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Full text of "Andhra Legislative Assembly Debates Vol.iii No.3 14th December 1953"

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Vol III 
No 3 


14th December, 1953 

Official Report 



1 T1 e Hyderabad Agr aultural Income tax (valid ty of not oes) 

Tl e Hyderabad Tenanoy and Agr cultural I ands (Amonlmont) 60-1 O'! 
BUI 1068 

Monda j the lith December 1958 
Hie House met "t Hplf past Xwo of the Clock 
[Mr Spevkir in tkt Chur] 

( SeePmil) 

The Hydei abad Agricultural Income-tax 
(validity of not ces) Bill, 1953 

The Mim^te) foi Fmanceand Siaiisiics {Dt G S Mell ote) 
Mr Speakei Sii I beg to intioduc L A Bill No XXXII 
01 1958 a Bill to lemoic doubls as to the validity of oeitaui 
notices undei the Hj-dciebed Ii cprtie tix Act 1,857 Easli 
in its applicotiDn to \giicultui 1 income and unde the Hy 
deiabad Agiicultuiel Income lax Act 1950 

Spealeet The B II i mtioduced 

The Hyderabad Tenancy and Agricultural Lands 
(Amendment) Bill, 1953 

Ml Speakei Me will now t ke up the clause by clpuse 
reading of L A B 11 No 1 of 1958 the Hyderabad Tenancy 
end Agiioultui'’! La ids (Amendment) Bill 1058 Members 
may move then amendment to Cl 2 of the Bill 

Clause 2 

Shn G Rajoiam (Aimom) I beg to move 
In line 8 of paia Uii) foi the word one third subs 
tltute the woid one heir’ 

Mr Speal ei Amendment moved 

Shi G Smamulu (Maraham) I beg to move 
Tor para (in) sub titute the following namely — 

(ill) After clause (c) the followmg shall be irtterted 

(cc) Basic holding means a holding the area of 
which IS equal to half of the area of the Family Holding deter 



I »h Dec , 1968 

The Hyde) ahad Tenancy e nd 
Ag) iculim al < Landl 
{Amendment) Bill, 1958 
mined under Section 4 foi the local area concerned and 
fixed for every family of 5 members and again for every 8 
or more members above 5 in that family 

Mr Speaker Amendment moved 

S}m K VenUU Rama Boo {Chinakondw) I beg to move 
(a) Aftei para (at) add the following sub paras — 

‘ (at) (a) For the words, figures, letters and biaclcets 
“ Hyderabad Limitation Act II of 1822 F ” wherever occur 
ring the following words, flguies shall be sub«tituted namely 
“ "flie Indian Limitation Act (IX of 1908) ” 

(at) (b) For the woids, figures, letteis and brackets 
“The Hyderabad Civil Procedure Code (III of 1828 F ) 
wherevei oecuiimg, the foEowmg woids, figures shall be 
substituted namely — “ The Code of Civil Proceduie (Act V 
of 1898) ” 

(at) (c) For the words, figures, letters and brackets 
“The Hydeiabad Cnminal Procedure Code” wherever 
oocurimg the followmg words and figures shall be substituted 
namely — “ The Code of Ciiramal Proceduie (Act V of 1898) ” 

(J) “ At the end of para (aw) add the following — 

‘Explanation — In the case of a joint cultuation 
by the landholder as a ploughshaie in the land held by the 
tenant pi lor to that of joint cultivation, shall not be deemed 
to be the personal cultivation of the landholder ’ ” 

Mr Speaker Amendment moved 

Shri Ankush Rao Ghare {Paitur) I beg to move 
“ At the end of paia {mi) add the followmg proviscs, namely — ■ 

Provided that the income by the cultivation of such 
land is the main source of income for maintenance 

Provided further that the land not exceeding three family 
holdings shall be deemed to have been cultivated personally ’ ” 

Mr Speaker Amendment moved, 

im Dec , 1958 

TPe Hijdeiabad Tenancy and 

Agnculiwial Lands 
{Amendment) Bill, 1958 

Shn G Raja Ram I beg to move 

(a) “ In line 5 of paia (mi) between the words ‘ any ’ 
and ‘ member ’ insert the woid ‘ adult ’ 

(b) “ At the end of para (mi) add the following proviso, 

‘ Piovided that such agiicultural profession is one’s mam 
source of income ’ 

Ml Spedkei Amendment moved 

Shn K L Narastmha Rao (Yellandu General) I beg to 

“ At the end of para (mi) add the following pioviso, namely- 

‘ Provided that the landholder oi the member of his family 
cultivating personally shall be generally resident of the village 
or a contiguous village, where the land is situate ’ ” 

Mr Speaker Amendment moved 

Shn B D Deshmukh (Bohkardan General) I beg to 

“ For para (mi) substitute the following , namely— 

‘ (vii) Foi sub clause (tit) of clause (g) the following 
shall be substituted, namely — 

“ (lit) By servants or hired labourers on wages payable 
in cash or kind but not m crop share along with one’s own 
paitioipation or the participatioii of any one or more members 
of one’s family in the essential opeiations of agricultural 
production like ploughing , sowing, etc ” ’ 

Ml Speaker Amendment moved 

ShnAnna3iRaoO(mane(Parbhan,i) 1 beg to move 

“ At the end of para (mi) add the following proviso 
namely — 

‘ Provided that the income by the cultivation of suohi 
land IS the mam source of income for maintenance’ ” 

Mr Speaker Amendment moved. 

66 lithDec 1938 TheHydeiabadleiancy and 

4gnci Itwal Lands\ 
(Amendment) Bill 1958 

Shn V D Deshpande (Ippaguda) I beg to nio\e 

(а) Aftei para (a) insert the following as para (ai) 


(an) Alter clause (rti) the following clause shall be 


(mm) llaximum holding means a holding the aiea of 
which 18 three times the family holding as determined under 
Section 4 

(б) Renumbei consequentially paras (xt) and (%n) as 
paras (xn ) and lespertively 

Mr Speaker Amendment moved 
OMr er- 

4.151 ( jofth Famly holding ) -ijs sSC«-i i>,j 

^ 1 — .U 1 j cf the Family holding ) ^ 

^ iTa. lA-Lr^X.! *1 ^ ur,^ ^ a I L I i. ^ jjl 

wjjjf ^ ^ 4. r;Y 21. I ^ Jj Ijho ^ l.XJUyi 

iTVi ^ i./'jhd.l k ■oljlx-.j jjl 4. ^1 £ J 

Lsv* ji A- / j'j* r ui 1. ^ 

4- 14* ^ W 0- 4 «. J«1 2* i/->* !>'“ <->y^ 

djjlidp rr ir^ 4. o-ii5' J 

jWy ‘-JJ '-Sofly Jr *^4. i-y ^ uu) 

f h ( Establishment ) > — >-4>U.l Ul ^ S ojf ji 

*5 ' ^ tUJ tk) 4. hW jkjjlf IjL. jjl (jo, A h5 

Jfp. JU LT^ irl Jj'.lJjt 0-1 tw 3l Aj *1 I AJ ovj 

If ^ u^jIj ov) jf” )'■'“!) <-SCjAii A <-^ ■by' J»J Jr XL tL* ^ i^vhj 

kjUji _^5^i AiToj^ ^Lj jjl uAe Kjbj jISCajI 

lo i Jj* LMJ ^ ^ ^ jT" tJT I [ijib Ud I 

lT LT" jLfl L«l ^ ^ U tJVj 4-, 

sd_j4^ Ji U^J y <£,U. X^J ^ ^ 

I Ljb 42 _j ^ ^ lmj X ,^1 i»U3 


uXXj* t-CI jf yb e^J ^ £_ AS'iJ 

L-^UI tA^ IS' iXjJy. (Xh 4^ ;^)l (^U 

Uth Dec 1<)53 

Me HydeiabadTeiaicy md lith Dec 1<)53 S'i' 

Ag) iciitiwi al Lands 
[Amenament) Bill 1958 

^ J jfiS ^ jj ^ y- 

■-5^ I ^ 0-1 jJj. ^ ,^1 aT E> bl j Kbu lj^<* C r u> j 

jsbLri J 

iT^y. ^ Al ^ Ijf LSb/l^f. , — S' ( Economically ) 

y iSj~JA ijCj o>A Aj i>y- ^ il J AJy J^Aly tC-, tiC.1 

jJA- u-ij Ay A^ aj LS i— ■y'u'A Aj /"jj-CjS!.; 

•-^bj A ( Piece of land ) •l~l ■-• y* aSojJ' a ajj_^ 

I iXjJy iJb-i iS ' A iSjJy aj Ify «A>li yj5"jSbl ^ AjT 

bC ITI ol J JJ ^ l> Al JiU ^ aT ( jy A, ^ 

Af KiyTAi i>i 1 — SjA ' — -1*1 Ai^l aU y ( Uneooiiomic ) 

^Tjljy y jfl ASCyT _yU by f ^ t" iXjy J*j _>r ojy iXa 

(Eull Employ ment)'-^^ a1 

^j^jjAuuy( Undei Employment )c-J5bljX ^a 
( C onsolidation of holdings ^ Sb a^-ja 

iJU yl A-..-A- i5j1a a (‘1-“' WaI *5bl Al A b A-* 4; 

Ojyi- JJA i^bi £. OA.J JJ CAA _^y Aj 53 Ay* Ayi* £. laj 

y a^U-T j aT a (•l-nl 1— -b- y Al If i-~rj/ ^1 y ^y il)T yw 

A i-Si^ A aIaaa ^J-I yiyf" OjfjJjjly u^iJyS fly o| 

yi Jbl yy ijA ^ yAj iXjJy iX_i yy ylj-^l yl ^ 

JaaU Aaa. r Aiy ^ y. aJIa-TIjIa A yjV v^jUl 

O-IJ (X A iXAly iX-J y A IXy Aib_}5' OjfjJ ol ai jj by 
J.J y tX^y iX.^ _XI A bT ijJai Sbl Jj OyX. OjiJJ jyb u-l yvA 
yjl A 01 XL—a. XyElyEj UY »J A wfj r y f X-hy 

it- JkAA«-l AJUa-T" *J 1 ^ ^ 

AbXU, l^( Piogiessive Step ) i— 'y-j/jjl li/” .=.1 *i 

ly Ji 0*1 ajIa a bs ylA_i ^ i_— If y. ii~.jA-.l l_^jj Ujl A ua. 

A-J iy«-J I y aEa y I la- yl A Ls^ i? LAiyi y lT '—S' Ay ' 

A y -J i4- Iaj JLai f A L-l 1 Absentee land loidism ) (“jil^jbl 
A jyJjJy alfjjl lm ly-j* y' i— («* jjbXI K-b-y ,^j 

iSj JA Af A*'* bX LAf t-~lAj) jE ^jilijV Ej ^y«*il J»A i-i| aElAA 

IJ«)I y lA-fXI uv-ylXAU-'J-Ay la* uy J i—f Aj» lJjI. 

KijV Al la- yy A o'yl OJ- A db 

59 Mill Dec 1938 I fte Hydeiahad 1 enancy add 

Ag icuUwal Lands 
(Amendment) Bid 1958 
‘ by servants on wages payable in cash oi kinrl but 
not in. crop shaie oi by hned laboin undei one s personal 
supervision oi the personal supervision of any membei of 
one 3 family 

Uil ^ lX \ iUTjij. JJ trsl' 1 1>< i> ir ^ jfl 

o*" <£5. !>■ iSUyS' ^ Lj Aj (jvj t_4 jJU j* 

ol U uo. jT ^ jow jj oM. jJ" 5 uV' i.j p JlSj Ji 

jf Lbjf' >1 JJ iXl IJUJIJ* l, ^ £ L)/jJ 

u ir J-t O'* ,j/^( Supei Vision ) 

Ix^ O"' > <1.U5 ^ Jy (_ywj ^ liLi 1-^ 1 4, 

. SX.J* oke uW y«i lmjIj 1^ '-!>• J i>y sT ir*^b. u j ^ 

ijU b u.jj£ ajfjSVj o-l* J.1 j* fl> £ jb 

lW) uv js os* IJ- A-yX, 

J ^Ij •L./’ ‘-~K' lys* y JAX jb* A— b oV ATUiiLj Ai A-i^ ^ j> 

ujUl S ^ 2iH-> b-J «=■ bjjlAlj* ly** yfo/jJ LS'Iuw U 

jyl> ij4*l ( Genuinely ) uki^ '^o'a i/r* 

ok'b usy ol '-V a^a u- i—S' jSjTj ,j-x>li «- ua.j ly*. 5- 

*5'^. if kXiU A. A,jji £, i. O' .Aj (S' J_jr |_p,U. 

