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Prologue - Data Load 

Part 1 

At what age do humans become sensitive to their surroundings? 

To her, the [Oldest memory] she had was when she was less than a year old. 

Although she had already forgotten the first sentence that she had mumbled out. 

It was her mother's pale expression after hearing her talk that became her first memory. 

Soon afterwards, she was sent to a [White facility]. 

Surrounded by four walls of utter whiteness, there was a pale-skinned and abnormal girl. 
Aside from her, there were also other children, but she didn't really integrate into the scenery. 
Her heterogeneous ruby-like eyes were always looking downwards. 

But yet in front of her, there was a hill of piled-up foreign books, none of whieh were befitting for 
any two year-old ehildren. 

.And from that time, she began to be aware of the term [Games]. 

There were big people that were elad in white uniforms, as though wanting to conduct an 
[Intelligence test], prepared out several games. 

However, the games brought were fairly simple and boring, and everyone soon lost interest with it. 

[Unable to measure]-leaving behind this conclusion, the people that played with her gradually 


When she had come to realize that she could play by herself, a year had already past in the facility 
she was in. 

Whether it was chess, shogi or go, she played on her own. And as the silence continued for the girl, 
the big people that were no longer dressed in white uniform started to speak. 

.Quiet, yet pure memories. 

But there were also some memories that were labeled as [Boring] to her- 

Two years later, there was a reunion with a woman that seemed to be her mother. 

The girl still remembered that the woman was talking happily about getting a new husband, and as 
the girl looked into her eyes, it displayed confusion just like the big people with white uniform. 

That was when she was three years old. 

The "new father" of the girl brought that person that was seven years older than her to meet her. 
When the adults were having mutual-fawning talks, the young boy occasionally smiled. 

But that smile did not come from his heart and it could be used to respond to anyone else. 

In other words— a smile that contained nothingness and expressionless. 

Facing against the boy who was smiling nonchalantly, a mouth was opened before saying out: 

" empty.." 

The boy that claimed to be Sora, widened his eyes after hearing her speak. 

As if confirming that it was not his imagination- 

The girl remembered the first time in her life where she saw "Colors", being present on the boy's 

And what meaning did the "Colors" contain; the girl had yet to comprehend. 

The boy-Sora, said: 

"Then, lefs play games!" 

-That day, the girl felt the joy of playing games for the first time. 

A total of 20 games were used. 

At the beginning, the girl had an overwhelming victory. 

But as the number of games started to increase, the boy's action became more and more 

As if mocking the Joseki £1J, they kept changing and changing. When playing chess, bizarre tactics 
that were utilised by Sora was incomprehensible to Shiro, and the result was 10 wins and 10 losses. 

Even though this was the first time the boy won, he didn't flaunt off his victories either. 

It was exactly like her-barely able to suppress their joy. 

That face, did not contain any traces of confusion anymore. 

The girl still did not understand the nature behind the colored expression. 

The boy— Sora— her brother, said: 

"Although your useless brother relied on tricks to obtain victories, but from now on, it's a pleasure 
to meet you. Shiro." 

The first time someone acknowledged her by name. 

For the first time, the girl truly felt, that this was [Affection], something she had long pursued. 

The girl understood that she could truly live here and be accepted. 

The lifeless, monologue-like memory finally ended and colors started to emerge. 
She felt that her chest was swarmed with something she didn't know. 

What she could do was lower her sights and gently nod her head. 

As time elapsed, the siblings began to live together. 

Those that were ealled parents were no longer present. 

"Meh, from now on, it's just you and me then." 

Her brother mouthed out sueh words. Just hearing that, the girl no longer desired other things. 

From that point onwards, with their names joined together they started to play online games. 
Conjoining the two names, f jwas ereated. 

One after another, her brother kept coming up with strange, adaptable strategies that even she 
herself could not imagine. 

But then, the precise and accurate deductions that she calculated out had far exceeded the 
expectations of her brother. 

At that time, the siblings started to play games as a [Two in One]. 

With an unbroken streak of victories, the two of them even got regarded as an Urban Legend on the 

-From that moment, it became unknown and genuine memories for the girl, whose suspicion 

came through. 

When they defeated the self-proclaimed Kami on internet chess, they were thrown into another 

This was a world where everything was determined by games, restrained by a force known as the 
[Ten Oaths]-the world called [Disboard] 

What would happen if ordinary people were thrown into another world? 

Anxiety, loneliness, or lose hope and feel lost? 

However, in the girl's memory, she felt none of the points aforementioned. 

It was because she had already decided that her hope was to grip onto her brother's wrist. 

To challenge this world with her brother, where everything was concluded with games. 

-Ah—Ah, it was such a pleasant thing. 

Furthermore, what was she waiting for????? 

" will be fine as long as I become a woman!" 

The voice resounded throughout the audience chamber in the kingdom of Elchea. 

The owner of the voice belonged to a black-haired youth sitting on the throne-Sora. 

He was dressed in a conspicuous [I ¥ humans] T-shirt and he wore a bent tiara like an armband. 
This was Disboard's Elchea-humanity's king. 

Because of this sudden proclamation, three people were stunned beyond words. 

"What is this man saying." 

There was one person with red hair that stared at Sora with relatively cold blue eyes. 

Stephanie Dora, AKA Steph. 

The well-educated granddaughter of the previous king of Elchea. 

However, she made no attempt to disguise her expression to Sora. 

"-really, as expected of master, such far-reaching ideas eh." 

Another person praised Sora's words. Her amber eyes contained enthusiasm. 

fibril-her long hair kept changing in colors due to the reflection of light, a beautiful girl that 

could only exist in fantasy games. 

The Halo above her head and wings sprouting out of her waist clearly indieates that she was not 

For her who was in the sixth position out of the intellectual [16 races], when her master revealed his 
thoughts, she clasped her hand as if it was the apocalypse, trying to decipher the meaning behind 
those words. 

"If master became a woman, then the development of the M18[2] will turn into a same-sex 
friendship slapstiek." 

Sora nodded with satisfaetion, and exehanged glanees with the last person. 

"Come, my little sister, swear upon the Oath, have a game with me and beat me!" 

The words Sora muttered was directed to a girl with ruby-like eyes, currently perched on his lap 

An eleven-year-old girl whose bundled front hair was worn by a crown. 

".I don't think.possible." 

"Eh-why? I thought the [Ten Oaths] had to be eomplied after being the pledge? Forcefully 

allowing Steph to love me, letting Jibril to be my property. Then it should allow me to beeome a 
female ah!" 

"After all that had happened, you still treat it as it never happened!?" 

It belonged to a vietim's eries-up to this point, no one eould respond back tenderly. 

"It is unfortunate Master, but what Shiro-sama said was indeed correct." 

"Eh? Why?" 

"Because it cannot comply with something that is impossible." 

Shiro nodded in reeognition of Jibril's explanation, and Sora finally understood. 

.Actually, it was something easily understood after some consideration. 

"Eor example, if Steph's opponent in a game proposed a request for her to [Finish one hundred 

meters in one seeond], it would be void because it is physically impossible. But she still has to find 
a way to accomplish this request eh." 

"Yes, it is so." 

".That.why am I used as an example?" 

Steph imagined herself running like mad, beeause Sora might aetually ask her to do this sort of 
unreasonable thing. So to try and dispel her fears, she became alert and inquired. 

Brainstorming, Sora changed his posture and said: 

"Wait, so it will also be impossible if there was a request like [Turn me into a Riajuu][3] right?" 

For some unknown reasons, there were unrealistic [Delusions] floating in front of Sora's eyes. 

"In fact, whether it turns master into a Riajuu or not, I believe it is possible for master to be a 
Riajuu, regardless of your bad personality. Bottom line, it's because master has only one way of 
thinking right?" 

"As a NEET, and a useless gamer, I eannot help but be attraeted to the life of a Riajuu !?" 

Sora desperately shouted just by imagining that moment. 

".In that ease, it is neeessary to determine the limits of the [Oaths]." Steph had never 

pondered so seriously before, but her eyes seemed to be asking Sora to "Go and work". 

On the other hand, Shiro after some deep thinking made a suggestion. 

".Additional condition.personality" 

".So it's that, maybe this would ease out some things, Steph, please." 

"That.let me reiterate, why me?" 

"Because the easiest tester would have the best results." 

Steph could not grasp the almost instantaneous answer from Sora. 

"Then let's start, the challenged will be Steph." 

".Fine, I understand." 

Steph suppressed her emotions, pretending to have given up. 

(.No matter what, I will always lose to Sora.) 

(It was the same now, I can't even voice out that I will win against Sora.) 

(Not to mention at the present case, the need to intentionally lose.) 

(But what if the result, the additional request was to become Sora's?) 

(Unless, this is the once in a century chance to win over Sora!?) 

Steph desperately restrained the joy in her heart. 

"It can't be helped, as long as I intentionally lose right?" 

"Whether intentional or not, you'll still lose in the end. So for this experiment, we will state the 
conditions first. The game will be Chess, if I win, [Steph will become me for 30 minutes]. If Steph 
wins, [Sweets will be awarded]. Well, whatever, it doesn't even make sense. Well, I swear to the 

"Eh eh, I swear upon the Oaths." 

-swear upon the Oaths. 

Obeying the [Ten Oaths] set by Kami, the game with absolute compliance began. 

.Forty seconds later. 

".Steph, you can't be this weak right, it's so miserable even if you decided to lose..." 

For Steph who lost to Sora in just five turns, she smiled and replied: 

" that case, another strong gambler will be added into humanity." 

Suddenly staring at Sora, Steph grinned and laughed. 

"Let's begin the game Sora, it's time for you to duel against me who triumphed over Kami oh?" 

The flow of the atmosphere surrounded the girl, and she spoke contradicting words before giving a 
condescending look to Sora. 

"Hehe, it was you who jumped into your own dug grave, so why hesitate now? Our bet will be 
[Always become you] oh. Lef s fulfill the Oaths." 

While Steph made a grand gesture with her actions, she spoke (misunderstanding). 

Sora fought against the boss while conversing with Shiro. 

"Shiro, I am that sort of character?" 

".A bit.different." 

"Dora-chan is probably complying to the Oaths, and she is reproducing the personality she sees in 

In that case, the intended action of wanting to be a Riajuu cannot be aeeomplished anymore. If one 
wants to become Sora, it turns out to be like this. 

".That, are you overstating me or belittling me, this is such a bad judgement." 

Steph lifted up her bangs, while Sora watched her and reminiseed about the past, before responding 
to her request. 

".Well, okay, it's more depressing than I thought it would be. For this side, let Steph becomes 

normal if we win-1 pledged to the Oaths." 

.Forty seconds later. 

"What happened!? Shouldn't I be as strong as you!?" 

For a very natural reaetion coming from Steph who lost in the same time as before, Jibril said. 
"Didn't we say it before, the Oaths ean't fulfill the impossible." 

"So it's impossible for me to be better than Sora!?" 

If there was an expression that was betrayed by the world, it was currently displayed on Steph's 

"Not exaetly, even if Dora-chan felt like she beeame master, the thinking and memory of both 
parties were not shared." 

"You used me as a test even when you knew the situation!?" 

"Of course! How in the world are you going to be neek and neek with me!?" 

To be truthful, if she really became Sora. 

It would be fine if she was with Shiro, but Sora can never be Humanity's strongest alone. 

"Fuuuu.but it's still insuffieient. Maybe it's beeause Steph has poor performanee." 

"Can you not say if s beeause of my performanee ability!?" 

"Jibril, it's your turn, you are a The FliigelThe Heavenly Winged, so you should be able to imitate 
me right?" 

Maybe it was possible, something Sora looked forward to, but the unexpected question surprised 
Jibril, who said: 

"Me to beeome master? I think that is impossible." 

"Eh, why?" 

".No, if if s my master's will, then I will even bet my soul to ehallenge." 

Jibril lowered her head, as if she had done something miserable. 

After much discussion, Jibril also lost to Sora. 

Under the absolute eompliance to the Oaths, she ehanged her stature. 

"Whoa, even looks eould be changed!" 

".Yes.Jibril.created by Elementals." 

Sora and Shiro widened their eyes and stared at her, both uttering out surprised voice. 
For The FliigelThe Heavenly Winged, changing physique was not impossible. 


This was the glimmer of hope after the abandonment of the [Sora feminine plan] 
expression of Sora was ealm with joy, but it slowly began to twitch. 

fibril was like the exact replica of Sora-it was still normal until here. 

But slowly, four pairs of wings started to grow out. 


Something above fibril's head appeared, a huge and bright halo. 

Then, she opened her mouth and weaved out some words: 

"-1 was one of the weakest."(Take note she is speaking in Sora's terms.) 

.Sora became more speechless than before. 

"Ah, what happened?" 

"Weakest yet the strongest. Challenging Kami, bound by the[16 races]. The known becoming the 
unknown. That's because I will be in charge of the people who changed the world. Why have you 
called me, powerless people?" 

-Suddenly, the silence began where even droplets of water dripping on the floor could be heard. 


So this is the case. 

".fibril, using Gurren Lagann to evaluate me is simply too exaggerated." 

In the end it was just as fibril had said, she shouldn't have the memories of that time. 

At the start, he was braced with subjective ideas. 

-Comparing with the two, Sora should be the new master fibril served. Although Sora 

understood that he underwent deification in her heart, but- 

"That, did I really have Chuunibyou [4] ?!" 

"Although it is concentrated, but Sora's words and actions are indeed like that." 

Shiro and Steph's words were probably more unexpected than fibril's. 

".I should probably re-examine myself." 

Taking the words literally, Sora felt like digging a hole to hide. 

Sora used both his hands to cover his face and erased his presence from fibril who resembled Sora. 

Part 2 

".which means even if it's the mandatory law to follow the Oaths, something beyond the limits 

will still be impossible." 

Sora deeply sighed while saying so. Afterwards, fibril who turned back to her own self echoed out: 
"Unfortunately, it seems to be the case. Which means that Master's feminine plan—" 

"Ah—How unfortunate, it's carmot be done." 

However, that was natural. 

"Then.for the game players, they don't have the rights to increase their strength. Which also 

means that humans can "indirectly" fight with magic." 

"It's better to say—" Sora put his fingers on his lips and continued. "I am looking forward to finding 
loopholes from the [Ten Oaths]." 

Steph and Jibril swallowed a mouthful of saliva after hearing Sora's words. 

Although he kept saying nonsense, he wanted to jump out of the rules laid down by Kami. 

-Sora was this kind of man. 

-The king of Imanity, the man who Jibril was determined to serve. 

But the key whieh was Sora, was still not conseious of it yet. 

Shiro was looking indifferent from the shoeked Steph and Jibril, simply beeause she had long been 
aceustomed to Sora's doings. 

"Then, even without coercion, Shiro, can you [Albino] me?" 

Shiro tilted her head and replied. 


"How Shiro sees this world, you both are interested too right?" 

".Just like the two people.from Nil's perspective.Nii wants to become Shiro.?" 

"It should happen with the Oaths' power right. If it is not the usual level, but close to the limit, then 
maybe we can find something new." 

But for her brother's words, Shiro seriously pondered 

-Just like what she herself thought, her brother was not an idiot. 

Her brother with his unexpected sleight of hands, allowed her to lose a lot of times. Shiro was 
always puzzled when someone claimed that her brother was a fool. 

If she really had to say it, then the strange thing about her brother was that he was very dense. 

If she used the coercive power of the Oaths to overcome her brother's denseness, what would 

If it began from the day where they lived together, gone through life's hardship together, filled with 

Would he notice these feelings? 

-Hidden in her chest, she had affection towards her brother more than ordinary siblings. 

After this much consideration, from what Shiro would say, could completely seal her brother. 

".If Shiro.becomes.Nii.what would you think?" 

"-Ah, that would be hateful. If it accords to what Shiro sees me, I might die." 

-It appears her brother has not noticed it yet. 

And he did not notice the meaning behind her little sister's slightly reddened face. 

"Un~ then what about changing into Jibril or me?" 

"It's not me. Master, I don't understand the need to increase the funny role." 

"Who are you calling the funny role!?" 

-These were all memories that were like a monologue to Shiro. 

At that time, Shiro finally understood what poured into her chest. Just that Shiro was not 
experienced to it yet. 

It was small, impossible for others to realize, yet the smile was instantly spotted by Sora. 

Her brother responded baek with a small smile, the meaning behind those eyes, expressed out more 
clearly than words. 

-"Interesting eh". 

This world-is really just like a game. Shiro smiled in affirmation. 

There was no need to ask, gazing into her brother's eyes, Shiro gave a small nod. 

Then everything dyed black. 

Part 3 

Her eyelids were heavy. 

Was she sleeping or was she crying? Her arid eyes refused to open. 

No, was it because her eyes were already dried? 

Remembering something that she didn't want to remember. A nightmare she did not want to give 
any more consideration to. 

In order to confirm that it was a nightmare, she was going to open her eyes and recognize the 
immediate landscape. 

Shiro felt like there was something in her head that kept telling her to 'stop'. 

But in order to deny, she did something indescribable. 

Shiro told those thoughts to stop before she took the action of slowly opening her eyes, which was 
accompanied with pain. 

This was the King's bedroom of the king city of Elchea. 

Shiro was lying alone on a large bed that could fit several more people. 

The haphazard room was surrounded with books and games that were piled up into hills. 

Regardless of how much she looked around, the person who should have been there wasn't there. 

The person who always said "Good morning" and gave her the will to live through every day wasn't 

-Sora was not present- that meant that this room was only for her. 

She wanted to deny this after pondering, but she could hear small voices. 

-"Didn't I tell you not to?" 

".Please.If this is a dream— please wake up!" 

Shiro shouted out, with a hoarse and painful voice that she usually didn't use. 

-The emptiness of the room seemed to advocate that all of her memories were all fantasies. 

However, she shouted to prevent her tears from flowing out. 

Chapter 1 - Sky Walk/Disassociation Method 

3 steps left 

-No consciousness, no memories, not even the five senses. 

Not even thinking about the whereabouts of the place, or the identity of the person. 

In the absence of senses, even one's own definitions would be ambiguous, what more is there to 

It can't speak, it can't question, it doesn't even know what it should ask. 

The sliver of consciousness was as good as nothing, but even so, it weakly proclaimed that [This 
was alright]. 

What was keeping the consciousness alive was the agonising wait for victory. 

-Victory? What victory? 

-It doesn't know, it doesn't know.anything. 

Part 2 

"....How's the situation?" 

In front of the King's bedroom, Steph inquired Jibril. 

However, Jibril shook her head and sighed. 

"-1 didn't go in. Master refuses to let me in and completely ignored me." 

"Is she still calling for this person named [Sora]?" 

"Yeah.What about your side?" 

"I asked everyone in the city, but everyone held the same answer-" 

"They didn't know who Sora was, and Master is the only King to Elchea-right?" 

"Yeah.What exactly is happening?" 

"I want to know too." Jibril sighed again. 

"A reasonable explanation would be the fact that Master's memory has been tampered with." 

"Doesn't that mean-" 

"Yes, this means that Master-lost." 

-this was very odd. 

All of a sudden, Shiro became adrift and kept calling out this unknown figure named [Sora]. 

The situation presented was perplexing in a way that it overrode the presently confusing position 
Elchea was facing right now. 

-it appears that their conversation was overheard. 

As they saw a thin board slid out of the crack underneath the door. 

"....? This is that.?" 

"Master's tablet." 

Picking up the tablet from the ground, Jibril and Steph looked at the screen. 

"....Guu, what is written on it?" 

"This is the language from the world Master was previously in-[Question] is written on it." 

Hearing a sound, a new message appeared. 

"I see, so you are trying to start a conversation with a [Secret language] right?" 

The abundance of knowledge that her master brought to this world. 

Even though Jibril has yet to fully grasp hold of it, she understood Shiro's intentions. 

"What is written this time?" 

Glancing down, Steph still couldn't understand the words so she had to ask. 

"It says-[1: What is the name of the person that did battle with Jibril?]" 

"Isn't it....Shiro?" 

"Yes, erm...How do you reply with this-" 

Jibril didn't know how to use the tablet, but then another sound came. 

"I see, answering verbally should be okay-[2: The name of the person Steph was to fall in love 

in was?]" 

"It, it should be Shiro right!" 

Quickly, another message came. 

"Written on it is.... [3: An 11-year-old girl of the same gender asks you to fall in love with her?]" 

"Gu,gu~.So, so didn't I keep scolding you a pervert and a demon...." 

Steph responded while twitching. Nevertheless, another message came again. 

"-[Describe your loss in full detail.]" 

Taking into account on Shiro's condition, Steph couldn't reply sloppily. 

Probably thinking that it would stimulate her memory, Steph pressed her fingers on her forehead 
and desperately recalled. 

"Guu~ It was rock-paper-scissors, you used psychological warfare to aim for a tie by shocking me 
with your words. But more importantly was the [Required content], I was asked to not promise any 
specific requests if it ended up with a tie, but as soon as you scammed me, you told me to [Fall in 
love with you]." 

After Steph's narration was over, a new message immediately surfaced. 

"-[5: Why not claimed to be their own slave, but [Fall in love with mej?]" 

"To, to let me pay tribute, but after Shiro discovered the mistake Shiro was pretty disappointed too." 
The messages were sent this time, albeit slower than before. 

"-[6: Who was the one who debunked the Eastern Union's game?]" 

But for this question, both Steph and Jibril had the same insights and gave out their answers. 

"It was Shiro and my grandfather's item." 

"That is currently consistent with my memories." 

.The next message was not sent after awhile. 

Jibril and Steph could only wait in silence, helpless in front of the king's bedroom. 

After a few minutes, it wasn't a question, but an affirmation that came. 

No, it was more like a [Plea], a seemingly unconfident answer. 

"Everyone's memory was wiped out." 

Seeing that sort of message, Jibril said out: 

"...Master, with all due respect, the memory is owned by many, and if this [Sora] really did conduct 
a game, it can only wipe one's memory. It is impossible to erase everyone else's memory." 

However, the refuting message came almost immediately. 

It wrote :[A bet that gained everyone's approval] 

"-then, the question now is how come Master was the only one who didn't lose any memory." 

....The message abruptly stopped. 

On the other side of the door was Shiro, head buried in her lap while holding her phone, unable to 
answer that question. 

-she knew this question would come. 

How could her brother hold the game without her at all? 

-and was it possible for a game to lead to such a serious situation. Even so, by losing the game 

"Ahh, hmm, yes, you've worked, it's nothing." 

