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Part 1 

—[Urban Legends]. 

The urban legends being spread throughout the world are as numerous as the stars. They are also a 
type of [Desire]. 

—For example, the urban legend that 'no human has really ever stepped foot on the moon'. 

—For example, the conspiraey of the Freemasons in the American dollar bills. 

—For example, the time-space experiment that took place in Philadelphia. 

The Chiyoda Line’s nuclear shelter. Area 51, the Roswell UFO incident, etc. 

After seeing this many examples, it can be concluded that there is always some kind of distinct pattern 
between them. 

That is... they were all born out of the same type of desire: 'It would be interesting if the legend was 

Smoke will not rise without fire as its source. However as it spreads and builds up, that [Desire] 
becomes a [Rumor]. 

This kind of thinking was not strange to the world. Since ancient times, humans have always preferred 
the [Inevitable] to an [Accident], after all. The birth of mankind was likely the accidental product of 
astronomical probability. According to the humans, there was something that intentionally wanted to 
create humans. 

Looking from this way of thinking, the world was not chaotic, but orderly. By imagining out a reason 
behind the meaning of existence, people use this to help explore the vagaries and ruthless values of 
this world. 

.People lived with this desire in their hearts. Therefore, [Urban Legends] can also be said to be 

something that was born from earnest [Desire]. 

—However, very little people know that among the [Urban Legends] numerous enough to illuminate 
the skies, there are truths mistaken for legends. In the end, nobody knows if they were real. 

—Don't be mistaken, this does not mean that the aforementioned urban legends are true. 

Only the reason behind the existence of these urban legends are somewhat different from rumors. 

Now then, how did this [Urban Legend] come about? It started as any ordinary [Rumor]. But it 
became a rumor that was so unrealistic that it changed from a [Rumor] to an [Urban Legend]. And that 
kind of [Rumor] is like this one. 

There was a rumor that had spread on the internet about a gamer named 


j According to 

more than 280 Online Game Rankings, them Wja|a player with an undefeated record that always 
stood proudly at top of the rankings with ^ j as his name. You may be thinking, "There is no 
way something like that could exist." That is right. Anyone would think the same way. That was also 
what everyone else believed. 

A simple theory was accepted. That is, in order^^jnot expose his identity, a certain game developer 
entered the game rankings with the name of j . However, unknowingly, as the rumor spread 

explosively as a wave throughout the community, it took on a different form: in actuality, there is no 
such player. 


But the strange thing was that j participated in wars and many players have faced against 


He was unrivaled...just like a raging storm. 

He was have beaten a chess program that even Grandmasters cannot defeat. 

He was have an aberrant playing style that was impossible to read. 

He was have been so strong that even if you use Tool Assists and Cheat Codes, you would 
not be able to defeat him 

He was said...was said...was said... 

Anyone that was even the slightest bit interested in that [Rumor] would decide to investigate it 

This isn't hard to believe, because the method to investigate was not hard. If a person was placed first 
in either a Consumer Game, PC Game, or Social Game, that person would surely have an account. 
And if that account exists, his win-loss records can also be investigated. 

But how could such a person exist? 


Anyone that investigated it further actually fell into a trap. Because ^ j in reality had his own 
account for every game console and SNS. The number of games on the accounts were [Countless]. He 
didn't even have one black spot in his win-loss records. 

—With that, the mystery thickened. Some even hypothesized that 


was a hacker that erased 

his own loss records or that ‘^uuhaki^ was a group of gamers that only high-level players were 
invited to, etc. 

With this, a new [Urban Legend] was born. 

—However, in this case, the person who allowed this 


rumor to be created must also be 

Because he had an account, he was given the right to speak, but he conpletely ignored this privilege. 
He has never said a single sentence, never interacted with others, and has never provided any 

Silent, not even communicating at all. 


Since there was no provision of information, everything was a mystery besides the fact that 
^ j was Japanese. 

No one has seen his real face-This had also been the main reason why the urban legend was 



—Let us introduce. 

—The truth. 

He has truly been crowned in the world ranking for his victorious battles in over 280 games. 
This record has never been broken since the establishment of his identity, the legendary player. 


^ j —his true identity-! 

Part 2 

"...Aa.I'm dying....aa, now I died for real hey, my little sister, hurry up, rez^^l, rez~!" 

"*Zuzu*.It is use my feet to controlling the mouse...." 

"Whatever hurry up, my little sister—or should I say, my sly little sister—even though I have not even 
eaten for three days, you are eating instant noodles? On top of that, you're doing so while in battle." 

"Nii, do you want to eat too...? Something like Calorie Mate^ or so...." 

"Ah, that thing that only those bourgeois eat^. Like hell I'll eat something like that. That aside, please 
hurry up and rez!" 

"...*Zuzuzu*... okay." 

"Oh! Thank the way, what time is it now?" 

"Let's see...still eight o' cloek at night." 

"What a novel way to describe eight o' clock in the morning, as 'night'. Then, what day is today?" 

"....Who knows?, two...four cups of instant noodles so... today is the fourth day?" 

"Wait, my little sister. I don't mean how much time has passed since we started pulling all-nighters 
gaming. What I mean is, what is the date?" 

"Does that even Nii who is a NEET?" 

"Of course it matters—something like an online event or tournament could have happened!" 

—Eike that, it was a conversation of a certain boy and girl playing internet games. 

Inside the room, their eyes never met each other's as they chatted. 

The size of the room was around sixteen tatami mats^. Considerably wide. However, inside it was 
full of game consoles, four consoles for each person—so a total of eight of them 

On the floor there were many game packages that were already unsealed, and also [Food]—^which 
were instant noodle packages and water bottles scattered on the floor, making the sense of the room 
being 'wide' unable to be felt at all. 

The FED display gave off a faint light. The only other source of light was given off by the sun, which 
had been up for a while already, mostly blocked by the curtains. 

"...Nii, are you...not going to find a job?" 

"...Then why don't you also go to school, my little sister?" 

Just like that they ended their conversation and no one spoke of the subject thereafter. 

The older brother—Sora. Eighteen years old. No occupation. A virgin. Unpopular. Unable to 

cornmimicate well. Game freak. Wearing a T-shirt and jeans that gave the impression of being a shut- 
in with unkempt black hair. 

The little sister—Shiro. Ten years old. Truant. Didn't have any friends. A bullied child. 
Anthropophobic.J^ Game freak. One would doubt whether she had a blood relation or not with her 
brother because she had white hair in contrast to his. Her hair was so long that it flowed down over 
her face and she wore the school sailor uniform that she never even worn outside of their home since 
she transferred schools. 

This is the true identity of j S) which was the combination of their names, Sora (ziz) 

and Shiro (fi). 

—This is the truth. 

Even if everybody knew this, nobody would want to pursue or accept this truth, and would continue 
hugging the illusions of the urban legend. 

Part 3 

Now, it seems that we have explained how this [Urban Legend] eame to be. 

In short, as stated before, [Urban Legends] are Humanity's [Desires]. 

This world is full of unbearable ehaos. There is no sueh thing as 'inevitable'. The world is merely full 
of'aeeidents'. It is a world that is unreasonable and irrational. This world has no meaning at all. 

It does not matter if a person recognizes this truth or chooses not to accept it. Everyone would still 
desire for the world to become more interesting. Born from this earnest [Desire] comes [Urban 

Then how about I lend a hand to make the world become a bit more interesting. That is to say, I will 
provide everyone with a new [Urban Legend]. 

—For now, let's write with stylistic beauty like this. 

—The story begins with this opening. 

—[Have you ever heard about this rumor?] 

One day, an e-mail came to a 'player' that was said to be this world's best gamer. 

It was only a short, mysterious message with an additional URL inside it. 

When one clicks on it, a certain game will be started. 

Once that person has cleared that game, they will. 

Part 4 

"....Argh, enough with this already.gonna sleep." 

"Wait! You're the one that's in eharge of the team's reeovery, and if you log out—" 

".If it's you, Nii, you will be able to do it." 

"Theoretically, it's possible! If I operate my own two characters with both my hands and also two of 
yours using both my feet—" 


"Wait! Please wait a moment, my little sister! If you sleep I will surely die-Uoooooooo, you see, 

I've gone and died!" 

The stack of instant noodle cups had already become a tower five cups tall. Which also means that 
these siblings have already done all-nighters gaming for five days straight. 

Even knowing that her brother was in a bitter situation, Shiro still slept anyway, using a game console 
as her pillow. 

Ring — 

Suddenly a tone notifying the siblings that they had mail sounded. 

"....Nii, an e-mail." 

"Just what are you demanding from your brother, who's currently playing using four characters on four 
different screens? You want a request from me, but I really don't have any extra strength!" 

He skillfully operated the mouse using both his hands and his feet. He furiously commanded a party of 
four by himself and answered in one breath. 

"I'm sure it's just another advertisement anyway, just ignore it—" 

"....What if came from a friend?" 

"Whose friend?" 


"Haha, how weird, somehow I can feel you stabbing me through my chest with such an ironic 
statement, my lovely sister." 

"I don't...want you to's mine." 

"Then it's an advertisement after all. Or should I say, if you want to sleep, just sleep! If you're not 
going to sleep, please help me a bit here—^Noooo, died. I've died!" 

Let's repeat it again. Eighteen years old. Without an oeeupation. A eherry boy. Unpopular. Unable to 
communicate well. Game freak. It's not boasting but, it wasn't just that he didn't have a girlfriend, he 
didn't even have anyone that could be called a [Friend]. It was also the same with the younger sister. 

"...Uu....what a bother." 

Shiro tried to wake her consciousness and muster all her strength to get up. It would have been no 
problem if that really was an advertisement. But, something that couldn't be ignored is an 
advertisement about a new game. 

"....Nii, where is the tablet PC...?" 

"At three o'clock from there, in the second mountain of eroge from the left, and placed around the 
third and forth box—Uooooo, my feet are getting cramped!" 

Ignoring the brother who was in anguish, Shiro easily found it in the exact location that Sora 
specified. Perhaps one would question why a hikikomori and a NEET would need a tablet PC. But 
that is, of course, a foolish question, because the answer is obvious that it is used for gaming. 
However, that was not the main use of the tablet PC. For countless games they also need countless e- 
mail addresses, but even excluding the addresses that were not for gaming use, there were still more 
than 30 e-mail accounts, all synchronized. This is what true efficiency is. 

"....The sound is Ring — so it came from.... the third address of the main it this one?" 

The white-haired girl whose memory was extraordinary compared to an ordinary person, easily found 
the message. 

And then—the person at the back who lead a successful crusade against people in real-time combat 
by manipulating four roles at once, let out a roar of triumph, before she viewed the e-mail. 

[New mail—Subject: To the both of you, ^ j .] 

Shiro bent her head slightly. 

E-mails that were addressed to j were not rare. 

War Requests, Invitations, Provocative Challenges—those are what they would commonly receive, 


"What is it, my cruel little sister who said that she wanted to sleep and abandoned your brother alone 
in the game, and in the end didn't sleep and still left your physieally tired brother to play?" 


As if she didn't hear the sarcasm from her brother who didn't look like he was about to listen, Shiro 
showed the mail to her brother. 

"Hmm—^what is this?" 

The brother notieed that the mail looked peeuliar. 

"Saving. Okay, that's done. Cheeking the item drops, that's done too." 

After checking that there was nothing wrong, Sora closed the game sereen that had been eontinuously 
running since five days ago and switched the sereen to show his inbox to eheek out the e-mail that he 
had just received. 

"...How does this guy know that ^ j is actually a pair of siblings?" 

There were actually a lot of people that hypothesized that ^ j was a group of people, but the 
main problem lies not from what was written as the subject, but from the content that said: 

[Have you siblings ever felt that you guys were born into the wrong world?] 

" this?" 

It was a somewhat, no, it was a eonsiderably strange message. It also included a URL that they had 
never seen before. At the end of the URL, there was no [.jp] to represent the country's domain name. 
This URL was pointed to a speeific page—and it looked like it was linked to a game. 

"...What should we do?" 

Shiro who did not seem very interested, went back to her game console pillow and tried to sleep. 
Which means that she would just leave the decision up to her brother. 

"Hmm, so 'you' plan on making me take a bet on it, huh. Well, even if this thing just turns out to be a 
bluff in the end, let's just treat it as another amusement." 

He made that decision and clicked on the URL. He was on full alert in case of a virus infection, while 
the security software was running full throttle. What appeared there on the screen was just simple 
online chess. 

*Yawn*...good night..." 

"Wait, wait, wait! This is a challenge for j , you know. If the other party has an advaneed 

ehess program, just me alone will not be enough to win!" 

Sora tried to stop his sister from sleeping. 

"...Who plays chess well...these days...." 

"Umm, I know how you feel, but..." 

A program that was able to beat even the strongest Grandmasters. Even with that, the little sister had 
lost interest in ehess after beating this program twenty eonsecutive times. 

"It wouldn't be forgiven if j lost Please at least stay awake until we know the extent of the 

opponent's ability." 

" can't be helped." 

And then Sora started the game. After seeing her brother do one move, two moves, Shiro began to nod 
off due to the sense of sleepiness that had piled up. Five moves, ten moves, and before he knew it half 
of the board had already been filled with pieees. Shiro suddenly snapped her eyes open and stared at 
the sereen. 

"...Huh? This guy is...." 

While Sora was feeling uncomfortable, Shiro stood up and said something. 

"...Nii, change players..." 

Without any objections, Sora obediently stood up from the ehair and moved. Shiro thought that her 
older brother eould do no more at this point. In other words, Shiro reeognized that the other party was 
a worthy opponent. The little sister who had just ehanged plaees with her brother started to plan her 

Chess is a [Zero-sum game of limited deeisions]. In this game where [Luck] was non-existent and 
oeeasionally point game. In theory, a surefire way to win existed, but in the end that is just theory. It is 
based on mastering and being able to see every single possible move-10'^120 of them. A person who 
could do that surely did not exist. 

But there was someone who eould assert that [Existenee], and that was Shiro. She had mastered and 
could conprehend the large—no, enormous— amount of possible moves in ehess. If you keep 
ehoosing the best ehess moves, then you will have the upper hand and win if you go first. If you went 
second the way of eseape was a draw. That is how the theory goes. What about against an opponent 
who could foresee two hundred million moves in a second? This world's strongest chess program 
was proven not to be perfect enough for the little sister when she had won twenty eonseeutive 
victories against it. 

"....No way." 

And that kind of strong player had just been surprised by what was in front of her. 

"Calm down. This, I'm sure the other party is human." 


"In a program's ease, it would always ehoose the best move to play. In one way that is a good thing, 
but on the other hand it also means that it can only use tactics that it was already programmed to use. 
That's why you can win against them easily. But this guy is—" 

Sora pointed at the screen. 

"The other party lured you in and made you play a bad move, and if you feel that it is natural for a 
program to do that, then you would be wrong." 

The little sister was unable to object to her older brother's words. 

—Of course, regarding their abilities playing chess, no, in most games Shiro and Sora were 
overwhelmingly strong. Perhaps calling them by the title "genius gamers" would not be an 
exaggeration. In Shiro's case, she can only act based on her logic. That's why she can easily defeat 
even the most powerful advanced chess programs. However, her ability in sensing other people's 
[Motives] is dull. That's why, at times like this, Shiro needed to leave it to Sora. Even though he had 
poor cornmunication skills, his perception of feeling other peoples' [Motives] was unexpectedly 

"Calm down, if the opponent is not a program, all the more reason that there's no way you will lose. 
Don't be taken in by his provocation. I will point out every one of his provocations and tactics so that 
you beat him." 

".Understood.Shiro will do her best..." 

This is the reason behind their success in becoming the world's best gamer. 

The game had been running for more than six hours. Adrenaline and dopamine were flowing from 
their brains, making them forget their fatigue from doing all-night gaming for five days, helping them 
concentrate to the utmost limit. Six hours—^but it felt as if the game had already lasted for several 

Finally, the last decisive moments happened. And then a emotionless voice signaling the end of the 
game could be heard from the speakers. 


That was the siblings' win. 

After a long silence— 


They each took a long breath. It was almost as if the game had made them forget to breathe. After 
taking another long breath, the two started laughing. 

"'s been a while.since I've played in a hard fight like this." 

"Haha, that was the first time I ever saw you have a hard time dealing with a simple game though, 

"...Nii, is the opponent.really a human?" 

"Yes, I'm sure of it. He took a lot of time when deciding to provoke you into a trap to make you play a 
bad move, and when it didn't work I could sense a feeling of disturbance from him I'm sure he is a 
human—or maybe a 'monster'." 

"...I wonder what kind of person he is." 

The little sister that was even able to beat a Grandmaster level chess program sounded interested. 

"Maybe a Grandmaster? Programs are exact, but a human is complex after all." 

"...I time....I want to play....Shogi against that Dragon King." 

"Will the Dragon King even accept your shogi challenge? Why don't we find out!" 

After the game, the two of them felt a great sense of happiness and grinned happily while they were 

Ring — 

Suddenly, the mail notification tone could be heard. 

"Hey, maybe that e-mail just now is from the opponent. Try opening it." 


But the content of the e-mail was only one sentence. 

[Well done. With that kind of ability, I am sure you find living to be painful?] 

With only that single sentence, it was as if their mental states had dropped to zero degrees. Silence 
filled the room, and only the sound of the PC's fans could be heard. Countless wires were strewn over 
the floor, along with scattered trash and clothes. It felt as if time was frozen in that room where 

curtains blocked out the sunlight, and a sense of deprivation of space filled the air. Isolated in the 
narrow sixteen tatami sized room. This was the world the siblings were in—all of it. 

—Unpleasant memories were running through their minds. 

The older brother, who naturally exeelled at reading people's true motives just by hearing their 
words. The white haired, red eyed little sister, who by nature, had high intelligenee—but was a 
person that no one eould understand. The two siblings had shut their hearts after their parents passed 
away. No matter how optimistieally they tried to reeount memories of the past— No, even now it was 
still the same. 

The little sister silently bowed. 

Not long after thinking that, the older brother angrily started to type a reply. 

[None of your business! Who the hell are you anyways?] 

A reply eame almost right away after he replied to the message. No, whether it could really be ealled 
a reply or not eould be doubted beeause the eontent of this new e-mail was— 

[what do you guys think about this world? Is it interesting? Is it a place that ean make you guys feel 
at ease?] 

Beeause of these words, the older brother forgot about his anger and made eye eontaet with his 
younger sister. 

There was no need to reeonfirm, the answer had long been elear from the start. 

"It's a shit game^." 

...With no elear objeetives or rules, a stupid game. 

Around seven billion players move as they please. 

Ones that have more than others get penalized. The little sister who was now isolated, was isolated 
because she was smarter than those of her age— no one could understand her and she was bullied. 

Even ones that have less than others get penalized. The older brother, the always-smiling brother who 
always failed, even when seolded by parents or teaehers. 

Never had the rights to skip. 

—Silenee only made one a target to be bullied by others. 

—Talking too mueh made one beeome alienated by others. 

—Being able to read peoples' real intentions too mueh also made one beeome alienated by others. 

No clear objectives, no parameters, even the genre is unknown. 

Ones that do as the rules say are punished, yet ones that ignore the rules are not punished and even 
look down from their positions as the elite. No game could be conpared with this kind of difficult, 
worst game. 

"Damn it!" 

Sora grit his teeth and caressed his little sister's head. 

The atmosphere of those two who felt like they could stand in the realm of gods after that exciting 
game was gone. What was there, was only these two siblings who were isolated from soeiety. They 
were only but depressed, frail humans. 

The sound Ring — eould suddenly be heard. 

The older brother eontrolling the cursor did not care and was about to shut down the computer. But, 
his sister held his hands to stop him. 

[what if a world where everything was deeided by a sirrple game existed—] 

Sora, who had actually tried to turn off the PC just then, was unable to do anything other than read that 
after seeing those words. 

[—world where the objectives and rules were elear, a world on top of a game board, what do 
you think? ] 

The two exchanged looks, laughing, and both of them nodded their heads. Then the older brother 
began typing on the keyboard. 

[if that kind of world actually does exist, then that really does mean that we were born into the 
wrong world. ] 

Is what he replied after he read the content of the letter. 



The PC's screen gave off a faint noise and then it made a sound like a circuit breaker overloading. 
After that sound, nothing else could be heard and it was as if everything had stopped; only the screen 
with the e-mail had been left moving. 

"Just what is—" 

Noise could be heard within the room. There was a sound that sounded like the house itself was 
creaking, and there was also the sound of an electrical discharge. The brother panicked and quickly 
looked around the room, and the little sister just stared, dumbfounded. After that, the noise became 
increasingly intense and finally became a sound that was not unlike that of the static noise from an 
empty TV channel. And then from the speakers—no, from the screen of the conputer, a [Voice] could 
be heard. 

[I also think the same. You two were born into the wrong world.] 

Suddenly a pair of white hands appeared from the screen. 



The hands dragged both of them by the wrists towards the screen. 

[I will let you siblings be born again-again, in the world where you two should have been born!] 

Their vision filled with a blinding white light, and they shut their eyes. 

When they had opened their eyes again, the first thing that they noticed was the light and warmth of the 
sun. It had been a while since they had last felt it, and also the sensation of the retinas being burned by 
the light. The brother who had come to his senses first, after his pupils adjusted, noticed that they 
were both high up in the sky. 


The scenery had suddenly shifted from a narrow room to a vast expanse of space. 

They were—in the air. 

Suddenly appearing in the vast sky, Sora, who finally grasped the situation shouted. 

"What the hell is thiiiiis!" 

No matter how he saw it, no matter how many times he looked, he was sure that the whole island 
underneath him—and other islands as well— were floating. There was also a certain creature that 
had flown by him in the sky, a dragon. In the distance, he could see a number of immensely large 
chess pieces near a range of mountains, which could have made people lose their sense of distance. 

'Whaf s with this fantasy-like kind of entrance?' is what was floating through Sora's mind. The 
scenery, no matter how many times he tried to compare it, was not the same scenery from the [Earth] 
that he knew. But the main problem right now, he quickly realized, was not that. Currently, they were 
both skydiving without a single parachute—a free fall. 

"I'm going to die!" 

It took 3 seconds for him to be convinced of this. 

But, as if to break this sorrowful confirmation, a loud shouting could be heard beside him 

"Welcome to my world!" 

The [Boy] falling beside him said while opening his arms and laughing. 

"This is the Utopia that you guys dreamed of, the world on top of a game board, [Disboard]— 
everything here is decided by a game, even one's life and country borders!" 

Sora probably understood about 10 seconds later. 

Shiro, who understood the situation as soon as she opened her eyes, embraced her brother while 

" Who are you—?" 

Shiro tried her best to shout while falling at a frighteningly high speed, but ended up only murmuring 
her question. But the boy answered while still smiling like usual. 

"Me? About there." 

He said that while pointing in the direction of the giant chess pieces near the horizon, which Sora had 
seen for the first time only a short while ago. 

"Hmm, in your world you might call me 'God', right?" 

Placing his index finger on his cheek, the self-proclaimed god spoke cutely and full of friendliness. 

—However, nobody knew if what he said was true. 

"This isn't the time for that! We're falling towards the ground at a really fast speed—whoaaah! 



Not knowing if it would do any good, Sora held Shiro within his arms and then he turned his body so 
that he would be below Shiro. After that, Shiro who was in Sora's arms issued a soundless scream. 

Seeing that, the boy who called himself God spoke to them with a happy tone. 

"I look forward to seeing you again. Yes, without a doubt, it won't be long." 

And like that, their consciousnesses blacked out. 

Part 5 


The feeling of soil. The aromatic smell of grass. When Sora had recovered his consciousness, he 
realized that he was on the ground. 

"Just what the hell was that..." 

Was this a dream? Is what Sora thought but he didn't say it out loud. 

"....Uu....what a weird dream." 

The little sister who woke up a bit later than Sora moaned. 

Hey, little sister. Don't raise the "isn't this a dream" flag. Sora thought about saying this, but 
deliberately decided against it. 

While having such thoughts, Sora stood up and pretended that nothing had happened, but what was 
under his feet was undoubtedly land. 

The fresh blue sky, which he had also not seen in a while, was above him. 


Sora realized that he was standing on the edge of a cliff, and hurriedly backed off by two steps. 

Then, overlooking the landscape across the cliff. 

An incredible landscape was laid out before his eyes. 

.No, that expression wasn't right. It was a different word, but what? 

There were floating islands and dragons. And across the mountains on the horizon were huge chess 

This means that it was the view they had of the world while falling. 

Which means that—it was not a dream... 

"Hey, my little sister." 

Overlooking the pieturesque view of the landseape, he said. 

"I've always thought that 'life' was an impossible game—a game that was fit only for masoehists." 

And then they said with their voiees in harmony. 

""So it finally bugged out, huh...enough, what the hell is this super awful shit game!"" 

After that— both of them lost eonsciousness again. 

Part 6 

—[Have you ever heard about this rumor?] 

One day, an e-mail eame to a 'person' that was said to be this world's best gamer. 

It was only a short, mysterious message with an additional URL inside it. 

When one has clicked on it, a certain game will be started. 

Once that one has cleared that game, they will disappear from 'this' world. 

And then that person will be invited to a parallel universe. 

That kind of [Urban Legend] which invited people to another world....will you believe it? 

Chapter 1 - Beginner/Amateur 

Part 1 

—In a past that was far too long ago. 

The Old Dens competed with the ultimate prize of being the supreme, sole God on the line and started 
a war, along with their servants and created beings. 

This war lasted for a long, long time. So long it felt numbing. 

There was no land that was not stained with blood, and cries of agony had never ceased to echo 
through the skies. 

The civilised races hated each other, slaughtered each other, and continued to repeat their countless 

The Elves had small villages as their bases, and they cast magic to hunt their enemies. 

The Dragonias used their bodies for killing purposes, and the werebeasts devoured their prey like 

The barren land that was already swallowed by the sunset was also engulfed by the deeper darkness 
due to the wars waged between the old Deus. 

The ‘Demon Lords’ and their allied monsters that were created by the Phantasma went rampant and 
dominated the land. 

In this kind of world, it did not matter how many nobles, beauties or warriors there were. 

Humans were just an insignificant existence. 

They had to bet their lives on building their countries and forming clans just to survive. 

The legendary hero who could be hailed by the bards did not appear—and just like that, it was a 
blood-stained era. 

This was a story that was far longer and older than the skies, seas and land— called the ‘Disconnect 

However, the war they thought would continue for eternity suddenly ended. 

The skies, seas, land—and even the stars that filled the skies. 

They lost the will to continue this unending, weary war where they died needlessly and without 
enjoying life. 

And just like that—at this point, the Old Deus with the most amount of power left sat on the only 
throne for a sole God. 

And so, this Deus who had been watching from the sidelines all this while... 

Abstaining from the war from the beginning till the end. 

The Deus sat on the throne, looking at the devastation on the land around him. 

He declared to all the people roaming on the land. 

"—To everyone, who used up all extremes of strength, violence, desperation, and death. 

Show me proof that you, who built towers of corpses, are civilised beings as you so claim" 
'What is the difference between you and the ‘unintelligent beasts ’? 

All the races unanimously said that there was no need to prove their own intelligence. 

But, in front of this barren and abandoned world, this discourse was too empty. 

Ultimately, there was no answer that was accepted by God. 

God said. 

—From this piece of Heaven, I command that there will be no plundering or bloodshed. 

Those words became an [Oath], becoming the absolute unchanging law of the world. 

From that day onwards, [War] disappeared from the world. 

But the population that considered themselves rational sent conplaints to god in unison. 

Even if [War] has disappeared, [Conflict] still exists— 

God said, in that case- 

Those of the [Sixteen Races] that claim to be the most intelligent creatures. 

Those who use all extremes of your reason, intelligence, ability and financial resources. 

Build towers of wisdom, and through that thou shaft prove thine own intelligence. 

God took out sixteen chess pieces— and laughed maliciously. 

Thus, the [Ten Oaths] were born, and [War] disappeared from the world. 

All disputes were resolved by [Games]. 

That was the law of the sole God, and that God's name was—TET. 

Part 2 

Andalusia continent, the Kingdom of Elchea, the Capital— Elehea. 

An area limited to the southern part of the equator, stretehing to the northeast of the continent, was a 
small eountry that was loeated in the westernmost part, but it was more aceurate to say that it was a 
small city. 

It was a country that had previously oeeupied half of the continent in mythieal times, but now it has 
lost its former glory. 

What was left was the last of the once great empire— A small and vulnerable country. 

—More precisely. 

This was also the last kingdom for the human species. 

—At the outskirts of the city not far away. 

A tavern and inn that could only exist in RPG games was the first floor of a building. 

There were two people who were surrounded by many viewers, two girls that were currently playing 
a game on a table. 

One of the girls looked to be around 15 or 16 years old, having red hair while giving out a sense of 
elegance with her manners and dress. 

As for the other person— 

Although she looked very alike in age with the redhead, her tenperament and clothing gave out a 
sense of maturity in other peoples' points of view. 

Wearing a black veil draped over her head, resembling a mourning shawl— was a blaek-haired girl. 
As for the ongoing game that they were seemed to be poker. 

The expressions on both their faees were in deep contrast, with the redhead having a stern look due to 

On the other hand, the deadpan poker face on the black-haired girl face made everyone peek at the 
color of calmness. 

Anyway — the red-haired girl was losing thoroughly. 

".Hey, can you hurry it up?" 

"An, annoying. I am still thinking." 

