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H ^j ^ "^^ 75k 1 







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Gannon University 

Erie, PA 16541 

RLC Winning 
Homecoming Float. 

'th Street Demonstrators 



SPORTS 89 - 90 



Table Of Contents 


Faculty & 



Special Events 


Vol. 39/Lance 1990 


Cover: Gannon Football Fans 


Lisa Campbell - Advisor 
Erin K. McCormack - Editor 

Denny Daniello 
Maureen Donahue 
Marie Luchetti 
nancy McCausland 
Stacey Miller 
Judy Swauger 
Cindy Weber 

Pam Kehoe 
David Hetrich 
Dave Hupke 
Steve Parks 
Kirby Reddinger 
Judy Smolski 
Jen Spiher 


^<3fWIN&0W£ ev/5 


Deciding to go to 
college is probably 
one of the hardest 
decisions that a 
person has to 
make. Leaving be- 
hind friends and 
family is a big ad- 
justment and can 
be a lonely experi- 
ence. Parents wor- 
ry while trying to 
convince you that 
everything will 
work out. Fortu- 
nately, everyone 
feels the same. 

There are lots of 
lessons to learn as 
a freshman. One of 
the hardest is the 
large amount of 
work that comes 
with classes. Mom 
and Dad are no 
longer there to 
push you, and 
soon you learn to 
initiate things 
yourself. Daily 
problems range 
from doing laun- 
dry without "sur- 
prise" color 
changes, and of 
course, how to 
budget money you 
don't have! 

l-Wehrle resident comtemplates life. 2- "Are we cool or what?" 3 
"Please don't campus me!" 4-Finegan 4th West friends. 5-Shelly Hoi 
len 8f her laundry. 


by Jen Spiher 


The first year 
away at college 
is one of adjust- 
ment. Students 
have to leam to 
get used to be- 
ing on their own 
and taking on a 
new load of re- 
The first couple 
of weeks at col- 
lege can be 
hard, but it gets 
easier. You meet 
new friends, talk 
about your prob- 
lems and in the 
end, make your 
first year of col- 
lege fun and 

l-Life in a Finegan dorm 


2- 'We're 3 wild and crazy 


3 'Why is she taking our 


4-Shay and Adri partying 




By Erin K. McCormack 

This year, Gannon students 
saw many changes both 
around the world and in their 
own backyard. Those changes 
included the 1st football team 
Gannon has had in almost 39 
years, a full year experiencing 
the integration with Villa 
Maria, and students voicing 
their opinion in the form of a 

The football team under 
Coach Tom Herman had a 
winless season, but they put 
up a good fight. Over 5,000 
Gannon fans attended the 
opening game at home 
against Duquesne at Erie's 
Veteran's Memorial Stadium. 
The team may be new, but 
there s hope for the future. 

The integration with Villa is 
an ongoing process that also 
has the potential to do well. 
They participated in the 

Homecoming activities and 
SGA elections were even held 
at the branch campus. Things 
are tense between the two 
campuses, but let's at least 
give it a try! 

And try they did those 
radical Gannon students! 
Gannon students came out of 
the woodwork to voice their 
opinion on the status of 7th 
St. When GU student, Erica 
Koshar, was hit by a car on 
7th St., the students finally 
realized the dangers of it 
remaining opened. They then 
blocked traffic on 7th St., held 
signs, and chanted. Erica was 
even there to lead on the 
crowd. Thanks guys for trying, 
but as usual the city can 
hear, but they never listen! 

Also, this past year Gannon 
University held its 14th annual 
"Golden Harvest" on 
Saturday, November 11th. 
The brothers of Kappa Delta 
Rho and Lambda Delta Pi 
sisters together earned a first 
place award for bringing in 

the most food — 1,226 

Having braved the 
cold weather and given 
up the luxury of 
sleeping in on a 
Saturday morning, all 
Gannon clubs, 
fraternities, and 
sororities were proud, 
collecting 8,527 pounds 
of food which was 
donated to The Erie 
Food Bank. Way to go 

l-"Let's cuddle a little closer and maybe we'll unthaw?" 2-APO's warm up with some hot chocolate. 3- 
RD's show their support by helping distribute donated subs and beverages. 4-Dr. Henry loves those 
Knights. 5-Our branch campus shows Homecoming Spirit. 6-Football "FAN "atics. 

J* ***/** Special ra Cultural >p*nun> 

*Forurf eWs bf> AFFa,rs VRec.^ 

Villa Maria College 

j^c^ Dance q«™u™^ Publicity C £^,f 




World Events 

In June of 1989, Chinese students and citizens organized a 
demonstration in Tiananmen Square in order to bring about 

Miss Missouri, Debbye Turner, was crowned Miss 
America 1990. Miss Turner is the third black woman to 
win the title of Miss America in the pageant's 68-year 

On April 19, 1989 aboard the The United DC-19 crash-landed at 

U.S.S. Iowa, there was an explo- the Sioux Gateway Airport leaving 

sion killing 47 sailors and injuring 185 survivors and 111 dead, 
many others. 

Hurricane Hugo smashed into Charleston, South Carolina leaving 
power lines down, toppled trees and flooding. The 135mph winds 
left thousands homeless and without anything. Congress approved 
over one billion dollars in emergency aid to help the Charleston 
residents rebuild their lives. 

On November 9, 1989 one of the most monumental evnets of the 
'80s decade occurred. The Berlin Wall started to be torn down 
after 28 years of restricted emigration and travel to the West. Only 
after hours of the lift, thousands of East Germans migrated to the 


The largest oil spill in history 
was when the Exxon Valdez 
tanker struck Bligh Reef, near 
Valdez, Alaska. 

At 42, Kareem Abdul Jabar, the oldest player in the NBA retired. The The first tour in 8 years of the 

last performance of the 7 foot 2 inch center gave was on June 13, Rolling Stones was launched 

1989. Cincinnati Reds manager, Pete Rose, one of the greatest on Aug. 13, 1989 in New 

players in the history of baseball, was banned for life from the game Haven, Connecticut, 
for betting on his own team. 

A catastrophic earthquake rocked San Francisco, CA which registered 6.9 on the Richter Scale. At least 62 people were killed and 
hundreds more were injured. Bridges and freeways caved in, fires ignited and widespread damage to buildings occurred throughout the 




Late Saturday 
morning on 
October 28, 
1989, students 
in sneakers and 
sweats plopped 
themselves on 
curbs, porches 
and lawn chairs 
along 6th Street 
to watch 
floats swing by, 
flappers and 
gangsters from 
almost 20 clubs 

The spirit of 
"Chicago in the 
Twenties", the 
theme for 


IS Tl-C 2C*s 

roared through the 
sunny autumn 
weekend with all of 
the gaiety and 
glamour of that 
carefree decade. 

Starting from 
Qridley Park around 
11 a.m. They 
danced the 
Charleston all the 
way to Perry 
Square, and put on 
the ritz for all of 
Erie to see. 

The floats carried 
bootleg barrels, and 
gin tubs. The Pi 
Kappa Alphas and 
Zeta Taus pitched 

in to win first place 
for their float 
rendition of a 
speakeasy in the 

Delta Sigma Phi 
began the festivities 
at Scott Park by 
having a balloon lift 
symbolizing the 
contributions made 
to the March of 
Dimes Foundation. 
Then over one 
hundred soccer fans 
waited to see the 
Men's soccer team 
shutout Lock Haven 
4-0, and the women 
beat St. Francis. 

l-"Gotcha!" 2-TKE's watch parade in comfort. 3-Pikes enjoy festivities. 4-Meaghan Ropski eats her 
candy. 5-Homecoming Royalty — Dave Sea ff and Jennifer Osman. 6-nice legs Shorty! 

/ An 

O Open 


By Marie Luchetti 

Opening 9 



After the 
games, students 
drifted over to 
Presque Isle to 
catch the 
sunset before 
they hurried 
back to put on 
their party garb. 
The dance was 
held at the 
Quality Plaza 
Hotel from 9 
p.m. until 1 

l-The Golden Knights score 
yet another goal at the 
Homecoming against Lock 
Haven. 2-Pauline and Margo 
get a taste of the 20s. 3- 
Janice and Jackie place the 
finishing touches on the 

10 Opening 

by Marie Luchetti 


The ballroom was 
packed with over 700 
students, determined 
to take every black 
and white balloon 
that decorated the 
room as souvenirs. 
After an hour or so of 
serious dancing, 
people ran for their 
cameras to take 
pictures of the 
Homecoming King 
and Queen. 

Pi Kappa Alpha, 
Dave Scaff and Sigma 
Sigma Sigma, 
Jennifer Osman, were 
crowned King and 
Queen, as hundreds 
of Gannon students 
stood on chairs and 
tables to catch a 
glimpse of them, or 
to take their picture. 

It was in the early 
hours of the morning 
when people began 
to claim their 
balloons, and go look 
for somewhere else 
to dance the rest of 
the night away! 

1- "Let's relax! That last dance was a doozie!" 2-RA's struttin' their 
stuff. 3-This couple s caught in a tight squeeze. 4-APB'ers decorate 
the Quality. 5- Fitz, what a card you are. 6- Cheerleader 
Candidates. 7-Are we Mahvelous, or what? 

Opening 11 




During the 
previous week of 
the Christmas on 

Celebration, there 
was a contest that 
any club or 
organization could 
enter. The contest 
consisted of 
painting a giant 
postcard showing 
some kind of 
Christmas Spirit. 

Those who 
participated in the 
card decorating 
contest had their 
postcards placed in 
various spots 
throughout the 
campus, which 
brought the feeling 
of Christmas to 
Old Main, Mash 
Library, the 
Schuster Theatre, 
and the SAC. 

The Accounting Club 
took first place overall, 
followed by Pikes taking 
a gracious second. 
Third place was 
awarded to Students for 
Life. Congratulations to 
all for your participation 
and time; your effort 
truly made the program 
a terrific success. 

Also, during the week, 
students began to get in 
the mood for the festive 
season with the first 
annual APB sponsored 
Christmas Dance held 
December 1, from 8- 
11pm in the Commons. 
Students danced to the 
beat of the 

"Moonlighters" an Erie- 
based band. Highlights 
of the evening were 
hourly door prizes and 
pictures with Santa. The 

attendance was superb, 
placing the spirit of St. 
nick on the Gannon 

l-AQD's get creative. 2-Pike brothers fingerpaint. 3-Delta Chi brother, Kirk Miles shows his artistic 
talents. 4-"Hey you!" L 2 What's up? 5- Raj, quit "ho-ho-hoing" around! 6-Mother and son enjoying 
some Christmas goodies. 

12 Opening 

By Pam Kehoe 

1-Mary Cebulak paints a 
"Global Warming" Christmas 
scene for the Chemistry 
Club's card. 2-Santa just loves 
all this attention! 3-AFB 
committee members trim the 
tree in the Commons before 
the Christmas Dance. 

Opening 13 



On Campus 

On December 8, 
1989, Gannon 
celebrated its 
Second Annual 
Christmas on 
Campus. It began 
with a mass 
celebrated at the 
University Chapel. 
Afterwards, there 
was a candlelight 
procession to Old 
Main lead by Mary 
and Joseph and a 
mule. A live 
nativity scene was 
there, along with 
real animals. 

Inside Old Main 
refreshments were 
served while the 
Villa Maria 
Chorus sang 
Christmas carols. 
In one of the 
rooms a train 
display was set- 
up. In the 
meantime, Santa 
Claus was in the 
Commons visiting 
with the children, 
and taking down 
their orders for 
Rudolph was also 
there to help 
Santa while the 
children were 
waiting in line. 

l-Steve and Candy lead the procession. 2-Amy announces their 
arrival. 3-Santa takes requests. 4-Karyn and Erin find their date. 5- 
Parade of carolers. 7-"Alleluia!" the Villa Chorus. 



by Pam Kettoe 



After families 
had seen Santa 
Claus, they 
were given 
tours of the two 
residence halls, 
Finegan and 
Wehrle, to see 
the various 
Each floor or 
room had 
according to a 
specific theme 
of their choice. 
Prizes were 
awarded to the 
winners of the 

1-Heidi, Raj, Dana, and Mary 
wave to their fans. 2- "If that 
donkey gets loose ... I'm 
outta here!' - 3-Mark and Vicki 
are "Dressed for Success! - ' 4- 
"Let me outta here!' 

Opening 15 



The 3rd ranked 
Men's Soccer team 
attracted fans from 
around the area to 
watch them pound 
their way to a 
winning season, 
and advance to the 
'Elite Eight" and 
"Final Four" 

After defeating 
Oakland at home, 
the team went on 
to the "Elite Eight" 
in Greensboro, 
M.C., However, 
their season ended 
with a 4-2 loss to 
Greensboro. They 
had an energetic, 
dynamic and 
historic season. 
They were the 1st 
team in our history 
to play in the Final 

The Women's 
Volleyball team 

=3P0RT5¥ I EV\f- 

also had an exceptional 
season. Their 27-5 
record ranked them #1 
in the Atlantic region, 
giving them a bid to the 
rICAA Division II 
Volleyball Tournament. 
However, their chance 
to win the 

championship ended 
with a loss to Ferris 
State. Despite the loss, 
the Lady Knights had a 
great season. We'll be 
sad to see seniors like 
Amber Demchak, Chris 
Ganos and Renee 
Rettger go, but we 
thank them and wish 
them the best of luck! 

Finally, the Men's 
Basketball team topped 
off Gannon's winning 
season. With their 21-7 
record, the basketball 

team advanced to the 
"Elite Eight" in 
Massachusetts. Over 
1000 dedicated Gannon 
fans followed the team 
to give them that extra 
boost. The trip was well 
worth it even though 
they lost to Morehouse 
State. The team did 
better than everyone 
expected, and the fans 
will truly miss those 
exceptional seniors. 
Namely, Dave Callahan, 
Andy Adams, Chris 
Hollan and Gerald 
Blanks. Thanks for the 
memories Guys! 

1-Mike really wants that ball! 2-Darryl Freeman — Eyes on the Prize. 3-Coach Dukiet calls for a 
timeout. 4-Jim Diana looks a little stuck. 5- "Get that ball!' 6-Excedrin headache #689 for John. 

