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Full text of "Andhra Legislative Assembly Debates Vol.x No.i 18th February 1958"

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fol X 
Ko I 


a 3 I il'n I 


Official Report 

Part II — Proceedings other than Questions and Answers 



Condolence Resoltttton Re Death of Sn B hambaniurthi, 
former Speaker, Madras Legislative Assembly 1-16 

If oft — In this Part a star (*) at the commencement of the speech denotes 
confirmation from the memh^ not received m tiine« 






(Pabt II — Peoceedings othee than Questions and 



Twenty-fourth day of the Sixth Session of the Andhra Pradesh 

Legislate e Assembly 


I'uadai), the ISth Fehmairj, 1958 

The House met at Two of the Clock 

[Me Speaicer in the Chaie] 

Questions and Answers 

(See Part I) 

Condolence Resolution 

Rt Deaih of Sri B Sambamuethi, Former Speaker 
Madras IjEgisiative Asspmbiy 

o a ! o aj.o|^;5‘"o'a«oea, ?jr”C6 ^^Sc|^§S^aO ,OftOOffai5aod5o 

»o^r3s.o, Sgo'^’^^o-'SSoe.o, « tSo-i5©li^J5 (5 >^a©3’cSo 
( j^tSgT'S, e^o^5Soa 5>5d[cfoi:a-'ooc'atf o©os:oc-5«S»a ^oejSa?' S TT’tso oerfis otstfassoo-So Govern- 
ment of India Act *sS'^©a fct^das^cso 

oSaa^S’ ea (Sdj'iSi ^gtSsTT" SsS-ot Ua^^Sa 3’'o*Se;^“l Saa^eS??* StS^Si-'tU’ea 
HP’S ti!0^''ac«ao oT b 3 ^~^'a SCy” ;3’ciaaaea ST'S JSa0rii5aaasr<| 

SoD''N) iFScra^SCa^, ft^^asSaa <3a 



*^S^a^g^Soo^S So^fiotl) ’SsSa -if* A^SSaos:® 






(Pakt II — Proceedings other than Questions and 



Twenty-fourth day of the Sixth Session of the Andhra Pradesh 

Legislative Assembly 


Tvesday Ihc ISth Fehitiaiy, 1958 

The House met at Two of the Clock 

[Mr Spi-aker in thp Chair] 

Questions and Answers 

(See Part I) 

Condolence Resolution 

Re Death of Sri B Sambamurthi, Former Speaker, 
Madras IjFGisiati-vi Assfmbi y 

»o )^o (“asopo, iJp^dc^^gSi^ao SiTocffo&ioiSa 

<g_8gT’3, e oi^ae «in«!ajj;3iSaoaio ooo&oc-3a 

^ MM*a siT'oa/SSiw'Sj/U’So -s-s ’??ea ociSiS v&s T‘l:s'a^r* adi5oal>0'SS Govern- 
ment of India Act 

JSaaer^iJ ESS S’'o*s:Ef£‘^ 3eggr»c;a’j5a 

M!^»'acJ5oo » S*5io cS SSo2i_^»SuO g|)^o-wio5o oi«^ -a iOi^ ^ceosIjwo sr°S 2*a8e3»5aoS^ 
SSoB'ciiaS's (tdd^o^ £Ja 

^ k 

’J'»Saa^giSao(6 oSV ^sEjJgiEfl •^i3«jS BC^S '^isSa -ifi dq^S»StoiC3 


2 ISth February^ 1958 Condolence Resolution re Death of Sri 

B Sarnbaniwthi, Forma Speaker ^ 
Madras Legislative Assembly 

“ That this House places on record its deep sense of sorrow 
at the demise of Sri B Sambamuithi, former Speaker of Madras 
Legislative Assembly and conveys its deep sense of sympathy to 
the members of the bereaved family ” 

ib o “'oJ^o^TT'o Voo ■o^ 

es’^o’SSos.o/T” nJjOa T'o(^5o tfoSj'f o "w ""'ooSl 

30 LcCT^TT* ■s^0(2^?c:0 «r0 CL OjJ'OO 

Si-^d5c)5cn>O(^0 -tfo C)a" ^C3D0 <)Co "s' <3 10, 12 

yiSiTS^o^/^^ T“C)Er ocK.ej^ cT^o. Io^ocoacisS^ oc5o«o?r° ><0 oSoi o^-^oooro 

€ 5 QD 0 f 2 r^ o 3 ~°G 0 & CLO ^ A oi.. 0 b 0*^00 69 j SS 0 (S ■uO"^^ 

sy O S^-^OO ‘^0SJ"S<^ ^ 0 ^ J50 esO 0 C^ 

^ 5^bo7r* ^Cjoo-Sj e ‘^^ t <poo o o b^ rvou'^a.^oi;) ) o') L< 

oSo c5iC5055oCO T^CO cv05 0 oro S' O <&i^O <, C. *3^2 0[O Pi)*^ 

-O5^«5Sn^0^ {^!> S^yf"o^<!i.J«v00c£r®(O0 r OOOc 07\~” ( ) OtJ J e? ^ S c (xiCiioO 

S"o^3 /T’s:^ roero o sT*" s' 

^^Oda^S €-^^55:^0 X3o ^ p 3 Of"UcO <T S*^ ^ fcS / 

‘S^CigeSo^Tr’ ^jO(£ C53w0o^«^'00«s0 si rOdobr5(S®C)0 

^cajS5oj^^7r®c:o ST°oS*®d^o o^o'^jervC o*^ sc^'^t'^o to 1 0 o^t t ^ o c p 

's’tEr o 56 S^to sScl<t) ^c:jS(;5o -tScr -3(0 o os®of oT^rTb |^) ^o-i5<^') C^'s^^o ot 
jOoiodfio^oo T°<^3 o txOdSo^oo6“® ■i^»v).v)^^a07r’ 

’^lCi^3X3?,5e)«^^s S!r*do €3ti5tj\ (^cDooB ^ 

65^53 u eiOjjjC S“®c35o&o<io, S®c5io5oejo 0“oS"®(to 0^®^0L>rjD S^o s ?5r0'^S‘«5:^ooo5o 

e?^o oo?Ccr^ -D-s o oOoo o?j o S^cooo evOoTo xStt^ $ ^C5oC'oS^'\) 

Mr Speaker Motion moved 

*o3^5j^§^oo( 0, 1 — a.^ygaT’I ^ oo^ g^oo^STT^bo -?>3 

5’^S355oo<co a:e^ouC‘ox:o^S^'\;to 42 toc^e^jOC) \%6 oo ‘*&pSa Vth. FoXTO 

S S L C 't5d5o(g)dcp’^!^ o ®85. ciT^ ^ oao<I e* 

<t5cr»d5£r®3b eo.^(rf0 soe^oXio ^""ogL^cr GATT’S e5c5j^5 CjTAgoSoo 

S’to <Soo-3 s^o^o:\o a^_ o |S’^>€^ ^o<Sj 
aSoo-S ■fjdo to 

1920-21 ^ tOo^rBcto S^^tETs (^dgcoo l)ood5oo” o \ SPto 

5S«$5o S^dCSoS’o o^asIcDo toAoToo^ ^st>?oo"c:o t <v^ao 

nSd^o^ 4 ^ir >3 ^ ^dgoToo^T® S'"to i6f5o^ TT* ^o\^ootsi0 [^s^otS^ e.doo 

3o|0oo;:l> 6~^zs^ -t-a (^nS^^ooeT® §oaioi.o^ do&o-'^to ofOe6*®S^cco ^ejo 

yTto s3oi5 «gi^5^5a^(S&o S’os ^c5geSo^«Sgo 

Condolence Resolution ic Death of Sri ISth February^ 1958 S 

B Sambamurthi^ Former Sp ahei^ 

Madras LigidaHve Assembly 

;y“So CSC)0^5^t3 ^00 V*o(Kx3o ‘s^Cgcjo^TT’ 

? 7 '^'' 2 o «a ;;y 0 g<^^co 19'57<ii iC)qs56j^^oj^ 

■s^O|J\? 6 o se:)€!r® V’o^a*">o^o 

(S)^?1o3 i ^JoCu tS ^(XrOcOOroo Xo^oo-3.^ S'oe^o e: 5 c 35 o<;S 

o^o o 0^(5 ed: 6 r^ 85 “eo *^^OD£r ^o O’ o ^ ooio'^ .^o’^d € 5 *^^ 

f* ^ af ^ tvOtv 0^ i^S cO 030 6_ a5 ^ S oT^ 0 0 "s^0^ <0 ^ O '-O S~^ 1^. 4 3 0 

1^7 >^CuOO's ^(^0 

1921 ^ ;5oa^^]0o ca 'S'oaoco ’^ 06 "®' coco’s^ eje^^ooo^o e^So^a 

II 3 oc:5cio‘^iijOOO^“^eo w3“^^<v.o ^o?<G>ao5^,^ s 5 0|^c5b 

^r^o’s (3o0^ 0(S £ 5 * V®s7PC«6^ "^OA^Jo* S'(S)o^ ej^?5o Sa^ 

'lioCa^o'^ciO) ^o3o e. s' eaoST® SC^c^o <^o04oc>, 2 ^. 0 ^ l^o<:5(;56o'5' 

^3c5oJ(^o, <S‘’)lbJxg^O(^ 554^^2) £3^^ CSo ^02.<^or®^7r’?5o jy®ooO)C5t5 ^(^oeo Stncg 

^oa rv .0 OOSS'^OOS^ S^OA^S" ^o.;o 15^*23 ^ od^o ‘s'^o^cfo e^oOiSsr^o"^ 

^(5ieo<5?oo ‘s“'‘o"ob£^ ^(Sj.’tc or" 00 c«oa o ?0^?5o|^vxOO s“cO "0 ‘cS^iSoSofibS" 

