlat, 
bi’Ana : — ness, n. saujldagf, tahammul. 

Earth, n. A.-S. vordhe. (world) dunyA ; (land) 
zamfn, gil ; idifimi; (soil) miUf;— v. t. zarntn 
mpii clihipaMn, dnfn k., garnA ; — born, a. duu- 
yA k At duny.iwf; — bound, a. zamfn meg yft 
zamfn sc baudhfi hflA : — work, n. pntftf, mittl 
bharwAf ; ISio face the — , rfic zr t mfn ; — en, 

a. niil'tf kA, ldifikf, znmlnf; — ly, a. dunyAwt, 
jismunf. k'uAkf ; — quake*, Arib'kwslk, ft. zaiza- 
la, bh un, liAlfi-dolft. 

Ease, f*z, n. F. airse. rflbat, ArAm. cbnin. As Ada - 
gf, Asaisl), sukb, farftgat; (facility) AsAnf, 
sn lAsat ; at — , ArAm se, khushi se. Syn. Rest; 
repose; tranquility ; — v. i. ArAm d., AsAisb d., 
linlk'i k. ; jA e zarftr j. ; Easiness, n. AsAnI, 
Asrtdngf, ArAm, Asftish ; Easy, Az'i, «. (quiet ) 
salfs, halfm, sfdbA; (not difficult) halkA, AsAn: 
sahaj ; (smooth) chiknA; (gentle) mulAim; 
(ready) mustaMdd ; (contented) khush-hAl, 
ABfido. Syn. Quiet : trnnqnil ; secure ; calm. 

Easel, n. Ger. esef, nss. khfinl.fdAr ^hAncha. 

East, A^t. n. A.-S. east, purab, mashriq, sharq ; 
— a. purabf, shnrgf, nmshriqf; — cr, Ss'tAr, ft, 
A.-S. cuxlcr caxtrun. ’fsAMaslk ko phirzinda 
lione kf yadgarf kA roz; — crly, a. mashriqf;— 
ad. pdrai) se, mashriq se ; — word, ad. pflrab 
tarnf, mashriq jfinib. 

Eat, At, v. t. A.-S. elan. khAuA, nosh k., tnnAwul 
k. ; bhojan k. ; to — one's word, b&t pher 1.; 
to— out, biik'.H khd lenft; to — liumble pie, 
stthnfi, snbr so ta'nazanf bardA^ht k.; to— one 
out of house and home, bilkull barbAd k.; 
to — bread in the sweat of one's brow, mih* 
nat se rotfkaraAriA; — able, a. khnrdanf, khA- 
uekclaiq; khAno jog. Syn. Esculent; edible; 
— «. khAnA ; bbojau ; — er, et'er, n. khAnewAlA, 
khawaiyA. « 

Eavcs, Svz. n. pi. A.-S. efesc. parebbati, oltl 
dropper, chbir> ke sunnewfilft, oil! lagwA. 

Ebb, eb, ft. A.-S. ebbe. bba(A, jazr; (decline) 
zawAl ; the — of life, ’uumlarAzf ; on a low — , 
(beneath) nfche ; — v. i. samundar kf taraf pbir 

Ebony, eb'oo-i, ft. H. nobnx. AbnAs ; kendd. 
Ebricty, s-brl'-e-ti, a. L.ebriui. (iutoxicationi 




ms<l-hoshf, sarshArf. Syn. Drunkenness, in- 
toxication ; inebriation. 

Ebullition, e-bul-li^h'un, n. josh, ubAl. Syn. 
Boiling; Ebullient, 5-bul'yent, fl. ubalnewA- 
1A. Syii. Effervescing ; boiling over. 

Eccentric*, ek-sea'trik, a. L. centrum, raukhtnllf 
ul markuz, be-daatfir, be-qA’ida; — n. wuhrtAira 
jis kA markaz dfls*G bp mukbtalif ho ; be-qA’ida 
ghnlfbs, kaj-rau, fehahtf. Syn. Irregular ; ano- 
maloun; strange; whimsical; — ily. n. fchabt, 
khilAf i daslflr, be-zAbitagl, kfljrawf. 

Ecclesiastic, ek-kle'zi-as'tik, «. mullA, khAdim 
ud din ; purobit ; — ul, a. G. eklesio. maihabl j 
knllsiyA kft. 

Echo, ck'6, n. G. esho, same as ecTle, sound, gtinj, 
ftwiiz, Bada o bazgasbt; — v. t, g&BjnA, AwA* 

Eclat. €-kl£, n. F. rannaq, shubrat, nAinwarl. 

Eclipse, fi-klips', n. G ckhipsia. gahnn yfl grab- 
an, kvif’flf, yfi khu?flf total — , *ar igraban, — r. 
t. andberfi k., cbiiipanA, grahan lapnft ; Eclip- 
tic, n. mintaqat ul 1 urfij, AflAb LI fehiyAlf rAb, 

Economy, n. G. oikos and noma, khflnadfirl, 
kifAyat-shi’Arf, intizAra, qfi’ida. Syn. Fru- 
gality ; parsimony ; Economical, e-kim-om'ik- 
&1, a. kiffiyatl, girhastl ko muta’alliq; Eco- 
numUo, e'kou'om-Iz, t>. t. kaiu bbarcii k., 
ki f:\yal k. 

Ecstasy, ek'Bta-si, n. G, ekstnsis. (excessive 
joy) uihflyat kliusbl ; (rapture) wajd, kam'il 
gbushf ; — v. t, nihAyut khushl k., feirashl ke mA 
re be-fchud h. Syn. Transport; rapture; de- 
light; Ecstatic, ek-stat'ik, a. be-khud, faref- 
ta, dil-sbfld, mnngun. 

Eddy, ed'i, ft. A.-S. cd and ea. (countercurrent) 
girdflh, bhnuwar, bawiiudar o. t. girdub ke 
inuwAfiq ghflmiiA. 

Eden, 6'den, «. li. BAg i ’Adan. 

Edke. ej, n. A -S. cog. (sharpness) tezl, bArh, 
dhilr ; (border ) kinfira, lab ; — v.t, barb dhar- 
nA, basliiya lagAuA, barb A 1'tnA, kutrnuA; — 
off, — in, tbahar (habarke ckulnA; to set the 
teeth on—, dAnt UUaUe k. ;— less, «. kund ; he- 
kinAra, be-lah; — wise, ej'wlz, nil. dhar kc 
bal, kha^A. tirchbA. (.khurdnnl, kbAne kc lAiq. 

Edible, cd'i-hl, o. L. eder. to cat. (eatable) 

Edict, ft'dikt, n. L. o, ex, and dicer e. farrnAn, 
hukra, isbtihar-nAma, Ain; rAjAgyA. Byn. Law ; 
statute ; decree ; regulation. 

EdlQcc, cd'i-fis, n. L. ocdiftoarc. 'imlrat, gbar, 
hawell, uiabal. Syn. Building; fabric; struc- 

Edify, v. t. L. cedes and faoere, mufld ta’llm d., 
sikhlAnA; Edification, ed'-I-ii-knMmu, n, 
ta’bm, tabzlb; tarbiyat. Syn. Instruction; en- 
lighteumeut ; education. 

Edit, ed'it, c. t . L. cderc, kitAb ki chhapAf kt 
nigahbAuf k., iaiAh <1., cbhApne ke liye taiyAr 
k.; — ion, n. L. edilio. chhApA, chbapAI, tA- 
Iff ; — or, ed'it-fir, ». muraitib, muwallif; 
kartA orial, o. muraitib ke muta’alliq; — n . 
(leader) murattib kA maznadn; — ship, n. 
muwallif yA murattii) kA’uhda. 

Educate, eU'u-kAt, o. t. L. educarc. (bring up) 
tarbiyat k., sikhlAoA : ( teach ) ta'llm d. ; ( train ) 
sudhAi nA.ArAsta k. Syn. Instruct ; train, teach. 

[ — for, — by] ; Education, n. tarbiyat, ta’ilm, 
parwarisb; Educational) 0. tarbiyat kA, 

Educe, C-dds, v t. L. c and duoere, (draw out) 
nikAln.1, khfnchuA. Syn. Extract; draw out; 
Eduction, A duk'sliun, n. nikAl, nikAs, kiiiij- 
cbAo. [lisii) bAn; machhll. 

Eel, Al, «. A.-S. c. n/, Ger. al, (a serpentine slimy 

Efface, ef-fAs', v. t.F cffTCor. (erase) cbhfl 
kAt d„ m-ibo k., bi&AfnA, initi Syn. Blot out ; 
expuuge; cancel. [ — from]. 

Effect, ef £ekt\ ». L. ejficere. (result) tAsfr, 
natlja ; (menning) garaz, uintlab; (success) 
liAsil ; (force) zor ; (validity) wAjib; (reality) 
li'iofqut ; — p? a-bfih, mAl i manqrtla; no — , be- 
f AUl.i ; to (lie same—, us snrat Be; the letter 
vias to this — , ehittht kA mazmfln yih tbA ; for 
— , 7 Ah ir karne ke liye ; uT no— , or without — , . 
btt-iAidft. bd-a%ar j take--, bo U £uaar j.i to] 

give? — to, ’amal meQ iAnfi, ta’mfl k. ; in— f 
haqfqatan ; cause and — , sabab o musnbbab, 
'illat o ma’ifil. Syn. Consequent; result ; issue; 
event;— v, t, L. cv and facerc, (achieve, ex- 
ecute) kttrnfi, ’ainal men 1., hajft I., asar k., pai- 
dA k. [ — of — by]. Syn. Cause; produce; create; 
— ive, a, kArgar, muassir, kAfL kArl;— ual, 
a. kArgnr, muassir, mujurrab. 

Effeminacy, ef-fom'in-u-si, n. nA-mardf, muIAya- 
mat, nAznln-pan. Syn. Weakness; softness ; 
timidity; womanish ; delicacy; Effeminate, a. 
L. effeminure . (weak, tender) zan-sifat, nfi- 
mard, baiiut nAzuk, zaoAna, 

Effervesce, ef-JAr-ves', v . i. L. ex and fcrvescerc. 
(to escape as air or gas) ubalnA, josh khAnA, 
bbApbokar nikal j. Syn. Froth ; bubble ; fer- 
ment. Effervescence, n ubal, josh, bbfip. 

Effete, ef-ffit # , a. L. ex and Icetus. (barren) be* 
(dial, gnyA guzrA, be-asar, be-kAr. 

Efficacy, n. ( tAsfr f asnr; Efficacions, 
cf-fi-ka'shi-us, a. L. c^oof.todeclual) kurgar, 
muassir, qawf. 

Efficiency, it. HyAqat, qAbillyat, qriwatiasar, 
tAsfrpizirl; Efficient, ef-fisli'i-ent, a. Ij. effi- 
ciens. (abk, competent) muassir, laiq, qAbil ; 
— n. sahib i tAsfr. 

Effigy, prti-ji, n. L. effigies, (animago, a like- 
ness) sdral, shakl, shabfh, naqsha. 

Eflialc. ef-iia/, v. t. L. tx and ft (i turn, (to puff 
up) pbulAuA, pbilnk kar pbulAnA. 

Efflorescence, ef-o tlres'ens, n. (time of flower- 
ing) shiga fa -A war!. [bflfi. 

Effluent, ef'ila-eut, a. L. ex and flucrc. babtA 

Effort, ef-foit, n. forlis. (exertion) mibnat; 

( endeavour ) kodiisij, sa’I ; (struggle! dauy 
db.up, justoju. 

Effrontery, ef-frunt'Ar-i, it. L. effrons. (slmrae- 
lepanessi be-liay.*tf f be-sharml. Syn. Boldness; 
assurance; impudence; audacity. 

Effulgence, cf-fuJjVns, n. jbaln'k, nffr, tajallf. 
Effulgent, cf-fuTjcut, a. L. cffulgere. (lumi- 
nous ) muuauwar. [rezisb, babAo. 

Effusion, ef-l'u'zliun, n. L. effuxio. ( pouring out) 

Egg;, eg, n. A -S. ag. L. ovum G. oon. anjfl, ma- 
ohhll kfi niulA ; — v. t . targlb d.. talirfk d. 

Egotism, A'got-iziu. n. (scdf-pTniso) Jvhml-sanAf, 
kbud-sitAf. Syn. Conceit; vanity; self-praise 
or commeiidation; Egotist, n. kbud-sanA, 
kl nd-sitd. 

Egregious, e-gre-ji-us, a. L. egregius . (disting- 
uished) mufthhftr; (remarkable) ’njrib, bo- 
arnlAz, snkbt, barA, eshndd. Syn. Extraordin- 
ary; monstrous; great; — fool, snkbt ahtnaq. 

Egress, o'gres, \ L. egressus. bnrAmad, VburAj, 
rawuuagl. [ — from]. Syn. Exit; departure; 
going out. IMisr : kbAna-bndosh. 

Egyptian, e-jip'slian, a. Misr kA; — n, bAsbinda i 

Eight, fit, n. A.-S. u7tf«. Ath, hasbt; Eighth, 
At'tb, a. AtliwAn, basht; — n. fitliwAn bissa. 

Eighteen, al'Gu, n. AlbArah : — mo, at'eu-mO, n. 
ntii.irab-warql kilAb; — th, At'entb, a. nlliArub- 
w A u , li ash t o d ah u m . L i - el l b , a. assl w A n . 

Eighty, at'i, n. nssf, liasbt Ad ; Eightieth. At' 

Eitiier, e'rner, i niur, a, or pron. A.-S. agdTter. 
Gcr. jeder. do men ae Kof, do men kA ek, yih 
yAvvub, kof sd,ekua ek;— ad. kliwAb, cbAbe, 

Ejaculate, e-jak'u-lfit, v. t, l> c and jaculuri. 
(utter an enclaiuutiou) yakA ynkknhiiA, dafn’- 
lun munb se nikAlnA ; Ejaculation, it. plierj- 
kAo;duiiid, du’A ; Ejaculatory, o, ebbofne- 
walA, it tifa<|f, phenknewAiA, cbi{kAnewAlA. 

Eject, e-jekt', v.t. L. ejiceie. (cast forth) uikAl 
d.; (throw out) pbeuk d. ; (expel) bAhar kar 
d. [ — from] ; — ion, it. ikhruj, nikAI. Syn. Eva- 
cuation; discharge; — meat, n. ikliruj-uAma. 

Eke, 6k, v.t. A.-S. cacun. (to increase, to en- 
large) ziyAda k., tfil d., bnfhftnA. [ — out]. 

Elaborate, g-Iab'or-at, t». t. L. e and laborure. 
(bestow In hour upon ) mffmat sc b., mtikninmal 
k., mukallnfk. f — from]; — o. (wrought with 
labour) mukamtn&l, mukallaf, mushki!, daqfq, 
k&tliin, dushwAr. Syn. Laboured; prepared; 
studied ; perfected; high wrought. 

Elapse. A- laps', v. i.iL. e, out and lull, (to pass 
ftSBJJ. gqgAiMi im r., UU6. 

JPestle, 5-last'ik, a. O. claunein. fgpri ngy) kartA hai ; Ellipsis, ft. L. G. elleipeis. hazaf, 

lachflA, damdftr, ohimfA Jly, e-Ds-tis'i-ti, n. muqaddar miuhA, tark, taqdfr i kalAm. 

laehilA-pan, cbimrA-; at, dam-dArf. Syn. Elliptical,*. G. elleipttko*. baizAwf, ifchtisArl, 
Springiness ; resilience ; tendency to rebound. nAqis, nA-taniAm. 

Elate, i-lat\ a . (puffed up) phfllA hrtft, inagrflr, Elm, n. A.-S. elm L. ulmus. ekqism kA per. 
buland. Syn. Puffed up; proud; lofty; sw<d- Elocation, fil-o-kA'-shun, n. L. e and loo u». (a 
ling ;exalted.[ — with]; — v.t.L, efferre, elatutn. removal, a departure) intiqAI i sukfluat, uaql i 

,tto puff up ) pnuifiuA, buland k., mngrflr k., makftn ; ek asthfin so ddsre ko jftnA, tyAg. 

Elation, e-IA'shun, ». (vanity or pride) kAm- Elocution, el-d-kfl'shun, n. L. eloqui. fasAhat, 
yftbf kA gurflr, takabbur, ghamantj* Syn, Exul- lassAnl, qtlwat i bayiiniya, zubAn-Awari ; — 1st, 
tation; pride; high spirits. ft . lassAn, khush-bfly&n. 

Elbow. erbf>, n. A.-S. clboga. kahnl: bond ; to Elongate, G-iong'gat, a. (drawn out at length) 
'be at one's — > qarfb h. f nnzdlk li. ; to be up to JambA, baHiA hfiA. tanA hiiA ; — v. t. L. elongare, 

the— , (to be wholly occupied) bilkuil in as rdf (to lengthen) iambA k., barhAnA, tannft; 

h. ; — grease, paslna jo bebut vnihnat l;nrue se Elongation, ». lambAf, bayhAo, tanflo. 
nikie, ba*I mihnat aur madiaqqal ; — room, Eiopo, e-lop', v. i. A.-S. hleapan. to leap, fordr 
gunjnish; — v. t. kubnf ?e dmkelnA, dhnkkA d. h., bl.Ag jAnA. rftposh h.; aiop h M j/itftr. [— 
Elder, eld'fir, o. A.-S. ealdor. (a senior) bar\1» from, — to]. Syn. Abscond ; ruu off; — incut, 

'nmr-darfi”, kalAn ; — n. mu’azziz, sardAr pfid- n. farAr, gurez, rrt-poshl. 

rf; — n. A.-S. ellarn. ek qisrn kA per yA d:i- Eloquence, el'S-kwens, n. shfrfn-kal&mf, fasA- 

rakht; — ly, a. (somewhat old) buzurg, adher, hot, go.vAf, khush-Laqrtri, Inssfuiiyat *, Eloqn- 

Bfil-khurda; — ship, n, buzurgf, bapApan, pdd- cut; el'o-kwent, tf. L. eloqui, khush-taarir, 

rlon kA ck 'uhda. g^frlish-guftAr, 1’asfb, lansAn. 

Elect, 6-Jekt', v. t. Tj. eligere . (to choose) pasand IKIae, else, a, & pron. A.-S. dies, otherwise, dfgar, 
k„ chun 1., muntakb&b k. Syn. Choose ; pre- v du^rA, nur; — ad . &c. illA, iiftMn to, wagar na, 
fer; select; appoint. [ — from, — of, — for); — o. gair-az; — where, els'UwtLr, ud. aur kalifQ, aur 

(choose) pasandfda, barmr/fu'a : — n. (oueelio- jagah. 

sen or set apart) ek jo makh uis kiyAgayA ho. Elucidate, 6-lu'sid-at,e. t. L, elucidaro. (clear 
maqliffl, barguzfda; — ion, n. L. c lectio, inti- up)zAhir yfts&fk., wAzih k., roshank. ; (ex- 

kbfltb, barguzldagf, maqbijliyal. Syn. Selee- plain) tashrfli k. [ — !>y] ; Elucidation, », 

tion; preference; choice; — ivc, a. intikhAhf, (exposition ) sharh, bayuu, tauzfh. 

ikbtiyAii; — or, n. immtakhab k. w., chunne- Elude, e-JQd', v. t. L. enn'l ludere. (to avoid by 
wfilfi ; — oral, a. intikhAhf, mal;hsfl:P; — orate, artilico) dhokn dekar bachnA : (to evade) lilla 

n. mulk i Jarraau ko ek cbhote bAdbliAb ki sal- karVo n’lta 1 . bhAgnA, ebhfivuA. Syn. Avoid; 

tanat. evade ; flee. [ — by] ; Elusory, or Elusive, 

Electricity. C-lek-tris'i-ti, w. G. elchtorn. qfiwat e-liVaor-i, a. farebl, hflebflz, dhokebfiz. 
i j:'i7 1 :ji, hashish bijlf; Electric, n. jazib, knh- Elysium, «. L. Elysium, jnnnal. bibisht. Syn. 
ru bill ; Electrical, o. jaziba, qAwat i kali- Paradise; Eden; delightful place; Elysiun, 

rubflf. t-lizi/i-an, a. rahut-baklish. pur-fizA, biliishtf. 

Electrify, 6-lek'tri-fT, v. t. L. eloctrum and /o- firdausl, jannatl. Syn. Chartnmg; deligbt- 

ccrc. kashish k., kliinch&o kA jhatkA d,, ekA ckf fill. 

jazbc m»n A j.. mutahaiyar k. Emaciate, S-mfi'abi-fit, v. i. L. emacierc. (waste 

Elegant, a.Ij. eligere. (polished, refined) latlf, away) dubiA k.. c!n:I j., iftgar b. f latnA; 
nA/aik, khusb-mnnA, kbdb, nAdir, dil-pasand, Eniutdainui. //. dublu-pan, lAgarf. 
nafls, faBlh ; Elegance, n. (propriety) latA- Emanate, em'a-uat, v. i. L. cmanare. (to flow 
fat ; (beauty ) nazf.kat, nafA^at, rauuaq. Syn. out.) jail I>., nikilui, bahnA. Syn. Flow; 

Grace ; beauty ; propriety ; refinement. arise; proceed ; is-iiie. [ — from] ; Emanation, 

Elegy, el'e-ji, n. U. elcyoa. marsiya, uiatamf gfl. n. nikAl. nikAs, khurrtj. 

Syn. Dirge ; lament ; funeral Bong. Emancipate, S-man'sf-piit, v. t. L. emanciparo. 

Element, el'G-ment, n. L. element inn. arbn f (set freo)AzAd k., (clunAsk., ehhord. [ — from]; 

'anftRir, ya’ne khAk, bAd, Ab, Atish; (.station) Etna ucipat ion, «. riliAf, AzAdagf, kbalAsf. Syn. 

malial, makAn; mumisib hAlat y& japnh, 'ilia i lab 'rnl ion ; release: freedom, 
usftl. Syn. Constituent; component ; iugredi- Emasculate, S-rmw'kfl-lat, v. t. D. c and mas, 
ent ; — ary, cl-e-meuFar-i, a. inufrad, gair- ( to castrate ) nA-mard k., khoja k.. fikhta k. 
murakkab, basft, ‘uusarl. Syn. Simplo; un- Embalm, cm-hihn', v. t. F. embaumer. (to Aimint 
componnde.l. with balm) murde men masAla yA khusbl^i 

Elephant, crg-fnnt, n. L. elephantua. G. c/c- bliarnA. 
phus. lifithf.. ffl, pll ; yuung — , inakuA ; — fore- Embank, cm-haugk', v. t. En and bank, (to bank 
licail, inastak — f s mate, char-kata : u. zlic — , up) pushta-Vaudf k., mend yA tu under b'ndli- 

liatlint ; an — keeper, fll-bAn, inalifiwat; nu nA ; — merit, ». pusMa-bnndi, b'tndfi, muud.u*. 

— ’s turret, hnuda, 'amArl; — iasis, n. ffl-pA. Embargo, ein-biir'gb, n. Sp. cwfiargnr. j:»liAz 

Elevate, el'e-vAt, r. i. L. elevurc. (raise up, cbal.iueyA kholuc kf s*trk:1»-f r«»k ; — v. t. jahuz 

aloft) buland k.; (exalt) sarfarAz k. £ — from, dial A no yA khnlnc ko rok-i.i yA nuir.a’ k. 

— loj. Syn. Exalt; elate ; cheer; excite ; Ele- tlmlnrk, cm-biirk', v. t. En and barque, (go ou 
vatlon, «. bulandt, taraqqT, sarfarAzf, mar- s!:‘i)board) jaiiAz par sawAr Ii., in a b*>fll h. ( 

taba. [ckAdashl ; — th, a. gyAr.ilnvAn. ^rcirlk Ii., sli.imil h. [—from, — for, — in]. Syn. 

Eleven, 5-lev'n, n. Go. aiitli/. gyArab, yAzdab; Engage; enlist : outer upon; — ation, n. jnluiz* 

Ifllf, elf, «. A.-S. (a fairy) parl/bhflt. uash'ur. sawAif. 

Elicit, 6-iis'it, v. t. L. elioere. (to draw out) Embarrass, em-l iii'as, «. t. F. anbarrasser. 

khfnchnA, nikAlnA. [ — from, — by]. (perplex)'i d.. hairAn k., muztarib k„ 

Eligible, el'i-ji-bl, a. (qualified, preferable)’Ar k. 1 — wiili. — by] ; — mcnl, ft. task* 

pasand ke lAiq, bill lav, mustahsan, anlA ; Eli- wish, pare-diatif, iz: irabf, gbabrAbat. 

gibllity, n. (worthinesi to be chosen) manzAr Eiubassj, eru'b iK--. n. F. ambassude. palgAm- 
yA mnqbrtl hone kf liyAqat. b rl olehf-gnrf. Syn. Commission ; mission. 

Eliminate, e-lim # in-At, v. t. L. elimi nurc. dar- Embed, om-bed', v. t. (bed) bichhaune par 
wAze ke bAhur k. ; (remove) nikAl d. f alagk,, litftnA. \ — in]. 

dQr k. Syn. Exclude ; reject ; repel ; get clear Embellish, eni-bcrish, r. f.F. cmbcUir. ArAish d. f 
of; Ellmluatiou, «. ikhrAj, nikAl. eanwArnA. £ — with, — by]: — nient, n. firAi h f 

Elision, e-lizli'un, n. L. clisio. hazaf, lzAla, lop. zebAish, ArAstagf, sujAwaf. Syn. Decoration; 

Elixir, e-liks'gr, n. L. cUiksir, the philosopher's ornament ; adornment. £bti,-i koeln, bbflbiiaf. 

stone, aksfr, Ab-i-hayAt, yAqfltf, dawA-e-mu- Ember, eui'ber, n. A.-S. umyrie. ang/trfl, siilgit 
qnwwl. Embezzle, oni-bez'l, v . t. Norm. F. embeasihr. 

Elk, elk, n. A.-S. elcfi. bArah-singA. [gaz. amAnat men kliiyAnat k., gaban k., khA j., liazin 

Ell. d, n. A.-S. cln. L. ulna . q Ism 1 gaz, sawA k., tagallubk. ; — incut, n. (peculation) kbiyi- 

Ellipse, el-lips', ». G. cllcipsis. shakl i baizAwl, nat, tagallub, churl, tasarruf, gaban. 

ek rAb jis men ki saiyflra sAraj ke gird gardish Embitter, v. t, kapwA k. # tal^b k., uA-gaw&r k- 




Emblaze, em-blfiz\ v. t. en and S. blase, (to 
adorn) Ardsla k., jhnlkdnd, clmmkdnd. 

Emblem, em'blciu, n. G. emblema. muwAnq, 
shabfh, :md, mushAbih, chinb, n shun, ‘aidm-it. 
Syn. Figure; type; sign, symbol. [ — <*f] 
atic, era-hlcrn-at'ik, a. niskdnddr, fmd k. w., 
’aldmntddr ; — atical, om-blem-at'ik-aJ, a. ’ald- 
matddr, rarnsddr. 

Embody, v. t. jama’ k., mujassam k , ok sang 
jofuA yd mil And; Embodiment, cin-uod'i- 
mont, n. inajniu n. 

Embolden, era-boid'n, v. t. (make bold) him mat 
d. t targib d., dilcr k., dhdras «1. [ — by]. 

Emboss, cm -bos', v . t. phril ya gul jupn'i; (to 
engrave) munahbal k., kaiifo o di.tinro wg. ko 
muhr se muiiaqqash k. U'hlz men ?fin»u. 

Embowel, em-bow'e’, v. t. Ant nikalnTi, diisrt 

Embower, em-bow'3r, v. t. ck kunj men basdnd 
yd rahud. 

Embrace, em-brds*, #. *. F. tmbraa'ter. (caress) 
bagal-glrl k., gale lagdnd, ham-dg03h k., milnd ; 
(to receive) mfinnd, qabQl k., lend; (to admit) 
ifehtiyArk. ; (seize eagerly) lei.; (have sexual 
intercourse) ham-bistar li. ; (unite) shdnrii k. 
Syn. Clasp; encircle; encompass ; hug; en- 
close ; — a. bagal-glrl, ham-Ago,skl. 

Embrasure, ein-bra'zhftr, n. F. from embrascr . 
top kd jharokd, rand, fasfl. 

Embroider, em-broid'6r, v, t. (adorn with 
needlework) kd -cliobl b., gnl btitd kdrhud : 
— y, n. kdr-chobf, cliikan-duzf, yhulkdrl, zar- 
dozl, bdtc-kdrl. 

Embroil, em-broil', v. t. F. embrouillcr. (per- 
plex) ghabrdnd; (entangle) darliam bnrham 
k., phnnsdnd. Syn. Disturb; entangle; en- 
cumber ; confound. [ — with, — in]. 

Embryo, em'bri-5, n. G. em ami bruein. pnidd 
hone w., bachche kl pahlf sfirat, kM chfz kf 
pahlf hftlat qabl hone ke ; in — , ( in coucepi ion ) 
poshldagl men, dil hi <lil mefl. Syn. Germ ; 
rudiment; — a. ndqis, nA-tain&m. 

Emendation, S-mmid-a'shun, n. L. emindatio. 
(correction) durustl, tabdllf, dr&slagf, sihhat, 

Emerald, em'Ar-nld, n. F. emeraude. inranrrnd, 
sabz rang kd jawdhir ; (emerald type) ek qisiii 
ke hurdr jo minion aur nonpai eil ke durmiydn 
men ho. 

Emerge, 6-rafirj', v. 4. L. e and merger e. (to issue 
and appear) tulrt’ h., niknlnfl, flud. [ — from] ; 
— -at, a. flpar niklA lifld, zdbir, nA-gahdnf, 
ittifAql; — ncy, n. (exigency) zurnratan, na- 
frahdnl; (a sudden occasion) dfal, bddisa; 
(act of rising) uthsinA, uik;i«, Amad. 

Emetic, 8-met'ik, ». G. emetileos , from emcin, to 
vomit, qai kl dawn. 

Emigrate, em'i-gi at, v. *. Ii. e and migrare. jilA 
watan h„ watan chhorkar dfisro inulk ko j. ; 
Emigration, ». jilft-watanl, naql i raakan; 
Emigrant, era'i-grant, a. jilA watan, shahr-ba- 
dar; — n. be-watan, pardesl. 

Eminence, em'i-nens, n. (height, elevation) bn- 
land!, chofl: (exaltation) buzurgl, mnrtaba, 
auj ; Eminent, a. L. cminens mu in to z, bu- 
zu rg, nAm war, mashhur. Syn Distinguished: 
conspicuous; ce ebrated. 

Einir, 8'unir, n. A. emir , amir, amir, mis. 

Emissary, emis-dir-i, n. L. emiltcre. (a spy) 
nvikh'ur, ifisfls, bhediyfi. 

Emit, 8-init', v t. L. emittere, to sen l out, from 
0 , out an I emittere, to send, (amid forth ) bln j- 
nd ; (let go) chhupi d. ; (issue forth; uikfilnfi. 
Syn. eject; discharge; exhale. L — f^rn]. 
Emission, n. (issue) ikhruj nikds , b irsdl. 
E-nissive, e-mis'iv, a. nikftl « hfl-1, khAiij. 

Emmet, e n'et, n. A.-S. cemet, Ger. ameise. 
chyAntA, chyAntf. 

Em diiatc, e-mo.'i-dt, p, t. L. emolHre. (to 
soften) nnnu k , muhiiink.; Emollient, fi-mo- 
li'-ent, n. (sofiening) dard kA dafa’ k. w. aur 
raulAim k w., da \va. mulaiyan. 

Emolument, A-tnoru-mcnt, n. L. emolumentum. 
(profit, gain) nafa’, husil, ffiidn, inbli. 

Emotion, g-uio'shiin, n. L. e and movere , move, 
(mental excitement) josh i ill, izi ir.'ib, walwo- 
UL If n* Eeelingi agitation ai, e f pur- jeeb. 

Empale, em-pfil', v. t, F. empaler. (fence) gber- 
nfl; (kill) phAnsld. 

Emperor, em'p 6 r- 6 r, ft. F. empereur. shAhan- 
shiih, mltii 1, mahar.ija ; Fe.u. Empress, em'- 
res, n. empei es. shAhansbAh-zAdi, umlika, ma- 
drdr.l, qaietirn. 

Emphasis, em'fa-sis, ». G. emphasis, lafz par 
zor, znib ya tdkldi talaffuz. Syn. Stress; 
force of utterance ; Emphasize, em'fr siz, p. i. 
zor den A, zor dekar talaffuz add k. ; Enipiiutic, 
eiu-f it'ik, o. t.ikfdl, mua-sir, zor-iidi\ 

Empire, eiu'pir, n. L. imperium , saitanat# bdd- 
shiihat, mamlukat, rA.i, 

Empiric, om-plr'ik, n. G. empeirikos. (a quack, 
charlatan) nlm hakfin ; — <. (vers<*»l in experi- 
inents) tajrwbakAr, si if tajribn se jAuft gayA. 

Employ, em- ploy', v. t. F. employer, (keep at 
work) mashgul k. ; (give work toi nan kail d., 
rakhtiA; (bu^y) ma rdf k. ; (use) kdin men 
IAmA ; to— one’s self, u.nshgfil r.iklm i. ( — ai, 
— iu] n. kuibdr, rozgAr, khidiuat, ’nhds, 

sbugl ;— e, n. F. p p. of employer . nnuL-ir; 
— cr, era-ploy'gp, ». mAlik, khAwind, muulb, 
Aq;i incut, n. ’ildqa, rozf, naukarf, shugl, kdr 
bdr, rozgAr. 

Emporium, em-p 5 'ri-um, n. G. emporion. (a 
mart) saud&g&rl kA bAzdr, n rang, bandar. Ld. 

Empower, e:n-pow'er. v. t. raukhtdr k., ikhtivAf 

Empty, emp'ti, 0. A.-S. emtig. khAll, ti’hl ; 
(scnseles.'O alnnaq, mfirnkh; — v. t. khAlt k.. 
wfrdn k., tamArn li. [ — out). Syn. Void; 
devoid; unoccupied; vacant; Emptiness, 
erap'li-nes, n. khalA, tihl-magzl; (unfilled) 
suu, nA-pasandf, tihl-dimdgl; — lug, n. khdll 
honcka, takliliya. [uA. bain janbrangnA. 

Empurple, em-pur'pl, v . t. argawAui rang rang- 

Empyrcal, em-pir'c-al, u. khAlia dg yd" roshnf 
kA band lifiA, AsiuAnf, hnwdf. 

Emu, C'mu, n, rnuJk i Australia kl ek ch ; fiyd i 
qism jo shulr-muig kl oiAnind hot! hai. 

Emulitc, em'u-iat, v. t. L. annulus. maqAbul.. 
k., bardbail k, iiamsarl k., ha.o-chasuml k 
f — in |. Syn. Hival ; Tie with ; compete \v lb; 
Emulation. «. hainsnrf, hard barf, anlujnt kl 
khvvdhi h, :fs, hiskd, gairat; Emulous, eui'fl- 
lu s , «. dusrc so bafh June kd khwuhdQ. hamsa 
rf k. w 

E mi hie, en-A'l> 1 , v. t. en and able, (make abb 
qdwal d., taqwiyat d., tawdnd k. ; (supn y wii 
moans) waslia bahum p. ; (authorize) i^bliyd 
hiiq k. 

Enact, en nkt'. v. t. hukm d., farmdnA, (linhrAuA 
qdiiunklrds muqnrrark. [ — by ] Syn. Or 
dain; decree; establish by law; — ment, en 
akt'nient,^. kisl din ke musawwade ko dl>. 
qardr d. 

Enamel, en-nm'ol, n. F. cnmail . db, jilA ; — v. t. 
infudkdrlk., jild d.,Ab d„ rang ba rang k..koftk. 

Enamour, en am'Pr, v. t. F. en and amour , (in- 
llaine with love) ’dsliiq k., farefta k., laffO k., 
ahaidd k. ; moh 1 . Syn Cburm; captivate; 

Encamp, en-kamp', v. t. khaima d. ; lashkar k- 
kliaimc men muqlrn k. [ — on. — ntj; — meal. 
«. klmma-zanf, kh:iiina-istAdngf. pap'10. 

Encase, on -* as, 1?. i. F. en ;in-l eaisae. (to ou- 
■ lo^o ns iii a ca *e) giidf k., I) 1 11 i k., In 1 o. ;i. 

Encaust'c. o -kn ws'i ik, n. or u » h rnl io i 
durja '1 hfl i : cn nuei.iir » mf Ai-tf. 

Eucliiint, en-ch inf', t\ 1 . 1 .. incan-or '-o: t . 
k., mafi fin k , uiolin.i, (niiA k.„ j.i 11 ( i.y, — 

with]. Syn. Chirm; c piivaie. ei.u'ih.u; ; 
— cr, n. sdhir, j ddgar, touhd ; — meat, n. 
jd lfigarl, dil-rubdi, ibr. khiisni. 

Enchase, en-clifis', r. t. F. enchasser . jafdQ kdm 
b.,, k iikIA hud kd •» b n *nd. 

Eucir. lc, o .-‘-ftr'kl. v. t ro h' 1 ra k., Ml’-m 
ban liuid, guerua. S,vu. E.m>. a«\- , en omp,,,. ; 
on v ron. 

Enclose, on-kld?/, v t. band k., ihal • k., ghornl ; 
Enclosure, n. burj, hisdr, elm mdiw.irf, liaiqa- 
bnnil, gheri bul jagah, sahn, raqiia, ihuta, 


Encomium, en-kO'mi-um, n. G. rglcomion. ta’rlf, 
lab rn, dfrin, wadli. Syn. Fraise; eulogy; 

Encompass, en-knm'pas, v. t . (te encircle) rher I Enemy, ea'-l-mi. ». F. ennemi. ciushman, hai If J 
l., balqa bAndhnA. [—with, —by], Syn. Bn- mortal — , dustman 1 j&nt ; the— ■> shaitAn. 

circle ; inclose ; surround. g/n. Antagonist; adversary; foe; opponent ; 

Ensure Ing-kdr', ad. F. (once more, again) j Enmity, ..en'ml-ti, ft. Ft, Inamitie. ’adAwat, 
phir, bAr dig* r, dobAra, phir phir;— v, t , phir nufrat, duehmanf, nifAq. bugs, bair. Syn, 

mftQgni, phir chAhnA. 1 Rancour; hostility ; hatred ; animosity. 

Encounter, ». F. enoontre . larftl, jaflg, jadal, Energy, en'Ar-ji, ». Q. en and ergon, (might) 
muqAbaia; — v. f. jaosr k., hamla k. ; (to con- zor, qflwat, bal, matAnat. [ — of, — in) Syn. 

front) muqAbaia k., larAI k., mulAqAt k. Vigor; spirit; leal; strength; Energetic, 

Encourage, en-kur'Aj, v. t. en aud courage. en-fir-jet'lk, a. (forcible) mnassir; (active), 

(animate, stimulate) dil bafhAnA, dam d., him- chAlAk; ( having strength ) pufchta, masbfit, 

B at d M dilAwar k., tahrlk d., raustaqi! k. Syn. zorAwar. Syn. Potent; effective; vigorous? 

mboidou ; animate ; cheer ; Incite ;— ment, n. Energise, en'6r-jlz, o. i . (act with vigos) aot 

(incentive) targfb, madad, taqwiyat, dilAsA, «*., raut.aharrik I?. 

tasallf; Encouraging, a. himmat d. w., tar- Enervate, 3-nAr'vftt, a, kamsor nA-tAqat, za’tf, 
Ctb-dib. nalilf ; durbal; — v. t, (to weaken) kamsor 

Encroach, ©n-krOoh' v. t. F. accrooher. hamla za If k., nA-tawAp k. Syn. Weaken; deblli- 
k. ; (to tresnass) nejA madftkhalar. k.. h idd tate; Enfeeble; Enervation, n. lift- taw AnI, 
tornA. [—on. — upon | ; — er, n. dust-darAz, ^ka.uzorl, zn’fff. Maq;Wint. 

bejAk. w ; — meut, n. (unlawful intru- Enfeeble, en-fe'bl, v. t. (to debilitate) nA-tawAQ 

slon ) da£hl i bejft, d '.Rt- iar&zf. fc» kamsor k., naqfh k., nA-tftqat k. Syn. 

Encrust, e. t. mayhuA, lesnA. Weaken ; debilitate. 

Bwciimher, en-kum'bAr. v. t. F. enoembrer. (to Enforce, en-fdrs', v. t. en and force, (stiength- 
lpad) bojh <J., lAduA, pnapsAnfl. [ — with]. Syn. en) aftbit k., pofhft k„ masbflt; k. ; (put in 

lioad:olog: oppress; overload; hinder; Kn- force) j Ail k., (force) ba-sor k.; (urge) tAkid 

cumberance, n. boih, bAr; atkAo, rok. Syn. k. : (compel) majbflr k. ; (prove) sftbitk. ; — 

Load ; burden, impediment ; hinderance. meut, n.qrtwai-dlhl, ta’mll, rawAj, hukm, sor. 

Encyclopedia, ©n-si-klA-pd'di-a, n. Q. eykick lioft. Enfranchise, ea-fran'chfa, v. t, F. e«and/ron- 
dAira i ’iira, jftina’ ul ’ulflm, inajnia'-ul-’ulflm, *»z fid k.; (to set: free) khalAs k.,rihftk., 

tngat. kosh. kisl shuhr ko khAss d. ; rals b., shAaiil 

Encysted, en-sist'ed, c. G. en and JeusHs. (in- k- : — meut. n. lihftl, khalAsI, wuh Ifchtiyar jo 

closed in a vesicle or bag) thaill meg liptA hflA gair-mulkl ko diyA j&w 

yA dAl;i hrtA. Engage, eii-sfij', v. t. F. en and pope, (pledge) 

End, ». A.-S- ende. (extremity) airA. khfipt, sh irt k. ; (to atlnch) pAband k. ; (pledge to 

Akhlr, k>nAr:i, IntihA: (ooncHision ) tamAmf, love) rnuhabbaiAua iqrArk.; (win, allure) 

anjflss, hadd: (object) matlab, murAd, garaz; fareftak. ; (employ) naukar rakhnA, maehgdl 

(broken nieoo) reza, tnkfA; at an—, r . ; (occupy )dn^hl k. ; (light) lafnA, muqAbala 

hon© par; — up, slnA, paikAn; the — i*f liiw life, k. L — in, — for, — with] : — meut, n. rauqarrarf, 

■nant ke qartb; the — that, tAkl ; from one — pAbandf, phajjsAo; (contract.) sbart, wa’da, 

n another, sarAsar; fur which — , jis wajli qnul o qarAr, maQ-uf ; (occupation) shngl; 

e ; to :k*— , he-fAida; the farthest — of the (light) oiuqiibaia ; Engaging, o.piyArA.dll- 

irth, khAwfir ; u* bring to an — , t.ira.'im k. ; vupA, dil-cb.isp; — v. t. has dya yA jhAlar lagA- 

1th thla — in view, is garaz ie; to what — , nA. Syn. Attractive ; winning. 

dAira i ’ilm, jAma’ ul ’ulflm, majEua'-ul-’ulflm, 
Ingat. kosh. 

Bhxcyste*], ©n-sist'ed, c. G. en and JeuaUs. (in- 
closed in a vesicle or bag) thaill mefi liptA htiA 
yA dAla hflfi. 

End, ». A.-S. ende. (extremity) oirA. khfipt, 
Akhir, kinArn, intibA: (conclusion) tamAmf, 
anjAm, hadd; (obioct) matlab, murAd, griraz; 
(broken nieoo) reza, tnkfA; nt an—, 
hone par; — up, slnA, paikAn; the — i*f hiw life, 
•nant ke qartb ; the — that, tAkl ; from one — 
o another, sarAsar; fur which — , jis wajli 
*; to :io— , he-fAida; the farthest — of the 
irt.h, khAwfir; to bring to an — , t.ira.'im k. ; 
.iththie — in view, is garaz se; to wliat — , 

^ is wAste; to tliii— ^ is wajh se; in the — , Engender, eu-ienMAr, v. t. F. engendrer. ( to 
kbirnsh ; to put au — to, (to destroy ) halAk beget I pal A k., barpA k., januA, uiaujfld k. [— 

kbirnsh ; to put au — to, (to destroy) halAk 
k. v barhAd k. ; from beginning to — , sartApd, 
sarAsar; to — in smoke, (to be useless) rAe- 

begetl pal A k., barpA k„ januA, uiaujfld k. [— ■ 
from]. Syn. Breed ; generate ; bsget; produce, 

bo-fAida thaharnA ; to staud on—, (to Engine, en'jiu, ». Jj. ingenium. kal, Ala, injin 

stand erect) kbayA honA ; 

t. khatm k., ta- or, n. kal-sflz, top-khrtne kA kAr-kun, Injlniar ; 
, halAk k.. ma’- — ering. ». knl-sAzI, top-k.iAna kl kAr-guaArl. 

; — lng, n. ghati- English, iug'glwh, ft. From Engle. Aqgrezl, Ing- 

be-aujAm, haraeeha, dawAmi. bi-pAyfifl. Syn. Engrave. eu-grAv', v. t.( to infix )khodnA, qalam- 
fflteraal; everlasting; Inftnil. • Jeaaness, ». fcArl k., naqqAsht k., kanda k. ; Engraver, ft. 
ue-intlhAI, hamesliagf, dau Am. raubr-kan, qa iam-kAr. 

Endamage, en-dam # Aj, v. t. L. en and dammwt. Engross, v. t. For cn gros. motA yfi barA k. t bafe 
to njare, to harm) nuqsAn k., aarar pahue- ^ natt rao 3 likunA, jail k. ; (to absorb) khlQch 
cbAnA* leua. mzb kar 1., bili;ull 1., pakapnA. 

Endanger, en-d&n'iAr, v. t. (to put to hazard) Engulf, en-gulf', v. t. jazb k. f nigalnA, aoknA. 
khatro mea d., Afa’t vA khauf men phansAnft. Sy n. Absorb; swallow up ; onzross. 

Endear, en-dAr', v. t. Vzfz k., piyirAk. [—to]; Enhance, en-hans', v. t. Norm. F. enhavnoer.Cto 
— ment, ». muhnbbai kA rart ;ib, ulfut kA s bab, add, to augment ) zi.vAdu k. qfmat bafhAnA ; (to 

ulfat, pivAr; dost!, mnliabbat. Syn. Cares 
ng: caress; blan iishm‘*nt. : londliog. 

aggravate isakht k., s « ugiu k. ; — meut, ft. siyA- 
datl, besht, izilfa, san^Inl. 

Endeavour, on-dov'ftr, n. F en, devoir, (an Enigma, 6-nig'ma. ft. L. asnaim*. chfstAn, mn- 
elfort) koshish, s.-i’f, qasd ; — v. i. (t*> attempt) ’amraa, pabell. Syn, Ri di«; puzzle; — tical, 

:o*hish k., -<e’t k., qasd k., zor mAruA. 

a. uaqlq, ramz-Aiuez. 

Endogeu, en'dfl- jeu, n. bhttar bhftar phailnewA* Enjolu, en-joln', v. t. F. enjoindre. (direct 
iA darakht; — ous, «. G. endon, within, gen. earnemtly) tAkid k. ; (order) hukm d.; (ad- 

root of gignexthai, to be produced, bhftar bhf- monish) nasfhat k. (prevent) mumAni’at k. 

tar phmilne w. [ — on]- „ 

Eudorse. en-dflrs', e. t. L. in upon, dorsum, the Enjoy, eu-Joy 7 , v. t. F. en and jot*, (have Joy in), 
back, dastkhatt k., manzflr k., sahfh k. [—on, knnshl hAslI k.; (have possession of) ienA, 

— with], Syn. Superscribe; write on the back pAnA, rakhnA; (delight in) khush h.. kAmrAn 

of. h., ’alsh k , birAjnA ; to — one's seif, ghusb h. ; 

Eudnw, en-dow', v. t. Norm. F. endouer. (to — ment, n, ArAm, khushf, AsAish, maza, hazz, 

enrich) bakhsim-i, waq* k., jrthez d. [ — with] ; faiz. [bharitAnA, .miAnA, phflQknA, 

— ment, n ’ ’ativa; bakhshish, waqf; (gift of Enkindle, en-kin'dl, v.t. ( o nflarae) sulgAnA, 

nat.iin*) iaiihar, wasf, hima.r 

Endure, en-dflr 7 , v. t. L. in ?iud durare . ( to bear) 
b&rdAsht k., sabr k., qAi \ s'«hna. Syn. Bear; 
continue; abide; submit; Endurable, «n- 
dflr'a-bl, a. ( tolerable) qiibil t burdrisht, sahno 
ke lA<q ; Enduranue, ft. bardasht, sabr, istl- 

Endwise, end-wls, ad. kharA, barpA, UtAda. 

Enlarge, en-ilr>', v. t. F. enlarger, (make larg- 
! er)zTvAda k , farAkh k., bafti .nA; (widen) wasf' 
j k., kushAda k.; (inc r ise) ziyAda k. ; « set free) 
AzAdi.,; — upon, — on, (diacuHs fully ) uayhAuA ; 
to — tl*e heart, dii bartiAnA. [ — by, — wth], 
Syu. lucr» i as«^; extend; expand; — meut. n. 
arzAish, kushAdagl, ziyAdatf, rdnil. mu "A a^a. 
Enlighten, en-ilt'iw «. t. A*-o. enlihtan . roshaa 


76 EPnEMEllTS 

k., munauwar k. f nftrftnl k. ; (to instruct) tar- 
biyat k. t ’aql d., khush k. [likfmfi, naukar r. 
Enlist, en-liBt\ v. t. (to enroll) btiartl I:-, nflm 
Enliven, en-liv'n, v. t. (make alive) ziud.i k., 
jilftnft ;{aniruite)h'nntnat k.,cl»ft ak k. ; ( him ...c J 
cheerful) khuslik. L— -by,— with]. Syn. Anim- 
ate; inspire; clmer; ox liinratc. 

Ennoble, eo-nO' , 'l, v. t. ( raisp to nobility) ainfrf 
darjad., mu’avziz k., miililarain k., mudiarraf 
k., sarfar&z k. [ — by. — for]. 

Ennui, ong-wi\ it. F. from L. in odio. mAgdagf, 
sostf, nafrat. Syn. Listlessaoss ; languor; 

Enormity, g-nor'tni-ti, a. (depravity, atrocious 
crime) zabftnf, burftl, shiddat, khavfibl, khilAf- 
dastftrf, gunAh i kablra. 

Enormous, a. L. c and norm a. (excessive) barft, 
’azfrn, ziyftda; (irregular) be-qd’ida; (beyond 
measure) bo-intiliA, bo-hadd; (atrocious) mak- 
rfth : (depraved) nih&yat kharAb. Syn. Im- 
mense; excessive ; huge. 

Enough, o-mif, «. A. S. genoh , genog. (sufficient) 
kAff, wAff, bus; — <td. svA'.’I, azbas, babut kuehh ; 
— ». kif&yut, wafA. 

Enquire, v. t. (usit) prtchbnA, daryAft k. ; — 
Enquiry, n. dary.ift, ptlclih gachli, sawftl. 
Enrage, en-rilj', v. t. barharn k.,l>bafA k., gazab- 
nAk, k., bhackAnA.[ — with |. 

Enrank, on-rangk'. v. /. F. on and ranJc. (to 
place in order) saff men rakhnA, yA tartlb d. 
Enrapt, a. nibAyat khus.-.t se, be-khud; — ure, on* 
rap'tur, v t. (delight highly) bag bag k. ; 
(eurn visit ) khushf so be-khud k. 

Enravish, en-rav'ish, v. t. ( enrapture, to charm ) 
niliAyat klnishf se be-khud k., hAg bAg k. 

Enrich, on-rich', v. t. daulat-rnand k., ganl k., 
tAza k.,zar-khez k.,baklishnA,ftrftsta k. ; — ment, 
». tawanguri. bnkhshish, ArAshigl. 

Enrol, efi rCJl', v. t. lihrist yA daftar meg darj k. 

( — in] ; — ment, n. isra-nawfsf, fibrist. 
Eusamnlo, en-sarap'l, «. naraflna. nazfr. 
Enshrine, on-Nkrfu', v.t. (inclose in a shrine)pflk 
jAnkar inahftlz rakhnA ; (preserve) bach&lrakhnfi. 
Enshroud, v. t. lapetnA, qhftQpnft, bachAnA. 
Ensign, on'sln, «. F. ensaigne. paltankA nishftn, 
’alAraat, uishAnbardAr. 

Enslave. en-slAv', v. t. (to reduce to slavery) gu- 
lAm banAnA, nslr k. p qaid — ment, n. gnlftin- 

sAzi, astrl, gulAmf. 

Ensnare, v. t. ( to entrap) phande se pakapiA, 
fareb se ghiftAr k., wargalAnA. Syn. Entrap; 
catch ; inveigle, allure. 

Ensue, en-sft', v. t. Norm F. enxuer. (to follow ) 
pichhe h., A parnft, wAqi’ h. t ft jftnft, honft. £ — 
from]. Syn. Follow, succeed ; oome after. 
Entablature, on*tab'la-ttkr, ». L*. in and tabula. 
sit An ke sir kft naqsha. 

Entail, v. t. F. cn and tattler. jftedAd kt wirftsat 
thahrftnft. [ — on].; — ment. «. qft’ida so wir- 
Arat. [embarrass ) gbabrft d. 

Entagde, en-tang'gl, v . t. phansftnA, ghertift ; ( to 
Enter, en'tSr, v. t. F. entrer. (initiate) dAkhil k.; 
(go or come into) andar jAnA, yA AnA, paitbnA, 
ghusnA, samAuA ; (set down in writing) munda- 
rij k., lililmA ; — upon, ( to begin) shurti’ k. ; — 
into, ahr.rt k. ; (appreciate) pasand k. ; for, or 
to — the list, (to enlist) nftrnlikhnA; — up, likh 
lenA ; — with, ’Adat ko maMftm k. ; to— a profes- 
sion, ti : .i rat k. ; to — into detail, ( to particu- 
larise; f irdan fardau bayAn k. ; to — into col- 
lision, jhagfA k. ; dhakkA dhukkl k.; to — the 
mind, dil men samAnA. L — at, — by]. 
Enterprise, en'tAr-prlz, n. F. entre. prendre. 
hausila, muhimm, sakht kAm ; — v. t. (to under- 
take )hAth meg 1., sa’f k.,koshish k. ;Enterpris- 
iug, a. hausiia-mand. JAqbAz, dil-chalA, diler. 
Entertain, en-tfir-tftn , v. t . F. entretenir , ( con- 
verse with) bAt chit k.; (amuse) kkush k. ; 
receive hospitably) mihmAn! k.; (maintain) 
qAim rakhnA, tia ikar rakhnA; to — a hope, 
ummed rakhnft. [ — by, — with]. Syn. Amuse; 
divert ; maintain ; — or ,n. mez-bfln, mihmAndAr, 
dil bahlftne w ; — lug, a. dil-chusp, farhat-aQgoz, 
dil-bahlAA ; — incut, n. mihm&nl, ziyAfat ; gufto- 

S i; dlilagf, khel, kad. Syn. Amusement; 
version ; recreation. 

i Enthrone, en-thr3n\ v. t. takht pir bilhl'm-l, 
bAdshfthf darja d. ; singftsnn j»ar bit‘d:inA. 

Enthusiasm, ou-tliA'zi-azm, n. (). cnlhoHxirx-nnx. 
riargarml, josh, \v:ij<l. ta l ns<cib t xbauq. | —for]. 
Syn. Ecs.asy; fa intielsai ; ridicious freu/.y. 
Enthusiast, n. 0. enthousiatix. snrgarm. behii- 
da kliiyAl k. vv., pur-sln nq, rn uta'assib, ma izilh; 
Syn. Fanatic; (K'v^fee: hhot ; z?*n lot ; En- 
thuslastir, a. sarg.irm, pur-josh, pnr-ahauq. 

Entice, ru-tis', v. t. Norm. F. entirer. (Mllure) 
JuhhanA. pluis.ftnA ; (incit<*) inrgfh bahkft- 
n.i; (tcmoL) Azraftnft. | — by, — to). Syn. 

Allure; coax; decoy: Reduce; tempt; — able, 
a. targtb-dih, qA!>il-i-kushisli ; labhAno jog; 
— ment. n. dil-fareht. dil-ruhAf. 

Entire, eu-tlr'. a. F. entier. (whole) t.amAm o 
kainiil, bilkull, sanApft, tam.-im, kuli, sab. Syn. 
Complete ; unbroken ; full. 

Entitle, en-trtl, v. t. Norm. F. entitlcr. nftrn d., 
haoqdAr k , khitAb d. f — to]. 

Entity, en'tl-ti, n. L. ontitax. Tonn en» t entix, 
thing, hasif.waiftd. Syn. llcing ; existence. 

Entomb, en-toiim', v. t. (to bury, to inter) dafn 
k., gA t nft. f — in J. 

Entomology, en-toia-ol'o ji, n. (). ontomon and 
logos. haslirAt-u)- , arz-n::m:i, kir*« rnakoron kft 
bayftu. £ weK* ) 1 n tp». an i i ri.van, roda. 

Entrails, ou'trAlz, n. pi. F. entruiUc'i. ( tho bo- 

Entrance, on'trans, n. rA’u, fnnu'i, dAkliila, AgAz, 
ihtidft, darwAza ; — hall, n. uAIum* yA ft mad rnft 
IcA dftlAn. Syn. Entry ; passe. ge ; door ; begin- 
ning. [ — to, — on] ; — v. t. e.i and trance, be- 
khud k., gashf m?g 1., sakte yA wajd meg d. 
Syn. Charm ; enrapture. 

Entrap, en-trup', v. t. (to ousnnrc)pliftnsnA, jftl 
yft phande se pakafuft i — in]. Syn. En*uaro; 
entangle ; decoy. 

Entreat, on-tret’, v.t. (lo beseech ) dnrkliwftat 
U., iltijft k., sulftk k., guftogn k. Syn. Beferch ; 
beg ; solicit; crave ; — y, n. minnat, ’arz, dar- 

Entrepot, ong-tr-p<5\ n. F. (a magazine, a ware- 
house) makhznn, ganj, handarefth. 

Entrufli, on-trust', v. f. saunpnfi, supurd k. 

Entry, entri, n. F. entree. darwAza, UAkhil.i. 

Entwine, en-lwln', or Eutwist, v.t. bbftnjnd, 
batnfi, marofnft. 

Enumerate, S-n\Vm6r-ftt, v.t. L. e and numerare. 
(count )chutnAr k„ glnuA;( recapitulate )tafstl 
k., phir kahnA; Enumeration, n. shumar, 
blsAb. gintf. 

Enuneiate, e-nun'si-at, v. t. L. enunciare. (pro- 
nounce) aunAnA; (inform ) khabar d. ; (give 
forth) zAbir k. ; (proclaim) mashhflr k. ; (de- 
clare) bayAn k. 

Envelop, en-vei'up, v. t. F. onvclopper. (to sur- 
round) raalffif k., dhAnpnA, ghernA. L — in]. 
Syn. Wrap ; fold ; 

Envelope, ang'vel-op, n. lifdfa, gilAf ; Envelop- 
ment, ». 2(entnngleinenl, perplexity) pech o 
tAb, iztarftb, idiansfto, ntkfto. 

Envenom, en-ven'um, v. t. zahr-dAr k. ; (taint) 
Alftdn k., (enrage) gazab-nAk k., barharn k. 
Syn. Enrage ; Exusperate ; provoke. 

Environ, on-vl'run, v.t. F. environ, (to encom- 
pass), ghernft, ihfita k. ; — s, n. pi. gird o pesh, 
atrAf. Syn. Nelghbouriiood, vicinity. 

Envoy, n. F. envoy or. hAdshfthl elchi. 

Envy, cn'vi, v. t. hasad k., rushk k., jalnA, nftrftzl 
m d. [ — furl; — ». F.envte. hasad, rashk, Ja- 
lan, fifth ; Enviable, en'vi-a-bl, a. hasad ke 
qftbll, qAbil i rashk, dil-pasand; Envh>us, eu' 
vi-us, a. V'.envieuw. hftsid, bad-andesb, 

Syn. Jealous ; disposed to envy. 

Eolian, §-3'li-an, a. (pertaining to ASola, or the 
god of the winds) /Bolis yAhawAke deotA ke 

Epaulet, cp'awl-et, n. F. epaulette . phundnA ya 
jhabba jo sipfthion ke kftndlie par rakhA jAtA 

Ephah, S'fa, n . 13. ehpah. (a Hebrew measure) 
’IbrAnl nftp, qarfb ikkls sor ke barAbar. 

Ephemeral, ef-em'er-al, a. thore diu jfnewAlft, 
kam-zist, qalll ul l.ayAt. Syn. Short-lived; 
transitory. [sitArofl kA>oz-nAtncha. 

Bplieiaorhi, n. G. ephemerae, taqwlm, pattrA, 

Epic, ep'ik, ». raaanawl jis meg mashhftr logon BSqultablo ek'wi-ta-bl, o. munsif, be-tarafdAr, 
k( banAdurl kA bayAn bo. Syn. Narrative; ’MUt Syn. Just ; impartial ; fair ; upright, 
poem ; heroic poem. Equity, «. h. asquua. huAf, *adl, baqq, rAstl. 

Epicure, ©p'i-kiir, n. shikam-parwar, petfl, ’aiy- Equivalent, ft'kwiv'a-leut, a. L. aquas and oa- 
Ash. Syn. Seusualist: voluptuary. „ lere. hnm-qlmat, hara-tAqat, liara-lijAqat, 

Epicycloid, ep-i-sl'kloid, n. G. epikukloa and muatAwf; — ». barAbar!, 'Iwa*!. [ — to]. 

eidbs, form, ghanid&r iaklreq jo kisf mahdfld Equivocal, S-kwiv'6-kal, «. L. cequus and vox. 
d A ire ke bhftnr yd bibar Apas meg mill hfll maahkdk, zfl-ma’nl, mushtabah, mubbain, mu- 
kbfgchl jAwen. zabzab, peohlda. Syn. Ambiguous; doubtful; 

Epidemic, ep-i-dem’ik, fl. G. (Epicycloid) epi- uncertain. 
demos. phailnewAlA, 'Alamgtr, sAlr ; — ». ’Amm Equivocate, IS-kwiv’o-kiif, v. i. Tj. equivoous. zfi- 
wabi, ’A amgfr bfmArl. Syn. Prevailing » pro- ma’nf alf&z kA isti’mdl k., peeh kf bit kahni ; 
valent ; common. Equivocation, n (ambiguity of speech) zu- 

Eplgram, ep'i-gram, n. G. epi and grapheln. ma’uf alfAz, gol-mftl, ibham, tazabzab, pher 
latffa, nukta, rubft’I, gazal. [—on, — upon,— phAr. pooh kf bAt. 

by] *»£•» * TO, n - Ii- P. ere. san, sambat, lArffcli. 

Epilepsy, cp'i-lepsi, n. G. epilepsia . (falling Syn. Epoch ; period ; date ; age. 
sickness) mirgi, sara* : Epileptic, a. mirgijA, Eradicate. 6-rfld'i-kttt, v. t. L. e and radix , n *sfc 
niasrtV ; apa^mArf. k., be^h-kanl k. # ietisul k. Syn. Extirpate; 

Epilogue, ep'i log, n, G . epilogos kbAtlma naql uproot; destroy; Eradication, n. bekb-kanl, 
ke Akhir kf gazal yA taqrlr. istisAl. 

Episcopacy, 6- pis'kO-pas-i, n. G. epi and akope - Erase, e-rAs', v. t. L. eraderc, nikAJ d., hakk L'., 
t». iuJzAm I Kalfsiyd ba-zari’e Bishop ; Epls- mabo k., metnA;— r, e-rfis'fcr, n, nikAi d. w., 

copal, a. Bishop ki; Episcopalian, n. cuhflnewAlA, nabnrnj, kazlak. 

Bishoo ke intizim kfl pairnu yA tarafdAr; Ere, ftr, ad. A.-S. cur. Ger. er. Ieei. a r. Go. air. 
Episcopate, 6-pis'kO-pAt, n. Bishop kfi ’uhda, peshtar, peshazlg ; — while, ad. tliore roz guz* 
imAmat. re, Is ke Age; — now, qabl-azfg; — prep, qabl, 

Episode, ep'i-sftil, n. G. epi and eisodos. qissa pahle, Age; — io.ig, Ar'long, ad. tbocc ’arse men, qissa, bit rnoQ bit. Syn. Digression ; in' Jald. 

cidental, narrative. Erect, C-rekl', <£. L. erectus. (upright) sfdhA; 

Epistle, e-pis'l, n G. epistole raakttib. khitt, (directed upward) istAda, muetaqlm ; (bold) 

runq’a, rasfllOQ k;* khatt; Epistolary, 6-pis' muataqil. bebAk; — v. i. L erigere. (set up* 

tft-lar-I v a. makLAbl, khatt kc rnuta’allin. right) kharAk.; (raise) buland k.: (build) 

Epitaph, ep'i-taf, n. G. epi and tiphos. kitAba i banAnA ; (to sittle)<jAim k., barpA k. Syn S *t 

qabr. Syn. Inscription. [Syn. Title. up; raise; elevate; build; found ion n. 

Epithet, n. G. enithctos. sifal, lapab, kbltAb. ta’inlr, ’imarm, istihkAm, istudagl. Syn. LJ.iild- 
Epitome. 6-pit'o-mi, n. G. epitome, (abrldg- ing : Htructure ; edifice- 

merit )ikhtisAr, intikh ib, [ — of, — by]. Ermine, fir'min, » F. Aermute.qAqum.ek cblio- 
Syn. Abridgment ; abstract; summary, synop« tA i<inwar vA us kA bA-. 

sis; Epitomize, S-nit'5-mlz, v. t. (to abridge), v i. U errure. (wander from tli.* right k., ikhtisAr k.. khulAsa k way) gu urAh h. , (rov*) Awftra b. ; (mislead) 

Epoch, e'p^k, n. G.epoche. san, tArfkh, sAkhA, bhafakoA; (mistake! gafati k.; < hi sjnging) 

sAl. Syn. Era; time; date; period; age. AwAz tAtnA;— or. Ar'fir, L error, galatf. . hn- 

Epsom Salt or Salts, op's um-sa wit yA sawltz, tA, l>hd!, chAk, sahw ; — oncous, Aito'di-u^ s 

tt. ok qism kf dawA jo jullAb ke liye isti'inAl gal it, uA-durust* 

liotf hai. [barAbar, eksAp, hamwAr. EriMiul, fir'.md, n. A.-S. t crande (m ision) 

Equable, 5'kwA-bl, a. L. cequus. f even, uniform ) paigAm; (message) kAm; go on an — , kA»t> 
Equal, 6'kwal, a. L. cequus. ( alike) ekaAa, inaaA- par j. [sargardAq : (wild ) /alii, klmrAb. 

wl; (even) hamxvAr: (uniform) barAbar; Errant, ?r'aot, a. L errors, (raving) fiwira. 
(impart al) be-taraMAr; (just) munsif; Erratic, Cr-at'ik, a. Tj. rratiaus (eccentric • 
(adequate) IAiq : tnuwAfiq. [ — of, — - to] ; — v. t. ghliuitA hQA, sargardAn, be qA’ida, sdilftrf, raui 

barAbar k., raasAwf k.. hamwAr k , eksAn k- . tA [uAma ; — pi errata 

— lty, n. (uniformity) innwAflqat, barAbarf. Erratum, fir*a'tum, n. L. errare. gal itl, galnt» 
hamsarf; — Izatlon, n. inasAwat. ekaAnf, barA Erudite, fir'fldll, a. L. e and rudis. ’Alim, fAzil 
bar; — Izc. G'kwai-Iz, n, t. hamwAr k., barAbar liidyAwA . Syn Teamed ; lettered ; well- v id ; 

k.,eksApk. Erudition, n ’ilm, jauhar, fnzflat, buliyA. 

Equanimity, 6-kwa-nira'i-ti, n. Tj asquus aud S>n. Knowledge; learning; lore; sekolar- 

unimus. (evennes; of mind) qarAr, sanjfdagf, ship. 

salAhiyat, hamwArf. Eruption, 6-rup'ahun, n. L. erupt io . Am As, 

Equation. ft-kwA'shun, n. inasfiwnt, ta’dfl. sAjan. d idrA, phora, khurill. u‘>hAr ; — of vol* 

Equator, e-kwu'tfir, n. kbatt i istiwA, fchatt i cano. dba iftk, phupkAr ; — of small -pox, sit 1A* 
i'tidAI. iiikAa; Eruptive, a pbflt niknlucwAlA, 

Equatorial, e-kwa-lo'ri-al, a. khfltt i istiwA kA. Erysipelas, Sr-i sip'-il-as, n. G. eruthroa and 
Equestrian, 6-kw.‘S'lri-an, ti. sawdr, ghore kA pella. surkh-hAda, dadrA, hi 11 b ; Erysipclons, 

sawAr, shah-sawfir. Syn. Horseman; rider; a. surkh-bAda-dftr. UadrA sA. 
cav:ili?r. [distuns. ham fAsila, barAbar. Escalade. e?-ka-lAd\ n. F., If. arnlnta , L. scala 

Equidistant, S-kwi-vlis'tant, a. h. aquas and (a ladder) kamaud-andAzf, qil’n Id dlwAr ka 

Equilateral, 6-kwi-lat'fcr-al, a. L. cequus aud chafhAo. Syn. Saale; — v. t. sfrhf lagAkar 

latua. mutasAwI ul nzlA’, har jAnib barAbar. chnfhnA, kainand d. 

Equilibrium, 8-kwi-lib'rium. n. L. cequus aud Escape, es-kfip'. v. t. F. cchapper gurezk., 
fibro. (equality of weight ) ham-vvnznf, i’tidAI, bhAgnA, hacluiA, chhipnA; to— one's notice, 

mu’Adalat. Syn. Equal balance. finkh bacluinA; to have a narrow or hair 

Equinox, e'kwi-noks, n. L.ceq uus n nd nox. rAt breadth — , mushkil se bachnA; — n. bhAgaf, 

o din kl barAbarf, jo ikkfswfn March aurhfs- ribfit, bachAo, bhQl. [ — from, — to] ; — meat, 
win September ko wiqi* hot I hai; the vernal ©s-kap'ment, n. bhigaf, glinvl kA ek purz j. 

— , i’tidlli rabf’. vishnl pad; the autumnal — , Escarp, os kiirp\ v. t. F. escarpe . (to slope) 
i’tidAI ikharff ; Fiarfnad. dhAia banAnA, dhAl k 

Equip, A-kwip', v. t. F. equiper . (to adorn) ArAs- Escheat, es-cligt.', n. O. Eng. eschete, Tj. oadere. 
ta k., taiydr k. Syn. Furnish ; provide; fit out ; Ift-wAris uiAl, bait ul-mAl ; — v. i. lfi-wAris mAI 
— age, n. sawArl kA asbAb, siz o sAmAn ; h. 

( retinue) rikAb, jilau. Syn. Apparatus ; equip Eschew, es-choi>', v. t. O. Eng. eschews. Ger. 
ment; furniture ; — ment, n. taiyArf, ArAstagI, achcuen. (t«islnm) bAz rakhuA, kanAra k., tark 
sAmAn, lawAzima. k. Syn. Avoid; shun. 

£ lulponderate, e-kwi-pon’dSr-flt, e. i. L. cequus Escort, cs'kort. v. t. (to guard) mubAfizat ka 
and ponder arc. wain men barAbar h., masAwl liye sAtb j., ardalf meg j. ; — n. F. escort® 
Ul srasn b, (guard), badraqa, mubAfiz, nigahbAn, 



EsuaWnt, es'kft-ltnt, «. L. esoulentu*. (suitable 
for food) khAe j&neke q&bil ; — n, (edible sub- 
stance) khAne kf chli. 

Escutcheon, es-kuch'un, n. F. 6 oas 8 on . (the 
shield of a family, ensign. armorial) fehAnddnl 
Ihfil, bare gharAne kf nisbAndAr dkAl. 

E^oterm, e.s-6-i«Jr'ik, a. Q. exoteros. (secret) 
ooslilda ; gupt. 

Enpoi ial, es-pcsh'i-Al, a. L. speoies. fchftss, afzal, 
uakrhsfls. gyn. Peculiar: special ; particular. 
Esplanade, o<*-pla-nftd\ n. F. L. planus, qil’a ke 
<Amhne kA maiden. 

Espouse, v. t . F. spouser. (betroth ) m:ingnl k. ; 
(wed) blyih k. ; (uphold) madadd.X — to]; 
Espousal, es-pouz'ai, n. F. epousailles. (bet- 
rothal ) maggof ; (adoption )qabAl ; (protection) 
hhnAyat, pushtf, hifdzat. 

E py, es-pf' v. t. F. epier. (to watch, to observe) 
Udr se deknuA, jhAukml, nigahbAu' k. 

Esquire, es-kwlr'. n. F. eaou , now eou. shield. 
mumtAz, sawAr kA mulAzira, ek kbitftb, bahfi- 

Essay, es-sa', i>. t. (endeavour) koshish k., qasd 
k. ; (experiment) AsinAna. [ — on]. Syn. 
Attempt ; trial ; endeavour ; effort ; — n. Norm 
F. eaaai. (treatise) rlaAIa; (endeavour) kosh* 
ish; — of metals, kas, tAo, 'ayAr 1st, n. 

Essence, en'sens, n . L. essentia, jauhar, zAt, 
khAasiyat, ad, wajfi i, ’itr, choyft ; — v. t. mn’at- 
tar k. ; khush'dld&r k.; Essential, es-seu'shi- 
•l,o. (necessary) zardrl; (important) bliArl 
(pure) nslf, khAIis. [ — to], Syn. Vital . 
necessary; pure; — ». wnjtid, hastf, asl bAt. 
Syn. Nature ; first principa I. 

Establish, es-tab'iish, v. t. F. etablir. q.Aim k. t 
jaruAuA, thfk k., muqarrar k., mnzbiit k. [ — on, 
— at] meat, n. (fixed state) hasti, qivftm, 
bar-qar&rl ; (confirmation) taqarrur, hahAlf. 
IntizAm; (foundation) bunvAd; (income) Un- 
fchwAh, Amad; established church) SarkArl 

Estate, es'tftt, ». F. etat. (condition of life) 
hfilat, amlAk,ta*alinqa, zamfndArl, (property) 
mlrAs, jftedAd ; (political elnss) darjo, sarUAr, 
bAdshAhat;, ’izzat; (friendship) dostl ; (liking) 

Esteem, 6s-t£m', v. t. L. csHmnre , qadr k., ’azlz 
JAnnA, muhabhat k., ’izzat k., khiyAl k. | — for] ; 
— n. (great regard) l:!iAz, min; (respect) ta’- 
zfra, piyAr, ctiAli. qadr ; Estimable, os'tim-a- 
bl, a. L . cextimabtlis. mu’az/.iz, •nuhtarim, uek- 
baktat, qadr ke Ifitq. Syn. Worthy; good 
excellent; meritorious. 

Estimate, ea lim-At, v. t.h.wstirnare. takhmlnn 
k., tashkhfs k., audiiz k., shurafir k. ,* (value) 
gadr k. (—for. — at]; — n. (valuation) qfmnt: 
(reckoning) takhralna; (esteem) qadr, 'izzat,; 
(compute) shumAr; (calculate) hisAb, tasV 
If his; Estimation, n. shuinAr, liisAb, qadr, 
’izzat, samajh. Syu. Calculation; comput- 
ation ; honor ; regard. 

Estrange, es-trAnr, v. f. F. stranger, (to alien- 
ate, withdr iw) afir k., farq <)., be-gAna k., mn- 
habbat kblgch 1. [ — hy,— from] ; — meat, es- 
tr&nj'ment, n. (alienation) be-gAuagi, ’alAbi- 
dagt, tanaffar, tafAwat, farq. 

Estuary, est'ft-ar-i, n. L. eatuarc. (a frith) sa- 
mundar kA k»d, muhAnA. 

Etc, or et cetera, et set'fir-a, n, L. wagaira. 

Etch, ech, v. t. Ger. atzen. (to delineate) naqshn 
yA taswfr b. [ — in]. 

Eternal, S-tArn'al, a. F. ceternel , L. eternua. 
(everlasting, ceaxelossjazalf o abadf, lAezAl, 1A- 
intihA, dliin, qfli n, — n. KlmdA. Syn, In- 
finite; endless; Eternity, e-tArn'i-ti, n. h, 
oefernitus. hameshagf. Syn. Perpetuity ; end- 
less duration ; Eternize, e-tern'Iz, v.t. qAim k . , 
ahull k., I A intihA k. 

Etesian, A-te'zhi-an, a. F. c&tcaien, L. etesius , 
Gr. cteaioa , annual etoa, a year, faslf, mausimf, 

Ether, A'thAr, n. G. aithcr. hawA i khAIis, asfr; 
— oil, a. (tenuous) khAIis liawA kA ; (cel 
estial) AsinAnl. asirf. ’ > 

Ethics, ft. sing, (doctrine of morality) ’ihn i akh- 1 

lAq, nasrhat-nAtna Ethical, stfa^ik-al, «. d, 
eihos. Mlm i s|fh]Aq kA. 

Ethiopian, g-thi-dp'i-an, ft. Ethiopia kA bAshin- 
da, zangf, shldl, habshf ; Eth topic, Ethiopia 


Ethnical, eth'nik-al, a. Q. ethnikoa. (heathen, 
pagan) but-parast, mushrik, gabr, gair mulk 
kA, be-gAna. 

Ethnography, eth-nog # ra-fi, n. Q. ethnos and 
grapnein. InsAn kl mukhtalif qaumon aur un 
ke taur o tartqog kA bayAn; Ethuologv, eth- 
nol'o-JI, n. G. ethnos and logos. iusAn kA ba- 
yAn. LkallufAt. 

Etiquette, et-i-ket', ». F. (decorum) AdAb, ta- 
Etymological, et-i-mfi loj'ik-al, a. i«htiqAqf; 
Etymologist, n. ishtkplq-dAn : Etymology, 
et-i-rnoro-ji, n. G. eiumon and logos, surf, ish- 
tiqAq 1 alfAz, wajh i tasmiya; (in Oram.) 

Eu, (a Greek prefix signifying well, easy, advan- 
tage ms; (entire) If hfib, AsAn, kull. 