J_D Opening 

by Erin K. McCormack 

Opening 17 



Seniors That 


The Most 

Mary Cebulak 

Raj Bath 
Dana Kennedy 

Terese Abate 
B.S. Chemistry 

Larry Lynn Acklin 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Kerry Lynne Aldridge 

B.S. nursing 

Frederic John Amendola 
B.S. Business 

Jennifer Louise Angert 

B.S. Management 

Katharine Teresa Antolik 
B.S. Physician Assistant 

Deborah Ann Auer 

B.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Erika Anita Balogh 

B.S. Biology/Pre-Med 

Ronald Henry Barrett 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Peter John Basile 

B.S. M.E.T. 

Manraj Singh Bath 
B.S. Chemistry 

Lisa Christ'l Beck 

B.A. English 



or some 

students college means scheduling, 

classes, and finals. For others it is 

one continuous party. For the 

students honored on this page, 

however, it means hard work, 

responsibility, and commitment. 

Mary, Raj, and Dana have been 

chosen by their peers as "students 

who have contributed the most to 

Gannon," because that is exactly 

what they have done. Each one has 

been more than willing to assume 

leadership positions and completely 

fulfill their duties. Although each 

has shown great ability to lead, 

each one also works well within the 

many groups and organizations on 

campus. As these students graduate 

and move on, we, the student body, 

will have a hard time filling their 

shoes. We at the Lance feel these 

students will be great assets to any 

profession they aspire to. We wish 

them and all the seniors the best of 

luck with their future goals. 

Scott David Beeles 

B.S. Physician Assistant 

Daniel C. Benczkowski 

B.S. Business Management 

JoAnne Benedict 

B.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Robin Diane Bienias 

B.A. Communications/English 

Mancy Bird-Blackwood 

B.A. Psychology 

David Joseph Bon 
B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Frederick Keith Bower, Jr. 
B.S. General Science 

Amy Sue Brady 
B.S. Elementary Education 

Jacqueline Anne Brady 
B.A. Criminal Justice 

Thomas Allen Brickner 
B.S. Electrical Engineering Tech. 

Pat Estella Briggs 

B.A. Psychology 

Mary Anita Brooks 
A.S. Medical Secretary 


Kristina Lynn Brown 

A.S. Respiratory Therapy 

Timothy W. Brown 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Samuel Bua 
B.S. Biology 

Amy Louise Calabrese 
B.S. Biology 

Maria Calabrese 
B.S. Biology 

David Michael Callahan 

B.A. Business Management 

Judy Rose Campbell 

B.S. Elementary Education 

Barbara Jean Carr 

B.A. Social Science 

Amy Lynn Carroll 

B.A. International Studies 

Renae Carole Caudill 

B.S. Biology 

Mary Catherine Cebulak 
B.S. Chemistry 

Dawn Rene Cecchett 

B.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Michael Thomas Chalmers 

B.A. Communications/English 

Patricia Chapin 

B.A. Medical Secretary 

Julie Anne Chesky 

B.S. Elementary Education 

Christine M. Chuderewicz 

B.S. Chemistry 

Pauline E. Church 

B.A. Communications/English 

Bruce Edward Clark 

B.A. Criminal Justice 

Denise Coffey 

A.D. Nursing 

Tracy Lynn Cooper 

B.S. Physician Assistant 


Tina Corle 
B.S. Marketing 

Michelle April Corson 

B.S. Physician Assistant 

Gary Michael Cosentino 
B.S. Finance 

Anne Catherine Crain 

B.S. Biology 

Anne Marie Criscione 
B.S. Finance 

Paula Cuny 
B.S. Accounting 

Victoria Elisabeth Curry 
B.S. Physician Assistant 

Mark Dalton 
B.S. Management 

Christine Ann Daugherty 

B.S. Biology 

Stacey Davis 
B.S. Physician Assistant 

Christopher John DeFlitch 
B.S. Physics 

Amber Anne Demchak 

.A. Communications/English 

Ann Marie DeWolf 

B.S. Computer Science 

Julianne Dolecki 
B.S. Marketing 

Kelly Lynn Doonan 
B.A. Psychology 

Veronica Claire Dorsch 
B.S. Biology/Pre-Med 

Anne Kathleen Dougherty 
B.S. Management 

Tracie L. Downer 

B.S. Earth Science 

Doreen Jo-El Drejas 
B.S. Marketing 

Dawn Margot Dudiak 

B.A. Sociology/Paralegal 




this year's award for best director- 

DR. JACK SCHUMANN, Professor of 

Biology at Gannon University. Those 

might have been the words of the 

emmcee at an awards banquet 

honoring the 1990 graduating class. 

This year's seniors voted for Dr. 

Schumann as their favorite 

professor and he is well worth the 

honor. Although Dr. Schumann 

teaches demanding courses and 

expects the best from his students, 

he is still well-liked. He teaches his 

classes in a relaxed and interesting 

atmosphere. He responds to 

questions with well thought out and 

detailed explanations. This ever- 
smiling man is often as much a 
friend to his students as he is a 
teacher. Always willing to help that 
one struggling student, he puts forth 
the extra effort and time to meet in 
lab or his office for some one-on- 
one attention. When Dr. Schumann 
was informed of his award, he was 
surprised and very honored. We 
would like to thank Dr. Schumann 
on behalf of the senior class for a 
job well done. 

Michael J. Duer 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Stephanie Dunsmore 
B.S. Biology 

Dolly Jean Duttry 
B.S. Marketing 

Kenneth M. Eck 
B.S. Marketing 

Lisa Marie Erdely 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

John Michael Erickson 
B.A. Criminal Justice 

Rebecca Ann Erwin 
B.S. Biology 

William Robert Eschrich 

B.S. Physician Assistant 

Timothy B. Fall 

A.S. Business Administration 

James R. Fashano 
B.A. Finance 

Stacy Lee Feme 

B.A. Psychology 

Katherine Elizabeth Flowers 
B.A. Social Work 


A Salute To 

One Of 

The Best 

Dr. Jack 

Constance L. Ford 
B.S. Elementary Education 

Robert Doulgas Forsten 
B.S. Biology/Pre-Med 

Lynn Denise Fortier 
B.S. Physician Assistant 

Ronald S. Fox 
B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Maria G. Fratangeli 

B.A. Psychology 

David Erin Frew 

B.S. Marketing 

Lisa Marie Garda 

.S. Physician Assistant 

Dawn M. Gerken 
.S. Respiratory Therapy 

Susan L. Girard 
B.S. Biology 

Brad Kevin Gleason 
.S. Business Management 

Andrea Elizabeth Gmelin 

B.A. Communication Arts 

Christine Marie Gonos 
B.S. Biology 


John H. Grimes 

B.S. Industrial Management 

Evan A. Groat 

E.E.T. (Elect. Engin. Tech.) 

Kristine Louise Gross 
B.S. Criminal Justice 

Allison Marie Haas 

B.S. Nursing 

Daniel David Haibach 

B.S. Management/Marketing 

Kristin Leigh Halliwell 
B.S. Physician Assistant 

Gwendolyn Laverne Hamlin 
B.S. Finance 

Scott Robert Harrington 

B.A. Psychology 

Cathleen Louise Hayes 

B.S. Marketing 

David C. Heidt 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Kurt John Hess 

B.A. Psychology 

Joan H. Hillebrand 

B.S. Administrative Studies 

Christopher Patrick Hollan 
B.S. Business Administration 

Brenda Sue Holsopple 

B.S. Biology/Pre-Vet. 

Anita Louise Housler 

B.A. Political Science 

John William Hrinko 
B.S. Marketing 

James Raymond Hubler 
B.S. Chem/Bio, Pre-Med. 

Danh Cong Huynh 

B.S. Chemistry, Pre-Med. 

Christine Marie Jeannette 
B.A. Criminal Justice 

Martha Jean Johnson 

B.S. Biology/Pre-Med. 



Jennifer L. Johnston 
B.A. Political Science 

Lynne Ann Kail 

.S. Administrative Studies 

Brian A. Kaveney 
.A. Business Management 

Matthew Howard Keil 

B.S. Accounting 

David Eugene Kellar 

B.S. Marketing/Management 

Patrick Kemper 
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Wendy Kenyon 

B.A. International 

Melissa Ann Kerecman 

B.S. Marketing 

Kimberly Anne Kerr 
B.S. Management 

Asad Khan 

M.B.A. Finance 

Kathleen Ann King 
B.S. Social Work 

Dana Kingsley 

B.A. Arts/ Humanities 

Laurie Ann Kingston 

B.A. Spanish Literature 

Jeffrey W. Kirkwood 

B.S. Operations Management 

Michael J. Kline 
B.S. Marketing 

Gary Knapp 

B.A. Accounting 

Michael Thomas Kolodychak 
B.S. Chemistry/Pre-Med. 

Janet Eileen Kolson 

B.A. Criminal Justice 

Lisa Konkol 
B.S. Elementary Education 

Susan Ann Kostkas 
B.S. nursing 


Taking A Break 

With The "Head 

Of The Class" 

GU Rec Center Music 

Reading Television 


Cathay Kramer 

B.S. Administrative Studies 

George Kramer 
B.S. Finance 

Laura Anne Kraus 

B.S. Medical Technology 

Connie Marie Kugel 
B.S. Biology 

James Edward Lesko, Jr. 

B.A. Criminal Justice 

Joeseph M. Limber 

B.A. Communications/English 

Richard Thomas Lipnichan 
B.E.T. M.E. Tech. 

Margo Mary Lorigan 
B.S. Biology 

Denise M. Lucas 

B.A. Theatre 

Melinda Sue Lucas 

B.A. Foreign Languages/lnt. Bus. 

Mark A. Luncher 

B.E.E. Electrical Engineering 

Theodore J. Lunger 
B.S. Accounting 



hen the 

'Head of the Class" seniors had a 

free moment in their hectic 

academic and social schedules, 

they took a jaunt over to the 

Gannon University Recreation 

Center. The elaborate facilities 

enabled them to relieve their stress 

in a variety of ways. There was 

always a nice walk around the track 

or a dip in the pool to stretch those 

legs cramped from studying long 

hours at a desk. Also, there was the 

stationary bikes that allowed the 

senior to dream that he or she was 

quickly escaping the pressures of 


Mot only was the rec a place to go 

for exercise, but it was also a nice 

place to socialize. Some of the 

students had even found they could 

pick up dates here. 

Some of the less energetic seniors 

preferred to read, listen to music, or 

watch television. However, first 

runner-up to exercise was sleep. 

Sleeping definitely is a pastime we 

all can enjoy. 

Jeanette Eileen MacDonald 
A.S. Secretarial Science 

Jill Marie Macomber 

B.A. English/Education 

Gina Marie Maquire 

B.A. Communication Arts 

Marion Elizabeth Maraszkiewicz 
B.S. Physician Assistant 

Lindle Markle 
B.S. Mental Health Counseling 

David Brian Markley 
B.A. Psychology 

Jennifer Lynne Marshall 
B.A. International Business 

Melissa Rae Marshall 
B.A. Foreign Lang./lnt'l. Business 

Jacqueline Kaye Martin 
.S. Elementary Education 

Stacey Anne McAnallen 
B.S. Chemistry 

Erin Lynn McBride 

B.S. Marketing 

Sharon Lynn McBride 
B.S. Mursing 


Traci Ann McCartney 
B.S. Biology 

Nancy Ann McCausland 
B.S. Chemistry 

Kathleen Patricia McMahon 
B.S. Chemistry 

Michelle Lee McMaster 
B.S. Chemistry 

Jennifer Anne McNellie 
B.A. Social Work 

Wesley David Meyer 
B.S. Computer Science 

Kirk Matthew Miles 

B.S. Chemistry/Bus. Adm. 

Melinda J. Miller 
B.A. Criminal Justice 

Sandra Marie Miller 
B.A. Political Science 

Christi Elizabeth Minard 
A.S. Business Administration 

J. Kevin Minnelli 

B.S. Finance/Economics 

Marci Adrianne Minteer 
B.S. Nursing 

Mindi Adrianne Minteer 
B.S. Industrial Mgt. 

Anita Mishra 
B.S. Biology 

Richard Joseph Molinski 

B.S. Physician Assistant 

Julie Rae Monroe 

B.S. Industrial Mgt. 

Scott Christain Morrison 
B.S. Biology/Chemistry 

Elna Morton 

B.A. Elementary Education 

Jeffrey A. Mott 
B.A. English 

Damian Murphy 
B.A. Political Science 


Hari A. Hair 
B.S. Physics/Math 

Dawn Niedzielski 
B.S. Social Work 

Laurence Richard Miles 
B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Corinne M. Norman 
B.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Vincent Paul Nudi 
B.S. Marketing 

Molly Elizabeth Nunan 
B.S. Elementary Education 

Todd S. Oleski 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Eric Lee Olson 

B.S. Management 

Georgianne Ondreako 

B.A. Foreign Language Lit. 

Patricia Marie Orlando 
B.S. Biology 

Cayle Danene Otto 
Assoc. Lawyer's Paralegal 

Mary Angela Overfleld 
B.A. Psychology 

Maria Parisi 

B.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Mechel Ruth Parmiter 

B.S. Biology 

Katrina Louise Pasquino 
B.A. Elementary Education 

Carlo Joseph Pelino 

B.S. Biology 

Renee Marie Penna 
B.A. Social Science 

Michael R. Pensenstadler 
B.S. Biology/Pre-Vet 

Lisa Marie Persi 
B.A. General Science 

Pamela Joyce Persichini 

B.S. Marketing 



he title 

for this section is "Head of the 

Class.'' Sure the seniors are the top 

class of all those at Gannon, but 

who is THE "Head of the Class?'' 

Well, when their fellow students 

were asked, Carlo, Martha, Larry, 

and Mike were the top picks. These 

four students, sometimes seemingly 

effortlessly, balanced an outstanding 

academic career with a host of 

extracurricular activities. Sometimes 

in the confusion of college life 

academics can get lost. These four 

students have managed to keep it 

at the top of their priority lists by 

pushing themselves through the 

many hours of studying. Even 

though they were busy themselves, 

they were always willing to help. 

Many students found a source of 

information and guidance in these 


It is obvious that these students 

have a great degree of intelligence. 

But their academic success also 

stems from the will power and 

perseverance they each have 

shown. We and the senior class 

salute these outstanding students 

and know that wherever their 

futures lead, whether careers or 

more schooling, they will be the 

"Head of the Class.'' 

