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L. M. KETT. 

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ix^ THE KETT FAMILY traces its ancestry to a remote period of history. 

, It would appear that the family name is derived from the old Danish — 

VeJcell, the sacred vessel used in sacrifices, and if this be true then we 

\ have a link with the ages before the Conquest. Certain it is, however, 

that the Ketts were living in Norfolk during the reign of William I., 

"X^ for there are no fewer than four references to people who may, with 

^^ small doubt, be members of the family, in Domesday Book. Since the 

' c twelfth century they have settled at Wymondham, and from that time 

. o we have records of their unbroken succession stretching over eight 

X hundred years to the present day. 

vN Three hundred years of comparative prosperity were followed by a 

^ long period of persecution. From 1200 to 1550 the Ketts advanced from 

X^ success to success, until finally they attained a position of considerable 

local importance. In earlier days they had been taught by the monks of 

the neighbouring abbey, a Benedictitie foundation established at the 

beginning of the twelfth century. We find frequent reference to their 

activities in the fairs and miracle plays held at Wymondham throughout 

the Middle Ages. 

The widespread feeling of discontent and the undoubted grievances 
of the peasantry during the reign of Edward VI. induced a prominent 
member of the Kett family to raise the standard of rebellion. The 
famous insurrection of Eobert Kett in 1549 is too well known to call for 
any description here. Suffice it to say that the movement was quickly 
suppressed, and the stern hand of the law fell heavily on the heads of the 
unfortunate instigators. For more than a century the Ketts had to live 
down the memory of the rebellion, but in the end they once more 
established their position in the county. At no time were they lacking 
in courage — one of their number perished at the stake rather than recant 
his opinions. At no time did they fail to carry on in worthy fashion the 


high traditions of Eobert Kett. A branch of the family subsequently- 
emigrated to the West Indies to be some of the pioneers of Empire in 
those islands. 

With this brief resume of the history of the Kett family, we will 
proceed to a few remarks concerning Mr. George Kett, to whose lifelong 
and devoted labours the present work is mainly due. He was born at 
Wymondham in 1836, the eldest son of his father, who had established 
a small business in the village as a wood carver. The elder Kett had 
been engaged on restoration work in several Norfolk churches, and after 
a while he removed to Norwich to repair and renew some of the stalls in 
the cathedral there. It was at this time that a Mr. Eattee was appren- 
ticed under him, and later the two went into partnership to form the 
well-known firm of Eattee and Kett. Some time afterwards the elder 
Mr. Kett submitted on invitation a number of designs of wood carving 
for the new Houses of Parliament then being constructed from the plans 
of Sir Charles Barry. They were immediately accepted, and in order to 
execute them Mr. Kett, taking his family with him, proceeded to London 
in 1845. Young George Kett was sent to a private school, and there he 
received the greater part of his academic education. After an interval 
of three years the family settled at Cambridge, where definite business 
premises were set up. Many important restorations were effected by the 
joint efforts of the two partners, notable among them being the stalls of 
Ely Cathedral. Mr. Eattee died in 1854, but his widow retained an 
interest in the firm until her demise in 1866, in which year the elder Kett 
became sole proprietor. 

George Kett began to work at a very early age and astonished all 
who knew him by his energy and ability. He was intimately connected 
with all the activities of the firm until liis retirement in 1902, and during 
that long period his knowledge grev/ profound with the years and his 
opinion was sought for and respected by everybody. Business, neverthe- 
less, did not entirely absorb his attentions. For many years he devoted 
his leisure moments to the pedigree of the Kett family. It became his 
"hobby." He accumulated a mass of MSS. relating to the subject, and, 
after his retirement from business, he was able, with the helpful assistance 
of Mr. Campling and others, to arrange the pedigrees for publication. It 
was not until the closing years of his life that the book was produced, 
and by that time his eyesight was almost completely dimmed. It is 
pathetic to recall that the old gentleman was never able to read the pages 
his loving and lifelong efforts had done so much to prepare. He died full 
of years and honour in 1914. 

^ The late Mr. George Kett achieved the highest municipal honours in 
Cambridge. He was thrice Mayor of the Borough. For twenty years he 
served as an Alderman, and he had been a County Councillor. A well- 
known Cambridge celebrity, he was generous and courteous to a degree. 
His kindly sympathies won the hearts of all who knew him. His wife, 


who was equally well loved in Cambridge, predeceased lier husband by 
seven years. Mr. George Kett left behind him a name which is still 
spoken of with pride and regret among the inhabitants of the old 
University town. 

The present volume, which includes the greater part of Mr. George 
Kett's researches, is the work of several hands. To Miss Marion Kett 
has fallen the onerous task of compiling and making extracts from many 
hundreds of manuscripts. With her it has been a labour of love. In the 
course of her labours she has examined many MSS., wills and testaments of 
Wymondham. All those relating to the Kett family were used in the 
present compilation so that it should be both accurate and exhaustive. 
Mr. A. Campling, connected by marriage with the Kett family, has 
greatly assisted the production of the book with his remarkable knowledge 
of genealogy and heraldry. His collection of twenty thousand Norfolk 
pedigrees contained many which proved invaluable in solving disputed 
l^oints in the history of the Ketts. 

I have been asked to convey the thanks of the authors to Mr. Frederick 
Johnson, brother-in-law to the present Mr. George Kett, who generously 
presented the paper for the present volume. 

Buckingham Palace Eoad, S.W. 
October, 1920. 



The first Kett we meet with in Norfolk occurs in an old Chartnlary of 
Wymondham Abbey in the British Museum, Titus C. VIII., undated, 
but said to' be not later than 1300, and to be a copy of an earlier Chartu- 
lary. There are some dates to be found in it, and the last date before 
the following entry is 1225. Among other things it contains a charter of 
Eoberfc, son of Ralph, son of Odo de Morley, p. 59b : " I, Robert son of 
Ralph, son of Odo de Morley, grant and confirm to the church of St. 
Mary of Wymondham and the monks of the same .... for the health of 
my soul and the souls of my father and mother and of all my friends and 
benefactors, the services of Hubert, son of Godwin Ket and of Katherine 
his wife, also a tenement which was Saxi de Morley's." Also land in 
Ridings Estcroft, Scorteland, and Horlecroft, etc. 

The Danish origin of the Ketts is indicated in the name of Godwin, 
and the pedigree goes back to him. Having regard to the date 1225, it 
would make 1140 a probable date for Godwin's birth. It seems unlikely 
that any documentary evidence now exists that will prove an earlier 
generation. We have Domesday compiled 1086. From the scarcity of 
surnames in that record no clear reference to the Ketts of East Anglia is 
forthcoming, but christian names similar to those of the earliest recorded 
members of the Kett family have been found. They have been abstracted 
from the Norfolk Domesday and closely analysed. It is worth noting 
that the association of one group of Godwins, Hughs, and Huberts 
indicates a probable derivation from Toka, a " francigena " or foreigner 
(another word is used for Frank or Frenchman). This Toka was born 
about 960 A.D. These men were tenants of the de Morleys and the 


previous holders of de Morley lands. The following pedigree is appended, 
for what it is worth, as being reasonably probable : — 

Born about 960. I 

Godwin Tokesone=p 
Born about 1000 ; held land at "Wooton, co. Norfolk 
(246 b.), under Grert, from the King, brother of Harold, 
1042—1060; ako called the "Other Godwin"; Dome.v 
day, fo. 33 b., " sou of Toka," Suffolk. 

Born about 1030 ; held land at "Wooton under Godwin 
Tokesone, and in Panxford and Plumstead, co. Nor- 
folk, under Gert, 1042—1066. 


Born about 1060 ; succeeded to Godwin's land in 
Panxford and Plumstead, which he held in 10S6. 
Hugh also then held land in Morley and Aslactou. 

Born about 1100. Father of Godwin. (Early Nor- I 
folk Pine.) 

Born about 1140. Son of Hugh. Held land in Wil- 
chingham, co. Norfolk, 1202. ? Godwin Ket, father 
of Hubert Kett of Morley, about 1200. (Early Nor- 
folk Pine.) 

Hubert Kett=j=Katherine. 
Chartulary, "Wymondham Abbey. Born 
about 1170; of Morley, 1200. His 
services were granted to Wymondham 
Abbey, 1200, by Eobert de Morley. 

I I 

Hugh. Son Ealph. Son 

of Godwin, of Godwin. 

Eingland, Eackheath, 

1228. 1202. 

Hugh Kett. Born about 1200. 
(See Pedigree A.) 

Eobert. Son of Hubert. Held land 
Morley, 1247. (Early Norfolk Fine.) 

The Ketts were undoubtedly of Danish origin, the name implies it. 
Our earliest historical ancestor seems to have been Toka, a " francigena " 
or foreigner, living at Kettleston, formerly Ketteston, in Norfolk. Kett 
seems to be a shortened form of Ketill,* which was first used in the 

Tigurson and Powell's " Origines Islandicsa." 


compound names of men. Ketill is sometimes contracted to Kell, as 
Kell for Ketill, Thorkell, Askell. The earliest Northern church law- 
prescribed for women an ordeal of taking hot stones out of a boiling 
kettle — history does not relate what was the ordeal for men. A ve-kell 
or holy kettle was used in sacrifices. It is curious to note that much 
later one branch of the Kett family intermarried with the Kells, probably 
of Norwegian ancestry. We may put on one side the idea of the Ketts 
being identical with the Cats or le Chats, rather late-coming Normans, 
who settled at Hevingham, Norfolk. That the Cat Arms were annexed 
by the Heralds for the Ketts means very little ; they probably thought 
that the families were identical. The "e" in Kett is found as early as 
1225, and was probably always there. 

If we accept this Danish origin for the Ketts, there is a certain 
virility and vigour, combined with a love of great adventure and an 
instinctive spiritual insight into whatever great cause may be uppermost, 
about some of the more prominent members of the family, which lends 
colour to the theory that the Saga might have been working in their 

They seem to have been extraordinarily ready to seize hold of new 
ideas. This was a characteristic of the adaptable Norseman as against 
the rather slothful, ease-loving Saxon. 

The Ketts of early Norman times were undoubtedly bondmen, which 
means that they had fought against the Normans* and got the worst of it. 
That they were quick in throwing off this bondage shews a tendency to 
get back to the original level of freedom and wealth, for the men they 
sprang from were great landowners. In Norman times, again, they were 
inspired by the Eegulars as against the Seculars. They gave their time 
and thought to the great monastery of Wymondham, whose Abbot was 
their landlord. They were certified by the Abbey, they were taught by 
the monks, joined the guilds, and were the ruling spirits at the fair, 
miracle and mystery play. In fact fines had to be imposed when spirits 
got beyond bounds, and rough-and-tumble riots often succeeded the 
festive church services of a Saint's day celebration. There was trouble 
in Wymondham, as elsewhere, about the somewhat too frequent obser- 
vances of feasts. Much information as to the guilds is to be found in 


the documents in tlie " Wymondliam Church Chest," published by the 
Norfolk Archaeological Society. 

Then came the Agrarian revolution, which in East Anglia seems to 
have been interwoven with the Eeformation. The educative influence of 
these two movements brought forth Eobert Kett, who threw himself into 
the breach to lead the people and help to right the dreadful wrongs of 
the toiling labourers. 



The following are extivicts from the Manor Rolls of the Wymondham 
Courts to be found a,t Blickling Hall, Norfolk, in possession of the 
Marquis of Lothian, and at the Public Record Office. 

They take us to John Enj^ght alias Kett, who died 1512, and who 
was succeeded by his nephew Thomas Kett of Forncett and Wymond- 
ham : — 

Wtmondham Court Rolls. 

1282, Aug., 10-11 Edward T. Capital pledge for Silfield, Hugh 

1283, 11 Edward I. Richard Spurel surrenders 1 acre and a mes- 
suage to use of John Kette. 5s. fine. 

1282, Vigil of Ascension Day, 11 Edward I. Alice Kat is presented 
for breaking her neighbour's fence. 

Hamo Spurel surrenders 2 acres 1 rood pole (2 . 1 . 0) of land to 
use of John Kette, to whom seizin is given. 9s. fine. 

Chabtulaky op Wymondham Manor. (Writing about the date 1300.) 
List of tenants, Alan Ket, a tenant holding land at Potterscroft. 

Lete Couet. 

1284, 12 Edward I. Ralf Kat occurs, makes default to Norton Lete. 
Emma Kat occurs, breaks assize of beer, Wattlefield. That is, she 

privately sells beer she has brewed, against the manorial law. 

1288, Dec. 22. John Kette pays a fine for his entry into half a rood 
which he bought of Hamon Spurel, which he occupies, and which had 
been referred to a jury to decide. 

loOO, Sept. 8. Hugh Kete pays 2s. for a licence to marry. 

1308, May 1. Margaret Kett is fined M. for not grinding at the 
lord's mill. 

1324, Aug. 1. Hugh Kette (sometimes spelt Cette) appears for the 
first time on the Lete, as a capital pledge on the part of Siltield. Silfield 
presents that Margaret Kette drew blood from Amicia Teger. Amerced 6d. 

1827, Nov. 11. Hugh Kette is a jm-or. 

Court held Aug. 13, 1329. Margaret Kett has a licence to marry, 
the same Margaret prefers to be unmarried. Hugh Kett is her pledge in 
both cases. Fine xld. 

There is also an order to attach Sara Kette to answer William 
Ploket together with John Kette, who is excused at the next Court by 
Hugh Kett. 

Coiu-t held Sept. 14, 1318. William Godefrey and Agnes his wife 
surrender a cottage, 32 feet long and 31 feet broad, to use of Thomas 
Kette and his heirs. 

1327, Sept. 29. John Kett is fined 6d. 

1332, Dec. 8. Thomas Kette surrenders to the loi-d a cottage, 33 feet 
long and wide, to the use of John (? Tiblikc) and Alice his wife for 
their lives, and then to Amicia Tedger and her heirs, and he comes and 
receives the same, etc. 

1332j Dec. 8. John Kette surrenders 1 acre of land and a cottage to 


the use of Thomas Kette and his heirs, who comes and receives the same 
land, etc., saving the same to said John for life. 

Court held S.S. Tiberius and Valerian, 1333. John Kette surrenders 
2 acres 1 rood and a half of land to Hugh Kette and Matilda his wife, 
and he comes and the land is re-granted at an increase of rent. 

1332. We find Thomas Ket at Wicklewood, a short distance from 

Hugh Kette is stiU at Wymondham. 

1843, Nov. 25. Roger Sporel surrenders to the lord 1 rod and 13 and 
a half perches of land in Silfield to the use of Thomas Kette and his 
heirs, to whom the lord grants seizin. 15t^. fine. 

1344, Sept. 21. Matilda Stroby siu-renders to the lord 1 acre and a 
half and 2 perches of land, pasture and moor at Sporelscroft to the use 
of Thomas Kette and his heirs, to whom the lord grants seizin, etc. 

1349, June 29. Matilda Kette surrenders to the lord 1 and a half acres 
of land to use of John Kette and Beatrice Kette and their heirs, to whom 
the lord gave seizin by the rod, etc. 6d. fine. 

1349, June 29. Thomas Kette surrenders to the lord certain lands 
and a messuage to the use of Beatrice Kette and the lawful heirs of 
Beatrice. If she have none such, then it is to revert to Thomas's heirs. 

Gryshatjgh Manoe, Wymondham. 

1349, June 11. The lord grants to Eichard Kettys 3 rods 33 poles of 
the tenement Spurels, to hold to him and his heirs by services, etc. 

1349, Dec. 13. Matilda Kette dies seized of 1 acre "ten de ten 
Eeyner," and Richard is her son and heir. He gives a heriot according 
to custom. It looks as if both Thomas and Matilda died of the Black 
Death, as that plague was rampant in 1349. 

1349, Dec. 13. Thom;is Kette held 2 acres 3 rods, and Richard Kett 
is his kinsman and heir. He gives a heriot. Thomas Kette is evidently 

1352, April 25. John Spurel sm-renders a messuage and 5 aci-es of 
land in Silfield to use of Richard Kette and his heirs, and seizin is 

Cromwell's Manor. 

1379, Oct. 18. The Lord grants to Richard Kette all his arable lands 
in the town of Wymondham which are outside his park, and all meadows 
and pastures outside said park, woods and site of his manor there, 
together with all winter and autumn works, as well as sowing of corn, 
foldage of sheep upon said lands for six years from 46 Edw. III. 1372 to 
the end of said term, and to surrender the same in good estate. 


1383, Aug. 1. Richard Kette, native tenant, gives a fine for licence 
to marry, 2,'!. 

1397, Dec. 21. They present that Richard Kette of Wymondham 
and Hugh Kette his son, bondsmen of the Loid, have bought a piece of 
freehold land in an enclosure called "Kyngscroft " next the common way 
called Estendweye from John Gunvile, and containing eight acres. It is 
held of the heii-s of Constantine Clifton by 13d. free rent per annum, 


which land it is ordered to seize into the Lord's hands by reason of the 
ahoye purchase. 

We now have established that — 

Hugh Kett.=p:Matilda, liis wife, 1333. Died 1349, 
Died before 1349. I probably of the Black Death. 


liichard Kette, son and heir of=pl =2. Margery (Bertelot ?). Holds 

Matilda Kette. " Senior" 1397. I Wodehouse as dower. Died 

Died 1400-1. 1409-10. Married 1383. 

Hugh Kette=l =2 Eichard Kette, Junr., 

Married Married 1397. 

1396. 1409. 

Title Deed op Kingsceoft at Blickling Hall, Norfolk. 

1397. Be it known to those present and to come that we Richard 
Kette of Wymondham, Senior, and Hugh Kette of the same concede, etc., 
and by our deed confirm to Richard Kette of the same. Junior, to John 
Gurney, Chaplain, and to Richard Knyght of the same one piece of land 
called Kingescroft, containing eight acres, near Wymondham, in the field 
of Silfield between the King's way North and land formerly Hugh Adam's 
South, and abutting land (Hardenhead) East and above land of William 
Attekar's West ; and the said piece of land with its appurtenances was 
formerly Einma Gunvill's and John Gunvile her son. Having and holding 
to the aforesaid Richard Kett, William and Richard Knyglit, etc. 


1384, Aug. 1. Richard Kette capital pledge for Silfield. Richard 
Kette fined for stopping the water-course at Kingislang. 


1393, Aug. 1. Richard Kette is capital pledge for part of Silfield. 


1399—1400, Feb. 14. Tenants who do fealty to Thomas Bardolph, 
Lord of Wormesay, etc., on the part of Silfield, Richard Kette and Hugh 


1400-1, Feb. 17. Silfield. It is presented that Richard Kette, who 
held of the Lord a cottage, 230 perches of land called "Kettes" and 
1 acre of meadow of the tenement formerly Adam Ulf's, died since last 
Coi:rt, on whose death there fell to the Lord a heriot of 17id., and 
that Hugh Kette, son of the said Richard, is his next heir "and of 
full age, who takes up the said cottage and lands to hold to him and his 
heirs, etc. Said Richard also held two and a half acres of the tenement 
formerly Sporels, and a heriot of 3s. 4d. is paid by his son and nest heir 
Hugh Kette, who takes up same, etc. 

1400-1. It is presented that Richard Kette, lying in extremis, sur- 
rendered 8 acres and a half of land of the tenement Wodehous to the use 


of Margerie his wife, who comes and takes up the same to hold to her and 
her heirs. 

And the same Richard Kette also surrendered 2 acres of land of 
tenement Brokett's to the use of Richard Knyght, who comes not, and 
said lands are taken into the Lord's hands. 

1401, May 3. Eichard Kette, lying in extremis, surrendered to the 
Lord 2 acres of hond land of the tenement Brokett's in Sylfield to the use 
of Eichard Knyght, Junr., to whom seizin is delivered. 


1409-10, Jan. 6. Margery, who was wife of Eichard Kette, lying in 
extremis, surrendered eight and a half acres of land of the tenement 
Wodehous in Silfield to the use of Simon Bertelot and his heirs. 

Hugh Kette. 


1396, Oct. 18. Hugh Ket, native tenant of the Lord, gives a fine for 
a licence to marry. 


1398-9, Jan. 21. Thomas de Tyteshal out of Court surrendered part 
of a cottage containing 3 acres half a rood in Sylfield to the use of Hugh 
Kette and his heirs. 


1403. The tenant of " Kettes " in Silfield, containing 13 acres, is 
elected to the office of Provost. Hugh Kett holds this and is sworn from 
this year. 

1406, Oct. 28. Hugh Kette, bondsman in blood, gives a fine of 12d. 
for licence to marry. 


Hugh Kette surrenders to William Thurston and his heirs lands in 

1413-14, March 12. Silfield. John Ilardenheft and Margaret his 
wife surrender 3 acres of bond land of a tenement Sporell with appur- 
tenances in Silfield to Hugh Kette and Lis heirs. 

(It is interesting to watch the descent of Sporrells through the Kett 

Ceomwell's Noton and Suton Jueoes. 

1413-14. Wattlefield and Silfield. Hugh Kett. 
Hugh Kette surrenders lands one and a half acres to use of John 
Herdenhed and Margaret his wife. 


1421, Nov. 1. Silfield. Hugh Kette surrenders an inclosure and 
certain lands and a tenement (one cottage forn;erly Agnes Kett's, a good 
quantity of lands taken up from various persons) to the use of Eichard 
his son, who is admitted, then said Eichard re-surrenders to his father 
Hugh for the term of his life, with remainder to his said son Eichard, 



1417. Silfield. Hugh Kette, capital pledge. 
1420. Hugh Kette, capital pledge. 


1423. Hugh Kette, capital pledge, Wattlefield and Silfield. 

1427, Aug. 1. Jm-ors present on the part of Wattlefield and Silfield 
that Hugh Kette, of sound mind, surrenders the cottage of Clifton with a 
piece of land on which is built Smith's, in Silfield, to the use of Eichard 
his son, who does not come. 

There is a proposal that it should be seized by the Lord of the 
Manor. And that Hugh, outside the Court, surrenders one acre of 
native land and the tenement Kettes to the use of Eichard, who does 
not come. 

1427, Oct. 28. The Jurors on the part of Wattlefield and Silfield 
present that Hugh Kette died seized of the tenement Ketts in Silfield, 
containing one messuage and 12 acres of land, and that Robert Knjth is 
his " nepos " (grandson or nephew) and nest heir ; he is of full age, and 
comes and presents himself and is admitted, and gives a heriot, etc. 


1440, Aug. 1. Concerning one acre of land abutting on Nelondmede 
of the tenement of Wodehous, formerly Hugh Kett's, which Eobert 
Knyght unjustly occupies. Eobert showed a copy which agi-eed with the 
Court Eolls by which it clearly appears to this Coui-t that he shall hold 
the said meadow quietly. Nothing is received from the other parties. 
It seems by this that INIargery, the second wife of Eichard Kett, who died 
1409, leaving Wodehous to one Simon Bertelot, probably a relation, was 
not successful in alienating her dower, but that it came again into the 
Kett's hands via the Knyghts. 

We see that Hugh the Provost dies 1427, and that he had a son 
called Eichard, but that Eobert Knyght his nephew was his heir. 

We must now go back to Eichard Knyght who occurs in the title- 
deed of Kingscroft 1397. 



1379, Dec. 13. To this Court comes Eichard Knyght and surrenders 
6 acres of land with a messuage which were seized into the Lord's hands 
at the preceding Court to the use of John Knyght and his heirs, who is 
admitted, etc. 

1380, Oct. 6. Eichard Knyght gives the Lord a fine for the term of 
two years on the dismissal of William Eygald. 


1381, Nov. 30. William Crespyng, Junr., surrenders a preposture 
in Wattlefield containing half a rood to the use of Eichard Knyght and 
Margery his wife and their heirs, to whom seizin is delivered. 

1398-9. John Jolyff, chaplain, surrenders part of the messuage of 
the tenement Dekebeckys in Norton to the use of Eichard Knyght, to 
whom seizin was delivered. 

1401, Aug. 1. Jurors on the part of Silfield present that Eichard 
Knyth, in dying, surrendered to the Lord two and a half acres of land in 
Snfield of the tenement Brockets to the use of Hugh Kette, who comes 
not, and they are ordered to seize the same into the Lord's hands. 


1402, Oct. 18. Ordered to take into the Lord's hands 2 acres of land 
of tenement called Brockett's in Silfield which Richard Knyght sur- 
rendered to Hugh Kette, because said Hugh refuses to accept them. 
(He afterwards took them up at the next Court. Sept. 21, 1402.) 

It seems very probable that Margery Knyght was the daughter of 
Richard Kett, Senior, as Margery's husband is mentioned in the title- 
deed of Kingscroft. 

Richard Knyght surrenders 12 and a half acres and 25 perches of land 
with a messuage, a cottage and a way to the barn, of the tenement 
Dekebeks in Norton, to the use of Richard Beverych and John his son. 

1406, Dec. 21. Richard Bevei-ych and John his son, chaplain, con- 
ditionally surrender lands (moss and land and pasture), 12 acres called 
Dekebeks, in Norton, to Richard Knyght and his heirs. 

1408, Aug. 1. William Vyrly surrenders lands to Richard Knyght 
(a purprise) of tlie common not built between the tenement of Richard 
Knyght at le Chapelgate in Norton, and his heirs, who is admitted. 

At the same Court John Barrymouth surrenders to Reginald Knyght, 
and John Knyght surrenders to Richard Knyght, in Wattlefield. 

1408-9, Jan. 13. Richard Knyght surrenders 2 acres 1 rod perches 
land of tenement Jeffreys in Wattlefield to the use of William Colman 
and his heirs. 

1409, April 19. Richard Knyght surrenders a purprise of meadow 
containing one rood of the tenement Jeffreys next the messuage of John 
Colman in Wattlefield to the use of the said John Colman and his heirs. 


1410, Oct. 6. Alice Boyji surrenders to Richard Knyght one half 
acre of land in Norfield in Norton. 

Richard Knyght surrenders 1 messuage 12 acres and a shop and a 
pightle in Norton to the use of Clement Beynde and Avelina his wife. 

1411, Aug. 1. Simon Blythe surrenders one acre land in Wattlefield 
to the use of John Knyth and Katherine his Avife and their heirs. 

1418, Aug. It is presented that Reginald Knyth died seized of 
7 acres and a half land and meadow of tenement " Geofrey " Soutliwode 
in Wattlefield, and that William is his son and next heir and of full age. 
He comes and prays to be admitted, and is admitted. 


1443, Aug. 1. To this Court comes John Knight, son and heir of 
Robert Knyght, to a messuage and 13 acres of land called Kettes, of 
which the said Robert died seized ; he is admitted, and gives a heriot. 
" Salvo semper Egidie nuper uxori dicti Eoberti reasonabili dote de et in 
messe. & terr." 

It is presented that the tenement called "Ketts," Silfield, containing 
13 acres of land, which goes with the office of Provost, is held by John 
Knyght, who is sworn in. And that Robert Knyght died seized of one 
messuage and 13 acres of land and a tenement called Ketts, and that 
John is his son and heir and of full age. He does not come, therefore the 
land will be seized into the Lord's hands. 

John Kett, Clerk. Le Neve's Fasti, p. 386, vol. iii. 

John Kette appointed by patent 18 Sept. 1437, vice Henry Sprisom. 
Pat. RoUs 16 Hen. VL, p. 1, m. 35. 


Le Neve, p. 392, vol, ii. 

Prebendary of London. John Kette, 5 April 1444. Pat. Eolls 
23 Hen. VI., p. 1, m. 35. 

Pat. Eolls 1446—1452, Westminster, p. 116. 

1447, Jan. 7. Grant to John Kette of the Prebend which Henry 
Lever had of late in the Pree Chapel of St. Stephen's within Westminster 

1450, Memb. 17, July 27. Grant to King's Clerk John Ket of the 
Prebend held of late by Thomas Malet, deceased, within the College of 
Bridgenorth. This man was probably a younger brother of Eichard Kett 
alias Knyght, or a half-brother, by the second wife of Hugh Kett, whom 
he maiTied in 1409. 


1448. Land late Eichard Knyght's and afterwards Eichard Crisping's. 

144S, Aug. 1. John Knyght is present in Court and surrenders lauds 
to the use of Thomas Guneld, who does not appear to take them up. So 
they are taken into the Lord's hands and he regrants them to said 
Thomas Gimeld. 

1448, Aug. 1. Thomas Westgate and John Knyght are admitted into 
lands as executors of John Bratheweyte. 


1447. First Court of Dame Joan Clyfton, late wife of John Clyfton, 
Knt., who holds the said parts for the term of her life. 
John Knyght acknowledges himself native in blood. 
Eichard Knyght and John Knyght are Jurors. 


1449. Eobert Luce surrenders lands by the hands of William Knyght. 
A tenement called " Skuttes." 


1449-50, March 3. John Knyght surrenders lands of the tenement 
Aylmers in Norton and in Wattlefield at Westwade to the use of Nicholas 
Eede and John Broun. 

Wymondham Abbkt. 

1451. William Knyght on an inquisition. 

1453-4, Feb. 11. It is presented that John Gurney alienates to 
Eobert Blakeuey one free messuage with appurtenances near the Chapel 
of St. Thomas, formei-ly Richard Knyght's, and one piece of waste space 
near the house, formerly the house called Scroby. 

Fii-st Court at Cromwell's of William, Bishop of Winchester, Willm. 
Gray, Bishop of Ely, John Eatclyife, Edmund Blake and others, feoffees 
of Lord Cromwell. 

1455. Among the tenants who do fealty are John and Eichard 

Lete Court. 

1457. Wattlefield. John Knyeht, capital pledge. 
Silfield. Eichard Knyght and John Knyght. 



1462. John Knyght on an inquest for Wattlefield. 

John Knyght on an inquest for Silfield. 

1463-4. Margaret Coft out of Court surrenders one acre one rood of 
land to John Knyght and Joan his wife and their heirs, and they are 


1464. Concerning the Lord's concession outside the Manor to John 
Knyght, Senr., of a parcel] of underwood near the tenements Swetys and 
Grovetts of William Appleyard. Rent 2d. a year. 

1470-71. They say on oath that John Knyght, present in Court, 
gives up 2 acres 3 roods of land and tenement called Kettys to the use of 
Thomas Couper and Emme his wife. 


1474, Aug. 1. Silfield. Thomas Forthe, present in Court, surrenders 
one acre of land and one rood of meadow. Margaret his wife is examined 
alone, to the use of John Knyght and Joan his wife. 

1475, Aug. 1. Norton. John Swete and Thomas Michell, bond- 
tenants, svirrender 2 acres of land and messuage to the use of John 
Knyght and his heirs, etc. 

1477, Aug. 1. Inquest presents that John Knyght had sold to 
Nicholas Mekylfeld one acre of land of the tenement Braghtwheyte, and 
no one appears. 

Later in the Rolls. John Knyght, John Davy, and Thomas Ward 
surrender to the Lord one acre of the tenement Braghtwey to the use of 
Nicholas Mekylfeld and John Bishop. 


1477. A return of the tenants. Free and natives of blood. Among 
the tenants is John Knyght. 

1479, Sept. 29. John Knyght comes and surrenders one messuage 
and three acres of property to the use of William Nell and Margaret his 

Wymondham Manor. 

1488. A long list of tenants. John Knyght among them, 13s, 

The Knight family seems to be carried far enough. 

Wymondham Manor. 

1417, Aug. 11. John Hervy, out of Court, surrenders a pui-prise 
built, lying in Damgate, 39 feet long and 30 feet broad, built next the 
King's Highway, next land of Francis Chasle, 44 feet with appurtenances 
in Norton, to the use of Richard Knyght and his heirs. (He surrendered 

1417, Aug. 1. Elizabeth, who was wife of John Lyne, surrenders 
one acre bond land of the tenement Retherj s in Norton at tlie Marlepit 


to the use of Eichard Kette and his heirs, etc. (He surrendered this in 

1418, Oct. 28. Suton. It is presented that John Dote, Sen., and 
John Dote, Jun., surrendered bond land in Suton to the use of Richard 
Kette, who comes. (He takes this up at the next Coui-t, Feb. 14, 1418-19, 
and at this last Court Elizabeth, widow of John Lyne, surrenders to said 
Richard Kette other lands.) 

1419, Aug. 1. Richard Kette surrenders one acre of tenement, 
Retherys in Norton, to the use of William Wyrly and his heirs. (He was 
admitted 1417.) 


1419, Nov. 11. Richard Knyth sells to John Sewale lands at Dam- 
gate, formerly John Henry's, and said Sewale refuses to take, and 
therefore said Kette prays readmission to the same, which is granted to 
him. (Note the KJnyth and Kette.) (He took this up in 1417 and again 
surrendered in 1420.) 

1420, Aug. 1. Norton Richard Knyght surrenders a purprise in 
Damgate, late John Harvey's, to Gilbert Spencer, who is admitted. 
(Spencer again surrenders, "languens in extremis," to Richard Kette, 
Nov. 1, 1421.) 

1420, Aug. 1. Suton. Richard Kette surrenders 4 purprises, etc., 
in Suton to the use of John Sherwood and Thomas his son. 

1422. Richard Knyt, out of Court, surrenders to Thomas Andrew a 
purprise built in Damgate, formerly William Hai-denhed's, and he cometh 
not to receive the same into the Lord's hands, etc. 


1426. Jurors of Noton and Suton present that Alice, daughter of 
William Mokelfeld, a native of the Lord in blood, has a daughter by 
Richard Knyght born out of matrimony. Fine, 2s. 8d. 

1431-2, Feb. 14. That Richard Knyght and William Deye had sold 
to Nicholas Frith, now dead, a purprise near the Chapel of St. Thomas 
the Martyr without licence of the Court, though seized by the band of the 
Lord. The said Richard and William come and submit themselves to be 
under the Lord, They are re-possessed and seizin is given. They at once 
surrender to Thomas Metyngham. 


1435-6, March 12. John Glover surrenders 1 acre 1 rood bond-land 
of tenement Wyndout and 3 roods of tenement Newmans in Norton to 
the use of Richard Kette, which is delivered up. Richard Kette sur- 
renders this in 1441 and again in 1463 as Richard Knyght. 

1437, April. John Rikkes and Elizabeth his wife surrender out of 
Court, by the hands of Richard Kette, a bond tenant, on the testimony of 
Robert Knyght and Thomas Wates according to the custom of the Manor, 
^ acre bond-land of the tenement Treyes to the use of Thomas Knyght 
and his heirs, who comes not. Ordered to seize, etc. 


1440, Aug. 1. Silfield. To this Court comes Richard Kette and 
makes known that he holds a piece of free land near Silfield in a field 
called Kingscroft near the way called Est End Weye, containing 8 acres, 


and that the said piece of land he holds from the heirs of Constantine de 
Clifton for the rent of 13d. a year free. 

1441, Not. 30. Silfiekl. Richard Kette, in Court, surrenders 3 roods 
of land of tenement Newmans in Silfield to the use of Thomas Attewater 
and his heirs, and he is admitted. (Taken up 1435-6.) 


1440, Aug. 1. Silfield. Eichard Kette, capital pledge. 

1442, Aug. 1. Silfield. Richard Kette, capital pledge. 

1442, Aug. 1. It is ordered to seize into the hands of the Lord six 
and a half acres, parcells and one piece of land containing eight acres 
called Kingscroft, in the tenure of Richard Kette, and one and a half 
acres of moss in tenure of John Wadker that was purchased formerly by 
Eichard Kette and Hugh Kette, natives of the Lord, of John Gunvyle, 
free by deed, seized by the Lord, subject to the Court of 21 Dec. 1397. 
Said Kett and Wadker show title at the next Court. 

1446, Oct. 18. To this Court comes Richard Knyght and subjects 
himself to the grace of the Lord for 3 acres of land, the native tenement 
of Kettes, which he afterwards sells to Thomas Knyght outside the 
Manor of the Lord, who takes seizin. 

1445, April 10. Richard Knyght alias Kette of Wymondham by this 
my present deed confirm to Eichard Blakeney, Eichard Feke, John 
Goorneys and Richard Dimon of the same a piece of land called Kinges- 
croft, containing six acres and a half in Wymondham aforesaid in the 
field of Silfield, which lands and appurtenances with other lands I formerly 
had jointly with John Gurnaj', chaplain, and Richard Knyght, now 
deceased, as in a deed of feoif ment more fully appeareth. To have and 
to hold, etc. 

Thomas Brokdysh, Richard Eeve, Willm. Dyman, John Tyltyke, 
John Knyght and others. 

Names at the Court of 1455 : 

Norton. Simon Blithe excused by William Knyght. 

Silfield. Robert Knyght excused by Thomas Bernard. 
„ John Garneys excused by William Knyght, 

„ Robert Knyght and Richard Kette, capital pledges. 

Wattlefield. William Knyght. 

1455, Oct. 6. Wattlefield and Silfield. Presented that the tenement 
of Richard Ket in Silfield containing one messuage and thirteen acres of 
land should bear the ofiice of Reeve (Provost) this year ; whereof John 
Knyght holds a messuage and twelve acres and Richai-d Knyght holds 
one acre of the same tenement, and John Knyght is sworn. 


1456. Sylfeld. Richard Knyght, present in Court, surrenders to 
the Lord one acre three roods of land of tenement Ulfys to the use of 
Nicholas Reede and John Langford, who are admitted. 

1456, Oct. 6. Silfield. Nicholas Reed and John Langford, present 
in Court, surrender one acre three roods of land and tenement Hulves to 
the use of Richard Knyght and Isabella his wife, who are admitted. 

1463, Oct. 6. Silfield. That Eichard Knyght, present in Court, 
surrenders one acre one rood of bond-land of tenement Wyndoutez to the 
use of Thomas Plomer and his heirs. (Taken up 1435 as Richard Kette.) 



1464, March 1. John Knyght and Richard Knyght owe for the repair 
of a style called Amys style in Silfield, 6d. 

1466, April 15. Ei chard Knyght comes and asks to be admitted to 
one acre of underwood, which John, although admonished in the cus- 
tomary manner, does not come, but refuses to hold, even though the full 
Court testifies homage. He, Eichard Knyght, is admitted, holding it 
himself and for Isabella his wife and assigns. 


1465, Aug. ]. Silfield. Eichard Knyght, present in Court, places 
himself in the Lord's grace and begs to be admitted to a messuage which 
he had left in the Lord's hands. And the Lord of his special grace 
grants the same to said Eichard and to Isabella his wife, to whom seizin 
is delivered. 

Deed, 1469-70, Feb. 20. Know all present that we Eichard Blakman 
of Wymotidham, Eichard Feke and John Garneys remit to Eichard 
Knyght, bastard, of Wymondham and to John his son, and to John Fox 
of the same, one piece of laud called Kingscroft, containing six and a half 
acres of land near Wymondham, in the field of Silfield, between the 
King's high way on the north and land formerly Hugh Adams' south, and 
abutting on land formerly Will Atker's east, which piece of land formerly 
and traditionally feoffed to these people together with Eichurd Dymon, 
now deceased, and confirmed to Eichard Knyght, bastard, by deed in which 
it is specified, with other things, that it is held to him and his heirs, etc. 

1475, April 4. To this Coiu-t comes Isabella, formerly wife of 
Eichard Knyght, and in full Court siTrrenders a messuage, and the Lord 
by special grace reconcedes the said acre and three roods of land to the 
aforesaid Isabella and Alice her daughter. Holding to her and her heirs. 
(Eichard Knyght alias Kett is now dead.) 

1476, Aug. 10. Eichard Knyght died seized of a wood called 
Erwaldys and John Knyght is his heir. 

John Knvght is on the inquest ex officio. 

1474-5, March 12. To this Court comes Isabella Knyght, formerly 
wife of Eichard Knyght, and in her pure widowhood surrenders to John 
Knyght, his heirs and assigns, all his right claim that he has with reason- 
able dower of and in a close with certain lands, whereof one acre late 
Eoger Herberd's, one cottage late Agnes Kett's, two acres of the tenement 
Strobins, a vacant messuage, late Eichard Sporell's, two acres etc., to the 
use of John Knight and his heirs. (See admission 11 Edw. I.) 

1490. Silfield. John Knyght, Sen., and John Knyght, Jun., on the 
Inquest. (These might have been Knyghts proper and not Knyghts alias 

Isabella Knyght alias Kett, widow, surrenders her right and interest 
in one acre three roods of tenement, Ulfes in Silfield, to her daughter 
Alice Knyght alias Kett. 

1482. Walter Wadker surrenders lands to John Knyght alias Kett 
and his heirs. 

Blomefield, vol. iii., p. 258, 22 Edw. lY., 1482. "John Knyght alias 
Kett was a principal owner here." (Wymondham.) 


1487, Dec. 8. Simon Dyman surrenders to John Knyght alias Kett 
and his heirs one acre bond-land ex parte Silfield. 


1489, Aug. 1. John Brown and Margaret his wife surrender 8 acres 
and 3 roods of tenement called Ulfes in Silfield, lying in an enclosure, 
to the use of John Kett alias Knyght and his heirs, and he is admitted. 

Wtmondham Abbey. 

1488-9, Jan. 13. John Belyot, priest, sells to William Cadas a garden, 
together with a pai'cell of bond-land with a lease, formerly built in 
Chapelstrete, formerly Richard Knyght's and afterwards John Gurney's 
and later Emina Belyot's, in Wymondham, with licence of the Court and 
in their presence. And that same William Cadas is examined by the 
said John Belyot, Priest, about part of a messuage newly built, formerly 
Richard Knyght's, situate between a garden on the South and a freehold 
house of John Woodcock's on the North, in Chapelstrete in Wymondham. 

1493, Aug. 10. William Cadas surrenders a garden, etc., formerly 
Richard Knyght's and formerly John Gurney's and afterwards Emma 
Belyot's, widow, to the use of John Daunday and Alice his wife. 

1487, Sept. 29. Richard Walter of Wymondham and John Knyght 
of the same, who had enfeoffed John Irenbead, surrender two acres of 
land in the field of Brathweyt in Stanfeld in Wymondham, in two pieces, 
one piece called Nethercroft, between the land of John Knyght, on the 
west, and a piece containing half an acre in the field of Stantield between 
land of John Knyght's on the east. And the Lord concedes to William 
Irenhead, son of John Irenhead, and Agnes and William. Fine, 4cZ. 


1488-9, March 12. Sylfield. John Brown alienated to John Knyght 
aliai Kett 5 acres of bond-land of the tenement Ulfs, in an enclosure 
called Ulfes, without licence, etc. Admission at Court 1489, Aug. 1. 

1490, Sept. 29. Sylfeld. John Knyght, Sen., and John Knygh alias 
Kett on the Inquest. 

1489-90. Isabell Knyght, widow, surrenders tenements formerly 
Hugh Kett's to the use of John Knyght alias Kett and his heirs, who is 


1464, April 15. John Knyght, present in Court, sm-renders one 
parcel of land, one acre in Silfeld, to the use of Symon Dyman. 

1468, Aug. 1. Richard Feke, present, surrenders a close called 
Crosses to the use of John Davy, John Denton, John Fox, Thomas Couper, 
John Stalworth, John Knyght, Walter Gay and Wilham Davy, members 
of the Gild of St. Peter. 

1481, Oct. 6. They elect that the holder of the tenement formerly 
Richard Kett's in Sylfeld should act in the office of Reeve this year. 
The said tenement contains a messuage and 13 acres of land. John 
Knyght holds 12 acres of the said tenement and John Knyght alias Kett 
holds one acre of this tenement. 

The said John Knyght agrees to hold the office and is sworn. It is 
easy here to distinguish between the two different men. 

Wtmondham Abbey. 

1485, Oct. 13. On the Inquisition, John Knyght. 


Jolin Knyght takes up 11 acres for 17 years in Southwode and 15 
acres in Wykatfeld ; mention is also made of a piece of land by Stanfeld 
Hall. This seems to be John Knyght alias Kett by this mention of 
Stanfeld Hall, for this piece of land goes with that family. 


1492. Alice Knyght alias Kett surrenders one acre three roods, Ulfs 
in Silfield, and the Lord regrants it to her and to WUliam Mayhewe her 

Wtmondham Abbey. 

1500, Sept. 29. That Alice Botild, widow, holds one and a half acres 
of native tenement, Toleyes, formerly Thomas Boutell's, in Estfeld in 
Wymondham, and that John Kett, bocher, is in occupation. 

1510, Oct. 6. John Knyght alias Kett distrains for land in Downham. 
It is eyident that this man is the principal landowner in Wymondham 
that Blomefield mentions. His will is to be found in the Norfolk Arch- 
deaconry Court, 1512, fo. 246. 

This is the last will of John Knyght otherwise called John Kett of 
Wymondham, Norwich. My soul to God, our Lady and all the Saints. 
To be buried in our Lady's Churchyard. Legacies to the High Altar and 
for the repair of the Chm'ch. To the Convent of the Monastery three 
shillings and four pence to receive my body when it is buried. To the 
Prior of Buckenham 8 marks. Legacies to the Friars and Lazars of 
Norwich. To the Gild of St. Thomas the Martyr in Middleton, Wymond- 
ham, 12d. To my sister a close called Ulfis for her life, and then to be 
sold. To Isabel Hagon a heifer. To each godchild 12cl. Eesidue to 
executor to carry out the will. Eichard Gaton, Parson of Wrenningham, 
Thomas Knight alias Kett, Bocher, of Wymondham, ex'ors. Thomas 
Wends, Walter Hagon, Richard Mall, John Mall, witnesses. Dated 
24 Aug. 1512. Proved 18 Sept. 1512. 

Deed 26 Aug. 1512 at Blickling Hall (Easter, 1513, Court). Know 
ye, etc., that I John Knyght of Wymondham, son of Richard Knight, 
Bastard, formerly of Wymondham, convey, devise, enfeoff, etc., and by 
this deed confirm to Stephen Bovill of Wymondham and to Thomas 
Wende of the same a piece of land formerly Richard Knight's, bastard, 
my father, and John Foxes, now dead, by will and release to Richard 
Blakeney, formerly of Wymondham, as in that deed, dated 20 Feb. 
9 Edwd. IV., 1469-70. 


First Court of Edwd. Knevet, Esqre., son and heir of William Knevet 
and Joan his wife, formerly daughter of Humphrey, Duke of Buckingham. 

Wattlefeld and Silfeld. Presented that John Knyght, otherwise 
called John Kett, who recently died, did before his death surrender to 
the use of his will certain lauds to the use of Alice Mayhew. Now this 
Court finds by examination of certain persons that said John, not only by 
his will but by said surrender, did give and bequeath the said land to his 
sister Alice Mayhewe, and she comes and prays admission and is admitted. 
•*^ Deed at Blickling Hall, 10 Nov. 1513. Know, etc., that we, Stephen 
Bo veil of Wymondham and Thomas Wende of the same at the instance 
of Richard Caton, Rector of Wrenningham, and of Thomas Knyght 
otherwise called Kette of Wymondham, executors of the will of John 



Kuyo-ht alias Kette, convey, etc., and by om* deed confirm to William 
Flowerdewe of Wymondham and to John Dyn of the same a piece of land 
called Kingscroft, of which piece of land we have formerly been enfeoffed 
by John Kiiyglit of Wymondham, son of Eichard Knyght, bastard, in his 
deed given 26 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. (1512), to have and to bold, etc., to 
William Flowerdewe and to John Dyn. Given at Wymondham 10 Nov. 
6 Hen. VIII. 

John Symonds, chaplain, Robert Woodward, John Maunyng, William 
Sayour, John Mokelfeld and others, witnesses to delivery of seizin. 

Deed at Blickling Hall. Eelease of Richard Caton, Rector of Wren- 
ningham, and Thomas Knyght alias Kett of Wymondham, bocher, 
executors of the will of John Knyght alias Kett, deceased, of all claims 
to William Flowerdewe of Wymondham. 

This might well be a cause of a feud that went on for years between 
the Ketts and the Flowerdewes, and which was certainly augmented by 
the Ketts being good Church people whilst the Flowerdewes were on the 
side of the Reformation. 

1525, Oct. 13. It is computed for homage, by the inspection of the 
Rolls, that John Kett alias Knyght, Senr., alienated and sold to John 
Knyght of Funhall a purprise in Damgate, that the same John Knight 
of Funhall died before surrendering, and that after his death William 
Smyth and Robert Mayhewe, executors of his will, alienated the purprise 
to William Rowse, and that he claimed. William Smyth and Robert 
Mayhewe with the said William Rowse put the case before the Lord, and 
William Rowse is admitted. 

Patent Rolls. John Kette. 

1455, July 10. Grant to John Arundell, chaplain, of the prebend of 
Bridgenorthe, void by the death of John Kette. 

1455, July 10. Grant to John Kirkeby, one of the King's chaplains, 
of the prebend within the free Chapel of St. Stephen, Westminster, void 
by the death of John Kette. 



Extracts from Forncett and Wymondham Manor Eolls. The Forncett 
Eolls are to be found in the Cambridge University Library. 

We follow the history of William Knight alias Kett of Forncett, 
who died 1493 and was brother of John, who died 1512. Certain deeds 
relating to William and his son Thomas are to be seen at BlickHng. 

This chapter ends with the death of Thomas and a receipted bill for 
the candles at his funeral. 

FoENCETT Manor Eolls, Camhridge University Library, 1456. 

Alice Silvestyr of Forncett sells by the hands of Thomas Horn, 
native tenant, and William Buntyng, native tenant, and others, 1 acre of 
land, Goodmanue's, and 2 acres in Forncett to the use of William Kette 
and Alice his wife. 

1463. William Ket is conceded a piece of land 2 acres, formerly in 
tenure of John Buntyng, 2 before that of Richard Silvestyr near a field 
called Hallcroft in Forncett, etc., at the annual rent of I8d. 

1465. Eobert Walker surrenders by the hand of Thomas Horn, 
native tenant, by William Ket and others 2 acres of land in Takleston to 
the use of Beatrice his wife and Margaret their daughter. Eobert and 
Beatrice swear fealty. 

1486. William Kette is on the Inquisition. 

1493. Wniiam Kett died seized of one acre of land of tenement 
W .... in Forncett, which he had on the surrender of Alice Silvestyr at 
a Court 36 Hen. VI., and one acre soiled land in Forncett, which he had on 
the surrender of John Dhybj, and 2 acres in the farm of John Buntyng in 
Hallcroft, Forncett. He paid Is. 6d. rent. 

And Thomas Kette is bis son and heir and of full age, who comes 
and asks admittance to the said lands after the death of the said William, 
his father. And he is admitted. The Lady of the Manor grants to 
Thomas Kett 7 acres land, formerly demesne, formerly held by John 
Bynges, containing 3 acres, and one acre called Bellsfurlonge in Forncett 
between land belonging to the lady in tenure of John Brandon on the 
west and land formerly Heni-y Buxton's on the east, containing 3 acres of 
land formerly William Kettes, father of the said Thomas. Thomas Kett 
is seized of 3 acres of laud. 

1505. Alice Kette, widow, surrenders by the hand of William 
Buxton, one messuage and one acre, one rood of natural land, one acre 
called Goodmans with appurtenances in Forncett which she took up with 
William Kette, formerly her husband, on surrender of Alice Silvestyr 
alias Funhall, at Court, 12 Oct. 35 Hen. VL, to the use of Isabell Brett, 
widow. Alice and her assigns to be paid 26s. Sept. 29. 


" William Kett late of Forncett had in 1483 a brother, John, 
principal owner in Wymondham." 




1492, Surrender by the hand of John Knight and that Williaru 
Kette died seized of demesne lands, and that William Pylet sells to 
Thomas Kette 1 rood of land. 

Memo, per Mk. Pomebot, Wymondham. 

A conveyance of land in Forncett, 1506, by Thomas Kette to William 
Buxton and others, is now believed to be in the possession of Sir Francis 
G. M. Boileau, Bart., Kettering Hall, Norwich, who has recently purchased 
the land. (This Thomas Kett was of Wymondham, son and heir of 
WilHam Kette of Forncett, Norfolk.) 

Copt of Deed. 

Be it known to all present 1506, Oct. 10, and yet to come that I, 
Thomas Kette of Wymondham, son and heir of William Kette, formerly 
of Forncett, give concede to William Buxton of Forncett, to John 
Dannotte, to John Buxton and to John Davey of the same and to their 
heirs, 2 acres of arable land in Forncett in the field called le Wonge, 
between etc., etc. That these two acres of arable land -with appurten- 
ances descended to me by inheritance, and that the said William, my 
father, died seized of them, etc. Given at Forncett 10 Oct. 22 Hen. VII. 
(1506). Witnesses: William Funhall, John Lyncolne, Henry Bryghtere, 
John Wretteham, John Lyncolne, Junr., and others. 


1490, Holy Week. Norton Alice Botyld surrenders to Thomas Kett 
one tenement called Bowtells, next Smallcroft Lane, without license, 
order to seize the same. 

1490, Sept. 29. Norton Alice Botyld, widow, surrenders a messuage 
in Middleton called Stabbards alias Stanford to use of Thomas Knyght 
alias Kett and William Knyght aims Kett and their heirs (between the 
street Smallcroft, east ; messuage of Isabell Masme, west ; south. Abbots 
Kings way; and north, Abbots Smallcroft). 

William Kett, son of Thomas, was born by 1490, at all events. 

Wymondham Abbey. 

1493, Aug. 10. Isabell, formerly wife of Thomas Glove and daughter 
of Elizabeth Crosse, surrenders | acre land and wood and pasture with a 
close and a piece of land in Daveyescroft of the tenement Davyes, to the 
use of Thomas Knyght and Margaret his wife. Fine 6d. 

FoENCETT Rolls. 

1491. Thomas Kette leased the manor yard with one house for 10 
years in Forncett. 

1493. Thomas Kette leased 3 acres, 2 roods demesne land in 

Deed, 1506, at Blickling Hall. 

Know all present that I, Thomas Kette of Wymondham, son and 
heir of William Kett, late of Forncett, give, grant and by these presents 


confirm to William Buxton of Forncett aforesaid, John Dancoke, John 
Buxton and John Davy of the same, and theii* heirs, etc., 2 acres land 
(arable) lying in Forncette aforesaid in the field " le Wong," which same 
2 acres arable land with the appurtenances descended to me by right of 
heirship from the aforesaid William, my father, to have and to hold to the 
said William Buxton, John Dancoke, John Buxton and John Davy as 
taken at Forncette 10 Oct. 22 Hen. VII. 1506. Witnesses : William 
Fuiihall, John Lyncolne, Henry Brightere, John Writtenham, John 
Lyncolne, Junr. 

FoENCETT Rolls. 

1495. William Gallard surrenders 9 acres and 12 acres in Forncett 
to the use of Thomas Kett and John his son . 

And Sophia Brown surrenders 1 rood " Godmannes " in Lakelston to 
the use of Thomas Kett and Margery his wife. 

1500. Thomas Kett surrenders 1 rood in tenure of Buxton near 
Bradmead in Forncett. 

1 acre 3 roods called Heywards Halle. 

1 parcell land west of John Haughuis, formerly William Gallards, to 
the iise of Henry Lincoln and John his son. 

1501. He surrenders land in tenure of Thomas Daundly for Thomas 
Lincoln's life .3 acres, 2 perches, formerly William Gallards above, 
Kekylton in Forncett, to the use of Edward Gallande and John his son. 

1505. He sells 1 acre in Forncett to William Buxton. 

Wtmondhah Abbey. 

1509, Oct. 6. The Lord leases his fee farm to William Symond and 
Thomas Kett, Bocher, Faldage in Norwood Field with a house called the 
Shepcote, formerly the farm of John Daunday of Wymondham, for the 
term of 9 years at 10s. per annum. 

1513, April 25. The Lord leases his farm of 20 acres called Blerey 
in Silfield to Thomas Kett, Bocher, for 10 years, at the rent of 6s. Sd. 

1519. Thomas Kett is on an Inquisition. 

1520-1, Jan. 6. The Lord leases to Richard Caley 2 acres of land in 
a piece formerly in the farm of Thomas Kett near a wood called Byxland 

1521. John Kett alienates to John Kedell 3 acres in Suton. 

1522-3. The Lord leases a piece of land 20 acres called Blerey in 
Sylfield in Wymondham, formerly in the farm of Thomas Knyght, to 
Thomas Knyght, Bocher, and William his son for a term of ... . years at 
6s. 6d. rent. Fine 8s. 4d. 

1524, Sept. 29. Thomas Kett ") 

Thomas Knyght > On Inquisition. 
John Knygh J 

1624, Sept. 29. Thomas Knyght alias Kett, out of Court, surrendered 
lands in Silfield field between lands late Thomas Reves, now John Knyght 
alias Kette, on west, etc. (which said Thomas had, together with William 
Knyght alias Kette his father, now deceased, on surrender Alice Botild, 
widow, at Court, 29 Sept. 1490), to use of William Knyght alias Kett, 
son of the said Thomas, and his heirs and to heirs of his wife 
Isabella, etc. 


1525, March 25. To this Court comes Thomas Knyght alias Kette 
and surrenders messuage in Middleton called Stabbards alias Stanford 
(which he took up with William Kett alias Knyght, now deceased, on the 
surrender of Alice Botild, widow, at Court, 29 Sept. 1490), and the Lord 
regrants the same to Thomas and Margery his wife, and to Thomas 
their son, and .... 

Wtmondhasi Abbey. 

1525-6, Jan. 21. Thomas Knyght. Thomas Knyght alias Kett. 
Eobert Woodward, out of Court, alienates to Thomas Kett 1 rod of 
enclosed pasture. 

1526, April 17. Robert Woodward and Joan his wife surrender a 
piece of enclosed land, 1 rod, near Lagresse Close in Wymondham to the 
use of Thomas Knyght alias Kett and Thomas his son. Fine 6d. 

1526, Nov. 1. John Knyght alias Kett, 3d. for default. 

1527, Api-il 4. Thomas Knyght alias Kett, bocher, surrenders one 
piece of land containing 20 acres called Blerey in Sylfield which he holds 
with William his son, by Court, 1522-3. And the Lord releases it to 
Thomas Knyght alias Keet, Margery his wife, and Thomas Knyglit alias 
Keet, son of aforesaid Thomas, father, and Margery Lis wife. After their 
decease to be surrendered to Thomas their son. And Thomas, father, does 
fealty. Fine 20s, 

1503, July 25. As by a Court held, Thomas Knyght alias Keet and 
William his son, and Thomas their father surrender to John Foxe a 
native messuage and 9 acres 3 rods of land, the tenement Toly near 
Grishaugh, formerly Walter Wader's, by virtue of which the same Thomas 
and William are seized, Thomas Knyght alias Keet surrenders, and it is 
re-leased to Thomas and Mai-gery his wife for the term of the lives of said 
Thomas and Margery, with remainder on their deaths to Thomas Knyght 
alias Kett their son, and Thomas, father, does fealty. Fine 9s. 

1527, April 4. 

1527-8, Feb. 3. William Keet 1 r> t ■ ■^.■ 

Thomas^Knyght alias Keet, senr. | ^'' Inquisition. 

1529, Nov. 1. Thomas Knyght alias Keet, senr. On Inquisition of 
new lands. 

John Knight alias Keet dd. William Keet 3d. Fine for default. 


1532. Thomas Kett of Forncett makes a compact about service with 
horse and cattle with the Lord. 

FoENCETT Rolls. 

1533. Thomas Kett alienates to Thomas Lyucoln 1 parcell of land 
called Hey Kerre in Forncett. 

1534. Thoma.s Knyght alias Kett surrenders one field without marsh 
called Hey Kerre in Forncett, between the bank and abutting the pasture 
of Margaret Lgseur towards Forncett, which he took up Thursday before 
20 July 24 Hen. VIII., to the use of Thomas Lyucoln and John Lyncoln 
his son and heir. 

1535. William Kett 3d. and Thomas Kett 3d. Fined for default. 

1536. Aug. 1. Since the Court held 3 May 1536 it was found by 
homage that Thomas Knyght alias Kett, senr., died since last Court 


seized of certain lands, etc., and that William Knyglit alias Kett is his 
next heir and son, and of full age, which said William comes and prays 
admission of lands (which said Thomas had on surrender of Nicholas 
Knyght at Court held 1503-4, and to other land which Thomas took up 
at Court held 29 Sept. 1521 as his right of inheritance). And said 
William is admitted. 

Wtmondham Gilds. 

Aug. 15. Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 1535, 
to same feast 1536. 

Bbotheehood op our Lady's Light. 

Eeceipt iid. on the death of Thomas Kett, senr. (for candles). 

Tlie trustees of the Guyld of Holy Rode produce an iudenture 
between themselves and Thomas Knyght alias Kett of FornceLt, bocher, 
20 July 1537. (Norfk. Archajology, vol. ix., p. 143. It is a conveyance, 
and Thomas Knyght alias Kett paid " £14 and 408." for the same.) 




[Eldest son of Thomas Knyght alias Kett the "Bocher." Hanged 
1549 from Wymondham steeple.] 

Wtmondham Manor Eolls. 

William Knyght and Joan his wife, late wife of Peter Tylney, 

Henry Lang-forth surrendered a messuage to the Gild of St. Peter, 
this was granted to Willi;im Kett, etc., with 15 acres to provide a 
priest to celebrate Mass and pray yearly for the parish church of St. 
Mary, Wymondham, for the good state of the Lord Abbot and Convent, 
and especially for the souls of the faithful brethren and Sisters of the 
same Gild departed. 

William Kett is mentioned, as we know in 1490, as holding Stabberds 
with his father Thomas Knyght alias Kett. 

Wtmondham Abbet. 

1511. There is an enquiry into William Knyght's alienating to 
Thomas Sare a messuage with certain land without a licence. 

1511, Aug. 10. William Knyght and Joan his wife, formerly the 
wife of Peter Tylney, execute the last will of the deceased Peter. They 
surrender a messuage and garden in Norton of 3 acres, 3 rods, formerly 
Walter Nelond's, and two enclosures, Westwade, formerly in the farm of 
William Tonge, one acre three and a-half rods in Hevermore, to the use 
of Thomas Sare, Stephen Burrell and Thomas Reynolds. 

Our Lady's Gild 1523 received of William Kett "for 2 small oks 2s. 2d." 

1527, Aug. 24. Henry Multon alienates to WiUiam Knyght alias 
Kett 3 rods of land called Kyddyswydowes. 

1527, Oct. 27. William Knyght alias Keet comes and does fealty 
for 3 rods of field free land, surrendered by Henry Multon, Kyddysclowrs. 
Fine 2s. 9d. 


1527, Aug. 1. William Knyght alias Kett surrenders to William 
Colman lands which Knyght took up on the surrender of George Brown 


1529, Aug. 1. (Rough notes on a fly-leaf of a book.) Thomas 
Chitteryng surrenders lands to William Knyght alias Kett and his heirs. 


1530, Aug. 16. William Keet on an Inquisition. That William 
Knyght alias Kett and Robert Michels enfeoffed executors of the last will 
of Thomas Fransham, out of Court, alienate to Edward Cornewall all the 
property that Thomas formerly had of Joan Belle, widow. 

1530, April 23. William Knyght aliq,s Kett surrenders cottage and 


land between Thomas Kett, bocher, on the East, which said William took 
up on the surrender of John Dynne and Eichard Brown the executors of 
John Brown's will, 1 Aug. 1526. To the use of Thomas Knyght alias 
Kett, Sen., who is admitted. 

