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Shewing that all were but Types, which prefigured forth the 
Coming of the Lord, i. e. Light and Truth, as he is now 
come in Human Nature ; and that all Outward Cere- 
monies and Forms of Worship, such as Marriage, 
Christening, Baptism, the Churching of Women, Con- 
firmation, the Sacrament, the Visitation of the Sick, the 
Burial Service, the Ordination of Popes, Bishops, and 
Priests, <fec. must now cease, for the End is come of all 
these things, which were only imposed upon us till the 


Which is the True Rest from all former labour, and the 

Alleluia — " Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth 
Peace and Good-will to-WARD MEN. 



Price Three Pence* 






THERE has been under discussion in the Honour- 
able House of Commons a Bill, called " a Bill for the better 
Observance of the Sabbath Day." But as it appears to me 
to be a bill fraught with evil consequences, and if passed 
into a Law would be the cause of great dissatisfaction in the 
minds of, perhaps three parts of his Majesty's subjects ; and 
as the notions which produced such a bill are altogether un- 
scriptural, I feel it my duty, as a Loyal Subject of his Ma- 
jesty, and a well-wisher of my fellow subjects and of all 
mankind, and as one having the honour of God in view, 
wishing above all things that his name and word might be 
honoured and glorified, I beg permission to lay before you 
for your consideration (and I would that the same might be 
considered by the Honourable House of Commons), a 
Scriptural explanation of the Sabbath, shewing what the 
Sabbath really is according to the Scriptures. 

First — " Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy ; six 
days thou shalt labour and do all thy work, but the seventh 
day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God : in it thou shalt do 
no manner of work," &c. This Commandment, and the 
subject of the Sabbath altogether, have not been duly con- 
sidered by the Petitioners ; and I would earnestly request 
the Honourable Gentleman that brought forward the bill to 
examine the Scriptures upon the subject, and he will find 
what is said above to be true, viz. — that the Petitioners do 
not understand the meaning of the Great Law-giver # in the 
words of the Command. 

Upon this point I beg leave to quote a text of Scripture 
from Isaiah, chap. lv. ver. 8 — " For my thoughts are not as 
your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the 
LORD." Men have thought that God meant that they 
should keep one day out of seven, and not labour on that 
day in bodily labour for their sustenance. But this was a 
wrong thought. God meant quite another thing : and the 
time is arrived that the truth of the above Scripture must be 
proved. That God's thoughts and Man's thoughts upon 

the Sacred Word of God have been at variance hitherto, 
not only upon the Sabbath, but upon all the Word of God 
as recorded in the Bible ; and if man will be in conformity 
to the mind of God, and be in obedience to his will, he must 
seriously inquire what are God's thoughts; and to those who 
are petitioning Parliament for a Law to compel men to keep 
the Sabbath day holy, I would recommend particularly this 
inquiry, for they need it — for unless God's thoughts and 
man's thoughts agree upon the meaning of Scripture, they 
cannot walk together. " How can two walk together un- 
less they are agreed." " Let the unrighteous man forsake 
his thoughts." 

It shall be my business in this writing then, to prove that 
the thoughts of the Sabbath Protectors and the Sabbath - 
keepers (according to the letter), and those who have sent 
petitions to the House for a more strict observance of the 
day called Sunday, which they call the Sabbath ; and the 
thoughts of the Honourable Gentleman that brought in the 
bill, were not as God's thoughts ; and my object is not to 
find fault with them, but that they might see how different 
God's thoughts are to theirs, and theirs to God's, and that 
they might Reform their thoughts according to the true 
light of the Scriptures ; and when such a Reformation takes 
place (of the thoughts), a Radical, Real, Everlasting, and 
Universal Reform may be expected: but not till then. 
Therefore, my attention shall be fixed upon the root of the 
matter, that a foundation for such a Reform might be laid. 
And my pen shall write Sacred Truth, Divine Truth, 
Truth too strong for any to overthrow. A bold saying, it 
might be said. But I answer, not too bold, because the 
thoughts are God's thoughts, and not mere man's. I 
humbly beg leave, Sir, to call your serious attention to 
what follows : — 

The whole of time is divided into two great periods. 
Therefore we read of the dividing of time — Daniel, ch. vii. v. 
25 ; and in each period the state of man, as it respects Divine 
Knowledge, differs. The one period is called night or dark- 
ness — meaning that in, or during that period, God's word is 
not understood by man : the mystery of the word is not 
known ; and man being in the dark as to God's meaning in 
his word, takes the word wrong, and he sets to work accord- 
ing to the way he understands the word. Now the very 
adopting of the notion that God meant a day (as men call a 
day), and the keeping of a Day (as a Sabbath day), is THIS 


day comes of which God in the Command spoke. For God 
did not mean a cessation from bodily labour when he said 
that no work should be done on the seventh day: so that Sir 
Andrew, and all those so concerned about a better ob- 
servance of a day, are in reality doing that work which God 

has forbidden, while they are thinking to serve God there- 
by, and the reason is because they are in the spiritual night; 
and as a proof that it has hitherto been night, according to 
the scripture meaning, see the state of the whole world pro- 
fessing Christianity, how they differ in their views of the 
meaning of Scripture, one thinking it means one thing, and 
another thinking it means another, and different sects are 
formed upon each of these opinions, and numerous are those 
sects, and they are all at uncertainty about eternal things, 
and one opinion opposing another. And why are they in 
this state ? I answer, because it is the night— they are not 
in the light of God's word, and the best light they have is 
spiritual moon-light. Therefore none see clearly, and they 
can only conjecture about the meaning of God's word. 
Therefore, there is a confusion of opinions upon the Bible, 
and all are at work upon their different principles ; but they 
do not enter into Rest (the Sabbath). 

Such is the state of man during the first great period of 
this outward and visible world, with respect to the know- 
ledge of the Sacred Scriptures ; and in allusion to this the 
Apostle John said — " The night is far spent, the day is at 
hand;" plainly saying, that at that time it was still night: 
the day was not even then come, but was to come. The 
first great period of time had not then ended, and it was 
quite an uncertainty to any Prophet in past time when it 
would end, or the way how it should end ; but that the time 
called the day should come, they were assured of. Hence 
it was said by one, " We have a more sure word of pro- 
phecy, unto which we do well to take heed ; as unto a light 
that shineth in a dark place until the day dawn, and the day 
star arise in our hearts. Then as those Inspired Characters 
acknowledged that they were yet in that period of time 
called the night, so has the whole of the Christian world 
been in the night as it respects the knowledge of God's 
word, ever since, as 1 have clearly demonstrated from the 
before-mentioned evidence, viz. — the Confusion of different 
Opinions. Now, our natural night and day are the figures 
of these two great periods of time of which I speak, and as 
in the night, by the artificial light invented by man or by 
moonlight, we see things but imperfectly. Just so man has 
been ; and I could point out to you the numerous mistakes 
that have been made during the time of the night, and the 
evils that those mistakes have occasioned : but for the pre- 
sent I forbear troubling you. 

But as in the open sunshine of the day we see every 
thing clearly, the sun exposes every object demonstrating 
to us its nature and quality. By its light the smallest atoms 
are made visible, and every uncertainty, with respect to the 
object we saw in the night, is removed, and perfect satisfac- 
tion is obtained. So, in the last great period of time, called 

the day, the Sun of Righteousness ariseth in the heart, and 
giveth a perfect light in the meaning of God's word, disco- 
vering all the mysteries of the Bible, and removing all doubts 
and uncertainties, and bringeth the mind into Rest, which 
you know, Sir, is the meaning of the word Sabbath; and this 
last great period of time is the Sabbath day to which the 
word in the Law did point directly. The command was 
then given, only to be put in force when the fulness of the 
time should come, but it being the period of time called 
the night, when the Law was given ; so ever since the word 
was understood wrong, and men hav r e ever since been at 
work keeping a day ; and therefore they have not looked 
for the day which God meant, and which he called the Sab- 
bath day ; but all men of every sect have been working 
and labouring in their uncertain notions upon the Scrip- 
ture ; and perfect satisfaction respecting how God ought to 
be worshipped, the Immortality of the Soul, the Being of a 
God, and of a future state altogether, has not been obtained. 
This, Sir, is the work and labour that shall not be done 
on the Sabbath day, but " on that day the bridles# of the 
horses shall be holiness to the Lord," 