( Main ) «- iJ'A Oj» jl< Z. i-jT tbAl* o-j >-5”^ i/J 


(Main)i>**SbijAls:>/l o* i-ATiSjUA/b uv oS U oAii-O^ACkA 
- byp jU«l K' ^ AS- sWj'-dj* o-j ^r*' Of- A»s 

(Mam ) oSb-o^y o a. .^j/ o. oj>« 

u4xl b lijS" ^ irl yjl i- 1-^ “l-A u«* 1* -5 ^ a-a1jj ^Ijj a,»i 

( Mover of the Bdl ) ih iS^ '->' xb-'O' uw ol ^ nc ^ 

^yt^ W-e iSlii* £L OjjlAly y /"l Aflfij/" L— Ij-jJ Ai ^ y-jU. jf^ 

VjA sSaI jIXljl yljTJjJ y.| ji o» iSAjAj. 

ojv A-v O' Sb- jjl i lAjl Ob. byT.-K' CA — -A J jWj. j* oc 

K-a j-jC-io- jU|j(f^ 

(Family holdmg)AS^-t'j*jAAAroj»UUA'0' bT^jXJZoyi 

y-AySit" (O' 1^1 ^U. tj5'j ( Basjc holding ) a&aIiA'X-'oa' '€ 

jf Ou'-dy O JA .». ijSIajA ISXV A-t- isilt* o-yT ,j J t-tlSb. 

1 he Hydet abad Tenancy and 'iUh'Dec 1958 59 

AffiCultuial Lands (Amend 
ment) Bill 1958 

^ ( Ceitifleate ) 

iUJ £_ ^ ) i-CUjj. lA- irl ^ ^L- c-jl* i> 

Ey. ^ Jj r •£- L>J‘ ^Jj (ti ) ‘jisU ^ 

LK^ lfJ'«!_ jl-*?" ^/ ■i‘j S'! tXil ji iiUL, ^ 

o'd^ C Reclamation ) ‘-'^ o—*^ *5" 

To make Glow Sfoie Tood plan ) 

^UE " J ( the Countiy Self Sufficient 
otl* ^ t: J' 0*1 iS'i* >S ‘■jj S oCs'^ ^C-Li 

i.UjUy» U^^ ^ jTi-y^ J* .J uv» Li jXyilj 
L i <»l j ss. ^Jj r tji* lA- ir> ^ o'* JLj t, 0>i5 iXI ^ 

fE" ii iSjl*-. UT^/" o^u .j iTo'* ,£eOj' ui~ 

i5-' i/‘ ‘‘j‘ c/f S Oy 1—5^ ISje* ''1 ^ Ojjt <jl 

u/ o^ ) tXliy. iX^ *jUU jj , ySU_, JU 

uS^ o* jT OjjjJjj ^Ojjj-ibij^ 

iSjrS'iSi^J a^Jj ly iSijI j’Xjf'l O'* OUr 

Agiicultuie IS the mam piofpession of the country 

O'e O' ^ o by a;! ^ y i 

J-jyl *1"^ j_ ^ O'* ii-j J* > ^ b o* o- U 

l.u-ejS' 0*1 jf”! O'- oUj ^I jf" ob 0-1 Jj (SJ uJjjj^ o'-.- '-«-“ 

J-o J: V cl>fj <£ iJl-O* ^ 1*1 1 > 

*ojj X I E" OS" i Jj o*^ ^ ir >> <i-'>- u4 ^ } J Xllo* 

j sj bS o -■ ' — • " ds. I’l*! 0*1» J- ObX 

X olfX o— iJj-» jS^I o*-"-* SL J— •' tSjy jj' '-^ji X 0*-" iSjW 

o* <L.J^ J-b. jL.E' 

X-i. bi jo-. 0^ .o<i bi XI 4jb. ^1 ,j_ ou 
a familY of five membeis foi eveiy joint family of five 
membeis and again foi evay thiee oi more should be con 
sidered a family holdmg 

o«-.— I E^ XjJyb jJ— » X I ^ ^ 0*1 Oo* (0**1 G ^ 1^-J^ O— (j— dijlb. 0* 
ov oo,j*->bjj.-.o5j.. " o^J i. t/l/Vb ( Estimation ) 

«*lj (o* oo osS" £_ Ojoji X o* * (.* (o«o- ob«»J.* .:.jb. .(Wj 

OO o»^il Oj-o* .4. bXj OX jl*; I O* (--J> X .», tijJ, (Jl„ 

' (O** (jUb. 1^.1 (>, XU. ^1 yf* ,i_>» ^ , I .| ^ ^ 

nth Dec 1953 

The Hydey abaci Tenancy and 
Ag)icu}tuial Lends 
{Amendment) Bill 1958 

J'j" iJCol^Aj j LS'jjvi 

^ jJ'l ^ .£. tSjjjj- 11^ u—* S' u*l ^ lT 

Lr>» O' o'" O j« •-■ lTIjj (>f, Ijj [s' jl ^ e_y, i-j'i/lj. 

( Fix ),/Sj OC Uj« J j kX I ^ '->^* ‘-'J* 

,J_4 jSh 4>L. Jii cfJ’ d-/ 

t i j: S. £_f ,j^ I jSL ^y. i)yo 

lox cveiy tliiee oi moie should be considered 
family holding 

j! I jwj ij •- j. ^ i. i5jj^ i^Uj yl 

^ y t/ I j ( Reasoi able ) J > <Jyj eixF" 
^ j~i y «!_ i>. ^ I jtl*- S c-lo — cr ij^ ly. 

I jXjj jjjj ii <J^ 1 iL.y •e.jf' ly I .4- 

^ ^ ^ i— *^Aj ^ 1-^ >* lXh-o *5** 0^ 

JV A LT* J_>-i 


O' <4. ( Consequential ) J-jF" ^Is" y j~iI iX I ija 

yl Sy J-le jXiJj iSS cj JJy ly^ i,/" Jyj jX-l aT J y ly*.*- 

yill *S» ^ ( (>» ^jXa y ry- y <4. l/lJ' If lyly ^1 jy!" yu 
bj Ally f O' ly i-ly 0*4 eA Oyl» aL-jIi* er* ^1 o^ly £. anj 

y J ^/"-aW yj5^r(^) , (j ) n ( ^1 ) , i. o- ^1 4.1^' 

1, Hydeiabad Limitation Act )'-J^ ly — JilTjA^AT'^.j (4.I) , 4. 
UO ( Indian Limitation Act ) Li: l,j__J ^ A I ai-l*" iS 
i>tdl il( Hydeiabad Limitation Act )AS^l y—J Ij-Ia <i.i*- 
( Hyderabad Limitation Act )4X: ly—Jitljn. o*<e.Ty i^yl^ 
o*' y ' '-.jjy i.jS ' ff y A^ (J-l <». Ifb-y j-y-. yl 

(HydeiabadCiiminalPipcedureCode) SyC w—jyjo 

4_ Ally y, o n A«»A JL LFLi y 1 y5^ Ajy If 

^1 i ly ( Act Pass )yb^ly y ( Parli ment ) 
(HydciabndCiimmal Procedure Code) V" lA-AryJ^jF" 

. tTy* ^A_! J i J,je. ^ tw yl ^ o ^\<'urj-y^_^ 
- -i. ( Consequential ) y- S' aj jjl 
il( Personal cultivation ) yyid-v 'i~-<L I tX I ly 

4.(y«Xj J •i-t/'iS'AAy y Jl-I 

rhe Hyderabad Tenancy and 14th Dec 1958 51 

AsncuMural Lands {Amend 
menu) Bill 1958 

lij-JJ (>■ y ‘-5^' e- UM ^ t/A '-'U'J' ui‘ 

(<• ji ' L^* 4 1“ Ol £*. iS iS' 

f^j‘ S{ Basic holding ) Jf 

S ^ i-S^ u>* L ijS" j»9. t/vj o>-^ ^ ^U_ 

(Family holding ) J-j j>. u-»i ^ aT"^ US' h-T ^ 

jl JLiiyt IJj-l liV S tr*! t-^-hjA tSL^ ^ y, 

J. cSjJJ^ >S^ ITjA ^(r) ^;~s^c t/>Ai If i-CFjib J*j i, 

^ c_-U tr-’ij'* u Jil ^ ^ ^jj\ Jj 

{ Fix J'tjh, Jil £;tXDj» Ju iX- 

J*' — 

( Resumption ) cr-tu j) ^ 

6" Xij* iX-J '-CoJjO <X-J Vjj<» (JM /™aJ £. jJI 

Xaa J’ J» jjl i jj>- V j v_jr i/jo S' (jj». JIjIjJj* ^ jj jt XI u^Ai 

ji^ K'^jjur ♦>!- «oi. ^1 u>«io*/'^i-K*'-=Li=wi:yj 

■». i/’j'il |. ^ > i.W iji>>ji ol K> y«. ^ X-j 

^ Ll**'*^ ' a* Jil' (^-UUX X LllfA. ^ €S. lljjISX *4 

— LiX" uV*. X A. err % xy jj”v ix i—l y ^ Jlj- 
jj\ oy JiiS i-je- o'-* IXa- jS. uy' i_u.L» 

JJI t^idtu-r" hi j» ^*1 i. ^;-iji>i( ;SijTjAJJi^^i/.IX Iw*. 

(/■I ^u. by ^ ( Voluntary basis ) yw ify*b 

jSCJ ^ ijU ow Xoy Uh uy <->jjy J" i./" y. oc 

^ yl i lyj y£.jWj»jljti ij .-y £. IV,. 

jlj jbi^ jjl J'y j~. .Alb y A. J 1 (I’ Xi)y X-i ^ z_ V 
T i:*!* ''jy* '-*y a:-'* iJ .b-jy* iiV eSj 1 jj U ^ i i^lf 
y y*-i d-ijil £. w U. o*jl IviyiA jll ^ t-Xj liijA.* *2*. (jjiLtXy y»u- y 
( ) iS' •'^■’ *' lyi e-j^ Is" iJ ijybXy 

i-iLiF X olyF .j tjA# l*X ^ ^z*! X <A_ bX^ *1 oty jjl X y jjh X. 

Qyl* lXjI ^ If' 4 _AJJj* •kXitiQl ^ J4> 

■’''I' jJj n S i=~‘j‘ yl uw 1-1^) ube ii .jUa if OjilX ^ 

Jy •*s"if j/ — ij-j-> tfi ts'yi yi c>y b/" 

.!_ Oy* b. .i-y-. (J<_. -UX ,^■1 X -U-a- S' u-O-S" J— jj J" X yl 
uc u-i uy yuy Mki iS 4^ ji y i>» izw '-'U'j' y*i 
4;l o-l >s"y Ji izHzJf'j.-ji i/J .se J-^ vl y* -“y 

P TT~2 

62 liihDec 1968 The Hydei abad Tenancy and 

AgncuUutal Lands 
(Amendment) l^dl 1958 
tS'£_ S ^ ^ M 

Uj jSVjI Lfljj ^ ( Right to woik ) 

cfi-f>r( GuEuaixtee ) iy~‘^ u 

u~.y~^d-"y ^ iflS'tjS'j- K" 4>v»l £, ‘-Sjj j .-jlj i-t <i_l> u>U^ 

jjl o^UT i,>4» jjl JL Jlj Kki _>r Jy\ ty\ 3 ±.^S & 

i- pr* ls^ LL '-"j" itI £- Jb ^ o*- £. «!-/' (■^>1' t 

A. ( Stand ) ^ j }iL ljl» 5 o 

Uj J uu '-^lu u"*“ 

£_ ^1 LS-U. LT i;n,. Ji-Ij m iJ tr-J-JS” ^bj l?“JI 

UU L|J'Jj u- *l-i» j-l jjl |>* (f ^ Oj* tjiU liljij tUI ^ 

uC.j uij *UU Si yj 3f( Businessman ) o y'j ‘Jj* 

tCy ijM iUL. £ >- bl e^** ^jL ^jl ^ lij U ( Risk ) 

jjl 4». tLijj ^ ^ ^ £.1^-^ cr> jS' l!>.>> ij“' *»' *• U 

— 0 ^ icfA^ M i. ojjjI tju _,>.T 

The non cultivating owner dischaig ng tlie funo 
tions of the entrepreneur m agriculture has no place in oui 
scheme The fiuits of the toil must go to the ti ler 
lyltT^hJIu .£ i/« j> • Oj>* ■‘J ‘-'I 

I j^r l_p. Uj,. i,3y -nlj ^ jl^ (r^ 'S ■-Si-) j Lf^Si '-‘jy Sis^ 
^jUjjU^ jC-Jj^Uirl'-'ljjl jUi J-b j * Sis^ 

y>3 ^dl—y jj' i-^uf- Lt» ^ ^j“£. ir i. ^^-eL.jlf' 

iff* .£. d(3* ^ 'Ljjjiyf S u-jl ■*. bl* Ljb- £. 

crl^ot t-£'£.usj S' 