—It was a pub, and the already drunken audience roared with vulgar laughter in the broad daylight. 
This added a shade of distress onto the red-haired girl's face. 

But in any case-it was a scene bustling with people. 

During a game that was held outside the pub. 

Sitting at a table in the open air, a young girl who was wearing a hood peered through the window 
from the side and said. 

".How.lively.what happened?" 

"Ah? Don't you foreigners know at all?—But then again, there aren't any other human countries left." 

Sitting next to the girl who was peeping into the window, were two people that were playing a game 
on the table. 

The players were a teenage male who was also hooded just like the young girl, as well as a bearded 
middle-aged man with a bulging beer belly. 

The teenager replied. 

"Ah—because we are from the countryside, we are not clear with situations regarding the 

Coincidentally, both of them were also playing the same game as the ones inside.[Poker]. 

—Only, the bargaining chips they used were bottle caps. 

Because of the teenager's comment, the middle-aged man said doubtfully. 

"The so-called humans that don't live in this country.aren't they hermits?" 

"Haha, that is true. Okay, so what is all the commotion inside?" 

The bearded man was shot back with the same question after cleverly avoiding it. 

".Right now, there is currently a gambling tournament to [Elect the next king] for Elchea." 

With eyes watching the situation in the pub, the hooded girl continued asking. 

".Elect.the next king?" 

"Yes. These were the previous king's last words before dying." 

[The next king shall not be inherited by blood relations, but the coronation of "Humanity's strongest 

Continuing to add on the bottle caps, the bearded man said. 

"In the fight to gamble for the country, the human species were defeated. Now there is only Elchea, 
which is also the capital of this country—so there was no time to look decent now." 

"Huuu, [Gambling for the country], eh.that seems to be something very, very interesting." 

The hooded teen replied. 

He was very alike to the hooded girl, feeling very concerned and peeping into the pub to look at the 

"—Well, why? Are those kids like the candidates to be the next king?" 

"Un? The so-called word [Candidate] seems wrong, because as long as you are a human, anyone is 
eligible to participate." 

Just— adding these words, the man moved his line of sight towards the tavern. 

—Obviously playing poker, yet she does not seem to know the meaning of the word "poker face". 

Giving a glance to the red-haired girl whose whining voice could be heard and her intent while 
staring at the opponent's hand could be felt, the man said. 

"That red-haired girl over there is called "Stephanie Dora"— the previous king's blood kin. If they 
followed his will, about a non-royal nor blood-related person becoming the king, then she will lose 
everything, so her goal is to become the next king." 

The blood kin of that guy who made humanity lose, never expected to have such desperate 

Added the man before sighing, bluntly commenting on the noise inside. 


"Un.[Gambling for the country]—even the so-called borders are decided with games, right?" 

The hooded girl and teen expressed their feelings. 

The girl felt admiration. 

The teen felt interest. 

"Whatever the case, the system of the gambling tournament is heating up considerably." 

".Round robin?" 

"As long as you are a human, anyone can be the next king, so long as you register your name. 
Regardless of the methods, it will be decided with a game. The loser will be deprived of 
qualification while the last man standing will be the king." 

—So, the rules are simple. The easier it is to understand, the better it is. 

But, the hooded teen doubtfully said. 

".It really is that casual, eh. Wouldn't there be any problems?" 

"As long as you respect the [Ten Oaths], with both sides judging each other, there would be no 
restrictions, nor any restriction on the competition mode— Including who, what to use and at what 
time. After all, it is a national gambling thing for the country." 

".No, I don't mean that." 

The hooded teen muttered in an eloquent tone while looking into the pub again. 

The girl whispered to the teen. 

".Of course, total defeat." 

"Ahh, we think of the same things." 

Saying it to each other, the teen took out a square-shaped item from his pocket. 

Facing towards the tavern, he operated it for a while before it sounded with a 'Kacha'. 

—After that, the middle-aged man secretly laughed. 

"So, little brother? It isn't the time for you to think of the outcome of other people, right?" 
Apologizing, the man suddenly spread out his cards. 

"Full house. Sorry, eh." 

The man who was convinced that he had won —thought of the people that would be his later and 
leaked out a nasty smile. 

—But, looking at the hooded teen. 

He still showed that disinterested face he had since the start. 

But now a reaction came and he gave out a response. 

"Eh? Ah—sorry. Oh, yes." 

Saying this, the teen casually revealed his poker and the middle-aged man stared in disbelief. 

"A ro, royal straight flush—!?" 

Towards the man who stayed emotionless and yet received the best hand in the game, the man got up 
and roared. 

"You, you guys cheated me, right!?" 

"Hey, hey, hey, how you have any evidence?" 

Facing against the teen who exposed a thin smile and was preparing to get up tfom his seat, the man 
continued speaking mercilessly. 

"The probability of getting a royal straight flush is only 1/650000, there's no way you could you get it 
so easily!" 

"Then today must be the day where I hit that 1 out of 650000 chances right. Uncle? You really do have 
bad luck, eh." 

Leisurely leaving behind this sentence, the teen spread his hands wide. 

"Then, could you get me what you "bet"?" 

"—You deserve to die." 

Clucking his tongue, the man took out his wallet and purse. 

"Article six of the [Ten Oaths], 'As per the oath, the wager will be unconditionally adhered to'— 
Okay, I will accept it." 

" Thank you.Uncle." 

The hooded teen stood up casually after finishing and left. 

After nodding with a bow, the girl started chasing after the figure of that teen. 

At that time, a figure that seemed to be a friend approached the bearded man who was watching the 
two people stroll into the pub. 

"Hey, although we were all watching from start to end, why did you have to bet on "Everything you 

"Ah.Oh my God, what am I going to do about the living expenses." 

"No, compared to that, what did they bet on, making you put up all your living expenses?" 

Sighing, the bearded man responded listlessly. 

"They said [Free to do whatever you want with us two]." 


"Although I felt it was a little too fitting.But I thought it would work seeing that they are tfom the 

countryside.So how?" 

"You ean't do anything about it.Oh yeah, whieh one would you choose?" 


"But.bisexual or lolicon, both are out of your league, eh." 

"Wuh- hey, hey, wait a moment!" 

"What, ah~ don't worry, I will keep it a secret tfom Kamei-san. As a consideration, you have to treat 

"No, not that! Moreover, my cash has already been taken away! Compared to this—" 

"The condition bet did not only include the girl's chastity, it was also equivalent to [Betting two 
peoples' lives], but the case of getting a royal straight flush while looking so absent-minded? What 
exactly is backing up those two guys." 


"Ah? Why did that come out from you too." 

".Deliberately using.that kind.of eheat that stieks out by a mile." 

—Yep, it was exactly what the man had said. 

The royal straight flush eould not have simply appeared that easily. 

Coming up with this kind of hand was tantamount to declaring openly that you were cheating. 


"Artiele eight of the [Ten Oaths], once cheating has been discovered in a game, it will be deemed as a 

The teen muttered out the rule of this world he had just remembered. 

"—Which means, as long as you are not found out then you ean do it. Isn't receiving aeknowledgement 

The teen's argument revealed that he had only condueted a simple experiment, before stretching his 

"Well, at least we earned some military spendings." 

" the money works here?" 

"It's inpossible to know, right? But, leave this to me- this is within your brother's field of expertise." 
The teen said it with a tone that the bearded man and his tfiend had never heard. 

Before walking into the building that had the inn and tavern. 

Part 3 

Despite the bustling commotion due to the heated game on the central table, two people walked to the 

Reaching the counter, the hooded teen took out his wallet from his purse and emptied the coins out, 
before asking slowly. 

"I'd like a room for two. One bed is enough. How many nights will this amount of money get us?" 

The figure which had a boss-like aura glanced over quickly. 

After a moment of hesitation. 

".One day with three meals." 

However, the hooded teen laughed towards this remark— and with his eyes covered by the hood, 
continued talking. 

"Ah haah~I said. Ah, after trekking for five nights straight, the fatigue is enough to kill me. We are 
totally exhausted already—so could you quickly tell me, [How many nights can we stay]?" 


"Although we do look like country people who don't know the monetary value, it's fine with me if you 
want to raise the price. But, I recommend that when you lie, please take note of your line of sight and 
tone of voice, 'kay -J'" 

The teen laughed while saying these words- it appeared that his eyes had a keen radiance that saw 
right through him. 

With the boss sweating nervously, he sucked in his lips and replied. 

".Che. Two days, then." 

"You see, lying again.let's just compromise this- ten days with meals provided, then." 

"Wha! What kind of conpromise is that!!? You, fine... three days with meals, how meddlesome!" 

"Ah, so it's like that, eh. Then a discount, five days with food attached." 


"You are trying to deceive customers into purrping out their oil before lining your own pockets with 

the money, then splurging it all, right?" 

"Whu, wait, that sort of thing—" 

"And you are the owner of this tavern but not the owner of the inn, right? Should I report you?" 

He had kept a smile on his face since the start of the conversation. 

But facing against this teen who spared no pains to negotiate with him, the boss could only make an 
awkward and stiff expression before replying, 

"Little brother, you obviously have a worldly expression, but you're unexpectedly ruthless, eh.I 

get it, four days with meals provided, how's that?" 

"Okay-, thank you for the hospitalityJ'" 

Still wearing that smile, the teen took the room keys from the man's hand. 

"Your room's at the innermost corner on the third floor. Whaf s.your name?" 

The hooded youth replied to the somewhat impatient boss who was holding onto the register. 

"Un~.Kuuhaku^ would do." 

Sora purred and spun the keys on his fingers. 

He suddenly patted the head of his little sister, who was ecstatically watching the climax of the game 
on the central table. 

"Look, I finished negotiations, we get to stay for four days. You may quickly worship your onii-sama 
— what are you doing?" 

Shiro was staring at that Stephen.something, the person introduced by the bearded man early 


A distressed expression was exposed on that girl's face. 

Her askew expression made people think that that without a doubt, she did not have a hope of victory. 

".That person— will lose." 

"Probably. So what?" 

Revealing her emotions without hiding them, even if there was a chance, she still would not win. 
Maybe it was as the bearded man had said, the lineage of the royal family are stupid. 

Just when this idea was emerging in Sora's mind—he realized. 

Then, after figuring out the intentions of his sister's words, he could not help but sigh. 

"Whoa, so it is that kind of meaning.How scary." 


Shiro was sizing up the black-haired girl while nodding at the sighing Sora. 

"Really.This world's cheating methods are truly incredible. I don't even want to meet against 

these kinds of opponents." 

".Nii, shameful." 

Probably provoking him, Sora suddenly got serious and countered back. 

"Heh, don't be silly. No matter how clever a cheat is, it depends on how you apply it." 

".Nii, could you.beat it?" 

"—But this really is worthy of a fantasy world, eh.There really isn't any sense of reality here, yet 

we both have a comfortable and relaxed feeling.Is it because we've played too many games?" 

Sora did not answer his little sister's question, but instead headed for the third story of the building 
while rambling about non-related topics. 

".Really, I asked.a stupid question." 

Shiro suddenly apologized. 

—Indeed, for j , failure was almost inpossible. 

Then.after making contact by the shoulders. 

For some reason—Sora turned towards Steph.whatever, the red-haired girl. 

He thought about it in his mind for a moment— before whispering softly. 

".Oh, come on...can't you see you're being cheated?" 


The girl with the striking red hair and contrasting round blue eyes suddenly glanced over. 

Even as he felt the girl who was mysteriously told off stare at his moving figure.Sora did not 

utter another word and went straight towards the door of the room 

Part 4 

Along with the turn of the key in the lock, came a lack of sense of security when the metal hinge let out 
a squeaking sound before the door opened. 

Inside the room— it was wood that was quite similar to the kind in Skyrim, making the house look 
kind of cheap. 

The room was small, and creaking could be heard with every footstep on the floor. The table and 
chairs that were arranged at the corners looked very perfunctory. 

As for the other things, there was only a bed and window. The interior was quite simple. 

Walking into the room and locking the door, the both of them removed their hoods. 

Wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers with matted black hair—Sora. 

A mess of long white hair that covered her red eyes, a skinny girl who wore a sailor uniform—Shiro. 

Sora removed the borrowed robes that when worn, would not look conspicuous in a world like this, 
before revealing a relieved look and threw himself on the only bed. 

Taking the phone out of his pocket— he checked off the task that was planned beforehand. 

"—[Goal]: Ensure accommodation—[Achieved]— it's safe to say *that* now, right?" 

". Un^, I think..we can." 

After the confirmation, a thousand emotional words were released from the heart. 

" Ahhh hhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhh hhh ,so tired, a hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ." 

These words. 

It was decided early on to never say these until the goal was reached. 

Afterwards, bursting out as he could no longer contain himself, were the conplaints about the story 
that came out of Sora's mouth. 

"There is no such thing as [definitely impossible]-1 can't believe that at our first reunion with the 
outside world, we had to walk that far." 

Similarly, taking off the robe revealed a folded white sailor uniform. 

opening the window, she confirmed the scenery. 

From the window, you could barely see it— the cliff onto which they fell. 

".For humans, as long as there's a will, then anything can be done." 

"Yeah, if there is no motivation then nothing will be done— These realistic words accurately express 
our current situation, eh." 

Although it was such a negative interpretation— Shiro still nodded in agreement. 

"Honestly, I thought that my legs had become weak from being a hikikomori for so long, so I never 
expected that we would be able to walk that far." 

".Because.we control the mice.with both our feet?" 

"Oh— I see! The so-called 'mastering one skill so much until it carries into everything else' thing was 
true then!" 

".That's not.what I originally meant.I meant." 

This comical dialogue seemed to have reached its limit. 

Shiro's eyes were half closed. 

The little sister, who was staggering as if she was going to faint, fell on the bed that Sora was on. 
Although it didn't show on her face, the pained breath from her fatigue could be felt. 

—This was of course, a natural reaction. 

No matter how much of a genius she was, she was still an eleven year old girl. 

Dueling in a chess match after 5 all-nighters was enough to shock anyone with that kind of stamina. 
Even Sora also felt pain and shifted around (although it was only halfway). For a person to also walk 
all the way here without complaints was truly worthy of praise. 

Because Sora had decided before not to utter out a single complaint. 

"You worked hard. How great— indeed, you are your brother's prided little sister." 

As if combing his little sister's hair, Sora stroked her head and said that. 

".Un. Find a place to sleep.made sure.that was completed." 

"Ahhh, and of course, I was afraid of what was going to happen to us when we were attacked by those 

—With these words, Sora's mind drifted baek to a few hours ago. 

That is— when both of them were lost and wandering around shortly after being dumped in this 

Part 5 

"—Then, what do we do." 

".(Shakes head)" 

Waking up and regaining a eonseious state for the seeond time. 

While cursing in his heart that life was being too unreasonable, the fatigued Sora shouted to the 
pedestrians passing by. 

After Shiro was temporarily relieved, she let out a sigh. 

Both of them felt weary, but they still recovered their composure despite being exhausted. 

Moving away from the edge of the cliff, they then slunped onto the unpaved roadside. 

".Nii, why" 

"You see, in an RPG game this would be called a [Street] right? I remember it was to let someone go 
through some sort of...." 

Although they didn't know to what extent their practical knowledge about games could help them, but 
this sort of things should be placed aside first. 

"—Well, first things first, let's inventory what things we currently have on hand." 

Just like any survival play-off game, Sora said it like this. 

Understanding the point, both of them started taking everything out of their pockets. 

What were taken out— 

Were Sora and Shiro's respective smart phones, two of them. 

Handheld game consoles, two of them 

Two multipurpose batteries. Two solar power chargers, with multiple charging outlets. 

And the last thing was a tablet PC in Shiro's hand. 

.No matter how you looked at it, it was hard to imagine lost victims with such expensive 


And— they were all used to play games. 

Because no matter where they were, be it on the toilet or in the bathroom—or even during a power 
outage, they could always play games, so these were items that could not leave their persons. 

-Actually, nobody knew whether or not these items could be useful in an actual difficult crisis, 

they were mysterious and yet substantial pieces of equipment. 

".Sure enough, electrical waves and the like cannot be received in the fantasy world." 

Sora said, while looking at the display screen on his phone that told him he was out of range. 

—But, the backlight of the phone could be used as a flashlight at night, and it could also take photos. 

The map function—was of course ineffective, but it could still be used as a compass. 

Sora gave a heartfelt thanks to the recent high level performance developments for smartphones. 

".Okay, Shiro, turn off the phone and tablet PC. Take advantage of the sun being up and charge 

the photo voltaic power generator. I downloaded an e-book about games onto that tablet and in the 
worst case scenario, we will just use the survival guide." 


Shiro obediently listened to her brother's words and turned off the equipment while using the solar 
charger to charge it up. 

—When encountering unexpected circumstances, listening to her brother's instructions was the best. 
Shiro knew this due to her own experience. 

.After that, using the power of science (Sora's phone), a direction to head off was determined. 

However, using the phone which only had a compass, their current status was like being thrown into 
the sea without any nautical charts, so there weren't any changes in the situation. 

They were obviously holding the product of the most advanced scientific technology, yet they still got 
lost in the road of life and fell onto the wayside. 


Sora spotted a few people approaching from a side-street(or a Street), pacing towards them. 

"OHHH! How fantastic, my experience inRPGs really worked!" 

".Nii.they look..weird." 

Finishing this sentence, the group suddenly picked up the pace and enclosed them in a circle. 

Dressed in green and easy to walk in boots— 

".Wowhoa, aren't they thieves!" 

Sora eould not help but eomplain to the heavens. 

Getting lost on the road and their first encounter was actually with [fantasy world thieves!] 

Facing against this ferocious bunch, in full accordance with a typical bad guy group— Sora shielded 
Shiro with his body while really thinking of cursing the heavens. 

—But what came out of the thieves' mouths was. 

"Hebe....if ya wanna get past— ya gotta play a game with us." 

This one sentence made the two siblings look at each other helplessly— but. 

"—This, eh...that brat did say that this was [A world where everything is decided by games]." 

".Is thieves here.are?" 

The two people who quickly accepted that fact compared the thieves from here with the ones from 
their own world. 

They couldn't resist but smile after the comparison. This could even be described as a cute scene 
conpared to an encounter with a real thief, thus forcing both of them to break out in laughter. 

"What are you guys laughing about! If you don't have a game with us, don't even think about getting 
past here." 

Facing against two people who were laughing for no reason were the thieves. 

The siblings then communicated with each other using a quiet voice that the thieves couldn't 
eavesdrop on. 

"One person deceives the others, then use cheats to cut off their escape route— what do you feel?" 

Finishing the conversation, Sora clapped his hands with a 'Pa!' 

"OK, fine, let's have a showdown. But unfortunately for us, we are currently penniless." 

"Heh, no matter, then—" 

But regardless of what the thieves said, Sora continued. 

"If we lose then we are at your disposal, regardless of where we are sold to or what is done to us." 

The cheeky thief who was about to say out a proposal, was abruptly interrupted, before getting 
surprised himself, 

"In contrast, if we win—" 

With a chilling smile on his face— the brother said. 

"You will take us to the nearest street J', and give us the robes those two are wearing. Because we are 
still wearing conspicuous clothing due to the transfer of worlds, this is a must. And also about the 
game rules of this world, truthfully tell them all to meA" 

Sora exerted his highly adaptable game brain. 

He was already convinced that he would win and had even added some additional requests. 

Part 6 

Thinking about back then, Sora whispered. 

"[Ten Oaths]-eh. Shiro, do you remember?" 

".Un. Very.interesting rules." Shiro, looking dazed and about to fall asleep, replied. 

They had learned about the rules of this world from the thieves (they were no longer recognizable 
now) that had lost the game. 

Taking out his phone on whieh he had written the rules, Sora reread them out loud again. 

[Ten Oaths] - 

It appears that these were the absolute rules that [God] had laid down. 

Although the little sister seemed to have easily memorized it, the brother had still reeorded them in 
his phone, which were as follows: 

[ 1 ] All bloodshed, war, and pillage is forbidden throughout the world. 

[2] All disputes are to be resolved through the outcome of games. 

[3] In games, wagers will be made on what both parties deeide to be of equal value. 

[4] Unless contrary to "Three", the game content and the things wagered do not matter. 

[5] The ehallenged party has the right to deeide the contents of the game. 

[6] "As per the Oath", the wager will be uneonditionally adhered to. 

[7] All matters for group conflicts will be deeided by a representative. 

[8] If cheating is detected during a game, it will be regarded as a defeat. 

[9] The above rules are unconditionally everlasting, upheld in the name of God. 

"And [ 10] -Everyone should get along while playing games." 

"Nine is used to wrap up everything from above it, but Ten." 

That is, it was not a mandatory requirement to get along with the opponent, so to speak. 

Or said in another way, 'Anyhow, it's not as if you guys are living in harmony anyways'. 

Feeling the irony of the [Ten Oaths] , the mirthful face of that [God] surfaced in Sora's mind. 

"That kid that dragged us here into this world— if that person really is [God], then he really does 
have good character. 

Pocketing his phone, Sora said with a wry smile. 

Just when the thought of lying on the bed came. 

His fatigue suddenly welled up, and his consciousness began to blur, even his thinking skills began to 
wear down. 

".If I think about it, of course it is a natural reaction. Pulling all-nighters for five days and then the 

sudden onset of this event." 


Always thinking about being beside her brother, while clutching onto Sora's wrist, was the little sister 
who had reached dreamland. 

Sweeping away the bangs that were on her face revealed white skin that was like ceramic and a 
beautiful face that was like a work of art. 

Compared with the girl that had a doll-like refined appearance, saying that the both of them were 
siblings could be perceived as a start of a bad joke. 

"—Didn't I always say to at least cover yourself with a will catch a cold." 


Complying with her brother's words, the little sister used a feeble voice to request him to help her 
cover herself 

Although Sora covered his little sister with the blanket that smelled like dust with a bit of hesitation, 
he still thought it was better than nothing. 

Watching his Shiro's sleeping face and steady breathing, Sora suddenly became lost in thought. 

(—Then, from now on, where should I start.) 

Sora started fiddling with the phone which he had just taken out. 

He wanted to try and see if there was any software that could help his predicament. 

(—This is a fantasy about being pulled into a different world, so first I should think about and look to 

see if there is a method to go baek..) 

—Parents who were no longer in this world. 

—A sister who was not aeeepted by society. 

—Himself who did not accept society. 

—Besides, the surprise that lies beyond the screen— this world. 

".Hey, Shiro...the protagonists of alternate world stuff ..why did they want to return back to 'that' 

kind of world?" 

Even though he knew that she had fallen asleep, Sora still tried to raise this question, but he did not 
receive an answer. 

He thought about what he was going to do after the four days. 

Sora was going to try and inprovise— but before the conclusion of his contemplations, the demon of 
sleep had already cut off his thoughts. 

Part 7 

—'Tok Tok!', this kind of sound rang in the air. 

The reason why he would wake up only due to polite knoeking— 

Was beeause his senses had been sharpened due to eoming to an unknown plaee. 

Sora loudly commanded the urges that wanted him to go back to sleep to shut up, then quickly let his 
brain become active again. 


—But his little sister was different from him. 

There was drool dribbling down her face and she was tightly grabbing onto her brother's left arm 
while sleeping. 

With a face that was more comforting than anything else, it would have made anyone jealous of the 
one who got to see that dreaming expression. 

"Yeah, thinking about it, in this world, killing, looting, and other things are prohibited." 

Which means— things such as being vigilant, are not necessary in this world. 

Probably understanding this point— no, she certainly understood. 

Sora, who looked like he had adapted to this world, gave a wry smile to his little sister who was in a 
deep sleep and showed that comfortable expression. 

"Indeed, the degree of flexibility in my mind can't match up to hers." 


Hearing the gentle knocking sound again, Sora replied. 

"Ah- coming, coming. Who is it?" 

"I am Stephanie Dora. I have something I would like to ask you regarding the thing about today." 


Taking out his phone, Sora co nfi rmed the photos that were taken before. 

What was shown on the photo was someone with red hair and blue eyes, similar to a noble girl. 

Yes, the pub downstairs— was also a venue for games to elect a new king. 

"Ah, coming, I am opening the door." 


"—My little sister, it is a brother's blessing for you to stick to me like that, but could you let go of my 
arm for a while? Otherwise I can't open the door." 


Although Shiro was in a half-asleep state, she still let go of Sora's arm. 

Dragging his heavy body off of the bed, Sora stepped onto the wooden floors that creaked and 
proceeded to open the door. 

Appearing at the door was an appearance that was a far cry from the photo on the phone— A 
[Stephanie] that looked like she had suffered a huge blow. 

"—Can you let me in?" 

"Ah. Ermm, okay." 

In short, Stephanie was then invited into the room 
Sora then retrieved the chair from the corner of the room 

He then sat on the chair because his little sister who was sleeping drowsily on the bed kept shifting 

The first to open her mouth was Stephanie. 

".What exactly happened?" 

"—What? Ah, let me start first, because we are siblings, this is not what—" 

"....Guu.dumped, byNii." 


Apparently not half asleep— but Shiro who was 80% in sleep mode applied more pressure onto 
Sora's back. 

Although they did not know what the common sense was like here, a tentative explanation was still 

"Then— is it wrong? I'm Sora. The years I've been without a girlfriend equals my age, and I'm 
currently seeking a girlfriend right now, whoaJ'" 

".That doesn't really matter at all." 

But Stephanie completely ignored the meaning of this sentence and feebly continued. 

"More importantly, I want to ask about something that happened during the day." 

(Day— day. Un, what was that again?) 

(Speaking of which, what's the time now? I can't even see the sun coming through the windows—) 

Taking a glance at the phone, he saw that 4 hours had passed since the start of the rest— They had 
probably been sleeping for this long. 

"Today, right when you had brushed past my shoulders, you said to me something like 'Can't you see 
you are being cheated?'." 

Just when Shiro was grumbling vague nonsense, probably something about the current conversation, 
she closed her eyes and spoke. 

".So you.really lost?" 

Stephanie seemed to be agitated by Shiro's attitude. 

"—Yes.yes, that's right, I LOST! Now, just about everything is over!" 

Sora covered his ears to muffle the shouting coming from Stephanie, who had abruptly stood up. 

"Ah— because of my lack of sleep, the sound will echo back and forth in my head, so please refrain 
from shouting so loudly." 

Towards Stephanie who threw a heated temper tantrum that included banging the table with her purse, 
Sora made only a small and humble request, but evidently it didn't pass her ears, and she started 
crying with an even sharper voice. 

"Since you knew that the opponent was cheating, wouldn't it have been good for me if you had 
explained the cheat to everyone?! I could have won if you had exposed the truth!" 

Sora then remembered what he had read before going to sleep, and said. 

"Eh.number eight of the [Ten Oaths]: if cheating is detected during a game, it will be regarded as 

a defeat..." 

Which is to say, you win if you clearly know that you are being cheated. 

But she failed to realize— if it cannot be proved, the person cheating wouldn't be defeated. 

"I lost, thanks to you! Arghhh, now I am even eliminated from the conpetition for the throne!" 


The drowsy Shiro spoke with a lisp. 

".So you lost.and were in you came vent?" 

Hearing Shiro's blunt and unabashed opinion, the blood pressure that spiked as a result forced 
Stephanie to grind her teeth. 

"Ah~my little sister, can we not pour oil on the fire while pretending to be asleep?" 

".Guu.why reveal that?" 

"You woke up after I said [Looking for girlfriend].fiirthermore, we don't really have any 

conpanions here, sooo, we really should be more friendly—" 


Sora suddenly stopped speaking. 

An idea— surfaced in his mind. 

Probably seeing the idea forming in her brother's mind, Shiro became silent. 

On the other hand, Sora, who seemed like he had changed his mind, said with a sardonic smile. 

"—But, what my little sister said was also true. Humans who always fail are taken for granted." 

".What did you say?" 

The shocked Stephanie's mouth gaped. 

But Sora disregarded her shock, and deliberately using vulgar eyes, looked up and down Stephanie's 

Just like a fantasy world Ojou-sama, she wore a fluttering dress that had lace everywhere. 

Sora's eyes seemed to be licking her body, observing her voluminous figure that couldn't be hidden 
even if she wore a dress. 

Carefully selecting words that would set off the opponent— Sora said. 

"Not even being able to see through cheating of that degree, and then suddenly running here to have a're even getting angry at a child hitting the nail— you really are a sinpleton. And if 

you are really the lineage of that foolish old king, then I suppose failing would be something natural 
for you." 

Part 8 

Sora said this with eyes that were filled with a pity reserved for extremely unintelligent organisms. 

Widening her eyes, trembling while directing a burning death glare towards Sora, another furious 
expression emerged on Stephanie's face. 

"Please.take that back." 

"Take it back? Haha, why?" 

"Be that as it may— I definitely won't allow you to ridicule my dear Ojii-san!" 

Facing against Stephanie's solemn protesting, Sora only scoffed and waved his hands. 

"The reason why you didn't notice that cheat was because you were too defensive— rather than taking 
risks, you tried to choose a safer way to win. These kind of people concentrate too much on securing 
themselves that they don't even have the spare capacity to pay attention to the opponent's actions." 

He gave a sarcastic smile while tossing out these cheeky words. 

"A simpleton with a low boiling point that can't even control your own emotions because you're so 
conservative. IMHO^, that is sinply out of the question for a gamer!" 

"—Be quiet, if I wanted your opinion, then—" 

Preventing his escape from the chair, Stephanie was in a posture like she was ready to grab hold of 
Sora, but Sora still continued to speak. 