Eucharist, d'kfir-iet, n. Q. eucharistia. (holy, 
sacrament) inuqaddas ’A«hA i Ka-»bAnf, yA Ma- 
Rlh klmnutkl yAdgArl kl pAk rasm;— ic, a. 
'AshA i Rabbftnl kA. 

Eudiometer, fi-(ii-oui # et-Sr, n. G. eudios and 
matron, ek Ala jis se hawfi kl sufAl yA us kl 
miqdAr kA andAza ma' Am hotA bai. 

Eulogy. Q'lo-ji n.G. onlogiu. ta’rlf, snnft, mndh. 
Svu. Enc-unlum ; panegyric: Eulogist, fi'lo- 
n. maddAh, sanft-khwAn, ta'rlf k. w. Syn. 
Encomiast; panegyrist • extoller ; Ei log ium, 
fl 10'ji-uin, n. L. from G.eulogla. madh, sanA, 
ta’rlf. [ — on, — for], Syn. Praise: eulogy. 
Eunuch, ii'nuk, n. G. eune and echein. khojo, 
hijru, khwAja-sarA. 

Euphony, i\'fG-ni, ». G. eu and phone f khush- 
■lwazi, tahsln 1 talaffuz. 

European, ft-rG pg au, ». Farangf, ahl i Yflrap. 
Evacii'ite, A va'-'A-At. v. t. L. e and vacuus. 
(emfiiy) khAlf k. ; (kavel clmofnft, tark k. ; 
(throw out) khArij k. Syn. Vacate; quit; 

Evade, 6-vfld', v. t. L. c and vmlere . (escape 
from) bachnA; (slip awnv) hhAz j.; (e.ude) 
dhokA deke ulkal j.; (slmffle) (.6.1 mafol k. [— 
from, —to]. 

Evacuation, n. iklirAj ; dast; mnuqfifi. 
Evanescent, ev-nn-es'nnt, a. L. c and vuncscere. 
(vaqirthlng) gfiib h. w., guzar J. w., kAfur ho 
J* W* [In.ill ke mutAbiq. 

Evangelical, 5-van-jerik-al, a. G. euaggelikos. 
Ev»ny:eIizo, v. t. ’IsAl mnzhah ko zAhir k., In ill 
kfiwa’z k.; Evangelist, n. ’IsA kl tnwArlkh 
liklinewAlA, wA’iz i Injll, lnjil-nawls; tlic 
four — s. Mall, Marqus, LrtqA aur Yrthannrt. 
Evaporate, e-vap'ftr-ftt, v. i, L. e and vuporarc. 
(to fly away in vapour) bukhAr bankar ur j„ 
kAffir ho j.; — a. urA lit) A, sflkhA ; Evaporation, 
n. bukhftr, tnbkhtr. Syu. Vapourization. 
Evasion, 3-v&'zhun, n. (artifice) baliAna, hlla, 
fareb. Syn. Shift ; subterfuge ; prevarication: 
Evasive, 6-va'fiiv, a. (elusive) dhoke-hAz 
hlle-hAz, farchl, gol mol, mnznhzab. 

Eve, 6v, n. shAm. kisl teoh'u kl nglf sliAm ;on tlic 
— of, inusta’idd, laiyAr, bnrwaqL n. liauwA, 
Adam kl jorA. 

Even, 6'vn, a. A.-S efen. (level) hamwAr, chan- 
ras, eksfig; (equal) b.irAbar; (smoothe) chik- 
nA ; (not odd) juft; (impartial) b-tarafdAr; 
(calm) sanjfda; (uniform) ysksAn; (owing 
nothing) barfllmr; — int. sach ; — v. t. hamwAr 
k., musnttah k.;— ad. bi-’aiuahl, bhf.ya’.jig tak 
waisA hi, MAn, b.ile;— -so, sach .—handed, a. 
i»e-tarnfdAr, munsif; — tide, e'vn-ll l, n. shAm 
kA waqt : on — ground, (with equal advantage) 
fAida-i-haincltgsir. | — with]; — ness. n. i>arA- 
harf. rAsll, sanjfdagf. lliTe) plrl. 

Evening, n. shAm, raugrib/asr: (the decline of 
E.cnt 6-vent', «. L. c and venire, (anything 
which hapjiens) mAiorA, wAqi’a ; (end)anjAm: 
(incident ) ahwAl, hAdisa; (issue) natlja; in 
the— , ahyAnan ; at ail — s, ba-har hfli, ba-har 
sArat. [ — n] Syn. Incident; is-sue and 
Te3ult; — ful, a. (full of incidents) bhArl, 
sangln, pur-mftjara ; — ual, A-vent'fi-al, a 



qfttl', ftfchirl, 'Arlsl ; Eventuate v. t. vrAql* h.; 
tissue) nlkalnft; (terminate) (in jam p. 

Ever. ad, A.-S. ajer. kabhl ; (always ) hameslu ; 
( without end ) sudA ; — and — , hainesha ; — and 
anun, kabhf kabhf ; Top — , bamesln: for — and 
a day, (eternally) name ha;— green, ev' 81 - 
grftn, a, sadA-bahur, haruesha tar o iiizi; — n. 
sadA bahftr d.irakht ; — lasting, a. lia.iirstn kA, 
abudl, dAi u, q irn, lA-zawA.. Syn. Eternal; 
endless ; immortal ; — r *. abadf, htime-ikagf ; — 
more. ad. ham >:;ha, rand.iiu, sadA. 

Every, ev'Sr-i, a. A.-S. afre and ulc. bar, har ek, 
bar kus; — with, bilkull; ou — si<lr, chiron 
taraf; — day, a. ’umiii, ma’mtilf, rAi , har roz ; 
— where, ad. ho r kuhfn, sab jagali ; — now and 
then, (often) ksibhf kabhf, gfth. 

Evict, 6 -vikt', v. t. L. e and vincerc. qfinfinf hukin 
so lei.; (to expel from ) be-dakhl k. [ — from]; 
Eviction, n. (dispossession ) bc-dakhlf. 

Evidence, ev’i-dens, «.( witness) gawYi hi, shall A- 
dat; (clearness) safAf ; (proof) sulvH, g.iwAh. 
shAhid ; — v. t. sA hit k., gawAhf d ; Evident, a. 
L. e and videre. (plain) aftf; (apparent) ’alA- 
niya, sarfh ; (manifest jzfthir, Ashk'ir. hawnida, 
mubarlian; (notorious) inashhfir. Syn. Mani 
fest ; clear ; obvious ; pian. 

Evil, ft'vil, a. A.-S. ejel. (bad) bad, znhOn, kba- 
nib; (wicked) sharfr; (unhappy) kiivvar, ua- 
kh ish. Syn. Mischievous; hiriful; wicked; 
bad; — n. gb irAbf, burAf, badl, z.ibftul, khwAn, 
uuqsAn; (disease) bfiriArf ; — nd kharab taur so. 
nuqsAn so ; — ere, 6 'vii-I, n,, cliashm 
i bad one, wvil-wun, n. Shaitan ; — speaking, 

e'vil-spftl*'ing, «. bad-gof, chtiga -khorf ; — 
minded, bal-bfttin, mufsid, bnd-andesh. 

Evince, 6 -vlns\ v. t. L, e and vinccre. (prove) 
sAbit k. ; (overcome) gAIbh.; (show) zahirk., 
jatftnA, AshkArft k. ; Evincible, a. (demonstra- 
ble) sAbit hone ke qAbil. 

Evoke, ft- vAk\ 17. t. L. e and vooarc. (summon 
forth) bulAnA, pukArnA. [ — flora]. 

Evolve, ft-vo!v', v. t. h. evnlvcre. (open out) 
kholnft, dikilAuA. zftliir k., suIjhAuA. Syn. 
Unroll; uni old ; Evolution, n. (development * 
nurnftish, izhAr, dikhfto, namtid. Syn. Evolv- 
iug; u i folding; expansion. 

Ewe, (L, n. A.-S. eoiou, L. ovis, G.oie, Gael. ai. 
bhofl, m ah.bbef. [badhnA. 

Ewer, CTflr, n. O. Eng. ears, karwft, surAlif, lota. 

Ex, eks, (out of) ma’zul, oe, bagair. 

Exact, egz-akt', a. L. exaotus (right) durust; 
(honest) diyAnatdAr; (•areful) hohiyAr; 
(p;ecise) pftrA # thfk. (punctual) waqlkft pa- 
band, mukammal, muntazim, snliq, k mrA, s.if. 

[ — in]. Syn. Accurate ; precise; methodical ; 
care ul ; — v. t. taqAzA k., talab k., chAhnA, dar- 
khwusl: k., da’wA k., jnbran 1. ( — from 1. Syn 
Demand; require ; extort ; — ion, n.dast-rl irftzf, 
matAlaba, be-.iAda*wA,UqAzA, rustiiu ; ( tribute ) 
mahsul, lagt.i. Syn. Ex onion ; contribution ; 
tribute ; — ness, n, durustf ; lurfkf, uazak it. 

Exaggerate, egz-aj'ftr-at, v. t. I j. ex and agger- 
are, (heap up) jama’ k. ; (amplify) inubaluga 
k. ; (state to high) ziyAda karke kahnA, ba rhA- 
uA ; lambA chau^A k. ; Exaggeration, n. (am- 
plification) inubAIaga, asl se ziy.ida bayan. 

Exalt, egz-awlt', v. t, L. car and altut. ( raise on 
high) buland k., davhAua, taraqql d. ; (lilt up ) 
utuAnA; (praise) ta’rff k.; (magnify) sarfa- 
rAz k. ; (make sublime) afzal k. ; (rcliue) ii’lA 
rut.b d. [ — from, — to, — byj ; — atlon, n. sar- 
farAzf. irtifA’, buland!, »arAf, taraqqf, La’rlf. 
Syn Elevation ; dignity ; extol. 

Examine, egz am'in, v. t. L. ewaminare. ImtihAn 
k., su vAl pflcbhiiA. parakhnA, jA.ichuA, tajwf/ 
k., AzmAua, tahqfq k.. talflsh k. ( — nto. — n |. ! 
Syn. Discuss; debate; scutnize; e\plor j 
Examination, n. ImtihAn, Az:uA>sb, jAgch, laf- 
tlsh, tajwfz, tahqlqAt. Syn, Inspection ; obser- 
vation; inquiry. 1 

Example, egz-am'ol, n. L% amemplum, mtaAU na- 
mftnu, nazfr ; to act an — . numAua dikhlAnA: 
as for-—, inns » an. ''yn, L’'iit; case; 
instance; Exi.*mpllfy, ega-Hin'pli-fi. v. t. L. 
eaoemptum and faoara. tarnsfi d., misAl dekar 
bajAn |b 

Exasperate, egz-as'pAr-ftt, v. t. L. €9 and o »per- 
are. (anger) khafA k., nftrflz k., nA-kbuah k.; 
(worry) di <i .., khijdaA: (iurreasej ubhArnu, 
ti.ik.1riA. bha(kiltiA. [ — by, — at]. 

Excavate, cks'ka-v&t, v. t. L. eg. out a..d cavare. 
khokh.A k., khodnA, polA k. ; Excavation, «. 
khokhlA-pun, po!A-pan, gifhA. Syn. Cutting; 
Ctvity; hollow; Excavator, n. sang-iar.ish, 
b it-tarfis.j, gafhkar. 

Exceed, ek-se 1', v. t. L. ese and cedere. (to sur- 
pass) ziyAda h„ burhn.i, nikil >A. sabqat 'e ., 
pea.'i-qudamf k. L — !>7. — iu j ; — ing, or ingly, 
ad. ziyAOa. uihA.vat, on «nid lat, bahut, uipat. . 

Excel, ek-sel', v. t. \j exctllere. (out-do in good 
qualities) fAiq h. ; (surpass ) s jbqat le j. [— 
in, — at] ; — lenrc, n. L. cxc^llantia. (good qual- 
ity I khfibf, buzurgf, sbaraf, fauqiyat, fazliat; 
— lency, n. a’lA-martnba. hazrat, janAb i ’All ; 
—lent, a. (ad mi rsblc*, superior) ’umda, ma’qdl, 
pAklza, bibtar. khfib, latff, bhiiA, achchhA; 
sundar. Syn Worthy; choice; prime, select. 

Except, ek-nept', v. t. L. ex and capere, chhofnA, 
lark k. ; (object to ) i'tirAz k., ’uzr k. [ — from, 
—to] ; — prop siwAe, ba«juz, illA, agar, magar, 
bagair. Syn. But; unless; — o. wagarna. ba- 
gair, siwA Is ke, qata* nazar, bajuz; — ing, 
prep. siwA, ba-juz, chhofkar; — ion, n. tark, 
i’tirAz, nuqs, istisnA; — lonahle, a. qAbil i i*ti- 
rAz, uA-pasaudida ; — ional, a. shAzo rAdir, 

Excerpt, ck-surpt', v. i. L. c®and ropert*. UluilA- 
■:» k., inLikliAb k., akliaz k. ; — n. intikhAh, khu- 

Excess, ek-ses', n. Tj. exoedere. ziyAdatf, bad- 
pirhczf, firAwAnf, bahulAyut, kasrat. [ — of.— 
in] ; — I ve, a. ziyAda. nihflyat, fazui. 

Exchange, eks-cbAnj', v. i. P. ech..nger m badal- 
nA, Mwaz imi’Awaza k. [ — for], Syn. Barter; 
commute; bargain; (ruck; — n. ’iwaz mu’flwa- 
za, adlA badlf; saudAgaroq kejama* hone kf 

Exchequer, eks-chck'5r, n. Norm. F. esohequier. 
luglisLAn kf kb Ass kachahrl, sarkArl khazAna. 

, Excise, ek-sXz', n. L. ex and cccdorc. 1 tax on com- 
modities) mahsiil AbkAri. Syn. Duty; tax; — 

I v. t . mahsiil lagAnA ; — man, n. ugAhanhArA, 
j saudA arl kf chfzog f>ar inaii«Al lagAne w. 

| Excite, v.t. (inflame) bAarkAnA : (siirup)!ja- 
gfinA ; (stimulate) targfh d., barhAufi, iumbish 
d., harakat -I. Syn. Incite ; a waken ; animate 
arouse ; inflam ■: Excitation, n. targfu, tab 
rfk, jumbi^h ; Excitable, a. targlb-pizfr, ta - 
rfk-pizfr, zud-rnujf; Excitability, ek-sit u 
bil'i-ti, n. ragbat-pizlr, tar!.:lb-pizlr ; — mem, 
n. targfh, tali rfk, josh; Exciting, a. targfb- 
dih, .iumbish yA josh d. w. 

Exclaim, ek^-kiam, v. i. L. ex and vlamare . 
(ornery) elii lift uthna, pnkArnA, bolnft. [ — at, 
— i o, — :i *ni :st 1 ; Exclamation, n. faryftd, 
shot-, n » la, chilhih&t ; aisA nishAn ( !) 

Exclude, cks-klftd', v. t. L. m and olaudere m 
(shutout) fchArijk.; (reject) radd k. ; (eject) 
nikftlnA, bAhur k. ; t except) alag k. [ — from, 
— by, — for] ; Exclusion, eks-klQ'zhuu, n. ikh- 
rAj, tardfd, dilr-sAz.. Syn. Preclusion, rejec- 
tion ; Evcluslonist, n. mahvflm k. w., khArij k. 
w. ; Exclusive, eks-kliVsiv, a. (debarring) 
’alAwa, siwu, biiA shirkat i gair ; — ». khArij k. 
w., -a'Ahid i k. w. 

Excommunicate, eks-kom-mil'ni-kftt, v. #. L. ex 
and com >n unicare, (to expel, to eject) mardft i 
k„ mnsliab ke hiiqftq se k., zAt se nikAl 

f j r [ — from, — for]. Syn. Dismiss; expel; 

— d, a. khArij, mardud, nlkfl'A hflft: Excum- 
munlcation, n. 'expulsion) ikhrftj, irtulAd. 

Excoriate, <*ks kr/ri-ilt, t. L. ex and cori tim 
(to flav, tostriu off » ragarnA, udhernA. Ubftl 
klifychiiA ; Excoriation, n. raitar.ghisAo, kka* 
rA h, Uhfil kliincli .f. 

Excrement, t'ks'kre-ment, ft. L. ex and eernere . 
(tilth nr dung) g:\lfz, Aluish. ‘m^r; — itlous, 
a. (ordure, dung) pur-AlAi^b, calfz se bharA 

Excrescence, eks-kres'ens, «. raasA, gAnth ( 
ph o f A, dadorft ; Excrescent, a. L. ex a nu ores • 
cere, kisf dtisrl chlz se pbAtkar nikaluewftift, 




Excretion, n. (filth) gall*, glib, gobar, HthrUji 
AlAish ; Excretory, n. nail jis ke waefle so 
ul&isb nikaltl bai ; — a. AlAish Qik&lne w M 
makhraj, indrf. 

Excruciate. oks-kriid'shi-lLt, v. t. L. ex and 
cruotare. (to torture )AzArd., uzlyat d M satAnA. 

Excruciation, n, (torture, torment) AzAr, ’azAb, 
aziyat. _ 

Exculpate, eks-kul'pAt, v. t. L. ex and culpa. 
(to excuse) ho-guuAh yA he-jurm tbahrAuA. 
( — from]. Syn. Exonerate; absolve; excuse : 
Exculpation, n, ( exoneration )khata se rnukh- 
«8f, be-gunAlif ya be-junnl. 

Excursion, eks-kur'skun, n. L. excursio. (« 
rumble) flair; (expedition) yflrlsh, liamla. 
(digression) asl muzintiu kA tark. [ — from. 
— to I. Syn. Journey; tour; ramble ; jaunt ; 
— 1st, n. saiyAh, sair k. w., takht-Awar, ytlrish 
k. w. , 

Excuse, eks-kuz', v. t. L. ex and eausari (apolo- 
gize for) ’uzr k., balifuia It ; (absolve) buklisb- 
nA; (pardon) mu’A; k. [-—for, — from | ; — u 
’uzr, baliAna, biijjal. uiu'Afi ; Excusable, ek - 
k11?/&-bl, a. ’uzr-pizlr, wAjib til ri’Ayat, qflbil i 

Execrate, eksVi-krfit, v. t. L. ex and tracer. 
< curse) Ja’nat It.; ( ubotnlun i.c) nafrat k., sarAp 
d. [ — f * >r 1 ; Execration, n. Iu'nnt, nafrfn; 
sar.ip. Syn, Curse ; malediction ; Execrable, 
eks'6 kra-bl, c. (detestable) makrtlh, raal’An, 

Execute, oks'6-kftt, v. t. Lt. ex and seqni. (do) 
kaiuA, bunAiui, tamftin k. ; (perfonn) tu’mfi 
k. ; (put to death ) quf l k. t haluk k. ; (complete) 
an jam d., tamAm k. Syn. Accomplish; effect; 
fulfil; finish ; Execution, eks-e-ku'shun, n. 
(doing) kArraw. I, ’amal, pardfiklit; (perform- 
ance) ikbtilAm; (slaughter) qatl ; (putting 
to death by law) phAnsf; (seizure of goods l».\ 
law) qurql ; to do—, ’amal k., inftr k. ; to put 
into — , jArf k., ’amal m- n lAuA ; a place of--, 
qatl-gAb, maqtal ; Executioner, n.,iallld, qAtil : 
Executive, egz-okTU-iv, a. kfir-guzAr, hukm- 
rAn; — ». huUm-rAui, ’Amil, kAr-kun; Execat 
or, egz-ck'iil -Ar, n. ij. wasf. kAr-kun. 

Exegesis, eks-6-jd'sis, n. (4. from cxegci*th 
(exoosiliuu) tafsli, tashrfli, khAssPnk Kali 
kf lufKfl. 

Exemplar. egz-em'plHr, n. L. (a model) nannin. . 
miqsna, nnsAi, i.azfr ; — y, ogz-cm'pbi-ri. '. 
Ij. vx* tnplar. (commendable. conspicuous )qiihi 
i pairasvi, khilb, nek, ma’qfib : ibrut-angc/. 
Syn. Meritorious; good ; worthy. 

Exempt, cgz-omt', v. t. \j.eximcr > . (to release) 
AzAd U., klialAs k., rilui k., barf k. L — from]; 
— 1 1 . AzAd, bAhar, nrtbiiiz, kliall, mnbarra, barf ; 
— Inn, n. chbulkArA, rdiAf, inu’Afi, kof lthAs 

Exercise, cks'6r-slz, v. t. masbq k., sikhAnA, 
isti’mal k., kosbisli k., chalAnA, mashgfil rukh- 
n&;to — authority, bukm chalAnA; to —one’s 
self in, mush i k. | — iu, — at, — on, — upon) ; — it. 
L. ex and arccrc. ( work ) kAm, sbagl ; ( > 
mihnat, riyAzal ; (ns-.*) isli’mAl; (discipline i 
ta’lfm, dars, sabaq ; ( prael ice ) inashq ; ( liptilih- 
ful practice) warzish; (military movement.-:, 
faujf quwa’id; (act of divine worship) du’A, 
’ibAdal ; to take — , sair U. 

Exert, eiiz-firt/, v. t. L. c.» and severe, sar khapA- 
nA, sa’f k., zor in., koshislj k. ; to — one’s self, 
(to strive) koshish k., sn’f k. ; — Ion, cgz-Ar'- 
sbun, n. koshish, sa’f, tandibf, jidd o jiliadd* 

Exhale, egz-iiAl, v. t. L, ex and Ualare. (to van- 
ish, to pass off) bukliAr yA bhap ki m'i rat men 
liokar ufAnA, sAns bliarnA ; [—from] : Exhaia* 
lion, eks-hal-ft'shun, «. (evaporation) tab^hlr, 

Exhaust, egz-baust\ v. t. L. ex and ha wire 
(etnv)ty ) IjhAlf k., kliArij k., tilit k.; (weary) 
thakAnA; (spend) savf k., kb ftrc b k. Syn. 
Spend ; weary; lire «>ut ; consume. [ — by, — 
of]; — Ion, egz-hust'yuu, n. surf; — ive, a. 
sAhkne w„ chAsne w. ; — less, egz-haust'lea, a. 
be-zawAl, be-nibAyat. 

Exhibit, eg/-liib'it t v. t. L. ex and habere, zahir 
k., muukashaf k., dikhl&uA, £— nt f — to] n. 

shahAdat -n A rna,dast A woz ; — Ion, n. numAish, 
tamAslia ; (benefaction for ih*» maintenance of 
scholars at a university) tAlib ul ’ilmog kA 
wazffa. Syn. Display ; show ; manifestation. 

Exhilarate, cjpHiii'ar-AI:, c. t. L. tx and hilar is . 
(gluddcn) bAg bAgk., shAd k.. masn'iv k., khush 
k. ; (enliven) zimla k. £ — witaj; Exhilara- 
tion, fl.kkushf, tafrfh, fa t hat, kburrumf. Syn. 
Animation ; joyousness, gladness; cheerfulness. 

Exhort, ogz-horl', r. t. L. ex and hortari. 
(caution) Ag.-li k. ; (advise) uasfhat lc. ;(wnm) 
UhibardAr k. ; (incite) targfb d. [ — to]; — 
:<_( ion, m. nivulmt, wa’z, pnnd. 

Exhumation, eks-hii-uuVs’aun, fl. L. ex ami 
numtitt. (disinterment) khodknr nikAlnA. 

Exigence, eks'i-jens or Exigency, «. ihtiyAj, 
Uil i b, znru rut. taqAzA, tarigf. nA-gahAnf, zarfj- 
rat. Syn. 1 >'*ruaml ; emergency ; necessity ; 
urgency; (list ivs.s ; Exi.'enl, a. L. ex ami 
a gen-, (pressing) nar Ail. Syn. Banishment; 

Exile, eksTi', A. jilAwatnf, sbahr-badrf ; — 
17. i. (to banish) jiluwaian k., shnr-l.adar k. ; — 
a. li. exilix. contracted from cxiyiiis, ivoi\ 
exigent (small, thin ) chltofA, patJA. 

Exist, eg/.- 1st', r. i. L. cx and eistere. maujAd r.. 
ralinA, lion A, zimla r. j — in, — on, — upon, — 
by] ; — cnee, u. (being) hastf, wajrtd; (life* 
zindagi ; ( maintenance ) parwarish ent, «••. 
zimla, maujfid. bslwajrtd. 

Exit, eks'il, n. L. c.v and ire. (departure) rukli- 
sat, rihinl, rawauagf, ktieh ; (away) bAluu 
jAns kf rftli. 

Exodus, eks'd-diis, n. L. G. exodios. (departure) 
ru w.luagf.R.ifar, kuch ; ATiisA kf Tauret kf diis- 
rf kit.ili. 

Exogen, eks'o-ien.^ n. G. exe and nenesthai. ek 
qism kA daraklit jis kf chhAl sal ha «Al bn rh t ■ 
bai; — ous, eks-oj'en-us, muLawAlir bfihur 
nlniln. \vft!A. 

Exonerate, egz-on'&r-At, t7. t. L. ex and onus. 
t disburtht-n) bAr utArnA, MiliukbAr k., halkA 
k.; (castoff) utArnA ; (discharge) eh bo pi A ; 
t absolve) barf k., inu’Af k M mubnrra k. [ — 
from]. Syn.. Absolve ; acquit ; exculpate ;clear ; 
Exoneration, n. khuld, bAr se rihAf, tubmat 
sc khalnsf, mu’Aff. 

Exi»!*iih?e, egz'or-a-bl, o. E. ex and orare. (cop- 
, of being moved by entreaty) *uzr ma’zarat 
so Tu u 1:1 i in h. w. 

Exorbitance, ogz-or'bit-ans, or Exorbitancy, 
n. (a deviation ) gumrAhf, bad-rAhf; (excess* 
ziyfidatf, be-:i*idazf; (extravagance) fuzAlf. 

Exorbitant, ega-or'bit-ant, u. L. exorbitant, 
from ex and urbia. (excessive) bo-andaz, be- 

Exorcise, oks'or-slz, v. t. L. exorcisare , G. orlcos. 
JliArnA, phfikuA, bbrtt utArnA, [ — by, — from]. 

Exorcism, n. (expulsion of evil spirit) jbAr, 
pbfink. mnntar-jantar ; Exorcist, cks'of-siHt, 
n. bhiit iitAriu* w. [shurtS’, ibtidA, dfbAcha. 

Exordium, eg/.-or- 'di-urn, n. I j. ex and ordiri . 

Exoteric, eks-A-tAr'ik, a. cxotcrihoa, (external, 
public) herd nf, zAhirf, ’Amtn ; r r.igb&t* 

Exotic, egz-ot'ik, a. exoti/cos. (foreign) ajnabl, 
pardesf ; — n. gair-mulkf cldz ya dastflr. 

Expand, ek^-paud', v. t. L. ex and pander e. (to 
open, spree -i )phailAnA, kholnA, bhar AnA, phrtl- 
nA, ahignfiu h. ; Expanse, eks-pans', n. (ex- 
tent) pint i. ao, kushAongf; Expansibility, n 
phaiine se phail JAne kf qAbilyat : Expansion, 
n. kusIiAdagf, darAzf, phailAo; Expansive, ». 
(diffusive) phailn" ya phailAne w. 

Expatiate, eks-pa'shi-ftt, v. i. \j. cx and apatium. 
(to enlarge) shurhwAr kahnfi, tafsfl-wAr kah- 
nA, tfjl kalAra. [ — on, — upon] ; Expatiatiuu. 
w. sbarh-wur yfi lafsll-wAr izhAr. 

Expatriate, eks-pft'tri-At, v. t. L. ex and patria. 
( expel from one's country )jilA-watnn k.,shalir- 
badar k. [ — from, — for] ; Expatriation, ». jiiA- 

Expect, eks-pekt', v. t. L. c^and apectare. (look 
or wait for) rAh dokhnA, muntJizir rnliuA, inti- 
zAr k. ; (stayJthaharna, chahnA ; (hope)uwined 
rakhuA; (demand) mangna. I — from, — of] 

Syn. Anticipate; lock for; nope; await;— 

mmsf, ft. amused, intizAr, ishtiy&q ; — ant, a. aad ( uA; (fterutinii©) 

w , . , _ . ichnA. I— Into] ; Explar- 

u ommedwAr, muntasrfr ; — ation, ft. uuimed, er, •. tulAsh k. w., dkryAft k. w„ mumtahin. 
intisAr, tawaqqa’. Syn Anticipation; eon- Exponent, eks-pft'aent, «. L. emponere. ( tij® In- 
fidence; trust. " dex of a power in algebra ) qtiwat-nmn.l, izhftr. 

kcpeuturaU, eks-pck'tff-rit, ft. t. L. em and peo- Export, ©ks-pOrt', «. t. I* m and pertare. ©k 

tut. kaff chhAfitnA, balgam nikiiluA ; Expector- 
ation, kaff j(l balsam kA ifchrfij ; Sipectwtat, 
©ks-pek'tb-rant, a. balsam nikAl n© w.» kaff 
chhftntn© v. 

Expedient, eks-piMi-ant, a. L. sapedire. (desir- 
able) vrAjib, saxfiwAr, zarftri, raunAeih, lAty, 
mawAiiq; — ft. (mean© to an ©ad) tadblr, ’ilAj, 
chAra. [—for]. S yu Shift ; resource ; r©aort; 
eontriTaace; Expediency, ft. (advantage, 
desirableness) xartirat, iiyfiqat, maaiahat, rnu- 
uAsibat, snail wArl. _ ... 

Expedite, eks'pS-ait, ft. t. h. empedtre. (to qtrtc- 
ken, to hasten) jaldf k^ ahiLAbf m k. 8y». 
Dispatch ; accelerate; bnrry ; quicken ; Expedi- 
tion, «. (hast©) jald-bAal, phnrtl, ’ujlat; (HiiJi- 
tarv enterprise) yflriah, mubim, bamla, kfiefa. 
Expeditionary, a. jald-bAx, hamlu-Awar; Ex- 

mulkae bAhariejknA yd bkejnA. [ — from,— 
to] ;-—a. raftanl, aamlAgarl asb&b jo gair mulk 
ko bhejA jatft hai; — at ion, ». r&wfinagl i mdl. 

Expose, ek ' -pdz', ft. t. L*. cm and ponere. kholnA, 
■ahir k., £Ash k , tfahkar k. ; (disclose) parda- 
darl k., ifahA k. ; (endanger) fcUatre men d., 
bad- nil na k. ; Casihat k. [ — to] ; to — a cliil'd, 
lufke a© mk&r k., farzandl ke huqq m© inabrftni 
k. ; — d, eks-pfixd', a sAUir, be-rok, pur-hha- 
tar, bikrl ke liy© lagAyA guyA ; Exposition, ». 
L. ©ftp on ere. bayAn, tush rib, to fall, tafslr. Syn. 
Explanation; interpretation; elucidation; 
Expositor, «. (interpret r) bayAn k. w.,sliA- 
rih ; Expository, a. inusbarrab, tafsIJl ; Ex- 
poftnre, ©as-pO'sUftr, ». from empote. izhAr; 
1 state or place of being exposed) rnaq&tn, raau- 
qa\ dikhAo, parda-f&shl. 

peditiuoa, a. Jald-bAx, cbAl&k* chusU Syn. Expostulate, eks-pc^t'd-ldt, v. t. L. em and 
Prompt ; ready; s;>eedy ; alert. popular*, mash ira rats a maim’ k.; (remon- 

Expel. eks-pel*, #, t. L. m and peUere. nikAl d. t ©trote) hujjat k., calirflr k. ; (discuss) babsk. 

khArij k., bAhar k. f data’ k., jilAwatna k. 8y«. £ — with] ; 2£xpoMtaiatioii, a. (remwistance) 

_Bani^h ; drive out. bujjat, »u wAl • JawAb, bahs, 

Expend, eks-pend', ©XL. ©ft and petdere. (spend ) Expound, eks- pound', ft. t. L. twponere. ( to ex- 
sarf Jl, lagAnA, kbarcb k.; (waste) barbAd k. plain) bsyAu k, sbarb k. ; — er, eks-pound'Ar, 
[ — on, — upon] ; — Itare, ». kbarch, mol ; (ooot) ft. (an expositor) shArili, inufassir. 

Mgat; Expense, ft. khareb, lAq at, maeftrif; Express, eks-pres', 9 . t. L e* and premere. 
Expensive, «. (extravagant) iausrif, fusfll- (press out) dabAkar nikalnA; (show) zAbir 

kbarch, nfuQ; (costly) qlrnutf, maghgd^ garAfl. k., batlAuA; (mean) matlab rakuuA; (utter) 

Syn. Costly ; dear; ; lavish, extravagant. kahaA, adfi k. [—by]. Syn. Declare ; In licate : 

Experience, eka-p« n-as, ». L. ftrperwt. ( actual exhibit (clear) lAhir, AsbkArfi, «;if, kbulfl. 

truil) lajrubaknrf. wAqif-kArL [— of] «. t. sarih ; (es;)ecLaliy ) kblss. Syu. Plain; ex- 

tajruba k., dokhaA, l.ntibAn k„ raa’lflm k. Byn. piicit qAsId, pavAmbar, pAik, paisambar; 

Trial; proof; teat; experiment; Experienced,, (message) pfiigAm, aandesA. Syn. A special 
cks-po , -enst, ft. jahAg-dlda, tairub*»-kAr, As- messenger; — ion, n. kalAin, talaffux, bAt, su- 

mflda-kAr, waqif-kAr. Syn. Practised; la- khan, bayAn; (mode of speech) muhAwara; 

structed; accomplished; Experiment, eks- (a W ©arauce oc the countenance) adrat ; Ex- 

.*• “w- ^ *• w.. w. 

cks-po , -enst, ft. jahAg-dlda, tairube-kAr, As- messenger; — ion, n. kalA in, talaffux, bAt, su- 

mflda-kAr, waqif-kAr. Syn. Practised; ia- khan, bayAn; (mode of speech) muhAwara; 

structed; accomplished; Experiment, eks- (appearance ol the countenance) adrat ; Ex- 

perVment, a. L. eaperwntum. (assay) tAo; pressive, a. xAUir k. w., bayAn k. w.. tblk. 

(trial) AxmAish, imtihAa; — ft. *. ( to try ) AxmA- pnr-matlab. [ — ofj. * 1 *• 

lsh k., imtiMn k., , tAo d; Experimental, ® Expropriate, eks-prd'-pri-At, ft. *. L. etv and 

tajribe par manqdf, AuftAlsh U rA s© pAyfl 

Expert, eks-p€rt', ft. Ll wmperim, (skilful from 

.ww, I-, V. JU. V# tuu 

preprint, apul ehlz dflsre ko de d., tark k. . 
Bxpngn, eka-pttn', ft. t. L. «* and pugnare* (to 
eonquor)fath k., bamla katke 1. [dafa’, nikAl. 

yAri, chAIAkl, daat-kArL Syn. 
incss ; adroitness. 


Expiate, •ks'pi-At, ©. t. It. cw and pint, (to atone 
for ) kaf Arad., gunAh mitAnA. [ — by]; Bxpi- 
akle, eks'pi-a-bl, ft. kafAra-^xtr ; Expiation, 

Syn. Efface ; erase ; strike out. 

Expurgate, eks-pur'gAt, ft. t. L. eat and puryors. 
(cleanse) aAf k.; (purge away) raitA d » khA- 
rij k.; Expurgation, a. (purification) safAl, 
pAkfxacrt, almstagi. 

J* hafAra, badlA.[— >r©r] ; Expiatory, a. takflr- Exquisite, eks'kwi-zlt, ft. L. em and qncerere. 

1 IA. (eboiee) nafis, ’uoada, kbdb-tar, bibtar, nftdir; 

^ tpirwre. dam (compbKe) kAmil; (exact) sahfli; (extreme) 
chboy^, marnA, t taut ^ ma’ddm h ; Explra- oiyAda, bafl. Syn. Nice; delicate; exact; 

*• (breathing ont) damxanl, mas, maut, accurate ; refined; — a. (fop) rangilfl. bAnkA. 

^temAml, wafAt; (vapour) bufchAr, mauqdfl. Syu. Dandy ; fop ; beau. 

a 5£rW!j"t lta / t\ im h2i! 9 !*£s?2' ( T ka »MLind,ek-«lnd',ft. U L. em and Somderf. (to 
*^rk. ; (interpret) t ash rib k. ; (ex- cut ©ffj munqata’ k. 

powod) bayAn k. [— byr~to]. Byn. Expound ; Extant, eks'tant, e. L. from «# And Here, (exist- 
; clear up ; Explanation, a. bayAn log still ) raanjdd, bAql. 1 

baraan, ua o(, mllAp ;— atvry, «. tafaflf, Extempore, oks-tem'pd-rl, *A L from em and 
m t ^---ft. takya-kaiAm. tempus. (off-hand ) W1A taammnl, bagair aoebe, 
••J+ i*plere. prtrA k. w.; ©kA ek; — ft. be-gaur: Exteinpuraneuns, ft. 

ExpUcate^ ©ksTpU-kAt, ft. t. L. ©0 and phoare. L. emiempore. be-gnur yA be-tnnnomal kahA 

(unfold) kholnA ; ( explain) bayAn k ; Bxpli- bAA; Extempurlse, ft, i. be-ganr bolnA, fil- 
«Jkm, u (expobltUy tank rib, tafsfl, bey&u badfh kabnA, ^ ^ 

■ralkdt, eks-pl is it, .•* 1 ^©^««f©. ( clear )sihir; Extend, eks- tend', ft. t. I*. em aad tender ©. 
(difiiitt) thfk, (plain) aAf, wAx ft. Syu Ex- (spread) pliailAnA; (enlarge) bafhAnA; 

a 9 ?! M - . . (widen) ku©h Ada k.; (increase) xiyAda k.; 

EfatpluiVx cb-piy , m. A ’Is •• a»d ptmmdere. (impart) denA, [ — from, — to]; Extension, 

?: JL _ kushildari. larnhit, chan M, 

press; dear ; plal 

lafll, Extempore, pks-tem'pA-ri, «i I*, from ©ft and 
lAm. tempus. (off-hand ) bilA taammnl, bagair aoebe, 
w ©kA ek;— ft. be-gaur; Exteinpuraneuns, ©. 
ere. L. emiempore. be-geur yA be-tanmmal kahA 
:pli- kb A; Extempurlse, ©. 1. be-ganr being* fil- 
i'u badfh kahnA« 

darAzf, farA^bl ; Extensive, ©. tawll, wasf*, 
'arfx- Byn. Wide; large; broad; Extent, 

^ JayAiA-mokhl kA; (passion) eks-tent', ft. hadd, naiqd A r;*( length) till, lam- 

•taih-ala M; **d1u«Jtb, .ks-plyu., .. QfM . bal . (ttr ’ ea) was’at, S.wbSdagl. ’ 
^wAlAy Lmohima»,kAr; (feat) jurat. Extenuate, eks-tun'ft-At, e. t. u em and tenuis. 

(thla) raqiq k., patU k.; (Inwao) kam C 
tailtolUmtlhta. *»■-»'«»■; Ka- takkftf k., rtatflo*. 8y«. Palliate! leaaeil 
»©“PEr* ft. t. L. ©ft tad plermre. (sen rcb dimmish, l— hyj ! Extcnnatium. u 

BbAJL tolAdh k*, feajuMHUi kboiuA ; (try ) AuatA- j gbatAo; 'use. 

V v 


Bitarlur, eks-ti'rl-ir, s.L*. comparative of carter, 
berflol, Mhirf ; — ». berAn, zAhirl sAiat, zAhirl 


Bstaruioate, eks-tflr'nafn-At, 9. f. L. e» and 
txrminoa, jar se ukhAruA, tabftb k. f neat It., nA- 
fefld k., bekb-kanf k„ mitA 4 ; Extermination, 
«* pAemAH, tabAhf, barbAdl, befch-kant. 

Jtetaraal, eks-tftrn'-al, ». L. exiernus. berflnl, 
sfifclrf, gair-nulkl. Syn. Foreign; exterior; 
'laaibie ; extrinsic. . 

Extinct, eks-tisgkt', #. L. ext%ng*ere. (ceased, 
(faded ) bujbA huA, na’dQm, mauqAf, gum, nest, 
vsaxda ; — lou, *. a**tf, fanA. 

ExStwgalsfti, eks-tiug'gwish, 9. i. L. ex and 
rtimguera. (destroy) seat k. ; ( quench ) ba jhAnA, 
gnlk. ; (put out) mauqAf k„ mi t An A ;— er, a. 
. bnjhAnt w„ mltAae w., gul-gfr. 

Extirpate, eks-t&rp'At, a. t, L. cm em&atirpa. ( to 
root out) bekk-kaaf k., okhAf 4» ®y°* Boot 
out ; destroy ; eradicate. , v 

SkctdL eks-tdt', 9.t. L. so and toller*, (to praise) 
ca'rlf k., bamd k M sitAish k. ( — for]. Syn. 
fflxalt ; laud, eulogise : glorifv ; commend. 

Extort, eks-tort', a. t, L. «r and fsrysere. (to 
Erring from) chUln 1., aigth l>, ba-aor 1. [ — 
tsoaij ; — ion, ». (rapacity > dast-darAzl, zabar- 
dastf, ta’&ddf. Syn. Rapacity; exaction; 
oppression -ionate, a. ( rapacious) da sidar As, 
safes rdast, zAlim; — loner, or — lonisi, s.dast- 
darAz, sAlim, jAbir. 

Extra, eks'tra, ’al&wa, siwie, aur, zamfma. 

Extract, eks-trakt , a. t. L. ea and trahere. nikrtl 
1„ nichofoA, iati^hfib k., chhAnt'iA- [ — from]. 
— it. VhulAsa,asl, mags, *arq; — ion, ft. istifck- 
rAj. asl. sAt, Jins, isfei ioflq. , . 

Extradition, eks-tra-dish un, ft. L. 69 and trad- 
ere. hawAla-sAzf, supurdagL 

Extraneous* eks-trA'nS-ua, o. L. extra nous 
’alAhida, be-’ilAqa, bog&na, ajuabf, apart, par 
AyA. [ — to]. 

Extraordinary, eks-tra-orMin-ar-1, a. L. extra 
and ordo. (wonderful) nAdir, ’ajlb, mishhilr; 
— ». *ajlb mAjrA. 

Extravagance, n. (prodigality) fuzAl-kharchf, 
be-andAaagf ; (excess) siyAdntf; (violence) 
iahtidAd, walwala. Syn. Wildness; excess, 
waste ; bombast ; violence ; Extravagant, eks- 
trav'a-gant, o. L. ea ra and vagus. (irregular) 
be dastAr: ( wasteful )fuzrtl-kharch, ufAA, rails 
rtf, bad-waza’, bejA. Syn. Excessive ; prodigal ; 
wasteful; profuse. 

Extreme, eks-trftm', o. L. extrema*. nihAyat, 
feat*, bahut, as-h&dd, *astm, siy&da; (severe) 
sagbt, ziyAdatl so ; — it. slrA, intihA ; Extrem- 
ity, n. intihA. hadd, zarArat, A^hir, anJAm. 
8yn. Verg* s border ; end. 

Extricate, eks trl-kAt, v. t. L. ex and trieae. Azdd 
k., suljbAnA. rihA k. [ — from]. Syn. Diient 
angle; disembarrass ; set free ; — able, eks'tri- 
ka-bl, a. khalAs hone k • qAMl, minikin ul rihAI ; 
Extrication n. rihAf, khaldaf, AzAdf. 

Extrinsic, eks-trins'ik, a. L. extrinseou*. (out- 
ward. external ) sJhirf, sfirf. ’Arizf, bdhiif. 

Extrude, ek*-tttt<H', v. t. L. ex and trudere. thel- 
nA, dbakivAuA, nikAI d., ^hakeluA. Syn. Ex- 
pol; eject; disiodre. [ance) srtjsn, pborA. 

Extuberance, eke-tfl'bAr-ans, n. (a promber- 

Exnberance, s. (abundance) kanrat, ifrAt, flrA- 

wAnf. Syn. Abundance; excess; plenty; 
overflow: Exuberant, eka-A'bftr ant, e. L. 
■iyAds, kasfr, flrAwAn. 

Exudation, n. (sweating) tirAwish. pasfna. 
iSxnde, eka-fld', f . t L M and tudare. pasfna 
nikalnA yA chbAtnA, cbAnA,rasi.vAnA. [ — frnn]. 
Exult, egs-ult% 9. i. L. ex and aalire. (rejoice 
greatly) nibAynt Ithush fa., magan h., mahzdz 
h.; (to triumph) fakhr k. [ — at, — in,— over] ; 
— atlon, w. khushf, sfaAdmAnf. bazz, fa^br. 
umaqg. Syu. Joy; transport; elation ; delight. 
I3ye, I, «. A.-S. cage, (organ of sight) Anti; 
chasbin, dfda; nain; (look) nigAb; (watch) 
nigahbAuf; (hole of a needle) uAkA; (catch for 
a book) tukmA; (bud of a plant or root) nqkh- 
AA: — 9. t. nasar k., nigAh men rakhnfl; 
(make opening) ebbed k. ; (appear) saa'* h.; 
tu And favor in tiio — a, mansAx i uaaar k, 

of day,— of the morning, (sun) sAraj, din kf 
roshaf ; to have an — to, dhi.vAn d. ; to keep an 
—on, (to watch) dekhuA bhAloA, naiar tale 
rakhuA; to set ail — uu, dekbnA, nazar tale 
raknuA ; to see with half an — , (to see easily) 
AsAnI se dekbuA; In the— of wind, (in toe 
position of direct opposition to it) *ain 
hawA ke mujlthAlif h. under the—, nasar 
tale ; — ball, i'bawl, n. Agkh kA (jbelA ; — brow, 
I'urow. n. abrA, bhaug; — glass, Tglos, a. ’ll- 
nak, chashraa ; — lash, I'laah, it, mizhgAQ, pa- 
lak; — let, I'let, n. F. (Billet . gore ke fiy* 
chho(A chhed; — lid, n. palak; — salve, Taalv, 
a. Agkh kA anjan; — sight, Tslt, a. bfnAf, jot; 
— sore, TsAr, «. jo Agkh ko na bhAwe ; — soc- 
ket, a. chflsbm-fcbAna ; — tootli, TtAOth, a. dAgt 
jo Apar ke masAre men sAmbne ke dAgtog ke 
pAs hoU kai; — witness, a. sbAhid i bAl ; a 
jaundiced — , a prejudiced — , tarnfdAf Agkh 
jo sirf burAl hf ko dekhtfhai; naked — , ^b^ll 
Agkh; — brow, bhang, nbrA; — lash, palak. . •* 

Eyre, or Eyrie, Ar, or A'ri, a. Norm. F. errs. *'(a 
place where birds of prey construct their nests 
and batch) wuh mu q Ant jahAs shikAri eh riyAg 
ghoslA banAtl haig aur apoe oachche sad bain. 
Syn. Nest. 


F, Angrezf hurAf i tahajjf kA chhathA barf hal. 

Fable, fA'bl, a. L. fubula (Ule) kabAnf, afsAna, 
dAstAn, hikAyat, qissa; (fiction) jhAthl naql; 
— r. i. kahAnf kahnA yA likhnA; Fabulous, 
fab'A-lua. a L. fari. sAfchta, jfaAtbA qissa. Syn. 
Iuvented ; feigned; fictitious ; not real. 

Fabric, fab'rik. ». L. faber. (building) ’imArat, 
raakAn, ha well; (texture) banAwat, sA^ht; 
(workmanship) kArlgarl ate, fab'.i-kAt, 9. 
t. L. fabrieare. (:o construct, to forge) banA- 
nft, tu’mlr k., jofnA, i^htirA’ kj — ation, a. 
banAwat, ta’mfr, sA^ht. Syn. Fiction; fig- 
ment; invention. 

F<ice, f&s, n. L. juries (visage) chlhrfl, sArat, 
rukh, munh; mukhrA; (surface) sath; (fore 
part) agwftfA; (presence) liuzArf; (boldness) 
jurat; (assurance) shofchf: (look) nigAh; 
(dial of a watch) gharl kA dAlra ; — to—, Amh- 
ns sAmhne; before the — of, in the— of, ra ba 
rA, sA mb ne; to make a long — , munh latkAnA; 
to make a — , munh banAnA; — v 7t. rA ba rA 
muqAbala k., rukh phernA; — down, sAmhnA 
k. ; to — to tlie right about, rukh badalnA ; to 
make — s at one, munh chirhAnA; to seek 
one's — , kisf kl mihrbAnf kA tAlib h.; to set 
one’s — against, ran fchAlifat k. ; — out, (main- 
tain impudently) hat k. ; — about, mugli pher- 
nA ; to — tlic enemy, dushman kA muqAbala k. 
[ — to]; Facing. fAs'ing, a. mugh kiye hAe; 
(over against) *A mb oe ; — a. (covering) posh- 
ieh, astarkArf, kor, hAsliiya; (movements in a 
drill) qawA’id. 

Facetious, fa-sA'shl-us, a. (jocular) tbxtthe- 
bAz, hanior, zarff. khush-taba’, zinda-dil. 

Facile, fas'll, a. L. farilia. AsAn, narm, sahl. 
Syn. Pliant ; flexible ; ductile, easy. 

Facilitate, fa-sil'it-At, 9. f. L. tuciiitua. (make 
easy) AsAn k., said k.; Facility, fa-sil'i-ti, 
a. AsAnf, sahilliyat. tezf, chAlAkl, mulAimiyat, 
narmf, hllm, khuln, insAniyat. Syn. Base* 
readiness; condescension; affability. 

Fac simile, fa-i-sira'i-le, n. L. fueere and aimilia . 
thik naql yA sArat. Syn. Exnet copy. 

I h'act, fakt, n. L Uetum, (need) fi’l, kAm, kAr, 
v amal, harakat; (reality) haqfqat, kaifiyat, 
asl; (truth) rAstf, sachchAI; in—, haqfqat 
meg: bare — , asl, haqfqat. Syn- Act; event; 

Faction, fak'shnn, *. h. faotio , (dissension)] 
jhagfA. fasAd ; (p *Iitical party) mulkf farfq. 
Syn. Cabal; party; Factious, fak'shi-us, a. 
fusAdf. bftkh 4 pyA, fitnn-angez, raufsid, dangtf. 
Syu. Turbulent; seditious, refractory. 

Factitious, fak-ti'shi-us, o. fuctitiua sAkhta, 
banAyA hAA, masnA'l, ja’lL Synu Unnatural: 
artificial. fdAz, nAib. 

Factor, fak'tAr, n. ranAshta, kdriada, kAr-iSkr> 



Factory, fak'tor-i, ». L. factor, kothl, kAr-khAna. 
Factotum, fak-to'tum, ft. L. har-kUl, sab kArn 
k. w. Syu. Doer of all work: Jack of all trades. 
Facility, fak'ul-tl, «. L. fuoultas ( power of mind 
or body) zlhnl yA budaal qfiwat, iqtidAr, qud- 
rat: (knack) hiktnat; (gift) llyAqat. waqftf, 
sbu’Ar, ’aql; (body of masters or professors) 
ustAdog kl jamA’at. 

Fade, f&d, v. i. O. Eng. vaie. murjhAnA, kurah- 
l&nk, uf j.,giib bo j., jAtA r., pbtkA ho j. [ — 
away] ;— d, a. murjbftyft bfiA, phikA, bad-rnng ; 
—loss, o. jo muijhAe, kuinblAe yft jbur&e 
nablg, lA-zawAl. 

Fag, fag, a. sakbt mihnat k. w., gulAm, jafA- 
kash; — v. i, A.-S. fcege. rnihnut k., itaaknA, 
man da h. ; — end, ft. Fag and end. luzrtl b lass, 
raddl, katran. 

Fagot, fag'ut, ft. F. L. fax. fgdhan yA jaldne kl 
lakyfon ka ga^hA; — v. t. bAn .bnA, antLydnA. 
Fahrenheit, fah'ren-blt. a. uer. garrui kl pai- 
mdlsh ke Ala ke muta’alliq. 

Fall, fftl, v.i . F. faillir . (fall short) chtiknrt, 
gbatnA, dhaluA; (desert) . chhofnA ; (perish) 
mitj.; (cause) mauqAf b., wa’dAm b. ; (miss) 
nA-uramed k. ; (omit) chhtHuA ; (become bank- 
rupt) dlwAln nikainA; (oe wanting to) kam 
h. ;his heart — s him, buz-dil h. p dil dqbnu ; 
without — , bilA nAgA, zarAr-bil-zarur; — log, 
ft. kotAhf, kamzorl, kliatn, nuqs ; Failure, 
farar, n. From fail, (falling short) kumf, 
kotAhl; (fault* Vhatfi, nuqs; (lapse) mauqufl, 
nA-kAuayAbl ;( bankruptcy ) di wAliyapan. 

Fain, fAu a. A.-S. fagen. kbush, mahzfiz; — ad. 
kbusbf se. 

Faint, la it, a. F. faint, (weak) nriAnda, nA- 
tawAn; (wanting spirit) buz-dil, alnurda, 
dilglr~ udAs ; (not bright) phlkA, b"-d<l; — v.t. 
kamzor h., u.ibnA, nA-tawAn li., he-hoHhh.; — 
hearted, a. ouz-dil, dar-po*, boilA; — ing, n. 
gasbl, b.;-boshl; — ness, ». kamzorl, nA tawAnl, 
buz -dill, gasb. 

Fair, fAr, a. A.-S. fager. (handsome) khfibsiirat, 
(clear) sAf, shakil ; basin, gorA; (tavoraule) 
achcbhA, ina’qOl; (even) ham war; (open) 
khulA; (frank) sAC dil; (straigbt-foi ward) 
rAst; (pretty good) wAjibl; (not cloudy) 
phmrchA, kbulA; — play, rAst-bazI; — words. 
ml(hl bAten ; a — character, nek-nAtn ; to bid 
— ,(to promise) taraqql o iqb&.-mandl kA bA'is 
h. ; to ask wliat is — , wAjibl indnznft; — aud 
square, diyAnat-dfir, sAf o bo-bAq- Syn. Pure ; 
frank; honest ; equitable; — ad. zAhiran, saf sAf. 
bA-athlAq, d*strtna, bfi-muwAfiqnt. Syn. Open- 
ly; frankly ; civilly ; toe — . n. ’auraten, mastA- 
rAt. Syn. the female sex; — n. F. foire. (a 
stated market ) mela, tamAaha ; fancy — , nAdir 
aur ’umdi cblzog kl bikrl k • bdzAr, jo 'auraten 
kisl nek kAm men imdAd-rasAnl kl niyat se lagA- 
tlhaip; — piny, (justice, equit .ble conduct) in- 
sAf-dAd yA ’adl, d&l-rasl; — ness. khflb*firatl, 
sAf-dill ; Fairy, »« F. fee. pailxAu, jinn ; basin 
larkl; Fairy-ta e, parlog yA jinon kf bikAyat. 
Faith, fAih, ft. L. f idea . (.belief) i’tiqAd, imAa, 
yaqlu, ’aqlda ; (fidelity) waffidAii t amAnai; 
(truthfulness) sachAl; (promise given) qaul 
qarAr; — ful, a. dlnd&r, wafAdAr; diyAnatdAr, 
ImAudAr, nsmak-balAl. Syn. Trusty ; honest ; 
upright; sincere; — fulness, ft. diydnut-ddrl, 
waf A-dArl, rAstl, ImAn-dArl ; — less, a. be ImAn, 
bad-diyAnat, namak-harAm. Syn. Unbeliev- 
ing ; treacherous ; disloyal*; false — lessness, 
n. namak-bavAml, be-wafAI, fehiyAnat. Syu. 
Unbelief; perfidy ; treachery. [sh&msber. 

Falchion, fawl'shun, ft. F. fauohon. talwAr, 
Falcon, faw'kn, ft. L. fa loo. suikrA, jurra, shA- 
bln ; — or, a. shikre-bAz, sliA,,Ig-parwar, shi- 

Faldstool, • fawld'stOBl, ft. A.-S. fold, and stool. 
ek tipAl j is par bAdshAh bar-waqt Ijl&s ke 
baithtA hai, girie men sardAr pAdrl kl chaukl. 
Fall, ft. A.-S. feallan. (drop) girnA; (ebb) 
gbatnA ; ( decrease > kam h. ;( sink »<jflbnA;( die) 1 
marnA; (lose rank) utArnA; be—, A paynfl, 
AnA girAo , down—, tabAhl, jhok, tanas- 
snll, aawAi ; (veil ) burqa» among, A pamA, A 
|AoA; — about, As pAs gimA;— away, (grow 

letn)dnblA h. ; (abandon) tark k., bagAwat k. ; 
— Imck, (recede) ha( j.; (relapse) badtarh. • 
asleep, so j.; — calm, (to esse to blow) thahae 

j. . tli am j., sAkln b. ; — deed, msr j.;— down, 
niche girnA; (kneel) ghu|;nA feknA fonly 
(to attack) ham la k., (akkar m.; — from, 
( recede from ) hat j. ; ( to revolt) sarkashl k. ; 
—In, (take place in ranks) qatArmes j.; (to 
fall inwards) andar girAnA; (to suggest, to 
agrej) rAzI h. ; ek rA * h., qubfll k., sharlkh.; 
to — over, tark k., bfigl h. ; — by. mArA j., qatl 
h. ; — an easy pr-ey, dam men A j., cbakme par 
chnyh j. ; — in with, (meet) milnA;— out,— 
out with, — out together, jhagfA k.; (happen)]; 
wAqi h. ;— through, (fail) lA-hAsil h. to 
one's share, hisse meg AnA ; — off, £&( paynA; 
(to apostatise) phirnA ; dignA, rfi-garoAa h.; 
(to depart) girnA, jAnA; (to forsake) chhof- 
nA ; (perish) nest h.; — off from,— fruot, 
(revolt) baiwak. ; (abandon )chhoynA; - on,— 
npon, (attack) hamla ir»; — to, (begin) skutA’ 

k. ; — short, ( fail ) kam h. ; to — to the ground, 
be-asar h. ; he-phal b. flat on, burA ma'hlm 
h. ; — under, (become subject to) mutPh. ; (be 
ragged with) sbuinii h.: to — from grace, 
fnzlsegLrj, phirguuAh men paynA;— out, — 
lute out, ft. nA-ittifAnl; — en down, a. girA 
hAA ; — under one’s view, nazar men &. [ — 
from, — to] ; — en, a. zAll, gumrAli, sirdbAA;— 
iblc, fsTi-itl, a. L. f alter e. khatA-pizlr. 

Fallci'y, fal'la-si, n. L. fallow , mugAlta, dhoti;, 
Fallacious, tal-la'shi-us. a. farebl^JiIle-bAs, 
Syu. Deceptive, delusive. ^ 

Fallow, fal'lo, a. A.-S .fealu. banjar, kkAU;— 
n. na-mazrA’, uftAda zamln. 

False. Inwls, «. L. ) ale us, (untrue) jhflthfi, 
kAzib,, nArAst ; (dishonest) bewafA; 
(not geuuine) nnulf, nAkAra; (treachersus), 
fitrall: — imprison men I, nA-jAiz q^id; pre- 
tences, jbQthii baJiAua. ( — to. — in] ; — ad. nA- 
rftsM se, i>e-\vafrtl se ; — hood, ». false and 
hood, jhuth, ja’l- Azl, makr, dhokfi, fareb. Syn. 
Lie ; untruth : fiction ; Falsify, ittwis'i-fl, v. t. 
L. fulsus and faerre, jhiifhlAnA, ra«;d k., kAtnA; 
(forge) ja’if b.; (counterfeit) kho(A b.; Fals- 
ity, fawls'i-ti, «. uA-rAstl, jlidth, khatA, bhQl. 

Falter, fawl'tAr, v. i. O. Eng. faulter. L. fallere. 

( hesitate) pas o peak k. ; hichkichAuA, ckfiknA; 
(waver) kAnpnA, shakk k. [ — at] ; — ing, n. 
kara-zurl, nA-tnwAnl, talauwun-mizAjl. 

Fame, Cam, ft. L. fuma. (celebrity) nAm-warl; 
(renownj sliuhrut, charchA, ishtihAr. [ — for]. 

Familiar, fa-mil' fir, a. L. familia . (homely). 
khAnagl; (well known) mashhfir; (easy) As An; 
(free) he-takailul’ ; (intimate) dill, mAIAf, 
mAnAs. [ — with]; — ft. Ash n A, dost; — ity, ». 
watpiyat. suhbat, rnbt, iuel, uusivat, be-takal- 
lutf. Syu. Acquaintance; fellowship; — ixe, 
r. f. khfigar k., ’Adi k. [ — with]. 

Family, fatn'i-li, ft. L./utn«!ia, khAndAn, gharA- 
nfi, kutumb; (offspring) aulAu; ahl o ’ayAl; 
(gen alogy) nasi; (good descent) ’All kbAn- 
dAn ; (species) jins. [(want) kaml. 

Famine, fam'in, ft. L. fames,, qaht, garAal; 

Famish, v. t. blifikhon marnA yA mArnA;— meat, 
ft. bay! bhfikh yA p*yAs. 

Famous, fa' m us, o (celebrated) masbhAi) mu'* 
nlf ; ( renowned ) nA n-war. Syn* Noted; 

signal ; re mark . • ble. 

Fan, fan, «. A.-S. fann. pankhA; (utensil te 
winnow grain) sQp; — tailed, laqqe; — «. t, 
pankhA Jhalnu ; ( wjnuow) pbataknA ; — a flame , 
(kindle) pbAaknA nor, a. pankhA jhalnewA- 
IA, packboyuewAlA. 

Fanatic, fa-uat'ik, ft. muta'assib, majaftk, kkAk- 
ta. Syn. Enthusiast; visionary; zealot;— 
al, a. L funutious , muta'amibAna, majaAn eA; 
— ism, «. ta’assub, dial barArat, junfin, saudA. 

Fancy, fansi, ft. G. pkainein , khiyAI, tasauwar, 
atkai, taragg, lauar, mauj; (taste) saMqo, 
dbab; sAiqu; (caprice) wahm; — for, pasand; 
— monger, man-maujl; — fair, phfiloa wg. 
kl numAish. [ — for] ; — v. i. ^hiyAl k. ; pasand 
k. ; — o. bank, ’umda, kbush. Syn. Imagina- 
tion; conceit; taste; liking; Fanciful, 0. 
kbiyAlIf wahml. mntawahhim, talauwqnmiaA j. 

Rm, fto, a. L. funitm. ihiw&l*. strjA, ma*jli 

Fane, (tax, a, A.-3. /a*#, b« f 4 dint, nah, pan- 
jfu nAkbAn;— <. pakapaiU (LbarnA. 

Rintii 87 , a. jchfyUl* wahtn, dhekA , Fantastic, 
fon-tas'tik, a. lahrf, larangl, kWiM, &rzf, uH- 

Far, fir, a. A.-S. Joorr. <ldr, ba’M, pare, bihar; 

md. Jflr, siyfida ; by — , bahat si yAcia ; — oil, — 

away, dflr se, ddr par; — famed, aihftyat hi 
' rasbhAr and near, — n ml w Ide, wide of the 
t mark, (alone way off, or oat oil reach) d&r; 

5 ptkuych m bAhar ; — aud wide, sab jajab men ; 

) bb Bfi r jail ft 9 tak; from — , dAr we; thus-—, 

* ysahAn tak; — spreading, «. 4<Sr tak pbail&e w. ; 

■ — Agbiffd, dAi-audeab, dArbln; — fetched, dAr 
1 m Hyi hfiA, kaiaftyA barfiAy* hOiU [— 

: from ] thor, i’Ar'thfir, a. oemp. of for. Age, 
but dfir ; — ad. pare, aor udh&r; — thest, flr- 
thest, a. tan perl. of fur. dikn-iarlg, sab bb dflr ; 

> — ad. mb at dfir par. 

Farce, fan, ft. U forth*, uuAgg, naqt Syn. 

* Bqiumm ; caricature- . _ , IPH*- 

Fardel, Or'del, a. It fardeilo, Sp. forde l. gathrl, 

Fare, ffliv o. ♦. A.-S. k Qo. fora*. (go) jAnA; 
(travel) aafark.; (be) bonA; (happen) wlqi’ 
h.; (feed) auqAt-basail k- gaarAa k.; tiknA, 
khAnA ; — *. (journey) aatar; (price of con- 
veyance) kirAya, bhi*A; (passengers) mart- 
fir; (previsions) kbAnApfnA; — well, alwidA , 
KhadA hAfis. 

Farina, fa-rTna, a. L. for. pbfitog kl dbAT, pbA- 
log ke bhftar kf dbfll. Syn. Pollen. 

Farm, ». O. Sag. forme, khet, maara’, kdoht, 
ta’alluqa, iJAra ; — house, a. muotAjarf ko£hf; 
— yard, a khet, maidAn ; — bailiff, a khet yA 
kAsbtkArl kA nigrln o. L t jAra <L ; ( till land ) 
samlajotuA. [ — tojj— or, a. ki&ht-kir; mus- 

Farrago, for-rA'gfi, a- 1* for. panebmel, khlchrL i 

Farrier, far'i-Ar, a. L. ferrum. na'lband, salo- 
tarf. [chaathA bissa, adhelA. 

Farthing, flr'THlng, a. A.- a. toordha. peal kA 

Fascinate, fas'si-nit, «.i.L foeemsre. moh l_ 
mafttlg k., mAil k*, si bar k. [ — by, — witk] ; 
Fascination, *. fareftagl, dil-ebaspi, sibar, 

Fashion, fosh'an, a. la. facers, (shape) sbakl ; 
(form) taur, wasa\ tarfq; (custom) dawtflr, 

riwAi ■ /mstnldl dhftn^hr. ? ( ml \ n«U * ( nM k« ) 

wasa f ; — e. t. banAnA, garbaA, fchfk k^ manAfiq 
k. ; — able, *- riwAjl, rasml, rtij, muraavraj, 
ashrAf, aajlb. 

Fast, fast, o. A.-SL foot. Oer. fort. (Am) mas- 

( tight) jakrA, kasA ; — od. laasbfitl so, kaskur, 
tezf se, aazalk; — by, naadlk ; hold — , m&ebAtf 
se pakBfBA; — asleep, bhArf nlpd meg h.; — 
log, v. i. A.- 8 . fattan. roaft rakhnA; break 
ouo’s— > roaa kholaA ; — a. roza en, fas'll, «. 
U A.-S. foot**. aasbAt k n bAgdbaA, jakafnA, 
kasaA, chimtAnA, milAnA, wasJ k. ; — lag, a. 
bandhan; — ness, fastfmess, masbAtf, qajAm ; 
(fortification) qiTa. 

Fastidious, fas-titn-na, s. Lb fortes. uakcbafbA, 
v nA-kboab-uusAj, mntakabbir. tuacrAr, raota- 
naffir, bArfk-bfa. [ — ia], ftyn. Squeamiah; 
over-dolicate ; — atess, a. bAcfk-binf, garde, 

Fat, fat, «. A.-3b fot. Oer. fort, (phuap) bm^A, 
farbib, jasim, bhArl; (unetnoos) eharbldAr, 
V raugaaf ; (dnll) east; (fertile) mx-khes; 
\ (coarse) ku-^aul ; — a. eharbf, raagaa, sab se 
* fomda Mesa: — at farbib k. yA b^ mo^A k.; 
r~*- A. -3. fat. katbrA, kunda, paimAaa; — 
ling, fut'liag, a. mo(A jAnwoz, baiwAa { ness, 
forness, a. From fol mofopA, farhthf; sar- 
fchert faPa* mo^A k. yA K, sar-kbee k. 5 

— ty, far La. moU. ebacbfdAr. 

Fatal fat'al, s. L. fatum. taqdlzf; (nnlucky) 

, kanu»t kbt ; (deadly) mablik, qAtil, balAkA, 
musir ; — ism, a. qaiA-*-q*df kl mat, taqdlr 
kl to Umjr—ity, ftt-oPlrtl, a., to qdtfb qlamat ; 

hohlktt, mant. Spa. Destlay; fate; apsrtari- 


Fate, Ot, a. H fotum. taqdfr, qismot. qasA • 
qadr, moqaddar, tali',, moot, barbAal Syn. 
iJeetiny ; doom ; fortune ; death ; — d, a. (des- 
tined) qismat meg likhA hAA, moqaddar. 

Fates, fits, a. pL tin deotA jo taqdlr ke mAlik 

Father, fo'T Hdr, a. A.-S. fader, (male parent )j 
bAp, abbd, pidar. wAIld; pitA; ( forefather 
bAp dAdA ; (an elder) busorg; (catholic priest) 
pAdrl ; (maker) b&ni; (Almighty, Father of 
all) l£hudA; — land, a. samln I pidarf; — s. t. 
mutabaanA k., ikbtiyAr k^ kisl larke yA tasnlf 
ke kisf sbakbs se ramnsAb k. ; to— on or npon, 
mansAb k. ; — hood, n. waldiy&t,hfiiat i pidarl; 
— In-law, a. easur, kbuwur; the— s, (early 
Christian writers up to the 12th eontury) 12 
wlqsadf tak *lswi muwarrikh; — less, «. be- 
bAp^yatlm; — ly, a.pidarfina, pidarl, mibrbAn, 

Fathom, faTn'am, n. A.-S. fathom, chha fut kA 
mAp, chAr bA(h kA mAp; — v, t. tbAh 1., nApnA; 
pabugchnA, dhaanA ; — able, a. tbAh lagne kc 

| lAiq ; — less, o. ^mlq; athAh. Syn. Bottomless; 

Fatigue, fa-tfir, o. t. L, fotipuro. (to tire) 
thaknA, mAgda h., r a barn A. Syn. Jade; tire, 
weary; — a. thakAl, mAnda:.l, sostl, mthnat, 
mashoqgat. [himAqat, sAda-lttubl. 

Fatuity, fa-ti'i-ti, a. (foo ishness) be-waqdfl, 

Faugh, faw, int. tauba JA-haal, nf, thrt tliA. 

Fault, fawlt, s. F. Faute. (falling) noqs; 
(blunder) bhAl ; (offence) khatA ; (blemimi) 
’aib ; ( want) kaml ; — s. t. qu&ArwAr (hahrAuA, 
*aib lagAnA ; to find — with, sbikAyat ’aib- 
jof k. ; at — , qatfArwAr ; — less. a. be-’aib, be- 
dA g* kAmil, sahib, be-qosAr ; Faulty, a.'aibdAr; 
(blamable) mulzim: (wrong) nA-dnrust; 
(imj>f*rfect) nAqia, bad, zabQn. 

Faun, fawn, a. L. Vounuo. ek jaaglf deotA. 

Favour, fA'vftr, ». L. favero. (eountenaaee) pds» 
dArl; (grace) fazl, ibsAn, bakhshish; (gift) 
in'Am; (advantage) mauqa’, fAida; (support, 
aid) ’inAyat; (help) ms dad ; (pardon) mu*fifl, 
rahm, fail ; (regard) lihAi; (kindness) mihr- 
bAaf ; Uiking) pasandld&gf; (leave) UAsst; 
(good will) khair-khwAliI ; (a token) niahAn; 
In— with, pasaadfda ; with, of, by one’e — , 
mihrbAal se ; ia— of, barAe, wAste, taraf. Syn. 
kindness ; support ; grace ; gift ; — «.t. mibrbAnf 
11, parwarisb k., 'iaAyat k. ; (spare) badbAnA; 
(ease) ArAm H. ; a marriage — , (a bunch or 
knot of white ribbons or whits flowers worn at 
weddings ) ek pbfll jo reshmf sufed flte kA hotA 
aar shAdi ke waqt lagAyA JAtA bai ; — able, a. 
mibrbAn, madadgAr, mafia, munAalb, lAiq ; — 
ableness, a. mihrbAnL mnwAflqot ; — He, ft'vAr- 
it, a. khAtir-pasand, sanhibb, mansAr i oasar, 
maqbtJU, 'aula, piyArA a. paaaudfda, m&rgfib, 

Fawn, fawn, a.F. foe*, hlran kA bachcba.gkAla; 

— eyed, mirgnain; AbA-ehashm, [—on] } — a i 
A.-S. fahnie a. kbushAmad k. 

Fcaltv, fg'al-ti, a. L. fldelita*. ( loyalty )formflg- 
bardAri, wafAdArl, namak-balAil. Syn. Hom- 
age ; loyalty ; fidelity. 

Fear, ’fir, a. A. -3. /or. (dread) kbnuf; (alarm); 
dabsb&t ; (respect) ta'slm ; (solicitude) and- 
eaho. bAk, ni’b, dbafoA, dagdagA; (object of 
frt r >4ar; — 9. t 4arAaA yA 0arnA, dahsbat khA- 
aA; — foLa. kbaof-zada, kbauf-nAk; — leaa, a. 
ni^ar. be-khauf, bilA-andesha. 

Feasible, fez'l-bl, a. F. foioiblo. (that may he 

Feast, mat, a. L. feotum. slyAfat, kbusbl, jasfuk 
mikmAal, *M pparab, teohAr. Syn. Hntertain- 
■eat; treat: banquet; festival;—*, i. siyAfat 
II, kbusbf k. f— on) ; — ing, a. mihmfindArL 
tawAsu', kbusbi, jaaan. [tamAshA, bAsfgarL 

Frat, f&t, a. L. fmetom. kartab, hunarmaaai tt 

1 Feather, feth'Ar a. A.-S. fodher . pa rind kA part 
a — bed. mulAim bi chha uni ; a — in the cap, (a 
■ark of honor) MiaatdAr, harmatdAr, ijs A na-war 1 
-*i.pat se nrt&lsb bakbahnAj tn be fin— ^ 


M Btqsba, nfh 

* t®” 1 ®* * * r«Al kA dfterA mahlna, phAgun. 

bAr-Awarl, sar-kkesl. fa - -hartt. matt*- 
federal, f«d'gr- aU «■ ’/ fffH j;. ) >ihd 

alltq 1 lttittq; FedMrtU*. •■ l» 

° priman. mn ttJda. mltaattna, 

r ^“ ( - ritiSiiS) *f "« 5 .(f* 5 ftahwat »- 

«££-* m*. 

(slow) ...» , (tleklj) *n*r; 

-TMU- *f“- i“ a “ 5 W *° U * ! 
rWd^ut-S V *ood) kMn» 
r ^S?fAiaA : (»urply) d©nA; (f raie > • barft “V 

C cherish ) pAlnA ; ( delight ) hnuiih k. out off 
fi?m) nlkAl ke khAnA;— up, (fatten) no- 
tA k. hopes, u named hi ammed par 

~®34r J55SX& 

cbhdD&; (handle) fatolnA; (ba^r) athAnA. 
honS: (suffer) dukhatbtnl; (try »*■*“*• 

( nsroeivc ) samajhnA, dekhnA ;— -owt, ( try ) 
linriinfi (explore) fftt-olnA; — after, (grope 

j w futol n4;( sesA 5 tSuk V. l-fjf «*h«™ 

dil-eosl lc. ; — the pulse, nabs dekhnA; rAz 
j- * r__with — for] » lame, muss, false; 

S otVtl-C o° chhflBswtli ; — »• inn 

riSSSj 8 * n - 8on**ti°n; emotion; 

vS" i0 an'?t!T'feinire. (to lmafino, toln- 

vent) bnnint, btndhng J ( make a ■bow) dlkh- 
Unfl, *4h°r k. ; (dUmbl.) htla k^-^ly. si- 
bahAnese, banAwat m ing, ^ m akkA^ » 
reh ; Feint, fiat, «. bafaAna, dfaokhi, bhulAwa, 

t. v. t. L. /ilia bbnsb k*> 
F SSbSSb“il d.; Felicitation, frlh-lt-t’- 
^Knn n kbuahl, mubArakbA'11 ; Felicitou*, 

f£n*l£us*e L? 

mubArak * Felicity, n. fcliushl, chain, farhat , 
“ikb Syn. Blise ; blessedneae ; ba 5P lne ": 

P e i,fel, a A.-S. fall denied) 8aQg-dU ; 
khdnl jallAd; — ». A.-S chamrA ,--*>• t. A.-S. 
* ,,® ’ d kAt d mAmA; — imp. of 
rn'kodiSot-^. G^. “oto. U hUf) paUfiri. 
Fellah fel'llt »• Mierl klsAn. (vehkf. 

Feller fel'Ar, ». tabar-dAr, kA$ <J. w. 
le Sw feH5, n. O. Bug. (match) barA- 

associate) sAthl; (companion) raflq, 
inif • (one of a kind or pair) ham-jine, 
lo r& * ^(a mean fellow) kamfnaj/eHs* in com- 
ioaition, la expressed in Persian phrases by 
lam prefixed ; as— captiTc, n. (prleoner) ham- 

,ijf. c* on n try ma n, ham-watan !"7®5. ei ’ 

ture ’ ham-khllqat ; — feeling, fel 10-ttl ing, 
harn-dardl, ham-so*I ;-«rtlst, bam-peeba;— 
lodaer, ham-khdna; a tt**® -- ! kk*?* 

Bhip. («l'l*-*klp, n. ham-sart, sbar4kat, H(«- 

^.ri M; 

PVlnn fel'na, o. F. sunsbg&r. mnirlm; (a whit* 
V ?£ V ibbflsarf- 9y* Culprit ;eriml- 
^ifaitor; outlaw,— l»ua, t«-l»'al-os, 
n bid toSwS!, Aarfr, (Hold, Jortal y, «■ L. 


Pomtofe®, fsm^n-lu, s. _ 
muannaa. aurat-uumA , (♦» tfftwwer; 
itdllM. Syn, 

Feu, fen, a. A.-S. /eii, marsh, mud. Ice!, fan. 
daldal, dhasAn. 

Fence, fone, a. (defence) SJmdy&t, fcacb&o, 
^bandaq; (wall) dfwAr, eadd, eb&r-dtwdrl; 
(hedge) jbAfl; (bank; puabta; (inclosure). 
ihAta: (what defends) ot, parda s. U lbAta 
b.. Ark , tattf lagAnA, baehAnA, pa^e-bAsf k ; 
—lu, (inclose) ihAta k. j— off, (separate with 
a fence) alag karke dlwAr k;— with, Af 
k* ; Fencing, n. pate-bAsf; Fencing school, 
akbArA, qawA’id-gAh ; Fencing master, pa- 
tait, banait, pblnkait. 

Fond, fend, v. t. .Soot of defend, (beep off) bis 
rukhnA ; — off. ( push off) dbafcel d., mafafAs r. ; 
— er, n. mead l Af, baobAo. [soA. 

