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Alea Jacta Est 

“Ottar. That child had become stronger again.” 

“Once again, is it.” 


The dim interior. The dusk that covered the window followed into the depths of the 

The Magic Lamp on the table seems to be flickering like a candle flame. Freya 
quietly lifted the corner of her mouth. 

The skyscraper facility built directly on top of the dungeon. The very top floor. 

There are a small number of furnishings. Although the decorations had at least 
reached the degree where it didn’t match the top-class suite and spacious room, but 
no matter which decoration it was, it was extremely extravagant. At the same time, 
the room’s own decoration was also extremely elegant. 

The giant bookshelf, the huge bed that was contrary to common sense, and the dark 
red colored unique carpet. A painting of the sun and the moon was hanged and 
occupied the entire wall. 

The silver haired Goddess held a wine glass while she was immersed in a topic 
with a carefully selected follower. 


“Looks like I saw it wrong. It is not the <Status>. Just by obtaining Magic, that 

child’s brightness has gone up another level.In my opinion, it is like a material 

becoming more refined.” 

Looking towards the glass cup that was shrouded by the cold air that exuded from 
the moonlight that enetered the room, Freya stared at the surface of the water that 
was reflecting the light. 

The young white wine that was being illuminated did not have a deep color. Of 
course, the taste was also. 

But Freya seemed to treat this transparent color as irreplaceable. Her silver eyes 
narrowed to a smiling shape, and she brought the glass to her lips. 

“Development of the material.The improvement is apparent, right?” 

“Perhaps that is true.” 

Standing in the room was a solemn Ottar, who confirmed briefly. 

Maintaining in an upright posture without moving, his gaze towards his Main 
Goddess as a follower was serene. 

While being guarded by the rust-colored eyes, even if it was slowly, Freya lowered 
half her eyelids. 

“However, there is only one.only one, an existence that hinders the brightness. 

It is almost like chains that bind the child.” 

“That’s right, the material has already been enough. But the core is not enough. No, 

the core itself is there, but it seems very vague.Is it missing something or is it 

being prevented.” 

“Ottar, do you know?” Freya turned around to seek for advice. In short, it was 
because they were both male children, so she inquired this. 

The statue-like beastman temporarily tightened his mouth, then he responsded to 
his owner’s question. 

“Probably a predestined relationship” 


“Predestined Relationship 

“Yes. As Freya-sama had said, it is the predestined relationship between that 

person and the Minotaur.Being unable to wipe the stain from his past. Perhaps 

it had become a thorn in a place where the actual person have no knowledge of, 
and is torturing him.” 

She had once allowed Ottar to listen about the dispute between Bell and the 
Minotaur. Freya, herself, did not hear this directly from Bell’s mouth. In the end, it 
was just a rumor of some sort she had heard. 

He did not exceed the limits of speculation, but suffered a crushing defeat to the 
ferocious Bull and fled in panic. This was probably true. 

Freya placed her folded fingers onto her jaw. 

“In other words, a trauma.Children really are very delicate. Even if we have a 

thing called persistence, and will absolutely never stick to the past. 

Interesting.Or should I say, from your perspective, we are just happily passing 


“That is not true.” 

“If only he could advance a bit more, then I will not be so bored.” 

Towards Ottar, who maintained a gracious attitude, while saying “Well that’s 
okay” she smiled slightly. Then she looked at him once again. 

“Then, what should I do to remove the thorn that is binding that child?” 

Throwing what can be considered as a provocative glare, Freya inquired this 
question to her follower. 

“In order to bid farewell to the predestined relationship of the past, there is no 
other way beside breaking apart that symbol from the past with your own hands.” 

Ottar continued to positively reply to the question raised by his Main Goddess. 

“.Even if it is you, is it the same?” 

“Men are fallible creates, this is what I believe in.” 


Freya smiled and moved her line of sight. 

She, who had one of her worries eliminated, revealed a good mood and began to 

(If the Minotaur had become the lingering past that enveloped that child, then the 
answer is simple. Doing nothing and waiting is enough. If that child becomes more 
mature, sooner or later, he will indeed be able to cross that barrier.) 

Waiting for a period of time, Bell will obtain the strength to defeat the Minotaur. 

Able to get through his past lingering past. There will not be any problems. 

(Then, waiting until the dawn comes when he defeats the Minotaur, there will not 
be anything that will block that child’s brightness.) 

If it was like that, he will soon be able to appear in front of Freya in a completed 
and matured form. To the extent where even she would be able to see god. 

With wishful eyes, or so she frankly thought. Towards the current Freya, Bell was 
currently the center of her attention, and was more attractive than anyone. 

Craving towards that boy. 

She had even thought to the point where she could continue to put her fingertips on 
that position. 

Thinking about this, Freya suddenly asked Ottar. 


“What is it?” 

“You, do you have any opinions? I become entranced by that child, and did not 
care about everybody, who already belonged to my <Familia>.” 

Towards the silent Ottar, whose expression remained unchanged, Freya continued 
to speak. 

“If that child becomes stronger than you, what should we do?” 


“Compared to you, perhaps I will cherish that child even more. I may also even 
deprive you from your current position, and maybe even let that child replace it.” 

“All is up to Freya-sama’s feelings.” 

“Are you not jealous?” 

Ottar quietly revealed his sincerity, as if it was a feeling of trust, and said. 

“Your love towards everyone are equal. There is none that are special, regardless 
of the merits.” 

“I firmly believe, that even if my own shadow has disappeared from this spot, your 
love will still not disappear.” 

The silver eyes and the rust-colored eyes exchanged gazes. 

In this silence, Ottar curved his giant body and quietly bowed. 

“I ranted.” 

“It does not matter. I might as well say that my love towards you is growing even 

“I am extremely honored.” 

As if they were speaking sarcastic remarks, it was going back and forth between 
the two of them. 

After that, Freya revealed a slightly evil smile, and weaved out a beautiful voice. 

“But it is really regrettable. You, who is stubborn, I want to see a bit of your 
jealous appearance.” 

“If you wish.” 

“.Fu, Ufufu! Ahahaha! Please, Ottar? Could you not be so funny? If I see your 

face seriously jealous, I do not have the confidence to hold back my laughter.” 

66 •)•> 


As if she felt that it was funny from the bottom of her heart, Frey a laughed. Using 
her hand to cover her mouth, just like a young and innocent girl holding her 

Speaking of Ottar’s side, his face, that was stiff at any point in time, was just 

slightly at that time-As if he was embarrassed-shakened. His pig ears 

growing from his head also slightly twisted in a weird direction. 

Freya, who laughed enough, wiped her eyes while understanding the feelings of 
inner embarrassment of her subordinate, and seemed to want to change the 
atmosphere and the topic. 

“Now, Ottar, what do you think?” 

“.What do you mean?” 

“About that child. Is my anxiety worrying you?” 

She attempted to inquired based on her previous idea. 

Ottar quickly regained his composure and carefully listened. 

“That child, even if I do not take action, he will still become stronger. Someday he 
will be able to cut apart the predestined relationship you talked about.” 

“But, at the same time I am also very troubled, is this really okay. Although I 

cannot use words to explain it clearly.Sooner or later, in this process, as long 

as I am willing to spend some time.Compared to complaints, yes, I feel that it 

will become very scary. Even though there isn’t such a thing, but it feels like as if I 
am about to fall.” 

Am I thinking too much, this monologue whisper. 

Towards having no problems, or having nothing wrong in Bell’s state, Freya had a 
hazy feeling that was indescribable. Can I really let this continue on, this kind of 


There was no conclusive evidence. But looking at the numerous children.she, 

who had talented faction members, was thinking if it was good to let time run its 

At this moment, Ottar narrowed his eyes for the first time. 

“Ottar, do you also feel that it is fine to let time solve this problem?” 

“Ehhhh, there is no doubt. In the end it will become like that. Only.” 

Ottar suddenly stopped speaking, then he began once again with absolute 

“The people who do not take risk will never be able to break through the 
imprisonment. This is also the truth.” 

He stopped. 

His own proposition. 

The contrasting remarks of a half-elf girl that was not here. 

He, who had bet his life numerous times, and finally built up to his current 
situation of a true swordsman. He decisively said this sentence about how people 
who do not take risk will never reach the very peak. 

This also implies about the possibility of stimulating the <Unknown> inside the 
boy, that Freya could not see through. 

That’s correct. 

What Freya can not see through, which Ottar was able to predict, was the boy’s 

“.This time, the action towards that child is all up to you, Ottar.” 

The Goddess of Beauty placed down the glass that was exuding the fragrance of 
grape wine. 

Closing her eyes, she seemed to be somewhat indifferent and leaned on the back of 
the chair. 


Only at this moment, Ottar did not conceal his surprise. 

“.What kind of wind will blow this time?” 

“But, after all, compared to me, you understand more about that boy’s situation.” 
Nodding slightly, and after leaking out sounds of her throwing a fit. 

Freya raised her head, narrowed her eyes and revealed a flirtatious smile. 

“To the extent where I am jealous.” 


Chapter 1 

The Sword Princess Strikes 

The sun was currently hanging in the middle of the sky. 

Heading north towards the Main Street from the Skyscraper facilities. 

An open air coffee shop was facing the large street with more figures of residents 
than Adventurers. Under the clear and bright sun rays, numerous customers were 
currently talking and laughing. 

Among the many umbrellas that produced shade, Bell and Lili were sitting together 
across the white table. 

“Then, there are already no problems from the side of <Soma’s Familia>?” 

“Yes. Lili will probably be treated as if she had died.” 

It was the following day after Bell and Lili had reformed their team. 

In order to confirm the current situation that Lili was facing, Bell was currently 
accepting her explanation. 

“Anyways, if I am treated as dead, there is no longer any need for me to have any 
relationship with the <Soma’s Familia>. They will also not take initiative to find 
me. How should I put it, I have already become something that doesn’t exist.” 

So it will not give any trouble to Bell-sama, Lili said with a smile. 

Letting her bangs disappear from when she had her disguise, it was finally revealed. 
Her pair of round eyes and adorable face entered his gaze, Bell’s had a bit of a 
shadow between her brow. 


“It’s fine if the matter is about me.but that, won’t Lili mind about being dead 

or something” 

“I am grateful to your intentions, Bell-sama. But it is still better to make a decisive 

point. Anyways, Lili does not have any relatives already.As long as Bell-sama 

knows about Lili’s existence, Lili is satisfied.” 

Bell did not continue to inquire this towards Lili, who seems to be saying this from 
the bottom of her heart. 

It feels that the act that had become her largest wound had firmly ended in her 

“If Lili says so, then so be it. But, not revealing to the people from <Soma’s 
Familia> right? The truth about Lili being still alive.” 

“Although I can’t say definitely say for sure, but all traces related to Lili had been 

cleared out in the past two days. To the extent where there is no need to worry. 

And, anyways, Lili has this.” 

Petari, Lili stroked her head. Originally what was not a deep chestnut color hair 
also moved towards the ground, then a pair of cat ears moved adorably left and 
right. Her pupil was a luminous golden color. 

[Cinder Ella] 

Under Lili’s specialty transformation magic, her current appearance looks like a 
beastman child. Although her appearance remains the same, you could definitely 
not tell that she was from the Hobbit race. 

Under the premise of this ability, there was no possibility for others to link her to 
cLiliruca Arde>. Bell, himself, was also shocked when he was aware of this 
presence of this magic. 

“That, if you say so.” 


“Yes, there are no problems. Even if there was a tiny possibility, I will not allow 
Bell-sama to worry about it. 

There is no need to mention that again. Bell smiled wryly and calmed down. 

This way, Lili will no longer be involved in any disputes. Even if she became like 
this, she should still be able to help out. 

Truthfully, after listening to the fact that Lili almost died, what he felt was anger 
and remorse. It was a violent anger towards the people who do not treat people as 
people, and the remorse of him not being able to do anything. 

However, Lili’s situation should not be blamed upon <Soma’s Familia>. For the 
sake of discussion, having revenge right now is what will cause a fatal disaster 
from the prime criminal. 

Anyway, since Lili was fine, it was okay. Bell drove out the complex feelings in 
his mind and concluded it like this. 

The gap between them had been filled. 

Perhaps not completely, but the distance between them had indeed shortened, to 
the extent that both sides were able to hold each other’s hand. 

From now on, they will restart once again. Bell could not help but revealed a smile. 


“Nnn, what?” 

“Bell-sama, is this really okay?” 


“To just forgive Lili like this?” 

However, on the contrary from Bell, Lili’s face was shrouded in mist, and stared at 
Bell with eyes, as if she was seeking for reliance. 

“But Lili lied to Bell-sama, oh? Not only did I use Bell-sama’s good intentions, 
and I even betrayed you in the end?” 



“And, I secretly hid the money and did not return it. If you forgive Lili just like this, 

This was the reason why the relationship with Lili had not been completely 
straightened out. 

Self-blame. Guilt. The desire for atonement. 

Lili was currently being tormented by the crimes she committed. Bell did not even 
remember how many times he was apologized to. 

Lili had lost her entire wealth from what happened a few days ago. The money and 
items she kept after exchanging for money, and also the Gnome’s gems was all 
stolen by her companions in the <Soma’s Familia>. It seems that she felt guilty 
that she did not have anything to compensate me. Inside her heart, there was a 
layer of self-loathing. 

It does not matter, even if I had repeated said this, Lili’s expression did not 
improve. It would be better to say that after each time, she would become even 
more depressed. Perhaps she was desiring a painful punishment. 

These things were something no one had asked for.Bell thought as if he 

admitted defeat. 

In short, it was difficult. 

Naturally, there was no need to blame yourself, like those people who praised and 
spoke beautiful words, it may feel a little bit like preaching. 

Towards everything that had happened, they were still standing in the spectator’s 

While I looked at Lili, who buried her face, I tried to think of a way to remove her 

guilt. While Bell was thinking about the best solution to solve this problem.At 

this time, reinforcements had finally arrive. 

“Hey~, Bell-kun!” 

“Ah, Kami-sama!” 


I stood up when I heard the young voice that was directed towards me. As 
expected, Hestia’s figure appeared in the coffee shop. 

A petite body that was comparable with Lili passed through the lively crowd and 
appeared in front of Bell and Lili. 

“Sorry, did you wait long?” 

“That’s not a problem. Rather than that, I’m the one that feels sorry. I had to 
disturb your work.” 

“It does not matter about my side. Compared to that.Is this her?” 

“Ah, yes. This is the child that I mentioned before.” 

“I.. .1 am called Liliruca Arde. N.. .Nice to met you.” 

Towards the gaze that was thrown to her, Lili hurriedly stood up from her chair 
and bowed. 

Hestia coming here was what she had proposed by herself. 

Her intentions were clear. That is, she wanted to use her own eyes to confirm the 
Supporter that had a relationship with her own <Familia>’s member. 

If she was not fancied by the Goddess, Lili and Bell’s team would likely be forced 
to disband. Lili, who understood this point in advance, had a nervous expression 
towards Hestia. 

However, at this time, Bell seemed to have remembered something and muttered 

“This is not good. I did not prepare a chair for Kami-sama.” 

“.! What, don’t worry about it! There are so many customers, there should not 

be a spare chair right? Okay, after Bell-kun sits down, let me sit on your lap!” 

“Ahaha, Kami-sama can also make such a joke. Please wait, I’ll make a request 
this to a person from this shop.” 

Bell smiled and left. An innocent and pure child’s smile. 


Hanging on the side, Hestia temporarily stopped her actions. Then her twintails 
shrunk instantly. 

Towards the sad atmosphere that floated around, Lili could not conceal her puzzled 

“.I.. .Isn’t this for the best. In the beginning, I planned to exclude Bell, there is 

no problem at all.” 

“Ha, ha.” 

With a slightly stiff cheeks that were dyed crimson, Hestia sat on Bell’s seat. 

Lili also imitated and sat down. 

“Then, let’s end this quickly. That child will return swiftly. There is no need for 
self-introductions, right? You probably already heard about me from Bell-kun?” 


When Lili had noticed that the topic’s initiative was already stolen away from the 
very beginning, it was already slightly late. 

Even compared to Lili, who was a hobbit and looked young, Hestia was not 
inferior in terms of innocence and loveliness. It really was wavering between a 
young girl and a young child. 

However, on the contrary, it was because of that imbalance that placed further 
emphasis on her overly perfect appearance. 

It was not only adorable, but it also gives of an awe-inspiring feeling. As if it was 
looking at body that had two contradictory beautiful appearance being present. 

Bathed by the sunlight that passed through the parasols, the pitched-black smooth 
hair looked a little more glamorous. 

“Let me hear the truth. Supporter-kun, will you still continue to be petty?” 

Towards this blunt inquiry that directly questioned the core of the problem, Lili 
was shaken. 


Hestia’s expressions and eye remained the same. Only that the divinity beside her 
had rapidly increased. 

Lili knew that she was being probed. Everything was completely seen through. 

There was no stronger evidence than her name not being called out. Considering 
everything that she did to Bell, this was natural. First, she had to determine 
whether she could trust this hobbit. 

Thus, Lili had to tell the truth without any lies. 

“I won’t. Lili had already been helped by Bell-sama. I already do not want to do 
anything that betrays that person.” 

Their sight intersected. Both sides did not have any means to look away. The 
surrounding bustling sound gradually faded away. 

In front of a God, you cannot lie. 

She did not know where she heard this sentence, but it was true. Lili understood 
that from the Goddess’s eyes, which seem to see through everything, in front of her. 

As long as she wanted to, she could probably see through all the lies from the 
people of the Lower World. 

“.Yes, I understand. That sentence I will tentatively believe it.” 

The longest time period for Lili had just ended. 

While she was holding back the impulse from releasing the accumulated air in her 
lungs out, she slowly relaxed the strength of her shoulders. 

“Supporter-kun, I care deeply about Bell. To the extent that even if I have to 
place my eyes into the ocean, I will still not feel any pain. As my first dependent, I 
do not wish to lose him. That is my heartfelt truth. 

Hestia took an interval to breath, then she continued. 

Lili was caught off guard, and she quickly made a listening position. 

“Inquiring about you from Bell-kun was to understand your situation. Of course, I 
will also include your thieving activities.” 



“I have never thought of sympathizing with you, after all, since everything had 
ended. Thus I will not say anything overboard.Only.” 

The next part was the main topic, it seems like Hestia had accumulated her 
advantage for the following words. 

“If you make the same mistakes again, and you put that child at risk again.I 

will not easily let you go.” 

-Lili’s body became stiff. 

In that instant, she did not even remember how to breathe. 

I forgot. The girl in front of her, was an existence known as <God> that surpassed 
the humans. 

Towards the superior existence that have the power to completely turn this city into 
dust instantly, Lili had completely forgotten this fact because she took too much 
for granted. 

Her deep blue eyes pierced through her and her heart began to stir and twist 
together. Since she was supported by her unwavering will, Lili stared directly in 
front and opened her mouth. 

“.Lili swears. She will not do such things again. Whether it is for Bell-sama or 

to Hestia-sama.But more important, is to Lili herself.” 

In the street that knew nothing about the situation, the cheerful atmosphere 
continued to flow. 

Towards the time that the two of them silently looked at each other, Hestia closed 
her eyes and declared the end. 

She, pa pa, blinked her eyes as if she was sending out a gaze that was saying <1 
understands On Lili’s side, she finally could not hold it any longer and she 
released her strength. It seems like she was about to topple down onto the table any 


Hestia, who was repeated being told by her, placed her arms to hold up her 
voluptuous chest in silence. She frowned all of a sudden. After demonstrating that 
they lack nothing, she issued out a cornered moan. Lili felt that the atmosphere was 
bad and curled up her body. 

“.Supporter-kun, I’ll directly say it.” 


“I hate you. I hope that you will not pester Bell-kun.” 

While Lili opened her eyes, she continued to speak. 

“That is obvious. Ever since I heard the details about the situation, my impression 
of you is the worst. You used Bell’s nice personality to deceive him on the whim, 
and now you simply wanted to get involved with him by just turning your wrist. 
What kind of purpose do you have, you evil thieving cat.” 

Due to <Cinder Ella>, the animal ears, that were born, suddenly shuddered. 

Although the argument was subtly justified, but it feels that something was wrong. 
Lili thought while she sweated. 

“In the end, what have you been doing in the first place? You showed such a 
gloomy expression from the beginning. Look at it, won’t it cause this side to also 
become depressed.” 

It was almost as if she had said that looking at your face, I do not even have the 
appetite to eat. 

Hestia’s eyes became even sharper, and her words still did not end. 

“In general, you must have considered about Bell-kun’s feelings, right?” 

“Why do I know? Fueh, because it was a similar face to mine when I stand in front 
of a mirror. Ahhhhh, this is really annoying, I do not want you to stay beside Bell- 
kun at all!” 


Finally, a formless fluctuation began to rise behind Hestia. 

Looking at the surrounding guests widening their eyes and suddenly pulling away, 
Lili felt that she was about to cry. 

“You have been helped by the gentle Bell-kun, and said that you will turn a new 
leaf. In the end, you will use that child’s gentleness and get him involve in trouble 
again next time, right?” 


“That child obviously did not request you to do anything, but you are already 
overwhelmed by guiltiness. If you let me say it, that is simply acting like a spoiled 
child. What a nasty person, you.” 

Hestia’s speech gradually became more sinister. 

After waiting for her gaze to stabilize, she watched the petite Hobbit that was not 
able to even sob. 

“If that’s the case, I’ll fulfill your request. I’ll replace Bell-kun to acquit you. I’ll 
tell you in advance that you do not have the right to refuse. Just like <God’s 
Judgment>, it is just fine if you are to be proud.” 

Fuahh, Hestia, who issued this nasal sound, leaned back onto the chair. 

Aside from nodding stiffly, there was nothing that the apprehensive Lili could 
do. No that is incorrect, why not say that since this was declared by her, who was 
Bell’s Main Goddess, she did not know what kind of mood to have. 

Lili anxiously waited for the next moment. 

On Hestia’s side, she was clenching her teeth, Gugigi, while revealing a painful 

expression.Shortly after, she sighed and the words accompanied with it poured 


“Please take care of Bell-kun.” 


She could not help but leak out a ’ strange sound, Hestia continued to speak. 


“First, this is not for you. I have heard many things from that child and I’ve 

become more and more worried about him. Rather, I am convinced.that he 

would eventually be cheated, this kind of feeling.” 

“So I can only request you. Please be careful to not let anything suspicious get 
wrapped up to him. In short, you are responsible to follow him.” 

This time, Lili was really surprised. Her thoughts stirred as if she wanted to say 
something, yet she could not open her mouth. 

Because she was not permitted to reply by those eyes in front of her. 

“In the end, I originally did not intend to use arrogant words such as judging you. 
Even if it is the Gods right now, they will not play this kind of thing. Just forget 
about your guilt, whether you forgive yourself or not, it is your own problem.” 

Do not ask Bell to help you search for this type of thing, Hestia said with a 
powerful tone. 

“I feel that I owe that child a lot, so until I feel satisfied, I will continue to repay 
my debt of gratitude. This is also obviously natural. That is sincerity, but there are 
also limits. If you wish to turn over a new leaf, then use your actions to prove it. 

The words she said all at once had finally concluded here. 

Listening to the intentions of the somewhat bitter Goddess, Lili dropped her head. 

The Goddess Hestia gave Lili a chance. It was even to the extent of deep 

She was very generous. At the same time, she was also a God. 

What she had said out just now was probably the true feelings that she could not 
conceal. Basically, she still permitted Lili to stay around Bell’s side. 

Giving compassion to everyone, and requesting her to protect him. 

While Lili was thankful to that warmth, she stared at Hestia and bowed down 
toward her. 


Between the two of them, it seems like the spring-water that originated from the 
forest was silently flowing out. 

“Sorry, I’ve made you wait so long!” 

“.I’ll allow you to join the team. That child’s protection is up to you. Although 

I said that, do not do anything exceeding what is proper.” 


Towards the dreary warning of Hestia that broke the silence, Lili was stunned. 

Before she could ask about the true meaning, Bell came back holding a chair. 
Towards Bell, who was constantly apologizing and could not make any comment, 
Hestia only took his arm and pulled him to her side. 



“Then once again.Nice to meet you, Supporter-kun. Looks like MY Bell-kun 

had bothered you.” 

Hestia had emphasized on the <MY>. It seems that the surrounding atmosphere 
had completely changed, just like a tiger that was guarding her own territory. She 
used her eyes to convey the meaning of if you dare to attack, I’ll eat you. 

Towards Hestia, who had her contained her cheeks from twitching, Lili was 

She is a God. She was a divinely being, an noble existence that was worthy of 

However on top of that, she was still a child. 

No, it was better to say-An enemy. 

Lili’s head was filled with a wave of anger towards her, who pulled Bell’s arm to 
her side, and specially drew the line in front of Bell as revenge. 

Although Lili also had feelings similar to loyalty to her, but this was another matter. 


Pashi\ She used both her hands to pull the other arm of Bell over. 

Towards the sharp glare of Hestia that was filled with malicious intent, Lili directly 
sent it back. 

“There is no such thing. I had always made Bell-sama, who treated Lili gently, 
worry instead.” 

On one side, it was a young girl. On the other side, it was also a young girl. 

Upholding an innocent and cute child-like appearance, both of them revealed their 
women’s face and stared at each other. 

Between them, who were both unable to reach the floor while sitting on a chair, 
Bachibachi, sparks were flying around. 

(K.. .Kami-sama AHHHHHHHH! ?) 

Due to his arm being squeezed by the twin valleys in this very situation, Bell did 
not even know what was happening in front of him. He was in extreme panic. 

In the skirmish between the petite individuals, the Goddess won. 

“ Ku , she indeed lives up as a God-sama.! Looks like her boobs are not only a 


“Do you have something you want to say, Supporter-kun.?” 

“About that, Lili. The matter about the future.” 

After the battle, Bell began to speak. 

Each sat back onto their respective chairs once they calmed down. This time, it 
was Lili’s golden eyes that looked amazed as she stared at him. 

“Lili right now, her headquarters.Do you have a place to live yet?” 


“Yes. Although it was not just for a day or two, I had always been changing 
between inns.” 

Looking at Lili, who did not reveal embarrassed smile, Bell secretly hinted towards 

Although she still let out a sound as if she was unwilling, but she did nod her head. 

“Lili, if you don’t you want to come to our headquarters?” 


“Why not say, why don’t you join <Hestia’s Familia>? Although only Kami-sama 
and I are in it.” 

Lili already cannot return to <Soma’s Familia>, even Bell knew this. 

Then why not just simply be straightforward, he thought. Compared to letting her 
live by herself, why not accept her over. Rather, this was Bell’s wish. 

Hestia, who had already seen through Lili, did not object, the only thing that was 
left was for Lili to nod. 

“.Hestia-sama, is this okay? Isn’t Hestia-sama, to Lili.” 

“Fu, Fuah.Don’t be mistaken, okay? Even if it is a person that I hate, letting a 

child without a home alone is related to my very existence. Until you find work, I 
can temporarily take care of you. 

Towards the red-faced Goddess, who was not being truthful, Bell could only let out 
a wry smile. 

After Lili let out a warm smile towards this scene, she slowly shook her head. 

“I am extremely grateful, Bell-sama, Hestia-sama. Just having this, Lili feels that it 
is enough. 


“Fili feels uneased if Lili continues to indulge in the gentleness from the two of 
you.After all, Lili is still a member of the <Soma’s Familia>” 


Revealing a faint smile towards the dumbfounded Bell, she stretched her hand 
beyond her back. 

Towards her back that was probably still engraved by her <Status>, Hestia frowned. 

“Lili, who is still a member of <Soma’s Familia> cannot go to Bell-sama’s 
headquarters. If the fact that Lili had entered Bell-sama’s headquarters is exposed, 
then it will bring unnecessary trouble to the two of you. Lili absolutely cannot 
tolerate such a thing to happen.” 

“T.. .Towards that kind of thing, I.” 

Bell, who refused to give up, attempted to persuade her, but he seemed to have 
remembered something and closed his mouth. 

This was not a single person’s problem. There was indeed a possibility of dragging 
in the entire Familia. 

Bell painfully closed his eyes, and then he looked at Hestia, who was thinking 
about something. 

“Supporter-kun, the condition for leaving <Soma’s Familia>, no, is leaving 
banned? Did your Main God say anything?” 

“Although Soma-sama did not express anything about it clearly.But probably, 

a large amount of money is necessary. 

“Money, is it.” 

Following the amount of members, money was another resource that the <Hestia’s 
Familia> overwhelmingly lack. 

Although Bell had made remarkable progress towards the situation in the dungeon, 
and they had earned far more than a month ago, but after all, it was still half-baked. 
At most, they could only bring out around 100, 000 Varisu. 

Moreover, even if the two of them had the ability to pay off the fee for leaving the 
Familia, Lili will also never accept it. 

“Then, leaving the <Familia> is such a troubling thing.? From the people that I 

know, there are people who have left a <Familia>.” 


“It depends on the Main God. If there is an God that is willing to accept the 
application, then there are also Gods that ignore it.” 

Leaving a <Familia>, not only will it bring trouble to the person that was leaving, 
but it will also bring trouble to the other <Familia> that they were leaving for. The 
best example was disclosing information. 

No matter how indulgent the God was, only the ones that manage their factions 
minimally will do it. In most cases, the Gods hate members leaving. 

“Your acquaintance may also have a secret that could not be told to anyone” 

After Hestia had glanced at Lili after saying this, Bell also understood what they 
were talking about. 

Just like Lili, leaving while they still belonged to the faction-It was a state of 

escape. They became a wild cat, a homeless Adventurers. 

Putting aside boss Mia, who was already forgiven by the God, from <Mistress of 
Abundance>, including Seal, whose history was extremely vague, perhaps it was 
also like that. 

Even if they do not ask, you could still see it. The people standing in that situation 
have very difficult lives. 

“.Even if it is a person that was unwilling to join the <Familia> they are still 

not forgiven?” 

“A noble’s child is a noble, a farmer’s child is a farmer. It is simply like that, Bell- 

A child born from between members, that child must also have a duty to join the 

From a God’s perspective, the moment this crystal was created, it had already 
become the responsibilities of the party involved, even if the child was not willing 
and argued back, nothing will change. 

Speaking irresponsibly, this was already something that the Gods have no 
connection to. 


The permit of leaving, it ultimately still belongs to the God. Having a kind god 
determines everything. 

If your luck was bad, some gods may request large sums of money. Some gods 
may forcibly give difficult problems to you and watch the developments while 

Bell stared at Lili, who was smiling, with a mixed expression. 

“If I do not get the assistance of Soma, I will not be able to change the 
<Grace>.Updating will also become impossible.” 

“So it’ll become like this.” 

“But, you aren’t preparing to go on like this, right? You are planning to look for 

“Yes. Although it is impossible right now, I plan to meet Soma-sama when the 
timing is ripe. Whether he will accept is still.” 

The conversation suddenly stopped. Everybody revealed an expression filled with 
myriad of thoughts. 

The warm light seemed to shine nervously and Bell asked a question towards Lili. 

“Then Lili, what are you planning to do later? Are you planning to find an inn 

Actually there is a shop that I frequently go to.Ah, Lili said it a bit wrong, but 

in short, there is a generous Gnome grandpa. I plan to stay there for a period of 
time. Ah, I will of course work? I plan to not use my transformation in order to be 
truly recognized by my efforts.” 

There was no trauma inside the speedy response of Lili. Bell, who understood her 
determination, calmed down. 

(Next time, I should also explain it a bit to Eina-san.) 

It was ashamed to say, if Eina did not help about the problem regarding <Soma’s 
Lamilia>, there will have been little progress. 


Originally, the guild will not interfere with the <Familia>’s problems unless it was 
a significant case. 

They are the managers of Orario and absolutely not the charitable organization for 
Adventurers and Supporters. 

The guild will assist the Adventurers. This was all to increase the efficiency of 
recovering interest from the Dungeon, and they will certainly not manage personal 
problems about Adventurers and Supporters. 

Is he relying too much on Eina’s intimacy and kindness, Bell thought while he 
used a hand to press his temple. 

“Hey hey, don’t force yourself, is it really okay? If it doesn’t work out, I can 
introduce you to the place that I work?” 

“No, no. Towards the mistake regarding the method of using Magic Stone ignition 
device and causing a huge explosion in daytime at the shop, Lili politely refuse 
about this action. Please allow Lili to solemnly decline.” 

“How do you know about this!?” 

“Although I only accidentally heard about it from the surrounding noise, due to the 
mischief of the Loli Goddess, the rumor of the natural disaster at North Main Street 
is already very famous.” 

“WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ? Don’t say anymore in front of 
Bell-kun AHHHHHHHHH! ” 


But isn’t it fine, Bell thought. 

If it was for the noisy girl in front of his eyes, he was still willing to lower his 
white head no matter how many times. 

Bell continued to look at Lili, who finally showed her real smile, and he, too, 
revealed a smile. 



I was currently walking on the <Adventurer’s Street> in the North-West Main 
Street Area. 

After separating with Kami-sama, I prepared to head over to the guild headquarters. 
I was thinking about reporting to Eina-san and then talk about the situation 
regarding the <Soma’s Familia>. 

It was already time for the shops to open. Looks like today, the shops on both sides 
of the street were also very lively. 

This street that Adventurers frequently walked upon was almost packed with shops. 
If you look further ahead, you can see numerous buildings had a very majestic 
style. For example, there is the accessory shop that decorated the entrance 
elegantly and the item shop that was constructed with sturdy gray stones. Even the 
arrangement of goods in the display window, all of them seem to be very high 

Looking around, did they temporarily stop the Adventurer’s work today? The 
figure of the demi-humans, that often removed their defense gear and wore light 
equipment, were currently shopping around the street. It looks like there were 
many teams that gathered here and moved forward. It seems like they were 
laughing at an interesting topic. 

This isn’t bad. I was a little jealous towards the scene of the comrades, that 
explores the dungeon together and shopping with each other. 

Shortly after, what appeared on the street was a large temple, no it was the 

I headed towards the courtyard with the white pillars that connected to the guild 

Another reason why I came at this time was because it was right before noon-It 

is the time that most Adventurers were beginning their Dungeon Exploration- 

The white marble lobby was extraordinarily wide. There were completely no peers 
that I had to originally shove out of the way and I quickly found Eina-san. 

66 <y>-> 

There was already an earlier guest located at the reception window of Eina-san. 


An Adventurer that was holding an item wrapped with white cloth and was 
discussing something over the counter. 

I only saw one side talking carefully and the expression of a seriously thinking 
Eina-san on the other. I did not pay much attention to that person and headed over. 
I looked at the long golden hair slightly and quickly walked over. 