‘sT’iCPo ) d^'i- o® rKOOOC'O X; |oc>i5oo"s®Sr’0<3, i5oKS5o!iS^ 

(Sis <!::0«Sbs 1921 1S)lo^oa3C?o e:?ioi^"boo l^£oo^o£oJ■^o 

SSoioeo ®o («(!Jig(S\£§o?' oAw CSo'^bo^ /^cr*'5olo'”^ ^2& so'^o ^T°«S)I 

^^^Sc^rtgiroor’sro-fe 60 "^ Xr.S);j ^co^eS T$p»os.<xOj-^o^“"“jo i^Sjj 

Aoo o^oo^® lboo'^^^‘lbjod£:»55 roTT ^^eo^^olbpj^^oo 1932^5 ?3o^^jDoe3r* TT'ocp sjS^§" 

|4 3cr &* ^ c^oAor'oixj'i s IXTCud^ ’»o£l*>o^ (^ooooSor o'^’o ^(^"fosg; lb£^t3o eao)^ 
o'o.^^ooT*' s^oA^S” XTd^o eo0o5r“ -epodod^ ^ qoeSo^ ^^€Sr* 

r^A’ «y^S«;3o 4 ^5 TTocf/T’oSl 4 ^ ‘3& rbT>a30O(€$o ;r»0odSc5y(Oo 

Town Hall ^ ?6s^xro’cj(5o'^?r»c5o (^26xr*gX)55o^ 

JS^^T^oHS 8^'®SxjO0Oft5*3\ ST'oS ^r®eo£lt^fvO -SOo S'/T’^^cSo (^!5o^o^c5^ 
^-^oasaSoj^^Tr^o I oao I^O(J:53b<^cSr®^f6 Aooae>(S)oo>e5 

*%v)cr®, x^‘^o^^CBO sS^^o’^a, ‘s^sXT’CflbCtoSScro, «3coCSS^«i>o 
i^oso^ocr^ OjpA^dD sSl^cdcP ?5 (vl ^ cso '*fboo5oo “§"''3Xr’’c» **o^^'^^o?oo ^cx5oa5 

iSot5£^oxo^5o T^S o5od^a5;^€r® cs53v)^crj;^do ‘^ad^oTT X5o;:5o^^0«d^ ^a5o;« 

«So5c»dSooS'^ 9 ’’^cJ§A’^S5“^^0.55o dScntSeS^l^^a 

«Sosir®;T*ci^c> Sb0€r® a sdo ei>cxSo^5 erg7\^^Aaoo-S ^o5ii3 XJd^iliSxr’cs^Doc^ 1923 
o5o5CHjO«;^€!r**SaV^o<5 esS^^I 4 *^00 l^cd£o, ^o 63‘I^S'cg)(^C& XSo^ajsS^^rgiSoo 

55oc5wo-3^,fc9ii^iJ CS ^oriSriJ^o 9 : 00 ^ “s^lxrcg '^oK5^^So3t5^a)^o^^ 

;5o52r^ 9*^$ ^66«3i^€S (b^o0o5ocr»^7r"?5o ^do'^sSo 

lO^jtioj^oSooTT®^ cSa^oSgi^So-S 3^t:^(^S5^^oa?5o^Sill)o3 “^oaSao^ 

fe^^sc^CflO o5ooSvO^0p5o ^aS^€^®)‘^o-5, a5oC§X^^^»^A5ciO't:5ol\r^, Skn^^ tt5an?£5^<50'O 


ISth t'chmaiy^\^6S Coniotence Resolution re Death of iiri 

B Sa?nbamii7thi, Former Speaker^ 
Madras Ltgtslative Assembly 

”s^c5gj^S<xO(SfoO(^5 <55^7^ oD iS A "-’tjeisr !6 76 o /' ^ 0 il'o cJo 

^ ;Oz^ge-o ^Sco^P’f S*”oo ■^eosb’^’^'^^c:-) OcoST’O^oo ■br"c[A5o 

&^oC5 cK.'^^, ■^o'a^^.^oo-S eoo'o^^ o~^ ^ )5i^uo, 195^»5 ;0o^tMt5o^ 
/r®^0‘oc|^7r"c5o o““‘^^5's^oa^^ ef)<:jS^<^o?L07r’^«^')o7^ao ^"^ 0 “) b"^c) SS^jClo, So/^s"^oa5G" 

|S5"^§o-^, ooao& €<r^Co o"© ^i»cOA^ ^ o<i. 00*^0 TT* os 


•^^o's^eco^, oiodoSb e5o6^<^ o$j<^o ooo^o^d^ o^clOJ^o, ^o-w<S5 0 o5*^ 

^5d«^©S', ^og'd^'^o_^5 (^oc^TT*, ^.vO 1^ 

^®fvj(>5co”^<3^ soo^^ s, «Scr»^^cn‘Cy <5i3^oui)co e£>^o^o^ 

^oago^Cfl ;5^S^ejG>A.d ^ *0 » 

«55o9 odo£o^ «5icr o^^cSocSo -d'-s oocf^ [^^eo'^V’do «!;5cro;5 

^pdjS^S € jo^6^o‘^S:^a:) 0 , o^e^^ctT^^Ho 

oSio^^ido oS^^cBO "s''<0“O.3 eC)^ ■jTT’o SPoad oi*2e3^ 

esoAOo (^eJ^53'^oeJ^ »55oooc:i0 5o eJxx) 

OSLO’S", oSo^S", ^^oT^S* ^cnc^ &<S; ■S)6’Oq, oT”3i, 

®5odo55^<t)s <S©OOdO d OSJJgOTT* €5C(£f0©0 «55oe ao^^SVuO €.^0 

iSo^ o5053"^o5gl^ So’ge^Ss ^o;^K3'2;s;reo C§55o<B.\) Si ,«0'!^cn‘55 

s35Soa5ooo^ ^5oo8^g55ocjd &o^^;;5o5oosso TT 5fos»<vy^Cis5^ 

030-?)^<do<:Sogb d^o^o 

Z3% ^cTc^e^oSi^ (9d55;5ao) ?i9<;§iSr> <55oo^§o5oo|67rto 

;^ow^ ) fioL^^^ci a30o6do%,;3^.^ vl; ^oa5«?oj^o^7ro ^JoSc-S, Sb ItT^ 

oiSb^eS ssSdcxSo o<l3o S£>fS)§^0C3 1930 IbivO C$ X?Sr^{J^oSn» 

^Sddoo^, e:37r^ i^dgowoo^ ^6^’=iooo <^0 o droo;b^d;> 

ddo^rd oocs sr*od^ eooST’^o s^a 

o (\P>oa!)o3oT ^ 6Sw c5^?^o&o J3^t^ dcr 2)0*u5d wspocsT^^rS ^ C^oifoo 

^Erjssi"’o5odDg|^7r’ 0^00 fl^o«r^55oo(S tso^^Soeo «5cxw;;rt5d 

^ Sr’0^^55oc^»|„^^3o a,^ <S5§dol ej^Tc^o S^^?cr*^^3 

e^^s'boo^F® s2rs-^<l, ST’do Sp55ir>5®"S ;y"cs<o ^d^-jToo ^sSr^o-S, €5o^^ 

(Sr^55-^t5e37r’ csSwdSiJogb dcnaoo^do SoT^^SiSoo^ Sp2>3 

;^So-5 Speaker of Madras Assembly <&oS>. 

0^31 €;s«^55e9 woosSildoo "^cS^i 55o^S ^ix^JgtSio© s^do 
;<^©o ^aoo^o<i:s3 ^5oo53 

9 o^5*^3Ii |©<Cr®_gOC^’o^r5 o3ot3^ ftT^AiSsio 

:^KS» dVodo ^^3 iscsoo r’ls^do ^ a<cdj^©o r".^ «^ock>;3^ 

"f^aotSooo'fo 3r"Aootoo<:53 

Condolence Resolut 1 071 re Death of Sr% ISth February 1058 5 

B Sambamurthii Former Speaker , 

Madras Legislative Assembly 

0^550 <iro55-^o^ u. e.o^o T$r>o8s)<;5ocr*o 

T^ooSo^Ij. 'fioS^o ir>t:i0^cSsS^b;!5 ^ go 1931 x3o ^ 

g’e)^oo (^(jpK:;S<^oo7r* ■s^o(K?Oo 1937<x5 X3oi^^c!o6^ ^ 

^e5/r^^er"^o7r*o e^eijS^ ^ ?6-»oa)'^or«»^7r®c5: ^ s’o 

^CSS)^ €f)9^c^c5o e^o odeo ooCcO ^o.SlSj?5c^o^o ST°c5o -u j^l5,;5^a5o^ 

s’crgcpSi, 5:4^dbo ^odSoreSbos'cn’c^ x3cr=>-S AC3^s^^a 

^3^t5o 2 )c5o cs5o^^cp7r* <^o0o^a5o-»,3^ ei),;5o?:)0 3-3 e S' 

<^Co5:aoo^ ^ ei).3 ^T’iT.^ooo ;c3oo^“t)c^)‘®{5o s^5 

^ o^^5?rc5o 3:5;^ ■^>^o,;5j si-S^<^5i.^<55o6o o {^"^cSo ^^^50 oOc^ 

Q^oCS 3's^ 7b^^5oo^g©fr* €;5 ^ o^ <3 6^ iSo^<s5oo(::)?5o (^^gc^oTST* ■^a^-^iS'Sr^d^c 