Steph's barely audible voice could be heard outside the door. 

".Shiro, although this is tough, but the informants have already come back. Due to the fact that 

[Shiro bet on the human piece without any prior warning], the mass demonstrations are continuing. 

However, among all the complaints that came from the citizens-none of them shouted out the 

name of [Sora]." 

Hearing such reports, Shiro's eyes gradually turned into darkness again. 

She bit her lips and started thinking, barely keeping conscious. 

There should be. 

There must be some contradictions between everyone's memories, because- 

-if this wasn't the case, that meant that her own memories were fake. 

(.Impossible.This can't be.) 

Shiro kept trying to convince herself by desperately shaking her head. 

Compared to losing a game, getting implanted with false memories-this assumption, this 

assumption wasn't good. 

Could her memories from this world and her previous world be fake? 

This should be impossible, this couldn't be done. 

Despite her attempts to use such reasoning to convince herself, Shiro was very clear-this could 

be overruled. 

This world had both [Magic] and the [Oaths], so there was the possibility that the memory was not 
specifically altered. For example [Split the memory into two], such things were possible. 

-^No, strictly speaking, there was no evidence that this brother of hers existed at all- 

There was no one who could prove that Shiro was [Currently sane]. 

[Sora]'s existence to her was very convenient, there was such a plausiblity-but this was 

something Shiro can't possibly accept. Then, her strong reasoning started to appear. 

This possibility was. 

Sora was a fictional existence that Shiro created to cater to herself. 

(-1....I....I refuse....! refuse to accept this!) 

If she accepted that, then right from the start- 

The tablet didn't respond anymore. 

Steph and Jibril looked at eaeh other, completely feeling Shiro's depressed mood. 

"Wh, what is going on? What should we dooooo!" 

"....We should clear our minds a bit and try thinking about it." 

Jibril said while making a cool expression. 

"The game that involves the bet against the Eastern Union with the human piece-the entirety of 

human rights-is happening soon, and at this point of time where Master is incapacitated, who 

would gain the maximum benefit out of it?" 

"Even I know this sort of thing-the culprit must be the Eastern Union right!?" 

-Indeed, the Eastern Union whose game was exposed, challenged Shiro to a private match to 

eliminate her memory so she would be depressed-logically speaking, this would be the most 

natural way of approach for them. 

However, Jibril looked at the message on the tablet. 

-[6: Who was the one who debunked the Eastern Union's game?] 

"...If the culprit was the Eastern Union, what they would want to eliminate should be the contents of 
the game right." 

The Eastern Union had successfully concealed the contents of their game by simply requiring the 
elimination of the memory pertaining to the game. 

But because the secret is revealed, the Eastern Union had to take a gamble, also- 

"Master had no reason to accept this request either." 

[Ten Oaths]-the challenged party has the right to decide the contents of the game. 

This of course included the right to [reject the game]. 

Since it was obviously the Eastern Union's initiative to challenge, there was really no reason to 

"-Arghhh...The information we have isn't adequate enough to explain this situation." 

Jibril sighed and shook her head, having a look of deep distress. 

From the room came the sound of choking voice, as if vomiting. 

For Master to keep calling her brother-the man called Sora, Jibril was forced to take action. 

-Suspecting her master was disrespectful and disgraceful. 

If her master said that crows were white, then dyeing the three thousand crows in this world white 
was her duty. 

Therefore, if her master said that the person called [Sora] exists, then he really must. 

Then another sound came from the other side of the door- 

"....Shiro can't sustain herself if this continues!!" 

This was enough to force Steph to shout impatiently while slamming the door. 

-As The Fliigel from the sixth place of the [Sixteen races], possessing huge Elemental Gallery 

-a magic combatant race. 

Because they themselves were God's [Completed magic], they couldn't use complex magic at all. 
Not to mention that she has yet to completely grasp the psychological changes in the human 


"....Looks like this is the only way." 

-even without the use of magic, it was clear that her master was on the brink of a spiritual 


It was a crime to even suspect her master, but- 

"-Master, let us play a game." 


Hearing Jibril's words, Steph-together with Shiro who was beyond the door had a reaction. 

"[Acciente] and conduct a game with me-although this is extremely rude, but could you lose to 


-the sobbing did not stop. 

But feeling that her intentions have gotten through-fibril replied: 

"-1 would request for a [Seal on the memories about Sora]." 

Steph widened her eyes in amazement after hearing the proclamation from fibril, 
fibril understood the meaning behind her eyes. 

fibril and Steph could both understand, the sense of violation behind that bet. 

That feeling told her to not abandon Shiro, but- 

"At this rate. Master would-get broken." 

Even if she were to die, she wouldn't ignore this dilemma. 

Originally she should try and identify the contents of the Oath, and find a way to counteract it. 

But that was too time consuming, and Shiro might collapse before that was completed. 

For the time being, it was necessary to seal the memory to calm her master down, before finding the 
culprit and- 

(Be sure to decapitate and turn him into sauce.) 

With a gentle smile that was nostalgic, fibril let out [Killing intent]. This sent chills down Steph's 
spines as she stood petrified, but nevertheless she tried to appease the uneasy fibril. 

"fi, fibril. Ca, calm down-" 

However, the atmosphere that fibril was exuding out didn't allow her to continue speaking. 

-forbid the usage of force in the [Ten Oaths] what? 

As long as the culprit was found and she wins the game, she would personally kill the person after 
getting the [Approval]. 

After that, she would be willing to accept any form of punishment from her master for suspecting 
that Sora didn't exist. 

*Ping*, an application started up in the tablet on fibril's hand. 

The application that opened was-chess. 

To Shiro, this was a game that she would never lose, it was entirely information-based zero-sum 
game of limited decisions. 

Thus-as long as she wanted to lose, she could do it. 

A timid and small voice that had sobs in between, came out of the door. 

" [Acci.en te]." 

Bowing deeply, Jibril replied: 

"Thank you, Master....[Acciente]. 

4 steps left 

[Left with-4 steps] 

-^No memories, even he himself didn't know who he was. 

His hands were numbed, he had no idea who was the one speaking. 

Who he was, why he was here, why was he playing a game. 

Everything was ambiguous; however, even so.... 

He won't lose even if he forgot about everything else, for this was the only way to push himself. 
He used his mouth in replacement of his numbing hands. 

He used his tongue to write down the move, before selecting his piece. 

He won't think, he didn't need to think, because there was no such thing as defeat. 

Yes-....Losing was not an option. 

-Who won't lose? 

.No, don't think, that sort of thing is not important! 

Not knowing whose hand touched his shoulder-it was the warmth of a small hand. 

This was all the answers he held, to never doubt this slight residual feeling. 

In the process of becoming insane, he shook frantically to rid away his insanity, before placing the 
chess piece in his mouth on the board. 

Part 3 

-This was a game of chess with absolutely normal rules. 

If it was Shiro, winning was easy....Similarly, losing was also easy for her. 

Indeed, she would lose as long as the king gets beaten. 

Just by doing that, everything would be sealed. 

The time and memories spent together with her brother-would disappear. 

The first time she met him, she actually felt alive as a person. 

When she wore a uniform, she was praised as "cute". 

After returning from school with the intention of never going back , she hugged herself and cried; 
unable to do anything on her own, she gently dragged herself down. 

Her brother..Her brother that was more important than anyone else, the time spent with him- 

After this step-everything would fall into nothingness. 


Although those memories of her brother may be fake, everything he had said to her flashed past 
Shiro's mind. 

At the same time, Shiro moved-after some considerations. 

Jibril closed her eyes, and quietly mumbled: 

"...Master, why do you....Want to win?" 

Yes-it was laughable, a move in ehess to reverse one's position from losing to wining. 

Jibril questioned her mentality, and the response was an extremely weak voiee. 

However, the voiee had courage, enough to foree Jibril and Steph to take a step baek. 

" Because....[ ] Does... .NOT ACCEPT DEFEAT!" 

In the dimly-lit room, the sound was aeeompanied with a ehoking noise. 

Pulling baek the blanket, Shiro with tears flowing down her cheeks started to think about her 

Remembering about that day, after she eame home erying after the first day of school, the words 
that her brother said. 

-Shiro, is it real if someone says that ehanging is possible? 

If you strongly hope to fly, would you be able to grow wings? I don't think so. 

What you change isn't yourself, you just have to find the means to fly isn't it? 

The only way is to create, formulate ideas to soar into the sky. 

You might want to say, why am I babbling about things even though I ean't fly- 

But we should take this slowly, and think of a way to allow Shiro to soar with wings.... 

Although I'm a useless brother, I will think with you. 

-How eould she live on if she forgot about those words? 

The memories about her brother was her [Reason for existenee], what eould she do if she sealed her 
memories about her brother? 

If these were really implanted memories, then she must have really lost a brutal game. 

Beeause sueh a thing- 

Sueh a thing-was too eruel! 

".Nii.No.To forget about my brother-I'd be better off dead!!" 

Shouting out with her hoarse voiee, Jibril and Steph took a deep breath. 

....This was a proposal from Jibril to prevent her from collapsing. 

With this rejection, Jibril was stunned speeehless. 

Jibril silently lowered her head, while Steph who was trembling opened her mouth. 

"Th, that....Although I'm not so sure..." 

Steph's words were simply incomprehensible. 

She just wanted to comfort Shiro-and blurted out her idea. 

"To Shiro, Sora exists right? Then, if the faet that Shiro turned like this since he isn't here, doesn't 
that mean that-he indeed exists." 

-and her sentenee. 

"Then there must be a reason for him to ereate sueh a situation right?" 

-brought a ray of hope to their predieament. 

Only Steph was unaware of this. 

Jibril and Shiro widened their eyes and stopped moving, as if time stopped. 

"Fo, for example, if the situation eouldn't be explained and it was the Oaths that wiped out 
everyone's memories-" 

"Ah, no, its not like that-what I mean is'-" 

Hearing Steph's words, both of them gasped. 

"-what if the game is still ongoing?" 

Jibril stared forward with her glass-like eyes. 

Perhaps she didn't understand the meaning behind Shiro's stare, Steph eontinued stammeringly: 

"So, soooo-the possibility of the memories being tampered with were not eaused by the [Oaths], 

but the influenee of the game? Just like what Shiro said, if only our memories were tampered with, 

then.The person ealled Sora got all of our consent and started the game, and the game.hasn't 

ended yet....this...." 

With her confidence wavering, Steph continued quietly, but Shiro lifted her face after hearing her 

"-do, do you have any prove that...." 

After listening to the hypothesis that she overlooked, Jibril barely squeezed out those words. 

"Evi, evidence...bu, but-1 just feel that something is [odd]." 

Yes, without any basis-that was it. 

Steph was the type of person to say something without any prior thoughts. 

"That person to [lose]-is definitely weird." 

Regarding that person-it was not specified whether it was Shiro or Sora, which turned Jibril 


-Steph's speculation was filled with loopholes. 

No matter if the [Oaths] could actually cause such a massive change to happen. 

Or eliminate everything related to a person, except the representative-Shiro could've refused the 

game. This was all incomprehensible. 

But if Steph's hypothesis is correct, then a more worrisome question would surface, an indisputable 

That-Elchea's king, Imanity's king, her own master who defeated god, subjugated The Fliigel, 

and will even partake in the upcoming annexation of the Eastern Union...lost? To have this sort of 
thinking was something unheard of from her. 

If Steph's hypothesis was true, then this incomprehensible situation wasn't caused by the enemy. 

It was a situation caused to ensure victory-? 

"In that case-there is a way to confirm it." 

After shaking her head, Jibril continued: 

"Indeed, the [Oaths] can't entirely eliminate the memories pertaining to the existence of a specific 
object or person. However, what if-" 

-this was something that could only be accomplished with the harshest conditions. 

"Supposedly this Sora is master's brother, then if he used the status of [Imanity's representative] to 
accept the bet, it is possible to cause everyone's memories to [Disappear], including everything 
related to him." 

Listening to Jibril's proclamation, Steph suddenly understood and said: 

"So, he can't disappear from another representative's memories-and as long as we ask someone 

else from another race!" 

"Yes, I'll immediately use space shift into the Eastern Union embassy to confirm-and also...." 

Kneeling in front of the door, she bowed. 

"....For me to have such thoughts of wirming against Master, is an act that is simply unforgivable. 
I'm willing to accept any punishment, however-1 require some time first." 

Concluding her sentence, Jibril suddenly disappeared. 

The air filled the space caused by mass transfer, leaving only a breeze. 

Steph who was left alone didn't know how to react, but she still faced the door and said: 

"Ah, guu.Shiro, Shiro.Are you okay?" 

....However, at this time, Shiro's heart had completely tuned out everything else. 

-the possibility of her brother's existence. 

With that possibility present, her formerly frozen thoughts re-activated to start the rapid processing. 

Sora-her brother's existence, in order to turn that into definitive proof, she has to dig through its 

[Roots] first. 

Erecting her heavy body on the bed, she staggered to the center of the room. 

Her moist ruby eyes were usually in a half-open state. 

However, this time they were wide open, surveying the entire room. 

While rapidly processing her thoughts, she glanced around the room, not letting even a speck of 
dust go urmoticed. 

(.If Nii...really exists, then why...create this situation...) 

If the hypothesis was true, then this situation was what her brother had plotted. 

The reason for his actions-it was possible if she could read her brother's thoughts, but.... 

-her brother's thinking process, has a style that couldn't be read; easily smiling while inciting a 


Shiro felt that she could never reach that kind of level, yet she has to interpret his thoughts-? 

.Impossible, Shiro knew she couldn't do it. 

However, it was obvious what her brother was doing, as he clearly left a trail. 


-Indeed, [ ] will never lose. 

Then-she accepted this situation, her brother believed in her, she believed in her brother, 

accepting this maddening situation that he had created. 

Why-for her to not have noticed it, Shiro couldn't help but pull her hair. 

(-I'm so....stupid! How could I be so stupid!) 

Panicking so easily, how could she live up to the expectation as her [Brother's proud sister]. 

-Only a fragment of some memories disappeared. 

"....How could I...suspect Nii!" 

But she repressed her emotions, as this wasn't the time to blame herself. 

Her brother believed and entrusted this [situation] to her-she must finish the job. 

-it was fine even if her brain burnt out-receiving the action to go all out, Shiro's mind 


Her head gave a command to take in more oxygen while Shiro's small heart responded quickly to 
the rapid intake. 

Shiro began to review all the memories she had while feeling the rapid rise in body temperature. 
Filtering everything related to Sora by turning his words, actions and gestures into a movie. 
Because since this situation [Now] was planned by her brother, trails would definitely be present. 
In the last memories associated with her brother, he said something she didn't understand. 

-Shiro, we are indispensable. 

"....Indispensable, no.Nii won't.Leave Shiro alone...." 

Why did she wake up in the room that was supposedly Steph's? 

Why didn't she suspect? Why didn't she notice! 

Shiro bit her lip, this was probably the reason why she couldn't compare with her brother. 

Such a simple answer-^which means Sora, her brother- 

(....Started from-right here!) 

With her sharp eyes staring at the bedroom, Shiro's eyes didn't have any tears. 

5 steps left 

...lam.Sora, for my age.I forgot. 

My proud little sister is Shiro, 11 years old. A little beauty with beautiful white hair and ruby-red 

No problem. I'll still remember. 

"Shiro, are you there?" 

I felt someone nodding. Although my mind, body and memory were in disrepair, I can still 
recognize, though barely, that the nod came from Shiro. 

"Shiro, are you still there?" 

Once again I felt that nod. This became my pillar of support. 

Even when I lost a large part of my memories, I still understood something. 

It also far exceeded my expectations. 

My vision robbed away, my hands and feet numbed. 

I could hear a countless number of voices-but whose voice did all these belong to? Where am 

These were things I couldn't remember anymore. 

I couldn't fathom how losing everything could be this horrible. 

"Shiro.I would probably soon.That way-" 

I felt three nods this time, however, it was tolerant this time. 

Then the whisper came-"I know." 

Hearing that sentence, Sora smiled bitterly, before pleading to her. 

"Could you do me a favor? My hand.Has no feeling already....Haha." 

I continued with my laughter that was fdled with strong self-esteem. 

"Anywhere is fine, but could you hold me-or else I might go crazy." 

My shoulders were firmly held, making me feel assured as I take a breath. 

Then-using the pawn in his mouth, he placed it on the board. 

Part 4 

Shiro stared at the void, her heartbeat constantly rising. 

-Organize all the information. 

Her brother said-[We are indispensable]. 

Then he himself partook in that game-no, since the game has yet to end, he is still participating. 

Her brother said-[We always win before the game starts]. 

This suggested that this situation caused was intentional. 

Her brother said-[We are not the main characters like in a Shounen Manga]. 

If this situation was in a Shounen manga, then the flag for Shiro's growth was raised. Bullseye. 

She will become independent without Sora-but her brother clearly [forbade] that kind of 


Her brother said-[We are bound together by a promise]. 

It meant that....Two people are counted as one, and they were the finished product. 

(.Finished product-growth isn't necessary!) 

Shiro ignored the pain that her head was issuing and continued to order it. 

Think! Think harder-! 

The need to come up with this situation. 

Her brother said-[We'll go and get the last required piece of the puzzle]. 

Her brother promised everyone that he would obtain the necessary puzzle piece needed to make the 
Eastern Union game more interesting- 

(....Then-who is....The enemy?) 

Before she had the last memory with her brother, he said some enigmatic words. 

That time, the person her brother was conversing with was-who? No matter how much she re¬ 
examined, the person was-[Invisible]. Why was it invisible? Why did she eliminate her 

presence to everyone aside from her brother-in that case Jibril should-have-something 

-in-her memory-so- 

(... Think.Think, think!!) 

Shiro's pulse and thoughts were constantly accelerating-so fast that the clock on the wall 

seemed to have stopped. 

-yet she still couldn't track her brother, even to this extent. 

Her brother's actions always contained two to three-sometimes even ten to twenty layers of 


He would use unorthodox methods, deceiving tactics that were unrivaled. 

Tracing that kind of creativity, subversive thought process and the constant cutting of comers was 

(Then....Shiro can only....use Shiro's do it!) 

Sweating profusely, her temperature continued to rise while her head felt as if it was gripped. 

-This wasn't inefficient, but more of a violent action. 

She was using residual memories, clues and alternatives to determine the answer. 

Adding them up resulted in thousands and thousands of possibilities, and simulating those kind of 
possibilities would result in millions and millions of situations. 

-to screen all the situations one by one, was arguably similar to a computer. 

Forcing all these on a small head such as Shiro's resulted in a pain so intense that sweat started 
oozing out. 

Then-when the second tick from the second-hand clock resounded. 

Feeling as if hours had past, a person appeared in her head-the answer emerged. 

Because the memory about that person was too vague, Shiro couldn't remember the person, whether 
the looks, figure or voice. 

"...In the battle of the King selection.The person fought." 

For humanity-used by Elven Gard. 

That person, what would he or she do if she knew that her brother had betted the human piece? 

-Eastern union, the winning puzzle piece, getting assistance from the Elves-the watcher. 


Blurting out the name that fought with her brother, and feeling that all the clues were slowly being 
linked one by one. 

Her mind overexerted-Shiro lost consciousness. 

8 steps left 

Eefs confirm this...I'm Sora. 

Shiro's brother, aged 18, virgin, a NEET. 

I came from a different world-wait... 

After wirming the game against god and coming here with my sister....What happened next? 

-1 see, it looks like the memories after coming into this world has already been [Taken away]. 

However, the next question-what is the purpose of this game. 

If that memory is [Taken away]-then everything is over. 

-^No problem, I remember...[It still belongs to me]. 

It seems really important, as I expected. 

"....What do you mean?" 

It was a girl's voice, who asked me. 

I've already lost my vision, so I can't see her, but-1 heard her voice. 

Her name seems to be.Kurami Zierh. 

She was the Elven country's-Elven Card's puppet, and also the opponent behind this game. 

"Un, what?" 

Okay, it appears that I can still make sound. 

"Stop pretending, are you-deliberately losing?" 

In the state of being blind, I can still use my voice to move the piece. 

At least there isn't any mistake.everything is going smoothly. 

"No? At this rate. I'm gonna win." 

....That's about right. 

There was too little evidence for that confident answer. Even I myself don't have any basis for it. 

"-1 see, so your motive is to make me take away more of your memories, eh." 

Indeed-this was that kind of game. 

What you lose would be transferred to the opponent. 

Since I don't have any memory after coming to this world, Kurami probably has it. 

".You [are not a spy from any country]-yes, I understand that." 

Although I didn't know what was happening, it appears that she understood. 

Then the girl continued: 

"-you'll lose at this rate, your existence taken away, even the fact that you existed would 

disappear too oh. Sooo, what plans do you have before that happens?" 

....That is something I can't tell you. 

Because that is the real purpose of this game. 

"Why ask? Isn't it fine if you just take the answers from my memories?" 

Yes-because this is that kind of game. 

"....Very well, then I'll do as you wish and take away your everything." 

Hearing a cough, Kurami made a move on the gameboard. 

From that sound, and picturing the move that his opponent made-Sora quietly smiled. 

"-wh...What is this?" 

Kurami shouted, no, screamed out, her whole body froze. 

-At the same time, something disappeared from my heart. 

The one who screamed out-who was it? 

-Okay, let me reconfirm. 

I'm.Sora, Shiro's brother, then.then what? 


An indescribable cold struck me, the feeling as if my whole body was cracking open. 

Who am I? 

Where am I? Where did I come from? Where is my body? 

Slowly becoming someone I'm not-this feeling was akin to [Horror], 

The unbearable horror caused my teeth to chatter uncontrollably, as my senses are slowly being 
eroded one by one. 

I could hear my brain shouting: 

[This was as expected, this is going according to plan.] 

-this horror of gradually disappearing is going according to plan? 

Are you kidding? If this horror is supposedly a plan, then isn't this arrogance! 

In this horror, is it even possible for my spirit to remain unbroken- 


But this icy, absolute zero breeze- 

"...Shiro is here." 

Easily melted, just because of these words. 


I am....Sora, proud of my sister-Shiro's brother. 

Right now-yes. I'm losing in a game, but this is for the sake for victory. 

That's all, there won't be any problems as long as I remember this. 

I grit my teeth while steeling my heart, stopping the chattering. 

In order to place the next piece-my mouth slowly opened. 

Part 4 


"Shiro!! Are you alright!?" 