"Then, let's play a game." 

".Eh? What?" 

Stephanie was suddenly confused. But she remained vigilant and questioned Sora about what he had 
just said. 

"Nothing, it doesn't really require any complex thinking. It's just rock, paper, scissors. Heard of it? 
Rock, paper, scissors." 

"Rock, paper, scissors—? That.un, I know." 

"Un, this world is indeed a great help. Then we will use that to determine the winner, just that—" 

Saying that, Sora put up his fingers. 

As if saying it carefully for Stephanie to hear, Sora slowly continued. 

"Not ordinary rock, paper, scissors— do you understand? I will only use paper." 


"If I were to throw anything other than paper, then I would [Lose].but, if I beat you with 

something other than paper, you will also lose, leading to a [Draw]. Of course, if I throw out anything 
other than paper and I draw, then I will still [Lose]." 

(Losing if it isn't paper? What does this guy think he's saying?) 

Stephanie became more alert. 

"—The wager, what will it be?" 

It was such a big help of you to be so sensible— Sora thought about saying this, then smiled and 

"If you win, I will accept all of your requests. Whether you want me to tell you the reason you lost, or 
the truth behind that cheat, or even if you want me to die in repayment for calling your foolish king a 
foolish king, it doesn't matter." 


"—So! Conversely, if I win, you must accept all of my demands." 

Sora looked happy, but he had on an expression that was eolder than iee, with a ereepy smile that had 

Using a tone that was dirty, ugly, and cold, Sora continued speaking. 

"We are betting our fates here— so it's not a problem for you to wager your chastity, right?" 

All of the hot blood gushing into Stephanie's head was calmed down due to this coldness. 

But, because Stephanie's mind had calmed down, she prudently questioned. 

"What if— we draw?" 

"Then I will give you a little hint on how you were consideration." 

Sora's attitude suddenly changed, and as if troubled, scratched his head and said with a smile. 

"I can make do with a trivial wish. Although what we have on hand seems like it'll last us a few days 
— I'll be straightforward, after four days of staying here, we'll have no food or place to stay. And in 

the long run, we are still worrying about what to do next." 

"—Which means, you want me to provide you with accommodations." 

Towards Stephanie's reply, Sora only returned a smile.. 

—^Nothing was said. 

Which means that this man was temporarily trying to scrounge a little bit. 

"So, how do you feel-? Accept, or deny?" 

!? ?? 

"Well, even if you learn how the opponent cheated, you are already disqualified from the throne 
selection. Not to mention that there is no benefit to taking an unnecessary risk if you are someone who 
loves a defensive war! So even if you refuse it's nothing." 

Sora brazenly provoked her. 

Despite it being such a blatant provocation— Stephanie still accepted it without flinching. 

".Okay, let's do this then— [Acciente] III" 

—That was an oath to make sure the game followed the [Ten Oaths]. 

A word that declares full intention to God to perform a wager in absolute conpliance to the [Ten 
Oaths]— swearing to God, the absolute requirement when gambling. 

"OK, then I shall also- [Acciente] ." 

Sora gave a leering smile— that vow from his mouth was both unpredictable and askew. 

In Stephanie's mind, she began thinking intensely. 

(—Only throw out paper?) 

(Unless he thinks that I would cheerfully throw out scissors.) 

(Looking at the conditions he suggested— his intentions are obvious.) 

(The goal of that man— is to reach a tie.) 

(This man is only trying to get food and accommodation— he doesn't really understand the cheat.) 
(This should not be the truth now.) 

(If he would lose if he doesn't use paper, then my chances of winning are—) 

Rock: 2 wins, 1 loss. Scissors: 2 wins, 1 draw. Paper: 1 win, 2 draws. 

(He announced that he wouldn't choose anything other than paper.) 

(If I innocently sent out scissors, he would choose rock.) 

(He plans on moeking me by saying "Haha, just as I expeeted- It was hard on you, you single-eelled 

(But if that was so, if I used paper— it would be impossible for me to lose.) 

(But it would still fulfill his goals if the result was a draw.) 

(—This man, definitely thinks that I won't use rock—.) 

(Because, that's the only choice that I have with a possibility of losing!) 

(—Treating me like an idiot!) 

(Both rock and scissors are good, my ehances of winning are [2:1]) 

(Thinking as you wish— I will not let you get away with a draw!) 

Trying to penetrate through Sora, Stephanie stared at him with sharp eyes. 

!? _ !? 

—However, Stephanie, who looked at Sora's expression, could not help but take a deep breath. 

Because there was a skinny man that was troublesome— or not. 

Calmly, the man that was eonfident that he would win revealed a faint smile. 

Seeing Sora's expression— blood rushed into Stephanie's head onee again, as if a bucket of cold 
water had been poured on her. 

(—^No, don't be impetuous, keep calm.) 

Finishing those words in her head, Stephanie started brainstorming again. 

Rashness, emotions and simplicity- what if he sees through all of these? 

Stephanie said to herself and notieed something. 


This, of course, was an obvious matter. 

(This guy—this man—declared that paper was the only exception!) 

(In addition, no matter what other method he uses, he can not [Win].) 

(So— no matter what I choose, this man only announced that he would choose [Paper].) 

(Victory would come to him if he happens to get a lucky draw and a tie would be expected— that's 

(The possibility of losing— is the same no matter what!) 

"Then, should we start?" 

Sora asked with the air of winner— but. 

"Yeah, you too. Are you prepared to comply to the Oaths?" 

Likewise, Stephanie who believed that she would win, replied. 

(I have already seen through your tricks— go on and put on the expression of a lost dog^!) 

"Then let's begin. Ready- rock, paper...—" 


Stephanie had used [Scissors]. 


—Widening her eyes because Sora had chosen [Rock]. 

"Whu, What— Wh, this " 

"Although it is laudable that you honestly came out with scissors and did not give into the provocation 
— in the end you are still too inexperienced." 

Saying that— the ruthless edge and thin smile disappeared from Sora's face. 

Sora sat on the bed again, and lightly talked through the inner thought processes of Stephanie to her. 

"My provocation was to make rock appear to you as the only way you could lose." 

!? !? 

"—But my calm expression drove in an understanding that only by using paper would I [Win]." 

"—Wha.I was being read— So that expression.was all an act!?" 

"So far so good.But choosing [Paper] would have made me lose.this way, not only would you 

defeat my only ehanee of winning, you could also double your possibility of winning against me." 

—Everything was seen through- no, everything was manipulated by him. 


Stephanie bit her lips and knelt down with her hands supporting her body. 

The ealming down process.not only that, but even the winning idea that Stephanie had thought out 

was also predicted. 

—Finally, this. 

The reason why Stephanie lost during the day- this was the hint. 

However, Sora continued. 

"So, yeah, it was already decided that I would win from the outset of this game." 

"I know. You were aiming for a draw, right? Okay, what aecommodations—" 

Stephanie who had lost easually replied- but. 

"Well, about that right there. You're wrong, you know?" 


"Try re-ally hard to recall it, okay? How did I say it?" 

"I can make do with a trivial wish. Although what we have on hand seems like it'll last us a few days 
— I'll be straightforward, after four days of staying here, we'll have no food or place to stay. And in 
the long run, we are still worrying about what to do next." 

"Right, there's a problem here! When...did I ever say what the specifie eontents of my [Trivial wish] 


Stephanie hurriedly got up and protested. 

"Eh, because, didn't you already affirm that you only required accommodation!?" 

"Un, but I didn't confirm it-" 

Stephanie tried to recall what had happened like a video playback with sound, fully utilizing her 

With no place to stay, no food, how did he coneeal the next words. 

S ora—thi s man—had only.... 


—So the reason for his wishful thinking was to serounge for more— 


"Lx)oks like you understand! Then please listen eareflilly to my [Trivial wishJJ'" 

With Sora wearing a smile, 'Sha'— he suddenly pointed his finger towards Stephanie. 
"Fall in love with me!" 

Part 9 

.A long silence. 

The first to break the awkwardness, the one who was always silent, was Shiro who watched 
innocently from the sidelines. 

".Erm, Nii?" 

"Hehehe, what is it, my little sister. Was my plan so perfect that it moved you to speechlessness?" 

Although he could not understand his little sister's intentions, Sora was already intoxicated with his 
perfect command. 

[6] "As per the Oath", the wager will be unconditionally adhered to. 

Also considering the case of the ninth Oath— because of God's power, the order couldn't be stopped 
by anything. 

Well, of course, that also includes the individual's free will! 


" is going on.?" 

Facing against his little sister who was sinply clueless, Sora also made an expression as if he did not 
understand anything. 

"Oya, it really is surprising that you don't understand, my little sister. Isn't there a saying that 'love is 
blind'? If it is in absolute conpliance with the Oaths, then of course she would have to completely 
[Dedicate herselt] to me, right? Accommodation, money, even talent can be gained...isn't this killing 
three birds with one stoneJ'" 

Sora said it like this, wondering why she couldn't understand even though she had such a good mind. 
Shiro muttered softly. 

"."Become my property".wouldn't" 


For everything." 

Eh, ah.e hhhh ?" 

Sora was confused for an instant. After that he started aeeelerating his thinking process. 

If it was just as his little sister had said, the command of [Become my property]... 

Everything that belongs to a property naturally belongs to its master— 

"Ah, eh? Wouldn't that kind of way be much more favorable.huh?" 

(Why didn't I think of that-?) 

Shouldn't he have said that. 

Planning policies had always been thought out by himself sinee the beginning, so why would Sora, 
who claimed that he had the performanee and strength, do that— 

".Nii.your own wish.was mixed inside?" 


Shiro— gazed coldly at him with half-closed eyes, and not beeause she was still drowsy. 

Sora eried and hugged his head. 

"I, I actually.turned out to be like this!? Was it about that- if I missed this chance. I'll never get a 

girlfriend?! Did the superficial sense of inferiority of not having a girlfriend cloud my judgement at 
the last minute!? No, could I, I make sueh a silly mistake—" 


For one of the wings of j to eommit sueh a mistake— Sora felt dizzy. 

As if she was unhappy with something, Shiro continued to say with her cold voice. 

" said you need for a girlfriend.that as long as Shiro was 

here.that would be good enough." 

"That was me saying too much! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! I am so sorry, 
a hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !" 

With his little sister pouting on the bed, Sora knelt in front of her as if in a devout kind of worship and 

"Af, after all I am unable to do those kind of things to my little sister! You are only 11 years old! If I 
did it, I would be taken away by the cops! And with your brother of age, this sort of desire is natural 

Sora who was chattering all kinds of excuses. And Shiro who was staring with cold eyes. 

?? _ ?? 

After being requested to fall in love, Stephanie was thrown aside and had her head lowered while 

Yes. Just as Sora had thought, there eould be absolutely no refusal to the Oaths. Whieh was this 
world's absolute law. 

But— her eheeks were burning, and the rapid beating of her heart eould not be stopped. 

Beeause Sora had ignored her to talk to his little sister, Stephanie felt worried. 

—Even if this was the law of this world. 


Beeause of this man. 

Because of this guy. 

—She aetually— "felt jealous"—! 

"How can I aeknowledge thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!" 

"Whoa, that scared me!" 

With the force built up from her anger, Stephanie finally shrieked out. 

Intending to resist the implanted feelings, she glared at Sora— but. 

"—Wh, whoaa!" 

When their eyes met, her heartbeat suddenly quickened and her face became hotter. 

"Wh, wha, what what what kind of [Trivial wish] was that! You, you dare toy with a maiden's 

To try and avoid this effeet, Stephanie ehanged her line of sight and shouted. 

Despite standing up aggressively, she still laeked a bit of momentum. 

"Ah, that.about that." 

Sora scratched his cheeks, and shifted away his eyes with an embarrassed look on his face. 

He had originally wanted a development to happen, but due to his huge mistake, some of his goals 
were not achieved and Sora could not help but be worried. 

"That, about that, Shiro? What do I do?" 

".I.don't know." 


Losing face and seeking help from his little sister, only to be coldly cast aside— 

"What a pain— *cough*!" 

No matter. Sora, who had finally made up his mind, coughed. 

He decided to treat the mistake as if it did not even happen. 

Sora, feeling good again, could not help but giggle. 

"The definition of trivial depends on the person. You only wanted one bite of the dessert, but that one 
bite was the whole thing^..." 

Probably back to his normal state, Sora fluently said this. 

"Isn't, isn't that a fraud!" 

But, Stephanie didn't accept his form of interpretation and strongly rebutted. 

—The voice of Sora that flowed into her ears made her feel embarrassed. 

Even though she really hoped that he would close his mouth, the problem was that she aetually wanted 
to listen to his voice. 

Using a [Request for an explanation] as an excuse to try and do this, she repressed the entanglement in 
her heart and retorted. 

With absolutely no idea of how to deal with the kind of feelings entangling in Stephanie's heart(nor 
any reason to), Sora (eighteen years old, virgin) calmed down. 

And as if pointing out a childish mistake, he pointed to Stephanie. 

"Yup, right there. You were paying attention to the content of the game, yet you ignored the [Premise] 

of it. That won't do, without any specific nature of this statement.for example, even if an alarmist 

emphasizes on hearing the winning conditions, sometimes their focus will deliberately get fuzzed up, 
get it~" 

—After all, the purpose of this game was to have a draw. 

That was what Stephanie had thought so far. 

But that was still not enough, there were still parts that weren't thought of 
Whether he won or drew— Stephanie's risks were the same. 

This was the true point of the game— whieh is to say— 

"You, you— swindler!" 

Yes, the so-ealled [Fraud]. 

There was indeed a reason for why Stephanie had shouted— however. 

"Oioi, saying that is too over the top- obviously it was the fault of the one being cheated-" 

"Th, these are the lines of a swindler!" 

Facing against Stephanie, whose protests were never ending, the clamor finally drove Shiro to speak. 

".Of the [Ten Oaths].Three.In games.wagers will be made on what both parties decide 

to be of equal value." 

Because Shiro finally changed back, Sora ecstatically continued. 

"Yes! The main point is 'to be of equal value'. After that, four: unless contrary to "Three", the game 
content and the things wagered do not matter— which is to say?" 

Moving her fingers around, Shiro answered. 

".Life.and human rights.can be wagered." 

"Yes, exactlyJ' Which means that when the bet was decided, the game had already begun." 

As if explaining to Stephanie, only the conversation between the siblings could be heard. 

Shiro then said. 

" wasn't even wager feelings." 

"That's not it! This was to confirm if even free will and resistance could be dominated over—" 



It appeared that the etfeet of'treating the mistake like it never happened' did not work on his little 

"But, but—! Using this kind of fraud—!" 

With fraud, forcing her first love to be— 

Stephanie, who rebutted in tears, originally wanted to raise cruel accusations. 


".Sixth of the [Ten Oaths].the wager.will be unconditionally adhered to." 

The eleven-year old girl— with eyes filled with compassion and calmness, issued the final blow. 

".Easily forgetting the weight of the premise.falling to the provocation.that was all 


—Yes, the Ten Oaths had to be followed. 

[5] The challenged party has the right to decide the contents of the game. 

Stephanie had the right to refuse the game, and also the right to change its content. 

The one who wasted those rights, submissively offered a wager, and accepted the game was not 
anybody else— 


—It was Stephanie herself 

Perhaps having nothing else to say, Stephanie planted her rear end on the ground. 

In fact, the Oaths that were set up— were currently influencing Stephanie. 

These Oaths were legitimately recognized by the world of this game. 

No matter what Stephanie said, she had already lost, and the bet had been established. 

"Then, I guess you have accepted it, Stephanie?" 

"— !" 

Rubbish! Was what she had intended to add on. 

—But her feelings did not allow her to do so. 

Not only that, a sweet feeling went into her heart just by being called by her name— 

"—Guu— why is this happening, agg hhhhhhhhhhh !" 

With a fire that couldn't be released, Stephanie got into a kneeling posture and used her head to 
repeatedly bang the ground. 

"Whoa— are, are you alright!?" 

"How do I look alright to you!?" 

Trying to ignore the pain of her slowly swelling forehead, Stephanie glared at Sora, which made him 
cringe. However. 

"No, not at all. B-but I did win the bet, so— can I make a request?" 


Yes...after all, Sora's motive was not for her to fall in love with him, but for the things that resulted 
from that. 

Stephanie then remembered what he had said earlier, that love would lead to her dedication. 
However— hold on, Stephanie. 

Sora's request was to 'fall in love with him'. 

But not to 'follow his orders', right? 

In other words, Stephanie had no obligation to accept any of his requests. 

"Well.hehehe, looks like you had a miscalculation." 

Understanding this, then everything was very simple. 

No matter what requests were put forward, just answer [NO!] and everything would be settled. 
Doesn't that solve everything! 

"Okay. First of all, because Stephanie is too long, can I shorten it to Steph instead?" 

"Hmmm? Ah, okay, no problem at alU— ahh!" 

—Gaining a new nickname, [Steph] smiled and nodded. 

The rationality and resolution to [Reject everything] two seconds ago had completely disappeared. 

The maiden who had turned sinple due to love and would inevitably blush when getting called by a 

"Nu—noo,, there is nooo.need to be worried.about call....ealling me by a 

niekname.! Names don't matter! Un un, just like that, un! Then after that I'll be fine if I just don't 

aeeept any other requests!" 

But Steph who constrained herself to agree did not realize. 

As long as she hurriedly escaped from this room, nothing else would happen. 

Which is to say— she unconsciously had a desire to stay by Sora's side. 

"Un, well, it would be great if you could call me Sora. Steph, you are of royal lineage, right?" 

—Here it comes. 

Right, if the motive was support, then he'll demand money, accommodation and food. 

He would do this in order to get those things. 

However, these requests that were going to be made, did not bind Steph to conply to his demands. 
Hebe, Steph laughed in her heart. 

If Sora requested, she would bluntly reply with a 'I refuse!'. 

Let this swindler have a feeling of defeat— and his expression would be worth watching at that time. 
With her corresponding lines ready, Steph waited for Sora's request. 

"In that case, your house must be very spacious. Can we stay with you for a while?" 

"—Ah, okay, no problemV 


"Eh, ehhhh? Why? Hmm?" 

Steph fell into disarray because she did not understand what she had just said. 

However, her face had such a fiery feeling that she was going to have a nosebleed, which then 
pronpted Steph to think back to Sora's words. 

'Can we stay with you'— 

That means staying together. 

Cohabitation.which means a man and a woman living together. 

Being able to stay together. 

Which means.along with the bed, the bathroom and the like could be shared— 

"Ah, ah, a hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , not right! This is not right! It's not that way!" 

Watching Steph continuously headbutting the wooden wall with a 'Dong Dong Dong'- Sora, who was 
scared pale, asked. 

"Uh, umm, how do I say this...even though the situation has become very it okay?" 

"How could this do!— ahhh.everything is already useless." 

Steph faced the ceiling and gave a hollow laugh. 

—Yup, Sora did commit a huge mistake. 

Presenting requests without any [Contractually obligation]. 

But Sora's age equals how long he's been without a girlfriend. 

He can't understand Steph because she is experiencing her first love. 

Historically, love has been one of the reasons countries have fallen to ruin. 

This is just too contemptuous. 

Part 10 

"He, hehe.enough.I give up, I don't care anymore, I will do anything you want." 

Lying on the wooden floor, the ihistrated yet sobbing Steph said. 

Even though she wasn't bound contractually, she had already shown no will to refuse any orders. 
Steph realized this point, and with expressionless eyes, said this while stifling her laughter. 

"—^No more other requests? Oh, whatever, I don't care anymore." 

Reaching this point, there was something missing in Steph's considerations. 

Because she never expected to be asked to 'fall in love with him', just grant to requests. 

"Ah—.urn, yes " 

Sora gave a glance to Shiro. 

What the meaning behind that glance was, Steph wasn't sure of 
Shiro softly nodded. 

".Waiting.for Shiro to be too pitiful." 

"Could you please not use the word 'pity' to describe it? And also, don't you know that even when 
you're eighteen, your brother still can't do anything to his little sister?" 


Shiro squeezed her thumb in between her index and middle fingers, and said with a deadpan 

".Nii.grats.on your graduation from virginity." 



Was it because the development was too good, or did it simply lack imagination. 

Requesting the body, this development was of course natural. 

Steph, who had entirely abandoned her will earlier, had the flaming light of resistanee lit up in her yet 

"Wha, whu whu, what? I, I, I didn't listen to it before! Thi, thi, for this kind of thing, there must be a 
certain atmosphere, a situation where it is natural— ah? Huh?" 

However, the reason her eyes had regained their light was not due to the fear of her losing her 
virginity— strange. 

—She was looking forward to it. Steph, who had noticed this, once again tried to drive her head into 
the wall. 

Sora was completely oblivious towards Steph, who was carrying these subtle thoughts while 
ramming her head, and flatly said. 

"No, until Shiro is eighteen years old, all R-18 things and everything related is banned." 


Steph whispered, but it was still heard. 

".Don't mind.Shiro." 

"But I do mind a lot! I will absolutely not allow children to see pornographic scenes!" 

".Nii.didn't you just tell fall for you.because you're bad with 

rape.and the like, right?" 

"No, that..why do you understand my sexual preferences?" 

".The game boxes.leaving them and the games.and everything else around the 

room.I know everything." 

Steph was dumbfounded just by listening to the siblings' dialogue. 

But, both parties have been ignoring this fact. 

—Their arguments about M-18 related stuff stemmed from the fact that the [Sister was accompanying 

"—Urn, wouldn't it be settled if you let your sister out of the room?" 

"Hmm? Although I am quite happy that you are looking forward to it, that can't be done due to 
corrplicated circumstances." 

"—^NO! Nooo, are you stupid? Are you an idiot!?" 

Tossing aside the flushed Steph. 

Just like a seholar who tried to find a solution to an enormous problem 

Both of them, who were brooding and folding their arms, finally seemed to have an intelligent look on 
their faees. 


Saying this, Shiro expressionlessly came up with a solution. 

".Then barely safe for work..take action." 

"Ohhh! This one! As expected of my little sister, indeed you are talented." 


Hearing the words of praise coming out of Sora's mouth, Shiro revealed a joyous expression. 

Also— she didn't understand it at all. 

It looked like they had found "the method to achieve the objectives" that complied with the 'little 
sister accompanies', which alerted Steph. 

"—But, to what kind of extent?" 

".Nii, this type of field^ conplacent." 

"We had encountered this "Type of field" in mangas and games, but this kind of matter doesn't apply 
to me, which I will clearly state first, my little sister." 

"'re a you don't know.what to do?" 

Saying this accurate, yet bitter statement to Sora, Shiro raised up her smart phone. 

".Shiro will give instructions.while videotaping." 

"Un, instructions are fine, but why is the camera necessary, little sister?" 

".Nii.don't you want fap material.?" 

"Un, although the thoughts you have worry me...but I will gratefully accept your thoughtfulness." 

With mixed feelings, Sora turned towards Steph. 

On the other hand, Steph was unaware of what the smartphone was and froze motionlessly. 

Starting the video, Shiro gave the first set of instructions. 

" trom....suddenly.falling down?" 

"Oh— so it'll be that kind of development, eh. do 1 fall in this kind of situation—" 

Sora was searching around for something that he could stumble on, when slowly. 


Shiro gently kicked him 

"Whoa— so that's how it is, oh— I'm gonna fall!" 

Sora said, as he skilllully read Shiro's intentions. 


With mediocre, or perhaps even worthless acting, Sora pushed Steph until they hit the floor. 

His hands that were pressing on Steph— 

—Were in the same place as in any conventional storyline, unto Steph's breasts. 

If there was one word that Steph would use to describe the situation, to let others understand this kind 
of "rotten and vulgar development"— it would be the word "violent". 

".Take....2.because of a force majeureJ^, he groped them..." 

"That.if it was accidental then it wouldn't be a force majeure." 

".Then.are you giving up?" 

"I'll do it, director. 1 will work hard— sex!" 


Grope grope grope. Grope grope grope. 

Grope grope grope. Grope grope grope. 

Shake shake shake. Shake shake shake. 

Shake shake shake. Shake shake shake. 


His thoughts frozen, the sensation of the rather plump feeling caused Sora to be speechless and he 
could only say an interjection. 

On the other hand, Steph widened her eyes, but it eased down. 

Because the reason why she could not catch up with the development— 

Was this point, which of course was one of them. 

But above all else— experiencing the feeling of being touched by his hands, Steph did not know why 
she felt like she was going to melt. 


The sound that leaked out from Steph's mouth was covered by her hands, fortunately unheard by those 
two peoples's ears. 

"—Well, well, well.3, 3D isn't all that bad after all.uh— errr, director. This level still 

counts as [All ages], right?" 

".Un.but, Nii.too much groping." 

Shiro slightly frowned, while looking at her own chest which was could be conpared to an airport 

"Oh— is that so. Since the groping was an accident, it would still be a bit rotten and vulgar even if it 
is 3D— then, guu, what to do next? Director." 

".Take.3, from here, nipslip." 

"Is that still safe for work?" 

Sora could not help but raise that question, while Shiro solemnly said. 

".If it is by J*MP standards.then even being fully naked.doesn't matter." 

"No no, it will be bad if it was fully naked! Is there really such a thing as a nipple in reality?" 

", will be eropped, and altered." 

"Director, this is live. The situation is happening now. You can't white-out or alter that." 


".Ah, if it is to that degree— but it is difficult to undress in this situation." 

Facing Sora who appreciated the pains of making a film, Shiro said. 

".Nii, not above.if it's, below." 

"Ah, flipping the skirt will also cause light blockage! You really are capable to a high degree, 

Just when Sora stretched his hand to lift up Steph's skirt. 

Steph, whose brain had already melted, started to reignite. 

—Flip skirt? 

Underclothes— which means that my panties will be seen by him? 

—^No, I will be troubled by this. 

The top is fine. 

No, the top is not fine. 

It was not just the residual effects of Steph's rational side. But it was also her instincts that warned 

The bottom is not fine. 

It can't be fine, unacceptable in any case. At least for now, it is unacceptable. 

Well, how to say it better. 

—Although it was inplanted feelings. 

To be pushed down by the person you liked, even groped by him. 

Because when the inevitable would happen— there would be a change in the [living status]. 

"—Yi— yahaaaaaaaaaal?" 

That kind of instinct conpelled Steph's melted brain to suddenly move. 

In an instant, Steph swiped off Sora's hand, and hit him. 


Sora, who was in a kneeling posture in preparation to flip her skirt, lost his balance when gently 

Despite trying to avoid the fall, and being barely able to maintain his standing posture, disaster still 

In order to prevent himself from collapsing, Sora pulled away the distance and took a few steps back. 

—That is when Sora retreated to the door. And after being pushed gently by Steph, he hit a bump on 
the wall, then. 

—A 'dong' came as a response. 


Sora with his head aching cried out. 

—But it wasn't over yet. 

—Alas, what a cheap hotel. 

The impact of Sora against the cheap door burst open the hinges, and just like that, he fell into the 


"Eh—eh, wait—" 

As if trying to drown out the worried voices of the two people. 

'Kaching'..the sound of the cheap metal hinges. 

—Then a thud. 

Because of the reaction of violently opening the door, it quietly swung back and— closed up. 

Part 11 

Momentarily, Steph was clueless of what was happening and stood there motionless. 

But because of the fact that Sora had flown into the corridor after being hit by her... 

"—Ah! Sora?" 

For the first time, Steph called out the name of that [Man], while standing up in a panic. 

—She had the feeling of her heart being grabbed, while oozing out uneasiness. 

She concluded that due to her actions, she may have caused injury to others and had a feeling of pure 

Not to mention that she may be hated. This kind of anxiety— she decidedly wouldn't accept it. 

Saying this to herself, Steph panicked and rushed out to open the door to the corridor. 

Outside the door, in a corner of the corridor, Sora was trembling while hugging his head. 

"How did—!" 

Steph clearly remembered that she didn't use nearly enough strength to push Sora here. 

But the truth was that Sora was indeed in the corner. 

"So, Sora!? Are you alright?!" 

He was hugging his head to his knees. 

It couldn't be due to the head colliding with the door right?—Steph started to look pale, but— 

"Sorry sorry sorry I apologize I apologize so please forgive me!" 

—It looked like it was not due to the impact. 

Sora only curled up on the ground and continuously offered an apology. 


"Sorry sorry I thought I would never have another chance to touch breasts and I'm a guy after all and I 
wanted at least one girlfriend I was distracting myself no I know please don't glare at me like that yes 

I'm scum yes I'm a pervert I know sorry sorry sorry!" 

—It was clearly that arrogant Sora who had committed that degree of fraud and sexual harassment. 
But now he was trembling just like a new-born lamb, constantly apologizing. 

".What, what is going on?" 

Steph did not understand this situation at all. 

Therefore she looked to the sister—Shiro-to ask for an answer, and went into the room. 

".Nii...Nii.where.don't.leave Shiro.alone." 

—Sitting on the bed, in the exact state as her brother. 

Large round teardrops constantly rolled and eurled into drops, and in addition, kept tumbling down 
Shiro's trembling yet deadpan expression. 

"—Wha, what is going on with them? These siblings." 

Forgetting about the groping of her ehest, Steph stood there in a daze. 

Yes, this is j — Sora and Shiro. 

The two-in-one gamer. 

This is above being strong or weak in all genres. 

But onee the two of them are separated— whieh is to say. 

When alone, one beeomes an anthrophobie person who can't even communieate properly with others 

When alone, one becomes an incurable soeial outcast. 