^ ;r*o^cx50£r s;:)e^5o s^e^b esi.\)iSc^ *^o5::j^i<bp3-ooea 

•^ 0 ^ 0 ^ s^^r3^?5o oJ^Cio ^ ^§[ 3 ^ ■o"'Ci^ oir“c 5 o 

^iSs^ciTT'^j <xo^o €1* ^0 ) ^o'^ocT® ftfoi^ A ^^^0 osi^ *^oo^^c'®, «>5o<S 

O^^o €?tfrN^,^s <i9o5T“'^o S'eD^oo s'eo^ Sb^o^Sr*o_;;r’ iOo, J:) 

g’05r®^;3^ ;0o, O 1^5 S'^G5(5:o 0 ST^dOCoS 5on=S^, ^060 OS'^ |“^o^s:o 

W€^ ^ ^o^£50 

^ oa35rocr®|^7r‘o ?:s<;;5^^g 1939 X)o o?o6r« ^ oa'1 k) o’ioo^ ;T«g' 

S'a-5^ ^D^^oogb '^‘-o o:)oer® ^PocBlc^^r 

^;ir« Aoc9 ?<.^^r59 oss^ s‘®^e.& uoo^J;^o }^jj^5bC’0€5^o o^^oSc^o, <o^^c5 o/T* 

b 3l-oc^o, eS-^go eg 8^a,D;3^ «cf®a^ c5o5o €f>,^n croea aP/'osSffioo arSI 

55bo%go (isioo^SuiS «55ogT^^053-®o©o <>5 o^o.;:jo, oT®«^ aSi^Se's^ooD^CPcro e-d^o^5c^ST"?5o 
e5>‘^3g^ooc) C03 o>5c 5«50 lb^s^cJ3vr®do ex)0oK>o <^O0<55ovP>o^7P»f5 

e^<5S^o^r5 1939 fOo e C§^^0 eso®^ s^o’CU oo aocfosg^g or*,3<3- 

Sjft^dSo o5o^5^ 5'i»o oboSoo"fo ^o|^ ^p^ocST^ 0^5 so ^I>a5odo^ s^(3 ^5o^5 

^0^5$ ^^o\ep sgjd^, ^SA ifoiCJ oW^^h — 

cs^j^'^S' -^66 ^SosS^tT^Ao S^Sbed^cigj^ 

'SSo|^?^®^*^(£^o7r* ^cs5iP*C5o ^0000*5 (^-t^boo-uJo^iOS 

■^/^So o5o^ 3 5?:3a3sj ^ ;Crjj^<:5(33oig)’^cs^^^^ §<Scs5o3?j^^sSa 

a ?5d^?S^sbS (si%i“) — i ^^giSoojdPV’^ 6x3ogji^^^;S 

IC3oSP53 ■^i^<55o^5?3cr^o^7r* eosStfo^^^CT^^So 

flSloi^go5ooja7r“CSOj rO^d^cdocBoc^, oT'o^o ^5:^o^as®K^cSo^ ;i$r®oeoSacr®& 

TTowr^^^li 55 o4^cx5ooo5^, 'Z^ls i5o<5$§ ;6oaoo<^eo, &jSA^ a3o^o 

io^S© AoSq- 3 dx3ogbs5;r^!5o ei>io0p5o^ •zpAgoiCr^gb^i^ ;j^&| ;T®Si)^^g^ioOaSo^ 

i5dj»s3y^Qr*^^ ^rSS gSiOiSoo e5c5^.^o ^Ss3or*’^zp;fgo gr®^ «)55^^2>l ;rs5 -jrA 


lith Fcbrua)y^l95S Condolence Resolution ie Death oj Sri 

B Sambamurthi^ Fotmer jSpeahcr, 
Madras Legislative Assembly 

's’oa^S' ^o^4oo6r®2s-er^ zr>do o)o^ ^ 

tso|^o-^o6^ s^rB'^^oa.ocOOo^o-^^, -t^s o^s^ity aso^a'^ ^ 

i^Ao/T Jbc^doo ^do^^r6ix)S5o^ s^C^3^J^^o■"oo, ,oa«jo!)a)^ osSoC |jvrl 

0)0-" ■J5o(^0^'t)T”"'ooa’, ‘^o^ooo ^iU %;: oot 

Xx)<S)o^^c?’ Xiojfo^^^oo 005^150 p ocoo :5^g^cooi^ 

€5c?o^6 e-oKSoncer oa^ A/T^ eo, iCo^a^^oo, sr?5o “^es sctoCi o I oodc^STo 

eo a 

^55^i!)l.3, Zj\ob6^;6o ^ ^b^oa)i5ox«o^7ro3 Aoo^-S s^v;^co jo^ooo 

^r’c5o '1«?s:V«a)0.;50(:<o;^, e5i-0 o^et, lo oGoAoeT® S^c^cSocS^ ood^^ o ^ 

€jceF®gcp»5^ o^od^<;f^sS(::K)er®oo^ e^>d S’ ^<:^t^.;5Ar’C5oa.^<^)Oi^j^oo ^oqG<oC 1b o o 
Aooo!) o^'^-o^jSS ^^iCdo b^cr ocSo sjdiSG^C) 

F^52(i£)oJi^oi^o^ So^;Pi^ cje 550 o;C)o^;3‘^.^ 

/^^e)5^osi’^ciog --.ej^rgCP^ ^ *e» 

eScS^;^5 5:"ooy<5^oo^o7r®o a3©s3Ao^JO^;G^^5o NTcaj^To o^'V'o.O 192 i >n o * 

jb^o/T* s^s^T’cS T“o(^^gb <5Se)o^i5o7r ^*<o -Ter ccSo )^)^cOoq 

e^odsb <;<ooo<:so Civil Disobedience Committee ^loa Ast’o t % 

S i* oS”^ WT^do Aoo^cSo 0,0 ^r'o b 0 ^ l o 

0(:5o s^d <^cn>(^o ^SugeSio/T ;r’<D § 00^0 «^o<Scr «ofd^ §”^<^cx>o noAoeJ^ 

dcn>s 5S3 5^)0^ ^^oa)^5oa“ o^7r’J5o, o^lcSoCoTy (T 

ColT^^do ^ozi ^ocP’^A^do a^g" (^dgaSoo CdjOjjjS ^SSeScer* gb 

^eSd^^o ^oso5rocr“o^7r(5o ogboo11^;b ^^5b'^oer®^tfo^(3 o4 ‘oA da 

S5ts5 C3aoo<^gb0;^ ^dcr^5^0or Ao^iD^oiSo^ 55ooir«;o^coogbc£o ,b oa)5^0) Si^a^OO 1909 
lOoiS^jboflir s^t-ko^ «oj o ^GjJoTT oo^do s^<5 pjs Or’o<0 ^ '^"'1 ;j Ci6^ 

b-^dSDGov^io^^tso 19186^ Home Rule Government o*^7rtd^3(5'^l So^do 

^ ^ 5 ^ Ibogioo'i^A^tJo S^ 6 c«o ^dgiSoo 6 ^s $^5 < 5 ^a/ ^Soo-S, 

•3^0 S^S^sS^osSddo geng^ "Ibocgow 

So^oo’do, 3o^o;r*(5o 5i^5^o0rg3^ <sS&5if-go7r Sr*do 

a)0S3t5o;Co^rf^ TdsSociooe^ Arms r®<s5g5Sj^ ? eij;;^dooA 5 o& 

X)55o^g3cr»c5, ^5^(Aoi“^o^ ^T^^So JT*cJ:5d g’€$^o o5ir»o-3 S^AcJdO 230g*, AtlXli 

Sogj' g'03^Sioo55o4S <5So5ire feeSgeSr^S^ ;5d^«5o g^3g';0^ gcr>g^ /T'S^d 

!5{o§^g' 3p^d:5o^Soo;?S^d ^5r»(f5cP83g ;r»eSo0 go ajotoTT® Sowd [SO^As^-^ IS^^rdiSoo 

53^5^1^ iS’cTd 3 ^a;5-^o 5So(^Xk)^ ^0-3^ ‘‘5^33 oSing^otio ^So^Sb ei)55<dj*«^5i5oo A^Setf 
«5d ^o<:^a"3l 3S^£5 o” d^ 5^ ei)d ssdgb gin»g* 3c5otfdo iSToo 

A^ido S0o^o3) 30 ;C^§lA5:r63^ A5ciao:3’»cSo Si" 

3|A;^r8i^ osT^7y>ek Jb ^ 0 ^^ ^o3^5^55o^ 5533 ^3od ^^dcSaid/r*!? ;S3 tf;5j^do 


Condolence Resolution re Death of Sri ISth February, 1958 
B Sambamurthi, Former Speaker, 

Madras Legislative Assembly 

TT® iT’cdo ger’^^5 ti6\^Gi!5 g'«So^ Dominion Status -?)c5^a)oo-Se3 

I927€r^ 5So|>^ e3o5o5-^o'o^o’ 

o 2^(SS55~®^o^o”^55 ;$p02^i5oa^^7r®i5^ ei'djJgc^oe.oTT® IndcpCH- 

d.6nC6 League ^ 1^ t5o?^o-5, «55 j^ o'^iSs ^ft5cr®|£fo5oo €S~"oA025^ioo W<^iiw0o5o^ 
s3o$j-^c5^ x3^o ?-§o Ooj^^^.s5o^ 5c5o<:^o, o<3'o 

,g) 550^^0^50-“ A o-S o<5£:( (^h ^o^sfo ~*> ^7r^6?6'^ S)5^a5oo <3^o^5Sb O’ooXio 

650^ S^dio, 1930 ^Oo (^Qg.ra-’^ ^gUjScT’^ocr^AO^oo escJ5o^(go 

c^It’O-wo^ ^o^355oT*»o^7^°o 3 rOoaT^o’i^ -SooTT'oS, ^ ^ e^go 

?r“o^ ^ooTTo^ C00d|^c<0 000^0 0^225500^ 

?c:o(W55 ^o<:<g0^ 7^oa)cJfocn>o a"S.5 

^50^0^3 (^^«roer® -sS-a^sJrfio'^a-c:^^ e-^iS^o ^o^SoeSS JT^o^j^ 

^ (^(5^’r**^^' goS^f^o 1 ^ *^ 0 ^s5"®cx)o DO s^ ^ ejJcf^Ov (S5ar‘>|^'io 
.^o^Ci Aco e*? o^a. eo ^ 3^0 s^o"11d oo 3-« ;;5 rSpo0^oa-^o 