Wtmondham Abbey. 

1532, May 1. William Knyght alias Keet surrenders by Thomas 
Michels and Robert Keet alias Kn^yght, native tenants, a tenement called 
Alexanders, near Tyngrene Hill, with land above a tenement Cattes, near 
a messuage formerly Robert Stallworth's in Norfeld called Sondepytte, 
with 4 acres tenement or pasture, foi'merly of the Lord's manor, in Orim- 
thorpe, Westwade. To the use of John Scarndele, Henry Dyman, 
William Stokton. 

1532, Oct. 13. On Inquisition, William Keet, Robert Keet. 

1532-3, Feb. 2. Robert Ensynge surrenders 4 acres called Cundyte 
Close in Brathwayte, Wymondham, which Robert formerly had on the 
surrender of William Rochester for William Keet. It is regi-anted to 
William Kett and Elizabeth his wife. And William does fealty for it. 

1533-4, Feb. 2. Henry Multon surrenders half an acre, formerly 
Richard Neell's in Harmermore, one acre of land in the tenement Gallon, 
formerly John Felgate's, half an acre formerly Catherine Creek's, one 
acre formerly Margaret Spyler's of the tenement Gallon, formerly 
William Multon's and then Richai'd Stallworth's, in Wymondham, which 
he held 21 Jan. 1498-9. To the use of William Kett, and afterwards 
William Kett surrenders to John Bale and Adam his son. 

William Rochester surrenders two acres pasture called le Cundyte 
Entre, between William Flowerdewe's land Bromeclose, and abutting 
William Keet's called Cunwyte Close, which the same William Rochester 
concedes to the Lord to the use of William Keet and Elizabeth his wife. 

1534-5, Feb. 2. Thomas Childerhous and William Kett surrender a 
cottage with a garden, between two other cottages of Thomas and 
William's in Damgate, and the Lord re-concedes it to Peter Brandon and 
William Keet. The aforesaid William Kett gives Thomas Childerhous 
23s. 4d. rent. 

This cottage Thomas and William, with Robert Dynne, formerly had 
with two other cottages, on the surrender of Thomas Fydyng and Joan 
his wife. 1 Nov. 1531. 

1535, Sept. 21. On an Inquisition, William Keet, Thomas Keet. 
Thomas Cheteryng, out of Court, alienates to William Keet alias 

Knyght, 8 acres of land near Grishaugh wood in Wymondham. 

Comes William Keet alias Knyght and does fealty for a messuage 
with 9 acres 3 rods of land of the native tenement Toly, near Grishaugh, 
formerly Walter Wadker's, which the same William formerly took up 
with Thomas Keet, bocher, his father, now deceased, on the surrender of 
John Knyght alias Kett, 1503, July 24, and also a piece of land containing 
20 acres, called Blerey, in Silfield, which he formerly held with Thomas 
his father on the concession of the Lord, 1522-3. 

1536, July 19. That Thomas Cheteryng surrenders to Thomas 
Mortymer and Robert Keet a mill called Bardwyii's close, near Northwood 
Moor, containing 8 acres, abutting on Grishaugh wood, formerly in the 
farm of Thomas Laurence and before that John Jowby's, which Thomas 
took up 1518-19 to the use of William Keett and Elizabeth his wife. 



1536. That William Eeve, out of Court, alienates to William KiiygUt 
alias Keet half an acre of land in Sylfield in Wymondham. 

1537, Aug. 10. That William Keet alias Knjght, out of Court, 
alienates to Robert Keet alias Kiiyght, his brother, 20 acres of land 
called Blerey, in Synnefield in Wymondham, which he formerly had with 
Thomas Knyght, bocher, conceded 1522-3. To the use of Robert Keett 
alia$ Knyght and Alice his wife. Fine xls. 

Wymondham Queens. 

1535. William Knyght alias Kett does fealty for the tenement called 
Toly, late Walter Wadker's, which William took up with Thomas, bocher, 
his father, by grant of the Lord 1522. 

1537. William Kett alienates to Thomas his brother. 

1537, William Kett alienates to Robert his brother. 
We thus have : — 

Thomas Knyght alias Kett, son and heir of William Knyght alias 
Kett of Forncett ; married Margery, daughter of Robert and Beatrice 
Wadker, 1465, Forncett (?). 

William Kett, eldest son, who married (1) Joan, widow of Peter 
Tylney, wife of William 1511 ; (2) Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Gay of 
Wymondham, wife of WiUiam 1533, died his widow 1565. 

Thomas Kett, jun., fifth son. 

Robert Kett, fourth son, mai-ried Alice in 1536. The Watch and 
Play Society. (Found in Wymondham Church Chest.) 

Item paid to William Kett 16d. for 12 pounds of candles for the 
cresset light. 

Item paid 3s. to William Kett for wood and astell. 

Item paid to the same Will, for piche and rosen 16d, 

Item paid 16d. to William Kett for old timber. 

Wymondham Abbey. 

1538, Dec. 5. That John Symonds, priest, alienated to William Keet 
alias Knyght two shops in Chapelgate in Wymondham without licence. 

1539, May 1. John Symonds, priest, alienates to William Kett two 
shops with a little place near the Chapel of St. Thomas de Becket in 

1539, Oct. 28. Similar entry. 

William Keet surrenders a messuage with 9 acres 3 roods in tenement 
Toly near Grishaugh, formerly William Wadker's in Wymondham, which 
he had with Thomas Keet, bocher, his father, now deceased. On the 
surrender of John Foxe 24 July 1503. To the use of Thomas Kett, 
brother of William. Fine 19s. 6d. 


1537-8, Jan. 16. Thomas Knyght alias Kett surrendered to William 
Knyght alias Kett. 

Chossall's Manoe. 

Westwade Chapel. At the Dissolution it was given by Henry VIII. 
to John Dudlej', Knt. ; in 1545 he sold it to William Kett, and in 1678 it 
belonged to the Hospital, Norwich. 



1542. William Knyght alias Kett took up on surrender of John 
Flowerdewe enclosed pasture which he had by the Lord's grant 1527 on 
the death of William Flowerdewe, his father. 

1540. William Moore surrenders, out of Court, by William Knyght 
alias Kett and Thomas Knyght, jun., of Midleton, Wymondham, to the 
use of John Parson, William Knyght and John Sygar. 

1549. William Knyght alias Kett took on surrender of William 
j\Iokelfeld parb of a close called Lathesyarde, with a dove house ou the 
same, and one rood of meadow in Silfield, which he took up on the sur- 
render of Roger Neave 1516. Also a " placeam " called Campinglond in 
Norton which he had on surrender of Eichard Fiddimore 1525. 

1542, Aug. 1. John Flowerdewe surrenders to William Knyght. 

Wymondham Manoe. 

1542-3, Feb. 14. William Knyght alias Kett surrenders a piece of 
land containing one acre one rood in Kydewylow, half a rood of land 
Nelond in Hernmore, which he formerly took up on the surrender of 
Henry Multon 29 Oct. 1527. To the use of Richard Howes and Henry 

Comes William Kett and Elizabeth his wife and surrender a close 
called Baldwyn close by Northwoodmore, 8 acres, abutting on Grishaugh 
wood, that William and Elizabeth formerly held on the sm-render of 
Thomas Chyteryng 24 Not. 1536, to the use of Thomas Knyght alias Kett. 


1543. Richard House took up on the surrender of William Knyght 
alias Kett a half acre of meadow by Kedewillowes alias Harmermore, 
formerly William Chapleyne's, which he took up on surrender of Henry 
Multon 19 Hen. VIII. 

1543. William Knyght alias Kett took up land of Thos. Sampnell, a 
parcell of meadow called Whitsers, which he took u]) on the surrender of 
John Cottingham. Afterwards it wiis gi'anted to John Flowerdewe. 

Wymondham Manor. 

1545, Sept. 28. Comes William Knyght alias Kett and surrenders a 
workshop near the Chapel of St. Thomas a Becket in Chapel gate, formerly 
taken up on the surrender of John Symonds 28 Oct. 1539. To the use of 
William Westhaugh alias Cowper and Agnes his wife. 

1547-8. Wymondham Church goods remaining in the keeping of 
William Kett. Certain ornaments. 

BlomeSeld, re Kelt's Rebellion, vol. 3, p. 223. " Robert Ket alias 
Knyght, a tanner of Wymondham, and William Ket his brother, a 
butcher of Windham." 

Vol. 3, p. 258. " William Ket was of more wealth than the generality 
of those of his business, and could, as Stow says, spend £50 a year in 
land, and was worth in goods above a thousand marks, which is true ; his 
family was one of the most ancient and florishing families in Windham." 

Chuech Chest, Wymondham. 

1549. Latten oniaments and wax remayning in the kepyng of 
WiUiam Kett. 

At the me of the Rebellion, 1549, there is a gap in the Manor Rolls, 


A Draft Book, Cromwell's, 3 Edw. VI. to 1 Eliz., has been searched to 
make up the gap. 

Court, 1350, Aug. 1. To this Court comes Elizabeth relict of William 
Knjght alias Kett by Thomas Gay, her attorney, and does fealty to the 
Lord for a messuage and cui-tilego, formerly Richard Kidell's, which she 
jointly took up with said William Knight alias Kett on surrender of 
John Male, John Mannyngand, William Male, at Court, 14 Feb. 1524-5. 
To her son Thomas Gay, who is admitted, and surrenders at once to 
.... Smyth alias Foulsham. 

Wtmondham Manoe. 

1550. And William Knyght alias Kett, cited and attainted for felony 
and hanged on Wymondham steeple, held by copy of Court a close called 
Blerey containing 20 acres, and was seized alone. Nevertheless they say 
that Thomas Kn3'glit alias Kett, father of the said William, took up the 
20 acres out of the manor called Blerey to him and his heirs for 6s. 8d, 
rent 1512, and afterwards, on 4 April 1527, the same Thomas, the father, 
came to the Court and surrendered to the Lord the said 20 acres, and that 
the King re-conceded them to Thomas and Margery his wife for the term 
of their lives, and after their death remainder to Thomas Knyght alias 
Kett their son, and that Thomas the father died. After whose death 
William re-enters and sells the same to Robert Kett, his brother, and 
Alice, Robert's wife, and that Robert and Alice afterwards alienate and 
surrender 20 acres to the said William, and afterwards the said Agnes (sic), 
wife of the said Thomas, died on Nativity of St. Andrew, 30 Nov. 1549 
last. And that the said William held on the day of his attainder a close 
called Bellsclose, 4 acres and half a rood, in Northfeld, and a close called 
Sendells close in Silfield, containing 8 acres and a half, formerly Willm. 
Reve's, abutting on Newlond's close in Silfield, and land in Flower's Close, 
which he owes to the Lord, but is escheated. 

Qoeen's Manoe. 

1551, March 29. It is presented that William Kn)'ght alias Kett, 
who for certain reasons was attainted and who was hanged from the 
steeple of the parish Church, held at the time of his attainder a close 
called Bellesclose, 3 acres 9 i-oods and a half, in Northfield,of which 2 and 
a half acres of land Barkersclose, 9 and a half roods by the borders of 
the Abbey, 9 aci-es of field and pasture called Petits by Kedeswillows, and 
half an acre near the east of the Monastery called Barkersclose, formerly 
Henry Lovyk's. That in 25 July 1495 the said William Knyght took up 
with the land on the surrender of Edward Cornewall 2 Feb, 1530-1. 
Amongst other land a close called Sandell's close, containing 8 acres of 
land and pasture in SilSeld, which the said William took up on the 
surrender of Thomas Sandell, son and heir of Thomas Sandell, 25 July 
1537. Half an acre of native land, in a. piece in Silfield, bearing the oiEce 
of Chamberlain, between land formerly in the tenure of the said William 
and abutting on a close of William's called Newlond's close on the South, 
and on Endlesway on the North, which the said WiUiam took up on the 
surrender of William Reve, at the Court 1517-18, and 9 and a half acres 
of native land called Flower's in Downham, Wymondham. The said 
William took it up on the surrender of Robert Knyght alias Kett, his 
brother. All the premisses with the appurtenances they owe to the Lady 
of the Manor, and the Lady, in consideration that Elizabeth, formerly the 


wife of William Kett, is weak and aged and in poor circumstances, and 
that she owes all her dower to the Manor, in consideration of a sum of 
money to be paid to the Lady by Thomas Gay, son of Elizabeth, wife of 
the attainted William, the Lady, by her special grace, by Robert Rochester 
will concede all and singular the premisses to Elizabeth and to Thomas 
Gay, and Thomas does fealty. And the same Thomas Gay and Margery 
his wife surrender 6 acres of arable land, part of the 8 acres of land 
called Sendell's Close, to the use of John Tytshal, and the same Thomas 
surrenders a close called Bellesclose, containing 4 acres, to the use of the 
said Thomas and Margery, and the Lady reconcedes the same by special 

Wymonduam, Queen's Manor. 

1551, Sept. 29. Thomas Kett, Sd. for default. Nicholas Kett, Sd. for 

1551, Oct. 18. Newlond, James Kett on an Inquisition. William 
Kett, 3d. for default. 


1565, Aug. 1. Norton and Suton. That Elizabeth Knyght alias 
Kett died after the last Court, seized of a cottage in Middleton', and that 
Thomas Gaye, her son, is next heir and of full age. It is presented on 
the part of Norton and Suton (as above) that Elizabeth Knyght alia.i 
Kett was seized of a cottage formerly Richard Kydell's, taken up with 
William Kett, then her husband, 14 Feb. 1524-5. And that Themas 
Gaye is son and heir of said Elizabeth, and of full age. He is present in 
Court and asks to be admitted. He surrenders to Thomas Smith alias 

Wtmondham Manor. 

1539, Sept. 20. Comes Thomas Knyght alias Kett, junr., and Joan 
his wife, formerly the wife of Thomas Mortymer of Wymondham, 
deceased, and surrenders an acre of natire land, Toly, which the aforesaid 
Thomas Mortymer and Joan took up 10 Aug. 1510 on the surrender of 
John Joby, and surrender a messuage with a piece of garden in the 
tenement Alysander, between the messuage formerl}' Robert Wyseman's 
in Towngrene in Wymondham, which the same Joun took uj) with Thomas 
Mortymer on the surrender of Robert Sterling. At the Coui-t lield 1 Aug. 
1509. By the special intercession of the Lord, reconcedes all the premisses 
to Thomas Knyght alias Kett and Joan his wife. 

1546, March 25. Joan Knyglit alias Kett, formerly wife of Thomas 
Knyght alias Kett, and before that of Thomas Mortymer, does fealty for 
an acre of native land and a building and piece of a garden in the tene- 
ment Alexanders, which the aforesaid Joan formerly took up with the said 
Thomas Knyght, formerly her husband, now deceased (1589-40). 

1540-1. On an Inquisition, Robert Knyght alias Kett, Thomas 
Knyght, Jun., John Knyght. 

1545, Sept. 28. On Inquisition, William Kett, Thomas Kett. 

It is presented that Thomas Knyght alias Kett died after tlie last 
Court, seized of certain native lands and tenements in tbis Manor. 
And that Cassandra Knyght and Elizabeth Knyght are the daughters and 
next heirs of the said Thomas, Cassandra aged 13 years and Elizabeth 
11 years. And they come and are admitted. 



Norfolk Archdeaconry Admission. 

Thomas Knyght alias Kett of Wymondham died. Admission 9 Not. 
1545, to Joan, relict. 

Episcopal Consistory Couet, Norwich. (Register Bircham, fo. 130.) 

Johan Ket alias Knyght of Norwich, wydow. 

Made her nuncupative will and bequeathed her soul to God, and her 
body to the earth. To Alice Ket she gave a donue, a sliete, a ketle, a 
possuet of brasse, a salt cellar and a candlestick. The residue slie gave 
to Adam Duggs, which said Adam Tuggs {sic) she made her executor. 

Dated 20 March 1557 in the presence of Thomas Brother, Thomas 

Adm'on committed 3 Sept. 1560 to the executor. 

As we hear no more of Cassandra and Elizabeth, we presume they 
had a short if chequered career. 

It seems that Thomas Knyght alias Kett, Junr., who married Joan, 
was son of William Knyght alias Kett, Rebel, because of the coincidence 
of the lands held. 

Hubert Kett=p 
Born about 1180 ; mentioned in Chartulary of 
Wymondham Abbey 1230, at British Museum. 

Hugh Ket=p. 
Born about 1220 ; a tenant in I 
Silfield, "Wymondham, 1281. i 

Alan Ket. 
Tenant of "Wymondham Manor about 
1300 of land called Potterscroft. 

John Kette= 
Born about 1250 ; admitted to Spurells in 
"Wymondham Manor 1282 and 1288. 

Hugh Kette- 
Born about 1275; bad 
licence to marry 1300. 

John Ketb=Beatrice, 
Surrendered land in "Wymondham his wife, 
jM anor to use of Thomas Kett. 1319. 

Margaret Kette. 
Had licence to marry 
1329, Hugh Kette 
was her bond ; prefers 
to be unmarried. 

Hugh Kette^Matilda, 

Born about 1300, 
paid tax for his 
land in Silfield 

wife, 1333; 
died 1349. 


Kicbard Kette = 

Born about 1325 ; son and heir to Matilda and 
cousin and heir to Thomas 1349, and succeeded 
to Spurells in Wyuiiindlisim, Grishaugh ; bad 
a grant of land in Cromwell's Manor, "Wy- 
mondham, 1379 ; boufjbt Kingscroft in Crom- 
well's 1397, then called Senior : died 1400, 

Thomas Kette. 
Died 1349, seized of 
land in Grisbaugh, 
in "Wymondham. 

= Margery [Bertelot ?], 
bad licence to marry 
1383; died 1409; 1401 
holds "Wodebouse as 
dower. 2nd wife. 



John Kett. 
Clerk in Holy Orders, Prebend of Bridge- 
north, Prebend within the Free Chapel o£ 
St. Stephen's, Westminster ; died 10 July 
1455, Patent KolU. 

Margery=p'Riehard Knyght. 

his wife, 

Of Wymondliam, joined 
in purchase of Kmgs- 
croft 1397. 

Eobert Knyght= 
Admitted to Rett's in Selfield 1427 as nephew 
aud heir to Hugh Kett ; died 1443. 

his wife, 

John Knyght=Katherine, dau. of Eichard Wyl- 
Son and heir, of Silfield in Wymondham 1489. ley of Hockering, co. Norfolk. 

I I 

Eichard Kett Knyght,= Hugh Kett = , 

Of Wymond- mar. licence 1396. Born about 1300 ; succeeded as licence to 
ham, Junr., Ist wife. son and heir to Spurells and Ulfs marry 

1397. in Silfield ; died 1427. 1409. 

I 2nd wife. 

Eichard Knjght alias Kett=plsabella, admitted to land in 
Born about 1395, before his father's marriage; held Grishaugh 1456; with her 

his lands by grant from his father, but not i 
son and heir ; died 1476. 

Alice Kett, mar. 
William May- 
hew, and was ad- 
mitted to Ulfs in 
Silfield ; living 

John Knyght alias Kett. 
Born about 1428 ; admitted 
to land in AVymondham 
Manor 1476 as son and heir ; 
of Wymondham, " bocher," 
1500. Will dated 24 Aug., 
proved 18 Sept. 1512. 

husband surrendered land 
late Hugh Kett's 1489. 

William Knyght alias=T= Alice, 


Born about 1430; ad- 
mitted 1456 to land in 
Forncett Manor and to 
land called Bollesfur- 
long ; died 1493. 

Thomas Knyght alias Kett=Margery. 

his wi 

From this marriage all the Ketts mentioned are desceuded. 


JOHN KNYGHT alias KETT, Senr. (son of Thomas and Margery). 


1495. William Gallard surrenders 9 acres and 12 acres in Forncett 
to the use of Thomas Kett and John his son. 

Gild op All Saints', Wtmondham. 
1610. John Kett elected a brother. 

Wtmondham Abbey. 

1519, Aug. 10. Inquisition Norton, that John Foster alienated to 
John Kett, senior, alias Knyght, 3 acres of native land inclosed at Suton 
in Wymondham. 

1520, Jan. 6. John Foster surrenders 3 acres of native land called 
le Gravelpitt, formerly William Brown's in Wymondham, who held it 
1510-11, to the use of John Knyght alias Kett. 

1521-2, Jan. 21. That John Kett alienates to John Kedell 3 acres 
1 rood native land in Suton, Wymondham, without licence. 

John Kett, senior, makes default, 3d. 

1522, Sept. 29. John Knyght, senior, alias Kett surrenders by the 
hand of Robert Agas, in the presence of John Nelyng and Henry Multon, 
a piece of native land 3 acres 1 rood, with a gi-avellpytt in Suton, formerly 
John Foster's, to the use of Eicliard Kedell and Margaret his wife. 

1524, Aug. John Knyth on an Inquisition. 


1526, Aug. 1. John Knyght alias Kett makes a conditional 
surrender of lands to William Knyght alias Kett (these he took up at 
12 Hen. VIIT., 1520-1, on the surrender of Nicholas Drake and Agnes his 


1529. John Knyght alias Kett surrendered to William Knyght alias 
Kett a messuage in Silfield. 

From Wymondham Church Chest. (Extracts sent to the Society of 
In the Chest are several copies of Court Eolls of the Manors of 
Wymondham, in which some of the Gilds held copyholds. 

Brethren of St. Mary in Capella. (Brotherhood of our Lady's Light.) 
1528. John Knyght alias Kett, Jonas Kett, Senr., etc., are 

1530. Received of John Kett the elder 16d. payment for his 
coming in. 

Received of John Kett the younger 20d. for the ferme of a cow. 

It is clear from these entries that there were two John Ketts, the 
elder and the younger. 



1530. Court held Tuesday, Aug. 3. 

It is ordered to seize into the Lord's hands, two parts of a " purpresture " 
lying under the walls of St. Thomas the Martyr's Chapel, late Eobert 
Walter's, which Henry Frosdik surrendered to the Lord. To the use of 
William Appleyard, Esq., John Wetherby, seiir., Robert Chapleyn, 
Eichard Denton and Thomas Lawes and their heirs, to the use of the 
parish Church of St. Mary of Wymondham, at a Court held 8 Hen. VII., 
because said William John, Eobert and Eichard are dead many years ago, 
and also because one John Kett and Eobert Woodward unlawfully occupy 
the same, by colour of a lease or grant made to them for 10 years by the 
Church Stewards aforesaid, which was not made. 

Wymondham, King's Manok, 34 Hen. VIIL, 1542. 

Eichard Kedell alienates 3 acres 1 rood of native land in a close like 
le gravelpytt, in Suton, formerly John Foster's, who took it up on 
surrender of John Knight, senior, alias Kett 29 Sept. 1522. To use of 
Edward Cornwall. 

Wtmondham Abbey. 

1492, Sept. 29. Essoign : Nicholas Knyght, John Knyght. 

1499, Sept. 29. That Nicholas Knyght takes up 5 acres of land from 
Thomas Deye. 

1503. That Nicholas Knyght surrendered his land in Wymondham 
to Thomas Knyght alias Kett. 

These entries refer to Nicholas Knyght, who was probably brother to 
Thomas Knyght alias Kett, who married Margery (Wadker). 

1589, Sept. 20. Free and bond tenants. Thomas Knyght alias Kett 
and his wife, Thomas Knyght alias Kett, Senr. (He was dead.) Wilham 
Kett, Eobert Knyght alias Kett, John Knyght. 

1542. Nicholas Kett fined M., Eobert Kett fined Zd. 

1537. John Sherman and Catherine his wife, formerly wife of 
Nicholas Hogau, surrender land which Thomas Hogan and Alice his wife, 
parents of Nicholas had, that Nicholas and Catherine had out of Court 
1496. And land Nicholas and Catherine had 1499 and land surrendered 
by Eobert Hogan for life, and after his decease to go to Eobert Hogan, 
gentleman, and John Sherman did fealty. Thomas Hogan married Alice, 

Nicholas Hogan, eldest son, married Catherine, who married John 
Sherman. Eobert Hogan, gent., second son. 

Wymondham Abbey. 

1542, Oct. 7. Inquisitors elect to the tenement of Eoger Shepparde's, 
carrying with it; an ofiBce for this year. Nicholas Kett is holding it, 
formerly Eobert Hogan held. 

1539, Sept. 20. Eobert Hogan, gent., alienates to Nicholas Knyght 
alias Kett the reversion of all lands and tenements that were Nicholas 
Hogan's, his brother's, without licence. And that John Sherman and 
Katherine his wife alienate to Nicholas Knyght alias Kett all right and 
title without licence. 



1542-3, Feb. 14. 

At a Court held 20 Sept. 1 539 it is presented that John Sherman and 
Katherine his wife alienate to Nicholas Knyght alias Kett certain lands 
and tenements, formerly Nicholas Hogan's, that John and Katherine held 
by the riyht of Katherine for her life, with reversion to Robert Hogan, 
gont. And that the same Robert had alienated to Nicholas Knyght alias 
Kett the reversion of all lands and tenements. Thiit the said John 
Sherman and Katherine, present in Court, surrender the same land, 
namely, 5 acres in a field called Downham's in Wymondham, formerly 
Thomas Hogan's and Alice his wife, 9 acres half a rod that Thomas 
Hogan recouceded, 7 and a half acres of land in 5 pieces in the field called 
Byslondfield, 1 rod of land in Downhani field, one acre of tenement 
Collyours, 3 and a half rods of land with a cottage, Burston, 3 and a half 
acres of land with messuage in the tenement Gyle, 3 and a half rods of 
land and one rod of field, half an acre of trading land and half a rod of 
trade land, Entbate, 3 acres of land, 2 acres of arable land and one rod 
called Codsclose in Wymondham, which the same Katherine took up out 
of the Manor after the siu-render of John Sherman and Katherine, for the 
term of tlie life of the said Katherine, to which the aforesaid Robert 
Hogan agreed in Court. 

1537, April 30. And lastly Robert Hogan surrenders by John Neeve, 
in the presence of William Reve and Robert Kett, native tenants, to the 
rerersion of all the premisses. To the use of said Nicholas Knyght alias 
Kett, his heirs and assigns, and to Agnes his wife for the term of her life, 
and after her death remainder to the heirs of the said Nicholas. 

FoENCETT Rolls. 

1543. Nicholas Knyght alias Kett and John Collyour unjustly put 
their cattle on the pasture of Wakton called the Great Grene. Fined 20d. 

Nicholas Kett has to pay 6d. for not supplying an essoign. 

1656, May 4. James Bygott, gent., and Ann his wife (Ann Apple- 
yard) surrender land near Woodhouse in Aslacton with a messuage. This 
said James took up from Alexander Chapman, gent., deceased, to the use 
of Nicholas Knyght alias Kett, who gives the Lord a fine of 49s. 

Wymondham Manor. 

1549, Oct. 18. De Nova Terra. They elect Nicholas Kett for half 
an acre formerly Nicholas Hogan's. 

1550, Oct. 18. They elect to the tenement Keche, containing a 
messuage and 3 rods, " ad fac' offic." Pelham, this year Nicholas Kett, 
formerly Nicholas Hogan. It is close to Rymerscroft. 

What this mysterious office was that went with this little place called 
Pelham is not clear, 

FoBNCETT Rolls. 

1556. Nicholas Knyght alias Kett on the Inquisition. Robina 
Gierke alienates to Nicholas Kett 2 acres of land called Lymers in Multon. 

1557-8. Nicholas Kett for essoign. 

1558. Nicholas Kett on the Inquisition. Nicholas Knyght and 
Robert Hyllings are executors of Thomas Holling's will. 

1660. Nicholas Knyght alias Kett died since last Court and before 
surrendered by the hands of Richard CuUyng to the use of the manor. 


2 Eliz., 1560. Nicholas Knyglit alias Kett died, and before death 
surrendered to the use of John Knyght alias Kett, his son, and Agnes his 
■wife, lands which he took up on the surrender of Robert Gierke and 
Margaret his wife. Will of Nicolas Kett. " I give to Edward Knyght 
alias Kett my Konne, my tenement called Whights and laud in Aslacton, 
lately purchased of James Bigot, gent., when 21 years of age." My sons 
Eichard, Edward and Thomas when 21 years of age. And land near 
Woodhouse in Aslacton, taken up on the surrender of John Sherman and 
Margaret his wife. 

Cromwell's. J 1 !^[i^>!':)0 

1560, Oct. 18. Inquisition in Norton and Suton says that Nicholas 
Knyght alias Kett died after the last Court held. He held certain lands 
as a native of this manor. 

1560-1. Nicholas Knyght alias Kette died, and before his death 
surrendered land in the Manor to the use of his wUl. Now comes John 
Knyght, executor of same, and produces the will, in which are bequests to 
his wife Agnes of tenements, etc., in Multon, dated 25 April 1560, all of 
which land said Nicholas took up 4 and 5 Phihp and Mary, 1557-8, on 
grant of land, and John Knyght alias Eett is admitted. 

1560-1. Cromwell's, Norton and Suton. At preceding Court it was 
presented that Nicholas Knyght alias Kette died, and before death 
surrendered by the hand of Valentine Knyght, native tenant, in the 
presence of William Knyght and William Neave, native tenants, all his 
lands to the use of his will. 

Will of Nicholas Knyght cdias Kett. (Norfolk Ai-chdeaconry Register, 
1560-2, fo. 149.) My soul to the government of God Almighty, my body 
to the earth, to be buried in Multon parish church, to the maintenance of 
which I give 6«. M. ; to Multon poor at my burial, 13s. M. ; to Wymond- 
ham poor at my burial, 13s. Ad. ; to the repair of Multon highway, 3s. Ad. 

Agnes my wife to have the messuage or Mansion house 1 dwell in 
with the meadows and pastui-e in Multon for her life, she suffering my son 
John Knyght alias Kett to possess my houses and lands in Windham in a 
certain shrift called Downham, late Nicholas Hogan's, at her death. My 
said son John to pay William Knyght alias Kett his brother 40s. a year. 
On my wife's death my lands in Multon to go to my son William. 

To Richard Knyght alias Kett, my son, mj' house in Wymondham 
late Hoveirs when 21, and lands belonging to it and goods worth 53s. Ad. 
To Edward Knyght alias Kett, my son, the tenement called Whights and 
lands in Aslacton, late bought of James Bigot, gent., and my close called 
le Wong, bought of John Tyler, gent., when 21. To Thomas Knyght alias 
Kett, my son, tenement and lands in Aslacton, late John Button's, at 21 ; 
to son Robert Knyght alias Kett AQl. when 21 ; to Margaret my daughter, 
20L at marriage ; to Elizabeth my daughter, 20Z. at marriage. Legacies 
to servants and godchildren. Residue to executors, who are my wife and 
my son John. John Sherman, my bi-other-in-law, supervisor. Witnesses : 
Valentyne Kett, William Kett, William Neve. 

Surrender of copyholds in Wymondham, held of Queen's Manor, late 
Abbey, and of Grishaugh manor there and of Multon Manor in Multon, 
and of Forncett Manor in Aslacton. Dated 25 April 1560. Proved 
24 May 1560, by relict. 


1560. Nicholas Knyght buried. 

V a 


It was for a long time a verj open point as to whom this Nicholas 
Kett could be, and it is by strict elimination from other positions that he 
has reached his present one. He must hare been the son of John Knyght 
alias Kett, Senr. He calls his eldest son John, but that again might 
have been after John Sherman. His wife Agnes Sherman was a powerful 
personality. The reasons, however, are many and subtle for the fact that 
he was grandson of Thomas the Bocher, and this, in the want of the early 
Wymondham Registers, destroyed by fire, can only be arranged by making 
him the son of John Kett, Senr. 

alias KETT of Forncett, Moulton and Wymondham. 

Abstract from Moulton St. Michael's Eegister. 

1562 Mary Knyght, daur. of John and Eose Knight, bapt. 20 June. 

1571 Cicyly Knight, „ „ „ „ 2 Jan. 

1574 Nicholas, son of John and Eose Knight, bapt. 13 March. 

1577 Samuel, „ „ „ „ 15 April. 

1688 John Knight alias Kette was bui-ied 4 April. 

1631 Eose Kjiight, widow, was buried 24 Aug. 

1561, Sept. 21. Draft Book, Cromwell's. 

Since last Court it was presented on the part of Norton and Suton 
that Nicholas Knyght alias Kett died before said Court, and that he 
surrendered by Valentyne Knyght, a native tenant of the Manor, in 
presence of William Knyght and William Neave, all his lands to use of 
his last will. " I will that Agnes my wife have my Messuage in Multon 
for life, on condition she suffer John Knight alias Kette, my son, to possess 
my houses in Wymondham, in Downham Shrift, late Nicholas Hogan's, 
he paying to William Knight alias Kette, his brother, 40s. a yere during 
my wife's life, on her death lands to remain to William 25 April 1560, 
which lands Nicholas took up 25 April 1558. John K. alias K. comes 
and is admitted." 

Wymondham, Quekn's Manok. 

1569, April 4. John Knight alias Kett alienates and sells to William 
Thornton, Kt., a cottage and land. John Kett comes and surrenders land 
in the field of Downham in Wymondham, formerly Thomas Hobbes, which 
Nicholas K. alias K. his father formerly liad of Catherine Huggon, widow, 
1 May 1561, to the use of William Thornton. 


1565. John Knyght alias Kett, tenant of 12 acres 3 roods of Forncett 


1570. To this Court comes John Knyght alias Kett, and surrenders 
lands to which he was admitted during the life of Agnes, late wife of 
Nicholas Knyght alias Kett, mother of the said John, as by the will of 
said Nicholas at Court 1560-1, to use of William Knight alias Kett, his 



1585. Eobert Howlyn and Agnes his wife, formerly wife of Thomas 
Hammond, surrender by John Shepherd, in presence of John Knyght alias 
Kett, Senr., tenant of the Manor, John K. alias K., Junr. John Knight, 
Agnes Knight and Edward Knight swear fealty. 

Will of John Knight alias Kett, 21 Dec. 15S7, of Multon, co. Norfolk. 

My soul to the government of God. To Multon poor, 10s. ; to Rose 
my wife, £6 a year for life, and 200 fagots yearly for firewood. 

To Samuel Knight alias Kett (bapt. 15 April 1577, Moulton), my 
tenement bought of William CuUymore and the croft, the long close and 
the new close to hold with other lands, lately bought, when he is 21. If 
he die without issue, then to my son Nicholas Knight alias Kett at 21 
(bapt. 13 March 1574). 

To John Knight alias Kett, my son, 4 acres of pasture bought of my 
Uncle Sherwood on south side of my house, he paying to Nicholas, my son, 
£50 at 21. If there is default of payment pasture to go to son Nicholas. 
To said son John the lease I have of my mother and all my other lands, 
and if he die without issue, then to go to my son Nicholas. 

To Elizabeth Knighte, my daughter, £20 at 20; to Catherine Knighte, 
my daughter, £20 at 20 ; to Ciselye Knighte, my daughter, £20 at 20 
(bapt. 2 Jan. 1571, Moulton) ; to each daur. a bed and bedding when 20 ; to 
son John my poster bedstead in the parlour, and a framed table and stool 
and a great table, my caldron, 2 platters and 4 pewter dishes. 

To my wife all my cattle and half my household implements, the 
other half among my five youngest childien ; John, my son, shall pay to 
the children of Thomas CiiUimure and Marey his wife 20 marks among 
them at 21. My said son John to be sole executor. Richard, Edward and 
Robert Knight alias Kett, my brethren, to be my supervisors. Witnesses : 
Richard Howlinge, John Hamonde. 

Dated 20 Dec. 1585. Proved 13 April 1587. 

Moulton, St. Michael's. 

1588, April 4. John Knight alias Kette was buried. 

Nicholas Knyght alias Kett married Agnes, sister of John Sherman ; 
he died 1560. Will. 

John K. alias K. mar. Rose and died 1588 ; Wilham K. alias K., 
died 1592; Richard K. alias K. ; Edward K. alias K. and Robert K. 
alias K., all sous of Nicholas. 

John Knyght alias Kett mar. Rose; died 1588. Had children : John, 
mar. Martha Wixe ; Nicholas, bapt. 1574; Ciselye, bapt. 1571; Samuel, 
bapt. 1577 ; Catherine, Elizabeth. 

JOHN KNYGHT alias KETT, son of John K. alias K., 
Son of Nicholas K. alias K. 


1546, Dec. 13. Nicholas K. alias K. and Agnes his wife jointly took 
up certain lands. Now the Jurors present that John Knyght, deceased, 
was son and heir of said Nicholas, and that John Knight is the son and 
heir of the said John, who present in Court prays admission to the 
reversion of said premisses on the death of said Agnes and he is admitted, 
and the said Agnes surrendered all her lands to the said John, who is 



1603. John Kett alias Knyglit, Inquisitor. 


1607. To tliis Court come John Knight alias Kett and Martha his 
wife and Eobert Wike, and surrender to the Lord one acre of land, which 
said John forinerl}- had and took up after the death of Nicholas Knyglit 
his grandfather, on surrender of Agnes Kett, to use of Eobert Kett, his 
heirs and assigns, 

1614-15. It is presented that Richard Knyght alias Kett on Nov. 
1614 surrendered a tenement in Tounegrene called Rethers, with appur- 
tenancos, to the use of John Kett of Moulton and his heirs (on condition). 

1615. Since last Court it was found that Richard Knight alias Kett 
made a conditional sun-ender to John K. alias K. of Moulton (money to 
be paid at the house of Richard K. alias K. at Debenham, co. Suifolk). 
Now comes said John Kett and prays admission, and he is admitted. 

Moulton, St. Michael. 

1624, Aug. 10. John Knighte buried. 

ExTEACTs FROM MouLTON Registees. (Baptisms.) 

1591 John Knighte, son of John Kniij-hte, bapt. 16 Sept. 

1589 Barbara Knighte, dau. of John Knighte, bapt. 7 Sept. 

1593 Tymothy Knighte, son „ „ „ 12 Aug. 

1595 Nicholas Knighte, son „ „ „ 7 Sept. 

1598 Elizabeth Knighte, dau. „ „ „ 16 June. 

1600 Eobert Knighte, sou „ „ „ 29 June. 

1602 Agnes Knighte, dau. „ „ „ 31 Oct. 


1633, Jan. 9. John Knight alias Kett on 15 Nov. last surrendered 
lands to John Howlinge, which said Knight had 13 Oct. 4 Chas., 1628, by 
right of inheritance, on the death of Richard Kett of Debenham. 

1635, Aug. John Knight alias Kett and Theodora his wife surrender 
land to William Payne, geut., wliich said John took up 13 Oct. 4 Cbas., 
1628, by right of inheritance, on the death of Richard Kett (see will of 
Richard Kett of Debenham 1628). 

WILLIAM KNYGHT alias KETT, son of Nicholas Kett. 
Wtmondham, Queen's. 

1577, April 4. Comes John Jowell and surrenders divers lands in 
Byslandfeld, land between Robert Hobbes above John Harvey's one and a 
half ajres with tenement Stevens in Hungate, which John Jowell took up 
1576-7, to use of William Kett, Junior. 

1580, Oct. 17. Come Robert Yolle and Katherine his wife and 
surrender 4 acres native land in a field called Withheld and Bysteland in 
Wyniondham, which Robert and Katherine took up on surrender of 
Thomas Payne and 12 acres in Downliam, formerly Sletyngham, which 
Robert Yolie formerly had on surrender of John Hyllsou 1556-7, to use of 
William Knyght alias Kett, Junr., yeoman. The same William is 
admitted and does fealty. 

1583, April 4. Conies George Love, customaiy tenant, and surrenders 
in presence of William Kette, Junr., and Richard Howes. 



1583. William Kett, Junr., on messuage in Wymondbam, 

Wymondham, Queen's. 

1585, April 14. Arthur William alias Knyvet and Marie Lis wife 
surrender half an acre and half a rod, a piece of a tenement, formerly 
Walter livbald's in Byslandiield, formerly Anne Peasacre, to use of 
William Knyght alias Kett of Downham. 

1586, April 11. William Kett of Downham, Essoign. 


1595. Eecites Nicholas Knyght alias Kette had been dead some 
time, and before he died he surrendered to use of hi« will certain lands 
which he took up 13 Dec. 1540 on surrender of Robert Hogan, gentleman, 
whose will dated 25 April 15G0 ; he left said lands to his son William after 
the death of his wife Agnes, and said William likewise died some years 
ago, never having taken up the said lands. Now comes Robert Kett, son 
and next heir of William, and prays admission and is admitted. 

Will of William Kett called Junior, of Wymondham, Norfolk, yeoman, 
son of Nicholas Kett of Moulton. 

To Agnes his wife, messuage in Wymondham for her life, and land, 
late my father Nicholas Kett's, then to my son Robert; son Robert 
under 24 ; Margaret, Agnes, Catherine, EKzabeth and Mary Kett, daus., 
£30 to each ; to Nicholas Kett, nephew, son of my brother Robert Kett, 
when 30. Agnes, wife, sole executrix, and if she die or refuse, daughters 
Margaret and Agnes to act. Brother Robert Kett to help wife. 
Witnesses : Robert Cullyer, Ralph Fyllinge, Richard Cullyer, Stephen 
Nevell, John Sadd, Valentine Kett, Robert Tolye. 

Memo. : That on 22 May 1593 Agnes Kett the relict refused to act as 
executor and appointed the daughters instead, in the presence of Arthur 
Williams and Robert WhelpsdaU. Dated 9 Dec. 1592. Proved 22 March 
1594-5 by daughter Margaret, power reserved to Agnes. Consistory 
Court 1594-5, fo. 315. 


1592-3. The Homage present the death of William Kett, who holds 
certain free and bond lands and who surrenders to the use of his will 
before he died. No one comes to take it up. Proclamation made the 
first time. 

First Court of Dame Katheiine Knivett, relict of Thomas Knivett, 
Knt., held 27 Aug. 1595. Presented that William Knight alias Kett, 
Junr., has been dead some years past, and that he died seized of certain 
lands which he took up 29 Sept. 1590 on surrender of Robert Yoll, and 
that Robert Knight alias Kett is liis next heir and aged 14 years and 
more, who is present and prays admission, and is admitted 29 Sept. 1590. 


1606, June 17. Some time since it was presented that William Kett 
died and that Robert Kett was son and heir; he is now of full age, and is 
admitted to lands which said William took up on surrender of Robert 
Tole 1590, and Robert Kett at once surrendered to Edmunde Ducke. 


Chancery Proceedings, Queen Elizabeth, K. 3, 45, 1596. 

Eobert Kett, sonne of William Kett, late of Wymoiidham by Henry 
Clave his oriiardian. The said William Kett, 32 Eliz. 1590, upon account 
between him and Robert Ivett of Norwich, fjrocer, his brother, was found 
to owe the said brother £140 and could not jiay. In 1592 it was agreed 
William should assure his lands in Wymondham to Eobert Kett. William 
Partriche, scrivener, assured more lands than was intended. Robert 
assured his brother Robert, in sickness, that he would take no advantag^e 
of this assurance. William Kett, relyin<j on his honest performance of 
the same, made his last will Dec. 1592, and devised his Wymondham 
lands to his brother Robert, until Eobert Kett, William's son, being then 
12 years of age onl_y, should be 24. This towards the payment of his 
debts, and then he died. 

A question of accounts arose, trees were felled, moneys withheld. 
Legacies to Margaret, Agnes, Elizabeth, Katherine and Mary Kett, 
daughters of William, were not paid. Margaret and Katherine were 
married long ago. Disinheritance of your Orator. 

In the Answer, Robert Kett, the grocer, speaks of Valentine Kett as 
" a manne for many evills very infamous," but we must remember these 
are only the amenities of a Chancery Suit. He speaks of Richard Kett 
of Beeson, Loye Kett of Framingham, being " the nerest kinsman and 
best friends of Complaynant." 

Chancery Proceedings, Queen Elizabeth, L. 2, 45, A. 1597. 

Eobert Kett, the sonne and heire of William Kett, late of 
Wymondham, co. Norfolk, deceased, by Henry Clare of Wymondham, 
Esq., his guardian. One Nicholas Kett, late of Moulton in the said 
county, deceased, was seized in lands, copyhold, of divers manors in 
Wymondham, called Grishaugh and Cromwells. By his will dated 
20 April 1560, he gave his copyholds in Downham, in Shefles, in 
Wymondham, to the said William Kett, his son. Orator's father, and his 
heirs, and the rest of the land unto Eichard Kett his son. Testator 
surrendered his lands by the hands of Valentyne Kett, then bond-tenant 
of the said manors, in the presence of William Kett the elder, and 
William Neve, unto the use of his will. But the Steward of the Manor 
of Grishaugh did not enter the surrender, as it was presented, by which 
omission one John Kett, son and heir of said Nicholas Kett aud bi-other 
of William, entered into the same. Controversy between John and 
William — mediation of friends— and agreement made that William is to 
pay John his brother £50. The father omitted to come into Court ; now 
one John Kett of Moulton, eldest son of said John, has entered into 
7 acres and claims the same. 

Answer of John Kett, the defendant. One Agnes Kett, then wife of 
the said Nicholas, was jointly seized of all lands, with remainder to 
the right heirs of the said William. John Kett, the eldest son, and 
father of the defendant, being so seized at the Court held 38 Eliz., this 
defendant was admitted to the reversion of the said 7 acres, and the £50 
paid to the said father was for a tenement and for rights in other lands. 

Chancery Bill, K. 22-23. 
To the Et. Hon. Thos. Egerton. Your Orator Eobert Kett, son 
of William Kett, late of Wymondham, by Henry Clare, Esq., of 


That William Kett about 30 Eliz. concerning- an account between liim 
ami one Eobert Kett of Norwich, grocer, his brother, was found indebted 
to £140. Not able to pay, he agreed to pay £-50 yearly to £220, to begin 
1592, and he should mortgage lands in Wj'uiondham. William possessed 
great trust in Robert, but Robert, intending purposely to deceive William 
Kett of lands, combined with William Partrich, late of Norwich, a man 
of hard conscience, to whom, notwithstauding agreement, Partrich 
mortgaged other tenements and lands and made conveyance of all lands 
and tenements of William Kett to Eobert Kett, his heirs and assigns. 
For some time V/illiam refused, but on Robert's promise that he did not 
mean to keep the lauds when the debt was paid, agreed. In 1592 he paid 
his £50, and fell grievously sick. He sent for Robert and instantly 
desired him to deliver the deed to him, William, or to some of his friends. 
Robert refused, but said he woidd not take advantage of residue, £170. 
William, relying on his honest performance, made his will Dec. 1592, and 
devised his free lands to his executors until Robert Kett, his son, came of 
age. William died at Wymondham, being at the time of death in 
possession of freehold lands, and taking profit thereof. Notwithstanding 
the promises of Robert Kett, there was owing only £170. The lands are 
worth £30 a year rent and 1000 marks sold. At the death of William 
Kett, Robert, his brother, took possession of lands and sold as much wood 
and timber as amounted to £100. Michaelmas 1595, there was tendered 
£50 more. Eobert Kett refused to accept. In 1 596 there should have 
been £20, last payment, but it was not paid because of Eobert Kett and 
Nicholas Hearne's subtle devices. Executors are ordered to give up rights 
in lands till Orator was 20. Eobert Kett got possession and took profits. 
Legacies were unperformed. Margaret, Agnes, Elizabeth and Mary were 
by will to have £30 apiece. Margaret anct Katherine were married long 
ago. Orator was disinherited and his lands wasted and spoiled. William 
paid a certain sum of money for the debt of Eobert Assey, his brother-in- 
law, in consideration one Walter Assey, father of Eobert Assey, did 
convey an estate of 7 acres to Eobert Kett of Norwich, and his brother 
Eobert hath offered it many times to be sold. Whereas one Nicholas 
Kett, grandfather of your Orator, did in his last will deliver coj^yhold land 
in Wymondham to William Kett and his heirs, in consideration that 
Agnes Kett, the wife of Nicholas, should not meddle or deal with the said 
lands and tenements in Debenham (Downham), gave Agnes other lands 
and tenements in Moulton, being of greater value than the lands in 
Downham shift. Whereof the said Agnes Kett hath preserved the rent 
ever since the death of Nicholas, her husband, being about the space of 
37 years and upwards, yet, nevertheless, the said Nicholas Heme and 
Robert Kett hath paid one Thomas Simpson, gent., steward of the Manor 
of her Majesty at Wymondham, for the sum of 20 mai-ks over the 
accustomed use, by the same T. Simpson, by coUony [sic] of some title 
unknown to Orator, did admit him at death of Agnes Kett to all said 
lands in Downham holden of her Majesty. Eobert Kett and Nicholas 
Heme have gotten the use of and disposed of same lands contrary to 
equity, because they were conveyed to Eobert Kett in ti-ust to use of said 
William Kett. Agnes Kett is admitted to copyhold land at Downham, 
held of the Queen's manor, contrary to the will of Nicholas Kett. 

St. Andrew's Eegistee, Norwich. 
Eobert, son of Eobt. Kett alias Knight, bapt. 28 Sept. 1583; died 1584. 
Nicholas, son of Eobt. Kett alias Knight, bapt. 7 Jan. 1585. 
Roger „ „ „ „ „ 11 March 1592. 


Chancery Proceedings, Eliz. and Clias., K. 13-14. Date 1598. 

Bills and Answers. Robert Kett, nephew, v. Robert Kett, nncle. 

3. Wei-e not part of the lands Nicholas Rett's, William's father, and 
part Thomas Rett's purchased by William and called Bixland, and the 
other part purchased by William of one Yulle? 

6. Part freehold, part copyhold? 

7. What do you know of the claim of Thomas Rett and Richard his 
son, and Thomas his other son, brother to Richard ? 

9. William was imprisoned and in execution for debt. 
20. Have you heard that soon after an agreement was come to by 
Agnes Rett, widow of William, and Robert Rett her brother-in-law, that 
by means of one Valentine Rett and his son they were like to disagree ? 
26. Robert Rett the son of Valentine Rett. 

29. Whether Richard Rett and Loye Kett his brother were near 
kinsmen of Complainants ? 

Witness: William Lady man of Morley, husbandman, aged 64. Lands 
were worth £50 rent. He knows Richard Rett and Loye Rett to be 
kindred to Complainant, but in what degree he knoweth not. 

He saw Robert Kett, defendant, within half a year of the death of 
William, Robert's brother, preparing a gap to carry wood out of the land, 
sometime William Rett^s, and resisted by Agnes Rett and one Robert 
Kett the son of Valentine Rett. Agnes did strike Defendant. Richard 
and Loye Rett are of equal credit and discretion with the best. 

Loye Rett of Framingham Pigot, co. Norfolk, aged 64, saitli that at 
the special instance and request of Robert Rett, sou of Valentine Rett, 
who married one of the daughters and executrixes of William Rett, 
deceased, he helped to make an award with Richard Rett his brother. 
The abilities of Robert Rett, son of Valentine and Agues Rett, daughter 
of William, be very weak, therefore he, William, did not appoint them to 
have the disposition of the lands. 

Mary Rett, wife of Robert Rett of the City of Norwich, Deponent. 

Rose Rnyght cdias Rett of Moulton, co. Norfolk, widow, aged 57 years 
(born 1541). 

John Rett her husband, eldest son of Nicholas Kett, died about 
10 years ago. Agnes, his mother, is yet alive. John Rett is Rose's son. 
William and Robert Rett are his uncles. 

John Rnyght alias Kett of Moulton, yeoman, aged 30, knows that 
Richard Rett and .... be near of kin to the Complainant, and doubteth 
not they be of some discretion, with the best of the Complainant's 

William Rett was in prison a month. 

Margaret (Agnes) Kett, the wife of Robert, son of Valentine Kett, 
aged 28 years (she evidently was not called as a witness). 


1606, March 27. Robert Kett is sworn on the part of Silfield. 

1606, Trinity, 4 Jas. Fine. 

Robert Kett, Junr., v. Nicholas Heme, Armiger, and Jane his wife, 
and Robert Knyght alias Kett, Senr., and Mary his wife, messuage and 
land in Wymondham. (This latter was probably Robert of Norwich.) 

1616. Fine. Gilbert Cookes and Robert Baker v. Thomas Pi-eston, 
Jimr., and Frances his wife, and Robei-t Richnian and Mary his wife, and 
Robert Kett and Elizabeth his wife, of the tenement of Rushmere in 



1617. Eobert Kett and Nicholas Crosse surrender by the hands of 
Robert Morst, land formerly James Bigott's in Aslacton, which said 
Robert Kett took up on surrender of William Kett to the use of Thomas 
Lincoln. And come Eobert Kett and Elizabeth his wife and quitclaim 
for the same. 

RICHARD KISnrGHT alias KETT, third son of Nicholas 
Knyght alias Kett. 
Geishaugh, Nokton, 

1604. That Richard Kett alias Knyght, a native of the Manor, 
surrenders to the Lord a tenement in Town Green called Rythers, and 
that this tenement Richard had and took up on the surrender of Nicholas 
Knyght alias Kett his father, 1 Aug. 1560. He surrenders to the use of 
Henry Kett on condition. (Mortgage.) 

Will of Richard Knyght alias Kett. (Somerset House, 15, Barrington, 
1628.) Date 17 June 2 Chas. I., 1626. 

I, Richard Knights alias Kett of Debenham, co. Suffolk, mercer. 
My soul to God, etc. Whereas I have by indenture bearing even date 
with these presents granted my freehold land, tenements and here- 
ditaments both in Norfolk and Suffolk to the use of myself during 
my life and after my decease to use of my kinsman, John Sherman of 
Ipswich, gent., and Elizabeth Laney his sister, the wife of John Laney, 
the younger, of Ipswich, Esq., and their heirs and assigns, I do by this 
will bequeath all my freehold lands, etc., to John Sherman and Elizabeth 
Laney, their heirs and assigns. Item to my cosen Kett of Norwich, the 
eldest son of John Kett my brother, all my copyhold lands being in 
Wymondham and elsewhere in Norfolk (died about 4 years ago). To 
his brother Timothy Kett, to be paid within 3 months of my decease. 
(Son, not brother, to John Kett above.) 

To William Kett of Aslacton, co. Norfolk, £5 in money and 40s. a 
year to all his children. To be paid within 2 years after my decease. 
(Nephew, not cousin.) 

Item. I forgive unto Robert Kett, my kinsman, of Debenham, all 
my debts he oweth me, being £65 or thereabouts. 

Item. To John Wielth of Saxted, co. 8utfollc, yeoman, a;iJ hii wife 
£8 in money, and to all his children £4 apiece (dead about 2 years 
before) ; to all the children of Elizabeth Warner, my kinswoman, 40s. 
apiece ; to all the children of Bailiff Brooke, 20s. apiece ; to John Fylby, 
my godson, 40s., and to his brother the tailor 40s.; to the mother of them 
both, 20s. ; to the children of Thomas Brightly of Forncett in Norfolk, 
40s. apiece; to Elizabeth Kett in Wymondham, my goddaughter, £3 in 
money ; to the children of Marie Kett, the daughter of Edward Kett in 
Banham in Norfolk, 40s. apiece (she never married, and died 1641) ; to 
my cousin Elizabeth Reveof Moulton in Norfolk, 40s. (In 1588 Pheneyes 
Reve and Elizabeth Knight married 2 Nov., probably daughter of William 
Kett, Richard's brother.) (Moulton Registers.) 

To John Gouldsmith at Upton, Suffolk, iOs. ; to my cousin Samuel 
Sherman £5 in money, and to his daughter 40s. ; to the children of my 
cousin John Sherman of Ipswich, 40s. apiece ; to Mistress Tomlinson, my 
kinswoman, 40s., and to her 2 sons 40s. each ; to the children of my 

Q 2 


cousin SpaiTowe, 10s, each; to all the children of my cousin Mistress Eliz. 
Laney, 10s. apiece ; to poor of Debenham, £3. Eesidue to executors, 
John Laney the younger of Ipswich^ Esq., and John Sherman of Ipswich, 
gentleman. Signed Richard Knight alias Kett. Witnesses: Edward 
Garnon, John Crane. 

If I shall hereafter happen to marry and that I shall die before her, 
to such wife my house in which I now dwell in Debenham and the pigthle 
of pasture called Deneses, 3 acres during her life and 2 loads of wood for 
her firing. That she shall have the whole tenement, as well as that which 
is my own possession as that in possession of Eobert Andrewes as tenant. 
Richard Knight alia$ Kett. Witness : Edwd. Corboulde, Edwd. Garnon. 
Proved 2 Feb. 1627 by John Lany and John Shirman. 

Chancery Bills and Answers. Chas. I., L. 23/42. 

1628, Nov. 18. Lany v. Kett. John Lany, the younger, of Ipswich, 
Suffolk, with John Shirman of Ipswich, gentleman, ex'ors of Richard 
Knyght alias Kett, late of Debenham, mercer, deceased, complain that 
whereas the said Richard was possessed of divers goods and several parcels 
in his dwelling house in Debenham, and he made his will 17 July 
2 Chas. I., 1626, leaving legacies to simdry persons of his near kindred and 
appointing plaintiifs, being his kinsmen, to be his executors. That the 
said Richard died at Debenham about January last, and plaintiffs proved 
his will. But now one Robert Kett of Debenham, yeoman, and one 
Elizabeth his wife, one Christina Wyeth of Welby, said county, widow, 
and one Eobert Andrewes of Debenham and Grace his wife, combined to 
defraud plaintiffs of the greater part of the j)ersonal estate vested in the 
said Richard during his sickness and purloined many of his goods, and 
one Paul Gallant of Debenham, shoemaker, took some of the goods. 

1629, April 16, 5 Chas. I. Answer of Robert Kett and Elizabeth his 
wife, Mary Kett and Richai'd Eulcher. That they have heard read a copy 
of the will supposed to be the last will of Richard, bearing date 17 July 
2 Chas. I., which it appearetli John Lany hath proved in the Prerogative 
Court in London, but the said Robert saith that he hath just cause to 
expect the same not to be the will of the said Richard, for many reasons. 
First, for therein he gave divers legacies to persons who are dead long 
since, viz., to his cousin Kett in Norwich, the son of his brother John 
Kett, all his copyhold lands in Norfolk (which cousin was dead about 
4 years before the date of the will), and to one John Wythe and to 
his wife £8 in money (which John Wythe was dead about two years 
before), and to one Elizabeth Eeve of Moulton 40s. (dead about 20 years 
before), and to Timothy Kett, brother to his cousm Kett of Norwich 
(which Timothy was son, not brother). And to the children of Mary 
Kett, the daughter of Edward Kett of Banham in Norfolk, he gave 40». 
apiece (which Mary is one of the defendants and never had a child, was 
never married, and lived in the town where the said Richard lived, and 
was daily with him by the space of about 5 years before his death). 
That the defendant is son and heir of William Kett, brother of the 
said Richard, and one of whom he made much esteem ; that he procured 
this defendant to leave his dwelling, which was remote, and come and 
dwell at the very next house unto him, made a will about a year and 
a half before his death, and thereby gave the defendant his lands in 
Suffolk worth about £300, and made him and one William Kett of 
Aslacton iu Norfolk, son of the other brother, his sole executors. 


That the said Eichard iu the time of sickness whereof he died, being 
given to understand that the complainants were come from Ipswich, where 
they dwelt, to Debenham, where he lay sick, he commanded that the 
doors and gates should be shut and locked against them ; that the com- 
plainant John Sherman and his sister, the wife of John Lany, are the 
grandchildren of the uncle of the said Eichard, who at the time of his 
death had 27 brothers' and sisters' children living, and they had then also 
living four score and sixteen children all nearer in blood than the com- 
plainants, etc. Sworn 16 April, 5 Chas, I. 

Chancery Proceedings, Series II., 407/45. 
Orator Eichard Knyght alias Kett of Debenham, Suffolk, mercer, 
80 years of age and upwards, agreed with George Brooke of Aspall, Esq. 
No more about the Ketts. 

EDWAED KNYGHT alias KETT, son of Nicholas. 


158.5 Elizabeth Kett, daur. of Edwd. Kett, was bapt. 12 Aug. 

1588 John Kett, son of Edward Kett, was bapt. 12 Api-il. 

1590 Thomas Kett, son of Edward Kett, was bapt. 6 Nov. 

1591 William Kett, son of Edward Kett, was bapt. 10 Feb. 
1594 John Kett, the son of Edward Kett, was bapt. 24 Nov. 

1594 Thomas Kett, son of Edward Kett, was buried 6 Feb. 
1599 Anne Kett, the wife of Edwd. Kett, was buried 7 April. 
1603 Edwd. Kett was buried 21 April. 

Marriage Licences, Norwich. 

1586, June 15. Edward Keate or Kett of Aslacton. 

Ann Howling of Aslacton, single woman. 

Bond : Eobert Kett of Norwich, yeoman. 

Will of Edward Knighte alias Kett of Aslacton, eo. Norfolk, yeoman. 
To son William Kett alias Knight houses in Aslacton. Ann and 
Mary, two youngest daughters under 23. Son John Kett alias Knight, 
b. 1590. Elizabeth, eldest daughter, b. 1585. Children William, John, 
Anne and Mary. Thomas Thetford of Hevingham, William Hearne of 
Tybenham, executors. Thomas Eeeve, Edmond Cooke, Eichard Longe, 
witnesses. Dated 18 Jan. 1602. Proved 14 May 1603. Consist. Court, 
Norwich, Eeg. 1603, fo. 267. 


1604. Edward Kett died before Michaelmas Court, and before death 
surrendered to the use of his will. Comes Elizabeth Kett his daughter 
and shows his will : " I give to William Kett my son the tenement called 
Whites, and will that the said Elizabetli my daughter shall have use of 
legacies before given to my four children for eleven years, and land near 
Woodhouse which I had on surrender of Nicholas Kett my father." 

1602. Fine, Michaelmas, Edward llidnall v. Eobert Kett and Eliza- 
beth his wife, 2 messuages in Wymondham and Crownthorpe. 



1612, Aug. 5. Eobert Kett and Elizabeth bis wife to Edward Eidnell 
certain lands which said Robert had on surrender of John Kett at Court 
27 April 1607. 


1614. At Court 4 July 1604, Elizabeth Kett took up 9 acres near 
Woodhouse, Aslacton, on surrender of Edwd. Kett her father, with 
remainder to William Kett, son of said Edward. 

William Kett is present and is of full age, and is admitted. He 
surrenders to Robert Kett of Wjmondham, who surrenders to Nicholas 
Gross of Hinderlej, co. Suffolk. 

Chancery Proceedings, 7 May 1622, Series II., 363/1. 