"....Nii.Nii, where are you." 

"Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!" 

Everyone should understand by now. 

One is a NEET. 

One is a hikikomori. 

These siblings with an age gap of seven years eould be together only in one plaee, their [home]— 
This— this is the truth behind the [Urban Legend] of j . 

Chapter 2 - Challenger/Challenger 

Part 1 

Kingdom of Elchea, Capital of Elchea— Western Region, District 3. 

After threatening the boss to stay in the Inn, the siblings didn't even last one night before wordlessly 
checking out. 

However, the second morning had already arrived for the siblings who were currently lodging in 
Stephanie Dora's home. 

No, to be exact— on the second morning, the siblings had arrived in the bathroom of her house. 

".Nii.I can explain." 

The naked Shiro asked while being shampooed. 

"Explain? If it is about the cleaning scene, then there won't be any sort of development if it isn't a 
bathing scene, should I explain more?" 

".Nii.bathing scene.otherwise.grade schoolers.are, perfect NG's^ ." 

"Don't worry little sister, the infamous [Mist block] will play a role, and make the scene [Pure]." 

Sora gazed at the unnaturally thick mist in the bathroom and said this. 

"Could it be, because of this reason, you actually 'boiled up the entire bath'?" 

Steph responded with a dumbfounded expression while washing Shiro's hair. 

"Exactly this reason. This is an important place after all." 

"Did you know, because of this, the servants had to needlessly burn that much firewood?" 

And after boiling the bath, it was common sense to not soak into it. 

Senselessly wasting all that water to create a mist effect. 

"If you want to say it like that, then what about a particular person who gets to enjoy such a large bath 
and still has the audacity to accuse someone of being wasteful." 


(As expected of the lineage of royalty.) 

Steph was actually much wealthier than what Sora had imagined. 

The house was built with Roman-styled infrastruetures, so it would not be inappropriate to eall it a 
[Castle], much to the ehagrin of the siblings who only knew Japan. Furthermore, the personal bath that 
Steph had was spacious enough to fit ten people inside. 

The baths, whieh were also Roman-styled, were currently boiled up to make the seene [For all ages]. 

With this level of luxury displayed, people really couldn't help but wonder if this was really a house 
from a raee that was on the verge of destruction. 

"And also. I'm sorry. Because my sister hates to take baths— She also stubbornly believes that [This 
includes even if an eleven-year old girl is in an eighteen-year old's ero book] so she wouldn't let me 
help her wash, whieh explains why she rarely takes a bath. But yesterday she said that if it was in a 
elean seene then it was okay, so I thought there was no reason not to take advantage of that." 

".Guuuu.Nii, hate." 

But the bottom line, this rule should be the most applieable to Steph. 

Shiro lamented, implying that she was protesting. 

"Little sister, if you take care of yourself then you will become super beautiful, so be a good girl and 
take a bath." 

".It's fine.if I'm not a beauty." 

"Your brother loves a beautiful Shiro." 


Muttered Shiro in a low voiee. She found it hard to eomplain more after hearing Sora say that. 

But it will be fine either way. 

No, they had attracted unpleasant emotions due to their intimate relationship as siblings, but this faet 
was ignored. 

Compared to that, there was something even more concerning that was at hand. 

(This situation. Why did it happen in the first plaee?) 

(Why am I washing a fully naked Shiro's hair, while Sora is wearing elothes and standing on the 
opposite side?) 

"—Sora.why, do I have to wash Shiro's hair?" 

—^No, it shouldn't be this thorough. 

These queries were raised after suffering from a deep remorse on why she did not reject him before. 
"Did you listen to what I said? It's because if you don't do it, Shiro will refuse to take a bath." 

"Do- does it even matter to me?!?" 

"Un, you want to let me see?" 

"He—hell no! I am just asking if you are intentionally creating more trouble for me!" 

"Rest assured, Steph. I will use my [Additional measures] to appreciate and feel your naked body 


Being told off like this, Steph blushed and covered her body. 

But on the other hand, hearing the indication that Sora might have interest in her allowed her a sense 
of "peace of mind". 

Thinking that Sora was looking for a hole in the wall in which he could peek through, Steph surveyed 
the room. 

"But now, even if included — You can't blindly trust this [Mist block]." 


"Just like after my bath, my "little brother" would rise up, or the mist block is too insufficient to block 
off my little sister, then that wouldn't be Ml 8^, but issued ban." ^ 

Th-this, ah.." 

Steph didn't understand what Sora had just said. 

But most importantly, Sora had no reason to peek over. 

However, this was the limit of understanding that Steph has, which couldn't be helped. 

What was set in the bathroom were two mobile phones and laptops. 

And Steph didn't know that the two tiny holes were cameras. 

— After the bath, Shiro would confirm the screen, if there weren't any problems, they would start 

So in Sora's heart, he swore to repress the impulse of wanting to go back to that world. 

Part 2 

" comfortable." 

" slippery.very ticklish...." 

While waiting for Shiro to finish, Sora hurriedly took a shower himself 

The seemingly refreshed Sora was in total contrast with Shiro's unhappy look. 

—It appeared that, it was exactly what Sora had mentioned earlier, after Shiro's white hair was being 

Her gently wavy hair, which was as white as snow, was drawn down. Accompanied by that 
porcelain-like white skin and coupled with her red eyes...she was just like a doll produced by a 
professional craftsmen. 

"It would be fine if you'd remain in this state forever. Really, it's such a waste." 

"....Anyways, apart fromNii.won't show it." 

Speaking of whieh, Sora did also have a hearty appearanee after he shaved his stubble. 

How to say it. 

(Wh-what a failure.) 

Staring intently at Sora, Steph desperately tried to suppress her nosebleed, that. 

Currently, Sora did not have the vile feeling that he emitted out during their first meeting, but instead 
had the hearty image of a [Good Youth]. 

However— The problems didn't stem from here. 

Trying desperately to endure the forthcoming gushing nose bleed, Steph blurted out. 

"Y-you, both of you— get dressed!" 

—Steph got so shoeked that she stood up, while the siblings, with only towels wrapped around 
themselves, replied. 

".Didn't you say you wanted to wash our clothes? We only have those clothes to wear...unless 

they've already been dried?" 

Said Sora, who didn't expect that dryers would exist in this world. 

"Th-that, that.then I will prepare you some clothes— male, do we have male clothes to, guuuuu.why did it end up like this." 

Grumbling, Steph turned around and left to search for clothes. 

—10 minutes later. 

The exact same location as before, Steph was currently kneeling on the ground with her head down, 
deeply regretting what she had done. 

(Wh-what a failure.) 

"Ho ho, this is a butler's uniform— the so-called [Tuxedo], right.although moving around in it is 

quite inconvenient, it's quite interesting, like cosplay! And it matches with the white lining." 

Standing in front of the drooping Steph, was a butler-dressed Sora. 

".Fluttering, too much. Inconvenient for movement." 

And Shiro who was wearing Steph's dress from when she was a child. 

This was her satisfactory choice after searching for suitable clothes that would fit both of them. 

There was only the servant's clothes for the men— which was the butler's uniform. 

Similarly, for clothes suitable for an eleven year old girl, only the clothes that she wore in the past 
could be acceptable. 

The gesture of both siblings, were like of a highborn Ojou-sama with her personal butler beside her. 
Steph stole another glance again. 

Probably because of his slender body and broad shoulders, the subtle butler kind of style perfectly 
matched Sora, which made Steph's heartbeat pound furiously. 

Looking at the little sister who looked like his master, Steph's heart clenched for the third time. 
"Really, a failure...." 

"Hmm? Whaf s wrong?" 

"Nothing at all!" 

Carelessly misspeaking out her inner anxiety, Steph hurriedly shook her head. 

Patting on her knees that were still planted on the ground, Steph stood up. 

But if this slender girl's mind could be easily perceived, then Sora did not resent the eighteen years of 
being a virgin. 

Whispering to himself 

"Slept, refreshed after a bath— Steph." 

"Hm, ah, eh? Wh-what is it?" 

"What are you panicking for. Erm....this house.this building.castle?" 

For the Tokyo-born Sora, he was unable to classify what Steph's "residence" type was within his 
cognitive range, but he concluded that this was [Just fine]. 

"Does it have a library or a stack room where books can be accessed and reviewed?" 

"Ah, yes.there is one.what are you going to do?" 

"Steph, are your ears bad? Didn't I say I want to review the books?" 

"Th-that of course I heard it! I am just asking what do you need to check!" 

"Check what.hmmm, naturally about all the things in this world." 

"—[This World]?" 

Steph was somewhat confused about these words that would normally come out of inhabitants from a 
different world. 

".Nii, that.we haven't told her yet." 

Said Shiro with a dejected expression, seeming unwilling to accept her dried hair. 

"—Hmmm? That? Is that so?" 

"Erm..I don't understand what you are saying?" 

"Ah, how to explain this. This will feel awkward explaining things now." 

This kind of topic, whether if it was believed or not, could be said to be the biggest obstacle. 

Sora thought carefully on what he should say in order to gain trust. 

—Scratching his head, he sighed. 

It was obvious that Sora was showing a troubled expression. 

Then, without affectation, he casually said, 

"To put it simply, we are [From a different world]. So we want to acquire knowledge of this world." 

Just like that. 

Part 3 

They were guided to the library— or what looked like one. 

Almost the same proportions as a high sehool library, it was aetually Steph's [Private staek room]. 
Huge amounts of books filled the bookshelves that were neatly arranged against the wall. 

Although they wanted to investigate something— 

".Eh, Steph." 

"Hmm? What is it?" 

Sora unexpeetedly ran into a huge obstacle. 

"—The common language of this country, it isn't Japanese?" 

Holding the book that was in a foreign language, Sora hugged his head and groaned. 

"Japanese? I don't quite understand, but the natural lingua franca for the human species is [Human 

"Whoa.a really super, straightforward world." 

Obviously there wasn't a problem with communicating. 

Yet the text written in the book could not be identified. 

".Then, are you guys really from a different world?" 

"Yeah, I know you'll find it hard to believe—" 

People wouldn't believe Sora's words, but rather think that it was a plot in a story. Even Sora didn't 
expect to be trusted easily. 

"Ah, no. On that point, I have never doubted it." 

Hearing Steph's soft reply, Sora could not help but be stunned. 

"Huh? Why?" 

In return, the conversely shocked Steph also replied. 

"You ask me why.the Elves who possess high level magic were originally summoned from 

another world, so this is not an eye-catching thing. Moreover, looking at your appearance, it was 
certain that you were not people of this country, but you could only be human." 

—After all, there was only one country left for mankind. 

" Ahhh .that's right-. This is a fantasy world after all-.Fuu." 

Seeming to be too paranoid, Sora sighed deeply. 

Once again, he flipped through the foreign book and scratched his head. 

" is indeed troublesome to not be able to rely on our general knowledge. Can you 

remember it.Shiro?" 




Sora and Shiro. 

They seemed to be exchanging information with a communication method known only to the siblings. 
Casting their line of sight on the books, both of them fell silent. 

Unable to stand this awkwardness, Steph sighed. 

".So, what should I do?" 

This time, she would probably have to [Contribute] and be a tutor for both of them, which could not 
help but add a little self-deprecating flavor. 

But, Sora who had moved his sight away from the book, proposed something different. 

"No. What I want is something different." 

Hearing that, Steph suddenly remembered what had happened last night and this morning, before 
assuming a defensive posture. 

Even though Steph would not be surprised if she heard dozens of Perverted-H things coming from his 

"Could you answer a few questions for me." 

"— Okay.ah, huh? That, no problem." 

Hearing something unexpected yet serious, Steph stroked her chest in relief 

Putting on a serious face, Sora continued. 

"Yesterday, when I groped your chest, you had no resistance, so why did you hit me when I tried to 
flip your skirt, just why— okay, okay. I'll be serious, that was just a joke." 

Feeling the penetrating gaze of Steph, Sora's gaze once again fell back onto the book. 

"Hmm, I often hear the words 'Human race', so what are the other 'Races', then." 

Looking like she had heard an incredible question, Steph rejoined. 

".Is there only the human race in Sora's world?" 

"Well, at least the only form of interaction we have should only be with that of a [Human]— so?" 
"Ah, guu.this, eh...." 

As they had claimed, they were not from this world, so what should be clarified first. After 
considering this point, Steph began talking. 

"Firstly— do you know about [God's words]?" 

"How the [Ten Oaths] came into being? We heard it from some choir group by the fountain not too 
long ago." 

"I understand...— then— " 

—Cough cough. 

"The so-called [Races], for which the [Ten Oaths] were laid down for, are the intellectual [Sixteen 
Races] ." 

"Sixteen races." 

"With the [Ten Oaths] as the basis, the rights to encroach, violate, destroy, and mutually kill for the 
[Sixteen Races] — were all taken away, and the result was, war disappeared from this world." 

".I see. And I was originally wondering where would the food come from — but it turned out that 

the [Oaths] were only limited to intellectual life." 

While flipping through the book, Sora felt quite satisfied with what he had said. 

Seeing this, Steph sighed and muttered 'How smart' in her heart, before continuing. 

"However, let's see, using games to determine ongoing wars. Which are also territorial battles— 
'Gambling for the country'. Even as we speak, someone would most likely be playing this sort of 

[Gambling for the country]— Sora had some reaction to this previously heard phrase. 

"—The human race's country is only left with Elchea, right?" 

".Currently, it is indeed true.even though it was not said that other races would have only 

one country— but for the human race, we are only left with Elchea." 

— Even till here. 

Sora kept asking questions which he had already known the answers to. 

And comparing with this world, their own world seemed to have more common sense. 

Which means, 

"So if there is no war, why fight for territory? Can't interlocution solve anything?" 

".Guu, that." 

But, Shiro replied instead of the halted Steph. 

".Resources are long as continuous propagation is i nfi nite.sharing will 

also be limited.leading to common demise." 

"Y-yeah. Just like that!" 

Hearing the opinions of Shiro who had snatched her chance to speak, Steph hurriedly nodded. 

".You...didn't even consider that before, right." 

Because Shiro answered first, Sora, who did not receive the perception a resident of this world might 
have, helplessly watched Steph. 

"Wh-wh-what are you saying, this type of thing!" 

—Indeed, she did perceive all of this as "common sense", since she was born here after all. 

So as for why the games were used to compete for this problem, it was going to be difficult to answer 
when questioned. 

".In any case, this problem is quite similar to our world's too." 

Sora sighed. 

Even without [War], [Conpetition] still exists. 

—Which also means, [Total equality] is unachievable. 

If equality was equal to handing out limited ehairs, then eompeting with eaeh other would be a game 
of [Musieal Chairs]. 

And the results, the wealthy would be the [Minority] while the poor would be the [Majority]— 

What a pain, there was clearly nothing different between this world and their world. 

"Then, what kind of specific races are there in the [Sixteen Races] ?" 

Pausing all his thoughts, Sora got the topic back on track. 

Steph she was desperately trying to recall things, while counting numbers using her 


"Below only God, the first is the Divine Spirit race, then the second is the Phantasma race, number 

three is the Elementals race— there is also the Dragon and Giant race.Elf and Werebeast race, 

erm— and so on." 

".Hrnrnrnrn, as expected of a benevolent fantasy world." 

Steph seemed to have given up on reciting the sixteen races after reaching the middle. 

Facing against the weak-minded Steph, Sora suddenly remembered another question. 

"Hey, what are the [Number placings].for?" 

"Uh, that. I am not so sure myself, but it seemed to be some sort of ranking sequence." 

"— Ranking sequence?" 

"Un, un, to say it sinply, the level of their adaptive magic, which was what I heard." 

"What do you mean, what I are really ambiguous. Steph, did you receive education?" 
Disregarding his NEET identity, Sora asked to a seemingly unhappy Steph. 

All the things he said, lead to a new topic, before coughing afterwards. 

"First things first, I did- I did graduate from college, okay?! And about this ranking sequence, there 
was nothing to research about humans— because we are number 16— which means that our magic 
adaptive level is 0. It couldn't be observed no matter how hard you research about it." 

". 0 ?" 

Sora shifted his line of sight away from the book and asked. 

"Hmm—? Wait, humans can't use magic?" 

"Yeah. Apart from that, we ean't evenpereeive magie." 

".I feel long as you use props, wouldn't that do?" 

"Games infused with magic could be played.because the game itself require magic to be driven 

— but magic for mankind is just impossible." 


Although Sora kept firing annoying questions, Steph didn't show any sighs of boredom. Actually, it 
would be better to say— 

"Absolutely. Humans can't connect to the [Spirit Corridor]— which is the source of magic." 

Steph slightly lowered her head. 

"That's why we are on a losing streak for [Gambling for the Country]." 


With a slightly bitter smile, Sora went on. 

".Then, the most adept at using magic are? It really is the number one right?" 

"Ah, no. Being closer to number one, means being closer to becoming gods— their existence could be 
regarded as a form of magic. But generally, for the most adept in using magic, it would be the [Elf 
race] from number seven." 

Elf A typical impression crossed Sora's mind after hearing the word. 

"—Elf.isn't an Elf ..pointy eared, pale skin?" 

Steph gave out an expression that clearly wondered how did residents from another world know so 

"Errr, yes. Now, the largest country in this world would be [Avant Heim], a place that is driven by 
magic. But upon mentioning magic, the word could be synonymous with the Elf race." 

—Sora sighed with a 'Fuu'. 

Placing his hand on his chin, Sora used a very serious expression and started thinking. 

Because Sora was decked out in a tuxedo uniform, in addition to his serious face, Steph's heart started 
beating wildly. 

(Illusion, illusion, illusion— these are only instilled feelings.) 

Just when Steph's heart went into meditation, Sora seemed to have finished his thoughts. 

As if wondering about something, Sora carefully worded his reply. 

".A race that can't use magic.can't have a [Big country]?" 

"Eh, ah, no, the Werebeast race from number 14 can't use magic either." 

Steph reluctantly and incoherently answered. 

"But, what's different is, they can rely on their powerful senses to read the magic atmosphere and 
people's feelings. The islands in the South-Eastern seas are joined together as the Werebeasts' 
country, the [Eastern Union], which is the world's third largest country—" 

Steph painfully, and unconsciously increased the strength of her hand that was clutching her arm, 
before continuing. 

".Even if they can't use magic, they can still compete with others— with the exception of [Aylwin 

Gerudo], they can rival many races and nations. But it doesn't really matter, because in a human's 
eyes, it would seem as if they were using something similar to [Super powers] or [Super sensing]." 

"—Aaaa. So that's how it is." 

If humans can't even detect the usage of magic, wielding it would be impossible. 

A unilateral disadvantage where the opponent uses cheats that can't be detected, of course humans 
can't win. 

—If this was confirmed, then losing was natural. 

''Hrnrnrnrnrnrn, there is such a thing, eh." 

As if Sora had figured it out, he nodded strongly. But at the same time. 

".Nii—I memorized it." 

Shiro's voice sounded. 

"Oh, as expected of my little sister." 

".Continue, praising me." 

"Ohh, of course. As expected of my prided sister, so talented! Very awesome." 

Sora stood up and casually stroked Shiro's head, for which Shiro responded by narrowing her eyes 
like a cat. 

Steph did not understand what was going on and just stared at them, before muttering. 

Eh? Memorized what?" 

"What are you asking about, of course the human language." 

Shifting his sight to the amazed Steph, Sora casually said. 

"But she really is incredible, eh. I still need a bit more time." 

".Nii, how slow." 

".Huhuhu, for a man, compared to fast, slower is better right?" 

".Nii, how small." 

"It, it's, it's, its not small!! On, on what basis-Steph, are you okay?" 

Steph was stunned just by listening to their conversation. 

With her tone changed, she said. 

"That.I didn't hear wrongly right? Did you all just— memorized a language?" 

"Well, yeah? So what?" 


"—In such a short time? Are you kidding me?" 

Her face slightly twitched again to confirm it. But Sora breezily replied. 

"This is nothing surprising. Since grammar and words are similar to dialogues, won't memorizing the 
text settle everything." 

".Nii.that, you haven't memorized it yet." 

"Finishing it in 10 minutes is too fast for your brother. Your brother isn't as smart as you, I will 
probably still need one more hour. Oh yeah, how to read this by the way. I can't seem to grasp the 
marking law—" 

".That, isn't.Japanese.use Latin grammar, to read it." 

"No, I've thought about that already, but the syntax for the position of the predicate is quite strange." 

".Ancient Chinese." 

"Eh? So only the depiction part is in front! How annoying— ah, but now the sentence is smooth." 

".Nii, needs to master, more languages." 

"For you to learn eighteen different languages, it is already a speeial ease. And as for me, I am just a 
people person, six languages is already enough for me to play games without eneountering any 

—Steph inplausibly listened to the siblings conversation. 

But the siblings only had a casual look. 

Both of them seemed to be taking her for granted, casually talking to each other. 

Language, also could communicate. As long as the text is memorized. 

Arranging that sentence, it actually did indeed sound quite simple. 

However, they didn't enumerate another important fact into their conscious yet. 

Which was— 

[No one to teach], which also meant that what they did was not ‘^Studyj , but Interprets . 
Completing such a thing in a short time, yet they did not seem boastful. 

(In, In their world— is this counted as normal?) 

Both of them had already exceeded her comprehension of creatures. 

Looking at the siblings that were not from this world, Steph felt a chill down her spine. 

However, at the same time, faint warmth started pouring out of her chest. 

.Unless this is. 

Unless she herself 

Are meeting people that have transcended humans. 

And they are the ones— who will eventually change the people of this country. 

"— Hm? Whaf s wrong?" 

Aware of being stared at, Sora turned his head to face Steph, which heated up her inner agitation even 

"Eh, ah, no, that— I will, go make tea." 

Steph hurriedly left the library in a panic, with her ears dyed red. 

Puzzledly watching Steph leaving, Sora said. 

".What's wrong with her?" 

But Shiro did not even give a glanee to him and just continued reading the book. 

".Nii, absolutely.doesn't know.a maiden's heart." 

"— If I understood that, I would not have kept my virginity for 18 years already. And what does a 
maiden's heart have to do with that?" 

A scene where an eleven year old girl is preaching to an eighteen year old boy about a maiden's heart. 

Although men mature later than women. 

At least for this occasion, this saying was applicable. 

".Obviously, compared to Shiro.better, at reading others feelings." 

Shiro whispered, and that boast made Sora look triumphant. 

"In games, this would reflect my ability, but in reality, reading a person's mood is a completely 
different thing." 

That analogy to compare games and the so-called female—No, "so-called human". 

Just like a galge, where tens of thousands of time-limited options would junp out every second. 
Facing that kind of inpossible game that generate their own ideas was of course not natural. 

—But, that matter does not matter right now. 


With Shiro's help, Sora was finally able to understand the human language. 

He read an entire book to confirm his results. 

After closing the hardcover book with a 'Fata!' 

A serious face began showing. 

"Okay— Shiro." 


"You are aware of it already right." 

The siblings were cornrnimicating in a language that only the both of them understood. 

Sora, hesitating and with little insight, asked. 

"— What do you think?" 

But Shiro elosed her eyes and replied. 

".Shiro—Will follow.Nii." 

Slightly opening her eyes, and showing the usual deadpan look, Shiro dismissively said. 

".Just like that promise—no matter, where." 

—Promise, yes. 

Father brought a [Little sister] from the previous marriage—Shiro. 

The amazing little sister who was a born talent. 

And a brother whose innate mind was horrible. 

Because of the erraticness, both of them complemented each other better than real siblings. 

Eventually, even both parents abandoned them 

Without any friends nor companions, a promise was forged between them. 

—Because of being too capable, the little sister was misunderstood by others. 

—Because of being too incapable, the brother was good at reading others. 

To make up for the shortcomings, the ten year old [Brother] from then made an proposal. 

And the three year old [Little sister] that was capable of multiple languages, nodded and pinky swore. 
Stroking the head of his [Little sister]. 

Since then, for eight years— 

The little sister who would follow her shameless brother— Shiro. 

However, a brother who did not even take her out of the room— Sora. 

If it wasn't a regret, then it was. 

"In short— compared to [That world], this side is much more interesting, right?" 

He stared at the distant horizon where a ehessboard was faintly visible. 
Taking out his phone, Sora started the schedule planner. 

Part 4 

Steph watched as the boiling water sounded with a 'Gulou Gulou'. 

Needless to say, when boiling tea leaves, the temperature for the water is extremely important. 
Aeeonpanying the tea were pancakes made yesterday. 

It had been too long sinee the human territory last had sugar, so snacks were thoroughly laeking. 

She eould only use cinnamon as a replacement for sugar for the pancakes, which she made, full of 

—The tea, with the sliced paneakes, were plaeed on the tray. 

".Okay, there should be no more problems." 

Feeling a sense of aecomplishment, Steph gently wiped the sweat off of her forehead for a job well 

"Erm, Ojou-sama." 

As if waiting for the chance to approach her, the maids asked Steph. 

"Ah, what is it?" 

"No.sorry for our rudeness, but Ojou-sama, what are you doing?" 

".Indeed, you are very rude. Why the sudden question?" 

"No, that.if you had just eommanded us, we, the maids, would have prepared the tea and snaeks, 

but you wordlessly did it on your own.and you seem to be desperately trying to do it 



Hearing that, she wondered: why did she make the tea with her own hands? 
Raising such a question for herself, a scenario started appearing in her head. 
[Whoa. How delieious. Steph, you're really good at housework, aren't you.] 
Just like that, Sora would hold the teaeup in one hand and smile. 

..Puu, dee. 

Blood started filling Steph's faee. 

"-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, what the helllllllllllllll!!" 

Shouting this, Steph headbutted the wall. 

"Why do I have to personally make snacks to prove my own housework prowess! That man, it 
would've been enough to just give him that water over there— and that rock, plus the weeds!" 

"Oj-Ojou-sama! Please calm down!" 

"Ch-chief maid! Oj-Ojou-sama's mentality is unstable—!" 

The maid hurriedly stopped Steph from producing more of the 'bang bang bang' sounds, falling into a 
state of chaos. 

Part 5 


Sighing sadly, Steph walked in the hallway while earrying a silver tray. 

On the tray, there were 2 portions— whieh was the tea and refreshments that were prepared for the 
siblings earlier. 

Once again failing to overcome her feelings, Steph personally prepared the items meant for them 
while sighing again. 

Self-loathing, but at the same time, the thought of seeing Sora enjoying the food and praising her— 

".Can't deny that I am a little bit expectant.heh." 


Steph suddenly stopped moving. 

"Wait a moment, Steph. This food, will it suit the taste of someone from a different world?" 

Steph was confident with her tea and cooking techniques. 

But, the receivers were not from this world. 

"Ah—darn it—" 

Another scenario swept past her mind. 

Whoa, sorry, but I'll pass on this one j 
Sora blubbled with a wrinkly face. 

", isn't that bad, the retreat route of saying “^this was made by the maids j had 

disappeared already— erm, what kind of retreat route is that! No matter what they think, I don't really 
care— no! Ahhhhhhh Really.this, is definitely a curse." 

Getting completely caught in a state of confusion and helplessness. 

Taking a deep breath, she started organizing her thoughts to search out an excuse. 

"Ye-yes. Not only being taken as a fool, if I can't even make one cup, or one piece of snack, this 
would tarnish the Dora's family reputation. But this is unquestionably tasty, it must be the cultural 

difference if it was disliked— yeah, this excuse— this" 

Chattering everything out. 

While reciting out the excuse, with both hands that were in an empty state, she struggled to open the 
stack room's door. 


—Surveying everywhere, the figure of the siblings weren't there. 

Wind that came from an unlocked balcony door near the front stairs blew against the curtain slightly. 
Arriving to the balcony.Steph found the siblings there. 

The butler-dressed brother was currently leaning on the balcony, taking a picture of the street with his 

The little sister that was a reminiscent of a white-haired Ojou-sama— leaned against her brother 
while reading a book. 

—The duo that was always together, wouldn't surprise anyone if they died due to separation. 

Seeing the pair in a picturesque scene— and their relationship. 

Her heart started to clench, but Steph reminded herself that it was just a misconception. 

".What a bustling street." 

Watching the commotion outside, Sora said. 

"—Yeah. The selection for the king's position is still ongoing." 

Replying, Steph placed the tray on the table that was on the balcony, and started pouring the tea. 

".That.please enjoy." 

"Ah, thanks." 

"Little sister should drink one too." 


The initial impression—^was a city of a ‘^Typical fantasy worlds — but now it was slightly 

— Due to the prohibition of war, the city was not damaged in any way. 

The various buildings that resembled Romanesque arehitecture, elassical arehitecture and Baroque 
architecture were intertwined. 

The road was paved with bricks, a wagon was walking up link, and a barque was docked on the 
harbor not far away. 

It looked like even steam engines had not been invented. 

Even more distant away, was a range of terraced hills, with the agricultural practices using a style 
that was more ancient than this city. 

—If war did not happen, this scene would be the perfect reflection of it. 

Ironically, ‘^Chemistryji was accelerated during the war, so that fertilizer and fuel was dependent of 
technology to significantly leap forward. 

Then again, the books seen in Steph's library were almost entirely written by hand— manuscripts. 

Probably typography wasn't invented yet or it was still not popularized. 

"Renaissance of the Medieval Europe. Or probably before being contaminated by the industrial 
revolution.what a beautiful city." 

".Copied references.from strategy worked hard." 

—But, Sora thought. 