TT’o .Sa pjgdj^sio <^o.^.o^ol s^sSao^Tooc) €.a'o;5.C‘0 =v0^o ifoo^s^oS'S^^c 's’S, 055 -^ 0 '^ 
e:5CX5oi ^3^S)“’Oo7r'<g)i^ SPtfo o^a5co5cr«a’ e odo.; 5 e ,5 gi 

^C<b50o c.ct:o,v^ ^;5;^^^055c^ ei< ^ X3o<i.O(^a^, 6:3 ^6 c3;5d 

I^^^OvO, Q£ ^ocS-Sg^^oC'o ,55oc5o8^^oC?o *^cn»^ €Sc5o^^ ;r»c5o h'^ceS^ 

is a,sc53 a^cK5o;;5 1928 .5 ;0o tr^ocSe^ 

is eS^^s c.5c:f]g(S6 S&~oo^c5o ej 1932 i5 ?5o ^^,3^ 

is)”"«.\^i)u^t3o (L^o e-t>0|^ o-af6"® de5g^oo7r* sSe^&o-S cdwOiSg'oo Sedoj 'rZP 

S d*3id^(OSO^ ^<53^e50O 

e«» c5coS^<Ji aoTT'ooo &[^o7^ s^iSSioo 

s""r|7\^o a.gjj-. &,i)cr^o^do, s ,S) 

TTcdocKTi^TT^do So^oj^iox^^Cj-coo*^ 22|>^F >1^ fes ^55do l:>n^do 

S’ODO «S)a.ctfo^o S'^OD (S€;roer"^<3| oocp' 

o jeT® 0dsi 3 c3o^S30*^^5<L3oSo^ (^<:5g^5cr’,3^ ;T®do <S)4cdcr 

450^50 -"oo^si-^^J ea €5doS^d 193555 SoiSe^doar® do 

^p^d6 o^sr^oA -d^o^ootTg 1937 e^'^o^l ^go“7r’ o}55d,$5rdi5 -do-^^or^do 

€:3S^C£o €^0<S 55od$b0C5o S(di55a-^>^^'t30 

o!!)ft5d^^o^ es3 e-S donQT’ i^feso^eSea^AoeSj^ ^Scn>;p‘do ^c^oo^l^TT’eS,. 
ft^aoS^do j^oaodocnS^TT'dci T"7r'^ e5io<dol SSr»^-^^p<!> siS£)d(ii, ^Odbd 

S'cp'd^o^^ <ierAoo4oooQ^ I ej>3 <?0o:5*’d& 

S ISth Fcb)umy, 1 ^ 5 ^ Condolence Resolution ie Death of Sri 

B Sanibamurthi^ Former Speakf^r^ 
Madras Legislative Assembly 

House 's^<!5o O'S'o'^ Op'S a5oo S<r®Co e:9cdo<N5 (C)c5^c35o~®e:)e5^^ 

S^COO<i:i i^<x)0*>4o 50 O c^ixOd- ?50/'0e^iiOO~^ 9 ^Co3’~®o500 ev^eSOiSocI^ o5c£O^OOcS~^ i)«^^100o50^ 

^csSooeT®^ A<;St5^6o e^c:<oc5o ftpiooC^c5oS3^Q5 {loc::Sj5j^ 

(J^gdolo'^.tS ;3^::oa^ooei)io s^o|^;Co .;:oo|0 «;3o^^O(5^ A^c^lboo^o <J5a^ <> f5o^3 

^s S^t5^ooo ^*®c5o So i:^cbr®?5o esso^C!^ '^cn' c3 " ^ ci>«^Atj» 

6f>'^oT'’t50 ^*^^^"(50(^0 t? <£)AO‘i 5^ “(^ S o^«x) d® Ou 0 Cij'^oT^CO C)0 o”^C^0O"** ^0 oT** 

eJ'oAO-d^.^l giS^ House dF-V*^ Zh 

^ s'c 5 o Continue efj'S’o^c^^^^oaSo^ 80 S oevSo^ sr°^ ^ 

^60 •ser-o^o'^o , 2 ; c O.O 0 O rofgjuo j.a ocvjodo 

(^O^ob- oS 3^0^50 e-9 ^c5o;rd sjsr 6:50^ <S4cuOrsOO ( n j^j 

<>? 0 (^^o <55Gpi5j^cS 0*^0 •>36og-o 7^ {5o 'oo ojOo -o 10 p) t > 

^od qX)J3^ ;^dl)v)^o<Sc^ ,5^50^0^.;5 <l) oe5o^P’c'' e;so^A^g^^ 

S^Or^C&T' b"* 

’^:5cr«‘^ oAoeo t)t)d -0 < 5So*1b4^gDr<s^-’, 9^cv(^<5e>i^^ 

'o^^o^^0(d^c5 3 ■os^®5e)^;?5^<>5o^ oAooo S'3l)?^od d/^!oto K‘(!!4'^o’^> 1 o^iSSjSo 

^bdsar^^ efsb^^es^ 6:9 ^o-'ocxjiogco :g,v)^ 0000 , srosy^^ 

sS^t 5 ^-oo e o<0Sj^^05;r»^e.0 3g-’co 0 ;3 ^::,b'V, 00 

ax::^ S'o Sgroolbo^ ^ 0^0*5^00 ?5f5^^g A cT^o -oi s 

■OCX50^3s K3o^£5o^O=S)0^ 5?5o<oo‘^ ^TodJoci; c^jC^O 0^0^ y 0^© 

3^*^^S!)p *vr®^^2ij5o*®0 6£l^lSoOdS3 ^'^^So ^0^<x) "0^0 r3*^(vO ^0 \Scv-00 o3"*'0 C:^J /CJOO ^*3^) 

;()^e5o|dcd^o^ioofi5r®j 1^^5s ^Co^tfoTT* X3?5^e5^A^<^ o2>:3^d^ 

” e£)3 G9 ^ o^^or^^TTo:^ S ^55«;n.N> r* 

G:9cdo;5 QcibooosS'^ ;Ooer®^o^d o55:^clJo"f^ Xc^^ro ST/T’ t!)•vS^ *SVc rf^coo 

S^^ocT^ooo ^ ai3^cs5qgoc& ’ ei>3 OO V®«bd2)t d Q3 3j^ V ^o rj^ ^biOlictligreS 

cs5oo<SSoe.oS^ S^oo^tS^TTiS*^ SodO^To d*«^^ S5^>^ r*3 r'oi^Ao 
3^ s^^^^^5os‘ ajo/T* 53S*iJ,5vji.^iSo43>sr<:^^; ;T*«r* 

TT’Sb n?^s^<:5od ef);;r^;5o ««q^coDo S<o 'Op'^T®c3^ooo sb33csS)g<sSo’’ ^ S3^e>cd:5^ 

55*1^ do-t5oA’’^o^oo^j6<sr® e^o:g s^ASo^Sor-S iSodSroifoooiSo’' 

Ood ^~t^^^oo5So^ ;r’cs5osb0o ^pg:) c*>/ sbS^^^cSo «vgo 

TTd^ ooCBoS’srtSo ^oaDa<oj* a^7r^c5o SociS^o •^oo'^^cSTT G«o<!5cJcr* dod"&^ 

050 ^gb0*o3 ob ^TOOooonSOo 5:9^^ gsj^sT) So5oo &0'^*^bodiy 

csftaiSgb«»gip>a' d,c^iroi5» ^'31 o'*ffl’3s ^ oa) 5 -ox»S r‘ f\-^ 
iado®a5» S;^a&5oo:gt»r’o4j>cp>o®'S ;j’2>s 3<3^*Mol^est)S ^JCr«^SSo K5ifa^!3in. 
^S(S»g’j^ti5s5ciS^?<iS)0®te= SSOS! aa'ioTP- 3^o^S5 §-»o5'=.o3 f^iSi6f» ^xh 


Condolence llcsotu im re D atk of Srz ISiA February , 19j8 9 

B Sambamui ^hiy Fotm r Sp ake , 

Mod as Legist AiSemh y 

2jX35Soja^;5cs3og (^?5co^eo') 5foS!!r®SwO ix 't c2j<x'ocr^'Vo o 

^ s3”^d5cs5o sg)-^c:^^o7r a.osScTo'^o^^^'^ 

^di5(Sjc3xo oSoo:^c^<xo i^TTCo, ^d<d olb;dcp><^ oToc^^TTdo •^^i^cdcP'eo 

^ocSo TCi'i^go^o ei^;^coo sCo-^ 6?3^oo^ ^o^rooc^ <c^o^€cr> 

^oo.5^c555oo £) ^(IjScTT* ^Sob STo ^^r^Too, 

■^^''0, ^i^C(5o 5 Scna^ o:^^g■e.5^^o^ ‘^^Too i^c ^^toToo 

do «;roc|eroeo o!^c?r®55oco SJ o *05:-^*^doe,o7r‘ sr*o<3 

CS^^^CAT** (^'O'dO S ft5"^ C5*^S ^os-\CS50o-w0 C3w0«\.0 S f\. A *0 © JOct? ^ o ^3^ o 

e^d^NO(do <;£>5:oe eT® oSoocroo o^s *L ^cw 

<do^OpV’o o^od^'’(32» eTeosgjCSor®, ;j°o 

^5odo«3 e3©sSdx^;;y^^SD 

(^5rod ^ 

Sj^dSoo/T" |Xb‘^:«3 ILi? a-aco <^ooco Sodo ^oo'3-S 

~-R v_ CO —a 

S^ <S<>^CXiT‘^S. 0 ■Oj3"^^f^O O <vtx^Cd0~''©0 CJ<S^ Aj 00© X 6o ^ c3"**0<^ 7^0 DO'S 

s^oT® t. (TiOa oO’S,© A -o^ ^Aoci^oocrS^ esCo^ c€r®<do 

;7^o^c;^oc o:^7r®co ^d** Stc^T^ (DCcdo?> OwO‘^'^*^o o^cdoo 

gjrdD^o, sjodjor® 11 )od!^Oc5o^ 55^do B'^'g '^o^i'or do^© ^cd, ar*<:;5©o 

zb& “cOosSj'^^^a^co ^ O'S^SoS a.^do 

sr“t5o ^y^sa/T* ‘‘ l)ooa)do7r» ” <^ocl o<d^^^roo ;T*si> 

STdo ;2r ^0 WwOiOo x:^^t;^5roo §^dsoc^, "^(S, 3^ tf |^, e5>^|^o ectsod 

€rf.^cX505500 ;3'^so ^& V’SrS ad ©do ^•o“’do ©si>ocS aisS^C^ ?5o0^a^o7r* 

«i£>o&do 0 ^Tdo ** -d^^c^oTT^ b:§) '' 