Orator William Kett of Aslacton, yeoman, in co. Norfolk. That 
whereas Edwd. Kett, Orator's father, in January 1602 was fully seized of 
a close, meadow, 8 acres called Colman's in Aslacton, value £8 per annum, 
to be lenten according to the custom of the manor of Forncett. Also a 
tenement called Whites in Aslacton value £4, and whereas Edward Kett 
was also possessed of Woodwood, and goods and chattels and household 
stuff, etc., to full value of c€400, and the said Edward Kett left it by 
will to Elizabeth his eldest daughter by reason of occupation, etc., on 
condition that she should at her costs bring up for the orator John, 
Anne, Maud {sic), his children, in the virtuous, etc., to her power and 
ability. The said Elizabeth might take convenient firewood. Said 
Edward, deceased, bequeathing to your orator 2 farms, a pair of sheets, 
4 pewter platters and table napkins, and all his books except his Bible, 
and appointed Elizabeth executor and Thomas Thetford, yeoman, of Tib- 
benham, Esq., supervisor. The orator, at the death of his father, being 
about the age of ten years. Elizabeth proved the will, and long after- 
wards, about 1606, Elizabeth married with one Robert Kett, now of 
Aslacton, and said Robert and Elizabeth immediately after the decease 
of Edward Kett took some of your orator's goods and chattels, plate, 
Jewells to pay debts, and John, Mary and Anne ought to have been better 
kept. Robert and Elizabeth are chargeable for £100. Robert Kett was 
admitted to the Manor. John Kett, your orator's brother, had a certain 
original lease from Thomas Thetford, late of Hevingham. Agnes Knight 
alias Kett of Moulton and Thomas Knight had the wood. Dated 19 April 
13 Eliz., 1571. 

Answer. The joint and several answers of John Kett and Marie 
Kett, two of the defendants in the Complaint, their sister Elizabeth, 
another defendant, and Robert Kett another, from whom £200 for copy- 
hold is desired. The lease of Aslacton Priory was from Thomas Thetford 
to John Kett. Robert and William shared the house, but were not to 
trespass on each other's grounds. William entered the Hall, which was 
Robert's, and Robert entered William's half. William's wife threw a 
sheet at Robert, but he put it by with a little stick and took her uji 
gently in his arms, and put her down upon her feet. All the infants 
ran out into the yard, and Alarie Kett took up one gently and delivered 
the said maid to complainant's father-in-law, he being with them in the 
yard. The coniplainant went forcibly into the said Robert's house at 


Wjmondham, breaking: down the iron boards of the windows, whertupou 
the said Eobert did lay hold of complainant and cast him down with the 
help of others. 7 iMay 1622. 

Chancery Bills and Answers, Chas. I., A. 78/18, P.E.O. 
1627, Not. 23. John Haniond of Banham, Norfolk, linen-weaver, 
complains that one William Kett of Aslacton, co. Norfolk, yeoman, about 
12 years since borrowed of plaintiff the sum of £3, and about the same 
time plaintiff sold to Kett a i:)arcel of new linen cloth and other goods to 
value £12. That William Kett refuses to pay. 

1627, Nov. 26. William Kett denies that he borrowed money or 
bought the goods. He affirms that complainant owes him £7 for the 
rents of two parcels of ground, part of lands belonging to the tenement 
of Whites in Aslacton, which he hired of defendant 13 years ago. 


1625. Gregory Brett, native tenant, died last Court, and Alice, wife 
of William Kett, is his only daughter and heir, and of full age, and said 
William and Alice are admitted. 

1628. Fine. Charles Moreen and William Kett and Alice his wife, 
messuage in Aslacton. Charles gives £60. 

1632. Fine. Between Matliew Cocke and Eobert Harte, and Wil- 
liam Kett and Alice his wife, and Thomas Eeve, gent., and Elizabeth his 
wife, a messuage, a toft, a garden, and 12 acres of pasture in Aslacton and 

Maeeiagb Licences, Norwich. 

1641 William Kett of Forncett St. Peter, singleman, and Mary Gosling 
of Forncett St. Peter, singlewoman, at Attleboro or Banham. 
At Banham. 
This William Kett is probably the son of William and Alice of 


Geeat Melton, Noefolk. 

1653 Edward, son of William Kette and of Marie his wife, was baptised 
in this Church. 

Will of Mary Knights alias Kett of Debenham, co. Suffolk, 
single woman. 
To be buried in Christian burial. To brother William Kett of 
Aslacton 10s. To Ane, wife of Thomas Bitton of Banham, my sister, £5. 
Eesidue to Eobert Kett of Debenham, who is sole executor (relationship 
to testatrix not stated). Nicholas Doole, William Hancocke, witnesses. 
Dated 1 Nov. 1628. Proved 14 Aug. 1641 by executor. (Consist. Court, 
Norwich, Eegister 1641, fo. 73.) 




Thomag Knyght alias Kett.=pMarn;ery, 
Born about 1460 ; died 1536. I died 1549. 

John Knyght alias Kett.= Alice 
Born about 1490; elected to widov 
"Wymondham Guild 1514; Thos. 
called junior 1522; tenant Reynolds 
in Wymondliam Abbey 
Manor ; died 1530, without 
issue. William Knyght 
alias Kett was his brother 
and heir. 

of Wy- 
ham ; liv- 
ing 1549. 

alias Kett. 
1492 ; died 

Thomas= Agnes. 

Joan, =p William Knyght aliat= 
widow i Kett. 

of Peter i Born about 14S5 ; ad- 
Tylney i raitted to land in Gris- 
of Nor- ■ haugh 1536 as son and 
wich ; i heir ; brother and heir 
wife of i of Johu Knyght alias 
William i Kett, junior, 1530; 
1511. i attainted as rebel and 
i hanged on Wymond- 
I ham steeple 1549. 

widow of 
Gay of 
ham ; wife 
of Wil- 
liam 1533; 
died, his 
2nd wife. 

John Knyght alias Kett.: 
Born about 14S8 ; ad- 
mitted to land in Forn- 
cett with his father ; 
elected to Wymondham 
GuildlSlO; tookupland 
in Sutou 1519 as John 
Knyght alias Kett, sen. ; 
tenant in Downham in 
Wymondham Abbey 
Manor 1510; bad land 
near St. Thomas' Chapel 

Thomas Knyght alias- 

Born about 1508 ; ad- 
mitted to land, " Alex- 
anders " in Wymond- 
ham Abbey Manor, 
1539; called junior; 
died 1545. 

::pJoan, widow 
of Thos. 
Mortimer of 
ham. Her 
will dated 
1557, then 
of Norwich, 

Nicholas Knyght alias Kett.; 
Bornabout 1512; took up land 
in Grishaugh Manor 1536; 
admitted to land in Abbey 
Manor 1539, on surrender of 
John Sherman ; took up land 
in Aslacton held of Forncett 
Manor 1556; bur. at Moulton 
2 March 1560-1. Will dated 
1560, of " Moulton, yeoman." 

Agnes, his 

1543 ; sis- 
ter of 
of Wac- 
ton ; liv- 
ing 1585. 

Cassandra, Elizabeth, 

dau. and dau. and 

coheir, coheir, 

aged 14, aged 11, 

1545. 1545. 

John Knight alias Kett.: 
Born about 1540, son and 
heir; bur. at Moulton 4 
April 1588. Will dated 
1587, of " Moulton, yeo- 

:Eose, his 
wife, 1571 ; 
bur. at 
Moulton 24 
Aug. 1631. 

I I 
mar. Eob. 


John Knight alias- 


I I I 


Eix of 


Born about 1565, 



son and heir; bur. 


born 1571 

at Moulton 10 Aug. 




Ist wife. 

bom 1562. 







bur. at 

1577 ; of 
St. An- 



John Kniglit.=Theodora, Timothy. 

Bapt. at his wife. Born 1593 ; bur. 

Moulton 1635. at Moulton 

1591. 1630. 

.1 I 
Born 1595. 

Born IGOO. 

I 1 
born 1589. 

born 1598. 


alias Kett. 

"William Knyght=pAgnes. Eichard Knyght Edward Knyght a?Ja«=j=Ann 

alias Kett. - — ^- 

Born circa 1543, 
called of Down- 
ham, jun. Will 
dated 1592, of 
yeoman ; proved 

Boral546. AVill Bornaboutl550; held 
dated 17 June land of Manor of 

Forneett ; bur. at As- 

lacton 21 April 1G03. 

Will dated 18 Jan. 

1602-3, "of Aslacton, 


ham, CO. Suffolk, 
mercer;" proved 
2 Feb. 1627-8; 




bur. at 


7 April 


Katherine, mar. 
1594 Eobert 
thorpe, Plow- 




















son and 




heir of 

of Wy- 














1606; of 


in Forn- 




ham, CO. 





dau. and 
heir of 
Brett of 
eett; bis 

I I 

Ann, born 
1589; wife 
of Thomas 
Bitton of 

born 1596; 
died uu- 
mar. 1641, 
of Deben- 

William Kett.^^Mary, dau. of ... . Gosling ; mar. 1641 
Born about 1616 ; of Forneett 1641. I at Banham ; his wife 1653. 


Bapt. at Melton Magna Of Moulton 1695 ; bur. at Jioulton 
1653. 11 July 1736. 

Kett.=pMary, bis wife, 


mar. at 
IS Aug. 
1718, to 10 An 
William 1695. 


I I 

Bapt. at 




Ill II 

Mary, born 1697. Thomasine, Dorcas, born 

— born 1705. 1711 ; died 
Sarah, born 1700. — 

— Honoria, 
Thomasine, born born 1707. 
1704 ; died 1705. 


Esther, born 

Sarah, bapt. at JMoulton 12 May^if^Henry Smith of Ellingham, mar. Constanlia, 
1722; of Bungay, co. Suffolk, I at Hedenham 21 Dec. 1751. bapt. 20 

1751. June 1732. 


Thomas Knyght alias Kett. Robert Knyght alias Ket;t.=pMary, 

Born about 1555; to have Baph at Moulton 1557; admitted freeman 
land in Aslacton. of Norwich, " grocer," 1583 ; of Norwich, 

grocer, 1589 and 1603 ; senior, 1606. 


Eobert. Eoger. Nicholas Knight alias Kett.=pJane. 

3orn 1583 ; died 1584. Born 1592. Born 1585, M.I.S. Martins, Nor- I 
wich ; died 1635. 

I \ \ 

Mary, bapt. 1615 at St. Michael Martha, bom Mary, born 
at Plea, Norwich j bur. 1616. 1616. 1624. 



JOHN KISTYGHT alias KETT, Junior, married Alice; died 1529. 
This is the second John Kett, the son of Thomas and Margery. 

Gild of All Saints', Wymondham. 
1514. John Kett a member. 

Wymondham Abbey. 

1520-1. John Rett's wife makes default and is fined Sd., 22 July. 

That Nicholas Hogan alienates to John Kett alias Knyght a tene- 
ment -with lands, some free, some copyhold, without licence. 


1525. John Kett and Alice his wife make a conditional surrender of 
lands to Nicholas Hogan. 

(Entry 12 Hen. VIII., 1520. Nicholas Hogan surrendered land 
taken up with Thomas Hogan his father 1 Hen. VII., 1485, and land 
taken up on surrender of said Thomas 16 Hen. VII., 1500 ; the aforesaid 
Nicholas and Katherine his wife do fealty. The land is called Bixland.) 

Wymondham Abbey. 

1530, Aug. 16. Presented that John Keet died after the last Court, 
seized of a garden with a stable and a medicinal spring in Chapelgate, 
half a i-ood, and that tlje said garden ought to be occupied by William 
Kett, brother of John, Junr., heir, after the death of John, and of full 
age. Who comes and asks admission and gives a fine of 2s., and does 
fealty. (This translation is very free.) Anyhow, John had no children as 

1531, July 20. Alice Keet surrenders a cottage called Malles, 
formerly Richard Denton's, which she had with Thomas Reynolds her 
husband, now deceased, on the surrender of Joan, wife to Thomas Hendry, 
Court 6 Oct. 1514, to the use of Robert Kett. Fine 5s. 

1531, July 20. WilUam Keet surrenders a garden and a parcel of 
land in Chapelgate containing half a rood, which he had as sworn heir of 
John Kett his brother, in Court 18 Aug. 1530, to use of Alice Keet alias 
Knyght, widow, and to Thomas Reynolds, son of said Alice. 

1531, May 3. First Court of Loye Ferrers, Abbot of St. Mary, 

Alice Kett, widow, out of Court, surrenders a messuage in Towngrene- 
street by witness of WiUiam Kett alias Knyght, to use of Robert Kett. 

1531, Nov. 1. That Alice, relict of John Keet, out of Court, alienates 
to Thomas Reynolds her son a copyhold cottage. 

1531-2, March 12. Alice Keet, widow, alienates to Robert Agas 
Byxley field called Wrennepark and 3 roods in Gaylehyrm in Norfeld. 
Alice Keet, widow, formerly wife of Thomas Reynolds, surrenders a 


messuage formerly Hecry Lovyk's, and before that Tlios. Metyngham's, 
Cryspy, formerly held with Thomas her husband, before that Stephen 
Seman's, on the surrender of Margaret Woodwarde alias Thrower 1495-6, 
to use of Thomas Reynolds, the son of said Alice. 

Alice Keet, widow, surrenders a faldgate called Wrennepark, 3 roods, 
Gayellhyrne, to use of Robert Agas and Joan his wife. Fine 2s. 6cZ. 

1543-4, Feb. 14. Comes Thomas Reynolds and surrenders 3 acres 
that Thomas took up in Court after the death of Thomas Reynolds his 
father, as his sworn heir. At Court 2 Feb. 1529-30, to use of Adam B:ile. 

1547. That Alice Kett, widow, alienates to Robert Seman a tene- 
ment without licence. 

1548, Aug. 29. Comes Alice Knyght alias Kett and surrenders 2 acres 
3 rods near Bromhill, formerly in tenure of Henry Crisping, called Brokland 
in Silfield, which said Alice took up with Thomas Reynolds, formerly her 
husband, on the surrender of Richard Reynolds 21 Jan. 1499, and also a 
messuage formerly Heni-y Lovyk's, and before that John Metyngham's, 
Junr., and a garden tenement Crispyns, which Alice took up from the 
hand of the Lord 6 Oct. 1543, to use of Robert Seman, etc. 

Wtmondham Kings. 

1551, Oct. 18. Robert Seman and Alice his wife surrender 10 parcels 
of garden land, Crespyng in Wymondham, that Robert took up on 
surrender of Alice Knyght alias Kett 29 Aug. 1548, to use of Thomas 
Charles on condition thait Alice Kett, widow, have habitation in a room in 
the lower part of the house, with free exit and entry for the term of her 

1552. That Alice Kett, widow, surrenders by the hand of John 
Busshopp, native tenant, in the presence of Stephen Verdon and "William 
Brown, native tenants, a garden with parcels of land, together with a 
building in Chapelgate containing half a rood of land which said Alice 
took up with Thomas Reynolds her son, on surrender of William Kett, 
20 July 1531, to use of Robert Seman. Fine 2s. 



EGBERT KNIGHT alias KETT, 4tli son of Thomas and Margery. 

We will now consider the entries of the greatest Kett of them all, the 
man who was able to see in advance of his time, and the man who worked 
for the freedom of the bodies and souls of the Norfolk husbandmen and 
labourers. Under Thomas Knight alias Kett comes the entry that Eobert 
is the son of Thomas and Margery. 

Wtmondham Abbey. 

1519-20. John Joby and William his son surrender to the use of 
Robert Kett and Alice his wife. 


16 Hen. VIII, Eobert Kett and his wife and John their servant 
make restitution for a cow strayed. 

Wtmondham Abbey. 

1530, Aug. 16. William Suiythe, out of Court, alienates to Eobei-t 
Kett alias Knight a close containing 16 acres called Condyt Close, fine 
i]d. ; .... land of the tenement Wetherby, out of Court, alienate to 
Eobert Keet a messuage near the Chapel of St. Thomas on the north, 
fine xijd. ; the same Eobert Kett alienates to Lp^dy Anne Knyvet, 
fine xijrf. 

1531, July 20. That Eobert Ket, out of Court, alienates to John 
Peerson a messuage in Tongrene. Fine ijs. 

The same. That John Dry, St. Peter's Vicar of the Church of 
Wyndliam, Eobert Poynter, Priest, William Keet alias Knyght, Eobert 
Kinsey and Thomas Carrow, co-feofifors to uses of St. Peter, surrender 
lands, etc., to use of Eobert Keet and Robert Agas and their heirs, and 
Eobert Keet and Eobert Agas surrender to use of the Lady Anne Knyvett, 
widow, and Eichard Banyard, gentleman. 

1531, March 12. The same. Inquisition ex officio on part of Brakeu 
Ash that William Smyth, out of Court, surrendered by the hand of 
William Eochester a close containing 14 acres in Norton to use of Eobert 
Kett and William his son. 

1532, May 1. The same. Thomas G-effreys surrenders li roods of 
laud, a cottage in the tenement Stevens in Cakewyk, and a house Wylde- 
hogge, an acre with cottage, formerly Margaret Skotte's, formerly Eobert 
Hastyngs', which he held with Joan his wife, deceased, etc., to use of 
Robert Kett alias Knight and Alice his wife. Fine xyl. 

1532, May 1. Comes Eobert Knyght alias Kett and does fealty for a 
messuage in Cakwyk and a rood of land near the Gildhouse of St. George's. 
St. George's Gild, 1532, received xijd. from Eobert Kett and John Neve 
for the farm of doves. 

1532, Ang. 24. The same. Catherine Smyth, widow, surrenders a 
tenement called le Cundyt Close in Brawhite to use of Robert Keet alias 
Knyght and William his son. Fine xxiijs. 


1534, May 3. The same. William Keet and Elizabeth his wife 
(brother and sister-in-law) surrender 4 acres of land called Cundyt Close 
in Brawhite in Wyndham and 4 acres of field by Tyfford Brigg, formerly 
William Wistow's, to the use of Robert Kett and William his son. 
Fine xxs. 

1534, Aug. 10. The same. On Inquisition, Eobert Kett. 

That Thos. Fyndern, out of Court, alienates to Eobert Keet 4 acres of 
copyhold called Cundyt Close to use of Eobert Keet and Alice his wife. 
Fine viijs. 

1535, May 1. The same. Thos. Fyndern, out of Court, alienates to 
Eobert Kett 3 acres of field at Tyford Brigg. And that John Mason and 
Joan his wife alienate to Eobt. Kett a tenement and 2 acres in Suton. 
And that John Joby and William his son alienate to Eobt. Kett a cottage 
le Shipcote in Northwood, Thos. Fyndern surrenders 3 acres called Tyffin 
Meadow to Eobt. Kett and Alice his wife. Fine vjs. 

The Watch and Play Society. 

1537. First the account of vjs. and xd. of Eobert Kett and his 

Wtndham Abbey. 

1535, Sept. 21. That John Mason and Joan his wife, relict of John 
Potter, surrender a messuage called Stedmans and half an acre of land of 
tenement Tygrene, half an acre of tenement Gests, which said Joan 
formerly had as Joan Potter on surrender of John Potter 1510-11, to use 
of Eobt. Kett and Alice his wife. Fine viiis. 

1536, Oct. 28. The same. (This copy of a deed is not on the Eolls, 
but is interpolated on a small membrane.) We, Loye Ferrers, Abbot of 
the Monastery of Wyndham, to oblige Eobert Kett alias Knyght and 
William K. alias K. hathe and holdethe to tliem, ther heyers and assigns 
the withen bownden Abbot, an Inclos by Copy of Court EoU of his 
Manor of Wyndham containing 17 acres of pasture in Brawhite yn 
Wyndham called the Cundyt Close for payment of 10 pounds seven shillings 
and sixpence for the purchase thereof. Robert and William the longest 
liver to occupy. (William Eochester and WiUiam Smyth and Catherine 
his wife had previously occupied.) 


1539-40, Jan. 13. John Flowerdewe surrendered lands to Eobert 

1541. The same Eobt. Ensyne surrendered to Eobt. Knyght. 

Wyndham Kings. 

1642, Feb. 14. That Eobt. Stockton surrenders one and a half acres 
land, formerly John Dyroms, to use of Eobt. Knight alitjs Kett. Fine iijs. 

Feb. 14. Came Robt. and Alice his wife and sui rendered a cottage 
and curtilege containing one acre le Shepecote which Robert and Alice his 
wife had on surrender of John Forby 1 May 1535, to use of William 
Syltopp and Alice his wife. 


1545. Robert Knight alias Kett took up on surrender of Joan 
Kempley a cottage called Wrotte in Cakwyke, which she took up 
in 1537. 


Licenses to Alienate. 

Sir John Dudley, K.G., Viscount Lisle, to Eobert Knight alias Kett 
of Wjudhain, tanner, Manor of Wyndham, 26 March 1546. Hospital of 
Burton St. Lazarus, Leicester. 

Wyndham Kings. 

154S, Aug. 29. Came Eobert Kett alias Knight and Alice his wife, 
and sui-render a piece of land containing 20 acres called Blery in Silfield 
Wyndham, which aforesaid William (sic) and Alice took on surrender of 
William Knyght alias Kett 10 Aug. 1537, to use of William Kett, brother. 

1548, Aug. 29. Eobert Kett alienates to William Kett his brother 
20 acres of copyhold land in Southfield alias Peckfeld in SilhelJ without 
licence of the Court. The same Eobert alienates to said William iij roods 
of land, ffloriescroft, in Wyndham without licence of Court. 

This is the last entry in the EoUs before the Eebellion, of which 
Eobert Kett unexpectedly found himself the leader. It will be seen he 
was a man of substance, and he had a certain faculty for accumulating 
possessions. Like the young man in the Grospel he was suddenly asked to 
leave all, and for purely unselfish reasons he did so. He was a man of 
about 60 j'ears of age, and as he proved a good administrator of justice, 
he must have been perfectly well aware of the risks he ran. The Petition 
the " rebels " sent to the King is the most moderate and statesmanlike 
document, and must have been chiefly drawn up by Eobert himself.* 

The trial of Eobert and William Kett is to be found at the Public 
Eecord Office in the Baga de Secretis, pouch xvii., bund. i. 

The story of Eobert Kett has been well told by Mr. F. W. Russell, 
and again, more circumstantially, by i\lr. Joseph Clayton. Both recognize 
in Eobert Kett a great leader of a great cause. The first makes a detailed 
but rather disjointed history; the latter is concise, and full of joy to find, 
as he thinks, an early Socialist. Those of us who are Ketts sense that 
Eobert was not a Socialist proper, but he was a thinker far in advance of 
his time, and he had immense scorn of injustice and sympathy with the 
oppressed. He was hasty in action, and being involved, began too late to 
consider the consequences. The Agrarian Eevolution and the enclosure 
of Commons was the cause of the revolt, but the destruction of the 
Monasteries, and more especially of his own Abbey of Wyndham, won the 
hatred of all who worked for the preservation of the Church. The 
Ketts had charge of many of the Altar vessels and candles, and were 
connected both as tenants and servers with the Abbey. The Chapel of 
our Lady, so ruthlessly destroyed by John Flowerdew of Hethei'set, was 
their special interest to presei-ve. This can be seen by documents in 
Wymondham Church Chest. The good people of the town and the Ketts 
as the principal inhabitants collected money to buy back the bells, lead, 
etc.; and though this petition was gi-anted, they were frustrated by this 
same Sergeant Flowerdew, " who strii^ped the south aisle and abbey 
vestry, and all the lodgings, the town vestry and part of the Abbey 
steeple of all their lead, aud carried away all the freestone from the south 
cross aisle, the Chapel of our Lady, and the Choir, which he demolished 
in a good manner," says Blomefield. I suppose " in a good manner " means 
totally. No doubt John Flowerdew received his reward as a despoiler 

* See Note A., Appendix. 


and a thief, and those of iis who cannot believe in Karma may agree with 
Dante, that the 8th circle of the Inferno is a suitable position for those 
who shew no sign of repenting. Flowerdew fell into disrepute with 
his neighbours, and the Ketts, as we see in Chancery suits, knew how to 
value him at his proper worth. Naturally it was the same family who 
enclosed many common lands. These local grievances had more weight 
with the Commons of central Norfolk than the wider political changes in 
England. The poor men of Wymondham were accustomed to the generous 
treatment of the Abbot in allowing liberty to common their cattle. When 
rents were raised by the Nonveaux Eiches, as is nearly always the case, 
and tlie despoilers of the Monasteries planted hedges round the old 
Commons, the time had come to rise and stop all this. East Auglia 
thought that the King, whom they thought of as a good man, liad only 
to bear of their troubles to redre.^s their wrongs. Robert Kett saw plainly 
that the people lacked leadership ; he had no private wi-ong to redress, and 
joining the Rebellion could by no possibility mean personal gain. He 
must iiave known so many men lose their heads, or be hanged for small 
offences. He saw a vision of a fairer, happier England, and he threw in 
his lot with the people, feeling perhaps as they did, strong faith in their 
King. One and all knew that Protector Somerset had had sympathy with 
the Commons. Somerset was, however, no statesman, only a double- 
dealing politician, and it is small blame to the people of those daj's that 
they did not see what perhaps better educated, but less wise descendants 
of theirs fail to see now-a-days. Sir John Hayward says, by a confidential 
countenance in all his actions, the Vassals took him (Kett) to be both 
valiant and a fit man to be their commander. (Life of Edward VI.) 
Kett's answer was, "I am ready and will be ready at all times to do 
whatsoever not only to repress, but to subdue the power of the great men, 
and I hope to bring it to pass ere long that as ye shall repent of j'our 
labours, so shall these, the great ones, of their pride." " Many horrible 
things of late years ye have endured, with many wrongs and miseries have 
ye been vexed and afflicted." " But I will that ye be of good cheer, for 
this so great cruelty in all sorts, seem to be hated and accursed of God 
and men. Moreover, I promise that the hiu-ts done unto the public weal 
and the common pasture by the importunate lord thereof shall be 
revenged. Whatsoever lands I have enclosed shall again be made common 
unto ye and all men and my own hands shall perform it." Nevylle. This 
was said on Monday Evening, 8 July, at Robert's house below the 
Church, situated in the meadow where we can still see the tan pits. 

The rising had begun on 20 June 1549 at Attleborough against Squire 
Green, Lord of the Manor, and was stayed till 7 July, St. Thomas of 
Canterbury's day, to whom the Chapel in Wymondham had been dedicated. 
Henry VIII. struck St. Thomas' name out of the Calendar and confiscated 
the funds of his Gilds. The Ketts had been members of this Gild at 
Wymondham. Now the little Chapel was turned into a School, and the 
old Church plays connected with the Feast were still performed there. 
After the Feast, the people repaired to Morley and threw down 
Mr. Hobart's fences, then they came back to Hethersett and set to work 
on John Flowerdew's property. He promptly offered them 40J. if they 
would attack Kett's fences. Mr. Clayton points out that John Flowerdew 
was the immediate cause of Robert Kett's joining the Rebellion. Robert 
was a tanner, that is, he held the manorial rights of tanning for 
Wymondham. William, the eldest brother, was a "bocher," that is, as 
in New Zealand now, a grazier. He was also a mercer, and had a mercer's 


shop in Wymondham, and grazed cattle at Forncett for flechers or 
butchers. Eobert aud William Kett's father, Thomas Kett of Forncett, 
held a g-ood deal of land there, and was a wealthy man. His eldest living 
son William had grants of land there, and was also wealthy. The eldest 
son, John Kett, Senr., had died and left a will in which we see he was a 
tenant in Downham and took up land with his father. He was a member 
of St. Thomas' Guild in 1510, aud lived close to St. Thomas' Chapel ; he 
was elected to St. Thomas' Guild 1514 ; he married Alice, widow of Thomas 
Reynolds of Wyndham, and died 1530 without issue, his brother William 
being his heir. We now have Robert, the fourth son of Thomas. He 
was born, as can be traced from the Rolls, about 1492, and he married 
Alice, daughter of Nicholas Appleyard of Bracou Ash by Agnes, daughter 
of William Rokewood of Warham. Nicholas Appleyard died 1517. This 
marriage is not directly proved, but practically proved by a series of 
extraordiuai-y bits of circumstantial evidence. Robert Kett held the 
principal part of the land of three manors from John de Lisle, Earl of 
Warwick, who granted him Gunville's Manor. 

It would be well here to note some intei'esting family connections. 
Roger Appleyard, Alice Kett's brother, married Elizabeth, daughter of 
John Scott of Camberwell, Esq. She married secondly Sir John Robsart, 
son of Sir Terry Robsart of Wyndham. John Robsart and his wife 
Elizabeth were father and mother of the famoiis Amy who married 
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, fifth son of John Dudley, Earl of 
Warwick, Robert Kett's landlord. Warwick fought against the rebels in 
Dussindale, bringing amongst his troops his own son Robert Dudley. It 
is probable that this was the occasion of Robert, later Earl of Leicestei-, 
meeting with Amy Robsart, as he and Warwick probablj' stayed at Stan- 
field Hall, Wyndham, opposite Cumdyt Field. Amy was 18 in 1649, and 
her brother died the same year. There are two interesting letters from 
Robert Dudley to John Flowerdew, his agent at Wyndham, dated St. 
Magdalen's day 22 July 155S, in which he mentions his brother "Bige," 
that is, James Bigot, first husband of Anne Appleyard, half sister to 
Amy, and one from Amy herself to John Flowerdew about sheep and 
wool money. (Harl. MSS., 4712, fo. 275.) Amy appears to be on good 
terms with her husband. He was, however, like his father Northumbei-- 
land and his grandfather Edmund Dudley, Privy Counsellor to Henry VII., 
able but unscrupulous. There seems little doubt he had Amy murdered 
to give himself the chance of marrying Queen Elizabeth. John Appleyard, 
1567, revived the charge of murder against Leicester. John Appleyard 
was Amy Dudley's half-brother. 

Robert Kett's sister-in-law Mary Appleyard married John Dade of 
Shadingfield, co. Suffolk. Robert Kett's niece Catherine Kett, daughter 
of Thomas Kett of Wymondham, Robert's brother, married a Dade of 
Shadingfield. Thomas Kett died 1553, leaving a will and naming all his 
children. His descendants live in Cambridge. 

For six centuries before the Rebellion the Ketts had lived in Norfolk. 
They had gained for themselves considerable wealth, and were firmly 
established. The Reformation did not benefit them in the least, but as a 
family they were law-abiding people, and put up with what could not be 
altered, though they withstood Chm-ch destruction as far as in them lay. 
Robert named one of his sons Loye after the last Abbot of Wymondham 
Abbey, Loye Ferrers, who probably stood godfather to the little boy Loye 
Kett, who, probably in consequence of his early instruction, turned out a 
fine man, whom his many friends and neighbours chose as their executor 



and advisor. One would like to think that the last Abbot, whom we know 
as a fine man, was an honoured pruest in Robert Kett's house after the 
infamous treatment meted out to him by the powers that were. 

It is certain then by this genealogy that Eobert Kett knew the 
Earl of Warwick, his landlord, and most likely had met Robert Dudley, 
Earl of Leicester, later at the Robsart's, as they, moreover, lived close by. 

After the Rebellion and its painful consequences, these entries occur 
iu the Rolls : — 

Wymondham, Queen's Manor. 

1530. Comes Alice Knight alias Kett and surrenders nine and a half 
rods of copyhold land with a cottage tenement Stebyns in Cakcwyk, 
with a curtilage tenement Wyldehogge, also a cottage, formerly Margaret 
Scott's, before that Robert Hastyngs', that Alice took up with Robert 
Knyght alias Kett formerly her husband, now dead, on the surrender of 
Thomas Jeffries 1 May 1532, to use of John Reynolds, etc. 

Cromwell's. Deapt. 

1550, Aug. 1. Inquisition says that Robert Knight alias Kett was 
attainted of felony for the Rebellion on Muswolde, and hanged on the 
Castle of Norwich. At the time of his attainder he was seized of various 
lands and tenements copyhold in this Manor which were escheated to the 
King. And that William Knight alias Kett was attainted, and was 
hanged on Wymondham Church Tower. He was seized of divers lands in 
this Manor, which were escheated to the King. 

There was some difiicnlty in allocating Robert Kett's sons. They 
naturally kept quiet owing to the family trouble. The Registers also are 
burnt of that date. However, by a careful distribution of all the Ketts 
at that time in the numerous wills that they left, the unprovided-for sons 
of Robert are easily discovered after a little trouble. William the eldest 
got back some of the family estates ; also he made a good marriage with 
Anne, daughter of John Beckham of Narford by Alice, daughter of 
Robert Boston of Banham. George Kett, the youngest of Robert's sons, 
acted as guardian to William's only son Richard. He is certainly his 
brother. As it is definitely known that George was brother to Loye and 
Richard Kett of Beeston, therefore they must be brothers of William and 
sons of Robert. 

Besides these there was James Knight alias Kett, whom we find 
taking up land belonging to WilKam Kett, Robert's eldest son, and this 
is before we hear of George in any land dealings, and this particular land 
formerly belonged to Robert the Rebel. 

Wymondham Kings. 

1546, Nov. 20. William Stele, out of Court, alienates by Robert 
Rogers, his attorney, to James Kett alias Knight, and surrenders a 
messuage in Damgate formerly taken up on surrender of Robert Deplaye 
and Christine his wife, at Court 1526-7, to use of said James Knyght 
alias Kett. Fine vs. 

1547. The same. John Wright surrenders a tenement to the use of 
James K. alias K. 

Ckomwell's Draft Book. 

1550, Aug. 1. The Lord grants to James Knight alias Kett 3 
of a meadow called Whitser meadow. John Kett took up 1 May 1553, 


Wtmondham Kings. 

1552, Oct. 6. That Agnes Westhaugh and Stephen Potter, ex'ors 
of the will of William Westhaiigh, alienate to James Kett and John 
Wyard 2 shoppes near le Chapell in Wyudham without licence. Comes 
Alice Westhaugh alias Cowper and surrenders a parcel of land by the 
tenement of James Knyght alias Kett of fee of the manor of Grishaugh, 
called le corner shoppe and called Chapelgate street with 2 meat shops. 
The said Agnes Westhaugh took up with William Westhaugh alias 
Cowper, formerly her husband, on surrender of William Knyght alias 
Kett 28 Sept. 1545, to use of James Knyght alias Kett. Fine iiijt^. 
And the same Agnes surrenders a meat shop between the King's Way 
called Chape! strete on the south of the Chapel of Thomas Bekkett, and 
garden formerly William Westhaugh's and formerly John Symond's 
chaijlain, on the north, and two workshops in tenure of James Knyght 
alias Kett, which garden William Westhaugh and Agnes his wife took 
up on the surrender of William Knyght alias Kett in this Court, to use 
of Adam Smyth alias Ifolsham. Pine xijd. 

1553. The same. And that William Westhaugh alias Cowper died 
before the last Court ; before he died he surrendered in the presence of 
Eobert Agas and James Knyght alias Kett, native tenants, etc. 

1553. Inquisition ex officio. James Kett alienates to William Neve 
a messuage in Damgate without licence. 

Cromwell's Norton. 

1553, Oct. 1. Since at Court 1 Oct. 1553 James Knyght alias Kett's 
death was presented, and that John K. alias K. is his son and next heir, 
aged 14 or more. Now comes said John and jjrays admission to lands 
which said James took wp 1 Aug. 1550 from the Lord's hands, and also 
other lands in Chapelgate formei-ly John Mathew's, which said James 
took 1 Aug. 1552 on surrender of John Granger and Margaret his wife, 
and said James (sic) is admitted by Agnes his mother and attorney and 
dower is also assigned to her as she has none in said premisses. 

Norfolk Archdeaconry Administrations. 

James Knyght of Wyndham 19 Sept. 1561 to Agnes, formerly relict. 

John Kett the elder was born in 1539, as he was 14 at his father's 
death in 1553. 

His mother Agnes Kett nee probably Westhaugh died 1578. 



JOHN KETT, the Elder. 
Will of John Legatt, husbandman, of Wymondham. 

1565, March 24. John Kette the elder, Supervisor. Surrender of 
lands in Grishauo-h, Hethersett, and the Abbey manors, all in the presence 
of John Kett. Said John Kett witness. Probate 2 May 1565. Norf., 

Wtmondham, Queen's Manoe. 

1568, Oct. 14. John Kett, Jurator. John Plome surrenders a garden 
with a workshop and meat shop in Chapelgate Street near the chapel of 
St. Thomas, in tenure of John Knight. This John Plome and Adam 
Smith alias Foulsham formerly took up at a court held 5 April 1556. 
To use of John Kette, who gires a fine. 


1569. John Kette, Junr., a tenant. 

1575, Oct. 26. The same. Henry Blake, gent., alienates and sells 
to John Kett a parcel of land, le Scole House. 

1576, June 19. The same. Henry Blake, gent., surrenders a piece 
of land near the Scolehouse, viz., shop in tenure of Eobert Davy, the 
Becket Chapel alias Scolehouse by cottage in tenure of John Kette. To 
use of Kette, etc. 


1578, Sept. 29. To this Court comes John Knight alias Kett, son 
and next heir of James Knight alias Kett, deceased, and asks to be 
admitted to the reversion of a building in Chapelgate, formerly John 
Grangier's, before that John Mathew's, with its appurtenances, after the 
death of Agnes his mother, to whom said John swears to be heir descen- 
dant after the death of James his father, and which the said Agnes took 
up for the term of her life as her dower, at Court 1553, also the reversion 
to the purprise by the Chapel of St. Thomas Martyi- in Norton, Wymond- 
ham, after the death of Agnes his mother. These concessions were 
foiTnerly made by the Lord to Agnes 18 Oct. 1554. John Kett is 
admitted. (Agnes the widow also comes and releases her rights in the 

Wymondham, Queen's. 

1578, Oct. 13. John Knight alias Kette and Mary his wife surrender 
the Orteyeard wall, formerly the Monastery's, and opposite the messuage 
formerly Eobert Deyne's of Damgate, and a piece of ground formerly 
the Abbey garden, which among other things the said John took up 1554-5. 
To use of Agnes Knight, widow, his mother. 

Comes Agnes Knight, widow, formerly relict of James Knight, 
deceased, and surrenders and quitclaims John Knight alias Kette, her 
son, for the term of her life, which propei-ties were formerly in tenure of 


said James Knight, deceased, a messuage with appurtenances in Damgate 
in Wymondham, which said John formerly surrendered to use of Agnes. 

1580, April 7. Inquisition of office of principal vassals. John Kette. 

1585, April 14. The same. Comes Agues Knight alias Kette, widow, 
and surrenders a messuage. Breezes, and the ortyard wall in Damgate and 
a piece of a great garden, formerly the Monastery's, taken up from John 
her son 13 Oct. 1578. To use of William Knight alias Kette her son. 
And William does fealty. Memo. : It is agreed that Agnes Kette shall 
have half the fruit growing in the yard every year during her natural 

1587-8. To this Com-t comes John Kett and Mary his wife and 
surrender premisses hy Becket's Chapel, formerly granted to James 
Knight alias Kett and his heirs, father to said John, 25 Nov. 1550. To 
use of William Davy and his heirs. 


1597. To this Court comes John Kett and Mary his wife and 
surrender lands which John took up 2 Aug. 1554 on the death of James 
Knight alias Kett his father. To use of John Egeley and his heirs. 

1598. The same. John Kett, son and next heir of James Kett his 
father, pi-ays admission to the half of a preposture opposite St. Thomas 
de Beckett's Chapel, on the death of Agnes Kett his mother. This 
Agnes held in dower for the term of her life at Court held 2 Aug. 1554, 
and he is admitted to the same. He at once surrenders to Henry Kett 
and his heirs. 

Agnes Kett, the widow of James, has now died. 

1608. Edward HoUe comes and surrenders a parcell of land by 
Dambrigge in Wyndham taken up on surrender of John Kett 1598-9. 

1618, April 12. The same. John Knight alias Kett comes and 
surrenders lands which said John took up on death of his father at Court 
1 Aug. 1554, to use of Eichard Kett, and he is admitted. 

Will of Elizabethe Eemchinge. Dated 14 April 1595. (P.C.C, Scott, 
fo. 29.) 

I, Elizabethe Eemchinge of Wymondham, Co. Norfolk, widowe. 
Item. I give to John Kett, my sonne-in-lawe, my gray nagge which he 
i;se to ride on and one silver spoone. Item. I give to Mary my daughter, 
wife of the sayed John Kett, my playne old great cofer with one worsted 
gowne of my late husbandes which lyeth in the same. Item. I give unto 
the sayed Mary one payer of sheetes, one smocke late my sister Coldams, 
which she gave unto me, and one cupboard which standeth in the hall of 
the house of the sayed John Kett where he dwelleth in Wymondham. 
Item. I give unto Sarah Kett, one of the daughters of the sayed Mary 
Kett, one saye gowne with a velvet cape, one booke called Beza, his testa- 
ment, and twenty shillings in money. Item. I give unto Mary Kett, one 
other of my sayed daughter Mary Kett her daughters, one payer of course 
sheetes, one little prayer booke, and twenty shillings in money. Item. 
I give unto Judith, one other of the daughters of my sayed daughter 
Mary Kett, one other payer of course sheetes, one little prayer booke, 
and twenty shillings in money. Item. I give unto Susan, another of the 
daughters of my sayed daughter Mary, one other payer of course sheetes, 
one little prayer booke, and twenty shillings in money. Item. I give 
unto Priscilla, another of the daughters of my sayed daughter Mary, one 


other payer of course slieetes, one little prayer booke, and twenty shillinges 
in money. Item. I give unto Lidea, an other of the daughters of my 
sayed daughter Mary, one other payer of course sheetes, one possuet, 
brighte within and without, one little prayer booke, and twenty shillinges 
in money. Item. I give unto ever^^ one of the children of my sayed 
daughter Mary above the sayed parcells before given, one pewter disshe, 
and one sUver spoone. Item. I do freelie forgive unto all my sonnes and 
to my sonne-in-lawe John Kett all such debtes as they do owe me. 

(Signed) Elizabethe Eemchinge. 

Testibus Thomas Weld, the marke x of Richard Cadwold, John Kett. 
Proved 24 May 1595 by John Theaker, Notary Public, Proctor for Edward 
Eemchinge, son and ex'or. 

John Kett= 
Of Wymondham, mar. 
on or before 1578 ; 
died IGiy. Will. 

Mary, dau. of Richard Eemchinge of Car- 
brooke, yeoman, died 1566 (Cons. Norw.), 
and Elizabeth his wife; died 1623 (Nor- 
folk Arehd., Original Wills, No. 65). 

Sarah Kett, mar. 
William Edwards 
of Beccles ; ex'or 
of Mary Kett. 

Mary Kett, died 
1615 ; adm'on to 
father, Norfolk 
Archd. Court. 

I I 
Elizabeth Kett. 

Judithe Kett. 



Lidea Kett, 
mar. James 

Will of John Kett the Elder, of Wymondham. 
Original Wills 1619, No. 

(Norf. Arehd. Register, 

To Phoebe Kett, my brother's daughter. To Elizabeth Kett, my 
brother's daughter. To Sarah Kett, my brother's daughter. To Jeremy 
Kett. To Heiiry Kett, my brother's son. To my sister's daughters, 
10s. each. To Judith Jonson's children (3). To Elizabeth Reynolds' 
2 children. To Robert James' 2 children. Residue to Sarah Edwards' 
children. Witness Thomas Grenewood. Dated 18 June 1619. Proved 
29 Sept. 1619. 

(Signed) John Kett. 

Will of Mary Ket sometyme wife of John Ket, senior, of Wymondham. 
(Norf. Archd., Original Wills.) 

Api^oints William Edwards executor. To daughter Lidia James 
books, plate, furniture, etc. To Elizabeth Edwards, dau. of Sara Edwards. 
To Lidia James other furnitiu-e. To her sister Rainold. To Sarali 
Edwards, my eldest dau., Bible, etc. To Abigail Edwards, grandchild. 
To Susan Edwards, grandchild. To Elizabeth Edwards, grandchild. To 
John Edwards, grandchild. To Daniel Edwards, grandchild. To Thomas 
Edwards, grandchild. To Mary James, grandchild. To Lidia James, 
grandchild. To Lidia Reynolds, grandchild. To John Reynolds, grand- 
child. William Edwards of Beccles, sole ex'or. Witnesses: Thomas 
Alexander, Nicholas Peterham, Philip Simonds. Dated 2 Jan. 1622-3. 
Proved 11 July 1623. 

John Kett the elder married Mary Remching— see Will of Elizth. 
Eemchinge of Wymondham, P.C.C, Scott, fo. 29, 14 April 1595, when 
she gives to her son-in-law John Kett her grey nagg and one silver spoon ; 
her daughter Mary gets a pair of sheets and other things. Amongst 


them the cuphoard that stands in the hall of their honse at Wymondham. 
One of her daughters by Richard Eemcliing, Elizabeth, married Richard 
Lincoln of Swanton Morley, aiaeestor of Abraham Lincoln, President 
U.S.A. John Kett, the elder, and Mary his wife left 7 daughters. These 
were duly enumerated in their wills 1619 and 1623. John Kett alludes 
to his brother's daughters and sons, so it is not difficult to find out who 
these brothers were — William Kett, who married Dorothy, and Robert 
Kett. Will 1583, Bocher of Wymondham. 

William Knyghts alias Kett and Dorothea his wife come and sur- 
render a messuage in Damgate, which said William and Dorothy took up 
on the Lord's regrant Sept. 1591 to the use of Nathaniel Brewer and 
Susanna his wife. These are most likely to be Dorothy Kett's parents. 
We notice the names Nathaniel in the next genera.tion and Susannah in 
the next but one. 

Will of William Kett dwelling in Damgate. (Norf. Archd. Reg. 16M, 
fo. 308.) 

Being very weak, etc. My soul to God, body to be buried in church- 
yard. Dorothy Kett, wife. Nathaniel Kett, son. John Kett, son. Ales 
Starlynge, dau. Febye Kett, dau. Elizabeth Kett, dau. Sarah Kett, 
dan. Susan Kett, dau. of Nathaniel Kett. Witnesses : Nathaniel 
Brewer, Robert x Deker, Robert x Prockter. 

Robert Kett. Will Jan. 20, 1583. (Norf. Archd. Register 1583, fo. 158.) 

My soul to God, etc. To Wyndham poor at my bm-ial, 13s. 4<Z. To 
Henry Kett, my son, to be held in trust till 14, when he is to be bound to 
some occupation for 7 years. If he die before 21 then £20 to go to Henry 
Kett, son of Loye Kett. £10 to eldest son of William Kett my brother. 
To Henry Kett my servant. Residue to wife Margaret. To my godson 
Davey Lylley's son 6s. 8d. To my brother William's son, my godson, £4. 
Loye Kett my kinsman, ex'or. Witnesses : George Kett, Thomas 
Marten. Dated 20 Jan. 1583. Proved 29 Jan. 1583. 

Wymondham Registers. 

1617, Feb. 1. John Kett the sonne of John Kett baptised. 

(This first John Kett was the son of William Kett and Dorothy his 
wife, second son.) We do not know much about him except that he is 
mentioned in his father's will, 1614. His son John is married at 
Wymondham 1639, Jan. 30. 

John Kett, singleman, and Ann Alexander, singlewoman. 

He was about 22 when he married, and 48 when he died 1665. 

The Record Office, Dublin, at the Four Courts, gives this among the 
State Papers, Irish, 1655 : John Kett Dublin. P. 273. Petition to Lord 
Henry Cromwell of the citizens and inhabitants of Dublin to ask to have 
Customs' duty removed, the same as Scotland, Virginia, New England, 
etc. 18 May 1655. About a hundred signatures. John Kett. 

Wm of John Kett of Dublin city, merchant. (P.C, Dublin.) 

To dear children John Kett, Aime Kett, Phoebe Kett, William Kett 
(born c. 1645) and Daniel Kett. Dear and loving wife to be sole executrix. 
Witnesses : William Younge, William Hill, John Playtord. Overseers : 



Thomas and Benjamin Cooke, merchants. Probate to Anne Kett, widow 
and relict, sole executrix. Made 12 June 1665. Proved 3 Aug. 1665. 

Act of Settlement, 1665. Eecord Office, Dublin. 

King Charles II. offers to John Kett, officer in his noble father's 
army, and fighting against the Irish Rebels in 1641, a grant of land iu 
Ireland other than that by the bridge of Lexford. (It must have been 
found that John Kett was dead.) 

This document, which I found in the Dublin Eecord Office, looked 
as if it had never been opened before. 

Wymondham Registers, beginning 1615. 

Mary Kett the daughter of John Kett, single woman. 

Dorothy Kett, widow. 

John Kett, senex. 

Mai-y Kett, widow of John Kett, senex. 

Two children of John Kett. 

John Kett. 

Robert Kett, son of Nathaniel Kett. 
John Kett the son of John Kett. 
Alice Kett the daughter of John Kett. 
Margarett the daughter of John Kett. 
Anne, daughter of John Kett. 

1639 Jan. 30 John Kett, single man, & Ann Alexander, single woman. 

John Kett, Dublin. "We see that he went out as an officer in 
Charles I.'s army, and stayed there, evidently bringing over his wife from 
Wymondham, establishing himself as a merchant. 

































John Kett.= 
Died 1633 at Wymondham. 

John Kett.=pAnne Alexander, 

Officer iu King Charles l.'s army; bapt. 1017 
at Wymondham ; died at Dublin 1665. Will 
at Four Courts, Dublin. 

mar. at Wymoud 
ham 1639. 

Anue, bapt. John. Phoebe, Willicam. Daniel Kett.= 
at Wy- Bapt. alive Born circa Alive 1665; died 1724. 

mondham ; 1665. 1645 ; alive Will, of St. Clement, 

1641. alive 1665. East Cheap (aged about 
1665. 77). 

Elizabeth Kett = John Makey. 


1725. Dublin Marriage Licence Grant. John Makey and Elizabeth 
Kett of parish of St. John's, Dublin. 

1724. Nov. 12. Probate of Daniel Kett, P.C.C. Committed to 
Thomas Newnham, Attorney for Elizabeth Kett, spinster, beyond the 
seas, natural and legitimate daughter of Daniel Kett of the pai-ish of 
St. Clement, East Cheap, London, who administers in the absence of the 
said Elizabeth Kett. 

1764, Marcli 23. Adm'on, P.C.C. Adm'on of Edmoiid Kett, late of 
H.M.S. " R.imilies," a seaman, batchelor, deceased. Adm'on granted to 
James Reade, the lawful attorney of John Kett, the uatm-al and lawful 
father of deceased, in the city of Limerick, Ireland. 

John Kett=p 


Edmond Kett, died 1764. 

This is probably a descendant of John^ son of John Kett of Dublin. 

It is to be noted that the Cookes, overseers of John Kett's will, were 
Norfolk friends, who had business with Dublin. 

For the present all that is of interest here is the name of Thomas 
Newnham, attorney. 

To return to jSTathaniel Kett, the elder brother of John Kett of 
Wj'mondhaui, who died 1633 ; according to the Wymondham Registers 
Nathaniel had a son Robei't Kett, baptized May 1G15. From the Original 
List of Persons of Qusility who went from Great Britain to the American 
Plantations 6 Jan. 1634, among the names of those to be transpoited (not 
in the present sense) to St. Christopher and the Barbados we find Robert 
Kett, 22 yeares (born 1612). They have taken the oath of allegiance. 

If these men are identical — and there was a near connection between 
the Dublin Kelts and those in Barbadoes — then Robert either made him- 
self out older than he was or he was baptized late, a very unlikely thing. 
There is no trace of him in St. Christopher's. As this Robert was in 
Barbadoes, he fits in as the father of one Richard Kett, whom we find in 
Barbadoes on the estate of Constant Sylvester, one of the best known 
planters. Richard's connection with the London Ketts will be noted. 
There is no exact evidence that he was the father of Richard Kett, Init 
they are the only two Ketts I can find in Barbadoes. 

1662. Irish State Papers. Abstract of Debentures of Captain 
Richard Franklin's troop since 1649. Value of claims. Robert Kitt. 

This man I take to be more likelj-^ to be the son of Nathaniel, and 
thi' Robert Kett who went to Barbadoes to be the elder brother of John 
Kutt of Dublin, as we shall see later by Richard's will. 

Will of Constant Silvester. 1671. P.C.C, 124, Duke. 

All my lands and plantations in Barbadoes, all servants, negroes, 
c.itLle, etc., to my wife Grace Silvester, Henry Walrond, Esq. (brother 
of the said Grace). Col. Richard Hawkins, Samuel Farmer, Esq., and 
]\ir. Francis Raynes, all of Barbadoes, in trust for my eldest son. Constant 
Silvester, Humphrey Silvester, Grace Silvester, Mary Silvester, when 21 
or married £2000 each. A jewel when 15. £60 per annum for their 
education until 13. To my brother Nathaniel S. ^ part of the lands he 


and I hold in Shelter Island upon the coast of New England. To eister 
Mary Cartwright, wife of Isaac Cartwright, to their son Constant C. and 
daughters Mary and Ann. To nephew Richaixl Kett £600 and £60 per 
annum as long as he keep on my plantation. Witnesses : Henry Walrond, 
Grace Walroiid, etc. Date 7 April 1671. Proved 7 Oct. 1671 by Grace 
Sylvester, relict. Buried in chancel of Brampton Church, Hunts. C. S. 
died 2 Sept. 1671. 

William Kett, the son of John Kett of Dublin.* 

1685, March 12. Colonial State Papers, vol. Ivii., No. 37. Bermuda. 
Letter from Captain William Coward, E.N., to the Eight Hon. George, 
Lord Dartmouth. (Captain Coward was a connection of the Ketts.) 

On our way to Pennsylvania we were forced into port by contrary 
wLuds, where we find great distraction. We have about 30 men with us. 
The difference between the Governor and the country hath had a hearing 
before several masters and merchants. The Governor hath not one ofiicer 
to stand by him, etc. (Sig-ned) Wm. Coward. 

This is enclosed : May yt pleas your Honour I sarved under your flag 
in St. David, Captn. Geo. Eooke, abt. the demolition of tangear, and 
hope Your Honour will be pleased to remember your Honours most Humble 
and most obedient saruant, Wm. Coward. 

He also encloses this : The attestation of William Kett, aged about 
19 yeares, who declareth as followeth, that upon the 11 March, being in 
Pembroke Tribe in ye night time, he heard the drum beat and the report 
of several small arms to the number of 30 or 40, as he supposes, and that 
he heard say that many more were fired, and further saith not. The 
premisses sworn before the Rt. Honble. the Governor ye 12th day of 
Marcli 1685-6. John Janueye, Dep. Governor. 

William Kett attest' concerning all arnie. 

Attested by Bartholemew Sharpe of the " Josiah " frigate, Edward 
Conway of the ship " Prosperous," John England of the " Francis," 
Willm. Coward, Lieut, of the " Prosperous." 

William Coward was uncle to Honoria and Philadelphia Kett of 
St. Mary Aie. 

Ensign William Kett, Nevis, West Indies. 
" Caribbeana." John Smith's Company. Ensign William Kett. 6 
white men, 2 white women, 3 negro men, 5 women negroes, 4 negro 
children. Nevis, 1677-8. 

Careful study of the Colonial Office Papers relating to the American 
colonies and the West Indies has produced the following notes from the 
Leeward Islands documents : — 

1682, Oct. 14. CO. 83/279. Nevis Assembly. Mr. William Kitt 
attends regularly to 6 Feb. 1683. 

1688, June 16. Lieut. William Kitt attends the Assembly reguhirly 
till 17 Nov. 1688. 

In 1703 Colonel Codrington is Governor of St. Kitts. 

It seems as if Kett changed to Kitt owing to the close proximity of 
St. Kitts. 

Colonel Elrington was refused the Governorship of St. Kitts by 
factions of Mr. Mead and Mr. Cole. 

* Note the same scries of Cliristiau names in the Nevis Kelts, 


1702. News of the King's death. Mr. Carpenter strikes Colonel 
Elring'ton after returning from dinner on a naval cruiser at Nevis. There 
was a brawl, and Col. Elrington is run through with a sword. Inquisition 
on Col. Elrington's death — William Kitt^ Junr., on it, and first spoken of 
at Nevis, 1 May 1702. 

1707-8, March 11. Address from Nevis. Thanking for stores received 
and asking for more ordnance. Signed by 19 people and William Kitt. 

List of Whites and Blacks in Nevis. 

White. Black. 

John Kitt .... 5 males 9 males 

3 females 9 females 

Total .... 8 18 

Nathaniel Kitt . 
Total . 

. 3 males 

2 females 
. 5 

3 males 

4 females 


William Kitt 
Total . 

. 1 male 

5 females 
. 6 

14 males 

15 females 

Total Whites in 
Total Blacks in 

'. Nevis 1104. 
Nevis 3676. 

The Kitts do not seem to have been in Nevis in 1706 when it was 
attacked by the French, but in St. Kitts. Thei-e wa.s a Christopher 
Stoddart, a planter, in St. Kitts. This is ciirious, because in the 
beginning of the 19th century there was a Stoddart Kett marriage having 
nothing to do with Nevis or St. Kitts. 

CO. 152/6. Journal of Col. Hamilton respecting the invasion of 
St. Kitts by the French. Jan. 27, 1705-6. 
They heard the alarm at Nevis of the arrival of the French in 
St. Kitts. 

Account of oui- forces and how they are disposed. 

Horse, Queen's troops : Militia Foot, Captain John Kitt, 34 men. 

„ „ Captain William Kitt, 34 men. 

„ „ Captain Chris. Stoddart, 43 men. 

They were posted on Brimston Hill with the officers and soldiers in 
Charles Fort. Council of War, Charles Fort: Eesolved that Lieut.- 
Colonel Payne, with a Lieutenant, Sergeant, a Corporal and 20 men of the 
Queen's troops, 150 of the Militia, with officers proportional, march to 
Brimston Hill and maintain the same against attacks of the enemy. That 
an account be forthwith taken of all women and children, with provisions 
in Charles Fort and on Brimston Hill, and that all live-stock near the fort 
be drove into it, and that a party of 30 horse be sent to the neighbouring 
works and as far towards the enemy as the officer commanding the party 
judge convenient to bring in what load can be got. That the small house 
near the top be pulled down and brought into it to make barracks and for 
firewood. About five in the afternoon had two messages from Col. 
Garnett giving an account that Captains William and John Kitt and 
Capt. Chr. Stoddard began to mutiny and threatened to leave their posts 
and go to their wives and children, which accordingly they did, the 


particulars of which followeth : As soon as Colonel Garnett came to 
Godding Gutt, the pass assigned to them to take, he drew up his men, 
and had only 37 files four deep, besides officers. He ordered them to 
ground their arms, and there hein^: murmuring among the Windward and 
Basse Terre Militia, he enquired into the reason of it ; one and all replied 
their wives and children were on the windward side, and that they would 
go to them. The Colonel ordered presently to beat to arms, and, haying 
drawn up the men, found Capt. Chr. Stoddard and 20 meu had deserted ; 
and Colonel and Major, being in the front, perceived some of the Wind- 
ward men in the rear to go off into the common path. The Colonel 
called after and ordered their oflBcers to fetch them back, but none would 
do it. Then the Colonel ordered the outguard for to discover the enemy ; 
whilst this was doing. Captain Will. Kitt bid Colonel Garnett a good 
night, and told hiin he would stay there no longer, upon which he 
marched away, being followed by Captain John Kitt, Lieut. Woodley, 
Lieut. Cook and some of their men ; and Captain Willm. Kitt threatened, 
in case Col. Garnett offered to stop him by firing upon them, they would 
return it and bid him fire if he dared. Being acquainted with their 
mutinous proceedings, I ordered Colonel Garnett to march to the fort 
with the remaining part of the forces under his command. This day's 
proceedings was attested as followeth : 1705-6, Feb. 13. James Norton, 
Ro. Cunningham, etc. 98 deserted at Godding Gutt. 

Council of War at Charles Fort. 1705-6, Feb. 18. 

1. Proposal by Major-General the enemy be attacked in the rear at 

2. Outfoi-ces 1 — 8 of French Forces. 

3. There hath been a scandalous and malicious reflection cast by ill- 
minded people upon the Hon, Walter Hamilton, Esq., Major-General and 
Lieut.-Governor of St. Kitts, for not engaging the French Forces on 
Monday, 1 1th, at Basse Terre. We, tlie underwritten, do find ourselves 
obliged in justice to him to certify that his prudent conduct in retiring to 
the Pass at Godding and appointing Lieut. -Colonel Payne, who was 
pushed by a far superior force of enemy near French Sandy Point, was 
the only means he had to preserve Charles Fort and Brimstone Hill from 
the enemy, who consist of 3000 men. We do farther certify that it is our 
opinion that the desertion of Capt. Willm. Kilt, Capt. John Kitt, Capt. 
Chr. Stoddard and other officers and soldiers to the number of about lOJ 
men from Col. Goddard at Godding Gutt was the only occasion that the 
Pass fell into the enemies' hands, which would have preserved the Fort, 
town and plantation of Sandypoint from being ruined. Signed Henry 
Burrell, etc. 

Council of War. 1705-6, Feb. 22. 

Proposal by Major-Gen. Hamilton whether Capt. Willm. Kitt, Capt. 
Chr. Stoddard and Lieut. William Woodley, now prisoners for mutiny 
and desertion, be brought to a present trial or deferred until the arrival of 
Hon. Col. Johnson, Commander of the Leeward Isles, who is believed is 
now at Nevis. Resolved nem. con. That the trial of prisoners be 
dropped until the arrival of the Colonel-in-Chief . 

Feb. 25, Last night Com.-in-Chief arrived at Limekiln Bay, came 
to anchor at the Old Road. 


Feb. 26. Com.-in-Chief came to Charles Fort. Appointed a Court 
Martial for the trial, etc. 

Major-Gen. Mitchell, President. Capt. Waterhouse. 

Col. Heriot. Capt. Biskett. 

Lieut.-Col. Hughs. Capt. Gillard. 

Major Temple. Capt. Davis. 

Col. Lambert. Capt. Sliipps. 

Lieut.-Col. Payne. Capt. Russell. 

Major Panton. Capt. Curry. 
Henry Burrell, Esq., Judge Advocate. 

The Court and officers being duly sworn, Capt. Willm. Kitt, 
Capt. Chr. Stoddard, Capt. John Kitt and Capt. Willm. Woodley, 
prisoners, were brought before the board, for mutiny, etc. As soon as 
the Court was sett, there was delivered in a petition signed by the several 
prisoners, where they acknowledged the matter to be of fact and humbly 
prayed the Honble. Court would proceed to trial of them. While said 
petition being read and it being late in the evening, the President 
adjourned the Court to the Old Eoad until 10 of the clock in the 

1705-6, Feb. 27, at 10 o'clock. There not being sufficient number, 
the President ordered the Field Marshall to summon them against 4 of 
the clock in the afternoon. 

Present, Hon. Major-Gen. Mitchell, Col. Heriot, Lieut.-Col. Hughes, 
Capt. Goar, Capt. Gillard, Lieut.-Col. Payne, Major Temple, Capt. 
Biskett, Capt. Russell, Henry Burrell, Esq., Judge Advocate. 