Uti 1 13 UT i'b *> •> l4*-l ‘-S' I *> jS" my a_j O' jjKi j jjoU ^ I'* £. 
jjl J u^-tS” S i-jO Ij jTim,.. OJj'ib* it U ^3 ij'-ToV'- «!-, 
.UA' biiT™" -t-S jy jjl utj: ul J- 

jS'ojl^^jjT ^B'jj Jjl ^ Ju U J' 

i-Sj' W' Oi Ojt» tiii^ wt £. u*j' Ai tS” US' ^ 

ijli uSi jb* S' Oji i£- (jbj* J il <J I jjl u«. ^ t/" J.b Jj. 

ujii. ja. Si i5jI-9jj ^ J L, IjJ l« j»l iLfl j__y O' OjJlj tL-jT ^ — » S' 

^Uj* o— ij <», Lii ijj>>* tj orytS” J" 133 ^si u- Jj' iJV-' 

*j I jTo-jli. ^Oi-. (oJjOtTi^ iJjjIj 0-1 yui 

lUhDec WS8 

The Hyderabad Tenancy and 
Ag iculiu al Lan Is {Amend 
menis) Bill 19o8 
j J I jf i.r I Lj iS~ ^ 

a-> ‘ J^o/ ji ^ 

( But not in ciopE,haie ) o' irl ( a«i:r",aM ) 

e: ^ £. j-j'" ‘-'j^ jjl O'* ^ J,»— I buil^ 

^ J'i ^ KU. u~rSl^ _f5' ajjb~b'il^ cr-' 

iJo-^ By o4'yri-A“/ jV uii A ^U^iL. ^UL Lji 

Ij S'lJ ■>X1(»"’ ir' ■> •>—Oj^ Vjy^ _p. yjj_^ 

0>>b J A> OUj ^ J_Uy I ul» ^^Tij.. J,3U 

li-.olu«^j (Loopholes ) lyB* vP>*-ia jjl c- 

‘-lUy'J yy' '-■ y— oUXl jA. ^ (>.^J y| yUb 

j*i^ojj^ L>^j*«B. iJiyl U£,tUllj^ Jl ^ 

sf> 3f|T’'i«f — f’rfJT ^ "KWH’ =(i?5t^(Peisonal 

cultivation ) % ftr^r^r^ T tw'T \ it ^rrtlvi ^ laft 5 ai^ 

By seivants on wages payable in cash or kind but not in 
crop share 01 by hired labour undeil one speisonal aupei vision 
or the personal supervision of any member of one s family ’ 
d' It? ^T?5rr «a ft: ^ ?*r irdt ed (llenanoy Law)^mv ?« 3 3:13^ fW erra 
Hi Hlfsht Ht3l vtf3# ft: STIH ( Tenants ) a(k ®s (Landloi ds ) % ^ 

siWsftftftH s{ReIation8)3%HW^Wlf^<rafrranHHHfttsf(r5!rftr&ir If 
rjjsjiHiffHiR'iff Rules) (Regulations) j# 3 TO! 

aflt affHf afttff ^ 1 3rHffr<(33ftf«^^ftf^ Jlhree 
family holdings )ftraff ft: <rftW( Maximum )'l?m 5f tncrff 3 5|;g% 
a«rrei rnffir ftiiff % vRi h Hit ftre% vtot rnffH Hf Hftift *13 wsim 
(P ersonal cultivati6n)Ht^iift: ^i'nU'^rff'irrir siftiiirSfT (Tenants) 
^raife(LandlOrds)>|:rftwr*Wl‘^ HUT sptrHfftsfifiWlf (Litigations) 
^ ft ftr HUT sfk tfw uw ftffrina' HfiffwiwtHT Huriftwftr'wifftir HifiHV 
( Planning Commission )^ ftrsiftsr <^f 3 ft? %OTif %i 31: fss n dt 
^Hri (Agricultural Reforms) afk jfwaTftV 'tel (Eoonoimc 
Pattern)Hmir ftreftffift ftu' H 31 sft 'ffttiff HIT tft: I '^rft’T HifteT(Plan- 
ning COmmiSSion(w jpfr5m(Propo8Bl)f ft! «t)eifTO sTPti ft'tft ^^lftsi i 
( Three tithes of the famly holding ) ft 'sifivr ftaft ft qra'mfhrH 
sftt ^ trCf ift 5 Wtift ftraft' 3>(Kr litePfnT ( Production ) 
wftr 3 eraft ( Tenants ) ifk uft mw ( Landlords ) ft sriw 

64 14<A flee, 1968 The Hyderabad lenamy and 

AgneuUural lands, 
(Amendment) Bill, 1968 

% P#5Pfr 5tT% ^ I faw at? bjt ^tcir ( Loop 

holes ) 5 fr ( Family holding ) h ms ijai 

mfhr smraiTCift' (Peisonal Cultivation).^ fwi 

I m S'fiiad in: miimf ( Peisonal 

Supervision) %!Tnr>n:3mm»r<n: ipfhf twr it#- >ft iir wm f at fsrah 
jmsT sflswr (Pioduction) iff is tott i ^ft an^^nr ( Actual 

Cultivator )f ^ayf aw an if? iff flm Pi Pw iv ig yisa' ytm 
f 1? ai;,gifr ^ yf Plftyw f as W FatsPai HfeiW (Intensn e Production ) 
iff ft fwiT I f 1 aft affiii 5 If fartr syR f (y — 

‘ At the end of para (vii) add the following provision, 

“ Piovided that the income by the oultivaLon of such land 
IS the mam source of income for maintenance 

Provided further that the land not exceeding three family 
holdings shall be deemed to have been cultivated personallj 
fVy% ?tt( 1? f f B yt ^ ytyt yt#yi% f 3^1% ittf utiiin yifti yrft 

nffi I Isfyi fisTO lyyy 1? iff f ft: yt yinytircw(Agriculturist)t stfmA 
yyrtftyyrhtf 1 my ym hrayt n ift nyyi iff ? fy 4 lytuy yy m ^ma 
iftsfr yy ft ij^ lift ty# yt ytft stfimtrt tt ft 1 hfyy ir? ^ym f fir 
y?r TO ft TOPiy y?€t%mt{Pergcnial epltivation)ift trciii wtil yt amt 
yttmmyfmt fyy ym eftt fiyjfimt'i^!flwmi(Intensive FoodPioduo 
tion) ih (Peapaptry) utra ^wsy^ ft 1 ftre% W if yyfr 

fkt ^ ^1 my 3j,mft ft yftit fymftm ^ yi y^ii ftyft % yW It 151 

( Superviaipn ) % iff it suit mftiycym it yfl yyyt 1* sifttm 
( Bad times )^i ny fifStny Pmt m y% ftra fW fyft y"! nm mfti ty^ 
^ UmiymBSiftyytetiftt' ftRrtrt?%^ftet (Loop holes) iff in 
inymift 5 I itmiw y vh ^ i iitt (Personal Cultivation) ^ ^ ^ 1? tm f 
fy ^yyi ^ i? hi ytd my fiyyi (Main source of income) ftir mff^ 1 
1 ift mtum ifr sHftRtyiy iifityt ftfi:yi(TUree times of thp famdy 
holding ) h urar yffy fyft % inr yt 3^ it fmSfhti ytcjthyi 

(Intensive cnltivation)yt trym f 1 ^ ly isyt apy ft fty (Mover of 
the Bill)ftKr 5115 yternfm wiyiftr 5 spftf yyr it ft ifi ^yd m mi iKtpn 

f t ftm r (Famjly holding) % ytaft mm rnfft vs tftm ft ftnh nWi i 
(Production) ift 1? lyit 1 fttifttl lyiftlfi (Intensive cultivgtjon) 
pirn t ft vftjjftmyre ft >liihthftftf(t( Three time^ of the family 
boldmg)iy ft 15 ftsfti {Lmnt).t?it 1 15351: my ft ft® 1 yim fjnymt 

Uth Dec , 1963 

The Hyderabad Tenancy and 
AgrrcuUural Lands (Amend 
rnents) Bill, 1968 


(General discussion) ^ JnRT it? ftimi (Remark) imr fw irr % 
imr srtfpr eft faraift itfl? pR w ifw fwiiidt ii? snz' nrrir i ?? »fr it trRtrr 
ftipc '«riir(Five year Plan)^ip?riF(T t 
itiSiflSRw ( Intensive cultivation ) ^njrr ‘^rf^ anflipt^feOT ( Agii 
cultiiribts)ifrr ^ TS=r(Umfied pattern )ff|^ it ^itHt 

HTH-^ TWT sfk -ctl iftfirffl ?rtwT (Three Family holding ) 
tw wr anftiT <rctRw (Personal Cultivation) % W TrqS- ? fam 

?T?r ttnKr ar^ ? i ftrtr ftnr (Intensive Cultivation) 

^fl trrtr airret umt far inr it? anftir ^ ■ift' ? shx it arftvr ( Appeal ) 
stOT f % ?f^( House ) faraipt ir^ ^ i 
I osoE' aoSoSj-'s'iS) — 


4i To«’i M6n tx>^ ar*3<r*6 esaoo Aaajj S’ J’Siootto’tiaoiM 

ima Igoioioisa JoooSotj, TjSfajSi^sSo aoSo a5i3[^8od 

ir'ife3'^£» si>i»aot>~^£» aga^sisis'ejastto ? ajoo ’fc&i? Bibs’ll 

Sd^assSjo Ssbos’ ija’A) bojsSI bo^sS^, T’ojS’isoa IT’S i^a’oTr'S! 

\’3 icT* j!»r‘acSo siohah I’d i^aA’osjS’oosi'o, ajoS 

Sagdiiaso a8i3%_» 3o^as»osw a»ss» ^ -SftviaB^S ssssnx ^ 

ta^S'go' ^tPoTfSl, ’PooS’^S) e~tfo Sar'8^S3'BfS» s^iraM OoliSjo a 
SBjdaainosio »Scjyi_a a^^ctSoir* oai«s®b ftos-ooA ass_d sjajwif 'Si^aM 
■jssjrS, pS s'gs’ isa’c^eaM sSK, m iffSo Sac «pd tscs^s^, 3'5 a^od 
^s^aaa amlj) aga^’dSoB’Oooh So^aao ^S•&, tof id/f 60jj,Ba tfaSfaa 

Bti^TTV oir* hifo'!r"% fiojj,aa tteifea — «,S fi-)j|,as iSoXodo Sv’aiS 

Sajpa'Sl ain|S^» iSracSin-SaOaifeoiSvS, S«o<r*3 B&rfjp 

ioaMStaoTT’S S^oo-" SKctoPS Ja^eSr- acKfaaia fao aMf> 

aS’Sl ’SlSo oaf aa3!)igt»^a sadrado Asasbas^Ba S’ sadM S’S, sj&Sr’AS aadcaoa 
Slot- Bolta ^a^'va BDrSalP fcdij esoSaafo’^TT'da rptiafai^a Sadca S'da 
r'loi a.aaata, sS^Sitvl!,o\S Aas’ip’Bo ’ii^S’otar-, JaJ^S igainJXi'SS 
r’on ifrxSxil a^ffOr' B(Sii’!!> i^oS agaSi^sECBaAff- aSxiSoS'Ba f*Ba«iarejdi 
aja^asao’daesa estfiSi JiSr-Sa Sd tS-Si ^Oa/i ^^aaodf 

ifS 6Q?r® BothfS ’ar^ao'amuP feotai’, hdT* ijj0, Ssadaotai'i 

’Sa.:^ ’Saa^BaaBda Boid’AoaaSaotaj’, CSj’doea^ i^6a^oA, 

ar-as ajoSaaA' Ss^s^sa, ts ijSr'Sa’^ Bijs’daaa S’* &0& — b 6 Bays-al Soa 
gdaoJP SogjlT’ aoS'S 

60 \iih Dee 1958 The Hyderabad Tenancy and 

Agricultural Lands 
{Amendment) Bill 1958 

g s-tocf ifj'So $1 ^ &ra’crisa 

mnar- MoiSooiiii S3 XjtOH-ixi es SaTS '^eSo'lj'eCMir' S 

3o£S ^^ 0 ^ lir‘6oe' &a3 vfSjJ 3g 8 3g3i!paioa S i.3^33 »3oo ^ig-J^dS 
*330na>»oAtfX33^ :7' -Ift ^S'orSi'S’Sro "mS’^S 

■^Joa’SMooS a5S^Sr'3s (r"(Oo eso 6 f-oci;S> Siberia ijtr- 3 J ge>3 

S 30-^ eM (3^3 j' o 3 S' 30»j^o 3rfQ S^tjgo'S'dJa bo3 ^3^ 

33dca MI’ SlB^ a« t.o3^3l 'Sn^ rP^iSlStniil t.0 do 3 03 r*® 3)3^3 

3 - 3360 Sjr-'ti it’d qoy s/Se 33 «no si»dr- (jt J’iS’S 

SS'I’ 3" BSdSl 3^34 ><3^34 0944 3 & ”33 30g£3 

^aifcj jfbfa-’ ^oS" (Basic Holding) 535330 33 1> B3es33tfSg_ 335 

a’-^^oa (Family Holding) 53 5 -oSo 6ser-(£oos^ 

34I’4S3o 84 SbT a '*4°^ (Sl'ii’M oo BoiiISo Sl,^ iSinS 8^ g3 

SpatoB'OiiSi 5 SsfoIT* SoaScSi t/Oiio boCo^T* aS'cBi iT* 83 

si ici!^~4 5 S^•^634S 5r«l4o34r*<^ u r'cjj a’ti J'3! gS^POTi M“i tiS 
BBSSi 3o5^iJ4«I'CS «C:CS43S 3 ’Sd S^o3 33304 ^ 3^3 0 4^ 83.. 4 

gSif Sr'"*|,or SoS’o’i 33804 »0^s5^3'o3 a 3 <3^34 es SspoTf S3g33 
S'^ xg38«Sjc5’3o3l agiJtoo^' "tx^Sa rri S'S^ S'Ss 34(04 