According to God's words, the great war where the celestial body turned this into a scorched earth, 
was probably thousands of years ago. 

That is to say, since the conclusion of the Oaths j , it had been a few thousand years already. 

And [Human kind] who was incapable of using any magic. 

The same constitution as the [Human] in their original world. 

After thousands of years, their world level was still stuck in the early fifteenth century. 

—How about those racial civilization that could use magic to cheat, what was their situation. 

Sora suddenly asked. 

"Ne, Steph—^you, why do you want to be the King?" 


"I heard that its because you will no longer be royalty, and that you were desperately trying to 
disprove this rumor." 

Sora recalled back what he heard in the Inn Tavern. But. 

"—That, it doesn't matter anymore." 

—In the final analysis, rumors are rumors. One laugh and it would be over. 

She stood next to Sora and overlooked the street view. 

"—This country— Elchea, is considered pretty big right?" 

Looking into the distance— past the normal line of sight, she continued. 

"In the past, the world had several human countries. And Elchea was considered its largest." 

Prideflil, yet self-depreciative, she continued. 

"But since the introduction of the “^Ten Oaths j , this had become the sole ‘^Last country^ for 
mankind already." 

!? !? 

"It looks very lively right? But.Elchea is moving towards the path of destruction." 

Once again looking at the hustle and bustle of the street, but this time her expression was depressing. 
Following the line of sight, Sora easily imagined it out. 

Losing territory, a small country with a huge population. 

Lack of resources and food would eventually lead to economic stagnation. 

Wanting to produce food, yet no land to do so, and with no outputs, there would be no labor positions. 
Although the order made by the ‘^Ten Oaths j was stable, 

—He thought of the time when he arrived in this world, ganged up by a group of thieves. 

Sora gazed towards the direction of the cliff 

Shiro who was leaning on her brother's leg and reading a book, browsed towards Steph. 

"The previous king— my Ojii-san, lost the gambling for country, forcing him into an impasse, which 
was the capital. With the humans on a losing streak, the situation would keep deteriorating." 

Clenching her fist, Steph bit down on her lip. 

"Accused of being stupid, yet still thinking of saving the country, wasn't wrong in anyway—" 

—If land was not taken back, humans won't be able to multiply indefinitely. 

Rather than waiting for its demise, it was better to find a way out from this poor environment—^was it. 
"I—want to save Elchea...." 

Steph was trying to fight back her tears. 

"Prove to everyone that Ojii-san wasn't wrong—the continuation of the human kind.actively take 

the offensive to recapture territories, otherwise in the near future, humans will really be extinct." 

—This sentence came out painfully from Steph. 

With her usual expression, Shiro indifferently asked. 

".Steph like.this country, this world?" 

"Un un—of course!" 

—Smiling with tears. 

Steph pronptly answered. 

However, in contrast with her actions, both siblings lowered their heads. 

".How great, ah." 

".Yeah, it really is enviable that one could assert it out." 

But—Sora used a calm, yet indefensible tone of voice. 

And shattered the glimmer of hope that Stephanie Dora had. 

"But that sort of wish cannot be accomplished." 


"And, to say something worse—" 

He got close to the speechless Steph and attacked(Verbally). 

"Your grandfather—right here right now, I will say he is the worst foolish king." 

Looking like she was trying hard to squeeze out words, Steph opened her mouth after the long silence. 
"—Wh-Why.would you think so?" 

Biting her lips, the feeling of nails digging into the flesh of her palm could be felt. 

.If violence wasn't prohibited in this world, those words would have rewarded a slap across 

Sora's face. Even so, Steph was still fuming mad and angrily remarked. 

Obsessed with him—no. 

No matter how strong the mandate of falling in love is, she could not forgive such verbal abuse. 

But for this question, Sora sighed and took a photograph using his phone. 

Reminiscent of the European city from the fifteenth century. 

No reasons to go to war, the old and new buildings mixed together, showing a beautiful city. 
However, precisely because of this—remorse could be felt. 

"If this goes on—this country will perish. At the same time the selection of the new King is going on." 
The unexpected phrase came out. 

Using a hysterical tone, the confused Steph retorted. 

"Wh-Why would you say that! Precisely because this wasn't supposed to happen that the selection of 
King was created." 

The somewhat helpless Sora and Shiro lifted their heads to look at the sky. 

A different shade of grey from what they were familiar with, like the color of a spilled blue ink, a 
generally blue sky. 

—Then, both of them thought of the events when they had just arrived. 

The words that "God" said to them. 

All decisions decided with a simple game, the world similar to a chessboard, [Dischord]. 



—A dream world 
—^New lease of life—^world. 

".Steph, when will this gambling assembly end?" 

Although Steph did not accept the words said previously and looked unhappy, she still replied. 

"—Today is the last day." 

Setting her line of sight on the eastern side, what looked to be a King's city. 

"In the evening, the last game will be played in the hall, if there are no people who would raise 
objections to the final victory, then the victor will be the new there any problem?" 

Closing the book with a 'Fata', Shiro stood up. 

Stretching his waist, Sora patted his cheeks. 

"—Yosh! Eh, little sister." 


"No matter what your brother does, will you follow?" 


"Instantaneous reply eh. And I was prepared for some struggling to—" 



".Nii, looks.very happy." 

As expressionless as usual. 

A smile could be seen through the sights of Sora. 

"—Haha, busted by you right?" 

Ending it, both of them turned and went. 

"Hey, wait, where are you going!?" 

"King City." 


Seemingly not being able grasp what Sora had said, Steph sent out a silly voice. 

However, not minding that, Sora continued walking. 

"I am going to prove that your grandpa was right." 


Sensing that Steph was hastening from behind. 

Sora co nfi rmed the matters in his phone's sehedule planner. 

— ‘^Targetj —In any ease, become the King first. 

Showing a wry smile, Sora poeketed his phone. 

"Rarely obtaining a new world, it would be troublesome to come to a place where it keeps losing." 

"Then let's go be king, and snatch back the territories." 

—Was that misheard? 

Stephanie Dora tried to carefully confirm what was said earlier. 

Then, when it was co nfi rmed that she had not misheard, she looked at the man's baek. 

A relaxed tone as if going out to buy something. 

But wanting to confirm a piece of the matter, the rebellious self-confidenee and a sense of trust— 
The man's back that declared that he was going to recapture the territory of humanity. 

"Ah, right." 

Grabbing the snaek from the baleony table, Sora stuffed it into his mouth. 


Faeing towards Steph who had forgotten that the snack was even there, 

"Un, delicious. The refreshments were all delieious. Thank you!" 

Turning his head around, he smiled towards himself 

Her heartbeat inereasing violently, was it beeause of the [Oath]? 

Even Steph was not sure of that now. 

Chapter 3: - Expert/Expert 

Part 1 

Evening— King City, Elchea. The hall. 

At the time when the majority of the erowd had already believed that the seleetion of the king was 
eoming to a eonelnsion. 

In front of the throne, a small table and two ehairs faeing opposite sides around it were placed. 

The spectators that packed the hall focused their attention on one of the seated people. 

—Eeaning against the table, expressionlessly crossing her arms, wearing a black veil draped over her 
head, resembling a mourning shawl, exuding an aura as if she were dead, was a tall black haired girl 

Yes.the one who cheated to eliminate Steph— that girl. 

An old man whose appearance matched that of a high ranking official said. 

"—Then, this person— Kurami Zell remains victorious in the election.are there any other 


Although there was lots of noise and clattering in the hall, evidently there was no one with the look of 
a challenger. 

That was normal— a girl who had won all the games so far— Kurami. 

By now, those who believed that someone could still defeat her didn't exist anymore. 

Kurami closed her eyes to this fact, and added a non-emotional feeling to her original deadpan 

Since it was like this, the old man added. 

"—Then, complying with the late king's last words, Kurami-sama— will become the new king of 
Elchea. If you have any objections, please stand up. Otherwise, remain silent—" 

"Ah, yes, yes. Objection! Objection, we have an objection-!" 

The phrase resounded throughout the hall, interrupting the old man. The black-haired girl— Kurami, 
opened her eyes. 

All eyes in the noisy hall converged at the direction from which the sound came from. 

A butler, along with a white-haired girl— Sora and Shiro, stood up and raised their hands. 

"Yes, yes. I have an objection, we both have an objection." 


".Who's that?" 

With her blank expression, Kurami's line of sight fell behind the two people. 

"—Stephanie Dora's.servants?" 

Standing behind those two was Stephanie, whose shoulders were shaking. 

Still devoid of expression, yet with a slightly mocking tone, she said. 

"—Since you lost to me and aren't be eligible for the election, you sent your servants? What a 
shameful act, isn't it." 

However, towards Kurami who sent an undisguised look of contempt. 

Sora only smiled and replied while walking to her. 

"Ahahaha, that sentence, you're not in any position to say that." 

"—What do you mean, eh." 

"Well, to tell you the truth, I don't really give a damn for this troublesome selection for the king's 
throne, it's not really my cup of tea, you know." 

Sora scratched his head, saying the same things that could be known as annoying. Kurami narrowed 
her eyes. 

".In that case, can you please disappear? This is not a place where you can play around with 


Sora started laughing— with a "But...", he narrowed his eyes. 

"It's neither a position you can give to someone who 'cheats by borrowing the strength from other 
countries' right?" 

The city interior started stirring up due to this sentence. 

— Strength from other countries? — what is that? However, those chattering were filtered out. 
With sound audible only to Shiro, Sora whispered. 

Is it there?" 

What was in Shiro's hand was the phone Sora used to shoot yesterday at the bar. 

Identifying the photo displayed on the screen, there were people who were recognizable in this hall. 

".Four people" 

Shiro answered. 

"Aside from that— the guy who hid his ears?" 

"One person." 

"Bingo. Then point her out with this current opportunity." 


Steph leaned forward and asked the siblings who were currently discussing. 

"Hey.this, what is going on? What thing about another country's strength?" 

Steph quietly whispered in Sora's ear, and Sora replied to her clueless expression, 

"You still don't get it? Well, for example? For example—" 

It turned loud. 

"Conspiring with elves, using magic to achieve total victory to become the next king, and finishing 
this country once and for all!" 

Fear started to mingle with the commotion in the hall. 

Gazing at this scene, Sora confirmed that no one had really noticed this truth. 

".But then, if such a major problem wasn't even noticed, perhaps the defeat of the human race 

is a natural outcome." 

"—Hey, you." 

Kurami stood up while saying that and walked towards Sora. 

The expressionless face that was concealed by the veil exuded out a unique sense of coercion. 

"Are you trying to say that I used magic to cheat?" 

"Don't be like that; didn't I say 'For example'? Or did I really hit the mark?" 

However, that sense of coercion wasn't even acknowledged in the slightest. 

Sora carefreely ignored that kind of pressure, and still earried a very blatant provoeation. This should 
be based on what he has absolute confidenee in. 

"—Fine. Sinee you have an objection. I'll take it as you want to play a game now?" 

"Fineeee-. If s a great help for you to do thaW But—" 

Then, Sora interrupted Kurami who was just about preparing the poker cards. 

"Since it is a poker game— wouldn't it be better if you first dismissed your partner over there?" 
Afterwards, as if responding to Sora's smile, Shiro stretched her fingers. 

The commotion suddenly calmed down, and the attention of the crowd became concentrated on the 
direction of that finger. 

Kurami— and the man pointed, started twitching in their faces. 

That small and relative change— was easily seen as a sufficient lethal point. 

"— What are you talking about, eh?" 

"Ah, really? Then, could someone take down that guy's hat?" 

Even though the accused man took a step back, the surrounding audience eventually removed his hat. 
Two ears were exposed. 

—Often seen in fantasy stories— yes, the long ears of elves. 

Is, Isn't that guy from the elf race? 

Chatter chatter. 

Hey hey.then, it really was exactly what that guy said— 

Chatter chatter. 

That bitch, used magic to cheat!? 

"Aye aye, this glamorous and beautiful fraud master, won't you go and assist your friend?" 

Ridiculed by Sora, Kurami's expression remained undaunted. 

"—Don't make me repeat it over and over again, I don't understand what you are trying to say." 
"Ah~really. Then throwing him out would create no problems right?" 

Grinning, Sora waved his hands with a 'Hush hush' as if trying to drive out that elf-like man. 

After that, he turned to face Kurami again, and retrieved out another one— Shiro's phone. 

"Okay, then we should start playing the poker match, no problems right?" 

While holding the cellphone to use, Sora laughed and said. 

—A few seconds of silence 

Kurami with her usual deadpan, shut her eyes and said. 

"I see... So you conspired with that Elf to make me look as an Enemy of humanity that cheated with 
magic.Ami right?" 

"Ah, a splendid excuse. Or, did you prepare it beforehand?" 

Kurami, upon hearing the further provocation from Sora, 

"Either way, I also have dignity." 

Remaining in her unreadable expressionless face, she cast a sight from beneath her veil, as if to 
penetrate through Sora. 

"If you wish, you may chase off that Elf to wherever you like. Then— we won't let any cheats 
intervene, and demonstrate our true strength by deciding a showdown using games." 

But that proposal was exactly what Sora had envisioned, so he smiled frivolously and said. 

"Well- Article 5 of'Ten Oaths', the challenged party has the right to decide the contents of the game 
—however, why do you have to give up on poker this time, and I'm being really gentle for not getting 
to the bottom of thatV" 

Saying that, he aimed the phone's camera at Kurami, taking a picture with a 'Kacha' 

"Hmm, you really aren't photogenic, huh? It would be lovelier if you could smile a little." 

Finishing, Sora showed the display screen to Kurami. 

What he got back was a glare filled with killing intent, but Sora merely made eye contact with her 
without faltering. 

—An observant eye that could see through anything. 

Kurami, felt faint chills circulating in her body—. 

Part 2 

Kurami suggested the most suitable game to be brought from her house that eould demonstrate one's 
true strength. 

She simply said "Please wait a moment", before abruptly leaving King eity. 

On the other hand, Sora and the others were in the castle's atrium, waiting while being bathed in 

Sitting on a bench, both Sora and Shiro fiddled with their phones while awaiting. 

Glancing around from time to time. 

Confirming that there was no one in the vicinity, Steph excitedly inquired Sora. 

"—The, then, I, I was being cheated with magic right!?" 

".Your, voice, too loud." 

Steph was carrying an "I did not understand" kind of expression. 

—But, she finally understood the truth behind the cheat that defeated her. 

Moreover, the cheat had some involvement with magic, so towards this point, it was comprehensible 
to her. 

However, Sora who was considering something else, replied absently. 

"Yeah, yeah.but to be more accurate, it was the magic of her Elf partner." 

"Wha- what kind of magic was it?" 

In the end, what kind of magic was used. 

In addition, the only human who saw through that facade was Sora. 

Moreover, the two were constantly concerned about the tools they were manipulating. 

Tools from a different world— maybe it could detect the usage of magic? 

Waiting for the answer with expectant eyes, the reply Sora gave to Steph was. 

"Who knows? I have absolutely no clue." 

—This answer that completely did not live up to her expectations. 

Ignoring the dismayed and silent Steph, Sora dismissively replied. 

"This was indeed a clever cheat. Back in the pub, I noticed that during the battle with that guy, the 
hand that she collected was just too obvious. Shiro and I immediately spotted that out." 

".Was Shiro, who noticed that." 

"What a fussy little sister eh.but it doesn't matter." 

—Yesterday, on the first floor of the hotel/tavern. 

Outside the tavern, in the midst of the poker game between Steph and Kurami. 

Coincidentally playing poker too, similarly using cheats, Sora was convinced of his assertions 
towards the game inside. 


"If you want to ask me how that happened, I certainly have no reason to know. After all, I know 
nothing about things related to magic." 

Listening to the casual remark from Sora, Steph's half-opened mouth was frozen. 

"Ahh, magic is really powerful eh. If'Memory tanpering' or 'Rewriting the fold' can't be proven, then 
winning is impossible. If humans can't perceive magic, then they can only be aware of it when it 
comes down to their gut feeling." 


Resurrecting from the petrochemical state, Steph shook her head and asked. 

"Wait a moment, then how are we going to win!" 

"Huh? It's impossible to win." 

Facing Sora who would rather assert, Steph became speechless once again. 

"It will be weird if you could win when dueling with those kinds of opponents. The words are merely 
'Doomed to failure' — won't even have a chance to win in one in a million." 

But, Steph recovered again and started shouting, with Sora adding more words in. 

"So that's why we have to avoid it." 


Steering his body to face Steph, Sora continued. 

"Listen carefully, I am going to describe it as simply as possible." 

"Guuu, okay...." 

"Firstly, regarding this take turns in fighting one opponent to tire him out kind of king election, the 
winner will be the representative of the human race." 


"But this kind of proposal is flawed. Because there will be lots of leeway for other countries." 

"—Guu. Indeed that's the case." 

Being pointed something that Steph didn't even realize, she unwillingly set her gaze away. 

—Yes. Using an unconditional method like 'take turns in fighting one opponent to tire him out' to 
determine the electoral law. 

If other countries help humans who can't sense magic to win, a puppetry government would be 

Humans would completely lose and eventually perish. 

Full of loopholes, a folly solution. 

"—Which also means this is not an individual battle. But a national, diplomatic war. OK?" 

"Ah, so it's like that.I get it." 

"So, it is the Elf.right? Although those group of guys want a human puppet to be elected as king— 

but to be able to think so complicatedly to this degree, you don't think that the Elves are the only race 
involved right?" 


"The other countries are considering the same thing, whether the first inplementation has been taken 
in account, we won't know, but it is a very high probability." 


"We will from this point onwards, will change their mindset, making them think that we are 'Also the 
same as humans'." 

Playing with his cellphone, Sora let out a mischievous smile. 

"Owning equipment that humans ean't possibly have, looking as if the deviee was used to deteet the 
magic, naturally the person will be instantly disqualified if magic was debunked. Furthermore, the key 
performer has already been suspected and driven out—" 

"The, then— suggesting a battle without the influence of cheats, right!" 

A smiling face started appearing on Steph, but Sora only furrowed his brows, before drooping his 
shoulders and saying. 

"—You ah, to what degree is your naivety." 

"Wh, why am I suddenly lectured!?' 

"Did you hear what I said? Involvement from other countries is within their expected range. Which is 
to say, they would naturally take into account the sudden emergence of people like me right?" 


Then, with his thoughts back to the place where he originally premeditated, Sora said. 

"—It's safe to assume that the enemy is prepared. Preparing something that even in this case, can also 
implement the smooth use of cheats." 

Suddenly, because of Steph's words, Sora acted as if he thought of something and quickly added. 

"Steph, do you remember that the human race can't use magic, but can play with 'Magic-driven games' 

"Ah, yeah..." 

As if pondering on the answer, Sora exposed a candid expression. 

"You also said that the 'Elf are the most adept at using magic', right? So you might never have guessed 
that in response to other countries competitions that have technologies able to detect magic, they will 
embedded an even more complex and less prone to be discovered magic into a game— I'm afraid that 
she is going to get 'That'." 

However, that sentence dulled down Steph's expression. 

".Then, if that happens. Wouldn't it make things much more difficult for you?" 

"—Huh? Why?" 

"Eh? Because if it was a complex magic—" 

This question has been repeated a eouple of times already, Sora sighed yet again. 

"I said— towards us humans who are too pure, 'Memory tanpering' and 'Visual reading' those kinds 
of pure magic are humans greatest threat, after all, there is no way to detect it. But if you are going to 
use a game that is the same as gambling for the country, that kind of magic won't be used." 

Which also means, a game that appears on the 'Surface'. 

But the fact is that it is included with an overwhelming advantage for the user. 

And being unable to perceive it— interference won't be made from the outside party. 

Most likely, an absolutely beneficial cheat will be set up. 

But, the constant 'Victory' like when challenging Steph will cease to exist. 

In order to allow them to come up with that plan. 

For that purpose, the phone was used. 

Now, everything was going according to their ways. 

".Bu, but." 

Suddenly, as if understanding, Steph uttered the right opinion. 

"Even so—you can't change the 'Overwhelming disadvantage', can you?" 

"Ah, of course not. Is there a problem with that?" 

Sora answered without a care, sitting on the bench while hugging Shiro, he replied. 

"As long as it is a game that can be won in theory, for j , losing is irrpossible." 


Just when Shiro had won against the chess application installed in her phone set in the highest 
difficulty, she endorsed by nodding. 

.—At this time. 

As if noticing something, Shiro turned her head. 

From the approaching silhouette— It was Kurami who had spent a considerable amount of time 
making them wait. 

".No good, did she overhear our conversation just now?" 

Sora murmured to Shiro in a voice audible to her only, in which she responded by nodding her head. 
'Don't worry', was what it was inplied to be. 

As if affirming her answer, the first word that Kurami spoke out was, 

"—I'll be straightforward and ask. You spies, where are you from?" 

Sora felt relief in his heart, but prevented it from showing on his face, merely laughing as he replied 

"Ah, yes, in fact, we are from another country— Hey, do you really think I would say that? Are you an 

"—I will not hand over this country." 

"I already know. Because you want to give it to the Elves right—" 


Sora laughed while throwing out provocations, but Kurami's serious expression was in strong denial. 
"I won't hand it to anyone. Imanity's country, belongs to Imanity alone." 


For an 'Oh, what an unexpected answer', Sora urged her to continue speaking, to which Kurami 
corrplies by asserting. 

"Using the Elf s strength is to ensure the survival circle of Mankind—although you can't possibly 

imagine what a complex contract I had to exchange to achieve this motive.and to when it is 

necessary to hand over the territory— I will sever all ties with the Elves." 


Even if it's Sora, he can't help it but have a mood as if embracing his head. 

With a wry smile, she said words that came from her heart 

"Exposing your plan to someone you suspect as a spy, are you an idiot? Do you want to die?" 

But, the confidence conveyed through Kurami's eyes could be seen through the veil, staring at Sora. 

".No matter which country's spy you are from, you will never win against me, you know?" 

" really are overconfident." 

"I'm just telling the truth. This world's biggest comitxy Elvengard —an impenetrable fortress that not a 

single race can win against. Precisely because of this, it is known as the Largest country, having a 
head-on fight with them is an irrefutable defeat." 


".Since you are a human—" 

Relaxing her serious gaze, Kurami said while looking at Sora's eyes. 

"I'll advise you, if you still have some feelings for this country, for the sake of Imanity, I hope you 
will give up on your spy task and surrender. I swear that I am definitely not the puppet of the Elves." 

!» !? 

Facing the words which sounded like a plea, Sora did not utter a word. 

"—Unable to use magic, even perceiving it is impossible— for us humans." 

Her face covered by the black veil, Kurami hinted out an expression of unwillingness. 

"If you want to survive in this world—it can be achieved by living under the shelter of a country and 
obtaining Rights to live , then refusing any match and closing up. You understand, right?" 


Complying to the ten oaths, the challenged party has the right to decide the contents of the game. 
Indeed, borrowing strength from the strongest race could certainly get a territory. 

Rejecting all games and practicing isolation is the most efficient strategy. 

Able to obtain nothing else, but at the same time, able to keep everything else. 

If s just like chess, where the strongest line up is on hold. 

However, towards these words— 

".Hmm, so thaf s how it really is.if s definitely not a bad plan. I have known this 


"Then, you will surrender.?" 

As if in gratitude, Kurami closed her eyes— 


"I refuse!" 

Blurting out these words caused her eyes to widen in response. 

"Could you.tell me your reason?" 

"Hehe, that's because." 

Sora hugged his little sister who was watching with an expression that could not be discerned. 

"One of our most favorite things for ^ j is—" 

""Standing in a position where the opponent has an advantage and denying it with a 'NO' !"" 

Like a chorus, both Sora and Shiro combined together. 

Originally unclear of the plot, Steph and Kurami could not arrange this reasoning properly. 

Only looking at the excited siblings while feeling stunned. 

"Wahaha! 'I always wanted to try and say the number four lines^^ ' —and I really said it out!" 

".Nii, nice, good job." 

Seeing the siblings raising a thumbs up, Kurami's shoulders started to tremble. 

Was it a provocation, or simply no room for any more negotiation. 

"—Looks like I have wasted my time. I will beat you down with the power you so desire to be waiting in the hall." 

"Yes—yes—. Go and prepare 'the borrowed power that people fawn over '" 

While watching her leave, Sora deliberately threw out some offensive words. 

"Is, is that alright? What she said, I think there is some truth in it." 

"—About that, I think it's time for you to 'suspect others' right?" 

Sora said while putting up his finger. 

"One, where is the basis for the verified claims she is saying." 


Feeling slightly embarrassed as she understands it, Steph shyly lowered her ear. Ignoring her actions, 
Sora put up his second finger and continued. 

"Two, if she really has the means to win, then why did she bother coming here to persuade us into 
abandoning our match?" 


Probably noticing the key points, Steph raised her head. 

"To lessen the chance of losing.In other words, she can't guarantee her victory!?" 

That is to say— the expected result Sora had thought. 

Getting a rare answer that was correct from Steph, Sora smiled while putting up his third and fourth 

"Three, even if what she said was true, we can't trust someone who discloses that sort of information 
to people who are suspected to be spies from another country. And lastly, we are finished if they 
figured out our playing cards, ok?" 

Widely opening her mouth, Steph could not help but nod excessively. 

"So, so careful consideration was put in before saying those words eh." 

.Of course Steph wouldn't know about the plot. 

Gazing at Sora with candor, she realized her cheeks were flushed and shook her head, panicking. 

However, Sora was staring at the direction where Kurami left— the passage that leads straight to the 
hall of King City. 

".Still, that's not all. That girl, is like you." 

Shifting his gaze to Shiro. 

With a nod, Shiro took steps to move forward. 

"She underestimates us, the human race." 

Part 3 

Returning to the hall. 

What greeted their eyes was a large audienee filling the hall, who had probably been waiting the 
whole time. 

And then in front of the throne there stood a small table, and a pair of ehairs. 

On top of the table was— 

"A ehessboard...?" 

This time—the one contused was Sora. An unfair game infused with the Elves' magic... He had 
considered many possibilities but—chess was outside of his imagination. After all—how exactly do 
you cheat in chess? Sora was concerned about this being slightly out of his expectation. However 
Kurami sat in one of the chairs, and in a monotonous voice explained. 

"Yes, chess. But this is not just normal chess." 

Saying this she took out a small box, and scattered the pieces on the board. 


The 32 pieces, 16 each of black and white, each moved into position by themselves, as if sliding on 
the board. 

It was as if— 

"That's right, this is chess where 'the pieces have their own wills'." 

As if reading Sora's thoughts, Kurami answered. 

"The pieces move automatically. Just give a command, and the pieces will move according to the 

"...I see. That's how it'll be, huh." 

—She brought a troublesome game. 

Sora thought through the possible ways she could cheat in his mind, and clicked his tongue. 

"...What do we do, Shiro." 

If it were regular ehess, then Shiro would definitely win. 

But that was only if it were regular chess. 

Not to mention that the opponent had definitely put in some magic, intending to cheat. 

"...Don't worry, if it's chess... I can't lose." 

Saying this, Shiro boldly walked forward. 

—But, before that, Sora confirmed. 

"Hey, it's fine if we switch in the middle right?" 

??!? _ 

The ones surprised were Kurami, as well as Shiro. 

"Unfortunately, the two of us here are one player. Also, that seems to be a game that only one side is 
familiar with. It's to even the playing field, right?" 

While playing with his cellphone Sora said. As if trying to read his intentions, Kurami stared into 
Sora's eyes. However, it didn't seem like she managed to learn anything from Sora's eyes. 

—Someone like that won't ever be equal to even one of j 's wings. 

"—Do as you please." 

Concerned about the cellphone in Sora's hands, or is it that she was alert since she couldn't read 
anything from him. Kurami said, as if spitting out the words—but. 

"...Nii, do you think, Shiro will...?" 

Unexpectedly protesting—^was what was supposed to be the other wing, his sister. 

"Shiro, you're being too hotheaded. If it were regular chess then there's not even a 10000 to 1 chance 
that you'd lose." 


Shiro nodded as if that was obvious. 

Sora, too, was as serious as could be. There was no way she would lose. 


"This is not just normal chess —it's as she says." 

"Don't forget. The two of us are one, the two of us are 

"...So...rry. I'll be... careful..." 



j .Okay?" 

"All right! Then let's do this!" 

He said, then patted Shiro's head—and then whispered beside her ear. 

"—Until I see through their cheating and come up with a plan, go win this." 
Nodding in confirmation, Shiro slowly approached the table. 

"Are you done talking?—Then let's start, you can have the first move." 

Towards this obvious challenge, Shiro frowned for a moment. 

Chess was 'no different from tic-tac-toe', was what Shiro had said. 

What she said was no less than giving up the win. 

Because chess is a game where if both players played optimally, then theoretically'the first player 

For someone moving second, it would require the opponent to make at least one mistake to even start 
thinking about a 'tie'. 

"...b2 pawn, b4." 

With a slightly spoiled mood, Shiro said, and the match started. 

Not by moving with their hands, but by issuing voice commands, the chessboard where the pieces 
automatically move. 

Following the rules, limited to the first move, the pawn moved forward 2 squares. 

—But, Kurami had said. 

'The pieces have their own wills'. 

There was no way that was referring to just moving automatically—. 

While Sora was immersed in thought, Kurami quietly muttered. 

"Pawn number 7, 'forward'." 

Instantly—the commanded pawn. 

- Moved forward 3 squares. 


The people who raised their voice were Sora as well as the audience. 