Shortly before I was close to the front, Eina-san noticed me. Her jade-colored eyes 
opened in shock. 

Then, as if the reaction was followed. 

The person, who had her back facing to me, slowly turned around. 


Her long golden hair swayed, and in the middle , a pair of clear golden eyes were 

Slender jaw and slender neck. Her tender white skin completely did not match her 
female race. It was simply beautiful. 

With an appearance that does not lose to a Goddess, I, who suddenly showed up, 
was slightly surprised. 

Aizu.Wallen.. .stein-san. 

The three of us completely forgot to issue out a sound and our postures were 
completely fixed at the scene. 

Mostly my and Wallenstein-san’s gaze intersected, Eina-san’s was looking at both 
sides crisscrossing. 

I could not breathe normally. My head was completely blank due to the pair of 
golden eyes staring at me. 


The lengthy silence continued. 

I, with an unmoving face, slowly turned my body to the right and faced away from 

Eh, the instant an unknown whisper was leaked out, I began to run with all my 
strength to the exit. 

“B...Bell-kun!? Please wait!” 

Ignoring Eina-san’s discouraged voice, I ran and ran and ran. 

Kicking hard onto the white marble floor, I swung my arms greatly and looked 
straight ahead at the entrance to the headquarters. 

-Why.. .Why would that person go find Eina-san!? 

-What on earth had happened!? 

My neck and face, followed by the ears were all being dyed red in a ferocious 
momentum, I continued to accelerate based on my instinct. 

Just when the confusion reached the limits, I passed through the courtyard and 
attempted to leave this place. 

But at the next moment, a godspeed wind passed by closely. 

Surpassing me, and then in the form of blocking my way, a golden hair person 
appeared in front of me. 


My eyes widened to their limits and I could not break and collided with her. 
“Bell-kun, Wallenstein!?” 

While hearing Eina-san’s footstep constantly approaching, I continued to close my 
eyes forcibly.Then I noticed it did not hurt. 

Ha, I opened my eyes, my abdomen and back was completely wrapped by slender 
arms, as if I was being supported through a hug. 


I lifted my head stunned, that person was currently looking at me. 

“.Sorry, are you alright?” 


My face had turned to a higher level of red, and I left her by jumping backwards. 

Even the sudden assault completely obliterated my momentum and sense of 
violation, but was I being hugged earlier? 

My heart was, patapata, and the beating could not stop. At the same time, I felt 
shocked by these series of unimaginable developments. 

“What are you doing! Don’t you know it is extremely rude to suddenly run 

“S...Sorry, Eina-san.” 

Although I could only reflexively apologize to Eina-san, who came over scolding 
in front of me, but my gaze still stayed on Wallenstein-san’s body. 

The instant her gaze intersected with mine, I looked away in panic. I asked Eina- 
san unclearly. 

“T.. .That.. .Th.. .This.. .What is this situation.!?” 

“Ha.Wallenstein seems to be looking for Bell-kun for something.” 


I sighed while looking confused, Eina-san told me the bare minimum about the 

I reflexively turned away and Wallenstein-san opened the item that was wrapped 
the cloth. 

What was exposed was a jade-colored hand armor. 

I stared. 

“She picked this up in the Dungeon and said she wanted to directly hand it back to 
you. That’s why Wallenstein came over to talk with me?” 

While Eina-san was talking, I was completely stunned once again. 

This hand armor, it was something I dropped when I was being constantly attacked 
by Monsters on the 10 th floor. At that time, I was desperately trying to head to 
Lili’s side and it became harder and harder to recover it. 

Then I noticed. At that time, the person who lent a helping hand to me must have 
been this person. 

“.Bell-kun, then you two can talk about it on your own.” 


Towards the words that was disclosed by my ear, I looked over at Eina-san. 

While doing clumsy actions I whispered back to her and tried to appeal. 

“P.. .Please wait Eina-san!? I beg you, I beg you to stay here.! I will 


“What are you saying, you are a man, right. The words that you must say are 
enormous, so you must convey them by yourself. Understood?” 

Good luck, Eina-san whispered as she placed her face nearby. 

Towards her care that probably wanted us to be alone for my sake, I could only cry. 
I could only watch the figure that headed back as if I was an abandoned animal. 

“.About that, this.” 

I was being talked to, I turned around and quickly accepted the hand armor that 
was handed over. 

Wallenstein-san, who was a bit shorter compared to my height, continued to stare 
at this side. 

My entire body became a red statue and as usual, I could not speak. 




“It was my fault about the Minotaur that I defeated. I have given you lots of trouble 

and also caused you to suffer many injuries.I always wanted to apologize. 


Looking at her bowing her to me, I held my breath. The current state seems as if 
the raised voice was like a lie. 

“N.. .No! It was my fault for running stupidly down the Dungeon floors. 
Wallenstein-san, you are completely not at fault!? Rather, you should be my savior, 
who helped me! If we have to talk about who has to apologize, it should be me, 
who ran away without thanking you.S...Sorry!” 

I shook my head and felt slightly disoriented. In short, I must pour out all the 
words that I did not say. 

Up till now, I was not only panicking, but I was also embarrassed due to this 
person apologizing. 

“That, I wanted to say, so.” 

I, who had his entire face become extremely hot, desperately tried to finished the 
words that I must convey, and finally, finally let out the sound. 

“Thank you for helping me so many times.I am really grateful!” 

With a very impressive momentum, I bowed. 

My trembling eyes reflected the stone patterns on my feet, and the sweat on my 
forehead passed through my nose and fell onto the ground. 

The bustling sounds of the overflowing street seem very far away, only my 
heartbeat sounds were echoing loudly. 

I remained fixed like that for 10 seconds. 

I tried my best and finally returned to my original posture. 

Wallenstein-san, who was slightly staring at me, was surely exposing a slight smile. 



Gahahaha, while I issued this strange noise, my entire face was red as if I was 
going to spray out fire. 

As if I was trying to escape from her smile and bowed down my head, I covered 
my eyes with my bangs. 

Without the same degree as my chest, my back also felt hot and it was unbearable. 

The conversation had stopped. 

Whether it was me or Wallenstein-san, we both did not talk. Only the time 
continued to flow. 

During this time, don’t mention about Adventurers, but not even a child walked 
past this place. In the center of this spacious courtyard in front of the guild 
headquarters, we remained silent. Aside from standing there, we could not do 

“.Your Dungeon Exploration, you’re still working hard?” 


The voice that came over made me raise my face. 

With a faint expression, Wallenstein continued to speak. 

“It seems that you’ve already reached the 10 th floor.Amazing.” 

“N.. .Not at all, it is thanks to the help of many people, or rather, I am completely 
still not good enough!? My goal is still completely out of reach.!” 

Because of the sudden praises by the person I’m longing for, I immediately entered 
a state of panic again. 

I, kurukuru, turned my hands while, fufu, moving my hands. 


“My fighting methods too, perhaps it is because of my personality or that I’m an 
amateur, I will often make strange actions and almost get killed by Monsters. Even 
though I know that I must become stronger, but it is completely impossible and 
extremely chaotic, that.!?” 

Just like a brake failure, illogical words were blurted out from my mouth. What am 
I doing, am I trying to be humble or trying to be modest. 

Wallenstein-san only continued to stare at me, who had completely lost my 

Shortly after, she seems to be considering something seriously and closed her jaw. 

I, who had my thoughts intertwined, soon noticed her expression and I inquired 
timidly while my face was still in a burning state. 

“T.. .That.What.. .What is it?” 

Wallenstein-san, who remained quiet, glanced at me. It was already a few seconds 
after she revealed an hesitant look. 

She also timidly picked her next sentence. 

“If that’s the case.Want me to teach you?” 


“.Fighting methods. Nobody is teaching you, right?” 

It took a considerably long time before I understood the meaning of the request. 

I widened my eyes. My thoughts were completely bewildered. 

“W.. .What, W.. .Why would you do such a thing.!?” 

“.Because you seem to want to become stronger. I, too, know that feeling.” 

Following the apology, Wallenstein once again suddenly said this. 

After being shocked by her, it would be strange if I could calm myself down. 


Let this person to teach my fighting methods? Allowing the person, who I was 
constantly pursuing and longing for, to teach me? 

Can I really do that? 

Is there really no mistake? 

I, who was completely immature, will have contact with this person. 

Speaking of which, problems regarding <Familia> should-. 

My head had many questions revolving around. However, I knew that all of them 
were camouflage to cover the truth. 

I want to talk with this person, I want to know her, I want to laugh together with 
her and I want to share time together with her. 

These feelings of longing, the idiotic-like huge passion. Even if it was only for a 
while, I still want to stay together with her. This came from the bottom of my heart. 

The longing inside my heart seems to be tearing apart. Towards the answer that 
was already decided, I was just constantly thinking, exploring and blindly troubling 


Towards Bell, who was seriously thinking about it with a boiling red face, Aizu 
could only quietly stare at him. 

Aizu did not lie about the reason she said earlier. She felt some resonance from the 
words that Bell had said, this was the truth. 

However, of course, it was not completely filled with good intentions. There was 
also some calculations and plans. 

The first time she sensed something was wrong was with the Silverback. 

Followed by him entering the 10 th floor. 


From Aizu’s own experience, Bell’s growth curve was showing <Growth> results 
that did not match this short period of time. 

Since the encounter with the Minotaur, the inexperienced and rookie Adventurer 
actually made an impressively leap which captured Aizu’s interest. 

(I want to know.) 

I want to know about Bell’s secret about his <Growth>. I want to investigate it 

For herself. 

The reason why she would initiate and request him to teach him was related to this 

“Although if I accept it, I’ll feel bad about it.No, but, it is a rare 


At the same time, perhaps, she felt a bit of guilt. 

Towards the boy that believed the proposal was purely kindness, her chest began to 

Aizu wordlessly lowered her sight from Bell, who was holding his head and 

And held the handle of the sword at her waist tightly. 

As if she wanted to cut off her own confusion. 

“.T.. .Then... Wallen.. .stein-san.” 

She raised her sight. 

The white haired boy, with a fever-like face and those straightforward eyes, made 
her lower her head again. 

“A.. .About teaching.. .P.. .Please take care of me!” 


I have to compensate him. 

I must respond to his expectations. As an apology from the guilt inside her heart. 
Aizu thought as she looked at the crimson eyes. 

“.Yes. Please to.. .meet you.” 


Chapter 2 

Bull Rabbit Training 

The sky was shrouded by darkness. 

Dawn has not arrived from the eastern skies, the dividing line between night and 
day was still extremely ambiguous. 

(The city’s surrounding walls, it is my first time coming.) 

After waking up unusually early, I headed to the surrounding walls of the 
Labyrinth City (Orario). 

The current location was the outer section of North West direction. In the huge 
surrounding walls, the inside of the city could be seen in one glance and my 
attention was stolen by the majority of the scene. 

The Pantheon, the Coliseum, there were probably even headquarters of famous 
<Familia>. The huge buildings with the height approaching the walls could be said 
to have their own characteristics. Towards the beautiful shape that could be clearly 
recognized from afar, I could not even issue a single sigh. 

Especially the <Babel> that stood in the center of the city, the height that surpasses 
even the city wall brings forth a more powerful presence and pressure. Place 
among the dazzling areas, the bean-like homes were also quite interesting and it 
was never tiring to look at it. 

The city, that was roughly divided into 8 Main Street Areas, had just finally bid 
farewell to the bustling noises. Right now, the Magic Stone Lamps’ glows 
disappeared one by one, Orario is quietly entering its slumber. 

The thought of me living in this great city caused indescribable feelings and 
excitement and began to stimulate my back and heart. 


“Are you ... prepared?” 

“Ah, Y...Yes!” 

Turning around to the wind chimes-like voice, I, once again, faced Wallenstein-san. 

The reason why I came to the city walls was in order to accept her guidance about 
fighting methods. 

Since her <Familia> seems to be planning an <Expedition> in the near future, so 
the amount of time for guidance does not seem to be much. This was the reason 
that we began the training the day after yesterday and at the same time, the training 
period will end when the <Expedition> begins. 

“Sorry, calling you out at this time.” 

“N.. .Not at all, it’s not a problem!” 

Wallenstein-san, who was part of the <Loki’s Familia>, should not even be doing 
this kind of thing. If it was known that she was teaching another faction’s member, 
it would be an even greater problem. 

Specially heading over to the top of the walls to train was also to avoid people’s 
eyes and ears. 

Considering from her position, having deadlines and restrictions was taken for 

By the way, the reason we picked such an early time period was because she 
considered my situation of having to earn my living fees and had to enter the 

“T.. .Then, Wallenstein-san, what.. .what do you want me to do.” 



“It’s fine .. .To call me Aizu.” 

I, who noticed that I was being criticized by how I called her name, almost 
instantly flopped to the ground. 


“Everybody calls me that.Or.. .Are you unwilling?” 

“W.. .Wait a minute!?.No, it’s not that I’m unwilling” 

It was impossible to refuse. 

Listening to the slightly depressed voice from that person, I covered my mouth and 

My cheeks turned red. Shouldn’t I say, Wallenstein-san.In front of Aizu-san, 

my cheeks have always turned red, there was not even a second that it didn’t. 

Once again, I had a realization of how strange the current situation was. 

“.A.. .Aizu.. .san. Then what should I do next?” 

“.What should you do.. .Okay.” 


Towards Aizu-san’s slightly dull voice, I could not help but let out a natural 

She huddled her slender chin and stood there, frowned as she desperately tried to 
think of something. 

“Although I have been thinking.about it since yesterday.” 

She quietly moved her line of sight, as if she was a scolded child. It gave me the 
feeling that Aizu-san had become smaller. 

The sense of sacredness and mystery that she had revealed so far had completely 
vanished without a trace. 

Ara, so strange. 

The Aizu-san in front of me was slightly different than the one I longed for. 

“.Try.. .to swing in the air.” 



I let out a bit of sweat as I listened to Aizu-san’s instruction. 

Taking out the <Dagger>, while I felt slightly embarrassed due to the close 
proximity of her gaze, I swung once, twice and three times. 

Aizu-san was seriously observing my movements. 

“You.. .only use Dagger?” 


“The Dagger users that I know will also use kicks and Taijutsu.” 

Indeed, when I was fighting against Monsters, I would rely on the weapon’s 
overwhelming attacks most of the time. The acts of punching and kicking were 
extremely rare. 

While I looked at my own body, Aizu-san said, “lend it to me”, and took the 

Looks like she wanted to demonstrate an example of Taijutsu. 

“.Like this” 

Her right hand held the dagger in reverse grip and her knee were slightly lifted 

She lifted her knee vertically by a bit.she tilted her head. 

She lowered her leg and once again raised it straight up.Then once again, she 

tilted her head. 

66 cpii 

She repeated the lifting and lowering of her left knee. Each time, Aizu-san would 
tilt her head. 

To this point, even I could not hide my sweat. I do not know why the side watching 
would also become speechless, I could only keep looking at Aizu-san’s next move. 


Could it be ... Aizu-san.. .is a natural airhead 


Just when I was thinking this kind of thing. 

As if she captured some amazing sense, Aizu-san swayed her lower body. 


Using her right foot as the axis for her center of gravity, she let out an intense 
friction, causing the stone floor to cry out, and rotated her body around. 

Ignoring me, who let out a dumb noise, her left leg depicted an arc. 

Her miniskirt rolled forward, revealing the blue tights she was wearing underneath. 

Following, the snow white thighs broke into my vision-1.. .was blown away. 


A high speed.. .roundhouse kick. 

The attack of the First-Class Adventurers that entered my sight, captured me, who 
was standing next to her, at a frightening speed. After a violent blow, I was blown 
towards the opposite wall. 

Whether if it was reacting or defending, I could not even let out a cry. With a tragic 
momentum, I smashed against the stone wall and finally collapsed to the ground. 

What .. .This kind of damage. 

My consciousness was blown away. 

I could not use any strength and quaveringly raised my head. Aizu-san, who lacked 
emotions on her face, could only stand there with her eyes widened. 

.Aizu-san.. .is really a natural airhead. 

The second before I lost consciousness, I finally understood this point. I tried to 
turn my head. 



Aizu-san apologized with a sad expression to me, who woke up shortly afterwards. 

Although I forcibly placed a smile and desperately tried to encourage her, my chest 
that got hit was still in pain, I do not know if I could conceal it properly. 

Afterwards, Aizu-san attempted to test out various things, but it still did not seem 
to work. 

Looking at the figure, who was desperately thinking, I do not know whether if I 
should interrupt or not. 

Under the dark sky, where the morning glow still haven’t appeared yet, a restless 
atmosphere was filling it up. 

“.As expected, we should just fight.” 


Aizu-san, who was silent for some time, raised her head and said this to me. 
Standing up, she placed her hand on the sword handle. 

I widened my eyes and hurriedly stood up, she pulled out her sword and placed it 
on a corner of the wall, then she faced this side while holding the sheath. 

“Because I am not good at teaching others like Riveria.So... this is the best 


Following this, the atmosphere around Aizu-san changed. 

Her right hand held onto the sword sheath that had nearly the same attack range as 
a normal single-handed sword, and she quietly placed up her stance. 

Just by standing, my skin sensitively reacted. 

I immediately pulled out the <Dagger> hanging at the waist and entered a stance. 
“Yes.That is enough.” 



“Just like your reactions earlier, I hope that you will feel various things starting 
from now on.” 

Through the mock battle.that is going to start now.. .learn by yourself, she said. 

The clash between the weapons, reading the opponent’s actions. Try to utilize 
everything you could utilize. 

“.M.. .My weapon.. .has a blade, is that okay.?” 

“It’s alright.” 

Facing Aizu-san, who cut off the sentence with one phrase, I moaned. 

Worrying about the opponent is a fatal error, I understood this the moment she 
entered her battle posture. 

I was being pressured by the simple and bladeless sword sheath. 

The rigid air, biribiri, roared inside my ears. The eastern sky has yet showed signs 
of morning. 

Aizu-san did not move. I also did not move. 

No, it should be that I can’t move. 

Once the distance shortens, I, who was waiting, will be torn apart. The instant that 
I take a step, I could firmly believe that a strike that surpassed my range and speed 
will come. 

I never thought that there will be a time the <Dagger> in my hand, which is 
soaked with sweat, will become so unreliable. 

“.You.. .really are timid.” 



“Since you are entering the Dungeon alone, being timid is a very important quality. 
But beyond that, you are still afraid of something else.” 

The sentence that I did not want others to say was declared by the person I did not 
want to be said out. 

With a calm expression, Aizu-san quietly stepped forward. 

“Although I do not know what you are afraid of.Probably, when that moment 

is approach, you will have no choice aside from escaping. 

The words she firmly believed in pierced my chest. 

Ka, the center of my body seems to become hot. Was it shame, was it rage. Mostly, 
it was the former. 

Even though I do not understand, but there was a sore feeling everywhere. An 
accusation with no room for maneuver. What flashed through my brain, in that 
instant, was a bull that was approaching from behind, roaring. 

Even though it was not the time to think of this kind of thing, but a panicked 
feeling surged through my heart. 

My teeth were about to trembling. However, I suppressed with my willpower. 

Holding the handle of the <Dagger> with power, I raised my wet eyes. 

Instilling power to my entire body, towards Aizu-san, who was approaching closer 
step by step-1 took the initiative and rush forward. 


“Not enough.” 

-1 was blown away. 

The moment the sharp sound of the wind breaking passed my ears, I went straight 
to the side and was in a fiery embrace with the slab stone. 

My abdomen.. .an uncommon pain. 



“Recklessness is not allowed. It is something that is absolutely not done in the 

Aizu-san’s words that she used to explain the behavior conduct, failed to properly 
enter my brain. 

I was swept away. 

With an unimaginable speed, the sword sheath swept passed horizontally and 
severely knocked into the unsuspecting side of the abdomen due to holding the 

My eyes could capture the shaking slash. And it was just barely a glimpse. 

I know. I know. 

Although I know. 

This person.. .isn’t she unexpectedly fast.!? 

“Can you stand up?” 

Towards the question that came from above, I placed my hands on the ground and 
slowly stood up. 

My breathing was ragged. The flickering pain in my abdomen made me want to 
bend down. I wanted to cry. But I definitely could not cry. 

I used my front teeth to bite my lips and once again, I confronted Aizu-san. 

“Still not accustomed to pain.” 


“But if that’s the case, then there is more of a reason not to be afraid of the pain.” 
A thrust. 

A thrust with frightening speed pierced through my heart. I could not block the 
impact and was sent flying away. 


The back of my head suffered a heavy impact. On top of this, my lungs also lost 
their function. 

“Can you stand up?”, this gentle yet merciless phrase. I replied with an almost 
choking voice while I stood up. 

“Since you are entering the Dungeon alone, you absolutely cannot leave any dead 
angles. You will always have to maintain a wide vision.” 




Just when I thought I finally avoided it, a second attacked followed. 

The instant that I had stopped moving, my knees were hit. This time, I had a fiery 
kiss with the slab stone again. 

Incidentally, I was dressed in light armor. On this basis, there were such damages. 

“Can you stand up?” , this calm phrase. I stood up while my nose continued to 

“Right now, it is fine if you can follow it. Try to read your opponent’s action.” 

“That’s right.” 


After the slash coming from bottom to top, a horizontal slash followed. 

From start to finish, everywhere was filled with holes where I could be directly hit. 

I placed the <Dagger> in the path. However, the sword sheath still managed to 
bypass the location of the <Dagger> and attacked me. I was beaten to the side and 
rolled away. 

“Can you stand up?”, this magical-like phrase. I stood up. 


“.You.. .don’t seem to be good at defense” 

Continuous hits, Continuous hits, Continuous hits, Continuous hits. 

Numerous slashes flashed by endlessly. I, who had no way of avoiding it, could not 
even bounce by even one attack and was beaten by the sheath. 

After a tremendous sound from a blow, the slab stone issued a cry. 

Unconsciously, I could not even stand up and could only kneel on the ground. 

The ragged breathing sounds echoed through the faintly dark surrounding areas. 

“.First-Class Adventurers often say: There are many Adventurers that are 

deluded by the <Status>” 


“Everybody is too dependent on the <Grace>. Ability and technique are very 
different things.” 

Looking towards Aizu-san, who began to speak, I widened my eyes, which were 
distorted due to the pain. 

She seemed to be teaching everything she had comprehended to me, and slowly 
continued to speak. 

“Technique and Adaptability. These things you are still not yet capable.” 

“Even if you lose you <Status> , these things still reside in your body. Aside from 
refining it.I believe there is no other choice.” 

She closed her eyes and no longer spoke. Then she looked directly over at this side. 

“Because you do not seem to be good at defense, this will be our first training topic. 
During this training period, try to see through my attack and attempt to defend.” 


“If we continue this kind of training, even the current you should be able to 
reflexively form the fighting methods. This is what I believe.” 

“Towards your goal that you talked about.You will also become closer.” 

Aizu-san uninterruptedly said. At the same time she said this assertion, she directly 
stared at me, who was stunned. 

The golden eyes shone with sincerity, peered into my eyes. 

This person was currently waiting, waiting for me, who was whimpering and 
moaning, to stand again. 

“Can you still.. .stand?” 


Accepting her thoughts and calm gaze about the weak me. 

Although it was small, but it will never be in vain. 

I desperately made the knee that was bent, rose up and finally stood up. 

Until the distant mountain ridge was lit by the daylight, I was blindly accepting her 
sword strikes. 


Newly-formed jagged rocks were currently occupying, up down left right, all 
directions within the vision. 

The high ceiling also did not help and created a locked-up feeling. The huge rocks 
that were peeling off the walls from all direction created a suffocating pressure. 

The faint light source was not the only reason why it made one worry; the dark 
atmosphere was also one of the reasons. 

The ground obviously did not have a path laid out, the rough stone made it difficult 
to move forward. 

Caves, mines, tunnels. 


The maze formed with combination of paths without any rules would cause one to 
think a hollow rock stratum. 

“It really has been a long time since I would reside once again on this floor.” 

Underground Dungeon 17 th Floor. 

In this area where the Adventurer’s range belongs to Lv.2, a burly beastman, Ottar, 
was currently exploring by himself. 

On the upper part of the walls, fist-sized stones bulged out as if it was a lantern 
releasing light. It shone out his burly body. 

The surrounding equipment wrapped around his body was actually light armor. 

The body that surpassed 2 meters and could easily use a super heavy full body 
armor, actually only used light armor to cover the parts that may be life-threating if 
a Monster attacks. 

Having said that, each part had an incredible level of thickness and size, as if a 
heavy shield was embedded onto the body. If it was asked simply whether if it was 
within the scope of light armor, nodding would also appear to be unnatural. 

The huge and sturdy backpack that is being carried on his right shoulder seems to 
be unwillingly restrained and was expanding. 

(Now that I think about it, the last time I entered the dungeon, it is already quite 

Every step would cause the huge body to shake. Although it isn’t strange to cause 
one or two noises, but not even a single footstep sound was made. This kind of 
movement was wrapped with a strong sense of violation. 

However, from the beginning, he had exuded an absolute presence that could not 
be ignored to the surrounding. 

As if they were afraid of Ottar, not even a shadow of a Monster appeared in front 
of him. 


(.Jealousy, is it) 

While spreading his awareness to the surroundings, Ottar recalled the conversation 
with Freya. 

Won’t you be jealous, this was what his own Goddess asked. 

At that time, Ottar did not lie. No matter what happens, he would not question 
Freya’s loving embrace and will eternally worship her. 

Having a desire and reaching out for it will absolutely never capture it. As if their 
love was played around by the gentle breeze, it will finally swept pass the 
fingertips and suddenly disappeared. 

Basically, the wind will not seek a partner. 

The wind will only roam around the skies by itself. If they discover wandering 
travelers in the plains, it may smile and tightly hug quietly behind. Then when the 
travelers turn around, it will have already headed off somewhere else. 

Yet at the same time, yes, the wind is equal. 

To give the cool blessing towards everybody who stand on top of the ground. 

It is sometimes fierce, sometimes gentle. Just like the northern winds, just like the 
spring breeze. 

The wind will silently touch the ears and whisper softly constantly. It will never be 
interrupted. The wind is eternal. 

As long as Ottar stands above the ground, even if he ran far away, he will 
absolutely never lost the wind’s grace. 

(.Since I decided to come here, I have already made my answer, right) 

However, if a sky that the winds will call as a home appears. If a sky that the winds 
longed for appears. 

He could only stand at the ground and watch, unable to do anything. 

If he was to look at that scene from above and felt inferior and grief for himself, 
then perhaps, there was really jealous. 


Then jealous and suspicious will be interlinked. 

(Pale blue.) 

As if he was to relax the facial muscles, a shallow wry smile was depicted on his 
face. If someone sees it, they will definitely be surprised. 

In the end, from the instant that he could not refuse Freya’s orders, Ottar was 
already included among them. The Goddess has also seen through him. 

Ku, a self-deprecating laughter echoed deeply within the cave. 


Ottar’s pace stopped. 

From the helmet that was similar to a guard and was covered with extremely little 
black iron, the pig ears that pried out suddenly reacted. 

Before the toes that were wrapped by the boots changed direction, from the rocky 
walls, Vooo, a black and red bull’s head probed out. 

“V OOOOOO .!” 

“It came out.” 

The huge bloodshot eyes captured Ottar, who was standing in front. 

<Minotaur>. With an outer appearance of a bull, a Large-Sized Monster with 
rumbling muscles and bones. It’s height was slightly taller than Ottar. Based on the 
physique, there were many place similar to Ottar. 

It was the reason why Ottar would remain at a floor that was extremely 
inappropriate for his own Lv. 

That is to capture the violent Monster in front of his eyes. 


The Minotaur was extremely excited. 


Probably it was using <The Dungeon’s Arsenal>, his hand was holding a natural 
weapon in the form of an axe. 

The axe that was the same size as a hand was soaked with red-color liquid. Did it 
just fight against Adventurers, perhaps it succeeded in cutting off their heads. Just 
by the portions seen, there were no obvious injuries. 

This is really the jackpot, Ottar thought as he narrowed his tarnish eyes. 

Placing his hand onto strap, ton, the specially made backpack fell down from his 
shoulders and onto the ground. From the huge bag that could be described as a 
construction beam of a building, the sound of a sharp friction could be heard aside 
from the sound of the earth splitting. 

The moment the Minotaur noticed this, its eyes flew out. 


Stamping on the Dungeon’s ground, he created a whirlwind of gravel. Then he 
lifted the stone axe high above. 

Even when he took the vibrating roar head on, Ottar remained impassive. 

His right hand that was carrying the backpack was placed vertically towards the 
ground, at the same time, his left hand was hanging lifelessly. He did not even 
carry a weapon and was waiting for the Minotaur to charge in a straight line. 

Then just when the Minotaur in front of his eyes used its leg to crush the ground, 
Ottar slowly raised his left hand. 


“.Pretty good. I’ve decided, it’s you.” 

It was caught. It was a complete defense. 

After the stone axe with many cracks was swung downwards, it cracked open. It 
headed towards the ground. 

The attack from the Minotaur using all its strength was withstood by Ottar’s left 
arm with a hand armor. 


Excluding the hardness of the armor, what was shocking was the abnormal 
<Durability>. Maintaining an upright posture, the huge body can be described as 
motionless. Even without assuming a fighting stance, the pig beastman directly 
neutralized the Minotaur’s assault. 

It was almost like a huge tree with roots underground, Ottar did not move. He even 
evaluated the Minotaur without any hesitation. 

Was it instinct, its eyes had a bit of cowardice inside, the Minotaur began to retreat 
step by step. 

Towards the creature that was a Monster above itself, it gradually understood. 


“It’s fine if you rampage.Next.” 

The Minotaur, which was shot by the gaze, really stopped. 

Ottar’s gaze fell onto the stone axe that was slipping on the opponent’s hand and 
temporary thought for a while. 

Shortly after, he reached out behind. Ignoring the surprised reaction from the 

Minotaur, he pulled out one of the two swords intersecting at his waist-The 

size was undoubtedly a Large Sword-and threw it. 

". VOOO?” 

“From your actions earlier, there should be no problem. Try to use it.” 

While revealing an uncomfortable and amusing feeling towards the people if they 
see it, the Minotaur looked at the Large Sword in front of its eyes and tilted its 

Its gaze went back and forth between Ottar and the sword, and it timidly reached 
out with its hand. 

The fingers that were covered by the hoof clasped tightly onto the sword’s hilt. 
(Since I already accepted this mission, I will not be merciful. Freya-sama) 


Freya had once said. The boy, Bell’s major achievement will be spurred by Ottar. 

Just like how you were able to understand something from the dialogue between 
me and you, there was only one so-called policy. She must have understood this 
basis so that’s why she appointed Ottar. 

To place the Minotaur in front of Bell. 

The path prepared could be a cruel and thorny path for the boy. 

(.The preparations may have gone overboard.) 

Until now, Ottar had wrestled with many Minotaurs and repeated his selection. 

It was simply in order for Bell to shed a layer of his skin. It was in order draw forth 
the brilliance that Freya desired. 

Towards a Lv.l Adventurer, a Minotaur, that belongs to the range of a Lv. 2, may 
seem to be too harsh. Just by its abilities, there was an insurmountable gap, it was 
an opponent that is equivalent to suicide if they were to seriously fight. Not only 
that, now it was even given a weapon. 

It has reached the point where it was simply domineering. Ottar was currently 
preparing acts of abuse for Bell. 

He admitted that there was a stupid feeling in the very depths of his heart. Ottar 
was actually extremely concerned about Bell. 

If that’s the case, so, therefore, he wanted to remove Bell from Freya’s sight? 

Towards the self-questioning, no, Ottar could make such assertion. 

If Bell dies, Freya will definitely plan to chase after his soul. In other words, she 
will not hesitate to even return to Heaven and to induce Bell towards her chest. If 
that wasn’t the case, then she would not likely risk the possibility of the danger of 
death and give full authority towards Ottar. 

Bell’s life or death already had no meaning. Whether it was life or death, what lies 
ahead will be the curse from the Goddess of Love. 

This is not jealousy. 


This is a baptism. 

(If you wish to accept that Goddess’s love, then show me you can surpass this.) 

Ottar was searching for the signs of qualification. An evidence that he had the soul, 
which made Frey a fall in love at first sight. 

It was fine if you take her care. It is acceptable if you are exclusively loved by her. 

However, it is not acceptable to sully the fame of the sublime Goddess. 

Since you have already been selected by Freya, this has become your duty. Ottar 
will absolutely never communicate this, but only mutter it inside his heart. 


“.Revised. Swing this skillfully for me.” 

He easily bounced away the casually swinging Large Sword. 

As if Ottar wanted to give the Minotaur in front of his eyes a mission of achieving 
perfection, he took a heavy footstep and the training begins. 

The sparks flying everywhere did not have means of stopping, the metal screeches 
echoed in the spacious cave over and over again. No matter how many minutes 
passed, no matter how many hours passed. 

This was all for Freya. 

Ottar was only completing his own mission. 


“Bell-sama.Why is it at this time, when we still haven’t entered the Dungeon, 

you’ve already become tattered?” 

“Ha.. .Haha.There was a slight matter.” 

He could only reply with a hollow laugh towards Lili’s inquiries. 


It was the second day.that he had begun to accept Aizu-san’s harsh special 


Towards me, who had barely managed to get to the meeting time for Dungeon 
Exploration, covered with wounds, even Lili could not help but be confused. 

But I can’t confess, I don’t want to confess. I did not want to expose my 
unbearable self. 

After that without any exception, the trend of becoming tattered completely did not 

Although I know that a good thing about how I will quickly have progress will 

never happen.However, the self- confidence I had accumulated so far was 

completely shattered and disappeared from sight. 

Although I already knew, I was not yet on the path. 

The place where that person is.. .and the place where I am standing at. There was 
an unbelievable distance between us. 

I carried a sense of loss as I passed through the Babel’s doors. 

The spacious space on the first floor. The floor depicted a huge circular array 
which is mainly composed of blue and white. It made people reminiscent about 
stained glass material being split into flower shape. As always, it was extremely 

Many Adventurers were entering and exiting the Babel’s entrance. Although the 
vast majority of the Adventurers are preparing to enter, but there seems to be 
people who exploring during the night time. 

As we passed by them, there were jolly teams, then the obvious contrast, teams 
with gloomy expressions also exist. 

How much harvest achieved in the Dungeon is indeed dramatic, it caused us, who 
were heading towards the Dungeon, to stiffen our cheeks. 

It is one thing that you cannot laugh at. It is definitely not our business. 

“Sorry, Bell-sama. Even though you are so tired, I still made you carry Lili’s bag.” 


“Not a problem. Instead, I feel that the reason why I’m tired is all my 
fault.And since it’s an empty bag, it doesn’t matter.” 