3^o 33 3*8344 ^J'S' s^SrSoo .* aqSoIT bBSs [,3 enp’S^ 3goS'5;^-<04 

Sijr'S ssiMooSMSj 5<l(o34r'«0484ir84 .84 fiojj^r'ijST’ A’gsms kos^b^'S 

b3T8o 36/v34„;j;^a^(S4 53 ^g Tt>4<S’34S' 63 ^iS‘ S-ds 041' SijSoTr #’ 34 i) 

3p"'^o8i (ramily Holding)^^ arts.sig'iu.s SsTst" 'Sok (Basic Hold 

mg) 3(5330 33 J 8 gjs jfT’SoS 33« 3 c«i 334 B338343 5 o<43^34 

sioT* OJI" 31’'^ ^343 3|S8 k Sft 334»ig 0,343 S;Jji3 5 1 3804 

83544134 s'5>4 34M)>so/r 3343o3 3o3 &o(i4C<3 8> SdiSoTr* 3,^ 3(^ 1fi'344tJ'54 

jiS8os S’!, 15*8^ .ioiS al'(8 (*’354075' es4 bcIT’ boIsSA^o T’3 3ijj 3;jj 
4fi’^oa'o ■S'34o;l4olo 3'8^S4 ^33 ^cJI 0(88 »(8_,04 33l 3l'lbo3ff oar i(5j'3440 4 
3|S8c4 S 3S430 34o 33T'4S4 343 (po;l4(5344 BoCo 0 .ooof^s tc o aotslA 3^8_,ea 

oj’Bo 3 S’S^oAloiSiir'iljJjoaiSb Si^^oTrSdS) oxt- sO^SiaS- 4fi>'..J5a3) 

ao34r*6iw}a3 S^o n tjSi’iSiiK Si^oljS 3|88C4& [Sxssj^osao .00(jS^3«> T'a3 
SjiSiTJ^S) W03433 S'S'o'oTTBo MSeaXo iSiiipg 34C(67r04 Boltf 

3*^83 b9:^3;(34 

3445!g07r oH’&ijijEi ^vioAt"SS 3- .43804 Ttot)^ 3* 3380430 BO^^SoIJV)3 
r'84S43’j3o S’ j38c 4S4 BO^Sit)^S^*^g OII> 80 ( 1 ^* 4334 gg ■foo344 4(8810 
So^^oS^ iSiOi^S-l^er-St axr- 8oj[, (^..cS4'33c!484o<S ?’8SS^ S' ,v38c434 

BO^^S^P,8^ uSSr, 344^33.3^34 

"The Hyde) ahad Tenancy and Uth Dec 1958 67- 

Agi icultm al Lands {Amend 
menu) Bill 1958 

J Al Lif*u £. <-<1-^ CM r j'dS' £.1^1 ^ cm lT jl* 

<iL rAj y Jjlji J ,i_l*jU. IjV4jL. ^ 

jS" lIjv' crl lij*- ^ CM u*' ^liijLjij Su-^ tro'^J 

Uj cv “j" K" ( Land to the tiUei ) ^ Lljr 

Ji iSiciTjj> Af”o^t4a»^Ci. jjl UJcM 4 jI» Jjjjt l-ll ijCL 

^1“ Al |J«| y l*j .J«c-il._^ aT A l a^yyi (jlJcl I a_ 
yy^ Al ^ I* 1 — 1>5^ yA^CM O'— JA-A c--^ _>A jli JU aS'uia 

LC/'ov j> cia, l> ^ /"a, Ja jTaL^ ^ aXjjL aT lT tr 

|J-j dy AJ > CA* aL.'*- ^ s ' ^ liye^ cM^jt £ JjL_i JLa 

y y- i5jci^^L.£jjl*j^ .a.IijJ'US'cca aS^Iaja 
jT y.£.J- iSiy 1_J aT 6yi fjU. y yjS' IJC. 4i\^ £ Ja c-jU u» Jjl 

^ ► iJj* CA JM tr lS'_>Al>-S' jj( C-MJ-S'j Ai-'-f MVa JauC 

c-aIjj jIa /"l ^ cAf- CA A" '' •*-“ i-^*' u' I/mI (JU Ji cri yCl 

CA A»nJ c-eljjlj A ^ jIaV U 1 2 Ij oc illIjA* AS' ^Aj cOki t' 
(JawL AbJ^^aAIj y\ A^ I I LJyS Aj yui (jci 

6j* A'lj iAAA> cA olA~ ( Legislation ) 

C. AJ ^ ^ J w.A.|jjA«_I jjI A__ 1.^I)J AT’’cjll CJJJjjA ^ jaI 

L(t Oiljc £ CM lyi Chi'* Ij^ Al AijJ jyi 

UfU'jAi^A: Aj ^A_,»:,A_yAi ,^jj 0*A-<£irl aS. cAA (Jjib i_i jAj jA. ,».a»4AiI 
jS'^rl Aai£^ ,o A— ^ _yS:iA A»iL» llU LTJ. J.J aT 

6 ,«v J— ^_J£^^JJ jT oIla»i uAjyi oUA-Ai-y-iJi; 1 jjl ts'c'j-* 

!«• Jj Al J_jS' yy^ CJJJ^ ij CaI CM 

1 By servants on wages payable m cash oi kind 
cr by luiid laboui under one s personal supervision or the 
peisonal supervison of any menioer of ones farady ’ 

U'c/cJlMj CAA ( J)£j^ lorA^Jo-l l*J CM> AJ W.J c-l 

If” A j ^ £ i_b uLj s' yc l)IJ-j jS' y\ Jl_ Uvj Ijl^ ja. 

By servants on wages payable in cash but not of kind in 
Cl op share or by hii d laboui under one s personal super 
vision 01 the personal supervision of any member oi one s 

But not in oropshare 

CAajIj y Li ^ o / ^ aT £Aj ijJijji £ c-l CAA. ^ , Jjljlh Aj Ja. _^£ 

VVJy tS' £ ia*' ■0=-j'| jj|1*a '-*S0 OjjUS" ^ aL..£ |«aaj J Jy 

68 14tk Dec 1958 The Hyderabad Tenancy ani 

Agricultural Lanfis 
(Amendment) Bill 1958 

jf jl j j Xj i_><u LL- IfS' ii ^ LSbU£_ JU 

iT X ^U£jjl» ^ j>£. 

J ol OjS” >J ,J» Lll 

1-S3L. j uM, ji iXjjJ' o^<i.jy> j^jL 

4a — ~»X.o> ir' li y ,_^ ^ 

jjl xl^T ^ ajjB>U. *r j-> ^-1" il oPxj.j 

J*^u^ a< ^ '-^ iSt~Ay XX. ^ £_ ^ ..^bU- 

'-' j" J cj“.> ^ Ji->J *- »y Lj*" JJ' ■*' iV y JL. Xj*! 

as. 0*1 1 £^S •!— y-‘i- c*^ X .;«< «j bT U LT” 

o* J tr-i aT ^ br-" '‘- b>*o‘l ^ 

J-*>l 0**“ jlj’l'y' |»ai jT o*j>-ow o^u'lu'* <x Oofl 

^ cy (yy ^1 Ija,.., *~J wJ-ljj J |4'jl |»5'*J'^V^x ^ irj^ 

^ o«*“ ir ^ yw !«»>. y-( *J' Oo* Lj»^ io*< 

B'j* \jy 1 — X aSI b5CwU. US' bj* 1^1 uT 

bybXoJO*bl_^i_.«JS'AjujA ^.LUjT'oi J S”l o*b_^..u..^j.l jjb,j|j«jLux.*S, » 

j^Abj J— 4 jL ^ (J'Ajt)b-» o*"e- u>^ ^ <j)xU ^ ^! Ai^ 

aXYj* X Aa^a O^J X y»Xj X ^/l A_J fliAljJ'jbjjK'^, 

^ £1 ‘-"S' j'i ^4* Ah aCiaJja Jwi jU I iXAjyi J»j eJ ^'J~ •‘>j 

yCxU OJ* OLUx. X^ Jj /-JZ-Ja-U ^Ij a J ^Ijl oKIU .a. 

ulT) > '-’^ o A" OTA JA U aI-jI* O-I (O** bj- bAl-jUA ^A~*^■ aCa^^,) 

( r )-x.A. ^ AJ oy b*U. bV ata Ak-^/A. £, olj ! ail ly if* 

OA» ^ ^yS'J u*0-~ ON bT- J~j 

To ensure increased agricultUial out put and impioved and 
diversified rural economy thereby to reduce disparities m wealth 
and income eliminate exploitation provide security for tenants 
and woikers ahd finally promise equality of status 

jIXa Jll j oxy aT sJjT jjAjAajT^ aT'l^A, 4*U+;U JUI 
a—jaJC/I X jjI i US' ^ Jj^l S' A^jUa Ai' Aj jjl J" u> Jjj" 

U*J JIj* A_ J'5'j aT sjsa j a* ^*U jy ax A, J 

JA b/'^^S'^So'TIJy. Ka^VI'aa'J >»'-■> ‘»l aJKj JA. .i.OAk. 

.4.U.JU bV UaI ja. aa yx j /l j/J y. aajIj 

^:^A 1*15'^ at .)■*- A>jA*jjl J* AJiljb ^ J» J* bjf" X i-xljj jyh (^Ia ^ 

Ai-'' (0 - ‘i-bl'j Akr* te- ( HesuilIptiOn ) lJ — (X >“ * 

UTf « . - J.A A - i U J J.A ^ ^ 

The Hyderabad Tenancy and \Uh Dec 1958 69 

AgncuUwial Lands (Amend 
menu) Bill 1968 

By sei vants oi hiied labouicis on wages payable in cash or 
kind but not in crop share along with one s own participation 
oi the participation of any one oi more members of one s fami 
ly in the essential operations of agiicultural pioduction hke 
ploughing sowing etc 

Ij iJCi I L_ B" uyl* jj' jjl jyolj 

(Vague ) UV*. J_>j ^ IX._^ 

IO.J ^jU iZ. £, 0>li o'! ijij" 

ISZ»j jiy B" Ojjl* o-l jjl 

jjl jjl i. iS' oj^ ^jS' J-il u~‘ 

yw ^ r4>j 

Mr Speakei Does the House wish to rise for recess now 
ox at 6 p m I think 5 p m is better for tea time 

Shn V D Deshpande We can rise now I think 
4 80 p m is better for tea time 

Mr Speakei That means we will have to woik for full 
thiee hours aftei 6pm 

The Chef Mimsiei (Shr% B Jtamaiknshna Tiao) The House 
may rise foi recess noss and may meet fit 5 p m 

The House then adjourned for recess till Five Minutes Past 
Five of the Clock 

The House re assembled aftei recess at Five Minutes Past 
Five of the clock 

[ Mil Speakeb m the chaie ] 

tkv' jjl £. '-"y" S <S^ J1 1^1 yu. ^ ^ y — 1 

Basic holding will be one third of the family holding 

Ljf'j £_ jjU yv. *) y>A LT” X yl «!_ |«» 

uT Jjl e .) \'kS ~ y t5ol (jtu B" Oj*> UaU 

jjl (ar-ly™^ £.( Prevention ot fragmentation) ) y—^lj* 

^ J* C> 0*1 U ^ j*- J” ,=.(•») 

PII— 8 

UthDec 1958 

The Hyderabad Tenancy and 
AgncuUwal Lands 
(Amendment) Bill 1958 
‘ fraoment means a plot ot land of any class the iic\ oI 
v/hicli )s ' <•, than the aiea of a bas h ddmj' 

J ' X. ~C £.U 

J - hW b ol 

(of-'o- JJ cr a l-ry 

r j J J u ^ u_ ^ r Jl 

ju<. 1 J{ Jb U j)/: I (rr.)V, _,SC !(,)/: I (,) 

£. u~ A'J ‘--»-X jj' — ‘y^b J' St-'* 

<1. |»* jIaj >■ 'j» j*-' O’ J- c* — s-'S wjt .1 

J t-R yjy. ^Ja». ^ ^ £ 'i — '1 ^ jl ^ 

u>^ SsiTj J-. sX I .jy U ^ Ij u-j cR. Jb. 