Hearing Steph and Jibril's worried cries, Shiro's consciousness resurfaced. 

-looks like she fainted and was now in Steph's arms. Wanting to confirm the situation- 

H I ft 

When she didn't see her brother, Shiro almost shoved Steph away, but she managed to control 

-Her brother was in this room. 

In that case-there was nothing to fear. 

" fine." 

Shiro held her pained head and tried to sit up, but Steph stopped her. 

"How are you fine! You suddenly fell without saying anything-you know how worried I was!!" 

Steph shouted out. 


Realizing that Steph's eyes were red, Shiro apologized softly. 

On the other hand, Jibril, who was unnaturally keeping a distance away from Shiro, had a somewhat 
nervous tone. 

"Master, I've something to report, regarding Sora-Master's results...." 

Jibril was able to report her findings at the Eastern Union Embassy- 

".No need." 

Shiro's words cut her off. 


"-yes, just as you said. I'm willing to accept any punishment-" 

At the Eastern Union Embassy-she inquired to Hatsuse Ino and confirmed [SoraJ's existence. 

She suspected her master, thinking that she had lost- 

"...Then....I command you." 

"Yes, as you command." 

If she was ordered to die, Jibril would unhesitatingly do it. 

However, Shiro responded with a moderate yet urgent voice. 

"...Help me....Find Nii..." 

Jibril clasped her hands together, as if being gracious of Shiro. 

Finally, to confirm that she was fine, Shiro gently separated from Steph and stood up. 

Although her pacing was unstable, Shiro's eyes returned to normal and asked the both of them: 

"-[Yesterday]....What two doing?" 

She knew the answer, so this was more of a confirmation rather than a question. 

Jibril and Steph gazed at each other before replying: 

"Yesterday-1 was suppressing the masses, then watched as Shiro played games at the throne." 

"Yes, I was there too." 

-However, hearing their answers, Shiro knew it was [Incorrect]. 

"...That was.[The day before yesterday].19th...." 

Once again they both looked at each other, but Shiro followed up: 

".Changing the question....Yesterday night....Where....Were you?" 

Listening to her, Steph and Jibril searched their memories, but.... 

They couldn't recall. Seeing the natural look of Shiro prompted Jibril to ask: 

"Does Master, the day before yesterday's memories?" 

"....No, so....This is fine." 

-This confirmed that there was time period where the memories disappeared. 

Which meant that- 

"Then-you mean that the game was conducted from the day before yesterday to yesterday 


Jibril who had just vowed to help, processed everything in her head and asked. Shiro nodded in 

"Wh, what does this mean?" 

However, Steph tilted her head and needed Jihril to explain to her. 

"Shiro-sama has [memories] that we don't, while we have [memories] that Shiro-sama doesn't, thus 

causing some contradiction-however, if everyone lost their memories, then it would link to 

something else." 

Steph looked confused, but, yeah, it meant that- 

"This proved that everyone participated in the game, and the player could influence the whole 
human species-meaning that he was a representative of Imanity." 

-yeah, and also- 

"....Steph....Come here I need to confirm from you." 

"Ye, yes, please do." 

Steph saw Shiro's eyes staring at her, exposing a serious expression never seen before. 

Overwhelmed by the pressure exuding from an eleven-year-old girl, Steph swallowed her saliva and 
responded to her. 

-it took her a few seconds to grasp the situation. 

".Th, that.What are you doing?" 

If Steph wasn't mistaken or hallucinating, she should be seeing a Shiro whose expression was 
extremely serious. However, Shiro's pair of hands. 

Those pair of hands were rubbing- 

" Rubbing.... Steph's... .Chest...." 

She continued to rub and rub. 

"-...Erm, errr, how should I react to this?" 

However, Shiro had a nonchalant expression as she continued her hands. 

Nodding her head, Shiro tilted it and asked: 

"....Not excited about it.?" 

"Ho...How can I be excited about this!!! If I'm excited, if 11 be problematic for me!" 

Shiro let go of her hands, fully expecting that answer. 

"....Obviously subjected to the command of [Loving me].yet not excited?" 


...Indeed, if the [Oath] forced Steph to love Shiro, there should at least be a reaction. 

In other words, the person who asked Steph to fall in love was Sora.Steph figured it out. 

However, Jihril asked sorrowfully: 

"Master, that....This doesn't need that kind of confirmation right." 


Shiro didn't particularly mind and answered in recognition unhesitatingly. 


"..Because I know.Nii exists...." 

"...Then can I ask why is my chest getting forcefully rubbed?" 

Causing her to get so worried.Steph asked with a frustrated expression. Shiro nevertheless 

answered back: 


"What is there to thank! What are the benefits of rubbing my chest." 

However, Shiro interrupted Steph with her next words. 

"....If not for Steph.I wouldn't hav....So-" 

Then-Shiro's next sentence.... 

She thought about it, had she ever said those words to anyone else aside from her brother? 

-conclusion was no one. 

Shiro who was unaccustomed to this awkwardly averted her gaze and blushed- 

"...Thank, you.Steph...." 

Shiro's actions and words, stunned Steph speechless. 

However, Shiro didn't realized that-for the next few days, Steph would feel extremely troubled. 

Steph's internal strife: [Seduced by an eleven-year-old girl, shouldn't be normal.] 

Not paying heed to the troubled Steph, Jibril quietly inquired: 

"Then Master.What you mean is, you've already grasped hold of the situation?" 


Her brother guessed that after he bet the [Human species' piece], Kurami-Elven Gard would 

definitely approach.Her brother must've used that method to lure out Kurami, wanting her to 

become his companion. 

"....Again.Another question." 

This question was the last one and was key to finding them, which was the-[Game's content]. 

Shiro had thought of a few possibilities in her mind. 

-her brother knew that the opponent would come to him. 

Even better, he knew that the opponent was Kurami, or perhaps the Elven species-Erwin Gard. 

But, for memories to get snatched away, it was undoubtedly the work of magic. 

Did the Elves prepare the game?-^No. 

The opponent was the elves from the seventh place, it was impossible for her brother to not expect 
that there would be magic intervention. 

"....Nii used.fibril's game....for the game." 

If that was the case, then he could challenge the elves without getting cheated by magic. 

The only people who could do that on Imanity's side-was one person. 

"-my game?" 

Yes, The Fliigel from the sixth place, with the capabilities to create a virtual world-fibril. 

This should be what her brother said towards Jibril: 

"..fibril....Can you do it? A memory elimination game " 

Being asked like this, Jibril started thinking. 

If she was asked to create that kind of game now...? 

"It is possible if it was the virtual world used for the Word Connector....but currently this is 

"...And if there was cooperation with the Elves?" 

"Co, cooperation-!? You mean cooperate with those forest hillbillies!?" 

Expressing disgust from the bottom of her heart, Jibril would've never thought of doing that. 

However, seeing Shiro's eyes closely watching her, Jibril had to reply seriously : 

"-Although I'm not clear about the technique user of the elves.but it isn't impossible. The 

Fliigel from the sixth place should have the upper hand in manipulating power, as for using complex 
magical techniques.the Elf from the seventh place has to be-very clever." 

For Jibril to praise another race, was something absolutely impossible. 

She had to bluff it out, under the gaze of her master who she had committed a heinous crime on. 

"For example-if the core of my Word Connector's board was modified by the elves.... then, there 

should be a magic that could possibly change reality to this scale." 

But, it still wasn't enough. A key factor was missing. 

"....Can you guarantee.the game....cannot cheat?" 


Jibril unhesitantly answered Shiro's worried question. 

"For this technique that can bring about such huge changes, the elemental gallery needed far 
exceeds the limit of elves, so in the end the initiation for the game would come from me. If 
something happened to the game, I would've noticed at that time." 


"Yes, if this chain of events was caused by powerful magic, then I'll definitely notice it. 

Jibril surveyed her surroundings again. 

"To be honest-that power is similar to the [Heaven's strike] I used against the elves during the 

world war." 

Jibril continued, with a casual look: 

"I remember, I wanted to destroy the capital without leaving any traces. They consecutively 
connected to the Elemental gallery with three thousand elves to put up a barrier, but in the end they 
still couldn't block it." 

By now Shiro was completely unfazed by Jibril's actions in the past, and kept thinking. 

However, Steph couldn't help but make a comment out of the war weapon in front of her. 
"Wh....What were you doing!?" 

"The elves's magic technology advanced drastically after the war, but their control over it remained 
the same. If this situation was caused by magic, and it was under Master's instruction, then it 
should've been me who started it. Cheating will never escape from my eyes." 

Jibril said it with an understatement, categorically continuing. 

-Which means, the source of all this came from this room. 

In this room filled with countless amount of games, there should be a [gameboard]. 

The gameboard-to the game that is currently ongoing. 

However, no matter how much they searched, they couldn't find it, so- 

".Jibril.There should.Be a reaction to magic....In this room." 

Her brother was in this room-but there was no way to prove his existence. 

So this gameboard must definitely be [outside of Shiro's knowledge]. 

"....Disappeared for a day and a half ...[the memories of the game]....Then the game....Can't be 

Even if the game was out of her knowledge, if the game is still ongoing, then there should be the 
usage of magic- 

"....I'll investigate." 

Jibril couldn't detect any magic in the air. 

However-she would never doubt her master again. Stretching out her wings, Jibril widened her 

amber eyes. 

"Eh! Wh....what." 

The pressure generated caused Steph who was unable to detect magic to fall to the ground. 

Because Jibril was currently manipulating unparalleled numbers of Elemental Gallery-the 

source of magic. 

The halo on her head started spinning; giving a misconception that the room was shaking- 

"-found it." 

Shiro and Steph smiled upon hearing this sentence. 

However, fibril pointed to the comer of the room- 

"....I'm sorry, but I eould only deteet a information hindering foree field. It's just like what Master 
speculated, if that elf technique was used in my gameboard's eore, then breaking through that 
foreefield-is impossible." 


Shiro groaned, biting on her nails. 

-One more step, the answer was right in front of her- 

"It's, it's nearby? I'll see if there is anything there." 

Steph looked at the ground and headed to the direction fibril pointed-but suddenly, Steph 

stumbled and fell on the ground faee first, as if tripping over something. 

"...Dora-ehan, to trip on nothing, you don't really need to inerease your negative characteristics." 
However, Steph stood up and widened her eyes in surprise. 

"....Eh? Tripped? Me?" 

Having heard this, Shiro and fibril comprehended something. 

ft I ft 

"You ean't traek it even when it exists, and you are not conscious of it after eoming into contact?" 
Shiro nodded in reply to fibril's words, and walked forward. 

Even though detecting it was impossible, it was [still there]-coming into contact was also 


The gameboard was here, invisible and eannot be perceived upon touching. 

Hastily, Shiro found something where Steph had tripped. 

There were a few pieces of stone with both black and white sides, stored in a small box. 

There were numerals earved on the stones in the box. 

Guessing what kind of pieces there were was in faet very simple. 

"...Blaek and white...Reversi." 

"What is going on? Is that a game?" 

Why was it possible to see the pieees, but not the game board? Shiro answered fibril's question: 
"....Because....It's not used." 

A piece that was reeognizable but not yet used. 

Foreefully taken memories, a game outside of common knowledge-a game that is still ongoing. 

It all added up in Shiro's head. 

The mle is probably- 

" Using memories....or divide into two A mutual struggle....Game." 

fibril had a reaction to Shiro's monologue, while Steph still couldn't catch up to the eonversation. 

"In, in my humble opinion, Master...." 

"Is he sane to play with those kind of rules!?" 

Indeed-if Shiro's speeulation was eorrect, it was undoubtedly a crazy game. 

However, if the rules of the game was just as Shiro suspected, then- 

"...Nii is indeed.Too much." 

Shedding a cold sweat, Shiro finally-understood her brother's intentions. 

Before The First Step 

"-okay. I'll repeat the rules." 

Sora talked to Kurami who was sitting across the table. 

He said to Shiro, Steph, Jibril, Kurami and the elf girl behind her: 

"The game shall use [one's own concept] , splitting it into 32 pieces of-[Reversi]." 

The front and back was divided into black and white, Sora continued to speak while holding the 
engraved pieces in his hand. 

"Engraved on this pieces are numbers, the closer you are to 32, the more you'll get, like memories, 
flesh, personality so on and so forth. Aside from that, it is just regular reversi. Flipping each other's 
pieces-mutual struggle for [Existence]. 

The elf weaved out the game, with Jibril being the power source for the game. 

Although Sora explained it very easily, but since this was an extraordinary rule, everyone couldn't 
help but feel nervous. 

"In addition, the degree of importance complies with magic. Prioritizing your deepest thoughts first. 
Which means, you wouldn't know what kind of concept each piece holds." 

He had a happy look, but- 

".Not knowing what you'll lose if your piece gets eaten up-Isn't it fantastic?" 

Facing against Sora who had a maniacal smile-Kurami calmly replied. 

"I want to expose your true identity and your country, and you want to expose me and Elven Card's 
methods. Which means, this is a mutually beneficial game." 

"That is a good answer, the winner gets all-while the loser loses all." 

The significance behind this statement, caused Steph to have chills down her spine. 

"-Eosing your [Character]-haha, this is interesting." 

"Ah, this is different from the usual Reversi. You can't skip a turn even if you can't eat any piece. 
Soo if you don't amass some pieces, then you should understand.... What would happen right?" 

Kurami had a fearless look, pointing out the loopholes in the game. 

"Then-how do we go ahead with the [Unable to continue] rule?" 

When the five senses, flesh, memories related to the game and so on have disappeared. 

"Cooperation...Which means Shiro and the other two, against your elf, therefore everyone here is a 
participant-everyone must [Swear to the oaths] to begin the game." 

But even so, there will be problems, that is- 

"But, since it's winning each other's [everything], when the situation arrived that the companions 

[Forgot], then the game is over. Onee the game is over, the one who has the most pieees wins." 
"Vietory determines the need of objectivity, so the board itself would judge, is it like that?" 

"Indeed, that is how I've fabricated it to be." 

"I've confirmed it, please rest assured. Master." 

Kurami's partner, the Elven girl, nodded with fibril. 

fibril's eyes and strength negated the possibility of the most worrying-[Cheating]. 

Nodding his head, Sora continued: 

"-But, if we regain everything after the game...It would be boring right?" 

Yes, this is magic. 

But even with fibril's gargantuan strength, the results cannot last forever. 

Sora smirked, seeing through Kurami's attempts of wanting Sora to completely disappear. 

"In order to [fix] the game's results-^we will require [Two] bets." 

Firstly, Sora put up one finger and said: 

"The first is [Confirming the result of the game]-confirm the erasure, exchange and the 

existence of the other party except their presence. The winner can also request one more thing" 

Speculating Sora's intentions, Kurami continued: 

"...In other words, that is the [Real request] right?" 

"Yes, because if it isn't done, then after extinguishing my existence you can't do anything to Shiro." 

This sentence indicated Kurami's motive-of being the sole representative of the human species. 

"Similarly, I also can't do anything to the elf, so the second request is-" 

".Win the other party's partner right." 

This meant that if Kurami won, she would gain Sora's memories of Shiro-Imanity's 


And if Sora won, he would obtain Elven Card's top magic user. 

"In conclusion, we can have the rights to each other's existence." 

Hearing that, Kurami laughed: 

".You think I'll sympathize with you, and keep your existence?" 

"Haha, what a funny joke, how could I ever think of that." 

Sora laughed similarly and stared at Kurami before saying: 

"Even if I'm gone, with the Oath's constraints, Shiro would definitely be broken. And regarding 

your partner, the same should happen. Which means, in order not to have a glance-which means 

[Death] or the [change of personality], we must agree that we can change the oaths-right?" 

In addition to Sora and Shiro, everyone had a chill down their spines in the area. 

"Simply put-this is a bet and battle on one's existence and life ." 

Yes-this includes the partner. [Win all or lose all]. 

Crazy-Steph probably wasn't the only one who thought of that. 

Shiro who was used as a stake either did not take into account that her brother might lose, 
understood the contents, or knew what her brother was doing-her eyes were half closed. 

"Until the last step can't be taken, which means until everything is taken away-under these rules 

-okay, if everyone is prepared we can start the game." 

Sora said wittily, looking at everyone whose eyes were converged on him alone. 

Sora crafted this crazy game. 

Against this kind of man, Kurami kept quietly and began to think. 

Indeed, this-was Sora's ideal game. 

The rules itself seem to be fair-^because of this, Kurami started to suspect the game itself. 

Because this game was by the opposition, she did not have an advantage. 

Is it because there are loopholes in the rules, or-Kurami gazed at her partner. 

But the girl shook her head. 

Meaning-she couldn't detect anything, couldn't grasp the meaning, proving that the game was 


This hinted that the elf girl couldn't cheat the game when fabricating it; however, in contrast, fibril 
couldn't do it too. 


So there was no more choice aside from digging out his true intentions. 

She didn't care about Sora's intentions, there were Elven forces here backing her up. 

In that case, Sora, Shiro, Steph and fibril. 

Kurami, elven girl and everyone in the room raised their hands. 


Part 5 

Shiro placed the Reversi piece engraved with [Three] in her hands. 

She stared at the empty space-no, staring at the invisible yet existant gameboard- 

This was unfortunately a fight for 32 Reversi pieces that contains one's concept. 

The remaining pieces for both side were small in amount-meaning it was very important. 

Because they were pieces that once used would cause them to lose, they kept it. 

However, this rule was set-was set by the challenged, in that case her brother. 

This meant that the game's advancement, even his disappearance was very meaningful. 

Which means-Shiro closed her eyes and think. 

-Why would her brother leave her alone? She was puzzled. 

However, it was definite course of action if the answer was known. 

The first of several very simple reasons. 

He would deliberately give some memories to the opponent, temporarily placing him on the side of 
the losing- 

"....That sort of thing....Shiro...Can't do this...." 

Shiro made this conclusion with a sad smile after thinking for a moment. 

Her brother's actions, if performed by Shiro.She would definitely be unable to remain sane. 

Just because her brother disappeared from her side, she suspected her brother's existence. 

- It was okay if she was forgotten. 

- Forgetting about her brother - Shiro believed that her spirit wouldn't be able to remain 


Shiro stared at the invisible, untouchable gameboard. 

The gameboard was really invisible, but- 

Her brother hated sunlight, so she could discern that he wouldn't sit by the window. 

Her brother, whether he was sleeping or sitting, would always give Shiro the corner of the wall. 

Because Shiro would feel lonely if there was a wide space, her brother would always block the wide 
spaces for her. 

Although she couldn't see the gameboard. Everything was exposed to her. Her brother's habit, her 
brother's actions, everything related to her brother, her brother's sitting position, and even the space 
left for Shiro could be seen. 

(.Here Nii is....Here...) 

Shiro was convinced of where her brother was sitting, even if it was empty. 

Shiro's eye started feeling hot, but she forced herself back and continued thinking. 

(....After this....the the same time.the biggest....reason.) 

Shiro gripped the Reversi piece written with [Three], on the white side. 

Whether her brother is [White or black], this question was certain. 

Because he would always leave the last piece for [Shiro]-it was definitely white. [5] 

The invisible, and unknown game. 

She didn't have memories from the start, so she didn't know what was happening. 

However, her brother would deliberately lose and attain the step to allow Shiro[^ to win. 

And after the opponent found out that they fell under Sora's plan and got induced to place a wrong 

Then, reversing the position, her brother would choose the most optimal move. 

All of this speculation-needed three moves to win. 

Only this....You can do it! 

Shiro waved her hand downwards with confidence - * Keng*, a sound that couldn't be 

identified rang in ears of the three people. 

Following that... 


"Ouch....Wh,what is going on!" 

Shiro, as well as Steph and fibril held their heads, having a sudden splitting headache. 

Like echoes, the brain let out a murmur. 

The originally gameboard which couldn't be seen appeared, and with a patter patter sound, the black 
board gradually dyed white. 

Then-the original memories a day and a half ago 

flowed back in- 

[19th. Daytime] 

Shiro and Sora were playing games in the throne hall. 

"Ahh, you've finally eame, why keep me waiting?" 

Her brother said, gazing at the two girls in front of him. 

Wearing a blaek veil and blaek-haired, Kurami. 

And an elven girl who had conspicuously long ears and didn't bother to hide it. 

"....A tone as if knowing we were coming-of course." 

Sora smiled and replied to Kurami's words: 

"Yes, I know your purpose for coming here, and anytime is possible." 

"Then hurry up, I must make you disappear and hand over the Imanity's chess piece." 

"Shiro, listen carefully." 


"I believe you." 

-[19th. Evening].... 

"-Just like that Jibril. Can you do it?" 

Her master described an insanely terrifying game, but Jibril answered: 

"-Sorry, but I can't do it, such a massive game transformation-" 

"I didn't ask you to do it alone, you are to do it with the elven girl Kurami brought with her, okay?" 
Sora brought the topic to the elven girl who had not introduced herself. 

"...Asking me to cooperate with The Fliigel? Please allow me to rightfully decline oh~?" 

"What a coincidence. I'll politely decline the invitation too oh~?" 

Sparks flew between their gazes, but Sora had a disinterested look. 

"Really? Then I don't accept the game, please go back okay?" 

Sora coldly rejected her. Kurami then said to the elven girl: 

"...You said you wanted to help me right?" 

"Of course, but to want me to work with that devil...Guuuu....Fine, I promise." 


Hearing her brother's specified rules, Shiro nervously looked up at her brother. 

"Shiro, we are indispensable." 

-[19th. Nighttime]. 

Holding unto Jibril's Word connector's [Core], the elven girl complained: 

"This kind of elemental usage is as if you wanted to bomb the Elemental Gallery. Is your brain even 

"I'm sorry, but the current trend is draw something out of the Elemental Gallery. It appears you 
long-eared people have mistaken for a bomb eh, next time I'll write a [Eower energy] note to her." 

"You all.Who can you guys live in peace with?" 

"Because when I think of a certain Fliigel in the war, shooting something that caused thousands of 

lives....Usually having a superiority eomplex, but to fire out [Heaven's strike], how naive." 

"Reeognize yourself, if you had not deployed flying restrietion magie, we wouldn't have eared 
about you, so this is your own demise. I merely swelled a package upon seeing that magic, and even 
if I've accidentally killed everyone of you, what is wrong with it?" 

"Enough, both of you shut it and go back to work! Its almost a day!!" 

-[20th. Daytime]. 

"....Okay, it really exceeded a day." 