Kristen Marie Piech 
B.S. Chemistry 

Martin Joseph Piedlo 

B.S. Business 

Beth Ann Pierce 

A.S. Respiratory Therapy 

Mark Plotner 

B.A. Political Science 

Michael A. Politi 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Alexis Marie Pompeo 
B.A. Psychology 

Damon Andrew Prenovitz 
B.S. Biology 

Amy Elizabeth Purcell 
B.S. Biology 

Theresa Marie Pushchak 

B.S. Biology/ Ecology 

E. Eduardo Quinonez 
B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Marjorie Joyce Radella 
B.S. Science 

Robert Steven Rambler 
B.S. Marketing 


The Head Of 
Head Of The Class" 

Larry Voss Michael Pensenstadler 
Martha Johnson Carlo Pelino 

Kathryn R. Re 
Internationa] Bus. Lang. 

Bernadette Lynn Reilly 
B.S. Biology 

Ronilyn Marie Reilly 
B.A. Communication Arts 

Andrea Reisz 

B.A. Elementary Education 

Renee Ann Rettger 

Elementary Education/Early 


Tracy Rhinehart 
B.S. Physician Assistant 

Rick Scott Rice 
B.A. Communication Arts 

Peter Thomas Riegel 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 


Rebecca Jane Roddy 
B.S. Elementary Education 

Cynthia A. Rowley 
S. Mental Health Counseling 


Thomas Michael Salapow 
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Keely D. Schaefer 

Assoc. Secretarial Science 

Robin Schonthaler 
B.S. Marketing 

Michele Ann Senko 
B.A. Communication Arts 

Donna Jean Shaw 
B.S. Marketing 

Beth Ann Shick 

Assoc. Art Paralegal 

Mei Mei Shin 
B.S. Biology 

Linda Marlene Sikora 

B.S. nursing 

Cynthia Susan Sikorski 

B.S. Chemistry/Pre-Med 

Laurie Ann Silvaggi 

B.S. Computer Science 

Blair S. Simmons 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Christopher John Sinnott 
B.S. Political Science 

Andrea Kay Skul 
B.S. Biology 

David Robert Sladack 

B.S. Marketing 

Jerald Francis Slomka 
B.S. Management 

Renee Lee Smetana 
B.S. Biology 

Brenda L. Smith 

B.S. Elementary Education 

Daniel Edward Smith 
B.S. Finance 

Paula Smith 

B.S. Nursing 

Amy Michele Snyder 
B.S. Sports Management 


William J. Sommers, Jr. 

B.S. Accounting 

Patrick Speranza 
.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Joseph Edward Stanisha 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Mark Stephen Stasko 
B.S. Finance 

Edward M. Stevens, Jr. 
B.S. Marketing 

Burton B. Stockton III 

B.S. Marketing & Mgt. 

Dorothy Evelyn Summers 

B.A. Psychology 

Jennifer Swarmer 
B.S. Biology 

Joseph G. Talarico 

B.S. Biology 

Donna K. Talbott 

.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Tashimi Tanaka 

B.A. Theatre 8f Comm. Arts 

Todd Alan Taylor 
B.S. Chemistry 

Kenneth R. Teleis 

B.A. Psychology 

Ericka Shawn Thomas 

.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Lara Lee Thomas 
B.A. Social Science 

Emmett Andrew Thompson 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Debra Ann Torba 
B.S. Physician Assistant 

Stephen Eric Trybus 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Tamera L. Tuck 

B.S. Chemistry 

Anne Margaret Tullio 
B.S. Accounting 


"Head Of The 

Super Athlete 

Martha Johnson 

Bradley James Turk 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Cami Lee Turzak 

B.S. Marketing 

Sharon Marie Van Damia 

B.A. Medical Technology 

Leslie Yvette Vazquez 

B.A. Foreign Lang./lnt. Studies 

Matthew W. Vinson 
B.S. Marketing 

Catherine Theresa Viola 
B.S. Business Administration 

Louis A. Vomero 

B.S. Industrial Management 

Lawrence Joseph Voss 
B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Martin Kerry Wagner 

B.S. nursing 

Dean Thomas Walker 
B.S. Finance 

Mary Kelsey Wallace 

B.A. Foreign Lang./lntemational 

Michael S. Warrick 

B.A. Communication Arts 



ne senior 

made a splash at Gannon by being 

voted as the Best Athlete. Martha 

Johnson was able to balance her 

difficult credit load as a biology 

major with the demands of a 

college sport, swimming. Even 

under such pressure, she was able 

to develop into a champion. During 

Martha's swimming career at 

Gannon, she dominated in the 

backstroke and sprint free-style. 

Mot only did Martha's fellow 

seniors believe in her athletic 

ability, but her teammates did also. 

She received The Most Valuable 

Player Award for the girl's swim 

team. This award not only signifies 

her ability to win, but also her 

dedication to the sport and the 

school. Martha certainly has what it 

takes to be a MVP in any career she 

dives into after graduation. 


Renee Ann Weaver 

B.S. Elementary Education 

Andrew Benjamin Weppner 
B.A. Management 

Elizabeth Ann Winch 

B.S. Marketing 

David Lee Wolniewicz 

.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Laura Marie Wood 
B.S. Biology 

William S. Wozniak 
i. A. Criminal Justice 

Helen Martha Wray 
B.A. Accounting 

Daniel John Yocca 
5.A. Criminal Justice 

Michelle Ann Zacherl 
B.S. Biology 

Anthony Zajkowski 
B.A. History 

Martin John Zapolski 
B.A. Political Science 

Jennifer L. Zimmerman 
B.S. Accounting 


In Action 

Senior Dana Kennedy asks her 
fellow seniors the question of 
the year, "Are we having fun 

Karen Marie Zock 
B.A. Finance 

Richard Michael Zukowski 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

1990 Graduates of 
Villa Maria Campus 

Kimberly Anne Baker 

Nursing, RN 

Bethann Holthouse 
B.S. Dietetics 

Judy A. Machcoviak 
B.S. Biology 

Pam Madara 

B.A. Elementary Education 

Barbara R. Meyers 
B.S. Accounting 

Suzanne Newman 
B.S. Accounting 

Lana Rinehardt 

Assoc. Therapeutic Recreation 

Brenda Robison 
B.S. Biology 


above: Bill Sommers takes time out from his SGA 
presidency to pose with his parents at Founder's Day. 

left: Jennifer Marshall 6f Mike Chalmers enjoy the cozy 
atmosphere at the Christmas Dance. 

above: (I to r) Leslie Vasquez, Katrina Pasquino, Linda Sikora, and 
■terry Aldridge celebrate 25 days until graduation at Sullivan's Pub & 

above: At ROTC Commissioning 
Ceremonies, Robert Letizio 
salutes farewell to Gannon. 

above: Marjorie Radella 

participates in the demonstration 
she helped organize to close 7th 

far left: A Villa Maria Senior 
beams proudly on graduation 

left: Earning his masters, 
graduate student Tim Bloom 
starts his celebrating early. 


The Spirit 
Of Senior Semester 

The Class of 1990 began 

their celebration 100 days 

before graduation and never 

stopped until graduation day. 

The Lance caught a few 

seniors enjoying themselves 

at 25 days until graduation 

held at Sullivan's. 

above: Anne Baetzold, Kathy 

Re, Melissa Marshall, Ken 

O'Gorek, and Wendy Walker 

far left: Karen Zock, Renee 

Smetana, Chuck Forsyth, 

Dave Tates, Larry Miles, and 

Ed Donti. 

right: Sean O'Brien and Mike 

Reynolds enjoy a moment of 

togetherness @ Sullivan's by 

posing for Lance photographers. 

far right: Hey, Hey the Gang's All 

Here at Antler's to celebrate 100 

days until graduation. Look at all 

of those smiling faces. 









* i 

far left: Seniors Jennifer 

Swarmer & Kelly Doonan get 

into the groove of senior 


left: Drinking out of Mason jars 

(S) Antler's seems to satisfy this 

soon-to-be Gannon graduate. 

right: Joe Pecus, Tracy 

McCartney, and Cindy 

Sikorski toast the Class of 


far right: This might look like 

a Pike party to you, but it isn't 

These graduating brothers are 

just hangin' out @ Antler's to 

get into the senior spirit. 

far left: These three party 

animals take time out from the 

fun (S) Antler's to pose for a 

quick picture. 

left: This hot senior is layin' 

back, lookin' cool, and enjoyin 

the music. 



wh ^ 


* i i 


V ^ \| 

£ \ 








- ( - V 

Graduation weekend began on 

the evening of Friday, May 4, 

1990 with the annual Senior 

Wine and Cheese Party held 

in the Commons. Here, family, 

friends, and Gannon's faculty 

and administration gathered 

to honor the graduating class 

of 1990. 

On Saturday, May 5, 1990, the 

graduating seniors celebrated 

their graduation by praising God 

at their Baccalaureate Mass held 

@ St. Peter's Cathedral. Mike 

Kolodychak participated in the 

worship through scripture 



Saturday evening the festivities 

continued with a dance held at 

the Mammermill Center. 

far left: The music was enjoyed 

by both seniors and their 


left: Senior Marjorie Radella 

pretends to look stunned as she 

asks, "You want to take a picture 

of me?" 

Sunday morning, the ROTC 

graduating class gathered for 

their Commissioning Ceremony 

(a Mash Library. 

left: Leslie Vasquez shares a 

congratulatory shake and smile 

with CPT Dalton. 


Class Of 1990 







H a ^1 [ ^■■b T 




The procession of Gannon's 

1990 graduating class filed 

into the Louis J. Tullio 

Convention Center on Sunday, 

May 6, 1990. Joining in the 

celebration, Bishop Michael J. 

Murphy presented the degrees 

to the graduates. Senior 

Marjorie Radella opened the 

ceremony by singing the 

commencement hymn, 

"America the Beautiful." 

Saturday afternoon Villa Maria 

seniors celebrated their 

graduation with Sister Leonie J. 

Shanley presenting the degrees. 

far right: Villa Maria's graduating 

class makes it official as they 

switch their tassels to the left 



far left: After the graduation 

ceremony, the new Gannon 

Alumnus takes time out to pose 

for his proud parents. 

left: Saying good-bye to a special 

friend signifies the end of the 

graduates' time @ Gannon. 

far left: Martha Johnson, Anne 

Craine, Joe Serafiri, Jim Mubler. 

and Rob Lupo stand proud in 

cap and gown exemplifying the 

true meaning of graduation. 

left: Chris Deriitch lets it all 

hang loose as he realizes that its 

finally over! 



Grandview Business Park 
4982 Pacific Avenue 
Erie, PA 16506 

FAX 833-4208 

"Best Wishes 

to the 

Class of 1990" 

Presidential Offices 

Dr. M. Daniel Henry 
University President 

Mr. J. Kevin Quinn 
VP for Business Affairs 

Rev. Dr. David A. Rubino Dr. Robert E. Wall 

VP for University VP for Academic Affairs 





Mrs. Loretta Brandon 
Dir. of Development 

Mrs. Monica Brower 

Asst. Dir. of Alumni 


Ms. Lisa Campbell Ms. Deanna Cheplick 

Dir. of Student Activities Admissions Counselor 

Mrs. Roberta Cross 

Asst. to the Dean & Dir. 

of Summer Session 

Mr. Robert J. Dobiesz 
Dir. of Library Operations 

Mr. Ernest S. Ellis 
Dir. of Physical Plant 

Mr. Howard J. Elwell 
Dir. of Athletics 

Mr. James M. Finegan 

Asst. Dir. of Counseling 

8f Career Services 

Mr. James E. Fitzpatrick 
Dir. of Student 

Mrs. Cathy Herman, RN 
Health Center 

Mr. Robert lannuzzo 

Dir. of Enrollment 





Ms. Crystal Kepler 

Counseling & Career 


Ms. Renee Labaki 
Campus Ministry 

Mr. Kevin Leuschen 
Upward Bound Program 

Mr. David R. Lord 

Asst. Dir. of Student 


Ms. Linda Manucci 
Asst. Controller 

Dr. Thomas E. McQuire 
Health Center 

Ms. Sandra Mead 
VMC Counselor 

Ms. Debra L. Meszaros 
Admissions Counselor 

Mr. Gerald M Miele 

Dir. of Mew Student 


Ms. Christine Mitchell 
Applications Programmer 

Ms. Mary Q. Negri 
Dir. of Development 

Ms. Terri Omelian 
Computer Center 




Sr. Joachim Onuffer 
VMC Dir. of Library 

Mr. Timothy W. Pilewski 
Asst. Registrar 

Ms. Carolyn M. Ross 
Accounting Manager 

Ms. Patricia Schlosser, 


Health Center 

Ms. nancy J. Speer 
Head of Reference Depart. 

Mr. Dennis C. Steele 

Ms. Joyce Scheid- 


Dir. of Transfer 


Mr. Richard Sukitsch 
Dean of Admissions 

Ms. Teresa M. Tassotti 

Dir. of Upward Bound 


Mr. James A. Treiber 
Dir. of Financial Aid 

Ms. Julie Waechter 
Publications Specialist 

Mr. Bruce Morton Wright 
Dir. of Music Depart. 

Faculty 51 


Dr. Thomas A. Baker 

Asst. Professor of 


Dr. Mary-Rose Barral 
Professor of Philosophy 

Mr. Frank Bogacki 
Asst. Professor of 
Electrical Engin. 

Dr. Richard M. 


Dir. of Earth Sciences 

Sr Ann Marie Cappello Dr - Mehmet Cutlu Mr . Dav id E. Dahlkemper Dr - Michael DeSanctis 

VMC Professor Assoc. Prof, of Electrical Prof of Electrical Engin. Professor of the Visual 

Engin. Arts 

CPT David A. Ermi 

Asst. Prof, of Military 


CPT Carl W. Evans 

Asst. Prof, of Military 


Rev. Robert Q. Fin 
Assoc Prof, of Russian 

Mr. David R. Frew 
Prof. Management 

52 Faculty 


Ms. Judith D. Gramley Dr - wil,iam D Gregory 

Asst. Prof, of Spanish Dean of College of Science 

& Engin. 

LTC Gilbert Jacobs 

Dr. William F. Hahn 

Asst. Prof, of Mech. 


Dr. Samuel L. Hazen 
Prof. Electrical Engin. 

Dr. Philip H. Kelly 
Assoc. Prof, of English 

Dr. Cherie Ann Haeger 
Prof, of English 

Dr. Janet Klempay 

Dir. of Mental Health 


Dr. Halit M. Kosar 
Prof, of Mech. Engin. 