Uj a* ^ SL-jl* '■‘-«is.*--J c? ojj^ £. y ' £. y*- tSjy 1 sXiyj ft 
J*» i. d — > iS. 'C»j <J cyjR** ol X, y T XI djl jji <5. 

u jy.. 

X ui\ a 5"^ ts-TV^X. yyol^^ <^U- a <jtj ^ 

•X'a. *i> J uVX'yj' -> A-Sy. B" ojyjJ iS 

♦*1” y 1— 45" XyK—K" ' i- she' ^■c-'j yT y jI jt 

sTly y*.y ly JU B'i.r J,.t. Xy( y^jl ^»s: i 

'‘Ry y iSi\ Ojl 'y UjXjIjRj jBXb Ujy 

jA.1 X— A? A 2-;^ 

wTa. yjl Ia* y t £ J uf ^li X j"/bU 

^ij A I Xc**l^ y* s-*Ij* jjl vi" SI ■** AT^^J £ 

^ ^ i-lyt cis-al" o<- yi a/” or- a.^ ^ a. y jT 

jXyjl y a_/1jRV cm y I clyX aXIRJ A.l4 ~<- jX Oj' jB— UJjj jR^ s 
m' y.' - ^si* tr IJR». *. Xi-Z'jv.u ^*ri».f>Lr 

C?jl 3 y cSX-j jjl yf J*y cRiJy uuA-jSU* Xm’ .S-Cy yi B" 
A_hX.I jyj y ^;R-) (yi ,ylj cRjily J»j y,. ijj j X cy~*X'^ “ J 

sXDy ciXi cXl UM wlL- yXcT il/hX" jc yji ALuy U“-1 '-'' 
Xyjl ^ly-o'J icChy J^sSyjJ Oh- ySGiU yTj 

ojl cjT jo*" yl o"y= A*^ - oSmI* lyX , cRilJy .Xy cR I ^ 

AJcXI yl X Olh ‘-RUjj cT” , pU* CM* oh” 5'^ B” yi — 1 

- BV £-,X-l tJ ^ Jyjli Xyj' yfj J iiy^ cJtX X 

UthDec 1958 

1 he Hyde) abad Tenancy and 
4g) iculiw al La)ids {Amend 
ments) Bill 1968 

^ LC.U bb- ^ j5" 1 .-bj ^ uw lJC jiy, 

J»j iS" b J' j—jS" J' i.ji'blsJ S' irl 

^l(r^jb Wetland ) ■*-) ij >: I (-,) /l ^ Jy. 

s' J^ji ^-u - _fr 1 — I ^ ,1 I f jijj, ^ij I 

j ^'Jlj i.y' irl u*' j Oj* *1 *_jsCi .jbj £_ iX ^ 

o' J* 1 Oj _) ^ Llw^ S' (jb-S"^ Aj ^ lU-j 

Sb^J ojw.y.^jeUil/’l aJX-jJ Jv>U( Beagonable standaid of Jis rag ) 

i_rjj j ' j ^ £. *— S £. Oj—a' ^ ' yRoUi jlj« i-Si J_)» J»j _)» iir" 

jJ Ai-O' Lol 

oL_j IJ Jjl ^ oU>A. J-J- ^oL J 1^, ^A.j J" jK j 

ix.b. bT (Sj^ J ^jL ^ lK >->^ i 

^0. 1 ^ rj* nb irujji^ES _ jCoV i-.Aoi ^1 y 

J oi i. ru J s 0-1 AL^-ry„ J- ^ji ^ 

J-'j ^ tJO Sob» b5 jya J( yjl ^ Jlj i.Vsti' jT ^jb f ^ i 

^ 0y<~X' »r' jl jX' *5'Kij_^ b-x-l ^ Jj tf J ij| 

J. jjl ^ jJCfro Ob ^ J r o/^ ^1 

trj'j-S' !>■' jJ J”y j*. ijCJ o^ ^ y ^ £. 0j\ e-J' o^ 

jl ivi ijgJ ^ il iJjl tA^ ^y-y- u'-*' ( Cultivatois ) 

Abb- , aX-Oj* Ja-j iSi ol ajU iJjjJj* uCb 

Lfl i (J, J 

LT-'O-S ' o o-_)j- O i y’- A.>J O' J-vi ft. S i— '-^0'» L. 

y i ^ aS-LTls JU- ' S' r^4 O' fr )j5U"a.aUw.ja 

SbSb/' Job. -^it SL^ y S oA>-s j-j'Jo* '- -Sioj ' 

. ol) ^1 jT 40 O'-* ' J-b»- J5 J b jb 0.1 1 iSj > lO i *s; 

A— S'J'yOljJJ bOl_/(j,upay,5101l)0_, JjV-AejJ^-bFC^ 1,4 'Uj. - JL 
Jj u*l ^ yi ,_jS5b. Joijoj .-o: ilo ^ jry.|gb IjT 

'-5'|'^oS'( Absentee land loidism)fo‘i;''l J— i- U_y» S' 

( Actual ) oS’b- S iVb- t) 00> lob—j J- yo A^a I ^ Ojl _,j| ^b. 

U-jl _Ujx; |5.yl iXijX' - Bj* *“ liW ** lS4 oboj y jl" bJiLX' 

>-oV4S'^ IfJ'A.ioij ioAiS'diLi'l <ib(J) iS-i jTjjyA-o*.<iS^ 

Jbobyi ^ jjJ jjl Ji^j <1 Jjl» A-ijj U I.Jo— ioA^j tjV.J J^j 

yT lyS” . b*j S' ^ yAjlj jS” oboj yo Jolei ^ Ujl OAJ yyl JJ 

M - i*'* jj»V I'bi) b#-w> jyt u*l 

lUhDec 19j8 

The Hudeiabad JtiancV and 
Agiieuhuial Lands 
{Amendment) Bill 1968 

J ^irl ■!* jjl JLuv ^ ( Five Year Plan ) 

LO e:_ ( g]ogan ) a“-sl LL'-‘^ *■ 

Ujj u'-ij >r Uj pji iX'ljj \s& A- a ^ J.^ I Ljj 

^ jj >. Jjoji fe' ;j' u"-^ j L>* ^Lx. 

e:-/” u*-J ^ £. ij4J (** 

bLi 0>^ 1^1 «s.^-^l)J -J** 0^ LSCu^ O'-t' >US^I ^_jij 

i/jl o ijX. jSC^j ^ LCyT J-> ». u u I ^o- J- Jj J* 

•J i> o^iV"* ^'-*" «L,j> «:_j. £. o» jjl a <jj 

I jS' jl/i J -i ;j £. iTJ jJ i 1 »-*■ / U U U< ^ 

JjSl-S'^a-ijV ^ JJ ^UXLTa ^ S' J~ j 

^jJS'J-j.a-»“J^i:<i-jrjj;jiA^^ ^ L. b o-T I V O' 

Jjjli O' .SL>*J Lr-> ^ -I-I J» ^ ti (> -1 o ^ J~ il 

j^-jl ^ y«.jT y. es. -'l'* ij 1-. *53, ^^JJ* OY J -l- Lf- 

UjA j*.jj ^wi-.j j5'aj JJ ^~.U.j«i ( Evict )'-'0'' 

J ji'jjt Ji tfj uT JJJ^ J. jj j) oj' i j* ^ ir ^ Ji 

Jjj jT ojl <».oXj -S' UJ J y. <5j\<> ^ ^l»i jT OjjiAiK) jjl 

5^ U-.-.L y C/jUjI 

JJ^ j5*S'j« *J £;_ij- c»C»il (fj iSjilyii '* 

Of-* *UU ijujjo o ol 

‘ Maximum holding means a holding the aiea of which is 
thiee times the family holding as deteimmed undei section i 
j yt, ifS ^ S'j*' £. Jl <!lO* - jT/j" ^ ^ illJ** O' ■J--1 o' 
0»»“ j ’■ iS'tL.j ^ (jjfl cstU. jSjIS^t j ^'.SC L If o j j» O'- 

0 >j« til «il». U»— jSt*. S' ol* c/ j jSTI j y> ^ 

OjT^ S:-i»..-.cojjt^t o ^t^UTfrUjj^ j. * *rit^ 

KytjTo. -u^ ol^ol^ J jKL„t. 

lj»j*u»^j^Ol jKU^'jS' O-J 1^ O !.>_ yjl ^ 

y j* I ^ .^If j't.Sj jl' OjtS^ O Jl iCj ^ iCj j j» tjS' 

jlf^lf |t* jXjl y J-l Ijr^ o ^1^ j* tjj' u—S' jJ-sS" ) (_jr 

jjl J *j ^ ij^VTo' *S'.i.*»j o» lOf. jU ^LX^l. 

Jjl^ ^XDj* ^jX jX J’ ^jT Jjj. j5 jOVTol 

^i_-»l)j li'ljj UTblo *j I 4 J l)J t_iji X 1 jX o ». ;_Jv- d jJ .i- 

^1 J-OS £.0“ ljc)/y ^ £.0l o» jIJ 14 ('H-irAIA)j'^ ' 

\ithDec 1958 

£lie H jde abad leiaicy and 
AgncuUui al Lands (Amend 
’merits) Bill 19 j 8 

^ J iiri is" -i- ('■ r O ) i ■*» Sd ^ o J "iljj ^ 

J. ^ 1 :.9j ^ ^ 1 4 i.j ol. ^ 

iJ ^ ^ jii ^ ^ j .A~ i- > tf-lj 

If iJ'jij-O' jS^I j- ( Maximum limit ) 

( Ai ro J >>■(■. JJ . ^a r i) 

) o^j I j*. jjl LT-al iij-jjS 

(t ri r ; jy'’ trl>' JvL u- j jt /[^i'jo'-.j j<. -W 

U ^ Uji iXjJj* 1X.-4 js J" |/->U j. i 0)1 u- j 

^4rV4 / o* -Ui ^ 

iL. 0 A' <Aj" S^ ^ ^£.J 1* ^ ■S' ,** J •> * ( 

SL jj^ O' — (»» A. Of i} dL O' j J^-< o"^ 

J" O' os' y A ^ OA'D jS^ I jjjS ' s o'-* t— Ij j *5 l» j kii! I 

i±- J O’ j o)or Ol-kiU Sji J 

L) /U UA [*A J U* J > •l,Ci9j4*J 

4S''^AoS^^-vo 5'lo‘ J-o 

^ *r i A< ,_l .dL lO^'-O* ^1 u*-) J U U- 

^0^0* o/” !>'“ O’! J-«l -OjS’jI Ojl A' siS'j s jyl- irl >J lmO ,.» 

Jlo-o* Jl 

Jlo.o*tr^U -J-j Jujljj i.Jlo-o^lS'-i-^s *_ ^IjoToo-LTi 
jlou A i uA' J o« *> <i_ ^ JuS JUyi I, jS_ SLa— o» Ja. y A 

0l ^ *9 )* ^ 0** ^ a-*uL-v (_0* (ju 

Jjl o--!) “S'-! /: I (^T)'-y L^yio O' O' I^.S ^iU) i jy 

/■ t rr r) ‘iS'^O* *'ls* £. 0*1 io» — '•■o* jS^I (rr (<■) ^jt.^jl 

tO’l 'rio* fo O' ''SJ i-il-A. 0|*» t,S'J)i^J'^(v»ajJ^'o5' io<^ lo-j 

ilo-jl ‘99J).. ^ <„_yw ^ ^ o^ o J '■'I'j jT pi 

1 aO 00 aI'U-a-o' o9 ^ O' j Jl) ji) eiio^ lo"A^I ^ 

OJo’*’ u* ol JC_ j. K™,JS' ^ 45^ 4 L n-oS” »* jol Q ooj _,Jol 

0 ^^Uo» JJ ^UTu— 1 00 ol««‘'ioS' 

^01 ■" ’-' t/o» •'> tj j*j t. *0 

( Yardstick )‘’^ » — r* ^tTlil*.! ,0 

-TjU /I ^LT^, 

o »j» V r iS^ l/'ly4. ^1 Jjlj U-* O' ^ol> 

nAss. _^u AJ ^ *»J yl K.Jj 1*5 J Sjlj Al J ii/’jlo' A 

ti IMhDec 19j3 The Hyderabad ienariuy and 

Agucultmal T apds 
(dmendtncnt) Bill 19j8 

( Smplus land ) or j- 

( Limit ) --J 

O"' (■'' — “J ‘-'■'J - *JJ J'" 

cr ‘J J p. ^ y ^■‘■•J 

*LJ*. ( Personal labour ) J-o( ^ a. 

