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Mutilated and Missing 


At this time 

of mitUl microfilming the fUe is incomplete 
or imperfect as indicated. If any of the -^'"-^ ^^f^Jf J,*^ 
a la^er date U wUl be found in Us proper place, or -* '^e end 
of the reel concerned, or on a supplementary reel, in that 
order of preference. 



Form 462 

, ;i .>■>:.. 

r 1 

^ f'i 




LOWELL, MASS.,^^ONDAY, MAY 1, 1882. 

Ebe i^otnell I9ailp Courier. 

MONDAY, MAY 1. 1882. 


....YHnderbllt pHkl Ht the rate of fl,600,< 
000 an acre for a piece of laud on Fifth ave- 
nue 100 feet a4)uare. 

|r>>«>MHiiy a ileludeil hen in now at work on 
the belief that perkisteiiee will give her a 
brood of cbick£U8 out of a cbiua set ou a ueat 
^tf • 

• •••Longfellow's lant poem on '*Mad 
River" is no great Bhal(C8. Lilte Tennyoon 
he seems to have bad blH [ioetlc firo dimmed 
by age and failing powers. 

• •••The Manchester Union leaves out 
Wbittier from the liHt of those who nn»wered 

/the question, "Wlio readx an American 
iboolir* We presume we linow why, but 

Wbittier is really one of the worlbiettt on tbc 


• ...The court dresa Ih aaid to l>e tlie bete 
noir of (be diplomatic corps at WaMhington, 

kwbo hate state occH>ionH,when they are com- 
r pellud to wear it. Why don't they abolieh 
*^e foolii^h f»8hion, and appear in gentlemen's 

costumeF Uuole Sara wouldn't find any 



....Tho' she balb not Ilian'8 ^raoe, 
Nor Aphrodite'* pt- rfcct face 

. And fEoMcn hair, 
She is deiirer uiitu mx 
Thau another e'er oould be, 
And more fair. 

"is she rich, then?" Uh I dear, d«; 
But 1 have enouf^h, I trow, 

For us two. 
"What do I love her for?" Ah well, 
That I can't exaotly tell, 

But I do. 

All my hope of gladness lies 
In the lovM linht of her eyes; 

The tond kisa 
Of her tender rosy lip*, / 

Touch of her ulender linger.tifS, 

Qives wore bliss 

Tban you, cold oynio, e'er could gaeas. 
But, still, the reason, you confess, 

"You can't divine." 
Well, I love her, and she loves me; 
What better reason can there be 

For Joy like mine? 

—[London Spectator. 




»*/ > 




Wednesday Lyenin^, Hay 3. 

Ot the I niverslty of Athens, w^ll give a lecture, 
illuMtrated by superb stereopiioon views, on 
Grt-ecc in her Glory. Uemains of ancient art. 
A dramatic recitation in the original Greek 
from pidipua Tyrannus. liegoueration of 
Gieede. Purtraits of the men who made her 
free. Lord Byron. Athena o( today. I he royal 
family. 1 eading statesmen. Men, women and 
maidens in national cutttume. etc. 

TickeU fur sale at K. k, K. Bailey & Co.'s, 
Carleton & llovey's, andat the door. Fi-ice 60 
cents, or 8 for $123. Doors open at 7. Lecture 
to commence promptly at 7.4A. 

KTeto g»% rti8nnentg. 

Unriyalled and Unequalled! 

#«■•«. .ri It. 












lay 4. 

The Garricks 



An nnti-Masonic society bus been formed 
at Worcester. 

A young school girl in Hanover chopped a 
foot of wood in fifteen minutes recently. 

Tbc Lawrence American say^ that there U exaduAuLxMi*^ mmni to Olorado 
from that city, Newotiry port nnd Haverhiil. 

Work 4M the exterior of the Boston post 
OfHcc builflinK is completed. It will require 
1500,000 to finish the int<rior. The building 
has already cost $7,736,069. 

Tbc extensive iron works property at Par- 
ker's mills, Warcham, has been sold for f 50,- 
000. Isaac Prait, jr., was the purchaser. It 
is rumored that be acted as agent Jur the 
Bridgewater iron works. •;,'' 

The editor of (be Chatham Couiier has a 
$3 check signed by Senator Edmunds of Ver- 
mont — the identical cb^ck which f'e senator 
last year sent to Mrs. Susan Petlibone of 
Vermont, in payment for butternut candy. 

Frederick W. Pratt, brother of "Gen." 
Daniel Pratt, died at the insane asylum in 
Worcester WedncHdav. He wiis sent to the 
asylum in 1852. The city of ChelHca has paid 
his board bill since that time, to the amount 
of 16000. 

The Fall River aldermen hsve granted 
about 200 licenses, more tlian 100 lefts thnn 
last year. Prices for lieenses were fixed as 
follows: Vict u idlers, f 126; iimholders,$250; 
wholesale, f 200; druggists, fl; second class, 
$50; brewers, $200. 

Al Watts, the Boston dog fnticler, had a 
lively band-to-hand fight witli a year-old 
leopard which bad escaped from its cage in 
his store Saturday evening. He Kucceeded 
in choking the beast into submission, but 
was terribly scratched about the body and 

The jury In (he case of Turpin Jencks, 
charged with the murder of John Otis at 
East Longmeadow, last August, rendered a 
verdict at Spiingflfld Siiturday morning of 
manslaughter, and the prisoner was sentenced 
to six years in the state prison. Jencks is 78 
years old. 

The male nurses of the Boston city hospi- 
tal iiavc asked for an Increase of 25 per cent, 
in their wages, wbielv are now from $18 to 
$25 per month. They claim they work sev- 
en days a week, 14 hours a day, with two 
hours' extra one dav mch wenit. Talk of a 
strike is freely circulated if tlie advance is 
not granted. 

The Parker house folks in Boston made a 
trade with the Mutual UHlon T< legraph to 
put their wire in, and tbc Wer»tern Union at 
once took out tlieir Instruments, xtock indi- 
cator and district line. The other company 
as promptly filled the gap, and is now happy 
with the business, which amounts to nearly 

$10,000 a year. 

* II 

Confcreac on HmtnrAmy. 

The House decided the Lyncb-Ch aimers 
contested election ca^e In favor of Mr. Lynch 
by a vote of 126 to 83, and that gentleman 
was sworn in and took bis seat. The con- 
ference report on the post ofBce appropria- 
tion bill, without the franking privilege, was 
agreed to and a resolution wax adopted au- 
tboriclng the foreign aflfairs committee to 
send a sub-committee to New York for the 
purpose of taking testimony in the Chili-Peru 

Nobody should neglect a cough. Take 
Hale's Honey of Uorohuund and Tar instant- 

Pike's Toothache Drops euro In one mln- 

The nutritive properties of Colden's Lie- 
big's Liquid Beef and Tonic Invigoralor sua- 


Associated Charities. 

Tickets at Bacon Bros. 
April 27, at 9 o'clock. 

Tharaday morning, 

Notable Piano Recitals. 

Mr. Emat Peral>o and Prof. Carl Baermann, 
Kinff'ij Professor of Munich, will appear in ex- 
ceptionally fine programmes on May 4th and 
Mav 20th at Andover. Mr. Perabo will play in 
Abbot Academy hall, and Professor Baermann 
In the Town hall. Botli arc at 3.30 p. m. Trains 
to and from L>owel| nre very convenient. Season 
tickets ti.60, Hlnxle tickeU f 1.00, at Draper's 
and tlie donr. Prof. 8. H. Downs of Abbot 
einy, muvic*! director. 


OUR comiJtitors frightened 

And drop their so-call& * 'wonderful bargains" 
$2.00 to $5.00 in price to meet us, but WE 
HAVE BUT JUST BEGUN. Watch our win- 
dows and secure 



Another lot of those All- Wool Suits adver- 
tised one week ago by a competitor as "a mar- 
vel and a mystery" at $7, worth $12. These 
suits are of a neat pin check pattern and strict- 
ly all-wool. We shall sell them as long as they 
last at i 

#4.^0 Per ^liit! 

#4f.^O r^ei* Suit! 

Sqx ^ale. 


JJ ton I 

HALE.— IJoune, 22 Mount Wushlnc- 
street. Apply to Noah K. Harlow, 
Broadway, or M Pawtuokfit street. 


Faulkner Mills. 

L. W. KauUner ^ Hon. 

FOR 8AL.B.— Two 4x16 foot borlaontaj tu- 
bular boilers in perfect condition at the 

XTIOTR SAL K.-The Howe scales. Also, con- 
JD dimental lood for horses and cattle; Arnold's 
fertilizer; Krass seeds, flour, hay and grain, by 
J. B. Covtr & Co., 31 and 33 ghatluck street. 

Foil >4ALK.— Small farm with old oottufce 
house. Sheds, lunnery, kc. Will sel, from 
10 (o 3U acres of lund, to tiult the purchaser, 
short distance from Cullins' mills 



The Well known Job Gardener, now enterlos 
upon his eleventh year in 

Landscape and Job Gardeniiv 

uated a 

Draout. Price from $^U0 upward. 

U. Amet, ^Central street. 


to J. 

FOR SALE.— Nesr Branch street, t300 will 
secure a newly built cottage house with bay 
window, piazsa, supplied with f(as and city wa- 
ter. I>ot ot iiiuple sise with chance lor stable. 
Price $17S0, or will be sold on the rental plan. 
Apply to J. H. Ames, 56 Central s treet . 


X^ Cottage house witli 7 tint shed rooms; has 
good cellar, bay window, plasza, supplied with 
gas and city water; lot of ample sizo with chance 
ior stable; very pleasantly situated, short dU- 
tance Irom Branch street. A small nmuunt of 
money for the first payment will securu this 
place. Apply to J. II. Ames, 5.5 Central street. 

HAI^K.— Just al)Ove Northern depot, 
bulic cottage house situated near 
liranch street, witti all modern conveniences, 
sas and city water, located near to business on 
line ot horse railroad. Ill a flrHtcIass neighbor- 
hood. This property Is situated In the best rent- 
in^ locality the city affords, and is good for an 
Investii.ent or as a residence. Do not fail to see 
it. Price only fiCUO; easy terms. Apply to J. 
U. Ames, 55 Ontrul street. ^^ 


In r>owell and vicinity, wq^ld announce totb* 
public that ho Is making e^ ••usive pn-para tlona 
for the Spring work, and I Is himself In readi- 
ness to execute all orders t ittrusted. to him in a 
thorough and satlsfaetory mupner. Ue la able 
to furnUhall kinds of 


Also sodding, manure, loam and flillug. TURF* 
INQ done In the best manner: a good supply 
always on hand. All order;) will receive pr ompt 
attention. Hatlsfaction guaranteed, and at 
prices which will commend Ihemselvet. 

ORASS l^|i:£:i3H 

ENGLAND for laying out hind in p«r- 



nianeiit lawns and pleasure grou-ds furni'^n ed on 

Hpiilieutiou. t>rders may be left In BOX COJl- 

tim DANK and HALKM HTIlKi>:r8, or at 


lUCKKT VILLI-:; or sent by mail to Box 25, 







Commencing Mondar BveislstK, May 1, 
and ending ISatnrday KvcnlnK, Majr 6. 

Grand Competitive Exhibition 


Every Eyeniog, and Saturday Afternoon. 

It is the intention of the management to make 
the cl Bingr week ope of pleasure to the patrons, 
ard to that endContlnnona Mvalc iirlll be 
furnlalx-d by T'vro Bstnde. 

The evening sessions will continue nnti' 10.30. 
Each evening at 9 o'clock, competitive exhibi- 
tions for prices will take place. 

Monday evening, May 1, for arentlemen. 

Tuesday evi-ning. May 2, for iadiea. 

Wedne-day evening. May 3, for gentlemen 
and ladles in couples. ^ 

Thursday evening, May 4, for misses between 
12 and 16 years of age. 

Friday evening. May 6, for masters between 12 
and 10 years of age. . 

Saturday, May S, matinee flrom 2 till 4.80; Juve- 
nile exhibition at 3.30, 12 years and under. 

Saturday evening, presentation of prizes, and 
grand exhibition by the wiuaers of the prises. 

N. B. To avoid any misunderstanding, t"e gen- 
eral skating will continue every evening as usaal 
through the week. An IntermUsion of about 
half an hour from 9 o'clock for the • xblbltion. 

The management will select a competent and 
impHrtlal committee to award the prizes. 

Prices as usual. 

BENJ. CrX)UGU, Jr., Manager. 

BEAR IN MIND wep^annot promise all sizes 
on this suit a great whfle, as our sale last Sat- 
urday showed how <|uickly a bargain was 
seized hsLt^tiQSpelL pi^lio. 


Several lines of Men's All- Wool London 
Knickerbocker suits, called by some the "too 
utter" style, and sold as ''the cheapest suit in 
New England at $10." We shall sell these suits, 
elegantly made and trimmed, at 

^r.Sa I>er Suit I 

We lead the trade in this line as on all oth- 
ers. No wonder we cause a sensation. This 
suit is sold in some stores as high as $18.00 per 

—AMD — 


tiltuated No. 30 Howe street, Ijowell, Mass.: 
75 new and second-hand engine lathes, drill ana 
wood turning lathes, and miicliliiery for working 
Iron and wood. In good order and now running . 
Sold ut a bareain, in whole or in part, one or all. 
Inquire of EPU KA IM BUOWN l-owell Muss. 


■■■:''-:■;' ■ . , : ■■*.:.. ^tif ■/* 


Eo l^et. 

To LiBT.— A desirable tenement In Pawtuek 
etvlUe. Stable room if desired. Inquire at 
this oiBoe. 


LET.— A tenement near Navv Yard vil- 
lage. Price $7.&0 per month. Apply to J . 
U. Ames, 6H Central street. 

TO LET.— Cottage bouse 
In Middlesex Village. Price 91U pe; 
Apply to J. U. Ames, M Central street. 

Ith V>cre of land 
Price f 10 per month 

TO LET.— House No. 83 Nesmtth street, op- 
posite the Park, 11 rooms, city water, hot 
and cold, bath room, gas, furnace, dry cellar. 
Apply at No. 35. 

TO 1>ET.— The store 
Hemlngwqy, gro 
Will bo reacy May 1 
OTT the premises. 

now occnpled by M. 

grocer, at 100 Central street. 

Apply to 8. N. Prootor, 

TO LET.— Unusual chance. Spacious 
on Kirk street. Owner's family of tw< 

two per- 
sons wislies to occupy a portion aiid take meals 
with tenant. Will g<ve the right pei'Kon a rare 
chance. Apply to Cumlngs Brothers, 36 
tral street. 



will leave the corner of Robblns and Westford 
streets at a. m., and every hour afterwards 
until 10 p.m. Leave Merrimack street depat at 
0.30 o' lock and every hour thereafter until lOM 
o'clock. Koute: Wextford, Chelmsford, Appl*- 
ton, Central and Merrimack xtnels to depot aad 
return. Fare 6c. School children 4. 

hundays : Leave the corner of Robbias tad 
Wt'Stford streets at U u. m., and every hour aUcr- 
ward until V p. m. i.eavu Merrimack strett d# 
pot at 0.30 a. m., and every hour alterwarda 
til «..3i> p. m. 



The business of manufacturing Soda Water I0 
improved steel fountains, and dealers In Mineral 
(iprlng Waters. Koot Beers, Syrups, Juices, etc.* 
heretofore curried on at MoC :il and ai Coart 
square, Koston, under the name of 8crlptar« U 
Parker (said tlrm having in //ict ceased to exist 
some tour years since), will hereafter be contin- 
ued at the old stand by 8amuel O. Parker, tola 
prmrletor, under the Arm name of B. Q. Parker 

As we do no bottling, our entire attention la 
given to manufacturing Soda Wnti-r in fountains 
and chiirgtng them. The new and improved ma- 
chinery put In the I 
a ipectnlty of thlj business not surpnsucd by ani 

pai-t season onubli's us to make 

business not surpnsucd by any 

manufiiciurer, and as this is the acknowledged 



ANTED.- A girl tor general housework. 
Apply a t 86 Merrimack street . 

ANTED.— A oompetent girl for general 
housework ; apply at 60 Andover street. 



ANTED.— Two experienced coat makers. 
Apply to W. L. Bates, No. 46 Central 

Empire V Peerless « Eureka, Novel- 
ty, Keystone, Universal, &o.. 

iquia J 
UTd the body without 
no otb«r. 

k / 

•olid food. 

Gelden's ; 

— AT— 

34 Centrsil, 1* and 16 Prcaeott Strceta. 

jy-Guaranteed and sold on trlal..^|r 

Eastern Horses for Sale 


L. LEiaHTOH uid ¥. B. OSGOOD 

35 OAK 0TBEBT, I^dTK!.!.. 

Braaeh stable, Baeter, Maine. 



The Canse of the Fright. 

Our many patterns of Strictly All- Wool 
Suits, manufactured to sell at $12 and $15, 
many styles to select from, elegantly made and 
equal to the best $12 suit in Lowell today, con- 
solidated in one large lot at the wonderfully 
low price of 

#7.5;0 I»ei- Suit ! #7^.50 Fei- Suit ! 

Look out for our advertisements. We shall 
sell clothing at prices never before heard of in 
UNDERSOLD. Examine the so-called wonder- 
tal bargains advertised and then come to the 
Middlesex and get bargains that are bargains. 

WANTED.— Oood reliable men to canvass. 
First-class wagrs can be made. K. I. Co., 

41 Kast Merrimack street. 


WANTED.-Ten shares Boston k. 
railroad. Address, stating price, 
road. P. O. box 409, Lowell, Mass. 

WANTED.— Immediately, experienced op 
erators on Bonnas embroidering maobine. 
Address lock box.SSa, Haverhill, Mass. 

WANTED.— Boy about 17 or 18 years old; 
must be intelligent, Industrious and hon- 
est. Address by letter In handwriting of appli- 
cant, "Banker,'' this oflice. 

wholesale depot for all the standard and 

continuance of the former 
icspectfu ly solicited. 
Boston. April 1. 1882. 


Mineral Spring Waters used in the oouBtrjr, a 

enerous patronage t* 
I. O. fABKsn AOo. 

Boston & Maine Railroad. 


Leave Boston for Lowell, Wednesday, at 11.10 
p. m.; Friday, at 11.19 p. m. <; . v 



f^om 10 to IV years old, to learn the hardware 
business. H. A. FIELDING. 128Central street. 



Mayflower Employment and Intelligence 
olBoe. male and female heljp for all kinds of work 
In city and country. Parties furnished wlih the 
very best of help at short notloe. 70 Merrimack 
street, room 8. 

WANTED.— Any person or persons who 
would wish to take a piece of land to 
plant potatoes the present season, will bo fur- 
nished with what manure he may wish to use on 
the ground, free of charge. The soil Is good 
and productive, and cannot be surpassed 
by any within twenty miles of this city for the 
raising of potatoes, and the distance is not 
thrue miles Irom the post ofBco. 

For further Information inquire at the store 
of Mr. Lynch, 41 Market Street, or of Thos. 
Moore near the premies. 

Kast Chelmsford, April 2S. 

94 C^«trsa, 14 

1« Preeeett Streeta. 


J\. Prtntlagdone at 
promptly, aad at loweet 








* .!i.'Tu.. 

the Omirier ,Job OAoi 

. ■■) ■ 

■1 '. 


AjakericeLWk Honse Block, 

88, 90 AND W CENTRAL STREET, Lowell, Mass. 



BO Coagrese street, Boston. 

/^PEN MAY 15. * 

Woodlawn Park and Restaurant. 


abore Tyngsboro* bridge. First claaa aocommo- 
datiOBS for large or smalt picalee, rosehed by 
railroad, steamboat or earrlage. Every tbi ax 
new. Kestaarant at city priees. For further 
porUenlars apply to ITHAMAB HOWK, 27 Cea- 
tral etrtet, Lowell. 


Leave Lowell for Boston at 8.20 a. m., 12.00 
noon, 4.10 and 0.40 p. m. Returning, leave B<W> 
ton for Lowell at 6.00 a. m. and 6.00 p. m. 

Leave Lowell for Lawrence at 8.20 a. m. and 
6.40 p. m. Returning, leave Lawrence fbr ham' 
ell at 8.90 a. m., 12.00 noon, and S.40 p. m. 

Qen. Agt., LowtO. 

Lowell Steam Boiler WorU 

TANNEB STREET, Lowell, Mass., 

Manofaoturer of and dealer in ' it''^ . 

Steel and Iron Boiler \ 

Rotary Bleachers, Barlow snd Bleaching Kt*.-i , 
Water, Soap and Oil Tanks, Ull Sti is. .Soda, 
Tar and Jacket Kettles, Steam Boxes lor Print 
Works, Penstocks, Flumes, Quarter Turns, 
kc, for Turbine Wheel Work. Ai«o, iiy<iraalle 
and Screw Presses of sil sins, with f>obbins** 
Hollow Steam Press I'latPa. Fire Ksoipes of 
most approved pattern. Also, all kinds of Peek- 
ing. MttlnKS, Pumps. Injectorn. Inspirutors, eto., 
used about Steam fcnglucs and Builers. oonstant- 
ly on hand. , .^ ^ 

Second hand boilers bought, sold and ex- 

Address all cossmanleatlons to 






137 Market St., Oatea' Hew Blook, 

Mra mar be foaad the latest styles of ladles' 
aad gents' twots aad shoes at the lowest prieee. 
SeiMmber— the "Bees tfboe Store," uates* new 

JUax HPLENDIDt Mfe Mra.Fertly« ara 
Doirnlng's Onaned Pene. 


Also Inspector of- Boilers for the CItv of Cdir 
cU. Residence and works ooaaeoted by 



Of a Mw aad Imprered pattern Jnst 

M Oeirtna, 14 «»« 14 ParMMU Mree!«. 



', yi ■!•■ .<• 


Zr\: HotocU IDailg Courier. 

MONDAY, MA.Y 1, 18M. 

A Stndjr orAdvcrtUlnc. 

I From tbc AmerlcAO.J 
The liilelllgent newnpaper reader earJy dl«- 
oovera tbal fbo inlefestof any Journal U by 
no means coufiucd to wbat U commonly 
described as Us "readla* mailer." Tbe 
tbougbflc'*^ person may Ibrow away a sup- 
plem ent, unlocked al beyond the hasty glance 
which shows him thni It la devoted to adver- 
tlsemenU; but the trained ob»eryer fecog 
nizcs the fact that this department of the pa- 
per deserves examination and will repay 
atudy. The local columns reconi the events 
of the previous day ; but no such record can 
give the Mtrangcr so comprehensive a view 
of the city's business life and social activity 
as la presented In the Advertising depart- 
ment. / 
Since the daily papers of our larger cities 
began the pul>liealion of Sunday editions, 
there has been a growing dixposillon to 
make the first day of the week the great d ly 
far advertising. This tendency Is already 
apparent lu th« ciwes of the Philadclphis 
TimcH and Pr«Wl, Hllhough neither has long 
published a Sunday eilliion; it h more con- 
HDlcuoun In Chicago paper*, aud e*i>ecUlly 
in the Tiibune'M Sunday edii ion, which for 
years has been laniou"- In the west as an ex- 
ceedingly protltaide issue; and it ia most 
marked m tlie citse of the New York Herald. 
There Is sound reason in this disposiilon 
J* of advertisers to patronize most liberally the 
Sunday papers. In? the first place, they 
L. • reach a larger circle of readers, for, as a rule, 
papers which appear on everr day of tbe 
week puliiisb their largest tdition on Sun- 
day. Then, too, there are not only more 
readers than on oth-ir days, but their greater 
leisure allows Ihera to pi^ruse the paper more 
thorou^lilv. Many a man who finds himself 
•0 pressed for time on week-days that he 
aearcely xives a glance to the advertisements, 
will read lliein with considerable cure on his 
davofrest. Finally, there Is a great saving 
' of 'lime and money to the coinniunltv in hav- 
ing one dsy of the seven fixed upon by com- 
mon consent as the lime for those classes ol 
advertisements which appeal to large num- 
bers of persons, like announcements regard- 
l '' '■ ing employment, houses, rooms, etc., the 
"small ads," as they are known in the count- 
iog-room vernacular. The'*small ads-' in a 
large cily alwaya gravitate to some one pa- 

Eer, and, when once Uut paper has come to 
e recojfiiized as their medium, no'hing !• 
more difficult than for a rival to deprive it of 
iU supremacy in this fi -hi. In Philadelphia, 
these classes of advertisements long since be- 
came the especiiil province ol the Public 
Ledger; in B;dlimore. they are found In the 
Sun; in CIdcago, the Sunday Tribune is their 
recognized organ. The New York Herald. 
' years ago, became the medium lor "small 

ads" in the metropolis, and its Sunday edi- 
' tlon the favorite of sucli advertisers, as well 

as of all others who seek the ear of the pub- 
lic. Enjoving this advantage, published in 
tbe greatest city of tbe union, and claiming 
the largest circulation In the United States, 
it is inevilabic that the New York Herald of 
Sunday should he a great advertiiiiiig aheet. 
Oreat seems, indeed, a modest word to de- 
scribe It; some such adjective as mammoth, 
which is of the class that the Herald aff'ects, 
does not appear al all uureasonuble. Espe- 
cially is this true in the spring season, when 
advertising always touches high-water mark. 
One of these issues is well worth a critical 

To' begin with, the buyer of a Sun lay Her- 
ald is appalled at the uinount of p!i|)er which 
is handed him in return for his five cents. 
- Sheet after sheet drops out as he attempts to 

Set tbc mass in shape for n ading, until he 
nds that it Is septnplo in form— In other 
words, consists of no fewer than twenty- 
eight pages, or one hundred and sixty-eight 
columns. There is no lack of reading mat- 
ter, for scattered thiuugh these pages are to 
— .. be found fifty-eight columns of such matter, 
or a little over enough to-fill an eight-page 
sheet. But tbe reading matter occupies only 
a trifle over a third of the entire apace. 
There are one hundred and ten columns de- 
voted to advertising. The first thing that 
strikes one is the great number of people 
who have contributed to tbe columns. 
There arc, lo be sure, some large adverti^ers ; 
four of the six columns on the very first page 
are taken by a single dry goods firm. But 
the great majority of the columns are filled 
with dozens and even scores of small adver 
tisemenls. Sometimes a whole column con- 
tains no single Hnnounceinent that exceeds 
four lines, while mostorils ingredients con- 
sist of only two lines apiece. It is surpris- 
• fug liow many of these small advertisements 
can be packed away in a column. A count 
of one such column shows eighty-nine dis- 
tinct paragraphs. This is considerably above 
the averuge, being under the bead "Boarders 
Wanted," where the advertiser usually con- 
fines himself to his street, numl>er and not 
over a dozen words descriptive of quarters, 
character of fare and price. It is easy to be- 
lieve, after examining such a column, that the 
advertisers In tbc whole sheet must consti- 
tute a small army; and yet the figures are 
atartling. Examination sliows that there are 
in a single issue advertisements by 5,038 per- 
aons — cnougli to make a sizable town. 

To reduce so unwieldy a mass lo any sem- 
blance ol order must needs be a difficult task, 
especially when one remembers that adver- 
tisements are received until a late hour of the 
evening before publication. Nevertheless, a 
system is pursued which enables one easily 
tofind ihe columns which contain the class 
of advertisements in which he is interested. 
At the head of the first page is u "Directory 
for Advertisers," which contains seventy- 
four titles. Suppose, lor instance, you want 
to find a furnished room. Look down the 
alphabetical li^t in the directory until you 
find the head -Furnished Rooms and ^art- 
tnents lo Let," and you are directed to '"20th 
page, 8d and 4th cols.; 7th page, 3d and 4th 
cols.: and 2d page, 3d and 4t.h cols." 

Nobody will he surprised to learn that 
*'Dry Goods" occupies more room than any 
other head in this directory, filling some- 
thing over sixteen of the one hundred and 
ten columns. Real estate comes next ; Indeed, 
taking all its piiases. It covers a larger terri- 
tory. There are nearly six columns of "City 
Beat Estate for Sale," two mora of "Real 
Bstate at Auction," a half-column of "Real 
BsUite lo Exchange," and another half-col- 
umn of"Rcnl Estate Wanted;" while, under 
tbe cognate beads of "Property Out of the 
Oily for Sale or to Rent," Brookl> n property, 
Westchester county, and other suburban di- 
visions, are found as many more columns. 
To these should be added nearly three col- 
umns of advertisements regarding flats, 
which give the reader a new idea of the 
large share in domestic economy which thii 
•tvw of living has already come to occupy. 
Tm announcementa cover all grades and va- 
rlelie* of tastes and pockets. As one adver- 
tliement puts it, "Aristocratic flats, f 75 to 

tlM; Otbera, $20 to f65." Then there are 
itwaeo five and six columns of "Dwelling 
HooiM to Bent," both furnished and unfur-, 
nisbed; over three columns of "Furnished 
Rootat and Apartments to.Lcl," and another 
oolumn of unfurnished rooms— a number of 
eoiumns, be it remembered, containing sev> 
•otr or eighty advertisements. Somewhere 
!■ tnls vast field it would seem as though any 
one mif lit find what he sought in the way of 
• Uvlnt'p\»of, from tbe ball bedroom for the 


1. 1882. 

poor clerk ,^fl .50 
widch a milllu 

a week, to tlie house 
Toualre would provide for his 
family. __ 

One of Ihe roost interestltig departments ia 
that which concerns the matter of einploy- 
nieul. The reader will probably be sur- 
priued to see liow many advert Uements 
there are under tlie head of "Help Wanted." 
A single lirm calls for five hundred dress- 
makers, five hundred operators on I iwn and 
cambric suits, and two hundred "iailore>a- 
es." Andtber desires five hundred operators 
on sewing machines, iind a third wants fiOv 
"neat and infelllgent rash l>oys." As one'a 
eye runs down one of llie«e columns, not a 
few curious advertisements are struck. A 
dressmaker wants young ladles "lo try on 
dresses," who must he "tall, slight and nice- 
looking;" a cloak and suit houHe calls for a 
young lady us moilel, specifying that she 
must Ite "of fine figure an«t plessing ad- 
dress." An illustratiou of the broadening 
field for women appears in an advertisement 
for a "lady stenogr.ipher lo report some lect- 
ures." As for "Situations Wanted," tliere 
are columns of ibem, prosaic enough for the 
most part, under the subdivisions of 
••clerks," "^ooks," "laundresses," "coach- 
men," and so on. A notable exception is Ihe 
department of "Professional Situations 
Wantetl- Females," wliere thera is more 
than one announeemeni of which this is a 
WifC: "An Intelligent, refined young lady 
through family reverses seoks employ inent, 
not menial, is a good musician; companion- 
reader, amanuensis, or private secretary; 
would travel." 

The three columns of "Busiiiesi Opportu- 
nities" furnish food for both gudgeons and 
wise men. It is safe lo say that only Ihe 
first of these classes will answer the follow- 
ing advertisement : "$55— Party with this 
amount can clear tiiOOU in Ihe next three 
months." Or iU conipsnion: "Capi<ul 
wanted, that w'll realize 2500 \ttir cent, in a 
yeur." And the prudent investor will prob- 
ably fight shy of the advertiser who seeks a 
"silent partner; immense results anticipat- 
ed." A curious Mnnouncement is that of u 
man who wanU a "partner with |2000 capi- 
tal to 8upi>ort a lady slur and learn the art 
of acting." Even more curious, as well as 
grandiloquent. Is Ihe advertisement for a 
"moneyed partner in Amerii-an and English 
copyright of new, romantic scenic drama, far 
surpassing the most popular productions in 
that line, in its grand, iiMlural, reali«tic and 
novel mechanical scenic eflfects." The plot 
and language of this wonderful production, 
"although highly 8<'nsaiional, are of strictly 
moral tune," anti the advertiser takes 
pains to add that he baa large 
working models of all Ihe scenes and mech- 
anism, "proving everything practicable." 
The announcements In tliese columns are by 
no means confinod lo New York city or its 
viclnitv. A roan in AtlanU, Oa., advertises 
for a physician with five thousand to ten 
tbo'jsanJ dollars' espitsl, as partner in a 
water cure est^iblishment. A daily and 
weekly newspaper in an Interior Texas city 
of 6,000 population is oflfered for sale because 
of the <twner's ill heflllh. But the most cos- 
mo|H>lltan air Ijelongs to the advertisement 
of Ywan Luhmun Sadowsja Dom Finljimd- 
skawo, of Moscow, Russi:i, who wants an 
active, enterprising American, with a capi- 
tal of 9^5,000, to go Into partnership with a 
hardware inanufacturing concern on the 
American plan in Russia. 

There is alwavs something attractive about 
the "Lost and Found" column. One won- 
ders whether the lost cat, "valuable only as a 
children's pet," will ever find its way home 
again, imd whether the poor sewing-girl, 
who lost her purse, containing $12. 07, in an 
elevated railroad car, will find her property, 
and If so, whether the finder will insist upon 
the $5 reward which she ofi'ers for it. The 
number ol offers of a liberal rewai-d, "and 
no questions asked," for the return of miss- 
ing property, cannot fail to attract attention. 
Right in a row are three advertisements of- 
fering rewards of $25, $50 and $.50, "and no 
questions asked," for the recovery of three 
watches, the first two lost in street curs and 
the third stolen. A little below is a siinilar 
offer of $200 for a fourth watch, and there 
are others of the same sort in the case, not 
only of jewelry, but of missing poc feet-books, 
stock cerlificaics, etc. Tbe number of such 
announcements is not flattering to the de- 
tective skill of llie New York poilce force. 

Of curiosities In advertising, there is no 
end. Here, for instance, tlie reader is con- 
fronted by the statement: "Jews boast su- 
perior morality above Christians;" followed 
by the announcement: "Testing that claim I 
solicit confidential information concerning 
Jewish scandals, crimes, suicides," with the 
address of "Siatistician." In another col- 
umn is an advertisement worthy of Colonel 
Mulberry Sellers himsell. It oflTers, for the 
trifling sum ot $10,000, "a paradise" on the 
shores of Ihe Uulf in Florida, among the at- 
tractions being a residence amid broad oaks, 
1500 orange trees, "2000 to a tree," millions 
of limes, lemons, silk-worm trees, bananas, 
guaves and figs, **most delightful climate on 
earth," etc., etc. But space will not permit 
further quotations from this mass of litera- 
ture, which, though it shares tbe dictionary's 
characteristic of l>eing somewhat disconnect- 
ed, will yet be found, like that work, worthy 
of careful study. 

M9%0 to OM WeU. 

Thoniands of persons are constantly troubled 
with a combinatiiiD of diseases. Diseased kid- 
neys and costive bowels are their tormentors 
They should know that Kidney- Wort actt on 
these organs at the same time, causing them to 
throw off the poisons that have clogged them, 
and so renewing the whole man. Hundreds tes- 
tify to this.— f PilUburgb Post. 

Mothera ! Motherm } ! Mothers / / / 
Are yoa disturlwd at night and broken of your 
rest by a sick child suirerlni and crying with the 
exomdatlng pain of cutting teeth? If so, goat 
onoe and get a bottle of MBS. WIX8LOWS 
SOOTillNU SYBUP. It wiU relieve the poor 
litUe sufferer Immediately— deptsBd npoa It ; there 
la no mistake at>out It. There la not a mother oa 
earth wlio has ever used it, who will not tell yoa 
at onoe that it will regulate the bowels, and give 
rest to the mother, and relief and health to the 
child, operating like magfe. It Js perfbetly safe 
to use in all casei, and pleaaant to the taste and 
ia tbe prescription of one of the oldest and best 
female physieiaas aad anrsea la the United 
Statei. 8oii« rverywhere. 25 eeats a bottle. 


ITolMMt L,«mf nmir lutUorom. 

It Is entirely differt:at from all others. It IS as 
clear as water, and, as lt« name Indicates is a 
perfect Vegetable Uair Restorer. It win imme- 
diately ttt9 the head tnm all dandruff, restore 
gray hair to Its aataral color and produee a new 
growth where it has fallen off. It does net in 
any manner affset the health, which Sulphur, 
Sugar of Lead and Nitrate of Sliver preparations 
have done. It will change Ugbt or faded hair in 
a few days to a beaatUVil glossy brown. Ask 
year dragglat for It Eaeta bottle la warranted. 
Chas. N. CrittcntOB, Now York, aad Geo. C. 
Ooodwia k Co., BoetOB. Wbelsaale Agents. 


Downine's Canned Peas the Best. 



noas' Liver RegulaU 
or sooB breaks the 
Chills and carries the 
Kever out of the sys- 
tem. It eures whea 
all other resaedles 


ACHB.—Kor the re- 
lief and cure of this 
•—r dutressing aflllotloB 
take Simmons' LIrrr llegulator. 

DYMPKPfllA.-The Kegulator will posttlvely 
cure thU t4-rrible dlsea*e. ^e assert emphatlo- 
ally what we know to l>« true. 

COIWBTIPATIOKI should not be regarded as 

a trifllnr alliiirnt. Nature demands tbe utmMt 
regHlarfty of the t>ow«-ls. Therefore assist Na- 
ture by lakinK Ktmmuns' Liver Regulator. It Is 
harmless, mild and effectual. 

PILBt.^Kellef Is at hand for those who suf- 
fer day At ter day with Piles. It has cured haa- 
dreds, and will cure you. 

MALARIA.-Perions may avnld all attaeks 
by oocarloitally taking a dose of Simmons' Liver 
Regulator to keep ihe Liver In healthy action. 

BAD BUK.%TH, generally arUIng fW>m a 
disordered .stuinsrh, cuu be corrected Of taklag 
Simmon*' Liver Kei:ulstor. " 

JAI79DICB.— Simmons' Liver llegulator 
soon eradicates this disease from the system, 
leaving the skin clear and free from all Impari- 

COLIC— Children suffering with Colic soon 
experience relief when Simmons' Liver Kegnlat- 
or la admlnlitered. Adults also derive great 
beneflt from thii medicine. It Is not unpleaaant ; 
it is harmless and effective. Purely vegetable. 

CAVTIOII.— Be careful that you get the gea- 

ulne ftiinimons' Liver Regulator in Our cngiMViiJ 
white wrapper, with red Z tradeinurk, stamp 
and signature unbroken. 


J. H. ZEILIN & CO., 

Sold by ail druggist*. PHILADKLI'HIA. 

Simmons' Liver Regulator is fold by 

CBOWKL.L Ar HARRISOM, Apothecaries, 

139 Central ■trect. Lowell. 






[ Beeaase itactaOB the I.ITEIt, BOWELS j 
auit KinSKYSatths samatlmt . 

Beaauae it claa n eee tlie ayatam of the polaanr I 
loua humors that develot)* in Kidney and XJtt- \ 
I nary DiaeasM, Diliouaneaa, Jaundloe, 
Ipation.PllM, or In BheomaUBm. lTewralcia,| 
iHarvoua Sif order* and Female Complaints. I 


Eafena H. Stork, of Junction City, Kaasas,] 
{•ays, Ki<Jiie;-Wortcui«d liliii nftrr icsularFay- 
' in* imd btwii trying for fuur years. 
Urn. John Arnall.of WiulilnBton, Ohio, aaysl 

Iberltov wiuKirnii iintodta \>j four prominent I 
Inb.TslciaiiaouU titat ua < ^ ' 

llUdney -Wort. 

Ipbyslciaiia ouU that lia waa afterwarda cured by I 

M. M. n. Ooodfrln, an editor in CbardoB, Ohlo,L 
ayiiio wnniiot expcrtc'd.tu llvn, beiiiir bloateu| 
I beyond belief, but Kiduey-Woi tciiredLlm. 

Anna T.. Jarrelt of Hotitli HalPBi, V. T., sayel 
Ithatiieven yeain niilTeiiiiK from kidney troubleal 
land otiier cuinuUcutioua was ended by the uMvf I 

John n. Tjinrenpe of Jackson. T»nn., aaffaradl 
Ifor yearn from llv(!r and kldner trouble* andl 
lafter tnkiiiK "luirrela of olbor madidnai^'' 
pKidney-Woit luado liim irell. 

BIIcha>l Goto of Montromery Osnter, Tt.,, 
|«uir>T(;<l clKlit year* with kidner didlculty ana| 
^was unable to work. ICIduej-^Vort utada htm 
■' well oaoTer." 




IConstipation and Piles. 

I ly It ia put up In Dry Tc«ctabl« Fana In 

L'icaceof wbieli uiakeaBlx quartal 

1 cans, one pac 

}f medicine. Also in Llqald Fana, TeryCi 
beatrnted, for those tliat cannot readily 



' It act* ultk equal tBUitneu fa e/(Jk«r fo 
WEIiLS. UlCllAUDSOXACo.. Prep's, 
I QRnil sand tba dry poat-pald.) sr RUSeTOX, VT. j 

Kidney Wort is sold by 

CR01VBLI< *. UARRISON, Apothecaries 

139 Central street L.owell 

A perfect dress' 
ing, degaiilly pct- 
fiiined and harm- 
ess. Kcmovcs 
dandruff, restores 
natural color and 
W rrnit and %\ 
itic, m diucKuti. 



An aiqaUllrly Trft- 
rrant p«rfani«f with 
(•zrri'tioDftlljr lattiog 
proper liei. 

tft and 1% e«iU. 



Aa Isvigoratiig Mi^icine fliat Ntysr Intoxicates 

This delicious combination of Cinger. liucliii, 
Mandrake, Stillingia. and many oilier of the best 
vegetable retaedies known, cures all disorders o^ 
the bowels, stomach, liver, kidneys and lungs, & is 

Tbt Best wxd tarest Coagh Cars Ever Used. 

If you are sufTering from Female Complaints, 
Ncrvousncsc, Wakefulness, Rheumatism Dyspep- 
sia, age or any disease or infirmity, tnke Parker's 
Ginger Tonic. It will streiigtheu train and body 
aad five yoa new life and vigor. 

loo r>oZjX«A.xi8 

Paid for aaything injurious found in Ginger Tonic 
or for a bBxm lo hemor cu^ 
-' taA tl timt at 4«iltn la *ni^. Lwc* Mvlag b«Tior 
ftr (kcalaris NncasA Co.. IK WaJi.,N.V: 

■ — ^ ; : — t-»ey : — 

Parker's Qlafer tODle is "sold by 
CROWSUU 4» HAKBUOIf, Apothecariea 
139 Cewtral street, Lowell. 



Has opeaed an otBoe on Casklnc acar HVtl 
lie Street, for tbe sale ot all klads of 

!-:<<ifl>* iiB«1 Onf.sid<> Hf»iiw» y**^-«^h. 


For wholesale aad retail narketa and dweUlngt 


Hand and power, for warehouses, stores aad rca- 



The gttutim* Steveds* SaiaattarllU to sold only 
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beware o/all latllatlons, and reneniber that the 
i^euuine arthsle aaa be had 011% mt 

1811 aisA IMMlDDItBSBX ST. 

Imitators and oounterAelters will be proseoated 
to the extent of the law. A. C. HraVKNa. 

WASmUl L. rM»TD, M Preaeattat. 

Stevens's Sarsaparilla 



Kead the following, which are only a few of 
the I'estlmonijMs of Wonderful Cures : 

A Caae of RbeuaiuitUni, DjrspeBata an4 
MMnejr DIaeaae Ooaspletefjr Cared. 

Mr. Stfvtn$t— 

1 have suffered acutely from dyspepsia for 
nearly three years, and have besides been sub- 
ject to the severest pangs of rheumatism, which 
came on at llie slichtesi unfavorable ohange la 
the weuther, together with weakness of tbe kid- 
neys. These three tortures combined made my 
ooiidltiou one of great distress, disturbed mv 
re8t, my appetite, and interfered with 
tuy ability to perform my work. I tried a num- 
ber of reinedie.*, but derived little If any beneflt. 
About four months ugu I began to take your Sar- 
saparilla, and can truly say that it has been a 
K'eat bltSHliig to me. 'fhe dyipepitlu has been 
coinpletolv cured. Beiurc btrginning to take the 
medicine 1 could scarcely eat anytlilng withoat 
enduring the distresalug paius of indigestion. 
Now the heurtlest food causes me no trouble. I 
eat with relish and have a better appetite than 
before, aud feel like a new man. I'Lt) rheuma- 
tUui, also, which oauoed me so maoli agony has 
almost eutirely dlst-ppeured. Once lu awhile I 
get a slight twinge of it, but nothing like the old 
paius, aud I am coufldent that the rheumatism 
will be eutirely gone Hi ler another bottle, and 
uot to return ugula. The kidney complaint has 
l>een cured, and this cauMes me even more satis- 
fHCtion than the cure of both the other troubles. 
Sometimes iifter severe work 1 suffered intensely 
from the disease, but now tbe hardest labor does 
not afTect me in the least. I consider vour 8arsa- 
parilla a great boon to all afflicted with dyspep- 
sla, rheumatitnn or kidney oomplaint, and cheer- 
fully give my testimony of its value, hoplas that 
it may encourage others to try It. 

Yours Tespectfhlly, 

Daniki. KicrifoLDa, 
Janitor new Ward 4 UramiuHr school. 

•M Eaat Pine street. l.«well, Jau. S, ItHU. 

Cure ot a Resaarkable Caae of Rbea* 

Mr. Stevenn— Lowell, Deo. 2, 1881. 

For half a dosen years I have been troubled 
with acute rheumatism, but more so than usual 
this full. It affected my back and hips princi- 
pally. I have doctored conMtuntly, and taken 
ubout everything I saw advertitied. 1 began to 
tuke your SaiHaparilla Oct. lU, having very little 
faith in it. I nud taken it only threa days when I 
noticed a marked improvement. I could go up 
(•tairs readily, which was something I could uot 
uccomplish before without the greatest pain. 
Why, only a few days bilore taking it the puin 
was BO terrible as to knock ine down. After 
taking the tlrst bottle 1 felt no return of the 
rheumatUm, even in wet weather. I am now 
tuk'iig tbc second bottle and feel In every way 
better. 1 am cured eutirely so far as I know. I 
am uble to work and travel as well as eVer I 
could In my life, and for the relief I am very 
grateful, aud cordially eiidorce StevenH's Sarsapa- 
rilla aa the best remedy lor rheumatism I ever 
knew. T. D. HADLKY, 

1 Fulton street, near Willie. 

A IVonderful Change lu au Old Lady's 
Health— Her Heartfelt Oratltude for 
the Cure of Her Neuralgia, Hh«'uina« 
liam and Catarrh. 

The following testimonial, we confidently at 
sert, has never been surpassed, if equalled, 
by uny ever given to any remedy. The ven- 
erable ladv who gives it truly regards 
Stevens's Sarsaparilla as a roedidne which 
hu8 prolonged her life, and made her clos- 
ing yours seteue aud peaceful, having relieved 
her of the moKt agonizing ills which humanity is 
ever called upon to sutler. The most skeptical 
reader would be convinced could he hear from her 
own lips the story of her cure, and listen to her 
Invocation of God's blessing upon the proprietor 
uf the medicine which has brought to her so 
much comfort. A description of her sufferings 
aud the grand result of the use of this saving 
remedy is truly and graphically set lorth iu the 
following testimonial : 

Mr: Stevens I— Ix>well, Dec. 18, 1881. 

I am 7fi years of age. During the past hve 
or six years i have suffered so much from sciatic 
rbeumatixm and neuralgia that I though*. I 
should die, and many times 1 wished 1 might, 
in order to be free from puin. I laid out a good 
deal of money in medicines, but got little nelp 
from any of them. I had some of tlie best doctors 
in the city, but they confessed that my case was 
a peculiar one aud they could do nothing for me. 
For five years catarrh has been added to my rain- 
eries. Ii or Ave weeks before taking your Sarsa- 
parilla, I had a terrible racking cough. I tried 
some balsam, but it did me no good. I oonlda'i 
lie down more than fifteen minutes at a time 
without choking up, and I really felt that 1 
couldn't live more than two months. I had, be- 
sides all my other troubles, a large bunch on my 
aeiBk, larger than an Euglish walnut, which tbe 
doctors said could not bt cured. My rest was 
broken, I could do no more work about tbe house, 
and was even scarcely able to walk. Withoat 
saying a word to any one, because all iu the 
bouse had font all faith in medicines, I managed 
to get to the horse cars and by tbem to your store 
for a bottle of the Sarsaparilla. I hati seen the 
teatimenialB in the Courier, and felt that perhaps 
it might help me as well as others. I did not ex 
pect it would make me a new person, but I hoped 
it would relieve me a little. Ttils was Oct. 11. 
I bad scarcely taken the first three doses before I 
felt a change for the better. In three er four 
nights I was able to sleep without disturbance, 
aud my rest was perfect. The first bottle cured 
the bunch on my neck, which has now completely 
disappeared. 1 felt the sciatic rheumatism leav- 
ing me. I became able to walk without tr ouble 
and to work about the house. The catarrh 
gradually decreased. I could not begin te tell 
you all the good the Sarsaparilla has doue for 
me. As an Instance of the improvement 1 may 
state that I was able to walk from my house, 100 
High street, to your store on Middlesex street lor 
the second t>ottie, Nov. 22. The Sarsaparilla has 
entirely renewed my system, und 1 feel us well as 
1 did forty years ago. I am now perfectly happy. 
The Sarsaparilla has been a great comfort to me, 
and I hope that God will bless you lor it. I am 
able to work now, and to eqjoy life as i have not 
done for many long years'. I may add that my 
daaghter and her hutiband have aiso used the 
jnemcinr, and tfiey have found much relief from 
lt« as it has improved their appetites and helped 
Uiem in other ways. Yours gratefully, 

LAVIMA EDGULl!. 100 High street. 

A Tooufc Girl's Kyrealaht, Almost De- 
nUrayed by fferaAUa. Reatored. 

Stevens s Sarsaparilla ia aot recommended aa a 
core for blindness, but in the following case it 
reptorcd eyesight to a girl who for weeks waa 
naable to see, ner eyes being completely closed 
by jcrofhlous sores : 

Mfr. 8teven$ 1^ 

My davahter Grade, 14 years old, has from Mrth 
been troabled with a serefahMa' affcotloa wkleh 
■eaiaed to oentre In hec eyes. Theae have always 
^feeeii weak and sore, aad withla a few montas 
have canted her great aunoyanoe. A few weeks 
4aee we were obliged te take her from Mhool, 
they became so Inflamed, and In a short time she 
was totally unable to tee, as mqch'ao at If she 
mM Ulad. We were la great asireia. at physl- 
elaat and medicines seemed unable to effept acure. 
Wa bad tried Hood's Sarsaaartlia. hot It ^lad to 
4ialp. Finally we were Inonced to try Stevens's 
Sarsaparilla. The first bottle made a wonderful 
ehanie. llie eyelids gradually reopened, the 
•oreness passed away, the desire to rub the eyes 
was diminished, and by the time tbe first bottle 
was exhausted Orele oould see quite well and use 
liar eyes wit hodt pain.. We oontlnned the laedi- 
alae, and the benefit ateadlly prograaaed, aatll 
we new look forward with aoaMMioe to aa en- 
tire cure. My husband aad myself have been 
troabled with dvspepsia and a low condition of 
the blood, and by taking of the medicine have 
galnod appetite und lost Icdigestion. We are all 
truly grateful for what it has done In our famllv, 
and willingly add our testimony to that alraaoj 
giran yoa. Mita. Lutooui M. Vibld, 

Lowell. Deo. 20. 1881. 88 Howard atreet. 

Bold only *v A. O. »TE VBXa, Boio iVa- 
mrUtor, tB» aitd JM MUUUoMm Btrtt. 

ooti anti Coal. 



Laokawaana. White Ash and Wtlkeibarre, 

^ JMT Us V.aa. aaaaaaaaeaaaa.a.aeaaaa eee. ■ ^7 3v 

Lackawanna. White Ash and Wilkesbarre, 

stove tise. ............•«,.....«••.... . 7 oO 

Mat ................,...«•••,•*•.........»••. 7 aa 

Franklin .......■..*........ •••v..... .,,.««. e 70 

Wilkesbarre, broken alse 7 00 

Lehigh, broken and egg siaes 7 60 

Diaoount for cash when ordered or delivered 
26 cents per ton. 

Also Flour. Com, Oata and MlddlUigs wajt 
on hand. 


Orders left at the oflloe, opposite Fair Ground 
building, Manchester street, or sent by telephone, 
or by mall to box •^0^ promptly attended 



Coal and Wood. 


Conatantlj on hand, at lowaa prlees. 

nootr wKH CoaL 


Braneli OffHoe.conneetedlkTTelepiiaBe, 
at W. H. MToieestcr 4k Co.'s, 31 Merrl- 
,ek atreet* 






For larhlclt bea qnalltlea can be 




Branob. Offloes in Centralville, 
Fawtuoketville, and at Meohanios 





Wood BawcKl and Split. 














\ .'.'#•., dM. 



No. 27 Thorndlke Street. 

Branch OIBce at CaldeiMrood'a, 33 Her> 
rlmaek Street. 

/^▲JUI OOAIjtl 

For Domestic Use I 

For Making Stoaa t 

For Blacksmith's Uses ! 

AT ma 







88 Kiddle Btrott. 
hjr TalapiMM ar Faalat Caai ftwaa 

H. E MC O T^ .4L L. 



COAL and WOOr>, 

Hare removed f>-om corner Central and North 
streets to tht-ir new yiird, 

••, ri asid r3 CIlAllLBf STREET. 

Thex inrlte all their fViends and the public 

eeaerallr to call and leave their orders. Wood 
y tbe basket, foot or cord. Coal bv basliet or 
ton at bottom prices. Nobody undersells us. 
Sign of the New York Wood aad Coal Yard. 

Lewis & Son, 60, 71, 73 Oharles Street^ 

Ordera by postal oard will receive prompt at> 
Ordiera received for expressing and Jobbing. 




Send In your ord<>ri« Ity mcstienKer, mall or tel* 
aphone and they ^111 receive proaBjit attention. 

Also Wood, Floar, Hajr, Oata, Cam, 
Lime, CeoacBt, Sand, Ac. 

Tard and £leyator-^8 (^rham Street. 

Branols Oflice — ItO Oorham Street. 

iEu0tcal Instrumentis. 

<]^1 Kf\ ELEGANT R08EW00D 

tIpJLOv/ PIANO, 4 round corners; heavy 
purl muuldlifg around top; double serpentine 
moulding o^ bottom; carved legs; top dampera; 
splendid tone and beMt of order; cost #600 when 
new ; rare bargain, $10 a month. Iloaton Braaah 
warerooms, Vid Merrimack street. 

the world, $10 n month payments. 

PRESCOTT OKUAN8 are extremely ana, 
none better; $6 a month payments. 

A mrrlcan Organs, $A a mon<h payments. 
A.B. Stevens, H. W. Berry. 128 Merrimack 
street, Lowell, and 092 Washington street. Bos. 

d^-f A f\ CHICKERING PIANO, elegant 
tU/XrKv/ oase ; 4 round ; top dampers,nloe tone, 
best of order, $9 a month. Boston Branch ware- 
rooms, Vt6 Merrim ack street. 

PIANO, roaewobd, 7H ooUve, 4 
_ _ round, fUIl carved. Boston makers. 

A tirst-clasD instrument every way, for $1Q6, fift 

Ser month. Aloo 2 for $275 each, and one for 
ta, $10 per month, all are new and aeleeted. 
Htool and cover. 

<]»-| /:»/'\ T7lMER80NPIANO,roaewood 

fP X.\J\J • S2j case, 4 round corners, fine tone 
and In extragood oondlilon. Stool and. cover. 
$9 per month. 

W^^tJ* oeot rosewood case, $10 per month, 
also Cabinet Grand for $325, $15 per month, one 
of the best upright pianoii in the world for the 
money. Ottoman stool and cover, years guar- 

7 SQUARE PIANOS. Rosewood eases^ 
good tone, in fine order, and arefcnuine 
bargain*, tor $(55, $70, $75, $85, $110, $135, and 

S 145, easy paymi-ntB, <rum $fi to $8 per month, 
tool, cover and book with each. Piano and or- 
gan tuning at Morse's Music Rooms, 16 Hurd St. 

Paper Hangings 


Artists' Materials, Painters' and 
Kalsominers' Sapi>lies, Salem 
Pure White Lead, Oils and Var- 
nishes, Window QlasB, Brushes, 


117 Central Street 


14 Jackson Street. 


We have received a large stock of flrst-olass 
hose and will sell at the lowest market ratca^ 
Also Rose Pipe, Couplings, Washers, fto. 

Fan aniMn SoiM 

Grass and Vecetable Seeds, Rota. Bakes, 
Wheelharrowa, Sli(ytelt, Vorka, Bakes, Lawa 
Moweta, fee. 


Nalta, Rbefet Lead and Lead Pipa. ^hi,.4ap- 
aaned. Brass, Nickel and Bronse Door Trim, 
mtngs. Screen Door Spriags, Batts and Catebes, 
Wire Cloth* aUaAdtha, fhr doers aad arladowa. . 


Pure Whita Lead, Liniead 'OH, THfpirtttlaa 
Colore iUr Hoaea and Carriata PalntlM. AJao a 
large asaortmafft Paint, VarnUh and WhOawaab 



^ Labrlaatlag Olla, Twlaca, Kwftj, Babbitt 
Ketals, Cable and Coll Chains, Baales, Bopa, 
Uolstlot PttUaya aad Blocks. 

Chas. E. Adams's 

»26 9^ ^miiimK Btfieet/ 


Dow]iiirti*8 canhsd, peas pHi 
plaaaa joa cranr tiaa. \ 


^^ '»' 




lawaaU||»Unc IdsM LlUratare. 

The otbor day a atout aroman, arroad wllb 
an umbrella and laadlng a amaU urobin, 
oalleU at tbe offloa of a New York boys' 

story paper. 

•<Ia tills the place where tbey flght In- 
dlansT' the luqtrirtd of tbe gentlemun |d 
ebarge. "Ia ibis tbe locality where the 
brave boy ebarffea up (be uanyon ami speeds 
ft bullet to the heart of the dusky redskin f" 
and she Jlfked the urchin iiround by the ear 
and brouKht 'i*^!* umbrt^liu down on the desk. 

**We publish stories for boys," replied ibe 
young mail ovaslvelv. 

'*I want to know if these are tbe premises 
on which tbe during lad springs upon bia fi- 
ery mustang, und ditrliiig through the uin-Je 
of Ibundcr-Klrucit suvages, cuts the uiiptive's 
cords uud beunt him away before tbe won- 
dering Indians have recovered from their 
aatoiilsbmcnt I Thai's the informatiot) I'm 
after. I want lo know if that sort of thing 
la perpetrated here!" und Hhe swung Ihe um- 
brellu around her lioud ttiid launched u crack 
at tbe young inuu'i* hendi 

"I don't remenibi-r lllOOO specinc acta," 
protested the young num. 

••I want to linow if this is the preeinot 
where tbu advemurous boy Jumps on tbe 
buck of a bulTalo and willi unerring aim 
picks olT one by one the Idoodthirsty pursu- 
ers, who bite I lie <lusi at evt-ry crack of bis 
faithful rifle! I'm looking for the place 
where that sort of thing hiippeiis!" and this 
time she brought tin; iinkicky young man a 
tremendous whiick across ihe buck. 

"I think—" began the dodging victim. 

*'I''ra in search of the shup In which tbe 
boy road agent lioUU the quivering stage 
driver powerless with his glittering eye, 
while he robs the male passengers with an 
adroitness born of a long und tried experi- 
ence^ and kisses tliu hands of the lady passen- 
gers with H gallantry of bearing that l>e- 
apeaks noble birth and a chivalrous nature," 
acreumcd tbe woman, driving the young 
niun into the corner. "I'm looking for tlie 
apartment ii> which that business is tran-'uct- 
ad," and down came the umbrella wilh trl)> 
bammer fori«on the young man's head. 

"Upon my aoul, 'ma'am—" gasped tbe 
wretched youth. 

"I want to bo Introduced to tbe Jars 
In which vou keep the boy scouts of the 
Sierras 1 6how me the. bins lull of the boy 
detectives of the prairie! Point out lo me 
tbe barivlsfull of boy pirates of the Bpiniish 
main!" and with each dennind she dropped 
tbe umbrella on the young man's skull, until 
he skipped over tho desk and sought safety 
In a neighboring canyon. 

'•I'll leach »euil" she panted, grasping the 
urchin by the oar und b-uding nlin off. "I'll 
teach 'em lo make It good or dance. Want 
to go fight ludluns any more? Wailt to 
stand proudly upon the pinnacle of the 
mountain and scalier the plain beneath with 
tbe bleeding bodius of uncounted slain? 
Wapt to ssv ■liioti' in a lone that brooks no 
oontradlcllonr Propo-^e to spring upon tho 
trafl'raii aud with a ringing word of com 
mand send a broadxidu into the richly-laden 
galley, and then mcnifuily npare Ihe beauti- 
ful maiden In Ihe cabin, that she may be- 
come vour bride? Eh? Going lo do It any 

With each question she hammered tbe 

Selping urchin until Uu l)ones were sore uud 
e protested hia permanent abanduniuoul of 
all the glories enuinuraled. 

Would It Wash t 

After he had explaiued that the old woman 
was bound and determined to have n new bed- 
room carpet, and that being in town 
be thought hf'd take it homo and surprise 
ber, he added that ho wanted enough Inham 
carpet to cover u room seven by eleven. 

"You mean ingrain," said the dealer. 

"Well, I 'siM)***: it's all Ibc same. How 
much is thai piece?" 

"Seventy cents a yard." 

"AwlXjlly steep, but kinder purty. How 
long will it wear?" 

'*0h, ten or twelve years." 

"Can it he turned?" 


"Anything to get out of repair?" 


"Will tbe colors fade?" 

"Tbey are warranted not to." 

"Seventy cents a yard, ell? Well, I rath- 
«r like It. Can tbe old womnu sew it togetb- 

"Ob, ves." 

"And'l can nail it down, I reckon?" 

"You can." 

The number of yards required were cut off, 
rolled up and paid for, and the buyer soou 
departed. Two hours bad passed and bis 
call bad been forgotten, when he drove up to 
tbe store, leuped lo Ibe walk, and running In 
be called out: 

"Hang me, if I hadn't got four miles out of 
town when I suddenly remembered that I 
didn't usk you if ihe blamed thing would 
wash r'— [Free Press. ' 

Tbe Language of Flowers.— [The intelll? 
gence to be communicated Is expressed by 
wearing the appropriate vegetable in your 

Daisy— Does your mother know you're 

Dandelion— Do you know If your father is 

Parsnip— Tie up the bulldog. 

Turnip..-I don't object lo freckles. 

Sage — You are too too. 

Chicory— I am going out to see a laan. 

Clove— I have seen him. 

Cucumber— Ico cream. 

China aster— Front gate. 

Mint.— You're a lamb. 

Beet-top— Reserve tlie next clog for me. 

Hollyhock- That other fellow is of no com- 
mercial value. ' 

Might blooming cereus— Will you take a 
walk with Ice cream? 

Day blooming cereus— Will you take a walk 
wUboutlcecrt'uiu? .. « 

Oum^rop leaved mignonette — Come under 
thebrlmof my liai. 

Cabbage— Your hairpins are coming out. 

Lemon— Are you a soda-water girl, or Is 
your affdetion dl-^lnterested? 

Rhododendron raegutlierlum— Just catch 

Lotua flower— Are you going to the ball 

this evening? „. ,. , , 

Orange ditlo— S'mother evenlitgr 
Beat family aeli-rulsing ditto— You take the 

oakeT . , 

Bardock— The old woman appears to be 

getting on to this. , , ^, r* 
Banunculua tulieroulosia — Ta-ta.— [Kx. 





neuralgia, Sci'ati'oa, Lumbago, 

Backache, Sorontiss of the Chest, 

Gout, Qumsy, See Throat, SweU" 

ings and Sprams, Burns and 

Scalds, General Bodily 


Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted 

Feet and Ears, and all other 

Pains and Aches. 

No Preparation on earth equals StT jACBMUrt' 
a» a Baft!,Mur«, aitnple and cheap External 
K«m*dy. A trial entails but the comparsUvely 
trifling outlay of SO Ceats, and erery one (iiffer- 
ing with paiu can have cheap and po«lllT« proof 
of Its claims. 

DirecUoni In Kleven languages. 


▲. VOGEI^R A CO., 

. ^ ■ BaUtmor otMd,tUmB.JL 

St. Jacob's Oil Is sold by 

CRO^^BLL 4k HARRISON, Apotheearles 

199 Central street, Lowell, , 

BttStneM eani0< 

Tke IHaUngflilalilaii th. 

A deltgbtful (bigrance of freably gathered 
flowera and spices is thedistingutstaingciaftrm 
of Fioreaton Col ogne. ; 

Moner ^r » Ralar l>*r* 

"For aix years my daugliter waa aiok flrom 
kidney end other dh^rdera. We had uaed up 
oar aftTlnta on doelor^, when our dominie 
' dsed us to try Parker's Ginger Tonic, 
^bottles effe. led a cure, and as a dollar'a 
khaa kept our family well over a year, 
„v if*» been able lo lay hy money agafn for 
ft ralnr<\ay.»— [A Poor Man'a Wl». 

A Never-FalUnflr Copo tbr BnrnSt' 
Scalda, Bruifiea, Cuts, Sores, etc | 

After Ibtty years of trlAl, Pcrrv 
Davis* Pain KiUer stands unr iTalcd. 
It Is safb t It acts immediately t It 
nerer fltlls t 

Editor of tbe 8t. John (N. B.) News, aaya : 
In flesh wounda, acnea, imliis, sores, etc.. 
It 13 the twos* efeetual remedy wo know of. 
Ko family should be without a bolUo of It 
for a shigle hour. ^ 

From the Cmcinnati Dispatch : ^ ^ 
We have teen Its magic effects, and know 
It to be a good article. 
From I. S. Potter. U. 8. Conanl at Crefsld. 
j^hf ^ntah Pmaaui: 

After long years of use, I am aatisfled It 
la p(»lttvely efflclcnt as a healing remedy 
lor wounds, bruises, end spralna 
W. W. Sharper, Valdoate. Oa., ssyss. ^. 
It Is a panacea for all orulsea and Duma 

From B. W. Aduna. Saco, Ke.: 
It gave me immediate rellet, 

B.Lewlaaay8: .^ . - „.^^* 

In forty years' use It never has failed me. 

1 use your Paih Killer frequently. It 
rsl^«vM pain and aoreneas, and Aeotowounda 
like magic. 
T VDT nee Basra * 

' For pallia' a nd bums It haa no equaL 


• new untried remedy. For forty yeu« 
It haa been In constant use t suid those who 
hATO uaed it the longest ore iU bett/riendt. 

Ite anooess la entirdy because of Its merit. 
fHnoe the Pain KUler was first lntroduced| 
Aun<fr«d« of new medicines have come mnd 
cone, whUe to-day this medicine la more 
eztenalTelT used and more lilclily valued 
Man ever Ufort. Kvery famllyyhonld have 

• bottlerrad ' - . . j.. 
doctors' bill 

meSieina, It inpafeeOv ^ evenln the hamde 
ofacltild. Tr7ttonoethoTouKlily,»ndlt 
wlU prove ita vadne. Your drunist liaa it 
at «fto., 50o. and 81.00 per bottle. 

PERRY DAVIS A SON, Proprtotora,, 
ProvWwoe, R. I. 

-ji/l ABY A. HAI^L, M. D., 

Vl KIBE STBEET, Lowell, Man. 

onc e hours froaa a to 5 p. in. 



Probate bnslness and oonveyanoes speelaltlos. 
OlBce 60 Central street. _ 

"I^T P. SW£BTH£R» 


10 -Weat TUrd Street. 

onoe hours, a to 5 p. m. 


OounNellor- AX - X^eL^v* 
HO. 1 MusKUM Bummo. 


ClvU BBffiaeera and SurVejrsra. 

Offloe, e Stevena' Bloek, eor. Merrlaiaek aad 
Presoott streets. All work guaranteed. A. Os- 
good, ib <4u«an street; O. M. tinell, 172 Ce ntral st. 

■ji|-BiiVi»lB7 sifirrn, 

OnriL KMOIBIEBa abd survbtor, 
inafce'a Block, US Oeatral Street. 

Orders wUl be attaadad to with promptaaaa, 
aad aaaaraoy miara- ' 

Xj^ H. 8IMMON8, . » 

His opened dental rooms at %% CBIVTRAIj 
BTBlsBT, and U prepared to execute all work 

J. r. LENNON, D. D. S. 

Oental XCooins, 

76 Merrimack' Street, - Edion Block. 

pertaining to dentlHtry. 
out pain liy a new method 

reeth extracted with- 
Hatislaction guar- 

anteed. Prices low. 

24 Central Street. 


Veterinary Surgeon, 

Has removt'd from No. 26 Westford street to 

No. 14 Ooral, near 217 Westford St. 

Connected by telephone with all parts of the 



B.] Scannell,''olty|.lnspeotor of boilers. Offlce 
and residences oonnectod with telephone. 

E. A. McGannon, M. D., 

Graduate of McGill College, Canada, member 
of the College of Physiol ann and Surgeons, On- 
tario, llcvntlHte of the College of Phyi«lciun8 and 
Surgeoni), (Quebec, lute sbip surgeon In the 
Mis8l88ippl & Dominion and Warren k Co. 
steamship companies. 

Oflice, Mo. 7 Welles Block, Merrlnuiek St. 

Kesldenoe, Herrimac House. 

Dr. Veterinary Surgery, 

Oflice and Infirmary : 

OfBce hours 8 to 10 a. m. ; 1 to 3 p. m. ; every day 
ex cept Tuesday and Krlday, when In Nashua. 

/^HA8. F. KIDDEB, 


Woman's Exchane'e Bnildinsr, Boom 9. 

stocks. Bonds and all kinds of Investment Seou • 
ritlee bought in the Boston, New York and San 
Francisco Markets. 

Member of Boston Mining and Stock Exchange. 

gyOfflce connected by Telephone. 

Ferry Davis's Pala Killer is sold by 

CROlVELIi Bb HABBIMON, Apothecaries. 

190 Central street, Lowell. 


X>S.. BZIV.A.I'I', 

lata of Chicago, now located fbr life In Lowell, la 
^ treating anooaasfhily all 


Saab as Catarrb, Diseases of tbe Langa, fhroat. 
Heart and Spine, Dyspeasla, Rheumafism, Head. 
aohes, DIaeases of the Kidneys and Liver, Paral- 
ysis, all INsasMea of the Bjraa and San, and DIs- 
eaaes or Women. . ^ „ ^ ^ 

In tka tfeataaant of these diaaaaea ba oamMaas 
the moat SQOoassfhl treat mai^ol all aahooU ot 
madlelne and eappinf , whioh ts approved by all 
eaBlaant ptayalalaas in thls^aad ottw ooaa&ias. 
He haa hadever THIBTT TBART BXPB- 
miBMOB la leetarlnc on aad la tba traatOMBt 
of thaaa disaasea. 

Wblla all dlseaaaa ara oarable If treated la aaa^ 
aon, all atogas of diaaaaas ara not aarable. Tear 
ansa may be oarable tbli month, not next. Hanoa 
MoH are naC oaly dangacons ' bat IhtaL Tra- 
aarlptioaa pat ap fbr oaa dollar, andpatlcnta 
treated by the moatb for M.00to SlCOOliiahidiBC 

Oonaaltattoma ir^**. Tka 

CaU fbr tba Doator'a BoOka ob Baahb aad IMa> 

OOoa Hoars— From 9 to IS a. m.. 1 to • aad 7 
(a 90. m. Sandaya from 1 to.S p. aa. 

OAoe. H«. ISJoHa Siroot* oalf • finr aloM 
fhNB Msntnaek strait aal iftlf p Mack trwa 
to- JO- 1 . aic«., A I ta« I'.: r .v . r a,t; M> : it .•• 

O. ^W. Hilton, ]M[. I>., 

Late of Chicago, 111. 

Offioe: Booml. 170 Merrimaok Street, 

Hours : 8 to 9 and 11 to 12 a. m., 1 to 2 and 4 to 
9 p. m. 

Residence, 220 Westford street. Telephon 

Special attention glTen to diseases of wome 


Solicitor of Amerioan and Foreign 

Patents procured. Patentability ofllnrentlons 
OAlcet 1 Pemberton Sq., Boston, Kasa. 

May be found erenlngs at residence. No. 159 
East Merrimack St., cor. Nesmlth, Lowell. Re- 
fers to HLltson Machine Co., Woods, Sherweod & 

Brg anti J^aitcs 6ooti0. 


Ladles' ('otton Underwear and 
Infants' Appsrel, 

well-made and reasonable in prices. Embroidered 
Flannels, Inf nuts' Cloitk*, Lace OajK|. Oroohated 
Sacques and Coriel Waliis at 



78 Merrimaok Street. 


Open today 20 pieces more of these celebrated 

Black Cashmeres 

16 inches wide (and they measure that), at 

do Oents a Yard ! 

Actually sold by our competitors at 76 
cents and oouiidered cheap. 

Sl^al Ssitate. 



Times Bailding, 20 Oentral Street. 


Assetlon Sales Coadacted la Both City 
aad Conntrjr. 



Oematewced las 18 IT. 


Noted lor Its Hard and Toafffa Metal, Its 
large varieties ol 


And for Its unrivalled Nawapapar Faces. 


Addreaf orders to JOHN K. BOOEB8, Agent 
56 Water street. Boston. 

4V*The Coorler aad Joomal typa la fW>m this 


Coloreil All-Wool Dress liooils, 

Doable width, at 

Many of these shades are sold at 87 >< cents. 



From 37 Oents to $2.00 a Tard. 

I^oaaa oat Bcal Bstate Bflbeted i Beata 
Collected I Help Puralshed, eto. 

SlS.OUOon hand to loan on bottom real es- 
tate securities at 6 per cent. 

Moner to Ijoan on personal property in 
sums Of f 50 and upwards. 

The Hwitcook Kstate, No. 15 Birat 

Street.— I^nrgc und elegant twoKtory house sub- 
staullally built; stable ooiitalulng two stalls and 
sulliclent amount ot carriage room; 11,000 square 
feet of land. Price $7«.00, on tbe roost favorable 

Coraer ot Fletcher and Broadway.— 
6!t00 rqasre feet o( land with building*; rented on 
lease at 97'M per so uum. I'rice $7000. 

Valuable Property at Weatern Ave- 
nue. — Land aud buildings known as the Lowell 
Boiler Work* uru now oHVred for Kule at a price 
that will secure a ouittoiiier; 1I,«KX) Hquare teet 
of land; boiler uud engine Included lu this sale. 

Valnnble Katnte In Centralvllle, comer 
of Bridge and Kitih streets. Tlie owner is about 
to retrove to Ward Konr audthe property will 
be sold at a low tlgure. 

Cdttaffc House on Fremont street. jiOOO 
feet of laud. Splendid place. I'rice $2800. 

Fine Reslrtenre In Belvldcre. containing 
12 rooms with all the modern convenienoen, »uch 
as hot and cold water tlirough tlie liouae, butU 
room, &o. ; no better location lo town; over 6000 
square feet i land. 

liarce CottaKC. — Few steps fiwm Bridge 
street, flOOO sotiare feet of land, can be purchased 
low and on easy terma. 

Fine Rcsldenee on Branch street, with 
over 80«0 square feet of land; stable in keeping 
with ttie premises. Frl«^-ye-v low. 

/utniture antr Cu 



Needing the room, we offer our large stodL 
fhrniture at lower prices. AU kinds of ca biac 
work made to order. Also modera and an tlqa* 
furniture repaired. 


Sis Fletolier Stveet. 

The Spring Campaign 

For roDOTating the home or famiih- 
ine: the new home ii at hand, and 



At their ext'^niWe 

Furniture and Carpet 


Black, Olive, Broaae, Plum, Nav|r, 

Brown and Garnet Shades of Dreaa 

Slika at Ro«k Bottom Prleea 

In Every Inatanee. 


121—125 Central Street. 

Among the Specialties 


.S6 Central Street, Lowell. 



We offer a handsome line of 








— ATOBLr- 


Sold elsewhere at 81.50. 

We' Warrant Them Pnre 




Ho. 4 Kerrimsok Strset, 

Place belbra tbe pnbUa tlia 


aftha acaaoo. 'Alio, 

Qrssn Fsas, String Baaas, Let- 
tuce, Badishes, Spinaoh and 

Beaaeaaber amr I<aaa>a aro Sprl»« l,amka . 

LO FAPSB8 FOB ,^SAIJB bf tka kaadrctf 


If you want a Black Silk do 
not fail to examine oar celebrat- 
ed Cachemire De NoyI, which are 
nnlTersally acknowledged the 
beat in the market. Samples 
eheerfliily giyen for comparison 
with other makes. 


Hoi. 80 and 82 Merrimaok Btrsst. 


.Pleaaant Corner Honae near the Thorn- 
dilie mill*, la lunny, new and maltea a very deitr' 
able homr. 12260. 

Two Tenement Houae near Braeoh atreet, 
in an extra renting locality. Uenta for at leaat 
$22 per month. I'rice $2100. 

Near tlie Northern Depot.— A. lew atepi 
from tlie horae ours and handy to itereral mllli. 
iLarge oottafte ot 10 rooma ; front and buck atalri ; 
Is supplied wilh city water. Price •■^000. 

Klffht Nlnntea' ^Vellc from tho post offloe 
and quite handy to tho horse curs. Fwo-Mtory 
house new and desirable. $1700. $300 down. 

It te done at laal. — llie most Deautilul 
house In Lowell la Juitt (Inlslied, und «pU iidldly 
located, ovrrleoking the city aud yet oouTeuleiit 
to it. Is in a ttrst-clasii miglitwrhood. It con- 
tains eight square rooiua, ts Kurrounded by ample 
grounds and is ol a style of architeoture the 
beiiutv of which turi)ass«« doscrlptlon. I his is 
no exaggeration. Gall and we will show It to you. 
Price $3000. 

Bararatn Near the Fair Orounde.—Nlce 

oottaite and stable with two stalh: 12,4/00 square 
feet ot° lund eucloseil by fence; plenty of fruit. 
-Price reduced to iUfiO. 

Few HIautea' Walk From the Central 
Bridcc.— A well built and attractive cottage of 
7 flniKhed rooms, occupies a corner lot which Is 
well fenced. Price $liU6. 

Barsatn.— Two story liouae, a few steps fyom 
the horse oars and about ten roinut<'H' wallc ft-om 
tbe poHt office; is unusually well located; large 
lot of land with fruit and shade trees. Can be 
procured for #2600 

Popular Picnie Oronnda, convenient to 
Lowell. Cost $25 000. will sell for $li.000. 

Fine Opportunity for a meobanlo. Part- 
ner wanted in the manufacture of machinery 
that Is in great demand. Kasy terms. 

A Brlslc 4Jroeery Buslnese In a good lo- 
cality for trade: everything In complete running 
order. Stock, Axtnres and team. $iaoo. 

Extra Varletjr and Fone|r Good a Store 

on a main street. Fine location ; new an(L com- . 
plete stock of goods ; Just the piaoe for th# right 
man with money. 


TifTo Handred Acre Farm.— 11 mile* from 
Lowell. Cuts 40 tons hay, keepa 30 head of cat- 
tle, plenty wood for home use. 10(0 fruit treea; 
houae Is a spacious brick builaing of 12 rooms. In 
excellent order; two large barns, Htted for 30 
head of cattle, 40 sheep and 4 horses ; elder mill, 
blacksmith shop, aud a'l the outbuildlnxs of a 
complete farm, and all in good ordi-r; superior 
chHuce for a silo. This farm is located well on a 
main road, ^ mi'e fl-om a flourishing village with 
depot and store accommodations. Anyone wish- 
ing for anch a farm can purchase this ut satlafao- 
tory price and time. 

Tw^o Hundred Acre Form, a few mllea 
from Keene, N. H. About 1000 cord« of stand- 
ing wood. Will keep li or 20 head of stock. 
^ ton maple sugsr per year. Spacious house, 
ample baro, all offered for tbe low sum of'$2S00 

Superior Farm of 85 Acrea And spacious 
buildinga, in excellent order, 7 milri from Low- 
ell, on a height commanding a vievr ol the aur- 
roundlng country for milea. Will sell or ex- 
change. Price $6000. 

Tvrentytaro Acre Farm.- One-half mile 
rem depot and In an easr drive ofLoarell- la 
cdear, smooth and good land, adapted to a variety 
of crops. Splendid new cottage, elegaatiy lln- 
lahed. Fine large henn>rT partltl )nea Into tw- 
aral apartments. Ia a nice pleeaot property. 
Cheap at $2000 



Appleton Block, Central Street, 

Offer their Bervicea in assisting erory 
want and taste for interior decorationi. 
Eyery detail of House Supplies . from 


Oan be fonnd in onr stock, or will be ob- 
tained, or mannfactured, to meet the 
varioos wants of our patrons, and no 
pains will be spared to meet the appro- 
bation of all parties faroriog as ifith 
their orders. In our several departments 
will be presented many types and qa sH- 
ties of 




Adapted to any demand, for woods, jOOT* 
erings and ficish, and it will giye as 
pleasnre to exhibit our line of wares and 
qndte piioffli whioh we guarantee will be 

As Low as the Lowest, 

Qnality of work considered. 


A amarlor artiale fbr atoraa and raapaa. It 
«ala all other poilth la the aiarkat. AMo a 


thing to prevent stovaa that ara not aaad flraai 
rastlBg. Thla polish la warraattdftaaftoBidMt 
aad mfxtaraa ol elajr. Oaee aaad ao Aiainywlli 
feawttbootlt. AfrBtavantadall «?arthaU.S. 

J. 0. CORBBTT k •OW.^aopaiBTosa, 
$«/ rawtnekat Mraat, 
P.O.kexMI. Lowall,. 

Children's Carriages ! 


We are. confident in onr ability to 
offer honest goods at honest orioei. An 
inineotion is solicited; 


l^nmiture and Oorpet Warerooms, 

Appleton Bloek, Central Street* 

at a Bavaaim.— $ mllea from l/owall, 

rfofoYcrSCTaartaof good land with* a 
woodaEdfrnIt; boildinga adct^oata to 


farm, and bCBaalike.' With atoak add toola, 

George Wilkes, Jr., 

Blaak, atar, little white on 
rfn foot. UM hands, weigh • 
lOTSlba., li r«an old. look 
the liat praalnm at \ Man- 
ahaalar. mT U., State m. A., 
D. ISTS; alao at Bradford^ 

_ Vt., State Fair, MSI. Waw 

tralMd tar tka traak. Shove qaart«ri aad haU 
aitlaa ararr day la 19 «>*»:»:. ^Kf^J^^ 
kind, aayMj aaa dHea blm. bla f^are ftat aad 
■aatla. Wlli aaikathe aaaaoa at ■/ PaTlltoa 
ISwSr StaUaa. Malroaa. Haas. $00 In ^•draaw; 

if antfiodaallva, ao, !^'**^J^*J!!!S*LJ!^^m 
Ma.aaay while walttag. *"•»*••*,«•£•:, JJ? 
laka aharca afaiarea at Beaton or Me'ro*f> 

baadB,Slith«ataM>n. ?*K»*S?'^J*J5*t*"g' 

WDkaa. Jr.. dam the John eihepard mare; jaet 

hNtea to haroeaa : aaa trot la 2.60. $2ft ■««£». 

tTsTHOulaHWfc. Melro-e. Maaa-.or SS Tto- 

ICn- It. HO'r». . » YM T".^ MB»<H!f. 


QEOBOB BUTTLE takrs this method to eor 
rcet a mUappreheaslon existing In regard to hla 
position and righta In the abore named cemrterjr. 
The appointment of Mr. L)ons to the general 
aare orthe grounds in ne wise Interfens wfib 
hia stUI azerdslng the cure and supervision ot 
two haadred or more lots which the owners hare 

{»UMadinhis bands, nor with tb« oaMofsaeb 
Ota as Bsy ret be left in his Iceeping, though la 
order, that the wishes of such lot ownera bo 
carried out he ben eyes it is important that or- 
ders be left with him personallr. and not wHh 
emaloyes on tbe pr. raises. Thanking the larM 
number of lot owners who hare entrusted tho 

oa a 

aattsfbotioa. Am- 

right froai the pod. 


care of their grounds to him and hoping to aia 
their continued approbation, he aollelta taa 
Torof otber«,andbyhl8 long experleaaaoa 
eardener aaa asaare perfect aat'sfbotioa. A^- 

den. horse «ar mattoa, liB Oarhsaa^ilrail,. 0««'<4^ 
n»etedbytelaphane. '_ 



Urar vaA klSaay 

Lll ahraala dl a asaaa 


im. S. a. DAHOV.' sr montrnmiOi 

x>ommT WOOD, 


LftMty, aanar rowaU Mv|M$.^L0waa. T* 




/ 1 


LOWELL DAlIiY OOUlUitt^ MQ^DA'T. MAY 1. 1882. 


CnC 1^0\l>AILY COXTIinCB. 




.•••urn Bulldlnc. Merrimack It. 


'IB aU thickly «ettled pnrti of <-»»• «"y (.."T?* 
oeati» month; or 16 oeati » week. Blngle 

iDVKKIlSINQ: One loeh In length of ool- 
' jan (tweUe llaei of uonpareil type) oon«tlt«t«» 

* T*i»u7rcnt adrertlsementii 75 cenU » iquare for 
«nt iDwrtlon. and 25 ceum for ewjh aubaequent 

*N!itiw» In reading type 10 oenti a line for each 
ln«ertlon. No charge leia than 30 oen'a. 

lleadlug notlc«'» In nonpareil tyue. to loHow 
general reading matter, one-iliird aboTe reguUr 

Spedul notice* following reading noUoee. 20 
Mr cent, above regular rate*, 
•lluilne.. uotioeH, In plain reading «>!>•.•»»»•«* 
oTIooal column, ten cenU a line for each Inaer- 

*'*AdTertl«eroen(i In lUe Dally Courier will be 
BMH-ted al*o In the Weekly Journal, for a oor- 
t«eponding time, for ouehalf more than the Da y 
Tjriw. I hu» I hi' price for one .quare In Ibe Ually 
Cc.rler one month la tS-Op. .1^* ""• J^T"*'^*; 
Be<.t would be losirted In the Weekly •'"urna 
for t;ie .ame month lor f^60. Total In bolli 

**'irin.f/n?"aavortUement. nnder the head of 
Wanta, Lost. Fouud, Hoard, Boom*. f<>;,,»»'fr 
To LH. etc.! 13 cent* a line for V'""« i",!" No 
each additional luiertlon 3 cent, per line. No 
charge for less than two linen. 
Legal notice* $1.60 a iquare for three Inier- 

"o"ni iquaro with the privilege of changing 
twlw. a week (the Dally Courier Included), one 
rc«r $30; or #25 without the paper. 
^OMts allowed uulew they are upon meUl 

"jNo^double-celumn advertisement, received. 
Onrns lor two full column*. . , j, a ii„ 

" j*The DAILY COURIER 1« the leadinu da ly 
paper in Middlesex county, and has a larger clr- 
cuiatlon than any other. ^^wm^AW 

Urge and excellent family paper. U alao pnb- 
Ualled by Marden fc Rowell. U U one of the 
laraeat weekly papera In Maa«achu»etts, and ha» 

• liger circulation In the country towns In the 
nelgfifcorhood of Lowell than all the other napera 
putJlUhod In the county combined: »n^ » " 
therefore the best advertising medium lor Loweii 
merchants. Subscription pr'cf • *1^ P*""/"*' *° 
advance, free of postage. Liberal terms to 
Mtteraup of clubs. Advertisements rensonable 
faprtoe. gKOUGE A. MAKDEN. 



€\it lotoell ©ailp Courier, 

MONDAY, MAY 1, 1882. 

ThU is the first day of May and we have 
upt had a really warm, balmy day this spring. 
The trees show scarce a sign of life, and the 
lawns arc barely starting into greenness. It 
Is a backward spring, but we shall soon be 
complaining of the heat. 

The alleged attempt at bribery of a mem- 
ber of the iegislHtare by offering him a trip 
pass on a ruilioaJ turns out as small a matter 
as we supposed it would. When members 
get trip passes by custom on every railroad 
in the connnouweullh, for the asking, the al- 
legation that one would vote differently from 
what he otherwise would for the sake of a 
pass Is too absurd to be worth a minute's In- 
vestigation. ^^^^^^^^^^ 

The state PrU*n. 

The Worcester Spy says the warden of the 
■tiite prison Is not to blame for the miserable 
condition of things at that establishment, for 
be does the best he can with what the slate 
allows him. It winds up Its paragraph, 
toowcver, by telling how the Concord prison 
was ill advised and ill-managed at the begln- 
uing. Why not give ex-warden Chamber- 
lain the tiamc charity and consideration as 
warden Earle receives, and make the com- 
monwealtli his scape-goat also? It is begin- 
ning to be realized ibat the management of 
between 700 and 800 criminals U no boy's 
play, and that the "caramel system" will not 
tinswer as ageneral rule. There are several 
prisoner* now in solitary confinement at the 
prison who defy all decent treatment, and 
who are left to their filth and their vermin 
because nothing else can be done with them . 
To attempt to keep them clean, and make 
them obey the ordinary rules, would require 
many men, and the exposure to much dan'^ 
ger, while the application of neqossary disci- 
pline would probably be met with a general 
howl at the "cruelty" of the management. The 
flgUting among the prisoners is of daily oc- 
currence, and It cannot be helped. Desper- 
ate men like those In the prison will fight 
when opportunity offers. What shall be 
done with tbcraV The philanthropists outside 
will curpand croak, if prUoners are inade to 
behiive. Warden Cliambcriain tried to do 
his duty both by llic state and the prisoners, 
but he was hounded out of bis office by u set 
of men who thought or who protended to 
Ihink the prison could be run belter. War- 
den Enrle seems to be finding out that there 
are more difficulties in the way than he ex- 
pected. He deserves, as every other officer 
situated in like manner does, the sympathy 
and support of the public. He should have 
•Abundant authority to make recalcitrant 
prisonera come squarely up to the rensona- 
ble rules and regulations of the estubllsh- 
ment, and if they refuse to submit, he should 
have power to coerce them. Perhaps the 
prime necessity of our prison system is a 
classification which will put desperate char> 
actera by themselves where they can be prop- 
erly dealt with. We have gone a great 
way in the past few years in multiplying in- 
ducements for good behavior on the part of 
prUoners, which is all right. But we can 
never safely let go any means for forcing 
atubborn men to behave, when coaxing and 
kindness have failed. 

tie lo this case defeated the hill. This was la 
accordance with all his voles when on the 
floor of the House, and with all bis profss- 
sions as a citizen on this question. Certain 
in his own mind that the law whs unconstitu- 
tional in the matter of submitting it to the 
peopleTccrtalu also that the local option law, 
iij whose favor ho had written and spoken, Is 
belter temperance legislation than the pro- 
hibitory law ^ould be, be did not crucify his 
eouscience or bis consistency, and vote for 
the bill to secure "any gift in the power" of 
the pftohibitionists to give him. And this, in 
Mrs. Livermore's opinion, "covers him with 
Infamy." We *ubmlt that wheft 0|)en and 
ostentatious hypocrisy is thus preached, by 
MUch a woman as Mrs. LIvermore, on a Sun- 
day evening, in a Christian church, as a 
virtue to b«> practised by a public man, we 
may well despair of honest politics. Mr. 
Sqiyci has been among the ablest and most 
outspoken champions of the woman suffrage 
cause in the legislature for six yeagi. He 
couid hardly be blamed if such principles as 
Mr(»^Livermore advances should stagger his 
fiiilh In the expediency of extending the area 
of bitter intolerance and unjust condemna- 
tion to wlilch political consistency subjects 
our public servants. We confess it staggers 
ours. -.^ 


Congressmen who withdraw from the 
gubernatorial canvass, because they can do 
more good in Congress, probsbly have the 
additional rea»o» that they are more certain 
of getting tho ofllcc. Custom allows the as- 
signing of the other reason, liowever, and the 
world winks with one eye and wag^ along as 


The attempt is made to show that Dr. 
Newman Smyth was not rejected by the 
board of visllors because of his theological 
views, but because of his incompetency. But 
this will not be generally accepted. 

The politicians may perhaps be able to see 
a cloud as big as a niitn's band in that liitle 

Jathering of friends at the house of Eustace 
!. FItz in Chelsea, on Wednesday evening. 
Wo are at entire liberty to suggest that this 
may be the beginning of a movement which 
will land the genial man of business In the 
gubcrnaiorial chair.— [Fitcbburg Sentinel. 

Wade Hampton has again shown himself 
"too previous." If the prospecis of the dem- 
ocralu- party looked favorable he can be re- 
lied on every lime to give it a set back.— 
[Manchester Union (democratic). 

A Vermont man has recently received 
11800 arrears of pensions, claimed for injur- 
ies received in the service, when the fact is, 
he was Injured in consequence of a fall from 
an armv wagon while so drunk as to Ims un- 
able to keep bfs seat.— [Rutland Herald. 

The Boston Herald, which has pursued 
Mr. Blaine with a malignity that is simply 
devilish, styles Mr. Belmont, aaer his insult 
to Mr. lilaine, as "in every rcs|)ect a perfect 
gentleman." This Is a new definition for a 
cross-examiner who distorts the testimony of 
a witnct^s and then grossly insults him.— 
[Nashua Telegraph. 

There is a provision of law that men who 
were in the confederate service shall hsve no 
place in the army or navy of the United 
States. Why should not that provision be al ■ 
lowed to remain? The sons of Jeff Davis and 
ft. E. Lee may be at West Point and in the 
army, but Jeff Davis himself Is barred from 
a position in that service which he betrayed. 
It is too much for Wade Hampton to ask, 
when he suggests that the country should be 
willing to acknowledge that "God onlv 
knows who was right."— [Fitchburg Senti- 


The temperance people of Watartowa 
h;ive raised a fund of 91500 for the atrlct en* 
forcement of the licenae law dunog tbe ec» 
■uing year. 

WilHam 8. MacFarlline of Marlboro' sent 
to Rochester, Ind., for a 96 musical Instru- 
ment be saw advertised, and ia return got a 
box full of sticks. .\ 

Tho Fitchburg Railroad compatiy and Its 
employes are exonerated from all blame in 
the case of Catherine Berry, who was struck 
and killed by an engine on tbe company's 
road at Ayer on tbe 10th inst. 

The water board has awarded $10,000 
damages to Mrs. Henry F. Durant, on ber 
claim for laud taken from the Durant estate, 
near Welleslev college, in 1816, for the pur- 
pose of building a bridge lor the Silabury 
river conduit. 

»I keen that wonderful medicine, 8t, 
Jacob's Oil, both at my home and oflloe, and 
esteem it, without any exception, tbe most 
eflicacious remedv in th; world for rheurac- 
tisin, etc.," says Supit. O'Neill of the Domln« 
ion police, Ottawa, Canada. 

Is Hirpoertsjr a Vlrtttet 

8he condemned Speaker Noyes as a man 
who had covered himself with infamy, 
whereas he might have covered himself with 
glory, and endeared himself to tbe temper- 
ma^e people, who would have offered him any 
gift in their power. 

The above paragraph is reported as from 
an address by Mrs. LIvermore in Somcrvllle, 
Sunday evening, April 28. Let us examine 
It a little. Speaker Noyes did not vote to 
teeek a tie on the prohibitory bill. He has 
•Iwaye declined to brM|^ie in three years' 
•ervice as Speaker. HJ^P^sal to break tho 


The Reported Release of Pamell. 

A despatch from Dublin says : "The re- 
port that Mesiirs. Parnell, Dillon and O'Kel- 
ley are to be imraodiately released is false, 
A brother of Mr. Redmond, M. P., and two 
other persons have been released from Kil- 
mainham. It is reported that the appoint- 
ment of Earl Spencer as lord lieutenant of 
Ireland is provisional, pending the arrival of 
Lord Dufferln." 

More PliKs to Kill the Csar— 300 Ar- 

A man named Koboseff Bogdanowitsch re- 
cently submitted to the authorities of Mos- 
cow a plan for the illumination of the Krem- 
lin, tbe imperial palace, with electric lights. 
Inquiries were instituted, and it was discov- 
ered that the intention was to blow up tbe 
whole Kremlin during the festivities attend- 
ing the coronation of the Czar. At the man's 
residence there were found a number of peas- 
ants* caps, the crowns of which were filled 
with explosive material. It is supposed 
that these caps were intended to: be thrown 
into the air in greeting to the Cz ir, and that 
on falling to the ground, their contents 
would have the effect of bombs. Bogdan- 
owitsch and 300 nihilists have been arrested. 

It is reported that another mine has been 
discovered on the Moscow railway, and still 
another under the imperial pavilion at the 
Moscow exhibition building. . 

Consplratora Sentenced. 

Thecourt-marlialat Cairo, in the case of 
the persons concerned in the conspiracy 
against Arab! Bey, finished its sitting on Sat- 
urday. Forty-tliree of the accused were sen- 
tenced to be exiled; and the rest, being civil- 
ians, were sentenced to be banged by the civil 


War is seriously threatened between Uru- 
guay and Brazil in consequence of the maU 
treatment of Brazilians In Uruguay. Both 
countries are concentrating troops on tbe 

Lieutenant Danenhower and others of the 
Jeannette parly reached Moscow on Saturday 
in good health. 

Six Irish suspects were liberated from Naas 
prison Saturday. 

John Charles Frederick Zi>ellner, the Ger- 
man astronomer and natural philoso|)her, is 
dead. • 

Two hundred Jewish families will leave 
Wilna, Russia, for America today. 

Ktaac Kalakana'a New Palace. 

As a matter of local pride. Bostonians will 
be glad to know Ibat the silver and plated 
ware for King Kalakaua's elegant new f 200,- 
000 palace was fbrnished by the well-known 
firm of Bigelow, Kennard A Co., of this ciiv. 
During bis visit to Boston some years ago,Hls 
Majesty made numerous purchases of this 
house, which no doubt influenced him to 
place with them this ImporUnt order. The 
goods, which arc of elegant design, antl made 
to special order, were taken in charge by 
Col. C. II. Judd, the Roval Chamberlain, 
who left Boston on the i5th Inst., and Will 
sail from San Francisco May 6tb for Honolu- 
lu.— [Saturday Evening Qaxette. 

C. £. l^ooU & Co. 

Coml>ines tbe 
Bbst Bemedies 
of the vegetable 
kingdom, and In 
such proportion 


In the history of proprietary medicines has 
any article met success at home equal to that 
which h" been poured upon IlooD'i fiABaA- 
TAKiLUU Why, such has been the success 
of this article, that nearly every family In 
whole neighborhood* have been taking it at 
the same time. Every week brhigs new evi- 
dence of the wonderful curative pn^rtles of 
this medicine. 


aa to derive their greatest medicinal effects 
with the least disturbance to the whole sys- 
tem. In fact this preparation Is so well bal- 
anced in Its action upon the alimentary 
canal, the liver, the kldtaeys, the stomach, 
tho bowels and the clrculatloh of the blood, 
that It brings about a healthy action of tlie 
entire human organism, that can hardly be 
credited by those who have not seen the re- 
markable results that have followed Its use. 
If the Sarsaparilla does not prove sufficient- 
ly laxative, take a few doses of Hood's Veg- 
etable Pills, it Is well In all cases of 
biliousness to lake these pills In connection 
with the Sarsaparilla for tbe fli-st ten days. 
That dull, sleepy, sick feeling can be wholly 
overcome by the use of these remedies. Win 
you give them a trial and be yourself again? 

An ex-alderman of Uds city says of Hood's 
Sarsaparilla. " It is the strongest Sarsapa- 
rilla I ever saw." 

Each dollar bottle contains one hundred 
(averages) doses. Sold by all druggists. 

Pi'lce one dollar, or six for five dollars. 

Hood's Sarsaparilla, prepared only by C. 
I. HOOD & CX)., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. 

C::p-Use Hood's Tooth-Powder. 



Wholesale aad retail dealer la all klads of West* 
em, Caaa^ aad Horlbara 

Aim Pine. Cedar and Sjurhoe SUagles, Olap- 
boards. Laths, Fenoe Plckeisi Posts, *e. 


riaulnf, Mateblag aad Sawing doae to order. 

Oorner of Book and Mt. Veraoii Btreeti, 


S; C. Pratt & Co. 

Woald call the atteatloa of eoatraetors sad 
rrs to their large stock of 


You want your elelghs stored in a dry plaoe? Do 
you want your carriages painted or Tarnished 
with Kood stock, aud well done at a (air price? 
If yes, bring them to 16 Rock street, and we will 
do them as we state al>ove. Wo charge but a 
trifle per mocfTi for storage. 



powder, nicely perfumed, that miikes half a pint 
that will not i<poll. for ten cent*. A cake of white 
toilet soap for 5 cents. A Qaaasia cap for 10 
cents. All bargains at 


Apothecaries, comer Central and Middlesex Sts. 

^%^ Es cm:t.a.eile 

Jaundice Bitters, a remedy for all bilious com- 
plainlR, Imparities of the blood, disordered con- 
dition of the stomitoh, liver and Iwwels. Pre- 
pared by 

J£, O. CABTEB, Apothecary, 

. Cor. Merrimack and Bridge Sis. 





We have Just received new patterns In 


See tbem before having yoar 

Pictures Framed 


86 Merrimack Street. 


Tells you he has the same thing as 


Dont believe him fbr it Is FALSB. There Is 

only one Magical Cera Reniover and that is 

maaufaetured, sold and warranted liy 

HerM E. Welster, 53 E. lerriiact St. 


Also soU by C. I. Hood * Go^ M . O. Carter, 
B. B. Fullerton, G. B. Kimball, r. * B. BaSley k 
Co., Qeo. C. Osgood h Co., B. L. Bamsdell, A. C 
Plnkham, Boger J. Laag, M. B.Thoaipsoa, O. L. 
Field, Ward Five Drac Store (H. L. Havea), 
Hamilton Drag Store (XMSton a 8baw),0.<;. 

iS|)(^niut9 ^ 4[Uiiiiiin0« 

Sherman & Manning, 

Largest Furnltare 


ttMl €fiiate* 

Boards, Clapboards, Laths, Gut- 
ters, Mouldings, BraeketB, 
Doors, Windows and Frames, 
Hard Wood Fiooring and 
Sheathing, Spruee and South- 
ern Pine Timber, 

Furnished at short aoUee. Haviaf a ssUl la 
eonceotion with our yard we are prepared to ftir- 
alib promptly every description of 

Mill and House Finish. 

Wamesit Steam Mills. 


Look at These Figures ! 

The JEtna will Insure your life, cottinc from 
f 11.00 per 91000 upwards, acoordluc to aae; only 
one payment each year. This old and strong 
eompaay furuUhes relUible lasuranoe at less cost 
tbau any other cood company. 

ALLliN T. HODOifi, No. IPrescott street, or 
GKOKGK E. MliTCALF, 36 Central street, will 
give al l particulars. _^__ 




re-ins ur- 


Cash ai»eU Jan. 1, 1882, 
Total liabilities, including 

Net assets, $207,761.66 

Policy Holders Sluire In die Profits o» 
Kxpiratlon of PoUeles. 

pividends. Fifty Per Cent. 

{ DiRECrrORS :; 

. Levi SpaAOUB. Johm F. Kimball., 

BnwAKD Tuck. Addison PuthaM, 


Cua8. H. Cobukm Wm. F. Salmon, 

Jacob Eookkb, Johm F. Howb. 

OMce, Ho. »t Central St., I<oweIlt Mass. 

LEVI SPKAGUK, President. 

E. M. TUCKE, Secretary. 

d^Insurance to any amount elfected In relia- 
ble oompanies. 

B. M. rvcmm, AcoBt. 

m CoMtnU Street. 



ifsdWinfes Bank Block, No. 138 jrerrfsiadt St. 
Lowell, Mass. 



>••••• a 




have lost or fsuad aaytklag, adrerOse aths 
«Uv Hoarier 

President, JACOB BOOERS. 

Cashier, JAMES 8. HOVET. 

SawALL O. Mack. Obobob Eiplbt, 

Uhables Hovet, Jacob Roorrs, 

Wm. a. Bubkk Fbamk F. Battles. 

OaoRoa MOTLBT, A. G. Cumnock, 

jamcs B. Fbascib, Danikl Hussby. 

Drafts drawn on Boston ud Mew York. 

Dividends collected. 

Collections made on all points in the United 
States and Canadas. 

.Market rates paid for American and Foreign 
GOLD and siLTsa, oold cocpoiie and Cajtada 


Bills of exchanqe and lettebs of cbbdit 
available 10, all parts of Europe. , 


Window Shades! 


fiollatids and Opaques 

■ ■i 


112 OentTAl Street. 

— i' ■ ■ . Ill ■» ■ ■ ■ ■ » 



Carpet Dealers, 

And Largest and Best Located 
Wareroams in the CUy, 

Best Heleeted and Best Amiiged 
Btoek Erer Hhown In Low- 

. >ii I K ;j iii n I rf-r* I i---n - T iTii i iT i f 1 1 " r i i i^"ii a^T'r— mri'*'"V'TTii'W~ I ' ^ '" i ' 

Before yoa ptircbase yotir hoase- 
keeping goods for the season it will 
pay you to examine our elegant stock 
which we have had manufactured dur- 
ing the past winter expressly for cus- 
tom trade, and ia superior In every 
respect to any stock ever shown here, 
and you will conclude we do not 
make a strong statement when we 
say we have the finest stock in Low- 
ell and sell goods at lowest prices. 

To correct the impression that 
some dealers have tried to create 
*'that we only carry the finest and 
most expensive goods," we will say 
that our stock of medium and low 
priced goods is by far tbe most ex- 
tensive and varied of any stock in 
the city, and has been selected with 
especial reference to the wants of 
those who are looking for the newest 
style of first-class goods at low 
prices In Parlor, Chamber, Library 
and Dining Boom Furniture and Car- 
pets of every description. 

Elegant Parlor and Chamber Suites 
made up and ready for immediate de- 
livery. We show as usual the finest 

Our stock of Chamber Sets in 
Black Walnut, Ash and Painted is 
very large, and includes many ele- 
gant patterns which are entirely new, 
made expressly for us from our own 

We have received direct fl*om the 
manufacturers the finest line of Car- 
pets, Oil Cloths and Straw Mattings. 
The celebrated Lowell Body Brus- 
sels and Lowell Extra Super Car- 
pets, which are conceded by the best 
judges to be the finest goods made in 
this country and superior to any- 
thing imported, we take tbe lead in, 
and show much the best line, includ- 
ing many private patterns of our own 
that are not shown and cannot be ob- 
tained by any other dealer, all at the 
regular price of open patterns offered 
by others. 

Book Cases, Secretaries, Writing 
Desks, Sideboi^ds, Chiffoniers, in 
Mahogany, ^Ebony, Waliiut and Ash. 
)tVe '^how a larger line tban any two 
l^tores in this city. 

Dp not purchase any d^epcription 
of |tousekeeping Goods till yi5u ex- 
amine our stock and prices. 

Sherman & Manning, 


3, 5, 9 and II Presc(tft Str€et, 



Bsal !s|ate mil Inspcif, 

He. 1 Freioott St.. Lowell. 

Help of All Kinds, both Male and Fe< 
malf , Famished and Wanted. . 

Oa tlie HlsAUuds.— Cottage, 7 rooms, cit/ 
water, sewer, iOOO feet land eovered with choice 
fi-ult. Frlee iSiiOO. Excellent nelghhors. (489) 

HearSlaaw MoeklMff Co.— Sstorjr hoese, 

10 flnished rooms, bath room, water doset,'dottble 
bay windoir, Diassa, gas, city water, sewer, good 
shed, ncartjr woo feet land. Price $M00. (480) 

In ■ Pleasant VlllaK* a few miles from 
Lowell, a very pr«tty cottage, pantry, 'i nore* 
land, applea, pears, pf sohee and other fk-uit. good 
plaoe for poultry. I'rioe only teM. <460) 

In CentralTllie.— New two-ftory hous#, 
rooms, fitted fbr two tenements, bath rooms, not 
snd oold water in twth slok«, two water eloset*, 
lUtihen in lower tvnrment ttnUhed In ash. house 
It tbe mott thorough manner and of the 
bestof material, well pspered and painted in- 
side and out, eooo feet of land.. Prlee $4S00, on 
easy terms. (490) 

We hare Just hsd placed in our hands for sale 
the enUre stock and Uxturei of a flrst-olass street 
t>oaiding house, everything new and In ^•fj best 
of order. '1 hli is a cbanoe seldom olfered ; now 
paying 25 per cent net; owner can rerify this by 
nis books. Call at olBee lor particulars. 

On tbe HlBMlanda.— Two-story liouse, L, 

11 roosM, pantry, bath, double t>ay window, S 
plassas, flnisheo in modern style inside and out, 
good bam with carriage room, 4000 feet of land, 
fenced and graded. Price 94^00. (472) 

In Pnirtnefcetville.— Beautiful snbarban 
residence one mile Irom poet offlce, twe-story 
bouse, L, 11 rooms, plenty of closet room, pantry, 
wasliroom, floor cemented, set tubs, splendid 
ceMar, nerer Ireesei, house heated br furnace, 
gas and water in both house and bam, hurge 
bam with cellar, 3 italls. ample carriage room, 
ft acres land with all kind* fruit, concrete walks 
about the house, a large graTel bank on the 
premises now being woned. Price $8000; ouTcry 
easy ternu. (474) 

|n West CHelntsford.— (}ood chance for in- 
yestment, 2-ttory hons^, containing four tens- 
menu of ft room* each, and two oottages of 7 
rooms each, all nearly new and well rented, pay- 

160 DevoAshin Street, 





Viake'i Block. 

Plash aad light woolen OaiVlage Robes la Mill, 
laat, medium aad snbdned shades and eolortags, 
etpeoUlly adapted to 8PSUIO AMD SUMMEB 
USK, at 

WM. P. -BRAZBa * 0O.*S 

Oonaer BsM amd Olowo ttore. 

JP^KK t FflElS X 

SAtuday, April SSad, we shall eemmeaee giv- 
ing to erery eastomer baylac goeds to the 
amovBt of M seats aad apwards, a very kapd- 
sosM PlaqM. dcelfsed espressly for as. Call 
early before they are all foae. 

O* I. HOOD * CO., Pmciiflta, 

ing over nine per cent. About one acre of Is 
Price $0000. Taxes only %7 per $1000. (47ft} 

In CentralTllie. —Cottage, L, 7 roonu, eles- 
ets, pantry, double parlor*, bay window, piaasa, 
dty water, gaa, sewer oonnecilon. good, dry cel- 
lar, 3700 feet ofland. Price $3000. (478) 

Mear Clielmsrord Streot.— 3 new 3-story 
houses, L, 8 rooms, pan ry, closets, shed, wel 1 
arranged, flnlshed in modern style and very tas- 
ty, psinted and papered insldij and oat. Price 

In PasrtneketvlUe.— Splendid 2-story house, 
L, 12 rooms, with all the most modern conren- 
ience*, not a room la the liouse but what has the 
sun, was built for the owner's use by the day snd 
the very beat of material used ; a cood bafn with 
ampleoarriage room, split stone underpinning; 
about one acre of land with fruit of all kindi ; 
no finer place with s better Tlew can be found in 
LowelL Price $7000, terms easy. (481) 

IVe baire some verw desirable fknns 

and In good location*, stall pricet and on rery 
ea*y terms of payment. Call for desorlpUon. 

Business Chances of all kind*, such as drug 
store, livery stable, fish route, restaurant, board 
ing houses Ac. 

Hose! Hose! Hose! 









IX> WBIili. 



Latest Sheet Miisic 

For ft cents per copy. Ton can get the same 
thing at tiia LOWELL AKT STORE for 



Large Framed Chroinds, 

g^M 22x30, two aad one-kalf lash "f /mm. whlaat 
and gilt, stretebed aad T«n4^ed*..«W OBB 


100 Meilte for U..— ', • 
100 Faaey Cards for teachers, lOe; 
80 Faaey (Tarda, bo ttro alike, 10s. _ ^ 
60 Kali«y Cards, ae two aUkc, rety prrtty, «e. 
lOO Asserted faahseasd or Deeetallag PIM- 

Oaras la sets. Chromes and Embossed Pietnres 
for sard alUuu. Alse a large jaricty of Frames, 
Ohromos. Birthday rar<ls, Panels. BaseU, fce.. 
Ae., at priecs that eaaaot be dnplleatcd. 









H. bIybarker'S, ^1 


MONDAY, MAT 1, vm. 


Hod. Rodney French died at bU homo in 
Hew Bedford Bundajr. 

Ix-Oov. Cbeney of New Hampfiyre and 
tumj will sail for Europe Wedneillay, in 
tb» Cunafd steamer Caledonia, frOm New 

Judge O. P. Lord of tbe supreme court was 
taken inddeuly aud seriously ill at bis homo 
In Salem on Sunday, aud Is In a critical con- 
dition. He Is aO years of ago. 

Secretaries Clark and Alden of BostDn, Of 
the American Board of Foreign Misslous, 
whlfh meets in Portland, Me., in October, 
f poke at various cburcbes iu tbat city Sun- 

Charles Rowell, tbe pedestrian, bad a nar- 
row lOscape from serious injury Saturday. 
He vf as riding bebiud one of Peter Duryea's 
trotters, a stailiou witb a record of 2.28, 
when tbo borse ran away, tbrowiug tbe 
Eaglisbmun out and hurting bis back and 
one of his legs. 


A woman in Surry bas an oleander tree 
bearing 68 blossoms and 106 buds. 

Cbanning Folsom, a teacher in tbe Eliot 
school, Boston, bas been cboseu superintend- 
ent of public schools in Dover, at a salary of 

•1«00. ^^ /,! 

By the derallmOnt Ofh freigbtr- train at 
South Cbarleslown on tbe 18tb ult. there 
were 863 bogs slaughtered In an uuusual 

• -t 

The real and personal property inventoried 
as belonging to tbe city of Portsmouth 
amounts to $991,950.71. Tbo municipal debt 
if nearly f 100,000 less. 

The first year's running of tbe Concord 
Horse railroad ended on tbo 2&th of April, 
and tbe whole number of passengers carried 
during tbe year was 118,988. 

Mary, wife of Dr. A. B. Story, a promi- 
nent citizen of Maucbestcr, died suddenly 
Saturday night of apoplexy. Deceased 
" loaves a large property in ber own right. 
J*; Franklin Falls is looking forward to a rail- 
road wbich is to connect witb tbe B., C. and 
M. road at Tillon. Tbe moving spirit in tbe 
eaterprtse is tbe Winnipesaukee Paper com- 
paiy. ■ ' Jt ■ I." 

The steamer Lady of tbe Lake, owned by 
tbe Boston, Concord and Montreal railroad, 
after having been tborouKbly planked and re- 
built this winter, was successfully launched 
at Weirs Saturday uacrnoon. 

It is rumored ibnt tbe Ea4 Concord post 
office Is.filled with letters uddressed to tbat 
«<basbful bachelor, with a military title," and 
tbat "wealthy widower," who is anxious to 
endow bis next wife with u fortune. 

World will probably bo resumed In tbe Sug- 
ar Blver paper mills at Ciareraoiit, which 
were recently damaged |20,000 by flre. in 
about six weeks. Tbe company gave flOO to 
tbe widow of Warren Whitney, who was 
killed at ibo time. 

The Unitarian society of Keene, of which 
Bev. Mr. Walkley Is pastor, on Sunday 
raised in a few hours f4000, enough to pay 
Its entire Indebtedness, commencing the now 
year with no debt. Tbe cbuvA rentals will 
pay cur|«Dt expenses. 

Wm. Hayne Leavcll preached his last ser- 
mon as pastor of tbe First Baptist church in 
Maucbestcr on Sunday. Ho announced tbat 
he should retire from tbe Baptist denomina- 
tion, because it does not, ns be claims, "allow 
•ufficient liberty of Ibought." 

A bill in equity was brought by certain 
Btockbolders in New England against tbo 
Oregon Mining company Saturday at Con- 
cord, prtiying for tbo appointment of a re- 
ceiver, and to enjoin tbo directors from dis- 
posing of any of the assets of the company. 

Thomas Foley, a river driver In the em- 
ploy ol Isaac Bowman, was killed Saturday 
afternoon while engaged in brenking a land- 
ing of logs about four miles above Lancaster, 
on tbe Connecticut river. His home was in 
I Bartlett, whpro bo leaves a widow aud cue 

■At i?0?J«S&^ Saturdny, trt the case of 
Mrs. Oeorglanna W. Elit vs. Goo. W. Ela, a 
suit for divorce, a bill was decreetl, with ali- 
mony^of f2fi,000. Tbe parties l\ve In Allen* 
town. A motion for a new bearing has been 
made, on* tbe ground of newly-discovered ev- 
idence, t 

For tb^ ifourtb lime within 80 years a por- 
tion of the canal wall beneath ib^ wool sort- 
ing department of the Manchester mills at 
Mancheater fell In Saturday evening, and 
until it la repaired none of tbe cotton mills 
can atart up. It' hi expected to hare it re- 
paired today. 

Mr. StjEphen Soafs ofOreat Falls, while re- 
turning flrom'D«ver' in his wagoO recehtly, 
... waa attaoked.. by four bighwaymeu, but re- 
pulaedthMD all. though unarmed, and got 
safely holne. The rascals bad placed several 
rail! acrctoa tbe road, which Mr. 8o«n avoid- 
ed by drijring to one side. 





' 229 MerriaiMk Street, 
aw» n6on apoy» Tujomm muMMfg, ,,^.^^ 

tMi jkargalns. Ti Lawmee stival, 

Casey ^ White's shoddy mill, and 
meobaniojil abopa at pblladelphia 
burned Sitarday. Loas 940,000. 
. Tbe attf)le andbllliard hail and bowling 
•iley of tbe Aair yiow bouse at Ca«iden, Moii, 
were burned Btinday. Loss #4500. ^ ^• 

Aboot two-thirds of Mie buildinfs of tbe 
Oeiser ll|inu<twtarl»« Company's AMtory at 
Waynesboro'. P«.» Wore- burned Saturday. 

a. Smith's sash factory 

ia Troy. N. Y. 

) I m « 

Why ii6t Interest Tourseir In yoi^rtemUy 
•Kponasol Yottcan mako • freat savbif by 
ttt/nt Booeh'a soapo. 

J^W^L DAILY COPft£B»« MONDAY. MAY 1, 1882. 

tlW h l ■ ' !> I ' I | " l|l>l I l| I I I . 11' . ' " ' ■ " -' ■ - ' ' '' ..* ' -, ■ ■ 



aai4 OaattesiO 

In tbe House, Saturday, tbe 'Speaker laid 
before tlio House a communication from tbe 
secretary of tbe treasury relative to tbe reor- 
ganisation of tbe Second Nalional bank of 

Ciqcinnati, 0. "fbe communication consists 
of a letter from tho comptroller of tbe eur> 
reucy to Mr. W. S. Bowe. oasbier of the 
bank, uudcr date of April 18. The letter 
savs : 

"Under the recent decision of tbe attorney 
general there is nothing In the present law to 
prevent stuckbo\6vai «(<'''^t*flH>' 
a«sociutions, tbe tWmoift 'Itb 
or which have gone Into voTunfary 
tlou under sections 0220 and 5221 of the re- 
vised statutes of tbe United Stut^, from or- 
ganizing other banUjng auoolations of tbo 
same name. * «~*^* To #void difficulties 
which might ensue were you^to wait until 
tbe expiration of your frnncliise at the close 
of tbe business on Mav 25 (tbe date upon 
which tbo charter of tbe bank expires), tbe 
present association should bo put Into volun- 
tary liquidation by (be vote of tbe stoclkbold- 
ers owning two-tuirds of t^e stock uudertbe 
sections above mentioned. Your stockliold- 
ers should proceed to organise tbo uow bank 
In precisely the same way its If there hud 
been no Second National bank of Cincinnati 
in existence, paying in 50 per cent, of U» 
cspltal, etc., as required by tbu National 
Banking law. Any uf the stockholders, not 
less ibun five persons, can cuter into urlicles 
of aMHociuliou for u bunk with a cupKul of 
1200,000. When tbe old bunk is lu liquida- 
tion its depositors can bo rcoueitod to wilb- 
(Iraw their accounts from ft by check, and 
reopen them with the new bank. Those not 
willing to do so must be paid. Tbe assets 
can then, with consent of tbe stockholders, 
bo truntiferred from tbe board of directors of 
the old bank to tbat of tbe new.'' 

Tbe communication also contains a letter 
from tbe Comptroller of the Currency to tbe 
Speaker of tbe IIuuko, iu wtiieh the follow- 
ing language is used : 

"It will be »een tbat tbe organization of 
tbe new bank in tbe city of Ciucinnuti was 
easily arranged, for tbe reason tbat the inter- 
ests Of all tbe sbarebolders of tbe old bunk 
were considered lu tbe orgAiization of tbe 
new. ComplicHtions will, however, be like- 
ly to aristi in tbe organizution of new associa- 
tions designed to succeed those whose corpo- 
rate existence Ih to expire unless some act is 
passed by tbe present CongrcHS authorizing 
tbo continuance of these nutional bunks, 
whose corporate exlNteuce will cease prior to 
Feb. 25, 1888. The number of nationul 
banks whose corporate existence bas ex- 
pired or will expire during tbe present 
mouth is 11; in tbe month of June, 16; and 
In tbe month of July, 24." 

The communication was referred to tbe 
committed on Banking and Currency. 

Tbe Star Route Cases— Indictments 

In tbe criminal court of tbe District of 
Columbia on Saturday tbe indictments agulnst 
Kate M. Armstrong, one of tbe star-route 
straw-bond defendants, were quashed ou tbe 
ground of misnomer, ber name in the indict- 
ment being put K. M. Armstrong. Arguments 
were aluo beard on motions toquustb (be in- 
dictracnlH against Uoonc and Henderson, but 
no decision was reached. 
The Hallctt KUboutrn Verdlet Set Aside. 

Tlie recent verdict of $100,000 obtained by 
Hallett KlllMurn for false imprisonment bas 
been set aside by tbe circuit court at Wash- 
ington ou tbe ground of excessive damages 
and each sldo Is given 20 days to mako furtber 



Secretary Teller bas taken pity on Dr. 
Mary Walker's destitute circumstances and 
appointed her to a position iu tbe pension of- 

Augustus M. Soteldo pleaded not guilty to 
tbe indictments of killing bis brother and 
murderous assault on Editor Barton Satur- 
day, and was remanded. 

The warrant to pxy Mr. Rudolph, Presi- 
dent Garfield's administrator, $2672 balance 
of salary due at bis death, was signed Satur- 


mmmn*Qfi*» wvprnmAi** 

mrooasasi &mrh»--A llSmm hr Alo«U. 

Tbe fbneral of Ralph Waldo Emerson oo- 
eorred Sunday afternoon in Condord. Near- 
ly every building in town t>ore over the en- 
trance aooi;i^ large black and while rosette 
witb other sombre draperies. The public 
buildings were heavily draped, and even 
homes of tbe very poor bore outward marks 
of grief at the loss of their friend and fel- 
low townsman. Tbe services at tbo house, 
which were strictly privute, occurred at half- 
nastjLvwc, and were conducted by Ilev. W. H. 
^ Jof Philadelphia. They were very 
ifcr- I — §lk character, and only Mr. Furness 
' mJlcffkn In them. Tbe aged mother of the 
" poet, his wife, aud bis daughter Ellen sat 
near tbe coffin. After the private services a 
procession was formed for public services at 
the Unitarian church, whicb is but a sliort 
distance from tbe bouse. The Concord Social 
Circle led tbe way; then followed tbe hearse 
and tho pall-bearers, all relatives of the 
deceased, and following them a few carriages 
witb tbe family and intimate friends. 

At the church many hundreds were await- 
ing tbe arrival of tbe procesHion, and all tbe 
space except the reserved pows was pa<:kod. 
In front of tbe pulpit were simple dei'ora- 
tlons, iMUgbs of pine covered the desk, and 
fn their centro was a hurp of vellow Jonquils, 
tho gilt of Miss Louise M. Alcott. Among 
other floral tributes was an open volume, 
upon one pnge of which, on a white ground, 
was the word "flul»" In blue flowers, this 
was from tho teachers and scholars in the 
EmerHon school. By tbe sides of tbe nulpit 
were white and scarlet geraniums and pine 
boughs, and high on tlie wall u laurel wreath. 
Before 8.30 the pall-bearers brought in the 
plain blucl< walnut coffin, which was placed 
before the pulpll; tbe lid was turned buck, 
and upon it was put a cluster of richly 
colored punsies and a small bouquet of roses. 
While tbe coffin was being brought in 
"Pleyel's Hymn" was rendered on the organ, 
by request of the family of tbo deceased. Dr. 
James Freeman Clarke occupied the pulpit. 
Judge i;;. Rockwood Hoar remained by tbe 
ooffln below, aud when tbe congre- 
gation became quiet made a brief 
and pathetic address, bis voice many 
times trembling with emotion. Mr. Hoar 
began bin tribute with the words, "The beau- 
ty of Inruel is fallen lu its high place.'" He 
then spoke of the world-wide sorrow felt at 
the poet's death and of tho special venera- 
llou and grief of tho towmjpeopie wboconsld- 
ered him their own. He read a selection 
from Parnasus, beginning: "Ho is gone—Is 
dust, ho tho more fortunate, yea, be bath fln- 
lshed." Then turning to the open coffin 
said : "That lofty brow, the home of all wUe 
thoughts and lolly afiplralions, those lips of 
eloquent raunic, that great soul which trust- 
ed In Qod and never let go Its Immortality, 
tbat great heart to which evervtbing was 
welcome that belonged to man, that hospita- 
ble nature, loving aud tender and generous, 
having no repulsion nor scorn for anything 
but raeannoHs and baneness. Ob, friend, 
mother, father, lover and teacher, Insplrer, 
guide, is there nothing more tbat wo can do 
now than to give thee our hail and farewell?" 
Another selection beginning, "A sweet, nt- 

— ly TeleplHWe lo the GOttfter. I ^™ SmtnriUj'g Seeond £dUiOB» 




Ra«e WlUs 

—Four thousand Immigrants arrived in 
New York on Saturday, and nearly 1500 land- 
ed iu Baltimore yesterday. 

—Frank Fistier, a negro, who ravished n 
thirteen- year-old girl Friday, was lynched at 
Gullion, Ohio, Sunday evening, by a mob of 
200 men. 

—Alderman Harry O. Jones of Brooklyn 
bas been acquitted on a churge of aidlnf^ bis 
brotber-in-inw, Stuart, to embezzle the soaool 
funds of the city. Tbe jury were out 40 

—The Indians have murdered two more 
men In Arizona and burned all tbe bouses In 
Sulphur Springs Valley. More murders are 
expected.- Tho Indians have run oflT 46 
horses and 10 mules. ■ ■ 

Infernal Machines Sent to Prominent 
New York Men. 

Two Infernol machines were discovered in 
tbe United States mail-bugs In New York, 
Sunday, addressed to Cyrus W. Field nnd 
W. H. Vanderbilt. One exploded in the bag 
on tho elevated road with a loud report, dis- 
coloring tho mull mutter and scorching the 
leather pouch. They were held in paste- 
board boxes, and were made of canister 
powder, witb electric attachments. Tho 

i>ost offlce officials are making a vigorous ef- 
brt to trace the packages to tho parties who 
sent them. Early Sunday morning John I. 
Davenport visited police headquarters, carry- 
ing with bin a packago which conUined an 
infernal machine siniliar to those sent to 
Messrs. Taaderbllt and Field and evidently 
prepared by tbe sumo person. It bad been 
pia«Bd in his hallway Saturday night, and 
exploiled at 10 o'clock, setting flre to tbe 
door-mat, but doing no other damage. Tbe 
intention was evidently to set flre to tbe 
house. Tbe machine was a clgar-l>ox bound 
with wire, and contained cotton, which was 
set on flre by tbe explosion, the powder be- 
ing Ignited by a fuse. There wss but enough 
C!waer to shatter tbe l>ox and ignito tbe oot- 
B. Mr. Darenpofi heani the explosion, 
and, tnvestlgailag, found bis door-mat in a 
blaae. Thel>ox was probably Intended for 
Superintendent Walling, tbe letter •^W" be- 
ing written on it, be living a few doers dis- 
Unt from* Mr. Davenport. Uetegtivsa are 
endeavoring to discover the oifendcrs. 

■••sitir Hoipiinod. 
Tbe beauty and cotor of tbe hair maybe 
salely regained by u»lng Parker's Hair Bal- 
sans, which la much admired for tta perfame, 
cleaalliiom and dandrqft eracUcatlog prope^ 

Haw t» 

All bard workers are rat^t to bilious aU 
taeka which mar end in dangerous illness. 
ParlMr's Ginger Tonlo will keep the kidneys 
anil Itf or aetlve, and by preTeming the attack 
■avo aiioh atoknesstiota of time aad exponse 
Dotay at each times means danger.— [Detroit 
PctM. 800 other oolamn. 

tractive kind of grace," was then read by 
Judge Hoar, and In conclusion he recited 
one of Dr., Watts'* hymns, specially liked by 
Emerson, tbe first stanza of whicb roads* 
"Lord, when I quit this earthly sUge, 
Where shall I fly but to thy breast. 
For I have sought no other home, 
For I have learned no other rest." 

Judge Hoar's remarks were followed by 
the congregation singing tbe hymn : 
"Thy will be done, f will not fear 
The tkUi provided by thy love." 

Rev. Mr. Furness then read tbo following 
selections from the Scriptures: MaHhowS. 
8-8; John 11.21-26; Acts 26.8-15; Second 
Corlnihlans 4. 17 and 18; First Corinthians 

15. 03-58. 