Dr. David Kozak 
Prof. Of Political Science 

Dr. Gerald Kraus 
Assoc. Prof. Mathematics 

Rev. Robert J. Levis 
Prof, of Theology 




Mr. Joseph P. Martone 
Lecturer, Lawyer's Assit. 

Ms. McCarthy Rev. Michael McGraw c SC j M J im ™e Mitchell 

Lecturer, Attorney Asst. Prof, of Theology Sn St ™!e nc °e Mlhtary 

Ms. Ann B. Moffatt 
Dir. of Gerontology 

Ms. Berwyn Moore 
Asst. Prof, of English 

Mr. O'Connell 
VMC Prof, of History 

Sr. Maria O'Connor 
Instructor of Theology 

CPT Robert P. Pellegrini 

Asst. Prof, of Military 


Rev. David Poulson 
Prof, of Philosophy 

Sr. Christine Quirk Dr. Qregor M. Reinhard 

VMC Dir. Alumni Affairs Prof, of Political Science 

34 Faculty 


SFC Watson Riley 

Instructor of Military 


Ms. Mary Lou Scalise 
Assoc. Prof, of Spanish 

Ms. Ellen Schumann 

Dir. of Undecided 


Rev. John P. Schanz 
Prof, of Theology 

Mr. Donald Schraeder 
Asst. Prof. Accounting 

MSQ Kenneth J. Sienicki 

Instructor of Military 


Sr. Ann Stephanie Stano 

Dean of School of 


Rev. Robert Susa 
Assoc. Prof. Economics 

Sr. Dorothy Szczypinski 
Asst. Prof. Mathematics 

Mr. Hillert Vitt 
Prof, of Electrical Engin. 

Faculty 55 



Tour score and seven years ago 

"I'm rather confused "My advice to you all is 

myself]?!" Be All That You Can 


56 Faculty 


58 Campus Candids 

Campus Candids 59 

60 Campus Candids 

Campus Candids 


62 Campus Candids 

Campus Candids 63 

64 Campus Candids 

Campus Candids 65 


Satisfaction Guaranteed • Replacement or Money Refunded 

Good Luck 

to the 
Class of '90 



Cheering On The Knights! 


BOUND!" That phrase 
could be heard all 
around Erie at the 
end of the Knight's 
Basketball Season. 
With a record of 24-8, 
the Knights earned a 
ticket to Springfield, 
Massachusetts to 
compete in the "Elite 
Eight". They were 
followed by 
thousands of Gannon 
fans and tried their 
best to come up with 
a well-deserved 

Even though the 
Knights couldn't 
come up with that 
win, we'll never forget 
the Seniors or the 
Coach who helped 
them get there. We 
look forward to seeing 
strong performances 
from both old and 
new players next year, 
as well as another trip 
to Springfield! 


Coach Bob Dukiet 
Andy Adams 
Greg Blair 
Gerald Blanks 
Dave Callahan 
Mike Crawford 
Darryl Freeman 
Jim Henderson 
Chris Hollan 
Jim Roddy 
Mike Snyder 
Akool Tong 







" — 


Men's Golf 

The men's golf 
team had a strong fall 
and spring season 
under Coach Ivan 
George. Team leaders 
such as Seniors Craig 
Siddon, Mike Hulbert 
and Jason Nuara 
provided accurate 
performances to help 
the Knights win 
important matches. 
There are several 
young players still on 
this team who will 
give their all next 
season to help us to 
continue to win! 

Golfers' 7 

Coach Ivan George 
Mike Hulbert 
Jason Muara 
Craig Siddon 
Chris Sinnott 
Joe Borawski 
Rob Krysiak 
Bob Ponosny 
Joe Suttell 
Alan Stanley 
Paul Lasker 
Jeff Kiddie 
Loren Hauck 
Kevin Minnelli 



Under the 
leadership of Coach 
Judy Saurer, the Lady 
Knights had a great 
season. Before the 
Christmas Break, they 
had a record of 6-3 
and came back to end 
the season at 12-15. 

This was Judy 
Saurer's last season 
as head coach for the 
Lady Knights, but 
we'll never forget 
what she did for the 
team. Her win/loss 
record at Gannon was 
76-32, and you can 

add more to that win 
total after the '89-90 

We're all very proud 
of her 

accomplishments and 
wish her the very best 
for the future. 

As for this young 
basketball team, we 
look for more wins 
next year and an even 
better season under a 
new head coach. 


Coach Judy Saurer 
Amy Cermak 
Kelly Davie 
Lisa Donikowski 
Nicole Qontkovic 
Kelly Johns 
Cheryl Macbeth 
Beth McWilliams 
Kelly Mover 
Janet Palmieri 
Anne Tullio 
Lauri Tulowiecki 
Toni Wimer 
Chris Zukowski 


Cross Country 

This year's cross 
country squad had a 
new coach and four 
new team members. 
Coach Jim Webb was 
noted as saying at the 
start of the season 
that "our primary 
goal, as we embark 
on our first season, is 
to develop the young 
runners for the 

It was a transitional 
year for this squad, 
but they finished the 
season by winning 25 
out of 31 races. 
Luckily we'll see all of 
them again next year. 
Good luck to all of 


Coach Jim Webb 
Charles Bauschard 
David Buttingol 
Mark Murphy 
John Parkomaski 
Pat Sandusky 
Rob Shumaker 
David Thompson 
Ken Watkins 

Mens Soccer 

It's been said that 
To Be the Best, 
You Have to Beat 
the Best.'' That's 
exactly what the 
Men's Soccer team 
accomplished this 
season. Finishing 
with a record of 16- 
2-1 in the regular 
season proves it. 
They capped off 
their season by 
going to the "Elite 
Eight'' and 
advancing to the 
"Final Four". 

They may not 
have won the title 
that they deserved, 
but to all Gannon 
fans they're still #1! 
dedication, and 
talented athletes 
are the 3 things 
that helped them 
reach that "goal "! 


Coach Rob Russo 
Tim Wilcox 
Kevin Kozlowski 
Gary Kaviagas 
Gary Smallshaw 
John Treshel 
Troy Bingham 
Kevin John 
Mike Heeneman 
Marco Koolman 
Pete Campbell 
Jim Diana 
Dave Taleveski 
Steve Parks 
Dave Frew 
John Reinhard 
Terry Waldorf 
Mike Skonieczka 



The Women's 
Soccer team is 
starting to make its 
mark as a strong 
contender in their 
division. Finishing 
their season with a 
record of 5-8-1, the 
Lady Booters, have 
proven that they are 
on their way to the 

Under the guidance 
of Coach Dr. Steve 
Ropski, these talented 
women have 
continued to develop 
in strength, attitude 
and determination. 


Coach Dr. Ropski 
Laura Altadonna 
Amy Buday 
Amy Cermak 
Kelly Ebert 
Cheryl Frew 
Rachel Godfrey 
Chris Kelly 
Marie Luchetti 
Amy Marsden 
Ellen McCarthy 
Bridget O'Leary 
Adrienne Rasmussen 
Lana Rinehardt 
Sheri Schillaci 
Julienne Shank 
Judy Smolski 
Amy Westhoff 
Jody Wilcox 
Heather Bigley 
Renee Brandon 



1 * / 




Mens Football 

They're back! Yes, 
after almost 40 years 
Gannon Football is 
back. The first year 
was a shaky one, but 
Coach Tom Herman 
never let that get 
them down. The first 
year a team is 
together is an 
experimental one, 
and we saw some 
great players with 
potential developing 
on the field. 

The Golden Knights 
almost pulled it off in 
the last game of the 
season, but got shut 
down. It may have 
been a defeat, but the 
team showed strength 
and determination to 
prove that they can 
win. next year we'll 
see a better team 
taking the field! 










@ Iona (L) 

@ Wesley (L) 
1 DU- 

7 @ St. John 

Fisher (L) 


4 @ Hobart (L) 




This year's wrestling 
team under Coach 
Don Henry ended the 
season with a 5-10 
record for duel meets. 
Several individual 
team members placed 
first in different 
Wrestlers such as 
Senior Ail-American 
John Oldach, Tom 
Boyd and All- 
American Dave 
Kruszewski. This had 
been one of their 
most challenging 
seasons, but they 
performed well. We 
hope to see them do 
even better next year! 


Coach Don Henry 
Tom Boyd 
Ron Bruhn 
Don Capan 
John Carlson 
Dennis Edwards 
Ken Empfield 
Paul Fetter 
Mike Gibson 
Mike Keys 
Dave Kruszewski 
Mike McAuley 
John Oldach 
Jason Palowski 
Dan Pierce 
Barry Russell 
Mark Sallot 




■ ■< :> 





The Gannon Swim 
Team has always 
performed well. The 
men finished with a 
record of 4-6, and the 
women finished at 6- 
4. Both teams set 
records at the Penn 
Ohio Conference this 
year. The men set 7 
records and finished 
6th out of 7 teams, 
scoring a total of 297 
points. The women 
set 4 records and 
finished 5th out of 8 
teams, scoring a total 
of 438 points. 

The Men and 
Women's teams both 
had a great season 
under Coach Jim 
Vieira, and Gannon 
fans can't wait to see 
them in action again 
next year! 


Coach Jim Vieira 
Russel Beyer 
Bill Bums 
Bill Ferguson 
John Ferri 
Russel Griffiths 
Joel Kozolowski 
Cory Kephart 
Mark Luncher 
Sean Lucas 

Steve Manning 

Jim O'Gorman 
John Schroeck 
Mike Waltz 
Larry Wickens 
Tressa Andrews 
Jennifer Benca 
Lisa Byrd 
Roseanna Clarke 
Rosemary Graves 
Jennifer Hok 
Stephanie Hok 
Martha Johnson 
Jennifer Kuzma 
Sharon McBride 
Tara Sammons 
Jennifer Shellhammer 
Chris Symons 
Amy Wooding 



Men's Baseball 

The Men's Baseball 
team finished the 
season with a record 
of 22-37. They 
defeated teams such 
as Pitt-Johnstown, 
Edinboro, Mercyhurst 
and Fredonia. Their 
season is one of the 
longest, playing in the 
fall, going South in 
February and playing 
again in the spring. 
They played tough 
teams, but they're 
just as tough and 
determined to win. 
Let's look for a 
winning season again 
next year! 

Sluggers' ' 

Coach Dick Bonalewicz 

Martin Averill 

Mike Cymbor 

Jim Delly 

Joe Dolansky 

Jeff Jankowski 

Brian McCreary 

Doug riagle 

Mark Patena 

Brett Puffer 

Steve Shubert 

Mark Trigilio 

Greg Wisnyai 

Gary Ceccarelli 

Mark Dalton 

Jim Diana 

Bill Freker 

Marc Koshan 

Eric Mosbacher 

Jim Oakes 

Tim Peterson 

Shawn Rychcik 

Bill Tribery 

Frank Wertz 

Louis Wisnyai 



The Lady Knights 
Softball team 
finished the season 
with a record of 14- 
13. They came up 
with big wins 
against teams such 
as Behrend, 
Edinboro, Buffalo 
State and Slippery 
Rock. These wins 
can be attributed to 
some very talented 
players, who will 
still be around next 

The Lady Knights 
under Coach Mike 
Corbett have 
proven that they are 
not a team to be 
taken lightly. They 
have shown great 
teamwork and 
determination — 2 
keys to their 


Coach Mike Corbett 
Kristin Arndt 
Melinda Carbaugh 
Shona Dickson 
Anne Donghenty 
Danielle Jackman 
Laurie Laughner 
Kelly Moyer 
Janet Smith 
Vicki Weibel 
Alicia Benton 
Debbie Cleman 
Lisa Donkowski 
Tara QiofFre 
Cathy Kaveney 
nancy McManus 
Melissa Rice 
Mindy Vargo 
Jody Wilcox 
Anne Dougherty 





en's Tennis 

Under Coach Steve 
Huefher, the Knights 
Tennis Team ended 
the season with a 12- 
6 record. Seniors 
such as Captain Pat 
Healy, Viet Phung, 
Todd Taylor and Mark 
Stasko gave 
performances and will 
be missed next year. 
However, Junior 
Michael Heeneman 
will be back next 
spring, and will 
hopefully earn 
another ticket to the 
NCAA Division II 


Coach Steve Huefher 
Bora Alpay 
Frank Battui 
Ed Burns 
Patrick Healy 
Michael Heeneman 
Joe Johnson 
Gary Kaviagas 
Viet Phung 
Darrin Smith 
Mark Stasko 
Jim Sweeting 
Todd Taylor 
Jim Teed 
John Treshel 
Brad Unruh 
Paul Young 


t»»***** m * — -r f////> .,. 

i »-^^* 





This year's Lady 
Knights ended their 
season with a record 
of 8-7. They won 
matches against 
tough teams such as 
Youngstown State and 
Mercyhurst. For being 
a fairly young team, 
they performed well 
and will hopefully 
perform even better 
next year. 

Seniors Tess Abate 
and Anne Crain were 
the leaders of the 
team and will be 
missed next season. 
Hopefully they will 
leave some of their 
leadership skills 
behind to help this 
young team to 
continue to win! 


Coach Leila Seibez 
Coach Judy McQuaid 
Melissa Phillips 
Nicole Windsor 
Theresa Treasure 
Julie Kunselman 
Chris Gibson 
Rhonda Roseberry 
Linda Meinert 
Tess Abate 
Anne Crain 
Erin Rowan 
Patti Matto 



SPIKE!"— 3 keys to a 
successful volleyball 
team. And that's 
exactly what the Lady 
Knights are — A 
ended their season 
with a 28-6 record 
and a trip to the 
NCAA tournament. 
Other keys to their 
success was having a 
great coach like Gerry 
Burbules, and 
talented players like 
Amber Demchak, 
Annie Pearson, Renee 
Rettger and Chris 

The Senior 
members surely will 
be missed, but there 
are strong players 
working their way up. 
The best of luck to 
each and every one of 
them, and hopefully 
we'll see them in the 
NCAA Tournament 
again next year! 

