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346 Gleanings of the Wilson, or Willson's, of Ulster. 



Among those Scotch-Irish who emigrated from the 
Province of Ulster to Pennsylvania, Virginia, North 
Carolina, and other American colonies, at various times 
prior to the War of the Revolution, were many bearing 
the surname of Wilson, or, as frequently written in 
Scotland and Ireland, Willson. The following abstracts 
of Ulster Wilson wills, may be of interest to descend- 

Diocese of Berry Wills. 

Will of John Wilson of Strabane in Co. Tyrone, gen- 
tleman. Dated 20 Dec, 1620. No date of probate. 

The testator desires to be buried in the Parish 
Church of Lechpatrick, and appoints his son Robert 
to be sole executor and overseer of his (testator's) 
"other children." He also names sons William Wil- 
son and John Wilson, and provides for his wife 
Barbara Moore. 1 Witnesses: John Browne, James 
Coghrane, James Gibb, Robert Cadwalader, W. Cun- 

Will of Claud Willson of the parish of Donagheady, 
Co. Tyrone. Dated 13 Dec., 1636. Proved 21 Dec, 
1636, by Agnes, widow and relict, James Hamilton of 
Dowlette, gentleman, and John Hamilton of Moyagh, 

The testator desires to be buried in the Parish 
Church of Donagheady, and bequeaths all of his per- 
sonal estate to his wife and children (names not given). 

x At this time, and later, it was the custom in Scotland, Ulster, and 
Wales, for women to retain their maiden name after marriage. 

Gleanings of the Wilson, or Willson' s, of Ulster. 347 

"Wife Agnes, James Hamilton of Dulette (sic), gen- 
tleman, and John Hamilton of Moyouhe (sic), gentle- 
man, to be executors. "Witnesses: Thomas Wilson, 

Will of George "Willson. No place named. Dated 
31 May, 1640. Proved Dec, 1640, by Katherine Will- 
son relict of the deceased. 

The testator names children: John "Willson, and 
Mary Willson. He also mentions his mother, Elizabeth 
McGee, brother James Willson, sister Margaret Will- 
son, and wife Katherine, who is executrix. Witnesses : 
John Kilver, Susane Holding, Constans Killver (sic). 

"Will of James Willsone, of Londonderry, weaver. 
Dated 17 March, 1664. Proved 8 May, 1665, by Mar- 
garet, widow and relict of the deceased. 

The testator mentions his wife (executrix), and son 
James Willsone. "Witness : Thomas Brown. 

Will of William Wilson of the parish of Bouevah, 
Co. of Londonderry. Dated 22 April, 1692. No date 
of probate. 

The testator mentions his son-in-law James Boyle, 
husband of his daughter Elizabeth. Daughter Kath- 
erine "Wilson, and grandchild Agnisse Boyle, daughter 
of the said James Boyle. 

The testator mentions "the will of my son Bobert 
late deceased." 

Wife Jannett Wilson, executrix, and testator's 
friend Bichard Griffith, Bector of Drumchose, to be 
overseer. Witnesses : Charles Sterling, Patrick . 

Will of Thomas "Wilson of Strabane, merchant. 
Dated 26 Dec., 1693. No date of probate. 

The testator desires to be buried in the Churchyard 
of Strabane, and he bequeaths to his wife Agnes Wil- 
son alias Stewart the house and land called Burnes 
tenement, for life, and then to testator's son John "Wil- 
son. The testator leaves bequests to his other sons, 
Thomas and Francis "Wilson. Son John Wilson to 

348 Gleanings of the Wilson, or Willson's, of Ulster. 

be "administrator," and testator's friends Mr. John 
Crawford and Mr. William Homes to be overseers. 
Witnesses : William Homes, Jobn Crawford. 

Will of Eobart Wilson of Minemer in the parish of 
Maghera, barony of Loghlin, Co. Londonderry. Dated 
28 Dec, 1714. Proved 12 July, 1715. 

The testator mentions his son Hugh Wilson, and 
daughter Mary Wilson. 

"I order that whatever can be made of the interest 
left to me by my father in the Co. of Antrim be man- 
aged and truly divided between my son and daughter." 

The testator appoints his brother Hugh Speer, and 
friend Mr. William Montgomery, gentleman, executors. 
Witnesses : Nath. Paterson, Ann Speer. 

Will of David Willson of Newtownlimavaddy. 
Dated 23 June, 1715. Proved 25 April, 1716. 