Rev. Jumes Freeman Clarke delivered a 
long aud very interesting address upon thb 
life and works of the deceased^f tor whicb 
prayer wos offered by Bev. Howard M. 
Brown of Brookllne. . . , . 

A. Bronson Alcott then delivered the fol- 
lowing poem: 
His harp is silent. Shall suooe^sbrs rise, 

Toaohing with renturoas hand the trembling 

Kindle xud raptures, visions of surprise, 

- Aad wake to ecstacy each slarobei-ing thing 7 

Shall life and thought flash new la woaderiag 

As when the seer.transcendent, areat and wise. 
World wide his native melodies did sing, 
Flushed with fair hopes and ancient memorlei ? 

Ah, no I That matohlesi lyre shall silent lie. 

None hath the vanqaished minstrel's wondrous 

To toach that Instrament with art and wiU. 
With htm winged poesy doth droop and die, 
Wtille our dallafte. left voiceless, must lament 
The bard high heaven had for iu serviee sent. 

Tbe exercises in the church closed with a 
benediction, and over an hour was occupied 
by passing files of neighbors, friends and vis- 
itors, looking for the last time upon tbe fuce 
of the dead poet. The body was robed com- 
pletelv in white, and the face bOre a natural 
and peaceful expression. From tho church 
tbe procession reformed and took up Its way 
to the cemetery. Tho grave was made be- 
neiitb a tail pine upon the hilltop to the east 
of Sleepy Hollow, the overturned sod being 
concealed by slrewings of i>ine boughs, a 
border of hemlock spray surrounded the 
grave and llne«l Its sides completely. The 
services were very brief, and tbe casket was 
soon lowered to its finul resting place. 

Rev. Dr. Haskln?, cousin or tbe family, an 
Episcopal clergyman, read the Episcopal bur- 
ial service, and closed with the l<oru's prayer, 
ending at tbe words, "and deliver us from 
evil." In this all tbe people joined. Dr. 
Ilasklns then pronounced n benediction. Aft- 
er all was over the grandchildren passed In 
turn by tbe open grave, each throwing into 
Its depth a bouquet of flowers. About 16 
rods to tho westward on tbe same hill are 
the graves of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Hen- 
ry D. Thoreau. Among the more prominent 
persons present at tbe services were Oliver 
Wendell Holmes, Geo. .W- Curtis, Oen. 
Banks, Judge Hbssell, Darwin E. Ware, 
Bev. Francis TiflTany of New York, Bevs. 
Chandler Bobbins and Edward A. Horton, 
pastora of Emerson's (brmer charge In tbe 
Second parish, Boston: ex-Mayor LInooln, 
ex^Ov. Talbot, President Bllot, and Prbfs. 
Pierce, Hosford, Hilts and Norton of Har- 
vard, Mrs. John A. Andrew and daughter, 
and Ber. Mr. Oreen^of Montreal. The poet 
Wbittler was not in attendance. 


Tbe Lawrence Weavers' Union bold a 
meeting Saturday night, which waa thinly at> 
tended. The president claims tbat only two 

ring ipinners have returned to. worlc at tbe 
Paolflo milla, and that bat eighl male spin- 
ners who reoelf ed relief niads sinoe tbe 
strike began are now working; also, that the 
number of weavers workl^i ia the Paolflo 
mill ia mueh amalterthkh reported. 

Tbo* atrikbaf opOrttlvoa ot tfto Harmony 
mUlf at. COlwoe (liOiddd,atamMnmbettng 
Saturday night, not to go to work today. 
Despatobes were reoeived from trades unions 
at New York and PltU^yrg oaring aid. 

Canadian Wins Hla 
Great Base. 

London, May 1.— The rowing match be- 
twfon iiaulan of Toronto and Trickctt of 
Auitrulia bas Just taken place on tbe Thames, 
and bus been won by Hanlan by four lengths. 
Tbe course was from Putney to Mortlake, 
aod tbe stakes \^ere £1000. Hanlan won the 
raoe with great ease. 


A Convlet Djrlng. 

BOSTOK, May 1.— Oardner 0. Fuller, of the 
ship Western Sea notoriety. Is lu au almost 
dying condition at Cbarlea street Jail. Dr- 
McCollum, tbe city pbysiciau, bas pro- 
nounced Fuller to be Jn deep and quick con- 
sumption, and says be cannot live more, than 
a month. Fuller, although convicted, bas 
never been sentenced, because of exceptions 

Sending before the supreme court. His 
ail will probubly be reduced to a nominal 
sum todi^y, s6 as lo allow his release. He 
bas an aged and devoted mother. 

JudgeXord'e Condition. 

~ A despatch received by Chief Justice 

Morton of the supreme court at 0.80 this 

morning announces that Judge Lord-^trick- 

eu with paralysis al Salem yesterday— passed 
a moderately ' comfortable night, altnougb 
not having wholly recovered consciousness. 
Fatal Dose of Aconite. 
Christopher Emerson, an old citizen of 
Maiden, living on Fore street, died early this 
morning by taking an overdose of aconite. 

Dead JBodyr AsKorc. 

The dead body of an unknown man came 
ashore at Revere beach yesterday, and is now 
in charge of tbe police of Bevero awaiting 
tdentiflcullon. He was of dark complexion, 
darkbair, small moustache aud blue eyes, 
with slifflit imperfection in tbe right one. He 
was about 5 feet 6 inches In height, had on 
dark overcoat aitd under coat, pantaloons 
and light vest, striped calico shirt and con- 
gress D00t«. 

Funeral of Oen. Hnrlbnt. 

Bblyidekr, 111., May 1.— Tbe remains of 
Gen. Stephen A. Hurlbut, late minister to 
Pern, were burled witb appropriate ceremo- 
nies here on Sunday. About 10,000 people 
were present. Among the partlcipjints In 
tbe ceremonies wire flvo companies of tbe 
8d regiment, state militia, six encamp- 
ments of Knights Templars, a number of 
Blue)odxe!4, the bench and bar of Belvidere. 
and too vetcrHns of tbe lute war who served 
under him. Public and private build- 
ings were universally draped, and sev- 
eral arcbcs spanned tbe streets. Tbe 
services were held in the public square. Aft- 
er an address by W. W. Wood, be read a 
series of rettoluiions thanking the Peruviuns 
for their expressions of kindness to Minister 
Hurlbut, closing witb the prayer that Peru 
may be renutlonulizcd and raised up. Bev. 
Dr. Ker delivered tho memorial address. 
After prayer and benpdiction, the remains 
were e.-corteil to the family residence, where 
they were placed on a bier in charge of 20 
master Masons, and viewed by a few near 
friends. A few remarks were made by Bev. 
Mr. Lawrence. Tbo procession then re- 
form«-d and conducled the body to the ceme- 
tery In the outskirts of the town, where they 
were laid to rest with Masonic honors. 

The Liabor Troubles at Cohoes— Open- 
ing of tlie Harmon|r Blllle Gates. 

CouoKS, May 1.— The Harmony mills 
gates were thrown open today and tbe l)ell 
was rung. A largo number of operatives 
gathered in tbo vicinity, but not one entered 
the mill-ground. Fifteen minutes after tbe 
usual time tbe gates were secured and tbe 
strikers dispersed. There bas been one 
week's Idleness and $25,000 was lost in 
wages. Tbe migratory movement among 
the operatives has suspended. Extensive 
preparations are making for an outdoor mass 
meeting Tuesday night, when an assemblnge 
of 5000 is expected. There are no signs of a 
coroprolui se. . 

More Indian Ontrsffee. 

San Francisco, May 1.— A Tombstone 
despatch says two men were killed by tbe 
Indians Saturday. It Is supposed a large 
number of bosllles are In the mountains. A 
large meeting was held Saturday night to 
raine a company of vobinteers. Several hun- 
dred dollars were contributed and many vol- 
unteers were enrolled. 


Mo i^limeteriac In ike CMalmers Oaao. 

Wa«hinoton, April 29.— Tbe democrats, 
or. at least 46 of them, held a oaucua last 
night, which ^fl|ted for two hours. It was 
chiefly notable A>r tbe absence of sucbproml- 
nent democrats as Carlisle, Cox, Springer 
and Bandall Gibson. Mr. AtTierlon of Ohio 
presided, and Houttf^of Tennessee and Ban- 
dall carried out their agreement that there 
should be no flllbusterlng against taking a 
voto in the Chalmers case. Mr. Chalmers's 
hopes have been mlHulaued. 

Tho principal speukera were House and 
Randall. They bulb urged that tbo small 
faction wbich fiad threatened to prevent or 
to delay a vote should abandon their plan. 
Tho argument was that it was probuble tbat 
Chalmers in no event woidd bo likely to re- 
tain his seat, and thai to attempt to resort to 
dilatory tactics, as had beeu proposed, could 
only result iu injury to the party. 

The policy of tbe party on tbe National 
Bank question was among the matters dis- 
cussed at the caucus, but in the absence of 
those who ure principally luterested in this 
question no actign was takpn lipon It. 

IVtndOill for l)nele Umwd. 

Nrw Yobk, April 29.— The executor of 
tbe Lewis will made an examination, yester- 
day, of tbe securities deposited in the New- 
ark Savings bank by the estate. They 
amount to f 1.400,000, which will be turned 
over to the United States treasury to be ap- 
plied to the extinction of the national debt. 

Unpopniarltjr of Ltorlllard'e Colors. 

London, April 29,— The Sportsman states 

tbat tbe scratching of Gerald in the race for 

tho Two Thousand Guineas stakes at the last 

moment, and tbe withdrawal of Iroquois 

from tbe entries for tiie city and suburban 
handicap, have rendered tbe once popular 
colors of Mr. Lorillurd very unpopular nere. 

Floods fn Manitoba. 

WiNNiPKO, Man., April 29.— Tbe water la 

still a great source of anxiety at Emerson 

aud West Lynne, both of wbkh places have 

been under water for the last 10 days. At 

Emerson there is consideruble suffering ow- 
ing to the lack of provisions, aud breaosluffs 
have risen to fabulous prices on account of 
the blockade to traffic. 

KUtod bjr tbe C4rs. 

WORCK8TER, Wprii 29.— Ssmuol D. Bruce 
was run over and killed in tbe freight yard 
of th^Boston, Barre ft Gardner railroad, at 
Wincbendon this morning. 

A 900.000 Olaae aC W^lnnlpeff, Man. 

WiNNlpBO, Man., April 29.— A flre bore 
yesterday destroyed tbe building owned by 
the Imperial bank, Gilmour's grocery and 
several law offices. Loss, $60,000. 

^oatber Indications. 

May 1, noon.— For New England, cloudy 
weather, occaslohal light rain, ctHder wester- 
ly winds, falling followed by rising barome- 
ter. ^ 

Boston Stock Market— Sales at Brokers' 
Board Todajr. 


Boston ..••....•...•....... >.• •.•....••...•7X 


Atchison, Toneka k Santa Fe Sd 1st rs.ll8-118» 

BoRton, Hartford k Erie Rd 7's 48^ 

Chicago, Bar. AQulacy Bdi'sold MX 

New York kNewKncIand e's... 104 

Mexican Central 7's M9f 

Mexican Central , Mo. 2 US 


Atohisoa, Topeka k Santa Fe ., iSH 

Boston k Albany.......... ...IS* 

Boston k Providence. .....••...........*... .iSoH 

Chioago, BuiUDgtoa k Qatacy lao-lMA^ 

Connottoa Valley. •• •••/i 

Bsitera ...r.^..... m... o9)i 

Massackasetts Central 8X— 0>< 

New York k New Eagland w 

Philadelphia. Wllnlagton k Baltimore.'. . . . M 

Toledo, Delpaos k Barllagton «>( 

Old Colaay • •.•...•... («...••..•.....•. iss 

Rotlaad piraf Orred.t •.•*...» ...'.. .S4 

Union Padfle. ...... .•........•.■•••. ..•..••i'i/> 

Mnnno oeiiPAiiiBa. 
Calnniet k Hacla. •.••«....... ••••...••••tr . •mOAi 

Crescent. ...•........••••••• ••..•••• ....... ••.•ae. 

PrankUa« >#..*...'««.•'.'.«■. .M^*.. *.*••••***** Ilk 

Harsbaw ....... ...•••.......i '*****?w 

Hnritfa a*. •...••....... ....... ....••.•..••...•••iTi, 

Quiaey^.. ....... ...... *••....... 

Ban Peso. ...•..«.. 


BsllTelephoaoCOk...... ......141 

OpenUas.Prlaea mt VmU9€ Maloe B«m«s 

.......... •*..«...•.* •* . .Toe. 

Kidney Dia^OMm, 

Kidney diseases afllict the greater part of the 
human race, and they are oonitantly on tbe in 
crease, but whcro the virtues of Kidney-Wort 
have become known, they are held in check and 
speedily cured. Let those who have had to eoiii 
stantly dose spirits of nitre and luoh stuff, give 
this groat remedy a trial and be cured. In the 
dry form It Is most eeonomtoal. In the liquid the 
most conTeBieat.— [Pbila. Press. 

Fire Insurance written In large amounts la 
Home and Foreign Companies of the highest 
standing at short notioe by George F. Hunt, 21 
Central street, Lowell, Mass. 

The Magee standard parlor is looking better 
than ever. The Magee advanced range aad Yen. 
dome are flrst^Iass. Call and see the Magee 
»Uu Jard portable low down grate, ftl Market 
street, N. J. Wler k Co. 

Afbllassortment of parlor stoves, ranges aad 
farnaees on hand. Sewer aad drala pipe, mantle 
and shelves for sale. The Magee advanced range 
is working splendidly; call and see It. 01 Market 
street, N. J. Wler k Co. 

"Hallo. Sam. what's yonr harry? Where are 
yoo golac?** •*0h. I'm going np to Bennett's on 
Dutton street to have him set one of those porta- 
ble clothes dryers. I'm not going to get ap at 8 
o'clock Monday momiag to shovel a aarter of 
an acre of elothes-yard. I'm going to get him to 
put on sonse rubber monlding. too. Best thing 

Btoek*, BotUU and Investment Beeurittes 
Bought and sold in tbe Boston and New York 
markets by Wm. Sbepard, 28 Centoal street. 

Baby Carriagea. 

Offutt k W]ittaker, 10 and 21 Market street, 
have Jast received a large assortment of chil- 
dren's carriages, which they are selling on the 
most reasonable terms. 

rumiture and CarpeU. 

Sherman k Manning hare a large line of house- 
hold ftirniture, black walnut, ash and painted 
chamber suites. New snd elegant styles at very 
low prices. No. 3 Frescott street, Southwiok 

S's, 1891 ta. ..,.'•..••••.....*..<•. i..*...101M 

NewSpet esBts., extaaded.. MM 

i>j per osats., reglatered •«,..•¥. ..iw 

4)^per esnts.. eoapoa ••.<...... IIO 

tpereews., raglstecad <..... wl 

4 per cents., eoapoa. ..........'• ..'<•.'•• v. ...ISl 

uTs. owrsisey* UOB.. ........ •••••<. ••••.*.••'*■ 

'. l aw. . ..»........»>»,.>»». ....Ml 

. Uf7.....".*****'**'ii'*.*,*******fO 

.... •..•.••....«.\t «...*«. us 



U. S. eafreney, 

U. S. epreaey. MM, 

• eaae • • s aosoa 

Loiell Bemait Sttre, 

136 KjBrrimkok Street, 

I have alLweol baatlag at Ue. 
fcr yard: extra flaa AeaMe width 
lady eMh at eia. aes yard : Faalk. 
nefMUtoSle^Mli '* 
yaMltakd evMfshlOg 
(•« priae, ' Vhava also a flrst- 
wtth fho 

rr yard: Faalk- 
la. wMs. Bare 
1 Jl aad llMper 



Remarkable for oreroooilng diaeasea eaused ^^^*^ Q^* {?.* 
by laapure water, dee^ylng vegeUUoo, etc., The use of ubmoKI 
Is Browtt^ Iroa BlUen. 



I soaps. 

by BOa^. Uie oolf 


This time we call attention to oar 
elegant assortment of clothing for 
young men and boys, a part of our 
business whicb we have tbe least 
need to advertise, as clothing men 
and also tbe public acknowledge our 
supremacy in tbfs branch of trade. 
The styles which we produce are de- 
signed for the best trade in Boston, 
whicb we have supplied for many 
years. The same styles we offer in 
Lowell at 20 per cent, less in price. 
This we explain from the fact tbat 
w6 are under a much smaller expense 
here than stores on Washington 
street, Boston. In fact, our expenses 
are one-half less than any store in 
Lowell which does nearly as much 
business as we do, and we can af- 
ford to sell our goods at a less price. 



Oor. Oentral and Freioott Streets. 

fLoWEBy niLD'^ GaBDCK 

All grown and selected nnder the careful •«• 
perrision of the old and snccessAiI Boston sssd 
bouse of Sehlegel k Fottler, who devote their 
entire time to the seed business sxelasivsly. 
These seeds are strongly endorsed by Boston 
Market Gardeners, Florists, and Leading [Vew 
England Farmers. 

IlDriTallel for Vitality anl Reliatility 

Sold at wholesale and retaU at 


166 &168 MERRIMACK ST. 


And Lace and Holland Cnrtalns doae np la 
a satisfactory manner at the 



Tbe usual laundry business wlU alwava recelva 
caref^il attention. 



Blehaidson, 44 Merrimaok street. Is istrodnslag 
this seasoa several new lines of 


never shown la LewsU befbre, among which Is 
ilaJge virlety ^Ladles' M«"«i»«4««5* 
BewaFreaeh'Kld^BalWB B««*t-,Thsnwrra» 
teat Leather Foasd Boots aad losod boots la alt 

Boots. L«»»esLIr*f«'» J?»? *Jii« •irir ^^ 
iH initAtloB French aad Alaerlsaa km koaia* 

tUlSwtoiraiitrstyNsb.weil-aMag beetartU 

lid It to their sdvaatafs to eaaailao oaralaik. 

We eaaflt say fket thalwalkTa ta ear stotOs 


Vo. 44 lUnimMk BImmI. 


Fin ffiWIIRISE 606181 


■ave Mr akaas j l IM b o sl asas at t|w eld H 





asS.. V. 


. ■J-ril 




L -1 ' iu - X.L. i i i ju.>m»« 

tit i^tseU Bails Courier. 



l^- •■' 



A DmKAM Of uvmomtL, 

[Prom Cbambcra'a JoarMO.) 

TJie Darriuor «uiJ timl, «onie jeiirt affo, he 

WM "be«t iiiiHi" Ml tlt« murrhigo of ii frleml, 

wbo HfU'iwaril uruc«iU(JoU wilh liU brlila t* a 

Urge town ill Kii«Uiid. The lH<ly j)o*»ieHMd 

I^reat perMoiiHt chiirmM, and bxd quite n fol- 
owing of auKorx, ilie nioi«t <M>ii'«picuoua of 
whom wiiK u youiiKclieiDlHi , wlio did not iM'ar 
the moMt InvpruiiiJntble of •■hiirMcler«; but 
abortly befure ilif niHrilHfci!, tlii<« younx inH» 
disiippeart^l. Tlie muiried couple wne very 
happy for Neveral moiitbii, till an I'vent bup- 

Kneil wlilcli Itearn un tht^Htorv. Roturniiix 
>m a conc<<rt one pveiiin/r. the yming wife 
reeelved m xliglii chill vyhich thieuiened to 
rett oil llie lungii, Hiid mcdicul aMiHlHnce was 

Srocurid. The doctor ciune; un<l Hfler or- 
erlng a niinpie piv.criptloH. lie retinal, re- 
marking (hill till P'ltUMit would be all rlKhlin 
a day or two. Tol* aiilluipitlon, howover, 
wut not fulttlled. To ihc gieutgiii'f of the 
buabund, hi>« wifu Mliowed H.viuiitoini of ex- 
treme luKMiiude; and tli« raoxt hkilfui diagno- 
bIi of »n eniiiieut plivHlciuii fuiled to uccouut 
for the ubnormiil cunditiuii. Medicine wmh o( 
' eourae preMcrihed Irewiy. but wttii no benefi- 
cial rcHu It. Exhuu-^lion Nupervcned; iindat 
tbU ciixl* til.) hu».hiiid tcU'giaphed foihlB 
friend in Billnburgh to ci*me and perform 
■oine llltio bu»inei«. " 

Tbenuinrnoii* wa»i readily obeved. as the 
friend liu.l u «inc«M« H.irairuilon for th« liua- 
band, and the gnateHt icupfct for the ■uffer- 
log wire. 8<'ul('d I lull night iu a Midland cur- 
rlugc, wilh iiocompiinioii bui bin tliou«hlM, 
the young man recalled all the clrcum-*tuncca 
of the niiirriufre, not lorgMllln}? IheHliiUter In- 
cident of the dlsappoiiiled apothecary'* dl»- 
appearuiice. \n hu tliouxht on all these mat- 
t«i-M, be Till aaiccp. He iiwoke wilh a mart 
and found he wiih at Carlirtlv. Ilix nleep had 
not been lefrenliing.for It liud Ix-en dialurbed 
by a dream that irouhled him. l>n»*'ntiinen- 
tal by nature, ho tried U> laugh the fancv 
away; but it refuned to to' exorcipied. Htilf 
barpiiix on MOine oi ttoc im^idenlK, he leHcliud 
bi« frliMuIN li.»me, and found the young wife 
In a lioia-ieHH condition. T!ie liu»buiul wa« 
■addcned and ji- rplcxcd, and hit friend, re- 
allzing thit iiclioii ol hoine kind wa>i nccca- 
■arv to ralne tlie mourner from lil« ulupor, 
BUc'ceeded in Rottln" him to talk about Ibe 
bUMiiiCM* he winhed lianmicted. They went 
through a numlier of alreelti coiiven-ing fa- 
miliarly, whin all of a Buddttn Ihe liu!4t)aiul 
' found hImHelf grasped by the arm, and 
looked around to aee hm IrlHiid gazinx eager- 
ly into the wimlow of a uliop. K-coverlng 
biraaelf in un JiinI mt, the vinltor talked free- 
ly and did not volmteer HU explanation of 
bit ralher err die condu«l; but on returning 
to the hoUHO, he requeued the servant to 
bring llio bottle contaiiiiiis; the medicine hiHt 
given to the iiufl'eriiig woman. The girl 
brought the holt le, and Haid ahe had Just 
wanbed It, a« llie tloctor baci ordered her to 
■a go for another done. 

This wan dUapiiolntIng, certainly. But 
the friend w«H a born detective, and not to 
be balked. The girl wont for ihe medicine. 
When »lie returned wiiiilt the young man 
took the bottle, and wMiout acquainting tlie 
husband ol hU intention, ielt the boune with 
the pieHcriplioii, returning alter a brief In- 
terval with the inedlciiie. During tlie night 
the breatliln« ot the patient iiecaine easier, 
and when the doctor called the next day he 
waH able to report « vmptonm of recovery. 

In the evening Ihe friend, accompanied by 
a man of Hcveie ileiiieaiior, entered the room 
where the hunbaiid Hal, and rcquesled him to 
come out on a llltle piece of bu>ilne8». They 
. walked in silence through (♦• verai atreeta. 
and at liwl reached a polM alation, which 
they entered. Beliind the desk there wan 
•eateda man wilh IiIm face hurled iu hit 
bands. The ofllcer on duty, witliout much 
r,,V • circumlocution, told the butiness which hsd 

^ called them there. Addressing tlie hunband, 

he «ald that the man aeat. d In the office was 
- charged wilh adniiulsleriiig noxious drugs. 
Wlien the accused flood U|», tlie party saw 
the altered IcatureM of the nil-Hing cliemlH. 
A light seemed to flaili over the husbands 
face; and after he had made all the necessa 
ry depositions, he hurried home. At the 
next assizes the chcnil-t was sentenced to 
ten years pehai servitude; and as he pleaded 
guilty the pul>llc knew nothing of the circum- 
stances more than was contained In tlie 
charge. One o( the prosecutors, however, 
bad manifested a great inter-'sl in the case; 
and us the husband and his friend were Icmv- 
ingtbe court, lie requested the latter to give 
bim some explanation of lite manner In which 
bis suspicions were tfr-t called forth sgainst 
the ciiiiiinal. The friend at once lold bis 


In the railway carriage, he bad dreamed 
that he was walking through a large city 
' which be never visited. At length he came 
upon a row of shops, and at a window ol one 
of these he observed the f tce of a man, de- 
based and vindictive In Its expression, and 
quite familiar to bim. The man held a mor- 
Ur and pestle In UU hands, and while he 
mixed up some drug, there was a banorul 
light in the flshy-looking eyes. Then the 
sharp whWtle of the engine awakened the 
dreamer. The sequel was plain. Walking 
■ wltb bis rriend ibrough the labyrinth ol 
itreets, could he despise Ids sleeping fancy, 
when he saw i>cfore him the actual row of 
•bops, while at one of the windows stood a 
figure that bitunted bis memory like a night- 
mare? It was a perfect revelation. When 
be returned, and secured the medicine and 
prescription, he went to another chemist. 
gnd proeuied the needed rei*t<>rutive, auu 
then called upon an analyxt with the first 
bottle. It was found to contain a deadly nar- 
cotic; and the police authorities having been 
•atlsned with the main facts, ordered the ar- 
rest of the jealous and wretched man l>efore 
the guilt of actual murder iny at Ills door. 

How NuTMKOS Ouow.— Nutmegs grow 
on little trees and are generally not over 20 
feet bigb. The flowers are very much like 
' the lily of the valley. They arc pale and very 
fragrant. The nutmeg Is the seed of the 
fruit, and raace is the thin covering over the 
seed. The fruit Is about as large as a peach. 
When ripe, It breaks open and shows a llltle 
nut Inside. The tree grows on the Island-* of 
Asia and tropical America. They bear fruit 
for 70 or 80 vears, baving ripe fruit upon 
them at Hll'seiuions. A line tree In Jamaica 
has over 4000 nutmegs on it every year. The 
Dutch used to have all this nutmeg trade, as 
tbey owned the Bamla Islands, and con- 
quered ail the other traders and destroyed 
tlie trees. To keep the price up they onoe 
burned throe piles of nutmegs, each of wblcb 
, plies was as big as a church. Nature did not 
sympathize with ftuch meanness. The nut> 

{>igeon, found In all the Indian Island*, did 
6r the World whst the Dulcli had deter- 
mined Khotild not be done — carried those 
nut*, which arc their food. Into surrounding 
oountrles, and trees grew again, and the 
world bad the benetlt. 

Wbcn Tour wife's bcalih tii bad, wben 
your chlhinn are sickly, when jdu feel worn 
out* UM Brow'i'a Iron Bitters. 

Owing to Its purity, excellence and low 

Shoe, tlie sales of tue Congress Vnast Pow- 
Br in ourroldst are constantly Increasing. 
Aek for It In paper packages to save expense 

Noted Men ! 

Dr. John F. Hancock, 

late President of the National Phar- 
macentical Association of the United 
States, says : 

"Brown's Iron Bitten hat a 
heavy sale, ii conceded to be a fine 
tonic; the charau:ter of the inanu- 
bcturer* is a voucher for iU purity 
and mcdiciuAl excellence." 

Dr. Joseph Rodert.s, 

President Baltimore Pharmaceutical 
College, says: 

" I indorse It aa a fin* medicine, 
reliable a* a strengthening tonic, 
free trom uicobolic pwiaoM." 

Dr. J. Paris Moore, Ph. 

D., Professor of Pharmacy, Balti- 
more Pharmaceutical College, says: 

" Brown'f Iron -Bitten It a safe 

'. and reliable medicine, positively 

free from alcoholic poitoni , and can 

l>e recommended a* a tonic for ute 

among ihoke who oppose alcohol." 

Dr. Edward Earickson, 

SecreUry Baltimore College of Phar- 
macy, says • 



1 1 

" I indorse it at an excellent 
medicine, a good digettiv* agent, 
and a non-intoxicant in the fultctt 

_ Dr. RiciLARD Sapington^ 

one of Baltimore's oldest and mo^ 
reliable physicians, says : 

V All who have used it praise iu 
standard virtues, and the well- 

' known character of the houte which 
makes it it a sufficient guarantee 
of Its being all that it claimed, for 
they are men who could not be in-, 

^ duced to offer anything else but a' 
reliable medicine for puolic use." 

A Druggist Cured. 

Boontboro, Md., Oct. t«, iBSo. 
Gentlemen : Brown't Iron Bit- 
ten curtd me of a bad attack of 
Indigestion and fullnets in the atom- 
nch. Having tested it, I take pleas- 
ure in recommending it tO my ctU' 
lomen, and am glad to say it gives 
entire satisfaction to all." 

Gpo. W. HorrMAM, Drucgitt. 

Ask your Druggist for Brown's 
Iron Biiters, and take no other. 
One trial will convince you that it 
is jitft wbAt you need. 

t-. • 



Iron Bitters are sold by 

CROWBIiL * HARRISOM, Apotbeearies, 

139 Central street. Ix)well, and other rtniggi'ts 




BRAIN and 



Dr. Mrs.N. A. PRESCOn. 

ago will II 
orst foriii-. 

THOKOrCHI.T TESTED.^, , . __ _ 

, Tha FhosphJitee of the WtaMtave Its moat 
lTala*bIefoodproper<7,apd are, wben 
I edy prepared, the moat aooeptable r-'- 
I with whloh to bnfld up the ayetem. 
I Hie Blood, Brain and Kervea are the nvees 
Iwbioh bear the Btrain of erenr dear work and 
luia.andln order to eave elekneee it ts wise to 

Wheat Bittereare prepared, *»t dy/mnento- 
iMon but bx solution and are rlohaet in the 
Ivhoaphatee, while the etaroh and impure mat- 
Iter are eliminated. Thaae make in them- 
ieelTea abasia, to whidh ia added the bast and 
lolwloeet medleinal ^nalitiee, neosHaxT to 
Inakeitatonioandbltter. It ia at onoe health- 
Iftil, pleaaant tothetaate and moat not beoon- 
Iftninded with the thouaand and one oheap 
laloohoUo bittera whloh are eoldae ou r ea Tl e. 
I MMlolne ie doubly eAeUve when used wttIi 
Ifiiod, so ae to nourish while it eorreots. 
I Bold by dmaglsts, 91.00 pevbottla. _ 
WHEAT BITTXBB 00., MTn. tf.T. 

-■-"^Z^'«3i?!W>'^ ' 

Wheat Bitters are sold by 

CROWBSLIi * HARRISON, Apothecaries, 

139 Central street, Lowell. 

<c =J <r 

4^Qulckly checks the cxtst- 
iag irrltatien of the air pa^sagei, 
the cause of Coiiffhs, quiets 
the dixttgrocable loaaation In 
[the Throat and \Ma.n%%f giv- 
|ing immediate ease and relief. 

49*It arrests that dlRtresslng 
[feeling usually experiencecl, 
tiahtnesB and pressure at the 
Cnest, Inducing a free and 
easy breath; loosens the ac- 
cumulating mucus and expels it 
from the Lunss. 

OAea •»< Resldai 

192 Westford Ht., Lowell, ]Ia88. 

M'anvfacturei her Blood ParlOer and Health Ke- 
■torrr, Hi wfli a* uumerout otiiftr madleliMS, for 
the t)enetit ot suffering huiMMDtty. Also treats ull 
Chruiito DiiieasM of lung Mandlug with thagraiit- 
est succcrs. olttluiet restoring to perfect uisalth 
luvallds whoae c:iitea have been pronoanoad in- 
curable by other pby«ieian«. Particular atten- 
tion given to prevalent diieaaeawbloa tbeehauge 
oi cliuiMte U cuustautly developlag. 

lielow are a few statemeDtsTrOm the many 
hundreds of pe^e whom I have effeetually 
cured : ^ 

A Lady ttO Vcara of Ac« 0«reA mt Scrof- 
wla Abeecas. 

LowKLi.. Masa., March 10, 1862. 
Having been afflicted for manv yeara with a 
low state of blood and Dcrofula abscess which 
were ruuiilug nie down, iind pliys'eiauf said there 
was not luuoM chance for heitUitg, and the bwai i 
ceuld du was to take nourishing rood to .kce|> u|i 
my strength, Mrs. Trescott said ahe eoaM lurt 
me. I took ten bottles ot hi r Blood I'nrlfler, with 
other prescriptions, uuJ with her faltlifUi can- 
over iu« wy HbKcesi hedled and my health im- 
proved, it na^ now been seven yejrs and 1 have 
not been troubled since. 1 can say In my case 
it was a greut cure, and I am willing to give my 
testimony Iu favor ot her medicines and skill for 
the beueat of all others who may have suff< nd 
likewise. Mas. C. M. 1*uay, 

Ccntralvllle, Lowell, Maes. 

Wonderfftal Car* ot Salt Bkeum. 

LowKLL, Mass., April 11. 1882. 
Mrs. Prescutt: I would like to add a iuw wbnls 
to your list of testlmuniuls lit regaid to your med- 
icine. When my little gid was six months olil 
h4-r head nnd face were broken out with *\x\\ 
rheum so badly tha' I was obliged to keep h<r 
hands tied to prevent her from scratching her 
ileah. There were spots on her face that look<-tl 
like raw meat. I gave her your Blood Puriticr 
aiKl uaed your Salt Rhiurn Ointment, strictly ac- 
cording tu yaur dirt-cilons, uud in leas than a year 
her fa«e was aa fair as any child's, not rveu a 
scar left. Hbe is now six years old and hus 
never been troubled witli humor since. 
Resp«ctfully youra, 

£. 1. BBOOKS. 

A Remarkable Cure of Dropay. 

LawKLL. Mass., April 7, 1682. 
Mrs. Prescott, Dear Madam:—! desire to ex- 
press to you my sincere thanks fhr thi- 
timely aid you rendered me five vears 
sufft-rlng Iroin dropsv in one of lie w 
1 Mus budly bluatfd all over me, and my stoniaoli 
was fast filling with water, ho bad in fact Ihst 1 
could hear it moving buck and forth and I could 
scarcely get my breatli. About this critical tiiiu- 
1 was advised by a friend to come to you. I did 
so a-nd commenced t <king your medicine. In u 
few sliort months I was entirely cured. In my 
case I cannot be thankful enough, (or had it 
not been lor you 1 do not think I should now be 
allTe. Uespt ctf ully, 


14 and 16 Market street, Waverly House. 

A Lady Cured of Famnlc 'Weakneaa. 

LowKLL, Mars., April 7, 1882. 
Mrs. Prescott. Dear Lady :— After witnessing 
your skill In my liusbmd'a case I decided to ap- 
ply to you as I was suffering at this time from 
female weakness and general debility. I am 
truly thankful tliiit 1 did so for you very soon ef- 
fected a c jiiipJete care. It is now five years ugo 
and I have worked steadily ever sln'-e. You cer- 
tainly did a great work lor ine and I most cheer- 
luUy recomm< nd all ladies In delicate health to 
come to you where they will ohtaln a speedy and 
effectual cure. Kei*pectfully yours, 

Mas. A. J. Die M BY, 
14 and 16 Market street Waverly Uoase. 

'W'bai Mrs. Prcacott'a Blood Parlllcr 

LowKi.L, Mass., March \ 1882. 
I was a great sufTerer for many years with suit 
r''eum. I consulted numerous pliysicians In re- 
gard to my case, wiio, alter trea.lug ine onsuo- 
ot'SKluUy for a long time, pr.>uouncrd it Inonridlle, 
it being hereditary. 1 finally grew rapidly worse 
until my head, face and ears were In a terrible 
co.iditlon, my ears having become a running 
sore. To make mutters worse my age was also 
aiHlnst me, thus rendering my case still more 
hopele<<s. I was nearly In a aUte of despair 
when by a kind Providence I met Mrs. Prescott. 
Hhe fluhi she could cure me and I commenced 
taking her i^edicine, strictly following her direo- 
tlons, and In a few short months, t.> my great Joy, 
found myseli entirely cured ot this loathsome 
humor, f his was uliie years ago and It has not 
returned. I most cheerfully recommend her 
great skill and medicine to all sufferers. I am 
truly thunkftal that I ever met her. 

Miss M. L Bradlbt, 
No. 66 Third street, Lowell, Mas* 

Tbat's Whnt They All Sny, Cannot 
A Ionic Witbout It. 

WoRCtcsreB, Mass., Aug. 10. 1881. 
Mrs. Prescott :— You see I cannot possibly get 
along wlihout your Neuralgia Liniment. When 
first I com ne need taking It I was troubled wltb 
all kinds of complaints, bat now after taking a 
few bottles I find myself strengthened and tm 
prove I in every way. I can truly say I have nev- 
er found Its equal. Enclosed please find three 
dollars. Send if you please six bottles of llni 
ment same as yoa sent before and oblige, 

Mrs. C. W. Baldwi.v 
No. 8 Charlton street, Worcester, Mass 

Mrs. Preseott's Medieine Ahcstd or 

' Lowell, Mass., April 14, 1882. 
Mrs. Prescott .-—This certifies that I was severe- 
ly attacked with dropsy and was induced to try 
your medicine. I did so, and am happy to state 
tliat it did me great gooq and I can sulely recom- 
mend you to all trouDled with this disease. 
Mrs. M. a. (jOkuon. 

18U Westlord street. 

N. B. My medicines are manufactured from 
the purest roots, barks and herbs. Katbered di- 
rectly from nature's garden, the woods. No 
poisonous druKS or opiates of any kind used what- 
ever. Vegetables alve b«u iding life and vigor- 
ous action, Willie poisons depress, stupefy land 
deaden erery mental and moral energy. 

4VPrepared from the balsamic and resinous 
properties of medicinal roots and herbs, It 
possesses soothing and nonrUhing qualities, to 
impart strength and tone to the System. 

4y8o ld by all medicine dealers Jn the dt y.' 

Masta's Pulmonic Balsam is sold by 

OROWBLIi * HARRllfON, Apotheearies 

139 Central street, Lowell. 

DR. O. H. HOUOHTOir, Indian 
Boot and Herb Doctor, cures liver 
complaints, heart disease, dyspep- 
sia. Kidney complaints, constipation, 
llsmale weaknesses, piles, humors 
and all old chronic diseases with 
oonlldenoe. Cure cuaranteed in all 
oases of rheumatism, stiff Joints, 
nearalgta or toothache. Coarse of 
medlelnes not exceed four dollars. 
GonsnItatlon f^ee. Office hours from 
8 to U a. m.. And from 2 to .0 p. m. 
A9 Central tlireet. 




flrst-olass work at low priees 

Dr. Mrs. N. A. Prescott, 

Oflloe and Realdenoe 

192 WeBtford St., Lowell Highlandi, 

Third Honae fk-ona School Street. 

The BMt baaatlfWI Use of BlegMk rumitwe 

erer shows la LoweI> Is bow oa 

exhlbitiOB at 


Take the highest rank. Bold In Lowell by 
JT. H08F0RD S CO, 

STORK near our old stand we have re- 
moved our stock to the store formerly oocnplaa 
by Harrison Streeter, 

Corner of Lee and John Streets, 

where we shall continue to close ont, regardless 
of cost. It will pay you to walk around ^he -"- 
ner if you wish tor anything In our lln^ 




Is a PoaltivcCnre 

rer all these ralaHil 0««s»lel«t» aad Wc_ 

••(••■•MM t«««i be*trcaiale»*»«iatlMk 

It win cure cullrely tlio worst f orm of Fsmale Oosn- 
plaints, all OTarUii trotilde., lonainniaUon and Ulcera 
tlon, FalUiig antt DUplacoiii.uU, and Uie conaequMt 
Spinal WMkneaa, and Is i>arUcuUtly adaptsd to the 
ciiaiige of Ufa. 

It will dissolve and cxpol tumors from the uterus la 
ui early Bta«o of du»eloj>nieiit. Tlio tendency to can- 
curoushumora 1. checked v.rysi>eedUy by itsnae. 

It removes falntnoM, natnleucy, dMtroysall oravtng 
for stimulants, and relieves weakiiMS of tho stomach. 
It curse Aoatlng, Ueodaches, Nervous rrostratiOB, 
QMieral DabUlty, Blsepleasosss, Deprsssioa sad Indi- 

That faettnr of bearliirdown, eaastnc pala, wefgUt 
and backache, fsalw«ysi>erroaneutl J cursd bylUuse. 

It win St all tiroes and under all circumstance act in 
harmony with the Uws that govern the female syrtsm. 

For tho cure of Kldpey ConplainU of efthsr sex this 
Compound Is unsurpassed. 

POUND is prepared at tSS and 235 Weatern Avsaae, 
Lynn, Mass. PHoe»L Blx bottles f or |8. Bent by mail 
In the form of pills, also in the form of locenaes, on 
receipt of prtce, «1 per box for either. Mrs. Pinkham 
freely answers all letters of Inquiry. Bend for pamph- 
let. Addr«ss aa above. Uentton thi$ raper. 

Mo family should be without LTOIA E. PINKBAICB 

XJVER PILLS. They cure coustipatlon, biliousness, 

and torpidity of tho liver. 26 conU per box. 

lO" Sold by all Drwaalata. 

Pinkham's Vegetable Comt>ound Is sold by 

CRO^¥BLI< * HARRISON, Apothecaries, 

13i> Central Street, Lowell. 


Hygienic Wine! 

-AN- ^* 

AppetiziiL Strenstlieiiiiiii Tonic, 

For Herrous Prostration, Dyspepsia, 
Lassittide, etc. 

To the aged and Infirm it is especially adapted 
and will prove a cheering and Invigorating tonic 



It la compounded of Colnnaho, Oentlan, 
Cinchona. Anin>atara« a»d Caa- 

carlllat j;_ 

Combined with Tincture of Iron, and the purest 
Sherry Wine. All these drugs are at once recog- 
nised for their General Tonic, Appetising and 
Stimulating Properties for all cases of Oebfllty. 



For Bale by All Drnffslata. 

Ferrated Hygienic Wine is sold by 

CROWELLi Jk, HARRISON, Apothecaries, 

139 Central street, Lowell. 



185 Miiidlesex Street. 

Parlorand Chamber Sets 


Richly Carved Tables, 




Bnttral/. harmless; is not a canstlo. 
It remores Corns, Warts, Bunions and Callas, 
without leavUig a blemish. 
Brnsh for applyingIln|eaeh|bottte. 


Prlee, »5 eta. For aala b|r sdl drncclata. 

Try It and yon will be coaTinoed like thoasands 
wholiare used it aad aow tastily to its ralae. 

Ask «ortlleblotterbe«k*a OornanA Wart 
■olwani. and take ssa atker. 

Bchlotterbeek!* Oora SolTeai w sold by 
OROWBLIi * HARRI80V. Apotbeearies, 

M- 'J»rtr<' ''•» 



Feather Beds and Hair Mattresses renovated 
by the poteut power of 8team, rendering them 
light, clean and sweet, and as good as new. No 
waste butthe dirt. Best new Ticks furnished If 
desired.' Call or tend postal. 
ae Cknrch Htrect, or 68 Central Streat* 

T. !•. OARDNSn, I J. L. SEAT. '• 73 BKIOaE BTBEBT. 

Centralville Fish Market. 

Fl§h, OysterSy CUuns^ Lobsters. 




An 1 an inspection by the pnblio Is 
respeotihlly invited. 



— AND- 


Why is it that Finder & Mack- 
ie's store is always crowded? It Is 
because they sell goods some- 
thing atter the style of the prices 
named below: 

DoYcr Egg Beaters, 2ic. 

Magic Floar Sieyes, 21c. 

Oyal Lunch Baskets, with 
strap, 10c. 

Mnll Handkerchief^, with lace 
edge inch and a half wide, 10c. 

Gents' Separable Ck>llar But- 
tons, 6c. 

Yellow Baking Nappies, 6, 1, 
9, 12, 15, 20, 25e. 

Wooden Pails, 10c. 

Hand Mirrors, 10c. 

Bixby's Mucilage, 5e. 

Curtain Fixtures, 5e. 

Cups and Saucers, 30c. a set. 

The place to get the most for 
your money is the Original 5c. 
Store, run by 


45 Merrimack Street. 


',' Of 

rriioinas H. ESlliott^ 

48 Oentral Street. Lowell. 

Tka Larffaat Real KaUta A||aa«|r HarMb 

of Raeton. 


To Let.— Nice stable on Uneoln street. 

To Let.— Two new tenements bandy to BooM 
Mills aad Prescott and Ci^pet Corporatloas. 
Brery eoavenieooe. eiiy water, nice cellar, atae 
nelgliborbood. Nq belter for the moaey la the 
city. Kent, ffl and $7 each. 

ik Ayeri'itjr.— Extra good bargain. Twa 
two story houses, 8 rooms each, pluasa. elty wi^ 
ter. gas and 1000 feet of land. More land eaa tie 
bad It desired. Cellar ander the whole booee; 
price t'<<200 eaeh. These are s9ry ohea^ and are 
especially deaerrlng the attention of parties ia 
pursuit of this description of property. Baay 
terms; price, $£W0. 

Jaat Reeelved.— One of the b st ecntrally 
loodted ttrst-clMss residences to be found In the 
city, possessing all modcra ounvenionces. A 
rare opportuuity for. obt>i4«i4ng m reaidence e# 
this kind HS the equal ot it Iihs not t>eeii offered 
in Lowell tor many years, and may not again lk»r 
a long time to come. 

Clieap mud Oond.— Two good bouaea near 
Clielmpiord street, l stories, 7 rooms aad 4300 
square feet of lund each. Price $'iOOO. Hoase 
near Shaw Stocking Kuctorr, two lenements, It 
rooms, $'2500. Also I houses handy to mills, )* 
rooms each, ploasautly loo^ited In an excellent 
neighborhood Hmi cluae to principul streeta, 
horse cars, etc. Price $t7uO. All on rery easy 
terms and excellent bargains. 

Isi PawtucketTllle.— 1'wo-slorr teacmeat 

house, 12 rooms, will rent for $20 per month. 
City water, plp<-d for gas and 7600 square fiset 
land. Price $riOO. 

Near Pisvrtuoket Bridge.— 7900 square feet 
land very nyuilable for building purposes. Well 
located and will he sold uu easy terms. Prlee 9e. 
per foot. - 

la Centralville near Bridge street, large 
eottaire house and L. 8 rooms, bay wi^udow, 
double pitrlorti, folding duors, cilv water, gas, 
sewerage, pUaxa ttiul .i/uO square feet of land; 
$2700. Moe •'hrubbery, sbale trees. Price $2700. 

Splendid ItiTcstusent.— One of the best l9> 
cated and liandiiomcst centrully bui<lne8s located 

Sleces of property ill tlie city. Good lot land. A 
ne opportunity for investment. Further par> 
tioulsrs at office. 

Bxeellent Business OppartnnlCy.— A 

flrsl-ciass fancy goodii route, in prune order and 
good as new, togei tier with a prime one horse, 
cold mounted hunieiis, uud M thorough built one 
horse wugon, mude « x^>ressly ior the business. 
Party purchuslng csn step at once iuio a pleasant 
and proUtab'e busluexs. Will exchange for aaf 
good real estate. Prlee reasonable and terae 

BuUdlnir Lota — A rsluable lot land In a lo- 
cality where property has rapidly Increased, aad 
Is still Increasing Iu vuluV. Price 15 cents per 
foot. Near hhaw Stodcing Factory, sereral lote 
containing OOuO square feet each at 12 cents per 
foot. In HeWidere, sevi ral very finely loeatad 
lots land at from 6 to 12 cents per foot. 

Onljr Rlg[ht Miles from Lovrell.— A snnf 

farm o\'M^ ncres exoileutland, only one vsile 
from depot and handy to school, church and post >< 
oftlce; cuts 2U tons hay; 13 acres new growth 
woodland; u>tl axe liouae, 8 rooms, painted and 

Eupered ; hou-«e painted und blinded; excellent 
arn, clapboardtd and puinted— rery nice. Oae 
of the t>cst farms in this vicinity. Price $3100. 

In Lowrcll.— ISacres vacant land, only 2)i\ 
miles iroin depot, (jood soil. Hlopcs to the 
south, lirook ru. s through it. A splendid sltc» 
with splendid views. 

For RxebanKe.— 80 acre tract In Wlsdonsia, 

close to a city, and only 20 minutes from depoa 
and a few steps Irom church and post oHlce. Kx* 
tr:i good soli, well lencol and level, some flralt. 
Plan in office. A bona fide tiiinir, and a safe la- 
vestment. Price *28uo. Will exchauge for aay 

Rnelpcss Cbassces of all kinds, doing agood 
business and requiring but a small capital, aad 
on very ekay term*. Call and examine. 

White Corn Hominy, 
Wiiite Corn Meal, 
White Com Flour, 

White Wheat Oraham, 
White Wheat Qroata. 

AU flrcth grooad aad for sale by 

■AM*L N. WOOD * 0OR, 

Ha. 4r Market Mroat. 

"pvR. If . W. 8NTI>BB*1I 


$0 t-fl Marrtasaaek Street CD»^^ Rlaak), 

Bast gens sets, fir $S:80 and apward; partial 
seta fhr Mend upward; gold fining $1 aad ap. 
ward; silver filling 80 eeats aad apward. Oas 
adiBlnlsterad for Mj. Kxtraetlag taetli Mo. 
KYerythlng pertaining to dentistry promptly 
exeottted and sattsfaetlon gaaraatead. OBec 
opea evenings until 8 p. m. 


Jast reoelred aad fbr sale cheap. A ear load ol 
Christian Broe.' eelebrated fioor. Also PlUa- 
»ary*s. BTILK8. BOUICaa * OU., 

For full description of the atx>ve propertj 
the largest list of property advertised in Middle* 
sex county, see the Lowell Keul Kstate Journal, 
TUOMA8 H. ELLIorr, l*:ditor and Proprietor, 
48 Central Street LoweU Mass 



Children's Carriages! 

In the oltjr eaa t>e' found at ~ 




FiSH SM on. 

Ortlse beat ««uilttri tor ••>• ^ t^* 
Itotlia, «sisurt ar gaUea. 

F. k E. BAILET k GO. 

Cor. Marrlaaaak astd Jaltn Itreata, 

PrederIek Bailey. Ohas. W. Browa 


Of e?ery deaeripHoa patatad with a 


Ka. It Mi * aat.. 


fBOESBe MONDAYe MAY 1, 1882. 



Mr. Fred PerfT, whose case of pT«mI» 
firoBi a oblsel wound In one leg ■eemed hope- 
laaa, l« Improviug and bis recovery la protMr 

A nme of base ball between tbe Beaoons 
ofCeBtralvllieandtheEaat Ends of Belvi- 
•dere. played In Belvidere Saturday aRernoon, 
reaatted in a victory for the Beacons by 8 to 

Mary Sullivan, eoroer of Broadway and 
Marlon street, and Martin McHugb, Jeffer- 
•on street, were found vestcrday by officers 
Harris afid Hadley doiug business on tbe 
LonTs day. 

Tbe olcarinir house figures for tbe past 
week were 9484,600.43 ; uorrespontjing week 
«( Vl, $918,118.44. During tbe uaHt month 
the clearings amounted to 91,996,384.79 
«g>inet 91f<n9,684.04 In tbe corresponding 
tttODtb of laat year. 

TIm annual meeting of tbe Lowell Choral 
looiely will lie held thi<4 evening at 8 at Me- 
elianl<n bull. The genuine musical success 
of the Uiiat seaKuii's prauilco is highly enoour' 

Sing for aiiolbf r year's work. Certainly all 
e iDeml>erH ha\^e reason to be aalisfled with 
tlie valuable iiiHiruullon received, while ibe 
few vlaltora wbo heurd the final rehearsal 
were delighted wilh the resulu achieved. 
Fresident Walker will have a few words of 
iatereal to speak loiiight. 

An audience smalU'r than tbe merits of 
''Mrs. Partluglon" deserve waHiu attendance 
«t Mukic hall Saturdav nlgbi. CMias. Postelle 
•fl the Widow Partinglon of eourae waa very 
near perfect, though at times he could not be 
' heard In the hack of the hall. He divided tbe 
honors with '*Ike,'* Master Arthur Dunn, 
wbo will be ren)eml>ered ax Ihe "Dick Dead- 
aye" of Haverly's cliildren'H Pinafore troupe. 
Thla diminulive specimen of humanitv Is a 
^niu«, uud his mlMcliievous pranks pleased 
all. Tbe other parts were well taken. The 
waita between the acts were short, and the 
playing by tbe American orchestra entirely 
eatMfactory— facts which eonlributed in no 
•nail degree to tbe evening's pleasures. 

Real Ba(s«a Salea. 

The following salea of real estate were 
Teoorded for the week ending April S9: 


Oeorge A. Shafelt to Koaney M. Hadley, laad 
with baildlagson Lincoln street, $iaO0. 

Robert B. KaadMll to Humner 8. Oould, land 
jwitb bnildings on Fremont street, $M)00. 

Laavitt U. J. Varnum to Marguret FarlOBg, 
liaad with baildinas on Coburn street, $^500. 

Leavitt K. J. Varnum to Mary UulTy, laad 
with buildings on Coburn street, $iMO. 

Meheiaiah Gilpatrick to M. V. B. Perkins, 12,- 
MS sqaare feet of land on ChcliysliBrd street, 

Cbaries D. 8tarbird to VanahaB Q. Patnaai, 
lot of land on Walker street, $1000. 

K. A. Smith and J. G. Stediaan to Wm. E. 
Baraa and ( . H. Kiaiball. 6700sqnare feet of laad 
•aa Belmont avenue, $570. 

Mebltable F. Wood to Aaale M. Gosa, laad 
with buildings oa "Lovers' Laae," $1700. 

8umner A. Byam to A. F. Haddoz, land with 
balldings on Davidson street, $3600. 

MIeholas F. Campbell to W. H. Anderson, land 
with buildings on William street. $1800. 

Uenry A.Hi;dreth to AagostaM.Tlbbett8,hMid 
with buildings on West Third street, $1876. 

Geo. A. Hbufeit to Wm. H. Hbedd, 8260 square 
«bet of Und on Fourth uvenue, $463. 

Albert Usmblet to Chas. F. Uill, land with 
l^ildlnga on Beech strett. $36«0. 

Henry A. Hildretb to Ueo. T. and Eliaa Clark, 
iaad with buildings on West Tbird street, $2160. 

Edward K.Wood to Haven C. I'erham, 8700 
eaaare feet of land on Wannalanoet street, 

Ethan A. Smith and A. T. Smith to Francis 8. 
Perklas, land with balldings on Smith avenue, 


Henry A. Hildretb to Patrick Mahsr, lot of 
laad on West Third street, $£2S. 

Geo. F. Hustwick et ux. to Aaron Jaooba, 2601 
soaare feet of land on UtU street, $M0. 

Horace W. Morse to Enos O. Kiagsiey. biad 
with buikUngs in Ames Plaee, $2360. 

Ohas. H. Adams et al., trustees, to £. A. Purer, 
the B. F. Sand* catate on Middlesex sUeet, $784. 

Hcary A. Ulldreth to JOha Cawsey. lot of 
laad on West Third street, $226. 


William Blaaehard to Cbaa. H. Porter, lot of 
land. $800. 


Lydia A. Cbaaman to John B. Maratoa, lot of 
land oa tbe Whipple road, $800. 

The Methodist Chwreises, 

The Metbo<llst Episcopal churches have 
four quarterlv conferences each year, tbe 
flrst being in Xpril. At this first conference, 
tbriMStor's salarv hi fixed for the year, and 
Otberbusiness for tbe year Is transacted. At 
Uielast conference In the year an expression 
Of opinion is bad as to whether the pastor 
should be relumed foL the second or third 

J rear, as ihe case may dc, and tbe New Bng- 
aad conference seldom acta against the 
wishes ot a church iu this matter. The pas- 
tor of any church was formerly obliged to be 
changed after the second year, but of late 
▼ears three years are allowed In a plate if the 
people are earnest ani united in tbe pastor's 
hvor. Thbj time will probably not be in- 
creased, as there Is now evidence of some re- 
action against tbe possible three years of 
service. It ia argued that the aveiage minis- 
ter of any deuoiBlnntion sekiora socuris. the 
hearty and united co-o|)eratlon of bis church 
longer than three yearn, and that no clergy- 
man should remain In a place after bit* power 
for good has been in any way dirainli«hed. 

At the lust conference in the third year an 
expression of tbe church is bud at> to its 
choice for a new pastor, and a committee is 
appointed to carry out its wishes, as far as 
n^lble. This comiultlee generally visits 
theclergymsii or cici gyracn most favored and 
obtains an expresnion of opinion as to wheth- 
er he or they arc wijling to come to the city 
of towns where they are wanted. The deci- 
sion of the mailer l>elongs wilb tho presid- 
ing elder of tbe district, and in tbe last resort 
wHb tbe bishop. In cases in which there 
an several churches wbo desire a particular 
pastor, and tbe elders cannot agree, tbe bisli- 
ODBiake^ the selection. Three conditions 
MTcm In making the sssignmoBts-doas 
the pastor desire to bo aligned to such a 
naritoiiiar eburch, is be adapted to ChrlstbiD 
aaty at Ibe church, end la the obureh adapfp 
ed to blin, and docs the church want hiinf 
Tbe opinion of ibe retiring psstor af tbs 
ehareb is generally asked on the second 

KInt named. In some cases pastors wbo 
va not proved adapted for work in differ 
ent ohureba*, and wboae cbnrebes are in •• 
almost discouraging condlUon. spiritually 
and financially, are saperseded by others, 
whose ability la unquestioned and wbo are 
wilUnft-t^aaerJdee themselves In an effort to 
nliiSuSr^bad baa been otierthrowih 

Bach parsonage is supulied by tbe chureb 
with an article* of. iMMMekeepIng goods 
dMmed neeeasary— parlor, kiieben. and 

^araoterof tbe fiimllure provliled themnt 
dfSi^alt flaoM, th$ Bbilltyof ^raUtfof 
ST «hir^NlMvliig much to««wtthtbe 
matter. In somA eases the wives of pastors 

f«wnlsh tlifir own i«ble wars •n<L**S^l*'.'' 
howeverTiUbottKbtbay fli$ wellp^Uded by 

tbe cburoh. . •• 

AivjM BPIoosF Tnrl|>« ..»«»tf» "»•* 
«ai«d Mrs. Clemwit of FrsnkllB. M. H^ 
RoodPi Simiparilhi, made ti LowtU, Mini. 
One dollar* bottle. 


Tbe pastor preaohed in the mominf on 
*'Tba life that now is and that whieb U to 
eooM » th>m 1 Tim. iv. 8. In tha past men 
made tbft other life everything and this noth- 
ing. This msy be traced In tbe life, tbe srt 
and tbe literatore of past ages. Tbe poeu 
and palters made bell, purgatory, paradise, 
erapmm and cherubim their subjects. In 
tbe Eiixabethsn age all this was ebanged. 
8bakes(>eare treata of earth, of veritable 
meh and women, wltb all their natural pow- 
ers, passions, hopes, fears snd loves, and 
be la greater to help us, more than Dante or 
Milton. St. Paul U>a mod^l safe to follow. 
He believed In tufo lie ^ ki' 1^ ^^»l— 
come. This life ts M>t to be disparaged r 
the expenaeof the life to come. Too much 
of thU worldllneiia la bad. We shall please 
Ood beat by loving and makti.g Ihe most of 
this life, and thus best prepare ourselves for 
tha Ufa to come. 


The pastor took tbe golden text of tbe day 
for tbe aubject of bis sermon, Mark vil. 7 : 
**In vain do tbey worship Me, toacbing for 
doctrines tbe eommandroenla of men.'* 
There has ever been a lendeney among men 
to muddy the stream of divine revelation by 
bnman traditions. To drink of tbe pure 
apring Is the more healthful. This tendency 
of tbe world to teach tradition for the doc- 
irioes of CkMl, was seen lathe Ilebrew na- 
tion, rebuked so strongly In the Scribea and 
Pharisees by Jevus Himself. Traditions of 
men for tbe Bible will )ilwsvs go to seed in 
Ptasrlseeism, qr tbe anise and cumin of out- 
ward observaobe. The traditiona of men for 
tbe doctrines of Ood have lifted tbe church 
of Borne from heart aervioe to outward 
forms, many of which make void tbe law of 
God. Tradition of our fathers is tbe strong- 
ent argument for some practices in certain 
Prote»Unt churcbea today. In vain, bow- 
ever, that we teach tradition, for "every 
Slant which my Father bath not planted shall 
B rootod up.'^ 


Bev. Wm. W. Foster, Jr., preached In tbe 
morning from James iil. 6: "The toogue is a 
fire." Tbe theme was tbe power of tbe 
tongue for good or evH. Mr. Foster showed 
that tbe tongue revealed tbe character of tbe 
person. Out of tbe heart men speak, and 
tbe constant conversation is of tuat which 
one most ardently cberlHhes. The merchant 
talks of competition and bargains, the scholar 
of books and qucHtiouK of science, the mother 
of her child, tbe vile man pours out the de- 
pravltv of bis heart, and the Cbristisn talks 
of ClirlNt and Ills love for man. Tbe tongue 
reveals the character and also shows tbe zeal 
which one puts into any subject. Numerous 
Illustrations, both serious and amusing, were 
introduced to explain these propositions. 
The Sabbath school was very profitable, and 
tba pastor announced that tbe general 

f»rayer meeting would occur Tuesday even- 
ng, and the sociable Thursday evening. It 
Is expected that Ihe Bev. Dr. Dorchester, 
tbe newly appointed presiding elder, will be 
present at the sociable and hold tbe quarterly 
conference later the aame evening. 

Bev. N. T. WbiUker preached from Dent, 
xxix. 29: "ThinKR secret belong to God, 
things secret to un and our children forever 
that we may do the things^ftbis law." Aft- 
er showing tlie circumstances which called 
forth these wordx of Moses and their Impor- 
tance to the Israelites when uttered, Mr. 
Whitaker proceeded to show their value to 
(pen of tlie present age. He upolie highly of 
Ibe "general diflfusiou of knowledge, the 
marvellous results of scientilic research, und 
tbe triumph of inventive geniun" which 
characterize this generation, and the possl- 
bllilleM within the reach of man. but allowed 
that finite man must ever be clrcum- 
scrihed in knowledge, and must ever be 
vastly inferior In knowledge to Deity. He 
showed that while God knows all things In 
nature, in providence and in religion, each of 
these vast realms bud secrets unknown to 
man, and grouped important facts illustrat- 
ing ibis truth. Ho showed in what sense 
these secrets belonged to Ood, and bow their 
explanation hereafter must enhance tbe dig- 
nities, the rewards and the Joys of heaven. 
He then showed wbv,as declsr]||] in the text, 
things bad been revealed in the Bible and 
given to man. He proved tbe impossibility 
of learning ciMswbere tbe existence of God 
as a personal being, tbe Father and Govern- 
or of all men, and tbe value of this truth to 
man. He compared the revelation which 
the Bible gave of nature to the confiicting 
theories of human philosophers, and showed 
its great superlorltv and vital lessons. He 
then traced the search of humanity in past 
ages for a Mediator and Savior wbo would 
secure for man redemption and eternal life, 
bow that seurch had failed, and bow tbe Bi- 
ble revealed Christ, met all the wants of fall- 
en IVumanltv and confcrretl eternal life. Mr. 
Whitaker closed his remarks by urging the 
duty of doing the commands of Ood as re- 
vealed in tbe Bible, accepting all its truths 
Willi gratitude, uud by living by ite precepts 
to make them known to others. 


The beauty of the day was the signal for a 
large audience at the morning services. B«v. 
Mr. Street took as his text Acts xx. 21 : 
'^Testifying both to the Jews and also to' the 
Greeks i-e|»entance toward Ood and faith 
toward our I^ord Jesus Christ." This is one 
of tbe forms in which the npostle set forth 
the subHtanc^ of his teaching. Tbe preach- 
ing of the apostio was largely testifying. Bc- 
pentance has been interpreted as a cliange of 
mind, but the apostle came to teach a re- 
pentance which should be deep, radical and 
revolutionsry. A change in outward mor- 
als and an exemplary lilc are not sufficient: 
the change must be in the attitude toward 
Ood. Penitence docs not mean penance, as 
some have supposed, but penance is a trans- 
lation of the word which has come down 
from tbe early ages, aad does not convey the 
true meaning. Faith referred to In tbe text 
is that which looks to Christ directly and 
makea » personal Christ its oenlre and goal. 
The requii«menl8 of this fsitb are made on a 
level with onr capadty. Tbe responsibili- 
ties wbteb will come upon those wbo re- 
idct (hbi fsf th, and tbe adversaries which are 
aver crowding upon the soul, seeking to 
draw it away (h>m Hs faith in God, were 
cleariT and explicUly aet forth. if re- 
pentance and a saving faith, as some would 
biiva ub anphoae, are a mistake, th« neoemhy 
for a Bible, church and sets of worship 
wouM hn hMger exM. but tbe word of God 
•Wdetb sure amljteadfast, showing men that 
In Christ and In Him alone can they hope for 

Tbe evening servloe was conducted by tbe 
ofiUer* and others of the T. M. 0. A., as- 
sisted by the choir. Pres. Buttiick present- 
ed the relations of tbe church to the aisoela- 
tlon* Secretary Flanders apoke In detail of 
the work of the assoelation, Mr. Farris gave 
an fneldent'Of tiM ftifoenoe of the M sgda* 
tion, and Principal Whiieomh presented the 
secular needs in rightly eiirhMl Ihr the lwaM> 
less young men of the city, ^urimr the ex- 
ercises Mr. Mamilhi sang *Jtlia Mlnety imd 
Nine,** snd Miss 9wealt, "Where U My Boy 
T«ih«ghtr • 

The chureh soeUMe was annooneed to 
me^ with Mr. S. If . W«MI* HoafenI e^W^t 
Wednesday evening at 7 JO. 


By Da. raazica's Maoio OnmiRXT. Cwtm. as 

/by macte. Ptmplas, Blsek »*«»*• «*2r«!: 
iCniptleaaoa tbe flMS. fee^*"! the 

skia clear, hwiKhy aad boMttf^ ^'r**^ 

If^by aMgie. ilapl 

Btotehea aad ICrBptl 

akia clear, hadthy aaa b«mhi«. -•r' --•5' 

Iteh. bait kbeoB, (lore Nipples, Bore Ups, oM. 

obsUaate Ulcers and Sorea, fte . 


a^The Irst aad only positive care for skfai dls 
oases ever discovered. 

r=^Br's Malic Oi 

The tireat BMn C'nre* 

Jeha Croaser. esq.. Tlooesto. loosest Co., Paj. 
anffcred tor 13 years from a sMn disease, whleh 
appeared oa bU head. He emploved bmbv phy- 
suuas aad asrd aamerous remodies, but tney an 
fldled to effect a enre. Da. Vkazbr's Maoio 
OlMTHmrr was reeomnwaded to him. Uetrled 
It aad eae box effeeted a floapiete oare^^Thls Is 
bat a aaasple of the auay testloMalals arhkh we 
have oftbs ■aarrelloos eares wtaleb hare beea 
wrought by Da. raAZiaa'a Maoio Oivtm bvt. 

^.uv ^ 

' M^^fWm SBflpMlvv* 

For Blind, Bleedlag, Itehlag or Uleeratid Piles 


Is a sure care. Price $1.00, by maU. For safe 
by all dmggista. 

UBMRT * CO.. Bale Praprtetara, 

,., aae k Wt.f Mow Yorfc. 

Fraaier'a Magic Oiatment'ls sold by 
CROW^BL.1. 4b HARRIBOM, Apothecaries, 

IW C entral stre et, L owell. 

For Scrofula 

For BoilB, FimpleB and Scald 


For Dyspepsia 

For DebiUty 

For All Humors 

For a Spring Medicine 

Prlee $1.00. Six bottles for $fi.OO. Sohlby 
aU draggUte. Prepared by 

CEAS. I. CARTER, FbanacM, 

Cor. Branch and Smith Sts. 



BailroaH aM Linniil Colors, 

a These colors were prepared by Mr. Maaary aft- 
er Bwny years' experieace In painUag aad colors. 
For more than tea years they have fally mala- 
tained all that Is elalmed for them in body, 
spreading oapaeity and durability. The only 
standardline of colors la paste form is 

Masnry's Railroad (Colors, 

Intended ftor every descriptloa of Exterior aad 
Interior Palatlag. Tba most reliable, striotly 
pare Unaoed oil Uquid paint is 

Masury's Liquid Paints 

The great popelarity of these colors, both rail- 
road and liqaid, is shown by ttis <Bcreasing de- 
mand with each season, as p<wp.e learn by aa- 
perience tlia worthlpss e'laraoter of tbe so called 
chemical paints. Masary's Colors area'sofar 
aaperior la BEAUTirUL 8H ADES to any other 
liquid or paste paint yet offered, tha asany imi- 
tators aad followers of Mr. Masury being far be- 
hind him iu this matter. This Is provedbeyond 
qnestiOB by comparing sample cards of Masury's 
with other makes. 

Bo awro suid ff«t oite mt Mmmmrf*m Sam- 
ple CsuNU Iseforo yaw patwt* -^ , 

Besides having tbe most complete stocAc of tbs 
above colors, wa hare for sale 

Forest Birer Lead and Oolorii dry and 
in oil, Oils, Yamiihes, Shellaca, 
Japanii Putty, kc. 

We boll our oil oarselres aad sell only strictly 
KETTLie BOILED oil, aa article superior to 
obnalcally prepared alia aaw generally a<Hd. 
Also oa baad 

WlB4aw, Daor amd Platwro Olaaa, and 
all klmda Palmtlais. KalaaaalmUsff 

0. B. OOBURN «c 00., 

86 MiMrket fltrests Lewtll. Mass. 


VorniaslHiedeatalifae U Wpoflii. 
with < seat sta^^^ ^l^ggTTOy, Caatoa, W.T. 

Lis lEnnM OF 



Oaalbraed oa elffbth paga. 

and Faao Job fMiM 

Real Estate Ag^cy, 


98 Central Street, Lowell. 


(Connected by Telephone.) 

To iHsnn.— Large sam of moaey In amouns 
to suit on real estate seearity at • per eeat. 
To Let.— beveril desirable tenements. 

A Blacksmith Sho|i.— One of the oldest 
staads In L,oweli, on a main street, and connAct- 
ed wi(h wood-Seorking and paint ahops, and wltb 
plenty of yard room. Th* shop Is aOaM, lent is 
vary low, two fires now running, and chance for 
a third, work enough for three men. plenty of 
good tools lor all kinds of work. Owner will Air- 
alsh oue hundred dollars' worth of work to help 
pay for the stand. Price oaly $CO0. 

A Flue nesldenoa.— Oa oae of the best 
eoraer lots in ward foer, surrounded by neat 
nlaees, and baring aa abuadance of cheerful sun- 
Ufht, H handsom« two-story !• reach roof resi- 
dence, fitted with modern improvementJ, includ- 
laf batii room, wash-room, etc. The lot eontalus 
about 1J,000 square feet. Is evenly graded, and 
this is one or the most desirable plaees la tbe 
■sarkei for the money. Price $7SO0. (1S18) 

Desirable Hcaldesscc— in western part of 
the city, a corui-r lot of Itt.OOO feet well grad«>d 
aad with som« tloM fruit. Large Uso-atiujr house 
wltb t< wer, contains 10 rooms, is partly flnisbed 
la bard wood, has gas, water, and drainage, good 
famact', Hudis well ballt snd In good lepulr. 
This place Is beautiiUlly located on high land, 
eomniauding a line view, and ia in excellent 
acighborboud und surrbundings. Prlc is lew at 
$«K«. (1289) 

A Onod Pvrcltase.— Modern-built two-story 
boose, with 14 rooms, finished in good shape; has 
gas, water, sewerage, piassa and two hay wla- 
dows; is well built and in geod repair; la fitted 
for one or two families, and the up-stairs tene- 
ment will bring In about $15.00 a month. 0000 
feet of land. This place is located near Coral 
aad Brandt streets, In flue neighberhood, and the 
surroundings are good. It will pay you to exam- 
iae this property. Price $3S00. (1311) 

Very CoDvenlcsst to Baalnras.— In Cen- 
tralville on the side hill, in choice location and 
beat nt igbborbood, a very tasty cottage with 8 
rooms, and supplied with gas, water and sewer- 
age; plazisa and bay window; good paulry and 
other desirable features; oouveiiient barn in 
rear. > rice $3000. lliis Is a rare chance to get 
a neat home with pleasaat surroundings so near 
to business. iVt^f) 

Owner <ioiwk% lUToat and desbes to sell at 
oaee. Neat and well flnisbed cottage conUining 
8 rooms, all in good repair ; good barn and sheoj 
and marly U.UUO feet ofjaad, with 148 feet of 
street .fruOtuge. Is iu IM^catlon, near West- 
ford street, and Is cheap lOTinn vestmeut. Don't 
Call to examine tills. Price only $3500. (12W) 

On the Hill in Cei.tralvilie.— A fine two-story 
residence with rooms, besides bath room and 
closets, two pi zzas and bay window; cas, water 
aad seweruxe ; hot and cold water; wasli room in 
basement; chance to finiah more cbaiutiers; 0000 
feet of land, well graded and grassed; sightly lo- 
cation and pleasant place. Price $ift00. (1331) 

Osi Wcatfurd Btreet.— New two-story house 
coatainlng ten rooms, well arranged and neatly 
■nlshed, hus gus, water, sewerage, bath roam, 
water-closets, pluisa, bay window, splendid cel- 
lar, slated roof, and is very neat and tasty 
throughout. Uood barn with slated roof and 
cupola. The lot contaiua nearlv 70oO feet of land, 
and is well graded. This is a desirable place, and 
hard to duplicate for tlie money. l'ric<' $4500. 


Bleannt Resldenee.— In one ot the best lo- 
cations in ward four, surrounded by fine estates 
and the t;e>t of neighbors, a handsome residence 
containing twelve rooms, tlnished iu extra Btyl« 
in hard woods, and fitted with the best modern 
conveniences. Ihe bouse Is very sunny and 
pleasant, und the outlook is good In erery direc- 
tion. This place is of a character seldom offered 
for sale, and the house can be examined in every 
particular by the best mechanics without finding 
any sham. Kxamiue this, if you wish to pur. 
Chase a good place. Price $»0U0. (1307) 

Im BclTldere.— Good two-story house of 10 
roofu, nicely finished; is fitted with gas, water, 
sewerage, batb room, etc. ; has piasza, two bay 
win lows, extra good furnace, and other modern 
improvements, llie lot contains 7000 square 
feet, and there is an abundance of choice iruit. 
The location is central and deairable. Price 
$6500. (1297) 

In addition to tlie property above described we 
have many other desirable places for sale and 
are constantly receiving new additions to oar 
list. We have also a very large list of farms, 
Kiving great variety iu prices, location and de- 
scription. Call and see us aad we will show these 
free of expense; also call for a copy of our Hbal. 




Ma. VB State SC.f opp. Kilbyr, Boutoa, 

Secures Patents in the United States ; also In 
Ureal Britain, France and other foreign eoun. 
tries. Copies of the claims of any Patent |f tar- 
nished by remitting one dollar. Assignments 
recorded at Washington. Ko Affeney in the 
United State* poi$es$e$ $uperior faeiUtieafor ob- 
taxning Patent$ or ascertaining tlu pateniabllUif 
of inveiMona. B. H. EDDY, Solicitor of « Pat- 


"I regard Mr. Eddy as oae ot the mo$t capable 
and meeeffiil practitioners with whom I have 
had ofBcial Intercourse." 

CHAS. MASON, Commissioner of Patents. 

"Inventors cannot employ a person more trust- 
worthy or more capable of securing for them an 
early and favorable consideration at the Patent 


late Commissioner of Patentr. 

Boston, October 10. 1870. 
B. H. EDDY, Esq.— Dear SU": 70U procured 
for me, in 1840, my first patent. Since then you 
have aeted for and advlaed me in hundreds of 
c^ses, and procured many patents, reissues and 
extensions. I have ooeaaionally employed tbe 
best agencies in New York, Philadelphia and 
Wasblagtoa, hot 1 still give voa afmost the 
whole of my business, in your line, and advise 
etbeis to employ you. 


Hydraulic Cement Drain, 

8ewer ftnd CnlTert Pipe. 

S, 4. Sk •.§,$, 10, It, U, 18 and M laeh bore 
(flange or bell-BBoath pattern). 

This pipe Ii aaeaesiled bf any other In smooth* 
nesa, a&lbradty and daratSnty, the three most 
essoaHal . aasUtiH 
drain. Alsoaiske 

g a UT Og M . 




Oa and after Dee. 5, 1881, passenger trdlas 
will rua aa follows : 

Leave Worecater at, 7.80 (Express) aad 
U.U a.m., 6 and 6.16p.m. (Arcr paaieager). 

Leave Ayer Junetioa at S (Ayer g a sis a ger) 
and 8.03 a. m., MM and 0.18 p. n. 
' Tbe 8 JO, IM and 11.18 a. ■. aad 8 p. ai. tralas 
from Woreester, and 8X»3 a. a. aad 12JI0aad &U 

5. m. trains from Ayer Juaetlon eoaaoot al Ayer 
anotbm with Stony Brook Kallroad tralas to 
aad from LoweU and way sutions. Close eon- 
neotlons are also made at Woreester with trains 
for ProvideBce, Norwieh, New York, BprtaffSald, 
Albany aad tbe W«'st. 

4arTbroBgb tickets for New York by Soaad at 
Laad Boate can be bad at tbe ticket ofloe ip 
Lowell ; also sUte rooma and berths eaa be se- 
cured by steamera of tbe Norwieh line. 

■aaAwa * BaalsestMr nivtalaB. 

Leave Lowell, Middleaex street depot, flsr 
BoebMter and way stations at 8.80 a. as., 1 aad 
OJttdnb.; Nsahua«16a. m.. 1.46 aad *1 p. ai. 
Arrlre at PorUaad 1.26 and 6-46 p. m. 

BetamlBg.learc Portland at 7J)0 a. a.. lAi p. 
a. : Boebester at 4.46 and iM a. a., aad Alt p. 
a., reaehlng Lowell at 9.08 a. a., U.17 aad flil 

The 9.16 a. a. traia ttom Naabaa Is a thtoagb 
trala for Portbusd and way autkiaa, eoaaea tl aa 
at Koebcater with Boston * Malae laltaroad 
trala for Alton Bay. and wltb lilastora Ballrosd 
train tor Wolfeboro* and North Coaway. 

•Uaas to Koebester only. 

The 145 p. a. trala ttom Naabaa la a thioagh 
trala for Portiaad. 

The 7 p. m. train ttom Nasbaa Is a alxcd train. 

4arTbrongh tiekeu and baggage ebeakad to 
Portland and Intermediate polnta. i 

For further particulars as to eonaeetioas with 
other roads, see A B C Pathfinder Guide. 

O. W. HUBLBUKT, Sasertntendeat. 

C. A. WAITg. Qeaerai Ticket Agent. 



Oa and after Noaday, D«e. fttb, 1881. passenger 
trains will leave Central street depot, Lowell : 

For Boston, 7, 7.46, 9J0, II a. a.. 12.10, U.4$, 8, 
8.46. 4.30, 6.16, 7 p. m. Fridayi oaly at 9.46 p. m. 

Sundays, e.M a. m.. and 12, 4.16 and 0.40 p. m. 

For Lawrence, 7.46. 8 46, 9.80 aad 11 a. m., It-lO, 
12.46, 3.46, 4.30, 6.16, 0.20 and 7 p. a. Baadaya, 
8.20 a. m., 6.40 p. m. 

ForHaverhin, 7.46, 8.46a.m.,12.4(L 8.46,, 
0.20 p. m. Rundavs, 8.20 a. m, aad 6.40 p. a. 

For Newburyport, 7.46 a. a., 12.46, S.48, 8.30 p. 

For Exetor aad Dover, 7.45, 8.45 a. Sk, ia.46, 
3.46 and 6.16 p. m. 
For Oreat Falla, 7.45, 8.46 a. a.. 12.40, 8.45. 5.16 

"*' For Salmon Falla, Biddeford. Saco, Old Orehard 
Beach and Portland. 8.46 a. m., 12.40, 3.46, p. m. 
Sundays. 6.80 p. m. 

For Bangor, Belfast. Watenrille, St. Jobas. N. 
B., Halifax. N. B., 8.46 a. ». and 8.44 p. m. 

For Skownegan, Farmlngton and Kockland at 
8.46 a. a. 

For Augusto. Batb and Lewistoa, 8.46 a. a. 

and 12.46 p. m. „ . .. 

For Uocheater and Alton Bay, 8.45 a. a., and 

3.45 p. m. 

For Mt. Desert, ac., Friday at 3.46 p. a. 

For steamer for Eastport, St. John, Mondays 
and Tburadays at I2.4<i p. m. 

For Boekland, Belfast and Bangor, Friday 
rsteamer from Portland), at 3.46 p. a. 

Mileage tlokeU for sale between Lowell aad 



From Boston, 7, 7.30, 8.30, 9.80, 10.18 aad 11 JO 
a. m., 12 m., 2 JO. 8.30, 4.80, 6, 0, OJO, 7.10 p. m. 

Wedneadays onlv at 11.10 p. m., and Fridays 
only at 11.16 p. m. Sundays at 8 a. m. and 6 p. m. 

From IJiwrenco. 7.30, 9.40, 11 a. m., 12.16, t. 3.40, 
4.10, 6M0 p.m. South Lawrence, 7.02, p. m. 
Sundays, 8.20 a, m., 12 m., 6,40 p. m., and flrom 
South Lawrence at 4.27 p. m. 

From 11 avcrhlU, 7.16, 9.26, 10.46 a. m., lt.02, 
3.30. 4.0'i, 6.45 p. m. Sundays, 8 a. a., 4.08 and 

'Froin'kewburyport, 0.19, 7.26, 11a. a., 2 JO, 
5.20 p. m. 

From Porthtnd, 8.46 a. m., 1.10 and 8.80 p. m. 
Sundays at I p. m. ...... .. 

For Lawrence, Fridays only, 11.40 p. m., and 
Wednesdays only, 11.26 p.m. . - .. 

New York via Sound Lines and Land Bootes. 
Through tickeu good on any train. Bagmf 
cheeked through aad transfer amde Ire* BpelM 
& Malae Station by anr driver of haek stationed 
at Boston A Maine Railroad. 

g^Alltr^lne stop at Cemetery, Lawreaoe street 

crossing, on signal. _ _ .. 

•• * JAS. T. FUBBBB, Oaa. Supt. 

J. F. PHILLIPS. Oen. AgL at Lowali. 

Lowell Dec. 6th. 1881. ' 

for a pciiBiiBeat sewer or 






Direct fyom Lowell to aay tear* ar dly la tba 
Western States and Trrrltorlea eaa be purebaaad 
—day or evening— at 


Maps, informal lea and gald< a FBRE Mali hi 
quirers. W. U .BATCHKLDENk 

•• MeairtaBsaek 




•teaaalsaat TraUs Caancrtlnfi wWls 
Rlwer Ltaso of Btraascra to ai ~ 
New Tork. Fnro fa.OO each wayr. 

(Oa and after Sanday October 2, 1881, tndar 
leave Lowell (Midalesrx street de|K>t) aa fcUews • 
7J0 a.m., IJO and 4.30 p. m.. arrivinf «t Soath 
Framingham at 8J6 a. a., 8.80 aad 5.10 
p. m. The 7.00 a. m. train makea eioee 
oonaeetions at South Framingham with 
trains on Boston A Albany Rai lr oa d 
for Woreester. Hpringfleld, New Yorfc, Albaay 
and the West; atMauafleld for Pawtacfcet aad 
Providence, arriving at Pawtuckrt 10.46 a. au. 
Providence i0A6 a. m., and runa throagb to Taaa> 
toa, arrivlag at Taunton 10.19 a. m., eeaaeet t a g 
there for New Bediord, Vail Uiver, Newport 
Oak BlnlTs and Naatueket. j 

I.esve Lowell for Marlboro' at 7.60 s. m. 

4 JO p. a., arriving at 12.36 a. m. and 6.42 p. a. 
Retomlag , leave Marlboro' at 7. 16 a. m. and 5 p. 
m^arrlTlng at LaweJI at 5 J5 a. m. and 7 J8 p. a. 

"tbe 1 JO p. a. trala atops at all stiitl<«s aad 
innedts at South Fraailngbam CsT 
Bpriafflcld. New Yorfc aad tiw Wast. 


The 4 JO p. a. train eoaneeta at Saatb Fra 
Inghaa for Woreester, 8|Mrhiffleld aad the Wes^ 
at Manafleld for Provideaee, aad mas through to 
Fall River, there eoaneeling with tbe elMaat 
steamers of the Fall River Line fi>r New Yorfc, 
arriving at Fall Uiver at 7.26 p. a. aad at New 
York at 7.08 a. a. 

Traiaa leave Sonth Framiagbaa for L<ow«ll at 
7J6 a> a., aad 0.06 p. m., arriving at Lowell 
at 8.66 a. m.. and 7.10 p. m. The 7J6 a. aa. 
and 0.06 p. a. trains oonnect at Soath 
Framingham with traina from Provldenee. 
Taunton, Woreester, Springfield, New York fsU 
rail), Aibaav and tbe West. SteamboattnUa 
leaves Fall Uver at 6.20 a. m.. arrivlag at Lowell 
8 J6 a. m., making coaaectlon for poiata aorth. 
Leave Oak BlaSs 7.46 a. m., arrive at Lowell 7.08 


ell aad Chclaaafttrd Bpcelal TraUsa 

Leave Lowell fbr Cbelassford at 12.10 aad 8.50 

Leave Cbelaasford for Lowell at 0.10 a. ns. aad 
1^.65 p. a. 

dpal points West and houtkwest, via Boston h 
Albany and Pennsylvania Bailroada; also ftar 
inillsdelpbU, Baltlawre, Waahington, and points 

Through biUa of Isdiagfor Western fk«igbt eaa 
be had at this ofltoe. __ 

GEO. W. MILLER, Ageat, 
50 Ceatral street, Lowell. 
J. R. KENDRICM,8apt., Boston. 
8. A. WEBBER, Aat. SapL, Fitehbuif. 


NATIONAL. LIKE of Steamships betwees 
New York, Liverpool, Queeaatowa aad 
London direct. Sailing weekly froa Pier 89, 
North river. New York, are aasoag tba largsiai 
ateamships croaalng tbe Atlantis. 

CaMn rates $60 to $70, exearslon $100 to $180: 
outwsrd steerage $26 ; prepaid steerage tiekets 
$28, "being $2 lower than aoat other luiaa.'* 
Ofllces, 09 snd 73 Broadway, N. Y. 

F. W. J. HURST, Manage' 
Agents at Lowell, Mass., W. A W. O. Lamsok 
and D. Murphy, 8 Appleton street. 



OliD^ LINE. 

Steel Sailfl. Donble Traok, Exp. Tndni 

On and after Jan. 22nd, 1852. traiaa leave IX>W' 

For BOSTON at 5.46, 7, tl!.-»t 7-». ••«ilt*»-J^ 
•9M, 11 a. m.; ftlS.I5, 1.10, t.aO, 4J6, 
tt6.80, 6.40, 117 J6, n't9. ».50 p. ■»• ^^,_„ 
8.31, •9.21 a. m. : 1, 3J2, 5.82, •7 JO P.m. 

tForMILFOBD. WlLlk)N and (JeeENFIBLD, 
. 8.81 a. m. ; 8 J2, 5.88 p. a. 

tFor stations on MANCHESTER and KBENIL 

B.R,.8.81a.m.; 3J2p.m. .,^.„ .„ 

tFor NASHUA. 8.31, 9.21 a. m.; 1, 8.f.O,3.62,5J2, 

7.60 p. m. . . 

•Express. fNorthern depot. tW»^nesdsy only. 

ttOr on arrival of Ualns i>om the north. 


Trains leave BOSTON at 7.30. 8, 1*«.M. JO. " 
a. m.; 12 m.; 1.16, 2,30, 3, 4, 4.45,6.36, 5.16, 
t*7, tll.l6p. m. „ , , , 

•Exprea. fNorthern depot. J Wednesdays only, 

Leave LOWELL for BOSTON, 8J0, t««.10 A- B., 
and 4.30 p. m. ... 

Leave BOSTON for LOWELL, 8.46a. a.; fl, 6 
p. m. 
fNorthern depot. 

Lowell A Lawrenaa IM-rlaian. 

Trains leave IX) WELL for LAWRENCE, 7 J5, 

11 a. m.; 2, 6.16, 6.40 p. m. 
Leave LAWKIi-NCE for LOWELL, 7.45, 8 Jt, 11 

a.m.i 12.10, 1.16, 4.06, 0.40 p. a. 

Leave LOWELL for LAWR»ilGR, ».tf a. as. ; t 

Laave'liA WRENOB fbr LOWELL. 8 a. a; 5 p.a. 

Saleaa A X.awell IMwlaftMU 
TrahM leave LOWELL fbr BALBX aft 7J6 a. a.} 

•1.10. 6.40 p. a. 
Leave BA^EM for LOWBLL at 7.10, MJ6 a. a;, 

•Ooaneets with tralas for OLOUCBSVUt aad 


Cook's Grand Kxcuralons leave New York April 
27th, June 8th, and July 1st, 1^82. l<'ull partloa 
lars in special Pamphlet, sent free on applloatloa. 
Paassge Tickets by all Allantie Steamers. Spe. 
ciul Ikcillile^ for securing Uood Berths. Toarlst 
Tickets for Individual travellers in I- urope, by all 
routes, at reduced rates. Cook's Bzaurslonlst 
with Maps, by mail lU cents. 

THOb. COOK A SON, nx Broadway, N. Y. ; 
197 Washington street. Boston, Maaa. 

C. A. Babattomi, Manage*^ ^ 

Kojal Mall Nteamshlps. 

ratroniM«d 6y Htr Jtouat Btghnau PHtUMn 


Every Saturday. 

Msartoa* Oeessis Vajrnco— OnlF 

Extra weekly ships froa Glasgow. Liverpool, 
Qaeenstown, Londonderry, and Oalway to Bos., 
ton direct. 

The stesmers are unsarpassed for Safety and 
gpecd, and are fitted ap with aH iaH>rovemeats 
oondaeive to the comfort of paasengars. 

Cabin $70 and $80. Intermediate $40. Bteer-^ 

"'i'pply to W. A W. C. Lamaon, Dennis Murpav 
and W. K. Batebelder. agents fbr Lowell, or 
Leva A Alden. general scents. 207 Broadway 
New York, 16 State street, Boston. Mass. ^ 




Providence, Norfolk amd Baltlaaora 
gTBSAMHHIP LIBB, Comarlataff ttsa 
gteosnera Berfcaltlre, Blaeketono aaUl 

a., fipom Lonsdal 

Chiasaar rip« • «MI * *■ 

WeU Pipe S« aad SO ia. dl#. 

BrslB work doaa by ezperleaecd worksssa. 
Maaafaetory, 247 Oorhaa street. 
Oflook ffl MarhaC street. 




Pimipiiiar TTSiiarliie, 

A Sheaf, sisspla aad, smsO oasUjr aaaased 
■sethad of rstafaig watat f ar 



For ATER JUMCTION, T.15 a. a. '.VtM, 5 p. a. 
Oeaaeetlaas ssads aO AfSrJusttsn wtth 

Lears ATER JUNOTIOH, $jt a. as. ; 1M5, A15 

^''*' 8UITDA1 TRAINS. 

Leave LOWELL. tU^. m. a. aa. 


Fralcht daat oa Jaekaoa street. 

MTedneadsiy. 6 o'clock p. 1 
W4isrf, ladiaStreet. 

Conneetiag at Norfolk, Va., with the Norfolk 
and Petersburg Railroad and the Vlrglala aad 
Tennessee Air Line. At Portsmouth, Va., with 
the Seabord and Rosnoake Railroad aad the At- 
lantic Coast line. At Wat Point. Va., with the 
Richmond, York River and Chesapeake Railroad 
and the Piedmont Air Line TO ALL POINTS 
SOUTH. And at Baltimore, Md.. wltb the Mer- 
abante' aad Miners' Transportation Co.'s Steaa- 
ablp Una to SAVANNAH, OA.. and Its Georgia 
Central aad Atlaatle aad Gulf railroad eoanee- 
tlons fbr all polats in Oeorcta, Alabama and Flor- 
Idsu Also with ataanaahip lines fk-om Baltinore to 
Charlcatoa. S. L'., and Soath Carolina railroad. 
Fifelgbt rata broa Provldenee to all poiaU So«* 
aadwast srs tbe same as from New York Oily. 
iUtk foods vU P..^ line. Tbroagh Bids 
LadlhS glvea vbi all tba dltfltrent rentes M above. 
Far mrttter lalbnaatloa apply to B. D. BOCK- 
OTLLTwiar PRO^CENCK. B. I. Also 
aapt Vlrglala aad Tenaesaeo, OsorgU Oeattal 
rSh^^ AUantle Coast aad Fledaeai Air 



EVitT ITAEIETr a# Cboa >rta tli ioaa at 

Atfpb j|.^_ 
^SSlSf^Umia^X 5.45. 0J5 a.a.: uil. 

*lb2i!^iSSk% Lowell at 6.80 p. a. 
I.«trM M Lhsrraaee at 7.45 a. as. 
^ fbr salsa at 9.15 a. as. 

Trsteht depot, Weaoeraav enae. 

1 corNaihM. Ms ss h ia l e r , OaMstdjlke 

*. F. 




LawsH, Old 

MaMbaadlse deUvered per order L 
oa the Bostoa * Lowell,Tlasbaa A 
Oalaav aad Bostoa * Malae B. E. 

g5ppmgreeelptsobtalaedibryada»r» $> $8$. 

<MRoo,_«$ T Isaodilsa Btpaafl. 


BAOHTiTsTiWt. PI71KA8 * 0O.». 

MaaafMlararsof em 


10 OHI>BB. 
■■I Istial FahU«kiion» Hsa^v 

tt« OBBVmAls f*l|ll«V 





MONDAY. MAY I, 11^9. 


456 ■ fl M> 

llils Day. 

I LlMlorU OK OAT#. i 
I 14 0« I 

• 8M 

OaleaAar f*r May. 

•D>. 1 

MO>. 1 TUK*. 1 WED. 1 TUUBO. | TUl. 

1 SAT. 














u ^ 




















TU9 Weatltcr. 

Salorday afteraoon and eTentng wer« pleai' 
ant, bat cloady. Tetterday waa a charming 
4ay, quite warm at times, and again sharp with 
the oold Weatb of ibis fi-igid spring. The night 
was brlUlaBt and cool, a slight frost being noted 
this morning. The forenoon was eUt^i, but to* 
wards noon the wind shifted to the southwest 
from the eakt, and the aky became clouded. 

Saturday* ••••••••• 


Monday. • . 

• • • • • • • 

.7-a. m. 
. 42 

1 p. m, 6 p 





■ w 


Uiopri^of • decent totir of trowerj. The 
company warranU tbfrcamienU to be good 
ont-B for the money, and calmly walU to aw 
the price matched for goods of Uie tame qaall- 

ThoBiat Collanora, a boarder at J. M. D. 
Jobiiftou'a, comer of Uiird and Oeorjce 
BlreHH, aet hlubedon fire by hU pipe about 
8.30 iMiit iilRbl, and the bedding waa nearly 
dettlroyed before Tborana ran down atnlr* 
and notffied ihe proprietor of Ibo bonne. 
Tb«> fire whh cxtinguiahed jvilb a te^ paila of 
water, and Tboniaitwaa arreated. 

The claM to graduate from the High school 
tbiH vear have organized by the luloutlon of a 
eonsiitulion and the choice of Fi-ed L. Enq, 
preMilent; EmniH Bradley, first vice prei«l- 
d«*nt ; Frank A. Hulcblnson, second vice nrcul- 
denl; Josie Wiltler, t*«cretiiry; Lizzie Hans- 
coin, recordiux secretary ; ^^ uller H. Howe, 



■" jj^rBaDanas cheap St 8iirtttt»i. '"' 

||[3^Menrill A Son removed to comer of 
John and Lee streets. 

|3^Firit Norfolk slrawberrlea received to- 
day at Smith's, 47 Merrliuaek street. 

le^Nice pianos at A. V. Hill's sold at very 
low prices, room No. 4 Nesmith block. 

rj^W. E. LivingKton's briiucb oiHce re- 
moved to Caklerwood's, 33 Merrimack street. 


The assessors of tuxes commenced their 
annual pcrambulutions today. 

The Anti;Licen8e Leajfuo will meet this 
evening to talk over the situation. 

Nineteen intentions of uinrriage were re- 
corded at the city clerk's ofhce lust week. 

Smith nnnounces the first Norfolk straAV- 
berries* of the season. Tljey are large, frcsb 
and tempting. 

The Uerdic coach has been well patron- 
ized since the start, and the sign "full" wa» 
frequently displayed yesterday. 

Patten the florist, who was forced to leave 
his quarters in the old post office building, 
has pitched his tent at No. 20 Central street. 
The amusement rooms of the People's club 
dosed for the season Saturday evening, but 
the reading roomsjn both branches remain 

Mr. Abbott Lawrence of tbis city Is to 
leave the city on the 22d inst. for different 
points in Minneaota, and will be absent sev- 
eral weeks,. 

Mr. Albin R. Reed of Lawrence, who has 
taught a number of pupils in this city, has 
been engaged to sing In the Central Baptist 
church of PfDvidence. 

Overseer James Witherliead of the Massa- 
chuselle bought the Gilchrist place, aUhe 
e-vner oflfiHli and Myrtle streets, at Patch's 
auction sale Saturday," pay ingt4 725. 
> The threc-atorv brick building on Middle 
street owned by .Horace R. Barker is at 
once to be made one story higher. The 
building is occupied by different tenants. 

O. H. P. Trask's granite works on School 
street were entered iy breaking open a rear 
door Saturday night and about f 25 worth of 
tools, including hammers, drills, etc., were 

The lecture on Greece in her Glory by 
Prof. Lotfsakos promises to be a rare treat. 
Borne niHgnificent stercoplic views will be 
shown and the marvels of Greece will be told 
In story and picture. 
The adjourned meeting of the Sbattuck 
. -Street society will be belirtonight when a 
report will be submitted from the committee 
having the proposed improved vestry ar- 
rangements in charge. 

Joseph Flvnn's horse was attacked by a fit 
at Hosford 'square Saturday ufternoon, and 
ran against a picket fence, one of which pen- 
■ etratid bis breast, so iniuring him that Jt be- 
came necessary to kill him. 

A verdict has been rendered against the 
Boston & Lowell Railroad company lor caus- 
ing the death of Daniel Driscoll of Woburn 
last spring, and the case has gone to the su- 
preme court on exceptions. 

Police dfflcer Thomas J. Sanborn was pre- 
sented a valuable Brazil wood cane with a 
"favorite dog's head" at J. B. Currier's Sat- 
urday night, Messrs. Gordon and Swett mak- 
ing the presentation addresses. 

The managers of Garfield post, O. A. R., 
fair are attending to final details and antici- 

E ale one of the most successful fairs ever 
eld in Lowell. Those desiring season tick- 
ets should make early application. 

Mr. L. W. Hardy, leader of the American 
orchestra of this citv, has been engaged for 
the coming season in a similar capacity on 
the "Empire State," Boston, maKing his 
third season on this popular excursion steam- 

Daniel Walker, agent of the Massachu- 
setts Mutual Lire Insurance company, calls 
attention to the liberal features of that com- 

Sany under the new non-lorfelture law of 
lassachusetts, In an advertisement else- 

The skating rink will close for the season 
.... next Saturday evening, and tlicre will doubt- 
less be a good attendance all the week, Jjie 
skating contests being the special attraction. 
• Tbis evening at 9 o'clock the gentlemen will 
skate for the prizes. 
In case the withdrawal of Rev. Mr. Sea- 
'"* bury from the pastorate of the John street 
' Congregational church Is endorsed by the 
conference tomorrow, he will soon leave the 
city to reside, temporarily, at least, with his 
mother In New Bedford. 
The chief engineer and committee on fire 
' department of the Newburyport fire depart- 
ment will visit Lowell tomorrow for the 
purpose of Inspectiiig the apparatus of the 
i Lowell department. They intended to come 
today, but decided to postpone the visit. 

The committee of the Shattuck street 
church are contemplating a plan for building 
— a vestry on the northerly side of the church 
over the workshop of J. G. Mack ft Co. The 
plan will provide for a roomy vestry move 
easy of access than the one now in use. 

The superior civil court at Cambridge is 
trying the case of Martha Darke asalost the 
Boston and Miilne railroad, which Ts an ac- 
tion of tort to recover damages for personal 
Iqjuries received while leaving a car at Olen- 
wood station. D. 8. Richardson is counsel 
for the roud. 

The annual meeting of ibe Old Residents 
association will be held in the parlor of the 
American house Wednesday evening. Be- 
sides the UBUfll business there will be two pa- 
Sers read, a sketch of the late Thomas Ord- 
sy by J. K. Fellows, and the Newspaper 
Preas of Lowell by Alfred Gilman. 

The Middlesex clothing company has re- 
dooad the price of those suits another notch, 
Mdnow aells an entire suit for ^M, about 

treasurer. The class consists of 63 mem- 

Tony Pastor and his elegant company will 
appear at Music hall Wednesday night, and 
as usual they will be greeted by a laro^ audi- 
ence containing many people who woTild not 
readily attend any other variety entertain- 
ment. The companv includes old favorites 
and new talent, and ihe programme will In- 
troduce much tbat is novel. The tickets are 
now on sale. 

Those who have not securetl seats for the 
Garrick club jjerformance of "Our Boys" 
should do so at once, while good places are to 
be had. It promises to be one of the I>e6t 
things ever tlone by the elub, and it will m 
put on in fine style. The Associated Churl- 
ties will be the beneficiary. The piece will 
be played at Music hall Thursday, and the 
box sheet is at Bacons'. 

The two Lowell cars of the 6.35 train 
from Boston Saturdav ufternoon. aMer being 
switched from the northern-lM»und train near 
Ihe Hale street bridge, ran willi considerable 
force against the locomotive Woburn, which 
was Ik hig backed down th" track-to receive 
them, and the eoncu'^sion smashed a platform 
of one car, and somewhat injured the engine. 
An employe was slightly injured by flying 

The Dime Show returns to Huntington 
hall for three evenings, l>eginuing on Thurs- 
day, and will give the same enienuinment as 
upon its former appearance. New faces and 
features have l>eeii added and we have no 
doubt the exhibition will receive the liberal 
patron <ge its merit deserves. Reserved seats 
can now be secured at Ihe box ofHee. A 
matinee for ladies will be given Sulurday aft- 

John J. Sullivan, the actor, died of con- 
sumption In Chicago Saturday, aged 87. He 
was well known In this city both on and off" 
the stage, and had many personal fi lends 
here. Mr. Sullivan was a very handsome 
man, H good actor, and In private life an es- 
timable gentleman. He bad been a mem»>er 
of the stock companies at the Boston theatre 
and Museum, as well as of muny travelling 
organizations. He will be buried In Boston, 
bis native city. 

Mr. Colby of the Vox Populi and Rev. N . 
W. Matthews talked square temi)erance doc- 
trine at the Reform club last iiigbt. Both 
graphically i>ictured ihe evils of intemi)er- 
ance, and urzed perseverance in u temperate 
life. Mr. Whitworth started the meeting, 
and toward the close Rev. Mr. West came in 
with President Slolt and spoke a few earnest 
words of encouragement. The meeting of 
the Reform club corporation will be held to- 
morrow night. 

At a meeting of the Lowell Bicycle club at 
Ihe American house Saturday evening the 
following officers were chosen for the ensu- 
ing vear: Presiilent, Paul Butler; captain, 
Willis Farrlngton; lieutenant, Walter U. 
Lawson; treasurer. Walter M. Sawver; sec- 
retarv, Kred A. Fielding; buglers, Frank E. 
Morrill, James C. Aycr. A number of bi>- 
pllcalions for member-hip have been re- 
I celved. Centrally located headquarters are 
I'j be provided. 

Superintendent Chase of the horse railroad 
rompany has made a contract with Grant A 
Cobb to allow Ihe use of their store as a wait- 
ing room for passengers at Museum square. 
The store is two doors below the old waiting 
room of the company, which was vacated to- 
day to permit the demolition of the building 
for the erection of the post-office. Patrons 
of the horse railroad will appreciate this 
thoughtfulness on the part of the superin- 
tendent, mid freely make use of the store 
while waiting for the cars. 

The Vesper Boat clnh will open their 
house for the season tonight, and will have a 
few of their friends to make merry with 
them. Nothing elaborate in the matter of il- 
lumination or decoration will be attempted, 
but there will be some lanterns and gas ef- 
fects, and as Ihe dancers whirl to the gay 
strains of the American orchestra the effect 
will be what Whistler might call a sym- 
phony In color. Dancing will be in oider 
from 8 till 11. The amusements are in 
charge of the executive committee. 

Poliec Cosrt. 

May 1.— Edward McKenna, larceny of gas 
fitting apparatus from Merrimack company, 
four months at tbe bouse of correction. Ed- 
ward Martell, assaulting Joseph Qulnn. f 10 
and costs. There were three lines tor drunk- 

IVatcr Board. J- 

At the annual meeting of the water board 
tbis forenoon Albert A. Ilaggett was re- 
elected chairman of the board by a unani- 
mous vote and James M. Buttles was re- 
elected clerk, recelvinx four of the five voles. 
The report of the engineer of the water 
works for April shows that the Morris en- 
gine was run 20 da\ s or 248.46 hours, and 
the Worthington engine was run 6 days or 6S 
hours In the month. The Morris engine 
pumped 60,660.880 sallons and tlie Worthing- 
ton engine 12,105.330 gallons of water, a total 
of 02,810,210 gallons. The amount of water 
pumped into the high service reservoir was 
436,092. The average amount of water con- 
sumed per day was 2,093,873 from the low 
service, and 14,603 galloinifrom the high ser- 
vice reservo'r. Coal consumed by Morris 
engine 95.360 pounds; by Worthlngion en- 
gine 28,030 pounds— total 123.880 pounds. 
Number of gallons raised in reservoir with 
one pound of coal — Morris engine 531.21; 
Worlhington 434.36. The distribution of the 
6000 water bills begins today. 

Xjlqnor I<lcens»a« 

There will be no prosecution of liquor 
dealers who were licensed lust year anti 
whose licenses expired yesterday, till after 
the meeting of the board of aldermen tomor- 
row night. 'Wiere will very probably lie a 
long and interesting session of tbe board on 
the subject of granting licenses at that meefc- 

Tbe Mkorlng tew, a^ r ttti April 
19, 1881. i« held by aood Uwyan w with- 
drawing tbe power of the majror to r«te on 
iicenaes : 

BacTioii 1. la aU laws relattac to sltlas, the 
words mayor and aldcrmea ■ull, iial«M pro- 
vision 1« or shall be othorwisa aaa4s, be oou 
Btmed to mean board of aldaraaa, anftlilBg la 
tbe charter of any elty, or Ik aay aal la amend 
meat ih' reof, to ctt« «oatrarr aetwiSl ist aadioK; 
/mtvtded, however, thmt all appolnUaeaU which 
•re directed to be made by tho mayor aad alder- 
men shall be made la aecordaaee with eids^lng 
provisions of law. 

HKCTioH 2. This act shall taka effeet apon its 

TIkc Im4l*m Tesr>il*r|r. 

Tbe lecture on the above topic which was 
delivered by Rev. Robert West lo the Kirk 
street church last evening was listened tu l»y 
a large audience and presented «ome interest- 
ing facts about tbU comparatively unknown 
territory. In l>eglnnhig the speaker slated 
that what he bad to say was based on actual 
experience during the Ave years tbat he had 
charge of the home missionary work lu the 

The Indian Territory embraeea an area of 
70.000 t-quare miles, larger than all New Enx- 
laud, yet its population Is no greater tiuni 
that of Lowell. Tbe l>orderiiig states contain 
settlements as old as Lowell, and the inhab- 
itants are just becoming awakened by ineoin- 
Ing railroads, lu Arkansas there is a vigor- 
ous temperance movement which has 
brought about the adoption of a sort uf local 
option law, which. If a maiorlty ao vote, pn- 
vrnlM tlt« exUlence of a salooa within >4hree 
miles of a Kchool-liouse. This law was suii- 
ported by 103 o( Ihe 112 new»papers in the 
state. In fact ibe temperance sentiment in 
Arkansas is l>eller than in MassucbusettH, 
and the Subbatb is more observed. 

Four Indian nstious, Ihe Cherokees, Chick- 
asaws. Creeks and Choetaws, inhabit tbe 
territory, wliite men with few exceptions 
being excluded. Tbe Indians have 300.000 
acres of land under cultivation, and would 
do well If it were not for the unwise policy ol 
Ihe government eomi>elllng them to 
retain their trll)al relations and 
hold land in common. This ^forces 
upon tliem communism In Its worst form 
und is Ihe prime difficulty encountered in the 
irealnient of ihe Indian question. Tl»e terri- 
torv is practically out ot court JurK>diclion. 
ami being without the protection of United 
Slates laws I* Inlcsled with outlaws and 
rogues who seek refuge within its borderx. 
Mis-iionarics who go there me< t many diffi- 
culties. These were Illustrated by Mr. 
West's own experiences, which he vividly 

There Is a union of Christian effort among 
all sects repn^sented in the territory, and on 
one occasion a Callipllc priest gave up his 
place to Mr. WcsflPiificrward h^lpeil raise 
money to build a rrotestunt church. Tlie 
speaker related how 16 Indian girls were 
transporttid to an esstern school, free of 
charge, bv the railroad magnates Gould and 
Sage. The former he considered to be do- 
ing a great work in o|>euing up the west by 
railroads. He severely criticized the Iwdian 
polii-v of the Kovernment, which be said hiid 
put $600,000,000 Into the pockets of contract- 
ors and made paupers of the Indians, of 
whom there are more on this continent to- 
dnv than ever before. In closins be paid a 
glowing tribute to the misslonuries who la- 
bor in the field and alluded to the fruits of 
money given to home missions. 


...». .^ \ 

CoatlMMd thtm aavsttth page. 

riltH OBATEL. 

Rev. John Malvern preached on ««Ohrlat 
iheLlghtof the World." Tbe SfMakeroou- 
sldered the subject under wveral beads, and 
gave many illustratloDs that deeply im- 
pressed the aUdienee present. Notice was 
given thafc^lbe mission would bold a May fes- 
tival Tbui*day evening. A good time is ex- 
pected. It is hoped tbat the foundation of 
the new ebapel will be completed this woelc. 


Tbe pastor. Rev. J. C. Emerv, preached 
f^om Prov. xvill. 10. "The name of t l|e Lord In, to hive 
is a strong tower; the righteous runi^ggasS'.Jt"*'"'' 
||,andls safe," The subject w»« M ^ JTb^orVhey «.«il h.v, ftsm frash. 




Smith's Model Kmlt Bioiw. 

To obtsln a first-class article, especially ih 
fruit and confectionery, is a matter of con- 
siderable difficulty, yet thcr.- are dealers in 
all cities of ait^ consequence, whose sole alin 
Is lb keep only what are known as fresh, 
wholesome, and substantial good*, and for 
tbe benefit of those of our readers who arc 
not ahead V aware of the fact, we miglit siiy 
tbat one of the most impulur and reliable es- 
tablishments of this kind In this section of 
the stale. Is that of F. W. Smith, which Is lo- 
cated at 47 Merrimack street. Mr. Smidi 
is both a wholesale and retail ilealer 
in pure confectionery and foreign and 
domestic fruit of all kinds, his goods In 
this direction being noted for their 
first-class qualities, while his prices are as 
moderate and reasonable as those of any sim- 
ilar concern In the state. He takes a pride 
III the good name his establishment holds 
throughout this vicinity, as a place where 
fruit and confectionery can be obtained that 
will give satisfaction in every Instance. Mr. 
Smith transacts a large business, and one 
Ihal Is constantly Increasing, which be has 
built up solely on the go'od merits of the arti- 
cles be furnlshe* to his customers, and as a 
first-class store of its kind we heartily com- 
mend It to the favorable attention of our 
readers.— [Business Houses of Lowell. 


syor Runels, although a strict temper- 
ance and anti-llc«-nse man, has not been as 
uncompromising in meeting the fact that a 
nii^iorlty of the board of aldermen appears, 
from Its votes, to be In favor of grant ing liq- 
uor licenses, as has been believed. He 
stated aeveral days since to a license alder- 
man that If the board saw fit lo grant 60, 60, 
or even 70 liquor licenses, divided among the 
different classes, and limited to persons who 
have not vlo'ate<l the oondillons of their li- 
censes heretofore, and who are responsible 
persons who will be held to a strict observ- 
ance of Ibe spirit of tbe lioenae law, there 
would be no obsUcle, in his Judgment, to Ihe 
granilng and issue of tbe licenses. He will 
nut. if be has the right to vote on the ques- 
tion, however, do so in favor of granting any 

Smoked fish— salmon and halibut -are eon- 
venie'nt to set on the table ftor breakfast and tea. 

Buy of Whitman, 27 East M«rrimack street, who 
also keeps a full stock of everything io his line. 

JVtfso ia Your Titne 

to furnish np your bouses, and Oifuttft Whita- 
ker, 19 and 21 Market street, luive a large stock 
of carpets, chamber sets, ranges, and everything 
in the housekeeping line at very low prioes. 

Carpet », Jt^umiture, Ac. 

A new and elegant line of carpets, parlor suits, 

chamber sets, housekeeping goods of all kinds, 

at the lowest cash prices or on the insUlfneat 

plan, at Benaer Bros.', 138 and 140 Central street. 


Report of DeatHn for tHe Week flSnilliia 
April ao, laSiS. 

22. Charles P. C Mullln, drowned. ^ T 

•a, John Malone, 64. pcricardls. 

A'ilfred Coutois, II, heart disease. 
2t, Anthoiiv Howe, 70, kidaey dUease. 

Su-an HcQuade, 05 pariilysig. 

Joiin A. Mcliulre, 15 mos., convulsions. 

25, Aujtustii M. Katon, 60. heurt disease. 
John Callahan, 44. kidney disease. 
Thomas McAndrew, 28, pleurisy. 
Nellie O. Mitchell, 20, peritonltl'*. 
Magxie Bru i>an, 3 inos., convulsions. 

26, Mary Kwan, 67, pneumonia. 

Mary E. Callahan, l.t, tumor on brain. 
Fred Delued, 2, scrolnla. 

27, Margaret Kelly, 66. deb llty. 
Murtagh Lvnch, 67, consumption. 

28, Joseph J. Villemnine, 3 mos., infantile. 
Ellen Beids. 2 mos., bruin disease. 
Jamea J. u'Grady, 20, consumption. 

29, Marie M. BellefeniUe, 20, oonsumptlon. 

lyoealttles— Ward One, 2; Two, S;« Three, •; 
,Ponr,0; Five, 8; Six, 1; eanal, 1. 

Itlrtliplaoes— lx>well, 7; elsewhere In the Unit- 
ed States, 2; Ireland, 8; Canada, S; England. 0; 
unknown, 1. 

Places of interment — Catholle eemetery.M: 
removed fhtrndty, 1; Edson oesMterf, 2; LowsU 
cemetery, 1. 


under three divisions: tbe dlenlty, tpVvni^ 
ihorlly and security of tbe hiding-plHoc, and 
under the last head several points were dis- 
cussed as havlug a bearing uuon the times 
in which we live. Th6 religious, political, 
commercial and social life of the uutlen 
furnished ample illustrations. Reference 
was made to the tam|}erlng with creeds In 
churches, to tbe failure on the part of states- 
men and political leaders to meet the 
demands of their constituents, saying naught 
of tiic non-fulfilment of their own pledges; 
and to the frequency of defalcations and oth- 
er br< aches of tru«t, which have so sadly 
shocked the community, and In ihtilr results 
prepared us to expect nothing better. The 
points were all well made and sustained. 
Announcements of an entertainment on 
Wednesday evening by Ihe Francis Wayland 
ussociutloii, postponed from last week on ac- 
count of the rain, and a sociable at the par- 
sonage for Tliuisday evening were among 
the appointments for the week. 


^The Andover seminary controversy, grow- 
ing out of the nomination and rejection of 
I>r. Smyth us Ibeolozical nrofessor, was the 
main theme of Kev. Mr. Dickiieirs discourse 
yesti'rday morning. When the pledge each 
professor Is required to take, and the several 
articles of creed upon which the theology of 
the seminary slands, and tbo conditions that 
these articles are never lo be altered, amend- 
e<l or diminished in any way (though by the 
confession of the professors themselves, 
practically they are outgrown), are lakcn 
inio cousideration, the visitors could not con- 
slslenlly do otherwise than rejuct Dr. Smyth. 
If he could not cut himself in every particu- 
lar to the requirements of 1806, he ought to 
stand outside. But the action has awalEeued 
thought. In reality few stand wh'-re Samuel 
AblK>t determined the clergy should stand. 
Let Andover or any other liistilulion anchor 
itself to tbe past, avow never to advuuce, 
and it will not be many years that the world 
will have any use for such slaud-still organi- 
zations. Tlie church and all of its institu- 
tions should be on tbe advance, and year by 
vear the best men in Its Iwrders are recog- 
"niaing the fact, of which the Andover Facul- 
ty Is a bright example, while fossils n^ust 
take the background. ' i 


Rev. J. Malvern of Haverhill preached 
from the words, "The word of the Lord 
was precious In those days." He showed 
what Ihe word of the Lord was, und bow it 
was appreciated In the early ages. No proof 
was needed by an enlightened audience that 
the Bible is the word of tlic Lord. Its pre- 
clousness was proven by Its costliness, thou 
its intrinsic value was exhibited by the ef- 
fect upon those who fully accept it. Educa- 
tion without religion is a sword in the hand 
ofal)al»e. Blot Ihe v^ord of tbe Lord from 
the {tages of history and experience, and 
what is left? Bold, blank Infidelity. It Is 
precious In the days of adversity. No hu 
man words can culm the troubled soul as 
this cun. How precious it is In the days of 
bereavement ! It points to a glorious Immor- 
tality. In dying days how precious is the 
woril of the Lord I Wo nil need its comfort 
now, but we must have it then. Our appre- 
c ation of a tiling is seen bv our devotion to 
it. Do we appreciate I ho Bible as we should? 
If we were deprived of it, wo would sigh for 
It. Review the history of the Bible, and vou 
will see how precious' It has been to all who 
havclielieved It. It lights up our pathway 
heavenward, :ind throws a halo of glory 
around the valley of tbo shadow. 


Rev. N. C. Mallorv preached an eloquent 
discourse from Revelation xxll. 17. Blessed 
Is the gospel to man. Sometimes its ble-^s- 
lugs are offered as the stafl^ of life, some- 
times as the bre id of life, sometimes, as In tbe 
text, it Is oflfered as the water of life. We 
comprehend something of the abundant pro- 
vision of water when we consider on the one 
band an ocean 8000 miles wide without a 
break, and on the other hanil an ocean 5000 
miles wide with nothing to divide its waters. 
Also rivers of several hundred miles In 
length, growing larger, and broader, and 
deeper In their onward course to tlie sea. So 
it Is with the blessings of the gospel. They 
are ever recurring, increasing lu their ful- 
ness, and growing deeper In their power of 
giving happiness. Tet eye hath not seen, 
nor ear heard, nor hath it entered into the 
heart of man to conceive of the things God 
hath prepared for those who love him. Yet 
men speak of religion as though by accept- 
ing It they must circumscribe the course of 
their life, snd then complain tbat all the Joy 
and happiness and comforts in this life are 
sacrificed in l)ecoming a Christian. When 
In reality, man only I>egin8 to live when he 
ac<^epts Christ j then only is his life a source 
of unbounded joy and peace and happiness as 
he reaches out alter the living God. No man 
Is satisfied until he has grasped Christ Jesus 
and made Him his for life and eternity. I am 
come, says our Saviour, tbat ve might have 
life. The close attention of the audience ns 
tbe pastor earnestly portrayed the possibili- 
ties of a life In Christ, gave the strongest evi- 
dence that they were lu sympathy with him 
in Ills appeal to Ihe unconverted "to come 
and drIuK of the water of life freely." 

LBADUia OAuaaa of dbathb in 




■ • « • o •'• •••••• 



Pfiporaonifto ••••••oooa 

DlpliUi^rlAo ••••••••• • 

Heart DlneaM 

Old Afe.e.oaao 

Cr^^p •••••■••• 
Typhoid Pever 

oOHrlet VlSTCr* •••••••••••oeoooosa«*ooa V 

Clioleni I nfftotum ••••• 2 


>••••■•••••• ^ ■ 


soeeaa ••• 









Clilldr^tt under iT« jMM ....ISl 

Otmt MTestT T^'l^* ************* ****** ^' 






8. ▲. MoPBnmaa, Oty Olerk. 



I( yoa haven't toMS thM a foat _ 
spare be sure and have a gaHaa. ftls 
the greatest luxuries we are allMrad «o Indotta 

v» a gaNaa aay- 

to bay the vegt'. 

' Trjrtttbis 


e nice fre^v«f])i^ 

season and see If it Isn't Bloc. 

H. A. FIELDINQ. 128 Oentral 8trMt. 

A nice kid specie purse, lined with chamois 
akin, for 10 cents. Is one bargain we offer. 
Come In and look ut them. C. I. Hood h> 
Co.. druggists, opposite post office. 

Neto Sliberti»emmt«» 

Strawberries and Bananas. Hall's 

FOR 8 AL.E.— Homestead house lots within 
two hundred feet of Bridge street. 

H. ▲. 


ANTBI>.— A sitjuttlon by an American 
at M Sebool strcot. 

' y/S woman to do general hoasework. Apply 



and, in fact, eferyone should 
understand the ralue of that 
delicious food source— SEA 
M0S8FAKINE. It is produc- 
ed by inventlYe skill from the 
nutritious Irish Sea Moss, and 
is, without exception, the best 
luTalids'Food and most nsefhl 
basis for light wholesome food 
and desserts now In existence. 
For puddings, jellies, creams, 
blanc manges and other table 
delicacies, the Sea Moss Farine 
excels eYerything known, and 
in the sick room it is simply 





Ton; Pastor's Elept Coiany. 

ISth-Annual Tour— 18th 



The special attractions will be Tony Pastor's 
esmic play, 


with MR. JAG<iUB«l KRUGKR la 
Famome Impersonations. 


Mr. Pastor will appear as the Perplexed Manager. 

The company comprises the following well- 
known artists ; Musical Kour— W. B. Wood, L. 
i$. Bea»l<-y, Morris Weston, 8am Weston; Miss 
Mattle Vickers and Charles S. Rogers; The Ir- 
win >itters; Lizzie Simms- Wm. Carroll; French 
Twin Sisters; Lester and Allen ; Donnelly and 
Drew; Miss Elsie Kruger; Mr. Frank Ulrard. 

Qranl Concert Orcbestfa M Brass BaM 

Tony Pastor, sole proprietor, always present 
and directing every performance. 

Sale of seats commences Monday, May 1st, at 
box offlce. 4 

red to Vo. 20 Central 
8trMt»Kezt Door to Times 





i*ay *Ti i 




JTo. 50 Merrimaok Street. 

T> liST.— Teaeoient aad cardea S19 Rirer 
street. Appij to K. P. Woods, or ofllea Of 
Waods, B herwo od fc Ck>., Bridjo street. 

A M f oitiiK Buiiuiss Ian 

Bald to as lately, aner Ukinf his 4aily health 
Hit: "There, doetor. I feel a cood deal better 
BOW. I Jast cams fhMi a basv, tlresoaio dar la 
JBostoa, bat n^w I feel parfMtly restod and mm 
moitm to Mnlsh mj day's work br writing In the 
oSm till 10 o'eiook," and he added. "Kverv basi 
•fss naa, cTery elerk. and erery bank oflelal la 
Lowell oacht to take this beaUh lift dally. Ttaty 
waald fad^better aad do their work eaalerJ' Bat- 
lar Health Lift reilersa fatlgee. Qo aad try It a 
free. 41 Merriaaok street. 

When business men, who prob- 
ably read every adverttsetnent 
published, call for our five and 
eight dollar suits, and buy them, 
we consider tt the best compliment 
that can be paid us. It proves 
that by those who best know us we 
are believed. It proves that ex- 
trOfOrdinary valties are offered at 
these prices, else shrewd men 
would not spend their money for 
these goods. It proves that for 
the sake of making low prices we 
do not offer *Hrash.*' Every five 
dollar suit we offer would be 
cheap at ten dollars. Every eight 
dollar suit we offer would be 
cheap at fourteen dollars. Not a 
suit in either lot that is not stntct- 
ly all wool. Not a suit that has 
not a fine lasting lining. Not a 
suitth€Uis not new. Not a suit 
that is not well nuide. Not a suit 
that is -not stylish. Not a suit that 
is not at our prices a better bar- 
gain than we ever advertised be- 
fore. Not a suit that a man can 
afford to pass, if he wishes to 
dress well and save from five to 
Mix dollars <m his outfit. Satur- 
day's trade was immense. We 
look for a rush this week. Who 
wai get Uft hy wanting tmtU the 
lots are sold f 


One-Friee OMhlsrs, 
Appielon Block, CefOt^ Street. 




Policies issued under the provisions of the new 
Massaehosetts non-forfeiture law glre deflalte 
paid-up and cash values, which are naich mor e 
liberal than those heretofore offered by any com - 




Oommencing Thursday, May 4tk. 




Tte Larirest anl Best in tlie Worli. 

Talent will tell, and we hare It. 


Card. — Our price of admission belnj( but one 
dime, quite naturally leads the people to think 
the snow ofa like eheap order: but on the eoa- 
trary it is composed of the best comedy and ma. 
sieal talent in the country. Ward, Wambold and 
Pierce's names are household words tiarlnx met- 
ropolitan reputations. 


The wonder o< the IQth century, CHALET, the 
best Ventrllo^lst In the world. The Eleetrie 
Light of Ethiopian Comedy, TOM GRANaEE.. 
The Hurrays, TOM and HENRIETTA, in their 
orlfinal Irish Sketches entitled "Lore and Liq. 
uor." Ihe eminent comedian and baniolst, 
FRiilD CAllROLL. The peerless song and danee 
lady. Miss KTTA WAMBOLD. The great noveltf 
spfcoialist, llHttle WlUon. The klnx of mutical 
comedy, John II. Byrne. Ime pleating balladlst. 
Miss May Stanley. The dashing serio-oomlo LU- 
lie Deane. Kteven Corey, in motto songs. Qeor- 
gie Brown, change artint. John Haokett, orobes. 
tra and band. Friday NlKht, Amateurs' Night. 

Admission 10 cents. Reserved seats 25 aad 8S- 
oents. Tickets for s^le at box offloe. Grand la- 
dies' and children's matinee Baturday at 8 o'clock. 

Medina's Hair Tintar 

An unriTalled preparation . for the 
hair, is especially recommended to 
all who have saffered from the use or 
poisonous preparations. It will tara 
gray hair or beard from a brown to a 
natural black shade in an hour. It 
is perfectly harmless. . 

Hedia's FortD^al Lnstral,. 

For tbe preservation, beauty, growth 
and restoration of the hair. Tbis 
invaluable preparation excites the 
scalp to a new and healthy action y. 
cleanses it from scurf and dandmff 
and prevents the hair from falling 
off; also is a beautiftil dressing for 
the hair. 

The Hair Tinta and the Lustral are 
prepared only by 




Oaa ba ottalacd iknmgk the OBOOKBB FIL- 
TMBitbabestlBaM. , ^ ^ 

A large atook eaa always, ba ftoaal al 

T.B. Oarity S .Co.'St. 

Msatsfor LavaU. M Oaatral SW 
1 Beasa Bloak. 






Cf)e tUtDell B^ilp Courier. 

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 1882. 


..••Inspltaof the general backwardness 
' of tba season yesterday vrnn sbout as floe a 
Kay Day as we have bad for years. 

....Bev. Herbert W. Latbe, a Worcester 
boJijIiM Just been installsd as psstor of a 
eburob at Northampton. We were about to 
tarn spun upon his name, but we forbear. 

....The reaaon given by the two members 
of tbe board of viMltors who have vetoed 
ifewman Smyth's appointment a^ Andover, 
Is tbat be "lacks scvurauy of statement."' 
We fear ibis is an iTIustration of a similar 
lack on tbe part of the two visitors. 

... .A little girl of seven exhibited much dis- 
qnlet at hearing of a new exploring expe- 
dition. When she was asked why she bhould 
care about it, she said: "If they dhcover 
any countries, that will add to the geoerapby I 
have to study. There are countries enough 
In it now."— [Le Figaro. 

....Bcboroburg, upon returning to bis store 
on Galveston avenue from dinner, found his 
olerk very much excited. The clerk said a 
stranger came in and after asking the price 
of a cravat, which was fl, picked up tbe en- 
tire box, containing a dozen, and went off 
withtbem. "Did be pay you tbe del lar r 
asked Mose. "Yes," replied the clerk. "Veil, 
then ye makes, anyhow, fifty per cent, profit 
on de Investment."— [Galveston New». 

. . . .This Is an amateur. lie knows all about 

Bttslc, snd he tells all he knows to his friends. 

How good of bim ! But It does not take bim 

very long to tell it. He likes the modern 

aebool, and considers Bitch one of ita best 

awn . He docs not like tbe tempo of tbe con- 

doctors. This pains the conductors and the 

musicians. Tbe born-player weeps into his 

instrument. But we like the amateur. We 

bkd sooner go to the funeral of one musical 

amateur than to tbat of ten conductors.— 

[The Score. 





Toij Pastor's fieiaiit Cimpj. 

18th— Annual Tour— 18th 



The spMsUI attraetlont will be Tony Pastor's 
ooaic play, p 


with MR. JKCHVan KRI/OBR In His 
* * Famous Iinpersoaatloas. 