\^0 e^Sjy- ^d^S5*®os Sir-»»^ dlT^iS^iSoo, s^^ST^sO-^ifoo “^eiJOdSdcn* 

^S So ;0?p6^ e^soJod ^^s'doTT^ 

L^ tipoddo"*- Ibooiodo^ <!i>ooods5^e«o ''^ocd^^o p)?0o^^ 55^do Jb 

^o:>;3 g^otvoo ^cpci, 53^o3 <Sd dcr»<Owl ©d ^©oj 

o:)o«r roo«r®AoA :o^o iSr'^o^^^a 5 ^ ^^?2r^sn»fi^00 s;JC>a;^ feoosrdo ^i^do 

o:i<Lo<Ec^ 5i<d,^e^l <0o«r* ^oeT'&^o^SsT’do €5dSb 

** ^^j^tiSdo, ^^7^^ ST^ol ^©0 €i)S s3cer®^^oS*’ 

^o tdro^y’^o 5^*^o^7r ^'^ofooST'dso ^Ai5ocn>c^©o7r’ 

STcSo SToS 5>^5r*Sl Sjo S^’t£'^OiJ)o a^ct^c^o- ^i5o ©*^;^do«r»do^©o, 

-5£i5«5^©cs >3^© s“’o3doo fiSooo <Sr^;r^t5o 5<6o]|igo7r li>do Sisocscdoo;;^ ^e9-3 ’ticdo 

©dd €5*1)^55000 1 5jr65^';;)3:^^5o^^ srt5o<:SS5 3*© 5!><Lg^<d©V ^1 55^,^ 

^®l diOor^S 55-3^53 A’oo8.«5oo^2p^^ s^^Scgo tT© £i3^ddd5Soo ’r‘5 

10 ISth February 1 1958 Condolence Resolution le D alh of Srr 

B Sambainurlhif Former Spenhr^ 
Madras Legislative Assembly 

gcr»Cr oiocT* X)oe3^^o7s’ esoO ^ C cd>c^o 

•t 5 j ^*3 ST* 0.3 I ogbo^ i53^'^5r“;;S;3o \^oo) rv o) o o 

ST^ol X3o^^<^oj^ oco ^orc> o u o ^ 

S500&S c^ocSo^o ILdflcF^cs^ ^cr^c ^ScsSorrSo ^gSoTT*, &o ^5 j 

^T’ol, x:<55D^^er® o^o^5r«®5, ?;Sd305jdg' qo ^Tjv-g ST® vjj^, -o coj^ f 

Scs^ precedents ^cr o< A^^rocr*’ 

aSx»€ 5 ^^^, ei>s:^^s 6355^ c^ Decision -cS^j, TT* oertog ;^<S;S 5 '“ro » 9 t 0 ov ^ 

<:50(^ eT® ^5oo-i5os^(5 i}po7r* sSo^s5'>o S'j <!S sji^ uo'^a ej'^) va a) 4 

'Si^OCDogO^iSl dcS5J^bO T“S3^£) ^ OTT* Ow0;5tt::00 (L^CuOa) Ct)OctO A^£“ttn.')0 0 

tscs5o^ s^oo^ (LjjCSDOi^ «x:o«^;Oo ) Sb, ;6o5r®^o 6i:(\^oC^i2> b, o 

q5r\55o6o(tto eooOtJ e^^<D gin-o’^o.^ 'i]5A<v^c)t-K) n) 'J ^ 

Sq^^oeST® ibs?:j5^X^«07j_<^ 

s^cSoc^ '^0^0050 ^ (s^^oiSdo) — esti^SgotT * 40 J6o o o 1 o o 

■^ 5 C 5 od ’^;5it30i5o^ /“o cs ^o^eo 5^ lbo5£5r'^^;7r“oo^ ^ 

^;$r®oa)^Soj^o^7r’ol «^<v^i5e. fO^j ^(:j5g6 ^oj| €|Sjj-c£ o 

x3*5oo[£$ ^g^rSd<53oc ^ ^ ^oa5§^dfb 53^o^«jr'^f uo Aiv5 

eoT®^ j^oai'^ocn^'A^Oo ^-^o^iorer® sCr'S^ai’^Cfw.oo aA Cj \'^cr^A"*o 

5 cS^*d;?So ^S“s®5o d:5o|£^^^cdOE^a<ddcs33g wo £j ) w;oc) ^a o u (?*^u 

■o^ii) «Sc5^^ <s5‘3'er® w^cS3o<r^o7r’«5 es q r t'JOOid 

^cSdo^co ;t) 0 oa o r "i ef ]^ > 

|^o 5 dos^ e5|p»oS, ^cdoso^ 6r£5 gftSene^ivO ^c£;?i£r^ ^Td* ^ 

ci:9c2Do«5 sSoaS * 0^00 io ;^p^^o^£5^^o o.o trjoat <5 

■*^0de5^A** OS 0(Sgo^^ ” & OC 6"** ^ 

■s^O(^a) 06 ^ (^CS50«^O -OvJ^ (^cig<CA 0^3 

^(Sisi^oS a5ooi^^ 760 A^ Sa^ goe5ol S^Xe^^f L Kj ’5 

^cdo;^s X)o^^t5^o7r wcooo^f ^sdsb Aj cS 

^^S^c35o; 5 Ibog^oT^^^A^do wo*^ oasdesooo «ao5o^5AdS -3 tseJSosS 

^ O'S'o^ oS;5o©o T"3 (jd53e;a?oa AJ“ ^ 

jlofiS ss3 ^t>ib4oo55o<&5 ;r*dodol 5 ^ 053^5 dzx>^ in5S"i^xrc$i tx^otjOf 

oooo"s^ a>odd £) ’sKSoejo 34oi3bo ;0 o b aaogb^ /T^osSr* igboSP, «J^S 

^;5^d1^:cr o5g<sS5iredo saSao^^rdo b T’dg^S'oo «5^S ^scre^oo^ 

lii;S’§^e>^oa<S> b T’o^gSl ^;;5o4ogoo , <:;|Sa5o ‘s'sT^ BoCpO^gipar^ mcx5o^$ saS 

lbn»*ESo^7r g<;5ssS3 

ipdisoo* ;r»Sd5@bo bgoK^ si3:SS Air*c^ 8.g^ ;aoi3tfjOi5wi5r<t> t^s^^ss 


Condolence Resolution rt D^a^h of Sri 18if7i February^ 1958 

B Samhamurthiy Foi met Speaker^ 

Madras Legislative Assembly 

'1o^5o'^o ^$00-5 550^5 g'<$^(^ooo(:5on5bo-^) s6^cs5crot5o o*&<55oo(s3^ 

5S<^ SJ®c5o €:SO(d;S .^(3l)ooi:)io0(55o^o ST’c^fg^e^oST* r\<n^ 

^oa ^cr5o SbO(So' cS ^oo eeT’oiS c^dg^oo, i^s2n’;:3«2^oo, ^0^o5^o3w, 

"s^tTg o'^^oisT® ^po?Oa5oT^o^7r’o<^ et^dC'^oTT’ 1 j^ ^ s^oSocsjoo^o Sdo^do SJ'SS 
^0 &^.5 ¥ rd ^ OnfiSocS-OO^^o ST o gb^oer’,^1 

bear® ?55Cj*^d3cio o^t5o oodo*^ ^cl^dScSoToi (55oo-S)<:5.S 

3s^o'r£) -^-3 ^d][5<;5o sg)*-»^<0 ;T“o erSS^d© osiSo^So r®«3o55o 


O ^5**^ ^ ^O3J<S50iT*^ Q^/\^0 <C^0C5^d "iS S (v'lji “(xi'“CS56 STOCL-O S3v5j7*o 

;7’cc56 Sbeo, ODo^r5 ”i5«5S s^-ziiogoo, (J^o ^^<;5c«D ei>e^o ^ ' a “ c5o 7r‘<5o"*g^«v? 