Now as this Spiritual night had its dominion in the minds 
of men, and the darkness has reigned triumphantly, and 
spread its sable curtain over all, from the King to the Arch- 
bishop, and down to the lowest order of men, none has had 
the Day Light, as it is written, " There is none righteous, 
no, not one !" For it is this Spiritual night that is called sin — 
it was not to say that there were none moral. No ! But 
none had the day light. Then, as Sin abounded in the night, 
Grace shall much more abound in the day; so that man 
shall be satisfied with the goodness of God, who shall re- 
veal knowledge clear I// ; and then every phantom that 
affrighted the imagination of man during the night shall 
vanish away, and man shall find that all his fears of tor- 
ment after death, and the long list of fears to which man 
has been subject in the night season, were but oh?e ms and 
visions of the night, arising from a disturbed imagina- 
tion, knowledge being absent, or the Day having not dawned. 
The true knowledge of G od's word having not yet been given, 
(which is the time of light, and is the Sabbath day), men have 
thought that they have understood the Bible, but the day 
shall now declare and prove how imperfectly and how con- 
fusedly they have seen its meaning. Nay, that they have 
not at all seen its meaning, although much knowledge and 
learning upon every other subject has abounded, and the 

* So the Hebrew reads, and not Bells. The figure represents how God himself would 
guide Man in the second or last period of time. The Horses mean Men — God the Rider, 
The Bridle means the Spirit of Truth— the whole Truth — the True Light. 

morals of thousands of men and women, through their 
reverence for, and attention to, the Scriptures. But as 
much as the day (naturally) differs from the night, so the 
knowledge now given by the Great Author of the Sacred 
Volume, differs from the knowledge men have had of the 
Scriptures in all preceding ages ; and on account of the great 
difference in the nature of the knowledge, the former period 
of time is denominated the night, aud the latter period 
the day, and from the bondage state of mind in which men 
have been, and working and toiling in uncertainty under 
various errors, which have been their task-masters, driving 
them to do such various things in religion which they 
thought right to do, in hopes of pleasing God thereby, they 
being in the night. I m£an the numerous ceremonies that 
they have attended unto by reason of their being driven on 
to do these things. The former State, or first period of 
time, is called Egypt — a servile state of Bondage, the House 
of Bondage, or the House of Servants, wherein men have 
worked and laboured under guilt and fear of death and 
everlasting damnation, and laboured each in supporting their 
sect, and in performing their ceremonies. Yet, by all that 
they could do, Rest or the Sabbath day they could not 
obtain. No ! the time was not come. For Paul, pointing 
to the future day that was to come, says— 4 ' There remaineth, 
therefore, a Rest* to the People of God ;" and he adds, " For 
if Jesus had given them rest, then would he not afterward 
•poken of another day." 

As it is now shewn that in all the preceding time it was 
the period called the night, as much under what men have 
called the Gospel dispensation, as before, permit me, in 
the next place, to shew how the period of time called the 
night ends, and how that period called the Day, and the 
Lord's Day or Sabbath Day, is introduced. Information 
on this point is necessary after what has been said, and it is 
of the utmost importance to all men ; and J shall shew it 
from the Scripture, and shall put it out of the potter of 
any man who seriously believes the Bible to be given by 
inspiration of God, to gainsay, with Scripture as the 
ground of his argument. 

For having myself been in the deepest gloom of Spiritual 
night, even in the midnight, and having been brought out of 
that state, by immediate Revelation from God, into the day- 
light of the word, I have therefore the knowledge of my 
subject, and do not write from conjectures, as those of the 
night, who cannot speak or write with certainty upon any 
doctrine contained in the Scriptures ; but their preachings 

* There remaineth, therefore, the keeping of a Sabbath to the People of God, viz - 
those who shall be under Uie Sim when the Sun aiiseth. 

and writings are probabilities, and giving their opinions 
merely. And this, I say, not meaning to offend the sense 
and learning of any Gentleman or class of men, they could 
not have day-light before the day-light come. Therefore, 
I blame none ; nor am I finding fault, but am stating truths, 
Sir, which I trust you will seriously consider, though it 
comes from the pen of one so inferior to yourself, as to rank 
in society, and a prisoner confined in Derby Goal, 
supposed to be a Blasphemer, who was prosecuted last 
August, and tried at the Derby Assizes, myself and another 
person named Twort, and by Judge Park sentenced to eigh- 
teen months imprisonment, charged with bringing the Chris- 
tian Religion, as by Law established, and the Church of 
England Clergy, into contempt, because I have said that the 
Bishops and Clergy have not understood the Scriptures, and 
have therefore given wrong judgment upon them; and be- 
cause I have published what the God of Truth has taught 
me. This is an offence, and an unpardonable one. But you 
will pardon me, Sir, I hope, for this digression, and I will 
proceed with my proposition. 

Now I suppose there is no rational being but who must 
believe that there is a Supreme intelligence and power which 
we call God, by whose power all things are existing and are 
maintained in their order, who is the very root and 


some where above the sky, far off, and man himself down 
here below, as it were out of God's sight, and unnoticed by 
him. Thus has man, and particularly the people called 
Christians, lived in total ignorance of their own source and 
original, degraded below the brute; for there is nothing but 
what is in God, and God is in every thing, the life of that 
in which he is, and of course in man. Yet even those in the 
higher circles, with all the advantages of education, and 
possessing those degrees of refinement by means of it, have 
never aspired to perfect union with the Great Eternal Reason 
and Fountain, and source of Wisdom, Love, and Joy. They 
have been taught by their Priests that such an ambition was 
presumption, and when they died they would go to God. 
Thus have they fulfilled the Scriptures, viz. — " Ye shut the 
Kingdom of heaven against men: ye will not go in your- 
selves, and those that would ye hinder." Whereas this 
ambition would only be going to our Native Home. It 
was never thought that this state of perfect union with God 
on this earth would take place, or was attainable ; and so 
men have been as the Scripture expresses it, " Alienated 
from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, 
because of the blindness of their hearts ; and so they have 
set up a form of worship under a spirit of sadness and 
gloomy fear. And why this? even because it was night." 


But when the fulness of the time comes — I mean the end 
of the Great first period of time, God sends forth his Son, 
made of a woman (i. e. made of a Spirit that conceives, 
bears, and brings forth), the great things recorded in his 
word. God sends forth his Heart's Love, that was ever 
embosomed in the deep of the Deity— that eternal Virgin, 
(nature) that was ever unknown to man, which is Wisdom. 
This Spirit is sent forth into a human mind, whose natural 
property prompts it to conceive, and is therefore called the 
womb of the morning. But this individual is one in the 
original night like all others, only was a believer in the day 
that was to coae, and had an intense longing for the Divine 
Day, yet was wholly ignorant, and under the Law of Sin, as 
all others ; but unto it the eternal Spirit was sent forth, even 
while it was yet night, and mixing with the human essence, 
became one with it, so that the mind and heart of the human 
being by this breath of life became a living soul, even the 
God-man ; if but the light shined in the darkness, and the 
darkness comprehended it not." Now this :as Jesus, made 
in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the 
earth (i. e. in Man). See Psalm cxxxix. ver: . 15 and 16. 
Thus did the Divine Principle become Human. Thus did 
it take man's nature upon it, and man's form (not the out- 
ward body), but the form of the inward mind, Please to 
bear in mind it is now day with the writer, and this day-light 
will not agree with the night; but I am shewing how the 
night ends, and in whom it ends, for the inward mind is the 
Virgin that conceives the Son of God, and becomes impreg- 
nated with that Holy Thing, or Substance, or Life, and she 
bears and brings him forth ; but it is to death — it was to die — 
for the soul being enveloped with the deepest gloom of mid- 
night (I mean the accumlation of the errors of the night sea- 
son, which all meet upon this character), this evil power 
crucifies this new Son, puts it out, and there is an eternal 
Death — Hell, Darkness, the Grave. 

The lovely infant, opening now its eye,# 

In this dark wilderness of grief and gloom, 

Feels its mortality, and heaves a sigh; 

Then struggling, quickly breaks 

The slender tie that binds to earth ; 

Then soars on high, where endless spring 

And vernal beauty blooms. 