Stepping onto the stairs that connected with the underground, Lili seems to feel 
guilty and shrink back. I smiled as I readjusted my posture of carrying the empty 
bag. It is light, very light, I said. 

Right now, Lili and I had swapped our equipment. In other words, right now I was 
carrying Lili’s bag, the so-called Supporter’s attire. 

On the other hand, Lili took off the coat that she often worn and put on a 
lightweight, leather suit that seems very sturdy. What’s more is that she also had 
my hand armor on her back as a sheath for the <Baselard>. 

If you had to ask why we had to exchange our positions, that is to prevent <Soma’s 
Familia>’s members from noticing Lili’s existence. 

Although at first glance, Lili is a beastman child, but if you see a petite body 
carrying a mountain of luggage, the people with good instincts may want to have 
good visual sight of it. 

Normally, it was rare for the Hobbits to carry large luggage, there is no need to 
mention the other races. 

As a precaution, we used our brains to hid Lili’s true identity. 

“And we can immediately change, don’t worry.” 

In the end, it was only just for show. When there are fewer Adventurer’s eyes and 
ears around them, they will naturally change back. Specifically, it was the area in 
the 9 th floor, right before entering the 10 th floor. Because starting from the 10 th 
floor, the Dungeon will be shrouded by mist. Once they reach nearby, there was no 
need to pay attention to the eyes from the surrounding. 

When we come back, I will also split half the luggage with Lili, in order to reduce 
the sense of violation. 

Because the incident had happened not that long ago, being overly caution like this 
is not excessive, at least I believe so. 

“Nnn~, Lili always feel sorry about how she owes Bell-sama.” 


Lili slightly lowered her tone and said. The tips of her beastman ears grown on her 
head deftly curled up. 

With a wry smile, I once again looked at Lili’s figure. 

From what I can see, the Short Sword <Baselard> suddenly became larger when it 
was on the back of Lili and I could not help but smile. Her long hair was a grey- 
brown color. Her round eyes were golden. Looks like today she is disguised as an 
wolf beastman, as an appearance of a werewolf. 

Relying solely on the smooth, waist-length hair, her entire atmosphere suddenly 
changed, it was a bit surprising. It gave an illusion of a mischievous child 
becoming a noble lady, who enjoys reading book, with a mature atmosphere. 

Her other physical characteristics were somewhat changed, in short, she was very 
different than the usual impression of Lili. 

“T.. .That.Is it really strange?” 

Did she notice my gaze, Lili once again issued an uneasy voice and raised her head. 

Is it the Adventurer’s equipment, or was it about the transformation to a beastman? 
Although I was not clear which one she was referring to in the end, I still revealed 
a smile and shook my head. 

No such thing, I said to her. 

“It is different than the usual atmosphere. Anyways, it feels.a little bit 

refreshing? I believe it is quite cute?” 

“R... Really?” 

“Yes. It is very appropriate.” 

Her uneasy eyes sparkled up along with her expression. 

Her face was flushed as if she had a fever. Although Lili quickly turned to face 
forward, her beastman ears were happily twitching, even the tail that stuck out 
from her skirt was constantly swaying left and right. 

Although, is it unconscious, but how does it move, these kinds of thoughts will 
often appear, but when I see Lili, who will sometimes be happy or discouraged 


towards my words, I felt a comfortable feeling and unconsciously relaxed my 

How should I say, it seems like I have a cute sister. It was the feeling of being 

Although we were forced to be aware of the Adventurers’ eyes and ears.but 

from the other people’s perspective, are we siblings with a good relationship? 

“Rabbit and a Wolf.” 

“Ookami and Usagi.” 

“If the rabbit is the follower (Supporter).Ahhh, it will be eaten.” 

“Emergency spare food (Substitute) is it.How sad.” 

“Scary, scary. From the outside appearance’s <Status>, it is impossible to predict 
this, that’s why you can’t be careless in front of an Adventurer.” 


Why do I have a restless feeling. 

Hiso Hiso, the surrounding Adventurers were all whispering something. 

They revealed gentle eyes that is usually never seen, and cast merciful gazes 
towards me. It was concentrated as well. 

Hearing a man elf mutter “How sad”, I was curious. 

I was confused and the smile on my face gradually began to twitch. But when I 
noticed Lili, who was in the figure of an Adventurer, I suddenly had a question. 

Overlooking the happy expression on my partner’s face, I spoke. 

“Hey, Lili. Lili won’t be able to update the <Status> from now on, right?” 

“Why do you ask?” 

“.You see, you can’t approach the <Soma’s Familia> anymore, which means 

you won’t be able to see the God, right?” 


In other to hide it from the public ”s ears, I leaned over beside Lili’s ears and 

Lili will not be able to meet with her God, Soma, temporarily. In other words, 
updating the <Status> engraved on her back has become impossible. 

Being unable to update the <Status>, this state is deadly to Adventurers. It should 
also be the same for Supporters. Once I increased the Achieved Floors, the 
Monsters will naturally become stronger, the danger will also naturally 

Don’t you feel uneasy, this sentence was sent through my gaze, as I asked Lili. 

“To be honest, about this point, Lili had considered it for a while.But, it should 

be not a problem. At least for now.” 

“I.. .Is that the case?” 

“Yes, there are ways to cope with it. Anyways Lili si also good at dealing with 

Monsters.The evidence is that, for nearly half a year, Lili has not updated her 

<Status> even once.” 

“H... Half a year!?” 

Towards the words that Lili said, I almost fell to the ground. 

It can’t be helped. Not updating the <Status> is nothing but harm, it is basically an 
act of hanging yourself. 

Looking at me, who was stunned, Lili revealed a wry smile and began to explain. 

“In the <Soma’s Familia>, if you wish to update the <Status>, you must reach the 
target fund raised level.” 

“Eh.That is.” 

“That’s right, it is because of Soma-sama.” 

According to what Lili is saying, Soma-sama also seemed to be diligently updating 
the <Status> recently. 


This might be strange, but to Soma-sama, updating the <Status> is a necessary 
expense. For his interest in brewing wine, raising funds are inevitable. If he does 
not let Lili and the others to become stronger and earn more money, Soma-sama, 
himself, will be troubled. 

And with the number of members joining his <Familia> continuously increasing, it 
has become a headache. 

As expected he was still too immersed in his interest, this kind of act was pretty 
much a declaration that “He will only look at the <Status> if it passed the target 

“So in other words, Lili did not earn enough money to reach the quota so she did 
not update the <Status>?” 

“That is slightly incorrect. After all, Lili does not want to attract other people’s 

“Attract other people’s attention?” 

“The fact that you’ve reached the target amount is equivalent of having a 
considerable income. Lili, who is unable to fight, would be the best prey to the 

Ah, at the same time I muttered this, I understood what Lili was trying to say. 

In other words Lili. 

“It was mainly because even if Lili had reached the target amount, she is still not 
able to offer the money. Carrying not enough money was to avoid their attention. 
However, it has become a drawback of not being able to update the <Status>.” 

Anyways, going to the faction’s gathering was also to emphasize this point. 

Although after she had obtained <Magic>, she had often troubled Soma-sama, but 
since after that, she had never really updated her <Status>, Lili concluded. 

.Because she was aware of her companion’s gaze so she was not able to update 

her <Status>, it was a major drawback for a <Familia>. 

I once again recognized how Lili was by herself in this matter. 


Depending on a poor <Status>, she struggled day and night in the Dungeon, it was 
also caused by the cruel conditions she was in. 

Through wisdom and tricks, Lili was able to live until today. Even without 
updating the <Status>, she still had the self-confidence of surviving. It was 
something that was derived from a distorted environment. 

Except this time, I frowned. 

“But sure enough, you’ll feel contempt?” 


“Towards Lili, who have deceived numerous people. Lili is a person who likes to 

Just like what was expected, the content of the conversation was replaced. 
Towards Lili’s calm voice, I was speechless. 

“Lili hates Adventurers. Aside from Bell-sama, she still continued to hold disgust 
and.bias towards them.” 

“No matter what Bell-sama wants, Lili never plans to apologize for what she had 
done.She will also not reflect upon it either.” 

That was a lie. 

Towards the words that echoed through my chest, I could not say these words. 

Looking at Lili’s desperate and stubborn expression, I missed the opportunity to 

“Towards such a Lili, will Bell-sama feel contempt?” 

Their pace had not stopped, Lili once again asked the question. 

Her voice sounded no different than usual. Her sight was also firmly facing 

forward.Only that those things.Could it be the person itself haven’t 



The animal ears on her head were currently quivering on her hair. It was as if it 
was afraid of something. 

After a few seconds passed, I could not help but have the impulse of laughing. 

Although I felt a bit sorry for Lili, but I still leaked out an untimely laugh. 

“.Making me want to scorn a person, who isn’t able to become honest, isn’t 

the difficulty too high.” 


Stopping her pace, Lili seemed to bounced over as she turned to this side. 

I laughed and described my thoughts in words. 

“Never mind. Because I like Lili. So I can’t do things like scorning, and will not 
even become disgusted about it.” 

This was the truth. 

In order to quell Lili’s unease, I spoke out the truthful feelings out. 

It was to the extent of shocking, Lili widened her eyes and quickly had her face 
flushed. Her drooped ears suddenly straighten up and was moving towards above. 

I could not recover in that instant. The tail was already fiercely swaying in 

During a short period of time, Lili continued to stare at me, whose heart was 
muddled up, and quickly with her flushed face, secretly sighed loudly. 

“What does that mean, inquiring about this matter.isn’t it too stupid.” 

Eh? Before I could question back, Lili had already moved ahead. 

Only in that petite back, I could feel a delight much larger than before. 

Did she cheer up, I harbored a slightly confused mood and sped up to chase after 

“Bell-sama’s voice seemed to be echoing inside my heart like a chime.” 


Lili’s voice was lighter than usual. 

While asking Lili numerous times, yet she was unwilling to speak, I could feel a 
little dissatisfaction. I could only give up about thinking about this matter. 




Issuing out a piercing scream, the little devil Monster <Imp> headed towards this 

Throughout its entire body, it was colored in black. Grown on its head was a sharp 
horn that was slightly bloated. It was somewhat unbalanced with its thin body size. 
However, the actions were swift and sharp which completely betrayed the outer 

It even brought hook claws and a slender tail. With it working together, its 
movement seems distorted. 

Towards the two Imp that was about to approach by jumping, my hands 
respectively held the <Goddess’s Dagger> and <Baselard> and prepared to engage. 

Towards the Imp on the right, I took a step sideways. 

Maintaining a form where only one Imp’s shadow could be hidden, I took 
preparations to have a relationship where I had to defend against a single enemy. 

Truthfully it was one on one. The Imp that approached revealed numerous teeth 
while it swung the claws on its left hand towards me. 



-It would not even reach that person’s toes. 


Intending to cut off the sharp claws that was depicting an arc, I swung the 
<Goddess’s Dagger> in my right hand. 

Instantly, a brilliant purplish-blue light flashed and at the same time, the Imp’s 
claws were bounced off, 5 fingers also flew into the air. 

“GEEE, Glllin 

After the shock, the Imp immediately issued out a piercing cry, I took the 
opportunity and with the movement of the attack earlier, I rotated my body. 

Imitating the movements of the golden hair girl that appeared in my mind and 
making it into my own. 

With the right foot as the axis, I unleashed a powerful roundhouse kick towards the 
Imp in front of me. 



The light-weight Imp that was kicked directly in the middle of the chest was 
simply blown away. 

And just like this, it hit the one from behind. The Imp that barely caught its 
companion could only stand firm, I had already moved on to the next step. 

Using all my strength to pull and charge power, I made a stab.with the 

<Baselard> on my left hand. 

“ “ GUI!?” ” 

The single strike from the sword pierced through the Imps. 

Their dying screams overlapped with each other. 

Through the silver Short Sword that pierced through the hearts, the movements of 
collapse communicated back to my palsm. 

“Bell-sama, behind!” 

-1 already knew it! 


Even when Lili issued out a warning, I still did not move. I had already captured 
the breath of the approaching Monster. 

There must be a broad vision, and can never leave dead angles. 

Removing the hand from the <Baselard>, I turned around and at the same time, 
equipped the <Dagger>. 

I took the initiative and rushed over, the two daggers in my hands danced in a short 
range and unleashed a double flash. 

“GIEE - ■!?” 

“Fuahhh.Bell-sama, amazing.” 

The lower body, carcass and the head. 

Passing through the Imp that was divided into these three parts, I landed on the 

I swiftly raised my head to ensure a broad vision. The shadows swaying in the 
depths of the fog showed no signs of reducing. 

Leaving the recovery of Baselard to Lili, I flew off towards the remaining 

The current location is at the 10 th Lloor. 

The ground was covered with weeds, each path, each room were significantly 
bigger than before. Also, a milky white mist was born from somewhere and 
constantly obscured the vision. 

In the center of a <Room> with only one exit, today, we were also immersed in 
raiding the Dungeon. 

The past two days, I had reviewed the contents taught by Aizu-san about the form 
for battling Monsters. 


Even if I said it was for the issue about life and death tomorrow, it would still be 
okay. I will just meticulously use, absorb and hone the contents she taught. 


What we were going against now was a community of Imps. It was a small-sized 
Monster that is more frequently encountered than <Ogre> in this floor. 

Facing the enemy that uses its numbers as a weapon and continuously attack, I did 
not rush to attack. 

This Monster, Imp, is very cunning. Although it looks similar to the Goblins at first 
glance, but this Monster will rack its brain. In other words, it is very clever. 

It will absolutely never fight alone and will rely on group fighting. Based on a 
team’s perspective, it was excellent. It was different than simply a collection of 
Monsters, it was very mature. Even to the extent where Adventurers would feel 

Also, there are mmors that in this misty 10 th floor, a group of Imps could be more 
tricky than an Ogre. 



I also agree with this view. Using the hand armor to defend against the attack from 
the rear, even if I wish to counter attack, the Imps will quickly drill back into the 
depths of the fog. I could not help but pursed my lips. 

With the advantage of the community of Imps and using the mist to unleash sneak 
attacks from all direction. On this basis, it was clever in succeeding in surrounding 
the enemy. 

On this side, in order for the enemy to not have their own way and began to move, 
a staggering clicking sound was revealed in the mist. And the amount was 8. Did it 

Although if it was a team, then no matter how many of them, they could still deal 
with it. However, for lone Adventurers, the situation that was mentioned earlier 
was very tricky. 


“HIHI ” 

The moment I stopped my pace, the surrounding net was completed in a flash. 

Across the thin mist, numerous shadows were currently shaking their shoulders. 

The Imps slowly narrowed their round ring. The sound of the grassy area being 
treaded upon was coming from everywhere. It felt that the sound of licking their 
lips could be heard. 

If this had happened before, perhaps I might not be able to do anything. 

Probably I would hold a resolve of getting hurt a bit and forcibly breaking through 
a corner of the net. 


“If I was to be seen as having no value, even Lili will feel a bit disappointed—!” 
Right now, I was not alone. 

From further outside than the ring of Imps that surrounded me. 

Hidden behind the Monster’s back, an arrow was shot out. 


“ _ !?” 

The arrow Lili released hit a head of an Imp. Because of this unexpected attack, the 
Imps began to tremble and spread apart. 

How should I say this, the Monsters aren’t the only ones that know how to use the 
mist. By allowing her body to temporary hide in the depths of the mist, Lili had 
succeeded in being excluded by the Imps’ warning network. 

Although it was very cunning , but that was it. Our side, which had already split 
the decoy and surprise attack beforehand, was better as a team. 


Towards the charming pronunciation of the words <Party Play>, my heart jumped 

(I also!) 

Taking advantage of this opportunity, I immediately began my counterattack. 

Using the <Goddess’s Dagger>, I cut apart an Imp that was distracted by the metal 
arrows on the spot. 

My pace did not stop and I relentlessly dove into the panicking Monsters. 

“! Lili!” 

Just when I was about to fight an Imp that was hit by an arrow. 

Two monsters have decided to abandoned the collapsing surrounding net and 
decided to attack Lili. 

While I was still crying out in fear, Lili did not budge. She smirked and took out a 
pouch from inside her arms. 

“Good work.” 

The pouch that was thrown opened up and released a large amount of powder in 
front of the Imps. 

The amount of time that allowed them to fear the purple powder that was suddenly 
dispersed ended shortly, soon the Imps began to cough and it was coughing 

Drop Loot <Purple Moth’s Wings>. 

From the poison from the scales collected, it was later on created into a poisonous 

Unlike the Purple Moth’s scales, it could immediately cause weak Monsters to 
have symptoms of <Poisoned>. 

-Good job, Lili is already proficient in dealing with Monsters! 


While Lili swiftly retreated to the rear, I flew out. 

My line of sight intersected with the round eyes, the rest is up to you, it entrusted 
this task. 

I raised the corner of my mouth. 


Holding my breath and dashing into the poisonous powder. Following this was an 
instant kill. 

The two daggers flashed. Without needing the time to breath one, the two Imps 
were already dead. 

Also, there is.! 

“.! Bell-sama, something slightly powerful came!” 

The room began to shake. I quickly noticed it as well. 

<Ogre>. A pig-head type Monster that I had received much care from. The giant 
body that almost reached 3 meters was currently moving its hands forward. 

Also, there were a few Imps in the surrounding, it was almost like a King leading 
its servants. 

Occupying the sky was <Bad Bat>. A bat-type Monster that had its entire body 
enveloped in the color of darkness. Aside from the sharp teeth, it could also emit 
strange sonic waves that disrupt the concentration. 

The remaining Imps also began to shake their tails and fled to unite with the group. 
“It is slightly more.” 

“Yes. It is rare for many types of Monsters to gather together. How should we do it, 
even if its only the Ogre, do you need Lili to lure it away?” 

She raised this proposal as she placed her backpack on the floor and refilled the 
arrow in the hand-held crossbow. 


I began to gaze attentively. 

Due to the mist, it was difficult to grasp the number of Monsters aside from the 
Ogre. If there were more Monsters currently lurking around hiding than what was 
confirmed, it will be slightly dangerous for Lili to take independent action. 

I placed all the weapons that I was armed with into the sheath and began to, 
patapata, lift up my right arm. 


“Ahaha, although I feel that I am overly reliant on it.” 

Shall we go? The intention from my smile, Lili seems to have also noticed it. 

She swiftly escaped to the side and allowed a path. 

At the same time the Monster’s roar that came from distance far away, entered my 
ears, I treated my right arm as a gun barrel and extended it to the front. 

“ <Fire Bolt>!” 

The numerous lightning flames pierced through the mist. In just a few minutes, it 
completely decimated all the Monsters. 

“Ah Lili. Am I too dependent on Magic?” 

While I picked up a sandwich, I asked Lili about this matter. 

In order for us, who basically wiped out the Monsters, to take a break, we returned 
to the starting room of the 10 th floor. It is also the staircase area that connects to the 
9 th floor. 

Only in this area it was slightly different. The mist will not appear. Because the 
vision was clear, so the possibilities of being sneak attacked was greatly reduced. 
Saying that it was the only area in the 10 th floor that was safe is not wrong. 

While I enjoyed the usual lunch that was prepared by Seal-san, I waited for Lili’s 

Incidentally, the handmade sandwich in my mouth, as always, has a unique flavor. 
The more you chew, the more a refreshing bitter taste spills out onto the tongue. 


Today’s attempt seems to be a waste, it feels that the deeper I go, the more depth it 

has.While having a sense of rudeness, I, mugumugu , moved my cheeks. To be 

honest, I wanted to cry, but there were no tears. 

Towards this increasingly violent lunch, I felt fear. 

“Nnn~yes, Lili did not think about it so much.Anyways Bell-sama’s Magic is 

very convenient.” 

Using both her hands to hold onto a small, but tidy bread, Lili seems to be 
immersed in her thoughts. 

The small mouth ate the bread with a cute movement. Shortly after she finished 
eating, Lili wiped her mouth with a napkin and began to comment on it. 

“Because the activation conditions are very low, it is probably undeniable for it to 
be easily used. Compared to depending on it, it feels that it is more like Bell- 
sama’s actions, this was the feeling for it.” 

“If you say that.” 

It feels like it had become harmonious. 

<Fire Bolt> is a <Speed Cast Magic>. 

No matter what kind of Magic, it is impossible to avoid a Chant.In other words, 

it did not require charging. 

Just like controlling my own limps, this kind of description might be correct. 
However perhaps for me, using <Magic> is similar to using a bow and arrows. It 
was not an action that limited my movements. 

“Though thinking about this, while Bell-sama’s Magic was very efficient, the 
meaning of it being a Magic had become very faint.” 


“Referring to the point about sure kills.” 

When I heard this sentence, what emerged in my mind was a page of a certain 
book depicting about the activeness of Heroes. 


The elf hero’s heroic posture while releasing a extreme chill blizzard towards large 

“ <Magic> is the type of thing that is a trump card. It could be said to be the final 
move. By using the powerful power that could ignore the difference in Lv., even if 
it was against enemies at a higher Lv., it still has more than 100% of repelling 
them. Although Bell-sama’s Magic usage is very convenient, but in contrast, the 
side of it definitely killing pales compared to it.” 

Indeed, at the same time, my <Fire Bolt> can be fired numerous times, it was 
different than the meaning of a trump card. 

The weight embedded in each attack was not as strong as described by Lili. 

I revealed a subtle expression as I listened to Lili’s words. 

“Because a Long Chant Magic requires a lot of time, the effects it releases are very 
powerful, thus it is more likely to trigger a change in the situation. It is indeed a 
move that can turn the tables around.” 

Which means, in turn. 

“My Magic doesn’t have that kind of power.?” 

“No, that’s not it. The key problem is about choosing quality over quantity or 
quantity over quality. Bell-sama’s Magic has a activation speed that could not be 

ignored.At least from Lili’s perspective, compared to a huge attack that 

requires a lot of time, Bell-sama’s <Fire Bolt> that could be instantly fired seems 
to be more terrifying.” 

“After all, I will definitely not escape.” , Lili joked as she said it. 

Overall, my Magic was still a powerful threat to the enemies. 

However, it spends less effort. Based on a single attack’s power, it still lacks the 
instantaneous explosive power. 

Towards the truly powerful enemy-For example, Monsters with high 

durability-it is difficult to have the effects of a normal attack Magic. 


No that’s not right, Mmmm, even Magic isn’t almighty. If you really wish to list 
their shortcomings, it might be endless. 

Was it the drawbacks of the dreams that I had held since I was small about the 
phenomenon of Magic, once the weakness of the Magic I obtained was pointed 
out.How should I say it, there was a little bit of regret. 

I do not know whether the inner feelings were expressed on my face, but Lili 
looked at me and gave a wry smile. 

“Bell-sama, Bell-sama? Lili believes that Bell-sama’s Magic is a gigantic leap 
forward, you know? The activation speed and projectile velocity is naturally 
needless to say, but just solely focusing on the growth of this was already very 
remarkable. Calling it outstanding is not excessive.” 


“Activating a time-consuming Magic has no practical value. After all, Monsters 
will not wait leisurely until the Chant is over. If the opportunity to use it has 
decreased, it will naturally not reflect on the <Status>.” 

If you do not use it enough, the basic ability of the Magic Effect <Magic> will be 
difficult to increase. 

If you could strive to use it nonstop, the effort and time could perhaps make up 
several times of the deficiencies. 

“As long as <Magic> increases, the scale and power of the Magic will also 
increase. Even Lili’s Magic, which is unrelated to battle, has changed slightly after 
updating the <Status>.” 

Lili’s <Cinder Ella>, has a limit of a certain size and physique. Basically, Lili 
could only transform into the similar body size such as a Hobbit or a child. 
However, through the increase of <Magic>, it seems that within imitating, it could 
also change the clothes somewhat. 

The clothing right now is only for appearance, but based on the Magic Effects, she 
could change her clothes (Although it will be dispelled when she receives an 

I gazed intently at my own palm. 


Indeed, the thickness and strength of the lightning flames have increased 

“And returning back to the topic if you are excessively depending on Magic. If it 
was for the Magic to grow, then isn’t it understandable. However a dilemma occurs 

of over relying on Magic and ignoring the skills of a bladed battle.Lili feels 

that Bell-sama should remain as he is right now.” 

Lili’s analysis indeed contains a persuasiveness that cause one to nod. 

This was the advice from a person, who had always watched Adventurers like me 
at close distance. 

Listening to the words of my partner, it gave a feeling of something being pressed 
onto my back. 

“Although Bell-sama’s Magic Properties are simple, the power is perhaps not 
outstanding, but the growth is undoubtedly number. Please have a bit more 
confidence in it.” 

Towards Lili, who revealed a slight smile, my cheeks loosened up slightly. 

If Lili guarantees it, then there is no reason for me to not believe in the possibilities 
of my Magic. 

I feel that it was thanks to Lili so I could finally calm down. 

While I felt slightly embarrassed, I said “Thank you” and stood up. 

“Let’s work hard in the afternoon as well?” 

“Okay, No matter where, Lili will support Bell-sama.” 

Too distant, and I made a wry smile. 

After that, we continued to raid the Dungeon. 


~7 "J <7 * \y -f h 

Chapter 3 

Black Raid 

I slowly opened my eyes. 

I could see the blue sky. 

While feeling the chill and the wind blowing past my skin, I stared at the sky that 
stretched to the horizon. 

At the same time, I gradually noticed that my entire body was in pain and I 

attempted to recall the memories that cut off during the last 10 minutes.What 

emerged in my mind was a single blow with terrifying speed from that person. 

Once again, I could not do anything and lost consciousness. 

Towards the shameful act that was exposed numerous times, I dropped my head 
deep down inside my heart. 

Carried out on the surrounding walls was the training with Aizu-san. 

Under her severe fighting guidance, losing my consciousness seems to have 
already become something common. Currently, it was probably because I was 
easily knocked out so I was in the state where I was lying down on the surrounding 

How long did I sleep this time, while I appreciate the gentle feelings below my 
head, I continued to think blankly.Suddenly, I was caught off guard. 

The golden eyes was staring directly at my face. 

“Are you alright?” 




Towards Aizu-san’s face that appeared in the center of my vision, I leaked out a 
strange sound and sat up. 

As if I was trying to leave that place using the momentum of the roll, I stood up 
and turned my head back. Aizu-san was currently sitting on her knees on the stone 

.Looks like I was given a lap pillow again. 

Was it because of the incident-The incident about fainting after releasing 

continuous usage of Magic-that happened in the Dungeon before, I do not 

know why Aizu-san seems to give me a lap pillow during the period when I lose 
my consciousness. 

I was happy.. .happy to the extent that I could not suppress it.But if I continue 

to think about it, I should just die. In a variety of meanings, I was extremely 

While Aizu-san incredulously stared at me, who was bright red, she continued to, 
patapata, and pat the top of her upper thighs. 

I seemed to rattled horizontal and shook my head. 

“Your body, is it alright?” 


With a red face, I sat down closely next to Aizu-san (I was invited by her waving) 
While my butt felt the cold stone, I placed my back onto the rock pile behind me. 
The entire day today, I accepted Aizu-san’s guidance. 

How it became like this, it was because I received this from Lili, “Today I must 
help out the place where I spend the night so I will not be able to accompany you 
to explore the dungeon”, this kind of contact. 

Instead of heading down the Dungeon by myself, although it was somewhat 
despicable, but I still attempted to expressed the feelings roaring in my chest and 


discussed with Aizu-san, while having a hot face.Even though it was well pass 

the early morning period, we were still training underneath the clear blue skies. 

Only that right now, it was a temporary break. 

“T.. .That.. .1.. .Did I make a bit of progress?” 


“No, about that, because I keep fainting recently.” 

While the distance between the two of us was close enough to embrace each other, 
I bit my teeth and threw out a topic. 

Aizu-san wordlessly stared directly in front, where she could only see my face. 

“You, have indeed been changing.To a shocking degree.” 


“Half of the reason.You fainted.. .was because my mistake of estimating my 


“I...It can’t be like this!?” 

Aizu-san slowly closed half her eyes. Although it was no different than her usual 
expression, but I was about to understand it slightly that, at this time, she was still 

I hurriedly tried to encourage Aizu-san, who did not even notice that her shoulders 
had dropped down. At the same time, I did not know why I felt that my body was 
savoring an incredible feeling. 

It was a flower that was normally unattainable. 

Even though this fact should not have changed, but I was able to communicate 
with this person closely. Placing the person, who was not the <Sword Princess>, 
into my eyes. 

Although I could not describe it properly with language.That’s right, it feels 

that it is lacking a sense of reality. 


Only that she, who was originally beautiful and sublime, have slightly changed. 
Just like a normal girl.Only at this time, I was able to feel it. 

Looking at her figure, who became depressed for a meager thing, you would think 
of that. 

“.Can you listen?” 


Due to Aizu-san muttering this question, I, who was thinking seriously, had my 
consciousness brought back. 

Looking to the side, I do not know when Aizu-san had already concealed her 
depression and seriously looked over here. 

“Why can you become strong so quickly?” 

“Become... Strong.?” 

Towards the content that she asked, I rolled my eyes around. 

Strong, this vocabulary, I do not know why this does not seem to match me. 

Then I recalled the variously unsightly things I did up to date. Although I wanted 
to dig a hole and bury myself inside, but seeing Aizu-san’s eyes firmly fixed onto 
this side, I seriously thought for a while. 

The reason I wanted to become stronger.No, the reason why I was still able to 

become stronger. 

“.That, there is a person that I wanted to chase up no matter what. I desperately 

wanted to chase after that person and unconsciously reached this level, in 

My thoughts were not properly integrated and so I was unable to express it with 
my words. 

Compared to saying these words in front of the person I wanted to chase after, I 
could not stand the embarrassment. 


My thoughts were completely messed up, but I finally managed to say the next 

“.In short, it is because there is a place I want to achieve.” 

Towards this answer, Aizu-san widened her eyes slightly. 

After staring at me in silence for a while, she slowly raised her face and looked 
above her head. 

“So it’s like this.” 

With a posture of hugging her knees, she concentrated at looking at the sky. 

In front of my eyes and nose, the golden hair was currently being combed by the 

“.I understand.” 

Towards the wind chimes-like whisper, I muttered “Eh?”. 

“I also.” 

The words after that were completely engulfed by the rapidly blowing winds. 

Towards the powerful wind that blew from the side, I unconsciously closed my 

The cool breeze that blew from the west. As if it was like the sound of the whistle 
that flew everywhere around the surrounding walls. 

I timidly opened my eyes, there was no change in her posture. Aizu-san continued 
to stare at the sky. 


“Ah, no.Nothing.. .Happened.” 

Looking at Aizu-san, who tilted her head while lacking emotions on her face, I did 
not continue to ask. 


If I ask, what can I do. While I recalled that I have never seen her make such eyes, 
I asked myself. 

After that, nobody spoke. Just when my body felt slightly restless. 

From the east side of the city, came the clock’s declaration of noon. 

I listened to the pure sound that was like the church’s bell. Even if it was opposite 
of the city, you could still listen to the sound of horse neighing from outside the 
surrounding walls. Was it merchants that was about to enter the Labyrinth City, 
they were probably being checked by the guild. 

Where we were currently located at was a stone paved road at the top of the 
surrounding walls. On both sides, there stands a slightly tall battlement. The scene 
of the city could be glanced completely if you look into the inside of the city. 
Looking outside will allow you to see the stretches of grassland, forests and 

Allowing the city’s clock chimes and the bustling noise outside of the city enter 
my ears.. .The weather is great, is what I thought. 

Due to the warm sunlight that projected due from the cloudless blue sky, I could 
not help but narrow my eyes. 


I turned my head and looked to side, Aizu-san was currently using her hand to 
cover her mouth. 

The peach-like mouth was slightly opening.She was currently yawning. 

While being bathed by the warm sunlight, she hugged her knees again as if nothing 
had happened and recovered her original position. 

Shortly after that happened. 

“Afternoon nap training, you won’t do it?” 



Towards the proposal that did not match with training, I was stunned. 
Looking in front, Aizu-san responded faintly. 

“In the Dungeon, no matter what, you must be able to sleep.” 

“Whether or not you could recover your strength is also very important.” 

That is probably true. 

Although I currently return on the day I enter the Dungeon, but as the floors 
continued to fall, there may be a need to stay at the Dungeon for long periods of 
time. At that time, I might be targeted by Monsters, there will also be no soft, 
fluffy bed. To an Adventurer, it was completely bad if you could not let your body 
rest well. 

Aiz-san talked about the importance of sleeping, no matter what occasion, with a 
serious expression. 

But I, with a subtle expression, did not intersect with her eyesight and she asked. 
“That.Could it be.. .very disturbed?” 

Towards this accusation, Aizu-san, who was staring in front, slowly turned her 
head towards my direction. 

“It’s training.” 


Towards Aizu-san, who leaned her face over, I could only nod my head while 

Although I frowned slightly, and made a serious expression.However, my 

cheeks were slightly dyed red. 

M.. .My chest hurts.! Idiot, me.! 


“T.. .That.Are we sleeping here?” 

“Nnn, Yes.” 

Aizu-san nodded towards my inquiry. She moved slightly forward from her 
position leaning on the back, and just like that she fell asleep. 

The path on the surrounding walls was extremely hard. It could not even be called 
as beautifully made due to the numerous bumps of different heights. 

In front of Aizu-san, who seemed to not care and lied down on the stone path, there 
was a feeling of recognizing a First-Class Adventurer’s capabilities. 

Towards them, who will have to rest in variety of places after entering the Deep 

Floors, in such a sleeping place-Precisely it was because they did not feel it 

was uncomfortable-probably they were already accustomed to it. 

“Not sleeping?” 

“Ah, O...Okay.” 

Being looked upon from below, it has become a strange thing. While I thought 
about this, I moved closely towards her due to my urges. 

Towards Aizu-san, who was sleeping defenselessly, although I had hesitated in that 

moment-No, I will normally not do such a thing-whether or not I should 

do a strange thing, but after glancing at the bright shining saber, I let out a hollow 
smile and thought again. I would probably be beheaded immediately if I do such 
shameless acts. 

Instead of saying that she lost her alertness, why not say that although it was 
temporary, she was still taking care of me as a disciple, perhaps it was the sincerity 
of her style that reflects it. 

.Anyways, this is also training. 

“E...Excuse me.” 



I timidly lay down on the ground with my face facing the sky next to where Aizu- 
san was sleeping. 

This should be obvious, there was no traces of wanting to sleep. The sound of my 
heartbeat was too noisy. 

I inadvertently turned to the side. With a sideways sleeping posture, Aizu-san’s 
face appeared in my gaze, I hurriedly looked away. 