"These are 'pieces with their own wills'—didn't I say so?" 

A light smile appearing on her face, Kurami spoke. 

"The pieces reflect the player's 'charisma', 'commanding ability', 'guiding ability', 'right to be king', 
and move according to that—don't you think it's a suitable game for deciding the king?" 


Sora clicked his tongue—but there was no need to panic. 

"...d2 pawn, d3." 

Simply and calmly, Shiro continued to play. 

"Ara, is that okay, to be playing so leisurely?" 

...However, provocations have no use against Shiro once she starts playing. 

Also, there was the brother in reserve. Shiro's overwhelming concentration. Can even destroy gods. 
...And then. In reality. 

Unfazed by Kurami's pieces continuously moving against the rules. Not even falling into danger once, 
Shiro continued moving her pieces— 

"...I see." 

Fearing <3 certain thing, Sora. 

If it was as Kurami said, and in this game the 'pieces with their own wills' were the key, then— that 
fear was very soon brought to reality. 

"Pawn 5, forward." 

The commanded piece—. 

Did not move. 


For the first time sinee eoming here, Shiro showed a confused expression. Similarly, Steph and the 
audience had the same confusion. 

"—As I thought, it's like that huh." 

Clicking his tongue because his prediction came true, Sora. In other words. The key to this chess 
game being that with charisma then the pieces will move ignoring the rules—^was wrong. 'That the 
pieces won't move without enough charisma' was the real key. If the pieces were real 'soldiers' then 
first of all a strategy that could not be used normally— that was, 

"We can't 'sacrifice pieces', huh." 

—For the sake of the war, happily giving up their lives, such soldiers normally didn't exist. The 
thorough commands, orders—combined with the madness that was the initial burst of morale had 
made this strategy possible in the beginning. But now that 'sacrificing pieces' had been sealed— 

Shiro bit her nails, and for the first time entered a long thought. 

...That's right—the tactics available were mostly limited. However the soldiers of the lightly smiling 
Kurami were, without any disorder, continuing to move...It was the first time they were pushing back 
against Shiro, who had an advantage, but it didn't take long. 

—The situation quickly worsened. With their morale diminished the pieces started ignoring 
commands more often, and Shiro was growing increasingly frustrated. The frustration of the 
commander transmitted to the soldiers, making the situation even worse—...If this continues, then 
there was no hope. 

She probably realized it herself—that there was no longer any way for Shiro to win. 

However —it was enough. 

Shiro held the match, which allowed Sora to observe. 

With the eyes like a zombie, filled with self-scorn, no matter how you look at it there was no sign of 
anything like charisma. The movement of Kurami's pieces told him 120% of the real form of the 

Placing his hand on his sister's shoulder, Sora said. 

"Shiro, let's switch." 

His sister's downcast eyes were hidden by the long white hair. But, he could tell that she probably hid 
a thin layer of tears. 

—That was to be expected. ^ j does not permit any losses. Especially in chess—which his 
sister had not once lost in. 

".Nii... So...rry." 

"—What's wrong." 

".I... rr... y." 

Saying this, Shiro buried her face in her brother's chest. But, hugging that head, Sora said. 

"Huh? What are you saying, we haven't lost yet." 

"—The two of us together are ^ j —^until I lose too, it doesn't count as a loss." 

Shiro looked up at Sora, who said this. The expression that he showed was his usual arrogance—that 
it was inpossible to lose, confidence. 

"Also, this isn't chess—in this game, you have not beaten me even once." 


"Well, just watch—this game is in my field of responsibility." 

Sniff, sniff, then. 

Rubbing the tears from his sister's eyes, covered by her bangs, Sora. He couldn't tell her expression 
from her lowered head, but he could tell she was still down. The sister started getting up from the 
chair as urged—but Sora stopped her. 

"A crybaby, huh. A child that leaves in the middle of a match, and a naive brother that thinks he can 
make a comeback at this point... it does seem like the two of you have the qualifications to be King. 
That is, the qualifications to be a joke of a king." 

Ignoring those words by Kurami. Lifting the body of his sister off the ground, Sora. 


Shiro's body stiffened due to suddenly being carried. 

Raising the overly light, even if she was only eleven, sister. 

Reached the table and sat her on his knees, Sora. 

"Didn't I say, the two of us are j . We are here. And, if I lose my calm then please give me a 

To the speechless sister, Sora said. 

With a smile, but with a bottomless eeriness, Sora spoke towards Kurami. 

"Whew, what a pinch."—then. 

"—Was that... said towards me?" 

"In this cheating game that you got from the elves by selling this hole or that hole. I'm gonna beat you, 
so you better start thinking about apologies—the price for making my sister cry is high, you 

Kurami's face twitched, but he ignored that. 

Facing towards the board, Sora. Taking a big breath of air—and then. 


Including the sister sitting on his lap. Everyone in the hall covered their ears, in a voice that shook the 
walls, he yelled. 


Suddenly, a silence like the bottom of the sea wrapped around the castle. What the silence signified 
was—confusion, contenpt, amazement. But, not caring about this, Sora continued. 

"Furthermore! All of you soldiers who fight on the front line, after this battle is won you will be 
freed from further military service, and from the responsibilities to pay tax for life! The country 
will guarantee you veteran benefits! Therefore—don’t you die a virgin! Also, those with family 
or loved ones waiting—you must all return alive!" 

Due to the exceedingly vulgar speech, once again the castle replied with silence. 

However. From the chess board. 


—A war cry resounded. 

A strict contrast to what was going on inside the eastle. But the speech had not ended. 

"To my army, to my men! Lend your ears to my words! This battle is ours—^Alkia's, mankind's! It's a 
battle to decide who rules this city, our last fort, and thus one that deeides the fate of mankind! Listen 
well! Open your eyes and look, at the king of that eountry—" 

Then, suddenly, at his opponent—Kurami, he pointed and yelled. 

"Leaving it to this zombie-like idiot, this bitch lacking in intelligence, are you really okay with that!" 

Then, ignoring the stunned Kurami, he grabbed his dejeeted sister's drooping head. 

Sweeping away her bangs, exposing her face. Peeking out from behind the pure white, albino long 
hair was a skin white like snow. Also revealed were her beautiful ruby-like eyes, filled with a 
redness that seemed to suck one in—^but they were dyed with sadness. 

"If we achieve victory, then she will be the queen! That's right, think about what happened baek then! 
To guide us to vietory she closed her heart and commanded you, but eaeh of you dismissed her as 
'ruthless' and eaused her to ery! I'll only ask onee—" 


Then, immediately, he gave an order to a pawn. 

"To the seventh pawn squadron! The enemy is invading our front lines! If we just wait in this 
stalemate, then we'll be hit from the sides 'rush and flank them!'—seeure the initiative!" 

Then, as if responding to that shout. The pawn moved forward 2 squares, then continued and flanked 
the enemy pawn —destroying it. 


Towards the bewildered Kurami, Sora spoke with a huge grin. 

"Hmm? It's something that you've done too, is there something to be surprised about?" 


But, the sister on Sora's lap muttered. 

"...If this was a real battle... then with this the soldier should be tired... and can't move for a while." 

"Yeah, it's as you say, but—second cavalry team! Don't let go of the opportunity that the seventh pawn 
squadron opened! No matter what protect the 'heroes' that cut open the path!" 

Then, without waiting for the opponent's turn, he continued. 

"And then the king and queen over there! In other words you are the two of us but hurry and move 
towards the front lines." 

—At these commands that were inpossible according to chess's rules, the audience, and even Shiro, 
opened their eyes wide. 

Well—in the first place. 

"H, hey! What are you doing ignoring my turns—!" 

—Kurami complained, but with a look like pitying a wild dog, Sora said. 

"Huh? Are you an idiot? Is there anyone who waits for their opponent's turn in a real war?" 

In the first place, the pieces were moving. In other words, they were processing the commands. 

"If you're worried about your turn, then why don't you give commands before I do, stupidV" 

If you have a problem then say it to the chessboard, is what he left it with. In one breath, throwing out 
absurd arguments one after another like they made sense, Sora. But—the reality is that the pieces 
moved. Which means that there was nothing wrong with this. In that case— 

"Guuuu—spawns, advance in order! Build a defense wall!!" 

Urgently throwing out counter-commands, Kurami. 

Immediately, Sora found a flaw. 

"Hah! Look, their troops are hiding themselves behind walls, look at their cowardly form!" 

With an exaggerated wave of his hand, in perfect acting, he yelled. 

"Leaving the soldiers to fight in the front lines and waiting in the back, what kind of king, what kind of 
queen are you! The king and the queen—the rulers, are the ones who should guide the citizens —To 
everyone we continue, the^roud knights, bishops, and rooks! Now is the time to work according to 
your titles! Protect the infantry and 'prove yourself!" 

—Slandering the opponent's tactics, though underhanded, it raised morale. Encouraged by the speech 
which would've been called 'propaganda tactics' in the real world, the pieces hurriedly moved. Then, 
once again towards Kurami—and also towards the pieces that she led, he said. 

"Hmpf—^using the elves' magic to forcefully raise the morale of your own troops—it could be said in 

a real battle that—this would be called 'brainwashing magic', huh?" 

Kurami's expression distorted slightly. 

If you think that wouldn't have been enough for him to realize he hit the bull's-eye, then you'd be way 
underestimating the boy named Sora. 

"I see, it would be hard to prove, and would bring a crushing advantage in this game. Even if the 
opponent is an expert in chess, unable to predict the movement of the pieces, unable to even sacrifice 
pieces, they would fall into disorder..." 

He placed his hand on his sister's head. 

"But, you made a big 'miscalculation'." 

Then, once again he resumed his speech in a loud voice. 

"Since antiquity, there had never been cases where kings who commanded their army tyrannically 
were referred to as great kings, because more than anything people fight only for justice—and, there 
is only one absolute justice in this worldV' 

Usually, the spiritless younger sister with eyes half closed. The continuation of the situation where 
she suddenly opened her eyes. In that face—her eyes snapped open, showing the face of a beautiful 
girl who would enchant anyone who looked at her. 

"You are in the presence of the queen! If you bastards are men then don't let those eyes be filled with 
tears again!" 

—As if in reply. 

Once again from the board, a war cry that shook the table resounded. 

"—That's right... 'Cuteness', that is the only unchanging justice in this world." 

Hugging the sister sitting on his lap, Sora boldly declared. 

The only response came from the board, creating an amazing tenperature difference compared to the 
room—but he paid no attention to that. There was no way that the residents of this world who knew 
no battles would understand. 

—The reason men risk their lives and fight, no matter which world it was this didn't change. 

That is, for their loved ones. For the honor in order to charm their loved ones. To say it bluntly. 

It was for the sake of'eroticism'... there was no other way to say it... 

"—Pawn number 5! Destroy the opponent's knight!" 

The pawn that Kurami ordered attacked his army's knight—^but. 

Embracing his sister in one hand, he stood up from the chair, and while swinging his arm Sora yelled! 

"Oh honourable knight, trained by us and bestowed by the queen with the title of knight, are you at the 
level of being defeated by a measly pawn! With the name of the queen, as well as your title on the 
line, I will not allow you to die without permission! The enemy is just a single soldier, it can't do 
anything but take your back. Turn around and retreat, maintain the line—break open a path to survival 
with your sword and shield!" 

As the pawn that should've been attacking captured the knight— 

Right before that, instead, it broke apart. 

""—Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh! ?"" 

From Steph to Kurami, everyone in the castle let out a similar sound. 

However, that sound did not reach him. 

Really placing himself in the battle, Sora once again yelled. 

"You have fought well, you have endured well, oh valiant knight! That is what it truly means to be the 
sword of the people! —But, for now you should rest that sword for a while and recover! The reward 
for your actions on the battlefield today, I swear on my name to provide it to you!" 

As he did so, the knight—a mere chess piece. Turned towards Sora—no... towards the 'king'. An 
action as if giving a bow—poof, disappearing from the top of the board, moving to the side of the 

—A situation which is irrpossible in chess, 'simultaneous kill'. At a loss of words, Kurami, and as if 
mocking her, Sora responded. 

"Ha ha ha, you idiot. A chess that emulates a real battle? Against an opponent like me who has never 
lost in Civilization or Daisenryaku, did you think you could win in a simplified version like this 

That's right—this was not chess. This was a 'strategy game'. A magic that maintains the morale—that 
is indeed a rather advantageous magic. But something like that was worth no more than something that 
maintains the statuses of the social systems or the wonders of the world. Also—the weaknesses of 
those systems, he was also familiar with. 

In essence, that was the playing style that results from relying on those effects— If the opponent's 
playing style could be grasped— 

It could not longer be ealled a mateh. 

"Third pawn squadron! Seize the ehance—take down the enemy bishop!" 

Confidently, aiming straight for eheekmate, Sora yelled out a command, and the pieee faithfully 
moved to follow it. But, just before reaching the bishop— 

—The pawn was dyed black. 


The audienee let out a shoeked voice. But that had already become something of a norm But, for the 
first time— Sora had been part of that group. Kurami eould elearly tell from Sora's expression that 
the phenomenon had been out of his expeetations. Hehe... with a thin, dark smile, Kurami spoke. 

"Brainwashing—it ean eause some pretty interesting results. With brainwashing then it's definitely 
possible, something like this." 

Forcibly turning the attaeking pieee black. 

'Forced brainwashing' — 

In other words, all of the attaeks from this side were completely sealed. 


-Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit! 

Without showing it on his faee, Sora realized that he had made a fatal mistake. He arbitrarily believed 
that the eheat the opponent had been using was to 'maintain a erazed morale amongst the troops'. 

—The mistake he had so arrogantly pointed out to Steph a few days ago had come and bitten himself 

I failed—failed failed failed failed! What a grave blunder—! That is, when the threat of losing 
approaches imminently, without caring whether the use of magic becomes exposed—the possibility of 
risking a eheat that might have been deteeted as abnormal in the face of loss—! 

Why didn't I consider this — I'm such an idiot! 

"—All units, retreat! The enemy is using brainwashing magie, do not approaeh them!" 

With Sora's overwhelming leadership, even the pieees that should not be able to retreat started to 
retreat. However, 

"Fufli, trying to be a war king? A king trying to be a rear guard, stop messing around." 

Seeing the tides ehange, Kurami barked an order against the 'king'—in other words, at 'Sora'. 

The enemy queen approached. 

"Behead the enemy king, my queen! Checkmate!" 


The hall grew noisy, even Shiro felt the danger, and raised her voice. But—towards the approaching 
piece, Sora said. 

"—Oh queen, please lower thy sword... for thou art—beautiful." 


With the audience, Kurami, and even Shiro stunned, Sora passionately and fervently started to coax 
the piece—the queen. 

"Ahh, dear queen. Dost thou serveth that king of thy own will, or hast thee other reasons—^but prithee, 
listen to thy heart. Is that king one worthy of thy service?" 

Like a first-rate theatrician. With a sweet voice like the playboy of the century, Sora unleased his 
beautifully woven words. It was as if he was a handsome young king on the battlefield. 

"Brainwashing the soldiers, the citizens, and using them as swords, as tools— moreover, for he who 
made you stand up to everything yet remains frightened within, is such a king worth swinging thy 
sword and flaunting thy beauty for?! Oh dear beautiful queen, it is but cursed fate that brought us to 
meet as this, as enemies. Prithee, lower your blade, and take a good look—your people, those who 
should be protected—^your king! Where are they now!" 


A sound as if a sword dropping to the ground echoed. 

—This time, the black queen became dyed in white. Not a single sound could be heard any longer 
from the dumbfounded gallery. The only sounds came from Kurami who was at a lost for words, and 
the slightly snickering Sora. 


"Kukuku, galge^ are one of the few games where I'm better than my sister." 


Hearing Kurami grinding her teeth, the audience sighed, as if relieved. As long as Sora could do the 
same thing as the enemy, the situation is back to a draw—is what they probably thought. 

—But that was not true. It was completely wrong. This was—no more than something that eould only 
be done because it had been Sora and the enemy queen. But Kurami—though it could not be 
confirmed, but it seemed like she could brainwash any piece. While sealing off his attacks completely 
—the enemy could attack without holding back. The only thing that awaits ahead—are the two words 
'certain defeat'. 

—What do I do. What do I do Sora, you 18 year old virgin—! 

Sora tried with all his power to keep the conposed smile on his face from collapsing. His mind 
fiercely searched for a way to somehow overcome this situation. Well—to be accurate, he had found 
a way. 

There is—a way. It's a possibility... but will the opponent fall for it!? 

—It was an all or nothing gamble. If it succeeded then for the moment he could hang on. But if it 
failed—then his chance of victory would be completely crushed. Conpared with the risk of the 
gamble, the merits are only temporary—would it be a good choice? While the excessive secretion of 
hormones in his brain even conpressed time, Sora continued to think. 

But this time, Shiro. She gently—enveloped her brother's face with those two small hands. 


Suddenly feeling the warmth on his cheeks, his body trembled slightly. However, Shiro looked Sora 
in the eyes, and in a small voice continued. 

"...Nii, you said... calm down, when you're back, help." 

"...The two of us are... j ..." 


"—Yeah, you're right..." 

".Are you, okay?" 

—Do you think it will work? 

The brother's eyes silently asked, and the sister, slightly, but strongly, 


—Right, Shiro—this genius girl—his proud sister. Against an opponent who moved without regards 
to the rules, using only pure chess moves she had once held the upper hand. That could not be 
possible unless she could read what the opponent—Kurami, will do. In psychological tactics, the 

brother was largely superior to the sister—however. 

Once again, Sora thought to himself. 

—Don't forget. His sister —had even defeated God. That sister, from purely evaluating the situation, 
had asserted that it will work. Then, what he must do is believe in his sister, and with that as the 
premise, construct a strategy! Then—Kurami, with her shoulders shaking. 

"—Knight! Cut down the double-crossing queen!" 

-She fell for it.. The thoroughly rigged—trap. The commanded black knight shook as if in inner 

conflict, and then— 

It turned white. 

"W-why... w-what did you do!?" 

—This was it. This was the one and only way to survive. Something that Kurami would not be able to 
stand if she was really fighting for humankind, and her 'reaction' towards that betrayal. Also that she 
was even now thinking that we were also using some kind of cheat... That was—the outline of the 
only remaining way to achieve victory. Ahh, to be expected of my sister. 

Conveying this by patting the sister's head, the sister closed her eyes in comfort as if she were a cat. 
Then, as if it was all as planned, Sora spoke with an indomitable smile. 

"Oh King, oh foolish king. To have thy vassal to slay thy queen... what a cruel command. Thou would 
doest well to calm down. Those shoulders shaking with anger—they are not what the citizens should 


Believing Sora to have sold out the humans and was using the assistance of other countries to cheat, 
Kurami. On that face was not the zombie-like sense of helplessness or sense of responsibility that had 
been there until now, it was pure anger. In comparison, Sora's face was arrogant, fearless, and filled 
with confidence. 

...But who would have sensed it at that time. 

That even right at this moment, Sora was the one who, heart pulsing with a force as if it would break, 
was mobilizing all his thought power. Sora's brain was still limited to the knowledge he gained 
through various quiz games and history games. Recreating battles to the limit of what he knew, and 
running simulations. 

—That's right, the situation hadn't turned for the better in the slightest 

This tactic was not something that could be repeatedly used. It was merely a one time bluff to plant 
the seed of doubt in the opponent It was a dangerous tightrope where just another attack could cause 

everything to fail. In that ease—the only way is to win without fighting- 
Win without fighting? 

—And then. 

In this situation that was equal to 'eertain defeat'. 

Sora finally saw a speek of light. 

"—Shiro. ni leave the command of the troops to you. Can you maneuver them so they will not be 

"...No, problem." 

Without asking for the reason, the sister saluted and took control of the troops. 

—This was, once more, an all or nothing gamble. However, this time it was a gamble for a 
guaranteed win. There were only two ways to come out victorious in this situation. As far as Sora's 
knowledge goes, the way to win without fighting—which is. 

"Oh dear queen—" 

Leaving the sister in control, Sora started to talk to the now allied, ex-enemy queen. 

"I cannot bring myself to order thee—nor thy faithful, proud knights who lowered their swords, to turn 
thy weapons towards thy own citizens—thy brethren. This battle, this situation... that it is no longer 
but a meritless brawl should be clear to anyone—thy king—is now but a crucible of madness." 

Then, Sora, within the span of the seconds hand making, a full revolution. Several thousand lines of 
words spun through his brain, and came out as the gamble of the century. 

"Thy citizens are thy citizens—the one to guide them in place of the 'mad king' can be no other than 
thee—are there any objections!" 

Sora's speech. Its aim. Not one person in the castle, not even Kurami could uncover it. Thus the castle 
replied with silence—just like the many times that had happened up to now. Waiting for the something 
that would exceed all expectations—they waited in silence. Then—finally, a result that was probably 
the answer to those anticipations. 

The originally black queen—but what is now a white queen. 

—This time became dyed in red. 

In addition, the black pieces in the front line mostly turned red. 


Kurami was the one and only person who screamed out. Probably, none of the other audience 
members had been able to conprehend what just happened. However, with the continuation of Sora's 
act—they were finally able to grasp the situation. 

"1 commendeth thee for taking a stand, oh respectable and brave queen! Righteous ones who 
overcame thy brainwashing to follow thy queen! 1 shant telleth thee to cut down thy brethren! 
Furthermore, 1 doth not believe that thy brethren wishes to cut thee! The ones who shall mark the end 
of the tyrannous reign of the mad king who steals the freedom of his subjects repeatedly through 
brainwashing, is none other than thee!" 

That's right, this is. 

Inciting a 'revolution '—the advent of a third power. 

"1 doth not wish for bloodshed! Like what any would wish for—1 wish for peace! 1 wish for both 
sides to lay down their swords. 1 will not allow any more blood to flow!" 

Following the pronouncement, one by one, the number of red pieces by the red queen's side increased. 
—Though they might have no hesitation in cutting down their enemies. 


"—Y-you, it doesn't matter! Dispose of all traitors!" 

Consumed by rage and still not understanding the situation, Kurami once again—fell into a trap. 

"You have made yet another mistake, oh foolish king. Since old, dealing with revolutions through 
'Military Oppression' is the worst possible strategy." 

—Though they have no hesitation in cutting down their enemies. Even under the effects of 
brainwashing magic—it is not easy to cut down a comrade-in-arms. As Sora spoke, the pieces that 
Kurami commanded turned red one by one. 

"—Wh... this... what happened, what kind of tricks did you pull!" 

She who tried to protect mankind, going as far as to borrow the elves' power, Kurami. That feeling, 
strengthened by the feelings from being betrayed, stole her composure. 

"... All units, support, the red queen... expand the perimeter... don't, let anyone, die." 

Following Sora's intentions, through precise orders, Shiro was able to even mobilize the red pieces 
strategically. It wasn't anything spectacular. It was just to use the pieces that Kurami's army would 
have a hard time attacking, the red queen's forces, as a shield. To put it another way, she manipulated 
the pieces in the red queen's forces to create a situation where attacks from both sides would be 


—The result. 

"To all soldiers, take the enemy king's head at all costs... you should all just move according to my 
commands —cut down and dispose of all traitors." 

Sora couldn't—Imanity couldn't feel anything. But, probably an even stronger brainwashing magic had 
been cast. Eerily, silently, the black army started its advance. Red pieces or 
exuding from the marching pieces clearly showed that the black army would 
those in the castle held their breath. 

"...Brother, to block off... the path of retreat of a weakened enemy, ends like 

As a slight amount of cold sweat started to form, even the sister pointed and 
replied with a smile. 

"I know— that's why I did it." 


Such a sound, without any reason, suddenly resounded. 

The black king, in other words Kurami's king. 

—Cracks started running across. 

"—Eh—wh, what?" 

The cracks spread across the black king. Towards the confused Kurami staring stupefied, Sora 
answered disinterestedly. 

"A tyrant that continues oppressing, ruling through fear, and brainwashing—is a strange thing." 

This was 'the second way' that Sora knew—of how to 'win without fighting'. 

"It's fine while he continues winning, but if ever he lost, no matter which world it is, for some reason 
the end of that ruler, as if set in stone, is known." 

...That is. 

"Their end will be due to an assassination by someone close to them who is not even a soldier." 

—This was something that had been repeated many times in history, a historical fact of Sora's world. 
In essence, let the brainwashing expand, make them not care about appearance. After establishing the 
'tyrant', force them closer to defeat. As they begin to move as a 'mad king'—'self destruction'. 

white pieces. The aura 
a nni hilate everything, as 


said. However, Sora 

Then, the eraeking blaek king erumbled. Everyone in the castle, Kurami included, stared wordlessly. 
"Sorry, but our world is not as nice a place as this world." 

Winning, standing up from the chair, Sora and Shiro. 

"—About wars or killing bouts, we're experts compared to you guys." 

Then, a large sigh. Exchanging a light high-five with Shiro, Sora stared towards the horizon. Towards 
their original world. As if looking far off into the distance, he squinted his eyes. 

"This stays only within a game. Ahh, it's a good world, this place..." 

...So, he muttered. 

Part 4 

"How, how amazing." 

—An abnormal, overwhelming and wonderful vietory. 

The only person whispering in the midst of all that eheering in the eastle, was Steph. 

Perhaps the audienee that sent out all those cheers did not know the truth. 

But Steph had understood it completely. 

However, this does not mean that she could conprehend the tactics and significant lines said by those 

Because she herself did not know what their world was like. 


That person— Kurami, was backed by extremely powerful elves. 

Just before the start of the duel, magic was incorporated into the game to allow cheating. 

And both of them directly challenged and defeated the opponent. Only she understood this fact. 

Which means— albeit indirectly. 

Fighting against the world's largest kingdom, Elven Garde, would definitely be beaten down. 

It means races that are driven by magic gained an insight, mere humans could also achieve victory 
from their hands. 

Historically, this had not even happened before. 


".Are they really, humans?" 

Fear— with fear slowly growing inside her heart, Steph whispered out. 

In total contrast with the heated atmosphere of the city, the defeated Kurami lowered her head while 
remaining silent. 

Without even giving her a glance, the siblings gallantly left the table. 

For this pair of siblings that was walking towards herself— 

Steph momentarily forgot what she had to do. 

—Because this can't be helped right? 

RightMly defeating the absolute enemy that manipulated magic, yet they didn't even feel the joy of 
winning at all. 

—"Defeat that doesn't exist for ^ j ". 

Generally proving this statement, she stood in front of the two victors with a completely natural look, 
wondering what she should say in the end. 

However— completely unaware of the entanglement in Steph's heart, Sora said with a frivolous tone. 
"—Is this fine now?" 


"Your grandpa—the Late King being treated as a fool, this criticism would not be left behind for the 
future generations, right?" 


"If letting no other, but Imanity's strongest ^ j to become the king— he will be known as a 
virtuous king." 

".This way, Elchea.will not perish, great, is it not.Steph?" 

Although she felt troubled and confused by their words. 

She once again recalled the reason for their actions. 

But being able to get a satisfying result despite of all that had happened. 

With tears trickling down from her eyes, Steph said it bluntly. 

"Thank you.really—I am really grateful " 

Mixing with the little whimpers she was making, the sound produced was difficult to identify. 
However, Shiro tiptoed, and gently caressed Steph's head. 

At this point, the tears which could no longer be suppressed gushed out from Stephanie Dora's eyes. 

At this time. 


A whisper which was inadvertently leaked out from Kurami's mouth, got covered up by the loud 
cheering from the crowd. 

But, these words were clearly heard by Sora, Shiro and Steph. 

"Please tell me.what kind of tricks did you guys use." 

Coldly muttering, Kurami stared at Sora with sharp eyes, before continuing. 

"Ah, you were indeed right. I did borrow the strength of the elves, the only measure to ensure that 
humans survive. But this is completely destroyed by you. Answer me, where did you spies come 
from? Don't you think about saying that you are just mere humans that could defeat elven magic!" 

In her eyes, Sora was tantamount to a despicable enemy who had abandoned his own kind, before 
questioning him. 

While watching Kurami with eyes full of hatred, Steph gasped— but for the siblings, 

"We were planing on saying that, and it's the truth." 

".What, problem?" 

Because Sora was strolling towards Kurami, the heated cheers in the City instantly died down. 

"To be truthful, if you can prove what you say, that you were merely borrowing the power of the elf 
for the sake of human kind, then I really think that that's not a bad strategy, and it is not impossible to 
make me abandon this game." 

"Since it's like that—!" 

"But, I can't stand your ideals." 

Without the usage of any acting, Sora used contempting eyes to look down on Kurami. 

"Disregarding the words of'Using elven magic as a pedal', but if it was interpreted as 'Can't live 
normally without the shelter of elf-sama', it would be so degrading that it would make people scoff" 

"—Doesn't matter, history, and situation proved that this is the limit of what the human species can 

Using a tone that implies that a trick was obviously used, yet having the audacity to teach me a lesson 
was Kurami. 

"That was just some limit that a guy left eould aehieve, but that is not our limit...." 

Sourly finishing the sentenee, Sora revealed a smile. 

"For humans, humans have their own way of doing things. And also— much gratitude to you who was 
convinced that we were also cheating, which allowed us to achieve victory." 

Hearing that line, Kurami sucked in air, and recalled the battle that happened just now. 

Although her own attention was completely focused on how to expose their cheat, but what if. 

What if, from the start, they didn't even use any cheat at all? 

"That kind of inpossible.mere humans— are unable to confront magic.:" 

"You are free to think of that, which is your own limit." 