Jiiiiuljjj. J ojA. UUtjTyAjt^o O' ^ 

yL £. (jU-fj AJU ^ ol‘J y4< lA" o'*' ^ f aT'Ljj Ijj' lU 

iTo—f,* O’* .4.o'»^ ‘-o'*' J',c«0 JJ Ai-jl* iSj>4* oyj 

tTtr,. jT" Jj ^Uaj y* jl* J 

J ij- (> ^ *S ^ cSj j <*_ 

A, ( Exploitation tluough land ) * j ^ > X 

W-JJ (Jt* £.s_‘r(J^j( Rent jUSTJ 

^>dAA,^ ffy.y-LijSL.B'A-^.Abj^U 
iSjLj y i ( Rent system 1 r — '-■j j- > o'<*a ~ 

Supervi ) (*" iSjj u5L.ji *Sl ov (** i Jj*” 

oo o—S" lSCU K'ooy iy.rSZjS ' U LT^ t<^l•liil ( soiy system 

jT” jUJ' 0—.1 *— Aojt (SjyU.^ J uee 

1 KJ oy ^“A! jAfa.1 J jjl 4S«nj 0'45 ' j jS~y |.li St. oT ^ U. 

aTja ^l> *J |»» J y-l ^ J. * sSj'“ '-^ ' AJ 0'e;_y*AL_|j 

ywj-S'J.-y 0'»J <i_'A«S”o»' 01 ao»JA.(.s^^o'*o’*- '-" y'A J* Jo'*' J— ^ 

(Essential)-'''*'3-~‘J>S'-^'*'^LS^'’ '-‘j^ 'S (Personal cultnation 

Aj O'* '-“A" cd “i- ‘'b^J ‘JA*- * ’•' aS-vSjJ >* ''-J A-* 4'.=r*;4»ro* 
*3 Jl>. 0.1 2*^ OM —S' O'; *53U^^ jU ^jl ^o Jl- *b ^ 

O'* A* ^ ^ O'* wj* ^ '-5' il Jo) J.™,! Al" ^bj* A.) 

U oS3U S' o J O'* «A*j ( Ploughing ) ( bowing) 

UrjA-A A o |J'oa*_ jjTS' 

rS'^.iSjjj^ J >-> j" J J—Ji O 

'■'»> o« I, Pioduction ’> o~5^'Sjy *51 .»,L..i o'*j p OUT'ooe A. O'** 
^tW o- —iof" aa'aj. J t(l oUJ-aTI. .4. 

Ij ^jS'. — rS Aj* *S.».Lri*rj .1. O'*"' A.Lf5^-5"'-"A" A* J o-AJ-*^ d~“ji 

oj J- — I Hj^y t. .i.X'ilA.I O'.*-. jaTV 

*— Jj' ■i.lSjAA*' ‘-I't- J (•-• ic' *5' OMS ijS"*- ,*• - i.'* W A«* ot* 

The Hyderabad Tenancy and Dec 1968 76 

Agncu^dwal Lands (Amend 
ment)Bill 1958 

3^ ^ f- \ y ^ } ue 'll 

,.^U» ujU If—S' jj iS} .iLu' _>S” jW j uTj SjV 

Jji, LSLi, y S a- 3-^ d~ ^ 

V iJ( Mam soul e of iitomeJi^ 

Jii 3i-^V^jS'£.J ^ 

3- >--* '-''f"‘ j-^y* 3-i iS" ^ ^1 

^1*. .a.Ua^ £■ 

or ' — S’ y J->' i.isjjy ■*"■ ' St U'^J aS^ 0>1 j J^jS' iji:jj_^ 

OLL B" y^ J 3^3^ (-S' jv. (A,A*J j aT^U ^ 

lA- <j:'S> I J— ' ‘S' Jj* t^JM- ^1 


Laj {J^ i-*lf.A ^y I jS* iXlU a 5^ ^tT 4J I lAoI 

33. t Jj cr ^ aT^*. J fU ol ^ 

lAy 3 t/* jSS u—y A> (Jy S' OAf"A) Ul j la* <-SiLi ^ la-u _> ^Jlj 

Lj*sSjj ( Exploitation ) y-'tAir»5'l u-l lt* i-jS lSjI *. ^ l!>* 

L)y ^B" L>l > aA e^33l ys. Ajl* l3- ^tUJ 1^1 ^ U-j B" ‘-'I-* lJI 

tj'jy jT’ _«. A* (JL yjCB" Jy (JL* ‘•t.j '-Sll ,i„ tijt-*- KiJaT" J^ l ^ 

yL, lA-i il-OKtl 

A-l ju 33 ly AiuyjLT (Tenancy Sub Committee) 

aj L<«i o. ls J ( Mam source of income) I <-> loy la- (T y*- 
J J-li.yyA-^ 1^ jJ .tL/u^^jA- 

A- at Ji iS* 0 jjy J J aT-aJ' ^U. By Aj yl at jjT la- i,/" Jy yi 

LA* y _ L)yl Ay Jjl la* jl- .j ^tr ^ aS" O ly y I ij I>“ aS'I+a 

LA* ^4 - Jj JjS y ilHiilA Inly Oyi *j A.tA y( illy S' 

^UC-U Ur"* U I 3jJ\, 4>IjIA_j Ljy Al y\ ^ y^yJS" Jyj) Jjl 

^LC.t 1 . 14,1 'JA fS. £_ .JU* L.> J jljlU4 .aBj A56^ 

J^r y -r A-y A. ^ y. aUL £ l-C Uy lX- JLu _^l 

jjUj.jt-A^ jT a™. Jjy^* J ^ ot-S'^4l(J'y i/t ULTat- LlltS" 

ly^ LyjA O *J J - iCiUy l^l^A- aXI^ JB--y LE Bl 4» ^yLSiXt, ^ 

s.j\ atjl* y-b-l y Jjl SEy yAj y 141 A. aC. ly ly, l-.jAj ySy 

lSTl^ y oA- ,A-t- il ( Hesumption ) y»*A*; la* oIa'A. o l?* 

iXUy JaJ lXiI iS' ^ ^ iXU Al ^ |y ^jtli <j JLiy^A" lXI^ 

ink Dec , 1988 

7O ink Dec , 1968 The Dydeiahad Tenancy 

and Ag leidiiial Landi 
{Amendment) Dill 19i3 

viCjL ^ iJo ^ ij*-i 4^1 Uytjj] ^ tSjliy lX«_j 

a y Ar^Lrii"il ^L.<i_jU jyti- ijCJ Resume ) 

£. .Xllj* ‘-S Dj* JJ ^ 

oyli^ Lrj~* ** o* l)L» K-. jli j u«j jUi" S 

^ L. -L ^ ij*^ .>^“1 JJ I*- ^ l-iCjijjA *5” 

o <j_^ .U J-j ^ ft* ' — ^ 10* ' — 

jj ^ JjJcAy (5 4U>* j> ^ 

‘J^ JJ* u*^ ^ (jP^ — '53«, Is' tfL, pA ^U Ui 

^jCl (JMJ iJOU *5 ^ (jw LN* Jjl* _y^ «-»l 

£.jls^ <e!-^ ft* irk ^ iXUy> iX*-^ 

Xil^XwJ ( Relief )'--^j «_1 jjlo^* 

aJi ^ XUyi X«) aTl tjj jly— ^ X 

XXl o ^^5*0 XiJy* >*- .i_ y* (Jl^ 

ijLj u-^ #j *j Lju^ J” XaJy» <X-j ^ <>« Ji £. Xil^ 

X-O* ^1 ( Uneconomic ) X XI ol 

^aU l-45'j— IT X ^1 X<Xl (jl 6i\i) 1—^ 

Lf^ il T ,_^>Xw I XtJ^A bjT iTJ^ J* bi J" cjIa_>-.J (JI 

J^' ^ Lf* J->* u* -i-J^ £. X-J Jji ^ 

[s' ,.liu -oljl^j jjl ( Land to the tiUei 

o* X jy* lijS^J^il aj jjl UaL-cj^ S' ^U. XJy 

O' u (/A 2^ ^ X l)>a 

_^jr‘ojjuXjji i. J-* iCjUDuu^ 

J*x jT'iX-l S ^ iS^J^JJ^ bU-^ aJjUo^l - tsjj ^^-— 

_jSC.i aOs-J-*' IS* Jb'^ 

Jjl i,lX.U ^ X. o^ Ji jS' Ol o-» yl” '-' -y 

oy UU Ljjj ^L, Xlolj^l Jj'wjl'J ^1 cr^y ubljj: ji L iXil ^(j'-'-l 

iS'l/uj tj iy~i *LX. £1( Basic holding AX>y iXil 

jjl £. -p- £. ( Family Holding ) '-S^-tV 

tril-JS' ij— ^ y i/* WJ '-"J^ Si. o-l ji 

\ith Dec 1953 

The Hyderabad Tenancy 
and AgncuUwal Lands 
{Amendfnent) Bill 1953 

■^-(Peisoml Cultivation ) 

■HU J-4 ' ^ iX iX j. b _> 

r £.a uZ' la—I /I jjI 3» 

t-CLr"! ( Ciiteiion )uJ'/'y- 

iZ- J> t/jA .Jlbj ^d-j ' ^ l5;„j y 

L)U.3 ^ la- J'-l iH urZ LNt LA J'>3-LtLZ“£ LJ^J-tT 

bb IZ' i-bb. 1|3 iJI_3L ls'( Chind )UUjl>jl. oz UL L /"lj^Z^ 

•wj' lSZ^ J-i T_ <i.Z” tll-b- (Jiljl <i_ ^ lS3u buJ Lo b. aT”^ 

{ Phraseology ) < -u jji la» JCb j. jjf lj>U la 

Catoh phrases Iit-a’-’’ jt ji, 

( Double ) J ^ ( Production ) S' oUj aTla* i.j ^ ^b. 

3» uV* ^1- jA ^ L yZ" *J y^T Z (Jy* y,.l a. la- y*j uJ”j» 

y»ySC-b bZ" ( Statistics ) yC«-b-.l ^AaJ iX OJj^ lH^ 

(si^ )34 I IiIa ■C bX'yA, L-y Ll'yA Ull aT i. b U I^'a. Jy^-T 
J. k-T aT la* .*.j 1 ^ Ct** -a'.-Z- A by £. Aby yjjl ^ jjl -i 

IZ 3y»jb yCJ LAf L-b yZ” A.' b. bijl jlo- fe" yX-yb— 
All LA* a)I, ~l iry y» £. (V-J 0*1 bSy. J(S y~rijyA L)l*J aT^ b - 
J_,»15bjXI 1o A—Oy^Al i.LjX.bAZ'tSXjObj ^Jly-y* AXILS' 

jCV ^LaL-j* t Agricultmal Statistical flgmes JSZ- l— l 

b. b. lZa-* la* i-b ^K) ( Slogans ) ca-0- - aaZ j 

yU.jJ-»Jjl .i_Z wA jA.lS 1_iUl)V bil Jjyj ^blZb. 

>■ -S-A-b A jfl -1 .Z laIj* aX (a_) Z^ «A!.l<J lS y- ■» lA*I bjAAjb £_ d^ 
•c LA-JJ i-b^X-l aaaZ **“ £.iSJ^ L-A.A./1 yXl ^LAfbZVZ'^* 

LjlZ'ly-f J-> ilA-LT^j I y-ob^Aby-J la- aXI Z la-^Z-aiI ZI^31-X 

..^jciSo ojj w. 3* o^j *5^ ^ X, 

aS-c-I Z (Agiicultuial devdopilient) *- JyiiJj»<XZlZbjb.^ lUa— 

(3l<mr) b-yZ J* Llbyyrj^ ,p A—iZl p. la* ^b- y ^lS 

LA-Z ^LXbT^ LA-y~X.pyry.>rdyJS:/l*-y. Z"' -^aa^aX 
jljH tW yj“^' C“ O** Alb-XolyAi jyl ( l^iJX ) 3*-^ LfU** 
l/h aX AUyj* la* i-Z ( ?r>T"r ) ltj- •! aX la* ,yy-Xv^ tZ-- 

olyt) y LA* i-Z A-— S' ^ ( Partly IJu'l '' '-** yS” jP jJ -bZ 

P 11—4 

\ith Dec 1968 

Ihe Hyde) abad Tena mj 
and A^izmlfwaJ Lai ds 
{Amendment) Bill 19 1 

^ Jjfjj ^^1 . yOb ovj ( )OrjjJjJ 

JJ iJl “J >-0 J*" -i- uH- >— <“ jj 

jClJ iJ|j» S' a-JJ S' ySTj £_1 J ^ 

j L j ^J^* lJ 4- <-'1 — u S h"- ^ (-J“ 

i~ i~> S' j — ' J S eS (_ff ^ L. Ati jT" ojJ * ^ ojl 

ji *j oUj uv*. i./" aX i_iL, ^ 

* 5 ^ AL, tjr^ S y>~ ^ 41 1-50 1 u^fc 

^ ^Uo. ^.OjjloS o'j-»i ofjjj,- jO i. ,yCj 

i_Ui iJjT ^'•S i is^ O' U^J i _0 iJA loL ^ 

ii> 5 " v' 0 » ^K" Jj l>o JJ ojI— _j Jj 

JJ* t>l*j U.j*jf’jl*Jo, ^J4) ,fj.jjj5 — Oj* I- oHf 

*j u'' LTf ‘-''—'J S oyb eS ^j^ J j‘j S~ j« uio j- 

jif, SSi *' ^ L- jC,l ^ Jj-j. J- L. u ( D stmctioii ) joX—J 
*» jj J oly ^ ir L*-> J" o~“>^ o M>«S^T 