With my eyebrows twitching, I awkwardly closed my eyes. 

Maintaining a posture where I faced the sky, sleep quickly sleep quickly sleep 
quickly, I muttered to myself. 

66 cpii 

Shortly after, a faint breathing sound entered my ears. 

I opened my eyes and quietly peeked, Aizu-san had her eyes closed. It seems that 
she had already fallen asleep. 

So...So fast. 

She did talk about how recovering stamina was crucial, could she have been 
accustomed about how to sleep? 

Or perhaps was she really tired so she could immediately fall asleep. 



“Go, Bell.” 


Suddenly a nostalgic voice came from the depths of my mind. 

It couldn’t have misheard it.It was the voice of my grandfather, who brought 

me up instead of my parents. I do not know why it echoed directly inside my head 
at this time. 


Facing this increasingly powerful voice, I finally began to think that it was an 

(.Huh, strange?) 

Aizu-san, she became closer.? 

Is it an illusion. I narrowed my half-opened eyes. 

At first, we were separated by a distance of two people’s space. Why. 

“It’s time to go, Bell.” 

The next instant, it approached a distance where her face was extremely close by. 

Finally, I noticed the strangeness here. 

Maintaining a posture where we faced each other, the distance between each other 
had indeed shortened. 

Could A.. .Aizu-san move over while she was confused in her sleep.N.. .No, 

she did not even move her body a single centimeter! 

C...Could it be.!? 


-Was it me that leaned over!? 

Facing this emergency situation that was unlikely to occur, it feels that my heart 
had stopped working. Nasty sweat was released over my entire body. 

N.. .No, it can’t be mistaken. My body was moving over to Aizu-san step by step! 

Why!? What’s the logic!? It can’t be that I wanted to some strange things!? 

I’ll be cut!? 

“Go take advantage of this sleep and attack—” 



It was even closer. 

With her eyes closed, Aizu-san’s face was becoming bigger, even the details of her 
innocent and cute sleeping face could be seen clearly. 

Her smooth and delicate white skin, her slender neck.He small, pleasant pink 


Facing this imminent, clear and intense scene, my face began to be dyed red in a 
terrifying momentum. 

(Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute!?) 

There was no way but to cry out inside my heart. 

As if my actions were faithful to my grandfather and was like a bomb that was 
deeply ingrained, I unbiasedly crawled over to Aizu-san. Also, I revealed a 
sensitive feeling that did not allow this person noticing me from approaching her. 
What on earth happened!? 

I...I...It can’t be....I this person.!? 

“Kiss her—“ 


“-Wait a minute, Bell-kun!” 

Just at that moment. 

As if was blaming my evil acts, Kami-sama’s (Hestia) voice came from my mind. 

“Attacking a sleeping lady in her sleep, how could I allow this kind of behavior! I 
do not remember raising you to become this kind of child!” 

My heart and body suddenly began to shake. 

It was the feeling as if I had taken control back of my body and heart that was 
being controlled by something. 


I.. .It’s exactly what Kami-sama had said.! 

“Kissing with that girl is not allowed, absolutely not allowed! Absolutely NOT!!” 

Facing Kami-sama’s unprecedented, desperate roar, I had sweat flowing while I try 
to gain some distance from Aizu-san. 

Only that my movements became abnormally slow, almost as if there were two 
wills that were fighting against each other inside my body. Saying that it was a 
reaction force was fine. 

Kami-sama’s Oracle (Light) and Grandfather’s Bewitching words (Dark) were 
currently violently colliding with each other. 

“Quickly go away-“ 

“From now on, this is a holy battle—“ 

“-Ah, you bastard, what are you doing, WAHHH!?” 

-Kami-sama lost! 

The powerful vibration from defeating Kami-sama caused the scale to be tilted. 

From what cannot be called a distance, it was suddenly shortened. I approached to 
the location where Aizu-san’s nose and mine could touch. 


The beautiful sleeping face with closed eyes was currently directly within my sight. 

My eyes could not focus. Facing the nose and eyes of the face from the person in 
front of me, my consciousness and body began to bum and it was red and hot. 

Despite the residual laughter sounds from grandfather that echoed within my ears, I 
prepared to move my lips to overlap with that person. 

“Wait.a minute.” 

My body instantly retrieved its freedom. 


The muscles on my face twitched, I stumbled to the side and broke away from 
Aizu-san’s side. 

My heart seems to be engraving with a rhythm as if it will immediately fall apart. 
Sweat did not stop. 

The illusionary voice of regret from grandfather still was not completely 
eliminated. I fearfully turned my head towards my back and looked at her. 

Aizu-san did not wake up. 

She still had closed eyes and ,suusuu, released faint breathing sound that could not 
be heard with ears. 

All the strength inside my body gradually disappeared. 

(.Wait... for me a bit?) 

The trembling sound, bakubaku, that entered my ears was still from my chest. I 
recalled the movement of that person’s lips. 

It isn’t... Wait a minute.But wait for me a bit. 

It can’t be wrong, it feels that person’s lips had moved like this. 

Although I considered thinking about the meaning of this phrase, but a strong gush 
of self-loathing swallowed it. I began to hug my head and quietly groaned. What is 
it, What did I want to do.!! 


without making a sound next to her, I felt embarrassed about my own actions. 


I was temporarily embraced by a sense of disgust that could not be eliminated. 

I sighed. This time, in order to not repeat falling to the darkness, I separated 
ourselves by a huge distance. Then I recovered the posture of staring at the sky. 


In my heart, I repeated whispered an apology. During this period, my burning face 
finally cooled down. 

Although I did not hear that being so stubborn was futile, I maintained a certain 
breathing rhythm. 

I was troubled at the very end, just only once, I promised myself and I slowly 
turned my cheeks so it touched the stone floor and stared at that person. 

Just in front, it was really nearby. That person’s face was there. 

The hidden breathing sounds faintly brushed through my ears. The overflowing 
golden hair were scattered all over her cheeks. 

It could not be helped but to make others forget that she was stronger than anyone 
else. It was a sweet and innocent sleeping face. 

Even if I were to leaned over a bit, the stretched out hands will be able to touch 
that location.That person was currently quietly asleep. 

What kind of hero’s legend is this. 

Under a curse, a lonely princess-sama was sleeping for centuries. 

Until her hero descends, she will not wake up. A princess that will be endlessly in 

I do not know why but I overlapped the illustrations of a myth that I was addicted 
to in my childhood with the person that was quietly issuing out a stable breathing 

I did not say a word and continued to look at that sleeping face, then I turned my 
face back to its original posture. 

Just like that, I stared at the sky. I raised my left hand and quietly pulled my cheeks. 


It hurts. 

(As expected, it was just like a dream.) 

Being able to stay like this beside that person. Being able to share a time between 
the two of us. 

I lowered my hand that was pulling my cheek and I looked at the blue sky that 
seems to suck everything up. 

The feelings I had up till now had become transparent, as if I had vented out all the 
physical and mental feelings. 

In the center of the surrounding walls where the sun’s ray enveloped it, two people 
were currently lying down together. I slowly closed my eyelids and immersed in a 
short rest. 


The surrounding walls of Orario were tough as rock and also extremely enormous. 

The walls that surrounded Orario were naturally circular. The path on top of it also 
followed the shape of the walls, the uneven stone floor even extends for a week. 

Normally, nobody should be able to approach the top part of the walls that were 
forbidden from entry. The walls of Orario were built rather high not because it was 
to resist against attacks from the outside, but for the defense of the Dungeon. Even 
if you were to enter a high-rise building, you will never be able to see the top. It is 
even more unquestionable from the ground. 

Furthermore, the walls also had battlements. As long as one selected the location, 
there was no need to worry about being noticed by others. 

Carrying out training on top of the walls would allow nobody to peek and nobody 
to observe. 

Even if it was to revealed to both sides of their <Familia>, in order for Bell’s 
training to be hidden from the public, there was no better preparation that could be 
done compared to what Aizu had thought about. 

“Mmmm, there is also a place that can clearly see it.” 


Although it is only limited, but it was the vision from the tallest skyscraper facility 
in the center. 

Located at Babel’s upmost floor in her own room, she was sitting on an 
extravagant chair. Freya had saw clearly Bell and Aizu sleeping on the walls. 

The battlements that overlooked below suddenly lost its meaning, both Bell and 
Aizu’s action were cleanly exposed to her. 

“The Sword Princess’s brilliance is somewhat too bright.” 

Center of Dungeon, The upmost floor of Babel, which is up to the 50 th floor. 

Although from there, being able to see Bell and Aizu, who were situated at the 
outer edge of the city, it could be described as an absurd distance. However, 
Freya’s <Eye> could clearly see the brilliance of the boy and the girl. 

Although it was a small, but clear and transparent light, and a powerful and 
dazzling golden light, which caused others to be blinded, both of it could not 
escape from Freya’s <Eye> that could recognized the essence of the <Soul>. 

After noticing Bell and Aizu who had concentrated in training since dawn, Freya 
continued to observe them since then. 

“Speaking of which.Things have just become interesting.” 

While tucking the silver hair behind her ear, Freya’s mouth formed the shape of a 

While her own dependent was secretly creating the stage in the Dungeon, the boy, 
who was the main character, had decided to study from one of the strongest female 
swordsman located in the city. 

The Monster that was training by the Warrior (Ottar) and the boy that was trained 
by the Sword Princess (Aizu). 

Perhaps it had become something worth seeing beyond her own imagination, so 
Freya had been jumping for joy. 



The silver eyes temporarily stared at Bell and Aizu silently. 

Are they asleep, towards the motionless light, Freya revealed a smile while she 
knocked her slender ring finger on the arm of the chair. 

Following it, until she began to roll her finger with her silver hair, her actions 
abruptly stopped. 

Finally noticing her unconscious action, her lips twisted into something that 
seemed to be like a wry smile, yet at the same time, a ridiculed smile. 

“Ahah, am I jealous, me.” 

Really now, Freya smiled. 

Although Gods are noble, yet there were like a child. When it was her turn, a funny 
feeling arise spontaneously. Compared to that time, it was much more intense. 

Towards the golden light that was more dazzling than the transparent light, it was 
slightly.just slight, she felt bored. 

A slightly jealousy was suddenly blooming from inside her voluptuous chest. 

“.An unbearable hunger and thirst.” 

Freya murmured and she closed her eyes, allowing her weight to be entrusted to 
the back, she took up a posture of staring above. 

Just like this, time passed for a while. 

The Goddess, who had her eyes closed, thinly opened her eyelids.and smiled 


“Right now, how strong did he become?” 

Her body recovered her original position and she used a provoking gaze to stare at 
the location where he was at. 

She was interested, she had an mischievous mood, and more importantly, there was 
a strong sense of hopeless jealousy. 


Let me stick my nose into it once more, Freya naturally complied with this sinister 

The seamless glass that covered the entire wall of the huge room reflected a 
sadistic, faint smile. 


Located inside the surrounding walls through the several long corridors and stairs, 
the door that connected to the outside world. 

The heavy wooden door was opposite of a slightly dark corner of an alley. 

The pile of dirty wooden boxes and garbage made it seem like half an warehouse. 
From the forgotten entrance of the walls, Aizu-san and I were currently looking 
right and left at the same time we headed out. 

After the afternoon nap, we, who began the training once again, temporarily left 
the walls and headed towards the city. 

“A.. .Aizu-san. As expected, let’s forget it. T.. .That is only something like an 

“No problem. I am also hungry.” 

.The reason why it turned out like this was because due to the actions that 

came from the harsh guidance slowed down significantly. At the same time, as if it 
was connected, my stomach called out. 

As if noticing such a proposal, Aizu-san, who did not react immediately towards 
the flushed me, went to get something to eat. Following this, we came to this spot. 

(Indeed, I did not eat anything aside from breakfast.Ahhhhh, why.) 

While trying to endure the urge to cry out, I lowered my shoulders and followed 
behind Aizu-san. 

The shortcut that Aizu-san found-A road that leads to a certain door of the 

normally sealed surrounding walls, was located at an area north-west direction of 


the city. Passing through an alley with numerous twists and turns, it led to a 
spacious and clean backstreet. The atmosphere of the Main Street Area begins to 
gradually become stronger. 

On the street surrounded by homes, elegant pillars of Magic Stone Street Lamps 
were lined up in an orderly manner. I curiously looked around at the unfamiliar 

“That.. .Where are we preparing to go now?” 

“North Main Street Area. Tiona had once told me that there is a shop that sells 
fried potato croquettes.” 

Towards my question, Aizu-san replied. Tiona.. .Probably a colleague inside her 

At this time, being seen together by the crowd on the Main Street, would it lead to 
unnecessary misunderstandings, this concern indeed exists. However, on top of 
that, another concern was stuck inside my chest. 

Fried Potato Croquettes.Anyways, there was a sense of a nasty premonition. 

Feeling the cool breeze blowing from the back, we reached the North Main Street 

The time was approaching Omagatoki (Dusk), the sky was dyed in a somewhat 
fiery red color. At the crowded yet uncongested North Main Street Area, there 
were many elves, dwarves and other demi-races. They all turned their gaze towards 

us.No, it is at Aizu-san. It flash over one by one. I could only use every effort 

to tighten my body. 

Aizu-san seemed to be looking for something and turned her head left and right. 
Did she notice her target, she entered an large street from a forked path. 

Shortly after entering the forked path that was large enough to easily fit a carriage, 
that open-air shop was shown in my vision. 

-Instantly, I froze. 

“, EH?” 


Then the shop employee-san in the open-air shop.Kami-sama also, the time 


The peaceful and easily approachable cute smile was interrupted halfway, a sense 
of silliness was brought forth while she was stunned. 

Inside the two eyes, it clearly reflected Aizu-san and my figure that was following 
beside her. 

My face turned pale at a terrifying speed. 

“Creamy Red Beans Fried Potato Croquettes, please give us two.” 

Besides me and Kami-sama, who were frozen stiff, Aizu-san calmly placed an 

Receiving the already friend potato croquettes from another shop employee-san, 
Kami-sam slowly packed it up. With an absence-minded state, she said “80 
Varisu” as she handed it over. Aizu-san said “Thank you” as she took it. 

Soon, Kami-sama revealed a demon-like expression and quaveringly moved pass 
the depths of the open-air shop and appeared in front of us. 

The rate that I am sweating reached its climax. 



In front of Kami-sama, who erupted, I seem to burst into tears and apology. 

I did not tell Kami-sama about the training between me and Aizu-san. 

Although there were also factors about the occasion, but it was mostly not a good 
thing to have relationships with other <Familia>. Originally, Kami-sama holds a 
terrible attitude towards Aizu-san’s Goddess, Loki, so I might as well say that she 
may have a grudge to treat Aizu-san as an enemy. 


Because even if I explained to her that she did not mean any harm, she will not 
believe it and absolutely oppose this belief. So I did not mention this matter to 

“It’s bad for you to be with someone else, but why is it with the <Sword Princess>, 
what on earth happened, Bell-kun!?” 

“A.. .About that, there is a very deep reason behind.Huh!?” 

“Spare me the excuses, quickly explain it to me! .Teh, forget it, stay away, 

quickly stay away for me!” 

At the same time she raised her voice, Kami-sama inserted herself between us. 

Towards Aizu-san’s slightly troubled expression, Kami-sama had hostile eyes and 
glared fiercely to contain her. 

“Then, why would you be together with the <Sword Princess>.!?” 

“T.. .That, S..Suddenly met up nearby.!?” 

“.You dare lie in front of a God!!” 

Facing the commotion by Kami-sama, who raised both her hands up high, 
“UGAAAAAAAA”, I could only, “//////////” and cry. 

Her pitch-black twintails wriggled, beshibeshi, and knocked on my head. 

Towards the idiotic me, who originally planned on gloss over it, Kami-sama did 
not say anything else and started to perform the punishment. 

“About that.I am currently teaching him how to fight.” 

Just like this, Aizu-san, who was watching us, slowly spoke. 

Was she finally unable to ignore us, as if she was protecting me, she frankly told 
the truth. 

The instant Kami-sama, who had always but her in the corner of her sight, heard 
this sentence, ha, and she trembled. 

“Bell-kun, it can’t be that you’ve shown your <Status> to this child, right!?” 



“N.. .No, I haven’t let her see it, I can’t let her see?” 

“If that’s the case, could it be, that growth speed was still noticed 

I could not clearly hear the quiet self-whisper. Kami-sama immediately stared at 
Aizu-san as if she was her father’s murderer. 

Following this, she wrapped her hands around my body and tightly hugged from 
the sound. 

Eh, What!?” 

“Even if you stare fiercely and drool with desire at Bell-kun, I won’t let you get 
your way! After all, no matter what, I was still here earlier!” 

“Kami-sama, what are you doing!?” 

“Eh.UWAHHHHHHH!? B.. .Bell-kun, how could you be so bold!?” 


“Hestia-ch—an, you’re disturbing the shop’s business. If you are stealing a man, 
then go somewhere else.” 

“S.. .Sorry, Auntie! You two, come over here quickly!” 

After being accused by the remaining beastman employee at the open-air shop, 
Kami-sama suddenly reversed her wrist. 

I do not know why but I felt that I was gradually being depleted, as I was pulled 
forward by Kami-sama. Aizu-san quietly followed from behind. 

Entering a more twisted and deserted narrow path compared to the forked path 
earlier, we formed a small ring. 

“.Fu. First let me clearly hear about the details of the situation.” 

Looking at Kami-sama, who recovered her calmness, I felt a bit relieved. I mingled 
an apology about the concealed and unreported facts and explained the cause and 
effects of the situation. 

As the topic advance, I did not forget to look at Aizu-san for confirmation. 


With her arms overlapping, Kami-sama closed her eyes. After listening to it, she 
thoughtfully nodded. 

“.Nnnn, I understand the situation. Then, the two of you, do not have any 

involvement with each other from now on.” 



“Ahah. Wallen-whatever-kun. Do not continue to have a relationship with my Bell- 
kun. Even if its you, there must be a problem with your position as well. This is for 
the best of both our <Familia> Mugugugugugu. 

While I kneeled grandly inside my heart, I covered Kami-sama’s mouth. 

Afterwards, I’ll compensate Kami-sama until she cools down. I made this promise 
inside my mind. 

“W.. .What are you doing, Bell-kun!?” 

“Please Kami-sama, it’s quick, it’ll quickly be over, please allow the training 
between me and Aizu-san!” 


I whispered and kindly implored Kami-sama, who tilted her head just like Aizu-san. 
“You say it’s fast, anyways.!” 

“There is only two days and it’s fine. There is only two days left until the promised 

I told the truth about Aizu-san will also participate in the <Loki’s Familia>’s 
<Expedition> that was organized three days later. No matter how many times, I 
still bowed towards Kami-sama. 

Until the very last moment, I still wanted to learn from this person. Just like this, I 
conveyed the inner feelings I had out. 

“I will absolutely not waste this period of time! In order to fight and earn more 
money in the Dungeon! So.!” 



I temporarily and blindly continued to petition with all my strength. As if I was 
grasping at straws in order to continue the agreement we made. 

Kami-sama muttered and stared intently at me. Shortly after, she sighed. 

“How hopelessly childish, I also.” 


“.Really, only two days?” 

Facing Kami-sama’s sentence, I nodded from the bottom of my heart. 

Aside from feeling repentance about the useless trouble that I brought with my 
own willful words, I felt gratitude above it. 

After that, Kami-sama set a condition where the relationship between Aizu-san 
absolutely cannot be revealed to <Loki’s Familia> and allowed the agreement of 
training for the remaining two days. 

“Let me first say these vulgar words to you. If you are to do anything strange to 
Bell-kun, then from that instant, you will say you never did it, okay?” 


“Temptation and the like is even an unpardonable crime. 


Towards Kami-sama, who repeatedly told strange things to Aizu-san, I hurriedly 
stepped in to intervene. 

“Then, let me go watch your training today.” 


“What is there to be surprised about, Bell-kun. Confirming what my important 
dependent (child) does, isn’t it the duty of the God (Parent)?” 

“T.. .That, what about work.?” 


“It is already over today.” 

Wait a moment, towards Kami-sama, who valiantly turned around and headed back 
towards the open-air shop, I watched as sweat began to flow. Shortly after, my 
entire face turned red. 

My gaze intersected with Aizu-san. Are you alright, it inquired as she revealed a 
gentle smile and nodded her head. 

“She is really, a considerate Goddess.” 



As if to make up for the lost time, we were immersed in training after being 
accompanied back with Kami-sama to the surrounding walls. 

In order to not disgrace myself in front of Kami-sama, who came to specifically 

observe, I tightened my nerves. After that, I no longer fainted-but in exchange, 

my entire body was made completely ragged-and constantly continued to train. 

When we noticed, it was already quite late at night. 

“I say, Bell-kun. You are only becoming more and more ragged after being beaten 
up. It’s still better for you to not do this, that Wallen-whatever is probably using 
you as a substitute for a good stamina sandbag.” 

“K... Kami-sama.” 

While walking down the stone stairs inside the wall, Kami-sama casually nitpick. 

Inside the walls without any windows, it was extremely dark. I was walking in 
front of Kami-sama while holding hands as I quietly cried without tears. Although 
Kami-sama’s suddenly change her mood and become delighted, it was still 
something that to be was to be gratifying. 

Was she really enjoying me who was abused? 

No, even though I had said I’ll try to withstand it, so I must hold it back. 


“Already... there.” 

Aizu-san, who was holding a small Magic Lamp (It seems like it is a necessity for 
Adventurers), was leading the way and she announced this towards me and Kami- 

The sound of her boots, KotsuKotsu, echoed in all directions. Shortly after 
completing going down the stairs, she opened the door that acted as the exit. Moist 
air was instantly liberated and air that slightly tingled my skin surrounded my body. 

The golden- colored moon and the countless stars were gorgeously shining and 
were dotted in the pale dark night sky. 

“T.. .That.. .Kami-sama? It is already outside, you can release your hand.” 

“What are you talking about, Bell-kun. This is different than the Main Street Area, 
it is very dark here. In order to not let me fall, I must hold your hand.” 

Towards Kami-sama, who had a beaming smile and her soft fingers firmly 
entwined with mine, the heat of my burning cheeks still did not fade. 

Just like Kami-sama had said, we are currently located at the outer regions of the 
city, it is a completely different location compared to the center or the Main Streets, 
it was indeed dark. However, it should still be clear enough to see the feet if you 
rely on the light from the moon and the stars. 

We were moving forward in an quiet alley that was gradually becoming more wide. 

Because I was embarrassed by the hand that had 10 fingers entwining together, I 
slowly looked towards that person on the side. 

If it was the usual expression of having no interest towards the other world, then it 
will make me feel a bit sad. 


Looking at her expression in close proximity, my thoughts froze for a moment. 

On her beautiful and perfect face at the side, her eyebrows were in a slightly sharp 
angle and were quietly strained. 

1. Ba. 


Reflexively, I looked back and forth towards the perimeter. 

It was a backstreet alley with a certain width. In the quiet location that was 
surrounded by darkness, instead of saying it was completely silent, an unnatural 
darkness enveloped there. There was not even the slightest light. 

I, who noticed this creepy atmosphere slightly slow, suddenly noticed the elegant 
pillar of a Magic Stone Street Lamp that left a certain impression. 

(.It was... destroyed?) 

The exquisite pillar that lifted the Magic Stone Lamp seemed to have been broken 
after being beaten by a blunt object. 


Aizu-san suddenly stopped. 

Towards her, who seem to have noticed something, I also quickly stopped. Kami- 
sama, who I was holding hands with, staggered and nearly fell forward, 

Within that pair of golden eyes, alertness was already shown. I tried to look 
towards the direction where her gaze pierced through. 

After a moment, between the gaps of the building, the shadow of someone walked 

(A catperson.?) 

As if he was about to dissolve into the darkness, he was wearing dark armor, dark 
tights and a dark mask. 

The eyes and the upper portion of the face were covered by a metal mask. A 
beastman cat ears grew from its head. He was a male. 

That person, could it be that he was directly related with the abnormal situation? 


During the period where I was caught in a whirlpool of speculation, the beastman 
Adventurer that was shorter than me did not stop. 

Abruptly, the remaining distance of 20 meters. 

Ton , the stone floor issued out a slight screech, and following, it disappeared. 

The next instant, a shadow appeared in front of me. 

Extremely close. 

The distance that was instantly shortened. It was an <Agility> ability that could not 
be underestimated. 

Whether it was my eyes or my reactions, it failed to keep up. 

The dark mask revealed a dull light, he wordlessly attacked with a spear that was 
close at hand. 

The time seemed to have already frozen. The words, death, flashed through my 

“ _ !?” 


Suddenly, a rapier protruded from the side and deflected the enemy in front of me. 

Using god-speed to pull out the thin silver sword, it captured the spear within a 
hairbreadth and flashes of sparks exploded outwards. 

I gained back my time. I, who suddenly released enormous amount of sweat, 
finally was allowed to feel stunned in front of this series of offensive and defense. 

At a slightly further position, Aizu-san, who pulled out her sword, wordlessly took 
a step forward and faced the enemy. 

Then, the two of them dashed towards each other and collided violently. 

“H.. .Heyyyyyy!?” 


Kami-sama, who was panicking, issued a sound in a hurry, but the sound of the 
fierce battle between the sword and spear completely engulfed it. 

-Too fast!? 

Whether it was the trail of the spear or even the number of slashes that could be 

I could not catch up, I completely could not catch up, there was not even a single 
move that I could see clearly! 

Leaving me and Kami-sama on one side, the black shadow crossed countless times 
with the golden flash. 

At that time. 

Above the catperson, who was fighting against that person, four small shadows 
swayed in the dark sky. 

The shadows that appeared on the roof of the homes silently dropped downwards. 
A sword, a hammer, a spear and a axe. 

The four weapons that were flashing with a dangerous light suddenly attacked 
from above that person. 


At the same time I called out, that person’s action flashed. 

First, she cut and caused the male catperson to retreat. Towards the total of four 
people’s sneak attack coming from above, she once again unleashed numerous 

The deafening sound from the class the metal came over, I widened my eyes. 

“HII.A monster.” 

After obtaining a certain distance, the male catperson vented his dissatisfaction and 



Aizu-san, who continued not to speak, used her swinging rapier to issue out a cry 

Behind her, the corresponding, trembling reactions of the four shadows completely 
exposed their figures. 

The four people were Hobbits. They were wearing the exact same equipment as the 
male catperson. By wearing the same mask, there was no doubt that they were his 

Without leaving a gap and surrounding Aizu-san from the front and the back, they 
did not leave any room for maneuver as they attacked her. 

“B.. .Bell-kun, let’s go back. This is something we can’t intervene.” 

Kami-sama, that can be used as a joke. But looking at it in a different perspective, 
it could also aptly describe the current situation. 

Even if I risk my life, those 5 men have physical abilities that I could not defeat. 
Even if we label them as First-Class Adventurers, there should be no sense of 
violation. Those men were currently swinging their different weapons with 
extraordinary abilities. 

Even if it was by herself, the golden haired girl who surpassed the group of attacks 
from those First-Class Adventurers. 

Without any meaning of avoiding it, her sword was surreal. A single sword 
deflected numerous attacks and at the same time, became the incarnate which 
counterattacked the enemies. 

That is the <Sword Princessx 

Even though I could not personally confirm it, from the remaining afterimages of 
her blade, I could feel unattainable heights. 

The dimensions were too different. 



Suffering from an untimely shock, I shook my shoulders and threw away the 
random thoughts I had from my brain. 

What did I plan to do with a dumbfounded face! Isn’t there something I must do 

There is already no time to stand idle, I must help that person.! 

“UUuu.!? B...Bell-kun!?” 


The moment I embraced the thoughts of just supporting and prepared to approach 
Aizu-san, the trembling voice of Kami-sama bounded my shoulders. 

Turning around, as if they planned to surround us, the four shadows revealed their 
figure from the buildings. 

Men and women, half and half. They were also equipped with the same type of 
body armor. 

Under my trembling eyes, I shook. 

-What to do. 

The instant I lost my judgment, they came rushing over. 


Engage. I could only engage. 

Facing the group of four, I pulled out the <Dagger> and <Goddess’s Dagger> from 
their sheath. 

“Kami-sama, please stay behind me. 

Without listening to her reply, I clashed with the enemies. 

The first one to approach was a female Adventurer holding a Short Sword. 

While emitting hostility from her mask, she swung her weapon to this side. 


The actions, I can see it! 

The instant before she released the attacks, I took a step forward and shortened the 
distance between me and the opponent. 



A pre-emptive strike. 

Aiming at the opponent’s chest, I swung the <Dagger>. It left a trail on the armor. 

She suffered a slash and was block back towards the rear. I did not witness this till 
the very end and reversed my body. 

Using my left hand, I held Kami-sama, who was shocked due to my sudden turn. 
We narrowly avoided the thrust from the long sword. I greeted the Male 
Adventurer that unleashed the attack with my right foot. 

Releasing another kick towards the Long Sword user, who lost his balance, I 
completely kicked him away. Then I entered a fierce battle with a female 
Adventurer, who violently rushed over. 

(The enemy is.. .also same as me, a Lv. 1-!) 

I was convinced. 

Compared to the men that was currently facing Aizu-san, they were not an 
unattainable existence. Judging from the battle earlier, they were still in the same 
territory as me. 

It looks like there should not be much of a difference in ability (Status). 

This time, I used the techniques and adaptability that was engraved by that person 
in order to determine the outcome. 

I hid Kami-sama behind me and maintained a posture as I waited for the slow male 
Adventurer with heavy armor. 



Facing the scream accompanied with the downwards swing of the Large Sword, I 
unleashed the <Goddess’s Dagger>. 

The black dagger depicted a purplish-blue light and captured the side of the 
enemy’s sword and struck it with momentum. 


Did he not believe the Large Sword would be parried by the Dagger? The male 
Adventurer’s roar was tainted with a bit of surprise. I took advantage of this and 
rotated my body using the right foot as the axis. Towards the enemy’s face, I 
fiercely a roundhouse kick that had already been a technique I was proud of. 


The Large Sword user flew to one side, his weapon also dropped from his hand. 
“Bell-kun, they’re coming again!” 

The instant Kami-sama’s warning echoed. 

The three people from earlier flew over as they placed me and Kami-sama in the 
center of a triangle. 

Instantly, my breathing stopped, I leaped over to the Large Sword that the male 
Adventurer dropped. 

“Please get down, Kami-sama!” 

Mustering all my strength, I swung the heavy sword. It was the exact same time as 
Kami-sama lowered her head towards the ground. 

66 66 66 !?” " " 

From the wide-ranged, roundabout slash, I blasted back the three Adventurers that 
were rushing over in one attempt. 

-1 can do it! 


Due to the effects of the rotation, I staggered. At the same time, I felt joy that I was 
able to use the Large Sword. 

The thick and solid handle felt abnormally reliable. It left a distinctive feeling on 
my palms. 

“OHHHHH! Bell-kun, that was really cool!? I’ve fallen for you again!” 

“P.. .Please calm down, Kami-sama!?” 

In the midst of chaos, I did not know how to face Kami-sama, who was in disarray 
and was being held by me. In a blink of an eye, I sighed and raised my face again. 

The battle that belonged to the other dimension was still continuing. While the 
numerous sparks continued to appeared, the swords were fiercely dancing. 

It won’t be useful. Although I knew this better than anyone, but I still reflexively 
extended my right armor. 

At the same time as I supported Kami-sama in my left arms, I targeted the male 
that was attacking. 


She reacted to the cries and opened her eyes slightly. In an instant, she escaped 
from that location. 

I instilled all my mental power (Mind) into it and released <Magic>. 

“ <Fire Bolt>!!” 

6 Continuous Strikes. 

The sudden outburst of the <Speed Cast Magic> exploded into 6 lightning flames 
towards the men at the other side. 

The backstreet was instantly shrouded by scarlet light. 

The sounds of roars and the engulfing ashes descended quickly like an avalanche. 


The center of the backstreet was still a sea of flames, the male catperson and the 
four Hobbit group bounced back from the tearing flames and leisurely walked 

“We were hit by Magic that required no chant.” 

“We must report to that person. She must be glad.” 

Due to the excessive use of <Fire Bolt>, my right arm and head were currently in a 
state of paralysis. However, the men revealed a smile at the sound of flames and 
chattered about something on the opposite side. 

Although I already made a half-baked resolve, but I was still overwhelmed by the 
many facts. 

At the same time I took a shallow breath, I slightly narrowed my right eye. 

I could see everything clearly, the gap between the strength of Higher- Class 

“It’s too conspicuous. It’s all because of this fire. People will come soon.” 

“I know.It’s already enough, let’s retreat.” 

The male catperson, who stared above his head, declared this and was the first to 

The Hobbits recovered the Adventurers that I defeated and soon disappeared into 
the depths of the darkness. 

Inside the backstreet, the remains of my weak flame was currently burning. 


“Ah, sorry, Kami-sama.” 

After I apologized to Kami-sama, who I was still holding tightly, I released my 
arm from her waist. 

But Kami-sama did not leave and maintained a state where she was looking at me. 
Then, she suddenly held out her hand towards my cheeks. 


“Are you alright?” 


With slightly worried eyes, words with some concern was sent towards this side. 

Mostly it was seen through. Within my heart, I embraced a complex of being 
defeated. This was what I thought when I saw the eyes of this Goddess. 

My cheeks could feel a refreshing warmth for her soft fingertips, I made an effort 
to reply with a wry smile. 

“Are you alright?” 

“Ah, I’m fine. How about Aizu-san.?” 

“I, too, am alright.” 

Without any injuries, Aizu-san replied with an indifferent tone as usual. 

Just now I was helped, no, I was always on the side of being helped. I bit my lips 
tightly as I asked while pretending to be normal. 

“That group of people, what are they trying to do. Why did they suddenly attack 

The attackers all covered their face. From their equipment, we could not confirm 
any logos of <Familia>. 

First, they destroyed the Magic Stone Lamp that acted as a light source. For the 
surroundings to not have any figures, it was probably the result of dismissing them. 
Considering the point that they have decided on the location before engaging us, it 
should have been planned. 

There shouldn’t be a reason for them to carry out night attacks on us, right. 

“Night attacks.. .Often happens.” 


“Nn, yes. Although it is relatively rare outside of the Dungeon.” 


In other words, it is common within the Dungeon? Towards these shocking words, 

I became speechless. 

It feels that the enemies that attacked us were very strong.I do not know why I 

suddenly had an feeling of not wanting to face against strong <Familia>. 

Could it be that they knew Aizu-san left her <Familia> alone, so they came to 

“But that makes no sense. If they were only aiming for Wallen-whatever-kun, then 
it’s fine. But they also attacked us, no, Bell-kun?” 