Sora stared at Jibril with cold eyes. 

While Kurami used the same kind of eyes to stare at her partner. 

"So, so sorryyyyyy, it's because of this long-eared girl that caused the loop to almost go out of 
control several of times." 

"Ev, everytime when she vetoed the lost of control, I had to recode everything!!" 

Sighing, Sora propped his hand on his cheek and said: 

"Nevermind, uh-then let me re-explain the rules." 


"Shiro, Nii is happy that you are worried, but rest assured. You should understand right?" 

"Shiro, we are bound by a [Promise]." 

"Shiro, we'll always win before the game starts." 

"-we'll get the last piece of the puzzle needed to swallow the Eastern Union." 


Shiro nodded as Sora caressed her head and said: 

"-okay, should we begin?" 

-[20th. Nighttime]. 

ft I ft 

Shiro firmly held onto the shoulder of Sora's. 

Her left hand that was clenched firmly, pierced the skin and caused it to bleed. 

booking at the scene ahead where her brother's memories, hands, legs and five senses were taken 
away, Shiro could only watch. 

Her brother believed Shiro, and Shiro in return trusted him. 

She could only wait. 

Although Steph was hesitant of stopping the game, she couldn't bear looking at that remorseful look 
of Shiro's. Using her hands to cover her face, she started crying. 

Jibril was speechless as she saw the determined face of her Masters. 

She widened her eyes, watching her every move. 

"-okay, it almost ended." 

Kurami said while holding her piece. Kurami's state wasn't exactly unharmed either. 

Having several segments of memory that didn't exist to flow into her brain was horrible. She was 
also conscious of the fact that her memories were taken away. 

However, the gameboard was mostly black-Kurami had an overwhelming advantage. 

"....Your memories are quite interesting, but I still don't understand your intentions." 

Even though she had obviously snatched away Sora's memories, she still didn't know about his real 

Sora's memories-flashed in her mind, causing Kurami to grimace in pain. 

"You are left with three pieces and I still don't know your purpose. This is surprising, your purpose 
in actuality constitutes your existence.But no matter what-I'll finish this." 

With a *Pa!*, Kurami placed a piece. 

"This should end it." 

Saying these words, Sora's figure disappeared from her eyes. 

For the three people that were watching from the side, they had bleak expressions, as if they weren't 
aware of it. 

Oblivious to Kurami and the gameboard, they staggered out of the room. 

This happened because they were also participants, as their memories disappeared. 

Then, with Shiro alone, she went on the bed and quietly fell asleep. 

".Since no one is to replace, and Sora had disappeared, [Unable to continue]-this is my win." 

In the end, she still couldn't guess out Sora's real intentions. 

Although the memories he gave out made her depressed, but so what- 

"Kurami.Something isn't quite right." 

The gameboard should have made a victory declaration. 

"What is going on? Didn't you say that nothing was done to the game?" 

"I, I'm not wrong! This was modified by me!" 

"Then what is going on-unless this does not fulfill the [Unable to continue] !?" 

Suddenly, Kurami saw the three pieces left by Sora. 

Written on it was one, two and three. The most important pieces that constitutes oneself. 

"-wait, if his existence disappeared, then what are those three represent?" 

Unless-they were more important than [His own existence]. 

In order to have a better chance of winning? 

How could there be such a thing-however, in that case, it explained why she hasn't gotten the 

memory regarding Sora's intentions. 

"Kurami, what do we do?" 

"Still can do what?" 

If they wanted to forcefully end the game. The Fliigel's strength was required. 

"My memory is also being in a state of elimination-^we can only wait!" 

Kurami said so, feeling angry that the game was still ongoing. 

"...What, just what is that man doing-!" 

She easily defeated the man and made him disappear. 

But in his memories that Kurami had taken away, it felt as if she saw Sora giving a victory smile in 

the void- 

-which made her feet shiver uneontrollably. 

Indeed, the [Hoax] Sora designed. 

It was what Kurami had suspeeted, that from the start Sora had the advantage. 

However-no one knew what those were. 

Even the one who made the game, using elven magie-eouldn't eomprehend it. 

Beeause this scam, was a cheat that was established in a situation where cheating is impossible. 

-This game reflect one's subconsciousness and decided the importance of the pieces. 

In general, no one knew which concept was their most important. 


Part 6 

".Aside from Nii and Shiro...." 

Shiro smiled, watching the gameboard reappear. 

Which meant, this was-the truth behind the [Hoax] designed by her brother. 

"I remember, even though it was the rules of the game, but I actually forgot about Master." 

This was unavoidable, having agreed to participate in the game. 

Jibril was frustrated at her own incompetence. For trying to eliminate her master's existence and 
also suspecting. 

"Bu, but why would Sora disappear? That was intentional right!?" 

Steph shouted out, having retrieved her lost memories. 

However, even so, Shiro didn't prompt about Sora's memories and intentions. 

-^No, maybe that kind of memory, didn't exist from the start. 

Shiro believed, that her brother didn't tell his intentions to himself. 

Because if that memory was taken away, the overall plan would fail. 

However, there was no problem-^because now she [Understood] 

-Reversi, it is also a Zero-sum game of limited decisions. 

It is easier to establish a sure win method than chess. 

If this was to be won with normal means, Sora would've just left it to Shiro's substitute. 

The reason he didn't do so, but still chose a Reversi showdown-was probably to allow Shiro to 


.In the void, there was some kind of presence that laid down a black piece. 

It was undecisive, hesitant. 

Yes-this rule was as Sora planned, unable to skip a turn. 

Shiro's substitute-which meant white's turn. 

This was a move that would completely block Kurami, the move that Sora decided before losing his 

An important piece was to be placed prematurely-hesitating was out of the question. 

.Feeling admiration for her brother who oast away his body, Shiro pioked up the pieoe with 


Shiro oompletely understood. 

Not oaring about the [Concept] stored in this piece with [Two] carved on it, or her brother's 

-Even so, she said to the enemy with sympathy: 

"...This plan....Nobody could...guess really strong." 

Shiro made the move while laughing. 

Placing the piece down, half of the game disk instantly dyed white. 

Kurami and the elven girl-and the gradually looming shadow of her brother, fibril and Steph 

widened their eyes. 

Shiro desperately held back the tears that were starting to overflow. 

The memories to her brother's plans to this game, disappeared from Shiro's phone, Imanity and 

From this point, inferring what the three pieces represent was easy, which is- 

[Three]-the method to win. 

[Two]-absolute trust in Shiro. 

And [One] is- 

"...Everything about Shiro..." 

These were the concepts that held more importance than Sora's own existence. 

Why was she sure of it was very simple. 

Because if one stood upside down-Shiro could conclude she felt that herself 

It would mean that you aren't yourself anymore, like Shiro who lost her brother. 

The factors to losing her brother-the possibility losing was more important than himself-not 


Understanding this fact, Sora knew he would disappear from the start, and entrusted Shiro's 

substitute to reverse the situation-this kind of scam, even if you could see it, can you deal with 


The black piece was placed uneasily on the gameboard that was gradually dying white. 

A long-awaited return. 

"...Come back-!" 

Sora's figure began to materialize, as the piece with [One] got laid down on the board. 

-left with a mere four piece on the gameboard for black, a sound resounded with [Winner: 


At the same time when Shiro rushed over to the winner. 

Sora's first sentence was- 

"Very good, Shiro, you've beaten me. I'm conscious of that-" 

Unhesitantly flying into the arms of Sora, her words were slightly faster than his. 

With tears flowing down, Shiro buried herself in her brother's arms and said: 

"...Sorry.....Sorry....I should've-done it earlier....!" 

fibril and Steph who couldn't keep up with the situation stared dumbfoundedly. 

However, a voice came from an unexpected place. 

"Kurami! Kurami! Can you hear me!?" 

Shifting their sights, they saw.... 

The elven girl was desperately trying to call out to Kurami, while Kurami- 

Steph covered her mouth and gasped. 

Kurami was like an empty shell-no, it was more like a corpse, weakly lying down on the chair. 

....Steph didn't understand how Sora won the game. 

However, once you lose in this game that Sora designed, the results would be.... 

If one wrong move was made....Sora's fate would've been.Steph shuddered after thinking about it. 

What did she lose?-or asides from flesh, everything else was lost? 

The person known as Kurami was already-inexistent. 

(Wh, what kind of mentality does he have, to start by [Being behind]!?) 

-This game is incomprehensible, Steph looked at Sora with fearful eyes. 

If she didn't personally witness the game, she wouldn't have imagined that the results would be this 

Sora who was still hugging the crying Shiro, expressionlessly spoke. 

"-Okay, [We] have won, now this is the first request." 

Hearing his words, the elven girl lamented and pleaded to him: 

"Wait-I'll agree to whatever you do! So please-don't let Kurami be like this!!" 

But Sora responded to her with eyes that felt like they've lost everything. 

".If I had lost, Shiro would make the same plea, would you agree then?" 

Yes-this was after they've gone through [Acciente], mutually agreeing to the start of the game. 

If their positions were reversed, she would be scoffing at Shiro....then- 

"I, I know this is a very selfish request! Bu, but the one who set the changing request was you! I, I'll 
be at your disposal-so please don't let Kurami....don't let Kurami be like this-!" 

However, Sora exposed a demonic and tyrant smile, and swiped his hand down as if cutting 

"Can't~Do? I'll determine her fate now, soooo-" 


"Request 1, regarding the memories plundered and memories stolen-to be returned back." 


This sentence was synchronized by everyone present. 

"-Cough!-fuuu.. .Fuuu...." 

Kurami regained consciousness, as if remembering to breathe. 

The girl rushed over to Kurami, who was awake and staring at the void. 

"Kurami! Kurami! Are you alright!? Do you know who you are!?" 

The girl desperately cried out, but Kurami's eyes were still dazed. 

After several times of shaking her, Kurami finally woke up. 

"Yes.Un, I'm fine....But." 

-Kurami clung to her own shoulders, and stared at Sora, as if having a nightmare. 

"This man-1 can't understand why Sora is fine." 

-then, in aecordance to the Oaths, the game that Jibril and the elven girl collaborated on 


Seeing this, the one who sweated the most was unexpectedly-Sora. 

"How, how dangerous.Even if it was Jibril's [Core], this request is too mueh." 

-it eouldn't eomply with something that was impossible to achieve. 

Whieh means that Sora's request, exhausted the gameboard's mana until it eouldn't sustain. 

Looking at Sora, Jibril quietly walked forwards. 

".Master, this kind of game, please allow me to stop you as the identity of a servant." 

"I refuse, taking into aecount of possible future opponents ahead, this kind of danger is good 

"If s just-" Caressing Shiro who was erying in his ehest, Sora said: 

"In any ease, this kind of method I used, is-kinda beyond my imagination." 


Although Sora's memories were fixed in Kurami's body, she was unable to not suspeet those 

An ordinary human that defeated God, as well as making The Fliigel yield-^but, compared to 

these things. 

Exposed to Sora's [Past], she eouldn't bear to say it. 

The Oaths, allowed her to keep Sora's memories. 

With those memories flashing past her mind, Kurami shouted with an expression of fear: 

"How-can you remain sane after all [These experiences]!?" 

What basis did she had to shout this out? 

If she even managed to take over Sora's existenee, then she should be able to see it. 

The matter, something-that Shiro didn't know. 

But to Sora who was conseious of that, he asked everyone present: 

"Eh? Do I look normal to anyone?" 

-^No. Everyone answered and shook their heads. 

Was it beyond the relationship of trust?-wrong. 

Placing the position of the [Factors that make oneself], that isn't [Trust]. 

That was already one's reason of existence. 

Neither a metaphor nor exaggeration, these two were indeed-indispensable. 

Twisted. Damaged. However, these linked them together, as if they were originally designed to be a 

Kurami eouldn't eomprehend, but after eoming into contact with Sora's past, she understood that in 
the situation of an aceident. 

[Destiny]-using this word that was eheap and too ambiguous, there was no other word to 

describe that kind of memory. 

"...Okay, the second request." 

Yes, in accordance to the Oaths, their request-[Left with one]. 

The elven girl went on full alert, but Kurami who knew Sora's intentions, said "If s fine" and 
stopped her. 

"That elf-[Fiel], I want a right to tamper your memory, it's not a forceful one, but under this 

mutual understanding, Kurami should know who I mean right?" 

Kurami sighed and nodded. 

"....Yes, I understand-you want us to be double agents right?" 

Sora smiled to the dismay of everyone, while Kurami continued: 

"You knew that as long as you gave those memories to me, using the Oaths wasn't necessary 
anymore. Drawing me to be a companion. I'm really condescended." 

But as if having a mischievous face that pranked a child, Kurami leaked out a smile. 

"-okay, I accept it, it's very interesting isn't it-your [Plan]." 

Seeing her look, Fiel understood. 

Sora's intentions-share his memories, peep into Kurami's own, and letting it stay. 

He didn't need to use the Oaths and only needed to make a request-tampering the memories at 

the appropriate time.... 

Taking into account that it would affect the war against Eastern Union-or even the future in fact 

Obtaining all these conclusions, the elfen girl said: 

"I see.I'll be frank-we've [Completely lost]." 

fibril and Steph froze in place. 

The only other person who understood that was Shiro, who widened her eyes and said: 


"Aren't U? You can praise your capable Nii oh?" 

Sora playfully said. 

But Shiro who was still firmly buried in Sora's chest. 

"....Un....Nii is Shiro's proud.Nii...." 

"Wuahh, for you to praise me so frankly, your brother will be embarrassed....Oh!" 

As if a string was cut, Sora fell on the ground with Shiro, apparently hit by fatigue. 

Steph and fibril panicked and ran over, but Sora raised his hand and stopped them before saying: 

"-Shiro....If s almost time?" 

"...Un, ready...anytime." 

And Kurami held the elven girl's-Fiefs hand. 

"I'm sorry, Fiel.I have to request something from you." 

"Nuuu, ah, okay, go ahead!" 

Sora, Shiro, Kurami the three of them took a deep breathe. 

"Wuahhhhh super- scary ahhh I'm so sorry I won't do it again ahhh sorry Shiro—!" 


"Wuaaaa-Really-What exactly is that man-" 

The three of them stunned the crowd. 

Like kids who were repenting on their wrongdoings, they cried until they felt exhausted and slept 

Chapter 2 - Blue Rose/Directional Method 

Part 1 

The next day—Elchea royal palace. A small conference room. 

Within were Sora, Shiro, Steph and fibril, along with Kurami and the elf. 

Sora wore a sarcastic smile, Shiro her usual lidded expression, while Kurami surveyed the scene 
with calm eyes. 

They looked nothing like the wrecks that had cried themselves to sleep yesterday. 

Upon close examination it was evident their eyes were slightly red, but they had more or less 
regained their normal condition. 

".So, why did you call us here?" 

Steph voiced out the underlying question. 

As if waiting for that, Sora replied. 

"I have some understanding from Kurami's memories, but we share a common cause. We should 
introduce ourselves." 

-A [common cause]. 

Yesterday Kurami had been coerced—to become a [double agent to Elven Gard]. 

fibril and Steph, exchanging knowing glances, also looked over at Kurami. Kurami—sweeping her 
jet black hair aside, with black eyes full of intelligence, spoke plainly. 

"—I am Kurami Zierh. Nice to meet you." 

It was evident she would say no more. Reluctantly, Sora continued. 

"Eh, she's 18 years old, the same age as me. Height is 158cm, three sizes from the top down are—" 
"Y-you!? That's low!!" 

In a hurry, Kurami shouted at Sora who was rattling off her personal information. 

"She also pads her bra, and her actual size is—" 

"I-I get it! I get it so please stop I'll do it properly!!" 

Everyone except Kurami noticed she appeared to be half crying again, but kept quiet. 

"B-but before that—I'll have to introduce 'Eii'." 

At Kurami's glance, the elven lady called Eii opened her mouth. 

"Helloo, I'm Fiel Nilvaren" 

With golden hair spilled from a fluffy looking cowl, as well as the characteristic long ears of the 
elves, the girl who looked to be in her mid-teens spoke in a wholly unexpected voice. 

"All of you except that devil over there, please feel free to call me Fii~" 

So this is what a smile like sunshine looked like. Towards Fii who was radiating fluffy softness, the 
so-called demon Jibril tilted her head and asked. 

"Oh my, I appear to be quite hated. I do wonder why." 

—Could that possibly have been a gag. 

As everyone eyed Jibril, Sora rested his cheek on his hand. 

"That's quite something for the one who fired 'Heaven's strike' at the capital to say." 

It seemed as if Sora's point had been almost unexpected however. 

"Eh, as I've already explained, that's not something which can be blamed on me—" 

"Like hell it can't! Destroying the capital because you bumped your head was going too far!" 

At Sora's retort, Fii jumped in all smiles. 

"Not to me~ntion, you also ran off with all the books a~fter. Regaining the magic we lost at that 
ti-'-me took over 800 years you kno~w?" 

Sora's fingers drummed the table like hammers. 

"—Defendant Jibril, please present your case." 

"Even if you say that....elf heads are just rarity 2, and I used up so much power calling down the 
'Heaven's strike', it totally wasn't worth it at all. I mean I wasn't even able to use magic again until 
five years later you know?" 

Although it wasn't quite sure exactly what this 'Heaven's strike' was, it was evident this attack had 
*wiped a city from the map*. 

That such power came at a cost even to one of the Elugel had secretly been a relief to all humanity. 
.Setting aside whether five years truly was adequate compensation. 

"So to make sure I at least had something to show for it, I slowly took all the books back with me. 
In fact after the [Ten Oaths]—ehehe, come to think of it that was quite the haul indeed ehe, 

"Defendant Jibril—guilty." 


Sora ignored Jibril who sought an immediate appeal. 

The issue was whether or not could forgive the one who had massacred so many of her people. 
"Umm, so could I call you Fii then?" 

"Yes go ahead?-" 

"Seeing how we'll be working together. I'd like to eliminate any potential ill-will. Could you 
possibly forgive Jibril?" 

At Sora's cutting straight to the point, Fii considered and replied in her airy voice. 

"Nn~, that will be quite difficult-." 

However, Kurami closed her eyes, and folding her arms spoke up. 

".Fii, for Sora's plan to work, her powers will be indispensable. I ask of you as well." 

Uuu.sighing as if there was no other choice, Fii relented. 

"Then-, if you say 'please forgive me Fiel sama' while licking my feet. I'll forgive you-¥" 

"Oh my- Here I thought you'd puffed up to the heavens themselves, but it was just your long ears 
Miss Elfr 

The two laughed blackly at each other. 

But Shiro, who had until now been dismissively fiddling with a mobile game on Sora's lap, 
murmured out. 

".Ji, bril.guilty..^punishment*" 

"Eeehhhhh, are, are you really going to make me lick the feet of this animal—" 


"U, uuuu.I can't agree with this at all, but if master says so." 

fibril said as she crouched down at Fiefs feet. 

Eick lick. 

"—Please forgive me Eiel sama (monotone)" 

"Oka-y, I forgive you-" 

Just like that, Fiel smiled beatifically, as if she had truly forgiven her, and folded her hands together. 
—Was this good enough. 

Sora suspected she didn't really care about the past, and had just wanted to harass fibril. Well 

"M-m-m, master, m, may I speak for a moment!" 

As if reading Sora's thoughts, fibril rushed over to him like she had had a revelation. 

"E-licking the feet of a lower creature like that and apologising, I thought it would be the height of 

shame, but I wonder why! This—when I consider it's an order from master, it's strange.I feel 

chills running all over me! The reason for this absolutely must be—" 

"Alright Kurami, please go on with your introduction—" 

Sora ignored her and tried to get on with the discussion, and yet. 

"Elm, if you're talking about a weird feeling. I'm getting that too." 

"—Eh, Steph? What's up?" 

Pointing at Kurami's impassive face, she declared. 

"What's up—isn't this the person who used magic to trick and defeat me!" 

"It's your fault for being deceived. Now Kurami, please continue." 


Ignoring Steph who was dismissed with a word, Kurami spoke. 

"Fii childhood friend. To be exact—she's my *master*." 

Shiro seemed confused for a moment, so fibril explained. 

"Elven Gard is a democratic country, but in the areas that they annex the other races are made to 
make a pact with them—in short, a system akin to [slavery]." 

"Eh.then Kurami is." 

Steph was unahle to stop herself from blurting out, and Kurami nodded. 

"Yes, since my great grandfather's generation we've been *slaves* to the Nilven family. I was both 
born and raised in Elven Gard." 

Smiling bitterly at Steph who was lost for words, Kurami went on. 

"If s no big deal.everyone has their own struggles." 

As she looked at Sora, both Steph and Jibril had the same question concerning Fii floating in their 

For Kurami herself to say it was 'no big deal', could she have been coerced— 

".Well, something like this really isn't uncommon. Fii was the only one who treated a slave like 

me as her friend." 

Expecting that atmosphere, Kurami continued her story to divert the flow of the conversation. 

"But since treating a slave like a 'friend' would have stained the family name, officially she's not 
allowed to show such behaviour of course." 

"Personally-, I'm reeally not cool with it you kno~w?" 

Fii's fluffy voice was tinged with anger this time. Kurami continued. 

"The Nilven family is well known within Elven Gard. They've held a senatorial seat for generations, 
and ever since the family head passed away last year, Fii has been the de facto head—" 

Hearing up to that, the response was— 

".Then Fiel san, until the next election you're an acting, for a senator to plot a slave 

liberation movement—isn't that treason!?" 

—It would be a huge scandal in the largest country in the world. 

But more than that, everyone gazed over at Steph. They were looks of surprise. 

"—S, Steph, do you have any idea what you said just now!? Don't tell me, another fever!?" 

At Sora's speaking for everyone, Steph maintained her momentum and turned around. 

"Could you stop thinking of me as an idiot already!? If someone isn't managing all the state affairs 
that *you two* great kings don't deign to do, nothing would be working properly!" 

Well, setting that amazing sight aside. 

Sora looked into Fii's eyes and asked. 

".Are you really alright with this, Fii." 

"Ye~s? About wha~t?" 

"If you work with us, it will lead to Elven Gard's downfall, you know?" 

—Indeed, just as Kurami said, Sora's target was first the Eastern Union—however. 

"Ye~s, well, that's a matter for another time-" 

Fii's smile never wavered. 

"Whatever it is, as long as Kurami isn't hurt I'm fine with it- Honestly, I could care less about my 

family and the like.all the old men are so damn noisy. I'd really like to throw all that away if 


Her smile remained as carefree as the clouds. 