The testator appoints his wife, Margret (sic) Will- 
son, executrix, and mentions daughters Margret and 
Elizabeth Willson. Overseers : Mr. John Stirling, and 
John Alexander. Witnesses: Eo. McCausland, Tho. 

Will of John Willson of Fyfin in the parish of Urny, 
Co. Donegal. Dated 6 April, 1706. Proved 23 April, 

The testator desires to be interred in the Parish 
Church of Urny, and bequeaths the "interest of my 
part of the land of Fyfin unto my three full sisters 
that are unmarried equally to be divided." Wit- 
nesses: James Mayes, James Thomson. 

Will of Patrick Wilson of Donaghmore. Dated 4 
Feb., 1727-8. No date of probate. 

The testator desires to be buried in the churchyard 
of Donaghmore. He mentions sons John Wilson, and 
Joshua Wilson; son-in-law James Cochran, and wife 
Cathrin Olivent. Executors: Andrew Willson, and 
Archibald White. Witnesses : Thomas Willson, John 

Gleanings of the Wilson, or Willson' s, of Ulster. 349 

Will of James Wilson of Stoancarlidagh in the par- 
ish of Drumragh, Co. Tyrone. Dated 20 April, 1741. 
Proved 2 March, 1742, by Robert Wilson, one of the 

The testator bequeaths to his eldest son, John Wil- 
son, £20. Unto second son, David Wilson, "one mo- 
yetie or half of my farm;" unto each of his sons-in- 
law, viz. Hugh Wilson, James Anderson, John Young, 
Edward Young, John Hetheringtown, and William 
Christie, the sum of £3. due by bond; to "my youngest 
son Robert Wilson, and eldest son John, the other mo- 
yetie of my farm." Executors : John Christie of Mul- 
laghbane, Co. Tyrone, and testator's second son, David 
Wilson. Witnesses: John Rodger, and Rob' Wilson 
Jun r . 

Will of Archibald Willson of the Laugh. Dated 2 
March, 1745-6. Proved by executors named, 5 April, 

The testator desires to be buried in Donaghmore, 
and leaves bequests as follows : 

To elder Brother Daniel, £15. ; to brother John, £14. ; 
to brother Thomas, £14.; to John Heris (Harris), a 
relative, £5.10.0.; to Jean Heris, £3.10.0.; to Nancy 
Heris, £2.10.0.; to Thomas Heris, £2.10.0.; to Samuel 
Heris, £1.2.0.; to John Anderson, £5.0.0.; to Margrat 
Anderson, £2.10.0.; to Martha Anderson, £2.10.0.; to 
Archibald Anderson, £3.10.0; to Rebeckah Anderson, 
£2.10.0. Executors: Archibald Whit (White), and 
Moses Lindsay. Witnesses: John Willson, and John 

Will of James Willson of Killymuch in the parish 
of Tamlaght O'Crilly, Co. Londonderry. Dated 27 
March, 1745. Proved by executors named, 29 July, 

The testator desires to be buried in the churchyard 
of Tamlaght O'Crilly. To "wife Margret the fifth 
part of all my goods and chattels, all the rest and res- 

350 Gleanings of the Wilson, or Willson' s, of Ulster. 

idue to my four children to be divided into four equal 
parts. If there is another child property to be divided 
into six parts, and a sixth part to each of my five 
children." Wife and children to "enjoy my house and 
farm" (which went to his heir). The testator mentions 
his son William, and appoints as executors, his brother, 
John Willson, and brother-in-law, William Hamilton. 
Witnesses: Hugh Hill, Edward Marks, and John 

Will of James Willson of Kern in the parish of Dun- 
boe, Co. Londonderry. Dated 30 March, 1747. Proved 
by the oath of Andrew Walker, witness, and the ex- 
ecution committed to John Dunn and Thomas Boyd, 
sons-in-law of the deceased and next of heir, 27 Julv, 

The testator desires to be decently buried at the dis- 
cretion of his son John. All money owing, the testator 
bequeaths to his daughter Margrat Willson otherwise 
Boy (sic), "except what James Lewes is owing, that 
I allow to my daughter Mary, with what my son John 
Dunn is owing to me that I allow him to keep in his 
own hands for his part. Son John (Dunn) to be at 
the cost of funeral. Witnesses : Andrew Walker, and 
Joseph Wardon. 

Will of Andrew Wilson Senior of Banagher. Dated 
22 Nov., 1748. Proved by the oath of Andrew Wilson, 
a witness, and execution granted to Henry Wilson, the 
executor, 28 Nov., 1748. 