J.5 ^ (J ^^»e»U ^ k-»Lr^ Aj LaU. Ijl^T^ Jj 

^ ^ ^ ^9T®r f^r ^trit 5 ijprtiCi ^ 

- '-^>> JL»1* Ofl io» J** (jUroj-*5 uoi ol 

’fiH % snftiT jtW V Birvpr v Jtfipra ’jPwT Prw ^ Tsw^ir 
jrOjft w ^ >pjT 5 ar?r MPrift ^ tott sto ? 

q?7TOT w Prsra ¥f ?r »ff pR xerr ^ixm arrarof war tr 

^afpr !T? rfW !Pf>rT % OT Jj'n.<:arr«rr5!!tawjrarfe'?^3riftrw^5 Fto^ 
^ a ^ in»5(TT il aa SRTfaa ^ rtt *RtP(> tpft ap 

ftr ^ ei’trmt a irrafR a am aria arPrat % ji% ^?r>fRfr % 

ftPs^ fr^ 5R>i 51^ asji I fSira% arfirfRa ^ ai+K aft Pt<r Ppanft 
^ sr^ anfe 51ROT ^ ^ fror ^ ar a«iw w t Tar awr R> jf 
?iia5mraa'5^5'R^fwpftiftaitftRareinftaaiTr&«ft’7aft«ft ir^tra ftRR 
aT¥ Jmr ar<r 5 afyfr afj a» ijarnr aftat ^ ft?iw tc 5 1 

ftra «iifl ^ 14 ®d ■aR ^Ft ^aarr ^air 

ataifa an aw RW 5 1 >n?5 ^ 5;ait saft OTtf ^W PtR an iwft 5 aR ft? ^ 
afft; Jn?¥ftf % aarnw ajqjftt % ftpt 'rpTIW aptwr ^ 'OT I n F?^ 

OT% 5 ft? ftra SRT?: aFt ataOTT atm jt ajuft wift I 

The Ilijder tbad leia ity Hth Dec 195S 79 

I I Ignc dp tal Landb 
{A nendment) Bill 1958 

far? ?r<nr a fft ^ ^ 5 ftr ^ it to .ifn: uTtfini 

Milttr ^ <r IT TT Ift ?T IT ^ IT 'T^TTO f* 

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u«rjt'->2b- ytbi y>5 yCJ y bliji jXu-J" UA. yl J 

Ojib y. yb iLoi* btt (Jty y iSjK-.S' I ~1 if i.ur Jy Jj 

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^ J ^ y y J' lyjyt J-_, yU^ ._lj'ljt-l J JL-jX Jitli y-i; ^ Ajujt 
yXi ^ jr y„ JJ i. IX.U lpJ-( Definite ) i-i5 jIJ'jC.I 
£,/"( Ingige ) ^ iijjj lU^/^ tt-( Justification ) 

, — . r tyU y oUi ^ yjli (jw ^bUT y- yl y*! tjy^ bljjj“ tiJS" 
tlyt i—'-'jyj U;bt_i i. £. ij J j* bib>. b^f" 

yu, yw y_j ( D sscntmg Ilepoit }'^jyj liSy 
*r A b i. IX.U U-jL.! j5'5b. TT-b-il (r) (y) uC Ai yl 

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JJ ^ ^j yiy Jjb. Kit yUsjf I ySCJ y .^Ijj A-^ y~j j yi" I irb.. 
y^/' Vy ( Mam ) i>* ■bS'-i-A.y -tKO-yl - jLuja Jybt jJ-Tj^l 
oyb ^ S tby jx'j lA* bjTjL-,! Aj ^lyjj jjXb ^ 

^ JmwJ y^y-< (Jy IXwtlbi jbjl^yllu I— Jt Jbil jIAwjI 

b .e-uy j-biT ^ Alujj £, K” A^” yi tjy IJ-t tNjy> uilb*-! jK" J'ai 
J"ji jjl X.Aly ^ yl ^(jUy I_ib bjb^ Aj . ^A-^ 

tJ V Jjl u* v»ii j o"* j'y-'y oaj lIi ^ xyiy~^ 

80 Uth Dec 1068 

The Hydeiabad 1 er incy and 
Agiicultwal La ids 
(Amendment) B 11 1069 

ixjl* Lfr o''*" ■A-i/ij'- i5 £. 

^ o b/( Request )-~jSj ^ 

Shn V B Raju ( Sec indeiabad Oen^i 1) Mi Speakei 
Sn I would like to subm t to the House that this B 11 wh ch 
has attracted the atteiitio i of i widei section of the people 
should be kept open for all constmclivc suggestions that may be 
nressaiy to be mcoipoiated and that eveiy niteism should 
be appieeiated that t has been male wth tie best of inten 

In 19''0 when the Hydcraba I Te la icy iil Ag e ilt iral 
Lands Act came into fiicc oi nmoitait thug hippeiicl 
VIZ occupancy light foi theieal cultivatoi f the hnd had 
been assured Tlio State I ad given a < ci t fle i( e to the cultn a 
tor Qicatng in hm a hope tint land would be fci thfe tillei 
Even 11 Madhava Rao Committee s Rcpoit and elsewhere 
land IS consideied to be a means of employment li is not 
the place for investment uith an expectation of a piofltable 

Secondly the pattern of agricultuial economy tint we m 
this countiy visuahse to develop is small peasant propiietoiship 
If we keep these two factors m our view we will be able to 
appreciate the difficulties the leal tillers of the land are 
to experience by ceitam provisions of this Bill Ihe 
on of basic holding serves th6 puipose of giving an as 
suiance to the tenant mat when resumption takes place at 
least that much of the land will be Iclt with him Effoi ts have 
been made all the while bv several members of this House be 
lending to all parties to see whethei an agreed area of the land 
coiSd he left wath the tenant nhilc applying the piinciples ol 
this Bill The helect Committee h is gone thiougli the Bill 
thoroughly hnd made ceita n suggestions The paity in powei 
has considered those suggestions and tiied to impiovi 
further No doubt there has been some impiovement 

When we pioceed to othei Sections and paiticiilaily when 
we go to Section ii we may have to keep m view how the 
present amendment would atfect that section I lemenibei 
that a basic holdmg alone is gomg to be guaianteed f< i the 
tenant Even though I am not m possession of fuitlier amend 
mei ts to the Glauses of the Bill I feel not even a family hoi 
duig IB gomg to bb assured to the tenant Such being the case, 

lilh Dec 

Ih Hifleia} il le iiity ml 
Ag icultinnl Lands 
(Amendment) Bill 
out nf 70 Iks ities f land wh ct is in the hands of 6 lacs of 
tei ant families what is ni cstimite of the land that we would 
like them to letnin with them ? 

In Clause 4 we may say that a famd^ would have a ceitam 
area of land which would yield an income of Rs 800/ Which 
IS that fam ly ? Is t the land loid family oi is it the tenant 
family ’ Do we visual se two famil es ’ I would hke to ask 
Is thcie any equity and lusticc ’ When we fix up certain 
standards foi the poi ulation that lives upon the land and our 
efforts should be m the clriection of mamtaimng equ ty whe 
tiler it IS tenai t or land lord So the amendment bi ought in 
now to this clause to deter name the basic holding as half of the 
family holding should not bo considcied fiom a poli|;ical point 
of view The politics of China oi the polit cs of Russia are not 
going to bleak anv ice here lire only endeavour of ths 
aug ist House should be to see how to save the tiller of the soil 

In ms < pinion tli s Bill ought to have come m 1950 and 
the occupancy light which we gave m 1930 oight to have come 
now First of all we ought to have asked all landlords fixing a 
1 mitl itike back oil the land that they couldpeisonsllyoultnate 
then foi the j emaimng land we ought to have fixed occupanoy 
right f 11 the tenants Thiec years ago wre gave the right of ocou 
pancy to the tenant he has been guaianteed this by the issue 
of a certiflcate and I do not know how much money and how 
much sweat he has spent foi a ceitificate So to see that the 
policy of the Gcicrnmentis notmisuideistood by the ignorant 
folk b) those who sweated let us make an endeavour to save 
the maximum area of land possible with the tiller I there, 
foie appeal to the Leadei of my patty to consider this aspect 
and sympatheti ally view it and not feel hesitant in accepting 
the amendmenl, if he deems it necessoiy and not lejeot it just 
because it has b cn moved by the opposition Aly submission 
to the Leader of the House is that if the opposition seeks to 
bring in amenchnents meiely foi the ako of opposition there is^ 
no statuie for the opposition At the same time if the ml 
ing paitj lakes an antagonistic new about every move 
the opposition makes there is no furture for democracy So 
anything that is good that comes from the left side must be 
accepted by the right with all fanness and with all sympathy 
I would hke to ask IIow did we arrive at one thud of the 
family holding as basic holding ’ It was arbitrary Secondly 
we wanted to avoid moie of fragmentation and when we want 

82 \ith Dec 195ii 

rhe Hydeiabad 1 ena icy and 
Agi icultii c I La ids 
(Ame idme it) Bill 1958 
to avoid fiagmentation let us keep the minimum area of the 
land at as leasonable a level as possible so that theie ma^ not 
be fragmentation If we keep the area of the basic holding 
low theie would be gieater fragmentation Siippos ng 6 
lacs of fngments aie left ho-n aie we going to consolidate 

Inthelghtofallthcaboveconsidciations I uiildsticngly 
suppoit the amendment of the oppositon w th legai 1 to the 
basic hold iig aid without taking any moic tune of the He use 
I 1 ould 1 ke to ppcal to the Leadei of the II use to c nsidei 
the amendment sympathetically and accept it 

sft rmtufl: anuRcs — <iTaT«f iRinw iprarr sr ii*!t eiu 

aiT m unfiT nr ftwrr irrawrr 

r«f^i ori tTsh "STv wfjfr ITT hfspr Jfcff ctIr itrt 

tiV rr StRTft ant TT 

arr^cl rRi? ant 

annrinrrr aft fn^rrntafl ant 41^4 annr dt si«’jhiiw ant ant 
^ srftRT Clf ^^(Ba 1C holding j'sfttaftilpRiRitTfnTkannt iTananstanaOT 
amn nthr art tfanr ^ irt 'sfinar (I unily 1 1 ling ) it 

inrf?i eiPwafr ant ciir anritnr aRrar scfewi farridt wr art ntlrr irorn^ 
fert ^ ntfiff i n r Clfrsir ( Maximum holcU ig) t » « anrot titlar m 
^cfhjnsr t ?? amra: k firw TSTfaiir a^oriBiT imr^r 'sftrdt ?laftar anfn 

rnffeS farandfar taanr sricnad aft aranarff ( Amendment ) cic*tKa4i imR ant 
dl!nn?rahiRmtariNtSr>sMt^rc»irv<; at^ ttniranp tracts m ( Wet 
land)ntar t aranj% aifiraft tlfvyir 4aan m ii an c an^ in^ anr amr anar ^ aradt 
araar airaa atsr ssaii' ant arfr nra ararar^ aifiiaft tllsaa ftanft aann 
ttaSr ntnat ara> fadlanar anwar ardta ararr tint anPa nr aaiwnnn^ d % aranj^ 
snSran^waTaprinraaisidhTatanciRft area <ntirr anaar dtar araa: aama ant 
JR gsr dtf sarraar^ fkaW aarrsn irandt am arfkdt tiftsn 
i?aa5 ant camr ape fjeffansr rjpar arara anPr naanan aft HirfaT jladt ant 
St va; arara ififiTafr ^isiPRtrdt an| anai fndldt a«R ar too aran:i% nafimtu 
jt^aaaranlnn^arira’ifhrrspttnartt 1 1 aran- <5firift ttrei-ir ttn ? enrer arsp 
isdtmar ? 5, area ^ernr t fkatdt awrain jarer ganmn^r srina: tUsaii 
^aftar anfnnaan^ij3fkaTsnnSrar5n«f3nt&v<:arear%aiMtttfoaiTan| tmar 

Uth Dec 1958 

The Hydei abad Tenancy and 
Jigncultmal Lands 
(Amendment) Bill 1958 
sr: irrftw <inf»r frdsfr TiirmT 

'frrwi >^11% ?r 1 "fSTTf sthfi 

wrm 3 r% »trafe >iSf ?r>wr ant 

^Rrt ^ T?;^ >nprr >t% ^ jliufte afl arm^Rtr im Tmr 

srrt St" ar^ ant win nw urtlR inar fnnn mfl 

i^np nr 55 ?ifr ^snti% twin ntln ami ?itt 'brut rot 'ran bhrit 
ira arrfir arniRn irl: 5*1 nfnm ttftwr ariPn FnnirfFn nfin: tlFfan nro anes 
niR amfnrna jBfnr ^nnr fntnw nn 31% jmT nint 

(i-i* ijJ'^j>s')j\jd^Lji 

Lf" IT'-.VU ^ £_ 

a ft 0*1 Jjl o/i/o* ^Z’*' J>* — -S-l i-iT j-Tj!” *r'l4, 

^giee )>s/ K,^ 

^1 r ijT*. |.lc ^jr l^ US3 *; i. Jljjl 

K'/'-bTA.jjl^UTj^ .X (4^^ 

ijix JX, <J A. JJ UY ■''J -O <>3b jTjj ^ 

^ Liw ;■!* iWl X ( EfToit ) <-f, I X A Xb 
J- SL a-y jd «- iTjl jjl lO-u S '-SL 

Oy,j u~“ 05' *• jjl '4^1 “ J u^t ^VIa. 