Mr. Pastor will appear as th« Perplexed Manager. 
The comnanT eomnrisM the following well- 


known artUti 

eomprisM the 
Musical Kour— W. B 


Wood, L. 

8. Beasley, Morris We*ton, Sam Wetton; Miss 
Matlie Vickers and Charlfn S. Rogers; The Ir- 
win -isters; Liisle Slmnri!*; Win. Carroll; French 
Twin BlMters; Lester and Alleii; Donnelly and 
Drew; Miss KIsie Kruger; Mr. Frank Qirard. 

Grand Concert Orcliestra anl Brass Bant 

Tony Pastor, sole proprietor, always present 
and direct) nK i-Tery pcrformanoe. 

8Mle of seats comnieuoes Monday, May 1st, at 
l>ox oflHor. 



lay 4. 

The Garricks 



PittsfleUl wants to become a city. 

James Leavens of Dudley, temporarily In- 
sane, took an overdose of laudanum Sunday. 

The Boston and Albany road discharged 40 
employes from its carpenter Hhops Saiurday. 
It is understood thst the chuko ot this de- 
crease is tbe high price of lumber. 

The baU of Oardaar C. Fuller of WeaUm. 
Baa notoriety was reduced on Monday from 
MO.OOO to flOOO to allow him to leave Charles 
■treet Jail in Boston to go home to die. 

The mrasellers of the South End, Boston, 
surprised themselves and their customers by 
closing at ll.aO Saturday night. Reason: 
expiration of licenses and expecUtion of a 
visit from lhe«omml8»ioners. 

Several of the Sisters of St. Margaret have 
been sent from Boston to nun«etbeKmall-pox 
patients at Bt-thlehem, Pa. Some members 
of this sisterhood were also sent to Memphis 
during the yellow fever epidemic. 

Tbe thoroughbred Shorthorn stock of tlie 
late J. E. Waters estate at West Millbury, 
was sold bv auction last week. There were 
14 snininls'in all, which brought flBS. The 
highest psid was by E. H. Rutter for tbe La 
Belle, 8d, |141. 

John Coffee, a married man of 29, a hostler 
in the American houHo at Ame»«bury, is un- 
der arrest for violently outraging bis sisier- 
In-iaw, aged 17. Ho Induced her to drink 
and committed the crime on a lonely road 
near the Salisbury poor farm. 

Tbe Boston aldermen yesterdsy voted to 

Save Devonshire street, between State and 
Lilk street", with small granite blocks, al 
a cost oT 96100; a first and aecond asMi!4tMnt 
•aseasor were elected, and the order to bor- 
row $1,600,000 for the construction of a new 
system of sewerage was passed without de- 

brte. ■ 

Anothkr Boston Collapibb.— The In- 
yemeaa Oil company of Nova Scotia, which 
is virtually owned In Boston, has been sued 
for the balance due on purchases of leases of 
Oil lands, and Us property, valued at f 100,- 
000, has been allached. Alwut 9250,000 was 
paid in, the capital Ijeing f 1,000,000, and tbo 
Stockholders want to know where the money 
is. W. A. Woods of Boston Is or was presi- 
dent and Jas. S. Longhead is general mana- 
ger. The latter saxs he knows nothing 
about the finances. Oil has been struck, but 
it is valueless, owing lo the great flow of 

water. . 

Congress on Mondajr. 
The bill for the reraovnl of political disabil- 
ities from persons engaged in tbe confederate 
•ervice during the rebellion was furtbcr dis- 
cussed in the Senate, speeches being made 
by Messrs. Call and George. No decisive ac- 
tion was taken. Mr. Saunders of Nebraska 
■poke at length in advocaijy of a constitu- 
tional amendment providing for the election 
by tbe people of certain efllcers now appoint- 
ed by the President. ^ _ ^ , ,^ 

The House, bv a vote of 160 to 06, fixed the 
Ml Instant ns tbe date on which to begin tbe 
oonaldcrntion of Mr. Orapo»s bill 10 enable 
national banks to renew their charters. This 
waa tbe fourth attempt to have a time for Its 
oonsideration fixed, and it succeeded by 10 
rotes more than tbe necessary two-thirds. 
The conoesHion of allowing amendn[ienU se^ 
oured democratic votes. An effort to sus- 
pend tbo rules and consider tbe anti-Chinese 
bill waa defeated bv a vote of 100 to 03. A 
)arn number of bills and raHolutions were 
iBtroduoed and referred to appropriate com- 
mittees, and aavaraf bills for the erection of 
pnblie buildings at varloua poinu in tbe 
oooatry were passed. 

Benarkable tor overooraing diseaaaa eauaed 
lay iBpure water, deeayins vefatatlon, ate., 
la Browne Iron BiUen. 



Tickets at Baeon Bros.', 
April t7, at 9 o'clock. 



Tharsday moraiag, 



Commenelng Mondar KTcnlng, Hay 1, 
and ending Satarda^ BTcnIng, Majr 0. 

Grand Competitive Exhibition 




Eyery EToniog, and Saturday Afternoon. 

It is the Intention of the manacement to make 
the el alng week one of pleasure to tbe patrons, 
ard to that eudContlnwona Mnale ivlU toe 
Aimlatof<d tojr Two Bands. • 

The erenlng leBsioos will continue nntl' lO.SO. 
Each evenlna at o'clock, compvtitlTe exblbl- 
tions for prises will take plaoe. 

Monday eTenlng. May 1. for srentleaieB. 

Tuesday evtnlng. May 2. for ladiea. 

Wedneday evening. May S, for genUemen 
and Iadl4>s in oonplea. 

Tharsday erenlna, May 4, fbr misses between 
12 and 16 yt-ara of ag«?. 

Friday eToninx. May ft, fbr masters between 12 
and la years of age. • ... . ^ , 

Saturday, May fl, matinee ftom 2 till 4.30; Juve- 
nile «-xlilbilion Ht 3.30, 12 years and under. 

Saturday ev«'nlng, presentation of prises, ana 
grand exhibition by the wliiaers of the prises. 

N. B. To avoid any misundersUndinjf, t eRcn- 
erai skating will continue CTt-ry pvening as usual 
thronah the week. An Intermission of about 
half an hour from 9 o'clock for the ■ xbibitlon. 

The management will select a competent and 
impattial committee to award the prises. 

Prioes as usual. , ^ 

BENJ. CIX)UGH, Jr., Manager. 

Auction Sales* 

184 Oentral Street, Ijavreli, Mass. 

Seal Estate aad Fenal Property. 

Wednesday, ll*a7 8, at 2 p. m. 

In Ayer's City at corner of Plain snd Tanner 
streets, and near the new mills of the Cobnrn 
l^httltle oomuany, . Lowell Boiler works, 
hoanaell tt Go.^s boiler works, Blaisdell 
foundry, Arey U Maddocka' tannery, etc 1 here 
U aboat Kt,f>00 »qaare feet of land, on Whieb aro 
a good S 1-a-story house of 10 rooms la good or* 
d«>r. a good bara 10x42, with exoelleat esilar, 
carriage sbcds, and hennery. This Property Is 
desirable for IsipruTemenS^a aeuoaat of harlng 
streets on three sides «f It, and being nearly 
sonara >n easily be divided into Bnilding Lots, 
and Ihe number of enterprliies that are sUrtIng 
in the Tleinit^ make It a good ohanoe for InTSSt- 
it. _. 

Penoaal Propertr* 

Heai Sfrtatr. 



Timet Bulding, 20 Oentral Street. 


lair! Water U! Hair: 


■nloa emmS 


Real Baifite W kiliSl 
Calloeaod I Kelp mnalalkod, ate 

loan on bottoas aaal SS' 

tl»,e4M» ott hand to 

tate securities at 6 per cent. 

Money to Loan on personal property In 
sums of gftO and upwards. 

THe Haneoek fiSstate, Mo. IS Ftrat 

Street.— l^rgc and elegant two-story house sab- 
stanllally built; stable containing two stalls and 
sutliclent amount of ciirrlage room; 11.000 square 
feet ot Und. Price t7i.OO, on the most faTOrabla 

Corner af Fleteher and Brosul^ray.— 
0200 square feet of land with buildings; rented on 
lease at $720 per annum. Price $7000. 

Valuable Property at Western Ave- 
nue.— Land and buildings known as tlie I^owell 
Holler Works are now od'ered fur sale at a price 
that will secure a customer; 14,000 square leet 
of land; Iwiler and engine included in this sale. 

Valuable Estate In CentralvUle, comer 
of Bridge and Kinh streets. Tlie owner is about 
to reirore to Ward Foar and the property will 
be sold at a low figure. 

Cottase House on Fremont street. 4000 
feet of laud. Splendid pUoe. Price $2800. 

Fine Residence In Belvldere. containing 
12 rooms with all tbe modern conveniences, saon 
as hot and oold water through the house, bath 
room, &c. ; no better location in town; over 6000 
square feet • ^nd. 

LArge Cottage.— Few steps fW>m Bridge 
street, 6000 square feet of land, can be purchased 
low and on easy terms. 

Fine Residence on Branch street, with 
over 8000 square feet of land; stable In keeping 
witirthe premises. Prie^vg-v low. 

The only true water ware; always ready, ao 
arlmping. as perfect as aature. Th e re al wataa 
wave 4 lid friizes department was aeror so eons* 
pl«!le s at present. The wares we are ssaklag 
are perfect in style, showing goods aad patterns 
that euii be had only at Medmu's, add of which 
Medina Itruthers are the inventors. I hsve been 
i^llgt^d to increase ray stock and help, on ac- 
anuntoi lucreaslug trade. I tiave also tka larg- 
est stock of best - 



86 Central Street, Lowell. 

Ooa Horse, Three Spring Waton with Pnla, 1 
Soaara Wagon. 1 ' oocord Wsgon. t Harnesses, 
TOCowls,! uartelton ^oap iTettie la good or- 
der— bold<« 40 bMs. >- ale rata or sblne. Terass— 
On Raal Batata eSOO at sale. Oa Parsoaal Prop, 
•rty.aash. OtSar tanu at sale. 

M, m. 0*SMUU * o*. 


PlesMant Corner House near the Thorn- 
dike mills, is sunny, new and nukes a rery deslr- 
able home. $7300. 

Twn TesMsnent Bowse aaar Bracflh street, 
in an extra reating loeatlty. BenU for at least 
ggtjMraMWtk.. laEbsa $»m. 

Hear tiso Mortbem Depot.— A few steps 
fh>m the horse ears and handy to several milts. 
Large cottage of 10 rooms ; front and back stabrs ; 
Is supplied with dty water. Price $2000. 

KIcht Minutes* 'Wsaic trom tbe post ofltoe 
aad quite handy to the horse ears. Two-story 
house new and desirable. $1700. $900 down. 

It la done at Istst.— Tne most l>eauttlu] 
house In Ix>woU Is Just finished, and splendidly 
located, overleoklBg the dty and yet convenlaot 
to It. Is in a flrot.elaas neighborhood. It oon- 
tains eight square rooms, Is surrounded by ttmple 
' and Is of a style of arohlteoture the 

Ibis is 

BsurgaUa Mear tlie Fair Grounds.— Nice 

oottage snd stable with two stalls; 12,000 souare 
feet of land enclosed by fence; plenty of flmlt. 
Prioe reduced to $1480. 

Few Minutes' Walk Frosn the Central 
BrldM.— A well bniit and attractive cottage of 
7 finished rooms, oeouples a comer lot which | is 
well fenced. Price $19Sift. 

Bski-'galn.— Two-story taoase, a taw steps Itom 
the borse oars aad about ten minutes* wsJk ft-om 


H^ CfOOtltf* 


Medina's Hair Store. 

Ladies, now is your tine to get the 

Two 4x16 foot 


17H>R SALE. 

Ij buiar boilers in perfcet aaaalilaa 

Faalkner Mills. L; W.VaaUaar jbiaO i 

JSpB BALE.-The Howe saalaa. . mL, Ofm- 
" 'TTMmental lood for horses aai «a|M»T9>a<>ld's 
jbrlllUer; grass seeds, floor, haa MM (B"tei k>' 
~ B. Covor a Co., SI snd » lllnlljninit. 

Fi^nch, GemaQ & Italian Hair Switctes 

And all the latest novelties in Waves, Pcrfso- 
tious. Coquettes, Scallops, Uonas, and Frisses of 
all kinds, St the lowest prices In Ihe state. 


Ttom your own balr, in any style, snd all kinds 
of hair work made to order. 

batisf/otiov ouabaiteed, 






tains eight square rooms, Is surrounded by 

K Bonds and Is of a style of arohlteotu: 
auty of which surpass es desertpUon. 1 
no exaggeration. OaU and we will show it 

the posto<Bce;is nnusaally well located; _^ 
lot of land with fmit and shade trees. Can 
prooared for gaaoo 



Pnpular PIcnIe Grounds, eonrenlent to 
LoweU. Cost $26 000, wiU sell for $U.OOO. 

Fine Opportnnltj^ fbr a meabanlc. Part- 
ner wanted In the manulaetare of machinery 
tliat Is In great densand. Easy terms. 

A Rrlsk Mrocerjr Business in a goodjo- 
eality for trade; everything in complete running 
order. Stock flxtnrcs ana team. $1800. 

Kxtra Varletjr and Faney Ooods Store 

on a main street. Fine location; new and com- 
plete stock of goods ; Just the plaoe for Um right 
man with money. 


Two Hundred Acre Farm.— 11 miles from 
Lowell. Cuts 00 tons hay, keeps 90 head of cat- 
tle, plenty wood for home use. 10(0 fruit trees; 
house is a spacious brick building of 12 rooms, in 
excellent order; two large barns, fitted for .10 
head of oi^ttle, 40 sheep snd 4 horses ; cider mill, 
blHoktmlth shop, and ail the outbuildings of a 
complete farm, and all in good order; superior 
chance for a silo. This farm Is located well on a 
main road, )^ mile fh>m a flourishing village with 
depot and store accommodations. Anyone wish- 
ing for such a farm can purchase this at satisfac- 
tory price and time. 

T'vro Hstndred Aere Famt, a few miles 
from KeenCjN. H. About 1000 cords of stand 
ing wood. Will keep IS or 20 bead pf stock. 
^ ton maple sugar per year. Spacious house, 
ample barn, all ofllered for the low sum of $2500 

■saporior Farsis or SB Aeres Md spaolout 
buildings. In excellent order, 7 mllei fh>m Low- 
eU, on a height commanding a rlew of the sur- 
roanding eoantnr fbr mllea. Will sell or ex- 
chaaai.- r4pa $8000. 

T^rentp«two Aere Fstrsn.— Oae-half mile 
rona depot and In an easy drive of Lowell. Is 
dear, saiootk and good land, adapted to a variety 
of erops. Spleadld new aottage, elagaatly fin- 
ished. Fine iarige beaaerr partltl »ed into sev- 
eral apartaenu. la a nles piaea of property. 
Cheap at tmo 

Fame mt n BargalB. t asUaa froas Lowell. 
condstiBgeroveraOMresof food land with s 
plenty ofwood atd ttntt ; boiMlngs adaqnata to 
the farm, and hcasllka. With atook atfM tools, 

Kimball, Vose & Go., 

(Successors to Kimball A Frake,) 

CBiBinirEBiJiLDnra, - - ohioago, 



— A«D — 

Mm Estates for Mm Owners. 

% fiipcalaltr ««»«• ^ • Cnisao s v aU e a 
Class of MORTOAOR I.OAS$. 

Productive seoortties only are accepted. 

Interest ooapons payable at LoweU banks. 

Twelve year.' experience. 

Represented in Lowell by J. F. KimtwU, presi- 
dent Appleton National Bank, and E. M. Taoke, 
secretary Traders and Maobanlcs Insurance Com- 


/or Sh9k. 

F>R SALK.-UonMstead house Iota within 
two haadred fhet of Bridge straat H. A. 

12H>B HAX.B.-H<Nise, 22 Hoont Washlag- 
f ton street. Apply to Noah R. Hariow, 12 
Broadwsy. or 23 Pawtaeket street. " 


FOB bALK.-Small farm wltlMM aotUge 
house. Sheds, hennery, Ao. Wtt sell f^om 
10 to ao acres of laud, to suit the jaMfeasor. Bli- 
nated a short distance from OaftUas' mills la 

Sracttt. Price fk-om $000 apward. Apply ,|^ J 
. Ames, 00 Central street. __!_ 

PsUd up Capital, $199,000. 

Autfeorlaed Capital, $900,000. 



and fiOSTOK. KASS. 

Western Home Office, Des Moines, Iowa. East- 
em Office, No. 8 Congress street (Tremont Na- 
tional Bank building), Boston, Mass. P. O. Box 
17 IS. 

Have always on hand western farm loans, 8 per 
cent, interest. fWly guaranteed ; 7 snd 8 ber 
cent, interest not guaranteed, but aU secured by 
first mortgage upon well Improved. produeUvo 
farnu, worth from three to five times the amount 
of loan, and payable in Boston. Also choice B. 
R. Bodds. 7 per cent, interest, and other western 
securities of undoubted character, secured beyond 
a question. 

Noxar— This Company suoo* eds to the Loan 
business of the late firm of Harding A Hale. Also 
of H. N. Smith, of the late firm of Brinkerhoff A 
Smith. U. M. UALB, President. 

B. L. Haxdiho, Vice Prest. A West. Manager. 
Francis Browm, 2d Vice Prest. 

H. N. Smith, HecreUry and Treasurer. 

Pariies in Lowell and vicinity are referred to 
Jno. F. Kimball, President Appleton National 
Bank, who will fhrnish further Information and 
supply these seourities. 




WUl aoauaaaoa the winter term Taaaday, Dee. 
<rth.U8L Oaa yaaaasy. Send for alreolar. 

M. 0. MITCHKLL, A. M. 




"By a thorough knowledge of the natural Isws 
which govern the operations of digestion and nu- 
trition, and by a careful application of the fine 
properties of well-seleoted Cocoa, Mr. Epps has 
provided our breakfast tables witli a delicately 
flavored beverage which may save us many 
heavy dootors' bills. It Is by the Judiolous use 
of sach articles of diet that a constitution may 
be gradually bnUt up until strong enough to re- 
sist every tendency to dls«ase. Hundreds of 
subtle asaladies are floating around us ready to 
attack wherever there is a weak point. We may 
escape maay a fatal shaft by keeping ourselves 
well forttfled with pore blood and a properly 
nonrished fl>aae.'*— [Civil Service Oazette. 

Made simply with bolliag water or milk. Sold 
ia tlas only (k lb. aad lb.}, labeled 
Janaea Bpps * Co., Honsesopatlste Okona- 
Ista, Itondnn. Knsffand. .. 

Bpps's Ooeoa is sold by 
CROWKI.Ii * HARRMOB, Apotbeeariea 
IW Ceatrai street. LoweU . 

Dress and Cloak Making. 

MIM B. J, FOBRB (forssarly with H. Hoa- 
And A Co.) has takea rooBM at 

•r ggerrissMok ttUmtH, 

Niahala A Ilatatalns'a hh>«k. wtaara she wfll ba 
pleased to see bar IMaada and aatroas. 

Bpedal atieatkm gkrf to antUag aad draplaf • 
Alae ta shlUiaa^ draaaaa aad oatsr garaMata. 

"E^OR 8ALK.— Near Branch st#eet, $$ao will 
Jj secure a newly baUt cottage housa arlth bay 
window, ptassa, supplied with gas and dty wa 
ter. Lot of ample sise with cbaiMft m stable. 
Prioe $t7l», or will be Sfl« on thtWW^ • 
Apply lo J. H. Am es, ff^Oaplrill MMet 



The well known Job Oardaaar, now entarlas 
apon his clevsath year la 

Landscape and Job Girdeniflg 


_ Cottage " 
good cellar, 
gas and dty 
for staMe; verf 
taacolroai Bran 


FOR 8AX.R, Amm.llPIMT BB 80LD.- 
Cottaae howiL^H>r#B>shed ropms ; has 
- - K' 9U"». ■applied «itli 

ample sise with chance 
itly situated, short dlH- 

1^ A small amount ol 

money for the first .payment will seaare this 
plaee. AppI* t o J. H. Ames. 66 Central street. 

TiV>R tIALU.— Just above Nortbem^depot, 
M2 newly built eottMM house sltaated near 
Branch street, with an modern ooavenlenoes, 
gas and city water, located near to business on 
Une of horse railroad, in a flrst-olass neighbor- 
hood. This property is situated In the best rent- 
lag locality the city aflbrds, and Is good for an 
Investment or as a residence. Do not fail to see 
it. Price only $1000; easy tersss. Apply to J. 
U. Amcsjjft Centraljtreetj - 


— APO— 


Situated No. 30 Howe street, Lowell,'*^Mass.; 
76 new and second-hand engine lathes, dnlt and 
wood turning lathes, and machinery for working 
iron and wood. In good order and now mnninr. 
Hold at a bargain, la whole or la part, oae or all. 
Inquire of EPHKAIM BBOWN Lowell Mass. 

5>XOv/ PIANO. 4 round corners; heavy 
purl moulding around top; double serpentine 
moulding on bottom; carved legs ; top dampers ; 
splendid tone and best of order; oost $600 when 
new ; rare bargain. $10 a month. Boston Branch 
warerooms, l&t Merrimack street. 

the world, $10 a luonth payments. 
PBE8COTT O KG AN 8 are extremely fine, 
none better; $6 a month piiyments. 

1 American Organs, $6 a momh paiments. 
ATb. Stevens, H. W. Berry, 128 Merrimack 
street, Lowell, and tm Washington street, Bos- 

4JU-| A /\CHICKER1NG PIANO, elegant 
«I>Xrz:V/ <'*■* : ^ round ; topdampers,nlce tone, 
best of order, $9 a month. Boston Branch wars- 
rooms. 128 Merrimack street. 

■ ' AUHH, 

Eo Cet. 

To LET.— A desirable tenement (n Pawtnck 
etville. Stable room if desired. Inquire at 
this offlce. 

TO LET.— A tenement neatTlavy Yard vU- 
lage. Prioe $7.50 per month. Apply to J. 
H. Ames, 6H Oentral street. 

TO LET.— Tenement and garden 310 River 
street. Apply te B. P. Woods, or office .of 
Woods, Sherwood A Co.. Bridge St reet. 

nno LET.— CotUge house with X 'ore of land 
X. in Middlesex Village. Price $10 per month. 
Apply to J. H. Ames, 66 Central street. 

TO LET.— House No. 83 Nesmith street, op- 
posite the Park, 11 rooms, city water, hot 
and cold, bath room, gas, fUmsee, dry cellar. 
Apply at No. 86. ._ , 

TO LET.— The store now occupied by M. 
Hemlngwnv, grocer, st 190 Central street. 
Will be ready May 1. Apply to S. N. Proctor, 
over the premises. \ ^ 

TO LET.— Unusual chance. Spacious house 
on Kirk street. Owner's family of two per- 
sons wishes to occupy a portion and take meals 
with tenant. Will give the right oerson a rare 
chance. Apply to Comings Brotners, 38 Cen- 
tral street. 



ANTED.—A competent gh-l for general 
housework ; apply at «0 Andover street. 

WANTED.— Two experienced coat makers. 
Apply to W. L. Bates, No. 4« Central 


WANTED.— A situation by an American 
woman to do general hoasework. Apply 
at 64 School street. 

WANTED.— Oood reliable men to canvass. 
First-class wages can be made. K. I. Co., 
41 Kast Merrimack street. 

WANTED.— Immediately, experienced op- 
erators on Bonnaz embroidering machine. 
Address lock box .%35, Haiwrhtli. Ma>s. 

WANTED.— Boy about 17 or 18 years old ; 
must be intelligent, industrious and hon- 
est. Address by letter in handwriting of appli- 
cant, "Banker,'* this offloe. 

In bowall and vldnlty, wonhl annoaaee to l_ 

Kibllethat be is making ev'enslve prepnratloia 
r the Spring work, and 1. Is himself In rea^' 
aess to exeeote all orders tutnuted to him la m 
thorough aad satisfactory manner. He is ahia 
to furnuh all kinds of 


Also 8oddlng. manure, loam and tilting. TURT- 
INUdone in the b<-st manner; a good supply 
always on hand. All orders will receive proaspt 
attention. ^Satisfaction guaraateed. and at 
prioes which will commend themselves. 

FItOM ENGLAND for laying out land In per- 
manent lawns and pleasure grounds fVirnishea on 
apiilicutioii. Orders may be left In BOX (X>R- 
NKK t»ANK una SALLm hTUKETH. or at 
lUCKiCTVILLE; or-sent by maU to Box. 28. 

I 1 11 






will leave the corner of Bobbins and Westford 
streets at S a. m., and every hour aflerwarda 
until 10 p. m. Leave Merrimack street depot at 
0.30 o'.:lock and every hour thereufter' uutli 10.8$ 
o'clock. Route: West furd, Chelmsford, Appl^ 
ton, C'entrril and Merrimack Ktreets to depot aS 
return. Fare 5c. School children 4. 

Hundays: Leave the corner of Bobblnaaa4 
Westford streets at 9 a. m., and every hour aftar* 
ward until V p. m. l.eave Merrimack street to 
pot Ht 0.30 H. m., and every hour afterwards «a> 
til 930 p. m. 


The business of manufkcturlng Soda Water Ib 
improved steel fountain*, and dealers In Mlaaral 
Spring Waters, Boot Beers, Syrups, Jnleas, ata.* 
heretofore carried on at Nos. 81 Sad 38 Coari 
square, Boston, under the name of Hcrlptara lb 
I'arker (said firm having In Jaet ceased to exM 
some lour years since), will hereafter be eoatlA- 
ued at the old stand by Samuel Q. Parker, sold 
prot rietor, under the firm name of 8. Q. Parkag 
A Co. 

As we do no bottling, our entire attonUon !• 
given to manufacturlnjk Soda Water in fouatalpa 
apd charging them. Toe new and Improved SBS» 
diincry put In the past season enables us to saaka 
■« qiro«BMg'«(.4his traslnoss not sarpassed %p apr 
manufacturer, and as this is the acknowlodgoa 
wholesale depot for ail tbe standard and ftssaoaa 
Mineral Spring Waters used In the ooaatry, a 
continuance of the former generous patroaaga la 
reapeoif n ly solicited. B. O. Pabkbb • Oo. 

Boston, April 1. 1888. 

Boston & Maine Roilroado 


Leave Boston for LoweU, Wednesday, al llil$ 
p. m.; Friday, at 11.19 p. ns. 


Leave Lowell fbr Boston at 8.20 a. m., lt.O$ 
noon, 4.16 and 6.40 p. m. Returning, leave Baih 
ton for Lowell at 8.00 a. m. and 6.00 p. m. 

Leave Lowell for Lawrence at 8.20 a. as. aaA 
6.40 p. as. Returning, leave Lawredce Ibr Loir* * 
eU at %M a. m., 12.00 noon, and 6.40 p. vl, 


Osn. Agt., LonaO. 

Mayflower Employment and InteUlgenaa 
offlce, male and female help for all kinds of work 
in city snd country. Parties furnished #ith the 
rvry best of help at short notiee. 70 Merrlouwk 
street, rbom 8. 




80 Congress street, Boston. 

PEN MAT 16. 


Wooillawii Part and Restaurant. 

above Tyanboro' bridge. First class nocommo- 
' lunot small plcnlos,_rcached by 

datloas' for 

., ..^......^ or carriage. Kverythlug 

«,w. Raataaraat at elty Prices, ^r «"her 
pertlealars apply to ITUAMAR HOWE, 27 Cen- 
tral strsat,LowalK^ 


DomiinK's Canoed Peas the Best. 

Lowell Steam Boiler Wor][s, 


Mannfactorar of and dealer In 

Steel and Iron Boiler % 

Rotary Bleachers, Barlow snd Bleaching Klera, 
Water, Soap aad Oil Tanks, ull Sills, Soda. 
Tar aad Jaokat Kettles. Steam Boxes (or Print 
Works, Penstoeks. Flumes. Quarter Turns, 
fcC for Turbine Wheel Work. A.»o, Hydraullo 
and Screw Presses of sll sU.», with Dobbins'; 
Hollow Steam Press llate,. KIre KKcapes ot 
most approved pattern. Also, all Iciods or faea- 
Ing. FIttlnsB, Pumps, lnJeotorn, Inspirators, eta., 
used about Steam Englues and Boilers, constaat- 

^SMond band boUers bought, sold and am- 
Address nil oommunloations to 


Also Inspector of Boilers for the CIt/ ol Low 
-- and works conneetad kjr 


ell. Residence 

phone. ___________^_________««.« 

SAMUEL LITTLK, Prss. WM. J. BRU>iB,T i a i ML 


Offlce, 24 snd 88 OUver Straat, Boatoa, Mass. 


Pure TV^liite Hjeadt 




GOLD MBDAL BwaidaA by tka 

CkaritaMa Maahaalaa AasasiadeB ka ISIL 




Ene l/OtocU ©allg Courier* 



•ood-bye, proud world I I'm (olii( home; 

ThOM rt not my frl.nd; I am not thine ; 
Too long througli weary orowdi I roam j— 

A river ark on tne ooeun brine; 
Too loDK I um tosMcd like the driven foam; 
Bat now, praud world, I'm going homo I 

't fkwaing faaa, 
.^ jpitart Wealth'* avcrtea eye. 
To aupple ofBoe, low and high ; 
To orowdecJ halls, to court and atreet, 
To froaen hearts and hatttlng feet; 
To thoe who gi> and thoie who oome, 
Oood-bye, proud world, I'm going home. 

eood bye to Flattery'* fkwnli 
to Orandour with lil« wise gr 
To upstart Wealth's averted ^ 

I go to seek my own bearth-atona. 
BoMmed in yon green hills alone ; 
A aaoret lodge in a plea-ant land, 
Whose groves th« trollo fairies planned, 
Where arches green the llv.'long day 
Boho the blackbird's roundelay. 
And evil men have never trod . _ . 

A spot that is sacred to thought and God. 

Oh. when I am safe In my sylvan home, 
I mook at tlie pride of Oretoe mid Home; 
Aad When I am stretched beneath tlie plnee, 
Where the evening HUr so holy shlnea, 
I Isngh at the lore and pride of man, ■_^ 

At the sophUl schools, and tliv learned clM, 
For what are they all lu th«-ir hUh conceit. 
When man In (he bush with Uod oiay mcetr 




Oae by one thf aUrs go out ere morning 
dawos. Tboy vanUh, but Ibey do not ceiuc 
to be. Lost In the light, It is only our weali 
Yisioa that falls to per )elve them. In lilio 
manner the sturs of genius abln* a while 
among us, seem to go out, but surely arc 
■hining in some happier clime, suns to illu- 
mine and to warm those that may basli iu 
their brighter rays. To suppose the "finely 
touched" spirit of a Longfellow or the mystic 
being of an Emerson to utterly perish, to lose 
Its IndividuHl personality, to be merged in 
(h« unconscious all of things, to be no longer 
the same Indivisible unit uud centre of con- 
•elouaness, the seat of high thoughts and of 
loving feelings, is a reiToliIng bf lief, abhor- 
rent to all our own better instincts, repelled 
by that sympathy which clings to the uoble 
and the good even in death, and hateful to 
the hope within us of one day meeting our 
loftier brothers and sisters who have gone 
before us, at the glorious paradisal sympo- 
slum of perfected humunity, in an ampler 
other, in a happier clime. 

flmerson, however changed In form by 
death. Is slill Kraerson, one of the most beau- 
tiful souls God ever sent to earth to enchant 
us with true Orphean and celestial melody, 
one who righily m«y be ranked among the 
"Lights of the world luui demi-gods of fame." 
Never shall we forget our first acquaintance 
in our earnest voiith with Emerson iu his 
works. He haJ been in Britain on his sec- 
ond and more public tour. ChapmAn, the 
{doneer of the tliscount system on the pub- 
Ished price of books, publis^her of Fichte, 
HovallH, and Schelling and Strauss, had in- 
troduced him in a Utile volume of essays, 
with a laudatory Iniroduction by Thomas 
Carlyle, whose surly cynicism melted before 
Emerson, of whom he has, strange to say, 
nothing but loving words and kindly things 
to aay. Chapman's edition our slender purse 
would not suffer us to-l>uy ; but one Slater in 
London brought out a shilling edition, and 
we remember our delight when over that 
twenty-cent, green-covered little 16mo. vol- 
ume we bung entranced. Much we could 
not then corapribend, some things we were 
startled by; but the beauty, the wisdom, the 
original styleof statement distinguishing the 
thoughts in this tiny volume made us then, 
M we are now, aaloa fide, an Emersonian 
for substance of docti-ine, as they swear 
nreeds at Audovcr. "Nature, and other es- 
says," fu'lowefl, then "Representative Men," 
then "English Trnlts," then the "Conduct of 
Life," then "Society and Solitude," then the 
lecture on "Immortality," and finally the 

Emerson is the most distinctively Ameri- 
can literarv genius that has appeared. He 
. never forgets that he la a New Englander, 
the descendant of an ancestral line stretch- 
. ing buck to the landing at Plymouth Rock, 
whose sires fought at Concord bridge, and 
helped to build tlie foundations of this great 
republic. He read the Bible, the Koran, the 
Shatters, llie poems of Haflz, the dialogues 
of Plato, the essays of MouUilgne, the plays 
of Shakespeare, the poems of Gi«>rge Her- 
bert, Goethe's Faust and Wilhelm Meister, 
the papers of John Pnul Riehter, the specula- 
tions of Spiiio/,u, Kant and Schelling, the 
weird dreams of Swt;dei)i)org, the history of 
Napoleon, I lie poetry of Hums and Cowper, 
of Shelli-y and Byron, of Wordsworth ai.d 
Colerhlge, nil with a practical, shrewd, 
though dreamv-looking Yankee eye. His 
reading was immense, but, strange to say, 
though a scholar, lie preferred translations 
In EuKlisb to originals in other tongues; and, 
stranger still, he had llie manliness to declare 
bis preference in this respect to all the 
world, and was able to give an excellent rea- 
son for it, namely, that that portion of a bonk 
that is translatable into anotner tongue is the 
best of it, is tliat which is of universal inter- 
««t, really worth while for man as man, not 
merely as a pedantic word-monger, to read, 
mark, Inwardly digest and know. Emerson 

((Ot the kernel of an author in this way, and 
eft the philological husks and shells and dust 
of mere anliquTty, or of other languages, to 
Uioae who liked such mental provender. 

Emerson's reading never obscured his per- 
sonality, which comes out In every line he 
wrote. Of course bis free handling of relig- 
ious and pliiloHophic opinions cost him mi»- 
understanding, misrepresentation and abuse. 
He was called dreamer, panlbolst, infidel. 
And It roust be owned that in some of bh 
earlier productions be gave cause for his 
more orthodox friends feeling pain. He had 
^^ way of putting the name of Josus and Paul 
and Socrates and Sakya Muni together that 
was like puiting them all on a lerei. He 
■ported a lii^h-fTying subjective Idealism that 
keemed to make bun, moon and star* not 
only bow to him, but simply to be, along with 
bis fellow-men, around him, and the great 
Creative Spirit that produces sud sustains all 
things, mere phantasmal pictures on the disk 
of consciousness within the Innvr man of 
a phenomenal entity calling itself Ralph WaU 
do Emenon, which occusionnlly wrote books 
•nd oocaalouallv appeared in Boston and else- 
where to read, before other like phenomenal 
phantasms figuring in time and space, 
■tranga essays in wliich the phenomenon 
■merson asserted with firmness its own ex- 
fatence and more than binted a doubt of the 
•' existence of those who were listening to him, 
•BVC as pictures In hia own aoul. With such 
B dreamlike phlloeophy there could be neither 

a firm hold of this world nor of the world to 
come. But later In life ihese views be- 
gan lo fade awav. Personal ex'stenoe t»e- 
cam« to lilm a great reality, and ncrsonal Im- 
morlalltv a Hrnuonvietlon, based on rational 
and truly pliilosoplilcul grminds. His de- 
clining years were beautiful, as he awaiteil 
iu calm resignation heaven's call. We think 
we we liiiu now as we saw him at Concord 
In 1875. on the platform where Lowell, Cur- 
tis, Grant and others were silting or speak- 
ing beside him, with a sweet smile illumining 
Ills decidedly New England features, while 
be handled an andeni sword of a revolution- 
ary officer with soinetblng like fondness as 
a child would a toy. He felt this lile real 
then. Of late bis memory bjfgan to fail. Hn) 
became sliv «n<l timid. We have heajd from 
neighbors of DeQulncey bow he ran oflf and 
bid hiinbcll from the too eager curio-ity of 
visitors. Kinerson latu-rly bad a similar re- 
luctance to be trotted out, the shadow of bis 
former self, to be « ntrapped into conver-a- 
lion to show bow mmd) he had lailed. We 
heard ri*om reliable sources of this 
very excusable shviiess before wo reiul in a 
contemporarv^umal the following touch- 
ing words, w'liich were ntlered by the aged 
sago to a friend who called upou bim some 
tluie last year: 

••I am glad to see you, yet I (bar I can do little. 
I can only disappoint tnose who come lo nee me. 
I And 1 am lo-lnx inyselt, and 1 wander away 
from tlie matter that I have in mind i cannot 
say much. Whin I begin I lose in wlf. And so 
when my friends oome to sec ma I run away. In- 
stead ol jzoing >o meet lliein, that I may not 
make them nutler. My health is good enough. 
But when one's wits b. gin to tall, U Is time f«r 
the heavens to open aua take him aWay." 
Now, we trust, the heavens have opened and 
taken lu this pure and noble spirit. His own 
words respecVing the belief in liujuortallty, in 
one of his latest lectures, may be quoted 
here: "Wherever man ripens this audacious 
belief presently appears, m the savage, sav- 
agely; in the good, purely. As »oon as 
Iboiudil isexercisid, ihia belief is inevitable; 
as so5u as virtue glows, this belief conflrras 
Itself. Ilisakin.lof hUinroary or comple- 
tion of man." Into that Immortality Lmer- 
soii's spirit has now entered; may we not 
sav has gone a step higher towards "the com- 
pletion of luanr , , ,» ,.w 
As with Longfellow, perhaps is it with 
Emerson— anv attempt lo estimate bis place 
in the galaxies ol literature may be at pres- 
ent premature. Nevertheless we can not re- 
frain from expressing our own conviction In 
regard lo the rank of his geniu-. To us it 
Meerasasif one of the loftiest minds of the 
nineteenth ceniury had been taken from the 
world, lu all the field of American litera- 
ture ho sits on a peak alone, no one above 
him, no one nigh so high. As Doncfellow 
was the American singer, Enurson was the 
American thinker. The business of his lile 
WHS refleclive thouglit. Ail the shows of na- 
ture on tills western soil, all its teeming life, 
its busy, i-estless, inventive aeiiviiy, its prac- 
tical ethics, its re .1 or pretended faith and re- 
ligion; all the throbbing of the lieart of New 
England ;all the vibi alions in Its restless brain, 
with the sixbts. sounds and cireu instances 
amid which that throbbing heart and vibrat- 
ing brain were placed, formed the raw mate- 
rial which the intellect of this man worked 
up into his brief, brilliant, corrnscaling, win- 
dom-fraught sentences and po«'ms. No oth- 
er country, no other age, could have given 
this mi{n his peculiar disposition, and shaped 
bim into the poet-sage whose orphic sayings 
are so subtly suggestive of thought In others. 
But Emerson was more than an American. 
Wherever the Eaglish language Js 
read, and even In foreign-speaking 
cultured lands bis writings are held 
in high esteem, and will be herealter 
reckoned, for thought and syl , as classi«-al. 
While his writings aie redolent of the piney 
woods, the streams, fields and bills of New 
England, while they reflect, as in a mirror, 
the uivslic musings of a peculiar phase of 
Araerie>.n thoughi, be overleaps the bars of 
local influence and speaks to Ibe great heart 
of universal man. In no country in this 
centurv has anv one said so maliy fine quot- 
able things, utterfd so many subtle sugges- 
tions as 10 nature's occult meanings, or In- 
spired so many liigh and orixinal tiioughts. 
As a poet he will not rank for workmanship 
alongside of Poe", or for pensive pathos with 
Loiiglellow ; but iu bis rugged rhymes he is 
more original, sees larther and goes deeper 
than cither. But it is as a prose-poet that he 
excels, as a sage chanting fn the most fitting 
words to the music of thought the wisest 
strains. Ijet us take his writings in a rapid 
survey. Tlie first is bis twelve essays, a 
feast of fat things. Emerson on History, for 
philosophic insight, leaves Macaulay's ele- 
gant lucubration on the same theme far t>e- 
bind. Self-reliance is a bugle call to mental 
.independence, teaching us to (mat ourselves, 
telling us that "every h'^art vibrates to that 
iron strain." The essay on Compensation 
opens with a profession of antagonism to 
"orthodox" preaching, but is really one of 
the finest homilies in vindication of the 
moral government of the universe which, 
afier reading Leibnitz, King and Butler, we 
have seen, and contains ttie most convincing 
secular proof of retribution, except the 
tragedy of Macbeth, of which it forms the 
best commentary that I am sure can any- 
where l)C found. 

For deep, mystic musing the es- 
says on Spiritual Laws, Love, the 
Oversoul, Circles, lift the reader of 
a congenial spirit into a higher re- 
gion than the dusty air of common life. 
Those on Friendship, Prudence, Heroism, 
Intellect, and Art give proof of how genius 
can give fresh Interest to well-worn themes. 
In the second series of essays appear like ex- 
cellences, allhouKb none rises so high its the 
be-t of the earlier series. The liltle volume 
on Nature is a precious gen\, spaikiing, 
prininatic, poetic, profound, and may be said 
to contain the essence of the Emersonian 
philosophy. In Representative Men Is giv- 
en the meuial portraiture of Plato, Swedeu- 
borg, Montaigne, Shakespeare, Napoleon and 
Goethe. On kindred topics with Carlyle's 
Heroes and Hero-worship, Emerson's 
lectures are not at all like tbose of the fiery 
Scot. Paradoxes al)ound in them. In one 
of them Emerson shocks the moral sense by 
asserting that vicious ways lead lo the 
highest life— a dirct confounding of vice and 
virtue, probably the result Of an ovci'-dose 
of Spinoza which, when the lecturer wrote 
out his thoughts, had not l>een wrought off. 
Napoleon and Goethe are held up to our ad- 
miration for their ability rather than 
moral character. Gossipy Montaigne 
is B s|ecia1 favorite with Emer- 
son, and gets even more than bis due. Swe- 
denborg be estimates far above where Kant 
had placed bim. But Shakespeare la pre- 
sented in distinctiv new lisht as the great 
master of expression ; in the lecture on Plato 
there is B sketch of Socrates which is finished 
with all the spirit and graphic power of an 
antique gem ; and the entire series of lectures 
Is wortby of the student's pains, for Us char- 
acterization, Its insight, Its suggesliveness, 
and deecriptive power. 

The Lectures on the Times give the student 
the philosophy of parties in politics. His 
Oraiions and Addretsee are of a mingled 
yarn; but like all bla wrltinirs, even the 
plainest, well worth reading. English Traits 
is gossipy yet practical and philosophic, 
with some fine descriptions of men and 
scenes in Old England, In which be saw 
many tbinga to praise aa well as to blame. 
The Conduct Of Life, althongh like all Emer- 
son's books, startllngly paradoxical, verging 
even on contradiction, la a philoaopby of hu- 
man life on earth, packed with quoUble sen- 
tences, brimful of wiae thought* well ex- 

preaaetl. Our well-marked oopy benn tat»r> 
nal evidenoe of our appreclatloa of ft twottty 
yean ago. One roazim in It li worthy of gfl 
prall«^, telling us that we must "B«Uuat oar 
efforts to our obstaclea." Soeiety bimI Soil- 
lude we refi-ain to characterise, fur Blthottgh 
we read it long ago yet aa some anon- 
ymous ' admirer appropriated our oopy 
years ago, we cannot find a hook to link on 
a recollection to, leaving an ''aching void** 
that memory cannot fill. Letters and Social 
Aims wo speedily devoured, but think It, 
save the lecture on Immortality, to be of a 
poorer quality than some oi hIa beat work. 
The wealth of quotation in It ahowa the ex- 
tent of his reading, but Intimates a lack of liv- 
ing, co-ordinating and B'«simllailng thought. 
The poems remind one of Shelley's SeosiUfe 
PItuit and H)iun to Intellectual Beauty with 
their whispered undertones of doeper mean- 

In the hymn f^uiig at Concord, April 19, 
1886, oecurs some fine phrasing, auch aa: 
"the rude l>ri<ltfe that arched the flood," and 
"the shot beard round the world." There la 
a freshness as of forests, of mountain tops, 
and ocean llde-waah«d strands In Kmeraon'a 
rather uneuphonic lines. A seer, he peso- 
trates with (rue insight through the ma^ka 
of things. Ho seea beliind forms the In-form- 
ing life Ihul lies In everything. To lilm aolid 
matter is fluent, trauM|>arent, phenomenal. 
Miud, in bis view, is real, sulistantlal. per- 
manent, the maker and sustaiuer of all that 
exists, giving llfeand breath and beauty to 
alltliiims. Unly virlue Is in harmony with 
the loving spirit embiMlied iu nature. Love 
is in everything, living, eniluring, perma- 
nent, immortal. Each of Emerson'a poems 
is a mirrored mood of Emerson'a aoul. 
Whether it bo foiesl glade or 
crowded strott or tide-washed ahore; 
whether it l>e aong of bird or liee or 
patriotic crowd; whetlier it l>e flowing river 
or golden field. Mnnadnock's tops or Adiron- 
dack wilds, that forms the subject dt hia 
verse, Ibe poet's personality Is alwaya not ob- 
scurely seen, and ho takes care to let us 
know that it is Ids way of looking at the 
theme that gives it all its interest and impor- 


[rraa the Homo Joarnai.] 

A Bamarkabla DiaooToy. 



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olea which now Buddenly elaim to be beat. They 
have been tried and feaad wanting, while this 
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But this great thinker with "a Greek bead 
on Yankee shoulders." as I^well expreaaed 
it long ago, has gone Irom the i|uiet soeuea of 
Ills retirement In old Concord, gone to a finer 
climide, niid left no peer in Ibis broad conti- 
nent beliintl. There is more need than ever 
of such lofty thinkers. Material prosperity, 
the advance of inventive Industry, and the 
marvellous progress in physical science. h:«ve 
crowded already, or threaten to crowd, the 
mystic and n-fit'ctive out of human life. Tet 
is man a cliild of Ibe luvisible aud the Infi- 
nite; and wlien the intoxication of mere 
knowledge and materialistic opinion shall 
have pasMd away, and the aoul sliall have so- 
bered down axai'n into s<>riou9 thought, then 
will men begin lo appreciate, at their proper 
vulue,the tjeautifully expressed aspirationa of , 
the placid sage of Concord. Might WO dare to 
imagine the Walhallaof the heroes of thought, 
we should picture Emerson as finding there 
a noble welcome. The broud-b rowed Plato 
would rlw to bow bim in; Spinosa, free 
from fear of waul abd tbe synagogue, would 
<iuile to see his American admirer: good 
bishop Berkeley silling in a group with that 
"noticeable man with grey eye»" — Colo- 
ridge, and dreamy DeQninecy would invite 
him to sit bv iheiii ; while in their turn other 
groups would bid him bail— Montaigne, Pas- 
cal, Cousin ; or i^ibiiitz, Kant and llegel ; or 
Shakespeare aud Ba«M>n and Raleigh; or 
Cowper, Shellfv and Wordsworth; or Burns, 
Scott. Wilson and Carlyle; loved them 
all while be lived below, and they, be sure, 
would welcome as a kindred spirit, a brother 
well beloved, when translated to tbe skies, 
the noble entity whose clear name on earth 
was Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

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oarea prodooed. la destlaed to he a leading ar. 
tide. We have never handled a remedy whleh' 
haa Increased so rapidly ia sales or that has giv- 
en sach universal satlataetlon. C N. Cbittbv- 
TOM, 116 Fultoa street, Vew York. 

Meaara. WhUe /t BurdleM, Dragglsts, Itha- 
ca, N. Y.— My danghter and myself, great soffor- 
era from Catarrh, have been cared by Ely's Cream 
Balm. My sense of smell restored aad health 
greatly improved. C. M. Stahlst, Dealer In 
Boots and Sheer, Ithaca, N. Y. Ffiee 60 oenta. 


When yon visit or leave New Tork City, save 
Baggage Exprassage aad Oarrlage Hlro, aad stop 
at ChrmBk.d Vtaimm VLatml, aearly <^>poalt« 
Grand Central Depot. IMelegaatreoaMredaeed 
to $1 and npwards per day. Karopeaa plaa. el- 
evator. Restaarant sappllcd with the beat. 
Horse ears, stages and elevated railroad to aB 
depoU. 4VBe earefal aad see that Oraad 
Uaion Hotel Is oa the sign where yoa eater. 

OH)! snlr €o«L, 



Laekawaaaa, Whit* Aih aad Wllkeahnrre, 

VStf SftS4l ••■• •ooeaeaeeeaa* »_■ a ma* m * » •«••• ^g mm 

Laekawaaaa. Whita Ash aad Wilkoaharre, 

aiove slae ..•................*......... 7 oe 

^1 at .....•.•.............•••..•..........*•.. 7 aa 

InraBuIn ....•....«•«..•.... ••••••»•......•# B 76 

Wilfcrabarre, broken slae 7 00 

Lehigh, brokea aad egg slses. 7 60 

Dlaoouat for cash when ordered or delivered 
26 cents per ton. 

Also Tloar, Oera. Oata aaCV kldllngs ways 
oahaad. < ^ 


drdera left at the ofllee, opposiU fair Greoad 
bnildlag, Manchester street, or seat by telephoae. 
or by asall to box Wi, promptly atteaded 




Coal and Wood. 



Coasunf|yoa\aad,allowes prleea. 



noon anil CoaL 

LEWIS ft BOH, . 


COA.1L. and WOOr>, 

Have removed from corner Central and North 
streets to their new yard, 

e*, Ti am« ra cuarlbb btrbbt. 

They Invite all their Mattdn andthepablle 
generally to call and leave their orders. Woo4 
by the basket, foot or cord. Coal bv basket or 
ton at bottom prices. Nobo<ly nndersells ns. 
Sign of the Mew York Wood and Coal Yard. 

Lewii k Bon, 69, 71, 73 Obarlei Street. 

Orders by postal card will receive prompt a^* 
Orders received for eapressing and Jobblag. 


bsll thb 

or all vabieties at low i'biceb. 

Send in yoor orders by messengor, mall or tel« 
ephone and ttray will receive prompt attoattoa. 

AJoa Wood, Floar, Hay, Oata, Cor», 
CoaacBt, Sand, Ae« 

TBr4 and EleTBtor-408 Qorham Street, 

■els OBleo— 4e Oorlsasm 

Citn ^tibertisemmts* 

I* ««Mmoetad law TelepkoBe, 
at IMT. H. mrmaeeter * C«.*a, SI Meni-. 
nek. aCr««t« 






boa fisuOlUea 


W ill Can whenfia tbe Power of Medidae 

Dyspepsia, ^Indigestion, Oeneral 
Debility, Headache, Female 


Weakness, all Diseases of the 
Blood, Bladder and Kidneys. 




Branch Offices in Centralville, 
Fawtnoketville, and at Meohanios 





Wood Bawed and BpUt. 







Vo. 87 Thomdike Street 

Braacia OIBee at Calderiv^ood'a, 33 Her- 
rlmaok JStrect. ; 



Poor Farm Buildings, 

IiOWELIi, MA88. 

BRALED PROPOSALS will be received hf 
tbe building committee at tbe oiBce of the aratu* 
tects antll 12 o'clock noon, Monday, May 8th, 
1M!2, for building complete two brick poor farm 
baiidiagi aeoording to plans and speolfloationa 
prepared by Merrllffc Cutler, architects, whleh 
oan be seen at their office, Mo. 116 Central street, 

Mo proposals will be received except on blaaka 
famishea hj the architects. 

The committee reserve the rijrht to reject anf 
or all proposals, if considered for tbe Interest of 
the city. Ul&OKGK RUNKL8, 

Chuirnjan of Coqimlttce. 


We have reoeired a large stock of first-daae 
hoae and will sell at the lowest market rates. 
Also Hose Pipe, Couplings, Washers, Ac. 

Farm aid Garden Mies. 

Grass and 
Mowers, Ac 

Vegetable Seeds, 
Uhovels, Forks, 

Hoes, Bakes, 
Bakes, Lawa 


Malls, Rbaet Lead and Lead Pipe, Zlno, Jap. 
aaned. Brass, Nickel and Hroose Door Trlaa- 
mlnga. Screen Door Springs, Bat la and Catehes, 
Wire Cloth, all widths, for doors and windows. 


Pare White Lead, Linseed Oil, Tarpentine 
Colors for House and Carriage Palntlnc. Alao a 
large assortment Palat, Varnish and Whitewash 


LabrlcaMng Oils, Twines, 
MeUif, Cable and Coil 
Hoisting Pulleys and Blocks 


Emery, Babbitt 
Scales, Kope, 



For Donestie Use ! 

For Making StMMl 

For BlacksmiUi'i UtM 1 



Eastern Horses^for S|ie 




Braiwh stable. y»etar, kalae. . 


Wm vrholeaale and retail naitata aad dwaUlaga 


Hiind aad power, lor warehoases, atorea aad ree- 

I,. WVOTO, tB Pr— ett S^ 

DOWMDr«i*8 GAimXD 
pleaae yoa every ttam. 






SSlOddla Street. 

Gftas. L Adams's 

Hardware. Paint and Seed Stores. 

226 aad 228 Middlesex Street, 



Mannflictarera and Dealers la 

Moulding, Brackets, 
House Finish, PiclLets, 
Bails, Posts, 
Flooring, Matched Boards. 

Sawing, Matching and Platting 


Packing Gases 

Wooden Boxes 


Ooraer Mt. yernon and Pnltoa Streets, 



• • e^ease 




OnaheohtnlnedMweagh the 
TKB» the heat to oae. . ^^^ ^ ^ 

A hut> *t*>^ *M *l*^'* helbandat 



well. H Oeatnl 





1^. te LANCASTER A CO., 

riske's Block. 

JUST ISPIiKMDIDt lefe HrawFOrtly* f 
OovatNT* Onaaed Peaa. 




The Bojra. 

There come ^ boys I Oh, dear, the aoUel 
The whoioloMe <erU the rneket; 

Behold the heae of Christie's pants, 
And weep o'er Bertie's jacketl , 

Bnt nerer mind j if eyes keep bright. 
And lltiibe grow atraUht and Innber, 

We'd rather lose the tree's whole bark 
Than dud nnioaad the timber. 

Mow hear the tops and marbles roll! 
The floor*— c^. woe betide them I 
«. And I miast watch the banisters, 
X*^ For I knew the boys who ride them. 

'\ Look well aa yoa deaoead the stairs, 
' I often find them haunted 
By ghostly boys that miike no noise 
J oat when tuelr noiss is wanted. 

The very chairs are tied In pAirs, 
And nutiie to Dranov and caper ; 

What swotds are whlitled out of stlcki; 
What brave hats made ol paper. 

The dinner boll peals loai and well 

SustHnnr cans. 

TUESDAY V may' 2, 1882. 


1L|-ABY A. KALL, ir. D.> 

17 UaX. STREET, Lewell, MAm. 

0>tirho ngs<»om>toAp.-Ji> 


Probate bnslneas and conveyances specialties. 
Office M Central street. — — .r— r 



I pel 


To tell the miikmau'D ooininx; 
And then the rush of "steam car trains'* 
Sets all our ear* h humming. 

How oft I say. "Whst shall I do 
To keep those children qalet?" 
onldf ■ " 

in cenld find a good recc 
I certainly should try It 



Bat what to do with these wildWy** 

And all ihelr din and clatter, 
Is really quite a grave affair, 

No laughing, trifling matter. 

"Boys wlU be boys"— t>ut not for loag; . 

Ah, could we hear about us 
Tbe thought hew verr soon our boys 

Will learn to do without us,— 

How soon, and tall, deep voiced men 

Win gruvely <«ll us "ilotriur " 
Or we be stretching empty hands 
From this woild to tbe other,— 

More gently would wn chide the noise, 
And when night quells ihu racket, 

Stitch iu but lovlug thoughts and prayers 
While mending panU aud Jackeis. 

— [Housekeeper. . 

A aaw reaalBlMo Fanejr— Jewelled Oar- 

The fashion for wearing Jewelled garters 

has spreaJ so rapidly that jewellers all keep 

the article In stock. They are very expen- 

ilve. A member of a conMi)lcuou8 firm ex- 

i Mains : "Tbo nigo Is recent, but none the 
ess atroug, and it promiaei* to spread Indef- 
initely, ai the rage Is as unlimited an the 
purse. All the prominent society women 
and many who are not hi noolety wear them. 
You see, women oonstiiuiionally delight in 


neuralgia. Sciatica, Lumbago,. 

Backache, Soreness of the Chest, 

Gout, Quinsy, So^ Throat, Sweli^ 

Higs and Sprains, Burns and 

Scalds, General Bodily 


Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted 

Feet and Ears, and all ether 

Pains and Aches. 

No Prwparstlon on earth equals St. Jacobs Oil 
as • aaff, aura, aimpla and cheap Ext*mal 
Bemedy. A trial entails but the comiiaratlyely 
trifling outUT of 60 Cleats, and eTery one suffer- 
ing with pain can have cheap and posiUve proof 
of its claims. ' 

Directions in EleTeo Languages. 



BaUimoro, M*.,U,M,JU 

T^ P. 8WEBT8KR, 


10 VToatTltlrd Stroet. 

Office honra, a to g p. m. 

-DAXJUtiH ▲. DAXtT. 

c5oiiiiHelloi>- -A.t - lulBL-W* 


/^SGOOD db SNlCIili, 

7^ OlTll Knfflneera aad Sunrejrora. 

Office, Stevens' Block, cor. Merrimack and 
Presoott MUeets, All work guaranteed. A. Oa- 
good, aa gueen stree t ; O.Jh.gaell, ITOCeatral St. 

iTFklVW B. SMITH, ^ 

Vlak**a Block, IIB Oeatntl Street. 
Ordam wlU be atteaded to with promptaeaa, 
' aocoracy gaara" •* ' 

grg anil #an<| flfl>ol»)»« 



78 Merrimaok Street. 

J. F. LEIINOK, D.]>. S. 
Dental iRooinSs 

76 Merrimaok Street, - Edgon Blook. 

{»retty things, and their adornment Is of more 
merest unu enjoyment '" " 

to them than 

St. Jacob's' Oil Is sold by 

GROIVBLL * HARRISOM, Apothecaries 

189 Central street, Lowell, 

thing else. II you will come down stairs I'll 
■how you tbe slock." 

There was a show case full of tbom, each 
pair mounted in a velvet box. The j)'«ttern 
was the same in sll us far as the bund was con- 
oerned. The bund was a lull inch wide, 
aiade of fine clastic and covered with bcauti 
fully woven silk of every comwlvable shade, 
pale blues and warm reds predominating. 
They are ^oatlned lo matc^i the lint of the 
dress worn with them. In one case two 
heart-shaped clasps of colored gold, Inluld 
with cross-bars of turquoises aud pearls, 
Joined the ends of ii scurlcl bund with liUie 
frIllB of silk along the edgo«. The price was 
SIOO. A pair with two oval clusps of ham- 
mered gold, porhrtps an Inth iu length, could 
be bought for •48, while ilio cheapest pair 
with pisin gold clasps*, wiis f46. 

"It's a curious IhcI," ►aid the jeweller, 
"that the cheap ones won't sell. When a cus- 
tomer WHhtH an elegant ^farter, he— I mejin 
■he— Is Willing lo pay for It." 

A pair that cost f 223 had two shields with 
three big pearls iu each and little diamonds 
at Ihe edge. Ai»oti)er pair was expensive 
through Its delicate luce, wldch was airangod 
InaflulTy bow-knot, with two . little gold 
disks clasping In the centre. 

At another eatublishment tbe jeweller 

■aid: , , , 

"The majority of them are made to order. 
Tour vIMt la opportune, as I have just fin- 
ished the most t-xpensive pair thHl ever left 
my factory. The price U f 1200." In this 
the lace and pearl-colored silk band was 
joined by an elaborate clasp. On one side 
was the lad v'fl monogram in poaris: on the 
other tbe coat-of-arni*, with Irosteil storks' 
heads, a crest of delicately carved gold, and 
a motto set In chip diamonds. It was a pres- 
ent from a mother to her daughter, who is 
to be married soon. 

"Has the demand for such garten In- 
creased f " 

"It Is a hundred per cent, greater than 
laat year, and grows constantly."— [New 

York Sun. . 

PrcparlBK Ohooolate. 

I And a tin quart cup, with bands marking 
each half pint, the most convenient vessel in 
which to prepare a small amount of choco- 
late. In this the quantity can be accurately 
measured, aud the depth of tbe cup keeps the 
eontents from boiling over. For one cupful 
of chocolate take half an ounce of Baker's 
chocolate and five lumpe of cracked loaf sug- 
sr; dissolve iheni in two-thirds of a cupful 
hot water, Hn«l boil rather slowly until one- 
third of the quantity is loft; then add half a 
pint of rich milk, and simmer slowly until a 
single cupful remains. The liking for choco- 
late Is In many cases an educated taste, and 
often one who Wuuldlurn with loathing from 
It thus prep.ired would partake with delight 
if only naif the quantity ol the chocolate was 
VHod. In either case it proves a healthful 
drink, especially fur dyspeptlca. 

Talking ••Shnp-** 

Poole, the tailor, was muking holiday at 
Brighton, and one morning, on the pier, he 
met one of bis noble customers. 

"Good morning, Mr. Poole," aald the 

^Good morning, my lord," replied the 
Ullor, who then passed on. 

"Stay, Mr. Poole ; I wanted to ahow you 
thU ooat," replied the arlstborat. "It 
doesn't flt me at all." ^ . ,. „ 

Poole waa a msn of resdy wit. He 
■topped, looked carofullv at the coat, and 
then drawing a piece of cnplk Irom bis pock- 
et, aald: "Your lordship Is rigbt; the coat 
wants to be tskcn In here, «nd let out here, 
and shortened liere, and Just a bit lenglhenetl 
here:" and at each "here" be made a heavy 
chalk mark. "Now, my lord," he con- 
tlBued, ai he saw a curious crowd had gath- 
ered round, "If you will Just take that ooat 

A Nefver-Fatllnff Cure fbr Bums,' 
Scalds, Bml aeatCu ta, Sores, etc ^ 

After Ibrtjr years of trial, Peny 
Daris* Pain Killer stands unrivaled. 
1% is safb 1 It acts immediately t It 
nerer fbils t 

Bdlkor of the St. John Of. B.) KewB, aayo : 
la flesh wotindB, aches, polus, Seres, etc., 
It Is the moBt efeetual remedy we know ot 
Ko family should be without a bottle of it 
for a single hour. ^ 

From thaOmdnnatl XHroatch : 

We have ten its magic effects, and tame 
lttobea«oodarttclo. ^ ^ , ,^ 

From I. B. Potter. U. B. Consul at Crefeld. 
Bbeiilsh Proasla: 

Alter long yeara of use, I am satlsfled It 
to poeltiTel/ efficient aa a healing remedy 
for wounds, bruises, and sprains. 
W. W. Sharper, ValdoBtJLaaj.^Kur«:^^ 
It-Is a panacea for all orulaes uid Doms. 

From B. W. Adama, Bjwo, Ito.: 
It gave me immediate reliel. 

m fort^ears' uso it never has failed me. 

W.W.Lnm.iricholvIlle,H.YMBay«: ,^ 

• i use your Paih Killeb frequently. It 

ff«IiMM pain and sorenees, and Aaais wounds 

like magic. 

' For scalds' a nd bums it haa no eqtiaL 

a new untried remedy. For forty ye«a 
It baa been In constant use ; and thoae wlio 
have need it tbe longest are itt beM/rienda. 

Its success is entkrdy l>ecaua« of Ita merit. 
Since tbe Pain Killer was first Introduced. 
hundreda ot new medicines have come and 
cone, wbllc to-day tbU medicine la more 
extensively naed and more blably T^ned 
ihameoerlxfim. Brerr liamUy should hsTa 
a botUe ready for tue. Much pain and heav^ 
doctors' bills nu 

may affen be taved by promfft 

lUcatlon of tbe Pain Killer. iMUkemoal 

.... Jtdn<». It iaperfeeUy taje even In tbe handa 
of a diUd. Try it once thoroughly, aad It 
will proTelU value. TourdruMflsthaalt 
at 35o., SOc and 81.00 per bottle. 

PCRRV DAVIS A SON, Proprietors,. 
Proytdenoe, H. I. 





Has opened dental rooms at !it OEIVTRAI* 

M'I'RKBT, and Ih prepared to execute all work 

pertiilnlug to dentliftry 
n Hy a 

out pal 

I'eeth extracted wlth- 
new method. Saiislaotlon guar- 

Prices low 

24 Central Street. 

ysssK A. riLXS, 

Veterinary Surgeon, 

Has removed from No. 2S Weitford street to 

No. 14 Ooral, near 217 Westford St. 

Connected by telephone with, all parts of the 
city. _^ 

steel' and IRON BOILERS 


B. 8cannell, city Inspector of boilers. OAoe 
an d residences copnected with telephone. 

£. A. McQannon, M. D., 

Graduate of McGill College, Canada, member 
of the College of Physicians and 8argeous, On- 
tario, licentiate of the College of Physicians and 
SurxeonH, Quebec, late ship surgeon In the 
iliMi>lsHii>pl St Pumlniou aud Warrea fc Co. 
steumnhip eompanlt^. 

OAcc, Ho. 7 Wellca BliMk, MerrtsasMk St* 

Kesidence. Merrimac House. 



Woman's Exohanpe Bnildinc;, Boom 9. 

stocks, Bonds and all kinds of Investment Seen • 
rltles bouaht In the Bu^iton, New York and San 
Francisco Markets. 

Member of Boston Mining and Stock Exchange. 

490fllce connected by "uslephone. 


Open today M pieces more of these celebrated 

Black Cashmeres 

16 inches wide (and they measare th«t}, at 

«0 Cents a Yard ! 

9tp ffioo^tf* 

Lof ell Remiant Store, 

136 Merrimaok Street, 



I hare all .wool banting at lie. 
per liard: extra line double wi 
ludy^lotfi aft 80c. per yard: Vai 
ner Mills :i leaf, M In. wide, para 
indlao blue at $1.2« aud $1.M per 
yard, and ever} tlil.ig down at (Wt^ 


lauy oiuiii WI. 80c. per yard: Vaalk> 
ner Mills :i leaf, M In. wide, 
dlao blue at $1.2« aud $l.ftO per 
_xA, and ever} tlil.ig down at (Wt^ 
.am prloe. I have also a first* 
class tailor connected with the 


Actually sold by oar competitord 
oents and considered cheap. 

at 76 

Dr. Veterinary Surgery. 

OfBoe and Infirmary : 

OMce honrs 8 to 10 a. m. ; 1 to 5 p. m. 


Solicitor of American and Foreign 

Patenta procared. PatentabUlty of inventlo n b 
Ofleci. 1 PenaberCon S4., Boatan, Mass. 

May be found evenings at residence, No. 150 
East Merrimack St., cor. Nesmlth, LoweU. Re- 
fers to Kitson Machine Co., Woods. Sherwood & 


ColoreA All-Wnol Dress M, 

Double width, at 

Many of these shades are sold at 87>^ eenU. 



From 87 Oentv to $2.00 a Yard. 

Black, Olive, Brosiae, Plana, Ifa<r7, 
Brown and Garnet Shades of Drcas 
Silks at flock Bottom Prleea 
. In Kver|r Instance. 


121-125 Central Street. 

Jtttnttttre aiUi Can^ets. 


^ ..„ , iir lana alaslr af 

Ihraltarc at lower prieaa. All klads of oabiaal 
work made to order. Alao aaodara aad aa tifaa 
fbraitare repaired. 

cBOSBT wvmmvrvmm co., 

__^ S« Wa—lior ^kOf^*^ , 

The Spring Campaign 

For renoTatiiig the houie or fumisli- 
ini: the new home ii at hand, and 



Atthioir ez'<)niiTe * 


Furniture and Carpet 


Another Strike ! 


Malcer, Tarr & Co.'s, 

44 1-2 Merrimack Street. 


at the BariaiK We Offer 


Among the Specialties 

—IN OURr- 


We offer a handsome line of 



5 bales of extra quality Unbleached Cotton at 




Ol^c, worth 

60 dosr n Ladles' All-Linen Hemstitched Hand- 
kerchiifs at 12>ic., worth 20c. 

1 case Pancy Plaid Olnghams only lOe., worth 

1 case Marseilles QuUu at 86c., worth $1.26. 

Another loTOioe of French Satlncs at 28o.. worth 

10 pleoea of Fancy Silks, handsome shades, only 

6 pieces of Fancy Bilks, handsome shades, only 

$1.26. worth $1.60. 
1 ease Foulard Cambrics only So. 
10 pieces of Fonle Debege only 12Ke.» worth 2Sc. 

6 pieces best Black Cashmere In Lowell at 76c., 
worth $1.00. « 

10 plecex of bei>t Black Cashmere In the world at 
$1.00, worth $1.26. 

Best Black Silks In the commonwealth at $1-00, 
$1.25, $1.37X, $1.60. $1.00. 

• pieces All-Wool Double Width Lace Bunting 
at 600., worth 60c. 

B plooea AlLWool Double Width BUck Bnn 
at 42c, regular prloe 60o. 


lieadtnff I<ow Price, RellaMe Adwar- 
tlalUK Drjr Oaoda Dealers, 


SSlegpant I>esigriis 


Perry Davis's Pain Killer is sold by 

CB01VBI<L * HARBIHON, Apotheeartos, 

13» Central street. LoweU. 


la, my manager 
to yoarMtlfiac 

ap to London, marked as 
Win Me that It K altered 
Won." ,, ^. ,_ 

HIa lordship did not again oommit the im> 
portinenoe of ••talking thop" to Poole.— 

t4w«r, KMii«jrM« MrtffM'a IMaoaae. 

" ~A. Bedlclhe that daatmya the germ or 
eeoM of Brlght'a DIwsm, DiaUtea, Kidney 
•Dd Uver oomplalota, and haa power to root 
Umis out of the ayatf m, It ehoVe all price, 
loeh « nwliotne b Hon Ritleri, Md poeitive 
-ynal of tbie «•• Re fodnd by one trld, or bv 
MdDf f oar Dolgbbora, who bave been eared 


OR,. h:wa.i»i», 

late of Chicago, noatfocated for life In Lowell, Is 
treating sncoessftilUr all 


Such as CaUrrb, Diseases of the lAings, fhroat, 
Heart and Spine, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Head, 
aches, Diseaaes of the Kldneya and LlTcr. Paral- 
ysis, all Ulaeasca oi the Eyes aad Ears, aad Dis- 

*^tk<vtrMU^nt of theaa disMMt haMoMnM 
the most suocessfhl treatments o( all sohooU ot 
medicine and cupping, which is approTed bj all 
eminent physicians in thls^and olher eoantr Ua. 
Be has had OTcr THIBTT TBABb* BXPB- 
RmnOB la lectaring on and In tha treatasaat 
ol these diseaaes. ... „^ » j. — 

While all diseaaes are enrable If treated in saa- 
•on. all slflvsa of dlsaasea are not carabla. Tour 
aaso naybe enrable this uMnth, not next. Heaes 
are aal daly daagetoaa bat fhtal. Pra> 

Ksef^ &*i:si£'i.n^r«ws!Usss: 


OaU for tha Doetar'a Books an Hanlth aad IMS* 

OBoaHonrt— Froaietelta.ak,.t to I aad T Kadaya troia I to $ p. B. ._ 

ftoA iwTiMMB MvHt eai !m!X 9 Mask tstm 
tbe 70ft :«ce. a . Me ^.tcsi uui eae an .fix 



CoBtanemoad In lilT. 


Noted lor Its Hard aad Tough Metal, Its 
large Tarletles ot 


And for Its anriralled Newspaper Faces. 

Addreas orders to JOHN K. ROGERS, Agent 
66 Water street. Boston. 

«9-Tbe Courier and Journal type Is from this 




8old elsewhere at $1.50. 

We Warrant Them Pure 

If you T»aiit a Black Silk do 
not fibil to examine onr celebrat- 
ed Cachemire De NoTi, wliich are 
nniTorsally acknowledged the 
best in the market. Samples 
cheerfully given for comparison 
with other makes. 

Appleton Block, Central Street, 

Offer their aerrioei in assisting everj «• 
want and taste for interior deoorationt. 
Eyery detail of Honse Supplies, from 


Oati be found in onr stock, or will be ob- 
tained, or manufactured, to meet tbe 
TariouB wants of our patrons, and no 
paina will be spared to meet the appro- 
bation of alL parties faToring us with 
their orders. In our sereral departments 
will be presented manj types and quali- 
ties of 

Gamete, Snss, Mats, &c., 



Adapted to any demand, for woodsi eov« 
erings and finish, and it will giTd na 
pleasure to exhibit our line of wares aad 
quote prices, wliich we guarantee will he 

As Low as the Lowest, 

QualitT of work considered. 




Ho. 4 Merrimaok Street, 

Place befbre the pnbllo the 


of the season. Also, 

Oi^an Pmm, String Beans, I^et- 

tuoe, Badiehea, Spinach and 


>il>ar amr Laaa»a ara Sprlisg I«a»bs 


Railroail anil Liniill Colors. 

■These colors were prepared by Mr. Masnry aft- 
er many yeara' eaperience In psintlnasnd colors. 
For more than tea years they hare fully main- 
tained all that is claimed for thein In body, 
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Masury's Railroad Colors, 

of Exterior and 
rallable, strictly 

Children's Carriages! 


We are oonfident in our abilitf to 
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Voa. 00 and 82 Merrimaok Street. 


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lag to prereni atovM that art not 

iili "' *'-•-*- 



_. Tac . this Dolish ia warranted ftam iVom dutt 
aad fBlstaras or otay. 

. ,.^. daee as'ed ab' flimlly will 

ba witiioat U. Aff<«ta waatad all orar the U. S. 

M7 Pawtachet Street. 

P. 0. boa S>a. Low^' Mass. 

OLD PAPans loa balb 

George Wilkes, Jr., 

Blaev, star, Httia White en 
ererr fbet. UM haads. wHf hs 
Sllw.. llr 




1075 lbs., 11 yean old. l5»k 
tha Srst pranlaai at Maa- 
eheater. N. H., Stato Fair, A. 
D. wi; also at Bradford, 
-^,.,^ . . Tt.. State Pair, ISSl. Matet 
idlbr the track. Shows qaartait aad haU 
avery day in IS aad l.U. Is para galted, 
KiBo, anyfady oaa drive htaa. Ms cef are tet aad 
imat{a. Vui amkatba ieaaoa A mf PnllleB 
{iiSrirbtaMea.lMroia.Jlaas. S80 W,**^!!!' 
if not wodaoHT*, ao oherna. fsc aeat aaa^. 

sifc'Eiisjsi'St sarir^KitS 


Intended for every description 
Interior Paintlnf. The most 
pure linseed oil Uquld palat Is 

Masury's Liquid Paints 

The areat popnlarity of these colon, both tall- 
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superior In BEAUTIKUL SHADES to any other 
liquid or paste paint yet offered, the many iial- 
tiuors and followers of Mr. Masury b^inafar be- 
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question by comparian sample cards cf Hasary'a 
with other makes. 

Be aura a«d net ana af JUmnarj** iaaa» 
pie Cards befera ya* paimt* 

Besidea hayiac the most complete stock of tha 
aboTC colors, wo have for sate 

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in oil, Oils, Varnishes, Shellsos, 
Japans, Putty, &o. 

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Also oa haad 

DMr a»« Piatmra OUUM, am« 



O. B. CWBUBN ti 00., 

36 Kubt Btn.t. I.owell.M«ii. 




liaStMa«.fartlM atfa a< oB itaie ef 

Im«lie Old OirtiMe HMHeFlvfiha 

,, 1 ■ 


Furniture aad Oarpet Warerooms, 

Appletop Block, Central Street. 

t ■ 


OBOBGB BUTTLE takrs this method tc < 
rect a mlsapprsheaiiion existing In renrd to i.. 
position and ngtita in the above n»m«d cemrtery. 
The appointment of Mr. L> on* to tlit> gcaeral 
care of the grounds In ne wine Interferes with 
his still exrrdslna the care and •uperrUlon ot 
two baadred or more lotH which the owurrt have 
placed In his hands, nor with the care of tech 
Iota as may yet be left In his keeping, thungh la 
order that the wishes of iuch lot owners M 
carried oat he belfcTef It I* ImporiaDt tha t g- 
ders be left with him personally, and not wJB^ 
employee on the pr. mlwa. Thanking the Ia» 

anmb^r of lot owner, who •'»',«. "/'••••l»Sfc 
care of their groundn to him and hoping to iMm 
their cont«BB«d approbation, he solldts tkatt- 
Tor ot ethers, and by hi* long *»Pff^^ •• • 
cardcner can assur e perfe ct saWfa^Jon. AB> 
inii aiSmam oC'tTLB, Bleaehary 4mt- 
(SLVhona car statloa, aPS Ooriiam straaC Oeilp 
Bcetedbytelapboae. ^ 








- r 


M A B D E » A~E O ^TTX li , 


, Mucmm Balldl»Bt ll«rrlm»ck St. 


...«»-.- HI X Dollars a year, deUrered by oar- 
rt^^aTirthUAly .ettTed ,irU of tb« cUy ; or at 
STeeoU a mootb; or U oenU a we«k. felngle 

*?DViiRrisiNG: One Inch In langthoCool- 
•■■ (twelve line, of nonpareil type) oouitltute. 

* l^^ent adrerttaementi 75 oenta a aauare for 
«rit Inaertlon, and 86 oenta for each eubsequent 

*"nSm; in readJng typ« W eenti a line for each 
tBa«rtton. No eharce less than 50 ovn'a. 

UeadluK noUoes In nonpareil tyue, to follow 
general reading matur, one-third a>OTe r^guUr 

"*8peclal notices following reading noUoea, SO 
■M* cent, above regular rates. ., ^ , .^. 

■Business notice* in plain reading type, at head 
or local column, ten oinU a line tor each inaer- 

AdrerUaements In the Dally Courier will be 
Jerted alBoTln the Weekly Journal, for a eor- 
Naponding time, for one-half more tUau the Da y 
SrtS? Thus ibo price for one square lu the Dally 
SMrier one month la ♦S.OO. The same adyertlse- 
i2itw<S.ldS, InserlS in the Weekly Jounaa 
for the >ame month lor $2M. Total In both 

ansrent advertisements under t«»e head ol 
Wants, Lost. Fouud, Board, Booms. For Sale, 
Te l^t eTc.. li «'..t« a line lor three »ni*r«lons 
' jngertlon 3 cents per line. No 

Mpera, $7.60. 


eharge for le«» tban two lines. 
l4Ui notices ♦1.60 a square for three Inaer- 

h the privilege of changing 
Dally Courier induded). one 

with the privilege 
--_ , he L . 
ywr $30; or $^5 without the paper 

One squaie 
twlM a week (the 

Mir WO: or t^s wimi*-.. ..--,—, — , 

Mo^ts aUowed unless they are upon metal 

**No'"double-column advtrUsements received, 

■nleas lor two full columns. . . ., j ii_ 

ia-The DAILY COUKIER U the leadlnf dally 

paper lu Middlesex county, and has a larger clr- 

AofaUon than any other. trwrrnw a i • 


larse and excellent family paper. Is also pulh 

toCed by Marden h Rowell. It U one of the 

larceat weekly papers In MassachuseUs. and, has 

• Si-ger circulation In the country towns In the 

Mtehborhood of Lowell than all the other paper* 

■ BoSUsbed In the county combined; *»<J " '" 

UMrefore the beat advertising medium lor Loweii 

Merchants. Subscription price, 11.60 per year In 

SvanceVfree of ^stage. Liberal terms o 

, Satters-ipof clubs. Advertisements reasonable 

" '*'*°*- GEORGB A. MARDEN. 



putting off until tomorrow what might better 
b« done today, accommodHtlng the busineu 
of the commiltoe to some outsider's or In- 
Bidei'8 ptTHOnul convenience, that does the 
mischief. What is most weeded In both 
bruncbeH of the legislature Is a constant and 
persUliiit puHli by those who ought -to be 
leaderx, adopting every possible means to se- 
cure prompt action, but without haHle-aud 
wlibuut carclessneHB. Frequent eonsulla- 
tions of committee cbalrmeu lead to. more 
prompt reports, and a "previous question 
man," w lib sound judgmenl , good nature, and 
due caulioD, Is worlb fully two weeks' lime 
in the Uoune. This year ibe rule shutting 
out new »?u«ine«8 after the first Wednesday 
tn February has been pWctlcally rescinded. 
A dozen members banded together to keep 
out raaltern which were unnecessary, or 
which cuiuc too late only becauao of negli- 
gence, could have saved another week In 
keeping th«! rule alive. 

lu short the rouchlnory for snort sessions is 
ample. The only necessity Is the disposition 
to use it. It WHS, however, folly to expect 
the present session to be Uuusuully short be- 
cause of the compilation of the general laws. 
We said at the outset that who argued 
this way would be d is .appointed, and It has 
so proved. The compilation of the Public 
SUtutes rather increased tban diminished the 
work to be done. ^ 

C i. Veoti dc Cd. 

;..A, zz 


and Tnv'igoFating »il the funcUotu ol the 

works thtooghthebloodj l^i^f, tooing 



Bingm^m Humor and SaH-Uktum. 

r I Hood & Co.: Gentlemen— • * • * 
I hkve had ringworm humor and •»»»;<*•'«» 
LayjKt my body wa. eove^ with raw 

sores; so. also. m» Jj*** »",* S2*i^* JKJ2 
had any numberol doctor In UMJ^tartteren 

sores; so. also, m 

Seis^aUrSuliem could cuij me. .- 
Sa^my mother was in the clty^J*"^ 
and found one of your o<x* ,o««fi »f« j° 
rcadliiK it 1 found many V^ •-*«»-»«. Ia 
cures from the use of your ifo^ 

■ SUV 

uriiui and 

etc l ^otoell BaUp € mx\tu 

TUESDAY, MAY 3, 18M.' 

We are rapidly cutting down the national 
debt. The debt statement for April shows a 
reduction during the month of $14,416,- 
818.74. The decrease since Ju^e 80, 1881, 
baa been fl28,748,213.87. The total debt 
now, less cash in the treasury, is |l,71li850,- 
S06.61. - •"•;» 

The salmon carcass found In the canal a 
week ago Sunday Is one of the many indica- 
tions that the Merrimack Is slowly being re- 
8tock<^d with the fish that were once so plenti- 
ful here that apprentices demanded a re- 
strictive clause In their iudeiitures against 
being compelled to eat them too often. And 
yet we haven't given the salmon much more 
tban lialf a chance. Our fishways are im- 
perfect, and our efforts at restocking have 
been spasmodic and haif-hearted. There is a 
ebauce to make the river once more a gpod 
deal of a salmon streams if the matter is 
properly taken hold of. . T 


> It is not likely that "the limits of the Sev- 
enth district will be materially changed by 
the new arrangement to be reported by the 
redislricting committee. Speaking from a 
political standpoint, the expediency of sep- 
arating Lawrence and Lowell Is the first 
thing which suggests itself. The average 
population of the new districts will be iu the 
oelghborhood of 149,000, and Lawrence and 
Lowell will, therefore, conUin nearly two- 
thirds of the peopM In the district. The 
tendency in both these cities is toward demo- 
cratic miyorities, and ten years from now the 
district will be very close, if party linei re- 
main aanow. 

Lawrence has Just bad an alleged case of 
*«cruel punishment" of a child In school, 
which, on Investigation, turns out, as most 
tuoh cases do, to be a very small matter. In 
which the parents foolishly endorse Insubor- 
dination in their children, and maliciously 
exaggerate their well-merited punishment. 
In this case superintendent Brewster said he 
should have done us the teacher did under 
the same circumstances, and that It was the 
lightest case of punishment he ever beard re- 
ported to the school board in 20 years' ser- 
vice. And yet the local papers were full of 
it, snd the Boston sensation-mongers dis- 
played it under large head-lines. 

I<C|{lalatlTe Bnalneaa. 

The Herald proposes the "committee of 
the whole" as the best means of shortening 
our legislative sessions. This would amount 
to little, however, which might not be just as 
randiiy accomplished under the present rules. 
The committee of the whole is so little differ- 
ent from the regular method of proceeding 
In our Massachusetts legislature, that It 
would only take rather more time than less, 
to go through with the shining. All that is 
needed i* to put the questions which the Her- 
ald woold have considered in committee of 
the whole, at once before the House, and let 
them he considered at lenfftb, if members ao 
dealre, in the early daye of the session when 
there is nothing else to do. Such queationa 
as woman suffrage, biennial elections and the 
prohibitory law, could just as well be report- 
ed the second week as the second or tblrtl 
■nonth. The forms to be followed are all 
flxed, and the arguments to be used are all 
known. Hearings are not needed, and what 
preparation members need to make for dis- 
eussion could better be made early In the ses- 
alon than later. 

But this is only a small matter toward do- 
ing Hm session's work. There are tcores of 
little matters, which must go to committees 
bot which need not be left hanging all win- 
tor. They require but slight inveslignlion, 
•ad might be aa well reported in January or 
February as to wait until March. It is only 
the habit of procrastination and dilatorincss, 

Why^ Ite Didn't Vote for the Pr«hlbltory 

Among the clergymen who are jnembers 
of the House of Representatives this year, is 
the Rev. Oliver A. Roberts, a Unitarian, of 
Salisbury. On the prohibitory bill be voted 
"nay," and being taken to task for so doing, 
and being asked by ote of his constituents 
for the reasons why he considers the present 
law a better temperance statute than the pro- 
hibitory law would be, he replies at length in 
the Amesbury Villager. To begin with he 
shows that he could not vole for the bill 
while it contained the unconstitutional pro- 
vision for submitting it to the people. He 
then quotes some very good prohibitory, au- 
thorities, who admit that the local option 
law is belter machinery for suppressing the 
sale of liquor than straight prohibition is, 
and shows wherein the defects of the law 
consisted. The reply closes as follows : 
. No law can entirely prevent the sale and 
use of Intoxicating liquors. The object of 
legislation should be to diminish to the least 
poMSible extent the evils growing out of their 
sale iinii use. Is not a local prohibition law 
(for that is what we have) favored by public 
sentiraent better than a slate prohibitory law 
only partially enforced even by nuch extraor- 
dinary measures as a state constabulary? 

Tlie present local prohibition law Is a bet- 
ter temperance measure than the state pro- 
hibitory law, because 

(1) People are more inclined to defy and 
resist a slate law restraining the sale of liq- 
uors thiiH when they are forbiddtn by a ma- 
jority of their own fellow citizens, they them- 
selves voting. 

(2) The officers of a no license town or 
city, elected bv a majority of their fellow cit- 
izens, naturally feel more obliKation to en- 
force "no license" than they would a general 
law. Under the state law the official respon- 
sibility is to the state; under local prohibi- 
tion the responsibility Is to their fellow 
townsmen. Under the former law the citi- 
zens make no popular expression of opinion; 
under the latter they do, and the people are 
nt fault If they do not demand fidelity in 
their officers. 

The present law has been In operation but 
a year. No complaints come from temper- 
ance people where it is being fairly tried. A 
life-long temperance man writes to me— "It 
is the best law in my judgment for the pre- 
vention of the sale and use of intoxicating 
liquor ever placed upon the statute book of 
the state." "The cause of temperance is 
more generally and with belter success advo- 
cated In connection with the town and city 
voting •license' or 'no license' than for 
years before." 

It seems to mv mind, therefore, that the 
principle of prohibition is more clearly ex- 

Cressed In the present no license or local pro- 
ibition status than in the so-called prohibit- 
ory law. I think it is simpler in its machin- 
ery and more effective In its method. While 
It seeks to regulate, it also positively prohib- 
its- . .. 
Had I consulted my fenrs. my prejudices 

or policy, I would perhaps have done differ- 
ently. I reviewed the whole casein every 
possible relation and result. I earnestly 
sought to know and to do the right. I gave 
the matter earnest, faitbfbl consideration, 
and at last gave my vote in accordance with 
my official oath and with my duty to God, 
the stiite, my constituency and myself. 

I have carefully re-examined both laws 
and reviewed the entire case, but have found 
no good reason to change my vote or the 
opinions herein expressed. 

le test 

cures irom me iuwj v» '."•"^rzJl'^rKr '*__ i* 
Olive (Hnlment. 1 lelt forcwl »• «T J«| 
although 1 bad seen ra»«3L"Si"'^ liJS. «!SS 
that never did me any «2<^„. L?*;'2*3 
taken two small botUes f "* XJSRf^^ 
Samaparllla. and ."sed toitse boaea oi wj- 
ment. I now call myself ««»««• l,2,*"15c 
cwi be seen of the »»»"«>' ,»'V'J?\i^-2S 


Biliousness, Sick Headache, 

PiTTsriKU), Mam. 
iifK«BRa r 1 Hood* Co.: Genta— Pleaaa 
leWe^by'ixpS^X** bottle^l^^ 
8Ai-AKii.UA and a few Coo»„"°2*? wnrkS 
trlbiition. \our P'*P»'^'»"^%" JKHSi 
wonders In the case of •"? .^,*i T^°5' W 
been troubled with sick headache andbll- 
lousness for years. She on>J^, »««* wStJo 
teaspoonf ul at a doee. and »«*."Kj;,US*?hS 
well for Ave years as now. She foui;« ^!* 
within a week after tal^^K " w*fISL fiSm 
much better and Is now «""'«}> iSftakSH 
those severe headaches. She ''•f„?Sj -""Sd 
any of any account since last •Prtp^k*"^ 
what little she had Is lent to dp 8oroe ^fte« 
8or.>ft r»hm1, and we must have it In the house. 
Toure truly. „ „ . -n 


Is sold by all druggists. Woo ft. or alx 
lunre bottles for f-V Trepared only ^ C.I. 
IIOOI) & cx).. Apothecaries, lx>weli. Mass. 
1^- Use Hood's Tooth-Powdkk. 

;n Jt Jitimiiig* 

Whole#ale and retail ilealer la aU kinds of Wast- 
era, Canada aad Horihera 

Alto Plnr, Oedar and Spniee SUagtae, Clap. 
boards. Lattaf , FeBoe PlekeU. PesH, *e. 

DUEMoii m mum tubeb 

Planing. Matehing aad Sawing done to order. 

Corner of Book and Mt Yemon Btreets, 


an k Manning, 

Largest FarHltare 



Siil €!Mitt4 


M. C. Pratt & Co. 

WoBld eall the attention of eoati^eton and 
eoBsamers to their large stMi of 

Boards, Clapboards, Laths, Gut- 
ters, Mouldings, Brackets, 
Doors, lYlndows and Frames, 
nard Wood Flooring and 
Sheathing, Spmee and 8onth- 
em Pine Timber^ 

KurnUhed at short notiee. Harlag a mill In 
oonneetlon with oar yard we are prepared to ftar. 
niih promptly every deserlptton of 

Mill and House Finish. 

Wamesit Steam Mills. 

Carpet Dealers, 

And iMrgewt and Beai Located 
Wareroom9in the City, 

Best Heleeied and Best Arranged 
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Rial Estate anil Intel. 

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Help of All Kindi. botk Male and Fe- 
malei Fnmiihed and Wanted. 

Om tka Hlf|liUM«•.-Oottag^ 7 roona. elty 
water, aewer. MOO feet lead eovered with oholoe 
fhiU. Pries taaoo. lUeellent aelgbbors. (4W) 

Hmu-Mmw atocklBK C*.—t story ihoiae, 
10 tnlsbed rooms, bath room, water eloset. deuble 
bay window, plassa, gas. city water, sewer, good 
' nearly WOUieetlaBd. Frlee$aooo. (OS) 

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pretty oottage. pantrv, 2 aores 

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If yea, bring thtm to 18 Rock itreot, and we wUl 
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trlUe per month for stnraae. 

B. P. nicKjysoK. 


powder, nicely j^erfumcd, that makes half.a pint 
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toilet soap for 5 cents. A Quassia cup Ibr 10 
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Apotheearies. comer Central and Mlddlesw Sts. 


>^ e: o^ ]bt.a^bl:e 

Jaundice Bitters, a remedy for all bilious oom- 
plaintR, inipuritieo of the blood, disordered con- 
dition of the stomach, llTer and bowels. Pre- 
pared by 

M. O. CARTER, Apotheoary, • 

Cor. Merrimack and Bridge Sts. 


Look at These Figures ! 

The Minn, will Insure your life, costing froas 
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ode payment each year. This old and strong 
company furnishes reliable lasuranee at less eost 
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ALLEN T. HODGE, No. 1 Preteott Street , or 
GEORGE E. METOALF, 88 Central street, wUl 
g lre all partleulars. 

R-l 8T TKAB. 

Lof ell IitDal Fire lone Co. 

omee, MaMsnr's Block, 49 Central Street. 

JAMES C. ABBOTT, President. 

CHA8. W. DREW. See^T andTircas 


J. K. FsLiiOWS, Bbhj. Walk KB, 

Wm. H. WloniN, Jaoom Bobbiks. 


Wm. p. Brazkb, A. B. Fbbhch, 

Geo. Stkv kns, Wm. O. Fiskb, 


N. M. Wkioht, 

Policy holders recelre 60 per cent, at the pre- 
mium on live year, and 40 per cent, on one year 

,ln connection with the above company Is a 
general agency for diTideud paying mutual and 
reliable stock companies. 





If Worcester wants a first-class member of 
Congress when Mr. Rice does make up bis 
mind to run for governor, no better man can 
be found than Adin Thayer. He is a man 
who embodies and incarnates the idea of 
practicality. And be Is honest, loo. 

It Is claimed that as a result of the United 
States fish commissioners' labors, shad are 
running up southern rivers where they have 
not been seen before for years. 

The representatives at Boston have suc- 
ceeded In postponing the biennial elections 
amendment to the state conslitutloD, but 
they must not delude themselves by the Idea 
that they have defeated it.— [Springfield Un- 

The united chin power of Niagara back- 
men will be utilized to run dynamo machines 
about as soon as the rails.— [Taunton Ga- 

The rapidity with which the world's 
tboufbt outgrows Itself Is illustrated by the 
case of DarWin. When he propounded bis 
theory of evolution, 23 years ago, science 
scouted him and doctrinal theology bristled 
all over with antagonism. Today science ac- 
cepts evolution, the church reconciles it with 
the Bible, and Darwin's remains repose with 
tboee of England's greatest men iu Westmin- 
ster Abbey.— C8P'^°gfl^'<* Union. 


We have Just received 

See them before having your 

T.' '■■'■'' ■., '■■■■'■ '^'■■. 


Pictures Framed 


86 Merrimaok Street. 




Has Remoyed to No. 20 Central 

Street, Next Door to Times 






Cash assets Jan. 1. 1882, 
Total lUblUtles, Including 





Net assets. 

Poller Holders BliMr* Ib tho ProflU ob 
■bEplrsttlon of Polleica* 

DiTldencU, Fifty Per Cent. 


Lbti Spbaoub. Johh F. Kimball, 

Edwabd Tuck. Addisoh PotbaM, 


Chas. H. CoBURjr Wm. F. Salmom, 

Jacob Rogers. John F. Howb. 

OAec, Mo. 97 CeaCral St., Lowell, Mass. 

LEVI 8PRAQUK, President. 
B. U. TUCKE, Seoretary. 
fylnsurance to any amount effeoted In relia- 
ble companies. 

E. M. TVCKK, Afrant. 
" Stri 

Before you purchase your house- 
keeping goods for the season it will 
pay you to examine our elegant stock 
which we have had manufactured dur- 
ing the past winter expressly for cus- 
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ell and sell goods at lowest prices. 

'To correct the impression that 
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**that we only carry the finest and 
most expensive goods/' we will say 
that our altock of medium and low 
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the city, and has been selected with 
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El^ant Parlor and Chamber Suites 
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Our stock of Chamber Sets in 
Black Walnut, Ash and Fainted is 
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gant patterns which are entirely new, 
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We have received direct ftrom the 
manufacturers the finest line of Car- 
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The celebrated Lowell Body Brus- 
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judges to be the finest goods made in 
this country and superior to any- 
thing imported, we take the lead in, 
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la a Ploai 

Lowell, a very 

land, apples, pearSfpraehee and other 

plaee fur poBliry. Imoe oaly SMO. 

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and o^d water ha both slaks. two water elosets, 
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side and out, 6000 feet of land. Prlee 94800. on 
easy terms. (4M) 

We have Just bsd plaeed in our hands for sale 
the eaure stock and natures of a flrst-elaas street 
boaidlng noose, everything new and la very beat 
of order, llils Is a obanoe seldom offered; bow 
pa) lag 20 per eent net; owner can verify this by 
Bis books. Call at ofllee lor particulars. 

OaUk* HlcltlaaUls.— Two-story bouse. L, 
11 rooms, pantrv, batb. doable bay window, 3 
plsif^.. hnisbed In modern style inside and oat, 
good bam with earrlage room, MOO feet of laad, 
ftneMl and graded. Aloe f 4iw. (472) 

la Pa'srtaokotrUlo.— Bcanttfnl Mibarbaa 
reeldeBoe on* mUe from post olilee, two-story 
boose, L, 11 reosu; plenty of eloset room, paatfr. 

tubs, sptendla 

by fUrnaee, 

washroom, floor eemeated. set 
eeUar, never A«eace, bouse bea f d by 
gas aad water 1b both boose and barB, largo 
bara with oellar, S stalls, ample earrlage roeas. 
6 aeres land with ail Ubos fruit, oonerete walks 
about the bouse, a laxce gravel bank on the 
premises now being worked. Prloe $8000; on very 
easy terau. C474)' 

Isi IVeat Clselsaaflard. — OookTehanee for la- 
veatment. 2-story bouse, eontaining (bur teno- 
ments of 6 rooms eaob, and (wo ooUages of 7 
roonss eaeh. all nearly new and well rented, pax- 
iag over nine per oent. About one aere of land, 
race •0000. lazes only $7 per $1000. 

la CeatralTiUo. —Cottage, L, 7 rooms, eios- 
eta, pantry, double parlors, bay window, plasaa, 
tkxj water, gas, sewer eoaneetlon, good, dry eel- 
Ur. 3700 feet of huMi. Prloe $3000. (478) 

ar Ceattml 




ifeoAan^cs Bank Block, No. 198 Mtrriwtadt St. 
Lowell, Mass. 



The horrible prostration and the power- 
less exhaustion which cling to the dlpbtber- 
Itlc convalescent. kaVe been overcome by 
Hood's Sarsapurilla. .. ■- 

Owing to IU purity, excellence and low 
price, tlw saies^f the Oongrets Yeast Pow- 
der In our midst are consUntljr iocreaslng. 
Ask for It In paper packages to savo axpensc 

ol tin cans. , 


Tells you he has the same thing as 


Don't believe him for It is FALSE. There is 
only one Magical Com Bemover and that Is 
manofhetored, sold and warranted by - 

Herbert E. Wetster, 53 E. Kerrimact SL 


Also sold by 0. 1. Hood * Co., M. O. Carter, 
B. B. Fulterton. C. R. Kimball. F. h B. BaUay a 
Co., Gee. C. Osgood k Co., E. L. Bamsdell, A. O 
Plnkham, Bojter J. Lang, M. E.ThoomeoB. O. L. 
Field, Ward Five Drug Store (H. L. Havea), 
Hamilton Drug Store (Marston h Sbaw), 0. 0. 

A Hani f erldiiii Bmess Ian 

Prealdent, JACOB ROGERS. 

H Cashier, JAMBS 8. HOyBT. 


Bbwall O. Mack. Gbobob Riplbt, hovbt, jacob eoobbs, 



IjAxaa B. Fbahois, Dabiki. HimsxT. 

nlrafls drawn on Boston and New Tork. 

Dividends ooUeeted. 

OolleetioBS made on all polats la the Uaitcd 
Btatee and Canadas. 

Maricet rates paid for Amerloaa and Foreign 
ooLD and aiLTBB, oobD ooorova and CUbada 
»niLa< ' -" ^ — — — ^ 

BiLi,a or Bi^oit^aB aad lbttbb8 or obboit 
atailable la alk<parts of Karope. 

Moar CItelasstord BCroot*— 3 aew S-story 
bouaea,L,8 roome. panry, cloeeU, shed, well 
arranged, flnisbed in modern style and very tea* 
ty, painted aad papered inaUo and oat. Price 
WJw^ C47D 

Im Pa wt«ek«tville.-~8pleBdid 3-story boase, 
L, U rooms, with all the most modern oobvob- 
leaoes, aot a room in the hoase but what has tlw 
•an, was built for the owner's use by the day and 
the very best of material used; a aood barn with 
nmpleoarriace room, split stooe underplnn Ing ; 
about OBf acre of land with fruit of all kinds; 
no finer plaee with a better view oan be found Ib 
LowclL Price $7000. terms easy. (481) 

IVo have samie versr desirable 

aad iB good locations, stall prieas and on very 
easy terms of payment. Call for desorlpUon. 

Baslaeaa Chaaoes of all kinds, saoh as drag 
store, livery stable, fish route, resuuraat, boai« 
lag houses Ac. 

Hose! H^! Hosei 



Said to us lately, after taking his daily health 
lilt: "There, doctor. I feel a good deal better 
now. I Just came fVom a busy, uresome^ day in 

iolal IB 
Lowell ongbt to take this bealtb'llft dally. They 
woold f oeTbMter and do their work easier." Bat- 
ler Health LlAf«lleves fktigoe. Oo aad try it a 
week free. 41 Merrimack sQreet. 

Boston, but now I feel perftetly rested and am 
coing to finish my dsy's work by writing In "*" 
oflee till 10 o'olook," and he added. "Every I 
neas man, every clerk, and every bank offlol 


Window Shades! 


Hollands and Opaqnefi 


I laa Central Street. 

Book Cases, Secretaries, Writing 
Desks, Sideboards, Cliiffoniers, in 
Mahogany, Ebony, Walnut and Ash. 
We show a larger line tban any two 
stores in tbis city. 

Do not ^urcbase any description 
of Housekeeping Goods till you ex- 
amine our stock and prices. 

Sherman & Manning, 


3, 5, 9 aiNl II Prescolt Street, 
















Latest Sheet Music 

For 5 eenta per oopy. 
thing at the LOW 

Ton CBB get the 




Plash aad Ught wodeB Carriage Bob«s la brill, 
laat. nsedbim aad sabdae4 shades and colorlBBS, 
flraedjOlyadaptedto 8PBIMO AMD SUMMli 

P. UlASBR * €0.*B 

Cimer Bnt am* Olawe 



». <M. O. Herrard ISIt). im~ 
<l (M. O. Hanrard M7i^)bare 


Large Framed Clii^moBy 

Slae n*m, two aad eae-telf laeh frame, walaat 
bbS rittTetrecehed and Taraiaked, oaly OM 



100 Faaey Cards Ibr tMchars, 10s. 
•» Faaey Caida. no two alOte. lOe. 


two aUks, Tcty preCtt. tie. 
~ or DeeimitlBC PM- 

SSda la aeZi, Chromes aad K a i b cseed Ptotarels 
foreikrd albams. Also a large variety of FraaMS, 
Obiosaos. Birthday Oarie. PnM^BiMls. fte.. 
»e., at priaes that eaaaot be dnpil6aced. 

aisoelated tbeas^es tog e t bei * at dlUaiMnat 
street. BostOB,aBd give cmalol attantlea latka 
treataseat of FlataaU, raea, amJi aAl IMa- 
cMM atf Use Me5ins» wlthant daceattoa traas 


iUMBdaat rcf ( 





829 Merrinaek Street, 


Weed, eu eaih._All wawaatei.. TBy aft 
bargalae. 71 LawivMa ttraalt LaveO. 

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 1882; 

fiif ioi9fa mm ««»(«♦ i fobwohm 



Hon. Julius L. Clarke, the preoant iOMir- 
•Boa eoBnalaalooer, hai been -in tbe senrice 
•rtke stale of MaMaohueatte for tweaty-flve 

Judfle I/ora« waa ao far improvad jester- 
4fiy aa to glre hope of bis ultimate reooverjr. 
He waa greatly relieved by the remedy of 
oopplng. ' 

The Columbus avenue Unlveraallst society 
of Boston |[ave a reception last evening to 
their pastor, Rev. A. A. Miner, and bis wllb, 
lo recognition of the 84ih anniversary of hia 
getUement as pastor of tbe church. Con- 
gratulatery speeches were made by several 
olergymen and others. 

Upon bearing of tbe Spuyten Dujvil dia- 
alter and the death of Mr. Park Valentine, 
Sdwin Stone, who bad been for many yeara 
i« the employ of his father and to whom tbe 
young man, shortly before his marriage, bad 
promised a comrortablo support as long as 
ne lived, almont fainted and was immedUiely 
taken siok. Biooe tbeo he had gradually 
lUied, and on Wednesday night he died, 
aeemingly as much from grief as from any 
pbysicaT cause. 


* *rhe grantees of tbe Rye Beach railroad 

bgve elected directors, and the feeling of 

thoae interested is in favor of pushing the 

road as fast as poMlhie. 

Eben Johnson of Manchester, while drunk 

_ Monday, quarrelled with his wife, and 
•tiempted suicide by shooting himself twice 
(■'the head with a small revolver. Neither 
•1^ hurt him much, apparently. 


epBblleams — Am 
tottue DMWrcBces. 

^he following reaolutious were adopted at 
th^ Joint oonfereooe of the regular and inde- 
pendent republicans of Pennsylvanbt in Phil- 
adelphia Monday : 

Bssofred. That we recommend tbe adoption of 
tbefoIlowtBgprlDClploa and methods at tbe re- 
pid>llean state convention of May 10 :— 

^ That we nnf qaivocally condemn tbe ose of 
enageto pronufte personal poUtloal ends. 
I rcoulre that all ofllcea l>estowed within the 
' ahidl be upon the sole basis offltaesa. 

1. That the competent and faithful ofleers 
eheald not be removed except for osuse. 

^ That the non-eleetive minor olttces ■bould 
bejUled In aooordanee with rules established by 

«]' That tbe ascertained popolai' will shall be 
ibtBtfUny carried oat la sUte and national ooa- 
vc^oB. and by those holding office by the favor 

fTrhat we eondemn eompalsory assessments 
ibrpolliiflal purposes and proicriptlon for fall- 
Bieto respond, either to such awestments er to 
reaaesta lor voluntary contribution*, and that 
aay poUoy of notitloal proscrlpUon U nnjuttt and 
ealcaiatad to disturb party harmony. . , ^ ^ ^ 

6.; That put>lio oiBoe constitutes a high trust 
10 be administered solely tor the pe<^re, whose 
iatstrests mutt be paramount to those of persons 
«r^|urtles, and that it should be invariably oon- 
Aieted wlfb tbe same efflolency, economy and 
iBtegrlty as are expected in tbe execatlon 
of^vate trasta. . , ^ ^ . 

tT That tbe sUte ticket should be such aa by 
4he impartiality of its constitution and the char- 
acter and acknowledged Mtnesa of the nemlBees. 
wlUjastlycommendTuelf to the support of the 

The conference aim) recommends tbe adop- 
tion of certain permanent rules for the hold- 
ing of the state conventions and the conduct 
of llie party. One of these rules is, that 
avety person who voted the republican etoo- 
tonM ticket at tlie last Presidential eleetkMl 
aiexe preceding any state oouvention shall bo 

Srmftted to participate in the election of 
legates to state and national conventions, 
aadTWe recommend to the county organiza- 
tions that, in their rules, tiiey allow the 
laqpat freedom in tbe general participation 
in tne primaries consistent with the prest^- 
faUbn of the party organization. Tbe reso- 
luti^ne are signed by M. 8. Quay, J. F. Hart- 
<ranft, Thomas A. Cochrane, Howard J. 
Seeder and C L. Msgee, on tbe part of the 
roDUblican state committee, and Charles S. 
WoKe, J. D. McKoe, Francis B. Reeves, 
WhXrton Barker and O. W. Lee on tbe part 
«f Bhnater Mitchell's independent repubhoan 
committee. The following resolution was 
adopted by the joint conference :— 

jtnot^ed. That we dlaclatm any aathoritv to 
aneak or aot for other persons thaa ourselves, 
aaditmply make these auirgeationa as in our 
oplBtoa essential to the promotion of harmony 
aad aaitr. 

Messrs. Wolte and McKee said •ft«r„*'\* 
eonlerenoe that they were perfectly satisfied, 
butlhey expected Beaver and the other 
Cameron candidates to be nominated on May 
10. Then the independenU would nominate 

«tbet men. 

'! ft^m Co»sr«K«ttoauiI Uailam* 

N. A. Calkins, treasurer of tbe Congrega- 
tional Union, is also superintendent of 
actaoolsof New Ifork, and It is charged that 
owing to bis occupancy of the laUer position 
he lita neglected the strslra of the Union, and 
that. he has knowingly hi some Instances In- 
Jure* the flnunciul standing of the organiza- 
tion « It Is said that he kept a larjje balance 
In a ftatlonai bank, drnwin;; no Interest, and 
when the aecretery. Rev. Dr. Brown, sug- 
' gesiad it be Invested or plaeed in tbe care of 
atnilt company to 4^ff interest, th^treas- 
urer reftised and placed #18,000 in aifltstitu- 
tion Where a prominent member of the 11- 
Ban«|B eommltiee bad an Interest, and allowed 
Iti ma vse for a year. 

TBeae matters were brought to the atten- 
tion lof the trustees by the secretory. A 
long InveetlaaUon followed, at no seMion of 
whkdi RevTbr. Brown waa preaent, and the 
molt was Dr. Brown, without notice, waa 
Dtad by the appolntn^ent of Rev. Dr. 
This action is making quite a Mir Id 
the BOW Eaglitnd oonferenoes.and the first 
S* OoSoe waa that taken at Andover la»t 
week, when a resolution wm adopted oalUng 
attaalion to the «hanet. 

Drt Brown andotUerawboartBOtpBraoB- 
•Uy aonoemed will demand ftill Investlcatk^ 
aaaJabHcbeariBg. The anniial meetiiif of 
the &lon to soon to be held In K«w Tork, 
and^ matter will become a aulit)eet for dla- 
' nandaoUoo. 

_^. mmS. IreMuaA. 

It Is reported that a B^nlstorlal erlala to im- 
pandlog In Enittoad, growing out nl llM pro- 
poaed change of policy on the Irtoh question. 

The cloture debate waa resumed In the 
British House of Commons last night. 

The British government has stoppod work 
on tbe CbanneT tunnel until further action Is 
taken on tbe matter by Psrliament. Freycinctin receiving tbe bureau 
committee on the propoaed Franco-American 
treaty at Paris yesterday assured them that 
he was favorable to tbe idea of a treaty af 
commerce between tbe two reuublles. 

LleutenaiA Daoenbower and party of the 
lost steamer Jeanuette arrived at St. Peters- 
burg yesterday. " 


Twenty-four ice houses belonging to the 
Knickerbocker Ice company near Pough- 
keepsle, N. Y., were burned Monday. 

A fire on the public square In Sbelbyville, 
Tean., destroyed nine buildings. Loss |20,- 

Tbe Newmarket buildings in Aberdeen, 
Scotland, wera damaged £100,000 Saturday. 
Three persons were killed. 

A D»BiKer«ws Paasagte. 

Steamer Glamorgan of tbe Warren line ar- 
rived in Beaton, Monday, from Liverpool, 
after a perilous passage. She encountered 
an Ice field and came near being fkstened in 
it. She passed fully 100 large icebergs, on 
which were seen polar bears and a large 
nomber of seals. Several sailing vessefs, 
names unknown, wera sIgbtedL ice bound, 
but no wreckage was soen. Tbe steamer 
was run within MO feet of the largest bergs, 
giving a grand view. The course of tbe 
steamer was changed, as the presence of ice 
made it necessary, and a long passage was 
tbe result. Fuel gave out, and the maintop- 

Sllantmaste were sent down and used lor 
Bl. The steamer was badly scratehed by 

Tho IianlBlaUSuro. 

On Monday the Senate bill to constitute 
tbe railroad commissioners a tribunal to de- 
cide upon tbe exigency of new railroads was 
passed to be engrossed by the House, with 
amendments wolcb make tbe bill applicable 
to the New York and Boston Inland Railroad 
company. It was stated in the debate that 
tbe road bad abandoned the idea of coming 
into Charles street, and Would seek an en- 
trance near the Providence station. A new 
draft was reported of the bill to extend tbe 
scope of investments of savings institutions. 
Tbeireiectlon of the Mystic pond matter was 
reconsidered in tbe Senate, and the subject 
tebled. Tbe bill on the Eastern road's draw- 
pier at Newburyport, on which the bribery 
charge occurred, was advanced one stege 
without opposition. 


—Captain Jack of the White River Utes, 
who attempted to escape from Fort Wassa- 
kie. Wyoming Territory, on Sunday, was fa- 
tally shot by tbe guard, tbe Indian having 
first killed the sergeant on duty. 

—Tbe trial of Chester S. Cunningham of 
Cberryfield, whe pleaded not gulltv on the 
charge of murder, began at Calais, Me., 
Monday. Cunningham, on March 24, cut 
tbe throat of Mrs. Harriet E. Sprague while 
she was returning from church. The lady 
was a wMew, and rejected Cunningbam's at- 

—The mammoth hotel at Rockaway, L. I., 
which originally cost over 91,000X00, was 
sold Monday to John L. Cadwallader for 
f 10,700, subject to a mortgage of $80,000. 
There is another mortgage of 9700,000, and 
the purebase was made in tbe interest of 
bondholders and creditors. 

—A despsteh received in Boston says the 
syndicate which purchased tbe Booth theatre 
estate In New York for $650,006. making a 
first payment of 925,000, have failed to meet 
the second payment of 9125,000 due on the 
1st of May. Oliver Ames still reteins pos- 
session of the property, and has leased the 
theatre to Mr. John Stetson. 

—The Jury In the case against Hogg and 
others at Charleston, S. C, accused of ob- 
structing qualified voters, were discharged 
yesterday, having failed to agree. They 
stood ten for aoquitUI and two for convic- 
tion. Tbe case against tbe managers of 
election at the Hope engine-bouse precinct,* 
in Charleston, charged with stuffing tbe bal- 
lot-box, was taken up. 

—Pork Wells, the notorious train robber, 
escaped from tbe penitentiary at Fort Madi- 
son, Iowa, yesterday, with two accompliaea 
named Fitzgerald and Cook, bv chloroform- 
ing tbe attendant lo the bospltel« breaking 
through the iron roof and overpowering the 
hospltel guards. John Elder, one of the lat- 
ter, died from the effects of his Injuries and 
tbe chloroform. Fitzgerald was subsequent- 
ly captured in a barn four miles away. The 
other two. Cook and Wells, aro supposed to 
be in tbe woods near by. . • 

'Waslitnfftoia Notes. 

The Secretsry of the Treasury has issued a 
call for the ro^idue of tbe uncalled continued 
bonds of July, 1881, amounting to about 911,- 
200,000. Tbey mature July 1 next. 

President Arthur has resolve<l to take 
prompt and vigorous measures for the sup- 
pression of the Indian outbreak in Arizona, 
and additional troops are to be sent at once 
to ttie tafri'itory. The President is in earnest 
la this matter, and, in the words of a promi- 
nent army Qflfier. intends to make a "clean 
swaepw" TSb probabilities an that the 
t^^ps In Arisona aad New Mexico will be 
united In one eommand, under a brigadier- 
general yet to be assigned to that duty. 

A.C.Bolaklo»striatrfortheiBurderof hto 
brother will b^n June 6. 

Hallett Ktlboum proposes to besln a new 
suit against ex-Sergeant-at- Arms Thomnsoo, 
inereastafc ttodamMia claimed to 9MfiOO. 

The widow of AU?ed B. Haaeham. who 
was klltod by the Modoc Indians, to to bare a 
pension of fifty dollars a month. 

Tbe old asoate Bible, w hteh ha s l>ee n used 
since 1687 to iwstr In measbera, wasstolaB 
from Ite place f few weeks sfo, but was 
found In Its place a«aln on Monday, tbo pur- 
lolner having returned it. 

..'\ - ABMIBwtotole. 

Wh. Qodttej Kmeger, a New York Oar- 
mM»y»gia4t, who had made tbe navigaUon 
«r tMair a atody Ull ha beeane a baakrapt 
•Bd^ hMi >to: Bia4,. Itok «at * P*^t 
on ito tying maoMna Jinuary SI, ISn. 
As h soiinerofthe war who had snfibred 
la ecmlMarato prisons and Bover qalta re* 
oovafad, ha cinlnwl a pension f^theTOV- 
•raSknt. Ha eifpaeiedto hear from It dally. 
Sit on ttandajr Mgbt^ «»niPlUM| sulcida by 
SitS£TBMiimvik <rrtYad nazt Moratag. 
nsMMrballaved that within 9 isontba bd 
SSffieraM ISmm Iff 90 hours in hto alr- 



Caii^t liladim wmMm*T vwrmeaat 
Boston, May J.-Tha fwtory of tbe Union 
Carpet Lining oompany, 81 Leonard street, 
was burned this morning, only the brlek 
waUs being left sUnding. The bnllding was 
four stories high, was owned by heirs of Jaeob 
Haaeltine, and valued at 94800. The fire 
was caused by fi-iotion on tbe lapplngma- 
eblne. Tbe lining company Is a New York 
concern. Tbe loss on tbe building is 9^00, 
and on machinery 93500. 

Jfayr-Dar tm V^eUfleet. 
Wkllflkrt, May 2.— The schools wero al- 
lowed a half holiday May-day, for tbe teach- 
ers and scholars to gather May fiowers for 
tlielnmatesof Boston City hospiul, by re- 

auest of Dr. William N. Stone, chairman of 
16 school eoromittee. 

The selectmen of Wellfieet refuse Ikienaea 
for pool and billiard Ubies. 


tho SlmkiSMt 

Mli«wcr*s Aee*nmt mt 
•r tlio Milp.' 

Nkw Yokk, Msy 2.— Lieut. Danenbower*s 
description of the sinking of tbe Jeannetto is 
published. He ssys that tbe'sbip was full Of 
water and heeling 28 degrees to starbosinl st 
the time when the order was given to fcbsn- 
don It. Stores and boats were removed Jo 

EohitionsofKufety. The vessel was already 
itdly crushed by tbe ice. A camp was 
formed and a watch set, and Danenbower 
and others were Just getting into their bags 
when tbey beard a crack and a cry fron. 
some one in the capUln's tent. The ice bad 
cracked immediatciv under tbe captain's tout, 
and Erickson would have gene into tbe wa- 
ter but for the Mackintosh blanket Iu wbtob' 
he and tbe others were lylnjg, tbe weight of 
Ibe others at tbe ends keeping tbo middle of 
it from falling through. Tbe order was im- 
mediately given to shift to another fioe pleoe 
which Mr. DUnbar selected for them. This 
was about 800 yards from tbe untenable 

After two hours' work we succeeded In 
shifting all our goods and our three boato to' 
It. We then turned in. About 4 o'clock I 
was awakened by Seaman Kuebne calling his 
relief fireman Bartiett, who was In our tent. 
Kuebne culled to Harriett that tbe ship wss 
sinking, and tbe latter jumped to tbe tout 
door and saw tbe spars of tbe Jeannetto 
er the hull was below tbe surface. 

Fron Teflterdajr*)i SMond Edition 


Fir* at DoT«r« M. H — A CItwreli ^ar|s«d. 

Dover, N. H., Muy 2.— A fire broke out 
In B. Luskey's brush factory this morning 
and spread to the Washington street Baptist 
church, which was destroyed. Laskey's loss 
on stock, 91,500; insurance, 9800. J. B. 
Stevens, owner of the building, loss, 9600; 
Insurance, 9500. Loss on church, 925,000; 
Insurance. 96,000. Gen. Hoyt's barn was 
burned. Loss, 9800. Several bouses were 
damaged by fire and water. The church was 
burned 5 years ago and bad just been paid 

Awtoaaomjr for Irelasid. 

LONDON, May 2.— The Irish Parliamentary 
party will bold a special meeting today to 
pass a vote of thanks to tbe Canadian Senate 
for confirming tbe resolution In favor of au- 
tonomy for Ireland passed by tbe House. 

Teleplaonle HTotes. 

In New York tbe weather is clear andoool, 
wind West, thermometer 56. 

Tommy Bates, *'tbe Sheflleld boxer," and 
young Jim Hurst, formerly of Montreal, ar- 
ranged to have a prize fight near Bangor, 
Me., but tbey have been notified by Gov. 
Plaisted that they will be arrested, so tbe 
fight will toke place somewhere else. 

Woatber laidtoaittoas. 

May 2, noon.— For New England, cold, 
clearing weather, northwesterly winds, 
higher pressure. 

Beatom SCack Markot— teles at Brokers' 
BmmrA Taday. 


AteMson, fepeka * Santa Fe Rd 1st rs 11«H 

Chioaco. Bur. A Qulncy 7's iM^ 

Cbioaco. Bur.AQIiiney Bd4'sold 8S 

Baatem Bd 4)^1^^ Mats., IMS 107 

Mass. Central, vs 41^41)^ 

New Tork k New Eaglaadrs 113H 

Mexican Central. No. 2. 114 

Mexican CcBtralTIs 9t\ 

Sonora 1st 7^s. «... ............ ........ ....... lOo 


Atehlson. Topek* ft Santo Fe 86)i— 85\ 

B^gt^yn It Maine. ... ........................ iM/« 

Chicaao. Bur. h Qulncy.. 130 

Connotton Valley. o\ 

Little Rock A Fort Smith 48 — 17>^ 

Massachusetts Central 10 

Norwich k, Worotater 169 

Ogdenaburg ft Lake Champ., eommon 30 

Portland, Siaoo ft Portsmouth ., 115 

Old Colony loJs 

Pulimaa PahuM Car Co mp a ny . ♦..♦.—>. lafr— 126 
Union Padflc. . . .. « * ........................lii^ 

WlscoBSla Central « •........• i9)i 


Oalumet ft Mecla. .. .....«......*...••.....■ .2#v 

^utalpa ....................................... .»ec. 

Indian Queen. ..................... .......••.••^/b 

Oaceoia. .,•...................•...*■** ....... .33 

Silver laiet. ...•..•..............•...'... 20 


Bell Telephone Co ,141 

OpenlaiK Priees of Oatited iMaitos Boaids 

0*8, 1881........ ...................*.....•. 

New B per ecBts., extended 

4K per ceBtt^ registered 
4>{per cents., ee ip en. . . . 
4 per eeata., registered 

••••••••••eae ••• 







.HASP Baxx.— The league aaasoft opened 
^asterday. I« Boston the Bostons dafOalM 
tbe WoTCesters in a ton-lnninc game, 
6 to 5. Bond pitobod Ibr tha 
Woroeatar^tbe first hairoftba game, and tbo 
Bostons made 4 niba In tba fouriblaal^. 
After the. game Bond nutifled nsnafor 
Bftown ottha Wotfokstotn that b4 was unable 
to play, and ha will he told off. InProvI- 
danoa the ProvMenoM won anally, tba sepra 
balni Provldeif^ 9, Troyi 9, In Btiflhlo 

attandanoe Is given aafoIloiN : Borto* 1109. 
^rovldanoa WDO, Buflhio lAQO, OlavatauMl 
noL- - -■- *■ 

TIM DalMiti biTO axpellad Oarbartft. ' 

4 MpT'OSttfSof OOW pOtt ••*'*••*••• 

U» O* 01irf#40y» tt9J«a*aaa»aeo»ae«ee^.«»oee 
Ue S- 0*rrttlW» l 8jPS« ••e«e«eeeee»a»aaeeo.* 
U* 8* CttrrWMVy lo07««*a •a«««e«o*eeae«e«e« 

U« tie oiirrttiMQft 1896**** ••%*••••••••••••••• 

U- 8« ourrwi^f IW#« ••^•••••••••••^•••••* 


Alfred H. Vryaat bsa basn appointed 
poHBsastorat Coehitnata, and Thomas F. 
O'Brien at Roekbottom. 

Bdwin R. PrasoottLiba btnrdBrar of his 

Sother4n-law, Mrs. FhOnsiiiBL Vossell, In 
imanrHM, waa ari<iiibed Mai^.and com- 
■htad to jaU to awnU tba aatton of the graod 
lorr. Ha la a xtw a ly twMb, ind can live 


JMf£l»«a.«4BaT. W. A.Mt ffon Bos- 
ton win prraab hi tba Unltarpallai ebnrch. 
Tynfsbaro', Saaday, May Ttb« sanrioss both 
■somlng a ad aftonwpn* 



fewator B]«lr TestMes. 

Washinqton, D. C, May 1.— Senstor 
Blair was In attendance at the rdoms of tbe 
committee on foreign aflTuIrs promptly nt 10 
o'clock tblH morning, but the committee was, 

as usual, Nomewhat late. Chairman Will- 
lams called the committee to order at 10.15 
o'clock, add formullv announced the sub- 
coiumitlee to viHit New York, aPer which 
Seiiutor Blair was sworn, and Chairman 
WiliiHras began a series of questions, 
to which Senator Blair replied that be de- 
sired, before answering any direct questions, 
to Hu bill it as a part of tbe record correspoud- 
encu with the committee touching bis appear- 
ance before it. Tbe letters were then read, 
and were ordered to be made a part of the 
record, ua was also the resolution of the Sen- 
ate granting permission to appear before tbe 
committee. Sehator Blair then said: "I 
have ill a Homewbat4iurriedmMnner prepared 
a general Htatcinent In relation to tbe subject 
under inv^alixation, which I will read." 

Tbe stalemout contalne<l very little with 
which the public is not already familiar. 
IIu Nui«| be acted as attorney for the Peruvian 
compiiiiv, and accepted a block of stock as u 
retainer, which be subsequently returned. 
He preferred to have money, but it happened 
that be took stpck. As to tbe mn In question, 
bo wa8 an American and Itelieved In an 
Amerii-an policy snch as Mr. Blaine adopted: 
Ho would have favored such a policy wheth- 
er there had ever been a Peruvian company 
or not. He believed that the Peruvian com- 
pany bad a subHtantial foundation, and de- 
clared that the East India company at Its 
origin did not have a bettor case. He 
thought ir the Blaine policy bad been contin- 
ued It would have diverted South American 
trade into American channels. No member 
of the cuniinittee asked a (question, and tbe 
meelinK was adjourned subiect to the call of 
the clmirman. Mr. Blair will be cross*ex- 
amioed at the next session. 

Waablmnteai Moaaaianent. 

Work was resumed on tbe Washington 
monument today, by- beginning to lay tlie 
first course of stone for this season's work. 



- —JKbicaley*! Iron ToniQ. 

It builds up the system, elves health and 
strength to the ftame, improves the appetite, aad 
works wonders with reeble children er mothers. 
B« aure and aet tbe jcenuiae aad try It. It Is uaed 
by aome of the best physioiaas and hospitals. 

KlaainUy'a Ir*aa aaad Mun«i«k« Pllle 
arc the oe«t eatbartio or Sprian Medicine you can 
aae. ilaa been tried for more tban 14 years and 
proved. Dr nggtats bave b o tk for sale. 

loaportaaS RallroMl Bait. 

BURLINOTON, May 1.— Tbe most impoi^ 
tsnt lawsuit ever tried lu Vermont will be 
heard by the sUte supreme court at Montpe- 
Uer on Tuesdiiy. It Is a case which involves 
not only a vast sum of money. 98,000,000, but 
which will bring to a close railroad litigation, 
which has been In tbe Vermont courts for 80 

ieapH. Tbe title of the cause is James B. 
.angdon vs. the Central Vermont railroad 
coiupHiiy, and the question to be decided is 
whether Ibo indebtedness of tbe receivers 
and iniiiiagers of that corporation Is a charge 
and lien in the nature of an equiteble mort- 
guge upon tbe Vermont Central and the Ver- 
mont & Canada rullioads, superior to tbe 
claims of tbe last mentioned road and ite first 
and second mortgage bondholders. 

Liooaasca at Lawrrcaee. 

Lawrence, May 1.— At a special meeting 
of tbe mayor and aldermen tbis morning it 
was voted to grant licenses for the sale of 
liquor the ensuing year, and at the following 
rates fixed : Innbolders, t350 ; common 
victuallers, $125; brewers, first class, $260; 
second class, $200; wholesale, $160; retail, 
$100. The board granted 194 licenses ; com- 
mon victuallers, 21; innbolders, 10; grocers, 
6; wholesalers, 3. 

^^ .... l?r<»^bl« Murder., 

"bjCHItOrd, Vt., May 1.— A few weeks ago 
C -htia named Parker, a customs ofil- 
^r of Fi^llghaburg, a village across tbe bor- 
der, 9 miles from here, was found one morn- 
ing lying in tbe street, nearly dead. He 
lived one or two days but was unable to tell 
of tbe occurrence. On Mondav last physi- 
cians found bruises on bis bead and arm. It 
is thought that be was pounded to death. 

Deaith of tiae Oldest MbtbI Coastrwetor. 

* Hkw York, May 1.— Benjamin F. Delano, 
aged 78, died yesterday in Brooklyn. He 
waa a native of Scituate, Mass., and was tbe 
oldest naval constructor in tbe United Ststes. 
He had charge of tbe Brooklyn Navy Yard 
during tbe war, and built many of tbe finest 
vessels in the navy. 