The Court being sett, the prisoners were ordered to be brought. Col. 
Garnett and Major Panton were sworn to give an account, who both 
declared when they halted at Godding Gutt to maintain that post, the 
Colonel called the officers together to give the order and what advice he 
could, but Capt. William Kitt stood at some distance, and said he would 
not go to the fort but would go to the woods to his wife and children. The 
Colonel replied, you may, but none shall go with you, but the said Kitt 
with the rest went away; that the Colonel saw them no more until they 
were brought to the Fort. Mr. Moor, Mr. Denton and Mr. John Gillard 
was sworn, and declared they heard Capt. Willm. Kitt say he would go to 
the woods. Upon consideration of the Court, it was awarded that these 
gentlemen that left their post were guilty of a high misdemeanour, and 
agreed nem. con. that the prisoners lose their commissions until the 
Commander thought fit, and acknowledge their crimes before the Coiu-t 
Martial, and pay their fees to all officers before they be discharged. 
John Helden, Clerk to said Court. 

End of the Journal of Col. Hamilton's proceedings. 

It seems clear from other letters that the women and children were 
left exposed to the French attack by some incomprehensible blunder, and 
that Captains Willm. and John Kitt oidy did what they conceived to be 
their duty. 

Registers of St. George Nevis, from " Caribbeana." 
1722 May 29 Buried Mr. John Kitt. 



1718 Buried Elizabeth, dau. of Mr. John Kitt hy Fmnces his wife. 
1721 Sept. 8 Baptised John, sou of Mr. John Kitt by Frances his wife. 

Assessment of natives to serve for puhlic purposes. 
1722, March 25. 

St. John. Mr. William Kitt, 2 negroes. 

CO. 165/6. 

Meeting of Assembly in Charlestown, Nevis. Present, Honble. John 
Dasent, Esq., Speaker. 



April 11 

April 24 

May 7 

May 9 

May 16 

May 21 

June 6 

June 26 

Oct. 3 

Dec. 21 

Jan. 5 

Jan. 9 

Jan. 28 

William Kitt, Esq. 
Mr. Willm. Kitt. 

Capt. Wm, Kitt. 

Willm! Kitt' Esq. 
Capt. Wm. Kitt. 

Wm. Kitt, Esq. 
Capt. Wm. Kitt. 

The captains and misters are not diiferent jieople, because the Avhole 
Assembly gains and loses its titles at the mercy of its clerk. 

Negroes to be sent for public works on Saddle Hill. 173G, June 5. 

Nathaniel Kitt 18 Negroes 
William Kitt 83 
Jeremiah Kitt 6 „ 
Frances Kitt 5 „ 
Catherine Kitt 6 „ 

Negroes to be sent for public works ou Saddle Hill. 

Nathaniel Kitt 18 Negroes 
William Kitt 83 
Jeremiah Kitt 2^ „ 
Catherine Kitt 6 „ 

1 7 

6 4 6 


7 6 


1735-6, Feb. 9. 

£ s. d. 

1 7 
6 4 6 
3 9 

Esq., Member of Assembly 
No arms, 

The only Kitt 

No trade. The trade 

1753. Nathauael Kitt, 

1734. Desolation of Nevis, 
completely collapsed. 

There seems to have been a regular trade route between Woodbridge, 
Suffolk, and the West Indies in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. 
The salted meat trade alone was considerable. No doubt when Nevis 
became a forlorn hope as regards plantations, William Kitt came home on 
the Woodbridge route, probably on the " Prosperous Ann," and became 


acquainted with the r;ither foimiJable, luiddle-aged and somewhat 
litigious Eliz;ibeth KAl, daughter of Joseph Kell of Woodbridge, mariner, 
and Lord of the Manor of Shottisham, Suffolk. Elizabeth lived with her 
son first at Woodbridge, and then at Kelsale Manor House with son and 
daughter-in-law, also a Kell and William's first-cousin. This William 
Kett was born in 1728. Elizabeth his mother was buried at Woodbridge 
as the widow of William Kett, Gent., 29 Dee. 1781, aged 94. She was 
born in 1687, in James II.'s reign. She was a widow when her father 
died in 1741. In 1737 William Kett of Kelsale was entered at Wood- 
bridge Gramuiar School. Elizabeth Kett kej^t tightly to her West Indian 
designation of Madam. She was always known in Woodbridge and 
Kelsale as Madam Kett. The name is sometimes written Kitt in the 
Kelsale Registers, and we have Mary Eussell, Elizabeth's cousin, calling 
her Kitt, but even when in Nevis they signed their names Kett. 

"Gentleman's Magazine," 24 Oct. 1741. Death of Captain Kell of 
Woodbridge, Suffolk. 

Will of Joseph Kell, 1741. Boycott, P.C.C. 

I, Joseph Kell of Woodbridge, co. Suff., Marriner. I purchased of 
John Riches and Francis Goyle, ex'ors of the last will of John Ellis, late 
of Henly, gent., farms in Henly and Waldi-ingfield to the use of Joseph 
Kell my sou and his heirs. Now I give them to my tv>ro daughters Eliza- 
beth Kett and Mary Kell, and all that perpetual advowson belonging to 
the Rectors of the Church of Shottisham with my royalty or Manor of 
Shottisham Hall. After payment of my debts and funeral expences all 
my household goods to Mary Kell. I bequeath to my sons William and 
Joseph Kell, both of whom I have amply and very largely provided for, 
one gold ring each. To my granddaughter Miriam Kell, daughter of my 
said son William Kell, the sum of £300 when 21 or when she shall marry 
(with the consent of said Elizabeth and Mary my daughters). The 
remainder to Elizabeth Kett aud Mary Kell to be equally divided. They 
shall be executrices. Dated 3 March 1740. Probate 12 Nov. 1741 by 
EUzabeth Kett, widow, and Mary Kell, spinster, daughters of deceased 
and ex'ors. 

Chancery Proceedings, 28 June 1745. 

Elizabeth Kett and Mary Kell, sisters, were ex'ors of their 
father's will (Joseph Kell of Woodbridge, gent.). Previously, in 1743, 
the ex'ors tiled a document against Joseph Kell, their brother, son of 
Joseph Kell the elder. In 1728, the father wished to purchase an estate 
near Henley and Waldringfield and give sixbsequently to Joseph, his 
3'oungest son, by a will he should make. This bequest was apparently 
not c(mfirmed. After the father's death Joseph possessed himself of the 
father's boat, the "Prosperous Ann." The executrices gave Joseph, 
junior, £200 due by the will. He, Joseph junior, then departed this life 
and left Jonathan Eade and Richard Cracraft ex'ors of his will. He 
bequeathed to his brother William Kell Is. To Mary Kell Is. To 
Elizabeth Kell Is. To his cousin Mrs. Mary Eussell of Kelshall, widow, 
£500, etc. Joseph died 4 Sept. at his house in Wellclose Square, near 
London, and his will was proved at P.C.C. J. Eade and Cracraft took 
possession of the household goods, plate, linen, china and wearing apparel 
aud arms. They had the things sold by public auction. The date of the 
will is 29 {sic) 9 Jan, 1743. The manors of Foxhall, Rivershall, Markham, 


and Newbourne were seized. About 1744 Joseph had fallen out of 
!i chaiae and he was weakened in body and understanding. Elizabeth 
Kett came to Wellclose Square and continued there. She searched 
Joseph's drawers, says Eude. Mr. Fothei-ly Baker was Elizabeth Kett's 
attorney, and he was called in. 

Marriage Licence, 1756. A veiy large document. It concerns 
a marriage proposed between William Kett of Kelsale, co. Suffolk, and 
his cousin Miriam, daughter of William and Elizabeth Kell of Maryland 
Point, CO. Essex. 

They were married 26 May 1756. William Kett having purchased 
an estate at Kelsale, they lived in the old Manor House, near the main 
road. It is an Elizabethan house with two wings and an old oak stair- 
case, panelled rooms, quaint chimneys and fireplaces. The windows of 
the drawing room have nice bevelled glass. There is a courtyard 
entrance. It is now a farmhouse. 

Davy's Suffolk Collections. Kell family. Add. MS. 5524, fo. 203b, 
No. 22. 'KeW Arms : Qnitrterlj, crenelle argent cmd sahle. Crest. Of Wood- 
bridge, owner of the manor aud advowson of Shottisham, which descended 
by uiarringe to the Ketts. 

April 11, 1733, Wednesday, " Gentleman's Magazine." Mr. Joseph 
Kells of Woodbridge, Suffolk, who was seized in the County of Suffolk at 
tlie Court of Requests for hissing at Sir Eobert Walpole and raising a 
riot, etc., was admitted to bail in a recognisance of £500. Being asked if 
he was not hired to come to Westminster, he said he came to solicit 
against the Excise. 

Registers, St. Dunstan's, Stepney. 

Joseph, son of Joseph Kell of Wappinir, marriner, and Elizabeth uxor., 

23 days old, baptised 1688, Oct. 4. " 
George, son of Joseph Kell of Wapping, marriner, and of Elizabeth uxor., 

one day old, baptised 1691, Sept. 15. 

(This looks as if the KeUs once lived at Wapping. George must 
have died.) I very likely missed out the baptism of William Kell as I 
was searching for another family. 

Woodbridge Quay Chapel. Somerset House. 1713, April. Mrs. 
Elizabeth Kell became a member. In October 1740 she died. 

Nov. 4. A funeral sermon was preached about her. " The wages of 
sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life." 

This is the wife of Joseph Kell of Woodbridge. 

Registers, St. Vedast, Foster Lane. 

1721. William Kell of ye parish of St. Bartholomew the Great, 
London, and Elizabeth Rogers of ye parish of St. Dunstan's, Stepney, in 
ye County of Middlesex, were married in ye parish church of St. Vedast, 
Foster Lane, by Mr. James Berrinson. (Marriage Certificate.) 

This William Kell was a son of Joseph Kell of Woodbridge. His 
daughter Miriam married her first-cousin William Kett of Kelsale. 

Will of Mary Russell of Kelsale, co. Suffolk. 

To be buried in the vault at Kelsale by ray late husband. To the 
poor of Woodbridge. To William Kitt of Woodbridge, gent., £200, land 


in Kelsale and Carlton and Walton and Woodbridge to be sold by John 
Hall of London, distiller, and Gabriel Trusson of Kelsale, gent., my 
ex'ors, and proceeds, one-third divided among said John Hall, Joshua 
Bilton of London, distiller, Elizabeth Cockell of London, widow, and Ann 
Lardner, wife of Edmund Lardner of London, gent , my late husband's 
relations ; other two-thirds to Mary Kell of Woodbridge, spinster, 
Elizabeth Kitt of Woodbridge, widow, and Miriam, daughter of Willm. 
Kell, late of London, distiller, deceased. Date 4 July 1754. Proved 
12 Oct. 1754 by ex'ors. (283, Pinfold, P.C.C.) 

Kelsale Manor Eolls, May 1757, 

Ex'ors of the will of Mary Eussell, late of Kelsale, appoint Tbomas 
Clarke of Saxmundham, Attorney, to surrender to the use of William 
Kett of Woodbridge, co. Suffolk, gent., and to his heirs, 1754. William 
Kett, late of Woodbridge, now of Kelsale, gent., being present. 

Kelsale M.I., Chancel. 

Mary, wife of Thomas Eussell, Esq., died 1754, Sept. 25, aged 83. 
Cross argent, a chevron between three crosses Jitchee sable. 

M.I. Chancel. Gabriel Trusson, Esq., died 1766, aged 54, and 
Catherine ux. eldest daughter of Eev. Thos. Bence, rector of this parish, 
died 8 June 1785, aged 77. 

Indenture. Madam Kett and Miss KeU. March 21, 1756. 29 Geo. 11. 

Between Elizabeth Kett of Kelsale, Suffolk, widow, and Mary Kell of 
Woodbridge, spinster, and Gabriel Trusson, gent., and Eichard Andrews, 
Surgeon, Woodbridge, messuages in Henly, Newborn, inheritance of their 
father Joseph Kell, deceased, for one year. (Signed) Elizth. Kett, Mary 

Kelsale Manor Eolls. Belonging to Mrs. Bfence Lambert of Thoring- 
ton Hall, Suffolk, with Thomas Eggar, Old Steyne, Brighton, Solicitor. 
May 1757. Comes Thomas Clarke, gent., and brings with him into 
Court and there presents that Jonathan Ball of London, distiller, and 
Gabriel Trusson of Kelsale, co. Suffolk, ex'ors of the will of Mary Eussell, 
late of Kelsale, widow, appoint Thomas Clarke of Saxmundham, attorney, 
to surrender. To use of William Woodbridge, gent., and of his heirs, 
1754. Jonathan Hall, Gabriel Trusson, William Kett, late of Wood- 
bridge, now of Kelsale, gent., being present. He takes up 332 acres of 
land and a residence, £45 was paid by him for these parcels of copyhold 
land. The entry is a very long one. 

William Kett of Woodbridge, who entered the Grammar School in 
1737 was the William Kett of Kelsale born 1728, called William Kett 
late of Woodbridge 1756. He was the son of Elizabeth Kett, widow of 
William Kett, gent., which Elizabeth was bm-ied in Woodbridge church- 
yard 29 Dec. 1781, aged 94. (V. Eedstone, Woodbridge.) 

Kett Arms : Or, a lion ramfant gules between three leopards' heads 
sable. Crest: On a mount vert a peacock projper. Motto: Eara avis in terris. 
Granted to William Kett of Kelsale in the County of Suffolk, 1756. 
(Edmondson's Heraldry, Appendix.) 

Wniiam Kett had previously used the arms used by the Ketts of Diss, 
and he was unable to establish his connection with this family, therefore 



the Garter granted him a new or adapted coat. He had previously used 
the lion passant regardant as a crest, and this is to be seen on the door- 
knocker of the Manor House, Kelsale. I found an old inhabitant, Bastard 
by name, who still remembered him, whose Aunt had been William 
Kett's cook. 

Davy's SufEolk MS. Married 1756, May 26. William Kett, Esq., to 
Miss Kell. (" London Magazine," May 1766, p. 249.) 

Settlement on the intended marriage between Mr. William Kett of 
Kelsale and Miss Miriam Kell of Maryland Point, West Ham, Essex. 
Date 25 May 1756. Miriam Kell is the daughter of William Kell, eldest 
son of Joseph Kell, Woodbridge. Elizabeth Kett, also daughter of 
Joseph Kell, Woodbridge, is one of the parties concerned. Mr. Gabriel 
Trusson is one of the trustees. The Trussons were an old Suffolk family 
that lived at Kelsale ; they were related to the Kells. William Kett of 
Kelsale settles his land and houses at Kelsale on Miriam Kell and their 
joint heirs for ever. 

Kelsale Eegisters. 
1757 July 7 William, son of Mr. William and Miriam Kitt, baptised. 

Certificate of birth. William, son of William and Miriam Kett, was 
born May 29. Witness our hands. 

(Signed) Catherine Trusson. 
G. Baker, Surgeon. 
1759 June 2. Elizabeth, dau. of William and Miriam Kitt or Kett, 
(This Elizabeth must have died; we hear no more about her.) 

The north side of Woodbridge churchyard there is a large square tomb, 
the handsomest there. Freestone with a black slab at the top. Here 
lieth entombed the body of Mrs. Elizabeth Kell, who departed this life the 
22 Octr. 1740 in the 76th year of her age. Also here lieth interred the 
body of Mr. Joseph Kell, who left this life 16th Octr. 1741, aged 87 
years. Also the body of William Kett of Kelsale, who died Sept. 23, 
1820, aged 93 years. And of Miriam, late Kell, his wife, who died 
June 19, 1759, aged 31. Also of Elizabeth, widow of William Kett, Gent., 
and daughter of Joseph Kell, buried 29 Dec. 1781, aged 94. 

Arms of Baylie of Kelsale, Wrentham: Argent, on afess between three 
martlets gules, azure, many herauts. Davy's MS., British Museum. 

Kelsale, Saxmundham, Eegisters. Marriages. 

1768 Jan. 5 William Kett, widower, and Elizabeth Baylie, by licence. 

The Rev. Martin Baylie, Rector of Wrentham and Kelsale, married 
Eleanor, daughter of ... . Pugh, Esq. Their children were — 

Eleanor, who married Edward Vaughan, Esq., of Eressingfield. 
Eleanor was born 1741. 

Elizabeth, who married William Kett of Kelsale. She was married 

1769 and was born 1743. 

Mary, who married Reginald Heber of Hodnet, Salop, and Morton 
Hall, Yorks. They had a son Richard Heber, Esq., of Hodnet Moss. 


Eeginald Heber married secondly Mary, eldest dau. of Cuthbert Allanson, 
D.D. They had Eeginald Heber, Bishop of Calcutta, and Thomas and 
Mary Heber. 

Marriage Settlement of William Kett, widower, and Elizabeth, 
daughter of the Rev. Miirtin Baylie, Rector of Kelsale and Wrentham. 
Elizabeth Kett, widow, mother of William, was still alive. William gets 
£800 and settles his mother's manor of Shottisham on Elizabeth, his 
second wife, and gets lands and farms at St. Cross and St. Nicholas. 
This document is between five people. Elizabeth Kett, senr., is spoken 
of as daughter of Joseph Kell of Woodbridge. 

Kelsale Registers. Baptisms. 
1771 Mary, daughter of William and Elizabeth Kett. Mar. 11. 
1780 Martin Joseph, son of William and Elizabeth Kett. Nov. 14. 

This Elizabeth Kett, daughter of William Kett and Elizabeth Baylie, 
William Kett's second wife, was baptized at Kelsale 2 June 1769. She 
married 5 April 1790 John Darby of Diss. 

1790 April 5 John Darby of Diss and Elizabeth Kett, both single. 

There is a marriage settlement of Elizabeth Kett, daughter of 
William and Elizabeth Kett of Kelsale, and John Darby of Diss, surgeon. 
Dated March 1790. 

Davy's Suffolk Collection. Monday was named at Kelsale, Mr. John 
Darby, Junr., Surgeon, of Diss, Norfolk, and Miss Kett, eldest daughter 
of William Kett, Esq., of Kelsale, in this county. "Ipswich Journal," 
10 April 1790. 

Kelsale Charities. Davy MS., 1797. Surviving Trustees. Sir John 
Blois, Bart., William Kett, T, Trusson. 

1810. Trustees appointed. William Kett, Esq., Sir Charles Blois, 

It is remembered in Kelsale that William Kett always drove a mail- 
phaeton. He drove every day to Fisher's, his bailiff. He continued to 
drive himself to within a fortnight of his death. 

Lately died at the advanced age of 93, much respected, William 
Kett, Esq., of Kelsale. " Ipswich Journal," 7 Oct. 1820. 

He was a man of considerable character, and had all his faculties to 
the end. The men I questioned were old men who quoted what their 
fathers had told them. 

Will of William Kett of Kelsale. Dated 10 Aug. 1790. Codicil dated 
15 Sept. 1815. 
He leaves his property to his second wife Elizabeth Kett nee Baylie, 
with reversion to his daughters Elizabeth Darby and Mary Kett. Eliza- 
beth Kett and the Rev. William Kett were appointed ex'ors, but by the 
codicil Elizabeth Darby and Mary Kett are appointed executi-ices. 

1820. Wednesday [1826], at Yoxford in her 83rd year, Elizabeth, 
relict of William Kett, Esq., of Kelsall, and last surviving daughter of 
the Rev. Martin Baylie, M.A., of Kelsall and Wrentham. " Ipswich 

L 2 


The Rev. William Kett, M.A., son of William Kett of Kelsale, Esq., 
by Miriam Kell his first wife, was born 29 May 1757. He was sent to 
Beccles School, which was a good one for that time. 

1774. William Kett, son of William of Kelsale, was admitted to 
Gonville and Cains College, Cambridge. Aged 17. 

There is a letter from William Kett's tutor which 1 will transcribe 
in full. 

Letter from E. Fisher, Caius College, Cambridge, S.P., to Mr. William 
Kett, Kelsale, near Saxmundham, Suffolk. 

"Jan. 25, 1779. 


The Business of Degrees in the university is just now finished & 
I have the pleasure of informing you that your son has done much Credit 
to himself as well as to his College. I can assure you as long as I have 
read Lectures to him as a private tutor he has paid me all the attention 
I cd. wish, in short his conduct has been such during the whole time that 
he has been a member with iis, that he has gain'd the approbation of our 
whole societ}'. The Honour the University has confer'd upon him is that 
of a Senior Optime. The satisfaction a Father must feel in hearing of 
his son's merit induc'd me to trouble you with this. 

Am Sr Yr. very Hble. Servt. 

(Signed) E. Fisher." 
I think this is the only time that this family shewed mathematical 

William Kett took Holy Orders, and in due course became Deacon 
and Priest. The living at Shottisham may have been some inducement, 
but there can be no doubt whatever that he was a most excellent parish 
priest. He was kind and generous and most sincerely loved by all. He 
had strong sporting tastes, but they did not interfere with his ministra- 
tions to his parishioners. 

Toxford Eegisters. 
William Kett of the parish, singleman, and Charlotte Garueys of 
the parish, singlewoman, married in this Church by licence the 27th day 
of June 1782 by me Daniel Copland, Vicar. 
The marriage was solemnized between us 

William Kett, Junr. 
Charlotte Garueys. 
In the presence of E. Turner, Elizabeth Woodcock. 
Thursday last was married at Yoxford the Eev. William Kett to 
Miss Garnish of the same place. " Ipswich Journal," 29 Juno 1782. 

Instituted Thm-sday the Rev. Wm. Kett to the Vicarage of Darsham 
in Suffolk on the presentation of Sir John Rouse, Bart. "Ipswich 
Journal," 28 March 1789. (He held it till 1832.) 

Ipswich Wills, 1798, fo. 41, No. 35. 

John Garueys of Wribleton, Suffolk, Surgeon. Settlement made in 
marriage of my daughter Charlotte with Eev. Mr. Willm. Kett of Melton, 
Suffolk, Clerk. Land in Toxford to said William Kett in occupation of 
Thomas Garneys of Kenton. Dated 2 Feb. 1797. Proved Sept. 1798. 

The Garneys family is of Norman descent, bearing arms Argent, 
a chevron engrailed azure between three escallojis sable. Crest : A mermaid 


attiring herself in the sea proper. Old crest : A cubit arm erased grasping 
a scymitar embossed, all proper, hilt and pommel or. Motto : Goddess 
Grace Governe Garneys. 

Robert Garnoise, living 1194, 6 Hichard I., held lands in Chippenliall 
in Fressingfield. Robert Garneys of Laxfield, temii. John, granted o acres 
of land in Laxfield to the Monks of Sibton. No connected pedigree has 
been traced to earlier than Edward III.'s reign. Then the pedigree is 
consecutive to Charlotte Garneys ; she was of royal descent through the 
Dades of Tannington and the Cornwallises of Brome, Suffolk. Herbert, 
Earl Kitchener, and his brother are descended from the Garneys through 
their mother Frances, daughter of the Rev. John Chevalier, whose grand- 
mother was Jane Garneys. 

Will of Elizabeth Kell of Sibton, co. Suffolk, widow. P.C.C, 79, Bever. 

Being of sound mind, my body to be committed to the earth to be 
decently interred by my old friend Mr. James Brown of Saxmundham. 
To my great-grandchildren William Kett and John Kett, sons of my 
Grandson the Rev. William Kett of Sibton and Charlotte his now wife, 
a bond now in my possession, bearing date 1757, carrying interest at the 
rate of 4 per cent., with the conditional obligation of the just and true 
payment of £200, to be equally shared at the age of 21. Interest to be 
paid to my said grandson William Kett until his said children respectively 
attain the age of 21. The residue to my grandson William Kett of 
Sibton, and he to be ex'or. 

(Signed) Elizth. Kell. 

Dated 25 Jan. 1785. Probate 5 Feb. 1791 by the Rev. William Kett, 
Clerk, grandson of deceased and sole ex'or. Nee Elizabeth Rogers mar- 
ried William Kell, son of Joseph Kell, and was the mother of Miriam 
Kell, first ivife of William Kett of Kelsale. 

Woodbridge Church Notes. Davy's MS., 19,097. 

1794, Aug. 23. John Kett, son of William Kett, Clerk, of Melton, 
aged 7 years, buried in the family vault. 

1794, Sept. 4. WiUiam Kett, son of William Kett, Clerk, of Melton, 
aged 9 years, buried in the family vault. 

Land Tax 1798, Loes Hundred, Woodbridge thoroughfare. 
Proprietor. Occupier. Assessed value. 

£ s. d. 
Rev. W. Kett . Himself . . 8 8 

Bljrthing Hundred. 

Darsham . Rev. W. Kett . ISO 

Shottisham Church, Suffolk. 

To the Memory of the Rev. William Kett A.M. formerly of Caius 

College, Cambridge and upwards of fifty years Rector of this parish 

who died suddenly :30th July 1832. 

Aged 75 years. 

Deeply lamented and most sincerely beloved by his family. 


Charlotte his beloved wife 

who died 12th March 1849 

Aged 89 years. 


Died 12th inst. at Shottisham, having nearly compleated her 90th 
year, Charlotte relict of the Eev. William Kett, late Rector of the above 
parish. "Ipswich Journal," 17 March 1849. 

Captain Thomas Kett, son of the Rev. William Kett, Shottisham. 

He was educated at Woodbridge Grammar School. 

Tuesday the 11th instant was named at Southwick, Hants, T. Kett, 
Esq., Captain in the East Suffolk Militia, to Miss Bowring, eldest daughter 
of Joseph Bowring, Esq. " Ipswich Journal," 29 Aug. 1812. 

Thursday died at his house at Bealings Thomas Kett, Esq., Captain 
and Adjutant of the East Suffolk Militia. " Ipswich Journal," 4 May 


Charles Garneys Kett was educated with his brothers at Woodbridge 
Grammar School. Afterwards he went as a gentleman cadet to Woolwich, 
and he served at the Battle of Waterloo in the Royal Regiment of 

My grandfather Charles Garneys Kett was appointed to be Gentleman 
Cadet of the Cadet Company 21 November 1809 at 14 years of age, and 
after going through the regular routine at Marlowe and Woolwich 
obtained his commission as 2nd Lieutenant 13 Dec. 1813. He was 
promoted to be 1st Lieutenant 14 Sept. 1817 and consequently (counting 
two years granted for the battle of Waterloo, at which he fought) in 
1831 he had served twenty years. Then he went on recruiting service, 
but his health became so bad that he went before a medical board and 
was placed on Subaltern's half-pay. So grateful was his country ! His 
malady probably owed its origin to damp and severe fatigue when on 
active service. He and his family left Cowley 1835, when he was 
appointed to Lieutenant's full pay. He had previously been recruiting 
in Woodbridge, where my father Charles William Kett was born. My 
grandfather was a very graphic and vivacious letter writer : his letters 
after Waterloo and during the occupation of Paris are most interesting 
comments on the doings and the men of this time. He was very frankly 
shocked at Parisian manners and ciistoms. 

On the 17th instant was niari-ied at St. James, Westminster, by the 
Rev. Tho. Murray Browne, Charles Garneys Kett, Esq., of the Royal Regt. 
of Artillery, to Marion, eldest daughter of William Stodart. 

Diary of Rev. William Kett, Rector of Shottisham, Suffolk. 

1831, June 26, Sunday. Administered the Sacrament at Shottisham. 

Bawdsey Evening. My daughter Marion safely delivered of a boy 
at i past 2 o'clock. 

June 27th, Monday. Went with IMiriam to Woodbridge to see Marion 
and baptised my grandson by the name of Charles William; rained 

Kelsale Manor Rolls. 1835, Aug. 17. Charles Kett is admitted to 
a cottage and garden, 13 acres 3 roods 13 perches between the footpath in 
Carlton and a way there on the North. 

1841, Dec. 14. In Avenue Road, Regent's Park, Charles Garneys 
Kett, Esq., late of the Royal Artillery. Aged 47. " St. James' Chronicle." 
14 to 16 Dec. 1841. 


My grandmother proved a very devoted wife during lier husband's 
long illness of 20 years. Her marriage portion must have helped con- 
siderably in maintaining a London hoxise and educating their son at 
King's College School and the daughter at Queen's College. 

Marion Kett nee Stodart, my grandmother, was a widow in 1841. 
She, however, married again, the Eev. William Hayes, Chaplain of 
St. Katherlne's Eoyal Hospital, Eegent's Park, and also Assistant Master 
at King's College School, Strand. He died 31 March 1888. 

Marion Hayes was born 10 April 1803, and died 14 April 1882. She 
had a very charming personality and was an accomplished musician. 
Her father was William Stodart, the pianoforte maker, of 32 Golden 
Square, and her mother was Janet Wilkie, a near relation of Sir David 
Wilkie, the great painter. In William Cunningham's "Life of David 
Wilkie " the Stodarts are often mentioned. 

William Stodart gave David an introduction to the Earl of Mansfield, 
who was one of Wilkie's first patrons. Mr. Stodart also had his own 
portrait painted by him, which portrait is an excellent example of Wilkie's 
skill and conscientiousness and breadth of treatment. Personal reminis- 
cences of David Wilkie's genial, gracious and gentle manner have been 
handed down in the family. Also his way of pausing slightly as he 
entered a room and taking in the general eft'ect, 

"Ipswich Journal," 7 Oct. 1843. Monday 28th ultimo at Christ 
Church, Marylebone, the Eev. William Hayes of King's College, London, 
to Marion, widow of the late Charles G. Kett, Esq., E.A. 

A letter from C. G. Kett to his father, dated 19 Sept. 1831, mentions 
the baby Charles. " Mr. baby has been very well since we left Wood- 
bridge and grows very fast, tell my mother he begins to be very pleased 
with looking at his hands." William Kett of Shottisham had a beautiful 
hand, and this beauty descended to his grandson. Again, 6 March 1832, 
C.G.K. mentions going soon to Cowley. "Tell my mother dear little 
baby is to have his hair cut for the first time, the first fine day, he is going 
on quite as well as ever, and his two little teeth make a grand appearance 
when he laughs." At Cowley another child was born, Marion Charlotte, 
named after her mother and grandmother. She subsequently married 
Samuel Croker, Esq., a member of the ancient Devonshire family of Croker 
of Yealmpton and Ipplepen, a younger son of which founded the family 
of Irish Crokers of which John Wilson was so distinguished a member. 

My grandmother was a very sociable woman and had many good and 
distinguished friends and acquaintances. In the middle of the nineteenth 
century many well-known people lived round Eegent's Park. St. Kathe- 
rlne's formed a little society of its own. Ladies who had been Maids of 
Honour to Queen Victoria and Ladies-in-Waiting or the Eoyal Princesses' 
governess, were made Sisters of St. Katheriue's. The Princesses were 
frequent visitors at the Hospital. 

My grandmother died after a long painful illness most patiently 
borne. She is buried at Kensal Green Cemetery with her first and second 
husband. Grave 3140. 

The inscription is : Marion, daughter of William and Janet Stodart, 
wife of Lieut. Kett, E.A., and of 2ndly the Eev. William Hayes, born 
10 April 1803, died 14 April 1882. 

Also of 

The Eev. William Hayes, M.A., for 42 years Assistan Master in 
King's College School, London, and for 44 years Chaplain of St. Kathe- 


rine's Eoyal Hospital, Regent's Park, son of the Eev. William Hajes, 
Rector of Langdon Hills, born 22 Jan. 1813, died 31 March 1888. 

Charles William Kett, my father, after being at King's College School, 
went to Magdalen Hall, Oxford, now called Hertford College. He matricu- 
lated 4 Dec. 1854, aged 23, and took his B.A. 1858, his M.A. 1861. He 
became Assistant Master at King's College School 1866, Alumni Oxoniensis. 

He married Louisa Harward, daughter of the Rev. John Harward, 
Vicar of Wirksworth, Derbyshire. John Harward was descended from a 
Shropshire family of Harward settled at Frees Salop before 1300, and 
claiming descent from Hereward the son of Leofric, King of Mercia, by 
his second wife, Aelthwic. He is wrongly called the Wake, a nickname 
of a family of later date. Hereward held lands at Bourne in Lincoln- 
shire, and in Warwickshire, which latter came to him through his 
mother, and it is claimed by the Warwickshire Harwards that they are 
still in possession of some of this land. Anyhow Hereward is down in 
Domesday under T. E. and T. W. There is little doubt that the Shrop- 
shire branch is a younger scion of the Warwickshire Harwards. 

They were always Herward, and are no relation of the Havwoods or 
Haywards or Howards. The name was occasionally misspelt Harwood, 
but never by themselves. The Shropshire branch settled in Hampshire, 
and were found at Odiham, where they were lords of Roke Manor. Some 
of them went to Portsea subsequently, and from the old house at Portsea 
my great grandfather went to Oxford, to Trinity College. 

The third son of the Rev. William Kett of Shottisham was William 
Kell Kett. 

Tuesday last was married at Wrennington in Essex, William Kell 
Kett, Esq., Surgeon, of Hollesley, to Phoebe Susanna, eldest daughter of 
Richard Frisby, Esq., of the former place. " Ipswich Journal," 26 April 

William Kell Kett is buried at Shottisham. They had no children. 

The 4th son was Edward Rogers Kett. 

In Alumni Oxoniensis this occurs : Kett, Edward Rogers, " pharma- 
copulo " privilegiatus, 6 May 1829, aged 29. 

On the 15th instant was married Mr. Edward Rogers Kett of Oxford 
to Sai'dh, eldest daughter of Mr. Plowman. " Ipswich Journal," 20 Sept. 

He must have been 35 when he married. Edward Kett and his wife 
afterwards went to New South Wales, where they had many children, 
but they have unfortunately been lost sight of. 

Died the 12tli inst. at Shottisham, in the 78th year of her age, Mary, 
youngest daughter of William Kett, Esq., of Kelsale in this County. 
19 Aug. 1848. 

She was a daughter of Elizabeth Baylie. She lived at Shottisham 
with her niece Miriam Kett, also unmarried. They are in the old Suffolk 
directories. Afterwards Miriam Kett had a house in Ipswich, and there 
she died. 

My father Charles William Kett was Reader at St. Bride's, Fleet 
Street, and Curate at Christ Church, Newgate Street. He wrote a life of 
Rubens. He also contributed to many well-known magazines. He was 
a very hard worker, and a very conscientious teacher. He was also 
extremely interested in the fine arts. 



EICHAED KETT, son of Eobert Kett. 

The circumstantial evidence of this proposition is very satisfactory, 
but at the same time it is all we have. Richard Loye and George were 
always helping William, Eobert the Rebel's eldest sou. 

Chanc. Proc, Series ii., 1558—1579. Bundle 85, H 72. 
Heath versus Kett. 

Michael Heath of Beeston next Myleham, co. Norfolk, gent., offered 
to sell a messuage to Richard Kett of Wessenden, yeoman. 

By indenture 1575 between the two, that Plaintiff and Amy his wife 
and Thos. Heath his brother and Jane his wife should siiffer all reason- 
able things in the law for the better assurance of the premises freehold 
and copyhold to said Kett and his heirs, in an obligation for £400 for per- 
formance of covenants, and another for £200 for redemption of certain 
copyhold lands then mortgaged to John Wingfield, agent, for £140. 
Thomas Heath wishes to be discharged for covenants, and plaintiff feared 
the full penalty of £400. He is willing to become bound to said Kett 
and his heirs and concerning the dowry of Jane, wife of Thos. Heath. 
Kett has refused to accept the sureties, and threatened to put the bond in 
suit, saying plaintiff stands bound to assure him of certain demesne 
lands lying amongst the laud sold by plaintiff, who never intended to 
include them. 

Index to Norfolk Pedigrees, by Walter Rye. K.E. 25, 151. 
Richard Kett subscribed £25 towards the defence of the country 
temp, the Armada. 

Will of Eichard Kett of Beeston next Myleham. 
Legacies to poor of Beeston, Wyndham and Myleham. He leases 
two tenements to the Eector and inhabitants of Beeston for this purpose 
for ever. George Fynderne, my wife's grandchild. My brother Loye 
Kett, Eichard Croske, son of Thomas Croske of CocHey Clay. To Sara 
Kett my god-daughter, daughter' of Eobert Kett of Norwich. To John 
Este godchild son of Nicholas Este. To Margery my wife my lands for 
life, and then to my brother Loye Kett and his male heirs for ever, in 
default to Eobert son of George Kett. Elizabeth Fynderne my wife's 
daughter and Margaret the daughter of my brother Loye Kett. To each 
child of Henry Kett of Wymondham, son of ray brother Loye Kett. 
Margery my wife sole executrix. John Forby, Clerk, parson of Beeston, 
supervisor. Date 18 May 1601. Proved 7 Oct. 1601 by ex'or. Consist. 
Court, Norwich, 1601, fo. 141. 

Eemarks by the Eev. F. W. Bartlett, Eector of Beeston near Myleham. 

27 July 1903. Beeston Eectory, Swaffham. 

In the Church Eegister, Beeston. Translation. 

1601. Eichard Kett alias Knyght, a man of sixty-seven years of age, 

in the structure of the members of his body very well-proportioned and in 



the stature and tallness of the same very remarkahle, passed away piously 
and happily on the 28th day of September and was buried the next day, 
the 29th of the same, surrounded by a great multitude of friends and a 
great concourse of the poor, to the number, as it seemed, of three or four 
hundred, to whom a distribution was both piously and liberally made. 
He lies buried beside his wife before the entrance of the chancel under a 
black marble slab there. 

He gave and confirmed by his last will to the town (appointing, to 
wit, myself, John Forbie, clerk, rector here, and many others as trustees, 
and our heirs and his heirs of all our heirs in perpetual succession) certain 
tenements with their appm-teuances in Beeston built in a street called 
Leitchgate street, and situated in the lower part of it, between roads on 
both sides there as well as the south as the north near a messuage of one 
Adam Crowe, but for the only use and assistance of the poor of the same 
town. He gave also to the Church here 20 marks to be expended on the 
repairs of the steeple of the same church, then about to be repaired, also 
40s. with which the highest window above the rood loft was glazed. 

Translated, a.d. 1603. Martin Lynlie and Margery Kett were 
mai-ried at Great Dunham on the 23rd day of the month of June a.d. 1603. 
Anno 1616 Margery Lynlie, wife of Martin Lynlie and formerly of 
Richard Kett, and of one John Forbie of Wesenham, and the most 
virtuous mother of me John Forbie, rector of this Church, after she had 
passed the ninetieth year of her life (for she lived even to the third 
generation, and almost to the fourth, which she would have reached in 
the second year from her death if she had lived) jiiously and happily died, 
without any mortal sickness, but by her decrepit old age alone, on the 
tenth day of January, and on the following da}-- of the same, after a 
solemn sermon made by a very learned man, Mr. Dr. Warde of Great 
Fransham and rector there, with a concourse of many people, was buried 
and lies beside Richard Kett her husband, before the door of the chancel, 
to wit, under a white marble slab there. 

A.D. 1613. Martin Lynlie, who had lately married one Margery 
Kett, now dead, sometime relict of Eichard Kett, a most friendly towns- 
man of this town, for the second time took to wife on the 9th day of Jvme, 
Ann Balye, most recently relict of one Hilary Balye, long since defunct. 
In this way therefore the same Martin (who also had lived virtuously, 
peaceably and ever piously) became possessed of the household possessions 
of those two very rich men. The earth is the Lord's and the fuhiess 

Remarks by the Rev, F. W. Bartlett, Rector, 27 July 1903. Beeston 
Rectory, Swaffham. 

As Richai'd Kett was 67 in 1601, his birth and baptism would not 
fall within the pei-iod recorded in the Register, which begins 1538. 
There does not appear to be any record of his marriage, and if there were 
the parents' names would not be given. Richard Kett was the Rector's 
stepfather, as the Rector's father was of Weasenham. Richard Kett's 
marriage with the widow may have taken place there ; she was about 
thirteen years older than Kett, and after his death married a third time 
at the age of 82 or thereabouts. The words in which her son states how 
nearly she lived to see the fourtli generation are rather a "bull," 
and remind one of the Irishman's answer when asked how long 
Mr. O'Flanigan had been dead. " Well, your honour, if he had lived till 


to-morrow he would have been dead a fortnight." The subsequent very 
judicious marriage of Mrs. Kett's third husband is instructive, and the 
pious reflection with which the record of it ends is very like the motto 
placed over the door of his house by a clergyman in the Lake district, who 
had married two or three heiresses in succession : " God's providence is 
my inheritance." 

On the page after that in which Eichard Kett's burial is recorded, 
there is an extract from his will in English, concerniug the tenements 
left by him for the benefit of the poor, with the schedule of the rental 
and the rules made by the trustees for the distribution of the money. 
On the same page, with the third marriage of Mrs. Kett, there is the 
record of the erection of certain pews in the Church, one for his or her 
tenants, which is repeated among a number of notes about the Church 
and parish later on in the book. Eichard Kett (who spells his name 
Kette) signs the register as churchwarden from the beginning till the date 
of his death. But the signature must refer only to the autlientification 
of the copies made in 1598 by John Forbie, rector, from the old paper 
records. John Forbie's two churchwardens sign all these pages, though 
in the earlier ones the name of the rector for the time takes the place of 
Forbie's signature. In several cases the writing in which the former 
rector's name is inserted looks very like E. Kett's. Then the Kett who 
signs the pages in the register is no doubt the same man who died in 
1601. The black and white slabs covering the remains of Kett and his 
wife are or were " ante ostum sacelli " or "ante ingressum sacelli." 

u 2 



LOYE KETT, son of Eobert Kett. 

Manor of Wymondliam Abbey. Cliurcli Chest. 

1583, May 15. Bond of Henry Gurling, citizen of Norwich, to John 

Symouds and John de Wymondham, yeoman, for £5. He had for £20 to 

replace and match " the South side of the Gildehowse called the Gilde 

Hall, Wymondham." Signed 1580. 

Redd sealed and delivered in the presence of Loye Kett, etc. 

1584. Marriage Licences, Norwich. 
158-i, March 27. Loicus Knight alias Kett of Wymondham, yeoman. 
Elizabeth Wetherlej' of Frammingham, widow. 

Subsidies collected under the Privy Seal. 1604. Loye Kett, £10. 
Loye Kett must have been married before he married Elizabeth 
Wetherley, because his son Henry should be a little older than twenty- 
six when he died. Nor could George Kett, eldest son of Henry, have 
presented his father's will in Court at four or five years old. Later on 
we find George Kett is married in 1611. 

Manor of Wicklewood Ampuors, Norfolk. 

1608. At this Court comes John Symonds and surrenders a pightle 
called Anipuers Pightle, containing half an acre and 3 roods of meadow in 
Crownthorpe, to the use of Henry Kett alias Ivnight, senior, and liis heirs. 

1611, Sept. 30. At this Court the death of Henry Kett, who held 
lands of the Manor, is presented, and George Kett is found to be his son 
and heii- and is of full age, who accordingly comes and is admitted to 
a pightle called Ampuers, etc., and the said George Kett at the same 
Court surrenders the same to Thos. Skippe, Gent., the Lord of the Manor. 

Wymondham, Grishaugh, Court Lete. 

1588, Aug. 1. Thos. Kett, Seur., fined for suit of Court. 

Henry Kett and John Kett are " carnatores " and sell their meat 
Tvithout a heart, contrary to law, and are fined 6d. each. John Gedney 
and Robert Kett are shopkeepers. 

1615, Sept. 29. Grishaugh Norton. To this Court come Thomas 
Mallard and Agnes his wife and surrender a messuage, etc., to use of 
Henry Kett, his heirs and assigns (mortgage). 

1611, Oct. 9. Grishaugh. It was fomid at the Com-t that Henry 
Kett died, and now comes George Kett, one of the sons of the said Henry, 
and produced his will dated 6 June 1611, in which lie bequeaths "the 
messuage I bought of Richard Kett called the ' Lyon ' to my son George," 
-who prays admission to a messuage in Middletown opposite the Chapel of 
St. Tliomas, seizin by the rod. 

The conjiinction of the name here is curious. jNIallard is a well- 
known name in Wymondham now, and the Mallard family, who have 
a post and livery stables, live opposite the Chapel of St. Thomas, no 
doubt in the house formerly known as the " Lyon." The first time 


I went to Wyinondliam I had rooms in this house. It is not quite clear, 
however, that this is the house surrendered on mortg-age 1611 by Thomas 
Mallard, because Plenry Kett says he bought it of Richard Kett. 

Will of Henry Kett of VVymondham, co. Norfolk, yeoman. 
To Amye Kett my wife and Loye Kett my father the messuage 
I live in for the lives of the loager liver, remainder to son George. To 
said Amye and Loye Kett tenements for life and remainder to son Thomas. 
Messuage called the Lyou bought of Richard Kett to son Thomas. To 
Richard Kett, son, £100 at 26. To Henry Kett, son, £100 at age of 26. 
To Elizabeth Kett, daughter, £40. Father Loye Kett and wife Amye to 
bs executors. Thomas Nell, Edward Sharpe, Esaye Freeman, Tliomas 
Kett, Robert Davy, witnesses. Dated 6 June 1611. Proved 24 July 
1611. Norf. Archd. Register, 1611, fo. 107. 

GEORGE KETT, brother of Loye. 

1612, Aug. 4. George Kett comes and surrenders lands and tene- 
ments (the White Lyon) formerly of Henry Kett his father, and which 
said George took up under his said father's will, at Court 9 Oct. 1611, 
and the Lord regrants the same to said George and Elizabeth his wife 
and their heirs. 

Will of Loye Kett of Crownthorpe, co. Norfolk, yeoman. 
To the poor people of Wymondham, that is, the blind a,nd lame and 
very aged, 20s. Whereas £100 is given by Henry Kett my late son 
by his v/ill to Henry Kett his son, and which by no means can be per- 
formed by the reason of so many and great debts of the said Henry 
therefore, but of my love and affections, etc., I give to the said Henry 
Kett my grandchild £50. Richard Kett, grandohild, £50 and bedstead, etc. 
As for Thomas Kett, gi-andchild, as his father gave him the best portion 
testator merely leaves him a small amount. To Margaret my daughter 
the wife of Christopher Breeze. To Elizabeth Kett, grandchild. George 
Kett, grandchild, to be sole eKecutor, and my loving kinsman Loye Agas 
my godson to be " aydiug my yong executor." Dated 10 Jan. 1614-15. 
Proved 22 March 1614-15! Norf. Archd. Register, 1614, fo. 415. 

1617. Michaelmas Fine. Richard Kett querent (son of Henry 
Kett) and John Middleton and Ann his wife and George Kett and 
Elizabeth his wife. 

Additional Charter No. 14,950, Brit. Mus. 
Indenture by which Edward Colman of Wymondham, yeoman, and 
Ann his wife levy a fine on a messuage called the King's Head in 
Wymondham in favour of Henry Kett of Diss, mercer, and Francis 
Lawes of Wymondham, grocer, dated 31 July 1626, with signature of 
Henry Kett. 

Will of Henry Kett of Dysse, co. Norfolk, Mercer. 
John Kett eldest son, Henry Kett son, Thomas Kett son, Richard 
Kett son, Mary Kett daughter. Mary Kett wife, sole executor. Brother 
Richard Kett of Norwich and brother Camell to be overseers. Robert 
Camell, Elizabeth Camell, William Camell, witnesses. Signed, Henry 
Kett. Dated 28 March 1651. Proved (no proof recorded). Norf. Archd. 
Court, Original Wills, 1651-2, No. 89. 


1G3G, Fine Trinity. Cliristian Hawne Querent v. Ricbard Kett and 
Anne his wife, 2 messuages in Wymondliam. " Misc. Gen. et Herald.," 
4th Series, Vol. 4. 

Banco Eegis, 25 Chas. II., Vol. 399. Hatton v. Eead. Houses and 
ground in the parish of St. Peter Mancioft, next to Cannon Street on 
the north and houses of Richard Kett on the east. 

Faculty Office of Marriage Licences. 
* Date 16 May 1665. Between Loy Kett, Clerk of the parish of 
Silkston, CO. York, widower, and Mary Lee of the parish aforesaid, a 
maiden of 32 years. To marry at St. Gregory, London. 

This Loye Kett was Vicar of Silkstone from 1664. Henry Quilsh 
of St. Peter's, Cornhill, London, draper, and Jonathan Downing, Silk- 
stone, are his sureties for the first fruits. The income was £61 12s. 
He mu?t belong to this branch of the family. 

Administration of John Kett of Diss. 
Administration of his estate was granted to John Kett his father, 
23 Nov. 1679. Epis. Consist. Court of Norwich. 

Diss Register. 

1679 Nov. John, sou of John Kette, gent., bur. the 22nd. 

1594 July William Kett and Bridget Couper, mar. the 7th. 

1621-2 Mar. John, the son of Thos. Kett, bapt. the 17th day. 

1624 Aug. John, the son of Henry Kett, bapt. the 8th day. 

1624 Aug. Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas Kett, bapt, the 19th. 

1626 July Henry, the son of Henry Kette, bapt. the 30th. 

1627 May Thomas, the son of Thomaa Kette, bapt. the 29th. 

1629 Dec. Thomas, the son of Henry Kette, bapt. the 25th. 

1630 Aug. Thomas, the son of Thomas Kette, bapt. the 18th. 
1629 Oct. John, the son of Thos. Kette, bur. the 7th. 

1632 July Richard, the son of Henry Kette, bapt. the 8th. 

1685 Aug. Jeremie, the son of Henry Kette, bapt. the 2nd. 

1635 Dec. Jeremie, the son of Henry Kette, bur. the 10th day. 

1638 — Mary, the dau. of Henery & Mary Kett, bapt. the 20th. 

1646 — John, the son of John Kett, bapt. the 26th ilay. 

1652 [iorn] John, the son of John and Margaret Kett, ba4.1t. 

1652 — John, the son of John and Margaret Kett, bur. 

1664 Nov. John, the son of John and Margaret Kett, was born the 

20th day. 
1657 May Mary Kett, widow, was buried the 3rd day. 

1659 May Thomas Kett was buried the 20th day. 

1660 April Thomas, the son of John and Mary Kett, bapt. the 19th. 

1660 April Mary, the wife of John Kett, bur. the 20th day. 

1661 June Henry, the son of John Kett, bapt. the 18ih day. 

1665 June Susanna, the dau. of John and Susanna Kett, bapt. the 

14th day, 
1670-1 Mar, Charles, the son of John Kett, bapt. the 7tli day, 
1677 Mar. Susanna, the wife of John Kett, gent., bur. the 22nd day. 
1677 Oct. Margaret, the wife of John Kett, bur. the 18th day. 
1679 Nov. John, the son of John Kett, gent,, bur. the 22nd day. 
1681-2 Mar. John, the son of John and Phillipa Kett, geut., bapt. the 2nd 


1684 Aug. Phillipa, dan. of Jolin and Pliillipa Rett, bapt. the 6th. 

1692 July John Kett, gent., bur. the 15th. 

1696 July Charles, the son of Charles Kett of Colney, gent., bur. the 10th. 

1696 June Charles Kett of Colney, gent., bur. the 3rd. 

1708 Feb. John Kett, bur. the 15th. 

1734-5Jan. Phillis Kett, widow, bur. the 21st. 

Wortham Diss Eegister. 
1651 John Kett married Margaret Lanham. 

1626. Add. Charter 14,950. Indenture by which Edward Colnian of 
Wymondham, Grower, and Ann his wife levy a fine on a messuage called 
Kind's Head in Wymondham in favour of Henry Kett of Diss, mercer, 
and Francis Lawes of Wymondham, grocer. 31 May 1626. With signa- 
ture of Henry Kett. 

1626. Fine Michaelmas. Between Henry Kett and Francis Lawes 
querent, and Edward Colman and Ann his wife, deforciants, of a messuage, 
etc., in Wymondham. £60 sterling. 

Will of Anne Kett of the City of Norwich, widow. 
To my daughters Margaret and Hannah Kett all my messuages in 
Norwich and all personal estate. The said two daughters executrices. 
John Barnham, Stephen Wood, witnesses. Signed Ann Kett. Dated 
28 Nov. 1676. Proved 1679-80 by the esecutrices. Testatrix is called 
in the proof " late of St. George Tombland." Norwich Archd. Eegister, 
1679, fo. 646. 

Will of Margaret Kett of the parish of St. Mary in the 
city of Norwich, singlewoman. 

William Laste, my brother-in-law, and Sai-ah his now wife to be 
executors. Sa,id ex'ors to have a leasehold tenement in Norwich (which 
testatrix had under the will of Richai-d Kett her father, deceased), in the 
parish of St. George Tombland for the residue of the leases. To her 
executors all her goods, subject to these legacies. To cousin Hannah 
Davy, wife of Nathaniel Davey, £10 and a feather bed. To sister Rebecca 
Tamer £5, To Sarah Reeve, daughter of Rebecca Turner, wife of 
Charles Reeve. To cousin Sarah Laste, natural daughter of said ex'or, 
£10 and a feather bed. To cousins Rebecca and Abigail Burridge 10s. 
each. Ann Aynesworth, John Elden, Geo. Lees, witnesses. Dated 
10 Feb. 1689. Proved — 7th, 1702. (Month omitted, probably June.) 
Norwich Archd. Register, 1702, fo. 288. 

John Kett, gentleman, Diss. 

John Kett and Philippa Pitcher, married 1677, of Diss. 

Will of John Kett the elder of Disse, Norfolk, gent. 

On marriage of my son Thomas Kett with Mary his wife, my 
messuages and lands at Wooley Bridge and Walcot, Diss, late Thos. 
Foulden's and Robert Brauce were in his marriage settlement, to him and 
his heirs, if without heirs, to my sons Charles Kett and John Kett. An 
acre of meadow near Woolsey Bridge late purchased of Daniel Sheriff, 
gent., to Thomas and Mary, afterwards to grandson John Kett, son of 
above. To Philippa Kett, wife, in lieu of dower, all lands, etc., lata 
purchased of John Mann, Esq., in Pulham St. Mary for life, remainder 


to John Kett my son and his heirs. Thomas Kett fathei-, deceased, men- 
tioned. To son Charles Kett, Nether Martet Close, Diss, also all pro- 
perties which John Kett the elder now inhabits, stables, gardens, ' 
messuages, tenements, etc., also land freehold and copyhold, purchased of 
Geoffrey Clark and Frances his wife in Heywood, Diss, and lands in 
Bressingham, purchased of William Caine, unless he die before 24 without 
lawful issue, then to John Kett. To John Kett lands purchased in 
Pulham St. Mary from Lawrence Mayhew, gent., also lands in Orley 
pastures, etc., but if he die before 24 without lawful issue then to Charles 
Kett. To Philippa, wife, all linen nnd woollen that was her own before 
marriage, wearing apparel, rings, etc., also bed furniture, 6 Turkey wool 
chairs, 2 pairs of andirons with brass heads, one dozen napkins locked up 
in a trunk lettered S. S., silver watch, 2 silver porringers and £30 for 
furnishing. To Thomas Kel.t 6 pairs of sheets, £50. To John Kett £200 
when 21, if he die then to Charles Kett. To Charles Kett £400, also 
trunks formerly my mother's, lettered S. S. 1C41, with all my linen and 
plate in it. To Charles Kett all residue of plate, pewter, brass, linen and 
woollen provided he attain 24 years. In default to John Kett. To poor of 
Diss £5. John Frere of Frammingham, co. Suffolk, Gent., John Sheriff 
of Diss, Gent., Executors. Samuel Kidman, Supervisor, 40s. Overj^lus 
to Thomas, Charles and John Kett. One half to Thomas. One quarter 
to Charles. One quarter to John. Date 31 Jan. 1690-1. Probate 9 Aug. 
1692. Norfolk Archd. Register, 1692, fo. No. 50. 

Will of John Kett, Senior, of Diss, co. Norfolk. 

This will is recorded in the Calendar of Wills proved in the Consis- 
tory Court of Norwich, 1703-5, but it was not registered. On referring 
to the bundle of original wills for those years I find the following docu- 
ments which refer to this man : — 

1. Deed Poll, dated 15 Nov. 1708, being an act of renunciation of 
executorship of the will of John Kett, senior, of Diss, gent., in which it 
is also stated that the other executor, John Sheriff of Diss, proved the 
win, but had since died. 

2. Administration, with will annexed, was granted by the Consistory 
Court of Norwich of the above estate on the 18th Dec. 1708 to John 
Prentice, principal creditor. Consist. Court, Norwich. Original Wills, 
1703-5, No. 39. 

Weston Longville, 1694. 1694. Edward, the son of Thomas Kett 
and Mary his wife, bapt. 25 April. 

Blomefield's " Norfolk," vol. i., p. 39. Diss. " There is lately (1736) 
put up a mural monument in the midst of the north aisle on which is the 
inscription : — 

" Near this place lyetli the Body of 

John Kett, Gent. 

Who departed this life 12 July 1692, 

Aged 74 years 

Also Philippia his wife [sic out], 

Who departed this life 17 Jan. 1734, 

In the 84 year of her Age." 

The Kett's arms are: Or, on a/ess heiu-ecn three leojards' heads erased 
azure, a lion ■passant guardant argent. Crest : A leopard's head erased azure. 


Blomefield, vol. v., p. 431. Framingliam Register. 

1692. Charles Kett of Diss, Gent., and Elizabeth Beaumont, mar- 
ried Oct. 24th. 

Davy's MSS. says Castor Eegister. 

"Will of Charles Kett of Colney, Norfolk, yeoman. 
To be buried at Diss by my Mother. Elizabeth, wife, and father-in- 
law Mr. Francis Cooke. Son Charles Kett (under 21). William 
Beaumont, wife's brother, £50. Mr. Francis Cooke and Elizabeth his 
wife, my father and mother-in-law. John Beaumont, my wife's father's 
will mentioned. Elizabeth Kett, wife, executrix. Witnesses (three). 
Signed Charles Kett. Dated 26 May 1696. Proved 26 Oct. 1696 by 
Executrix. Norf. Archd. Eegister, 1696, No. 76. Original will. 

Blomefield, vol. i., pp. 23, 24. " On an altar tomb, by the South 
Isle, here also lyeth the body of Charles Kett, Gent, who departed this 
life the first day of June, 1696. And Kett, his son, who died in 
the same Month, being about two Yeai-es of Age." 

On another altar-tomb, with Sheriff's arms as before, is the inscrip- 
tion to John Sherifi^e, executor to John Kett, Seur. ; he died July 1698. 
The inscription to Charles Kett is on the tomb of John Sheriff's father, 
Thomas Sheriil, who though anti-Royalist, as J. P. was kind enough to 
inform Royalists of their diinger. 

I suggest that Charles Kett's mother's name was probably Susannah 
Sheriff, hence the trunk noted in John Kett's will marked as " S. S." 
This would give a reason for Charles Kett being buried under the Sheriff 
arms : Azure, on a fess ingrailed hetiveon three griffins' heads erased or, a fleur- 
de-lis between tivo 7-oses gules. 

Diss Eegister. 
1696 June 3 Charles Kett of Colney, Gent., buried. 
1696 July 10 Charles, son of Charles Kett of Colney, buried. 

Will of Heury Kett, Marriner. 

Not in bodily health. Late belonging to "Child's Play" and 
" Windsor," now to " Ramilies." Soul to God, body to earth or sea. All 
tenements, goods aud chattels and estate to Joan Rawlson of Gosport, 
CO. Southampton. Joane sole executrix. Matthew Darte, Jane Whitaker, 
Stephen iioy, witnesses. Signed at Gusport. Dated 26 May 1709. 
Proved 6 June 1710 by Joanna Eawlson. 

(Perhaps the son of John and Margaret Kett of Diss, born 1661.) 

Will of John Kett of Diss. 
To my wife Mary Kett all my messaiiges, lands, etc., in Diss and 
elsewhere. To Elizabeth Cutler of Diss 5s. All my ready money after 
my debts are paid and also my movables to my wife. Dated 18 Aug. 
1732. Proved 1738. Norf. Archd. Court. 

Will of Mary Kett, late of Diss. 
My husband John Kett. To my kinsman John Watson of Kenning 
Hall, clergyman, my messuages, etc., at Burston. To Mary Morton at 
Carleton (her husband is a woolcomber) £6 yearly. To Mary Cason the 
house in Diss. Dated 18 Aug. 1729. Proved 11 Sept. 1729. 


Blomefield. On an altar-tomb, Kenninghall : Here resteth the 'bcclj' 

of John Kett of Diss, Gentleman, who died 19 Oct. 1728, aged 78 year?. 

Also the hody of IMary his wife who died 21 Aug. 1729. In whose 

memory their kinsman Mr. James Watson of this parish, surgeon, erected 

this tomb. 

Though we did live for many years 
Prepare O youth for death 
For if he should at noon appear 
Tou must give up your breath. 

Iforfolk Eegisters, vol. iv. Carleton Eode Marriages. 
1705 June 4 John Kett of Kew Buckenham and Elizabeth Wade. 

Will of John Kett of Oakley. 20 March 1738. Consist. Court, Norwich, 
To my son Wade Kett and to his heirs all messuagfs nnd lands, 
settlements, hereditaments and copyholds in South Lopham, co. Korfolk, 
and my large «lver salver and fishing tackle. To my son Thomas Kett Is. 
To the poor of Oakley 40s. Thomas Havers and Thrmas Newstead, 
Senr., of Broome, Suffolk, Gent., to be executors. Pulham St. Mnry to 
be sold and the proceeds to my five daughters, Phillippa Kttt, Eliz;ibeth 
Kett, Abigail Kett, Sarah Kett, and Mary Kett equally; if tliey die to 
their children. To be buried in Oakley Parish Chuich near by iny fir^t 
wife, with black marble flab and a prC'per inscription with names of 
wives and children buried there. Dated 20 March 1738. Proved' 21 Nov. 
1739. Fo. 125. 

Oakley. Davy MSS., Brit. Mus, 

In the nave of the church near the west end, on a flat stone, black 
marble : — 

Here lyeth the Body of John Kett of Oakley, in tlie County of 
Suffolk, Gent., who died 25th October 1739, aged 57 yeait;. 

And also of John Kett his son by Elizabeth his wife, who died 
4th Augt. 1711, aged 5 years. 

And also the body of the said Elizabeth Kett, his said Mother, who 
died olst . . . . 1717, aged 34. 

And also the Body of Anne Kett, one of the daughters of the said 
John Kett, who died 9th October 1738, aged 57 years. 

The steeple 5 Bells thus inscribed : — 

1. Mr. John Kett, Mr. Brown Turner, Churchwardens. 

John Goldsmith fecit 1711. 
5. Mr. John Kett, Churchwarden. 

John Goldsmith fecit 1711. St. Margaret. 

P.C.C, 202 Broome. I, Ann Kett, now wife of John Kett of Oakley 
in County Suffolk, gent., according to power, etc., given to me by my 
husband. ... A bond bearing date 6 Ftb. 1728 entered by John Kett to 
Thos. Windle of Hadleigh, gent., in penalty of £600, on consideration 
that John Kett should pay £300 to me, said Ann, or to my legatees 
within 12 mouths after the decease of John Kett. To William, ton of 
Mr. VVillm. Cronshey, senior, of Shrimpley, my godson, £40. To Jane, 
Elizabeth and Mary Cronshey, daughters of Willinm Cronshey, senior, 
£20 apiece. To Willm. and Mary Windle, son and daughter of Mr. Thos. 
Wiudle of Hadleigh, £40 each. To Thomas and Ann Windle, godson and 


god-daughter, £60 each within 12 months after death of said John Kett. 
Thos. Windle, father, and WiUiam Windle, son, executors. Signed 
Ann Kett (2ud wife of J. Kett). Nathaniel Frith, Ann Frith, Elizabeth 
Woodbridge, witnesses. Prored 20 July 1740. 