This is in reality, and according to the Scriptures, the 

death and crucifixion of Je-sus, and there was darkness over 

all the earth (meaning the Soul) until the ninth hour, i. e. 

until he was born again. Thus did the God-man go down 

j , 1 1 

* Lines that appeared in Moore's Almanack in the year 1827, when this Mental 
work took place. 


into death, i. e. the essence and power of the night, but as 
a Champion he broke through the eternal gloom, and as- 
cended into the heavenly day. Thus did the first period 
of time, called the night, end, and the new time called 
the day, begin : for now the Day Star rose in the heart, 
and the new day began to dawn. Thus did the divine prin- 
ciple carry the human through Death, Hell, and the Grave of 
Darkness, making human nature (in union with the Divine 
Son), triumphant over the night, which is called Hell, Death, 
and the Grave, and brings in the long wished for Day, the 
Sabbath Day, the Seventh* Day, the Rest that remained for 
the People of God. The figure 6 expresses in the Divine 
sense that God now made the man (that he promised to 
make), as (recorded all through the Scriptures) of a Wo- 
man, made under the Law, viz. that Law, " The Seed of the 
Woman shall bruise the head of the Serpent/' This w r as 
the Law under which this New Being was made, by which 
the human nature that was under the Law (of Sin and 
Death), is redeemed, according to that word — when the ful- 
ness of the time w r as come, God sent forth his Son, made of 
a Woman, made under the Law r , to redeem them that were 
under the Law, that we might receive the adoption of Sons. 

Now, Sir, I beg leave to inform you, that this New Being 
of Man is he to whom the Command is given ; because this 
New Being is Divine-human, a Spiritual Man-child made as 
I have said, and who died as I have described, went down 
into the deep and brought up the Pearl that was lost. In him 
is all Israel. Therefore, is he commanded, " Remember 
the Sabbath Day to keep it holy ; six days thy labour ends." 
And now is come the Urim and Thummim, i. e. Lights per- 
fections, Spiritual Explanations and Interpretations (of the 
recorded word) ; and this is the Promised Rest, signified by 
the number 7. To him Godsaith, " I am the Lord thy God 
that brought thee out of the Land of Egypt" — the House of 
Servants — thou shall have none other Gods before me, 
Thou art my adopted Son (Adam), the father of the future 
generation, who shall be the children of the day, who will all 
keep the Sabbath Day, because it is their nature to keep it, 
they being born unto the New World. Therefore, Sir An- 
drew's Bill for a better observance of the Sabbath, is as 
great an absurdity as the idea of setting a dead corpse to 
perform the functions of life. What has that Gentleman to 
do with the Sabbath, or any of the people who profess to be 
Sabbath protectors and Sabbath keepers? They are of the 
night, and not of the morrow. Let them cast off the works 
of darkness and put on the armour of light. Then they 
will not trouble Parliament to get a Law passed that is so 
opposed to divine truth, the holy Law of God; and is an 
exertion made to strengthen and keep up that system that 
God has decreed should fall, and be found no more 


at all. It must pass away even as the night naturally dis- 
appears before the rising morn ; and as certain as this 
takes place in nature, so certain shall these doctrines and 
truths here revealed go on until all things of the old or 
former period of time shall be removed. 

Behold that brilliant star, 

Which once in Judah^ dawned, 

As ancient seers foretold ; 

Is now approximating- its Meridian height, 

In Albion's skies, long veiled in blackest night, 

Extends its beams, and shall extend, 

In spite of hell, till the whole world 

It's rays behold. 
Now it is to this that all the Scripture prophecies points, 
and not to a person that is said to have come and died literally 
and bodily upon a cross. Had the Saviour then come, the 
night would have ended, and that bright day, of which the . 
Spirit spoke in Isaiah, chap. Ix. would have come; and by 
this time, and long before, there would have been a perfec- 
tion of Wisdom and Spiritual understanding, and an entire 
redemption from evil. Please to read it — " Arise, shine, for 
thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee: 
behold the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross dark- 
ness the people : but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and the 
glory shall be seen upon thee. And the Gentiles shall 
come to thy light, and Kings to the brightness of thy rising." 
Let this chapter be read through with attention, and the 
serious and unprejudiced reader must discover the time for 
which it stood to be fulfilled ; and the character unto whom 
it points, and to whom it most evidently speaks, one that 
was buried in spiritual night and death, but is called out of 
the darkness by the power of the Great Eternal, who caused 
his word io he put on record to stand for this time, that it 
might be see?? that there is a God who spoke the word hi 
time past, and now fulfils it: and as the day breaks through 
the night, and arises out of it, so the new being of man 
breaks through the gloom and death of the first period of 
time, into day, and becomes light in the Lord. For this 
first man is made out of all the principles of the first period 
of time, or of the night, and is one of that old world; and 
those materials of which he is made are called the Dust. 
But by the breath breathed into him, viz. — the breath of life 
out of God, he has then in him, in the seed, all the principles 
of the life to come, viz. of the latter period, when light 
and perfection shall reign, which is Christ, and the reign of 

* By Jutluli is meant the New Being of Man of which we hare been speaking, unto 
which new Creation all prophecy points : to him gave all the prophets witness. Judah 
jeeeaus Confession and Praise. 


Christ Then there is a battle, and the Being is overcome 
by the power of darkness, and falls into the death, and de- 
scends into the eternal midnight, and then the Divine breath 
of life being in the soul, that proves victorious, and he 
arises, casting off the works of Darkness, and putting on 
the armour of light, and is a New Being. Then begins the 
Sabbath Day, the Jubilee, the Year of Release. Here is 
that saying in the Mythology of the Jews proved to be true, 
though so curiously given by inspiration of God, viz., " that 
Adam was made with two faces, one looking east and the 
other west — male on one side, and female on the other ;" a 
figure to represent that he is made out of both worlds, viz. — • 
the old world and the new — of which the Roman Janus was 
also a figure — Flesh and Spirit — Death and Life— Law and 
Gospel — Earth and Heaven — Winter and Summer — Night 
and Day. And here also, is that prophetic saying in the 
Scriptures proved true, viz. — " Gad, a troop shall overcome 
him, but he shall overcome at the last" — i. e. he enters into 
Rest. " He that overcometh will I make a pillar in the Tem- 
ple of rny God, and he shall go no more out; and I will write 
upon him my new name, and the name of my God, and the 
name of the City of my God, which is new Jerusalem, and 
1 will give him the Morning Star." 

So then all the first Great period of time was only the 
womb in which the Light that must be the Glory of this 
Latter period, lay concealed. It was hid under the word, 
and under all the forms and ceremonies of Religion that 
ever were invented up to this dividing of time. 

And when the time decreed arrives, one of the human 
race, one who is of the night, is by the divine working, 
made the receptacle of ail the errors of the first period, 
they all flow unto him, in a Spiritual way and manner, all 
Iniquity meets upon him. This is Nazareth, here Jesus 
was conceived, (and afterward brought up,) for the mind 
being made the Sink, (as it were,) of all Spiritual evil, and 
feeling inwardly, known only to itself, in its dismal state it 
conceives the Saviour, or the Seed that afterward becomes 
the Saviour. For as there is a time in nature for a female 
to conceive, when visited by the male, and then a time to 
bring forth. So when a person appointed of God as the 
Limit, upon whom time as it was, must end, and new time 
begin, is visHed by God, and God himself sheds the Seed 
of Life into the Soul, then there is a conception of the 
eternal Life, that God promised unto Man, and this eternal 
Life is the Saviour, when it is brought forth, and dies as I 
have said, (or departs rather,) and rises again, then that 
Life is Christ, the Son of Rightousness, and the Sabbath 
Day is come, HiPh all work ceases, I mean Religious 
work, which were types and shadotcs of good thirty.* fn 
eomc, in the Second great period of time, or fader day , 


