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Law, Religion and Public Discourse 

FALL 2006 


Jennifer Nedelskyand Roger Hutchinson 






Law, Religion and Public Discourse 

FALL 2006 

Jennifer Nedelsky and Roger Hutchinson 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2018 with funding from 
University of Toronto 2006 nede 

Course Pack Table of Contents - Fall 2007 

Week 1 - Introduction 

Party Leaders’ responses Hand¬ 


Week 2 - Religion & Public Policies: Conflicting Viewpoints 

Roger Hutchinson, “Towards ‘a pedagogy for allies of the oppressed’” 1 

Roger Hutchinson, “Religion, Morality, and Law in Modem Society,” (basic 
typology regarding interactions among religion, morality and law.) 6 

OPTIONAL: Roger Hutchinson, “Comparative Ethics and the Mackenzie 

Valley Pipeline Debate,” 13 pgs 29 

Week 3 - Nedelsky 

Jennifer Nedelsky, “Legislative Judgment and the Enlarged Mentality” 57 pgs 42 

OPTIONAL: Jennifer Nedelsky, “Human Rights and Communities of 

Judgment,” pp.245-282 99 

Week 4 - John Rawls 

John Rawls, “Idea of Public Reason Revisited,” pp. 131-180 120 

Week 5 - Wolstertorff 

Nicholas Wolterstorff, “The Role of Religion in Decision and Discussion of 
Political Issues,” pp. 67-120, Religion in the Public Square by R.Audi and 
N. Wolterstorff 172 

Week 6 - Religion and Reason 

Robert Audi, "Wolterstorff on Religion, Politics, and the Liberal 

State," pp. 121-144 200 

Jeffrey Stout, Democracy and Tradition, Ch. 3, pp. 63-91, pp. 314-316 (notes) 213 

Week 7 - Sunder 

Madhavi Sunder, “Piercing the Veil,” 26 pages 


Week 8 - Muslim Family Law Tribunals in Canada 

Anver M. Emon, “Islamic Law and the Canadian Mosaic: Politics, 

Jurisprudence, and Multicultural Accommodation,” pgs 1-44 256 

Week 9 - Suggestions re Economic Justice (solicited from the class) 

Week 10 - Same Sex Marriage 

Factum of Intervener re: The Interfaith Coalition on Marriage and Family, OCA, 

31 pgs 300 

Interfaith Coalition for Same-Sex Marriage, “Submission to the House of 

Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights,” 18 February 

2003, 10 pgs 334 

Carl F. Stychin, “Essential Rights and Contested Identities: Sexual Orientation 
and Equality Rights Jurisprudence in Canada,” 8 Canadian Journal of Law and 
Jurisprudence : 49-66 345 

Week 11 - Same Sex Marriage Judgments 

Minister of Home Affairs v. Fourie (S. African Constitutional Court 2005): id=l 3170 

Chamberlain v. Surrey School District No. 36 (BSSC 1998) 364 

COMMENTARY on Chamberlain BCSC decision: Centre for Cultural 
Renewal, #25, "Court Misunderstands the Meaning of 

Chamberlain v. Surrey School District No. 36 (BSCA 2000): see 
2000 CarswellBC 2009 

80 B.C.L.R. (3d) 181, [2000] 10 W.W.R. 393, 191 D.L.R. (4th) 128, 143 
B.C.A.C. 162, 235 W.A.C. 162, 26 Admin. L.R. (3d) 297, [2000] B.C.J. No. 

1875, 10 W.W.R. 393, 2000 BCCA 519 

COMMENTARY on Chamberlain BCCA decision: Centre for Cultural 
Renewal #40, "Court corrects erroneous understanding 
of the secular and respects parental rights,": 

Chamberlain v. Surrey School District No. 36 (SCC 2002) 378 

Week 12 -Abortion 

Morgentaler v. The Queen (Summary of case & Wilson J.’s judgment) 20 pgs 440 

The Anglican Church of Canada, “Abortion: An Issue for Conscience” (pp. 7, 

15-20) 461 

BC Civil Liberties Association, "Submission to the Legislative Committee on 

Bill C-43: An Act Respecting Abortion." 464 

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, "Abortion in Canada: A Brief to the 
Legislative Committee on Bill C-43." 467 

Jean Porter, "Moral Reasoning, Authority, and Community in Veritatis 

splendor ." 473