Narrowing both of his eyes. 

"No matter if the opponent is Elf—or God, defeat doesn't exist in ^ j 's dictionary." 

Saying that— as if trampling on her own self-esteem 

He grabbed hold of Kurami's chin, and ripped away the black veil covering her face. 

Looking at those eyes that stared straight, for the first time where anger was present, Sora— said. 
"Stop— underestimating humans!" 

....Only these words. 

The entire city fell silent. 

Similar to being engraved in the heart, it kept echoing. 

Similar to cutting off the strand of the 'Most inferior species'. 

Similar to a ray of light piercing through the perpetual darkness. 

—Similar to the quiet hope of fire in everyone's heart that were ignited. 

—Then, a sound leaked out from Kurami's mouth. 



"Whoa! What's happening!?" 

Suddenly, Kurami sat on the floor and burst into tears. 

Facing against the problem where you are too scared to deal with it and backing off was Sora— and 
sadly, censure could be not be added anymore. 

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa idiot—stupid—! Just to get.elfs strength gugu, obv-obviously without 

formalities, how much trouble to conclude a guys, you guys ahhhhhhhhhh, I didn't 

underestimate—~~I was being serious-Wuhaaaaa." 

With bean-like tears rolling down and crying out loudly, Kurami's action dumbfounded everyone in 
the hall. 

In the end, was this the reaction caused by someone who shouldered a heavy load for liberation, or 
was this the character she had all along— 

But, it was common for difScult children to cry in that world. 

".Nii.made a girl.cry." 

"Eh, wait, this is my fault!?" 

"Wuhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.idiot.stupid.go die." 

In the scene where the audience were celebrating happily for the victory. 

But now, they only watched from afar the soft cursings and whinpering of Kurami 

Chapter 4 - Grandmaster/The King 

Part 1 

While crying, Kurami kept scolding out idiot and stupid. 

'I will never admit it! I will absolutely expose you all—!' 

Even up till the end when Kurami left, she kept kicking up a fuss. 

"Aiyah aiyah.what is the meaning of a human evaluating another human eh." 

After Sora said these troubled words, the city was once again filled with applause. 

—Very fastidious about this victory. 

Without any doubts, this victory had clearly showed that mankind still had a sliver of chance. 

With the hall completely bundled with the deafening cheers, an old official walked towards Sora, 
holding onto a crown. 

"Then, Sora-sama is it?" 


"So you will be the one to ascend to the throne as the new king of Elchea, right?" 

"Can’t do." 

Hugging his little sister, he said while laughing. 

"The two of us are ^ — so the king belongs to us." 

These were also the words he said during the chess duel. 

With those words, the audience started an even higher-pitched applause— for congratulating the new 
king and queen. 


"—It's a pity, but that can't be done." 


Hearing those words from the official, the cheers of the crowd halted. 

"Ah? Eh, why?" 

"The Ten Oaths stated that they ean only eleet a “^Sole representatives . So two people eannot 
assume the post." 

In the midst of the chattering hall, Sora and Shiro exchange glances. 

Entering into a deep thought with a perturbed expression, Sora scratched his head and furrowed his 
brow.before saying. 

".Ah, that, so be it. I'll be the one to be the representative, will that work?" 


Gently releasing his little sister who was muttering, Sora faced the official. 

"Then once again I'll announce—*cough cough*, from now, Sora-sama will be the 255th generation 
king of Elchea— any objections please stand up, otherwise remain silent—" 

—But, unable to maintain that silence, someone raised up a hand and interrupted the sentence. 


A white-haired Shiro. 

With her pair of ruby red eyes barely visible underneath her bangs, it was the girl— who exactly said 

"Eh? Shiro?" 

".I have, an objection." 

"Gu, that, little sister, what are you doing?" 

".If, Nii, becomes king.Nii will build, harem" 


Unable to believe what he had just heard, Sora could not help but ask, but Shiro with an expression as 
if she was going to cry out said out. 

".That way.Shiro.wouldn't be.needed anymore." 

Completely ignoring the stares from the stunned audience, Sora went into a state of embarrassment he 
had never experienced before. 

"Wait! Just, wait a moment, how is that possible! Aren't the both of us a team! In the final conclusion. 
I'm just a king by name, I don't want Shiro to do this kind of—" 

".But, the King is.Nii.Shiro is accessory. If, if there can only be one 


the one to do it 

Wiping away the tears, light was no longer reflected tromher eyes. 

".to be the King— is Shiro." 

The little sister who always felt weak, had clearly emitted an aura as if declaring for war. 

Facing Shiro who was intently staring at Sora, while announcing out her intentions— 


Getting stared at, Sora changed his expression. 

"Hey hey hey.My sister. It really is new for you to crack a joke, has the sun finally risen up Ifom 

the west?" 

Although his tfivolous actions and expression were the same as always. 

There was definite hostility felt tfom his tone of voice. 

"Let's see, a beautiful girl like you wanting to be the king of a collapsing country. You are just too 
straightforward. You'll definitely get drawn in by someone's sweet words— so if you want to be the 
King, your brother absolutely forbades you from doing so!" 

Although Sora opposed his little sister with words that can't be more hurtful than that. 

He worded it so that if interpreted correctly, it would be seen as though he was spoiling his little 
sister, but his eyes were clearly not smiling. 

".No, won't, letNii, become King— absolutely." 

"—That's good. Nii also can't let you become the King, absolutely." 

It was like a debate competition, where no one backs down. 

Both of their interests intertwined and collided. 

Even cracking the cheat by the Elves, and achieving the title of Imanity's strongest Duo. 

Their eyes belonged to neither a pair of loving siblings, nor the Duo player called ^ j . 

But opponents of a long history, constantly depending on each other's vigor, with occasional sparks 
flying out upon collision with their eyesight. 

"Th-that.If that's the case, I will please invite both of you to have one final battle, will this settle it 


Intervening between the two people probably took great courage. 

Requiring confirmation, the official had to ask with an apologetic tone. 

"Ah, that's fine." 

".No, problem." 

An instantaneous answer coming out from both sides. 

In a situation where their eyesight remains in contact, they issued out their declaration of war. 
"Little sister, I won't be lenient today oh. Today I will definitely make you regret that." 

".Nii, should.prepare, Shiro will, use her full strength." 

—Just like that. 

Three days went past in a blink of an eye. 

Continuously around the clock and after countless games, the central hall was littered with various 

The siblings were sprawled out on the floor. 

".Ugh.little bit can admit defeat already." 

".Nii, is the one.hurry up and, give up." 

The conditions for victory was two wins in a row, with that, the countless number of games 

And the outcome— It was currently at the 501th battle, with 158 wins, 158 losses and 184 draws. 

—What was unfortunate, was that not just this place, even when the siblings were in their Original 

Worlds . 

^ j which was regarded as an urban legend— nobody knew their competition records. 

But different from ^ j , which is attained when both their names are combined. 

It was the battles between these two people who loved games more than anything else in the world. 
And their record would be— 

3526744 battles, 1170080 wins, 1170080 losses, 1186584 draws 

So far, it had always been a stalemate between those two, no winner, no loser. 

Of course, everyone who weren't aware of this truth and were waiting for the coronation ceremony to 
happen, had already gone home. 

—Then gathered again, then went home again, a constant repetition, and with the passing date, the 
number of audience that came gradually reduced. 

Those that worked tirelessly in the City fell asleep freely in the hall—and barely maintaining their 
consciousness was Steph and the official who started to see hallucinations after being awake for a 
long time. 

The old ofiicial began to reveal strange smiles from time to time, before switching back to his normal 

While Steph kept mouthing out "Ah, butterfly-", with an empty smile and feebly trying to reach out for 
the emptiness. 

—Then, what should the next game be.Sora thought while in a state of haziness for this 


However, a certain uncertainty flashed through his mind and he stopped his action. 

"—Fuu.why must only one person hold the position of King?" 


From this sentence, the Official and Steph snapped back into reality and responded. 

Blurting out those words, Sora retrieved his phone from his pocket. 

Double confirming the [Ten Oaths] that he had recorded down, Sora continued. 

" [7] of the “^Ten Oaths j , All matters for group conflicts will be decided by a representative." 

What it means here is, the group—^which is also the country or inter-ethnic conflict should be carried 
out by the decided representative. 

—Even so. 

As if trying to repeatedly mull over, Sora carefully pondered about this. 

Slowly rereading out the sentence once more. He tried to confirm if what he thinks contradicts with 
the sentence. 

Following that, he softly whispered. 

"—It clearly did not state that it was only “^One persons right?" 

!?????!? I I I I I??!?!??? 

—Just like that. 

The [Nightmarish three days] will forever be passed down, and the bards who had been singing 
during the duration of the fight had finally come to a stop. 

However, beeause the song was too long. 

It wasn't kept and had to be disearded.... 

Part 2 

".Uhhh, is it really fine if you are dressed like this?" 

"It's okay. Sinee ancient times, Kings that wore luxurious and gorgeous clothing are often seen as 
concealing their inner superficiality, or for just self-gratification to be seen as a corpulent person. A 
King is not just a national role model, but also a goal for the citizens to achieve— so in order to gain 
love and respect from the people, you'll have to fight for it yourself" 

".Such sophism.." 

"Un, but ultimately, because I'm wearing this outfit, it calms me down a lot." 

"Ah.anyways, I understand. But regarding the publication for the news, this kind of detail will 

be carefully spruced up." 

Capital of Elchea— In front of the King city's public square. 

It was a spectacular view after emerging out of the castle's balcony, with a public square broader than 
the Piazza San Marco in Venice. 

Currently, the square was being buried by a countless number of people. 

Tens of thousands— tens of thousands of humans were gathered here. 

But the more terrifying thing was, even the road that extended out of the public square was filled with 

Just to listen to a speech from their new king. 

Some expressed out the disappointment towards the foolish king of the previous generation. 

Some expressed out happiness as an array of hope for the escape from the abyss of despair had 

Some expressed out curiosity for the siblings who faced against Elven spies and defeated magic. 

With the whole of Imanity's attention focusing on the balcony of the castle— 

Two figures came out from the castle. 

A boy and a girl. 

Wearing jeans and a T-shirt with [I y humans] written on it. 

With dark eireles underneath his eyes, a blaek-haired youth. 

Having white glossing hair with snow colored skin. 

With a pair of jewel-like ruby eyes, a girl wearing sailor uniform. 

The crown on their heads clearly highlights that they were respectively the king and queen. 

—Just only. 

The youth had bended the tiara that was supposedly on the girl's head, and was wearing it on his arm 
like an armband. 

While the girl was wearing the crown meant for the youth on her bundled front hair— 

The actions that they both did when changing could make anyone easily figure out what kind of 
screams Steph might have issued out. 

As for their overly casual kind of get-up. 

In front of the momentarily stunned audience, the youth— which was Sora, began speaking. 

"Ah— ,un, un~ ugh, good morning everyone." 

".Nii, is being nervous. How rare." 

"—Stop that. You know very well that we both have agoraphobia^. But it's weird, usually I would 
be able to control it." 

Shiro avoided the gaze from the crowd, and gently held onto the hand of her brother. 

!? B 

She was silent, as if implying, "Then control it now". 

It has always been the same from the past till now— even if it's in the future, it will still be the same. 

"—Dearest citizens— no, every [Fellow human being] here!" 

As if in reply to Shiro's silence, Sora dispelled his tense expression and loudly exclaimed. 

With his hands resting on the balcony that had voice anplifiers installed. 

But the people could not help but think that there was no need for the voice amplifiers due to his stern 
and loud voice that echoed everywhere. 

"Our human kind.being constrained by the “^Ten oaths j , forcing us to have continuous failures 

due to the predicament of not having war, and what remains now is this last city, this last country— 
and why is this happening?" 

Hearing this question that was abruptly asked, the crowd went into uncertainty. 

—Because of the missteps from the previous king— because we are unable to use magic. 

All their hearts contained different answers, as they wait for Sora's next words. 

"Was it because the previous king failed? Or was it because we are ranked 16th? Or was it because 
we are unable to wield magic? Or was it because we are the most inferior race? Does this equates to 
us feebly walking to the path of destruction!?— sorry but, all of them are wrong!" 

With the strong resolution to deny it, everyone got startled. 

Clenching his chest, Sora shouted with an even more resonant voice, letting his emotions out. 

"Previously, when the Old Deus started a war, deities, magical beings—the elves, ores and other 
species that were also involved, we fought valiantly, and the result was that we survived! And in the 
past, all the land in this continent was occupied by Imanity, so why?!" 

Based on the history read in Steph's private stack room in the past few days. 

Sora inquired. 

"Is it because our race are experts in using violence?! Or is it because we specialize in fighting!?" 

One after another, the crowd started looking at each other. 

"We are unlike the elves who can use a variety of magic, nor do we possess strong physical ability 
like ores, and we don't have longevity like the Heavenly Winged— but even so, did we who dominate 
these lands have any special abilities meant for war— definitely not!!" 

Yes, this is the fact that everyone understands. But it is also questionable at the same time. 

—Then, why? 

"The reason why we were able to fight and survive, was because we were [Weak]!" 

"No matter the era or the world, the strong will always grind their teeth while the weak experience 
wisdom! So why would we reach to such an inpasse— because from the agreement of the “^Ten 
Oaths j , the strong no longer grind their teeth but experience the wisdom! No other reasons!" 

"Our strength to survive comes from our patent schemes, strategies, tactics, which are meant for the 
weak! But now it lies in the hands of the strong! Our weapons forcefully taken away, and to fight 
against the strong with the same weapons— caused this horrifying thing to happen!" 

Being pointed out this situation that made people despair, the publie square went into silenee. 

The people struck by the answer felt despair, and were shrouded in instability. 

Surveying the crowd while sighing, Sora said. 

"—Everyone, please don't lower your heads." 

In contrast to his high vigor speech and the passionate waving of his fists from before, Sora suddenly 
spoke with a calm voice. 

"I'll repeat it one more time, we are weak. Yes, both today—and in the past—" 

Sora reverted back to his loud voice and shouted. 

"—Yes.It has never changed up till now!" 

"If the strong imitate the weak by brandishing our weapons, they won't be able to exert their abilities! 
If you want to ask why, it's sinply because the weaklings' weapons— were developed from their 
weakness when we had reached a servile state!" 

.Sora added an answer just when everyone was feeling conflicted. 

"Because of our weakness, we trained our eyes, ears and thinking, Learnings how to survive, 
that's our trait as humans!" 

.After falling into hell for years, hope could finally be seen. 

"The human species can't use magic, even perceiving it is inpossible— but because we are weak, we 
have the wisdom to run away from magic, and also the intelligence to see through it! We don't have 
any extraordinary senses. Sinply because of being weak, from Learnings and ‘^Experiences , 
we gained the wisdom to achieve the unachievable, predicting the future!" 

.Only an optimist will sing optimistically. 

.Only a pessimist would speak about despair. 

"I will reiterate for the third time! We are weak, and in no matter which world, we will always 
savagely bite those complacent people who think that they are the strong— until the Weaks gain 


.Because they were stuck in the depths of despair, there was not a ray of light in the everlasting 


"My little sister and I will declare, that we are the 255th generation, the king and queen of Elchea." 
.Only the people who ignite the fire of hope can guide the public. 

"Once again, I declare, the two of us will survive with the method of the weak, fight with the method 
of the weak, slaughter the strong with the method of the weak! Just like the past— it will still be the 
same even in the present and the future!" 

.So that no one would leave their footprints as a guide. 

"Admit it! We, are the weakest race!" 

"History will repeat itself no matter what happens—we will be the ones to bite the strong and nobody 

.Just like that. 

"Rejoice! We are humans— we are the most talented people! Precisely because we were born 
without any ability— we can achieve anything— this is the will of the weakest race!" 

.a ‘^Kingj was born. 

Cheers— no, roars. 

The public square, and even the skies started trembling. 

An array of cries that sounded like both an angry roar and victory cheers. 

And what were they expecting from the two people on the balcony? 

Or perhaps— were they being cornered and were simply baring their fangs and crying out? 

In front of this scene, Sora and Shiro exchanged glances. 

.Nodding their heads. 

Confirming that his little sister was smiling with glee after that nod, Sora began his final moments of 
the speech. 

Spreading open his arms, looking as pure as a curious child that was facing against the boundless 

But also exuding out the aura of a battle-hardened warrior with his usual arrogance. 

Sora— ‘^Humanity's new hopej , said with an arrogant smile and a face filled with naivety. 

"—Come, Ictus begin the games!" 

"Everyone must have had enough of the sufferings right. Starting to behave servilely already right. 

Getting tired of tasting bitterness's enough already right? I've kept you waiting, 

fellow human beings." 

Looking like he has the skies within his grasp, Sora pointed his hand to the horizon. 

Then— tightly elenched his fist. 

"From this instant! We, Elehea— will issue a proelamation, declaring war on countries all around the 

"The smoke has finally cleared! Our borders, better be honest and come back to us!" 

11^ '5^i . 

/yf;■ % ^ 

iJ/gJ^f .^UH 

4 JLitrf^ X-. 


Bf *i|r^ 


^K _ 

W 1 

Part 3 

Surrounded by the huge roars that eould shake the heavens. 

Leaving the balcony and heading towards the exit, Steph stopped them. 

"Yo-yo—^you! Wh-what did you just say— !?" 

"Whoa- why are you looking so flustered, you scared me." 

".Steph, evil." 

Facing the trantic Steph who was screaming out in a rage, the siblings could not help but wince under 
her unreasonable words. 

But Steph did not give in. 

"How can I be calm like this!? You have just finished the coronation ceremony, and the municipal 
hasn't even finish handling Elchea as of now, how are we going to have time to prepare for war 
against other countries! Are you trying to destroy this place!?" 

Hugging her head, Steph kept cursing that her idiocy actually made her believe the words of the 

But, maybe she was slowly getting used to it. 

In order to get a glimpse of her adept movements, Sora sighed while saying. 

"Ah.I did say—that you should learn how to suspect people right?" 


Steph suddenly stopped her movements, before gazing at Sora. 

"Those elves— you still remember Elven Gard right? They used Kurami, provided support for her to 
win this country, defeating humans without positive means just because we can't use magic right?" 

"—Wh-what does that mean?" 

"Have you forgotten? We have already made them think that we are ‘^Humans that need to be 
supported by other countries j oh. Or at least this is what the guy who was supporting Kurami is 
likely to report, and other countries might be thinking of the same thing too." 

In accordance to her brother's words, Shiro supplemented the sentence. 

Whole world, will think. 

that some country's spy, is administrating Elchea." 

Nodding his head in alfirmation, Sora continued. 

"But, they don't know which country is doing it. Don't know which country is controlling the spy, don't 
know which country used Elchea as a puppet to declare war to the world, they will definitely think of 
it like this— ‘^Elchea is being used as a puppet to launch an intention to be on the offensive j ." 


In this world, the challenged party has the right to decide the contents of the game. 

Which is to say, in total disregard of the extremely unfavorable conditions, Elchea has taken the 
initiative to declare war on the world. 

Moreover, taking into consideration that the spy sent from Elven Gard was found out— 

"A certain country or race has obtained a tmnp card to see through the elf race, so they will certainly 
be more vigilant right?" 

".So to say." 

"The world will plunge into darkness where everyone is being suspected." 

".Just for this reason, deliberately made a declaration of war." 

"But not being able to do a thing, is how it isJ'" 

Facing against the siblings who smiled and uttered those words, Steph was rendered speechless. 

"Article 5 of the ‘^Ten Oaths j , the challenged party has the right to decide the contents of the game. 

Those countries would start to get wary of us due to that declaration.and also start mobilizing 

against the non-existent country that is backing us. Taking advantage of the countries that are trying to 
probe for our ins and outs, we will use this chance to find loopholes, then slowly and continuously 
secure back our territories." 

Eooking at Sora who was smiling wickedly while turning his body, Steph asked. 

"Th-then.all those things about recapturing territories.are just lies?" 

Feeling slightly regretful for this matter that even surprised Steph herself 
But what Sora said was. 

"—Hey, Steph. I had a discussion with my little sister— about whether we want to return back to our 
original world." 

"We realized that this was a no-brainer question. The answer will definitely be j — if we 
abandoned this world, what would we get when we return back? Absolutely nothing." 

".Especially.towards Shiro." 

"That's how it is. So." 

Slapping his hands together, Sora concluded. 

"We are humans, and we are left with our sole country which is Elchea. So, in order to prevent losing 
this place, becoming the king would be the first target— but?" 

Eittle sister and older brother. Eooking at each other, they laughed pleasantly. 

"Hey, little sister." 


"The enemy can use magic, can use super powers, but we can't. We have an overwhelming 
disadvantage, and also an underwhelming handicap, furthermore, we are left with one more territory, 
the situation currently could be said to be desperate. But, in the name of j , we will not allow 

any failures— what do you think?" 

Shiro, with her face devoid of any expression except for a little boyish smile, replied. 

".The best—" 

"That's righW 

Steph looked at the genuine otherworldly— siblings that were clearly incomprehensible. 

Specifically, this was indeed a very desperate situation, yet the words that were blurted out were 
actually “^The besU ? 

Sora turned back to face Steph who was undoubtedly puzzled. 

"Then, going back to the question just now, Steph." 


Suddenly being accosted while in a daze, Steph could not help but change the tone of her voice. 
"About recapturing the border. Frankly, that's a lie." 

Sora spoke while taking out his phone. 

Opening his sehedule manager, he marked a tiek under ‘^Beeoming Kingj . 

Entering into a new target. Whieh was— 

" ‘^Final goaU — in short, conquering this worlds" 


Recapturing borders— skipping over this— the words Sora said suddenly jumped to world 

After hearing his gargantuan goal, Steph leaked out her voice. 

How long must she continue being shocked before he becomes satisfied. 

Sora then started walking away, with Shiro closely behind. 

Realizing that she was getting deserted, Steph immediately snapped back into reality and paced up to 

"Eh, th-that, is it re-re-really the truth!?" 

"For j anything other than first is unacceptable. No matter if it's gambling for the country 

or what, as long as it is related to games, our motives will always be to become “^the strongest^ — 
this is our principle." 


—Just when the development of things have reached this step. 

Stephanie Dora realized that she was underestimating the siblings the whole time. 




These two people— 

—Are Imanity's Saviorj ? 

Watching Sora whose figure was constantly receding away, a fierce reaction came from her chest. 
Her chest was being gripped tightly— except, the sense of disgust was already long gone. 

Restoring her grandfather's reputation. 

Confronting and beating magic. 

Saving her beloved country— Elchea. 

Even going as far as to make a declaration to recapture territory. 
Against the fading figure that made her believe that he could do it. 
Any reasons to hate him. 

For Stephanie Dora, she still hadn't found one yet. 

Part 4 

—Kingdom of Elchea, capital ofElchea, central region district 1. 

Which is, Elchea King City, the King's bedroom. 

There was an extremely colossal bed that would make anyone wonder how many people eould fit into 
it plaeed in the eenter of the room. 

Just a few days ago, he was still a NEET and useless— Sora( 18-year-old virgin). 

"—From a cramped room, to a shabby Inn, before going to Steph's mansion, and now, the King's 
bedroom— is that so." 

Sora was holding onto a book while reminiscing about the past. 

Basking in the darkness of the night, the name of the book that was dimly lit by the moonlight was 
titled— ((The Ecology of the Sixteen Races)) . 

Staying on a partieular page on the book, Sora was immersed in a deep thought. 

The Fliigel 

"—The Heavenly I feel that those guys will really be pulled into the same front 


The FKigel 

What was written on the book— The Heavenly Winged. 

In the last war, they were created to be the vanguard for the gods, a race capable of fighting in the air. 

After the “^Ten Oaths j were forged, their ability to fight was sealed up, however, utilizing their 
longevity and the fact that they had a high degree of adaptability for magic, with the floating species 
Phantasma— “^Avend Haze j baeking them up, they created a genuine sky city, using that as their 
sole territory, and never competed in any gambling for the country. 

But, perhaps it was due to their longevity, that they have a strong thirst for knowledge, so in order to 
colleet “^InteU from every other race— they participated in the games to try and obtain other 
country's books. 

"I feel that I can grasp a lot about knowledge regarding magic, furthermore, I can use my “^Exclusive 
knowledge from another worlds as a bait." 

If any eontact was to be made with this raee, the neeessary preparations of forming strategies to 
eounter magic was definitely needed— 

Tok, Tok. 

When he was thinking about these problems, a polite knoek eame from the door. 

Feeling like it was a deja vu situation from a few days ago, Sora replied. 

"I'm in, who is it?" 

"It's Stephanie Dora.ean I come in?" 

"—Ah? Please do." 

Facing Steph who was slowly opening the King's set of heavy doors leading to the bedroom, Sora 

"I say, what is with that tone and attitude. It will be fine even if you casually come in right." 

"No.that, if I think about it calmly, Sora— your majesty is now the king of Elchea—" 

"Argh— how uncomfortable!" 

Sora loudly cut off Steph's words. 

"Too uncomfortable, and also troublesome! It will be fine if it was like always, okay, so what 

In Elchea where electricity has yet to be discovered. 

The things that were illuminating the bedroom were only the dimly-lit candles on the chandelier, and 
also the faint moonlight. 

"That— Sora." 


"In order to make me dedicate myself to you, you asked me to have a Crush on youj at that time, 


"Since Sora is currently the king of Elchea— I'm already, that." 

At that moment, the clouds suddenly dispersed and the moon brightened up. What was further 
revealed was Steph's face. 

—The expression on her face was, anxiousness. 

"You.are going to say that you don't think you have any more use, so you want to request me to lift 

the [ Oath] , right?" 

"N-not-not that meaning." 

—Even if he possessed a super-class level in games, in the end, he was still an eighteen year old 

For him to make a judgment completely miles away, Steph quickly made amendments. 

"I-I hope— you could.tell me. Wh-why, that, your request, wasn't like what your sister had said 

— ‘^Become my property^ , but have a Crush on me j ." 


That was surely an attenpt. 

It could be described as a vulgar desire from deep within Sora's heart, but it was also a mistake at the 
same time. 

When Sora was thinking about whether he should honestly say these reasons out. 

An unexpected question suddenly surfaced in himself 

"That— asking me to fall in love with you.that, for me, you had those feelings, right?" 


"I-If that was really the truth.then, the only thing I— can sacrifice, is." 

Then, she slowly walked towards the bed, carrying an uneasy expression flushed with 

Her skirt— she slowly raised it up, before saying something as if she was pleading. 

"I'm only left with this, nothing more—" 

—Wait a moment. 

—Wait a moment, eighteen-year-old virgin Sora. 

Now, you have just faced an unmistakably inescapable question. 

It was like that.from an objective point of view, Steph was indeed considered as a high- 

standard beauty. 

If liked by such a beautiful girl, naturally all the boys will harbor these kinds of thoughts. 

However— forcing her to have a crush on him, why is that so? 

Eove at first sight? 

No, this is not accurate enough. 

Although he tried to ask himself, that if he told Steph it was because he had feelings of love— 

No— in the end. 

(Eh—? Feelings of love, what kind of feeling is it in the first plaee?) 

—At this time, Sora had reaehed the limit of what you would call an unpopular man. 

", this." 


A sound, followed by a flash. 

Quietly sticking her head out from the opposite side of the bed— was Shiro who was wielding a 

" Y ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" 

Realizing that Shiro was in the same room, Steph panieked and immediately put down her skirt. 

—But, it was natural that she should have notieed this matter. 

As long as she thought of the things back in the Inn— she would know that Sora could never be alone. 

".Represent, Nii who is his virginity.Shiro will explain." 

" be told off like this when you are just an eleven-year-old little sister, you surely are 

giving your brother a hard blow." 

But ignoring the protesting sentenee from her older brother, Shiro showed the pieture that she had 
taken just now. 

Whieh was the self-upskirting shot that Steph did. 



".The reason why Nii, made Steph, to fall in love." 

Faeing Steph who did not understand— as well as Sora. 

As if wanting to make both of them understand in one fell swoop, Shiro suecinetly described. 

".Nii, misses something, from..our.original world." 

".This world, inside— doesn't have. ‘^DesserU 


Both Steph and Sora simultaneously shouted out in surprise. 

But only, they interpreted it differently. 

Sora straightforwardly protested against this accusation. 

And Steph— 

"Dessert.? What, does it refers to?" 

Innocently gave a sinple question. Playing with her phone, Shiro answered. 

".Masturbation, time.imagine things.with photos and videos.all are included. 

During masturbation, usage of all those stuffs.are known as— ‘^DesserU " 


With Steph still clueless about what was going on, Shiro with her deadpan. 

Firmly held onto— and began moving it up and down. 


Hearing a 'bang' sound in her mind, Steph's face flushed red, before she approached Shiro. 

Opening the file in her phone, Shiro showed it to Steph. 

—What was playing on the phone, was the scene where both Shiro and Steph were in the bath, with 
Steph washing Shiro's hair. 

".This is.the Steph. “^raison d'etre j ." 

Steph's face turned pale at first, before she lowered her head and deeply shook. 

—Which means, anyone could be in it, right. 

-Purely for sex, he requested it, right. 

-Furthermore, even his sister is naked too, that, that kind of thing, right!? 


Screaming loudly, Steph dashed out of the room— Sora could only watch her leave innocently. 

Thereafter, Shiro returned baek to her previous position with an attitude as if that didn't happen and 

"—I say, I have never thought of something that disgusting to that extent oh?" 