"Although even I had thought it'd be too soon to talk about destroying the country, ehehe~" 
"S-suddenly she's so nasty.." 

At those words coming from that angelic smile, Steph backed away a step. 

.If it were for Kurami, she's willing to destroy even her own home. 

Originally, Sora would have doubted those words.however. 

Perhaps due to receiving some of Kurami's memories, he could feel there was no falsehood there. 

Their relationship was.when compared with *himself and Shiro*—he was able to empathize with 

them in mysterious ways. 

"If I take my eyes off Kurami, she secretly starts crying, so I want to always be by her side-" 

Fii spoke while rubbing Kurami's head. 

"I, I don't cry! You can't call that crying!!" 

"Well I mean, when you lost the King selection game, you were crying like a baby—" 

At Sora's point Kurami glared momentarily, but Fii didn't stop stroking. 

"So that happened- Kurami is too eager, I've always said that-" 

Squirming, but not shaking the hand off, Kurami spoke. 

"I, I wasn't crying already, you know!? Just because you've known me since I was a baby, how long 
do you intend to treat me like a child!?" 

Sora recalled Fiefs age from Kurami's memories. 

Although she looked to be in her mid-teens, as an elf her actual age was—52. 

As he watched Fii happily continue stroking Kurami's head, he thought. 

(—Rather than friend, she's like.her mother.) 

At that *unfamiliar sight*, both Sora and Shiro looked on with some envy. 

Part 2 

"Right! With that done, let us deepen our friendship further—" 

"If it's a bath, we're not going in with you." 

"H—how did you know!?" 

While Sora was shocked at having his thoughts read so easily, Kurami heaved a disgusted sigh. 

"Did you forget that all of your memories were passed on." 

"Gu, gnnn.!" 

Bad, this was a very bad situation. 

In this world—securing *side dishes* was a top priority! 

Not to mention Fiel, an elf was here—how could he let this chance go! 

As Sora lamented having his ruse seen through so fast, help arrived from a most unlooked for 

"Kurami, deepening friendships with those you're going to cooperate with is veery important-" 

Kurami was unable to contain her shock at those words from Fii who she considered an ally. 

"I said that when making up with Jibril san as well- Didn't I?" 

"How, how in the world is that related to taking a bath together and getting photographed!" 

Here Sora drew upon all his reserves of brain power. 

He had no idea what Fii's intention was, but he had no choice but to press forwards a voice in the 
back of his mind whispered. 

"In the world we came from, this is the traditional Japanese way of deepening friendship—[naked 

At Sora's flat assertion, Kurami bit her lip. 

"E-ever since you came to this world, none of your baths were with that intention!" 

As Kurami had Sora's memories, that was easy to point out. 

Of course Sora had no such noble intention. Kurami's doubts were well founded. 

Even so—there was a possible counter! 

"That was because both Steph and Jibril were bound by the Oaths. This time, trust is all we have 
between us. We have no choice but to rely on traditional culture—Jibril-kun" 


Sora snapped his lingers, and Jibril immediately knelt down. 

"Care to give an explanation on traditional Japanese [naked socialising] from the tablet PC?" 

Jibril easily operated the tablet according to Sora's will. 

"Ahem—[Naked socialising] originally a ritual from the ancient warring period: by leaving weapons 
behind and exposing the body, one put all their cards on the table in a display of mutual trust." 

Jibril smoothly made all of that up. 

Kurami however remained unconvinced. 

"That, that's a lie! There's no such thing in Sora's memories!" 

"I was unsure just where it had come from as well. But there should be memories on deepening 

One moment. She was likely hunting through Sora's memories—and then. 

"—There's nothing but indecent thougghhts!?" 

Hit by that flood of erotic knowledge and videos, Kurami cried out with a bright red face. 

Perhaps unable to further remain indifferent to her distress, Fii spoke. 

"I get it- Kurami, I'll turn him down for you-" 

"Heh? Ah, y-yeah.thank y—" 

"I think you've noticed already Sora sa-n, but this is what Kurami really wanted to sa-y. She has no 
confidence in her proportions, so she refuses—" 

"I, I-I-I-I-I wouldn't ever say that!!? 

She spun looking wide-eyed at Fii. 

"Am I wro-ng? I mean." 

Fii glanced around the room. 

Jibril's. Steph's. Then lastly, her own chest. 

Lastly, Kurami's.chest. Her eyes were full of compassion. 

"It's alright Kurami. A woman's worth is not in her breasts-" 

"--A, ah.f-fine! I'll do it!" 

Kurami then pointed at Shiro. 

"E-even though that shorty's over there, how could you think of such a thing!?" 

Shiro looked up from the game she was playing, and tilted her head. 

Fii's affectionate smile only deepened however, and spoke as a mother to her child. 

"Kurami, comparing yourself to a child is being a bit too self-depreciating you know-" 

Slamming her hands on the table, Kurami stood.She was almost in tears. 

"Fiiiiii you idiooooottt! F, fine, which way is the bath!?" 

"Alriight, let me guide *everyone*-" 

As if waiting for this moment, Jibril was already holding an armful of bathing goods. 

".Does this mean I have to go as well, ah, whatever" 

.And so, they watched Jibril lead Kurami and Steph off. 

Sora stood while carrying Shiro, and followed after Fii who was also on her way out. 

"—So, why did you go along with our lies?" 

"Eh- that was all a lie-? You're terrible-" 

Still smiling, Fii feigned outrage. 

But as Sora and Shiro continued walking alongside in silence, she answered. 

".When you get naked, I can analyse your personality from the Elemental particles you emit- If I 

know the likelihood of you stabbing us in the back, it makes dealing with it easier too-" 

Of course, Sora thought as he laughed wryly. 

"So you actually want to do a naked socialising just as Jibril described it huh." 

Her smile bright as ever, as if saying indeed—there was a point, Fii continued. 

"From the memories Kurami has obtained from you, she has decided to trust you unconditionally 
Sora-san. I don't know the contents of what she's seen, and I'm truly grateful you didn't risk her 

Although her smile remained, her eyes narrowed. 

"Even though Kurami trusts you, it'd be best if you didn't think the same of me-" 

Her pupils said—if this were to be a 'fraud'. 

She would do everything in her power to utterly erase Elchea, Sora, and everyone. 

Looking unflinchingly into that gaze, Sora laughed. 

"That's a good answer. If you were stupid enough to accept a 'trust me' from a bunch of cheaters like 
us, it would trouble us as well." 

Smiling in silence Sora and Shiro continued to walk, as did Fii. Sora suddenly popped a question. 
"May as well ask—are all the elves as sharp as you Fii?" 

Fufu, Fii replied. 

"If I knew that, then I'd also know just how mueh my *treason* has been leaked 'up'-" 

—So she had also eonsidered the *possibility that she was being monitored*. 

"Haha, guess we'll leave Elven Gard for last after all." 

"As long as Kurami isn't hurt- I'll help with everything I've got-?" 

—As long as Kurami isn't hurt, she doesn't mind even destroying even Elven Gard itself. 

That was what Fii was implying. 

"The-n, before we start off. I'm going over to Kurami for a bit-" 

Fii lightly sped up to eateh Kurami. 

Sora muttered. 



At his utteranee, Jibril instantly appeared behind him. 

".Did she use some kind of magic?" 

"No, I'm not getting any reactions." 

At that answer, Shiro's eyebrows rose slightly. 

—That implied the discomforting thought that she had been able to read three or four moves ahead 
of her brother, something even she couldn't. Sora, also slightly chagrined, scratched his head with a 
wry smile. 

"So that means even without magic, she was able to grasp my true intentions? I'm going to lose 
confidence if that's the case." 

If they lost to someone in the areas of cheating, trickery and psychological warfare, it would be 

Fii had anticipated even the 'last resort' they had prepared. 

".Well, we'll be facing Elven Gard sooner or later, so let's go have a good look at their skills." 

Part 3 

—Inevitably, for the sake of the rating, they went with a woodfire bath. 

Within the excessive steam was most likely a paradise on earth. 

Within that bath, dissatisfied, was Shiro. Although the [Elemental water infused] shampoo Jibril 
brought had improved things somewhat, she still didn't like baths. 

Kurami was behind Steph, who was washing Shiro's hair. 

"Kurami, you actually look really good?" 

"Yeah, it's the clothes which make me look thinner.." 

Despite having been made fun of earlier, Kurami's body was actually like a model's; Steph was 

Both Fii and Jibril should also be in here somewhere. 


Since they were in the bath—naturally, they were completely naked. 

A fully clothed Sora, sitting with his back towards them, could not be seen. 

(I beg you two mobile eameras and tablet camera. I believe in you!) 

Cameras were set up to eover three spots, avoiding Shiro—the naked minor, and all the ban flags 
that would eome with it. 

Praying he would be able to pull off the best shot this time, Sora struggled against the eonstant urge 
to turn around. 

".Master, are you imagining that?" 

At Jibril's speaking from behind, Sora reaeted. 

"*Of course*." 

He was unable to look back, so for the time being—he called out behind him. 

"Fii.ah, no, Fiel-sama?" 

"Ye~s? What is it~" 

From Fii's answer it seemed she was elose by, so Sora eontinued. 

"The *magic disguising Kurami's breasts*, is it illusionary? Or transformation?" 

"It's transformation magic'- Well." 

Smiling, Fii called out. 

"Sorry Kurami, we've been busted, and besides I think that using disguises during naked socialising 
isn't very polite after all-" 

With a pop like the cork coming off a bottle, Kurami's original—unmodified figure came into view. 

"If you're just going to admit to it so easily Fii, you really may as well not have bothered in the first 

Somehow, watching her being harassed Steph felt a certain sympathy. 

".Don't worry, if you live strong, good things will come your way as well!" 

"Don't look at me with those eyes! I'm going to grow!!" 

As Steph looked on Kurami's breasts with presumptious sympathy, Fii continued. 

"So what kind of magic would you prefer?-" 

"Mm—if s good you got it so quickly." 

Sora gave an approving nod to Fii who had deduced his intentions accurately, and spoke. 

"—Are you able to 'feminise' me!?" 

The heartfelt cry of that man traveled down the length of the room. 

As if invoking a divine wind, the dense steam seemed to quiver. 

"If you do so, I can finally gaze upon the paradise that spreads behind me! Looking upon someone 
of the same sex is perfectly wholesome, if you call that 18 + then that's like calling public baths and 
onsens 18 + too! Ifs the perfect plan!!" 

"If the carnal desire overflowing from within you doesn't change, I don't think the essence of the 
matter has changed either though?-" 

"There is no physical way to prove the mind!" 

"As expected of master! There is something profound about being able to say such absurd things 
without hesitation!" 

Fii replied. 

"Ifs possible you know?-" 


Forcibly restraining his reflexive urge to turn seemed to cause a painful injury. A goddess was 
before him—rather, behind him! 

"Ifs just that you won't be able to turn back, are you ok with that?-" 


"Two magical elements determine gender. If they're the same ifs female, if they're different male; 
ifs possible to magically make these elements the same, but ifs a one way trip-" 

.Why is a lecture on XY chromosomes being given in this fantasy world. 

Having her head washed by Steph, Shiro spoke. 

".Re, jected." 

Sora turned his gaze to the ceiling-rather, towards an unseen heaven and wept manly tears. 

"I beg of you.this is a world of fantasy, Oaths, magic; why is something like sex reversal 

impossible! Stop being so slack world, put some effort into it!!" 

As Sora cried, he was probably no longer simply referring to the paradise behind him. 

In the end he was forced to believe in the power of mankind—or rather the science that was three 

Part 4 

Elchea Royal Palace—Library. 

After the bath Sora and Shiro proceeded straight here. 

With her wet hair still wrapped in a towel, Shiro intently scribbled away on a blackboard. 

Beside her Sora gripped a tablet PC with one hand, and wrote countless lines on endless sheets of 

The day was drawing to a close, and the only illumination in the room was the flickering of the 
candles along with Sora's tablet. 

Compared to the frivolous air of earlier—not a trace remained on the serious faces of the two. 

ft ft 

Before returning, Kurami stopped by. 

Stacks of paper cluttered the room, and littered around were leafs crushed or with large X's drawn 
through them. 

Both the symbols on the blackboard, and the lines Sora was writing. 

Even having received Sora's memories, she was unable to understand it all. 

But—she could guess. Taking a deep breath, Kurami entered. 

"Is this—a [strategy to defeat the Eastern Union]?" 

"Yeah. Sorry, but please don't talk to Shiro—actually, she probably wouldn't notice even if you did." 
She didn't even seem to have been aware of that exchange. 

Without blinking, Shiro simply continued churning out formulas like a machine. 

"Well, to be honest 'this' is really Shiro's domain; all I can do is help a little." 

Despite that, what Sora was writing out in Kurami's eyes was definitely a strategic diagram. 

What was displayed on the tablet PC in his other hand however was— 

"Do you want to look over the bath videos too?" 

".If you're looking for a reaction like Stephanie Dora from me, give up." 

"You say that even though you're going all red and covering your chest." 

—No good, trying to talk seriously with this guy was a mistake. 

Thinking that Kurami turned around to leave, when Sora's voice stopped her. 

"You came to ask if it 'really is possible for us to win', didn't you?" 

—I can't handle this person after all, Kurami admitted. 

Breaking people's pace was a habit of his already. 

It was something she already knew from the memories she had received—because of that. 

There was one thing she was intrigued about. 

"—Yes, that's right." 

"You know the answer already right? You have my memories after all." 

"Even so, there's something I don't understand." 

Something inexplicable. 

Sora and Shiro, the stratagems the two of them came up with, were admittedly dazzling. 

However—no matter how one looked at it, there was one flaw. 

Yet Sora, knowing that flaw—had concluded that it was 'no problem'. 

The grounds for that self-confidence, was not to be found in Sora's memories at all. 

"Theoretically there's certainly a possibility. But a theory is in the end still just theory—" 

That went for their chess match, as well as their Othello match—no. 

For as long as Sora's memories went on, the one thing in common with every single game they had 
played was—victory. 

"If you make *even a single misstep*, if s straight into the abyss. How can you say this will be a 
[certain win]?" 

—Indeed, the amount of games in Sora's memories which had been carried through victorious was 
without number. 

Yet all of them had been balanced upon a precarious precipice. 

How could these be called, [certain wins]— 

Sora spoke to Kurami however with a genuinely puzzled look. 

"If we make even a single misstep it won't be a certain win. So we simply have to make sure we 
*don't make a single misstep* right?" 

—This was it. The reason for the surety with which Sora could say this, was what could not be found 
in his memories. 

"Are you declaring right here that you definitely won't make even one mistake?" 

Kurami glared as she spoke, yet Sora answered with a laugh. 

"Hahaha, thaf s impossible, there's absolutely no way I could do that by myself..but" 

Sora swept his glance around—to the white genius. 

The pure white 11 year old girl, still fiercely blazing formulae onto the blackboard. 

"—Ifs a whole different story for [j. Even if I should fail, Shiro will be there." 

Sora's words sent up a surge of memories. 

—Ifj did not know defeat. 

Standing here, Kurami finally realised what she had overlooked. 

In the Othello game when they had bet their existence. 

The three stones she had been unable to capture—the three things he valued more than himself 
She felt she could understand what they represented now. 

(.I see. I have *only Sora's memories*, which is why I can't envision the final that 


His sister, whose existence he treasured more than himself—Shiro. 

They were, the two gamers in one. 

Their tactics were like walking a rope of string stretched between mountains, yet they could be 
certain of victory. 

For her who was unable to possess that 'trust', there was no way—she could fathom Sora's 

But the countless words he had spoken with Shiro. 

And the countless words he had declared to him s elf. 

"—You've.found your [wings] I see." 


Now imitating Sora's voice, Kurami spoke with a smirk. 

"—"Hey Shiro, I wonder if it's true that people can be changed".was it." 


—This was it. She had always wanted to see this expression on this man. 
Laughing with satisfaction at Sora's heet red face, Kurami left. 

Chapter 3 - Killing Giant/Guiding Method 

Part 1 

Elchea's King City-audience hall. 

The two Imanity kings were lying on the throne, limp and weak. 

"I say, this is horing.When will the Eastern Union contact us about the competition date?" 


After the series of events with Kurami, five days had already passed by. 

Their originally positive spirits now crumbled after all the waiting. 

Even Steph, who always lectured them, couldn't find anything to say now. 

Finally, the restless Steph had a thought. 

"Wh, what if they forgot-or the letter didn't" 

-Steph said so, having experienced the same problem in the past. 

Sora regained his vitality and sat up, displaying a tyrannical smile. 

".Oh? If that's the case, then we'll see what would happen-right?" 

What Sora thought was, using the last trump card to cause the greatest harassment- 

"Master, sorry to bother you." 

Jibril suddenly emerged from thin air. 

Seeing a cylinder-shaped item in her hands, Sora and Shiro suddenly got up. 

"Whoa! Jibril! Is that-!?" 

"Yes, this was sent from the Eastern Union, the date of the competition." 

Jibril continued while smiling: 

"It seemed like someone didn't want us to fight with the Eastern Union and locked it somewhere in 
Elchea's King City. Well, it was because they appeared suspicious when looking at me-" 

"Guuu....Unless you...." 

Because it was Jibril, she would kil- 

"Please rest assured, I politely and peacefully convinced the other party. I gently looked into his 
eyes and coughed a bit, causing him to wet his pants and he unhesitantly gave me the letter while 

"Is, is that so...." 

-The [Ten Oaths]. Doesn't include intimidation? 

No, before that, wasn't it looting if he prevented the letter from getting into our hands- 

Nevertheless, Steph hugged her head and said: 

"....I should've guessed.Beeause it involved the fate of Imanity.As long as someone in the 

parliament did not swear about not [Giving false reports to Sora], then he eould obtain the [Rights 
to send the letter] and-" 

....It seemed as though Steph was really flexible as long as it was about polities. 

Slightly ehanging his opinion of Steph, Sora quietly thought and said: 

"-so it was my fault someone didn't speeify a time for the letter to arrive? Oi, if Imanity does 

something like this when the situation arises, why ean't they use that sort of brain to foeus on the 
eountry's affairs." 

"Sinee Sora is Imanity's enemy, they are trying their best to stop you." 

Steph coldly replied, but Sora jovially ignored her. 

"Okay, what is written-Shiro, today's date?" 

" 27 ...." 

Sora's face stiffened when Shiro answered him immediately. 


"Eh!? Th, that, time is-" 

Sora shouted towards the panicking Steph. 

"From dusk-less than half a day! Oi! Everyone get yourselves prepared!" 

"I, I know-" 

"As expected of Jibril, always ready." 

" all ready...." 

"Shiro's brother, Sora, is always OK! Good, lefs go!" 

booking at Sora and company who stood up and said they [We're ready], Steph started panicking. 

"Th, that! Oi! This is a competition for countries! At least wear formal attire-" 

"Eh? Isn't this our formal attire? Is there a problem?" 

In the group of abnormal people, the truly normal person was known as the abnormality. 

The three of them stared at Steph, giving her a look as if implying: ["What are you talking about"] 

"-Fi, Fine! So be it!" 

"Then, Masters and Dora-chan, please hold onto me. I'll jump into the embassy-" 

"Ah, Jibril, there is no need for that." 

After refusing Jibril's fastest way to travel, Sora turned to the idling Steph. 

"Steph, arrange a carriage at the entrance of the city-we'll openly depart." 

Jibril was unable to grasp that sentence while Steph was shocked speechless. 

"Wh....What about the demonstrations!?" 

"Why-why do you think I intentionally caused the demonstrations to start in the first place?" 

Part 2 

With provocations coming one after another, they were at the Elchea King City square. 

The main entrance to Elchea King City slowly opened with a screech. 

Everyone who appeared castigated them-^but.... 

As soon as they saw the figures of the four, the crowd fell silent. 

In the midst of that silence, the crowd parted ways to allow them to pass. 

Walking in the center, with jet-black hair and cold eyes-the [King] Sora. 

Next to him, with ruby-red eyes-the [Queen] Shiro. 

Closely sticking behind them, with amber eyes shining quietly-the [Attendant] Jibril. 

The three shining eyes exuded out extraordinary determination and absolute [Confidence]. 

The crowd couldn't utter a word. 

....No, it was too beautiful. 

To be honest, Jibril's eyes and gentle smile seemed to imply: 

-[If I can hear your insults towards Master, prepare to hand out your lives.] 

The oppressive atmosphere that was capable of stopping someone from breathing stopped the 
crowd's words. 

At the rear of the group was the blue-eyed Steph, who was trembling while chasing. 

-In the end, not a single remark was spoken as they walked down the road. 

Steph breathlessly got into the carriage and asked Sora: 

"You, you said you purposely caused the demonstrations-why is that so?" 

Sora was surprised by that question and asked Shiro: 

"Eh? Shiro, you didn't tell her?" 

tf Qt» 

Shiro tilted her head in confusion, leading Sora to finally realise something. 

.This was a really stupid question. 

Shiro wouldn't take her own initiative to explain something to someone except for Sora. 

"Ah~It's like that, the number of reasons as to why I betted the Imanity piece is-[Three]." 

Sora lifted his fingers and turned towards Steph. 

"Needless to say, the first was to force the Eastern Union out; the second is something you should 
know, to draw Kurami out and get her to join us; and, lastly-" 

Sora explained sequentially until the last finger, where he had a mischievous smile: 

"Everyone's suspicious eyes." 


"I don't need the kind of trust of [We'll win if it's us], but I need a bunch of worried people to widen 
their eyes and see. This will be the countermeasure for the Eastern Union's cheat because there is 
nothing more reliable than a pair of suspicious eyes." 

Sora smirked. 

Ignoring the stunned Steph, he commanded the carriage driver: 

"Please start the journey, destination will be-Izuna-chan's house!" 


Part 3 

.The outskirts of Elchea, the huge building that stood near the border. 

This was Elehea, the Eastern Union embassy. 

Sora and eompany got down from the earriage, and an old Werebeast who was wearing a Hakama 
weleomed them. 

He was the Elehea Eastern Union embassy foreign ambassador-Hatsuse Ino. 

"....Waited for a long time." 

"The ones who waited were us. Okay, we should start." 

Onee they got down, Sora earefreely said, but the alert Ino briefly responded. 

"....Then, this way please." 

Following Ino, Sora and company went into the building-Embassy, with Ino being silent. 