"Lady Spikers" 

Coach Gerry Burbules 
Amber Demchak 
Chris Ganos 
Renee Rettger 
Karen Fetsko 
Michelle Boyle 
Michelle Johnston 
Kelly Matucci 
Annie Pearson 
Leslie Clark 
Janet Palmeiri 
Jessica Rairie 
Kathy Wotus 
Nancy McManus 



CLASS OF 1990 





national - 


Business Society 





Honorary Society 

100 Clubs & Organizations 


national - 
Biology Society 




Honor Society 


Honor Society 




national Foreign 
Honorary Society 

Clubs & Organizations 101 











<? r> 





Gannon University 

Society Of 




a a>/«if» a 

n r> 

n ^-n 

Institute Of 




104- Clubs & Organizations 






Society Of 








FM 89.9 

106 Clubs & Organizations 




national Service 
Co-Ed Fraternity 





Student ' 

Clubs & Orqanizations 107 




Literary Magazine 

^^m: ^_^^_^_.u^^^^^ 

l lk l 'j 

1 1 J 

El*: J 

1 ■■ 


■ ^^H * ? i 




Resident Lj 

Finegan & ** 

108 Clubs & Orqanizations 

On Campus 



Gannon University's 
Christian Service 

Clubs 8f Organizations 109 

The Lance 

Gannon University's 
Yearbook Staff 


Pep Band 

HO Clubs & Organizations 







For Life 


Clubs & Organizations 111 

(MSU) i 

-Minority Student Union President Yvette 
Wynn presents Naomi Tutu with an award 
following her address to the Gannon 
community on South Africa's apartheid 
movement and her father's key role in this 
Human Rights issue. 

H^i Clubs & Organizations 





-This Spring the International Students Association 
hosted the 2nd Annual "International Might." All 
students were invited to attend and learn more about 
its members diverse cultures. Entertainment for the 
evening's festivities included traditional dances, as well 
as, a spectacular buffet of delicious, ethnic foods from 
around the world. All in attendance not only had their 
minds 'cultured," but their taste buds as well. 




114 Clubs & Organizations 











Clubs & Organizations X15 







116 Clubs & Organizations 











Clubs 8f Organizations 117 



x *i-»ti ^ ^ — / / 






J. J.O Clubs & Organizations 









Clubs 6f Organizations 119 








120 Clubs & Organizations 


#xW L— - 

P* *-.ff* 



More CamDus Candids 


More Campus Candids 123 

124- More Campus Candids 

More Campus Candids 125 

jL2D More Campus Candids 

More Campus Candids 127 


128 More Campus Candids 


More Campus Candids 129 

Gannon University 

Wishes The 

Class Of 1990 

The Best Of Luck 






■ -■guide! ■- 


s* :\ 

Special Events 

Rah, rah, Diane, rah, rah! 

Mere's the Flame, where's the fire? 

And not only do you get to meet Q.I. 
Joe, but ..." 

(Itw*mfa A VSS4 N .,. 


A rose between two thorns. 

Commons Host 

by Denny Daniello 

The Activities Fair, an annual 
event usually held in conjunc- 
tion with the summer orientation 
program, took on a new role this 
past year. It was changed to a 
single day event held in the 
Commons on Wednesday, Sep- 
tember 27. 

Although the turn-out was not 
as expected, the representation 
of clubs and organizations was 
greater than any previous fair, as 
it was often difficult for groups to 
make all the scheduled summer 

Besides many incoming fresh- 
men often signed up for a certain 
club, only later to find out, it 
wasn't for them. 

Captions. Above: "Yo, babe — gotta a 
HUGGIE?" Left: All questions answered, 
next booth!?! 


Villa V-Ball Successful 

by Denny Daniello 

To get the ball rolling with the new Gan- 
non-Villa merger, the APB sponsored a vol- 
leyball tournament. The event took place 
Saturday, September 9 on the Villa Maria 
Campus, which provided the perfect atmo- 
sphere with its green grass and rolling 

The event was a huge success with over 
twenty teams, representing many of the 
clubs, organizations, fraternities, and so- 
rorities from both campuses. 

Following the tournament a street dance 
was held with "Black Tie Video" spinning 
the hits, as exhausted players jammed the 
night away. 

Captions. l-Barfl-2-3-4. 2-Tve gotta big ol' butt." 3- 
"Pump up the jam." 4-Still together after all these 
beers. 5-The BUGG s BOP the KDR secret weapon. 
6-TKE s attempt to set the Pikes. 7-A Pike displays his 
blocking technique that lead them to the finals. 8- 
Dice blocks a Pike spike. 


It's the return of the Hatfields and the 

Zeta brain power " at work. 

Relax, Janet, it's only a game. 

Survey says 

Zetas Win Feud 

by Denny Daniello 

Tiame an activity, besides par- 
tyin', to do on a Friday night? " 
Play the Gannon Feud!'' 
"Survey says . . . Good answer!'' 
At least, I think, that's what the 
response would be. Afterall the Gan- 
non Feud has one of the largest turn- 
outs for an APB event with twenty-six 
teams representing both academic 
and social groups, from the Tri-Be- 
tas to the Tri-Sigmas. 

The Friday, September 29th event 
MCed by Chris Skippy" Bremer 
proved to be jam packed with excite- 
ment and fun for all, not to mention, 
profitable. Well, at least for the Zeta 
Tau sorority who was the winner of 
a $50 cash prize, pizza coupons, and 
movie passes. 

Captions. Far above: Introducing the 
Kaydeare (KDR) Family. Above: Zetas 
show their spirit for their sisters. 


Blackjack . . . Poker . 
Wheel . . . Craps . . . 

What do these have in com- 
mon? they were all facets of Casi- 
no night, an evening entertain- 
ment from Gannon's Family 
Weekend '89. 

This annual event has been 
held for the past six years as part 
of and extended invitations to 
students' parents and family 
members to come and visit the 
"Gannon family." 

During the autumn weekend of 
October 7 6f 8, mini classes were 
held by faculty members, dis- 
cussing the "biological-ecologi- 
cal uniqueness of . . . (our) out- 
door laboratory'' Presque Isle 
and the historical architecture of 
Gannon University's Old Main and 

some of Erie's oldest buildings. 

Afterwards, evening entertain- 
ment was provided by the APB 
with Ronny Romm's E.S.P. show 
held in the Zum Science Center. 
Next, the Schuster Theatre pre- 
sented a 'Musical Salute to 
Broadway" where students were 
able to show off their talent. Final- 
ly, the evening came to a close 
with Casino Night sponsored by 
A. P.O. where all had the opportu- 
nity to get a real "Taste of Monte 

Captions. 1-Dear God, let us all 
"Break a leg." 2-Qarfield, taint lasa- 
gne. 3-You wanna do, WHAT? 4-Who's 
got the Old Maid? 5-Concentrate 
hard, Morris is hungry. 6-This is more 
exciting than Las Vegas! 7-"Craps!" 
There goes another thousand! 

This beats the heck out of P. Chem! 

Stop it! My side is splitting. 

Just call me DORKMAN. 

^^ ' : ^^c^ 


Lk*.« ^ 

3 ' \ x I 



Is this a scene from Laugh In' 



Laughs Fill 

by Denny Daniello 

As part of scheduled entertainment for 
the student body, the APB often books 
comedians and novelty acts to start the 
weekend off with a laugh in of all places 
the Scrounge! Or as comic Spanky re- 
marked, You know I was a Star Search' 
finalist, appearing on national TV, so I 
guess working at The Scrounge' tonight 
is a step up?!?" 

Another Friday night act was "The Phil- 
lips Brothers'' a comedy, juggling duo 
who popularized phrases: O-H-l-O-!" 
and "It's a PARTY, Dave!" 

All-in-all the acts brought to the 
Scrounge were extremely hilarious and 
enjoyed by all, and if nothing else, a 
good alternative for sobbering up be- 
tween "Happy Hour" and that evening's 
fraternity party. 

Captions. Above: Spanky stirs laughter with his 
observations and visual aids. Left: The sarcas- 
tic and crazy Phillips Brothers had the 
Scrounge bent over with laughter. 

1 "Xd 

Captions. 1-Mr. Asner doing a radio tag for WERQ with Scott 
Brite at Early" Powell. 2-Wu'er Kaixi and his translater dis- 
cuss and stress the need for universal democracy. 3-Kaixi 
takes time out of busy schedule to answer questions and sign 
autographs of concerned students. 4-Our boss Lisa Campbell 
gets a squeeze from Mr. Asner. 5-Dan E. Moldea shakes the 
hand of an impressed Delta Sigma Phi member after his talk 
on Politics, Hollywood, Drugs, Sports, Rock N Roll, and the 
Mob." 6-Mayor Joyce Savocchio presents Naomi Tutu with a 
key to the city. 7-Olypmpic medalist and licensed attorney 
Doug Heir discussing the fact that inter-confidence can con- 
quer any of life's obstacles. 



WBkMliL K 

K-MATH Lectures In Zurn 

by Denny Daniello 

You're probably asking yourself, 
"What does K-MATH stand for?'' Well, 
it's definitely not kindergarden arith- 
metic or anything remotely close to it, 
but it's the surname initials of 5 Dis- 
tinguished Speakers brought to Gan- 
non by the SQA. 

Still confused? To begin with the K' 
stands for Wu'er Kaixi the leader of 
the Beijing normal University's Stu- 
dent Union who along with other stu- 
dents was attacked by the People's 
Army of China after peacefully leading 
a demonstration promoting the need 
for democracy, now he travels the na- 
tion stressing the importance of uni- 
versal democracy. 

next, the 'M' stands for Dan E. Mol- 
dea, a free-lance journalist who spe- 
cializes in organized crime investiga- 
tions. His presentation reveals how 
"Politics, Hollywood, Drugs, Sports, 
Rockn Roll, and the Mob all inter- 

Continuing, the A' stands for Ed- 

ward Asner who's known by most as 
Lou Grant from The Mary Tyler 
Moore Show." Mr. Asner addressed 
the growing need toward peace in 
Central America, as well as, other po- 
litical issues in his own unique and 
humorous way. 

And then there is T', as in naomi 
Tutu, daughter of South African Arch- 
bishop Desmond Tutu, who has set a 
name for herself with her seasoned 
lectures that educate Americans on 
the apartheid. 

Finally, there's H' which stands for 
Doug Heir, a licensed attorney and 
winner of several Olympic gold med- 
als. He discusses how he triumphant- 
ly overcame an accident which left 
him paralyzed and how YOU can over- 
come any obstacle, but that "it's up 
to you! - ' 

now, the mystery's solved K-MATH 
means: Kaixi, Moldea, Asner, Tutu, 
and Heir. 

Surprised!?! Probably, not. 


The Pike "Rubber Band " jamin' 

The cat that swallowed the canary. 

Balky performing a stupid human trick. 

'■ "■*• i| 

u^n ** 

I WlSj 


L'-J 1 ; 



Rl 1 


luv, I luv, I luv my calendar girl 

Talents Revealed 

by Denny Daniello 

The Top 10" things SGA dis- 
cusses at its weekly meetings, stupid 
human tricks, and film clips from 
'lost" movies were just a few of the 
atttibutions which earned The Gan- 
non Knight a first place award for 
their parody of "Late Might with Da- 
vid Letterman" at the December 
12th Talent Show. 

Other highlights of the APB event 
were the Kappa Xi sorority's rendi- 
tion of the ever popular "Calendar 
Girl," as well as, vocal and instru- 
mental solos. However, the evening 
could not have been complete with- 
out the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity's 
"Rubber Band" and George Rowles' 
accompanied by back-up girls Diane 
Kerris and Michele Palloto version of 
Billy Crystal's smash hit "You Look 
Maaaarvelous" which both tied for 
second place awards. 

Captions. Above: "You Look Maaarvelousl" 
Upper right: The new Van Halen? Lower right: 
Since when did Paul Shaffer start attending 


Witowich Center Of Attention 

bv Denny Daniello 

What does graduate student Steve 
Witowich and Paul Lind have in com- 
mon? They've both occupied the cen- 
ter square in the game Hollywood 
Squares. - ' As for the notoriety, you be 
the judge! Rounding out the APB's 
year of Friday Knights Clubs' and 
special events, the Squares Take 2 
was the evening entertainment on Fri- 
day, April 20th. 

The reason for the "Take 2" was 
because the Squares'' was originally 
planned as a mid-March event; how- 
ever, due to The Golden Knights out- 
standing record, the program was 

Once the "Squares'' got on its way, 
though, the game became a battle of 
wits-fraternity against fraternity, soror- 
ity against sorority, friend against foe 

(Get the picture!) — anyway, after sev- 
eral rounds of eliminations the broth- 
ers of Tau Kappa Epsilon, finally pre- 

Captions. 1-Stop that, Lisa! 2-lt's Zeta power, 
again? 3-lt's about time you get called on Joe fir 
Paul. 4-Confused again. Bill? 5-ls that John Da- 
vidson or Skippy? 6-The Bobsie Twins? 7-TKE's 
give a loud cheer as they complete the square. 8- 
What's wrong with this picture? 9-Could you re- 
peat the question? 


Meet our 'elite" panel of judges. 

Sitting in the morning sun . . . 

The Three Musketeers of the 90s? 

Who took the keg? 



1 i 




* A 


i?ec Center Location Of Melee 

by Denny Daniello 

The cannon was fired. The boom 
reckoned. Bloodshed was amass. It 
was an out-in-out melee. Well, not 
really, but now that I have your at- 
tention, "Battle of the Bands" was 
held Saturday, April 28th at high 
noon on the Rec Center field. 

The day-long event began with the 
featured Cleveland based band 
The Exotic Birds." Following their 
performance, continuous music was 
played by four premiering bands: 
'Common Man," Tlo Vice," "Killing 
Time," and 'Underground System" 
with Tio Vice" being the victorious 
first place, thousand dollar cash, 
prize winner. 

Despite a few sound check compli- 
cations, the program went relatively 

smooth with MC's Chris "Skippy" 
Bremer and Chris Motta entertaining 
the crowd during delays. 

Those in attendance will undispu- 
tably agree that "B.O.B." was a great 
success. Besides what better way to 
spend a hot, sunny, Saturday after- 
noon than listening to music while 
soaking up the rays. 

Captions. 1-The beat must go on. 2-' This is 
an oldie but goodie. 3-Laura & Steve who 
died and left you in charge? 4 'Goodness, 
gracious, great balls of fire! 5-Who's the jerk 
taking the pictures? 6-Encore, encore, encore! 
7-Look out Ringling Brothers, here comes 
Shawn. 8 -H-E-Y-r It's the return of the Fonz. 
9-Our tickets say, "FRONT AND CENTER'' but 
this is ridiculous. 10-Swing batter, swing!! 11- 
Lost in thought or looking for answers? 12- 
Authorized personel only, THIS MEANS YOU!! 


My hands are too small for all these 

What's trump?' 

Brother vs. brother, who will prevail? 