Will of Mary Kett of Thompson, co. Norfolk, spinster. 

To sister Elizabeth Jacom, wife of Samuel Jacom of Swithin Lane, 
Lombard Street, Druggist, £40. To John, son of sister Sarah Fisher, 
£50 at 21. To niece Sarah, dau. of Wade Kett of Pilgrave, gent., and 
her brother John Kett, £30 each at 21. To Sarah Ket.t, dan. of Thomas 
Ketfc of South Lopham, £10. To sister Phillipa Hargrave, wife of 

Nathaniel Hargrave of Great Wakering in co , Schoolmaster. To 

sister Abigail, wife of Robert Tooke, £30. To Elizabeth Tooke, dau. of 
said Abigail and Sarah, sister of said Elizabeth. To sisters Philippa 
Hargrave, Abigail Tooke and Sarah Fisher wearing apparel. Brothers 
Wade Kett and Thomas Kett. Wade Kett and Samuel Jacom, ex'ors 
and residuary legatees. 

Four witnesses. Dated 6 Mirch 1758. Codicil same date as will, 
and witues3ed by same persons. Giving Sarah Tooke a further £10 at 21. 
Proved with codicil 1 April 1758. 

Thomas Kett of Oakley, co. Suffolk, gent. 

Appoints his father-in-law Thomas Hill of Buxhall, Suffolk, D.D., 
and his brother-in-law Henry Hill of Tostick in the same county, clerk, 
as executors and trustees. They to seU his lands in Oakley, and the 
money arising therefrom to discharg.? mortgage debts, etc., and the 
residue of his real estate to be invested for the use of his wife Susan 
Kett for life with remainder to two daughters Sarah and Susanna Kett 
equally at 21. Desires his real estate to be sold to George Betts of Diss, 
gentleman, according to articles of agreement dated 2 May 1743. 
Testator incidentally refers to his brother Wade Kett. Robert Scott, 
Thos. Evans, C. Thos. Gooch, witnesses. Dated 17 May 1743. Testator 
died at North Lopham, Norfolk. Both executors having died before 
testator, adm'on was granted to Susan Kett, the widow and relict, 4 Dec. 
1780. Epis. Consist. Court of Norwich Register, 1780, fo. 216. 

WiU of Thomas HiU, D.D., of BuxhaU, co. Suffolk. 1743. To 
Thomas Kett of Stowmarket, Suffolk, g-ut., who married Susan my 

Davy MSS. Palgrave Hund. Mr. Wade Kett at the funeral of 
William Bokenham, who died 14 July 1761, aged 77. 

Will of John Kett of Diss, Turner. 

To wife Mary all lands in Diss. To Elizabeth CuUam of Diss, widow, 
5s. Wife Mary sole executrix. Dated 18 Aug. 1728. No proof recorded, 
but in Register of Wills proved in 1728 in Norf. Archd., No. 104. 

Blomefield, Vol. I., p. 225, M.I., Keniiinghall. Altar-tomb in church. 
"John Kett, late of Diss, Gent., obit 1 Oct. 1728, aged 76, and Mary his 
wife, obit 21 Aug. 1729. To whose memory their kinsman Mr. Jas. 
Watson of this parish, surgeon, erected this tomb." 

N 2 


Will of Mary Kett, late of Diss, and now of Palgrave, co. Suffolk, widow. 
(Long will.) 

To be buried at Kenuingliall near husband, Mr. John Kett. To 
kinsman James Watson of Kenninghall, surgeon, messuages and land in 
Burton, Diss, etc., charged with legacies to Eichard Watson of Bunwell 
and to John Watson of Cibenham, brother of James Watson. Legacies 
to kinswoman Bridget Dawdery and her children, kinsman Eobt. Watson, 
N. Lopham, kinswoman Mary Cason. James and Eobert Watson, execu- 
tors. Dated 18 Aug. 1729. Prored 11 Sept. 1729 Consist. Court, 

P.C.C, 191, Walpole. Will of Su&an Kett of St. Matthew's, Ipswich, 
widow. To sister Mary, wife of Edward Elliston of Hemingston, Suffolk, 
gent., all my part of leasehold at Swaifham, Bulbeck, Cambs., also £500 
due from estate of mj late brother Dr. Hill of Buxhall. Eesidue to Mary 
Elliston, sister, for life, then to her husband. Edward Elliston, sole 
executor. 15 April 1796. Probate 7 March 1798, 

Davy MSS. Hemingston Hund. Bosmere and Claydon. Eegister. 
Susan Kett, widow, aged 86, buried 12 Jan. 1798, 

On north side of the church : — 

In memory of Susan Kett, who died 8 Jan. 1798, aged 86 years, 
Eelict of Thomas Kett, Esq., and eldest daughter of Thomas Hill, D.D., 
late of Buxhall in this county. 

Near this in memory of Sarah Polly, who died 1 June 1775, aged 53 
years. Eelict of Captain Polly and second daughter of Thos. Hill, D.D., 
late of Buxhall in this county. 


1564. Will of Edmund Sharpe of Wymondham. George Kett a 
witness. Proved 24 July 1564. Norf. Archd. Court. 

St. George's, Tombland, Norwich. 1589. George Kett of Howe, 
Norfolk, yeoman, and Frances his wife on 28 Feb. 1589 gianted John 
Harrison of Norwich, S.T.P., and Margaret his wife a tenement which 
said George had of John Denny, Esq., of Howe, 24 Oct. 1580. 

Will of George Knight alias Kett, 5 Feb. 1591, of Shottisham, 
Norfolk, yeoman. 

My soul to God and my body to be buried in Shottisham All Saints' 
churchyard. Legacies to the poor of Shottisham, Wj-moudham, Framing- 
ham and Porland. To Henry Kett 4 is., and George Kett my god-child 
40s. (to the at 21). My right and title to the manor of Perishall in 
Buawell to go as is limited by the will or other conveyance of Mr. John 
Denny, Esq., to whom I give £40., To Frances my wife all lands and tene- 
ments until my son Eobert be 21 to bring up my children in good learning 
and education ; if said wife die before son Eobert be 2 1 , then my brother 
Loye and my brother Eicliard to be guardians of my children. Wife to 
buy a strong chest or coffer with 2 locks and keyes ia which to keep 
evidences. All household goods to wife for life, then to my son Eichard. 
Executor to sell land and wood in Brookwood. Eichard Kett my son to 
have land at Kiraberly bought of John Everard on my wife's death. 
Eesidue to my wife, sole executrix. My brother Loye, supervisor, £6. 


Eobei't Bransbye, Eobert Shene, William Small, witnesses. Norf . Archd, 
Court Eegister 1591-2, fo. 236. Dated 5 Feb. 1591. ProTed 2 June 

Inq. Post Mortem. 414/118 I.P.M. 12 Oct., 10 Jas. I. Prances 
Green of Porncett (late Frances Kett), widow, lands at Shottisham, Howe 
and Coles. Robert Kett was under 21, and is her son and heir. George 
Kett is his brother and heir. 

I.P.M. 516/137, Ser. II., 23 April, 10 Chas. I. Before Anthony 
Barrj Harlesdon, Robert Kett seised of Coles in Shottisham, after the 
death of Frances wife of Robt. Green, defendant, formerly wife of George 
Kett, deceased, grandfather of Eobert Kett. Eobert holds Howe in 
capite. George Kett is his brother and heir. 

Close Rolls, 4350. I, Robert Kett of Shottisham, co. Norfolk, gent., 
hare released my heirs and executors and give to Samuel Verdon, 
Norwich, gent., everything I have or could have since the beginning of 
the world, 14 June 1672, 24 Chas. II. Witnesses : Eobt. Doughty, 
Wm. Doughty. A debt to his tailor Heslewood will be discharged, 
Eobert Kett comes to Court. 

It rather looks as if Eobert's early death were due to his own gay life. 
It is unfortunate that he has to pledge his lands. 

Marriage Licences. Ipswich Probate Court. 

1619, Sept. 21. Augustine Seamon, widower, and Margaret Kett of 
Bungay, widow, at Bungay. Bk. 4, fo. 13. 

Fine. Hillary 1646-7. Between WUlm. Stanhawe, gent., and 
Milman Edgar, gent., querents, and George Kett alias Knight, gent., and 
Elizabeth his wife, deforciants, concerning 30 acres of land and 40 acres 
of pasture, etc., in Howe by Brooke. £100 sterling. 

Will of William Pudding alias Bodin of Stratton St. Michael, 
gentleman, 16 April 1658. 

Lands of my great-graudfather Thomas Pudding, deceased, in 
Wacton and Stratton St. Mary called Swuine's Close, which my father 
William Pudding, deceased, bought of Cooke and Bedingfield, to Eliza- 
beth Kett, daughter of Elizabeth Kett my sister. Also laud in Shottisham 
and Howe to lier my said sister for her life, and then to Robert Kett her 
eldest son, and if he die then to George Kett, 2nd son of said sister 
Elizabeth. Other lands in Saxlingham to her also, with remainder to 
said George Kett and part to said Robert Kett my nephew. Nephew 
Charles Love, son of Mary Love, my sister deceased, lands in Hempnall 
and Newton Flotmau, and Elizabeth Love said sister of Charles, Deborah 
Swatne and Mary Dixon my aunts. Elizabeth Eushmer my aunt. Dated 
16 April 1658. Proved 2 Sept. 1658 by Elizabeth Kett the widow, the 
executrix, at Loudon. 

Robert Kett of Stratton St. Michael. Administration of his estate 
was granted to Elizabeth Kett alias Fletcher, his mother, on 20 Sept. 
1673. Epis. Consist. Court of Norwich. 

Forncett Rolls, Cambridge University Library. 1679. 
Presented that Thomas Fletcher, gent., native tenant, died seised 
of lands taken up 1670, and Elizabeth Kett, spinsterj had these lands left 


to her by him. And Roger Branch, Ejent., asks for admission of said 
Elizabeth. Frances Lee, widow, Elizabeth Fletcher, spinster, Alice 
Fletcher, spinster, and .... Sewster, formerly wife of William Sewster, 
gent., are daughters and heirs of said Thomas Fletcher, deceased. 

1685 Elizabeth Kett, spinster, on Inquisition. 




Died lo5S, who married Agnes, who married secondly Stephen 


1524, March 25. To this Court comes Thomas Knyght alias Kett 
and surrenders a messuage in Middleton called Stabbards alias Stanford, 
which he took up with William Kett alias Knyght, now deceased, on the 
surrender of Alice Botild, widow, at Court, 1491. And the Lord regrauts 
the same to said Thomas and Margery hi» wife and to Thomas their son, 
and seisin is delivered to them. 

(Knowing as we do that William was the f.itlier of Thomas the first, 
we have three generations in this one entry.) 

Holt Teinitt Guild, Wtmokdhasi. 1517. 

Thomas Knyght is elected to the Guild. 

In 1531 he became a brother of the Gild of All Saints. 

In 1532 Thomas Kett was admitted member of the Gild of All Saints. 

Wtmondham Abbey Eolls. 

1534, May 3. Agnes Kemsey, widow, surrenders a piece of land, 
24 acres, in a farm of John Kemsey her husband, in Brathwhitefeld in 
Wymondham, which she formerly held out of Court, 1 Nov. 1531, to use 
of Thomas Keet and Agnes his wife. 20s. rent. Fine 48s. 

1534, May 3. William Grene and Alice his wife surrender a tene- 
ment, Cook's in Norton, and another 5 acres called Lagrosse, to use of 
Thomas Kett and Agnes his wife. Fine 16s. 

1535-6, Feb. 24. Eichard Broun and Isabell his wife surrender 
1 acre in Estfeld called the Gravelpytte to use of Thomas Keet alias 


1535. Thomas Knyght alias Kett surrenders to Agnes his wife and 
Agnes takes up 3 roods formerly Marione Whitefoot's in Forncett, and 
half an acre Moorham and two pieces of Moorgate Eedefield, half an acre 
of Moorhouse, formerly Roger Botild's, and one piece of demesne land of 
Multon by Moorgate Wey. 

1537. Thomas Knight alias Kett lets his horses and cows into the 
field of Forncett called Moorgatefield, and filled in a ditch towards the 
wooden monument of the King. Fine 3s. 4d. 

Wtmondham Manoe. 

1537, April 30. That a bargain is made by indenture by the Lord 
and William Keet and Thomas his brother of certain native lands of the 


1545. Thomas Kett liolJs lands in Markstead, Wymondbam, yalue 

1543, Feb. 14. Thomas Knyc^ht alias Kett and Agnes his wife come 
and surrender a close called Daldwjn's Close by Norwodedliouse, contain- 
ing 8 acres by Grishaugh Wood, which Thomas took up on surrender of 
William Kett and Elizabeth his wife, 14 T'eb. 1542-3, to use of John Neve. 

Norfolk Archffiology. Papers relating to Becket's Chapel. 1547. 

Item to Thomas Kett for ]\I.L. of brick tile 6s. 
„ „ „ „ „ M.L. of tbakke tyle 6s. 

„ „ „ „ „ C. of brike tyle. 

„ „ a woman beryng the said tyle fro Thomas Kett to the 
Chapel 6(7. 


1553, May 1. Norton. Presented that Thomas Knyght alias Kett 
surrendered other lands to the use of his will, which he gave by said will 
to Thomas Knyght alias Kett and Adam Knight alias Kett his sons, to 
hold to them until Adam was 21, which said lands Thomas took up 
14 Feb. 1524 on surrender of Thomas Knight alias Kett his father. Now 
comes Agnes the relict of said Thomas, who prays admission till Adam is 
21, which said Adam is ... . years of age, and they are admitted. 

1554, Tuesday after Whitsunday. Norton. Tiiomas Knight alias 
Kett before his death surrendered lands in Grishaugh field, which he 
took up 1 Aug. 1542 on surrender of Eichard BrundcU, to use of his will, 
which he left to bis wife Agnes for life and then to Valentine Knight his 
son and his heirs. Now comes said Agnes and is admitted to the same 
for life, with remainder to said Valentine and his heirs. 

1554, May 1. Presented that Thomas Knyght also died seised of 
other lands in Estfield, which he took up 21 Jan. 1533 on surrender of 
William Flowerdewe and John Flowerdew his son, and Valentine is his 
son and next heir, of full age and is admitted. 

Will of Thomas Knyght of Wymondham, Norfolk, yeoman. 1553. 

My soul to God and my corruptible body to be buried at His will. 
To relief of the poor 10s. To repair of highway from Wymondbam to 
Norwich, called Norwich Causey, 10s. Agnes my wife to have my place 
or mansion called Stabberds, with the backyard, for her life, and then to 
Valentine my son. She is also to have the house called Grenes, and lands 
belonging, for her life, and at her death Valentine to have part and 
Francis my son (under 21) the other part. My sons Thomas and Adam 
to have the house and land called Watker and the Grove, which I had of 
my mother's gift. 

To Catherine my daughter £6 13s. 4d. at marriage. 

To Terry my daughter £6 13s. 4d. at marriage. 

To Anne my daughter £6 13s. 4d. at marriage. 

To Barbara my daughter £6 13s. 4d. at marriage. 

Agnes my wife and my son Valentine to be executors. 

Dated 28 July 1553. Proved 19 Dec. 1653 at Wymondbam. Norf. 
Archd. Court Eegister, 1558, fo. 179. 


After the death of Thomas Knyght alias Kett in 1553 Agnes his 
widow married Stephen Verdou; he died in 1572, and his will is of 
interest in adding to the family history. 

Norfolk Archdeaconry Eegister, 1572-3, fo. 92. 

March 3. Proceedings as to the validity of the will of Stephen 
Verdon by Thomas Agas the executor, named in will, which was con- 
tested by Stephen Wysnian, the next-of-kin of said Stephen Verdon. 
Court pronounced the validity of the will, which was produced and proved. 
(In Latin.) 

Stephen Verdon of Wymondham, Norfolk. To be buried in the 
churchyard. To the shotynge of the great bell 10s. Repair of Carleton 
Rode Church 6s. 8d. To wife Agnes sundry cattle, furniture, etc. To 
Valentyne Knyght my great chayer and 13s. 4d. To Thomas Knyght 
I3s. 4d. " I will that the charges of Francis Knyght's scole and Thomas's 
shall be borne by myne ex'ors untyll Michaelmas next and 40s. next yeare 
towards his learnynge." To Catherine Dade, Terry Nevell, Agnes 
Courolde, my wife's three daughters, 6s. 8d. each. To Barbara Knyght 
10s. at her marriage. To Stephen Courolde, Stephen Nevell, Thomas 
Hobbes and Thomas Knyghte, who are my godchildren, 3s. 4d. each. 
To Philip Knyght and Robert Knyght, sons of Valentine Knyght, 3s. 4d. 
each. To Mary Dade, daughter of Katherine Dade, 3s. 4d. To Ales 
Knyght, daughter of Thomas Knyght, 3s. 4d. To Elizabeth Pollarde 
the profits of house and lands at Carlton Rode and Bunwell. £6 13s. 4d. 
a year to Stephen Wyseman my belcbild, he paying £40 to Stephen 
Agas, or if he be dead to Christian Agas at 24, my daughter; if she die to 
Stephen Agas, then to Robert Agas my belchild at 24. To Christian 
Agas my daughter and Thomas Agas her husband house and land in 
Wymondham, they to pay Agnes Wysman, my belchild, £20. To Eliza- 
beth PoUnrd my daughter. To Adam her son. To Agnes Plome my 
sister. To Agnes Wysman my belchild. And to Stephen her brother. 
Residue to Christian Agas my daughter and Thomas Agas her husband. 
Robert Ryngewode, John Rowe, John Mayde, Robt. Wyseman, witnesses. 
Dated 23 Oct. 1566. Proved 18 March 1572-3 by executors. 

Will of Agnes Vardon of Wymondham, Norfolk, widow, Norf. Ai-chd. 
Register, 1672-3, fo. 200. 

To Francis Kett my son £10. To Adam Kett my son a milch cowe 
and some wethers, 3 silver spoons, a pair of sheets, a feather bed, 4 chargers 
of pewter of the best, one acre of wheat and one of mixen. To Thomas 
Kett my son 3 silver spoons, a heckforth, 5 sheep and my husband's 
worse gown. To John Nevell and Terry his wife, my daughter, 3 milch 
neate. To same Terry a brasse pot and my silke liatte. To Barbara 
NeveU my belchild a milehe cowe now in care of John Nevell her father, 
also a cowe among other children of said John. To Robert Coiu-olde my 
son-in-law and Anne his wife a heckforth, 5 sheep and the best candle- 
sticks, and a cowe among Robert's other children. To Loye Agas my 
son-in-law and Barbara his wife, my daughter, a cowe, sundry sheep, 
pewter and my best hatte. To Richard Dade my son-in-law and Catherine 
his wife a cowe, and one among his children. To Thomas Kett my 
belchild a cowe, and to Anthony his brother a heckforth. 


To Catherine Dade, Terry Nevell, Aime Courolde and Barbara Agas 
my daughter.s, all my linen and apparell among them, excepting my best 
petticote, wliich I give to Ales Kette my danghter-in-law (wife of Valen- 
tine), and another I gave to Anne Tolye my servant, I also give herSs. 4cL 
To Faith my servant 6s. 8d. To Eichard Devnes my servant 3s. 4d. To 
Philip Kett and Eobert Kctt my bellcliildren" a calf. To Valentine Kett 
my son sundry neat and steers, in consideration of 30s. 1 owe him, also 
I give him 10 ewes, 10 lambs and 3 silver spoons. Eesidne to Eichard 
Dade my son-in-law and Francis Kett my son, executors. Valentine 
Kett, Thomas Kett, Eobert Courolde, John Novell, witnesses. Dated 
1 May 1573. Proved 4 July 1573 by Eichard Dade, power reserved to 
Francis Knyght alias Kett. 

Grishaugh. 31 Dec. 1573. Norton. 

That Thomas Knyght alias Kett surrendered all his land to use of 
his last will, leaving his wife Agnes a life tenant, and that Agnes is dead, 
and Valentine Knyght alias Kett comes and asks admission to a messuage 
called Stabbards alias Stanford that Thomas took up with Thomas Kett 
his father and Margery his wife, now deceased, 25 March 1525, and that 
the deceased Thomas took up 1 Aug. 1534 on surrender of William Grene. 
And 2 parcells of land Thomas took up 1643 on surrender of John 
Newman, and a piece of land which Thomas Knyght took up on surrender 
of William Eochester, and 3 acres he took up 1 Nov. 1538 on surrender of 
Eichard Browne, with remainder to Francis Knyght ; and said Valentine 
is admitted. 

Afterwards said Francis Knyght alias Kett asks admission to 7 acres 
which Agnes Knyght alias Kett his mother, now dead, had by virtue of the 
will of Thomas Kett his father, which the said Thomas took up 1 Nov. 
1538 on sm-render of Eichard Browne, with 3 acres which Thomas by his 
last will bequeathed to Valentine. And a messuage which the aforesaid 
Thomas, testator, took up 1541 on surrender of Eichard Browne. And 
the said Francis is admitted. 

Will of Loye Agas. Dated 12 April 1610. Proved 30 April IGll. 
Consist. Court, Norfolk, 1611, fo. 323. 

Loye Agas of Wymondham, yeoman. To wife Barbara £10 a year 
for life and dwelling in tenement called Folgate and half the fruit of the 
orchard. To my daughter Anne £20. To my daughter Frances £20. (One 
of these married a Kett and the other a Smith.) To son Anthony £40. 
To son Edmund £30. To grandchild Eobert Smith .€5. To grandchild 
Loye Smith £6. To son Loye £40. To son Edward £40. To son Eobert 
£20. Lands in Wymondham to son Loje charged with legacies. To 
wife Barbara household goods. Wife and sons Eobert and Edward 
executors, son Loye Agas supervisor. To Ann my grandchild called Ann 
Kett. Thomas Kett, Loye Kett, Henry Kett, Esay Freeman, witnesses. 

Valentine Knyght alias Kett, eldest sou of Thomas who 
married Agues. 
Will of Grace Male, widow, of Wymondham. Valentine Knight and 
Thomas Knight, witnesses. Probate 27 Sept, 1560. Norf, Arch, Court, 

Will of Nicholas Knight alias Kett of Moulton, 1560—62, fo. 149. 
Norf, Archd. Court. Val. Kett a witness. 


Will of Katherine Sterlinge of Windham, Norf. Aiclid. 1560—62. 
Probate 22 Aug. 1560. Val. Kette a witness. 

1561. Kettering, Norfolk. Antonye Kett was buried, sonne of 


1560. To this Court comes Valentine Knight and surrenders 7 acres 
taken up of Edward Flowerdewe, gent., 18 Oct. 1559, to John Sewell and 
his heirs. 

Will of Robert Ensinge of Wymondliam, gent. If wife die before 
children come of age then lands to be in custody of John Cowper, 
William Kette, Val. Kette and James Colman, until said children are 21. 
Norf. Ai-ch., 1563—66. 

Queen's Manor. 

1567, Oct. 13. William Castleton and Joan liis wife come and sur- 
render land formerly taken up 1561-2 with Valentine Knyght alias Kett 
to Robert Ringwood and Margaret his wife. 

Valentine is witness for the will of Katherine Baxter, widow. Dated 
20 Feb. 1564. Proved 2 May 1565. 

Grishatjgh, Norton. 

1569-70, Jan. 23. William Frosdyk, out of court, surrenders to 
Valentine Kette and Robert Starlynge all land and tenements (for 
mortgage) . 

1571, Feb. 6. Cecilia Sewall, widow, and Edward Collyer her son, 
surrender land taken up 4 Eliz. to Valentine Knight alias Kett. 

Queen's Manor. 

1567, Oct. 14. On Inquisition Valentine Knyght alias Kett. 

1569, April 4. William Frosdieke alias Poyuter surrenders 10 acres 
in Northfield to use of Valentine Knight alias Kett. 

1569, Oct. 13. Valentine is admitted to Saxurgals tenement in Vicars 
Street formerly Thomas Gay's. Valentine gives fine. 

Norf. Arch. Court, 1570 — 72. Valentine is the writer of William 
Wyseiua.n's will. The Wisemans were comiections through his mother 
Agnes' second marriage with Stephen Verdun, one of whose daughters by 
his first wife married a Wiseman. Valentine is either plaintiff or 
defendant in so many Chancery Suits that it is evident that he had a 
strong litigious bias. He was, however, used as' the advisor of many 
Wymondham people. 


1571, Oct. 6. Elizabeth Hemlyngo, a widow, out of Court surrenders 
all land she held of the manor to Valentine Kett. 

1572, April 17. Valentine surrenders a tenement in Nealand taken 
up 11 Eliz. to Thomas Walne, clerk. 

1573, Aug. 1. Valentine surrendered mortgaged lands to John 
Castleton and Robert Ringwood. 

o 2 


Queen's Manok. 

1572, April 17. Valentine comes and sun-enders a messuage in 
Tacingal Street, and half a rood of native tenement, Nealond, in a garden 
near bj. Also a messuage in Vicar's Street to Thomas Wawne, clerk. 

Queen's Mange, Silfield. 

1673, Dec. 31. Comes Valentine Knyght alias Kett and prays 
admission by surrender of Robert Barret, and he is admitted. 


1573, Aug. 4. It is found that Agnes, late wife of Stephen Verdun, 
and before that wife of Thomas Kett, had died since last Court, and she 
held copyholds for the term of her life, with remainder to Valentine and 
his heirs, according to the form and effect of a surrender made by said 
Thomas. Valentine comes and is admitted. 


1576, June 19. Comes Valentine on death of Agnes, formerly his 
mother, and begs to be admitted to a tenement. Cooks formerly Roth in 
Norton, and 7 acres of land, all of which said Agnes with Kette, formerly 
her husband, took up 1534 of William Grene and Alice his wife, and 

14 acres, Brathwayte, which Agnes had with Kett her husband on 
surrender of Agnes Kensey, widow, 1534. Valentine is admitted. 

Valentine asks admission to le j^arcell pitte that Thomas Kett his 
father held from Richard Browne and Isabelle his wife. And 1 acre la 
grene Thomas took up, 1526. 

1576, June 19. Presented that Edward Cullier alienated to Valentine 
Knyght alias Kett 5 acres before surrendered for William Kett, Davies 
Croft, tenement now called Knyght's Close and Collier's Close. Valentine 
is admitted. 

1576, Oct. 4. And that Valentine lets his [...., ? cattle] go at large 
in the field Silfield. 

1577, March 2. He witnesses Mawte Jeny's will. 

1679, Oct. 19. That Valentine, customary tenant, surrenders an 
enclosure called le Cundyt Close in Biathwayte containing 12 acres 
pasture and 1 parcell of field, held on surrender of John Bolton alias 
Sewall in 1558-9. To use of Thomas Kett near the mansion house of 
said Thomas Kett in Wymondham. 

Valentine Knyght alias Kett surrenders by Thomas Agas Cooks 

15 and 2 acres near Lagresse. 2 aci-es and 24 acres in Brathwayte, which 
Valentine took up 1581. To John Nevell. 

1583, Oct. 4. Valentino Knyght alias Kett and Alice his wife 
surrender 12 acres in Brathwayte taken up on surrender of Stephen 
Verdun and Agnes his wife, foruierlj' wife of Thomas Knyght alias Kett, 
seen in the will of Thomas, Court Roll 1555. Also 2 acres taken up 1576, 
and Cudjte Close taken up 1560, and David's Croft and Knyght's Close 
and Coltonn's Close in Brathwyte and Stanfeld held on surrender of 
Edmund Cullier, 1577. To use of John Denny Knyght, who by the 
hand of George Knyght alias Kett his attorney gives fine and swears 

(This looks as if Valentine lost his law-suits.) 


Stephen Courold has died, and before his death he surrendered all 
his lands. Elizabeth, formerly relict of said Stei^hen, has all his lands, 
also Blerey in Silfield, foniierly in tenure of Valentine Knyght alias Kett. 
All of which Stephen Courold took up on the death of Robert Courold, 
and Elizabeth is admitted. Valentine's sister Ann married Robert 

1585, June 8. John Nevile, customary tenant, died before this 
Court, and sui'rendered his lands. Comes Terry, formerly his ivife 
(another sister of Valentine's) and says by Nevile's will she has a 
messuage and land in Wymondham John took up 9 Eliz. " To Stephen 
Nevile my son remainder." Stephen comes and is admitted. John 
Nevile took up on surrender of Vnlentine Knyght alias Kett. He continues 
" To Robert Nevile my son," etc. John Nevile's will is dated 8 May 1585 
and was proved 27 July 1585. 

One of the messuages left to Terry his wife is called Holy Rood Guild 
House, she also has a messuage called Stabbards ; it then goes to Stephen 
if he give Thomas Nevile his brother 60s. a year for life. Terry is also 
to possess a tenement called Colles and another called Fowls with pastures 
Lagresse and Pratts 12 acres for the term of her life, then to John Nevile 
her son. Also a tenement called Reeves held of Cromwell's. John 
Nevile speaks of Terry, Margaret, Barbara, Anne and Mary his daughters. 
Valentine Kette and Robert Kette were witnesses. 


1593, March 29. Two pieces of land, meadow and pasture were 
granted to Valentine, which are now cancelled for 3s. M. rent. 

Will of Valentine Kett of Wymondham, Norfolk, yeoman, 10 March 

I, Vallentyne Kett of Wimondham. To be buried in Wyudham 
church3'ard unto my son Anthony. To Robert Cnllyer, sen., the son of 
Richard Cullyer of Wimondham, 2 acres of meadow and pasture in 2 
pieces at Earlshill, paying for the same to Nathaniel Daynes £4 8s., and 
to IMchard Cullyer of Norwich £5 5s., for which it is mortgaged to said 
Richard, also to pay Elizabeth my wife 40s. on release of dower. To 
Elizabeth, wife, all the residue of goods except such as I have before 
making this will given to my daughter Frances. My wife to be my sole 
executor. Robert Harvey, Richard Kett, John Rett, witnesses. Probate 
4 May 1605. Original wills, 1605, No. 28. Consistory Court, Norwich. 

John Nevell is admitted to a tenement Lagresse after the death of 
Valentine Kett, deceased, as his right, as is shewn at Coui't 3 Aug. 1590. 


1607, Oct. 20. To this Court comes Richard Cullyer (see will of 
Valentine) and asks admission holding two jneces of land that Valentine 
formerly had, and takes up the same to himself and his heirs and is 
admitted. 15 April 1694. 



ADAM KETT, son of Thomas and Agnes. 

He married Elizabeth and she died 1634. 

Thomas Knyght alias Kett.=pAgues=Stepheu Verdun. 
Died 1553. Will. I 





: Elizabeth. 
2nd wife. 


Bur. 1580. 

died 1634. 

Burnt as a 

Stephen Kett=Ann, dau. of John Castleton. 

Wymondham Registers. Burials. 

1634 June 8 Elizabeth Kett, widow. 
1660 Nov. 11 Nicholas Kett, an old man, buried. 

1626 Oct. 2 Eraunces Kett, of middle years. (Probably Valentine's 
daughter Frances.) 

Forncett St. Peter. Eegisters. 
1580 Jan. 28 John Kett, sou of Adam Kett, buried. 


1564, March 8. Norton and Suton presented that Thomas Knyght 
and Adam Knyght, sons of Thomas, are arrived at full age and are 
admitted to tenements late Thomas their father's. 

1553. Wattlefield and Silheld. It was presented that Thomas 
Knyght alias Kett died and before death surrendered to use of his will, 
namely, to use of Thomas and Adam Kett his sons when 21 years of 
age, and the said Thomas and Adam are admitted. 

1569, April 4. That John Thomas, native tenant, surrenders by 
William Knyght alias Kett a piece of an enclosure, 3 roods formerly 
Frances Gedney's, v/hich he took up 1566. To use of Adam Kett, and he 
gives a fine. * 


1570, Aug. 1. It is found by homage on the pai't of Norton and 
Suton that Adam Knyght alias Kett, one of the sons of Thomas Knyght, 
deceased, surrendered cei-tain lands (which said Adam jointly had with 
Thomas Kett his brother, then being alive), on the surrender of said 
Thomas Knyght alias Kett, his fathei', at a Court 25 March 1565 to use 
of Thomas Knyght alias Kett his brother. 


1570, Oct. 17. That Walter Ouantrell surrenders, in the presence of 
Stephen Verdun, to John Kett and Adam Kett, native tenants. Comes 
Adam Knyght alias Kett, son of Thomas and Agnes his wife, and 


surrenders the micldle part of a messuage with 9 acres 3 roods of copyhold 
land, Toly by Grisaugli in Wymondliam, with appurtenances, which Adam 
with Thomas his brother took np on s^^rrendt•r of Thomas his father 
14 April 1555, and a whole part which the said Adam had in land and 
tenement, and which said Thomas Kett, father, held of this manor to use 
of Thomas Knyght alias Kett his brother. 


1573, Aug. 4. Francis Knyght alias Kett, present in Court, sur- 
renders lands abutting iipon Fayerland which he had jointly with Stephen 
Yerdon, now deceased, on surrender of John Flowerdewe-, Esqre., 18 Oct. 
1563, to use of Adam Knyght alias Kett his brother, to whom seizin is 


1573, Dec. 9. Jeremy Browne surrenders lands which he had on 
surrender of John Jowell to Charles Jenney, gent., and said Jenney again 
surrenders them to Adam Knyght alias Kett. 


1574, April 5. Robert Starlyng and Marion his wife come and sur- 
render the middle part which he had with Anne Browne, deceased, and 
6 acres 3 roods of land formerly Thomas Denton's, and a cottage in 
Vicar's Street and 2 and a half acres Darvell in Northfeld, and 2 acres 
3 roods in Northfeld which Rohert Starlyng took up on surrender of 
Elizabeth English 10 Oct. 1566. To use of Adam Kett. 

1577^ April 4. Adam Kett and Elizabeth his wife surrender 4 acres 
of land near Conduyte Close called Buttels, which he took up 6 Nov. 1577. 


1578-9. Adam Kett and Thomas Kett and Frances his wife and 
Valentine Kett surrender 3 acres 3 roods in Norton, which he had after 
the death of Thomas Kett his father, at Court 1564-5, to use of James 

Chancery Proceedings, K. 4/40. 

In the year 1579 Adam and Valentyne Kett had a lease of a demesne 
of Perisball, Bunwell, co. Norfolk. Adam was paid out of the lease by 
John Barnard, to whom the remainder was sold. " He the same Adam 
being a symple unlearned man, by the subtyll persuasion of said Barnard, 
etc., was undone." The land belonged to Anthony Denny, and William 
luby acted as a sort of go-between or adjudicator. 


1581, April 4. Adam Knyght alias Kett surrenders 6 acres 3 roods 
in Windmyll hyll, 3 acres 3 roods in Vicars Street, 2 and a half acres 
arable land, Danyells, formerly in tenure of Stephen Verdun, a piece 
of land in Northfeld, which Adam took up on the surrender of Robert 
Starling and Marion his wife 1574. To use of Edward Flowerdewe, Gent., 
who gave a fine of 10*. 

Fiue, Michaelmas, 1582. Robert Roger, gent., Pltf., v. Adam Kett 
and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants. One messuage in Wymondham. 


Will of Elizabeth Kett of Wymondliain, co. Norfolk, widclowe. 

For the natural love and affection I have unto Ste]ihen Kett and 
Nicholas Kett my sons I have granted nnd confirmed by this deed to said 
Stephen and Nicholas all my goods tind chatells and household stuff 
except all such as I have given unto Thomas Kett and Marie Kett my 
grandchildren, as appeareth by two several writings dated the date of 
these presents, and except one bedstead in my chamber now in use of Joan 
Baxter, with a pillow and flock bolster and an old birdwork coverlett, my 
worst goune, a furred cloth and coyfe and a ruff, which last thiugs I give 
to Margaret Kett my daughter-in-law, and except my best stuff coat 
which I dayly wear, and coyfe and forehead cloth, my Blew apron, with 
a pair of hose and shoes, all which last I give to Alice Hastings, single- 
woman, my servant. Above to the said Stephen and Nicholas in equal 
shares, and for better satisfying of writing I have put them in full 
possession by the deliver^' of one table napkin in the name of the whole 
26 May 1634. Henry Eoofe, Thomas Hawke, witnesses. Proved 2 July 
1635 by Stephen Kett. 

Debts owing to me, Elizabeth Kett. For Francis Lawes his wife for 
payment for laj-ing of her in childbed 6s. Left in her hands for me by 
the godfathers or godmothers of her child. In money .... From 
Edmund Just for the like for his wife .... 

FRANCIS KETT, son of Thomas and Agnes Kett. 
Will of Stephen Verdon, Norfolk, 1572-3, fo. 90, step-father of Francis. 

" I will that the charges of Francis Knyght's scole and Thomas' be 
borne by myne executors untyll Michaelmas nexte and 408. the next 
yeare towards his learnynge." 

The result of this learning can scarcely be said to be satisfactory. 
Mr. William Burton, minister, of Bristol, in his volume of sermons 
printed in London ] 602, p. 345, calls Francis Kett " an Arian Heretick 
and consequently king-kilLer in will." 

Francis Kett entered Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 1563. He 
was elected Fellow 1573. He resigned his Fellowship 1580. He was 
burnt alive for heresy 14 Jan. 1588. Such is a short account of the facts. 
(Lanadowne MSS. 57, No. 75.) 

Note from MSS. in vellum preserved in the Guildhall at Norwich : 
" 1588. This year upon Tuesday, being the 14th day of January, Francis 
Knight alias Kett, Master of Arts, was burnt in the Castle Ditch for the 
most horrible heresy, denying that Christ was God, before His Ascension, 
and denying also the divinity of the Holy Ghost, and for many other 
erroneous opinions." 

Harley MS. 39, B. 9, fo. 6, 72. 

Articles of Heretical Pravity objected to by Sir Edmund Scramber (sic), 
Bishop of Norwich, against Francis Kett, Master of Arts, late of 
Wymondham in the diocese of Norwich, a.d. 1588. 

I. That the Covenant promised is not yet established and that the 
Covenant which you mean is the law of God written in our hearts and 
the forgiveness of our Sinnes. 

II. That there is no sufficient sacryfyce past for the synnes of the 
worlde, but that Christe shall offer it at the ende of the worlde. 


III. That Ghryste hath suffered only as Jesus allready and shall 
suffer hereafter as Jesus Cryste. 

nil. That Chryste is now in his human nature gathering a church 
in Erthe in Judea. 

v. That this yere of our Lord 1588 dyverse Jewes shall be sent to 
dyvers coiuitryes to publishe ihe new covenant. 

VI. That Chryste shall again suffer and gyve his soule for the 
synnes of the worlde before the last dayes. 

YII. That Chryste shall come before the ende of the worlde, before 
the last daye, etc. 

These are the " vai-ious and detestable herisies " for which it was 
thought necessary to burn the unfortunate Francis Kett. It happened 
in the reign of good Queen Bess. 

The Eev. H. P. Stokes, LL.D., writing about Corpus Christi College, 
says in a note, p. 84 : " Malone and other wi-iters have argued that 
Marlowe learnt his unfortunate religious or rather irreligious opinions 
from Francis Kett, a Fellow of this College.^' The usually accurate 
Malone is, however, mistaken, for Kett resigned his fellowship and left 
Cambridge in 1580, while Christopher Marlowe did not enter at Corpus 
till the early part of the following year. Moreover, the opinions held by' 
Mr. Kett differed entirely from those of the poet, nor is there any proof 
that the Norfolk clergyman adopted his peculiar views till some time later. 
He was occupied with various scientific investigations, and in 1585 is 
styled a doctor of physic. In 1588, however, he was charged with holding 
certain heretical opinions. Burton, in "David's Evidence," 1596, notes 
" How holy he would seem to be — the sacred Bible almost never out of 
his hands, himself always in prayer," but he goes on to speak of him as 
an Arian heretic, a "devil incarnate." The poor man seems to have 
been hardly sane, as may be gathered both from the extraordinary 
opinions which he held and from the account of his conduct at his 
execution. He was condemned by Bishop Seamier and burnt in the 
Castle ditches at Norwich on 14 January 1589 (N.S.). Burton, who was 
present at the awful scene, tells us that when Kett went to the fire he 
was clothed in sackcloth and went leaping and dancing. Being in the 
fire, above twenty times together, clapping his hands, he cried nothing 
but " Blessed be God," and so continuing until the fire had consumed all 
his nether parts and until he was stifled with the smoke. 

Mr. A. F. Pollard, in his " Political History of England," vol. 6, 
makes the same mistake of saying that Marlowe was taught at Cambridge 
by Francis Kett. 


Wymondham Registers. 


1618 Nov. 23 Margaret Kett, wife of Stephen Kett, 


1615 Feb. 11 Sarah Kett the daughter of Stephen Kett. 

1616 Dec. 29 Thomas Kett the son of Stephen Kett. 

1620 April 25 Edward Kett the son of Stephen Kett. 

1621 Dec. 30 Esay Kett the son of Stephen Kett. 

1622 Oct. 22 Jacob Kett the son of Stephen Kett; died 1 Nov. 1623. 


1624 Nov. 15 Jacob Kett the son of Stephen Kett, butcher. 
1626 Mar. 15 Robert Kett the son of Stephen Kett, butcher. 
1683 June 20 Henrie, son of Stephen Kett, 

1666 May 28 Aon Kett, widow. 

Stephen, Sarah and Thomas (of Morley) were the children by 
Margaret, and Stephen is baptized before the Registers begin. 

Edward, Esay or Esau, the two Jacobs, Robert and Henry are the 
children by Ann Castleton. 

Will of John Castleton of VVymondham, Gent. 

To Steven Kett and Ann his wife and their heirs a tenement which 
they have possession of, according as I have bargained and contracted to 
them in consideration of marriage. Signed John Castleton. Dated 13 
Sept. 1624. Proved 19 Nov. 1624 by the executor. 

Norfolk Archd. Court, Original Wills, 1624. 

Grishaugh. 1632, Sept. 24. John Castleton has died and Stephen 
Kett and Ann his wife produce his will, in which he leaves to Stephen 
Kett and Ann his wife. His will is produced dated 13 Sept. 1624; 

1633, Nov. 7. Stephen Kett, butcher, and Ami his wife come and 
surrender lands which they had under John Castleton's will. To use of 
John Strange.' 

Administration Norfolk, 1652, p. 24. 

Stephen Kett. Upon the 22 day of August the Commissioners issued 
to Anne Kett, the relict of Stephen Kett, late of Wymondham, co. 
Norfolk, deceased, to administer the goods of the said deceased. 

Probate Court Old Book, Norfolk Archdeacom-y. 

Samuel Kett and Elizabeth Cole married 1678. (Son of Stephen 
and Mary his wife, grandson of Stephen the butcher.) 


Venn's " Biographical History of Gonville and Caius College, 
Cambridge," 1897. 

Esau Kett, son of Stephen Kett, butcher, of Wymondham, Norfolk, 
was born and at school there seven years under Mr. Lock. Aged 16 he 
was admitted sizar 21 Jan. 1639-40, of Mr. Cruso, B.A., 1643-4. Ordained 
Deacon and Priest, Norwich, 22 Sept. 1644. Curate of Crownthorpe, 
Yicar of Wicklewood 1653 — 1688, and Rector of Crownthorpe 1657 — 

He married Amie, daughter and coheir of Richard Wright. She 
was buried at Wicklewood 1671. He had two daughters and one son. 
Elizabeth, born 1666; Stephen, born 1660. Stephen married and had a 
daughter Elizabeth Kett, who was under age 1687. She is mentioned in 
the will of Edward Kett of Mattishall Bergh, yeoman, dated 1698, proved 


1701. He was her great-uncle. Stephen must have died before his 
father, as his uncle Edward speaks of him as dead in 1698, and his father 
only mentions his datighter Elizabeth and his grauddaug'hter Elizabeth. 

Manor of Shadwells in Morley. 

1654, Oct. 16. It is recorded that Esay Kett, Clerk, and Ann his 
wife appeared, and she surrendered her 7th part of 16 acres and a pightle 
called Ellis' pightle in Deepham, which the said Ann took up as one of 
six sisters and coheirs of Francis Wright, deceased. This sixth part the 
said Ann, together with Margaret, wife of Edniimd Ball, Mary, wife of 
Sampson Sabberton, Martha, wife of Eichard Baxter, Elizabeth Wright 
and Sarah Wright took up in copercenary. 

Exchequer Bills and Answers, Chas., 2/32 Norf., 1662. 

14 Chas. II., 1662. Esay Kett of Wicklewood, Clerk, debtor of 
His Majesty for nine years. Your poor Orator has been lawful incumbent 
of Wicklewood, but one John Skipp, gent., of Wicklewood will not pay 
the small tithes. The Vicarage is wurth £30 per annum. 

Answer of John Skipp 22 Nov. 1662. He says he doubts if Esay 
Kett was rightly inducted, though he gave him the living, and that 
during the late unhappy wars the Complainant hath wasted allerniost of 
the houses belonging to the said Vicarage and imbesseled the tynibers 
and other materialls ther and hath neglected the Cure. 

(It seems a rather difiicult thing to embezzle timbers.) 

Will of Esay Kett of Wicklewood, co. Norfolk, Clerk. 

My soul to God and my body to Christian burial. To Elizabeth 
Kett, grandchild, £5 at 21. Residue to Elizabeth Kett, daughter, who is 
sole executrix. Mathew Gould, Eichard Gould, Mathew Gould, Jun., 
witnesses. Dated 13 June 1687. Proved 16 Oct. 1688 by executrix. 

Will of Edward Kett of INIattishall, co. Norfolk, yeoman. 

. To Colin Chamberlaiue of Mattishall lands in Mattishall. To Eliza- 
beth Kett, daughter of Stephen Kett, kinsman, deceased, £50 at 21. To 
each cbild of brother Henrie Kett, deceased, £5. To each child of brother 
Eobert Kett, deceased, £5. Dated 22 Oct. 1698. Proved 27 March 1701. 
Norf. Archd. Original Wills, 1701, No. 8. 

Queen's, Wtmondham. 

1677, Oct. 17. As at Court 26 March 1073 that Michael Shave and 
Anne his wife, and Prancis Proctor and Abigail his wife surrender land in 
Wymondham to use of Edward Kett. 

Will dated 1676 of William Moore of Wymondham, butcher. 

To Mary my wife. To Elizabeth Kett my mother (in-law). To 
children of John Cullyer and Eoberfc Eeynolds my uncles. To my father- 
in-law Edward Kett. My brother-in-law Simon Howse to be supervisor. 
Proved 27 Oct. 1676. Norf. Archd. Com-t. 

This Edward Kett was the sou of Stephen Kett, butcher. He was 
baptised 1620, and his will was proved 1701 of Mattishall, yeoman. He 
was buried at Wymondham 24 March 1701. 



Will of Robert Kett of Mattisliall, Bergli, plowright, 
1680, He made his nuncupative -vvill. 

7 July 

Son Richard Kett. Daughter Alice Kett. Richard Barford, grand- 
child. Residue to wife Anne. Adm'on granted 25 Oct. 1680 to Ann 
Kett the relict. Norf. Archd. Register 1680, fo. 417, No. 321. 

1616, Dec. 29. Thomas Kett the son of Stephen Kett, butcher, and 
Ann his wife was baptised at Wymondham. 

1664-5, March 8. Thomas Kett buried at Morley St. Peter's. 

1662, July 6. Philip Kett, son of Thomas Kett, baptised. (Mother's 
name Elizabeth.) 

1664, Oct. 30. Dorcas Kett, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth, 

1686, Oct. 19. Jacob Kett and Mary Clyffon were married. 

These latter entries are all at Morley St. Peter's. 

1689, June 2. Also Jacob Kett, son of Philip Kett and Mary his wife, 

Will of Thomas Kett of Morley St. Peter's, Norfolk, husbandman. 
Sound in mind but sick in body. 

My messuage, land and tenements, freehold and copyhold in Morley 
St. Peter's and elsewhere to my wife Elizabeth, for the term of her 
natural life, and then all the same to my son Thomas Kett and his 
heirs for ever. To Elizabeth Kett my daughter £6 to be paid by my son 
Thomas. To Jacob Kett my sou £6 to be paid, etc. To Philip Kett my 
son £6 to be paid, etc. To Dorcas Kett my daughter £6 to be paid, etc. 
Son Thomas not 21. Residue to Elizabeth mj' wife. Anna Seaborne, 
John Duffield, witnesses. 1664, fo. 27b. Date. No proof recorded. 

Kett. Bapt. 1616 Wymond-^Elizabctl3*=John Potter of 

ham ; bur. 8 March 1664 Morley St. 
Peter's. Will. 

Elizabeth =Wm. 

thorpe. Mar. 
April 1679. 

:Mary Clyffou, 
mar. 1686 Morley, 
died 6 Nov. 1743, 





I I 

Durcas, Thomas 

bapt. 1st sou. 

Jacob.+ B.apt. 1689. Died 11 Oct. 1719. 

Wymondham Registers. 

1691 May 17 Thomas, son of Jacob Kett. 

1692 Feb. 26 Philip, son of Jacob Kett. 
1695 Feb. 23 Robert, son of Jacob Kett. 

* 1679, April 21. Elizabeth Kett of this parish, widow, mar. to John Potter of Besthorpe. 
(Morley St. Peter's.) 

+ 1677, Sept. 11. 'Wiu. Day of 'Wymondhain and Elizabeth Kett mar. (Morlev St. Peter's.) 
X 1719, Oct. 11. Jacob Kett died. (Wymondham Eegisters.) 


June 13 


April 25 


May 24 


June 14 




July 28 


Esau the sou of Jacob Kett and Mary bis wife. 

Mary, dau. of Esau and Mary Kett. 

Dorcas, tlau. of Esau and Mary Kett. 

Esau, sou of Esau and Mary Kett. 

Sarab, dau. of Esau and Mary Kett. 

Jobu, son of Esau Kett and Mary. 

Will of Robert Kett of Wyuioudbam, yeoman. 

To Esau Kett my brother my messuage iu Wymoudham, in occupa- 
tion of John Kett, nephew, for life and then to Eoj;-er, one of the younger 
sons of said Esau. To niece Sarah, wife of Henry Tuttle, a messuage and 
laud iu Wrampliugham, Norfolk, for life, remainder to Robert Kett. All 
other messuages iu Wymoudham to nephew John Kett for life, remainder 
to Michael Kett, great nephew, charged with payment of Is. 6d. for life to 
nephew Esau Kett. Sarah, wife of Henry Tuttel, £50. i\Iary Copping and 
Dorcas Hardingham, nieces, £25 each. To Mary, wife of John Carter of 
Wymondhara, peruke makei', £10. To great-nephews John and Robert, 
sous of nephew Jacob Kett, deceased, £5 each. To Sarah Rivett, kins- 
woman, £5. To children of nephew Philip Kett £5 each. To the several 
sons and daughters of Sarah Tuttel by a former husband £5 each. 
Nephew Robert Kett and friend Peter Stougliton of Wymoudham, 
executors. Witnesses : Elizabeth Bearnard, Jeremiah Colmau, Richard 
Bearnard. Dated 17 March 1780. Proved 30 July 1782. 

Wymoudham Registers. 

1782 July 4 Mr. Robert Kett, buried, aged 88. 
1695 Feb. 23 Robert, son of Jacob Kett, bapt. 

1724 Dec. 8 Robert, son of Jacob Kett, and Mary Woodcock, both 
single, mar. 

Will of Esau Kett of Wymoudham, Norfolk, yeoman. 
He charges his messuages in Wrampliugham with payment of legacies, 
and subject to this executors to sell the same and give proceeds to niece 
Mary, daughter of deceased brother John Kett. Also to Elizabeth and 
Sarah, daughters of said brother John, £10 each at 21. Sail niece Mary 
and friend Mr. John Carter of Wymondham, Innkeeper, executrix and 
executor. All personal estate to said Mary. Peter Stougliton, M. A. 
Stouo-hton, Jno. C. Stoughton, witnesses. Dated 18 Dec. 1789. Proved 
20 Aug. 1791 by ex'or. Norf. Archd. Register, 1791, No. 46, fo. 192. 

Wymoudham Registers. 
1791 Jime 30 Esau Kett, aged 64 (born about 1727). 

1765 Dee. 14 Roger Kett of this parish, single man, and Elizabeth 

Cornwall of this parish, single woman. 
1751 Feb. 3 John Rivit and Sarah Kett, both single. 



1766 Sept. 24 Mary, dau. of Eoger and Elizabeth Kett. 

1768 Oct. 17 Jacob, son of 

1771 Feb. 21 George, „ 

1773 April 28 Ann, dau. of „ „ 


1801 Aug. 27 Jacob Kett of this parish, bachelor, and Mary Tickling 

of the same imrish, spinster. 
1792 Oct. 10 Anthony Bunn of this parish, bachelor, and Mary Kett 

of the same parish, spinster. 

Philip Kett, son of Jacob Kett who married Mary ClyfPon, went to 
live at Old Buckenham, near Attleboro', Norfolk. 

Registers at Old Buckenham. 

1714 Sept. 30 Sarah, dau. of Philip Kett and Elizabeth his wife, 

1717 Jan. 1 Philip, son of Philip and Elizabeth Kett, bapt. 
1720 — Mary, dau. of Philip and Elizabeth Kett, bapt. 

1724 May 31 Jacob, son of Philip and Elizabeth Kett, bapt. 

We remember that Esau Kett, son of Jacob Kett and JMary Clyffon, 
married Mary, and though we do not know where they married, the 
children were baptized at Wyuioudham, at least the younger ones. By 
then- uncle Robert's will 1780, and from W3'mondham Registei-s, we find 
Esau, the eldest son, who died 1791, leaving a will; he was evidently 
unmarried. He was buried at Wyniondham. 

Then came John Kett, baptized 1734. He married Sarah, and was 
buried at Wymondham 1807, figed 77. 

John Kett had daughters Sarah, Mary and Elizabeth, and sons 
Michael and John. Michael married Elizabeth Reynolds at Wymondham 
1794. She died 1845, aged 77. Michael was baptized 1768 and died 
1826, aged 58, leaving cliildren Elizabeth, Robert, L}dia, Maria and John. 
Robert was baptized 1795. He married and left a son Wdliam Kett of 
Wicklewood, who married Sarah, daughter of Richard Kett. 

Esau's third son was Jacob Kett, who married Elizabeth Howlen 
1757. Robert Kett, the fourth son, died 1784. Eoger Kett, the fifth 
son, was baptized 1740 and was buried at Wyinondham 1800. 

Eoger Kett married Elizabeth Cornwall 14 Dec. 1765, and they had 
four children, Mary, Jacob, George and Ann. Their marriages are 
transcribed from the Wymondham Register, see pp. 109, 110. 

Morley St. Botolph's Register. 

1799 Jan. 1 George Kett of Wymondham and Catherine Potter of 

Morley St. Peter, married. 

Wymondham Registers. 

1800 Eliza, dau. of George Kett and Catherine Potter, born July 13; 

bapt. 17. 


1801 William, son of George and Catherine Kett, born Dec. 6 ; bapt. 30. 
1803 Thomas, son of George and Catherine Kett, born Mar. 17 ; bapt. 

April 6. 
1806 Asa, son of George and Catherine Kett, born Mar. 23 ; bapt. 23. 
1809 George, son of George and Catherine Kett, born June 26 ; bapt. 

July 12. 

1811 Jacob, son of George and Catherine Kett, born Aug. 25; bapt. 

Sept. 11. 

1812 Esau, son of George and Catherine Kett, born Nov. 5; bapt. 

Dec. 25. 
1814 Barbara, dau. of George and Catherine Kett, born — ; baj)t. 
May 22. 


THOMAS KNYGHT alias KETT, married Erances Mayde; died 1612. 
Wymondham, Queen's Manor. 

1573, May 1. At P. Record Office. Inquisition ex officio Thomas 
Kett and John Kett. Then comes John Gedney and Ann his wife and 
surrender a close containing 4 acres 1 and a half roods land called 
Bellescloses to Thomas Eaayght alias Kett. 

1573, Oct. 29. Then' come Thomas Mytchell and Frances his wife 
and surrender all that part which the said Frances held since the death 
of Thomas Dunton, formerly taken up 22 Nov. 1562. To use of Thomas 
Knight alias Kett. 

Then come William Crane and JMary his wife and surrender their 
4 part of a close opposite Westwode, formerly in the farm of William 
Tonge, 7 acres. To Thomas Knyght alias Kett. 

1574, April 5. John Symonds, junior, comes and surrenders 
messuages and 31 acres of tenement. To use of Thomas Kett; no fine 
was paid because the land was mortgaged. Afterwards Thomas Kett 
surrenders again to the use of John Symonds, Junr. 

1575, March 31. Comes Henry Tytsale and surrenders 4 acres 1 rood 
in tenement Barkers. To use of Thomas Kett. 

To this Coiu't the Lady comes and concedes to Thomas Kett a parcell 
of 7 acres in Bystland that Thomas Kett alienates and sells to John 
Pelles all that part by Westwade formerly Denton's. 


1576, April 6. Thomas Knight alias Kett, Frances his wife, present 
in Court, svu'render lands near le Gameplace. 

1578, Oct. 13. That Thomas Kett, native tenant, out of Court, 
siu'renders a messuage containing 9 acres and land Joly by Grishaugh, 
formerly Walter Wadkers, in Wymondham. To use of James Sebarn, 
etc. And afterwards said Thomas Knyglit alias Kett and Frances his 
wife come and also Valentine Knyght alias Kett and Adam Knyght alias 
Kett and surrenders and quitclaims to James Sebarn said promisses. 

Fine, Hilary 1578-9, Jan., Feb. Between William Kett, senior, and 
Thomas Kett and Frances his wife of 17 acres in Wymondham and 

Fine, Hilary 1578-9. Between Robert Tilney and Thomas Kett and 
Frances his wife and Roger Wotton, Gent., of 29 acres of land in 
Wymondham, Crownthorpe and East Tuddenham. 

Wymondham, Queen's. 

1579, Mar. 30. On inquisition of office of bailiff William Kett, 
Senior. Adam Kette. 

Comes William Wiseman and surrenders one and a half roods of 
land called le Gravelpytte, which said William took up 10 Oct. 1570. 
To use of Thomas Knyght alias Kett. 


1580, April 7. Thomas Knyglit alias Kett fined Sd. for permitting 
cattle of his to wander in a field north of Wymondliam. At this Court, 
the third, it is asked if there is a claim on 2 tenements in Vicars Street in 
Wymondhani formerly in tenure of John Agas. The Lady concedes the 
same to Thomas Knyght alias Kett, also 4 acres, Barkers, and Pelham, 
Davies, also le Gravelpytte. The Queen grants said premisses to Thomas 
Kett and Frances his wife for the term of their lives, and after the decease 
of said Thomas and Frances to Stephen K. alias K. and John K. alias K., 
sons of said Thomas and Frances. Then to the legitimate heirs of said 
Stephen and John. Thomas K. alias K. comes and surrenders a close 
called Bellesclose, called formerly Barbersclose in Northfield in Wymond- 
hani, which said Thomas formerly held and surrendered. The Lady 
reconcedes the premises to Thomas with remainder to Thomas his son, 
said Thomas the son to pay Frances and Joan liis sisters £20 sterling 
when they are 18 j'ears of age. Thomas the father gives a fine and does 

Thomas surrenders Cundyt Close which he formerly held and sur- 
rendered on surrender of Valentine K. alias K. With the intention the 
Lady regrant the same to Thomas and Frances his wife for their lives, 
then to Stephen and John, sons of said Thomas and Frances, and to the 
heirs of said Stephen and John. And he gives a fine. 

1580, Oct. 17. Thomas Knyght alias Kett, customai-y tenant, comes 
and surrenders 4 acres 1 rood of underwood, a close tenement called 
Barkers, and a tenement Enterbate, and Pelham, Danyell and Davy in 
a close in Norton, Maydew in Downham, which said Thomas Kett 
formerly on surrender Henry Tytshall, also le Gravellpitte, two tenements 
in Vicars street, also an enclosure called Bellescloses. To use of Thomas 
Barret for ten years, after that to Thomas Knyght alias Kett and his 

Exchequer Bills and Answers, Norfolk, No. 35. 

1581, Easter. Edward Flowerdewe, sergt.-at-law, steward of Queen's 
Manor, complains that Thomas Kett, yeoman, was seized of pastures, etc., 
lately piu-chased of Sir Harry Cobham, Knt., lying in the said town, has 
lately taken divers beasts found straying in the manor, . . . the said Kett 
has lately entered into a parcell of land containing about one acre lying 
in Northfield of Wymondham called Mill Hill, claiming it as his freehold, 
and has lately ei-ected a new windmill thereon to the loss of Her Majesty's 
Mill. Plaintiff prays for remedy. Allowed by Court. 

The Answer of Thomas Kett. The Queen is seized of 2 closes, called 
Bixland and Ballymunders and Cudyt Meadows, Sir Henry Cobham con- 
veyed land called ]\lyll Hill to John Edmund, who built the mill for the 
use of Her Majesty's tenants and subjects dwelling in Wymondham. 

1581, April 4. The Jurors swear on the Sacrament that Thomas 
Knyght alias Kett, native tenant, surrenders by the hand of John Kett, 
native tenant, Westwood, that among others the said Thomas took up 
12 Oct. 1580. To use of John Gooch. 


1582, July 22. Thomas Kett surrenders to Thomas Earburgh alias 
Crane lands which said Thomas took up 1577 on surrender of William 
Knyght alias Kett and other lands which he took up on surrender of 
Eichird Kett at the same Court. 



1583, April 4. It is presented that Stephen Mayde surrendered on 
witness of Valentine Kett all lands which he then held on condition of 
£117 payment ; afterwards Stephen Mayde with Anna his wife sold these 
premises to Thomas Kett on certain conditions. Deed dated 1 March 

1583, Oct. 4. That John Nevile surrenders 12 acres, 2 acres, 7 acres 
and 2 enclosures called Grenes, which last he took up from Valentine 
Kett 4 April 1581 in presence of Thomas Kett and Thomas Haste, gent., 
to Edward Page of Fiamlinghnm. 

1584, Oct. 5. John Agas comes with complaint that Thomas Kett 
without title enters 2 tenements in Vicars Street. Thomas makes default 
and John Aggas is admitted and does fealty. 

1585, April 14. Eobert Barret and Ann his wife ask of Elizabeth 
Courold, widow, a third part of a piece of land Blery in Silfield, and one- 
third part of land by Bromehall, which was dowry of same Ann from 
Eobert Courold deceased formerly her husband. 

Ann was sister of Thomas Knyght alias Kett who married Frances 
Mayde. She married first Robert Corn-old and secondly Robert Barret of 

1586, March 14. It was made known by the bailiff service of 
Stephen Mayde and Anne his wife that Thomas Kett did not own and 
restore a messuage in Damgate. Thomas comes and asks to be admitted 
to a narrow messuage in Chupelgate, formerly Walter Rome's, and also 
part of a cottage formerly Roger VVhytaine's, and to a tenement in Cliapel- 

.gate Street formerly Walter Rome's, and to another tenement and 
messuage in Chapelgate and to more land. Thomas Kett gives fine and 
does fealty. 