“That was.” 

“And they also specifically allocated power that met yours, did they not?” 

.Indeed, I agreed with the doubts that was made by Kami-sama. 

Temporarily ignoring Aizu and the male catperson, the Adventurers that I fought 
against seemed to have their abilities deliberately matched mine. As if it was a 
battle between the evenly matched in order to measure out something. 

As a result, we still could not escape from speculation. 

“What do you think about the enemies that came attacking over, what kind of goals 
do they have, Wallen-whatever-kun?” 

“.On the contrary, there are too many.” 

“Really. She really likes to stir up trouble, Loki that fellow.” 


“Nnnn.F.. .Forget it. Compared to that, we should quickly leave this place. 

After all, people who heard the commotion may come. 

While Kami-sama was talking one-sidedly to Aizu-san, they decided to leave this 
place. Because we went overboard, people related to the guild may came here soon. 

Before we were involved in trouble, we should get away from here. This was the 
conclusion they decided. 


Kami-sama and Aizu-san were heading towards a narrower backstreet area, I also 
prepared to chase up. 

“ _ !?” 

Suddenly, my body trembled. 

My heart felt that it was fiercely grabbed upon and felt an intense gaze. 

Like an illusion that flashed through my mind, only the lips showing a beautiful 
and flirtatious smile appeared. 

I unconsciously stared towards the sky, at the direction of where the catperson was 
looking, and turned my head. 

What was directly in front of my sight was Babel. The huge tower with white walls. 

My heartbeat suddenly accelerated, while a sense of feeling surged through my 
body as if I was being watched from the huge skyscraper facility. 

Towards the Kami-sama, who frequently stated something to me, and Aizu-san, 
who tilted her head to one side, I only stood in that place in a stiff manner. 

There was some kind of dark omen, slowly, but surely approaching towards me. 

The silver sand-like stars were currently shining light that was the origin of the 

Accompanied by an unknown chill, I fully recognized it. 


Chapter 4 

The Meaning of an Adventure 

Un, un. 

At the same time she hugged her knees and sat onto the armchair, Aizu was 
immersed in silent distress 

Surrounded by the warm-colored spacious room, numerous round tables and sofa 
were place within it. Aside from Aizu, there were many other people that stretched 
out their legs, relaxing. 

The location was <Loki’s Familia> headquarters. Reception Room. 

“I say, Aizu, what are you thinking so deeply of?” 

A girl with wheat-colored skin and black hair asked while she was attempting to 
peek through Aizu’s face that was deeply buried into her knees. 

Her upper body was only wearing a shirt that covered only her chest. The healthy 
skin was exposed a lot. It seems like an outfit that was worn by dancers. 

Towards the Amazon girl that was wrapped with a beach towel around her waist, 
Aizu raised her head. 


“Recently, you’ve always had a depressed expression, Aizu. If there are any 
troubles, you can discuss it with me—” 


Facing the girl that revealed a kind smile, Tiona, Aizu’s face relaxed slightly. 

Thank you, after she said this, she slowly continued to open her mouth. 

“It’s best to forget it, Aizu. Discussing with Tiona won’t solve anything. It is best 
to save your strength.” 

“Who told you to blab, Bate! I am currently talking with Aizu, there is no room for 
you to interrupt!” 

“Meh, although I am sorry to say this, but Bate’s words are still reasonable.” 

“Wait a minute, Tione—!? It’s fine to say something bad, but why are you 
standing on Bate’s side—” 

She was interrupted by the beastman youth with long gray hair and another 
Amazon girl. 

The people known as Bate and Tione each stuck with their own views and loudly 
expressed their own opinions. 

“Speaking of which, Aizu, haven’t you run around recently? You’ve disappeared 
early in the morning. Even yesterday, you were not in the headquarters the entire 

“WAHH, did you hear that Tione? Bate seems to be secretly investigating Aizu’s 
movements. Even when she is not at the headquarters, he had investigated it clearly. 
How disgusting.” 

“Bate is only suffering from a disease of overly-protective, and it only works 
towards Aizu. Isn’t it quite cute.” 

“Annoying, you two unbalanced Amazon!? Didn’t I already say that I was only 
worried about the <Expedition> that was coming and hoped that there will be 
nothing that causes problems!” 

“Isn’t it fine, it is only to this extent. It isn’t like how Aizu would run off to the 
Dungeon by herself before. I believed that aside from that, there is absolutely no 
problem.Also, don’t you say unbalanced!!” 


Although Aizu was slightly troubled due to her being the source of the argument 
between Tiona and the others, but knowing that if she was to say anything, it 
would only further ignite the conversation, so she decided not to speak. 

She could only temporarily watch over them quietly. After she heard the sound 
coming from another direction, she turned her gaze towards that side. 

KachaKachi, currently by borrowing the chessboard on the table, a fierce battle 
was undergoing by a tall and beautiful elf and a male Hobbit. 

The two demi-race that had a difference of one or two heads in terms of height. 

One had a serious expression while the other was leisurely playing the game. 



As the male Hobbit moved the piece, he said this at the same time. The beautiful 
elf s glamorous eyebrows twitched slightly. 

After thinking about it in silence for a few seconds, she sighed and rested her 
hands on her lap. 

“There is nothing I can do, right. It’s my loss.” 

“That is really straightforward, Riveria. Why not resist it for a bit longer?” 

“As expected, I also hate a game that I cannot win, Finn.” 

Calling out the respective name of the elf and the Hobbit, the opposite expression 
was revealed and stared at each other. 

Shortly after, the elf, Riveria, noticed Aizu’s gaze. She swung her long, jade- 
colored hair and asked “What is it?”. 

“Are you looking for us for something? It can’t be that you also want to play a 

“Haha, a move by Aizu, huh. Please let me see.” 

Just by a laugh, the youthful face of the Hobbit, Finn, shows great intellectual light. 
He gently curved his blue eyes into a lake. 


“Although Tiona and the others had also mentioned it earlier, is there something 
troubling you, Aizu?” 

“Ohoh, if that’s the case, then it is quite rare. If you have any, then please allow me 
to hear it as well.” 

Being urged by the captain and vice-captain of the <Loki’s Familia>, after Aizu 
had thought for it a while, she asked with an unchanging expression. 

“Riveria, when you two guide Adventurers, what do you do?” 

“.Another strange trouble emerged.” 

“Yes, when we asked for something interesting, it was still quite interesting.” 

“Eh—, what what? What did Aizu say—!?” 

Tiona and the others also stopped arguing and converged over. 

After hearing Aizu’s question, they all made a different response. 

“Aizu, suddenly, what is this? Did something happened—?” 

“The so-called teaching, isn’t it fine if you ask an Adventurer with less experience 
than you?” 

“It is just wasting your time if you are worrying about those small fries. Don’t 
continue to think of these things that would make people laugh their heads off.” 

She, with her hands wrapped around her knees, was in the center of a constructed 
ring. Then Aizu asked again. 

“Everybody, what will you do?” 

“If it is me, I would always request them to meditate. After all, knowing yourself is 
the priority.” 

“If I have to say it, then I will bring them into the Dungeon—! Only a real battle is 
the way of a king!” 

“Probably, a fight. Anyways, first I’ll strip off their skins and train them 


“Tione, that is talking about the literal meaning—right?” 

The female lineup muttered their own opinions. On the side, Bate only twisted his 
mouth and snorted with his nose. 

“It is all nonsense. Trash will, after all, be trash. As long as those trash are weak, 
there is no meaning to do anything.” 

“.Bate, you, occasionally emerge some philosophical words.” 

“Ehhh, but that is only simply full of oneself.” 

“A smelly women, whose mouth did not accumulate any merits.!” 

“On the other hand, a strong person who is satisfied with his own strength, cannot 
find any meaning to do anything.Can’t believe I was actually taught by Bate.” 

“Old woman, are you still trying to act dumb!” 

Looking at the gradually off-topic discussion, Aizu turned to Finn, who was by 

“What about Finn?” 

“Mmmm, what will I do. Based on the target, I must set up different strategies. It is 
difficult to jump to conclusions.” 

The thin body seemed to be sucked in by the sofa and Finn placed his fingers under 
his chin. 

He, then, asked a question towards Aizu. 

“Aizu, why did you ask such things? Based on your reply, my answer may 

44 J 

The reason why she asked was very simple. 

In order to allow herself to think of a method to guide that boy. 


It has already been 6 days since she had took the initiative to teach Bell. Although 
she originally wanted to investigate the secret of his <Growth>, but unconsciously, 
she had become concerned about how to train him. 

Why was she so passionate in thinking about the topics for training, Aizu still did 
not understand the origin of her feelings. However, there was no doubt that she 
was affected by Bell’s desperate attitude. 

The boy was straightforward in a good sense. 

Facing the training of Aizu that could not be described by another word other than 
harsh, he had insisted over and over again. Continuously stepping into the 
suffering whirlpool in order to learn. 

Without holding any doubts, at worst, he could be described as stubborn. However, 
because he was so focused, so he was able to master it so fast. 

He did not master it well, but fast. The origin of his honest and straightforwardness 
was sufficient to compensate for the inefficiencies. 

Thus, Aizu was constantly racking her head every day and thinking hard. In order 
to allow Bell, who was eagerly devoring the training, to continue to devour 
onwards. In order to reply to the will of that boy. 

Only right now, she was his master. 

(If Finn was to know about it.) 

In any case, she must not let the relationship between Bell and her to be revealed. 

Was it the mistake of her leaving the <Familia> by herself yesterday, or was it the 

surprise attack from the mysterious group-Speaking of which, there was 

absolutely more than one candidate that had that degree of fierceness. 

Even said that, in order for her relationship with Bell to not be suspected, she must 
also hide the secret about being attacked here. 

“.Probably, I was curious.” 

“.Forget it. If that’s the case, let me think about it. Although it is an extreme 



Finn’s golden hair valiantly glowed as it swayed. 

He remained silent, then he expressed his own ideas out. 

“The things that are necessary to an Adventurer when they must take 

risk. Wouldn’t training those kind of things be the answer you are seeking for.” 

Aizu silently accepted the answer she was given. Shortly after, she expressed her 
gratitude by saying thank you. 

Finn shrunk his shoulders back. Then, he leisurely stood up. 

“Although it is best to avoid going through danger, but perhaps to Aizu, it may be 
a good opportunity. Even if it involves another faction, I will not stop you. 
Although I do not have any confidence in acting like a fool, but shall I keep it a 
secret from Loki?” 

“Only, actions that exposes us (Familia) to danger is absolutely prohibited. Only 
that point I will still warn you.” 

Please. Towards Finn’s back, who walked out of the reception room as he laughed, 
Aizu only watched. 

As expected, she could not lie towards Riveria and that petite leader. This vague 
idea came from inside her chest. 

“However, however, Aizu recently looked very happy.” 

“.Very happy?” 

Facing Tiona, who escaped from the side where Riveria was and said without any 
omen, Aizu asked back. 

“When Aizu is not inside the Dungeon, she is either in a trance or is maintaining 
her weapon. However, right now she is humming, un un, and racking her brains.” 

Fooking at the pair of golden eyes that was stunned, Tiona also smiled. 

“Thinking about something, emerging some ideas. Because Aizu, who wanted to 
do something and attempted it, right now, she looked happy.” 


I_Is that the case.” 


“Yes. Aizu looks happy.” 

The feelings that she had not been able to understand was pointed out by this 
confident girl. 

Aizu, slightly, revealed a pleasant smile. 


The bustling noise nearby sounds so distant. 

As if my body was rooted underground, I could not move as I stared at the paper in 
my hands. 

I muttered in a daze. 


Many names were listed according to the Adventurer’s list. After I read the section 
about <Aizu Wallenstein>’s update, I was temporarily in a state where my soul 
was sucked out. 

“Really now, it was some time ago. The incident about Wallenstein’s <Level Up> 
was publicly revealed.” 

Eina-san’s words currently entered from my left ear and exited from my right ear. 

The person that I was trying to chase after had once again opened an unforeseeable 
gap. This fact had brought a shock to me. 

After finishing with the Dungeon Exploration, I went to the guild’s headquarters 
on the way back. 

In front of the hall, on the bulletin board that was normally not be specially used, I 
personally witnessed the report about that person’s <Level Up> stuck on it. Thus, I 
immediately looked for Eina-san to confirm it. 

“I heard that she defeated a Floor Boss by herself. In the <Deep Floor Area> of the 
Dungeon, which was even further below the Lower Floor Area.” 


Floor Boss.<Solitary King of the Dungeon> 

Requiring a massive team of Adventurers in order to defeat it. In other words, a 
Boss Monster. 

This huge and powerful existence is unmatched by other monsters. It was said to 
be the last difficulty that prevents from increasing the Achieved Floors in the 

If you were unlucky and met up with a Floor Boss dwelling in the <Deep Floor 
Area>, there should only be a few <Familia> that had the ability to defeat it. 

.But just by herself, she was able to defeat this kind of existence? 

“I said, Bell-kun. Although it may just be nonsense, but it is best not to be too 
concerned about this incident. Being able to defeat a Floor Boss by herself, I have 
never heard of this before either. I believe that special.” 

It was probably what Eina-san had just said. 

Even if it was like this, I could not stop the sadness from deep inside my chest. 

The backstreet scene from a few days ago, flashed through my mind. 

That person’s figure which did not allow even the experts within the city to take a 
step forward, and also her clear and powerful swordplay. 

Not being able to intervene in that battle was deeply engraved into my heart. It 
made me notice how small I was. 

Too far away. 

The distance that lies between me and that person, how far did it extend? 

The heights that I must pursue, is it.really even possible to achieve? 

The overwhelming reality caused my heart to quietly collapse. 


“.Ah, sorry. I got distracted. Then, that’s it for today.” 


Giving a wry smile to Eina-san, who peeked over as if she was worried, I made 
some sort of an apology. 

I must continue to work hard tomorrow. I continued to mutter inside my heart as if 
it was for her, as if it was for me. 

While I waved at Eina-san, who frowned and forced a smile, I left the guild 

(Although it might have been too strong and was overboard.) 

The impact was enormous. 

My body had entered a state of depression. It feels like if I was inattentive, I will 
fall down. 

The continuous sighs still had not stopped. I just hung my head and feebly walked 
through the Main Street Area. 

The dusk that is about to disappear, made the western skies extremely hazy. The 
city was gradually bustling. The bars were trying to attract the customers that 
passed through their doors. On the side of the street, a never seen before elf bard 
was currently playing a harp and was giving a tribute to the Orario Adventurers 
with a beautiful voice. 

He revealed a slight smile towards me, who stopped moving. However, what kind 
of expression and I wearing right now? With a muddled mind, I could only 
desperate smile and handed out the gold coins and then I escaped from 
there.Strong, great, Orario Adventurers, huh. 

I did not directly head back towards the headquarters, but instead specifically took 
a detour towards the Central Square. While I was being pushed by the Adventurers 
that returned from the Dungeon, I continued to gaze at Babel, gaze at the Dungeon. 
Moments later, I headed off towards the West Main Street Area. 

It feels like only I had escape from the surrounding bustling noise. 




I suddenly heard a call and I raised my head that was staring at the stone floor. 

In a closer look, Seal-san, with her fine gray hair swaying behind, was currently 
running over towards this side. 

Ah, I had already reached nearby of <Mistress of Abundance>. 

Just when I confirmed the huge bar inside my field of sight, I thought about this 
sort of thing.Without any signs, my hand was gripped by Seal-san. 


The milky, white hands tightly grabbed onto my hand. 

While I widened my eyes in shock and was speechless, Seal-san only watched the 
holding hands in silence. As if she wanted to say, I caught you, and seemed to 
confirm the temperature that exists there. 

Just like this, my face instantly flushed red. Seal-san raised her head, with her 
cheeks dyed red as if she was excited, and, at the same time, she uttered the next 

“Bell-san, I wanted to see you.!” 

GachaGacha, I was currently washing dishes in the sink filled with water. 

Inside the kitchen, the catpeople cooks were hurriedly rushing back and forth 
inside the bar. I was currently quietly focusing on washing dishes. 

“Sorr-y, Bell-san! I specifically made you come and work for me!” 

“I was specifically pulled by you over here, right!? Or is there nothing else to say!” 

Facing Seal-san, who trotted over and clapped both her hands to apologize, words 
flew out aggressively as I cried out. 

Not so long ago, I was hit by Seal-san’s trap and fell into a dilemma where I had to 
help wash dishes. 


“If I do not greet others and was lazy.resting during work, I would not only be 

scolded by Mia mama, I would even have lots of chores being forced upon!” 

“Isn’t this completely unrelated to me!?” 

And I might as well say it, but didn’t you say “lazy” earlier? 

But then again, Seal-san, who was, patapata, walking back and forth from the 
kitchen, indeed looked busy. 

She was assigned the mission of helping out the waiters that were extremely busy 
and was walking repeatedly doing the actions of entering and exiting the space 
between the shop and kitchen. 

“I say, hurry and work nyaa, white hair.” 

“Boy, you were already sold by Seal. Just obediently acknowledge your fate nyaa.” 

While I was being ordered around by the shop personnel, Anya-san and Chloe-san, 
I was desperately washing dishes. 

Although I was naturally not relieved.but considering how I was taken care of 

in various situations, plus I was still letting Seal-san make lunch for me, so I 
decided to endure willingly. 

I really didn’t want to do this to repay my debt. While I thought about this, I 
desperately replaced Seal-san by doing her chores. 

In addition, I do not know why I was secretly glad that I could empty my brain and 
completely immerse in this job that I do not know when it will be finished. 

If I do not bury myself into some kind of work, it feels like I was recall the matter 
surrounding that person again. 

I could only close my mouth and quietly wipe the dishes. 

“Are you alright, Cranel-san.” 



“This amount is extremely ferocious. Allow me to also help.” 

Inadvertently, a female shop personnel came to my side. 

With a slender body that seems to snap when it was touch, and thin pointed ears. 

An elf with azure eyes that seem to swallow your consciousness if you watch them. 
It was Ryuu-san. 

“S.. .Sorry. I made you specifically help.” 

“No problem. It is also true that it is Seal’s fault. Towards Seal’s responsibility, the 
colleagues that sat idly are also wrong. It should be this side that apologizes. Our 
etiquette was ill and it feels guilty. 

“N.. .Nonono, there is no such thing!?” 

While I watched and listened to the overly serious Ryuu-san, I panicked as I was 
still washing the dishes. Although I already knew that this person had upright 
manners, but it may be far beyond my imagination. 

Probably, from another perspective, she was an elf that follows the rules 

“What happened?” 


“I may be a bit nosy, but you seem to be depressed.” 

I was stunned and looked towards the side. At the same time, I looked at Ryuu-san 
who was neatly washing the dishes. 

An elf is a race that had an appearance that stands out from others. Even her face 
from the side was, without exception, perfect. Although I do not know where it 
exuded a cold feeling, but it indeed had a beauty that could charm others. 

“If you are fine with me, then can I listen to the details.” 


“There is still some guilt that exists for leaving all this work here to you. If you do 
not mind, you only need to speak freely.” 

Truthfully, under Ryuu-san’s goodwill and kindness, I really wanted to come clean 
with the emotions inside my heart. 

However, I can’t do it. I don’t want to do it. 

The act of me suffering from the shock of how weak I was and being thrown back 
a few streets behind the person that I longed for. The current me can’t do it. Inside 
my heart, there was still a part of me that exists inside a net of pride. 

I once again understood how pathetic I was. However, as an alternative, I tried to 
put forward a question. 

After listening to Aizu-san’s cLevel Up>, I wanted to clear the doubts that had 
been bom. 

“About that, Ryuu-san.Were you once a Adventurer?” 

“.Yes. Before, I had also been labeled with the title of an Adventurer. What 

about it?” 

I did not plan on inquiring about Ryuu-san’s past and I asked her again. 

“Upgraded a Lv.<Level Up>, what do you have to do to get it?” 

Although I had always had a vague idea about how I just have to continue to earn 
<Experience Points>, but it always seem to be a bit wrong. 

Just like the difference in power between a Lv. 1 and a Lv. 2.It was just like a 


Then for a cLevel Up>, is there also something that exists in order to surpass this 
towering and sinister wall, this kind of hazy thoughts emerged. 

After Ryuu-san had listened to the question, she looked at me and slowly spoke. 

“Just by earning an achievement.” 



“You must earn an achievement. A feat that even the people and the Gods would 

Achieve... ment.? 

“Defeating an enemy stronger than yourself.Earning a higher rank 

<Experience Point>. Once that passes a certain amount, that is the conditions for a 
Level Up.” 

Acquiring a higher rank <Experience Point>.In other words, no matter how 

many weaker existence I defeat, I will still not <Level Up>. The only thing that 
still has some merits is basic abilities. 

If I do not defeat an existence that is far more powerful than myself, or even worse, 

if I do not do an achievement that the heroes from the past had done.There is 

no way for me to reach higher heights? 

“Level Up and the strengthening of the body and the is equivalent to 

the material’s evolution. Also, the God’s <Grace> would only give higher 
qualifications towards the people that passed through the trails.” 

“So if that’s the case, the basic abilities.” 

“Uhhh. In extreme terms, the basic abilities that are gradually accumulated will not 
be a cornerstone for earning an Achievement.” 

However, the basic abilities are also the hints for qualification. 

When basic abilities have reached 6 levels or above-Reaching D rank, then it 

is the first time achieving the qualifications of <Level Up>, she taught me this. 

“However, even if you fight against Monsters that are stronger than yourself.In 

a fight against a more powerful enemy, wouldn’t you normally lose.” 

The main reason is that because they are stronger than you. 

“Although technique and adaptability can also fill the gaps between it.I will 

introduce here a general opinion.-Forming a party.” 



“Yes. Relying on mutual cooperation to complement each other to make up for the 
defects of a Lower Level and defeating the enemy. Orario Adventurers will all 
repeat this process numerous times and gradually become stronger.” 

Although at that time, the <Experience Point> earned will be shared between the 
partners, but this method is the best means of the weak overthrowing the strong. 

“Cranel-san. If you really wish to become stronger, the presence of a team is 
essential. It is best if you keep it in your mind.” 


But, in that case, that person also. 

Using her own power alone, she defeated a floor boss, an extremely powerful 
enemy. The heights that person achieved, how far did it extend to. 

From start to finish, I was simply consciously bounded towards the existence of a 
goal. At the same time, I seem to understand our respective position. 

“.The rest can be considered that I speak out of turn. Is that okay?” 

“Ah, no problem. Please.” 

As if it was a formal speech giving advice to me, who did not understand even if I 
racked my head, Ryuu-san said. 

“Cranel-san. As long as the number of people are different, it contains a different 
meaning of an Adventure.” 


“I do not know what kind of Adventure you will be taking in the future. However, 
please do not look away from that Adventure, from the meaning of that 

At the same time I was trying to figure out the true meaning of her words, Ryuu- 
san continued and said the next sentence. 


“You are an Adventurer.” 

Following just that sentence, it spread apart from my chest, entered the depths and 
remained there. 

“The things you desire. Although it is only speculation, it is probably nowhere to 
be found except right ahead.” 


“.No, please do not worry too much. This is only my 6 th sense, there are often 

always mistakes.” 

Although in that instant, I seem to have slightly widened my eyes towards Ryuu- 
san, who was smiling. However, in the blink of an eye, I was greeted by the usual 
cold face. 

I could not believe it and continued to stare. After I was inquired by her sight 
“What is it”, I hurriedly replied “Nothing at all”. 

After some period of time, we finally finished washing the dishes. 

“Many thanks, Cranel-san. If I can, then please visit this bar again next time.” 

“Okay, I’ll come again next time.” 

I was watched by Ryuu-san, who still have work to do, as I walked out of the 
kitchen entrance. I passed through the doors of the <Mistress of Abundance>. 

After looking at the bustling open seats of the bar, I prepared to walk back towards 
the headquarters. 



After being called upon, I turned around. Seal-san was currently standing at a 
position not too far away. 

Did she desperately tried to finish her work as a waitress, the pair of white cheeks 
were currently glowing red. 

“Today, I am so sorry.Iam really grateful for it.” 


“Ah, no. Although I had said these words in the beginning, but I have been 
subjected to a lot of care by Seal-san everyday.” 

My gaze lingered towards the ground. Only then did I notice a tail and a bun that 
was connected the back of head was nearby. At the same time, I slightly slurred. 

Having such a serious attitude, wouldn’t it make the things that should be blamed 
for become something that is impossible to be blamed? 

Anyways, I originally did not have any intentions to go into this further. 


Seal-san looked up and used her pale gray eyes to look at me. 

Her shallow lips opened up and gently closed, as if she was struggling to say 
something. I tilted my head. 

“Because I.. .am not an Adventurer-sama, so I do not know what to say.” 


“.Isn’t it fine to not go on an Adventure?” 

Towards the quietly words, I widened my eyes. 

Afterwards, Seal-san looked away slight, her upright eyebrows dropped, as if she 
was revealing a wry smile. 

“Please don’t.. .force yourself. No matter what. Only this point I wanted to 

Why am I afraid right now?” 

With a foggy heartbeat, Seal-san whispered the last words. 

Probably, she had heard the conversation between me and Ryuu-san. 


As a civilian, she must have sensitively reacted to the content, which we, 
Adventurers, may have already been numbed about. 

“Sorry, saying these unclear words.” 


“The lunch, I will continue to make. Please continue to accept it from now on.” 

Actually, there is no need to force yourself, I said while revealing a wry smile. At 
the same time, I understood the meaning behind that sentence. 

She hoped that the day, where I could not accept this lunch, will never come. This 
was what she was conveying. 

After bowing down beautifully with a neatly dressed waiter outfit, Seal-san 
returned to the shop with a face filled with smiles. 

The warm orange light and the bustling laughter sounds continued to leak out from 
the bar. I stood there, staring at the sky. 

There was a feeling that there were two paths in front of me. 

The path pointed out by Ryuu-san and the path that was advised by both Seal-san 
and Eina-san. 

-<You are an Adventurer.>. 

-<Adventurer must not go on an Adventure.>. 

Probably, most certainly, it was two sentences that were extremely opposites. 

My heart did not continue to think and the voice of those people continued to 
quietly overlap together. 

Maintaining the state where I was at the entrance of a crossroad, I continued to 
stare at the sky. 



The first light of the morning shone down from the dawn skies. It faintly 
illuminated the outer edge of the city. 

The dazzling light emerged from the mountain ridge slowly revealed the figure and 
reflected upon. The face appears to be bright red. 

It was soon the time for it to end. 

While our weapons fiercely clashed on top of the surrounding walls, I understood 

From that person, whose golden hair was swaying, a merciless attack was released. 

The continuous attacks from the sheath passed through my body. At the same time, 
the topic that she had given out was the final part of the training. It was to show it 
through my own actions. 

I blocked the sheath that flew over. 

Widening my eyes slightly, the number of times that I defended against the 
oncoming attacks continued to increase. 

So far, I had witnessed this person’s amazing defensive method countless times. 

It was not directly deflecting the enemy’s weapon, but instead striking it from the 
side or diagonally in order to spread the strength and to stop the attack. 

So far, I had continuously experimented and improved these movements. On this 
final day where it was about to be declared as the end, I dished out everything I 
had learnt. 

I forcefully suppressed my thoughts about retreating and courageously defended. 

While blocking another and another blow, while it occasionally grazed my body, I 
held the <Dagger> in my hand and slashed. 

I broke away from my defensive posture and for the first time, I counterattacked 



The cry of a metal hitting a metal. 

She easily parried my blow. But I had really conveyed it. 

Facing me, who was breathing raggedly and had my <Dagger> deflected and 
lowered my arm, Aizu-san only stared in silence. 

Suddenly, a brilliant light came down from the morning sun. Under this 
increasingly intense light, it was difficult to open my eyes. 

Following that moment, on the opposite side of the light, I had a feeling that person 
was happily smiling. 

“With this, it is over.” 

Aizu-san quietly murmured to herself. 

From the surrounding walls, you could clearly see a portion of the sun had 
emerged from the eastern skies. That is the signal declaring the end of this week- 
long training. 

My face turned to the side temporarily and watched the scenery. Then as my gaze 
intersected with hers, who was also watching the same view, I bowed my head. 

“Thank you for everything so far.” 

While I stared at the stone floor, I bowed down for a period of time. 

When I recalled this, it feels so short. In essence, it was only a very short week. 
Towards this dream-like moment, I clenched my teeth tightly. 

Shortly after I raised my head, Aizu-san still had a face that lacks emotions, but her 
eyebrows had relaxed. At the same time, she whispered with a warm voice. 

“I should also thank you.I was happy.” 

For this appearance, for this fleeting smile, the beautiful morning scene created a 
golden border for it. 

In the end, I was still completely red. After opening and closing my mouth, I 
bowed down my head and did nothing. 


“.Then from now on, good luck.” 


After the farewell that was treasured like god, that person turned her back from this 
side and slowly walked away. 

Staring at her back that was disappearing in the dazzling light, I wondered if I 
could reach her. 

I thought to myself. These pair of hands, just like the moment earlier, could it 
reach that person’s side? 

During this week’s time, I could see that the distance from that person was still 
arguably far away. 

Simply to the extent where I would stand there in stun. Simply to the extent where 
it made one feel it was hopeless. 

Can I really chase after that silhouette? 

Even so, I must chase after it. 

If I do not try, then it will definitely be out of reach. Nothing will ever begin. 

In order to stand by her side. In order to catch up to her. 

Towards that silhouette.That height, I must continue to stretch my hands out 

once again. 

Even if I am currently embracing my shapeless and collapsing, weak heart. Even if 
that’s the case, I must vow towards this clear morning. 

I also turned my back towards her, who was gradually disappearing, and began to 
walk in the opposite direction. 



After Eina had organized the documents spread on her work counter, she sighed 
out loud. 

From her surroundings, rustling sounds of preparing to return home came from the 
colleagues that were split apart due to work. 

Hanging on the wall, near the ceiling, a clock was currently hovering around 8 o’ 
clock at night. Inside the office of the guild headquarters, there were only a few 
groups of staff left. It looks exceptionally quiet. 

Why not find something to drink? Just when Eina had this thought while she 
surveyed the surroundings, the sound of her receptionist friend came from the 
depths of the room. 

“Fu—ah, Eina, help me out—! There is so much that I won’t finish even if it is till 

“.You brought this up yourself. It is Misha’s fault for not working until today.” 

After a deep sigh, she bluntly refused the cry of her human friend. 

On the work counter of the female employee with a child-like face, Misha, 
numerous documents were piled up like a tiny mountain. 

It was to assemble the records of the information, which they requested from Gods, 
for various <Familia>. This is the result of this person, who had gradually 
accumulated this work by slacking off. 

“Why are there so many people that <Level Up> in this period!? It’s too much-, 
all of them <Level Up> at this last minute! Whose plan is this!?” 

“I say you, don’t talk about the crystallization of Adventurer’s blood and sweat as 
that kind of thing. If you had honestly worked from the beginning, then you would 
not have been reduced to such a fate, right?” 

“Yes, I’m reflecting on it, reflecting on it.Eina, help!?” 



As if the conversation had ended, Eina turned her back away. While Eina received 
a complaint “How unloyal—!”, she sighed and thought about bringing a coffee 
over later. 

As if she was immersed in the aftertaste after her work was done, she supported 
her slim chin with her two elbows propped up. Eina gazed at the paper that was 
swiftly written. 

An application. On this document written with a few large characters, the summary 
of it was to persuade and change the operational attitude of <Soma’s Familia>. 

It was her own handwritten report after listening to Loki’s and Bell’s words. 

Eina did not want to punish the <Soma’s Familia>. Although she had thought 
about it, but she did not mean to condemn the internal laissez-faire management of 
the <Familia>. 

However, if she really wanted to punish them, based on Bell and Lili’s words, they 
should indeed be the side that was punished from a fair standpoint. Regardless of 
whether or not there were appropriate reasons, being condemned was unavoidable. 

Eina had never thought of wanting to be like a Goddess of Justice and holding a 
sword and a scale in her hands. 

At least, she believes that it was a territory that she should not be involved in. 

Only, although that is the case. 

If they were to change a bit and allowing the living environments of Adventurers 
and Supporters to be improved, there is no need to hesitate whether she should get 
involved or not. 

No matter what, Eina, who placed more importance on whether the Adventurers 
would return from the Dungeon than anything else, would wade through this 
flowing water. 

(Since I had taken up a side of a specific <Familia>, I have already been unable to 
give a convincing explanation for self-defense.) 


In front of this report that seems to rat upon someone, Eina was already aware that 
it was mixed largely with her own personal affairs. 

The specific <Familia>.which is Bell and the others. 

Based on the results, Eina was too concerned about that boy. So she did acts of 
intruding upon the <Loki’s Familia> and deliberately planning on harming the 
<Soma’s Familia>. 

On the surface, it was an act that betrayed the neutrality behavior of the guild. This 
was a completely different matter than the act of giving advice out to Bell after 
discussing with him. 

Abuse of power. As a member of the guild, she could be considered as a failure. 

(.However, it is worst to sit here idly without caring about it) 

Even if she did not deserve to be a member of the guild, Eina did not want to lose 
her identity as Eina Tulles. Even if it was only a specious argument, she had 
already decided. 

The noble blood that runs inside her body was the same as Riveria. Even if she was 
to say it was for the pride of her insignificant half-elf side, but she still did not 
want to pretend that she had not seen it. This was something that Eina thought 
from the bottom of her heart. 

(If she was fired.Then let me join <Hestia’s Familia>) 

They can’t be that irresponsible for their actions. She playfully thought about this 
and continued to think about the events after switching her job. 

While swaying her semi-long brown hair, Eina could not help but give a wry smile 
towards her own delusions. 

“What is it, Eina? You suddenly giggled.” 

“I did not giggle. That’s going too far!” 

“What’s the problem with it, did something happen? I was curious.” 

“No.Only that I thought about the future events after switching my job.” 


“After switching jobs, huh.It can’t be! Eina, you’re not going to work in the 


The moment Misha raised her voice, “Gata! the other employees all stood up 
from their chair at the same time. All of them were male. 

Eina was suddenly dumbfounded in front of this uniform scene, at the same time, 
she hurried to correct the misconception of her friend. 

“N.. .Nono. I am saying, the events after I get fired by the guild. I do not have any 
plans on resigning.” 

“What, don’t scare me like this.Eina being fired, impossible, impossible.” 

Towards her friend’s words, it might not be the case, Eina held back in her impulse 
of giving a wry smile. 

The male lineup that stood up all sighed, “Fu.”, and sat back down at ease. 

(Well, anyways.) 

If this report was approved by the top, then perhaps they could made Soma care 
more about the management problems in <Soma’s Familia>. 