, —^ — '- — ' • ■ 

•■mUI-Poz Isa Faai Blver. 
Faix RrvKK, May 1.— One of the McNeil 
obUdren died of small-pox this morning. 
Tbe two remaining children of the late Bev. 
Mr. Fothergill are improving. 


The works of tbe Washington glass compa- 
ny at irtlca, N. Y., were burned to<lay. Loss 
$60/100. About 125 men are tbrown out of 

All'tho buildings of the Bingtaam school, 16 
In number, at McdanesvHIe, N. C, were 
burned today. No lives Were lost. 

are Tanishing 
arj. In his Skin 
•ir BalUmore, Md 

Small aanoya^esa In 
ihrMBb ssfc rtM li ttM» 

CaretDr. 0. wlwmmm 

bas cfeatMi a narfcat i — t d y for tatter«erup- 
tioQS and somf OD tba faea or sealp. Every 
peraon ttsiag UwUl bava a elcar oounte- 

What gave TO« ttat boafis eb s on Monday f 
Tba asa of anbaaiay aOap. Usa only Baach's 

The CaaadUt KmbeBalenaent. 

EXBTBR, N. H., May 1.— In tbe case of tbe 
state against Edmund L. Ingalls, tbe alleged 
embezzler, while acting as treasurer of tbe 
town ofCandia, tbe jury could not agree, 
standing 8 lo 4 In favor of Ingalls. 

Mrs. Sco-rllle'a I,«etar«. 

N«W York, May 1.— About 100 people 
ilstanod to Mrs. Scoville last nlgbt in ber 
lecture on Guiteau. She Is to start a petition 
/or a ooamotatlon to life Imprisonment. 

MMalataa'a TIeterjr; 

Hanlan's time In the race with Trickett to- 
day was fTm.Ses., and Trickett's time was 
S9a. aSs. Hanlan played with Trickett all 
tba way. ,____ 

TelepMaiato Mates. 

A taria meeting was held Saturday night at 
Tombatona, Arl., to take adUon to raise a 
eompany of Toluntaers. Several hundred 
flolbira wti oootrtbated and many Tohmtaers 

The dwelling house of E. L. Stain In Med- 
flald was daiAlaged fOOO by firo 8ttttda|: afCm> 

nrir«atUand54Paarl atreet. B|«tOB,oo- 
cuplad by tlie New York A Bosum MaMfMi- 
prlng oompany, raafcara of ksroaana bunpo, 
damsMd properti $TW. 

Paaimastor Fsarnon oCNaw^T^rk sate 
tharalT not tba aUgbtast elaa ta tba narsohs 
who aant tba Inlomal naebUies to KNan. 
Vaa4a(taUt and Flakl. / 


Ck>nghi, Ooldi, HowienMi, 8or$ 
Throat, Bronehitii, Tnflwrniia, AiUi- 

eyory Afxeonoii <nf tlio Throat, 
Lnngi and Chegt, including Con< 
niMption. Sold by all Drnggicti. 

Wlatar's Balsam is sold by 
OMOW^XXLi * HARRISeiV, Apothecaries, 
130 Central atreet. Lowe ll. 


For Catarrh, Hay 
Fever, Cold in the 
Head. Ac., inaert 
iflth little flncer a 
Itarticie of the Balm 
Into the Bostrila; 
draw stroBB breaths 
through the nose. 
It will be absorbed, 
cleansiBaaBd heal- 
ing the diseased 

For Doaflness, 
apply a particle into 
the ear, rubbing in 

A fair trial will 
convince the moat 

HAY FEVER. '^•''"°'' 


Effectally eleanaes the nasal paaaagea of Catarrhal 
vims, oanaing healthy aeoretiona, allaya inflam- 
mation and trntation, protrcta the membranal 
linings of the head ttom additional colds, com- 

filetely heals the aores and restores the senae of 
aste and smell. Beneflctal results are realised 
by a f ew applioations. A thorough treatment as 
directed will cure Catarrh. As a household rem- 
edy for cold In the head and anulBes it Is un- 
equalled. Tbe Balm is easy to use and agreea- 
ble. SoidbvdruggiataateOoenta. Onreeeiptof 
SOeenta will malfa package, tiend for circular 
with full Information. Klv's Cbram Balm Co.. 
Owego, N.Y. For sale by Lowell drugglsU and 
by wholesale dnigglata g e nerally. 

Ely's Cream Balm la sold by 
naOWlXij 4k HARBISON. Apothecaries. 
1S9 Central atreet, Lowell. 

For SorofUla 

For Boila, Pimples, and Scald 


For Dyspepsia 

For DebiUty 

For All Humors 

* For a Spring Medicine 

Frtoe 11.00. Six bottles for gfi.OO. Sold by 
all druggists. Prepared by 

CHAS. E. CARTEB, Ftacist, 

Oor. Branch and Smith Sts. 

Tbis time wc call attention to oar 
elegant aasortment of clothing for 
young men and boys, a part of our 
business wbicli^ ^q haVe tbe least 
need jto advertise, as clothing men 
and also tbe public aclcnowledge odr 
supremacy in tbfs branch of trade. 
Th^ styles which we produce are de- 
signed for tbe best trade in Boston, 
which we 4iave supplied for many 
years. The same styles we offer in 
Lowell at 20 per cent, less in price. 
This we explain from the fact that 
we are under a much smaller expense 
here than stores on Washington, 
street, Boston. In fact, our expeniaa 
are one-half loss tban any store tn 
Lowell which does nearly as mu^ 
business as we do, and we can a^ 
ford to sell our goods at a less pripe. 



Oor. Oentral and Prescott Streets. 


All grown and selected under the earefai SB • 
pervlsion of the old and sucoessfVil Beaton seed 
house of Sefalegel a Fottler, who devote ^Dl^ 
entire time to the seed buslaeea ezolaslvelj^ ' 
These seeds are strongly endorsed by Boa|toa 
Market Oardenera, Florlats, aad Leedlag IMw 
England Farmers. 

niiriTM for Tltaiity ail ReUaUUtr' 

Bold at wholesale and retail at 


166 2L168 MERRIMACK ST. - 




Entirely harmless ; is not a caustic. 
It removes Coma. Warts, Bunions aad CaUns, 
wltboBt leavlag a blemish. 
Brash for applylnglhi|eaah|botMe. 

49-A CUnB 18 GUABAirTnKD..^S 

PHeo,»Seto. Par sale »y all aws M ls t s 

Try It aad yoa wlUI»eeoavlBeed Uka taaMsnAs 
wholia?e asedltaad BOW testify to Its ralaa. 

Aak toriMeklattetlMek'a CaamaisA Wart 


And Laos and Hollaad CurUlas doae ap la •' ^ 
a satisfactory manner at the ^x 


No. so CABOT VTwmmrt, 

The usual laundry busineu wUl always reeetva 
careful attention. 


Seblotarrbeek's Cora Soiteat u soMmr 
OBOWKLI. * IIA«BiaO«. Apotbscaflsa, 
US Ceatral street, LoweU. 

Alt ktdaey aad urlnarj eomplalots, .esya- 
alally Brlgbt^s DIaaaaa, Dfsbaias and Iltar 
UvoWsa, Hop Bitura wIN sarelf and tasUsf* 


OMasaxaettyllkaYour own 
•wa D««bborhosd, 

wdtafaars ^ ,_ . ^ 

SftsMiiM laMaMsptvaf aThMsraf 'What 










BlebardsoB, H M rrrimaek street. Is iBtroduolaa 
this seMoa several aew liaes ef 


SJ-ZruyrnS Kid Button Boeto. The bow Pd^ 

tB Imitatloa Freack aad . Ametlaaa aw. ■agy 
Ladies who want a stylish, well-Sttlag baa^BS .. 
lad It le ttelr advBBtsge to. eaaasi aa ay _y . 
We eaa St aay f%et that walk la to s ai staff* ■■«.■•• . 

C. 0. RICHARD»Hfi 

Bo. 44 MtwinuMik St r— I . ""■ 


Have MTShassi laa bastasM at the aM 






], j^:ti ■'3»*«_„. is . 

Cte IWtoell BailB_Courirr 

Ve uncksmttnd that « concern i« organiacd 
byientlemen of tbU olt.v fur the •niuiur.cU 
Kof mmjcIhI tooiBuu.l will be known an the 

The Hopedul" Muchlne oompmny.ofwWch 

to e'r^l three new bui|.liiij?8 for lu IncreM- 
iM bu^«neH«. Two of lh«.e will be oouBtruct- 
ly<rf wood, one beinK MO by 40 Jeet, three 
JKriilKh. 'he olbi'r 160 by » «B*t. ooe 
!£v MKh, Hud the tidrd U to l»e of brick, 120 
by io leel, Ihrce N.orleH high. The ioor 
JpMce of thoMC three buildings wUI •ggre«*t« 
ne»rly 40,000 nquare leet. 

The wuler iniwer Ht Oldlown Md Mllford 
ir^lii Ih by far iho InrKent In New EngUnd, 
being 11.000h..r-«-power. 'iO0O-hov^-}^oY,er 
iwioer than ihe M.rnmuck ut L<rweil. Ihe 
SS^d company wl I own "00 acre* o 
landlliiOldiownandMiiford, exUndlng In 
llUford two and one-hall nillo* on the river 
f?ont and one-half mile l>ack from the •liore, 
with » large portion of the bulklin/ loU In 
both village-. Till- location la at the junction 
of the European & North American 
placaiaquU ruilroud" 
nuilea of Hiiitgor 

It U 

cilifBln New England 
and Mdford.— fLowUton 

an<l the 
... and withm thirteen 
Hnd can make connection 
with'alTthe great market- by -learner. ThU 
nroperlv, we hear, ha- been .ecur«d at flg- 
Swrw nib promi-c to mukd a prod table In- 
JStn^eni fo? capiUli>l-*. It U a loalter of 
SfpTao that till- property has to long ea- 
caped the »otle« of manufiicturers 
now In the hand- of honorable and 
prltlng rentlenieu, who will make it a prop- 
ertv to be used solely for the purpo-eaof 
larie corporations but will encourage and 
foster individual and -mailer enterprlae- 
which m;.v H ek the faciliiie- thin great pow- 
er affords.' It Is not linpos-lble that tl»e next 
large ronnufacturing 
will be Oldlown 


EUIN8 IN Nkw MEXIOO.-Iinportant dl-cov- 
eriea of the largest ancient ruing yet found on 
this continent, which exlcnd for a dl-t»nce 
of 16 mile- up and down the banks of the 
Las Animas river, u»|oui 40 mile- f/om Du- 
ranjro. In Kio Grande countv N. M., h.jve Po^t Office Inspector 
Cameron, who v.-ltetl these rum- lately be- 
lieves ihe ancient viliases were occupied by 
the MuquI liuliuns, and not by ibe Aztecs, as 
to renerally -upposed. He speaks ol di-cov- 
?r&g H -tone luin 400 by 460 feei which at 
one lime, evidently, was tnrec stories high. 
The wdls are 5 feet thick. There were 
about 160 room- in ili" building of 10 feet 
Iquareeach. An Yankee, who 
bis pre-empted as government land 
[he ground on which the ruins 
aUnd has been doing a «oe 

buHuess selling relics tp^v^r'^^"- Jh.m!n 
covery th .ught Import .nt by the genflemen 
ot the of . ihnology was lately 
there of 13 human skeleton- In 
nean chanib.r ol the building 
This had evidently been u»»d as 
vault. They were wrapped up 
a kind of coarse cloth, and bore 
teroblanco to E?ypti;»n 
cloth was of colion, and 

hm Mes ! 

Dr. John F. Hancock, 

late IVcsident of the National Phar- 
maceutical Asaociation of the United 

"Brown's Iroa Bitten hu a 

' hemry tale. U cuoccdad to b« a fin* 

tooic ; the cliaracter of the manu- 

lacturert Is a voucher for iu purity 

and medic tnal asceUcacs." 

Dr. Joseph Roberts, 

Presi5lent Baltimore Pharmaceutical 
College, says: 

*' I iadoiM It as a fM medlclM, 
Tellable a* a «tre*|fthenln^ tonic, 
free trom alcoholic poitoiu. 

Dr. J. Faris Moore, Ph. 

p., professor of Pharmacy, Balti- 
more Pharmaceutical College, says: 





▼•« f 

192 Westford St., Lowell, Mmh, 

ManafaotOMs her Blood P"'*"*' «i£aSlISl' «S 
aiorrr, as w«ll aiiniinerous other n<^|«|»^^»' 
the »K.i>Hlt ot suflsrlng hamaBlty. J|'*«,JfJtii;*' 
Chronlo DUeaac* of long atanding wlUH^e gnat- 
est SBCoert, olttlmes reitoring to perfsot healtk 
Invalids whose cases have 1>««b pro«ounoad in- 
curable by pby.loiaas. P«wtloalar atten- 
tion given to prevaleutdlseasoswhfcJh thaabaage 
of olfmate U oon-taully <*^v^»loPf»«? ^ .^. ^-__ 

Below are a lew nUtemenU Urosa tho many 
bundreis <rf p«>ple whom 1 hava etootmally 

A lisdy •© Y#»rn ot hff C«ro« •# ■er^C- 
wl« AlMoess. 
LoWKLl-, Ma»s.. March 10. 18M. 

Having been affltotfd for manv years with a 
low slate of blood and »crorula abe<«s8 which 

waTnot mu^ chance for healing, •5<» tho best I 
^"d do was to take nourt.hlnir^ood to kjfP np 
•treugih. Mr». lTfw»tt said sjje oould lure 
I took ten bottle, ot her Blood Pttrlier, 
r pre»crlptloni, and wllh her falihttal 

my absi-es* healed and my hoaUL. — 
It haH now besn •evpu years and I have 

gnxnmt tv» ^9xptt$. 



Another Slaughter in 

Reai Wliat i\mn Oirs. 


SFttNG OF m2. 

ArsBOw prepared to show onaof tho 
and best selMted stooka ovar shown In this 



WM ««Ute. 

mut OLD 




rriioma4B H. JBlliottjt 

48 dantral 8tre«t, Lowell. 

f. • 


, k. > 


" Brown's Iron BlttefS U a »afc 
«ad reliable mediciDC, pokitively 
free from alcoholic poUons, and can 
be recommended at a tonic for UM 
f»«jy£ tiiOM who oppoae mIgoboI. 

Dr. Edward Earickson, 

Secretary Baltimore College of Phar- 
macy, says • 

♦'I Indorse It a* an eaeellent 
Btedicine, a (ood digeative agent, 
•ad a non-intoxicant in the fuUcat 

Dr. Richard Sapingtom, 

one of Baltimore's oldest and moat 
reliable physicians, aays : 

" All who have used it nratee Its 
■taadard virtues, and the well- 
known character of the house which 
makes it is a sufficient guarantee 
of iu being all that is claimed, for 
they are men who could not be in- 
duced to offer anything else but a 
lublic use/ 

to offer an\ 
reliable medicine for puc 


a Hubterra- 
a burial 
carerully in 
a close re- 
ntummies. This 
woven wllh as 
much skill as .f d..i.e at the present iUy, 
which it c.nHl.lercd not the least inierestinj? 
part of the diaj,-overy. The skdetous were 
Serfecllv preM^^rved. hikI clean. They were 
unmlsukably those of Indians. A quantjiy 
of pottery or the beat make was a lso fo uud 
in this tomb. ^ ^__ 

* TIao Clr«le 8q«»red. 
[From the B, cheater Demoorkt-I 
James Morton Is a Pliilailelphia roathema- 
tician who claims to have solved the problem 
known as "squiirlng the circle." The solu- 
tion of this problem of finding the exact area 
of a circle bus occupied the attention of 
malheniiititlans from time Iminemwlal. 
Many claimed to have performed it, but their 
demonstrations have always tailed to stand" 
the test The eaiHe-'t names connected with 
the subject are those of Aiiftxagoras and 
ArchlmcdeH. and since their time multitudes 
have engaged In the fruitless quest. Probii- 
blv ai much time Ins been spent on the quad- 
rature of the circle as on all useful and prac- 
tical mftthematics. The nature of the prob- 
lem places It outside the domam of the arith- 
metical calculation, but notwithstanding this 
admitted fact, the ratio between diameter 
and circumference h^s been carried out to 
over six hundred decimal places. Mechani- 
cal soluiioiH have been numerous, but none 
of them can claim even an approximation to 
the accuracy obtained by arithmetical meth- 
ods. Geoinetrv, however, may be adequate 
to solve the problem, and it Is this possibility 
which leads to the continued efforts of num- 
erous mathematician-. The duplication of 
the cube wa- for centuries eon-idered impos- 
sible, but higher geometry at last accom- 
pllshed the task by means of a peculiar 
curve, kno .vn as the Cuswdd of Diocies. 8o. 
by geometrical methods, Mr. Morton thinks 
he has aeeompll'^hed the quadrature of the 
circle. HI* rocenlly publUhed book conUlns 
the results of hit* Invenilgations on the mat- 
ter, apd much other Information on relative 
topics. His solution, put In the form of a 
proi>osition, is as lollows : '^The square of 
the diHineter of any ciicle is to its area as the 
perimeter of a square «le«crlhed on the diam- 
eter of the circle Is to Itn circumference; or 
conversely, the area of any circle Is to the 
aqusre of lis diinueter us ihecircuniference of 
the circle is to the p*'riineler of a square de- 
acrlliedon Its dian>eter." The ver(Jict of 
mathematicians uk to the va'Idlty of Mr. Mor- 
ton's deinou"«f ration of this proposition will 
be awaited wilh considerable interest by all 
who have bestowed auy attention on the old 

Ifetra la the AdwertUIn* Columns. 

[From the New York Commercial AdvertUer] 
People who neglect to read the Iresh adver- 
tisements of a newspaper every day lose 
much Interesting and valuable Information. 
To expect a reader to wude through 75 or u 
hundred columns of the Herald on Sundays 
_would be, perhaps, asking too much, and we 
doubt if the feat has pverljeea accomplished 
by any individual. As a rule there Is gener- 

A Druggist Cured. r^: ^ 

Boonsboro, Md., Get. is, i8So. 
Gentlemen : Brown's Iron Bit- 
ter* cured me of a bad attack of 
Indigestion and fullness in the stom- 
ach. Having tested it, I take pleas- 
ure in recommending it to my cus- 
tomers, and am glad to say itfivas 
entire satisfaction to all." 

Gao. W. HurrMAN, I>rugKist. 

Aak your Druggist for Bxown's 
Iron Bitters, and take no other. 
One trial will convince you that it 
is just what you need. . -j v*^ "•♦ > 

Iron Bitters ara sold by 

CRO^EI'L. *. HARRI80BI, Apotbecarlea, 

1» Central street, Lowell, and other druggl'ts ' 


Eir L'rS''te^"T'e-Ved "d «"' »»••»»»•. "» 

So^'been troubled ulnoe I caw say In my oaae 
it wUs a great cure, and I ani wUllaf to «^w my 
tMtlmoiiy in favor ot her medicines aad skill for 
Ihe beneflt of all others who may have suferwl 
iilu_ibji HKB. \j> m. maw, 

Ukewise. centralville, Lowell, Masr 

'Wonderful Cure of Salt Bttenaa. 

LowKLL. Mass., AprU 11, 1882. 
Mrs Presoott : I would like to add a few words 
to your list of testlmonlaU In regard to your mod- 
Ictne. When my little girl was •l«.n»0"ths o^d 
her head and face were broken out with salt 
rheum so badly t»ia» 1 was obliged to keep her 
hands tied to prevent her ttom •c^tohing her 
fle.h. Hurt were spots on her f»o« .that looked 
like raw meat, i gave ber your Blood Furiller 
and used your Salt Rheum Olutinent. strictly ac- 
cording to yaur directions, and in lest than a year 
Tr Taw was as as any child's not even a 
•oar left, bbeis now six yeara old and has 
never been troubled with humor aince. 


A R«A«rki»ble Care of Droyay. 

LoWKLU, Mass., AprH 7, 1882. 
Mrs. Fresoott. Dear Madam:-! desire to ex- 
nress to vou my sincere thanks tor the 
timely aid you rendered me five yoHrs ago wli«u 
lufferW «rom dropny 1.. one ot ««• wo"* '«'™';; 
1 was blldly bloat.'d all over me, and my stomach 

was last ttllinx Wb w^*""- *'"*,^"*! '" 'f^i ''"",i 
Tould hear it moving back and forth and I could 
scarcely get my breutli. About this critical time 
1 wa8 advised by a friend to come to you. I did 
so and commenced t iking your medicine. In a 
fiw short months 1 was entirely cured. In my 
case I cannot be thankfUl enongh. for had ft 
1 do not think 1 shouia now be 
Uespi etfully, 


14 and 16 Market street, Waverly House. 
A liady Cwred of Female Weakiteea. 

LowKLL, Ma?s.. April 7, 1882. 
Mrs. Prescott. Dear L,ady .—After wltnesalng 
your skill In mvhusb .nil's cise I decided toap- 
bly to you as i was suff.rlng at this time ttom 
ftmale weaknes-i and general debility. I ain 
truly thankful that I did no for you very toon et- 
lected a complete care. It It now Ave years ago 
and I have worked steadily ever sln'-e. You cer- 
tainly did a griHt work lor me and I most one*r. 
lully recommend all Isdiet In delicate health to 
ooino to you where they wl 1 obtain a speedy and 
eflcotual cure. Respectfully I""". _^ 

•> n^ Mrs. A. J. L>B> ar, 

\itt 14 and 1« Market sueet Waverly Uoase. 

WksMTMra. IPreaeoM'aJIBlood Pur«er 

IX>WKi.L., Mats 

M oeMUi 


T ee»«a per **X| » fc«jea «l»r 

rejmlar price 10 cents per box. and •<»". ^^, 
pick* at thai are sold by other dealers. Stevens 
icUt hit goods cheap, but not cheap goods. 

Satin Bath Room Paper, 


or IV. C. pan 

regular price 10 eents by 

1000 abeete <or 19 eemtat 

other dealen, and not 

the best by any means. 

Gates' Garget Cure, 

05 eentat regular price 75 cents per botUc. 


In all mdes and ktads, f^esa a »•"?;»• •.7ll 
vet. Oil Cloths, 8Uaw Matting, and MaU U 
great variety. 


froa a eonnon ehair to an elegant CH AMDLB 
orPABIX>B 80ITK,and la i»o\*'f*'y^}*^f "» 
the HOUSICKBBPINO line usually fbund In a 
Ant class establishment. 


in all the novelties of the season. We "take a 
WORK, and are prepared ss never before to ex- 
ecute all orders with good tasto and skill. 

Old ED'glisli and Turkish Work 

In itoek, and npholttered to order. Alto Fur- 
niture Repaired and Beupholaterdd in the best 

The Itarffeai Real KetaU 
•r ■•aton. 

Aiceiwr M«srtk 

4^Stoek bought low. 
oa easy terms. 

Sold cheap for cash or 

not been lor you 

Pure Copperas 

10 Pounds 15 Cents. 

other dealers leU 10 pounds of an laterlor grade 
lor Sft eents. 



6 Cents an Ounce, 

40 Cents a Half Pound, 
75 Cents a Found. 


Nos. 138 and 140 Central Street. 


The] most beautlfhl line of Elegant Furniture 

cTer shown in LioweL It now on 

exhibition at 


others ask W cents an eunee or •! a pound. 


By Dit. Fbaxikr's Magic Ointment. Curet, as 
if by magic, flmplet. Black Heads or Grubs, 
Blotches and Kruptlont on the face, leaving the 
tkin clear, healthy and beautiful. AI«o cures 
Itch. Salt Rheum, Sore Nipples, Bore Llpt, Old, 
obtiinate Ulcers and Sores, ho, 


«9-The first and only posltlre cure for skin dls 
eases ever discovered. 

Mer's Map OiiM, 

The Great Skin Care. 

John Cromer, esq.. Tlonesta Fotett Co., Pa.. 
tulTered for 12 yeart from a skin ditease. wnloo: 
appeared on hU head. He employed many phy- 
ticinns and used numerous remedlet, but they all 
failed to effect a cure. Dr. Frazer's Magic 
UiNTMKNT was reooro mended to hlra. He tried 
It and one box effected a complete cure. This Is 
but a sample of the many tJ-stlmoniaU which we 
have of the marvellout cures which have been 
wrought by Du. Fbazikr's Maoio Oi«tmk»t. 

For Blind, Bleeding, Itching or Uloeratea Piles 

Dr. Wlam's Man Pfle Ointment 

Is a sure cure. 

Price $1.00, by 
by all dmggtsta 

mall. For sale 

HBNRT dk CO.. lole Proprtetore, 

Maroh 1, 1882. 
I was a great sufferer lor many years with i-alt 
rhenm. I consfultcd nuraeroua physicians In re- 
card to my case, who, alter treating me UBBUO 
cetMuUy for a long tline,pr..nouiic»>d it incurable, 
It being hereditary. I tti.ully grew rapidly worse 
until my heud, face and ear* vrere In a terrlbU 
condition, my ears having beoomo a running 
tore To make matters worse my age was also 
aKalntt me, thu4 renJerlng my case still mote 

when by a kind Providence I met Mrs. Pn^seort. 
Khe said she could cure me and I commeiioed 
UkinK her medicine, ttrictly following her dlroc- 
tlon^ and in a few short months, ti niy great joy, 
found myself entirely cured ot this ioathbome 
buraor. This was nine y^art ago and it has not 
returned. I most cheerfully recommend her 
great skill and medicine to all tufferert. I am 
Uuly thankful that I ever met her. 
' Retpectnillv, 

Miss M. L- Bradlbt, 
No. 65 Third street, Lowell, Mass 

k«t They All Sajr, Cannot 
AlouK Wlthont It. 

WoBCKSTKB, Mass., Aug. 10, 1881. 
Mrs Prescott :— You see I cannot possiblv get 
along'withont your Neuralgia Liniment. When 
arst I com uenood taking it I was troubled with 
all kinds of complaints, but nOw after taklu*r a 
few bottles I find myself strengthened and im 
prove l In every way. 1 can truly say I have nev 
er found Itt equal. Enclosed pleitse find three 
dollars. Send If you please six bottles ot linl 
ment same as yon sent before and oblige. 

' Mita. C. W. Baldww 

No. 8 Charlton street, Worcester, Mass 

Preseott's Medleliie Ahead or 

Lowell, Mass., April 14, 1888. 
Mrs. Prescott :— This certlllee that I was severe- 
ly attacked with dropsy and was Induced to try 
your medicine. I did so, and am liappy to state 
that It did me great good and I can safely recom- 
to aU trouDled with this disease. 
Mrs. M. a. Gordon. 

189 Westford street. 



5 Cents an Ounce, 

IQ Cents a Quarter Pound, 
15 Cents a Half Founds 
25 Cents a Found. 


8 Cents. 

Hamamells, or Extract of 
Witch Hazel, 

In Bulk, 25 Ots. a Pint, 40 Ota. aQnart. 


(J) «ajyeaey^t.,Jlle w Torh. 
Frasier's Magic Ointment is sold by 
CROWBLiI< * HARRISOW, Apothecaries, 
139 Central street, Lowell. 

k!2 \^ 

g^Qulckly eheokt the exist- 
ing irrltatlen ol the air passage*, 
the cause of Couffhe, quiets 
the disagreeable tcasation in 
it he Throat and Langs, giv- 
ing immediate ease and relief. 

mend you i 

N B. My medicines are mRnufacfured from 
the purest roots, barks and herbs, uathc-red dl. 
rectly ftom nature's garden, the w ods. No 
poisonous drugs or opiates of any kind used whatr 
ever. VegetMblet j(lve beunding life aud vigor- 
ous action, while poUons depress, stupefy ^and 
deaden every mental and moral energy. _^___ 

Jk.tvrood's IBitters 

18 Ots. a B«ttle, 3 Bottles 45 Ots. 



Best Bleached Sperm 12 cenU a botUe. 
Seld everywhere for 91 cents. 



186 aiddlesex Street. 

Parlorand Chamber Sets 


Richly Carved Tables, 

I> It ^I»E IM E S, 




V« I.oi.— Hiee sUb!e on Uneoln strMt. 
Tm I<ei.— Two new tenements handy to BooM 
Mills and Prescott and Carpet GorporatioM. 
JBvery oonrculenoe. eliy water, nice cellar, nloa 
■eilhborhood. Mo belter for the mon^y la tho 
city, iteot, 95 and 97 each. ^ 

Its Ajrerrity.— Katra good bargain. Two 
two-story hbaaes, t rooms each, ptassa. oity war 
ter, gas and SOOO feet of land. More land can bo 
budlfdeshed. Cellar under the whole booao; 
price $2200 each. These are very cheap and ar* 
especially deaerrlng the attention of parttea te 
pursuit of thto description of property, lagf 
terms; price, taaOO. 

Jast Rceetved.— One of the best eentrallT 
located flrst-olass reeidenoes to be found la tM 
city, possessing all modern convenieaeea. A 
rare ouportu'.lty for obtaining a residence of 
this kfud MS th« equal ol it has not been oCbrad 
InXowell Jor many years, and may nofagala far 
a long time to come. 

Cheap and (»ood<-Two good houses now 
Chelitavford street, i stories, 7 rooms aad OiO 
square feet of land each. Prloe faOOO. Hoase 
nedr Shaw Stocking Factory, two tenements. It 
rooiW SaaOO. Also i houses handy to ml la, 7 
rooms each, pleasantly looate.l in an excellent 
nelchborhood and close to principal streets, 
horse oars. etc. Price $17tO. AU on very eaay 
terms and excellent bargains. 

In Pa wtucketvl lie. —Two-story tenement 
house, Vi rooms, will rent lor ♦■» per montk. 
City water, pi p<d for gas and 7600 square fe^ 
ian4, Trice t^iOO. 

Hear Pawtueket Bridjje.— 7S00 square fMt 
land very aTailable for buildlug purposes. WaU 
located and will be sold on easy terms. Price te. 
per foot. 

In Ccntralwtlle near Bridge street. large 
cottaire house and L, 8 roon»a, bay window, 
double parlors, foldlnjr doors, city water, CM, 
8ew< ra^e, plusza and ;<7(i0 nquure feet of IsTad; 
t:i700. Mce hhrubbiry, shale trees. Price $1090. 
Splendid Iiivestttsent.— One of the best lo- 
cated and handsomest wntrally business located 
SieceB of property In the city. Good lot land. A 
ne opportunity for Inveniment. Further par- 
ticulars at office. 

Exeellent Bustneea Opportnnitjr.— A 
flrst-clafs fancy good'* route. In prime order and 
good as new, together with a prime one horse, 
gold mounted harness, and a thorough built one 
horse wagon, made ixpressly lor the busineaa. 
Party purchasing can step at once IniO a pleasant 
and profltable busluesa. Will exchange for any 
good real etsUte. Prloe reasonable and tci 

Bnlldinc Itots.— A raluable lot land in a 
callty where property has rupi<lly Increased, 
is still Increasing in valut. Price IS cents nar 
foot. Near ^haw stocking Factory, teveral Iota 
containing «(M> square feet each at 12 eents per 
foot. In BelTldere. sev* rsl very finely looatad 
lots land at from ft to 1:2 cents per foot. 
Only Biffht Miles f<om L.«well.— A snog 
farm of 37X acres excellent land, only one mile 
from depot and handy to school, churoh and pMt 
oflloe; outs W tons hay; 13 acret new groww 
woodland ; cottage house, 8 rooms, painted and 
pup«-red ; house puiiited and blindL-d; t'xoetlent 
bai ' * 


barn, clapboarded and nalmed— very nice. Oi 
of Ihe best farms in this vicinity. Price 93WO. 

In Lowell.— 10 acres vacant land, only tK 
miles from depot. Good soil. Slops to the 
■outh. Brook ru.^s through It. A splendki alia, 
with splendid news. 

For Bzehanfce.— 80 sere tract in Wisconsin, 
close to a city, and only 20 minutes from depot 
and a few steps from church and post office. *«• 
tra good soil, well lencel and level, some iruit. 
Plan in office. A bona fide thing, and a safe 1»- 
Teinment. Price *2800. Will oxohange for any 

Buelnesa Chaneea of all kinds, doing a good 
business and requiring but a small capital, and 
on very easy term«.' Call and examine. 

For full descripUon of the abore property and 
the larsest Hit of property advertised in Middle- 
•ex county, see the Lowell Real RsUte Journal, 
THOMAS H. ELMOTT, Mi tor and Proprietor, 
48 Central Street Lowell Mass 



4Si-It arrests that dlstressin 


[feeling usually 

'tighlness and pressure at 
cheat. Inducing a free and 
easy breath; loosens the ac- 
cumulating mucus and expels it 
from the Ijungn* 

g^Prepared from the balsamic and resinous 
properties of medicinal roots and herbs, It 
posteitcs soothing and nourishing qualities, to 
Impart strength and tone to the Sjratena. 
rSold by all medicine dealers in the city. 

Dr. Mrs. N. A. Prescott, 

Ofllee and Bcaldenee 

192 Westford St., Lowell Highlands, 

Third Honae flrom School Street. . t 

afly Homeilihig new to l>e found In the adver- 
tising det.artment. Thin the Herald, Times 
and World realized the other morning, when 
the announcement of the closing of the bouae 
of A. T. Biewart A Co. appeared. The 
Tribune and Sun were the only morning pa- 
pers that nolieed the aiinouncrment in their 
news or editorial eoluinns. The "boat'' was 
owing to the Ktupidity of the man at the ad- 
Tertlaing desk, fierealter our great newspa- 
pers must haVe an advert Uing editor or a 
dbnrpmauat ihc advertising desk. Manag- 
ing ediiora ougiit not to be ex|>ectR4 to eolt 
twenty or thirty columns of adverllHements. 
We repeat there i!< roiicb int< renting and use- 
tal iiiforaiatiou In ihe advi-rlUfng columni. 

"- c- 

At Vo. 19M 8. Tenth atrcet, rhiladelphia. 
Pn., llTea Win. O. Dennlston, wiio suffered 
with rheamailc gout so aoverely that be could 
not stand, and wna euUrcly relieved by ttie 
■•• Of St. Jacobs OU. 

Vasfa^s Pulmonic Balsain is sold by 


139 Central street, Lowell. 

DR. O. H. HOUGHTOM , Indian 
Root and Herb Doctor, eures liver 
complaints,, heart disease, dyspep- 
sia, kidney eomplalnU, constipation, 
fismale weaknesset, piles, humors 
and all old chronic diseases with 
confldenoe. Cure guaranteed In all 
cases of rheumatism, stiff Joints, 
neuralgia or toothache. Coarse of 
medicines not exceed four dollars. 
Consultation fk-ee. Office hours from 
8 to IX a. m., and from 3 to 9 p. m. 
'•9 Central Street. 

8TOKK near our old stand we h-ive re 
moved our stock to the store formerly occupied 
by Harrison Streeter, 

Corner of Lee and John Streets, 

where we shall continue toelose out, regardless 
of cost. It will psy you to walk arouni the cot- 
ner if you wish lor anytWng in our Une. — - 

MEMBILL «* 80If. 

The Weather Prognosticator and 
Storm QIass and Thermome- 
ter Combined. 

Price 40 cents. 

Never sold less 
anywhere else. 

than 60 cents 


FBurriiro done 


prAva Toua 


fmuAM voifcaitov 


Feather Beds and Hair Mattresses renorated 
by the potent power of Steam, rendering them 
Ualit, clean and sweet, and as good at new. NO 
waste but the dirt. Best new Ticks famished if 
deshred. Call or send postal. 
M Ohstroh Street, or SS Comtntl Street, 

r% F. GARDNER . 

Centralville Fish Market. 

Fish, OTSterSy Clamg, Lobsters. 
J. L.BHA.T. - 78 BEIDaS ST&EETs 


The Best Remedy for Blood 
— — iHeordere Ever IHe- 


BMd the laffniflcent Testimo- 


182 and 184 liddlesei St., 

Aat an inspection by the pnblie Is 
respeotfklly inrited. 



— AND— 




Sole Manufacturers of 
Oil t'tsps for I«oeo- 
motl'res, Maiiite 4k 
fftatlonarjr Ksiclsse 
Cyliisders, wader 
the Selbert asid 
Oates PM,entSi 
with tlffht Feed. 

fketnre or fiUe of sa 


The "Sight Feed" Is 
owned exolnstvely by 
this eontpany. Bee 
Judge Lowell's dseis- 
Ion In the UnttcdStates 
Olrctitt Court, Dlstriel 
of Nassachn-etts, Feb. 
as, 112. All parties are 
bereby notllod to de- 
sist tho aso, maan- 
as we shall vlgoronsly 

Children's Carriages! 

In the dty ean be found at 


9, U and 18 MABKET STBEBT > 
" GOLD KEDIL, PMD, 1878» 


' Warranted niooli if o l y jww 
Coeom, ttook whkA the ez^sas a< 
<Q|lhasbeenremoTed. IthaslArss 
MiM« lAs sirsa^a of Oocoa mfasT 
ivtth Stareh, Anymroot or Pa|»r, 
and Is therators ter more eeonArf- 
cgL It U deUdooB, ncorlahiiii^ 
aticngtbeakw, aasUy dlfaatsd, snA 
admirably adaptsd fbr lavaMs as. 
wellas fbr peteoas In baatth. 
■oM by fli sews oi Mf wfcaiis. 

parsns aad proseoate ail InfHngers. 


•9 Oliwor atroot. 



says Mas. Fnllboase, than tlMss 

says Ml 


f . BAXER I CO., Donikiler, Ibl 

or •TwydsasrIfdM palntad with 


die ftotoed Bailp Couritr* 
- nuBSDAY. JUT 1 last^ A 

LO OAIi W BWa. . 

Water pipe Is l«lug laid on Falrmount 
itraet fromCol. Finikr's plane down tbs hill. 
Bot1igt8l^pp«rd'aganIenjirlll soon be sap- 
plle«.<-Tl«>re Is quit- • tlflcky ssttlcU colony 
Jutt below Sheppai-U's, whiub will probably 
cntch on to the supply. 

We are gisd to note aeversl pieces of what 
were formerly Vf ry bad rogd, which nre-pow 
delicblfUlly smooth, hard and oomfortable to 
drive on. This is true of the piece of road 
OB the Dracut side of the rivor above Paw- 
tucket falls ; also of Chelmsford street, and 
orOeatral street above Hrisiord square. 

li is M years since the Sisters of Charily 
enine to Boston, and ttie event Is to be cele* 
breted by a thrcnvdays' festlvsl iu the Me- 
ebkitios fair bulhliog. Many dlslingulsliod 
Mraoos, Inc-lutlihg Canliiml McCloskey, 
Q«n. Bosecraiis, Guv. Long, Oen. Butler, 
luyorQreen, and others, will attend. At 
tlie ooni-ert a chorus of 600 voices will assist, 
donduoted by J. G. Lenuon, formerly of this 

Baard off Aldermen— LMiwar Uoonsos. 

The meeting ofllui board of aldermen to- 
night to act upon the granting of liquor It- 
oeuses will be ••iiu of much interest. Its de^ 
HberatkMM will he listened to hy a large 
orowd, provided that its ^usIneM be done In 
open session. There are rumors of tbs de* 
fooUon of one of the most outapoken lioense 
•Idermen to ilie opposition, and there is cer- 
tainly some reasun for believing that they 
have a foundalion in fact, If the committee 
on licenses can get one other giember of the 
board to vote with them on the iiceiuie ques- 
Uon. few, If any, licenses will be granted, as 
the vote will be 4 to 4, even without the 
Tote of the mayor In the negative. Incase 
the apparent itcense strcngih at previous 
meetings holds together, a large number of 
lloeniM will probably be granted. 
Anmwal Moatlns of the Choral SoeletT^. 

The annual meeting of ibe Choral socielv 
WM held last night, and although the attend- 
MMO was not large there was a marked In- 
ttrest In the proceedingn that suggested the 
•trong vitality of the rejuvenated ofgaulxa- 
tion. President Benl. Walker called the 
neelingto order, and after the reading of 
the annual report bv the secretary, Mr. A. L. 
Badheiler, read a paper giving his own views 
VDon the conditlou of tlie society, iU oppor- 
tunities, nod Its needs. He congratulated 
the society upon Its successful rehesMtals 
during the past season and iU bright outlook 
for the future. He reviewed Its origin aud 
history up to the present time, apeak ng 
■leanwhile a complimentary word of the big 

Saoe Jubilee and Piitrfcic SarsUeld Qllraore, 
prime mover. Mr. Walker deplored the 
prevalence of discord and jealousy among 
BUslclans as too onen the cause of want of 

firoKre»s in inuHlc:d affairs. Lowell, he said, 
pre-cmlnenlly u mu-Hical city, rich ip vocal 
and InslrumCTital taleut, and needs Just 
•ueh an organ' eatloo aa the Chora 
■ooletyto gather iogether all the musical 
people of the oity in one bo<iy, from which 
-all minor organizations might be offshoots. 
But It has been iuniosflble to realize this 
ideal society on H««ount of the iealousy re- 
ferred to, which Mr. Walker »>ped miKhl 
soon pass away. He then alluded to the ad- 
vantages which Ibe soclely offers, and to the 
magnellMnof Mr. Zerrahu as a conductor, 
and expressed his owu |»reference lor a high- 
er class of music to be htudied by the socie- 
ty. Discussing the i»iist season, he said IB 
fohearsals hadbecn held, with an average ut- 
tendancc of IftO out of a total meinberah p 
of «». The ladles hud been more faithful In 
attendance than tlie gentlemen; but the ir- 
reguhirity is lo be regretted as it prevented 
the society from being invited to Join in a 
eharlti.ble concert recently given In Boston, 
to say nothing oil lie great musical festival in 
New York. Mr. Wufkor's paper was loudly 

*'*fcf."ciiarlfs H. Abbott read his report as 
treasurer, which was highly encoorag- 
ina. The balance on hand at the beglo- 
idng of the year was $70.86. During 
the year $616.46 had been received 
«ad $474^10 expended, leaving a bal 
aooe of $141.66 in the freasury, or double 
the amount of .the balance lust vear. The re- 
port of Librarian CharlcH A. Mitchell showed 
few changes in the number of books owned 
by the society, the addition of 40 copies of 
flolll van's '•Prodlzal Sou" being the pr nci- 
nal new Item. Tlie nominating committee 
reported tlic following I i«t of officers for 
1882-88 : Presldeut, Benjamin Walker ; vico- 
preaident, George B. Alkn ; secretary, A. L. 
Bachellei-; treasurer, Ohas. H. Abbott; libra- 
^an, Chas. A. Mitchell ; dlrcchirs, Mrs. Jas. 
Wation, Alfred Gllma.., jr., Frank P. Hag- 

Stjai. B.Russell, MISS Teresa McEvoy, 
(as Florence Wheaton and Mrs. A. H, 
riske. They were all unanimously elected. 
•The Biatorr or Snaall-Pox in Liowell. 
At various times during tho winter 
months reports have been received that 
aroall-pox was pi-evalling in »evel«r>Uies 
and towns throughout New England, hod 
only a few weeks ago we learned that it had 
reached the neighboring city of I-awrence. 
On this account the b<jard of health In this 
city Issued an order eaulioning "all persons, 
and especially physicians, to walch airefully, 
forany indications of this disease," In order 
that lis earliest npi>eBrunce might he dlsoov- 
ored and its further progress be checked. It 
may not be lnapi>ropri«lc, therefore, itt this 
time, to review the past history of smnll-pox 
in this city, an»l note some of fne lessons 
which that experience may suggent. Tho lo- 
cal history of this disease may l»e summed uu 
In a brief description of two epidemics which 
oecurred in 1871 and '77 respectively. With 
tlie exception ol these two Instances, but few 
naaes have occurred, and those t)eing of a 
Mild form and hcpnratcd so far apart, they 

Jrbe pasaed without mention, 
arty In ianuary, 1871, a little girl residing 
with lier parents on Mill street was tahMi 
Sick With what was supposed to be searlet 
fcvefrf-M v'ry *«•" recoferedi Sobm tea 
dayaiSer.bWbrolhtfr *«»j4>»n^*H^ and 
dled;l*<fa»thbeii«wpdrtadas '^•^\^1 

•carlet fever. SborUritftej'. " " 
naar br will ^'^^'iT'SfirJ^ 
aa to tbe "■««"«.oCSM'8ftr^ 

"^rom thl beSw^ il*r|nif tt» an 

epidemic whicli Ineressed In severity with 

nortOii. itnd before It #ti flnally .efadkalad 
m W Sr iWi Slaewe, from the i*l» of Jai. 
uarfttSttl the 6th ol Noven»ber iodnsive^^ 
litbto Bumber should be added teHdeaths 
oeourriiic at the stata almahWM In Tewk* 
bory whieb were traced flli tbell'orighk to 
this dty, also a few deaths whiah urgaep- 
MrtSd aa caused by otftef dfieMes. lAklng 
In all, aeoerding to the* oflldal report, IM 
deaths known to nave been caused bv this 
epidemic. The disease was notoonfnedto 
oertaln localities nor smong the poorer pe^ 
pie. .bdV lxt^«d Into ,*vcry ward, 1m 
ma^ffMifia Ouf beet families were itioluded 
in tiM number of deaths. Thst it reached an 
alamte«xt>nt hafore It raoalvad atlMrtlon 
from proper authorities Is palnrtill/ appar^ 

ant, tiiouKh when It waa fl<<«Hprf«»PJ« J^"*^ 
tar of aeriotts eohoMn, nothing ^tw MR na- 
do«a ta day Ita prograss, and to axtMWinato 
a paaUf^nea which waa making aad hdiree 
ainoag the people of tbia oommiinlty, cHp' 
pUor indiMtry M that many left iba elty, 


wblla ''the eommafdal aadathar 
entarprlaes beeame almoat pamlyaad." 

In un ooottrred tka eecoiHl apklamL 
finaU-|io& In this dtj. ThkLWMvi # nttdi 
mnder form, there being only fiMirteen oaaas 
reported, of whom)four died. Immediately 
after the appearanaa of the flrat ease, a hos- 
pital for the reception of iwUenta was opened, 
lo which Ibe patlenu and other members of 
their families were at once removed. In less 
than six weeks dl traces of the disorder 
were removed. 

Since that time no oaMa of small-poz have 
occurred In this elty, although several re- 
ports to the contrary baye been ciroulaied. 

It is not so much tlie purpose of this artK 
do to give In uetdl an account of th«se epl- 
dcmlcs, as It is to bring to notkse sobm of the 
lessons which it taught us, by which we 
should proflt, should future cases of this dis- 
ease occur in our midst. . .^ . ^ . 

Tlie first and moat Important is that of Im- 
mediate^solatioaof aaehoMC as it occurs. 
This was acknowledged as a cardinsi priaci- 
pie by the eoosulting physicians, and adopt- 
ed by tho board of health during the latter 
part of ♦71 and again in '77. ^ ,^ 

For want of accommodations and other 
reasons, a system dmilar to that'Af qoaran- 
Una waa tried during the earl/ months of ♦71. 
'•A tboroni^ system of fumigating, cleans- 
ing and ventilating all roonu and dwellings 
where eases of small-pox or varioloid had 
been known to exist was adopted. Signals, 
by means of a red flag by day and a red light 
bv night, were employed to designate locali- 
ties where the disease existed. Police' offi- 
cers were also stationed at such places, to 
prevent communication and exposure, and 
the public was recommended not to frequent 
Infected distrlcU, and to avoid public gath- 
erings, places of amiuements, etc." 

Later, a hoauiUI was provided and placed 
under the efficient care of the late Dr. Abner 
W. Buttrlcit, of whom it has been well aald: 
"He stood between the living jmI the dead, 
and the pisgue was staved." ^Shortly after 
the esiablisbment of this order, small-pox 
rapidly declined, and the great beneflt to be 
derived by complete isolation is ehown by 
the official report, which atatesthst in Sep- 
tember there were fifty-two deaths ; In the 
first half of October, twenly-three; last half, 
seven, and only one In November. It should 
alHO be remembered that removals were not 
fully made a\id Isolation rendered complete 
until the last of September. This steady and 
marked reduction of the number of deaths 
shows In a striking manner what may be ac- 
compllslied, by this means of procedure, 
which, being adopted at once with the epi- 
demic of 1877, proved of so valuable impor- 
tance In checking lU fhrther progress. 

The impodanco of vaccination was also 
reoognixed as a means of protection, not- 
withstanding the arguments brought to hear 
in opposition. During both epidemics, a 
thorough system of vaccination was^rried 
out. Especially Is this true w I tb thS chil- 
dren. The teacljers lo our public schools 
have been very faithful In reftisiug to admit 
sny child who could not furnish a cerilOcate 
of vscel nation from a physician. This will 
be considered In ao light manner when it is 
remembered that during the irst epidemic 
"there were thirty-one deaths lh)m small- 
pox of infants under 1 year, forty-seven 
children between 1 and 6, and Ifty-two per- 
sons between 6 and SO." 

It mav be safe to say that at no time have 
the people of Ibis citv been better protected 
tbau at the prcHenttime, by meai>s of vaccina- 
tion, which Is acknowledged as affording the 
bcMt ntt a iuable protection against smallpox, 
miligatiug its severity when not preventing 

an attack. .,.,.. .. 

Again. The liberal use of dislnfectanta 
bears an ImporUnt relation in preventing 
the spresd of this Infection. A long list, 
containing twelve defiulte Instructions Id re- 
gard to disinfection, was published and exten- 
sively circulated by the press and other means 
during the flr^t epidemic, and was of len re- 
ferred to and brought to notice during the 
second. Their general use at all times, even 
when no special Infection Is prevailing, will 
aid to a better ssniury condition, which of- 
ten goes a long way as a protective influence 
In a community. . . ^ .. 

It has been sUted thst a hospital has been 
arranged for the reception of any case of 
smali-pox or varioloid whkh may occur in 
our city at the present time. Ito provision 
was a wise foreUiougbt on the part of those 
having the interesU of the public health un- 
der their care. ^ „ j 

Situated as Is this city on a line of rallrosd 
connecting the northern cities and the Cana- 
das with Boston and other cities of the 
coast, and having at all times a greater or lest 
floating population, consisting of several na- 
tionalities, eoming from places where small- 
Ex Is known to frequently exist, we cannot 
too well protected or watch with too zeal- 
ous care the first indicstlons ot Its approach. 
By continued vigilance we may prevent a ca- 
lamity of so serious a nature as the first, or 
even the second, epidemic of small-pox In 
our dty. D. N. PATTxnsoir. 

ThoB<»«rd off Health's May- Oreottng— 
Valwable BS^nltaurjr SnfffiMtloiss. 


Lowell has had bCardlng-honset of all 
kinds from its first settlement, but no tene- 
ment blocks, strictly, till within a few year«. 
As such blocks in other cities have been 
found most prolific sources and causes of 
disease, it is the dictate of wisilom and pru- 
dence that their character be well under- 
stood, eei)eda I ly as the erection of these 
buildings seems on the increase in the city. 
It is sinaular that the first experience Lowell 
had In this direction was on so large a scale 
as "Little Canada" presents. Ills thus de- 
scribed by an agent of the state board of 
healih and published in the report for 1880: 
•'Its area is less than two acres; its |>opula- 
tlon, according to the census just taken, is 
1,076 souls, who live in twenty-four tene- 
ment-houses. In addition to these, are one 
unfinished tenement-bouse, five 8tsbles,elgbt 
carriaga and wood-sheds, one bake>house, 
and sixteen privies, or slop-boppcrs, the two 
latter having 116 divisions. The one tene- 
ment-bouse yet unfinished, Is, In construc- 
tion, of the worst pattern, the ground-floor 
of one entire end of the building being oc- 
cupied by privies, buIltJnto the „bouse, and 
having slaebitig rooms drerhaad. °Tlia buHd^ 
Inga ird. ihobt of Unm tbree dories o^ less in 
height, and are so close together that It Is dif- 
ficult to pam between tbero. 

"There are others (and with windows, too,) 
so near on tua side pext to the neighboring 
building, thafit pdraoa cannot pas^betWeen, 
wliere the eavas overlap, and the roohis are 
dark at a p. m. One of the newest buildings 
111 LitUe Canada, a huge, threo^tory, flat- 


this building (four rooms usually, except 
the end ones) has two dark rooms, lighted 
by small, kH> findowl Inta ^ibf kitchen 

5nin Mdwwltytfairic, Unvedtnated rooms 
re not infrefuent through the entire dis- 

^ The average cubic feet of air provided for 
the braathing of each occupant will not 
nnch exoeedSOO fipet, whereas the lowest aa- 
timate for good health is from 600 to 000 feet. 
When these tenemento are fully occupied, it 
makes the densest population in the United 
States except a dlstrid in ward Four, Now 


Ko fhct In the hlltory of dcknesa or reports 
ofmortallty is better astabltobed than that 
aneh tenemanu and distrieta are tha bot-beds 
bf diaaaaa, eapadally in aommar. Infanta 
Ula by the aaors with cbolera Infantum and 
bowel eomplatnta. Shonhl acartol or typkold 

*•. r;, <vp v». . 

* rsrf'^"^ uiies(^ja?/«n 

TUESDAY , M :A Y 2, 1882. 

...WW- aKvaminnalMW ha 

bttitt In Hewtortc or Bos(4W» aa 5J»«*»«£2^ 
vtdes for vailUtallon, regutdaa tha pritries, 
reqdlreB aoendn distance between ten^j 
menu, anif dkiws only a Uttle more than half 
or the land to be covered with the bulkllog. 
It is unfortunate that Lowell has not wwo a 
law, as several tenement hk»cks are being 
built in the dty. 





Old Age... 
Paralysis. . . 


Soartot Porer. 

••••*•« ••■ 


• a a • • • ■ 

Typhoid Fever 


hooping Cougk.... 

.... ....I 

Aacsdent.' *.M. ...... . • 

Assttis ....M.. ........ 1 

ApopUar 1 

If rsnepltis ....•..«..• .a 

Boras. ..... ...«(^t.<. a 

COBvatsloas.. ••..'...' 7 

Coasamptloa t\ 

Cystitis 8 

Cioap. ...*.**.*.... ** ' 

Uebulty •*. 4 

Dipbthoria 1 

Diseaaa of Heart B 

Disease of Brala 4 

Dissase of Kidney.... 1 

Dlaeaso of Uvor 1 

IMsoasooC BUdder.. t 

Gastritis 1 

The mortsllty for April (»7) fs n^ »<fg". 
compared with preyl<*us years— 189t (iw/; 
and 1881 (lll)>-conMiderlng we have quite 
an Increase of popu lallou. The character of 
the merUlily is still more favorable. There 
were flUeen deaths of pontons over 70 years 
of age, Including two at 88, and one at IM, 
with only 47 under flv#iears of age. Oonr 
sumption nmfces one-fifth— about tha uauftf 
proportion, and tho next highest, convul- 
dons 7, Is large. Most of these were under 
one year old, and the disease might have 
originated from teething. Indigestion, or 
some other complaint. Only six deaths oe- 
curred from contagious diseases, scarlet fe- 
ver 1, dlpbtherial,rand whooping cough 4, 
which Is quite unusual. This sbooid not be. 
Wbooping cough might, and ought to be, ex- 
terminated from the city. Let the same 
means of Isolation and prevention be ap- 
plied as are practised in reference to scarlet, 
fever and diphtheria, and a few months 
would banish whooping cough. One of the 
typhoid fever esses came from the upper 
part of Middle street, where complslots for 
yesrs have been made of the bad drainage 
and sewerage. Two other cases of fever In 
the same house recovered, oue being treated 
at St. John's hospital. 


Compislnta are frequently msde in this or 
that neighborhood, of the air being rendered 
impure or unwholesome from various causes. 
If this occuj-red only occasionally or arose 
from causes that could not be easily removed, 
like a malarid region of the coumry, auch a 
condition of the atmosphere must be tolerat- 
ed; but, when the change occurs from some 
business, or eaUblishment conducted for the 
proflt of an Individual or company, sijch a 
Duisanoe can readily be abated. In villages 
and cities, where the health, comfort, «.nd In- 
terest of great numbers are affected, the 
question becomes very important. Pure air 
is as much an ioalieuahl* right of every man, 
woman and child, as life, liberty, and the 
pursuit of happluesa. 

The law Is very broad and explicit oni this 
111 bidet* 

The chancellor in a neighboring sUte, In 
hit rulings lately in two Important cases, de- 
fines the law as follows: "Any trade or 
business, however lawful, which, from the 
place, or ibe manner iu which It is carried 
on, materially injures the property of others, 
or affects their health, or renders the enjoy- 
ment of life phvwic«lly uncoinfortalde, is a 
nuisance which It la the duty of the court to 
restrain." Again: "The law takes care that 
lawful and useful business shall not be piita 
stop to on account of every trifling or Ira- 
aginary anoovanee, such as may offend the 
Ssste or disturb the nerves of a fastidious or 
over-reflned person. But, on the othei; hand, 
it does not allow any one, whatever bis cir- 
cumsUnces or condition may be, to be driven 
from his home or be compelled to live in 
podlive discomfort, dthough caused by a 
lawful and useful business carried on m bis 

" Many* years since. Judge Shaw, of thhi 
sUle, In defining what constltul«s a nuisance 
in the eye of the law that should be abated, 
says: "It la not necessary that the corrup- 
tion of the atmo«phere should be such us to 
be dsngerous to health ; it Is sufficient that 
the effluvia are offensive to the senses, and 
render hablUtlons uncomforuble." 

It will thus be seen that It U not necessary 
to prove that health and life are endangt-red 
by a nulsauoe, upon which there might be a 
difference of opinion among physicians, but 
does it Injure property f does it reuder the 
enjoyment of life phVsloally uncomfortable? 
dot's It produce eflluvla offensive to the seiises 
and render hablutloni uncomforUblef 1.x- 
pert testimony Is here of no avail ; the law Is 
clear aud explicit, and, as every one will ad- 
mit, based upon justice and common sense. 


One of the first and most Important ad- 
vanuges for health is that every dwelling- 
house be carefully Inspected in reference to 
its sanitary condition. As the causes of dis- 
ease become better known and the value of 
health appreciated, such Inspection will be 
sought more and more by all intelligent per- 
sons. It Is not lo look after the ventilation 
of the dwelling, so much as liie drainage and 
sewerage — to see that there is no filth, leak- 
age, or poisonous gases here to endanger life. 
To make suuh examination advantageous, it 
requires that the iuHpector be thoroughly fa- 
miliar wilh sanitary laws. 

In some places In Great Brilain and In the 
Unltfd Slates this sanitary Inspection Is be- 
coming quite comraan. For this purpose 
sanitary engineers are employed; iu some 
places assodations are formed with this ob- 
ject in view, and in other places the work is 
performed by boards of health. In several 
cities and sUtes the question has been raised 
tlut an order or law ought to be enacted that 
too new dwelling-house should be occupied 
until Its i^nitary conditions and surroundings 
be approved by an engineer or officer of 
health, appointed for this purpose. 

When jour wife's health is bad, when 
your diildren are sickly, when yon Isel worn 
out, use Browa's Irott Blltori. * 

-- m . I II . = 

a;<£anv^ ■j/ttiu 



Murray k Lanman's 


Best fbr TOIi£LJA32I 
and '~^- ' 

Manay * Lnamfn'alladda Water U i 
nt OsBlralslrsat, LawelL 



liosaalalag in Post Offlos, Lowell. Middesex 
Coaaty, If ass.. AprU », 16tt. 

BlaisdsU Lena 
Barrett Marct 
Mssell Mrs W 
Brown Belle 
Olarp Amy 
Ohaudler Hattis V 
Qoreoran Katie 
Colligan Jennie M 
Connor Anats 
Unllen Bridget 

Dohertr Mrs Jas 
Drum Mary 
rrenob Mrs C F 
FCIch Clara 
Porbes Klixa 
Foster Catherine 
fog Mrs Jas 
Qrady Mary 

grav Anale 
ariiett Mrs W M T 
Oagnvr Carrla J 
Handley Maggie— S 
Holt Janette B 
Home Mrs Wia 

goImsB Amanda 
oghikins Nellie 
JonMon tlary 
Kelly Kllen-2 
Kelly Jennie T 
Kaowles ILniellne 
Lawren<>e Mr> Ohas 
Lamon Mary A 
Laae lUlen . 
Lambert Mellisa 
Lannon Bridget 
Laae Mri J A 
Lewis Bstells B 
Leander Mabel P 
Loagee Flora 

Branelle Mrs Jos Paai Lassler Mathilda 


Laan Annie 
Marsh Mrs C n 
Majrden Mrs Harry 
MoNought Mary 
MeKeade K dorar-)» 
MeAnly Lilhi B 
MoOaira Mary 
MoLcod Jaoe 
Merrill Nettie A 
Morse Lnella B 
Moffatt Mary 
Muleoek Mrs 
Pratt Nodte B 
Panons Bila M 
Peyton Brldgetl 
Perry Miss AM 
Perklaa Mrs Chas 
Porbam Msry I 
Pkllpa Annie 
Porter Knilima/ 
Qnlmby Maria M 
Seed Ahbie V 
Boaota M <ggls 
Boaek Margrettia 
Koweil Nellie I 
Baboll Oertrade 
Slate Clara 
Strphtns Marinda 
Bmlta Llaaie 
Stookwoli Anale K 
Sulliran Msry 
Traoy Uattie B 
Towner Nellie 
Thorafison Mellis J— 2 
Tomer Mrs 
Yarnum Mrs M J 
Waajih Hattio 
Wyman Mist B H 



passMigsr tifalns 

Berger Angelina 
Cadotto GeorgUnna 
Contrae Mdme Y P 
Bonis Melrlna 
Jadoia Adelard 


Atwood Daniel W— 1 
Aidrioh T A 
Blaachsrd Ambrolse 

Knnett Qm IC 
ntly William 
Boleher Nathaalal 
Bennett C B 
Bermingham P— S 
Bundlt7 Joseph 
BohHmon A 
Brook Walter 
Burrows Joseph 
Blokford D 
Cagaa Charles 
Clark Warren P 
GaTsnaugh B 
Oarrlgan Thomas 
Cormley John 
Clough John 
Cook Qeorxe E 
Collioi Gardener J 
Coram Wm 
Colter Jamei 
QurtiD Patrick 
Daper O^csr W 
I>asliell W W 
Uole Wtn M 
Daffy T 
Oyer J 8 
Donnelly Frank 
Kills A K-2 
Bnflsnd Kd 
Rise James 
Farwfll Willis 
Krencli Sam O 
Oilman F P 
Girard L A 
Olyn M 
Grover Daniel 
Orefg Jolin 
George James 
Gile John U 
Glnne T T 
Hannah Charles 
Hameltoa T 
HuUson Uoraee 
Hakoox B W 
Uobart vrilllam 
Hudson Mvron P 
Home W H 
Hubbard £ H 
Jene Prank 
Janson Charles 
Ingles Thomas 
King Frank , 
Kleraan Martia 
Kenaey James 
Ki'ily Patrick 
Luner Q F 
Lothrop D 
Littleield W T 

Alldre Bdoward 
Baudroau Joseph 
Breaodly Pere 
BolTsnt Oneslme 
Boaoher Arorre 
Beoadette Lonlse 
BoaCard Loots 
Bolrert Oaeslme 
Bruaelie Moise 
Cyr Noe 

Chartiers Cafliles 
CharaU Adolphos 
Olotte Louis 
Divots John A 

Monnette Mario 
RiyardJosepe (Yenve) 
Toppieng Sera 
Yaaooor Angelina 


lem's Llat. 
Lamprey A A| 
La Uose Franess 
Lallel F G 
Metealf Charles 
Mescrro L 
Metse Arthur 
Merriam T H 
Mclley J J 
MeAbo John 
McKiieaaey Artbar 
MeCartIa P 
McAllister Dan 
MaeNeil J J 
MoKenney Jas 
MeArthy Miohaol 
MeOormlek John 
Mask Thomas 
Moran Wm J 
Moody A H 
Moore Frank 
Mllfi W J 
Monhan James H 
NorioB J times J 
Paine George W 
^ Parker W F 
Parkhnrst J O 
PorteV John 
Pickens Thos 
Pillsbury Klchajd 
Kaisell Alex 
Ryan John P 
Hu«el Viuton 
Russell James F 
Kogrrs David 
Bobbins L M 
Kobinson Leyi 
Robert s Mark 
Kebrarts I^Aslie 
Rosne Juoiea B 
Riley Abraham 
Rand Gcorgs 
Stevens D C 
8p<ar Klmer 
Stanton Thomas 
Bwsn D l£ Dr « 
Stratton II B 
Sweeny Michael 
Scbnbent Frank L 
Siorey Herbert H 
Smith Orrln 
ThUtle David 
Thompson G W 
Towle I'eter U— 8 
Terry Henry 
Taylor Frank H 
Wllion Wm U 
Wright Chai 
Whlttler George W 
Wlghtman Wm 
Weller G H 
Weloh D A 
Wheeler Bventt 
Wall Kd 


Damu Delphiee 
Faylor Hegano .. 
Laporte George 
Laareadoaa Jos 
Langai) Thomas 
Lheareax Joseph 
Ledae Cleophas 
Moreau Mederio 
Ponlia Louis 
Prooenoher Ceoenren 
Lapsier Noe 
Rasialel Aronaisse 
Plaos Biani 

m. T. RO^VBLL, P. M. 


For Uhtstrated oatalogno of M pages, address, 

with 8 cent staasp, ^ ^ ^ _ _ 

j: H. BU8HT0W. Canton, W.T. 

Hydraulic Cement Drain, 

Sewer mud Cnlrert Pipe. 

»,«,l,fca.t.»^ *«» !», U and M Inek bore 
(flam|Sorbsll.aBonth pattern). ^ _ _^. 
Tus bIboIIs aa'aussilsrt tw any other to smooth- 

essential qadHles for .a perssaaeat sewer or 

drain. Alaoasaka 


WoU Ply* »« assA BO Im. 

Bratework donalv •jfV'^SSSlt '^■•■* 
MaiS&aetory. Stf Owhasi ttreat. 
Ofltos,n Market droet. 

€b A, K B KD ALL, 


On sad after Dee. a, U81, 
will ma as foUowa : 

Leave Woreestor at «.ao, 7 JO (Bxprsss) and 
ll.U a. m., 6 aad a.ia p. ns. (Aver paaseaipHO' 

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and »M a. m., UM and 6.16 p. m. 

The 6.110, 7.60 and II.IS a. m. and 6 p. m. trains 
l^m Werooster, snd 8.08 a. m. and ISJOand 6.16 
p. m. trains from Ayer Junetion eonneot at Ayer 
Ju notion with Stony Brook Raihroad trains to 
and from Lowell and way stations. Close eon- 
neotloas are also aoade at Worcester with traini* 
for Providence, Norwieh, Mew York, Springfleid, 
Altwny and the W^st. 

aiT'tbrough tickets for New York by Boaad or 
Land Route can be had at the ticket oOoe in 
Lowell ; also suto rooms and berths can be se- 
cored by steamers of the Norwich lino. 

■aslkwa * Moelseater Dlrlslow. 

Leave Lowell, Middlesex street depot, for 
Roobester and way stations at 8.90 a. ■., 1 and 
6 J2 p. m. : Nashua 16 a. m., 1.46 aad *7 p. m. 
Arrive at Portland 1.86 and 6.46 p. as. ^ 

MotamUig. leave Portland at 7 JO a. bb., IM p. 
m. : Roobester at 4.46 and 9.46 a. sa., and *.» p. 
B.. roaehhig LowoU at 0.06 a. m., 12.17 and SJl 
p. as. 

The 0.16 a. m. traia ttom Nasbna Is a thioagh 
train for Portland and way suUoas, eoanoeUag 
at RoehesUr with Boston ft Mdae Bdlroad 
train for Alton Bay, aad with Uaston Railroad 
train for Wolfeboro' and North Conway. 

eRniu to Roeheater only. 

The 1.46 p. m. train ttom Nashna is a throagh 
train for Portland. 

The 7p. as^trato Ikoas MasbaaU a aUxed train. 

d^Throagh tiekets and baggage checked to 
Portland aad Intermediate points. i 

For further panlealars as to oonneetlona with 
other roada, see A B C Pathflnder GuMe. 

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C. A. WAITB. General Tleket Ageat. 



On and after Monday. Dee. 6tli, 1861, passenger 
trains will leave Central street depot, Lowell : 

For Boston, 7, T.46, 9.00, 11 a. m.. 12.10. 12.46, 2. 
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Bnndays. 8jM> a. m.. and 18, 4.16 and 6.40 p. m. 

For Lswrenoe, 7.1(6. • 46, 9 JO aad 11 a. as., U.10, 
18.46, 8.46, 4.80. 6.16, 6J0 aad 7 p. B. Sundays, 
6.00 a. m.. 0.40 p. n. 

For Havorhin. 7.46, 8.46 a. m., 12.49, 8.46, 6.16, 
6.80 p. m. Suadava. 8 JO a. m. and 6.40 p. m. 

For Newbaryport, 7.46 a. m., 18.46, 8.46, 6J0 p. 

For Exeter and Dover, 7.40, 8.45 a. at., 1S.46, 
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F^r Great Falls, 7.46. 8.46 a. m., 18.40, 8.40, 0.16 
p. n. 

For Salmon Fdia, Biddefbrd, Saoo, Old Orehard 
Beach aad Portland, 8.46 a. m., 18.46, 8.46, p. m. 
Sandayi, 6.80 a. m. _ 

For Bangor. Bolfkst, WaterrUle. St. Johns, N. 
B., Halifax, N. S., 6146 a. n>. and 8.46 p. m. 

For Skowhegan, Farasiagton and Rockland at 
6.40 a. m. 

For Augusta, Bath and Lewiston, 6.40 a.m. 
aad 18.46 p. m. _ . „ 

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8.40 p. m. 

For Ht. Desert, »e.. Friday at 3.46 p. aa. 

For steamer lor Kastport, St. John, Mondays 
and Thursdays at 18.40 p. n. 

For Rockland, Belfast and Bangor, Friday 
^steamer Irom Portland), at 3.40 p. m. 

Mileage tickets for sale between Lowell aad 


From Boston, 7. 7.30, 8.30. tt.30. 10.86 aad 11 JO 
a. m., 18 m., 2.30, S-IO, 4.80. 6, «, 6.30, 7.10 p. Bj. 

Wednesdays only at 11.10 p. m.. and Fridays 
only at 11.16 p. m. Sundays at 8 a. m. and 6 p. m. 

From Lawrence, 7.30, 9.40, U a. m., 18.16. 2. 3.40. 
4.10, 6.30 p.m. South Lawrence, 7.08, p. m. 
Sandayi, 8.20 a. m.. 12 m.. 6.40 p. m., and fh>m 
South Lawrence at 4.27 p. m. 

From HavcrhlU. 7.16, 9.26. 10.46 a.m.. 12.08. 
3.30, 4.02. 0.46 p. m. Suadays, 8 a. ra., 4.06 and 

'From Newburyport, 6.16, 7.26, 11 a. m., IJO, 
6.80 p. m. 

From Portland, 8.46 a. m., 1.10 and 8.30 p. m. 
Sundays at 1 p. m. .... 

For Lawrence, Fridays only, 11.40 p. m., and 
Wednesdays only, 11.85 p.m. ^ ^ . 

Mow York via Bound Lines and Land Routes. 
Through tickets good on any train. Baggage 
oheoked through aad transfer made from Boston 
A Maine Sutlon by any driver ot haok stationed 
at Boston k, Maine Railroad. 

aV-AU trains stop at Cemetery, Lawrence street 
crossing, on slgn.l^^ ^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ 

J. F. PHILLIPS, Gen. Agt. at Loadl. 
Lowel l Dee. 5th. 1681. 




Db«et lyeas Lowrll to any town or dly In tho 
Western States aad Territories can bo parehasad 
—day or evening— at 


Naps, Inforuiation and gttid< s FBKK to all in 
qulrers. ^. R .BATCHKLDBB, 

BB Merrlsnach 


Btcansboat Train CoMsectlBH wttli mall 
River Ltsko of Steansera to astd fkwds 
New York. Fore fS.OO oach way. 

IfOa aad after Sunday October 8. 1881, tralaa 
leave Lowell (Mldales«-x strert dsfiot) as fbllows; 
7.M a.m., aud 4.30 p. m., arriving «t Sontfl 
Framlngham at 8.66 a. as., 8J0 aad 6.W 
p. m. The 7.60 a. m. trala makes cleao 
connections at South Framiaghaai with 
trains on Boston h Albany Ballroad 
for Worcester. Springfleid, New York, Aibaar 
andthe West; at Mansfield for Pawtaeket aal' 
ProTidenoe.' arriviag at Pawtueket 10.40 a. Skt 
Provldeace 10 JO a. m., and runs tlirough to Taan* 
ton, arririag at Taunton 10.19 a. m., eonaootlag 
there for New Bedford, Fall River, Newport 
Oak filnffs aad Naatueket 

Leave Lowell for 'Marlboro' at 7.M a. m. and 
4. so p. m., arriring ar 18 86 «. m. and 6.48 p. as. 
Ueturaing, leave Marlboro' at 7.16 a. m. and 6 p. 
m.. arriving at Lowell at 8 J6 a. n. and 7 JO p. m. 

The 1 JO p. BB. traia stops at all stations and 
connects at South Fraoiingham for Woreeoter, 
Springfleid, New YorK%nd tfie West. 

The 4.80 p. m. train ooaneets at South Fram- 
ingham lor Worcester. Springfleid aad the Wea|| 
at Mansileld for l*rovideno«-, and runs through to 
Fall Biver, there oonn<>ctlng with the elegant 
steamers of the Kail Kiver Line (Or Mew York, 
arriving at Fall lUver at 7.83 p. m. aad at New 
York at 7.00 a. m. 

Trains leave south Framlngham for LowsU at 
7.66 a. m.. and 0.05 p. m., arriving at Lowell 
at 8.66 a. m., and 7.C6 p. m. The 7 JO a. SB. 
and 6.06 p. m. trains connect at Sotftth 
Framlngham with trains froas ProvMcnee. 
Taunton, Worceoter, Kpringfleld, New York (all 
rail). Albany and the Wrst. Steamboat tiate 
leaves Fall River at 6.20 a. m., arriviag at Lowdl 
6J6 a. m., making connection for powts north. 
Leave Oak Bluffs 7.46 a. m., arrive at Lowell 7.06 

oil amd Ohelmsfbrd Bpeolal Tralaa 
Leave Lowell fbr Chelmsford at 18.10 
p. m. 

Leave Ghelnuford fbr Lowell at 0.10 a 
12.66 p. St. 

clpal pdnts West and Southwest, via Boatoa 'Ik 
Albany and Pennsylvania Kaliroads; also fbr 
Philadelphia, Balthnore, Washington, and potato 

Through bills of lading for Western fMght ean 
Im had at this office. 

GEO. W. MILLER, Agoat, 
60 Central street, LowolL 
J. B. KKNDRICK. Supt, Boston. 
8. A. WEBBER, Asst. Supt., FItohhnrg. 


"T^ATIONAIi LINK of Hteamshlpsbetw 


J3I New York, Liverpool. Queonstowa ni 
London direct. Sailing weekly from Pier 60, 
North riv^r. New York, are among the laifed 
steamships crossing the Atlantic. 

Cabin rates $60 to •70, excursion 9100 to itflOi 
outward steerage |26; prtpald steerage tieketa 

S88, "being t'l lower than most other lines. ^ 
iffloes, OOand 73 Broadway. N. Y. 

F. W. J. HURST, Maaager. 

Agents at I^well, Mass., W. * W.O. ' 

and D. Murphy. 8 Appleton street. 


? ? 




Bteel Saili, Double Track, Exp. Traiai 

On aad after Jan. 82nd, 1661, trahu leave U>W- 

For BOSTON at 0.40, 7, J17 JO, 7.80, 8.80, Xt*9M, 
•9.80, 11 a. m.; 1^12.15, 1.10, t.a 

p. m. 

!.aO, 4J6. 

8J1 a. m. ; 8J2, 6.88 P. m. _ , „„„„« 
t For stations on MANCHEHTBB and KBBNB. 

R. B., 6J1 a. m. ; 8 J2 p. m. . ,^ , „ . „ 
iFor NASHUA, 8.81. 9.21 a. n.; 1,, 6.88, 

7.60 p. ra. ... 

•Express. fNorihern depot. tW'ednesday only. 
\X<Ot OB arrival of trains fi-om the north. 


Trains leave BOSTON at 7.80. 8, 1*«.ao. W. » 
a. m. ; 12 m. ; L16, 8.80. 8, 4, 4.46. 6.36. 6.16, 
t*7, J1L16 p. m. ^ ^ , 

•Express. fNorthern depot, j Wednesdays ody . 

Leave LOWELL for BOSTON. 8.80, t»9.10 a. as., 

Leave^Osiofi'for LOWBLL, 6.46 a.m.; ^\, 6 
p. m. 
fNorthern depot. 

Lowell db Lawreneo DIvtsiom. 

Trains leave LOWELL for LAWBBNCB, 7 J6, 

11a. m. ; 2, 6.16, 6.40 p. m. 
Leave LAWiifcKcK for LOWELL, 7.46, 6J6, 11 

a. m.; 12.10, 1.16, 4.06, 0.40 p. m. 

Leave LOWELL for LAWRmiCB, 9. tf a. as. ; T 

Loave'^LA WBENOE for LOWBLL, 8 a. n; 6 p.ak 

■atom 4k X.WWOU IMvnolom. 
Trains leave LOWBLL fbr 8ALBM akYJTa. at; 

•1.10, 6.40 0. a. 
Leave 8AUU1 for LOWBLL at 7.10. 1OJ0 a. m.. 

•Ooaneets with tralM fbr aLOUCBBTEB aad 

Cook's Grand Ezcurilons leave New York April 
27th, June 8th. aud July 1st, 1(>82. Full partfea 
lars In apcclul Pamphlet, Rent Ote on applioatioa. 
PaSBSge TIckeU by all Atlantic Stumers. Spo- 
dal fkctllilee ri>r s«curliig Good Berths. Tourtot 
TiokctH fur individual trHvellers in !> urope, by all 
route*, at reduced rates. Cook's Exoursloalst 
with Map*, by mall 10 cents. 

TUOH. COOK fe SON, 201 Broadway, N. Y . ; 
197 Washington street, Boston, Mass. 

C. A. Bab attowi, M anage r. 


Royal Mall Steamships. 

PatronUed by Her Royal Bigkfm$ 

Her Royal 

Mn »t $a 

so liB J i e Ml nan# ■ o s as t frnTtr BUek>« 

r>Sa5Vpwar4;gainiltag SI and «». 
divar tmag W aanls an4 . apwud. faa 
StaMOB Ma. IxtraaOaf 0^*»o> 

For ATBB JUNCTION, T.M a. ai. tV^ • Bjn. 
CenaoctlOBS mud* at AierMnslisa wWt 
Woreestor •( Bsshaa ivdntehbwg nffi- 
rosda for andlMdi Wdrasateif Bartaudsld, 

Lmi^iSySJmm^lm a. as. : lltf. 6.1k 

*"■* pwfe'TTiAnis. 

Leave I^W|KLt;iU».«u 
ATBBri.Ml a. m. 


Frdditdapat da Jackson street.' 
LowoU ftr BMtdBra.10, 8, 6.Ui. 10J6 a. as.; r 

'vJtintMiaa.rjotp.M. ,^, ^^ 

feaotaalhr La*wdl at 8.40, 9J0 

•• LaiSkftltt S; l*^»^ '-^ *• 
SSdllbrLawrsass at 7.40 a. m 



Every Saturday. 

BBortost Oeean VojraBO— Owljr 


Extra weekly ships from Glasgow, Liverpool, 
QaMnntown. Londonderry, and Qdway to Bos. 
ton direct. 

The ateamers arc uasarpassed for Sstety aad 
Speed, and are flttrd up with all Improvemoato 
conducive to the comfort of passengers. 

Cabin $70 and $80. InUr mediate 940. Steer. 

age, $28. , ^ . ., *" 

Apply to W. A W. CLamson, Dennis Murpay 
and W. R. Batolielder. agents for Lowell, or 
Leve ft Alden, general scent*. 807 BroAdway 
New York, 16 State street, Boston, Mas s. 


ProTldenee, Norfolk aad Baltlaaava, 
STBAMBHIP L.IMB, Conaprtstaff Oka 

Steanaers Bcrksliire, Blaoaatoao 


Wednesdar. 6 o'clock p. i 
Wharf, India Street. 

Connecting at Norfolk, Ya., with the NorfolM 
and Petersburg Rsilroad and the Ylrglala aad 
TtnncMce Air Line. At Portsmontb, va., with 
the Seabord and Romoake Railroad and the At- 
lantic Coast line. At West Point, Va., WHh tho 
RIshmond. York River and Chesapeake Railroad 
and the Piedmont Air Line 1X> ALL POINTS 
SOUTH. And at Baltimore, Md.. with tho Msr> 
chants' and Miners' Transportation Co.'s Straaa- 
aklp Line to SAVANNAH, GA.. aad its GeorgHi 
Central and Atlantis aad Gnlf railroad eoaaeo- 
tbms fbr all pdaU ta Georgia, AUbaaaaand Floe. 
Ma. Also with steamship linos flroa Balttsiore to 
Charleston, S. O., and Booth Carolina ratlroad. 
rrelghO rates Droas l^orldenoe to all pojaU Soath 
aad west are the sanie as from New York Wj. 
Mark goedo via P.. H. B B. line. Tbroagh BUb 
- MngSveadadlthodlftrentroutesasabove. 

AMher tolbwatlon sopfV to ■. V. *00«- 

a., fhMa Lonsdal 

For AJrfher fnfbraatlon a 
latVlfglBla and 

aeont Vlidala and Tenneaaee, Oewgla Oeatral 
^^dJ^AttantlcCeast aad PftSsonlAIr 



Ob tho Boston • i«wwi. «»y— * 
Ooloay and Bcetoo ♦Mdae B. B. . 

Shln>iBg reeolpts obtained iw gu aaa atWMnan. 








^•^•^^jSRftanii 1 

tt. T. OBIOKBBINO. Lasd Agaa*. . 


AOC^ftftlV BOW 

and Barid rabUeaUoas boaad. 




oBwmA'i* a.vmasTi 


/ ■•- 


H '^1 

.^_; ': 

V ''IP" "'■'' ■ 1-^^« 







Klatotmr* ▲ 

•mis Omy. 


I 14 M 


■ 4 le 

0«lemUur *» r May. 

THUl»i1rM. I »AT. 

•fat. I MOM.lTUIt*- I WKD. 















The IWeatlicr. 

TMterday wm a rery floe day, pu-Uoalarly Um 
iMtluUfofit. Tb« doods of noon were toon 
•oMtered, and the afternoon waa good enoagh 
for any May day. The night waa eharotlag. 
ThU forenoon wat bright In the early part, hnt 
before noon clouda completely covered the iky, 
ftad itrong weaterly windi drove the rain, which 
fUl in light ahowera, with considerable force 
agalnat all outrdoori. At ft laat night the tan- 
peraturo waa tl, at 7 tbii morning ift, and at 1, 

BU8IHE88 H0TI0£8. 

KyMerrtU A Sou removed to corner of 
Jobo anU Lee Hlreetu. 

^ITFor fine frniiiite and marble work go 
to^drews A Wbeeler, 4l Tborudlke atreol. 

«rW. E. LIviiiK'to"'" branch offlce re- 
moved to Calderwood'a , 88 Mtrrimiick Htreel. 


The committee ou streets have a meeting 
tomorrow evening. 

The public is invited to the' meeting of the 
Old lU'sUiontH uHHOciMllon at the American 
houae tomorrow night. 

Dr. ChHiieH H. Ridker auceeeda Dr. Chad- 
bourne, wlioHe term lias expired, na dlspcn- 
sary wnrd pliyHieian in Ward One. 
— A numl>er of jjood bargains in pianos may 
be found at Morse's music room**, Itf Hurd 
street. For particulars read his advertise- 

Ther« are still about 300U poll taxes of last 
year's crop uiigHthered, but tbe warrants are 
In tbe hands o( the constables and tbe taxes 
are gradually coming in. 

Owing to increasing practice, Dr. B. H. 
Harrison, V. 8., will hereaaer remain in 
Lowell evory day in tbe week, and discontin- 
ue bis senii-weekly visits to Nashua. 

The new Hamiliou clock was started yes- 
terday, and the electrician of tbe Howard 
oompanv, wbitli (uruisbed it, is now arrang- 
ing electric clocks for the watchmen. 

It is expected that Gen. Butler will address 
the Lowell Land League Monday evening. 
May 16th, at Huntington hall, and the ball 
has already been engaged for the meeting. 

The committee of arrangements for the re- 
ception of Jtlobert Smalls will meet this 
evening to hear reports and further the ar- 
range n^ents. A full altendunoe is hoped for. 

On the gevcntlj page to«lay will bo found 
minor locals, a report ol llie Cboial society 
meeting, tbe beallh bulletin for Mav, and a 
history of the smnll-pox epidemic in Lowell. 

Everything promises well for a very suc- 
cessful prcHeiiliitioii of "Our Bovs" by the 
Garriuk dub at Music ball Thursday nigbt. 
Tickets giving good seats may still be had at 

The price of coal has suddenly dropped to 

?I7 a t^n, with a discoutit of 25 cents a ton 

bogrtl of aldeirmen on tbo uA^ oi ffruttttt ] 
liquor Hoenaes. ArrangemeoU wjfft miijlel 
for waiting upoo €«oh lloeoae nldemao per- 
Monally, and also for eoliatlof tbe Womea'a 
Temperance Union tu tbe movement. 

Tbe month of May is aet apart by tlie Oatb- 
olic cimrcb for special honor of the Bleased 
Virgin Mary, and tliere will be apedal aer- 
vlces In all tbe churches, boi|» morning and 
evening. They began yesterday with large 
oongregationt> in all instanoea. At tbe aeven 
•*clock mass at tbe church of the Immacu- 
late Conception the singing is by the puplla 
of the parochial school, and a cnoir alnga at 
the mass at 5.30 a. m. 

In order to protect women on tbe atreets 
from the insults of loafera Citv Marshal 
Noyes has deUlled four olloera for special 
duty on Merrimack and Central streets, from 
7 to 10 o'clock p. m. Ollloer Morse will pa- 
trol the north side and Oflloer George Dun- 
Uvy the south side of Merrimack street, and 
Offlcers Orady and Streeter pa»rol Central 
street to Tower's corner. These assljcn- 
ments are additional to the regular officers 
on the streets. 

There are 41 public school buildings in 
this city. If the bill which has passed the 
Senate forbidding the Issue of a license to 
sell liquor within 400 feet of a public school 
should become a law, it would, at a rough 
eatimate, prevent the granting of licenses to 
at least 50 who held the coveted uapers last 
year. Wliile there are many school bouses 
Which have no liquor shop within much 
more than 400 feet of Uiem, there are n any 
others that hive from two to half-a-dozen. 

While Mr. George E. Maker, of the firm of 
Maker, Tarr A Co., was walking in 
some woods near Middlesex villag*" with 
his little daughter on Sunday, the child called 
his attention to something she saw ^n the 
grass. It proved to be a rattlesiiak.' rully 
two feet long, and although secmliiRly some- 
what torpid it shook Its rattles as Mr. Mukfr 
approached it. He beat a b8>ty retreat wiil.- 
out atleniptiug to kill tbe serpent. It was 
less than two feet from the child when first 

Tony I'aslor, whose name has l>een asso- 
cialctl for so many years with tlie best yarlc- 
tv entertriinments tbe country aflfords, is an- 
nouncvd lor ap|)earance In Music ball tomor- 
row evening, lie will bring, as he always 
does, a tirsl-cliss company, ami the public 
need not be told that he will offer a bill of 
varied brilll.incy. Crowded houses are the 
rule wherever Tonv Pastor appears, and 
there is no likelihood of any exception being 
taken to it in Ixiwell. Tbe sale of seaU is 
now going on. 

Daniel Gage has purchased the stock in 
trade, implements and good will of the Rich 
ardson Ice company and therefore has the 
whole trade to himself this season. Tlie 
Richardson Brothers and their successors, 
the Ricbard^on Ice company, have been in 
business sluce 1875. Mr. Gage was so well es- 
tablished in trade whcu they commenced 
business and had jiven such a degree of 
satisfaction that there has seemed to be no 
successful opening for another similar busi- 
ness in the city. Mr. Gage's prices this 
year are llie same as last year. 

A handsome lap<itreak pleasure boat, built 
by J. H. Itusbton, Canton, N. Y., is now on 
exhibition al the store ofC. Zimmer, 16 Mid- 
dle street, where it attracts considerable at- 
tention from Itoating men and sportsmen 
generally. Although not one of Mr. Rush- 
ton's finest grades, it is of first-class work- 
manship throughout, and verv light, making 
it an ailrairable boat for hunting and fisbiu;<. 
Its length is 13 feet and l)eam 84 inches, an«l 
It will accoinmcHlate two or three persons. 
All interested in boats are invited to call at 
Mr. Ziinmer's store and examine it. 

Among the future notable events is the 
marriage of Caesar A. Barattoul, manager of 
the American busln'-ss of Thomas C<M>k A 




The eerlM of eoateata for prlMl to be 
•warded tbe beat skntera be|*« at tbf Aatp 
lug rink laat evening. Tbera waa a laiifa air 
tendance, and two bands Aimlabad maaie, 
which was almoet oontinuoue tbrougbout tbe 
evening. The skating bewo at • o'd^ik, 
there being live oompetitoil In^tbe M«tl<«- 
men's das*, namely : Fred O. Wlilor, vrank 
E. Bramhall. E. Y. Caldwell, Abbott Hjnr^ 
renoeaud Eddy Young. Baeb fontlMMQ 
was allowed ten roinutee In wblcb to show 
his skill on the rollers, and aa a wbolo tbe 
skating was very good. Boom of tbe abaters 
performed some very difficult aiapil^ wbleh 
would be creditable to any of tboae #bo re- 
spond to the pretentious "Prof.** In 
making the awards, tbe Judgea are 
to consider, first, general graoe and 
ease of motion, though difficult 
roovementa are to have proper weight. Tbe 
prises are elegant gold and silver hadgea for 
tbe first and second prizes, and a oair of 
clamp skates for Uie third. The Judirea ae- 
e t3il are Geor/e H. Taylor, J. P. Thomp- 
son and Harrjr R. Rice. In the abienoe of 
Mr. Rice last evening Mr. Frank 
8. Berry ofllcialed. The decision of the 
judges will not be known till Saturday even- 
ing, when all the prizes will be awarded. 
This evening at 9 the Itdies will skate for tbe 
prizes, and ihe comp.tltion promises to be 
even more Interesting than last evening. To- 
morrow evening there will be skating in 
couples. . .. 

<*Maiale" In the Air, mmA ••■&• tkat Iaai*t. 
Mr. John C. Freuud, a very clever writer 
with a penchant lor savage and biting criti- 
cism, is i be editor of a New York pubNcs- 
lion which until last week was called "Mu- 
sic," and now, having added a dramatic de- 
partment, is eiititk>d "Music and Drama." 
To this publication some one, writing over 
lie signature "Uuon," has been contribut- 
iag criticisms of musidal entertain- 
ments in this city. Tliese criticisms have 
b<*en so severe, ihtd have attacked 
with somucli virulence some of our best mu- 
sicians, that many inuoicai people have been 
Intert'stcd to knew the iitiilior, and up to the 
present time they have been unable to trace 
him. In resi)onse to letters written by two 
well-known organists the publishers replied 
ibal their Lowell correspoiulent was BenJ. 
Walker I This was a g«>nuine surprise to the 
Kciiial presideul of the Choral society, wlio 
doesn't dip bis pen in gall when writing mu- 
sical criticisms. He wrote the publishers 
and this morning received the following: 
30 East 14tu Stbkict, Nkw Yosk, ) 
1st May. mi. i 
Mr. Benj. Walker, Lowell, t£a>»., 

I>earSlr— In rvHponse to roar letter of attb 
April, we would state tliut the information given 
by ua a« to your tM-iiig our correspondent wa'< 
given in good laith, upon the strength of jour 
appllcMtioQ made tu u« some time ago. We tlien 
kUted thai Mr. Lanier our correspondent, 
but that us foon as an opportunity abould oflbr 
we would be glad tu put yeu on our iiat. Mr. 
i.anirr It no longer our oorreap>ndeni and aa 
■oun aa be reoigneif we noted your lormer appll- 
caiion and answeied aceordiagly. We would 
like ta have you act aa our correspondent, and if 
you will inform us your decMon we will nirvard 
crtsdeutiaU. Yours truly, 

ruBLiauBBs or Music ahd Drama. 

In reply Mr. Walker wrote aa fbllows, and 
awaits de'velopmenu : - 

Lowell, Xd Mav. 
PublUker$ of Miuie and Dnuma, So. 90 Moat 14IA 

Umt » 

a t^n, with a discount or 'la cents a 
or cash. This is a pretty low price for fueU s„„;-„curslon managers, to Miss H-ttle A. 

8nell,thc well-known vocalist and daughter 
of Mr. Orlando Snell of this city. It is to 
take place at High street church, Wednes- 
day, .June 21st. The bridegroom is an Ital- 
ian by birth, and is a talented linguist. He 
has been with the Cooks since 1874. an«l dur- 
ing tlial time has conducted two touring par- 
ties around lite world besides managing oth- 
er important enterprises for the firm 

and tbe bins of prudent householders will 
promptly filled. 

On tbe second page of today's paper will 
i»e found a graphic article from the pen of 
Rev. Mr. Court on Emerson, which will be 
read with interest by all who Imve admired 
tbe life and works of tbe sage of Concord. 

The grass on the South common ami on 
some private lawns has by a desperate effort 
struggled within reach of tbe mower's 
blades, and tbe clang of the wooden sboon 
is oatrivslied by the clutter of the peace-dis- 
turbing lawn trimmer. 

At a meeting of tbe general commlttfee of 
arrsngeineiits for tbe observance of Memori- 
al day held last evening the different sub- 
oominittees rejiorted progress. Tbe com- 
mittee adjourned for a fortnight, at Which 
time full reports will be received. 
. Tbe Se(!ood Universalist church voted last 
evening dot to make tbe suggested addition 
of one stofy this year to the L in the rear of 
the church edifice for vestry purposes. It 
was not deemed advisable to incur the ex- 
pense necessary to make the improvement 
this year. 

There was a very pleasant affair at tbe 
ward Four ward room last night, at which 
ikr. O. T. Wilkins and wife were presented 
B handsome chaml»er set from Adams A 
Co.'s, Mr. J. W. Bruce doing the honors. 
There were (easting and dancing andagener- 
al good lime. 

There was an informal reception of the 
Martin Luibers at the residence of President 
Salmon of tlie organization last evening. Tbe 
occasion was asocial one in every purli<;ular 
and was vry enjoyable. The guests were 
entertained in that hospitable manner for 
which tbe host is proverbial. 

At a meeting of tbe New Hampshire Vet- 
erans last eveninz a letter was received from 
ex-Qov. Smyth of New Hampshire, acknowl- 
edging vv'itb thanks the honor of having been 
chosen a life-member of the association. 
There was an informal discussion on the im- 
provements at Weirs and the coining re- 

Prof. Leotsakos of the university of 
Athens will attract a large number of people 
to bis lecture on Greece, in Mechanics ball 
Wednesday eveliing. The professor is thor- 
oughly competent to interest the most cul- 
tivated persons, be comes umler excellent 
auspices, and bis lectures are'aided by stere- 
opticon illustrations. 

In the improvements to the sittings In 
iHuntington hall fourteen rows of seats are to 
be raised, begiouing with the eleventh row 
from the front. There will be an inclined 
flooring to tbe aisles, with steps near the en- 
trance. The rows of seats will he numbered 
alphabetically from front to rear, and there 
will be forty sittings in each row. 

The chief engineer and committee on fire 
department of Newbnryport visited the city 
today, first going to Nashua from Newbury- 
port, and then coining to Lowell. The 
guests were show^n about the city by chief 
engineer Hosuier uitd tbe fire department 
eommittee of Lowell, and were much pleased 
with their Inspection of the fire apparatus. 

Tbe dime show is one of great dimensions 
Jn »|»ite of tbe low price of admission, and it 
may be expected to equal or surpass its suc- 
oess aebieved on its recent visit, when it 
again a|)pears. Iluniingion ball will be oc- 
cupied for three niiflils, b<>glnning Thursday, 
and there will be a matinee, eKi)ecially inteiid- 
•d for ladies and children, Saturday aller- 

At a very tliinly-attended meeting of the 
Anti-License League last evening it was vot- 
ed that President Peaboily of the organiza- 
tion Mk s bearing; at in early day before the 

The Vesper boat club and their friends 
passed a few cheerful hours in opning the 
season at the club-house last night. While 
no elaborate efforts were made to mske the 
surroundings look magnificent, a very pretty 
effect was produced by tbe brilliant arch of 
{{as jets and rows of Chinese lanterns along 
the b'llconies. Admiring throngs not favored 
with cards of admission viewed the exterior 
decoration, while within a smaller but merry 
crowd enioyed the tasteful trimmings of fiow- 
ers and shrubbery, and danced to tbe inu^-ic 
of tbe American orchestra. Tbe evening's 
pleasures proved an auspicious opening to 
the season's sports. 

Paltee Cottrt. 

May 1.— Michael Connors, illegally selling 
liquor, continued to the 9lh inst. Mary Sul- 
livan, violating Lord's day, continued to lOtb 
inst. Martin McHugb. violating liquor law, 
continued to 9lb inst. There were three fines 
for drunkenness. 


Mr. John B. Lezott, tbe genial tonsorial art- 
ist who left Lowell for California a few 
weeks aeo, has reraemlwred a memljer of tiMS 
Courier staff with a box of beautiful and fra- 
grant flowers and some samples of wheat, 
etc., showing the advanced slate of ve^eiu- 
tion on the Pacific slope. They arrived in 
good condition considering their long j<»urney 
across the countrv. and thanks are due for 
John's thoughlfuiness. For the present Mr. 
and Mrs. Lezott's address will be 35 Eddy 
street, Si^n Francisco. 

^v Obitoarjr. 

Trvphosa Bewail, wife of the late Samuel 
Sewall, died at the home of her son, on An- 
dover street, early this morning, at the ad- 
vanced age of 75, pneumonia being the cause 
of death. 6he was born in Winslow, Me., 
snd had lived in Lowell for more than 40 
years. Mrs. Sewall leaves three sons and 
one daughter— Mr. A. R. Sewall of New 
York, Mr. L. B. Sewall of Montague and Mr. 
Samuel Sewall of this city, and Miss Mary 
Sewall of New York. Notice of the funeral 
will Ue ffiven liei-eafter. 

Homer Foster «H<d in this city today of 
pneumonia, aged iiii years. He was em- 
ployed at the l^>well Machine shop and was 
a resident of Ballardvalc. 

surer IVeddlMK. 

Thetwpirty-flftb anniversary of tbe itiar- 
riage of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Chase was made 
tbe occasion of a large gatliering of their 
friends at tlieir house, 41 Tremont street, 
last evening. A large portion of those pres- 
ent were employes in tbe Tremont and Suf- 
folk mills, in which Mr. Chase Is an overseer. 
The murilage ceremony was re-perlormed by 
Mr. M. C. True, aiitl there were a large num- 
ber of vsluable pre-ents, Mr. George F. Mor- 
gan, superintendent on the corporation, mak- 
ing tlie presentation address, to which Mr. 
Chase responded. The gifts included an ele- 
gant Ice piuber of uii que design, having a 
porc4'lain vessel appropriately painted Willi 
Arctic scenerv, and *»itb silver trimmings; 
gold-lined drinking cup, silver cake basket, 
sliver butler di^h and knife, and fine adjust- 
ed Elgin movement watch, from Lowell 
f riendx, and quite a number from friends 
abroad. Anexwdlent supper was served, 
Ni»d the f uestM were entertained with slncing 
bv Mr. Southwell FarringtoD, and Mrs. 
Woodwortb, and otbernusle. 

ttrott. Sew York 
Oenttemen— Your esteemed favor of the 1st 
!■ Ht hand and the mutter is more mysteriout 
than ever. I have Et-ver made an application to 
become your correapoudent, have never iiefore 
received a letter fro iu you, and never beard of 
tbe Mr. I.4inifr to whom you refer. Be kind 
enough to send me the application to beoome 
your correspond>-nt, wliloh you thlnli was made 
by me, or any of ihe letters referring to tlie mat- 
ter, as I now dei>lre, it po«sible, to asoenain who 
has been deceiving you, and thus wroagflUly 
using my name. . , 

I Aive been Identified with oar local mnsioal 
matiert for many > eara. but I have never yef 
beoome, ocAsked to b iJentllled with, your p». 
per. I have, however, read It with iotereat. but, J 
consider the crlticiam* which hive tbaa Mr ap- 
peared from "Huou" unfair and unjnot. 

Hoping you will promptly respond, I reauJa 
Very traly yours, 

Bsaij. WAixEJS. 

There are a good many people in Lowell 
besides Mr. Walker who are interested In 
knowing who "Huon" is, or was, as nothing 
has appeared in the publicaiiou since the 
criticism of the Easter Sunday music. Ap* 
parently, some one has l>een taking an un- 
pardonable liberty with Mr. Walker's name, 
deceiving tbe publishers of Mu»lc, and 
bringini( Mr. Walker Into a position that is 
altogether undesirable. Doubtless the pub- 
lishers will do their part in busking out the 
author of the very singular criticisms which 
they have publistied. 

That Salaaoa* 

Col. Webber, one of the New Hampshire 
fish commisxioners, who saw and measured 
the salmon found in the canal, writes thus to 
the Manchester Mirror : 

It was a female salmon, judging from the 
shape of tbe bead and jaw", ^ fiicbes long, 
and weighed 11 pounds. Tbeie can be no 
doubt that it was one of last year's run, on 
its way back to the sea after spawning, as a 
fresh-fun salmon from the- sea of that length 
would hitve weighed 19 or 20 pouuds. Ii 
could in no way hive got up into the canal, 
but must have 'entered from tbe upper end 
on iu way down stream. 

The fish wiis cooked yesterday at one of 
the hotels, as it was In perfect licnith appar- 
ently, and verv bright and clean, but when 
cutopeu the fiesh was almost white, like 
that of many brook trout, and as I was told 
last iilKbt by a gentleman who assisted in eat- 
ing it, tSHied exactly like a brook trout, with, 
none of the fat, oily flavor of a fresh-run 

This was undoubtedly due to its having 
lived on such loud as it could find in fresh 
water during the winter, and in fad sucli as 
the 1 1 out live on, and bad lust its color from 
tbe absence of the shrimps, prawns, etc., 
which appear to form tbe fo<id of the salmon 
wiiile In salt water, as their shells are the 
onlv things found in the stomachs ol all the 
salmon that have ever l>een examined when 
fresh from tbe sea. Tbe coloritijr found in 
many of our trout is supposed to bo caused 
by food of u somewhat similar character, and 
the trout ofllie Merrimnck valley arc mostly 
devoid ol high ttolor. When tbe trout get 
plenlv of cadtlice-worras or cray-fisb for food 
tiie Acsh is always high colored, but wlifii 
they depend U|>oii small fish or worms it is 
pale, or almost white. 

All these fads go to prove the theory of 
the fish commissioners of New England, that 
the salmon which go up our rivers, and 
spawn in November, spend one winter in 
fresh water, and only make biennial migra* 
lions for liie purpose of spawning. 

There is no question but that the salmon 
can l>e and are practically restoroil to the 
Merrimack river, snd the number coming up 
is increasing yearly. Seventy (70) salmon 
were seen in the Lawrence fisbway last sum- 
mer, during the hall hour at noon at which 
the fisbway was opened for ins|tection, and 
if there wer? as many passing at otiier i)eri- 
Oila of the day, it would give a total of 
8,800 salmon which passed that fl«hway. 

We know that, in spite of tlie unprece- 
dented low water in llie river in Juno and 
July, '81, nuinl>ers of salmon did go up as 
far as Plymouth, wlierH 125.000 eggs wore 
taken ami hatched, to bo placed in the Pem- 
Igewasset this month, besides 800,000 more 
obtained from Maine, and with a usual llodr 
of water and an Improvement of tbe channel 
hi tbe rocks below tbe flsbway at Amoskeag 

fails, tbei« toOTfivMMMito tSMit 
mueb hurcer naiabtr will m ■» tbia j 

Four abad only iraro mtm \m tho LawriMO 
flshwav, buttbto ma boaeeoontod for by 
the faet that tbej bad baon pnMstbMtl^ oxtar* 
minated In tbe uppor watars, and with the 
exoeptk>nofa lotbroiu|bt Arom Holvok^ln 
1877 Dv great labor and trouble by tbe (bh 
comroisaloners, no effort bat booa made to 
restock tbe upper waters wttb liMse flab, and 
none bad been aeon before for many vears. 

There are plenty of people wbo, Ilka tbe 
a>oy that killed tbe goose witb the golden 
eggs, are so Impatient that tbey cannot wait 
for the proper maturity of an experiment, 
and wbo pronounce tbe attempla to restock 
the Merrimack a failure, because tbe seed 
pianteii has not ooroe up as quickly aa a crop 
of mustard seed; but every year abows a 
suady improvement, and it is a decided slur 
on the enterprise of the.Amerioan people, to 
believe them incapable of doing what has 
been successfully ^Moropllahed In Europe. 

Tiie prohibilory law will expire on tbe 
15ih of June, 1882, ynd aRer that date Ashing 
for salmon by rod and line will Im ttt% to all, 
but netting, traps snd spears will be strictly 

Some of o^ir keen sportsmen will undoubt- 
edly hsve the pleasure of landing tbe flrat 
salmon in Merrimack river by the artificial 
fly next June, and the writer only hopes that 
it may be his good fortune to be "counted 
In." Yours very truly, 

April 28. Samubl Wkbbkr. 

•nUth's Model Fruit Store. 

To obtain a first-lass article, especially ih 
fruit and confectionery, is a matter of con- 
siderable difllcuily, yet there are dealers iu 
all cities of any couse'quence, whose sole aim 
is to keep only what are known aa. fresh, 
wholeoomo, and substantial goods, and fur 
tbe benefit of those of our readers wbo are 
not already aware of the fact, we might say 
that one ox the most popular and reliable es- 
tablishments of this kind iu Ibis section of 
tbe state, is that of F. W. Smiih, which is lo- 
cated at 47 Merrimack street. Mr. Siniih 
lis both a wliolesale and retail dealer 
in pure confeclionery and foreign and 
domestic fruit of all kinds, his goods in 
this direction being noted for their 
first-class qualities, while his prices are as 
moderate and reasonable as those of any sim- 
ilar concern in tlio state. He takes a pride 
ill the gooii name his establishment holds 
throughout this vicinity, as a place where 
fruit and confectionery can l>e obtained tliat 
will give satisraclion in every Instance. Mr. 
Smith transacts a large business, and one 
that is constantly increasing, which lie has 
built up solely u'u Ibe good merits of the arti- 
cles be furninbei to bis customers, and as a 
firKlH:las8 store uf its kind we heartily com- 
mend it to the favorable attention of our 
readers.— [Business Houses of Lowell. 

A nice kid specie purse, lined with chamois 
skin, for 10 cents, is one bargain we offer. 
Come in and look at them. C. I. Hood A 
Co., druggistM, opposite post oflDice. 

Why not interest yourself in your family 
expenses? You can make a great saving by 
u^ing Beach's soaps. 

Smoked fl*h— salmon and halibat— are eon- 
venient to set on tbe table (br breakfast and tea. 
Buy of Whitman, 27 Eaat Merrimacli street, wbo 
also keeps a full stook of everything in bis line. 

|kl0' fMCYtiMlMlllla 




— A»- 

I<«w PrieM. 

»€ Oewfaaq. X* »w* f F r >t— < ♦ H— 4a. 




Tbe O. K. H. AsBocatlon will meet in the 
lor of the Aaieriean House, Wednesday even 
May 8rd. at 7H o'eiedL . ,_, _. 

Baslne«s-The Preiidenfs annaal address. To 
take aetion on the amendment to the eonsutn- 
tiOB. The treaaarer'B report. The aleottoa oi 
olBeers, and aa«h other bniiaess aa asay come 
before It. 

Fapers-Sketflh of the Ufa of the toU Thomsi 
Ordir^. by J. K. Fellows. Ike newspaper 
press la Lowell, by A. OUbuib. 

The pablle ara Invited to attoiid. 
Per Order. A. OILMAN. SeereUry. 

Ana aal dnes will be received by the Treasurer. 

7 1-a OCTAVE, 

round oomers, reae- 

•veratraag bass. A good bargain, 

|.10 dewn and |I0 per month. 
♦iSIaOOa 7« octave, buperb roaewood«aae,. 
elecsntly carved tru*»ea and firotwork psnela 
gpi* ndid tone, and worth loqklug after at once. 
SS|_Ovl» 7)7 octave, roaewood caae, round 
ooriiert front, carved leva and pedal, aerpentlne 
moulding. Overstrung baa« and top dampera. 
Stool, cover and book. '■*' 

CSkL^t /\ IVEB8 A POND 1 OC- 
1 month. Cost $3M. mdeUind cover. 
C^^ Af\ NEW ORGAN, with piano at- 
SKX4:Ua taohment. Magnltloeut walnut 
caae, 5 vearM' guarantee, t down and flO per 
month, at Morae'a Mualc Itooma, 16 Hard atreet. 

weed ease, everatraag . bass. 

rire Insurance written in large amounu ia 
Home and Foreign Compaaiea of tiM lilghest 
(Undtng at abort notice by George F. Bant, tS 
Centjral street, Lowell, Masa. 

The Magee standard parlor ia looking better 
tluin ever. The Magee advanced range and Vea- 
jome are flratrClass. Call and see tbe Magee 
sta. Jard portable low down grate, 61 Market 

Btr«iet, N. J. Wier h Co. 


A full aasortment of parlor stoves, rabges 
fi;maces on band. Sawer and drala pipe, saaatle 
and shelvea for sale. The Magee advanoed range 
ia working aplendldly ; oall and see it, 61 Market 
•treei, N. J. WIerftCo. 

"Hallo, Sam, what's your hurry? Where are 
you goins?" "Oh, I'm going np to Bennett's on 
Dntton atreet to have him aet one of those porta- 
ble clotliea dryera. I'm not going to get up at S 
o'elook Monday morning to shovel a oarter of 
SB acre of dothea-yard. I'm goiag to get hisa to 
pat on Bome rubber moulding, too. Best tiling 

gl oeics, Boncfa and jHeea l wae w t Jfeewrilie* 

Bought aad aold In the Boston and New York 
asarksta by Wm. ijbepard, 28 Genual street. 

Strawberries and Bananas. Hall's 

O M Methtten atreet. Good wa ges. 

ANTIED.— A capable ProteiUnt girl to 
do general bouaework. Apply at thia 



LOST.— On John atreet laat evening, a lady's 
pocket book. Finder leave at oAce of Frank 
Ooburn, Neam tth block. 

17H>R 8AL1B.— Choice peach tree* and roek 

r maple trres; a ao one large elm, fcc. D. W. 

Cleme nt, 36 .School atreet. 

WANTED.— A flrst-clasa book-keeper, must 
be a goo 1 penman and quick at figures. 
Address in own haadwrlUng,^i£. B.,^this ofllce. 

NOTICE.— Thf regular monthly meeting of 
the board ot Patrons or tbe Home tor young 
women and children will occur at the Home, No. 
li John atreet, Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. 
MARIKIT A MELVIN , Secretary. 


\j Mat 2, 1882. 

Notice i« hereby given, under Section 0. Chap- 
ter i(X>. otttie Public Statutes, that Dominic .1. 
Daffy haa applied for a license to sell intoxica- 
ting Ihpiorii ua a retail dealer of the lourlh claas 
at No. 28 Paige street, in said Lowell, fh two 
rooms on flmt floor hm I cellar. 

By order of the Mayor and Aldermen. 

SAMUi^L A. McI'H KIKES, City Clerk._ 


Oar new Plaque \» considered tbe most beauti* 
fill work of art yet. bhuwn bv us; 'It so closely re- 
sembles hand painted work as to deceive good 
jBigts. Remember anybody buying goods to 
the amount of M cents receives one free. 

O. I. HOOD ft CO., Dniggists, 

Opposite Post Ofltee. 

G-. VT. Hilton, M:. I>., 

Late of Chiesgo. 111. 

Offloe at Beiidenoe, 14 Lane Street, nn- 
til Farther Notice. 

Boors : 8 to 10 a. m., 2 to 4 and 8 to 9 p. as. 

Telephone eonneetions. 

Bpedal attention given to diseases of women 
aaaehildren . 


Merino and Uanse Uaderwear, FaneyOo^' 
Hoi-iery, Snnahades, Hpanish Laess, 
Infanu' Laoe Bonnets, at 

ABELS s a ON' a. 

Inltlsls for MarklaffUaderelothiBf foar 

ACID wvociiwninni* 


r 45 Herrlmaok Street, 

(Mterflome terxiliM Hut euuMi 
be f pproMhed by any store Ift 

Large' Blie Wooden Pails, Uto» 

CloUies PiDS, 8 dosen for 10e» 

Dorer Egg Beaters, 21e. 

Basket Floar Moyes 21e. 

Glass BoUliiff Pins 25e. 

Water Closet Paper 10c. a 
paebage, wire loop. 

Pail Wash Boards, lOe. 

Job lor Pearl Bottons lOe. a 

Lanch Baskets 16,80, 25, a8» 
50 and 75c. 

Baskets without eorers 5e. 

Tooth and Nail Brushes lOe. 

. Wire Tea or ColTee Pot Stands. 

Japanese Parasols 5 and 10e« 

Bristle Brushes 25e. 

Pie Backs 42 and 50c. 

Large size Dinner Pails SOc. 

These can only be found at 


45 Merrimack Street. 



The two branches of the City Council will meet 
in convention at the Common Council Room, 
City Hall. TUIC8DAY KVENINO, May », at 8 
o'clock, for the purpose of hearing persons inter- 
ested in tbe matter of accepting an act to dlsnl- 
llnue a part dt the Lower Free Landing, in t^e 
rear of the Market House. ^ «. ._ 

S. A. McPHETBE8,0Ity Clerk. 


We will dellfer on trial, without 

extra charge,' any Lawn 

Mower in the maritet. 

SatisfSMtion gnaran- 


»4 Oewtiml, 1* and la Preaeott Btreeto. 

Men's AU-Wool 





One-Price^ Glothiersj^ 

In thU city, April 2S. by Rev. N. T. Whitaker. 
Qhsrlea B. Seavey and Hannah M Hnghea, botil 
of Lowell. Also oy the aame, April 2», Mr. tloha- 
snn Kershaw and Catherine E. Loveman, both 
of Lowell. 

In this city, at the home of the bride en Satar- 
day evening, April 20, by the Rev. Thomas Ha- 
worth, Mr.lftojelmer Fowler to Miss Marietta 
Baasell, both of I^owell. 

Ib Chelmsford, April 26, at the residence of tko 
bride's father, by Kev. N. C. Saunders. Mr. 
Thomas E. Backman of Lowell and Miss AUee 
M. Stearns of Chelmnford. 


AOHfrr roR bvbrt 



Oellrared in Lowell at mannfaotnrars' J|fMi» 

Tale, Harrarll, Colnitia, anl All Otben. 

Bioylea repaired at lowest prices, 

OaU for ( 


Paper Hangings. 


Artists' Materials, Painters' and 
Kalsominers' Supplies, Salea 
Pore White Lead, Oils and Var- 
nishes, Window Qlass, Brushes, 


117 Central Street 


14 Jaokson Street. 




If yoB haven't more than a foot of land to- 
spare be sure and hare a garden. It is one of -^ 
the greatest laznries we are allowed to indnlge 
in, to h ive nloe fresh Tegetables on tbe table la 
sBmmer. LoU say they will have a garden any- 
way, even it it ooets more than to buy th« Tege> 
table, for they nmtt have tham fk«sh« Try it tois 
•eason aad see if it isn't nios. 

H. A. HELDniG. 128 Oentral Street. 

----■■■■- ■ - 


Take the blghast rank. Bold la liOweD by 

J/hiave lostsr fiwad aaythlnii, advaitfsa<ttl 

^fr ■ V-y'r'*' 


^n^iff^^ M'>' 





%^t l^tofll idailp Courier* 

WCDNCeDAT, MAT 8, 1883. 




•*..Gentleni9n may cry Peas I Peas I but 
tbtra will be no peas until we have warmer 

•.* .Tbera la ona member of tbe leKislatura 
wbo Is so devout a prohibitionist that be will 
not allow anj sncb tbing^as poetio license. 

M • *£boe-strlng Cbalmers baa bean 
Lynched. It Is not often that Lyncb lavy and 
the statutes, and equity, all oolnclde so well. 

....When Mr. Brown of Boston asserted 
that there were of course more sbeep in 
Berksbire county than in Suffolk, be proba- 
bly forgot tbe "lambs" in State street. * 

• •• .Rev. Mr. Loayell of Manchester, N. H., 
has deserted tbe Baptists because tbey are 
not broad enough, and tbe bretbrefi think 
his name does not describe tbe condition of 
his bead any longer. 

....An smusing socouut of a gnme 
of blllisrda played by Tom Thumb 
and Oampanini in St. Louis is given 
in tbe Giobc-Democrnt. Across tbe bill- 
lard table all that was visible of Campa- 
■ini's contestant were a but, a pair of eyes 
and two bands. It was in a hotel and at- 
tracted a croi^d. The contrast in tbe size of 
the contestants, tbe difference in tbe register 
of tbe voices of the ilistlnsuiHbed tenor snd 
tbe celebrated pigmy, which grew more pro- 
nounced as the interest increased, were as re- 
markable BS amusing. Tbe cute little gen- 
eral took advantage of Csropanini's ignorance 
of tbe English language, and made many 
telling side hits at tbe expense of tbe singer 
for the amusement of the bystanders. Among 
them was Cburlos Mapleson, wbo, seeing tbe 
general was a trifle short, offei-ed to lift bim 
np. He ought to have known that none of 
the Thumb family will stand sucb impudence 
•a tbat. "Let roe alone, sir," said ibe little 
man, IndignattQa enlargiug his imaginary 
capacity. "I can reach ns far as you can. 
Wbo Is playing tbis gsme, nnyhowf" 




Wednesdfty hittAnf^^ Mty 8. 


Ot tbe I nlverslty of Athens, will give a iMtare, 
lllastrated by superb stereopticon Tlews, on 
Oreeeelaher Glory. Kemains of anciont art. 
A dramatlo recitation In tbe original Greek 
noiB Oldipus Tyrsnnus. Kegenaratlon of 
Oieede. Portraits of the men who made her 
free. Lord Byron. Athens of today, lbs royal 
family, landing statesmen. Men, women and 
msidens in national oontume, etc. 

TloltrU for sale at K. A K. Bailey * Co. 's, 
Carleton fc Uorey's, andat the door. Price 60 
cents, or S for gl. 25. Doors open at 7. Lecture 
to commence promptly at 7.45. 


8IMON8 A EMEUY. Maxaokks. 


Tony Paiitor's Slept Coinpaiiy. 

18th— Annual Tour— 18th 



The special attraction* will be Teny Pastor's 
comic play, 


with MR. JAC<i1JS18 KRUOBR In 
Vaaaona Impersonations. 



Fitehburg wants a Herdic system. 

Tbe Bprfogfleld aldermen granted 67 liquor 
licenses Saturday evening. 

Although Wareham voted license the|e- 
leolmen bave TVnnM to grunt any. 

Mayor Braiey will not sign tiny license 
granted to women liquor dealers in Fall Rlv- 

Mrs. James Mullett of Salem, nged 60, 
hung herself Saturday. No cause is as- 

Tbe pay of the Fall River policemen bas 
been inorcMod 95 cents a day, being now 

Cbas. L. Stuart of Sterling was found dead 
by the roadside Monday morning, where he 
had fkllen in an apoplectic lit tbe nigbt previ- 

Gen. Sutton made few public bequests. 
His fine Mitsonic library is given to the 
Qrand lodge of MHssachusetts, and bis agri- 
cultural library to tbe West Mew bury Farm- 
ers' club. 

A drunken man arrested in Worcester bad 
over flOOO with him. The city marshal tried 
to persuade him to deposit it in a bank and 
not carry it about with him while be is drink- 
ing, but be didn't beed iho advice. 

A two-yesr-old child ot the Sweney family 
of Adams died witb small-pox Saturday, 
making four of this family wbo bave died 
from tbe disease within three weeks. Tbis 
Is said to be tbe last case m town. 

Tbe bridge rioters at Greenfield did not 
bum tbe town Sunday, as t)iey liiid threat- 
ened. Tbe bail of Flynn's ussulltinls hss been 
reduced to 91000, an<l their trial bas been 
postponed, to await tbe result of bis injuries. 

Michael E. Ames, a deserter from the 
armv, committed a brutal assiiult on Mrs. G. 
A. Caswell of Salem Sunday morning, and 
subsequently attempted to outrsge a Mrs. 
Barton, living on Highland avenue, tbat city. 
He was arrested. 

Tbe friends of tbe Boston Young Men's 
CbriHtian Union rejoice over the completion 
on Tuesdiiv of the fund of $70,000 for tbe 

{urpose o/ enlarging their building on Boyls- 
)n street. Almost 9700 over tbe sum 
named was raised. 

At Quincy, Monday, tbe thirty-eight 11- 
eensod liquor places were closed. Two of 
tbe principal dealers have quit the town. 
Tbe remainder have heen informed that any 
one violating the law by illegulsale of liquor 
will be prosecuted. 

Tbomas Thompson, living in Lynn, kid- 
napped bis two cuildren who were siiiying 
witb bis wife (frotn whom be bns separated) 
In South Boston, Monday, and when his wife 
attempted to recover them assaulted her and 
a young woman wbo Interfered. His wife 
left bim on account of abuse. 

On and alter Monday nil settlements of bal- 
ances for car service between the New Eng- 
I|Uid roads will lie made Ihrough the railway 
Olearing bouse, which is lociited in the pas- 
senger station of tbe Lowell road In Boston, 
and it Is probable tbat event uiilly ticket bal- 
an<^s will be settled in the same wiiy. 

Tbe Worceator chorus wblcb left for New 
Tork to attend the great musi<id festival, 
bora on Its roll^ IM soprano*, ISl alios, 87 
tenors and 107 banses. Tiioy took the Provi- 
denoe and Woruester road to Stonington, 
and thence went on tbe stcumer Maxsnuhu- 
[aatts, wbiob is to be their quarters while in 
Now Tt)rk. They will return Wednesday 
night, leaving New York at tt o'ulook. 

Mr. Pastor will appear as tbe Perplexed Manager. 

The company comprises the following well- 
known srtUts : MuHteai Four— W. fl. Wood, L. 
8. Boasley, Morris Weston, Sam Weston: Miss 
Mattie Vickers and Charles 8. Rogers; The Ir 
win •isters; Lissle 8immH: Wm. Carroll; French 
Twin Sisters: Lester and Allen; Donnelly and 
Drew; Miss Klsle Kruger; Mr. Frank Qirard. 

Brand Concert OrcliGstra anl Brass Band 

Tony Pastor, sole proprietor, always present 
and directing erery performance. 

Hsle of seats commences itOMlay, May Ist, at 
box ofllcp. 

Notable Piano Recitals. 


Oemmenoing ThnncUj, lUy 4th. 





Tie Largest and Best in tlie f orli. 

Talent will tell, and we bare it. 


Card.— Our price of admission being but one 
dime, quite naturally leads the people to think 
the show of a like cheap order; but on the con. 
trarr it is composed* of the best oomedy and m«- 
•loal Ulent in tbe country. Ward, Wambold and 
Pierce's names are household words harfng met- 
ropolitan reputations. 


The wonder oi the lOtb century. CHALET, the 
best VenWiloqulst In the world. The Eleetrlo 
Ught of Bthlupian Comedy, TOM ORANOER. 
llMMiirrays,1X)Msnd UBMRlBTTA,in tholr 
origlaal Irish Sketches emitted "Loto snd Liq- 
uor." the eminent comedian and banjoist. 
FRICD CARROLL. The peerless song and tlanse 
lady, Miss ETfA WAMtfOLD. The sreat noTelty 
sptcUlist, Uuttie Wilson. The king of musioal 
comedy, John H. Byrne. The pleasing bslladist. 
Miss May BUnley. Ibe dashing serio-oomio Lll- 
lieDeane. bteyen Corey, In motto songs. Qeor- 

Cle Brown, ohafage artlxt. .John Uackett, orohes- 
•a and band. Friday Night, Amateurs' Night. 
Admission 10 cents. Reserred seats 26 and 3A 
cents. Tickets for stle at box oflloe. tirand la- 
dies' -ind children's matinee baturday at 2 o'clock. 

Neto at»brrt(«ement«. 

Unriyalled and Unequalled I 

#or ShtHU, 

FOR SALB.-Uomestead house lots wltbla 
two hundred feet of Bridge street. H. A. 







And drop their so-called "wonderfld bargains" 
$2.00 to $5.00 in price to meet us, but WE 
HAVE BUT .JUST BEGUN. Watch our win- 
dowf and secure 


17K>R BALA.— Choice pea«b trees aad roek 
jp maple trees; a so oae large elm, fee. D. W. 
CreieBt> as Sehool street. ' T 

EVJR HAIiC-ifoafe, Zt Mount Washlaa. 
C ton strrot. Apply to Noah R. Hark>w, a 
Broadway, er « Pawta efcet street. ^ 

FOR SALB.-Two 4 
bular boilers In p 

Faulkner Mills. L. 

4 foot horiaontal ta* 
eet eoBditloa at 
W. 'Faulkner* Bon. 

FOR SALF.— The Howe scales. , 
dimentitl food for horses^ad cattle; AraoM'a 
fertilizer; graMs seeds, flour, bay and grain, by 
J. B. Covir A Co., 81 iind 3S Shatluck street. 

FOR MALB.-Small fbrm with old 
house. Sheds, hennery, Ao. Will sell 


ell flroa 

lu to 30 ucres of laud, to suit the purchaser. Sit- 
uated a short distance from tjoilins' nilis fa 
Dracut. Price from |S00 upward. Apply to J 
H. Amet, &i Central street. - 

FOR SALE.— Near Branch ^itreet, taoo wiU 
securi* a m-wly built cottage house with bayV 
window, plaisa, supplied with gas and oltjr wa> 
ter. Lot ut ample iiz» with chance lor stable. 
Price$l70O, or will be sold on the renul plaa. 
Apply to J. 11. Ainei, fiftCentral street. 

Auction Sales. 

Mr. Ernst Perabo and Prof. Carl Baemann, 
King's Professor of Munich, will appear in ex- 
ceptionally line programmes on May 4th and 

lay a 
At»bot AoadeniT hall. 
In the Town ksJI 

May aoth at Andover. Mr. Perabo will play In 

'rofessor Bac 
atS.SO p. m. 


and Professor Baermaan 
Both are at 3.S0 p. m. Trains 
to and from Lowell are very convenient. Season 
tickeu ti.OO, stogie tickets 1 1.00, at Draper's 
and tlie door. Prof. 8. M. Downs of Abbot Acad- 
emy, musical director. 

184 Central Street, Lowell, Mass. 

Real Estate jfM ChelnM, 



On Thnrsday, May 4th, \%%2, 

At % ••eloek P. M. 

Lot 1. The farm of tbe late John A. DIz, ly- 
ing partially In Ix>well, Just off main road lead* 
ing from Lowell to Chelmsford Centre by FVlr 
Grounds, near the resldenoe of William Manning, 

It containr about M acres ot good lerel land, 
SBltaitly divided into Mowing. Tillage, Pasture 
and Wood land, and is well adapted ror market 



, lay 4. 

The Garricks 


The buildings are a 3 l-S-storr bouse and L, 
eontaittiag 10 large rooBM, shed adjoining, horse 
barn, cattle barn, carrisge shed, tool house, 
ben bouse and ice bouse. 

Lot 2. Cranberry meadow on Hale's brook, 
containing about acres. 

Lot I. Two parcels of land containing abont 
14 acres, well walled and on main road, within 
3 minutes' walk of lot 1. 

I shall make a positlTe sale of the abore to 
the highest bidder. 

Terms— $aoo at sale on lot 1, $00 on lot 3. and 
9100 on lot 3. Uther terms nuMle known at the 
sale. ABBY H. DIX. 

I^air (SPOOKS. 


Associated Charities. 

Tickets at Bacon Bros.', Thursday momlng, 
April 27, at o'clock. 

Oapt. Ben. Finuny, of the OrlmlnnI Court, 
St. Louis, M»., known hy every one in that 
etty, says : "ITor three winters I suflfered tor* 
tun witb rheumatism. I was unnble to 
■OTS ol times without erutolies. Some one 
iMommonrlcKl St. Jiiuobs Oil anil I used it. 
BaTso or eight anplieations cureil me, and 
TiMomatIsm baa no terror for ma now.** 




Commenolfic Moisday Bvenlnn, Mnjr 1, 
suidl cndiUB Satordax BT«nlnK,.Msijr 6. 

Grand Competitive Exhibition 




ETery ETaning, and Satoiday Afternoon. 

It is the intention of tbe management to make ' 
the d' sing week one of pleasure to the patrons, 
ard tothaleudConUnuous Musio isrlU be 
gtaraiahed by Twro Bands. 

The evening ssMloas will oontlnne until 10.30. 
Bach evening at o'clock, competitive exhibi- 
tions for prises will takeplaoe. 

Wsdnerday evening. May 8, for gentlemea 
and ladles In couples. 

Thursday evcBing^ May 4, Ibr misses between 
12 and 18 years of age. 