1586-7, March 14. Thomas Kett and Frances his wife surrender all 
undermentioned property to the use of John Kett and Mary his wife 
and Elizabeth Rynching. 


1592, Nov. 7. Sylfield. Homage say that Thomas Knight alias 
Kett about the 20th July last unlawfully entered a meadow near West- 
wade Chapel, and he enclosed with fences and ditches a parcel of land 
about one rood. And he cut down wood and took it away, and enclosed 
more land near the mill pool. The bailiff is ordered to seise into the 
Lord's hands the bond lands and tenements that Thomas occupies, because 
he holds the same without any surrender and is in all things disobedient, to 
the bad example of other tenants. 

1593. Thomas Kett unlawfully felled an ash-tree within the free 
land of this manor, he is ordered not to do it again, fine 6d., under 
penalty of 40s. Thomas Kett unlawfully feeds his sheep on the connnon 
pasture, fined 12d. Said Thomas burdens another common pasture with 
his sheep, fined Gd. 

Exchequer Bills and Answers, Norfolk, No. 135. Public Record Office. 

Thomas Kett, late of W^'inondham, yeoman, and Richard Kett, brotlier 
and heir of Thoaias Kett deceased. Concerning a messuage in Town- 
grene, Wymondham, and meadow or wood called Bixland. Twelve acres 
and 15 acres, and Ciindit meadow 12 acres. Thomas Kett enfeoffed 
William Thorpe and he enfeoffed Thomas Kett, junior. Thomas Kett 


was Orator's fatlicr, and he acted in tliis way fur liis will. Id 158:3, 
Feb. 10, your Orator was a tenant at will. Orator acknowledged the Statute 
of Staple and took on the payment of £75. Now Tlionias Kett, junior, 
is dead and the premises descend to Richard his brother your Oiator. 

Thus we see that Thomas Kctt who married Frances Mayde had 
sons Thomas and Richard. 

Exchequer Bills and Answers, No. 145. 

Orator Thomas Kett of Wymondham, yeoman, by reason of one 
Stephen Mayde long- dead, answerable for the debts of one John AUott, 
citizen and alderman of London, Orator became indebted to his Majesty 
in £85 and was imprisoned. Sir Henry Wodehouse, High Sheriff, and 
Henry Hall, Under Sheriff, gathered £13 IBs., and also certain cliattles of 
one William Kett, farmer, of certain lands of your poor Orator's. Writ 
issued by John Baxter. 27 Eliz., 1584-5. 

Answer. The lands were sold back to Thomas Kett the younger. 

1591, May 6. He .speaks of William Kett. 

Exchequer Bills and Answers. Eliz., Norfolk, No. 279, 1589—90. 

Thomas Earborough alias Crane of Wymondham, co. Noifolk, Draper, 
and John E. alias C. of Pulhain Market, drajjer, co)uplains that Thomas 
E. was indebted to Thomas Kett for £50 by an obligation dated 27 Sept. 
1581, they and Edward E. baker, deceased, became bound to Anthony 
Kett then an infant in the sum of £100 for payment of £50 on Lammas 
Day 1588 at the mansion house of Thomas Kett in Wymondham. Before 
payment was made at Michaelmas 1587 an order was made as follows : 
That whereas John Allot, citizen of London and Major of Staple owed 
the Queen money, and in discharge 1 July 1584 he assigned to her 
Majesty a writing obligatory, acknowledged by one Tliomas Kett 19 Feb. 
1583 of £160 to John Allot, whereui^on process had been awarded, to iind 
out what lands said Thomas Kett had. It was found Tliomas was 
sufficient, but that to deceive his creditors he conveyed away his lauds and 
sold his goods and took bonds for payment of money due in the name of 
his children. When the money was due he received it liimself and 
delivered the bonds, and so bought and sold in other men's names. Infer 
alia the said Thomas Kett had an assurance of copyhold lands of John 
Symonds of Wymondham on condition he pay said Thomas £15 yearh'. 
The said Antony Kett died intestate, and the obligation remains in the 
hands of Thomas Kett uncancelled. Thomas refuses to deliver it to 
plaintiffs, and procured administration last March of the goods of said 
Antony to be committed to Richard Kett, another of the sons of Thomas 

The answers of Thomas and Richard Knight alias Kett. About 
1583 plaintiff bought copyhold lands in Wymondham of Thomas Kett 
for £230. Thomas had four young sons altogether unprovided for ; he 
therefore appointed to each £50, and Anthony being one of the four, he 
apprenticed to a draper and tailor. The £50 to be paid about 7 years 
after, to set him up in trade. Whereupon plaintiff came down on Anton)', 
then an infant, in the sum of £100 with condition said £50 be paid on 
Lammas Day 1588. Some time afterwards, at request of Stephen Mayde, 
brother of Thomas Kett's wife, defendant and Mayde became bound to 
John Allot in Statute of Staple of £1G0 for payment of £85. Stephtn 

Q 2 


Mayde was liindered by iinjust causes taken against liiui by Plaintiff, 
Thos. Earborough, and did not pay the =€85, so statute was forfeited and 
Allot assigned it to her Majesty, and process of extent was awarded to 
extend Defendant's lands at £20 13.-!. 4(7. per ann. They were really 
worth £60 and his goods at £80. About £250 was levied of Defendants. 
Plaintiff came to Antony Kett and brought a purse containing L50 on 
which Thomas Kett, a younger brother of Anthony, he had the said bond 
and letter of attorney authorising him to receive the same, which he 
would give up on receipt of the money, but Plaintiff refused to pay 
Thomas ; he afterwards paid Henry Rolfe. Defendant is persuaded there 
is no cause to seek relief in the Court against Richard Kett, administrator 
of the goods of Anthony his brother, who when the bond came into his 
hands commenced suit against Plaintiffs. 


1607, Sept. 29. Norton. That Thomas Kett does not repair and 
maintain a post and bolt between le gate land (near Stanfield Hall). He 
owes for this and is ordered to repair by Pentecost under penalty of 3s. 4rf. 

1610, Aug. 20. Thomas Kett, 30 Jan. 1609, surrendered a parcel of 
land in Middletou Towngrene, which Thomas formerly had to himself 
and heirs, to the use of Stephen Kett, his heirs and assigns, who is present 
and is admitted. 

Will of Thomas Kett of Wymondhani, co. Norfolk, yeoman. 
Being sick he made his nuncupative will and desired to be buried in 
the Church of Wymondbam, and left all his goods to his wife Frances 
Kett and appointed her sole executrix. Stephen Kett, John Sparke, 
witnesses. Dated 1 June 1612. Proved 24 July 1612 at Wymondham. 
Norf. Archd. Register, 1612, fo. 144. 

RICHARD KETT of Wicklewood. 

Fine 1611, Michaelmas. John Durrant v. Richard Kett and Elizabeth 
his wife and Robert Sherwood and Dorothy his wife, one messuage and 
40 acres of land in Wymondham. 

Fine 1618-19, Hillary. John Furmary, clerk, and Margery Furmary, 
widow, V. Richard Kett, gent., and Elizabeth his wife and Alexander 
Folsham and Briget his wife. 

Fine 1618-19. Richard Kett, gent., v. Francis Alcock, gent., and 
Margaret his wife, Ashwellthorpe. 

Fine 1624, Michaelmas. Richard Kett, gent., and Joan Jennynge v. 
Richard Walker alias Waker, Robert Mycklebrowe and Mai-y his wife in 

Wtmondham, Queen's Manok. 1627. 

1677, Oct. 17. It is ascertained that Robert Agas surrendered land 
to the use of Loye Agas, son and heir apparent of Robert Agas, and to 
Martha Agas daughter of Robert Agas. Robert died intestate. Loye 
Ao-as comes and asks to be admitted to land, 1 Aug. 1627, iu the tenure 
of" Richard Kett, which the aforesaid Robert Agas took up at Court 
20 Chas. II., April 8, after the death of Robert Agas his father. And 
immediately said Luye Agas and Martha his wife come and surrender 
land once Loye Agas', uncle of said Loye. 


Fine 1635-6, Hillary. Martin Sitlley, Arm. v. Eichanl Kt-tt, gent., 
and Beatrix his wife, in Wyniondham and BarfurJ. 

Will of Williaui Payne of Wyniondham, genl., dated 1 June 104!). 
Richard Kctt a witness, Consist. C'onrt. 

Ckomwkll Man ok. 

165;J. Presented that Richard Kett, gent., died since last Court and 
that Thomas Kett, gent., is his son and heir, who comes and prays admission 
to his father's lands, which said Richard Kett took up on the death of 
Frances Kett, his mother, of the surrender of Stephen Kett 17 Oct. 1626, 
and also other lands, which Richard took up on surrender of Thomas Kett, 
deceased, 6 Aug. 1607. 

THOMAS KETT of Wicklevvood, gent. 
Marriage Licence, Norwich. 

1634, Jan. 31. Thomas Kett of Wymondham, singleman, and Eliza- 
beth Meene of Wymondham, s ingle wojnaii, at Wicklewood. 

(The lady's name was not Elizabeth, but Susanna.) 

Manoe op WiCKLEWoon Ampueks. 

1635, Nov. 3. 11 Chas. I. At a Court held on this date, Thomas 
Kett, gent., appeared, and he is admitted to certain lands, 1 rood of land 
in Southgate field in Wicklewood, and he is admitted to the same on 
surrender of Henry Meene. At this same Court appears Edona, wife of 
Christopher Postell, Anne Meene, and Susanna, wife of Thomas Kett, the 
sisters and co-heirs of Henry Meene, junior, deceased, who are of full 
age, and they are admitted and at once sm-render to Thomas Kett. 

Wicklewood Parish Register. 1653, Anne Kett the wife of Thomas 
Kett, gent., buried 25 May. 

1660-1, Jan. 22. On this date Thomas Kett of Wicklewood, gent., is 
admitted to a close, Ampuers Bushes in Wicklewood. One and a half 
acres in Southfield, one rood in Neckar's Close, on the surrender of Lionel 
Pitts and Ursula his wife. Now to this Court comes Hester Kett, widow 
and relict of Richard Kett, gent., deceased, son of the said Thomas, and 
produces Thomas Kett's will, dated 16 Jan. 1680, proved before Esay 
Kett, clerk, M.A., svu-rogate, etc., in which he gives Esther Kett his 
daughter-in-law lands in Wicklewood and Crownthori^e, smd the said 
Esther Kett is thereupon admitted to one rood of land late John Nicker's 
in Southgate field in Wicklewood, one rood next Calfhaugh lane, and one 
and a half acres in Wicklewood. 

Queen's Manor, Wymondham. 

1679, Oct. 13. To this Court comes Thomas Kett, gent., and Alice 
his wife, and surrenders one half acre taken up 23 Chas. I., Oct. 11, on 
surrender of Thomas Beale, and other lands taken up 11 Oct. 1653. 
To use of John Ellis of Wymondham, baker. Toget'.ier with Hester 
Kett, relict of Riciiard Kett, son of said Thomas Kett. And also Mary 


Kett and Elizabeth Kett, daiigliters of said Richard and Hester, at tlie 
age of 21. If it shouhl happen thiit the said Mai-y and Elizabeth should 
die before the}- attain the age of "21 years .... 

Le Neve pedigree, with additions from "W'icklewood llolls, Registers 
and wills. 


Henry le= Alice, only dau.= Thomas 
^Neve. and heir of Died 16S0. 

Henry Neve of 2nd husband. 


Susanna ^feene, sister of=Anne, 
Henry Meene, jun., de- bur. 
ceased ; died Aug. 1646. 25 May 
1st wife. 1653. 

Hester ]e Neve=i=Eicliard Kett. Boru 1G13; died before IGSl. 
I Sou of Thos. Kett. 

Mary, born 29 June 1669 ;=Henry Egling- Elizabeth, born 9=Peter Parham 
bur. atBawdeswellllNov. ton of Bawdes- Oct, 1671; died of Swantou 
1741. well, gent. 22 April 1718. Morley, gent. 

Will of Stephen Dillan of Wyinondham, 19 April 1668, grocer. 

To Elizabeth, my sister, money left her under the will of Robert 
Dillan of Wymondhani my father, deceased. To John Dillan my brother. 
My kinsman Thomas Kett of Wicklewood, gent., to be e.-cecittor. Proved 
31 May 1668. Norfk. Archd. Court. 

Manor oi;' Gunviles, Wymondiiam. 

1673, April 28. Thomas Kett, gent., fined od. for not paying his 
quit rents for his lands. 

1677, April 30. 0:i this date the homage present that Thomas Kett, 
gent., on the 8th of December last, came before the Steward of the Manor 
in the presence of E^au Kett, clerk, and Richard Starke, and surrendered 
his lands in Northfield in Wymondham, called Rett's field, to the use of 
his will hereafter to be declared. 

1680, May 2. At this Court the death of Thomas Kett, gent., was 
presented, and it was found that Mary Kett and Elizabeth Kett the 
daughters of Richard Kett were his heirs. 

Manor op Wicklewood Ampuers. 

1679, Nov. 11. At this date mention is made of Thomas Kett, gent., 
and Alice his wife and also of Susanna his late wife, which Susanna 
together with Edona, wife of Christopher Forth,* and Anne Meene were 
the sisters and co-heirs of Henry ]\leene, junior, now deceased, and they 
surrender their lands to John Ellis, baker. 

Queen's Manor, Wtmondham. 

1681, Oct. 17. 33 Chas. 11. u3 5 P.R.O. As at Court 12 Chas. II. 
Nov. 13, Thomas Kett, gent., surrendered a tenement to the use of his 
will (that Thomas Kett died after the lust Court), witnessed 16 Jan. 1680, 
" to Mary Kett my grandchild at 21 " (Mary is aged 10 years) land which 
Thomas took up 1653 after the death of Richard Kett his father. 

* See p. 117, Christopher Tostell. 


Will uf Thomas Kett of Wicklewood, co. Norfolk, gent. 

To the poor of Wicklewood, 20s. To Esther Kett, daufrhter-iu-law, 
tenement at Wicklewood. Brother Philip Kett. To Mary Kett, grand- 
child, not 21. To Elizabeth Kett, grandchild, not 21. To Alice wife. 
John Ellis to be sole executor. Witaesses : Fr. Neve, L. Hinton, Michael 
Duffield. (Signed) Thomas Kett. Dated 16 Jan. 1680-1. Proved 
2 March 16S0-1. Norfk. Arclid. Register, 1680, fo. Sib, No. 280. 


Will of Henrj Kett. P.C.C, 104, Rirers. 

I, Henry Kttt, being going out upon the publiciue service and being 
uncertain of my retourue, doo leave this as my last will and testament. 
I doo give to my deare ffather that bond of £10 which is due to me from 
Master Weindom, with power to receive it. And likewise a receipt which 
I had for a horse that I carryed in for the States service, which was 
valued at k'2'y, to be at his disponjnge. And I doo give to my Brother 
Thomas Kett that money which is owing to me from ]Mr. Crrundey, 
Goldsmith of Lynn, and that which Mr. Pikle of Norwicli oweth me, with 
power to receive it. And I doo give to iny Sister Coike that money 
which Mr. Banton oweth meo with power, etc. And I doo give to my 
Sister Tyte one diamond ringe with seaven stones in it. And to my 
Sister Dove that money my brother Totney oweth me with o2 ounces of 
silver things which came out of my glas, my ounces of lace and the Lease 
of my house, she paying the rent jfor it, which is £20 a year. And I doo 
give to my brother Phillip Hall my tables and glasses, with all my clothes, 
muskett rest, and bandyloons. And for my household stuff I shall leave 
to my father's dispouynge. In witness whereof I have sett to my hand 
this 5th July 1643. 

Henry Kett. 

I have left 6 small gould rings with my sister Dove, which I doo 
give her, if it please Godd I doo not retourue. And that money which 
my brother Thomas Kett oweth me I desire his eldest daughter may have, 
which be about £6. 

Henry Kett. 

This ring inclosed is for my sister Tyte. 

Date 5 July 1643. Probate 4 Aug. 1645 to Ricliard Kett, father of 
the deceased. 

Genealogical Gleanings in England. Waters. 
Philip Kett witnessed a will of Samuel Cooke of Dublin, Ireland. 

Will of Samuel Cooke. 

To Anne, wife, messuages called Rowses in St. Andrew's, Ringfield, 
Suffolk. Son John Cooke. Daughter Annie Cooke. Brother (insane) 
John Cooke. Brother Erasmus Cooke. Thomas Cooke, City of London, 
goldsmith, kinsman. Clement Cliaplaine of Wethersfield, New England, 
kinsman, Tobias Norris, Dublin, gent., Ex'ors. John Fiske of Rollesden, 
Suffolk, gent., kinsman, supervisor. Witnesses: Augiistine Dudley, 
Piiilip Kett. Date June 1042. Probate 29 Sept. 1642. 


Erasmus Cooke=pJoan Hawkins, mar. at Ubbestou 1564. 

Erasmus Cooke=pMargaret Fiske. 


I I I 

Samuel Cooke.=f=Aniie. Erasmus Cooke. John Cooke. 
Will 1642. I 

I I 

John Cooke. Anue Cooke. 

It will be seen in the pedigree that Mary, daughter of Eichard 
Knyght alias Kett (who married Elizabeth and who died at Wictlewood 
1653), married Thomas Cooke of Denton as her first husband, and 
Anthony Barry of Syleham, Suffolk, gent., as her second husband, the 
latter dying 1679. So here again we have a connection with the Cookes. 
This sister of Henry Kett's is noticed in his will as " sister Cooke." He 
also mentions "Sister Tyte " and "Sister Dove." 

This next will throws some light on this branch of the family. 

Will of Richard Smith of the County of Norfolk, gent. 
To Ealph and John and Robert Smith, my brother?. To my .5 sisters. 
To Mr. Thomas Kett. To my uncle William Cooke. To Mr. Walter 
Dove. To Mrs. Judith Dove ("Sister Dove"). Date 6 March 1648. 
Proved 9 March 1648. See will of Loye A gas 1611. 

Wicklewood Registers. 
1574 Tery Kett ye dau. of Thomas Kett and ffrancis his wyfe was 

buryed ye 26th day of August 1574. 
1630 John Kitts, singleman, and Susanna Girlinge, singlewoman, wears 

married 3 Oct. 
1636 Elizth. Kett, dau. of Thomas Kett, Gent., and Susanna his wife, 
bapt. 27 April. 

Lionell Pitt 1 Churchwardens. 
Thomas Bailys,J 

1638 Susanna Kett, dau. of Thomas Kett, gent., and Susan his wife, 

was baptised 29 of May. 

1639 Thomas Kett, son of Thomas Kett, gent., and Susanna his wife, 

bapt. 23 March. 
1641 Ann Kett ye dau. of Thomas Kett, Gent., and Susan his wyfe bapt. 

22 December. 
1643 Richard Kett the sonne of Mr. Thomas Kett and Susan his wife 

bapt. 1 Nov. 
1646 Susan Kett the wife of Mr. Thomas Kett was buried 20 Aug. 
1647-8 Elizth. Kett was buried 6 Jan. 
1649 Elizth. Kett the dau. of Phillip Kett and Margaret his wife was 

bapt. 20 Sept. 
1651 Mary Kett the dau. of Phillip Kett and Margarett his wife was 

baptised 3 June. 
1653 Richard Kett, Gent., was buried the 21 Ma}'. 

1653 Anne Kett the wife of Thomas Kett, gent., was biiried the 30 May. 

1654 Essay Kett, elk., and Anne Wright were married the oOth Sept. 

before Edmund Burman, J.P., at St. Peter's Church in Norwich, 
by Mr. Hartly, Cler. 


1655 Anne Kett, dau. of Essay Keit and Anne his wife, was borne Aug. 1. 

1656 Eliztli. Kett, dau. of Essay Kett, dr., and Anne his wife, was borne 

and baptised tlie 2ord Oct. 

1657 John Kits was buried the 22 May. 

1660 Steplien Kett the sonne of Essay Kett and Ann liis wife was b ipt, 

10 April. 
1663 Elizth. Kett the dau. of Thomas Kett ani Susan his wife was 

buiied 8 May. 

1668 Elizth. the dau. of Philip Kett and Margaret his wife was buried 

2 March. Essay Kett, Vicar. 

1669 Mary the dau. of Eichard Kett, Gent., and Esther his wife was 

bapt. 11 Feb. 

1670 Richard the son of Eichard Kett, Gent., and Esther his wife was 

buried 12th Feb. 

1671 Anne the wife of Essay Kett, Vicar, was buried 7 Aug. 

1672 ffrancis the dau. of Eichard Kett, Gent., and Esther his wife was 

buried the 4th o'f April. 
1672 ffrancis the dau. of Eichai-d Kett, Gent., and Esther his wife was 

buried the 3rd of May. 
1674 Elizabeth the dau. of Eichard Kett, Gent., and Esther his wife was 

baptised 19 Oct. 
1676 Eichard Kett, Gent., was buried the 25th Sept. 
1680 Thomas Kett, Gent., was buried the 19th of January. 
1688 Essay Kett, Vicar of Wicklewood, buryed 10 July at Crownthorpe. 
Essay Kett, Vicar of Wicklewood from 1652 to 1088. 


Stephen Kett. 

Stephen Kett (born about 1576), son of Thomas Knight alias Kett and 
Frances Mayde his wife, took up laud in Wyniondham, Queen's Manor, 
with his father, which he surrendered 1626 to his brother Eichard Kett 
of Wicklewood. By Ann his first wife, daughter of Loy Agas of 
WjTnondham by Barbara his wife (daughter of Thomas Kett and Agnes), 
he had one son Stephen, who died 1655 unmarried ; and the issue of this 
first marriage was continued in the line of Ann, daughter of Stephen and 
Ann. She married Francis Proctor of Wymondham ; their daughter 
married Thomas Crosse, whose descendants had several inter-marriages 
with the Ketts. 

Stephen Kett was born at Wymondham 1647, and was ancestor by 
Margaret, his 3rd wife, of the Ketts of Yarmouth, 1668—1812. 

Gkishaugh, Wymondham. 

1610, Aug. 20. At coui-t, Thomas Kett siu-rendered land in Towne- 
grene to the use of Stephen Kett and his heirs. 

Cromweij.s, Wymondham. 

1654, April 20. At court, Stephen Kett, son and heir of Stephen 
Kett, deceased, surrendered land. 


Grishattgh, Wtmondham. 

1655, Aug. 1. At court, it was found that Stephen Kett surrendered 
to the use of his will, etc. 

Will of Stephen Kett of Wymondhani, co. Norfolk, singleman. 
Land in Wymondhani bought by Stephen Kett my fathei-, deceased, 
to Thomas Kett my brother; to my brother-in-law Francis Proctor and 
Elizabeth Crosse his daughter, etc. Dated 10 July 1655. Proved 
29 June 1659. 

Chancery Bills and Answers. 

1658, Feb. 12. Proctor v. Kett. Francis Proctor of Wymondliam, 
brother-in-law to Stephen Kett late of Wymondhani, gent., deceased, and 
Ann Kett, sister of the said Steijhen and Thomas Crof se of Wymondhani and 
Elizabeth his wife, and Ann Proctor, spinster. The said Elizabeth and Ann 
being daughters to Francis Proctor and nieces unto Stephen Kett, complain 
that the said Stephen was seized of copyholds as by his will dated 11 July 
1655, and a messuage in Cakewyk in Wymondliaiu, which was bought by 
Stephen Kett, father of testator, and was devised by testator to Stephen 
Kett, eldest son of testator's brother Thomas Kett, and that the said 
messuage was seized by said Thomas Kett to the complainant's injur}-. 

Thomas Kett answers that the said land and messuage was bought 
by his grandfather, and by him entailed, and that the will was detained 
and kept from defendant by one Thomas Kett of Wicklewood, who wrote 
it, etc., etc. 

Wymondham Regis. 

1074, October 13. At court, John Vale surrendered land called Alex- 
ander's in Towngrene in Wymondhani to the use of Thomas Crosse and 
Elizabeth his wife. 

1677, January 2. At court, John Dey surrendered lands in presence 
of Thomas Crosse and George Kett, which he took up 1673 after death of 
Stephen Dey his father. 

1671. George Kett and Sarah Dey married. 

St. Clement's Norwich Register. 
1690 George Kett and Ann Crosse married. 

Wj-mondham Registers. 
1665 Oct. 15 Ann, dau. of Thomas Crosse, bapt. 
1668 Oct. 30 Frances, „ „ 

1686 Dec. 20 Thomas Crosse, bur. 

1698 Nov. 24 Francis, son of Francis and Snrah Crosse, bapt. 
1717 Aug. 26 Elizabeth Crosse, widow, buried. 

Administration of the effects of Thomas Crosse of Wymondhani, co. 
Norfolk, deceased, granted 1 Feb. 1687 to Elizabeth Crosse his widow. 

Manor op Shadwells in Morlet, co. Norfolk. 

1687, Oct. 27. At this court Edward Heyhoe, gent., surrendered 
land in Deopham and Morley to the use of George Kett of Wymondhani 
and his heirs. 


Will of Ann Proctor of Wymondham, co. Norfolk, spinster. 

To John Francis and Robert Crosse, children of my sister Elizabeth 
Crosse, widow. To Francis Proctor my brother. To Ann Crosse my 
kinswoman. To Thomas Kett my uncle, etc., etc. Dated 21 March 
1687. Proved 20 March 1G95. 

Will of Elizabeth Crosse of Wymondham, co. Norfolk, widow. 

To Francis Crosse my son, and my daughter Ann now wife of George 
Kett of Wymondham, gent., etc., etc. Dated 20 October 1715. Proved 

Will of Francis Cross of Acle, co. Norfolk. 

To Sarah my wife land in Acle, she to bring up my childi-en. Wit- 
ness Thomas Coates. Dated 12 August 1720. Proved November 1720. 

Norfolk Election Poll, 1734. 
George Cross, residing at Acle, voted as a freeholder in Mautby. 

Will of George Kett of Wymondham, co. Norfolk. 
Being aged. To my sous George, Thomas and Stephen Kett. To 
my daughter Ann wife of Thomas Calver. To Ann my wife. To Frances 
my daughter, wife of John Thirkettle of Norwich. To my daughter Sarah 
Cross, widow, lands in Morley, Deopham, Wrampingliaiii, Hethersett and 
Diss in the co. of Norfolk for life, and after her decease to her son George 
Cross. To her other childi-en Elizabeth, Robert and Francis Cross when 
of age. Dated 18 December 1722. Proved 19 January 172o. 

Marble slab in north aisle of Wymondham Church. 
George Kett died 1722, aged 85 years. 

Mange op Shadwells in Moelet, co. Norfolk. 

1724, April 7. At this court the death of George Kett is presented and 
his will produced, dated 18 December 1722, in which he gives his lands 
in INIorley, Deopham, Wramplingliam, Hethersett and Diss to his 
daughter Sarah Cross ; the said Sarah Cross, widow, now comes and is 
admitted to the same. 

Will of Ann Kett of Wymondham, co. Norfolk, widow. 

1740, December 2. Being aged, make my will. To Stephen Kett 

my son. To Mi-. Thomas Calver my son-in-law and his childi-en Ann 

and Mary my grandchildren. To William Cross of Wymondham my 
kinsman. Proved 7 February 1740. 

Will of Sarah Coates of Acle, co. Norfolk, widow (late the wife of Francis 
Cross of Acle). 
To my sons George, Francis and Robert Cross and my daughter Eliza- 
beth wife of the Rev. Thomas Dod of Acle, clerk ; he and Mr. Francis 
Proctor of Norwich, executors, etc., etc. Dated 21 September 1747. 
Proved 7 October 1747. 

B 2 


Will of Arthu}- Womack of Mautby, co. Norfolk, gent. 

To Roger Womack my son land in Aele, co. Norfolk. To Catherine 
my daughter wife of George Cross, to m\'wife Margaret, and toTlieodosia 
Bayley her daughter, etc., etc. Dated 29 May 1734. Proved 6 June 17o4. 

Armorial slab in Mnntby Church. 

In memory of George Cross who departed this life February ye 11th, 
1770. Aged 69 years. 

Also Catherine the wife of George Cross and daughter of Arthur 
Womack, who departed this life December 23rd, 1780. Aged 71 years. 

Arms: Cross, qiiarterhj, per fess indented, in the first quarter a lion 
imssant guardant; im;paling Womack, a lion rampant. 

Crest : A lion's head erased. Motto : Foy Pour Devoir. 

Will of George Cross of Bradwell, co. Suffolk, gent. 

To mj' son John Cross land in Spexhall, co. Suffolk. To my grand- 
children William, John, George and Mary Cross, children of my son 
William Cross, when of age. To Catherine my wife, etc., etc. Dated 
10 February 1770. Proved 25 February 1770. 

Will of Catherine Cross late of Bradwell and now of Gorleston, 
CO. Suffolk, widow. 

To George Cross and John Cross my sons. To Mary Cross my grand- 
daughter, daughter of William Cross my son when of age, etc., etc. 
Dated 16 October 1780. Proved 27 December 1780. 

Will of John Cross of Bradwell, co. Suffolk, gent. 

To my son John Cross my lands in Gorleston, Bi-ampton and 
Wrothall, co. Suffolk, and £1,500, To Ann my wife an annuity. To my 
son Charles Cross and his sons Charles Piuson Cross and William Killett 
Cross. To my son William Cross land in Spexhall and Wrentham, co. 
Suffolk. To my son George Ci'oss land in Bradwell. Dated 9 December 
1812. Proved 27 April 1813. 

Black marble armorial slabs in Bradwell Churchyard, co. Suffolk. 

1. Sacred to the memory of John Cross, gentleman, of this parish, 
who departed this life 14 April 1813. Aged 66 years. 

Arms : As for George Cross nt Mautby, 

2. Sacred to the memory of Judith the affectionate wife of John 
Cross, who departed this life much lamented 2 Februai-y 1789. Aged 38 

Arms : As before. 

In the Church ; tablet on north wall. 

In a vault beneath lie the remains of Thomas Salmon late of 
Hobland-hall in this parish, died 25 February 1829, aged 62. Ann his 
wife died 21 October 1830. Aged 56. 














June 27 








Eegisters of Gorleston, co. Suffolk. 
William Cross and ]\lary Beart, mar. 
William son of ditto, bapt. 
Ann, dau. of AVilliam Cross and Ann (late Davy, spinster), 

Edward, son ditto, bapt. 
Catlierine, dan. ditto. 
Maria, ditto. 
Jane Mavy, ditto. 

Table monuments at Gorleston, co. Suffolk. 

1. Wiliinm Cross died 21 Jan. 1826, aged 94. 
Ann Lis wife died 7 July 1831, aged 79. 

Jane M:iry their daugliter died 11 Feb. 1868, aged 72. 

2. Mary wife of William Cross died 19 May 1772, aged 43. 
o. Edward Cross died 21 April 1811, aged 35. 

Will of Edward Cross of Caister, near Great Yarmoutl], co. Norfolk. 
Dated 19 Feb. 1811. 

To Deborah my wife £1000. To my son William Edward Cross when 
of age the residue of my estates. My brothers-in-law John Diggons of 
Rockland St. Mary, near Surlingham in the co. of Norfolk, and Henry 
Sallows Davy of Beccles in the co. of Suffolk, surgeon, executors. Proved 
27 April 1811. Tersonalty £2000. 

Will of William Cross, the younger, of Gorleston, co. Suffolk, gent. 
Dated 4 June 1821. 

To my wife Mary my house in Gorleston. My executor to be Charles 
Palmer of Great Yarmouth, co. Norfolk, gent. Proved 6 Feb. 1823. 
Personalty £6000. Tomb at Somerleyton, co. Suffolk. 

Mary, wife of William Cross, Esq., junior, died 30 July 1788, aged 27. 

Will of William Cross of Gorleston, co. Suffolk, gent. Dated 6 June 

My house, etc., in Gorleston to my wife Ann. To my daughter 
Maria, Avife of George Dauby Palmer, £1500. To my daughter Jane 
Mary Cross £3000. To my daughter Catherine, wife of Henry SalloAvs 
Davy, £1500. Proved 20 Feb. 1826. Personalty £18,000. 

Will of Ann Cross of Gorleston, co. Suffolk, widow. Dated 20 March 

To my daughter Jane Mary Cross my house in Gorleston with plate, 
pictui'es, etc. To my grandson William Edwai-d Cross and to my daughter 
Maria, wife of George Danby Palmer, and Salmon Palmer her son, etc. 
Proved 28 July 1831. 

Will of Jane Mary Cross of Gorleston, co. Suffolk, spinster. Dated 

10 Feb. 1868. 

To my nephew William Edward Cross of Broome, co. Norfolk, 

in Gorleston on condition that he keeps in repair the tombs of the Cross 

family at Gorleston. To my nephew Henry Davy. To my nephew 


Salmon Palmer mj' portrait by Staiinard. To the children of my late 
nephew George William Danby Pahner my books, jewels, etc., on con- 
dition that they have placed on the wall of the parish chnrch of Gorleston 
a tablet bearing- the names of my father and mother, simiUir to that to 
the memory of my late sister Ann, wife of tlie Eev. Thomas William 
Salmon, deceased, in Bradwell Church. To my niece Mrs. Dalrymple, 
etc. Proved 2G Feb. 1868. Personalty £20,000. 

Will of William Edward Cross of Gorleston, co. Suffolk, gent. Dated 
29 Jan. 1887. 

To my son Frederick Cross lands in co. Norfolk. To my daughters 
Ellen, wife of George Stockings, Rosa, wife of Charles Ai-thur Campling, 
etc. Proved 25 June 1888 by George Stockings of London, gent., ex'or. 
Personalty £6654. 



The GURNEY and MANNERS-SUTTON connection witli the Ketts. 

The connection between the Ketts and Gurneys is found b^^ following 
up the children of Stephen Kett of Wymondham, butcher, and Ann, 
daughter of John Castleton of Wymondham, attorne}'. They had 
children, Edw.ird of Mattishall, Esau of Caius College and Wicklewood, 
Jacob, bapt. 1621, and Henry, bapt. 1633. We afterwards tind Henry at 
Easton, where he died in 1661. He married Sarah Balier of Great 
Melton in 1665. 

Henry and Sarah had two children, Richard and Edward Kett. 
Richard was born 1672, and he lived in St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich. 
He married first Rachel Tyrell of Hardwick. She was born 1681, and 
was married at Tivetshall in 1702, the year Queen Anne came to the 
throne. She died 14 June 1720, leaving nine children. 

Richard Kett married again about 1728 Mi'.rtha, daughter of Jacob 
Flierden of Amsterdam and Lynn, merchant. She was a Dutch lady, and 
not, as !Miss Lilian Clark saj's in " Family Chronicles," the daughter of 
John Hope of Amsterdam. To pi-ove this the will of her brother Hubert 
Flierden is enough. 

P.C.C. 175.5 [ ]. 

Hubert Flierden is of Lynn, merchant. To my son John Flierden. 
To my sister Martha Kett a share in the ship called the " Endeavour." 
To the people called Quakers. Date 22 Nov. 175.3. Proved 2 May 1755 
by relict. 

Will of Richard Kett of the City of Norwich, Woolcomber. 
To Henry Kett my eldest son my manors and farms in Roughton, co. 
Norfolk, and a share in the new Mills. To Thomas Kett my son lands in 
Dickleburgh and the house the testator lives in in St. Giles, Norwich. 
To Martha, wife, au annuity of £20. To Rachel Springall, daughter, 
wife of Nathaniel Springall of the city of Norwich, worsted weaver, lands, 
etc., in Tasburgh, and if he have no issue to testator's son Henry Kett. 
To Hannah Kett, daughter, lands in Long Stratton, and a messuage in 
St. Giles, Norwich (under 21). To grandson Nathaniel Spiingall, inider 
21, .€100. To daughter Sarah Kett il500 at 2 1 . To daughter Elizabeth 
Kett .£500 at 21. To daughter ]\Iartha Kett £1000 at 21. To wife 
Martha Kett chariot and coach-horses. To brother Edward Kett ir20. 
Sons Henry and Thomas Kett and son-in-law Nathaniel Springall to be 
executoi's. Witnesses: Ro. Britife, Will. Peel, junr., liichard Bell. 
Dated 28 Feb. 1732. Proved 6 Oct. 1740 by affirmation of cx'ors, being 

Will of Edward Kett of the City of Norwich, Cordwainer. Norf. 
Archd. Register, 1745, fo. 221. 

Kinsmen Henry Kett and Thomas Kett to be executors (nephews). 
Estates in Mulbnrton and St. Stephen's, Norwich, to be sold and money 
divided between his children, namely, Edward Kett, Martha Syles, 


Benjamin Kett, Mary Kett, John Kett. All lasts and " shewes " to son 
Benjamin. Witnesses : Miles Cook, John Parker, Timo. Mone)'. Dated 
17 Nov. 1743. Proved 13 Dec. 1745 by affirmation of the ex'ors, being- 

Will of Henry Kett of the City of Norwich, Woolcomber. Epis. 
Consist. Court, Norwich, Eegistcr 1773, fo. G6. 

To son Thomas Kett all my lands and tenements in the city of 
Norwich and in the County of Norfolk, charged with an annuity of £250. 
To Anna Maria, loving wife, the above annuity payable half-yearly, 
power of entry if default is made. To said wife £1000 as well as all 
plate, furniture, etc. To son Thomas share in the Norwich Water Works 
and Mills called the New Mills. To sister Hannah Ellington £500. 
To cousins Benjamin Kett, John Kett, Mary Kett, Stephen Tyrt-ll, Thomas 
Tyrell and Abigail Nobbs £30 each. To the poor of the Quaker's Society 
in Norwich £10. To the poor of St. Margaret's parish £20. Eesidne to 
said son Thomas. Thomas and wife are executors. Witnesses : IJobert 
Stebbings, Henry Dale, Elisha de Hague. Dattd 22 March 1769. 
Proved 17 May 1773 by solemn affirmation by ex'or and ex'trix. 

Will of Thomas Kett of the City of Norwich, merchant. Epis. Consist. 
Court of Norwich, Register 1774, fo. 213. 

To Jane my wife £2000 and household furniture. Execuior to laise 
of personal estate £5000 and invest it for the use of my wife for life, 
with remainder to son Heni-y Kett, in case wife (who has power under 
marriage articles to give estate at Dickleburgh to her children) shall give 
same to daughter Jenny Maria Kett, but in case son Henry has the said 
estate, then £1500 of said £5000 to go to daughter Jenny Maria and the 
remainder only to son Henry. To daughter Jenny Maria Kett £5000 at 
21. Various lands, tenements in St. Faith's, Norwich, to son Henry for 
ever, on condition he pay testator's cousin Stephen Tyrell or his wife 
£10 per annum, with power to Stephen to enter in default. If the 
St. Faith's estates are sold during the testator's life, then the ex'ors are 
to raise a sum sufficient to pay the above £10 per annum. To cousin 
Benjamin Kett £300. To cousin John Nobbs £10. To cons^in John 
Ellington £100. To cousin Thomas Tvrell £10. To widow of cousin 
John Tjrell £10. To the poor of St. Martin's at Oak, Norwich, £10. 
To the poor of St. Giles' £10. To John son of cousin John Kett, butcher, 
£100 at 21 ; if he die to his father. To son of my late cousin Martha 
Lynes £10 at 21. Api^oints Jane, wife, brother Henry Kett and brother- 
in-law John Gurney ex'ors; £100 each. Residue of estate to son Henry 
Kett, and if he die under age then half to daughter Jenny Maria and 
half to wife Jane, and if both daughter and son die then to be divided 
into 5 parts and distributed as foUoMS : i to brother Henry Kett, J- to 
sister Elizabeth Gurney, i to sister Sarah Aggs, 4; to sister Hannah 
Ellington, -l between Nathaniel Springall and Rachel Wright, children of 
testator's late sister Rachel Springall. Wife Jane to be guardian of 
children. Witnesses : Elisha de Hague, John Bones, Thos. Cooke, Jnnr. 
Dated 16 May 1768. 

Codicil revoking bequest of £5000 to daughter Jenny Maria (now 
wife of Rev. Mr. John Day) as testator settled that on her marriage. 
Also goods, lands (recently bought) at Weston, Suffolk, to son Henry 


Kett. Eevokes appointment of brother Henry Kett and late brother-in- 
law John Gurney as ex'ors, and instead appoints nephews Thomas Kett, 
Nathaniel Spring-all^ and wife Jane Kett as executors, and gives them 
£100 each. Witnesses : Jno. Cleever, Anne Dawson, Daniel Granning. 
DatedS Jiine 1771. 

Codicil revoking bequest of £300 to cousin Benjamin Kett, as 
testator has already given him considerable sums and gives him £10 in 
lieu thereof. Witnesses : John Wilkin s, Eobt. Edwards. Dated 27 Oct. 
1774. Will with two codicils proved 1 Dec. 1774 by ex'ors Thos. Kett 
and Nathaniel Springall, power being reserved to Jane, executrix and 

Will of Anna Maria Ketfc of the City of Norwich, widow. Epis. Consist. 
Court of Norwich, Eegister 1790, fo. 106. 

Appoints son Thomas sole executor and gives him all her plate and 
furniture, etc. To nejAew Ellington £100. To Jane Goddard of Norwich 
£10. To the poor of Norwich Quakers' Society £10. To the poor of 
St. Margaret's, Norwich, £10. To Elizabeth Brown of Norwich £5. 
Residue of personal estate to be converted into money and invested for 
the use of son Thomas for his life, with remainder to his children, and if 
no children to his own use. Witnesses : Daniel Gonning, Robt. Stebbings, 
servant to Mr. Thomas Kett in the business of a woolcomber. Dated 
8 Feb. 1781. Proved 26 March 1790 by Thomas Kett, sou and ex'or. 

P.C.C, 1771, 410, Trevor. 

I, Martha Kett of King's Lynn, County Norfolk, widow, etc. To 
grandson Edmund Gurney aiid his heirs all real estate. If he die before 
21 to my son-in-law Edmond Gurney. To sister Susanna Flierden £200. 
To daughters Elizabeth Gurney, Sarah Aggs and Ann Harris £20 each. 
To daughter Hamiah Ellington £50. To friend John Bennett, King's 
Lynn, merchant, £100. To cousin Andrew Heaton, King's Lynn, £80. 
To executors £20 for poor called Quakers, belonging to the meeting at 
King's Lynn. To son-in-law Edmund Gurney and friend and relation 
John Gurney, Norwich, son of Joseph Gurney, ex'ors, 20 guineas. 
Residue to grandson Edmund Gurney, the money to be put in public 
funds. 11 March 1760. Witnesses: Willm. Langdon, Thos. Hendi-y, 
Clement Debenham. 

Codicil. To grandson Edmund Gurney all messuages and heredita- 
ments ; if he die before me, to his father Edmund Gui-ney. 7 March 1762. 
Witnesses : Henry Partridge, WiUm. Langley, Peter Sorcosin (Sarcosin), 
Francis Bagg. 

Codicil. As it hath j)leased Almighty God to take from me my 
grandson Edmund Gurney, etc. To Ruth Eaton £200. To Stephen 
Walker £10. To Mary Walker, my maid servant, £10. To poor of each 
parish of King's Lynn £50. To Hosintal of St. James £300. To ex'ors 
John and Edmund Gurney for building Meeting House for people called 
Quakers £300. To ex'ors £1000 in trust to put out at interest to be used 
at discretion of Quarterly Meeting for necessitous widows. To son 
Edmund Gurney £500 for equity suit of Nicholas Brooke of .... for 
preservation of right to copyhold late my brother Hubert Flierden's. To 
daughter Hannah Ellington £200 what I have given her. To Nathaniel 


Spring-all of Norwich £20. To Eachel Wright of Norwich £20. To 
children cf Jacohi van der Hoeden of Eotterdam £100 each. Eesidne to 
ex'ors. If any relation in hlood should appear within a year after my 
decease same to he paid them. 1 Sept. 1764. If not to charitahle uses. 
Witnesses : Dauiel Catlin, Margery Catlin, John Roper. 

Lynn. 1770, Aug. 30. Son Edmund Gurney. As I am so advanced 
in life, that altering my will is too great an undertaking, therefore this 
my mind now exprest I desii'e my be esteemed and act as a codecil to it. 
Whereas I have given a legacy to the Society of people called Quakers 
in the County of Norfolk, I have a mind it he not paid as I directed, hut 
be equally divided amongst the children of m3" daughter Sarah Aggs, 
widow. INIartha Kett. 

Appeared personally, witness Edm. Gurney, William Kendall of 
Norwich, woolcomber. Affirmed, being a Quaker, this signature as that 
of Martha Kett, deceased. Proved with codicils 7 Oct. 1771 on affirma- 
tion of Edmund Gurney, the surviving ex^ir. 

The Eev. HENEY KETT, B.D. 

Annual Eegister, 1804, Vol. 46, p. 380. 

April 12. Tlie anniversary of the Literary Fund, an institution 
which does equal honour to the heart and understanding of Englishmen, 
was the day kept at the Crown and Anchor tavern. Strand, Lord Pelham 
in the chair .... After the usual toasts .... the recitations as usual 
formed a principal part of the literary amusement of the evening. The}' 
were by Mr. Fitzgerald, Mr. Pye and Mr. Kett .... the lines of 
Mr. Kett's poem which made the strongest impression were those which 
called to the recollection of the meeting the various virtues of Lord 
Moyra, more particularly his unbounded benevolence towards French 

Gentleman's Magazine, 1825, Vol. 95, p. 184. 

The Eev. Henry Kett, B.D. Sirddenly, at Stanwell, the seat of 
Sir John Gibbons, Bart., the Eev. Henry Kett, late Fellow of Trinity 
College, Oxford, and of Charlton, Co. Gloucester. The Eeverend gentle- 
man had preached at Stanwell on the preceding Sunday, and on the 
morning when the fatal accident occurred had, as usual, breakfasted with 
the family party in excellent spirits. About noon, the weather being 
hot, he proceeded to take a cold bath, when it was supposed that venturing 
out of his depth he was seized with cramp and sank to rise no more. 
His clothes were found on the bank, where he had undressed for bathing. 
He was born at Norwich 1761, and received his education at the Gi-ammar 
School in that City under the Eev. Mr. Lemon. In 1777, at the age of 
16, he was admitted a Commoner of Trinity College, Oxford, and was 
chosen scholar the following year. Mr. Kett took the degree of A.M. 
26 Nov. 1783, soon after he was elected Fellow, and appointed one of the 
College tutors. Among some of his first pupils he numbered the present 
Duke of Beaufort and his next brother Lord Charles Somerset, and in 
the discharge of the important duties of his office for a very long space of 
years united the character of friend with that of tutor. He early 
commenced his theological studies, nor did he give them up on taking 
orders. He was appointed Bampton Lecturer in 1790, and the University 
had no reason to be sorry for its choice. The Lectures were published 


the followiug year, dedicated to the Bishop of St. Asaph, and a second 
edition, " with corrections and additions," appeared in 1792. It was not 
only in defence of the doctrines of Christianity that Mr. Kett distino'uished 
liimself, he yysiB equally solicitous to shew that the precepts influenced his 
practise. _ About the period of his being Bampton Lecturer he exerted 
himself, in conjunction with other friends, in rescuing- Dr. John Uri, 
a native of Hungary, one of the best Oriental scholars in Europe, froui 
indigence and distress. This gentleman had been sent for from the 
University of Leyden to Oxford, and had been employed during the 
vigour of his faculties in taking a catalogue of the Oriental MSS. in the 
Bodleian Library ; but growing infirm and old without relations in his 
own country, he was discharged by the delegates of the press. By the 
benevolent interference, however, of Mr. Kett, of Agutter, now Secretary 
of the Asylum, 'Mv. Smith of Pembroke College, and Dr. Parr, a handsome 
subscription was raised for his support, and the venerable scholar was 
placed in a situation of comfort in Oxford, where he passed the remainino- 
part of his life. 

In 1787 Mr. Kett engaged with Mr. Munro, formerly of Magdalen 
College, and Dr. Home, afterwards Bishop of Norwich, in a periodical 
publication under the title of 011a Podrida, to which several other 
distinguished scholars contributed. These essays were republished in 
a collected form, and are replete with humour, good sense and acute 
observation. Li 1 793 he published a small collection of " Juvenile Poems," 
stating most of the verses in the collection have appeared in the 
" Gentleman's Magazine." However meritorious these trifles of his muse 
appear, the author was afterwards very desu-ous to suppress them,*and 
so sedulous to efPect that intention as to increase the value of this little 
volume above the usual proportion of modern publications. When the 
poem first appeared the playful muse of Mr. Thomas Warton supplied 
the following epigram : — 

" Our Kett not a poet ! Why, how can you say so ? 
For if he's uo Ovid, I'm sure he's a naso." 

See his portrait by Dighton. On the 13th of July he took the degree of 
B.D., and in October he was a candidate for the Poetry Professorship 
against the Eev. James Hurdis, Fellow of Magdalen, but lost his election 
by a majority of 20, polling 181 against 201. Alarmed at the rapid 
progress of infidelity, and wishing to awaken in the minds of the public 
a due sense of the importance of religious truth by the most stringent 
arguments derived from the divine jjredictions, in the year 1798 
Mr. Kett published " History the Interpreter of Prophecy, or a view of 
Scriptural Prophecies : and their accomplislimeut in tbe past and present 
occurrences of the World." Dr. Tomline, the present Bishop of 
Winchester, in his "Elements of Christian Theology," calls it " a very 
interesting work, penned with great judgment, and which he recommends 
to all who are desirous of becoming acquainted with the prophecies of 
the Old and New Testament, especially those which relate to the present 
times." But the approbation of Dr. Porteus, Bishop of London, is much 
more distinctly expressed, and his recommendation is more warmly iirged 
in his eloquent charge to the clergy in 1799. "The Journal of a tour to 
the Lakes of Cumberland and Westmoreland, performed by Henry Kett, 
B.D., in August 1798," was published by Dr. Mavor in his " British 
Tourist." .... This is one of the several tours which Mr, Kett was 

s 2 


accustomed to make dm*iug the Long Vacation. As the beginning of 
the Revolution he visited France, intent on observing the changes then in 
progress. In 1802 appeared " Elements of General Knowledge, intro- 
duction to useful books in the principal branches of literature and science, 
with lists of the most approved authors, including the best editions of the 
classics, designed chiefly for the junior students in the Universities and 
the higher classes in schools." This work, which is the result of 
Mr. Kett's studies for many years, contains much valuable information 
compressed within a moderate compass, and is by far the most useful 
book of the kind. On its appearance he was assailed by a host of critics 
great and small, and it was remarked that few men kept their temper 
as well as he did, or acted so judiciously, adopting all their corrections 
and suggestions where worthy to improve the later editions .... 
Mr. Kett's first preferment was the small perpetual curacy of Elsfield, 
near Oxford, for which he is said to have been indebted to the kindness 
of Dr. Chapman, the President of his College. He was also a King's 
Preacher at Whitehall. In 1814 his friend and patron Bishop Tomline 
presented him to the perpetual curacy of Hykeham, Co. Lincoln. He also 
published " Logic made Easy, or a short view of Aristotle's method of 
Eeasoning,"1809; "Emily, amoral tale," 3 vols.,]809andl812; "Asketch 
of the life of Henry Headlej^, Scholar of Trinity College, Oxford," 
prefixed to his " Beauties of English Poetry," 2 vols., 1810 ; " The Beauties 
of Christianity," by F. A. Chateaubriand, with a Preface and notes, 
3 vols., 1812 ; " The Flowers of Wit, or a collection of Bon Mots, Ancient 
and Modern," 2 vols., 1814. In his manner Mr. Kett was aifable and easy. 
Conscious of talents and integrity, he affected not the disguise of gravity 
to impose on the vulgar, nor delivered his sentiments with formal precision 
and oracular solemnity. In mixed society he was equally qualified to 
shine as in the company of professed scholars. On his marriage he had 
recently retired from the University. 

This old-fashioned critique of a scholar of the eighteenth century is 
so entirely fitting to hini that it is better left imcommented upon. He is 
son of Benjamin Kett, a tanner, at Heigham, Norfolk, and Benjamin was 
the son of Edward Kett, cordwainer, Norwich. 

To return to the elder line, Elizabeth, sister of Henry Kett who 
married Anna Maria Phillips, married John Gurney of Earlham. This 
was a very honourable alliance, and led to many interesting connections 
with the Gurney family. The Gmuieys were the principal Quaker family 
of Norwich. The charming book, "The Gurneys of Earlham," gives a 
memorable description of a famil}' of lovable and really Christian people, 
very mi;ch after the style of that other famous familj^ the Ferrers of 
Little Gidding, made eternal by Shorthouse in "John Inglesant." 
Elizabeth Gurney, the most famous and honoured of the Earlham sisters, 
became afterward Elizabeth Fry, named after her mother Elizabeth Kett. 



From Friends' Registera, 13G Bishopsgate, E.G. Lilian Clark, 
Chronicles," shewing four intermarriages of the Ketts and Gurneys. 

Henry Kett=f:Sarah (Baker), 
(Son of Stephen Kett, butcher, and Ann Castletou i (mar. 1G63). 
his wife), bapt. 1633 (Wymondham Eegister). 


Eachel Tyrrell of Hard\vick=p Eichard Kett. 
Titeshall, mar. at Tivetshall | Of St. Peter's Maucroft, Nor- 
1702; died 14 June 1720, | wich, Grocer, mar. 20 Auo-. 
aged 39. 1st wife. 1702 ; died 14 Aug. 1740 in his 
I 68th year. 

Martha, dau. of 
John Hopes of 
Will, 1771, of 
Lynn. 2nd 

Martha, born 27 July l729=Edmund Guruey of Nc 

Anne, mar.: 


Mary, born 18 Sarah, 

Nov. 1713 at born 23 

St. Giles; died Jan. 

8 Sept. 1714. 1714-15. 

Elizabeth,= John Guruey of Earl- Hannah, mar. 

born 5 Dec. ham, from whom John Elliug- 

1718 at St. come the Gurneys of ton of Nor- 

Giles. Earlham. wich. 


Born 17 Feb. 

1709 at St. 1710 at St 
Peter's, Hun- Peter's, Hun 

I I 

Gilbert. Edmund. 

Born G May Born 13 Mar., St. Giles, Xor- 

" ~ died 2 July wich; died 7 

1711. Nov. 1711. 


gate ; died 9 
May 1710. 


Born 14 Mar. 
at St. Giles, 
died 5 July 

I I 



Eachel, born 20 

Henry. =f= Anna Maria 


Died 20 Mav 1704, 

Nov. 1706 at St. 

Born 2 Feb. ] 

708 1 dau. of Geo 


aged 1 year. 


at St. Pet 

cr's, 1 Phillips of 

5 June 


Norwich ; mar. 17 


Stoke Ferrv; 

1703 ; 


Feb. 172G Natha- 

Dec. 1772 ii 


related to 

died 25 

Born 26 May, died 

niel S^Jringall. 

G5th vear. 

the Penns. 


G June (?) 1705. 



ard. Eichard. 

Anna Maria, 


Elizabeth, born 

DiedlGNov. Died23Nov. 

died 11 Dec. Born7 Junel739; 

G Feb. 1743; 

1738 in 

2nd 1735 in 1st 

1736 in 1st died 10 Jan. 1739- 

died 10 June 



year. 40 in 1st yeai'. 

1752 in 10th 


Born 17 Sept. 
1744; died 31 

Lucy Gurney, dau. of John= Thomas. =pHanuah Gurney, 

Gurneyand Ann Kendall his 
2nd wife ; mar. 29 July 1776 ; 

Aug. 1753 in died 4 Dec. 1776, aged about 

9th year. 

19 ; born at St. Gregory's, 
Norwich; bur. of St. Mar- 

and banker, 
born 17 Sept. 

dau. of Samuel 
Gurney ajid Sarah 
Lawrence his wife; 
mar. 2 Jlay 1780 


A I 

I I 111 

Aniia=pCliarles . Juliana, born George=Miss Infant Infant, Infant, 

Barclay. 6 March 1782; Samuel. Milford. dau., born born 

mar. Charles Born 21 born 1788, and 

Thompson of July and t,till- died 

■Witchingham. 1783. died born. 1796. 

5 Feb. 


I I 

Arthur Kett Barclay=OctaTia Wright. Eobert Barclay=Laura Wyvill. 


Excerpts from Eobert Kett's Petition to the King. 

" We pray that all bondemen may be made ffre god made all fire in his 
precious blode sheddyng. 

" We pray that Eyvers may be ffre and comon to all men for fysshyng and 

" We pray that no man shalbe put by your Eschetor ffeodare to ffynde eny 
office uules he be liolden of your Grace in cheyit or capite above £10 by yere. 

"We pray that the pore mariners or ffysshermeu may have the whole 
profights of their ftysshyngs as purpores grampes whalles or eny grett ffysshe so 
it be not prejudiciale to your grace. 

" We pray that eny proprietories person or vicar havyng a benefice of xli. or 
more by yere shall either by themselves or by some other person teche pore mens 
chyldren of their parysshe the boke called the cathakysme and the prymer. 

" We pray that it be not lawfull to the lord of eny manner to purchase lends 
frely and to lett them out Ageyn by copie of court roll to their grete advantage- 
merit and to the uiiijoyiig of your pore subjects. 

" We pray that uoman under the degre of a Kuyght or esquyer keep a dowe 
house (dove cot) excejjt it hath byn of an ould anchyent costame. 

" We pray that all ireholders and copieholders may take the profights of all 
comons and then to comon and the lord not to comon nor take profiglits of the 

" We pray that no fPeodorye within your sheres shalbe a counceller to eny 
man in his oflice makyng, whereby the Kyng may be trulye served so that a man 
being of good cousyence may be yerely chosyn to the same office by the comons 
of the same shere. 

"We pray your grace to take all libertie of iete into yore owne handes 
wherby all men may gavelly enjoye the comons with all profight. 

" We pray that copiehould lands that is onresonable rented may go as it dyd 
in the first yere of Kyng henry the VJI. and that the deth of a tcnaute or of 
a sale the same land to be charged with an esey ffyne as a capon or a resonable 
( ) some of money ffor remembraunce. 

" We pray that no prest ( ) nor no other officer to eny man of 

honor or worshyppe but only to be resydent uppon their benefices wherby their 
parysheners may be enstructed with the lawes of god. 

" We pray that no man under degre shall kepe eny conyes upon eny of their 
owne ffrehold or copiehold onles pale them in so that it shall not be to their 
comons undoyne. 


"We pray that no person of what estate degre oi- concTicon he he sliall from 
heusforth sell the adwardshyp of eiiy chyld but that the same chykl if he lyve to 
hys full age shalbe at his owue chosyug coucernyng hiss inariage the Kyngs wards 
only except. 

" We pray that all Marshysshe that ar holden of the Kyngs majestie by ffre 
rent or of eny other may be ageyu at the price that they wer in the ffirst yere of 
Kyng Henry the Vllth. 

(We can scarcely expect the Commons of Norfolk to know this was an 
economic error.) 

" We pray that all Bushells weight in your realme be of one stice, that is to 
sey, to be in mesure viii gallons. 

" We pray that (prests) or vicars that be (not able) to preche and sett forth 
the woorde of god to hys parisheners may be thereby putt from hys benyfice, and 
the parisheners then to chose an other or else the pateron or lord of the towne. 

" We pray that those your officers yt hath offended your grace and your 
comons and so proved by the complaynt of your pore comons do gyve unto those 
poremen so assembled 4d. eny day so long as they have remained true. 

" We pray that no lords, Knyght esquyer nor gentleman do not feed eny 
bullocks or shepe if he may spend fforty poundes a yere by his lands but only for 
the proyision of his house. 

By me Eobt. Kett. 
By Thomas Aldryche. By me Thomas Codd." 

I think there is no doubt but that this is in Robert Kett's own handwriting. 



Bom about 1-160 : died 153(1 

William Knight 
alias Kett. 
Died 1549. 

Johu Kuight 
alias Kett, 

Johu Kuight 

alias Kett, 

Died 15.S0. 

Boru about 1492 ; admitted to land in Sutou in "VJ-i 
and in Cromwell's Mauor 1539. Had a granlja 
Wymondham from Sir John Dudley, Yiscount lii 
as rebel and hanged at Norwich Castle 7 Dec. 15ji. 

William Knight alias Kett.=pAmi, dan. of John Beckham 
Born about 1515, sou and heir apparent 1546. Had a , of Narford by Margery, dau. 
re-grant of his father's forfeited land in Wymondham j of Bob. Boston of Burnham 
1551. He was called senior 1570— 1581. Living 1583. Westgate. 

Boru circa 1517 ; ai i 
Wymondham Abbey jl 
1553 seized of land ly 

Richard Knight alias Kett. 
Born about 1560 ; under 23, 1581, 
when his father settled laud on him 
in Wymondham Queens Manor, 
with remainder over to George 
Knight alias Kett. 

Dau. of Richard Eemchiug ; 
mar., 1567, Richard Lincoln 
of Swanton Morley, ances- 
tor of Abraham Lincoln, 
President U.S.A. 

Dau. of Richard 
Remehing ; 
bapt. at Ca 
brooke 1550. 

I I . 1 

Mary.=pJohn Knight ali, 

" ' ' Born 1539 ; adm 
Wymondham 15f 
Will dated 18 . 
Wymondham, tl", 
at Wymoudham 

I . . .11. I . 

Sarah, mar. William Elizabeth, Judith, Lydia, mar. 

Edwards of Beccles. mar mar Robert 

Reynolds. Johnson. James. 




Born circa \ 
at Wymondj 

Susan, mar. at Wy- 
mondham, 1628, 
John Reve. 

Robert Kett.: 
Bapt. at Wymondham 7 May 1615 ; 
went to Barbadoes 1635. 

Thomas Kett.^ 
Of Southwark, merchant, 1677 ; 
born circa 1610. 



Richard Kett. 
Of Barbadoes 1671. 
Will dated 1680, of 
Loudon, draper. 

Thomas Kett.^ 
Of St. Mary Axe, Lon- 
don, merchant, 1677. 
Will dated 1700. 

-Elizabeth, dau. of John Elizabeth. 
Thompson of Great 
Hadlev, co. Herts, gent. 
Will diited 1723. 

Of .South 
silk dyer. 


Nathauiel Ne\vnham= 
of London, esq., mar. 

3ria. Phila 
3t dau. Dau. and cohc 

coheir, 1735, niimar. 


lelphia. Elizabeth. 
ir, died JMar., 1696, William 
Watson of London. 

Of Nevis, 
1702; esqu 


E I. 


s KETT.=pMargcri 
ep. 31.) I 

Robert Knyght alias Kett.= 
Iham Abbey Manor 1527, 
e Manor of Gunville in 
3 March 151G. Attainted 

= Alice, admitted to land in 
Wymondham Ahhey Manor, 
1510-20, with her husband, 
living; his widow 1550. 