Even if the faction, itself, has no problems, the Adventurer members’ activities 
outside of their headquarters were also reaching closer from a grey area to a black 
area. Also, according to Bell’s testimony about harming the civilians, it was almost 
confirmed that they will receive some sort of a punishment. 

If they ignore the warning, based on the situation, they may be forced out of Orario. 
It was about the continued existence of the <Familia>. 

Even if it was Soma, who is only interested in his hobbies, he would have to 
seriously consider the management direction. 

(Arde does not seem to be a Hobbit that has evil intentions.) 

After interviewing with the flower shop that was forced into the dispute between 
Lili and the <Familia>, the old couple had once expressed that they were ashamed 
of themselves. 


They say, since the day that girl was driven out, some money would be placed in 
front of the shop unknowingly. It was because of this that they did not submit an 
application of being harmed to the guild. 

They had wish Eina to convey words of apology towards the girl on behalf of them, 
but Eina did not accept. Conveying these words would the job of the parties 

(.Adventurer’s blood and sweat, is it?) 

Eina once again muttered the words that she had said by herself. 

As if she was looking at a very far away about, her gaze slightly raised up. 

(If the Adventurers use their own feet to trample others.Then that blood and 

sweat is also the thing from an unknown person) 

There is no way that everything will go smoothly, Eina thought. 

Eina, who wished for the Adventurer’s safety, wanted to support them. However, 
this belief was deliberately shaken. Among them, there exist people who could 
keep a straight face while doing hideous acts that could not be ignored. 

Two contrasting, complex emotions. It was not limited to just this incident. Eina 
had occasionally felt a sense of emptiness for her own actions. It was a feeling that 
was enough to shake her. 

Although she understood that she was just overthinking about this, but she could 
not eliminate these negative feelings. 


“Ah, yes?” 

Eina, who was immersed in her own thoughts, raised her face as she was called by 
a nearby voice. 

The male employee that was sitting near the window of the work counter pointed 
towards the entrance of the hall. 

Eina’s gaze moved over to that side. Only then did she notice that Bell, who came 
back from the Dungeon, was entering the guild headquarters. 


“.Sorry. Thank you very much.” 

Eina bowed her head and got up from her seat. 

Her originally cloudy face had brightened up, not even she, herself, had noticed it. 

She picked up this pace a little and walked in the direction of the hall. 

(.But, it isn’t that there aren’t Adventurers that are desperately working hard.) 

When he saw the face of Eina, who peeked out from the front desk, Bell 
immediately smiled. 

Eina, too, smiled and waved her hand. 

As expected, Eina likes Adventurers. 

Although many of them were boorish people, but by looking at these careless 
individuals, you will cheer up just by looking at them. It feels just about right. 

Even if there exist Adventurers that would only move based on their self-interest 
and would not save Supporters. The ones that save the Supporters are also 

If she was to say it was for them, the worries that Eina had about being dismissed 
would all be destroyed. Not wanting Adventurers to die was by no means a lie. 

This was what Eina thought as she looked at the immature Adventurer’s face that 
she was responsible for. 

(Although it was often said that good people often have a premature death 
compared to bad people.) 

Eina did not wish to believe, cannot believe it. At least in order for him to not die, 
Eina was also making efforts about it currently. 

And, that <Superstition> had no basis for it. 

This was the Labyrinth City Orario. 

Even the noble Gods could not foresee what will happen, the world’s most 
capricious city. 



Kanu could only stand there, stunned. 

“K...Kanu!? Help-!!” 

In front of the scene of blood, his eyes were frozen. 


A scarlet, red, ferocious Bull. 

The Monster that was completed dyed in crimson liquid was over 2 meters, it was 
currently facing the distant sky, the Dungeon’s ceiling, as it issued our a roar. 



A loud sound. 

Under the threat of the roar that seems to be able to shatter the eardrums, Kanu 
nearly fell down on his butt. 

A huge body filled with muscles. A vicious weapon covered its entire body. 
Following, it was the decisive pressure. 


In the truest sense, it was a Monster that everybody in the world knew as a 
synonym for a Monster. Right now, it was currently wielding a Large Sword and 
slaughtering Adventurers. 

It all started because it had witnessed a group of Amazon surrounding a burly man. 

Within the room, a blazing fight was being carried out. It was a intense fight that 
was being fought between strong individuals that did not belong in the cUpper 

Although at first, Kanu had aimed for the lone Adventurers in order to steal, but 
after seeing the emblem on the lone beastman’s equipment-A side profile of a 


Valkyrie with golden jewelry as the rim-He understood that it was a battle 

between <Familia>. 

The <Freya’s Familia> that the beastman belongs to-Mainly because of the 

Goddess’s jealousy towards Freya’s beauty-had many enemies. 

Goddess Freya had a quirk of hastily nodding when she is interested. As long as 
her own members wanted to enter the Dungeon alone, then it was quite obvious 
that it would be dangerous. 

Speaking of which, although at that time, Kanu did not know about the specific 
information, but information about Ottar being witnessed in the 17 th floor alone 
had already spread throughout the week. This battle was a planned attack by a 
certain Goddess who believed it was a good opportunity. 

Although Kanu could only leak out moaning sounds in face of this different 
dimensional battle,then at that time, he suddenly noticed it. 

Ignoring the gap between numbers, the beastman seemed to protect the cargo 
behind him as he continued to fight. 

This was the crossroad of fate. 

Kanu and his party took a roundabout way and circled to his back in the Dungeon. 
They aimed for a gap and instantly snatched the cargo away. Although a cold howl 
made his heart freeze, but it was better to say that was all. Ottar was currently 
being suppressed by the enemy forces and it was confirmed that he could not 
temporarily escape. 

Kanu and the others hurriedly moved forward in the Dungeon. This size of a cargo 
box, even if they wanted to open up a distance, it was not so simple to transport. 
They must get away from here as soon as possible. 

He had no doubt that this was a reward of a First-Class Adventurer. What great 
value would it bring, Kanu darkly thought to himself. A few days ago, he had 

snatched from a Hobbit that was once his companion.and obtained a Magic 

Sword. This time, it should be much better than that. His luck has come, and he 
firmly believed it. 

After he made sure he was separated by a sufficient distance, Kanu and his party 
could not wait to open the cargo box and leaned over to take a peek. 


To see the item that was locked inside the cargo box. 

To see the Monster named Minotaur that had lost its freedom and was bounded by 

Without exception, the thoughts of the people at the scene were dyed completely 

Then swiftly, their visions were also dyed blood red at the same time. 

One of its horns was already broken. The Minotaur excitedly breathed out raggedly 
from his nose and turned around and tom the chains into iron pieces. Kanu’s 
companions that were standing nearby had become rotten fruits. 

While he offering cries of blessing as if the world was about to end, the Minotaur 
issued out screams of joy. 


The companions of this male human were brutally murdered. At the same time he 
issued out a voice that seemed to be broken, he scurried away in panic. 

The grass that had grown on the ground had already become a sea of blood. One of 
his companions that had already died turned into paint and made this miserable 
scene vividly contrasting. Floating in the air was a thick atmosphere of death. 

The Adventurer that covered his head and ran away, could it be that he lost his 
calm judgment, he forced himself to a corner of the room. 

The Minotaur marched at a leisurely pace and in a unhurried manner, it approached 
the human that was exposing his back. 

The figure of the Monster armed with the Large Sword inside the cargo box was 
extremely unnatural. Kanu felt that the scene he was looking at was completely far 
away from reality. 

“Ill, Don’t come over.!?” 




Looking at his companion, who finally noticed that he was forced to act out a 
tragic one-man skit, Kanu could not laugh. 

His body and mind was motionless, only the color of his face was constantly 
changing. His gaze was fixed at that point. 


“Why, why you bastard, why would you be hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?” 

Towards this human male that was facing the wall with his back, the Minotaur only 
raised its arm and looked over. 

Facing the shrill voice of his opponent, who was cowering on the ground, the 
Monster instinctively lifted the Large Sword. 

It gave off a slim expression. The body filled with muscles, zuruzuru, and 
entangled each other. This figure looked just like the same as an execution 

The giant dark shadow covered the entire human male, despair was shown on his 

The call that could not be considered as a sound echoed grandly in the room, and in 
an instant. 

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! ” 

Dogon, the Large Sword was swung down and created a roar. 

Gucha, from the inner side of the Minotaur, crimson red liquid flew everywhere. 


Being blocked by the back of giant bones, Kanu could not confirm what kind of 
meat pieces his companion became from his current position. 

However, the red liquid and the meat pieces stuck onto the ground and the wall 
tells everything. 

Even forgetting to hide and could only stay here stunned, Kanu witnessed this 
scene until the end at the entrance of the path. He leaked out a dry sound. 




Then, that sound entered the Minotaur’s ears. 

Turning around, it revealed a tensed face. 

With fresh blood as a makeup on top of this ferocious face, its eyeball turned 
around and looked towards Kanu. 

His heart seemed to have frozen stiff and his breathing was awkwardly blocked up. 


Turning around, he used all his strength and pressed onto the floor. 

The violent roar was still lingering in his ears, Kanu used all his strength to escape 
from that place. 

Quickly, as if a hammer hit the floor, extremely heavy footsteps rang out. His eyes 
began to widen. 

The extremely ugly death god was catching up at a formidable speed. 

(D.. .Don’t joke around-!?) 

His breathing had become strange. His tongue had an intolerable thirst. He could 
not think properly and repeatedly stimulated his brain. 

It feels that his brain inside his head was boiling up. Hot. Anyways, it was 
extremely hot. 

As if he was mad, his sweat continued to flow out. 

Ignoring everything, Kanu desperately continued to run away. A few times, his 
legs got tangled up. He blindly ran away. 

It was currently late at night. There was not even a shadow of a nearby Adventurer. 
The empty Dungeon seems like a labyrinth to Kanu. It feels that no matter how 
long he ran, he still could not escape from the same view. 

(Can’t throw it off, can’t throw it off, can’t throw it offffff.!?” 


There was only a certain distance between the huge presence that continued to 
linger and chase after Kanu. 

A powerful feeling of discord. As if he was given a steady stream of heavy 
pressure that he would definitely be caught. 

The ferocious Bull that should have been known for rampaging instead revealed a 
feeling as if it was a cunning hunter. There was no mistake, Kanu let out his desire 
to cry out. 

As a replacement of having one of his horns being broken by one person, in 
exchange for that pain, it had actually obtained wisdom. 

The Minotaur holding a Large Sword was wholeheartedly chasing after Kanu. 

“Ha, Ha,Haahhhhhh! ?” 

The Monster behind him was constantly approaching, Kanu, who was breathing 
raggedly, drastically changed his direction and headed off towards an open path. 

Anyways, he have to run forward. He must pull away. 

He had long forgotten his calmness. He was only eager to be liberated from this 

Where to go, how to go? He did not know. 

He could only desperately continue to move. 

By the time he noticed, Kanu had entered a dead end. 


It feels like his eyes almost popped out from their sockets. 

As if the fragment of his sound that he desperately squeezed out leaked out from 
his throat. 

His two eyes were trembling. Following this, Kanu suddenly turned around to the 


The roaring footstep sounds had been interrupted. The stunning silence seemed to 
have descended for this moment. 

In the next moment, a voo sound. 

A Minotaur with one horn stuck its head from around the corner. 

Screams were scattered. 

Once one had passed their limits, panicking was extremely simple. 

The Minotaur held the Large Sword as it completely revealed itself from the corner. 
Indeed, this high quality and large piece of metal was only an ordinary one-handed 
sword for this large body. 

From the depths of the gaping white teeth, hideous breaths continue to surge out. 

Eyes filled with blood and a weapon wet with crimson color. It was craving for the 
next sacrifice. 

“D...Don’t come over to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?” 

Kanu reached towards his waist and pulled out the red dagger. 

Then he swung the <Magic Sword> towards the Monster that was approaching 

“GUVO ./” 

“Don’t come over, disappear, go dieeeeee!!” 

The fireball released by the Dagger hit the Minotaur. 

Kanu recklessly swung the Dagger and released countless times of Magic that had 
its power reduced. Within the space where there was nowhere to run, small-scale 
explosions continued. 

Facing the Minotaur that seemed to swing his burly arms back and forth, Kanu 
sustained a mental breakdown and continued to swing the Magic 


Sword.Shortly after, the red blade issued out a cry and was covered with fine 


“Ha.Haaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ?” 

As if the blade had lost its light, numerous iron filings dropped onto the ground. 

He widened his eyes at the same time he voice his dismay. The Magic Sword had 
surpassed its usage and shattered by itself. 

Finally, in the end, Kanu was still betrayed by his weapon. 

“ Fuuu, Fuuu ./” 


The Monster that still had fire on his body was in front of his eyes. 

The eyes that were shrouded in anger were currently looking down on Kanu. 

An instant later, the huge silhouette extended the muscles in its upper arms and 
lifted the sword above its head. 



Following the feeling of his forehead severely cut apart, Kanu’s consciousness 
completely collapsed. 


The handle of the cup broke. 

Hestia suddenly stopped her actions and tightly looked over at that piece of pottery. 

Without showing any signs, the white tea cup on the table broke. The curved 
handle fell down onto the table. 


Although the body of the cup had avoided from being completely destroyed, but 
white colored pieces still scattered everywhere. 

Hestia, who remained silent for a period of time, raised her head from the 
unnaturally broken cup and look at Bell, who was scurrying back and forth in the 

After ending the training with Aizu, the boy, who had become energetic, seems 
like he will be going to the Dungeon a bit earlier today. There was no time left 
compared to usual. 

After switching her gaze with Bell, who had finished wearing his Adventurer-only 
tight shirt and pants, and the tea cup, Hestia felt an indescribable anxiety. 

“Then Kami-sama, the follow-up work is almost completely done! You only have 
to open the Magic Stone device in the end!” 


Towards Bell, who had raised the light backpack and was prepared to leave, Hestia 
immediately reacted and called him to stop. Thus, he stopped and turned over with 
an incredulous expression. 

Hestia was loss for words. She could not say “Because I have a bad feeling, so 
don’t go to the Dungeon today” these words without any basis. Even if it was 
herself, she would also have thoughts of “What is this about”. 

However, she could not ignore the fact that she was agitated deep inside her chest. 
She instantly looked at the broken cup that seemed to declare an omen and, 
gumumu, whispered. 

“Ah... Ahhh.You see, why not update your <Status>? We haven’t done that 

recently, right?” 

“About that.” 

“What, it will be done soon. No need to worry about the time. So.please?” 


Even Hestia herself felt that she was currently having a confused-like smile. 
However, Bell could not throw away her, who was like that, and lowered her 
eyebrow and smiled as he accepted the proposal. 

Hestia temporarily place the fact about the teacup being broken to one side and 
began to nimbly move her hands and update the <Status>. 

“.Unnn, Bell-kun? Are you cooperating well with that Supporter-kun?” 

“Kami-sama.Since a while ago, you kept asking the same questions?” 

“D...Did I?” 

Due to the fact that she could not calm down when it was silent, so she attempted 
to speak, but instead she was given a wry smile by Bell. 

Hestia, who was worried about various things when he was exploring the Dungeon 
together with Lili, had already repeatedly raised the same question over and over 

Her face turned red as she sat on Bell’s back and she coughed a bit. Then, she used 
a needle to allow her finger to leak out some of the God’s blood and moved her 
tiny hands on the engraved <Sacred Text>. 

“Speaking of which, was it a week ago? Weren’t you trained well by that <Sword 
Princess>? The <Endurance> proficiency must have improved so much that it left 
the other basic abilities behind.” 


While listening to Bell’s dry laugh, she continued to update the <Status>. 

Should she say that it was expected, Hestia’s mood gradually became worst as she 
continued with the update operation. This goes without saying that it was the fault 
of the growth rate caused by the <Single-Minded Pursuits 

Hestia revealed an unprecedented, dull expression and asked the matter she was 
concerned about a few days ago. 


“Bell-kun. Although I feel somewhat embarrassed for being so inquisitive, but did 

you do anything immoral.with the <Sword Princess>? For example.A lap 

pillow or something similar.” 

Buuu, Bell maintained his currently lying down state and spat out. Cough, cough, 
he continued to choke as his ears turned crimson red in front of Hestia’s eyes. 

That damn thieving cat Wallen-whatever.! Hestia clenched her teeth tightly as 

she thought about this. 

When did that happen that Bell’s <Status> growth had increased to another stage? 
Based on the boy’s reactions, forget about a lap pillow, Hestia was convinced that 
something happened that made his feelings increased. 

Damn it, the flames of jealousy inside her heart was burning. 

“A.. .About that, Kami-sama!? <Status> could also be strengthened outside of 
battle with Monsters? Say, from training as well!?” 

He wanted to change topics. Hestia thought this and thought there was no need to 
pursue it further. If there needs to be a reason, it was because Hestia was a 
Goddess. She would obvious forgive such trifle things. 

Ah, her hand slipped. Busuri. 

Bell began to sob and cried out. Pretending that she did not know why, Hestia 
began to explain. 

“Ahhh, it can be strengthened. Compared to discussing whether it was actual 
combat or training, it is most important that it can turn into <Experience Point> 
that is accumulated inside your body. A simple game or work would absolutely not 
be treated as <Experience Point>. In turn, even if it was training, if you are 
desperate and focused, then it will undoubtedly become food that was identified as 
<Experience Point>.” 

“So that’s how it is.” 

“It is the same question whether if you could reliably turn it into your own use or 
not. If you are able to leave a trace of it, then we can later excavate this.” 


Although the argument of <Problem about selecting which side> and the mastery 
of <Technique> was rather close, but it was not specifically revised. This kind of 
explanation was probably easier for Bell to understand. 

Soon after, the work for <Status> was about to be finished.Hestia quietly had 

her mouth cramped out. 

“UWAH.Kami-sama, I’m sorry. I have to go!” 

When Bell looked at the clock, his face became pale and he sat up. 

He swiftly moved away from Hestia’s side, picked up his luggage and walked 
straight towards the door. 

“B...Bell-kun. There are still some <Status>.!” 

“Sorry, I’ll listen to it later! I’m leaving!” 

With a panicked expression, Bell left the house. 

Hestia, who was left alone, lowered her outstretched arm, haa, and sighed. 

Looking at the teacup on the table from the corner of her eyes, she then gaze back 
towards the place where Bell’s back was earlier. 

Once again, she recalled the information about the <Status>. 

Bell Cranel 


Strength: S 982 
Endurance: S 900 
Dexterity: S 988 
Agility: SS 1049 


Magic: B 751 

“What, SS is.” 

As if she wanted to cling on her head, Hestia used her right hand and covered her 


The sun was gradually exposing its face from the mountains east of Orario. 

Inside the almost, topmost room of the residence, she could see past the walls that 
surround the city and watch the brilliance flashes of mountains. Aizu was currently 
looking at the scene outside of her window and narrowed her eyes slightly. 

At the same time she was being bathed by the early sun, she abruptly pulled her 
golden hair behind her. 

She pulled out her only one weapon, a rapier, from her waist and allowing her thin 
arm to completely touch it. It emitted a sonorous sound and she confirmed the 
maintenance conditions. Then, she quietly faced forward. 

Her complete equipment was reflected by a full-length mirror. 

Under the sunlight, the pale blue armor, silver white chest protector and her waist 
tools emitted out a little light. 

She directly looked at the girl, who was crowned as the <Sword Princess> and was 
feared by others as a battle maniac, Aizu. 

“Hey, Aizu, are you not ready? How long do you plan on wasting time?” 

“.Immediately, ready.” 

Towards the door, she made a response back to Bate’s voice. Aizu looked away 
from her own figure. 

Since Aizu had levelled up to Lv.6, it had already been 12 days. Today was the 
long-awaited Dungeon Raiding day. 


Gathering the <Loki’s Familia> members to explore the Deep Floors, the 
scheduled date of the <Expedition>. 

Towards the overly powerful Aizu Wallenstein, this was the only chance that she 
would be able to reach new heights. 

“Aizu, hurry —! Let’s compete on who kills more monsters —!” 

“Annoying.Why are you here, Tiona?” 

“That is my line. The loser dog should act like a loser dog and wag his tail and 

“I’m not a dog, I’m a wolf! Anyways, when did I lose!” 

“Even though you were rejected completely and were injured all over your body! 
You even say something like “ I’m a loser dog, so sorr —yy!” ! N —O —O!” 


Ignoring the bustling sounds from the opposite side of the door, Aizu threw out her 
final glance. 

A sound tapping her ears. In the early morning skies, a metallic sound was 
constantly expanding. 

The slender clock tower located at the east side of the town began to let out a 
heavy whine. 


Chiri, my neck felt a bit of pain. 


I placed a hand on top of my head while I surveyed the surroundings. 

The vast floor with wood-colored walls and growing short flowers and trees. In 
this room on the 9 th floor, I could not hide my surprised expression. 


I could also not give a proper explanation to Lili, who was beside me. 

“Is there something that you care about?” 

“.No, how shall I put it?” 

.Should I say we were being stared at? 

My own body was being ambiguous and could only feel eyes lurking from 

Although I could not feel any hostility or intent to harm us.However, a vague 

sense of unease gradually pressed onto my shoulders. 

Because today we plan on breaking through the 10 th floor, so we came early in the 
morning to the Dungeon. There are very little Adventurers. 

On the path of coming here, we only encountered one extremely burly, beastman 

Although if I say we were followed, but under normal circumstances, that is 

impossible.However, gradually, it feels that I could not easily brush off this 


“Lili, can we switch back our equipment from here on?” 

“Ah, o...okay.” 

Was he showing a sense of nervousness that was different than usual? Lili 
hurriedly handed over the hand guard on her back and the <Baselard>. 

I equipped the light armor that was stuffed inside my backpack and fully equipped 

Although I felt slightly relaxed under the touch of my accustomed 

equipment.but the sinister feelings that was being revealed between my 

eyebrows, could not be completely eliminated. 

A disgusting feeling. My heart cried out softly. 

“Do you feel that it is strange.?” 


“Strange, is it?” 

“The amount of Monsters are too little.” 

I said the doubt that was haunting my earlier. Lili also said “Speaking of 

which.” and turned her head towards the path where we had just passed 


Since entering the 9 th floor, the Dungeon had become eerily quiet. It would not be 
wrong to say that our current location was at the depths of the floor. However, 
even when the 10 th floor was right in front of our eyes, we have still not yet 
encountered a Monster. 

At most, we would only occasionally glimpse a Goblin, who was scurrying around, 
trying to find a shelter. 

(How should I say it.It feels very uncomfortable.) 

These feelings continued to accumulate. It feels that my stomach had started to 
ache a little. 

It feels that the thing that I did not want to recall was currently being dug out. 
That’s right. 

At that time, the Dungeon was also this quiet. 

I could only shake my head here. 


“.Let’s go. To the 10 th floor. 

I controlled my mouth and forcibly said this. 

I could not say these words, “Let’s leave immediately right now” and so on, and an 
unpromising feeling was always stuck inside my heart. 

In the corner of my heart, it seemed to be urging me to continue to move forward. 

In the room that had two entrances, we prepared to take a step towards the 
direction that connected to the 10 th floor-At this moment. 


-Come, let me see this? 

Towards the seductive voice that I seem to have heard from somewhere and 
resounded in my head directly, I widened my eyes. 

In the next instant. 

“- VO - OOO” 

My feet were fixed. 


“J.. .Just now, that was.?” 

Lili seemed to have said something. However, it did not enter my head. 

Did I hear something? 

Yes, I did hear something. 

The shattering roaring sound was similar to the sound I seared inside my mind. It 
was currently making my nerves extremely anxious. 

Just like a toy that hadn’t been smeared before, my actions were like rusty and 
slow as I turned my head behind. 

The source of the sound came from the direction that we had just travelled. In the 
depths of that path, there is something. 

When I noticed, my breathing had already become ragged. My fingers were 
trembling and I could not use any strength. 

Instead of my throat, my head suddenly emerged the words “Lies”. Like a children, 
I cried out that this kind of situation can’t happen. 

While Lili was swallowing her saliva and staring intently, I continued to pray. 




It appeared. 


My premonition came true. It really came true. 

No, if I had to get to the bottom of this, it is impossible for me to forget that 
bastard’s voice. 

I already do not know how many times that it appeared in my dreams. I already do 
not know how many times that face had overlapped with other monsters. 

How many times did I feel fear from that bastard, it was already uncountable. 


“W.. .Why is there a Minotaur on the 9 th floor.” 

I wanted to ask. 

Ahhh, but I knew. 

I knew that this was an unendurable last resort. 

I knew that this was a sense of despair that could not be described. 

This trembling, I had already experienced before. 

It was the same. 

It was the same as that time. 



The ferocious bull roared. 


Engulfed by a force and pressure that could not be underestimated, it was a simple 
roar that has the intent of having a confrontation. 

Facing the terrifying roar, Lili and I nearly fell down on the floor. 

Following, that bastard’s was equipped with a silver sword dyed with red. One step, 
it slowly treaded on the ground. 

“L.. .Let’s escape, Bell-sama!? Right now, Lili and you cannot defeat it! Let’s 
currently escape from here.Bell-sama?” 

My gaze could not move. 

My feet also could not move. 

Under the gaze of the black, red eyes from that Monster, my movement had been 

Perhaps, it was closer to that I had already given up. 

When I was small, my grandfather had often used scarecrows to play skits of 
heroes in order to make me happy.Right now, it was exactly like that. 

“Bell-sama!? Bell-sama!?” 

Scary Scary Scary Scary Scary Scary Scary Scary Scary Scary Scary Scary Scary 
Scary Scary. 

Extremely Scary. 

That Monster was scary to the extent of that it was chaotic. 

The comer of my eyes was filled with tears. My lungs continued to breathe and sub. 
My teeth could not be clenched tightly. 

What color had my face become, I already could not predict it. 

Every time the two feet with hooves step onto the grass, I would overlap that with 

The symbol of terror inside my heart made the air inside my body swell up. 



The Minotaur became a cannonball. 

With a frightening speed, it dashed through the center of the room and completely 
ate away the distance separating us. 

I did not pull out my weapon. There was nothing that I could do. 

It was over. 

In a blink of an eye, the huge bull approached and used an exaggerated movement 
to swing the Large Sword down. 



In my rotating field of vision, a mosquito-like cry entered my ears. 

Earlier than I realize that I was still alive, I confirmed the temperature of Lili that 
was lying on top of my belly. 

From her head, a large amount of blood was leaking out. 


I was thrown to the ground. Probably, it was due to Lili’s slam. 

Due to her throwing herself to the side, I had successfully dodged the Minotaur’s 
attack. As a replacement, Lili was injured. 

Was it skimped by the Large Sword? No, the Minotaur had caused many shattered 
rocks to move and it directly head Lili’s head? 

After withstanding the powerful attack, the ground had completely shattered. Large 
amount of flowers, grass and even hard clods of dirt were flung to the sky. 

Lili distorted her face and issued out a faint moan. 

KAAAA, my entire body heated up. 


“I I” 

I forcibly inject power to my limp and discouraged muscles and stood up. 

Scary. Very scary. In my heart, there was only terror. 

In front of my eyes, the howling Minotaur was still unbearably scary. 

However, letting this child to die-was even more scary. 


Sorry! In my heart, I apologized while I decided to throw Lili’s body to the side. 

There was no time to confirm how that petite body was. I directly confronted the 
Minotaur who had turned around. 

My teeth were rested on my trembling lips and I severely bit into them. Before the 
roaring Large Sword could kill me, I reflexively stretched out my right arm and 
shouted out. 


“ BUOOO!?” 

Scarlet lightning caused the actions of the Minotaur to bounce away. 

Under the power of the blooming flame flower <Fire Bolt>, the ferocious Bull was 
pressured and retreated. 

Inside my round eyes, a faint hope of overcoming the odds appeared distantly. 

I began to use Magic as if I was possessed. 


Hit. Hit. Hit. 

As if I was blinded and continuously swinging my sword, I repeatedly launched 


The sharp flame spears stabbed through the enemy’s huge body numerous times 
and exploded. Following the explosion sound, violent flames leap out. 

The Minotaur issued out an anguished voice and retreated one step at a time, then 
it disappeared into the continuous chains of explosion. 

I tightly held onto the magic as if I was clutching my last hope. 

If I did not have this power at this time, I seemed to beg like this as I continued to 
desperately fire out my last ray of hope <Fire Bolt>. 

Inside my heart, I continued to pull the trigger for Magic. 


When my mind had fully regained consciousness, I stopped the Magic. My field of 
vision was completely buried with black smoke. 

The smell of burnt soil and grass stimulated my nose. I could not see the figure of 
the Minotaur. 

-Did I beat it? 

There was absolutely no response. In front of the space where flames still remained, 
I lowered my right arm. 


Bang, the sound of wind breaking apart entered my ear. 

At the same time the black smoke was turning into a whirlwind, a large arm 
stretched out from within. 

From below, the rock-like fists depicted an arc. I maintained the state where I was 
hit in the abdomen and stopped. 

The feeling of the hoof biting into my arm. 
The impact following by an explosion. 



My vision trembled. The air inside my body was forced out and when I had yet 
grasp the situation, my body flew towards the rear. 

The only thing that I was clear about was the fact that I was saved by Aizu-san. 

Relying on the act of immediately jumping backwards, the force that assaulted me 
was halved. 

It was impossible to want to completely cancel out that shock. If I had stayed still, 
I would undoubtedly be hit in the abdomen and in a state where I would burst into 
tears, I would hit the Dungeon’s wall. 


The wall was destroyed. With half of my body buried into the wall, under the pain 
that came forth, I groaned in pain. 

I could not issue out my voice. A part of the wall issued out a sound of collapsing 
and a rain of stone pieces fell onto my butt. 

It had directly hit the center of my light armor, and like in a literal sense, it was 
completely destroyed. 

The part at my back that had received a terrible impact seemed to be serious as 
well. In an instant, I removed it. The instant I loosened the support for the armor, 
it instantly collapsed onto the floor. 

In the end, how much do I have to be hit till it is happy.!? 

My upper body only had a ragged tight shirt and at the same time, I tried to let my 
trembling legs to stand up. 



The muscles on my face tensed up. 
It was uninjured. 


Even though it was hit by so many blast of <Fire Bolt>, the Minotaur’s entire body 
was fine, there was no apparent injuries. 

My Magic only caused the thick skin to suffer from some burns and did not give it 
a fatal injury. 

My teeth trembled nonstop. 

Staring at me, who was at loss, the Minotaur, who lost one of its horns, was roaring 
towards the sky. 


This is an Adventure. 

This is the Adventurer’s , Bell Cranel’s, first Adventure. 

-1 can’t win. 

Witnessing the bull issuing out a roar towards the sky, I could only see the despair. 


Chapter 5 

A Hero’s Wish 

The Dungeon had the characteristic of how the area becomes larger as you go 
further down. 

At the 5th floor, it was already equivalent to the size of the central square. When 
you continue to go further down, its size continues to expand. By the time it 
reached the 40th floor, the size of the area was able to match the scale of the city, 

Although there are floors in between that ignore this rule, but basically, 
understanding that the Dungeon is a conical structure is generally enough. The 
width of the paths, each of the rooms and etc. continues to become more wide. 

Although in an <Expedition>.or even teams with dozens of people, wanting to 

reach the <Deep Floors> isn’t a big issue. However, the starting point, the 1st floor, 
was still rather narrow. 

Inside the narrow path and rooms, the movement of large forces could not be 
described as free. If an army wanted to march here, advancing was already a 
daunting task. 

Defeating monsters also become a waste of effort. After all, standing parallel 
together in an enclosed room was a violation of common sense. 

So, in an <Expedition> where there are a large number of people, the will 
generally divide the forces into 2 or 3 groups and converge and meet up at an 
agreed floor. 

Without exception, when the <Loki’s Familia> began, it had also split their forces 
into two groups. 


“I say I say, Tione. Why are there other <Familia> people here as well? These guys 
can’t be Supporters that were hired, right?” 

“Idiot Tiona. Did you already forget the reason why we retreated last expedition?” 

“They are blacksmiths, Tiona.” 


Under the leadership of the captain of in <Loki’s Familia>, the Hobbit, Finn 
Deimne, the advance team consisting of First-Class Adventurers was about to 
arrive at the 7th floor. 

While the group of approximately 15 people were currently hurrying nonstop, 
Tiona, Tione and Riveria talked in turn. 

“Because last time, compared to us, our weapons were the side that did not survive, 
so Captain specifically arranged this in advance” 

“As long as there are blacksmiths with the ability of <Blacksmith> are here, then 
all the weapons can become brand new again! Not bad, Finn!” 

“Yes. After all, it is too inefficient to carry large supplies of spare weapon. I heard 
that Loki and Goddess Hephaestus had a good relationship, so I asked Loki to lend 
a helping hand.” 

“Us, who is not a Blacksmith <Familia>, begging and pleading would give the 
others a sense of arrogance.I really want a team of Blacksmiths.” 

Until the Middle Floors, the low level members of the <Loki’s Familia>.in 

other words, the Supporters for the Expedition had the role of serving as the 
vanguard of the group. The First-Class Adventurers would only follow 

Although for them, who would only need to use their true strength at the Deep 
Floors, seemed to be frivolously talking, but in fact, they are currently quietly 
saving their energy. 


“Aizu, Aizu, did you hear!? It seems like <Hephaestus’s Familia>’s High-Class 
Blacksmiths also came along. 

“Yes.I heard. Amazing.” 

“Right—! If that’s the case, even in the Deep Floors, we can still go all out, right? I 
will go all out—!” 

“I should say this out in advance, even <Hephaestus’s Familia>’s blacksmiths will 
not be able to repair weapons that are broken.” 

Towards Tiona, who hugged her shoulders from behind, Aizu silently turned her 
head and revealed a small smile. 

After seeing that smile, Tiona also smiled. 

Facing this Amazon girl that seemed to be born into the wrong race, even the cool 
Aizu Wallenstein’s feelings could not help but be melted. 

Or rather, to them, who have a similar point as her as a battle maniac, under her 
sister’s, Tione’s, commands every now and then, so she would play around and act 
like her own age. 

“Ku—, the group of <Hephaestus’s Familia> people, even if it was unexpected, but 
they should not pull our legs. Relax.” 

“Well there it is—. Bate’s arrogant statement.” 

Maintaining the state where she was glued to Aizu’s shoulders, Tiona threw an 
unhappy, yet interested gaze. 

Bate faced Tiona’s gaze with “What you” while raising the comer of his mouth. 

“Bate, you, why do you have to use such description? Does despising other 
Adventurer feel that good? I hate that kind of thing.” 

“Don’t be mistaken. I will not do such shameless things of feeling superiority of 
despising these weaklings. I am simply telling the truth.” 