no more religious ordinances, for they were imposed on 
men until the time of Reformation. There is no more a 
Pope wanted, nor Bishops, nor Priests ; they voere only 
Shadows ; the Pope was a Shadow of him who is the Hope. 
The King immortal, eternal, and invincible is come, who 
is the Pope's superior, therefore the capital P is removed, 
which expresses the mere reason of man, which was go- 
verned by various Spirits that were imperfect and caused 
confusion, and the H is put in the place thereof to signify- 
that God and Man are united; no more the Mass, the 
Eucharist, the elevation of the Host, the Lighted Tapers, 
the Burning Incense, and all the ceremonies used by that Peo- 
ple. The blameless Bishop is now come. Christ, the Light 
whom all Bishops did but represent until he came, who is 
the Great Shepherd and Bishop of Souls ; all their offices 
cease, no more consecration of buildings, for Man is the 
Building of God. Now, Man is built up, a Spiritual House 
and Royal Priesthood, and the House is consecrated by the 
Great eternal Bishop, the Spirit of Truth. No more the cere- 
mony of Confirmation in Christ's Church, for Christ coming as 
I have described, in the human mind, confirms the Soul, in all 
Truth, and establishes the Soul in God. The Promise is 
come, Man is made a partaker of the Divine Nature, God 
is now with us, Emmanuel, and this is the true 
Confirmation and Consecration of Man, the Church 
of the living God, the Pillar and Ground of the 
Truth. The forms and ceremonies used hitherto were but 
the Types, useless in themselves, but were allowed, in the 
dark, to represent what should be done in the light, and 
they were imposed upon us, until the Great Reformer should 
come, i. e. the Divine Light, Knowledge, Righteousness, 
and True Holiness. No more ceremonies of the Bishop 
making of Clergymen. He is now among us that giveth the 
Holy Ghost, and that is God. He saith (not in word, but 
in power,) to every Priest coming into this new order of 
Meiehesidic, Receive ye the Holy Ghost, then their hearts 
are the Temples ; and here they offer up Spiritual Sacrifices 
acceptable to God, through Jesus Christ, who is the first 
and the last. No more ceremonies of Burying the Dead, 
in sure and certain hope of a blessed Resurrection, which 
was permitted to be done, in the dark night, to represent 
what we have treated on in the former part of this writing ; 
viz. the Dead in Christ, who died and was buried in the 
Grave of Darkness, but it was in sure and certain hope of a 
blessed Resurrection unto the Life that was to come, who 
is now risen with Christ. Blessed are the Dead that die in 
the Lord ; yea, saith the Spirit, for they rest from their 
labour, and now you see their good works ; they cease 
from their own works of religious ignorance, error, and 
superstition, and they rest from their labour, care, and 


anxiety about divine things ; they are now in the Grand 
Secret; they hare entered into the Sabbath, i. e. into 
rest', they are the blessed of the Lord, for the great works 
of God are evidently in them by the Divine knowledge and 
power unto which they have attained, therefore that cere- 
mony of burying the Dead is fulfilled, for in the Spiritual 
Regeneration, described here, the earth went to earth, the 
ashes to ashes, and the dust to dust, but was raised again 
to Newness of Life, leaving the night behind in the grave, 
and departing out of the night into the day, as it is written, 
pointing directly to this change, in 1st Cor. chap, xv, It is 
sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body ; it is 
sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption ; it is sown 
in weakness, it is raised in power ; it is sown in dishonour, 
it is raised in glory. The first state of the man was a living 
soul, but the last state of the man is a quickening spirit. 
The living soul was overpowered by the multitude of the 
evils of the old life that were accumulated in the house, or 
human property ; so that the living soul found true what is 
written, viz. a Man's enemies shall be those of his own 
household. These were the crucifiers of the Living Soul, 
and thus were all iniquities laid upon him which brought 
death upon the living soul, and the breath, the Living 
breath departed, but took the human essence with it into 
Paradise, where obtaining the Resurrection Life, it returned 
again, and is gloriously risen, by the Glory of the Father; 
i. e. by the Light of the the Great Eternal First Cause: and 
this is the Death and resurrection of the dead that died in the 
Lord. So now is Christ risen from the dead, and become 
the first fruits of them that slept, for as by man came death, by 
man came also the resurrection from the dead ; therefore the 
ceremony of reading a burial service is ended, for the Type 
is fulfilled. And the ceremony also of the Christening of 
Infants is no more ; the infant which was prefigured in that 
ceremony is now Christianed or Christed, or anointed w T ith 
the Oil of Gladness, being actually by the Outpouring of 
the holy Spirit, made a Member of Christ, a Child of God, 
and an Inheritor of the Kingdom of Heaven. Then being a 
member of Christ, surely the member and the head are one 
body, and certainly the Christianed is one with Christ, and 
is Christ, only the human essence is the inferior, even as a 
woman is inferior to her husband, for in the husband is all 
power to act in all business, and law affairs, and not in the 
wife, yet they are one. Just so, in the Spiritual Union, 
Christ is the Light, of whose power and virtue the human 
Soul partakes, and is united unto. The human life is 
Christed. " I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me." 
And here also is the Type of the marriage ceremony ful- 
filled, so that the Parsons ought now to marry no more 
by that ceremony, and if they become believers in Christ, 


they will not, the ceremony of the Church ought to end; 
and when a couple wish to come together let there be a 
contract drawn up in writing between the parties, each 
pledging their troth one to the other in writing, and sign- 
ing it with their hands in the presence of witnesses, and 
let the same be signed by a magistrate, and the business 
is done without any expense, or let the contract be before 
the body of the believers in the same town or city of which 
the parties are resident. Thus ought that religious cere- 
mony to end, because it was imposed upon us as a Type of 
the Marriage of the Lion and the Lamb, i. e. of the Human 
Soul, and the new risen life, Christ. 

The ceremony also of eating bread and wine, shewed 
forth the Lord's Death, till he should come, and now that 
the Lord is come, this ceremony ends with all Believers ; 
the bread represented the word as it stood in the Letter f 
which was now spiritually eaten by the Sonl, and so the 
word became flesh ; then was the Lord (i. e. the word) 
made Flesh, embodied in the human Soul, then was that 
body broken by the numberless transgressions committed 
under the first period of time, which was the crown of 
thorns, for every error practised in old time, every errone- 
ous doctrine, and every Religious Ceremony was it that 
pierced the new Life, Jesus, and put him to death, and his 
body was broken, and he descended into Hell, therefore you 
hear him say, The Sorrow of Death compassed me, and 
the pains of Hell gat hold upon me. I found trouble and 
sorrow ; then called I upon the name of the Lord, O Lord 
1 beseech thee, deliver my Soul ; this was the language of 
Jesus when he departed, until he rose, by the power of the 
supreme light, Christ, and ascended into the Heaven of Joy, 
Light and Love, and led Captivity Captive, triumphing over 
the horrible night ; then the Soul drinks the blood of Christ, 
i. e. the spirit and life of the word, fulfilling what is written, 
\] Except ye eat my flesh and drink my blood, ye have no 
Life in you." So thus the word, the substantial word or 
power-is eat and drank, then is Darkness and Death passed 
away, and Life and Immortality is brought to Light, by the 

The ceremony also of Churching of Women, after Child- 
bearing, is fulfilled in this. For the Woman which is meant 
(in the Word) "Is saved in the Childbearing," i. e. the 
human Soul conceived this Eternal Life, and brought it forth 
cisits own Saviour, going through the pains of hell, labour, 
and sorrow, for the sake of the Child of Innocence and 
Truth, the Immortal Child, the Living Child, who is the 
Saviour of the Mother that conceived him and brought him 
forth, fulfiilling the Scripture, viz. that recorded in 1st Tim. 
chap. ii. ver. 15. Nevertheless (though transgressing, dis- 
obeying at the first, through the power of the darkness,) 


Nevertheless) she shall be saved in ehildbearing, if they 
continue in faith, and charity, and holiness, with sobriety. 
Thus the human Soul, who conceives is made the vessel, to 
bear life and brings forth her own Saviour, the Saviour of 
the Woman, who is called the World, and this very Child is 
the only Saviour ; and so the Woman is returned into hea- 
ven after the labour and sorrow, who now produceth her 
child, the pain and sorrow being over, and she returns to 
the embraces of her husband, ail impurity being washed 
away. See Leviticus, chap. xv. all through— see ver. S3 in 
particularly — and the milk of consolation flows for the 
nourishment and support of every childlike spirit, in all 
those who, receiving this child now produced alive, which is 
Divine life, consisting in Knowledge, Righteousness, and 
Holiness, Wisdom and Spiritual Understanding. So ihe 
ceremony of Churching Women ends, because Christ is 
the end of the law for Righteousness to every one that be- 
lieveth; and there is no respect of persons with God, for the 
same Lord over all, is rich unto all that call upon him. 

Therefore, these Ceremonial Laws that Men have made 
in their darkness, have served their time, and their end 
is now come, and must cease, being only imposed upon 
us until, as I before said, the Great Reformer came, viz. 
the Spirit of Truth, who is the Truth and Fulfilment of 
all those Ceremonies. 

The ceremony also, of the Visitation of the Sick, ends in 
this, which is of itself an idle ceremony ; yet, like all the 
others, was allowed to continue as a type of that which was 
to come. 

We read in the fifth chapter of James's Epistle these 
words — " Is any sick among you? let him call for the 
Elders of the Church; and let them pray over him, anointing 
him with oil in the name of the Lord : and the prayer of 
faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up ; and 
if he have committed -sins, they shall be forgiven him." 