Fennel, fen'el, ». A.-S. fenol. ek panda, saunf. 

Ferine, fil'rln, e. L. jense. (wild) wahahf, darin- 



Ferment, ttr'meut, a. L. fermentum . bbamlx, 
Biwa; (boiiliK) fesh; (tuaralt) hang&ma, 
balwa, fitna ; — 4>t. jetefc khAaA, ubAlnA, kbamlr 
utbAnA atlon, ». ioeh, khamlr, ubAL , 
Fern, flArn, *. A--E. faem. ek «bu kA panda, 

Ferocity, tt-roe'l-ti, n. bbA»-kbwArf, saa^-ditf, 
wahsbat ; Ferocious, fl-rd'sbi-us, s. *L. fere*. 
wahehi, khda-bbwAr, bo*rahm- Syn. Sarage ; 
fierce ; wild. [ jAsfisf k., mkAi I&aA. 

Ferret, fir'et, n. F. fmret. newal, rAsfi w. *• 
Ferry, fer*!, u. A.-S. ferjen. ghAJ, gusar-gAh, 
otfirA; — ronn, o. gha^wAr. mAft^h l, maUAh; — 
v. t. pAr ntArnA. [— < »▼•!$- _ . . 

Fertile. fAr'tll, e. Id. fartiUe. sarbhes, sar-«abs ; 
Fertility, ». sarkhest. sar-sabst, ma’mdri, tar 
otAsagL L— in]; FortUhm, «. t. aar-kbm k., 
aar-eabz k. ; upjAfi k. , . . , 

Ferule, fAr'WI, * L. ferida. bed. obiafl. 
Fervency. f»r / Teu-si, n. (ardour) dil-sozf, n.v 
garmi, shauq ; Fervent, fir' vent. «. L. jsr- 
oere. (ardent, eager) sargarm, shauqin, tes, 
garm, dii-soz, muehtAq. 

Fervour, ttr'flr, m. L /error. dL-sosL shauq, 
barArat, garm-Joehi ; Fervid, a h fereidne. 
4 ’arm, tes, jaltA hflA. [qls h., sayaA. 

Fester, fea'tflr, «. i. (to rankle, to corrupt) n&- 
Festlve, * teohArl: kkush, masrflr ; Festival, 
fos'tiv-al, o. L. feelum. kbusb, mahaflz, mss- 
rfir; — n. *ld, teohAr; parnb; Festivity, a. 
shidi, jashu, khuebi, baehAshat. ^ 

Festoon, fes-tMa', «* L. feetum. gul-kArl, bsl- 
; mftlA. kAr ^-hs. t. Scnl-kAri k. 

FeUrli. feeb, e. t. A.-8. fatian le AnA, lAuA, nikAl- 
nA; (sell for) qlrnat parbeohnA: (to reach) 
pahuuohAnA; — back, (bring back) paljA.lA- 
nA forth, (bring out) nikAlnA ; — out, (bring- 
out) nikAl i. off.— away, (earry off) U > ). 
to, (rerivn) bosh ra^tt 1. 5—^ up, ( bring ) lu|bA 1>, 

— a rapid sale, bikilkhdb b. [ — drum 3- . 

Fete, fAt, n. F. teohAr, parmb;-^. *. (to fjsaot). 

teohAr mAnnA. . . _ [4 A , r '. a ®®“ 

Fetid, fit'id, o. U fa****?' badbft “ 

Fetlock, ftt'lok. n. From feet and look.\nkba* 
kA bAl, ghofoe ke teohue ke P ,chhl i or . k f, b ?i* rf . 
Fetter, fet'ir, *. A.-S. fetor, (a restralut) boftf 
— uf birds, pAeza ;—s. t, field k^pdbund k., 

’ssar» f . t 

bakberA, qariya. [ — with, — betwaenl. Syju 
Quarrel; broil; contention j—s. No*m. F. 
fende* shastf samfodAri. 

Feudal, s. alsf shaft kJ btW samfndfirf ke mats* 
\lliq jla se ba-waqt 1 sarflrst zamlndAr mflllk I 
salts nat kl kumak kare, aur us kf taraf se laf® « 
~ftsmT** bnudobaet, JAglrdArl ba-shart ishijr- 
kat ; Feudatory, «. sbartl, )A gird Art ; Food- 
kK ». JAglr-aAwU, jo sba^s jAglrofi kA bayAa 

Fe^nw fTrer. a. A.-S. fefer. tan, trafchftr, garmf. 

hStiat bnm»t tap chafhnA. 

Feverish, fll # T«r-ish. s. harArat-mAil, bu^hftr sA, 
Few fft. s. A.-S. faa , Go. fane, chand, tborfi, 
kudhh%af ; — such, is ke, kam : tboce; fi 

— words, al-at*’n ^ ness, n. hemip fi^ 4 - 
Fiasco, ffraa'ko, a. It. gAne mefi shfik, itA-kAm« 
, yibt 




Flat, fl'at, n. K ltt it be done; (a decree) hnkm, 
fatwft. [knhnft. 

Fib, fib, n. (lie) jhflth, darog. [—by] r.i. jhflth 
Fibre, fi'bftr, a. F. fibre, (sinew) re«ha, jbuthfft, 
sftt, san, tftr, aas ;— less, «. be-resha ; Fibrous, 
fl'brus, a. reshe dir, jhuthfflfl, rag! I ft, nas-dftr. 
Fickle; flk'l, a. A.-S. fiool. taiaawua-mizftj, be- 
ch&in, be-thikftnft Syn. Wavering; i^reaoi- 
•te ; unsettled, unsteady : — ness, ». chanchalft- 
kat, nft-pftedftrl, talauwun-mizftjf. 

Fiction, fik'shaa, n. L. fictio. ( invention) fjftu; 
(what is invented) band wit; (novel) nis^a; 
'(fataeboo 1) jhdth. Syu. Fabrication; talse- 
; hood; Fictitious, fik-tish'i-us, <4 jhflthft. 
aflkhta, naqlL 

Fiddle, fi Tl, n. L. /ides, a stringed instrument, 
sftrangf. belft ; — Caddie, wfihiyftt; — v.t. sftrag- 
gl yft belft bajftnft ; — stick, a. bele kf kamftnl. 
Fidelity, fid-el'i-ti, ». L. fides. namak-htlftll, di- 
yftnftt-aftrf, 1 u&ndfirl, rftst-bftzf, fidwiyat. 
Fidget, fij'et, v. i. D. fige. chulbulftoft; — «. be- 
ehainf, khilftf-h&rakat ; — y, a. (restless) be- 
ftrftra, be-chain, be-qarftr, chanchal, adhlr. 

Fie. fl, int. Ift-fianl, chlil chhl. 

Fief, fftf. ». F. fief, jftgir, t .’alluqa. 

Field, fold, n. A.-S., & Gar. feld. kh*t, raafdftn, 
* qata’-i-zaintn ; — of battle, jigg-gfth; razro- 
1 gfth ; keep the — , maidftn pakfe r. : — marshal, 
' n. aawal darje kft sipah sil&r ; — officer, n. af- 
1 sarijaggf; a — piece, rnhkala, top; a — day. 
qaw »’id kft din ; to back the — , ghuidauf meg 
kisf ghore par bftzf lngftnft. 

Fiend, fend, n. A.-S feond. (foe) dushman; 
(devil) nh-iitftn: — ish, a. (malicious) bad- 
aadeah, shaiiftnl, danunf sflrat, shaitftnf srtrat. 
Fierce, ttrs, o. F. fit v, L. ter us. (savage) wahshf. 
tund: (passionate) gazab-nftk, khiig-khwftr ; 
(wild) bo-rahm, darinda: — ness, n. khflg- 
‘ khwftrf, sang-dilf, tundf, qahr. 

Fife, flf, n. F. fifre. O. G^r. pfifa, L. pipa, pipe, 
murlf, bftqsurl, bans!, nai, algosa; — r. i. bftgsu- 
rf bai&nft. 

Fifteen, fif'tftn, a. A.-S. fiflyne. pandrah, 'pftnch 
dab, pani-dah; — th, a. pandr ihwflg. 

Fifth, fifth, a. A.-S, fifta. pfigchwftg, psnjnrn. 
Fifty, n. A.-S fiftig. pnchls, pinjfth ; Fiftieth, 
«. A.-S. fiftigo Jh'i. pachftswfln, panifthum. 
Fig, fig, n. A.-S. fia. an it- kft per, anjTr kft phnl, 
Bikammf chfz ; I don't care a — for you, maig 
Serf zarft bhf parwfth nahlg kartft ; uo worth 
a — , nikammft. 

Fight, fit', v. i. A.-S, feolitun. jang k., muqftba- 
lak. [ — wi«U. — again t, — for] ; — n. larftl. jang, 
razrn, ma’rka, fehftna-jaggf ; in the heat of — , 
*ain larftl men. Syu Battle; engagement; 
combat ; struggle. 

Figure, fig'ur, n. L. figura. (shape) sflrat; 
.(form) shakl, rftp, haiat, naqsha: (in gram- 
mar) mnhftwara, siyflq i kalftm ; (eminence) 
namfld, shaukat, shuhrat; (stature) mflrar; 
;(painting) naqqftsbf; (horoscope) ramal. zfti- 
cha, janam patra ; (number) ’ada l, bin lha;— 
v. t. sflrat bonfinft, naqsha khfgchnfl; gin oft, 
b&tlftnfl, dikhlftnfl, misftl d., khiyftl k. [ — to]; 
to make a— In the world, nftra war h. ; to cut 
a—, klsl kftm kesabab mashh irh , yft kisf ko 
apof taraf rftgibk. ; to— out, cinkar batftnft; 
to — up, jqfnfl ; to — to one's self, sochnft. khi- 
yftl k.; -dgurative, fig'flr-ftt-iv, o. raggfn, 
naqlf, misftll, tamsflf, istilfthf. 

Filament, fil'a-ment, a. L. /Hum. (a fibre) sflt, 
resha. jhuthrft, nas. 

Filbert, fil'bgrt, a. findaq yft bindnk. [ — from]. 
Filch, filsh,v. t. A.-S. filhan. (to steal, to rob) 
churftnfl, ufft le j„ mohnft. 

File, fll, ». L. fUwn, thread, (line of soldiers) 
pftnt, oatftr, saff ; (set of papers) tablaq; — a. 
k t. qatftrqatftr chslftnft;— off, retnft; — by, pfts 
I chnle ft, retnft ; to— with, pfchhe pfchhe sftth 
| cha e ftnft; rank and—, fauj. [— down,— 
away] j— a. A.-S. feol. Ger. fila . sohan, rett; 

; mi^l; tilings, filings, a. pi chflr, bflrftda. 
resa, chflul. 

Filial, fil'i-al. «. F. L. /Hitts, faraftndf, befft aft. 
FUlbiuter, fill-bus- tftr, ». Sp. Jfctfiiitir*. /a 
■faauq Muaaadarkft jfthflu . 

Fill, fll. e. t. A.-S. fyllan. bharnft, labrez k M 
bharpflr k. ; (glut) tbflgsnft; (store) jama k.; 
—out, bharnft, pflrft k. ; — up, — up with, bhar- 
nft, pflrft k. ; — in, (throw la) la In ft, dank., 
bharnft ; to weep uuo’s — , dil bharkar yft kboi- 
karronft; to — fall, muhfig mugh bharnft;— ». 
pet-bhar. [ — with, — from], Lbft gosht. 

Fillet, til'et. n. F. filet, pattl, band, <Jorl, pattbe 

Filling, n. (that whi h fi ts) bharfto. 

Filly, n. I cel fyl- (afennle colt) bachheff; (a 
wanton girl) chhichhorf larkl. [o. jhilil sift. 

Film, film, ». A.-S. film, jhilll, mftgflft, jftlft;— y, 

Filter, fil'tdr, n. F. fietre. chhannl, sftfl; — o. i. 
chftlnft, chhftnnft. 

Filth, filth, n. A.-S. fylah. ftlfiisnf mail ; — y, e. 
mailft, chikkat, gaud!. Syn, Foul ; dirty ; ob- 
scence ; impure ; — lness, n. mailftpan, najftsat, 
gil&zat, gandai;!, nft-pftkf. 

Filtrate, nl'trftt, v. t. chhftnnft, nilhftrnft; Fil- 
tration, n. chhanwfll, chhanftf. [pankh. 

Fin, fin, n. A.-S. L. pinna, machhlt kft par, bftsfl. 

Final, a. L. finis, (conclusive) filjthir, ft^biri, 
pirhhlft ; (decisive) qat'l; ^complete), 
pQrft. Syu. Conclusive; ultimate. 

Finale, fe-uft'lft, n. It. ^hft'imn i nngma, anjftm, 
taiaftml; Finality, n. ftkhlrf bftlat, tamftml. 

Finance, fi-nans' ( n. L. finis, ftmadanf; Fi- 
nancial, a. m U-guz&rf kft ; Financier, fi-nan'- 
ser, n. ’ftmil pe^b^, mustfijir. LcbifiyA. 

Finch, finsh. n A.-S. fine , Ger. fink, gftnewftll 

Flud, find, v t. A -S. findan. (obt iin by search- 
ing) khoj nikftlnft; (meet with) tnilnft: (dis- 
cover) pahugchnft, pa ka raft, delchnft, zfthir k.; 
(determine by verdict) faisala k. ; (supply), 
maujfldk.; (gain) pftaft; — in, — at, (catch) 
pakarnft;— out, (discover) ma’iflm k, pftnft; 
— in, denft ; — fault with, galatf nikftlnft;— 
one's self, honft. rnhnft ; to -one's way Into, 
(to enfer) dftkhil h- [ — from, — by, — among]; 
— n. suhflr, pftf bill chfz. y;U'tanf; — ing, ». iu- 
kwhftf; (verdict) tn jwfz, faisala. 

Fine, tin, a. F. fin, L. finilus. (not coarse) bft« 
rik ; (thin) mihfn; (sle ider) nftzuk ; (clear), 
s&fopftk; (nice) 'umda, pftkfza ; (elegant) 
latff; (showy) nnmftishf; (subtle) daqfq; 
(excellent ) naffa, bihtar, achchhl ; — v. t. sftf 
k., mail chh intnfl ; jurmftna d„ tftwftn 1. ; — n. 
L. finis, end, khft'iuna; (a mulct) jurmAna, 
gunahgftrf; — ness, n. bftrfkf, nazftkat, aafdf, 
'umdagf, khdbf. nafftsat, namfldftrf, raunaq; — 
ry, fin'ftr-i, n. raunaq, ftrftish, zeb, ban&o, (Ip 

Finger, flng'gC*, *». A.-S. Icel fingr. ngglf, an- 
gusht, nngil, angfltbft; — v.t. (atolnft, chhflnft, 
chliernfl, uggliyftnft; a — ring, chhallft : a ring 
— , cliballd pahinnewfllf unglf ; to burn one’s 
— , taklff meg raubtilft b. ; to let slip through 
the — s, (to lo?e) kho denft; — ing, a. fthista 
ugglf kf haraknt ; bftje kl chhef. 

Finical, fin'ifc-al, a From fine, halkft, subuk; 
(fopDish) chbail-chikaniyft. 

Finish, tin'ish, v. t. finire. tamftm k„ pflrft k., 
takmll k M murattab k.;— n. L. bhfttima, ta- 

Finite, fl'nlt, «. L. finire. (limited) mahdfld, 
fftnf, bnndbejf. Syn. Bounded ; limited ; ter- 

Fir, fSr, n. A.-S. furh t W. pyr. sanaubar. 

Fire, fir, n. A.-S. fyr. G. pur. (flame) ftg, shu’la, 
bhabrtkft; (beat) garmf; (ardour) dil-sozf; 
(light) ro&hnf, partau, nflr; — v. t. (set fire to) 
ftglagnft; (take fire) Ag lagnft; (enliven) josh 
d.; (burn) jalftnft; (let off guns) dftgnft,chhor- 
nft ; — up, — into, gnssa h.. dftgnft ; — at, — upon, 
— on,— among, (shoot at) golf chalftm; — 
away, (keep up firing) bharmftrf k. ; — oil. 
(let off a gun) dlgnft; to set on—, jalftnft, 
sulgfinft ; fly like wild—, jald phail j. yft mush- 
tahir b-;— in tlie eyes, namaki— look, a. pat- 
thar-kalft bandflq ; — place, Atash-khftna, chfll- 
hft, fttash-dftn ; to spread like wild—, tezf se 
phailnft ;— side, chaukft, deg-dftn; — worship- 
per, ftt ish-parast;— unn, bandflq, top, wnh 
hathiyftr jo bftrfld se ch hurl .vft jfte; — brigade, 
ftg bujbftnewfllf jamft’at ;— engine, flr'en-jln, 
ftg bqJbAns kf kUi-&Js Jugaft, Jd nu k Uhab* 

tAb;— wan, ftg bajhAnewAlA bftroc^ dir kA |hta jahis of trace, mhd jbinfA 

anglthl;— shovel, karehhft wood, todbaa ; — Jo sntb be iye dikhlAyft jAti bti ; to strife® m 

work, Atash-l>izl; Fler y, flffir-L a. /fee. garm, hmm* the — , e. t. itA'at qabdi k. ; to unfurl 

Atlshl, tea, toad. [aftna, ek chnotA , ptpa. the Mack — , lapAl shard’ k. Syn. Banner; 

Firkin, ftrkio, w. A.-S. feover and km, ek pai- colenr*; pee nan ; ensign. 

Firm, fdrn, a. L. firm**, (strong) karArft, om* Flageolet, AaJ'el-«t, a. F. algosa, nakftwaK. 
btlt ; (fixed) qftirn; (bard) sakbt; (steady) Flagitious, Aa-jUh'i-ns, a. L. fiagtiiun. (rrlcfe* 
pAsdfir, mustaqil; (solid) gftpbA, mmjmmii ed) mardfid, khatA-kAr, borA, saMa; m$M 
0. t. lagAnA, qftim k., mazbdt k.;— n. It. /I me. pipf. 

nftm, makftn 1 tijArat, kophl. ®T*»- Concera : Flagon, n. F. too©*, qarAba, kham, gulAbl Mat. 
house; company; — ue*s, it. m&zbdtl, sakhtl, Flagrant, fitgraot, o. L. ftsgrere. (burning) 
sanginl, istiqlftl, injimftd. [AsmAn, falak. sosAq, tAb-nAk ; ( notorious*) sAhir, topi, stash- 

0. t. lagAnl, qftim k., imazbdt k.;— a. It. fima. 
nftm, makftn 1 tijArat, kophl. By u. Coacern : 

house; company; — u«as, it. m&zbdtl, sakhtl, Flagrant, firgraot, o. L. fisprere. (burning) 
sanginl, istiqiril, injimftd. [Asm An, falak. sosAq. tftb-nAk ; ( notorious*) sAhir, topi, mash* 

Firmament, fdrm'a-raent, a. u firmentum. bdr. ina’rflf. Syn. At rocions ; glaring. 

Firmau, fftr'man, it.Pers,/erm«a. hukm, laUans, Flail, flAl, n. 0. F.flaeL khirraankob, ok 

farmftn, parvrAna. 

sp galia bftHog se aikAlA jfttA hai. 

First, ttrst, a. A.-S. Qer. font. paklA. agll, Flake, flAk, a. A.-S. Jlaoe, L. floeoue. phAki, 
anwal, mnqaddam. Syu. Primary ; original ; gftIA, tab, chbAI, pappft. 
chief; principal;— ud. pable, ansral of all, Flamhcan, Aam'bd, n. F. from L.flammo, flame, 
at — , pahle hi, ibtidftan;— or loot, kisl waqt ; fallta, maslt'al. Syn. Torch. 

— bora, n. pahlautbfl, ’All; — bora, e pah ft Flame, Aim, n. L. flemm a, ( blase) skn’ala; 
lapkft fruit, fArst-frdit, a. Usually pi. pahlft (Are) fttash, Ag; (rage) gunea; (loye)*iahq; 
phal band, ft. nayA, bagair barf* bAA; — — e. i. shu’ala othnA, bhapaknA; (excite) jesh 
water, ’umia qism kft ; — Aoor, p*blft darja yA khftnA; — up, bhapak uthnA; Fl aming , •• 
manzil; — rate, fdrst'rit, o. aebcbhf tarah ; mushta’al, sku’lnglr. 

from— to last, (throughout) auwnl tA Akbir; Flamingo, fin-mingd, a. L. jlammi, flame, on 

account of its red colour, ek qism kf chipiyA jo 
Afrlqa aur janflbl Amerika ki rahnewAU hai, 
aurus ke par ck; mklie snrkh tftSSen Iambi 

— and foremost, pablA, mnqaddam; at — 
hand, fauran, bilA rnadad;— i ling, a. pahlA 
phal yft bncbcba. 

Fish. a. A.S. /too. L. pitots. machbll, mAh!;— 

» / - .-L. I. I# M La _L !La _ 1 + \ 

Plahp n. (iso. L. pi$oit. machbll, m&hl aur chojch terhl goy& h <ki tna’lflm Eotl hai. 

v. t. machbll m., machhl! kft sbikftr k., bans! Flange, flanj, a. Eng. flange, to project out, 
lagftnA; ( take in by trick ) fitntselenA. [ — uthft bflft kanAra ; pasli. 

from]; — bone, mAbf-dandftg, shirmAhlj — up, Flank, flangk, a. F. ftane. kokh, pftkhA, bftsfl, 

(draw up) zfthir k ; — market, fi^h'mftr-ket. 
a. mnchhll-hftzftr ; — ruuu^er. raachhllwftlA ; — 

bagal, pahlfl;— v. t. bagal m., begdft m., sar- 
koh h.. raArnfl. [lain. 

hook, a. fish'bdflk, kAstft ;mnte as a—, bilkull Flannel, flan’el, n. F. JlaneUc . lot, dhnssft, falA- 
kbftmosh; I have other — to fry, mnjheaur Flap, flap, a. D. flabbe. jhni, lottifft, chhlchhrA ; 
dflsrft kftra hai; — Ing-ilne, fish'ing-lln, banal — v t. mArnft, JhAlnA, phapphafAnA. [ — with], 
kl d»r; to — in Ihe air, (to try at impossibili- Flare, Air, v. i. Ger. fluohern. Norm F. flair, (to 

kl dor; to — in the air, (to try at impossibili- Flare, flAr, v. i. Ger. fluohern. Norm F. flair, (to 
tied) nft-mumkin kAm karne kl koahUh k. shine out) chamnknft, jhalaknfl, damaknA 
neither — nor flesb, (neither one thing nor w. cbamak, jhalak. [ — up); Flaring, a. 
the other) kuchh nshlq; to— in troubled (flntteriug, showy) <*hamakdAr t jhalkllA. 
waters, nA-ummedf meq ummed kl tawnqqa’ Flush, flash, n. F. fleche ardente. (a blase) 
rakhnft; — er, ». machhwi; ek qizm kftcbau- kaundhA, jhalak, dmnak, zarq-barq; — v. t. 
pftya; — erman, «. mAhl-gir, ma hhU-pak ^ne- chamak j., kaundhnft, iauknft; — In the pan, 

wAlft; — cry, n. mfthi-glrl, mAhl-gAh; — y, o. ranjak ufnft; — lug, n. kaundhA; — y, a. 

machbll kft, machbll si. [hone kc lAiq. (showy, gay) bharkllft, numftishl, rangflA. 

Fisslc, fis'sil, a. L. fleeilit. phatn* yft tnqsim Flask, flask, n. A.-S. flasc. sblsha, snrAhl, qa- 

Fission, fisli'un, a. shigftf, chftk, aars. [rhftk. rftba, kuppft. 

Fissure, fish'flr, n. L . fittura. (cleft) thig:lf. Flat, flat, a. Icel. flair, Ger. plait, (even) bam- 

Fist. fht. n. A.-S. tyet. muUhl; — v. f. ghflnsA m. wAr; (smooth) cbiknA; (fallen) girA hflA; 

Fistula, fist'd- la, a. L. (a med) sarkandA, ual ; (downright) khulft, aflf; (cast down, spririt- 

( chronic abscess) nAsflr, ghrto. less) dilgir; (low) dhlmft; (not sharp) knnd. 

Fit, fit. «. A.-S./eaf. (becoming) raunAsib, ma*- bhftif; — n (level, plain) mnidAn; (barge) 

qdl, durust; (qualified) lAiq; (right) wAjib; kishtl; (foolish fellow) ahmaq; — v. t. ham- 

(meet) lAzim. Syn. Suitable; proper; appro- wAr k., bai(hAlnA, chapel k., utar j.; to— oat, 

pritae; [-from];—*, t. thfk k. ( durust k., (to make a bad ending) anjAm burft k.; — 

sudhftrnA ;— out, (equip )sftm An ns&njdd k.;— less, n. barftbarl; nasheb; (insipidity) be- 

np, (furnish) ftrAsta k. ; — Into, (adjust) fhlk Iazzatl, sithfts; — ten, Aat'n, v. t. From flat, 

A. ;— off, pahin ke dekhnft ; — n. chnstl, WnaArl (even) hamwAr k. t chaptft k. yA h. f baithftlnft, 

kft josh, gasht. gn^se kft josh ; — ness, n. (adap- utar j. 

taion) muwftfiqat, Hyftqat; (justness) durhs- Flatter, flat'&r, o. t. F. flatter, khushftmad k.. 

tl ; — tiug, n. munAsib, wAjib. [kl ek qism. 

FitcU, fich, a. L. vioia. (a kind of pea) ma(ar 

Fitful, a. be-qarftr, taianwan-mlsftj. 

Five, flv, n A.-S. k O. Sax. /i/, L. quinque, G. 
peats, pftncb.panj. 

Fix, fiks, v. t. F. /leer, (settle) thahrftnft, (make 
fast) bAQdhnft; (stitch) lagftuft, cbafhftnft; 
(establish) qftim k. ; (make liable) furz k.; 
(aiiust) tblk k. ; (rest) rahnft. (prepare) 
taiyftr k. ; ( pierce ) chubhonft ; — at, muqarra r 

chApd 1 k., phuslftnA cr, n. (a wbeedler) 
khushAmadl, chApIfls; — lng, a. dhoke-bAz, 
chAplQs, khushAmadl;— y, a.khushAmad, chAp- 
ltlsf, dam-bftzl, lallo patto. 

Flatulence, flal'd-lens, n. nafkh, bftf, rlh, btfdf ; 
Flatuleut, o. L* flare, (windy) phdlA, nafkh, 

Flaunt, flawnt, u. i. Go. fluutan. phnfpharflnA, 
(make a great show) numAish d.; bhapak 
dikhlftnft; — n. bhapak, dikhlo, numAish. 

k. on,— upon, tajwtz k.. thahrftnft. Syu. Flavour, fld'vftr, n. O. Bog. /layer, L. fragrare. 
Arrange; adjust; place {settle ; — a. pareshftul; (odour, relish) khushba, maze, lazzat ; — 1 . 1. 
(difficulty) mnslikll; to be In a— , mushkil khushhddftr k., mazedftr b. Syn. Smell ;odour; 
men h. ;— cd stars, qutub ; — n. qiyftm, istiqlftl, fragrance; taste; — less, fift'vdroless. o, be- 
lagfthat, thamfto, atkfto, lapet ; — eduess, n. khushba, be masa, uft-gnwAr. 

pftedftrl, mazbfltl; 
fagah kA jop. 

Fizz, fiz, v. i. Icel. fit 

muqarrar kisl Flaw, flaw, n. A.-S. fl oh. (crack) darz; (gap) 
shigftf: (blemish) nuqs, *aib; (spot) dflg; 
(tumult) hanglma; (gust of wind) hawA kA 

Icel. lieu. sarsarftnA, xansanftnA. 

fall; languish; — it. Ger. flach. all n. Ger. san kft lahl&hft, sunahrA. ’ f»4 

A« gge. IceLflagg. nishftn, jhamjA;— bearer, | Flay, flA, v. t. A.-S. flean. udhepnA, khftl khlQch- 

fhsndft-hssdAr « lit a feuasf iiMwa ke mlc- [fto. Aft. • L-A to. aiasd. 

cfcand ltmb« k( takllf ; a— in the ear, sA-ga- 
wflt, n4-p*sand T kbi jhAaewAlA ; to hire a— In 
the ear, kief nH a ^ r Wt kl VfcwAMsh dll me| 

Fledge, dej, V. *. pardir k., ague ke lAfq k.* 

Flea, flA, e. ♦. A.-S. $**• bhAgnA, gam k„ far&r 
h„ saraknA, rara j., chal d ., falnA. 

Fleece, Sis, n. A.-S. Jyi. So, pashm, postfa ; 
— v. t. katarnft, mtigpnA, lfl$nfl, nichofnfi ; 
Fleecy, a. flnl, pa^htnl ; mulAim. 

Fleet, flit, n. A.-S. /lota, halqa i jahAc, bsfft. Syn« 
Squadron; navy; armada;—*. Icel. fliotr. 
(swift) tes-ran. laid, tea, bAd-raftAr; (qulek) 
jaldbAs. Syii. Swift: rapid; quick; — v. i. bhAg- 
nA, ja d j.,gAib h.;— lng, «. ’Ariel, chalA jAtA 
hflfi, be-baqA, hAdis. Syn. Transient; transi- 
tory ; — ness, a. test. chAt&kl, ialdl. 

Flesh, flesh, ». A.-S.Jt w, Ger. oscular 
part) baian; (meat) gosbt, mAns; lahm; 
(eatable part of fruit) giaA ; (mankind) insAn ; 
(carnality) nafs, abahwat; — pot. n. hAn<jI, 
degcbl;— ly, a. JlsmAnl, dunyAwl ; — y, a. jasfra, 
farbib, mo{ii. Syn. Fat ; pinup ; corpolent. 

Flear de-lis, flnr'di-lS, n. F. flower of the lily, 
mnlk i France kA b&dshAM rii-hfin. 

Flexible, fleks'i-bl, «. U. fleaibilie. lachflA, chira- 
gfl, daondAr, Harm. Syn. Pilant: tractnble; 
manageable: yielding; Flexibility, a. lack- 
lachfthat. cbirogAI, narmf, muiAimiyat. 

Flexnrc, n. IncbkAo, kajl, kharn, blink. 

Flicker, flik'Sr, v. i. A.-S. flycocrian. tilmilAaA, 
phatpbatftnft. Syn. Flutter; waver. 

Flier, fll'flr, ». bhagorfl, farArt. 

Flight, flit, ». A.-S fliht. (fleeing) farAr; (fly- 
ing) urAn, parw.iz : (removal) nnql i raakAn ; 
(flock of bird i chiriyAkA ihund ; (set of stairs) 
xfna; (sally) ha in la; (wandering) sair, gaslit; 
(volley) bAih; (heat of imagination) iarang; 
put tu— , bhAgnA ; — iness, » pure*, bhager, 
uyAn. Syn. levity ; giddiness ; volatabiiity ; — 
y, a. be qarAr, chan chal, wnlimf. 

Flimsy, fllin'zi, a. W. llymoi. (weak, feeble) 
jhirjhirrt, juanklr, kamzor, zn’ff, bodA, nA-pAe- 
dAr. Syn. Weak : feeble ; shallow. 1 

Flinch, tlinsh, v. i. blench . ba(nA, liilAnA, sarak- < 
nfi; — lng, a. kftm-chorl. [ — from]. 

Fling, fling, v. t. Icel. fleyffia. L. fligere. (throw) 
phegknA. bakhernA, chhopnA ; (dash ) pataka!) ; 
(emit) nikAlufl; (wince) dulattf m. ; — at, 
(csst reflections on) ilaAm la gAuA aside, — 
away, ( away) dAl d.; (to dismiss) bar- k. ; (to reject) fchArij k. f radd k.; — 
about, idhar udhnr phenknA down, (chal- 
lenge) muqAbaladiflhn i ; (cast down) girA d., 
phenknA; (throw in) ghatA d., barbftdk. ; — 
off,litArnA; (baffle) hfla k., dhokft d. ; utfirnA; 
— open, gaflat se kbolnfi;— over, (abandon) 
chbornA; — np, (resign) ehhornA ; — out, (to 
otter) kahnA ; (to grow unruly) be-adab h. ; 
— In, sbAmil k. [ — from, — to, — at,— after] ; — 
n. phenknA, uok-jhogk, ta’na. 

Flint, w. A.-S. flint, pathrl, chakmak pathrl; — 
glass, *. billaur; — y, o. salfht. 

Flip, n. sharAb kA sharbat ; — pancy, flip'an-si, 
n. hH»*abAhat, tarrArl:— paut, a. jald-go, lab- 
labA. arrAr, Syn. Voluble ; pert : talkative. 

Flirt, flftrt, v. t. A.-S. flenrd. hnnsf-d.llagl k. 
n. (jerk) JhatkA, ’AiyArl ,* (coquette) nakhre- 
bAz, cbonchle-bA*; — ation, n. adfi, karashtua, 
nAz, naklira. 

Flit, flit, v. t. Dan. flyttor. ghar badalnA, urMnA. 
Syn. Fly rapidly ; — ting, n. gures, naql ma- 
k&n. [gosht. 

Flitch, fitch, n. A.-S. jlicee. sflar kA namkln 

Float, flftt, n. A.-S. fleot. befA. gharnal, tairae- 
wAlA; — lng capital, (caintal employed in 
busiuess, but of uncertain amount, free to be 
used as occasion requires) rflpiya jo har waqt 
isti’inAl men A Bake; — lng debt, (debt not 
founded) qarz jo adA nahfg hflA; — lng light, 
(any floating vessel bearing light) roahnfwAlA 
jahAz; to — in a sea of donbt, (to suspect) 
shubha k. i. A.-8. flsstsa. tairnA, bahnA, 
chain A. 

Flock, flok, a. A.-S./t oeo. galla, gol, jathfl, relA; 
*Ubi jamA'at; — *.*.jama f tu hatnrsA. iagf* 

nd, rejn4 ; [—together,— to] ; — a. L. jtossrn. 
(a lock of wool ) An kA pahi. 

Flog, flog, 9.t. Scot. fl*l,U flmmrwm. (to whip) 
korA yA cbAbok m. [— wiX—fior| giag, 
n. kore-bAaf. 

*' Wttn, saflflb^sM;— t. 

t. bahiyA A., garq k. log, «. Istlbflsa ; nafAs. 
Floor fldr.s. A.-S. far, (bottom of a room) 
farsh, gacbh ; (platform) machAa # chvbfltra; 
(story) kotbA, sAm ; (act of speaking) kahne 
kA mauqa'; — s. t. tafehta-bandl k.; — log, ». 
farsh, gachh. [mArnA, uthnA, girofl. 

Flop, flop, v. t, flop, (te clap) pfe&tphati»A, 
Flora, fld'ra, n. L. floe, phfll kf debf ; aqaAm 1 
nabAtAt kA bayAn; — 1, a. gait, phflldir; 
Florist, n. mAlX, hAg-bAn, gnl-kAr yfl gul- 
chtn. [rngg, 1A1, gul i ’anAr, raggln. 

Florid, flor'id, s. L. florid as. (flowery) gul- 
Florin, flor'in, n. It. flare. TArap kA ek sikka 
jo qarlb deyb rupae yA thopA kam kt barAbar 
botA hai. 

Flounce, flouns, v. t. gw. flunea. (to struggle, 
to flounder) uchhalnA, tajapnft, kffdnA, tal- 
malAnfi, jhAlar lagAnA;— n. talmal&hat, san- 
jAf, jhAlar. 

Flounder, e. t. Ger. flundar. Allied to jfossse. 
chhatpntfmfi, sa(p&tAoA. [-about]; — n. ek 
chant? machbll. 

Flour, flour, n. Icel. flur. (meal) flffl, maida, 
m ihln sufrtf ; — v. t. maida sA pfsnft. 

Flourish, flur'ieb, v. t. Q. Hng. florishe. (flewer) 
pbflluA ; (thrive) sarsab* h., kAmyAbb.; (uee 
florid language) faslh alfAz boluA ; (boaat) 
shokbt m. ; — n. ArAieh, zer, shelf hi, chamak, 

Flow, fld, v. i. A.-S. flovan. (run like water) 
bahuA; (melt) galnA; (issue) jfirt h., nikalnA; 
(circulate) gardish k.; (rise) uthnA; (over- 
flow ) garq k. ; — oot,— off,— off from, nikAl- 
nA; (to overflow) bahnA; — a. bahflo; iqrftr, 
goyftf. [ — from, — to, — in]. 

Flower, flow'ir, n. L. fl on. phfll, joban; ’urflj, 
sebyAztnnt; the prime, or — of life, bahAr, 
jooan. uma|x, ’urflj; the— of yontli, jawAnf, 
’unfuwAn, sbabAb; — girden, gulistan, cha- 
manietAn ; — pot, gamlA, gui-dAn ; — v. phfll- 

uA. khilnA : — y, a. rangln ; chtk 'n, sundar. 

Fluctuate, fluk'tfl-At, t>. «. L. ftuctuare. lahrAnA, 
kain o besb h., beqarAr h. ; (be uncertain ) be- 
thikAne h [ — from, — to] Syu. W»ver; 

vacillate; scruple; Fluctuation, ». (unsteadi- 
ness) hilkorA, tasalsal, be-qarArf, utAr-chaf- 

Flue, flQ, ». O. F. flue, (a chimney) dbflnArA; 
rosLan-dAn; — ». Ger. fluum. (fur or hair) 
sambflr, roAn, bAl. 

Fluent, u. L. /lucre. laasAn, tarrAr, snkfaunwar; 
Fluency, a. narmt : sukhan-ArAI, fasAhat, 
lassauiyat. Syn. Smoothness; volubility; 
readiness of speech. 

Fluid, flvYid, «. L. fluidus , from fluere. fibt. pAnf 
sA patlfl ; — a. raqlq, patlA ras; — ity, ». riqqat, 
bahAo, patlA-pan. [machbll. 

Fluke, fldk, n. A.-S. floe . 'aqlt gaddA; ek qism kl 

Flummery, n. W. llymry. uishAstn ; (a sort of 
pap) fAiflda, halwa, laps!, daliyA; (flattery) 
cliApIflsf, kbusb-Ainad. 

Flunky, flungk'i, n. F. flanquair. dill tAbi’dAr; 
(cringer) jArob-ka«U. 

Flsrry, flur'ri, n. jhaiAkft, harbaff, barbaplbat, 
garba^l ; — v. t. mut’ajjib k., targlb d. t chauQ- 
kAnft, gafbafA d. 

Flash, flush, t». i. Ger. fluec. (to elate, to glow) 
phi'ilnA, tarataniAnA, bftg-bAg h. ; — ad. bam- 

wArl se; — ». jhaiak, surkhf; — a. muqnuwf, 
tAsn, lahiahA, faiyfia: — to mouey, zar kt ifrrtt. 
Floater, flus'tflr, v. t. Ger. flwttem surkh k., ran- 

gfn k. ; nlm-mast k. Syn. Excite ; agitate. 

Flute, flat, w. F. flute, L. flare. bAnsurl. banst;— 
9. t. b&qsurl bajAnA ; kamrakhl ban An A; — d, a. 
kamrakhl; harre-dAr. 

Flutter, flut'Ar, v. i. Ger. flattern. phafpharAnt, 
tarphaftnA, par jbflynfl* chabrAnA, mustario 
k.; — n. pharpharAhat, gbabrihat, be-qarArl. 
Syn. Oonfueion ; agitation; disorder ; — lng, 
«, akar&kt flksfnk, be-qaBflU 

VlBTtal, flfl'fi* (b * 

longing to -rim) darydi yd tdlftM. . 

pitdlt, mutabaddil i— 4 bta, «. bahAfl, ilrftat 
naliht, pigtail* H«.«. Pifblio, baM*. 
lb, fix, *. i7A.-8. fitogt*. Bf»*, iwnrA* k* t«*- 
£ i(m«T» .wifely) tMl u j.t (*hnn) p»rb« 

the foots _ _ 

1 qadam par e£alnd ; io-tbe scent, idh' sdftgh 
ke pichhe j.,s(l rig lagfl land. £ — from. — to,— in, 
-—after] ; — er, a. palran, mu’taqid, tdbi’ddr. 
■bdgird. Syn. Imitator; disciple; adherent S 
A* tair- attendant ; — ing, a. pairanon kd gif oh, hamrd* 

parhea hL mu’taqid a. dtbrd, ag Id, sail kd. 

) ufnd, Folly, fol'li, a. F. fa lie, from rot, /as. hlmdqat, 
i pieoe) ablalif, be-waqdfl, be-hfldagf. 

out, Foment, fd-ment', a. f. JU f omentum? aeakni. 

v rawdnab s (canea to fly) ufnd, Folly, fol'li, a. F. folle t from fol, /as. hlmdqat 

&apnTOi£ SS^^Eitat (TnphSte) ablalil, ba^aqdtt, be-bndagl/ S 
Sn r xSirt r h t at- jhaoatnd, hamla A;— out, Foment fd-ment', a. A L, fomontu m. lepknd, 
paasloaj UlA takornd, othdnd, tahrik d.; bond ;-ation, n. 
1 awfi . Vta mvow nnroly) be-adab A ; to segk, takord, kimftd. 
ESLf'AwfiiK^afabornd/ mdrnd ; — away, Fund, fond, s. 0. Eng. tonne, (foolish) be-waqflf; 

fi t Mlnrhirrst) ehbornd, mdrnd ; — away, Fund, fond, s. 0. Eng. fonno. (foolish) be-waqflf; 
(S^EtSSSfrj ^?J, f ?-W,(Wr. i W™) (loTinK) taiU ; — of, .Mi,* [-oflfc-ie, 

lantnA^-ii— ttpin. (to attack) hamla k.;| from/oed. (to careas) piydr A, duldrk., pith 
—open, (to burst open) Jhatpat khoi d. 1 — 
away with, (to carry away with), la j. ; la 

bhdgnd back from, (to retreat jlautnd;— ragbat mi 
in the face of, (toineult or assail), be*adabl tian; love. 

und, fond, a. O. Eng. tonne, (foolish) be-waqflf; 
(loving) mdll;— of, shdlq; [—of] ; — le, a. A 
from fond, (to careas) piydr A, duldrk., pith 

.... par hdth phernd, nfts-barddrf A; — ling, a. 

le JL 5 la piy&rd, duldrd, ndanln ; — nesa, ». ebdh, piydr, 
ragbat muhabbat Byn. Attachment; afleo* 

ragbat muhabbat Byn. Attachment 

(to revolt to separate) bbdg ]., bagdwat k M Food. fWd, a. A.-S. fodu. khdnd, glad, chdrd. 
judd h. £— from, — to, — against, — along] j— n. [ — for] ; Seasoned — , maseddr khdnd. Byn. 
makkht ddps, bhamblrl ; — leaf, fll-ldf, a. kl- sustenance : provision ; aliment. 

t&b kd sdda warq ; — flap, murchhal, chaarl V 
ing, «. ufdn, bhftg;— lng colours, fathv; 

ircuuai, , , Fuol, f(J5l, n. F. fol , /as. nftdftn, ahmaq, be-wa- 

culours, fathydb qflf, ulld; (jester) masfch&ra; — a. t. (trifle) 
ufuewdUmschbiL sdya’ k.J (disappoint) nd-ummed k.; (befool). 

li., kdmydb h.; — ing Ash, ». ufuewdU mechhiL 
Foal, £01. ». A.-8. foal. G. polos, L. pullue, a 
young animal, bachhefd yd bachhefl \ — a. *. 

Foam, fOm, ». A.-S. /am, I*, spume, kaff, phenft, 
b:ibhl&. Syn. Froth ; spume ; — a. i. kail! uth- 
n&; (be enraged) gussa h^ barham b., dg k. 

nft; (be enraged) gussa b„ barham b., dg k. 
Fob, fob, *. Ger. /uppe. (a little pocket) jeb, 
kls&; — e. t. Ger. foppotu fareb A, thagnd, 

klsft; — a. t. Ger. /eppett. fareb A, thagnd, 
chhalnfl, phuelftnA 

Focus, fO'kns. n. L. foe «s. markas. nuqta ;—uf 
a glass, dld-bdn, nasar; — pi. Fooi ; Focal,, 
fO'kal, a. kirnog ke markas k&. [t. eh&rd A ) 

Fodder, fod'dr, a. A.-S. fedan. ghds, chdrd a. 

dhokd d.,— uut of, (cheat) fareb d.; — with, 
(delude) dhokd d. ; — away, (lavish) barbftd 
k.;play the — . nddlinlk.; to make a — of, or 
to put the — on, (to charge with folly) bo- 
waqflf bandnd;a tom — , gadhd, b?-waqflf ; 
a — *s errand, (an absurd or impossible enter- 
prise) g&ir-mumkin shai; the — *h paradise, 
ahmaq kd hdl ; to — unt, (to cheat) fareb d. ; — 
a. i. be-waqflf k. ; kheld b., makkhl m., mafa- 
, rdm k., — hardy, 0 . akkhar, be-hayd, df^dna; 
—ing, a. ahmaqilna khel, ahmaqpan; — 
lah, a. bp-waqflf, be-kbabar, be-ma’nf, pdch ; — 
ishly, a A himdyat se, bebfldagt se; — li.Ii ness. 

Foe, fO, n. A.-S. ta. (an enemy, adversary) «. b«-waq<lff, hlmdqat, be-hddagf. [hotfhai. 
dusbman, ganlm, udfl, bairl, bad-kbwdh. Syn. Foolscap, fflOls'kap, n. kdgac jis k£ taqtf, 8JX17 
Enemy; adversary; ill-wisher man, u. Foot, fifot, n. A.-S. fot. pi. /of. pair, (lower 

_ . _ . * ww», iwi., n. jvf. y. jvn. ffHU, 

jaggl dushman. foot) niche kd hlssa, pdyd; Jor; bunydd; (bot- 

Fog, tog, a. lcel, foi,flu1e. (thick mist) knhfisd, tom) tah; (sole) talwd, pair, pdetdnd ; (state) 

kuhrd ; — 0 . t. kohrd pared, dhugdhld A ; — gy, hdl ; ( measure of 12 inches) fuf ; (division of a 

a. From fog. dhugdhld. line or poetry) rnkun;by — , or on — , paidal ; 

Fogy, fog'i, a. Dan. tjog. (a dull old fellow) to be on — , barpd h., qftim h. # rd-bakdr b.; to 

Bust, sa T lf, be-waqOf. kiss the—, qadam-bosl k. ; to get one’s— In, 

Foible, foi'bl, a. foible, ’afb, nuqsdn, qusflr, kba- wfiqif jdnnd ; the matter is now on — , (In 

td. Syn. Fault t imperfection ; weakness ; train, stirring ) mu’dmaia dar-pesh hal, yd chal- 

d elect. td hal ; to— a bill, bill kd rdpiya d., add k. ; to 

Foil, e, t. F. fouler, hardnd, shfkast d., Jftnft, ceton — , dar-pesh k. ; barpd k. ; — v. t. ckhor- 

radd k., to run a — , kdwd kfltnd ; — a. gadkd, nd, cbalcd ; — ball, a. bawd se phflldyd hfld 

pa(d; (balk) (hokar; — a. L. folium, (loaf) gepd; — buy, a. harkdrd; — breadth, a. qadam 

pi and, warq. [ — by, — In]. bhar; — bridge, a. tang pul; — guards, a. pi. 

Foist, v. t. F. faueeer. mltd d., ghu pal, sdgtnd, piyddon kd pahrd Ing, a. bunydd. bdlat, 

iihdy A £ — on,— of, — in]. sdrst, aakhl, jagah, bardbarf, dhat, bisdb; hr 

Fold, fold, a. A.-S. fold, (plait) tal^ mor, pech, Is on good — tng with the world, wuh dun 

«oia, torn, a. a.-b. jaio. (piaitj tan, mor, pech, 
lapett (asueep-pon) bdfa, bber-sdia; (double) 
parat, dugnft, dochand ; — v.t. duhrdnd, lapel nd, 
mornd, malfdf A: (to embrace) bngal-glrf k., 
ehhdtl lagdnd ; (shut up) band A;— down, — 
in, mornd ; — np, (pat in order) drdsta A, dub- 
rdod; — a letter, khatt band A; — sheets, 
bhdQjnd. £ — together]. [Syn. Leaves. 

Foliage, f6'ii-dj, ». L. folium, pattiydg, aurdq. 
Folio, fo'li-0,a. Ablative of L. folium, do-warqa ; 

(a leaf or page) warq yd safba. 

Folk, fOk, a. A.-S. foie, (people in general) log, 
ddmf, qauui land, a. pacts kl rd se jo samln 
rahtl hal. 

piyddon kd pahrd; — Ing, a. bunydd, bdlat, 
■drat, aakhl, jagah, bardbarl, dhat, bisdb; he 

yd kf achohhl bdlat men hal; to pay — Ing, 
shfrfnl d. yd bdgtnd, qdkhila d. ; — man, a» 
piydda, barkdra, cnaprdsf; — note, a. safhe ke 
niche kd raaomfln i tashrlhl path, a. pa-dan- 
di; — sore a. dbia, jdto kd kdtd; — stalk, a. 
qan^t, ijanthal ; — soldiers, a. piydde; — step, a 
naqsh i pd; — stool, a. mofhd ; — warmer, a. 
garm-pdnlse pair dbone kd bartan. c 

Fop, a. fop, Ger. foppen. bdnkd, ehhailft, khnd- 
bin, albolft. Syn. Ooxcouib; dandy; beau;— 
pery, fop'dr-1, a. bdnk-pan, cbhichhof-pan ;— 
pish, fop'ish, u. ehlialld, albelfi, ochhd ; — plsh- 
nesa, a.bdgk-pan, bankaltf, cbhichhor-pan. 

Follow, fol'fl, o. A A.-S. folgiun. (go or come For, for, prep. A.-S. for. ko, par, kbdtir, llye, 
after) pichhe dnd yd j.; (imitate) naql A; mfliib, s»», tak, kl taraf, baqq meg, 'iwas;— «. 

(result) natlja h.; (obey) aabQ! mdnnd; kvfluki; — instance, — example, maslan;— 

(result) natlja h.; (obey) qabQ! mdnnd; 
(chase) pfchhd k., pair awl A, ragednd; (be 
busied with) mashgfll r., karnd; — after, 
Kensue) bond, pi ebb ft A| (to sueceed) jd-na- 
ohln h. ; — about, edth obalnd ; — from, (result) 

tills reason, is wdste ; — the most part, aksar, 
aksar auqdt ; were it not — ,or if it were not — , 
agar ; as — , raagar, lekin ; — asiuuch, a. jab kl. 
cbtloki, gavAB’jfl ki. 

natlja h. out, (aeoompUsh) tamdm pi- Forage, for'aj, n. F. feurrege, chdro, rasad-rasd- 
ehhd A;— on,— upon, pichhe A, chalnd; to— nl ; gdrat-garl. [ — for], 
ante, (to do as some one else has done) naqsh i Foray, n. I tit kd dbdwd. 

qadam par ebale j^ jalsd kisl aar ne kiyd bai Forbear, for-bdr', o. (.A.-B. forbore*, (leave off) 
Ftlflfl kl A I le-a p >nf te nion, pn>ka 4MyAr bte ^(sbun, abstain) pflsken Ar(dalaj)dar A| 




.(■top) thahar j.; (be patient) sabr k.; 

(spare) bach ft nft ; [— from] ;-j,nce, n. parhea 
inkftr; (patience) sabr, bardftsht; (lenity) 
rabm, (lard. Sjn. Abstinence; long suffering; 
lenity; mildness. , 

Forbid, fer-bid\ v. t. A.-S. forbeodan. mana* 
k.. rukaft ; God — , £hudft na kare. istagfar- 
ul-Allfth; yft Nftrftyan;— ding, a. karih, nft- 

Force. ffirs. n. F. from L. forth . (strength) aer, 
tawftnfll; (might) qfiwat; (violence) zabar- 
dastf; (necessity) zurfirat; (virtue) nekl; 
(validity) tasdfq; (troops) fauj. Syn. 
Strength ; vigor ; might ; energy ;— v. t. (com- 
pel) majbfir k.; (drive) tfbakelnft; (press) 
dabftnft; (ravish) hnrmat 1.; (take by vio- 
lenoe) aabardasll chlifn 1. ; — away, chhlu 1. ;— 
down, tbdnsnd, ghusernft; — from, (extort) 
jahr se nifcftlnft;— in, (drive in) ghusernft, 
gftfaft; — on, (compel onward) dhakelnft ; — 
open, (break open) tor 4.; — out, (drive out) 
nikftlnft; — through, jabran ghusnft ; — up, 
.(drive upward ) fipar chalftnft; in — , or of—-, 
(valid) k&r-Amad; — plants, ugftnft. [—from]; 
Forcible, fars'i-bl, a. mszbfit, zorftwar, gftlib, 
k&rgar, inuassir. Syu. Violent ; powerful ; 
cogent; weighty. 

Forceps, for'seps, n. Tj. chi rati, dast-panfth. 
Ford, f&rd, ». A.-S. Ger. furt, G. poros, pftyftb ; 
(a stream, a current) nalir, nfllft; — v. t. ma- 
jhftnft, pftyftb utar j. ; — able, a. uthlft, mum 
kin ul gnsar. 

Fore, fdr, a. A.- S. fore, aglft, anwal, pablfl;— 
paw, ». aglft panja;— leg, n. aglt t&ns ; — ad. 
A. S. fora, fore, from faran, to go. ftge, siimlinp, 
pesb; — arm, ». peshtar se hamle ke liye tai- 
yftr k. ; — father, n. jadd, buzurg; purkhil; — 
linger, ft. angusht i shahftdat, kalime kl ungll ; 
— foot, fftr'ffi&t. w. aglft pfljjw. 

Forebode, fdr-bdd', v. t. peshlngof k., ftge se 
jftnnft. Syn. Foretell ; predict ; portend ; 
Foreboding, «. peshlngof, fftl-gol. 

Forecast, fdr-kast', v. t. pesh-bandf k., dftr- 
andeshl k., ftgfth h. ; — a. pesh-bandf, diir-an- 
deshf, tadMr. [gala hi. 

Forecastle, for'kas-1, n. jahftz ke ftge ka hissa. 
Foreclose, for-kloz', v. t. band k., bftz r., matin’ 
k„; Foreclosure, n. inumdna’at, 'ilftqaeraar- 
bfima kechhufftne kl raumftna’nt. 

Foredate, v. t. pahle kl tftrflth dftlnft yft denft. 
Foredeck, a. A.-S. fore, deoan. (the fore part 
of adeek or ship) jahftz ke ftge kl rnanxil yft 

Foredoom, for-doora', v. t. ftge se muqarrar k? 
Forego, v. t . chhornft, tark k., tyfignft. 
Furenaudcd, o. sawere. bar-waqt. [kapftl. 
Forehead, fOr'hed, a. jabln, peshftnl; mftthft, 
Foreign, for'ia, ». A.-S. far an. L. for is, F. Kars. 

, ajnau, parde^I, begftna ; — country, dftsrl wi- 
l Iftyat. Syu. Alien; remote; extraneous er, 
florim-ftr, n. ajnabl, wilftyatf. 

FV«rekrtow, f«r-n6\ v. t. ftge se jftnnft ; — ledge, 
ffit-noTej, a. ’ilm i gaib. 

Forelock, £6r-lok, a. peshftnl, jhoptf ; to take 
fey the— , (to seise an opportunity promptly) 
manga* ho na khonft. [majiis. 

Fireman, f5r-man, a. peshwft, peshdast, mlr 
Foremast, ffir'mast, a. aglft mastftl. 
Forementluned, Foresaid, fftr-men'shond. a. 

meskfira i bftlft. (an. 

Foremost, ffir'mOst, «. aglft, pah lft, a'lft, anwal- 
Forenamed, ffir-n&md', a. nftmburda, znazkftra. 
Forenoon, fdr'noon, a. do-pahr se peshtar, 
chftsht. [Syn. Juridical ; indicia I. 

Forensic, ffi-ren'sik, a. L. forum, ’adftlatog kft. 
Fare ordain, fftr-or-dftn', *. t, (to predeter- 
mine) peshtar se moqarrar k., mnqaddar k. ; 
Fore-ordination. fOr-or-din-ft'shun, n. qarftr 
i muqoddam. 

Varepart, fj^ptrt,*. a**, afwdrd. 

Voreraak, ttr'rangk, a. aawal darja, caff i 
anwal, pesbgflh. 

Fmeron, f5r-run', v. t. (to precede) ftge ftnft, 
posh-raftl k. ; — ner, a. muqaddam, peshrau, 

, IAc*aftl« a. iahfti ke agU 


Foresee, for-sft\ v. t. (anticipate) ftge 
na. ^ „ [peshtar se batlftnft yft fialftlat k. 

Foreshadow, 16 r- shad '0, v . t. (to prefigured 

Foreshow, fdr-sbO', v. t. peshlngof k. yft peek* 
tar se 7Ahir k. ^ 

Foresight, n. pesh-btnf, dfir-blnl. Syn. Fobs- 
knowledge ; prescience; prevision ; — ed, a. 
dftr-andesh, poshbfn, gaib-dftp. [chamrft. 

Foreskin, ffir'skin, n. (prepuce) kEalff, ftge kft 

Forespeak, for-spe! v, i, psshtar se kahnft. 

Forespent, fdr'spent, u. (exhausted, tired jthakft, 

Forest, forest, a. F. foert. jangal, dasht, ban, 
sihrft ; shikftr-gfih ; — s. jangall, dihqftnl. : — v. t. 
dar«kht-zftr h., jaogal h. ; — region, a. jangall 
mo lk ; — tree, jangall darafehl ; — er, for'est-ftr, 
». niche kft ’uhdedftr -jo ki jangal kl khobar 
letft hai, jangall, shikftrl. 

Forestall, for-stawl, v. t. A.-S. foresteaUan. 
bhar 1.; (to pre-occnpy) ftge sekharldnft, yft 

Foretaste, f6r'(ftst, n, chftshsl; pesh-bandf. 

Foretell, f6r # ter, v. t . pesUngo! k. Syn. Pre- 
dict ; prognosticate ; prophesy. 

Forethought, fOr'tbawt, ». (prescience) gaur, 
’uqibat-nndeahf, dftr-audeshl. 

Forever, for-ev'er, ed. hamcslia, madftm. Syn. 
Constantly ; invariably ; continually ; unceas- 

Forewarn, for-warn', v. t . khabardftr k., ebitft- 
nfi ; — iug, n. ittilft’-dihf, khabar-dftrf. 

Forfeit, for'fit, n. F. forfait, tftwftn; (jand; 
(fine) jurmftna; [ — forr] ; — v. t. tftwftn d., zabt 
h., qurq k. ; — able, a. zabt bone ke Iftiq ; — ure, 
n. tftwftn, jurmftna, zabtl, qurqf. Syn. Fine; 

Forge, forj, ». F. lohftr-fcbftna, bhattl; — o. i. 
(beat: into shape)ga(hnft ; (counterfeit) ja’lsfizl 
k.; (falsify) jhfltiift k., taqild k. ; — r, n. rnfijid, 
qslab-sftz, jiM-siz; — ry, ja’l-sftzf, tagullub, 
taqlf l; Forging, n. (counterfeiting) garhan, 
ja’I, taqlfd. 

Forget, for-get', v. t. A.-S. for and getan, bbfil 

j. , farftmosh k. ; bisftrnft. bahkftnft one’s self, 
chhakke chhfitnft; — ful, o. wa’da-far&mosh, 
bhfllakkaf, gftnl. [—of]; — fulness, ». bbfil, 
farftmoshf, nis.yflg 

Forgive, for-give', v. t, A.-S- for and gif an. mu- 
’ftf k., dar-guzar k., <hii‘>f d„ 'affi k. [ — for]; 
Forgivable, a. mu’ftff ke Iftiq, qflbil i darguzar 
yft ’afd ; Forgiveness, n. mu’ftff, bakhshish, 
makhlasf, chhuttl; inukt; magfirat. Syu. 
Pardon ; renission. 

Fork, fork, n. A.-S. foro. L. furca. kftnfft, katiyft* 
paikja, nok; — v. t. tern nikftlnft ; (sharpen) tez 

k. ont, rfipiya d. ; — over, denft. 

Forlorn, for-lom', a. A.-S. forlorn, bekas, tan- 

hft, ak^lft, lftchftr. 

Form, form, ». L. forma . (shape) baiat, shakl; 
(make) binftwat; (look) sfirat, <jaul. tarftsb, 
kharftsh, waza', taur, tarfqa; (modification) 
taikfb; (order) tartfb; ( appearance) numftisb, 
i<hftr; (mould) sftgcha ; (elegance of figure), 
dhaj, naj, sajftwat, nazftkat; ( ceremony ) rasra, 
dautfir; (bench) takhta; (class) qism;— of a 
verb, wazn ; mere — , dastfir; for — s sake, 
barAe-biif, kahne sunne ke wftste; — v. t. ban ft- 
nft, khfnchnft, dbftlnft ; parft-bftndhnft; ftrftsta 
k., murnttab k., pftthnft, opalftnft;— al, a. 
zfthirdftr, sanjfda, qftnfinf, chalanl, mnaddab, 
mutamalliq. Syn. Precise; ceremonious;— 
allst, n. distfir kft pftband, zfthirdftr; — allty, 
n. takalluf-mizftjf, dastfir; — atlon, t». banft- 
wat, tarklb, sftkht. 

Former, o- comp. A.-S. forma, iglft, pesbfn, 
buwpI, sAbiq. Syu. Prior ; previous; anterior. 

Formidable, for'mid-a-bl, a. L. jormido. hai- 
bnt-nik, haul-nftk, ru’b-dftr, muhfb, qawl. 
[ — to]. [qft’ida, zftbita. 

Formula, form'fl-Ia, n. L. forma, nuskba. patrl. 

Fornication, for-ni-kft'sbun, n. zinftkftrl, harftm- 
krtrl, fisq. 

Forsake for-sftk', 9. t. A.-S fonaoan . chhord., 
tark kar d., bbfil j., u(h j. Syn. Abandon; 
relinquish ; renounce ; Forsaking, % chhnifto, 




Forsooth, for-sd&th, ad. A.-S. /or and todb. (in 
fact, certainly) jagfnan, fil-haqfqat, fil-wAqi. 

Forswear, for-swftr', v. t. A.-S. foriioerten. 
qasam khAnA, jbatbf qasau khAnA, yA balaf 

Fort, tort, a. P. L. /orfif. gil’a, hisAr; gafhl, 
kot. Syn. Fortification ; stronghold ; castle. 

Forte, f5rt, a. It. forte, F. fort . mazbflt jis bjt 
mefi kol barbkar ho ; yA jia bAt meg tof aiyAda 
liyAqat rakhtAho. a-r . . 

Forth, torth, ad. A.-S, forth. Age; (abroad) 
bAhar ; sAhir ; (out of) bAhar; irum this day—*, 
Ajhlae; and so—, wagaira; to set—, lzliAr 
k. ; to step — , Age barbAnA. [—from] 
coming, «. ( ready to appear) matijfid, taiy&r, 
bAair, hAth men; — with. ad. abbf, jald, fil-faur. 

Fortify, for'ti-ff, v. t. L. fortia and fa cere, qil’a- 
baadik.; (confirm) masbfitk. ; Fortification, 
a. qil’a-bandf, sbabr-panfth. 

Fortitude, for'ti-tttd, a. L. fortifudo. jurat, dile- 
rf, jawA#-mardI. shujft’at. Syu. Resolution; 
endurance; resoluteness. 

Fortnight, fort'nlt, a. Contracted from four - 
teen-nighta. do hafta, AdhA mn htna. 

Fortress, fort'res, n. F. fortereaae. qil’a; garb. 
Syn. Fortification; citadel ; — v. t. mazbflt k., 
qil’a-bandf k., hiffizat k. 

Fortuitous, for-tfi'lt-us, a. L. fortuitus. nAgahA- 
nf ; (accidental) itt fAqf, ’Arizf. 

Fortune, for'lfin, n. h: fortune, (chance) Ittl- 
fAq; (lock) nasfb ; bhAg ; (happiness) kbushf ; 
(success) kAmyAbf; ( events )mdjarA; (wealth) 
qaulat; (estate) milkiyat; (destiny) qismat. 
Syu. Chance; luck; fHte; acc'deut; — v. i. 
iqbAlmand k. ; (foretell) peshfngol k. ; ( befall ) 
AparnA; — teller, n. munajjim, rammfil; joti- 
shl; Fortunate, for'ta-nat, a. L. tortunutus. 
(lucky) khush-nasfb, bakhtAwar, nasfbewar, 
mahmAd, tAli’war; (happy) khush. Syn. 
Auspicious ; lucky ; happy ; successful. 

Forty, for'ti, a. A.-S. feower and tig. cbfilfs, 
chihal; Fortieth, fortieth, a. chfilfswAn, 

Fornm, fd'rum, n. L. chabfltara, bAzAr, chauk, 
qadira zamAne men Ram shahr kf ’adA- 
lat-gAh. Syn. Tribunal; court; court of jus- 

Forward, for'wArd, ad. A.-S. foriceurd. Ago, 
sAmhne; — a. (earnest) sargarm ; (bold) diler; 

! ready) taiyAr, musta’id; (impudont) shokh; 
early) jald; — v. t. (push forward) relnA; 
quicken) jaldf k. ; (send goods ) irsftl k. ;— er, 
n. bafhdnewAlA, pahunchniyA. [ — from, — to] ; 
— ing, n. mAl-rasAnf ; — ness, n. jaldf, tezf, sho- 
khf, be-sharml, pesh-da^tf ; — s, ud. Age, bafhke, 
agArl; backwards and—, idbar udhar, paso 
pesh. twitch ; moat ; graff. 

Fosse, fos. «. L. foaaa. khandaq, khAf. Syn. 
Fossil, fos'sil, 0 . L. foaailta. kilni, zaralnl, ma’- 
danf ; — n. ma’danf ashyfi ; — 1st, ». ’ilm i jainfi- 
dAt kA jAnnewAlA. 

Foster, v. t. A.-S. foatrian . parwarish k„ dndb 
pilAnA; (forward) targfb d. ; — brother, a. 
dfidh-bhAl, kokfl-bhAf;— child, n. Je-pAJak, 
mutabaonA; chelA; — daughter, n. mutabannA 
lafkl; — son, ». mutabannA bcfA; — father, n. 
bAp pAlnewAlA; — -mother, ». drtdh-pilAI, dAl, 
dfidh-mA ; — sister, n. dftdh-babin. 

Foul, foul, a. A.-S. ful. sordid, (filthy) najis, 

S anda, nA-pAk, gallz; (dirty) mailA, kharAb, 
ad; (thick) motA; (ugly) be-tfaul; (full of 
weeds) jagglf ; (not fair) Andbf pAnf kA ; (on- 
lawful) h&rAra; (disgraceful) f Ash ; (polluted) 
Alrida; (entangled) uljbA hflA. Syu. Nasty; 
filthy; dirty;— a A (violently) jabran;— v. t. 
(bemire) klchaf bhar d.; (dirty) mailA k,, 
Alfida k. ; (entangle) ulajhnA; (run against) 
t&kkar khAnA; — v.t. A.-S fylan. bbar d. ;tu fall 
—of, (akkar khAnA; to fall — . (to quarrel) 
jfaagfA k. ;— uess, n. AlQdagf, najAsat, nArAstl ; 
—play. a. ulfA yA zabAn-kbel, be-lmAnl, hfla- 
bAzf, zabardaatl. Syn. Injustice; unfairness; 

' dishonesty. 

Found, found, e. t. F. fondre. (build) banAnA; 
(lay foundation of) neo d. ; (establish) qAim 
lu mwtahkam k.; (fix firmly). maabAt k.; 

i B (originate) fjAd k.; (place) rakhnA, mahmfil 
kjj-t-e. t. F. fondre, sAnche meg bharaA;-— 
•' Bon, a. neo, bunyfld, da T wA, pAya, aal, shurd\ 
! istihkAm, jAgfr; smdA-bart; without^—, be- 
bunyAd, be-thaur vhikAne ; — atipner, a, wastfa 
i _p. w., parwarish p. w. 

Founder, a. bAnf, md jid ; sad Aba rtf ; (a caster). 
kaserA ; — v. i. F. fondre . (stumble) (hokar khA- 
nA ,* (sink ) <jfib j., bai(h j., garq h. ; (fail ) laag- 
rA h., dab j. ; Fonndery, or Foundry, a. 
qhAlne kA hunar ; dbAine kAkAr-fehAna, kaserA- 
ghAna ; Foundling, a. Found. lA-wAris iarkA, 
- AwAra yA be-wArisa IarkA. [hauz, fauwAra. 

■ Fountain, fount 'An, n. L.font. chashma, kund, 
Four, tor, a. A.-S. teower , L. quatuor . cbAr;— 
fold, Mr'fdld, oFchau-gunA, chabAr-cband;— 
footed, tor'todt-ed, a. cliaupAyu, dawAb;— tfa, 
tortb, a. chauthA; — score, tor'sk&r, a. chAr 
bfsf, assf, hasbtAd; — square, tor'skwAr, a. 
murabba’, chaugosha, chau-pahal. 

Fourteen, tor'tSn, a. A.-S. feowre , tgne, tyn . 
chatnrdssf ; chaudah, chabAr-dah: — th, tor'- 
tfinth, a. chandahwAn ; (full moon) chaudah- 
wfn rAt kA chilQd. 

Fowl, fowl,n. A.-S. fugol. chiriyA,murg, tAir.;— 
v. t. pariudog kA sbikAr k. ; — er, ». chirfnsAr, 
tAir-gtr ; — ing, a. shikArf; Fowling piece, 
fowl'ing-pSs, u. shikArf bandfiq. 

Fox, foks, n. A.-S. lomrf, rfibAh; (cunning fel- 
low) hrle-bAz, rfibAb-bAz. 

Fraction, frak'sbun, a. L. f radio, knsr, hissa, 
tukrA ; — ai. a. maksar, mukassar. 

Fractious, a. Probably from track, forward, 
eager jhagrfild, qaziya-jfi ; (fretful) chir- 
cbirfi; (cross) tunuk-mizftj. 

Fracture, frak'tfir, ». L. fracture, from /raa- 
gere, to break, shikast, tot! (breach) shigAf; 
— v. t. topiA, haddf tofnfl. Syn. Rupture; 
crack ; breach, cleft. 

Fragile, fraj'il, a. L. fragilia. nAzuk, bodA, ktm- 
zor; Fragility, n. (weakness, brittleness), 
nnzflknt, kamzorf. 

Fragment, frag'raent, a. L. frangere. (ukrA, 
pArn, reza. Syn. Scrap; chip; — ary, a. tuk- 
fon kA, tfitA hAA, gair-mukammil. 

Fragrant, f rA'grant, a. L. fregrana. khushbddAr, 
rau’attar ; Fragrance, £ rA'grans, a. khushhA, 
’ifr; eugan<ih 

Frail, frAI, a. F. frele. (weak, infirm) kamior* 
nd-pAedArf, fdnf, nAzuk; — ty, a. nA-pAedArf, 
fanA, nazdkat, kamzorf. galatf. 

Frame, frAm, v. t. A.-S. fremman. (contrive)taj- 
wfz k., fjAd k. ; (put together) banAnA, jofoA, 
sAdhnA, durust k. ; — n. (shape) shakl ; (form). 

1 tarfq ; (temper) mizAj; (mould) sAgcba, qA- 
lib; (plan) naqshm; (skeleton) qbAgcha; (ap- 
paratus for holding a picture) cbaukhatA. 
Franc, frangk, a. F. FrAnskAek sikka jo qarfb 
das Ane ke barAbar hai. 

Franchise, fra n'chiz, n. F. franc , tranche, (ex- 
emption) mu’flff ; (right) baqq; — v.t, AsAdk^ 
rihA k., barf k.; — ment, a. ribAf, AzAdagf, haqq. 
Syn. Right ; privilege ; exemption ; immunity. 
Frangible, fran'ji-bl, a. L. frangere, to break, 
shlkast&nfy bhurbburA, nAzuk; Frangibility, 
n. nazAknt, bburbhurAbat. 

Frauk, frangk, a. F. frunv. (free) sAf, kusbAda- 
dil ; (liberal) sakbf ; (free of payment) muft; 
(licentious) bad-parhez. Spit. Open; candid; 
ingenuous ; undisguised ; — o.f.(to exempt from 
postage) be mahsai kbatt bhejnA; — n. be mab- 
sfllf khatt. One of the founders of France; a 
European. Syn. A free letter;— ness, a. sAf- 
dill, .lawfig-mardf, kusbAda-dilf. [khushbfi. 
Frankincense, frau>;k'in-sens, «. lobAn, bakhfir, 
Franklin, a. (free-bolder) zamlndAr, kArbArf, 

Frantic, fran'tik, u. G. phreneiikoa. dfwAna, siff, 
majnfln. Syn. Furious ; raving, distracted. 
Fraternal, fia-t8r'nal, a. L. fraternua. birAdarf, 
yagAnagf, b rddarAna; Fraternity, birAdarf, 
bbAl-cbArA; firqa, jatbd; Fraternize, frat/fir- 
nlz, v. i . bbdf-chArA rakhnA, sAth d. Syn. 
Sympathize; coalesce ; concur. 

Fratricide, frat'ri-sld, a. L. /rater, and eftdere. 
hirAdan-kuabl, bhAf kA khfin. 




Fraud, tmwa, u.U Iraut. dacfl, Mln.raafer. Syn. 
Deceit ; deception ; guile ; trick; Fraudulent, 
«. L. fraudulent U8. dagA-bAz. Syn. Deceitful; 
crafty; wily ; cunning; Fraudulcucc, n, dagfl- 
bA*l, hlla-sAzf, bad-diyAnatl. (bharpUr. ! 

Fraught, frawt, a. ma’mtlr, labrez, bharA, pur, 
Fray, n. F. /rat ot. hangAma, balwa, kbGn-lfha- 
• rAbA ; — v. t, F. furyer. ragarnA. , .. 

Freak, frfik, n. A.-S. free. Iccl. freka. khiyAl, 
wahm, jaulAn. Syn. Whim ; caprice ; fancy ; 
— lab, a. wakml, man-maujf. 

Free, fre, o.Icel. /ri, Ger. fret . (being at liberty) 
AzAd, beqaid, chhorA ; (unrestrained) be-zai.t ; 
(taking too much liberty ) dhfth ; (open) kushft- 
da ;( generous ) aafehi, faiyAz; (charming) dil- 
leash ; (gratuitous) muft ; (licentious) mast ; 
(ready) musta’idd; (open to all) ’6mm; 
(guiltless) be-’aib; (exempt from) be-mahsfi I ; 
(familiar) gustAfch, diier; (allowed) mubfih, 
jAiz, rawA; — from, (exempt) 6z6d; — agent, 
fi’l-mu^htir; — v.t.&zH d k. ; chhufflnS, s:lf k„ 
khonA ; — boo ter, f r*'bSdt-Sr, n. Ger. freibeuter. 
qazzAq, luterfi, dakait ; — holder, a. jftgfrdAr ; 
—hearted, sag hf, faiyAz, kushAda-dil -.•—think- 
er, dahariyA, n&stik ; rnulhid, AzAd ; — trade, 
». tijArat be-inahsGl ; — trader, n. Azfld tujjAr; 
to make — , fizAd k., rihA k. ; to set — . AzAd k. ; 
soct — t sAf, be-laus, be-dAg; — of cost, muft, 
yAnhl; Freedman, n. AzAd, mard i AzAd ; 
— dum, n. A.-S. freodom. AzAiH, i^ktiyAr, farA- 
gat, ABfidagf ; huqfiq; najAt, chhuitt, Asiinf; — 
hold, fre'hold, n. jfiglr, zamlndarf ; — man, n. 
AzAd, sAhib-i-huqfiq ; — ness, n. fizidacf, snkb 
Wat. * [kis! aur par khultA ntiMn. 

Freemason, frg'mii-sn, n. ek jamd’at jis kA raz 
Freestone, fre'sLGn, ». sang i reg-dAr. 

Freewill, fre'wil, ». mufehtArl, marzf, iklili.vAr. 
Freeze, v. t. A.-S. frysan. jam j., rnunjamid h. ; 
Freezing-point, n. wuh maqAm jahAu par pAla 
Jam jAtA hai. 

Freight, frit, n. Ger. fracht. bojkfi, bArbardArf. 
kirAya, bhAyA ; — v. t. (to burden) lAdnA, bbartf 
k. [ — with]. 

French, frensh, a. FrAnsfsf yA mnlk i FrAnskf. 
bAshinda ; — leave, be kabe yA cbkiitt! liye kAm 
ko chhofnA ; — bean, lobiyfi. Lnfin, dtwAnagf. 

Frenzy, tren'zi, n. F. freneste. (madness) ju- 
Frequent, f r§'k went, a. L. frequens. n ksar, pai- 
htm, lagAtAr; — v. t. L. frequentnre. Amad raft 
rakhnA, mandlAnA, AyA jAyA k. 

Fresco, n. (coolness) (hand; (shade) sAya yA 
tArlkl, dlwAr par ek qasrn kf taBwlr. 

Fresh, fresh, o. A.-S. fresc. (cool) thandfl; 
(lively) zinda-dil ; (brisk) tez; (ruddy) tAza : 
(new)nayA; (not salt or stale) phlkA, mftliA, 
tAza; (vigorous) rnazbfit; (unused) kora; — 
ness, ». tAzagl, tarawaf, sabzf, tundl, milliAs. 
Fresh blown, a. (newly-blown) tAza khilft hOA. 
Fresh- man, n. (a novice) nau-fimoz, mubtadi, 
nau-Agdz, shAgird, kali j ke pahle darje kA talib 
nl *ilm. 

Fret, fret, v. t. A.-S. f retan. (wear away) rngar- 
nA; (agitate) be-qarAr k. ; (grieve) diqq k., 
khafA k., chirhAnA, jimnjhlAnA, khijAnA; — n. 
gbabrAhat, kborAsb, diqqat, khafagf. [ — at 
— for] ; — fnl, a. nA-khusk, bad-kbfl, chircbifA. 
Syn. Peevish ; cross. 

Fretwork, n. uthA hAA kAm. 

Friable, f rl'a-bl, a. L. friabilis. '(easily crumbl- 
ed) nnrm, bhurbhurA, qAbil-i-snfflf. 