Bate used his chin to point at the <Hephaestus’s Familia> behind while saying 
“Don’t think that I am talking about them, okay?” 


“Even if that’s the case, you should still speak and act cautiously. From the words 
in your mouth, it seems like you are deliberately causing others to misunderstand.” 

“A—Ahh—, annoying, annoying! The preaching of the elf makes my ears itch! 
Anyways, don’t suddenly interrupt others, Riveria.” 

While shaking his amazingly gray hair that he had to manage, Bate seemed to 
impatiently lift his eyebrows. 

From the left side of his forehead, to his cheeks and finally to the jaw, his lightning 
shape tattoos were all slightly distorted. 

“Anyways even if it is you guys, thinking about the same thing as poor boobs 
won’t get you anywhere. You dare say these things when you also don’t have any 
sympathy when you see trash?” 

“All of mine are only stolen by Tioneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”” 

“Wait a minute, don’t say anymore, this kind of distorted thinking.” 

“Indeed, I would be lying if I said that I sympathize with them. However, don’t 
you mix my pity with your insults.” 

“If it is based on sympathy alone, I feel that elf-sama is even worse?” 

Finn turned a blind eye to this and sighed. Bate and Riveria continued to argue. 

Although he was not aiming at Riveria with that sentence, but elves easily have a 
conflict with other races. Even the werewolf that was between an wolf and a 
beastman, would occasionally be stubborn. 

The people at the scene would not become serious, so it could be said that this was 
already a thing that was common. Even if it was unrelated with Riveria, Bate still 
was able to escape from her preaching. 

Because they knew this point, so the rest of the members in the group, including 
the leader, did not show any signs of stopping them. Aizu also only watched over 
their conversation in silence. 

“I only hate weak guys. Even though they can’t do anything, yet they act smug, 
that is downright disgusting.” 


“I can only hear the arrogant feelings of the people in a strong position.” 

“That’s right, Bate also had a period when he was weak.” 

“I am only allowing them to weigh, to weigh their own value.” 

While feeling the weight of Tiona hanging onto her shoulders, Aizu muttered 
“their own value” at the same time. 

She had some idea. 

It was not sympathy, not insult and not surprising, it was just a transparent 

At that time, the boy who was deeply hit by these hard words of not knowing his 
own value, what kind of feelings did he have and how could he rise up from that 

Her memories have already became rather faint, Aizu seemed to immediately and 
vaguely sketched out the pair of crimson eyes that were about to cry inside her 

Then soon after that. 

She lifted her head without warning and showed a wary face. 

“.Is it four people?” 

“What, is that what the rumor says?” 

The people at the scene all made the exact same response as hers. Tiona continued 
to stick close to Aizu and looked over there. Bate only scratched his animal ears on 
his head. 

Just when Aizu and the others prepared to pass through the crossroad, from their 
right hand side, violent footstep sounds came. It was extremely messy. 

Just when the Supporters vanguards and the rearguard was planning to take 
corresponding measures, Finn raised his hand to stop them. He issued the 
command of standing here for now. 

Shortly after, a team of Adventurers broke into Aizu’s vision. 


“It—seems like there are in total panic. Do we try to call them and see?” 

“Don’t, this is for our own good. Inside the Dungeon, we basically will not 
interfere with other teams.” 

“Hey, what is it—■?” 


Ignoring the depressed state of affairs, Tiona advanced by herself. 

The Adventurers, who were frequently turning their head to the back, suddenly 
stopped due to the shout from Tiona’s voice. 

“W.. .What is it you bastard? Huh.Ga! Da.. ,.<Dai Setsudan>[ A l] (Amazon)!?” 

“Tiona Hiryute!?” 

“Rather, the <Loki’s Familia>!? E...Expedition!?” 

After the team of four people from the path saw Tiona and the others, they were in 
dismay and naturally began to retreat. 

Although Tiona instantly issued out a surprised gaze that seemed like the world 
was about to end, but Bate did not here and headed forward. 

“Okay, are you calm down? Then, answer these questions. What are you doing? 
Did you leave your companions behind and flee to here after being attacked by a 
group of Killer Ants?” 


“Hey don’t say it.” 

“.Compared to that, Killer Ants are easier 100 times.” 

Towards the words that were thrown by these men, Bate did not understand and 
raised his eyebrows. 

Using his gaze to send the question “What are you talking about”, the other 
Adventurers exchanged gaze. Then, the leader-like human seemed to answer 


The.. .There is a Minotaur here.” 



“So I said, There is a Minotaur! That bull Monster is here rampaging in the Upper 

Bate could only blink in response to the other party’s desperate expression and 
turned around to the back. 

While they witnessed the dialogue between Bate and the other Adventurers, there 
were a surprised expression on Finn’s and the other people’s face. 

Then, when nobody had noticed it, Aizu’s right hand suddenly trembled a bit. 

“Hey, could it be.a Minotaur that we let escape?” 

“Impossible, right? We had indeed taken care of all of them.” 

“And it doesn’t make sense if it was the ones that escaped from our net. The past 
expedition was already a month ago? If there was a Minotaur on the Upper Floors, 
then the number of victims of 3rd-Class Adventurers would not be a joke. I had not 
heard that kind of rumor at all.” 

“.I’m extremely sorry. Could you please explain to us what you had just 



White being stared at Finn, who had a determined attitude, the other party’s leader 
began to explain unclearly: 

Just as usual, they had entered the Dungeon. In the depths of a long passage 
connected to their room, they instantly captured a figure of a boy with white hair 
and a Minotaur. 

Based on the cries, it seemed that boy was calling out and the Minotaur was 
currently giving out a baptism to him, so they hurriedly rushed away. 

Also, that Minotaur was equipped with an Adventurer-use Large Sword. 

“It is actually a Large Sword-?” 


“Not <The Dungeon’s Arsenal>?” 

“Y.. .Yes, we were not mistaken.” 

“.Up till today, were there any sightings of Minotaurs?” 

“No,no. If there was, then we would have been in trouble a long time ago!” 

“Ahhh, it seems more and more suspicious.” 

The <Loki’s Familia> inquired about the specific confirmation and confirmed that 
it was not one that they missed during their chase. At the same time, they had 
doubts about the situation. 

As a leader with good instincts, Finn predicted that it was a prank of a rather evil 

At least, this matter must be related to a God. Otherwise, it would be impossible to 
explain this situation. 

Finn and the advance team had completely stopped their travel forward. 

“Where did you see the Minotaur?” 

Among them, a golden hair girl moved by herself. 

Approaching one of the Adventurers, she quietly asked. 


“The Floor that the Adventurer was attacked, where?” 

“T.. .The 9th Floor.If it still hasn’t moved yet.” 

Before he finished speaking, Aizu darted away. 

Moving along the path that these Adventurers had come from, she rushed away 
like the wind. 



“What are you doing!” 

“Wait a minute, you guys, we are still in an Expedition!?” 


“Ahh, I understand.The troops should maintain the original formation and 

move forward! Just like what was predetermined, head to the 18th floor in the 
shortest distance! The command will be left to you, Raul!” 


“Command.Could it be you’re prepared to go?” 

“My thumb is already restlessly twitching. I want to see. Or rather, do you plan on 
staying behind, Riveria?” 

“.If Finn’s instincts are saying this, then there must be something happening 

now. Then, let me participate in this as well.” 


Feaving behind the <Foki’s Familia> and the <Hephaestus’s Familia>, who could 
only look at each other. 

The First-Class Adventurers that acted on their own headed towards the 9th floor. 


My grandpa’s face. 

I can see my grandfather’s face. 

The only relative that I have, who took care of me when I lost my parents. 

His face was always filled with a crumpled smile, although he would occasionally 
speak some incomprehensible words ,“I really want to help cute girls then become 
affectionate with her—“, “ Having beautiful woman and beautiful girls serve me is 
really romantic—”, “But abducting them also has a good feeling—“, “Ah, only 
yandere should still be excused?”, he was a extremely happy person. 


My grandfather seemed to have personally witnessed the anecdote of heroes and 
would often tell me. 

Knowing that on my birthday, I received an illustrated book that was actually made 
by my own grandfather, was something long after his death. 

-These people are amazing. 

-Even if they are alone, they would still continue to fight against things 

stronger than themselves. 

-It is absolutely impossible for the old. 

While saying that he could not do such things, grandfather always seemed to 
happily praise the heroes. 

However, not being able to be like a hero, that is a lie. 

My grandfather was really cool and awesome. 

When I was young and was nearly killed by a Goblin, that person was faster than 
everyone else, and flew over like lightning and hit the Monster with a shovel in 
two hands. 

His body that was always covered by a coat was as burly as a warrior. 

His log-sized arms did not let the Monsters approach him one step. 

Right now, these words rang again. 

My initial vision of a hero was my grandfather. 

If you notice that the situation was bad, you should flee. 

If you feel afraid, you should flee. 

If you are about to die, you should call for help. 

If you made a woman made, then you should quickly apologize. 

Even if you are treated as an idiot, even if you are accused by others, it is not 
something to be embarrassed about. 


What you should be most embarrassed about is when you could not decide what to 
do and become immobile. 

My grandfather had always said this. 

Even after he had disappeared from my sight, these teachings had already remained 
in the corner of my soul. It was my grandfather that made me decide on a lifelong 

It was the words of that person that brought me to Orario. 

I can see it, my grandfather’s face. 


0000 !!” 

Right now, I can’t move. 


Raising my head, a Minotaur with saliva leaking out from his mouth entered my 
field of vision. 

As if it was trying to boast, his hands holding a Large Sword was located far ahead 
of the Monster. It issued out a roar. 

From the body that seemed to have a heavy armor constructed on top, there were 
no visible large injuries. The scars would only just on the surface. 

In face of this reality where Magic did not work, powerlessness gradually 
dominated my entire body. 

I can’t win. This sentence repeatedly echoed inside my head. 

I can’t use any strength. 

The knees that managed to stand up seems like it will fall any moment. 

“VOOOOOO . !” 

“ !?” 


The gaze casted from the tip of its sight made my neck twitch sharply. 

As if I once again awoke from the cold currents of fear. In exchange, the sense of 
gradually losing strength was driven away. 

It was not my consciousness, but my instinct that began trying to avoid death. 

If I continued to stay standing like this, I will be killed. 

I will, Lili, too will be hacked to death. 

If I don’t move.! 

I make every effort in order to clench my fists. 

-Going to the wall will be bad! 

Seeing the Minotaur approaching, I quickly escaped from that place. 

If I had my back against the wall, in front of the huge body, the escape route will 
be immediately blocked. 

Moving in the opposite direction of where Lili was, I place priority in returning to 
an vast area. 

The Minotaur, who moved forward at full speed, followed my movement and took 
a sharp turn. Dogon, Dogon, Dogon, while trampling the floor, it followed me 
from behind. 

Looking from the side, it was rapidly approaching. 

Inside my trembling eyes, the ferocious face of the bull was gradually becoming 



The Minotaur violently stamped onto the ground. 


Towards the attack of the Large Sword that was swung down, I also violently 
stepped onto the ground and threw myself into the air. 

In order to respond to the attack from the side, I jumped forward headfirst and 
avoided it. 

Following it, a roar could be heard from behind my head. At the same time my 
heart trembled, I rolled over once and stood up. 

I swiftly squatted and jumped backwards. 

Facing the cracks on the floor, I could not help but sweat. I made every effort to 
pull a distance from the Minotaur. 

‘ ‘ VU A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A!!” 

The instant the strong and tenacious short legs stepped onto the ground, the 
distance was shortened to zero. 

In front of my widening eyes, the large silver sword swept over in a wide range. 

My head was filled with blood red. 

Being urged by the moans from the wind, I used all my strength to lower my knee 
and escaped the sure-kill attack in the nick of time. 

With an unstoppable momentum, The Large Sword passed through where my 
upper body was originally at. Even a few of my hair was cut apart. 



My pure white hair was fluttered in the air, the Minotaur swung his sword at me 
who was squatting down. I seemed to bounced away as I tumbled sideways. A 
large sound followed. 

A current of furious attacks began. 

Containing immense power, the silver sword that was swung around to wipe off 
the blood issued out a groan as it tear apart everything. No matter where I went, the 
Sword attack with a wide range could chase after me. Every time the occasionally 


mixed punches and kicks brushed past my body, I had the feeling where my life 
was being cut shorter. 

My breathing and heartbeat were anxious. 

The continuous loop of being forced to the limits and evading, where one wrong 
step could lead to my death, this reality was constantly oppressing my ability to 

The warning sounds inside my head was ringing nonstop. 

It almost feels like my eardrums were about to break. 

“!? . !?” 

When I noticed, my entire body was covered with injuries. This was the cost of 
rolling on the ground in order to desperately escape the Minotaur’s continuous 

There was not even the slightest margins. It was impossible. My body filled with 
injuries took the next step. 

If the attacks continued-. 

The originally ambiguous and endless future scenarios suddenly flickered in my 
mind and brought me back to reality a bit. 

The next instant that flashed by my ends would be a blood road. 

If I continued on like this, it will definitely be a dead end. Even if I could linger 
like this for a while, in the end, I will not be able to avoid death. 

I have to escape. 

Escape, I must escape. 

I must escape to the outside, there will not be reinforcements coming!? 

In the corner of my gaze, a small mountain was standing motionless there. 


It was Lili. She supported her wavering body and stood up and looked over here 
with a fuzzy vision. The bleeding had not stop. 

I cried out with an extremely urgent expression. 

“Lili, run away!” 

Hearing this somewhat sad cry, the petite body trembled. 

At the same time I escaped the sword strike, I desperately advised her. 

However, Lili did not move. She only stood there with eyes that seemed to burst 
into tears. 

Ka, the blood surged to my head. 

“Escape.Quickly escape!?” 

Lili continued to cry as she shook her head. Was it because her consciousness was 
not stable, she seemed like a children who was throwing a tantrum and was not 


If Lili was here, then I can’t escape!? 

If Lili left here, then even I can escape! 

Do you understand? Don’t you understand? I beg to you understand me! 

“Quickly runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!! 

The sound of my roar flew towards Lili. 

Tears continued to flow down, at the same time, Lili’s face was distorted in pain 
and she turned her back to me. 

Running from this place, the sound of the footsteps disappeared into the depths of 
the path. 

This way, I can also escape! 


Finally, I can also escape! 

E... Escape. 

(.It’s not possible, right.!?) 

If I was to escape, then who would contain this guy. 

If this guy leaves this room, if I let it leave, Lili will undoubtedly die. 

If Lili was locked by this bull Monster as its target, Lili she, Lili will.! 


I pulled out the <Baselard> from the hand guard on my right arm. 

Suppressing the cowardly, trembling feet, I directly faced the Minotaur. 

I do not understand whether I wanted to cry or whether I wanted to get angry. The 
feelings inside my body had already become entangled together. 

One of my foot had entered the territory where I had abandoned myself. At the 
same time, I continued to battle against the Minotaur where there was an obvious 
gap in strength. 




Towards the left hook that came over, I used the <Baselard> to knock it away from 
the side. 

At the same time my hand was paralyzed by the impact, I dodged the incoming 
Large Sword. The Short Sword is unable to repel that weapon. 

I rapidly retreat. It was obvious that I was being suppressed. 

My eyes that were distorted to the extent where it lost its original shape exchanged 
gaze with the Minotaur’s fierce eyes. 

“ ruvuu ; vvvuuu, vuvuvur 


“Gu, nnnn!” 

Maintaining the state where I had lost the defense armor, I continued to struggle in 
face of death. Every time the Large Sword caused the ground to tremble, pieces of 
stone would add more and more injuries onto the black tight shirt and my skin. 

The breathing of the Minotaur was extremely heavy. Was it because it was 
impatient that it could not catch me? 

However, my breathing was not that much better. Large drops of sweat moved 
passed my cheeks. My parched throat was about to reach the climax. 

The aftermath of Minotaur’s strength caused the grassy terrain to rustle over and 
over again. The sound of the Dungeon was all created by our offense and defense. 

While being overlooked by the light from the ceiling, in this vast room, two figures 
continued to move back and forth. 


The Minotaur let out an angry roar. 

It was a cry as if telling me “Not to escape”. 

Without leaving a single shred, I collected all the courage within my body and I 

finally noticed as I blocked with the Short Sword that in terms of speed- 

<Agility> I was still able to fight. 

However, I could not move forward. 

The sound of the destructive wind breaking apart passed close to my ears, the heat 
of my body was taken away. My feet were standing in fear. The fear inside my 
heart rapidly expanded. 

Don’t move forward. 

Just like that, just continued to retreat. 

Just cover your head and flee, Just cover your head and flee, Just cover your head 
and flee, as long as you can buy time, it is enough. 

As long as you can get through this moment, in that case.! 


If I’m like this, it is enough, right 


“Ha, ah!” 

Ignoring my shortness of breath, I avoided the sword. 

Towards this drama, I do not know how many times I brushed past the death god. 
My heart was being squeezed and it was difficult to breathe. The wind pressure 
that was created cut my cheeks. 

My entire body was trembling and at the same time, I ran away. 

Aiming at the side of the Minotaur when the entire body swung down the Sword, I 
was currently preparing to make a detour around it. That is the dead angle of the 
opponent, in other words, it was the only place that was safe. 

Then, the instant that I entered there, the Minotaur’s eyes flashed a sharp light. 

Fu, Fu, while releasing these snorting sounds, the Minotaur turned its gaze away 
from the Large Sword on the ground and turned his head so that it faced my 


With a posture that was difficult to do, it resorted to a strike from its head. 

What was grown on the head that was extremely hard-The horn! 

Using the curved horn, I was speechless as it suddenly attacked me! 


Knowing that there isn’t much use, but I still lifted the hand guard, the horn of the 
Minotaur easily pierced through. 

It was luckily that I managed to avoid fatal injuries. It seems like the horn on top of 
its head was offset slightly during the process where it pierced through the hand 
guard. It only caused a shallow gash on my left arm. 


The Minotaur’s horn was still at a state where it was still piercing through my hand 

As if I was solidly pierced through an angle, under my left arm, I was dragged 
above the head of the Minotaur. 



I was lifted up. 

Every time the Minotaur shook his head, I seemed to have swung like a pendulum 
a few times. 

In the air that was a full 2 meters away from the Dungeon’s floor, my entire body 
was thrown around. 

The ground seemed so far. I opened my eyes and my sense of direction was 
completely lost! 

After being violently shook, I had a feeling of vomit rising up. 

The left arm that connected to my body was creaking as if the joints were about to 
be dislocated. 

Soon, after the Minotaur had frantically thrown my around two or three times 
above his head, compared to me, the hand guard was the one that broke first. 

The half-destroyed armor began to shatter when the connection was loosened. 

At the same time the Minotaur threw me up dramatically, the left arm was finally 
released and I was thrown high up into the air. 



GU, I nearly approached the ceiling of the 9th floor, which was at least 10 meters 
tall, and soon I began to fall. 

Like a parabola that depicted a hill, I continued to approach the Dungeon’s floor. 


Just like that, without even making a protective posture, the distance towards the 
ceiling had become far away in a moment-1 fell. 


From my back, a dramatic impact appeared. 

With the spine as the starting point, screams began to move all over my body. 
Inside my head, my consciousness was flickering. 

My hands and legs twitched awkwardly. 

Without the improvement from the <Endurance> from <Status>, then I will have 
died already.!? 


What I can see with my eyes are stars. 

I leaked out a groan towards the pain that surged throughout my body, I tightly 
closed my eyes. 

Following, passing through direct contact of the ground, the Minotaur’s footsteps 

This is bad. Although I thought about it, but my body could not move like I 
imagined it to be. My throat had difficulties with breathing and was craving for 

Then, when my body could not move, I could only barely seal up my fear and flow 
back inside. 

The teeth began to tremble. My eyes also began to shake and they gradually 
become moist. 

I was afraid. 

Sure enough, I was extremely afraid. 

It was painful, it hurts, it was unbearable. 

However, more than anything else. 


I was afraid. 

To the extent where I could not stand up again. 


I could clearly hear the sounds of him approaching. The hair on my body stood up 
on its end. The Minotaur was leisurely approaching. 

I am already half-dead like this. From my toes, fear began to gradually erode my 
entire body. 

It feels like I was going crazy. It feels like I was about to collapse. Perhaps 
becoming like that would be easier. 

Aside from looking at the dazzling ceiling in the Dungeon, there was nothing else I 
could do. The numerous lights burned my eyes and my tear glands quietly 

-1 already can’t do it. 

My hands and legs are already tied up by my fear inside my heart. I could only 
leak out a cry filled with moisture. 

66 cpi? 

The sound of the ground croaking had stopped. 

The declaration of death that was approaching step by step had unnaturally stopped. 
As a replacement, what rang was the sound of a breeze. 

I could not help but be surprised. What happened? Towards this sudden silence, I 
could only raise a question. 

My face twisted, my body could not move. 

Lifting up my trembling body, I looked up. 


66 66 


That person was there. 

Clear, golden hair. Pale blue armor. Silver Rapier. 

I do not know when and where I had seen this familiar scene. The back of that 
female swordsman was facing this side. 

My time had stopped. 

“VUU, VUOOOOO . !?” 

The Minotaur, it was afraid. 

Being stared by her, who did not say anything, it trembled as it began to retreat. 
The sound of the wind cried out quietly. 

As if the girl was surrounded by the air that was dancing, the room had become 

The polished and clear pressure was rolled up into a whirlpool. 

-<Sword Princess> Aizu Wallenstein. 

“Found it! Aizu—!?” 

“Teh, you actually got into this silly thing!” 

Although I could hear footsteps arriving one after another, but my eyes and 
consciousness were fully fixed on that back. 

Not that far in front. 

Aizu-san, as if she wanted to protect me was confronting the Minotaur. 

My head was in a mess. My thoughts could not keep up with the development. 
What happened? What will happen? 


I was attracted over and did not notice that I had sat up with my upper body. I 
could only stare at her back. 

“.Are you alright?” 


It was just like that time, our first encounter. 

That slim face turned slightly over to the side and said the same, unchanging words. 
Dodon, my heart seemed to be throbbing as if it suffered a blow. 

“.You’ve worked hard.” 

-Did I work hard? 

It was different than that time. 

She added words of consolation. 

Gunya, my heartbeat whispered. 

“Right now, I’ll save you.” 

-Save... me? 

The sound of my heartbeat began to rampage. 

The things inside my field of vision had its color restored. 

The hot colors were burning. 

Save me? 


Once again? 

By that person? 

Just like that time? 


Like the time in the past? 

Save who? 

-Save me. 


My head was on fire. 

The fear that I had so far was completely swept away. 

Just like an idiot filled with gas, I overcame my fear. 

Using that unsightly bluff, using that uncontrollable feelings, I completely 
shattered my horrendous attitude. 

Stand up. 

Stand uppp. 

Stand up now! 

How long do you plan to sleep! 

How many times will I have to be save until you’re content about it!? 

I already do not want to repeat the same moments! 

I had enough of my weak self, who could only be saved by that person!! 

I threw away my trembling body aside. 

If there is still time to be afraid, why not make a resolve. 

How could I expose such a ugly attitude in front of the person that I longed for. 

To the person that I wanted to convey my feelings more than anyone else, how 
could I show such an unbearable appearance. 


This sort of thing, I cannot stand it, I cannot stand it, I cannot stand it! 

If I don’t try to act cool now, then when should I try to act cool! 

If I don’t let her see me in new light now, then when should I let her see me in new 

If I don’t stand up now, when should I stand up! 

If I don’t stretch my hands to the heights above, then when will I be able to reach 

My foot violently pressed onto the ground and I jumped up. 

I stood up and I regrouped myself. 


“.Save me.” 

I grabbed her hand. 

Holding her slender hands that seemed to easily be broken, I pulled it behind me. 

I, using my own will, stepped forward. 

“I will not let Aizu Wallenstein come save me again!” 

I screamed out from the depths of the lungs and raised my dagger. 

Towards me, who once again rose up, the Minotaur stared at me with widened eyes 
and then, it indeed let out a grim smile. 

As if it wanted to respond to my will, it pointed the blade of the Large Sword 
towards me. 

“A showdown.!” 

Go Adventure. 

For these uncontrollable feelings. 


Today, I will begin my first Adventure. 


The boy was running. 

The body that received Aizu’s dumbfounded gaze headed rapidly towards the 
Giant Monster that was waiting for the little Adventurer. 

“Well, stealing other people’s prey in the dungeon is also a violation of rules. You 
got dumped, Aizu.” 

From behind Aizu, who was left behind, Bate leisurely spoke. 

To an Adventurer, the other side was the one who had the right of fighting first, 
and he used his nose to make a laughter sound. 

Afterwards, following Bate and Tiona, Tione also reached the room, then later on, 
Riveria and Finn also arrived. 

Under their gaze, Bell pulled the curtains for the beginning of his battle against the 

After looking at Bell, who nimbly dodged the opponent’s initial attack, Bate’s 
mouth “Cough” became an circular mouth and exclaimed, followed by an “Eh?” 
as he noticed something. 

“That white-hair.Could it be the Tomato boy from back then? Fuhahaha! What, 

looks like he has quite a fate with the Minotaur, that brat!” 

“Are you referring to the one that Aizu saved just in the nick of time?” 

“Ahah, I can’t be mistaken! Didn’t he make the Minotaur attracted to him! It likes 
that brat, so it came down far away from the middle floors over!” 

“Don’t talk about nonsense, Bate.” 

Towards Tione’s warning, Bate only shrugged his shoulders. 


Exposing a faint and thin malicious smile, he looked back and forth between Aizu 
and Bell. 

“It’s easy to understand! If that’s the case, of course he wouldn’t want to be 
rescued-. The situation of him being rescued just like last time, he wouldn’t want 
the other side to see his own stupidity again-.” 

“I said that’s enough, right?” That boy is only a Lv. 1, right? He will absolutely be 
defeated by the Minotaur!” 

“That is the tomato boy’s own decision, it is not something we need to intervene. 
Isn’t that right, Tione?” 

“Can you not drag me into this?” 

Facing Bate, who had a frivolous attitude and still had a smile, Tione was 

In the small circle created by the three of them Tiona placed her own objections 

“No matter which side we select, we still cannot leave the Minotaur alone! Isn’t 
this a problem of whether we hit it now or later! I will go help!” 

“Don’t intervene. That brat is currently doing something a male should do? He had 
already suffered so much pain, it is impossible for him to not understand himself. 

If it was me that was rescued by others again, I will have the heart to die.” 

“Bate’s aesthetics doesn’t matter!” 

Tiona forgot about the current state and began to argue back and forth. Then at the 
same time, a voice that seems to disappear immediately came over. 

A petite figure dragged her own body and staggered to stand up 

“.Please, Adventurer-sama. Please save Bell-sama.” 

“A hobbit-chan.” 

“W...What! Let go of me!?” 


Lili, who had already lifted her transformation, seem to have thrown herself onto 
Bate’s body and was unwilling to let go of his clothes. 

The trembling small hands plus the knees kneeling on the ground, Bate was 
obviously shaken. 

“Your kindness will be repaid. Lili is willing to do anything, willing to do 
anything.So, please save Bell-sama.!” 

“Hey, hey.” 

Facing the figure of the Hobbit desperately trying to weave out words with her dim 
consciousness, Bate lowered the ears on top of his head. Only at that moment, he 
revealed a weak expression. 

Riveria, who walked towards Lili from behind, bent her knees and used a hand to 
cover her eyes. Her left hand wrapped around her abdomen and like this, she 
tightly held her to her own chest. 

“Don’t try to force yourself. Even if you heal your injuries, the blood that flowed 
out will not return.” 

Riveria’s lips gently began to mutter a chant, while a jade-colored light came out 
from the hand that was covering the eyes. Just as she had put it, Lili’s wounds were 
healed, only leaving a trail of blood. 

It was no accident that Aizu and the others were able to find this room. It was all 
Lili’s work. 

She, who could not throw away Bell and escape by herself, could only use all her 
strength to run, it was her willpower that allowed her to find Aizu, who arrived on 
the 9th floor. 

It was the wish of a Supporter who wanted to seek assistance for her comrade that 
guided them to this place. 

“I beg you, I beg.. .you.” 



Bate seem to frown against the wish of seeking assistance, as if he bit into a bitter 
insect and gnawed his tongue. 

He roughly scratched his gray hair, Gari Gari, then turned his feet in a circle and 
faced the direction of Aizu and Bell. 

“Are you going?” 

“Don’t be mistaken, who would want to save trash. Only that I am less willing to 
degenerate into a trash that crush someone weaker than myself.” 

After coldly responding to the question that came from Riveria, Bate began to walk. 

Facing Bell and the others’ direction, he shouted to Aizu, who had her back facing 

“Move, Aizu! Let me do it!” 

“Hey, why are you standing there unmoving.” 

As if he was catch up to Aizu and reached next to her, Bate suddenly stopped all 
his actions. 

Just like always, the girl that lack emotions on her face did not show any 
emotions-Only that the golden eyes were widened in shock. 

Revealing a pair of serious eyes that was staring at the current scene. 


Bate also saw it. 

Then, he froze. 

The Minotaur that was swinging a large sword and the boy who was swing a 

Both sides refused to retreat a step and was carrying out a fierce sword battle. 



The sound of the violent sword dance completely rang in all directions. 

The roar that contained all the destructive power and the crisp sound of a speed 
that seems to cut through anything. Through the intense tunes, it conveyed to 
Bate’s eardrums and eventually to every comer of the dungeon. 

The engage from the silver white light and the purplish-blue light passed through 
each other. The gaze that saw the silver white light cutting through would 
immediately see a purplish-blue light carving an arc again. 

The Minotaur and Bell showed a mutually confronting stance and carried out an 
evenly matched battle. 


“.Who say it was a Lv.l?” 

Tiona and the others also noticed what the battle looks like. 

Based on the situation, the Minotaur, who was actively using its physical capacity 
to continuously unleash attacks, had the advantage. However, the trample that 
everybody was convinced of, did not appear. 

What was there was only a deathmatch that had both side’s life as equal stakes. 

Another exceptionally high-pitched explosion sound burst out. 

Turning their gaze from Bell,, who bounced off the large sword using a dagger, 
Tiona and the others all had their gaze towards the direction of Bate. How, they 
silently inquired. 

Bate was completely speechless. 

“If I remembered correctly.” 

A calm voice came out. 

Bate, who could not help but tremble, did not even know what expression he was 
making and turned his head behind. 

Finn Deimne, who was their captain, approached with short steps. 


While holding the long spear, which was his weapon, he stopped next to Bate and 
quietly asked him. 

“One month ago, in Bate’s eyes, the boy was a brand new rookie Adventurer, isn’t 

On the other side, sparks exploded out. 

The wind burst through the gap between their legs rapidly and a crimson light 
illuminated the two people’s face. 

Facing the blue eyes that were looking over, Bate’s eyes were trembling and he 
could not move. 

He was indeed an inexperienced rookie. He was not mistaken. 

The child who was cornered under the Minotaur’s chase. Whether it was the basics 
for fighting or being mentally prepared to fight, he did not have anything. From a 
single glance, you would know he was a rookie Adventurer. 

An unsightly Adventurer that arouses laughter. 

After that, 

(What happened.!?) 

He had completely changed. 

The boy, that was currently confronting the Minotaur, did not have a speck of the 
lazy and stupid Adventurer’s shadow that Bate detested. 

And they could indeed see a glimpse of his strength, there was suspicion if it was a 
Rookie Adventurer. 

In a month. In just a month. 

In just the time span of 30 days or so, even an overly talented Adventurer would 
not be able to gain such an unbelievable growth. If compared, the vast majority of 
the Adventurer’s growth rate was the speed of a turtle. 


Escaping from the very bottom, and unbelievable and incredible jump 
Bate could only stand there motionlessly. 

Towards Bell, who seem to have completely changed into another person in such a 
short period of time, aside from generating of doubts, he could not think at all. 

What swept through his heart was the puzzling facts and trembles. 

Beside Bate, Aizu also stared at Bell. 

The golden eyes, that was overflowed with transparent glowing lights, felt surprise, 
but at the same time, it also revealed a bit of interest. 



A cry exploded outwards. 

The Monster and Human clashed head on and continued the battle of power and 

Naturally, the Amazon sister was also attracted to Aizu and the other’s side, 
Riveria, who was holding Lili also gathered over. 

Nobody was able to believe, and could only stood staring at the battle between a 
human and a one-headed Monster. 

Every one of the elite Adventurer from <Loki’s Familia> could only watch the 

In the opinion of them, who were permitted to be called as a First-Class 
Adventurer, it was naturally a clumsy battle. 

It was a low-level battle that was out of reach for even just their toes. 


However, at the same time, there was an existence that captured their eyes and did 
not let them look away. At least, there was something that stops them. 

Some people were dumbfounded, some had a keen gaze, and some were quietly 

The multiple scattered sparks flew. 

A high-pitched wind sound came into being. 

A faint radiance, as if it cut apart the surrounding space and wrapped the scene. 

In short, it was just like a page in a fairy tale. 

The tyrannical cow Monster and the small boy, burning each other’s lives and 
starting a violent battle of swords. 

Tiona slowly narrowed her eyes. 

“ <Argonaut>”.” 

It was a myth. 

It was a story where a boy that had a dream of becoming a hero went to save a 
certain country’s princess that was forcibly taken to a labyrinth by a Minotaur. 

Sometimes he was being lied to. 

Sometimes he was used by the King. 

An amusing story about a man that was confused due to the flowery words by 
many people. 

With the wisdom from his friend. 

A weapon obtain an elf. 

Step by step, he went to save the King’s daughter, an amusing, Hero’s name. 

“I.. .really.. .like that fairytale.” 


Tiona’s hands wrapped around her chest and watched the scene of the boy fighting 
against the Minotaur as if it was a treasure. 

A smile that quietly emerged through the memories of her past remained on the 
face of the girl and added some spirit on her face. 

Just like the ripples in the water, the sound of the mutter lightly touched the ears of 
all those that were present. 

The ringing sound scattered, the white figure and the brown figure clashed together. 

Under everybody’s gaze, the battle that was like a fairy tale gradually entered the 


My body feels light. 

My mind is clear 
The thoughts are raging. 

Passing through the gaps of the uninterrupted flash of the large blade, and headed 

Using my own body’s roar to resist the shout that bathed through the entire body, 
and headed forward. 

In order to grab the victory that excited my entire body, and headed forward 
The enemy in front of me, right now it is my everything. 

It was the first time thinking like this. 

It is not an unsightly delusion 
It is not the tiresome vanity 

It is not the unattainable wish that could only be realized in his dream. 

I want to become a hero. 


I want to become a hero that is able to defeat this Monster. 