The ceremony of the Visitation of the Sick was established 
upon these words, the makers of the ceremony being totally 
blind to the meaning of the Scriptures : they saw not the 
mark (that was in the dark) unto which the above Scripture 
pointed; or could it be known or understood by any man. 
For no one ever thought that the Lord would come in the 
way described in this writing. Take notice that the word 
saith, when the sick man calls for the Elders of the Church, 
and they pray over him, anointing him with oil in the 
name of the Lord — that it is said, the prayer of faith shall 
save the sick, and he shall be raised up. Now, was the Visi- 
tation of the Sick (as men have observed it, (in the dark 
night), the way that God had ordered, then of course, 
when the sick person was visited by the Clergyman, and he 
read the service over him, yon ought, according; to the ex- 


press letter of the word, always, without variation, expect to 
see the sick person raised up— their sickness depart, and 
restored to health so soon as the Parson has read the 
Service. .But as it seldom happens that any sick person to 
whom they read the Service do recover, but on the con- 
trary they die, you ought then, to be convinced of the 
inutility of the ceremony, and that they have not understood 
the meaning of it ; neither has God ever honoured it with 
his sanction. It is one of those things that were imposed 
upon us until the time of Reformation ; but the imposition 
must not be any longer allowed. And we will now give a 
just and scriptural explanation of the passage of Holy Writ, 
and will shew cause why the ceremony, as it has been used 
in the Typical Church (for such the Church of England has 
been, and no more), should be discontinued, and not re- 
garded as a Divine Ordinance ; and I am no enemy to the 
Religion callod the Establishment, nor to any other people, 
but i am called of god, and as a steward i will 
be faithfl l to my lord, and will set forth the 
True light of the word of my God for the Peace 
and Happiness of my Fellow Men. I know very well 
that my Knowledge differs from all others that 
came before me. of this i am quite a ware, yes, i 
know it is a New Song, and those only can receive 
it that will deny themselves — i. e. that are willing to 
see the invalidity of their former Knowledge and open their 
eyes to see the day sun. There is not one doctrine held by 
men under the reign of darkness, but is false— none are 
right, and the building must be thrown down to the very 
ground, with all their yoke of bondage. Therefore, is the 
Lord come to give new knowledge, for the former is faulty, 
and could never make perfect: but it served to prefigure the 
Kingdom of Christ, Then, if the Lord was to make all 
things new when he come, and the Scripture declares, 
" He that sitteth in the Throne saith, behold I make all 
things new" Then you must expect to have explanations, 
through this pen, which you never expected to heaV, and 
that will be different from all men. And why? I answer, 
because the Lord is here to do that which he said he would 
do — viz. to make all things new. Think you that the Scrip- 
ture was not given by Inspiration ? They were, every word 
of them; and not one jot or tittle shall go unfulfilled, and 
happy will they be who bow to receive the Son of the Fa- 
ther — in Truth and Love. 

Thesickness mentioned in the Scripture called the Epistle 
of James, is not a bodily sickness, but a mental one — a sick- 
ness of the souL It was that very sickness that Hezeklah 
had. It was that sickness that laid Lazarus in the grave, 
but who was raised again. " Lord, he whom thou lovest Is 
sick,** It was that sickness that Dorcas had. Acts, chap. ix. 


ver, 37 ; but who was raised up, and presented alive, after 
the death*? ver. 41. It was that certain Centurion (Luke, 
chap, vii,) whose servant was sick, and ready to die. Read 
also the following passage in 1st of Kings, chap, xvii ver. 
17, and following. See how the Son of "the Woman of the 
House fell sick; but Elijah measured (not streached) him- 
self upon the child three times, and the child w T as restored. 

I mention these because they are a small sample of the 
numerous Types that stand in the Scriptures pointing to the 
end, for they are only figures to represent the sickness that 
comes upon the New created Life, even the living Soul, 
that Death, Sorrow, and Sickness of which it is written, 
Himself bare our sicknesses and carried our sorrows ; how is 
this to be considered ? for God could not be sick or sor- 
rowful, such a person as Babel says was born literally of 
a Virgin Woman, could not be sick or sorrowful, because 
HE could have nothing in him that could produce the Sick- 
ness meant in the word, for that Sickness arises from the 
total corruption of nature, i. e. of the nature of the sick indi- 
vidual, and that corruption having like a flood overpowered 
the principle of the Divine life, as the Speaker in the Psalms 
says, " My Loins are filled with a Loathsome disease, and 
there is no soundness in my flesh;" " my sore ran in the 
night and ceased not," therefore such a one as the Christian 
world represent as coming and dying for their sin, &c. could 
not be thus affected ; — but it is the person complaining, and it 
was his own sins, and the sins of the world were in him, ac- 
cording to the constitution of the Old nature, which was his 
own sinful nature that gained the dominion in him, and was 
his sickness, which evil nature was now to be destroyed, 
therefore it now came to its height in the person, and it 
could not be taken away until it did come to its height, and 
this evil nature comes to its full in the person for that pur- 
pose ; and this is it that is given up to the divine power to be 
destroyed ; therefore the Scripture says, Heb. chap. vii. 
ver. 27, that the High Priest once offers Sacrifice for his 
own sins, and for the Sins of the People, this he did once 
when he offered up himself; i. e. his Sinful Self. It has 
no allusion to the body, viz, the outward body of a 
Man ; this is the grand mistake that the whole 


is no wonder, because it was night, and they did not see the 
matter clearly, but ventured upon a belief in the Dark. It 
was the human Selfhood that was offered up, and the offer- 
ing of it up took the adversary out of the way, and then an 
at-onement was effected between the Divinity and the human 

* An act which no Bishop or Elders of modern days eyer performed in their visitation* 
©f the Sick. 


Essence. The Love in the Soul, then united with the Love 
of God, and corruption ceased, the uncleanness was gone, 
and the human soul, which was the Lord's self, even as a 
man's wife is himself, because the Lord, the Divine princi- 
ple, had taken the human essence for a spouse, but before 
the Lord could enjoy his spouse, he must cleanse her from 
the corruption and filth of the Old Idolatry, all the errors of 
the night which were deeply rooted in the heart So the 
Lord's Self was delivered up to sickness, which threatened 
inevitable, eternal death. The soul felt as if it should lose 
its eternal life, and this caused the agony and sweat until the 
evil and loathsome disease was sweated out, and the mind 
purified, so as to become the temple of the living God. The 
absence of the Spirit and power of Light caused the sick- 
ness and sorrow ; but he learned obedience by the things 
which he suffered; read his language in the Psalms, for 
there it was recorded long ago, how he should be made, 
and w T hat should be his experience*, and his acknowledgement 
of his own state at the first, lie says, " So foolish and ig- 
norant was I, that I was as a beast before thee/' " O God, 
thou knowest my foolishness, save me, O God, for the 
waters are come into my soul; I sink in deep mho, where 
there is no standing. The sorrows of death compassed me, 
and the pains of hell gat held upon me." "Mine iniquities 
are gone over my head like a heavy burden : all thy waves 
and thy billows are gone over me ;" then well might it 
be said in the Jewish Mythology, " That the Messiah studies 
the Law, Prays, and wears frontlets." Yes, as it is written 
in the Psalms, " O how I love thy Law ; it is my meditation 
all the Day." " Teach me to do thy will, O God." Thou 
art he that took me out of the womb, (viz. out of the former 
state of darkness that I was in, called the night, which was 
the womb, out of which the morning light arises, as our na- 
tural morning rises up or breaks forth out of the darkness.) 
" Thou w r ert my hope when I hung upon my mother's 
breast." "I was born for Iniquity, and for a Sin-offering 
did my mother conceive me ;" how can these Scriptures 
be applied to such a person as the religious speak of? No, 
they cannot, and we could shew a thousand more Scriptures 
which they cannot make fit with their belief. They will all 
jind that they were prematureVn their setting up Chris- 
tianity. They ran, saith the Lord, but I sent them not, 
nor did I speak to them, nor command them; and all that 
ever came before me (saith the word) are thieves and 
robbers, and they are only required now to open their 
eyes and see their mistake, and acknowledge thai they 
were blind, foolish, and ignorant ; that they knew not 
the Scriptures, nor the power, (i. e. the knowledge) of God, 
or of his ways. This is what is required of men, for 
this is the true repentance > viz. to turn from the Darkness 
to the Light 


Lei us see a little if the Mythology of the Ancients say 
any thing* about this matter, for there has been Prophets in 
all countries, and in all ages, among the most barbarous 
people. Men who were inspired, and in various ways and 
forms spake of, and set forth the coming of the Messiah, as 
plain as the Bible speaks of it. 