Friar, frl'Sr, n. F./rere. (a monk) faqfr, dar- 
wesli, jogf, zlhid. [silly) behflda, chilbilA. 
Fribble, frib'l, a. F. frivole . L. trivolus . ( t riding, 
Friction, frik'Bhun, n. L. friotio . (attrition) 
ghisAo, ragaf. [bAr. 

Friday, frl'dA, n. A.-S .frigeday. jum’a, Bhukr- 
Frlcud, f rend, n.A.-S. freond, dost, ahbAb, yftr, 
Ashnfi, kbair-khwAh, mibrbAn; bosom— , dill 
dost, yAr-i-jAnf; fast — , close—. Intimate — , 
dill dost.yAr-i-gftmgusAr ; make — s with, dost! 
k. [ — to] ; — less, o. be-yAr, be-kaa ; — ly, o. 
dostAna, railansAr, muwAfiq, mufld; — ship, ». 
dost!, muhabbat, kbair-khwAhl, mlhrbAnl. £— 

VMeae, friz, w, F. frite. (a coarse woollen cloth) 

ttotA pashm! kapgA; ,(a member between the 

architrave and the cornice) mTmArl met ek 
qism kA naqsh yA sAz. 

Frigate, frig'At, ». L. fabricata. jangl jab As. 

Fright, frit, n. A.-S. fyrhtu, (terror) 0* r » dah- 
shat, jbijbak ;— en, r. t. ^iarAnA ; bbarkAui; — 
fnl, a. hanlnAk, mublb, bbayAnak. [—with]. 
Syu. Terrible; fearful; alarming. 

Frigid, fjij'id, a . L. frigidus. (cold) than^A, 
sard;phlkd, sltal; — ity, n . (coldness) sardl, 
ktninkf, rukhAl. 

Frill, fril, n. jhAlar, les, kor; — u. t . lea lagAnA, 
jbAlurl. ; (to shake or shiver) (hithurnA. 

Fringe frinj, n. F. j range. jhAlar, Auclial ; — v. t . 
jhAlar lagAua, jhAlar-dAr k. [ — wi h]. 

Frisk, trisk, v. i. Ger. frisca, icel. frithr. uchhal- 
nfi, phudaknA, Lalol k., kudaknA, pbapaknA ; — 
about, chancbalpan k.; — iness, n. sbokhr, cbA- 
lAkf; Frisky, a. cbaucbal, chulbulA, khush» 

Frith, frith, n. Dan. & Norw. fiord. nAkA, khAfl. 

Fritter, frit'fir, v. t. katarnA, tukfA tukfA k. ; — 
away, barbad k. 

Frivolous, friv'ol-us, u. L. frivolous, ha lk A, 
cbhol A, adnA, nAkAra, be-qadr; Frivolity, n. 
sublJ, chhutAf. bAd-huwAf, kbiffat. 

Friz, friz, v. t. F. / riser, pech d., ume[hnA 
pencil, umeth; — zie, friz'l. v. t. peneb d., 
uinethnA, uljhAnA. fcsyn. Curl ; crisp.” 

Fro, fro. ad. A.-S. fra, Seoc. /roc, sc, plchhe, dfir ; 
to anil — , itlhar udbar. [kA kurtA. 

Frock, n. F. froc. kurtA, nfmA ; — coat, n. dAman 

Frog, frog, ». A.-S. Iroyga. mem! ha k, begg. 

Frolic, frol'ik. o. Ger. /ro, aod ZtcA. (pranks) 
khnl, sliok’if, kalol ; — v. t. khelnA, shokbl k., 
jitblAuA. f — with]; — some, a. (sportive) 
shokh, chanchal, tannAz. Syn. Playful; gay; 
lively: frisky; — ness, n. shokbl, chancbalpan, 
kulel, kud phAnd. [sabab. 

From, prep . A. S. from, se, ke, pAfi se, waste, ba- 

Froml, frond, n. L. Irons, pattlwall dull, barg- 
dAr sliAkli. 

Front, front, n. L. frons. sArnhnA, chihra, mugb, 
pesh-gAh, agwA|A ; — room, dAiAn ; — v. t. sAmh- 
nA k., muqubala k.; — to — , rfi-ba-rfi, muqA- 
bil ; — o. sAimine yA muqfibil ; — age, n, agwAfA. 

Frontier, front'er, n. L. frons. sarbadd, hadd, 
sewAua: — a. sarbaddl. 

Frontispiece, frout'is-pes, n. Tj. frons and epic- 
ere. sar i lauh; — of a book, ’anwAu, dlbAcba, 
’unwAn kf taswfr. 

Fn*st, lrost, n. A. S. frost , pfilfi, jAfA,' sarmA ; — 
beaten, palA mArA ; — y, «. nihAyat sard, yakb- 

Frotli, froth, n. A. S. fr'odhan. kaff, phen, jhAg; 
(empty speaking) lAyAnl bak bak ; — v. t . pbeu 
uthnA; — y, froth'i o. kaf-dAr, phulpbulA; 
(empty) subuk, halkA. 

Froward, frO'werd, a. A.-S. framweard . (per- 
verse)guBtakh, shokh.sharlr, ziddl. Syn. Fer- 
verso ; cross ; — ness, a. gustAkhl, sltokbl, bath. 

Frown, frown, v. i. F. refrogner. (to look stern) 
glmraknA, cbfn-ba-jabfn h., tursli-rQ h., bar- 
khrtsta h. ; — n. chln-abrfl, gbuykl, nArfizagl. 

Frozen, froz’n, a. rnunjamid. bnsta, barf-zada. 

Frnctifly, fruk'ti-fi, v. 1. L. fructus , and facere. 
( to make fruitful ) phaldAr k., upjAuA ; Fruc- 
tification, fruk-tif-i-ka'shun, n. L. fructi/i - 
catio. bAr-Awarf, samar-dArf. 

Frugal, frodgal, a. L. frugalis. (economical) joz- 
ras, kifAyat-sbi’Ar, kam-kli ircli, salAmat-rau, 
tadblrl; — ity, «. kifAyat-shi’Arl, juz-rusl, salA- 
mat-rawf. Syn. Economy ; thriftim ss. 

Fruit, ft dot, n. L. fructus. pbal, raewa, bar, sa- 
mar; (effect) samra, natlja; (profit) fAida; — 
v. i. phaluA ; — age, n. mownjAt, pbalphalahrl ; 
— fnl, a. bar-dAr, me wo da r, phaldAr, zar-kbez, 
natfja-Awar; — ness, n. bar-Awarf, sarsabzf 
[ — of,— iu] Ion, ». F. fruition, wusfil, 
kAmyAbl, husfil ; — of wishes, kAmyAbl; (grati- 
fication, enjoyment ) khushl, husA I, yAf t ; — less, 
frddt'les, a. be-phnl, be-fAida, ’abas, be-kAr, 
be-sfid. Syu. Useless ; barren ; — tree, friJOl'- 
tr€, n. mewadAr yA phaldAr daraVbt. 

Frustrate, frus'ti&t, v. t. L. /riwrtrti. (to nullify) 
bAtil k. ; (to disappoint) mahrfim k., mAyAs k. ; 
bt murid k., nA-ummed k., ammcd-shikal As 

terni. ra<H k. »y*. Ba**; 4ei«t; «f- 
poSnt; balk. [— ini; 
nA.iimmedf. shikast, raAyfist I»a i bA]A* 

hfl-iimraedf, shikast, mAyfist [mlMU. 

Frustum, f rns'tum, ». L. (piece, bit) tukfi, b»- 
J?y, f rl, 9. t. F. trxre, U fryer*. bhQnaA. talnt, 
blryaak., ehhaiiijknA;— lnj?-pn«, irl ing-paa, 
mgoshtAba, kafbAl, mAhl tawA. . .. 

Fuchsia, ffl'sh.-a, u. k]*ubaarat E W1 J5* 

Fuddle, fud'U v. t. mad-hosh k. V 
Vndi?a. fudl s. From fudge, (ft made-up story, 
stuff, nonsense) jbdthA qiaaa • (baaAwat, kala- 
mailiiQarat. - , uvffi 

f£ 3, ffi'el, * F. feu, U foeut. MhM, 
Fugacious, fO-gA'shi-us, u. L. fuguu. (flying 

away) or jAmyW.. yi bta Ag jAne w. 

Fugitive, id? jit-1?, *. L .fugitivu*. bliagoji, Iwi- 
ra, rd-iardiiQ. Syn. Ltun-away i deserter, 
sloping; uncertain ;— «• Arlal, chand-rosm, 
nA-pAedAc. Syu. Transitory; transient ; 

Fulcrum! fulcrum, a. L. from fuldre. (a prop 
or support) thflnl, Ar, khambbA. . 

Filial, t'Ml-fll', *• t. /« ind #• (toeompjet,) 
pUr4k„ wtiflk., BiMhn*, ttmln t, baj» U, 
kar d. [ — bj] ; — meat, a. kb.r-pari, takafl, 

Fulgiut! (Si'jeDt, «• I. falser#, (brilfct) wahaa, 
cbamaktlAr, darakhshfla, tAbflg; Fnlgeucy, | 
furjensi, n. (brightness) roahal, raunaq, cha- 

FuU ,**. A.-S. full, (replete) bhay Ar, ma'inOr; 
(plump, fat) mot*, tA»; (large) bajA; 
(saturated) tar; (crowded) bbifA bQA, 
(strong) masbflt; (loud) figcM ; (mature) 
pflrfl, kAmil, pufehta; (abundant) babut 
(eorayloUl/ filled) iikoll bh.rt h(Uj— a. ta- 

mAl; (whole) tab;— ud. bilkull, ba-'ainhf, 
sarihan, be-ka a-o-kftst, thfk thlk. [— of ] !— * 
v. t. A.-S. fuUian. sAf t* dfig ulkAlnA ;— blown, 
«. shigufta, phfllA hflA ; — bluoined, pur-bahAr; 

lagAnA; Fumigation, n. bnkhflr-kasht 

Fan, fun* n. A.-& /son. (sport) tam&sha, khei, 
swAgg; (merriment) khueki ; — ny, s. tamAsbe 
kA;latlfa-go,’&j!b. . . * 

Function, fungk^hun, a. L. f un e ile . (cmpl oy- 
msnt, occupation )kAm, khidmat, *nbda, 'amal; 
(power) qflwat, qAbUiyat;— ary, n. 'uhda-dAr 
yA kAm-kA 1 

Ftad, fund, A. L. f undue, jam a*, pfiajL jiedAd, 
sarmAja j-». U jama' bAgdbnA. jAedAd muqar- 
sar k. 

Fundamental, fuu-da-ment'al. n. (essential) 
naif, sAti, snrArf, bunyAdi, Syn. Primary; 
Important ; indispensable. 

Funeral, f&'nir-al, ». ta jbfi o takfTn ; the— 
mlim, jaaAia, t&bQt ; arthl, rAnwatya;— 
fAdha ; — s. L. funua. daf aAne kA, muta- 
allaq i tajhfs o takflu. . . 

Fatigue, fnng'vifl, n. L. fungme. (a mushroom) 

fna'el, n. L. infundibulum, kfp, chopgA, 

pashm, bAI; tah ; — u* t samM? lagAnA, tab ja 
mAoA; — rinr, furl-«r, «u sambAr-farosh. 

Furbish, fur'bish, o. t F. feurbir. (to polish) 
salqalk., malaA, ArAsta k., jilA k. [—up.) 

Furcated. fur'kAt-ed, s. U ferea. (forked) 
shAkbdAr. [umethnA. [--Hipon]. 

Fori, furl, ft (. 7. ferlur. lapetnA, khlfichnA, 

Furlunc, fur'long, n. A.-S. furlang. from fur, 
furrow, and lung, long, ek mil kA AvbwaQ hissa. 

FarWegfa, fur'IO, ». Sv?. t grief, (leave of nb* 
seace) cabuttl. rukbsat, rasA; — v. t. chhuttf d. 

Faranca, fui'ahs, m. L. furnax, bbattUi, bhAf, 
Atasb-kada. % ^ 

Faruish, fur'nlsh, o. t. F. fournir. (fit op) ArAsta 
k.; (store) jama’ k. ; (supply, provide) mau« 
Jdd k., donA ; (eqpip) taiyArk. [—with]. 

Furniture, fur'ni-tar, ». B\ fuorniture . ashAb, 
sAmAn, aaAs-ul-bait, lawAzima. Syn. Mov- 
ables ; chattels ; goods. 

Furrow, fu'rfi, u. A..-S. fur. I^att ; harAf, refehArf ; 
— 9 . t. khatt kltfpchnA. [—with]. Syn. Trench ; 
— od, s. khatt IngA hflA, nishAndAr. 

Further, fur'thAr, s oomp. A.-S. forth. Age; 

i additional) siyAda-tar, dflr-tar; — n. ’alAwa, 
Ar-darAs. [ — by] ; — v. t. A. S. fyrtkrian. ba- 
rbAnA, madad a.; — once, n. madad, taraqqf, 
bafhAo. Syn. Promotion advancement; help- 
ing forward ; — mure. 'alAwa is ke, aiwAe Is ke, 
sAth hi is ke; — most. o. nihAyat dflr, barA 
f&slla, sab ee dflr; Furthest, o. euperl. bnhut 
dflr. dflr-tarfq, sab se dflr; — ad. dflr o darflz. 
Furtive, fur'll?, s. L. fvrtum, srtd-dfda, khufiya, 
chhlpA hflA ; (stolen ) cburAyA hflA yA chorf k&. 
Fury, ffl’ri. u. L. furor, ( rand ness rage, passion) 
jasba, josh, gasab, qnhr, \ Hh, junfln, kharo^h ; 
Furious, ffl'ri-ua, a. L. Juriotue. gnzab-nAk, 
tuad,shadld, barham, dlwAna* Syn. Vehement; 
boisterous ; fierce ; mad. 

Fuse, ffls, *. t . Ij. funder*, (to melt) gal An A, 
pighlAnA. [—with]; — s. aal bharA hflA kisi 
■bat se. [falita. 

Fuoeu, ffl-rf', n. F. fueeau. (a musket) bandflq, 
Fusion, ffl'shun, n. I*, fueio. pighlfto, gudAs; 
Fusible, ffla'i-W, u. F. from L. f under*. gudA- 
sinda, gudAkbtanl. gain# jog ; Fusibility, ftis- 
i-bTl'i-ti. u. gndAziudagi, gal jAne kl kbAssiyat, 
qAbil-i-gudfi*. — , .... . [sIpAhL 

Fusilier, ffl-zil-dr # , «. F. funilUer. bandflq chi, 
Fusllla<:e, ffl'zil-Aa, s. jnngl qawA'id men barA- 
bar bandflq yA top ki salukh. 

Fuss, fns, a. A.-S. fue, ready, quick, aauy dh'flp, 
tngApfl, ha Ichal ; — v. i. dauf dhflp k. 

Futile, ffi'til, s. L. futilie. (trifling) nA-chfs, 
nAkAra, snbuk, halkA. Syn. Trifling, frivol- 
ous, worthless, trivial ; Futility, a. (trifling- 
ness) suhukt, halkft-pan, be-qadrl. 

Future, ffl'tflr, a. L. futurue. (time to come) 
Ayanda. mustaqbil ; — n. samAna i istiqbAl, 
mostaqbil; Futurity, ffl-tflr'i-ti, a. Ayanda, 
’Aqibat, 'uqbA. 

Fuse, fflz, s. ek nai galf dhflt se bharA hflA. 

Fun, fua, t. i. sarra boke nfnfl ;— s. Qer. /sff, 
fibre, fueeig. light, fibrous, bftrfk halke rese. 

Fy, or Fye, fl, iut. F. /y, Q. pftwj. tauba, lAhaui, 
uh, chhU bAprebAp. 

Q, jf, aarreaf kurflf i tahajjt ki sAtwii harf 
hai. Cbflyki ylh harf fip( ke sir aur gale ss 
mushAblh hai is ko 'IbrAnf subAn meg gim st, 
fka ke ma*ne shntr ke bain, bolte hafn. Is kf dr» 
AwAseg haig, ek sakbt kahlAtf hai, jaisfl Gengu 
wag., men: dflsrl mura’ kab jo mulAim kahlAtf 
aur mis! f ke hotf hai, ja<se >oI, jal meg. Hln- 
diseketaur par yih 400 ke liye hai, aur jab 
yflg ho (0 ) to 40,000 ke liye. „ 

Gab, n. Dan. fub, Ir. gob. mouth ; (loquacity)! 
gep shap, bak bak ; the gift of the—, fasAhat- 
e-balAgat; — s i. A.-S. gnbbcn, bnrhatAnA, bab- 
uA; — bio, gabH, «. i. D. gmbbere u. (prate)' 
baknA, barbarAnA n. bak bak, bacbarAhat. 
[—over,— about]. 

Gable, gi'bl, n. Ger. glebe l. pAkhA, bflzfl. 

curd! k. t— about] Mr, gam ». A.-S. pai 
•nd )!gf. flflas. [ek bftfhA 4 Inal. 

Qaffer, gaf'fir, it. A.-S. winder, (an old man) 

Gag, gag, v. t. A.-S. eaggian , to lock, shut, W. 
eegiaw to choke. (IhattA laglni, mugh band k.; 
—a. dhattl, dba^A. [—by,— with] ;— ft. nAp, 
niahAn, paimAish. [ — with]. 

Gage, gfti, v. t.elrwl rakhnA, zAmin! 1. 

Gain, gin, v. t. F. gagner. (to profit) fiida pftnA; 
(win) jltnft; ( acquire )hAsil k, pfinft ; (reach) 
pahuscbnA; — on, — upon, Age barbnA ; (to ob- 
tain influence) nazdlkl hAsil k. ; — ground, 
(advance) tge barhnA; (prevail) gAlib 4.; 
(increase) ziydda h. over, (win over) raAil 
k., gifithnfl, girwtda k. ; — ft. hftsil, yAft, wArA, 
kataAl, fiida, nafa’, beshf. [M>y, — at,— from] ; 
to — a paint, v. t. manzil i maqsfid par pa- 
hunchnA, maqsad hAsil k., bftzf jltnfi ; — less, 14 
hAsil, be-fiida ;— ed, #. *. barh4 ; — er. gAn'fir, 
a. muntafl, bahraraaud; — ful, gAn'fOol, a. 
(profitable) mufld, sfld-mand, gunjAishl; — 
say, g&n'sA, v. t. A.-S. gean aud tag. (contra- 
dict) raddk. ; (oppose) mukhfllifat k., clihef- 
nt. Syn. Contradict; deny; dispute, [wish. 

Galt, g4t, n. (a way, a march) cb41, raft4r, ra- 

Galaxy, gal'ak-si, n. Q. galuaian . (the milky 
way) kahkashfirj. 

Gale, gAl, n. Ir. gal. Andhl. tfifAn, sab4. 

Gall, gawl, ». A.-S. geatla. pit, talkhl, safra, 
gussa; — n. L. galla. mfizfi, mAjti-phal ; — v. t. 
F. paler, ghisnA, chhll d., diqq k., pachliArnfl, 
sat4n4, pith lagAnfi. [ — with, — by] ; — ». na- 
ghotft, dadopi; — bladder, gawl'blad €r, n. 
pitta kl thallt ; gall-nut, n. mAjft-phal. 

Gallant, ral'ant, a . F. gulant. (gay) ransll l ; 
(daring) jawAn, jAn-bAz, bahAdur. Syn. 
Brave; conrageous; — ». 'Ashiq-tan, sbauqlo; 
yir; — v. t. ’ishqb&z! k ; — ry, ft. F. galanterie. 
(daringness) jAn-bAzf, bahAdurl; — In love. 
’lshq-bAzl, nek( kl rAh se ’auratoQ kl khAtir 

Gallery, ft. F. galerie. bnr&rada ; taswIr-khAna ; 
shlsh-mahal; (covered passage) sflya-dAr r4h. 

Gaily, gal'i, ft. F. galere. jah4z jo pAl ke zarf'a 
cbaltA hai, mihnat aur takllf kt jagnk, jahAz 
kA bAwarchl-khAna ; — slave, gnIAm jiskoja- 
hAs se khene ke liye hukm diyA jiit4 hai. 

Galllard, gal'y&rd, n. zinda-dil, chnst-o-i bAIAk ; 
ek qism kA n4ch. (ek paimAna, gelan. 

Gallon, gal'un, ». Norm F. talon, raqfq chfz kA 

Gallop, gal'up, v. i. F. galoper. sarpat daurn4, 
teal sel.; — away, dauf j. ; — ft. rau, chArtag, 
rapap [—off,— about]. 

Galloway, gal'15-wA, ft. chho{e qadd k4 gbofA. 

Gallows, gaKas, ft. A.-S. gealga. phAnsl, dflr, 

Galls, gawlz, ft. pi. ghore kA zafchm. [srtlf. 

Galvanize. g&l'van-Iz, v. t . From Oalvani. qflwat 
i kahrubA yA bijll se muasslr k. ; Galvanic, 
gal'van'ik, a. ek qism kl bijll yA qflwnt i kahru- 
bAf ; Gal vanist, ft. qdwat i kahrubal kA jAnne- 

Gamble, gam'bl, v. i. Diminutive of game. j^A 
kbelnA, qimAr-bAzt k. ; Gambling, ft. qimAr- 
bAzf, jftA. [kulel. Syn. Frolic; pra nk. 

Gambol, gam'bol. n. F. gambade, khel-kfld, 

Game, gtm, ft. A.-S. gamen. (sport )khel ; (jest) 
fhatthA, khilll; (sportive insult) chAhat; 
(scheme) tadbfr: (field) tamAsha; s ; iikAr 
kiye hfle jfinwar kA gosbt; — truck, asi! murg; 
— a. jAq-bAs, bahAdur ; — v. i . khelnA, jaA khel- 
ni, qimAr-bAzf k. ; — full, a. khilAfl; — keener, 
gAm'kfip-Ar, ft. hAfiz i shikAr, shikAr kA muhA- 
fiz;— ster, ft. Bag, game t and A.-S. tteora. 
jfiArf, qlmAr-bAz. [*aurat. 

Gammer, gam'mfir. ft. A.-S. gameder. bufhiyA 

Gamut, gam'nt, ft. G. gamma and ut. (the scale 
or* musical notes) sar i gam, sur. 

Gander, gan'dAr, ft. A.-S. gandra , Ger. gan$ t L. 
anter. bata^hA, qAs 1 oar. 

Gang, gang, ». A.-S. (a troop, a company) gol, 
jathA, guroh ; — v. i. JAnA, ch ilnA. 

Gangrene, gang'grAn, ft. F. grainein to gnaw, 
khwara, gapan ;—v, t. earn A yA ear JAnA. 

Gangway, ft. kunj, gall; jahAz par kl tang rAh, 
kaaArt i jabAs jis m log Ate jAte haift, slfkl. 

Gaol, jAl. ft. (prison) qaid-^hAna, baudf-grah» 
muhbas;— er, it. qaid-fcbAne kA dAroga yA 


Gap, gap, ft. Ieel. gap, chAk, shigAf, ghAtl ; stand 
in the — , hifAzat k. ; stop a — , mazbfit k. Syn. 

Cleft ; crevice ; crack. 

Gape, gAp, v. i . A.-S. phailAnA, 
jamhAl 1., hakkA bnkkA rahnA, phafnA; — ». 
jamhAX, munb kA phaiiAo ; — for, — after, mush* 
tAq h., ArzA-.nnnu h. y tarasnA. 

Garb, g&rb, n. Norm F. garbt. (clothes) EapfA. 
po«hAk, gudrl; (fashion) waza’ dhaj. 

Garbage, gflib'Ai, ft* O. Eng. gurbuth , F. garter . 
to make fine, ojhfl, fuzla. Syn. Offal. 

Garble, v. t. F. garbeler. rolnA, bAchhnA; (sift) 

Garden, g&r'dn, ft. A.-S. geard. bAg bAglcfaa, 
phulwArf, gulshan, gulzAr; — v. t. bAg lagAnA. 
bAgbA.ll k. a. bAg kA er, n. mAh, bAgbAn, 
gul-chln. [garAre, kulli. 

Gargle, gAr'gl. v. t. Ger. gwrgel . kulli k. ; — ». 

Garland, g&r'land, ft. F. guirlande. hAr, mAlA, 
s-hra, baddhl; — v. t. sihra bAgdhnA, hAr pah- 
nAnA. [kA jawA. 

Garlic, K&r'lik, ft. A.-S. garleao . lahsan, lahsan 

Garment, gUr'ment, ft. F. garnir . kapfe, poahAk, 

Garner, gflr'nfir, ft. F. greater, kofhl, galla-khA- 
na ; — v. t. kothl men bharnA, galia-khAne men 
rakhnA- [ — up]. 

Garnish, gAr'niah, v. t. F. garnir. (to adorn)] 
ArAsta k., sudhArnA; (warn) AgAh k. ;— ft. 
ArA-tagf ; kinAra yA kor, hAshiya. 

Garn’turc. a. (furniture, dress) asbAb, lawAzi- 
raa; (embellishment )zebAish, zf.iat. [ — with]. 

Garret, ?ilr'ct, n.Sp. garita. tabqa i bAlA, (Spar kA 
karara, bAlA-khAna. Syn.e Attic ; upp«r-story. 

Garrison, gar'i-^n, n. F. garniton. nhl i qii’a;— 
r. t. qil’a men f iuj rakhnA. [ — with]. • 

Garrotcr, gkr-rSt'er, ». [hag; phAnsf d. w. 

Garrulous, gar'u-lus, a. L. garrulut. bakkf, 
baghariyA.geppf, bnkwAdl. Syn. Talkative; 
loquacious. ;Garrulity, n. bak-bak, ziyAda-gol, 

Garter, gkr'tSr, ft. F. jarretiete. pattl, moat 
band ; — v. t. band lagAnft, pattl bAgdhaA. 

Gas, gas, n. F. gair-maMfim hawA. 

Gascon, gas'kon. n. blshindu Gascony ; shekhf- 
baz ; — adc, gas'kon-Ad, ft. F. she^hl, lAf, bafA 

Gash, gas 1 ', v. t. F. hacTie. gahrA aur bafA ghAo 
kliAnA; — n. (deep cut) gahrA yA bhArlghAo 
yA zakhra ; , Ar. [ — with]. 

Gasp, v. i. Sw. gutpa. Dan. g\tpe % to gape, yawn. 
lakhlakhAnA, hAnpnA, gharrA lagnA;— out, 
tutlAkn bolnA ; at the last — , maut ke waqt, 
wa.jt i naza’. [ — at, — for] ; — it. dsm, sAns 4 
ultl dhaunk, dam i wApaslq. Syn. Pant ; puff; 

Gastric, gas'trik, a. Q . gutter, (belonging to the 
stomach) mi Me ke muta'alliq, shikara ke mu- 
ta’alliq ; Gastriloqulst, ft. (voice of a person 
that seems to proceed from the stomach) wuh 
AwAz j<> p t se At! mnMfira hot! hai. 

Gate, gAt, n. A.-S geat. phAtak, darwAza, dar; 
—less, a. bo-dar, band;— way, gAt'-wA, ft. 
qoorhf, dihifz. 

Gather, gaTu'fir, v. t. A.-S. guderian. (bring 
together) b&tornA ; (collect) j.ima’ k., farAhaa 
k. ; ( pi sick » tornA; (glean) chunnA; (gain) 
pAnA, bAsil k. ; (plait) shikan d.; (generate 
matter) plb bharnl; — from, pAnA, natfja ni- 
kAlnA; — in, — for, jama v k. ; shikan d.;— 
round, pAs jnma* k. ; — together, jama* k.;— 
up, chun 1.; to-r-brcatli, dam lend; — er, ft. 
tnhsll lAr, jAmi’, jama’ k. w. ; — lug, ft. majuia’ B 
bhff, jamAo. 

Gaud, gawd, ft. C. gaudiun . (a trinket) ArAisb, 
zewar, rangArangf. bharak. Syn. Trinket; 
finery; — y. n (showy) mukallaf, ragsrflA, 
muzniyab, bhafkllA ; — iness, ». bhaf&k, ArAiih, 

Gauge, gaj, v. t. F. gauger. nApnA, paimAlahk., 
kfitnA; — n. nAp, paimAna, ta'Vhmlna; gahrA!; 
rel kl p&trl kA fAsila ; — r, ft. paimA, pahnAUh* 


(teal, *»wl, •. QtlM pnHMubl. iMda 1041. 
diint. sftnt, tf. A.-S. geioaned. (lean) dublA, 

to throw the — , (to offer a challenge) jagg- 

Gauze', gawz, a. F. gage, kapar-dhfij, Mhf. ghAs. 
Gay, gA, o. F. ftai. (sprightly) zmda-dil ; zarlf, 
khush-taba'; (merry) shAd. V l, u*b ; ( 8 k°wv) 
numAisbl, rangllA; (intoxicated) matwAlA 
Syn. Merry; blithe; frolicsome ;—el ty, », 
kbush-mizAjf, chuhal, kbush-waqtl, also 

Gaze, g&z, v. i. Go. geisan. ( look steadily ) gbttf- 
nA, dekhnl, takfcakl bAgdhnA. [—at, — on,— 

Gazelle, ga-zel', n. B\ 'Arab kli hiran. 

Gazette, ga-zet', n. F. afclibAr; to be^-d, (to 
be announced) musbtahar h. er, ga zet-ter, 
». akhbir-nawU; JugrAfiya kf lafzon kl lugat. 
Gear, g£r, n. A.-S. gear a. (dressy aim An, asbiyA, 
asbAb, libfts ; — v. t. pihuAnA ; jotnft. 

Gelatiue, jel'a-tin, n. F. gelatine. laslasA, chip- 
cbipA. [ — ing, n. (castrated) Aktata. 

Geld, geld, v. t. Ger. gelten. Akhta k., kbassl k. ; 
Gem, jem, n. L. gemma. jawAhir, gauhar; (bud) 
kali; — v. t. jaw.ihirAt se ArAsta k. [—with]. 
Gemini, jem'i-nl, ». pi., L. pi. of geminus. (one 
of the signs of the zodric) jauza ; mitiiun. 
Gender, jen'dftr, n. F. genre, jins, qiBm, z&t; 
masculine — , tazklr, muz «kkar; feminine — , 
tAufs, enuanna*; — v . t. p.iidA k , janAnA. 
Genealogy, jen-fi-al'o-ji, n. G. gene a and logos. 
(history of the descent) nasnb, asl, silsila ; 
Genealogical, tf. (pertaining to descent) na- 
sabl ; Genealogical table, naaab-nAma, sliaj- 
ra; Genealogist, jen-g-a/O-jist, n. nassAb, 
nasab-d ig. 

Genera, n. pi. of genus, jins ; genus kl jama’. 
General, jen'Sr-al, a. F. from L. genus, (com- 
mon) ’Amm, murawwuj; (usual) aksar; 
(high rank) ’All darja; in — . (for the most 
part) 'nratinaan. Syn. Common; universal; 
— assembly, sadr majlis, jaraA’ut; kulliya, 
majraal; — n. sardAr, sar-guroh, sipah-sAlAr; 
— tty, ». ’uratiman, kulliyAt, jarahflr; (the 
greatest part) aksar log; — ization, n. ek jina 
men lAn&; — ize, jen'Sr-al-Iz, v t. jinswAr rau- 
rsttab k. ship, jen'fir-ai-ship, n. sipah-sA- 

Generate, jen'fcr-ftt, v. t. L. generare. (to beget) 
jannA, janAnA, paidA k., nikAlnA. [ — from] ; 
Generation, n. paidAish, janm, nasi ; (succes- 
sion) pusht, taulld, aulAd, bans, zamAua; 
from — to — , pusht ditr pudit. Syn. Progeny ; 
offspring; Generative, a. (producing) mu- 
wadid, janm AH, taulidl ; Generatun, n. paidA 
k. w. 

Generic, a. ’Amm, jinsl, ism i jins. 

Generous, jen'Ar-us, «. L. generosus . (free- 
giving) sakhf, dAtA, faiyAz; (noble-minded) 
himm-ttl, sAhib i tauflq ; (well-born) ashrAf, 
asfl; Generosity, jen-Ar-os'i-ti, n. L.gencrosi- 
tas. (magnanimity, munificence) sakhAwat, 
blmmat, kushAda-diil, jawAa-mardl, faiz, lutf ; 
dAn, pan. Syn. Munificence; magnanimity. 
Genesis, n. G. paidAiah, janm, banAwut ; PurAne 
’Ahd-nAma kl pahll kitfib. 

Genet, jen'et, n. S,>. F. genette. Spain ke mulk 
kA ek chhotA ghorA, newal kt qism kA ek jAnwar. 
Genial, jfini-al, a. L. genialis. (cheering) khush- 
dil; (sprightly) zinda-dil ; khuah-taba’ ; (na- 
tural) zfltl yA khilql; (gay) bashshAsh;— ity, 
«. jismiyat, jinalyat. 

Genii. i§'n#-I, s. jinn, jinnAt. 

Gonltnl, len'it-al, a. L. genitalia . from gignere. 
•ell, paidAlshl ; Genitor, jen'it-Sr, ». paidA k. 

Genitive, jen'i-tiv, n. L .genitivus. izAfat ; kArak ; 
— case, muzAf-’a’aih ; (the word governing it 
la called) muzAf. 

Gent, jent, n. contraction of gentleman, ashitf. 
— ry, jen'tri, n For geatlery. ashrAf, rtfs. 

— eel, Jea-tfti', o. F. k Sp gentil. (well-born! 
ashrAf; (well-bred) mahazzub, shAiata; (wall 
behaved) kbailq, nek-ctialan; (well-dr essed ! 
khush-posh >k. Syn. Polite; well-bred; re* 
fined; polished; — ility, jen-til'i-ti, a. L*. geti- 
litas. sharA at,, asftlat. 

Gentile, jen'tli, a, L. gentilis . Yah Adi qaum ke 
siwA aursab log, but-parast, gair-qaum wag. 
Gentle, jen'tl, a, L. gentilis. sharlf, balfm, Uholfl, 
garlb, dhfmA, narm. Syu. Tame ; mild ; meek ; 
— ness, n. hilm, gurbat, raurauwat, narml;— 
folk, n. pi. gentle and folk. shurafA, ’All kh*n- 
dAu ; — man, n. mard i Admf, bhalA-raAnas, sha- 
rlf ; — man at arms, we ashkhAs jo julfia 
wag. ke waqt bAdsbAh ke sAth bote bait;— 
man usher, (in England one who uaners 
person- into the presence of the sovereign) wuh 
ehakhs jo auron ko bAdsbAh kl mnlAqAt ke liye 
pesh kartA hai ; — manliness, n. sbarAfat, bhal- 
raansf ; — woman, n. ashrAT-zAdf. 

Genuine, jeu'Q in, a. L. genuinus. kh&lis, kharA; 
(true) sachchA; (of the old stock) asll, cho- 
khA; (unadulterated) kbAlis, sahlh ness, a. 
asAlat, kharA- pan, sachchAf. sihhat. [ra. 

Genus, jS’uus, n 9 L. G. genos. jins, nau’ ; pi. Gene- 
Geography, jft-og'ra-ti, n. G. ge. and graphs. 
JugrAfiya; bhugol biddiyA; Geographer, a, 
JugrAfiya-dAn ; Geographical, a. JugrAfiya 
ke muta’al iq. 

Geology, je ol'o-ji, n. G. ge and logos, ’ilra i tar- 
klb dunyA, ’ilm tarklb 1 zamtn ; Geological, a. 
’ilm i tabqAt i arz ke muta’alliq ; Geologist, a. 
ahl i ’ilm i tarklb 1 zamln. 

Geometry, js-om'e-tri, n. G. ge and metrein. 'ilm 
hindisa, ’ilm i maaAhat, tabrlr i uqlaidas; 
Geometrical, je-d-met'rik-al, a. ’ilm i m&sAhat 
ke uuua’alliq. [aurus kA ptudA. 

Geranium, jg-rft'ni-um, n. L. ek qism kA phdl 
Germ, jArm, ». L. get men . blj, ankhwA, kagsl, 
gAbb, kail. Syn. Ovary ; embryo ; seedbud ; 
origin ; — lnate, v. i. jamnA, apkhwA A. ; kaliyA- 
nA, kali phnt nikalnA. 

Gesture, jes'tur, n. L. gerere. barakat, jumbish. 
waza’. Gesticulate, jes-tik'Q-lAt, v. i. L. gesti- 
cuius, (to act) harakat k., jumbish k., hAth 
pair hilAnA. 

Get, get, v. t. A.-S. getan. (procure) lAnA; 
(seize) pakarnA; (win)galba p., jltnA; (have). 
rakhnA; (reach) pahunchnA; (acquire) pAnA v 
hAsil k., hAth lagnA, mayassar A.; (learn), 
BlkhnA; (become) bon A; (beget) paidA k. ; 
(induce) targfb d. ; — abroad, (go out) nikzl- 
nA; (become known) zAbir h.; m&shhfir h., 
fash h. ; — about, (do) karnA; (go out after 
illness ) blmAr hone ke i*a’d bAhar nikalne lag* 
nA; — ahead, (advance) Agi* bafhnA, taraqqf 
k., sabqat le j. ; ( prosper) kAmyAb li. ; — along, 
(to proceed, to advance) chale chalnA, Hm 
chalnA; — among, sharlk h. ; (arrive in the 
midst ) A milnA ; — aronntl, (come on all eidee), 
pAs jama’ b. ; — at, ( attain ) pAnA ; bbed lenA ; 
daryuft k., hAth lagAnA, pahunchnA ;— away, 
— away from, (escape) bachnA; (carry os), 
le j. ; — back, (recover) phir 1.; (return) 
pnltAnA;— back Into, (go into) andar jA r.; 
— back to, (return to) wApas AnA;— before, 
(arrive in front) pahle j., sAmhne A.; — be* 
lilnd, (fall back) plcbbe rah j. t pfirA na h. 
the better of, (to surmount) gAlib h., qAbd 
p. ; — between, blch meg A parnA ; — beyond, 
(reach further) siyAda h. yA k.; — by, (do)j 
karnA; (gain) fAida p. ; — by heart, bar-snbAn 
k. ; — clear,— clear off, (be relieved) AzAd h. ; 
(escape) bachnA ;— dark, afidherA ho j.:— 
down.— down from, (descend) utarnA,*(to 
engulf or swallow) pai^haA ;— drank, nashe 
men h. ; — for, (obtain on account of) ’Iwffs p.; 
—forward, (advance) bafhnA free, (escape jj 
bach j.;— from.— to, (reach) pAnA, pahnach* 
nA; — hold, (seize) pakarnA; (become posses* 
eed of )qabze men k.; — home, gnar pnhugchnA ; 
—111, (become ill ) blmAr h. in, — Into, (enter )| 
andar A., dAkhil h. ;— into debt, qarsaAr h.f 
•—In favor with, rAb o mm barhinA. tapik 

barlAnA iato a scrape, nubtilA i held k;— Gilt, ffiit, a. Mr-afshAa, mutalla’. Muialia’ 
Kwml (become umfasteaed or rakued) Ural j., Gimbai, gi " f <rme//ei? thmhh 
toftk MW,(»?pmeh) ui«k A.;— off, — Mmnjf balqe jo do aabwar^S^dbo ^mto 

kpe) bach n A, NhAgnA; utamA 
I depart) rawAaa k» chale j.;- 

cnA ; utamA ; ear us par jahAzf kampAa rakhft jAtA hai, min- 

•scapa bachnA, nikal bhAgnA over. (conqu- Ginger, jin'j«r, n. L. tingiber. adrak, south, 
tr) cAUb h. ; (recover from) sihhat pAnA; (to Gipsy, jip'si, ». Gorrnpted from ffmffijTkan. 
C u2 M) j pftr - h ;- ; "Z qn !* V^TTf 1 ? ot * — s* 1 . 1 ** ofl » _ jar. tbAna-barlosh, na(nr, thagul. [shutr-gfte 
chhord.; judA k., bech dAlnA, mauqQf k.;— Giraffe, zhi-raf', j€-ral' ». A? girt*} aft zuifta' 
relief, (be relieved of) fAida p., madad milnA ; Gird, gfird, a. A.-S. peri dard, maror san«* i- • 
—round, (recover) sihhat p. through, — v. t . A.-S. pyrtfcn. Ger. gurUu. lanetnA 
(undergo) bardAsht k., tam&m k.; — to, (reach) bAndhnA, kaanA;— in, (enclose) ghernA*— 

pahunchnA;— together, (collect) muttafiq h., round, (encircle) gird bandhnA ud (fsat™ 

jama* k.; — towards, (get near) nazdlk A. up) kasnA, bAgdhnA. [ — with 1 V> 1 

up, (arise) jAgnA; (ascend) chajhnA; (com- Girdle, gftrd'l, n. A.-S. ggrdel. petf, karaar-band 
p ete y t)kAmd k. ; (prepare) taiyAr k. ; (print, patkA, Ar-band, kardhanl;— v. f. kamar bAndh- 
publish) chhflpnA;— up to, (attain) pahuneh- uA, petf IagAnA. Ja u 

nA ; — -upon, (ascend to) cliafbnA; — well, fre- Girl, girl, n. A.-S. ceorl. larkf;— hood » knn- 
oover) sihhat p. ; — well off, (get rid of) cfahflt- wArpan isii, *. larkf «A. dukhtarAna * S 
nA; (escape) bachnA^wlth child, (make Girt or Girth, .Art, gfirth, ’» I A -S pyrd push- 
pregnant) hAmila k.; to— into bad odour, tang, zer-tang, bAlA- tang. farAkhf •--« 
nazarogaegir j., mata’fin h.; to — upperhand, petuA. bAgdhnA, ba>nA. * ’ * “ 

(to get superiority or influence) sabrjatlej.; Gist, jwt, a. F. gisle. (the main Doint of a 
to— or have the start, (to get In advance) question) raanihA i suwAJ, binfi i am mm 

Age h. ; to— or learn by heart, *liAb yAd k. ; ikhtisAr. ' a 1 a,nr ’ mac *’ 

to— rich, amfr h.; to— short of anything, Give, giv, v. f. A.-S. pt'/sa. (bestow) bskh^hns- 
(to get rid of or excluded from) bachnA yA denA; (allow) ijazat <L; \ Mm ) noupSi; 

mazfir rahnA; to — the day, (to gam the (pronounce) talaffuz k.: (show) dikhlinii* 

victory) fath pAnA; to— up a subject, kisl (pledge) iqrar k. away, de d.T-—back wA- 

shaiko ’umda taur sehAsiJ k.; to— up one’s pas d. j— chase, (pursue) khadern A — ?orth 

hind legs, (to ascend) charhnA ; to -wind, (intimate) batlAnA, ilhfiri £ ; (7sfue) denA;- 

(to become known ) mashhurh.;— ter, n. pAne- ear, sunnA:— In. oubAi k. hAr i v*hir iT- 

wAlA ; — ting, n. yAft, yAbX. into, barpA h. ;— off, (cease) chliornA* over 

Gewgaw, gd'gaw, a. O. Eng. gug*u>$, F. joujou. chhof d . , daa t-ba ni Ar h ;—on?a ^1? m?- 

khiiaunA, kaCh-putlf. Syn. Toy; plaything; yds h . nA-uuuned h.; nasar k* ^Adl hS'j.™— 

GhSSu;; gut’li, .. A.-S. 9 °,m.bhat-i. murda- h^k.V' USS^lsSSSft jyiSdT'deni"^ 

Gh “ stll “ es *' H«»luau. Wirdir hi; (.treteh,ph.imi» : -/.p, (to^; 

oLTf^t, . Hind. „kat .ilsiia i pahdr; & ')'£?» ^ H? (Mf^t.^afei 

0»Ar4“Mra,“ir f ; K^asia,— staff'll 

;. Uppant'on) Holy—, (one of the h. ; (to leave, to cease) chhor d. way jaAh 

Trinity) Uflh ul Quito ; give np the-, marna ; d. j. beating, mUrnAya ea^d tS- 
— ly, «.rfth»nf,ftsebi. byn. Spmtual ; epect- a death blow to. (to pot an end to) mkrd • 

ral; phanlom-like. . to— false c olouring to, (to misrepresent, to 

Glant ji'ant, n. A.-S. yiyaut. deo, ’ifrft, JabbAr; misapply) bAt ga r bnA yA banAkar kabnA! 

—killer, a. dco-zan ; Glpntlc, ji-gant-ik. a. galat samajhnA, galat Isti'mfil k. ; to— a lift to! 

^ VTu 9 - inuklb, lrnt (to allow i> take a free seat in a carriage or 

«n?“.!- b . ha ^% k - r v . the like) adth eawdr k. ; to — battle, (toattack 

ka ^ i aApurza. [«. Se-raa'ne. au enemy) ciushman par hatnla k.; to— one 

t , gi b 'i ;7" uewldeM - (L ? e *P la ‘». to read a lecture or 

GUibet, Jtb et, ». b. ytbei. dAr, phAgsi ka euabtlr. sermon, to educate, to direct) tafslr k., yA 

Sy?- Gal ows ;— u. t. phftgsl d. ; gudf)A b. bayAn k., ta’llm d.. hidfiyal k. ; to— on the go 

Sih^°wh' a® * % rhIi aT i l l « PU 1 l i t ;i b I’ i t0 paas oue over ’ t0 Iet al <>ne) akelf* chhor- 

Gibe, jib, J. chi phAnA, Are iiAtkun nA yA ns ae kuchh wAsra na rakhnA ; to — place, 

1. i—v. , t. taiyAr k., banAnft ; n. ta ua-zanj, (to re' ire or to make room for) jagah d. ; to— 

romz-bAg. thathoff. Syu. Sneer ; scoff. quarters, ( to spare life) jAn-bakhshf k. Uj^ 

Giblets, jib lets, n» pi. F. gib lit. nA-khurdanl relief, (to resign, to yield) chbornA; to— -np 

azA-i-miirg. the ghost, marnA; to— the hand, (to pledn 

Giddy, «. A.-S. giiig. (heedless) gAfil; (whir- friendship) dost qarAr d. ; to— the headL (S 

ling) sar-ardAn. mantaBhiN [“-with];— let go the control) AsAd k.; to— to the 

headed, «. IftobAlf, bad-dimfttf, ; CMddiness, be parwAU h. : to— troth to, (to promise as in 

*■ ghumnfj jdaurun i aar ; sholphf. Syn. marriage) wa ? da k.; to— up one's counectiou, 

(to terminate one’s concerns) i&k rasm na 
»• A..-S. pi/on. baVhskish, in Am, nazr; rakhnA; to — utterance to, bolnA; ta — vent 
lli 1 to, (to mean, to signify, to be manifested, to 
bapbshnA. denA, — ed, •.oabra-mana.hoshiyAr. make visible) ma’nf matlab zAhir k^ AohkAr 
Taleated; Intelligent. k.;to — a thing a wide berth, us eebAz rakuA: 

®S , *eS- 1 ho7kf l Cffif t'Pia ^ do " ptWya 3 to— one a bit of your mind, (to seold) 

kl SAfI , halkf kishff , baAlA. .... malAmat k«, sarzanish k.; to— c redit for 

ui v Crt * khiikhllA- | shAbA^hf d. ; to— a r»t on the shoulder, pith 

AS w . / » i ^kuA.shAbAshld. [~to] ;-r. giv'ir, ^ 

SjUIT 1 ”®* *' f° ne #*5f *.***“{* .* ar " Glads, glA'sis, n!v. Ger. fluff, pushta. 

GUI* jU, a. U gUU. palmAui qazlb Adb pAo ka. j imakegiad) fcfcoah k., mahaAa it mmmS & 




phnlinA. Syu. Make glad den, gjad'n, e. t. 
A.-S. gludian . fehush k.. inasrflr k., shftdmAu k. 
flofl. Syn. Delighted ; gratified ;— ness, 
glad'nes, n. fcbusbl, inusori at, shAdmAnl. 

Glade, gl&d, n. W. goleu, clear, marg-zAr, jaagal 

Glad?a k tor, & gladM-at- 6 r, n. L. gladius. (asworS- 
player) shamsher zan, saif bAz. 

Gladsome, a. khush, fchurram, ■faM"* 11 " 

Glance, glans, ». G-jr. glanz. ! 

(glimpse) nazar; — v. i. jhalaknA, nigdb k.» 
(blame by side hints) AwAza pbenknA, tirchhA 
lagoft. [ — round]; — at, —-upon, (look at) 

ke uchbaVj. ruuud, (look suddenly) achft- 

Glandf gfa nd, n. L. giant, acorn, (lltt. yultht. 

G1 nders, n. From gland, ghofe kf bfinArf, 
Glandiferous, gland-if'ftr- us, a. L. glans, fero. 

j&uz piialne w., supArf phalne w. . 

Glare, glftr, ». Dan. ylflr. chamak, jhalak, t • >nh, 
ahu'A ; jot; — v. i. cbamaknA, jhalaknA ; 
bAndhnA. [ — upon, — on] ; Glaring, a. zAbir, 
bh'ifkllA, chamkflA, shofcb. _ _ , 

Glass, gias, n. A.-S. fflas. shlsha. kftnch; (cup) 
piyAla; (mirror) Afua; eye — , dflrbla; — es, pi. 
r ainnk; jAra; fifna;— - v. t. sbfshe men dckhuA, 
'aks d. ; — blower, n. shfsha-gar, skfsba-sAz ; — 
blowing, n. sh(-ha-g irl ; — y, a. sblsiie kA, shl- 
sh-sA. Syn. Vitreo is; crystal ; crystMlline. 
Glaze, ?lAz, v. t. O. Eng. glass, shlsha ja^nA; 
(enamel) luk phernA; Glazier, gla'zhSr, n. 
From glaze or glass. shfshtwAlA, jftfiyA ; 
Glazing, gl&z'ing, n. khirkf ke filnog kl j&(al, 
jilA-sAzf . _ 

Gleam, g Sm, n. A. S. gleam, chamak, raunaq ; 
(flish) jbnlak; — V. i. chamaknri* jhaliknU. 
[ — with] ; — ug, n roshanT, chamak. 

Glean, gl£n,t>. t. F. glancr , to glean, W. glun, 
cle in. khodia-c'ifnf k., chunnA. blind; — cr, n 
chunnewAlA, kboshac'-fn; — Ing, »»• k^osbn-jbl 
n(, launl; inmdAr hAl. 

Glee, gift, n. A -S gleo. (mirth) fcbushf, shauq; 
tappA. khiyAI; — ful, a. (merry) sliAdtnAit, 
ghush, mubzAz. Syn. Merry ; joyous ; gay ;■ 
man, n. fchush-inizAj Adml. 

Glen, glen, n. A.-S. glen dara, wAdf. 

Glib, glib. a. D. glibberen. chiknA, r ipfflA, phis- 
lahl. Syn, Smooth ; slippery ; — ness, n m chik- 
nAf. safftf, phislAhaf. (.nfl, urnA. 

Glide, cll'l, v. i. A.-S. glidan. bahnA, guzarnA, jA- 
Glimtncr, glim fir, v. i Ger. glirnmern. jbilmilAnrt, 
ja:magmA, da nknA. Syn. Sh'neig.ain 
glittpr; — ft. jag lagflhat, dam «k ; — ing, n. kb a 
flf roshnl, jbilmilAhat ; kliiyal i muMiara. 
Glimpse, glimps, ». D. glimpen. chbanw, jbil- 
milAhat ; jagmnrrAhat; (hasty view) jhspak 
jlialak. [lak A, jatrma A A. [—with] 

Glisten, glis'n, v. i. A.-S. glisian. c . 'maknA, jha- 
Glister, glis't&r, v. i, G*r. glistern. chara^knl, 
roshnl d. ; — a. taiallf, chamak, laba \ damak. 
Glitter, glit'Ar, v. t. A.-S. glitrenan. clnm tknl, 
jhalaknA, cbamehamAnA; — »• roshni, chamak, 

Gl«»at, gSOt, v. i. Sw. glutta f bare shauq se (akta 
ki bA ulhnA, shauq se gbfirnA* bad nitrAb k. [ — 
on], Syn. Stare; gaze; — ing, a. ishtiyAq kl 
nigAb.raa-ttAnl nigAb. 

Globe, i,15b, n. Tj. globus (ball) golA; (sphere) 
k jra; i world) jahAn. Syn. Sphere orb ; ball ; 
Globular, a. go!, gol sA. golA sA ; Globule, 
glob'ul,n. L. (Globe) globubis goll. awA. 
Glomerate, glom'Ar-fit, v. t. L. glomerure. gol 
ban j., mudauwir ho j. 

Gloom, glttbm, n. A.-S. glom. (obscurity, sullen- 
ness) tArl' f dhundhlApm, malAl, udftal. Syn. 
Darkness: heaviness; depression; sadness; — 
v. i. dbundhlA ro&’lflm h.. kam roshnl d. y, a. 
tArlk, dhundhl A ; ndAs ; rfikbA lness, n. tArl- 
kf : malAl, ran], kulfat. 

Glory, glO'ri, ». L. gloria . (praise paid In adora- 
tion )jalAl; (fame) nAmwarl; (honour) ’izzat; 
(splendour) raunaq; (pride) fakhr; — v. t. 
fakbr k., wajd k., uAz k., gurflr k. [—in,— at] ; 
Glorious, a. F. gloria 09, l&lll, muqaddas, zul- 

jalAl yA pur-jolAl; Glorify, glA'rl-fl, «. f. L. 
gloria and faoere. (to adore and praise) bamd 
o sitAlsh k., jaiAl d., ta’slm o ta’rff k. 

Gloss, glos, a. Ger. glou e. (comment) shark; 
(lustre) chamak, jilA; (varnish) rogan, bAr- 
nisb; (smoothness) cbiknAbat ; — v. t. cba»- 
k iuA, jilA d„ ghontuA ; shark k. ; — y, o. ohikuA, 
chamkllA, muluedAr. 

Glossary, glos'ar-i, n. F. glossaire, lngat, far- 
hang, shark ; Glussarist, glos'ar-ist, ». sharfa- 
nawls. [». dastAna-sdz, moza banAne w. 

Glove, gluv, n. A.-S. glof. dastAna, bihia ; — r. 
Glow, g d, v. i. A.-S* gloioan . dahakaA, tamiam- 
AnA, lab ahAnA, dhakdhakAnA. [—with] ;— a* 
dahak, tamt&uiAh&t. hard rat ; Ag; — worm, 
gld'wurm, ». jugnft, shahtAb;— Ing, a roshau, 
At)-dAr, dnmkllA. Syn. Ardent; inflamed; 
vehemeut. [madk. 

Glozc, A.-S. gle'san, v. i. (to flatter) khusha« 
Glue, gl5o, ». L. gluten, (a cement) siresh, las- 
zaq; — v. t. saresh Uguni, jornA, waslk. ; — y, 
a. cbipchipA, laslasA; Glulhiatc, gldb'tiu-At, 
v. t, L. glulinare. saresh se jornA, gach k. ; Glu- 
tinous, o. Lt. gluUnosus . cbipchipA, lasdAr, 

Glum, g um, a. (sullen) nA-khush, tursh-rfl. 
Glume, gloom, n. L. glumu, anAj yA ghAs kA bA- 
bar! dhakua. 

Glut, glut, v.t. L. glutire . (to gorge) nigalnA* 
nAk tak bl.aruA ; (to satiate) Aslda k.; (over- 
stock) bahut bharnA. [ — with]; — ton, glut'n, 
n. L. glutto. kliAfl, bisyAr-khor, petfi ; — tonous, 
a. hisyAr-kbor, pefA; — tony, a. oHyAr-khorl, 
ziyAda-khorl. [mf[bA ’arq. 

Glycerine, glis'£r-in, a. G. g luk us. ek qism kA 
Gnurl, nkrl, A.-S. gnyrran . (to murmur, to 
growl) kurkufAnft, gurrAnA. 

Gnash, nasb, v. t. O. Eng. gnaste, (to grind the 
teeth) dAnt pfsnA, kichkichAuA, dAgt kafkaf- 
AnA; — Ing, n. gussa, dAnt kA pfsnA. 

Gnat, nat, n. A.-S. gnidan. machcbhar, kntkl. 
Gnaw, naw, v. t. A.-S. gnugan . kAfuA, chabAnA, 
kbA 1., ku'sir i : , n. cmbAne w., kAfne vA 

kutanie w. [miqyAs. 

Gnomon, nd'mon, n. G. dhfip gnorl kA kAnfA, 
Gnost.e, nos'tik, ». G. gnostikos , from gignos - 
kein. to know, qadfu: ’IsAfon kA ek lirqa. 

Go, go, v. i. A.-S. gun. (move) jAnA, chain A, 
jumbish k. ; (walk) fahalnA, paidal chain A; 
(travel) safark., rawAna h., farAr b. ; (ad- 
vance) palinuclinA, bafhnA; (pass) guzarnA, 
bahnA; (follow) plcbhe b , yA chalnA ; (be- 
pregnant) bamila h. ; (be rclemed) AsAdh.; — 
about, (attempt) koshish k. ; (tack) hAth men 
1.; (walk about) fab InA, chakkar kbAnA;— 
abroad, (walk out) bihar hawA kbAnA; (go 
to foreign part;) pardesj.; (be published) 
shuhrat p. ; (to spread a mut) phailnA; to— 
across, (to traverse) pAr j.; — after, (to 
follow) pfchhA k., kisf pAs j. ; — agn In, (to start 
atn sli) mostrseh, pbir j. ; — against, (op- 
pose) birfcbilAf b. ; (be disagreeable) burA 
lagnA, nA-saz.iwar b. ; (go in contact with) 
fa.kkur khAnA; — ahead, (advance beyond) Age 
barh j.; (make progres b.yomi others) anron 
sesabqat le j. ; — alone, (walk without asso- 
ciates) a kel • i. along, (proceed) Age cbal- 
nA; i depart) chale j.;— among, (go in the 
midst of ) bleb men j. ; (have intercourse with) 
mel rakhnA; — aside, (deviite) gumrAhh. ; (to 
retro to & privite place! tanhAf yA fehilwat 
meg j. ; to— astern, ( io go backward ) pfchtie 

j. ; — astray, (wander) bbafaknA, gumrAhh.; 
—at, ( attack ) hamla k.; (attempt) koshish 

k. ; — away, (depart or vanish) chale j. ;— 
back, (return) p&iatj.; (recede) bat j.;— 
backwards, (retrograde) pfehh^ hat j. ; ghat 
j. ; — before, (precede) Agej., pable j.; — be- 
hind, (go at the hack of) prebbe j.; (follow 
after) pfebbe A., yA h. ; — between, (interpose), 
darmiyAnf h., sifdrisbf h.; beyond, (surpass) 
sabqat le j.;— by, (pass away unnoticed) 
darguzar k.; (keep as a rule) kisl bAt ko 
qA’ide ke muwAtiq k. ; (to elapse) guzarnA; 
(to be regulated by) ba-mAjib qA'ida k* 
mashhdr h. ; to give one the — hy. mu’taris h., 

parlies k M — down, (to disappear) gilt U. # 
fcbnA, kaith J.; (to receive a a true) 
each mil and ; (fall; sirafl; (ge below) oldie 

j. ; (descend) utarna, nf he j..; — for, (ma- 
terially couirib ae) oa-lthdbl h., yA d.; — first, 
pthit yA auwal h. ; — fur, (seek) dhflgltiuA; 
(to ba accepted; ma |bnl li. ; — fur nothing' 
(have do eff ct; he-fai ia h ; — ti for, gA .an 
yA k 11 wdliish-.uaud h. ; — forth, (brcoine ptio- 
Iic; ma.hhdr h. ; (to walk out; nikalna; — for- 
ward. Ase j.; (advance) taraqql k. ; — halves, 
(divide equally; b>n( I., nUf kil ‘'bank h ; — 
baud iu hanil with, (act amicably; Apas m-n 
mei rakliud; — hard with, (be subject to diffi 
cullies; muslikiiAt me a pIi/ig-mA; — home, 
( so to one's pi ice ) gbar j. ; ( strike effectively ) 
asar k. ; — ill with, (have tli-foriuue; bud-tia^fb 

k. ; (to be at variance; la 1 1 o jibad k. ; — in. 
(to enter) andarj., p» i( mA, sanAnA ; kb >vAU s 
k. ; fch.irldnA; — lutu, (take part i •) a arlk h. ; 
I to uave sexual with) ji-nA’ k.. 
mubAsiarat k. ; -iu and out. rndar b.ihar An .< 
j.; — near, — uigli, naz ilk A., yu j. ; — off, (go 
away, depart; jAuA; (die; maruA, bulni, 
bujhuii; (exp. ode) ufj.; (d.j^nt) chale j. ; 
(sell well; kutib bikrf h. ; (to succeed; k.iui 
yfib b. ; — off from, — off to, (depart) rawAu\ 
li. t t >rk k. ; — off with. (elope; ndtli i<> b.idgnA ; 
— ou^—on to. — on witii. -nu .v:» fils, age napli 
nfi, kiye j. ; —’s* way, apal rfl.ii I. ; — over 

(revolt; bigfi'vat k. ; (paw cv**r) gusaro.i; 
(oeru^e) partial, iibAz k- ; (to exa nine 
jugchnA ; (to c.ange sid/»s) badmnA; (goovv 
to ihe other side) dilsre mil j.;— out 
(depart) chile j. ; (issue loith) jflrf h . (b> 
extiuguisbed ) bujhnA . — partners, — sharers. 
(t>e in pariD'rship; rharlk b.; — round, gir 
phirnA; — thiough, (undergo) u(hi\u\; (per 
form) irtn; (penetra e) gnus j., tofuA ; — 
through with, (ex -cute thoroughly ; taiunr- 
Ukdf u(hau \ ; — together, ( act in concert I 
sharakit m*Q kim k.; iprowd iu company i 
sAih j. ; — under the name of, uius.ihilr h.. 
i’lAu k. ; — up. — up to, chdthuA upon, ( ak* 

as a principle ) kaf bAt ke inuw&Li | k. ; — up 
and down, fli»ar niche j., idbur udliar cuitluu 

E hiruA. — well witii, (improve the lane) laztz 
(give a better i*pp**araucf» ) seb d., zlna. 
b-klmuua; (onhaiice t!n» utility) zivAda mud i 
h. ; (prosper; kA uy.lo b. ; —with. *At!i chain i. 
muttitiq b. ; — with child, or — wiih y*#uiig. 
humila h. : — wltliout, (forego) chh if d., mr>. 
k.; — between, t. ko(nl. dallrtl, iihupvA, bicli-, darniyAil; — by, gd'bl, a. (Al-matoi. 
bahina ; to —off nt u tangent, taj turns k. ; to 
—the way o« ill/ dealt, lo — the way of .ill the 
earth, to— off like the mm IT of u can lie. 
(to die) maru i ; to -through lire and water 
for one, k isl k* live diq jai, tak If. yftzihmil 
u(uAhA; to— to the bad, biriiad h., dfw.-iliyi 
h.; to — lo great expense, bn lint kliureli k.; 
to — to the wall, (to tail) liAruA; < becoui - 
bankrupt) dlwAia ui'c lnA; — Ings-on. «. ( pro- 
ceedings) kAr rawAfAa ; — far, (go a great 
way) dur panunchiiA; (produce much effect i 
muassirb. ; as tilings — , or as the world — os, 
(as the custom is, us things are) jaisA dost dr 
hai, ma’imill taur par <*art, iark<>Q kocbuluA 
sikbAne kl gArf ; — about your business, apnA 
kAm karo, upue kAm se kA u mkim; liow do 
prices—? nir^li ky\ hai? to — in for, (to try 
lor) koshisb k.; to — mad, nihayat bf ^ h a Tfl 
b. ; pAgal n. I — naked, nmgA pliirnA ; to — 
one's way, apuA rAsta 1., yA paknrnA; Going 
gfi-iug, a. c lAl. tarfq ; (co irs? of life) chAi eba- 
lau; Golugs-out, a pi. klm cha. 

Goad, ”dd, a. A.* S gad. AqIcus. painA.Ar; — w.t. 

AQkus m., Ankus se cbalAu.l. [—with). 

Goal, gfil, »■ F. psu/e. (tin mark) ms'iAn. man- 
sii, ina isad. [s. narf, b krf kA eba n| a A ' 

.Goat, gftt, a. A.-S. gut. ba trA, bakrf ; — skin.! 
Gobble, «. U gap-gap k ulnA, lap-lap kbAuA, 

Goblet, n. F.gobelei. surAht piyAla,kAsa« 1 
Goblin, gob'iin, a. F. goblin, bnrtt, p . ret. 

Gud.gud, fad. Gar. gott, $ku<UU AllAb, 

T^AIA* Parmariiwart (falsa gods set up)afint, 
but child, god'ebllo, a. dbaram-betfi yA batf; 
— u.iUAhter, god'dawt'br, a. dhxram b*ff - 
dess, ». debt . — father, god'fA tb r, a. A -8. pad- 
fuder. dburam bAp ; — head, god'he l a. Bug. pod 
an i bead IyhudAf, ulflhiyat; — leas, a. tnalbid, 
kAlir, sbarf r ; — lessly, sharArat se; — easness,*. 
kufr, i bad;— -like, god' ilk, u. pAk ^hudArA;— 
likeness, ft. diudAri ; — 11 ness, a. dfudrf, tuqwA ; 
— ly, a. dlndAr, Kh dA-parasr, nek; — mother 
god'uiuth-Ar, ft. A.-S. gaa nodor, dharam mfltA ; 
— send, n. Khud'nlAd; — Son, a. dbarm-betA; 
— s right hand, Ivhadd kf ’adAlat ; — forbid, 
Shu < ifl na karo; by — , wallAh, if hud A qasnm; 
good — , subhAu AIIAh ; for — ’s sake. I£hadA 
ke wAsle; — ui. Kbu lA-tarsI se, dlndArl yi 
sacii il ke sdth — s, godx, a. pi. mfiruteg, 

Guggle, gogT. a. t. Scot, gogge . (to strain the 
ry -si AukbOQ kA tel nikAl.tA, ankheg pbAf ke 
d • xhuA. 

Gu'tl, gold, n. A.-S. sonA. tilA, sAbaran; (coin) 
a^brafl ; — loaf, ft. warq i t»lAl ; — a. sonnh A, Bo- 
ne kA ; — smith, «. sunAr.zar-gar, » AdnkAr. 
Gulden, gOid'n, a. souablA, soua irA, k id^sa;— 
a^e, aui-jug, samAna; — numbers, (num- 
ber wbkb shows the years of the mo <u’s cycle) 
V.aJ jo cbAud ke daur kA sAl butAtA hai; — 
rule, (the Christian rule) sona * 1 A qAnfin; 
(good rule) 'umdaqA’ida; — opportunity, ’urn - 
da uauqa*. [kishtl. 

■on.loia, gouMO-U, a. It. mor-pankh(. sair kf 
Gone, ftp. ui go. gay.l, guzrA ; (advance Oiaraqof- 
yaita ; (undone, lost; ban>A ', tabAh lost and 
— . gay A guzrA; in times — by, zarnAue sAbiq 
meg; — by, (p'w) giixasbta. 

Gonfalon, n. Fr. (an ensign) nMiAn, jhandA, 
G»»n :. g, i». die I, ghan(.A, gbafyAl, 
Goniometer, aG-uiom'ct-6r, ». G. goniu and met- 
ro/*. zAwiya "Apne kA ek Aia. [y‘n. 

(5ouo rhoea, gd-uord'u, w. siizAk, parmeo, jir- 
(iutul, go d, a. A. -8. god. Gei . gut, G. agatbot. 
(not >ad ) acbcbu.i, bbala, ^luib; (tit) l&iu, 
tbik, durust. ( wti ileso n - ) inulld; (virtuous) 
ui-k; (moral) sfida mi/.Aj ; (mild) ha Km; 

( great) UfA, hashiyfir, cbAIAk;( valid )snchchA; 
lo think— , msaud k. ; to keep—, ua bigAfufi, 
arli UhA raklinA; a— deal, bahut sA; — way 
oil, dur; — lor, (couvrn en«) munisib; (efl5-, 
Cirot ) lAiq; — ut, (ready) uiustaidd; — with, 
(suit ble) inunAsib; us — us, (virtually) kam 
nulifn, barAhar, rnuwAtiq ; as — as one's word, 
wafAd »r, sA/liq ul qiul;— ."or nothing, i worth- 
le«s)kis( kk i kA-nahfn, bbarAb, uik tra ; for — , 
h« ues ha ke lije; i*?ld or stand — , qAira r. ; 
m.ikc — . bb irtl k.; de id; pilrak- ; (establi h) 
qAim k ; — »». pi. uek log ; — ». ( not evil ) bhilAl; 
(pieiy) din Ifl rf ; (welfare) ^biinyat ; — fri- 
duy, Lfiftr.iI-dA, ». Mislb ke masluh hone kl 
yii l^A*l kA din; — luck, khii'di-aa'Kb ; — hum- 
oured, a. khush-tubj.’; — morning, n. or mt. 
aubli kA ailiin; — nature, n. mibrhAnl; — ua* 
tured, a. «ek-niynt, nek-tniza ; — breeding, 
khush-akhlA«i ;— will, ft. khair-khwAhf, 
niystl; iu — time, ttilk waqt meg; a — many, 
bahut se; a — deal, bahut kuehb ; — night, a. 
or ini. rAt ke waqt kA salAm; — ad. (well) 
kbiV»; — bye, ». or int. (God be with you) 
tyLhudA h'ifiz ; — fellow, ft. kbusb-raizAj, bhall- 
mAntis; — man, acbclihA y.\ bhalA Adml, sAhib 
i k .una, sUauhar ; — wife, gbar kl malika, jorfi ; 
— s, ft. pi. mAl ; — ness, ft. fchdbl, nekl, uekof, 
lutf, bhalAL 

Gimse. gfidc, n A.-S. got. bans, rfi jhans ; what a 
— he Ls, with k UA be ■ waqfif Adml hai ; a greea 
— , i a goo-se less than four month'/ old) chAr 
mAh 8e kam kA bans k \ bachcba; (a fool) be* 
waqrtf ; Gosiln?, gos' ing, ft, A.-S. go. a goose, 
a id termin >tiou ling, bans kA bacbcha, 

<.o »nr berry, uM i't>6 -i, n. goratborry. karanndA, 
mi mug le kA d irakbt. [da* 

Gordiiu, a. ( intricate, d'fficult) mushkil, peebf- 
Gore, gdr, v. t. A.-S. p*r. spear, bhonknA, sing 
m. ; — ft. A.-S. par. (gore) fcbrta, lahA. 

Gorge, gorj, ft. L. gurgeo. (the throat) gal A, ha- 
laq. narhhara; (neck of a pass) ghAg;— * A 


Bik bharoA, nigBlnfi. [— on,— 1 tod) kuchb clihofke; (something above the 

■ - . U ” _ ! A L AAm ATO/tf wnivht l rrtnt ffh fi f'l * t.n <IVM In 

(to riot) Bftkott Bik bharnA, nigalnA. i — o°»- 

Gorgeo^t, gor^uaf a!’ F°#<*/i**. ^splendid ) (to dye when the material is raw) aslf hAlat 

Gorilla, gor-il'a, a. mulk Afrfqa keek baps ban- men raaguA, T 

«iar Uqism jo oiwat e bkds-khwirl ke sabab Graiiilnlvorons, gra mln-iv'lr-ne. o. L. yrameo 

eb&ndftr, mnxaiyab, raunaq-dAr. exact weight) risk; ghftti ; to dye in tlie- 
li-o?, «. F. gorgia*. (splendid) (to dye when the material in raw) aslf hilt 

*iar kf qism jo tfiwat 9 k*aB-kawarl K® saoao 
ina .hhflrhai. _ a A 

Gurmaud, gor'mand. ». F. gourmund. (a glnt- 

uunuAira, |vi unuu. «. \ — m , 

ton) khAfl, petfl, bhakoanewdlrt i»c, gor - 
inaud-Ix, v.i. or t. F. gourmandue. (to eat 
greedily) be-intihd khAnA, nAk tak bharnA. 
bhakosnl, thOgsDA. »F*- Go r r ^ 8 HVuf at 
areedi'y. [tar, lahA lohAn. 

Gory, gflr'L*. (bloody) Ur-b.- 

and oorare, (living on grata) cherinla kfth- 
khor, ghAs khAnewAlt. 

gor'- Grammar, gram'mar, ft. F. grammaire. tart • 
► eat nabw, qft’ida; byfikarsn, tarf o uahw kf kitftb; 
ami, — Ian, a F gramnairo. qswrt’id-drtg. sarf-nahw 
; eat keqA’idon te wlqlfkAr, bvikarnf ; Grammatl- 
9hin. cal, a. bA-qA’ida, marbot; muwAfiq earf o 
r-ba- nahw ke. 

Gt^DcT cornel, a. A.-S. godspell. (glad tiding*) Granary, gran'ar-t, ft. L. grantm. (garner) tor 
khnah-khabart, Injfl; mangal samAchAr; (a bir-khAnn, galla-khAna, bakhArf, khatti, ko{ht 

khiwh-khabarf, ‘injfl; mangal eamAohAr ;(a 
doctrine) ta’if in ; — v.f. Injfl kf ta 11m d. t Ka- 
1Am Ilihf tikblini. _ „ 

Gossamer, gos'a-mftr, ft. O. Eng. goaomor. 

pa u dog ki rods; mtkrf kft patljl JAM. 

Gossip, gos'ip, ft. 1 A.-S. godubb. (idle talk) 
bar/.a ga rdf, kdeha-gardf, bchflda*gof t. t. 
bAt-chtt k. t gap-sbap k., Imrza-gof k.;— log, 
». barta-ga rdf, behftdagof, kilcha-gardf. 
Gothic, goth'ik, a. Gath logog ki ; ’iraArat banA- 
ne ki ek tarfq. . , , , , tl . 

bir-kbina, galla-khAna, bakhirf, khatti, kothf. 
Syn. Garner; corn 'house. 

Grand, grand, •. L. grand it. (great) bafi: 
(showy) numiiahf; (noble) 'umda; (old) 
qadfra. Syn. Magnificent ; snblime ; majestic ; 
— eur.grand'ftr, ». F. bafAf, busurgf, ’asmat, 
shAn o shaukat, jih o ja HI. 

Grandchild, gr* nd'chlid. ». duhlti ; (child by the 
boq) potA, potf ; (child by the daughter) oawi- 
sf, nitf, nabfra ; Granddaughter, grand'daw- 
tir, s. nawAsf. dheotf, potf. [arafr, ruka. 

Gouge, gowj, n. F. gouge, (a chisel with a round Grandee, cran-de', «. Sp. grande, (a nobleman), 
edge) rukhAnf, chlienf; — v. u rukhAnf se art- Grandfather, n. (father’s father) didi, jadd; 
rikhb. [ — out]. Aii; (mother’s father) ninA. 

Guard, gttOrd, n. U cucurbit a. laukf, knddfl. 
Gourmand, goOr'maugd, n. F. (a glutton) ha- 
wasf, peifl, khifl. 

Grandmother, a. (father's mother) did!; 
(mother’s mother) nfinf. 

Grandson, n. potfi, nawrtsA. [marraar. 

Gout, gout, » F. goatte, h. gutta , drop, naqris, Granite, gran'it. ». It. qranito. patthar, sa$g I 
bA'-rog, gatbiyA; — y, a. uaqrisl, naqris-iAr, Grant, grunt, *. t. Norm. F. grantor, deni, 

gathiyi kA raarf*. 

Govern, guv'Arn, e. t. F. gouverner. (direct) 
hidAyat k. ; (manage) intizAm k. : (swav) 
hakAmatk. ; (restrain) roknA, thAmhnA, sara- 
bbilni; (st?*r) khenA; — able, m. hukin-pizfr, 
hukm-bardir. Syn. Submissive; obedient;] 
control labl* ; — ment, n. hukilraat. bandobast, 
rij, hukmrAnt, ’irailf, sarkAr; — or, «. (one 

bikh^hni, farz k ; (to allow) qubftl k., toslfm 
k. ; — ». bakhshish, in’im, ’atiyn, dAn, hiba, 
jAgfr, fannin, sanal, parwina. Syn. Give; 
bestow; confer; allow; concede. [ — unto, 
— to] ee, n. mauhtlb ’ilnih ; din lenewili. 

Gi'anuie, n. dAna, raw A, resa; Granulate, 
grau'Q-lit, v. t dinadAr k.. khuraud bagdbnA, 
bhar A., nngflr A; Graunlatioii, n. uAna-dirf. 

who directs) li Akira; (bend of a state) ’Amil ; Grape, scrap, ». F. grappe. an .'Ar,*unnAb; 

(tutor) ustAd; Go ver nor-Genon 1, ft. 1A( 
aibib, nizimf, sAbedir; Governorship, n. 
■Abedirf. nizAmat ess, ». ustfinf. 

Gown, gown, ft. W gum. IabA la, jAma; a wo 
man’s — , sAyfi, lanhgA ; judge’s — , jubba. 

Grab, grab, v. t. & i. Ger grubben. iitapat L pa- 
kif 1. Syn. Snatch ; clutch ; seize. 

grip'shot, ». chharri; the— bring sour, (not 
good when not obtained) hitb naiyi, to ach- 
chhA kahAn ! 

Graphic, graC'ik, a. G. graphikot. buyAn-kanin- 

da, naql-kunAg, vv1*» J b, *''M?rvn # 


Grapnel, grap'ne!, n. F. grappin. chhoti langur. 

Grace, gris, n. F. L. gratia, (favour) ’iniyat, Grapple, grap'l, o. t. Diminutive of grak. pakag- 
tauffq; (pardon) mu’Aff; (honor) ’izzat; nA, girift k.. dhar pakar k. ; — with, (to contend 

(privilege) haqq; (kindness) mihrbAnf; (fa- with ) h rni ; to —with a question, (to in vesti« 

vourofGod) I^hudA kA fuz 1 : (natural excel- gnte, discuss) hall k., yA baba k. chi oiat, 

lence ) kbilbf ; (beaut ’) kbflhsAratf; (a ti le) nnkar, kushrf ; stkAo. 

ek kbitib; ( pi »iyor before tneal)khAne kf dn’A; Grasp, gra^p, v. t. Ger. grabbe ft. pakarni, girift 
(woman’s na te) ’nurut kA nAra; — v. t. Arista k., qahza k. [ — with] ; — ». qabza. puuja, girift, 

k., seb d., ArAish d., rannaq d.. sudhlrnA. f— pak i r. cliang ti ; — In?, a. (greedy) tAutf, lil« 

with] ; — ful. a. su-anui, ttrnhdAr, lat’f, nidi r. rhf. Syu. Avaricious ; covetious. 