^'oer’^-0,3^ ^i)int5o ^oajf^ocn’o^TT’tfo TT'^o”^ eoooc^o X>o ©o ^;5o 

;?■" ■Sft^S^^^v'OoeS p-^csSofS^ oidb;^oiSb'^ C50^ ^oc^j^S" i^d^g^oT^© 0*500-^ !JcfoKodSD^5o 

SS,D oT®«Soo <*^00:50-^^ e5<X5oo” S’SeT® o:5o 

;T®cx5og’C5^o<»r® Ib'^a^So 6 i“«o ©T® oj S'tT’cooo 1919 i5 X3oo5^t5o©^ "^jOiSJoc^CSo ;^CS 
^ 5" soo (^c‘vdDo a? ^{%o^ .^ros^C^cr oa sr’c5^'oo pj ’siOoeT® 

;r*gb A0“"e3^ I's ©eT^rv^cj-^ csoo-o^^tfo S{<:|^cSo oo®) 5‘^j^oSsr*«5o5oo e:9CX50ft5 

;3^dAtfgb «5St3r»^ scy‘^C5ooaJy"c3o 

1920 ^3 "^iOoS^rto ^ "^OftSoo sj<:|jt3o SiT'o' <o^c^B3rfiooo (>c056-^^^7r*oq5 d^ogj>^ 

;t‘cx5o Sfigo 05 T o^j’;Oo©r® ^a5o?S sjoT*^ ssSoT’owOo ©}o<£5o s’o"fo <;9e:^^ 

c;50 ?J^U 00 ^ ^^\00 1920 iSS 7)’|^O©«0^ 2 sSa;54.)0»5c^ 

^Sor^;^5o5 ?5 o5o(:5og'o'^ 55o5ir^t^7ro<^ ;T'a5a^^^ 

s^c^A5" ^ocAsoTCiocT ? ®ar“^ g-^^roo «50AsSx:2^ccr“ 

|»ssoo As iscJ3o;:5 ;t*c»o ^ 00^0^0^ ^ ^ «5;;^^o55r^ /PoSi^AsCActroo 5^03 o;ip^eft 

osA^rS €:sc£5ots c5?o^j^ non CO operation and non violence 

:5^o’o.ooeS ll/C^©o "t)0«5foo^ ^oS^<!^0 

C^o;r»c5<5Soo eso^*^© ©©o^iTo s^o:^cs5og, *^^50^ ^odo^oj^o^TT’^Jo S^SA 
sSr>^o^ ^^15^ ^•3'<55oo6r^As*’«o o'SA a)©“Vc5-t5i^i5o 

53^«5©Aa 5 5SA©^ ^»Soo aSoo^TJj^ 

e;Sd33^S rS A^<<5foooeSo ep^STT* s^ooosS JCio55dj?5oJoo eaci50A5 esid dSi^^SooeT* ^<^<Sc$o 
45oo£j, Sbioooao'^jo S ^t5d ^pt^So^Sgo^tfo ^oCS 

’^5i-^l^o©o 17 '*&© t5o Sig^SoofiW «;5CS3 o^5 4AoA ^^^od'¥’ecS 

AoAdef erscsSo;^ b'|^s Sodo;^54.^o^ 

«^i;S^^t5o e ;?5;?5o), e^c«^4rcs5o^5o ^skssc^oa^SS 

2 ^ l^th Pebyuary, Cojidolence Hesolution n Detih nf Stt 

B SambamxiTth i, Formi / Spt aU r, 
Madras Legislativi 4mmhly 

oi&o 5 j*®^ 5 o ^ <5,00^ 1929 <C) tv c 

-^j-^i^cSoTr \t^ (fed§^SD<^oo«^ *^lr=d ifooodcfo/^o*^*^) src5o 

eS^scT’e^ g^ooeS oX3o r“’t>sr’c5o ^ ^^pos^ti^w’o^/Tdo All Illdui 

^ficijS^dloeoA' ^odo sS^i^ ^^^oejtS^oj'oo^TT’do rvo;^) ^ ‘ tli 

/T^g* S5|)£) •jJT’dd O'^^r^ooeT^^do dosjocio/r’ o3'^‘^o do < ^ o ) Jtg;ro 

^(i^tdooTT* j ad sg;’^;Co^3 ts tS<:;^^ooo7r’'^ coot' o ^.o <:Ji j"? rl <^V 

so;;^'^!^ fc) dcr i6o Cr^^osoo^ [^^I^S'^do **>oo'^k3v) o'^j^tv^^.vOOcT*' > 

d0ToO^7r*Ot5 ^ ^ O^a’A^^O^o'O A^dO ^<dOA^ ^jO<: '"0/v> J^dO 

03.5 5'^sy’do oaoo^’*S) ooo^do'^j ^ ^•oT’o'Vob o o a v 

dtdo 3 ^^ 1940~4] 03 x>o<de$j do <do<d^o:j^o<:^o 5 a£o(d.) os .5 /v-to^sdo ^ootu*^ 

gcpd g’doo^g^srt^ f^ddo€>‘>ey® 8^^ Xiod^dtdoo "^exi^^do Si? r^oo 

s'ijodoc"* (^55^c8jdocp>^7r"do gb” d ^f^do <dodo^^^d^c)i5 *"oo o 

•SJzacdoZT’a^ 8.00^ S^4o;c3o or®?^-** o^jS ,?)-n3) 6 > 3 ^ ,5 "* 5 0 

dooa ^^>o?o^::ocp» 1^ A oS aTo'^o^g/T* 6xJo§^fl ^ 5 vo 00 o a"* 

o'^'^cr geio/^ ^;3*Jj^o5oo lSdoS3‘"d <doJ?So3^doo 3 iS 03 00 

"“Slioode^^odS ddo-vjo^oi^ *130011 ft,OAd<S 1942 cT* ^ U 

h o^a. ^SS 13^^ do ido5ij^tr’^A cpA % j S)!v)A o5 

o3o|^S <5£57^^oi00OQr® 3’<»30Jdor’^3a'3l ,;r r^^^»<0 iC^noOA^do Jw 0 ?r 
aTTT'^) ^oboodS es^T^doo e.oodd 00 ^/Tu^^A^do S'^d (J i Cf 00 

tSofiT’di^ €5;3^doo ^^oa)docr o^/N^do “ "^do 2) or*»^ /r®o3 o^'^o r*o?t * 

dKT^do’’ (1942 6^) «f)Odod^ es£5do dortT* o^odo rvodoy^j 

s^ooo^rddo C*od €sd "5)0 ^oAS e;9 ddo^Td cnodo^o'^ doofroA^ ^ 

<^*o’dooeoA^do €^o|^ sSc^ddo^ c5o <i»d eo Ss 

go^ddScS^ efodod dfisSr^i^o ^§ 0 “^ «:5dSO(ddo tK)«^S 030^ iS vor jOt 

dcr»x3cpj, ^o-do^do^ (i^d^g gi^'^doodciS dgddrSddoo «»s3^do oaodoo ^ <5oo^ ^ 

dA^d e5«52>3 e5‘J;^2)<:;5doo^ 8 H 5 «() 6 -*c;;rdo McX5o,v.<f^ 6^0 

doo^lo x3^T’;r*5l o’SeT* dodgo d-a^o<J 

Sl^reTojd ddgdodooeT* TT^o goa ^oa-dooTT* ^c<l ,^;5r»cw(Sfoo o^ ^cr*g<Sgr«?t d); 3 *<aiodo 

:S^75^do tiolroo ddoAf'^r^ 1965 ^ conventions!) «#cs5od, ^ 

oTTdo d; 5 ‘^'^do e 5 * 6 '*^ ?tdo K 3 «^«>g!> 

gr-a d^^do ‘‘iitSo^oS «o'^^d'^ 5 r£' ^od^?r>w 

doAd «Mo.5o6oa” ‘‘doo^^docT* 73 So J3o8uo(fdoo Sd2l” dodV^tio 

^Atdoo r^d 2 > 5^do ’^’^do^irST JS'^ITc^ T'Sri) 

ei>d;:3ddoo ^d3 •S'^do ^^tvr^oaudaor*^ a>g O^Adocr»^ of^^^O >3 

Ao<|^w g^goo^to ?i.g dogSr^ ioo5;dS gfiS)i^^do 6^«8«5oo t*g 

Conlolence Hesotuhon re Death of Sri ISth Pebruarq^ IQjB I'S 

B Sambamiirthz^ r Sp aker^ 

Madras Legislative Assembly 

’SsP;5o^a5oc^€S^^oo o5ocp ^‘iyiSo-S -€>-3^^ €5^5023^6 

«i.ajoN ;5a;crCo ;?odo^X3o eisci^oosb ^cx5j oS 

3^oo*c5o ejo|£^ o5o^^ i6p^o '^/oj^eo 

(i5)c::boe5 ^ao5t"c5o ( C53s <a'®^do s'ccio^sa u, oar*lbo*Jj^ 

^X)tdi_^7\^<^o^ocao ^co^ o s^s^0"“c*> S3a;cr c 

recover ef)’^5 «^oa5r’§^»500 £5^^ sioL.oca7r lboo<^ 

ood^5 coO^^SSoo^S'do ■^a5o?6 cSboS'jy- a.^ «I:0Si**^ 

rOC5<5^o3^, r6C5^l6o^b o^^btT^A^OO S<3€^<^00 qjOCbO»5^ rv^dcjjS '2^!5eS»5cO, 

^o^^o^^^^«^'oo, OOJ*^ ^ocr«C^ •tScn’CSAS^^Oo (^S'C'oTT ¥^1^50 

fOdjvgcSo?^) ejJC)a6 '^cJ5Ci^5o <L'C5oogo7r’t5o TT^o^T® sS^ 1956 e>® ei)€S/S«a<:^ go 
<So^<SpSe5o i3d5^(2p s3r®^5o;^C) 1956 eT® 

A;^g' obT^^So oiss^clp* /T’s^ ^S^5^5oo s3osg)'-«^‘^i5 ^sSo\K^:io^;6 

•So<S5Sooc3:5oo£So nS’iT’ e5^5oon*Ao5oo giax^ eX3eo gb^oa)'^ "^iSoSocS^ooo esoiSo 