The Chinese Prophets call him the Hero Ktuntse, which 
signifies Shepherd and Prince; they call him the Most Holy, 
the Universal Teacher, and the Supreme Truth; they 
speak of the conflicts and sufferings of Ktuntse just as the Sy- 
rians do of the death of Adonis, who was to rise again to make 
men happy, and as the Greeks do of the labours and painful 
exploits of the Son of Jupiter ; the Persians call him My- 
thras ; the Egyptians call him Orus ; the Greeks, Mercury ; 
and the Indians call him Brama. They gave him the name 
also of Soter, i. e. Saviour, and said that he would put an 
end to all crime by his great sufferings ; in the Scripture 
he is called Adam in his first state, and his crime was dis- 
obedience, but as we have said and shewed by his sickness 
and sufferings he learned obedience, and thus puts an end to 
that crime, for he became obedient to his Creator ; he learned 
his will, and now he can say, " I delight to do thy will, O 
my God, yea, thy Law is within my heart;" that is, the 
Divine Nature dwelleth in the human, according to the pro- 
mise of God, as recorded in the Epistle of Peter ; ^where- 
by are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises, 
that by these we might be made partakers of the Divine Na- 
ture; 5 ' this Scripture alludes particularly to the individual 
called Messiah or Ma-she-ah, i. e. anointed, and shews how 
that character is made, first, a human being, (as to the Out- 
ward person we speak not of that,) it is but the vehicle 
in which the Messiah rides, but a human Soul like all others, 
in all points nothing differing, but is foolish and ignorant, 
tossed about with every wind of doctrine, and does not 
know himself, and is in bondage under the elements of the 
world, i. e. he is tinctured with the errors of the world, and 
is as he himself expresses it, as a Beast, by reason of his 
foolishness; yet, mind, it is written, "God hath chosen 
the foolish things of the world to confound the wise ;" but 
under all his foolishness and ignorance, he has in him the 
principle of Love, and is willing to sacrifice all interests for 
the knowledge and love of God, and in hope of finding this 
pearl, he innocently follows every thing he hears of, in every 
new Religion or new Doctrine that is started, because he is 
in search of the pearl, (Wisdom,) he reads, he prays, he 
strives, he seeks, incessantly and perseveringly, never tiring 
nor fainting, but going through every opposition and dis- 
couragement, having an eye to what God has promised, viz. 
that those that seek shall find ; he is animated and encou- 
raged, bv the Promise on Record, believing that God Is anti 


that he is the rewarder of them that diligently seek him ; 
by this he is constantly encouraged, and he presses on un- 
wearied in the search — thus in hirn is fulfilled that Parable. 
The Kingdom of Heaven is like a Merchant-man seeking 
goodly pearls, who, when he had found one pearl of great 
price, he went and sold all that he had and bought it. See 
Matt. chap. xiii. ver. 45. Thus was the human soul affected 
by the Spirit of God, and made the Merchant-man, by means 
of the intense love and desire for the pearl with which the 
heart was touched ; yet having no thought of what he was 
designed for in future, but is totally ignorant of it, and has 
no ambition but to know the Love of God, which he saw, 
passeth knowledge, i. e. it is beyond the Creature, mere 
man's knowledge, and is known only unto whomsover God 
reveals it, and his constant cry to God, in secret, is, give 
me wisdom that sitteth by thy throne. O send her out of 
thy holy Heavens, as thou hast promised unto man that seeks 
thee, and desires to know thy love ; thus is the soul affected 
with such intense longings, and has in it such an attracting 
power and virtue, that it presseth into God, and is caiight 
up into Paradise, and eats of the Tree of the knowledge of 
good and evil ; then he falls sick as I have before described — 
is cast out of Paradise, and endures Great Tribulation, Hor- 
rible Fear, Terror, Amazement, Astonishment, Confusion, 
and Dismay comes upon him. God has forsook him, and he 
thinks his eternal life is lost. My God, My God, why hast 
thou forsaken me, is the bitter cry; — in this crucifixion, 
under the dreadful anguish, he is visited with Thunder, 
Storm and Tempest, and the Flame of Devouring Fire ; 
and this is all inwardly, spiritually, menially, for all 
these dreadful terms or words are true Figures of Speech 
to represent his mental sufferings, and thus he sutlers, until 
he learns, through the suffering, for what he suffers, viz. 
that it is on account of his own sins and the sins of all his 
fellow mem, because they have all been in strong delusions, 
believing a lie, and have perverted the holy Scriptures, gave 
them a false interpretation, and said that Christ came so 
long ago and died for them bodily, whereas it is not so, but 
the spirit of falsehood did blind all their understandings, and 
all manner of evil has been the effect of these sins, and now 
these, and the curse due to the falsehood, fail upon him. 

And these are the sins for which he is the sufferer, which 
are both his own sins, and the sins of all ; and for this he 
suffers until he discovers the offence, and confesses and for- 
sakes, and sees his own character unto what he is called. 
Then he calls for the Elders of the Church as decribed, and 
they appear and impart unto him in his sickness, the Know- 
ledge of the Father, the Knowledge of the Son, and the 
Knowledge and Virtue of the Holy Ghost; and thus he is 
made partaker of the Divine Nature, and is now able to con- 

template the Divine Mysteries, for God dwelletli in him: — he 
is raised from the dead ; thus is the Messiah made, con- 
ceived, and brought forth by the virgin essence of the Soul, 
which was pure, mild, and harmless in itself, but clothed with 
a rough Garment, (Sin) — but now that Garment is taken 
away, and the best Robe is put upon the returned Prodigal, 
and the Shoes and the Ring, as the emblem of Love that is 
without beginning or end, and of the Marriage Union that 
will never be dissolved, while countless myriads of count- 
less numbers of ages roll. 

This, then, is the Messiah for whom the Jews say they 
look ; and every one that receives him enters into his Life, 
Light, and Joy everlasting. Therefore in this case, and in 
this alone, is the language of the Song of Solomon fulfilled ; 
chap. v. from verse 2 to 9. It expresses the Love of the 
Soul in this Fiery Trial to the Lord, whom it had lost, or 
who was hid from it for a season, in order that the iniquity 
might have an opportunity to discover its horrible nature ; 
and then, for its attempt to force the Bride, the Lord might 
have just and legal cause in the sight of the immediate 
Bride, and in the sight of all men, to take a just vengeance 
upon it, and destroy it, which is strongly represented in the 
case of Haman, and Esther the Queen; Book of Esther, 
chap, vii., see 8th verse — " Then the King returned out of 
the palace garden into the place of the banquet of wine ; 
and Haman was fallen upon the bed whereon Esther was. 
Then said the King, will he force the Queen also be- 
fore me in the house ? as the word went out of the King's 
mouth, they covered Hainan's face. And Haman was car- 
ried out, and hanged upon the gallows that he had prepared 
for Mordecai." The name Haman signifies making an up- 
roar — the Troubler. Mordecai signifies bitter contrition, 
or pure myrrh. Esther means hidden. — This shews, in the 
first place, the truth of what is before said — that it is the cor- 
ruption of nature, and the accumulation of all the errors of 
all past ages, meeting in the soul of the character appointed 
for this work (which is the Author of this), formed into a 
mass, gathered together in the Lord's Temple, that is the 
Sickness ; and this Man of Sin, the principle of falsehood, 
is Haman, the old Christian Religion, that would hang 
or destroy the Life of God's Elect (Mordecai), and all 
the truths that come by him. But the Hidden Wisdom of 
God rises up in the inner Court of the Soul, and cries out 
against Haman, and Haman falls instead of Mordecai, 
who seemed, by the decree of the King to be himself and 
all the true generation, which consists of the Divine life 
to be consigned to death. 