Friday evening. May A, fbr masters between 12 
and 16 years of age. 

Saturday, Hay A. matlaee fh>lB 2 till 4.30; Java* 
nile eshlbitlon at ft.aO, 12 years and under. 

Saturday evenlag. presentation of prises, and 
grand exhibition by the wloaers of the prises. 

IV. B. To avoid any misunderstanding, fe gen- 
eral skating will continue every evening as nsaal 
through the week. An intermission of about 
half an hour from o^ook for the • zbibitlon. 

Tbe management will select a competent aad 
lamttlal oommlttse to aifard the prises. 

nless as usual. 

BJCMJ. CLOUQH, J»., Ibaafrr. * 

Medina's Hair Tinta, 

An anrivalled preparation for the 
hair, is especially recommended to 
all who have suffered from the use of 
poisonous preparations. It will tarn 
gray hair or beard ftom a brown to a 
natural black shade in an hour. It 
is perfectly harmless. 

leia's FoM Lnstml, 

For the preservation, beauty, grrowth 
and restoration of the hair. Tbis 
invaluable preparation <excites the 
scalp to a new and healthy action, 
cleanses it from scurf and dandruff 
and prevents the hair from falling 
off; also is a beautifhl dressing for 
the hair. 

The Hair Tinta and the Lustral are 
prepared only by 

E. J. ]M[EI>II^.A., 



Another lot of those All- Wool Suits adver- 
tised one week ago by a competitor as "a mar- 
vel and a mystery" at *7, worth $12. These 
suits are of a neat pin check pattern and strict- 
ly all-wool. We shall sell them as long as they 
last at 

#4e^O I^er Suit I 

#4.^0 I>ei* Siut I 

BEAR IN MIND we cannot promise all sizes 
on tl^jijiuit a great while, as our sale last Sat- 
urday > showed how quickly a bargain was 
seized by the Lowell pubh'c. 

Cottage bouH« with 7 ltn)sh«-d rooms; has 
good cellar, bay window, plassa, supplied with 
gas and city water; lot of ample slse with ebane* 
for stable i very pleasantly vltuated, ihort dls« 
tance from Brancli itreet. A small amount of 
money for tlie flmt paymeot will seeora tbla 
place. Apply to J. if. Ames. S5 Centnti street. 

T7H>R 8Ar..E.-Just 
iJ newly built 

an I 

nas and city wster, located near to 
B * ■ 


Branch street, with at 

above Northern depot* 
house situated near 
modern oonvenleaees, 
i business on 
ne of bone railroad, la a flrat-cluts neighbor- 
hood. Thii property I* situated lu the beit rent* 
Ing locality the city affords, and is good for aa 
Investn.ent or as a residence. Do not fall to see 
it.- Price only (16OO; easy terms. Apply to J, 
U. Ames, ft5 Oentral itreet. 




Situated No. 30 Howe street, Lowell, M*BS.J 
n new snd second-hand engine lathes, drill aad 
wood turning lathes, and machinery tor WorflSg 
iron and wood. In sood ordar and now raaalaCt 
Sold at a bargain, fn whole or In part, oae or alL 
In<iulreorSPUKAlM BROWN l^weD MaSs. 


comers, ros*. 


Several lines of Men's AU-Wool London 
Knickerbocker suits, called by some the ''too 
utter" style, and sold as *'the cheapest suit in 
New England at $10." We shall sell these suits, 
elegantly made and trimmed, at 

0T.Sa Per Suit I 

#r.^O I^er Suit ! 

We lead the trade in this line as on all oth- 
ers. No wonder we cause a sensation. This 
suit is sold in some stores as hi^h as $18.00 per 

7 1-8, 


_ 1 round eon 

wood case, overstrung bafs. A goud bargalBf 
$30 down and $10 per month. 


fn>^QO« TH ocrste; enperb rosewoodeMe». 
elegifntlv carved trusses and fVvtwork aaaela 
Splendid tone, and worth looitlng after at'Oaea. 

'P ^-iX^ IK **rt'^^ rosewood ease, lajuiA 
corners flwnt, eirvcd legs aatf pedal, serpeima 
moulding, overstrung bass and top dampera. 
Stool, cover and book. 

(1^(11/^ IVBRS A POND 7 OO7 
1 month. Cost $3d0. Stool and cover. 

(B 1 yfl O 1«EW ORGAN, with piano at> 
fDjL*xyJ» tsohmenr. Uugniiiceut walaat 

down and $10 per 
ms, 16 Hurd street. 

case, A years' guarantee. 
m'>nih, at Home's Music 



_ _ PIANO, 4 round corners; heavy 
pun mtuldlng around top; double serpeatlna 
moulding on bottom; carwd Irgs; top dampers; 
splendldtone and bei>t of order; cost $M0 when 
new ; rare bargain, $10 a month. Boston Braaok 
warerooms, 12ti Merrimack street. 

the world, $10 a month payments. 

PBE8COTT OKOAN8 are extremely iae» 
none better; $0 a month pitymi-nts. 

American Organs, $a a mon h pa' meats, 
A. B. Stevens, U. W. Berry, 128 Merrlaiask 
street, Lowell, and an Washington street. Boa* 
ton. _ 


iD-M.^\J ease ; 4 round ; top dampers,nlee toae, 
best oferder^ $9 a month. Boston Branek war^ 
rooms, 12s Merrimack street. 

Eo l/ft. 



BO Congress street, Besfaa. 

/^PSK ICAT 15. 

Woodlawn Park and Restaurant. 

abore Tyafkboro' bridge. First elass aeeommo- 
dalloas for large or small ptenles, reached by 
railroad, steamboat or earnage. Everything 
liew. EsstaBrant at eitr prices. Wot flirther 
parUcBlars apply te ITUAIUB HOWE, ST Cen« 
tral street, Lowell. 

T oat*.— On John street last erealaff, a lady's 
J^ peeketbook. nBdcrleaTeatoaesofJSak 
UaSara, Msaatf th Moek. 

The Caase of the Fright. 

Our many patterns of Strictly All- Wool 
Suits, manufactured to sell at $12 and $15. 
many styles to select firom, elegantly made and 
equal to the best $12 suit in Lowell today, con- 
solidated in one large lot at the wonder ftilly 
low price of 

Look out for our advertisements. We shall 
sell clothing at p rice s never before heard of in 
UNDERSOLD. Examine the so-called wonder- 
ful bargains advertised and then oome to the 
Middlesex and get bargalna that are bargains. 


fTlO LET.— A detirsble tenement la Pawtask* 
JL etvllle. Stable room if desired. Itl^alra at 
this olBce. 

rpo LET.— A tenement near Navr Tavd tIV 

X lege. Price $7.60 par month. Apply 10 J. 
H. Ames, M Central street. 

and garden %\9 9fT«r 
P. Woods, or offlee of 

TO LET.— Tenement 
street. Apply to K. 
Woods, Sherwood ACo., Bridge street. 

TO LET.— Cotton house with X mm of Inad 
in Middlesex Village. Price $10 i 
Ames. U Central street 

Middlesex ViAa 
Apply toJ. H 


r month. 

TO LET.-House 
positethe Park, 
and oold, bafh 
Apply at No. Hg. 

No. SS Nesmlth street, op> 

11 rooms, city water, hot 

room,' gas, fUrnsoe, dry cellar. 

Apply to S.N. Pi 

TO LBT.—Tbe store now occupied 
Hemlngwuy, grocer, at IW Central 
Will be reaoy May 1. 
over the p re mises. 

npO LET.— Unusual ehanee. Spadous • ' 
A. on Kirk street. Owner's family of two i-. 
sons wishes to occupy a portion and take meals 
with teasBt. WM g ve the rialit pemon a rare 
ehanee. Apply to Gumlngs iirotliers, 30 Coap 
tral street. 


'lirANTBD.— A oapabte Protertoat gtrl i* 
YV do general boutework. Apply at this 
efllee. ♦ 

WANTED.— Two excMrrieneed coat SMiltsra. 
Apply to W. L. Bates, 


womaa to do gcntral 
at M School street. 

Bo. 4$ Cbatral 

tltuattoB by aa AaMrtsM 
hoasswork. A^^ 


88, 90 AHD 92 CENTEAt 81*B£ET, Lowell, Mm%. 

ITT ANTED.-lBia«dlatel7, ezaarleaasd 

TY eraters on Boanas embroktenag auafe 

Address lock boa IM, Hater mH. Ma><. 

\|rAirTBDr-A lrst.«lassbookkeeasr. aiaal 
,Vi Magoorpwamsiiaad qaUk al l«yea. 
Address la owa Haatiwrttlag. "UTS.." tklsolev. 

WAMTf D.--Bey aba«« 17 orU years olds 
■as(belatelilgvat,lBdiMtrfottsaad hom- 
••^ AMrMabytettorlahaadwHtiag of ap$l|. 
eaat, "Bsakar r** thia o<$es. ^ ^^^ 

Xi^^^SS?^ niHBI>rATBLT.-At tho 


%'. -V-^' 

Cue l^otoell mm <2tourler, 

TMe Poet m4 tli« Ckll*r«». 

[From the M«7 Wide Awkke] 

With » »»<wy «>' winter saBihlne 

Ovar Ule lock« of gray. 
Ib the old hUtorlo iiiiiii«o« 

He Mt CO hU iMt birthday. 

With his hooke and hU pleMant plctar«« 
. AndhUhoaieholdanabl.kln. 
While u ioand «• of myrUdi elDgliif 
from far »ad oc»r etule In. 

It eam% from hto own fair dty. 
rrwn the pralrle'e hoandlaea plain. 

And the oedam wopda of Maine. 
And bit heart urew warm wlthm hUa. ' 

Were •Inglnf the wnne of him . 

Th- Uye of hli Ufa", glad n»or"i»f . 

ThT oialme of iiU e»enin« time. 
wKe2rhoeH.halllloat forarar __ 

Oathc windi of etery dime. :^ , . 
All tbf Ir beautiful oonaolatlone. 

Sent ortU like bird, of ohear, 
cSe floAlBg ba k to hU w.ndowa, 

iUd eang io the Poot'e ear. 
Oratefal. but «)le«n and tender, : ,^^ 

The inu«lo rose and fell * 

With a Joy nkin to i-adne** , j 

And a greeting like farewell. . 

With a tenia ofawe ba lletenad v i. ?«i, ; 

TO the Tolce. fweet »«* yoanf } 
THe la.t of farth and tVL*"'**!**'^" 

Seemed In the ionga they auBf^ 

' And w«ltlnr a little longer 

For the wonderful ohaage te oeme, 
Ha heard the Sammoning Angel 
Who ealU God*» children home! 

And to him. In a hoMer welcome, -- ~- 

Wa« the myatleal meanlnir given <» . 

Of the wo.d* of the bleaiied M-'t*/: „, 

"-"Of inch la the kingdom of hearen!" 

"All right, old fellow .»• and <»»*y .?*J*^|; 
Atthed".r or the J'-ukluK o«oe ;»'.*'*r^" 
Brother. Jh. k pauwd for a moment. l^wk'nK 
'out" mnl.tlvelv at a aNp of paper bearing 
«lv.^flirurea "Tou hkve kept U>e puce f»- 
ly my boy." was all the wfleciloD o««ed 



an the ehimea 
g Ilia way t*> 

floward eolered the bank -^ 


'''.^v!.?; well. Mr. Howard, the .urn .hall be 
placcl Co ihe oiil gentlemHa'a credit. A very 
bl aaanl Hurpriue lor him." 
'^ On his WHV out Jack pauaed *»d,f f"* * 
check lor ILOOS-IS. It wa. promptly p.W 

•".^S'-^Vo^ut/'^MJ.tck'.mont.. com- 


HOW H« »ouMD rr. 

The 8 20 a.m. train on the I>«nv*r •"|| 
8o^u' P^k de.aincd by a heavy fall 
nf snow ill Pla'tB Canon, rolled Mowiy up 
;ie ?ow. b. oid a. ruclure that aeryed aYgg*;- 
1« lir depot at We*I..D, Col.; t me, 11-30 »• 
m .Wiber il, 1879. The « of aa 


"HeU tlieooly b«p» •! ©•••Tilt. He 

ttlone can flnd the •tatlon." 

"GiStGo*!! Thla la IwrribU. I wUl not 
leave «ou. I cannot, Jnekl" »„.-- 

"Charley, you muat and u OMe. svery 
mlnuie i urJcloua. Your life U not your 
own. Think of Kate. Too mttUio.dear 

'»'if:rw.rrfl'r«''tlia b.MCh.rW.I. 
a clinging graap for an InatMl, and U»n let 

" "By heavenal I will not go I" 
The driver aat nervoua and •«!>•"•"/• 

Jack moved to bU aMe and wh'^P*'**' , Kfi 
must go-HU. you underaundr and nodded 

toward the heavy wagon whip that Uy be- 

alde tie heap of barueaa. 

"Yea. be quick about IL" 

The driver gra-ped Omnt»a ritfn. that hung 
looaely on llie bor-e»e neck. The l«ig lanli 
Saihe cri«p air aavagelf. Both Korwi 
aprang forward with a aInfU «■?«-••,.,„, 

Jack Howard alood alone In Ifce whirling 
HU skeleton waa found Ibare In the 

nacfH aim C01L 




a « a • a • •• 4* a a • * ' 

and Wilkalbarre, 

W*rl« far «laa 




— or ALL — 

truniii and 
marked the tbeo 

terminus ol 


"You can have her for the aaklng." 
"1 ahull not uak." 
"You will notf* 

jShn'Si Jward, uncle, ihort, corpulent, IrM- 
olble. confronted John Howard, nephew, 
Ull, clean-limbed, Imperturbable. 

"Whvr' deinHhded the former, angry. 

"She la a woman for whom I buve no re- 
■peot. She I- H cold, hard, »cheralug woman 

"'"8he'irne'wor»e than any other K>clety 

^"QoVpay tbe daai!" waa young How- 

"%t' 'A» that you should Judge tbi« 
afrir demandid bla uno|e, pHcIng the floor 
with •bort, rapid Htrldea. "You, with your 
dla" pated 'habits, and the "^putatlon of be^ 
Ing the iHHteal man In your aet. What if 
Lb* be called a flirt? ^Vhatlf "l^^ J« J^'''^^ 
'faHtr It would puzzle the worst of her Hex 
tS^keep The pmc you have been going I he 
pant five yoMrs. Who are you, I.wiy, that 
Iron should imlge lierf , . . 

^ "Merely the man whom you would hHve 

liltle importance 
wagoiiH, long mule 

'The 'we'atv paa^enger. turned to the *tt|ge 

I uo wiBi » w" B ••Nocouchea till 

ofllceto lK)oktlilr •""^'',- .";_„,„ iielayed 

P-rV NcwVoHd'lo'break. Good a^ommo- 
wT-i. .Ir Next- gentleman." And tbe 

°^ "jHcr"Xt** do you think of tbe Inter- 
Uation .IT" qioricd Charley Grant, u« the 
frieuds pa..eTl the long, low. slab^lded edl- 

^''n*i7!i'K'.'r«ce to tbe border, of clvUlza- 
tloii Jt u* »ee ir there are any private con- 
vevancea to be had." 

kecour»e to the Imperturbable 
veloped the fact Ibal but one 
vehicur remained In tbe station. 

*"^Blll.'pu"t"?l.e «orrel and gray In the buck- 
boa"d and tell Eb to 8t«p lor two f-rea .'«[ 

Le'dville. Send baggage ««"»o'-'-«*' f 'om 
Very bu«y ueaiion and roads bad from 

• - a • • • 

graph opTrator at Leadvllle r«»lf ed tbe 
following despatch :^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^ 

To John Howard, Laad»lll*,^ OoL : T »«r uncle 

diJd ;*.terday from a stroke of jR»^\_,J»" 

ure bit solr heir. rJS.^7** ?' 

" —[The Argonaut. 


wr^kBAeaea aa uuasmon W *■* vaei w *ff7w 
TSSSSSTor Mia. aU oj« tt^ap^r,^ 
witneas to the earattva rirtmt* ot vtmrum. 
Names IhrnlahM «poa appUeaUon. ladorsad 






egg slsa •••• 

Laakawanaa, White Ash 

atova alaa 


wrankll* •*.•• » m 

-tKUatfora-h^-rd^ -d-ivarad 

Atoo Floor, Com. 0*«»*^""***^ "^^ 


Oidan Ml at the aAaa, oppMtt* 

fair Graand 

to. . — ■ 

&EWX8 A SO V, 


dOA.L and l?V^OOI>, 

•nar lavita aU tbalr friends kB^t^^K 
c^SoOly iaaaUaad leara their orders. Vood 
irtSrWskrt^ tootoraord. Coal bjr bask*t ar 

8lta«< the »aw Utk Wood aad Coal Ya^d. 

Lewii * Bob, 80, 71, 73 Oluurlei Street, 

Ordafn by i^tal aard will raaalTa prompt a^ 
Orders raaaivd Hsr aaprasrtng and Jobbiag. 




Kidney diseaara amiot the graatar ^. -. --. ;^^-^~^t,ttiia»i» 

and they are aonataatly on the^i* "gj^ by DnigglsU « 

* —■-*"—" ofpiloe. $1 pcirWa: 

human race, and they are aonataatly 
crease, but wht re the virtues of K:dney-Wort 
luiTebeeonieknowa. they are bald In check and 
■paedlly cured. L«t those who have had to con 
•Uatly dose »plriti of nitre and soah stuff. gWe 
thU groat remedy a trial and 0a e«r«HL In the 
dry form It li most eoonomleal. U the liquid the 
motft conrenient.— [Phlla " 


ladles In (ha mor. reflMd Alrelaa of aoal^ 
haVtioagpted tham as the hart ra«edy tn a* Ibr 
Cbraala Waakaeasaa. ^ 

Maay teachers of yaaal^-aajo^nd ^g^^'% 


«•. bear witness to the aerUJa 



•aai by asall anoa icealpt 
•U boxes. %O.Lattarsara 

wil wd aaTTeied by VskUltol faiiala phy.Urtaa 
5SiTui"7«j?ns(rar. ^ vjiaable PWblg 
mUled tni. Address H. ». TUAYKB ft Co., w 
Taatpla Place. Boatoa 

Coal and Wood. 





Saad in your orders by measaagar, mall or tal- 
aphoae aaStbay will reoalva prompt atteatioa. 

MtfatloB this aaper. 

Mme. Haaly's Toaia PllU are soM by 
omOWBLI. * MAmillBOB. Apotbe^rla.. 
vm Oentral rtraat, Lawa^^ 

Ooaataatly on hand, a* lowas 

Ala«Wo««* Flam», Hay, 
it, BaaA* *a. 

OsUn, 0«rB« 

Yui and Elerator-iOe Qtotham Street. 


agent de- 


It was en- 


^^'ThTtwo men addresKed. having nothing to 
«w1p ill refutJiiion of ihe last lorclble as-tf-r- 
HontacUlyaSited it. truth. A tey, m\»- 
"°"' ^* ^ Buck-b«>«rd, Kenllemen,"^from 



uu-s later, "Buck-board, genllemen, 
nl^tuc turn Bill. •'Gimme a couple of b«il- 
tlie tHCiiurii »' , g ,„e, geutle- 

'•"*•' "l? o« iToeT'eron 'he' divide 
If conscious that the 

Motkern! M«thmrm ! t MMkmn 1 1 1 
Are yoQ disturbed at night aad broken of year 
rest by a sick child sulTerlni and anrlng with the 
exoruclatlng pain of auttlng teeth? If so. go at 
^ rnd Jet a bottle of MILB. W««LOW 8 
SOOTHINO 8YBUP. 1» wUl railera the poor 
UtUe sufferer immedUtely-depead upon It ; there 
U no mlsUke about It. There la not a asother aa 
Mrtb who has ever used It. who wUl noi tell you 
^ once that It wUl regulate the boweU. and gWe 
rest to the mother, and reUef and health to the 
child, operating like magla. It la perlbctly safe 
to use m all cases, and pleasaat »• the taste 
te the prascrlptioa of one aT the oldest and bast 
frmale physloUns aad nurses in the 
atat... 8o«.'»verrwbara. «g aaota a bottle 



men. , 

I'll eat 'eiu." and. 

Kb »mll«"d superiorly, 


a weik^Ttlempt at f . isklnesH. lo-t 
.«-- nnd the buck-board rolled 
II the 


rngfir?he'deep'r"utof-lbe frozen ground 
along III III" " K , <rK« uneven roB 

had passed 

rbe uneven road 

her many 


ner oiar.v." Kuid bis ncuhew, twisting hw 
heavy moustache caresHingly. "S.mllai ity of 
tastes In the pursulla you have so aptly m.;n- 

_ttoned ought ^rlaiiily to render u" mu ual y 
forbearing, but would hardly «««duce to the 
moral ImiTovement of either. A.t all events 

h T?eH%tluUy decline to put the matter to I 

;•: ^^f'You'aro ungrateful, air!" exclslmed the 
Aldman D..UHin<< in his imrop and confrout- 
IngKephew. --Havel no claims upon 
lo^urgrHtitude, aftx-r nil the care snd money 
expPiKle.1 upon you these years r 

A slow fl.Uh rone to the young man's 
cheek, and llic sleepy, dark eyes ganed 
.lumr>ering fire aa lie drew bunnelf lollie lull 
he"ght of hts six feet. "I admit my oblifju- 
tion to you, **lr; but believe me, had I been 
' aware that Tou were simply enhancing iny 
JJlue as a satiable article f should have de- 
clined your generosity. In nny way consist- 
ent with mv'^manhood I am ready to attest 
' to} iratltude lor your kindness But what 
you "»k Is absolut4?ly Unpossiblc.' 

"Then vou are no nepuew of mine." I n 
old man WU8 purple with rage. "1 disow 
. Jou^.^?! H" ungraleftil dog sir I sn ungrate^ 

fuldogl I shall alter my will at once, sir 
-" And muttering raaledlcliona on the you I 
who a ood so calm und«jr the tirade, the old 
gentleman iiiove.l to tbe secretary and almost 
fostantly returned with a parchment roll In 
trembling hands. "I disown you, sir; my 
home Is yours no longer. There arc your 
bXaaVd expectation.." And the old man 
jXtedto tUe parchment, crackling and 
w tithing In the flumes of the open grate. 

"You have relieved me of a great obliga- 
tion sir. The real of my debt I hope to dis- 
charge soon," said Jack, carefully examin ng 
- fhe end of »««'?:'"•• "Your wlati regarding 
our separate establishments shall be attended 
?o at once. Have you any other suggestion. 

^^'Jott'If my sight, sir. at oncel" -boutcd 

tbe old man. . , „ , u i t.-i- 

"Explicit, thciugh unkind," laughed Jack 
as he sauntered liotn the room. 

• « • • • • 

the wheels^cruncbed viciously. 

Thfl wind eanie rushing over ine piain 
with ahTr«-, vimliclive «.ream. and the air 
;'as white^r.h snow that «-ut,thc face^ "avj 
agely. Tbe horsfs were 

W H E A T 


, •••maeta« »7 Talapli*»«. 

H. W««eater *> €)•.••. •» «•"«- 

ik atraet. - 




OorHamft Btraa*. 



Wholaaale aad retail dealer la all kinds of Wast- 
era. Caaada aad Markhara^ 




• .»' 

"Kendall, can you toll me the sum total of 
the bills my uncle has paid for me during the 
oast ten yelirsr' inqulr. d Jack, a few hours 
later, as he stood by the old book-keeper's 
desk in his uncle's offlce. 

"Why, yes, in a little while," answered the 

° "Be so kind, then." And Jack became 
immediately immersed In the stock columns 
of the morning paper. 

For half an hour there was a silence be- 
tween the pair. Then the old clerk handed 
tbe voung man a slip of paper. 

"You are sure it covers all r' 

"Yes. Mr. Howard always bad your 
oount kept separate, for soine reason ; 
had only to run over the totals." 

Howard sauntered Into his broker's pri 
vtte ofllce, tbe «Hp of paper in bis vest pock- 

^'•'Mr. McEbry. tell ouj my Chrysolite at 
onc!:andlS.ce'the proceeds, less brokerage, 
in mv credit at Brown Brother.." 

'^ut Mr. Howard, atock. are rl.Ing, and 
Chrysolite ii^the bead of the list and going 
steadily up. I would advise holding oa" 

"I want the money today. 

Kuirh'the low drlfU which bad begun ic 
fllUhJ trail. The weht range had disap 
pcared from ilew. The driver's face was 

'".'■.'BrGri'e! tie deserves a fortune for 
overcomh« the .lifllcultie* he meets with In 
;eSrn"Sidvnie,set.lug aside those that 
Lwait him there," growled Grant. 
*BBt when the Kl Dorado Is reacheil, and 
the'^Hu";.e won.and that little home and 
sweet Katie Sheldon gained, how slight ine 
bardshii^s will seem then," said Jack, cheen- 

'^His companion brlghteued visibly. . 

"Thai lM)<«'tty well aasnred already. Jack. 
I go into tli firm when I return, and Kate 
lo'd me when we parted that "Of d'«" ^ 
think she could let me go away again. So, 
iSvUle Sr no Leadvllle. happiness awaits 
mv re urn I wish that I could feel that the 
SmJ3\ortune was In store for you, dear 

°'"Tbe"flootl tide will come In good 
Charley." said Howard, quietly, and 
there fell a long silence. „i„i„. in 

The wind was rushing over the ?'»«"« ^ 
fierce gust.., snd the snow was driving blind- 
Ev The driver peered with strained eyes 
Ktch here and there ahead the fast d Isap- 
mSm track. It bad grown piercingly 
ffi'rho horses, almost blinded, turned 
their heads this way and that to escape the 
t:fnp.« blast Charley, wrapped In happy 
5reS, is become almost oblivious to tlie 
wiUlsform which had burst upon them. Not 
I^ Howard. His face grew more and more 
^l»e At last be leaned forward and laid 
KJ hand upon the driver's shoulder. The 
man turned and his eyes met Jack' 
their troubled expression 

"''"iSSw'far Is It to the stallonf 

"Fivetnlles, If « '<>«<•'' „, 

"Can vou keep the trull r' 

"I Mii'tl See! this cursed wagon drags 

through the drias. If we cut 

aiid make a break with tbe 





lMomrim«id«l br ObealA aadP^ysMMa aa 

|a pobitivb tomio, always ^ 

Im tt doee n»t etlmnlal* the benin «P*Hrlta.a 



llfcewby makea only «»• bsm"*^ ""JJ^J™ 

iKldaars. torUjyiaa the •p^ ^If^Si tau 
OfBea 19 Park Place. If ew Tew OMg- 


^ VSBBT*'^-^ CMgOUin). 

U wUl core enUrriy the wore* ferm a« ^^ 

pbdnt.. II orarUn tront.f, Infla-««Uon •»* ^^ 

SptaiOW-ka.-. aud 1. pwiieuUrU •^•P*^ *• ^ 

^ early .Uge of derriopmeiil «» »*«»*^I* "^ 

T^rwnore. fining n*t«l«.cy. d-tn^-aU ««^»»« 
.. ,._.. .n.i »1 laves weiikuMS of the I 

l>MWkleBbaa «MUtlaa 



Also Flae, Oadar and Sproaa Shihglas, Clap- 
boards, Laths, Fence Pickets, Poet., Ac. 


Planing, Matehlng aad Bawlag done to order. 

Oornor of Book and Mt. Yornon Streets, 

M. C. Pratt & Co. 

Woold call the attanUon.of aoatraotor. and 
eoBsaaters to thdr larfa stock of 

Boards, aftpboards, IrfUhs^ Got- 
ten, Mouldings, Brwkcte, 
Doors, Windows and Frames, 
Hard Wood Flooring and 
Sheathing, Spruce and South- 
ern Pine Timber, 


'•' ' Wheat Bitters are sold by 
caOWKLI^ A^ HARRIBOWf Apothecaria., 
1S» Central atreat, Lowell. . 

foretlmuUnt*. »»<t relleTce we^u. 

•STf-ia. of 1-aH.» -own. ^T-J;'^'^ 
«wfllatallttaiei«id «idw all clrc««-tai>eeMct In 

ji:?iy ;fi!sruw.ti-»««thef«^2rs; 

TJ th. cureof Kidney OoaiP>»*-^ •' •'*^ "* "^ 
Compoond U awmrp e T d. „„„__.«»-«>•»• 

T--. Mos. PHoetL BlxboltleeforIA ieBt^f aMii 

Ks!^ of ,srir^«."-3or« «''-«*2i^ 
^pi of pHc. •»!-»-* '-•vL»;7oJi2S^ 

fi*rtyaJi»weni all letter, of inquiry, ■wdtor »Mnp»- 
l«t. Addrwa M ab oT.. lf«ii»on IW» Av*". 

HotMdly Aonld b. without tTDIAB. PIWHAlPi 
UTSB Pnxa. They e«ra eon ^p e Mo n^^ 

Branch Offloea in OontralTille, 
PawtuoketYlUe, and at Meohanios 



Said by all Prwggtata. 




Foralfhed at short noUoa. HaTiag a mUl la 
eoaaeetlon with oor yard wa are prepared to tar- 
nisb promptly every description of 

Mill and House Finish. 

Wameslt Steam Mills. 


Wa bare received a large stock of l^^^** 
hoae and wUl sell at the lowest market rata.. 
AJw Hose Pipe, Coupling., Washers, Aa. 

#ood 8aw»d aad'Bfllt. 


read I 

loose froin It 

and I 

and prefer to 

.gfll," said Jack, briefly, and wun^"^^^ ,«"*• 
^ Going through a rapid mental calcuUtloD, 
he muttered under his niouatacbe: 'About 
a thousand. Better than I hoped for." And 
then a voice sounded at bis elbow: 

"Hallo. Jack 1 What are yoo muttering 
about in that wayf' . ,„ _^ 

"My fortune, Charley," laughed Howard. 

«»Wp1I, If I had such a fortune In prospect 
a. you have, I wouldn't look ao solemn about 
it, old man." . . 

"And how much do you think it docs or 
will amount tof" 

'♦Rumor, with Its hundred tongues, ha. 
not one tongue tint puu It at less than Any 
thouMnd a year." 

"Humph f Truthful rumor," said Jack. 

Gharlay Orant looked at his friend inoulr- 
inwiT "Jaek. soraethiug i. the matter. Yon 
hare bad a row with the old gentleman, as 

"•.Vi^VJK^'^lmly awented Howard. 

«Dto! with ^ «t »•»"<«'««;•;',,•>»• Char- 
1^. I want your whole evening." 

The driver paused and looked In his listen- 
rr^e^es a- if seeking resolulloii to goon 
Howhrd'i dark eyes were thoughtful and al- 

"""YoS'ihlnk the only chance for Mifcty is U> 

'^'"Yer'wo can run them for all that;. In 
»i.«m and nerhBDsmake the alatlon. Hnt It 
wSuic clSe ca^l s?U,e best, and"-bendiog 
hi. h^.d nearer Jack, and glancing "•r]'"'"'/ 
ioward Cbarley-*'only two can go. So long 
asXre Is a shadow of a trail I can follow it, 
but if^golng fast in this gale. For God's sake 

•^ The SlJJk'iyr.! had lo.t their look of trouble. 
The handsome face was pale but calm a. wa. 

"Cut the horM Ioom," came the answer, 
short and sharp. "Charley, we njiist leave 
the wagon. Tumble out, old man I ' 

Jack was ahready on th. groUiid, removfiiK 
with rapid, skilful hands tbe Uavv i»»rn«* 
f^om the cowering horse.. Cit«r!er came 
back from dreamland, from the Ittle bonje 
of his fancy, and climbed bewllderedly U 

*^*'"5rh*t"^«re you leaving the wagon torf 
Are you going to camp hero? What's all the 

"The row I., my dear boy, that the wagon 

sUcks In tbe driftt a»d we arej^ns ^ *»•'> 
on for the Matlon on hOTMback." 

"All ready, .Irf* wtW the driver meaning- 
ly, looking anxiously at Jack. 

^' All ready. Here, Charley, up you got 
Now ride hard and sUok cloae to your 

•"The llrlver MUMd «o ••^o"**'?'';;- j^k»»» 

"BuTwhAire y*u folna to do, Jack F 

a n.! rharlev looked from hi. companion to 

face, .truck bim •• with a Wow. Ha grew 
*'*"lly&*idl Jack, what la thUf Can't we 

*""?rold fellow, we otnnot," »Id Jack. 
"Butwhyahoufd you be Ur TbI. man 
what rlgU baa he more than either of 

ui— " 









Neui«lcla oHCldnev ™«*J^- 
rmiiM^ WeaSWaaa. 

Are Bapc^clw «• Pada. 

Ajra Saperior t* Otatasenta or Salwea. 
.JUnampnUir taVleecHelty ' 
INMy aa> lasaiadlatalr. 

iihya.b t a » 

l^ay Paaitivaly Car*. 

rinkham's VegeUble Compound U sold toy 
CROWKI.Ii A HARRiaOM, Apothecaria.. 
Vt9 Central Stree t. liowall. 





ling, elegantly per- 1 
Iriiined and hann-l 
lies*. Remayie.1 
IdandnifT, restores I 
I natural co1.t aad I 
prevents baldness I 
It rtnti (o^ |1 1 
|tlM* at drun'***- 




M livliMlei VN^tciet fl«llli«er leteidcaiH 

TEffi5o!Seo«bin.lio« of Ginger Buchu^ 

Mi-Sake. SdlHafi*.«««-»"y •^Sf^lSCiiSf 

, Mcetabb iWiSMSas knawa, cure. aU «•<**««■ 

SjniawelsVltefalch, Uw, kutoey. and lung.. »is 

UN HpiMi Ami WlC^^!i!Si. 

II vM aia siifiilng som Pcmaw qoa~''*»* 
.famMMM. WakeSlaem, Rbetimatim . 

Fan aiA Garilea SiiwM 

o"^ ••* "lESSr, K& 

Mowers, Ae. 

Hoes. Eakei, 
Eakes, Lawn 


MoaTAR ■Tonc 


„ rim. 

mlngT Boreea Door Sprlngi. Butt. »»«* C"*«J»«' 
Wlra 6toth, aU Wldths^for door, and windows. 

Nails. Sheet Li-ad and Lead IMpe. Zinc, . 
anned. Brass. Nickel and Hronxe Door T. 




Vo. 27 Thorndike Street. 


i:rare White Lead, L«n»««d Ol) Turpeatlne 
'feolor. for Hon«e snd Carrisgj- I'alntlng. Also a 
large asaovtment Paint, VarnlHh and WhttawMh 

Branch Ome* mt Caldaiwood'a, 3S Mar- 
rlmaek ■treat* 










MiSSra ^aUJ JoH'^.'iia^'iSiM.'C'. 
Uoistlog Pulleys and Blocks. 

€has. E. Ailams's 

Hardware. Paint and Seed Stores. 

226 and 228 lliddleiei Stnet. 
heab MoKTBagy papoT. 


Parker's Glnfer*0Bla1» iold by 
OBOWBIX * HAiiBJpWM, Apoth«eartea 

«dUiio«|^ the CfeOCKkk VlL. 
eiSelfsMl eiway. be foaad at 
GarUif A Co.*§* 

M beatMi St., 


lastGimHofses for Sale 


I ■ ■■■" ""^' ■ I ■ ' ' ■■' 



allow nor 
planar baTtaf, a 
I that the woM h 

g. T. liiUeiSTBB * CO., 

palm oC aoBsa other 
^^Ua« ausa. 


atTLn or sranio doooa 


Fiaka'a Blook. 




I..'; Ifxg 


L., lilftfiTOI aad W. B. ddO^OB 

■ ■ < ■ t< ,' <■ ■' -. ■ 

w OAK wwmBmt 

ataaeh .table. aKeMr,Mal>e, 





Mra. Pertly are 



Haad and power, lor 

wAMun Is* wtdafnh at 




die UtoeU gaag (to nxitt: 




. Tka PnMtlaal emmtrf* 

TIM practical pantry ehould loelode the 
«ao featuraa m iba pnuitloal klMheo, light, 
hewoTer, being les. neoeMarr. Bhelve. 
•hould Il»e at leaat two aide., but never high- 
•r thaa one eaa roach eoinfortably .tanding 
laaehair. Beyond thl. point they are aim- 
ply lodging place, for du»t. On one side 
tbernayba not more than two feet from 
the floor, allowing room underneath for a 
Sw of wooden buclfets or flrkli.s neMSwry 
for .ugar, corn meal, etc. On the other may 
be drawers at ieuHt three tlfep. aiul there 
should if posHlhle be space for the flour bar- 
Ml. If there can b« also a *mall table on 
whidb ctkft or (le«H^rt»t can be made, the mis- 
treM will And It a fur more «»'n'^"'*' .*LP«!^ 
for such work than the ^"tchen. If tWre I. 
■0 room for this. Its yla.-. «««»,b« «"•<* ?? ? 
Urge p*«try h<»aca tIUmI with hingea and a 
reiTunderne.lh, *huh, when not ^"■•; 
ean be folded ui> agHlnnt tl*«^ "/"•"l', J" 
down as occasion requires. A ^•■jS;*"?!!; 
drawer, howt^ver, Is inoHt ••♦'•'"J*'*'' ,J.\"i 
drawer to hold all the m»re *"'"*fc5'3*S| 
fer delicate cookery that In the W*«» ®"JJ 
average servant have n.> P'**^', "»/ JSSS? 
lave as superfluities for imu»«-dHie ^^'^t'^fl 
Son Here sbouW be lardlnit snd trussing 
nwdlei, your ball of ntrluK, graU-r- and pa.C 
rrerlmiir. whre oil ».htlvcs above or hung 
J5 SSu&d. orde" a- best pleases, may be 
all the toola you bent like In your own work, 
the cakVand biscuit cutters. Riuvy and Jelly 
ilraSJerira Dover e« iHsater, we^hU anO 
B^asures, ana the luaay small essentials for 
SSd and expeditious work, including your 
S^enamele'd sauce- pan. and •. ,f«? f Jjj! 
lag kettle with wire basket. All this take. 
leM apace than may be lmugii»ed, and when 
onoe arranged requires comparatively little 
work to keep it In order. Ev ery jar or can 
Id which dry stores are kept should have a 
dLtluclly mHrtiea isbel, that no t me need b« 
k>st In looking for a needed article. It u 
■eediesH to sny that such a pantry »«i>ould be 
kei>t locked unl<a« the Hi«rvaut Is except lonal- 
ly Valthful. In which case It may P"?ve ,o her 
also a wfuge from the overheate<I kitchen 
and tbe beet place for bread and cake maK- 
ing.— [Our Continent. 

A Oooa Uttla Bey MoiT. 

A little boy wanUd a drum. His mother, 
wlahlng to give him an Impressive loMon, 
■uggested that If he should pray for It he 
might receive one. 8o at night, when ready 
for bed, he knelt down and prayed : 
Kow I lay ma down to sleep, 

(I want a drum) 
I pray the Lord ay soul to keep, 

(1 want a drum) 
If I should die before I waka, 
(1 want a. drum) .^ ^ . 
I pray tha Lord my soul toUka, 
(1 want a drum). 
Hli father, who had been let Into the se- 
aret, had meanwhile quietly placed a drum 
on the bed. Aa the youngstjer rose and his 
eve fell on the drum he exclaimed, n an em- 
pVatlc manner, thst banished al serious 
ihougbta from the minds of hi. listeners 
"Where the devil did that drum come from 7 

A lady, writing about raising rose. In pot. 
In the houM, reuches the conclusion that the 
one .vldent object In Jjuylng is to cul- 
tivate the flret-class virtues. You show 

"fiSS" m buying <>°f'«"'^'/«^;:;TharS 
keeping lt,aiul you wlli need all the ch«r - 
ty** you can muster to keep from pitching it 

oot of doors. 

A oonalderable number of young English 
women are on their way across the Atlantic 
to aupplj the want of servant girls so much 
eomplalnodof. We expect, therefore, shortly 
to hear that "MUsus la nit iit 'oine," Instead 
of "Sure, she towlil me to say she wasn't In, 
aor.**— [AnJrew. 'tt Queen. 

' People"wbd live on the Jerwjy mirlBei 
have undertaken a new Industry, which 
promisee well,— the raising of terrapins. All 

tbe plant necessary «« « "»^»"o^ ".f'iY.'^J^!: 
ditch, plenty of crumbs and sinall fl=.h for 
food, a aandbank where the turtles can de- 
Msll their eggH hiuI a small boy to keep off 
SJ crowS. The Industry Is said to be more 
profitable than oy t>ler raising . 

Another peculiar character who has Just 
cone to the grave was Edwin Burdsall, the 
expert coin clerk of the .ub-treasury. He 
h«a .caulred by years of practice a nlcetv of 
Siio^lon which enabled hira to delect base 
2G?y Si^ouch I have seen this tested in 
Si following m«nner: Twenty^ gold pieces 
were heaoed In a platter, ail but one beliig 
Snr^urdMall, wUh averted eyes, woul^ 
KShU Angers through the msss and J™"™®- 
dlately thrSw out the fraud. In i eoly to ii^- 
JulriS he slways said that he co"l<f nof ^^ 
how tbe detect on was made. The only ex 
SfaMtion WHK that bud money did ndl feel 
Hgbt.— [Now Yo rk Cor. Con cord Monlto r. 

ington Critic .ays: It l» customary for the 
oflclalB at the navy yard on occasions when 
the SJecretary of the havy visit, the yard, to 
«»■ ■•lute of 17 Kuns In his honor. On 
SSse o'cti""" alHo*; the -marines" turn out 
In hill dress, anil present arms when the 8ec- 
Siry pssse/'throuKh the gate. Secretary 
rhan^ler.ln company with Secretary Lin- 
SR went down to tf.o yard Friday after- 
Soon but there were no full-dress murine, to 
SSvehltn.nordld a single cannon peal 
forth It. thunder. The following dialogue, 
which took plMce over ' the telephone, will 
pbabl?^ explain the reason why thl. was 

«H«llo, central office." i 

"Krcall the Navy Yard for the chief 

c1«rk of the Navy Department." 

'•All right." «. ,»„ 

"That you, NtvyYtirdf" 

"Yea " .a 

•' Wel'l, tell ihe commandant of "te yard 

that the Secretary of the Navy »";' S«8ecre. 

wry of Wtr will drive down lu a little while." 

"But." sald'ihfl voice at the other end, "the 
BwStaty of the^avy d..«« not desire any dto- 
JuTof eny klnd-uo full-dresa marine., no 
flrin« of eannonn." , .. , ...*/> *h« 

T?e two aecreturles made their way to the 
ytrd. aad were not greeted with any dlspley 
whatever. On the contrary the drums were 
Dufled,and the "Piketl. ThW U a 
DOMensical and fooILh custom done awav 
with, at least duMogSeoreUry Chandler'. 
termofoMoe.' ^^^ 

« Asa *• 0«e a>'alf . 

Thooianda of paraons araaonsUatly troaWad 
wlthawiablBation of dlsaasaa. DlMaMd kid- 
■ar. aad eo-Wva bowels are their tenaaators 
Thay sboold kaow thU Kldaey-Wort aaU oa 
thcee onaaa at tha same time, eaaslag tham to 
tiuowogtha poison, that have •»W*«*J' 
i»4iertaewU|t*«^^»«"»^ HnnAedeie.- 


Vnsiness Cams. 



'W'ABT ▲• HALJj, M. D., 

17 USX. 8TREBT, Lewell, MaM. 

Oftea lioars from 1 to B p. ■• 
1'^ BO. W. BATCHMiDlp* 

ProteUbasiaasaaad aonvayaaaaa apaataltla.. 
oaea U OaaUal street. ^ 


9rs anti #ancs 6ooti0. 



Beyrafg/a, Soiatioa, Lumbago, 

Baokache, Sofn§st of ih9 Chatt, 

Soui, Quimy, So^ Throat, 5a»//« 

ingt and Spraint, Burnt and 

Soa/dt, Banaral Bodilf 


Tooth, Ear and Hoadacho, Froatod 

Foot and Fan, and all othor 

Point Olid Mehot. 

Vo Pwpaimttoh on earth equals St. Jacoss Oa 
Ma lu/i^r; HmpUjai cheap «xt»nial 
BMBedr. A trfad eDt£u hot tiie oompatatlTely 
trifllBC oaOay <rf M Caata. and ejeryoae suffir. 
toi wTui pato can bave oheap sad posiaT* prvof 
ot Maelalaw. 

Dlraotloaa In BeTea Uacnac*.. 



SaMmore, M*., U,a.A. 

-j^ P. aWKBTHBR. 



oaflahoar..«to»p. 1. . 

Waxjbioh a. dalt. 
CtomiPieUor- At - Laiv. 

^^aOOOD M OMVLlt* 

^^ OtvU ■■uliaeera Mi* iwi ve jora* 

oao..e atavaae* Bloak. aor. MavrlM* «d 
Prasaott iueau. All work |»«f*«><»f*;_f- ,^ 
^SSTaft gu»^en street ; O. M. Bipa U, t78 Oant ral rt. 

•fjrtBLYlM B. aiflTtt, 

cnrii* wmanmmm. abd bubymtob, 

Vlaba*o BlMk» lia OeHtral Mveee* 

Oidata win be alliniel te with promptnaaei 


At Bfiaynard**, 

78 Mdnimaok Streat. 

Bni ffOOHtf. 


J. F. LENVOir, D.D.S. 
I>eiita.l RoomiSy 

76 Memmaok Street, - Edeon Block. 


Open today aO pleees •«« of these oalabrated 

Black Cashmeres 

M laebes wide (and they measara that), at 

«0 Cents a Yard! 

Actoally told by our eompetitora at 7ft 
ocDts and eonsiderad cheap. 

"yg^ H. 8IMMON8, 


Has opeDMl denUl rooms at •^^■?'_'J*fi 

Lowell BeiMt Store, 

136 Kerrimiok Street, 


I have aU.waol banting at Ifc. 
«er yafo; extra flae double widtn 
lady eloth at iWc per yard : raulk- 
iii'r Mills 3 leaf. M la. wide, pare 
Indlao blae at ll.Sift and glM par 
yard, and averjthlug down atbotp 
ton price. I have also a Irst- 
ahiss Uilor aoaneotad with tha 


/umiture atOi Cavpeti* 


Maadlaa the TOoai, wa o«w oar Uuga .letik a* 
ftarBltoi«at lower prieas. AU Uada of eabtoji 
work made t« order. Also taodara aad aa tteM 
fhraltara repaired. 


e» riaUlsar MNei* 

The Spring Campaign 

For renoTftting the house or fnraiah- 
inic the new home is at hand, and 


At their ert^nsive 

Furniture and Carpet 

"*■' '-^.^ 

ottt pain 

J7DVM Uvil*«ai av^aaaw aaw rw^ ■»■ ^«— ^ — --^ 

iBT, and Is prepared to ezecnte idl wpnc 
to dentistry. Teeth extracted with* 
r a oaw mettaod. gatlstactlon foar* 
rloas low. 

24 Central Street^ 


St. jMob'. Oil is sold by 

C^tO^irBLL * HARRISOa, Apotheaaria. 

IW Central street, Lowell, 

Veterinary Surgeon, 

Has remoTcd fi-om No. 26 Westford street to 

Ho. 14 Ooral, near 217 Westford St. 

Conaeeted by telephone with all parU- of the 
dty. . 




B. Soaaaell, alty laspaetor of boUars. Offloe 
and retldences coanaoted with telephone. 


ColoreA All-Vool Dress M, 

Doable width, at 
V Many of these shades are sold at V^ aenU. 


riom37 J[^ail».t9j2.Qg a Yard. 

Black, OllTa, Brvnae, Plwm, Havy, 

Brown and Oaraat Shadaa or Draaa 

0llkB at Roek Bottom Prieaa 

IB Bwary laataaaa. 


121—126 Central Street. 


Tou want your slelKlis stored la a dry phM.^ Do 
»OB want your eaSla«e. pabited or irarBlshed 
lr*hh »" d stoek. and wan ««"•»• «•«' P""' 
If res, bring then to le Bock street, aad we will 
do them as we state abora. W* aharga but a 
trlda per aionth for storaAa. 

B. P. DlCKINSOir. 

Janndloe Bitters, a remedy Ibr all billons com 
p'aints, Impurities of tbe b! 

Among the SpecialtieB 

A N€ff«r-P»Illii« Onr© ftor Bmai 
I BoAldm Brni siee, Ctt ta, Soreo,jeto»j 

After toaetr jeeueu of ^'^**!i.^*i^ 
min Killer ataxidfl unrivaled. 

ItUMiA»l It ibcta Immediately t 

for a rtngle hour, 
yrom theOuiotMf*i Dhroat 
We have seen Ita. magic e 

.. A- • - —•^^ A«*dMl^ 



Bdttttr or tHe St. John (H. B.) J^ews. aays : 
^^InfleEwoundB, aobM, psilnB, sores, etc. , 

It is the iHoK gfSualjnmoar welmowof . 

Nofaml^.8ho«Jd be wlthoiit a hottJo of It 

„^ .^, . effects, and know 


From L B. ^w. V. •. Oownd at Creieid. 

'•StSSSSySwof iiae,lam«itteaedlt 
to poSttve^ efflclent as aheoUn g remedy 
for wounds, t>rnl8C8, and OTH^wv 

^* ''i^S?y5irPAM KiLtBB firequentty. n 

like magla 
'* ^' 58? sS^to' a nd horns it has no e<inaL 
PEBitT DATBT PAIN KTT . T . ra U not 

tthaabeen In conatant uaa i «?*^<»K!!i- 
£»re need It tha longeat art iU ^frien^ 
lU a«ooeaslaen«rriv hwjansoof ttainerlt. 
Slnee the Pain Killer was flrat inteoduoj^ 
hundred* of new medicines have come and 

e JCtraslTaly used and mora t»V»»y 3~"~ 

^Se ?eU/or ase. if ach I«»f -f *^*3 

dootora' blrii may agflj HrJrKl T)i5S«5 
appUoation of the Pain KlUer. VnmemiM 

ofaohiUL iSTltonoothaTOngW.*"*;* 
WlUpr&TelUTalae. Your drnagUt ha. It 
St 8(^. 500. and ai.0O per botOe. 

Ptaav PAVia a aofePgy^ggy,, , 

£. A. McGtannon, M. D., 

Graduate of MoOlll College, Canada, mambar 
of the College of Physician* and Surgeons, Qn- 
urlo, lloentlita of the Collage of PhynTclani aad 
Burgeons, Quebec late shl* surgeon In the 
MUsUelppl A Dominion aad Warren A Co. 
steanubip oompanles. 
omea. Bo. T Wallas Block, Morrlsmaafc at. 

Realdanee. Merrlmac House. 



W^nnan'i Exolianre Boildine, Boom 9. 

stocks. Bonds and all kinds of Investra^ent Seou ^ 
HUes bouaht In the Bo«ton, New York and San 

TSaS^r oflSttSn MInina and Stock Kxohaaga. 
jyOflce connected by Telephone. 

— IH OUBr- 

dition of the itomaob, 
pared by 

ilood, disordered cou- 
Mrer and bowels. Pra- 

M. O. CABTBH, Apothecary, 

Oor. Marrimaek and Bridge SU. 


We offer » handsome line of 








LoveUM Boner Worlds, 

TAHHEE 8TKEET, Lowell, Maia.,^ 

Mannfltctarar of and dealer la 

Dr. Veterinary Surgery. 

OBce and Inflmuut : 

Oflioa hours 8 to 10 a. m. ; 1 to » p. m. 

y Bpnnc c. bicb, 
SoUoitor of American and Foreign 

Patents procured. PatantabiUty of InTentloni 
OBtoat 1 Pambarton Bq., Boatoss, Baas. 

MaybefoundeTenlng. at reeldenoe, Ko. 1S9 
lEMtMerrtmack St., oor. Nesmlth. Lowell. Be- 
SS torSuSuM^jhUie Co.. Wooif.. Sherwaod A 


^Ele^geLVLt, I>e8ia:iis 


Steel and Iron Boilers, 

t21S^ J**ot Kttles, SteamBoxestor Prlni 
Works, Penstocks. Fhimas. S"**^"- .J""^ 
JM^ifor Turbine wfiaal Worii. A^. "y^'"'^ 
Md Screw Presses of •" •!»• s, 'I'h I>»bbl«isJ 

Appleton Bloek, Central Htreet, 

Offer their leryioes in aisiiting etarj 
want and taste for interior deoorationt. 
Erery detail of Honie Supplies, from 


Oan be fonnd in onr itook, or will be ob- 
tained, or manofaotored, to meet ths 
rarions wants of our patrons, and no 
pains will be spared to meet the appro- 
bation of all parties fayoriog us with 
their orders. In our several departments 
will be presented many types and qn ali- 
ties of 




Adapied to any demand, for woods, oor- 
erings and finish, and it will girs as 
pleasure to exhibit our line of wares aad 
quote prioes, which we guarantee will >e 

As Low as the Lowest, 

Quality of work oonsidered. 





Sold elsewhere at $1.60. 

We Warrant Them Pure 

Slltr— . — 

tsi isir. 

most approTed pattern. 

''^slSi'ndi'and boflers bought, sold and .«• 

^ Ad&rass att aommanleatioas to 


Also Inspector ol Boilers tor tha at? of Low 
ell. Besldenca and works connected by teU 
phone. ■ — 



Children's Carriages I 


Tvni Darla*. Pain Killer is sold by 

CBOWBIil. *. HABBIBOW, Apotheaarias, 

130 Central strsat. LoweU. 


Hota<f for its Hard aad TongblMetal, Its 
large Tarlaties ot 


{ And for It. uarlTaUad Hawspi«>er.FaoeB. 

Address orders to JOHN K. BOOBBS. Agent 

»^,re'SaJ?£d Journal typal. fro- this 



BnAh as tlatarrli. Diseases of tbe I.ttngs, fbroat, 

5!lS3scmi^i»turlnsoaaadin tha treatment 

^^WhSSTduSlia* are •«'«blaJI£aa*?i*V2; 
«J7 ^aZMMtofdlMasaa araaolwsrabla. Tear 
SSt SjWiSbirthUmoBth, not »«t. Hanoi 
^SSmTZm nat oidf dangafous bat fatal. Pre. 
SrtSd^ Vt% TO ItoroSadollar. uid p^ent. 
SSSSl by £f .Math for •S.OOto tle410taiatadias 





Vo. 4 Merrimaok Street, 

riaee befhra the poMle the 



oftha MaMB. Also, 

areen Peaa, String Beans, Let- 

tnoe, Badiahea, Bpinaoh and 


Ramambar tg Laaaba ara Sarinff Lamb. 

If you iiant a Black Silk do 
not fliil to examine our celebrat- 
ed Cachemire De NotI, which are 
nniyersally acknowledged the 
best in the market. Samples 
cheerfully gWen for comparison 
with other makes. 


Vos. 80 and 82 MerrJmaollBRarset. 



We are eonfident in onr abilit? to 
offer honest goods at honest nrioes. Aa 
ininectioa is solioited . 

0«MidtattMaa Viraa* ThmT^m^Wvwwa* 

can Ihr the Deetor*. aook. oa Health a^ Me. 

cSL»Ho«r*-ftoitttoMi^«.j« to S a»d T 

tafn.B. aaaday. 


thine to MtraaAMOTao that are not used from 
Ss^m? •rKrJolUhto warranty f^^!^, *",fi 
Md nlxtwa. tdnilay. Oaoa isMd no temlly will 
K irtthoSnt. A««au wantad all over tha U. •. 

9. 0. coaaarr a ■0N.2!Sr!'J!r?.'^i 



George Wilkes, Jr., 

Bla«(», rtar, little whlia an 
erenr Ibot. lex haadfc w^shs 
107S lb... li year. oW. look 
ttie Srst pr0(iihi«i at Maa- 
diastar. K. M., Itata V^r, A. 
D. 1S7S; aMo >t Braird, 
VtjStatafSr, MSI. Il«»r 
tralaadftTtha track. Show? jl«"«rtaiajBd^ halt 

tt- ;on ?*ce. 

itaetttcj: a:) :»ta"'«'*' 

Ald rApaas floa aAUi sr^ahaadna 

if nit pi^aetiT.. '^>^„S»'fc2r*i,r^, 

• Thasr aolors were prepawl by Mr. Masury af t- 
r. ^^n^ Wra* exDertence In palntlns and colors. 
Form^r^Ssn [ryr. t..5y hare fully m-^n- 
t^nad all that l» claimed for them In bod»- 
SreSlng clp-iltr and "l-^bmty. The onl 
•tandard Hue ot colors In paste lorm Is 

Masury'8 Railroad Colors, 

Intended for erery dewrlptlon o^.f "••rtor and 
Interior Painting. The most reliable, strictly 
pnre Unseed oil liquid paint is 

Masury's Liquid Paints 

The areat popularity of these colors, hoth rail- 
road aSd Uqil^ Is shown by the noreaslas de- 
mand Kith each seasoB, aa p-opla •••" «»y a*. 
MTlenoe tha wofthl> ss character of the M aallad 
ShlmLMi nalnts. Masory's Colora are also far 

Mould or paste paint yet offered, tha maor Iml- 
.tor* and followara of Mr. Masury helDcAff be- 
bMhrmluthl.matt«r. This U proTa^jyoad 
question by oomparias sample cards of Masnry's 
with other makes. 

Ba aara sus4 nat Ma mt Mwntry*. iaaa- 
pla Caraa l»f&ff ]r«« **!«*• 

B«.lda.havlasthaaKMt aoaplat* stoak of the 
•lMTawlot.,wahav. for sale 

Forest Bitw Lead and Colors, dry and 
is eil, Oilt, Varnishes, Bhellaos, 
Japaas, Patty, &o. 


wi»daw, ©••- -a '•^•- •»^'*"* 

all klasaa P«l»tl"«t Kala«mlmlis« 
ama WaUawaaH Braahao* 


Fnmitnre and Oarpet Wareroosss, 
Appleton Block, Central Street. 


'^* ** iRi • 

OEOBQB SUTTLBtakre this method to • 
net a mlsappraheasloa exist* ng In r*H,»t^J^rj 

Motion an^Trights In the sbore n»med <>emel*r>. 

"a aSolntment of Mr. L,ons \o ^^rf^M. 
careTTha grouad. in n. wl.e «n«ei^Xo?5 

?*eK?;sX'tf". o"«%";nd 7ap;;;i.-ion-rf 

two hand?edor more lot- which the owners haja 
oUwed In his hand., hor with the <»" of ""J 
fottM m .y yet ba lelt In bis keeping, tboofh to 
Sd "tT.aI 'the wlshe. of •"^J^'J^""^ JS 
SiSS n\ •^'?Km 'A£nlllyr?.d"^S^w^ 

^^^^r^i^^^^^r. Tre"e".'tri'Sei:» 
^^?&t rVoTods't^Mm and ho^-S^to --jtt 


■«^cted by talaphona^ ^ 

Oa B. OOBXJBN ft OO.s 

86 Maiket ItNel* L«ii<^* liMS. 




For thJa wreei 

-DowBnr WOOD. 

rwtwBaxMXt 8UBOiK»r» 




a t — 

■t I- 





V •^■■% 


PBOFBIBTOB* AMD PuBi.uiini«», 
Mmcvm BaUdlas. MerrlmMk M. 

TBRM8 • Six Dollar* » year. dflUrered by cw- 
H«r In "l thlokly wtttod prnH* of tke oUy : or at 
WoeAU» month; or 16 oaij^U » week. Slnile 

^ttvEttrWINO: One l»oh In length of ool- 
mme (twelre line* of DonpjKreU typ«) ooMtltutei 

* T?ninSint adreHiteiMnM 7» eento » ioanre for 
•rat laaerllon, and 'i& oenta for eaeh tubaequent 

*MoUoeii In reading type W centa a line for each 
leaf than M oen'a 

No oharge i 
notice! in 

type, to follow 
i aborerefular 

dwelllnff-houMa, or iu premiaea oonoeoted 
witb dwelliiig-bouaea, and also further re> 
■trictinff the lasuliig of lleenaei on preniitet 
wUere a license bai been forfelled. There 
waa a warm onalaugbt made on tbe bill by 
tbe Ilcenae men, ami tbey finally succeeded m 
■ubalitutlng a new bill providing ibat ibc au- 
thorities "aliall" Instead of "may" close all 
the back entrances to licensed places on Sun- 
day. It is thought that today tbe license 
members will find that tbey got a good deal 
more than tbey bargained for. One yery 
good point was made against them in the de- 
bale.which wa« that when any measure Is pro- 
posed to maHe more efflclenl tbe license law, 

Inserlioo. „ 

Reading notices In nonpareil 
general reading matter one-tlilrd 

gpedal notloea following reading notloca, 20 
BaroenU above regular ratea. 
"Business notloe^ In plain reading tXP*. »t^«»<* 
«f local column, ten cents a line for each laser- 

**AdrerUsen»ents In the Dally Courier will be 
Baerted also In the Weekly Journal, for a «)or- 
Msptfndlng time, for one-half more than the Ua y 
Drtoe. Thus \hv price for one square In the Uaiiy 
Courier one month la $6.00. !"»»«•»«>»» •**!••;""*; 
nent would be Inserted in the Weekly Joui na 
for the same month for $2.60. Total in both 

^•Banalent 'advcrtlsementa under the head^ oPj ^ly^g ,, joj,^ Sherman men for 1884. 
Found, Board, Rooms, Kor »aie. 

Ibey always oppose it. But^ alasl real can- 
dor nud perfect good faith are none too plen- 
ty on cither side. If thl» new bill to which 
they virtually agreed yesterday, turns out as 
stringent as some of them feared, tbe license 
men for once have voted for a very strong re- 
strictive pr ovinlon. 


c« g, yoon sc g;%> 

T^ffi; ell^'i/c^nts"; llne'loV three insertions; 
«Mh addltionul Insertion 3 cents per Une. HO 

obarge lor less than two lines. 

L«5ral, notices $1.60 a square for three ^^ser- 

One square with the prirl ege of 
twice a week (the l>ally Courier included), one 
year $30; or $26 without the paper. 
' No omU allowed unless they are upon metal 
vbttoma. . 

No double-column advertisements recelreOf 

mnleas lor two full columns. 

49-The DAILY COURIER U the leadlnc dally 
^ paper In Middlesex county, and has a larger clr- 

•olatlon than any other. „^^ . , 

Urge and excellent family paper, is also pub- 
llsbed by Harden k Howell. It Is one of the 
Ikrgeat weekly papers in Massachusetts, and has 
a larger droulatlon In the country towns in the 
aalgbborhood of Lowell than all the other naoers 
rabliabed In tlie county combined; and It is 
tkerefore the best advertising medium lor Lowell 
■erehants. Subscription price, $1.80 per year in 
advance, free of postage. Liberal terms to 
mttersup of clubs. AdvertUements reasonable 

"Wf^f!; . , GEORGE A. HARDEN. 


Some of the greenbackcru announce them- 

say he has acted just aa nearly up to their fa- 
vorite principles as be could, while secretary 


tfiye 1/obrU I9atlp Courier. 

WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 1882. 

of Ihe tnaaury. ^ 

^ 1-^4** P"""' Schari is asking ex-cabinet minister 

Chang ng^ 3,^,^5 g„ucy questions. Ex-cabinet nrtuistcr 

Schurz has been asked saucy questions in bis 

day, and he has never answered them, 


It looks as If Governor Long would have 
another supreme court judge to appoint. 

AU accounlH agree that Qen. Ai tbur is an 
executive of unexpected ability, that be uu- 
dt rstauds the business of governing rather 
l)etter ti)an anybody we have bad at tl>e 
White House for a good many years.— 
[Wash. Ck)r. Springfield Itepublican. 

My conception of man's relation to God 
out of the work of Jesus, is, not only that lie 
Is an erring creature whose life la full of rals- 
takea, but that be also is a sinful creatui-e 
who has transgressed the great laws of right- 
eousness. That he is therefore guilty before 
God of disobedience and wrong doing. Tlie 
idea that be inherits his guilt Irom any an- 
cestor away back to tbe first man, I distinct- 
ly repudiate. Ills guilt Is his own, and Is ex- 
actly measured by his own liehavior toward 
God and the great laws of right.— [Rev. Mr. 
Lea veil. _^_^_ 

Speaker Noyea called a meeting of chair- 
men ofcoramittees this morning to consult aa 
to how business may be pushed in the House. 
If they will all pull and push together, and 
waste no time, two weeks will wind up the^ 
legislative worsted. 

The nearer the democrats got to the bill 
for renewing tbe national bank system, the 
less opposition tbey manifested, and at the 
end they will all probably agree to It, except 
those in whom tbe greenback hue is predom- 
inant. It was found utterly impoaslble to 

lUitke this a partv issue. 

^^^^ , .'-',> , 

TbiB conference which the "regulars," as 
tbey are called, bad with the ••independents" 
in Pennsylvania, develops a fact which al- 
ways comes to tbe surface in these matters, 
that what the independents want is their 
ahare, if not somebody else's share also, of 
the offlccB. This Mr. Wolfe, who has made 
such a howl, will be satisfied with tbe lieu- 
tenant-governorship, and if he can have that 
he will endeavor to satisfy bis independent 
clan. ^^^^^^^___^ 

The Senate has appointed a committee of 
Ave to consider whether it will return the 
Kelgs bill, as requested by the House. The 
bill was declared by the Senate as improper- 
ly before them, because it was broader than 
the petition on which it was baaed. To re- 
fuse to send it back at the request of the 
House so that it may be put in shape which 
the Senate will consUer proper, would Indl- 
oate that there is something else besides pro- 
priety at issue. We do not recall an instance 
when either branch has ever refused, or 
even hesitated, to send back a paper, when 
requested by tbe other. 

The policy of coercion in dealing with 
Irish grievances having proved a complete 
and disgraceful failure, Mr. Gladstone, with 
commendable boldness, has determined upon 
a course of conciliation and concession. 
That this course will be productive of a bet- 
ter foeling between the English and Irish 
branches of tbe nominally united kingdom 
admits of no question, though some snags 
may be encountered in carrying it into ef- 
fect. The release of the members of Parlia- 
neatand other suspects is a good beginning. 
Mr. For«ter, while not sympathizing witb 
tbe new course of his leader, has helped it 
not a little by taking himself out of the way. 
Mr. Gladstone proposes to have peace and 
order in Ireland, and be has adopted the 
proper moans to secure them. The change, 
it la to be hoped, marks tbe beginning of a 
happier time for Ireland. 

The New York Timea cannot Join in any 
congratulations over tbe ao-called and, aa It 
thinks, mia^lled "proaperlty'» which baa 
enabled Uncle Sam to pay off nearly fourteen 
and a half million dollars of bis debt during 
the month of April. This amount, and mil- 
lions more, the Times aaya, is a heavy tax 
paid by every family. Last year for instance, 
according to tbe Times, our people paid 
(axes on iron and steel used by them, to the 
uaount of almost twenty-one and a 
bajf million dollars. This would be terrible, 
lldeedy if it were actually so much sextra 
m^Mity paid for nails and door-latcbea, fences, 
looif, machinery, and vehicles. But the 
^flgMt ahPfty* leaves out of the account, what 
^f^Aoold have bad to pay for our iron and 
ilaal, If fonlfo producers could have monop- 
oltoed tiM market as they once did. At pres- 
Wt:|h«v« Maathing to say in fixing these 
^taaa. kM*VW tka tariff has enabled us to 
'^McaaffrMtuany af the articles ourselves. 

Ittaa otf fha Liquor Law had a 

igllf Boasa jasierday prohibiting 

la be exercised in 

The IjCfflslatvrc— Liquor Lleeases tu 
I>wellliSK« — The Melf{s Railroad 
Scheme Afialn. 

In the Senate Tuesday Mr. Crocker of Suf- 
folk moved that a committee of five be ap- 
pointed to consider and report what action 
the Senate shall take upon the request of the 
House for the return of the papers relating to 
tbe Meigs elevated railroad scheme. Tbe 
motion prevailed, but the committee was not 
appointed. A report was presented Increas- 
ing tbe salaries of certain justices and clerks 
of police courts, among them that of the 
Judge of the first district court of eastern 
Middlesex, whliih it fixes at fl500. The 
Worcester sewage bill was discussed, but not 
acted upon. ' 

After a long debate the House engrossed 
the bill to regulate tbe exercise of liquor li- 
censes in dwellings, but it was totally 
changed, and now provides that the uulhori- 
tiea "Bhall"— instead of ""may"- close the in- 
terior passages to rooms where liquor Is 
sold from rooms used as dwelling-places. 
The bribery committee reported that there 
were no facts on which to base the charge 
of bribery, but that Mr. Allen was justified 
from what he heard in believing the chsrge 
to be true. A bill to raise ^he pay of attend- 
ants of tbe legislature was admitted. It gives 
the messengers f5 a dav, tbe doorkeepers, as- 
sistant doorkeepers and postmaster f5 a day 
and f 100 extra at tbe close of the session, and 
pages f 3 a day. It was explained that it re- 
stored the salaries to where tbey were before 
the reduction of 1876, and to tbe point at 
which tbey stood for twelve years before 
that date. 

The bill for the better protection of sheep 
from dogs was rejected. 

The horrible prostration and the power- 
less exhaustion which cling to tbe diphther- 
itic convalescent, have been overcome by 
Hood's Sarsaparilla. 

Owing to its purity, excellence 

sales of the Congress Yeast Pow- 

and low 
price, tbe 

der in our midst are constantly iacreusing 
Ask for it in paper packages to save expense 
of tin cans. 

Smoked fish— salmon and haltbnt'-are con- 
venient to set on tbe table for breakfast and tea. 
Buy of Whitman, 27 East Merrimack street, who 
also keeps a full stock of everything in his line. 

Fire Insurance written in large amounts In 
tJome and Foreign Companies of the highest 
•Undlng at short notice by George F. Hunt, 28 
Central street, Liowell, Mass. 

The Magee standiu-d parlor Is looking better 
than ever. Tbe Magee advanced range and Yen. 
dome are flrst-olass. Call and see the Magee 
Bta. iard portable low down grate, 61 Market 
street, N. J. WIer h Co. 

A tall assortment of parlor stoves, ranges and 
furnaces on hand. Bswer and drain pipe, mantle 
and shelves far sale. The Magee advanced range 
Is working splendidly; call and see It, 61 Market 
street, M. .1 

Wler ft Co. 

fines of the sores. I aball..take tw o^^_ 
bottles, and then the cure will be complela. 
•l am ttr^^mry^^^y^nuAV. 

HOpyS ft »R8*P>WLU 

body. ^__ 

Ringmotm Humor and SaH-Hkim, 

c I Hood & Co.: Gentlemen— • • • • 
I iMve had ringworm humor andaalUb«»m 

sores; so, also, mv headand g®VJ »»*? 
had any number ol doctors In »• »« ■•▼•J 
vMnMid none ol them could cure »•• One 

that niver did me any ««x»i.L*SI%5?;5 
taken two small botOaa «>l??ilW/tt„*? 
^sanarilU. and used tliree boxea o^P«>^ 
S^nTnTnoW call mysslf ciu^ IfSftSf 
^ be seen of, Uie hungr^but tte^dtatorf 

then the cure wil 

Biliousness, Sick Headache, 

- • TrmrntJ>, Maaa. 
MBSSM. C. I. ftoop ft CO • Gento-Ptoaje 

send me by express t«<>5?t"USff fi dSl 
BAFARiLUiandafew CookBooka »« «JJ 

irlbntlon. Y|>ur P'«Py«i^^^ JK'KJ 
wonders In the case of my wUe, who nas 
b^en troubled with sick headache andbll- 
lousness for years. She only took onejhall 
teaspoonful at a dose, and lu« >»^."S^h?? 
wellfor five years aa now. She found that 
within a week after UkUig it rtie felt very 
much letter, and Is now *n«J*»y "SftSSS 
Uiose severe lieadaches. She has n«»J»«5 
anyol any account slnee^ last "Prtngj«^»4 



Is sold by all drnggiat^ Prtee $1. or ate 
large bottles for fT Prepared oniric. I. 
HOOD ft CO.. Apothecaries, Lowell, Maaa. 
gy Use Uooo'a Tootu-Powdkk. 




The well knowB Job Gardaaer, aaw eflaring 
apon his eiaveath year la 

Landscape and Job Ganlenins 

In Lowell aad visliUty, woald aaBoaaes to the 
public that he is naklag eatanslv* preparattoas 
for the Spring work, and iMdda hlsBSalf la readi- 
ness to ezeeate all orders entroated to hiss la a 
thorough and sattsfbetory numaer. Hs Is able 
to furnish all kinds of 


Also sodding, maaare, loaas aad ftttlag. TDBP- 
I NO done lathe best saaaaar : a good sapply 
always on hand. All orders will raeeive prompt 
attention. Satlafaokloa gaaraatead, and at 
prices whl^ will eomaaead thamselves. 

il^ierman ^ ^nnins. n 

Sherman i(, Manning, 

Largest Farnlture 


FROM fSNOLAND for laying oat land la per- 
manent lawns and pleasure groa,«ds Airalshed on 
apiillcatlon.- Orders may be left In BOX COS- 
SVAi DANK and SALKM 8TRKST8, or at 
lUCKKTVILLU; or sent by mail to Uox 26. 

Carpet Dealers, 

And Largest and Best Located 
Wareroams in the City, 

Best Selected and Best Amaged 
Stock Erer Hhown in IjOw- 

IGUal €Mttt* 


Seal Estate aiiii Insiirsiice. 

lo. 1 Prewott St., LowsU. 

Help of All Kiadi, botk Male ud Fe- 
male, Fnmiihad and Wanted. 

<tas the HlgtMamAa— CoUag*. 7 rooas, eltr 
water, sewer. «000 fiiel laad aovarad wish aholea 
frait. Prlee 92200. Bxeallcat aetgabors. (M» 

Bfearakaw MMklac Oa»—» story thOMS. 

10 ialshed rooms, bath rooas, water ekis«t,d0«Ma 
bay window, j>lassa, gas, cliy water, sewer, 1 




White Com Hominy, 
White Com Meal, 
White Corn Flour, 

White Wheat Graham. 
White Wheat Qroata. 

All fresli ground and for sale by 

8A.M«I< N. MTOOD * MOM« 
No. 47 .IlKitt^r Slr««t. 



Felt Roofing Company. 


Bee Hive Trcule Mark, 

Every Parcel Branded, 

All Our Roofs Are Warranted I 

Our books will show that all business men ree> 
ognlze the merits of our Hoofing, and year after 
y«ar call for mere of It. Aft»'r an experience ol 
eii{bteen years, with a large gan^ of roofers who 
have attended to no other buiinoss within ^lat 
time, we feel fully competent to give our cus- 
tomers the very best root that can be made. > 



will leave the eorner ot Bobbins and Westford 
street!) at S a. m., and every hour afterwards 
uvtll 10 p. m. Leave Merrimack street depot at 
0.30 o'. lock and every hour thereafter until 10 30 
o'clock. Eoute: Weslft>rd, Chelaiaford, Api>le- 
ton, Central and Merrimack sUeeU to depot aad 
return. Fare 6c. School children 4. 

Hundays : Leave the corner of Bobbins and 
Westford streets at a. m., and every hour after- 
ward until 9 p. m. I^eave Merrimack street de> 
pot St 9J0 a. m., and every hour af teugards un- 
til 9.30 p. m. 

shed, nearly dOOO leatlaad. rrlee $1900. (JS) 

In ■ Pleaaaat Vlllag(ai a few mllca froi 
»tty cottage, peeti 
land, apples, pears,^ peaehes and other 

Lowell, a very pretty cottage, peetry. X acres 
land, apples, pears, peaehes and other iri 
pl^sa Ibr potiUsy. rriee only tMA. 

ait. good 

Boston & Maine RaUroad. 


Leave Boston for Lowell, Wednesday, at 11.10 
p. m. ; Friday, at 11.15 p. m. 

J. W. BENNETT & 00: 



Has Removed to No. 20 Central 
Street, Next Door to Times 

"Hallo, Sam, what's your harry? Where are 
you golna?" "Oh, I'm going up to Bennett's on 
Dntton street to have him set one of those porta- 
ble clothes dryers. I'm not going to get up at 8 
o'clock Monday morning to shovel a uarter ol 
an acre of clothes-yard. I'm going to get him to 
pat on some rubber moulding, too. Best tbing 

X«ay CarriugM, 
Offatt a Wbitaker. 10 and 21 Market street, 
hare inst reeelTed a large assortment of ehil. 
df«B's>earrlages, which they are selling on the 
most reasonable terms. 

jr««e U Tour Time 
to famish up your booses, and Offutt & Whlta- 
ker, 10 and 21 Market street, have a large stock 
of earpks, chamber sets, ranges, and everything 
In the hottsekefplng line at very low prices. 

CarpwU, mmmur; S0, 

A new and elegant llac of carpeU, parlor sulu; 
chamber seU, housekeeping goods of all kinds, 
at th« lowest cash prices or on the Instalment 
plan, at Benner Bros.', 1» and i40 Oeatral street. 

WumOur* €md CurpHB. ' 
Sherman h Maaninghave a large llac of hoase- 
bold furniture, blaok walaat, ash aad painted 
chamber suites. Maw and dcgaat styles at very 
low prices. No.« P fcssott street, toathwlsk 



f V. 


A Haril f ortii Braess Hai 

Said to us lately, after taking his daily health 
lift: "There, doctor, I feel a good deal bitter 
now. I Just came from a busy, tiresome day In 
Boston, but mw I feel perf'ptly rested and am 
golnR to finish my day's work by writing in the 
offlce till 10 o'clock," and he added, "Every busi- 
ness man, every clerk, and every bank otncial in 
Lowell ought to take this health lift daily. Tliey 
would fecfbctter uod do their work easier." But- 
ler Health Lift relieves fatigue. Go and try it a 
week free. 41 Merrimack street. 


Our new Plaque is considered ihe most benuti* 
ftal work of art yet shown by us; It so closely re- 
sembles hand-painted work as to deceive good 
Judges. Remember anybody buying goods to 
tbe amount of 26 cants receives one free. 

C. I. HOOD ft CO., Druggists, 

Opposite Poet OiBce. 


Leave Lowell for Boston at |8.30 a. m., 12.00 
noon, 4.16 and 6.40 p. m. Retornlng, leave Boc> 
ton for Lowell at 8.00 a. m. and 6.00 p. m. 

Leave Lowell for Lawrence at aso a. m. aad 
8.10 p.m. Returning, leave Lawrence for Low- 
•11 at 8.20 a. m., 12.00 noon, and 6.40 p. m. 


Gen. Agt., Lowell. 


Look at These Figures ! 

The .£tna will Insure your life, oostlng from 
f 11.00 per $1000 upwards, according to age; only 
one payment each year. This old and strong 
company furnishes reliable insurance at less cosl 
than any other good company. 

ALLEN T. HODGE, No. 1 Prescottstreet, or 
OEORGK E. METOALF, 30 Central street, will 
give all particulars. ■ 




Polloles issued under the provisions of the aew 
Massachusetts non-forfeiture law give definite 
paid-up and cash values, which are mach more 
liberal than those heretofore offered by any com- 


69 CENTRAL 8TUEET, Lowell. 


G^. ^W. Hilton, IWC. I>., 

Late of Chicago, IU. 

Office at Betidenoe, 14 Lane Street, un- 
til Further Votioe. 

Hears: etoMa.aB.,Sto4anda toVp. m. ^ 

Telephone connections. 
Speelal attention gtren to diseases of wome^ 

and children. 


Merino and Uause Underwear, Fancy Cot- 
ton Hosiery, Sunshades, Spanish Laocs, 
InfanU' Lace Bonnets, 1 


■ ■ .t 

Red Initials for Mathlag Underclothing f sat 

cents a doaen. I 




With or without oases, should be sore aad visit 

Hajrca' Wlsolesale Clffsur mrn^L Plpo Btoro 
Wo. 1190 Merrlnmek 8»f et. 



So wen known to Lowell patrons; ill health of 
proprietor the reason for selling; terau reason 
able For ftutber partlonlars address 

aMU AHpOTMtf MA—. 

Before you purchase your house- 
keeping goods for the season it will 
pay you to examine our elegant stock 
which we have had manufactured dur- 
ing the past winter expressly for cus- 
tom trade, and is superior in every 
respect to any stock ever shown here, 
and yoa will conclude we do not 
make a strong > statement when we 
say we have tbe finest stock in Low- 
ell and sell goods at lowest prices. 

To correct the impression that 
some dealers have tried to create 
*Hhat we on|y carry the finest and 
most expensive goods," we will say 
that our stock of medium and low 
priced goods is b}' far the most ex- 
tensive and varied of any stock in 
the city, and has been selected with 
especial reference to the wants of 
those who are looking for the newest 
style of first-class goods at H|W 
prices in Parlor, Chamber, Library 
and Dining Room Furniture and Car- 
pets of every description. 

Elegant Parlor and Chamber Suites 
made up and ready for immediate de- 
livery. We show as usual the finest 

Our stock of Chamber Sets in 
Black Walnut, Ash and Painted is 
very large, and includes many ele- 
gant patterns which are entirely new, 
made expressly for us from our own 

We have received direct ftom tlie 
manufl&cturers tbe finest line of Car- 
pets, Oil Cloths and Straw Mattings. 
The celebrated Lowell Body Brus- 
sels and Lowell Extra Super Car- 
pets, which are conceded by the best 
judges to be the finest goods made in 
this country and superior to any- 
thing imported, we take the lead in, 
and show much the best line, includ- 
ing many private patterns of our own 
that are not shown and cannot be ob- 
tained by any other dealer, all at th^ 
regular price of open patterns offered 
by others. 

Book Cases, Secretaries, Writing 
Desks, Sideboards, Chiffoniers, in 
Mahogany, Ebony, Walnut and Ash. 
We show a larger line than any two 
stores in this city. 

Do not purchase any description 
of Housekeeping Goods till you ex- 
amine our stock and prices. 

la C«MtniUnio.-Ne« two-etory hoassu f 
rooms, attedfbr two teuemeats. hath rooau, not 
and cold water in twth sinks, two wator 
kitchen In lower tenement flnlshed la ash, i 
is built in the most tborongh manner and of tkc 
best of material, we II papered and painted in. 
side and out. GOOD feet of land. Pries $4000, on 
easy terms. (4W7 

We have Just had placed la our hands for sale 
the entire stock and natures of a flr8t.da8SStrcoi 
boaiding bouse, everything new aad In rcry 
of order. This is a obaaoe selflom offered; 
paying 88 per cent, net; owner can verify this hy- 
his books. Call at ofllee lor partlcalars. 

OatlM HIclslsusda.^Two-story boasc, I^ 
11 rooms, pantry, bath, doable bay wiadow, S 
plassaa, Sniahea In modern style inside aad ont. 

good bam with carrii 
fenced and graded. 

e room. MOO feet of land, 

In PawinefcotTllIo.— Beautiful anburban 
reeldeace one mile from post ofllee. two^story 
house, L, 11 rooms, plenty of closet room, pantry, 
washroom, floor cemented, set tabs, splendid 
cellar, never fteeses, house heated by fhraaee, 

Ki and water In both house aad bara, large 
m with oellar, 8 stalls, ample carriage roosa, 
6 acres land with all kinds fruit, concrete walks 
about tbe house, a large gravel bank on the 
premises now being worked. Price $8000; on very 
easy terms. (474) 

In Weat Clselsnsfisrd.— Good chance fbr in- 
vestment. 2-story house, contalnlng^ftoar teaO' 
meats of 6 rooms each, and two cottages of 7 
rooms eaeh. all nearly new and well rented, pay- 
ing over nine per oeet. About one sere of land. 
Price taoOO. Y»zcs only $7 par tlOOO. (47A) 

rpiLAircM M. 



160 Devonihire Street, 




FIBM M! FfilSH GOODS lk«^f;.s?.-"C5J»-r«se 

XaeMW NunMVsd <m »« ordfaarf sieve. 
Clrsalar on application. 

Sherman & Manning, 


3, SrTanil II Prescon Street, 


9in ComtralTlUe. -.Cottage, L. 7 rooass, elos- 
ets, pantry, double parlors, bay wbwlow, ptaaaa, 
dty water, gas, sewer connection, good, diy col- 
Iv, 3700 feet o/ land. Price $8000. (478) 

Hear Cbelaaeford BftreoC.-^ new 2.story 
houses, L, 8 rooms, pan-ry, oloseU, shed, well 
arranged, flnlshed In modern style and very tas. 
ty, paiated and pa|>ered inside and oat. Price 

In PawtnekotTlllc— Splendid 3-story hoasa, 
L, 12 rooms, with all the most modern convon> 
iences, not a room in the house but what has tha 
Ban. was built fbr the owner's use by the day and 
the very best of material used ; a good bare with 
•mplecarrlage room, spile stoue underplnainc; 
about one acre of land with fnilt of all Unas; 
no finer place with a better view can be found In 
L9weU. Price S70W, terms easy. (481) 

doslraMo Ikumas 

rrioes and on very 
_ _ , - . . lor description. 

Baslnaas Chnnees of all kinds, such as drojg 
store, livery sUble, flsh route, rasUurant, board 
Ing houses Ac. 

'We hnwe sonse werw 

and In good locations, stall 

Hose! Hose! Hose! 



▲ FINE LOT or 







__ SPBINKLER8, &«.r 

TO BB Found at 





Latest Sheet Music 

For 5 cents per copy, 
thing at the LOW, 




I get! 


Have parehaaed the business at the old Hosmer 
staad. Mo. 196 Merrlaaaek Strootf opposite 
dty hall lot, and hope to merit the patronage 
formerly accorded the place by keepliw the best 
of meat and vegeUblee and selling as low as the 
sasse goods can be purchased Ibr cisawhera. 

PRINTINO ot every description dona frfos 
ebc and aply at this oAca. 


Ocneral New England Agents, 
- .Boston. 

88 cyivcr street. , 




the wlntar (arm Taesday, l>a«ii 
One vacancy. Bend for drsnlar. 

M. 0. MITCHELL, A. M. 


Plash aad light woolen Carriage Robes la brill- 
iant, medium aad snbdacd sliadea aad cdorlags, 
especially adapted to SPSIMO AHD 8VMMKB 


WM. P. BRAZBR dk €0.»a 


Coimer Hnt mmA ClTc WMmntm* 


WILLIAM READ, (M. O.Banraid lS4t).aad 
ROBERT M. READ, (M. O. Marrard lN9«k)1uiTe 
associated themselves tofcther at 41Sossersct 
' street. Bostoa. and ^va cspcolal attention to tha 
trsntaaent of PlatnUt nioa, VtArnXk 
caaoa of Uw Ra«t«m, wlthont dsMstlMi 
boslnass. ^ . 

Ahaadani referensaa gives. OorrasvoM 
answsffd. OAoshonrs-^llaSo'rioskp.i 


Large Framed diromoa, 

• . \-' ■ 

Sloe 22x80, two and oaa-lMlf inch frasae. walnni 
and glH, stretched and varnished, only 

100 Meriu for t t a chsrs, 8e^ ,_ 

100 Fancy Cards for teachers, Mf. 

Oo Fancy Cards, no two r — '^ 

50 Kanoy Cakda. So two b. 

100 Assorted Ksshocsad 
ares. 28e. 

Cabinet Fhotoa. 4^ ^ ,^^ _, ^^ 

Cards In sets. Cnromos aad EmbesaadPictnres 
fbr card alboss. Also a targs Tariety of Framss. 
Chioasoc. Birthday Cards, Panels, Easels, Aa., 
AS., at prlcss that caaaoC ba dnpUoatod. 

or Ossaratlat Plot- 


229 merrlmaek Street, 







OMioion to OiTO Wsy to Oonoilistion 

and OoBOission— Mr. Forstor 




Ywnell and Others Released from 
Friaon— Great Bfijoioing. 

In tbe House of Lords Tuesday eveBtiig, 
Karl Granville, secretary of state for foreign 
tfUrSt announced tbe resignation of Mr. W. 
I. Ferster, ehief secretary for Ireland, and 
the Intention of tbe govornment to release 
the three imprisoned members of Parllg- 
ndnt. He also announced tbe futore policy 
towardii Ireland, which Mr. Gladstone also 
•zplained In tbe Rouse of Commons. The 
latter stated that a large number of other 
''suspects'* would be released, and that the 

gorernmeut, instead of renewing the coer- 
cion act, would introduce a measure remedy- 
ing the administration of Justice in Ireland. 
Be said instructions bad already been sent to 
Irelnnd for^be relesse of tbe three impris- 
one4 members of Paiifiament, and that tbe 
lists' of the "suspects^ were being carefully 
eonaldered, with a view to tbe release of ail 
except those who were arrested on suspicion 
of hdvlngbeea personally concerned in out- 
rages. These releases would be on the gov- 
ernment's own responsibility. Mr. Ulad- 
atone stated thst Mr. Forster had resigned 
beoaSse he was not willing to share the re- 
■ponilbiilly, sud that Mr. Forster would 
make a personsl explanation on Thursday. 
The Bieasure which the government will in- 
troduce remedying liie aamiflistratlon of jus- 
tice Iq Irehind deaU with tbe protection of 
. life and property. 

Mr. Sexton, at the conclusion of Mr. Olad- 
•toners remarKN. arose and said that the gov- 
ernment had tai^en the first step In a policy 
that#ould crown its administration with 
glory; and would produce ties of mutual in- 
tersat between Ireland and England. 

Mr. Gladstone, speaking witb reference to 
the coercion act, made the special reserva- 
tion that if peace and security should be 
Jeopnnliaed by tbe action of secret societies 
(be gowemmeut would consider it its duty to 
propose counteracting measures. He de- 
claradthat tbe government did not think the 
coerclen act bad failed, as it had served an 
important purpose in a great crisis. He 
warmty praised the manner in which Mr. 
Forster bad performed his duties, snd ex- 
pressed regret at bis retiremenf. He de- 
clared that none of the measuren announced 
in the Queen's speech at tbe opening of the 
aessioUk except the resolutions in regard to 
theru1#sof psriiamenlary procedure, would 
be allowed to stand in tbe way of the meas- 
ures wbicb the government would introduce 
for restbring peace and order in Ireland. 

PuriSg Earl Spencer'a rexiUence in Ire- 
land, L6rd Cariingford will temporarily take 
the presidency of tbe council. 

The London Times In itH lca<ler savs the 
new policy now to be tried in Irelana is one 
of oonctssion and oouciiiaiioa pure and sim- 
ple. ^^ 

Bight Hon. Joseph Chaml)erlain, president 
of tbe board of trade, or Right Hon. George 
Shaw Lefevre, commissioner of works and 
buildings, will probably succeed Mr. ' Fors- 
ter. Irlbe former is appointed, Sir Charles 
Dilke, Under foreign secretary, will succeed 
to tbe presidency of tbe board of trade. 

CteanS l(«^UUif( Over ihe Relenee mt Uae 
- TMroo Henabera of Parllanaent. 

A dea^tch fl'om Dublin dated May 2 says : 
"Messrs. Pameli, Dillon and O'Kelley were 
released flrom Kiimalnbam jsii at 11 o'ctock 
tonight. After their release they drove in a 
cab around the outskirts of the city to the 
Haroourt street station, where tbey took the 
train for Avondale. Tbey will remain at 

Ju4ge Lord rematus^uite Ul at bit 
In Salem, but is thought be was s 
better last evening. 

Bishop C. D. Foss of tbe M. B. eburob has 
been serioasly ill with malarial fever at Min- 
neapolis, but is now considered out of dao- 

By Telephone to tke Courier. 



O. W. Burnham A Co., who for several 

years have done a heavy butchering business 

in EuHeld, suspended business this week. 

.No flnanelal diffleulty. 

Geo. Bond of |f anchester bag been fined 
9IK) and costs for catching a trout. He 
caught seven, but complaints for taking the 
other six have been iled. 

The' annual meeting of the Nashua- Co- 
operative Iron Foundry company was held 
Monday evening. The reports showed that 
tbe earnings amount to 20 per cent. 

Charles Minor, a Shaker, aged 02, commit- 
ted fcuicide in his room at 8bake#tillage, 
Enfield, Monday night, by shooting himself 
through the head with a small rifie. 

The Manchester Mirror says that the pe- 
destrian fever has seized upon some of tbe 
young ladies of that city, and three snd four 
mile dashes' sre of comiUon occurrence. 

Sheriir Kent of PorUmouth was ap- 
proached by banco men near tbe Fifth Ave- 
nue hotel. New York, tbe other day, and 
took to them kindly until a detective ap- 
peared, to whom be turned over one ofgtbe 

Tke Ajuotmoement SeosiTsd with De- 
rision in tho (Tommons. 

From Yesterday's Seeond EdIUon 


Victory Oonoeded to the 
nell Supporters. 




Col. mrorthlwcton'c HooainaM** 
Reported Favoiably. 

The Senate committee on commerce on 
Tuesday decided to report favorably the 
nomination of Bolaad Wortbington to be col- 
lector of the port of Boston. The Herald re- 
port says the vote was 6 to 4, and the Adver- 
tiser ssys it was 44p 3, two members not 
voting. Tbe former gives the vote as follows: 
Yeas, McMillan, Jones of Nevada, Kellogg, 
Conger and Farley— «; nays, Messrs. Miller 
9f New York, Ransom, Coke and Yest— 4. 
ThoaterRosito Cmos— ladletaaoato a 

The motion to quash tbe indictments in the 
star-route straw-bond cases of Boone, Csbell, 
Jackson, Donoboe snd Henderson were all 
overruled by Judge Wylie on Tuesday. 

Mr. Pasnell's residence two days and will ar- 
rifeln London on Friday. There was great 
excltenaent on the news oeing received of the 
resignation of Mr. Forster. Crowds gathered 
on the streets, and cheered for Parnell and 
groaned for Mr. Forster. Bands paraded 
tne cltx^ playing national airs. At Limerick 
many people danced with Joy, shoutins, 
*Forsterls gone: God save Ireland.' Bands 
turned ♦ut at Waterford. Emblems of re- 
joicing are univer!«al. Fires are blazing oh 
the Wickiow hills." 

OtV Forelcai Motos. 

Thouiandsof the inhabitants of Sinaioa 
and Catupetichy, Mexico, are dying of the 
black i>mall-pox. 

Said Pacha has been dismissed from the 

J residency of the Turkish council, and Ab- 
urrahroan Pacha succerds him. 

The O^eivhama tribe in Tunis has submit- 
ted to tlie French troops. 

The upper bouse of tho Prussian diet bas 
passed tbe ecclesiastical bill by a vote of 87 
to 88. 

John Nelson Darby, the religious writer, 
died in Bngland yesterday, aged eighty-two 

CoMgreae •&• Taoadiay— TIte Clilaeee Rill 
Paasoa tao Hoatao— laraoUtoa ta R«a« 


The Senate discussed at length, but took 
Doactlontbereon, the bill for tbe establish- 
menl of a court of appeals in each Judicial 
circuit In tbe United States. A motion to re-.^ 
fer tbe bill removing the political disabilities 
ofex-Con^ederstes to tbe Judiciary commit- 
tee waa defeated by a vote of 24 to 28. 

The Heus^ discussed the tariff commission 
bill, MaHTS. Chaoe of Rhode Island, aad Her- 
bert and ikewitt of Ahibnma making tpeieob- 
•s. An effort to fix S time Tor ckMingtkie 
debate failed. Tbe Senate ansendmenta to 
the anti-Cbfaeae bill wure agreed to and It 
now goes to the PreaMent, who is ezpeoled 

to sign It.' 

In lospootu to tbe requeat that Uie Prsef- 
dent fUrblsh tbe correspondence relative to 
tbe Israelites In Busals, he sent to the House 
a mtsaaiil. wbleb oouslsted of a mass of doeu" 
menta, uuaoQomnaaied bjr comment or reo* 
ommendaMoa. It spnears from the eorre- 
apondenoS between Minister Foster and Seo- 
ivUryBlsiae that tbe action of .the Bnaataa 
autborltlis towknli Amorlean eltii^ens Is of 
twoktadi: FliK. absolute prohibition of 
lotMenee' in St. niarsburg and other eltlos 
.ef the empire, on tbe ground that tbe Bus- 
slao law aermlta no native Jews to live there, 
4ukI that toe treaty between Russia and the 
United Statcft. givM to oor eitlaena In Baa> 
alan jurlsdletloa ao other rights or mivileges 
than tiioM aoeordad to native Buaalaas. 
Second, pbrmlssfon of reafdeaee aad eooH 
■eroe, ooMitloned oa beloaglnff to tbe Irst 

Klld of Haaslaamarabaats aad takhif oat a 

In oountrkii where malaria laerevalMit, or 
la saMeeC to 

Sad Aeeldent at Dover, IT. 
Tanser KUied. 

After the fire at the Washington street 
church in Dover, N. H., Tuesday morning, 
many persons gathered to look at the ruins. 
While several were standing in the chapel 
room on the ground floor, one of tbe chim- 
neys snd the gable^nd of the church sudden- 
ly fell, and Mrs. Whitney, Mrs. Stewart Clif- 
ford, J. If. Burleigh and a lad named Peters 
were t>uried in tbe ruins. All are severely 
injured and inav not recover. From tbe Pe- 
ters l>oy it wa<4 learned that Juilge John B. 
Yaruey stood Iwslde bim at tbe time of tbe 
crasb, and after an hour's search his dcaJ 
iHHiy was found, mangled beyond recognition 
by beavv timbers, and it was taken to the 
house where his wife and two daughters 
were anxiously waiting. Their grief was 
heart-rending. Judge Yarnev was 68 years 
old, and at the time of Irin death waa 

)>olicejuHtice, register of probate for Straf- 
brd county and one of the editors and pro- 
prietors of the Dover Inquirer, a weekly, 
and the Daily Republican. Ho graduated at 
Dartmouth college in 1848; was profcsHor of 
mathematics in tha college 10 years, and post- 
master of Dover 4 'years. Few men in tbe 
country were mors. widely known or more 
highly esteemed. It is generally thought 
that not sufficient cam was taken to keep 
people away from the ruins. 


• ••• eooo**«**aa eocc 


SisMi^^lnititVr fbua« la srwjr 
JnwnniilroB Muem 

Bo8to» stock Market— Salea at 
Board Todajr. 


Doston . . . . ..... 

Boston Water Power 


AtoUson. Tepeka k SanU Pr Rd 1st 7*S \WX 

Boston, Hartfbrd k Erie Bd 7's 4iX— 49 

Gbleaco, Bar. * Qalnoy Bd 4's old »X 

OODOrft \9% $%••••• •••••••ooaee««eee««eeeee •••108 

HftSSa OCOtrAlf V fleeoeooaac^aaieaeaaaaa^eo**** •02 

Paeblo k Arkansas Yalley 7*s 112j^ 

Mexican Central 7** 86— S6 

Union Faeifle Bd SInkinc FandS's 119 


Atchison, Topoka k Santa Fe 86V 

Boston k Albany........ ....° ....167— 14MIh 

Gonnotton Valley. .6^ 

Boston k Maine. ... 144^ 

Chicago, Burlington kQntaiey 131—131)^ 

ElM vOrD •• •••••aaaaaaaa aa«a*aa**a««aa*«aOe* ••*• ^V /% 

Flint k Pierre Marquette common ..26 

Flint k Pierre Marqnette preferred 90^—90 

Michigan Central • , lit — 11 

Maine Central 02 — 68^ 

Rutland preferred * 24—24 >^ 

Union xaciilo....... ........................llxAft 

BoSftBBlk •••••••••• •••••••••• mm •uwtrfwrBitnt^H 

nilkrSbftW •••• ••• ••••ooooe*««a<* ••••••«• •••^••e m^T^ 

OflO^Olft • •••••aaoooc ••■oaaaaeccoeoOo^eeeeoeoe* oSv^i^ 

QQlDO^a aae*a*aa»aa*«eeeeeee«*e«e ••■•••ooo**a %9m 
000 X 0OrO ••aa»e»aa««e^^ee^^ae«**e«ees^««oe*«^ •9/Oa 
OUTOT XSMw^ e*oo«**e^«e*>a«»ceeaflaa«eec«a*a •••21 


Bell Telephone Co. V 140)^—140 

BT Auonon. 

Fk-H 8mlt$. 
Bostoa k Albany Bd. ......;....'... .l<jf )^ 

AAftOSKOftf mKL f ^Ve •• ••••••••••••••••ee*«« •mS^f J^ 

Seeond Satei. 
(}reat Falls Mannflaetnrlng Co 108^ 

■^■OuBO KUU* ••••••••••••••Oaaa* ••■••••••••■ IfSCv 

Assory ManaflMtorlaf Co 1S7— IMJ^ 

Brat tl cbas^arii Woofen 69M 

LoweD MaannctarlagCe ....HO 

'Msrilflaek Mi g oc. * ......•••........*..••• iTftS 

Naw YosK, May 8.— A London despatch 
of last night says : Seldom has It been tbe 
lot of a premier to announce a change of 
policy amid such derision as was manifested 
in the House this evening. Mr. Gladstone 
aeemed to feel himself In a false position. His 
anxiously awaited statement was made with 
an air of timidMy quite foreign to bim, and 
with a brevityTi phrase altogether unusual. 
His embarraNsmeRt was especially evident 
when be endeavored to show consistency and 
unchanging pwrpose on tbe t>«rt of the aov-^ 
ernraent. while lo tbe sense of*tbeiwnoie 
House he was announcing a retreat all along 
the line. Tlio mocldug laughter snd bitter 
scorn wherewltb from time to time bis words 
were greeted, made the task painful, though 
be tried hard to put a bold face on the mat- 
ter. It was the general feeiingof tbe House, 
even on the miolsterial nide, that Mr. Fors- 
ter baa been made a Jonah, and that be en- 
tirely disapproved of tbe policy of tbe gov- 
ernment In releasing the tnree members of 
Parliament and the other suspects. It was 
evident from bis curl, stern answers to the 
questions put tonight by tbe Irish members, 
and from bis defence of tbe Irish police 
and magistrates^ His fUii statement or 
apology, . as it is beinc called, will 
not come until Thursday, owing 
to tbe necessity of obtaining tbe personal 
sanction of her mi^esty to bis retirement. 
He, however, took no trouble to conceal bis 
jdiagust. Tbe Land League party is mild and 
conciliatory. A promise of anything fTom 
that quarter means a good deal. It has, in 
fact, l>eaten the governnionl, and it knows it. 
There is little room to doubt that Mr. Par- 
nell's liberation is tbe result of direct negotia- 
tions between himself and tbe government, 
and that be got tbe best of the treaty. A 
statement was made in several papers that 
some srentlemHn had visited Kllmalubam and 
interviewed Parnell twice in cue day. A 
question was asited in tbe House about the 
matter. It now sppears that Capt. O'Shea waa 
tbe person who msde the visits, and did so 
as an ambassador of the government. The 
result Is seen in tbe terms of peace. Tbe 
truce included a complete change of policy, 
namely : Lord Cowper shunted for *'a strong 
man of experience ;^^ Mr. Forster becomes 
what Mr. Sexton CMlled him on one occasion 
in the lobby, "a spil(ed cannon;" the release 
of all Ihe suvpects not charged with actual 
crime; the lapsing of tbe coercion act in 
September, the taking of the Irish members 
into consultation into the government of Ire- 
land, and a measure to Improve the land act; 
Mr. Gladstone's statement that a measure 
might be proposed to den I witb secret socie- 
ties is looked upon as a kind of saving clause 
for appearance's sake; with rererence to Mr. 
Forsler's successor, rumor fixes it partly 
upon Mr. Shaw, who,'however, fears that be 
would not be re-elected Trom Cork if be ac- 
cepted the post, and partly upon a divided 
secretaryship l>etween Sir Charles Dilke and 
Mr. Shaw Lefevre. Mr. Forster, it Is 
thought likely, will be provided with a peer- 
age, or some valuable appointment. 

DIsgraoerui SampIO-iorTrtokcrr tm Rloe- 

Washington, May 2.— Col. Lowe, who is 
contesting the seat of Gen. Wheeler of the 
Eighth Alabama district, has discovered 
some new evidences of fraud on the part of 
the (wntestee which he will submit to the 
electJoiiH committee this morning. In the 
record made up for tbe committeo tliere ap- 
pears among other depositions that of L. L. 
Wheeler, iHken before a magistrate at Wheel- 
er, Alabama, tbe residence of General Wheel- 
er, the contestee. In bid deposition the de- 
ponent tost ifles to having examined the poll 
list of votes csst at the congressional election 
and compared It with the registration list, 
I >!2^ to having discovered between IfiO and 
200 uames on the poll list which were not on 
tbe registration list. These names sre ap- 
pended to the deposition, and the contestee 
asks ihaLthey be not counted. Col. Lowe 
bus compared the list of names with the reg- 
istration Mitt, and found that they did appear, 
tbouKb difTuring a little in the Hnelliog. A 
few, taken at random from tbe list made by 
the deponent, L. L. Wheelftr.' with "the man- 
ner in which they are written on tho regis- 
tration iUt, will illustrate the tech- 
nicality on which it is asked that 
they be thrown out. It needs to 
be said, however, thai the names on the reg- 
istration list are v/ritten by the voters or by 
their dlroclion, while tlie names on the poll 
list are written by the poll clerk. Names as 
tbey appear on tbe poll list: "Jeff. Mc- 
Donald, Wesley Orier, Jerry Bell, Eugene 
nix. Sterling Strong;" names as tbey ap- 

Bsar on the registration list: "Jefferson Mc- 
onald, West Greer, Jerre Bell, Eugene 
Eicks, Stirling Strong." According to Col. 
Lowe, L. L. Wheeler, who made this depo- 
sition, is tbe fifteen-years-oid daugh- 
ter of Gen. Wheeler, the contestee, 
and the officer before whom 
she mude the deposition is her 
undo. Col. Lowe says Miss Wiieeier waa 
Instructed to make the deposiliou by her 
father, and be says this is an instance of 
southern chivalry as exempllllcd in election 
cases. The contestant says he does not want 
a uannimous report in his favor from the 
Eiectious committee, as he wants to have tha 
matter tborouichly discussed in the House, 
and he tblnk«> it will not be if tbe committee's 
report should be unanimous. 


Citp ^htttiMtmtntn. 



Tbe two branches of the Olty Coaaell will meat' 
In oooveotloa at the Common Coaadl BoMk 
01^ Hall. TUKSDAY KVKNIHO, May t^Mi 
O'clock, for the purpose of bearing pcrsoas latSSb 
estod la the SMtlcr of acocpUng an act to dlscon- 
dano a part ot the Lower Free Laadma. ta the 
rear of the Market Uooae. '-^-■' »•• 

S. A/MoPHETBB8.€lty Olcrk. 




The Ijatest Partlewlara. 

Lomi><5n, May 3.— Mr. Gladstone, In his 
address In the House o f Commons last even 
ing, said that the release of Mr. Davitt was 
totally distinct from tbe release of the sus- 
pects, which was a question It might hm 
riglit for the government to consider. Sir 
Stafford Northoote likened ,the government 
to a pendulum, swaying from one side back 
to another. 

TksmJtlMg Camada. 

Justin McCarthy presided at a meeting of 
tbe Irish parliamentary party here yesterday, 
when Mr. Bernard Malloy offered a motion 
thanking the Canadian parliament for adopt- 
ing a resolution favoring autonomy for Ire- 
land. Sir Joseph McKenna seconded tbe 
motion and it was passed. 

Stamping Oat tke Indian Revolt. 

The President is concentrating a large 
available force in Arizona to'ktamp out the 
Indian outbreak there. Several ofiicers who 
expected to eniov the coming summer at Ihe 
east on extended lesves of absence, have 
been ordered to return to their respective 
commands in Arizona without delay. 
Ovt of Monejr. 

Secretary Folger has instructed tho custo- 
dians of public buildings to notify ail per- 
sons and corporations furnishing gat and wa- 
ter that the treasury department has no 
means avuilahle to pay for sucb service be- 
yond Monday, the Isl lust. 


Commissioner Loring is at the department 
of agriculture again today, having returned 
from bis visit to Cincinnati and Nashville. 

President Arthur was one oS the 20,000 
spectators at Barnum's circus last night, and 
on leavii^ he complimented the veteran 
showman. Tbe Chinese legation appeared 
in court dress. 

The Charge or Briborjr. 

Boston, May 2.— The committee appoint- 
ed to investigate the charge that an attempt 
by brlbe^to^nduce a member to change bis 
vote . Or fb Abstain fVom voting had been 
made, held its final session today. |ind agreed 
upon the report that the charge had not been 
sustained by the fhll evidence relative to It 
that had been offered. 


nff1itl»Btko Indians— Rcxlean 

Kill rs. 

DknVxRi Cel., May 3.~A despatch from 
Santa Fe gives the following : A column of 
Mexican troops yesterday, under command 
of Col. Garcia, met the Indians Col. Forsyth 

is in pursuit of, and killed 78 of them, also 
taking 33 prisoners. The carrier bringing 
this Information arrived on foot, being 
pushed So hard by the Indians that be bad to 
abandon his horse, barely escaping with his 
life. He reports about 100 Indians between 
Demitig and Tresjoninas. 

SprtnRfleld Jewrolrjr 

FIrna's Safe 

Sprinofikld, May 3.— The safe of N. 
Howard & Son, manufacturers of gold 
chains and rings, was pried open by burglars 
last night and the entire contents were taken. 
Tbe loss is fSOOO. Tbe burglars left a full 
kit of tools. It Is thought to be the work of 
professionals. No clue. 

No better evidence of the elegant 
and desirable line of Kilt Soils which 
we are carrying is needed thsn the 
large sales made in this department 
thus far this season. Although we 
have advertised them as only adapted 
to boys' wear, we are told by those 
who should know that they are 
equally fashionable for girls of the 
same age. . Without solicitation sev- 
eral sales of certain styles hav^ been 
made for girls' wear within a few 
days. When we say we show one 
hundred styles in Kilt Suits, in all 
sizes Arom 2 to 6 years, it gives evi- 
dence to a thoughtlUI miud of the 
varietj of our stock. Hiese suits 
are made in New York City. They 
are of the very latest styles in fabric 
and make. The prices are 25 per 
cent, below those asked for inferior 
styles and goods. 



Oor. Oentral and Fresoott Streets. 


▲ad Lace and Holland Cnrtslns doac ap la 
a satisfactory manner at the 



Tbe ossal laundry business will alwavs rceeivs' 
carenil attention. 

Rovn^niLDl^ Cabdem 


M Gnttsrs. 

I \W All Sizes 
^T^^^ Law Prices. 

34 Central, 1* and IS Proacott StroeCa. 

Take the highest rank. Sold hi Lowell by 

The Rastern Ratlroad In Rew Ramp- 

PORTSMOUTH, N. H., May 2.— Tbe annual 
meeting ht the Eastern railroad in New 
Hampshire was held this forenoon. The 
treasurer, Edw. A. Abbott, presented the 
annual report, which showed a balance on 
hand of ft8438.19. Directors were elected, 
and at a subsequent meeting Moody Currier 
was elected president and W^m. H. Haokett 

Rrlef Dctpatebes. 

Calebs. Woodruff, clerk of tbe water 

board of Babway, N. J., Is missing; also, 

$4000 of the funds of the board. 

John Stetson psys 985,000 a year for his 
lease of Booth's theatre. New York. 

Persons recovering from wasting diseases, 
such as malaria, fevers, etc., will w Rreatly 
benefited by tbe use of Brown's Iron Bitters, 
a true tonic. 

Oponism nrtooa it IJnitod 

W^ \W§m*m • eoo**«ao«*e»oo*e ooeceeoo*«eees«a mmmWMJ^ 
HAW W Ptf ##CtS*t C9C1#MM4« coooo* Sacoaooe sMS 

4^ per OMto.f raglit«r«d /..IHS^ 

S/spcr cema., ccnpon. ..••..... ..............1 10 s^ 

4 pee ecata., resist end..... ......... ■•.......isox 

4 ner cents., esa poa ... «...»....«...««....« ..USX 

u. S. cnrtoiscy, \oin* ..•••. ...... •«...... .....ISB 

V. 9. carrency^ l a^e. .......•....'...•..^. ....laa 

V. S. enrrency, IRy . ............. ..*.«4... ..ISS 

17. s. earrssMy, i^ea. ... ................... ...iss 

U. s. carrsney, tosv. . . • . ...................'..14s 

i«tjr Rogainod* 

The beaaty and c6k>r of tbe bair may be 

asfelj regained by n^ng Parker's Hair Bal* 

aaoa, wMob is mueb admired f^r its perfume, 

eleanHness and dandruff eradltatlbg proper-' 

'All hard workers are solitteot to bllioos ab> 
tieks wbleb mar end In dameroaa Ubieae. 
narto^s Ginger Tbole will keep the kldaejs 
■pd nVM* ttBtlfe, and by prevenUBg the attack 
ssts wbA aiek m ei , leea pf time aad eaywase 
Dataf at aoeb Ubmi aaeaas dangsr^CveCcoli 
Friis. iss ottNT sotama. 

TPoIepkonle Motoa. 

Seven thousand families of Polish Jews 
in Bunia have applied for aid to go to 
Paleatine to Settle. 

Five thousand dollars' worth of diamonds, 

which were being smuggled in books, were 
seined by tbe New Tork customs officers yes- 
terday. I I,' J AUl. 

Tbe hills -around St. Johnsbury, Yt., are 
covered with snow. 

A New York despstob says Gen. N. P. 
Baakabaa reported to the poUoe-tbata Mend 
of bla bas disappeared fVom tbe Fifth Avenue 
hotel, who be fears bas fklleq into tbe bands 
of sharpers. Tbepolioe would aol girc his 
name, bat it Is believed In Boatontbat the 
gentlemtn is K. A. Ingalls of Lyna, proprie- 
tor of Pratt k Babb's expresa, who was re- 
turning from a trip to Oeoigla. He is 

May S, aooo.— For New England, warmer, 
(Mr weather, winds laontiy fontbweatarly, 
stationary or lower pressure. 

Nobody should neglect a cough. Take 
Hale'e. Honey of Horepouad and Tar instant- 

Pike's Too t hache Dtops enra in one min- 

Tbe nutritive properties of CoMen's Lie- 
big's Liquid Beef and Tonic Invlgorator sus- 
tain tbr body wHbout iolld Mood. CoMen's; 
no other. ^^_^ 

Ifhy noi interest yourself in your family 
exBonsesr Top eaa amke a great saving by 
usMC Beach's n%n 


in large variety. Imported and domestic castile, 
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Apothecaries, comer Central and MIddlcccz Sis. 

Fine G^x*a,dle8 of* 



FOR a FR I N G, 1889. 

Coaspsleal worfcsscn smpleyei to do all kinds 
of latcrlor dSseratloa. — , 

Ut Omtna 8tre«t. 


If yon bsMu't msre than a fbol 

or tend lo 
It Is one off 

tne g r sa l ss t Itxailes w* are allowni So Indniga 
iB,toh«««s*Mft«skt«fslaMosep tte tahtolii 
sama wr. tff» say t hey w lH bave a gwde a any * 

table.*ftptiiy Sm? flvsTttlesa l}mi!7'Bji1& 
•easen aadMe ir 11 isa'i alsa. 

S. A. nELDnra. Ue Omtnl Utmt, 


45 fflerrimack Street, 

Offer some barKftiiM that cannot 
be approached by any store in 

Large size Wooden Pails, lOe. 

Clothes Pins, 8 dozen for lOe. 

Borer Egg Beaters, 21o. 

Basket Flour Siores 21e. 

Glass Boiling Pins 26c ^ __ 

Water Closet Paper lOe. a 
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Tur aad TiK Lnm> nra, PUMPS, soLDia, 

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Ho. 44 Merrimaok Btrset. 


»Jt '■*. 

We will dellTor on trial, without 

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Mower In the ' market. 

Satisfketion ffUAran- 

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» 4 Oowteal, IS »w4 I S P recoott S«*oo«a« 


■ o 




187 lUrkst St., Ofttss' Vew Block, 

be loBndthe,lates« stylos of ladies* 

WMte May he foand tbe|iaies« styios or laoMS' 
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Enseaiber-tiM "Boss Shoo Store," Oatsc* new 


la mi. 




MAmnrAonmso ht 

\ <•% 


tV^' •' 






Cbe l^otnell Sails Courier. 

WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 188». 

T,/>^.rt.TT. nAtLY OOPBIEB, WEDNESDAY, MAY 8. 1882. 

V^« Pr«pumUoi 


of P«te<««« tmr PlMit- 

Dracut, April 18tb, 1881. 
To tht BdUon of IA« JoMmo/; 

In flew of the fuel that there U no ettab- 
lUhed theory •mong fiirmers m rexard* the 
preparation of poUtoea for pluiitlDg. farther 
thai a general belief that ineillum «»l«etl oola- 
toei are beat, and that no aliigle experiment 
lo teat the number of eyea to a hill can be 
e*nelutlve. but that an HveraRO of a large 
■nmber of tents made by different peruona 
and aUlbe aame time will give far more dcft- 
nlte resulto, especially if made In concur- 
rence under uniform rules, the West Dracut 
Fanners club would request as many farmera 
of Middlesex county as feel Inclined to assist, 
to art apart a qUHrter of an ncre of fair land, 
•f uniform quality, for an experiment to test 
tke number of eyes In a hill that will give the 
greatest result In the crop. Those not will- 
ing to set tpart one-fourth of an acre might 
plant eight rows of lOa feet each. The rules 

ar*:- , , 

1 —The whole land to I)e prepared and cul- 
tivated alike, with the HinRle exiseption of the 
number oloye^ used and their dlslauce apart 
in the row or drill. .... , 

2,_Divldo the quarter acre Into halves for 
plant lug purtH of HU;m ends and seed ends re- 

^.— I'Unt Ji of each half with pieces con- 
taining one eye, two eyes, four eyes and half 

*4._-Welgl» the seed u»ed upon each plat re- 

'''li.^tate distance npart in inches each plat 
la planted In the row or drill, and mark each 
by atakea with these things written upon 

ft.'-Welgbt of crop from each plat In 

"'^tI-! Weight of large potatoes from each plat. 
— ■ " of small potatoes frora^ each 

8.— Weight 

-lA-rrFiU o ut 

j^e J>lank 


Secretary W. D. Farmers 
Box, Itowell, Maris. 

below nnd send to 


Club, Fawtucket 




One eye. 
2|Two eyes. 
Puar eyes 
Half potato 
One eye. 
Two eyes. 
TlKour eye«, 
^Hatf potato 


That's a common expres- 
sion and has a world of 
Cleaning. How much suf- 
fering is summed up in it 

The singular thing about 
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attention. No medicine has 
yet been discovered that 
will so quickly and surely 
cure such diseases as 
Brown's Iron Bitters, and 
it does this by commencing 
at the foundation, and mak- 
ing the blood pure and rich. 



<Mtoe •■' Reside 

192 Westford St., Iiowell, Hms. 

IfaDDfactures her Blood Parifler aBdjBgtth Rs. 

KnVnrol saftrlD, ».«u»-«dty. AgO^^" 
Chronic Diseases of loan -'"•'i"*'^? *?*J2Sil 
est suooert. omimes restorlagto |«J2L£rl!S 

Invalids whose c*f«' »'V^'^Har!l2S2?^ut 
eurnble bv Other phyilclaas. Faitiowar atcea* 
tTon^ven to preTalentdl«*^s which tbachange 
ot dfiMte U ooB»taally dsvHoping. 

Below are a few •t-t«"7»l^»J2t2tri' 
hundreds of people whom I have eMctaaUy 




LoWKLL, Mais., - - .... 

Having b.e«J^/»'?„5L,r:^Sr " 

▲ L«dy •• YeM-8 •# A«e C»red 

Marsh It. IMS 
kaar years with a 
inW atate of blood aud scrofela aOMoss wbleb 
S^re^'u nnln/iTdowo. ^M^^^y^lSi""^^ 
was not much chance '«rj>«!»"»%*5* »H *?•* i 
oeuld do was to Uke ■ourliblnjrTbod to keep np 
m, itrength. Mr.. I'rescott ••««» ifi* »•»* ~f • 
me Itiof ten bottles ol her Blood PurlSer. with 

r^; ^«a.. aud wl* hM toUhfiii.aare 

dyspepsia far 
been anb- 

■ LogMuport, Ind. Dec. i, iSlo.' 

For a lon« time I !»»▼« been a 

■uffeter front »toin*ch and ludney 

-^iMMe> Mx*PP«f«»e ''*» *? 

JJoyed. It l.a. now been .eyen y«ars and I hare 
Sot been troubled »inoe I can say In ay case 
U w«. a Kr.ttt cure, and I am wllllBf to «lys ay 
tUuinouy in favor if her medldnes a«l skill for 
!"• Sit of all other, who «ayhajss«fcred 

^*^^- CMtralTUle. Lowed, Mass. 

-Wwndertol Cure of B*^* Bkewaa. 

LowKLL. Maas., April 11. VUa.- 
Mrs Preseott : I would like to add a fbw words 
to your list of teatlmonial. In ''•■'Jj^y**' "fj*: 
lolne. When my Utile llf' *•"•*« ■0"*^j»^,'| 
her head and face were broken out with salt 
?be«m ^ badly that i was o;»»««»^Jeep her 
hands tied to prevent her ftoa; sorOaiBR ner 
Sm " There were .pot. on her l^^^^^^, 
like raw meat. 1 «aTe her your Blood Parlder 
and «^ you? Salt fiheum Ointment. ftrtctJy ac- 
^lag to' your directions, and in less than a year 
her fase was a. fair a. any chUd's, t 
■oar left. 8beu now six year, old 
neyer been troubled with humor "noe. 
" ' BcspeotluUr years, 

not even a 

and the very tmall amount I did eat 
ditagreed with me. I wa« annoyed 
very much from non- retention of 
urine. I tried many remedie* wiUi 
BO .nccea., until I used Brown • 
Iron Bitters. Since I used that my 
•tomach doe. not bother me anv. 

kppedte i. aimply immense. My 
kidney trouble i. no more, and my 

tral healdt U .uch, that I feel 

I. BaooKk. 

MyappedteU .imply immense. 
Jane * ' " 

Kiier«« u.^*...* .* .' 1 — . 

:c a new maj». After the uae of 

like a ntw —-..• .-.— - - 
Brown*. Iron Bitter, for one month. 
I have gaiawi twenty pound, in 
v^t. O. B. Sabo«kt. 


Name of experimenter 

Besidenee ... 

Blanks can be obtained by applying to Jo- 
seph A. Stuart. 

Leading physicians and 
clergymen use and recom- 
mend Brown's Iron Bit- 
ters. It has cured others 
suffering as you arc, and it 
will cure you. 

A Remarkable Cwre nt DropsT* 

Lowell, Ma..., April 7. 1882. 
Jtra^Erasflott. Jleir Mgdam;-! deglreto n- 
ore., to you my .Incere iniBlfli IW tae 
timely aid you rendered me five years a||0 when 
.uflVrW from drop.y In one <>' "• *«•* '5>f""• 
I wl. bSdly bloatod all over me. and ■»/ •*<w»«»^ 
WM fast fllllns with water. 8o bad fa laet that I 
^o" d hear It Sieving back «.d forth and! oou J 
»carcely get my breath. About this erttieal Ume 
1 wa« advised by a friend to come to you. I did 
i« and oommebced taking yonr aaedldae. In a 
abort month. 1 was entirely cured. la my 
1 cannot be thankful enough, tor bad it 
... .._._.- < -^— |i4 BOW he 


and has no wholesale or relaU Ntvataaaywhere. 

Bewsre of all laitatloas, aad reaeasber that the 
genuine article eaa he had oa^f at 


imllston and ooaaUrfhUara wUl be proaceated 
to the exUnt of the law. A. C. 8T«TKJ»a. 


Read the followinf, wMeh are oalyafewof 
the TeatlmonhUs of Wonderfal Catee : \ 
A Cnse •t BtoenaaaMaaa, Dra»M»ala aisd 
Hldney Dlaeaa* Cmm^^Mij Obm 

Mr. StevenMi— 

I have aaffered aoately from 
nearlT three years, aad have bet — 
uS to t hTse^erMt pangs of rilsaiaattSB. which 
Sle un «t tne sll.htes? BBfaTorabte «»»»••/■ 
rSe weather, togethw w»ih wea kae ss ot the Wd- 
ney.. TheM thre* tortursa eomblaed made lay 
Condition one of great distress, disturbed my 
~.t. Impaired niy appetite, and i»t«rf«^^^»»f 
mv abllltyto perforia nsy work. I tried a anm- 
bi^r Sf rliedleT. but derWed little If anybe»*«t. 
About four months a|» I began to takeynw »ar. 
.aparllla, and oan truly any Uiat *••>»*• ^^JJ 
g eat blessing to me. *»»• <»J»P«P»''» •».•■. j>ff» 
Completely cured. Belbre be Aiui ng to take the 
medldne 1 could searoely t& "y»»>l»f,»>\»>ojJ* 
enduring the dUtreeelng pains of indlgesUon. me no trouble. I 
eat with relUh and have a better aopetlte than 
before, and feel like a new ssan. ll»e rheutna- 
ti.m. alao. which c^ommI me so much agony has 
aJmitentlrely dissppeared. Onee in a while I 
iet a .light twinge oflt; hot nothing like the old 
{uluH. and I am confident that the rbettiaaUsai 
win be entirely gone after anoUier botUe, and 
not to return aaaln. The kidney complaint has 
been cured, and thto eauMS sse even more satis- 
faction thiTn the cure of botti Uie other troubles. 
[Sumea after setere work I ••J*"* »S*»"^ 
(torn the disease, but now the hardest labor does 
not affect me in Ihe least. I epnaldar your 8ar.a. 
Jarlliagreatboonto all amicted w»th dy.pep- 

Jla. rheuiatUm «r W*WX <»«P»f*»*» ■^l.^'V^: 
fuliy glTc my tcaUmony of lU Talae, boplBS that 
It may eneouraga others to try it. 

Years respectfully. 

Damibl BarMOLDS, 
Janitor new Ward 4 Grammar aohool. 
24 East Pine street. Lowell. Jan. S, 18M. 

Cure or a HeaawpkaWe Caae of Rbe«- 

Sleal estate* 


The] most bMuitmil Uae of Blefiat Fanitare 

erer shewa la Loweli U aow «« 




186 BMdleMX Street 

Parlorand Chamber Sets 


Richly Carved Tables, 


rpuB OLD K^TilAliTi» 


48 Oentral StrMt. Lowell/ 

Tlsa Larffoa* R«*> 

Li owe ll. P e e. » , i B^ i . 

rears I have been troubled 

For lialf a dosen y 

with acute rheumatism, bat more so than usual 
tbi. fail, it alboted my back and hips prlnei 
pally. I have doctored eoB.tanU, 
about everything 

I aaw advertinei 


and 'taken 
I began to 


o».„ X cannot be thaakfW 
DOt been lor yon 1 do not think l 

14 aad 16 Market street, Wayerly House. 

take your'SarsaparlUa Oct. 10, having Tery lltUe 
faithlB it. I bad taken It only threj days when I 



lAdy Oswed •€ Feaaale 

LOWBLL. MaiS.. April 7. 18W. 
lira PrMeott Uear Lady .'—After witnesslBg 
Mrs. «'«^"'^^;X,^;ease I deelded to ap- 
piy lo you a. . was .ufli-riBg at thl. tlm# from 
iemale weakness and generul debUlty. I am 
truly thankful that I did .o for you Tery soon ef- 
tSJd a oomplete cure. ^ 1 1 l||uow dr. year, ^o 

HlfflfTotted Dlae»sea. 

In the weekly mortuurv reports of San 

Antonio, the Latin aud Greek names of the I 

diseases are given. Thl<« is an exeellentj 

If a member of a fnraily dies, It H | cROWEI<I< * HAWRISOM, Apotheearles, 

Iron Bitters are sold by 

idea. -. - . - , , ,.„ 

consolliigto the Hurvivors to read In the 
mortuary re|K)rt that U was not all jnundice, 
but icttTUH lu'.uius febrilU iipalicus. Nobody 
could reasoniilily expect to nurvlve all that. 
When a person reaiN tliat, lie Is astonished 
that llie iiatient did not die Hoon«r ami more 
freauenlly. ARaln, it fliitter* common fulKH 
to reaidUiat some poor dovil died of a diHeane 
with a name a mile and u half long, while In 
the same inoi-iuiiry report perliaps some 
weaUliy biuiUer Iimh been called hence 
on a disease oftwo .ylUbl'-s. Over In Sun 
Antonio the people die ol Icterus spnilis, of 
seven kinds of lubtircnloseH, of icterus uraeii- 
orrboeu, luteKtinalls pulraonulis, and five oth- 
er kinds of icterus. They can also die, if 
they want to, of unenisma, coUen flatulenta, 
Wllosa— parllfularly when complicated with 
Btrapia medullae Npinulis or marasmus Inlan- 
tium, caused probably bv too much vox pop- 
ali, B0X vomica, e piuribus uuuio, etc., 
particularly etc. Nobody in San An- 
tonio nska, "How is your prickly heal 
coming onF The AInmo citiaen asks. 
♦•How is your eczema solare coming onf" to 
which the sufferer replies, *'Much better, 
thank you; it wss uot the regular eraem a so- 
lare at all, but only ec«cm» impeliglon oldes, 
complicated a little with chloasma ephells." 
Nothing is more common than to hear even 
colored people conversing H4>mewh»t In the 
following style: "I say. Uncle Mose, how s 
your chile comin' onf I heerd yer was up 
all night wid it, dal it had d-* wussost kindob 
peretonltls oh de mucuous membrane mixed 
up wid vomitus cliroidcus, and a misery in 
dechist." To this Uncle Mose responds: 
"De chile has done got ober all dat, but dis 
mornin' hit wa« all broke out wid epilepsia 
thoracica, but I has strong hopes 
ob bit's gettin' well cf larnygostenose 
don't sot in. I'se h-d n teeh invsef qb de 
rheumatixmus psralyilcus running up my lef 
lea, hut 1 }">"* knocked de sliffnexs out oo hit 
Wid Buffer's liniment." Not long since in 
' glancinx over the Ban Antonio papers, we 
were surprised to read Hint somebodv, for 
the first lime in in mv years, had died of an 
intelligible inaladv. II reads that: "Mr. 
Blank.Hged tlilrtv-six. malarial intoxication." 
Jess ao. Thill's plain enough. Mr. 
Blank, while suffeiinjj from malaria, tried to 
cure It whh xour-inash whiskey, and between 
the aiiilaria unil the remedy the poor man 
failed to survlvo. It was a great s.iurce of 
satisfaction for us to know piedsely 
one person in San Antonio really tl 
of. It was not of too much gastro-alaxia 
saburralli", or even htBinaternesis, or or 
cardlapodo!rraolH,or anyof those ordinary 
modes of shuffling off the morhil coll, but 
simply malarial intoxieallon. Our satisfac- 
tion that people over ai San Antonio had re- 
turned totheokl-fasliloned diseases was of 
"ihort duration, for the very next Oav our 
eve was riveted in its HO«tket by a card from 
l5r. Monger, tlie clly physician, In the San 
Antonio Evening Light, saying : "The tech- 
nical meaning ol the term In tills case Is 
not Mnloxlealion' nor 'toxleoliOBmia,' but 
•toxlaohSBinia,' from the (ireek or Irfitin 
'loxlkon'— H poison, and •hSBina'— blood.— 
[Texas Slf iings. ^ 

Tise DIstlngnlsltIng Chunu. 