(woman’s na te) ’nurut kA nAra; — v. t. Arista k., qahza k. [ — with] ; — ». qabza. puuja, girift, 
k., seb d., ArAish d., rannaq d.. sudhArnA. f— pak i r. cliang ti ; — In?, a. (greedy) timi’, iil« 

with]; — ful, a. su-anui, tarahdir, lat’f, nldir, rhf. Syu. Avaricious ; covetious. 

khnsh-adA. [ — in] ; — fu*noss, ». (elegance of Grass, gras, ». A.-S grat. chAs: — v t. gbit jam A* 
manner) saiAwat, lutf. malAhat, nfl, ghAs se chhipAni; not to allow tile— to 
tArf, su-d&u f ; — less, «. kam-bakht, ib' ir. had- grow under one’s feet, m tuqa' ko jfme na d« 

sAt, nA-kbtuf, marddd; Gracious, grt'shi-us, snarl na k. : —hopper, n. (iijdA, boL ankhpho* 

«. (kind) mihr An; (merciful) rahfra. Amurz- rA. gndhaill ?>Iot, ». mai’dAn, ghAs kA rani- 

gAr; (graceful) kbusb-atwAr, kbush-waaa’; dAn^abza-z ir:— y o. ghAs kA, ghA^dAr, purkAh. 

(c mdescending) halfrn. [—to]. Grate, grit, «. L. lohe kf jhnnjh-f. nngfthf. Atish- 

Grade, grid, ». L. grads*, (rank, degree) mar- dAn;— v. t. F. gratter. rag^nl, charcbarAnA. 

taba; (rise or fall of a railway) nasheb o Azlr d., hurAda k. Syn. Rub; scrape;— fuL 

far.'i*;— v.f.harawdr k.,barlbar k.: Grnda- a. L gratu*. ahukr-guzA r . ihslnmand. mnahkdr. 

tlon, gra-dt’shnn. ft. L. gradntio. ( order, series ) naraak-hnlAI. Syn. Thankful; acceptable; 

darja, tartfb, silsila. tadrfj, pAya; Gnulual, gratifying; delightful. [— to] fulness, ft. 

grad'A-al, ft. ba-tndrfj. dar.a bn darja, rafla kb^shf. kbu*h 'awArf, sbukr-gnzArf ; Grating, 

rafta, bote bote; Graduate, gradM-At, v. t. grAt'ing, a. sakht i ragur, ihogjhrf, katahrA. 

L. grudut. darjewdr taqsfm k., rafta rstf? G-itlfy, t>. t . Xj. grulut. and faoero. khnsh k., 
taiyAr k.; darj» ba-dtrje g izynA; kAlij se mahz'z k . bskhsta A, kbAtlrdlrf k„ nAz- 

laqab pAnA. [chirhnewAiA. banlArf k. Svn. Indulge; bumoor; please; 

Gradient, a. L, yrudiea* ba-tn*irfj clialue vrt delight. [— withl ; Gratification, n. khnshf: 

Graft, graft, ft. qulam, puwa 1; v t. qs's-n hnlla; Ig'.UMrJftrf, tafrfh, maqsad-Awarf, far- 

lagAnA. pHiwunl lag'n ». [— o h nf# [sent uient. 

Grail, grAI, ft. X*. grudua. (a book of offices in Gratis, grA'tis, ad. I*, rooft, yAfihf, bill ’iwaz, 
the Romish Ohurch) durtld-nl na, mu^Ajlt kf Gratitude, gra»'i-ta ft. L. grotut. shukrgusArf, 

S A, gadhaill 
fin, «abz>i -z it 

kitAb; (a cup, a chalice) pivAla. 

ihsfln-man If. nnm >k-hal1lf, shukr. 

Grain, grin, ft F. L.yru»tt»i. gaMa, anil, kanf, Gratuitous, gnWQ'it- is, a. L gratuitut. tkhtS* 

resa, sarra. resha ; against the — , til (A. reshe 
ke barkhflAf; (displeasing) marzf ke hsrkhilAf ; 
a rogue in — , jtgarf daglbAz; — v. t.‘ s.irra 
tern k.;— of allowance, (something remit- 

A. reshe yArf ; (free) muf', yflnhf, be-sit>AtS Gratuity, 
rkhilAf ; ft. in’Am, bakhshish, Tofiyat. 
t. s.irra Grave, grAv, v. t. F. prater, khodni, ktndt k. 
I remit- Syu. Engrave; carve; — §rof. (ditch) 



?&rh&; (tomb) qabr, gor, mazAr, madfan; 
.death) maut stone, qabr kA pattbar; 
—yard, qabristAn digger, qabr-kan, gor- 
:an:~ a. L .gravis, heavy, (solemn) s.-injfda, 
aud.ibMr; (low) nfeb; (important) zarArf, 
iya. Solemn; sober; serious; sedate; — ness, 
i. tabaminul, sanil lagl, Abistagf; Gravity, n 
.gravitas (weight) wazn, hojh; (heaviness) 
shArfpin; (seriousness) sanjMagf; (iirpo t- 
mce) zarArat; (lowness of sound) dbfraj ; 
force of attraction) knshish. 

Gr.ivel, ». F. gravclle. rang-reza, bAlfi, kaukaf, 
?eg; inaaAna, pathrl;— 1> t. kankar bichhAuA; 
oareshftn k. ; 14-jawAb k;— ly, a. kunkarllA, 

(iravllnio, grav'i-tAt, v.t. mAil k., jhukAnA, rujA* 
(to tend toward the centre) ma rkaz kf taraf 
ujd’ k. ; Gravitation, «. kashish yA qdwat 
jfiziba, mailan, jhu'ifto ; istarjfi’. 

Gravy, grfi'vi, n. A.-S. greoja. pot, W. crau, 
)Iood. yakbnl, pasAo, shorba 

Gray, gift, a. A.-S. grug. khAkf, kbAkistarf. si- 
/Ausufed, kabrft ; — n khAkistarf, bburA, kab- 
rA isli. a. kuchh khAkf, sivAh-sufed sA; — 
ilng, gr&'llng, n. ek qisni kf innchhlf jis kf pusht 
• bngal rup.'ihlo rang kc li * *te bain. 

fir ze, gr&z, v t. A".-S. gras an, (to feed on) 
ouarn.i, ghAs khAnfl. Grazier, it. cbarwAbA, 
illa-bdn. Grazing, n. cliurAf. 

fire ase, gr§*, n. F. graissc. (nnimal fat) charbl, 
cnikn&f ; — v. t. cliiknA k., chupnrnA. [ — with]. 
Greasy, a. (oily, unctuous) chiknft, charbfdAr, 

Grr »t, grftt, a. A.-S. L. grandis. (much) bahot, 
ubik; (violent) sakht, aha fd; (large) bar*; 
(wi le) cbaurA ; (chief) sardAr; khAss; (im- 
portant) zarArf, diArf; (proud) magrAr; (su- 
>erior) buztirg, ’ozfm, kabfr; — t, — In,— on 
lioshivAr; — with, (preprint) hAinila ; tiowso 
«*ver — , kitnA lif bafa ho; — cunt, labAda; — 
ueal, bahut sA: — re, kull; s.shrAf; — grand- 
son, n. par-potA; par-uAtl; — ness, n. b.fAf. 
mofAf. jaoAm&t ; (rank) buzurgf, ’azmar, fazf- 
lftt, ziyAd itf. 'f' At, shiddat, jAh o jnlAl; (po- 
wer) tawangarf. 

Grecian, gre'slian, n. YAuAnf. nhl-i-YAnAn. 

Grocd. n. mar-bhukkA-nan, *hauq : — y, grfcd'i, a. 
A.-S gndig. marblrikkA, lAladif. harfs, tAmi’ ; 
— in css. re. mar-bhukkApati, lAlacb; lobb ; hirs. 
Syn. Ravenousness; voracity; eagerness; 
avid ty. 

Greek. grfik, n. YfiuAnl. 

Green, gr£ , a. A.-S. grene. harA, sabz, sar-sahz, 
tAza, tar-o-tA^a ; ( new ) nayA ; ( not dry ) gflA, 
tar; (not seasoned) kacbehA. khAm ». sab%. 
sahza, barer! ; — pi. konpalen, harAsAg. tarkA- 
rf, sa^zf: — v, t. sabz rags rangnA, harA k, — 
plgeuu, haryal; quite — , a. sabz, kAlif; — 
barley, khwid ; a light — , pistaf ; — eyed, ar- 
saq ebawbrn, kanjA ; — isli, o. sab/I mAil , — ness, 
«. snbzl, tAsagaf, nA-pufchtagf. 

Greet, grit, v, t. A.-S. gretan. salAra k. [ — with] . 
Syn. Salute; welcome; bail; — ing, n. salAm, 
tnslfm, bandagf. 

Grenade, gri-nid, a. F. grenade, bam kA gola. 
Grenadier, gren-a-dSr, n. lambA jawAn, pi- 
yAda, nipAbl. (tftzl kuttA, sbikArf kuttA. 

Grey onnd, grA'houud, n. A -S. grig , and hand. 

Gr ef. grif, a. F. & D. (sorrow) gem, alara, mA- 
ram; (regret) afsos; (pain) dard, dukh, kul- 
fat, taklff; (grievance) Rakhtf; to come to 
— ph*t J*» ranj men mubtilA h. Syn. Affl : c- 
tion; sorrow, distress; sadness. Grieve, grev, 
v. t. gam d. yA satAnfi, bezAr k., gam khAnA, 
afsos k., ronA, kalapnA ; Grievous, a. dard- 
rengez, g tm-nAk, sakht, sbadfd, ranj-dih, taklff- 
«iih; Grievance, n. (affliction) sakht!, tak- 
llf;zulm, jabr, shiddat; bojh. Syn. Burden, 
»ppression ; hn rdship ; trouble. [ bAb k. 

Grill gril,r. t, F •grillcr. bhrtnnA, biryAn k., ka- 

Grlm, grim, o. A.-S. grim, (hideous) zisht-rfl, 
durusht, rauhfb, hftlbatnAk, tursh-rd. 

Grimace, gri-mAs', «. F. from A.-S. grim, munh- 
banAo, bandar-bhflo, khfs. 

Grime, grim, n. A.-S. hryme. soot. mailA, kdrA, 
kbAk v, t, mailA k., Aldda k-. dAg lagAnA ; 

Grimy, a. (duty, foal) mailt, fchartb. [— 


Grin, grin, v. i. A.-S grinnian . (to open tho 
mouth, to show the teeth) kbfs nikAlnA, dAnt 
nikAlnA, dAnt pfsnA n. kbfsjl 

Grind, gilnd, t?. t. A.-S. grindan. (break or rob 
down) bAntnA; (sharpen) sftn dharnA, bAyh 
rakhnfl ; (smooth) chiknftnA; (grate) ragnfnA, 
pfsnA, buknA ; — away, ( keep on grinding) pfsnA 
yA kisf kAm par mnsta’idd r. ; — against, ragar- 
nA; — down, (wear down) ragar ke utArnfl, 
pfsi A, b ;knA ; (oppress) zultn k. ; — off, utArnA, 
imtibAn ke liye taiyAr k. ; (sharpen) sAn rakb- 
nA, tez k. the pour, satAnA. [ — up] ; — er, n. 
pfsan-hArA; (back tooth) dArh;chakkf; (for 
spices) battft, lofuA; — stone, n. sang-i-fishAg, 
chakkf, AsyA. sil. 

Grip, grip, n. Ger. griff , Den. greb.( grasp) pa kaf, 
girift ; — v. t. (to grasp) pakafnA, girift k. I — 

Gripe, grip, v. t. A.-S. gripan . pakafnA, hAth so 
girift k., nochnA; (the belly) morornA, pechlsh 
k.; — re. (grasp)pakar: (clutch )giraft; (pin h) 
nocb ; (squeeze) dabAo; (distress) taklff; 

( press) dabAo ; Griping, ti. nechish, maro^A. 

Grisly, griz'Ji, u. A.-S. grialio . (frightful) khauf- 
nfik, haibat-nAk, mnhfb. 

Grist, grist, a. A.-S. grist, (grain carried to the 
mill at one time) pisAf, gbAn. 

Gristle, gris'l, n. A.-S. griatl. (cartilage) kurrf, 
chabuf yA murmur! hreddf ; Gristly, <». kurkurf, 

Grit, g-ii, n. A.-S. grytt. (coarse part of meal) 
kanf, laliyA; (sand or gravel) kirkir, reg,saqg- 
reza : ( resolution )istiq!Alf ; — ty, a. kirkirfi, kis- 
kisA ; ( rosolnie) mustaqil ; — tlness, n, khis hi- 
sAhat,; — v. i. kirk rAnA, kiskNAnA. 

Grizzle, g« iz'l, n. F. gris. (g ay) siyAh sufed, 
rnngTIA, khdbgflrat. [ — at]. 

Groan, grdn, v. i. A.-S. grunian. (morn) karftb- 
na. Ah mfrnA, kAnkhnA; — under, (beoppress« 
ed) mazldra h. taklff meg h.;— n. Ah o zArf, 
nAia; — ing, n. Ah o zArf, n i la. 

Gro-it, grawt, re. D. groot. ek sikka Jis kf qfmat 
qarfh pnunp tfn Ane k«* botf hai. 

Grocer, grO'Hgr. ». grosser. baniyA, pansArf, dfl- 
kAn-dAr ; — y, n. p kirunA. 

Grog, groi, n sharabanr pAnf kf Amezisbf sha- 
rAh ; — shop, n. sharAb kf ddkAn. 

Groin, n. IcpI. grtin. ianghAsA, chad<JhA. 

Groom, grCdin. ». D. grom , A.-S. gumt ». sAfs, 
naukar; bride—, dulhA : — v. t. charft A. 

Groove, grbSv', n. A.-S. grof. jauf, nAlf, sdrAkb, 
khAn ; — v. t. to furrow) jauf k , fehandAnAb., 
char k yA b. 

Grope, gr5p, v. %. A.-S. gropiun. (to feel one’s 
wav) t«to!n . tonA, to to ke cbainA. 

Gross, grds. a F. gros. (bulky) jasf n; (coarse) 
mot A; (not pure)gaifz, makrAb, fuhasb ;(dull) 
sust; (whole) kull; — n. bArab darjnn; maj- 
mfl’a, kull, tamAm, sab, nksar; in the — , k ill 
kc khiyAl se ; — n. by the — , bArab d irjan kar- 

Grotesque, grO-tesk', a. F. grotto . AdhA tftar 
AdhA bater; — n. do- rang! sbakl. Syn. Fantas- 
tic; fanciful; odd; — ness, n. do-rangf, 'ajfb 
sbakl. [bujra, sard-kbAna, kunj. 

Grotto, grot'td, n. F. grotte. (a c vern) gosha. 

Ground, ground, n. A.-S &Ger. grand, (enrth) 
mittf: (soil, land)dliartl, znmln; (foundation) 
jar, a»l, bunyAd ; (field) maidAn, khet ; (colour 
first put on) pablArang; (reason) wujh: — pi. 
bAg; (principles) qA’ide; (dregs) talchbat; 
kuddrat ; — v. t. zaoifn par rakhnA ; bunyAd 4* • 
(instruct) zihn-nisbfn k., pdrA k. ; to gain — , 
fige barhnA; fAMa hAsil k.; gAlib A., jftnA; 
to give — , (to recede) pfcbhe hafnA, manqa* 
d. ; to lose — , hatnA, hAruA, maglAb b. [ — on,— 
upon]; — less, a. be-bunyAd, be-subAt, jbAtb; 
—plan, n. z&mfn kA naqsba ; — plot, n. knrsf •— 
rent, n. zamfu kA klrAya ; — work, n. asl, bun- 

Group, griidp, n. F. groupe . (assemblage) maj- 

I ' ma*, jbund, bhf f. bujAm v. t. F. grouper, tar- 
tfb se jama* k. 

Groase, gro^s, ». Gone, jagg lf-murg. 




Grove, grdv, ». >.-S. graf . rflste par sAye ke Uye 
Grovc^f * %Ace\*oru}a. (to be prone) reggna* 

•asasm'**-. '»\ra r* 

nft. taraqql k. ;— to, (to attain to) bar hk>ir pa 
huQchn&, q k. np.— to*Plhc r . “* lk » r 
barhnfl : — uii or upon, hflwl h., — up, # bafA n., 
taraqql k . barhnft. Syn. Enlarge; increase, 
MgmSit. I -to] ;-n-up, «. WIIdu 
grow#-' ver,) barhfl bflfl, bharA, boa , tn, 
giotla n. bafhtl, rMdagl, taraqql, hflsi), paidA- 

Qrowl, growl, v. i. D. grollen. (to sl J^ r 4 " 

nfi, kifkupinft. [—at] a.gurrftbat; tartarA- 

Grufe/g/ub,' v. i. Go. yroban. (to dig) sninTn 
kiiodnA; u begjbhtkh mflngnfl; — n. (worm) 
ghun. kt : (foo ) kbftnft.. 

Grudge, gruj, v. t. G. grudsem. kina r., klinns r.. 
khusAmatr. ; — n. klua, ’adftwat, ia*dik, dush- 
manl. Syn. Aversion ; dislike ; ill-will ; bpite; 

Gruel. griW'el, n. A -S. 9 rut. raflnr, flail. 

Gruff, gruf, tf. D. jrof. duru^ht. tursli, s^kbt. 
tund ; — ness, (harshness, uncivil ) sa kin I, tundl, 
tursnf. Syn. Rough ; churlish ; rude. 
Grumble, rum bl, v. i. D. gronmen. (murmur) 
k rkurftnfl, bafbapiQa, garajm'i ; — r, n bhaj*- 
bhapi.vA, kukupftnAnewAlA ; Grumbling, n. 
kufkurub^t, gunguo iha(, barba 

Grunt, v. i. A.-S grunan. gurrAnA, ghur gbur k. ; 
— ing, a. (a deep, guttural sound, as of a liog; 
fliur ghur. 

Gun no. gwfl' 5 , n. Sp. (manure) pAns, gulfs. 
Guarantee. gfli'antfl, »». (want t) ss--i <n n. ki- 
f I, zimmadflr, zamAnat-uflmn ; — v. t. F garan 
tir. zumin h., hifAzit k., zimmuddr b. [ — 
agai.s.]; Guarantor, giir'an- tor, n. zflraiu, 
inuhAfiz. [ — for]; Guaranty, ». zamAnnt, 

ziiam»dArf, kafAlat. 

Guard, gflrd, v. t. F. gnrder. (ward) hifAzat k. ; 
(watch) nigahbAnl k. ; (protect) hacuAtri; 
(adorn) firasta k. ; (bind) bAnlhnfl; — ». 
(defence) himAyat; (body of nen; nigabbAn, 
ehaukldar, gArad;( railing )k:itahrA, munderl. 
to — against, bachAna, boshiyfir r. ; — «. pi. 
hainrahf ke kbflss sipAhl, gArad; — ». mubfluz. 
nigihhflu, pahradflr, santrl; dhfll, Ar. *. — oil, 
a. uiahfiiz, nigdh-d.ishta, ma’qftl, chnukns, 
hosliiyar ; — ian, giird'i-an, «. F. gardien. ninfo. 
hutiz, hAmf, uiguiibAu, sar-parast, amftnatdflr, 
mu rabbi; — angel, muhAtiz tirisbtu, muwakkil, 
f azlz nigabbAn ; — «. liAfiz, inuhflfi/.; — lausliip. 
n. iuuhAiizat, amlnf, nigahbAnl, sarparastf. 
Guava, gwfl'va, n, Sp. guuyaba. amrfld, safrl. 
Gudgeon, guj'un, ». (a small Iresh water 
iisb) ek chhoti machhll; (a person easily 
cheated) gflwdL 

‘viicrdon, gflr'dun, n. F. guerdon, (recompense) 
•mrAwiza, badla; (reward) sjr, jazA. 

Guerrilla, gSr-ril'lu, ». Sp. he-im tfb laffif. 

U ucss, ges, v. t . D. gissen. qiyfls k., gumfln k., 
biljhnA. Syn. Conjecture; surmise; think; 
suspect; — a. qiyfls, a(kal ; a mere — , afckal 
pachchu jawAb; by — , qiyAsnn, atkal se. [ — 
at]. [stranger. mihmAu, bfihnrwfllfl. 

Guest, gest, ». A.-S. gest, G », gusts, L. host is 
Guide!, gld, v . t. F. g aider . (to direct > rahnu id! 
k., hidflyat k., dikhlAnA, rAh batlAnA; — n. rah- 
numfl, rah- bur, peshrau. [ — to]. Guid nee, 

». (direction) hidflyat, rahnumfll, irsh&d, 

Guild, gild, n. A.-S. gild, (a corporation) firqa, 
jamfl’at, guroh; — hall, n. inajlis-khflna, ma- 

Guile, gll, n. A.-S. wile, (duplicity) hfla, makr, 
tar b, dagflbflzl; — ful, a. (deceitful) fareol, 
lilla-bflz, fitratf, makkflr; — less, a. (artle s, 
honest) sachchl, sldh.t, be-makr, be-riyfl; — 
lessness, n. (artlessness) sacbAf, rustf, sfldagl. 
Guillotine, girio-ien, n. F. sir kfltne kl kai. 

Guilt, gilt, n. A.-S. gylt. (crime, o.leuce) guuflb, 
khatu, chdk, qusQr; — less, a. (innocent) be- 1 

gunflh, mubarrs bholfl bk tlA, stdhA sflda,nir« 
dokh f ; — y, a. laujr&m, qusfirwflr, kkaifl-k&r; 
pflnf. [ — of]. 

Guinea, pin'i, n. From Quine*, in AMca. 
angrezf ashraff jis kl qfmat qarlb sA|he pand- 
ran.rupaehoti h i, gi.inl. 

Guise, ala. n. F. guise, (manner) taur, tarfqa, 
sflrai, sb kl; (dross) po hflk. libds, b-^n.lo, 
bhes ; ( custom) d isiAr. Syn. Custom ; mode; 

Guitar, ge-tttr', n. G kithnr*. sitflr. 

Gulf, gulf, n. F. golfc. khailj, koi, k md, elrdflb. 
Gull, gull, 0. t. D ku'len. (to cheat) tba^nfl, 
gadhA b. n. W gwylnn haglfl; (trick, 
fraud) dbokl, ja'I, chhal, fareb, dagfl; (dupe). 
ah<na u gadhfl. 

Gullet, gul'et, n. F goulet. halq. galfl, narkbara. 
Gully, gul'i.n. nAlfl. 

Gulp, gulp, n. t. D. gulpen. nigalnfl, Ifl f„ phflak- 
nA, gaf k. ; to — up, ugainA. [— down] . — n . 
gbfin(, uiw^la. 

Gum, gu n, n. A.-S gomi. gond, lflsfi: mncflffl; 
— v. t. <• hi -kau 1, <or » •» kichfinfl my, a. las- 
Insfi, gon i ^A, chip-chipfl. 

Gun, gun, ». bandflq, top; sure as a — , (quite 
certain) ya jlnan : son o; a — , bad n’A-'i ; lie Is — w ih nashtiflr Ad of hai; sp te the 
— , (mik powerless) nA-ta ,at k.; — ner, n. 
golnn laz, topchf; — po.rder. n <Aru», bA'fid : — 
s »ut, n. goh ka t'ippA; — stock, n. tMudCiq kfl 
kun a; — ny, n. Lliud. gon.orguni tH* [w>ir. 
Gurge. n. ]j gu gr.s. (a wb rlpool) girdfili, bbng- 
Gurgle, gur’gl, v. t Ger. gurgela. bhafbhaplke 
bn bn A. 

Gusli, gu^h, v. i. A.-S. geotan. ph't nik»ilnA;— 
n. dhaplh ifflbat, jbikorA, jbok. [ — from,— 

Gust, gust, n. L. gust us, (tast'i) zAiqa, Ijzznt: 
— n. Ice . gustr. (a s-iddur blast of win )bawft 
kA jkonkA: (bur -t of passion) josh, ga bn, 
turn 1 nehn, dbnkkA. [nikAInrt, sAf k. 

Gut. n. Gt*r. Icuttel. flnt, nntff, ro.Jo ; — v. t. Ant 
Gutta-percha. gutVpfl' h'n, n. jaz.'iir Malay ko 
ok darn kill kA ’arq yfl aou-l. 

Gutter, gut # fir. n. F gout fir re. mulirf, parnfll.l, 
n.lblin . — v. t. mulr i !>., no If khudnA. 

C.uttiiral, gut'fir-al, a. (01 tho throat) Inrf i 
ha qf, kanthnst . 

Gu/.zlc, guz'l, v. i. A modification of gut(to swal- 
low greedily) nigr nu, blmkos A, pet bli a rnA. • 
Gynumstics, jim-nas'tiks, n sing, fau i ku-btl 
yA warzish wag; Gymnastics I, i m-naVt le- 
al, «. warzish yA kasrat ke mnta’allhi ; Gym- 
iiusluin, jirn-na'si-um, n. L. akhflrfl, kushtf- 
gah : mad rasa. 

Gypsum, jip'stnn, n . L. d’*At. 

Gyrate, ji'rat, v. i. !.. gyrnre. (to move spirally) 
ghAmrui. Syn. Rotate ; revolve ; whirl ; turn 
round; Gyration, jl-rA'shun, n. (rotation) 
gardisb ; dauf. 


II, ach, AngrezT liurAf i tahajjf ka flthwflg har£ 
hai, chunk- yih harf ba-taur sirhi vA jhari ke 
mu Vim partA Iip, is liye is ko ’IbiAnf men 
hath yA Cheih, jis ke ma’no jhari ke ham, kahte 

H'i, hfl, int. wAh wflh, ii wflh, nkhkhfl.lifl hfl. 

Habcus-corpus, hA'be-as-kor'pus, n. I*, (a writ 
to bring a party before a court or judg», e«pc- 
cially. one to inquire into the cause* of a per- 
son’s imprisonment or detention by another) 
ek parwAna jis sc rinid-khAne ke»g:i ko 
qaidf ke kachahrf m *g hAzir kanie kfl bukui 
•niltA hai. 

Haberdasher, hab'flr-dash-fir, n. A.-S. hnbr kir 
das. (retailer of cloth and s nail wares) bisfltf, 
patwA, pflrche-wAIA, reza-farosh. 

Habiliment, ha-biri-ment, n. F. Kubilleincnt. 
(aarment, clothing) noshfl... libfls. 

Habit, hab'it, ». L. habitus, (dress) libfls, banflo, 
poshAk; (grab) waza’; (state) liflint; (cus- 
tom) dastflr; (temperament) tabl’at, kbfl, 
miz ij, qfl’ida, ma mfll ; (woman’s riding dress) 
’aura tog kl sawArf kf poshAk. Syn. Afodej 



aftnoer; wij; style;— able, bab'it-a-bl, a. L. I Hammock, h.;m'uk, tt. Sp. hamaca. jahdzf khd£, 
habitare , to dwell, (fit for residence) rabne ke t’invfl had pacing. 

lftiq ; rabne jog; — nation, n sukdnat, raaqdra, Hamper, a. Sanaper. (shackle) be|f; (large 
ghar, maskan; — nal, ha'bit', a. ma ', basket; lekrd; — v. 1. b-*rfd. v uljhdnd, atkdnd, 
ma’aiflll, dastflr ke muwdfiq, ras nf, Vidl. [— roknft, (okre meQ rskhud. 
to]. Syu. Customary; ustiul; common; ac- Hamstring, hi m's ring, a. par; Much, 
eustomed ;— note, v. t. kbd ’ddf k. ; abby&s Hand, a. A.-S. hand, lcel. hand, Go. Aandui. 
k., parking, sadbgng. . hath, dasi ; (index or pointer of a clo. k) eflf; 

Hack hak, v. t. A.-S. Atrocea. (to notch) khu- (workman) kdrfgar; (penmanship) likhfif, 

tsrng, iukre tnkrc k.;(tospeak with liesita- kit.ibat; (skill) hunar; (possession) qabsa, 

tion) pis o posh barke bolnd; (hire) kirAya pgs; — v. t. (give) denfi; (co-operate) sgthd.; 

k. ; — n. (notch, a cut) khandgna, targsh, luk- (guide) rgti batdud: — to mouth, jitnf gmad 

nat;— n. F*. haque klrde k& ghofd y&ggff; — utnd kbarch: at— , (near) nasdfk; on nil — s, 
(hired ) bird ye kg. to fall into the — s of, qfibfl men g j. ; to lend a 

Hackney, h ik'i>8, a. F. haqaenee, kirftje kg gho- — , mailed <1.; clean— s, be-gundb, b«»-’aib ; — 

(4 yA g.if.\* kasbf, rundf ; — o. kirdyed&r ; k&sbl ; to — , dast-ba-dast ; bdihoQ hgth ; shadld lafdf ; 

— ed, bak'nfid, a. musta’mal. jfiiz. i>* — , sgthsgth; — over — , jaidl se; heavy — , 

Hades, h&'Jez. n, G. (the habitation of the dead) z Im, zabar last! ; — s off, hgth mat Inggo, al:ig 
’glam i-arw&h. ho jdo ; laying on of — s, makhsus k. ; on — , 

Haft, haft, n. A.-S. haft, dasta, qabza. maujrtd : slack — , sustl; strict — , rlabgo; to 

Hag. hag, a. A.-S. hages. bad-sfl rat, bu^hl'&u- bear or lend a — , ma ad cl. ; to chauge — s, 

rat, cbn rail, jgddgarnf. t mdiik badalng; to clap — s, tfllf bajflnA; to 

Haggard, a. F. hug ird (ragged looking) maild come to — , pahunchnd ; to have a -in, shnrfk 

kuc.idilg: (wld) waushf, dublg, diiggir, Id- h.; to have In — .ihAth meQ h., qabzc men h.; 

gar; — eyes, khduf dnithen. to have one’s — sfull, bahutkgm h. ; to his — , 

Haggle, hag'l, v. t. llag. kftt-hdt k. ; — about, to my — , taiydr h.; to lift or put forth the — s 

jhanih-ifk. ; Haggling, n kd{?-k(H, Lak-buk. against, zulm k. ; strike — s, qaul o qarrtr k. ; 

Hall, h&l, » A.-S. hagai , hagel. ola, zbdla, pat- to take in — , shurG’ k. ; to wash the — s of. 

thar;— v. t. sal.'uu yd sdhib saldmat k. ; — int. barlr.; under the — of, dastfchatt se; by the 

mubgrakb ,d ; — stone, n. ola, patthar. — of, ba-wastle bill, «. isbtihgr; — breadth, 

Hair, hftr, n. A.-S. har. bdl, kes, pashm; split n. do bglisht kd chaufd ; — only, daretf,cliakkf ; 
— « ( nukta-chlul k. ; not worth a — , nd-cbfz, — down, (to transmit ) irsdl k ; — only, dead; 

nika nra.i, be-kdm; to a — , thlk (Ulk ; —breadth — round, ( pass round ) ghumd d.;— over head, 

escape, (narrow escape ) gfat ya fcharflbf men (negligently) ld-parwdlse; imposition of — s, 

pafnesezard hi sd bach j.; — y, a. bdl-ddr, bdl (ordination) makhsfiaiyat; at no — , (on no 

sg, psslimf. account) hargiz ualifn; open — , (liberal) fai- 

Halbcrd, ual'bfird, ». F. haUcbarde. eanrftsd, yflz ; to be — and glove, (to be very intimate) 

Hale, hdl, a. A.-S. hal. (sound) bhald-chan^d, bafl dostfpaidg k. ; kliala’ mala’ k. ; to bring 
taudiirust, up by the — , hdth se khilg ke nAlnd; to try at 

Hilf, hdf, n. A.-S. healf. ddhg, nisf;— «. nisf, second — , purgnf cblz kharfang; to join— s, 

gdh 'i; — ad. nisid-uisr, gdbon-ddh ; — blood. gpas men ra Ike k. ; ek dll h., muttafiq h. ; in — , 

bif'biud, n. sauteld; — caste, do-nasld; — bred, hithmenh., inaujdd h. ; to kiss the — , h;Uh 

do-nnsl.i ; — pay, hdf'pd, n. gihf tankb 7dh, nisi chAmnA ; ( to adore) nibdyat hf piydr yd ’izzat 

ojrat; — penny, hdt'pen-i, a. chArpgf kd sikka • k. ; to be on the — s, be-masraf h. ; to strike 

— way, hiif'wd, ad. adli-blch, blch o bfch ; — — s, wa’da k.. dusro ke liye zdmin h. ; off—, 

wittc I, hdf'wii*e I, o. kain-’aql ; — yearly, liftf' jaldf se, be- oche samihe ; to set the — to, hath 

yir-li, a. chhandhf, shashmghf; Halve, hfiv. logdnd ; to put thr — to or lay — s on. pukarnd; 

S. t. From half, bir&bar bisse men caqsim k., Handle, haud'l, v. t. A.-S hundlian. hdth 

gdhoQgdhk; Halves, lid vs, n. pi. of half, nisid- lagAnd, chbdnd. chlioroA, tong, chilling ; pa- 

nisfl* ddhon-gdh; to go halves, (to Lave an kapnA, be-tarah pesh d. v mu’gmala k.. baygn 

equal share in ; nisf 1., gdhe g these gsm khdng; k. ; to give a — to, (furnish an occasion) 

to cry halves, burgbar hissR chdhud. [machlilf aaauqa’d.; — a. dasta, bent, qabza. [pabinflnd. 

Halibut, h ri-but, a. D. helbut. ek qism kf Handcuff, n. (manacle) hat b-ka pi ; — v.f.hath- 
Hall, bawl, n. A.-S. heall dAldn, t>drgdli, aiwdn. kafl 
Byn. Vestibule ; entry : court ; passage. flandful, •. muttbf bhar, pssar bhar, tnord. 

Hallelujah, mi I- i-Ittci'ya, a. and int. H. halal H uullcraft, n. (work performed by the hand) 
and jak. ( p ai>e ve Jehowah) al-hnmd-Uilgh. dast-kg-f, kgrfgarf. hlrfat, hunar. 
hallfi iyAh, l^budg kl ta’rff. Handiness, a. dast-kArf; tezdastf, kgrfgarf. 

Halloo, bai-KK)', v. i. V. haler, husk'irng on, Syn. Dexterity ; readiness. 

(encourage with shouts) w.'h wgfa k. ; — after. Handkerchief, hand'kSr-chif. a. From hand 
cnilldnA; — a. hulkgr; — int. leho-lebo. and kerohief. rdmfil, aQ^auehhg. 

Hallow, hnl'0. e. t. A.-S halig. (to make holy, Handmaid, ». laumjf, sahelf, kanfz. 

to consecrate ) muqaddas k., pdk k. Handsome, hnnd'snm, a. D. hand-tanm. (skil* 

Hallucination, hal-iQ-'do-d'sbun. n. L. hallucin - ful Jhuoar-mand ;( beautiful )kbdbsflrat, basin, 

ari. (error, minake) galntf, bbdl, ka.i-f ih nf. khusfmumg, shakfl; (graceful) latff ; (liberal) 

Halo, hl'IO, a. F. halo. G. halos, (a lumi noil cir- faiydz; — salary, achchhf tankwgh, Syn. 

cle round the sun or moon) bdla, manual, kun- Good-looking; becoming; appropriate;— neu, 

()al. «. khtibsiiiatf ; khush-waqtf. 

Halt, hswlt, a. i A.-S. haltinn. (stop) tbnhamA : Handspike, hand'splk, a. chob, lakff, hatthd. 
(limp) laQ?f And; (falter) pas o pesn k. [ — at]: H ndwriting, n. iikhdf, dast-khatt, hdth kd 
—a. langfg; — n. nanzil, maqd n; larjg; luknai ; likhnd. 

— -lug, n. lags; Ink nat. nang, v. t. A.-S. hangan. (suspend) latkgng, 

Halter, hawlt'gr, a. A.-S halfter. dugll, tasina, mu allaq k. ; ( to kill by suspending from a rope 

rassl.dorf, ph-isrl, agdjrt, bgg-^nr. round the neck) phdQsf d ; (cover the walls) 

Halyard, hal'y&rd, a. From hale or haul , and dlwArog par laggng; (dangle) jhulgng; — 

yard, bddb&n dnclid yl nfchd karin* kl rassf. about, (loiter about )be-fgida ghdmng, phirng ; 

Ham, bam, a. A.-S. ham. rgn; kfila, putted; — back, (hold bvk)pfchher., bdqf r. down, 

(thigh of a hog cured by salting and stnokiug) (suspend I la tkdng; (lean over) jhukgng out, 

■uwar kd namkfn gosht. (expose to view ) bdhar la(kAnd;— on,— upon, 

Haines, hflmz, n. Celt. cam. kdQtd. (adhere to ) qdhn r., sgth r„ lage r. ; to — by a 

Hamlet, a A -S. ham. kherd, purl, bastl, chhotu thread, besabdt h. ; to — on the lips, words, 

ggQw, purwg. etc., maftdn h., shaidd h., kaldm o b&t kd dshiq 

Hammer, a. A.-S. hamer. hathaufg, mogrf; — v.t, h; — over, (be suspended) latakng; (hover) 

thogknd* mftrnd;— at, (labour at) kdoi meQ raandldnd; — to, — together, '(cliog) lagg r. ; 

iutig;— out, (beat flat) chaurd. k. into, — up, (suspend) iathdud; — lire, (be slow in 

(din intol magi mop ghuse^nd. taking effect! der ae& chhfl t n flj — ur-an, a. 

dAman-gfr, lagA-UptA. muft-khor;— lug, 
phAgsi;— pi. parda, dlwArgir. JhAlar,;---F*r- 
den, bAg jo chhat par bo;— man, ». ialjAd, 


angk, a. Dan.. Teel, haaki. lachchhl .#e- 
_ t. t. D. &•«£ raa. barf khwAbisu k., 
bar! ArsAk.;— in*, a. bayA abauq, ba fi khwA- 

Hap, bap, n. Icel. Kapp. (chance, fate) ittifAq, 
qiamat. Syn. Chance; fortune^ fatej loj;—- 


■««», n. bad-uaslb, kam-’b * kht, nA-khush. Syn, 
Luckless ; unfortouate ; unlucky ; unhappy. 
Happen, bap'n, a. •. BnK. b«P. wAql h.. A WnA, 
bo j.;— on,— to, (meet with) A p-fnA, wAql 

nippy”*.- 1 (blCTted ) mabicik ; ( soecewf ul ) i Mm- 
rAn ; (delighted) mahzfiz, maarflr, kbuah-dil , 
(lucky) khusb-nasfb; Happiness, ft. kbu- 
abt, AsAdagl, sukh,ftrftm;s » a at ; kbush-waqtf. 
Harangue, hur-rang', ». F. harangue, (sp ech, 
an oration) bayftn, kalAm, iu|;h!iu; — v. t«zu- 
bAnf baj in k., wa’s I k. [—on,— upon]. 

Harass, hir'af, «. t. F. haranor. ( worry )satAuft, 
'Ajisk., kbijAuA, tagg k., azlyatd.; (weary) 
thakAnfi. _ . . 

Harbinger, hAr'bin-ittr, a. Qer. ha rberger. (a 
fore-runner) mnqaddam, agwA, pesh-rau, rah- 

Harbour, hAr'bAr, ». A.-S. hereberp o. bandar 
fAh; — v. t. (lodge) jagah d., tikAnA ; (shel- 
ter) panfihd.; (entertain) mibiuAn-dArl k. 
Hard, hArd, o. A.-S. heard, (not soft) sakbt, 
aangln;( solid) thoa: (difficult) mushkil, dusta- 
wAr; (severe) ahadld, kaUar, zAlim; (unfeel- 
ing) be-rahm ; (containing s*»lt) k*Arf; — 
dated, a. aakht-dast, lAlachl, kaujfls fought, 
0. (vigorously contested) ha(*f v6 bli »rl 
se jltA hGA; — got, a. (obtained with lab ur 
and pains) gAfbf katnAf kil ; — lieuded, a. 
(shrewd, intelligent) Aqil, fahfm, d»iuA. bod»i- 
yAr; — hearted, a. (cruel, pitile-a) sagg-dil, 
he- tars; — mouthed, a. munb-zor, btd-ia&Am, 
aarkaah; — ware, n. (ware made of m^tal ) lobe 
kebartanwg. en, hird'n, «. t. A.-S. Aeardiun. 
(to indurate) sakht k., masbflt l'., pokMak. 
be adab k.. gust* kb k.; — the neck, magrA yfi 
gardan-kash lionA; — cued, a. safbt, karft ; be 
tara, be-rahm;— eulog, ». kafA k.;— ness, n. 
aakhtl, dushwArl, sagg-dill; juz-rasl ; — ship 
». (aevere labour) sakbt mibnat; (grievance) 
ran j, musfbat, takllf, aakbtf ; (injury) nuqsAu, 
tett v, bard'i, a. A.-S. heardian. (bold) 
aiier; (daring) JAg-bAz; (strong) shah-so , 
maabAt; ( earkash, magrA; — ineas, 
n. aakhtl, jurat, dilerf, shokhf, •• azbi'nl. 

Hardihood, Iiard'i-liMd, ft. Eng. hardy and the 
termination hood, (boldness, intrepidity) 
jurat, bauAdurl, tawAnAt. Syn. Intrepidity; 
courage; stoutness; audacity. 

Hare, hAr, a. A.-S. hara, kbargosh, chaugarA, 
kbnrhA; nruab; burj; — brained. liAr'brA >d, 
a. (wild, giddy) bAolA, kAfmagz Up, Qpar ka 
boQth. [vam. 

Harem, hA'rem, ». A. Kara n. maball-sarA, ha- 

Hark, o. t. From htarkan. (to listen, used only 
in the imperative) suunA, kAn dharnA. 

Harlequin, bAr'lft twin, a. F. (a merry-andrew) 
masknarA, bhAgd. tamAsha-gir. 

Harlot, hAr- lot, n. From bora/ef, A.-S. Kyrrian 
randl, chhiuAl, kasbl, f Ahisba ’aurat ; to play 
the — , chhinAIA k. 

Harm, kirm, n. A.-S. beam, (hurt) cho{; 
(damage) uuqsAn.I/A, rsnj; gazaud, takllf ; 
ahakkA; (misfortune) Afat; (wickedness) 
buril- [ — to] o. t. nuqsAn k., UkUf d.. satA- 
aA. Syu. Injure; hurt; daratge; — lul, a. 
(injurious) musir, subAn, siyAu-kAr. [ — to] ; 
—leas, a. hbolA, sldbA, be-gunAh. Syn. Inof- 
fensive; innocent; — leasneas, a. ma'sQmiyat, 
be-gunAhl; ue-nuqsAnt. 

Harmony, a. Q. Karmonia. IA1, me/, «ur, fchush- 
AwAzl; (agreement) oiuwAHqat, ittiUAd. Syn. 
Me ody ; Hiirmouloua, hAr-mA'ni-us, a. mu- 
wAfiq, barAbar, eksfig, bara-fthagg; Harmoui- 
eal, hAr-mon'ik-al, a. (relating to music) md- 
Hqf ka aMte'aUi^ ham-Abaig. tkaAft ” 

list, a. rAg 1 ,, mugannf, mutrib; Harmonize, a 
t. muwAiiq k,, eksAp k., eur o*ilAuA, ham- 
AbHQg k., inilAnA. 

Haruead, bAr'ne- , n. W. harnai*. sAz sAmAn, 
auraujAm ; — v. t. kasnA, tuiy r k. 

Harp, bArp, n. A S. kanrpe. cimn^, barbat, bln, 
kingrf. murebu^g; — v. t, chagg bajnnft, chalA 
j. on the same chord, e« bf sur baj'inA, 
wuhf bit phi r pliirke kabn i; — er, n. ‘barbat- 
nawAz, bfu-kiV ; — lug, n. ri(au; chang siizl. 
Harpoon, hAr-poTm', n, F. h'irpon. barclmf, bal- - 
lam; — e. t. ba chid m. ( s hikrtr k. w. kuttA. 
Harrier, liar'i-6r, n. From Aare. kbargosh kA 
Harrow, bAr'6, a. A -S. hynoe. uirAwan, htg^A; 
— v. t, A.-S hyrician. irAwan pb<*rnA ; satAuA ; 
— up, (tear up) tor d., pbar i).; — ing, a. 
(he irt-br*‘Sking i Hi I pAsit pAsb k. w. 

Harry. bAr'i, v. t. A.-S. her ian. (to harass, to 
plunder i satAnA, lGtnA. 

Harsh, liAt-sh, a. Ge . harich, I) hacrsch. hoarm, 
(rough to the touch) kluina; (rough to the 
ear) kurA ; (severe ) -ak-it, n -giwAr; (cab- 
bed) hi rsh-mi A } (bitter) talk h, Icnfw A. Syn.' 
Severe; sour; hitter; rude; — ness, n, sakbtf, 
duruautf, tnlklif, ui-t •rashfdagf. Syn. Acri- 
mwuy ; roughness ; RiermiHRs. [turig. 

Hart, tiA t, n. A.-S. heart. bArahsinghA. h ran. 
Harvest, liAr've t. n. A.-S- harfeat. kharlf, dirau, 
fasl, bisil , — v. t. kAtnA. fnsl jrma* k. 

Hash, hash, v. t. F. hacher. Kn r. hack, qfma k., 
pAra pAra k.. ( u k ;e tukfe kar d. , — n. qfma; (of 
vegetables) bh irifi, saghlmttA.* 

Hasp, hasp, n. A.* S. haapa. knrf, zn ijlr. 

Haste, hA-t. »• Ger. hast, jaldl, tezf. ntAolt, *uj- 
lat ; t ie mure — the less speed, utAolA so 
hAolA y.A d .frA kA-ti rah tcAnf, h rAb kdm sLiai- 
tAnl;— -n, bAs'n, v. t . (to expedite) jaldi k., 
sliitAbf k., dauplriA. cbalauA . — uff, — away, — 
out, jaldl j.; — buck, iald pala( iA— d »wn, 
jald utarnA; — through, jald k.; Hasty, a. 
UtAolA, jald-blz; (ra<h) tund kbo; (quick) 
iald, ■ e-lihAz; « eager) mushtAq, 

Hut, bat, n. A.-S. hat. (oi»f, kuiAh; sardArf;— 
ter. kulAb-farosh. tonf b mine vA bechuewAlA. 
Hatch, bach, v. t. Ger. hecken, send, ande ni- 
kAlnA: (co itrive) tadbfr k.; be under the — 
cs, taklfT yA gulAuif men h.; — up, (plot) sAzish 
k. ; — n jin! ; — n. A.-S. htvea. eknn(A darwAza. 
Halchci, hudi'et, n. F. h ichcttv. kulhAri,; 
tu bury the — , sulk k. ; take up the — , jagg 
b. ; throw t ie — , (tell falsehoods) jbA(h boi- 
nA ; dii up the — , (commence war) jagg sha- 
rd’ k. 

flatcuway, bach'wa, a. darwAza, jharoka. 

Hate. hAt, f. t. A. S. hutian. (to dislike greatly ) 
sakbt nafrat rakbnsi ; (enmity) dusbmnnt k. ; 

— a. (great dislike or aversion, hatred) sakht 
dushmnnl. nafrat ; — fill, a nafrutf, klnawar; 

— fulness, n. kfua, nafrat, uu*bmanf; Hat- 
red, ft. sakbt nafrat, karAbiyat; (enmity) 
dusbroanf. [ — of 1 . 

Haughty, a. F. hint, L.altun. (proud, arrogant), 
magrflr, ghamuuijf, A ankuif. magrA, ijbfth. 

Haul, biwl, v. t. F. h<ilcr. k .fndinA, glaasffnA, 
ainchuA ; — nt, — alou khfgcbnA ; — down, nl- 
ciie k.;— ufl, (get off) kbfgcbnA; — n. igch 
Khalit, khlnch. 

Haunch, ha wash n. F. hanche. putthA, picbbAff. 
Hiunt, bawnt, ». t. F. hanter. Acuado raft k., AuA 
jAiiA ; — a. Amad o raft kf j igah, (haur,. baserA, 
add A. thikAnA. 

Have, bav, v. t. A.-S. habban. (possess) rakhu A, 
honA, pAs h. ; (obt-iin) hAsil k., leuA, nikAlnA, 
uthAuA, qu’iAl k. at, (attack) hamla k 
away, (remove) le j. ; — buck, (obtain ia 
return) wfipas 1. ; — d »wn, (have in ready 
money) naqd rrtpiya 1. ; — in. (got in) andar 
jama k. ; — hold, (clasp) p.ikafl.; (possess) 
pda r. au eye, (to look to) dekhte r. ;— * 
great inlntl, — In one’s eyo. — in view, (Intend, 
ilesigu)irAda k., — J*othing to do with, (avoid) 
’aUbida k.;— on one s shoulders, kAr chalA- 
nA. lijArat It.; — the heart In the mouth, 
(frigliteued) daruA; — at tlic end of one's 
Fa Upa hifa yAd k.:-— otbff 


fish to fry, aur yd dOsrft kAtn karoe ko h. ; — 
oat, (obtain) nikftll.; (get from) *bAsil k. 
on, (west) pah i mi a ; — under, (control) ifch- 
tiyAr men h.; — with, (have in company )sharlk 
h. ;— -a care, (take care ) fchabardArl k. ; — had, 
(be obtained) mil saknA; would — , (desire to 
nave) chAbnA; sliuulu — , (ought to have) 
chAuiye;-— the better of— tlie upper hand, 
sabqatfe j.;— or lead a charmed life. sahflli 
yat Ice sAtb zindagl bnsar k., khatre ke der- 
miyAn bhf khishr.; — clean hinds, be-gunfth 
r. ; — one's eye upon a thing, an eye to a 
tiling, khwuii h k. taU sli k., d liy.m k ; — » 
thing at one’s finger ends, jAnuA, khfib wAqif 
h., nok-i-zu'idn h.; — a hand or voice in a 
thing, — a Anger, punw ar&nA, barlk h., hi sa 
dAr h. ;— one's hands full. bahut kAm li. ; — to 
do a thing, majbftr k. ; — a true or right ring, 
ktinrd b.; — a tur.i for, mAii h., ragib n. 

Haven, hav'n, n. A -8. hnJen, (a place of safety) 
ban lar, baudargAh. 

Haversack, ». G<t. hobersaok, thaill, khurjf. 

Havoc, hav'uk, » W. hufog. barbAdf, n» stl, wlrA- 
nt, labAhl; — v. t. (waste) barbAd k., nest k., 
wlrAn k. [baghdia; — v. t. ruk ruk ke bolnA 

Haw, a. rukdwaV i knUin; ( kitchen garden) 

Hawk. Irnwk, n. A.-S. hafoc , bA/, jurra: — v. i. 
bAz kAshikftr kheluA; (to cough, to force up 
phlegm with noise) /or so khukhftrnA y& khAns 
nft ; — v. t. Ger hoken. (to sell by outcry ) pnkar 
kebecImA; — eyed, tez uigAh ; — er, hawk'Sr, n. 
pukAr kar beeline w., pherf w. : — lug, n. bAz kA 
shikAr; pherl kl sndA yA boll ; khankhur. 

Hawser, haivz'Ar, n. ok bare langar kA rassA. 

Hay, hft, ft. A.-S. heg. srtkhl ghAs. 

Hazard, haz'&rd, n. F. haaard. audesha, chintA, 
waswAs, shakk; (risk) khatr.i; (chance) itti- 
fAq; (venture) hirnmal; (game) jilA, qirnAr- 
bAzf, barjft, tAli’-AzniAf, — r. t. k ha tie men 
dAlnA. Syn. Danger; risk; chance; to run 
the — , khatre men dAlnA. Syn. Venture: 
risk; peril; endanger; — ous, a. khnlar-nAk, jf 
mAr, sail par kA ; Syn. Perilous; 
dangerous ; bold ; daring ; risky. 

Haze, hiz, n. Armor, aez. (fog) kuhrA, kuhAsa; 
Hazy, a. (misty, cloudy) dhuodhlA, tarfk; 
Haziness, hAz'l-ness, n. diiundh'Ahat, t.irlkl. 

Hazel, bA'zl, n. A.-S hasel. ok qisin kA darakht ; 
(light-brown colour) halkA b ftrA rang. 

He. hA, pron. A.-S. he, fein. heo , wuli, usne; 
His, hiz, pron. A.-S. hia or hya. us ka, is kA ; 
of — •, us kA; Him, pr. A.-S. use, us ko ; Him- 
self, pr. us ke tain, use khud; by — , ftp hi, 

Head, bed, ». A.-S. heafud. air; (brain) diraftg; 
(understanding) zihu ; (chief) ^ardar ; (spring) 
■a rehash mu, sirA, muni ;(au individual) nnfar, 
Adml; (front) sftmhuft; (blade of an axe) 
phal; (upper part of a bed) sirhftnft; (crisis) 
hadd darja ; ( power) qftwat ; — s, n. pi [ princi- 
ples of a discourse) asl yA IjM^s mazmftn : — 
v. t. (lead) rah-numftl k. ; (originate) fjftdk.; 
forma— % pukbta h. ; (oppose) ikhtilAf k. ; — 
a. sardAr; (superior) a’ld; over — and ears, 
(total) sarAsar, sarftpfl, bftl bAl; get a — , 
(to gain power) tAqat p.; — up, sire par 
pahugchnA ; make — , or make — against, kfim- 
yAbf se moqAbala k.; lay — s together, milke 
•oebnA; — and shoulders, (by force) znbur- 
dastf se; ueittaer— nor tall, (incomplete) be 
sir pair; come to a—, (ripen) paknA; give 
one the — , (let go control) us kl rfth par chhof 
d*; bundle one out — and heels, bilkull boriyA 
badhnA sanMt nikAl d.; turn the — , inuph 
phernA down, chhfigtni, kAtnA: — off, AgA 
rsknA; you have hit the null on the—, turn 
us bAt pakar II, turn bAt jAn gae; make—, 
bayktl k.,gAlib A., Age barhnft ; make — against, 
fakkar mArnA, raukhAlifat k. ; ; — ache, h~d'- 
Ak, n. dard i sar;— band, ft. sarband ; — dress, 
ited'dres, n. sarband, (opt yA pagff;— quar- 
ters, >\dar; — Iness, s. jaldl, be sabrl, hatf; 
bt-lihAzf ; — log, w. sirA, aarn ma, pesbAnl ; — 
less, «*.( beheaded )sar-burida, sar-katA, be-sar, 

i wanting sense) be-’oql; (rash) ujadd. Syn. 
Mtteauvt; negligent; careless ; — long, hed'- 

long, ad. sar ke bhal, ekAek, M-gahAn, be-JibAsf 
se;— a. bo tadbfr, sar-nigiln, bc-lihAz:— 
strong, a. (s ,f- willed) sarka^h, munh-sor, 
siddl, gustAkh. dhlfb, shokh way, hso'wA, ». 
taraqql, baihtf. 

Heal, bel, v, t. A -S, halan. (make well ) cbangA 
k.; (grow wen) achchliA h.; (reconcile) rAzI 
k ; (cure) shii'A d.: (forgive) gui.Ah ’uffl k. 

He 1th. n. A.-S. hnldh. (stite of >eing healed) 
whilst; (so n mess of body) taudurustl, 
h:h iriyui; Ipur.ty) pftkfzagf; (wi h of hap- 
piness in drink ng) tandurustf kA jAm; fn 
gond— , zauq si.iuq se, ^hair o ’Aiiyat si*;— 
ful,o. bhalA chnngA, tindurust ; nirog; ArAm- 
diu; — y, a. Iiha A chnngA. tandurust, sahfho 
sAli n, .ftzngf-bakhsli. Syn. Vigorous; sound; 
hale; salubrious. 

Heap, uep, n. A.-S. heap, Ger. haufe. bhlf bhAr, 
tftda, dhi*r; — v. t. dher k. ; — up, jama’ k., ikat- 
tbA k. 

Hear, her, v. t. A.-S. heran , Ice!, heyra. Ger. 
horen. niiudA, istiraft’ k., kAn dharnA, dhiyAn 
k. ; — from, (receive ale ter)khabar p. out, 
(hear to the end) sab sun mi ; — n bird sing, 
poslifda khabar pAna; — as a hog in the har- 
vest, (to hear and not pay attention )be-tawaj- 
juhl se sunni, ek kftn se suunft aurdftstese 
uikftl d. ; — er, n. sunnewAIA, shinawA; — ken, 
hiii k’n, v . ». A.-S. hereniun, Ger. horen. ( listen) 
kan lagAk' sunnA, sarg ehl k.; (attend) mu- 
tawajjihh.; (make to hear) sunwAnA ; (obey) 
mftnnA ; to — okit, talAsh k. Syn. Listen; 
attend ; hear ; — say, her' a, n. (fame)shubrat; 
(rumour, report) sunf-sunAl l>At. 

Hearse, h8rs, ». Ger. hirsch. rnnrde kl gAfl. 

Heart, htt rt, n A.-S. hcorte. Icel. hiartu. Ger. 

, herz. allied to L. cor, cordis , G. kardia. (inner or 
vital part) <iil, khAtir, bAcin, andar; (middle) 
bl«.h, darmiyAn; (spirit, courrge) jigur, dilerf; 

( memory ) hAtizn, A.d ; (core) magz ; a heavy 
— , nfsos kf hAiat ;at — , asl rm n ; to He at the 
— , dil men paithuA ; lose — , be-uil h. ; lake — , 
diler h., liimmat pakarnA; by — , bar-zubAn: 
lake or say to — , (be much affected) m nasal r 
h., a z- hadd ranjlda h. ; break ttic— of, dil 
toinA; find In the — , khfttir men !AnA;have 
tlic — In a nut shell, (be very penurious, mean- 
spirited or cowardly) buz-dil h., darpok h. ; 
have the — in tlic mouth, bahut qar j.;set 
tnc — at rest, dil-jama’I r., be-qaritr na h.; 
speak to one’s — , tasalll d. ; set the— on, 
shauq raklinA, cliAhuA; (centre) blch, darrai- 
yan : (courage) dilerf; ( memory ) hafiza ; with 
— and hand, M-saro chashm, sir Ankh«>n se, 
dil o janse; — .iche. bArt'ak, n. dardidi!; — 
broken, I>art'bt6k-cn, a. dil-shikasta ; — burn, 
n. sozish i dil ; — rending, a. dard-nAk; — less, 
s. be- dil, be-rahm ; — y, h&rt'i, dil-soz.sar-garm, 
musta’i d, mufarrih, tandurust. Syn. Sin- 
cere; warm; cordial; earnest; vigorous; 
sound ; healthy. 

Hearth, hArth, n. A.-S. heordh , Ger. herd, 
ground, aitnr. chftlhA, alAo, Atash-dAn. 

Heat, het, n. A.-S. hate, Icel. hita , Ger. Kitze , L. 
CB8tu8. garml. tapish, tapak, harArat, dhftp, 
josh; (passion) Atash-mizAjf; — v, t, garro k., 
josh men lflnA, jalAnA, Ag k. ; — Ing, hfit'ing, a. 
g&rm, garml d. w. [wfrdnA, jangal. 

Heath, hAth, n. A.-S. Uadh. ek qism kA darakht; 

Heathen, hA'rHn, n. A.-S. haahen, but-parast, 
mushrik, kAfir; — a. but-parast; — dom.bfi'THn- 
dum, n. but-parastoQ kft mulk; — ish, ft. but- 
parast, wahshl, be-rahm, nA-sbAista, inimbrik, 
kAfir ; — ism, a. but-jmrasti, kufr, shirk. ^ 

Heave. h§v, v. t. A.-S. hefnn. (shove) dhakelnA; 
(rise) uthnA; (raise) othAnA, ubhArn i, bhar- 
nA; (puff) phftlnA, sftjnA; — ft. ^hakel; (lift) 
uthAo; (swell) sftjan; — ahead, (force a ves- 
sel ahead) khenA;— down, ek taraf phenk iA; 
—oat,— over, pheqUnA; (unfurl) kno nA, 
tidheruA; — up, ch iO(*nA, dar-guzurk., wiiTrAg 
k ; — insight, nazar AnA, dikhlAI papnA; — a. 
kashish, Ah i sard, Ah i sfna, dhapk, ubak. 

Heaven, hev'n, n. A.-S. lieofon. AsmAu, bihisht, 
baikimth; — s, suhhAn AIIAh, II A hi ; — born, 
hev’a'born, e. bihisht I, jannatf;— ly, hev'n-li* 


i, Asmftni, bihishtf, baikunthf,— se ; 

minded, a. rAbAnf mizAj. M $Ih kA mizAj , — 

ward. a. A ad. asm An kf ramf. 

Heavy, Iiev'i, a. A.-S hefig, hufa, from gefan, 
hebban. lift, heave. (weighty) waznf; (sail) 
udAs; (burdensome) hfaArl; (drowsy ) nlndA- 
■A ; (sluggi h ) su-Jt ; (difficult) inu hkil; (loud) 
bbArl with, (pregnant) himila; (weary) 
thakA;— ad. (with weight )bliArf-pn n se, wasnf 
taur •» * — laden, a. :abe hfle;— heart. inust- 
bat-z«Ja • Heaviness, n. wazn, bhArlpan ; 
**11811, ud A si. g mgfnf, ah' H«t, snkiitl. 

Hebrew, he' rdo, a. I. ehher. ’IbrAnl. YabA if, 
pur An! zubAn;— a. ’IbrAnl; Hebraism, hS* 
brft*izm. a. ’IbrAnl n ih iwira. 

Hecatomb, h »k'a-ti>o n, a. G. hekaton and bous. 

sail lAnog kfqurbi 1. _ . 

Hector, he 'tftr, a. From hector, a Troian wir- 
rior. (bally) bar-b >iu, shekhf*bAz v. t, sbe- 
khl m„ baf m., diqq k. . 

Hedge, hej, a. A.-S. hege. kAnton kf jh)ff V. t. 
bar lagAnA, ihAta bflndhuA ; — burn, kara-asl, 
jig kl waldiyat k:\ pata na ho;— in, ghernft, 
ihAta k.; — up, (block up) rokn.l, band k. ; — 
loss, a. be Ar, be-jhAfl. 

Hedgehog, hej'hog, n s»Ahf, IcMr-pusht. 

Heed, h£d, v. t. A.-S. hedan. (attend to) dhiyAn 
k. ; mAnnA, khabardAr h.; — n. dhiyAn, lihAz. 
gaur, khabnrdArl, iltifAt. Syn. Care; cau- 
tion ; attention ; observation ; — fill, a. (attent- 
ive) hoshiyAr, muttnwajjih; — less, a. (care- 
less) gAfil, be-fikr, be-khabar; — lessness, n. 

gaflat, be parwAf. 

llcel, bei, w. A-S. hel. eff ; kAntA ; — v. t. erf 
lagAnA, kAn(A lagAnA; (dance) nAchnA; go- 
over head, sir ke bhal girnA, bahut tezl se j. ; 
neck and— s, (entirely) bil ,ull, jar. mdl, sar- 
tA-pA; be at — s of one, (to nttend clo ely) 
sAth lag) r. ; be out at — s. ( lie worn out ) abtar 
hAlatmen h., muliis h., jAtA r. : cool the — s, 
(wait or keep in attendance) hAzir r., sAth r.. 

thaharnA; show the — s, take to the — s, (run 
away) bhugnA, chi moat h.: walk— over head, 
pairon kosar par rakhkar < halnA. ia'd chainfl ; 
have the — s, pesh-qadaml k. ; lay by the — s, 
nA ba-zanjtr k. 

Heft, heft, ». From Eng. heave. charhAo. 

Hegira, hS-jl'm, n. A. hidjrut. san'i hijrl, hijrat. 

Heifer, hef'fir, n. A -S. heahjore. kalor, bachhiyA. 

iielgh-ho, Ui'ho. int. oho, allAh allAh. 

Height, hit. n. A.-S. henhdho. bulundf, flnrhfif, 
tekrA, cho(f, martaba ; ha Id, karaAl ; taraqqf; 
dU/.y — , bahut buland ki jahAn se, yA jin ki 
taraf nigah dAinese sar chakk r kh.iwe; — en, 
v. t. AncbA ki, buland k., taraqql d., ziyAda k., 

Heinous. hAn'us, a. F. haineux. (great, enorm- 
ous) kabfr, shadld; (odious) zabrtn, s'lkht. 
Syn. Enoruio is; excessive; great ; atrocious. 

Heir, ftr, n. L. hares. wAris, haqqdAr, mu^tahaq ; 
— v. t. wAris h. apparent, Ar-ap-pA'rent, a. 
wall-’ahd; — loom, n. Eng. heir f and A.-S. 
Iowa. juswf ess, ar'es, ». wArisa, zan i haqq- 

Hell, hel, n. A.-S. dozafeh. jahannum ; narak ; — 
bound, a. dozikh k( taraf mAil ; jAA-khAnn ; 
go to—, bhAr men jAo; play — , qiyAraat barpA 
k.; — Ish, dozakhl, jahannaml, narakl. 

Hellenic, a. YAnAnf. 

Helm, helm, n. A.-S. lielma . patwAr, sukkAn ; — 
sman. belmz'man, n. raAnjhf. snkkungfr. 

Helmet a. A.-S. helm, khod, mngfur, ton. 

Help, help. v. t. A.-S. lielpun. ( remedy ) chAra- 
sAzlk. ; (cure) chnggA k. ; (assist) raadad d., 
■anbhAlnA, tbAghnA ; (relievo) chhurAnA; (for- 
bear ) hardAsht k. ; — along — forward,— out, — 
off, — on, — over, — through, — up, (and along) 
madad d.. madad kiye j. ; — to, (assist at 
table) khAnAbAatnl; — ». (aid) madad; (re- 
medy) MlAi mate, ». madadgAr, sAthl, h i ra- 
dar!: jorft ; you cannot— It, this cannot be 
— ed, is kA kuchh chAra nahfn. Syn. Asdst ;. 
succour; relieve; aid; serve; — er, w. raadad- 
gAr, ns ora id, rau’Awln, yAr; — ful, a. mumid, 
mu’Awin, inadadgAr; — fulness, n. madad; fAl- 
da-aandl;— leas, «, be-chAra, lAchAr, be-maq* 

dttr, babas. Syn. Feeble; weak; irremedU 
able; — lessness, n. be-chAragf, lAchAragf, be- 
maqdflrl, ’Ajizf. [mlHh. 

Helve, helv, n. A-S. hel/: kulhArf kA uasta. 
Hem, he n, n. A.-S. raagzl. saujAf ; — v. t, saujAf 
1., magzl I. ; — In, — round, gber 1.;— out, ma’- 
zAr r„ b ind r , roknA. 

Hemisphere, hem'is fer. n. G. hemi and sphaira* 
nisf il ’arz; llcinlsplierlcal, hem-is-CAr'ik-al, 
nisf ul ’arz ke mutu’nl iq. 

Hemistich, h’ui'i -t k, a. G hemi and e’ichos, 
. m -ir'a ; tuk, clnran. 

Hemlock, be n' ok, n. A.-S. hemle&o. ( plant ) 
sta'ik An ; (pnisou ) zahr 

Hemorrhage, hera'or-aj, ». G haima and rcya- 
unni. (flux of blool) naksfr, jiriyAn i kb in; 
rudhi -parbih [rccin. (piles) hawAslr. 

FTemorrhofds, hern'or-oid-*, n. pi. G. haima and 
Hemp, hemu, a. A-S. hieiep. sun; pafcvvA; 

cb iAI ; — seed, homi»'**ed, ... s n kA bfj. 

Hen, hpQ, a. A.-S. murgf ; — coup, hen'Koop, a. 
CApA; — pecked, heu'pekt, «. zan mu Id; *»trl 
sikh ; — roust, »*. he I'rdosr, b scr kf jagah. 
Hence, hen , ad. O Eng. hennen. A .-& he*na. 
yahAn e, ah se, is wAste, is liye, is sababse, 
lihAzA. pas; — forth, ad. abac, Avanda;— for- 
ward, ad. ab se, is waqtse. Ayanda, Age, ba*d 
is ke. [(attendant) innknr. 

Hone lima i, hensh-man, n — for hauaehman. 
Heptagon, hep'ta gon, n. G. hepta an I gonia, 
haft- lablil, muaahba', sat-konA, haft gudia. 
Hc.itangular, he *-tang'g&-l6r, a. G hepta and 
En angular, haft-pahlfld >r, sAt kone-dAr. 
Heptarchy, bcp'iAr ki. n G. hepta and arche. 

ek ratiik mon sit bA IshAhon kf hukAm it. 

Iler, u6r, pron. & a. O Eng. hir , A.-S. hire, us 
kA, us ko, u-i se, us ’aur it ko; — pron. us kA, 
us ’aurat kA, apnA : — self, h6r-*elf, p< on. us ke 
tafn, apne tafn ; by herself, tanhA. nkell. 
Herald, liAr'a d, n. F. heraut . (an officer whose - 
business is to carry messages net ween princes 
and to regulate all matters and public cere- 
monies) elchf : (proclairaer)dhi dhoriyA, man- 
nAd, raunAdl, hatkAra; — v. t. khabar d., raanA- 
ilf k. 

Herb. 6rb, hgrb, ». L. herba. nabAtAt. jar. da- 
rakht, bfitf, sAg. ghA -uAt; — ^age, 6rb'Ag, ». 
(grass, pasture ) ghAs pAt, sabza, n.ib&tAt. 
Herbarium, Arb-ar'i-um, ». L. herb*, (a collec- 
tion of dried pi :int$.)Hfikhedar;ikhton kA jhund. 
Herbivorous, 6rb-iv'ar-us, a. L. herba and 
vorare (grass eater) ghAs khAnewAlA. 
Herculean, hdr-kQ'l£-an, a. L. herculeus. (very 
great) bahut barA; (exc edingly powerful) 
nihAynt hf zorAwur yA mazbfit; (dangerous) 
klntar-nAk; (difficult) mushkil. 

Herd, hfird, » A.-S. heord. ( crowd iblilr ; (collec- 
tion) jaraAo; (bo ly of cattle) galla; — v. i.gol 
phirnA, jhund jhund PhirnA, gol bAndhuA;— 
smau, n. charwAhA, gallabAn, plsbAn, 

Here, hSr, ad. A. S., Icel, her. y.ihAn. is jagab, 
idhar, is taraf; — and there, yahAn wnhAn, 
idhar udhar; — about, kahln, yabln; — after, 
h5r-aft'6r, ad. ba’d is ke, raiii-ba’d; — at. is 
par, is men, is se; — ». hAI kf hllat men; — in, 
h$r- n', nil. is mea; — by, hfcr-bT, ad. is par, is 
meSh 1® se. 

Hereditary, hS-red'i-tR'ri, «. F. hereditaire. 
maurAsf, bapantf, naslf, AbAf. Syn. Ancestral; 
patrimonial; inheritable. 

Heresy, hSr'i-si, a. G. huireiU. khHAf ta’IIm, 
bld’at, ilhAd, kufr; Heretic, n. k A fir; Here- 
tical, a. kufr kA. 

Hereto, or Hereunto, b§r't$b, ad. yahAn tak. 
Heretofore, ad. p. shtar, A :e, gab l is waqt ke, 
sAbiq men. [waqt, hamvAh is ke. 

Herewith, ~ hSr-with, ad. is ke sAth, bain, usf 
Heritage, he 'it-Aj. a. Mrs, mfrAs, bapantf, birt. 
Hermaphrodite, her-maf'rO-dit, n. L. Hermaph - 
roditus. hi irA, mukhannas, kbunsA; (animal), 
Akbta bail yA ghorA. 

Hermetic, hftr-met'ik, «. (completely closing) 
ba-khAbf band ; (pertaining to chemistry) kt- 
mivAf; — ally, ad. kfmiyAgarf se; bilkull yA 
charon taraf se band. 

Hermit, h&r'mit, a. G. eramoi. (a recluse) jog*, 

gesha-nashln, sAhid. Syn. Anchoret, redoes ; 
leadsman ;— age, n. bijra, cosba, krttl. 

Hero, bA'rA, ». L. her os, (J. hero*, bihAdur, «bn- 
J4\ gAsf mard; sAr, bfr; — ic, h6-ro'ik, s. bahi- 
durAna, dilerAna, b»fir-i-mutaq.'nib. Byii. 
Bra>e ; intrepid; courageous; daring; — lue, 
br'G-io, ». (femile hero) bthllirnf, sfirnl: — 
1st*, her'O-izra. n. (courage, bravery) in rat, 
dilerl, bahAdurf. Syn. Courage; fortitude ; 
bravery; valour. 

Heron, Iter'un, «. F. b igla, bfltlmAr, tnAhl-khor. 

Herring, n. A.-S. haring ek qiam kf maeb > If. 

Hesitate, bea'i-rit, v. i. L. hexsiture. t to be In 
suRpraael taaunnul k., a.<akk u., pas-o-pesb k., 
hichkicbAnA. Syn. Doubt; waver: scruple: 
deliberate; falter. [ — at]; Hesitation, n. 
(doubt) taaramul, sliakk, r>a*-o-pesh. vraswiK 
tarad lud: (in speaking) l;k<<at: Hesitancy, 
hez'i-tnnsi, n. (doubt) shalck, shitblm, po.s-o- 
pesh Syn. Dubiousness; suspense ; indecision 

Helper, hes'per, a. «hAm ki sitAra. 

Heat, he-it, n. A.-S. has (command) hnkin, far- 
raAn ;( precept ) naafhar, pand. 

Heterodox, hel'ir-d-loks, a. Q. heferos and 
doxa. (heretical ) fch&riji, ku-pinihf, khilAf i 
din, m ishrik, jhathi ; — y, n. (bereajr) kuir. 
kupnntb ; shirk. 

Heterogeneous, het'er-Aj§n'i-us, a. G. heteros. 
and genos. (dissimilar) mufchtalif ul qisin, 
giir jins. 

How, bd, e. t. A.-S. heatwan. (to chop) kAtnfl, 
t&rAshnA, garbnt, cbdr chflr k. [ — down, — 
off J : — or, liiTtr, n. sagg UrAah, lakaj-UArA. 

Hexagon, beks'n-gon, n. G. he* and gonia . (hav- 
ing six sides nn i six angles) shash-p.ihifi. chha* 
kouA : — al, a. chhvkoul. [roa musa>lilas 

Hexameter, h^ks-am'et-gr, ». G. hex and met- 

Hey. h&, isi. Ah lift, ob-ho, j«i-jai. sh&bAnh, kyA 
bAt hai, kyA fchfib. [chlied, raklina, ’aib, darz 

Hiatus, hlA'tus, n, L. (a gap. a eba-un) artrdkh, 

Hibernal, hl-btr'nal, o. L. kifcernu*. (wintry) 
j*r»kft, sarraAf, saraislAnl. [alii i Ireiaud. 

Hiberuiau. hl-bfcr'ui-Hn, n. bAshinda i Ireland. 

Hiccough, hik'up, n. Ger. hiolcup. bichkf, fau&q ; 
— v. i. hicbkf I., h chkl A. 

Hide. e. t. A.-S. hydan (conceal ) chhipAnA, po- 
shfda k. ; — up, — away, — in, clihipA’iA ; —one’s 
light under a bushel. npnA bunir zAhir na k. : 
— the face, mugli chhipAnA, nA-inuitafit b ; — 
the face from, rnu'Afl k. : — n. A.-S. hyd. gbar: 
khAl, chain rA ; — and seek, (a children's game ) 
lark op k& khel, Agkh-inicbaulA ; Hidden, 
hid'u, o. poahfda, clibipA hflft, makhfl, rfl-posb ; 
gupt; Hiding, hld'ing, n. (concealment) po- 
sbfd&gf, rfl-poaliL 

Hideous, hid'ft-us, a. F. hi deux . (dreadful, ter- 
rible) rauhlb, haibatn&k ; (hateful, abomin- 
able) raakrdh, kanh, gliinaunA. fchaufnAk. 

Hie, hi, e. *. A -S. hiegiun. jaldr cliainA, jaldf k. 

Hierarch, lil'&r-trk, n. G. hieros, and archos. 
(tbo chief of a sacred order ) pfr, sardir; t tl»*- 
chief of an order of angel ) firLhtog kA sar- 
dAr; — y, a. (ecclesiastical govermneat) dfni 
IntixAra, IntizAm-i-kaifsivfi. [nnqsh, nishAu. 

Hieroglyphic, hi-fir-O-gliTik, a. kb«tti tugrA, 

Higgle, h g'l, v. t. Dan. hyhtcr % to wheedle, Ger. 
hoke, ho Jeer, a retail trader. ]eu-dea meg jha- 
garnA. bak jhak k. 

High, hi, a. A.-S. heah. Ger. hnch, Go. hauhs. 
(tall) lambA; (lofty) Ag^hA, buiand, bAl.i, 
mnrtafa'; (exalted) ’All; (proud) magrflr; 
(chief) sardAr; ( rising) bafbtA ;( great) bafA; 
(full) bfiarft-purft; ( arafr; (nob e) uin- 
ca ; (sharp) tez; (dear) niaghgA: (loud) ugchf ; 
— bred, brbred, a. aslf, asfl, nasfi coloured, 
a. sholfb yA gahrA ran? ; from on — , A pur se ; 
the Most—, Haqq-Ta'AIA ; — born, or — bred, 
amfr-zAdn, asbrAf ; — minded, o.(proud) msg- 
rflr ; (magnanimous) ’All himmat; — handed, 
(oppressive) jAbir, aAllin, anight; — sounding, 
». (pomoous)gflgi-dAr;— speed, a. baft jaldf; 
—spirited, j.iwAQ-mard ; — fed, nAs-parwar- 
da; the — and low, ’Aram o fchAss; — and dry, 
khuihk aamfn ; on — , Apar ;— up, A par ; — sens, 
hl’sia, u. p L aamandar; isralnr, bl^waw-tAr, a. 

bhArf JawAr, madd f kamAI;— way, lil-wA,— 
road, M'rOd, a. (public road) sarak, shAb-rih, 
shArf’- Arara ; — time, waqt i sa'fd, munAaib 
Wrtqtjtalk— , (boist) shekbf yA dfgg mdroA. 
Syn. Tali: lofty; elevated; nobly; exalted; 
supercilious; — ness, hrnes, u. figcliAf, bulandl. 
irtifA’; hairat, qibla i ’Alam, janAb i f AH. 
mahArtj. [batraAr. 