'*SbdbS30(2>^ooo'^ co3‘*c53o^ 5 go ”c5<^<Soo estoo^cio oa^&Socr® ^3 

a'3ft5ooj tL=?o^^o 3»foo ’^(So S^o'^oooco s^e5;?o 8^*^ eC5^<voo S^^oSoo 

bo7C*oo^<v)0 ^C^oSooTT"'^ ^oioCP’^oai^ ‘T^soiS*^ iSj^bceF* •o^tvjioosTo^ 

o^SeF® 50 d ^)l9(Sx3o2^ oor- icT^^Se^oo cSocSoio qoe5o6^ 

3.^ S’’ ^§*00 00^55^^ noble patriot who had given his all 

for the freedom of the country’’ 

All Members Yes, Yes 

Mr Speaker 1 will now put the Besolution with the amend* 
ment to the vote of the House 

The question is 

That this House places on record its deep sense of sorrow 
at the demise of Sn Bulusu Sambamurthy, Former Speaker, 
Madras Legislative Assembly, and a noble patriot who had given 
his all for the freedom of the country, and conveys its deep 
sense of sympathy to the members of the bereaved family ” 

The Eesolution was adopted nem con, all Members standing 
in silence^ 

i|5^ ^ S*zs»f6 $io?6 TPCSO^C^ r®o;?5i^7r^ 

7Pt5i> !^t?do7r», ;r^gbcgi>7r j^?5o«^0(jSoT’a3^, oxH§^ 


ISth Fehuaiy^ 1938 

Condo^^en e R so^uiioi re D a^i of Sn 
B Sambamiirthi, Fnmer Sp^^her^ 
Madras L gislaiue A^s mb y 

<:5c3^;5o -3^^o r^d 
s^c5£rao53 ^so Xj ^ -o^co CoT^i^ ’^tr^^o^cvoo, '^dS^ oo 
\ o3^v5o Si?5o^OcCoCa5^?53 

^b0^SO\50CCS ”^^0*^00 o}^^C5o 55 C50 A^Crf O ciy^ oii <3 O ^ fv5*®^00 5:SCJ50‘5 ^0 CsD ^ 

eSc^ ^ soe 6^^ ^cTcoJ ;3^C)^o<3o 

€r®(3o^ r^d c^^g‘5^e.oe,&r® Ibood^do c“'oo.; 5 ST’r'o i^pc2.(x0j^^ cro53o5cr»<tj 

0^2 Oo 55CS5 o^ ’^)X^o s^,^, Ncckt C s^oOo c^o 3 


ew.g' ^c5<;5 ^'2;S2C: — ®j^c5o ^co S?"' ^ 

<v)o^^ o o ~~- ^'^ivO oi JVi6*cktl0 s '' o c ^ 0 o^/vO s~''^ e3^d^ (v^ » ■'(*^0 

JiciT® 5 s#?^ 5^ ^ S.O A ScI? 1^ 

2;.^ s^^oT’Co/^So 6500 ^do /»r(:£ <xcn» oOceT® 


5^0^ s5 erS^djSoTr* ‘^rX) 0 s^S Ibo-^C^Oo \_ ''*^j^cs:a5 j^c? a "^ cro. o 

d 007^000^ oS^T’Oo b ^ 1*0 iT r®ro^©~^.5j-® e_ao^5 l.cS [s o^S" 

s^croOo '^osB;^''ooddo® ej^X DOH CO cpc d,t OH rndn-.n violence 

55^0^00-2) ”^^^5 555;;rv.j^T2;S'<^^o s 

lod^ 5^ A ^5r®cJo 5500 o ^ 0^0 ^Tto 

e 5 cSo -v^dSceT® eisoOo.^ tf^^oOcr^^SC^cr^ s^aT^ ■» ^073 c^ ^^o‘t eoT'^x: ^c c o !) 

esi«5500 bcT® 5ds£^ feocSd.J'o “^do o^oCS ;3o^o *5:3^ e.oXo.v'^o ovO^^::> s'e"*, c^rtrTosc*^ 
55050(55 80 ^<55^^^ci3 ;^0£r^0^0^o“*l-J 6^ IT^o’ 2^^ “oioCQ cw> o'^ST’ 0 

5506075 50 c3o^ S}6t5o0^o Cc0'"cso i So''o;'€. e5o e.o -^oco eT® 

too<:50(55^ 6:9cdo5S8b ^^:^t«23(^o3j5o ts Ibo^^OoTT* 55C£0i55 c,d 2x. 

5£)oe5o^5^ tsdXoTSSb ^Ao3:5o T^od^ s^’^ST^cT'' ^c^]f3 co 

o''\.55^^ 1921 o5 Ko'S^jCo ^ ^oo'o S’ ^ s^^o.00 ^ "o^^-xco 

aScI) ^ e,o6r® s (X'^^i.OoSo^oS^do 

■^TSo ^5.0 8*0 €.06^5 O2*"0f|^ ^ 

55>g'^<:S Se^’^o.Ow ^ ^oo-S l^d ^ca^ocnOp ('"oS o^ 

^oSsrefo 550760 lIxocSij l^'^s ^oq 75 ;y®cs:o«^od5o e5|>e€pc0 s^cj^^Co 8'<x0^ 

Kj^o^ts-j.^roo <6<r»oj^ 1921er® ^^o6osrds^ eso^co e£s: 2 c^o arrangcmer ts e. 00 ^ 
'*^50 00 '^o6o< 65.^ 1933 s~“ f\;(s5j*“'*^ 'ScJfoo do ZspKcCi 

^ l5r0205ror»O^Ar”60 «j 750O S'j^iyOA^ 5S>8'^d 3o^oc55500 2&,0\CO 65 

6r®2?»;6'*S> e5cs6o;6 ^^jfodo doC^:o^do ;6j^ 0 8o500©'® oSoSo e^cSlg 

Condohnce Resolution re Death of Sri ISth February^ 1938 13 

B SambamArthi, Form r Speak^r^ 

Mauras Leg slativ^ Ass^mAy 

ei)^;5o arrangements oT"co 

OOTV* 23 O \<vd^0(S5c^ "s^C^AvO X)(55u ’*|>'5^e,€r® "^S^CcO^ 

tsoA^ JC)i5cp>‘^'»55oo ^cd -^CS*^ X5 o^eia S iS^cSo dci i$pce.o5 oeS 5e*'Cffl) 

-Oai^eo "^(vO 2 jES;^0 o^0tr^tp_frc ^pTT’osT® o^ro ^‘He IS really 
a bold man” e^csfo^ ^^cto^sb f_e'> o «r**udo 

s^rsCJ^ciS'^ A^<0 eT^-udo 1923 ss 

^©r^^3^t5o 6?fo^eS 1928 d X 5 c^eSjddoo©r® '^docIT* coooT“ ‘V’ccpTT’oJ^'^d theory “Dominion status is not 

possible If it IS not possible complete Independence^’ 
25^ ^0^0 5 ^Cs e9^5o ^o^T^iSoo I ^ ^^SCdc|d2r®^:o, ^ 

s^eT ezscTo.^ independent tt* 1928 ;oo i,^o^ esoTToao 

^odo^ 8 j^ Sj^ ;c3cd^c5dao <SJcn»<D 

o3:;$r^5roo Dominion Status sa^coo^d^ooow "S»doo 

S'© ‘s^c^^xSo^ 

^ ©d;|Sg(S.^ i:li~oco^c5o S’'^Cl A^Ci^TPo S:(Sid00rt5 ii^ 

oT”o.oo i^ce.^0 , XuaT'S'dc^ sT^^oTT^cfo, ^deC"®te^S' '^5j'®cro^T®c5o 

oSo^s5o^g^^j ed"^" ood^ cooi^o 

TTocpT'Co ^jcad^oo 5:!^ ^0*^0 bT^co s;o ajS" doo Xjo/'d 

o5wC© 2 ^^ 0 sfOA^sT* ^"^os sr*a)oo^ ?r®^ ST ??«. Dominion^ 

Status oD 0 d ^©--0 "'OfeO'^^ X3 o5^(5doo 5 o3^S5<S^oo e.ce)t 5 doa 

o^g'o^3^55oo sjdcsp 1929 oS ;Cod^C?c^ 2- o Af'o e:95!^do ^odocOn* 

■b^c<j.^orocr'o^7r*''o 4 o^a?“to '^ooodo’A*’*?) ^©oSb 

^''2 2 ^ 0 ^^ 6^8? ©eiT' sT^caTcoo <x05:-«©^7r’o9 

TPo^ recei\e *^^^50 p^si^d*» ©^g<^o©o ©do 

23;t:c©' Tij^'ioSvTr ^ CO dosc^-^^^Tv ^cpTT’do ©cdS’o^ F’cS" "^^eo 

X)o3cn‘'t)*^doodBo jCr«2adooo 0o\ ^cIToao ?r 50 ^ e^S'jpjC^ 

^500-5 dSj'S^doc ■^iOoToo «55‘^vos ^^;b^O{2JdOT o^/T'JSa dodfSo^d«5^ 

.^3050^ eS©T^cco'^ ^S, 2jcSre'^;$ 

s^C^do fC, doA d o ?v3 ,^^ S^p<.cn’©e5^ouC®> ^^2^ iCo© ^ ^ ^ ^do sj^doSP' 

East Godavari o^z^lk & ^dosr’e^ ;rdsD^ noting©^ 

2gONCC) dOST^tT’^TT'CC^ TT^OvT® ^od OCO O*^ 2^-©©^ i5ir’CoSH)^<2r® *^:0^0O?J’ 
■^c^d^TT" ig);5^<^0v 2^ SejL<5roQoo;i4jDi;5ciS 8r<:<©^c^^ tSi [^0l;crdD ^ ^dosp^ 