Now this is the sickness mentioned in James. This is the 
one which the Spirit means, pointing to the Character in 
whom both the Evil and the Good, both Satan and the Lord, 


should be revealed in the end, at the dividing of time when 
that Angel (mentioned in the Revelations, chap. x. ver. 6), 
descends and lifts up his hand to heaven, and swears by him 
that liveth for ever and ever, that there should be time no 
longer (with one foot upon the sea and the other upon the 
land) ; that is io say, that time as it hath hitherto been, should 
be no longer. The Scripture in the Epistle of James con- 
tains the direction for the Soul that should be sick, as before 
described ; sick from two causes, as the word says, " If ye 
gee my beloved, tell him that I am sick of Love :" and sick 
also with the running issue of the uncleanness. Here read 
again Levit. chap. xv. ver. 33 ; which points to the same 
circumstance, and sets forth this subject, for it is the word 
of Prophecy concerning it ; and when all this cometh to pass, 
then ye may know that the Lord is risen indeed. Then the 
sick person is the Church, the true Church of Christ, or 
the Human Soul that Christ the truth and the way, and the 
life, chooses for his immediate Spouse; that, by the union 
of the Human Love and the Divine Love, a new Man might 
come to be, as the word says, viz. — " making in himself, of 
twain, one new man, so making peace ;" this makes the 
true Church, having Christ in it ; it is not the building, nor 
the establishment, that is the Church, if Christ be not in 
the People there is no Church ; but we are shewing how 
the Glorious Church of Christ begins: that Church that is 
without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing. The spot means 
the Satanic power , Falsehood ; and the wrinkles signify 
the Old Man who governed all the former ages up to this 
lime. He must be cast off* with all his dark deeds. 

Now this Sickness was not unto death, but to bring Life 
and Immortality to light. " Is any among you sick? let him 
call for the elders of the Church ; and let them pray over 
him, anointing* him with oil in the name of the Lord : And 
the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and he shall be raised 
up; and if he have committed sins, they shall beforgiven him," 
when the Soul is sick, as we have described, having dis- 
obeyed the Divine Command, and is therefore in pain and 
sorrow — in pain with the weight of the sins and iniquities, 
and sorrowing for the loss of its Paradise of Joy that it had 
tasted : he is to call for the Elders of the Church. And 
who are they ? I answer, not Men — not Bishops, or 
Clergymen ! They could do no good in this case (however 
good words and kind advice might comfort a dyin? man.) 
The sick Soul must call upon the Physician ; and he is to 
call to mind the Promises that God had made to him, when 
God first called him to go out, not knowing whether he 
went, he must call God's promises to his remembrance, that 
were made to him before he fell sick — that were promised 
him in old time, when God sealed him to the Day of Re- 
demption, and told him, saying, " Pay thy vows unto the 


Lord, fcnd call upon me in the day of trouble ; and I will de- 
liver thee, and thou shalt glorify me." — So then, in the 
time of his sickness, he pays what he had vowed, viz. — he 
pays his tithes to God, that is, he gives tip himself unto 
God — he resigns up sinful selfhood — he gives up his own 
Wisdom, and all the Wisdom of the Old World, or first 
period of time — he gives up his former Knowledge, and 
accepts of God's Wisdom ; and having been brought to this 
state 6f humiliation, he now demands of God the fulfilment 
of his Word : he claims the Promise of God, viz. Christ, 
and cries for vengeance on the adversary that was the cause 
of his Sickness ; just as a chaste Woman, who, in the ab- 
sence of her husband, was assaulted by a base seducer, who 
used all arts to cause her to be unchaste toward her hus- 
band, striving to defile her chastity ; now, she hates the 
villain, and turns against him, and calls upon her husband 
for protection against the villain's insolence ; and she claims 
a right to her husband's protection, because he is bound by 
his promise in the marriage contract, to protect, and in 
addition she has confidence in his affection, that he will 
protect, and also punish the seducer and betrayer : 

Then I must inform you that the writer of this (being the 
Person of whom I am writing, who is the subject of this 
experience — the one in whom all this was done), had pro- 
mises made to him by God, in an immediate way, (for there 
is a God) ; and if it can be believed that God spoke to 
men in time past, why should it be counted a thing in- 
credible now 1 when the Scriptures declare that he is the 
same yesterday, to-day, and for ever. God called me by 
name, and declared unto me that he would take vengeance 
upon all my enemies. I did not then know the meaning of 
what I was told, nor knew that I was to be called to go 
through such a fiery trial, and to be made sick ; as it is 
written, " I will make thee sick in smiting thee; and I will 
make thee desolate because of thy sins ;" which means, be- 
cause 1 delayed to obey my heavenly calling, and cleaved 
too long to the old falsehood ; and this terrible Visitation 
of Sickness was sent upon me to compel me to give it up, 
and to receive the Gift of God that was offered me. 

Then, in my distress, I called upon God, and he was 
intreated of me, for the Comforter appeared and brought all 
things to my remembrance, what was told me in time past 
by the Lord, so I called for the Holy Trinity: these are 
the Elders of the Church, and they anointed me with O-I-L, 
which is the name of the Three One God. O signifies the 
out-spoken word — the Father w T ho had promised. I, signi- 
fies the promise, and the fulfilling of the promise (the Son) ; 
and L is the Holy Ghost. This is the Holy Anointing Oil, 
and the Prayer of Faith, i. e. the Knowledge of God in 
the Soul saved the Sick, and I teas raised up, and all 


my sins were taken away. Then here is the Lord's Anoint- 
ed ; — the Messiah is come — the Godhead bodily with Man — 
making" that perfectly true which appears in the Jewish 
Mythology, viz. — " The Soul of the Messias, by his per- 
" severance in the Divine Love, came to a strict union 
46 with the pure Godhead, and was deservedly advanced to be 
" the King, the Head and Guide of all Spirits." And this 
is true : he was disobedient at first, through the power of 
darkness — not willingly, but being made of the Dust, was 
like all others in every point ; and the outward and visi- 
ble Person, who is the Vehicle and Servant of the 
inward and invisible God-man, ye have Imprisoned, 
O England, by your Laws. Reflect upon the deed 


for your Offences, and ye slay the Broken in 
heart. For He is come who is the Wonderful, the 
Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince 
of Peace ; of the Increase of his Kingdom and Peace 
there shall be no end. though hls beginning is 
small, yet his Latter End shall greatly increase. 

We have shewed you now of the First and Last Great 
Period of Time, and when the first ends, and how it ends; 
namely, by the Coming of Messiah, who opens the sealed 
Book of the Mysteries of God's Word on record, and shews 
his Decrees ; and we have shewed you how all Religions 
are imperfect, up to this present time — how the whole of 
it is called the night ; and we have pointed out to you 
from the Scriptures of Truth, how all the Religious Cere- 
monies, even in the Protestant Church, were but Types and 
Shadows of the Day that was to succeed the Long and 
Dark Night of Error, in which all the Religious Work was 
done. We have explained to you what is meant by the 
Sabbath Day— that it is the Last Great Period of Time 
wherein the Messiah appeal eth, bringing that Rest that did 
remain for the People of God. We have shewn you how 
the Building of the Soul of Man up in the Divinity, is 
the True Church ; and we have shewn you how the Church 
is Consecrated and made a Holy Church, without spot and 
wrinkle. We have opened the Great Mystery how Marriage 
was the Type of the Marriage of the Lamb ; and of Christ- 
ening, Baptizing, Confirmation, and Churching of Women 
after child-bearing, and of the Sacrament, and have 
made plain the True Visitation of the Sick, the Raising up 
from the Sickness, the Forgiving of Sins, and the Anointing 
into the Name of the Lord. '• Blessed is he that cometh in 
the Name of the Lord." Hallelujah. 

I beg leave to conclude by making an observation or two; 
1st — Had the Messiah come when the Setters up of the Reli- 
gion called Christianity say he did come, the believers in 
him would not now be eomn.Iainin£of their being- in a miser- 

able sinful state because it is written ; his name shall be 
called Jesus, for he shall save his people from their sins, 
and those that attached themselves unto him receiving" his 
Spirit should not say, 1 am sick ; please to read Isaiah, 
chap, xxxiii. ver. 20> to the end. The people that dwell in 
the Mount Zion Church were to be forgiven their iniquities, 
their sins were to be taken away, and they were to be sin- 
less, like their forerunner, Messiah, for this is the end of 
the Christian profession, and it is evident if I am not saved 
from my sins, I have no Saviour; but, alas, mankind have 
been deluded with that drunken talk, be good and you shall 
be saved when you die, then you w r ill go to heaven. This 
has been a very profitable Doctrine for one class of people, 
and indeed they could not get on without such a delusion ; 
one part of men have made themselves rich by it, and these 
preach passive obedience to the sufferers with the promise of 
heaven at last; but real reform will bring' us an heaven here, 
now and the enjoyment of it while we live, both as to 
spiritual and temporal blessings. 

