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Sings Spanish and Latin American Favorites 

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f CONNIE FRANCIS with the 
Rita Williams Singers 
& Geoff Love and Orchestra.^l 




Quiereme Mucho (Yours) 

Siboney/ Solamente Una Vez (Y ou Beiong To M y Heart) 
Quiensera ( Sway) 

Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) 

Beso De Fuego (Kiss oí Fire) / Granada 

Besame Mucho (Kiss Me) / Nosotros /Vaya, Con Dios 
Te Quiero Dijiste (Magic Is The Moonlight) 

Jalousie ( Jealousy) 





The two most significant influences upon popu í 
lar music in the pasí generation have been rhythm 
’n blues and the Latin-American rhythms. It is to the 
latter that Connie turns her attention in this fasci- 
nating álbum. 

Connie studied Spanish for five years and, thus, 
feeís a cióse affinity towards the íanguage and the 
people. Her mastery of the Íanguage is evident on 
this record, and constitutes still another facet of this 
delightfuí entertainer’s versatility. 

In view of the many thousands of Spanish- 
flavored tunes, it is virtually impossible to be fully 
representative in the selection of thirteen songs. Con¬ 
nie has therefore, maintained the policy which has 
dictated her career throughout, and which has un- 
doubtedly been one of the main factors in her fan- 
tastic success story — she has followed the path of 
popular appeal. 

Among the titles chosen by Connie in this infec- 
tious Latin-styled pot-pourri are two compositions 
from the prolific Lecuona pen, the exciting “Sibo¬ 
ney” and “Malagueña” the breathtaking introduc- 
tion to which, by the way, was created by Connie’s 
oíd friend and vocal coach, Joe Sherman; “Vaya, 
Con Dios” which, although a product of Tin Pan 
Alley, is nevertheless based upon a genuine Spanish 
melody; “You BelongTo My Heart” from the Walt 
Disney Film “The Three Caballeros”; and one of 
the most recorded songs of our times, “Besame 

The perennial favorite “Granada”, which many 
believe ío be an authentic Spanish song, was, in fact, 
written in America—by a Mexican composer. “Jeal¬ 
ousy”, the great international favorite was, strangely 
enough, originated in Scandinavia over 40 years ago. 

We have attempted here in this LP, to put 
together a collection of 13 of the greatest Latin 
American and Spanish favorites, that will be a con- 
stant source of listening entertainment to all music 
lovers. And whether the listener speaks or under- 
stands the Spanish Íanguage or not, the magic of the 
music and the magic in the voice of Connie Francis 
will be felt. Here’s a wonderful álbum sung by the 
No. 1 singing star of two continents — Miss Connie 


This MGM High-Fidelity recording has been produced with techniques 
which insure the finest possible reproduction on high-fidelity reproducing 
equipment as well as reproducing equipment of standard quality, At 
each step of processing from the actual recording in the concert hall or 
studio on to the final pressing, every attempt has been rnade to achieve 
and maintain proper balance and clarity throughout the range of 
dynamics which can be captured through modern recording techniques. 

This MGM Long-Playing Microgroove Record is designed for repro¬ 
duction on turntables revolving at 33 F3 revolutions per minute. The 
device of a lion’s head and the letters MGM are registered in the United 
States Patent Office as a trademark of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. 
Printed in U.S.A.