".But, to interpret." 

"That's just a super wrong interpretation right.and just now that, wasn't it the video inside the 

bath? Didn't you say that you wouldn't let me watch that even when “^it came outj — unless, you are 
deliberately trying to make Steph hate me right?" 

".Shiro, eleven-years-old.don't know, too complicated things." 

"Only at this inappropriate time then you would behave like a child." 

".The picture just now, don't want it.?" 

"Ah, sorry director. I want it." 


In reality— what's the difference between love and sex? 

To Sora, this was just a philosophical reflection if he were to immerse himself into it. 

In a voice where he could not hear, Shiro— the little sister who has no blood relations with Sora, 

".Seven years, more." 

—Although there was a saying that girls are more precocious than boys in terms of maturity. least for the situation as of now, this is the unshakable truth. 

" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh really, ah-this is enough-!" 

On the other hand, Steph angrily stomped through the hallway. 

For her to be simply used as a material for masturbation— which is not so. 

She felt that she had hurt herself after hearing that, roaring angrily. 

"A Hhhhhhhhhhhh really, these feelings are all an illusion, it's because of the Oaths' fault— this is just 
a curse!" 

However, Steph didn't notice such things. 

"That monkey! Lolicon! How can I like him! This is all the Oaths' fault!" 

—Letting Sora ‘^Release the Oaths j —Which is to say. 

Proposing another game to be held, and forcing him to say Don't have a crush on me j . 
This solution was conpletely ignored, or she had completely forgotten this fact. 

Or is there a significance behind it—. 


Part 1 

Audience Hall, King City. Elchea. 

Currently, there were two people sitting on the throne, immersed in a DSP^ game. 

A youth with black hair, wearing a T-shirt with ‘^IVHumans j on it and jeans, as well as a bent tiara 
on his arm 

A girl with skin and hair as white as snow, wearing a sailor uniform, and crimson-colored eyes, as 
well as a crown that was worn on her bundled front hair. 

To tell you the truth— they are the king of this kingdom—Sora, and the Queen— Shiro. 

"So, if you are going to play in that method, make sure you don't fall into the traps." 

".Prioritized, efficiency." 

"If you want to pursue efficiency, then doesn't using that method serve no purpose at all? Just go all 
out, go all out!" 

".Simply, a waste of time, not, interesting at all." 

"I guess that's about it for this one then.shall we play some other games?" 

Even though the two of them had brought a huge number of games to this world. 

They had already played all of them 

Which is to say, it's really doubtfiil if they can pass the time playing those games. 

But there was a justified reason why the siblings were bored. That's because— 

"I-I'm done with changing." 

Hearing that voice, both of them sent their DSPs into sleep mode without a slight hesitation and took 
out their phones. 

Acconpanying the voice was the figure of a red-haired girl with the qualities of a beauty— but only. 

What she was wearing was over the top— yet not too much under these circumstances, an extremely 
revealing maid outfit. 

Stephanie Dora.lineage of the previous King, formerly a member of royalty— and now. 

Looking at Steph, whose face was flushed, Sora said- 
"Hmm? So this degree of exposure will make you blush, eh?" 

".Didn't, let her... wear underwear." 

"Co-could you please not specifically say it out loud!?" 

Steph shouted out. 

—Yes. Both kings were currently fumbling over the boundaries of 18 and above. 

Simply hearing ‘^That way, Nii, will be happyj , Steph knew that she would be unable to defy 
Shiro's words. 

Similar to the efforts of love— no, it should be more correct to say that she had already become a toy 
for them to play with. 

She could not help but masochistically lookup at the ceiling. 

"Ah, she really looks like a 2D character." 

"....Un.but, still not enough." 

"Yes, direetor. After all, she isn't as quiet as real 2D characters, so it definitely won't give one the 
utmost satisfaction." 

".Let her, strip?" 

"Hmm— Steph. Can you undo your outfit more, but make sure that we can't see your nipples and 
private parts?" 

"Please don't say private parts, a hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !" 

".Then, a flash." 

"NO. Because she is not wearing any, it'll instantly be a no go, director." 

".Never about, to cover up— sticking on a band-aid?" 

", But I think it'll still be counted as a no go?" 

".Then, is a tiny swimsuit.also a no go?" 

"—In-indeed. But director, won't sticking band-aids on the naked body work?" 

".Gu.all ages, difficult." 

-Leaning on the throne, Sora quietly muttered. 

"But I think no matter how much we let her wear a costume that is barely OK for filming, if the fact 

stands that there will be no chances for me to fap, then isn't it useless to pile up videos." 

Shiro, who keenly heard those words, replied. 

".Shiro.doesn't mind, feel free." 

"Your brother isn't an exhibitionist, okay?" 

".Shiro, won't's home, it's the same." 

"Un? No, wait wait wait, but I only do it when you are asleep." 

".Even slight movements.Shiro will wake up." 

"You— were awake the whole time!?" 

Sora covered his reddened and ashamed face with both his hands. 

"No way— I can't get married anymore—!" 

".Shiro will marry you, no problem." 

Shiro gently patted him on the shoulder as encouragement. 

"I say—!" 

"If you say that you ean't get married anymore, what should I, who was requested to wear sueh 
eostumes, do!" 

Steph, whose shoulders were trembling, shouted out before she intolerably continued her words. 

"It's better to say- how could you throw the whole task of arranging the coronation formalities to me 
alone, then suddenly calling me out for this thing after three continuous nights of working! Are you 
really noble?!" 

".Shiro, is king.the king.noble." 

Shiro gave a deeent piece of adviee, while Sora nonchalantly continued. 

"If it's all-nighters for three days, we're also the same. Even if we eontinued for another two days, it'll 
be easy." 

"Doesn't your ease only apply to games!?" 

"Yep, games. In this world, that's a king's job." 


Yes— games decided everything— even borders were also deeided using this method. 

It was neeessary to be the best of the best in games to be a king, but it could also be an exereise. 

"Oh yeah, if playing games here is considered a good job, this really is paradise, eh." 

Faeing Sora who looked like he had found an ideal home, Steph eried out. 

"This is totally not a good job! You'd better settle the internal affairs first!' 

" the coronation job finished yet?" 

"Yes, just before I was summoned here." 

"That was really long. After all the eivilization games I've played, it will be a piece of cake to deal 
with the internal affairs." 

Concluding his sentence, Sora moved Shiro aside and stood up from the throne. 

"Then— could you gather all the ministers here?" 

Part 2 

When all the ministers were gathered at the parliament building. 

Sora and Shiro went onto the stage— 

But they interrupted all the reports and began speaking first. 

"I have something to say." 

With everyone's attention directed on his face, Sora— humanity's king started giving out orders. 

"Everyone should know by now, that <Imanity> is currently at an impasse. We can be on the 
offensive, but we can't guard against attacks from the inside. So to cut off all worries here— we will 
proceed with Jan-Ken." 

He spread open his hands and raised it above his head. 

Facing the ministers that were entirely focused on him, Sora bellowed. 

"With [From now on, all false reports are strictly prohibited, as well as the act of arbitrarily 

conveying false information] as the wager.Swear upon the [Ten Oaths] that you will 

deliberately lose to me." 

With the [Absolute corrpliance] rules in the Oaths, winning a game without lifting a finger could be 

—Wearing an expression that clearly depicted curiosity on why this wasn't thought out by the 
previous kings, Sora said. 

"Then everyone, with the responsibility of humanity's fate resting on our shoulders, let's have a game 
of rock, paper, scissors— I will use scissors. Everyone else, please use paper to prove your loyalty 
to me. Additionally, those that underestimate the observation and memory skills of us siblings, you 
don't have to take part in this false match and can refuse this contract. However, I'd advise you to use 
this opportunity to leave." 

—To those who decided from the start to lose and be in corrpliance with the Oaths, Sora raised his 

" [Acciente] " 


[Acciente] !""" 

Using these conditions, rock, paper, scissors began. 

Just like that— conditions were exchanged between both parties. 

".Then, firstly, the agriculture minister— report." 

"Yes— our country's food supplies are currently facing a profound question." 

Continuing onwards, the agriculture's morphology, management method, the distribution of taxes, etc. 
Listening to all of this, Sora gently nodded his head. 

"I understand.then please carry out what I am going to tell you next." 


"Regarding agriculture— I will introduce a rotation for the agriculture." 

"—Yes, what does that mean?" 

"In every ranch, start with winter wheat, then turnips, beets and root related crops, then Summer 
barley and rye, then alfalfa and other crops that can restore fertility. In sequence, farm them in a 

Smoothly, as if it was natural for him 

Facing an opinion that would clearly make anyone doubt their own ears, everyone could only be 


"With regards to that, disperse the workforce and make them concentrate on a specific area, the most 
important two points. Although this would lead to some small farmers becoming unemployed, the 
amount of food production would increase by four times or more. So put this as the highest priority." 

Even the ensuing results had been pointed out. 

"Bu-budget, how to allocate it?" 

"Command the bank to use the national debt to purchase in large bulks— however, this matter should 
be left for the economy minister." 

"— O-obeyed." 

"Following that, there will be a need to deal with the problem of unemployment resulting from this 
policy. Economy minister, and Industry minister, please report—" 

After that, the King gave out orders one after another, totally reforming the system. 

In a span of four hours, the meeting finally ended. 

The ministers would discuss that Sora was probably ‘^Humanity's greatest kingj in private. 

.Swinging his tablet PC with one hand, Sora said. 

"Ahhhhh— I feel like an idiot, but it was the right choice to download that e-book about games which 
was loaded with all those specialized books." 

The tablet PC— contained more than forty thousand books. 

Besides mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, physics and engineering, there were also medicine, 
history and even tactical books. 

Even information given only to teachers were all extracted and saved— which is to say, all the 
knowledge human beings possessed in the twenty-first century were mounted inside. 

".Nii, sure enough, as titled.that is, cheating." 

Pointed out by Shiro with squinted eyes, Sora frowned before replying. 

"In this world where magic exists and is an official method to cheat, does passing on some technical 
skills from another world really count as cheating? And also, stability and internal affairs are always 
a priority." 

.Even so, introducing advanced technical skills of the future might lead to an unexpected outside 


Honestly, although the thought of introducing [Electrical engineering] was very tempting. 

"At least we will be able to make a camera and microphone, which would slightly be able to confront 

There was no certainty as to what the two cell phones which were unable to receive signals could do. 

The Flugel 

Sure enough, the method to communicate with the The Heavenly Winged still needed to be found— 

Suddenly, still dressed in the maid outfit which was full of exposure, Steph quietly walked into the 

meeting room. 

That was— the outfit that Shiro and Sora requested for her to wear. 

".Sora—No. You-your have a guest." 

"—You, actually tended to a guest in that outfit? How brave." 

".Steph, powerful." 

"You should've just said it clearly that I could change! Guahhhh!" 

Because of Steph's cries, Sora waved his hands while plugging his ears. 

"Ah— okay okay, sorry, you should go and change now. Really, this will definitely question the 
morality of this country." 

"What really needs to be questioned is the things stored in your brain!" 

However, not waiting for Steph to take charge, a big sound echoed in the meeting room. 

"Ahahahahahahaha, looks like something interesting is brewing." 

Sora and Shiro, Steph, as well as the ministers turned to face the voice. 

'Kata, kata'— walking in, was a teenager. 

That familiar face had previously left an impression on Sora and Shiro. 

It was definitely him 

During that time— when hands stretched through the computer screen— pulling both of them into this 

".Yo, isn't this that self-proclaimed Kami-sama^. How's it going?" 

"How cruel. That is not a self-proclamation, but a true and genuine Kami-sama." 

Scratching his head with a smile, the teenager said. 

"Speaking of which, I haven't introduced myself yet right—" 

"— ‘^TETj .at your service. Pleased to meet you, ^ j -san." 

All of a sudden— 

When the name of that teenager was spoken, the whole atmosphere underwent a ehange. 

Or perhaps this was the influenee power that the name of Kami possessed. 

Aside from Sora and Shiro, everyone else felt goosebumps and a huge amount of sweat flowed out. 
The ministers were paled-face, and Steph was trembling as if she was going to collapse any second. 
But, to them, they didn't mind it nor get affected by it at all. 

"So how is it, my world. Satisfied with it?" 

"Ah, of course, you really have good taste. A doctrine that our world should follow too." 


For Sora and Shiro who were joking around. 

Everyone was experiencing a feeling similar to their heart being clenched. 

—What stood in front of them was the sole Kami— ‘^TETj . 

An authoritative figure who could destroy and re-create the world as he liked. 

But, the Kami-sama that they knew was putting on a smile and laughing. 

"That would certainly be better than before. appears that Humanity's crisis has been 

resolved eh." 

"That's right, just like you had hoped." 

A surprised expression was on everyone's faces. 

"Coincidentally in the city near your home, coincidentally in Humanity's last country, coincidentally 

hosting the King's election game.these kinds of things, I hope you won't say something like [It's 

just pure coincidence] right." 

Facing the bold words coming from Sora, Kami laughed comfortably. 

"Ahahah.But please do not misunderstand. I am basically a spectator, never helping a particular 

race— but then, only this once, I let my personal feelings go wild." 

The teenager— or Kami, looking somewhat disgruntled, kicked the floor in boredom, before saying. 
"Remember what I said.that phrase— [A world where everything is decided by games]." 

—As if realising something, Sora learned the meaning behind these words and replied. 

".I see. Even the throne of Kami, is also decided by games right?" 


—Aside from an admirable look from Shiro, everyone else was dumbfounded. 

After that the sole Kami— TET, let out a pleasant smile and said. 

_ Exceed _ 

"CorrectJ' For this motive, I deliberately stated that there were the 116 races] ." 

In an instant— the puzzles inside Sora's mind pieced together. 

16 races— on the other side of the horizontal chessboard— Kami was said to live there. 

Each side of the chess that has chess pieces— numbered 16. Which means. 

".Subduing every single race, would entitle a right— a right to ‘^Challenge Kamiji right?" 

Happily smiling, TET replied. 

"Your thinking speed really is worthy of being praised. An adaptability that someone from a different 
world cannot possibly have." 

"That really is a generous complimentJ'" 

"It is just as you said. It's rare for me to deliberately bet up “^The throne of Kami j for an outcome, 
but I've already spent a few thousand years of boredom till it could no longer be boring anymore. So, 
while wandering in a different world, I heard the rumours of ^ ." 

Feeling both elated and excited, Kami said so while looking at the siblings. 

"A legend of being the top in every game, the urban legend about these gamers." 

Against Kami who was smiling while exclaiming out, Sora arrogantly said with an unyielding 

"I say Kami-sama, can I laugh?" 


"After knowing about our situation, you summoned us into this world. Doesn't that imply that— you 

were familiar with the principle behind ^ j —about us being [the top in every game]?" 

"Un, of course." 

Still holding onto that fearless smile, Kami replied. 

"Because of this. I believe— that you will definitely earn the right to challenge me." 

Everyone who heard that was stunned into position. 

These words— means that it went beyond the world's largest country— the elves that were ranked 

Or maybe it even pointed swords at the ranked one and ranked two, <01dDeus> and <Phantasma> 

_ Exceed _ 

Which is— the meaning of dominating all of the 116 races J . 

This wasn't something that was going to stop even after the whole world was conquered— 

".Hey, Kami-sama, can I ask again. If I could laugh?" 

"You, haven't forgotten that you lost to us once right?" 

—This time, everyone could not help but wonder if they heard wrongly. 

-Kami, lost? 

-lost to someone standing here, a simple human? 

However, TET only smiled gently. 

"Hebe, although you should've understood by now, I will still emphasise it. The [Games] here are 
different from your world's internet chess oh? Indeed, I did lose to you siblings in Ordinary chess j 
— and because of that, I summoned you both here. But.I won't lose the next time oh?" 

At this time, Sora and Shiro, understood something. 

Exchanging glances with each other, they smiled. 


However, Kami-sama— kindly responded to them 

"It's alright if you call me TET. Is there anything wrong?" 

"About that, TET— you, haven't lost before right?" 

Just these words. 

The fearless smile on TET's face changed. 

"Playing as a Kami— this is his first defeat. He would then feel an incomparable remorse, remorseful 
until it became unbearable. That's why you summoned us here— to win under the [Rules of this side]. 
Ami right?" 

"Hebe.interesting. Why would you think so?" 

With his smile still unshaken, TET asked. 

"Because that feeling, we ourselves understand it as well. ^ j has never failed before— 
however, we experienced numerous failures when facing against each other." 

".But, definitely not allowed, running after winning." 

"In the end, my genius little sister and I know that feeling." 

".Nii, full of sneaky measures.more and more, terrible." 

"Oi, don't you say that I'm full of sneaky measures. Tricks are also a part of the game now." 

".Cheater, how despicable." 

"It's not a problem if no one found out! Isn't this side of the world the same as well!?" 

Gazing at the siblings' battle. 

And feeling calmness in his heart, TET laughed so loudly that everyone aside from the siblings 

"Ahahahahaha. Un, it was indeed the right choice to summon you here. Yeap, definitely no running 
after winning. Next time will be my win— it was also one of the reasons why I called you here oh. 

"Why? Rather than say out a more noble reason like saving Humanity, you make us feel more at ease, 
eh. So, did Kami-sama leisurely come here just to deliberately say those words?" 

"Nope, I came to express my gratitude." 

"You both— Although <Imamty> was just a side-etfect, you still defeated Elven Gard, and let the 
world fall into suspieion in aceordanee with your plan. The Eastern Union are extremely concerned 
with the [Phone] that you displayed out, thinking so hard about which country could have developed 
that until they couldn't sleep. What are your thoughts? Similarly, Avant Heim is also deeply interested 
and curious about the technology that defeated Elven Gard. And as for Elven Gard, they are buzzing 
with activity thinking about where the technology that defeated them came from. If they found out that 
they were not defeated by cheats but rather face-to-face— haha, they will definitely catch you and 
examine you closely." 

For TET who kindly provided some intelligence, Sora asked in a somewhat surprised tone. 

"Didn't you say that you won't help any particular race?" 

"Un, so take this as a thank-you gift. Bringing back enthusiasm to such a boring world, I provided you 
such information as thanks. Because this is the first time, this will also be the last, so please utilize 
this meaningfully oh." 

"Then, If I continue to stay here, everyone else won't be able to calm down, so this is where I depart. 

Concluding his sentence, TET smiled and turned around, walking out. 

Hearing these words from Kami who was about to leave, Sora and Shiro shouted out. 

"Oi, TET!" 


"Thank you for giving us a new life. Indeed— this is the world where we should belong." 

".Thank you, Kami-sama." 

Then, the three of them said in unison. 

""".In the upcoming future— let us meet on the board.""" 

—Just like that, TET disappeared as if dissolving into the air. 

This act allowed everyone else to breathe again, feeling completely relieved that it ended. 

—I wonder if this legend was heard? 

"Fuu.what an interesting Kami, eh." 

".wanted, to play a game.with him." 

—In all games, a champion player had set unbroken records. 

—Suddenly, that mysterious gamer disappeared, losing all contact. 

—For the [Urban Legend]— it eventually became a [Myth]. 

"Th-th-that gentleman— was the so-so-so-sole Kami-sama !?" 

"Ki-King! Di-did you really win against Kami!" 

"No, compared to that, the Eastern Union has already started to take action on us, in our current state 
we will—" 

"Before that, Elven Card has already begun on us! If they have their eyes on our King and Queen—" 

—Then, the story about the disappearance that soon became a myth.... 

—Will shift to a new stage known as [Disboard], the story will continue writing even after it had 

" Ahh —how annoying! Don't talk at the same time!" 


"Ah, I got it—" 

Facing all the people that were juxtaposed. 

Sora stood on stage with an aloof expression. 

Placing his foot on the conference table, he said with open arms. 

—Although it is a fixed phrase. 

—It also has its own beauty. So we will start with this. 

— long, long time ago-j 

"Okay— let us begin the games. Target, let's just set it to defeating Kami-samaJ'" 

Then, this new myth shall begin narrating from now. 


Fuuu~--—This is it, this is it! I always wanted to do this— an [Afterwords]! Nice to meet you, 

because I am always the [Party responsible for the illustrations], so I always dreamt that I would 
write an afterwords with the position of a writer, and it was finally realized today— I am the writer 

and illustrator called Kamiya Yuu. Erm, I am actually a mangaka. Ah, yes, un.I'm currently taking 

a break.because I am suffering from a troublesome illness, I will temporarily stop the work of my 

manga due to the great burden. And also, credits to [Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi](Fujimi Fantasia 

Bunko). Compared to a mangaka, I feel that being an illustrator earns more recognition.even 

reaching out to the light novels, so my current job, but then, I am still drawing mangas! 

Okay, going back to topic, CNo Game, No Life)) is my debut novel. It was originally an idea for a 
manga. But in accordance to Sensei's hope, "I like this fantasy setting, but I hate fighting!". So, for me 
who hates the troublesome drawings needed for fighting manga based on my personal experience, I 
fulfilled that wish! But then I thought, "Erm, why don't I just create a fantasy world where fighting 
doesn't exist!". When I'm not working nor sleeping, I devoted all my time to create a setting about 

‘^Even the borders are also determined by games-this is gambling for the country! j 

With this mindset and all of my ideas, I tried it out. However- unfortunately this plan did not take 
form. I hoped that one day, this would be accepted, so I wrote down the plot line. At that time, 
because of my sudden poor physical condition, I had to stop my manga job. Laying on the hospital bed 
while being SUPER bored and the fact that games were forbidden, it feels as if— 

—God said.that fate won't allow you to <Fade away>. 

.Gu, I hope it isn't too late. It should still be okay, I can't give up. Just like that, when I was in the 

hospital, I dramatically changed the plot to make it feel like what a novel would have. And with this 
style— ah, I suddenly remembered something from Editor-san— "Because there are some people 
who decide whether to buy a book based on the afterwords, you better publicize it well." So, let's 
start, shall we? 

(Note: Sentence written on illustration panels:) No Game, No Life. 
A pair of siblings only good at games. 

Those two useless pieces of trash were thrown into- 
A world, where war is banned and everything is decided by games. 
Including life— even the borders of the world were being gambled. 

Enemies— are those who can use magic and supernatural powers, the [16 races] . 

[Bet it.your everything.]— Little sister— Shiro, 11 years old /Hikkikomori/Anti-social. 

[No way— it is impossible for humans to defeat magic!] — Stephanie Dora, 18 years old/Victim the 
majority of the time/Royalty(?) 

—And mankind cannot use magic. 

Desperately stuck in an adversity, the worst situation, but- 
Stirring the nation^! 

An anti-fighting, game battle fantasy! 

Can you, the <Author>, survive the inpact of the well-known <Deadline>? 

[For humankind to survive in this world.there is only one method.]— Kurami, ??? 

[Don't.underestimate humans!] — Older brother— Sora, 18 years old/Unemployed virgin/NEET. 

Author— Kamiya Yuu, Idiot/Pervert/Phobia of deadlines. 

(Note:End of panels) 

Okay— the original text should have such a feeling. (No joke). 

Although there is a possibility of fraud present in this, like other Hollywood movies. 

For everyone who started reading from the afterwords, in order to confirm the authenticity, I hope you 
will choose this as a readJ' 

For those of you who have finished reading this novel— that, un, erm. 

IF you think that this will be good enough to be sold as a manga, with me as the mangaka, then I will 
have to ask for forgiveness— 

"Kamiya-sensei, Kamiya-sensei." 

—Eh? Ah, yes, is there something wrong? Editor S-san^. 

"Do you want me to listen to things regarding the manga? After all, Kamiya-sensei has tangible 
achievements as a mangaka—" 

Ahahha, sorry, regarding that, I can't hear clearly because the phone is too far away. 

"Didn't you say that it was [Because of your poor physical condition, you can't draw mangas and will 
try to write novels which have a smaller burden], yet at the end of this novel, you could still draw 
some storyboard?" 

Wasn't it you who asked me to draw this! 

"Eh? I only suggested [Since the author and illustrator are the same person, and is still a mangaka, you 
could use this point to boost some publicity]." 

—From this statement, was there any other meaning besides [Drawing Manga]? 

"I didn't say that, right?" 


In my eyes, the image of lead editor and the protagonist seems to coincide together. 

Stephanie's antipathy, or maybe it was stronger than thati^V 
Ah, right. 

In the same month, Takaya Kagami's work. 

Citsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi)) Volume 10.[The Witch Laughing in the Schoolyard], will be 
responsible by yours truly! 

I am also serious in that side also oh, so be sure to read that too! 

.Fuu, then, after writing till here. 

It hasn't ended yet. 

Better to say, currently— I am in Brazil. 

Because I did mention that I had "Physical problems.", so I temporarily returned back to my 

Or maybe, the text and illustrations in CNo Game, No Life)) 

The illustrations for Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi too, will be completed here, in Brazil. 

—A number of large suitcases, filled with LCD screens and a computer. 

"The purpose for leaving?" 

To cure my illness. 

"What is all of this equipment for?" 

Work use. 

.In short, because of all the tariff disputes that arose, the situation was not difficult to imagine. 

—Yeah, it sounds really deceiving. I amjust a patient. 

Getting treated halfway around the world, while getting grilled by the publishing conpanies. I really 
want to cry. 

"Forgive me, Kamiya-sensei." 

Ah? What happened? Lead editor S-san. 

"No, I am actually an — anyways, you have recognized the schedule for MF Bunko J and Fujimi 
Bunko already, right?" 

I don't remember any impression of it at all! 

"No, even if told off like this." 

Speaking of which. New Year's Eve of CM has already entered the final sprint of the twelfth lunar 
month, of course I won't take the schedule seriously, right! 

"No, that, it should've been Kamiya-sensei without a dou—" 

Lead Editor S-san started emanating killing intent. 

As expected of the successor of former editor Catherine-san.the mirror-like moves were 

definitely a surprise. 

Targeting someone who has dumbfounded—. 

Then.will this do? 

"-Then, what are you talking about?" 

Ex. Tend. Dead. LineV 

"Guu— the signal is quite bad, I couldn't quite catch it—" 

But ah, adjusting the number of pages and cutting the text to 8 pages, I am afraid that I had [Forgotten 
to include the 10 illustrations from Itsuka] the moment I returned back to Japan, so the situation is 


".That, you can't treat it as if it happened, right?" 

If the proofreader will remove this part, can I say it out loud? 

"Because of me. Editor S's fault, I will give you more work, even the remedial work will be handed 
to Kamiya-sama, sorry and I hope you forgive me." 

—Very good, a perfect plan for revenge against me. 

Till then, I sincerely hope we meet in the next volume. 

"Ah, oh right. Kamiya-sensei, when will the manuscript for volume 2 be completed? Eh? Kamiya- 


1. j is pronounced "Kuuhaku" (^6). It literally means "blank" or "blank space" in 
Japanese. This is why there is an empty space for the name. The author chose to do this, so we 
decided to keep it that way. 

2. X "Rez" is short for "resurrect". Sora wants Shiro to resurrect his character. 

3. X Calorie Mate is a brand of energy supplement foods. It comes in block, can, and jelly forms. 
There are many flavors of Calorie Mate. It is produced by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. in Japan. 

4. X Here, Sora conplains about the high price of Calorie Mate (about 2 US dollars). He usually 
eats cup ramen noodles (about 25 cents per package if he buys in large packages). 

5. X Tatami mats are a type of traditional Japanese mat used for flooring. Nowadays, it is only used 
in traditional Japanese rooms as flooring or just as mats to sit on. They are also used as a type of 
measurement of a room's size. One tatami mat is on average about 0.9 meters by 1.8 meters in 
size. That would mean that their room is 25.92 square meters, or 279.001 square feet in size. 

6. X Anthropophobia is the pathological fear of other people. 

7. A "shit game", or "kusoge", is a game that is terrible in all aspects. For some reason, some 
people actually enjoy playing these games, as they are often unintentionally funny. They also 
consider it an acconplishment to beat such an awful game. 

8. X Remember from the Prologue that it means "Blank", for Shiro and Sora's names combined. 

9. X "Un" appears many times in this book. The Japanese are very good with being concise in their 
wording, and so often use phrase fragments to mean an entire phrase or sometimes, as in this 
exarrple, a sound to mean something. It has the same kind of meaning as "yep" or "yeah". 

10. IMHO- In my humble opinion. 

11. X^ scared or crying face. 

12. X Similar to "biting off more than you can chew". 

13. X Type of field usually means how well a gamer fares in a situation, for example, someone 
whose type of field is the carry role in DOTA. 

14. X In French, it means "superior force". It is an unavoidable, unprecedented event not caused by 
man, but by nature. It can also be referred to as "an act of God". 

15. In other words, flat as a board. 

16. In Japan, NG stands for No Good Shot, and the English equivalent of this would be a 
"blooper". She's afraid of causing a NG by showing a naked grade schooler's body. 

\1. X Mature 18, or 18 and above years old. 

18. Ml 8 and Issued ban has the same Japanese pronunciation 

19. X ^ ! A Jojo reference of Rohan 

20. X Galge, or gal games, are dating simulation games. 

21. X F^ar of crowds and will feel anxiety 

22. X Translated as Blank, the name of the Sora and Shiro. 

23. X Mashup of DS and PSP, both handheld consoles 

24. X God, In Japanese. 

25. in Japanese, the short form of America sound like rice. And rice illustration had been 
presented in this panel 

26. X Kamiya is referring to the editor as an "S", or sadist, because of his harsh deadlines and 

27. X "M" means masochist. 

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