Don t fall asleep, Meat! 


Blisters Formed To Stop Crippler 

by Denny Daniello 

Cards were shuffled. Aces were 
trumped . . . Blisters formed, and leg 
muscles cramped . . . Volleyballs were 
spiked, while others were being served . . 
. Phrases like "What's trump?" and 
"You're Eurched!" echoed the cafeteria . 
. . All the while, annoying Top 10" 
songs were heard over and over again. 

These recollections may seem a bit 
obscure, but they all are excerpts from 
the April 6th & 7th MDA Marathon Week- 
end that incorporated a dance marathon 
and both a card and volleyball tourna- 
ment. Some 200 plus students and ad- 
ministrators voluntarily agreed to de- 
prive themselves of sleep and to subject 
themselves to both physical and mental 
tortures all for the cause of the Muscular 
Dystrophy Association. 

Highlights of the weekend's activities 
were the dance party themes ranging 
from the 'Beach" and "Leather/Biker" 
parties to the "Flintstones and Jetsons" 

and "Midnight Masquerade," which fea- 
tured a lip sync contest, parties. Besides 
having tons of fun, $13,357.50 was 
raised and collected by the entire Gan- 
non community. 

Captions. 1-Presenting . . . The Blues Sisters. 
2-"Love Shack, Baby!" 3-KDR brothers give 
an enthusiastic cheer. 4- "I'm starting to get 
claustrophobic." 5-Our feet are beginning to 
hurt, BAD!! 6-A bird's eye view of the weekend 
event. 7-Hammin' it up, Shawn? 8-"You've 
lost that lovin' feeling ..." 9-What are you 
guys looking at, start dancing! 10-Richard 
Simmons, eat your heart out! 11-Are we hav- 
ing fun, yet? 12-Amy, how can you be in 
charge, if you're sleeping? 13- "I'm not sleep- 
ing. I'm just resting my eyes." 14-We're never 
gonna get the shape of a four-leaf clover at 
this rate. 15-Vicki, your cave or mine? 16-The 
future "Solid Gold" Dancers? 17-Finally, Erin 
brings the good news of only 30 minutes to 
go. 18-And we're off . . . 


"Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Stayin' Alive, Stayin' 

Move over Do-wop girls, here come the 

Is this raw talent or what? 

We're practicing for the Tabernacle Choir. 

Carnival Funfilled 

by Denny Daniello 

In an effort to help alleviate some 
of the expenses clubs and organiza- 
tions run into, the annual Spring 
Carnival was held April 1st in the 
Hammermill Center. A variety of 
booths were set-up, ranging from 
the swim team's provocative '3 Min- 
ute Massage'' and the Zetas creative 
"Maid For A Day'' to the traditional 
Kappa Delta Rho social fraternity 
sponsored jail house and RLC's 'Pie 
In An RA's Face.'' 

As a special treat, the APB brought 
in 'Record A Hit" as the main attrac- 
tion where students had the chance 
to show off their "vocal" talents. 

Captions. 1-You really are as sweet as you say 
you are, Alexis. 2-Was it really better than sex? 
3-Bails set at WHAT?!? 4-ls this a double bub- 
ble? 5-Here's mud in your eye. 


'Dr. Love' The Cure 

by Denny Daniello 

Captions. 1-lt can't be the return of the Bump," can 
it? 2-What's up Doc? 3-Radio City Music Hall, here we 
come! 4-We're practicing to replace Peter Cottontail. 
5-"You Light Up My Life ..." 6-Dancing the night away 
are seniors Marjorie and Jennifer. 7- Put your head 
on my shoulder ..." 8-lt's polka time! 

Symptoms: Saturday night bore- 
dom, longing for excitement, all 
dressed up, but no place to go. 

Diagnosis: Needed fun and relax- 
ation must be obtained at once. 

Remedy: Seek out "DR. LOVE." 

The above is what might 
have been printed, if an ad 
had been placed in the classi- 
fieds describing this year's 
Spring Dance held Saturday 
evening, March 31st at the 
Quality Hotel from 9-1. 

The comical theme of "Jest- 
ers Ti Jokers'' was well fitting, 
since the dance corresponded 
with April Fool's Day. Al- 
though the turn-out was not 
as defiant as Homecoming, all 
in attendance will definitely 

agree that the reduction al- 
lowed for more dance room 
and shorter lines to a refill at 
the bar. 

The pinnacle of the evening 
was when newly, elected SGA 
president Jim O'Gorman led 
the group in the 'Bunny Hop'' 
around the entire ballroom. 

For the remainder of the 
evening students danced, ho- 
kie pokie and did The Bird'' 
as one-of-kind DJ V DR. LOVE'' 
played a wide spectrum of mu- 


Well, isn't that special! 

k A tij 

Colonel Sanders' Rejects? 


I'm a soul man 

Kappa Xi sisters rocking at the Gong 

Captions. 1-KDR brothers: Drew, 
Mark, Franz, Kevin, and Pat "en- 
joy" a pit stop at the Irish Pub Sulli- 
vans. 2-At the "Gong Show" the 
KDR's gave their rendition of 
There Ain't no Rednecks in Rus- 
sia." 3-The brothers of Kappa Delta 
Rho wait at the finish line to the 
Greek Marathon to cheer their 
team to a victory. 4-Hey, Delta Chi's 
is this "drink fest/physical test" as 
fun and exciting as you thought it 
was going to be? 5-Alpha Gamma 
Delta sisters go Hawaiian with their 
"Aaa - lo - haa, Aaa - lo - haa!" 


Kappa Delta Rho Wins Greek Week 1990 

The following is a list of diary entries 
which might have been written, if one 
had been kept during "Greek Week '90." 
Sunday-April 22 

It was an "Anything Goes" evening at 
the Rec Center where fraternities and so- 
rorities used their minds and muscles 
competing in a variety of contests. Fea- 
tured events tonight were the mile run, 
an obstacle course, and both a pizza eat- 
ing and a pryamid building contest. The 
AGD's lead the way and TKE's, KDR's, 
and Pikes are in a 3-way tie for first. 
Mondav-April 23 

Tonight was more of a battle of wits, as 
the annual "Road Rally" took place. This 
"game" had each group looking for clues 
located throughout the city. KDR's and 

by Denny Daniello 

Lambda's were the winning sleuths. 
Tuesday-April 24 

All fraternities and sororities got a real 
taste of Greek times, as the traditional 
Chariot Race was the center of attention. 
Following a series of bruises, sweaty 
palms, and scraped knees, the AGD's and 
Pikes crossed the finishline first. 
Wednesday- April 25 

It was a bizarre evening, tonight! Zurn 
101 was the set of a "Gong Show," where 
there was quite an array of acts — some of 
which belonged in some freak show of a 
traveling circus. Highlights were the 
AGD's Hawaiian skit, the KDR's rendi- 
tion of "There Ain't No Rednecks in 
Russia," and the APD's who took first 
place with their "Church Chat 2!" 

Thursdav-April 26 

Tonight was the last of the "games" 
and believe me it was a doozie, as it was 
the "Greek Marathon," in brief, it is a 
drink fest of beer slamming followed by 
the physical torture of running sprints. 
(Rather asinine, if you ask me!) Anyway, 
winners were once again the sisters of 
Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and the 
Kappa Delta Rho fraternity. 
Friday -April 27 

The week-long event ended with a pi- 
cinic at Scott Park. KDR's and AGD's 
took first place overall. My only com- 
ment is I believe Caesar would be proud. 
At least I think he would be?!? 


Toshi, Dave, and Paula enjoy the 
Graduation Dance. 

You make a deversion, and I'll steal the 

You look like the cat that swallowed the 

Captions. 1-lt's about time we get some respect around here. 
2-Coochie, Coochie, Coo! 3-Mary speaks at Baccalaureate. 4- 
Tour score, and 7 years ago ..." 5- "Vogue!" 6-Dr. Henry 
speaks at Commencement. 7-Way to go. Aim! 8-Senior Rick 
Bower becoming a 2nd Lieutenant. 9-The Choir sings at Bac- 
calaureate. 10-ls this "togetherness" or what? 11-Cheers, 
cheers, cheers! 12-You did it, Connie-Onnie. 13-A familiar 
scene from Commencement 1990. 14-Congrats! 15-"WE RE 




by Denny Daniello 

e started a new beginning together. 

It seemed back then that the end was far in the distance, 

But, now, we look back only to see how quickly it's past. 

We experienced everything together. 
The good, the bad, the fun, the sad. 
If only 1 knew then what I know now. 
How things would be different. 

I'd have studied harder or been more active in something. 
That's not to say I'm unhappy, 
But rather I only wish for more . . . 
Time, that is, for us to enjoy, 

To cherish the little things, like craming for finals and ordering pizza. 
Or talking between class and listening to laughs. 
It's hard to believe how fast time flies, 
When you're meeting friends — ones that last. 
So, I guess what I'm saying, 
Is that I'm glad that we've met, 
For if it wasn't for you I don't know where I'd be, 
Or if I would have survived. 
now, it's over. 
We're finished and gone. 
I now only hope we continue this bond. 
Take care of yourself. You'll be a success. 
Okay, maybe not, but you'll give it your best. 
One thing I know, we've worked real hard, 
And now it's time for us to go on and leave things behind. 
no matter what happens throughout the rest of our lives, 
We'll never forget 
These years, in retrospect.'' 








Abate, Terese B.S. Chemistry 
Woman's Tennis Team Capt. 89-90, Kappa 
Xi Sorority Vice President 88-89 President 
89-90, Chemistry Club. 

Acklin, Larry L. B.S. Electrical Engin. 
I.E.E.E., Co-Founder Men's Club Volleyball 

Aldridge, Kerry L. B.S. Nursing 
Student nurse's Organization 86-88, Villa 
Maria Student Senate Jr. Class 

Amendola, Frederic J. B.S. Business 
American Marketing Association. 

Angert, Jennifer L. B.S. Management 

Antolik, Katharine T. B.S. Physician Ass't 

Auer, Deborah A. B.S. Men/Health counsel. 
Residence Life Counsel, Mental 
Health/Psychology Club, Alpha Phi Omega 
3rd V.P. of Fellowship, Orientation Advisor. 

Balogh, Erika A. B.S. Biology/Pre-Med 

Barrett, Ronald H. B.S. ELECT. ENGIN. 
Gannon Sound System, I.E.E.E., Eta Kappa 
Nu-Bridge Secretary. 

Basile, Peter J. B.S. M.E.T. 
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. 

Bath, Manraj S. B.S. Chemistry 
R.L.C. 86, S.Q.A. 86-90, Chemistry Club, 
Chemistry Honor Society, Omnicron Delta 
Kappa President, Presential Ambassador 

Beck, Lisa B.A. English 
Gannon Knight Editorial Staff, C.A.A.P 
Tutorial Services, Who's Who American 
College Students. 

Beeles, Scott B.S. Physician Assistant 

Benczkowski, Daniel C. B.S. Business MGMT. 
Kings Rook Club, Intramural Basketball, 
Marketing Club. 

Benedict, JoAnne B.S. Mental Health Coun. 
Ski Club Vice President, Psych/Mental 
Health Counseling Club. 

Bienias, Robin D. B.A. Comm. -English 
Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. 

Bird-Blackwood, Nancy B.A. Psychology 
Psi Chi Honorary Psychology Club. 

Bon, David J. B.S. Elect. Engin. 
Eta Kappa Nu Treasurer, Charter Member 
Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Delta Rho, I.E.E.E.. 

Bower, Frederick K., Jr B.S. Gen Science 
R.O.T.C, President-Kappa Delta Rho, 
Raider Club President, Elite, Inc. Vice 

Brady, Amy B.S. Elem. Education 
P.S.E.A., N.E.A., Orientation Advisor, 
Director Youth Activities. 

Brady, Jacqueline A. B.A. Criminal Justice 

Brickner, Thomas B.S. Elect. Engin. Tech. 
Chairman Society of Manufacturing 
Engineers, Director Gannon Sound System. 

Briggs, Pat E. B.A. Psychology 
Psychology/Mental Health Counciling Club, 
Fund Raising Committee Chairman. 

Brooks, Mary A. A.S. Medical Secretary 
Kappa Xi Sorority, Minority Student Union. 

Brown, Timothy W. B.S. Elect. Engin. 
R.O.T.C, Delta Chi Fraternity Vice 
President, I.E.E.E., Raider Club. 

Bua, Samuel A. B.S. Biology 

Calabrese, Amy L., B.S. Biology 
Lambda Delta Pi Sorority - President, 

Calabrese, Maria B.S. Biology 
Tri-Beta, Phi Eta Sigma - Treasurer, 
Lambda Sigma - Secretary, Omicron Delta 

Callahan, David B.A. Bus. Manag. 
Men's Basketball. 

Campbell, Judy R. B.S. Elem. Ed. 
P.S.E.A. Club. 

Carr, Barbara J. B.A. Social Science 
Gannon Historical Society, Campus 

Carroll, Amy L. B.A. Intemat. Studies 
Phi Sigma lota, Foreign Language Club. 

Caudill, C. Renae B.S. Biology 
Lambda Delta Pi Sorority - President, 
Panhellenic - Scholarship Chairperson. 

Cebulak, Mary C. B.S. Chemistry 
Student Government - Sr. Class 
Chairperson, Chemistry Club, A.P.B.-Film 
Chairperson 87-88, Annual Phonathon Co- 
Chairperson 88. 

Cecchett, Dawn R. B.S. Men/Health Counsel. 
Zeta Tau Sorority, Presidental Ambassador, 
Mental Health Counseling Club. 

Chalmers, Michael T. B.A. Comm. /English 
Gannon Knight Editor-in-Chief, Society- 
Collegiate Journalists, Historian. 

Chapin, Patricia B.A. Med. Secretary 

Chesky, Julie B.S. Elem. Ed. 
Y.M.C.A. Camp Counselor. 

Chuderewicz, Christine M. B.S. Chemistry 
Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority - V.P. 
Fraternity Education, Alpha Phi Omega 
Finance Chairperson, Social Chairperson 
Rush Chairperson, Beta Beta Beta Social 
Chairperson, Chemistry Club Social 

Church, Pauline E. B.A. Comm./Eng. 
Phoenix, A.P.B. - Dance, Special Events, 
Publicity, Orientation Advisor. 

Clark, Bruce E. B.A. Criminal Justice 
Criminal Justice Association. 