The testator bequeaths his lands in the town of 
Deryviear to Henry Wilson, together with all houses 
and tenements thereunto appertaining, except the tract 
of land in possession of James Moore. Witnesses: 
William McClosky, Thomas Hason, and Andrew Wil- 

Diocese of Connor Wills. 

Will of John Willson of Belley Lagon. Dated Jan- 
uary, 1727. Proved by John Willson and John Allen, 
5 March, 1728. 

Gleanings of the Wilson, or Willson's, of Ulster. 351 

The testator bequeaths the lease of the farm on 
which he lives to his sons Robert and John Willson, 
and mentions his wife and "children." The farm in 
Belley Lagon to wife during life, and after her decease 
to testator's son John. Executors: Testator's wife, 
Andrew Willson, John Allen, and George Willson. 
Witnesses: James Steuart, John Morrons, and 
Thomas Willson. 

Will of John Willson of Aghohill. Dated 5 March, 
1738-9. Proved at Aghohill, 22 Jan., 1739. 

The testator bequeaths to his wife Jean two parts of 
all stock, both of money, goods, chattels, and the house 
and land. "And also I leave the third part of the 
remaining third to my brother's son Robert, and the 
remainder of the first third part to be equally divided 
amongst my brother Samuel and his children, and my 
sister-in-law Elizabeth and her children, and also my 
brother Robert's daughter Margaret to run equal with 
the rest of my nephews in the remaining part of the 
first third." Witnesses: Robert McClure, Francis 
Hilles, and Andrew McClure. 

Will of John Willson of the parish of Ballinderry. 
Dated 13 Feb., 1747-8. Proved 12 March, 1747-8. ' 

The testator mentions his brothers, Isaac, Samuel, 
and Henry Willson; sisters, Mary McCoy, and Anne 
Erwin. Executors: Testator's father (name not 
given), and brother Samuel Wilson. Witnesses: 
Thomas Sefton, William Maxwell, and James Cook. 

Will of John Willson of Largy in the parish of Kil- 
lead, Co. Antrim, farmer. Dated 1 June, 1737. 
Proved by Andrew Willson, one of the executors, 19 
November, 1751. 

The testator bequeaths to his sons John and Andrew 
all of his freehold land in Largy, share and share alike. 
He mentions son Samuel, son-in-law Alexander Young, 
daughter Esther Willson alias Coaplin, and daughter 
Margaret Willson alias Bell. Executors: Testator's 

352 Gleanings of the Wilson, or Willson's, of Ulster. 

sons, John and Andrew Willson. Witnesses : Joseph 
Ewen, Langford Shoen, and Fran. Shoen. 

Will of Hugh Willson of Killade. Dated 8 March, 
1750-1. Proved by oath of Isabel Wilson, widow of 
said deceased, 24 Oct., 1751. 

The testator mentions his son Hugh Willson, wife, 
and "son-in-law." Witnesses: George Grice, and 
Will. Brayen. 

Bond. Dated 24 Oct., 1751. Isabell Willson, and 
Hugh Willson, both of the parish of Killade, and John 
Cumberland of Lisburn, all in Co. Antrim. £40. For 
good admon. by said Isabell widow and relict of Hugh 
Willson of Killade, deceased, of estate of her said hus- 
band. Witness : Henry Marmion, Not 7 Pub. 

Prerogative Wills. 

Will of Sir John Wilson of Wilson's Forte, Co. 
Donegal, Knt. and Bart. Dated 13 April, 1636. Codi- 
cil 15 April, 1636. 

The testator desires to be buried in the Church of 
Baphoe, and he bequeaths the Manor of Wilson's 
Forte, and the lands of Killcaddan which he holds on 
lease from the Lord Bishop of Derry, to his (testa- 
tor's) father, William Wilson, Esq., for life, and after 
his decease to testator's brother Andrew Wilson; pro- 
vided the said William and Andrew pay unto testator's 
only daughter Anne Wilson her yearly maintenance 
for twelve years. If said Andrew die without issue 
male, before said Anne, then said estate to revert to 
the said Anne Wilson, subject to a jointure to the 
widow of Andrew. 