Thomas Knight 
alias Kett. 
Died 1553. 
(See Peuigeee 

: ali„s Kett.. 
to land in 
■ 1546 ; died 



Loy Knight 
alias Kett. 
(See Pedi- 

GEEE in.) 

George Knight 
alias Kett. 
(See Pedi- 



Eichard Knight 
alias Kett. 
Born 1583. (See 
Pedigeee III.) 

Anns, granted 1718, U 

Eli:ahefh, widow of Thos. 

Kett of London, r/ent. 

3 lands in 
Q and heir. 
619, "of 

William Knyght alias Kett.=pDorothy, his 
Born circa 1542. Will dated wife, 1G14 ; 
7 June 1614, " of Wymond- bur. at Wy- 
ham, dwelling in Dauigate " ; niondham 4 
proved 29 July 1614. { Sept. 1615. 

Eobert Kett.= 
Born circa 1545. Will dated 
20 Jan. 1583, of Wymond- 
ham, '• butcher " ; proved 29 

his wife, 1583. 

Nathaniel Kett.=f=. 
executor 1614; bur. I 
. May 1632. 

John Kett.= 
Bur. at Wvmondham 
3 May 1633. 

Jeremy. Alice. 
Bur. in Wymond- — 

ham 1639-40. Phwbe. 

I I 


ilice, bapt. al 

Margaret, bapt. 
at Wymond ham 

Bapt. at AVvmondham 1 
12 June 1665. of Dublii 

John Kett.: 
117. Will dated 

:Ann Alexander, mar. at Wy- 
mondham 1639 ; bur. at St. 
James', Dublin, 1691. 

William Kett.—. . 
Member of Assembly 
in Nevis, West Indies, 

John Kitt. 
Of Nevis, mar. 
Catherine. (See 
Pedigeee II,) 

Ann, bapt. at 

Nathaniel Kett. 
Of Nevis 1736. 



Kett. Daniel Kett.^ 

1665. Died 1724, then 
of London. 


Dau. and heir 1724, then living bev 

Thomas Newnham her attorney. 



Arms and Crest, granted 17 Jul^ 1756, fo 
William Keft ofKelsah, co. Suffolk, gent. 


Of Nevis, g'( 

John Kitt.^ 
Of Nevis. 


Jeremiah Kitt. 
Of Nevis 1736. 

Joseph Kitt. 
Bur. at Nevis 1722. 

Of N( 

John Kitt. 
Bapt. at Nevis 

Joseph Kitt. 
Bapt. and bur. at 

Bur. 1718. 

Bur. 1733. 

Dau of William Kell, osqj 
Maryland Point, Essex ; | 
1756 ; died 1759, aged 31 1 

• Eev. William Kett.=pCharlotte, dau. and coheir of John 
Born 1757 ; A.M. Caius Coll., Cambridge ; Eector of Shottisham, Garneys of Toxford, co. Suffolk. 
CO. Suffolk ; Lord of the Manor ; bur. at Shottisham 1832. esq. ; mar. 1779. 

I i 
William Kett. 

John Kett. 
Died 1794. 

Thomas Kett.=^ Fanny, dau. of 

Of Bealings, 
Suffolk, Capt. East 
Suffolk Militia ; 
died 1820. 

Joseph Bowr 
of Southvtfich, CO. 
Hants, esq. ; mar. 
1812; died 1863. 

Charles Garneys; 

Born 1794, Lieut. 
Eoyal Artillery ; 
died 1841. 

Fanny Alner 
born 1813 ; 
died infancy. 

Fanny Alner 
Kett, born 
1816; died 

born 1816 ; 
died 1827. 

Marion. =2. Hev. Will) 
Dau. of William King's Collejl 
Stodart of Lon- chaplain of F 
don ; mar. 1830 ; of St. Kathaij 
died 1882. Park ; died ]l 

Eev. Charles William=f=Louisa, dau. 
Kett. of Eev. J. 

Born 1831; M. A., Oxen, Harward; 
of King's College School, mar. 1860 ; 
London ; died 1888. died 1899. 

Marion =Sil 
Char- of! 
lotte, cc! 
born di| 

1833. 1 

Louisa Marion Kett. 
Of The Vine, Castle Hedingham, co. Essex, 1920. 



EELS ALE, CO. SUEEOLK, 1728—1920. 

>5. I 

William Kett.-pElizabetli, dau. of Joseph Kell of Woodbridge, co. Suffolk, gent, 
gent. ; dead 1741. I died 1781, aged 9i. M.I. AVoodbridge. 

William Kett. 
ioni 1728, of Kelsale, gent. ; died 1820. M.I. Woodbridge. 
William Kett of Kelsale, co. Suffolk, esq., in 1756 : Or 
uardnnt gules betioeen three leopards' faces sable.) 




Martin Jos 

Bapt. 1780 

(Arms granted Dau. of Rev. Martin Baylie of 
a lion rampant Wreutham and Kelsale; mai-. 
1768 ; died 1826. 2nd wife. 

epb Elizabeth. =John Darby of Diss, 

Born 2 June Surgeon. 
1769; mar. 

Born 1771 ; died 1S4S ; 
at Shottisham. 


lyes of William Kell Kett.=Phoebe, dau. of 

1843 ; Of Hollesley, co. Suffolk, Eichard Prisby of 
ospital Surgeon, born 1797; died Wiuniugton in 
(gent's 1873, s.p. Essex, esq. ; mar. 

1828 ; died 1858. 

~ I .1.1 . 

Edward Eogers=pSarah, dau. of Miriam, died 

Kett. Plowman 1865, s.p. 

Born ISOO, of Col- of Oxford ; — 

lingwood, Mel- mar. 1834 ; Charlotte, 

bourne, Australia, died 1854. died s.p. 

)n, esq., 

Born 1887 

I I I 


died 1855. 

Thomas Plowman. 
Born 1840. 

William Kell. 
Born 1844 ; died 1849. 

.Tohn Garneys. 
Born 1846 ; died 

William Heber. 
Born 1842 ; died 

Sarah Charlotte, born 1836 ; 
mar. Chas. Eippon. 

Mary Ann, born 1839. 


born 1842; died 

I I 
born 1848. 

born 1851 
died 1855. 


Arms in Diss Church, o', 

. . . .=j= Loy Knight alias Kett. =Elizabeth 

1st wife. : Born 1535 (Chanc. Depos., Chas. I., Wetherly of 
C. 45/6) ; of Wvmondham, yeoman, Praminghaui, 
1584. Will dated 10 Jan. leii, widow, mar. 
of Crownthorpe, yeoman ; proved 1584. 2nd 
22 March. wife. 

Eichard Knight alias Kelt.: 
Born 1534 ; died lG01,aged 67. 
AVill dated IS May 1601, Bees- 
ton - next - Mileham, yeoman. 
M.I. Beeston. 

of J<: 

Henry Kett.^Amy, 
Born about 1560; called "senior" 1608. Will dated 6 June I his wife, 
1611, of Wymondham, yeoman ; proved 24 July. 1611. 

Wife of Christopher 

George Knight= 

alias Kett. 
Born about 1586, 
sou and heir ; 
sold land in Wy- 
mondham 1617. 

his wife, 


Eichard Kett.= 
Born 1593; of St. 
Audrew's, Norwich, 
merchant, 1633; liv- 
ing at St. George 
Tomblaud 1651. 

=Ann, his 
wife, 1635, 
Will dated 
1680, of 

Thomas Kett.=j=Mary. 
Born 1594 ; of 
Diss 1618 ; ■ 
bur. there 30 
May 1659. 

of Diss. 




Will dated 10 

Bom 1624. 


Peb. 1689, of 



St. Mary, Nor- . 


wich, spinster. 

Born 1627 ; 


bur. 1629. 


Mary.=p John Kett. =pSusannah,— Phillipa Pitcher, 

born 1650; mar. 
1677; had land 
in Pulham ; died 
1734, aged 84. 
M.T. Diss. 3rd 

I I 

John Kett. Thomas Kett.^Mary, 

Bapt. 1646 ; Bapt. 1660 ; had land his 

bur. at Diss in Woolsey Bridge wife, 

22 Nov. and Walcot in Diss 1690. 

1679,unmar. in marriage settle- 
ment ; living 1690. 

I I. 
Bapt. at Diss 
1635; died 

Bapt. 1629. 

Charles Kett.=p Elizabeth, =Williura 
Bapt. 1671 ; died dau. of Mingay of 

1 June 1696, of ^ John Beau- Shottisham, 
Colney, gent. i mont ; mar. co. Norfolk, 

M.I. Diss Church, at Caister esq. 2nd 
! 1692. husband. 

John Kett, living 

Wade Kett.— Sarah. 
Of Palgrave, gent., ' Dau. of Gamaliel 
1758 of South i Fair; living 1761. 

Charles, bapt. 



Will dated 1758, 

of Thompson, co. 

Norfolk, sjuuster. 

John Kett. 
Under age 1758. 

; bur. at Diss 10 July 1696. 

Thomas Kett.=pSusannah. 

Died at North Lopham. Will 
dated 17 May 1743, of Oakley, 
CO. Suffolk, gent. ; proved 1780. 

Dau. of Th.! 
of Buxhail 
born 1712 ; 

Sarah=John Ives of Yarmouth, esq., the Antiquary, 
died 1776, aged 25. 1st husband. 

mar. 179( 


iM, CO. NORFOLK, 1520—1790. 

7/ of John Kett, 1002. 

lau.=.Tolin rorby=lMarti)i Linley, 


of Weaseii- 
Tan. husband. 

mar. Ki03. 
AVill dated 
16.3'2, of Bees- 
ton, gent. 3rd 

George Knyght alias Kett. =p Francis, =Eobert Greene=Eobert 

Born about 1532. Had grant , living 
of land in Howe 1580. I 1634. 
Will dated 5 Feb. 1592 ; 
proved 2 June, of Shottis- 
ham, yeoman. 

Robert Kett.: 
about 1575, son and heir; 
age 1592 ; lands in Howe. 

=Margaret, of Bu 
widow, 1619. 

=Augustine Seaman, 
gent., mar. 1619. 
2nd husband. 

of Forncett, London, 

veomao. Will senior, 

dated 1612. 3rd lius- 

2nd husband. band. 

Eichard Kett. 
2nd son, to have land in Kimberley 
under father's will. 


Henry Kett.=^ 

pMarv, dau. of 

Eobert Kett. 

•n 1.596. Will 

Edward Cohnan 

Son and heir, 

ed 28 March 

of Wvmondham; 

died 10 May 

1, of Diss, 

mar. there 1 

1621, unmar. 


Sept. 1023; bur. 
at Diss 3 May 

' I I 

; Marv. 
\m 163S. 

Irn 1628. 




John Kett.^M.'irgaret 
Born 1624, i Lanham, 
son and 
heir; bur. 
at Diss 15 
Feb. 1708. 

at Wortham 
1651 ; bur. at 
Diss 15 Oct. 


George Kett.=pElizabeth, dau. of=Thomas 
Born 1618 ; brother William Pudding Fletcher of 
and heir, of Howe, ; (dias Boden of Shottis- 
gent., 1640 ; dead Stratton St. ham, gent., 

1658. ; Michael gent. ; died 1679. 

living 1673. 2nd hus- 




1032 ; 



Eobert Kett. 
Born 1647. son and 
heir; of Shottis- 
ham, gent., 1669; 
died 1073, tlien of 

2nd son, 

Mar. 1689 
Branch of 


John Kett.=pElizabeth Wade= 

p 1G82 ; had land i of jNew Bucken- 

j'easingham from ham, mar. 1705 

t-r; died 1739. at Carlton Eode; 

il dated .30 March died 1717, aged 

! of Oakley in 34. M.I. Oak- 

fllk, gent. ; pi'oved lev. 
ov. 1739. M.I. 

Vy. ! 

:Ann Bridge- 
ni.-m. mar. 
1728 ; o.s.p. 
Will proved 
2nd wife. 


John Kett.^Mary. Henrv. 

Bapt. 20 Nov. Died 21 Aug. Bapt." 

1054; died 1728, 1729, "late 1061. 

aged 76, late of of Diss, now 

Diss, gent. Will of Palgrave, 

dated 1728, of widow." 
Diss, turner. 
M.I. Kenning 

ftlill.D.D., Mar. 
■ Suffolk; Fishe 


Mar. Sam. Jacomb 
of London, drug- 

Mar. Nath. Hargrave 
of Great Wakering, 

i's, Bishop of Peterborough, 
'" husband. 

Dau. and coheir. 

Abigail. Jolm. 

Wife of Eobert Died 1711, 

Tooke 1758. aged 5 

Dau. and coheir. 



Born about 1460 ; died ISJ 

WiiliaQi Knight John Knight 

alias Kett. alias Kett, 

Died 1549. seuior. 

John Knight 
alias Kett, 
junior. Died 


Eobert K 
alias Kett. 
Died 1549. (.See 
Pedigkee I.) 

Born about 1500 ; admitted to la' 
father. Paid tax iu Markets! 
28 July 1553, of " W\ mondham, 

Elizabethj^Valeutine Knight alias Kett.=j=Alice, 

at Wy- Born about 1530, son and heir, 

mondham 8 Will dated 10 March 1604, of 

May 1623. Wyinundham, yeoman ; proved 

2nd wife. 4 May 1605. 

his wife, 

Mar. Jolin 
Nevell of 
ham, yeo- 

Mar. Richard 
Dade of Shad- 
diugfield, CO. 
Suffolk, gent. 

I , ; 

Thomas Knyghta 
Born 1535 ; admitte 
ir. Wyiuoiiiiham Abh 
with'iiis father. "W 
1 June 1612, " Wym 
yeoman ; proved 24 

Bur. at 
ham 1561. 


Living 1573. 

Living 1604. 

I I . I . 

Thomas. Antony. Richard Kni 

Born about Born about Born about 1572, brother and h 

1564 ; dead 1566 ; dead bur. at Wicklewood 21 Ma 

in 1590. in 1601, Admitted to land in Cromwe 

intestate. Wymoudham on death of his m 

Bur. at 
30 May 
2nd wife. 

= Thomas Kett. = 

Born about 1605 ; suc- 
ceeded to land in Wy- 
mondham Regis Manor. 
Will dated 6 Jan. 1680, 
of Wicklewood, gent. ; 
bur. there 19 Jan. 

=Susan, sister and=Alice, dau. and heir^pHenry Le 

heir of Henry 
Meene ; mar. 
1634; bur. at 
Wicklewood 20 
Aug. 1646. 1st 

of Robert Le Neve 
of Norwich ; mar. 
1665 ; died 6 Sept, 
1691. M.I. Ring, 
land. 3rd wife. 

gent , of 
ham. 1st 

Henry Kett. 
Born circa 1608. 
Will 'dated 5 
July 1643, of 
London ; ])roved 
4 Aug. 1645. 

Born 1636 
died 1663. 

1. Ann. 



Richard Kett.=j 

); Born 1641. 

Born 1638; mar. 


at Wickle- 

Bapt. 1643 ; lord of the Manor of 

Edward Mayes of 


23 March 

Wicklewood ; bur. at Wicklewood 

Norwich, grocer. 


23 Sept. 1676, gent. 

I I 

Richard Frances. 

Bur. at Wickle- Born 1672 ; 

wood 12 Feb. died 1672. 

Dau. and coheir, born 1669 ; mar. Henry 
Egliuton of Bawdswell, gent. ; died 11 
Nov. 1741. 

Elizabeth. =FPeter Par 

Dau. and coheir, 
born 1674 ; died 

Swanton ] 
gent., diec 

Matthew Southgate=rrances. 

of Swanton Morley, Dau. and coheir, died 

gent. 1775, aged 67. 

Mary.=: Henry Daveney. =John Viuceul 
Dau. and coheir, bapt. Of Colton, gent., died of Colton. 
1710 ; died 1774. 1752. 1st husband. 2ud husband. 

Bapt. 1743 i died 1826. 2nd wif 

h]E IT. 

O. NORFOLK, 1500—1676. 

ilias KETT.=i=Margery. 
(See p. 31.) 

Thomas Knight alias Kett.: 
I Wyiiiondham Abbey Manor with liis 
in Wyinondham 1515. Will dated 
lan " ; proved 19 Dec. 

=Agnes, his wife, 1534, had '' Stabberds "=Stepheu Verdon. Will dated 
in Wymondliam as jointure. Will 22 Oct. 15G6, of Wymond- 
dnted 1 May 1573; proved 6 July. ham; proved 18 March 1572-3. 

2ud husband. 

Kett.=prrauces, sister of 
land Stephen Mayde of 
Wymondham, his 
wife, 1574' ; bur. 
at Wymondham 
31 Oct. 1622. 


Courould (or 
Corolde) of 
died 1585. 
1st husband. 


Barrett of 
ham. 2nd 

Mar. Loy Agas 
of "Wymond- 
ham, yeoman. 
(See Pedi- 


Adam Knight 
alias Kett. 
Born about 
15iO ; mar. 
Elizabeth. (See 
Pedigeee VI.) 

alias Kett. 
Born about 

■lias Kett.= 

pElizabeth, his 





) Thomas ; 

wife, 1611 and 

Bur. at 


Wife of 


53, gent. 

1635; bur. at 





Wanor in 

Wicklewood 6 

wood 26 



Jan. 1647. 

Aug. 1574. 



Stephen Kett. 
Born about 1576, of 
grocer ; died 1647. 
(See Pedigeee V.) 

Philip Kett.=pMargaret, 

n about 1610; of 
bliu 1642 ; mar. 
lyElizabeth, dau. 
Robert Tite of 
iton, gent. 

1649 and 

His wife, 1643; 
mar. Arthur 
Dove of Eye, 
CO. Suifolk, 
gent., 1636. 

John Kett. 
Born about 
1578 ; liv- 
ing 1580. 

Thomas=Mary,=Autoiiy Barry=f=FranceB, dau. of 


Cooke of born 

Denton. 1606 

1st hus- died 

baud. 1676. 

of Syleham, 
CO. Suffolk, 
gent., died 
1679. 2ud 

Christ. Smith of 
Lasfield, co. 
Suffolk; died 
1656. let wif 

1646 ; mar. 

bur. at 

iswell 1727. 


Bapt. at Wicklewood 
20 Sept. 1649 ; bur. 
there 2 March 1668. 

Bapt. 3 June 

Christopher Baylie.=pElizabeth 

Of Redenhall, gent., lord of the Manor 
of Wicklewood, "died 1753, aged 78. 

Christ. Barry.: 
Of Syleham, gent., 
died 1701. 

Dau. and heir of 
John Swaine ; 
died 1682. 

John Backler. =Rev. Thos. George. 

East Lexham, gent., Eector of W. Lexham. 
.1768. 3rd husband. 4th husband. 

Dau. of Martin Jubbs of 
Wicklewood, gent. ; died 
1756, aged 79. 

I I 

John Baylie.=Margaret. 
Of Harleston, Bapt. 1678. 
CO. Norfolk. 

Kev. Martin Baylie.=pEleanor. 
Eector of Kelsale, co. Suffolk, I Dau. of Samuel Pugh : 
died 1770. died 1747. 

illiam Kett. 
Kelsale, gent. 

M.I. Woodbridge, co. Suffolk, 1820, aged 92. (See Pedigree II.) 

Achievement in Mautby Cliurch on monument to 

George Gross, gent., died 1770; grandson of Geo. 

Kett of Wymondham, died 1722. 



Of Wvmondhj 


Of Wymor 

Of Wymondham 1 


Eichard Kett. 

Of Wicklewood, Dau. of Loy Agas of Wymondham by Barbara, 

died 1G53. (See dau. of Thomas Kett and Agnes his wife. 

Pedigkee IY.) 1st wife. (See Pedigeee IV.) 

Stephen Kett. 
Born about 1605, son and heir. Will 
dated 11 July 1655, of Wymondham ; 
bur. there 27 Aug., unmar. 

Ann=j=Fraucis Proctor 
of Wymond- 
ham, butcher, 


His wife. Cross of 

165.->. Will Wymond- 

datid 1715. ham, died 


William Proctor. 
Of Caius Coll., 
Camb., curate of 

I I 

Stephen Kett. Thomas. 

Bapt. 1642 ; eldest son and heii- Bapt. 1644; 

to his uncle Stephen 1655 ; of bur. at Wy- 

Wymondham, yeoman, 1665 ; mondham 16 

bur. there 28 May 1670. March 1655-6. 

Mary Toungs,=p.Tohn } 
mar. at Tar- I Bapt. ; 
mouth 1668. I Will d 
1st wife. j biitehe 

M.l. T 

John Cros8e.=7=Eachel. 

Will dated 

1717, of 




Of Acle, died 


Sarah. = 
Mar. at Wy- 
1730 ; bur. 
there 1759. 

= George 


Sarah. =Nichola8 Coates 

Dau. of G-eorge of Acle, gent. 
Kett of Wymond- 2nd husband. 
ham; died "1747. 

George Cross.=pCatherine, dau. 


Mar. 1690 George 
Kett of Wymond- 
ham, his 2nd wife. 

Born about 1670 
dated 30 Aug. 
ham, surgeon ; l 

Born 1701, of Gorles- 

ton, CO. Suffolk, gent, 
died 1770. M.I. 

John Kett.=pSarah, his 
of Arthur Wo- Bapt. at Wymondham 1700 ; wife, 1742 : 

mack of Maut- bur. there 25 June 1742. bur. at Wv- 

by Hall, gent. ; Will dated 19 June 1742, of moudhnm 'C 

died 1780. Wymondham, surgeon. ! April 1784. 

William Cross.=pAnn Davy, born 3 Jan. 1752 
Born 1782, of Gorleston, gent. ; I died 1831. 
nun-. 1773; died 1826. 

B.ivn 1776 ; died 1811. 

Edward Cross. =f=Deborah, dau. of John 
M.I. Gorleston. I Diggons of Eockland 
Hall, CO. Norf. 

George Cross. 
Of Yarmouth, mer- 
chant, mar. Jane, 
dau. of Caesar Tho- 
mas Gooch of Diss, 
gent. ; died 1822. 
M.I. Diss. 

I I 
Bur. 1725. 

Born 1728 ; 
died 1728. 

I I 
Bapt. 1726; 
living 1742. 

Bapt. 1726; 
living 1742. 

bur. i 
Dec. ] 

Born 1 
died 1^ 

Born 1 
died 15 

William Edward Cross.=rSusanna Frances, dau. of 
Born 1807, of Broome House ; died 1888 at Gorleston. I John Wilson of Gorleston. 

Mar. 1870 Charles Arthur Campling. 

' Arms on liis tombstone a: 
jiasxaiit guni-dani, impalL 

: Qiinr/erli/ psrfess indenled, in thejirsf quarter 
a lion r/tmpunl. (Wouiaok.) 


rAEMOUTH, CO. NORFOLK, 1576—1807. 

FGHT alias Kett.=pMargerv. 
L460— 1536. 

is Knvglit alias Kett.=pAgi]es. 
1.300—1.353. I 

Thomas Knight alias Kett.=f= Frances. 
-1612. (See Pedigeee IV.) I 

Sarah. : 

.t Wymondham 
. 1617-18. 


Stephen Kett. 

Born about 1576 ; took up land in Wymondham Queen's Manor with 
his father ; surrendered same 1626 to his brother Kichard Kett of 
Wicklewood. He was of Wymondham, grocer, 1620 ; bur. there 1647. 

=p Margaret. =Ann. 

Bur. at Wymondham Bur. at Wvmond- 
22 Oct. 1639. 3rd ham 1666. " 
wife. 4th wife. 

Bapt. 1616. 

Thomas Kett.=f=Ann. 
Bapt. 1620 ; of Wymondham, Dan. of William Burrell of Wymondham ; 
grocer, 1655 ; bur. there 1697, mar. at Cringleford 1641 ; bur. at Wy- 
yeoman. mondham 1678. 

Bapt. 1628. 

=Susannah William. Dorothy. 

)ec. 1646 ; died 1710, aged 66. Smith, mar. Bapt. 1646 ; Bapt. 

1 16 Xov. 1710, of Yarmouth, at Tar- twin with 1649 ; 

proved 17 Jan. 1710-11. mouth 1674. John, living bur. 

louth. 2nd wife. 1655. 1671. 

I I 
George Kett. 
Bapt. 1650 ; living 1655. 

Born 1653 ;, bur. 1656. 

. I 



Born 1651 

bur. 1674. 

I I 
Born 1662 ; bur. 

Ann, bur. 1677. 

John Kett.=j=Mary Clark, mar. at 

lest son. Will 
of AVymond- 
there 4 Nov. 

Yarmouth 1699; bur 
at Wymondham 5 


I I 

--....=.... Christopher Kett. Thomas Kett. 

Fish. Peacock. Will dated 26 April 1726, of Admitted freeman 

1st hus- 2nd hus- Yarmouth, tallow chandler ; of Yarmouth 

band. band. proved 6 June 1735. 1687, mariner. 

ett.=FFrances William Kett. Susannah. Marv, 

Woodbine, Bapt. 1707 ; died 1739, aged 39 ; mar. Born 1711 ; borii 

Vy- mnr. at Judith, dau. of Francis Hicks of AYatton, mar. 1731 1714; 

16 Wymond- grocer. Will dated 20 April 1738, of John Fenu. living 

ham 1725. Watton, surgeon. M.I. Watton. 1724. 

William Kett.^ 
Will dated 30 Oct. 
1729, of Yarmouth, 
sailmaker; proved 
3 April 1730. 

Sarah John 

Meadows of Kett, 

Yarmouth, living 

mar. at 1710. 
Filbv 1714. 

I I 


Bapt. 1726. 

Bapt. 1728; 
bur. 1729. 

William Kett.=Elizabeth, dau. 
Of Yarmouth, sail- of Thos. Davy 
maker, M.I. there ; of Yarmouth, 
died 1792, aged 77, mariner ; died 
s.p. 1746, aged 33. 

Matthew Kett. 
Of Yarmouth, gent., 
M.I. there ; died 
1791, aged 74, s.p. 
Mar. Joanna, died 
1795, aged 74. t 

Thomas Kett. 
Of Yarmouth, 

Euth, living a 
widow 1792. 


wife of 
of Yar- 

Thomas Kett.=pElenor, died 1832, 
Of Yarmouth, twine-spinner, M.I. there ; died 1812, aged 67. aged 82. 


William Kett. 
Of Yarmouth, sail-maker, 1790. 

t On the monument to Matthew Kett are tliese arm.s 
beiweeii three leopards' faces a lion passani giiardant. 

William Kett. 
Of Yarmouth, draper, 1807. 

Living 1791 




Of "Wymoudham 1577. (S 

Margaret.=i= ' 

1st wife. I Of Wymond 

Thomas Kett.= 
Of Morley 1616—1665. 

Of Wvmondham 1660- 

Of Wymondh: 

Esau Kett. 
Died 1791. 

John Kett. Jacob Kett. Eobert Kett. Eoger Kett.=pElizabeth Cornwe 

Of 'Wymondhain. Of "Wymondham. Died 1784. Bapt. at Wymondhara 1740; I Mar. at Wymond 

bur. there 8 May 1800. Bur. at Wvmond] 

Jacob Kett. =f= Mary Pickling. 

Bapt. 1768. I Mar. at "Wymondham 1801. 

Bapt. 1802; bur. 1803. 

Francis Elizabeth. 
Bur. 1806. 

Bapt. 1807. 

George Kett.^pCatherioe Pott 
Bapt. 1771, of Suton in "Wymondham ; mar. 1799. I died 1848, age 

"William Kett.= 
Born 1801, of Suton in Wymond- 
ham ; died 1865. 

=Elizabeth Crane of "U'^y- 
mondham, mar. 182 
died 1877, aged 72. 

Bapt. 1829. 

Bapt. 1835. 

Bapt. 1835. 

Bapt. 1827. 

Bapt. 1835. 

Bapt. 1836. 

George Kett.= 
Born at "Wymond- 
ham 4 June 1836, 
of Cambridge ; 
J.P., Alderman, 
and thrice Mayor 
of Cambridge, 
1891-92, 1898-99, 

Catherine, only dau. 
of Eobert and 
Catherine August ; 
born 9 Aug. 1834 at 
"Wicklewood ; mar. 
at St. Stephen the 
Martyr, Maryle- 
bone, 15 Dec. 1859 ; 
died at Cambridge 
5 Aug. 1907. 

Born at Norwich 
1838 : mar. 1860. 

^Frederick Wil- 
liam Talbot of 

Edmund Kett.^ 
Born at Norwich 

Evelyn Joanna. 
Born 1861. 

Edith Isabel. 
Born 1863. 

Frederick William. 

Born 1865 ; died 1865. 

Frederick George. 
Born 1867. 



Cooke of Born 

Cambridge. 1843 ; 


Edmund Lincoln 

Elizabeth Mary. 
Born 1868. 

George Eobert Kett.=T=Elizabeth Evans Ann 
Mary, only dau. of 
Thomas John Coles of 
London ; born 1860. 

Of Cambridge, born 1860 ; 
1884 at St. Mary's, Bryanston 
Square, London, W. 

Edmund Joseph Kett.= 
Born at Cambridge- 1862 : 
mar. at Cherry Hinton 

:Anua Elizabeth. 
Eldest dau. of Johu 
Marsh of Cherry 
Hinton, co. Canibs. 

George Kett. Catherine Elizabeth. =Eev. William "Vivian 

Born at Cam- Born at Norwich 1885 ; Davies, youngest son of 
bridge 1891. mar. 1909 at All Saints', Dr. Davies of Llanelly, 
Cambridge. S. Wales ; born 1876. 

Hilda Mary.= 
Born 1887 at Cam- 
bridge ; mar. 1910 
at All Saints', 

:John Berry Walfoi-d, 
only son of James Berrv 
Walford of The Chapel, 
Abergavenny, Mon. 

Anna Mars 
Born 1887 
mar. 1913 
St. Paul's, 


D CAMBRIDGE, 1698—1913. 

7 alias KETT.=pElizabeth. 
:»EDiGEEE IV.) I Died 1634. 

Kett. =Ann. 

1 1580—1652. 2ad i 

itt.=j=Mary Cliff on. 
L9. I 

Esau Kett.^ 


1765, both single. 

Bapt. 1725 ; mar. 
.... Copping. 

Bapt. 1732. 

John Eivett. = Henry Tuttle, 

Mar. at Wymondham Feb. 1751-2. living' 1780. 

3t. 1730. 

)f Morlev St. Peter, 

Bapt. 1773. 

=Jeremiah Wiffen. 
Mar. at "Wymondham 1804. 

Bapt. 1766. 

=Antony Bunu. 
Mar. 1792 at Wymondha 

I I 
Born 1803 ; 
died 1803. 

Born 1806 ; 
died 1806. 

G-eorge Kett.-.^Sarah, dau. of 
Of Wymondham, : Edmund Lincoln 
born 1809 ; died of Wymondham ; 
at Cambridge born 1809 ; mar. 

1872. ! 1835 ; died at 

' Cambridge 1885. 

I I 

Born 1800 ; 
died 1806. 

Born 1814 ; 
died 1818. 

Jacob Kett.=rMaria Church. Esau. 

Bapt. 1811. Mar. at Wymondham Bapt. 1812 ; 
1830. " bur. 1813. 

I I 

Alfred. John. 

Born 1832. Born 1834! 

William Kett.==Harriet Ann, dau. of 
S'or-svich 27 Mav Joseph Hart of Cam- 
at Holbeach 1868. bridge ; born 1843. 

th Constance. Ethel Winifred. 

n 1^70. Born 1875 ; 

— mar. Erederick 

'trude Miriam. Bilton. 
n 1872. 

Alfred Kett.=T=Harriett Lucy Susannah. Frederick James. 

Boru at Norwich 27 May 1 Hutt of Cam- Born at West- Born at Cam- 

1843 ; mar. 1868. bridge. minster 1846. bridge 1848. 

Alfred William Kett. 
Born 1869. 

Ernest Edward Kett. 

I i 
Emily Lucy. 
Born 1873 ; mar. 

Lucy Emily. 
Born 1873. 

Ada Elizabeth. 
Boru 1875. 

Mabel Susannah. 
Born 187S. 

Harold George 

Born 1882 ; 

Catherine Sarah. 
863 (Cambridge) ; mar. 
died at Lowestoft 1894 ; 


Herbert Edmund 

Cole. August 




=Eeginald John Eoberts,=pAlice Caroline. 

elder son of the 
Eev. E. Joliffe Eoberts 
of Holt, Norfolk. 

iorn at Cambridge 
1865; mar. at 
Jersey 1896. 

Frederick William. =Elleu, dau. of Maud Mary. 

Born at Cambridge James Pres- Bom at Cam- 

1867 ; mar. 1894 at ton of Cherry bridge 1868. 
Oxford. Hinton. 

Eeginald George Haselwood 
Eoberts, bom 1892 ; died 
1897 at Lowestoft. 

Gerald Kett Eoberts, E.N. 
Boru at Lowestoft 1894 ; died 
at Koyal Naval College, Dart- 
mouth, 1909. 

Peter Harley Haselwood 
Eoberts, E.X., bom at 
London 1899. 



Margaret. = 
Bur. at Wymondham 23 Nov. 
1618. 1st wife. 

Born about 1580 ; admitted to land in Gri 
1632; of ■Wymondliam. butcher; died 163 

Edward Kett.=pElizabetli, widow 
1620 ; bur. at 1 of William Moore 


Wvmoudham 24 March 
1701-2. Will dated 27 
March 1698, of Mattis- 
hall, " yeoman." 

of Wymondham ; 
bur. there 5 June 

Esau Kett.=rAnn, sister and coh 

Bapt. 30 Dec. 1621 ; admitted to of Eichard Wrigl 

Caius College, Cambridge, 1639 ; mar. 1654 at 

Yicar of Wicklewood ; Eector of Peter's, Norwich ; b 

Crowuthorpe ; bur. there 10 July 7 Aug. 1671 at Wi 

1688. Will dated 3 June 1687". lewood. 

Bapt. at Wy- 
1659; bur. 

Bapt. at Wy- 
1663; bur. 


Stephen Kett. 
Bapt. 1660 ; dead 1698. 

Elizabeth, living 

Bapt. 1656; 
of father 

Eichard Ket 
Mar. Margaret We; 
1677. Will dated 2 
Oct. 1680, of Trows, 
blacksmith : proved 
28 May 1686. 

Died 1704. 

Died 1735. 

Died 1704. 

Born 1706 ; mar. Nathaniel 
Springall of Norwicli, 

Born 1718 ; mar. John 
Gurney of Earlham. 

Born 1715 ; 


Henry Kett.= 
Born '1708, sou 
and heir ; died 
Dec. 1772. 
Will dated 22 
March 1769, of 
" wool-comber." 

=Auna Maria, dau. 
of George Phillips 
of Stoke Eerry ; 
died 3 Sept. 1789. 
Will dated S Eeb. 
1781, of Norwich, 

Kett.— Ji 

]5orn 1709, Will 
dated 16 May 
1768, of Norwich, 
'• merchant " ; 
prored 1 Dec. 

I I 

Anna Maria. 
Died 1736. 

Died 1735. 

i I 


Died 1738. 

Died 1740. 

I I 
Born 1743 ; died 1752. 

died 1753. 

Born 1744 

Dau. of John Gurney 
of Norwich ; mar. July 
1776 ; died 4 Dec. 
1776. 1st wife. 

Thomas Kett. =pHaunah. 

Born 1746, of N( 
wich, banker ; 1796 
of Seething, esq. ; 
died 1820. 

Dau. of Samuel 
Gurney ; mar. 
1780. 2nd wife. 



George Samuel Kett. 
Born 1783, of Brooke and Seething, esq. ; died s.p. 1871. Sister and coheir, born 1781 

Henry Kett Kett-Tompson. 
Of Witchingham Hall, co. Norfolk, J.P., died s.p. Sister an 

Henry.=rAmy Eachel, dau. of Graham Henry Edward Manners-Suttoti.=f 

4th Viscount Canterbury, born I Hon. Fred. Walpole. Born 1843 ; died 1888. 

1839 ; of Seething 1912! | M.P. 


^D SEETHING, 1580—1871. 


Dau. of John Castleton of Wymondham, attorney : 
bur. at Wymondham 28 May 1666. 2nd wife. 

I I 
Bapt. 1623 ; 
bur. 1623. 

Bapt. 1624. 

Eobert Kett. 
Bapt. 1626. WilL dated 7 Jan. 
1680, of Mattishall Bergh, 
"plowright" ; proved 2-5 Oct.; 
mar. Ann (his widow 1680). 

Kett. Baker 
Bapt. 1633, of Great 
of Eastou ; Melton, 
died 1681. ! mar. 

Arms granted 26 August 
1872 to Henri/ Kett kett- 
Thompson of Witchinq- 
ham Rail, co. Norf., J P. 

I i 


., dau., mar. Eachel Tyrell.=r Eichard Kett. =rMartha. 

. Barford. Of Hard\vick,"born i Born 1672, of St. Peterman- Dau. of Jacob Flierden 

— 1681; mar. at Tivet- : croft, Norwich. Will duted of Rotterdam and 

Alice. shall 1702; died : 28 Feb. 1732, of Norwich, Lynn, merchant. Will 

1680 1720. 1st wife. wool-comber ; proved 6 Oct. dated 1771. 



Edward Kett. 
Admitted freeman of Nor- 
wich 1704, cordwainer. 
Will dated 17 Nov. 1743 ; 
proved 13 Dec. 1745. 



land in 

Born 1717 ; 


mar. John 


Ellington of 

ment ; 





Born 1729; 
mar. Edmund 
Gurney of 




John Kett. 




OF St. Michael 

~ Kett. 


Of Heigham, 

at Thorn, Nor- 

Mar. Cathe- 

tanner, 176S ; 

wich, butcher. 

rine. Will 


mar. Marv. 

176!5. JMar. 

dated 1751. 

of Norwich. 


Jenny Maria. =r John Dav, Eector of Horsford, 
1777. aged 28. died 1810, aged 64. 

Edward Dav, Eector of Kirbv 
Bedon, co. Norfolk, died 1875. 

Eev. Thomas= 
2nd husband. 

I I 

= . . . . dau. of=Henry Kett. John. 

. . . . White Born 1761; graduated Living 1768, 

of Charltou at Oxford 1783 ; under ag.v 
Kings, CO. drowned at Stanwell 
Glos. 1825. 

Anna Mar 
Charles Barcl; 

Juliana.^Charles Tompsou of Witchtngham, 
Sister and coheir, born 1783. j co. Norfolk, esq. 

Georgiaua.=pSir John Manners-Sutton, K.C.B., 3rd Viscount 
ir, mar. 1838. I Canterbury ; died 1877. 

Laura, dau. of 
K-is I'Estrauae 

Anna Maria Georgiana.=pCharles Edward Bright, C.M.G., 
Born 1841 ; living 1921, and to whom the of Elstree. born 1829 ; died 
Seething Estates descended. | 1915. 

( 187 ) 


Acle, 123 (5), 124 (2). 
Act of Settlement, 64. 
Adam, Huj,'h, 7, 15. 
Aelthwick, 80. 

Asjas, Anne, 98, 121 ; Anthony, 98 ; 
■^Barbara, 97, 98 (3), 121 ; Christian, 

■.)7 (2); Edmund, 98; Edward, 98 (2); 

Frances, 98 ; Joan, 52 ; John, 113, 

114(2); Loye, 85, 97, 116 (5), 120, 

121 ; Martha, 116 (2) ; Robert, 32, 

51, 52, 53 (2), 59, 98 (2), 116 (6); 

Sarah, 129, 130 ; Stephen, 97 (2) ; 

Thomas, 97 (2). 
Agrarian Revolation, 21, 55. 
Alcock, Francis, 116; Margaret, 116. 
Alexander, Anne, 63, 64 ; Thomas, 62. 
Alexander (Alisaunder), Tyngrene Hill, 

2.5, 29 (2), 48, 122. 
AUanson, Cixthbert, D.D., 75. 
AUott, John, 115 (4), 116. 
Alumni Oxoniensis, 80 (2). 
Ampuers Pightle, 84 (2). 
Amsterdam, 133. 
Amys, Silfield, 15. 
Andrew, Thomas, 13. 
Andrewes, Grace, 44 ; Richard, Surgeon, 

7 (2) ; Robert, 44. 
Appleyard, Alice, 57 ; Anne, 57 ; .John, 

57 (2) ; Mary, 57 ; Nicholas, 57 (2) ; 

Roger, 57 ; William, 12, 33. 
Armada, 81. 
Arms of Baylie, 74. 
Artillery, Royal Regt. of, 78 (3). 
Arondell, John, Chaplain, 18. 
Ashwellthorpe, 116. 
Askell 3. 
Aslacton, 2, 34 {S), 35 (4), 43 (2), 44, 

45 (6), 46 (5), 49 (4), 50. 
Aslacton Registers, 45 ; Priory, 46, 47 (2). 
Assey, Robsrt, 41 (2), 48 ; Walter, 41. 
Attekar, William, 7, 15. 
Atte water, Thomas, 14. 
Attloboro, 47. 

Attleborougb, 56. 
Aylmers, 11. 
Ayaesworth, Ann, 87. 


Baga de Secretis, P.R.O., 55. 

Baileys, 120. 

Baker, Fotherley, 72 ; G., Surgeon, 74 ; 

Robert, 42 ; Sarah (Great Melton), 127 

(2), 133. 
Baldwyn, 27. 
Baldwyn's Close, 96. 
Bale, Adam, 25, 52 ; John, 25. 
Ball, Edmund, 107 ; Jonathan, distiller, 

73 ; Margaret, 107. 
Ballymunders, 113. 
Balye, Ann, 82 ; Hilary, 82. 
Banham, 43, 44, 47 (4), 49 (2). 58. 
Banton, Mr., 119. 
Banyard, Richd., 53. 
Barbadoes, 65. 
Barclay, Arthur Kett, 134 ; Robert, 

Bardolph, Thomas, Lord of Wormesay, 7. 
Bardwyn's Close, 28. 
Barford, 117 ; Richard, 108. 
Barker's Close, 28 (2), 112, 113 (2). 
Barnard, John, 103 (2). 
Barret, Ann, 114 (2) ; Robert, Hi ; 

Thomas, 43. 
Barry, Anthony, gent., 93, 120. 
IJarrymouth, 10. 
Bartlett, Rev. F. W., 81, 82. 
Basseterre, 68 (2). 
Bastard, 74. 
Bawdsey, 78. 
Bawdeswell, 118 (2). 
Baxter, John, 115 ; Katherine, 99 ; 

Martha, 107 ; Riclid., 107. 
Bayley, Theodosia, 124, 
Baylie, Eleanor, 74 (2) ; Elizabeth, 74 (2), 

73 (3) ; Rev. Martin, Rector of Kelsalo 

and Wrcutham, 75 (2) ; Mary, 74. 



Beale, Tliomas, 117. 

Bearnard, Elizabeth, 109 ; Richard, 109. \ 
Beart, Mary, 125. ' 

Beaufort, Duke of, 130. 
Beaumont, Elizabeth, 89 (2) ; John, 89. 
Beccles, G2 (2), 125 ; School, 76. | 

Beckham, Anne, 58 ; John, 58. 
Bedingfield, 93. 
Beeson, 40. 

Beeston next Myleham, 81 (5), 82 (2).- 
Bell, Richard, 127. 

Belle, Joan, widow, 24. ! 

Bellosfurlong (Bell's Close alias Barber's 
Close), 19, 28 (2), 29, 31, 112, i 

113(2). : 

Belyot, Emma, widow, 16 (2) ; John, 

priest, 16 (2). i 

Bence, Catherine, 73 ; Lambert, Mrs., 73 ; 

Rev. Thomas, 73. 
Bennett, John, 129. 
Bermuda, 66. 
Bernard, Thomas, 14. 
Bertelot, Margery, 30 ; Simon, 8, 9. 
Bess, Good Queen, 105. 
Besthorpe, 108 (2). 
Betts, George, 91. 
Beverych, John (Chaplain), 10 (2) ; 

Richard, 102. 
Beyn, 10. 

Beynde, Arabella, 10 ; Clement, 10. 
Bilton, Joshua, 73. 
Bishop, John, 12. 
Bishop of St. Asaph, 131. 
Biskett, Captain, 69 (2). 
Bitton, Ann, 47 ; Thomas, 49. 
Blake, Edmoiid, 11 ; Henry, 60 (2). 
Blakeney, Richard, 14, 17 ; Robert, 11. 
Blakman, Richard, 15. 
Blery, Silfield, 21 (2), 22, 25, 26, 28 (2), 

55, 101, 114. 
Blickling Hall, 5, 17 (2), 18, 19, 20. 
151ois, Sir Charles, Bart., 75 ; Sir John, 

Bart., 75. 
Blomefield, 27, 90, 91. 
Bloraefield's Norfolk, 88, 89 (2). 
Blythe, Simon, 10, 14. 
Blything Hundred, 77. 
Boileau, Sir Francis G. M., Bart., 20. 
I5okenham, Willm., 91. 
Bolton alias Sewall, James, 100. 
Boston, Alice. 58 ; Robert, 5S. 
Botild, Alice,' 17, 20 (2), 21, 22, 95. 
Bonnie, Lines., 80. 
Boutc'll, 17. 

Bovill, Stephen, 17 (2). 
Bowring, Joseph, Esq., 78 ; Miss, 78. 
Bowtells, Smallcroft Lane, 20. 

Bradwell, Suffolk, 124(4); Churchyard, 

124; Church, 126. 
Brakon (Bracon) Ash, 53, 57. 
Brampton, 124. 

Branch, Rogers, gentleman, 94. 
Brandon, John, 19 ; Peter, 25. 
Bransbye, Robt., 93. 
Brathwayte, 11, 12 (2), 54 (2), 95, 

100 (4). 
Breeze, Christopher, 85 ; Margaret, 85. 
Breezes, 61. 
Bressingham, 88. 
Brett, Alice, 49 ; Gregory, 47, 49 ; Isa- 

bell, 19. 
Brewer, Nathaniel, 63 (2) ; Susannah, 

Bridgenorth Prebend, 18. 
Brightere, Henry, 21. 
Brightly, Thomas, 43. 
Brimstoii Hill, St. Kitts, 67 (?,). 
Britife, Ro., 127. 
Brocketts, 8, 9, 10. 
Brokdysh, Thos., 14. 
Brokland, 52. 
Brome Close, 25. 
15romehall, 114. 
Bromhall, 52. 
Brooke, Bailiffe, 43 ; George, Esq., 45 ; 

Nicholas, 129. 
Broome, Suffolk, 90. 
Brother, Thos., 30. 
Brotherhood of Our Lady's Light, 23. 
Browne, Anne, 103 ; Elizabeth, 129 ; 

George, 24 ; Isabel), 95 ; Mr. James 

77; Jeremy, 103; John, 11, 16 (2), 25 

Margaret, 16 ; Richard, 25,95, 98 (3) 

Sophia, 21 ; Rev. Thomas Murray, 78 

William, 32, 52. 
Brundell, Richard, 96. 
Bryghtere, Henry, 20. 
Buckenham, Prior of, 17. 
Buckingham, Humphrey, Dnke of, 17. 
Bungay, Suffolk, 93. 
Bunn, Anthony, 110. 
Buntyng, John, 192 ; William, 19. 
Bunwell, 97. 

Burman, Edmund, J. P., 120. 
Burrell, Henry, Judge Advocate, 68, 69 

(2) ; Stephen, 24. 
Burridge, Abigail, 87 ; Rebecca, 87. 
Burstou, 34, 89. 
Burton, St. Lazarus, Leicester Hospital 

of, 55 ; William (Minister, Bristol), 

104, 105. 
Busshopp, John, 52. 
Buttels, 103. 
Button, John, 35. 



Buxhnll, 91 (2). 

Buxton near Bradraead, 21. 

Buxton, Henry, 19 ; John, 20, 21 (2) ; 

AVilliam, 20'(3), 21 (2). 
Bygott, Ann nee Appleyard, 34 ; James, 

34, 35 (2), 4 3, 87. 
Bynges, John, 19. 
Bysland feld (Byxlev field, Bystland, 

Bixland Wood), 21, '38 (4), 39 (2), 42, 

51 (2), 112, 113, 114, 

Cadas, WiUm., 16 (2). 

Cadwold, Richd., 62. 

Caine, William, 88. 

Caister, 125. 

Cains Coll., Camb., 77. 

Cakewyk, 53 (2), 54, 58, 122. 

Caley, Richard, 21. 

Calfhangh Lane, 47. 

Calver, Thomas, 123 (2). 

Camberwell, 57. 

Cambridge, 57, 105 (2) ; University 
Library, 19 (2), 93. 

Camell, "Brother, 85 ; Elizabeth, 85 ; 
Robert;, 85 ; William, 85. 

Campinglond, 27. 

Campling, 121 ; Charles Artlmr, 12G. 

Cannon St., Norwich, 86. 

" Caribbean a," CG, 69. 

Carleton Rode, 97 ; Church, 97 ; Mar- 
riages, 90. 

Carlton, 73, 89. 

Carpenter, Mr., 66. 

Carrow, Thos., 53. 

Carter, John, 109 (2); Mary, 109 (2). 

Cason, Mary, 89. 

Castle Ditch, Norwich, 104, 105. 

Castleton, Anne, 102, 106, 127, 133 ; 
Joan, 99 ; John, 99, 102, 106 (4), 
127; William, 99. 

Castor Register, 89. 

Cat Arms, 3. 

Catlin, Daniel, 130 ; Margery, 130. 

Cats, 3, 25. 

Chamberlaine, Colin, 107. 

le Chapell, Wyniondiiam, 59. 

Chapel of Our Lady, 55 (2). 

le Chapelgate, 10, 20, 51 (2), 52, 59, 

Chapel St. (Chaplegate St.), 16 (2), 60, 

Chaplaine, Clement Wethersfield,N. Eng- 
land, 119. 

Cbapleyn (Chapleyne), Robt., 33 ; Willm., 

Chapman, Alex., gent., 34; Dr., President 

ofTrin. Coll., Oxon., 132. 
Charles I., King, 64 (2). 
Charles IL, King, 64. 
Charles Fort, St.^Kitts, 67 (3), 69 (2). 
Charles, Thomas, 52. 
Charlestown, Nevis, 70. 
Chartulary of Wymondham Abbey, 1, 

Chasle, Francis, 12. 
le Chat, 3. 

Chateaubriand, F. A., 132. 
Cheteryng, Thos., 25 (2), 27. 
Chevalier, Frances, 77 ; Rev. John, 77. 
Childerhous, Thos., 25 (2). 
" Child's Play," 89. 
Chitteryng, thos., 24. 
Christ Church, Marylebone, 79 ; New- 
gate St., 80. 
Clare, Henry, 40 (3). 
Clark, Frances, 88 ; Geoffrey, 88 ; Miss 

Lilian, 127. 
Clarke, Thos., attorney, 73 (3). 
Clayton, Mr. Joseph, 55. 
Cleever, Jno., 129. 
Clerke, Margaret, 35 ; Robina, 34. 
Cliffon (Clyffon), Mary, 108 (2), 110 (2). 
Clifton (de Clifton), 9 ; Constantine, 6, 

14; Dame Joan, 11 ; John, Kt., 11. 
Coates, Sarah, 123 ; Thomas, 123. 
Cobham, Sir Henry, Kt., 113 (2). 
Cocke, Mathew, 47. 
Cockell, Elizabeth, 73. 
Cockley Clay, 81. 
Codd, Thomas, 135. 
Godrington, Col., Governor of St. Kitts, 

Codsclose, 34. 
Coft, Margaret, 12. 
Coldam, Sister, 61. 
Cole, Elizabeth, 106 ; Mr., 66. 
Coles, Shottisham, 93 (2). 
Colles, 101. 
Collyer, Edward, 99. 
Collyour, John, 34. 
Collyonrs, 34. 
Colman Arms, 87 (2). 
Colman, Edward, 85, 87 (2) ; James, 99 ; 

Jeremiah, 109 ; John, 10 ; William, 

10, 24. 
Colraans, 46. 

Colney, Norfolk, 87 (2), 89 (3). 
Colonial State Papers, 66. 
Coltoa's Close, 100. 
Conway, Edward, 66. 

•s 2 



Cooke, 93; Anne, 119 (2), 120 (2); Benja- 
min, 04 ; EJraond, 45 ; Elizabeth, 89 ; 
Erasmns, 119, 120 (2); Mr. Francis, 
89 (2); John, 119, 120 (2); Lieu- 
tenant, r.8 ; Samuel, 119 (2), 120 ; 
Sister, 119, 120 ; Thomas (Uenton). 
120 ; Thomas (London goldsmith), 
119 ; ■\Villiam, 120. 
Cookes, 65 ; Gilbert, 42. 
Cooks, Thos. Agas, 100. 
Copland, Daniel, Vicar of Yoxford, 76. 
Copping, Mary, 109. 
Cornewall, Edward, 24, 28, 33. 
Cornwall, Elizabeth, 109, 110. 
Coruwallis of Brome, 77. 
Corims Christi Coll., Camb., 104. 
Cottingham, John, 27. 
Couper, Bridget, 86 ; Emma, 12 ; Thos., 

12, 16. 
Courolde, Agnes, Anne, 97 (2), 98, 101 ; 
Elizabeth, 101 (2) ; widow, 114 ; 
Robert, 97 (2), 98, 101 (2), 114 (2) ; 
Stephen, 97, 101 (3). 
Coward, Captain William, 66 (6). 
Cowley, 78, 79 (2). 
Cowper, John, 99. 
Cracraft, Richard, 71 (2). 
Crane, John, 44; Mary, 112 ; AVilliam, 

Creek, Catherine, 25. 
Crespyng, Wilham, jnn., 9. 
Crisping, Henry, 52 ; Richard, 11. 
Croker of Yealmpton and Ipplepen, 79. 
Crokers, Irish, 79 ; John Wilson, 79 ; 

Samuel, 59. 
Cromwell, Lord, 11 ; Lord Henry, 63. 
Cromwells, 24, 27 (2), 28, 29, 30 (2), 32, 
35 (2), 36, 40, 54 (2), 59, 60, 96, 99, 
100, 101, 102 (2), 103 (2), 112, 117, 
Cromwell's Draft Book, 36, 58 (2). 
Cronshey, Elizabeth, 90 ; Mary, 90 ; Wil- 
liam, sen., 90 ; William, jun., 90. 
Croske, Richard, 81 ; Thomas, 81. 
Cross (Crosse), Ann, 122 (2), 123 (2), 
124, 125 (4), 126 ; Arms, 124 ; Cathe- 
rine, 124 (3), 125 (2) ; Charles, 124 ; 
Charles Pinson, 124 ; Deborah, 125 ; 
Edward, 125 (4) ; Elizabeth, 20, 122 
(3), 123 (3) ; Ellen, 126 ; Family 
Tombs, 125 ; Frances, 122 ; Francis, 
122(2), 123(4) ; Frederick, 126 ; George, 
123 (2), 124 (8) ; Jane Mary, 125 
(5) ; John, 123, 124 (5) ; Judith, 124 ; 
Maria, 125 (3); Mary, 124 (2), 125 
(5) ; Nicholas, 43 ; Robert, 123 (3) ; 
Rosa, 126 ; Sarah, 123 (3) ; Thomas, 

121, 122 (7); William, 123.124(6); 

AVilliam Edward, 125 (3), 126; William 

Killett, 124, 125 (7). 
Crosses, 16, 121. 
Crowe, Adam, 82. 
Crownthorpe, 45, 49, 84, 85, 106 (2), 

112 (3), 117. 
Cruso, Mr., B.A., 106. 
Cryspy (Crespyns, Crespyng), 52 (3). 
Cullam, Elizabeth, 91. 
Cullier (Cullyer), Edmund, 100; John, 

109 ; Richard, 39, 101 (4) ; Robert, 

39 ; senior, 101. 
Cullimore, Mary, 37 ; Thos., 37. 
Culling, Richard, 34. 
Cullymore, William, 37. 
Cundyt Close (Condyt Close), Brathwayte, 

25 (3), 53 (3). 54 (3), 57, 100 (2), 

103, 113; Meadow, 113, 114. 
Cunningham, Robert, 68. 
Curry, Captain, 69. 

Dade, Catherine, 97 (3), 98 ; John, 57 ; 

Mary, 97 ; Richard, 97, 98. 
Dades of Tannington, 77. 
Dalrymple, Mrs., 126. 
Dambridge, Wymondham, 61. 
Damgate, 13, 18, 25, 58, 59, 60, 61 (2), 

63, 114. 
Dancoke, 21 (2). 
Dannotte, John, 20. 
Dan yells, 103, 113 (2). 
Darby, Elizabeth, 75 (2) ; John, junr., 

Surgeon, 75 (4). 
Darsham, Suffolk, 76, 77. 
Darte, Matthew, 89. 
Dartmouth, Rt. Hon. George Lord, 66. 
Darvell, 103. 

Dasent, Hon. John, Speaker, 70. 
Daunday, Alice, 16 ; John, 21. 
Daundly, Thomas, 21. 
Davey, "Hannah, 87 ; Nathaniel, 87. 
David's Croft, 100 ; Evidences, 107. 
Davies, 113 (2). 
Davis, Captain, 69. 
Davy, Ann, 125 ; Henry Sallows, 125 

(3); John, 12, 16, 19, 20, 21 (2) ; 

Robert, 60, 85 ; William, 16, 61. 
Davy's Suffolk Collection, 72, 74 (2), 75, 

90, CI. 
Davyes in Daveyes croft, 20. 
Dawson, Anne, 129. 
Day, William, 108 (2). 
Daynes, Nathaniel, 101. 


Debeaham, 38, 41, 43 (2), 44 (3), 45 (2), 

47, 49 (2) ; Church, 129. 
Deepham, 107, 122, 123 (2). 
Dekebeckys, 9, 10 (2). 
])ekes, Robert, 63. 

Denny, Anthony, 103; John, Knt., 100. 
Denton, 112, l'20 ; John, IG ; Rit-liard, 

33, 51, C9 ; Thomas, 103. 
Deplaye, Christine, 58 ; Robert, 58. 
Dey, John, 122 ; Sarah, 120 ; Stephen, 

122 ; Thomas, 33 ; William, 13. 
Deyne, Robert, 60. 
Deynes, Richard, 98. 
Dickleburn;h, 127. 
Ditjgons, John, 125. 
Dightou, 131. 
Dillan, Elizabeth, 118 ; John, 118 ; 

Robert, 118 ; Stephen, 118. 
Dinion, Richard, 14. 
Diss, 85 (2), 86, 87 (4), 88 (6), 89 (6), 

90, 91 (5), 123 (2) ; Register, 86, 89. 
Di.\on, Mary, 93. 
Dod, Rev. Thomas, 123. 
Doole, Nicholas, 47. 
Dote, John, senr. and junr., 13. 
Doughty, Robert, 93 ; William, 93. 
Dove, Mrs. Judith, 120; Sister, 119 (2), 

120 (2). 
Downhara, 17, 28, 34 (2), 35, 36 (2), 38, 

39, 40, 41 (4), 48, 49, 57. 
Downing, Jonathan, 86. 
Drake, Agnes, 32 ; Nicholas, 32. 
Dry, John, 53. 

Dublin, 63 (5), 64 (5), 65 (3), 66, 119. 
Ducke, Edmund, 39. 
Dudley, Amy, 67 ; Augustine, 119 ; 

Edmund, 67 ; John, Knt., 26. 
Duffield, John, 108 ; Michael, 119. 
Dunton, Thomas, 112. 
Durrant, John, 116. 
Dussindale, 57. 
Dymaii, Henry, 25 ; Simon, 15, 16 ; 

William, 14. 
Dynne, John, 18 (2), 25 ; Robert, 25. 
Dyrom, John, 54. 

Eade, Jonathan, 71 (2), 72. 
Earborough, Edward, 115; alias Crane, 

John, 115; Thomas, 113, 115 (2), 

Earlham, 132 (3). 
Earshill, 101. 
East Suffolk Militia, 78 (2). 

Easton, 127. 

Eaton, Ruth, 129. 

Edgar, Milman, 93. 

Edmondson's Heraldry, 73. 

Edmund, John, 113. 

Edwards, Abigail, 62 ; Daniel, 62 ; Eliza- 
beth, 62 (2) ; John, 62 ; Robert, 129 ; 
Sarah, 62 (3) ; Susan, 62 ; Thomas, 
62 ; AVilliam, 62 (3). 

Egeley, John, 61. 

Egerton, Rt. Hon. Thomas, 40. 

Eggar, Thomas, Sol., 73. 

Elden, John, 87. 

Elizabeth, Queen, 57. 

Ellingham, 49. 

Ellington, Hannah, 129 (2) ; John, 133 ; 
Nephew, 129. 

Ellis, John, 71, 117, 118, 119. 

Ellis Pigtie, 107. 

Elrington, Col., 66 (2), 67 (2). 

Elsfield, 132. 

Ely, William Gray, Bishop of, 11. 

"Endeavour," 127. 

Endleswey, 28. 

England, John, 66. 

English, Ehzabeth, 103. 

Ensyne, Robert, 54, 99. 

Ensynge, Robert, 25. 

Euterbate, 34, 113. 

Episcopal Consistory Court, Norwich, 86. 

Erwaldys, 15. 

Este, John, 81 ; Nicholas, 81. 

Estfeld, 17, 96. 

Evans, Thomas, 91. 

Exchequer Bills and Answers, 113, 114, 
115 (2). 

Facingale St., "Wymondliam, 100. 

Faculty Office for Marriage Licences, 86. 

Faith, servant, 98. 

" Family Chronicles," 133. 

Farmer, Samuel, 65. 

Fayerland, 103. 

Feke, Richard, 14, 15, 16. 

Felgate, John, 25. 

Ferrers of Little Gidding, 132. 

Fei-rers, Loj-e, Abbot of Wym., 51, 54. 

Fiddiniore, Richard, 27. 

Fisher, bailiff, 75 ; John, 91 ; R., Caius 

Coll., 76 (2) ; Sarah, 91 (2). 
Fiske, John, 119 ; Margaret, 120. 
Fitzgerald, Mr., 130. 
Fletcher, Alice, 94 ; Elizabeth, 94 ; 

Thos., gent., 93, 94. 



Flierden, Hubert, 127, 129 ; Jacob, 127 ; 

John, 127 ; Martha, 127 ; Susanna, 

Floi'iescroft, 55. 
Flowevdewe, Edward, 99,. 103 ; Serjjeant- 

at-law, 113 ; John, 27 (3), 54, 55 (2), 

57 (2), 96, 103 ; Sergeant, 55 ; Wil- 
liam, 13, 25, 26, 96. 
Flower's Close, 28 (2). 
Folgate, 98. 

Folsham, Alex., 116; Bridget, 116. 
Forby, John, 54, 81, 82 (2). 83 (3). 
Forncett, 5, 19 (8), 20 (8), 21 (5), 22 (3), 

23, 26, 32 (2), 36 (2), 37, 38, 43 (2), 

46, 47, 48, 49 (3), 53, 57 (2), 95 (2). 
Forncett Manor, 31, 36, 46, 48, 49 ; 

Rolls, 19 (3), 20, 21, 22, 34 (2), 45, 

93, 95. 
Forncett St. Peter, 47 (2), 102. 
Forthe, Margaret, 12 ; Thomas, 12. 
Foster, John, 32 (3). 
Foulden, Thomas, 87. 
Fowl, 101. 