’t-vjo.oc^P’ ^$pgC$o[1gdoo e-«o^oo'fo, ^<55o!6 1928 ©i^T^eSa ^ 

i^gQoj^gd 0 woo^^do os^ ;:-oarfr-oc|d^^ ^5 j^6 

ftfroC^do ©as-goTTo” edgl^oeo escdod^ db ^ 

•?^^3CdO«N-dO s'o’a^F <J3o^ 0^ St3oso;^r^d0 O'S'dOC^r* ^QAftS 

dir^o-5 o^t)5s;^da «i?s;5o Working Committee ^ 


l&ih P^britary, 1958 Condolence Resolution re Death of Sn 

B Sambamurthi Former Speaker 
Madras Legislative Assembly 

oiSOoSy <;5o g'^AOo X)o d-^s^3 sSq^Co 1929 SS ;3oiSC^c5^oo6r® 

€£ Ibcr^i^doTr’ [td s5ooo£$cio;^d%‘^ SPtfo /r^55ir^(^.sfool5 

e^scpcS e^oocl oX )0 s^’*S)2r®?5o ^ ;^po2)(^oj-°o^?rt5o All-India 'Ss^c:i§<s5oo.5 g”^ 

^<f;^{S;oex)?r* t^oe^o ^^;vPO^)<^5oJ^o^7^’?5o e£0(^0'g<J5oo^'^ 

TP’g «!:5)^s; o'^<5^oo€r®<^5o a^g ^ go^^foCcoTr* "^Co s^oo^cSo ^oz)S^c^o 

^ eoa ad ^ cooi^i^So gr^cg ijj- ad 

b ^Sj- €:5^oSbo5^ (a;dl^3r“i5o <s5o5r^X3o o^^£^<^oo6^ 

^Sot’^TT’o.^ S 0^23 /T^o^- ir*-i5 ^ o /T^tfo ^ggoTT* <g)Oda>o;CT 

S^j^e)d^ o'§^? 5 o coot 5 ; 5 o’^o £> o^es a^o 5 ^^^oT®os ^eT* ^J 555 <Soo 

^55053^^ 1940—4] «5;3o^^jgo 6^ <5iOa5o^o^O(:bo ^ s. eoV’ ^Srjo s^r3 <s5^^c5o 't5o»5o^ 

gcr»{:^ giSSocn*^ f!^c:5c5o0er® go^ ejg X)Oa5^c5^o ^exr^c5o ^odo^ T®^55«Soo o^o3oo 
ei>0(:5o©^ ^T^oa3<^or»^7r*go gr ?0^g(Aoo“’65oo -Sodo^ Zd^odQ 

^ascdoS^aeT® a-co' S^^X3o e^ oT^gs® 'o^ld 6:C>o^3 (S5o^g6 o5o^*^x3j 

^oa <^^08o<s:cir“o^A'“o<3 aTo'XPgTT* dX)or®^ «;5;F^C5 o s^odifooo ooo^TT® 
a'^'^o^ge.oTT’ €5^53^6 050(^3^30?^ XjB^l^odr^eo -Sdc^Dgdoodoo '*Sb^(^i>5oo 

IdODdoAo;;^^ ddD'u)0;P53^ Ibooll «3 0A^(3 1942 6^ (SScr»(d«^00 e:9a50;;5 

S) ar"23/r*^o^^o^ou^ gl)^ odOe^rSB^^A ocprT’go *'vr»T“^S"/^0i3 

coo^d oi£5^^o^oc5r® ^<?x)X5o s^e^i^(3l ;y® <:5;^ogo sSolsoo^cJb "SoftTocST’ 
ge)^ aTTT’'^ ^o^o<:5<3 €573^5500 e^oeSdoSoo <s5os3~o?^?ro97r"go o^.^5 j^s'^OiSoo 
0205500^ ^TT’CSo ** S 

(1942 ^) 250i5oiS^ aScnuT® o^giSo 6t5o^6 dosSo^ii^ 

s5^ooo;3^?5(^ r®ocl ^o XjoAd ts Bc5bS3^^ €i)0(:5ogoTD «;5oocc5o7r“ 

^o^<^€-o?rbo i6cir>d;6€^ ^S5ST®X3 o^ fl^“«;3^c5o <^SSr“;^oo 

go^cSoiiB^ e:9C3do<c5 ^o’td e^c3do,;5^ o}<5o oaociS ■z:^cr“K3T^ 

^o-do^do^ e^cS^g Si’^'^^Soo^SciS i3gsS5irSc555oo i^oa)(goj-» ^ <x>oc& 

tsr^ d td^s^S e5^<^53 ei)<?^<3d;^55oosr® ^aodOid^T® s^i.'o 

o3ot®S gcpCp ^ (dodgD e50|^or"^»^(>5oo €5d0o!PB 

(^dg^osSoofiT® gb<3 tj5oa3<5?oo7r® ^od ^iSp’osiiSocr' ^ ;r®gdgo^ ^ 

:o^^do tio^^oo iSdoAoo^ 1955 convention sb e^cdo^s, ^ 

oT^do odo^do w BdaST’B ’^'r^cdo^aTo"^ ?0(:^ ^tjSog) 

gfd '‘Si3o^oS3 ^“-^(^S^aTo ^oGr’<g), ^5od^X5oo 

|^§^-c^do ;3^go pdoeooc^^^co ocd^’^ .doeSo’Xjo 

SV^oj^cT* s^£>S Ib'^eSo^arS' o^as^S?^ ^S’^TeTc^^ TEST'S 

Sgs^^ fi?55;dda5oo oe55 o^do t^^oajifocp* o^ a.g tFgAifoon*^ •g^^csTo'^oS^o^^oo 

Kyd JO g^ gbo‘lj a^g p5o5drG 'Oo|!;^oS§ gfll)i^ e^5 fe^asiSoo a^g i2)<:j:rs»;5 

Condolence Resolution re Death of Srz ISth Rehruary 1958 

B Sambamurtht^ Form r Sp^aker^ 

Madras Legislative Assembly 

^^5oo ’^ST®o5o^cx5oe^eS^^^oo ^ocr“ ^c5oS^’C^ <r^i>o’^:c>a6r* 

^lO^OT’ 53(3 ;^c5o <;5odo';0'> 6:5C(^ei^ ■oct5cn>e>i3 

e:>g'^Co ei90(^<x0c^r£;c3'z;5,;5o ^o^o;5^t5o ^o|£^ <5olr°^ Xj-z^gb «^X3j-^eo 

0(0 e^C)oe^ B^aoo'^?5o Sir’^do ^^2*!. di, oor“’^«ij 

e^ss^dcj* ^^o^T"^o^ocac> ib§^do 3s&.0j XicIxT’cr 

recover ef**^ ?:;5cs3o<dooer® ^oaSr*^^tdoo ^o^ocd?r ‘Ibco.;^ 

ooc^^S O^o^o.^ 53d.do53z?)0^do -d^odoxs c^s'^ 

Xjd^'SiXy’, X3d^X3o^ Sl^jT^Aftfoo S’lJAr^^^oiS w<5cSoSoo oodSD<d^ JC^£5 c|^ ^^C5^i5oo, 
«50 (^o^(o^iS5oo, cS “o 030^ (S5ocr«C^ T5cr»dSA§A^3^?5o **5>^ s^c^So 

X^-zilSgcSoTr) vj; es.dolS'S'cJ&ido e£>cs5;^o7rdo /VScJ^ ^e)£) 1956 ^ e6^iS<:|^gb 

i3 •d **0 ‘'Ojj^ <Soz^(!^odSo 85r®^i^c» 1966 ^r* e-^o^ 

Altos' oocr°e5(5(3 o^sS^dcp* x5^5b|AH^xS 4«Sc§iaoo 

So^eSoocsdoodSo ef);dbGr®A^5oo gbd5o e:9X3eo Shtocaa"^ "^dSsioa&e^o esodSa 

o^‘*S3 '*&«iSSaoado0o'lD cor“cs5o;d sb o^'o'' TT^sSsSoa (br^oajadooT* i^c5d 

O'S'^dbo, e:30(^0'S^5oo S^£^oo3oo s}6x5o Xx;^|6 d^iaoo -&^6^ S^^»5oo 

do7^e^o^(do es <Sd^a5oo7r®’^> ^oiocr^^oaido ‘s'aa^ ^cr’dcEr’ ot^XD^ooiToS 
"^(do Sj^dS Jb lt;S^X)cr 3 ^ oox® &o2^^^oo ^ <Soe5oi3 l^^CSoxr^s5a s^odSoo^ 
;r»^§d5oo od^55*T5o^ noble patriot who had given his all 

for the freedom of the country’" ^3 SS'S^ 

All Members Yes, Yes 

Mr Speaker I will now put the Resolution with the amend- 
ment to the vote of the House 

The question is 

That this House places on record its deep sense of sorrow 
at the demise of Sri Bulusu Sambamurthy, Former Speaker, 
Madras Legislative Assembly, and a noble patriot who had given 
his all for the freedom of the coimtry, and conveys its deep 
sense of sympathy to the members of the bereaved family 

The Resolution was adopted nem coti^ all Members standing 
m silence 

^ or*aj»A5 550^5 7T^<3Si^e^ s^o^S^TT, ^oe)5&j^^ 

TTtJo ^S'do/T* ^7"c3doSbdg67r oxr0^ 

16 ISth February^ 1958 ConW R re Dea^h of S ^ 

B SzrrDum ir^hi^ Form r Sp ak r, 
Madias Leg $ aHce A sembly 

p5d(^<>5oo 00 7’ 0^83"/^ TCp FOODS' So ^0^^500 Oq^ 'qccSo Ao^o^o 

X)<s5op'' 4 *^<s5oo 6o:)o^d^o '^oS^*^oo 

The House then adjourned till Two of the Clock on Wed- 
nesday, the 19th February, 1958