In case both the said Andrew Wilson and Anne Wil- 
son die without issue then said estate to revert to 
testators nephew Andr.ew Hamilton, and for want 
of issue, then to the heirs male of John Hamilton, 
brother of Andrew, then to the heirs male of Francis 
Hamilton, another brother of Andrew, then to the heirs 

Gleanings of the Wilson, or Willson's, of Ulster. 353 

male of Francis Hassett, son of Francis Hassett of 
Eosbegg, Co. Fermanagh, then to testator's general 
heirs forever. 

The testator mentions his niece Anna Hamilton, sis- 
ter of Andrew, John, and Francis, and his (testator's) 
sister, Bebecca Wilson. Executors: Testator's father, 
William Wilson, Esq., and .... Nicholas Lof- 
tus of Dublin. Testator's father-in-law, Sir Thomas 
Butler, Knt., to be supervisor. Witnesses: Charles 
Atkinson, Thomas Pamantur, Nicholas Pamantur, 
John Pitts, Donatus O'Syell, and John Vaughan. 

Codicil by which the testator leaves certain bequests 
viz.: to Neale Donnell, "son unto my brother (sic) 
Colvagh Donnell" £5; to Mary Donnell, "daughter 
unto my said brother-in-law Colvagh Donnell, £30." 

Will of John Wilson late clerk of the Forge of Inis- 
rush, Co. Londonderry, gentleman. Dated at Antrim, 
13 June, 1696. Proved by Eichard Wilson brother of 
said deceased, 18 July, 1696. 

The testator bequeaths to his eldest brother, Eichard 
Wilson all of his right title and interest in the fourth 
part of the forge of Inisrush, Co. Derry, he paying to 
testator's youngest brother David Wilson, £200. To 
said brother Eichard testator's fourth share of a De- 
cree of £160. recovered against Eandle, Earl of An- 
trim, some time before the late war at the suit of John 
Wilson late of Ballow and the testator, as executors 
of Eobert Wilson late of Ballow, who bequeathed the 
said sum of £160 as a legacy to testator and his (testa- 
tor's) three brothers, James, Eichard, and David, to 
be equally divided. The testator mentions his sister, 
Sara, wife of Mr. James Hartson. Testator's brother 
Eichard to be sole executor. Witnesses : Ja. Shonnan, 
and Jonathan Hammond. 

Will of John Wilson of Strabane in the parish of 
Camus, Co. Tyrone, merchant. Dated 16 June, 1735. 

Vol. XXXVIII.— 23 

354 Gleanings of the Wilson, or Willson's, of Ulster. 

Proved by Anne Wilson widow and relict, saving the 
rights of Patrick and Thomas Wilson, sons of deed. 

The testator desires to be buried in the churchyard 
of Strabane, and mentions wife Ann, sons Patrick, 
Thomas, and John Wilson; daughters Martha, Ann, 
wife of Richard Hughes, and Isabella Wilson. Nieces, 
Sally, daughter of Eichard Hughes, and Elizabeth 
Willson (sic) deceased. Executors: Testator's wife, 
and sons Patrick and Thomas. Overseers: G-eorge 
Grladstanes, Esq. of Lisburn in the parish of Clogher, 
Rev. Victor Ferguson, and Mr. Hugh Brown of Stra- 
bane, merchant. Witnesses: Victor Ferguson, Patr. 
Caldwell, and John Ferguson. 

Will of John Wilson, Rector of Kilcar, Co. Donegal, 
Clk. Dated 24 Feb., 1740-1. Proved 16 Augt., 1743, 
by Isabella Wilson, widow and relict of deed., saving 
the right of the other executors. 

The testator bequeaths unto his wife one third part 
of his personal estate "above the £200 I am obliged 
to leave her by marriage settlement. The other two 
thirds for use "of my surviving children." All other 
effects to be divided amongst my children, Thomas, 
John, Nicholas, Sarah, and Hannah. Executors : 
Testator's wife, and Rev. John Robertson of Donegal. 
Witnesses : Ed. Scanlan, Eliz. Walter, and Nich. Dogh- 

Will of John Willson, mariner on board His Ma- 
jesty's Ship the Lyme, now lying at Spithead. Dated 
1 Nov., 1743. Proved 27 May, 1748. 

The testator bequeaths all of his estate to his mother 
Margaret Willson of the parish of St. Catherine's, 
Dublin, and he appoints her sole executrix. Witnesses : 
Chas. Calford, and Peter Yearworth. 

Letter of testator to his mother in which he mentions 
his brother [? in law] Tho 3 Hooks, sisters Mary and 
Elizabeth, and uncle Johnston. 2 

2 1 include this will because it relates to an Ulster family, although 
resident in Dublin.