"Hmmmm, what is wrong with the old man, why is he so quiet?" 

Sora muttered, obviously having that ironic talk earlier on. 

Steph replied, with a look of utter defeat: 

"Using a method close to fraud to force the Eastern Union to bet everything on their territories, are 
you qualified to have those kinds of talks with him?" 

"Rather than that-" Steph pressed her fingers on her head. 

"Are your brains normal to act sooooo carefree after betting the whole of Imanity's rights?" 

This was obviously the second visit, but Jibril started salivating when she looked around, deeply 
interested in everything she saw. In contrast, Shiro yawned and started to play with her phone; while 
Sora had hands behind his back as he walked leisurely. Steph desperately endured a stomach-ache. 

"Steph, are you okay? Please take it easy, or you won't be able to handle it oh?" 

"Thank you for the concern, but the main reason why my stomach hurts is definitely because of 

They were taken to the living room from several days ago. 

"....Then before the game starts, please wait here temporarily." 

"I know, you must also allow the audience in okay!" 

Ino silently bowed and left. After disappearing, Sora unhesitatingly laid down onto the sofa. 

"Then, Jibril, please call me when the time is up." 

"Understood, please rest assured and relax." 

"....Shiro too." 

Saying so, Shiro laid onto Sora's stomach, huddled her body and closed her eyes. 

Just like that, the siblings fell asleep after a couple of seconds. 

"....Unbelievable, how sane are they supposed to be." 

Several hours later, the game that would decide the fate of Imanity would begin. 

From the moment when Steph learnt of the game's date, she started experiencing nausea and 
stomach pain. 

Jibril who was at ease as the siblings said: 

"Dora-ehan should rest awhile too? According to Master's books, the human brain can function 
better after several hours of sleep!" 

"If I had the steel heart to sleep under these circumstances, I would too...." 

"Indeed, considering what Master has to do, this is indeed a tough situation." 

ft I ft 

These words stiffened Steph. 

"Looking at this match. Masters would be utilising their everything, so we should give it our all 

Feeling her stomachache worsening, Steph then- 

In the few hours before that start of the game, Steph spent the time in the toilet coimected to the 
living room. 

Part 4 

"....Fuahhh....EH? Steph, you looked like you've lost weight in the last few hours?" 

"...If you say I look languish, it may actually be true." 

With the game about to begin, Steph depressingly replied to Sora who had just woke up. 

"Okay, Shiro, status?" 


Hearing Sora's question, Shiro's eyes emitted a light several times sharper than usual. 

"What about Jibril?" 

"There is no good or bad condition for The Fliigel, as long as you command, I'm ready to devote 

Jibril eliminated her usual gentle smile, erasing all expressions from her face while speaking. 

"Steph's condition-....Un, looks very good." 

After saying that, Sora continued, albeit slowly: 

"Steph, remember what we bet the last time?" 

"....Which bet?" 

"The timing where the dove would fly away." 

"Ahh.I remembered that I was ordered to be a dog that day, so what about it?" 

"You remember? The bet that time-1 still haven't said it yet oh?" 


"Jibril, can you ensure that the Werebeasts can't hear my voice?" 

"Yes, I've enshrouded Master and Dora-ehan in a sound cancelling barrier." 

After Jibril's halo spun for a while, Sora nodded and faced Steph. 

"Steph, I shall now impose on you a special curse." 

Sora's smile was very, very gentle. 

However, Steph felt troubled due to the unnaturally close distance to Sora. 

Part 5 

-start of the game. 

A crowd was led by Ino into the embassy's first floor. 

It was a gargantuan hall that encompassed the entire first floor of the embassy. 

There were giant screens on each of the four walls. 

The place was filled with hundreds-no, thousands of humans, watching the game that decides 

the fate of Imanity with doubtful eyes. 

Facing opposite the screen on the stage was a black box-with 5 chairs near it. 

Silently sitting on one of the chairs-was their opponent, a girl. 

She was the ambassador for the Eastern Union embassy in Elchea. 

With fox-like ears, a black-haired Werebeast-Hatsuse Izuna. 

The girl's eyes were closed, as if she was concentrating, devoid of the intimacy from before. 

".Please sit here." 

Under Ino's urging, Sora sat beside Izuna, while following in a sequence was Shiro, Jibril and 

After confirming that they were seated, Ino stood beside Izuna and recited the file in his hand. 

"Then-we'll start by [Confirming the contents of the Oaths]." 

A sound of someone swallowing their saliva was heard. 

"The Eastern Union will bet up [Everything in their territory], while Elchea will bet on their [Race 

piece]-namely, their human rights, territories and whatnot. The Eastern Union representative, 

with Elchea's two kings and their entourages, it will be 5 people-a 4 versus 1 style, to partake in 

this Eastern Union game." 

The opponent followed his requirements-including the 4 versus 1, which made Sora smile. 

-of course, this was because he didn't give his opponent any rights to refuse. 

"With an additional requirement from the Eastern Union, the erasure of [Memories pertaining to this 
game], this will be set upon the whole of Imanity, not just the participants." 

Ino continued reading in a dull tone. 

"In addition, the rules would be explained once the game starts. The game will be deemed invalid 

after the rules are explained, resulting in the erasure of the memories-are these conditions 


-a simply outrageous condition. 

Only knowing the game after betting? 

After mentioning all those heavy conditions, specifically asking if [these conditions are okay]? 

[Are these conditions okay?] was what the spectators wanted to ask. 

However, Sora had a relaxed expression. 

"Yes, there is no problem, but there are two points that need to be made clear." 

Meanwhile, Imanity's king-Sora responded. 

"Even if we forfeit, what we forget will be-[The memories of the game today]. If you deeide to 

have an impossible game that forces us to forfeit, taking our memories, then you better give up on 
that kind of expectation, because it's a waste of time." 

Staring into Ino's eyes, Sora said; 

"The second point is, [If there is any misconduct in the game, defeat will be certain once brought to 

light]-this is one of the [Ten Oaths], so please don't forget about this point. Okay, there aren't 

any problems left, so please hurry up and start." 

.Too easy. 

The first trap that the Eastern Union had arranged was already seen through by Sora. 

Sora had an expression that was certain of victory. 

Everyone in the area had unmoving eyes. 

Ino and Izuna knew that the contents of the game were already seen through. 

Both of them frowned for different reasons. 

".Then we should get your agreement-to begin, swear to the Oaths." 

After announcing this, Sora and Shiro raised their hands. 

Jibril unhesitantly, while Steph hesitated in fear- 

"" [Acciente]."" 

" [Acciente], des." 

The representative of Imanity, Sora and Shiro, as well as the opponent. 

The Eastern Union's ambassador Hatsuse Izuna. 

-pledged to the [Ten Oaths], the mutual declaration. 

"Then, Shiro, don't let go of my hands!" 

"....Nii too." 

Grasping onto each other's hands tightly. Sora leaned back on the chair and said: 

"Okay-start the game." 

".Then lef s get started." 

Ino said while controlling the black box-^probably turning on the power. 

What they saw were the huge screens that started glowing with light. 

-this could be said to be a game where Imanity was betted against the entire territory of the third 

largest country on the continent. 

Anxiety, confusion, despair, countless of emotions intertwined together. 

The hall packed with thousands of spectators, went silent, 
booking at Izuna, Sora said: 

"I say, Izuna." 

".What, des." 

Izuna hesitated for a moment, not knowing if she should respond to the enemy since the game was 
about to begin. 

However, Sora gazed up at the sereen, and easually said a sentence.... 

-Izuna was going to regret having heard those words. 

"When was the last time you played games feeling [Happy]?" 

Hearing that sentence, Izuna didn't have a moment to think before the screen dyed black, and- 

-Sora and everyone's consciousness was sucked into the screen. 

Part 6 

In the midst of the sinking consciousnesses, Sora started to think calmly. 

(Going through the late king's intelligence, and also the spying, speculating what the game is is 

It was indeed as what Sora had revealed, a [Video game]. 

The only difference as, this was a virtual game that involves the transfer of consciousness. 

The late king remembered this matter while playing in a [different world], which was probably his 

(At that time the opponent was Hatsuse Ino, which was that old man.) 

The record said that it was a [Body blowing game]-^which meant it was definitely a FPS[7] 


After the last competition that was quite long ago, the opponent was also changed to Hatsuse Izuna. 

It definitely meant that there was a change in the game content, but.. 

(As this was an [Open] match for all to view, considering the characteristics of the Werebeasts and 
their method of cheating, the game should not change fundamentally.) 

Indeed, under these conditions, the Werebeasts would always [Win]. 

(So, even if they were to change the venue and alter the rules. If we responded to it rapidly and 
anticipate it carefully, this would definitely be a win-!) 

However-before finishing his monologue, Sora saw the world getting constructed in front of his 

eyes which caused him to abandon his thoughts and widen his eyes. 

In front of their eyes were- 

"-you're kidding me." 

The siblings resented their missteps. 

They had predicted numerous rules, countless venues and were prepared with countless strategies. 

But-this was the only venue that they didn't expect. 

There was no doubt, what they saw.Was something that they didn't want to see. 

Ahhhhh, love and hate, the place filled with psychological trauma- 

They cannot be mistaken-this was indeed Tokyo. 

"...Sorry, Steph, Jibril." 

"Eh? What?" 

".AH! Erm, that, did Master call me!?" 

Sora said to the stuimed Steph and the salivating Jibril who was engrossed with the scenery: 

"I can't do it, sorry, Imanity is finished." 

" * shivers* * shivers* * shivers* * shivers*" 

"Aaa.Wh, what happened!? That kind of rhetoric questi-" 

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I did not think that it was Tokyo that we will face up against our home again 
and that we can't help anymore and that you need to think of your own ways and that I'm sorry." 

" * shivers* * shivers* * shivers* * shivers*" 

The brother was rolling his eyes and saying a torrent of words; the sister was squatting, shaking her 
head; Jibril said; 

"-un, unless, this is Master's world?" 

At this time, a narration-no, Ino's voice resounded around. 

[Surprising isn't it? Welcome to the game world.] 

" Game.... World." 

[Yes, this is the stage for the game, the virtual world....] 

"Hold on." 


"Let me confirm, this is-a virtual space, a non-existent place?" 

[Indeed, what about it?] 

Surveying around, Sora calmly re-evaluated. 

Numerous skyscrapers towered over the sky, while the concrete-filled roads enveloped the floor. 
...Indeed, this was similar to the heart of Tokyo-but. 

The billboards were not in Japanese, there were also Toriis[8] everywhere, giving a much greener 
feeling.Something that was clearly different from the Tokyo Sora knew. 

"-which is to say, this virtual place was created with imagination?" 

[Yes, you understand this very fast.] 


Sora's roar echoed in the pseudo-Tokyo game. 

"-Ahh, darn! Made me think of some traumatic experiences! I would've unhesitantly cut 

my arteries and died. Don't do this kind of stuff again, old man!" 

Ino was confused as to why Sora was mad. 

[....Why are you that mad.Is this stage not to your liking?] 

"Unsatisfled! Why choose this kind of stage! Is this a form of malicious attack or simply 

[No.This is a sci-fi stage that recently got popular with the youths in Eastern Union, there isn't 

any specific intentions for using this stage.] 

"Ah....Ahhh? Science, science fiction?" 

-ye, yeah. 

Calm down, calm down, 18-year-old virgin Sora. 

Yes, thinking about it, this is a fantasy world. 

Which means this was what we fantasised back in our original world-a world filled with elves 

and dragons. 

Just like our world, this [Disboard] is indeed a fantasy world. 

To these people, the idea of [Modem Earth] is just a product of what I'm thinking-only me. 

This is a game that absorbed our consciousness, a virtual game, not Tokyo, a virtual game. 

Sora convinced himself and took a deep breath. 

"Eu.Ha....Okay, no problems, my heart is calm." 

".*shivers* *shivers* *shivers* *shivers*" 

"Shiro, calm down, although this looks like Tokyo, it ain't. This is a place that came out of their 


Perhaps she was hit with a psychological trauma. 

Shiro didn't seem to have heard Ino's words and needed Sora to convince her. 

"Yes, and since this is a game, we can go out right? Like the Persona series, Akiba's Trip and 
Steins;Gate. This is a game, so there won't be any problems, so we'll just hold hands and it'll be 

"...Inside a game.Un...Okay, I got.It...." 

Although her eyes were still dazed, Shiro nonetheless stood up. 

[Uhh~ So let me repeat once more-shall we start the game?] 

-there were human spectators in this game. 

Sora lightly coughed, having felt the cold gazes staring at him even though the spectators were 

"Okay, no problems, we can begin." 

[.Un, then we'll begin the animation.] 

"Eh? What is that?" 

"Is there a need to see it?" 

Steph and Jibril were confused, but Sora and Shiro had already positioned themselves upright. 

"You are not worthy of being a gamer if you skip the introductions, so stop gazing around, widen 
your eyes and sit in the correct position to watch." 


By their urging, Steph and Jibril reluctantly sat in an upright position. 

After that, a huge screen appeared from above Tokyo (fake). 

[You-are a heartthrob.] 

...Just a second has passed before Sora gave the judgement that this was undoubtedly a bad game. 
But holding onto his gamer's self-esteem, he remained silent. 

[Every girl in the world is crazy for you, giving you days where you are chased by them.But you 

already have someone-someone you like.] 

The huge screen that originally had narration suddenly changed to an angelic Izuna, who was 
dressed beautifully. 

[However, in the face of many temptations, there is no error in true love-] 

Then the screen changed to a scene where dozens of kemonomimi started to chase, wanting an 

[Can you resist all these temptations-and convey the [Love] to your sweetheart!?] 

A side-story of the Dead or Alive series. 

LOVE OR LOVED 2~shoot your love to her~ 

Contrary to the the siblings' amused expressions, the other two had not seen a gun before and were 
confused. Ino continued: 

[Then I'll explain the rules.] 

With a tone as if he was reading an instruction manual, Ino said: 

[Please use those guns-to shoot at the nearby NPCs.] [9] 


[You can shoot or blast-give them the melty melty.] 


[Once given the melty melty, the girls would understand your sweetheart and entrust their love 
power to you." 

".Ah, yes." 

[What the IfMelty melty gunj shoots out is [Love powerj-which means everyone's [Power of 


Suddenly, everyone looked down on the gun on their hands that had a peculiar shape. 

"-this is called the [Melty melty gun] eh." 

"....Good custom." 

"What a cheap name, you can obviously feel the childish vibes from it." 

"Hey hey, what is this [ < I ^]?" 

"In other words, Izuna wants us to love her, the goal is a harem ending. While our goal is Izuna 

[That is indeed right on the dot.] 

"...That...How do I say...." 

Holding complicated feelings, Sora spoke up: 

"I'll forgive this setting since Izuna-chan is an adorable kemonomimi girl; if this was you old man, 
then I'll immediately log off and gouge out my own eyes." 

[I can understand your strong feelings, but please don't forget, the request of 4 versus 1 was set by 

-Ino's explanation clearly emphasised that this setting was caused hy Sora's request. 

However, he continued saying, as if agreeing to Sora's thoughts. 

[The latest trend has got to do with all these cute games...Back when I was younger, everything was 
more hot-hlooded-] 

-It appears no matter which world there would still he old gamers, Sora thought. 

"....Oh well. Old man, I need to confirm something, and some questions too." 

[Please go ahead.] 

One, the [Energy](power of love) consumed between the [Melty gun] and [Melty grenade]. 

Second, attacking the [NPCs], will restore the [Energy] (power of love) or not. 

Third, when the [NPCs] received the [Energy] (power of love) and starts to attack, will the [Energy] 
(Power of love) decrease upon contact. 

Fourth, once the [Energy] (power of love) is used up, the [NPCs] will no longer approach and will 
be unable to fight. 

Fifth, once hit by Izuna, you'll become her [Companion] (love slave), becoming an uncontrollable 

Sixth, if a companion becomes an [Enemy] upon getting hit by Izuna, shooting them back will 
return them back to normal. 

Seventh, even when the [Energy] (power of love) is used up, reversing the situation with the sixth is 
still possible. 

Eighth, the situation reflects the reality of one's own physical abilities, with no usage of magic. 

"-that should be all right?" 

[You are learning too quickly, that saves time.] 

-Sora placed a finger on his chin and started thinking. 

Although there were problems with several of them, this wouldn't affect the overall strategies. 

This game is barely-just a little shy-but still within the predicted range. 

"So this a game where Gal*gun and Eeft 4 Dead had a child." 

Sora had something to retort, even after listening to all those rules. 

"This is such a stupid game....Eike any otaku would happily buy it." 

"...Which means....Nii will buy." 

"Yes, even though the stage and protagonist sucks, but using this game to seize territories makes 
one feel awesome. Eike being chased by kemonomimi girls, or wanting to achieve more." 

Sora explained with excitement, before asking: 

"Old man, this [Melty gun]-^what kind of principles would be restored if you shoot it at your 


[Simple, because what it shoots out is the [Power of Eovej.] 

"....Same thing as being shot by Izuna?" 

[Yes, only temporarily, the person shot will become the shooter's [Eove slavej-] 


Before Ino finished talking, Shiro had already pulled the trigger at Sora without any hesitation. 

The pink bullet flew out of the gun and struek home to Sora's arms, eausing eountless of small 
hearts to fly about- 

"Ahhh, my little sister-my little sister! Why didn't I notice that there was such a lovely 

woman at my side the whole time! Ahhh! I really want to dig out my own eyes!!!' 

".Kyaaa.Nii, no.We are siblings." 

Shiro blushed and responded with exaggeration. 

"Whoa whoa! What about it! Indeed, societal norms reject it, but the so-called society isn't present 

right now! This is [Disboard], where everything is decided by games-no one will interrupt, so 

we can go-the other side where ethical requirements does not exist!!" 

"Oi! I'll interrupt okay!! Have you forgotten that this is an important match!?" 

Although she was confused, Steph nevertheless quickly interjected. Jibril who was at the side 
suddenly said: 

"Then let me have my fun too." 


The bullet fired from Jibril hit Shiro, scattering small hearts about. 

"...Jibril....! love you.?" 

"Abbbbbbbbbbb Shiro! Are you rejecting Nii's love!?" 

"Ah ha!! This must be the so-called [Love Triangle] and [Netorare][ll] written in Master's book, I 
see-even though I don't have feelings of love, this is very exciting-!" 


.Sora suddenly woke up. 

"Guu....I can't even control myself in the state of being a [Love Slave], but I'm still conscious of 

it.This is horrifying, going into a state where I can't control myself.I almost did something to 

Shiro and went to the land of the prohibited." 

Slightly later, Shiro seemed to have regained consciousness too and she started staring at Jibril with 
her eyes half-opened. 

" Jibril.Later.... .Punishment...." 

"Ahhh! Forgive me Shiro-sama! I couldn't suppress my curiosity!" 

"Why punish her? Whatever....In short, the rules have been" 

Mastering the rules of the game content, Sora began to plan strategies. 

However, the most concerning matter was- 

"Ehhh.Steph, the rules, do you understand it?" 

"Heh, don't underestimate me-1 totally didn't understand it!" 

Steph puffed out her chest and said. Sora then said to her: 

"Okay, firstly you'll hold the gun like this." 

"Un, like that?" 

"Yes yes, then place your index linger into the hole." 


"Next, point the gun downwards and pull your index back." 

"Like this?" 

Steph pointed the gun onto the ground and pulled the trigger. 

With a *Bang*, the bullet hit the ground-and bounced back. 

".Ah, ahhhh Why am-1-so-beautiful-fufufu, I won't let you go." 

Becoming a love slave to herself, Steph embraced herself and started shaking her body. 

"Hmmm, as expected, this bullet has bouncing capabilities. Shiro, this is the key factor." 

"....Un, I know....Leave it to me." 

The siblings conversed while observing Steph with serious eyes. 

"So we'll tentatively treat this place as point a until we've finished settling down in this place, 
before moving out. According to the rules, aside from fibril, our bodies are the same, meaning that 
if the NPCs have the strength of Werebeasts, then it'll be hard to shake them off. fibril, you'll be at 
the rear to help send our pursuers packing home." 

".Yes, sir." 

"Understood-^but what about Dora-chan?" 

Hearing this, Sora watched Steph whose body was writhing. 

"Doesn't matter, even if she gets shot by Izuna? Since it is [Steph] after all." 

"Indeed, if it is [Steph]." 

Listening to Sora's certainty, fibril readily abandoned Steph. 

"Okay, let's go! Both of you! The fate of Imanity lies in this battle!" 


"Oh hohoho, why am-1-so-beautiful?.Ahhh, why are you so cold?" 

Ignoring Steph who was sticking herself to the mirror, the three of them took action and left. 

■ Spectators' floor ■ 

The game has begun. 

In the eyes of the dumbfounded audience observing this idiotic game. 

There was a girl who had a tense atmosphere, with black eyes obscured beneath the shadow of a 
black veil. 

-Kurami's figure appeared. 

(.Fii, can you see it?) 

((Yes~the angle is perfect. I'm completely receiving Kurami's line of sight.)) 

Kurami's sight was currently in sync with the elf outside the building-Fiel, and they were 

having a conversation. 

Although this was as normal as breathing for Kurami who was bom in Elven Card.... 

(Really, compared to the other races, who can bear to get hit with this sort of magic.) 

-Ino's eyebrow started twitching. 

(-This is.The smell of magic?) 

Humans do not have the capability to connect to the Elemental Gallery, and neither can the 

However, Ino caught the [Smell] of magic with his extraordinary senses and started looking around. 
(....Kurami Zierh! Why is she here.!) 

He remembered that she was a spy sent by Elven Gard of the elf race to infiltrate into the King 
selection battle of Elchea. 

(-the person even lured over [Other races to monitor] eh.) 

-the Oaths only covered the participants and the spectators' memories. 

If Kurami is currently using magic to report to the currently far away elves, then this game would 
be known to Elven Gard. 

Staring at Sora who was miming in the virtual reality, Ino thought: 

(This man-prepared to this extent....!) 

-[Try and blatantly cheat if you dare, even the tricks to your game would be exposed.] 

A shallow smile appeared on the man whose eyes were closed. 

((Fufu, still pretending.Your over-sensitive ears are currently showing a reaction yo~)) 

Seeing that the unmoving Ino was directing his attention to them, Fii can't help but laugh. 

-This should be the development as desired by Sora. 