A delightful fragrHiiee of freshly gathered 
flowers and spices is Hie dNtinguisbiug charm 
of Floreatou Col ogne. 

Moncr for a KMlnjr Jfmy. 

"For six >ears my daugiiter was sick ttom 
kidney nnd other dl-ord. rs. We had used up 
our savings on doctors, when our dominie 
advised w* to irv I'Mrker's Ginger Tonic. 
FV)ur Ijottles effe led a cure, and as a dollar's 
worth liMs kept our famllv well over a year, 
we bave l»e- n able lo lay .»'y."»»V7 "*"'" ^^^ 
• rainy day."— [A I'o or Man's Wi fe. 

fltot'r Bnnda «.'*<( ItivestmeMt Seewrifies 

130 Central .treet. Lowell, and other druggi'ts 


By Dr. Fkazibr's Magic Oistmext. Cures, a. 
if by magic, I'lmple., Black Head, or Grub., 
BlotcheeanAKruption.on the faoe. leaving the 
■kin clear, healthy and beautiful; AUo cure. 
Itch, Salt Rheum, Sore Nipple., Sore Lip., ow, 
ob.dnate Ulcer, and Sore., fcc . 

your skill In »V husband's case I deelded toap 
ily to you as 1 was .ufli'rlng at thl. _tl«# fton 

emale w 

ruly than 


nd I har< 

ISlw';eJim«rn7'alli;tdi;-.l^ delicate health to 
cUme tVyou where they will obtain a speedy and 

Mdnra;^work^".teadUy ever •»■««• J,<>« SIT 
talnly did a great work lor nw and I mMtoheer- 

come to you 
effectual cure 

Beapectfully yours. 
MRS. A. J. DaKBT, 
14 and 1« Market street Wavertj Hobm. 


What Mra.|iFreBe«n'a«Blood 


LOWELL, Mu..., March 1, 1882. 
I was a great .ulferer for many year, with .alt 
rheum. I ooufuUed numerous physiclaas in re- 
iard to my case, who, alter treating me nnsnc- 
ce.^lully for a long tlme,pri>nounced It incurable, 
U being hereditary. I finally grew "pidly worse 
until my head, face and ears were in a terrible 
condition, my ear. having become a running 
w?e. To maie matter. Wor.e my age was aUo 
acHin.t me, thus rendering my ca.e sail more 

when by a kind Providence I met Mrs. Prescott. 
She said she could cure me and I commence<l 

erable lady who gives it trulv regards 

medidne which 

taking her medicine. 

j»-The ffrst and only positive cure for sUn dis 
ease, ever dlMovered. 

Fraziei's Mafic DiatiiiBil 

The Great Skin Cure. 

John Cromer. e«i., TlonesU, Fore.t Co., Pa.. 
.ulTered for 12 year, from a .kin dlseaac, which 
appeared on hi. head. He employed many phy- 
aieian. and used numerous remedie., but they nil 
filled to effect a cure. Dr. Fbazek's Maoic 
OlKTMKirT wa. recommended to blm. He triea 
It and one box effected a complete cure. Thl. t. 
but a .ample of the many te.timonlaU which we 
have of the marvellou. cures which have been 
wrought by Dr. Fbazike's Magic OWTMEirr. 

For Blind, Bleeding, Itching or Ulcerated Piles 

Dr. Wlaffl's Man Pile Ointment 

tuKing ner nit:u.»;.«», strictly following her dlrec 
Hon. and In a few short month., to my great Joy, 
found my. elf entirely cured of thl. loath.ome 
humor. Thl. ws. nine years ago and it has not 
returned. I mo.t cUeertuUy recommend her 
areat skill and medicine to all .ufferer.. I asa 
truly thankful that i erer met her. 
wu.y lu iio.pectfully. 

Miss H. L. Bradlbt. 
No. 66 Thhtl street, Lowell. Mass 

What Ther All Say 

Stevens'. Sarsaparllla 

na. prolonged her life, and made 

r All say. CauBOt 
WlUiont It. 



WoBCKSTKB, Mas.., Aug. 10, 188L 
Mr.. Pre.cott :— You .ee I cannot pos.lblv get 
along without your Neuralgia Llulment. When 
ar.t I commenced taking It I was troubled with 
all kind, of complaint., but now after taking a 
few bottle. I find my.elf strengthened 

aud im 

la a sure cure. 

^Ice $1.00, by 
by all druggUts 

nuOl. For sale 

HBMRT A CO.. Solo PropHetors, 

(» 6ajFeseyJlt.y jl ew Torfc. 

FraaierM M sgic Ointment is sold by 
CRO'WBSIit *■ HARRISOM, Apotheearles, 
139 Central .treet. Lowell. 

did die 

r- -7 K 

(/)" ^'' -J 


g^Qulekly checks the ezlst> 
Ing irrltatlen of the air passages. 
the cause of Couffhs, quiets 
the disagreeable sensation In 
.the Tbroat and Ijuncs, gtv- 
[ing immediate ease and relief. 

garit arrest, that distressing 
[feeling usually experienced , 
tight nes. and pressure at the 
cheat. Inducing a free and 
easy breath; loosens the aO' 
cumulating mucus and expel, 
from the LaMKS. 

prove 1 In every way. I can truly wty I have nev^ 
er foun*! It. equal. Enclosed please find three 
dollar.. Send If you please .Ix ^boU e. of llnl 
ment sarae as you sent before snd^obliKe.^^^^ 

No. 8 Charlton .treet, Worcester, Mass 


Prwaeoit's Medicine Ahead or 
.. Dropsy. 

Lowell. Mas... April 14, 1882. 
Mr. Preicott :— ITil. certifies that I wa. .evere- 
ly attacked with drop.y and was Induced to try 
your medicine. I did w. and am happy to state 
that It did me great good and I can .alely recom- 
to all troubled with thi. dlxeaae. 
Mrs. M. A. GOKDON. 

180 We.ttord .treet. 

mend yon i 


g^Prepared from the balsamic andreeiaons 
properties of medicinal roots and herbs, it 
possesses soothing and nonrl.hlng qualities, to 
bmpart strength and tone lo the System. 

g^Sold by all medicine dealer. In the c ity. 

Masta's Fnlmonle Balsam Is sold by 

CBOMTBItli 4k MARRIMON. Apothecaries 

1S9 Central street, Lowell. 

jf B Vy fliedHdacs are manufactured fVom 
the purest roots, bark, and herb., gathered di- 
rectly fVom nature', garden, the wood.. Wo 
poisonous drugs or oplatea of any kind u^d what^ 
ever VegeUbla. give beundlng life aud vigor- 
ou. action, while pol.on. depre.u, stupefy |and 
deaden every mental and moral energy. 

Dr. Mrs. N. A. Prescott, 

Qdtoe aad Besidenee 

192 Wwitford St., Lowell Highlands, 

Third House Arom School Street. 

DR. O. H. HOVGnTOIf, Indian 
Koot nnd Herb Doctor, cure, liver 
complaint., heart dt.ea.e, dynpep- 
•la, lldney- complaints, constipation, 
female weaknesse*, pile., humor, 
and all old chronic dl.ease. with 
oonfldenoe. Cure guaranteed In all 
caaos of rheuroatUm, stiff Joints. 
neuralgia or toothache. Course of 
mediclni'i not 'exceed four dollar.. 
Consultation f^ee. OIBce hours from 
8 to U a. Bi., and troai 2 to p. m. 
09 Central Mtreet. 

8TOKI£ near our old sund we have re- 
moved our .took to the store formerly occupied 
by Harrison Streeter, 

Corner of Lee and John Streeta* 

where we shall oontlnue to close out, regardless 
of cost. It will pay you to walk around the cor- 
ner if you wish for anything In our line. 


noticed a marked Improvement. I opuld go up 
.talr. readily, whieh was something I could not 
aooompllsb tefore without the greatest psin. 
Why. only a Hsw days betore Ukiug It the pain 
was so terrible as to knock me dow». After 
Uklng the flrst bottle I felt no return of the 
rheumatism, even in wet weather. I am now 
taking the second bottle aad feel in' every way 
better. I am cured entirely so far a. I know. 1 
am able to work and travel as well as ever 1 
could in my life, and for the reUel I am very 
arateiul, andcordiaUy eadone Stevens'. Saraapa. 
?llla aa the best remedy for rheumaUsm I ever 

1 Fulton street, near Willie. 

A Won*erfsa Chanffo In an Old L^dir'a 
Health— Her Heartrdt GraUtude for 
the Cnr* of Her Henralula, Rhenaaa- 
tt ff^^ aisd Catairrh. 

The following testimonial, we confidently as 
ten, ha. never been surpassed. If equalled, 
by sny ever given to any remedy. The 
• ■ -ihc 


^^ ^,_ her life, and made her cloS' 

Tn'ff vearriierens and peaceful, having rellev«l 
her ot the most agonising Uls which humanlljr is 
erer called apon to sufer. The most .keptloal 
reader would be convinced could he hear from uer 
own lip. the .tory of her cure, and listen to her 
Invocation of God's blessing upon the propnetor 
of the medicine which ha. brought to hn ao 
much comfort. A descrlpUon of her .ulfering. 
and the grand re.ult of the use of thl. .avlng 
remedy 1. Uuly and graphically .ct forth in the 
following teatlmonial : 
Mr. Stevtn$ / — Lowell. Deo. 16. 1881. 

1 am 7« year, of age. During the pa.t five 
or .Ix year. 1 have .uffered .o much from .ciatic 
rheumatism and neuralgia that I thought. I 
■taould die, and many time. I wl.bed I migbt. 
In order to be free frotn pain. I laid out a good 
deal of money In medicine., but got little help 
ttom any of them . I had .ome of the be.t doctor. 
In the city, but they confc.wd that my ca.e. was 
a peculiar one and they could do nothing for me. 
For five year, catarrh has been added to my ml.- 
erics. For five week, before taking your aar.a- 
Darilla. I bad a terrible racking cough. I tried 
•ome balum. but It did me no good. I couldu'i 
lie down more than fifteen mfuute. at a time 
without choking up, and I really felt that I 
couldn't live more than two month.. I had, be- 
.Ides all my other troubles, a large bunch on my 
neck, larger than an Englisb w*lnut, whloti the 
doctors said could not be cured. My rest was 
broken. I could do no more work about the house, 
and was even .carcely able to walk. Without 
saying a word to any one, because all in the 
bouse bad loot all faith In medicines, I managed 
to get to the bor.e car. and by them to your .tore 
fbr a bottle of the Harsaparilla. I had seen the 
testimonials In the Courier, and felt that perbapi 
It might help me as well as others. I did not ex 
DcetTt would make me a new person, but I hoped 
itwould relieve me a little. Thl. was Oct. 11. 
I had scarcely taken the first three doses before i 
felt a change for the better. In three or four 
nlshts I was able to sleep without disturbance, 
and my re.t was perfect. The flr.t bottle cured 
the bunch on my neck, which ha. now completely 
dUanneared. I felt the .clatlc rheumatism leav 
ins me. 1 to walk wlthouttr ouble 
and to work about the hou.e. The caUrrh 
sradually decreased. I could not begin te tell 
you all the good the Saraaparilla ha. done for 
me A. auTn.Unce of the improvement I may 
state that I was able to walk from my house, 100 
Hlxh street, to your store on Middlesex street for 
the se«!ond bottle, Nov. 22. The Mar.aparilla ha. 
entirely renewed my .y.tem, and I feef a. well as 
I did forty years ago. I am now perfeoUy happy. 
The Sarsaparllla bas been a great comfort to me, 
and I hope that God will blea. you lor It. I am 
able to work now, and to enjoy life a. I have not 
done for many long years. 1 may add that any 
daachter and her husband have aiso used the 
medlolne, and they have found much relief from 
It aa it bas Improved their appetite, and helped 
them In other ways. Yours gratefu'ly. 

LA VINA KDOIfilX, 100 High street. 

A Tonne Girl's KyealKht, Almost De- 
stroyed by Scroftala. ReeUired. 

Stevens s Ssrsaparilla Is sot recommended as a 
care for bllndnes., but in the following case It 
restored eyesight to a girl who for weeks was 
naable to see, her eyes being completely closed 
by scrofulous M>res : 

My daughter Qraela. lA years old. bas from birth 
son troubled trlth a IVoialoLS affection which 

ta«Ve caused her great ennoyanoe. Afewweeto 
■Aneo we were ol>llged to take her firom school, 
thev became so IKflamed, and In a short time she 
was totally unable to see, as nneh so as If she 


. -r 

Aad an Inspection by the 
respectfhlly invUed. 



— AND- 


AffesMF MorUt 


To Itot.— Vies stake op Uneola straat. _ _ 
■ To Itot.— Two aow traaaMaU haady to BooM 
Mills aad Freseott and Ggrpet GoryoiatloM. 
Every coaveBlenee, dfy water, nles oellar, bIbo 
Bclghborhood. No belter for the moaey la tha 
olty. Beak, •» aad tyeaeb. 

In Ayorrity.— Extra good bargain. Two 
two-story hoase*. • rooass each, pUssa. olty wa- 
ter, gas aad SOOO feat of land. More Uad eaa ba 
hadlfdesh^. Cellar under the whole hoaaa; 
price $2300 each. Thew are very cheap aad aia 
Muedally deserving the attention of parties te 
parsait of this description of property, tmof 
terms ; prtee. $2200. 

j«at RMatred.— Oao of iha best oaatrall? 
located flrst-elass residences to> be foBod in Ma 
city. po.w..lng all modern eoaveniences. A 
rare opportunity for obt»lulng a resideacB aff 
this kind HS the equal of it has not been eflhrad 
in Lowell lor many years, and may not ag aia mt 
a long time to come. « - 

Cheap and €lood.-Two good houses near 
Chelmslbrd street. 2 stories. 7 foo'P'Jf*** ^ 
iauare feet of land each. Price |«M)0. Hooso 
near Shaw Stocking Factory, two U'neasenta, IS 
rooma. $2300. Also i liouM. haady to mills, 7 
room, each, pleasantly located in an excsUon I 
neighborhood and cloae to principal sUeoM, 
bone oars. etc. Price 91700. All on vary eai^ 
terms and exoelleBt bargains. 

In PawtuekotTlllc.— Two-storr teaeflsaat 
house, 12 rooms, will rent for 925 per nonth. 
City water, piped for gas and 7600 square fsot 
Und. Price 92200. 

Hear Pawtneket BHdce.— 7600 sq«are,^«t 
land very avullable fbr ballding purposes. Wau 
located aad will ba sold on easy terms. Prleo H. 
per foot. 

In Oentralwtllo near Bridge stroe^lafga 
eottaseboBse and L. 8 rooms, bay wiadowi 
double parlors, folding doors, oh v water, gaa* 
■ewtrage, pUssa and 8700 square fee* of laad; 
$2700. Nice i-hrubbery. shaJe trees. Price $270(k 
ari«..auiInwestuse nt.-O neof^e b estlQ. 
cated and handM>me.t oentrally bmloeas loeatrt 
nieces of property In the city. Good lot land. ▲ 
fine opportunity for Investment. Further par- 
tieular. at ottce. 

Bxeellent Bnslneas Opportanlty.— A 
flrst-claM fancy good« route. In prime order aaa 
good as new, together with a pilme one horse, 
Id mounted hsrness, and a thorough built 
made t-xpreuly for the 


or.e wagoi^ 


Pariy pnrehaslng esn step at once IniO a pi 
and profitable basiness. Will exchange Ti 
goodreal estate. ITrioo reasonable 

or any 
and terai 


BnUdlnff l^*a:-A T*j"Ji'^',« ^''iii'!*!; • *5 


callty where property has rapidly Inoreased, Md 
1. .lUl Increasing In valut. Piles 15 eeats — 

foot. Near mIsw Ktooklng Faetory, soveral 
containing «Ood square feet each at 1« ceata par 
foot. In Belvldere, Mv«ral very naely looaiad 
lota land at from 6 to 12 cents per foot. 

Only KiKht MlleB rrona I^well.-A saag 
farm otVUi acres exoellent land, only one aslM 
f^om depot and bandy to school, church and pon 
office: cuts 20 tons hay; 13 acre, oev Itrowth 
woodland ; oottage house, 8 rooms, painted ana 
papered ; hou!«e prtluted and blliided; excoUent 
barn, olapboarded and painted— venr nice. Oaa 
of the beat farms in this vicinity. Prleo 93100. 

In Lowell 16 acres vacant land, only tM 

miles ttom depot. Good soil. Slop«» .*•**• 
aoutb. Brook ru.s through it. A splendid alW, 
with splendid v.ews. 

For Bxehan|{e.-«0 sere tract in Wlseoasla. 
olosetoaelty. andoaly 20 minute* from depot 
and a few steps from -church und post ofllce. Mj- 
tra good K)ll, well.lence.1 and level, some frBil. 
Plan In office. A bona fide thlnjr, and a safe ia- 
yeotment. Price •2800. Will exchuugo for aay 


Artists' Haterials, Painters' and 
Kalsoxniners' Supplies, Salem 
Pure White Lead, Oils and Var- 
nisl^es, Window QIass, Brushes, 
fro., ftc* 

Bnelneaa Chanees of all kinds, doing a good 
ig but n small capital, aad 
Call aud exandne. 

business and requlrin 
on very easy term* 

For lull description of the above property 
the largest H.t or property advertlaed In Middlo- 
•ex oonnty, see the Lowell Itaal K.Uta Joarnal, 
TU0MA8 H. ELLIOrr, Kdltorand Proprietor, 
48 Central Street Lowell Mans 




U7 Central Street 


14 Jaokson Street. 

aeemcd'to'eentre in her eyes, 'lliese have alway 
been weak and sore, and within a few mont 


We have Just received new patterns in 
" Bee them before having year 

Pictures Framed 


86 Herrimaok Street. 





Firat^aass work at low prtoM 

Feather Beds and Hair MattresMS renovatad 
by the potent power of dteam, rendering theas 
llght,s!leanaadBweet,aBda. good as new. Jfo 
wa.te but the dirt. BMt new Tioks furnished If 
desired. Call or send postal. 
ae Ohnreh Stroot, or SS Central Bftroot, 

T, r, GABDlfEB. 

Centralvilie Fish Markets 

Fish, Oygtere, Clams, Lobsters. 


was blind." We were In great disrress. as physi- 
daas and medldnos wemed unable to eflbet aeurc. 
We bad tried Hood*. Sarsaparilla, but it faUed to 
help. Finally we were indnoed to try Btevens's 
Sarsaparilla. The irst bottle made a wenderfal 
diange. llie eyelids gradually reoMned, the 
•oreness paseed away, the de.lre to rub the eye. 
was diminished, and by tlie tlase the frst bottle 
was exhausted Orde oould soe qalU weU and use 
ber eyes without pain. We ooutlnued the medi- 
dne. and the benefit ateadlly progressed, aaUl 
we now look forward with eonfldenee to sn en- 
Ura eaie. My haskaad and asyself have been 
Moabled with dyspepsU aad a low cpndlUon of 
tha blood, and by taklac of the medidne hare 
gained appetite and loatlBdigestlon. We are aU 
"ralT cratefal for what it bas done In our fhmlly, 
ind willingly add our testimony to that already 
civea yon. Mas. Lutcoui M. FiBU>, 

**l2well. Dec.80. WW. .« » "•'•i?»'^:L. 

liofd only hy A, C. BTMYBJfB, Sole Pro- 

^i^iW*^ ^H MMMs»m ssraes. 


Tells yoB be baa tha same thiag as 


DoBt believe him Ibr It to FALBB., Thetps ii 

only ohe Magical Cera Remover aad that to 

BsaauflMtured, sold and warraatad by 

Herbert E. f elster, 53 E. lerrimacl St. 


Also sold by 0. 1. Hood * .OOm >«vO-„0*rt«'. 
B. B. Fallorton, 0. B. Kimball. F, » "vBaUey h 
Co.. Gee. C. Osgood fc Co., t. L itaiaadeH, A. 
PInVham, Roger J. Lang, >"J«- Tfeo^iP^vS^V 
Field, Ward Five Drug Store (H. t- ?»;W» 
Ham/lton Drag etow) (Marstoa U Shaw), 0.0. 
Brock. __^________— ^— — — 

Children's Carriages! 

In the dty oan be found at 



8, U and 18 MABKET BTBEBT. 








Jlo. 60 Merrimaok Street. 


jBSt readved aad fbraale^Map. ^ •vloadol 
Christian Bros.' ojWjrated «oar. Alao Wto. 

Of •fon d a sM l p tloa palatod with BBataiM nA 
daapatA by 


So. ttaUMto 

IX)WBLL pAg^YOgXJglgB^ MAY 8e 1882e 

Z^ lotoett llaUp Cottriita 


Tha annouaaaweat of IW dM*h of Jwi»h 
nJiM la BAt BMirprtoe to tboaa who bar* 
fiSSlSil of wl'Srarailliie- and orlUoa 
SSuSItor Wral mahtha. He baa aot 
22 Sa to rttood to aay bualoaaa idDoa 
!arly InOctober. a»4,ba been confined to 

Keatbat tima. Hto death ocourrwl at 4 
oWock yeaterd^y aOemoon. He waa oon- 
aeluiMi tm bis laai momenti. His diaeaaewat 
^ moat painful character, but he bore up 
SatotlU InroiMU with much fprtllude. Hfs 
Zivoted f andly and friends ministered to bla 
•vary want during bla long sickness, and did 
SS3 to lighten lU iHirdeqs. Mr- O-j^ ;;;" 
horn at Townsend, Vt., August 8d, W»i •"jj 
« therefore neatly 77 years of ago at the 
Ume of bis <leaib. He waa the son ©fa mnn- 
SVand In bis early life ^^^T^fS^^ 
rhosbandmai.. flU '"'her and nothar dlod 
when be was quite young, and be wont to 
MTTwlthan.-lgbbor. At the •«• of elgb- 
UNsn years bo went lo llva with a 

wn» employwl for three years In canllng ana 

ZKbSg. ^He came l«io7;"ni,J?5i^, 
waa at find employed W I>«^?* »»~1 






■oas' Lifer BcfBlM. 
or sooB hiaaka the 

teaa. It earaa whaa 
Bit other r sBi e i H sa 

AOHB.-For the re- 

llcf aad care of this 
LlYar Kafalator. 

DTSPBFaiA^Tha Rsolator will POslUvely 
en" aitot«iiWa4Ueasa.^Rra assert e^hatte- 
•1^ what wa kaow to be trae. 

MMnriPATIOM sbonld not be ragarded aa 
aSSKaKaeit. Matoredeasaads theatasjst 
ILSI^j^rRyoTtha boweto. Tberrfbre assist Ha- 
iSr^taWaaSiauaoae' Uver Begulator 
lu^iiSss, adld aad elhetual. 

MLSi>— Vdter U at head for those who snf- 
iaf2!y^er day with Piles. It has earad, haa- 


For BeroAUa 

For BoiUi, Pimple* and Boald 

U to 

Eeal £«(tate* 

b/S^5ft^£r." o^'o? sK J^^^^^ Uvar 
Begnlator to keep the Liver In healthy aetlOB. 

Ibis city. 



fulling mill ill Ibis citv. He »«' •"i!Ir?t? 
the emplov of tbe lierrlmaek oo«n#soy. 

on Cape Cod. He returned to I-owell in a 
Sw^nSnths, and "'t^r reamio"* ^^^^ 
Merrimack company ahother jear . . „ 

SimI work foV the Lowell ^"P^J;^; J| 
■nlMMiueMtly an overaeer in their weaving 
iMSingiparimaBt.. under Alexander 
WriJbUu sgenL ll. 1W5 be rented the -tore 
JiTOil sK^et a b,cb he has occup'^d "»'" 
ouite woenlly, for the manufacture of leath- 




srlslBft fkroas a 

BAD ■BBATM, geaeraUy 
4iaor«eMd Stoasaeh. eaa he 
Simmons' Liver KegaUtor. 

JAVMOICB ShnmoBS' Liver BegaUtor 

•DOB eradicates this disease from the systeni, 
leaviag tbe skia elear and tree from all impnri- 

OOLIC-OhUdren snFerlng wi»^,<^M« *??■ 
experience relief when Sinunoas' Uvsr Begatotr 
oris admlnliterad. AdulU also dertve great 
Sn'fltfMiathls^SUdleioe. It is aotaapto^iMt; 
it U harmless and elfeeUve. Parely vegetable. 



Tor Debility 

For AU Humora 

For a Spring Kedioine 

Prlee #1.00. Sla bottles «»r fB.flO. Bold hy 
aUdragglaU. Prepared by 

CHAS. E. CASTER, Fkaiuciit, 

Oor. Hranoh and Smith BtB 



Timet Bnading. 20 Oentral Btreat. 


AwetloB Balea €oi 



•ia,000 OB baad to 

Ute securities at per cent 


I Bomts 

on bottom real ea> 




persoaal property in 

Moner ^ I«aaw oa 

•urns of $50 aad apwards. 
The Haaooefc Batato. Ho. 19 Vtrst 



•ulliclent amOBBt oC earrtage '^""J^'Tr-^Zhii 
Friao trvOik oa the »ost favorabia 



OAUTIOM.-Be Wal that /•••f'J^JL*?^: 
oiao bImmoBs' LiyfcBegalator •• «•' "•T™ 

on Chelmsford 
now uses 9000 




busiiieas has been 
bo baa frequently enlarged 
aBi»aclly for production. In 
Cradded leather hose for the uae of 
KparZJnUlohlsnstof produc^.n-,a.^ h« 
•Ince done a large business » « l»»«f.""f' *" 
1800 be admitted to P«'-'n«r'*^l>w»«;^ >»'"»//" 
SS J. Emery and I'^eHcotHJ. aatea and In 
IMO hla third son, Eoyal W . Uaies. i ne 
JKt named son dlea In 1878, and tlia others 
JStlnuTm the Arm. I>:«tb«r go^« ofthj 
■Mnufaeture of the firm have a wldaaprwd 
JSlwfor. for excellence. , ^'"'"^S.SfffJ 
aeeker for pollticul honors deceased lias fllled 
SJiSWilonsof puhlktru^. He jryed 
Id the common council In 1868, l*e was a 
nember of tbe board of "Idll-nj^"* ^^ 
ind served In the IcglHlature in »8«. He has 
hoena director in the Wameslt National 
tekslniHsorganlratlon and anownerln 

Zveral manufacturing c«t*>'"*^«°jS:,„22 
waa unrisht and honorable in all hla buainaaa 
S^aact 5ns and waa highly esteemed by all 
ffiTarS^S: of bu"«e7. andother «^qualnt. 


Mr. Galea's l«rge tannery 
■treet was bnilt in 1808. U 

^*i?18OT'K'purchased the manufactory 
OllntonMsst^., of ilie Murkland carpet pow- 
SKaJatontof which he was the sole 
JwSJrT On June 24, 1872, Mr. Gates wen to 
Vmom to obtain patents on his loom and to 
ln?^.^.« It Into foreign carpet manufacio- 
X DnrinK hts ahsence he vl.lled England, 

SS?k rtthe^ri/eJof Worthen .«^l Market 
atSets and his manufactory ol hose and 
bS& was about the same lime removed to 
Sewfrner of Market nnd Dutton •treets. 

M^Oatcs leaves a widcw and seven chil- 

di?n iwo^t .M ind five daughters. The fu- 

.. iSl will take plaje (rom his house on Gates 

atrcet, Friday, at i o'clock. 

■->~^**»^* Ca.»ell-m.»ausal of 

The council to connlder the resignalion of 
Bay J B. Seabury as pastor of the John 
Kl^t CoMfWRstlooal church aeaerobled In 
jTyeSroWlcburch at 2.80 yejerda^ 

Snrbi'-cor.uS or'i'er^atd ifw^o^" 
jSiby tbJ^bolce of R-v. Owen Street as 
iSdaSlor and Rev. Joshua Colt as secreU- 

white wrapper, with rod Z 
aad sigaaUre uahrokea. 

PBKriK.BD omvt BT 





Tne HaBOOOK ■»••••». "«»• v^ - — -- 
8tTc«t.-Larie aad elegaat t*JMtpry house sub- 

•ulliclent amoaat oC earrlais wwsa; 11,000 square 

feet of land. 


Coraer oT Flatolkai; ais« 
MO0 Musre f^t of laad wlthbulMings; 
lease at $720 per aaaan. Price $7000. 

Talaable Propertr a* ^••••'•.^JS: 
.we.-LaBd and boUdiags Inpwn ••*»»• ''•'"l 
Boiler Works •" now oFered forsato ata prtes 

that wUl secure a «»«t2»«ri.Ji?2? i!?55?.^ 
of land ; holler and engine iMaded ia thU sale. 

Valuable BataU Iss CewUralvUle, eorner 
•fBriffe.,^ Fifth. IreoU. Tbj^*?." "^^Sj 
to reu-ove to Ward Foar aad the property WUl 

Oa and after Dee. 6, ISSl, 

Leave Woreestar at A.M, IM (Kspress) 
lllSVia:.»aad«.llp.m. (Ayer paaaeager). 

l5JU XyerJaaetioB at k (Ayer FM^-r") 
aad Sin a. BS., tlAO and HU ?•■•-- ^ _ .,.,_, 

The CJO. yjfcaod 11.16 a. as. •«^» J^J^^?! 
f^m WeSester. and t.OS a. ■»• "J^ »S» ^*^2 
p. ai. traias Itoas Ayer Jaaedoa owmTtr^ua to 
jBoetlon with Stony 3«>^JP**'*'"*%£~"L„ 
aad from Lowell and way "t***"*- iSST.rSn. 
aeotleas are also made at Woreeeter with train, 
for PiovldeBes* Norwich, Mew York, Bprtogfieid. 

"^l^^^i^SSiu. Hew York by ^d er 
uSdBoutocaa be had •» *>»• *^k**^,^i 
Lowell: also sute rooms and ttartba ean be se- 
2;^ by steamers of the Morwloh llaa. 
■aalsma * Boolsoaiar MTtatow. 
Leave Lowell. Miodlesea street dei>Ot, tw 
Boobester and way statloBa at MO a. as„ 1 aao 
m.: MafbuaOWa. m.. \M aad •? p. m. 


towa or ehy ia f 

Direct ttom I^owell to eaytt 

Western Slalfs aad Tenltorlai ( 

—day or eveBlag— at • ^_, _ 






•toamboat Tratai Co««eetl»« W^** JTjJ 

B«W York. FSwo ia.PO eook waF* .^ 

IOb and after Saaday 0««<*5L*;*??JLffl*f. 
Save Lowed f Midolosex street *^B2^ •• WJl 
.40 a.m., lio aBd4.«0p.iB.,anly1arttg«»» 
rramtogham at %M a. as., tyML.*** Jg * 

. _ ^ip%^ 7aA ^ aa. tralB liaM jhom 

be sold at a low Igure. 
Cottage Hosiao 

Freasoat street, 
ftet of libd. BplmdUl ptoee. Prlee $2800. 



SlBimoBS* Liver Begalator U sold by 

€BOWBLL *. HABBIfOH. Apothecaries, 

IM Oentral atreet, Lowell. 





IS le fbr all dtoeMsa of She lUDMBVSf 


mttM ot the aarid pdsoa 
'Snadfai aoflnlas whWh. 

aaly the Ti e Mia s of Bh e ma 


of the woest fonam of this tw"lhio «i 
bave been qnlekly vaUeved. in ashart 



laals'lnevsrypartof tbeOonntr/. Za hoa^A 

' S^ereaSaltbsaouMd wbeteaU etao lu^ f 

IkUed. It la mild, but eflloienl, «i;K*AIH b 

lIIITaAOT10I«,b«»harmlaaBloaUesasa. 1 

trU aiaaaees. BteaaothMa «^ «»T«^r 
IJfe te all the Important orgaaa of the boay . 
The natmml aatloR of tha Kldaaf a laccatorsd. 
The Uver la ciisBssrl of all dlsssas. aad tbs 
vaftaslyaodhaalthAiUy. Xn ibia 

Fine RcsMemce Im BelTia«sre. eontaining 
It rooms with aU the modarn «>Bvealea«M, saoh 
as hot and cold.water through tbe hoase, i»th 
room, Ac. ; po better location ia towa ; over 6000 
sanarefeet < bad. 

Large Cottao*.- Few steps *«"■ »™«* 
street. 6000 squaA feet of land, eaa be purchaaed 
low and OB easy terms. 

Fine BaalAasMa on Branch street, with 

ov«wioi5««f««to<;»*»*. •*^>« '" ''••p*"« 

with the premises. Frtr* venr low. 


'^'Tbe %.Vi a. m. traia fh>ai Maahna U a throa^ 
trlSTf* pSitliad and way -tftto"; «":t^ 
II UA«ii*at«v With BoatoB a MBiaa Baiiroao 
SiffSAhioX, SSIdth'lfiMtar. aailrol 
SSb for WolfeborV and Morth Cooway. 
•Baas to Boehester only. ,, . ,i.,«-„k 

The L«« p. IB. train fTom Naahaa ia a throagb 

^nirJ'S^ ttom Mashna Is a nrtaed trala. 
Itft'<^rftl?kS. and baggage checked to 

ForUaad aod Intenaediate polota. ^ 

iforfiirtborpartleBiarsasto couBOotfcBS with 
ror nirww VJ^ ^ p«thtoder Guide. ^ 

HUKLBUBT, Baperiatendent. 

trains en 

p. m. I'hs 


at Booth 
Bestoa a 

PrA«uuiBiia. arrivlna at Pawtacket ia4i % ^ 

Mew York, 

provldeaoe, arrtvlng at PawtaeketJIMiapa^ 
Prsv^nes'iOJ» a. m.. and raas tbroa^Wtg^ 
too. arrlviag at Taantoa ia.lf a. a»., w**«**»g 
ibSre foV hW Bedford, Fall Birer, HewpasC 
Oak Blulfs and Naatnoket ,,„. « 

Uave Lowell for "•''$?"-* lis SJ"; a 
4 JO p. «.. arrivlBg at «.«» Vai. «J,f£|i" 

i;rihoro'atT.M a. 

other roada, 

^ f. WAlTK. General Ticket Igept. 







Bun day a 

For Lawrence. .-"-.-- 
11.46, ».46, 4 JO. 5.16, 6.20 
8.90 a. n.. 6.40 p. m. 

For HaVerhlil, 7.46. 8.46 a. 
6.20 p. m. »aBda\s, 8 JO a 

For Kewburyport, 

Retamiag, laaye "a™^ ~J*Z ZLTtSV 
MriTlBg at Lowell at 8 J* a. as. Md TJa p. 
m. traia stops at aU sUtkms ■ 
connects at South FraaiT 


7 p. as. Sundays, 

i.,U.4S, 1.46, 6.16, 
m. aad 6.40 D. SB. 

8.40 a. m., MM, 

fhe 1 JO p. m. traia stops w«««.t-r 

u>»nectrat South Framlagham tot Weresater. 
gprtagaehl. Mew York and the *.••*• ^ -^ 

*Ths4 JO p. m. train ooaaects at Baajh Fraas- 
iniluun lor Worcester. SprlngMd aod thaJJ^ 
atlkansfield for Providence, aad n»».»2ffiLiS 
Fall River, there connecting ^•"/.■I'Sep 
steamers of' the Fall River line lor >•» Tw«; 
arrtvlng at FaU lliver at 7.^6 p. m. aa* a> aaw 

''"AlSs'iSv'i ?outh Framingh«a f^ l-malUI 
7.66 a. m., aod 6J6 p. m., "rtytag alL0W« 
at 8.06 a. m., and 7.^8 p. m- ^ ^^ ^ ^ 
and 8.06 p. m. trains ooBaeet. at 
Framlngham with trains 
Taunton, WorccKter, Pprjnr^ 

rail). Albany and the West. «•- Vri^-ii 

leaves Fdl Wver at 6.20 a..B... arrtvla/r at tawell 
tJU a. m. 

IB froBB Fiu»lisiaia| 
igteld. Maw Yeak (aU 
rest Itaamkaartsaia 

rmakfng cdnaection for polBta^ aaith. 

^Mipthe weesk 
Aa It has baso yso'v^dhir 



I !■ the most eibetaal ] 



The business of the council was 
with urnrer by Rev. Mr. Street, and Mr. 
Ho£»S. L. Bea^d H'*" reud the letter of res- 
KStGn of Key. Mr. Seabury and the action 
KeJobnitreef church antl society there. 

*"Rev Mr. Seabury, on being called upon to 
n,5S^'any further sUteraenU, stated that he 
ball^Sng to say in addition to what was, 
SLtii In hfi letter, and the church and aocle- 
t?Sd Lot wiih S^idd anything to what bad 
{Ln s5d at their respective meeting*. 
Tho follow ng Hat of delegates was read 
fSi CongreJationai, Lowell. Bey. Smith 

^^IJt^chu^chnre'lf. Rey. J. M. Greene. 

^K(rk'Zilt: I^^tW, f- L. Lalrdleson. 

^ ^^JirucSlir-Liwell. Rey. Ellas Nason. 

^i?;3d.'"""Roteatant, Lowell, Rev. Mr. 

^&?b feolSl^iiVlonal, Andover, Eev. J. 

^A^^rrye^Sna^v^lR^y. Joseph BUke. 
OongregHUo«'«»>. Winchester, Joseph H. 

""^'North Congregational, New Bedford, no 

%'SLv?rTtr^l, Manchester, N.H., Rey. 

^'niih su^t, Lowell, Rev. Owen Street. 
OoSgregnlionul house, Boston. Rey. J. B. 

^j?hn atreet. Lowell. D«»«>"- B«"!Se' 
MoSy, Wmg and Osgood, and Mr. George 

•^Lltwwnce street church. Lawrence, Bay. 
1 ctaKt Mr. Knowlcs. , ' 

''Aner the public hearing th*re was a prl. 
T^Ji inference, at which it was voted tjat 
Jt?.?eSe.ia.llcal council we are aansfled 
JhiT VkA action of iho church and aocleiy, 
rn?lbSVa.toT. in |heca.e befbre u. wd w. 
■■■saTmrnd Ibo dtaaol»it4'»» of tbe-pnBlorai 
wiiKto lake effect May 8, 188t." 
Thaoounollliidiiedty -..-.««... 


Ag of reiaOoas thai 


aJSBSrSrniBjer that Ma lUf bo 
.MMTtaZkBi liMolSSaail #Ma8BataBBr«B 

'^gdCiiSisa^tokgaiaiid ^t 

hBiotadiiao- bheoBBlBaaMa S~!22Eif2r*aa. 
ZZtSSi la Chrtatlka Work* swBBaha atttPT 
t^aSttSoSr/aadearaestiaUaeaad Oillsl. 


xwaedjr flat olsaasiag the 
„..._ of ail BwrWd aaeretloaa. Xt ahoaldha 
uaad la syery honaahold as a 


Alwava ourea .BlMOP aKMa B. 
la nut up labry Tagatahle Fewa, tn Ua 

WEMJt, lMCHARI»SO:iACe..Frep's, 
- inithedrrposw-w^ ai auMtaa. yT. 


Hygienic Wine! 


Aptiai, sneiiiitlieiK Wc 

For Herromi Proitration, DyapepBibi 
Lbiiitude, etc. 

ta 4hA aMd and Infirm it Is especially adapted 
aJd^Slpi^e" heeftog and iuVlgoratiag toaic 

nnrALUABLK bbmkdt won. 


36 Centr»I Street, Lowell. 


Pleaaant Corwar Hows* near the lliorn- 
dlke mills. U sunny, nuw and makes a very deslr- 
able home. 92260. 

Two Teaeiaewt House near BraBch street, 
ln™xws renting locality. RenUforat least 
$22 p^r month. JFrice tSMO. 

Hear tbe Moitbasm Depot.— A few steps 
ft?mthebl,rs?carsandha.<Gio -/««! mUl. 
Large oottage of 10 rooms ; front and buck stairs , 
is supplied with citr water, 

For Eaeter aad Dover, 7.48, 

*• fJ?o^ fr-Si. r^. ••« •• -•' "•«• » *^ »•" 

** Rr SalmoB Falls, Biddefird, Baco. Old Orehard 
BesShiidpirtlaS, 11.46 a. m.. 12.45, 3.46, p. ». 

^FjTftw/BSfkst, Wauryllle,,8t. Johas.H. 


■nd 8.46 p. m. 

Price t2000. 

i^rsfcwrlir^^Farmingtonand Bocklaadat 
*^w Tagusta, Bath aod Lewistoa. •.46 a.m. 
•"Fo^iScteStir aad Altoa Bay, 8.46 a. m-, aad 

tmtrmmmr from Portiaod),-at 8.40 p. ** . 

MUWttokeUfJr sale betweea Lowell aad 


Vrnn RMtOB 7. 7.30, 8.80, »J0, 10J6 BBd 11 JO 

only at iTSp " ^^^'^^» »* * * "• ""^^ *-**-• " 

Lfav% Oii Bl^f. t:46 r;;i:;;irViya'a» LowbB 7.«d 

I^well an* Cbelaastord » Fe el al Taabsa 
Leave Lowell for Chelmsford at lAtt abd Mt 

***Uaye Chelmsford fbr Lowell at AlO a. m. a d 

ixM p. ■• 

etnal points West aad Southwest, via BoelMi » 
AftaBy "nd PeBOsylvanla Railroads; alaa Itor 

[rDolBtirWest aad Southwest, via 
ARway and FeBOsylvanla Railroads, ---j-- 
PhSSfelphia, Baltimore, Washlngtoa, sad polatt 

**Through bUIs of ladlagfor Westora fteigh* eaa 

b. had at this omce.^ ^ MILLEB. Ag..t,„ 

60 Ceatral street, CewelL 

8. A. WBBBBR, Aast. Supt., Fltshhasf. 

It U oompowndad oF Colaaabo, OoaCla»» 
CUaeboBa, Angoatara, a«* Caa- 

Combined with Tlneture of Iron, and the purest 
ah«?. WIM. All th«ee drugs are at once reoofr 
SfaSd'fJr Their Qeaeral ToSe. Ap«stlslng and 
SrtiuUBgploperUss for aU cases of DebOity. 



For Bale by All Prwggleta. _1_ 

Kidney Wort is sold by 

CBO'VFBLI' * HARRIbOlf, Apotheeailos 

Uf Oantral SUroet Lowell 

Ferrated Hyglenie Wise is sold by 
GBOWKLIi 4k HAmBIbOH, Apothecaries, 
180 CoBtral atreet, Lowell. ^ 

I. Eicbt Ml»wtae» "Walb fTom tbe post oj^oe 
Zndault* handy to the horse oars. Two-story 
hou^ MwaW^ desirable, tnoo. g-lOOdown. 

It la dona at laat.-nie most beautilul 
bouse in Lowell Is joat finished, and splendidly 
lTated"overlaoklng the dty •««ly«'L~'»7''J«"'^ 
toit. ia in a first-lass neighborhood. It coo- 
tains aiaht sonare rooms, is surrounded by ample 
wounds and U of a style of architecture the 
&Mty of which surpasses descripUon. Ibis to 
g^^I^ttSn. OafTSd we wUl show tt to yoB. 

Barwaln Wear tbe F^lr Orousids.— Wlce 

•o5l?aBd stable with two stalls; »2.«)0»Qaa« 
ffwtof Und euclosad by fence; plenty of fhiU. 
Price reduced to giieo. 

sfaw Mlnataa' HKtOk Prona tbe Central 
BHdffe" A well built and •"racUye cottage of 
TgnShed rooms, oesoples a comer tot whieh | is 
weU fenced. PMe tl«6. 

Bar«aln.— Two-story house, a few steps tto j 
*k!?wtS« aara aad about ten m nates' wsJk from 
SlS^oSKSis nBasnallywell loeated; Urce 
lSJ?l2.d^hf^?and^hade trees. Oaa le 

proeared fbr Aawo 

PopsUar Pienle Oronnds, oonveBlent *« 

**Vr.m'L;;s^nc;.7:v-«- »••"•' » Vt' 

4 10 8 80 p. m. South Lawrence, 7<»..PiI»; 
lundaysT 8% a. m.. 12 m.. 6.40 p. m., and fVom 


10.46 a.m., 12.02. 
, 8 a. Bs., 4.08 and 

11a. m., *M, 

ATIONAL l,IN»of«teaBSShlpshatwa«i 
^™ Y^. liverpool. QBO«stowa IjU 

direct. Sailing weekly from. Fj ea 8>, 

JTirth river. New York, »"•»«« ^ »"»»" 
•teamshlps crossing the Atlaatl^ «,.a ^ aiaa . 
Csbln ratea gtO to $70. •"5?*ft%*.12L*uSSi 
oBtward steerage •«; P'*P«"L"»«t»2 jgjf? 
•28, "being #2 lower than meet otaer aaw. 
?;fllces, «» snJ 73 B^aj, ^Y^ ^^^ 

Agents St Lowell. Mass., ^f.^^- 0- LamsOB 
and-l>. Mnroh y. 8 Applston stre et. . 




h knowledge of the natural laws 

~~ Epos has 



LoweU. Cost gae 000. 

•By a tborong; 
)h govern td 
tnuonrand by a careful appiicau* 
Sopertleaof walUeleoted Cocoa. Mr 



and, In fact, eferyone shonld 
nnderatand the Talae of tliat 
delieiouB food source— 8BA 
HOMHFABINE. It is produc- 
ed by inventlTe skill fh>ni the 
nutritions Irish Bea Moss, and 
Is, irithont exception, the best 
Inralids' Food and most nsefhl 
basislbr )lght ilWolesomefood 
and desserts now in existenee. 
For pnddings, JelUes. ercwns, 
hlane maniresand other table 
delieactoMhe Sea Moss Farlne 

ezeelB enffTthtHS l5ho*5» «* 
in the tlek room Hit stanply 


provided our breakfaat tablea with 
Savored beverage which ^?*^^» 

a delicately 

save us many 

Judicious use 

oonstltutlsn may 

heavy doctors' bills. It Is by 

a'^SdaS'b'.m JrunufstWenough to .e- 
^.nf^, tendency^ to dl.e_»e.^^llun<l;eg of 

We may 

..» -.-., tendency to disease 
BubUe m^adies are floating around us 
attack wherever there is a weak point. , 

eaosSemany a fatal shaft bv keeping ourselves 
wTuforUfled with pure blood and a 
^lilihed framc-'-rfclvll 8erv oe Gazette. 
Made simply with tolling water or mUk. 
In tins only (>< lb. aad lb.), labeled 

Bppa A Co., HomsBopatbie Cbens 
lata, London, Knglano^ 

wUl seU for •16,000. 

■4Ma OoportmnltF fhr a sseohanlc. ^fart- 
«jr5?nS?Tn thTnianalaetare of machinery 
SStUlngreat demand. Easy terms. 

a mrUk ^Irocerr Baslncas in a good lo- 
oaMtytoTtrade; everythlag in oomolets maning 
^Pdw. Stock fixtures and team, tiaoo. 

w!««#tt Varletr and Paney Ooods Btoro 

o.'KSa rtS?. fta. location;; new and eom- 
plew rtock of gcods ; Just the place for the right 
^— with BBoney. 

South Lawrence at 4.27 p. m 
From Uaverblil, 7.16, ».26, 
3.30, 4.02, 6.46 p. m. Sundays, 

"•FrooTNewburyport, 6.16, 7J28, 

•^FiSin^Portland, 8.46 a. m., IW and 8.80 F 

%"or'^L:ii.K- Frldayssonly. 11.4a p. «.. and 

"^strf;?: vS^iiiS tiSs .ad i^ a^^ 

•'JSffiur'ilSSopSc^l^Jiery. Lawreaca street! 
crossUig, on •HfoJ^g ^ fUEBEB, Oea. Sept. 
J. F. FHIIXIP8. Gen. Agt. at LovaU.' 
Lowell Pee. 6th. 1881. ^ . 

j3 niAILBOAD. 


Steel BaiU, Double Trbok, Exp. Ttbfaii 

OB aad after Jaa. MBd, 1882. Uainalsaya U)W- 

laXJI«OI»E ! ! I 

Cook's Oraad Excursions leave KtwYorbiygll 
lars in si«olal Pamphlet, sent free oa appUaaUaa. 
Passag'TcheU by «« Atlantto 8t!J»*ToJSrt 
fhcllliies for stCBring Good Berths. TOBsaw 

"• ] clal fhcllli 


routes, St reduced rates. Coca s Kzoarasaaw* 

with Mans, hy mall 10 cents. «. ^ . 

THoSf C<^K b BttM. 281 Broadway. W.t.; 
107 Washington street. Boston, Maas. 

C. A. Babattomi, MaPBger. 

Royal Hail Steamships. 

Fafrenissd 6y Ar Jfoyol Bighntu 

Btr Jfoyol 






dhanimous rota tha 


.^-. that t .^ 

ahoald compel tbe 
haya been so cxo 
priya aot onr- 

Epps« Ooeoa is sold by 
OHOWELI. * HABmSOW, Apothecaries 
130 CeBtral street . Lewell . 


or tbe best «nnlUF« «•' ■^« ^ *^* 
botUa, *sia»t»« «•**•»• 

F. ft E. BAllET St CO. 

arHanaolB aaid Jabls Mrea^s, 
Fredertek BalWy. Chas. W. Browa. 

oorsmkT PBOPWpn y. 

Two Hnndred Aere ■'•'ff^ri" """/^f 
L^ri?. Cuta 60 tons hay. keeFM head of cat- 
tic nlentv wood for home us«^ lOtO fruit trees, 
h^ toa'^spaSous brio* bulldtng of « foo™". 1« 
JSSflen? o^r; two large bams. fltt«d«or8p 
k.^ .T/ Aatti« 40 aheeo aad 4 horses ; elder mill, 
SSSi?ilth sliop. 3 aU the outbuildings of a 
^Jl^itl fkrm and anin good order: superior 
ShSSfbrasni Tl.lsfarm*ls locate<f wetl on a 
idn^. « mile ttom a flourishing village with 
S»ni and store aooommodaUons. Anyone wlsh- 
iSffo? i!h a fam oan purchase this at satlsfae- 
tory price and time. 
TWO Bsuidred Aere Farm, a Csw miles 

U6J0, 8jI0, tt746, 

8.81, ••.21 • 

R. B.. 8.81 a. m. ; 8.63 p. m. ,„-„-« 
tFor NASiOA, 8.81. 0^81 a. m.; 1, 8.80,8^8, 8.8^ 

*Ex^: tHorthorBdepot. Vj^^^'^y •»»'• 
tor on arrival of Ualas from the north. 


BOSTON at 7.30. 8, 1*«-3^»«l A* 
12 m. ; 1.16, 2.80, 8, 4, 4.46, 6J6, 8.10, 



Every Saturday. 

■bovtoat Oaean ToFa«a-OnlF 

Eatra weekly sWpa from «l"J5>J;"»;;5jJl 
Qaeeastowa, LoadoBderry, sbO uaiway is ^pa- 
tea dlrsct. . 

The stesmers «• ««»"'P"*^ii'iLS^JSI 
8pe«l, and are fitted up '^'^•"'JiSf^*"*"* 

:ents, 807 r 

anV^. ^B.' Batchelder, agents 

Lave A Alden, general sa_-_-. 
K5r York, 16 State sueet, Boston, M 





g€fwor and Ciilv*'* '^I^^' 

_^ ^ 18 aad M taeh 
calar a 


Irom Keeae, 

Mlil keep IS or 20 head of 

i^« wood. WIU keep IS or ai neaa ui stock. 
Za^o SirS, all offered for the low sum of $2600 

jaK?is e^-c?n"^foSr.¥;tt/sJrtT 

roaadlagcoBBtnMfor mUes. WUl seu or •» 

■i*«-..«w^«wa Aero Paraa.— Oae-half ssUe 
JirdSorS7ia^eM7 drive of Lowell. Is 
& I22ih Sd •)ed laaZ adn»t«^.to • y ariety 



at 12800 



«al apaiidsaata. 

Trains leave 

a. m. ; 12 

t*7. tll.l6 p. m 
•Express. fNorthern depot 

Leave LOWBLL for BOSTON. 8.80, ft.lO a. a 
Leave'EiiloRfor LOW«LL, 8.46a.m.; fl. 
p. m. 
fNorthern depot. 

iKiwall A f^awsoswo IHt«b1»». ■ 
Trams leave rx) WELL «or LAWEBKOB, 7 Jl. 

Leave' Li W^tV.'cE' f« iSiwELL, 7.4», 8J.. « 
^" a. SB.; 12.10. 1.16, 4.06, 6.40 p. m. 

Lsaya LOWELL for LAWEEHCB, ••W?. J^Lj 
Leaya'^LAWRBNOE fbr L0WELL.8 a.«i • p.a8. 

gaaomi dt Iioyrall VHIblaM* 
Xrtdaa l«iya WWELL tor BALBK ai 7JI a. m:^ 

L^ya'sAimi & li)WELL al y.lii !•* N ».. 

•Ooi£& ^th traiaa tor aLOUCBlTia aid 

- ooMPAxna 




Id aad thaAW 

•teamers BorkaMre, 
WodneadaFt 6 o'clock p. i 

Wharf, India Street. ^ „ _. «. 

Co««rtlng ai No«fol|k, V... with ^^H^rtfi 

^« IMbord Mid UOHSMk. B.llroM M 



aowar or 



Oblmaajr l^lFa • omA- • lb 

Wall #lpa •• -"^ »• ""^ 

Bpward; partial 

■ 11 aad ap- 

ward. Oaa 




What ggya Ta« tint biaJ Befca ••» Mm^J 
Tba Sa S tuiClthj 8oap. Uii pbIj Bm^*^ 

€'• A . XENM>AI*L. 



as ana tart aad ■aalMaeiMa 
25a ayaalaga BtB • ?>'■• 

HOUSE smisHi 

j^ C*m^CBiBtJOEB 

r wo 


For ATEE JUHOTlOW, 1.18 «^JS| Ji2&» P- "J; 
■ naaaaedaai «Mda it AFO» j Nlk g »» with 

Woraastar b Ha8haa. ab4! BW giargJ^l" 
rogd. torm-f..-Wa««i2.^pAgJ-{; 



^^}$S!k ■^ 

• iiniDAi'ntAiEB. 

Utilm glreayia aiuaaauiwv-. «"■. ' 



Igekiml mm 




Ml ft.m.{ttJI. 


Ipttho laltaianktedaof 


\likMt mA OHtslde HinueFltt}Kk.| 

iff aii ftef Joi HMt^ 

AT Tm ownoM, 


liSJSA Law« at tJO ^ »• 
■Triab laaas r"* ^ *- *- 




^tag raoelgts el^^P^lP 







te osavMA*!. 





Wit ILotoea Sattg Couti^t. 




~' aOM. 1 UMOTH or OATS. 1 MOOX. 
r4fi4i7M 1 14 00 1 ■ 4M 

•mr. j 

cia«BAM' fipr Mar* 

MM. 1 TUBS. 1 WBD. 1 THUM. | FKI. | BAT. 
































Th« WeaUkcr. 

Tl^e wind iwang roand to the northwMt yM- 
terday afternoon, and blew a fierce gale. It waa 
«0ld and dlMKreenble to the utmoat, bat the 
wiBd went down with the ran. The night wat 
«laar. Today hu been eool, bat otherwto* plea*. 
•Jit and bright. At 6 last nlgbt the temperatara 
VM 40, at? this moralng 30, and at 1 AS. 


nillside p«rty, ward 5, touigbt.* 
^VMeriill A Son removed to corner of 
Jobn nnd Lee streets. 

lyW. E. LivlDgiton'R branch office re- 
moved td Cuklerwood'B, 88 Merrfmnck street. 




The Wooihd'b OlHisiian Temperance Un- 
ion will bold ilN regular monUify meeting in 
the parlor of the Y. M. C UHsocJHtlon tomor- 
row St 8 o'clock. Ladies are invited. 

A party of frora 76 to 100 of the young peo- 
ple oonnected with the Eliot church are to 
Tisit Mrs.' Hallie Cbnml>erlin, formerly Miss 
Eaton, at her home in Woburn Centre to- 
night. They will leave the city at 5.90, aud 
return home by the theatre truiu. 

The offli-er« of Luckl and Whitney post of 
the Sons of Veterans were not iiistHlled last 

.night owing to a rai>«under8tundiug in secur- 
ing the charter, and the ceremony will take 
place next Tuesday eveuing. un officer of J. 
A. Garfield post of Lynn offlciuting. 

E. B. Patch has a list of auction sales in 
another colutnn which will be of vulu« to 
those looking for homes or for a chance to 
invest. The cxtutes are In eligible locali- 
ties, being convenient to the mills, and U will 
Say to keep run of the dates by referenoe to 
le Bdvertiseraent. 
There was a hearing before the board of al- 

' dermen laai evening on the application of 
James U. Qage for a liccnue to make wooden 
additions to a building belonging to him on 
Middlesex street. There wan considerable 
opposition to granting the liceuf^e, and the 
subject was referred to the superintendent of 
public buildings, with full power. 

There was a meeting of the Pioneer Tele- 
phone company at 10 o'clock today. Wm. 
£. Livingston was chosen president; Ed- 

^ ward F. Coburn, clerk and treasurer, and 
Wm. £. LiviagMton, H. B. ShHtluck, J. W. 
Bennett, C. J. Qlidden and E. Y. Rowell, di- 
rectoi-8. It bus been decided to build anoth- 
er line to Boston aud work will be 
commenced soon. 

Katie Hoar, a girl of 13, was arrested yes- 
terday afternoon by Sergeant Qoodwin and 
Officer Harris for stealing flO from tlie room 
of Mrs. SophronlH F. Wellington, a boarder 
at the houtte of Milo B. Stiles, 10 and 11 Suf- 
folk corporation. The girl udmiltcd taking 
the money, said she returned $5 of it, spent 
some of the rest (or candy and burned the 
remainiler. She lives with her mother, who 
works in the Suffolk mills. 

The Misses Rogers liave disposed of their 
cows and sold the milk route over which 
milk from their farm has been carried for so 
many years. They are quite reticent as to 
their plans concerning the disposition of 
their pasture lands in the event that Fort 

^ Hili park is not accepted by the city, though 
the increased taxes they will doubtless be 

"^calletl upon to pay under the plah of the as- 
sessors for equalizing taxation may induce 
them to dispose of some portion of the farm. 
The competitive skating by ladies at the 
rink last evening was, as expected, very In- 

, teresting, and for nearly an hour absorbed 
the entire attention of the large numljer of 
spectators- The skaters were Misses Gene- 
vieve Peircc, Effle Bickford, Alice Parker, 
Kollie Patterson and Edith Peirce, till of 

' whom did themselves credit and won hearty 
applause. This evening there-will be skat- 
login couples, there being several entries, 
and tomorrow evening minses between 12 and 
14 years of age will compete. 

The post office now abideth in the tempo- 
rary quarters, whence it will not move again 
until its new rooms are ready. The change 
was quickly made. Last night the mail was 
delivered from the old location, this rooming 
the box holders turned their keys in what 
was re'^ently Merrill's and the rubber stores. 
It was hard work for all bands while it last- 
ed, but finis coronat opus. The post office 
folks feel pretty well, thank you. In their 
present abode and hope to get along very 
comfortably till moving time comes again. 

Ladies desirous of having silk fringes, 
cords, tassels, buttons, etc., made to pattern 
any shade of dress material will fina their 
work admirnbly done at Mrs. Charlotte 
Neal'B, 22 Winter street, Boston. Mrs. Neal 
has succeeded Mr. Dudley Hubbard, the 
. well-known trimming manufacturer, nfler 
" twenty-one years' experience in his establish- 
ment, and is in every way quuliSed to con- 
Vnue the business, and furnish her patrons 
with the choicest patterns and the very l>e8t 
materials made to order, as well as for sale, 
at her pleasant room?. 

At the annual meeting of the Reform club 
corporation last evening officers were elect- 
ed lOr the ensuing year as follows: Presi- 
dent, John Stott; treasurer, John Chicker- 
log; clerk, Joseph W. Tapley; board of di- 
rectors, John Stotr, John Chicliering, Will- 
lam Lalrdieson, William Burrows, II. II. 
Cochrar, Andrew Turnbull, J. L. Lalrdie- 
son, Edward Cornock, George Jones. The 
rMlriug board recommended to the incoming 
officers that a fair bo held during the coming 
fall in aid of the building fund. The sugges- 
tion met with approval. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Simons entertained the 
Bobekahs at their house on Central street 
yesterday afternoon and evening, about 160 
attending. There was a liberal oolialioii, 
and a volunteer entertainment, which includ- 
ed speeches l)y several of the guests, read- 
ings by Mitises Farnham and McFarland, 
Mrs. Stone and Mrs. Gliuden, vocal and In- 
strumental muoic by Mr. Bates, the Misses 
Simons, Muster Walter Simons, Miss Uale, 
Miss Joy, Mrs. Ilarrimun, Mrs. Becde, Mr. 
Beede and Mr. Holt. The parly dispersed 
seasonably, with the best of feelings toward 
Xheir entertainers. 

Artist Phelps Is going to the region around 
Jfonadnock next week to make sketches of 
tbe picturesque landscapes in the vicinity of 
tbo inouniHin. His studio now contains many 
cbaiwlng pictures, and he has fust begun 
#orit<on two views down the Merrimack, 
one at Indian on-hard and the other on the 
opposite aide of the river, near the old lan- 
nerr, Thejr promise to be very trulliful 
prasentments of two familiar and beauiirul 
cpbt^gon the sboivs of our own river. A 
JaifB OfWVM retti Pn bis casel, and is gradu- 

allj icrowinK into a powerful ploUire of a 
loeM In tbo BavarfAtt Tyrol. 

THe ••Literati of Middleeex" waa organ- 
ised at Uie Y. M. C. A. ball last nicbt, 
Tbe ol}jei t of the bodv Is to collect and Mi> 

Kituate general as well as genealogical hla- 
ry within the county of Middlesex. R. B. 
Oaverly exiled to order, Dr. Allen was tem- 
porary chairman, and G. C Brock, secre- 
tary. Mr. Caverly announced that 187 gen- 
tlemen had signed the roll of membership. 
A constitution and by-laws were adopted. 

J'uarlerly meeitnga were arranged for In 
illy, October, January and April, itnd the 
following officers were chosen^ Librarian, 
Samuel P. Hadley; treasurer, James S. 
Hovev ; recording secretary, Wm. F. Court- 
ney. The following comn.ittee was appoint- 
ed to repot t a list of names fur the remain- 
ing offluer^ to be submitted at an adjourned 
meeting to be held at room 7 Barristers hall, 
one week from next Saturday evening: 
Solon W. Stevius, John Henshaw, George 
F. Willey, n. B. Shatluck and T, G. Wad- 

Tcaehars' MeeUac*. 
The teachers of the Lowell public schools 
have determined to organize a union that 
shall prove of some value to the edu'^ational 
work of the city. Heretofore Lowell teachers 
have not bfencou-ipleuousin teachers' gatli- 
erings, but they inUuid to have one of their 
own that will be well worth alU-nding. Next 
Monday evening a meeting will be held in 
tbe ball of the Green school, where papers 
will be read by Mr. Chase of the High scliool, 
Mr. Burbank of the Edson school and Mr. 
Wbitcomb of the Varnum school, and 
teachers generally will be invited to discuss 
tbe views advanced. This movement was 
started by the grammar masters, some of 
whom wanted the meetings to be open to all 
interested in education, but it was finally 
concluded to confine themstrlctiv to teacliers. 
There is very evident need of just such an 
Institute as it is proposed to form, and u good 
square sea>«on ofialklng shop" will be help- 
ful to all concerned. Mr. Chase's subject 
will be "Examination for Admission to the 
High School ;" Mr. Wliiicorab's"Attention ;" 
and Mr. Burbank's "School Qoverument." 

Liqaor K.icenaea. 

There were 72 liquor licenses granted by 
the board of ahiermt-n Isst night, 11 innhold- 
ers, 37 victuallers of th« first class, 11 vlct- 
uallei^s of the second class, 1 whideHale deal- 
er, and 12 retail dealers of tbe fourth class. 
The board adjourned before considering all 
the applications for fourth-class llosnses. 
Of tjip 47 victuallers' liquor licenses granted 
only 6 ofihem flTe^tTHwetton comraoir vtctaat- 
lers' licenses alrt-ady signed bv the mayor, 
and itis verv doubtful and indeed improba- 
ble that he will si^cn luiv of the others. Those 
who have received the licenses may make a 
test case of the validity of their victuallers' 
licenses signed bv a majority of the board of 
aldermen. AldeVineii Oaiity, Cushing and 
Wriglit voted against all licenses lust night, 
and alderman Smith prevented the granting 
ol quite a number of others by bis vote in op- 
position, making the vote i to' 4. Tbe mayor 
did not vote on any of the licenses, and his 
vote against licenses would not have changed 
the result In any case. The new law seems 
to deprive the mayor of a vote on the license 

The committee on licenses and police in- 
terviewed the city marsiial this forenoon re- 
garding llie enforcement of tlio law. It will 
be enforced against those who have Ijeen re- 
fused licenses. In other cases opportunity 
may be allowed for the mayor to sign any of 
the licenses granted, and tliere will not prol>- 
ably be any baste In prosecuting dealers 
whose cases are still pending before the 

A license to the Merrimack house to sell 
liquor under a first-cluss license was refused 
bv the vole of alderman Smith, and the bar is 
closed today. 


Tonight Prof. Leotsakos will entertain a re- 
fined audience at Mechanics hall with an il- 
lustrated lecture on tbo wonders of Greece, 
giving limelight views of the chief architect- 
ural monuments and triumphs of sculpture, 
as well as of the people and structures of the 
present day. It promises to be one of ibe 
most satisfying intellectual treats of the sea- 

Tony Pastor & Co. will draw a large house 
to Music hall tonight, as usual. A choice 
programme given by a well-selected compa- 
ny will form the bill. 

The Garrick clul) will play ''Our Boys" at 
Music hall tomorrow night. The company 
Is said to he letter perfect, and pi-epared to 
give a very complete an<l charming perform- 
ance of Byron's lieautiful comedy. The en- 
tertainment will be for the benefit of tbe As- 
sociated Charities, aud seats may be bad at 

The Dime Show begins a series of three 
nights' performances at Huntington hall to- 
morrow evening. It gives an entertainment 
worth more than the money, and the after- 
noon performance Saturday will t>e especial- 
ly attractive for women and children. 

Everybody should remeinl)er the enter- 
tainment in cmnection with the coffee party 
at the Paige street church tomorrow even- 
ing. A good time is promised. 

Lovers of what is l)cst in piano music 
should remember the piano recital at Abbot 
academy hall, Andover, tomorrow after- 
noon. Ernst P<ra«M) will play, and the pro- 
gramme will be composed entirely of works 
by Beethoven, Including the "Moonlight 
Sonata." The recital will begin at 8.30, and 
convenient trains may be had over tbe Bos- 
ton and Maine road. 

■4. Patrfrak'eOli 

The addresses of «eleome to l*v. Miohael 
O'Brien, pa*;or of St. Patrk:k*B eluireli, of- 
fered on bis return frora Burope lart fall by 
tbe oongreitalion, the Holy Fanllr socfailliy 
and tbe young ladles' sodality., haY« been 
handsomely engrossed by Principal Q«orce 
H.Conley of tbe Mann school, and will he 
presented by Mr. John Welob. TIm ezeeu- 
tion reflecU great credit upon Mr. Oonley, as 
the work was one long and dilleult. 

Rev. Frs. Elliott, Smith and Ooyle of the 
Paulist fathers of New York weranieata of 
Rev. Michael O'Brien Monday. They came 
to Lowell especially to visit the manufaelor- 
iea. and were taken about by Bev. William 
M. O'Brien and Rev. J. J. Pituerald. 

Four of the new painted windows fbr the 
churcb have arrived and will be placed in 
position this week. 

Two ornamental arKors, surmounted bv 
tbe cross, have been built in tbe eburon 
yard. They will make not a bad substitute 
lor cloisters. In whieb the priesU oounected 
with the church may read their o 

T»yrV' v"*^'* ^••^jgRiCf'^X ••'«'? "^T' 

pet iU ai for 1 

The Government CHemlet hnmlymma tvra 
or the Ltcadliia Baking powders, and 
ivhat he fliiils them made of. 

I have examined samples of "Cleveland's 
Superior Baking Powdt-r," and "Royal Bak- 
ing Powder." purcliased by myself in this 
city, and I find they contain : 
"Cleveland's Superior Baking Powder." 
Cream of Tartar 
Bicarbonate of Soda 
Available carbonic acid gas 12.61 per cent., 
equival' nt to 118.2 cubic inches of gas per 
oz. of Powder. 

"Royal Baking Powder." 
Cream of Tartar 
Bicarbonate of Soda 
Carbonate of Ammonia 
Tartaric Acid 

Available carbonic neid gas 12.40 percent., 
equivalent to 116.2 cubic inches of gas per oz. 
ol Powder. 

Amm(l^ gas 0.43 per cent., equivalent to 
10.4 cubic inches |«*r oz. of Powder. 

Note.— The Tartaric Acid was doubtless 
introduced as free acid, but subs' qurntly 
combined with ammonia, and exists in the 
Powder as a Tartrate of Ammonia. 

E. G. I/>VK, Pb. D. 

New York, Jan'y 17th, 1881. 

The above shows conelu«lvely that "Cleve- 
land's Superior" is a strietly pure Cream of 
Tartar Baking Powder. It has also been an- 
alyzeO hy Prof. Johnson of Yale college; Dr. 
Genth of the University of Pennsylvania; 
Prcitidont Morton of the SU»vens Inslliule; 
Wm. M. H ddrshaw, F. C. 8., Aniilyi>t for 
the Chemical Trade of New York, and other 
eminent chenii?<ts, all of whom prniiouiio<- it 
absolutely pure and lieallhful.— [Hall's 
Journal of Ileallh, for April, 1881. 

The Change in IrUh Palle|r— ITlewe af 
Ija«al IrUh«*aa«rtoana. 

The decided change in Mr. Gladstone's 
Irish policy, accompmied by tbe resignation 
of Mr. Forster, the Irish secretary, and the 
release of some of the suspects, is naturally 
the subject of discussion todav among promi- 
nent representatives of the Irish-American 
people of our city. What they said is worthy 
of note. 

Mr. Humphrey O'Sulllvan, of the firm of 
O'Sullivan Brotiiers, considered the change 
a moral victory fur the uolloj of tlie 
Land League, which had been one of 
passive resiHtance. He attrilMited the 
release of Pamcll and others to tbe fact 
that England would be obliged to re- 
lease the Americana by fear of foree, and 
that she could not consistently retain the 
Irish suspects, in justice, after releasing the 
Americans on the ground of fear. The 
change of policy iii n confession of England's 
inabifltv to govern Ireland. It will givoan 
impetus to tlie American Land League, to 
whose inlluence the present result can he 
clearly trailed. 

ae\. Edmund Buckle, O. M. L, of Peler- 
boiouKb, N. H., who was in town today, was 
delighted with the news. The result was 
just what he expected, and he attributed it 
largely to the no-rent manifesto, which was 
so violently condemned at tbe time it was 
proclaimed. He l»elievcd t liat GbKlatoiie was 
willing to change to a policy of concest»ion 
when public sentiment In England permit- 
ted, and the no rent tlortrlne had forced that 
sentiment to the surface. He thought that 
the Irish would feel encouraged to demand 
needed reforms by the course of the prime 
minister. Fr. Buckle thought all the sus- 
pects would be ><peedily released. 

John Marren, esq., formerly president of 
the Lowell Land League, says that the re- 
lease of I he prisoners and the change in poli- 
cy foreshadowed are a triumph of the no-rent 
policy. But for the arrest of Purnell much 
of the disorder that has prevailed in Ireland 
would have been avoided. The British gov- 
ernment bss learned a le«son that will beaal- 
utary in its results. Gladstone waa fear- 
ful that bis ministry might fall, and tbe 
change of policy is a movement for self-pres- 

Tlie clergymen at the church of Ibe Im- 
maculate Conception say that the failure of 
the coercion |>oiicy was to be expected, this 
result being only a questtiou of time. Qlad- 
stone's policy has proved aaSsbort-sigbted as it 
was illibend. 

Rev. Wm. O'Brien of St. Patrick's church 
considered the news very cheering. It was 
the first step toward home rule for In-lanii, 
and marked the failure of the governmenl's 
policy. It was tlie most soccessrul paaaive 
revolution iliat the world had ever known. 
Other priests connected with St. Patrick's ax- 
pressed Himilar views. ,, 

Senator Crowley didn't believe th^t the no- 
rent doctrine accomplished the change. That 
policy was communism, not American and 
unchristian. He didn't believe in outrages. 
He thought tliat Ireland would still be in 
chains, but l>elieved that if the League 
would now go in earnestly and quietly for 
home rule it would be granted, and Ireland 
become at least as free as Canada, which was 
as much as could ever t>e h<»ped for. The 
senator praised the L md League highly, say- 
ing it had educated tlie people, prevented 
revolution, aud secured great advancement 
of Irish interests. 

Mr. J. J. O'Sulllvan, also of O'Sulllvan 
Brothers, lakes a radically diffierent view. 
He says: To a man that ever exi»ected that 
the Lsnd League would ho the means of rid- 
ding Ireland of English misrule, there is 
nothing encouraging In the present situution. 
The very policy that Michael Davilt repre- 
sented is the policy which England express- 
ly repudiates. His policy was an extremely 
aggressive one. and bad the support of a 
l'«r;fe share of the Irish people. Mr. O'Sulll- 
van believes that Mr. Sexton was too precip- 
itate in his congratulations. After a short 
time he fears that rent will be paid, and the 
chains be riveted harder than tiefore. As 
an American citizen bo can find no satisfae- 
ilon in the expression of Mr. Gladstone giv- 
ing no credit to our government for the re- 
lease of tlie Iriah American suspects. He 
also believes that if the no-rent policy was 
lived up to, this change of policy would not 
have taken place. 

JHcetlnK of Board at Aldermen — VictnaN 
lere* and Uqaor Lleeneee Uranted. 

There was a meeting of the board of alder- 
men last evening. Mayor Runels presiding. 
The following grand jurors were drawn for 
the session ol the United Slates circuit court 
to l»e liehl in Boston May 15: Freeman W. 
Puffer, Geo. E. Metealf, Ephraim D. Liv- 
ingston. The following petit jurors were 
chosen for the same court, to meet May 30: 
Samuel M. Heald. John Nolan, B. L. 
Ooogins, Hiram W. BlalMdell. The following 
petitions were appropriately referred : Of 
P. Dempscy and others, for a sewer in Whit- 
ing street; of W. A. Wright and others, for 
asewer in West Sixtli and Coburn streets; 
of John M. Pevey and others, for an addi- 
tionai flag-man or other safeguards aguinst 
accident at the Walker street crossing of tlie 
Niisliua and Lowell raflroad. 

A h> aring was grunted tbe horse railroad 
Tuesda« , May 23, on its |>etition for license 
to extend its track tbrotigh Branch, Loring, 
Wt stfurd and Stevens streets. Llcen^M;s to 
obstruct Ktreets for building purposes were 
granted as lollows: Warren L. Floyd, Grove 
htreel; Hor>ce R. Barker, Middle street; 
Joitn O'Connor. Wmnesitatreet; K. G. Bart^ 
leti, moving a building on Pine street. Na- 
thans A Co. were licensed to ezblbit a circus 
in this city on payment ol f76. Iteporta in 
Invor of sewers, as follows, werh ordered to 
lie seven days in the city clerk's office: John 
D. Sullivan, Willie avenue; John Beggs, 
Canton street; J. D. Whitmore, Bstcbelder 
place: James M. Morse, Pond street. 

A joint order introiluoed by alderman 
Wbiiaker providing that Ibe committee on 
commons shall, hereafter, consist of three In- 
st' ad of two menilNTs, was laid on the table 
on motion ol alderman Garity, and the ques- 
tion of bavliig all the standing committees of 
the boanl i*f aldermen composed of al leant 
three members was npnropriately referred. 

Permits to ent4'r main drains from private 
sewers were granled, as follows: David 
Lane, Lane Ht reel; Mary Sullivan, Suffolk 
slrevl; Ri-lN-cca 8. Sherman, Arlington 
street: M. 8. Perkins, Smith avenue; K. B. 
Caverly, Beit«!ii street; Adam Amhroae, 
Sixth street; Francis CaHl and F. C. Miller, 
Lana street; John Howe, Liberty street. 

in River at 

Tbe following , 
referred: job wagoM. JMBeo T. 
Geonte Tye*. J«bm G. Uttlf , Ol^ ^tlttt. 
i'atrlok VWrell, Petar H. DonohMo. William 
A. Dudlev, Andrew J. Beane, John Hdnley, 
Freedom 'D. Beede, Patriek Donohoe, Al- 
fred D. Leblano; billiard tables, SoloOion 
Isaacs, John E. Laavitt, L. ▲. Orover, 
Hawes A Welch, Nathan Parker; alpplo ta- 
bles, James C. Little, Patrick O'l>onnel I, 
Patrick McOuire, John Oarroll; Junk deal- 
ers, L«ngh>f Asailth: iatelligenoe ottoea, 
Millie A. Svmonds, Allen T. H<m|8« > pawn 
broker, Charles H. Froat; second-hand 
clothing, Charles H. Prest. 

On motion of alderman Smith, D. Moody 
Prescott was made an widitional member of 
the committee on atate aid. George L. Fow- 
ler was licensed to obstruct Mount YerBoa 
street for the removal of a iNiIldlng. 


Albert V. Partridge, J. Qranvllle Hunton 
and Anne W. Cullen were granted oommon 
victuallers' licenses. Tbe committee on li- 
censes requested leave to withdraw on tbe 
following applications for vlctuall'-r licenses, 
but tlie board refused to adopt tbe recom- 
mendation of tbe report: J. F. Holland, 
Dutton street; M. Lahey, Oorbain 
Htreet; Jneeph Cbabotte, Market 
street; Nathan Parker, South street; 
ICdward Li^mey, Suffolk street. A hearing 
was granhed the Anti-License League 
Wednesday eveniug. May 10th, on U» sub- 
ject of granting liquor licenses. 

A reinonstranou was received from Dr. Oil- 
man Kimball, owner of adjoining property, 
to the granting of a liquor license to Patrick 
J. Courtney, No. 270 Merrimack street: and 
a n'luonstranue was received from Mayor 
Runels to the graiitiug of a license on premi- 
ses adjoining his property at tbe comer of Ap- 
pieloii and Oorliam streets. >> 

Alderman Smith offered an order that the 
niiinbcr of licensee granted be limited to 
100, in addition to apotliecaries. Alderman 
Garitv moved ao amendment that the num- 
Ikt be limited to 60, exclusive of a|H>theca- 
ries. Alderman Sleeper moved an am'-nd- 
nient to tbe amendment that the number Iw 
limited to 150. The amendments snd origin- 
al order were. In turn, ilefeated. Alderman 
Smith moved ihat all druggists who have ap- 
plietl for licenses have leave to withdraw. 
Alderman Cushing moved an amendment 
that all persons who had app'ied for licenses 
and hud advertised their applications, have 
leave to withdraw. The yeas and nays were 
called for on alderman Cushi ng** anaend- 
ment, and it was defeated by a vote of three 
to five — aldermen Cushing, Garity and 
Wright voting for it. Alderman Smith's mo- 
tion was then defeated by a viva voce vote. 

Alderman Garity moved that all the 
applications for license be referred to the 
committee on licenses inorder ihattbey might 
l>e revised. Some of itie applicants canuot 
bo properly granted liceiiHes for tlie reason 
thai their licenses were forfeited tlie past 
year, for the violation of their conditions, 
and for other reasons. It was best tliat they 
should be carefully looked over. Aldermen 
who are to vote for lleenses did not want to 
render themselves liable to prosecution and 
fine for granting them contrary to law. 

AUIerman Sleeper said that there had been 
plenty of time before now for tbe committee 
on licenses and others to examine the appli- 
cations that bad been legally advertised, 
and those who cannot be granted licenses un- 
der tlie law are well known. Alderman 
Smith iiidn't see any need of referring back to 
the committee. He moved that the applica- 
tions be relerred to a special committee, con- 
silting of aldermen Prescott. Phillips and 
Wliitaker, and the motion was defeated, al- 
derniun Smith not voting. Alderman Wbita- 
kcr said that he had submitted tbe advert isetl 
iint to offieer Harris, and he had found but 
four names upon it of persons who had been 
convicted the past year of vioUllon of their 

A recess was taken. On rc-assembling Al- 
derman Sleeper said the license members had 
conferred anti they recommended the grant- 
ing of liquor licenses to all the fourteen inn- 
liolders who hail advei Used t heir applications, 
bttt Itap^ared that John F. Noyes, of I lie 
Noyes bouse, bad not received an Inubolder's 
license this year, snd that Andrew 
J. Derby succeeds Andrew J. Derby 
A Co., of the Waverley bouse, snd bad ^nt in 
an application for license to the board, upon 
which a report could not be made till it was 
properly adverilsiHl. The other twelve ap- 

f>li(;ants were granted liquor licenses as inn- 
lolders, bv a vote of 6 to 3, with tlie excep- 
tion of iienry Emery of the Merrimack 
liouse, tbe vote upon whose application was 
4 to 4. Aldermen Cushing, Garity, and 
Wright voted against all the lit^enses, and Al- 
dermen Phillips, Prescott, Sleeper, Wbita- 
ker, and Smith voted for all except that to the 
Merrimack house — Alderman Smith voting 
with the other license aldermen against th at 
house. The following liquor licenses were 


Joha F. Arlln, 009 Middlesex. . 
Joha Casack, 3M UorhsB. 
Tbonaas Hirst k Barker Nattall, lit and 114 
itannel T. Dresser. 06. 67 aad M East Merri- 

Robert Gallagher, 8 and 10 William. 

C. K. ft F. R. Oolag, 80 Central. 

John K. Leavitt, 205 and CU7 MMdleeex. 

Bbcn B. Mayberry, in. ITS. 176 and 177 Middle- 

"^^Kraderiek B. Bobbins, 231 Middlesex. 
Frank K. 8haw, 180 Central. 

nasT-cLAss coxmom tictoaix.bbs. 
Tbomaa Dolan, 6 Bridge. 
John T. l>onehue, 00 Bridge. 
Joseph U. UeBlngway. 42 Central and 8 Fns- 
Charles A. Page, 118 OentraL 
William T. Beoson. 18-1 Central. 
Beajaosin Greathead. IM CentraL 
Tboaiaa H. Cartls. 22tf Central. 
Geoige W. Flint, 3 and 7 City Hall aveaae. 
Jolin F. Holland, 47 Dutton. 
JanMS O'Donoghoe, 46 Dutton. 
Patrick Gnekien, 64 Dutton. 
Daniel J. Murphy. 76 Dutton. 
Patrick Qnigtt y, 69 Mutton. 
Patrick lJOl»n, 8 and VZ GorbSSL 
J^mee MeKeever, 18 Gorham. 
MlelMcl O'Keele, :;8 Gorluua. 
Jobn C Mnrpiir. 40 Gorham. 
Joha U. Lyncli, 46 Market. 
Jttaea U. Ulley.«7 Market. 
Mtchad Uoran, 71 Market. 
Patrick CnmmUkey. 8» Market. 
John LennoB, 108 Market. 
Wat. 8. MaBrayne, • Merrimaek. 
Joeepli W. Pureell. U Merrlotaok. 
Thoui W. Emerson, 12^ and 14 Merrimaek. 
Joha Onrro I, SM Mernssaek. 
PatrlcK Teagae, ifUO Merrimaek. 
Jokn O'Donncll. 214 Merrimaoa. 
Plwakett k BavUI, tM and aM Merrii 
CkarMa W. Cheney. 1, S and ft Middle. 
PfiStun H. Britton. 101 Mlddletea. 
C. wTW. BloaardaoB. 198 Middlesex. 
John 8. Daalcls, corner Moody aad 
Vnuik Bndy. ft Preawtt. 
Chariflo Callnhaa. SO and S3 Biver. 
Mathaa Parker, t7 South. 
Whllam U. M«Miea, 30 eoath. 
aaoono-CLASs ooMMOv TioToaixxaa. 

Mishaal r. McDcraaott. sa OoflMUB. 
Til I— as Manay, II i OorlMaB. 
Bdward Koarfce. UW tieriuim. 
Ocnaie A. MeUngta. el Markat 
William Tayktr, 7w Marint. 
JaaMU Oslrfc, 117 Market. 
Patdafc Meehaa, IS* Market. 
Kdward P. OuBway.jr.. IM Matkst. 
Thomas J. Vlyna, £ll Market. 
WUilam McOould. M» Mtddlasex. 
Daalnl U. Stewart, 106 Wortkea. 
WBOi.aaAi.n di 


Stum ft On^— <»...w~ 
AlbOTt J. Whee ar. «• TUdsn. 
Jeha M olaa. Ml OentraL 
Joha D^viaa. iO Ctuufk, 
patilskL.yMh.aM riei. ^_^ 
Patrick DssMksey ft Oa^ MO Maikel. 
P. Oamoiiikey, n aad M Market. 
P. U. Britioa, M\ aad ISO Middlesex. 
John Lenaon, 101 and 110 Martwt. 
Charles QaUakan. 6* ittvor. 
J. Ooaohae, 00 Gorham. 

Tbe followinx oommon vieuiallers wer« !!• 
oensed hy a vote of Ave to three, aldermen 
Cushing, Garity and Wright votInK agalnat 
them as they did against all licenses, in ad- 
ditioa to other aldermen named In certain 
eaaes: Michael J. McDermott, Donohoe A 
Hunter, Michael Morris. Thomas Mtirray. 
Edward Boche, Thomas Muldoon, Michael 
Madecan, Richard Shunnahan, J. E. Sexton, 
J. CaApliell, Thomas Rrowo. WllliainNiland, 
'James Quirk, Cornelius Crowe, Thomas J. 
Ply on. Thomas Sbalvey. ISdward P. Con- 
way, Patrick O'Bourke. Mary Dyer, John T. 
Donohoe, Charles Callahan, Charlea W. Che- 
ney, P. Oourinev. John Carroll, Charles W. 
Johnson. Albert J. Hpwe and Frank J. Lib* 
by. Tbe applications of Dennis J. Fione- 
gan. Andrew Penderga«t, J. C. Little and 
Michael McNamara were rejected by a vote 
or4to4. Alderman Smith voUng with tbe 
three anti-lloense members, and that of 
George McNabue, by vote of 5 to 8, Alder- 
man Smith and Sleeper recording their vote 
against, iu addition to those of tbe three antl- 
lloense members. 

Tbe following applications for liqupr^ li- 
censes were rejected, xome because of objec- 
tions made by owners of property a(|joiuinx 
that of the contemplaied location of tite li- 
cense, som** beuause of conviction of viola- 
tion of the law, otltera by vote of alderman 
Sleeper, but moatly by the negative vote or 
on motion of alderman Smith: J. W. Mort, 
James Anderson, Solomon Isaacs, Joshua 
T. Willie, George, Patrick Courtney, 
Patrick McGuire, I^aac ilarwood, Andrew 
Pendergast, Daniel Crowley, John L. La- 
mountain, John lledey and James O'Gratly, 
petitioners for licenses an tirst-i-lass common 
victuallers, Lurana A. Glover, Geo. F. 
ChsM, William McDonald and Kdward La- 
mey, second cla<i9 do., Eliza Meatley, Mat- 
thew Huntley, Samuel Uandlin, Michael 
Leabey and Joseph Cbabotte, third class do.. 
Geoige McNal>oe, Martin O'Meara, Jobn 
CronTn, Charles H. Maloncv, Alexander 
McSoriev, J. E. and M. F. Magulre, Patrick 
Keeiian,'P. Quigley, John McCluHkey, fourlh- 
claHH retail dealern. The remainder of tbe 
apjilical ions were laid ou (be table till the 
iiext meeting, Tuesday eveuing of next 

Aldermen Smith and Sleeper of the license 
aldermen voted against George McNaboe as 
a victualler, and alderman Sniltli voted 
against Michael McNamara, alderman Garity 
stating that the latter is decetuied. Alderman 
Smith voted against Dennis Finnegan, An- 
di-ew Pendergast, John Campbei], Patrick 
McGuire, Solomon Iiaacs, James Anderson, 
James W. Mort, Isaac Uarwood, Edward 
Lainey, L. A. G rover, George F. Chase, 
Daniel Crowley, and J. L. Laroountain for 
victuallers' licenses. Alderman Sleeper 
voted against George F. Turner. All the al- 
dermen but alderman Wliitaker voted against 
P. J. Courtney. Alderman Smith voted 
against C. il. Maloney, Alexander McSorley, 
J. E. and M. F. Magulre, Patrick Keenan, 
Patrick Quigley, and John McCluskoy for 

Several motions to ailjourn during thO 
evening were defeited hv a vote o^A to 4, al- 
derman Smith voting with tbe anti-license 
aldermen for adjournment. 

At a noectlng of the l>oard of direetort of the 
Waaeslt National Bank beld Wednesday a. ns., 
May 3. 1882, tbe following preamble and resoln- 
tions were unanimously adopted : 

WflBBBAs, In view of tlie loss we have sus- 
tained by the decease of our trlend and associate 
Joslah Oatet. esq., aad of the still heavier loss 
sustained by those who were nearest and dearest 
to him; tlierei'ore be It 

Itfofved, Tnat in the death of Joslah Gates 
the bank lias lost an aotive memtMr of the board 
of director*, wboae utmset endeavors were 
exerted for its welfare and prosperity. 

Jt«»oive4, That it is but a just tribate to the 
menory ef the departed to say that in regretting 
his removal from our midst we mourn for one 
who was worthy of our respect and regard. 

Beaolved, That this teatlmouiai of our sympa- 
thy and sorrow be placed upon the records of this 
bank and a copy forwarded to the family ol the 
deceased. G. W. KnowLton; 

Glerk of the Board ot Direotcrs. 

Lowell, May S, 18«2. 

08T.—LaH evening OB Wastfbrd sr MM- 

dlasex street, between Seheol and tteveas 
slreet^a striped worsted shawl. Vlndsr leavlac 
saase at this oflloe will be rewy4a*. 

fTUnS ANNUAL MKBTIirOef theatodt- 
X. holders of the Wkltebaad ftAthartoaMa- 
ehtne Oo. will be held at tks oSs* of ths eorpor. 
atloa la Tewksbary on ths third Wedassday eC 
Mils BMBth (llayl7»h)attwoo'oloAp. m..tor 
the pnrpose of eiegtlnf a board ot dlreetOrs f or the 
•asnlag year, and the traniaetloa of aay other 
bastaess ihat BUjF- legally oome heftwe the aseet- 
lag. WM. RUBINttON, Oterk. 
lUweU, Mass., May K. iva. ^ 

rriHM AinrnAL m ■btiicq of the suok- 

JL^ hoMnrs of the Pbeaix Maohlne Co. will be 
held at the oAoe of the eorporatioa la Tewha- 
ban- OB the third Wedaseday of this month (May 
17tk) at three o'eleak p. m.. for the purpose or 
aleodng a board of directors for the easalng year, 
and the traasaeUoa of any other buslasw that 
may legally come before the meeting. 

.. w „ WM. EOBINSON, Clerk. 
Lowell. Mass., May t, m». ^ 





■aaltlt'e Madcl Pmlt Store. 

To obtain a flrst-class article, especially lb 
fruit and. confectionery, is a matter of con- 
siderable difficulty, yet there are dealers in 
all cities of any coniM'quence, whose sole aim 
is to keep only what are known as fresh, 
wholesome, and substantial good^, and for 
tbe benefit of tiiose of our readers who are 
not already aware of tbe fact, we might say 
that one of the most |)opular and reliable es- 
tablishments of this kind in this section of 
tbe state, is that of F. W. Smith, which is lo- 
cated at 47 Merrimack street. Mr. Smith 
Is botb a wholesale and retail dealer 
in pure confectionery and foreign' and 
domestic fruit of all kinds, his goods in 
thii direction being noted for their 
first-class qualities, while his prices sre as 
moderate aud reasonable as those of any sim- 
ilar concern in tbe state. He takes a pride 
in the goo<l name his establishment holds 
throughout this vicinity, as a place where 
fruit and confectionery can l>e obtained that 
will give satisfaction in every Instance. Mr. 
Smith transacts a large business, and one 
that is constantly increasing, which be has 
built up solely on the gooil ineritH of the arti- 
cles be furnishet to hU customer!*, and as a 
firstH:la<is store of its kind we heartily com- 
mend It to the favorable attention of our 
readers. — [Business Houses of Lowell. 

A nloe kid specie purse, lined with chamois 
skin, for 10 cents, is one bargain we oflfer. 
Gome in and look at them. C. I. Hood A 
Co., druggists, opposite post office. 

^rto ^tittxtmemtnxsi* 

Strawberries and Bananas. Hall's 

rpto J^BT.— Farnisbed room. Apply at this 


TENBMBMT TO LBT.— Apply to P. 
WkHlng. .„ 

TO LiBT.— House of U rooms, 18 Hard itreet. 
Apply to H. C. Roberts, 174 Btaekpoki street. 

WANTED.— Storage for household (hrnl- 
tore. Ward 4 preferred. Inquire at M 
We-tfocd street. 

rTH> LET.— Pleasant, auahy cottage of 8 rooma 

X In good order; large garden ana fruits. Ib- 

qal e at 66 Chestnut st est. 

WANTED TO BRNT.— A well lalehed 
eot.agc in wratera part of the o ty or 
HIghlaad dietriet. Good loentlon and neighbor- 
hood deelrable. Suitable referenoes glvcb. Ad- 
dreJS^W. M.,** Courier o ^oe. 

#TARD.— The undersigned desires to exprem 
KJ the gratitude which lie feeU towards W. 8. 
Lamson aad other (Hciids fhr the aympaihr they 
have shown to Mas In his sad aAleaoa, aad their 
tokea ol that synpatiiy wMeli speaks leader 
than wordj, and wliloh Is hi«hly appreeiatid. 
TIM flrlrads who have thus rasaembered him will 
be hsM hi hlghsat uateem. 



Fringes, Cords, Tassels, Battoii9» 


FUcftt OiUy>. 

E^it Hotnell ISatIp Ccmrier. 

TUUliSDAY, MAY 4, 1883. 




SalearoaBa, 39 Market Street. 

WUl sell OB 


Thursday, May 4, at 9.8Q a. m., 

A large and desirable lot of Carpets and Honse- 
hold Furnishing Goods. 

Also on 

Saturday, Nay 6, at 5.30 p. ■§•, 

ZH 8tory Block. 182 and 184 Moody Street. 
Also at 

6.15 o'elock, same day, 

Aeottsgeaumbered71 WlUle Street. 
Also on 

Tuesday, May 9, at 5.30 p. m.. 

The Tuxbary Estate, nambered 10& Bridae. cor- 
ner of Bridge and Tblrd Streets. 
Also on 

Saturday, May Id^-at &Jtap..j 

The RIo'jmond estate, on Lawrence Street, dl. 
reotUr opposite the end of Charlm Street. 
' Also on 

Saturday, May 20, at 5 p. m., 

A Gottage House on Billerioa Street. 

Also directly after the above, 30 large lots of 

land all wlttitn S or 6 minutes' walk of 

tbe Lowell Cemetery Gate. 

For partlouiars ot all theie salei and others to 

be advertised, see potters. 

E. B. PATCH. Auctioneer. 

Salesroom an'd OflKee. 39 Market Street. 


We have offered have brought us 
crowds of buyer; and BtUi ihe 
good work goes on. The priess 
w^ have placed on Men's Spring 
Suits are ao rldiculouBiy low thai 
the public hardly credit their own 
eyes. So far, not a customer diS" 
appointed, and we do not mean 
one shaU be. One or two lots ot 
suits advertised have been cleared 
out, but we have replaced them 
with others that are Just as desiT"^ 
able. A man who wishes a suit 
neatf stylish, and front four ta 
six dollars under value, cannot 
afford to p<iss the opportunity o%»r 
great suit sale offers hint. 


One-Price Clothiort, 
Appleton Block, Central Sireet, 
JLowell, ' 


I A this olty, Rev. Robert Goart, 
Mr. Willie F. Wrman aad Miss Mary 8. Abbott, 
both of Lowell. 

Ib Aoton Centre, April 80, by Bev. F. P. Wood, 
Mr. Geo. N. Gove of Maynard aad Mist EoaeUa 
Hale of Coneord: also Mr. O. E. Hoaghtoa and 
Miss M. B. Barrett, both of Aotoa. 


On Tuesday, May a, Mts. Tryphom 8ewalL 
widow ot Samuel Sewali. 

Funeral Irons the residence of her son, Aado- 
ver street, on Tlwrsday, May 4, at-g o'clock p. ak 

fa this fity, May 3, Joslah Gates, agedTS >ean. 

Fancral at his late resideaee. Gates street, fH> 
4ay aftemooB at a o'clock. Frleads aad rsiatirsa 
are invited. 

IB Dracat, May t. Mrs. Faaale B., wM o< 
Lstber B. Hall, aged 47 years. 

f^neval flron her resideBee, Draeal OtalrSk 
FHday afternoon at 1 o'sloek. Friends are ia>- 

In Tewksbary. AprU EL Mis. MaryM.BIas^ 
wife of Mr. Ueary lOee sad daughter ol the hiSa 
Oapt. Dndlsf Manton. H^ fl7 

....The late secretary for Ireland is con- 
Tineed thiit peace an J harmony can be better 
Forstercd by bis absence. 

••.•**Peopti at the mint are working over^ 
tlOM.** And yet we see very little of their 
work.— rNoiristowo Herald. 

....Cleveland happened to have a thor- 
oughfare named Ouiteau street. Tbe name 
has been changed to Abram street. 

....New Hanjpiihire beer brewers have 
''hdvanccd the price of ale, and some people 
will think that all the necessHrics of life are 

....During the house-cleaning season there 
Is no place like home, and that's something 
to be extremely thankful for.— [Pblludelphia 

....Mezzofanti, the wonderful Italian lin- 
guist, knew 64 languages and V'Ikcd 48, and 
tbe number of tilings he could i^ay to a stray 
dog in the front yard would make tbe animal 
run for dear life for three tulles. Languuge 
is a great benefit to n inuii.—f Boston Post. 




, lay 4. 

The Oarricks 

— m— 


Tlie Newburyport aldermen have refused 
to grant liquor licenses to apoibccaries. 

The box-makers of the Lawrence Lumber 
— company hav e -atf-asked -fin — weekiy 

The Second CongrogaflonnI church of Med- 
fleld receives f50<K) by the will of Francis D. 
Bllisof tbiit town. 

Dr. H. G. Foibps of Chlcopee Palls has 
been held in t'iOOO for abortion performed on 
Millv T. Ward of .Springfield. Her betray- 
er, Arthur Pbaneuf, bas fled. 

Little Johnny Hurry whiio digging in the 
sand on Jt^riulio beuch, Seituate harbor, un- 
covered 16 watches, some of gold and some 
of silver, probably hidden by some thief. 

Tbe Sagamore mill of Full River will not 
start up this week unless the spinners indi- 
cate a desire to return on tbe condition tliey 
came out on, which they are not likely to do. 

A loaded toy pistol exploded in the pocket 
of a boy named John Roach in Lawrence 
Tuesday, driving five shots into his back. 
The balls were removed. The boy will re- 

Charles Barton, nn expressman, was 
stopped by highwaymen on the road frora 
Newburypoi't to Senbrook Monday night, 
and compelled to baud over all the money he 
had— 8400. 

James Washburn of Pembroke, an ex-con- 
vict. Is under srreAt in Weymouth, and the 
officers think they have th*; voun who has 
been guilty ot llio numcrp^ burglaries in 
that vicinity of late. 'x 

Mark Twain has scctf'Vd an order of tbo U. 
8. district court for *'<e seizure of 3S of his 
sketches printed in yanada and b^ing peddled 
In this country, a* ^1 U now suing the dealer, 
Jobn F. Muru^ /Tor damages. 

The Travelu-r sfiys the jury list of Boston 
contains tbe names of prolessional gamblers, 
common drunkards, vagrants, discharged 
convicts, a convict now serving bis sentence 
in the statn prison, and a burglar who, the 
day after his disehnrgo from jury service, 
was found breaking into a dwelling house in 
the night time. 

There Is a family in South Yarmouth in 
which there are one great-grandmother, two 
grandmothers, three mothers, one father, 
one husband, one graudfalber, one son-in- 
law, three daughters, one mother-in-law, one 
wife, two widows, two grandchildren, one 
great-grand«-hild, and but Ave persons in all; 
and their united liges are 243 years. 

There has been a good deal of cheating by 
ander-valuation in the importation of Italian 
f|-uit into this country, and tbe Boston cus- 
tom bouse authpritlHs have put a stop to It 
by a re-appraisal. Tbe Boston consignees, 
who sell only on commission, are not parlies 
to It, as tbe trouble is all chargeable to the 
disingenuous sons of sunny Italy, who raise 
t be fruit. 

At a matinee lecture given in New Bed- 
ford on a recent Wednesday gifts were dis- 
tributed to tbe children, 2ub of whom, after 
receiving one. left the hull, went round to a 
side door left unlocked, passed agidn through 
the hsll and received a second present. The 
lecturer distributed 2000 gifts when only 1800 
tickets were sold, snd invesiigutioD revealed 
tbe cause. , ^ 

A new nail is being mnnul^ctured' at the 
works of the Wareham Nail company, to lie 
used iu putting up Imrb wire fencing. A 
nail of this kind was invented in 1875 by n 
Mr. Smylhe of IlllnoiH. Ii was, however, 
verv expensive to the mNnufucturer, being 
made ot inMlleablo iron. Suitseqiicntly Mr. 
C. W. Dean of Taunton, who is connected 
with the Wareliitm company, invented a 
method of cutting these nulls from band or 
similar Iron, and having perfected the ma- 
chinery at New Haven, Ct., Is now making 
them and successfully competing with the 
staples commonly used In wire fencing. 

This story is told of a former well-known 
Main street merchant : 8<iine three or four 
years ago a man lost a valuttble diumond ring 
on the beuch at Coney Isliind. He offered a 
reward of $10 to the finder. Our merchsnt, 
who was stniiding near, pushed bis band In 
tbe sund, and on taking it out the ring sp- 

E eared on his finger. lie refused the |10, 
ut the owner of tbe ring said be should re- 
ward him In some way, and not long alter 
obtained for him a position in the south with 
a salary of |8000.— rSprlngflekl Republican. 


Associated Charities. 

£ei» ftbbmtsemcnts. 

iTor %alt. 

T7H>R 8AL.E.— Choice peach trees aad rook 
I; maple trcei; a'so one large elm, he. D. W. 
Clement, 36 School street. 


FOR HALE.— Houxe, 22 Mount WsBhlag- 
tonslrfot. Apply to Noah K. Harlow, '12 
Broadway, or 8.1 Puwtuoket street. 

FUR 8AL.E.- 

■Two 4xia foot horiaonUt tn- 

bolifrs In pfrfeot eoncttlon at the 

Faolknt^r Mills. L. W Ksuihnerjk Bon^ 

FOR 8ALK.-The Itowetcalei. Also, eon- 
dlmenttil tood for linrnet aad cattle; Arnold's 
feritllser; gram leeda, tlour, hay and grtttn, by 
J. B. Cover A Oo., 81 irnd 3a Hbattuek street. 


WANTKD.— A oapabte ProterUnt girl !• 
do general hou«vwork. Apply at tld^ 


WANT R D.— Two experienced coat ua ksra. 
Apply to W. L. Bates, No. M Ceatral 


WANTED.-»torago for household 
tare. Ward 4 preferred. Inquire 

We-tlbrd street. 


<^. •n," 

Tickets at. Baeon Bros. 
April 27, at 9 o'clock. 

Thursday morning. 




Oommenoing ThorBday, May 4th. 




Tbe Larcest and Best m tbo World. 

Talent will tell, and we have it. 


Card.— Our price of admission beinK but one 
dime, quite naturally leads the people to think 
the show ofa iilce cheap order; but on the con- 
trary it is composed of the best comody and mu- 
sical talent in the country. Ward, Wambold and 
Pierce's names are household words having met- 
ropolitan repulations. 


The wonder ot the 10th eentury, CHALET, the 
bi-st Ventriloquist in the world. The Electric 
Light ot KthlopUn Comedy, TOM QKANOER. 
The Murruyx, TOM and llE.VItlETTA, in their 
original Irish ifjketoheR emitted "Love and l^lq- 
uor." Ibe eminent comedian and baniolst, 
KKKD G aRROI.L. The peerless song and dance 
liidy, MlM ETTA WAMKJLD. The great novelty 
specialist, Huttle Wilson. Tbe king of mu«loal 
comedy, John Ii. Uyrne. The plea^inK bulladist, 
MIb!« >lay Ktanlf y. The dashing serio-comic Lii- 
lie Deane. hteven Corey, in motto songs. Geor- 
gie iirown, change artist, .lulin Haclcett, orches- 
tra and band. Friday Night, Amateurs' Nigltt. 

AdmlsKlon 10 cents'. Reserred seats 25 and 35 
cents. Tickets for SHle at l)ox olBoe. (.irand la* 
di es' 'nd children's matiaee batnrday at 2 o'clock. 




Commencing Monday Bvenlng, Mmy 1, 
stnd ending Saturday Kvenlng, d. 

Grand Compefitive Exhibition 


Every ETening, and Saturday Afternoon. 

It is the intention of the management to make 
tbe closing week one of pleasure to the patrons, 
ard to that end Contlnaons Masle vrlll be 
fttmlshed by Tvro Bstnds. 

The evening sessions will continue until 10.30. 
Each evening at 9 o'clock, oompetltlve exhibi- 
tions for prises will take place. 

Thursday evening, May 4, for misses between 
12 and 18 years of age. 

Friday evening, May 5, for masters between 12 
and 16 years of age. 

Saturday, May 6, matinee fTom 2 till 4.30; Juve- 
nile exhibition at 3.30, 12 years and under. 

Saturday evening, presentation of prises, and 
grand exhibition by the winners of the prises. 

N. B. To avoid any misunderstanding, fegcn* 
eral skating will continue every evening as usual 
through the week. An Intermission of about 
half an hour from o'clock lor the • xhibition. 

The management will select a competent and 
Impartial committee to award the prises. 

Prices as usual. 

BENJ. CLOUQH, Jr., Manager. 


Pesur Moi. 

All kidney and urinary oomplalnta, 
aially Brigiit's Disease, Dliibotes snd 
troubles. Hop Bitters will surely and lasting- 
ly cure. (Jiises exactly like your own have 
been oured in your own neighborhood, and 

J oil oan find reliuble proof al bonne of what 
lop Bitters has and ciui do. 

Botsila <m«l Jngeslwse i M BteurUlM 

Boaghtandsold In the Boston aad Mew Terk 
kali by Wat. Shepard, 2t Oeatoal ilreat. 

^PEN MAT 16. 

Woodlawn Park and Restaurant. 


aboye Tyngsboro' bridge. First class accommo- 
dations for large or small picnics, reached by 
railroad, steamboat or carriage. Kvcrything 
new. Kestaurant at city prices. For further 
parUcalars apply to ITUAMAB UOWB, 27 Cen- 
tral street, Lowell. • 


Our new Plaqne Is oonsidered the most beaatl- 
ftal work of art yet shown by ns; it so closely re- 
sembles hand-painted work as to deceive good 
Judges. Remember anybody buying goodf, to 
tbe amount of 25 oeats rcoelves one Iree. 

O. I. HOOD ft CO., DruggUtg, 

Oppaeite Peat Odiee. 


Meriao aad Uanse Underwear, FaaeyOot- 
toa Hosiery, Banshsdea, Spanish Laeee, 
■ lafkBU' Laee Hoaasts, at 


Red laltiaU for MarklacUadcffelothlBf ftwr 
eeata a ' 

After seeini^ Ike happy smiles Ufbting up the eoantenaiiMs of oar de- 
lighted customers, we at length oannot withstand the contagion, and must 
smile, too. As the sky looks auspicious, we announce for our first smile, 
our second and final opening of 

a ' 



We display on our glove conalir today over 100 new and elegant 
styles, with lace wrist, frill wrist, musquitaire wrist, button wrist, two, 
three and four elastic wrists, And siXr^ight and ten-book (Foster lacing) 
wrists, in silk taffeta, lisle, gauze lisle, and Berlin goods. 

We hwvp 100 do7pn t elastif^ fvlnYPs, iistially sold at lOc, which we 
shall offer until sold, at 5c. a pair only; also grades at 12 1-2 and 15c., 
with lace ifrists, which are usually sold at 25o. ; but we call especial 
attention toji lot of 300 dozens, purchased from the retiring house of A. 
T. Stewart/^ Co. of New Yorl(, an elegant quality of gauze lisle thread, 
and with/ finished fingers, which we place on sale today at 25o. a pair, a 
quality ly jirer before sold at the priots — not specially showy, but really 

We have alsogrades^at 88, 85, 38,-41, 4«, 50, 59, 62, 69, 74, 83, 87 
and 97c., our stock embracing by far the most elegant selection which we 
have ever - offered. A special feature of our gloves this season is that 
every pair will be found to be PERFECT FITTING. 

Having In past seasons experienced much annoyance from short fin- 
gers in most of the lisle threads, we this year placed our special order 
early, and got them out with flngerik of a respectable length, a quality 
which most ladies will highly appreciate. 

In Our Hosiery Department 

We are showing an assortment which we do not hesitate to say comprises 
more beautiful styles, more bargains and a greater selection than can be 
found in the entire city all put together. Pretty strong language perhaps, 
but any lady frho will take the pains to examine our stock thoroughly will 
be quickly convinced that what we say is strictly true. We call especial 
attention to our Misses' full-fashioned, fancy colored GERMAN HOSE, in 
all sizes, at 12 1-2 cents a pair, usual price 25c. Also, to our Ladies* and 
Misses' real LISLE THREAD HOSE, at 49c. and 75c., the latter for the 
best quality imported, and elsewhere at $1.50 a pair. We have not room 
to say much about 

FOR MALE.— Small farm with old cottage 
house. Slieds, heuut-rv, ao. Will sell fioiu 
ID to 30 seres of luiid, to iiuit the purchaser. Sit- 
uated a short distance from GolHan' mills in 
Dracat. l*ri«»fW>m Ssoo upward. Apply to i 
U. Amer, M CentrHl Hir< ct. 

FOR 8AL.K.— Near Branch street, S300 will 
secure a newly built cuttage house with bay 
window, piazsii, Kupplit'd with KHs uud city wu- 
t<-r. Lot ul ample sisn witli chiinoe lur stable. 
I'rlce $1700, or will be sold on tlie rental plau. 
Apply to J. II. Ames. 55Centtal street. 

Cottago house 

i;ood cellar, bay 

with 7 fln'sbcd rooms , has 
window, piassd, supplied witti 



But we would like to hajra every lady in Lowell c&ll at our store and in- 
spect our elegant novelties, simply tQ convince her that at last she need 
not go to Boston, to find a tasty, rich and handsome parasol. More, we 
earnestly entreat ladies before purchasing the ordinary styles and qualities 
sold elsewhere in the city, to see what a beauty she can secure at our 
store. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." 

Daily bargains in every department of our crowded store. 

In every purchase we guarantee our every price to be as low as the 
lowest, and in most cases lower than the lowest prioe outside of our store. 
Ours is ■* 

The Only Really Wide-Awake Fancy Gtoods 



gas and city water; lot of mnple siau wllli otiance 
lor stable; very plfasantly situatetf 
Braiicti street. A small 

or stable; very plfasantly situated, short dls 
tance Irom Brancti street. A small amuunt ol 
money for the iirst payment will siHsure this 
place. Apply to .1. 11. Airies, ft5 Centrul street. 


£ newly 

8AT.K.— Just atwve Northern depot, 

built ootiHge liouse altuati-d ii«ur 

Branch street, with ull modern oonTcnieaces, 

f;its and city witU-r, located luur to business un 
Ineof hone rallrottd, ill a flrnt-claHs neiKtibor- 
fiood. This property is situated In the best rent- 
nn locality the city affords, and is good for an 
iovestii.entor as a residence. Do not fail to see 
it. Prioe only $i800; easy terms. Apply to J. 
U. Ames, 66 Central streeL 

WANTKD.-Oood r table men taoaav 
Firat-elass wugea t . • be made. %.. I. Co., 

41 Fast Merrimack street. 

WANTKD.-A flrst-elass book kcciwr. aiail 
be a Kooi penman and quick at Igaraa. 
Addrens in ow n liamlwritl ng. "K. It.," t his oSlaa . 

WANTKI>.-Boy about 17 or 18 yeara eld; 
muMt be Inti'lllgent, industrious an4 boa- 



Address by letter In handwritinf of ajnll- 

. ••Bunker.'Uliltollce. 

WANTBI> TO RBNT.-A w«Il flnlahad 
cot Hge In western part of the oi ty or 
IliKhlitnd district. Good location and neighbor. 
hood deMlruble. Hultuble refereaoM given. AA" 
dress "W. M.," Courier olBce. 

Mayflower Kmployment and Intelllgeaoa 
offloe, mule*aiid leinale help for all kinds of w ark 
In city and oouutry. Purttes (urnlshed with llio 
very best of help at short notioe. 76 Merrim aOK 
ktreet, room 8. 


rjlOR 8AL.B. 


— AKn— 

Situated No. .30 Howe street, Ix)well, Haas.; 
76 nfw snd sefcond-liand engine lathes, drill and 
wood turning lutlies, and macliiuery (or working 
Iron and wood, in good order and now runnlnsj. 
Sold nt a bargain, in whole or In part, one or all. 
InuuireofEl'HKAIM HKOWN l^well Mass. 

KimbaHr Vese & Co., 

(Suooessors to KimbaU h Frake.) 


~ BUY - ANP 8 BLL — : r— 

7 1-8 OCTAVE, 

_ I.VNO. 4 round corners, ro-e- 

wood case, overstrung baxs. A ^ood bargain, 
$.10 down and $10 per month. 


elegantly carved 

Sph-ndid tone, and woith looking after 

octave, ruperb rosewood case,, 
trusses and fretwork panels 
hi once. 



(JPJlO* '• 7>| octave, rosewood oaso, round 
corners front, carved lens and pidul, serpentine 
mouldinjr, overxtrung bass and top dampers. 
Stool, cover aud txiok. 

<m4)1/\ IVKR8 A POND 7 OC- 

1 mouth. Coat $:toO. Stool and cover. 

fl^l yl r\ NEW QjaqAjr, with piano at- 
Q^Jtrxrv/e tabhmear. HHfinlflcent walnut 
case, 6 ycurx' guarantee. $ down and $10 per 
m >nrh, at MorMt-' s Music Kooms, 18 Hurd street. 


tpAO"/ PIANO, 4 round cornais; heavy 
purl m< uiding around top; double serpentlntt 
moulding on bottom; carved lexs; Icp dumpers; 
splendid tone and beKt of order; cost $500 when 
new; rare bargain, $10 a month. Uoston Branch 
warerooms, via Mi-rrimaek stnet. 

tbe world, $10 a month payments. 

PRE8COTT OKGAN8 are extremely fine, 
none betu r ; $6 a month piiymi-nts. 

American Organs, $A a men h pu ments. 
A. D. SU'veni, 11. W. Berry, li» Merrimack 
street, Lowell, and (KM Washington street, Bos- 

d^l A i'XCHfCKERfXG PIANO, elegant 

tDX'jtvr case; 4 round; top damp«rs,niee tone, 
t>est of erder, $0 a month. Boston Brunch ware- 
rooms, 128 Merrimack street. 



Mm Estates for Eastern Omen. 

Eo net. 

TO I<ET.— FamUhad roooa. Apply at thia 
olBoe. ' 


TO liET.— Apply to P. 

A BpecUlt]r JIado of m Caataerw»Alw« 

Produetive aeonrttios only are aoeeptod. 

Interest coupons payable at Lowell banks. 

TwelTO year** experlenea. 

Represented in Lowall by J. F. Kimball, praal. 

dent Appleton National Bank, and K. M. Taako, 

secretary Traders and Moohanlos Insuraaoe Ooia 

€ InearporsiCod . 

PsOd «p Capital, •1B6,000. 

▲wtiioHM«l Oapltstl, •ftOO»OBO* 




Western Home Offlce, Des Moines, fowa. Baat* 
em Office, No. 8 Congress street (Tremoat Na- 
tional Bank building}, Boston, Mass. P. O. Box 

Have always on hand western farm loaaSt $ par 
cent. Interest, fully guurunteed; 7 and • par 
C4-nt. interest not guaranteed, but all seoarea by 
first mortgiigi! upon well improved, prodaetlya 
farms, wortn from three to five times the amooat 
of loan, and payable In Boston. Also obo loo B. 
E. Bonds, 7 per cent. Interest, and other w«a(«ni 
securities of undoubted character, soeared b eyoad 
a question. 

flOTB.— This Company sncc eds to the Loan 
business of the late dun of HardlngA Hale. Also 
of H. .V. Smith, of the late firm of BrinkerhotT* 
Smith. ii. M. HALiC, Presldaat. 

B. L. Habdino, Vloe Prest. k W^est. Maaagar* 


H. N. Smith, secretary and Treasarar. 

Parties In Lowell and vicinity are referred (O 
Jno. F. Kimbiill, President Appleton Natloaal 
Bank, who will rurnlsh fhrther Informatloa aa 
svpplr these securities. 


To LET.— House ot 16 rooms, 18 Hurd street. 
Apply to H. C. Roberts. 174 Stankpole street. 

TO LET.— A desirable tenement in I'awtuok 
etville. Stable room if desired. Inquire at 
this offloe. 

TO LET.— Pleasant, sunny cottage of 8 rooms 
in good order; liirge garden and fruits. In- 
q nlre at &.•) Chestnat st- eet. 

tenement near Navy 
lage. I'rlce $7.^0 per month. A 
Ames, 6.% Central strt;et^ 

Yard tII. 
pply to J. 

LET.— Cottage bouse with % acre of land 
JL In Middlesex Villa/ 

age. Price flO per month. 
Ames, 66 Central street. 

TO I>ET.— A 

Apply to J. H 

TO LET.— House No. 83 Nesniitb street, op- 
posite, the Piirk, 11 rooms, city water) hot 
and colli, bath room, gas, furnaOe, dry cellar. 
Apply ar No. 36. 

now oecuple<l by M. 

grocer, at 199 Central street. 

Apply to 8. N. Prootor, 

rpo LET.— The storo 

1 Hemlogwiiy, gro< 
Will b • rea<7y May 1. 
over the premises. 

TO L1''.T.— Unusual ehanee. Spacious house 

on Kirk street. Owner's family of two per 
sons wlsiies to occapy a portion und take meals 
with tenant. Wil g ve tlie rlcht person a rare 
ehtince. Apply to Ouniings Brotbers, t6 Cen- 
tral street. 

IOST.— On John street last evrnlng, a Indy's 
J pocket book. Kinder learo at oAo* cf JTrauk 
Cobarn, Mcsm lth blooh . M.Lu»_fc 

L08T.— Lss^ erenlBf on Weslford or Mid- 
dlesex Miraat, between Bohool and SCevens 
streets, a striped worsted shawl. Kluder leaving 
same st this ofllee will ha rewarded . 

to Dadley Ualhard, aaaafacturer of 


Fringes, Cords, TasmlM, Buttons, 


Pilgtst Ossly)« 


Mtckaniet Ilank Block, No. 1«« MmrHmUk 8Li 
Lowell, Maes. 


••s eeeeeeeeteeas 


President, JACOB KOOEBS. 

Cashier, JAMES a. UOVICT 

Skwall O. Maok. 
ouarles hovet, 
Wm. a. Bukkk 
James B. FaANcit, 

Gboboe Riplat, 
Jacob Rooxaa, 


a. u. cummooe, 
Dakikl Hunsky. 

Drafts drawn on Boston and New Torit. 

Dividends collected. 

Gollectlons made on all points in the Unttid 
States and Canadas. 

Market rates paid for American and Forelga 
OOLD and SILVER, OOLD ooDP*»ise and CaitadA 

Bills or EXOHANOit and lbttbrs or obbdiv 
avaiUble In all parU of Europe. 





J.r.AlfSDKN *801f; 

Fine Grades of 



FOR SPRING, 1892. 

Competeat warktaaa ( 
of Interior deaaratlaa. 

iployetf to da aU klada 

laa Central Street. 

have loet or tamt aaythlac* 
UaOf " 








Enc Hotofll Oails Courier. 

THURSDAyTmAY 4. 1888. 

(,■».'- f, 

If v •'' 

Plaseto IB Mar* 

Tbe aBtrononiicul writer of the Providence 
Jourual •aj8 of tbe planetary movementt 
during the montb that Mercury is evening 
■t«r»aer the Isl, overtaking Venu« on tbe 
aOtb, and tbe two planets will malic a cbnrm- 
ln« picture at tlieir conjunction or nearest 
approach. Mercury being a degree and tlireo- 
• uurterH we-.t norlhw.-m of VenuH. 1 he 
DianeU niuM be looked for in the norlliweBt, 
Mercury four degrees and Venus three de- 
«recK north of tbe Hunwt point, both planeU 
being about twenty-three d<gie«'« eunl •>[ Ibe 
•lin Ah they are above iIih bor'ron an hour 
•Dd a half laier tb..n the nun, there i>* every 
naiton to anticipate a rurely l»e.iutiful onjniKv 
Uon. Mercury «• In conjunction on the 13ih 
wllb Jupiter about two degrees north. Ju- 
siler will tijen be plainly vi»lble, and Mer- 
cury far enough from the aun Ui Imj possibly 
picked up by bright^yed oUerver-, an the 
slaaetit do not m-i till after 8 o'clock. Thu-t 
ft will be »eeu tliat Mtreury in m conjunc- 
tion with (our i)liin<'t- In one month, parsing 
in turn StUuru, Nepiu»«.JMl''l*". »"^' Venu-<. 
Tbe moHt favorable tinie in all the year for 
aeoing Mercurv a^ evening star with the un- 
aided eye, eonimenwa a'.out tlie ni dJIe o 
^Ibe month, and conHaues through tbe first 

***8aiurn ""evening aUr until the 6lb, when, 
• ml 3 o'clock in ibe morning, he is in conjuinv 
. tiou with the sun, rising and aelting with 
liim and completely hidden from sighi In hl« 
bright 1)0 .ms. He tlien pasaes to tbe west- 
ern aide of the aun, becomes morning star, 
and a month hence will emerge from his 
temporary eclipse in the sun's rayn, and n\ay 
be seen shining faintly in the east a abort 
time belore sunrise. He will riMJ earlier and 
Krmw brighter a* he recedes from the bun 
and approiiches the earth, until in tlic sum- 
mer nionllis be will app. ar belore the dawn. 
Hia approaching pfrilniion, his widely open- 
ing riiigs, itml his great nortliern deelinauou 
. wfll make him appear larger and brighter 
tUan lie has di)n« lor nearly thirty vear^. 

- Seme of tbe new telescope?' that will shortly 
be in workln;^ ordir may gain ivnown by 
making discoveries in the Salurnian system; 

" lor aomcthing new is always illustrating the 

- eapabiiilies of tbe most hopeful of all the sci- 


- Neptnne Uavftiiingjtar yivLJl th^6tj^_an<L 
then morning star /or tlie rest of the moiitn. 
He Is in coiijun«;tion with the sun at 6 o'clock 
on the afternoon of tbe 6tb. The movements 
•r Saturn and Neptune are so closely associ- 
ated during the month, that the history of 
the one includes that of tbe other. They 
travelalmostsideby side as tiicy arrive at 
oonjuhction with tlw sun on the same day; 
•ome into conjunction with each otiier a few 
days later; and then change places on the 
•elestial track. Neptune prect-iling and Sat- 
urn following. Neptune nets on the Ist ol 
the month about a quarter aOer seven 
o'clock In I lie evening; at the end of the 
month be rises about baif-past three o'clock 
in tbe morning. 

Jupiter is evening star until the 30th, 
when at three o'clock in tlie morning be 
takes bis turn In coming into conjunction 
with the snn. He will continue to l»e visible 
about half the month, arter which his lesser 
beams will !)*• eclipsed by tlie more power- 
■ ful suns. He is so far away that his moons 
cannot be seen during May and June. Be- 
fore he is lost to view, be makes bis farewell 
appearance bv getting up a lovely picture on 
ttie western skv. On the 6ih he is in con- 
junction with 'Venus, piuj^ing nearly one de- 
gree bouih of ht'r. There is no more ii.ler- 
eating conjunction among tlie planets than 
that where tbe queen of the stars and tbe 
•'father of the gods" api)roacb each other, 
akbougb the actors in the present conjunc- 
tion are not in their brightest phase. The 
planet* set about half-past 8 o'clock, nearly 
Hii hour and a half alter tbe sun. Venus is 
aboutSdegreesand Jupinr 4 degrees north 
of tbe sunset point. Tliis will be one of tbe 
loveliest pictures that will be traced upon 
the sky during a month of intense planetary 
uetivitv. Jupiter sets now not long after 
balf-pa'st 8 o'clock ; at the end of tlie month 
he rises nearly with the sun, about bull-past 

4 o'clock. . , .... 

Mars .8 evening star during the month, but 
bla movement^ are devoid of Incident. He 
aeU* now about a quarter before 1 o'clock in 
the morning; at tlie end of tbe month be 
aeU at balf-past 11 o'clock in tbe evening. 
Uranus is evening star, and plays tbe role of 
a looker-on. 

Tenus is evening star and heads the list for 
her peerless beauiv. She is now a brilliant 
object in the west soon after sunset, and in- 
creasing in size and lustr*- with every succes- 
sive appearance. She plays lier part in two 
noteworthy conjunctions during the month. 
Forsbeisnear Jupiter on the 5lb and near 
Mercury on tbe 30tb, as already described. 
Tenus now sets at twenty minutes after 8 
o'clock ; at tbe end of the month about twen- 
ty minutes after 9 o'clock in the evening. 
The May moon lulls on the 3d, and wins no 
special distinction. But the new moon of 
the 17ih is tbe most distinguished of tbe 
-year. She celebrates the commencement of 
her cour-B by causing u total ellipse of the 
sun, invisible here, but visible in the enslerii 
bemisplicic. The lino ol totality passes 
acro-is the north of Africa, the soulli of Asia, 
a >d ends in the I'aeific Ocean. 

The new moon also signalizes her course 
on the same day by a rare iihenoineuon, tbe 
occultallon of Jupiter. At twenty-four min- 
utes after 7 o'clock, Washington time, the 
new moon, sixteen hours and a half after her 
change, will pass directly over Jupiter and 
occult or bide him from view. As from 
new moon till full, the moon moves with tbe 
dark edge lOremost, Jupiter will suddenly 
disappear when he reaches the dark rim, 
producing a startling effect as if he were sud- 
denly annihiliited from the sky at a point 
where bis path was unobstructed. There 
are few observers who will possess the prac- 
ticed eye required for witnessing an occultn- 
tiou with the moon so near the sun. But it 
can be done by those who know where to 
look with the naked eye and with the aid of a 
aood opera glass or a small telescope. Jupi- 
ter on that evening will be al>out one and 
one-third degrees north of the sunset point 
and about ten ilegrees cast of tbe sun, and 
sets a few minutes before 8 o'clock. I he oc- 
oultation of a planet by tbe moon Is a rare 
rht, and that of. Jupiter by the sJepder 
crescent will not soon be ibrgotten. 
Mav Is, therefore, a grand gala season 
among the planets. Into one short month 
are crowded more Important events than 
those that somoiimes illustrate llic records of 
several successive months. The conjunction 
of the three largest planets of the system 
with tbe sun; the conjunction of six planets 
with each other; the superior conjunction of 
Mercury: the total eclipse of tbe sun, and 
the occultation of Jupiter form a brilliant 
succession of pbenoniena as Imposing to the 
. mental eye as they sre Lteautiful to the phys- 
ical eye. The grand feature of the month is, 
however, the number of planets in line with 
the sun at nearly tlie same time, and the mar- 
vellous prepomierance of planetary attrac- 
tion pulling upon the sun in one direction. 
Mercury Is the first to drop into line, Saturn 
and Neptune follow next, and gigantic Jupi- 
ter Is tbe last to join tbe ranks. Tbe sun Is 
now passing through the maximum of sun- 
spots. Whether the plancis have anything 
to do with tbe commdtlon agitating bis sur- 

face is t-omfthlng which no astronomar has 
yet been able to d'tei mine. The problem 
rem dna to be aolveU in the astrouomy ol the 

In eountiles where malaria I* prevalent, or 
where the climate i* HUt»ject to sudden 
changes— shoulil bo found In every 
llrown's Iron Biiiers. 