Highwayman, n. qaszAq, I nfer A, thag, rAb-zac, 

Hilarity, hi-lftr'i-fi, n. (merriment) kuush-hAK, 
chuliaJ, hagsf, khusbf. Syu. Merriment; 

Hill, hi), a. A.-S. MU chhotA pahAf,— ock, 
hil'uk, ». pahAif, tflA ; — y. o. pnhAyf, kohl. 

Hilt, biit, n. A.-S. h It. ((he hu n-Il-.* > in ifi, dastn, 

Iliud, hind, a. A.-S. hind. Ger. Hindu, bArah- 
singf, birnf ; — 7. picbhlf ; — er, a. com. of hind. 
(alter, back) pichhiA, picbhAfl; — o. U A.-S. 
hindrian . muzAbimat k., a(kAnA, roknA, mana’ 
k. Syn. Stoj; interrupt; oppose; debar; — 
erancc, n. rok, afkAo, mui (him at. Syiu Im- 
pediraeut ; obit-ic.c; difficulty. [dastAr. 

Iltndooi.sin, biuMdd-ism, a. IlindA maxbab yA 

1 Huge, hinj, a. Ger. angel, qibza, oar mAaa, 
cljul, pAiz 1 ; — v. t. (furnidb with hinges) qabza 
lagAna, tliahrAnfi, mauqdf k. , — on, — upon, 
(deoend) mouqufh. ; to be off the— «, hAIat 
i abtarl meg h. 

Hint, bint, v. t. A.-S. henian. (to allude to) 
itfhArak., AwAza pbrgknA, gosh-guaAr k., ImA 
k., saukArnA; to— at, (to allude to) batlAnA, 
ishAra k.: — n. ishAra, kanAya, ImA, Awfiza ; 
(suggestion) uatn. 

Hip, hip, n. A.-S. hype, (the haunch) sorfn, kAIA, 
pu (h, chii tar l smite — and thigh, (to overthrow 
completely 1 bilkuil harA d , yA barbftd hard.; 
—hip hurrah, (shout of joy or exclamation) 
jsijaik^rl ; — ». A -S. hiop. sad A gulAb kA phal. 

Hippodrome, hip'pd- fro n, n. G. hippos and 
dr o nos, ghu|-daur kA i hakkar. 

Hippopotamus, hip-pb-pot'a-mue, n. G. hippos 
und botamos, daryAt gborA. Syu. River horse ; 
sea borse. 

Hire, bir. v. t. A,-S. hyrian. kirAya par d., yA 1. ; 
(briue) rishwatd. ; (engage for pay) nuukar 
rakhnA; (of a prostitute) kharchl a. ;— out, 
(let out) kirflyA par d. ; — ». kirAya, ajfira, 
mazddrf, knuiAf, Syu. Wages; salary ;stipend ; 

I pay ; allowance. [randl. 

II rcling, n. mazdor, njAredtr: lfllcht; kasbl, 

Hiss, his, v. i.» A.-S. hysiun. auskArnA, fish k.; 

(uoiseof a snake) pb .pkArnft. [ — at, — for]. 
— n. pliuuhkA r, pbanpbanAbat ; — ^ing, ». hiqA- 
rat, nafrat ; ,)buphkAr, sisk&r. 

History, bis'i5-ri. n. L. historia. tawArffch, bikA- 
yat, dAstAn, bay in; b'ittAnt; Historian, 
bls-td'ri-an, ». F. historian . (an annalist) 
t»i wArfkh-dAg, muallif i tAr ^b; britiAntf : 
Historic. *. uw irffcbf; Historical, bis- tor '- 
ik-al, a. tawAtfifhf, naqlf. 

Histrionic, his-tri-ou'ik, a. L. histrio. (theatri- 
cal ) tamAsba-.mitnA. 

Hit. bit, v. t. feel, hitta. (strike) raArnA; (clash) 
lagAnA ; (strike a mark) niahAna m., pabupeb- 
nA; (suit) thlk pafuA ; (touch properly) 
nisbAna par baithnA: — agn'nst, (clash) tak- 
rAua ; — at, nisbAna bAndhua -off, (describe 
bapp 1 ' ’ ) ms qQI bay An - k. on, — upon, (de- 
vice) isdbir k., t ijwfzk.; (encounter) muqA- 
bala k. ; — the mark, badaf m. ; — the nail on 
the head, sahib matlab daryAft kar 1. ; 
(light upon) thabarnA;— out, khush-qismatl 
se k. ; — ». mAr, sarb; kbrtb; iitifaq. 

Hitch, bich, v. i. Scot hitch, (to hook) phaps j., 
bicbsknA, Ians: m.; — n. (an impediment) phag- 
sAo, girift, hichak : there is some — , (some 
impediment) kuebh rok hai, kuebh i’liriz hai. 

Hither, hitb'Ar, ad. A.-S idhar, U taraf; — » 
Is ta raf ; — 1 nd thither, idhar udhar ; — to, ad. 
abhi. ab taU, 1 i tak, bauos, yah.ig tak;— word, 
ad. la taraf, Li liar. 

Hive, hlv, n. A.-S. hu/a. makkhiog kA ehhattA, 
larabftr-khAns ;— e. t. jama’ h., chkatte 
jama* h. 

Ho. hfi, isi. L. aka* «, axe. fcet, aJL 


Hoar, hfir.fl. A.-S. har. (white) rated, pakkA; Holster, hfll'etir, n. Icel. kulatr. pistaul ke Uye 
(gray with age) san sated, plr ; — frost, «. pA- change kl tliaiir. [pa ha ft. 

1A, kuhrft y, hflr'i, a. (white, gray) aufed, Holt, h5lt, » A.-S. holt, (a woody hill; janglf 
pakkA ; u jl A. Holy, hA'Ii, «. A.-S. halig. pAk, pared, muqad- 

Hoard, Lord, ». A.-S. hord. (treasure) khaslna; 
(store) zak&lra; (stock) sarmAya; (hidden 
store) duff aa ; — v. t. jama’ k., jOfnA. ba^ornA. 
Hoarse, hdre, u. G. heisch. A.-S. has. (rough) 
gh;rrgkarAtl ft wfiz, gulfl-girifta AwAz, bhArt 
AwAz; — ness, n. ghargharAtS AwAz, gulfi girif- 
tagi. [dagA ; — v . ». dbokA d. 

Hoax, hoks, a. A.-S. hues, (deception) dhokA, 
Hobble, hob'i, v. i. D.rainutive of hop . kudaknA, 

das, makbsfls, dfndAr, dbarmitmA. Sy n. Pure; 
good ; — One, hd'ii-wun, n. ghudd writ, bd'- 
li-rit, a. Nnwishte, In. ill;-— orders, pAdrf ki 
f ulida: — Ghost, hd'li-etat, *. A.-S. halig and 
gast. RAh nl Quds, Tasal IdenewrtlA; Holi- 
ness, n. pAkt, p ktzagf, taqrits ; His Holiness, 
(title given to the pope) pope kA laqab, basrat. 
Syn. Sanctify, devotion, piety, perfection, 
purity. [tAbi’dArt, taslfm, farmfinbardArt. 

inafak ke chalnA; (to limp) laugrAnA; — a. Homage, hom'Sj, n. F. hammage. (obeisance). 

langfAhat : pireshAnt. Home, bora, n. A.-S hum . ghar, makAn, $erA, 

Hobby, hob'i, n. Dau. hoppe. lakfl kA ghof A; ek maskan, dcs; — a. gbarkft; (poignant) rooas- 

qlstn kA bAz; (favourite pursuit) dil-chasp sir; (severe ) sakht ; — ad. apne ghar yA watan 

bAt. [jin, ’ifrtt, deo. ke pAs ; (full) pflrA ;— bred, a. desf, pAlfi ; be- 

Hobgoblln, n. bhutnfi, haulndk sfir»t, hauwA, nazftkat, sAda; — made, khAnagf, ahar kA ;— 

Hocus-pocus, hd'kus-i.G-kus, n. D. hokus hokus. ward, ghar ke, ghar ki taraf ; — less, a. he-gbar, 

naf, blzlgar, nat-bidyi ; (a juggler) raadArl. be makAn; — ly, a. From home, gharftrt, sAda, 

Hoc, hO, n. G. haue. kudAll, phfiOfA, phafwA;— nA-tarAshtda : — liness, n. sAdagt, uA-tarAsbt- 

v. t. khodnA, belcha phernA. dagf, bhaddA-pan ; — sick, «. apne ghar kA 

Hog, hog, a. W. hwoh. suwar, khflk; — sty, su- khwfthishraand ; — spun, o. khftna-sAz, bhaddd. 

war kA bhat *, bring — s to the market, t to fail Homestead, n. ibfita, makAn kf jagab. 

In one's design) apnf justojfi meft uA-kAmyAb Homicide, hora'i-sM, n. L. Komioidium. ( 
h. ; — gisli, a. suwar sA. najis. slaughter t qatl, kushtagf ; Homicidal, h 

Hogshead, bogz'hed, n. E. okshoojd. bafA ptpA. sM'al, a. (murderous) qAtil, khflnt. 

tiresatb gelan kA oaimAna. Homiletic, horn i-Iet'ik, a. G. homiletikoa. 

Holst, hoist, v. t. F. hauaser. (to lift) uthAnA, hat-got : — s, «. sing, wa’z yA dars bt 

cbarbAnA, finch A k. ; — a. utUAn, jhange yA b&d- aur sunflne kA Mira. 

bAn kt utn&n. 

Hold, hdla, v. t. A.-S. healdan. (grasp) girift; 

slaughter) qatl, kushtagf; Homicidal, hotn-i- 
si Tal, a. (murderous) qAtil, khAnt. 

Homiletic, hom i-Iet'ik, a. G. homiletikoa. nasl- 
hat-got ; — s, «. sing, wa’z yA dars banAne 
aur sunfine kA f i)ra. 

Homogeneous, hO-mfl- j§'ne-us, a. G. homoa and 
genoa. mutAbiq, rauwAtiq, hara-jins. 

(support) sanbbAl ; (embrace) bagal-gfrf ; Homologous, a. G homoa and logos , (<*orres< 
(custody )ikhtiyAr, maqdflr, bas; (prison) qaid- ponding) ek-vAn, harn-raiqdar, harn-wazn. 

(custody >ikhtiyAr, raaqdfir, bas; (prison) qaid- ponding) ek-rAn, 
khAna; (fort) qil’a; (inside of a ship) juhaz Honest, hou'est, ~o 
kA ndarfinf hissa ; — v. t. (have) rakhnA, pa- yAnntJAr; (trui 
k&rn A, thahrfinA, sanbhAlnft, thAmnA; (consi- Upright ; just ; ti 
der) saraajbnA; (stop) rokuA; (celebrate) rAstbftzt, di vAnat 

ponding) ek-vAn, harn-raiqdar, harn-wazn. 
uuest, hou'est, a. L. ho neat us . (upright) di* 
yAnnt.iAr; (true) rfistbAz; sachchA. Syn. 
Upriubt ; just ; true, sincere ; faithful ; — y, n. 

der) saraajbnA; (stop) rokuA; (celebr.ite) rAstbAzl. di v&natdArt, sncbAl. 

mun’aqid k. ; (stand) kharA h. ; (last) qAim Honey, hun'i, n A.-S. hunig. shahd ; (sweet- 

r.; — ^tlie tongue or peace, chup r. ; — back, — 
back from, bAz r. ; — by, (catch hold of) pa- 
karuA, thAmnA; — down, (keep down) dabA r. ; 
— fast, (keep fast) pakfe r. ; — forth, pesh k.. 

ness) ini lb At ; — v. t. ranh ibbat k., khushAinad i 
k. ; — bag, n. shahd kt thaill comb, hun'i- 
kom, n. shahd kt makkhfon kA chhattA;— 
moon, n. shA if ke b I’d kA pshlA mahfna. 

sAmhnek. ;( teach )sikhlAnA*,— in, (to restrain) Honour, on'Ar, n. L. honor, (dignity) ’azraat, 

bAz rakhnA; — off, (keep a dis. a nee) alog yA Mzzat, waqAr, buzurgf; (high rank) sarfarAzt, 

dflrr. ; — off from, (refrain from) bAz r. ; — on, shAu, shikoh, darja, aui; (reputation) n'lra- 

( continue )p .kfe r., musta'idd r., jArt r. ; (push wart ; ( female chastity) pfik-dAmanf : ( public 
forward 1 Age bifhi A; — out, (extend ) phuilAn • ; respect) ’izzat, ta’sfm; fldar; (a title) khud 

(continue to do) karte r. ; (suffer) bnrdAsht baduulat, Ap, huaflr ; — a, n. pi, bare madrason 

k. ;( cling to) chinatnA; (last, endure) q Aim r. ; ke auwal darje kA iintihAn; huqfiq ; — v. t. 

(present) pesh k. ; — out to, (offer) dene kA (revere) ta’zlin k.; (dignify) buzurgf d. ; 

iqrAr k ; — over, (keep after time) waqt s (glorify) jalAld.; (treat with respect) adab 

ziyAda rakhnA; — a wnger, (make a bet) b l^f k. : (accept and pay when due) alA k.; law or 

lagAnA, shart lagAnA; — good, (continue valid) code of — ,chand ranjlisf qnwAufn; oil or upon 

sAbit r„ thfk r. : — to, (tix to) lagAnA; (keep one’s — .qasHm khAnA ; your — , jandb-i- All, 

to) qAim r. ; — together, (keep united) mut- huzfir ; to do the — s, ’izzat k.: mihmAndArl k.; 

tafiqr., ek sAq r. ; — up, (raise) uthAnA; (sus- — a tile, o. mu’aziz, sAhib i fibrrt, mukarram, 

tain) sambhAlnA; (not to rain) rnenb khulj.; shartf; Honorary, on/4r-ar-i, a. ’izza tt, ’izzat- 

(keep up) (halirA r., pakfe r. ; — under, (be a bakhsh, fAkhira. bilA-tankhwAh. 

tenant of) (b-kedArb.; — with, (concur) mut- Hood, WHSd, n. A.-S. hod. orhnt, pichhaurt ;— v. 
tafiq ur rAe h.; — one’s uwu, (not to lose t. topf d., yA cbarbAnA. 

ground) bahAl rakhnA; lay— of or on, (seize) Hoodwink, hbbd'wingk, t>. t. From hood and 

pakaruA, giriftAr k ; (k^ep pace with, keep up 
with) sAth r. ; — oneself in readiness, taiyAr 
r. ; — er, n. rakhnewAlA dArinda, dAr, gtr, qA- 
biz; — iug,n. (land) zunln; (tenure) pakar; 
(influence) 'ilAqa, ijAra, ikhtiyAr; — back, 
(check) rok. 

Hole, hOI, a. A.-S. hoi. (a cavity) sdrAkh, ebbed, 
gafhA, bit, rauzama — to creep out of, (a 
plea) ek ’uzr; pick a — iu one’s coat, klsl par 
*aib 1. 

Holiday, hol'i-dft, n. holy and day. (a day of 
festival) teohir, ’fd; — a. teobArt, *tdl; parbt. 

Hollow, hol'd, a. A.-S. hoi. kbukblA; (empty) 

i oink (to cover, to chide) Ankhen mflpdnA; 
(impose on) thasnA. 

Hoof, hiJc5f, n. A -S. hof , khur, sum. 

Hook, hdiik, n. A.-S. hoc. kAntA, slnkfA, .rafiyA, 
askst; — v. t. kafiyA se pakarnA -on, (affix), 
huk lagAnA; — in, (ensnare) pbansnA;— up, 
( raise or ensnare with a hook) kAniese nthA- 
nA;by — or by crook, kist na kist tarah se; 
off the — s, (in disorder) chfil se alag; on 
one’s own — , apnf fcbAtir, a pne Ap : gorge the 
— , (be cheated) dhokA kbanA; drop off the 
— s, marnA; on the — s, (disturbed, disorder- 
ed) abtar h., muztarab h. ( pareshAn h. 

kbALf; (noisy) pui-shor; (not trusty )be-waf A ; Hoop, h5op, v. t. halqa lagAnA; bfihA k.« kfk m. ; 
— hearted, (insincere) be-wafA, jhfithA, dagA- — a. ebakkar; (ring) halqa; (boy’s toy) kbi- 
bAz. Syn. Insincere; deceitful; false; — », launA. . 

(cavity) jauf; (pit) garb A;— ». jauf, phonk, Hoopiug-cough, hbdp'ing-kof, n. kflkar-khAnst. 

E rhA; — v. t. khodnA, godnA, gafbA k., khAlf k. Hoot, hodt, v. t. F. huer. shor micb&nA, uJJfi kl 
-out] ;— uess, n. (cavity) gafbA; (deceit- bolt boInA, IalkArnA;— n. dutkAr, lalkAr. 

I ness) riyft, do rang! Hop, hop, v. i. A.-S. hoppan. (skip) kddnA, 

Holly, holi, f*. A.-S. Kblen. sadA bahAr darakht. phudaknA, kudaknA ; (dance) nAch k.: — ». jast. 
Holocaust, bol'6-kawst, «. G. halos and kaustos. zaqand, krtd ;— n.Ger. hopfen . ek qism kA kar- 
lofriwanf quxbAnL vA daxakht; — per, hop'tr, ft. kudakkar; daurf 




fokrft; (of a mill) mini, gala plug, »• bid, 

Hope, hop, ». A.-S. hope. ummed, A raft, As;-— v. 
t. ummed rakliuA, tawaqqu’ k., ^ r ; (desire) 
chAhni; (place trust in) blmrosA r. ; — ful, a. 

* ummed wAr, ea’fd, rashld ; — for, ummedwAr r. I 
—fulness, n. urainedw&rl, honhArf : — less, a. 
nA-umined, nirAs, mftyus, lAcb&r. Syn. Des- 
titute of hope; despairing lessuess, n. nA- 
umroedT, raAyflsf. I&ch&rf. 

Horde, hOrd, n. Turk. onto, guroh; — v.\. (herd 
together) b'ham r. f cbhAonf mrg r. 

Horizon, hb-rl'zun, ». G. horisein. ufuq, khatt 1 
tahtAuf, Asm An k& gh rA; — tal, a. payA girA, 
hnmwAr, barA-ar. 

Horn, horn, n. A.-S. sing; sbAkh; (musical 
in9truinent) uamAl; (of raoou) nok; (dish) 
pivAla;-— of plenty, bahutAvat; — of salva- 
tion, uajAt k&sfq : ;— with — ,or under — , sfng- 
wAle jAnwarog ko ikaf ha k. ; to take a — , 
mal-noshf k. ; to raise or lift the — , gurrtrko 
sAtb apne ko bafA k., fnkhr men ph i 1 n ft ; to 
draw, pull or haul In the — s, tnkhr tofull, 
gin dr gbatAnft. 

Hornet, ». A -S. hyrnet. bar, zambflr, birnl. 

Horology, hor-ol'd-ji, n. sA’at-. .urnA, ’ilm i na- 
ifltn, guarydl. 

Horoscope, hor'os-kop, ». G. hora and skopos. 
jauam-puttrf, z.icha, nakshatra. 

Horrible, hor'ri-bi, c. L. horribilia. (dreadful) 
muhfb, haibat nAk. bhayduak, shidul; (shock- 
ing) burA, nA-pasandfdn, zabdii, rnukruli. Syn. 
Dreadful ; frightful ; awful ; teric; hideous;— 
ness, n. khauf-uAkf, haibat ; Horrid, Iwr'rid. 
a. (dreadful) muhfb, bhay&uak; (hideous) 
makrdh, zisht, zabun. Syn. Frightful; lrd- 
eous: alarming; shocking, awful ; horrible. 

Horrify, v. t. (shock) khauf dildnd, tiuran.l, 
duhshat dilAnA ; Horror, lior'rSr, n. L. (fright ) 
haibat; (detestation) nafrat; ( shuddering ) 

, kapkapf. 

Horse, hors, n. A.-S. Hors, ghorA, asp, markab; 
— v.i gboye par charbnft, ladna ; — hark. hors'- 
bak, ». ghore kf sawarf breaker, horsMmik- 
6r, n. cbdnuk-snwAr ; — dealer, bors'-dcl fir, 
«. ghore «A sin lAgar; — fly, bight; d;ins: 
— guards, n. pi. badshah ko kbuss sawui ; 
— iiair, n. ghofe ke bftl, avftl; — leccli, n 
bhmndyA jonk; — man, «. shahsawdr, a.iwfir ; 
— race, hor?rks, ». ghufdaur : — radish, n. 
sahjand ki jar: — shoe, uors'sooo. n. na’l; — 
whip, hors' w ip, ». ch Ibuk, korA ; — doctor, 
salotarl ; — dung, lid ; don't look a gift — In 
the mouth, dAu kf bachbiyft ke dfint nahfy 
dekhe jute liain ; cart before t e — , ( dis dace) 
be-jaguh; t:mca — ,yih ina’IfimkaruA k> ghop 
kitnd chaltA bai, ja se ghuf-daur wg. men . 
take — , sawArf k. I 

Hortative, h »ri/a-tiv, n. (precept, exhorLa- 
tioti) uusfh it, hukin, ma^Ala: t mhfli. 

Horticulture, horM-kul-tur. n. L. hortua and 
culturu. faun-i-bAgbAnf, nafchl buudf, cliarann 
band!; Horticultural, a chainan-baudf k* 
m ta’alii j, bAibAuf ke tnita’alliq 

Hosanna, bd-zan'na, n. H. Tioshiahnna. Hosh’ 
anna, f£hudu k-> tn’rff. 

Hose, bdz, ». A.-S hose, moesa, jurrdb, pA^tAba ; 
—pi. hose*i or hose; Hosier, hd'zki-6r, n. 
moz.-faro h, jurrAb-saz. 

' Hospitable, hos'pit-a-bl, a. L .bos pcs (entertain- 
ing) mibmdn-nuwdz, ous&Gr-parwar; Hos- 
pitality, «. mihraAudArr, musddr-p&i warl. 

Hospital, os'n't-al, n. L. hospitalis. sh.if A-^hAna, 

Host, hd^t, n. L. ho8pea. mihinfin-ddr, mezbfln. 
sdblb i khftna. bha(.iydra ; — a. L. hostis. lash* 
kar, d;il, jam Vat. 

Hostage, hOst'aj, n. F. otuge. knffl, 

Hostess hdst'es, n. •»' * <nind.r'aur>t, bhatljArl. 

Hostile, hos'ili, o. L. honUlis. (unfriendly) m - 
khdlif, bad-andesh. Syn. Warlike; inimical ; 
unfriendly; adverse: Hostility, (enmity) 
•lushmanl; (war) ’arAT. [bhatiyAra. 

Hostler, os'lSr, n. F. hotelier . (a groom) sdfs; 

Hot, hot, a, A.-S. hot . (very wa rm) bahut ga »• u, j 
•oadfl, dtashl, hdrr; (iierjr. ) dtash-mizdj; 

(lustful) mast; (eager) shAlq: (acrid) taJ^h. 
Syu. Burning glowing; fiery; eager; ani- 
mated; — bed, n. bAdfib zamfn; — headed, a. 
tez-miz.lj ; — house, hot'hous, n. garm makdn; 
— winds, Id. 

Hotel, ho- tel', n. F. hotel, sarfte, bofal. 
Hottentot, hot'n-tot. n. jandbf H.ibsh kA b&- 
shindn, janglf Admf. 

Hound, hound, ». A.-S. hund . shik&rl kuttA;— 
v t. shiklr k., pfchhA k. 

Hour, our, n. L. hora. ghanfA, ghftff, sA’at; good 
— s, suwere ; bad— s, rAt men der k • ; — gl ss, 
a. shlsha i sA’at, ka(orf, piyAla, H ndustAnf 
gharl — ly, «. ghayf gharf, sA’at ba-sA’at; — ad. 
hargharf, A(hon pa bar. 

House, hous, n. A -S. Go. hus. (dwelling) ma- 
kAn, khAna, bait, kada, ghar; (family) kbAn- 
dAn: (race) nasi; (hab tatiou of the soul) 
bad in ; (grave) qabr. Syu. Tenement; dwel- 
ling : residence ; — v t. pan Ah d., ghar mes r. 
breaker, n. naq b-zan, -en -mArne w. 
breaklu naqab-zanl, sen ) ;^-o God. l^hudA 
kA ghar, girja, ma’bad-gAh ; — of correction, 

t 'el-khAna ; bringdown the whole — , sab log in 
:A qabqaba ra., yA ta’rff k. ; m ike a — , ( form 
a quorum ) itne Admf nk) jamAo jitne uAide 
ke muwAfiq kisf kAn men bAthdesak n; — 
hold. n. ifm, gharAnA ; — a. khAndAu. ;— 
holder, ». sahib i khAnn ; — keeper, ». m ikAn- 
ddr, nauk'r chAkar; — keeping, n. ghar kA 
in'izfim; — leas, a. be-ghar. kbAna-bnJo-b ; — 
wife, hous'wif, ». giristin bfbf. [jbopfA. krttf. 
Hovel, huv'el, n. A.-S. hot. (a mail meanlio se) 
Hover, huv'Ar, v. i. W. hofian. (hang, fluttering 
in the air) lataknA, ihfllnA, mandlAnA. papA 
phiiuA ; — a*’out, — arou *d. unz fk nhimA. 
How, how, ad. A.-S. ha. kis tarah, . aise, kyfln- 
kar; — long, kab tak, kali in tak : — oft k tnf 
dafa, kaf mortaba; — many, k tne; — much, 
kis qadr, kitnA;— far, dAr; — muchso- 
cvcr, jyfln yiin ; — belt, how-beit, conj. Com- 
pounded of how , be. and it, rhAhe jo bo, tis par 
bhf, ba-waiflde ki, tAhara, magar; — ever, ndv . 
bn-lmrkaif, lekin, magar, tathApi ; — soever, 
ad. kaisi hf. kitnA hi. [handA, kajAwa. 

i loivdnh, how'dAh, n. Hind, havdah. hAthl kA 
Howitzer, how'itz-fir, n. Ger. haubitze. ek qism 
kf top. 

Howl, howl, v. i. D. huilen. bhaunknA, ronA, 
ga-ajnA, pbiknruA ; — n. puk 1, nauha, wAwai- 
IA, giraj Ing, n. kutte yi lefive kA rouA, 
nAla ; — wilderness, dariinion k:i inaskan. 

Huh. hub, n. pahiy* kA sfirAkhrmilth, dasta. 
Hubbub, n. (cmfusioi) ga-iga, hAnk-pukfir, 
h irbaif, halchal. Syn. A tumult f uproar; 
riot. [hisAtf, plierf-wAIA. 

Huckster, huk'stSr, n. Ger. hooker, (peddler) 
H uldlc, hud' , v. i. Ger. hudem (crowd ) jam a 
h., bhffbbAi-k. ; — on, jaldf pahinnA: — In, — off, 
— away, ghabrA ke bhAgnA ; — one’s self up, 
sikufnA; — n hangama, bhffbhAr; — together, 
bhlfk. ; — up, (dress up in hurry) jaidl mefl 
kapr * pahinnA. 

Hue, hu. a. A -S. hiw, hiovo , Go. hivi. ragg, Inun, 
gtln ; — n. Norm. F. h ntc-pukAr, shor o gul ; — 
and cry, shor o gul, hAnk pukAr. 

Huff, huf, a (blunter • t»h>Khf; (s.idden pnssion) 
gussa ; — v. i. O Eng. hoove, khaf i h.; — up, 
pliAlnA ; give one a — , kisf s i gusse ke iaur ee 
bolni ; take—, burA mAnnA; go of In a — , 
tarn iku > ; — tsh, hm'ish, a. shokb, gustAkh, 
chifchirft. Syn. Petulant : arrogant; sulky ; 
— y, ha/i, u. cbirchifA, galphulnA, ghunnA. 
Hug, v. t. A.-S. 7i egan. chhAtf se lagAnA: (ke«p 
close to) nazdlk k. ; — ». chimat, baga;-gfrf, 
dAnw-pech ; — one’s self, (to chuckle) kis! ’urn- 
da mauq i* par kisl ko mu» ArakbAdf d., yA us kf 
ta rlf k. ; — the shore, (follow its out ine and 
keep close to it) nazdfk r. ; hugger-mugger, 
g >p ebup, ghus pus. 

Huge, hfl , o. Ger. hoch. D. hoog. bapA, kalAn 
szlm. Syn. Euormous; gigantic; colossal: 

Huguenot, hu'ge-not, n, F. FrAnsfsf protestant. 
Hulk, ». G. holkaa be-kArjahAz; uhaddf chfa vfl 
bhaddA shakhs. 




Hull, but, n. A.-S hulc. chhilkA, bbUsA, iahAz ki 
koth! jft fcliul t>. t clahllufi, chhadnA. 

Hum, buui, v . •. Ger. hummen. bhiubb im i/ina, gnn- 
gunnAnA, mugli meggAuA; — n. bhinbla manat, 
gunguuAhaf ; — hit. bo-hoha and haw, 
kichft ke bo uA, hOn An k.;— mlng, hum ng, n. 

bbii.bliiufthat; hum.niUA bird, Bha*ar-fchora ; 

Humau. hu'm&n,a. L. humunus. badjarf, msaul , 
manukhl; — c, hfl-man', o. L. humunus. ( kind) 
n&rm-dil, dard-mar.d, h alien. byn. Kind; 
sympathising ; wild ; benevolent ; — Uy, . »• »nsa- 
niyut, Auiniyat, bhaluia^i, duid-maudl ; ize, 
v. t . shAista k., insAu b. . . . 

Humbie, bum'bl, a. L. humilts. (meek, '"Tiy) 
Caro tan, ’Ajiz, garlb, kbAksAr; adhfn. Syn. 
Low ; insignificant mean; modest ; meek ; '•ub- 
miasive; — 9 . t . past k., nlchA k., farota.i k , 
■fijizk, ; eat — pie, (suffer humiliation) sha - 
minda h.. zillat uthAuA; humbling, ». faro 
tan!, jial ; humbly, ad. garlb.ina, farutanl <e, 
'AjizAna ; liumiiity, ». (lowliness) iuk-sAri, 
gadbi, farotnnl. [madbkar. 

Humblebce, bum'bl-' 6, n. bhnunrfi, zuuibdr ; 

Humbug, huui'bug, n. Hum uud bug. (cheat) 
inakr; (imposition) Unokfi; — v. t. fureb d., 
dhokA a. 

Humdrum, bum'drnm, a. Probably from hum 
and drum, for drone, (dull, siupiu) susi, 

Humid, hU'miri, a. L. humidua. eTlfi, tar, rnar- 
tlib, nnm, fib! ; — ity, n. tun, sll. rutub t. 

Humiliate, hu-uii.'i-At, v. i. L. humiliare. (hum- 
ble) baqlr k., furolau li, ; labfitia, Ku If i k. . 
humiliatiuu, a. faiot.iul, 'ijz, ink.sfii, kuuzfl’ 
o khusber. 

Humour, A'mur, ». F. Tiumemr. (moisture) tarf, 
nauif, ras ; (mood) tabfat ; (tempo of mind) 
kbo, iiiiz&j; (whim) khiyfii,; (wit) lauz. 
(tun) tbattbA, mazfii) ; (li. bit) ’Adat, lat ; — v. 
t. (gratify) razftm.ind k., nAz-bardAr! k. ; 
humorous, o. (whimsical) muta uuwaii-iuizAj, 
zailf, kuusi.-taba’, maskharu. Syn. Whim- 
sical. jo<ose; jocular; winy; merry; hum- 1 
oris., fl'iUi rist, n. (wa^) zarft', umskhara; — 
cd, a. ufiz-parw.trda. 

Hump, bu.up, n. L. umbo unbar. kubb; — of 
builock, kohfin ; — buck, n. kubta, kfiza-pusht, 
kbamld.i- puaht. 

Hun, liun, ». A.-S. kune, nhl i Hungary. 

Hunch, huu b, n. G**i hucke. k ».»r; — v. t. koh 
ni sc dhake.ufi, jnukuuA; — buck, n. ku ffi, kii- 

Hundred, hun'dred, n. A.-S. hund. snu, sad, sni- 
kufu;— fold, n. sauguuA, a^d-^unfi ; — 111, a. &. 
n. sttuwun. [ary. 

Hungarian, hune-gAr'i an. n. bfinhlnda i tiu;.g- 

Hunger, hun^'gAr, n. A.-S. hungur. buuku, 
gur»auug(; ( troug desire) bad kbwibish; — 
V. t. bhukh lugn.i, bhfikh • b. . (greatiy d sire j 
nibfiyai a •wfihish k. ; hungry, a. bhiik.A, gur- 
siua, inarbbukkiiA. 

Hunt, huut, v. t. A.-S. nuntian shikflr k., raged- 
uA, alAsbk. ; ta’a qub k., plt hbfi k. ; - -for, — 
after, (seek) 4kAa4hnA. — up, (seek for) 
4b nqhiii; (drive up) uikfilnfi ; — out, — from, 
—out from, ( bod ) dhQpdh k u.kfiiuA , (drive 
out uaka d. down, giriitfiri tak plchbfik. ; 
—-together, efith dhOaduua yA sAth shikiir 
k el.»A; — the slipper, (i.ame of a game) ek 

‘ kbel kA udm ; — n. smkAr, said ; — er, hunt'Sr, n. 
sitikAr! kuttA, mlr saiyjd; — ing, n. shikar; 
ta’aqqub; hunting- horn, bigul ; — sman, n. 
shikari, shikA«-<ma, sai.vAJ. 

Hurdle, ht.r'di, n A.-S. hgrdel , tat tar, t&tU* 

Hurl, burl, v. t. whirl. z«.r se phepknA. girA d., 
daiuA; mAruA; deflance ut, (defy vigorous- 
ly) sakbl muijAoaia k. ; — w. (a cast) phenk; 
arAo; girfio; — ing, n. audAkbta^i. 

Hurly-burly, ». Eug. hurl aud burly , hafbarf, 
khalbitll, h .liuf, goda , dliark i. 

Hu.ra, itbb -ia',mt ja ja<k • . , Afrfu, shAbAsb. 

Hurricane, hur'ri-kA >, n. an < bt. lAf in. 

Hurry, hur'rt, v. t. A.-S. hreran ja.di k., shiiAb 
k., b^fb ifAtiA; — on. (precipitate) jald! k. ; — 
«1I|HU» — along, i depart with p ecipit- 

meyj jald ebaie j. ; — back, (return with pieci- 

pitnney) jald p&l&tnfi; — forward, — after, 
(follow with precipitancy) jal i plchhe chale j.; 
-—over, — through, (poriorm with precipit* 
nnev) jaid k. ;— skurry, jaidf, gafbaf!; — n. 
jald!, shitAbl, jhat at. Syn. Haste; speed; 
■ di -patch ; expe lii >on. 

ll.irt, hurt, v. t. A.-S. hyrt. chut d., za^hm d.; 
nucjsAn paliunchAuA; — n. zakhni, cbot, iiuq^An. 
Syn. VVoiiud ; harm; mischief; damage; loss; 
— ful, a. uwzir, mukhAIif, zabdn, mukbil, zi- 
yAg-kAr; — less, a. (harmless) be-nuqs&n, be« 
aiyAu be-zarir. 

Husband, huz'bunil, a. A -S. hus . and ~ bonds, 
sbaubar, kbAwiud, bhatAr, kbasara l? auth, 
swAm f , bAlam; — v. t. girhist! k., ilitiyfit k. ; 
kAflhtkArl k. : — one’s resources, kifAyat se 
kharch k. ; — inir, ». i iz-rasf. 

Husb ndmau n. ki>An, kAsbtkAr. 

Husiniiulry, n. Zura’ai, kiaaui, kAsbtkAr! ; gir- 

Hush, husb, u. chop kbAmosb ; — v. t. ehup k., 
kh i os! k., sakit k. up, ebup k.; chhipAnA; 
kbAmosh k. : — v. i. chop h. ; — int. ebup, khA» 
mo-sh ; — money, a risk wot, rnunh-bharl. 

Husk, busk, n. D hulsche. cbhilkA, post, chbAl, 
bh is!, biikU ; — v t.eli . ik > utArnA, mugashshar 
k., chbllnA; — y, a. cbhiike-dAr, bakle-dAr; 
kbnrkh-i rA, l)iifls[»lAr. [sAla, tauj. 

Hussar, iioo. -zar', n. Huug, hussar, wilfiyat! ri- 
II ussy, huz'i, n. huswife, (a jade) pbdhar ’aurat, 

« liliichh f!. 

II listings, Jnis'tingz, n. pi. A.-S pflrlfineut ki 
member! ke um.uedwAron ke kh>r«-‘ bone k! 
jag.ib. [kui. ui ;— v. t. c bhAou! k. 

Ilut, hu*. n Oer. hulta jhonrA, jhopff, kAtf» 
llu/.za, hiio/ zii', n. F. houca. ja i jai. 

Hyac inth, bl'a-sinth, n. L. hyacinthus , G. hua- 
i. inthos. sum bill. 

Hydraulic, hi-drawl'ik, fl. G. Mtdor and uulos. 

n. sing, ’dm i Ab i rawAn. 

Hydrocele, n. L. hydrocele., nazill i Ab. 

Hydrogen. hl'drO-jen, n. G. hudur :»nd genein. 

juz i Ab, i)An! uA juz, ek gas ka uAui hai. 
Hydrometer, bl droin'et-Ar, n. U. huJor and 
rnetron. pnimAna i Ab, Ala i Ab. 

Hydropathy, rdrop'a-tbi, n. G. hudor nnd 
puthos. pan! kA ’il ij, si if kbfilis pAn! sc* ’ilfij. 
Hydrophobia, hl-dio-fo'hi a, n. G. hudor and 
phobos. nnirin i Ab. 

Hyena, LI e'ua, n. G huaina. pfiuf kA khauf jo 
kat te kt kA(e uiie slia^hs ko hoiu bn*, lakaf- 
baghA. [tanlurustl. 

H>gcian. hi jS'nn, o. G. hugioinos. unit ’aili-i i 
Hymeneal, ui cVil, n (nuptial) shAdl ke 
iniita’allici ; — » sh ! ku git. 

Hymn, him, n. G. humnos. bit ijan, liamd, git; — 
v. t bbajau yA g.t gfiuu al, n bba.;au g!t kf 
kit Ab. [ya ..of, tarj!b. 

Hyperbole, bl- pgr' 1 o-le, n. mubAliga, !g A*j, zi- 
Hypcrci itlc, hi pAr-urit' k, n. G. hup r and 
kntxkos da ,qaq. *ai g!r. harf-gfr. 

Hyphen, hi' fen, n. G. huphen. fchatt i fAsila, 
nisUAii i fasiia, misl (-). 

Hypochoudria, hip 0-kon'dri*a, n. khalal i di- 
mug. kbafqAn. mA.I^uA.iyA. 

Hypocrisy, hi-iiok'ri-si, ». u hypoorisis , G. hu- 
pokrisis. acting a part, mak , nyAkAri, du* 
rang!, k ipat» ohhal, fareb. Syn, Simulation; , feign ng to be is not; Hypo- 
crite, hip'O-krit, n. (a false preieuuer to virtue 
or piety) <Jin! riyAkAr yA makkAr, muaAfiq; 
Hypoci illcal, a. makr-Aniez, zAhir-parast, 
bah i.piynt, fareb!, durung!. 

Hypotenuse, bi-poi'e-nus, n. G. hupoteinein , to 
subtend, iroi.i hupo , uu .er, and teineiu^ to 
stretch, wntr i . usallss i zAwiya cjfiima. 

Hypot csis, id poth'e-sis, n. G hupothesis , hu- 
puitthenai. to p.a.e under, (a s ippositioni qi- 
yAs andaZH, i A , sikal. Syn. Theo y; supposi- 
tion, assumptmi; Hypothetic, hl pb thet'lk, 
a. farzi, qiyfisl, m sbru !. £dar kbt. 

Hyssop, his'up. «. G. hussopos. zdfa, ek qis:n k& 
Uy- teria, Ins-te'ri-ii, n. L. usi*b ^b dal, *c>iudA, 
alwAnau!; k i m A r«*g jo ’ MirniuQ ko uotA 
ha.; Hysterical, his tAr'ik-al, a* lliiful) 
fisebl, tliulaU# 

t, I, Angreaf hurfif I tahajjl kA nw tg barf hnL 

Urdfl meg i* ki do tarah kf AwAseg hot! baig, 
agar sftiti an bar ke bo to AwAa Iambi hotl, jaisA 
lata tin, min, bin, wg , »n*n aur afar bilA t ibar 
ke ho to fiwda balki hotl hai, jaisA lafs sin , gin, 
aur 6m wg., men. Riimf hindisog meg yih hiudi- 
sa 2qarArdiyA jA«A Uai. Cufigki yib barf ttngh 
ke nam-shaki hai, is liye ’IbrAaf meg is ko go 4 
yA jod, jis ke aa&'ne hath ke kaig, boite baig. 

1, i, pron. A. SL ip. L. ego. maig, samlr slga i wA- 
hid uni taka Him. 

Ice, Is n. A.-S. it. Qer. •**. prpp. (auow generally 
applied to artificial ice) barf, pAlA; to break 
tile — , dtifchl k., mushkil AsAn k., rAh kholnft ; 
— a. t. barf se cbhipAnA, barf meg lagduA, barf 
b.; — berg, Ia\/*rg, a. Ger. eis and berg, barf kf 
paUAfl; — cream, is'kiSm, a. malAf kf barf, 
barf kf quiff ; —, is'hous, n. barf-kbfina ; 
— water, I/waw-tAr, n barf k.i pAnf ; Iric*c. 
Is'i-kl, a. A.-S. isgicel. barf k A kftia, barf ki 
qalam; Icy, Ls'i, o. From iot. barff, yufchdilr, 

Icelander, Is'laud fir. n. ahl i Ice-land. 

Ichneumon, ik-uu'urin. n. G. ichncuein. mulk i 
Misr kA ek jAuw »r, ek qiaua kA n-ol4. 

Iconoclast, I-kou'd-kmst, a. G. eikon and klus- 
tes . but-sbikan. 

Idea, I-di'a, a. G. Upp. (a notion) khiydl, 
tasawwur, rAe, dhiyAu, wahm; — I, I-dA'al, n. 
fahinfd, sainajli, nauuina; — a. (visionary, un- 
real) khiy&lf, wubinf. Syn. Intellectual; 
mental; visiouary; fanciful. 

Identity, a. i sameness) mutAbiqat, yaksAnf, 
tadbfq; IkJentify, X-deu'ti-.I, v. l. L. idem and 
facert. waisA bf BunajnnA, ek hf samujbua yA 
jAnud, pabch&nuA, ek bf h., wukf h.. mu Lam 
h. ; Identical, I-deu'tik-al, a. L. idem, tihe 
same) w-ihf. ek bf mutA iq. 

Ides, XJz, a. pi. L. idus. i&Amlog ke pattre kf rfi 
nc mablue kA bit h. 

Idiom, id'i-um, a. G. idiom*, (phraseology) 
mnhAwara, bolf, istdAh, tan i kalAm; — utlc, 
a. bA-inuiiAwara. istitAdf yA majflzf. 

Idiot, id'i-ut, a. G. t diotes. (naturall fool) nb- 
maq, be-wuqAf, ullii, gadhA ; — ic, id-i-ot'- 
ik, a. be-vvu^uf, be-’uql, kim; Idiocy, 
id'i-d-si, a. (want of reason) be-boshf, uf wa- 
ne gf. 

Idle, rdl, a. A.-S. idel. sust, kAbil, bekAr, maj- 
U&l. Syn. Uuetupioyed; indolent; — v. t. sust! 
k., sust b. ; — away, makkhfAg m. ; — handed, 
a. bekAr, khatf; — hearted, a. sust-dil, kuhil; 
— ness, a. sust, majhfill, kahili, be-kArf. Syn 
Indolence; inaction; sloth; — r, a. (lasy per- 
son ) AwAra, kAm-cbor. 

Idol, rdul, a. G. eidolon, but, mfirat, deotfi ; 
(person loved) ra’shAq; — atcr I-dOl'At-Ar, n. 
G. eidolon and latrcs. but-parast, gubr, k.i fir, 
Atash parast; mQrat-pfljak; (great admirer) 
’Aahiq ; — atrous, a. but-parast ; b tfS sbauqfa ; 
— atry, a. but-paiasti; mArat-pAjA; — lzc, 
IM.l-U, «. t. ’azfz jAnnA ; pdjnA [masnawf. 

Idyl, Tdil, a. JL. idgllium. nasm, raufchtmar 

l f, o. A.-S. pi/, agar, jo, kAsb, gar ; — as, goyA. 

l g. barfimasbrAt jo in ke wAate iati’mAl hoi A 

hai, LAgsA. 

Igneous, ig'nt-us, a. L. igneut. Atashf, garm, 

Ignesccnt, ig-nes'ant, a. L. ignesoens. cbingArl- 
dAr. [bAnl, Ag i shaitAaf. 

Ignis-fatuns, ig'nis-fat'ft-us, a. L. gol i bayA- 

I\gnite, ig-nlt', w. t. (kindle) jalAnfl, roshan k., 
Ag lagAnA; Ignitlhle, a. jalne ke lAiq ; Igni- 
tion. ig-nisk'un, a. Atash-sanf, sokhtagt. 

Ignoble, ignO'bl, a. L. in and nobilis, (mean, 
worthless) kamfna, razfl, bad asl, pAjf, sifla, 
bad-zAt ; ku- jAt. Syn. Degenerate ; degraded ; 
meau ; base ; infamous. 

ignominy, a. L. ig no mini-, (shame, reproach) 
ruswui, fazlhat, tafzfh, bad-nflmf, be-gairatf; 
kalank. Syn. Opprobrium; reproach; dis- 
honor ; shame ; Ignominious, ig-nd-mia'i-us, 
*. (shameful, dishonorable) nA-ehAista, bad- 
nAm ruswA. Syn. lufameus ; akamtfol ; des- 

Ignoramus, ig-nfi-rA # mus, a. L> (blockhead) 
ajhal, ahmaa ; mflrakb. 

Ignorance, ig'nd-rans, a. L. ignorantia. jaliAlat, 
nAdAul, bo-WHQdll; Ignorant, a. jAhil, nAdAa, 
kaj-fahm, nft-khwflnda, be-wa*Af; mfirakh. 
Syu. Untaught ; uninformed ; illiterate. 

Ignore, ig ndr', o. #. L. ignorare. (to disregard) 
nft-wAqif h., ua jAuud, radd k., kuchb khijAl 
na k. 

Ill, 11, o. A.-S. tfvel, Sw. ilia, (evil) bur1,zisht, 
IthurAb; (sick) bfmAr; (ugly) bad-sAr t, bad* 
sbakl; (irregular) be-qA’ida; (un uitable) nA- 
lAit; ; — a. (evil)burAI; (misfortune) Afat, balA, 
shAm&t; — «d. nA-fchush; — advised, a. bad' 
sal Ah; gnstAfrh ; — behaved, ku-chAi ;— bred, 
ii'bred, 0. wahshf, gustAkh,^huiq, be- 
ta inf z, bad-atwflr; — breeding, a. nA-shAlstagf, 
bad-chAU ; — conducted, a. badchalau: — dis- 
posed, bad-tabf’ut; — faced, si-** lit- rfl; — fnl I, 
a. brid-cjismat, bad-naslb; — favoured, ii'ia- 
verd, o. bad-sflrat, ku>Ap; — fitted, a nA-m*i- 
w.ifiq, be-an iAs; — feeling, a. bad-zanf, bad- 
guiuAuf ; — lucu, n. kam-ba|tbtf, ba -uasfbf ; — 
nature, il'nA-tur, a. brtd-mizAjf, bad-sura tf, 
ba i-kuof, bad-andeehf ; — na lured, a. bad- 
mizAj, chifchifA, tunuk-mizAj; — proportion- 
ed, a. ba -qata’, bad-waza* ; — qualified, a. 
nA-IAiq, khirab-sifat ; — stirred, a. bad- 

bakbi, kain-'iHKbt ; — temijereil, a. bad-misAj. 
tursb-mizA.j ; — usage, ». bad-sulAkl ; — will, il 
will, a. bad-knwAhf, bad-niyatf; — wUher, a. 
bad-kliwAb ; lake — , bfmAr h.; look—, bfmAr 
■ A. ; take it — , burA mAnuA ; — turu, gal- 
ba ibfmArf. 

Illation, n. L. illatio. (inference) natfjs. 

illegal, il-16'gal, a. L. in aiid legulis fcbllAf | 
sbara', nft-durust, nA-iuiz, nA-uiashrd’ ; — Ity, 
n. nA- lui is’l, tiA-masbt A'f. 

Illegl .le, il-lej'.- 1, a. L. in and legibilis. (nn- 
reidabe) bxl-kbatt; Illegibility, ii-lej-i- 
bil'i-ti, n. bn .l-kbatif, ghasft. 

Illegitimacy, il-lA-jit'ti-mA-si, a. haramsadagf, 
b:i>i-:sl(; Illegitimate, il- A jit'i-in&t, 0. ha- 
rfiiu-zAda, walad-uz-zinA ; (not genuine) bad- 

Illiberal, il-llb'Ar-ul, 0. Tj. illiberalit. tagg-dil, 
bakhfl, mumsik, bc-faiz. [ — to]; — ^ity, w. 
kanjQsl, tang-dill, bukhl, imsAk. 

Illicit, il-li-'it, a. L. illicit us. (unlawful) nA- 
rawA, nA-jfi z, harAra, mamnO*. 

Illimitable, a. be-ha Id, be-puyig, be-intlhA. 
Syn. Boundless; limitless; infinite; vast; 

Uliteralc, il-lit'ftr-At, 0. Tj. illileratus . jAhil,, nirakshar. Syn. Ignorant; un- 

Illness, il'nes, n. From ill, bfmArf, AzAr, rog, 
marz; (w ckeJness) burAf. sharArat. Syu. 
Disei^e ; sickness ; indisposition ; wickedness ; 
iniquity. [*aql. 

Illog cal, il-loj'ik-al, a. gair-mantiqf, kbilAfi 

Illume, v. t. (brighten) muuauwar k., 

roshan k., tajalll d. 

Illuminate, v. t. L. illuminuro. zfnat d. ; tashrfh • 
k. ; s.U k., munauwar k., ros k., ntlrAnf k. ; 
ujAgar k. ; Illumination, ». rosliul, nAr, ta- 
jalif, pradlpan; Illuminator, n. munauwar, 
jalwagar, afroziuda. 

Illusion, il-iA'zbun, ». L. illusio. (delusion) 
narafld, bc-bdd, dhokA, bhAl, indrajAl. Syn/ 
Delusion; mockery; deception; error; Illu- 
sive. a. fareb-dih, bfitil-numA. 

Illustrate, il-lus'irAt, v, t. L. illustrate. sAf k., 
munkasihif k„ roshan k., zAhir k., bayAu k., 
▼ k., prakAshit k., ujunnir k. ; Illustra- 
tion, n tauzlh, inktshAf, ta’bfr bayAn, tashrfh, 
mi-Al, viylkhya; Illustrative, a. mubaiyan, 
rausharrnh, ro«hnn k. w. ; prukAshak; Ulust- 
rious, s. L. illustris. { mnde clear) namAdftr; 
(bright) roshan; (conspicuous) sAUir, nAml, 
uAmwar, mukarram, sAbib i jflh yA martaba, 
mashhAr. Syn. Einineut; distinguished; 

Image, Im'Aj, n. L. imago . (idol) mQrat, but; 
(picture) taswfr; (figure) ^hakl, ehabfh ; 
uncatal i4aaJ kUiyAl;— «. t. (imagine) IMiiyAl 



k. ; pratlvlm h.;— ry, *. taawfr^, mfiimteg, 
khi/kl 1 bfttil, wahm; khush-baykn, tankaao, 
chitra. Syu. Phantom ; visiou ; idreass. 
Imagine, r t. tasauwur k., khtykl k. t qiyks a.* 
ma'10 u k., vicukrni ; Imaginary, a. taaau- 
wurf, kbiydllt mubflra, inanogat; Imagina- 
tion, a. qflwat i mutakhaila; (conception; 
fchiykl, wahra ; (fancy) qiyks, •» tkal, guoiAii ; 
(conceit) ghanaant); (contrivance) manskba. 
Syn. Conception; idea; conceit; fancy; do- 
▼ice ; Imaginative, «. pur-k *iyk;, wahinf. 
Imbecile, im'bkafil, «. L- tmbeoiUtt. (feeble) 
kamzor, za*ff ul ziha, nirbal, nktawkn. Syn. 
Weak ; debilitated ; feeble; mtirm ; Imbecil- 
ity, a. kamzorf, tan yk aihn kf nstawkul. Syn. 
Debility ; infirmity ; weakness? 

Im bed, im-bed', v. t. bichhaune t»*eQ lifAnk yft <? 
Imbibe, iui-bfb', v. t. L. in and bibere. (absorb) 
jazbk., chfts 1., soknft. 

Im outer, im-bit'ftr, v. t. (make bitter) talfch k., 
diqq k., kafwk k., dukbf k. _ _ 

Imbrue, iui-brSI, v. t. Im for »n, and O. Bag. 

true. bbigonk, dubonk, tar k.. klftda k. 
lmbae, iaa-bk, v. t. L. imbuere. (tinge deeply) 
galirfi rase d., raggnk; (ateep) gota d. [ — 

Im burse, *. t. (supply with money) rfipiya d. 
Ira i table, im'it-a-bl, a. qkbil i ta<; Id, tatabbu’- 

Imitate, im'i-tkt, e. t. It. imitari. (copy) anql 
k. ; cstabbu’k ; (counterfeit) ja’lf b ; (mimic) 
t&qlfd k. ; Imi table, iin'it-s-bl, a. qkbil i taq- 
lfd, tatabbu’-pizlr; Imitation, ». pairawf 
tatabbu’, taqlfd, naql. Syu. Copy; lixenoss; 
resemblance; counterfeit; Imitative, a . nft- 
qii, taqlldf ; Imitator, n. pairati, nuqil, muq- 
al 1 id, pas-rau, haui-lil>ks. 

Immaculate, im-nwik'u iftr, a. L. immaculatus . 
(spotless) be-dkg; (stainless) be-’aib, be- 
jurm, pkk. 

Immaneut, im'a-nent, a. L. immanent. (in- 
trinsic J undardnl, anil, zktf, hu<tl>jt. 

Immanuel, im-man'd-el, n. II. trorn im, with, 
ans, us, and el. God. JgLhudk hamkre skth, 
Masfh kk ek fchitlib. 

Tin material, a. (incorporeal) rflkknl, gair-ma- 
addf ; uirankkr; (unimportant) gtir-zanlrl. 
Immature, im-tna-tOr', a. (unripe) kachclift, 
khkiu, nk-tarokm. nkqi*; (early) pesli nz waqt, 
be- waqt. Syu. Crude; imperfect; pr#»*i»a- 
ture: untimely; Immaturity, n. kaciichk- 
pan, khkmf, nk-tamftinf. [be-audkzn. 

Immeasurable, im-meal/Qr-a-bl, u. be-hadd, 
Immediate, im-mfe'di&t, a. L. immediatus 
(near) qarfb. nazdfk; (wi'liout a medium) 
bi k-wasfla; (a "ting at once) ulfaur. 
Immemorial, a. yftt se bkhir, qndtm. purkuu. 
Immense, im- mens', a. L. irnmensus. (vast) bo 
nihk.vat, be- imibk; (boundless i be-hadd, bo- 
nndksa; (huge) bark. Syn. Infinite; il im t- 
able; monstrous; Immensity, im-mens'i-ii, 
n. kushkdagl, bafkl, be-pk/knf, be-pftyks, be- 

Immeasurable, a. be-badd. 

Immorge, im-mferj', v. t. L. immergert. dubonft, 
gsrq k., mu>tagarq k., gota d., masrkf k., mash- 
gat k. [ — iuj. 

Immerse, im- infers, t>. t. dnbknk, gota d. ; Im- 
mersion, ». garq, gota, dubkt. 

Immetliodtcal, im-me-thod ik-al, a. be-taur, be* 
tarilb, be-»alfqa. be-rabt. Syn. Irregular; 
confuted ; disorderly. 

Immigrate, i rn'i-grftt, v. i, L. in. and migrare. 
aurmulk men basnk ; Immigration, n. guir 
mulk megbasuk; Immigrant, im'i-grant, n. 
par deaf. 

Imminence, a. qarfb k. w. ^hatra, sbudnf. 

Immine nt, iin'i-uent, a. L. imminent, qarlb, naz- 
dlk:adbar; (threatening) fcbauf d. w. Syu. 
Irapendinc; threatening; near; at baud. 

Imralt, liu-iui % v. t. L. immittere (to inject) 
dkluk, andar pbegku 

Immoderate, its mod'fer-ftt, a. babut, be-andAzk, 
be-hadd, ziykda, be-bistib. [ — in). Syn. Ex- 
cessive ; extravagant, intemperate. 

Immodest, im'mod-est, f. be-Uhkz, be-hijkb, ba- j 

sharia. Syn. Indecorous; shameless; imptt- 
deut ; Immodesty, a. be-sharml, be-b&yki* 

Immolate, irn-'d-llt, v. t. L. immolnre . (to sac- 
rifice) qurbknfk.; bal d. ; ImtnAiatlou, im- 
d-lAshun, n. qurbftnl; bal. 

Immoral, im-mor'al, e. t>ad-kirdkr, bark, bad- 
ma’ksb, bad-quak'fb. Syn. Wicked ; vicious ; 
depraved; dissolute; — ity, a. badf, burfif, 'aib, 

Immortal, im-mor'tal, s. H. immertalis. (un- 
dying) g ir-fftnf, lk-zawkl; (unending) dftiruf, 
mudkMif; — a. hai-ul-qaiytlni, Ih'ibl wujkd, 
firishta. Syu. Sternal, everlasting; unend- 
ing ; deathless ; — Ity. n. baqk, baykt i abadf, 
abudiyat ; aruartk ; — i/.e, 1 . 1. b&qf lk-zawkl 
k., be-tnarg k. ; amir k. 

Immovable, ius-rafliJv'a-bl, a. gair-mutaharrik, 
quim, mnstaqil, ufal, aclinl, jkraid; Immov- 
ability, a. qayft n, istiqlkl, be-harkatf. 
Immunity, ltn-tn&'ni-ti, n. L. immnnitas . (ex- 
emption, free om) mu'kfl, makhlasf, kzkdf, 
cbhutkkrk, aajkt. [k. 

Immure, im-inAi', v. t. (confine) qaid k.« band 
Immutable, im-inut'a-bl, s. L. immntabiUe. 

( uncbaagrtble ) be-tabdfl, bilk-tagaiyur, acbal, 
gair-rantagaiyur ; Immutability, n, be-tab* 
dill, sabkt; sthirtk. 

Impair, im-pkr, e. t. F. empirer. ( lessen ) gha- 
tkuk, kamk.; (make worse) bigkrnk, kharkb 
k. Syu. To diminish, decrease; injure; 
wet ken; enfeeble. 

Impale, itu-pkl', v. t. L. in and point, (put to 
death) sfiif <L, yk charhkok; (fence with 
pules) (aft! ya df se ghernk; — ment, ». t&ttf 
ya A r se sh i rko. [lams. 

Impalpable, a. niahfn, surma sft, nk-qkbil-nl- 
luipnnncl, im-p m'el, v. t. (enroll) nkm likbnk. 
Impart, im-pkrt', v. t. 1*. impartire. (give) de- 
uk, ’ nftyat k.; (made known) sfthirk^ batknft. 
[—to]. Syu. Share; yield; confer; grant; 

Impartial, im-pkr'shi-a!, o. (not partial) man- 
sif, he-tarafdkr; npakshpktl. Syn. Unpre- 
judiced; just; equitable; — Ity, s. inskf, be- 
ta rat'd ft rf, sachkf. 

Impassable, a. masdtid, band, nk-mumkin ul gn- 
znr. Syn. Impenetrable; pathless; imper- 

vi ms. 

Impassible, im-pas'i-bl, a. F. from L. in and 
patiri jis par tsklff asar na kar sake. [ — to]. 
Inipussivo. a. (insensible) be-hiss, be-jkn; (im- 
passiole) danl yk ukllf se barf; — ness, a. be- 

Iin[>atienre, ira pl'sbi ens, ». be-sabrf; (hasti- 
ness ) juM-bftzl, utAolf, iatrftbf ; Impatient, s. 
be-aabr, be-tftb, utkolk, jald-bkz. Syn. Hasty; 
ea^er ; not ouduriu^ delay. 

Impeach, ira-pferh, v. t. F. em pecker, (accuse 
by public atnb -tity) hukftmat kf rfi se ilzkm 
lagftnft, muttshiin k. ; bring into question), 
sitakk k. : (hinder) roknk ;— it. (hlmierance), 
rok ; — able, a. ilftzm ke qkbil ; — ment, n. nk- 
lisb, da’wk, ittihkua, tnbinat, mfikhUzI. SftL 
Accusation ; indictment ; charge; censure. 
Impeccable, im-pek's-bl, a. L. tmpevoabilis, be- 
kbutft, be-’aib, be-gaukh, mubarra. 

Impede, ina-pfed', v. t. L. impeiire. ( binder X 
rokoft, bkz r. 

Impediment, ira-ped'i-ment, ». fttkko, rok ; (de- 
fect in speech) luknat. Syn. Hindernnoe; 
obstruction ; diffi. nlty. 

Impel, im-pel', v t. L. impellere . (drive on), 
dan rAnft; ( presm forwa rd ) bazor bafbknk ' 
(instigate) targfu d„ dhakyknk. [ — by]. 
Instigate; incite; move ; excite. 

Impend, im-pend', v. i. L. impendore. (hang)! 
over) iagk r., lagok, qarfb h. L“^w] ;— -ing, 

«. sir par, qarfb, nazdfk. 

Impenetrable, im-p -ti'k tra-bl, o. gair-rnumkin 
utl da kb l, be-guzftra, cbiknk. sakht; Impene- 
trabtl ty, im-pen-fe-tra-bil'i-ti, ». sakhtl, duflh- 
wrtrf, nft-asar-pizfrf. 

Impeniteuce, a. bc-taasnfff, sang-dilf ; Im- 
peulteiit, a. & n. L. impeenitent gair-mutntJ- 
ail, be-tanba, kaUar, saag-dU, 





Imperative, im-pSr'At-iv, a. L. imperare. atari. Importunate, im-port'A o&t, a. Lu importunm 
huktnt. nlhAyat zarArf ; — a sflrat i amr, amr. (unreasonably solicitous) mutaqflxf, ba-zidd 
Imperceptlblllty, ina-i‘ftr-sep'ti-biri-ti, ». fair- garaz-bAolA, mlnnat o zArl k. w. * 

iuuksasiyat,&tn«tagl; Imperceptible, a. gair- Importune, v. t. L. import unare, (beg earnest- 
mansd*, audekhA, nA-ma'iAm. [ — to] iy) miauatse mAugn*; (tease) taqflzA karke 

Imperfect, im-pfir'f-kr. s. nA-tamAra nA-rau- mAngnA. £ — for] ; Importunity, a. taqAzA. 
kauuuil.adbA A, nAqis, kachchA ;mAz( istiinrArl. aidd, Af. 

Syn. Uufiuished; incomplete; de.eciive; ira- Impose, un-pOz', v. t. L. t« and ponere. thahri- 
paired leu, n. (incompleteness) nA-taraftml ; oft, dAlnA, lagAnA, rakhnA; (make a false 
(blemish) ouqs. show) dagA d., jhfHhl ArAisb k., tkabrAnA;— 

Imperforate, iin-p&r'fdr-i.t, s. L. in and per- on, — upon, (hagnfi, dagA d., to be — ed urn 

forutut. be-chhedA, an-bedhA. dagA khflnA ; Imposin', a. ArAiskI, mua«sar* 

Imperial, im-pA'ri-al, a. L. tmperivm. bAdshAhf, ru'bdAr, JagA haft: Imposition, a. l.tgAnA* 

sbAuf, suitAol; — ism, n. sbAbanab&bf ; — 1st, a. rakhnA; (tax) mahsril; (command) hukm* 

bAd^hAuf ra’iyat. [kuatre men d tAkld ; (cheat) fa reb, dagA, ja’l, dkokft, chhal! 

Imperil, im-p£r'il, v. t. (bring into danger) makr. 

Imperious, o. (authoritative) htkirnAna; (over* Impossible, im-pos'i-bl, a. L. in and pottibilit. 
bearing) jAbir, zAlira, sliiit, zaoardust. Syn. ga>r- mnnUin, mnhAl, an-konA; Imposslbil- 
Lordly; haughty ; tyrannical; despotic. ity, n. istihula, be-irakft»f. 

Imperishable, im pfcr'ish-a-ol, a. F. imperitt- Iin , ost, i n'pOst, ». L. imponere, mahsAl, fehirftj, 
aoie. lA-zawAl, uA-inurtianf. lAgat. Syn Tax; dmy; custom ; tribute. 

Impermeable, iiu-pCr'me-a-bl, a. L. in and per- Imp oath nine, n. phnfA, dumbal, pfb kA bharA 
mearc. baud, nA- nukin-ud-dakbl, gair jAzib. gbAo; Imposthumate, im-pos'tum-At, V. i. 

[ — to] Syn. Impassable; impenetrable; pboj-ft b., jama’ h. 

pathless. impostor, in ( >os'tfir, n. L. imponere. makkir. 

Impersonal, ira-pSr'aun-al, u. F. impertonnel. digiuiz. Syn. Deceiver; pretender; Im- 
fi I . nftqis : fi’i i bc-wafftl . amr i g tib. posture, n. i r»b, dag ibAzl. 

Impertinence, n. (irrelevance) uauia’qfiliy.c ; Impotent. iin'pO-ient, a. L. in and potent oA- 
(8iU"iaese») gustftkhf, bc-adabl ; Imperil* tawny, zn’If, nA-ui-ird; asiktl, ni bal. Syn. 

nent, ira pAr'ii-neut, a. L. in aud pertinent, be D.sab ed . weak ; eeble ; intirm ; Impotence, 

adib, gusiAkh, sl.okh. ». nA-tawAuf, knm/.orf, zu’f, be-basl ; (without 

Impert ir able. i:n-p£r-turb'a-bl, a. L. in and power of ropigation) oft-uitirdf. 

perturbare. qfii n-mizAj. Impound, im- pound', t? t. ihAte ney band k. 

Impervious, iin-pfir'vi us, «. be-t'uzfira ; band, l.npoveris •, irn-pov'6 -ish, v. t. Prefix is, sot, 
au-bedliA. [ — to], Syn. Iuipa*ssaid * ; iiupene- ao<> F. povere. pauvre. m tiis kar d., faqlr k., 
trable, p tklesi; ,ni>er.ueable. kainz k. . — ment, n. muflisf. karnzorf. 

Itiipetiious, ira-pet'u-us, a L. irnpetuotut tez, Im.iracticable, im-pra 'n-ka-ol, a. gn r-mam- 
fund, shadld. Syn. Foicihe; rapid; has.y, kin, mushkii, muuAI, dus wAr, ganiau-kaah. 
furious; violent ; Impetuosity, im-in-t-u-o-'- Syn. Dntractnbie ; siubbo n ; unmanageable; 

i-ti, n. tezf, tundl, z*>r, sbiildat; (violence, rea*«o able; Imprai ticubillty, ». ga.r-imkA- 

tury) jaidt nf. dusbwft t, ietih.ilA, be-iuiuAnf. 

lni|>etus, im'i^-tus. n. L. in an I petere zor, tez- Imprecate, im'pre-kAi » t. L im, and preoari. 

rawf. qrtwat is it *.i ak, gati, *hakti. bal. Did- iu’A k., ko nA, m’nat k.; Impre* atiuii, 

Impiety, i n-pl'e-ti, n. L. impint. sharArat, nA- n. ba l-dii'A, la'uat. Syn. Curse; execration, 

khud.i-iarsi, kAfir, ilh'td, fisq, fu i • r. Syn. Uu- lmprrguable, a. Uusb war-iiuzAr ; ajit, bijai ; 
gudlinerta; proiaueness [lagnA. Apur glrnA. Impregnability, ». usm ir guzArf. 

Impinge, i i-pinj, r ». L. in and • mgere , (nkkar Impregnate, iia preg'u&r, v. t. L in and pra?y- 
Impious, im'pi-us, L. in, and pint, be-dlu, nA- nant. gtibbin k., h ira la k.; t fill ) p ulAuA. 

khudA-tars, kftfir, [ — with]; — a. bharA hflA. hAuii a. gAbkin ; 

Impl cable, ira-pia-ka-bl, a. L. impla^ubilit. Impi egnntlon, n. bArdarl, b-lcui.apan. 
sakh', sang-dil, be- r *h a, du^hman i jAu. s>yn. Impress, i.u-pres', v. t. \j. in and pre »ere (em- 
Inexnnble; unre eming; stubborn; vind ctive; bos») uaqsh k. ; (rank 1 a serious effect) bafl 

malicious; ImplncaMlity, ira-pift ka-Oidi-ti, tAsfr k.; (seize for public a-rvice) begAr 

n. jAuf du <hni «uf, s i^ht adawut. Syn. Ma- pak.fnA; ,fix deep; gArnA. zibn-ni^hln k 

lice; rancour; crue ty. f — on, — upon]; — n. (print) chhApA; tsiamp) 

Implant, i.u-plant', v. i. L. in and pluntare uai^h; (idea) tflslr, rAe ; (single eilition ) ek- 

(plaic ) ligAuA, gAf 'A ; (,;raft» qalam lagAnA, taba’; — iblc, a. tAsfi-pizfr, nsqsh-pizlr ; — lull, 

bii(.iAlnA ; (infix) nikhnA. I — in] im-pr sh'uu, n. nnush, clib&pA . (effect on 

Imp’cmeiit, iin'ple-inent, w. F. implere. Alat, mind) asar, tAsfr ; (notion) khiyAI ; (from 

b;i ivA , auiir ; tM'tau, biRAu. type) cbhapAi; — ive, Im- -res'iv, a. kbAtir- 

ImplieiUe, ira'pli-kftt, v. t. D. in and plicare nishfu, mua sir. 

(eutuugle ) phan AoA, dj.iAu'u lape(ni, rail- Impressment, im pres'ment, n. hegfirl. 

And; Ignplic tioii, n. < eman^lemeiif) pech Imprint, im'i>rint, n chbApnewAle yA mashta- 
Inpej, istiAra ; (ini-reuce) sh ra,kiuAy‘ f uA. hark, w., kA uAm naa’ tA ifkh aur ra qA*u ; — v. 

Implicit, i i-plis'it, a L . i npheitut. i tacitly t, chh pn*. naqsb k., dil-ai-hfu k. [ — on], 

comprised ) ra .ifhfi n ; s.\f, kAmil, pArA; d sre Imprison, ita-nriz'u, ®. t. F. empri*nnner. jail 
par blinros i r. w. k. t pA-bi-zanjlr k., mahhfjs k , band k. I — in] ; 

Implore, ici-p 6r'. v. t. L. in ami plorarc du’A — ment, n. quid, «frf, habs. Syn. Incarcer 

uimgnA, UtijA k., rninnat k., bmtl k. Syn. ation ; cusfo y ;> confinement. 

Beg*; «»ese *ch ; crave ; cutreat. Impro’-ablc. iiu-pr6b'..-bt, «». (unlikely) 

Imply, irn-p i', v. t batlAnft, ishAra k., daMlat k., qiyAs, ba'ld ul *aqi. pnr-sh'ihha, gsii-hiwar, 

natfja r. Syn. Include; comprise; import; an-honA. Improbability, n/adain i lhtimAl, 

signify ; mean. ba'fd-ul-fahml. 

Impolite, im-pd-llt', a. be-sfl, be-inurauwat. Impromptu, im-pTnmp'tO, ad. or a. L. »», 
be-adab, be-Adar, badkhulq; Impolitic, ira- prumptu. (^ff-ha» M s ir i da t, fi -badihl. 
po 'it-ik, a. Bl-mu’qfil, bejA. Improper, im- pro p'Ar, a. (not p o,ei ) nA-ma'- 

Import, im-pftrt', v. t. L. in and p ort a re. giir qul ; bejA; (incorrect) nA-muoAsib^ (untit) 

raulk kf chfzen 1>' A., pahunchAnA; *ilaq:ir.; nA-nuinAsib, nA-laiq. Syn. Unsuitable; un- 

dalAlat k. [-—into, — from). Syn. Denote; qualified, unfit; unbecoming; indecent; in- 

mean ; signify ; concern ; — «. gair mulk k( Aiua- a cu ate; ungrammatical; Imprupr.ety, lm- 

danf; (meaning) murAd, jar.iz; — ation, n, pro-pif'e-ti, «• nA-mn’qflll, uA-sbAistagl, aA-mue 

Atksd, idkhAi. nAsibat . 

Importance. n v qadr, zur'irat ; muzAiqa ; (self- Improve, ira-- rMv', a. *. Pr*nx tn nd L. pro- 
estimation) kkud-pasuudl. [ — to]: Impor- bare, ( nake >»ett r) bihtar k„ siiubArnA r t 

tent, o. Ah a in, bbarl^ bagA, zurArl; natlja- n. taraq *T k. w„ yA d. t . -ment, n. taraqql. 

Asm. bib tarl, Ul Ak, durustl. ArAAtagl. 




In provide lit, a. kolAh-andesh, be-tadb?r. Imp- 
rovidence, im-pFov'i-deus* a* (wautinglore- 
; nought) kolib-aiideshf, be-tartlbl. 

Improvise, im-prO-viz, v. t. L. in and provitu*. 
!» -gaur bolriA, liklmA yA g mft. _ 

Imprudent, i<u-proo*deut, a. L. *» and prune**. 
kotAb-aud *sh, gAlil, be-fcnabar : 

«. kotAu-andeshl, bo-lihtiz! ; gaflat, be-khabarf. 
Syu. Indiscretion ; heedlessness ; carelessne* ; 

Impudent, im'pil-dent, a. U. in and pttden*. be- 
sharm, uhokii-cliashixi, be-gairat, be-hayA, be- 
adab. Impudence, im'pu-dens, ». (shame- 
lessness) be-sharrnl, be-hayAI, be-gatratl; 
(insolence) sliokhf. . . 

Impugn, ini-pun', v. t. L*. xmpugnare. (to eon* 
t radictjdalli se rndd k., kfltnfi, sliakk men lAnA. 

Impulse, iru'puK n. 1 j. impulsus. zor, dhakkA, 
chot, oh ipet, sadina ; (motive) garaz; (impres- 
sion ) tAsIr, jnmbish. Syn. Thrust; push. 
Impulsive, a. tuuharrik, asar-pizfr, jaldbAz. 

Impunity, im-pft'ni-ti, n. L. itnpuntlas. be-siyA- 
sat!, be-’azAbl. 

Impure, im-pur', «. L. impurus. (not. pure) nA- 
pak, nA-sAf. Impurity, n. nApAkl, najAsat, 
mail-Alftdagl. . 

Impute, irn-put', v. i. h. in and pulnrc , thahrA- 
nil, tuhinat lagAnA, mansflb k. [ — to, — in] ; 
imputation, n. ihtirnAl: (censure) tulim-t. 
il&zua ; Imputable, iin-piil'a-bl, a. muhtamal; 
(chargeable) qAhil-i-tuhmat, yA ilzAm. 

In, prep. A.-S. U G. en. men, bhftnr, an lnr, 
bleb ; ff, dar ; — as much as, jylinki, in is A ki; 
— all, bi‘kull: — time, bar- waqi fact, fu- 
baqlqat; — that, (because) kyfinki, is wAste 
ki; — tlic uame of, (by authority) ba-hukm, 
ba-rAe, waste; to bo— with, or keep — with, 
sAth Brith r., dost! r. ; — id. andar, bhrtar; — 
like manner, is! tarah : — estimation. irntiyd- 
zan ; — regard, nisbat, ba-uuqq : —earnest, 
sarnarm ; — proportion, be-ruiqdAr ; — refer- 

ence to, wAste ; — spite of, bar-’aks. bar-khilAf : 
in comp. in, not, ilifn ke wAste isti’mAl ho LA 

Inability, in-a-bilM-ti, ». lAehArf, tang-dast!, 
iiA-qabiliyat, majoQrf, Syn. Incompetence; 

Inaccessible, a. gair-mumkiti ul wusfil, be-guzA- 
ra, rnumtana’-ul-wasfil, jia tak pahunch yA ra- 
sAl ns ho sake. L — to]. 

Inaccurate, a. uA-durust, galat. Inaccuracy, 
in-ak'ku-ra-si, «. galat!, nA-durustl, bhti. 
ehflk. Syn. Mistake; fault . defect. 

Inaction, n. be-shiiglf, be-kArf, ArAm-talabf, aus- 
t!. Inactive, in-.ik'tiv. a. susr, be-shugl, dhf- 
1A; to lie. Inactive, pnfA r., bailhnA ; Inactiv- 
ity, n. sustt, be-shugl I, knhAInt. 

Inadequate, in-ad'6-kwftt, a. (insufficient) qfi- 
sir, kain, nA-lAiq. [ — to]. Syn. Unequal; in- 
competent; insufficient; defective. Inade- 
quacy, in-ad'6-kwAsi, u. kauil, nA-lAiq! ; uyO- 


Inadmissible, in-ad-mis'i-bl, o. (not to be admit- 
ted or allowed) nfi-masmCT, uA-mahrara, nA- 

Inadvertent, in-ad vfiri'entj o. gAfil, ; 
inadvertency, ». (negligence) gaflat, be- 
k ha barf, be iltifAtf. [infiqAq. 

Innllcnnhle, in-aJ'yen-a-bl, a. gair-mumkin ul 

In in-Au', a. L. inuni*, (empty) kbAIf; 
v . d l of sense) bchAda. [Lifeleas; dpad. 

Inanimate, iu-an'i-.nfit, a. be-jAn, sfsurda. Syn. 

Inanition, n. (emptiness) kbnlA, khalA; be- 
iddagl. Syn. Emptiness ; v . iiy. 

Tuanity, n. khulii, snun, khalA ; ue-hfldapt. 

Inapplicable, in-ap'pli k i-bi, a. (unQt ) be-mau* 
•} i’, nA-muvvAfiq, nA-munAsib. Sya. Unsuit- 
able ; unftdapted ; inappropriate. [ — to] ; In- 
applicability, n. (unfitness) nA-lijAqatf, nA- 

In jqireciable, in-ap-pr§'shi-n-bl. a. karn-qndr. 