(Fii, this [Computer space] is the game that was speculated by Sora, a virtual world where magic 
can't interfere, it seems like there is nothing we can do-) 

((I understand, the important thing is that we are looking at this.)) 

-as expected of Fii. 

Once she had heard of Sora's request, she already grasped onto his intentions. 

(This way, the Eastern Union can't use an obvious cheat....) 

Compared to the game content-if their cheating means were known by Elven Gard, then they 

should be able to take countermeasures.Which means next time Eastern Union will really be 


For this reason, Sora would exploit the contents and use [Fii] to monitor, so that her memories 
wouldn't disappear even if they had lost. 

(.But even so, I do not intend on letting them cheat, so Fii should also help too.) 

((Un~maintaining this is very tiring yo~! But, for Kurami, I'll work hard.)) 

-re-examining Sora's memories, about the method to win this game. 

No matter how much she looked back, this was a plan that was too risky. 

However, even with all those negative factors, [Victory] this word was shining in Sora's memories. 

For him to have such a confident answer-should lie in who Sora believed in. 

Kurami thought, if she could do that kind of thing in this game? 

".Fet me see-Sora." 

Just like that, Kurami looked through the black veil and stared at the screen that was reflecting a 
running Sora. 

■ In the game ■ 

There were a bunch of people running in a concrete jungle, between buildings in a fictional Tokyo. 
-Sora skillfully dodged the Kemonomimi NPCs who were swarming them. 

While observing with his sharp eyes, he started thinking. 

Because the NPCs were set to be Werebeasts, their physical capabilities were definitely higher than 

Sora could barely cope with their actions. 

This was probably because there was similarity in their movements, the monotonous movements of 
wanting to hug them. 

But, that sort of thing didn't matter, the more important thing was- 

Prior to this and due to his old habits as a gamer, Sora kept using the approach of shooting the NPCs 
[Head first], causing him to have a feeling akin to a sense of violation. 

"The disappearance of the NPCs(girls) and their clothing-has a slight delay in timing!) 

The gamers detected the slight difference with their ability of not missing a single frame. 

Unless it was actually possible to do a-^partial destruction! 

Sora aimed his gun and shot. 

The gun flashed, causing the pink bullet to fly at the speed of sound, hitting the skirt of the 

-the NPC(girl) did not disappear, as the small hearts scattered. Only the skirt disappeared! 

"As-As I thought!!!!! This is the real catching point of this game!!!" 

No, they must do it. The item that sticks closely to their body-which is! 

The matter of hitting the underwear only-it can be done!! 

"Cloth are-presumably cotton, average of 1.5mm." 

Losing the skirt, the NPC(girl) started running at breakneck speed toward Sora. 

"The bullet's accuracy has to be at the 1 mm.But, I can do it-!" 

The NPC(girl) charged towards Sora with her hands wide open. 

Slightly bending his waist, Sora dodged the NPC(girl)'s hand and did a sidestep. 

Using the smallest possible action, Sora used two steps to get behind the NPC(girl)'s back. 

Sora started aiming with his gun at extremely close range at-the horizontal-striped 


"-right here!" 

The bullet shot out brushed past the underwear-then disappeared. 

But, the NPC(girl) also scattered the small pink hearts, turning into [Energy(Power of Love)] and 
then disappearing.... 

"Damn it alllll! Why, why can't you not wear underwear!? Damn it alll!!!" 

■ Spectators' floor ■ 

Seeing how Sora failed to make the underwear disappear, the packed room of spectators.... 
OHHHHHHHHHH.Let out sounds of regret. 

Watching that scene, Kurami gripped onto her wrist, trying hard to not look away. 

(This is a trick, this is a trick, there must be some intentions, he must have caught onto something, 
resist it, Fii.) 

((I'm fine.but could Kurami stop shifting your gaze, I'm about to faint.)) 

[GOOOD! The bra is destroyed! How knowledgeable, to use a hand bra!] 

From the screen came Sora's voice, while the spectators' floor were filled with cheers of 

(....This stupid race, I don't care anymore....) 

Kurami stopped thinking. 

((Ahh, Kurami, don't close your eyes, open them, Kurami!)) 

■ In the game ■ 

(-good, the final confirmation.) 

Experiencing the chase from the Kemonomimis, Sora joyfully ran in the alley between the 

Shiro was following his pace and closely followed Sora with her small steps. 

fibril was jumping between buildings, happily dispersing the NPCs(girls) behind Sora. 

Exchanging gazes, Sora nodded his head. 

"Shiro, report the performance of the gun." 

"....All intelligence, parameters are roughly...In meters...." 

Shiro took a deep breath before continuing. 

"Velocity of projectile is 300 m/s, range of 400m, not affected by wind or gravity; has straight and 
bouncing capabilities, limit of bounce and the range of the gun are geometrically similar, the angle 
of its bounce and the angle of incidence are geometrically similar, simple." 

She finished the torrent of information in one breath. After regaining her breath, Shiro said. 


Compared to estimating, talking was more tiring to Shiro. Sora started patting his little sister's head. 
"Good, well done, as expected of Shiro!" 

Confirming that Shiro's mood was slightly better.... 

"fibril, how are your physical abilities?" 

Sora and Shiro were still the same even after coming here, being out of breath after running. 

So what kind of change did fibril experience? 

"To not be able to use magic, feels like I'm denying [Myself], being limited to my physical limits. 
Really, it's such an inconvenience to have my physical body only." 

Why was it inconvenient if she could jump between the walls of buildings.but, Sora asked 


"You said it earlier, that the Werebeasts could exceed their physical limits. What's the difference 
between that and your's?" 

"Although it's unpleasant, but that should be correct." 

But only, fibril said: 

"As I've discussed before, the Werebeasts can use [Blood Devastation], if that can be reflected in 
this game-then I'll prevail in an instant, so best be prepared." 

-[Blood Devastation].The Werebeasts have the capabilities to surpass their physical limits. 

and this would result in their strength being multiplied several fold. 

If this was a game prepared by the Werebeasts, then this capability was certainly there. 

"The Fliigel, the Werebeasts.This world is too exaggerated." 

Sora sighed-nevertheless, they've collected the necessary intel. 

"In other words, in this virtual space that prohibits magic, they have the overwhelming advantage 
that this game relying on the [Physical aspects]-this is probably what the enemy thought." 

Sora couldn't help it, and started laughing. 

They have no obligations to [Fight]; this is a game. 

-In the previous world, [Blank] was at the peak of more than 280 kinds of games. 

Both of them revealed the truth of every game, which was- 

"No matter how complicated the game looks, there are two kinds of actions for the final action." 
"Your meaning is?" 

Facing Jibril's question, Sora answered with a splenetic smile: 

"-the tactical and corresponding action, which means the active and passive." 

Which means-the one who initiates first wins. 

This could be said to be a gamer's fact, and- 

"They didn't realise, that since ancient times, this was mankind's game." 

The game was called-[Hunting]. 

"Shiro, ready? Keep a low profile while running-okay?" 


"Its about time we start eh?" 

At a distance hundreds of meters away from Sora, eighth floor of a building. 

Izuna was hiding in a warehouse with a small window. 

Because of where the sun reflected, Sora would not be able to see the window. Izuna used her 
Werebeast sight to locate and watch Sora and company's movements. 

There are four enemies, there is one of her. 

Even if there were many ways to win, the result would be over if there was a slight mistake. More 
importantly, there was the Fliigel on the opposition. Before the battle, Izuna had been focused on 
analysing the combat capability of her enemies. 

Upon seeing how the trio were having so much fun in removing the NPCs(girls) clothes, Izuna 
frowned unhappily 

-[When was the last time you played games feeling [happyj?] 

Sora's words caused Izuna to bite her lip. 

(What is happiness? How can I have that kind of feeling, des!) 

The game was akin to plundering, an indirect fight. 

.As long as you lose, a lot of people would be unhappy. 

For this reason, wirming was obvious. 

However, winning, the other party would suffer, even taking away their lives. 

Those kind of things were [Happiness]? 

The only feeling felt was-[Guilt] from being the predator. 

(Why do you look so happy? Des!) 

Izuna was irritated, her eyes that were loeked onto Sora became sharper. 

-suddenly, her eyes caught onto the [Grenade] Sora was holding in his hand. 

Sora waved his hand, throwing the [Grenade]. This caused a sudden pink flash to appear. 

After a bang, there was a severe impact shock. 

" _ !?" 

The building Izuna hid in shook. 

Izuna jumped out due to the fright. She then placed herself on alert and listened. 

(.My hiding place was discovered, des!? Impossible, des!) 

Since the begimiing of the game, Izuna immediately pulled a distance away from Sora and company 
to carry out observation. 

If they didn't have the five senses of the Werebeasts-no, they shouldn't be able to locate even if 

they had it. 

But what Izuna heard-with her radar-like ears that could discern movements in a 100 meter 


Was the sound of footsteps walking into the building. 

(This sound-is Shiro's, des.) 

Walking in at a certain pace that was short and lightweight. 

She was the enemy that Izuna had designated as the most [Non-threatening]. 

No-not only Shiro, but also Sora and Steph. Humans did not have enough combat capabilities. 

Izuna did not attack immediately at the outset, because of the Fliigel Jibril. 

Even if the opponent had gaming technology, or knew their games, humans would always be the 
same-unable to keep up with the Werebeasts' response. 


From the [Grenade] and the [Close footsteps sound], what were these weird feelings? 

Suddenly, she sensed danger. 

Izuna listened and found out that this building was suddenly full of NPCs(girls). 

Within all that chaos, there was a rhythmic sound of approaching footsteps....? 


Izuna went on full alert and flipped up her kimono, revealing a gun which she started pointing at the 
small door. 

This was the only door that comiected to the warehouse Izuna was hiding in. 

Slightly opening the door, a huge amount of NPCs(girls) were wandering about. 

Once the compact and lightweight footsteps sound reached the eighth floor- 

It suddenly-stopped. 


Izuna raised her ears to piek up the sound, then- 

The footsteps instantly inereased in speed. 

The speed of a human ehild was not supposed to have any threat-this was originally the case, 


(-what is going on, des!?) 

Outside-in the hallway where the wandering NPCs(girls) were. 

With every gunshot, one disappears. This sent a chill down Izuna's spine. 

These set of movements repeated, with no hesitation and disruption. 

Dispersing the numerous NPCs(girls) without slowing down, the footsteps generally- 

(If s coming here-des!?) 

Izuna didn't doubt it anymore, the fact that [Her hiding place was discovered]-! 

How did they find me?-this question didn't matter at this point. 

Activating her five senses, Izuna turned to face Shiro who was outside the warehouse and followed 
her movements with the gun in her hands. 

With Shiro closing in, she fired a bullet outside the door, causing the sound of explosions and bursts 
of hearts to appear. The bounce from the bullet were certain to hit home on Shiro's forehead- 

Yes, it was a calculated move, using the bouncing power of the bullet and the fact that Shiro 
couldn't see it. 

However-that accurately shot bullet- 

Was dodged narrowly by Shiro. 

(-impossible, des!) 

Yes, impossible. 

After seeing the bullet that travelled at the speed of sound, avoiding it was impossible. 

Even if they knew it, their-bodies wouldn't be able to react in time. 

Not to mention if it was the fitness of an eleven-year-old girl, but- 

That was-a situation where you [Dodge]. 

Before that, [Shiro's footsteps] weren't chaotic in the midst of all those NPCs(girls). 

Her footsteps gave Izuna her answer. 

In order to confirm it, Izuna shot another bullet out in attempt to hit Shiro-but. 


The bullet that was [Shot] towards Shiro-was repelled by another bullet from Shiro. 

(Really-ifs like that, des!?) 

Up to this point, Izuna had a new belief 
-she was sure. 

This human-this eleven-year-old girl. 

She took action after fully grasping onto the dynamics of all movements. 

-the bullets and NPCs(girls) wouldn't appear out of thin air. 

As long as you confirmed the target location of the bullet, you could straighten your arms, aim and 

As long as it was an NPC(girl), once you are discovered, they would come after you. 

Abiding by some numerous patterns, from the obvious attacks. 

Then-there was no need to dodge. 

As long as you are not in the trajectory of the shot. 

-Shiro's actions were secretive. 

In their original world, the urban legend gamers [Blank]-which means Sora and Shiro. 

In the FPS world, the gamer that held the most kills in recorded history- 

Was not Sora, but Shiro. 

She had a demonic ability to calculate and grasp onto the enemy's dynamics, deriving out what the 
enemy was going to do, predicting the future in regards to shooting and dodging time, giving the 
enemy an illusion as if [The bullet took the initiative on her, and is in hot pursuit]. 

(-is that possible, des!!) 

Of course, Izuna couldn't possibly know about the previous world Sora was in. 

The fact that Izuna inferred out, was not because she relied on her Werebeasf s instincts. 

But it was her gamer's intuition that told her that Shiro-was much more dangerous than The 


Frantically searching around, Izuna found and hid in a small space filled with items. 

Facing against opponents that could dodge ricocheting bullets and are able to mount an offensive 
front, places like these-^were unfavorable. 

(-1 can only escape, des!) 

In order to buy time for her escape, Izuna threw a [Grenade] outside the door. 

-but before the grenade flew out of the door. 

A bullet was shot from outside-detonating it. 



Izuna instantly hid behind all those items, narrowly escaping the blast of wind rushing indoors. 

But to counter-attack like that, it was like they already knew in advance that she would throw out a 

During that period, Shiro's footsteps weren't in disorder. Reaching the warehouse, Izuna started 
having goosebumps. 

(She's here, des!) 

Shiro launched a flying kick while miming-kicking the door open. 

She then threw a smoke grenade, before bursting into the warehouse. 

Following that, Shiro knocked down a nearby cupboard, mixing the sound of her steps with the 
sound of the collapsing cupboard. Izuna's ears couldn't discern Shiro's position. 

Izuna started breathing erratically-she couldn't hear. 

(-1 can only start shooting, des!) 

Hiding behind the items, Izuna shot without aiming. 

The eountless bullets bouneed after being fired, eausing the room to beeome an endless 

Then-in a moment. 

Izuna heard Shiro exhaling-causing a chill to run across her back. 

Izuna immediately plunged out. 

With ground-breaking strength, she crashed through the small window to go out of the building. 

Looking back, in the smoky room caused by an explosion, Izuna felt- 

The sound of the enemy shooting down all bullets she shot. 

Next, she heard all the reflected bullets headed into the spot Izuna was hiding in. 

(-What exactly is happening, des!?) 

A moment-if she was a moment too late, she would have been bombarded with a rain of bullets. 

But, at this time, Izuna widened her eyes in surprise. 

This didn't come from Shiro. 

-it came from above. 

"We~ Icome?" 

(The Fliigel-Jibril, des!?) 

She seemed to have ambushed her, knowing in advance the timing of which she would jump out. 
-When did she move to the roof!? 

Izuna gasped in astonishment. Although they were The Fliigel, this game restricted them to their 
absolute physical limits. 

She shouldn't be able to use magic, so she couldn't fly. 

If she was moving with her two feet, her own ears should've been able to pick up- 

Despite the predicament she was in, Izuna still operated calmly and rationally. 

She noticed that Jibril was ready to throw a [Grenade]. 

(-A flash bomb! Des!) 

Izuna concluded. 

Attacking the grenade first would result in an explosion. 

So-ignore the grenade, shoot Jibril, and then use the second round to deal with the bomb! 

Repeating the actions that she'd picked out, Izuna pulled the trigger. 


"Aren't you too naive?" 

Even if they were restricted by magic, the physical limits of The Fliigel still exceeded the 

In the air, Jibril twisted her body at the bullets fired at close range. 

The bullet slightly grazed Jibril's clothes, causing it to disappear. 

Then, the grenade burst and caused an explosion, followed by a flash. 

Jibril raised her gun in an attempt to shoot the enemy hidden in the smoke. However, she widened 
her eyes in surprise. 

The bullet Izuna had fired-was the third shot. 

Two shots were fired-the first was to allow Jibril to dodge it. 

The second bullet was to lure Jibril to throw the Hash grenade, then counter-attacking in the flash. 

And the purpose of the third bullet- 

"Heh-eh? Ah, I forget I can't fly!?" 

Jibril wanted to flap her wings to dodge, but the wings were only moving in emptiness. 

Unable to recover, she was going to get hit by the bullet at her forehead- 

But, at that moment. 

Jibril witnessed- 

In the situation where there were no simultaneous plans-Izuna panickedly looked at the distant 

outline on the other side of the building. 

Izuna abruptly-twisted her body, taking the most evasive measure she could. 

A bullet penetrated her clothing-disappeared. 

Then, the second bullet fired from the same direction impacted on Jibril who was freshly hit by 

-facing the facts, with beast-like reaction. 

The blow instantly brought Jibril back. 

(Unless, everything was in the plan, desl?) 

Izuna suddenly looked up- 

In the place where Izuna broke the window, Shiro was aiming her gun on Izuna. 


(I can't be attacked from here, des!) 

Just like Jibril. 

Because of the initial attack, Izuna was forced to dodge, she had no other counters. 

-even if their physical strength were higher, she couldn't fly. 

With no foothold to dodge bullets in the air-she had to throw away her main focus to perform 

that kind of awkward movement. 

This was her limit-she couldn't adjust her position anymore. 

Shiro's gun muzzle aimed coldly at her. 

Fight back? Impossible. Avoid? Impossible. In that case- 


The bullet that couldn't be avoided- 


Izuna bit her teeth, waving her hands upwards. 

Her second set of clothes flipped to stand in the trajectory of the bullet. Penetrating the kimono, it 

However, the bullet seattered small hearts before-disappearing. 

".I see....Clothes can be used as a shield." 

This rule wasn't explained. 

Shiro murmured in admiration while Izuna managed to land safely on the ground. 

Immediately jumping up, she bolted away like a true four-legged beast, 
fibril who was hit by the bullet, struck the tarmac ground head first. 

-A moment of silence. 

But, she slowly got up as if nothing had happened. 

Then, with heart-shaped eyes, she stared into the distance. 

"Master.....Ohhhh my Master.Please let me stay by your side?" 

fibril started running on the asphalt ground. 

She was headed to-Sora who was sniping from three hundred meters away. 

-eleven seconds have passed since the commencement of the battle. 


In the warehouse full of smoke, Shiro panted intensely. 

-even if her movements are as precise as machinery, and she did calculations that even 

computers can't replicate. Nevertheless her body was still that of an eleven-year old human girl. 

Including their physical strength, this game directly reflects their own self 

Not to mention that Shiro and her brother were NEETs, they were exhausted due to their lack of 
exercise-and their devastating lack of physical strength. 

In order to reply as soon as possible, Shiro relaxed her body, and murmured out: 


"That isn't Shiro's fault, compared to that-" 

Responding to her was Sora who was three hundred meters away. 

From the moment where fibril got hit by the bullet, 15 seconds had passed. 

Regaining consciousness over her body that was hugging Sora, fibril immediately sent him to Shiro 
who was in the warehouse. 

"The state of being unable to manipulate lasts for 15 seconds.And also-" 

Sora came down to Shiro's side, and asked fibril: 

".fibril, you confirmed it?" 

"Yes, personally confirmed." 
fibril who was leaned on by Sora said: 

"Before Master shot, she turned to the direction of Master, no mistakes." 

Hearing her report, Sora asked another question. 

"Well, I was in an ambush position, my breathing was stopped. I shot when the bullet exploded, but 
I was exposed. Completely surprising, causing a feint as if dead, and started sniping-" 

"fibril-if you were a Fliigel, would you discover?" 

This was a question, to see if she could detect attacks from the unknown. 

"-impossible, this must be the sixth sense of the Werebeasts?" 

After listening to that, Sora made a bitter smile. 

"Don't be silly, if that is possible, it ain't sixth sense anymore-that's [Foresight]." 

The so-ealled sixth sense, was only the [High intuition] eaused by the linking of the five senses. 

If they eould pereeive all of these prior, then there was no need to lie about being able to read 
people's heart. 

Forgetting this game, the Eastern Union could even fight with Elven Gard. 


"Yes, it must be-cheat." 

Sora clutched her head. 

"Really, such a troublesome way to cheat. I wanted to finish and resolve this quickly-no matter, 

we shall move to point y. Jibril, please carry Shiro over, she is tired. I'll move using a different 


■ Spectators' floor ■ 


booking at the scene reflected on the screen, those that were speechless were-Ino and Kurami. 

Those spectators that numbered thousands, cheered loudly for Sora, as if forgetting about their 

It didn't hit. 

But there was no doubt-Sora and company were pressuring the Eastern Union girl. 

(Just now... What.happened?) 

Kurami was beyond amazed, and started to suspect the scene displayed. 

Fighting against the opponent's game? It felt as if this was their game instead. 

Relying on calculated action and strategies, they easily lured their opponent. 

(The opponent wasn't alert around Shiro, got suppressed and made an emergency retreat; then got 
feinted by Jibril who the opponent was most alert of. They then forced her to lose her balance in the 
air, before taking long-distance snipes-) 

(( amazing )) 

Even Eii who was sharing vision with Kurami felt admiration. 

-indeed, this was a terrifying flawless strategy. 

But, this caused numerous doubts to arise. 

In Sora's memories, do all those incomprehensible numbers hold any answers? 

(-how did they discern their enemy's position? What was that overwhelming combat strength 

from Shiro? It was as if everything was according to plan, grasping the situation-no, completely 

[Mastering] their methods...) 

Then, what was more strange- 

(-able to [Dodge] that kind of attack, that Werebeast...) 

((Just like what Sora-san said, that should've been an [Unknown attack].)) 

Yes, able to predict possible attacks at that moment, was impossible in her position- 

What Jibril said to Sora... 

(There was reaction before the shots....right?) 

((-Cheating, which means [Dishonesty]-a scam yo.)) 

(I see, unable to prove that it was a cheat....The enemy can say it was their [Sixth sense] after all.) 

((They use these methods, Elven Card lost four times.I see-)) 

In admiration and a little hostility, Fii said. 

Kurami quietly observed the look on Ino's face. 

Although his expressions were empty-but his heart must've been shaken, no mistake. 

But, there was no way to see he was cheating. 

(As expected-they are familiar with this game, and are enjoying an advantage!) 

Maintaining a deadpan expression, Ino shouted in his heart. 

How could they be so clear about this, and even plan out such meticulous tactics? 

To be more knowledgeable about Eastern Union's games than Eastern Union itself, shouldn't be 

There were numerous doubts, but- 

(.Calm down....even if they do that, it is still useless.) 