Again* had the Messiah come, and established his reign, 
which is the Holy Sabbath, all dead works in religion, such 
as we have before mentioned, would cease, no work would 
be done on the Sabbath Day, but the people would have 
been in that happy state of which the Prophecy of Isaiah 
speaks, chap. lvi. ver. 4, 5, " Thus saith the Lord unto the 
Eunuchs, that keep my sabbaths, and cliuse the thing that 
please me, and take hold of my covenant, even unto them 
will I give in mine house and within my walls, a place and 
a name better than of sons and daughters : I will give them 
an everlasting name that shall not be cut off." It will be ne- 
cessary perhaps to say what a Eunuch is in the spiritual 
sense, seeing that to them this promise is made and to no 
others* They are those who have the stoneij heart taken 
away and have done with the evil generation ivork, and 
have entered into rest, begetting no more false notions, 
and false doctrines, arid nnrightous and useless ceremo- 
nies ; these evil sons and daughters they no more beget, 
they live in divine chastity, and retain their strength, 
having no more to do with weakness ; they neither marry 
or are given in marriage, they unite no more with she that 
deceives them ; I mean the old falsehood of literal Chris- 

Again, Sir, if the Messiah had come w6 should have had 
but One Bishop in the whole world, and he would have been 
a blameless Bishop, as Paul says in his Epistle to his son 
Timothy, " A Bishop then must be blameless," and this 
blameless, or sinless Bishop, does his work for mere love, 
and requires no pay from the people, such as gentlemen 
demand that stand in those offices. I am not saying any 
thing against the Bishops of the Church, I only quote the 



the Scripture, which says, that a Bishop must be blameless, 
and I hope there is such a one among the twenty-four, for 
if there cannot be such a one found, then of course there 
is no Bishop made according to this pattern, and when I 
have read the writings of Bishops, and heard their Sermons 
on the Scripture, they say themselves that God cannot be 
pleased with any thing 1 that is not according to his word, 
and I say the same; so as we say both just alike, the gentle- 
men will not be angry with me for quoting the words, " A 
Bishop then must be blameless.' 2 

Again, had the Messiah come he would have explained 
the Scriptures, and not have left all his Followers in the 
dark about (lie meaning of them ever since, which was to be 
the peculiar work of the Messiah, for " the ancient Rabbies 
used to desire to live in the days of the Messiah;" "that 
they might live in the contemplation of the Divine Myste- 
ries," which they knew very well would be all opened then 
by him, and not until then, and the knowledge of the Divine 
mysteries would be the Sabbath to every man, which they 
would keep holy, as it were naturally, because Wisdom is 
delightful to those that find her, and they will not let her 
go. All the Divines in England cannot point out 


Messiah came, nor ever since there were parables given 
by the Spirit to the Prophets in visitations and by inspiration, 
but these Parables have remained ever since unexplained. — 
See the Parable of the unjust Steward, who of all the Divines 
can explain it, and of the Prodigal Son, or any of the Para- 
bles, for all the Parables relate to the Messiah, and shew 
how he should come, how he should be made, and what his 
experience would be ; all of them were spoken for this time, 
and no one would be able to explain the mysteries of them 
but the Messiah, for in his coming they are all fulfilled. 
Had the Messiah come, you would not have seen such ig- 
norance come from that Learned Doctor Collier, of Lon- 
don, upon the Scripture, " The Woman shall be saved in 
Childbearing," This Divine preached a Funeral Sermon 
for the Princess Charlotte, and he applied this Scripture to 
that circumstance. She was the Woman (in the Doctors' 
opinion) that was saved in Childbearing, for she was, he said, 
gone to heaven, having died in childbed, especially as she 
was so virtuous a person. Here was Wisdom from a Doctor 
of Divinity ; but had the Doctor learned of the Messiah, he 
would not hare been so ignorant, but he had been at coU 
lege only, and this accounts for it, so it is quite excusable. 
But, however, these things prove to a demonstration, that 
Messiah had not come. There are two worlds spoken of in 
the Scripture, viz. — the World and the World to come. In 
the first Great Period of time (the world) all is mystery, 
and what the Rabbies callSammael, reigns, i. e. (the Spirit that 

blinds), so that the mysteries of the Scriptures are not known, 
but the world to come, i. e. the last time commences with the 
coming of the Messiah, as we have shewn; for he is the Spirit 
that opens the niysteries and removes the blin4ness from the 
understanding; and both these Spirits (at the appointed 
period) when the dividing of time comes, that the old is to 
end and the world to come (the Sabbath to be brought in). 
Then both these Invisible Beings (Sammael and the Lord) are 
revealed in the humam Soul, who is made the limit of the old 
World; upon him it must end, and upon him the new world 
begins, when Sammael (i. e. the God that blinds) is defeated; 
for these two great Powers meet in the Temple of the Soul, 
(the same are Michael and the Dragon); and this is the my? 
stery of the war in heaver^ — and each 6trive to maintain 
their hold in the Soul. Sammael is the Serpent's head, 
(Power), and Messiah is the Seed of the Woman, i. e. it is 
the seed which God planted, in the Soul of the Person, 
whose ground conceived this Spiritual Man-child, and 
nourished him, and brought him forth in sufficient power 
at this stage of the work to face the enemy, who held his seat 
and throne, and great authority in the Soul or Temple, whom 
the Lord (after a fierce and bloody battle), consumes with 
the Spirit of his mouth, and destroys with the brightness of 
his coming. See Epistle to Thessalonians, chap ii. See 
David's battle with Goliah. Thus the Seed of the Woman 
bruises the head of the Serpent, fulfilling perfectly the Scrip- 
tures, and the prophetical sayings of the Rabbins, one of 
whom says, " Messiah shall kindle in his heart the anger of 
the Lord against that enemy, the malicious Haman, the 
wicked Sammael, the straight (or upright) Serpent'" — the 
Spirit that blinds, and makes proud and scornful — who is 
also Satan, the adversary, because he is the accuser, and 
thereby robs man of peace ; but Messiah is the Excuser, 
and shews that it is the spirit of blindness that has 
been the cause of all error, and not man : thus m an 
is freed from blame by the messiah, and whosoever 
receives him enters into rest, i. e into the holy sab- 
batii, for he stands without fault before the 
Throne of God ; for this is the work of God, to be- 
lieve on Him whom the Great Eternal has now 
sent, viz, the Messiah. 

What an erroneous doctrine was that to Invent, viz. that 
a Visible Man was literally crucified upon a Cross, and that, 
by his death, the Serpent's head was bruised then. But 
believe the writer, good people, that neither his head nor his 
tail was bruised then, neither was the Saviour in such a way 
crucified: God alone h the Saviour; man can be only a 
Saviour in a subordinate sense, as God dwells in him, and is 
the light in the Temple of the Soul ; and that is where th$ 
true God and eternal life is now come to be your Saviour, to 


save you from the accuser; for the Tabernacle of God, be- 
ing with man in the soul, makes the Messiah. 

Now, if the Serpents head had been bruised so long ago, 
how is it that his tail is so active in turning ond twisting the 
word of God every way— in Men — by their cunning crafti- 
ness, handling the word of God deceitfully, to suit their own 
purposes ? Is not the Serpent here in these things ? He is ! 
And if his head had got its death bruise so long ago, his tail 
would not be alive now. They have not known what the 
Serpent's head means. The God of the old world is the head 
of the serpentine men, that by their wisdom upon the sacred 
word, deceive, and make their worldly learning appear as truth, 
as God ; and the head of all this is the error of setting up 
Christianity in the way they have, which is the false Christ. 
This is the head power of the Serpent ; and now the Seed of 
the Woman, the Messiah, is come, and has actually bruised 
his head ; and by degrees you will see that his tail will die. 
What, but the moving of his tail, roused up such a number 
of people to petition Parliament for a more strict observance 
of the Sabbath day, as the Serpent calls it, which we have 
proved is no Sabbath at all, only something that men have 
invented in the dark; and we hope that the Honourable 
Member who presented the Petitions and brought in the Bill, 
will have the honour of seeing the triie Sabbath, and of en- 
tering into the enjoyment of it, and then he will not under- 
take such a work again ; and should his Constituents see 
their error, they will be ashamed that ever they sent their 
Honourable Representative on such an unwise expedition, 
the nature of which perverts the Sacred Scriptures, and aims 
a deadly blow at the well-being of mankind. Two glaring 
evils are committed in proposing such a measure : — First, 
Hostility to the truth of the Sacred Scriptures ; and second- 
ly, an effort made still more to enslave the human race, and 
lay a yoke upon them which they would not be able to bear. 
Truly their fathers flogged us with whips, but if such a Bill 
pass into a Law we shall be flogged with Scorpions. 

I remain, Honoured Sir, 

Yonr's, very respectfully, 

May, 8fh year, (miscalled, date) 183$.