Inapprehensible, a. (not intelligible) nA-qAbil 
u: fahm, josamajh men na A sake* 
Inappropriate, in-ap-prO'pri-At, a. (unsuitable) 

Inapt, in-apt', a. L. in and aptu*. nA-qAbil, nA« 

munA; o. Syu. Unfit ; unsuitable ; — itude, n. 

nA-qAbliyat. [toil. 

Inarticulate, in-ar-tik'fl-IAt, a. muhtnii. 
Inasmuch, in-az-inueh', ud. jyQski, jaisa ki, 

chilni . zerAki. 

Inattention, in-at-ten'shun, ». gaflat, tagAful, 
be-parwAI, :inA-kAnf. Syn. Neglect ; hoedlcKs- 
ness: Inattentive, a. gAfil, be-khabar, be- 
parwA. Sjm. Careless; heedless ; negligent. 

Inaudible, m-awd'i-bie, a. (sileut) Ahistu, uA- 
masinfi , 

In tagurai, a. shagfinf; — ». nae . le parsar* 
farAz hone ke waqt kA durs; Inaugurate, in- 
aw'gfl-rftt, v. t. Ij. inaugurarc. tilak k., bai- 
thAliift ; makhshs darja d. Syn. Install; 
Inauarurntion, «. tilak. (ikA, juliis. 

Inauspicious, iu-aw-sphli'i-us, o. (unlucky), 
on has, bad-bakht, bura, m an Inis, [jibillf, aslf. 

Tulioi n, in'born, a. (innate) zAtl, tab*!, khilql, 

Inbred, in'bred, a. jig «rl, janmf, zA:!, jauharf. 

Incalculatdc, iu-kai'kQ-la-bl, u. be-hisAb, be- 
andAz, nA-qAbi sbumAr. [garm ho j. w. 

Incalcsccnt, in a-le'sont, u. L incttlc*cens» 

Incantation, n. L. incantare . mantr, jftdfl. 

Incapable. in-kA'pa-bl. a. L. in and caperc. nA- 
qAbil, ma'aftr, qAsir, anArf* L — dj. Syn. In- 
competent; unfit; unable; Incapability, r». 
nA-liyAqntl, uA-qablliyat. [ — for] 

Incupacltate, v. t. be-muqildr k., malirflm r., bAz 
r., kamzor k. [ — for]; I ucnjmcity, in-ka- 
pas'i-ti, n. V. incapaoite. be>inaqddrf, uA-qAbli- 
yat. Syn. Inability ; incompeiency. [ — for]; 
Incapacious, in-ka-p&'shi-us, a . (narrow) 
gair-was!’, tang. 

Incarcerate, in-kiir's5i-At, v. t. L. in and car- 
ceiarc. (imprison, murine) band k., qaid k., 
asfrk. [ — in]: Incarceration, n. qaid. 

Incarnate, in-kar'nat, v. t. L. in and caro. 
uutAr 1., mujassim h. ; — a. autArl, mujassim!; 
Incarnation^ n. antAr, tajassum. 

lucasc, in-kAa', v. 1. iapetnA, giiAf k., mQadnA ; 
— ment, n. lapet, gilAfdtir ch!z. 

Lncautious, in-ks w'sbi-us, «. be-khabar, gAfil, 
be-ihtiyAt, be-parwA. Syn. Imprudent ; care- 
less; heedless ; thoughtless; — ness, n. be-par- 
wfi!, be-ihtiyAlf, ga/lat. 

Incendiary, in-sen'di-ar-i, a. &. ft. L. iaccn- 
dium. Atusii-afroz. fitna-angez, mufsid, f isAdl 
Ag lag:) tie w. ; Incendiarism, in-sen'di-ar- 
izm, ». Atash-zanf, slin’la-zadngf. 

1 license, in-seus', v. t . L. incetisare. (perfume 
with inccnss) lobAn se khushbQdAr k., mn’uttar 
k. Syn. Perfume. Ij. inccn*are (inhume, to 
violent anger) khafA k.. gussa d., rliqq k., 
jalAnA. [ — for]. Syn. Enrape; provoke; — 
«. lobAn, baklitir. 

Incentive, in-seti'tiv' a. L. incen1ivu8.( inciting) 
muharrik, targ!b-dih ; — n. bA’is, sabab, ragbut 
d. w., dam-bAz. [ — to]. 

Inception, it. Ij. incaplum . shurfl’, ibtidA ; In- 
ceptive, o. shorn* k. w., Agaz, zAhir k. w. 

Incessant, in-ses'ant, o. L. in and cessare. 
(continual) mut&wAtir, ek-lakhl, bainesha, 
mudAm, paiham. Syn. Unceasing ; cmistuut. 

Incest, in'.sest, n. L. incestum . lin&kAri ba- 

Inch, insh, ». A.-S. ince. tasfi, inch ; — v. t. thofA 
thorA dhakelnA, LborA tborA d. ;~uf time, 
lamha ; — by — , rafta rafta. 

Incident, in'si-dent, n, (casual) ittifAq, sargn- 
zasht, mAjara, wAqi’a ; — al, a. iltifAq!, 'Arizt; 
akfls.'uik. Syu. Accidental; casual ; contin- 
gent. Ining) shard’ k. w., AgAz k. w. 

Incipient, in-.sip'i-ent, a. I*, incipient, (begin- 

Incisioii, in-sizirnn, n. L. from in and cxdere. 
kit. borlsh, zaVhm. 

Incite, in-rft\ v . t. L. in and citare. targtb d. t 
bbnrkAnA, uskAnA, [ — to] ; Incited, a. bhnfkA 
hfiA ; Incitement, n. largfb, bA’is, lAlach, 
talirf*. Syn. Motive; incentive: stimulus; 
encouragement. [bad-aljhlAq!, be-adabf. 

Incivility, in-si- v: I' .i, n. in and civil. gustAfchl, 

Inclement, iu kleui'ent, a. (harsh) br-dard; 
(boisterous) sakht, tund. Syn. Rough; 
stormy; Inclemency, tu (roughness) >e- 
rahml, sa^htl, kara^htagl. 




In line, In-kirn'. «. ♦. L. inchnare. (loan to) 
jhuknft; (be favorably disposed) rflgib h. ; 
■411 h* 4rs4 r. [—to,— toward] utAr yd 
chafbdo; Inclined, jhukA hOA, AraAda, mus- 
ta’idd, mail, rfigib, ehAin ; Inclinable, n. mail, 
rAgib, musta'idd, taiyAr, sargarm; Iucii na- 
tion, n, mailAn, ragbat ; (liking) shauq, garnz, 
And, hasrat, ar^An. Syn. lJeut ; pronencss ; 
tendency. _ , % . 

Inclose, in-kl5z', v. t . F. encloa. (shut lip) band 
k.; (fence in) ihAta k., malfaf k.. (include) 
sh&mil h.; Inclusure, n. bafh, chAr-dlwArf, 
Ibata, his4r, kot. _ 

Include, in-klfld, v. t, L. in and oladure. (enclose) 
dAfchil k. ; (comprise) shumil k., mi I Ana, rnush- 
tarail k. L — in] ; Inclusive, in-klQ'siv, o. 
shAmil, mushtamil, sAth. . A __ 

Incognito, in-kog'ni-tfi, a, or ad. It. Sp. & F. 
(^unknown) chhipA, makhfl, nA-ma’lflm, po- 

Incoherence, in-kfi-bSr'eus, ». (Inconsistency) 
gair-mutAbiqat, be-melf. nA-bastagt ; Inco- 
herent, a. (unconnected) be-mel, be ma’ne, 
gair-mutnbiq. [ — in). 

Incombustible, in-kora-bust'i-bl, a. nA-so$btanf, 
nA-soznnda, jo jal na sake. 

Income, in'k am, n. AraadanI; — tax, n. Amfldnnf 
par mabsfil ; Incoming, o. dAkliil h. w. ; In* 
comer, n. AnewAlA, qAbiz. . 

Incommensurate, in-kom-men'sflr-lit, a, Tj. in, 
con, measure. (unequal, insufficient) nA- 
mnwfifiq, bar-fchilAf, qAsir, kam. 

Incommode, in-kom-nno 1 # , v. t. L. in and com- 
modus. (etn harass) takllf d., IzA d., diqq k; 
Incommodious, a. (inconvenient) mutasadbl, 
nA-ma’qftl, uA-gawftr, takllf-dih. . 

Incommunicable, in-kam-mu'ui-ka-bl, a. L. tn 
eon , munus. nfl-guftanf. nu knliue k*‘ lAiq. 

Incommutable, in-kom-inft''a-bJ, a. (unchange- 
able) nfl-muiiikin-ul-tabdfl. 

Inromparab'e, in-koin'par-a-bl, o. L. in, com- 
purabilis. (matchless) lA-s&uI, be-ntvzlr, be- 

Incompatible, in-kom-pat'i-ld, a. F. mu’tariz, 
ultil, uA-rauwAfiq, bar-kbilfif. [ — with]. Syn. 
Inconsistent; incongruous; dissimilar; In- 
compatibility, n. (inconsistency) be-meif, nA- 
muwAfiqat, ifchtildf. 

Incompetence, in-koiu'pfi-tens, n. in and eon I- 

f etence. (unfitness) nA-oAbiliyat, nfi-lAiql; 
ncompetent, a. (inadequate) nA-lAiq, be- 
maqdflr, nA-qAbil. 

Incomplete, in-kora-plAt', «. F. incomplet. (im- 
perfect) nA-tamAm, nAqis, nA-kainil, ndlidra. 
Incompliance, in-koin-pli'uns, n. nA-razAman- 
dl, be-zfibitl. 

Incomprehensible, in-kom-prS-hens'i-bl, u. F. 
from L. prchendcre . b.'-qiyAs, satuajh so l>A- 
har, ba’ld ul ’aql, jo samajh men na A «:i k«*. 
r — by]; Incomprehensibility, n. ba'fd ul 
falunl. [primere. saklit, jo dab na sake. 

Incompressible, in-kom-press'i-bl, o. L. in, and 
Incomputable, in-koiu-put'a-L>l, a. L. in, con, 
and ptifare. an-gintl, be-hisfib, be-sfiumftr. 
Inconceivable, in-kon-scv'a-bl, a. L. in, and 
concipcre. be-qiyfls, gtir-mumkin ul fahm 

Ducoucluslve, in-kon-klds'iv, a. L. in and con- 
eludere. i.Aqla, nA-tamAm, adbflrA. 
Iucongrueut. a. (unlit) nA-muvv ifiq, be-mel, 
barkhilAf; Incongruity, n nA-muwAtiqat v 
mughAlifat; Incongruous, a. L. in and on- 

f ruere. nfl-muwAfiq, be-nu*l, bar-kbil&f. Syn. 
Jnfit ; inanpropWate. 

Inconsequent, in-kon'sft-kw^nt, a. L. in and 
oonaequi, (invalid; n&qis, kachcbA. 
Inconsiderable, in-kon-sid'6r-a-ld, a. L. in and 
oenaiderare. thorft. kbafff ; (unimportant) u&- 
cbfz, be-qadr. 

Inconsiderate, in-kon-sid'gr-at, o. (careers) 
bp-fikr, gAfil, be-lhftz; — ness, n. gaflat, be- 

Inconsistent, a. L. in and contisiere. !>u *Id, d(ir, 
nA-tuuwAfiq, nA-munAs b, bar-kbUAf, 1>< -n.el. 
Syn. Incompatible; incongruous; repugnant. 
|— with] ; Inconsistence, in-kon-sist'ens, or 

Inconsistency, «. nd-muwafiqat, i^htilftf, 
talauwan, be-qarArL 

Inconsolable, in-kon-sOFa-bl, a. L. in and con- 
solari. gamgin, dilgfr, nA-tnsalll-plzfr. Syn. 
Disconsolate; comfortless. 

Inconstant, a. nA-pdeddr, be-snb4t, be-istiql&l. 
bs-thikAnA. Syn. Mutable; fickle, unsteady; 
cliangrable; Inconstancy, in-kon stan-si, n, 
Jj. in and c oust arc, bc-sabAtl, be-qardrT, be- 
isti dfilf. 

Incontestable, In-kon-test'a-bl, a. from in and 
contestable ; (undeniable) lA-jaw4b, 14-kalAm, 

Incontinence, n, (lewdness) bad-parhezf, n4- 
pAk-dAmanf, be-’asmatf, nnf -parastl; In- 
cciiitlnent, in-kon'ti-neut, a. L. in and conti- 
ncre. (lewd ) bad-parkez, be-i’tidfli, nnfs-parast. 

Incontrovertible, in-kon'tio vfirt'i-bl, a, L. in 
contra and vertere, (indisputable) Ifi-kalAm, 
bo-tukrAr, ld-radd, gair-mutabaddal. 

Inconvenience, in-kon-ve'ui-eiiB, ». (uneasi- 
ness) be-firAaif, taklff, diqqat ; — v. t. takllf d., 
barj k. [ — hyj. Syn. Molestation; annoy- 
ance; lioih:c; Inconvenient, in-kon-ve'ui- 
eut, o. L. in and convenirc. n's-ma’qfil, nAbkAr, 
bc-mnuqa’, dushwfir, mutrsaddf, mnzir. 

Incorporate, in-kor'p6- rat, a. (united) tna^h- 
ifir, milAyA buA ; sanyukt. Syn. Combine; 
merge ; blend ;—v. t. L. tn and corpus, milftefi, 
roakbldl k. ; (embody) mujassam k. ; Incor- 
poration, n. Atnezisb, mi lawn £. 

Incorporeal, a. be-jasad, bc-tan, be-jism, rflb. 
Syn. Immaterial, bodiless. 

Incorrect, iu-kor-rekt', o. L. in and coirccius. 
nA-da rust, gala t, gair-marlnit ; (immoral) nft- 
rAst. Syu. Inaccurate; erroneous; wrong; 

lucorrlgllile, in-kor'ri-Ji-l)!, n. (irreclaimable) 
gair islAb-pizIr, sa^ht nA-iamblh-pizfr, sbarlr, 

Incorrupt, in-kor-rupt', a. Jj. in and corruptua. 
(pure) *af, pak, rAstbAz, barf, sudh ; — ^iblc, a, 
gair-fAni, sAlib, nclc, rAst-luz ; abinAsh ; — Ion, 
n. adam i fanA, baqA ; a-nfts ; — ness, ». p4kl, 
rAsil, fmftndAl. 

Increase, in-kres', v. i. L, in and crescere. barhA- 
nA, ziyada k., izAfa k., afzAish k., afzrtn k. ; 
vridubl p. ; — ». ziyAdatf, taraqql, batbtl^ af- 

Incredible, o. (unbelievable) be-i’tibfir, galr- 
mu’i abar ; apartftl ; Incredibility, in-kred-i- 
bil'i-ti, n. be-i’tibArl, be-i’timadl ; a-vish- 

Incredulous a. sust-i’tiqAd, gair-mu’taqid ; 
Incredulity, in-kiS-du'li*ti, n, be-i’tiqAdf, be- 

Increment, in'ki5-ment, n. L. incrementum. 
(enlargement )beshf, tauflr, baghtf. [tabim k. 

Incriminate, in-kriu/in-ftt, v. t, ( accuse) mut- 

Iucrust, iu-krust', v. t. IfpoA, lesnA, posbfda k., 
tah ciinfhanA ; — nttozi, n. lep, les, cbhilkA, tab. 

Incubate, in'kd-bat, v, t. L. in and cubare. senA, 
aude par b.iifhnA ; Incut ation, n, senA, ancle 
par baitbuA. 

Inculcate, in-kuTkAf, v, t. L. in and culcare . 
(infuse, instil) batbinfi, samjhAnA ; tAkld k., 
dil-uisbfa k. ; Inrulcat on, n, tAkld, ta’Um, [be-gunAh. 

Inculpable, a. (unblamable) be-ilzAm, nir-dokh, 

Incumbent, iu-kum'bent a. L. incumbcna, wA- 
jib, lAziai, zart'ir, farz, mumlsib; — n. mAi i 
wa if kA mA ik ya ’uh lodAr; Incumbency, ». 
farz, xarA rat, ’ubdadurl. 

Incur, in-kur', r. t. L. in and currere . sazflwAr 
b., lugAud, IAuA, dAluA, baQdbnA; (bring on) 
sarzad h. 

Incurable, o. lA-’ilAj, lA-dawfi. Syn. Hope* 
lessly bad ; remediless ; irretrievable; — n. 14- 
'ilA i. [yAr sh, bam!a, daug. 

Incursion. in-Vur'shun, n. L. incur to, (inro d) 

ludci.tcd, iu-dciVil, a. L. in and debitua . qaiz- 
dar: ( obliged ) ihsanmand, mamnQn, mashkAr; 
— ucss, n. ipirzd.Uf, deu-IArl ; ilisAu. 

Indecent, ih-dfi'sent, u. L. in and decent, (un- 

I becoming) nA-ma’qfil, nA-lftiq; (immodest) 
be-imtiy4s, be^sharm, be-adab. Syn. Unba- 





coming; indecorous; shameful; Indecency, Indigestion, in- li-jest-yun, *. bad-hazmf, garA« 
In-dS'sen-sl, n. gust&khi, be-imtiyflarf, nA nl-i-shikam ; Indigestible, in-di-jest'i-bl, a. 

shuistugl. , mumtanu’ ul hazm, saqfl, asqfll ; Indigence, 

Indecision, iu-dA-sish'un, a. be-istiqlAll, tolaw- in di-jens, *. (penury) ifiAs, tnqg-dastl, ibti- 
wun-mizAjl, slmkk; Indeclalve, m-d«-sL» iv, yAj. Syn. Poverty ; want: need; pauperism, 
o. U\ ami decisive. (unsettled) be-istiqlAl, nft- Indignant, in-dig'nant,e. L. tndignans.i raging) 
tamAui, be«qarAr. „ [mabn{. gu^sa-war, gnzab-nAk, qahr-nAk, khasbm-nAk. 

Indeclinable, in-de-klln'a-bl, «. b*;tafsfr, jAmid, [ — tol ; Indignation, ». josh ; nafrat, nAiAzf. 

indecorous, in-dS-k6'ru«, «• E* tn and dec us. Indignity, n. be-imtiyAzf, be-adabf, ihfinat, 
(unbecoming) nA-shAista, nA-ma’qfll, be-bayA, lialkA-pan, khiffat, ziliat, hfqArat. 
be-adr.b. Syn. Unbecoming ; indeceut ; rude ; Indigo, in'di-gO, n. L. indioum. nil, ntl-barf. 
uncivil; coarse; Indecorum, n. nA-shAistag!. Indirect, lu-dl-rekt', o. nA-rftat, terbfl, ultA, pe- 
indeed, in dfcl', ad. (in truth) sach-mucb, al- cblda; — ness, n. nA-duruslf, nA-rAstl, khamf, 

batta, fil-tabqfq, qat'an, nisf-ul-amr ; (in reali- be-ImAnf, nafsAniyat. 
ty) haqlq. tan, fil-wAqr. Indiscernible, in-dis-sArn'i-bl, o. (not percep- 

Indefatigable, in-dfi-fat'i-ga-bl, ®. L. tndefaH- tible) nA-ma Iflm, be-namfld, gair-mahsds, nA- 
gabilie. (unwearied) mihnatf, a-thak, nA-uiAn- dfda. 

da. [—in]. Syn. Untiring; persevering Indiscreet, in-dis-ktAt', s. L. in and diseretm. 
Indefeasible, in-S-iftz'i-bl, a. L. from dejuir. be-lihAz, be-taammul ; be-tamfs, be-’aql, be-ih- 
lA-radd, n i-mumkin ulibtAl. [gair-fAnf. tiyAt, be-imtiyfla; — ion, n. be-JihAsf, bp-taam- 

I tide fee tible, «. pretix in and defeot. lA-zawAf, mulf, he-ihtiyfttf, be-sha’Arlf, be-tamfzf. 

Indefensible, in-di-fens'i-id. o. (untenable) Indiscriminate, in-dis-krira'iu-At, a. L. indiecr- 
be-b:ic iio, be-hifAzaf, muintana’ ul ’uzr. iminatue. gair-mu'aiyan, kachcbA-pakkA, p&ch- 

Indefinable, in-dfi-flu'a-b), a. nA-qAbil i tash- mel, *Amm, aarm-garm, rnnshakblcha*. 

kliD, nA-qabil i bayAn. Indispensable, in-uis pensa-bl, a. L. in, dio and 

I.ulriiiiite, in-def'in-it, a. L. in and finite. gair- prnsnre. wAjib, zurtir, darkAr, lAzira. [ — to], 
niuqarrar, nA-mahdud, bo-tbikAne, gnir-tnu- Indispose, in-dis-pOz', v. t. F. indisposer, from 
shakbkhas, mubham; tlie — article, barf i h. ponere. (make unlit) nA-JAiq k.; (disorder) 
tankfr; Indefinitely, ad. nA-mahdQdf se, be- be-tartlb k. ; (disincline) nArAz k. ; nA-khush 
ta’.iiyun sc. k. Indisposition, a. (disorder of health) nA* 

T uleli berate, In-dft-lib&r-At, a. F. indelibere. sAzf, raAgdugf, blmArl; (dislike) nA-pasandf, 
(sudden) biiA-taammul, bitA-andesha, jkntpat. nArflzf. 

Iidcllble, in-derib), a. L in and delebilis. Indisputable, in dis'pfit-a-bl, a. in and dispute 
uaqsb ul hajr, jigari, gai:-inaho, a*mit, lA-radd. able. wAjiof, nA-qAbil i I’tirAz, yaqlnl, each, 
Syn. Ineffaceable ; ingrained. durust, be-takrAr, lA-kalAm. Syn. Unques- 

Indelicate, n-del'i-k&t, o. L, in and delicatus, tionn hie; incontestable; irrefragable, 

sukbt, nA-shAista, be-lutf, belihAz Syn. In- Indistinct, in-dia-tingkt', a. L. in and ditiinotue. 
decorous; unbecoming; rude. [wAn. (obscure) nA-sAf, poshfda, nftqis. Syn. Ob- 

1 idciiiulflciitioii, n. ’ivvaz i uuqsAn, badlA-i-tfl- scure ; dim ; vague ; imperfect; — ness, fi.tazab- 
1 ulcinnlfy, in-dem'ni-fi, v. t. L. in, d imnum zub, be-rabtl, nA-marbdtl. 
and faccre. tAwAu d. t nuqsAn bharuA ; Iudcm I udistlngaishable, in-dls-ting'wish-a-bl, a. nA- 
nlty, in-dein'ni-ti. ». L. in, demnitaa. (securii j qAbil i imtiyAz, gair-mutainaiyaz. 
against loss) ’iwaz nuqsAn, tAwAn. Indite, indlt', e.I.L. indicer e. likhoA, mazmffn b. f 

• ulcut. In-dent', v. t. L. in and dens. dandAna- tasnlf k ; — ment, n. tasnif, inshA ; fard ida'wA. 

IAr k , khondAnadAr k., shart b. ; — n . dandft Individual, in-di-vid'fi-al, o. L. >n and dividere. 
na, khandAna ; ddnt kA nishAn. (particular) Ifh&ss ; (single ) wAhid.ek, muf rid ; 

Jiideiiture, n. (contract) ’ahd-nAma, IqrAr-uA- — jl ek shafehs, tan i tanhfi; — ily, n. fnrdiyat, 
;na; — v. t. shart se baQdhuA. tanhAf, wahdat ; — Ize, V. t. ek . k karke batlA- 

Inile; eiidcncc, in-de-peud'ens n. AzAdf, mukb- nA, judA judA kn rke pabcbAuuA. 
lAil, kliudsarl ; Independent, u. kbud-mugk- Indivisible, in-di-viz’i-bl, o. in and divisible. 
tar. khud-sar, mustaguf, fisAd, gair-muta’alliq. gair-tafriq-piztr, nA-mumkin ul taqslm, jo taq- 
L — of]. slm na ho sake. 

I idcscrilmble. in-(!0-sk»Ib'a-bl, «. J e-bayAn, Indocile, in-dos'il, o. F. from L. doeere. (inlract- 
rn'i-mumkin ul bnyAn. Syn. Inexpressible; able) na-tarbiyat-pizlr. Indocility, n. nA- 
iucffable; unutterable. [nA-mumkin ul fauA. iarbiyat-piztrf. 
i destructible, in-dfi-strukt'i-bl, a. 1A zawAl, Tudoi trlnate, in-dok'trhi-At, v, i. L. in and 
1 determinate, a. gair-tnuqarrar, mubham, be- doclrina . (imbue with do trine) taMlm k., tai^ 
(liikAna ; Iudetcrininatlon, n. be-istiqlAlf, nA- biyat k., zihn-nishfn k. rndoctriiiutiuu, n. 
i-AedArl; Indeterminable, in-dA-term'in-a- ta’ltra, taridvat, dll-nasblnl. 
bi, o. mumtana’ ul hasr, be-ta*iyuu ; a-nirnaya. indolence, in*d6-Iens, a. L. in and dolere f anstf, 

I idea, in'deks, n. rAh dikbAne ke wAste hftth kA kAbilf, majhfllf, dbll, alsrtf. Indolent, «. 

;>anja ; «k«ft me 9 - y ra . ( l t 1 S5 1 ah r ir karne kA kApiA, (lazy) sust, kAhil, majbQl. Syn. Lasy ; slug* 

kitAb kl fibrist, oAl, dalll. £ — to] ; — v . t. fih- glsh, inactive. 

rist Ik Indomitable, in-dom'it-a-bl, a. L. in and dom* 

India, iu di-a, n. Hind, Hid ust An :—n f in'dl-an, ore. gair-maglAb, nA-xobt-pizlr, mumtana’ ua 
a. Amrlka kA asl bAshinda; HindustAnf; — zabt. Syn. Unconquerable; Invincible; un- 
corn, bhuUA, jwAr ; — leaf, te;-pAc. subdued. 

J .dicate, in'di-kAt, o. t. L. tndicare. (show) Indorse, in-doiV, v. t. L. in and donum, bund! 
ztiliir k.; (point out) batlAnA, dalAlat k. ; kl pusht pr.r dastkhatt k., manzAr -k.;— e, ». 
Indication, ». ishAra, alAmat, kmAya, chiuh. wuh ^hHkhs jis ke nAm bundi sakArt jAwe;— 
Syn. Mark; token; sign; symptom ; Indica- menl, ». dnst-khn tt-i-manzflrl ; — r, n. bundf 
tlve, in-dik'At-iv, o.dikhlAnewAIA, batAnewAlA ; sakArne ya becbnewAlA. 

— mood, sfga i bayAn iy a. Indraught, iu-drAft. n. khAff ; khallj. 

Indict, in«dlt , v. t. L. indicare. mAkbttz k., Indubitable, in-dAb'it, a-bl,o. F. from L. du6iue. 

multabim k., illat lagAnA, dosb <1. ; — meat, be-shakk, be-sbubba, lA-kalAm. Syu. Bvi- 

a. Mllat, ittihftin ; dosb. dent; certain; unquestionable* 

Indifference, in-dii'fir-ens, n. (negligence) be- Induce, in-dtis', v. t. L. in and dtioere. rAzl k.« 
parwiif, be-gc.razf, gallat, tagAful. Syn. Uncon* targfb d„ rAgib k., mAil k. f lAnA, kblpchnA. 
cen edni'ss ; carelessness ; iieligence. [ — to]; Inducible, a. targlb-pizlr ment, 

Ondiffercnt, a. be-gnmz; majhrtl, rrtkhA,sard- n. tahrik, targlb, bA’is, sabab, tabrfs. 

mihr, be-parwA ; (neut al jbt-ta afdAr. [ — to]. Induct, in-duet', v. t. u. inducer e. andar WnA. 
Indigenous, in-dij't n-uw, a. L. in and gignare . ’ubda d., dAkbll k., nazr airnma par qAbls k. [— 
(native) deal, rnulkf, watant. into] ; Inductive, a. istiqrArf. 

Indigent, in'dirjent, o. L. indigene, (needy) Indue, in -dQ, r. f. L. iduere. malbAs k. t denA, 
muflis, hAjat-mand, miskfn, mubtAj, kangAl. bakbshnA. Syn, Supply; iavaat; endow ; 
Syu. Needy ; poor. clothe. 


Indulge, in-dulj', v. t. L. Indulge*. (humour) Inexpiable, in-eks'pi-a-bl, a. jo mu’Af ntho n- 
nii-bardArf k. ; (cherish) fchAtirk. ; (favour) Ice, oA-q&bil i mugfirat, nA-kafAra-pizIr gyn. 
ri’Ayat k. nee, n. (fondness) piyAr, dulftr, Unpardonable; uaatoneable. 
lAp, sbafaqat, nAz-bardArf, aawAsish ; (for- Inexplicable, a. U-bayAn, lA-sharh IA-hatL 
bears ace) aabr; (favor granted) bakhshish, da-| Syn. Unspeakable; unutterable: ineffable 
yA, ’inAyat, mlhrbAnl; — nt, a. sbaflq, dard- Inexplicit, in-eks-plis'it, a. laubham, gol gol 
mand, mihrbAn, nAz-bardAr, mutarahhiin ; da- Inexpressible, in-eks-pre9'i-bl, a. (unaneak* 
y A- want. [ — toj. Syn. Kind; liberal ; favour- able) uA-mumkin ul bayfin, nA-guf ta nf • in . 

mg. expressive, a. be- matlab, be-ma’ne. * 

Indurate, In'dfl-rfct, v. i. L. tndurare. karAho j., Inextinguishable, in-eks-ting'gwish-a-bl a L. 
aafeht ho j. t patthr&aA ; Induration, ». aafehtl, in and eetiguere. (unquenchable) jo bn jh na 


sake, aa bu jhue jog. 

Industry, in'dus-tri, it. L» indut&ria. mihnat, Inextricable, in-eks'trl-ka-b), a F from T. 

maak.xn. ¥ .a Kffl nili.anM ■ m/wi *• nA.k.lL«t.r. nlikA Lit. < 1 U| 

mashaqqat, sargsrmf. Syn. Diligence; 
assiduousness; Industrious, a. mlhti&t-kash, 
maahaqqatf, kAm-kAjl. Syn. Assiduous; ac- 
tive; laborious; careful; Industrial, in- 
dnVtri-al, a. dastkArf kA. [r. w. 

emlricere. nA-hall-pIzfr.uljhA hdA, pechlda 
Infallible, in-fal'i-bl, «. F. injaillible. (unerring 
certain) achAk, nA-naumkin ul fchatA, aahlh! 
hukra-andAs; Infallibility. in-fal-i-bil'i-ti, 
n. nA-mumklo ul khatA, be-’aibl. 

Indwelling. in'dwel-iag, a. n. andar r. w., bhftar Infamy, la'fa-mi, u. bad-nAmf, ruswdf, rti-aijA- 
Inebrlate, in-A'bri-it, v. t. L. in and ebriue. hi, be-AbrGf. Syn. Dishonour; disgrace* 
mast k , matwAlA k., inadho^h k., sarmast k. ; shame; ignominy; disrepute; scandal; abased 
Inebriety, n. mater A lApaa, uiad hoshf. mont; Infamous, la'fa-iaus, a. J Jm in and 

Ineffable, in-ef'a-bl, a. Jj. in and effurt. nA-guf- jama, (of ill report) bad-nAm, be-Abrd be- 

tanl, be-bayAn. Syn. Unspeakable ; iodeecrib- hurmat, ruswA, bc-gairat, baqlr, kharAb. Syn. 
.able. [nasako. Base; eeandaloua; notoriously vile; disreput- 

Ineffaceable, in-ef-fas'a-bl, a. lA-rndd, jo mit able; of lit report : ill euoken of. 

shame ; ignominy ; disrepute; scandal; abase- 
ment; Infamous, ln'fa-mus, a. L. in and 
jama, (of ill report) bad-nAm, be-Abrfl, be- 
hurmat, ruswA, be-gairat, baqlr, kharAb. Syn. 
Base ; scandalous ; notoriously vile; disreput- 
able; of ill report ; ill spoken of. 

Ineffective, in-ef-fekt/iv, a. in and effective. be- Infancy, in'fan-si, «i. tafflliyat, lafkAf, bachpan ; 

asar, gair-mutossir, Syn. Inefficacious. Infant, in'fant, n. L. infans shlr^bwAr, bach- 

Ineffectuul, a. inand t ffectuel . nA-kArgar, be- cha, lafkA. Syn. Babe; baby; nursing- 

ineffectual, a. in and (ffectuel. nA-kArgar, be- 
tAsfr, snbuk, halkA, Id-hAsil. 

In efficacy, n. ’adam i tAqat, ’adain i tAsfr, 1A- 
h&*ill ; Inefficacious, m-ef-li-kA'shi-us, «. L. 
inefflcum. nA-kArgar, gair-muassir, be-tAslr. 
Inefficiency, n. nA-tAqatl, nA-liyAqatl, kAhill yA 
■■ sustl; Inefficient, in-ef-fish'i-ont, a. L. in 
and ejflcie ns. nA-muaesir, uA-kdrgar, majhfll, 
sust, nA-IAiq. Syn. Weak ; feeble ; impotent. 
Inelegant, iu-el'e-gant, <*. L. i* and eleg a*. nA- 
ma’q'fll, cA-inauzfln, be-lutf, bad-numl. 

cha, lafkA. Syn. Babe; baby; nursing; 
suckling; little child ;— -a. shlr-khwAr, chbofA 
bacbcha ; Infanticide, in-fant'i-sld, n. L. in- 
tuns and ccederc. (child murder) bachcha-ka- 
sbf ; Infantine, or Infantile, o. tiAAna, bach- 
ponA. Syn. Childish ; young ; (tender, child - 
liko; (slayer of infants) bachchog kA mArne- 

Infantry, n. Sp. & It. infanteria. (foot soldiera) 
paldal fauj, piyAda ; — regiment, paidal chal- 
newAle sipflblon kl palfan. 

Sueligibie, in-el'i-ji-bl, a. in and eligible. nA- Infatuate, in-foT'd-at, v. t. L, in and 
qdbil i pasnnd, nA-lAiq ; ayogya. L — for], (make foolish) dlwAua k., be-waqflf k., farefta 

Inept, in-ept', a. L. in and unfit, useless) 

nA-lAiq; (ally) nftdfla, nAkArA, nA-munflsib. 
Syn. Unsuitable; improper; foolish; silly; 

( iuh ke rooiisb ) ui wAua k., be-waqar k., farefta 
k. Syn. Befool; besot; stnpify; delude; 
make foolish. [ — with] ; Infatuation, n. 
dlwAnagl, be-waqftfl. Syu. Folly; foolish- 
ness ; hallucination. 

Inequality, in-A-kwal'i-ti, a. L. in and cqualis. Dnfect, ln-fekt'. v. t, L. in and fueere. tAsfr k. ; 

(difference) farq, tafAwut; (unsvenneos) nA- 
hamwArl. [haqq, nA-rAst, nA-munsif. 

Inequitable, in-ek'wit-abl, m. (net just) nA- 

I ncradicnble, in-*-rad'ik-a-W, •. L. in and 
radiw. maxbdt, gair-mumkln ul dafa*, pAedAr, 

Inert, ia-Art*, «. L. inert, (slothful ) sust ; fnae- 
tieuless) gair-mutaharrik, kAhll, majhdl. 
Syn. Inactive; lifeless; dead; Inertia, in- 

, ershi-a, a. ek h( hAlat rahue kl khAaslyat ; 
Inertness, n. (want of activity) sustl, kahili, 

Inestimable, a. (invaluable) be-bahA. besh- 
qfmat, nn-mol, *azfz. Syn. Incalculable ; in- 

Inevitable, in-ev’it-a-bl, a. (unavoidable) mu- 
qarrar, shartf, bar-baqq, khwAh-ma-VhwAh, 
chAr-nA-chAr, qata’au, 1A- ilAj. 

Inexact, in egz-akt, s. nA-durust, galat; — ness, 
n. nl-uuruMif, galatf. 

Inexcusable, in-eks kiiz'a-bl, «. nA-’uzr-ptsfr, 

*l'**v\ v t m-itat • v. ij, mv auu j u o . lmu v 

) nA- (with disease) bfmArl lagnA, sarAyat k. ; (cor- 
insif. rapt) kharAb k. [ — with] ; — cd, e. sapA, bigpA 
i nA- hAA, muassir ; — ion, a. sarAyat, tAslr, ’afdnat, 

and chhdt; — ious, o. tAsfr k. w., asar k. w^ chhu- 

edAr, tthrA. Syn. Contagious, pestilential. 

Infecundlty, in-f€-kund'i-ti, n. I* (unfruitful- 
(mo- u ess) bAnjb-Dan, Asarpan, nA-AbAuf. 

ijhdl. Infelicity, In-t -Us'i-ti, n. L. in and feUw. kam- 
i, in- bakhtf, bad-bakbtf, shAmat; Intel Id tons. 

a. (unhappy, unfortunate) nA-kbnsh, bad- 

Infer, in-fir', v. U L. in and ferre . (deduce) 
uikAlnA, bAjhnA; (conclude) tajwls k., (im- 
ply) ma'ne r. [ — from]; — able, «. muntij, 
qAbu 1 IstidlAI* taiwlz kl rA se thaharue ke 
Ullq ; — ence, ». kAsil, natfia, istidlAl, khulAsa. 
Syn. Conclusion; deduction; consequence. 

Inferior, in fA'ri-ir, ». L. interne, (lower) nl- 
chA. chhoti, aduA, kamtar, faro tan, ochhA; 
(subordinate) mAtabat. [—to]; — n. chbotA, 
baqlr;— lty, n. farotanf; cbhotAl, kamtarl. 

gair muta’azzir, galr-mumkia ul ’afA; — ness, I Infernal, ia-fir'nat, e. L. infernue, doznkhf, 

n. lA-jawAbt, khAmosbl. 
Inexhausted, la-egz-hanst'cd, e. 

Ish ; devil 

jabanaam kA r. w. 

[ nA-q Abil- u z-za r A ’at. 

Inexhaustible, e. bo-nihAyat, bc-badd ; I Infertile, in-fAr'tll, a. I*, in and fettilie. Asar, 

— ness, n. bahutAyat, kasrat 

Inexorable, in-eks'or-a-bl, tf. (unyielding) 
muataqil, sAbit-qadam, sakkt, be-tars,8agg-dil, 
be- rah DO, nA-mihrbAn. Syn. Inflexible; re- 
lentless ; unrelenting. 

Inexpedient, a. (improper) nA-munAslb, nA- 
lAiq, nA-shAista ; Iuexpedience, ln-eke-pA'di- 
ens, n. nA muuAsibat, qabAbat. 

Inexpensive, a. arzAn, kam-qlinat, sastA. 

Inexperience, in-eks-|)A'ri-ecs, n. nA-AsmAdakA- 
rf, aafifl-pau. knchchA-pan; Inexperienced, 
a. (unskilled) nA-AxmAdakAr, anArf, kacbchA, 


Inexpert, in-eks-p8rt', «. nA-wAqif, be-hunar, 
be-salfqa. Syn. UnakilfnU chimsy. 

»J»V| wv uuuu | iiiicrtuu, rvw auu 

Infest, in-fest', e. f. L. infettus. (trouble great- 
(unyielding) lv) taklff d„ IzA d. ; (harass) diqq k., satAnA. 
»-tars,sagg-dil, [— withl. , .... 

Inflexible ; re- Infidel, in’fi-del, a. h. in and fidelie. (fHithless) 
kAfir, be-dfn, be-IraAn, mushrik, mullnJ ; — w. 
L-cannAsib, nA- (sceptic) munkir, be-dfn, be-lmAn, but-parast; 
e, ln-eks-pA'dl- — lty, n. kufr, be-waiAl, be-ImAnf, be-dlnl. 

Infinite, in'fin- it, a. L. in and finitue. (bound- 
t, sastA. less) be-hadd, be-payftn; (endless) be-shu- 

, nA-AsmAdakA- mAr; be-andAaa. apAr ; — n. (endlessness) be- 
nexperienced, pftyrinf, lA-intihAf ; the — , (the Eternal) aba- 
nAff, kacbchA, dl; — Spirit, Afall,abadHf:budA. Syn. Bound* 

less; unlimited; unbounded; Infinitive, a. 
iqlf, be-hunar, (unlimited) be-hadd;— mood,' masdar; In- 
imsy. finltnde, u. be*abumArl ; Infinity, ln-fin'i-tL 



•i, L. in and finis, (immensity) be-haddl, be- 
pAyAnt, be-shomArf ; atyantatfi. 

Infirm. in-f«rm', a. L. in and fir mm. (weak) 
kamsor; (feeble) zi’ff; (ill) blmir; (not firm) 
nA-pAedAr. Syn. Sickly ; irresolute: I feeble , 
enfeebled ; imbecile ; — ary, *• ( bosmta!) bl- 
m&r-khAna, shifA-kbAna, d4r-ns-shlH i; — Jty, 
in-fArm'i-ti, n. (weakness) su/f, aJ-tawAnf. 
nn q A hat, ksmsorf, uuqs, be-istiqmli. ojn. 
Weakness; feebleness; defect; imperfection; 

Infix, in-ft!is\ v. t. L. infigtsre. gApiA, bAadliaft, 

Inflame, in-flam' e. *. L. in and ft arnmere. (to 
set on fire) jalAnA, fig laqAnfi; (grow hoL>, 
jalnA; (heat) phAfiknA; (irritate) auIgAnfi, 
bh ark AnA ; (as the eyes) Aflkh u(bnA. Syn. 
Excite ; stimulate ; enkindle ; incite ; fire , 
rouse ; animate ; inspiri t. [ — wi th J ; Inflam - 
mahle, a. sokhtanl, jalnewAIA, Jalao-jog; In- 
flammability, a. jal jAn> kl imkin yl qAbiLi- 
yat ; Inflammation, in-flarn-fi'shun, a. sdjau ; 
As hob, ibtirAq ; sosish; Inflammatory, a. 
garni, sozinda, sozAn, muhriq, josh d. w. 

Inflate, in-flit', P. t. U in an d flare, (swell with 
wind) hawA se phulAnfi, gnrfir se phuIAnl, 
naffch k. [ — with] ; Inflation, a. naf^h; mag- 
rflrf ; xiyAdaM. 

Inflect, in-flekt', t>. 1. 1*, in and Jlectcre. (bend) 
jhukAnA; (turn) tcfb-lk.; (vary tbe endings 
of noun or verb) gand&nnA; sarf k.. ta’rif lu.; 
— ion, n. jhukAo ; (of a noun ) tasrff gardAn. 

Inflexibility, n. (stiffness) snfch 11, karufebtagl; 
(obstinancy) magrftl; Inflexible, a. (nnbeod- 
abl-) sakht, karakbt, m&g<A, sarkaah. Syn. 
Unbending ; unyielding ; rigid. 

Inflict, in-flikt, v. t. L. in -and fit g ere. (lay on) 
denA, dAinA, lagAnA, pahaochAnA,karnA ; — ion, 
n. (punishment) sazl, gosn-inAif. 

Influence, in'll U-i-ns, «. L. in and Jluere. (direct- 
ing power) zor, asjir, tAsfr, ru’b; (credit) 
i’tibAr; (authority) ikhliyAr; (sway) bukd- 
mut ;-r~v. t. asar k., chaiAnA, tlslr k„ tnabarrik 
k. Syn. Authority; sway: control; predo- 
minance; ascendency; Influential, «. tfisfr- 
bakhsh. muassir, bA-qudrat, rau'tlbar, zf *izzat. 

Influenza, in-flfi-ea'za, ». It. uk qisai kA bu- 


Influx, in'flu ks, n. Luinfinsw. ( entrance }dakhti I, 
darAmad; (crowd) bhlr: (influence) tdMr; 
(abundance) kasrat, ziyAdatf. [aA, dbAg^uA. 
Infold, in-ffild', v. t. (inwrap) lapetna, chbipA- 
Iuform, in- form', v. t. L. in and former*. (in- 
struct) sikhAnfi ; (ac juaiat with)4gflh k- mut- 
tala’ iL, jatAuA, chitdu.1; (give intelligence) 
kb aba r d. Syn. Teach; instruct; — against, 
v. t. muttahim k., tuhmat kl ra se kbabar d. 
[ — of]; — ant, n. mukhhir, kbab&r d. w; — 
ation, a. khabar. AgAhf; (charge) da’ w A, fa r- 
yAd, gosh-guzdrl, nAiish. Syn. Intelligence; 
notice; advice. [ — about]; — er, a. mukbbir, 
goyauda; mudd'l. [zAbt&gf, be-qA'idagl. 

Informal, a. beqA’ida, kbiUf i Afu ; — Ity, ». ba~ 
Infraction, in-frak'slum, n. L. i nf radio, faskh, 
stiikasr, rakhna, tauhfn; ^bil-sbikuuf. 
Infrangible, a. nA-sbikastant nA-tfltaahAr. 
Infrequent, a. L. infrequent, qalll. khAi kbftl, 
kam ; Infreqneucc, n. qiliat. kataf. 

Infringe, in-frinj', v. t. L. in and frangerc. 
(violate) tofuA; (transgress) khllAfk.; — on. 
— upon, (encroach) nfi-j&lz tanr se Icisi kA 
baqq I. f tofnA. Syn. Break; violate; trans- 
gress; — meat, n. faskh, shikasiagf 
Infuriate, in-fft'ri-At, v. t. L. in and furiare. 
baurAnA, gazab uAk k. [ — against] ; — a. gussti- 
war, baurahA. 

Infuse, in-fflz', v. t. L. la ami f under e. ^AlnA, 
josh d-v bhi^oaA, un^elnA, dAkbilk. Syn. In- 
stil; engraft; implant: inspire. [ — into]; 
lafnsion, iu-ffl'zhuo, «. reztsh, bd^i bhigoyA 
hAA punl. Lkhiraean-aodozl. 

Ingathering, fn'gatb-Ar-ing, a ambir-sAzI, 
Ingenious, in-jA'ni-os, a. L. in&eniutn. (witty) 
sakl, tez-fahm. sahfn, fahlm, sfrak, hanar- 
maud. Syn. W.tty; clever; smart: Ingen- 
uity, a. hikmat, buuar, fabm. Syn. larsaUve- 
fisss; skill; iagsttiousasas. . 

Ingenuous, fn-jen'ii-us, a. L. ingennu s. (open) 
sAf, rAst; (sincere) sharff, ’muda; (artless) 
sAda-dil, bc-riyA. Syn. Frank ; sincere. 

Ingle, a. Ag, shu'la. Atash-kaUa. 

Inglorious, in-gld'n-us, a. L. in and yior* s. 
be-’i«zat, haqlr, khafff, ginariAm. 

Ingoing, in'go-ing, » dAkhil h. w. 

Ingot, in'got, n. F. Ungot. (a masi of metal). 
dliAt kA (Jala yA fnt, sone yd ch&urif kf sil. 

Ingraft, in-graft', v. t. paiwand iagAud ; IsgAnA ; 

Ingrain, in-grAn', v. t. rangnA ; (fix ) gnhrd z&rni. 

Ingratiate, in-gr&'slii-af, v. t. L. in and gratia, 
[nniz k* pet rneg ghusnd, dil m«‘n daklii k., ki^f 
kl khdtirdArl k., T aztz y.i ma ibfiF k. L — wit ii ]• . 

Ingratitude, iu-grat'i-tild, n. nd-shukrf, b- 
wafAf. a.iintik-hardmi. 

Ingredient, in-gr&'di-ent, n. L. ingredient . 

( component parts) juz ; mALrA. 

Ingress, iu'grea, n. dukhAI, darAinnd, g ixAra. 
Syn. Blutrancni; eutry. Ik., khlucb 1. 

Ingulf, in-gulf', s. t. (nb-orh) nigal 1., magUio- 

Inffurgltute, io-gur'ji-tAt. v. t. L. in mi l gurges. 
marbhakkhog kl tar.ih uigalufl, hbakomui, (lhii- 

Inliabit, in-hab'it, o. t. L. in a)id habitare. . 
(-dwell) basad; (abide) rahnA, Vikn', istiqu- 
mat-guzfn h.;-— able, a. rakhne ke lAi j ; bi-wnn- 
jog;— -ant, n. s.ik.n, bAshinda, ralmcwALu, 

Inhale, in-jbal', v. t. L inhalare. (inspire) sAns 
1., dam 1., yd khrgcbriA; Inhalation, in-hii- 
A'shnu, n. daus-kastif. [be- 1 Al, be-sur. 

Inharmonious, in-hiLr-infl'ni-us, a ua-sAz^ar, 

Ihihere, ia-bAr / , v. i. Ij. in and hmre> e. kisl in- n • 
r., gaf. j., mustnqil h. ; Inherence, n. jinilhit; 
inherent, a. zAtf, aslf, jibillf ; swabhAvik. Syn. 
Innate ; inborn. 

Inherit, in-hdr'it, s. /. L hteros. wArish., mfrAs 
L l — from]; — once, n. wirA-sut, mlrds, qabza ; 
—or, n. wdris, nilrfts-dAr. 

Inhibit, in- hi b'it, v. t. Ij. inhibere. (restrain), 
mana’ k., bAz r„ roknA ; nivA ran k. 

Inhospitable, in-bos' pit-a-b I . a L. in :i nd hospen* 
nA-mihot&ri-rtii trAa, nA-uiueAlir-dost. iiA-musA- 
fir-parwar; — ness, n. be-tautiql, nA-miliiaAu- 

Inhuman, in-hfl'inan, a. L». in and hamanua. be- . 
dard, bo-rHlnn. Syn. Cruel ; pitiless; ravage; 
— ity, n. sang-dilf, be-rahtnf, be-rlardf. 

Inhume, in-krAtn', v. t. ij. in and hu-nare. (bury), 
dafu k., until d.. gAf d., madfrin k. 

Inimical, iu-im'ik-aU s. L. in and amicus, (ad- 
verse) nntkhAlif, bad-andesh, muzir. [— rtoj, 
Syn. Hostile; repugnant ; adverse. 

Inimitable, is-im'It-i-b), a. in and imitari. 
be-uiksl, be-nazfr. Syn. Matchless ; peerless. 

Iniquitous, Hi-ik'wtt-us. u. (wicked) sharlr, bu- 
rA, taa’ydb, zabfin. Syn. Wicked ; unjust. 

Iniquity, in-ik'wi-ti, n. L in and asquus. (in- 
justice) he-insAfl; (wickedness) sharArut,- 

Initial, fn-ish'i-al, «. L. initium. pahIA, auwal, 
innqsddaui; — n. kisl uAin kA auwal harf. 

initiate, v. f.shnru* k.. Mm AgAz k., n khtnoA, d£- 11, shAmil k. ; — a. ud-Azmftd-ikAr, nA-taj- 
ribaUAr ; Initiation, n. raudakh <l;it, agAz. Syn. 
Introduction ; admission; Initiatory, a. tarn* 
hldl, pesb-rau. 

Inject, in-jekt', v. t. L in and iuoere. hhftar 
pheflkuA, bhltsr 4- L — Into]. ; — iou v ». (act ofl 
throwing in) bhf lar 4AlnA. 

bilndhhwia, in-jfid dish'i-us, o.T>e-*aql, be-sha- 
'Ar, nAdAn. Syn. Indiscreet; inconsiderate j 
— ness, a. nAdAnl, nA-fahml. 

Injnuction, in-juDgk'shiin, n. L. in j audio. 
bokm, arnr, tAkfd, inumAui’at-nAma. Syn. 
Oommand ; order ; mandate. 

Bujnre, in'jfldr, v. t. L injuria , (damage) nuq«*. 
sink.; (wrong) be-insAflk.; (wound) zakhmf 
k. ; (hart) chot d., AsAr d. [ — by] ; Injurious, 
a. (hurtful) muzir; (wrongful) be-insAf, sA« 
lira. ( — toj. 

Injury, in-jMr-i. n. injuria, (hurt, damage )sa« 
rar, kbalal, jaf A yA skam, IzA ; ( wrong, injust- 
ice) bo-losAfl, Buim, Aast-darAif, 




Injustice, ia-jnstti. %. be-inzAff, gair-wAjibl, 
aadher, Syn, Unfairness; iniquity; wrong; 

Ink, ingk, a. D. Mt. F. enore. siyAhf, roshnAf ; 
red—, lAl-siyAhl, shangraf ; — e. t. siyAh k n kAlA 

. k. ; — bottle, n. roshnAf yA ziyAhl kf botal; 
— stand, a. diwit 

Iakllng, ingk'ling, n. from inclining, (intima- 
tion) sun-gun, fthat,bhanak, ishAra, 1mA. 

Inland, in'land, a. bhltarwAr ; daryA se dflr. 

Iuiay, in-11', v. t. japiA, qalamk&rl k , monabbat 
k. [—with] ; — a. (ukfe jo jaye jAweg. 

Inlet, in 'let, n. (entrance) dar-guzar, rAh, mad- 
khal; (creek) khAft. 

Inly, iali, s. (inward) bbltar, andariin, poehfda. 

Inmate, in'm&t, a. Bag. inn end mitt, (fellow 
lodger) ham-kh&ua, hara-makAn. 

Ian, a. A.-S inne t (tavern, hotel) sarAe, manzil- 
gfih, musAfir-khAna ; — keeper, in'klp-Ac, a. 
bhathiylrA, naftlik i sarAe. 

Innate, in'nlt, a. L *a and natus. paidAiahf, 
khilql, aitt, jigarf, jibilll. Syn. Inborn ; na- 
tural; inherent; — ness, a. alt, jauhar. 

Innavigable, In-na v'i-ga-bl, a. jahAg kishtl yA 
jahAz na jfi sake. 

Iauor, in'lr, a. bhftarf, andarflnl, bit ini; — most 
or inmost, a. sab seandar kA, bhftarf, andarfi- 
nf. [galla jama’ k. 

Inning, ia'ing, a. Bag. in. gegd-bAzl kl muuqn’ ; 

Innocent, in'nd-sent, a. L. in and nocens, 
(harmless) be-nuqsan; (guiltIess)*be-guuAh, 
ma’sfltn, plk, sAf ; — a. be-gun&h, mu’sAin, sAda. 
[—of J ; Innocence, finnocency, in'nb sens, 
n. be-gunAhf, pAkf, saf&l, ma’siimiyat. 

Innocuous, In-nok'fi us, a. L. innoouus. (harm- 
less) be-sharr, ra iVsAm, be-£unftb. 

Innovate, in'nO-vAt, v. t- L. in and novare. na- 
yA k., ihdAs k.. aurft k., khilAf i dflstrtr k. [ — 
on] ; Innovation, n. jad, anrlt, be- raws j, khi- 
1ft ri das tar; Innovator, a. mtijid, muJkbLAr, 

Innoxious, in-nok'shi-us, a. (harmless) be-gu- 
nfth, b^-sharr, be-zarar, nftdftu, ma'sAm. 

Innuendo, in-ufi-en'dd, n. h. in and nnere. iahft- 
ra, kanftya, rami. Syn. Insinuation ; sugges- 
tion ; representation. [badd, an-gintl. 

Innumerable, in-nfl'm&r-a-hl, a. be-shamAr, be- 

Inobservance, in-ob zftrv'ans, ». kbiyAI, be- 
parwAf, gafiat, be-lihAzf; Inobservant, e. 
1 heelless) gair-multafit, gair-inutawajjih, bo- 
gaur. [—of]. 

Inoculate, in-ok'fi-lfit, v. t. L. inooulure. ( fo - 
trees )qa lain lagAaA; (for small-pox) tfkA lazA- 
nA; Inoculation, a. (for trees) qalam;(for 
small-pox) tiki. 

Inoffeumve, in -of- fens' iv, «. L. is and otfendere 
(harmless) be-sarar; be-sharr; nir-dosh; — 
ness, n. be-zabAnf, be-gunAhl ; nir-doshl. 

Inoperative, in-op'Ar-Ativ, «. L in and operare. 
nft-kArgar, be-tAalr, gair-aiuassar. 

Inopportune, a. L. is and opporiunus. be-mnu- 
qa’ f be-waqt. 

Inordinate, in-or'dln-it, a. L. inordinatus. ha- 
lf rit, be-qA'ida, be-hadd, be-thikAnA, ahtar, 

Inorganic, in-or-gan'ik, a. be-rag o resba. 

Inqust, in'fcwest, s. L. inquirere. ( (enquiry) 
tahqfqAt, taiAsb, khoj, pdchh. 

Inquietude. in-kwi'et-dd, /». L. in and quiet. 
( disturbs i state) be-chainf, be-kall, be-ArAmi, 

Inquire, in-kwlr', v. i. L. ia and quaerere. (ask 
question) sow A1 k.; (make search) talAsh k. ; 
(ask about) tahqlq k, odchhnA, daryAft k., 
punish k., ahwAI-pursl k. ; — r, a. mutalAsbf, 
pursAn, sftil, tAlib, muhnqqiq, mutujassis; 
Inquiry, u. pursish, daryAft, talAsh, AzmAiah, 

Inquisition, in-kwi-zisb-un, n. tahqfqAt, talAsh, 
bfts-pursf, AsmAish; Kft iroQ ko sazA dene kf 
’adAlat jo ki Roman Katholik kalfsiyft ne qdim 
kf ; Inquisitor,*. ’adAlat ki ek rukn, mahaqqiq, 
t§Mdt k. w ; In intsltorinl, a. tahqfqAt yA Az- 
Amish ke muta’allio. 

Inquisitive, in-kwiz'it-iv, e. (prying) bajA 
pAehhnt v« rAz-jol k A skAiq^( inquiring) mu- 

baqqiq, mata jssis, mastafsir ness, n. Justo* 
jA, tajaasus, JAsdsf. 

Inroad, in'rOd, n. In and road. tAfcht, yd risk, 
achAnakkA hamla, dh&wA. Syu. Irruption; 
forray ; incursion ; raid. 

Insalubrious, in-sa-lfl'bri-us, a. L. tnsalultrii 
nA-muwAhq, nftgawAr. 

Insane, in-sAn', a. L. in and tanut. (mad) diwA- 
na, majndn, bAolA. Syn. Crazy; lunatic; 
mad ; distra cted ; Bnsanity, n. (madness) pA- 
galpan, majndniyat. 

Insatiate, a. lAlachi; Insatiable, in-sA'ski-a-bl, 
e. L. intatiubilit. (that can not be satisfied) 
mar-bhdkhA, nihAyat harfs. 

Inscribe, ia-skrlb', v. t. L. in and soribere. 

( engrave )likhnft, naqsh k., kanda k. ; Inscrip- 
tion, n. kitAba, khitftb, laqab. 

Inscrutable, in-skrfifi'ta-bl, a . L. ia and tcruU 
ori, (unsearchable) mumlana* ut taftfsh, nA- 
qAbil ut tahqfqAt yA talAsh; Inscrutability, 
mumtana* ut.taftfsh; dur-lakshyatA. 

Snsect, iu'sekt, n. L. insect urn. klfft makofft ; kit. 

Insecure, in-s6-ktr # , o. L. is and tecarut. 

( unsafe) gair-muhAfiz, kbatre kf hAlat meg, 
be-amn ; sansayastu ; Insecurity, n. be- mini, 
be-salAmatl, kbatra. Syn. Exposure; risk; 
hazard ; want of safety. [be-waqdf, ahmaq. 

Insensate, in-seus'ftt, a. F. intense, (stupid) 

lusensible. in-sens'i-bl, a. F. from L. tentut. 
be-hiss, be-hosh, bo-khabar, be-dard, sunn, 
achetan. [ — tol. Syn. Dull ; stupid ; unfeel- 
ing; Busenslbility, n. (dullness, stupidity) 
be-hoshl, be-khubaif ; be-dardf, adam-i-ihsAs. 
Syn. Dvillness; numbness ; apathy ; torpor. 

Inseparable, iu-sop-ar-a-bl, a. L. in and separ- 
abilis. nft-mumkin ut tafrfq, yak jftn o qftlib. 

[ — from ] . 

Insert, in -sdrt', a. L. in and terere. (put in) 
dakbil k., dar.i k. t dAl d. ; antargat k ; — Ion, n. 
inairftj, dAkhila; pravesan. 

Inside, in'sld, prep, or ud. bhftar, andar; — a. 
bhftar kA, andarAnf; — n. blifrar, andarfin. 

Insidious, in-sid'i-us, o.L. intndioe. ghfttf, fitratf, 
mfizf, qAbtichf, ’aiyAr. ftsifn ka sftnp. Syn. 
Crafty; artful; designing; treacherous. 

Insight, in-sit, n. basfrat; ma'rifat; waqflf, 
pahchAn, pa^akh; ittild* ; shioakht. 

Insignia, in-sig'ni-a, n. pi. L. in and tignum. 
daftar yA ’izzat kA nishan, ’alftm it, tamga. 

Insignificance, in-sig-nif'i-kans, n. halkapan, 
subkl, nft-chfzf. be-qadrf; llnsignlficant, o, 
be-qadr, he-rname, nAchfz. Syn. Uni uj>ort- 
ant; immaterial. 

Insincere, in-si n-sgr', «. L. in and sinoerut. 
(not sincere) be-vrafa. zAhir-p irast ; (un- 
truthful) nA-rAst. Syn. Dissembling; hollow; 
decepture ; Insincerity, n. zAli irdArl, durangf, 
riyAkarf, nA-rftstf. 

iMsinnate, iu-ain'Q-ftt, v. t. L. insincere, intro- 
duce gently) Ahista dAkhli k. ; (hint) AwAza 
kasnA, i *h A ra k. [—into]; Insinuation, n. 
d&m-bAzf, ghuspaith, ishAra, AwAza. 

Insipid, in-si p'id, s. L. in and tapiius. phfkA, 
b^;— Ity, ». phfkA-pan, be-laz- 
ziti, be-lutfi. 

Insist, in-sist', v. i. L. ia and tistere. ( persist in ) 
i^rAr k , ha(t k., zidd k. afn i, takf d k.; (rest 1 
upon) munliasarh. [ — on, — upon]. 

Insnarc. in-suAr', v t in and snare, (entrap): 
phAnsnA. [mai-khorf, bad-parhesf, mastl. 

Insobriety, in-sfi- ul'i-ti, ». (intemperance) 

Insolence, ». (impudence) sar-kashf, gustAkhf, 
shokhf ; Insolent, in-sA'ient, e. L. into e ns. 
(impudent) gustAkh, sar-kash, magrA, shokh, 

E artian-kash. Syn. Proud; haughty; over- , 
earing : insulting ; contemptuous. 

Insoluble, in-sol'd-bl, a L. i» and tolubilis. n A- 

f adftkbtinf, jo ghul na sake; angalan, lA-hall; 
nsolubility, n. nft-qAbil-i-gudAkhtagf. 
Insolvable, iu-solv'a-bl, a. (that which cannot 
be solved) lA-hall, jo kbui na sake. 

Iusolvent, in-solv'ent, a. L. in an I solvent, df- 
wAliya, nAdAr ; Insolvency, ». dfwAla, nftdArf. 
Insomuch, in-sfi-mnch', ud. yabAg t&k, is hadd 
tak. [—as]. 

Inspect, in-spekt', v. t. L, inspioore. (super in- 


tend)lhttmim k , mnlihaja k., dskhni bhainfl; 
(examine) jfiaclma. tahql'j k. 8 fu. Bza- 
mine ; ecrutiniee; investigate; look Into;— -Jun, 
•.nigfth, mulAhaza, mu'Aiyana, nazar-anaflzl, 
ihtitnAm [—into] op, ». (examiner) mum- 
caJiin, a m(n. ntu'Aiyaua k. w. f dAroga, udzir 
or ship, n. <UrogAl, nazArat, lhtimAm, muin- 
tahnl. . , . fA 

1 judl k., a lag k. d, e. (detached, sepn rated) 
jurtA f alag; Insulation, ft. ( isolation) judAl, 
mufdriqat, ’alAhadagl ; Insulator, In-sfl-lAt* 
Ar\ ft. judA k. w. / 

Insalt, in'sult, ». L. insult us. be-’issatf. hatak, 
sbuuAtat, tanz, malAmat, ta’u. Syn. Outran; 
insolence , — v. t. bc’izzat i is., malAmat k.. laA- 
nat k., tinz k., h irnkat d. 

kashl, dam ; (divinegift) ilbAm, wabt, fajoffi- ao iej na-q ton 1 oaraasbi, sagut, jbaAW, man- 

i-^aib PAkRtihkl tAsIr; — r # «. mu him, hitir. kil. Ib.c) z thir, jochhip yA dab na sake. 

Inspirit in-BDir'it. v. t. (enliven) siuda k, Insupprcsslhle, in-sup-prea'i-bl, a. (irrepre*ei- 
him mat d., tirglb d. Syn. Enliven; iuyig©- Insure. in-aliSdr', v. t. bfma k., girwl k.; In- 
ratp* animate. su ranee, n blind, girw/. Syn. Assurance; 

Inspissate, in-spis'At, v. t . L. in and spitsare . security against loss 

f thicken) thakkA k , gArhl k. Insurgent, i i-sur gent, ». L. t neurgena. (rebel- 

Inst OoSficted from in\tant. mAh i hAl. ... Hons >, fitoa-angea, fasudl (rebel* 

Instability, in-^ta-bil'i-ti, ft. L. instabilitas. bflgf, fitna-aggna. 

(unsteady) be-sabAtl, nA-pAedArl, be-istiqlAlf. Iusurmuuntaoie, in-3ur-mount'a-bl, o. F. tft- 
Syn. Inconstancy : fickleness ; un^tableness. surnontuble. gair-magJAb, jo tai na bo sake. 
Inst ill, in-stawl', v. t. L. in and stall, kbil’at d., Insurrection, in-sur*rek'shuD,ft. L. insurreotie, 
(fkA d. ; masmad-nashfn k., sarfardz k. [ — in] ,* baiwa, baggdma, fitna. Syn. Sedition; revolt; 

Insurrectionary, a. fitna-agges. 

— ation, ». khirat-poshf, ’nhda-dibf, sarfarAzl. rebellion; Insurrectionary, a. fitna-agges, 
Instalment, a. (inauguration) masaad-nasblnf ; fasAdl. 

( payment iu part) gist. Insusceptible, in-sus aep'ti-bl, s.L. »» and susci- 

I listener, in'stans, n. (examp’e) misil : (occa- pert. n;i qAbil-J pulrAI, sakht, pattharsA. [sA. 
sion) kdra, mu’Amala, wajh ; (solicitation) Iususceptivc, in-sus-sep'tiv, «, sakht, pattbar 
durkhwdst ; for — , ma-dan, ya’ne, jaisft ki; — v. Intact, ia-takt', a. L. iniaotus. (untouched, 
t. mis.i I J., nazir d., drishtAut 1. b.lfi cliliflA, b?-nuqsAn be-harj, be-nuqs. 

t . mis.i I J., nazir d., drishtAnt l. 

Instant, instant, a. L.instuns. musta id J, muta- 
qAzf, jald, rawAn, hfizir, hil ; — lainha, labza, 
dan: — :mcous, ck lamlie men, ek dan men, 
nftgnhftnl. [dnrje par qAiin k. 

Instate. in-at&L', v. i. in and state, kisl *uhde .vft 

Instead, in-s ted', ad in and stead, ’iwaz, badly 
men, ba-jfie, 

Instcap, ». Prefix in and step, pusbt i pA. 

Instigate, in'sti-gAt, v. t. L. instiff : re. (stimu- 
late, impel) wargalAnA, targfb d„ tnhrlk d. [ — 
to]; Instigation, ft. tashwiq, targlb, tahrfk, 

— n. prtri fbuta&r, adad s&blh ; Integrate, 
in'iA g At, v. t. (give the sum or total) pirA 
k., sablh k , 

Integrity, iu-teg'ri-ti, ». L. integrites. ( upright- 
ness) diyAnat, aaAuat, rAstbAzf ; (wholeness), tamAmL Syu. Probity; honesty; 
uprigUtnesa. [parda ; cbhAl. 

phuslAhat; Iofltigator, «. (tempter) mubar- Integument, in teg'tt-meat, n. L. integument urn, 
rik, mugwf, bahkAne w. ; mufsid, fAsid. Intellect, in'tel-lekt, n. L. intellect us. ’aql, qA- 

istil, in-stil', v. and etillare. t&pkAnft, wat i kliiyai, gyAn, zihn. Syn Dnderstaad- 

Instil, in-stil', v. t. L. in and etillare. t&pkAnft, 
dAlnft, b'tlilAuA. Ahiste Abiste (j. 

Instinct, in'stingkt, a. L. instinotus. (the natur- 
al facu ty) zail, ’aql i haiwAnf ; — lve, o. ta- 
ba’I. zA I. 

Institute, in'sti-tflt, V. t. L. in and atatuere. 
(establish) muqarrar k., jAri k., qAim k. ; 
(instruct) ta’ltmd.; (invent with office) *uhda 
parqlim k. ; — n. dastAr, rusm, zAb la, uA’ida; 
Institution, n. dastAr, qfi’ida, zAbita; (of learn- 
ing) madrasa; (organized socieiy) majlis. 

Instruct, in-slrukt', v. t. L. in and alruere. 
(tench) sikhlAn'i, ta’llm k. ; (inform) kbabar 

ing; reason; mind, rational sense, reasoning 
faculty ; brains faculty ; Intellectual, «. ’Aqlt, 
gy.inl ; Iutellectuallty, n qflwat i 'aql. 

■* >“, •uiw .-nanMi, nwBHijai, 

aur, duuishmand. Syn. Sensible; skilful; 
clever; well-informed; Intelligible, a. sftf, 
samajh meg Aue ke iAiq, uaa’qAI. Syn. Com- 
prebensiblo ; plain ; clear ; distinct. 

d., AgAh k., muttila’ k. Syn. Teach ; inform ; Intemperance, in-tem'pAr-ans, n. (insobriety) 

. — 1 : ..l . . . j„:n. ... I 1 . . .1 i * . . " 

enlighten ; educate ; drill ; — lou, a. ta’Jfra, tar- 
biyat; sikshA; [ — in] ;— lve, o. muffd. ta’llm- 
bakhsh; — or, u. u^tAd, mu'allim, adib; upa- 

bad-parhezf, sharAb%horl; Intemperate, «. 
(inordinate) bad-parhez, bo-ihtiyAt, sarahAr, 

desbak;— rcss, n. ustAnf, mu’aliima; upade- Intend, in-tend', v. #. L. in nud tenders, (design) 
sbanf. qa dk., 'asm k., thahrAuA, irAda k. ; (mean) 


Instrument, iu'sLiOB-ment, ft. L. intrnmentum, 
(tool) auzAr; (machine) A<a; (agent) kunin- 
da; (cause) b.vis, sab ib, tnAjib; (musical ap- 
paratus) bfljA ; (writing or deed) sanad, na- 
wishta; — al, o. wasfla, sabab, mAiib; mumid, 
madadgAr, mu'Awin. I — in] ; — ality, ». i'Anat, 
madad, wasfla, tAsfr;]kbidmat-guzArf. 

Iusubjection, in-sub-jersbua, s.(disob.dieace) 

Insubordinate, in-a ib-orMt-nAt, e. L. is, tub, 

and ordo . ( mutinous) nAfarmAubardAr, magrA, Intense, m- tans', s. L. tntenaua. (extreme) sha- 

qa dk., ’asm k., thahrAuA, irAda k. ; (mean) 
matlab rakhaA ant, ft. (superintendent) 
dflrogs, amln, nfixir, faujdA’*; — rd, ft. mngga- 
tar; Intent, in-teot\ ft. (design) irAda. man- 
sbA, qasd, 'azm; (drift) game; (meaning) 
ma’ne ; to all — a and purposes, dar-buqlqat. 
Syn, Design ; pu rpose ; msaning ; — a. ( eager) 
mushtAq; (attentive) tnutawajjib ; (earnest) 
sargarm; Intention,*, (purpose) manshA; 
(de ign) irAda; (intent) nfyat; Intentional. 
u. d&nista, jfinA bA JbA. qasdan. 

itnnirn U. .fan a f m. T . ,11 1 til, t a r I mi,. \ 

bAgf, sarkash; Insubordination, a. nAfar- 
mAnbardArl, 'udAl-bukmf, bag A wat, sar kashl, 
she r A rate TdAsht. na sahn^ jog, sakbt. 

Insufferable, in-surfAr-a-bl, o. nA-qflbil i bar* 
Insufficiency, n. karof, nA-qAbiliyat, qusAr; bl- 
uett ; Insufficient, in-suf-fish'i-ent, «. L. i» 
and auffioiena, nA-kiff, nA-qAbil, qfisir, kam-tA- 
qat;apArau. Syn. Unequal, uotit. 

did, eakbt, siyAda, babnt, nibAyat ; Intensify, 
in-tens'i-fl, v. f. L. ini enama and /aoere. tez k., 
zord., mushtAq k. Intensity, ft. pbaiJAwat; 
(high pitch) siyAdatl, tundl, sakbt I. 

Inter, in tftr', a. t. L. ft It. interrure from L» 
•ft and terru, th > earth. gArnA, dafn k., mittf d« 
Syn. Bury ; inhume s entomb;— ment, in-tfi.- 
useut, « (burial) tadfln, dafn, takfln. 

Insular, in # sd-lAr t a.J^, insula, tAp& JA jaxlre ke Intercede, in ttr*sAd\ v. i. I interoedere. (in- 

muta'alliq- " 

IsiSttUto, ln J sft-JtU a. t. L. insular*, (isolate) 

terposc) sbafA'at k., danniyAnl h., aifArlah k„ 
wakAiat k. [—for] ; Iatevcusalga, a. (media- 



r-—. ■ .... ... —5 — 

tlon)shafA’at, sifArish, bfchbichAo. Iuterccs- 
»or, a. (mediator), shall, wakfl, darmiyAu!; 
upakArf. . „ . . 

Intercept, In-tSr-sept’, ft. t. Tj. inter and oupere , 
(cut off) bftzr., rokaA; (stopand seize on the 
way) rdh men rokml aur pakafnA, muzAhimat 
k. lou, ». ( hinderance) atkAo, rok, giriftagl, 
muzAhimat. batmAif. 

Interchange, iu-t6r-chfmj\ ft. t, Apas men adla 
badlf k., ’iwaz mu’Awaza k., mubftdala k.;— ft. 
mubAdala, tabdll, ’iwaz, mu’Awaza. 

Intcrclude, in-tGr-kliid', ft# t . L. inter and elath 
dere. (intercept) band k., bAz r., roknA. 

Intercourse, in'ifir-kors, ». (mutual exchange) 
*ilAqa, Amad o raft# rAh o rasm ; (cornmunica- 
tiou) khatt kitAbat, (trade) leu-den. Syn. 
Communication ; commence ; communion ; con- 
nection. Ldusre par sahlrA. 

Interdependent, ft. (mutually dependeut) ek 

Interdict, in-tfir-dikt', ft. t. Ij. interdicero. (pio- 
Jiinit) bAz rakhna, mana* k., A mad- raft band 
k. Syn. Forbid ; prohibit ; inhibit. [ — from] ; 
—•ft. muraAni’at-uAuia, manlutf. mana’. 

Interest, in'tSr-est, ». I;. interest, (concern) 
parwAh. ’ilAqa, garaz; (good)nekl; (advant- 
age) fAida, nafa’ ; qadrat; (share) oissa; 
(pre mi 11 in for tho use of money) sud ; simple 
— , sAd; compound — , slid dnr and; — ft. f. 
(excite concern in) rAg;b k. ; (engage the affec- 
tions) dil-k.ishf k., lubhfuia ; (give a share in) 
sharfk k., hissa cl. ; — one’s self, tawnj.iuh k.; 
— ed, a garaz-innnd, gnrnzf, khud-matlnb ; ap- 
swArthf. Syu. Partial ; biassed ; prejudiced ; 
— inar, a. dil-rb iMj), dil-kash ; mamnnlian. 

Interfere, iri-ter-fer', v. i. Ij. inter and ferirc. 
(intermeddle) inadAkhatal k., bfcli men hith 
d. ; (clash) mukliAiif h., dasUndazf k. Syu. 
Meddle; intermeddle; interpose:— between, 
davuaiyftn men papist. [ — in, — with | ; — ncc, 
ft. inndftkhalnt, dastandAzf. Syn. Interposi- 
tion ; collision ; clash ins:. 

Interim, in'lfir-iin. ft. L. (meantime) darmiyari, 
btcli, asnft, is ’asm men. 

Interior, in-te'ri-S •. a. h. intr.rnu a. (internal) 
bhltarf, darftnf, audariiuf; — ft. bhftar, amlar, 
andaruii. Syn. Internal ; inner; inward. 

Interjacent, iu-lffr-ja’sent, c*. J j. inter jaccns. 
(intervening ) mutsi was-sit, darmiyAuf. 

Interject, in-tfir-jukt', ft. t. L inter and jaccre. 
(insert) ghusepi-i. bi\ h men d., ya A.; — ion, n. 
harf i nidii, harf : arhehhnr. 

Interlace. in-tfir-IAs', v. t. F. entrelacer. (inter- 
mix) jofuA, milAmi# InA. 

Interlay, in-thr-la', ft. t. inilAiul, bfcli meg rakli- 

lu ter leave. in-tor-lev', ft. t. ktAb ke bar warq 
kc ha’dek sfida warq LagAnA. 

Interline, iu-tftr-iln', v. 1. (write beLwcen lines) 
salaron kc bfi-h im*n likhna. 

Interlink, in-toi-liiigk', ft. t. jornA, milAnfl. 

Interlock, in-tdr-lok’, u. t. (uuiie, embrace ) mil- 
nA, bagnlgfr h. 

Interlocution, in-tfir-lo-kA'shnn, ft. Tj. inter lo- 
culio. (conference) gufrogd, chit; (dia- 
logue) suwAl o jawfib. Interlocutor, ft. suwAl 
o jawAb k. w„ guftog i k. w. 

Interlope, r. t. L. inter . and D. loopen. (fore- 
stall ) inadakhalat i beja k , dast-andiiai k., hAtli 
d., be-ijaz.U: saudagail k.; — r, iu-t&r-lop'Sr, 
ft. (unauthorized intruder) da*l amlAz, bejA 
daklil k. w. Syn. Intruder; iuleroieddler; 

Interlude, in'lSr-lild, «. Tj. inter and Indus, (a 
piece performed during the intervals of a play) 
kisf taniAshsa yA swAgg ke blch men jo lilA yfi 
khel botA hai. 