Fox, John, 15, 16, 17, 22, 26. 
Foxhall Manor, 71. 
Framingham (Pramingham Pigot), 40, 

42, 84, 88, 89. 
Fraralingham, 114. 
" Francis," 66. 

Franklin, Captain Richard, 65. 
Franshara, Thomas, 24. 
Freeman, Esay, 85, 98. 
Frere, John, gent., 88. 
Fressingfield, 74. 
Friends' Register, 133. 
Frisby, Phoebe Susanna, 80 ; Richard, 

Esq., 80. 
Frith, Ann, 91 ; Nathaniel, 91 ; Nicholas, 

Frosdik, Henry, 33 ; William, 99 ; alias 

Poynter, William, 99. 
Fry, Elizabeth, 132. 
Fulches, Richard, 44. 
Funhall, 18 (2) ; William, 20, 21. 
Furmary, John, clerk, 116 ; Margery, 

Fydyng, Joan, 25 ; Thos., 25. 
Fylby, John, 43. 
Fyllinge, Ralph, 39. 
Fyndern, Elizabeth, 81 ; George, 71 ; 

Thomas, 54 (3). 

Galion, 25 (2). 
Gallant, Paul, 44. 

Gallard, Edward,21 ; John, 21 ; William, 

21 (3), 32. 
Game place, le, 112. 
Ganning, Daniel, 129 (2). 
Garuett Co., 67 (3), 68, 69. 
Garueys Arras, 76 ; Charlotte, 76 (3), 

77 ; Family, 76 ; Jane, 77 ; John, 14, 

15, 76 ; Robert, 77 ; Thomas of Ken- 
ton, 76. 
Garnish, Miss, 76. 
Garnoise, Robert, 77. 
Garnon, Edward, 44. 
Garter, 74. 
le Gateland, 116. 
Gaton, Richard, 17 (2), 18. 
Gav, Elizabeth, 26 ; Margery, 29 (2) ; 

Thomas, 26, 28 (2), 29 (7), 48, 99 ; 

Walter, 16. 
Gaylehyrrae, 51, 52. 
Gedney, Ann, 112 ; Francis, 102 ; John, 

Geffreys, Thomas, 53. 
Gert, 2 (2). 
Gests, 54. 
Gild of All Saints, 32, 51, 9a (2) ; 

of St. Peter, 16, 24 ; of St. Thomas 

the Jlartyr, 17, 57 ; of Holy Rood, 23 ; 

of Holy Trinity, 95. 
Gild Howse, Wymondliam, 84. 
Gillard, Captain, 69 (3). 
Girlinge, Susanna, 120. 
Glove, Isabell, 20 ; John, 13 ; Thomas, 

Gear, Captain, 69. 
Goddard, Jane, 129. 
Godding Gutt, St. Kitts, 68 (4), 69. 
Godefrey, Agnes, 5 ; William, 5. 
Godwin, 2 (6). 
Goldsmith, John, 90 (2). 
Gonville and Caius Coll., 76. 
Gooch, John, 113 ; Thomas, 91. 
Goodmans, 19 (2), 21. 
Goorneys, John, 14. 
Gorleston, 124 (2), 125 (11), 126 (2). 
Gosling, Mary, 47, 49. 
Gosport, 89 (2). 
Gould, Mathew, 107; Mathew, junr., 107 ; 

Richard, 107. 
Gouldsmith, John, 43. 
Goyle, Francis, 71. 

Granger, John, 59, 60 ; Margaret, 59. 
le Gravel pitt, 32 (2), 33, 98, 112 (2), 

Great Dunham, 82. 
Great Fransham, 82. 
Great Green Wacton, 34. 
Great MeltoD, Norfolk, 47, 127. 



Great Yarmouth, 125 (2). i 

Green (Greene), Alice, 100 ; Francis, 93 j 
(■2) ; Robert, 49, 93 ; Squire, 5G ; 
William, 98. 

Greenes, 96, 114. 

Greuewood, Thomas, 62. 

Grimthorpe, 25. 

Grishaugh, 21, 22 (2), 25 (3), 26, 27, 
30 (2), 31, 32 (2), 38 (2), 39 (2), 40 
(2), 42, 46, 48 (2), 59, 60 (2), 61, 96, 
98, 99 (2), 101 (2), 103 (2), 106, 112, 
114, 116, 121, 122 ; Manor, 35, 48, 84 
(3), 95 ; Wood, 96. 

Gross, Nicholas, 46. 

Grove, The, 96. 

Grundev, Mr. (Lynn), 119. 

Guild Hall, Norwich, 104. 

Guneld, Thos., 11 (2). 

Gunvile, Emma, 7 ; John, 6, 7, 14. 

Gunviles Manor, 5, 7, 118. j 

Gurling, Henry, 84. 

Gurney, Edmund, 129 (8), 130 (3), 133 ; 
Elizabeth, 129, 132; Hannah, 133; > 
John (Chaplain), 7, 11, 14, 16(2); John, 
129, 132, 133 (2) ; Joseph, 129 ; Lucy, 
133 ; Samuel, 133. | 

Gurneys, The, 132, 133 ; and Manners- 
Suttons, 127 (2) ; of Earlliam, 132, 
133. I 

Gyle, 34, 


Hadleioh, 90 (2). 

1 1 agon^ Elizabeth, 17; Walter, 17. 

Hall, Henry, 115 ; John, 73 (2) ; Phillip, 

Hallcroft, 19 (2). 
Hamilton, Colonel, 67, 109 ; Hon. Walter, 

Lieut.-Governor St. Kitts, 68 (2). 
Hammond, Thomas, 37. 
Hammide, John, 37, 47. 
llancocke, William, 47. 
Hardenhead, 7; William, 13. 
Uardenheft, John, 8 (2) ; Margaret, 

Hardingham, Dorcas, 109. 
Hard well, 127. 

Hargrave, Nathaniel, 91; Phillipa, 91 (2). 
Harlesdon, 93. 
Harnif-rmore, 25. 
Harold, 2. 
Harries, 133. 
Harris, Ann, 129. 
Harte, Robert, 47. 
Hartley, Mr., clerk, 120. 

Harvery, John, 38 ; Robert, 101. 
Harward, Rev. John, 80 (2) ; Louisa, 80. 
Harwards, Shropshire, 80 ; Warwickshire, 

80 (2). 
Harwood (Hay ward, How.nrd), 80. 
Haste, Thos., gent., 114. 
Hastings, Alice, 104 ; Joan, 53 ; Robert, 

53, 58. 
Hatton V. Read, 86. 
Hanghms, John, 21. 
Havers, Thomas, 90. 
Hiiwke, Thomas, 104. 
Hawkins, Joan, 120 ; Col. Richard, 65. 
Hawne, Christine, 86. 
Hayes, Marion, 79 ; Rev. William, 79 

(4), 80. 
Hayward, Sir John, 5G. 
Headley, Henry, 132. 
Hearne, Nicholas, 41 (4) ; William, 45. 
Heath V. Kett, 81 ; Amy, 81 ; Jane, 81 

(2) ; Michael, 81 ; Thomas, 81 (3). 
Heaton, Andrew, 129. 
Heber, Mary, 75 ; Reginald. Bishop, 74, 

75 (2) ; Richard, Esq., 74 ; Thomas, 

Hedenham, 49. 
Heigham, 132. 
llelden, John, clerk, 69. 
Hemlynge, Elisabeth, 99. 
Hempnall. 31. 

Hendry, Joan, 51 ; Thomas, 51, 129. 
Henly, 71 (3), 73. 
Henry VIIL, 56. 
Herberd, Roger, 15. 
Hereward, 80 (2). 
Ileriot, Colonel, 69 (2). 
Heme, Jane, 42 ; Nicholas, Arm., 42. 
Ilernmore, 27. 
Hertford Coll., Oxon., 80. 
Hervy, John, 12, 13. 
Herward, 80. 
Heslewood, Tailor, 93. 
Hetherset, 55, 56, 60, 123 (2). 
Hevermore, 24. 
Hevingham, 3, 45, 46. 
Heyhoe, Edward, gent., 122. 
Heykerre, 22. 
Heyward's Hall, 21. 
Hey wood, Diss, 88. 
Hill, Henry, 91 ; Susan, 91 ; Thoma', 

D.D., 91 (2) ; William, 63. 
Hinderley (Suffolk), 46. 
Hinton, L., 119. 
Hobart, Jlr., 56. 

Hobbes, Robert, 38 ; Thomas, 36, 97. 
Hobland Hall, 124. 
Hockering, 31. 



Hodnet Moss, 74 ; Salop, 74. 
Hoedea van der Jacobi, 130. 
Hojran (Hus;<^on), Alice, 33 ; Catherine, 

33 (4), 36, 51 ; Nicholas, 33 (5), 34 
(l'), 35, 36, 51 (4); Robert, 33 (4), 

34 (3), 39 ; Thomas, 33 (2), 34 (2), 
51 (2). 

IloUe, Edward, 61. 

Hollesley, 80. 

Hollings, Thomas, 34. 

Holy Rood Gild House, 101. 

Hope, .lohn, 127, 133 ; Martha, 133. 

Horn, Thomas, 19 (2). 

Home, Dr., Bishop of Norwich, 131. 

Ilovell's. Wymondham, 35, 

Howe, 93 (4). 

Howes, Richard, 27 (2), 38. 

Howleu (Howling, Howlyn), An;nes, 37; 
Ann, 45, 49; Elizabeth, 110; John, 
38 ; Richard, 37 ; Robert, 37. 

Howse, Simon, 107. 

Hugh, 2 (4) ; son of Godwin, 2. 

Hughes, liieut.-Colonel, 69 (2). 

Hungate, 38. 

Hurdis, Rev. James, 131. 

Hykeham (Lines.), 132. 

Hylings, Robert, 34. 

Hyllsou, John, 38. 

Inby, William, 103. 

Ipswich, 43 (2), 44, 45, 80 ; Journal, 75 

(3), 76 (2), 78 (3), 79, 80 (2) ; Wills, 

Irenhead, Agnes, 16 ; John, 16 : William, 

Irish State Papers, 65. 

Jacora, Elizabeth, 91 ; Samuel, 91 (2). 
James, Lidea, 62 (2) ; Slary, 62 ; Robert, 

Jarmey, John, 66. 
Jeffreys, 10 (3). 
JelTris, Thomas, 58. 
.Jenney, Charles, 103 (2). 
Jennynge, Joan, 116. 
Joby, John, 53, 54 ; William, 53, 54. 
John, servant to Robert Kett, 53. 
"John Inglesant," 132. 
Johnson, Hon. Colonel, Commander of 

Leeward Is., 68. 
Joly, 112. 

Jolyff, John, chaplain, 9. 
" Josiah " frigate, 66. 
Jowby, John, 25. 
Jowell, John, 38 (2), 103. 
Just, Edmund, 104. 


Kat, Alice, 5 ; Emma, 5 ; Ralph, 5. 

Keche, 34. 

Kedell, John, 21, 32 ; Margaret, 32 ; 
Richard, 32, 33. 

Kekylton, Forncett, 21. 

Kell, 3 (2) ; Arms, 72 ; Captain, 71 ; 
Elizabeth, 71 (2), 72 (4), 74, 77 (12) ; 
Family, 72 ; George, 72 (2) ; Joseph, 
71 (11), 72 (8), 73, 74 (4), 75, 77; 
Mary, 71, 73 (4) ; Miriam, 71, 72 (2), 
73 (5), 74 (4), 76, 77 ; William, 71 
(2), 72 (3), 73, 74, 77. 

Kelsale, 71 (2), 72 (4), 73 (9), 74 (8), 
75 (9), 76 (3), 77, 80 ; Charities, 75 ; 
Manor House, 71, 74 ; Manor Rolls, 
73 (2), 78 ; Registers, 71, 74 (2), 75. 

ICempley, Joan, 54. 

Kemsey, Agnes, 95 ; John, 95. 

Kendall, Ann, 133 ; William, 130. 

Kenninghall, 89, 90, 91. 

Kensal Green Cemetery, 79. 

Ket (Kett, Kette), Alan, 5 ; Godwin, 
1,2; Katherine, 1, 2 ; Thomas, 6. 

Ketill, 2, 3 (2). 

Kett, 1, 55, 56 ; Abigail, 60 ; Adam, 97, 
102 (7), 103 (9), 112 ; Asnes, 8, 17, 
28, 38, 39 (6), 40 (2), 41 (6), 42 (5), 
59, 61 (4), 95 (2), 100 (2), 102, 104, 
121 ; Ahce, 26, 28 (2), 30, 31 (2), 47 
(4), 51 (8), 52 (7), 53 (2), 57, 64, 98, 
102, 108, 117, 118, 119 ; Amy, 85 (3) ; 
Anna Maria, 129, 133, 134 ; Anne, 45, 
46 (2), 49, 63, 64 (3), 86, 87 (2), 90 
(3), 91, 98 (2), 106 (6), lo7 (4), 108 
(3), 110 (2), 1 1 7, 1 18, 120 (4), 12 1 (7), 
122, 123 (4), 133; Anthony, 97, 99, 
101, 115 (5), H6(3); Arras, 73, 88 ; 
Asa, 111 ; Barbara, 111 ; Beatrice-, 30 ; 
Beatrix, 117 ; Benjamin, 129, 132 (2), 

133 ; Catherine, 39,40 (2), 41, HI (7) ; 
Charles, 87 (4), 88 ; Charles Barclay, 

134 ; Charles Garnevs, 78 (5), 89 (12) ; 
Charles William, 78 (2), 80 (2) ; Char- 
lotte, 77 (2), 78 ; Constautia, 49 ; 
Daniel, 63, 64, 65 (2) ; Dorcas, 49, 
108 (3), 109 ; Dorothy, 63 (4) ; 
Edmond, 65 (2), 133; Edward, 43, 
44, 45 (4), 46 (6), 47, 49, 88, 105, 


i06, 107 (4), 127 (5), 132; Edwanl 
Rosei-B, 80 (3) ; Eliza, 110 ; Elizabeth, 
25 (3), 27 (10), 28, 29, 30, 40, 41, 42, 
43 (2), 45 (4), 4G (10), 49 (2), 54, 62, 
63, 64, 65 (3), 71 (B), 72 (4), 73 (3), 
74 (4), 75 (10), 85 (2), 86, 89 (2), 90 
(3), 93 (5), 94 (5), 9G, 101, 102 (4), 
103, 104 (2), 106 (2), 107 (6), 108 (8), 
109, 110 (10), 116 (2), 118(4), 119, 

120 (3), 121 (7), 127, 132(2), 133(3), 
alias Fletcher, Elizabeth, 93 ; Esay, 
B.A., cleric, Gonville and Cains, 105, 
106, 107 (4), 109 (12), 110 (3), 111, 
117, 118, 120 (2), 127; Esther, 49, 
119, 121 (5) ; Francis, 93, 97, 98 (2), 
101, 102 (2), 103, 113 (2), 114, 116, 
117, 120, 121 (2), 123 ; Francis, M.A., 
Corpus Cliristi, Camb., 98, 102, 104 
(5), 105 (5) ; George, 58 (3), 63, 81 
(2), 84 (6), 85 (6), 93 (3), 110 (4), 
111 (8), \->2 (4), 123 (5) ; George 
Samuel, 134 ; Gilbert, 133; Hannah, 
87, 127, 133 ; Mr. [Henry], ISO, 131 
(5), 132 (3) ; Henry, 43, 61, 62, 63 
(3), 81, 84, 85 (9), 86 (8), 87 (2), 89, 
98, 106, 107, 119 (5), 127 (6), 129 (2), 
130 (3), 131, 132, 133 (3) ; Hester, 
117 (4) ; Honoria,49, 66 ; Hubert (of 
Morley), 1, 2 (3), 30 ; Hugh, 2, 5 (4), 
6 (2), 7 (6), 8 (9), 11, 16, 30 (4), 31 
(3) ; Jacobs, 105, 106, 108 (8), 109 
(4), 110 (7), 111, 127 ; James, 29, 
59 (3), 61 (2) ; Jane, 129 (2) ; 
Jeremy, 62, 86 (2) ; John, 17, 19, 21 
(2), 31, 32 (7), 33, 36 (2), 40 (7), 42 
(2), 48, 45, 46 (6), 51 (7), 57, 59, 60 
(11), 61 (8), 62 (7), 63 (11), 64 (16), 
65 (5), 66, 77 (2), 84, 86 (25), 87 (9), 
seur. 89 (2), 89 (3), 90 (4), 102 (3), 

109 (5), 110 (4), 112, 114; Jonas, 
sent., 32; Josiah, 133; Judith, 61, 
62 ; Juliana, 134 ; Loye, 40, 42 (3). 
57 (2), 58, 63 (2), 78, 81 (5), 84 (5), 

85 (5), 86 (2) ; Lydia, 62 (2), 110 ; 
Madam, 71, 73 ; Margaret, 5 (4), 39 
(3), 40 (2), 41 (2), 42, 63, 64, 81, 85, 

86 (3), 87 (2), 89, 93, 105, 120 (2), 

121 (2); Margery, 9, 21, 30, 31 (2), 
53 (2), 81 (2), 82 (2), 98, 104 ; Maria, 

110 ; Marion, 78 (3), 79 (3) ; JIari(,n 
Charlotte, 79; Martha, 127 (4), 129, 
130, 133 ; Martin Joseph, 75 ; iMarv, 
89, 40, 41, 42 (2), 43, 44 (3), 45, 46 
(2), 47, 49 (4), 61 (10), 62 (4), 63, 
64 (2), 75 (3), 80, 85 (2), 86 (5), 87 
(2), 88, 89 (2), 90 (3), 91 (4), 104, 
106, 108 (3), 109 (9), 110 (5), 114, 

118 (6), 119, 120, 121, 123, 133 ; 
Matilda, 30 ; Maud, 46 ; Micliael, 109, 
110 (3) ; Miriam, 74 (3), SO (2), 98 ; 
Mis., 83 (2) ; Nathaniel 63 (2), 65 (3) ; 
Nicholas, 29, 33 (2), 34 (6), 35, 36, 
38, 39 (3), 40 (3), 41 (3), 42 (2), 45 
(2), 102 (2), 104 (3) ; Pliiladelphia, 
66 ; Philip, 98, 108 (5). 109, 110, 119 
(3) ; Phillipa, 86, 87 (4), 88 (2), 90, 
120 (2), 121 ; Phillis, 87 ; Phoebe 
(Febye), 62, 63 (2), 64 ; Priscilla, 
61, 62; Eichard, 9 (2), 16, 30, 31, 38 
(3),40(2), 58(2), 61, 65(3), 81 (4), 
82 (7), 83 (3), 84, 85 (7), 86 (3), 
87, 101, 107, 110, 113, 114, 115 (3), 
116 (7), 117 (6), 118 (4), 120 (2), 
121, 127 (3), 133 (6); Robert, 4,25 
(3), 26 (2), 28 (3), 33, 34, 38, 39 (6), 
40 (8), 41 (16), 42 (15), 43 (4), 44 (2), 
45 (3), 46 (11), 47 (2), 48, 51 (2), 53 
(7), 54 (9), 55 (7), 56 (2), 57 (8), 58 
(7), 63 (2), 64, 65 (5), 81 (4), 84 (2), 
93 (9), 98, 101, 106 (2), 107, 108 (2), 
110 (4), 135 ; Robert's handwriting, 
135 ; Roger, 109 (2), 110 (5) ; Samuel, 
106 ; Sarah, 49 (S), 61, 62 (2), 63, 81 , 
90, 91 (2), 105, 109 (3), 110 (4), 127, 
133 ; Stephen, 102, 104 (4), butcher 
105 (7), 106 (14), 107 (3), 108, 116 
(2), 117, 121 (9), 122 (8), 123 (3), 
127, 133 ; Susan, 61, 62, 63, 91 (3), 
120 (4), 121 ; Susannah, 86 (3), 91, 
118 (2), 120(3) ; Tery, 120 ; Thomas, 
5, 21 (8), 22 (4), 23, 25 (4), 26 (7), 29 
(2). 30 (2), 42 (2), 45 (2), 49 (2), 57 
(4), Captain 78 (3), senr. 84, 85 (4), 
86 (10), 87 (5), 90, 91 (4), 95 (4), 
96 (5), 97 (2), 98 (6), 100 (7), 102 (5), 
103 (5), 104 (3), 105, 108 (11), 111, 
112 (8), 113 (8), 114 (8), 115 (18), 
116 (6), 117 (12), 118 (10), 119 (3), 
120 (10), 121 (4), 122 (6), 123 (2), 
127 (5), 129 (6), 133(2) ; Thoma^iiie, 
49 (2), 87 (2) ; Timothy, 43, 44 (2) ; 
Valentine, 35, 39, 40 (2), 42 (5), 96, 
98 (4), 99 (10), 100 (9), 101 (7), 102 
(2), 103 (2) ; Wade, 90, 91 (5) ; Wil- 
liam Kell, surgeon, 80 (3) ; William, 
21, 22 (3), 24 (4), 25 (14), 26 (13), 
27 (5), 29 (5), 33, 35, 38 (2), 39 (9), 
40(12), 41 (11), 42 (8), 43 (2), 44 (2), 
45 (2), 46 (10), 47 (13), 49 (3), 51 (3), 
52. 53 (2), 54 (2), 55 (4), 57 (2), 58 (3), 
63 (7), 64, 71 (4), 72 (3), 73 (9), 74 
(12), 75 (15) ; Rev. William, 76 (13), 77 
(12), 78 (3), 79, 80 (2), 81, 86, 95, 96, 
99, 110, 111, senr. 112 (3), 115 (9). 



Kctte, Alice, 10 (3) ; ]]c;itiicL;, G; liii^ii, 
5 (5), 6 (2), 8 (11), 9 (9), 10 (2), 
14 ; John, 5 (6), 6 (2), 10 (2), 11 
(3), 18 (2), 30 (2) ; Margery, 7, 8 
(2), 9 (2) ; Matilda, G (4), 7 (2) ; 
Kichard, 6 (6), 7 (11), junr. 7, 8 
(6), 10, 13 (10), 14, 42 (4), 43, 44 
(2); Sara, 5 ; Thomas, 5 (2), 6 (6), 

19 (4), 20 (8) ; William, 19 (9), 

20 (6). 

Kettering (Norfolk), 99 ; Hall, 20. 

Kettes, 7, 8, 9 (2), 10 (3), 12, 14, 31. 

Ketteston, 2. 

Kettleston, 2. 

Ketts, 127 (2), 133 ; of Diss, 73 ; of 

Yarmouth, 121 ; field, 118. 
Kettys, Richard, 6. 
Kidell, Richard, 28. 
Kidman, Samuel, 88. 
Kingislang, 7. 

King's Coll. School, 79 (4), 80 (2). 
Kingscroft, 9, 14 (2), 15, 18, 30, 31, 72. 
King's Head, 87. 
Kinsey, Robert, 53. 

Kirkeby, John (Chaplain to the King), 18. 
Kitchener, Herbert, Earl, 77. 
Kitt, Catherine, 70 (2) ; Elizabeth, 70, 

73 ; Frances, 70 (3) ; Jeremiah, 70 

(2) ; John, 67 (3), Captain 68 (2), Gl) 
(3), 70 (2), 120, 121 ; Nathaniel, 67, 
70 (3) ; Robert, 65 ; Captain William, 
66 (2), 67 (5), 68 (4), 69 (5), 70 (18), 
72, 74 (3). 

Kitts, 67. 

Knevet, Edward, Esq., 17 ; Joan, 9, 17 ; 
William, 17. 

Knivett, Thomas, Knt., 39. 

Knyght (Knyth), 1 (2), 9 (4) ; Adam, 
96, 102 ; Agnes, 37, 38, 49, 59, 60 
(2), 96 (2) ; Alice, 97 ; Anne, 4, 96 ; 
Barbara, 38, 49, 96, 97 ; Cassandra, 
29, 30 ; Catherine, 37 (2), 9G ; Cicyly, 
36, 37 ; Edward, 37 ; Egidia, 31 ; 
Elizabeth, 29, 30, 37 (2), 38, 43, 49 

(3) ; Francis, 96, 97, 98, 104 ; Isa- 
bella, 14, 15 (4), 16 ; James, 59, 60, 
61 ; Joan, 12 (2), 22 (2) ; John, 9, 
10 (3), 11 (8), 12 (IS), 14 (3), 16 
(10), 17 (2), 18 (3), 20, 21, 29, 31, 
32, 33 (2), 35, 36 (4), 37 (3), 38 
(10), 49, 60; Katherine, 10; Margery, 
9, 10 (2) ; Mary, 36 ; Nicholas, 23, 33 
(4), 34, 35, 36, 38 (2), 49 ; Philip, 
97 ; Reginald, 10 (2) ; Richard, 7 (2), 
9(6), 10(11), 11(5), 12 (5), 14(6), 
junr. 8, 15 (10), 16 (3), Bastard 
17 (2), 31 ; Robert, 9 (3), 10 (3), 13, 

14 (2), 31, 38, 40, 54 (2), 97 ; Rose, 
36 (5) ; Samuel, 36 ; Terry, 96 ; Theo- 
dora, 49 ; Thomas, 13, 14, 21 (.3), 22, 
26 (2), 27, 29 (2), 4G, 95, 96 (3), 97 
(5), 98, 102 (4), 104 ; Timothy, 38, 
49 ; Valentine, 35, 36, 96 (6), 97 (2), 
98 (2), 99; William, 7, 10, 11 (2), 14 
(3), 21, 24, 27 (2), 28 (5), 35, 36 (4). 

Knyght's Close, loO. 

KnVght alias Kett, 45 (2) ; Adam, 96 (4), 
102(3), 103(3), 112; Agnes, 34, 35 (3), 

36 (2), 37 (4), 39, 46, 48 (2), 49 (2), 
59, 60 (4), 61 (2), 95, 96 (4), 97, 98 
(3), 102 (2); Alice, 15, 17, 26, 48 (2), 
51 (2), 52, 55 (3), 58 (2), 100 ; Ann, 
114; Catherine (Katherine), 48, 49 ; 
Ciselye, 37, 48 ; Dorothea (Dorothy), 
63 (2) ; Edward, 37 (2), 45 (2), 49 ; 
Elizabeth, 28, 29 (3), 35, 45, 48 (4), 
93, 120; Frances, 112 (2), 113 (4); 
Francis, 98 (2), 103, 104 ; George, 93, 
100 ; Henry, 84 ; Isabella, 15, 21, 31 ; 
James, 58 (5), 59 (8), 60 (2), 61 (2) ; 
Jane, 50 ; Joan, 29 (.5), 30 (3), 40 
(2), 113; John, 5, 15 (3), 16 (4), 17 
(5), 18(2), 21, 22(2), 31, .32 (7), 33, 
35 (3), 36 (8), 37 (13), 88 (5), 42, 45 
(G), 48 (6), 51 (2), 59 (2), 60 (4), 61 (J), 
102, 113 (4) ; Lnye, 84; Jlargaret, 35, 

48, 49 ; Margery, 22 (5), 28, 31, 32, 
33, 47, 95 ; Martha, 38, 50 ; Mary, 42, 
45 (2), 47, 48, 49, 50 (3), 60, 120 ; 
Nicholas, 33 (3), 34 (7), 35 (6), 36 (6), 

37 (8), 39. 41, 43, 45, 48 (2), 50, 98 ; 
Richard, 11, 14, 15, 31, 35 (2), 37 (2), 

38 (4). 43 (5), 44 (3), 45 (3), 49, 81, 
115, 120; Robert, 25, 26 (2), 27, 20, 
33, 35, 37 (2), 39, 41 (4), 42 (2), 48, 
40, 50 (2), 53 (4), 54 (4), 55 (2), 58 
(3) ; Roger, 41, 50 ; Rose, 37 (2), 42 
(2), 48; Samuel, 37 (2), 48 ; Stephen, 
113 (4); Theodora, 38; Thomas, 17 
(2), 18, 19 (2), 20 (2), 21 (2), 22 (22). 
23 (4), 24 (2), 25 (2), 26 (2), 27, 28 
(5), 29 (6), 30, 31, 32, 33 (4), 35 (6), 
36, 48 (3), 49, 50, 53 (3), 95 (7), 96 
(8), 97, 98 (3), 100 (2), 102 (5), 103, 
112 (7), 113 (4), 114 (3), 115, 121 ; 
Valentine, 98 (2), 99 (a), 100 (7), 101 
(4), 112, 113 ; William, 19 (3), 20, 21 
(2), 22 (3), 23 (3), 24 (G), 25 (3), 2G 
(4), 27 (6), 28 (7), 30, 31, 32 (2), 35 
(2), 37, 38 (3), 39 (2), 45 (2), 48 (2), 

49, 53 (2), 54 (2), 55, 58, 59, 61 (2), 
63 (2), 95(2), 112, 113. 

Knyvett, Dame Katherine, 39 ; Arthur 
William, 39. 


Knyvet, Lady Anne, 53 (2) ; Arthur 
William alias, 39 ; Marie William alias, 

Kyddyswydowes alias Harmermore, 24 
(2), 27, 28. 

Kydell, Richard, 29. 

Kyngscroft, 6, 10, 13. 

Ladyman, William, 42. 

Lagresse Close, 22, 100, 101. 

Lambert, Colonel, 69. 

Laiiey, Elizabeth, 43 (2), 44, 45 ; John, 
43, 44 (2), 45. 

Langdon, William, 129. 

Langdon Hills, SO. 

Langford, John, 14 (2). 

Langforth, Henry, 24. 

Langley, William, 129. 

Lanham, Margaret, 87. 

Lany v. Kett, 44. 

Lardner, Ann, 73 ; Edmund, 72. 

Laste, Sarah, 87 ; William, 87. 

Lathesyarde, 27. 

Laurence, Sarah, 133 ; Thos., 25. 

Lawes, Francis, 85, 87 (2), 104 ; Thomas, 

Laxfi'eld, 77 (2). 

Lee, Frances, 94 ; Maiy, 86. 

Lees, George, 87. 

Leeward Island Documents, 66. 

Legatt, John, 60. 

Leicester, Robert Dudley, Earl of, 57 (5), 

Lemon, Rev. Mr., 130. 

Leefric, King of Mercia, 80. 

Leseur, Margaret, 22. 

Lime Kiln Bay, St. Kitts, 68. 

Jiiraerick, 65. 

Lincoln, Abraham, 63 ; Richard, 63 ; 

Thomas, 21, 22 (2), 43. 
Lisle, Sir John Dudley, Viscount, 55. 
Lock, Mr., 106. 
Loes Hundred, 77. 
" London Magazine," 74. 
Longe, Richard, 45. 
I;ong Stratton, 127. 
Lopham, North, 91. 
Lopham, South, 90, 91. 
Lothian, Marquis of, 5. 
Love, Charley 93 (2) ; Elizabeth, 93 ; 

Georee, 88 ; Mary, 93. 
Lovyk,'Henry, 28, 52 (2). 
Luce, Robert, 11. 
Lylley, Davey, 63. 

Lymers, Moulton, 34. 

Lyncolne (Lincoln), Henry, 21 ; John, 

20, 21 (2), 22 ; John, junr., 20, 21. 
Lyne, Elizabeth, 12, 13 ; John, 12, 13. 
lyynlie, Margery, 82 ; Martin, 82 (3). 
Lynn, King's, 127 (2), 129 (4), 133. 
"Lyon," the, or White Lyon, 84 (2), 

85 (2). 


Magdalen Hall, Oxon., 80. 

Makey, John, 64, 65. 

Male, Grace, 98 ; John, 17, 28 ; Richard, 

17 ; William, 28. 
Malet, Thomas, 11. 
Mallard, Agnes, 84 ; Family, 84 (2) ; 

Thomas, 84, 85. 
Malles, 51. 
Malone, 105 (2). 
Mann, John, Esq., 87. 
Manning, John, 18, 28. 
Afarkham, 71. 
Markstead, 95. 
Marlepit, 12. 

Marlowe, Christopher, 78, 105 (3). 
Marriage Licences, Ipswich, 93 ; Norwich, 

Marten, Thos., 63. 
Jfaryland Point, Essex, 72, 74. 
Mason, Joan, 54 (3) ; John, 54 (2). 
Mathew, John, 59, 60. 
Maltishall Bergh, 106, 107 (4), 108, 

Mautby, 123, 124 (2) ; Church, 124. 
Mavor, Dr., 131. 

Mayde, Anne, 114 (2) ; Frances, 112, 114, 
115, 121 ; John, 97 ; Stephen, 114 (3), 
115(3), 116. 
Maydew, Downhaiu, 113. 
Mayhew 7ie'e Kett, Alice, 17 (2) ; Law- 
rence, 88 ; Robert, 18 (2) ; William, 
17, 31 ; Mr., 66. 
Meene, Anne, 117, 118 ; Elizabeth, 117 ; 
Henry, 117, junr. 117, deceased 118 
(2); Susanna, 117 (2), 118. 
Melton, 76, 77 (2) ; Magna, 49. 
Metyngham,38; John, junr., 52; Thomas, 

13, 52. 
Michels, Robert, 24, 112 (2). 
Middleton, 17, 20, 22, 27, 29, 84, 95, 

116 ; Ann, 85 ; John, 85. 
Mill Hill, 113 (3). 

Mitchell (Mytchell), Francis, 112 (2) ; 
JIajor-Ueneral, 69 (2) ; Thomas, 12, 
25, 112. 
Mitford, Miss, 134. 

XJ 2 



Mokelfeld, Alice, 13 ; John, 18 ; Nicho- 
las, 12 (2) ; William, 13, 27. 

Moor, Mr., G9. 

Moore, Mary, 107 ; William, 27, 107. 

Moorgate Redefield, 95 (2) ; Wey, 95. 

Moorham, 95. 

Moorhonse, 95. 

Moreen, Charles, 47. 

Morley, 24, 42, 51, 108, 122, 123 (2) ; 
St. Peters, 108 (5) ; de, 1, 2 ; Odo of, 
1 (2) ; de Kobert, 2. 

Morst, Kobert, 43. 

Morton, Mary, 89. 

Morton Hall, Yorks, 74. 

Mortymer, Thos., 25, 29 (4), 48. 

Moulton (Multon), 33, 35 (7), 3G (2), 37 | 
(4), 38, 39 (2), 41, 42 (2), 44, 40, 47 
48 (7), 49 (6), 50, 95, 98 ; St. MichaeF 
Register, 36, 37, 38. 

Moulton Registers, 35, 38 43. 

Mulbarton, 127. 

Multon, Henry, 24 (2), 25, 27 (2), 32 
Manor, 35 ; William, 25. 

Munro, Mr., Magdalen Coll., 131. 

Muswold, 58. 

Mycklebrow, Mary, 116 ; Robert, 116. 


Narford, 58. 

Nealond, 100. 

Neave, Roger, 27 ; William, 35, 36. 

Neckar's Close, 117. 

Neel, Richard, 25. 

Neeve, 34. 

Nell, Mai-garet, 12 ; Thomas, 85 ; William, 

Nelond, Walter, 24. 

Nelondmede, 9, 17. 

Nelyng, John, 32. 

Nether Market Close, Diss, 88. 

Neve, Le, Pedigree, 118 ; Alice, 118 ; 
Francis, 119; le, Henry, 118 ; Henry, 
118 ; le, Hester, 118 ; John, 53 ; 
William, 35,40,59. 

Nevile (Nevell), Anne, 101 ; Barbara, 97, 
101 ; John, 97 (3), 100, 101 (6), 114 ; 
Margaret, 101 ; Mary, 101 ; Robert, 
101 ; Stephen, 39, 97, 101 (3) ; Terry, 
97 (3), 98. 101 (4) ; Thomas, 101. 

Nevis, West Indies, 66 (4), 67 (5), 69 (3), 
71 ; Assembly, 66. 

Nevylles, 56. 

Newbourne Manor, 72, 73. 

New Buckenham, 90. 

New England, 63. 


Newmans, Norton, 13, 14. 

Newnham, Thomas, 65 (2), 

New South Wales, 80. 

Newstead, Thos., senr., 90. 

Newton Flotman,93. 

Nicker, John, 117. 

Norfield (Northfield), 10, 25, 28 (2), 99, 

103 (3). 
Norfolk Arch. Adm'ons, 59. 
Norris, Tobias, 119. 
Northfield, 113(2), 118. 
Northumberland, John Dudley, Duke of, 

Northwood Moor, 25, 27, 54. 
Norton, 9, 10 (4),13 (3), 20 (2), 24, 27, 29 

(2), 32, 35 (2), 36, 37, 39, 53. 59, 60, 96 

(2), 98, 99, 102 (2), 113, 116 ; James, 

Norwich, 30, 40 (3), 44, 45 (3), 48 (3), 50 
(3), 81, 84, 85, 87 (3), 93, 96, 101, 123, 
129 (5), 130 (3), 132 (2), 133 (5) ; Castle, 
58; Causey, 96; Marriage Licences, 84, 

Norwode House, 96 ; Field, 21. 

Oakley, 90 (6) ; Parish Church, 90. 

Odiham, Hants, 80. 

O'Flanigan, Mr., 82. 

Old Buckenham, 110 ; Registers, 110. 

Old Manor House, Kelsale, 72. 

Old Road, St. Kitts, 68, 69. 

011a Podrida, 131. 

" Origines Islandicis," Vigurson and 

Powell's, 2. 
Our Lady's Light Brotherhood, 32. 
Oxford, 80. 

Page, Edward, 114. 

Paigrave, 91. 

Palmer, Charles, 125 ; George Danby, 

125 ; George William Danby, 126 ; 

Maria, 125 ; Salmon, 125, 126. 
Panton, Major, 69 (2). 
Panxford, 2 (2). 
Parham, Peter, 118. 
Paris, Occupation uf, 78. 
Parr, Dr., 131. 
Parson, John, 27. 
Partridge, Henry, 129 ; William, 40, 

41 (2). 
Payne, Lieut.-Col., 68, 69 (2) ; Thos., 

38; William, 38, 117. 


Peasacre, Anne, 39. 

Peel, Wm., junr., 127. 

Pelham, 34 (-2), 113 (2). 

Pelham, Lord, ISO. 

Pelles, John, 112. 

Pembroke Tribe, Bermuda, 6G. 

Penns, The, 133. 

Pennsylvania, 66. 

Perishall, Bunwell, 103. 

Peterham, Nicholas, 62. 

Petition, Kobert Kett's, 134. 

Pet.its, 28. 

Pett, .John, 101. 

Phillips, Anna Maria, 132, 133 ; George, 

Pikle,'Mr., 119. 
Pitcher, Philippa, 87. 
Pitts, Lionel, 117, 120 ; Ursula, 117. 
Playford, 63. 
Plo'ket, William, 5. 
Plome, Agnes, 97 ; John, 60 (2). 
Plomer, Thos., 14. 
Plowman, Mr., 80 ; Sarah, 80. 
Plumstead, 2 (2). 

"Political History of Ensfland," 105. 
Poll, Norfolk Election, 1734, 123. 
Pollard, Adam, 97 ; Mr. A. F., 105 ; 

Elizabeth, 97 (2). 
Pomeroy, Mr., 20. 

Porteus, Dr., Bishop of London, 131. 
Porth, Christopher, 118 ; Edoua, 118. 
Portrait by Stannard. 126. 
Portsea, Hants, 80 (2). 
Postell, Christopher, 117 ; Edona, 117. 
Potter, Catherine, 110 (2) ; Joan, 54 ; 

John, 54 (2), 108 (2) ; Stephen, 59. 
Potterscroft, 30. 
Poyntur, Robert, Priest, 53. 
Pratts, 101. 
Prees, Salop, 80. 
Prentice, John, 88. 
Preston, Frances, 42 ; Thomas, junr., 

Proctor V. Kett, 122 ; Abigail, 107 ; Ann, 

122 (2), 123 ; Elizabeth, 122 (2) ; 

Francis, 107, 121, 122 (2), 123 (2) ; 

Kobert, 63. 
" Prosperous," H.M.S., 62 (2). 
" Prosperous Ann," 70, 71. 
Public Record Office, 112, 114. 
Pudding, Thos., 93 ; William alias Bodiu, 

93 (2). 
Pugh, Eleanor, 74. 
Pulham Market, 115. 
Pulham St. Mary, 87, 88, 90, 
Pye, Mr., 130. 
Pylet, AViUiam, 20. 

Quaker's Soc, Norwich, 129. 

Qnantrell, Walter, 102. 

Queen's Manor, 28, 99 (2), 100 (3), 101, 

102 (2), 103 (2), 107, 112 (2), 116, 

117, 118, 121. 
Queen's Coll., London, 79. 
Quelsh, Henry, 86. 


Rackheath, 2. 

Ralph (de Morley), 1 ; son of Oodwin, 2. 

" Ramilies," H.M.S., 89. 

Ratclyffe, John, 11. 

Rawlson, Joan, 89 (3). 

Rayiier, Mr. Francis, 65. 

Reade, James, 65. 

Record Office, Dublin, 63, 64 (2). 

Rede, Nicholas, 11, 14(2). 

Redstone, V., 73. 

Reeve, Charles, 87 ; Sarali, 87. 

Reeves, 101. 

Regent's Park, 79,80. 

Remchinge (Rynching), Edward, 62 ; 

Elizabeth, 62 (3), 63, 114 ; Mary, 62 

(2) ; Richard, 62, 63. 
Retherys, Norton, 12. 
Reve, Elizabeth, 43, 44, 47 ; Richard, 14 ; 

Thomas, gent., 21, 45, 47 ; William, 26, 

28 (2), 34. 
Reynold, Sister, 62. 
Reynolds, Alice, 57 ; Elizabeth, 62 ; John, 

58, 62 ; Lidea, 62 ; Richard, 52 ; 

Robert, 107 ; Thomas, 24, 48, 51 (3), 

52 (4), 57. 
Riche, John, 71. 

Richman, Mary, 42 ; Robei't, 42. 
Ridnell, Edward, 45, 46. 
Rikkes, Elizabeth, 13. 
Ringland, 2. 

Ringwood, Margaret, 99 ; Robert, 99 (2). 
Rivershall Manor, 71. 
Rivil (Revett), John, 109 ; Sarah, 109 (2). 
Rix, Martin, 48. 

Robert, son of Hubert, 2 ; son of Ralph, 1. 
Robsart, Amy, 57 (8) ; Elizabeth, 57 ; Sir 

John, 57 (2) ; Sir Terry, 57. 
Rochester, Kobert, 29 ; William, 25 (4), 

53, 54, 98. 
Rockland St. Mary, Surlingham, 125. 
Roger, Robert, 103. 
Rogers, Elizabeth, 72, 77 ; Robert, 58. 
Roke Manor, Odiham, 80. 
Rokewood, Agnes, 57 ; William, 57. 



Rolfe, Henry, 116. 

Rollesden, Suffolk, 119. 

Rome, Walter, 114(2). 

Roofe, Henry, 104. 

Rooke, Captain Georj^e, 66. 

Roper, Jolin, 130. 

Rotterdam, 133. 

Roughton, Norfolk, 127. 

Rouse, Sir John, Bart., 76. 

Rowe, John, 97. 

Rowse, William, 183. 

Rowses, St. Andrews, Ringfield, 119. 

Roy, Stefihen, 89. 

linbens. Life of, by C. W. Kett, 80. 

Rushmer, Benacre, 42 ; Elizabeth, 93. 

Russell, Captain, 69 (2) ; Mary, 71 (2), 72, 

73 (3) ; Mr. F. W., 55 ; Thomas, 73. 
Rybald, Walter, 39. 
Rye, Walter, 81. 
Rygald, William, 9. 
Rymerscroft, 34. 
Ryngewode, Robert, 97. 


Sabberton, Mary, 107 ; Sampson, 107. 

Sadd, John, 39. 

Saddle Hill, 70 (2). 

St. Andrew's, Norwich, 41 ; Register, 41. 

St. Bartholomew the Great, 72. 

St. Bride's, Fleet St., 80. 

St. Christopher, 65 (2). 

St. Clement, Eastuheap, 64, 65 ; Norwich, 
Register, 122. 

St. Cross, 75. 

St. David (H.M.S.), 66. 

St. Dunstan, Stepney, 72 (2). 

St. George, Nevis, 69. 

St. George's Gild, 53 ; House, 53. ' 

St. George's, Tombland, 87 (2). 

St. Giles, Norwich, 127 (2), 133(4). 

St. Gregory, Norwich, 133 ; Ivondon, 86. 

St. James' Chronicle, 78. 

St. James' Hospital, King's Lynn, 129. 

St. James', Westmiaster, 78. 

St. John, Nevis, 70 ; Dublin, 65. 

St. Katherine, Regent's Park, 79 ; Chap- 
lain of, 79. 

St. Kitts, 66 (2), 07 (2). 

St. Margaret's, Norwich, 129, 133. 

St. Martin's, Norwich, 50. 

St. Mary Axe, 66. 

St. Mary in Capella, Brethren of, 32. 

St. Marv, Norwich, 87 ; Wymondham, 1, 
24, 3.-!, 51. 

St. Michael at Plea, Norwich, 50. 

St. Nicholas, 75. 

St. Peter, Cornhill, 86 ; Hungate, 133 (4) ; 
Mancroft, 86, 120, 127, 133 ; Wymond- 
ham, 53. 

St. Stephen, Norwich, 127 ; Westminster, 
11, 18, 31. 

St. Thomas a Becket, Chapel of, 26, 27, 
48, 53, 56 (2), 57, 60 (3), 61 (2), 84 
(2), 96 (2). 

St. Vedast, Foster Lane, 72 (2). 

Salmon, Ann, 124, 126 ; Thomas, 124 ; 
Rev. Thomas William, 126. 

Sampnell, Thomas, 27. 

Sandell, Thomas, 28 (2). 

Sandy Point, St. Kitts, 68 (2). 

Sarcosin, Peter, 129. 

Sare, Thomas, 24 (2). 

Saxmundham, 74, 77. 

Saxted, Suffolk, 43. 

Saxurgals, 99. 

Sayour, William, 18. 

Scarndell, John, 25. 

Scolehouse alias Becket Chapel, Wymond- 
ham, 60. 

Scotland, 63. 

Scott, Elizabeth, 57 ; John, Esq., 57 ; 
Margaret, 58 ; Robert, 91. 

Scrambler, Sir Edmund, Bishop of Nor- 
wich, 104, 105. 

Scroby, 11. 

Seabarn (Seborne), James, 103, 112 (2). 

Seaborne, Ann, 108. 

Seaman, Robert, 45, 52 ; Stephen, 52. 

Searaon, Augustine, 9i). 

Semon, Alice, 52. 

Sendells, 28 (2), 29. 

Sewall (Sewale, Sewell), Cecilia, widow, 
99 ; John, 13 (2), 99. 

Sewster, William, 94. 

Shadingfield, Suffolk, 57. 

Shadwelis Manor, Morley, 107, 122, 123. 

Sharpe, Bartholomew, 60 ; Edward, 85. 

Shave, Anne, 107 ; Michael, 107. 

Shefles, 40. 

Shelter Island, New England, 66. 

Shene, Robert, 93. 

Shepcote, 21, 54(2). 

Shepherd, John, 37. 

Shepparde, Roger, 33. 

Sheriff, Arms, 89 (2) ; John, gent., 88 (2), 
89 ; Susanna, 89 ; Thomas, J. P., 89. 

Sherman, Agnes, 36, 37 ; Catherine, 33 
(2), 34 (5) ; John, 33 (2), 34 (3), 35 
(2), 36, 37, 43 (2), 45, 48 (2) ; Mar- 
garet, 35 ; Samuel, 43. 

Sherwood, DoroMiv, 116 ; John, 13 ; 
Robert, 116 ; Thomas, 13 ; Uncle, 37. 

Shipps, Captain, 69. 


Shorfchouse, 132. 

Shottisham, Suffolk, 76, 78 (A), 71), S:i (4). 

Shottishain Hall Manor, Suffolk, 71 (2). 

Shottisham, Church of, 71, 77. 

Shottisham, Norfolk, 73 (4). 

Sibton, 77 (3) ; Monks of, 77. 

Sidley, Martin, Arm., 117. 

Silfield, 5, 6 (2), 7 (4), 8 (9), 9 (6), 10 

(2), 12 (2), 14 (10), 15 (5), 16 (5), 

17 (2), 21 (3), 26 (2), 27, 28 (3), 30 

(2), 31 (4), 32, 42, 52, 100, 114. 
Silkstone, co. York, 86 (3). 
Silvester (Silvestyr alias Funhall), Alice, 

19 (4); Constant, 65 (3); Grace, 65 

(3) ; Humphrey, 65 ; Mary, 65 ; 

Nathaniel, 66. 
Simonds, Philip, 62. 
Simpson, Thomas, 41 (2). 
Sisters of St. Katharine's, 79. 
Skipp, John, gent., 107. 
Skippe, Thomas, gent., 84. 
Skotte, Margaret, 53. 
Skuttes, 11. 
Small, Robert, 93. 
Smallcroft Lane, 20 (2). 
Smiths, 9. 

Smith's, John, Company, 06. 
Smith, Henry, 49 ; John, 120 ; Loye, 98 ; 

Mr., of Pembroke Coll., Oxou, 131 ; 

Ralph, 120 ; Richard, gent., 120 ; 

Robert, 98, 120. 
Smith alias Foulsham, 28 ; Thomas, 29. 
Smyth, Catherine, 53, 54 ; William, 18 

(2), 53 (3), 54. 
Somerleyton, Suffolk, 125. 
Somerset House, 72. 
Somerset, Lord Charles, 130; Protector, 

56 (2). 
Sondepytte, Norfeld, 25. 
Southfield alias Peckfield, Silfield, 55. 
Southgalefield, AVicklewood, 117 (2). 
Soutliwick, Hants, 78. 
Southwode, 10, 17. 
Sparke, John, 116. 
Sparrows, Cousin, 44. 
Spencer, Gilbert, 13. 
Spexhall, Suffolk, 124 (2). 
Sporell, Richard, 15 ; Roger, 6. 
Spriiigall, Nathaniel, 127(3), 129(2), 130, 

133 ; Rachel, 127. 
Sprisom, Henry, 10. 
Spurel, Hamo, 5 (2) ; John, 0. 
Spurels (Sporels), 0, 7, 8, 30 (2), 31. 
Spurelscrofc (Sporelscroft), 6. 
Spycer, Margaret, 25. 
Stabbards alias Stanford, 20, 22, 24, 95, 

96, 98, 101. 

Stallworth, Richard, 25 ; Robert, 25. 

Siulworth, John, 16. 

Stanfeld, 100. 

Stanfeld Hall, 17 (2), 57, 116. 

Stanhawe, William, gent., 93. 

Stanwell, 130. 

Staple, Mayor of, 1 1 5. 

Starke, Richard, 118. 

Starling (Sterlyng), Jliirion, 103 (2) ; 

Robert, 29, 99,^103 (3). 
Starlynge, Alice, 63. 
Statute of Staple, 115(2). 
Stebbings, Robert, 129. 
Stebyns, Cakewyk, 58. 
Stedraans, 54. 
Stele, William, 58. 
Sterlinge, Katharine, 99. 
Stevens, 38, 53. 
Stockings, George, 126. 
Stockton, Robert, 54. 
Stodart, Janet, 79 ; Marion, 78, 79 

AVilliam, 78, 79 (3). 
Stoddart, Christopher, 07 (3), 68 (3), 69. 
Stoke Ferrv, 133. 
Stokes, Rev. H. P., LL.D., 105. 
Stokton, William, 25. 
Stoughton, C, 109 ; Jno., 109 ; Peter, 

M.A., 109 (2). 
Stow, 27. 

Stowmarket, Suffolk, 9 (2). 
Strange, John, 106. 

Stratton St. Mary, 93 ; St. Michael, 93 (2). 
Strobins, 1 5. 
Stroby, Matilda, 6. 
Sutton, 13 (3), 21, 29 (2), 32 (2), 33, 35 

(2), 36, 48, 54,102(2). 
Swaffham, 81, 82. 
Swain's Close, 93. 
Swaine, iJeborah, 93. 
Swanton Morley, 63, 118. 
Swete, John, 12. 

Swithin Lane, Lombard Street, 91. 
Sygar, John, 27. 
Syleham, Suffolk, 120. 
Syles, Martha, 127. 
Syltopp, Alice, 54 ; William, 54. 
Symond, William, 21. 
Symonds, Henry, 27 ; John, Chaplain, 18, 

26 (3), 27, 84 (2) ; Junr., 112(2), 115. 

Takeston, 19. 

Tangier, 60. 

Tasburgh, 127. 

Tegar (Tedger), Amicia, 5 (2). 

Temple, Major, 69 (2). 



Theakei-, John, N.P.,G2. 

Thetford, Thomas, 45, 4:6 (2). 

Thiikettle, John, 123. 

Thomas, John, 102. 

Thompson, Norfolk, 91 ; Cliarles, 134. 

Thorington Hall, Suffolk, 73. 

Thorkell, 3. 

Thornton, William, Kut., 3G (2). 

Thorpe, William, 114. 

Thurston, William, 8. 

Tibbenham, 46. 

Tiblike, Alice, 5 ; John, 5. 

Tickling, Mary, 110. 

Tivetshall, 127,183(2). 

Toka, " francigena," 1 (2), 2 (2). 

Tokeson, Godwin (Other Godwin), son of 

Toka, 2 (2). 
Toleye, Ann, 98. 
'j'olye, Robert, 39. 

Tumline, Dr., Bishop of Winchester, 131. 
Tomlinson, Mistress, 43. 
Tonge, William, 24,112. 
Tooke, Abigail, 9 1 (3) ; Elizabeth, 9 1 (2) ; 

Eobert, 91 ; Sarah, 91 (2). 
Tostick, 91. 
Totney, Brother, 119. 
Toungrene, 29, 53. 
Towngrene, 114, 116, 121. 
Towse, Thomas, 30. 
Treyes, 13. 

Trinity Coll., Oxon, 80, 130. 
Trusson, Catherine, 74 ; Gabriel, Esq., 

73 (5), 74 ; T., 75. 
Trussons, The, 74. 
Tuddenham, East, 112. 
Tnggs or Duggs, Adam, 30 (2). 
Turner, Mr. Brown, 90; E., 76; Rebecca, 

Tnttle, Henry, 109 (2) ; Sarah, 109 (3). 
Tybenhani, 45. 
Tyffin Meadow, 54. 
Tyford Brigg, 54 (2). 
Tygreue, 54. 
Tyler, John, gent., 35. 
Tylney, Joan, 26 ; Peter, 24 (3), 20, 48 ; 

Robert, 112. 
Tyltyke, John, 14. 
Tyrell, Rachel, 127, 133. 
Tyte, Sister, 119(2), 120. 
Tyteshal, Thomas de, 8. 
Tytsale, Henry, 112,113. 
Tytshal, John,29. 

Ubbeston, 120. 
Ulfs, Adam, 7. 

Ulfys, 14 (2), 15, 16 (3), 17 (2),,31 (2). 
University ofLevden, 131. 
Upton, Suffolk, 43. 
Uri, Dr. John, 131. 

Vale, John, 122. 

Vardou (Verdon), Agnes, 97 (2), 99, lOO 

Vaughan, Edward, 74. 
Venn's " Biographical History of Gonville 

and Caius Coll., Camb.," 106. 
Verdon, Samuel, gent., 93 ; Stephen, 52, 

95, 97 (4), 99, 100 (2), 102 (2), 103 

(2), 104. 
Vicar's St., 100, 102 (2), 113 (2), 114. 
Virginia, 63. 
Vyrly, William, 10. 


Wacton, 48 (2), 93. 
Wade, Elizabeth, 90. 
Wadker, Beatrice, 26 ; John, 14 (2) ; 

Margery, 26 ; Robert, 20 ; Walter, 15, 

25, 26, 112 ; William, 22, 26. 
Wake, 80. 
Wakering, Gt., 91. 
Walcot, 87. 
Waldringfield, 71 (2). 
Walker, Beatrice, 19 (2) ; Margaret, 19 ; 

Mary, 129 ; alias Waker, Richard, 116; 

Robert, 19 ; Stephen, 129. 
Walne (Wawne), Thomas, clerk, 99. 
Walpole, Sir Robert, 72. 
Walrond, Henry, 05. 
Walter, Richard, 16 ; Robert, 32. 
Walton, 73. 
Wapping, 72 (3). 
Ward, Thomas, 12. 
Warde, Dr., 82. 
Warham, 57. 
AVariier, Elizabeth, 43. 
AVarton, J\[r. Thomas, 131. - 
Watch and Play Society, 54. 
Waterhonsc, Captain, 69. 
Waterloo, Battle of, 78 (2). 
Waters, "Geneal. Gleanings," 119. 
Wates, Thomas, 13. 
Watker, 90. 

Watson, Mv. .Tames, 90, 91 ; John, 89. 
Wattelfield, 5, 8, 9 (3), 10 (4), 12, 14 (2), 

17, 102. 
Weaseaham, 82. 


Welby, 44. 

Weld, Thomas, 02. 

Wellulose Square, 71, 72. 

"Wemdon, Master, 119. 

Wends, Tlios., 17 (3). 

Wessenden, 81. 

Westgate, 11. 

Westhaugh, A?nes, 59(3) ; alias Cowper, 

27, 59 ; William, 27, 59 (4). 
Weston, Longville, 88. 
Westwade (\Yestwode), 11, 24, 25, 113. 
Westwade Cliapel, 114. 
Wetherby, 53 ; Elizabeth, 84 ; John, 

senr., 33. 
AVethersfield, New England, 119. 
, Whelpsdale, Robert, 39. 

Whights (Whites), Aslacton, 35 (2), 45, 

46, 47. 
Whitaker, Jane, 89. 
Whitefoot, Marion, 95. 
Whitser Meadow, 58. 
Whitsers, 27. 
Whytaine, Roger, 114. 
Wichingham, 2, 134. 
Wickiewood, lOG (2), 107 (3), 110, 116, 

117 (3), 118, 1 19 (3), 120, 121 (3), 122, 

Wickiewood Ampuors, 84, 117 (2), 118 ; 

Registers, 117, 118, 120 ; Rolls, 118. 
Width, John, 43. 44 (2). 
Wike, Robert, 38. .-« 
Wilkie, Sir David, 79 (5) ; Janet, 79. 
Wilkins, John, 128. 
Williams, Arthur {see Knyvett), 39. 
Winchester, William, Bishop of, 11. 
Windle, Ann. 90 ; Mary, 90 ; Thomas, 

90 (3), 91; William, 90, 91. 
Windmill Hill, 102. 
" Windsor," 89. 
Wingfield, John, 81. 
Wistow, William, 54. 
Withfield, 38. 
Wixe, Martha, 37. 
Wodehouse, 7, 8, 9 (2), 30 ; Sir Henry, 

Bart., High Sheriff, 115. 
Womack, Arms, 124 ; Arthur, 124 (2) ; 

Catherine, 124 ; Margaret, 124 ; Roger, 

le Wonb, 20, 21, 85. 
Woodbridge Churchyard, 74 ; Suffolk, 70 

(2),7r((5), 72(2),73(10), 74(2),75, 

78 (2), 79 ; Church Notes, Davy's 

MSS., 77 ; Grammar School, 71, 78 (2) ; 

Quay Chapel, 72 ; Thoroughfare, 77. 
Woodbridge, Eliz., 91 ; William, gent., 73. 
Woodcock, Elizabeth, 76 ; John, 16 ; 

Mary, 109. 

Woodhouse, Aslacton, 34, 35, 45, 46. 
Woodley, Captain-Lieut. William, 68 (2), 

Woodward, Joan, 22 ; Margaret, alias 

Thrower, 52 ; Robert, 18, 22 (2), 33. 
Woodwood, 46. 

Wooley Bridge (Woolsey Bridge), 87. 
Woolwich, 78. 

Wooton, 2 (2) ; Roger, gent., 112. 
Wortham Diss Register, 87. 
Wramplingham, Norfolk, 109 (2), 116^ 

123 (2). 
Wrenne Park, 51, 52. 
Wrennington, Essex, 80. 
Wrenthain, 75 (2), 124. 
Wretteham (Writtenham), John, 20,^ 

Wribleton, Suffolk, 76. 
Wright, Anne, 106, 120 ; Elizabeth, 107 ; 

Francis, 107 ; John, 58 ; Octavia, 134 ; 

Rachel, 130 ; Richard, 106 ; Sarah,^ 

Wrothall, Suffolk, 124. 
Wrotte, 54. 
Wyard, John, 59. 
Wyeth, Christina, 44. 
Wykatfeld, 17. 
Wyldehogge, 53, 58. 
Wylley, Katherine, 31 ; Richard, 31. 
Wymondham, 3 (2), 5, 6 (3), 9 (2), 14 

(2), 15(3), 16(3), 17(9), 18 (5), 20 

(3), 21 (2), 22, 25 (2), 26 (4), 27 (4), 

29 (2), 30 (5), 31 (4), 32 (4), 33, 34 
(2), 35 (4), 36 (3), 38, 39 (4), 40 (7), 
41 (4\ 42, 43 (2), 46, 47, 48 (3), 49 
(2), 51, 52, 53 (2), 54 (4), 5G (3), 57 
(4), 58 (2), 60 (2), 01 (4), 62 (4), 63 
(3), 64 (3), 81 (2), 84 (2), 85 (5), 86 
(2), 87 (4), 95 (2), 96 (3j, 97 (2), 98 
(3), 99, 100, 101 (3), 103 (2), 104 (2), 
106 (3), 107 (4), 108 (4), 109 (5), 110 
(5), 112(5), 113(4), 114(2), 115(5), 
116(4), 117(6), 118(5), 121 (.5), 122 
(7), 123 (6), 127 (2); Abbey, 2, 20, 
21, 24, 26, 30, 32, 33, 35, 51, 53, .54, 
55 ; Abbey Manor, 48 (4), 60, S+, 95 ; 
Church, 123 ; Church Chest, 4, 27, 32, 
55, 84 ; Churchyard, 27, 10 1 ; Gilds, 
2.3, 48 (2) ; John do, 84 ; King's 
Manor, 33, 52, 54 (2), 58, 59 ; Manor, 

30 (3), 31, 34, 54, 58 (2), 95 ; 
Monastery, 54 ; Queens, 20, 29, 35, 
36, 38, 39, 41, 58, 60 (2) ; Manor 
Rolls, 19, 24, 27 (2), 28, 29, 32 ; 
Register, 36, 58, 63, 64, 102, 108 (2), 
109 (2), 110 (3), 122 (2), 133; Steeple, 
24, 28, 48, 58. 



Wyndout, 13, 14. 

Wyrly, William, 13. 

Wyseman, Robert, 29, 97 ; Stephen, 97 

(2) ; William, 99, 112 (2). 
Wysman, Agnes, 97 (2). 
Wyvill, Laura, 134. 

Yolle, Katherine, 38 (2) ; Robert, 

39 (2). 
Younge, William, 63. 
Yoxford, 75, 76 (2) ; Register, 76. 
Yulle, 42.