[Krom the HoEbe Journal.] 

A Kemarkkble DisooTery. 




Beware oflmpostors, pirates, or any old srtl- 
olet which now suddenly claim to be best. They 
have been trhd and lound wanting, while this 
hai been proved a remarkable suooett. 

Thti ourttlve need* no pompous or incompre- 
heniiible title of (Jreek or Latin to luntaln it, but 
tti simple Engllnh name appeals directly to the 
oommou eense 0» the ptople. And the people 
are glgnsUy mauifeitlng their uppreolaiioa of 
this Ir inkoefs bv •electing and uslnK Dr. IJi-u- 
Bou'a SKIN Ci'BB Injprefereuce to all other pro- 
fessed remedies. ,. 

Dr. C. W. Uenson bas loiig been well known as 
a iuccessful p^jyslcian aod surgeon and his life 
study has been the diseasei ot the nervous sys- 
tem and ot the skla ; since he has been persusded 
toputhisNewRcmecljr and Favorite Prescrlp 
tlonas a "Skin Cure" on the market, various 
thlnx* hsve sprung up into exUtinoe, or 
woke up from the sleepy stale ii 
wre befjre, and now elalm to 

Skin Curei. 

S^Ueware of Imitations, or the varlaus arti- 
cles which have been adreriUeJ for yt-ars or 
strusf[led along, having no real hold or merit on 
tiie putJuc^ that now enleawr to keep head above 
wator br advertising themselves us "The Great 
Skin Cure." None Is gtnulne and reliible, ex- 
cept Dr. C. W. Benson's Sklu Cure. Each pack- 
age and bottle bears bis likeness. Internal and 
extern.^1 remedy, two bottles in one package. 
Price f 1.00, get at year druggist's. 

5tob g anti Hawgeg^ 

-_ . ■ - — .■_ , ... _ . — 

The New *'Hub" Headquarters. 


hlch they 
r*« Great 



W 111 Cure'when'ln the I'o'wer of Medicine 

Dyspepsia, Indigostion, Oeneral 
Debility, Headache, Female 
Weakness, all Diseases of the 
Blood, Bladder and Kidneys. 


(A MedUclB0t not st Driak.) 



AvoToa roKKST ANR ItKrrManioAt.QeAU- 
Tiaaor ALL OTuauUi-rraua. 

TIIEY cuitii: 

All Olseasesor UieSlomaeh. newels, mood, 

l,lrer, KIdiicfS. and Driaiiry Organs. Ker- 



noQti anti CoaL 



LMkawaaaa, Whit* Aab and WUkMterre, 
M ~ '-■- and WilkesbMrre. 

Laokawaaaa, WhlU Ash 

stoTS sue.... ...•«• 

Nat .... a...............'***** 

Kranklln ' 

Wllkcebarre, broken slie. . . . . 
Lehlj[h, broken and egg slaei 


• • • • ft s^e • • • 


r 00 

7 00 

8 60 
7 00 
7 60 

fSSLaoXi anti (B^oal. 



Dr. C. W. Benson'* Celerj and Cbf momlle 
PilUarevaluable for school children who suffer 
from nervous headiche^ c«us d by an orerworked 
brain in their studte^, and (or all classes of hard 
brain-workers whose orertasked uerrons centers 
need repair and sedation. Nerrou* tremor, 
weakness, and paralysis are bela^ daily cured by 
these pills. They correct costlveneas, but are 
not purgatlre. Price. 50 cents or six boxes for 
$2.50. postage free, to any address. For sale by 
all drugilKts. Depot, Baltimore, Md., where tbe 
Doctor CHn be addressed. Letters of Inquiry 
freely answered. 

C. N. Crittenton, "New York, is wholesale ageiit 
for Dr. C. W. Benson' s remedies. 

Dr. Benson's Pilla and Skin Cure are sold by 
CROWEIjIj a HARRISOIf, Apothecaries, 
i:» Central street. Lowell. 


For Catarrh, Hay 
Ft-ver, Cold In the 
Head, &e.. insert 
with little flnirer n 

fiarticleof the Italiu 
uto the nostrils*; 
draw strong breaths 
through the nose. 
It will be absorlMJd, 
cleansing and heal- 
ing the diseased 

For Deafncas, 
apply a particle into 
the ear, rubbing in 

A fair trial will 
convince the most 

HAY FEVER. •''""""' 


EfTeotally cleanses the nasal passages of Catarrhal 
virus, cuuHing healthy gecrelioas, alluys inflam- 
mation and trritation, protects the membranal 
linings of the head from additional colds, com- 
pletely heals the sores and restores the sense of 
taste and smell. Bcnefl'lal results are realised 
by a few applications. A thorough treatment as 
directed will cure Catarrh. As a household rem- 
edy for cold in the head and snuffles it Is un- 
equalled. The Balm Is easy to use and agreea- 
ble. Sold by druggists at 60 cents. On receipt of 
50 cents will mail a package. Send for circular 
with lull information. Kly's Chkam Bai.m Co., 
Owego, N. Y. For sale by Jewell druggists and 
by who lesale d ruggists g e nerally. ^ 

Ely's Cream Balm is sold by 

OROWELIi A HARRISOn. Apothcoftriec. 

139 Central street, Lowell^^ ^ 

DIaoount for cash when ordered or dellrered 

26 cents per ton. 
Also Flour, Corn, Gala and Middllnga w«ya 
on band. 


Orders left at the oflee, opposlU Fair Ground 
building, Manchester street, or sent by telephone, 
or by mail to box ^-OtJ. promptly attended 



Coal and Wood. 

Oiil!utilFinefoi)il,Sa¥eiliuiil Split 

CoBstantly on hand, at lewes prices. 


Branch (MBM.c«Ba*ete4byT«l«|»h*»«. 
at W. H. "WoreeaUr * Co.'a, 31 Merrt- 
■anck street. 



CO AH. and WOOI>, 

UnTe removed from corner Central and Nortk 
streets to their new yard, 

••, f 1 siBd 73 CHARLES BTREBT. 

They Inrlte all their ft-lends and the pnblle 

generally to call and leave their orders. Wood 
y tbe basket, fool or cord. Coal bv basket or 
ton at bottom prices. Nobody underselis ns. 
Hlf n of the Mew York >Vt>od and Coal Yard. 

Lewii k Son, 69, 71, 73 Obarlei Street 

Orders by posUl oard will receive prompi at* 
tentlon. , 
Orders reeelved for expressing an d Jobbing. 




Send in your orders by messenger, mall or teU 
epbone and they will receive prompt attention. 

Al«« W**d, Flonr, Hay, Oato* Cmmm 
I<lmc, Ceaacnt, Sand, Ae. 

Tard and EloTator— 408 &orham Street. 

Branrls Ofllce— 40 Oorh«sn Street. 

•emale Complain ta. 

81000 IN COLD. 

nut he paid for a eaSe they will notenret 
help, or for anything Impure or lujurloua 
found in thuni. 

Ask your druggiat for Hop Bitteraand try 
them before you sleep. Take ua atlier. 

D I.e. Is an absolute and lrrrststtl)1ecnre for 

IJrunkeujiesa, use of oi>lum, lotwcco uul 


■^■^■B SaicD roB CinoDLan. 

All kb*v« ■•Id hy ilrnirclrtt. 
lUf BUter, W$. C... Kwhnur, N. V., A TwwiU.Oa^, 

Has Stood tbe test, and Is teday the leading 
range In tbe market, as more than two hundred 
customers will chearfulij' testify. 

l!veix Rttiige Warranted. 

The "Acorn" Oil Stoves 

Hop Bitters are sold by 

CROWBLIi tt, HARBISON, Apothecaries. 

l:<9 Central street, I^owell. 



Ooalf - 




Wholesale and retail dealer la all kinds of We«t> 
em, Canada and Northern 

Also Pine, Cedar and Spruoe Shingles, Olnp« 
boards. Laths, Fenee Pickets, Posts, fcc. 


— ^-— Ar-ftPBCXALXX... 

Arc superior to 

alf others and 

are marveU of 


Look at These Figures ! 

The .£tna will Insure your life, costing from 
$11.00 per ?1000 upwards, according to age; only 
one payment each year. This old and strong 
company furnishes reliable lasurance at less cost 
than any oth^ nood company. 

ALLKN T. HODGK, No. 1 I'roscott street, or 
GKOKCiE E. METCALK, .30 Central street, will 
give all particulars. • 

K^l 8T YSAB. 

LoveU Mutual Fire Iisvaiice Co. 

OlBce, Mansnr's Block, 49 Central Street. 

JAMES C. ABBOTT, President. 

CUA.S. W. DltEW. St'o'v audTrens 


Is a paragon of beauty and effloienoy. 

Wailingford & Callaghan 

227 Merrimack Street. 


For wblek bea ^walltlea 

J. K.Fklix)Wh, 
Wm. H. Wiooi> 


Wm. p. Brazkk, 
Geo. Strvkns, 
Chas. a. Stott, 
N.M. Wkiqht, 
Policy holders receive 50 per cent 


llBNJ. Walk Kit, 
Jacoh Kobuins. 
j. c. abbott, 
A. B. Fkkhch, 
Wm. O. Fiskb, 


oir the 




Planing. Matching and Sawing done to order. 

Corner of Bock and Mt. Yemon Streets, 


mium on five year, and 40 per cent, on one 

In connection with the above company is a 
general ageucy for dividend paying mutual and 
reliable stock companies. ^^ 





ImM Cocoa. 

'^'iirrimtod ahtolutely pwre 
Cocca, from which the excess of 
Oil hax been removed, lihaa thr«4 
timfs Vie ttrength of Cocoa mixed 
■with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, 
and is therefore far more economi- 
cal. It U dcliolons, nourishing, 
strengthening, easily digeated, and 
admirably adapted for inTallda aa 
well as for persona In health. 
Sold by Groeera eTcrywhera. 

W. BAKER & CO., Dmcliester, lais. 

Branch Offices in Centralville, 
FawtucketYille, and at Mechanics 




iMPaovn >. 

Cash assets .Ian. 1, 1882, 
Total liabilities. Including 
auce, ,____^__ 

Net assets, 





CongH Colds, Hoaneneis, Son 
Thioftt, Bronchitii, Tnflmmnt, Asih- 
ma, Whooping Cooffli, Croup, and 
erery Affeouon ox the Throat, 
Lungs and Chest, indnding Con- 
sumption. Sold by all Droggitti. 

WIstar's Balsam Is sold by 
CROWEIjLi *. HARRISON. Apothecaries, 

- 139 Central atreet, Lowell. 


Kinffiley'a Iron Tonio. 

It bulMs up the system, glres liealtb and 
strength to theflrame. Improves the appetite, and 
works wonders with feeble children or mothers. 
Be sure and get the genuine and try It. It Is used 
by some of the best physiolana and hospitala. 

KluKsley'a Iron and Mandrake Pllla 
are the bet cathartlo or Spring Medicine you can 
use. Has been tried for more than 15 years and 
proved. DmgglsU h ave both for sale. 


Posters or Handbills, 

leare your orders at the 

Policy Holders Hhare In theiProflta on 
Expiration of Policies. 

Dividends, Fifty Per Cent. 


Levi Spraouk, John F. Kim ball, 

EnwARD'l'L'cK, Addison TutmaM, 

D. S. Richardson C C. Hutch insox, 
Chas. U. CoBiaiN Wm. K. Salmon, 
Jacob KorjEus, John F. Uowb. 

OIBce, No. ar Central St., Loirell, Alaas. 

LEVI SFRAGUE, President. 

E. M. TUCKE, Secretary. 

j|9-Insurance to any amount effected In relia- 
ble companies. 

E. H. TIJOKE, A Kent. 
Vt Central Mtr«!«t. 

iOtcrman * nannlng;, S Presoott street, 
Southwick Block, Lowell. 


%A 'h - -* ■ "^ "— ma ^.^.jm .*.a*fa:n«»jr ai 

.1 ,Vy.:.. - • •. 

1 »i;« 

V yr 



M. C. Pratt & Co. 

Would call the attention of oontraotors and 
oonsnmers to their large stock of 

Boards, Clapboards, Laths, Gut- 
ters, Mouldings, Brackets, 
Doors, Windows and Frames, 
Hard Wood Flooring and 
Sheathing, Spruce and South- 
ern Pine Timber, 

Furnished at short notice. Having a mill In 
connection with our yard we are prepared to far- 
nlsta promptly every description of 

Mil] and House Finish. 

Wamesit Steam Mills. 

Wood 8aw«d and Split. 














4feo., 4k«. 


We h«ve received a large stock of first-class 
hose and will sell at the lowest market rate*. 
Also Hose Pipe, Couplings. Washers, *c. 

Fai It Gardes Smlies. 

Grass and 
Mowers, ttc. 



Hoes, Bakes, 
Kakes, Lawn 


Nails, Sheet Lead and Lead Pipe, Zinc, Jap- 
anned, Brass. Nlck.l and lUonxe Door TrUn- 
mlngs. Screen Door Springs. Butts and Catches, 
Wire Cloth, all widths, for doors and windows. 

'.■!■» ... 


lo. 2T Thorndike Street. 

Branch Ofllce at Caldcrwaod'a, 33 Mer- 
rimack Street. 


Sole Kuoufaotnrers of 
Oil Onpa for It&f 
motlvea, Marlise * 
StatloiSarjr Kn<lae 
Cjrllndera, under 
the Selbert and 
Oaten Patents, 
iprtth Stffkt FeeA. ^ 


The "Sight Feed" it 
owned exoltulvely by 
this company. See 
Judge Ixiweil's lled^- 
lon in the UnitedStatei 
Circuit Court, Dbtrlct 
of Massacho'etts, Feb. 
23, '82. All parties are 
hereby notined to de- 
slst the use, mann- 

factare or sale of same, as we shall vigorously 

pursue and proaeeute all infringers. 


53 OIlTer Street. Boaton. 

TiyfTrCHEl4l.'8 BOYS' SCHOOL, _ 


Will eommenoe the winter term Tneaday, I)«C 
27tb, ISSl. One vaeanoy. Send for dreulsr. 


Examine the fine line 
01 China Dinner Sets at 
J'EB'S, lai CentraL 


>AX.t COAL>t r 

For Domestic Use! 

For Mailing StMii I 

For Blaeksmitli's Uiet I 

THE BEST <|lfAI«lVmi 




|»nrp White Lend, Linf^ed Oil, TurpenUaa- 
Colors for House snd Carriage fsintlng. Also a 
large assortment Paint, Varulshand Whltewasli . 


etali", Cabl 
Hoisting Pulleys and Blocks. 

g Oils, Twines, Emery. Babbitt 
Metals Cable and Coil Chains, Scales, Rope, 

Chas. E. Adams's 

Hardware, Paint and Seed Stores, 

826 and 228 ICiddleBez Street, 





QTiclcetei and Oi*<lers 

Printed at the Oonrier Job Office. 


. GSHuMlt, 



38 Kiddie BtreH. 

S«K)r4erf ty Tcle|^M« «r PMtalOwl 
tassa»«l«ate altMiti««a. 

CaabeoMalnedthrongh tha CBOCKBIt iTIL- 

TJCB, the best tn use. 

A large ataek ean always be fbaad at 


T. JB. QarUy A 

I agent, 
lertoan Houae BlbdK' 

esohitlTe Mtenta M Lewell. M Oentnl 8l.« 

Eastern Horses for Sale 




Bmaeh stable, Exeter, Maine. 


For wholesale ud tetltll ariulnli Md dlrdUng* 


Hand and power, for wnrslle«a«t, ttwti aSd rce- 
Idas - 


Vcit l^tnell Sails Courier. 

THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1881.. 


Hoaacliald HUiU. 

Almood fhisliDg makes a delicious ft<1dl' 
tion to a loaf of wbito cake. Beat tbe whites 
of two eggs to a sllff frost— so stiff, io fact, 
that you couhl turn tlie platter upside down 
if necessary. Stir iu halfu pound of pulverized 
■ugur and about a quarter of n pouud of al- 
moiuls, blanched and powdered to a pa«ito. 
Fiuvor will) roae water, tind, if you choose, a 
few drops of alinoud extract. 

Cherry and batter pudding is made of one 
pint of milk, two well-beutrn eggs, a lable- 
■poooful of melted butter, one teaspoonfui 
and a half of bakitig powder, u litiie Milt, 
flour enouKh to muko u butter a little thicker 
than for gi-iildle cakes. In tliis batter stir as 
many cunneil, or ilrled, or fi-esh clierries, us 
you choose, or can afford to put in ; steam lor 
three-quarters of an hour in a pudtling ditb 
which can be sent to the table. Eat with 

Scalloped potatoes make, a nice dish for tea. 
Prepare in this proportion: Two cups of 
mashed potatoes, two tuble><pooufuls of 
cream or milk, and one of molted butter; 
salt and penpor to tUKte. Stir tbe potatoes, 
butter and cream together, atlding one raw 
•n. If the|>otatoea seeiu too moist, beat in 
a rew fine bread crumbs. Bake in a hot 
oven for ten minutes, taking can! to have the 
top a rich brown. 

Do not throw away tbe bits of toilet 
■oap which are too small to be uned when 
bathing, or which ure usually put iu the slop 
jar. There in nothing so satislactory to use 
for tbe purpose of cleininie oll-clotli und fin- 
ger marks on puint. Put tliu little pieces In 
hot water and let them dNsolve. The sud-i 
thus made will not attack the VHrnlsh as that 
does which Is made from common, coarse 
■oap. Keep a bowl in some convenient place 
to hold thCHe bits of soap. 

A novelty in tlie way of pie Is made of rice 
flour: Boil one quart of milk, mix with a 
little cold milk one small teacup of rice flour; 
when free from lumps add to the boiling 
milk; add also two tublexpoonfuls of ^ited 
butter; let it boil for tlirce or four minutes, 
then lake from the stove; when cold stir in 
Ave eg^H. beaten IIkI>i> su^ar to nuIi the taste, 
ffavol- WKnTuriTTfii. Iftrkein H qutclr ovTBirr 
roake no upper crust, but a ricli under oue. 
If you cbooHC you can reserve the whites of 
three eggs for a meringue for tbe top of the 

A rery pretty way to cover an old-fashioned 
square stand (and almost every home has at 
least one) is to put over the top smoothly a 
fine piece of scarlet or blue silesia or cam- 
bric: over this put a cover of any pretty open- 
work luce or muslin. Then put a piece of 
tbe giieMlu iibout thirteen inches deep around 
it; cover this also with the lace; the effect Is 
exuelleut, und in this way n useful article of 
furniture is redeemed from positive ugliueKS 
and deformity. If tlie legs ure scratclied or 
marred, a coat or two of varnish will make 
them look all right. 

An appetizing way to serve eggs for break- 
fast is to seal lop them. Boil them hard, chop 
tbem not too fine. Line a pudding dish with 
a h>yer of crumtfs. then a layer of cokl boiled 
bsm, or bits of fried ham chonped tine, then 
a layer of eggs, and ^o on urittl the dish is 
full. MoiMten witli cream and a little butter, 
season with pepper and salt, Ket in a hot oven 
for ten minutes, or longer. Wtaen tliorough- 
ir heated take out and send to the tublu in 
the dish or on slices of buttered toast. Pour 
a little boiling water over the toast after it in 

Black bean soup is made of one quart of 
black beans and three quarts of water. Wash 
the beans, then boil them until they are ten- 
der; take from the stove, turn off the water, 
tbrow it away ; rub the beans ihrou^h a col- 
ander, put them back in the soup kettle, add 
one quart of fresh water and some stock 
made the day before ; add i»epper and salt, 
and any herbs you choose for seasoning. Put 
the herns in a little clean cloth bag. Hard 
boiled eggs cut in thick slices and dropped in 
the soup just before serving, are thought to 
be a welcome addition ; little bulls of chopped 
l>eef, put together with flour and fried brown 
in butter, can be dropped in, in pluce of the 

"L. 8." writes for a recipe for fritters 
from which she may be sure to compound 
light and digestible ones. The following rule 
will give light ones, but about their digesti- 
blenesB I clare not say anything: Take one 
cup of milk, one licaping cup of sided flour, 
one tablespoonfui and a half of sugar, two 
well-beaten eggs, a little salt and a pinch of 
einuanion: llie whites and yolks of the eggs 
should be beaten separately ; fry in verv hot 
lard, dropping the butter in a spoonful at a 
tiose. They will cook quickly ; when the out- 
side is a deep bro.wn you mav take it for 
granted that they are done. You may serve 
tbem with maple sugar, or with ordinary 
pudding sauce, strongly flavored with lemon. 

A common cornstarch blunc mange cun be 
varied agreeably by beating jelly in just lie- 
fore it is poured in tbe mould : To one quart 

of milk allow four tablespoonfuls of corn- 
starch, rub it smooth in a little cold milk, 
then, when the rest of the milk is at the boil- 
ing point, siir it into that when thickened 
enough, which will be In three or four min- 
utes, take from ihe fire, sweeten with pow- 
dered sugar and beat the Jeby In a cupf^ul of 
this quantity. Ilcd raspberry or Cstawba 

Srape jelly imparts a delicious flavor to it. 
erve with cream, or with a suuce made of 
creHm, flour und sugar lieaten to a froth, with 
balf a cup of boiling water added, and a few 
drops of some flavoi iiig extract, which will 
not destroy the Jelly flavor. , 
'Dust will accumulate in closets, will' bift in 
through and under the doors, after one has 
done all she knows bow to prevent it. If a 
woman can afford to have ft regular chest of 
drawers of the exact length of her (Iress 
skirts, she should be counted as one of the 
happy; if not. she can shield- her black 
silk and velvet (Iresses in this way: Take 
two breadths of wide cambric, sew them to- 
fl^ikher, hem nil around Imtli ends, and run in 
strings to draw them together, or pieces of 
elastu: cord. In this slip the dres< skirt. 
Have two loops on the band of tlie skirl, and 
let tbem come through the top of the bag to 
hang it by. Tlie object in having both ends 
open is so that the dress mav be slipped out 
at either end, and also mav bo arranged so 
that It will not wrinkle. There slioulii b<^, a 
loop on the bug also, bv which It mav be left 
hanging In tbe closet after tbe skirt is taken 
out. . 

Liver, Kitluvyana uxX^tkV Disease. 

A medicine that destroys the germ or 
cause of Kright's DlMase, Di>>hetcs, Kidney 
and Liver complalnta, und bus power to root 
tbem out of the system, Is above all price. 
Such a medicine Is Hop Bitters, and uosillve 
proof of this o«n bo found by one trial, or by 
Mklng jour ocigbbon, who haveboen cured 


GREAT acmui 












1 General BodllFFaDis, 






No Prtpuration oa Mrth •quals St. Jaooss Oil u a fin. 
•ORB, iiMrLE Md OHBAP EztonMl RaiMdj. A tri*i«DUili 
b«l tb« eomp*r«tiT«lr trifliDg oulUy «f M CsNTa. mmI •tyy 
OM aafhriuc with poia can bmva cliotip and pMiUv* prmi flf 
Uielainu. DnucriONa la ELBTK.ii UBflUAaKS. 

BalH*nor«t 9ftt-, V, H.A» 

8t. Jaoob's Oil Is sold t>y 

CBOWEL.L 4fc HARRIBOSr, Apotheoarles 

189 Central street, Lowell, 

A. NflfTer-Fallinff Care tor Bnnifl,' 
Scalda, Braiaec, Cats, Sores, etc ^ 

After fbrty years of trial, Pcny 
Davis* Pain KlUer stands unrivaled. 
It Is safb X It acts inunedlately I It 
never fiUls t 

Editor of the St. John (N. B.) Nerrs, Basra : 
In flesh wounds, ocacs, pains, seres, etc., 
it la the moal effectual remcdyvwd know of. 
Ko family should be without a bottlo of it 
for a single hour. , 

From the Cuic}nnatl Dispatch : ^ 

We have •een Itt) ma«?c effects, and tnow 
it to be a good article. 
From I. B. Potter, U. 8. Ckmsul at Crefeld, 
Bhcnlsh Prossui: 

After long years of use, I am sattefled It 
is positively efflclent as a healing remedy 
for wounds, l^nilses, and sprains. 
W. W. Sharper, Valdoeta. Ga., tays:^ 

It Is a panacea for all Drulsea and boroa 
From B. W. Adams, Baco, Me.: 
It gave me Immediate relleL 

B. Lewis says r ^ ^ „ ^ 

Inrorty years' oso It never has failed me. 
W. W. Lnm, Nicholvllle, N. Y. , says : 

I use your Pain Killer frequently. It 
relievea pain and soreness, and Aeote wounds 
like magla 

* For Bcafda'a nd boms it lias no equal 

a new untried remcily. For forty years 
It has been In oonataut uaa | and those who 
have used It the longest are U$ bed/rtendi. 

Ita auooess la entirdy because of Its merit. 
Since the Pain Killer was first Introduced, 
Aundreds of new medicines have come and 
arone, while to-day this medicine la more 
extensively used and more hlshly valued 
(Aon ever before. Every family should have 
a bottle rnufy/oriutf. Much pain and heavy 
doctors' bllLi taoy <^Un be mved by prompt 
application of tha Pain Killer. iMHkemoat 
medieinet. It imperfecUy toft even in the hand* 
of a child. Try It once thoroughly, and It 
will prova Itii vwliir. Yo«r (lrit|i{n$lat haa it 
at iSSc, 60c. and SLOO per bottle. 

PERRY DAVIS ft 80M, Proprietors, 
Provklenoe, R. I. 

Perry Davis's Pain Killer Is sold by 

CROUTELI. * HABRMOIf, ApotheearlM. 

189 Central street. LowelL 


rut. k:iv.a.i»i», 

late of Chicago, now located for life In Lowell, Is 
treating suocessf\iily all 


Snch as Catarrh, Diseases of the Lungs, mroat. 
Heart and Spine, Dyspeasla, Rheumatism, Head* 
aohes, Diseases of the Kidneys and Liver, Paral- 
ysis, all Ulaeaaes ol the Kyes and £ars, and Dls. 
eases of Women. 

In tke treatment of these diseases h« combines 
the most Buooesafiil treat menta ol all schools oi 
medlelne and eupping, which Is approved by .all 
eminent physiolana in this and other ooantrlea. 
HehaahadoverTHIBTY VBARB* KXPB- 
RIEHGB: in lecturing on and In the treatment 
of these diaeasea. 

While all diseaaea are eurable If treated In sea- 
son, all stores of diseases are not oarabie. Your 
ease may be carabla thia month, not next. Hence 
deiayt are net only dangvroua but fatal. Pre. 
sorlptlOns put up for one dollar, and patients 
treated by tbe month for AS.00 to $10.00 Including 

ConaultatlOBs Free. Tlie Poor Favared, 

Call for the Dootor's Books on Health and Dis* 

Oflloe Hours— From e to IS a. ra.. 3 to B and 7 
to 9 o. m. Sundays from 1 to S p> ns. 

OOee. Wo. IB John Btroat* osly a few ftera 

ihMB livriuiaeK tttreet. asl .iai« t btaoii fireoi 

a* >on -.nic*;. a., lucju. .r. <u*. (a<oaiJ :ii:.-^ 

Btu(ine00 Caros* \ l^rg anti /ancg ^ootiis* 

ILfABT A. HALL., M. Di, 

17 KIBK STBEET, Lowell, Mbm. 

OMlo e houra from 8 to 5 p. m. 



Probate buaineas and oonveyanoea specialties. 
Oflloe 60 Central street. 




* 10 MTest Third Btreat. 

OfBee houra, 2 to 5 p. m. 


Ooixnwellor- At - Lavr. 



CItII Eualueers and Bnrveyon. 

Office, U bU'veus' Block, oor. Merrlnoaek and 
Presoott ktreets. All work guaranteed. A. Os- 
good, ib guieu atret^t; 0. 11. Snell, 172 Central «^ 


ruka's Bloefc, tlB Central Mj-««t. 

Orders will be attaaded to with promptaeas, 
aad aoeoraoy guara^lsfd. 



AX ]M[a.3rna.i"d*S9 

78 Merrimaok Street. 

Sm ffitOM« 

J. F. L£NNOIN, D. D. S. 


Dental JElooms^ . 

76 Merrimaok Street, 


EdioB Bloek. 

Has op«>ned dentul rooma ut 9t OBNTRAL. 
H'l'REfilT, snd Ih prepared to execute all work 
pertalninr to dentlKtry. Teeth extracted with- 
out pain liy a n«w method. Satlitlactlon guar- 
anteed. Prices low. 

24 Central Street. 

TE88E A. YILB8. 

-Veterinary Surgeoiiy^-^ 

Has removtd from No. 26 Wectford street to 

No. 14 Ooral, near 217 Westford St. 

Connected by telephone with all parts of tbe 
city. . 



B. Seannell, city Inspector of boilers, 
and reaidsncefi connected with telephone. 


E. A. McGannon, M. D., 

Graduate of McGill College, Canain, member 
of the College of l'iiy»lciHn.'* and Surj{fOii«, On- 
tario, licentiate of the Cullexe of I'liybiciana and 
ISurgeonx, Quebec, late ship aurgeou In the 
llUvissippi & Di^minion aad Warren k Co. 
steamship companies. 

OBicc, No. T 'Welles Rlaek, Merrlanaek Bt. 

Residence. Merrimao House. 

G!-. AV. HUton, ME. I>., 

Late of Chicago, 111. 

Offloe Bt Bdsidence, 14 Lane Street, an- 
til Further Fotice. 

Hoars : 8 to 10 a. m., 2 to 4 and to 9 p. m. 

Telephone connections. 
Special attention given to dlaeaaes of women 



Woman's Ezohanre Bnildine, Boom 9. 

Stocka, Bonds and all kinds of Inveatment Seen - 
rities bought In the Boxton, New York and San 
Francisco Markets. 

Member of Boston Mining and Stock Exchange. 

gy Office connected by Telephone. 

Dr. Veterinary Surgery. 

Office 'and Infirmary : 

Office hours 8 to 10 a. n. ; 1 to » ». m. 



Open today 20 pieces more of tbase celebrated 

Black Cashmeres 

19 inchea wide (and they measure that), at 

SO Oents a Yard I 

Actually sold by our competitors at 7ft 
cents aad eouaidered cheap. 


Colorell All-fool Dress M, 

Double width, at 

Many of these abadea are sold at 87K cents. 



From 37 Oents to $2.00 a Tard. 


Lowell BemMt Store, 

136 Merrimaok Street, 

Up Btalra. 

I have all-wool bunting at 128. 
per yard : extru flnu double width 
lady bloth ul 80o. per yard : Kaulk. 
ner >ltlls .3 teat, 54 In. wide, pure 
Indigo blue at fl.ilA and |l 60 per 
yard, and ever) tlil.iK down at bot- 
tom price. I have also a first, 
elais tailor connected with tbe 


■»i 11 - II II* . ., ' . ! 

Another Strike! 

— AT- 

■laek, Ollwe, Bronae, Plnan, Iffavy, 
Bm vr u~ ■nrt^'Ctarnrrt Shades of Dreae — 
Billys at Rook Bottom Prieea 
In Every Instance. 


121—135 Central Street. 

Maker, Tarr & Co.'s, 

44 1-3 Merrimack 8(reet. 

M at tbe Bariaiiis We Offer 


J'urniture anH Carpets* 


Meeding the room, we offer oar large steeii ef 
furnliur* at lower prices. All kinds of eabiael 
work made to order. Also modern aad an tHee 
nirnlture repalrel. 


Ba yiwteher mut—t. 

The Spring Campaign 

For ren orating the home or farniBh- 
inc; the new home ii Bt hand, and 


At their e? ' niiTe 

Furniture and Carpet 

Among the Specialties 



We offer a handsome line of 




Solicitor of American and Foreign 


"Tatents prooared.BFatentabUlty of Inventions 
OIB cei tl Pa mberton Bq., Bostan, Maaa. 

May be found evenings at rexldenoe, Mo. IM 
East Merriiiiack St., cor. Nesmith, Lowell. Ke- 
iers to Kitoon Machine Co., Woods, Sherwood & 




Commenced In 181T. 


INoted for Ita Hard and Tongh MeUl, iU| 
large varieties of xvl. 


|And for Its unrivalled Newspaper^Faoes. 

Address orders to JOHN K. SOQERS, Agent 
86 Water street, Boston. 

g^The Courier and .Tonrnal type Is ttovi this 





Ho. A Merrimaok Street, 

Plaoe befbre the pablie the 

FmsT spRma lamb 

of the aeftSOB. 2 Aleo, 

Qreen Feae, String BeanB, Let- 
tuce, Badishes, Spinach and 
/^.TSiORS^DandeUonB. B'XK 

Reaaeaafcer amr i:.i>m»e are Byrlng LamlMi . 

OLD PAPERS FOE BALE bf tke beadred 
at this ofllee. 



E^legffl/iit: T>6eiig^iiei 



Sold elsewhere at $1.50. 

We Warrant Them Pure 

If yon Tiant a Black Silk do 
not fail to examine onr celebrat- 
ed Cachemire Be Noyi, which are 
universally acknowledged the 
best in the market. I^amples 
cheerfully given for comparison 
with other makes. 


Hoi. 80 and 82 Merrimaok Street. 

Oeorge Wilkes, Jr., 

Bla«v, star, little white on 
every foot, Ift^ hands, weighs 
107fr lbs., 11 years old. 1 oOk 
the flr«>t pre iilnm at Man* 
Chester, N, H., State Pair, A. 
I). Wi%\ also at Bradford, 

Vt., State Fair, 1881. Never 

trained for the track. Shows qaartcre and ball 
mllnrv«'ry dsy In as and 1.1'^. Is pure galted. 
kind, any lady osn drive hitn. his get srefkat and 
gentle. Will make the season at my Psvillon 
Ktock Stables, Meiroee, Masii. BM In advanee; 
If not productive, no charge for next sea«on. 
00c. a day while walling, with best eare. We 
take charge of mares at Boston or Melrose. 
PATCH KN KNOX, bright b'y, ft yrs. old. 16V 
hands, B26 the season. »1 K UKCIVK Wl I.K KB, 
seal brown, 16H hands. 4 }rs. old, sired by O. 
Wilkes, Jr., dam the John sibepard mare; Jost 
broken to barn«ea;eaa trot In 2.00. f^ft season. 
8. e. HOUOHTaa. M^lrase. Mefli., or M Tre- 
ri oat 4t. Boncn. Lkaut B/ianoa, Maaagor. 

5 bales of extra quality Unbleached Cotton at 
tHo., worth lie. 

SO doz« n Ladles' AU-Llnen Hemstitched Hand- 
kerclili fa at 12>io., worth 2Sc. 

1 case Panoy Plaid Qlnghams only lOe., worth 

1 case Marseillea QulUs at 8So., worth $1.28. 

Another Invoice of French Satlnes at 2So., worth 

10 pieces of Puney Silks, handsome shades , only 

S pieces of Fancy Silks, banc? some shades, only 

$1.25, worth $1.60. 

1 case Foulard Cumbrles only 8e. 

10 pieces of Foule Debege only 12)ie., worth 2Sc. 

5 pieces tx-Rt Black Cashmere In Lowell at 76o., 

worth f 1.00. 

10 pieces of bert Black Casbmf re in the world at 
$1.00, worth $1.25. 

Best Black Silks In the commonwealth at $1.00, 
$1.26, $1.37>i, $1.60, $1.00. 

6 pieces AllWool Double Width Leoc Bunting 

at 60C., worth 00c. 

6 pieces A 11. Wool Donble Width. Bbtok Baa 
at 42c., regular price 600. 


Leading; Liow Prlee, Reliable Adver- 
tIsluK Drjr Oooda Dealers, 


Yon want your slelgks stored in a dry plane? Do 
you want your carriages painted or varnished 
with good stock, and well done at a tair prioef 
If yen, bring them to 16 Rock street, and we wUl 
do them as we state above. We obarge but a 
trlde per month tot storage. 


Jaundice Bitters, a remedy fbr oil billons com- 
plaints. Impurities of the blood, disordered con- 
dition of the stomach,, liver and bowels. Pre- 
pared by 

M. O. CABTEB, Apothecary, 

Cor. Merrimack and Bridge Sts. 





Loffill Steam Boiler Wor][s, 

TMNEB STBEET, Lowell, Mass.. 

ManofActarer of aad d«ftl«r la 

Steel and Iron Boilers, 

Rotary Bleaebers. Barlow and Bleaohlng Klers^ 
Water, Soap and Oil Tan¥s, Oil Sti is, H^oda, 
Tar and Jacket Kettles, Steam Boxe* for Print 
Works, Penstocks, Flumes. Quarter Turns, 
Ac, for Turbine Wheel Work. Ai»o, Hydraulic 
and Screw Presses of all ilaes, with Dobblns's 
Hollow Steam Press Plates. Fire Rseapes ol 
most approved pattern. Also,allklBda of Pack- 
ing. Fittliis*. Pumps, Injectors, Inspirators, eto., 
used about Steam £nglues and Boilers, eonstant- 
ly on band. 

Secondhand boilers bongbf, sold aad ex- 

Address all eommonleatioas to 


Also Inspector ol Boilers for the CIt/ of Low 
* works connected by 


Appleton Block, Central Hfreet» 

Offer their geryioes in assisting 91%tj 
want and taste for interior deooraiioiiB, 
Efery detail of House Supplies, froai 


Oan be found in our stock, or will be ob- 
tained, or manufactured, to meet the 
rarious wants of our patrons, and no 
paiiiB w ill b e spar e d tir meet the appr o * 
bation of all parties faToriog us with 
their orders. In our sereral departments 
will be presented many types and qn ali- 
ties of 




- ■* ■ ■ 


Adapted to any demand, for woodsi obt* 
Brings and finish, and it will girs ms 
pleasure to exhibit our line of wares and 
quote prices, whioh we guarantee will be 

As Low asjthe Lowest, 

QuaMty of work considered. 

Children's Carriages ! 


We are confident in our abilitf fo 
offer honest goods at honest orioes. Aa 
insneotion is solicited. 


Furniture and Oarpet Warerooms, 
Appleton Bloek, Central Street. 

ell. Residence 



•eye Mrs. Peilboaee, thaa tbose 

oahed PBA0 or Downrcra. 


OEOROR 8UTTLK takes thl* method to< 
reot amlsapprehen<«ionexiiiting in regard to i... 
position atid r<ghts in the abore norncd C4>mrtery. 
The appointment of Mr. L)ons to the general 
cnre of thr* grounds in ne wixe iiiterfprts with 
his rtltl ex<rclMlnK the eare and tupr-rvhlon of 
two hundred or more lot* which the owners liave 

ftlaced In his hands, nqr with tbe careorineb 
otsas miy yetbelelt in bis keeping, though la 
ordir that the wishes of such lot owners be 
curried out he believes it Is Importsnt that or- 
ders be I( ft with him personally, and not with 
employes on the pr< misns. Thiinlciiig thn large 
number of lot ownem who have entruated tba 
care of their ground* to lilm and hoping to merit 
their continued approbation, he solicits tbe fa- 
vor of others, and by bi« long experience aa a 
cardener oan as»nre perfect sat<>faotloB. Ad- 
drers UKOBOIB NUTTL.B, Bleaohery Oar- 
den, bori<e car «tatlon, 306 Oorbam street. Coa- 
nrcted by teleplioBe. ^ 



Por the core of rhenmatlsa, neanilgla,panlyslsw 
liver and kidney dtseasee. All ehronle diaeasea 
sueeessfally treated ||f electrtelty, Megaetlsai asA 
botanic remedlee. 

PB. m. J. DASiOir , Bf Merrtsaark U g ae t , 



fWeU Btteel^ LvwelL r>- 





by 'MlepkOMwMi aB fMta 

\ ■ — . 




Moseuiu BttUdluK, McrrlntMsk St. 

TRRMS : Six Dollars • year, dellTered by c«r- 
ll«r in ail thickly .eltlcd paru of lb© clly ; or at 
•Ooeotna mouth; or 16 oentB a week. Single 

•ODifll 3 C«'llt8. .. .' I 

XdVKK USING: One Inch In length of col- 
mmn (twelve lines of nonpareil type) oon«lltutei 

TmnHient advertUementt 75 cent* • square for 
Irst ln«ertlon, and 25 cents for each subsequent 
Insertion. .. <. >. 

Motioes in readinR type 10 cents a line for each 
lasertioii. No churne less than 50 cen's. 

UeadiiiR notices In nonpareil tyue. to lollow 
general reading matter, one-tUlrd aboTe regular 

Special notices following reading notices, 20 
Mr oi'nt. above regular rates. . , ^ 

Business notlcen, In plain reading type, at head 
«r local colttMU, ten cenU a line lor each Inser- 

Advertlsements In the Dally Courier will be 
naerted aUo In the Weekly Journal, for u cor- 
responding time, for onebulf more than the Da y 
price. Thus lUe price for one scjuari- In the IJally 
Courier one montli is »5.09. the sanae advertise- 
ment would be Inserted In the Weekly Journal 
for the same motflh lor |2.50. Total in both 

To Let 

each ac 

obarge for less than two lines 

Legal notices »1.60 a square for three Inser- 

One square with the privilege of changing 
twice a week (the Daily Courier included), one 
year $30; or #'25 without the paper. 

No cuts allowed unless they are upon metal 
|)Ottonis. ^ , . 

No double-column advertisements received, 

■niess for two full columns. . , j, . „ 

■^ J9-The DAILY COUKIEK Is the leading da ly 
paper in Middlesex county, uud has a larger clr- 
oulatiou than any other. ,^.T..»TAr - 

Urge and excellent family paper, Is also pub- 
UaCed by MarJen k Uowell. It U one of the 
largest weekly papers In MasKachusetts, and has 
• larger circulation In the country towns In the 
Beighborhood of Lowell than all the other uaptrs 
pabllshed in the county combined; and U is 

The proflu to a retailer are given by « prom- 
iiidnt Journal a* 100 per cent., and they have 
aoKI wo II at t8 and |4 per bushel. It Is ex- 
pected that thli year'* crop will exceed most 
previoiiH years, inuludinx I"t year, which 
amouiiledlo 8,220,000 biiahelii. Peanuts are 
raised lii.VirglMlii, Tennewee, North CarolU 
nii, and other southern states; the product of 
North Carolina last year In given as 180,000 
bushels I bat of Tennessee M8 760,000 bush- 
els, »Md tlio OKtlmated value of the whole 
peanut crop of the United Stales for 1881 U 
11,600,000. Tbosfi which we purchase 
coino mostly from Virginia, and thU year it 
Ix expecled #lhal Ihey will sell for f 1 per 
bushel. ______^«.^_«_— 


The State Temperance Alliance, with chai- 
actcri!dic wrong-h^iidediiess, declares that if 
any licenses are to bo granted. It raakca little 
difference bow many are granted. 

Kdl-ion says Leonard Henlile's ftchorae to 
light cities from Boston to (."hlcngo by elec- 
tricity, the power lo be furnislK-d by wires con- 

C i. SooU $c Co. 


'T. bcllcTo thiU Dlne-tentbs of all oaaea of 

catarrh are conatlUitloooL Wo also be- 

]iev« that a reliable oonstltutlonal reiMdy 

like U'ood'a SarsaparlUa, that atrlkea at tbo 


proi»ortlon of all caaes. In conflmatlon of 
this belief wo oiler evidence showing tbo 
efTocU of Hood's Saraaparllla upon this dla- 
eaae. Acity omciaisays: -A lady who hod 
suffered from catarrh for years, till It fhoally 


i to health and smell by talcing Hood's Sar- 
saparilla." A mother says: "My boy had 
catarrh so badly that I could hardly keep 
him In clean handkerchiefs; he hastakea 
one bottle of Hood's Barsaporilla and that 
terrible amount of discharge has stopped." 

Insk^nradvertlsements under the head ol^jiectliig with power at Niagara K..IN, Is vis- 
U. Lost. Found, Board, Rooms, For Bale, {„„„rv, and calls llenkle a "wild talker." 
':i&^l^^:^:lln^rz%.^'^i'l^ '^^ Thafs just wham good many people think 

of Edison himself. 

The decrease in the national debt for the 
ten months of tlie present fiscal year is f 123,- 
748,000. This is a larger reihiction than has 
been made In any twelve months since the 
war, and f22,000,000 larger than the total re- 
duction for last year. If the average reduc- 
tion of the past ten months is niulntalued the 
total reduction ending June 80, 1832, will be 

The npublican party, having put its hands 
to the plough, must not turn baclj:. It owes 
the uuriflc;ition of eloollons in the aoulh to 


therefore the best advertising medium lor Lowell 
merchants. Subscription price, »1.50 per year in 
advance, free of postage. Liberal ternas to 
ttersup of Clubs. Advertisements reasonable 

price. , GKOKQE A. MAUDKN, 


^jjf lotoell ©ailp Courier, 

THUttSDAY, MAY 4, 1882. 

the n-^groes, hut more especially to llaell 
has recorded its promises in ihe most solemn 
and bliKling manner in Its platforms. 'Fhe 
narlv U foumled on the doctrine of equality 
of huiuanright". It can do no work more 
importanPfiils ses-sion Ihun to seen re to the 
other southern republicans, whi'e and 
black, the heats in Congress to which they 
shall prove to be fairly entitled. So long as 
B BTKB i tn AS sBGO»»-ovAa»JU.u.JlAlTJB»i._._Ubi4-«publicau party shall remain in power,* 

the soiitliern mi'inbers of It may rest assured 

that no conte-t for repiesenlation In Con- 
zress, supported by sufBeient proof of elec- 
tion, will be In vain.— [Chicago Tribune. 


'■■ ; 



The number of licenses bo far granted Is 
just i^bout a reasonable number for Lowell, 
though we have little hope that It will not be 
enlarged. The number of "common victual- 
lew" bred by ihe license law is something 
wonderful, and can be accounted for only on 
the theory that liquor Is generally looked 
upon as both victuals and drink. 

Bepresentative Morrison wielded Ihe 
Speaker's gavel a couple of hours yesterday 
afternoon, and had an experience which 
does not often full to the lot of a Speaker pro 
tein., in being called upon to rule on a very 
ImporUnt point of order involving the ques- 
tion of courtesy between the two branches. 
♦*Tlio Chub" sus.ained itself with becoming 
dignity, and the ruling was acquiesced In 
cheerfully, although the opponents of the 
Canibrltlge Shawsheen water bill were very 
anxious to have it ruled out. 

The Salvation Army may be a good thing 
when kept in its own place; but it may lea- 
soniibly be doubted whether It was In Us 
own place when, as described In u letter lo 
the Loudon Times, reprinted in Monday's 
Graphic, it sent a detachment, on a recent 
Saturday afternoon at two o'clock, Into a qui- 
et west end London street, and kept up a re- 
vival service until very late, beginning again 
at seven o'clock on Sunday morning to 
preach, shout, sing doggerel hymns, and 
roar out "Ainens" and "llallelujahs," with 
band accompaniments, Including harmoni- 
um, cornet and big diiim^ amid the roaring 
of a vast crowd, "from morn till noon, from 
noon till dewy eve," and past it, until ten 
o'clock, to the alarm of an entire neighbor- 

They are talking of 

making a 

harbor of 

8andy Bay, on the east coast of Cape Ann, 
by running u breakwater out from Pigeon 
Cove to the "Salvages." It would furnish 
safe anchorage, and make u snug harbor and 
refuge for vessels overtaken by storms in 

' that dangerous locality. Very enterprising 
views have been expicrsscd in relation to the 

" future, if the plans of those interested can be 
carried out. There are to be a navy yard, 
and docks, and elevators, and a connection 
with the lloosac tunnel by mcims of an ex- 
tension of the Eastern railroad from Bever- 
ly. The gpvei-ninent is to be petitioned for 
the breakwater. A circular has been sent to 
the governors of the. New England states for 
Ibeir Kignatures, and Governors Bell of N. 
H. and I'lalsted of Maine have signed it. 
The movement Is led in Boston by Col. R. B. 
Forbes. ^^^^^^^^ 

He laughs best who laughs last, and the 
Andover trustees "have the bulge" on the 
board of visitors in the Abbot professorship 
matter, if we may venture on a bit of slang 
lo speaking of so grave a theological subject. 
They wlH not formally fill the chair at pres- 
ent, but have invited Dr. Newman Smyth to 
deliver a series of lectures on theology at the 
aemlnary. Tfobably the Instltatlon will 
manage to survive the shock of such slight 
heresy as Dr. Smyth may evolve, and we 
trust the students will receive no Intellectual 
harm from his lack of precision of state- 
ment. Andover orthodo.xy, however, must 
be trembled for. if Its real bulwarks have 
been reduced to the persons of the two mem- 
ber* ot the board of visitors and Dr. Dexter, 
with the board of trustees, the faculty, the 
Student! and the secular press all given over 
to the bIindn«M of unbelief. 

In taking aceoant of great sales the statis- 
Uea of the peanut alands should not be over- 
looked. Othej: OUU may have more dignity 
#ft the dinner tabio, but nothing speaks so 
eloquently of "Joys we've tasted," as a heap 
of peanut ihella on the floor of a public hall. 

The LeKlalature. 

Wednesday morning In the Senate, Messrs. 
Crocker of Suffolk, Stone of Essex, Rock- 
well of Her^shlre, Hasiings of Worcester 
anil Bruee of Middlesex were appointed on 
the special committee lo consider what ac- 
tion the Senate shall take upon the request of 
the House for the return of the papers per- 
taining 10 the Meigs elevated railroad 
scheme. The bill relating lo Worcpster sew- 
erage in Blackstone river was discussed at 
length, but no action was taken; a substitute 
offeietl by Mr. Jennings was ordered to be 
printed. It is a gener;«l bill for the preserva- 
tion of the public health, and providing that 
no statute existing or hereinaller enacted 
shall l>e construed to authorize any city, town, 
corporation or person to create a uuisance 
injurious to the public health; allowing cities 
and towns to take and hold land and water 
rights, and construct such works as may be 
necessary for purifying or treating sewerage 
so as to prevent any nuisance, ami the ques- 
tion whether a nuisance lias been created 
shall be uecldeil, at any time, by the supreme 

In the House ought to pass was reported 
by the finance committee on the bill for an 
agricultural experiment station at Amherst, 
on the resolve for repairs of buildings and a 
drill-house at the Agricultural college at 
Amherst. It was decided lo begin forenoon 
sessions hereafter at 10 o'clock Instead of 11. 

The res«)lve In favor of Priscilla Freeman, 
jiivinK her f500 in full for damages in the 
matter of the lease of Tlsbury Great pond, 
was passed to be engrossed. In the course 
of the debate upon the resolve severe strict- 
ures were made by several members upon 
the commissioners on inland fisheries, aud 
an amendment to the resolve was adopted 
that the $500 shall come out of the appropri- 
ation for the expenses of the commission. 

The House had quite a lengthy debate and 
parliamentarv fight over the question of al- 
lowing Cambridge to take water from Shaw- 
sheen river. Messrs. Kinsley, Wells, McSor- 
ley, Muzzey and Albee of Cambridge and 
Thayer of Worcester all favored the bill al- 
lowing that city to take 8,000,000 gallons 
dally from the river. Messrs. Smith of An- 
dover and Wilson opposed the bill, the for- 
mer making a forcible and eflTective argu- 
ment against taking from that town any part 
of the water of the Shawsheen, which is so 
essential to Its health and prosperity. 

Mr. Cogswell of Salem raised the point of 
order that the measure was not properly 
before the House, a c< mralttee report being 
presented upon a petition of Cambridate for 
SliavN^slieen water when no petition was be- 
fore tiie committee, only a bill referred to 
this legislature from last year. 

Mr. Mfirrisonof Lowell, who was in the 
chair, ruled that as a matter of courtesy be- 
tween the two branches, the sulyecl having 
been nceived bv the Senate, the bill should 
be entertained, this ruling was In direct 
opposition to a ruling niadeby the |»r<sidenr 
of the Senate on the House bill to incorpo- 
rate the Meigs elevated railroad company. 
To this conclusion Mr. Cogswell assented, 
with the remark that he would like to have 
an explanation why one branch of the legis- 
lature should be bo'und by, and the other tree 
from, the observance of viarliamentary cour- 
tesy. After further seatteiiivc debate, the 
House refused to admit the bill by a vole of 
sixtv-four yeas to ninety-five nays. The 
House then 'concurred in reference to the 
next legislature. 

Tlie bill to limit liqtior licenses to one for 
every thousand people was under discussion 
at adjournment. 

A Decision Agalnat Judfte Day. 

The committee of investigation in the 
Judge Day case has practically agreed upon 
Its report. At a meeting Tuesday alter ad- 
journment, from which Senator Bruce of 
Middlesex and Representatives Jones of 
Pltlsfleld andCook of iWlllngham were ab- 
sent, there was a vote of five to three that 
Judge DrtV should bo removed by address. 
Senator Jennings of Bristol and Representa- 
tives Hill of Haverhill, Kingsbury of IIollLs- 
loii. Coombs of Newburyport aud Street of 
South Hadliv being recordetl In the afl^rma- 
tive,SenatorCrowleyofMIddlesex and Repre- 
sentatives Thayer of Worcester and Swift of 
Boston placing themselves in the negative. 
Senator Bruce and Representative Cook 
agree with, and Representative Jones 
disagrees from, the majority. With the ex- 
ception of Mr. Jones, who Is the only repub- 
lican of the minority, the division Is on party 

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Another case writes: " I have had ca- 
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phig In my throat became se trouble- 
some that I became alarmed, as it affected 
my right lung. I took two bottles of Hood's 
SarsaparlUa and it cured me. My appetite, 
which was vailablo before, Is first rate now.'^ 
Very truly yours, Charlea N. Griffin, » Sum- 


mer Street, Lowell, Mass. We desire to say 
to all who try this medicine for catarrh, that 
probably tbo discharge will Increase at first, 
then grow more watery and gradually stop. 
The odor disappears very soon In most oases. 
By contlnidng Hood's Sarsaparllla alter all 
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permanent cure Is eflected. Hood's Sarsa- 


parilla is prepared only by C. I. Hood * Co., 
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And Lace atid Holland Curtains done np in 
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The uiutl laundry buHiuess «rlll alwavs reoeivs 
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A »ui>erior article for stoves and ranges. It ex- 
oels all other polish in the market. Also a sore 
thing to prevent stovM that are not used fro m 
rufeiinK. This polish is warranted Oee from dust 
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be without it. Ag<-nts wanted all over the U. 8 

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Help of All Kinds, both Male and Fe- 
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The well known Job Gardener, noW enterinx 
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In Lowell and vicinity, would announce to the 
public that he is muklnfc extenglve preparations 
for the Spring work, and holdii himself In readl- 
neBs to execute all orders entrusted to him In a 
tboroueh and satisfactory manner, lie Is able 
to turniMh all kinds of 


Also sodding, manure, loam and flUlng. TURF- 
ING done in the best manner- a good supply 
always on hand. All orders will receive prompt 
attention. Satisfaction guaranteed, and at 
prices which will commend themaelves. 

FROM ENGLApJD for laying out land In per- 
manent lawns and pleasure grounds furnished on 
application. Orders may be left In BOX COlt- 
NKR DANK atid SALfcM STRKKTS, or at 
lUCKKTVILLE; orient by mall to Box 20. 


Manufacturers and Dealers in 

Houldin&ifl, Brackets, 
Uoase Fliilsb. Pickete, 
Bails, Posts, 
Flooring, Matched Boards. 

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Have purchHKed the buslnegg at the old Hosmer 
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will leave the corner ot Robbing and Westford 
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0.30 o'clock and every hour thereafter until 10..30 
o'clock. Route: Westford, Chelmsford, Apple- 
ton, Central and Merrimack streets to depot and 
return. Fare 6o. School children 4. 

hundays: Leave the corner of Bobbins and 
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ward until p. m. X^eave Merrimack street d» 
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GOLD MEDAL awarded by theVlaasachusetts 
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Offer some bargains that cannot 
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Large size Wooden Pails, 10c. 

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Water Closet Paper 10c. a 
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Pail Wash Boards, 10c. 

Job lot Pearl Buttons 10c. a 

Lunch Baskets 10, 20,25,33, 
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Baskets without corers 5c. 

Tooth and Nail Brushes 10c. 

Wire Tea or Coffee Pot Stands. 

Japanese Parasols 5 and 10c. 

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Large size Dinner Pails 20c. 

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Railroad ai Lipid Colors. 

These colors were prepared by Mr. Masury aft- 
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luteriqr Painting. The most 
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wn tbe HlKhlends.-Cottage, 7 rooms, eltgr 
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.„"•?![ ^i**^ atoeklnit Co.-Z story Ihoasa, 
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easy terms 

Uud. Prioe 

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WILLIAM READ, (M. D. Harvard 1842). and 
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Abundant references given. CorrespoDdenee , .^ . 
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On the Highlands.— Two.story bouse, L. 
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In Pa irtneketTille.— Splendid 2-stor7 boase, 
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Lowell. Price $7000, terms easy. (481) 

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ovcd, Howe Improved. Willeox * Olbbs and 
eed, $16 each. AU wamuited., Tliese a^. 
71 Lawreaoa street. Lowell. 




Cbe i^otoell ISailg Courier. 



SOwell, tbe pedestrian, aailed for EDgland 
TuMday, tajting will) bim three valuable 
||i|||ting boraes. 

l(v> Michael Burnbain Wit« ^iostalled pas- 
tor of the EmiDHDuel Congregational cburcb, 
Eoxbuiy district, la^t evenlDg. Eev. Dr. 
McKeuzle preached the sermon. 

There was no change in Judge Lord's con- 
dition yesterday. He continued to have lu- 
tervali of delirium, ills strcnglb is reluined, 
wd bis physicians have strong hopes of bis 
rallyliig from his attack. 

Hon. Chas. 8. Storrow, who has been 
prominently connected with tbe Essex com- 
pany of Lawrence since its organization, re- 
tires tTom tbe treasurersbip wilb the begin- 
■inf of tbe business year of tbe company, 
this month. 

Senator Hill cannot recover, but is not 
troubled by regrets. "I cannot complain," 
he said the other day. "I have lived flfty- 
«1gbt years, and I suppose no man ever lived 
flOy-eigbt happier yeartj. It may be best 
th«t tihey beull." 

Eev. Newman Smyth Wednesday evening 
teleg^MPbed tbe trustees of Andover seminary 
his thanks for the invitation to deliver a se- 
ries of theological lectures at the seminary, 
but a definite decision was not given. It Is 
generally thought that hu will accept. 

Mr. Emerson is generally known to have 
been of late years a sufferer from aphasia, or 
enfecblement oL memory. After attending 
Longlbllow's funeral, he said to a 
"Thai gentleman whose fuuersl 
been gttending was a Kweet 
•oul, but I forget his naiue." 

friend : 
we have 
und beautiful 



The collar makers in James R. Hlll'a har- 
ness establUhraent ut Concord, some 26 in 
number, have struck for an increase In pay of 
"about 20 per cent. 

Geo, F. Richards of the Dover Republican 
has repel ved from bis brother, a wholesale 
druggist In London, England, a book con- 
Ulninf^ the Lord's Prayer In 131 languages. 

Hon; Geo. Jones was stricken with paraly- 
•is whHe walking in the street at Concord 
Tuesday night, and died Wedneatlay raorn- 
iag. rie was between 60 and 70 years of age, 
and foi^merly a stato senator. 

Work continued all day Wednesday on the 
ruins of tbe burned church at Dover, but no 
more bodies were found. Tbe Injured \^t- 
sons are doing well. The ftincral of Judge 
Tarney will occur Saturday. 

Rev. Israel AInsworth, lute pastor of tbe 
Methodist church at Amherst, who with- 
drew at the last annual conference, was on 
Juesdaf received by the Holl Is association of 
€ongregatlonul Ministers. He still remains 
at Amherst, supplying vacancies in the vicin- 

The town meeting at Laconla, which was 
oailed tor Wednesday, to locate ibe Town 
hall and decide upon the building of a leser- 
Tolr at Weirs, failed to be legal, and no busi- 
ness was transacted. The hall will not be 
built this season. There Is considerable ex- 
citement over tbe matter. 

Capt. Jos. Barr of Portsmouth, while beat- 
ing up tbe river in bis gondola Tuesday after- 
noon, sustained probably fatal Injuries by 
l>elng jammed between the rudder bead of 
his craft and tbe side of u vessel Jying at 
anchor at Railroad wharf, against which his 
gondola was carried by the tide. 

""news items. 


A PrseUouiUois i» be learned lo tke 

At the cabinet meeting Tuesday it wu de- 
cided that the President should Issue a proo* 
lamalion for the lawless cowboys in Arizona 
to disperse, and If the order is not obeyed to 
use the militury to enforce It. Tbe cabinet 
sustained the action of tlie President in bis 
message for additional legislation on this 
subject, and disagreed with tbe action of the 
Senate judUilary committee in reporting that 
no further U'gislallon was necessary. The 
Fitz-John Porter case was also under con- 

The Oarfleld Monument. 

The Garfield Monument commission offl- 
cially announce that tbe responses to their 
appeal have been so liberal at to warrant the 
assurance that their work will be consum- 
mated. While a suilublQ structure could be 
built with tbe money now on baud it Is pro- 
posed to open Hubscriplions ineverv city und 
town in the United States on Decoration 
day to allow tbe general public to contribute 
to a more elaborate monument. 

Quiteau is said to have been deeply im- 
pressed by tbe singing of a party of revival- 
ists who visited him Tuesday. He wept like 
a child when the hymns" Wulk la the Light," 
and "I long ^o meet you there," were sung. 
One of tbo party offered a fervent prayer, tD 
which Guiteau paid tbe most devout atten- 

As a mark of respect to the late ex-Post- 
master- General Mayuard, the post ofllce de- 
partment will be closed on Friday next and 
(be building will be draped in mourning for 
30 days. . 

Ex-public printer Defrees is rapidly sink- 

Concreas W^cdMeeday. 

In the Senate Mr. Voorheea offered a reso- 
lution for an inquiry as to whether any Im- 
proper or corrupt Influences had been, used 
to influence senators in voting on tbe bill ex- 
tending tbe time whiskey may remain in 
bond. He did this because it h«9 been cur- 
rently reported among the whiskey manu- 
facturers that it was necessary to buy vote* 
in order to secure tbe passage of tbe bill. Mr. 
Morrill said be did not believe a word of tbe 
charges, and thought an investigation unnec- 
essary. Therefore be objected aud the resolu- 
tion went over one day. 

Tbe Senate devoted the remainder of tbe 
time reservt'd for tbe calendar lo tbe political 
disubilitiesbill repealing the statute prohibit- 
inn upi>ointment8 of ex-confederates In the 
army or navy. The bill creating a United 
States court of appeals was also discussed. 

In the House Mr. Henderson of Illinois, 
chairman of tbe committee of military affairs, 
to which was referred tbo President's mes- 
sage relative to lawlessness in Arizona, re- 
ported a bill amending section 16 ot tbe bill 
making approurlations for the support of the 
army for the tiscul year ending June 30, 1879, 
HO as to allow the military forces of tbe 
United States lo bo employed us a potae 
comitatus to assist tbo civil authorities wltli- 
in auv territory of the United States to exe- 
cute the laws therein when requested by the 
governor of such territory. 

Several bills were introduced, among them 
one relating to the election of Prexident and 
Vice President. The tariff commission "-*" 
was discussed at length. 


By Telephone to the Courier. 

The Death Blow to the IndUm Ots^roofc 
— Heow|r l4«es«s. 

San PRANq|^co, Cal., May 4.— A Lsrds- 
burgdespatcb»!(lkys: It is positively sUted 
that. In the fight, on the 29th ult., between 
the Mexicans under Col. Garcia, and Loco's 
hand of Indians, the latter lost 78 killed and 
all their stock. Loco was killed and 33 In- 
dians wer«' taken priHon(M«. The Mexican 
loss is stated at 27 killed and wounded. This 
information Is Ironi a reliable source, and if 
h, is confirmed may be regarded as tbe death 
blow lo the present Inilian outbreak. A 
careful summnrv shows a total of HI whites 
and Mexicans killed by the Indians the past 
two weeks, 600 bend of stock killed and cap- 
tured, and the destruction of over §76,000 
If orth of properly. 

A Tucson despatch says a government cour- 
ier has arrived with despatches, and reports 
finding Indisns about 36 miles from Doming. 
They chased htm Into Corrlsillo, where his 
borso gave out. The miners have come In 
from Fresherinanca. They report about 126 
Indians In that section. 

A Series of Fat«im«a. 

MlNNiEAPOLis, Minn., May 4.— About 9 
o'clock last evening a young man named Al- 
bert Emdy was run over .and instantly killed 
by a switch engine in the Minneapolis & St. 
Louis freight yard. A large number of per- 
sons gatliered'at the scene, and while two 
men, John Cochran and John GrlflSn, were 
crossing the track on their way home, ihev 
were struck by a train, and one was behead- 
ed and tbe other instantly crushed to death. 

Vorelcn Notes. 

It Is learned that tbe assassins of Gen. 
Strelnlkoff at Odessa found upon bim 
and In his rooms papers of great value to tbe 
Nihilists In the shape of a list of Nihilists to 
be arrested and a full plan of their procedure 
and pioiects. 

The Pope Is perfectly well and took bis 
drive In tbe Vatican gardens, as usual, yes- 

Ueturns from the elections for mayors in a 
large nural>cror French arrondlssmeuts show 
republican losses. 



War Bountie* to be Faid.— Tbe antlcl- 
paled legal contest between the town of Ac- 
ton and about 26 soldiers of tbe late war, on 
account of th« non-payment of back bounties 
of 9126 each, will bo absndoned. This 
war claim amounts lo some 98500, wbleh the 
town will soon pay. 


—The great musical festival opened in 
New Ydrk Tuesday night with fair success, 
artistically und financially. 

—The Mechanics bank of Newark, N. J., is 
to be revived immediately, and on May 16 
the directors will pay the creditors the 
monev due under their proposition. 

—At- Calais Me., Tuesday evening tbe 
iurv intho case of Chester 8. Cunningham, 
on trial for killing Mrs. Harriet E. Sprague, 
returned a verdict of murder in tbe second 

—Nine persons boarding with Mrs. Mary 

Eobinson of Pittsburg, Pa., have been poi- 

-aoned by eating bread in which poison was 

placed by a domestic by direction of Nelton 

Fry, a boarder, who has fled. 

— Chlcster S. Cunningham, convicted of tbe 
murder of Harriet E. Sprague of Calais, 
Me., was sentenced by Judge Danforth of 
the supreme court lo hard labor in the slate 
prison at Thomaston for tbe term of his nat- 
ural life. • 

f.onRfcllow*a MriU— A Portion of U Dls- 

The fviil of Henry VV. Ix)ngfcllow was ad- 
mitted to probate in the Middlesex county 
court Tuesday, and Ernest W. Longfellow, 
a son of tbe poet, was apoointed administra- 
tor In blace of the late Richard H. Dana, 
naraedln tbe will. There were aeveral era- 
sures and Interlineations In tbe document, 
and Judge Brooks decided that the erasures 
which occur are lo be connhlercd no part of 
the will and also th«t the interlineations are 
of no effect. This deprives each of the chil- 
dren of tbe testator's brother of a legscy of 
ilOOO. makes void the legacy of §6000 to bis 
brother Samuel, and makes the residue to be 
divided among the testator's children consid- 
erably larger. This decision is based upon 
-the ground that a will caniMrt be aUered «x- 
eeot by a codicil. The portion of the will 
•llowed lives f500 each nnniially to the 
noel's sister, Anna L. Pierce, and his brother 
Samuer, $6000 to his brother, Alexander 
W»ds»rforth Longfellow, f 1000 each to the 
chlldreh of Geo. W. Green of East Green- 
wich, R. I., sntl Ihe remainder of his estate 
Is to Wf Iven to his children the same as If 
he dlealutestate. 

W4fmtr'» BaUmm •/ WUd Vhtrrj/ 
cares Oeogbs. Golds. Bronehltis, Whooping 
Cough, Croup, Inflttenza, Oonlumption, and all 
diseases of the Throat, Lungs and Chest. 00 
eenU ai^d $1 a bottle^ 

Per«*«Um Bvrup 
enrss DrspapsU, Oeaeral OeMllty 
plaint, B6US, Hnnora. 

An entire square of buildings In Middle- 
town, Del., was burned over on Tuesday, 
but as the buildings were nearly all frame 
the loss does not exceed $26,000. Tbe 
Queen Anne Episcopal church, built of 
green stone, was ruined. The loss on this 
building Is f 10,000. Tbe altur-clolb, which 
was presenlt'd to tbe original congregation 
by Queen Anne, was saved. 

Conlee Brothers' saw mill in Oshkosh, 
Wis., was burned Tuesday. Loss $30,000. 

The fire engine house in East Newark, N. 
J., with a steam fire engine, a hook and lad- 
der truck, two hose carriageH, the town hall, 
and three dwelling houses were burned. 
Loss $26,000. 

Serious forest fires have occurred on Long 
Island this week. A valuable limber lot 10 
acres In extent was burned over and in 
another place a fire swept over the fields for 
eleven miles. An unoccupied house at 
Brook Haven was burned, loss $600, and 
Joseph Glover's residence at Cannons place 
was destroved, loss $3000. Tbe village of 
Belleport was threatened and the people 
turned out and subdued the flames. 


If it Is headache of any kind that troubles 
you, you need never have another attack. 
.Send $2.60 to Dr. C. W. Benson, Bsltlmore, 
Md.,and be will send you by return mail 6 
boxes of bis Celery and Chamomile pilh* and 
they will permanently cure you. Of drug- 
gists, 60 cents a box. 

Owing to it« puritv, excellence and low 
price, the sales of l"he Congress Yeast Pow- 
der in our midst are constantly Increasing. 
Ask for it in paper packages to save expense 
oMin cans. 

From Yesterday's Second edition 


'Comments of London Papers. 

London, Muy 8.— Tbe Slanthird says tbe 
radicals have triumphed all along the line. 
A new era is opening up in English politics. 
It asks, if the amnesty be real, on what 
ground can Mr. Davilt be excluded from UP 

The Post says the government is in de- 
spair, und, like desperate men. Is playing a 
desperate game to retrieve ils fortunes. 

Tho Times says public opinion will ap- 
prove Mr. Forster's manly and dignified 
course in the prchcncc of tbe trying and pain- 
ful alternatives. The new policy of the gov- 
ernment rests upon the hope that the ukhI- 
erate language of the 'Land Leaguers, lb« 
concession to some extent lo the demands In 
the land law amendment bill, and the re- 
lease or Mr. Puruell, will touch, the feelings 
of the Irish masses, and restore the authorl- 
tv of law aud respect lor public and private 

Parncll and his Aaaoelntes at Avon- 

A Dubliiv despatch says: Messrs. Parnell, 
Dillon, and O'Kclley will remain at Avon- 
dale for twb days, and take their seats In Par- 
liament on Fridav. 


The Soldiers* Home InveatlKOtlon. 

Washington, May 3.— The Senate mili- 
tary committee today submitted a report on 
tbe recent charges of mis-management of tbe 
Washington soldiers' home. It suslaUis all 
charges, speaks of abuses in tbe way of ex- 
travagance in the use of funds for tbo build- 
ing, rurniture, etc., and recommends Impor- 
tant changes in the institution. Certain of 
the comiiiisHioners are shown to have re- 
ceived maleriui from tlie home, wbich the 
committee think had better been left for the 
soldiers. The bill which goes with tbe re- 
port provides for some very strong reforma, 
and makes an entire sweep of the present 
mode of managing tbe institution. 

It i» AbomincMe t 

to go through life with "snags" in the mouth. 
Abominable not more to the safferer than his 
friends. Buy SOZODONT and cleanse the teeth 
which remain, or, better still, use- it now and 
save your tteth. SOZODaNT Is eoonomioal. 

A ftill assortment of parlor stores, ranges and 
furnaces on hand. Sewer and drain pipe, mantle 
and shelves for sale. The Magee adranoed range 
Is working splendidly ; call and see It, 61 Market 
street, N. J. WlerA Co. 

Liver Com- 
Cbronio Dlarrhosa, Ner- 
TOM AltoUoas, Fenal« Oomvlalnts, aad aU dls- 
MMS orrgHuUng la a bad state of the blood. 

Mr. Chamberlain to Succeed Forster— 
Suapeete Released. 

It is said that Rght Hon. Joseph Cham- 
berlain has, after a good deal of hesitation, 
accepted Ihe ofllce of chief secretary for Ire- 
Iniut, in place of Mr. Forster. The Standard 
*ays bis appointment will bn satisfactory to 
the extreme Irish party. The Karl of Kim- 
berlev, colonial secretary, speaking at Hcrt- 
for(% 'Tuesday evening, declared that the gov- 
ernment released tbe suspects because they 
believed the back of the agitation had been 
broken. He said the government intended 
to persevere steadily with remedial meax- 

ures. . . J r 

Many suspects have been released from 
Clonmel and Kilmainbam Jails. The release 
of the Land Leaguers was celebrated Tues- 
dav nigttt at Ball*, Belfsst, Cork. Limerick, 
Londonderry and Youghall with torchll«>'ht 
processions, bonfires. Illuminations, etc. 
General tranquillity prevailed. 
Motes. - 

The Jewish exodus from Russia continues, 
and thousands of the persecuted families are 
soliciting means to enable them to emigrate. 

The United States steamer Brooklyn has 
been slightly damaged In collision at Monto- 
yideo. . 

Bask Ball.— In Boslon yesterday the 
Bostons pounded Corey terribly, making 19 
base hits and 17 runs, while the Worcesters 
made 8 hits, 16 errors and 4 run?. StoTcj 
gave the Bostonn five runs by dropping three 
easv flies In left field. In Clevelanil, De- 
trolts L Clevelands 0. In Buffalo, Buffalos 
0, GbtcagosO. In Providence, Providences 8, 

Troys 1. . . ., . 

Notice of application for an Injunction to 

Ercvent Wise from playing with the Bostons 
as been served on the president of the Bos- 
ton association at the Instance of the Clncln- 
unti management, who allege that Wise 
signed a contract to play with them. 

Richmond joins Bond in requesting retire- 
meat from the Worcesters on account of a 
lame shoulder. , .v tv 

Mountain, who pitched some for tbe De- 
troit* last season, has been engaged for tbe 

Persona recovering from .wasting diseases, 
sucb as malaria, fevers, etc., will b« grmlly 
benefited by tbe use of Brown's Iron Bitten, 
a true tonic. 

"Hallo, Sam, what's your hurry? Where are 
you golnc?" "Oh, I'm going up to Bennett's on 
Dutton street to have him sot one of those porta- 
ble clothes dryers. I'm not going to get up at 3 
o'clock Monday morning to shovel a uarter of 
an acre of olothes-yard. I'm gotag to get him to 
put on some rubber moulding, too. Best thing 


Baby Carrimget. 

Offutt k, Wbltaker, ll> and 21 Market street, 
have Just received a large assortment of chil- 
dren's carriages, which they are selling on the 
most reasonavle terms. 

Ifow i# Your Time 

to furnish up your houses, and Otfutt & Whita- 
ker, 19 and 21 Market street, have a large stock 
of carpets, chamber sets, ranges, and everything 
In the housekeeping line at very low prices. 

VFalnMt Lemf Hair Heatorw. 

It is entirely different from all others. It is as 
clear as water, and, as Its name Indicates Is a 
perfect Vegetable Hair Restorer. It will Imme- 
diately free the head from all dandraff. restore 
gray hair to Its natural color and produce a new 
growth where It has fallen off. It does not In 
any manner affect the health, which Sulphur, 
Sugar of Lead and Nitrate of Sliver preparations 
have done. It will change light or faded hair In 
a few days to a beautlfiil glossy brown. Ask 
your druggist for It. Each bottle is warranted. 
Chas. N. Crlttenton, New York, and Geo. C. 
Goodwin ft Co., Boston, Wholesale Agents.. 

The Qrent Hallejr TrUI. 

Nkw Havkn, Conn., May ».— Tbe court 
room was filled as usual at the opening of 
the Malley trial this forenoon. There were 
ten ladies among the spectators. Dr. Prud- 
den was called to the witnestt stand, when 
State Attornev Dooilttle read from Taylor on 
poisons relative to tlie eflects ol a small dose 
of arsenic; from Woodman ami Tidy to 
show that in some instances dfutb was un- 
usually rapid where there were no signs of 
inflammition.and Dr. Prudden testified that 
he agreed Willi them. He said i "Tbo rea- 
son persons vomit alter taking arsenic is ow- 
ing to the inflammation In the stomach. The 
time of death on an average varied from 
twelve to twenty-four hours." He- testilied 
that while oxide of arsenic was soluble in 

Prof. Moses C. While gave bis opinion that 
If ine injuries described upon Jennie Cramer 
were caused by sexual Intercourse, it w»u» 
accompiinied by biutal violence. His direct 
testimony also referred to his experience as 
a pathologist and microscopist. Mr. Jones 
cross-examined Dr. White, endeavoring to 
shake his direct testimony, but without avail. 
Dr. White insisted t,bat there was enough 
light In the West Haven morgue for the doc- 
tors to make their examination of Jennie 
Crsmer's body. 

Wm. A. Countryman, a reporter, testified 
that in an interview wilb James Malley, Jr., 
Aug. 6, he denied knowing Jennie Cramer, 
but, on tlie question being repeated, ho re- 
pllpil be had seen her on tbo streets. He de- 
nied writing her letters or visiting her ut her 
home, und requested the witness not to say 
anything about the matter in the papers, or 

(o mention 


his name in connection, with the 

Mr. InKolls Pound. 

Nkw York, May 3.— The friend of Gen . 
Banks, who was reported missing at police 
headquarters last night, proves to bi*ve been 
Mr. E. A. Ingalls, ofPratt A Babb of Bos- 
ton. Mr. Ingalls Is an old gentleman, and it 
was found he bad fallen among sharpers. 
He was found about one o'clock thi»» morn- 

Do»TON, May 3.— The friends of Mr. In- 
galls have received adespateh from bim dated 
South Norwalk, Ct., saying that he will be at 
home tonight. 

Death of Ex-Postmaster Gen. Maynard. 

Knoxtillk, Tenn., May 3.— How. Horace 
3Iaynatd died suddenly at 1 this morning of 
heart disease. He got out of bed, telling bis 
wife he felt ill, and dropped on tbe floor. He 
served several terms as congressman from 
Tennessee, was minister to Turkey and post 
master-general under President Hayes 
was 64 years old. 


Nein ^titrtttjBememtf* 

MAT 4, Mtt. 
Notice is hereby xiren.mder Seetioa • of 
Chapter 100 ef the i'ubllo siatates. that Petcf 
Brady has applied for a lloeuve lo sell Intosleat- 
ing liquors M a rei all dealt-r of tbe fotirth etass, 
at No. tii Wfst Uuit)u ittreet, lo said Lowell, In 
Ihrt-e I'ooms on ihe first fl >or und the oellar. 
By order of the Mayor and Aldarnen. 

8AMUKL A^ fiol'U KTRK8. Citf Clerk. 




MAV 4, 1W2. 
Notice is hereby given, under Hrotton 6 of 
Chapter 100 of the I'ubllo Ststutes, that William 
1>. Croiiln has applied fur a llcfiise to self Intox- 
loattng liquorn «« a rt-iiill dealer ot the fourth 
clsss, at No. 52 .Suffolk street, tn nald Lowwll, In 
two rooiiM oil ttrtt floor and b isement. 
By order of the Mayor aud Aldermen. 

SAMUKL A. Ilcl*UKrulfi:i, CltyCle*. 


MAT 4, 1887. 
Notice Is hereby given, under Section of 
Chapter 100 of the I'ubllo Statutes, that Thomas 
Muldooa has applit'O lor a llcenve to sell tntoxl- 
•atlng liquors us a comniuii victualler of the sao- 
oud dais, at No. Sit Uorhara street. In said Low- 
ell, iu three rooms ou liint floor aud cellar. 
Br order of the Mayor and Aldermen. 

8AM UKL A. MclMlKlUi.b . City Clerk. 


Mat 4. vm^'f 
Notice Is hereby glTen.under Section tf, of Chap* 
ter 100 ot the Publlo Hiatutes, that Patrick Man- 
ninjr hai applied for allcemte to Hell intoxicat- 
ing liquors us a retail dealer of the fourth class 
at No. 13< Aduius street, In.sald Lowell, in pne 
room on flrst floor and MMcment. 
By order of tb - Mayor and Aldermen. 

iAMUKL A. MorUlCl'RUd, City Clerk. 

^atr i[00ti5. 

Hair! Water curls! Hair: 


Medina's Hair Store. 

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The only true water wave ; always ready, no 
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"MerU MuiU Reap U» Ju»t Seward.^ O 
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oa, N. Y.— My daughter and nyseir, great suffer- 
ers fh»a Catarrh, hare been eured by Ely's Cream 
Bala. My sense of smell restored and health 
greatly Improved. C. M. Srf Iilbt. Dealer la 
Boots and Shoef , Ithacit* If . Y. Prie* 00 enU. 

An Old Gbarffe RevlYcd. 

Nbw York. May 8.-N. A. enlkin>«, treas- 
urer of the American CoiigregHtioual Union, 
a.xsprts that the chargps now brought against 
him by Rev. W. B. Brown of Boston were 
settled a long time ago by a committee of tbe 
directors unanimously finding the allegatlonfr 
entirely disproved, and the report of the 
committee was adopted by tbe board of di- 

What gave rou that beadaobe on Monday? 
The use of unhealthy soap. Use only Beach's 



Has opened an offlee on Oaalkln«« Meor IVU 
lie Iftreett for the sale o( all Mnda of 

H«idf» and Ontsid** Hj»n»e P'"»sh, 





Delivered In Lowell at mannfaoturert' prices. 

Yale, Haryarl, ColQntkia, anl All Otiiers. 

Bicyles repaired at lowest prices. Call for cat- 


Hydraulic Cement Drain, 

Sewer and Culrert Fire. 



If yon haren't more than a foot of land to 
pare be^ sere apd hare a garden. It is one eC 

•pare oe sere apa nar* » ganiaii. *•■■*'■»'*> 
the greatest luxuries we areaTToweS MtBdaTM 
In, to h»Te nice fresh vegetables on the table la 
summer. LoU say they win have a garden any- 
way, even if ItoosU more than to buy the TOge. 
table, for they mu«( have them fresh. Try It this 
season and see if It isn't nice. 

H. A. FIELDIira. 128 Oentral Street. 

3, 4, 6, 6, 8, », 10, \t, 16, 18 and 24 Inch bore 
(flange or bHilmouth pattern). 

This pipe Is unequalled by sny other In smooth- 
ness, uniformity and durability, the three most 
essential qualities for a permanent sewer or 
drain. Also make - . 

Clilmnejr Pipe • and 8 in. dU. 

HVell Pipe »4 and 30 Im. di*. 

Drain work done by experleneed workBMn. 
Manufactory, 247 Gorham street. 
Office, 91 Market street. 


Poor Farm Buildings, 


SEALED PHOP08A r..** will be reeeived bv 
the building oomniitlee at the offlon of the arou- 
teets until 12 o'clock noon, Monday, May 8th, 
1882, for building ceanplete two brisk poor farm 
buildlDgs according, to plans and spcolfloatloas 
prepared hy Merrill ft Cutler, arehnecti, which 
can be seen at theh- office, No. 116 Central street, 

No proposals will be received enoept on blanks 
furnishea by the architect*. 

The committee reserve the right to reject any 
or all proposals , If eonsldered for the interest ef 
the city. UEOUUK RUNKL8, 

Chairman of Committee. 

ILewiBr TltBLD'^ Gabdek 

All grown and selected under the careful su* 
pervitlon of the old and saocessfWI Boston seed . 
house of Schlegel k Fottler, who devote their 
entire time to the seed bustness exclusively. 
These seeds are strongly endorsed by Boston 
Market Gardeners, Florists, and Leading Mew 
England Farmers. 

UnriyalleJ for Vitalitr anJ Relialility 

Hold at wholesale nod retail at 



White Corn Hominy, 
Wbite Com Meal, 
White Com Flour, 

White Wheat Oraham, 
White Wheat Gfoatto. 

All firesh ground and for sale by 

■AM*i< M. WOOD 4fe eon, 

• ■ M«v. 4r Mwrliet etreot. 

rIgM fkoM tk« ^. Dtwnter^.vMMM 



Felt Roofing Company. 


B€fi Hive Trade Mark. 

• Every Bareel Branded, 

Ml Our Roofs Are Warranted I 

Our books wlU show that all bnslnea men «•■ 
ognlae tbe meriu of our Rooflng, and rear after 
year eaU fbr mere of It. After an f'V^^S^^* 
eighteen years, with a l»»tM»n«9f '^V* .T^? 
have attended to no other buslnees within thai 
time, w? feel Mlly oompeteatto alve our cne- 
•" " — ' tnat can oe 

.-, * 

J. W. BENNETT & 00, 

We will deliver on trial, wtthout 

extra charge, anj l«wii 

Mower In the markiet. 

. fiuttofoellon KUMUlr 

teed at 

34 Ceisteol, 14 

na« 16 


M Mm. 

All HlMS 

Lov Prlcei« 

M CoMtfml, U mU ia 



, * 



E\^t i^o toell gailfl C ourUt. 




A new piiMf nRcr depot will b« built Boon 
on the Olil Colony'« northern dlvUion at 
Frvmlngbiim Centre. 

Some 60 Holdier* of the lute war met at the 
town hall, Acton Centre, Tuettduy eveulug, 
•nil orgmiized « O- A. R. post. 

Several citizens of North L^'xlnglon, head- 
ed by Mr. 0«»uUI, called upon GiMieral Map- 
acer Sherburne of the B<wton, l-.owell A 
U>ncord railroad Tue«»day forenoon, and pre- 
sented tlieir «leHlre« for lnirea«ed railroad ac- 
coniniodatlonH. They n»ked for more fre- 
quent and rapid trains and a retluctlon In 


DUd -In DanverH, April 17. EllMbetb 
Smith, wife of ihe late Mone* K. Bn.wn of 
Bedford, aged 69 veurn, 8 nionlhx. Funeral 
lervioea were l»el«l at Bedfonl. ul the. resi- 
dence of her Hon, Abram C. Brown, on 
Wednesday, Wlb, ai 8 p. m.. Rev. H. A. Hanar 
ford offleiMliiig. Two brother-. John A. 
Smith ol Meilford and O^-orge H. Snilth of 
Bedford, with two ftons, .lohn H. and AUrara 
E. Brown, otftciatid an bcarera. Our words 
of eulogy are all comprined In the compre- 

BMlve statement: She was our mother. 


yair.— The children of the Orthotlox soci- 
ety held « fair nid fe«.tlviU May l««t, for inli- 
•lons, and i-ealized f 17.64. Their president 
la only thirteen veHrs old. The cnterUln- 
ment eonnir^ted of ruUHl« and recitations ar- 
ranged and conilucU'd among themselvea, 
wbtcb was well enjoyed by thone present. 
Aplccocutilled, "She Builded Bettor than 
She Knew," was well rendered by the 
Misses Kln«, Undorhlll an<l Bal«er, as was 
also "Tiie Queen of May," by Minn Adah 
Lynes and Miss Essie Long. Lnt us be cure- 
ful to interest our young people in obtecta 
that are worthy, that they may not think It 
necessary to retort to .the dance hall for 
graces and culi.lyjition. ' pKB OBAq. 


Lecture— Key. Wm. A.Stnrk will deliver 
a lecture in Parker ball, Sunday evening. 
May 7tb, atl o'clock. 

Oood Hnul.—'Mr. L. C. Woodard, who 
has been hUccesHfully trapping the past aea- 
eon, took,on his laH vUitto his traps, one 
coon, five n»usl»r itt*, four crane-", tlie largest 
of which measured about five feet from tip 

Fire.— On Tuesday morning last, about 
half an hour after the morning train on the 
Nashua. Acton A Boston railroad, fire waa 
discovered near the track. Owing to the 
dam|)ne8S of the morning, the fire had not 
made much headway and was quickly 



Needed.— An earlier train ia needed to en- 
able people living here to reach Lowell be- 
fore se\ en o'clock. There are men now liv- 
ing here whose business ia In Lowell, and 
who are obliged to drive there in order to 
keep their appointments. Provided there 
was a train to uccoinmodate these there is no 
reason whv others, now desirous of living 
out of the citv, might not enjoy tlte beauties 
ofthisco!*v li'ltlH town, divided by th" Mer- 
rimack, aiid said by tliose familiar with the 
route to Im; the most charmingly situated of 
any place h»^lweeii Boxlon and Montreal. 

It Is unilefHtood that a movement Is being 
made to secure this much needed a'?commo- 
datlon. The benefits ihitt will result from It 
are not likely to be over eallmatcd. 


Dramatic.— The ♦Iramatic entertainment 
of last FrUlay reflected much creilit upon 
those who to^ik |)art. They are to he con- 
gratulated. K<»r persons wlio li ive never re- 
ceived any Instruction in elocutionary 



That's a cofnmon expres- 
sion and has a world of 
meaning. How much suf- 
fering is summed up in it 




and Reside; 

KCMO^F«d to 

192 Westford St., Lowell, Hitss. 

The singrular thing about 
it is, that pain in the back 
is occasioned by so many- 
things. May be caused by 
kidney disease, liver com- 
plaint, consumption, cold, 
work, nervous debility, &c. 

Whatever the cause, don t 
neglect it Something is 
wrong and needs protnpt 

and needs 
attention. No medicine has 
yet been discovered 

will so quickly and surely 
cure such diseases -as 
Brown's Iron Bitters, and 
it does this by commencing 
at the foundation, and mak- 
ing the blood pure and rich. 



Lofaatport, IimL Dee. i.etSSo. 
Tor • long time I h«re be«n a. 
•uiTerer from 

Manufactures her Blood I'urlflrr ■nd'flealth Re- 
■torrr, as well •■ iiunuTOUi other oMHllolnaf, fur 
the beneitt ot suiTBrliiK liuiiisnlty. Also tresti all 
Chronic l>i»e«s*« ollonn •tsndlng with thesreut 
est iuooers, olttline* restoring to perfect bealtb 
iDVMlId* whitse CHses have been pronouuoed iu- 
cursble by oilier pbyniciuus. Purtlculur atten- 
tiou given to prevaleut disejues whlo£i the chuugc 
oi climate la oonstanily developla*. 

Below are a few stuteinents from the many 
hundreds of people whom I have effeotually 

A Lady 60 Year a of Age Cared of Sarof' 
ula Abscess. 

LowKLi., Maw., March 10, 1882. 
HsTinr been afflicted for luuiiv years with a 
low state of blood and scrofula abscess wlilcb 
wer« runiilDK me down, uud pliyslclans said then- 
wan not much chance for healing, and the b^st 1 
c«uld do was to take nourUblujt food to lieep up 
niv utreusih. Mrs. I'rescott said she could tun 
me 1 took ten bottles ol h^r Hlood I'urlller, witli 
other prescriptions, and wllh her faliliftil care 
over iiie n>y abscess healed and my liealth iiu 
nroved. It ha* now been ieven years and I huve 
not been troubled »lDoe 1 can say In my ca»i- 
It was a great cure, and I am wlUliig to five my 
treihuuiiy lu Uvor ot her laediclues and •kill for 
the beueUt of all Others who may have suffered 

Ikewlfe. MkhC. M. I'uay. 

' Centralvllle, Lowell, Ma»8. 

IVonderftal Care ot Salt Bltcaaa. 

LowKLL. Mass., Arril 11. 188-.^. 
Mrs Prescott: 1 would like to add a few wonlo 
to TOur list of testimonials In regard to your med 
Iclne. When my Utile girl was six mouths ol.l 
her head and lace were broken out with salt 
rheum so badly tlia» I was obliged to keep her 
hands tied to prevent her from scratching her 
flekb There were spots on her face that looked 
like raw meat. I gave her your Dlood PurlBer 
and used your Salt Rheum Olutinent, strictly »c- 
cordlDK to your directions, and in less than a year 
her face was as fair as any child's, not even a 
•car left. 8heis now six year* old and bus 
never been troubled with humor since. 


stomach and kidney 

disease. My sppelite was very poor 
and the very imall amount 1 did eat 
disagreed with me. I was annoyed 
▼ery much from non-retention of 
urine. 1 tried manv remedies with 
BO success, until I tised Brown's 
Iron Bitters, Since I used that my 
(tomach does not bother me anv. 
My appetite ii simply immense. My 
kidney trouble is no more, and my 
general health is such, that I feel 
like a iiew,nan. After the use of 
Brown's Iron Bitters for one month, 
1 have gained twenty pounds hi 
~^Kt O. B. SAJtcaxr. 

Leading physidans and 
clergymen use and recom- 
mend Brown's Iron Bit- 
ters. It has cured others 
suffering as you are, and it 
will cure you. 



i Remarkable Cnre of Draper* 

LowKLi-, Mass., April 7, 18«i. 
rresoott, Dear Madam:-! desire to ex- 
to you my sincere 

thanks for 

timely aid you rendered me five years ago 
sufftrlng trom dropsy In one ol Its worst 
I wiiB badly bloated all over me, and my »U 

was last ttlllug with wuUt. bo bsd In laot that I 
could hear it moving back and forth and 1 <»uld 
Kcartely \iet my breath. About this critical time 
I was advised by a friend to come to you. I did 
ao and commenced ttklng your raedlelue. In a 
few short months 1 was entirely cured. In m 
case I cannot be thankful enough, for had 
not been lor you 1 do not Ihliik 1 should now be 
alive. Ilesp« ctf uUy, 

AJiDKKW J. Dkkbt, 
-: ^4 and 1« Market street. Waverly House. 


The atnuine Stevens' Saraaparllla is told only 
byA.C. Stevens. He sells none to wholesalers 
and has no wholesale or retail a^dals ssywbere. 
Bewsre of all iBiiailons, au4 remctHber thai the 
genuine article eaa be had o«/y at 


Imitators and counterfeiters will be prosecuted 

to the extent of the law. A. C. »:£«VXNS. 

Stevens's Sarsaparilla 


Kead the roUowlng. which are only a few of 
the Testimonials of Wonderful Cures : 
A Case of Rheufsaatlsaa, Dyspepsta and 
MIdnex Dlscaaa CooapUUfy Cared. 

Mr. Steven$>— . ^ ^ . *. 

I huve suffered aoutely fVoni dyspepsia t»r 

nearly three years, and have besides been sub- 
Jf| the severest pangs of rheumatism, which 
came <.-n at tiie slightest unfavorable change io 
the weather, together wllh weakness ot the kid- 
neys. Tlsese thret tortures oombined made my 
condition one of great distress, disturbed my 
rest, Impaired my appetite, and iuterlered with 
my ability to perform my work. I tried a num- 
ber of reinediex, but derived little If any beuettt. 
About four mouiks ago 1 began to take your Bar- 
Kiiparllla, and can truh suy thkt It has beeu a 
« eat bhsslDg to me. The dyipepsia has been 
completely cured. Before beginning to take the 
medicine I could scarcely eat anything without 
enduring the distressing pains of inalgestlon. 
Now the hearth St food causes me no trouble. I 
eat with relish and have a better appetite than 
before, and feel like a new man. Ihe rheuiiui- 
tisin, also, which cau.ned mo so much agony has 
almost entirely disappeared. Once in a while I 
Ket a slight twinge of it, but nothing like the old 
piilns, and I am conOdeut that th« rheumatism 
will be entirely gttne after another bottle, and 
not to return agidu. The kidney complaint has 
been cured, and thU cauties ine even more satis- 
faction than the cure of both the other troubles. 
Sometimes ufter severe work I suffered Intensely 
trom the disease, but now the hardest labor does 
not affect me in the least. I consider your Sarsa- 
parilla a great boon to all afflicted with dyspep- 
ala, rheumatism or kidney complaint, and cheer- 
fully give my lestimany of its value, hoping that 
It may encourage oi hers to try it. 

Yours respectthlly, 

■ ■ pfyia ^ I^^YMOLDS, 

Janitor new Ward 4 Grammar school. 
24 East Pine street. Lowell. Jan. 3, 1882. 

Cure of a Remarkable Case of Rhea- 

Mr. Stevenn— Lowell, Dec. 2, 1881. 

For half a dosen years 1 have been troubled 


TtasJ most boastlftel Has of Klegaat ForBiture 

ever shown In LoweL Is now oa 

exhibition at 



185 Middlesex Htreet. 

Parlorand Chamber Sets 

steal d^tftate* 





rrhomas H. Elliott, 

48 Oentral Street, Lowell. 

Tlie LarKcst Real Relate 
of Boston. 

AffSBejr Blorili 


Richly Carved Tables, 




Iron Bitters are sold by 

CROVV^BL.1^ * HABBISOH, Apothecaries, 

ITO Central street. Lowell, and other dmgrl'ti 

A Iiodx Cnred of Female IVeakMcss. 

LOWELL, Mass., April 7, 1882. 
Mrs. Prescott. Dear Ijidy :-Afler witnessing 
▼our skill In my husb ind's ouse 1 decided to ap- 
ply to you as 1 was suflTerlng at this time from 
female weakness and general debility. 1 am 
truly thanklul that I did so for you very soon ef- 
fected a complete cnre. It is now five years ago 
and 1 Have worked steadily ever sln.-e. You cer- 
tainly did a great work lor me and I most oheer- 
lully recommend all ladles In delicate health to 
come to you where they will obtain a speedy and 
effecludl cure. Kespectfully yours, 

Mua. A.J. Dei BT, 
U and Ifi Market street Waverly Home. 

i> B I i%.FE: Tt.1 e: s. 

Wkat Mrs. 

Blood Pwrlfler 

drnmallc art, they certainly eviiiml con«l 
>rahle histrionic ahilily. The p ay it*e!f vv 

erahle histrionic ahilliy. me p ay ifeii v^as 
brlgiit, the parts were well comprehended 
and the ch:ira«'terB natuiuily and easily »us- 
tainrd. AH deserve praise. 

May Party.— The latiof the free enter- 
tainiiients will he given at the hall on Satur- 
day next anil will b^ a M:ty feetivul for the 
little folks of the town. Supper at 6.30; cn- 
tertulument to bc«in at 7.30 sharp. Tliere 
will be two phiys l)V the little folks: "The 
Fairy of lite Fountain" and "May Court in 
Greenwood Bowor." Tliese plays are very 
pretty, and wnnebody had better look out for 
a Burprlae. Free to all and all are invited. 

Veitper Heroice- Memorial. —On Sunday 
evening tlicro will be a memorial vesper nor- 
vloe— Longfellow and Emerson— al the Unl- 
tnrlan church. Selections from ihefr writ- 
ings will be read or recited, together with ap- 
propriate inusUal renderlnira of selections 
set to rausic. Ail invited. *• 


Stngtng Scho' I.— The singing school 
Uugbt by Mr. E. E. Adaias of Chelmsford 
during the past season closed Friday even- 
ing, making twenty-nine lessons In all. Mr. 
Adams Is a very fine tcai;her, and has given 
excellent saiisfaciion throughout the term. 
By a vote of the town the >.chool was ex- 
clusively fur lite scholars in the public 
Rcbools, therefore it was niucli harder forthe 
teacher, not htiving the older singers to de- 
pend upon in ditHcull passages. He was 
obliged to ti rill tlie in a good deii more, and 
do the work himself. More good, however, 
has been aceoinplishecl among the young, 
and they have learned to rely upon them- 
selves. Mr. Adams is an ardent lover of mu- 
sic, and gives his whol.' strength to its pur- 
suit, lie has one of the best tenor voices we 
have ever hciird, and hits a pleasant, cheer- 
ful, winning wsy in his school. With these 
qualities he cannot fail, as he has not, to 
make a successful teacher. We hope he may 
be secured here for anolher season. 

The 5aHt/.— This organization is continu- 
log proiperous, Hud improving. They 
played on May dav at Boxboro' during the 
day and at Litlleion in the evening. Tiiore 
was not a large number out, hut those who 
wereenjoved a very good enteitaininent. 
The menib rs of the hand have Improved 
yery fast, onlv a year since it was organized. 
They are exp'ectctl to play here Decoration 

^Jilckness.-yirfi. H. 8. P. Hoar is quite 
sick. She attended the funeral of the lament- 
ed Emerson at Concord, on Sunday, wlieie 
she took some cold, and M-.Miday she re- 
ceived a fall from a chair, whitli altogether 
has proved too much for her. Mr. Thomas 
Nye still continue- pretty sick. 

Mr. Holbr«M»kof iliis town has just re- 
ceived a ponxion of ahout f 1100 in amouut. 
This would be nuite a lilt lor any of us. 

Decoration Z^oi/.-Onr town appropriat- 
ed money for the celehiaiion of this day, 
"Whatever services the Po^t may have are 
fixed, but In onler to lisive the day prove one 
of profit and enjoy mem it is ne«»8sary to have 
the Drogramiiie arranged some time ahead. 
Many of our town men think it would be 
well to call It noon. ^ 

JohnCarr Moody, Counsoilor-nt-Lnw, Val- 
lejo, Cal., says th .1 he suflVr.d seven years 
from a cruel joint trouble— rh.uinalic in It- 
nature and ex.ecHngly pali'ii'l. Coinniai.d- 
Tr Coghlan ol the U. 8. Navy sl.<.ngly nrged 
him to U«e St. Jacobs 0^1. Alter conlinnou- 
5w of the remedy the «'irect was so wotuhr- 
SirthathemUHt tMingraiulate IninHell spe- 
dally, iiid the human race generally, on the 
perfMtloo of the i»roUoct. 


By Dn. FKAZiEii's Magic Oistmext. Cures, as 
If by magie, I'lmples, Black Heads or Grubs, 
Blotches and Kruptious on the face, leaving the 
skin clear, healthy and beautiful. Aluo cures 
Itch, Salt Kheum, Hore Nipples, Sore Lips, old, 
obstinate Ulcers and Sores, Ao. 


49-The first and only positive cure for skin dli 
eases ever dlsoovered. 

Frazier's Maiic Ointoieit, 


The Great Skin Core. 

John Cromer, esq., Tlonesta, Forest Co., Pa., 
suffered for 12 years from a skin disease, which 
appeared on his head. He employed manv phy- 
sicians and used numerous remedies, but they all 
failed to elfect a cure. Dr. Kk/.zek's Magic 
OIMTMEKT was recommended to him. He tried 
It and one box effected a complete cure. This Is 
but a sample of the many teBtlraonlals which we 
have of the marvellous cures which have been 
wrought by Dr. Frazier's Maqic Oistmkht. 

For Bllad, Bleeding, Itching or Ulcerated Piles 


la a sore care. 

Price $1.00, by mall, 
by all dm 

For sale 


HBMRT A CO., Sk»I« Proprietors, 
(3) 63 Vesey Bt.,Jg ew Tork. 

Frazier's Magio Ointment Is sold by 
CROl/VKLti 4k HARniSOW, Apothecaries, 
130 Central street. Lowell. 

.'-" y % 

<^ i < 

g^Qniokly checks the exist- 
ing Irritatien of the air passages, 
Ihe cause of Coughs, quiets 
tlie disagreeable seastition In 
Lihe Throat and Ijuiige, glv- 
ling Immediate ease and relief. 

•It arrests that distressing 
ffet'liiig usually experienced, 
tUhinesB and pressure at the 
Cliest. inducing a free and 
eauy breath; loosens the ac- 
cumulHting mucus and expels It 
from the Ltunss. 


I^WKi-L. Mass., March 1, 1882. 
I was a great sufferer for many years with salt 
rheum. I consulted numerous physicians in re- 
gard to my case, who, alter treating me unsiic 
cessluUy for a long it incurable. 
It being hereditary. I finally grew rapidly worse 
until nly head, face and ears were In a terrible 
condition, my ears having befcomc a running 
nore. To make matters worse my age was siso 
aeslnst me, thus ren.Ierlng my case still more 
bopele«. I was nearly In a sUte of despair 
when by a kind Providence I met Mrs. Prescott. 
She said she could cure me and I commenced 
tailing her medicine, strictly following her direc- 
tions, and In a few short months to my great Joy, 
foupi myself entirely cured of this loathsome 
humor. This was ulne y^ars ago and It has not 
returned. I most cheerfully recommend her 
great skill and medicine to all sufferers. I am 
truly thankful that 1 ever met her. 


Miss M. L Bradley, 

No. 55 Third street, Lowell, Mass 

That's What They All Say, Cauuot 
AloitK Without It. 

WOKCKSTER, Mass., Aug. 10, 1881. 
Mrs. Prescott :-You see 1 cannot posslblv get 
along without your Neuralgia Liniment. When 
llrstl com nenced taking It I was troubled with 
all kinds of complaints, but now after taking a 
few bottles I find myself strengthened and Im 
prove t In every way. I can truly say I have nev 
er found Its equal. Enclosed please find three 
dollars. Send If you please six bottles of llnl 
ment same as yoa sent before »» V»>llge.^^^^ 

No. 8 Charlton street, Worcester , Mass 

Mrs. Prescott's Medicine Ahead or 

Lowell. Mass.. April 14, 1882. 
Mrs Prescott :— This certlHes that I was severe- 
ly attacked with dropsy and was Induced to try 
your medicine. I did so, and am happv to state 
that it did me great good and 1 can safely recom- 
mend you to all troubled with this dlnease. 
Mas. M. A. GOKDUN. 

180 Westfbrd street. 

N B. My medicines are manufactured from 
the purest roots, barks and herbs, gathered di- 
rectly rrom nature's garden, the w.ods. No 
poisonous drugs or opiates of any kind used what- 
ever. Vegetables give bounding life and vigor- 
ous action, while poisons depress, stupefy . and 
deaden every mental and moral energy. 

Dr. Mrs. N. A. Prescott, 

Ofllce and Bcsldence 

192 Weatford St., Lowell Highlands , 

Thtrd House from tSchool Street. 

J^Prepared from the balsamic and resinons 
properties ot medicinal roots and herbs, It 
possesses soothing and nonrUhlng qualities, to 
impart strength and tone to the System. 

4^Sold by aU medici ne dea lers In th e city. 

Masta's Pulmonic Balsam it sold by 

CROWBLIt IF^ARRIKOlf . Apothecaries 

IW Central street, Lowell. 

DR. O. H. HOUGHTON, Indian 
Root and Herb Doctor, cures liver 
complaints, heart disease, dyspep- 
sia, kidney complaints, constipation, 
female weaknesseK, piles, humors 
and all old chronic diseases with 
confidence. Cure guaranteed In all 
cases of rheumatism, stiff joints, 
neuralgia or toothache. Course of 
medicines not excind four dollars. 
Consultation f^ee. Ofltce hours from 
8 to 1^ a. m., and Irom 2 to V p. m. 
09 Central Mlreet. 

STOKK near our old stand we hsve re 
moved our stock to the store formerly occupied 
by Harrison Streeter, 

Corner of Lee and John Streets, 

where we shall oontlnue to close out, regardless 
of cost. It will pay you to walk arounl the cor- 
ner If you wish tor anything In our line. 



Feather Beds and Hair Mattresses renovated 
by the poteut power of Steam, rendering the m 
light, clean and sweet, and as rood as new. No 
waste but the dirt. Best new Ticks furnished if 
desired. Call or send postal. 
90 Church Street, or 08 Central Street, 






llrst-eUM work:atk>w priMi 

Centralville Fish Market. 

Fish, Oysters, Clams, Lobsters. 


with acute rheuniatisin, but mure so tiiau UHual 
this fall. It affected uiy buck and hips princi- 
pally. 1 have doctored com^UiUlly, uud taken 
about everything 1 saw advertlned. I begau to 
take your SarsHpuriilaOct. 10, having very little 
faith In It. 1 hiwl taken It only three days when I 
noticed a marked improvement. I could go up 
stairs readily, which was something 1 could not 
Hccomplish before without the greatest psin. 
Why, only a few days b<-fore taking It the puin 
was so U-rrible as to knock me down. After 
taking the first bottle 1 felt no return of the 
rheumatlum, even In wet weather. 1 am now 
taking the second bottle and feel in every way 
better. 1 am cured entirely so fur as 1 know. 1 
am able to work and travel us well as ever 1 
could In my life, and for the relief I am very 
gratelul, and cordially eudorte Stevens's Saroupa- 
rilla as the best remedy for rheumatism 1 ever 
knew. T. D. HAULEY, 

1 Fulton street, near WlUie. 

A 'Wonderful Change In an Old irfidr's 
Health— Her Heartfelt Gratitude for 
the Cure of Her N«uralKl«> Blscuma- 
tism and Catarrh. 

The following testimonial, we confidently as 
sert, has nt;ver been surpassed, if equalled, 
tjy any ever given to any remedy. The ven- 
erable lady who gives it truly regards 
Stevens's Sarsauarilla as u medicine which 
lias prolonged her life, and made her clos- 
ing years serene and pt-aceful, having relieved 
her of tlie most agonizing ills which humanity is 
ever culled upon to suffer. The most hkepiical 
reader would be convinced could he heur IVoin her 
own llpji the story of her cure, and listen to her 
Invocation of God's blessing upon the propr etor 
of the medicine wh'cli has brought to li»'r so 
much comfort. A description ot her sufferings 
und the grand result of the use of this saving 
remedy is truly und graphically set forth In the 
foUowiug testimonial : 

Mr. Stevens • — Lowell, Doc. 15, 1881. 

1 am 7« years of age. During thu past five 
or six years 1 have suffered so much from sciatic 
rheumatism and neuralgia that I though*. I 
sliould die, and many times I wished 1 might, 
in order to be free from pain. I laid out a good 
deal of money in medicines, but got little help 
from any of them. 1 had some of the best doctors 
in the city, but they conftssed that my case was 
a peculiar one and they could do notlilng for me. 
For live years catarrh has beeu added to my mlr- 
eries. For five yreeks before taking yournsursa- 
parllla, 1 hud a terrible racking cough. I tried 
some balsam, but It did me no good. 1 couldn*. 
lie down more than fifteen minutes at a time 
without choking up, and I leally felt that 1 
couldn't live more than t*o months. 1 had, be- 
tides all my other troubles, a large bunch on my 
neck, larger than an English walnut, which the 
doctors said could not bt cured. My rest was 
broken, I could do no more work at>out the house, 
and was even scarcely able to walk. Without 
saying a word to any one, because all In the 
house had loxt all faitii in medicines, I managed 
to get to the horse cars and by them to your store 
for a bottle of the tiursaparllla. I bad seen the 
testimeuials In the Courier, and felt that perhaps 
it might help me as well as others. I did not ex 
pect it would make me a new person, but I hoped 
It would relieve me a little. This was Oct. 11. 
1 had Mcarcrly taken the first three doses before I 
felt a change for the better. In three or lour 
nights I was able to sleep without disturbance, 
and my rest was perfect. The first bottle cured 
the buuch on my neck, which has now oumplttely 
disappeared. 1 felt the sciatic rlieuinatism leav- 
ing me. 1 became able to walk withoutcr ouble 
and to work about the bouse. The catarrh 
gradually decreased. I could not begin te tell 
yoti all tlie good the SarsupailUa has done for 
me. As an Instance of the improvement 1 may 
state that I was able to walk from my house, 100 
High street, to your store on .^liddiei-ex streit for 
the second bottle, Nov. Zi. The bargaparilla has 
entirely renewed my system, and I feel as well as 
I did forty y«ars ago. 1 am now perfectly happy. 
The tjarsuparilla has been a great comfort to nie, 
and 1 hope that Uod will bless you torlt. I am 
able to work now, and to enjov lUe as I have not 
done for many long years. I may add that my 
daughter and her husbund have aiso used the 
medicine, and they have found much relief from 
It, as It has improved their appetites und helped 
them lu other ways. Yours gratefu iy, 

LA VINA EDGKLL, lUO Uhtb street. 

A Toanff Girl's Eyesight, Almost De» 
stroyed by Scrofula, Restored. 

Stevens s Sarsaparilla is not recommended as a 
cure for blindness, but In the following cuse It 
restored eyi sight to a girl who for weeks was 
ujuble to see, her eyes being completely dosed 
by scrofulous sores: 

Mr. Stevetifi— 

My daughter Grade, 14 years old, has from birth 
been troubled with a scrolnlous sffeotion which 
■eemed to centre In her ey.?s. These have alwavs 
been weak and sore, und within a few months 
have caured her great annoyance. A few weeks 
since we were obliged to take lier from school, 
they became so iuflamed, and in a short time she 
was totally unable to see, as much so a^ if she 
was blind. We were In great dlsrcss. as physi- 
cians and medicines seemed unable to elfect a cure. 
We had trle^ Hood's Sarsaparilla, but it failed to 
help. Finally we were Induced to try Htevens's 
Sarsaparilla. The Hrbt bottle made a wonderful 
change. Ihe eyelids gradually reopened, the 
■orem ss pas>ed u way, the desire to rub the eyes 
was diminished, and by the time tiie first bottle 
was exhausted Urcie could ^w quite well and use 
her eyes without pain. We continued the medi- 
cine, snd the benetit steadily progressed, until 
we now look forwHrd with conHdeiice to an en- 
tire cure. My husband and myself have been 
troubled with dys^epiia and alow condition* of 
the blood, and by taking of the med dne have 
gained ii|Aellte und lost Indigestion. We are all 
*ruly griOMul for what It has done in our lamlly, 
and wlUlBgly add our testimony to that already 
dven you. Mas. Likculm M. Fiklu, 

Lowell, Deo. 20, 1881. «« Howard street. 

Motd only by A. C. BTEVKKS, Holt i^ro- 
mririor, 1S» aiUt 1U4 MtddU$0B$ BtvH. 

ARE mow IN 


Anil an Inspection by the pablle Is 
respectfully invited. 





Paper Hangings. 


Artists' Materials, Painters' and 
Ealsominers' Supplies, Salem 
Fore White Lead, Oils and Var- 
nishes, Window Glass, Brushes, 


To I.«t.— Nice stab'e on Linsoln street. 

To I<«t.— Two new tenements handy to Boott 
Mills snd Prescott and Car()et Corporations. 
Kvery eouvenlenoe, olty wafer, nloe cellar, niae 
neighborhood. No better for the money ia the 
dty. Itvut, #3 and $7 each. 

In Ayer Illy.— Extra good bargain. Tw* 
two-story houses, 8 rooms each, plasca. city war 
ter, gas and 3000 feet of land. More land can ba 
had if desired. Cellar uuder thu whole house; 
price ^Z'iW euch. Tlieac are very cheap and are 
especially deserving the attention of parties la 
pursuit of this description of property. Kasy 
ierms ; price. %S>MO. 

Just Received. — One of the best oentraliy 
located first-class residences to be found In tha 
city, possessing all mod<-rii conveuienoes. A 
rare onportuuity for obtHining a resldenoe of 
this klud HS the equal of It has not been offered 
in Lowell for many years, and may not agaia for .> 
a long time to come. 

Cheap aiid Good.— Two good houses near 

Chelmsford street, i storlt-s, 7 rooms and 42M 
square feet of la:.d each. Price $'M00. Hoosa 
near Hhaw Stocking Factory, two tenements, U 
rooms, fiiM). Also I houses handy to milto, 7 
rooms esoh, pleaHuntIv located In au excelleni 
neighborhood and close to principal streets, 
horse cars, etc. Price $I7C0. All on vary easy 
terms and excellent bargains. 

In Pawtucketvllle.— Two-story tenement 
house, r^ rooms, will rent lor (25 per month. 
City water, pip«d fur gas und 75U0 square feel 
land. Price r.SAX). 

Ifaar Pawrtiicket Bridae.— 7500 square fb«l 
land very uvuilahk- for building purposes. Wei 
located and will be sold on easy terms. Prlos M. 
per foot. 

— In f flTal-"^- -*n- n-''«gT •'tM. 'tTjT 
cotfase house ami L, 8 rooms, buy window, 
double purlors, folding doors, city water, gas» 
sewerage, pluEza snd :<7U0 nquare feet of faad; 
$2700. Nice ^brubbery, shaile trees. Price $2700. 

Splendid luvestuient.— One of the best l<v 
cated and liandKomest centrally business located 
pieces of property lu the city, (lood lot land. A 
fine opportunity for investment. Further paa- 
tioular« at office. 

Ezoellenc Business Opportunity.— A 
first-class fancy good'* route, in prime order and 
good as new, together with a pilme one horse,, 
gold mounted hsrne^s, and a thorough built one 
horse wagon, muile « xpressly for the business. 
Party pnrchiising can itep at once in>o a pleaaani 
and piofituble buHlnesB. Will exchange for any 
good real estate. Price reasonable and ternu 

BulldInK Lots —A valuable lot land In a lo- 
eallty where pro|<erty has rapidly increased, and 
Is still increasing iovalu). Price IS cunts Mr 
foot. Near .shaw Ntocking Factory, several lotli 
containing OOoO i-quarv feet each at Vi cents per 
foot. In belviderc. sevirul very finely loesiad 
lots land at from 6 to 12 cents per foot. 

Only Klffht Miles from Lowell.— A snog 

farm oX'il^i acres excillentland, only one mile 
ttom depot and handy to school, church and post 
ofllce; cuts 20 toiB hay; 13 acres new growth 
woodland ; cottaue house, 8 rooms, painted and 

Ciipt-rcd; hou-'e p.iliited and blinded; exoelleat 
urn, clupbourdt d and painiid— very nloe. Ona 
of the best farms In this vicinity. Price f 3100. 

In Lowell.— 16 acres vacant land, only tyi 
rotles from depot. Uood soil. Ulopcs to tiM 
south. Itrook ru. s through It. A splendid site, 
with splendid v.ews. 

For BKchanflce.— 80 acre tract In Wlsoonsla. 

close to a city, and only 20 minutes from depot 
and a few steps Irom church and post office. Ex* 
tra good Foil, well UMice>l and level, some (ynik 
Plan in olBc<-. A bona fide thin>;, and a safe iBr 
vestment. Price ik2fi(X). Will exchange for aay 

Business Chances of all kinds, doing agood 
busines!) and reiiuiring but a small capital, and 
oa very easy term*. Cull and examine. 

For lull description of the above property and 
the largest list of property advertised in Middle- 
sex county, see tho lx>well Houl Kstate Journal, 
THOMAS H. KLIJOTT, Kdltor and Proprietor, 
48 Central Street Lowell Mass 


117 Central Street 

— Ain>- 

14 Jaokson Street. 


b^,*M»,M*.ia<lfifci.i ^iiii Ai 


>f e have last received new patterns in 


See them before having your 

Pictures Framed 


86 Merrimack Street. 


Tells you he has the ssme thing as 


Don't believe him for It is FAI.SE. There 
only one Magical Csrn Remover and that Is 
manufactured, sold and warranted by 



Also sold by C. I. Hood ft Co., «. O'. Garter. 
B. B. Fullerton, C. R. Kimball, K. A B. Bailey * 
Co., Geo. C. Osgood fc Co., B. L. Ramsdell, A. C 
PInliham, Roger J. Lang, M. K. Thompson, O. L. 
Kleld, Ward Five Drug .store (II. L. IlaTenlf 
Hamilton Drug Store (Marston h Shaw),O.C. 



Children's CarriagesS 

Ib the city ean be fonnd at 

pxjfjfeu & SOIL'S 


9, 11 and 13 HABEET STREET. 


Just received and for sale cheap. A car load of 
Christian Bros.' oelebrated flour. Also PlUs* 
feory's. BTILStt, aoUKIU h CO. 


Of tha best quality, tor sale hy tha 
boltla, qvart ar ipilloa. 

F. & £. BAILEY k CO. 

Cor. Merrlntaofc and John Streets 

H'rederluk Bailey. Chas. W. Brown. 

or every dsserlption painted with 
despatch by 

neatnasa and. 


Ko. It Mld«l« SCTMt. 



Ciit l^otoeU Bailp Courier* 

THURSDAY, MAT 4. 1881. 




Louis Leclair, assistant v clerk at the 
Amenesn house the past war, who has ro- 
•icued to accent a more lucrative position, 
was presented vesterday afternoon by the 
employes of the liotel a very valuable seal 
ring as a token of their estt^em. 

The Ix)we|| encampment, 8. P., has chosen 
DauicI J. DonaluKi S. M., C. F. Calnan V 
8. M.. David Il.HoKan 8. 8., Micliael 
Daldy G. 8.. Thos. J. Groom K. O. T. 
H. Lahiff K. O. 8., U. A. Pindar, J, 
Dacy and W. J. Johnson U. O. G. A. 

Maggie Mitchell, an actrcas who needs 
«omniendatlou to Lowell thpalre-goers, will 
•ppear at Mu<iiu hall next, week Thursday in 
tfie "Little Savage." She Is to be supported 
bya good company, and will doubtless be 
gi«eted by one of her old'time audiences. 

The probate court this week received the 
wills of Kdwurd II. Gatts of A^^hiiy, Emma 
Wellington of Ashby, and John Mustersou 
and Kdwin Riley of Lowell, and issued let- 
ters of Hdininistrallon upon llie estaies of 
John Callahan and Luther U. Todd of this 
eity. Johanna W. KinRshury of Collision, 
and Charles and Daniel Livcrmore of Bblr- 

Southwell Farrington and 8amuel Dame 
were heard before the w(itir Uoard last even- 
ing on their pelilion for abutcmenl of water 
aMensmPiit, in the flrst-nanicd case petitioner 
having leave to withdraw, and lb" abatement 
bertig granted in the case of Mr. Dame. Col. 
Haggctt, who was re-elected prcKidcnt of llio 
board at the lait previous meeting, has been 
elected to that position Ave years. Mr. 
James M. Battles, rc-i lected clerk, bus beeu 
clerk of the board eight years. 

An Kllat Chureh Affair. 
About sixty of Iho Eliot cliunOi congrega- 
tion, accompanied l>y 1 lie Rev. Dr. Greene, 
pastor of the church, paid u visit last even- 
ing to Mr. and >lrs. Kicliard II. Clinmber- 
laln at Woburn. The parly o<!Cupied two 
■peeial cara, which were attached to thn 0.30 
train down, and were run up to Woliurn 
"trom Wlnc!je)4efT>yTpecTariiiKfiie, returning 
at 11.10 in season to connect with the theatre 
traiu from Boston. They carried rcfiesli- 
meiita, and u supper table was spread on 
their arrival, to which Kiiot church Justice 
was done. The eveninjt passed In that Inde- 
seribable way which Is Kenera Iy summed up 
lo the term "so<ial converNalion," liie older 
persons congratulating Ihe host and hostess 
on their pleasant liome and Huriouudings,and 
the younger ones Indulging In games and 
much hilarity, while the mldtUe-aged did a 
little of both. It would be hard to find a 
livelier parly than occupied the cars on the 
way borne, the mad merriment being led by 
one of our "Stirling" mnnufacturerH. No 
material damage was done, however, but the 
oouductor was a good deal relieved when lie 
finally got rid of most of the party at the 
Middlesex street station. 

A Grand Opera Festival. 
A grand Italian opera fe-^tival is to be held 
at the grand hail of tlie Mechanics buiuling 
in Boston during next week, every evening 
and two matinees, in which will appear not 
only theentire Str.ikoseh company and prin- 
eipal meroheiK of the Mapleson company, 
numbering over 800 nrti^lK, but «ucb soloists 
as Madame Efelka Oertser, Clara Loui-ie 
Kellogg, Minnie Ilauok.Ciiinpaniid, Brignoli, 
Mr. Charles Adams, und others whose 
engagements are pending. An orciios- 
tra commensurate with the magnia- 
cence of the entertainment In other 
respects has been engaged, and the 
stage fittings will Imj on a grand 
•oaie. Tlie repertoire will include the grand- 
est triumphs ofthe Italian operatic muHlcrs. 
This will be the last opportunity of hearing 
Madame Gerster, Its she departs for Europe 
aborlly. and Mile. KelUigg is announced to 
wtire from the stage, ft is an opportutdty 
of which all lovers of rftusic sliould aval 
themselves, as it may he long lefore so grand 
an entertainment can be lieard for bo little 
money. The udinUsion will be but 50 cents, 
or with reserved seats hut $1 or f 1. 50 accord- 
ing to location. Orders sliould bo addressed 
to "Manager Italian Oi>era,616 Washington 
■treet, Boston." 

]|»aia for Younff "Women and Children. 
Following is Matron Whlttier's rei»oil for 
April : Since the first of April there have 
been 88 persons in our lamlly, 15 adults and 
28 children. Lodging and meals were pro- 
vided for 8 for two davs, and meals given to 
one person 8 days. There have been 100 
calls, and employment found for 15 persons. 
Of this number 3 were strangers In the place. 
Three adults and 4 children have required 
mcdicnl treatment, and all have been attend- 
ed by Dr. Warner. One death has occurred, 
that of an Infant months old. 

A notice was published the first of the 
month asking for asslstaiice and donations of 
clothing. Thecal! was promptly und gencr- 
oualv responded to by the followiog persons : 
Mrs: F. F. Battles, Mrs. D. Richardson, 
Mrs. Charles A. Stott, Mrs. William Brig- 
liam, Mrs. Brudfonl Bi.nlelt, M<«. W. Hick- 
ok, Mrs. Dr. Lavigne, Mis. C. B. Richniiond, 
Mm. J. M. Campliell, Mrs. O. Obcr, 
^ Jlrs. George Chase, Mrs. H. C. Churdi, Mr*. 
Wm. Ward, Mrs. A. L. Johnson, Mrs. E. 
L. Williams, Mr. VV. Biigham, und Mr. F. 
D. Munn. ,, 

The largest donations for this monlh were 
sent by the Wiiiimantic Linen Thread cotn- 
pany and Mr. A. G. Cumnock. The chil- 
dren's table has lor some time pa.« been sup- 
8 lied l)y Mr. A.B.French imd Mr. J. t. 
uckly. Clothing lor the children from the 
Kirk street society. 

. The Bctall Bf arket. 
A considerable qunntitv of gooTiiewT)ut- 
ter is being received in tlie market, and prices 
have a downward tendency. A continued 
warm season will render tha prices still more 
■ aatlsfsctoiy to consumers. The arrivals of 
butler in the BOhtOn market have thus far 
this vear been considerably less than for the 
<»rresponding time last year. Good cheeae 
Is becoming scarce, and has an upward 
tendency. Beef has taken anotlier rise In 
the mariet, and dcBlers are not ""x'ou" /" 
aell ^eh nV the ' ainlort unparalleled high 
prices now obtained. Early vegetables con- 
Siue to fcbowi decline, and dandeJ on *nd 
SDlnach gn ens, lettuce, Bermuda onions and 
oEber vegetable* lire queted at a roasonnble 
price. Green peas, cucumbers, »Mid other 
earitvegetables are arriving In cohaliI*rabl« 
- .quanlltlea from the south, and «>o "ot ?"«*-, 
ii any higher than at tlic corresponding lime 
iMt Tiai*. Some very fine BAnpuda IipUtoel 
Sfthlsyear's growth are shown at different 
markets, and arc sold at fl per peck. 

Eggs are becoming more plenty, ine 
market Is well suppled with maple sugar, 
•nd the figures for it are probably as low as 
they will be any time this season. 

In the line of fruit l)ana«Bs are coming to 
the market in considerable quantities, and 
are line aiid cheap. Dealers liavc never be- 
fore showta as flife a stock at this Ume of the 
»etr Milt present. Oranges uio becoming 
iearee and higlier. but lemons are of good 
■Auallty and abundant. There are some ex- 
Mllent strawberries In the m-Sf ' M 'rom 
SO to 60 cenU per quart. Appln arb becom- 
ing Quite scarc<> and high. 
Beans from Germany are shown at Mveral 

SSmSs, V>it ate Hot ijulw «-i |)Iump, and 
* ]!m bright and clean. There oonUnue to 

be Urge arrivals of poUtoei from Sootland, 
and most of them come in good oondliloo, 
but natives continue quite high. There is 
a slight decline In grain. . ., 

AMsaal MeaUna •« tha Old ReaMUista* 

UUtorlaal Assaetotlan— Blaetlon •€ Ot- 

aears— Intarestlnc Papers. 

There was a good attendance of members 
at the HUHual meeting of the Old Residents' 
Historical association at one ol the parlors of 
the American house, laat evening. Dr. John 
O. (jlreen, the pie^-ldent, occupied the chair, 
and Alfred Gllman was secretary. The 
president read the following annual address: 


The aims of our associaiion are so simple, 
its operations so unostentatious, and lU aym- 
pathiea naiurally so much closer to the older, 
or even the oldest of our associates, that tlie 
return of our anniversary calls for simple 
facts. The 181 1» year of Iho association closes 
with the following results: 

The following memiiors have deceased 
during tho year: 

1881. i=.. 

May 1ft. B. ¥. Bartaard. agedA? years. 
June 14. Charles Htott, aged 82 years. 
J air 2. Warren Fleteher, aged do years. 
July 2. William M. Rmlth, aged 78 years. 
Auf. 1. Abiaham Mather, aged 77 years. 
Nov. X. Wnltain Kletoher. aged it years. 
Nov. *. B. L. Wllloughby, aged 74 velrs. 
Nov. 12. Lorenso U. ilowa, aged 71 years. 
Nov. 28. John Currier, sged 71 years. 
I>ee. 12. John Adams, aged 78 years, 
peo. 14. Krastus Stearns, aged 74 years. 