Even the weak me will rise up and show you, I wanted to become a male that was 
like a powerful hero, this was the first time he thought so in the bottom of his heart. 

I Want to become a hero. 


Freya suddenly left her chair and stood up on the spot. 

At the same moment, Bell and the Minotaur’s battle was in full swing. 

In front of the round window that was suspended in midair, Freya stood 
motionlessly. Her pair of silver eyes widened in shock. 

“.This can’t be, really?” 

It was known as <God’s Mirror>, it had a <God’s Power> that was allowed to be 
used in the Fower World. 

Originally, it is only used to peek down to the Fower World from Heaven and 
granted the ability of being able to see distant locations, but in order for the Gods 
to enjoy the Fower World’s celebrations, it is recognized as the sole exception. 

Of course, aside from celebrations, it is banned for other private matters. If this 
was brought to light, they will immediately be sent back to Heaven. 

Also, <God’s Mirror> also have a variety of channel modes, the special vibrations 
will quickly be discovered by the Gods in the vicinity. Thus, no matter which God, 
none of them had ever done this type of self-destructive, stupid behavior. 

However, this Goddess of Beauty (Freya) used her beauty to trick all the 
surrounding Gods (Male). 

Through a contract that she promised for <Only Today> <Will not cause any harm 
to any <Familia» and only <Part of the Dungeon>, a path opened up bypassing 
all the known risks. 


All of it was to witness this battle. 


Through the scene she saw through the <Mirror> floating in front of her, Freya’s 
expression changed from shock to joy and finally was fixed into it as if she was in 
a trace. 

“Fufu, Fufufufufu.!? Did you see, Ottar? This beautiful scene.!” 

It was light. 

Bell’s soul had reached the degree where it was shining. 

To the extent where it stings Freya’s eyes. 

While releasing such bright light, its color still remained its clear transparent color. 
It was purely a wish. 

There was no intention or planning, there was also no dirtiness or vileness. It was 
purely an innocent will. The boy had made a wish towards something. 

Inside Bell’s body, <Possibilities> were already sprouting. 


The battle still continues. 

Bell and the Minotaur frequently exchange each other’s positions. 

The four legs constantly trampled, brush and torn the grassy area, and numerous 
and numerous of times, they passed by each other. 

Both of them were entangled together and their actions did not stop. 

(Don’t be fooled by his size!) 

Bell fiercely lifted his eyes and injected his willpower into his body. 


While trying to break the chains, being released from the curse, Bell’s dictionary 
no longer had the word “Retreat”. 

Without any cowardice, he constantly blocked the Minotaur’s fierce attacks and 
courageously launched slashes while aiming at the gaps. 

(It is only bigger in size! Look carefully, do not close your eyes!) 

Bell said towards his pairs of eyes. 

The Minotaur’s monster-like power was indeed a threat. If he was to directly 
receive an attack, it will certainly be a fatal blow. Even just brushing past its body, 
his body would be somewhat paralyzed. The specialization of destructive power 
causes it to only need one attack to overwhelm its enemy. 

However, although that being the case. 

The premise of taking one attack can still not surpass the limits of a premise. As 
long as it did not hit, the large sword’s one-hit kill will only become a decoration. 

Bell’s vision had achieved an unprecedented degree of distinction. 

The crimson eyes gaze past the Minotaur’s expression. Even the twitching of the 
muscles was captured easily. 

Wiping his fear and attempting to look over, the enemy’s large body gave Bell a 
considerable amount of information. The enemy’s body will often rotate 

violently-The muscles that were angry to a violent extent communicated 

various information about the timing of the attack to the direction of the attack. 

The Minotaur’s action was clumsy and foolish. 

To the extent that Bell could easily predict its actions. 

(I have already fought many times against that person who was much faster than 
this bastard!) 

Compared to the girl that taught him, the enemy in front of him could only be 
regarded as a moving puppet. 

Even the special property of it equipping an Adventurer’s weapon, it was still only 
using a Large Sword. There was nothing more to it. 


This degree could not be compared to the girl he aspired for. 

The Minotaur’s attack will not hit. He will not let it hit. 

The one-hit blows with lots of gaps all passed through the air without any 
exception. It was blocked by the pitched-black dagger, which had long seen 
through the sword’s arc. 

Bell pushed his forte, his speed to the very limits and dodged the Minotaur’s attack 
and continuously defend. 

“.From the very beginning, what on earth is that dagger? It bounced off the 

Large Sword that was many times bigger than that boy?” 

“No, although there is also the performance factor of the weapon.” 

“Wonderful. He is using techniques to dissolve the Minotaur’s attacks.” 

The purplish-blue light flashed again and rushed towards the Large Sword. 

Standing by the side and watching this scene, Riveria and Finn gave a response to 
Bate’s question. 

Although <Hestia’s Dagger>’s abilities allow it to increase based on the user’s 
<Status>, but it is still powerless if it directly confronts the Large Sword that was 
over 2 Meters tall. Coupled with the Minotaur’s amazing bodily strength, in terms 
of strength, it was losing enormously. 

When Bell faced the incoming Large Sword, he would aim at the side and deflect it 

Causing the path of the attack, that nearly corners him, to pass by and allow his 
body to escape through the tiniest gaps. It was a iron-like defense that did not 
allow even the slightest carelessness. 

The method of receiving an attack that he stole from Aizu. Coupled with the 
constantly honed technique and his ability to respond instantly. 

He had already etched deeply the teachings of the girl into his very bones, giving 
Bell and Minotaur an equal balance of power. 


From the secret meeting with the golden hair girl, everything that Bell learned bear 
fruit in this battle. 

“His speed is indeed superior to the Minotaur. But.” 

“His attacks do not work.” 

In the gaze of Tione, who slightly narrowed her eyes, and Tiona, whose entire 
body was trembling, after the <Hestia’s Dagger> in his right hand repelled the 
sword strike, Bell attempted to use the <Baselard> in his left hand to counterattack, 
but it easily bounced off. 

The Short Sword could only slightly pass through the Minotaur’s body, it was 
apparent that the extent of the injury could not be called as Damage yet. Allowing 
it to cause a scratch was already considered to be thankful. 

Minotaur was breathing heavily, then he caused Bell to escape from within his 

“.The Minotaur’s meat is difficult to cut.” 

This was the impartial evaluation of the <Sword Princess>, who had once cut 
through numerous Monsters. 

The rumbling meat was by no means a decoration. While the muscle bundles had 
already a strength that was to be reckoned, in addition of excessive layers being 
accumulated, this causes the opponent to feel like it was cutting rubber. 

On top of this, its durability was high. The Monster’s skin that was highly valued 
as a Drop loot. The Minotaur’s defense had already becoming a structure that any 
half-assed attacks could not hurt. It’s skin also had the effect of resisting against 
heat and cold, and was regarded as treasures by people. 

This is also why among the Monsters in the Middle Floors, it stands out due to its 
immense strength and durability. It was often treated as a representative for many 
Adventurers and they deeply engrave it into their hearts. 




Facing against Minotaur, who demonstrated attack and defense, Bell’s situation 
was becoming worse and worse. 

Originally, there was already an unreachable gap between the Lv. 2 Minotaur and 
the Lv. 1 Bell. 

This was where the Minotaur’s unshakable advantage was. 

To Bell, it was an gap in terms of basic abilities that causes people to despair. 

The Monster’s innate abilities (Status) was overwhelmingly pressuring the 
techniques that were honed. 


Due to her showing some degree of recovery and was placed down by Riveria, Lili 
struggled to call out Bell’s name. 

Under her gaze, Bell fell to the ground shortly and rolled on the ground in order to 
dodge the sword. 

The Minotaur immediately followed up by preparing to squash Bell with his 
hooves, Bell used his naturally quick speed to make an emergency escape while 
slashing the <Hestia’s Dagger> across. 

Which was blocked by the Large Sword again. The sharp metallic sound rang out. 


Towards the Minotaur that had its alertness to <Hestia’s Dagger>, Bell’s anxiety 
was revealed. 

There was no doubt that the Monster had already realized that the <Hestia’s 
Dagger> was the only weapon Bell had that could effectively damage it. 

At the same time, Bell also noticed it. 

The enemy, the Minotaur, was preparing itself to unless its true strength the 
moment the dagger initiates an attack. It was planning to abandon defense and 
enter an attack mode. 


Cutting apart the meat, breaking apart the bones. The enemy was extremely good 
at it. 

From the light inside the depth of its eyes and the abnormal horn that was cut apart, 
this was what Bell’s intuition told himself. 

“Y...You bastard!” 

He opened some distance and regained his posture. 

Bell used a skilled approach and stretched out his right hand in momentum. 

The Minotaur’s eyes widened. 

“ <Fire Bolt>!” 

The roar from the lightning flare exploded outwards. 

Following the sound of the explosion, the huge body was forced to retreat. 

Even the ceiling of the Dungeon could hear the roars of the Minotaur coming from 
the opposite side of the flames. 

“.Did he chant? That Magic?” 

“No.It did not seem like he whispered a Chant.” 

The reason why the battle between a Lv. 1 Bell and the Lv. 2 Minotaur was able to 
established was mainly due to the result of the Magic. 

During while his physical abilities were already in a disadvantage, and was even 
forced into a comer numerous times, but by relying on this <Speed-Cast Magic>, 
he lived through the desperate times. 



There was no effect. 


“It is too light.” 

“Ahah, it is still far from being a decisive blow.” 

“Although the casting speed was indeed surprising, but it picked the wrong 
opponent. If it was against humans, it will be useful.” 

The drawbacks of <Fire Bolt> was demonstrated here. 

Its power was low. 

There were indeed scars on the Minotaur’s over 2 meters tall body. His entire body 
was covered with bum marks due to the lightning flame, but that was it. It was still 
from a serious injury. 

Whether or not an average Magic could do it, at least it was impossible for <Fire 
Bolt> to kill it in one hit. 

The firepower was still way too immature. 

“There’s nothing he can do.” 

“It is still too early to make a decision.Although I want to say that.” 

Facing the menacing Minotaur who rushed over, Bell was once again caught in a 
defensive battle. 

Towards Bell, who was slowly forced to defend longer, Riveria and Finn simply 
and calmly observed. 

No matter how desperate Bell fights against the Minotaur, if he could not attack, 
the chance of victory will never come. Even if he aims at the enemy’s chest and 
gamble once on a one hit kill, but it will still be blocked by the excess muscles. 

The short range of the dagger will not be able to directly hit the Magic Stone and 
could not let out an effective blow. 

As the things are right now, the only remaining method was to hold a resolve of 
being shattered and let out a special attack. 

The instant that the Minotaur had decided to adopt the tactics, its chances of 
victory was 99%. 


An attack that is inefficient. In any battle situations, that is fatal. 

The Minotaur roared. 

It instilled all its strength and fiercely swung the Large Sword down and caused the 
<Baselard>’s blade, which was not able to avoid it, to break into two pieces. 

Bell’s face immediately stiffens. 

“He already no longer has a weapon.” 

Finn’s words floated through the winds. 

The overwhelming brute force strike split the ground and created a small crater. 

Covering his face with his left hand, which was holding the broken Short Sword, 
Bell was blown into the air due to the shockwave. 

After a short period of time floating in the air, he fell onto the ground, in the next 

(-If it is a Weapon, then isn’t there one here!) 

He widened his eyes and aimed for the Minotaur’s Large Sword. He threw the 
wreckage of the Short Sword, which was above his head, with all his strength. 


The Short Sword headed in a straight line suddenly attacked the Minotaur. 

The <Baselard> that had already lost half its blade shone brightly in its eyes, the 
curved sword let out sharp and flashing light. 

Towards the silver arrow that suddenly headed towards its face, the Minotaur could 
only lower his head and turn it around. 

One of the horns on top of its head easily knocked away the Short Sword. 
On the other side, Bell, he. 

Did not even look until the end of that scene and immediately took action. 


“ _ !?” 


The Minotaur, who was distracted due to engaging the Short Sword, had its 
reaction slowly by a beat. 

From a low-posture, what prepared to stab was his right hand, it was the <Hestia’s 

The Monster that was trained, had his eyes changed drastically. It attempted to 
defend against the attack of Bell’s right hand, which was still hidden under Bell’s 
lower body. 

Forcibly lifting the Large Sword up from the ground, it used the Sword as a shield 
and placed it in front of its body. 

(It worked!) 

Minotaur’s fear was shown through the eyes that were opening to its limits. 

Hidden behind Bell’s body, the color of the blade that was about to reposition itself 
was not pitch-black. 

It was a white blade. It was only the <Dagger> 

After throwing the <Baselard>, the Goddess’s Dagger was secret held in his left 

The purplish-blue light overflowed from the shadows in his arms. 

The direction that the crimson eyes, what Bell was aiming for, was the Large 


“ VOOOOO!?" 

Holding the <Hestia’s Dagger> in reverse grip in his left hand, it headed towards 
the Minotaur’s right hand that was holding the Large Sword. 


Maintaining the unstable posture was in order to alert the opponent from his stab 
and caused it to raise the Large Sword, making it overly unprepared. 

Guzuri, the pitch black dagger completely buried itself into the enemy’s right wrist. 
Whether it was the bones or the muscle fibers, all of them were cut off apart. 

While the Minotaur issued out an anguish cry, Bell did not hesitate to twist the 
blade and used all his strength to cause the Large Sword in his right hand to fly 
into the air. 

Blood splashed everywhere. From afar, Finn and the others widened their eyes in 


The Minotaur raised his face towards the ceiling. 

Ignoring the explosive screams, Bell only kneeled down and jumped up from that 

As if he wished to use that giant body as a ladder, he used his legs to trample over 
the Minotaur and headed to the shoulders. Then, he jumped up into the sky. 

He stretched out his slim hands forward with all his strength, the Large Sword that 
was coated with boat was flying in the air. 

The fingertips and the long and wide Large Sword’s handle, that was rattling in the 

air in a circular trajectory passed by each other. The next moment-It was 

firmly clasped upon. 

Then with a smooth movement, he fell onto the ground. 


The Minotaur, that was still in pain due to his wrist being cut apart, turned around 
and sprang over to Bell, who landed behind him. 

As if he was declaring “Give it back” the muscular left arm attempted to take back 
the Large Sword. 

With his back towards the Minotaur, Bell maintained a posture where his left hand 
was holding the Sword and slowly turned around. 


He quietly extended his right arm and shouted. 

“<Fire Bolt>” 

An explosion. 

VO... VOOOOO!? ” 

Due to the shot from an extremely close distance, the Minotaur’s body floated 
from the ground. 

The lightning flames’ speed and explosions suppressed the marching footsteps and 
forced it to retreat. 

The skin was charred, bits and pieces fell down from his body where it was 
directly hit by the flame spears. Following, the explosion has devastated the 
atmosphere. Along with the billowing smoke, even the grassy areas was scorched 
and being eroded by the scarlet flames. 

The situation was extremely critical. 

Within the vision of the explosion, what suddenly passed through the black smoke 
was Bell slashing with the Large Sword with both hands. 



Swinging from above and down, it was blow with all his strength. 


Along the iron-like body, a thick red line passed through. 

“It hit!?” 

Blood sprayed out from the wounds, the ground was filled with patterns of spots. 

Tiona leaked out stunned cheers, and the Minotaur staggered unsteadily a few steps 

Bell did not miss this opportunity. 




The Minotaur, whose weapon was stolen by the enemy, opened his fangs. 

The heavy blade let out a whirlwind and from Bell’s hand, a destructive flow was 

It was an nonstop assault of powerful blows. 

The Large Weapon was continuous raging nonstop. 

“WA, his method is really crude.!?” 

“But, he’s pressuring it.” 

To be honest, Bell’s Large Sword skills definitely did not look like anything good. 
Instead of saying he was swinging the Large Sword, why not say that it seems to 
be as if the Large Sword was swing him. From what the outsiders see, the thin 
body will definitely lose to that super heavy metal. 

However, the raging momentum definitely overwhelmed the Minotaur. 

As if it was like swirls of wind, the sword endless rushed through, and with Bell’s 
roars, the silver flash passed by. 

The Bull Monster was currently shaking. It did not recover from the instant where 
the battle situation was reversed and could not even defend itself properly. The 
stunned body was violently repressed and suffered consecutive slashes. 

In the scene where blood was flying everywhere, the Minotaur’s body was already 
filled with injuries. 

Until just earlier, the damage, that could not be given, was slowly accumulating bit 
by bit. 


The scared Minotaur issued out a roar. 


As if it was trying to say “Don’t get carried away!”, anger began to surge through 
its entire body and at the same time, it recovered the wild beast-like instincts. 

It embedded its feet into the ground and did not permit them to retreat, as if he was 
unwilling to be inferior to Bell and pressured back. 

“ “_AH!!”” 

The final battle began. 

The entangled momentum and spirit had caused the air to shudder again. The 
mutual roars that had already lost its meaning resounded across every comer of the 

As if it was to echo the Monster throwing punches and the Human swing a Large 
Sword. As if it was a contest between a human’s Sword Skills, the Monster’s 
strength was created out. 

This had thrown what was compromised away to the heavens, it was purely a head- 
on contest. Numerous repetitions of attacking and retreating. Accelerating and 

The Large Sword caused the Monster to knock it away with an ugly kick. 

The punch that hit the Large Sword that was lifted in defense cause the enemy’s 
forehead to tear apart. 

The slash that intersected with the opponent crushed the bones and split the 

A hoof shape fall onto the ground, the flowers were cut by the Sword, the fierce 
violence caused everything to become powders. The stage was slowly collapsing. 

Forcing all its strength or they will not lose, the duel will absolutely not stop. They 
will never give up. 

Cannot stop, cannot stop, absolutely will not yield. 

The blood coated Silver Sword was filled with imprints of hoofs, sparks flew and 
once again they fought. 

The end of the duel was coming, everybody could see it. 




Bell used his entire body’s strength to release a revolving swing and dug into the 
side of Minotaur’s abdomen. 

Causing the armored abdomen of muscles to be cut apart, the blade stopped. 
Following, as if he wanted to pull out the Large Sword in one go, it caused the 
Minotaur to be blown to the side. 

The Large Sword let out a, biki, small groan, it was cancelled by the screams of the 
Monster crying out in pain. 


The distance between them were about 5 meters. 

After covering its bleeding abdomen, the Minotaur’s eyes were cdyed red, it placed 
his hands towards the ground. 

The two hands that were already not like the original appearance tightly touched 
the ground, its head was lowered in a position where it could immediately head out, 
its hips were lifted higher. The four limps posture touching the ground, it was as if 
it was an incarnation of a bull. 

Bate and the others stared. 

This was an assault posture that the Minotaurs, that were cornered, will often show. 
Using the strongest horn, it was its trump card. 

Crushing all the obstacles in its path, it was an incomparable and extremely strong 

Only, this distance wasn’t enough for its approach. The distance of the charge 
being shorter will cause its power to be halved. 

This was the best evidence of the Minotaur being forced into a desperate attack 
regarding its life and death. 

The final horn that was the final reserve, it constantly widened its eyes anxiously 
towards Bell. 

A spear of sight that directly looks into the deepest area of its eyes. Wordless 
communications. What merged together was willpower and willpower. 

It feels the breathing had stopped, in the next instant, the surrounding air seemed to 
tightened to its very limits. 

Bell’s gaze seems to intersect with the Minotaur’s gaze. Immediately, 



The two of them stormed forward. 

(-Too naive) 

Watching Bell who decided to face the oncoming assault head-on, Riveria 
narrowed her eyes. 


“No, Bell-sama!?” 

This was the scold from Bate, whose heart was still not yet matured enough as it 
finds faults, and the seemingly cries of pain from Lili. 

The sounds that came could only into a catalyst to speed up the assault, Bell and 
the Minotaur’s ears were surrounded by the currents of the winds. 

In one breath, the distance was shorten. In their eyes, the opponent’s figure 
gradually became bigger. 

The Large Sword was lifted above the right shoulder, the lone horn turned around 
and headed towards the right shoulder. 

Swinging down and at the same time, lifting up. 


It was almost a simultaneous attack. 

In a black of an eye, the ending blow came. 


The sound of the silver pieces breaking apart. 

When the Large Sword confronted the Minotaur’s horn, it followed the strength 
and rushed forward, but in the end, it broke Bell’s sword. 


Weapons will be worn out. 

Just like in an expedition, the weapon will eventually become unusable. 

A Sword that was not maintained completely will be worn out. 

During the period where it was imprisoned in the Dungeon for a week. 

After Ottar, then it was a Minotaur, the Silver Large Sword’s durability was 
reduced significantly by these two individuals who swung using brute strength and 
had finally reached its limits. 

Near the handle, it was gradually crushed into powder and the blade itself flew in a 
completely unknown direction. 

On the Minotaur’s horn, there was not even a single injury. 

Silver rain-like dust flew within Bell’s vision. 

He attempted to use the bladeless Sword to throw a slash to the right, but what it 
cut was just thin air. 

The horn headed towards the left while maintain the posture of when it destroyed 
the Sword, Bell and the Minotaur slid past each other. 

In Bell’s eyes, what reflected was the appearance of a grim smile from the 

It was not a smile that mocks the loser, but a resolute smile that a victor desires. 


Facing the enemy that has already lost it trump card, the Minotaur saw a 
guaranteed victory. 

The white bangs quietly covered the crimson eyes. The time seems to pass slowly 
and the Minotaur also gradually disappeared from within his sight. 

(My trump card-) 

Bell, he, 

(-Is HERE!!) 

Pulled the pitched black dagger out. The Monster violent braked. 

The Minotaur, that was in a position nearby, desperately tried to offset the inertia 
of the assault. 

Ignoring the burden due to the excessive use of his knees, it turned its body around. 

The position of both sides were basically back to back. The Basic Ability 
<Agility> that had surpassed its limits allowed Bell to launch a second attack after 
the assault. 

Wielding the <Hestia’s Dagger> with his left hand in a reverse grip, it let out a 
brilliant flash as it slide through the air. 

The Minotaur that was aiming at the corner of the upper body, stopped and let out 
rapid attacks. 



<Hestia’s Dagger> that was heading to the lower right of the huge body pierced 
through the natural armor. 

Using the centrifugal force to achieve its maximum power. Towards this sudden 
attack, the Minotaur’s posture trembled and fell to the side. 

Afterwards, Bell inserted the black blade further into the Monster’s body, and 

instilled all his body’s strength into it-The sound of explosions immediately 

sounded out. 


“Fire Bolt!” 

Dogon, the Minotaur’s entire body began to twitch. 

As if the body had an explosion inside, the thick chest muscles swelled up. 

The wound that the dagger pierced overflowed clusters of small flames, the 
Minotaur’s bloodshot eyes widened to its limit. 

“Fire Bolt!” 

It swelled further. 

Even if it was absurd, the Minotaur’s upper body seems like a balloon and was 
constantly growing. 

Although this body was able to negate the effects of Magic on its skin, but there 
was no way to defend from within its body. 

The lightning flames, that used the blade to enter the body, rampaged recklessly 
and directly scorched the Minotaur. 

The flames that had nowhere to go attempted to find an exit, and poured through 
the throat. 

Cough, the scarlet flames sprayed out from the nose and the mouth. 


The Minotaur, that had its throat burned, issued a roar and lifted its huge arm and 
swung it down towards Bell, who was a short distance away. 

An elbow attack using its powerful strength. 

It is a hammer that will undoubtedly turn Bell’s body into meat pieces. 

Death, it will come after a second. 

Before the hammer touched his head, in this moment. 


y ; 



\ U 


Bell was faster. 

An explosion. 


A tragic death howl burst opened, the Minotaur’s upper body became pieces and 
flew everywhere. 

The inside body that compressed the heat also erupted, and accompanied by a 
roaring sound, a flame flower bloomed. 

The scarlet flames and the smoke gradually rose to the Dungeon’s ceiling. It made 
all the witnesses think of an scene of a volcano erupting, and the lower body that 
was barely its original appearance fell down on the ground. 

What fell down was a rain of blood and meat. 

The hundreds or thousands of the charred meat added color to the flame smoke. 

The Bull’s pieces followed by the sound, fell down one after another on the ground. 

In the high altitude, a Large Magic Stone was dancing and rotated as it stabbed into 
the ground. 


“He actually won.” 

Bate murmured while being stunned. 

As if he could not believe what he saw, he stared at Bell who was standing in front 
of him 

He turned to himself again and questioned the inquiry of that boy calling for help. 
When was it that his growth enabled him to overwhelm the Minotaur? 

No, how much time did it take for him to defeat that Monster by himself? 


While trying to think of the answers, Bate’s face and body seemed to be boiled as 
turned completely red. 

Uncontrollable anxiety and embarrassment surged through every corner of his 
body from his stomach. 

“.Mind Zero” 

“H.. .He fainted while standing.” 

Looking at the motionless Bell, who maintained the posture of swinging <Hestia’s 
Dagger>, the two sisters, Tione and Tiona, were equally stunned and muttered. 

Towards the burned out figure of the boy, there was even some fear. 

It was just like a picture of a scene directly taken from a legend, the Adventurer 
had turned into a statue. 

“.! Answer my questions, Hobbit! What on earth is that brat.!?” 



Towards Lili who threw out footsteps and ran, Bate was left speechless. 

Due to the indescribable emotional anxiety, he revealed an expression as if he ate 
something bitter. At this moment, that scene entered his vision. 

The back of Bell, whose defense armor was already broken. The ragged black 
tights were currently tattered. It was only thanks to the remains between the 
shoulders that allowed the cloth to be barely connected together. 

Then, under the thin cloth, there were many holes. The engraved <Sacred Text> 
was revealed. 

“-! Riveria, tell me that brat’s <Status>!” 

“.Are you telling me to peek, you.” 

The muscles that Bell revealed were only the upper half of his back. 


Not only could you not see the <Magic> and <Status> window below it, even the 
Basic Abilities were covered by the tattered pieces of cloth , so it was impossible 
to see everything 

“He is blatantly exposing it, how is it called peeking! Even if you leave it like that, 
if you don’t look, someone else would!” 

You just happened to see, and you did not break the rules, this was what Bate was 
suggesting. Riveria, who was yelled at loudly, walked over to interpret the <Sacred 

At the same time the knowledgeable elf sighed, as expected she was interested, her 
gaze wandered around the vicinity of Bell’s back. 

Her emerald-colored eyes chased the group black text. 

“Hey, are you still not yet finished/” 

“Wait a minute, I’ll soon finish reading-“ 

Riveria said up to this point, then it stopped. 

Bate had a surprised look, Tiona and the others who were eavesdropping also 
headed towards her. 

Shortly after, the sound of wind chimes-like laughter came from her mouth. 

“.Ku.. .Fufu.. .Hahaha.” 

“What, hey!? Really, Aizu, you can also read a bit of <Sacred Text>, right! Can 
you understand anything!” 

In the bottom of his heart, Bate revealed an ferocious expression towards Riveria 
who seemed to be laughing ludicrously with trembling shoulders. He then turned 
the problem to Aizu. 

She did not move, as if she could not see anything but the boy, she fixed her gaze 
onto his shoulder. 

The golden eyes assumed a sharp demeanor like a sword. 




“All of the basic abilities are S.” 

“All S?” 

Bate and Tiona both unanimously issued out a shocked voice. This time, they were 
really speechless. 

Actually, the basic ability from <Magic> could not be seen due to the ragged 
clothes, but the contents should all be the same, Aizu explained it like this. 

However, there was also a fact that she did not tell Bate and the others. 

What was also stuck in Riveria’s throat, SS-This Basic ability that surpassed 

the limits made people doubt their own eyes. 

“What’s his name?” 

A calm voice broke the silence. 

It rang out. 

After the sound was issued, aside from Aizu, the other people’s gaze all gathered 

Under the numerous gazes, Finn used his spear to tap his own shoulder. 

The calm eyes that stared at the human Adventurer suddenly changed to look at 
Bate and the others. The serious gaze was seeking the name of the boy. 

“What is his name?” 

“I.. .1 don’t know.Never heard of it.” 

“.Riveria. How long do you plan to laugh?” 

“Fufu.Ahhh, sorry. Then, what is it?” 

“Read his <Status>. I want his real name.” 

“Ahah, that’s right. Wait.” 


A contract exists in the <Status> that displays the relationship of the God and the 
one blessed by the <Grace>. 

In order to let the <Grace> to activate, it must have the name of the God and also 
the user’s real name must be engraved onto it. 

Riveria prepared to read the names listed and narrowed her eyes. At this moment, 
before she could speak. 

Aizu uttered the name. 



A quiet voice echoed in the surroundings. 

The posture still did not change. 

Towards Tiona’s voice, Aizu did not turn back and continued to focus her 
consciousness to the boy’s body. 

“Bell Cranel.” 

He was not a pebble on the roadside, what was reflected in the golden eyes was 
clearly a boy’s figure. 


The total time used was approximately a month. 

The numbers of Monsters killed was 3001 Monsters. 

This was what happened 3 days ago, it greatly renewed the record of 
achieving Lv.2 and the world’s fastest rabbit was born. 



Page 0 -> Page 1 

The sounds of crying echoed. 

His throat was sobbing again and again, the tears were also fallen down in large, 
large drops. He tightly held onto the big, big chest. It was the sound of a child 

Also, banging that child’s head and holding the child, who was covered in blood 
and bruises, was a burly old man. 

“Does it hurt, Bell?” 

Hearing the sympathetic sound coming from above his head, the child first nodded, 
then he shook his head. In the end, he began to cry once again. 

The old man could not help but reveal a smile. He continued to hug that child who 
was trembling. 

“So that’s why I told you not to run outside of the village. Seeing you being made 
tattered by a Goblin, it made this old man terrified.” 

A nostalgic voice. A nostalgic action. A nostalgic smile. 

He could not see and touch that person’s figure again. Even during dusk, he was 
exceptionally bright. 

“However, you must bear it. You did not lose to that Monster. Lift up your chest.” 

The burning, crimson-like sky had a glowing golden light spread across the 
boundless plains. 


In this beautiful scenery that he recognized from before, that person’s stable and 
calm words were all said towards the child in his arms. 

That must be a piece of memory that he could not recall. 

Opening your eyes, he would forget it. The oldest, the most worrying, past desire. 
Something that could not be replaced, the childish and faint longing. 

“Very cool, Bell.” 

Towards that big smile, the child cried out once more. 

His head was hazy and tears continued to overflow. His eyes reflected the 
expression of longing. 

While lifting his head and looking at that person’s face nearby, he made an oath 
using the sounds of tears. 

The young child’s movement of his lips and the voice of me, who was standing 
outside. Only the form of the words had changed, but the rest perfectly overlapped 
each other. 

I wanted to become like you. 

I wanted to become a person that is as strong as you, who saved me. 

I wanted to be like you, my only hero. 

“Too small, too small. Instead of making this old man as the goal, why not aim for 
something bigger.” 

Then, if I am able to become like the heroes in the legends. 

If I am able to become those people, who were blessed by everyone. 

Will you like me. 

Will you be proud of me. 

Will you be happy? 


“Ahhh, I will be extremely glad that I can’t close my mouth. You are this old 
man’s grandson. I will like to show you off to others, laugh out loud now and no 
matter when, I am still proud of you. 

Then I. If that’s the case, I. There will be no mistaken, I. 

If you are protecting me no matter what time from the skies above, then you are 
my only. 

“No matter when, I will protect you. No matter when, I will think about you. So, 
don’t say it is for this old man.” 

Revealing a face filled with wrinkles, that person’s face smiled. 

“If you’re a man, then chase after the butts of the women. If you are a man, then 
rush forward for the women. Let the other people see your heroic figure. Continue 
to advance forward.” 

Then, that person, with a transparent look said. 

“As long as it is for the person you are attracted to, it does not matter whether you 
are a hero or not. You can do anything.” 

The red and golden scene gradually disappeared far away. 

My vision was gradually surrounded by the night. I used all my strength to stretch 
my hand out. In the depths of the light, that person finally said this sentence. 

“If I have to say why, it is because you are the grandson, of this old man, that I am 
proud of.” 


“What kind of dream did you have, Bell-kun.” 

Looking at the tears that went across Bell’s face, Hestia quietly asked. 

On the bed of the treatment facility in Babel, her own dependent was quietly 
sleeping. He was transported by that golden hair, golden eyed girl. The Supporter 
girl was also there. The sound of calm breathing melted into the silent interior. 


Passing through the trials of an extremely vicious fight, on the face of the boy that 
achieved victory, there was no expression. It was extremely peaceful. 

“.Even though there are still lots of words that I must say.” 

The tears from the corner of his eyes was gently wiped away by Hestia’s fingers. 

Her lips parted and in front of the boy that was in deep sleep, she slowly revealed a 
calm smile. 

“You’ve worked hard.Congratulations.” 

After calmly looking around, Hestia gently lifted Bell’s bang and gave a kiss on his 

The Goddess, who had her cheeks dyed slightly red, looked at the legend engraved 
on the back of the boy and narrowed her eyes. 

“This is the first page.” 




0^88 » ^^ 7 ^ 7 

: 795001T')* 

<Bell Cranel> 

Affiliation: <Hestia's Familia> 

Race: Human 

Class: Adventurer 

Achieved Floor: 10 th Floor 

Weapon: <Hestia's Dagger>, <Dagger> 

Money: 79500 Varisu 




1 ) ■ S 985 8 X '■ s 900 

(I 1 ) 

■ S 388 8 II : SS 1049 1 1) : B 751 

[ 7 7 \ ? I A h ] • * * * * 

u t II) 

V 7 !l X • 7 1^ - * 


?B ? 9. 

fc 0 

8 8 £ < I l J ft I 8 ft. 

i g id 111 y a * it i 

rv-Zi 075 Hji crflisttt&ofct®. 1900097 ux. 


*li?m U-itmLWiiWSCB htt«?3l#£:©a\2a. 

/Ml 9 A 


Lv. 1 

Strength: S 982 
Endurance: S 900 
Dexterity: S 988 
Agility : SS 1049 
Magic : B 751 


[ Fire Bolt ] 

• Speed cast Magic 


[Single-Minded Pursuit] 

• Accelerates Growth. 

• Effects last as long as his feelings are unchanged 

• Effects are determined by the strength of his feelings 



• Doubled-Edged Short Sword (Baselard) 

• An item that was a decoration in the <Gnome's Miscellaneous Shop>. 
The value is 19000 Varisu. 

• It is actually an expert-class weapon. It is more than enough for a rookie 
Adventurer to use. 

• It is a dishonest Hobbit, who wanted to at least make up for Bell, and 
bought it. Of course, there is a price for returning it. 



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Story: Omori Fujino 
Art: Yasuda Suzuhito 
Translator: Jnl9930 

August 14, 2014