^0 Aai f ^0 c A— b l^J bT CA. ^of A-. Oj>U S' A„ X iSjIa. ^ 
oVjJo'’ ■'' loV UA< •»" UA. ^}U~. £. 0-1 4 j bT OA. 

0,- A jjl bT OY fA X AJ iyjy^JJ A=.L»*> J-» *J‘'> A-/ Jj Ai XKlj/ 

Jjl b!'LrjjA_^ owaLJL£ Jjo-I ^Lb. a« a* 

Jb jAa, o*oI ijAAb><L0A o"i'"J £o* lw aIjTjA* 

jjl rio^ o' ir u« a!- '-tu-'- t-t J *<b OIY ^ yA a«-iJ£ UI to-jjXfe* S 

oyb o-jjXfe' - aLj» jU> ( Recommendations ) tr" -A-Xj o-l 

Geneial)tr-4b.^ do*^ bTjycj. yl i>- y™i.V ^1 ^ o-ljjl ^ 

OiAjU LA-(jX'iSl. J. Aiy^j ( discussions 

O* ^A.j J 0-1 XUri^r A. ^ AO £ 0-1 LT^yi jjl 

oX.5tj _y J»J J O.A ^ ^ lilt ylX-tJy-, jX 

( — lAol X Ijjl £ juU Jbl ijbtt d- ( Vice Chairman ) tr'o'^ 

IjaI oT ^ uTbV OY -A" d* AJ .*.^1- J" 

J 0-1 UY t O'* OA- 0*1 0<-~iA-.Cj .jo£ £ y—T Xo5l^ 

y- AwUl 0*1 0™* aXij £ o— F” -X dIi Xlytjijbt. A. y .01 jijjL,\ 

48 nth Dec 1958 

The Hyde) abad Tenancy and 
Agiioultuial Lands 
(Amendmeht) Bill 1958 

y rXl ^L. Ji j~\ ^1 LfbV Jj 

y Oyj^ L)l Lr'H>-4j (J-v JJ TL 

IjT ui. *— .-^1 'J ^ S- ' — Lf"l JJ ^ 

jT j.ji ly if IS" jL, ^ I A— £ o L. ^U. 

^oKJ jj'ujjI lyf. * 

^ £. (re) ^ £-<y3 u 1 y- K. -S' I>f liyrj 

£. w-K" jb Uj l/lf-S' oy A> cf U' •-f’^b ( Piocess }ij^Jj 
UflL Ju A. LJC. 2 bTuCJ ^ use. ^ Ll'l^o'rA' bC, uy y—^ J 
(Economic holding) ^•V'-4buri*sa ^ oUj 

( Diy ) • J->' ( Wet ) I uw A-Kii U. ^ 

iX.^LJ'ya*- >X (ri-Si iJbLl' ij I » O' sJyAjj I 4 J 

if b L*!* ySC- o'^ Au IX-, ^ oC. jJy. ^ LT'I A-» j ^ A 
Ljl jX d AbX. ^ So f o jl iSj jXl 0 j uw *i 6 tlj 

l-S'(RenW^j'!4' ->* ^ ( Price ly-'jS J 4 '-^^■‘(Rigiit of pui chase) 
( Thl ee time the gioss produce )yj hyy^/is^o^ y ? «j I. X ^ 

4^ ( One fourth) *‘jy *41 jjl ( One thud) cij iij jjl |_jSj yo 

^ HU O- 4j A1 4j blJ yO >1 ySb. yj jA isX^y iX I o' 0*^1 ijX * ^ 

AOlcU, o-cybil^ AtTl-XtXooljjl O'o 

J' tSj IX b of-< O- »J o-X*Sl> O'C Ur y— ^ yi" O Jjl yXl kioj ^ 

^ yJ-X. X"l J-» tr yo ^ JJ UfjU yo 0 ,jj^ 

5X.Aoj<^J i:jXALU,K-lo,lj.| Abl,-.Xol^o.>J-y|jl<yAXX 
1 oy tx Jjl Iji iTiS 

jjl l*j jU.1 Is" X Ao J yXlAJj* ,>-1 o ri>' AaSa i5j-Jl 

^=wl y 0 .^ 2 AbXo-'^J~J*-X,A. JyX IJjA OOJ.^ 

y-JJ Jjl Ahj^” o*X j Ji ioj yly B1»J O'- y*b-4 --j AbT Oji LXX 

i Ji AiiU Xoj« Ui«- ■O O' r~.y AtS'l.U»S'ur( Resumption ) 

XI u- yo y-jXil X'Sl iO ‘'X aX.j* Jj o'* ^J *j |»e. X yv. iiilo 

Ai yXJ AjXlX u-A ,X" ■AfS^ X *i A oy- jt—-! X y4i 
( Retrogiade J* X ^or y ■'bU, £. *„ aT^ a^ u'e 

yoljl liX jLi aS3j O',, yo yj — L y«ilj^ X Jj» bjX o»jU Ai o- Aai ^^I 

jij* A_,jj jXl ooJ S U't) blij OY f, ^ 

The Hydeiabad Tenancy and 14,th Dec 1958 85 

Am i5ultu'ial Lands 
[Amendment) Bill 1953 

■! £_ .1 LT- il lo •'-iJU 0- ai.’i' * 

ijys Li T S iX— j jj Oj* OH- u"l '-'I 

ij-X'iiXL £, Ji jjl ( Latest amendment ) ‘-^1 

o- I3i-I JJ <i. l=- LJ XiJj* J»J o^ Ij j-i ^ ■'Ijj J.-J iSi\ o<»>iu. 

o"! Ji" IX.U LjX OH- *J i. tT l^Xj OS' Jj (j"l *J |Xil sj o"jJ“ 

y tXliJj* Jj-J iXi aX Aj w (oI UTbU OH- J^^J" 

ji I** J!.LX-j» ( Latei step ) 

iTjj- o' fj-l '-^y* iSjJj'" ^ j* <£. tJ o-XiJjjs Jjj OS b 

0l(^ os> ustj J-J *r'LX»l2'l<-5'oH- o4 C-^U 's <-il . J* jAS5j/\ ijT 

jj os» Js £ 1> MjjU a53j OSS uvy <> £«t-4^-s 

L_£ o»jc .a.sjT OS' o»» ^ ^To> Ji ^ -XljX" ^^U OH- sjl) 

'4. iSjJj^j^ »J ^ b I JJ. aToj* 

Lsfcj (j^ aS ~ ^ Am ^4*\ 

OjJlj c-jj fiL_V A-«X^I aT'o** U4?a^ (jw y 

OS' .X'S.Lj'iro'lo-^l Jb .e.ufb^ i-JUl 'b o* /V 

j-jk«i -sroji o*-' JS3b j_sj OS' OS' OSS’ y ^ ^bsAy --‘U 
O^u! *£ O'* ose *• £ I o^ {S^J* OH- y 

ij o-i j:_U. ta ib A'^j OS' j'JX.jf oj* ( Rent coUectoi ) 

iXI os. (/t. ^Uu ) o*»- bCI jf IJ^^I ^ JJ i 

£ 0* f£jl |»SjJ iUi* ut** ^bof" j^jX^Ub ^ jSCJ |i 

,£.Uj JJ OS' OjS’j* OS' AbU. £o*j_ 0 .| OS'J''*.bjJ'( Visit 

j. bjX( Depend ) -^-bi j) OjiSti *51 bu oh- j£ ■— «£ ^ 

^ iX jlj. ^ OS' jLX. £ o“bj~IS' t)-~jj Kijb ji' 0*=*- ^ 

O^ 0-5" J. JJ o' b J’ O'*. e!_ Oj— Jb a OS' <J_J l—l oS- 

0-1 O'* jSkljJ” -— '■*» oif y •iS^jX' ji.uT'lj b Jjjj *J jX Ojjjiutjjl iJjj*b 
J~j/jj O^ <i_jl* •i.l/’XjL.jl *• (J** s’S' s'" ,£. iX' b Jjjj j5 

^ OjbX" J O'* ^^jXU* I OS' tL«/ji OS' (•* sjs* o-'jJs-' sJ" c 

j.jXj'jj. jjl oj^U oCJ ,;-«X ujj jj ^U. osf. bjTUjI oI OS' ' 

^IjXXL'y, Oj*b>j b^osj o» loujjj J" U'J. OS' JJ — -b . ^ 

b/" )bb ( Agiicultural pattern) Ojs^ djOa/t ^iU) £_ o,Vb. £ 
o-yjl b_) . o" ( Mam Classes ) o'“lbr' o*. o^ o.!^ <l.jI* 

b-J or-bl ^ jXj. o'* j-jXlf Aoj XI yo os. oo’jl ij*sJ - yjb jjl 

PU— 6 

88 nth Dec 19’iS The Hydetabc d Tenancy and , 

AgticuUunil Lcufdi 
{Amendment) Bill 1968 

( Cultivating land o-wneig ) u-jisl -1-1 jjl o-SjV 

o V u-^ ^ U jjj. *5" i-i\ ^ 

^ ( Hich peasantij )iS^^ 

iT* “ u^i»* ts* ' ok- iS J.^ ^ 

LI j ^ *5^ a5r 1^ k «*-» _» oTL lM 

LT A 1 r f Soil ) J 'j- <J>«' /”( SuppOlt ) - O 1. ~l a*. 

loJ-’ * ^ u— • 'd'Sj* pUa jS’ a- 0*1 t/'j* 

j^fc a„ C ![■ ,T l/wj ^ o' d 1 " O ^ ^ ^ ^ en I 

1 -1 IC/ t r -» A-tTl j . ol i/J J” - 51»^ ■aiir', o ^ JJ 

<2- 1 U” J ^ -( > Tl J Olf, illja. L jSC 

o*a j ji O' Ao ^ 3 

a, J^OYS'J'J'ai.r'o^ joT^.r TyS o^'lj ^1 -i or J 

O'* _ o'" y* of^. iC ^ I 0? 0) . ol * _jr o o4 O 

l»» yS i. 1 5 !<• u } jS'oJ'j Landless ) jJ -1 J .i,* K. v 

J. < jT 0^3 ^ I yO o J _y5'*5' « A <■'’ Or aS.09")'“ ■'* 
yo,L-J_> *S A t jlAjiS *a«K'tljfo Uaj A 

aJb,^*jo oaVcfi Kl^okoS: C_,r A y ,aa. ( lispaity 

yTtojU 0“ ‘-’' Lljo?!* iT O-y* Ir l5j J'* jjl O* 

(Widediffeience oj ^ Jlj 0*^:* >■ I 8 tSy o-I ^ AlU 

o ■L^. o*'-S"o'*Aj«*-o' *1 » Ak.jU is'^a O'* LjT^ jT 

0 >J * O ji 0 1 } aO*J“ >*■ Oty ir'4^01 1 o»J i C- 

a. “I -. J Ao* 5 >- -iro* al*' * Oo* ^ 0+J”jJ^l" 00. 

tSC,or Jol o J yj '» > oS: oS Oj- J -C 'iSoyS’osJj* <J(J of-) 

o- o*^ A A li Aj o J il “i- _f » A 

'-a jO J cSo— JJ ,2*' '-jy' -^y- '-^ '-^d J al -tlj* li * 

aMO*' O* J}3 — 3^ d»y Aj» 1 iS'{£\fS'3i Ljyja. j-jk„| 

O' b .C o““»^ oSojk) o^ KoUj* ja* j A A (** jjl K. T JU 

a- lWj-U Ao-y A ■-'t- Jjl o~'0>' oS-' 03 ' J'^ UjaU il >J^ O'.O*. 

'^lo'kil'- — .oSlljio. 1^ ( Consultation lo"-^-^ 

A dsk, «J Airb a^T AoaI ja. ul AoU^ ''jy' oKiDy. ^ aJ 

(Welcome) (r^^-Jj^'aC*"' Lsr„«jo'fijt •jl»> l«.j a. tsbry*^ Ij^ 

3J 00 o'^ Ajk 0*1 kjS^io'aa' L kj5^oV * iS^dl^ *» l*j i-il ^*C. LyC 
\J A £.J^\ <1 aao Ijja>>a or* a^lovjl Lj , 0"4 Ajl* A^'^oeC