Coffey, Denis M. A.D. Nursing 
S.N.O.. College Chorus, Secretary Campus 
Girl Scout, Residence Council - 

Corle, Tina J. B.S. Marketing 
Lambda Delta Pi Sorority. 

Corson, Michelle B.S. Physician Asst. 
Q.U.S.P.A., S.Q. A. -Freshmen Rep. 

Cosentino, Gary B.S. Finance 
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Presidential 
Ambassador, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society. 

Crain, Anne C. B.S. Biology 
Women's Tennis Co-Captain, Kappa Xi 
Sorority Pledge Mistress, Founding Sister. 

Criscione, Anne M. B.S. Finance 
Alpha Kappa Psi - Treasurer 89. 

Cuny, Paula J. B.S. Accounting 

Curry, Victoria B.S. Physician Assistant 
Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. 

Dalton, Mark B.S. Management 
Baseball Team, Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Daugherty, Christine A. B.S. Biology 
Beta Beta Beta, Computer Science Club, 
Philosophy Reading Group, Chemistry 

Duttry, Dolly B.S. Marketing 
Alpha Kappa Psi - Secretary, Vice President, 
Inter Honor and Professional Organization 
Founder, Vice President, On Campus 
Housing Organization, Secretary. 

Eck, Ken M. B.S. Marketing 
Gannon Knight - Business/Adv. Mgr. Sr. 

Erdely, Lisa M. B.S. Mechanical Engineering 
A.S.M.E. - Vice President, Kappa Xi Sorority, 
Historian Engineering Student Council. 

Erickson, John M. B.A. Criminal Justice 
Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity - President, Inter 
Fraternity Council - Vice President. 

Erwin, Rebecca A. B.S. Biology 
Med. Tech. Club President, Student 
Government Association, Ski Club 

Eschrich, William R. B.S. Physician Asst 

Fall, Timothy B. A.S. Business Admin. 

Fashano, James R. B.A. Finance 
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Student 
Investment Trust. 

Feme, Stacy L. B.A. Psychology 
Psychology Club, Peer Advisor, Psi Chi 
Honor Society. 

Davis, Stacey A. B.S. Physician Assistant 

DeFlitch, Christopher J. B.S. Physics 
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Phi Eta Sigma 
Press 3 yr. Lambda Sigma, Presidential 
Ambassador, Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta 
Beta Beta. 

Demchak, Amber A. B.A. Comm. /English 
Volleyball 4 yr. 

DeWolf, Ann M. B.S. Computer Science 

Dolecki, Julianne B.S. Marketing 
Kappa Xi Sorority. 

Doonan, Kelly L. B.A. Psychology 

Dorsch, Veronica C. B.S. Biology/Pre-Med 

Dougherty, Anne K. B.S. Management 
Women's Softball. 

Downer, Tracie L. B.S. Earth Science 

Drejas Doreen J. B.S. Marketing 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Marketing 
Club, Ski Club, R.L.C., Student Investment 
Trust Club. 

Dudiak, Dawn M. B.A. Soc./Paralegal 
Political Science Club- Treasurer, Model 
United Nations-Security Council President. 

Duer, Michael J. B.S. Mech. Engin. 
S.A.E., A.S.M.E., Alpha Phi Delta, 
Engineering Student Council. 

Flowers, Katherine B.A. Social Work 
Social Work Club. A.P.B. Co-Chairman. 

Ford, Constance L. B.S. Elem. Ed. 

Forsten, Robert D. B.S. Pre. Med. /Biology 
R.O.T.C, Ranger Challenge Team, Raiders 
Club, R.O.T.C. Battalion Executive Officer, 
Intramural Basketball, Football, Kappa 
Delta Rho Fraternity, Beta Beta Beta. 

Fortier, Lynn D. B.S. Physician Asst 
Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. 

Fox, Ronald S. B.S. Elect. Engin. 

Fratangeli, Maria G. B.A. Psychology 
Delta Chi Little Sister, Residence Life 
Council, Psychology/Mental Health Club. 

Frew, David B.S. Marketing 
Marketing Club, Presidential Ambassador, 
Soccer Team. 

Garda, Lisa B.S. Physician Asst 

Gerken, Dawn B.S. Resp. Therapy 

Girard, Susan L. B.S. Biology 
Alpha Phi Delta Little Sister, Alpha Phi 
Omega, R.O.T.C. 

Gleason, Brad K. B.S. Business Mgt. 
S.I.T., A.S.T.D. 

Gmelin, Andrea E. B.A. Comm. Arts 
Werg, Sidestreets, Music Director for Werg. 

Dunsmore, Stephanie B.S. Biology 
Zeta Tau Sorority - Secretary Fall 
Chemistry Club. 

Gonos, Christine M. B.S. Biology 
Gannon Women's Volleyball Team, Kappa 
Xi Sorority. 








Grimes, John H. B.S. Industrial Management 
Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, S.M.E., 

Groat, Evan A. E.E.T. Elect. Engin. Tech. 
Delta Chi. 

Gross, Kristine L. B.S. Criminal Justice 
R.L.C., Criminal Justice Assoc, Sheik Little 
Sister, The Loud Crowd, Criminal Justice 
Assoc - Secretary Jr. Year, Wrestling 
Manager Freshmen year. 

Haas, Allison M. B.S. nursing 
Founding Sister of Kappa Xi Sorority. 

Haibach, Daniel D. B.S. 
Alpha Kappa Psi, Gannon Marketing Club 
Treasurer, Student Investment Trust. 

Halliwell, Kristin B.S. Physician Ass't 
Women's Volleyball, GUSPAS. 

Hamlin, Gwendolyn L. B.S. Finance 
Kappa Xi, Minority Student Union. 

Harrington, Scott R. B.A. Psychology 

Hayes, Cathleen L. B.S. Marketing 
Kappa Xi Sorority, Gannon Knight 
Advertising Staff, Marketing Club - 

Heidt, David C. B.S. Elect. Engin. 
I.E.E.E., Eta Kappa Nu. 

Hess, Kurt J. B.A. Psychology 
Alpha Phi Omega, Psychology/Mental 
Health Counseling Club, Phi Eta Sigma. 

Hillebrand, JoAnie H. B.S. Admin. Studies 
Student Government Rep., Marketing Club, 
Student Investment Trust. 

Hollan, Christopher P. B.S. Bus. Admin. 
Men's Basketball Team 

Holsopple, Brenda S. B.S. Biology/Pre-Vet. 
Sheiks Little Sisters - President. 

Housler, Anita L. B.A. Poli. Science 

Hrinko, John W. B.S. Marketing 
Marketing Club, Student Investment Trust. 

Hubler, James R. B.S. Chem/Bio, Pre. Med. 
Chemistry Club - 4 yrs., Pi Delta Psi Honor 

Huynh, Danh C. B.S. Pre-Med, Chemistry 
Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, Beta Beta Beta 
Honor Society, Phi Eta Sigma Honor 
Society, I.F.C. - Representative. 

Jeannette, Christine M. B.A. Crim. Just. 
RLC, Yearbook-Co-Copy Ed., Delta Chi 
Little Sister, Criminal Justice Association. 

Johnson, Martha Jean B.S. Biology/Pre-Med. 
Varsity Swimming-Women's Team Captain- 
'89/'90, Phi Eta Sigma NHS. 

Johnston, Jennifer L. B.A. Pol. Science 

Kappa Xi Sorority 88-89, Sergeant at Arms, 
Model United Nations 88-89 Secretary 

Kail, Lynne A. B.S. Admin. Studies 

Kaveney, Brian A. B.A. Bus. Management 

Keil, Matthew H. B.S. Accounting 
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity treasurer spring 
fif fall 90, Student Investment Trust, 
Accounting Club. 

Kellar, D. B.S. Marketing/Management 
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Student 
Government Association. 

Kemper, Patrick, R. 

B.S. Mechanical Engin. 

Kenyon, Wendy J. B.A. Inter. Studies/Span 
President, Phi Sigma lota, Co-Chairman, 
Foreign Language Club, Presidential 
Ambassador, Assistant, Gannon University 

Kereoman, Melissa A. B.S. Marketing 
College Republicans, Public Relations 
Director, Marketing Club Public Relations 

Kerr, Kimberly A. B.S. Management 
Delta Chi Little Sisters, Gannon Knight. 

Khan, Asad M.B.A. Finance 
Business Club. 

King, Kathleen A. B.S. Social Work 
Cheerleader-Soph. Jr., Social Work Club, 
V.P. of Soc. Work Club-Sr., The Loud 

Kingsley, Dana B.A. Arts, Humanities 
Zeta Tau Sorority. 

Kingston, Laurie B.A. Spanish Literature 
Gannon Students For Life, Foreign 
Language Club. 

Kirkwood, Jeffrey W. B.S. Operations Mgt. 
Gannon Baseball, Team Capt. Jr. & Sr., Pi 
Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Gannon Baseball 
Assistant Coach. 

Kline, Michael J. B.S. Marketing 
Student Investment Club, Marketing Club. 

Knapp, Gary B.A. Accounting 
Accounting Club, Tutor for Accounting, 
Economic, Sf Finance. 

Kolodychak, Michael T. B.S. Chem./Pre-Med 
Summer Orientation Advisor, Presidential 
Ambassador, Minister of the Eucharist at 
St. Peter's Cathedral Volunteer in Erie 
County V.I. P. Program, Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Fraternity, Chemistry Club Vice President, 
Founder Pi Delta Psi Chemistry Honor 
Society, Phi Sigma Tau Philosophy Honor 

Kolson, Janet E. B.A. Criminal Justice Alpha 
Gamma Delta Sorority, Student 
Government Assoc, Criminal Justice 

Konkol, Lisa R. B.S. Elem. Ed. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority. 

Kostkas, Susan A. B.S. Nursing 
Presidential Ambassador, Kappa Xi 
Sorority, Founding President. 


Kramer. Cathay B.S. Admin. Studies 

Kramer, George B.S. Finance 
Student Investment Trust. 

Kraus, Laura A. B.S. Med. Tech. 

Kugel, Connie M. B.S. Biology 
Pep Band. Alpha Phi Omega, Q.U.S.P.A.S 

Lesko, James Jr. B.A. Criminal Justice 
Alpha Phi Delta, Sgt. At Arms, Criminal 
Justice Ass t. 

McCartney, Traci A. B.S. Biology 
Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society 

McCausland. nancy A. B.S. Chemistry 
Residence Life Council 86-87, SQA Soph. 
Rep. 87-88, Lance Sr. Section Editor 88-8 
Club, 8f Organ. Editor 89-90. 

McMahon, Kathleen P. B.S. Chemistry 

McMaster, Michelle L. B.S. Chemistry 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority. 

Limber Joseph M. B.A. Comm. /English 
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Knight Horizon 
Fall 89, Summer Orientation Staff. 

Lipnichan, Richard T. B.E.T. M.E. Tech. 

Lorigan Margo M. B.S. Biology 
Kappa Xi Sorority Treasurer, A.P.B. 

Lucas, Denise B.A. Theatre 

Lucas, Melinda B.A. For. Lang. Int. Bus. 

McMellie. Jennifer B.A. Social Work 
Kappa Xi Sorority, Social Work Club. 

Meyer, Wesley D. B.S. Computer Science 
Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity President, 
Volleyball Club. 

Miles, Kirk M. B.S. Chemistry/Bus. Adm. 
Delta Chi Fraternity Vice President, Alumni 
Secretary, S.Q.A. Sr. Rep., Lance 
Photographer Editor, Residence Life 
Council Co-Chairman. 

Luncher, Mark B.E.E. Elec. Engin. 
Men's Swim Team Co-Captain, O.C.H.O., 
Presidential Ambassador. 

Lunger, Theodore B.S. Accounting 

MacDonald, Jeanette E. Assoc. Sec. Sci. 

Macomber. Jill M. B.A. English Ed. 
Gannon Knight, Phoenix Staff, L.E.G.S. Pres 
V.P., Phi Sigma Tau, Editor Humanities 
Today, Student P.S.E.A. V.P. 

Miller, Melinda J. B.A. Criminal Justice 

Miller, Sandra M. B.A. Political Science 
Minority Student Union. 

Minard, Christi E. A.S. Bus. Admin. 
Zeta Tau Sorority, Sergeant at Arms Fall 

Minnelli, J. Kevin B.S. Finance/Economics 
Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity Treasurer, Golf 

Maguire, Gina M. B.A. Comm. Arts 
WETG-TV, W.E.R.G., The Phoenix. 

Maraszkiewicz, Marion E. B.S. Phys. Ass't 

Minteer, Marci A. B.S. Mursing 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority Chapter 
Secretary - Sr. Year, Panhellenic President 
Jr. Year. 

Markle. Linda B.S. Mental Health Counsel. 
Psychology/Mental Health Counseling Club 
President 88-89, 89-90. L.E.G.S. 

Markley. David B. B.A. Psychology 

Marshall. Jennifer L. B.A. Inter. Business 
Gannon Knight Production Manager, Kappa 
Xi, Phi Eta Sigma, Lambda Sigma, Society 
for Collegiate Journalist - President, Delta 
Chi Little Sister. 

Marshall, Melissa B.A. For/Lang. Infl/Bus. 
O.C.H.O., Phi Sigma lota Secretary - 

Martin, Jacqueline K. B.S. Elem. Ed. 
Student P.S.E.A. & N.E.A., Gannon 
Education Club. 

McAnallen. Stacey A. B.S. Chemistry 
Lance Yearbook Layout Editor. 

Minteer, Mindi B.S. Industrial Mgt. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority Treasurer, 
Panhellenic Council, Membership Rush 
Society of Manufacturing Engineering. 

Mishra, Anita B.S. Biology 
Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Lambda Sigma. 

Molinski, Richard J. B.S. Physician Ass't 
G.U.S.P.A.S. President, Lance Photographer, 
Public Relations Photographer, Knight 
Photographer, Phi Sigma Tau, Philosophy 
Club Secretary Treasurer. 

Monroe. Julie B.S. Industrial Mgt. 
S.M.E. First Chairperson. 

Morrison, Scott C. B.S. Biology/Chemistry 
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Treasurer Pledge 
Educator, Student Government, I.F.C. 

McBride, Erin B.S. Marketing 
Zeta Tau Sorority-Founding President, 
Student Government Association Jr. Rep., 
Gannon Presidential Ambassadors, 
Historical Society. 

Morton, Elna C. B.A. Elem. Ed. 
Student Senate, Villa Maria Campus 
Secretary, R.E.A.P. Advisory Board, 
Teacher's Education Advisory Board 
Student Rep., Omnicron Delta Kappa. 