Intermarry, ft. t. A pas meg byAh k. [—with] ; 
Intermarriage, in-l&r-inar'ij, ft. fipas mt*y 

Intermeddle. in-tSr»med'I, ft. I. (lute fere )daklil 

• k., madfikhslat. i bejA k M dast-andAzf k., (inter- 
mix) hai-cbal k. [ — with]; — r, ». UArij, inu- 
khil, dast-amiAz. 

Intcriuodlata, in-tfir-mg'di-At, o. L. inter and 
mediue. rautawasRir, darmiyAnf, mAbait; kA. 

IntcrmUiUte, in-tgr'miu-At, a. L. in and term- 

(and leas). ba-Jkad^^a-itUihA; later- 


Intermit, in-ter-mit , ft. t. L. inter and mittere. 
multawi r., uAga k., atrA dekar A., bar! se A •— * 
lent, o. (cea ing at intervals) waqfndAr, nflga 

(interval, pause, stop) cbUuttf, ta’t(l, muhiati 

W flQlflt* 

Intermix, in-tSr-miks', ft. t. (intermingle) milA- 
nA. Syn. Blend ; mix ; commix ; mingb* ; com- 
mingle; mix together. [ — with];— ture. ft, 
(admixture) milAo, flmezisb. 

Internal, in-t6r’nal, a. Ij. internut . (interior)) 
bAtinf, andarOnf, bbftnrf, jigarr; (spiritual) 
rflhAiif ; ( real, genuine) haqfqf, snchchA. 
International, a. qaumf, mulkf ;— law, mulkon 
ke qAiitin ka ittifAq. 

Internecine, in-ter-ne’sln, ft. L. inter and neanre. 
(deadly, fatal) qAtil, kh(in-kh war. Syn. Mor- 
tal ; deadly, destructive. 

Interpolate, in ter'pG-lat, ft. t. L. interpolarc. 
(foist in) dajkhi dnr ma'qijlat k., ja'l-sAzf se 
ilhaq k., yA milu d ; Interpolation, ». ’ibArat 
yA lafz kA toga Hub, ’ibArat tagnliubf. 

Interpose, iu-iOr-po//, v. t. L. inter and poncrc. 
(mediate) bfcli oachAo k , darmiyan -oen par- 
nfi. [ — between]; Interposition, «. bhafA'ar# 
!)f h bacliAo. 

luterprrt, in ler'pret, ft. t. Tj. inferpretari . 
(expound) tarjuma k„ haMAnA, tnslirflik. ; — 
drrnim, ta’bfr k ; — ntioii. ai. t:. fsf , tashrfh, 
b iyan, ta’bir; — rr, n. niutarajim. ta" fr-go. 

Interregnum, iu-tcr-reg'num, n. h. inter and 
reynum . b :d«ihAh-gardf ; ra j:\ntnrft. 

Tntcrriigale, in-tcr’r o--;V, v. t. L. inter and 
rosr.rr. (question) piichhnA, suwal k., imtiltan 
V istif'-ir k. ; lulei*rog::itioii. ft. pursish yA 
suwal; point of Intorrognt ion. smval kA ni-, yih | ? | ; Interrogative, a. istif- 
liAmi ; — n. lmrf i isl. it’ll Am. 

Interrupt, in-:&r-r:ipt', ». t. Tj. infer and rnm- 
p ’re. (iiindor the prugross of) luTrij h.. hail b. t 
mam’ h., h:1t killnA, qata’ kalAiu k., lalchl *1., 
roknA. Syn. Disturb; impede: lender. I — 
in]: — Ion, n. (hii.deiMW.e) taarruz, harj, 
alkio, rok, qata’ kaldm. 

Intersect, irM6r-/ekt, v, t. Tj. infer and secure. 
(cr -S'5 muiuisMy ) ok duare ko kal.nA, qala’ k. 

Intersperse, in-ler-spers', v. t. I j. inter and 
sparyere. (scatter) chhilrAnA, idhar udhar d. 

[ —] : lutersporsioii, ft. chhitrac, 
ph a i 1 A \v:i f , inti sh A r. 

Interstice, in'icr-stis, n. L. inter and sistere. 
(a hole, an iutrrval) phAgk, darAr, fAsila, 
ghaf. [InpetnA. 

Intertwine, '^in-lSr-twIn', ft. f. hfnnA, bafnA, 

Interval, in'ter-val, n. Ij. interval! uni. (int an- 
time) (lanniyAn, bfcli, inabain# *arsn ; (space 
between places) fAsila, waqfa; (vacancy) 
inuhlat, fursat. 

Intervene, in-iAr-vSn, ft. i. Tj. inter and venire. 
(come belween) darmiyAn men |)arnA; (med- 
iate) blch baehfio k., mutawasdt b. [ — bet- 
ween] ; Intervention, n. tawassut, shat’A’at, 
bfthbichao. Syu. Interposition; interference. 

Interview, iu'lgr-vu, n, muwAsalat, muJatjAt, 

Interweave, v. t. ikatlhA bfnnA/milAnA ; In- 
terwoven, a. ok !if men biuA ya mild l*u 'i . 

Intestate, in-test'ftt, a. L. in and testari . (die 
without a will) bo-waslyat, bilA*wasfyat-nA- 
ma : — n. be-wasfyat. 

Intestine, in-test/in, a, Tj. inf us. (internal)' 
biiltarf, da run!: (domestic) khftnflgf, mulkf;— 
n. (bowels! Anr, antaff; Intestinal, a. Anton 
kA, a ntarf on ka. 

Jutiiral, in-tbrawi:„ft. t. (enslave) giriftAr k., 
gulam b., hiilqa-bngoshl k. 

intimate, in'ti-inAt, a. L. intimus. (near) qar'b ; 
(inmost • andarAnf; (fniniliar) ham-dRin# 
mahmu i rAz; (close in friendship) yak-dil, 
murtabit, milft jaiA. [ — withj ft. t. L. inti- 
m«r«. (hint) ish&ra k., kh*bar yA ittiiA' k, 



to! • Intimacy, n. ham-rAaf, heloel, 

SJi^ f— Iwithl. Syn. Clone acquaintance; 
familiarity ; fellowship ; ^ead^Uip ; 
tlon, ft. (advice, information) wbAra, kiaaya, 
khabar, Agftbl, ittil&’. . * iimi j u8 

Intimidate, in-tira'id-At, v. t, L. *1* I* 1 *? * * 

(frighten) dar&nA. dAntnA, dbamkftnA. S3 
Alarm; sears; daant - terrify ; appal ; In 
mUatlon, n. dhainkf, dm, Mcll 

»to, ta'iw, pr°p i»™a jt ■«, ”f* 


lcratiun, » fa’is^ab, matfhHlitat ;«>***•"*"*• 
41 If, mulda'l, muta’»s»it>, Intuler- 

«. mufchAlif. -v -;-/ i 

able, in-tol'«r-a-bl, a. It . «» »“**•*"£!?; 
mii lie table) ;u'r-tmitidiainioll, nl-4&«m 1 bar- 

InUMi'nte, in'tSn-Ht. *. t.U <» aad ton"*, dhun 
yfi rgg *e gdnft, iihiln so P*r*»nd ; 
i. ilbfln, tJa, aar;(lheaet or ■ 

ing) AwAz kA t:irf»ia; Intoue, in- ton , v. *. 
ilhSn se gftnfi, lih&n fle pftfhari. 

In toto, ad. h. ( entirely, wholly ) bilkutl. 
Intoxicate, in-toks'i-kilt. v. t. U. t omhon, mast 
k.. in idhosh fc., mrshArk., nrikhoadr k., mat- 
wAlA it. Syn. To wv‘ke drank; to inebriate, 
r — with] ,* Intoxication, n. mastL mad-hosM, 
nasba, be-ho'hl. [ondar ke lialn. 

I ntra. tn'tra, L ek barf aiashrOt ju ke ma ne 
Intractable, in-lra kt'a-bl, «. (ntubborn) masrS, 
sarka^h, rifi-f^rmAn. Syn. Stubborn ; refrae- 
torv: ungovernable. 

Intransitive. in-trans'it-lv, o. fl*i i martin!.. 

In Iran* ill l.ssl bl o, iii-traiia-uais'i-bl, a. bhej* j.t- 
ne k.-> nA-qfilul. [lautabad lal, be-Ubdll. 

Inn ausmutable, In-trans-railt'a-bl, «. aair- 
lotroncli, in-treadi', o. t. in and F. trencher. 

khiiidaq khodnA, raorcha-bundl k., khrtf khod 
ni\. [ — on,— upon]; — iuent, *. morcha, fehan- 
daq. khfil. , 

Intrepid, in-trep'id, a. L. intrepid**. (fearless) 
diler. dilAwar. mardAna; (daring) jftii-bAx; — 
itr, n. dilort, imhftdurf, mardAaagl. Syn, 
B.»l Ino^s; brave "y ; courage. 

Intricate, in'lrl-kit, a. Tj intricaro. pachfd*, nA 
aAf, in isliki 1 . abfar. Syn. Complex! compli- 
cated; Intricacy, in'tri-kA-st, *. 
jli -fA. janjAi, p 'dilda jhanjh«t. Syu. Com 
pifention ; perplexity ; complexity. 

Intrigue, in-liSg', n. F. (plot) aAzish. kAr-;Axf. 
bindish. iltiM'i, aanth-gftn*h ; — v. *. F. intri- 
guer. s: i zi'h k., k.-ir ?!‘izt k. f— with, — against] : 
— r, n. siaish k. w.. iirratf. 

Iiitrlnsie, in-trin'sik, a. L. infra sod 
( siboru,) zdtf, aslf. 

Introduce, in-trtt-dQn', t>. t. Tj. intro and 4*c ere, 
(lend in i andar Inn5 ; (make known) mult- 
q:1l knrnA. [ —into, — to] ; Introduction, ». 
idkhal: dlhilcha, tatnhfd, ’umvAu; mulAqAt 
Introductory, a. tacnhfdi, pexh-ran. 

Intrude, in-trod l\ v. i. L. in and trndera. dakhl 
d , hath d., paifiuft. ghnaaA, dast-andAxl k. 
[— on.— upon], Syn. Obtrude ; encroach ; in- 
fringe; — r, n. datt-andita, mukhil, gkusanh&r; 
Intrusion, in-lrtKi'ahu",, n. raad&kbalat, dakhl 
I bejft, ghua-paith; Intrasive, a. makbii, 

Intrust, in-trust', a. t. sa«gpud, supurd k^, taf- 
wls k., ssimma k., amdnatr. Syu. Ooastfn ; 
commit; confide. 

Intuition, in-ta*iKh f un, «. L. intuari. sakdwat, 
khiydl, budh, bitiut dAnish; lutoltivci, in- 
tn'it-iv, «. ladunul, badfbl, bill bahs jk sabot 
ke jAnft gayd. [nd 

Iutvvinc, iu-tvrXn', r t . bhdnjnfi, atqtkuA. maror- 
Inumbrate, iu-um'brat, *. t. L. in and umbra 
(shade) slya k. 

Inundate, it. chhalaknA, nmapiL (lubond. (— 
with] ; Innndation. i». aaildb, tuftn, tegytnf 
Inure, in -Hr', v. t. Prefix in and ura, L. imwc. 

(habituate) ’Adat d , kho p. # 'Adi h., mnrawwaj 
T„ yA .i^\ ri ’ rH . rh * l — t®!- Cbehddagf. 

Inutility, m-fi-tiri-ti, n. (uselessness) lA-hAail. 
Invacuo, L. (in a vacuum) kbftlt. 

Invade, iu-vid'. v. t , jj. in and aadart. (attaekX 

ohtfbAf k. ; (encroach upon) da*t»dar4ef k. « 
r. n. gantin, bamia-Awar, eharhdl k. w. In?®* 
•ton, ia-vft'xliun, a. cbarhdi, ha in I a, y Uriah, 
lashkar-koehl. Syn. Irruption; inroad; at* 
tack, assault, incursion. 

Invalid, in-val'id, a. L. in and uulidui, (weak) 
k imsor, nAtawOn, naqfk, aa'lf, nAkAra, hfmdr; 
(void, null) be kdr, roddl, bdtil ; — ». d4im-ul- 
marls;— ate, o. t. n&taw&g k., bd til k., jhdthA 
k., cnansdkh k. ; — ity,n. kanaoorl ; gairpAbandl* 
but) An. 

Invaluable, ln«v&l'ft-a-bl, a. Predx »» aa<l e«i«* 
sMe. (inestimable) bebahd, be^rqlmat, ’axfa- 
tarfn, an-mol. 

Invariable, ia-vU'd-a-bl, a. t». in and veriiis, 
(Immutable) he-tagaiyur, be-tahaddu), a(al v 
a(Ut. Syn. Couwtant; immutabie; unalter- 
able ; uniform; — ness, a. ( nucha ugo&ble ness) 
’a*la« i tacaiynr. 

Invective, In vekt'iv, n. (abuse) had-xab&ni, gd- 
II; (reproach) mal&mat, (satire) ta’naaanf. 
Syn. Abus^; censure; reproach. 

Inveigh, in-vft', v. i. Tj. in an t ushers. ( reproach ). 

ilsdui d., ta’na tiahu’a k., dokhnft. [—against]. 
Inveigle, in-va'gl, v.t. Norm. F. envaoglor. (en- 
tice) burAl kl tnrf ubhilrnd, phuslAnA. [—in- 
to], Syn. Wheedle; entice, seduce. 

Invent, in-veof.', v. t. L. in and venira. (contrive), 
tadbfrk. ; (find out) ljdd k , nikdlnA; (frame) 
ban&na; (feign) bahana k. Syn. Con! rive; 
devise; originate; — n . ikhtirA’, ihdfis, 

bandish, «Akht, jeuidn, dh.iu, qilwat 1 inutakh- 
aiyala; — ive, «. zihlu, tex-f&hm, liunar-maml, 
slrak ; — lvenrss, in-v?nt'i v-aes, n. uafijidi, tex- 
fahmf, huaurinamif ; — or, n. mfl jid, bAnf. 
Inventory, in'von-tar-i, n. L . invent ariunt. siyA- 
Jia, fard, daftnr, ta'llqa, (ihiist; — v. t. qalam- 
b»ud k., ta’ilqa mundarj k. Syn. List; 
register ; roil ; schedule. 

Inverse, ln-vArs', n. L. iuvcr$u9 t (inverted) aer-, tab o ba*A, nrju'aks, nlat-puiat. 

Invert, iu v5rt\ e. t. L. in and verier*, (turn 
over) ulaUuA, ulatuA, aundhA k. 

Invest, in-ven', e. t. L. in and veetirc. (clothe) 
pahiuAnA ; (eud.)W ) bakh'huA ; (in.stal) kliil- 
'at d. ; (surround) glievnA, munusara k. ; 

( money) nafn* kf garas se feist jAedAd men ru- 
piy i lagAnl. [ — with. — in]; — iture, in-vesl/i- 
tQr, n. khirat-poshf, khU’itt-dihl ; tilak, 0kii 
nicut. n. khii’at-bafehuhf ; mu h A Kara ; poshuk; 
kisf k'uupanf men rupee kA l&gAo. 

Investigate, in-vea'ti-gAt, v. t. L. in and vei ti- 
ff urn. (■ uircli out) talash k., tafttsh k , chliin* 
n&, hall k., samajhriA, dary&ft k. [ — into]. 
Investigation, ». taltish, taftfsh. justoid, 
chhAn, tajitasus, tahqiq&t. Syn. Research ; 
study; inquiry; examination. Investigator, 
n. mubaqqiq, tnjwfs h. w., mntajassis. 
Inveterate, in-vet/Sr-at,*. L. in and vet us. (old) 
purAni ; (obstinate) ahadid, sa^ht, kufA, mu- 

Invidltius, lo-vld'i-us, «. L. invidiosus. (envi- 
ous! h/isid; (likely to incur ill-will) ’adAwat 
paidA k. w. 

Invigorate, in-vig'or-it, a. t. L. in and vigor, 
(ritreorthen) qiiwatd., mazhut k., piishtf k. 
Svn. Strengthen ; fortify ; animate : Invigor- 
ating, a. qUwat-bafehsh, m iq.iwwf ; Invigora- 
tlon, a. taqwiyat, tawAn&f, qdwat. 

Invincible, In-vin'si-bl, a. F. from L. vinoere. 
(unconquerable) gair-maglfib, a-jfi, zabar- 
dast. L — in. — by]. Sy»*. UaconqueraWe ; 

iasurmountable ; Invincibly, o<f, gair-niaghl- 
biyatse; InvinclblUtv. n. gair-uaagiabl, za- 

Inviolable, o. 14-zawAl, ^nir-muinkin nl fasfeh. 
Idvlolability, in-vI-o-la-biFi-tl, ». Id-zawAU, 
gair- ruumkin til fad>hf. 

Inviolate, in-vl'5-lftt, o. L. in and vioUire . (un- 
polluted ) pAk, sAf. nA-sbikasta,be-uuqs: pawitr. 
Syu. Unhurt ; uniniured ; unprofaned. 

Invisible. in-vi*':-b!,u. F. L. m and pitere, videre. 
gAib, nfidfda, andekhfi, nft-pidld ; (spirits) 
mardAu i gaib, 'ukul-al-mniarrudAt; tl»e— 
world. 'Almm i gaib. Invisibility, ». atogttU 
S§ibat, &4-didani. 



Invite. ln-vl/, v. t. L. invitare. (bid) talab k ; 
(ask to a place of entertainment) da’wat k ; 
(persu&uc) tirgfo d. [—to]. Syn. Solicit; 
bid ; call ; summon ; Invitation, in-vi-tA'shuu, 
a. (licitalion) tal-ib, neota, da'wat. 

Snvocate, in'vb-k&t, v. t. L. and vocare. (cail 
upio with solemuity) du’A mdqtuA, bulAu.i, 
nAtn 1. ; Invoke, in-vok, v. t. buliurt, mini 1., 
du’A k ; Invocation, a. du’A, rauuli jAt ; talabf. 
Invoice, iu'vais, n. F. en voyer. bljak, siyAUa., 
fibrist i ajnAs; — v. t . siyAha k. 

Involnut try, ia-vol'un-tar i, and eoluatns. 
(unwilling) be-ikhtiyAr, be-qasd, be-bas, be- 

Involve, v. t. L. ia and volvere. (entangle) phan 
sAnA, uljhAnA; (embirass) ghubrAhat mea d. ; 

i roll or fold round) UpetuA ; (multiply) zarb 
. [ — in, — by, — with]. Syu. Imply ; implicate; 
entangle; Involution, in-vo- Id'ahin, n. L. 
inroht'lo. (complication) pech, uljhAo, lapet, 
kaab-ma-kash; (of speech or poetry) lalf o 

Invulnerable, in-vurnfcr-a-bl, a. (secure from 
iujury) nA-zakhm.iizfr ; (tb it which cannot be 
wounded) jis men zukhm na lag sake. 

Inward, iu'wfird, a. A.-S. inweard. ( intern u) 
andaruul, bAtinl ; — ». bliftar, andar, bAtin;— 
ad. andar se, bAtin se, bhftar se. 

Inweave, in-wftv', v. t. blnnA, b i(nA. 

Iuwrapped, in-rapt', u. (involved) pechfdn, 
parestiAn, be-khud. 

Inwrought, iu-rawt', a. jafAfl, murasia’. 

Iodine, i'odln, a. G. ion, and eidos. ek qism 
kf dawA. 

Ionic, l-on'ik, a. Ionia kA ; Ionia k * rauhAware, 
rAg yA lilsafa kA, khusdran YflnAnf mi’raArl kl 
ek qism. [ue kf ek dawA. 

Ipecacuanha, ip-5-kak-A-an'a, n. B az qai kar- 
Irasclble, I-ras'i-bl, a. L. trascibilis. (irritable) 
zdd-rauj, jo jald nurAz ho jAwe yA burA in A no. 
Ire, Ir, n. L. ira . (auger) gussa, kh ifgl ; krodh 
S>n. Angor ; pa^sioj ;rage; fury ; indignation. 
Iris, I'riR, m. L. G. iris, (rainbow) dhauuk, qnu* 
i qazah. 

Irk, 6rk, v. t. A.-S. oarg. Ger. arg. (to weary) sa- 
tAuA, dukh d. ; — some, Ark'aum, a. ( wearisome ) 
nA-pasand, nA-gawAr, sakht; Irksomeness, 
ftrk'sum uea, n. (tediousuess) sakhtl ; raqj- 

Iron, I' ura, n. A.-S ire s. metal, (iron) Ahan lohA; 
(smoothing iustrum'Mit) istirl; — ■$, pi. paikaif, 
Deri, hathkaff ; — a. Ahan sA, sakht, inazbQf; — 
v. t. istirl k, uttii k. ; — clad, a. zirab-po-ih ; — 
mo iger, I' irn-ruuug-g8r, n. lohfir, Aha/igur; 
the-age, kil-jug; — y, I'-uru-i, a. (made or 
condsting of iron) lobe kA, lohA milA, Ahanf; 
(resembling iron) lohA sA, Ah in kc mAniud ; 
(hard) saklit;— y, «. L. ironia. tanz, ram/,; — 
leal, I-roa'ik al, a. tanz-Amez, ramz-Amez. Syu. 
Derisive; bantering; mocking, 
lirradiunt, a. ruunaqdAr, chainakdAr. 

Irradiate, ir-rA'di-ftt, v. t. L. irradiare. (illumin- 
ate) ujAIAk., munauwark., chamkinA, roshan 
k., raunaq d. 

Irrational, ir-rash'un-al, «.L. in, and ratio, (void 
off; -son) be-*aql, gair-nALiq. Syn. Absurd; 
foolish ; unreasonable. 

Irreclaimable, ir-rA-klAm'a-bl, a. In and reclaim 
able . (incorrigible) jodurust na ho sake, gayA- 


Irreconcilable. Ir-rek-on-s.l'a-bl, a. ( incompati- 
ble) nft-murakin ul ittlfAq, gair-tasniya, an-inel, 
nA-orawAQq. Syu. Unappeasable; implacable. 
Irrecoverable, lr-r$-kuv'6r-a-bl,a.( irretrievable) 

S iyA gusrA, lA-’iiAj, gair-mumkin ul hisfll. 
yu. Irreparable; incurable. [jAsake. 

Irredeemable, Ir-rA-iAm'a-bl, a. io chhurAyA na 
Irrefragable, ir-ref'ra ga-bl. a. (undeniable) lA 
jawAb, qAti\ Syn. Incontrovertible; unan- 
swerable ; indisputable. 

Irrefutable, lr-rA fftt'a-bl, a. lA-jawAb, lA-radd. 
Irregular, ir*reg'u 16r, a. L. in and regala, khi- 
IkfiqiyAs; be-qi’idu, kairau, khilAf i dastdr, 
khi 1 At 1 ma'mdl lty, a. be-tarttb, khilAf i das- 
tdr; be-danlf ; sharArat. [nA<»ma*qAl. [— toj. 
IWikfUd, Ic-tel'A-vaat, a. be-lagAo, he-uuuqa', 

; Irreligion, ir rA-lij'un, a. be-diuf, ilhAd, kufr, 
nA-khudd-tarsf. Syn. Impiety ; u ago I liuese; 

I Irreligious, a. be-dfu, Id-mazhab. bargashta. 
Irremediable, ir-re mA'di-a-bl, «. lA -’ilAj, lA-da- 
wA; be-upAe. [uA-qibil-ul-'ftfd. 

Irrcmissiblc, ir-rl-mia'i-bl, a. iuupardonable) 
Irrejiarablc, ir-rep'ar a-bl, a. (incurable) jis 
kA’ilAjn i ho sake, gair-marammat-pizfr, 1A- 
’ilAj, g iyd-guzs A. [ul-il/Am. 

Irreprelionsibie, ir-rep-rfi hens'i-br, a. nA-qAbil- 
Irrepresslble, ir-re-pres'i-;.], a. nA-qibil i dabAo 
yd rok. [blame) be-jurna, rA3t, be-ilzdm. 

Irrepro.icliablc, ir-.*S-p:6i.*h'a-bI, o. (free from 
Irreprov.ible, ir-rS-prtfilv'a-bl, a. (blameless) 
be-taqsfr, be-ilzdm. Syn. Blameless; up* 

Irrcslstincc, ir-rA-zist'aus, a. (passive sub- 
mission ) adlifnf, fartvin-bardArl, itA’at. 
Irresistible, ir-rfi-zlst'riil, a. jo ruk |na sake, 
zorAwar, a(al. Irresistibility, a. jo ruk na 

irresolute, ir rez'd !tlt. o. be-istiqlAl, be-qarAr. 
be-hirn.nat Syu. Wavering; unsettled; un 
steady ; lr/rsolutiou, ». be istiqlAlf, be qarA- 
rf. [mat. 

Irresolvable, ir rS zolv'a-bl, o. nA-qAbil i »azl- 
lr respective, Ir rA-spckt'iv, a. be-lihdz, be-gaur. 

rr responsible, ir-rt-spon o. (not Answer- 
able ) nA jawAb-dih, barf uz zimtna. 
irretrievable, ir rS trgv'a b!, o. jo phir na mil 
sake, gaya guzrd, jo duru-tt na ho sake; nir- 
upAe. Syn. Irreine liable ; incurable; irrepar- 

Irreverent, a. be-adab, be-imtiydz, nirAdar; 
Irreverence, ir-rev'6i-ens, n. (incivility) be- 
a iabi, be-imtiyAzf. 

Irrevocable, lr-rev'5-ka-bl, a. (incapable of 
bring revoked) gair-mutagaiynr, uA-mumkin 
ul inausakb ; an-palaf. 

irrigate, ir-ri-gAt', v. t. L. irrigare. (water) 
srnrlinA, tar k. t serAb k., pAnf d.; Irrigation, 
n. Ab-dihf. sinchilf, Ab-pAshf. 

Irritate, ic'rit-at, v.^.L. irritare. (worry) chhef- 
nA; (tease) diqq k., sat\nd; (excite redness 
in the sklu bv rubbing) khujlAud. Syn. Fret; 
iuliame ; excite ; provoke; tease; Irritation, 
n. c liber, khijAwat; Irritant, ir'rit-ant, a. 
L. irritant. khijAnewAIA; — ». dard-aQgez; 
Irritable, ir'rit-a bl, a. cbifobifd, zdd-raaj ; 
Irritability, «. sdd-ranjf, Atash-mizAjf, 
tunuk-mizAjf. [ — at, — by,— with, — against]. 
Irruption, ir-rup'shun, n. L irruptio. (entrance 
by force) d (yhl ba-zor, kburdj ; (a sudden 
invasion) harala. cbarhAf. ytirish. 

l s, is, v. i. A..-S. it. It. eti t hai, hotA,b&igd. 
Isinglass, X'zing-glas, s. doing and glass, abraq, 

sirfsh i infiht. [raazhab i I dAm. 

Islantlsui, is'lam-izm, a. MnsnlmAui mazhab. 
Island, Hand, n. A.-S. ealond. (land surrounded 
by water) jazfra, tApd; dwfp; — or.riand-dAr, 
n. jazlre k i bdsliiuda ; (Apd-bAsf. 

Isle, II, n. F. isle . L. insula, jazfra, tApd : — t. 
Met, n. cUliofA jazfra, tApd. 

Isol i to. is'5-ldi, «. t. It. isolare (separate) judA 
r;— cl. a. (detached) judA, ’alAhida; Isolation. 
is-o-lA'shun, n. judAI, 'alAhidagf. 

Isosceles, I-so^'sc-lSz, a. G. isos and skelos. 

mutsdwf ul nAqain; do bliuj bar A bar. 

Israelite, iz'rA-il-It, n. IsrAelf; (jewish) rahd- 
df; (Hebrevv)’Ibrf, ’IbrAnf. 

Issue, isb'dS. n. F. issir. (passing out) kburAj, 
nikls ; (circulation) chalAn; (end) anjAm; 
(delivery) rawAuagf; (result) natfia ; (offspr- 
ing) aulild, na*l; at — , babs kft. [—forth,— 
from]. Syu. Egress; exit ; passage out ; — v.i . 
nikdlul, iftrf h , paidA h. v sAdlr b , bAhar h. 
Istlunus, ist'muz, ». L. G isthmos. khAknAe. 

l t, it, pron. A.-S .hit L. id. Skr. it. yib, wuh. 
Italian, it-tal'yan, a. or n. mu Ik I (all kA. 

Italic, a. mu Ik Itnlf ke muta’alliq; tircbe barf 

jalse n an ; — Ize, it-lari-slz, v. t. tirebbe burAf 
men clibdpnA yA HkhnA. 

Itch. Ici, n. A.-S- gicih't. khuhf, kbdrisht;— o, 
t khujIAuA, cuulcbuIAnA; (covet) lalthA n A. 




Item, rtem, ui. L. aizan, bhf n. chi*, raqftm, 
bibat. Syu item, particular. 

Iterate, it'ftr-ftt, v. t. L. Harare (utter again) 
duhr&nft, mukarrar kahuft; Iteration, it-Sr- 
a'shun, n. duhrfto, takarrur. 

Itinerant, I tin'er-'int, n ( wanderer) khftnn-b)- 
dosh, ftwftra phirne w. ; Itinerary, I liu'ftr- 
ar-i, a. safar-nfima; — a. safar k. w. 

Itself, it-self', pron . khud, apne Lnfg, tip se ftp. 

Ivory, i'vo-ri, n. L. ebur. daudftu i £11, h&tiii dagl ; 
— a. liftthf (lftnL kft. 

Ivy, I-vi, ». A.*S. ifig. 'iakg-pecha, bel, gurck. 


J, jt, Angrexf hnrfifi tahajjl ki dnswftn harf 
hai ; isVi tnlaffus Urdu men jim sft h>.l:i hai. 

Jabber, jnb'er, n. D. gabberu, F. jaholcr , Eri?. 
gab, gibe. (chatter) bch&iabak b ik, bakwas; 
— v. t. bnknfi. 

Jack, jak, n. F. jaoque a, James. (an instrument 
to pull off boots) jiltft ut&r leap ku Aia ; machh 
If kft bachch i ; kuppft; g'‘gi: ba’/e jftuvvnron 
kft nar: jahftz kft uislian; baktar, zirali; tft sh 
men k\ gulftm ; naukar, launijft; katbal, koft ; — 
and the beanstalk, n. ek lajke kft qi ; —at 
all trades or of all trades, «. larch larak ke 
peshon se wjqifkftr, har fan maulA: — at a 
pick, muflis; — In the buz, n. (toy) khilaunft; 
— the slant killer, n. ek shakhs kft qissa jis 
ne dcuzad ko mftr dA'ft ■ -.vit.i n lantern, n. 
gn] i bay A Anf, ft task i sbaitftnf a lent or — 
in the grrcu, (pup;>Pt ) yufiyfi ; — in a box, ck 
qism kl kal bojh uthftu ' k<» liye ; union — , (the 
national flue of Oreal Britain and Ireland) 
InglMtftn kft jbiudu (gid»r, sliigftl, siy.'ir. 

Jueknl, jak'awl, n. Per. shuga.1, Ski-, sriyalu. 

Utlaw, jnli'daw, n. knuwft. za^. 

Jackanapes, jnk'a-n&ps n. Eng. jack and ape. 
buudur : chhailfi, bftnkft. 

Jackass, jak'as, n. (male ass) gadhll. 

Jacket, jakVt, n. F. jaquette. kurtf, rairzal. 

Jarobinc, ink'5-l>in v n. Dimonikaon nftm firqe 
kft ek faqfr. 

Jade, jft l, m. Provincial Eng. gaud. daggft gkorft; 

S ftjf’nurat; — v. t.thukj., be-dam h., ’niiz k. 
yn. Tire. [khandftna. 

Jag, jag, v.t. dand&ui-ddr k. ; — n. (notch) 
J.iKUiir, jag-tt-Ir', n. Braz. fagoara. Amrika kA 
Jali, .1 sill, ii. 11. YaliowAh, ^Chuda. [chit A. 

Jail, jAl, n F. geole. (prison) qaid-khftna, jihl- 
kb&ua, zinrlAn. Syn. Prison; peueientiary ; 
bride well ; work-house ; house of correction ; — 
er, jAI'&r, n. jihl-khAne kA dArogn. 

Jalap, jal'up, n. jalapu. gnl i abbas kl jaf. 

Jam, jam, t’. t. Sans. yam. (squeeze) dab&na, 
tipnfi, bblrk.; — n.bhir.hujflm, dhakkam dhak- 
kft; (conserve of fruits) inurabba. 

Jangle, jang'gl, v. i, D. jangclcn. (quarrel in 
words) bftton kA jhagrA k., ehakb-ehakli k.; — 
n. bc-surf, be-Ahangf. Iiujjat, jhaiijUaiifthat : — 
r, n, jhagpllii» hujjatf. Syn. Wrangler, qunr- 
relsome fellow. [pftsbin. 

Janitor, jan'i-toT, », l^;anua. (porter) darbdu, 
January, ja'nfl-ar-i, n. L januariua, from ;a«- 
U8. Aggrezf sAl kft pah lft mahfna. 

Japan, ja-pan', n Jlpfta; zaugaul kft id, ek qism 
kftraugan; — v. t. i.augan malnft, wftruish k.; 
— esc, jn-pan-ez', d.Jftpftnl. 

Jar, jftr, v.t. G er. terran, h. garrire, (shake) 
hilftnft; (clash) (akkar khftuA; (quarrel) 
jbagrft k. ; (bars! Bound) kbarkburftnft, jhan- 
kftrnfl. [—against]; — a, (shake) jumbish; 
(clash) (akkar; (quarrel) iha fil; (harsh 
Bound) kharkharfihiit : — ». Per. & A.jarraK. 
mart ban. gharft, tbiliyft. 

Jargon, jllr'gun, «. F. (unintelligible) ghieh- 
pich, gar-baf. kachchf boll. 

Jasmine, Jess m ine, jas'inin, a. A. & Per. ja$a - 
man. chanbelf, yftsmfu. 

Jasper, n. L., G. iaspia. zabarjad, san^ i yaahm. 
Jaundice, jln'dis, n, F. jouniise. kanwal, yar- 
qfm. v 

Jauut, j&nt, v. {. F. janoer. (mike excursion) 
sair k., Awftra pbimft; — a, (trip) sair; 
(ramble) matar-gasht. 

Javelin, jar'lio, n. F. javelin*, (spear) barckhf, 
bb&ift. [ bone, jaw'udn, a. jabfe kl ha^dl. 
Jaw, jaw, n. F. joue. jabfft, dtauhar, kalla;^- 
Jay, ,ia. n. F. geai. nfl-kanth. 

Jealous, jel'us, a. F. jaloux. (suspicious) hftsid, 
bad-guman, bad-zan, ;liakkl; (solicitous) 
gairaL-iaand; — y, n. (suspiciouaaess) shakk, 

Jean, jan, «. zfn, ek qism kft kaprft. 

Jeer, jgr, v. i. Ger. sekere. (flo it) ta’no-zanf k., 
boll m. # Are hftthon 1. [ — at]; — ». boll tholl, 
ran-t’iu. Syn. Sueer: scoff ; muck. 

Jehovah, jg-hd-va, a. Ii. Yahow&h ; Main wuh 

iiOu jo Maia hun. 

Jejune, je jddu', a. L. jejunus. (hungry) bhft- 
kbft, gufsanu; (uninteresting) pUIkft. 

Jelly, jelh, n. F. gellee. lu’ftb, jelf. 

Jenny, jeu'ui, ». C nrupiiou o£ gin t u coutrac* 
tiou of engine, kut-ne kl k il. 

Jeopard, jcp'ard, v. t. kbatre men d. Syn. 
Risk ; peri expose ; hazard; — y, je'iiiird-i, «. 
F. jcu purtie. jftukanf. 

Jerk, jgrk, v. t. O. Eag. girk ; Icel. jarki. jhAfnft, 
ihuiaknft, jharjharanft, katarnft; — n. jkaUk, 

Jesse, n. pi. bapi shukhdur fftnfls, jbap 
Jest, jest, n. O. Eng. jest, and gcsl. (joke) 
tnattbft, kiiiill ; — v. t. thattbft m., khilkhitAnft, 
hansl k. Syn. Juke; crunk; witticism. [— 
witu] ; — er, j»st'gr, «. thathol.khillf-bftz, mas- 
khara, kb ish-laba’. Syn. Buffoon ; clown? 
jock*r; h nno; 1st; — ing, jest'ing, n. tbatthe- 
bftzf, (h.itlioll. 

Jesuit, ie//u it, n. ’fsftfon ke ek firqe kft shakhs; 
(craft.v jicrson) hi rati; — ism, ». Jesuit logog 
ka mazba . 

Jet, it. F. jaycl , sag? i Milsft, siyah-tftb 
black, buhut siy ib, kala; — n. L. jictu 8 .ia.n- 
wfira;— v. i. (shoot forward) parnft, 

Jew, n. L. judxa. Yahfid, Yuhii lf, ’Ibrftnf, 
ya Israeli; — v t. (hngna, dhoka d., dagAbftzl 
k. ; — ish, jOiJbsh, a. Yuhfldf oi kA. 

Jewel, jod'yl, a. F. joy tu. (ornaments) gahnft, 
z-'war, jawfthir; — v. 1. zvwaroa sc Anisia k ;— 
ler, jutihaif, jawfthir- fa rush j—i^, n. 
Jib, j.l), n. Piov. Eug. jibs. talt-Ts. jahaz meg 
sab sc ftge k.i pftl. 

Jig. jig* «• F. gigue. (a tiuiek dance) thiralc nach. 
Jill, n. Scot, jitlct. makkur aurat, nakhre-bft* 
’a u rat; — v.t.' i 39 men bo-waf.if k. 

Jingle, jing'gl, v.t. jhanjhanftna, (harithauftaft, 
jhuukftruft; — n. jhunjlmnAIiMl . 

Job, job, n. A. modi.icatiou 01 chop, (pieceof 
work) kftm ; Ism i li«*r work )’Arizl ya ittifftqiya 
chhoia k mi ; by tt»e — , theke se; —work, vhe- 
ka, aisa waisa chliftpe kft kft in ; to do the — for 
one, mftruft, qatlk. ; — v. t. (heka k., dd a re ke 
liye bikrl yft leu den k. [ — in]. 

Jockey, jok'i, n. Diminutive of John, chftbuk- 
sawftr, gliofon ka saudft;ar; dagftnftz; — v. t. 
gliufdauc men sawAr h. ; dagftbazf k. 

Jocose, jo ko/, a L.jocus. (sportive) tnattke- 
bftz, kbusti'taba*, banmmkh. Syn. Jocular; 
facetious; humorous; witty. 

Jocul -r, jok'u-liir, a. L. jocular is. (sportive) 
fhatl hc-bftz, (Jiliagl-bftz ; — ity, n. (merriment). 

hansf, diiuigf. 

Jocinul, jok'uud, a. L. jucundus. (merry ) khuak, 
khnsh-ruba'. Syu. Merry ; frolicsome; jolly; 

Jog, jog, t?. f. Gcr. schooken. (pash) dhnkk i d. t 
uskftuft, girte parte kftm k.; (jog off) ftbista 
fihista chulnft; — on along, ma^ak karchalnA, 
sihista chaluft; to— one's memory, yfttl di* 

Joggle, jog'i, v. t. D minutive of jog. ftbista hi- 
lami, dhakke d. f khandftne men phansftnft; — a. 
Isikfl yft patthar ka be- maMftm jor. 

John, jon, n. ism i kiiftss, aksar tarjuma Yfl- 
hanni hotft hai, is ke ma’ne haig Ifbuda kl 

Join, join, v. t. F. joinire. (unite) jofnft, pai- 
wanl iagftnft, makblfit k. ; (couple) milftnft, 
wasl k. ; (associate) melr. [—in,— with,— to]. 
Joiner, a. bagkaf* akijAr. 



Joint, n. (joining) jof, rcildo; (hinge) quldba, 
qulfi; — a. jurd hrtd, muttafiq;— v t. mil&nd, 
jorrid, jor j»r alag k., hand band judd k. 

Jointer, ft. lobe k A band yd ttf. 

Jointure, joini'ur, ft. L. junvlura. (estate set- 
tled <m a wife to be enjoyed after her husband’s 
decen se ) ma h r. 

Joist, joist, n. I«\ jesir. L. jacere. (beam) dhan- 
nf, iin rf . sliahtfr; — v. t. dhannl d., kaff d. 

Joke, jdk, n. L. jonua. (jest) mazdq, thatthi, 
dilmgf, zafal, jliuth : standing — ,han«l men; — 
v. t. maz.'iq k., tbatthft k. Syn. Jest; wittic- 
ism, crank, [—with] ; — r, thatthe-bdz, mas- 

Jolly, jolMi, a. F. joli. zinda-dil, khush. Syn. 
Merry; joyful; gay; jocund; (frolicsome; 
Jollity, ». khurramf, khush!, ’aish o ’ishrat. 

Jolt, jolt, v. t. Bug. jole. Ger. aoKollern. (roll 
down, to bowl) dhakkd d„ hachkold d. ; — n. 
(jerk) dhakkft, hachkolfi. 

Jonquil, jon'kwil, n. F. jonquille. gul i nargis. 

Jostle, jos'l, v. t. F. jo aster , jouter . (clash) 
dhaky.lnd, dliakclrid.. [zttrra. [ — down]. 

Jot, v. t. (dnk’nd, Itkhuu, uishdn k.; — ft. G. iota. 

Journal, Jur'ual, a. F. roz-nd rnclia, ia ma’ 
fli nch ; — Ism, «. roz-nfltncha-nawls! ; — 1st, n. 
(din riat ) roz-n imehn-nawfs. 

Journey, jnr'ni, n. F. journce. safar, musdfirat; 
yiUrft ; — v. t. safar k.; — lug, pp. safari, inus.1- 
firana; — man, jnr'ni-mun, n. dantk&r, kdrl- 
gar. k irindn ; — work, ». theke kfi kdin. 

Joust, jiidst, v. t. jlifithf lafdl k. ; — a. F. jouate, 
It. ffiostra. jht'ilhf lard!, khel. 

Jove, jf»v, n. qiditn Uuuifon kfl febdss deotfl ; 
muslitai f deot&. ” [taba’. 

Jovial, jG'vi-al, a. L. jovialis. (merry) iliush- 

Joy, joy, ft. F. joic. khush!, khurrainl, umstrrat. 
fciyn. Gladness; pleasure ; delight; — ful, a. 
khush o khnrram, kliusli-hdl ; — less, c. nd- 
khush, nd-shiid. udds, gainglu ; — oils, a. khush, 
shad man, bnshshfish. 

Jubilee, jotf'bl-le. ». U. yobel. Yahfldlog kl ’Id 
jo liar pnrh&sweg sdl hntl thl, jis ir.en 
guldni dzddf plte aur rihn ki lu'if zatufn us ke 
as If rn.ilik ko phor df jfitl till, muusam i khush! 
yd jashri, ’1J; Jubilant, jbd'bi-lant, a. L. 
jubilant*, (rejoicing) nihuyai khusb. 

Judaism, jtto'du-izm, n. Yalnidlon kd mazhab. 

Ju(I,c, jiij, n. L. judex, munsif, quzf, hakim, 
i^liudA. T.i’Ald. Syn. Umpire; arbitrator; 
arbiter; referee; — v. t. L. judienre. (doom) 
fatwd <].; (examine) tahqlqdt k. ; (decide) 
faisahi k., miinsiff k. [ — of, — for, — between] ; 
Judgment, juj'ment, n. (discernment) ’aql, 
hosh, danish, fahm ; (sentence) fcatwft, hukm, 
fai-mla; (opinion) rde, qiy&s, khiydl, dduist ; 
(punishment.) sazd; — scat, ’addlat ; the day 
of judgment, yaum ul liaahr; last judg- 
ment, qiydmat. 

Judicatory, jdd'dik-a-tor-i, o. munsif, ’adl- 
gustur, ’ddil; — n. (a tribunal) ’addlat, ka- 
chuhrf; Judicature, n. F. hukm, ikbtiydr, 
’adl-gustarf ; Judicial, jdd-dish’i-al, o. L. 
jndiciulia. shara’f, ’addlatf. 

Jiidieious, a, 'aqltnand, ddud, gyftnl, ddr-andesh, 
budhiiudn, Syn. Prudent; rational; wise; 
skilful; — ness, ». ’aqlmandl, ddndl. 

Jug. jug, a. A.-S. ewe. kdzn, surdbf, piydlf. 

Juggle, jug'l, v. i. Norm. F. jongler . uazar-ban- 
dl k„ dagdbdzl k.; — n. ditli-bandl, bdzl-garf, 
dbokd p, jug’ldr, ». F. j»»al»ur. bdzlgar, 
nazar-band, butte-bdz; — ry, ». bftzl-gar kd 
kdm. Syu. legerdemain ; trickery ; imposture. 

Juice, jobs, n. F. & L. jus. ( water of fruit ) ras ; 

( lluiu of meat ) gosht kd ’arq ; (sap of vege- 
tables) ’arq; — less, o. be-ras, be-’arq, kbusbk; 
Juicy, a. rasild, r&s-bharft, ’arq-dftr. 

Jujube., jbd’jdob, a. F. from L. xtsyphum. ek 
•liirakliL kd phai, ’unndb. 

Jiny. joo’ll, n. Aggrezt satwdg raahlna, edwan. 

Jumble, juin'bt. v. t. F. oombler . inakbifitk., 
ghangholnd, gudimei k., gaf-baf k.. agaf-ba- 
gaf Tuiidtift. Syn. Disorder ; confusion: con- 
fuse Jness; disarrangement; chaos. [ — to-, 
getherj ; — n. gar-bar* lape^-sape^ ^halt-malt. 
Jump, jump, D. gumpm. kAda d, phdgdnd, | 

uchaknd; — with, muttafiq h., manzdr k.; — a. 
jast, uchak, quldnch; — at, shauq fee pakafnd; 
—ad. (exactly) tblk thfk. 

Junction, jungk’shun, ». L. junctio. jof, pai- 
wand, ittisdl, meL Syn. Union; combina- 
tion ; linking. [j 0 f, ittisdl. 

Juncture, n. L. junotura. mfibain, bfch, wnqt, 

June, jddn, n. Angrezl chbnthd mahfna, asdfh. 

Jungle, jung’gl, n. Hind, jangal. bijdbdn. [ — 
to J. 

Jan lor, jOd’ni-dr, «. L. jttvenia. (younger) chho- 
td, saglr. [ — to j ; — ». cbhofd, nd-bdlig, kam- 
murtaba, koebak, kill tar; laburd; — ship, n, 
chhold-pan. ( [qism kd dnraklit 

Juniper, jod'ni-pdr, n. L. jumiperm , ratna, ek 

Junk, juugk, n. L. junoua. CHiIu ke mulk kl kisb- 
tf. fndui, chbotd sitdra. 

Juno, n. ek deb! kd ndra, ek Chhote sitdre kd 

Jupiter, j65[/i-tdr, «. L. musbtarl : brahaspat. 

Jurisdiction, joo-ris-dik'sbun, n. L. juriadictio. 
(extent of power) ikhtiydr, hukfimat, ’amal- 
ddr!, riydsat. Syn. Judicature; extent of 
authority; legal power. 

Jurisprudence, j$8-ris-pioo'dens, *. L. jua and 
prudentia. (the science of lnw) fiqah, ’ilm i 
fiqah; Jurist, jdd’rist, a. F. juriate. ah I i 
fiqah, faqfh. 

Jury, n. panchftyat, pan eh ; Juror, n. L. jitr- 
are. p inch, panclidyntl; — mail, n. panch. 

Just, just, a. injustua. ’ddil, munsif ;niyd! ; (hon- 
est) diydnatddr; (fair) mundsib, ma’qdl, Idiq, 
sazdwdr; (upright) durust; ( accurate) sa- 
hfh, thik ; (only) faqat. Syn. Exact; accu- 
rate ; eauitable ; fair ; deserved; — ness, iast'- 
nes, n. (accuracy, equity ) rdstf, insdf, durust!, 
sihhat; — icc, jus-tin, n. L. juatitia, (equity) 
insdf, ’adl ; (right) haqq ; (punishment) sazd, 
(judge) munsif; — ioeship, n. munsif! ; — iciar, 
n. uiunsif ; — iciarsliip, n. munsif!. 

Justify, jus'ti-fl, v. t. L. jubtifiewre, from juatus, 
just, and fnccre, to make, be-gundh tbahrftnd, 
rsistbdz thnhrdnd, inu’df k., jdiz rakhud. Syn. 
Defend ; maintain ; vindicate ; excuse ; Justifi- 
able, a. insdf-nuind, ’uzr-pialr, wdjibl; Jnstl- 
llcation, n. pnehk, himftyat, najdt, khalds!, 
baviyat, fptudd kf bakhshish jis ae Maslh ke 
waslle gunahgar rdslbdz thabartd bai ; Justl- 
fler, n. shaft, hdmf, be-gundh tbahrdnewdld. 

Jut, jut, v. i. uikalnrt, ubharnd, bdhar ko jbuk j. 

[ — ontj. Syn. Project ; protrude; stand oat; 
jut out. [tneadbdd bai; ek qisiu kd san. 

Jute, i(50t, *. ek Augrezog kd firqa jo Jutland 

Jutty. a. ubhdr. chhajjd. 

Juvenile, job vG-nll, n. 1^. juvenia. bachcba, 
khurd-H;1t, kam-sin, naukbez; Juvenility, n. 
(youth fulness) shabdh, bfilapnn, tafdliyat. 

Juxtaposition, juks-ta-pb-zish’iiD, a. qurbat, 
uazdlki. Syn. Proximity; contiguity; cont- 

K, kft, Angrezt hurflf i tahajjl kd gydrahwdg barf 
bai. Urdd men is kd talaffuz tin tarab par 
bold hai, jab akeld bo, to is k! dwdz kdf kl 
hotf, jaise k am, kab men, aur jab h ya’ne Ko 
is ke shumil ho, to dwdz khe kl hot! hai, jaise 
khet, khep wg. meg, aar jab us ke niche ek 
nuqta bo aur h ke adtb dwe to khe k!; jaise 
kkair meg. 

Kaleidosc ope, ka-U'dos-kop, ft. G. kaloa , eidoa 
and akopein. ek qism kd dla jis ke bahut chhote 
dlnon se sadabd qism ke ragg naaar die baig, ek 
khilaund. [ek debt. 

Kali, kd’li, n. Scot, ek qism kl gobhl, Hinddon kl 

Kangarroo, kang’ga-rbb, ft. Australia kd~* ek 
ebaupdya. [ek gole kd. 

Kayle, k&l, n. Ger. kegil. ek kbel nau (jaufje aur 

Keel, kdl, n . A.-S. ceol, jahdz ke pegde ki bleb- 
wdl! lakr!. 

Keen, ken, a. A.-S. oene. dbddr; (pungent) tez, 
tund; (eager) musta’hid, sar-garm, shdiq;— • - 
ness, ken'ues, ft. dbddr!, burrdnl, jaldl, tez!, 
ediiddat, shauq, sargarm!. 

Keep, kftp, v. t. A.- S. capan. dharhd, rakbnfl, ddb 
r. # nibdbnd, pArd k., pdlnd, parwariab k., basnd. 




tiknd, m&nnd, intiz&m k. ; (detain) atk&nd; churd le j. ;— per, a. (man-stealer) raardum- 
( preserve) bach dnd, mahffiz rakhnd; (restrain) duzd, ddml kd chor ; — ping, n. la i ke kl ehorf, 
b&z rakhnd ; ( observe) bard yd mutabarrak j&n- mardum-duzrtl. 

n& ; — out of harm’s way, uuqs&n se b&cb&nd ; Kidney, kid'ni, n. A.-S. eynne and neah. gurda ; 
—one’s word, uib&hud, pdrd k., wa’da waf& k. ; qism, jins, tarah ; — bean, n. ek qism kd Johiyd. 
—at, m&shgdl r., sdth d. away — back, Kill, kil, v. t. A.-S. owelian, mflr d., fckfln k. f 
(withhold) b&z r.; — compay,( have associates) qatl k., Iial&k k.; — off, (extripate) nest k.;-«- 

aostf k., yd r. ; — company with, (have familiar in* the time, want zuya’ k. 

interconrse) . snhoat r., raei r.;— down, Kiln, kil, ». A.-S. cyln. paj&yfl. 

(prevent from rising) dabd r., — from, (ab- Kilt, kilt, n. Gael. A Ir. cealt. ek qism kf kurtf. 
stain) b&z r. ; — house, fchdna-ddrf k. ; — hold, Klnibo, kim'bO, «. Celt. cam. kaj, kbamddr. 
giriflk. ; — in, (conceal) ebhip&nd ; (restrain ) Kin, kin, ». A.-S. oyn. u&td, bhdfch&rd, rishta, 
b&z rakhnd; (confine) qaid men rakhnd; — In qardbat, uisbat ;—n. rishteddr, ham- jins. Syn. 

mind, dil men r., ydd r. ; — In view, nazarke Genus; race; — s-folk, kinz'fok, n. (relations) 

s&mhne r. ; — a sharp look-ont. khrtb hif&zai rishteddr, bh&f-baut; — s-man, kinz'man, ». 

k., fcitfib dekhnd bhdlnd; — your tongue within rishteddr ddml ; — s- woman, kinz'wfid-man, 

your reach, zub&n i khud rft uigahddr ;— off, n. rishteddr ’aurat. 

\ not to adinit)&ne nail., dafchl nad.; (hinder) Klud, kind, n. A.-S. cynd. (race) nasi; (sort) 
roknd; — on, (go forward) bafhua, taraqqf k. ; jins, qism. zdt, sfrat ; (manner) taur, tarah; 
— on terms, (be familiar) mat q&im r. ; — to, (way)tarlqa;— a. A.-S. cynd, mihrb&u, rahm- 

(adhere to) qftim r. together, (maintain in dil, shaflq. Syn. Benevolent: gracious; 

company) sdth r. ; — up, (maintain) kiyd k.; mild; Indulgent hearted, o. shaffq, mihr- 

( uphold ) sam bhdlnd; — under, (oppress) zulm bdn, nek-nndesh ; — lieartcdness, n. shafaqat, 

k. ; ( subdue) dabd d.; — at bay, (watcb) bdzr. ; mihrb&nf, uek-audeshf ; — ly, n. hum-jins, zdt I, 

— life and soul together, (live) zinda r.; — tab’f; — iy, ad. mihrb&uf se, kbairfchw&hf se 

one’s bed, (keep in bed) bistar parr.; — in liness, a. ralhfbduf, sakhdwat, muhabbat;— 

touch, (be in contact) nazdtk. pd8 yd mile r. ; ness, n. inihrb&nf, whufaqat, tawajjuh. 

(duly fulfil a part or function) pdrd k., aujdm Kindle, kin'dl, v. t. Ioel. kinda, jal&nd, snlgdnd; 
<1. ; — to one’s self, (not to reveal) bhed (produce, bring forth ) pnidd k. [ — with), 
fdsh na k. ; — up a correspondence, (con- Kindred, kinMred. n. A.-S. cynn. rishteddr, 
l iinie writing) fclialt kitdbat jdrf r. ; — hain-jius, aqdrib, fchwesh. 

up with, (not lag) bardbur r., yd chalnd; King, king, n. A.-S. oyng. Ger. konig. (sovor- 
— ■ within bounds, hadd se dge na bnfhned. ; eigu) bddshdh, sultdn; (a playing-card) tdsh 

— out of the way, alag k., kandra k. ; — watch jis par bddslifih kfshaklho; sbatranj men ek 

iiml ward, fchdb nigahb&nl yd chaukasl k.; muhra, ya’ne bddshdh ; — pi, purine ’ahd-nfime 

— the peace, sulh qdira r. one’s eye oil kf do kitdben jitiheg pahld uur dflsra Saldtln 

n notlier person, nigrdnf k., dekhnd bh&lnd; knhte hain ; — ’s-cvll n. kauth-m&ld; — dom, 

— one’s head above water, tiparwflr r., flpar n. Eng. king and dom. saltauat, liftdshdbat, 

r, garq na It. ; — the wolf from the door, raamlukat; — ly, king'li, a. (royal) shdhf; 

gursangt ko apne se dttr r.; — good, tdza r., (august )’&lfshdu ; — ad. shdhansb&hfse, buztir- 

na sftfnd; — the field, khet thdmnd good gl se. [rang, 

hours, sawvro so nd wg. ; — n. muhdlizat, ni- Kingfisher, n. rdrn chiriyd, kaupydld, machh- 
talili&uf, parwarish; — er, kfip'fir, n. rakhne- Kirk, kfirk, n. A.-S. circe. Scotland ke girje. 
wdld, inahdfiz, nlgabbAn, ndzir, p&sbftn ; — Kiss, kis, v, t. A.-S. cyssan. chfimud, bosa 1., yd 
Ing, kdp-ing, n. nigahbdnf, muhdfizat, pandh; d. ; — n. bosa, chfimd, mnckchkf. 

in — with, inuwdflq; — sake, k&p'.ak, n. (me- Kitchen, kiciren, n. A.-S cycenc. raatbakh, b:l- 
morial) yddgdrt, ydd-ddsht. [pfi. warchf-khfina ; — garden, n. tarkdrf, sflg \vg. f 

Keg, keg, n. F. caque. (small barrel) chhofA of- kfi bAgfeha ; — maid, n. bdwarchin, dal. 

Keu, r. t. A.-S. ounnan. (know) [>ahle se sarnajh Kite, kit, a. A.-S. r.itu. chfl, zagan ;| (boys’ play- 
nd, khiydl k. ; — n. (cognizance) nigdh, nazar, tiling) kiinkauwd. 

dfir-andesbf, sarnajh. Kith, h. jan-paliclidn ; — and kin, bhfif-bnnd. 

Kennel, ken'el, n. F. chenil, tdzf-khdna. Kitten, kit’u, n. Diminutive of cat. bill! kd bach- 

Kerciiief, kSr'ehif, n, F. couvrir ami chef, sar- cha, bilautd; — v. t. bilau[d biyftnd. 

band, rumdl. Knack, uak, n. Ger. knuckcn. (sharp cut) kit? 

Kernel, kfirn’el, ». A.-S. cyrnel. ek chhotd ddnd ; (readiness) musta’idf; (dexterity) ea fqa, 

magz.gadd; — v. i. pak kar chiraunjl yd garf fanu, liydqat, dastkdrf, hikmat ; (toy) khiUu- 

ho j. [id. ud; — er, n. khilaund bunanewdld- 

Kerseymere, k6r'z6-mdr, n. ek qism kd finl kup- Knag, nag, «. Sw. knagg. lakfl kf gdnth ; (peg 
Ketch, kech, n. ek qism kd jah&s. for hanging things on ) khQntf ; (hillock ) pahsi- 

Ketcliup. kech’up, n. chatnl, mazeddr chatnl. (f y^'t (Ud. [ya kdt 1. ; — v. i. (break) top d. 
Kettle, ket'l, n. A.-S. cetcl. ketlf, deg, degi hn, Knap, nap, v t. D. knuppen. (bite)il:int se katnft 
batlohf, ba(wd; — drum, ket'i-drum, n. naq- Knapsack, nap'suk. n. D. knapeak. sipdld'kd 
qdra; daukfl. thailfi yd jhobl. 

Key, kfi, n. A.-S. cag f cage, (instrument for Knave, ndv, n. A.-S. enupa. (rogue) bnd-diydnat, 
opening a lock, or what solves any difficulty) dagdbdz, mardak, gtiudfi. Syn. Villain; ras- 

chdbl, kalfd, raiftdh, kunjf ; (part of a musical cal ; scoundrel ; rogue ; cheat; caititt ; swindler; 

instrument) b&je kd ek purza; (quay) ban- sharper; scamp; Knavish, a. (villainous) 

dar; (explanation) tafsir, sharh ; — v.t. (fas- sharlr, dagdhdz. 

ten) band k., qnfl lagdnd; — hole, kfi'hfil, n. Knead, ne:J, v. t. A.-S. cnedan. Ger. kneten. sAn- 
kunjlkd stlrdkh yd ghar; — stone, ke'ston, n. nd, gfindhnd, indnrnd, saundud; — in* trough, 
raihrdb ke blch kd pntthar ;— note, sur. nfid'ing-trof, n. kit bail ta, ka(brfi. 

Khun, kiln, n. Tart. A Turk, ^hdfi, udzim i sarde. Knee, ue, n. A.-S. kneo. ghutnd. zdnd : — pan, n. 
Kick, kik. v. t. W. ciciaw. Idt m. ; — n. Idt kl (bo- kd»a i zdnfi, chapuf ; — I, nel, v. i. D. knivlcn . 

kar against, (resist) roknd, zldd k.; — ghutnd .ihnkdud ;gliufna tekod.dozdiuib.iitbnd, 

aside, (throw aside) alag phenknd ; — at, gussa gliutuoQ ke bal baifhnd. [ — down], 

z&hir k.; — down, (destroy) harbdd k. ; — off, Knell, nel, a. A.-S. cnyll. niurde kc dnfn karta 
(throw off) gird d. ; — out, (eject) nikftl d. ; — waqt gbante kf mdtamf Awdz. 
up, (raise) uthdnd;— down the ladder, jis se Knife, nlf, n. A.-S. cnif. chburf ; a pen — , chdqQ p 
imadd puhii^che usf ko baqfr jdrmd; — the qalam-tardsb. 

bucket, (die) marnd; — up the beam, (be Knight, nil, ». A.-S. cniht. bahddur, palmhv&n ; 
found wanting in weight) wnzn m< ij kam li. ; ’izzat kd ek khir.db : sliotranj kd ek muhra, ya’- 
— In*, ». Iakadzanf ; — ». Idt; — up, fasdd; — ed ne ghord;— errant, bahddur sawdr; — hood, 

out, nikdld hdd. nlt/hood, a.b.ihddurf, knight kd durid yd ‘uhda; 

Kid, kid, n. Icel. kidh. bakrl kd bachcha, hal- — ly, nll'li, a. bahddurdna, knight ke muwdfiq 

wdn, memnRj-v. t. paidd k., biydud, jannd. yd ldiq. 

Kiduap, kid’nap, v. U Bn*, kid and nop. ddmf Knit, ait, v. t. A.-S. cnyt tan. blnad f .jdll kdyhadS 



(unite) jornA, mllAnA, chin ba jabfn h. [ — to- 
cetherl - ting-needle, n. bfnne kl sa'Al. 

Knob, nob, n. A -S. cnoap. (hard protuberance) 
n.'nfli, lattfl ; (knobby) gatlillfi, karA. 

Knock, nok, n. A.-S. cnuciun. (blow) ghfinsA ; 
(jar) takkar, {bes, zarb, mdr, (bokar; — v. t. 
ra.iniA; (strike against) takkar mdrnA ; (strk-* 
a door)kba|khatAnA ; — at, — against, (collide) 
thappar khdnd, (akk ir m. ; — away, (remove) 
drt r k., ha (fin A ; — down, (fell) girAnd; (a sign 
at an auction) boll par mdl kd chh >rnA ; — over, 
(upset) ulfd k.; — out, (dash out) nikfil d., 
pafak <1.; — under, (yield) itfi’at k. ; — up. 
(exhaust) be-datu h. ; (prepare in Imrrv) jald 
taiyfirh.; — on the head, (destroy ) lialfik U. ; 
— cr, n. indrnewdlA, takkar in. w , kha khat'uie 
w., darwdze kl muugrl. [L-han(d bajAud. 

Knoll, nbl, n. A -S. cnoll. pahAp kl eb»tl ; — v. t. 

Knot, not, ». A.-S. cnot. ’aqd, girah; (group) 
jamd'at ; (entanglement) phnnsfto, ’uqdn, pech ; 
(of a branch) gAnth ; — v. i. gAnth d., jofiid, 
srinfiiu; — less, a. be-gAnth, be giro h; — ty, a. 
(full of knots) girahddr, pechddr, mushk.l. 
Syn. Intricate;— -tineas, n. girahdArt, peeb- 

Know, no, v. t. A.-S. cnawan. (perceive) jAnnA, 
ma’ldm k., khabarddr h., fislinA h. : (be aware) 
dgdhh.; (distinguish) pahchAnuA, sairmilinA. 
wdqif h. ; — of, (have knowledge or experience 
of) jAnnd kisf kl bAbat: — no hounds, every 
extensive) bc-hadd k., be-lhikAeA b.; L — of, — 
n bout | ; — able, n5'a-bl. a. samajlme ke Idiq ; — 
Ing, no'ing, a. 'aqlmand, hunarmnnd, wfmif ; — 
ledge, nol'ci, u. Eng. know and ledge, (truth 
ascertained j ’ilra, wnqfiynt, dftnish, isti’dud; 
(skill) huuar, liikmat, mahArat, shinAkh', 
(information) khabar. 

Knu< kle, nuk'l, n. A.-S. cnucl. unglf kA ior; — 
v. t. jhuknA, ’Aji/,1 k., hAlhjopid; — down,— 
uuder, (give way) rnutf h., denA. 


L, el, Angrezf hurdf i tahaijl kA bArahwAn barf 
hai, is kA tuluffuz misl Lam ke bota liai. Ilin- 
dise men yih 50 samjhA jdtd hai nur jal> us ke 
sar parek laklr ho (L.) to 50.000 jAnd j ilA 
hai. Chflnki yih harf anlcus kl sfirnt ke muwd- 
liq hai, is liye is ko ’IbrAnl men lamed kahte 
hain jis ke ma’iie anlcus ke bain. 

Label, la'b.d, n. 1j. labnnn < hi( yd p;i tfl j'S par 
nAcn likhd jde ; — v.t. kdgaz kl patll par ndm 
likhnd. Lkd harf, jis k;i talnffuz lab s » lio. 

Labial, !A'bi-nl, a. and n. F. from L. labium. l:i 1> 

Laboratory, lub'or-a-tor-i, n. L. labor . klmiyd- 
gar kfl kdr-kh Ana. 

Labour or Labor, la'bgr, n. L. (work) kAm; 
(toil) mihnat, koshish, sa’l, jadd n jihad, diq- 
qat, kadd o kdwisli, tag o dau; (drudgery) 
mazdurf; (travail) dard i zih; — v. t. nr him: 
k., mazdiirl k., kdm k. ; (be in chiM-bir;h)d;ird i 
zih; — under* (suffer) uthduA, bard Ash t k. 
Syu. Work; toil; drudgery; task. L — at]; 
Laborious, Ift-bO'ri-us, a. (hard-working) 
mihnati; (difficult) dushwdr; — cr, /*. mazddr, 
qull, mihnati. 

Labyrinth. lab'i-rinlh, n.G. laburinthos. (maze) 
pech pdeh kl jagnli, peeh o td 1 *, pl»er, ghuniAo. 

Lac, lak, n. IVr. Ink. sau hazdr, lAkli; (gum) 
Idkh. [' attu ; — v. t. go(A yd kinfirf lagAnu. 

Lace, Ids, n. L. laqueus. muqaish, jfil/, gu(A, kalA- 

Laccratc, las'fir dt, v. t. L. lacvrare. i tear ) phrir- 
ud, kAtnd, chdk k., ehfrnd; Laceration, n. 
chdk, noth, khasot, phdr. 

Lack, Iik, w. i. S\v. Uicka . (want) klidli h., irmli- 
tdj h, hfljn Imand h., darkAr h. ; — n. haial, 
zurrtrat, ihtiydj. kamtl, kaml. [hdzii-bish. 

Lackey, Ink'i, n. L\ lacquais. (fool man ) choicer, 

Laconic, la-kon'ik, a. (brief Jmiikhta'ar, kotdh. 
Syu. Short ; concise; brief ; succinct. 

Lacteal, a. drtdh kA. [jawAn. 

Lad. lad, n. A.-S. leod, W. ll'twd. gabrd, lauuijd, 

Ladder, ltid'ev, n. A. S. Jihadder. slfbl, zlna. 

Lade, Ifid. a. t A -S. hlaitan. to load. lAdnfl, 
bharnA; — n, u. lad& hud; Lading, n. ladAn, 
bojk, bhdr. 

Ladle, Iftd'I, n . A.-S. haldle. ^of, ebameba, kaf- 
; — p do! cha IdnA, chamche se uikdind. 
Lady, d'di, n, A.-S. hlcefdigt. be gam ashrAf- 
ad.ll, klidnam like, a. ashrdf-zAdl ke lAiq, 
nazuk, latlf, khflb; — love, (a sweetheart or 
mi dress) innbbflb, ma’shdq : — allip, la'di-ship, 
n begam k.i darja, shAis f n, khallq. 

L g, lac, a. Gael, & Ir. lag, W Jlag. p chhe AnewA- 
lf«, ust ; — /*. k.imfna ; — v . i . Ahista chalnA, pf- 
chher. ; t — behind J. Syn. Linger, loiter; 

demy ; — gard, lag'iird, a. Eng. (a^.(slow)sust, 
ka il- mihnati. . [tAldb. 

Tngoon, n. It. Sp. laguna . jhll, khAfL pAnl kA 
Lair, iAr, n. Ger. lager, bauaile jdnwnr ke rahne 
kT ja ah, nund, bhn(t id. [siyd keshurakA. 
Laity, Ifi'i-ti, n. dunydddr pddrl ke 'aldwa kalf- 
LaUc, lak, n. L. lacus. jhll, sarowar; qlrmiil 

Lamb, lain. n. A.-S. lmrra, raemna, bherkA bach- 
chu ; — of Gml, Kliudfiwand YisiV Maslb; — v. 
t. baehcbn d., m*Mnun bi.vdnd; — like, a. hallm, 
muldirn, bc-giindh : — kin, n. ebliot) memna. 

La nic, Idin, a. A.-S. lam. langrA, ma’zfir, shikas- 
tn, n.iqis ; — v. t. langfd k., lflIA k; — ness, lAm'- 
nt'ss, n. lai.gfdf, zu’f ; nuqs; — In verse, sakta, 
lid-mMuzdnf. fparton kA bind bAA. 

Lnniellar, Inn/el-ar, a. lamella, lamina, patlA yA 
Laiucliated, a. pnprlddr, pnpi'IlA. 

Lament, lu-iueul/, v. i. L. lament ari, (mourn) 
gam k., ronA; (bewail) nAla k., nauha k. [ — 
for]; — n. L. lament urn , All o zArl, nauha; — 
able, a. <|Abil i ufsos, gr. unge/., :ifsos-nAk. 
Syn. D pi rab’.e; mournful; — atlon, n. nAla, 
zdil, wAwailA, mAtara, Ah 
Lamp, lamp, n. G. lamp as, chirAg, chirAg-dAn, 
bittl; — of life, chirdg i zindagl; — black, w. 
k:i >al, clnrfig kA kdjal. 

Lampoon, lam-: odn, v t. liajo k., mazammat k. 
Syn. Libel ; defame ; slander, satirize ;— -or, n. 
ha jo-go, irinzaiiimat-uawfs. 

Ija i prey. n. L. lan< petra. bAm si machhll. 
Lance, Ians, n. F. ne/.n, bhdld, barchliA, sAng, 
b:il lain, naslitar; — v. t. barcbhl m., ims.tar 
lagA A ; — r, n. neza-barddr, b..rcbhl-bardAr. 

Lancet, laus'ct. n. F. lanrette. nasbtnr. 

Land, land, n A-S. tJo. & Irel. land. W. llan. 
(country) inulk, des, aijllra; (dislricr) ziia’; 
(earth) zamfn. blulm, mijll, klnishkl; (real 
estate) imldk: — v. t. utarnA, k iichkl par pa- 
liuncbna. L — at I : — breeze, land' Inez, n. k'uish- 
kf kl ha wa ; — force. land'fOrs, n. lashkarj fauj; 
— Iioldci a. zainlu-ddr, ta'ulluq-dAr : — ing, 
n. ii t n rue kl jagah lady, n. znmlndArin: — 
lord, landlord, n. A.-S. land hlaford. zamln- 
ddr, iiuikdtt-dAr, bhatyArd; — mark, n. ?ar- 
hadd, zamfn par kl kof buland shai jisse jahA- 

zlon kl rahuumal boll hai, mend, siwAna; 

owner, zamfndAr; — scape, land'skap, A.-S. 
landscape, madd-i-naznr, kisl mulk ke hisse kl 

taswlr; — slip, land'slip, n. utAr, dlidl; tax, 

samfn kd khirdj ; — ward, ad. zamlii kl taraf ; 

— of the living, zindon kl zamln, dunyA; of 

dreams, nlnd: law of the — , mulkf din* ed 

a. zamfnl, jahAz se utrd hdd. ’ ’ 

Lane, Jdn, n. D. loan, laen. gall, kdeba, tang rAh. 
Language, Inn^gw&j, n. L. lingua, (speech) 
bol-ch.U; (tongue) zubdn; (dialect) bhAkhft; 
guftogft; (style) ’ibdrr.t. Syn. Sjieech ; 
tongue ; idiom ; dialect ;— s, n. pi. gair-znbAnrn. 
Languid, la ng'gw id, a. L. lung u dun. (faint, 
weak) snst, indpla, kamzor, kAhil. naqlh, 
majhtll, za’ff. Syn. Faint; exhausted; spirit- 
less ; inactive; Languish, !ang'gwi-h, v. i. F 
languir. za’lf h., nfitawAn li., gal j., inurjhAnA* 
Languishing, n. ndtawAnl. za'lff ; — a. blmAr* 
ndzinfn; Languor, lang'gwgr, n. L. (feeble- 
ness) sustl, tlcikdwat, zu’f, irmjbu 1. 

Lank, langk, a. A.-S. hlanc. (thin, mencre) dhl- 
!A, t>atlA. dublA. Syn. I jean ; thin ; meagre 
Lantern, hint 'fern, n. L. lanterna funds. Iflltaln 
Lap, lap, n. A.-S. lappa Ger. lappen. dAman! 
god, Agosh:— a.f. lnpptnL Apar pbaiiA r., tah 
bi tnh r. ; — v. t. A.-S. lapian. chabarcbabar 


Lapidary, lnp'i-ddi-i, n. L. lapis . hakkdk, jaa* 




':mrl, n»glo»*tarA«h :— •• hakkJk ka: I Apld; ; 
•uloii, ». pattharog kl zarb ; Lapidist, lap 1 
•*ist, n. aaag-farosh, jaoharl. . _ h(ik 

Lapse, laps, a. L. lap***. bahAo, phwlfthat , chna, 
khatii, falio, gulatl ; after tlie— of, ke b a 1 , 
v. i bahnft, jAnA, bhfllna, kuatA k. [kl 
Lapwing, lap' wing, a. A.-S. lepewinc. ek qism 
Larboard, Iftr'b&rd, a. lar. contracted from 
taiccr. j-ihfiz ke bfifg taraf, 1 chap. 

*■ *'• i ." rd * r - suw * r kI chftrbI se [ “SAiSSL* 

.arflkh, ohaufi; (extensive) wasl; (big) bajA, 

n» i t ho u? rest i ra i ji j 

Va^. k.- 

I i S ^cL S . , k q riV-f. W F 1 ’ K«. (present) nazr, 
in’ain, bakhshish, did. Syn. Bounty ; present ; 

Iiark^fark. n. o! Bng. leverocJc. (a singing bird) 
!AwA, chandfll, agin; (sport) hags!, tbathol, 

IiaJynx, r ia K r r 'lugk“ »f G. 

wanton; — ness, ». (wantonnesa) masti, shah- 

Iiasti’la^h^i^Ger. lasche. chAbukkA t.asma, zarb 
i chAbuk; — »- t. (scourge) chflbuk m., korft m. , 
(bind) bAndhnA out, do-lattf plieQkn^. 

Lass, las, n. (young woman, a girl) chhokfl, 

La saTt ude, 4 las' i- tod , n. U ‘“^‘'“want^Tdili" 
ness) mfindagl, betftbl, zu’f, nft-tawftul , (dul- 

Lassalas'sc! n. Sp. laze. rassl kfl phandA jis se 

jangllghore wc. pakaftehain. 

Last, last, a. latest, (hindmost) sab se pichhla, 
s»khfr ; ( lowestjsnh se nlehA darja, knin-tarln ; 
(latest) sab se plchhe; (utmost) nihAynft. at 
Akhirash ; on one s— legs, sbikasta-hAll , 
to the— ,Akhlr tak ad. akhir raaitiba, ukkir 
ul am r;— named, o. flkhul; ». *. A.- b. /tw- 
tan tikuA, thaharuA, nibhuA, rahn *J *"T ; .:?■ 
hlczst. ek nAp 50 man kA; — »■ A.-S. ta *f. jflte 
kA qAlib, lakfl kA kftlbut last lup.^ «■ 

(enduring) pAedAr, qAim, mudAiul. Syn. 1 er- 

mqment; durable; enduring ek mazbut 

Latclijach, n. (fastening for a door) bill!, ait- 
Latch et, lach'et, ». Diminutive of latch , F. 

lacet. jflte kA tasraa, kafsb-band. 

Late, l&t. «. A.-S. lat. waqt ke plchhe, be-waqt, 
bo-raausim; of—, (late, recently) hAl raen ; 
filhAI, bahut din nahlg hfie; too— , bahut dor 
men, bahut plchhe;— ad. tier kar, be-waqt, 
chaud muddat se;— ness, a. derl, arsa; p, 
a. comparative of late, dcr-tar ; — st, a. Super- 
lntive of late, sab seder yA plchhe. . L^hlda. 

Latent, lft'tent, a. L. latere . (hid) chhipfi, po- 
Latcral, lat'ftr-al, a. L. lateralie. pnhlfll yA jA- 
nibi. [Ipt ke rogg k:i. 

La ter It Ions, lft-ter-i'shi-ns, a, L. lateris Inf «fi, 
Latli, lftth, n. A.-S. Uttu. kAfh kl put f, kA£h kl 
dhajjl: — v t. kAth kl putll yA dhajjt lagAnA. 
Lathe, lAra, ». Allied to lath , khnrAd. 

La ther, la i u'ftr, v. i. pAnl aur sAbun kA pnen b.; 

n. A.-S. leadhor. phenA, jhig. 

Lathing, Iftth'ing, n. diwAr par chbAna. 

Latin, lat'in, a. Latin!, ltdml ; — ». LAtlnf zubAn, 
ahl i Latium. [huftii. 

Latitant, n. L. lateo. (Iving hid) posh! la, ni- 
Latitudc, lat'i-tdd. n. L. latitudo. (width) was- 
»at ; (laxity) ikhtiyAr; di^t mce from the 
enuntor. North or South ) ’arz ul balarl