April 1. William Brown, ase<l >' 7ev*>. 
Numbering 1°/. 
During the year there have joined 


aure the transmission to tha soecewjors of 
those preMsnt of a more perfect sketoli of mo 
ncwtpapar press. 

The purity of the blood Is appreciated by 
all. No remedv has bee» so «•»"»««> •'yjj''^ 
oessful a$ Hood's Sarsaparilla in eradicaUog 
all bmyra. 



sociaiioii: Cvfus H. Latham, C. J. Cheney, 
Charles W. Kimball, Jas. F. Puffer, Caleb 
PhilbricV, Samuel P. Hadley, Abraham Ker- 
shaw, Henry llealey, numbering 8. The 
whole number of membiMH has been 342, of 
whom have died 102, leaving tho present 
number 240. 

Tlie following contributions have been read 
at the meetings: By Charles Cowley, "The 
Place of Port Royal in History ;" by Euhraim 
Brown, "The Early Manufacture of Glass 
in this neighborhood and New llHinpsiiire;" 
bv Chas. Cowley, "Sixty Tears Since the 
first Purchase of the Lands upon which our 
Citv nowSlMuds;" by J. A. Knowles, "A 
Sketch of tb»ri*NtorT w'^be- HtWfelI> ^ 
Iv^" by John W. Smith, "The Life and 
Character of John Clark;" by Robt. B. Cav- 
erlv, "The Za-lock Rogers Family." 

On Jan. 1, 1882, was published No. 2, Vol. 
II., of our conlributious. No previous 
number has evoked more grateful apprecia- 
tion and acknowledgments from abroad; the 
remarkable rise and rapid growth of our city 
perhaps attract to us unusual curiosity and 
render our annals more Interesting to our 
neighbors. Nor need we wonder at the In- 
diflnlrence of the younger part of our commu- 
nity, with the exception, perhaps, of a few 
wiio have a taste for antiquarian pursuits, 
and evcu to tiiese the history of our sixty 
years as a citv is bulafracllon of thetwohun- 
tlred and fifty yearsof our country and a very 
small fracllon ofthe centuries long past. 

Contrasted with the older cities of our 
commonwealth, who fails to see In our 
straight and wide streets and broad side- 
walks, the wise liberality and sagacity of the 
foundersof our city, while every year adds 
to the marvellous extension of our limits, tho 
value of the steady and wise policy of the 
administration of our great corporations and 
thedeHlrahicnessof a conserviuive and or- 
der-loving tenure of our city government. 

The printer's art Is, after all, the great con- 
servator and transmitter of hislorv. The 
Endlcolt stone of granite, und its deep-cut 
inscription, at the end ot 260 years was In 
great danger of total decay and obliteration, 
but In the prinU'i-'s page, in New Hampshire 
annals, in multiplied and wide-scattered vol- 
umes. Its memory was safe. By this art we 
have, with some success, preserved the mem- 
ory of some of our leading men. There yet 
remain many equally worthy whom we 
have hitherto failed to notice, notalilv among 
tiiem the names of Moody and Worthen. 
Nor should we overiook or underestimate 
the social element in our organization, en- 
gendered by the sympathy of individual la- 
bors, privations and self-sncrifices, when we 
were few, and all on one level with similar 
aims and ambitions. 

As year by year in Increasing numbers one 
and another is called from earthly la- 
bors, we are forcibly reminded thut tho des- 
tiny of the association must soon pass into 
other, we doubt not abler, hands. 

An amendment to the rules was adopted 
providing that any person interested in the 
affairs ofthe association may be made a cor^ 
responding member by a Vote of the execu- 
tive committee. . ,^ , «n 
The report of the treasurer, Alfred Gll- 
man, showed that the balance on hand May 
Ist, 1881. was $.792.65: receipts during the 
year. $143.75; exiiendlturc, $205.28: money 
bn hand, In savings bank, $488.18; other 
money on band, $48.04. On motion of the 
secretary it was voted that the executive 
committee select the future places of meet- 

ill ST 

The following ofl^ccrs, constituting the old 
hoard, were chosen for the ensuing year : 
President, Dr. John O. Green; vice presi- 
dent, Jefferson Bancroft; secretary and treas- 
urer. Alfred Oilman; executive committee, 
ward 1, John W. Smith, Charles Hovey; 
ward 2, Joshua Merrill, Amos B.French; 
wrard 3, Ilaugood Wright, Alfred Gllmafi; 
ward 4, Edward F. Watson, Benjamin 
Walker; ward 5, Josiah G.Peabody, Gharles 
Morrill; ward 6, William Kitlredge, E. B. 

Howe. .11.1 

The secreury read an entertaining sketch 
prepared by James K. Fellows of the late 
Thomas Ordway, a brother of Henry M. 
Ordway of this city, and who was the se^ 
on.l citv clerk of Lowell, serving from 1838 
to 1863'incluslvc. He was born and educated 
HtAmesbury. As city clerk he introduced 
the system of recording the births and deaths 
In the city. In early life lie was engaged lii 
mercantile life in different leading cities of 
the country, and was afterward a teacher at 
different localities before commencing his 
duties as city clerk. Mr. Ordway was a 
member of tho first common council, and 
one ofthe original members of the Unitarian 
church of I his city. A letter was read from 
city clerk McPhetres by Mr. f «»llowi» lesilfy- 
iiig to the heatrttoss sod accuracy wfth which 
Mr. Ordway kept his records. In closing the 
puper a high eulogy was pronounced upon the 
subject of the sketch. 

Alfred Gllman, the aecretarv. read a paper 
DroiHUred with great care and labor, givlag a 
fulliketctf oirtbe history of the newspaper 
press of Lowell. The paper was quite 
leftgthy, and will be published in ^ the pam- 
phlet luued bf the «M?«««M^o'i. Thp Wwidx, 
started it Mhldlesex village Ih 18J4, Mr. Oil- 
man fouikl to be the flret newspaper ever Is- 
sued In the city. He spoke of Its editors and 
publishers, und of the manner of Its publica- 
tion. Continuing, he gave a sketch of each 
paper and Its publishers, Interweaving Inter- 
esting reminiscences hi connection with 

Mr. Gllman said, In closing, thotthe paper, 
lengthy as It was, might have been much 
more extended In pleasant reminiscences of 
the newspapers of the past. In the future, 
some person, refreshed and Inspired by the 
dales aad facts now presented, may well de- 
vote a long hndihlei^tlHg appendix to what 
has been said. The paper pnaentM on this 
occasion might have, and doubtlees did have. 
lmperbctrons,i»utHinlgi| »«▼•>»»• tffeoj 
InJuHngotherti who can auppiy ' d*aAa to 
Impart additional information, and thus en- 


The Old Fftmily Phygioian »t F»ult— 

Dr. Darid Kennedy the Buooeii- 

fol Burgeon. 

Money is the anlversal neeesiity, and none bat 
a eynle or a fool will affeot to despise IL Mr 
Abram Ellsworth, ai Port Bwea, Ulster eoanty, 
N.Y.f had rcalUed tbU truth. Uls disease la- 
volved the whole of bis thigh-boaa, and the eaf- 
faring man looked forward, not without apparent 
reason, to death as his only deliverer. His tkmlly 
physician refbsed to amputate the limb— assert- 
ing that the operation would kill the patient on 
the spot. Dr. Davia Kennedy, ot Bond9ut, N. 
Y., who was ooBSBlted, held a different opinion, 
and Anunftated the limb. The Doctor then ad- 
mlnUlered Ireely hir great Blood 8pecl«e. FA- 
VOR 1145 UEMEDY, to afford tone and strength 
to the system, prevent the return of the disease, 
and Mr. Ellsworth remslns to this dsy In the 
bloom of health. This gentleman's disease was 
the offspring of foul blood, and Kennedy's FA- 
VOHITE REMEDY purified the blood and re- 
stored to him t!ie power once more to enjoy his 
life. Are you suffering from any disease "tracea- 
ble to the same eause7.vTry Favorite i Remedy. 
Your druggist has It. ONE DOI.LA.R a botUe. 
Bear In mind the proprietor's name and address : 
Dt^ttwkl KENNEDY, BoBdonjt^eiMfork^___ 

Dr. Kennedy's Remedy Is sold by 
CROWBL.L. A HARRiaOM, Apothcoaries, 
nyCeg jrtfin^,Tgw i ett ; - 7 

For BorofUla 

Beal £0tatr« 



Times Bailding. 20 Oentral Street. 


Aisctlen Sales 

Conducted Iss 

B«tb City 


I<«ans OM Real Batata BActad t SUmV 
Collected I Help Furmlshcd.atc. 

• 19,000 on hand to loan on tK>ttom real es 
tate securities at ti per cent. 

Blanev to Lrf»an on personal property 
SUBS of |60 and upwards. 

The llancssck BsUtU, So. 15 First 
Street.- Large and ehgant twostory house sub- 
stantially bulFt; stable containing two sUUs and 
suHident amount of Ciirrlage room; 11,000 square 
feat of land. Price irvOO, on the most favorable 
terms. ' 

Corner of Fletcker and BrasUlwair.— 
ft200 square feet of land wltli buildinas; reujfd oa 
lease at IrtiO per annum. Price $7000. * 

Valuable Property at Wcstarw Ava- 
natc.— I>and and buildings known as the Lowell 
Boiler Works are now offered for sale at a price 
that will secure a customer; 14,400 square teet 
of land; boiler and engine Included in this sale. 

Valuable Estate In CcntralTllla, oorner 
of Bridge and Tlfth streets. The owner Is about 
to remove to Ward Four and the property will 
be sold at a low figure. 

Cottegc House on Fremont street. MOO 
feet ol laud. Splendid pUce. I'rlce •2800. 

Vine Residence In Belvldere. containing 
12 rooms with all the nioderu oonvt-nli-nces, such 
as hot and cold water through the house, batli 
room, Ac. ; no better location In town ; over 6000 
square ft et > Jaad. 

l<arg« Cottaffa.— Few steps from Bridge 
street, 0000 square feet of land, can be purshased 
low and on easy terms. 

Fine Rcsldcnec on Branch street, with 
over 80*0 square feet of land; stable in keeping 
with the premises. Prlr^ve-y low. 



passeiver trains 


On and after Dec. 6, IWl, 
will ran as follows : 

I^ave Woreeatar at 6.30, (EzprMs) 
U.IA a. m., 6 and O.IA p. m. (Aver paaseager). 

Leave iyer Junction at 8 (Ajr*' passenger) 
and 8.03 a. m..tSJM>' 

The «..10, 7 JO and ll.tft a. m. and 6' p. m. tralas 
frem Worcester, and 8.03 a. m. and 12JM) and «.» 

5. m. trains from Ayer .Junction oonnect at Ayer 
unction with Htony Brook Railroad trains to 
and from Lowell and way stations. Close con- 
nections are also made at Worcest«'r with trains 
lor Provldenc*', Norwich, New York, Springfield, 
Albany and the W«»st. „ ,. ^ c a _. 

aV-Through tickets for New York by Soand or 
Land Itoute can be had at the tksket o«oa In 
Lowell ; also sUte rooms and bertha ean ba se- 
cured by steamers of tha Norwich Hue. 

Waalsua * Rocltaster l»lvtsi*n. 

Leave Lowell, Middlesex street depot, for 
Rocltefter sbd way stations at 8.20 a. as., 1 anff 
ej|:;p. m.; Nashua 15 a. m., 1.46 and *7 p. a. 
Arrive at Portland 1.25 and 6.46 p. m. 

Returning, leavf Tort land at 7.80 a. n>>l>V P* 
m. : Rochester at 4.4S and i>.45 a. m., and ^It p. 
m., reaching Lowell at 9.08 a. m., 12.17 aad tJX 

^'llie 0.16 a. m. train ft-om Nashua Is a through 
train for Portland and way sutlons, oonneetiag 
at Rochester with Boston h Maine Railroad 
tralp for Alton Bay. snd with Eastern RalhtMUl 
tiain tor Wolfeboro* snd North Conway. 

•Runs to Roeheiter only. 

The 1.46 p. m. train flrom Nashua Is a tbrougn 
train tor Portland. 

The 7 p. m. train fVom Nashua Is a nixed train. 

4Sr'Th rough tickets and baggage cheeked to 
Portland and Intermediate points. 1 , ; 

For further particulars as to connections with 
other roads, see A B C Pathfinder Guide. 

O. W. HUBLBUBI, Superlntendeat. 

C. A. WAITE. Ofnfi-al Ticket Agent. 





Direct IVom Lowell to any town or eUy la tte 
Western States and TerritorUif ews he purehasad 
—day or evening— at ''^ 

Maps, Information and guld'S FREE to aU la 
qulrers. W. R .BATGUELpEE, 

99 Marrtnsacfc Itr— 1« 



Bteambaat Train Canncctlnff wttii Full 
Rtvcr Line mt Btranicrs to aisd Arous 
Kcw Tork. Fare t3>00 cack way. 

■On and after Sunday October 2, 1881, tralas 
leave Lowell (MIdalesex street depot) as fbllpws- 
7.60 a.m.. 1.40 and 430 p. m., arrivlnr St South 
Framlngham at 8.66 a. m., 3.30 and i.30 
p. m. The 7M a. m. train makes dose 
connections at South. Framlngham with 
trains on Boston h Albany Railroad 
for Waroester, Hpringfleld, New York, Alhaay 
sndthe West; at Mansfield for Pawtaeket aad 
Providence, arrivina at Pawturfcct 16.46 a. b., 
ProvJdf'Boe 10.60 a. m., and runs through to Taaa- 
ton, amvlng at Tsunton I0.1i» a. m., eoaaaettec 
tht-re for New Bedford. FaU River, Rawport. 
Oak Bluffs and Nantucket. 

Leave LoWell for Marlboro' at 7JM> a. m. aad 
4 JO p. m.. arriving at 12.36 a. m. and 6.42 p. m. 
Returning, leave MarI|K>ro' at 7.16 a. m. and 6 p. 
m., arriving at Low«N at 8.66 a. m. and 7.06 p. m. 

J.. . — • .^ -^ _ii (tatlona aad 



For Boils, Pimples and Boald 


For Dyspepsia 

For DebiUty 

For All Humors 

For a Spniig Hedioine 

Price $1.00. Six bpttles for $6.00. Sold by 
all druggists. Prepared by 

CMS. K. CABTER, PtomaoM, 

Oor. Branch and Smith Sts. 


36 Central Street, Lowell. 


On and after Konday. D<e. 6th. 1881, i^Menf 
trains will leave Central street df pot, L^ell : 

For Boston, 7, 7.46, 0.30, II a. to.. 12.10. W,46, 2, 
8.46, 4.30, 6.16, 7 p. m. Fridays only at ».46'^.l«. 

Sindays. 8.20 a. m.. snd 12, 4.16 and 6.40 p. Bj. 

For LHwr« nee, T.46, 8 46, 9.30 and 11 a. m., 12.10, 
12.46, 8.48, 4.30, 6.16, 6.20 and 7 p. m. Sundays, 
8.20 a. m., 6.40 p. m. 

For Ilaverhin, 7.46, 846 a. m., 12.46, 3.46, 6.16, 
J.20 p. m. Sunda^ s. 8.20 a. m. »«Vt »-«>J>J^- „ „ 

For Newburyport, 7.46 a. m., 12.46, 1.46, 6.20 p. 





Murray & Lanman's 


Best for TOILET . PATH 


Murray & Lanmnn's Morida Water Is sold hr 

CROWBLI< A HARBISOM, Apothecaries, 

139 Central street, Lo^rell. 



Richardson, 44 If errinaack street, is introduelng 
this season several new lines ot 


Sewed French Kid Button Boots. The new Ps- 
tent Leather Foxed Boots snd lexed boots In all 
styieaV "too KdwlB C. Burt's Fraaeh Kid Button 
Be^.'Ladlas.>rra!.eh yat t KM; r aiioy ityl" 
In I w^ tat Ki a f ra m tt and ^Aawrtjaa *»«»«••• 
Ladles who want a stylish, wall-fitting hoot wlU 
Had It to their advaatag* to aaamlBa oar stoek. 
Wa oaa fit any faat that walk la to our store. 


If o. 44 gerrlmaiBk Street. ^ 


Pleasant Comer Ilause near the Thorn- 
dike mills, Is sunny, new and makes a very deshr. 
able home. $2260. 

Two Tenement Hanac pear Braeeb street, 
In au extra renting locality. RcnU for at least 
$22 per month.BI'rice $24u0. 

aNear the Morthern Depot.— A lew steps 
fkom the horse ours and lianoy to several mills. 
Large cottage of 10 rooms; i>ont and twek stairs; 
Is supplied with city water. Price $2000. 

Elcht Minutes* IValk from the post oaee 
and quite handy to the horse cars. Two-story 
bouse new snd desirable. $1700. $a00down. 

It Is dona at last.— iTie most neauutul 
house In Lowell Is Just finished, and splendidly 
located, overlaoklng the city and* yet convenient 
to it. Is In a first-class neighborhood. It con- 
tains eight square rooms, la surrounded by ample 
t rounds and Is of a style of architecture the 
eauty of which surpasses description. I'hls Is 
no exaggeration. Call and we will show It to you. 

BarmUss Hear the Pair Oronnds.— Nice 

sotUse and sUble with two stalls ; 12,000 square 
roet of Und enclosed by fence; plenty of ftvlt. 
Price reduced to $1460. 

Pew Mlnutas' IValk Prom the C?«ntral 
Bridffc.— A well built and attractive ootUge of 
7 flnlsbed roonu, occupies a eorner lot which t Is 
well fenced. Prloe $1926. 

Barcatn.— Twe-story House, a few pteps flrom 
the horse oars and about ten minutes' walk fh>m 
the post ofllce; Is unusually well located; large 
lot ot land with fruit and shade traeS. Can he 
procured for S2600 

Popwlar Picnic Oronnds, convenient to 
Lowell. Cost $26 000, will sell for $16,000. 

Plna Opportnnltr fhra mecbanlo. Part- 
ner wanted In the manufacture of machinery 
that Is In great demand. Easy terms. 

A Brlak «lroccry Biulncss In a good lo- 
cality for trade: everything In complete mnnlng 
order. Stock Axtures and team. $1300. 

Bztra Tarletr and Paner Ooods Store 

on a main street. Fine location ; new and com- 
plete stock of goods; just tbe place for the right 
nsan with money. 


Xwo Hnndrcd Acre Farm.— 11 miles from 
Lowell. Cuts «0 tons hay, keeps 30 besd of cat- 
tie, plenty wood for home use. 10(0 fruit trees; 
house Is a spacious brick building of li rooms. In 
excellent order; two larne barns, titled for 30 
head of cattle, 40 sheep and 4 horses ; elder mill, 
blacksmith shop, and all the outbulldlnss of a 
complete farm, and all In good order; superior 
chance for a silo. This farm is located well on a 
main road, V ml'e from a flourishing village with 
depot and store accommodations. Anyone wish- 
ing for such a farm can purchase this at satUfac- 
tory price and time. 

' Two Hundred Acre Farm, a few miles 
from Keene. N. H. About 1000 cords of sUnd 
ing wood. Will keep Id or 20 head of stock. 
^ ton maple sugar per year. Spacious house, 
ample barn, all offered for the low sum of $2600 

Superior Parm of S9 Acres And spacious 
buildings. In excellent order, 7 mllei from Low- 
ell, oa a height commanding a view of the sur- 
rounding country for naUes. WUI sell or ex. 
chance. I'rlce SOOOO. 

Twantr-«wo Aare ■^'■••-Onf ••»^(, "'j! 
n>m depot aad la an easv drive of Lowell. Is 
slear, saiMth and good land, adapted to a variety 
of enps. Splendfl new cottage, *!•§ •■»'/ «■• 
Ished. rina large hann.ry partltl >ned Into ser. 
eral apartasaau. Is a aloe pleee of property 

For Exeter andDover.T.tD, 
3.46 and 6.16 p. m. 
For Qraat FaUs, )'.46. 8.46 a. 1 

^' For Salmon Falls, Blddefhrd, Saeo, Old Orehard 
Beach and Portland, 8.46 a. m., 12.46, S.46, p. m. 

**'f!w Sangor'aSfast. WatervUIe, St. Johns, N. 
B.. Halifax. N. S., 8.46 a. m. and i.ib p. m. 
For Skowhegan, Fannlngton aad Rockland at 

''^oV AngusU, Bath and Lewlston, 8.46 a. m. 
and 12.46 p. m. „ . ... .. 

F^r Roebester aad Alton Bay, 6.41^-a. as., and 

■ Fo^' Mt. Desert, ac, Friday at 3.46 n. ">• . _ 

For steamer lor Eastport, St. John. Mondays 
and Thursdays at 12.46 p. m. ^^ 

For Roekland, Belfast and Bangor, Friday 
rsteamer Irom Portland), at 3.48 p. m. 

Mileage Uekets for sale between Lrftwall and 


From Boston, 7, 7.30, 8.80, 9.30, 10.26 aad 11.30 
a. m., 12 m., 2.30, 3..30. 4.30, 6, 6, 0.30, 7.10 p. m. 

Wednesdsys only at 11.10 p. m.r and Fridays 
only at U.W p. m. Huiid.tys at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. 

Krem Lawrence, 7.30, 9.40, 11 a. m., 12.16, 2. 3.40, 
4 10, 6.30 p.m. South Lawrence, "•««. Pi™* 
Sundays. 8.20 a. m., 12 m., 6.40 p. as., and fh>m 
South Lawrence at 4.27 p. m. 

From Haverhill, 7.16, 9.26, 10.46 a. ns., 12.0^ 
3.H0, t.Oi, 6.46 p. m. Sundays, 8 a. m., 4.08 ana 

'From Newburyport, 6.16, 7.28, 11a. m., 2JiO, 

*■ FronTportUnd, 8.45 a. m., 1.10 and 8.30 p. m. 
Sundays at 1 p. m. ..... _ _«^ 

Kor Lawrence, Fridays only, 11.40 p. m., and 
Wednesdays only, 11.26 p. m. . „ . 

New York via Sound Lines snd Land Routes. 
Through tickets good on any train. Baggage 
checked through and transfer made from Boston 
& Maine SUUon by any driver of hack stationed 
at Boston A Maine Railroad, 

a^AII trains stop St Cemetery, Lawrence street 

crossing, on signal. ^ ^ puRBEB, Gen. 
J. F. PHILLIPS, Gen. Agt. at Lousll. 
Lowell Dec. 6th, 188r 

the IM p. m.tria stops at all - ^ __^ 
connects st South Franiingham for Worcester, 
Springfield, New York and tiia West. 

The 4JI0 p. m. train oonnrcts at South Fraa- 
Inchsm for Worcester, Springfield and the West, 
at Mansfield for Providence, and runs through te 
Fall Klver, there connecting with the elegaBt 
steamers of the Fall Klver line for New York, 
arriving at Kail Itiver at 7.2i p. m. and at Hew 
York at 7.00 a. m. ^ . ■<. 

Trains leave south Framlngham for lx>wril at 
7M a. ni., and 0.06 p. m., arriving at Lowell 
at 8.65 a. ra., and 7.tfl p. m. Ihe 7.66 a. ou 
and fl.06 p. m. trains connect at ^outa 
Frarolngliain •, with trains from Provld* iif-, 
Taunton, Wor<•e^ter, hpringfleld. New York call 
rail), AlUiiy and the West. Steamboat train 
leaves Fall Klver at 6.20 a. m., arriving at Lowell 
8.66 a. m., making connection for points north. 
Leave Oak Blufls 7.46 a. m., arrive at Lowall 7.06 

^well and Chelmsford Spadal Tratea 
Leave Lowell for Chelmsford at 12.10 aad t.» 

IX.66 p. m. 

clpsl polntt West and Southwest, via Bostop h 
Albi ■ "^ ■ """ — '*' 

Albany and Pennsylvania Kallroads; also for 
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, aad polaM 

Through bUls of lading for Western fkalght «aa 
be had at this ofllce. .,.„„. 

GEO. W. MILLER, Agent, 
60 Central street, Lowall. 
J. R. KKNDRICK. Sept., Boston. 
S. A. WEBBKR, Aest. Supt., Fitchburg. 


STATIONAL L.INE of Steamships hetwaea 
i New York, Liverpool, Queenstowa aad 
ndon direet. Selling weekly from Pier M 
North river. New York, are amoac tha largast 
steamships crossing tbe Atlsntle. 

Cabin rates $60 to $70, exearslon $100 to $M0; 
outward steerage $26; prepaid steerage UekaM 
$28, "being $2 lower than most other Ha sa ^ 
Olfieee, 60 and 73 Broadway. N. Y. 

F. W. J. HURST, Manager. 
Agents St Lowell, Mass., W. k. W. O. Laaaaa 
and D. Murp hy, 8 A ppleton street. 


Cook's Grand Excursions leave New York April 
27th, June 8th. and July 1st, 11-82. Full partica 
lars in special Pamphlet, sent free on appUcaUoa. 
Passage TlckeU by all Atlantic Steamers. Sae- 
clal Ikcllliles for s, curing Good Berths. Tourist 
Tickets for Individual iruvellers In l< u rope, by all 
routes, at reduo<d lates. Cook's Exeurstonlat 
with Maps, by mall lo cents. „ -• . 

THOS: COOK A SON, 261 Broadway, K. T.; 
197 Washington street, Boston, Mass. 

C. A. Babattowi, M anager. 



Bteel Bsili, Doable Track, Exp. Traini 

On aod after Jaa. 22nd. 1862, trslna leave U)W- 

For BOSTON at 6.46, 7, ttJ^W. 7.88, 8.30, t|*«.M, 
••,26. 11 a. m.; nl2-16i 1.10,2.20,4.26. 

tFor ^i?C&Mi?'«i5itS jnjNORTH. 

tFor SftiSm wilVoTJillScSlJir^ELD. 

tForsUttois"oi*MANC^6HTER and KEENE. 
tFor ««tjo»«E«^y*Sd CONNECTICUT RIVeH 

R, R., 8.31 a. m. ; 3A2 p. m. ,,„„.„..» 
tFor NASHUA, 8.31, 9.21 a. m.; 1, S.fO ,8.62, 6.32, 

•ExpresS.' Northern depot, t Wednesday only. 
ttOr on arrival of trains trom the north. 

Trains leave BOSTON st 7.30. 8, l*8.».„ W; " 
a. m.; 12 m.; 1.16, 2.80, 3, 4,,6.18, 
t*7. 111.16 p. m. ... 

^Express. tKorthern depot, i Wednewlay s only. 

Leave I>OWKLL for BOSTON, 8.30. t«».10 a. a.. 

Leave*BOSlofi'for LOWELL, 8.45a. •.; Tt, 9 
p. m. 
tNorthern depot. 

Lowell dk Lawrenoa Dlvlalon. 

Trains leave IX)WELL for LAWRENCE, 7J8, 

Leave^LA W AlnCE' fo'r^WELL, 7.46, 8J0. 11 
a. m.; 12.10, 1.16, 4.06, «.40 p. m. 

Cheap at Isboh 
at a 

Paraa at m 0aMam..-« 1 
eoaaUtlng of over 90 acres of 1 

City oTwooi aad ftalt ; ball< 
fara. aad hemslika. Wit 


im.— • nlles from LoweB, 
good land with a 

mmgt adequate to 

With stoek aiid tools. 



60 1-a 

„ muoot^Dm.jrtm aioek>« 

Bast gam sets, for $« ."*. ■P**?* v.^^^^ 
seta te S3 aad apward ; gold illlag 9i •^ ^S", 
wat^Mli^erfllUM « •«»♦! •!l.,'!P*22L uL 
adarfidMarad lh», 6$a- . *^Jf?J?iSi *!21itft 
Krarythtaig p«rt<lalng to ddatlstw^peaisptiy 
ajueatadaad sattofAUaa faaraafcad. CWm 
opaa araalags aatil • p. ■• 

Leave I^WELL for LAWRENCE, 6.11 a. as.; 7 

Laave'lAWRENCE fbr LOWELL, • a. m; 6 

Salam A I«owall mTialms. 
lyalas leave LOWBLL for SALBM at 7J$ a. a.; 

*I.10. 8.40 p. a. 
Leave SALKM for LOWBLL at 7.M^ 10J6 a. a., 

*OomM^ with traias for QIX>aCB8nB aad 

mtmmw Mr—U DHrlatoa. 

ror AY«B JOVOIIOM, T-M a. a. ; 
Coaaao(l««M iMde at Agar Jj 
Woreestwr* Haahaa aadltt 
raads for aad fkaa Warag t ar, 
Baratotft. Albwy, iTair Tork, 
and Haoaaa Taaaaf llSa. 

LeavaATBttJinrCTiOll, %Mm.m 

'*** SUHDAY TE4IK1; 

Leava LOWKLL^ LU p. it. 


i 9tMnal 

Boynl Mail Sfeamshlps. 

PatrontMd J»» Her ttomat Bigkmua 


Every Saturday. 

BMortast Oecan Toyaga Only 

Extra weekly ships f roa Ohssgpw, Llveraool, 
Queenstown, Londonderry, and Qalway tosas. 
ton direct. 

The stesmers are unsurpassed fer Safetg at^ 
Speed, and are fltted up with all laproraaMata 
eoaduoive to the comfort of PMjMBgws. 

Cabhi $70 and $80. Intermediate $40. Steer* 

"I'pply'to W. A W. C. Lamson, Dennis Marpay 
and W. R. Batchelder, sgents for \*^^*«^ 
\jtiw h Alden, general agents, 207 Broadway 
New York, 16 Slate street, Boston, Mass. 

ProTtdence. WorfolK «■* '?r!*'"*X* 
STEAMSHIP LIWIC, Com»rtaln« «i» 
Steamers BcrfcslUre, Blaefcatoao a»A 

IHTedncsdar, 6 o'clock p. m., from Coasdal 
Wharf, India Street. ^ 

Connecting at Norfolk, Va., with the Norfolk 
and Peterst>urg Kallroud and the VirglaU aad 
Tennessee Air Line. At PorUroonth, Ta., wlUs 
the SeabonI and Ko mouke Railroad and tha At- 
lantie Coast line. At West Point, Va.. with tha 
Richmond. York RUer and Chesapeake KaflrMd 
and the Piedmont Air Line I O A 1.L POlNtS 
SOUTH. And at Baltimore, Md.. with tha Mei>- 
ohanU' and Mlaars* Transportatioa C«.*» JR^tvtr- 
ship Line to SAVANNAH, OA.. and lU Gcamla 
Central aad Atlantis and Gull railroad — ~*-- 

UOBS tot aU prtaU la Georala, -^^Kff**";* »Jj»^ 
Ida. Also with steamship llnea Item Baltl <QOia lA 
Charleston. S. C, and South Oarollaa ^\S!Si 
, rrel^ rales l»oa lYorldeaee to all P^*f> 8<^ 
aad Wast are the Sana as from New YochCitT. 
BUrlTsoodsvhi P.. K. k, B. llae. Tliroagh BUi 
LAdlaggliraa via all the dlftreat roatrsaai*! 



Tialaht depot on Jaakson strset.1 
Lowatt torfioatoarilO. «. A16, iaJ6 a. a.; 1' • 

For Ulastraled eaUlagaa H l*P*gMt 
with « 6-f taasp.^ BUSHTOK. Caataa. W.T. 

A UsKuriMor 

Hain aad Faaay Job 



$ _ 

Boatea for Lo#eU 

^ at 1.66, 

••Si?VlMh& te Lawell^ 6.26 p 

LowaU te l^w»«*» •*J:**^ ■• 
LaaraU te Salaa at 6.16 a. a. 
FreMtd^pat. WcaMn 

I«wcll far *«*«i»'*ff5fiV m.' 

MMiar irf Tt>T| 

H. T. OBIOKtlSlcrg** A*"^ 
Lavall.JM.lOCk. Mi. 

(lOB a.a.: 1SJ6, 





CMoay aad Boaloa * M^** fj^ 
ShIpiHBff reeelpU obtalaed te « 








Its OB 

T » All. !•:» * ••»! 


h ■<!*! 


V s:' 






THUK8DAY, MAY 4. J8tt. 

KlMl^tar* Alaft»n*«~'*'l'^ 0«y« 


I MOM. 1 TDM. 

Oltlen<i*'r for Hay 
^ WBO. 

THURS. I rsi. I SAT. 


















Tte0 WeatHcts 

Stteiit w««terly wlndn. bright Bkles, oool eren- 
tB((a«nd mornlnyB. ftrcthe«harMteriitioaoftbeie 
dt^n. At 6 Imt night the temperature wu U. at 
V4kiS nornlnx 48, and at I, 71. 


ig^Morrill A Son removed to eowier of 
JoDiT nud Lee stroctR. 

■ryMitrble and Kmnlte work to Hutt all re* 
fulremenUi, hy AniirewH & Wheeler. 
!,*■ I^W. K. LIvliJKHton'H briiuch olfflce re- 
moved to Cttlderwoed'a. 33 Merrimack Htreet. 



•«OirHo]ri^«k Muaie ^mII to«ij 
A desirable ftore in a good location 


businesH is advertised toduy 

Tbere are a large niinib<>r of applicants for 
dog licences at Iho clly clerk's offlce. 

An interesting KtHteraent concerning Dr. 
Butler's health lilt appears In another col- 

Mo one thii<king of purcbaaiog a piano can 
afford to mii<8 the opportunity lor a bargain 
O0ered in the new advertisements today. 

A handsome banner flDUls on the roof of 
Soutbwick bloek over IbeBonioii and Lowell 
Clolbins: coiupuny'H t>tore and attracts much 

visit of KHot church people to Woburn, iind 
of the Old KcHlucnls' meeting will be found 
CD page 7. 

A picked nine from the IllgU «chool de- 
feated the EhhI Bndii of Belvidere on the 
South common by u score of 16 to 13 yester- 
day afternoon. 

The vUitors of the Aasoclated Cbnritles 
will meet tl)i<4 afternoon at 4.15. Rev. Mr. 
Duganne will atato int^rcHting facts in re- 
gard to tenement houseK. 

TbeDiree Show will begin its brief season 
' at Buntington hall tonight. In no other 
' way canso much liin be enjoyed lor so little 
BMoey as by attending tlie Dime Show. 

The Francis Wnylund association had one 
of the best HoeiableN ol the sea-^on in the ves- 
try of the Worlhen nlreel church last night, 
and a richly varied programme was given. 

The burning out of a chimney nt No. 144 
Moody street, a three-^tory tenement bouKe 
owned by George W. Harris, was the excuse 
for «D alarm of die from box 02 thif) aller- 

The Y. M. C. A. lycenm las»^ night dis- 
oiMsed the tariff qu(>Hiion, and decided that 
U>e«United Staten tthouid have a tariff for 
revenue only. Next week capital punish- 
ment will be dIscuKHed. 

The*yox notes that It is a somewhat singu- 
lar fact that the i wo lociil poliiici:ius most 
prominent in behalf of temperance for Kome 
years back, are known among their inll- 
■aatesas'^Tom" and "Jerry." 

Officers Harris* and Hadley yesterday ar- 
rested Micliaol PIihUmi, 18. one of the bovs 
who reccnilr bade a nudde n farewell to liie 
New'HamuHhire industrial school. He was 
taken to MHneb<a>erla^t night. 

Vital T. Rolicrt, who has kept a grocery 
vthe past year at ilie corner of Adsms and 8a- 
lem streets, liaa faied. Hh as.sets are f300 
or $860 in Ntock,and $3800 in accounts, the 
latter of little value. His liabilities arc 

Tony pastoi* and his "elegant" company 
bftd a large house at Miixle. hall last night, hut 
the show »tcarc«'ly came np to the stundard of 
other days. Some of the variety acts were 
fair, but the cloning piece was a tedious ab- 

"The Danlles" will be played at Hunting- 
ton hall next Monday by fl company which 
Includes some first-rate material. The play 
la one uf the strongcMton the American stage, 
and never fails to attract and interest large 

There is to be a bearing before the com- 
mittee on lands smd buildings Monday after- 
Tioon next at three o'clock, on the petition 

Jtresented to the last city council aiid re- 
erred to the prexont one for better ward 
room and engine bouse accommodations in 

J. A. Bak^r, who for several yesrs psst 
baa kept a fish market on Broadway, near 
Duttou street, has just fitted up a tiily place 
of business at No. 242 Gorliam street, where 
be hopes to bear from his old patrons and 
make the aoQualntaace of new ones In the 
thtrd ward. 

The summer tiouse on the grounds of 
William E. Livingston, Middlesex street, 
eatight fire yestenlay afternoon about five 
o'eloci; and a tclcptionic ahtrm was given, 
summoning ii poitiun of tl»e department. 
The houHi' was nearly dcstrojed, causing a 
loss of perhaps $800. 

John Brannei, proprietor of the Middle- 
sex tent and awning nianulaeiory. No. 118 
MlddiCMex slreet,i»(d<>ins a large luiHJncHS 
. this spring and <urninx imt some good work^ 
HIh goods are idl ntiide in the l>o«t manner 
aud his prices are reasonalde. • He receives 
orders by telephone and executes them 

There are now aiwut 100 men working In 
the deparlment ol vt'biic streets. Sewers 
are being laid in E«hI Merrimack, Liberty, 
Barclay aixl Middle streets. The culling 
down of Bridge utreet to grade near the cliy 
line is in progress. TIk; deepest » nt is 2H 
feet through ledge. Be^i'oii street is being 
' constructed. 

The funeral of Mrs. Tryphosa Sewnll oc- 
curred Irom itie residence ol her scmi on An- 
dover street, this afti nioon. Itev. Mr. 8ea- 
-burv conducted the service**, and Mr. Bewail 
Q. ilhck had charge of die funerai. There 
were solos sung by Miss Hathaway during 
the services. Tin" bearers lu'duded sons of 
deceased. Tlie remains were interred iu the 
Lowell cemetciy. 

Superintendent rearson hm granted {>er- 
' misHlon to James U. Gaue to erect the iwo- 
story addition to his Ituilding on the norther- 
ly Bide of Middlesex slreet, al»ove the defiot. 
on condition that he cover it with tin and 
otherwise finish It according in instructions. 
The bay win«lows in front, which extend to 
the line (d the sireei. ah- a su to be provided 
with safoguHids against lire. 

The superior eoiirl at Cambridge has 
♦warded $2000 d tinagei to pi dntiff in tlie 
case of Darke agaiiisi ili(> |{o>kon and Maine 
railroad. Tlie supn-me conn, in session in 
the same city, has gninicd ti divorce to Kate 
A. Livingstone Inno Frederick P. Living- 
atone for gross Indii is of intoxication. Ade- 
laide P. J«wctt ol lyiwell was divorced from 
ClurJea A> Jewell lur adultery. 

Tbere waa a mMting of 4be overaacrs of 
the poor last evening, at which it wan voted 
lo ask the return of two ln»ane patients from 
Danvers and one from Northampton, pro- 
vided It Is found that they have a legal settle- 
ment hi this eltv. Other matters of interest 
were discussed.' The bids for the coiistruc- 
tioa of the new almshouse buildings are to be 
opened Monday ailernoon next. 

There will b« an eniertslnment for the 
benefit of the women's branch of the People's 
(4ub at the rooms of the chib, 11 Wyman's 
Kxchange, this evening at 7.46. TheenU'i- 
tainment will consist of a speech by Mr. 
' John A. Nicholls, readings by Mrs. Nichoils 
and an exhibition by the Uoyal Marionettes. 
Au orchestra will furnish music, and the 
price of admissiou will be 10 cents. 

John Qallagher, until recently employed In 
the napping room of the Treraonl and Suf- 
folk mills, was vIslU'd by about 40 friends at 
his house (»n Dodge street, last evening, and 
prcbenled a fine watch, chain and charm by 
bis late lellow employes. Mrs. (jJallagher 
was presented an album. Mr. Frank Car- 
roll made the presentation adilress. lie- 
frcshmcnts were served, and the company 
was entertained with vocal aud InstrumenUd 

At a meeting of the committee on streets 
last cveidng it was voted to visit localities 
for which the paving of streets is asked this 
allernoofi. The claim of Iliram E. Cleary 
lor recomi»ense for damages to him by re-es- 
tablishing the lines ot Powell slreet was re- 
ferred to a special commiitee consisting of 
councilmcn Wood ami Thomas. It whs vot- 
ed to inspect the sidewalks in front of thn 
post office, for which a change ol grade Is 
asked, today. 

Continued Interest in the skating compe- 
tition was manifested by Ibe increased at- 
tendance at the rink last evening. The prirc 
skating was In couples, the following ladies 
and gentlemen partUipating; Harry M. 
QrilBn and Augusta Henderi*on; Thomas II. 
Scott and Mae Steveson; B.W. Noyes and 
Addle Blake; Aribur D. Gordon and May 
Crowlev; K. B. Sheldon and Grace Kemp- 
sey. This evening \oui.g ladies between 12 
and 16 years of age will compete. 
The people are warned against encourag 

with the nurtomarjrapparatua far raatulating 
the supply of gas, and oonaeqaeuUy the light 
SI one time went out, and aome time was re- 
quired to get it going again. 

Ijl^aor Uecaaaa. 
The city clerk was engaged this forenoon 
in filling out tlie liquor licenaes granted, fdr 
I he signature of the maj'or. The msyor will 
sign the licenses granted lo the following 
persons, wiro have l^n recommended to rc> 
c<dve victuallers' licenses by the oommlttee, 
snd who already hold victuallers' licenses 
signed by him: Charles A. Page, C. W. W. 
Uichsrdson, J. H. Ilemlngwav, Charles W. 
Chenev, Plunk- ti A Savllle, Daniel H.Stew- 
art. George W. Flint, and William Tavlor. 
Mr. Richardson's place of business (son 
Middlesex street; Mr. Flint's on City Hall 
avenue; Messrs. Page and Hemingway on 
Central street; Mr. Taylor on Market 
street, and Mr. Stewart on Worthen 
street. He will also sign all the 
innholders' liquor licenses granted Tuesday 
night, all of them having innholders' licenses 
already signed by the mayor and the board 
of aldermen. The mayor will also sign the 
|ourth-i-tas8 licenses granted, bis signature lo 
them being simply a ministerial act. He is 
not prepared tu state how many other li- 
censes he ma> sign, and as his signal ua*, he 
savN, will be of no advantage on any licenses 
wiiieh are granted oontrarv to law, it is 
practically imniHterial wbelber he signs 
such ones or not. If persons reoelving a 
victuullers' liquor license Jiave not a legal 
vi'tuallers' license thev cannot sell liquor. 

Ii is rumored ihat the anti-Iiccnse alder- 
meu will join w ilh some of the license mem- 
bers in giving permits to some applicantH 
whosif places have been refust'd uwiugtothe 
vote of one of the license majority. 

R^v. N. M. Williams preached to the unit- 
ed congregations ol Baptista and Congrega- 
lionalists al Warner, N. H., Sunday. 

Rev. J. W. Haley acknowledges the re- 
ceipt of u handsome sum of money from his 
friend-i and pari'>hioners In Temple, and len- 
ders cordial thanks to the donors for their 
generous gift.— fNashu-i Telegraph. 

Mrs. John F. Kimball of tills city and Miss 
Hattie C. Foster of Tewksbury are to sail In 
the steamship City of Berlin for Europe from 

Nets WbtttisituutitM* 

New Cask Pickled Limes, HalTs. 

LOST.— A beaten gold bangle bracelet. Suit- 
able reward tor leaving s ame at thU ofllca. 

FOR 8ALK.-A new upright pianVVlialtott 
* (Mansion) at a great bargain, at A. V. 
miiy, ttuom 4 , Wesmtth's building. 

TO LET.— Atore No. 172 Merrirnaok street. 
A desirable location. Kent reasonable. Ap- 
ply at Taylor's hardwar e store. 


WANTED.— A young 
■ome experience In repairing 

who has had 


and setting of lenses to goto Boston. State 

wMses required; alio experience. Addreu M., 

I Herald oAoe, Bos top. ^^ 



ANTED.->A (bw more eustomert who 
can uppreelAle honu»t work and a perfect 
lit In boots and shoes, at prices within the reach 
otsll, by Allen Bailey, No. 170 CenUal street, 
Nichols and Fletcher's b lock. 


Ledgers and Journals 

FuU'bound iu Sheep. 30 cents per quire. 
at once before you lose them. 

5 and T Lee Street* 


l>elongs in Wcsllord, Mass., and Ishearu of^ 
iu our houses and streets, represenllug her- 
Bi'lf as very pi»or. She ha-< a house In West- 

ford aud a year ago was in 
money lo get into the Old Ladies' 

Taunlon asking 

fet into the uui Ladies' Home in 
Taunton Garette. It is suspedcd 
that this paragraph refers to a woman who 
forwd Jierself upon the attention of the be- 
nevolent In this ciiy about « year ago. 

The seven vacancies in the membership of 
the Ves|>er Boat club were filled last nigbi 
from 28 applicants bv the choice of Measrs. 
Fred P. Marble, Gus' W. Salmon, Charles A. 
Mitchell, Waller H. Bu cher. Mat*. M. Bat- 
on, H. Kirk White and Fre«l A. Burnhsm. 
The constitution was amended by striking 
out an article providing that five negative 
votes should reject no appllcunt, and substi- 
tuting a requirement for election, tlie affirm- 
alive vote of two-thirds ot the members pres- 

The Pacific mills of Lawrence are making 
extensive Improvements and alterations dur- 
ing the "shiii down," and, among others, a 
model picker house is being.built. The Kit- 
son Machliie company of I his city have re- 
ceived an order for the complete outfit of the 
new building, consisting of filtecn of their 
latest improved openers and tappers, with 
patent trunk connictions. «even new sec- 
tions Willi patent bealers will also be at- 
tached to the old lappers now in use, and the 
Clarke A Perham evener will be generally 

Among the many pk^asant social aiTairs of 
last night was a visit of 8. A. Marsliairs 6nn- 
day scliooi class at Paige street chui*ch to his 
home In Baehelder's coorl. The company 
enjoyed the visit greallv. The same Is true 
of ihc class of Mrs. W. II, Sinllh, of the 
same school, who, to the nunib< r of 46, were 
entertained at her home on Dover street yes- 
lerdav afternoon. She has taughl 14 years, 
and the kcholurs, who are all young, graduate 
when something over 10 years. Sixteen who 
arc about lo leave lite class gave Mrs. Smith 
a silver butler dish, spoonboUler and idtch- 
er l)clorc separating. Mis»eti Etta and Ella 
Simpson received a call from about 50 of 
their schoolmates at their home on Dutton 
street last night and t»oih received presents. 

The Home for Young W(»men and Chil- 
dren is doing Kueli a good work that it de- 
serves generous support, and it is u pleasure 
lo note the lact, as ihc matron's report, 
which appears in another column, does, that 
It Is receiving substantial aid from many 
friends. One or two of ilie recent gills de- 
serve a special woril. Treasurer W. K. Bar- 
rows of the Willlmanllc Thread company 
was In the city n lew days ago, and one of the 
most zealous frieuds of tlie Home happened 
to meiilfon to him her endeavors lo secure a 
dozen spools of Wiliimantic thread at a 
recent bargain sale tor Ihe Home. The work 
of the iuslitution was discussed, and Mr. 
Barrows promised to supply the thread de- 
ficiency, and on his return to WilliinHndc 
forwarded the very generous gift of 15H 
dozen spools. As a fine supplement to ihls 
prize came two pieces of clotli from Agent 
Cumnock of the Boott. The Home is now 
well provided with cloth and tbreail, and if 
any generous soul is moved to complete the 
good work by presenting a sewing macbine 
and a paper of needles the gilts will be 
thankfully appreciated. 

Police Co*rt. 

May 4.— George W. Hobart, threatening 
his wife, ordered in $1000 to 12lh insL An- 
nie Annis, Nssau'tiiig Elizabeth Mahan, con- 
tinued lo May 8th. There were four flues 
for drunkenness. 


Citrrie R. Farrar died at No. 248 Middlesex 
street today, aged 18 years. She was a nalivc 
ol .Jaiiesville, Wiseon«in. 

Freilerick W. Mevis died at No. 7 Lh- 
gr .iige street yesterday, aged 16 years. The 
remains arc lo be taken to Millurd, N. Y., 
fui interment. 

Ira O. liradlord died in Brooks court, off 
Wdlie street, yesterday, aged 31 years. 
Greece in Her Olorjr. 

When Greek meets Greek then comes the 
tug of war; when Greek meets Englisli then 
tliu Greek is apt to bu viinqiiished. Sueli 
eamo near being Ilie case with i'rof. Leo'sa- 
kos In his lecture on Greece last niglit. His 
want of fainiliaritv with Bnglish made his 
talk rather I'aintuI to listen to, requlrtn? 
more attention on the part of tlie aiidieiiee In 
order lo uinlerstaiid itihin average hearers 
are disposed lo give. This defect, which was 
unavoidible, aiid (he indifferent merit of 
some of his views, piclurisi and mental, 
which mlglit have been avoided, delracted 
Irom the inlereal which otherwise the Inet- 
ure was calculated lo excite. The audience 
filled the hall, and was one uf the finest gath- 
ered this season, and wurlby the liest efforts 
ol'any lecturer. There was much in the lect- 
ure that was frivtdous and absurd, an<l a 
good deal that was valuable. Most of the 
views were very fine, and in his descriptions 
Ihe lecturer gave many facts of Interest. He 
nciled a portion of the CE lipus Tyraimus of 
Sophocles in thn original, and the fluency ot 
his utterance wm; in marked contrast with 
his delivery of English. 

The stereoptlcon was not well adapted to 
the purpose, and cause«l a good deal of 
trouble for which the young men operating 
it could not be blamed. It waa not provided 

Ward Three Fish Market. 

J. A.. B^KER. 

Has removed trota No. 7 Broadway, where he 
has been located for about tour years, to 

242 Qorham Street, 

Where, in a building erected by him eape- 
cUlly for the purpose, he bus every fiusillty 
lor serving oustouiers with everything usually 
found In a flritt class fish market at reasonable 

Nfin fllliticttijsmunttf* 






Offer the following bargains witliout comment. THE PRICES 

SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. Neyer before so 

GOOD TALUE for the money. 

. Never Such Low Prices^* 

Never Snch Attractions f»r Clothing Buyers as we offer today. W 

Every garment is on our tables today, but we do not guarantee 
it to be there ten liours hence. Our sales of seventy suits In 
tiiirly minutes, as during our immense sale last fall, show how oar 
business is done. The early buyers gecure the bargains. 


Swan and daughter of this 

C. Morgan ul Portsmouth, N. H., are also to 

tiilie passage on the same steamer. 

Mr. Keely, son of the distinguished arehi- 
teciof Brouiilyn, who designed St. Patriek'n 
church and the church of the Immacujate 
Conception, was in the city yesterday t<5 talk 
over the proposed parochial school which 
the Oblate prie»ts intend to build on Moody 
street. Work will probably not begin until 

Miss J. J. Finn, for many years the so- 
prano in St. Patrick's church choir, will re- 
sume the position Sunday. She relinquished 
(be place temporarily liefore Christinas. 

In consequence of bis engagements at 
Washington, Qeiierul Smalls will not be able 
to visit Lowell on the coming anniversary of 
the capture of The Planter, hut will visit 
Lowell at a later day ; perhaps some weeks 

Alexander M. Abels of this citv has been 
chosen a n)einl>er of the Jewish Jielief com- 
initlee for Massachusetts. He will co-oper- 
ate with the other members of the committee 
in procui'ing employment and otherwise a^i- 
sisiing Jewish refugees. 

Concert mt Appleton Street Church. 

Nearly four hundred were present al the 
concert la>t night in the Presbyterian church, 
gotten up by Ihe Kev. Roliert Court, as the 
concluding part of a series of entertainments, 
the proceeds of which are to be applied lo 
the church debt. Mr. Court presided and in- 
troduced the artists peribrming. Vocal se- 
lections were given by Messrs. Holt and Mar- 
tin, Misses E<lilh Pierce, Grace D. Paul, L. 
A. Martin and Durning. The contralto so- 
los by Miss Martin were very tustefullv ex'-- 
cuted. Miss Alice M. Esly seemed to be the 
reigning favorite ol the evening. Her I'en- 
dering of The Daisy and Esmeralda showed 
distinctness of enunciation, clearness of 
tone, niiirkediy so in sosteunto passages, 
with flexibility and powers of execution 
which give promise of greater excellence for 
this rising young soprano, and which won 
lor her most enthusiastic encores. For her 
recalls she gave a verse of Twickenham 
Ferry and The Bailiffof Islington's Daugliler. 
Miss Amy Maker read Longfellow's King 
Koltert of Sicily with a fine, intelligent ap- 
preciation of the poetry and that practised 
ahilily which gives elfest to what she so well 
understands and feels. Her humorous se- 
lections were irresistibly amusing — Iter 
dialect selection eliciting a unanimous 
encore. In responding to which she 
gave her imitative echoes of 
Street Cries. Miss Lizzie Macarlhur 
gave Robin Adair with variations as a piano 
Molo. and secured the ear and heart of the 
audience, who insisted on her reappearance. 
For so young an artist Miss Macarlhur ex- 
hibits a tirmness and accuracy of touch, an 
exactness of lime and a delicacy of taste that 
give augury of her more than ordinary fu- 
ture excellence. Messrs. Hatch and Barrett 
gave with great acceptance several pieces on 
the guitar and harmonica, and received an 
encore. Mr. Rogers recited a humorous piece 
failed Jack and tl^ Jew. Mrs. Hunt, the 
organist of the church, played Fanfare on 
the or^an as a prelude and proved a skilful 
accompanist. The whole affair was very 
enJo> able from the great variety in the pro- 

Smith's Model Fruit Store. 

To obtain a flrst-class article, especially lb 
fruit and confectionery, is a matter of con- 
hiderable difficulty, yet there are dealers in 
all cllies of any consequence, whose sole aim 
is lo keep only what are known as fresh, 
whole>omc, and substantial good-i, and for 
the bcDclit of those of our readers who are 
not already aware of the fact, we might say 
that one of the most popular and reliable es- 
tablishments or lids kind in this section of 
the state, is that of F. W. Smith, whieb is lo- 
cated at 47 Merrimack street. Mr. Smith 
Is both n wholesale and retail dealer 
in pure confectionery and foreign and 
domestic fruit of all kinds, his goods in 
this direction being noted for their 
ff rst-claMs qualities, while bis prices are as 
moderate and reasonable as those of any sim- 
ilar concern in the state. He takes a pride 
in the good name his establishment holds 
throughout this vicinity, as a place where 
fruit and confectionery can l>e obtained lliat 
will give satisfaction in every Instance. Mr. 
Smith transacts a large business, and one 
Ihat is constantly increasing, which he has 
built up solely on the good merits of the arti- 
cles he furnlsbet to bis customers, and as a 
first-tdass store of its kind we heartily com- 
mend It to the favorable attention of our 
readers.— [Business Houses of Lowell. 

A nice kid specie purse, lined with chamois 
akin, for 10 cents, is one bargain we offer. 
Come in and look at them. C. I. Hood A 
Co., druggists, opposite poat office. 

citv and Mis a "^'**^^^''''"''"'^'^'"^^"^'''^*'''™**^ ^''"■''^"•^^^ ' 
».ii._ , n I I uiB. /I. Q^^g^. people are prone to condemn a tbina be 

It. But 

lore tliey understand It. But t6 tbe patients 
who dally take the exercise and are regsining 
lost health aud strength thereby, It Is a genuine 
curative. Keader, never prejudge a thing be- 
tore you know about it, but, ft you are siok and 
have tried medicines without being cUted, quit 
it, and go and try the Health-Lift a week tree. 
41 Merrimack slreet. 

JPyea* Shtui and Maeksrel 

at Whitman's, No. 27 East Marrlmaok 
Alto lobst- rs, oysters and all kinds of 
smuked and salt flsh. 


The Magee standard parlor is looUag better 
than ever. Tbe Magee adyanoed range and Van- 
daiM are flrst-elass. Call and aae the Magaa 
■ta. Jard portable low down grata, U Markat 
atreel, M. J. Wtor a Oe. 


ORTGAGERS' 8AL.K. — The mort- 
gage) g' Httle of tbe preiniiieM described in a 
certain uiortga);e given by John E. Uyah to John 
C. Franck, Chester U. Qravet and tiarritun W. 
Huguley. dated June ist, 1881, and recorded in 
the registry ot deeds, northern district, lor the 
County of Middlesex, r notice of which was duly 
publUued in the ix)well Daily Courier on the 7th, 
lUh aud 2Ut of April last past, was, on the day 
named In said notice tor said sale, adjourned to, 
and the said premises will be ^old at public aao- 
tlou on Monday, t\v eighth day of May Instant, 
at two o'clock lu the afternoon, upon the premi- 
ses descrit>ed in said notice, all aud singular the 
premises therein described aud In aocordance 
with tbe terms tkere contained. j 


Lowell, May 1, 1882. 
________ __ W. E. POT fEB, Anctloneer. 



stock Broker, will have a sale of stocks and 
—bonds on — 

Wednesday, May 10th, at 7 p. m.. 

Which will include Merchants, Old Lowell, First 
National, Kailroad and other hanks, and Lowell, 
Merdmack, Appletoii Manufacturing companies, 
Itc., Htc., and Lowell Telephone company. 

12&Pair&IAen's.MQys'BlaciLRlbk6d Pan^^ 

AdTertlsed as '•very cheap at ninety cents." We offer for 

"^3S '— ' 

200 Pairs Men's Light Cassimere Pants, 

Three entirely new styles. One of them a heayy Canada 
Gray. Worth every cent of two dollars, at 

40 Young'Men's Light-Colored Spring Suits^ 

Hade trom a neat ptrlped cassimere. Have never been sold 

below six dollars, at 

$3.00 Jk. SUIT. 

41 Toimi Hers LU aud Heiii Colored Sprli Suits. 

"^ stylish Cassimeres. Desirable goods. Well made and 
well trimmed. Worth eight dollars, at 

Parties wishing to sell any stocks or bonds 
can have them added to the list by notifying Mr. 
Kidder n*. his offlce, 

Room 9, IVj^mait'e Exehnnace. 



One Nioht Only. 



In ber celebrated impersonations, suppbrfed 
TON RU.SSKLL and a specially se- 
lected dramalio company. 

An entire new play, written expressly for Mas. 
gie Mitchell, by deo. F. Fuller, esq. (Mahistick). 


Cora, the Little Savage Maggie Mitchell. 

Produced with every care and attention to de- 
t>ll. Seats secured at box offloe Monday, May 8. 


— AHD- 


The only reliable place In Lowell. Qaallty of 
work and prices cannot be beaten. Horse and 
WHRon covers, fligs, bout covers, sails, tents, fcc, 
made in the best mRnner. One dozen letters 
jt'KEE. Orders received by telephone. 

John Brannet, 118 Middlesex St. 



The Dramatic Event of the Season I 



Made from a neat dark mixed cassimere. Stylish, dressy. A per^ 

feet beauty. A bran new lot from 34 to 44 breast. 

Worth eight dollars, for only 

#4:.30 JL SUIT. 


A new style, medium weight <5assimere. Never shown 

here before and worth twelve dollars, at 

#0.00 A. SUIT. 


Hade from best all-wool Sayles' cassimere, lasting lined. 
Splendidly made. An immense bargain. 

teen dollars, at #S.OO 

Worth four- 

70 MEN'S 


OriclBal and Onljr Anthorised Dualtc* 

In their great American Pl«y, 


Aa produced by them to crowded boosea and 
•nlhoslastlo audiences in all the principal eittes 
orAmeriea, England, Ireland ana Bcotiaad, oter 

1900 TIMBS IMO. 

A Urand Snceess in two Hemiipbcres. 
The People Ullarioas In Approval. 
The I'rcM L-.Tlsb In PraUe. 

BeaaUful Heenorr, Original Mwta. 
btartlluf and tteailstie KMmU. 
DontniM It or you'll regret It. Popalar 
priee*— Mt BO mm* T0 ••■I*. SmU on mU« nt 
E. ▲. Encf^ M iMie ttor*. 


Lined with fine lasting made with welted seams. Just out of ihe 

workrooms. New colors. Perfect goods. Held as cheap 

at fifteen dollars by others, we offer at #0.00 



Made from a new stylish light mixed cassimere. Sizes from 9 to U. 
Long pants. Never offered below seven dollars^ at 






■ «7 

One-Price Clotliierai, 


■ A 


V ' > 




Cb( l^ell Qailp Courier. 

FBIPAT, MAT 6, 1882. 


....Tbe treM are nolually begloniDgto 
wtke up. 

....aeoeral Onnl ii flxlj. He wm al- 
w%y» forte. 

....It cdk^ BaiDUiu •S&OO for Jumbo's 
passage across, but T. T.'wiil make tbat up 
on bis red IcmoDado the first hot day.— [De- 
troil Froo Press. ^ 

....Try a newspaper over the chest be- 
neath your vt'Hl iB extreme cold weather, 
says Foot's Monthly. Earth has few ail- 
ments which a newspaper will not prevent. 

....Dlfecussionby two politicians— "So you 
are still fixed in your aspirations toward the 
triumph of repiibllcanismy*' "Ay, I ami I 
stand here for compulsory education, the ob- 
ligatory ballot— in fact, for the regime of 
oonipleto and absolute liberty !"— [Imported 
from France. 

....The paper-pattern fiend who calls on 
"uewFpapef offlces for u few exchanges, to be 
used in bis family (or cutting paper patterns, 
always wants papers of tlie latest dates. He 
probably has a notion Ibat the latest style of 
patterns can only be cut from the latest pa-' 
pert.— [New Orleans Picayune. 

....At the debut of Madame Materna at 
the New York musical festival Mr. Theodore 
Thomas, in behalf of the chorus, presented 
ber with a horae-ahoe which was oast from a 
bone's boof on ber entrance into the city. 
It i« a sign that Materna will be 04||t at onoe 
in tbe role of a suoooaaftil debutante. 



Nets 9bbertU(emmt0. 



More flm for the people. More bargains for the 
multitude. More loss for the manuflact- 
urer. More trouble for our competitors. 
More rush tor the Middlesex. In short, 
MORE, MORE, MORE for the money in 
good reliable clothing than ever before. 

Mary Fratis, as, WM struck by a train 
Taanton Wednesday nod faudiy Injured. 

A live seal, weif^lng 1000 pounds and 8 
(tot long, WM onptured on Salisbury beach 

Tbe Boston polioe ottoera are now eom- 
pelted to wear upott the sleeves of all coats 
one Btripe for every live years of service.. 

•*Lli" Wade, a notorious character of New- 
boryport, has spent 12 of tlie 84 Veara of her 
life In prison. > She has appeared in the prls- 
ODfr'a dock of tbat city alouA^ times. 

Theodore Munter, aged %\ was caught in 
tbe baiting of a stone mill in South Adams 
Wednesday night, and was carried to the 
ibalUng, rtvolvlug 80 times a minute. He 

The hUtoric "big elm" in Springfield, one 
of tbe largest trees in tbat region, has been 
out down. It was a few months older than 
tbe national government, and was 27 feet in 
eircamference at tbe small^at part. 

Mary Burns was given two bottles of med- 
icine, one for external antl the other tor in- 
ternal use, at the Eye and Eur infirmary in 
Boston Wedneaday, but by mistake drank 
the one Intended for external use, and was 
badly polMoned. She may recover. 

The Lynn drusrgists urged upon the city 
council tbe propriety of granting them sixth- 
clMS licenses, claiming tbat the vote of "no 
license*'' was not intended to exclude drug- 
gists from the privilege of selling alcoholic. 
liquors for raediclnsi purposes, but the alder- 
men refused to make tbe concession, and 
Lynn is consequently very mucb a "no li- 
cense" city. 

A mortgage was discharged at Boston 
Wednesday, which illustrates tbe tremen- 
• dous profits made by money lenders who 
charge usurious rates of Interest. On Jan. 
(Kb. 1870, a woman borrowed f6a0, for which 
abe paid five per cent, per month up to 
Weonesday, when she handed the money 
lender his principal. The total amount of 
tbe Interest was 94680. 

GoBCreas o» Ttkundmy, 

In the Senate Mr.Voorhees's resolution for 
•n Investigation Into his alleged connection 
with the whiskey ring was Indefinitely post- 
poned, several members expressing entire 
confldenoe<in Mr. Yoorhees's integrity and 
tbeir belief that an Investigation was un- 

The bill repealing the disqualification for 
army service imposed upon ex ron federates 
came up in order, when Mr. Rolllns's pend- 
ing motion to commit to the Judiciary com- 
mittee prevailed by a party vote— yeas 90, 
nays 28, Mr. Davis of Illinois voting yea. 
wltb tbe reptiblicans. Mr. Mabone also voted 


Tbe chair announced his signature to tbe 
Chinese bill, which now goes to the Presi- 
dent. A resolution was passed authorizing 
tbe floanue oommlttee to inquire into the laws 
i«gulatlng the payment of overdue, lost or 
itolen United States securities. Tbe court of 
appeals bill was also further considered. 

Tbe entire session of the House was con- 
lamed in discussing the tariff commission 
bill, the principal speeches being made by 
Messrs. Candler, Brlggs, McLane and Mer- 
it Is agreed that the debate on the * tariff 
bill sbalT close today. _____ _. 

Tike liOfflslature. 

Tbe Senate discussed tbe Worcester sewer* 
age bill, and finally substituted Mr. Jennlng's 
bill (or a general law by a vote of 18 to 17. 
An effort will be made to reconsider tbe 

In tbe House Mr. Allen of Lowell presided 
in tbe absence of the speaker. The day wm 
devoted to debate upon the question of per- 
mitting Cambridge to take wnter fh>m the 
Bbnwabeen river. By a vote of 75 veM to isa 
nnyi th« House revised to admit tbe bill of 
Mr. KIcflfsley of Cambridge and adopted the 
report of tbe committee, tbat the whole mat- 
tar be rtftorrad to tbe next leglslatura. 

Why net lnt«rMt yourself In your family 
•zpeDSMr Tou oaa make a grant aaving by 
uafng BoMb'a aoapa. 

LOT NO. l—Porty Men's Suits, advertised 
as a ''suit usually sold at $10 or $12," claimed to 
be sold at 'less than cost," and a wonderM 
bargain at $5.00. Our price 

$3.00, $3.00 for an Entire Suit! 

Ooat, vest and pants. A neat pin check pattern. 

LOT NO. 2.— Forty Men's Suits, called all- 
wool and sold by benevolent new comers "not 
to make money, but to realize cash, at $7.50." 
Our price 

#4.00 Per Suit! 

#4.00 Per Swlt I 

LOT NO. 3.— Fifteen lines of Strictly All- 
Wool Suits, made and trimmed in the best man- 
ner, worth for any one to wear $12 to $15 per 


#T.C50 Per Suit I 

07. SO Per Suit I 




The Dramatic Event of the Beaton! 



Ori«liialau4 Onljr AwtborlMd DmsiUs 


In their great Auerieaa Flay, 


As produced by them to crowded houaea and 
enthunluHiic Hudlencfit Id all the orlDclpal cttlea 
of America, England, Ireland and £kiOtland, over 

1«UU TIMBB moo. 

A Uraiiil Succeas In two Hrmlapberea. 
Xtiti IVople Hilarloua in Approval. 
The I'reaa L viali in Praise. 

IteHUtiful Scenery, Original Moalo. 
blartliiig aud KeuUatic Effecta. 
Don't rnisa It or you'll regret It. Popular 

Brlci-K-SS, 90 and TB eciata. SeaU on sale at 
I. A. Kugg'a Maalo Store. 




Commenclns M^adaF KTenlmc Max 1» 
cndliag Saturdajr ■▼•»in||, Mar A. 

These are not thrown out as leaders. Our whole 
stock at equally low prices. 

Our Boys' Department. All- Wool, ALL-WOOL, 
we mean ALL-WOOL, Boys' Sailor Suits 
^ $L00 per suit* ~ 

Blouse Suits at $2.50, $3.00 and $4.00 per suit, 
worth double. 

Hard times for the clothing business, but 
"we still live," and you can buy lower of us 
than any other firm in Lowell. Why? Because 
our stores in Boston and other cities retail an- 
nually over $2,000,000 more than any other 
one firm in the United States. 


American Hoiise Slock, 

88» 90 AND 92 CENTRAL ST&EET, Lowell, Mass. 

Grand Competitive Exhibition 




Ererj BTenioar, and Saturday Afternoon. 

It la the Intentloa ot tb« manacanAot to make 
the d'-aing week oa« of pleaaare to the patroaa, 
ard to that eud CoaatlnHowa Muato 'will be 
fteraalahed bjr Two Batada. 

The evening aeasiona will oontlnoe until 10.90. 
Eaoh evening at 9 o'oloek, oompetltlve ezblbl- 
tiona for prlcea will take place. 

Thursday evening, May 4, for aaiatea between 
12 and Id yeara of age. 

FrUay evening. May ft, fl>r maatera between 12 
and It years of age. ^„ . ^ . 

Satarday, May 0, matinee fhwn 2 tUl 4.30; JUTe- 
nilo exhibition at 3.30, 12 years and under. 

Satarday 4ev«'nlng, presentation of prises, and 
grand exhibition by tUe winners of the prises. 

N. B. To avoid any misunderstanding, toe gen- 
eral skating will oonttnue erery evening as asnal 
throBghthe werk. An Intermission of about 
half an hour from 9 o'clock for the rxhtbltion. 

The management will seleet a competent and 
lmp«r<M «Qm|k)ttee to award the prlMS. 

BENJ. CLOUQH, JB.. Manager. 

^el0 ^3iXbm\»tmcnt», 



45 Merrimack Street, 

Offer some barKninn that cannot 
be approached by any store in 

Large size Wooden Pails, 10c. 

Clothes Pins, 8 dozen for 10c. 

DoTor Egg Beaters, 21c. 

Bteket Flonr SioTCS 21c. 

Glass Rolling Pins 25c. 

Water Closet Paper 10c. a 
package, wir6 loop. 

Fail Wash Boards, 10c. 

Job lot Pearl Buttons 10c. a 

After seeing the happy smiles lighting up the countenances of our de- 
lighted customers, we at length cannot withstand the contagion, and mnst 
smile, too. As the sky looks auspicious, we announce for our first smile, 
our.second and final. opening of 



We display on our glove counter today over 100 new and elegant 
styles, with lace wrist, frill wrist, musqnitaire wrist, button wrist, two, 
three and four elastic wrists, and six, eight and ten-hook (Foster lacing) 
wrists, in silk taffeta, lisle, gauze lisle, and Berlin goods. ^^ 

We have 100 dozen 1 elastic Gloves, usually sold at lOc, which we 
shall offer until sold, at 5c. a pair only; also grades at 13 1-2 and Ifto., 
with laoe wriste, which are usoally sold at 25o. ; but we call especia^ 
attention to a lot of 300 dozens, purchased from the retiring house of <A. 
T. Stewart & Co. of New York, an elegant quality of gauze lisle tbicad, 
and with finished fingers, whldi we place on sale today at 25o. a pair, « 
quality never before sold at the price— not ipeclally showy, but rej^lj 


We have also grades at 88, 85, 88, 41, 46, 50, 59, 62, 69, 74, 88, 87 
and 97c., our stock embracing by far tbe most elegant selection which we 
have ever offered. A special feature of pur gloves this Mason is that. 
every pair will be found to be PERFECT FITTING. ^ ; 

Having In past seasons experienced maoh annoyance flrom sliort flii^ 
gers in most of the lisle threads, we this year placed our special order 
early, and. got ^em ouViwith (M^gera pf a reapectable length, a^mallty 
which most ladies will highly appreciate. 

In Our Hosiery Department 

We are showing an assortment which we do not hesitate to say comprises 
more beautiful styles, more bargains and a greater selection than can be 
found in the entir^city all put together. Pretty strong^ language perhapi, 
but any lady who will take the pains to examine our stock thoroughly will 
be quickly convinced that what we say is strictly true. We call especial 
attention to our Misses' full-fashioned, fancy colored GERMAN HOSE, la 
all sizes, at 12 1-2 cents a pair, usual price 25c. Also, to our Ladles' and 
Misses' real LISLE THREAD HOSE, at 49c. and 75o., the latter for the 
beet quality imported, and elsewhere at $1.50 a pair. We have not room 
to say much about 

Lnneh Baskets 10, 20, 25, 83, 
50 and 75c. 

Baskets without covers 5c. 

Tooth and Nail Bmbhes 10c. 

Wire Tea or Coffee Pot Stands. 

Jfiipanese Parasols 5 and 10c. 

Bristle Brushes 25c. 

Pie Backs 42 and 50c. 

Large size Dinner Pails 20c. 

These can only be found at 


45 Merri mack Street. 

Hydraulic Cement Drain, 

Sewer and Culvert Pipe. 


9,4,8,6,8,9,10, 12, 10, IS and M Ineh bore 
(flann or bell-month pattern). 

This pipe Ii nne^aaiied bv aajr other In MBooth- 
neas, nnlFormity aud dnrabllitr, th« three taiost 
Meeatlal qoalltlM for a paraanant Mwar or 
drain. Also make 

OMaui«]r Plpa e mmtk 9 la. «la. 

Well Vtpm M ••« SO la. Mm, 

BralB work dMM bj experlmieed worka«a. 
MMMiMlonr. S«7 Gorhaa Mn**. 



But we would like to have every lady In LowelVcall at oar store and in- 
spect our elegant novelties, simply to convince her that at last she n»-r 
not .go to Boston to find a tasty, rich and handsome parasol. More, < 
earnestly entreat ladies before purchasing .the ordinary styles and qualiti«:» 
sold elsewhere in the city, to ee^ what a beauty she can secure at oor 
store. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." 

Daily bargains in every department of our crowded store. 

In every purchase we guarantee our every price to be as low as the 
lowest, and in most cases lower than the lowest price ouUide of our store. 
Ours is „__^_ _^ 

The Only Really Wide-Awake Fancy Goods 






' t( ' 





FBIDAY, ■MAT_8i_18M, 


nrnuuiATioBiAii lUMOAir 


Mar y- 

Mbran ■■«•■»«• Okrisi* 




woriu.— PMla 

OoMen ttxt 
taadar nierelM ar« 

•^EJin: ItorkTll-JH-tT. 


And Irom Iheiioe be troM. wd went tw 
Into tbe bordert of Tyre .nd 8ld««. Andh* 

knoW if and ho oould not be lild. Bui 

555 Jn uiicie»n .plrlt, h*\»«>I henrd of him. 
Sme and fell down »t bl» feet. N»r'^lJ« 
WMMn WM a Greek, a SyrophOJnlclan by 
liSI: And she brought him tbrt he would 
SSTforth tli devil oufot her dalWhler. And 

be said unlo her, Let the children 

flmt be 

filled : for U «"- >' ".^' '^Ci'" But 'IK^^ 
hrimd and ciwt ll to 1^? ,'^o'««- A"' r*even 
««vered and with unto bin). Yea, Lord, even 
the doXH under the table eat of '»« chndren'i 
erumbM. And he 8«ld unlo her, Forthia aay- 
uS «o Ihy way ; the devil la gone out of tby 
HuJhter. And «he went away u«ilo her 
ho!2e. and found the child laid upon >he bed, 

'^aXS" be" went out from the barder. of 
Tf^J; and came through Sldon unto the wa 
if OaUlee, through the mWat of the bordera 
5 dSI^Hh. And they bring unto him one 
that waadeaf, and had an Impediment In hit 
SSch: and iLey beaeecb h m toj^ty W. hajj 
BMn hU. And he took hira aalde from the 
Bi\dtitude privately, and put bU flngera Into 
hia eara, and he apat, and touched hit 
toMve: and looking up to heaven, he sljlhed, 
JSTiiti unta him. fiphphatha, that fi. Be 
dpened. And BU eara were opened, and the 
bond of hli« tongue was looaed. ""d he apake 
plelB. And he charged them that they 
ikould tell no man : but the mo™ he charpd 
theoi. ao much the more % great deal tuey 
BUblUhed it. And they were ^fyon^ °»«": 
«• Mtontahed, aavlog. He hath fowM 
Siloga well : be maketh even the deaf to hear 
kd the dumb to apeak. 


Onr Lord, having expoeed the rahi preton- 
of ritualism when righteouaneaa 1^ neg- 
iMted, and the wickedneaa of aetirng up 
mm'a tradltlona above the lawa of God, wlah- 
iBf rest and repose from HU labors and ar- 
dUMia atruggles with apurloua relTglon, de- 
pwtad Into or very near to the oountry ef 
the heathen. Leaving the ahorea of the aea 
^t Oalllee He nets out with the Twelve for 
the northwest, reaches the oountry of the 
Pbssolclans, in the region belonging to Tyre 
4hd Sidon, probably aomevrbere between 
those two famous clUes, there works a mlra- 
^ on the daughter of the Syro-Phoenlc an 
woman, returnn thence to Q»}}}^ by the 
Abiiiewbat roundabout route of SIdon, across 
br the base of Lebanon, towards CsBsarea- 
fWllpul, and so Into OuulonltU and the 
recion of the ten cliles— Decapolis, on the 
MStorn side of the Qalilean lake. A good, 
recently publUhed map will show the course 
of this tour In which the Saviour probably 
took by-ways rather than highways, deairlng 
fotravel Incognito— withbut special observa- 
tion. This U for the teacher and home 
gtodv ; in the class toke care not to occupy 

Sy^a. In dlstln«tU>n fr«jiaLyby.Phfliiil«Uj, 
M a Phmnlolan of the ooloay of JP*»»'«*'{5 
lettled In Lvbla, aprovlnoe of AfHoa. wooki 
tlien be called. By mee, then, a Canaaolte. 
by culture and language and foroier relig- 
ion a Greek, by pofcTilon aBoman aubU«^ 
•he In her own person reproaentod the three 
most dUllnguUhed branobea of the pagan 
world, b. ThU woman had beard of the 
Hebraw Healer. Love prompted her to trv 
Whether or not he would heal her Utile 
daughter who was voBod by a demo«< «• 
She accosted Hire out«lde of the house, oal- 
In? toHIm as Son of David, HU Mesalanlc 
name, to have mercy on her Jor ahe Identl- 
fles herwll with her child. H« heeds not or 
Mems not to heed Iwr ortoa. ?»•*»»•«' P'««,»P: 
Deal to Him to heal her and lei her go. Still He 
knswera not a word. All thU weleara from 
Matthew. Mark repreaeuts Him as at or 
In the house whither ahe aeems to have fol- 
lowed Him. She falla at HU foot, and be- 
•eeehes Uin to oast oat the demon f roa her 

*8.' The Reptdte. a. Jeaus. as was not 

wont with Hfm, •PP'f'nt'y "P^\».^»'* 1^1°^ 
an. Mark HU rebuff: 1. Let the children 
first be filled. 8. There Is reason In this— 
for it U not meet {kalon, w^l^j***"";"*) '^ 
take the children's bread and cast It to tie 
dogs-( literally, little doga). ThU uarable 
latobethu. underatflod: 1. The chddren 


are the bouse of Israel, God's chosen P«>P «! 
lowhom first grace U sent In the gospel, and 
who must be rrst supplied. There Is hope 

IhTgolden mimites of the half-hour allotted 

*^ * !._ AM MmtlAttltlAa Show 


on mere geoKmiJuy or antiquities. 
Christ. In this lesson are presented 
ers brought to Christ's notice by their friends, 
In one case showing us the power of Impor- 
tunate Intercession, In the other 

appeal for pity. _ 

L ThrPowbrofImpohtuhatbIhtbr- 

OB8SION. (Verses 14-30.) 

1. CircutMtanceM of fhtt Case. a. Je- 
sus had left the region near the Galilean lake, 
probably daperuaum, some time shortly aRer 
tbe Passover season, In the beginning of the 
third year of HU public ministry. 6. He 
bad come Into the borders of Tyre and SIdon. 
A learned dUpdie there is among the com- 
mentators whether He was actually within 
or Just without those borders. For the for- 
mer It is urged that in »be more correct and 
more ancient copies It Is said that be after- 
ward went through SIdon, and hence must 
have been in Phoenicia to reach SIdon. For 
the Utter view it U urged that In Matthew It 
it aald tbe woman "came out from those 
bor<ler«," hence across the borders to where 
Jesus was on the Gidllean side. It U easy 
lecondllng these vldws: at first JesuM 
Btopped on the Jewish side, close to the 
boundary line, In the house of some Hebrew 
host, and while He was there the woman 
came to Him; but afterward He went 
through PhoBnlcia to SIdon, and thence, as 
we have described already, back to the Sea 
of Galileo, c. He was there "not wUhIng It 
tobe known," deMliing strict privacy, and, 
therefore, Instead of doinz what He always 
Is aald to have done in Galilean cities— teach 
the people— He enters into a private house. 
Why did He not desire to bo recognized as 
iheNaznrene prophet and wonder-worker? 
His primary purpose W4is privacy and the 
peace that there is in privacy. The man Je- 
lus did not always fall back on the prescient 
power that dwelt within Him. Hence there 
IT no need of supposing that He went pur- 

posoly to meet the Syro-Phcenicltn woman ; | but surely not Invmn 
"^thatcame In course; but the human con- • -• -■^• 
BolouHness in Christ could not forecast It. 
Nor was It to escape the plots of the Jews, 
for HU time was not nigh come. But ll must 
have given great pain to the soul of Jesus to 
have on His soul the necessity of exposinK 
the hypocrisy of tbe Pharisees, and the task 
of doing It would agitate His extremely sen- 
sitive sSil. Hence His desire to gain a quiet 
retreat where, communing with God, with 
nature, and the loving though ignorant 
Twelve, He migbl be calmed and refreshed 
with the aweet rest and repose, d. His 
purpose was apparently frustrated: "He 
ioubl not be hid." Into Phflsnlcis, even near 
to old Tyre and SIdon, had the fame of Je- 
aus gone. "Tyre and SIdon— great Phooni- 
clan cities that bad been conspicuous forceu- 

turlea as centres of commerce and dpulence. 

(Morlson.) Heathen but highly cultured 
tiiey were known throughout the civlliied 
world SIdon U called the "flrat-born of 
Canaan," Its origin bein:? lost In dim antiqiJil- 
ty. Tyre, says Justin, was founded by the 
,8ldonians over 120Q yearn before ObrUt. 
• Hence Isaiah calls Tyro "the daughter of 
Zldon." (xxlli. 12.) Homer mentions 
SIdon as "the well-inhabited Sldnn." Tyre 
eclipsed Sidon for m.ignlflcence and power. 
It was "the stroiiK city" in the days of Josh- 
ua. (xlx.29.) Phoinicla excelled in letters, 
in philosophy. In astronomy, navlgutlon, 
ahlp-bulldlng, commerce snd raanufitctureH 
of glass and purple cloUiH. Our alphabet Is 
the old PbcBnloiao •Iphabct adapted to Latin. 
Tha Pboeoicians tracfed with Britain a thou- 
fg^nd yeara ere C0sar planted his eagles on Its 
soil. Wealth oorruptod Tyre and Sidon. He- 
brew prophets foretold their downfall; and 
now tne ruins of their magnlfleence prove the 
Hebrew Seriptorea <w, Jesus, In this 
Hdoa. known, appealed to as the anointed 
Son of David, healing the demonized girl. U 
■B Mtlelpatofy sign of HU gospel and HU 
Serwardi revealed to the Gentiles. 

gleaming In tbe word "first." t. The dogs 
ire tbe Qentllfs. ao esteemed by IheJews. 
wbo must wait for the crumba of grace and 
salvation. Not that Jeaus "Jf ••>'"»"* •'^ 
man aa a human creature U a dog, bat w try 
this woman He spenks In ohsracter »• « Jf*• 
"Lltlle dogs" also holds out a gleam of hope. 
6. The woman has genius, 'barpened by 
love too, then doobly qolok and ready. 8t»e 

deed It would be, only her la*t opportunity 
to secure her daughter's relief. She sees at a 
glance the whoUT,earlQga of tbe case, with 
rntellectual Insight, with ^JK^nuhw hu- 
ralllty. Tea, Indeed, it U ao aa 
thouliast spoken, Lord ; I am only a beatben 
dog. or daughter of the uncircumciaed oa- 
Sne, ibTJews with their higher privllegea 
of sitting at the fea»l of the gospel are tbe 
children of tbe klngdoBi, but the obiWreh, 
tbe little masters of the lltUe doga, that sit In 
expeeUnoy to fet aome, If It were only the 
crumbs, of their llttU roaatera' bread, the 
Mme br^ad U in erBihba. The Jews have 
the firat right; give me only 'he doga' por- 
ttoo. Here were wUdooa, humlHty, aukjeo- 
U«ntoGod,and acquUacenoe In HU w"'i 
and yet wlttal apertilaient faith expectant oj 
bleas'lng. c. ifcr retort extracted from 
C«riat wonderWg approval. I. »"?»J 
telUbowHe saldi^reat «• /by faith :S. 
Mark, giving P»tei»a venrfon, toH* how /esus 
aald : For thU saying go th v way ; the tU- 
moR baa gone oat •( Uiy daughter. Jeaus 
KcognixMand reward* In this very abU 
woman a fkllh. an earnaatiieis, a P^^ 
ance and an admlrabU genius ktodred to HU 
own. d. The promise of Christ was ful- 
filled. When the mother arrived at her 
Phoenician home, her poor, dear, darling lit- 
tle daughter, exhausted, but sane and 
sound, lay reposing upon tbe bed, fbr tne 
demon had gone out of her, and now ahe had 
peace and real. Faith In the mother had 
blessed the child. So a parent's faith dpea 
2vail Ibr a child— a troth too little believed. 

II. Thk Siuwt Appkai. to Chbut for 
Pity. (Veraes 81-87). . , .._ 

1. Where, o. Jeans left the place 
where He cured the woman's child, passed 
through Phoenicia, by way of Sidon. thence 
east by south toward GaulonltU, and ibence 
to DecapolU, as we have alreadv aald. Dr. 
Woolsey says that He went through "the 
SldonUn territory," but Meyer says SIdon 
the sllenti aever means the region but onl v the city so 
?^- named, b. Who knows but the purpose 
of this visit was silently to prepare them tor 
the commission He gave them In less than a 
year afterward to "teach all nations," to a 
Hebrew ear meaning "all the Gentllea.'' 
They gazed, as they passed, on 1 yre witn 
lu magnificence and wealth, Ite gorgeous 
rites of an impure idolatry, on SarepU with 
ill, memories of Elijah's flight and the wid- 
ow's barrel and cruse, on Sidon in ite glory, 
on tbe broad, blue Mediterranean and the 
sbipa bound for every known clime— to 
Greece, Rome and Spain, even to the dis- 
tant islands of Britain and Htbemla. All 
nations would have aflor all thU a fuller 
meaning to their provincial minds. Decape- 
11s, the region of ten cities as the name signi- 
fies, Farrar says stretebed on the east of the 
Jordan ft-om near Damascus on the north to 
the brook Jabbok on the south. ThU dU- 
irlct was mostly occupied by Gentiles. 
Here, too, was an antlolpstlon of His work 
among the Gentiles after HU ascension by 
what, In Cardinal Manning's words, may be 
called "tbe temporal mission of the Holy 
Ghost," Chrlsl's true vicar on earth. Here 
He cured the man who was domb. 

2. The Patient and His Frtends. a. This 
man had some person^* to take kindly interest 
in bim ; be, poor man, could not nee or hear 
of Jesus; but hU hearing friends learned 
where Jeaus waa and brooght him to the 
Healer, b. They betought Christ to heal 
their frUnd by laying on him the healing 
hand which they had seen with a touch heal- 
ing other cases of phylcal distress, c. ihe 
patient, too, waa eloquent In his silence. 
Deaf to all voices, with no voice of his own, 
he appealed to the pity in the heart of Christ ; 
It surely not in.vsin. There Is a dispute 
whether this man was a de»^niute or only a 
stammerer. Those who contend, like some 
modem controversialists, that the strict 
meaning of a word In classic Greek " 'i* 
only meaning In the New Testament, will be 
obliged to own that he was only a 8iHmmer>- 
er; but If Jewish uSage is to be taken Inta 
uccount, the man could not speak at all. lue 
Greek word mogitalon means hardly speak- 
ing, but the Jews wbo translated tbe Septua- 
ginl use It for the Hebrew word meaning 
dumb; and, therefore, IbU U Iho •«»«?««>''>« 
here, lor New Testament Greek is like thta 
of the Septuugiut. Slier, Dr. WooUey, Mao- 
lenr, Bloomtleld, Morlson, Farrar, Canon 
Cook, El llcott, are all against the view we 
have taken; but llie Septuagint, tbe Vulgate, 
Aqulla, Symmuchus, De Dleu, Meyer» Bp-* 
nestl, Ewald, Riddle, Weiss, Liddell and 
Scott give it the sense of dumb, speechless, 
which seems to be the sense given to the 
word by Qrcek-speaking Jews. Dumb 
though he was his appeal had influence with 
Jesus; tbe man himself was tbe best plea 

foriaercy. . ^ , . ,. 

8. The Stem of the Oure. a. Jesus look 
bim aside privately, that the man himself 
might be entirely composed and undisturbed, 
and so fix bU whole attention on bis Healer. 
b. Tbe manner of the cure was, as Meyer 
says, en rapport. Into lull sympathT, with 
the Physician, ao that the man would never 
think of hU cure without thinking of Him 
who performed that cure; and, alnoe the ap- 
parent means were In tbemaelvea of no pow- 
er to eflect the cure, t1}e n^an would be oom- 
pelled to believe that Christ's power had 
done all. 1. By putting the fingers In the 
man's ears and moUtonlog hU tongue with 
saliva, OhrUt IntlBiates that He ean open the 
closed eara and m4ke tbeftlffioiifue flexible. 
It was the only way that He laould tell the 
man this. S. Tbe look to heaven meant that 
the power to heal oanM from God; and while 
It was Christ's aign of ptayar to tba Fatbtr it 

nanTbow sad 4a tbia 9a«^aUla« bow ipMh 
aaddar thoae wbo bava aara to bear mmI «mi*C 
hear tbe words of tmib, aai who bava 
toocaea 10 apeak and uaa tbOM U Mvlla; 
eurw. lie,, utter •)thF worda! TMa alffb 
thus la our great and nobia broCbai*a atgn of 
sympathy with our aorrowi'Mid aOThrlnn 
and of ffls grief for the aina .tbat OMM M 
pala and woe. 4. The word Bpbpbatha is 
an Aramean form of the Hebrew \fonl qtoan- 
lug be thou open, from pal««*. a vary eon* 
mon verb. ThU ward batraya Petor*a praa- 
enoe at the scene, e. The eteoto were in- 
stantaneous. The man's aara wafa un- 
alopped ; he apake plainly, oorreatly. 

^^ie Charge, a. Jeau« fwbada them 
to speak of tbe miracle. WhyF 1. It»|Kbt 
be to prevent tbe man firom iMbblIng of U In- 
stead of quUtly thanking God. 1. U nlf^t 
be that lis did not wish to brinf HIniMlf 
promlnentlv In notice In that ragtoa. 6. But 
they did not keep It qutet, but seemed more 
eagerly to publUh it everywliera afOOBd. «. 
The reault waa aatonUhment at the wonder 
and praise to the atonder-worker. !• They 
approve the means employed: Ha dooUi all 
tidnga well. Tbe cbureh of Kona^boiiM by 
tbe fetter of the history , uses saliva In oartaln 
ceremonies In Imitation of Jeaus, whUsb oth- 
er churches have not followe<l. S. They in- 
timate that the man was really a deaf-tniute : 
He maketh both tbe tieaf to bear, and the 
dumb (alaloua, speechless one^ to apeak. 
He doeth all things well I The soul lie aavaa 
aavs so; the whole of HU mlMlon taatlflaa to 
thU elfcot; It will be the loud acclaim at 
Judgment, and salnU will aing U la heaven 


anih In ftet, e? eryone ehould 
undentMid tlie Ttlne of that 
dellcloiis food sonree— SBA 
MOHSFAKINB. Itisprodne- 
ed by In? fotl? e aUU ttom Uie 
nniriUovs Irish 8m Mots, and 
i8, withont exception, tlie best 

SBTftlidi^ Food and most nseftil 
asis for light wholesome Ibod 
and dessens now in ezistenee. 
For pnddings. Jellies, ereams, 
bUne manseavid other ti^o 
delieadeMhe MMoss Far|io 
excels ererythtng knownvaad 
in the sick room It is simply 

aMltltt CmL 


CHliF If R ciw 

!•«• • ear** • o^aeeaa 

• ••••••• oeos*^ 

Laakawanaa, Wblta Aab 
stove SUM 

Hat .....•.........•••••• 


•• aaaaaae •• 


•••••aa •••mmmm»**»»»*9» 

*»%••••••••• aaaaoaa 


T •• 

LdUgh, bvofcea aad agg sUea ••• ' •• 

Dtoeonat Ibr Ash whea ordwed or daUveead 

tt eeats per tea. 
Also Wear. Corn. Oaia and MMdltais ways 


Ordeia left at the ««Sw*5!t J^-^-*. 

to. - 

■Mb mH Ci«L 

. X.BWI8 it SO 






W«tMler/WI J*( 
Whea a medldae perftynaa sneh earea aa Kid- 
aey-Wort U oeostaBtly doing. H asay truly bo 
•aid to have wMid*rfal povsr. A cavpeater la 
MontfOBsry, VI., had sa»<re« far at^t yeaia 
frwnth. worst of kWaeydiaeasea, and had bMB 
wheUy bu»a»a«4Utad for work. Ha aaya. "Oaa 
box made a new saaa of sb«, and 1 alasaraly be 
lleve It win restore to health all that are siasl 
Uriy alfilstad." It U aow sold la both ll«ald aad 
dry forss.— [Daabury N««s. , 

■t UM L rami, IF IfM. MH. 

Coal and Wood. 


Have laawved trom earaw Onitral aad Horth 
•Ueato to tbalr aaw yard, 

M. VI aia« TS OHAmUW •»■«*.. 

Uwis 4 Bon, 60, 71, 73 Oharlei Btioit 

Oidfta by voatal eard will reaelva proasp« a»i 
^iSaSra leeetved for •KpreaalBg and Jobblag. 



Caaalaatir «• haad, al lawee 


Bead la yoer orders by laeaseager, asall «r tol« 
•phoae aad they wUI r««e<ve prompt atteatleo. 

Alao WM«t 

"^Jl 4}9uvh, C»Ui or Oor* 

•boold b« stopped. Nsflert tfqunttj reaalts 
la •• laearaWe laag dissase or eoaauapttoa. 
order th. Btomaob 1U» ooagh syrapa aadbal- 
•una. bat act dlrwHly oa the laflaaad partt. al- 
laylai IrriUttoa. give reUef to Astbaaa. Broa- 
sMlls, Oeagba. Caurrh. aad ihe Throat hroables 
whieh singers aisd pabUe apeifcoia ai^aalle^ to. 
For thirty years Browa's Bronchial Troebas have 
bMB ieeonuasad«l by pkyaUtaaa. and always 
give pwteet satlsflsetioa. Haviag beea tested by 
wide aad eoaeteat use for aearly aa eatlre geaer> 
atoa, ibmj have attained well-meittad laak 
amoBg (he few staple rensedtos of tho age. 
■t » ouits a boa 




iter Jb 0«.*a, tl 

Tord and Elerator— 408 Oorhom Btnot. 



WholasaU aad retail dMler la all klada of Waa»> 





ciUI.!.* AMD 

BBoas' Liver Ba^iiaV 
or soon breaks the 
Chills aisdearrtes the 
Fever oat of tba sys- 
tem. It earse when 
all oUer reasadles 

ACBB.~Fo» the re- 
lief and enre Of this 
dlstresaiag aflUttoa 
Ilrer KegBUtor. 

later wilt pAlttvely 


ItwUlcurs •Btlrdy U»« wotaS f«n 
pWrts. •■ -Mitla. »wab»->;--MJ?» 

■plBkl Wnlrmss, aad Is »Mt*«itariy ada 

Obaaa* •tU'a- 
II wUl «ls«>iv« wmI««»*1*«»^*"*~***''*'T"^ 

js Ooal9 

Alae nae, Oedar aad Sfraee Shla^ea, 
bMkids, Laths, Fcaee Ptoketa, Posts, *•. 






PtaahMb MaleMag aad Bawftag < 

Oo^Bor of Book bud Mt. Yoraon Btnotf, 


M. C. Pratt & Co. 


•asart ea 

enre tliia terrible disease, we 
ally what we know to be trne. 

OOMiTIPATIOlf shenld not be ^Nf^***; 
a triflag attasent. Nature deaauds the aiasjet 
regtelartty of the bowels. Therefore 
tor* by taklDg BiniBBoni' Liver 
barmlasa, asUd aad efbetaal. 

assist K^ 

Begahitor. It is 


Mdy SfaeotdwIoyM i « . Ib^tiartsanySo 


(oratlaHdMli, ••* r»U>T«aw— >m M e**^ •*■■""■ 
II .am DJoiato.. a«d«eb«. ^"^T^^^'^^S^ 
0«Mm DsMUiar. "' ■ ■ — ■ D"i"0B aaa lau- 



Waald faUiae attaaUoa of 

I to their large alask af 

PILBB.— Relief Is at hand for thoae who aafr 
fcr day alter day with PUea. It has «ared haa- 
dteds, and wUl ears yon. 

BALABIA.— PersoBs mayai^ld an attaehs 
bv oooaslonally taking a dose of Simmons' Liver 
BegBlator to keep tbe Liver In healthy aeUoa. • 

BAD BBBATB, generally arislag tt«m% 
disordered Stomaeb, can be eorrected by takiag 
Slmmooa' Liver Segalator. 

aAUWDICB.— SlramoBS' Liver RegnUtor 
■oon eradieates this disease from the system, 
iMTlag the skin elear and free trom all Imparl- 

COLIC.-Chlldren infferlng with Colli sooa 
experience relief when Simmons' Liver Rcgnlat^ 
or Is admlnlsterwl. Adalts also derive great 
benefit from this medicine. It is not unpleasaat; 
It Is harmless aad effective. Purely vegetable. , 

C AUTIOW.— Be careful «iat Tou get the gea- 

nlne bimmons' Liver Regulator In oar •ngrared 
white wrapper, with re< 
and siiinature anbrokea. 


^^. ZEILIN k COm 

Sold by all dnigglsti. PHILAPKLPHIA. 

Sinunons' Liv^r Regnlator is »old by 

CBOWBLL 4k HARBIBOlf, Apotbeoaries^ 

139 Central street. Lowell. 

Branq^ OffloM in OoBlralTtUet 
PawtuoketTlUe, and at ICeotaaDioo 

ThattMUace(bMri»«d«wa, .^.1*-— . 

^ ^ Im ^h^h^ u »i«>T«-inn—iiiitly cur** */ '» — • 

ItwniatallUmsaaad imdsr all clfeaiart^a ws acl la 

wltb ttetowa a»at«w>sral b>faa»rts ajjaaaj. 


5m.,M.«. Prt^l. BUb<»tH«forB. Switbymall 
iBlbsfona of pOla, alMlntlMfona •(!< 
iMilpl of Prtce, tl p«- bo« for allkM-. ** 

Holyawi ^ 1.**^— «»r innnlrr. r 

lal. Jilrtnm aa abov*. JTcnMom W* 

Mlimilr *tTi H tewtthMtLTUAR nMRBAin 
UTRR riUA Ibsy •»• eoes«^|>rt»oa, MMmmm^ 
-~« iMl*ll>Tsf1'-*T— pSSMaiperkM^ 
S-Rold by all PmR«lta. *«> 

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Sbeaibing, Spinee and Honth- 
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at short aoUee. Havhig a alU la 
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Wamesit Steam MUIs. 


Bd Z trademark, lUmp 


A perfect dreir 

led and harm* 

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la^tiiral color KO^ 


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r«aammaad«d.b7 Ohsgnirts aadnyalolsaaaa 

I A Marrivv mna- m-wAVf 


[aa it diQsa notatimulaSe 

iipa • uaisMj I 

otatimulaSe tba bnla 

aiallsafs ililslsi>iiif 


iuMsalUW " 


or IxrlSada 
_ tmeUM, On 

^ JmaaadqnUla 

bMrt*8 blood, aad 

het OsSkf'bons sad 
c urin g 



I An wqnWUlj n»- 
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Aa iBviforatlai Medtclaa that Nsver latudcaln 

Thk delicious combinalion of Ginger. B**^"' 
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lh« bMrtls. stomach, liver, kidneys and lung*, «» 

(ihf ant sal fiftti CaafI OM Cvir «Nf 

I If TOO are safRcring from Female Complaintt, 

\^*»i^«M»,ANA<i^*€^ »*!»^'^^ few?; 

r sia. ibc or any dbesaa or infcrmltr, talc* wWrs . 
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far aayihiac injui^eus ChouI ia Ciogw Tseic 
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OOAXit f 


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I vail 



andae i sMaa y myat tHi pp ^ammm 
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for LoweU. 


fl caatntf Bt.r 


"taiar c oa i p 


f astern Horses lor 3£(le 



Braae h titabla. Bitettr. Malae. 

..ill u ' I .. Ti . " ■ • _ ■ .^ ' • 


- ^ Yr 

Wheat Bitters are sold hy 

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Far iThakaale tad lataU laaktata a»d dweWags' 



WABBBH I*. rl4>TB, SB 


— ^--.-^va S* . . ,-i=-,«*.i3iP 

fNfti. «««<»• 


▲ wvaaOl 


A. jsMM Bndr wta laavli«.wt MMa ar 

SSSt t^lSSdi, ha -tatook tba door J«J«ot 
totka aallar Ihr thj«»2^*' ^ 'u|iSd 

wiBU yMiaof ite and laavaa a wklow and 
thraa daoghiara. 

7k»i*ii JfdaMatf .—A warrant for a ipMiaj 

town vaaUai ta'V bald May 8tb Is poal«d 
2id «MitalBnha 


T» bear the report o 

tlM oommtttaa on 

aabool houaea at tha Depot village. 

Ttoaaawbat action tha town wllltakrin 
jijglion 10 noTlng, loeatlns, selling or baOd- 
iMjiSool boases or act anything In relation to 

mSooI bouaca. j^.... 

To aea If tba town will aocept tba dalnBS 
of tba raad aoBmhailoitfra In tayuBOVti 
wkkolnf or straightening any ««•'«>«'•?<>»' 
btobway or ra^bliablng the baandailas 

SiSS^J-Utmn. Cbarlaa F. Cbaaa * Ca. 
aia BOW painting Ihe town house and whan 
aoBplatad it wlU add ranch to iu appearanea. 
— - I. aiatA vriiii Amrk trlmBslaitoa 






C>oiuif«elloi>- At- 'L.tov^* 


The color ia slate with dark trimaaiaii^ 

Street Impr09emt*t$.^i^\te wtwjjj;* 
jiproveraenU are being ma(fe on our foigi 
iinuar tha aupervbion or road comniisaioaar 

improvementa are being made on our ttm* 
uaSmr tha auDsrvbion oi road commlsaloaar 
iSStSS! JKln atwat. from Main atreet 

bribe to Eallioad square, baa been "gratted 
nS»andtbasidawalk raised and otherwise 
improved. FOstarand Davis str««ts havs 
alto been graded and out down. 

MnoO-i^MB SubekHng.—The small-pox 
axdUNMOt has subsldad to this town and 
bat iltUa is to ba heard In regard to the mat- 
tar. Only two bousaa remain quarantined 
and in tbeae the yatlento have nearly reeov- 
arad, and after having their dwe llnp Ajmi- 
niad will be raleaead, probably the last of 

US weak 

AtnaiMiF.-The horses attached to the 
milk waioo of Mr. Charlea Ueade of Hollis, 
n. H.. baMme frlghtoned while standing at a 
milk <»r near the depot, Tuesday rooming. 



K^uralgk, Sciaiiea, Uimhm, 

Backaeh^, Sofifttof thS ckut, 

Qovt, (tufntf, So^ Throat, 8wU' 

mgt an^ Mptaint, Burnt and 

Scald t, Qifral Bodily 


Tooth, Ear and Hoadaoho, Frotttd 

Foot and Eara, and an othar 

Faint and Aehot. 

> ea sarth sfMla Ar. JMses On. 


• HMTena* Bloek, aor. 
atrcata. "" 

I f I i iii I ^ I H U * 




78 MBrrimaA »tJ 




^ COOK,TliYLbR & CO. 

riasantt atrcata. Att wark gaaiaataaA. A. Oa- 

2irmua.»an street; gM-li aii: 171 OsataaisS. [opeatodayB pleess aaora af these aelshratad 

Black Caslimeres 

U ladies wide (aad they 

SO Cental \ 

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"1 iOiii 

I , I III ^ I *' * || ' HH . ■ ■ ■ 

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I>enta,l Roomsp 

76 MerrimhokTStrMt, - Edion Blook. 

i«re that), at 


tpctltors at 71 

LntU Btmit SiiR. 

Vp stain. 

I have aU.woet haatlair al IB. 
per yard ! extra lae d«Aa width 
ladf alath at Bs. per yarfj Faalk. 
ner MUIs S leaf. Bla. WbPara 
bidlgo Wae at tlB aadTCw pet 
yard, aad evan thiag ««Wn alM- 
IMB pt*8B. I have alsajb iNl- 
etoseHailer eoaaectad wUh tha 

.1 ■.- 

,,B»^^Bi^^B'^^^ «JWB^ 


W IT XT' Vr I nC* 17 R. 


AM klada af 


The Spring Campaign 

For renoTStiiig the houe or funish- 
iiic the new home ii st haad, sad 



uTiaa down MaiiT street,' slightly damaging 
aptylng the eontenia of the wagon and 
•omowluit bniialng the 

•ad emptying the eontenU of the wagon 
somewhat bniialng the horses. Fortunately 
they were soon atoppted by coming In oon- 
taai with the Utablng posts in front of Mr. 
S. M. Tarbell's store. ■• 


F. I. A. FtM-Ditf.—t^ Interest of oar 
eommonity in the annual spring festival of 
tha Vlllaga Improvement asaoclation seems 
10 aarfferno diminution. If tbia, the seventh 
aanlferaary, may ba considered an old story, 
ItteAstory wtaiim iieara repetition wonder- 
fully well. The subsUntlal ImprovemenU 
•■■aally made upon our streetM are not the 
only advantaffps secured through this organ- 
Intlon. Bylt, aa in no o*.her way, are all 
our people brought together in friendly rela- 
thma. and for the time l>e|ng, at leaat. politi- 
ealand seatarian diferanoes seem to be for- 

Cttan. The work accomplished today, Sd, 
quite aa aatlsfaetory as that of any prcvl- 
oos year. At noon a large number sut down 
to a bountiful repast, prepared by the ladles. 
Wbieb was duplicated at 5 o^clock. The 
^y's performance was rounded out by a ao- 
dal bop at ibe Town ball. ^ , „ . 

F»r§onaU.-J£. R- Marshall and family of 
Hanover, N. H., are In town enjoying a briel 
Tialt to their former borne. 

Our well-known townsman, Jonathan Lar- 
eom, is ill with a aevore attack of pneumonia. 
At timo of writing his symptoms are more f a- 


Maasrs. Green and Hagerman, carpenters, 
have recenily dlawilved partnerahlp. Th.7 
will continue, however, In the same business, 
and aaeh haa his bands full of contracU for 

tbe Mason. 

Bev^Daniel Goddard, recently called to 
tbe pastorate of the UnlUrlan society, has 
hired of MesMra. Parkhurat and Bartlett their 
nIaasantTy located house on South street. 

B. F. Hlchanlaon asks of the town and Old 
. Ookmy railroad ooropensatlon on aceount of 
Injuries received by him at the crossing In 
thia village a few weeks ago. f. 

Jfa«<<jaZ.-OwU»g to the severe storm of 
Wadnestlay, April 19, the time of Its first 
representation, the operetU "Tltanlaj or 


Birsattoas la ' ^ 



BnlS ia ie r a t BM.» V,M,A> 


Veterinary Surgeon, 

Has reaovrd froa Bo. 28 Westford street ta 

Vo. 14 Oontl, near 217 Weitford St. 

Ooanected by telephone with all parts of the 
olty. , 

St. Jaaob's Oil Is sold by 

OBOWBEX * BABBISOM, Apo th eea r iea 

IB Ceatral street, lAweO. 

A N«f«r-ndltiiff €iur« Ibr . 
SMlda, Broi aea, Cu ta, Soveo, etc 4 

Ahor Sbe^FeHW of trial, IVwrr 
Davis' PBin Bluer eUuide nnriTaled. 
ItiBMilbl ItBoCslmmedUteljl It 

ittobeagoodartt^ . -^^.j, 

mm L S. roller^ V. S. Oonnl at OraBM. 

the Fairy Bridal." wa« re|ieated In the Town 
hall the following Friday evening. Tbe ex- 
oeilent character of the entertainment was 
shown to better advantage than on the pre- 
vioaa evening, and deserves more than a 
oaasing notice. The stage was tastefully 
arranwd with ftr trees, garlands of ever- 
green! snd blosHomlng plants with T tania a 
Krone in tbe centre, withal an Ideal repre- 
sentation of a fairy bower. The costumes 
worn were quite elaborate and In excellent 
taste, those of the gnomes being esiieciallv 
^aracterisllc. Tho choruses were sung with 
arolrit and Mbandon th-t would have done 
eredltto a more pretenilous company of 
JlSera, and clearly proved that ChHmsford 
hSfher share of muKlcHi «*•«"»• The ever 
DODular "Anvil Chorus"- which Is intro- 
- Snoed In this operetta-was repeated In re- 
•nonae to s hearty encore. Miss Anna 
SwMU Jf Lowell appeared as Tllanla, 
nod was most queenly, acting her 
part with becoming digniiy. Mr. E. E. Atl- 
ams was excellent as •'Oberou" and In tbe first 
scene with Tllanla-the tnuslc being of his 
own composition— Hhowed marked nbllllv, 
acting with ease and grnce; while later In 
the evening his song to Ibe queen was beautl- 
fullv rendere«l. Not tbe iesst pleasing featr 
ure of the evening .whs the ninging of the 
«nomes, wbo presented a grotesque appear- 
ance. The (allies who »laneeil round the 
"Donpy-stHik" won highest pndso for their 

Ea^of movement and »wt'eiue8S of song, 
aster Arthur Warivn wan an ideal "Puck" 
and sang bis numliers nl.s-ly. Mr. Harrv 
fSkhuF-t as tlie "Stonn Fleiul»» and Mr. B. 
B Adams as the "Gnome-king- did their re- 
aDectivTpsits very eicditably. The solos by 
ffirHawn Mrs.'^IIoward and the Misses 
Adams and Streetcr deserve Hpeclal ment on 
aaweilns tho trio sung over tbe sleeping 
queen, the latter being a K«m «* "onf ,«o™- 
Boaed for the occasion by Mr. Adams, 
great praine is due the young people for 
their creditable performance, while Mr. 
Adama may be eongratulaUHl on the success 
of bis work during t bewlnter. W. 

TB« DUUsiBvlslstssii clbwraa. 

Adeliabtful fhigranca of freshly gathered 
iowan and spicaris the distinguishing charm 
of FloreatcaLCok igne. 

Boner iisr • Balair ^^W; 

"For six years my daughter was sick flpom 
kidney and other di-ordera. We had used up 
©or savings 00 doctors, when our dominie 
SvSd^ to try Farker»s Ginger Tonte. 
, vKirhoUlea eih. tad a cure, and as a dollar»» 
worth has kept our fkmlly well over a year. 
f be.iiahle to lay by bomT •«">■ ^^ 

Aftwkmg yeara of use, I am aathOed tt 
B vcalttvely efflctent aa a heeling remaoy 
torwoiuMlfl,t>ruisea, and apralna. 



I uae your Paim KiLLsn frequently, it 
wHSpatoandBor ene sa,a w 1 fcsaf s woonda 
J. W. Dee say* : 



aC Ami ELL db WHOLBT. 

B. Seaanell, elty laspeotor ef hollers. OBee 
and resldaaees eonnected with telefhoa*. 

-pi H. BIMMOKS, 


Has epeaed deatal rooms at B* OBBTBAIi 
KB!"- " 

mmmmmXTt sod Is prepared to exeaate all w«rtc 
pertalnlBg to deotlstry. Teeth extmelcd wtth- 
ont pain by a aew gsetbod. BatlalaetleB gaar- 
aateed. Prloes low. 

24 Central Street.^ 

E. A. McGtannon, M. D., 


Deahle width, at 


Maay of thoM shades are sold at BM santt. 



From 87 Oanti to $2.00 » Ttrd. 

•r Dreaa 

Vi '. 



Black. OVWt 

l» Bvory I 


121—125 Central Streett 

Among the Specialties 


Look at These Figares ! 

The Btaa will laaare roar Ulh. eosttng from 
gUilO per Slow aawaids, aaaordlM »• aga; oaly 


OEOBUB B. MBTCALF, MOsatral street, wUl 
|hre all partlaalara. 




Omh assets Jaa. 1, IBS, — tSB,Ba.« 

Total IhOjlUtles, laebidlog :ra4aBai^ ,..^-. 

fas tbe ProBU o» 

Mat assets. 

Poller B«ldera I . 
BxplrailaM mt P*lletoa. 

DiwidmidM, FIftf Pwp Cent. 


Jom F. ElMBAU., 

At their ezteBsife 

Fundture and Carpet 


AppletOB Bloek, Central 8tr8it» 

Offer tlMir MTfioei in usiitbf ffSfj 
waBt had tagto for iaterior deoo/stioBS* 
Erery detail of Houie Suppliei, froB 


Obb be foTuid in ovr itook, or will be ob- 
tainedi or nuinxifaotiired, to meet tke 
TBrioBi WABtf of ovr pBtronit and bo 
paini will be ipared to meet the appro- 
bation of all vartiei IkToriDg vi with 
their orden. In obt MTeral departmoBti 
will be preiented many typei and qs all- 
ties of 

Mississippi a DomiBloa and Warrea A Oe. 
steamship ooaspanies. 

OBee, Bo. t Welles Block, BcsTfaawak St. 

BesldeBoe, Merrlmac Honee. 

G^. ^w. Huton, m:. i>.. 

Late of Chleago, ni. 

Offioe at Beaidenoe, 14 Lane Street, nn - 
til Fnrther Votioe. 

HoBrs: 8te lOa. bi.,S to4 andS toSp. nu 
Telephoae eonneotloos. 

Speetol attentloa given to dU 

of woBsea 

t' a nd boma tt hag ao equal 

PBBBT B ATV PACT km.BB la not 
m new untried remedy. For forty yews 
It haa been In oonstant use ; and tboae wbo 
kuavo oMd It the lonveet are its bMt/Hendt. 

IU •nooeM toaUirrfy *>««»"^?»"*f'^?r 
glaoo the Pain Killer wa^ flrstlntrodoood, 
tendreds c»f now medicines hare oome and 
mmTwIiIIo to-day thU nMdlelne Is more 

Stoilalvolrnswl and more blfUr^^^"^ 

than ever bd^ "'•TL**T"»7**^ii?32 
•bottlorwKip/orMe. "««1» P^ "Pl^^^ 
doetora' bllto maif often hejanei ByprMnpa 
anpUentlon of the Patai Killer. ^OOemorf 
mSieinet, It imveifteOy sqft e ven Intho hands 
ofnehUd. ■nrltonoethoronghlj.andtt 
winproTettoTalae. YourdrBmrlsthnol* 
•t eifc., OOo. nnd B1.00 per botUo. 

BBRBY DAVIS A SOM^Bioprtotora,^^ 



W^man'f Ezohanre Bnildinc, Boom 9. 

stocks. Bonds aad all Unds of Investment Seoa - 
rltlee bought In the Boston, New York and San 
Frandsoo Markets. 

Member of Boston Mining and Stock Bzehange 

gyOace connected by TOephoae. 


We offer a handsome line of 



AOPiaoM nmiAM. 

C 0. HOTOHimOV, 

Joiw F. HowB. 

BowABD Took, 
D. 8. KioBAKoaoir 
Oaaa. H. Ooauasr 
Jacob Eoaaas. 
OBoe, Bo. BT Ooatml SC, I<«well, Baea. 
B. M. TUCKB, Seeretary. 
«9>IasaraaM to any amoant eS^eted In ralla- 
Me eompanles. 

B. B. TUCKB, A«nt. 
ar Oesitral lltr««t. 




Dr. Veterinary Surgery. 

Ofleelaad Inflraaary : 

OOoe honra 8 to 10 a. as. ; 1 to » p. ai. 

Toa want yoor sldghs atorcd la a dry pUesf Do 
yon waat yonr earrtages palated or varaUhed 
with good stook. and well doae at a fair pHo«' 
If Tos^ bring them to IS Boek street, and we will 
do them as we State above. Wa eharga bat a 
trlde per asontMOr storaae. 





Adapted to any demaadi for woods, oov- 
eringi and finish, and it will giTS «s 
pleainre to exhibit onr line of waroa sad 
quote prioei, whioh we guarantee will bo 

As Low as the Lowest, 

QualitT of work ooniidered. 

Janndlos Bitters, a remedy for eA) billons 

plaints, ImpurUiea of the Vlood, disordered eon- 
dIUoa of the stomaah, liver and bowels. Fro- 
pared by 

M. O. OABTSR, Apotheoarj, 
Oor. Msvrlasaek aad Bridge SU. . 

Perrr DbtIs's Pain Killer Is sold bj 

CBOBTEItL * HABBMOB, Apotheeariea. 

IB Oentral atreet. LoweU. 

LBPINBaC. bicb. 
Solloitor of Amerioan and Popelgn 

Pateota procnred. Patentability of laventlona 
Odteei 11 Pemberton B4., Boston, Bass. 

May be fonad evenings at resldenoe, No. IW 
EastMerrlinaok8t.,oor. Netmlth, Lowell. B^ 
fers to Kitson Machine Co., Woods, Sherwood A 




Dft. ICTV-A-IT, 

lata of Chleago, now loeatM for life In Lowell, ia 
troAtlng snoeessftellT all 


acbes^ DUeases if the^K^neys sad Liver, P«ral- 
y«ls!alllMsea«es of the Byee and Ears, and DIs- 
iaant af Women. 

tnthe treatment of these diseasea be eombtnes 
themo^saeoessftiltrealBientsel all schooU ol 
SSllelae aad oapping. which U *\^^^£^ 

BineBtaleetariBgoBaadlB the treataaeat 

***wXSmS21»s are earahle If treated In sea- 
son. aUrtooee of diseasea are not earabla. Tear 


GowmoMod IB leir. 


Noted for Its Hard aad Tongh^Metal, its 
large Tarietles of 


And for Its nnrlvalled Newspaper Faces. 

Addrees orders to JOHN K. BOOBB8, Agent 

B Water street. Boetoa. , ^ ... 

'The Coarler and Joamal type is from tnu 


Sold elsewhere at $1.50. 

W© Warrant Them Pure 

If yon iiant s Black Silk do 
not fbil to examine onr celebrat- 
ed Cachemire De Noyi,wliich are 
nniyersally acknowledged the 
best in the market, garoples 
flheerftellygiTeD for comparison 
with other makes. 





Children's Carriages! 


We are oonfident in onr ahUity Is 
offer honest goode at honeit nrioes. Aa 
inineotion ii solioited. 

Ml Steam Boiler Worl[s. 

TAHHEB STSEET, Lowell. Mail.. 

Manafketorer of and dealer la 

Steel and Iron Boilers, 

we hate 


■[A Poor Man's Wife. 


rdu that heaOaehe on M oadayr 

II.. rifn-T-- --- -::::^-^:^^^"^^- Joe. 80 and 82 Merrimack street. 


lo. 4 Merrimaok Street, 

rieee hefhre the puhlle the 

George IVilkes, Jr., 

Blae«, star, little white on 
ntn foot. UX hands. wHgbS 
107S ihs., 11 years old. loot 
the arst nreiuiam at Man- 
ehester. N. U., State Valr, A. 
D. le^; also at Bradford, 
^Wmi^^ ' "• Vt.. Staia ralr, IBI. Never 
tralaed for the traek. Shows qaarters aad haU 



Beaks aa HaaMh aaS ns. 
e« 7 

ifTV. SaaiafB UrsaUa • p. sa. 

ofcBe^iSJafcM Ste ea t .eBiyaBw aBos 
iM^BhifBMaBaifBat aaa !MiK p febek Bob 
l^irVnrStob. AutBttu 4: Jtrt'ataalaoit.- 


oftha seasoB. Also, 

Qmbb Fbbb, Btring Bbbbb, Lot- 

tnoB, BadishBB, flpinaoh aiid* 


lia^Be atw BptlisB l«a"s»a. 


fnmitors and Oarpet Warerooais, 
Appleton Bloek, Central Strerl. 

Rotary Bleachers, Barlow snd Bleaehlng Klers, 
Water, Soap and Oil Tanks. Oil Stiils. 8oda, 
Tuand Ja&et KetUes, Steam Boxes (or Frlnt 
Works, renitooks, Flumes. Oasrter Turns, 
ao., fw Turblae Wheel Work. 1^*. l^draulls 
and Screw Presses of all Uses, with Dobbius's 
Hollow Steam Press Plates. If»" »»«P« •< 
most approved pattern. Also, all klads of Puok- 
Ing. ntlfnjs, Pumps, IiOeetors. Inspirators, etc.,. 
used about Stsam Bagtoes aad Bollors, eonsuat- 

'^SMondband boilsrs bonght, sold aad e«- 

" Address all eommnnleatloas to 


Also Inspector of BoUers fhr the CIt/ of Low 
ell. Eesldcnee aad works eoaaeoted by 

rriu LOT OWmtRH IW THE MDf- • 

OROBOB SUTTLB takrs this method t« 
reot a mlsspprehewiion exiating in rMard tu • « 
poiltlon and r ghls In the sbovc asmed eeosetcry. 
The apnolntnivnt of Mr. L)ons (o the geeend 
earc ofthe grounds In no wise interfcres with 
his •till ex.rd«lBi« the csre and luperyUlon of 
two haadrcd or more lots whieh the owners have 
placed in his hands, nor with ib« <»"«f"jl«2 
lots as m«y yet he left in bis keening, ibongb In 
ord«^ thsl the wishes of such lot owners he 
earrled out he belleres it is Importmit that or. 
d«ri be I. fl with him .P^'^nally. iind not wHh 
employes on the pr mises. Th-nklag the laMO 
number oflot owner, who »'•▼• "/w^jt *** 


/VLD rAraaS SOB BALB kf*a 

SrwKpISdaeMve, ao sharge esrdiairt 
SBTa day while waltlag. wltb hast - 


XHunpinfl^ JSngrine, 

A'^ciA, inapta aad nwwt eartly ."sjei^ 
metbodoTralstog watee for hooses. hotels, flurms, 
railroads, eta. ,,_„^ .j,-. 


MUst*, OI<ABKB B CO., 

aaaersl Hew Bnglsad Aisats, 
M OU ver street, Boston. 

'Wnhss,Jrw. — 
" te 

« yfS.^aM. ilrad hf O. 
^' gkjiaai jaaia; )ast 





S.%T'?f t^elr .roT„d;to"i im-od boj^^^^^^ 

Iheir eont-nuSd *?V;^^^*^-^\t^fltJ^\ 
Tor of others, and by hl« long *fy*l»*^ •»• 

gardener can •••"'r.JKiJ^m "n^^SShSl' a£i 
*r»am OfCOBGB hVTTVM, Bleaenery jMl^ 
JlJ;jiorwcar maUoa, SB Oorham street. Oea- 
af oted by telephone^ _^ 



botaale rsawBaa. 

DB. B.J.Pa— ■.fai 




. jinii^ti^.. 






Li --. 





mm BaUd*»C« H«i 


TBRMS: Six DoHar» « y«'»'' *«"^*''?l^'L?f!t 
Her In all thickly nettled purU of tU« cliy.otjkt 
•OeeaUs month; or 1» owiU » week. Single 

AOVK^riSINQ: One Inch In length of ool- 
«aiD (tweUe ilnea of nonpareil type) conBtltutei, 

* ^nilent adrertltemeBts 75 oenta a square for 
trtt Insertion, and 28 oenti for each aubsequent 

Meanti alipeforeaoh 


iBMrUon. No oharge leM t»»|kB fiO oen**. 

Beading notloee la nonpBrell tyue. t* follow 
general reading naatter, oa»«blrd abore regular 

Special notloee followlBf readlBC notlcea, » 
per oeuu abo»e regular rate*. 

BasineM notieaf, in plain refdlag type, at head 
cTleaal oolumn, ton eeaU « llae te eaob iuer- 

AdrerUtemeBU Ib th» Delly Courier will be 
aaertod also In tbe We^y Jo«rnal. for a oor- 
reapAdlng time, for oneself more than the Da y 
prioaT Thus ibc priee for eae aquare In the Dally 
SiMrier one month la W-Oa !!»•••«»• edvertlse- 
Btent would be inserted 1b tbe Weekly Jo»[n»^ 
for the same month for ^M. ToUl in both 

Inuiaient advertisepaente under the^head of 
Waata. Lost. Found, Board, Booms, w Sale. 
To Let, et«., 12 oenU a line tor three Insertion! , 
eBok additional insertloB S eents per Une. No 
•barge for less than two lines. 

Legal noUees flJW a square for three laser. 

One square with the prlHIege of changing 
tvlee a week (tbe Daily Courier inolnded). one 
MBT $M: or 925 without the paper. 

■o e«ts aUowed unless they are upon laetol 

bottoms. I ^jt 

No double-column adTertlsemeats reoelTeo, 
BBieas for two full eolumas. 

49-The DAILY COUBIBB Is the ieadia* dally 
paper la Middlesex county, aad has a larger olr- 

oolatloa than any other. ,«,»«»»* r . 

Urge and exeellent family paper. Is also pnl^ 
UaEed by Harden It Bowell. It U one of the 
largeat weekly papers In Massaohuaetts. and has 
« larger circulation In the country towns in lae 
aelgbborbood of Lowell than all the other papers 
pablisbed In the county oombined: and It is 
&erefbre the best advertising medium lor Lowell 
Bsercbanu. Subscription price, 1 1 J» per year in 
advance, free of postage. Liberal terms to 
Mtters-up of clubs. AdfertlsomenU reasonable 



nsolvB waa, Mr. Dvrobeftor wltMrvw it, 
Md tbe itreaixi of SbiwulMBn dlaouBskm 
flowed pesoofully agaio. 

Tbe aecoodary queatlon raited is an iatflr> 
eating one, and we cannot belp tblnkinx that 
tbe decision that it la perfoaily in order to 
novB to postpone action oo a subject, pend- 
ing a question of ordert is not only In accord- 
ance with tbe practice of botb brancbea of 
tbe legislature, but Is based on a sound par- 
liamentary principle. It il true tbat nothing 
further cart be done on that subject till tbe 
question of order U decided. But It Is often 
nece-Bury to u proper decision by tbe preaid- 
log officer, as weii as to an Intelligenl action 
of tbe lueraberHOf tbe body, sbould an ap- 
peal be taken, to bave tiive to examine tbe 
question at leisure. Curbing distinctly rec- 
ognizes such postponetueut pending an ap- 
peal, and tbe rule muat equally apply to tbe 
first stage of a question of order before tbe 
decision is made on wbicb an appeal is taken. 
Tbe promptness of tbe decision ioaisted on in 
all the books only means tbat It must be 
made before any further action can bo bad on 
tbe measure. Ajul in point of fact it Is very 
rare-ibat u.formsi ruling is made in eitber 
brancii of tbe Massacbusetts legislature^, with- 
out a longer or shorter postponement of tbe 
matter on wbicb tbe point Is raised. 

Mr. Allen it a ready presiding officer, and 
putt bis questions clearly and inteliigibly ; 
and lo bave carried tbe House through so ex- 
citing a struggle (tor there was really a good 
deal of feeling existing) in to crediubie a 
manner, Indicatet tbat Lowell might furnish 
a flrtt-rate Speaker if a new one were need- 
ed. «_..i.— «— ■— I— — 


P. W. BBOWifl ' 

The wall kaowa Job OardeBer, 
apoa-tila eleveakb 


landscape and Job Gardening 

In Lowell aad vielalty, would aaao«ace to the 
public that he is making extensive prepara^as 
for the Spring work, and holds bloiseir la readi- 
ness to exeeate all orders eatruated to him la a 
thorouch and satlsfaetory maaaor. He if able 
to furalsh all kinds of 


Also sodding, manure, loam and flIUag. TURF- 
ING done rnthe.bestaianoer: a good tapiay 
always oa hand. All ofders will recelra prompt 
atteatlon. SatUfaotion guaianteed. aad at 
prioes whloh wHloomaMad ihamaelTes. 

far Jkib* 

jB ^▲LB.-'A MWJIMlfM 

Ill's, Room 4. Its 



r ton street Apply to Maak B. Hariow, » 

HAIiB.-Hoase, tt Meaat 

_ itpeet Apply to 

Broadway, or « Pawtaeket street 


Foil 8Al»B.-Two *«»•*>•» bortaOBtoi ^ 
bular^Uers la peribet eoadltlMi at the 
Faulkaer Mills. L. W. Vaalkaer » Soa. 

FOB 8AIiK.-The Howa sealee. Also, 
dimental food for horses aad eattia; AraoM>a 
fertiliser; grass seeds, floar, hay aad grata, by 

J. B. CoTtr * Co., SI aad tt Shai 

FOR HALK.-Sosall farm with old eottage 
bouie. Sheds, beaaery, *e. Will sell fVom 
10 to ;)0 acres of land, to suit the parehaaar. '" 



uated a short dlstasee from 
Dracut. Price fW>m $aOO upward 
H. Amer, U Ceatral street 


to J 

FROM ENGLAND for laying pat laad lis. per- 
maaeatlawBs and pleasure groa«ds fhnMMdoa 
applleattoa. Orders may be left la BOX COB^ 
TOrCKETYILLE; or sent by nsaU toli»« »,