McBride. Sharon L. B.S. Nursing 
Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart 88-89, Swir 
Team Co-Captain 89, Homecoming 
Representative 89 (Tau Kappa Epsilon). 

Mott, Jeffrey A. B.A. English 
Writing Center Staffmember. 

Murphy, Damian B.A. Political Science 








Mair, Hari B.S. Physics/Math 

Miedzielski, Dawn B.S. Social Work 
Social Work Club Soph. Jr. Secretary Sr., 
Computer Science Club Soph. 

Miles, Laurence R. B.S. Elect. Engin. 
I.E.E.E. Treasurer, Eta Kappa Mu Vice 

Norman, Corinne M. B.S. Men/Health 

Gannon Villa Employee, Fin. Aid/Adm. 
Liason on Campus. 

Mudi, Vincent P. B.S. Marketing 
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity President Vice 
President, Rush Chairman. 

Munan, Molly B.S. Elem. Ed. 
Zeta Tau Sorority, Women's Softball, Ski 
Club, P.S.E.A., N.E.A. 

Oleski, Todd S. B.S. Elect. Engin. 

Olson, Eric L. B.S. Management 
Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, Pledge Class 
President, Flag Football Team, Bowling 

Ondreako, Qeorgianne B.A. For. Lang. Lit. 
Residence Life Council, O.C.H.O., Foreign 
Language Club, Phi Sigma lota Language 
Honor Society. 

Orlando, Patricia M. B.S. Biology 
Beta Beta Beta Honor Society, Tau Kappa 
Epsilon Sweetheart 90. 

Otto, Cayle D. Assoc. Lawyer's Paralegal 
Cheerleading, Political Science Club, 
Mentor Program. 

Overfield, Mary A. B.A. Psychology 
Psychology Club, Chairperson of Volunteer 

Parisi, Maria B.S. Men/Health Counsel. 
Mental Health/Psychology Club. Orientation 

Parmiter, Mechel R. 
Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society, 
Omicron Delta Kappa Jr. Sr. Honor Society, 
Student P.S.E.A. Secretary, Residence Life 
Council, O.C.H.O. 

Pasquino, Katrina B.A. Elem. Ed. 
Zeta Tau Sorority, P.S.E.A., N.E.A. , Gannon 
Editor Ass't. 

Pelino, Carlo J. B.S. Biology 

O.C.H.O., Chemistry Club, Intramurals, 
Lambda Sigma, M.D.A. Chairperson. 

Penna, Renee M. B.A. Social Science 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority Vice President. 

Pensenstadler, Michael R. B.S. Bio/Pre-Vet 
Residence Life Council, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Lambda Sigma President, Omicron Delta 
Kappa, Inter-Honor and Professional 
Organization Co-Founder Treasurer 
Parliamentarian, Beta Beta Beta Biological 
Honor Society President, Ski Club. 

Persi, Lisa M. B.A. General Science 
Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority Vice President 
Scholarship, Panhellenic Council Secretary. 

Persichini, Pamila J. B.S. Marketing 

Piech, Kristen M. B.S. Chemistry 
Zeta Tau Sorority, Phi Eta Sigma, Lambda 
Sigma, Chemistry Club. 

Pieklo, Martin J. B.S. Business 

Pierce, Beth A. A.S. Resp. Therapy 

Plotner, Mark B.A. Political Science 
Model United Nations, O.C.H.O. President, 
Student Government Association Vice 
President for Academic Affairs, Political 
Science Club, A.P.B. Chairman for Publicity, 
Chairman for Publicity Dance Marathon. 

Politi, Michael A. B.S. Mech. Engin. 
President of Pennsylvania Society of 
Professional Engineers. 

Pompeo, Alexis, M. B.A. Psychology 
Delta Chi Little Sister president, 
Psychology/Mental Health Counseling club. 

Prenovitz, Damon A. B.S. Biology 
Sergeant at Arms Delta Sigma Phi 
Fraternity, Sergeant at Arms Inter-Fraternity 

Purcell, Amy E. B.S. Biology 
Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society, 
Lambda Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron 
Delta Kappa, Presidential Ambassador, 
Biology Teacher's Ass't. 

Pushchak, Theresa M. B.S. Biology/ Ecology 
Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society 
Secretary 89-90. 

Quinonez, Eduardo B.S. Elec. Engin. 
Delta Chi Fraternity. 

Radella, Marjorie J. B.S. Science 
Gannon Knight, Editor-in-Chief 89-90 
Chapel Choir, Presidential Ambassadors. 

Rambler, Robert S. B.S. Marketing 
Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. 

Rapp, Bradley C. B.S. Marketing 
Marketing Club, Mentor Program, 
Intramurals Sports. 

Ratchford, Donald F. B.S. Chemistry 
Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, Chemistry Club 
Treasurer 88 President 89. 

Re Kuthryn R. B.A. Inter. Business Lang. 

Reilly, Bemadette B.S. Biology 
Kappa Xi Sorority. 

Reilly, Ronilyn B.A. Comm. Arts 
Phoenix Editor, Sidestreets Producer, 
W.E.R.G., Omicron Delta Kappa Honor 

Reisz, Andrea B.A. Elem. Ed. 
R.L.C. Rep. 2 Yr., M.D.A. Rep., Intramural 
Volleyball, Coed Volleyball, Basketball, 


Rettger. Renee A. B.A. Elem. Ed. 
Varsity Volleyball Team 4 yr.. Kappa Xi 1 

Smetana, Renee B.S. Biology 
Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society- 

Rhinehart. Tracy B.S. Physician Ass t. 

Smith, Brenda B.S. Elem. Education 
R.L.C.. P.S.E.A.. h.E.A. 

Rice. Rick B.A. Comm. Arts 

Riegel, Peter T. B.S. Mech. Engin. Tech. 

Roddy, Rebecca J. B.S. Elem. Ed. 
Student P.S.E.A., Folk Group. 

Rowley, Cynthia B.S. Men/Health Counsel. 
Resident Advisor, Presidential Ambassador, 
Kappa Xi, Sergeant at Arms, Dance 
Marathon comm. Chairperson, Residence 
Life Council, Psych/Mental Health Club. 

Salapow, Thomas M. B.S. Mech. Engin. 
A.S.M.E., S.A.E., W.E.R.Q. Disc Jockey. 

Schaefer, Keely Assoc. Sec. Sci. 
A.P.B. Film Committee, Co-Chair Publicity. 

Schonthaler, Robin A. B.S. Marketing 
Marketing Club Vice President, Project 
Concern Volunteer, Through Campus 

Senko, Michele B.A. Comm. Arts 
Sidestreet Producer, W.E.R.Q. Disc Jockey, 
Gannon Schuster Theatre Productions. 

Shaw, Donna J. B.S. Marketing 
L.E.Q.S. Vice President, American Marketing 

Shick, Beth A. Assoc. Art Paralegal 
Political Science Club, Soph. Rep., Mentor 
Program, Presidential Ambassador, Young 

Shin, Mel M. B.S. Biology 
Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society, 
International Student Association. 

Sikora, Linda M. B.S. Nursing 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Ritual 
Chairman 89, Panhellenic Delegate. 

Sikorski, Cynthia S. B.S. Chem. Pre-Med. 
Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society, 
Phi Eta Sigma Historian, Lambda Sigma 
Historian, Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Silvaggi, Laurie A. B.S. Computer Science 
Accounting Club. 

Simmons, Blair B.S. Elect. Engin. 

Sinnott. Christopher B.S. Poli. Science 
Golf Team - 4 years. 

Skul, Andrea K. B.S. Biology 
Med. Tech Club - President, Lance staff co- 
copy editor, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Chi's 
Little Sister s, R.L.C. 

Sladack, David R. B.S. Marketing 
Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Treasurer, l.F.C. 

Smith, Daniel E. B.S. Finance 
R.O.T.C. Battalion Commander, Raider 
Club, Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity, Elite Inc. 

Smith, Paula C. B.S. Nursing 
Sigma Theta Tau-Nursing Honor Society. 

Snyder, Amy M. B.S. Sports Mgmt. 
A.P.B. Chairperson, Orientation Advisor, 
Kappa Delta Rho Sweetheart. 

Sommers, William Jr. B.S. Accounting 
S.G.A. President, Treasurer, Pi Kappa Alpha 
Fraternity Secretary, Sgt.-at-Arms. 

Speranza, Patrick B.S. Mech. Engin. 
Delta Chi Fraternity, A.S.M.E. Treasurer, 
S.A.E., E.S.C. 

Stanisha, Joseph E. B.S. Elect. Engin. 
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Electrical 
Engineering Honor Society Secretary, Eta 
Kappa Nu. 

Stasko, Mark S. B.S. Finance 
Tennis Team Captain. 

Stevens, Edward Jr. B.S. Marketing 
Marketing Club President, College 
Republicans P.R. Advisor, Mentor Program 
Advisor, Ski Club. 

Stockton, Burton III B.S. Market. & Mgmt. 
Alpha Kappa Psi. 

Summers, Dorothy E. B.A. Psychology 

Swarmer, Jennifer B.S. Biology 
Alpha Gamma Delta Recording Secretary 
and S.G.A. Rep. 

Talarico, Joseph Q. B.S. Biology 

Talbott, Donna K. B.S. Men/Health Counsel. 
Alpha Phi Omega, Psi Chi, College 
Students of America. 

Tanaka, Tashimi B.A. Theatre & Comm. Arts 

Taylor, Todd B.S. Chemistry 

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Men's Tennis Team Capt. 

Teleis, Kenneth R. B.A. Psychology 
Gannon Wireless Society President, Psi Chi, 
Psychology/ Mental Health Counseling Club, 

Thomas, Ericka S. B.S. Men/Health Counsel. 

Thomas, Lara L. B.A. Social Science 
Cheerleader Captain. 

Thompson, Emmett A. B.S. Mech. Engin. 
Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity 

Torba, Debra A. 

Slomka, Jerald F. B.S. Management 
Alpha Kappa Psi. 

Trybus, Stephen E. B.S. Mech. Engin. 
S.A.E., A.S.M.E., Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity. 







Tuck, Tamera L. B.S. Chemistry 
Gannon Women's Softball Team, Chemistry 

Tullio, Anne B.S. Accounting 
Gannon Women's Basketball. 

Turk, Bradley J. B.S. Mech. Engin. Tech. 
S.A.E., S.M.E., A.S.M.E. Treasurer, 
Engineering Council. 

Turzak, Cami B.S. Marketing 
RLC, Chairperson, Alpha Gamma Delta 
Sorority, Lance Yearbook 

Van Damia, Sharon M. B.A. Med. Tech. 

Vazquez, Leslie B.A. For. Lang. Int. Stud. 
R.O.T.C, Zeta Tau Sorority, Sgt.-at-Arms. 

Vinson, Matthew M. B.S. Marketing 
Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity. 

Viola, Catherine B.S. Bus. Adm. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority. 

Vomero, Louis A. B.S. Industrial Mgmt. 

Voss, Lawrence J. B.S. Elect. Engin. 

Kappa Delta Rho, Eta Kappa Mu President, 

Wagner, Martin K. B.S. nursing 
Students for Life President, S.G.A. Jr. Rep., 
Gannon Knight Photographer. 

Walker, Dean T. B.S. Finance 

Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity, Student 
Investment Trust. 

Wallace, Mary B.A. For. Lang. Int. Bus. 

Warrick, Michael S. B.A. Comm. Arts 
Phi Eta Sigma, Omnicron Delta Kappa 
Treasurer, O.C.H.O., Tennis Team, WERG 
Disc Jockey. 

Weaver, Renee A. B.S. Elem. Education 
Education Club, P.S.M.E.A. 

Weppner, Andrew B.A. Management 
Pi Kappa Alpha Treasurer, Gannon 
Baseball Team. 

Winch, Elizabeth A. B.S. Marketing 
Marketing Club, Sigma Sigma Sigma 
Sorority, O.C.M.O. 

Wolniewicz, David L. B.S. Mech. Engin. 
S.A.E., A.S.M.E., Engineering Student 

Wood, Laura M. B.S. Biology 
Alpha Phi Omega, Lambda Sigma, Phi Eta 
Sigma, Presidential Ambassador, P.C.C.M. 

Wozniak, William S. B.A. Criminal Justice 
R.O.T.C, Raiders Club, Criminal Justice 

Wray, Helen B.A. Accounting 

Yocca, Daniel J. B.A. Criminal Justice 
Vice President Sergeant of Arms of Tau 
Kappa Epsilon, Criminal Justice 

Zacherl, Michelle A. B.S. Biology 
Alpha Phi Omega, Beta Beta Beta 
Biological Honor Society. 

Zajkowski, Anthony B.A. History 
Assistant Tutor Coordinator, Tutor, Tutor 

Zapolski, Martin J. B.A. Pol. Science 
Political Science Club President, Honor 
Advisory Council. 

Zimmerman, Jennifer B.S. Accounting 

Zock, Karen M. B.A. Finance 
Alpha Phi Omega Treasurer, Presidential 

Zukowski, Richard M. B.S. Mech. Engin. 
P.S.P.E. Secretary Treasurer. 

Baker, Kimberley A. riursing-RN. 
Student Senate Rep., S.M.O., Library Aid, 
Intramural Sports, College Chorus I II III 

Holthouse, Bethann B.S. Dietetics 
Student Dietetic Association Treasurer, 
Student Senate member Resident Rep., 
Residence Council, Science Club Secretary, 
Student Activities Board Special Events 

Machcoviak, Judy A. B.S. Biology 
College Chorus I II III & IV, Villa Maria 
College Science Club Vice President. 

Madara, Pam B.A. Elem. Ed. 
Student Senate Member, Commuter 
Council Rep., Reap networking, P.S.E.A. 

Meyers, Barbara R. B.S. Accounting 
Student Senate Vice President of 
Administration, Soph. Class Rep., 
Commuter Council President, Student Life 
Committee Secretary. 

Newman, Suzanne B.S. Accounting 
Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public 
Accountants Student Affiliate, Residence 
Council Treasurer, Villa Maria College, 
Student Activities Board Special Events 
Committee, Campus Ministry, Intramural 

Rinehardt, Lana Assoc. Ther. Rec. 
T.R.A.C, Gannon Soccer Team, N.T.R.S. 

Robison, Brenda B.S. Biology 
Science Club President Vice President, 
College Chorus Alto.