Yes, even so, they still stand no chance of winning. 

■ In the game ■ 

"...Having said that." 

Jibril said. 

"-using [Mathematics] to cause the enemy to have an impasse...This is a really new idea eh." 

y point-was an ugly looking park found by Sora. 

It was surrounded by buildings, sheltered by the surroundings with the exception of the sky. They 
set this place as their base of operations, Shiro was using the floor in replacement of a blackboard to 
craft out a formula. 

For Sora to be able to find Izuna's hidden spot, they made use of tracking curves and 
backpropagation, using chance to calculate Izuna's position, then spreading the Dirac delta function 
5 for their presumption, followed by driven particle filter and linear analysis, to derive her predicted 

Jibril's sentence was directed to the impasse caused to Izuna by Shiro's calculations and Sora's 
strategies, she had heartfelt praise. 

But Sora shook his head with a distressed expression. 

"....This isn't an odd scheme, but a necessity." 

"Your meaning is?" 

"....The reason why Izuna didn't attack from the start was because she was alert of you. In that case, 
then it means that Izuna's fitness is evenly matched with yours." 

Sora sighed deeply. 

"Let me give an analogy. Say I run 100 meters in about 15 seconds, Shiro could get this done in 20; 
then for Jibril, with your current fitness, how long would it take for you to finish 100 meters?" 

Tilting her head while giving the floor a kick, Jibril briefly replied; 

"....Two steps." 

"Isn't that too weird!" 

"To be honest, my body never felt this heavy before....for Masters to live this kind of inconvenience 
everyday....Such fortitude....This impresses me to no end." 

"...Don't forget that the difference in our abilities is lower than yours by at least 10 times." 

Sora unhappily stated. Hearing Sora say this, Jibril leaked out a pained expression and looked 
towards the sky. 

"-ob,obviously knowing that their lives are that fragile, yet Master wanted to challenge me and 

Werebeasts, even God-! Ahhh, this is brave! Too brave!" 

"You're noisy!" 

Jibril had a deeper admiration for the weakness of Sora as a human, which caused Sora to sigh. 

"In short-because there is such a huge performance gap, Shiro would get eliminated if there was 

a slight error, and I can't win if I'm approached-thus we can't have a showdown unless 

mathematics is involved." 

Indeed, in everyone's eyes, Sora and company looked like they had an overwhelming advantage. 

However, truthfully-once Izuna approached them, it would be [Checkmate] for Sora and 


Although Shiro was like a demon, when she finally gets hit by fatigue and makes the slightest of 
mistakes, it would be over for them. 

.At that moment, there won't be any other combat force except Jibril. 

-the smallest error in this high-risk strategy would lead to the defeat of all. Not relying on this 

strategy would mean-rephrasing, there are no other methods other than this. 

"But, in regards to how the enemy used the cheat, we can formulate a new strategy once we've 
given it some thought-so that next time we can hit the target right?" 

Even though Jibril sounded very optimistic, Sora's expression was troubled. 



Sora started to explain in place of Shiro who was writing equations on the ground. 

"Uncertainty principle....ah, no, I don't even understand it, it's better to not say it." 

Sora scratched his head, explaining it like a monologue. 

"....Listen carefully. There are two kinds of methods to win this game. First, get the upper-hand and 
dominate throughout; or keep losing and perform a comeback, winning it. These are the two kinds." 

Sora raised his finger and described. 

"However, to use the latter method, requires you to [Constantly play the fool, underestimated by the 

.Yes, just like what the former King had done. 

"Once the opponent knows we are smart, the second method cannot be used, then, the enemy would 
also change their moves to correspond ours'. Therefore, it will be completely impossible to predict 

with mathematics now...." 

Finishing, Sora sat beside Shiro and breathed deeply. 

"Next, will purely be the outcome." 

Sora no longer had a troubled expression, looking at Shiro who was writing formulae while biting 
her nail. 

"-it depends on you, Shiro. Since we can't win in the first step, the next one would be- 

random chance." 


-purely the outcome? 

Against the opponents who were well-versed in the game, has overwhelming physical strength and 
cheats as well? 

Simply put, this was-equivalent to a [Desperate situation]- 

".Jibril, I need you to keep guard. In this game that uses one's own physical capabilities, even if 

Shiro has machine-like precision, she would miss her shots if she ever gets tired-she can't 

manage many more shots, so we need to do the protecting while allowing Shiro to focus on 

Upon hearing Sora's orders that broke Jibril's thoughts, Jibril immediately responded in respect: 
"Yes sir, leave it to me." 

".Really, If I'd known this, I would've exercised...." 

Sora smiled bitterly while standing up. 

Facing off against the oncoming onslaught of the NPCs(girls), Sora stared at them boldly, shedding 
a cold sweat. 

■ Spectators' floor ■ 

While looking at the screen, Ino was also listening intently. 

On stage, Sora and company were sleeping beside Izuna, allowing Ino to hear their heartbeats. 

The pulse of their heartbeats determined if Sora was lying or telling the truth. 

But, the heartbeats told Ino that they still haven't given up. 

-They have unused tricks. 

Ino was being careful to prevent Kurami from discovering. 

He then used a frequency that only Werebeasts could hear and started whispering. 

-yes, the same method as when he told Izuna about Sora's whereabouts during the snipe 


■ In the game ■ 

[Izuna, they are in the west park, be careful, they still have tricks up their sleeves.] 

Yes-this was the first cheat by the Eastern Union. 

As this clearly wasn't stated in the begirming of the game, the battle would be over once they are 

But for Ino who could see the entire game on the stage-meaning that he had God's vision. [Ino's 

advice] could only be heard by Izuna as the tone was of a different frequency...Meaning that aside 
from the Werebeasts, no one else would know. 

"...Fuu, fuu...." 

Izuna was hiding in a building several hundreds of meters away when she heard Ino's voice. 

(-1 already know that, des.) 

If they were capable of devising tactics of that degree, of course they would have backup plans. 
(Although I'm only spying, I've planned everything out, des.) 

How would they react once they saw's worth looking. 

[....Izuna, are you alright?] 

-Izuna had a confused expression on her face. 

Alright? Of course. 

I was taken aback, but they are still far from winning against me- 

[.No, I'm not worried, it must've been related to that shock just now.] 

So-what thing? 

[Your expression looks very stiff, take it easy.] 

.. ? 

Hearing he say that, Izuna touched her face. 

Indeed, her face was stiff, but- 

(.[I'm laughing], des?) 

-Whaf s so funny. 

What is there to laugh about, what is going on with my expression! 

(....From just now-this heart of mine is very noisy, des!) 

When will it stop beating? The exercise shouldn't have done this. 

What is it beating for? What am I happy for? 

-[When was the last time you played games feeling [Happy] ?j 


The words Sora said flashed through her mind, causing her to start pounding on the walls. 

The whole building started shaking. Retrieving her hand out of the broken wall, Izuna stood up. 



(Stop nagging, des!) 

This cannot be happiness! She absolutely wouldn't accept that this thing was making her happy. 

-quick, must quickly end them once and for all. 

End it quickly- 

"I can't stand it, the girls are good, but this is unbearable to be unable to touch them!" 

Remarking, Sora fiercely embraced the NPC(girl), causing it to disappear. 

"Why is that so? If you are Master, the [Energy(power of love)] should have some leeway, then it 
should be fine. I thought that you would just touch them though." 

Both Jibril and Sora were proteeting Shiro, with Sora avoiding the NPCs(girls) and Jibril fighting 
with a smile. 

Sora avoided the hands of the NPC(girl) that wanted to hug him. 

The hand that got dodged let out a deep sound-inserting into the ground. 

"Oi, old man—! In this game, if Shiro and I fall from a building or get hugged by these guys, won't 
we die! What would happen then?" 

Faeing Sora's eall, the broadeast-Ino's voiee replied: 

[Ah, no problem, you won't experienee real death in this game.] 

"Ah, is that so? Then I'll start feeling them-" 

[But please note that it would result in extreme pain.] 


Sora who got hugged with the intention of sexual harassment, started shouting in pain. 

Jibril immediately shot the NPC(girl) who was hugging Sora. 

"Master! Ar, are you alright!" 

"Fuu.Fuuu.Ye, yeah.I'm fine...." 

Sora laid on the floor, grimacing in pain. Although it looked painful, he lifted up his thumb. 

"Did it....Rubbed it....Although I couldn't feel anything due to the pain, but it was worth it...." 

"Jibril can only admire Master's iron will." 

-at this time.... 

An atmosphere different from the average NPCs(girls) appeared, causing Jibril and Sora to lift up 
their guns. 

What they saw-expressionless eyes, pointing the gun at Sora and company- 

".Oh, it's only Steph." 

Saying these words, Sora unhesitatingly shot 8 bullets. 

Those shots didn't connect with Steph. However, with the exception of her underwear, Steph's 
clothes were eliminated without a trace. 



"I'll leave the rest to you." 

"Yes, sire." 

Jibril silently obeyed her Master's orders, and shot Steph's forehead. 

"Ahh—Jibril is soooo naughty—! Eeaving me behind, I won't ever let you leave me ~?" 
"....Bringing this guy here was very stupid." 

■ Spectators' floor ■ 

[I, Izuna] 

After waiting for another opportunistic moment, Ino reported to Izuna again. 

[Ah....How do I say this....Anyways, it looks like they are merciless towards their own people.] 

Ino could only report it like this. 

Looking at the cruel treatment, not just the audience, but even Kurami was stunned. 

(....That child, is....Working hard.) 

Knowing the treatment that Steph undergoes due to Sora's memories, Kurami felt sympathy. Fii 
then said to Kurami: 

((Kurami....! feel that you and Steph-san could be good friends yo~.)) 

-the meaning behind this sentence, Kurami decided to not pursue it. 

■ In the game ■ 

....Almost two hours have passed since the start of the game. 

And now- 

"....It finally came down to a defensive war." 

Sora murmured, his first coat was already gone as he stood vigilant. 

For him to have gotten hit once, was it because of his amazing judgmental skills? 

Or was it simply the idea that [No one wants to see a naked man] that struck him? 

Shiro had already lost her jacket-uniform, leaving her with only a white shirt and knee-length 


Originally, Jibril was dressed skimpily, and she has already lost a few buttons. If she gets shot one 
more time, a seene whieh was unhealthy for the audienee would appear. 

-they are currently [Trapped in a state of worries]. 

Izuna kept attaeking whilst mixed with the NPCs(girls), causing them to have eold sweat. 

".Our attaeks aren't working....Its just a matter of time right?" 

"Shiro-san, the next taetie is-: 


Jibril seemed quite anxious, but Shiro was also clutching her head. 

The floor of the park was filled with formulae. Shiro looked at these while biting her nail. 

-no, there was no final caleulation that was usable. 

The caleulation was perfect, but this couldn't be done- 

Seeing the anxiety-filled face appearing on Shiro's face, Jibril shed a eold sweat and whispered to 

"...Master....This is too messy, even for Shiro-san...." 

"No, it's possible." 

However, Sora denied Jibril's words with a strong and undoubting tone while glancing around the 

"I can't do it in games, but Shiro ean, it has always been like this, and will be so in the future." 
-beeause of this sentence. 

Shiro's mind thought of the completion of the method. 

But that-was too.... 

Shiro nervously whispered: 

"...Nii Shiro?" 

"Ahhhhh? You think that Nii doubts you?" 

Avoiding the swooping NPCs(girls), Sora engaged with them while replying. 

-indeed, thinking baek. 

Because that game of reversi-the game carried out against Kurami. 

Shiro thought of the words she had yet to say to Sora. 

"....Then Nii....Next time....It's your turn-oh." 

"Ah, what?" 

Shiro slightly raised her mouth. 

On the ground filled with formulae, Shiro forcefully waved her hand at the last variable-and 


-A [Nii]. 

Then-the sun shone on the figure. 

Izuna jumped out from the walls surrounding the park, shooting the bullet that headed to Sora. 
"Shit...! Jibril cover me-!" 

Unable to avoid it, Sora immediately ealled Jibril to take the blow to allow him to reeover. 

Just when the hullet was about to hit Sora- 


Shiro faced against the upcoming hullet-and plunged. 

With their hacks facing the sun, Izuna shot a bullet towards Sora while moving in between 

It was barely an attack, but yet she felt it had a good feeling. Izuna couldn't see the results, so she 
went to the roof of the building closest to the park and listened. 

"No bouncing sound-it hit, des?" 

This sentence prompted Ino to answer. 

After confirming Shiro's heartbeat, Ino instantly replied. 

[Shiro's heartbeat is steady-completely relaxed, means she is unable to control herself. You hit, 


Then, Shiro's expressionless eyes glazed over Sora as she aimed the muzzle at him. 

Whether it was Sora or Jibril, even the spectators in the room, they all thought of the same thing. 

-exceeding Izuna.It was the birth of Imanity's worst enemy. 

Sora wanted to pull some distance away from Shiro-but he stood still and stopped his 


He fired at Shiro, stretched out his wrist-band to block the bullet. 

"Jibril! Above!" 

At the same time, Izuna wouldn't let this chance go and would attack again-! 

Towards this speculation, Sora was confident. He threw the grenade in the air and Jibril shot it. 

A flash appeared. Jibril rolled on the ground while firing at any silhouettes she saw. 

But Sora didn't have time to confirm the situation. 

Shiro's gun ignited again, causing Sora to stretch out his left foot in front of the muzzle. 

Hearts scattered, his left shoe-disappeared together with the bullet. 

(Once the bullet is fired-avoiding is impossible! Must not let her shoot!!) 

-then, he saw Shiro sliding on the ground, muzzle pointed on the ground. 


Understanding the significance of that action, Sora shouted out. 

She was sliding-to attack from a position Sora is unaware of. 

Facing against the the ground-launched bullets that were fired three times, or eight times, or maybe 

more-the bouncing bullets increased, sealing any chance of Sora gaining time to fight back and 

hit Sora when he was unable to dodge anymore. This was a clear conviction, causing Sora's blood to 

As he bowed to dodge, he also took off his remaining right shoe and kicked. 

The bullet shot hit Sora's shoe, making it disappear. 

-prevented, but.... 

Sora was out of balance, his shoe was gone, and for the next attack, he didn't have any ways to 
block it. 


fibril immediately responded upon hearing Sora's voice. She tread ten meters in one step and picked 
up Sora. 

At the second step, she went another fifty meters, before jumping. 

However, the [Bouncing curtain] Shiro shot out, calculated even fibril's entrance and escape route. 
The metal band on fibril's arm was shaved off. 

-as previously experienced by Izuna, the attack that had demonic calculation, could even force 

the most combatant race out of the [Sixteen races] to have chills. 

Finally managing to land, fibril placed Sora down, but Shiro had already turned her body and was 
ready for the next attack. 

"....It finally ended eh." 

She finally experienced what Shiro was capable of-the techniques that even cheats couldn't 

stand up to. 

fibril murmured while trembling, there was no chance of winning if Shiro's formula wasn't used. 

"....Master, as to why Shiro would protect Master, I simply cannot understand-" 

"Yeah-because I understand, so it's okay if you don't." 

Sora said forcefully and watched the park filled with formulae. 

"The variable [Nii]....Nii, which means me." 

Cold sweat dripping down his face, Sora had a stiff smile. 

"Including the situation where Shiro becomes an enemy, [Me] being a variable to complete the 

equation-this would lead us to a [Convincing victory], like a magical formula....Am I right? 


Sora started laughing. At this time, Shiro pointed her gun at him. 

....Grasping unto this position, following the bouncing bullet, and avoiding the bullets Shiro shot. 
This became Sora's new goal. 

There was only one way to escape this. 

Predicting Shiro's every attack-Shiro would take into account that her bullets would be 

avoided. So to completely predict her, he had to exceed her-which meant that in the face of the 

horrifying situation, he had to use the best answer to achieve a victory. 

foke-it was definitely [Impossible]. 

Having Shiro as an opponent and to win her using the same method, was just like an apple flying 
upwards, an impossible feat. 

"....fibril, please handle Izuna." 

Hearing these words, fibril swallowed her saliva-in this situation where the slightest mistake 

would cost everything, Sora intends on sending his largest combat power away. 

"...Is that alright?" 

"We can't handle Shiro even if we are together, we won't be able to stop Izuna if she attacks now. If 
there was anyone who could clash with that person, it's only you-please buy as much time as 


This also included the possibility that Jibril would become Izuna's [Love slave]-the risk of 

being an enemy. 

If that comes, it will really be over. 


"Buying time isn't a problem for me-" 

Jibril smiled. 

"But taking her down should be" 

".You are learning fast with our world's knowledge eh. If you can defeat her, then it would be 

best, but I'll make a comment, that will be a death flag oh?" 

"What.Then I'll just knock her down normally." 

Concluding her sentence, Jibril kicked the ground. 

The first jump brought her to the tenth floor of a building, while the second jump brought her one 
hundred meters up the air. 

Then, a bullet came from behind Jibril as she was in the air-^but she dodged it. 

"As I've expected-thank you for letting me find you effortlessly." 

Catching the figure in the direction of the bullet-Izuna, Jibril sneered. 

She landed lightly on the fifteenth floor of a building, and raised her gun to face Izuna. 

Jibril did a curtsy with her skirt and said to Izuna: 

"Hello, puppy." 

"Hey, I've a feeling of deja vu....We lost against the Eastern Union in the past, and the opponent 
from then-should be you right?" 

Jibril squinted her eyes in response to Izuna's silence. 

"I see, I've always been in doubt as to why I lost to Werebeasts, but now I understand." 

Jibril showed an angelic smile. 

"The wisdom that Werebeasts got, was [Luring the opponent into a space where they could cheat] 
right...-^because Master said that it was a tactic, so I won't complain, but I can say it here." 

Then, with her clear-pitched voice-she let out killing intent. 

"Asking a stupid dog to have a [Sense of shame] or [Self-esteem], is probably asking too much." 
Izuna shed a cold sweat and took a step back. 

-ranked sixth in position, the Fliigel. 

If this was prior to the [Ten Oaths], confrontation was equivalent to destruction, an existence 
superior to others. 

Although the humans Sora and Shiro gave her a surprise, but her originally most alert opponent 
from the outset was in front of her eyes. 

Instinctual screams came from her Werebeast blood. 

Asking her to throw down her firearm, cry and plead for mercy. 

The person in front of her eyes was-[Death]. 

But Izuna repressed her instinets with rational thoughts and held the gun tighter. 

"Okay, although Master asked me to buy time, I'll play with you since this is a rare opportunity. 
Jibril smiled sweetly, but those eyes were as if they were looking at trash. 

"All your dirty tricks, feel free to use it." 

Both of them kicked the ground, crushing the concrete and jumped up. 

With godspeed, they pulled out-[Melty Melty gun]. 

The two races from the [Sixteen race] possessing the strongest physical abilities, will they fall in 
love(Get rid of) with the opponent or forced to love the opponent(gotten rid of)? 

-In this LOVEorLOVED, the two figures exchanged-!! 

Part 7 

-Sora was running in the alley, when a bullet flew past his forehead. 

He couldn't be complacent just because he successfully dodged a bullet. 

The shooter was Shiro. Even if he avoided it once, she would attack again. 

Think! With that much bouncing shots, what was the most unexpected action I can take!? 

I have no time, I can't make any mistakes, and yet you want me to get the answer a second! 
"Whoaaaaa this is it!!" 

Sora shouted at the bullet flying in his direction and started performing backward jumps to dodge 
the bullet. 

Subsequently, the next bullet went before Sora's eyes. 

"-damn, even these actions were predicted!" 

The main reason as to why he barely escaped that bullet was.His processing speed and jumping 

distance was a little beyond what Shiro had thought. But-the attack next time would be 


Sure enough, with his little sister as his opponent, he couldn't win the prediction war. 

"Ahh~! What do you want me to do, Shiro!" 

Sora shouted out while running. 

So far, Sora was barely able to avoid Shiro's attacks because of the gap in physical ability. 

Shiro didn't have strength, so she couldn't run. If she did, she would get tired and her shooting 
wouldn't be accurate. 

The advantages in distance and physical ability bought Sora some time to think. 

(Bluffing and scaring her is meaningless. With machine-like ability to use Mathematics to predict 

the enemy's action and seal their actions.If someone designed this kind of enemy in a game, the 

players won't win, and the producers will get scolded!) 

Running into a roadway with complex routes, Sora rushed into the big building he saw. 

Only the Eastern Union designer would know what this building was, but- 

(A large hall with a curve design-if it curves even more, the bullet would bounce-) 

But, intuition warned him, forcing him to run across the place and kick down a nearby table. 

With a *Pa* sound-the bullet hit the table. 

Blocking Shiro's attack, Sora felt fear instead of having a peaee of mind. 


Sora's body sank, and he tumbled out before jumping. 

Following that, a bullet hit the curved eeiling before bouncing behind the table. 

"Easily calculating out the bouneing angle from a curved region!? No matter what, that is too much 
of an exaggeration, Shiro!" 

My sister, you are kidding right-Sora wanted to yell out. 

"Damn, no, this is not a problem to be solved by topographieal differenees...!" 

-Run. Run faster, but don't have an irregular pace! 

Going beyond her prediction, over-predict what she is going to predict! 

Run to the roof! Onee I'm at the roof, there will be a limited number of bullets that ean bounce- 

(-this must be within her prediction range, but still, in an un-manipulative state, she eould 

predict the most appropriate course of action-) 

With the feeling of hopelessness lingering in Sora, he suddenly-had a doubt. 

(Wait a second, isn't this strange.) 

Up to now, Shiro hadn't run yet. 

When Sora intends to leave the firing range, she would block the retreat route and shorten the 

Not eonsuming energy, not fatigued, a continuous precise shooting, but- 

(.If she wanted to hit me, she should run and that would present an opportunity to shoot...) 

The one who commanded Shiro to not run-should be Sora himself 

That's beeause when fighting with Izuna, aeeuraey was needed. 

Then if she solely wanted to defeat me, what was the problem in being breathless? 

This was the same if it was Jibril too, then- 

".This is bad if I got it wrong...But...." 

He could only trust on it, Sora thought. 

Kicking the door, he went on the roof. 

"Fuu, fuu....Okay, Shiro? Nii is almost at his limit, this treatment is too much for an otaku like 

Chasing behind Sora was Shiro, whose eyes-were still expressionless. 

She walked unsteadily, pointing the muzzle at Sora. 

(Tenth floor, no other tall buildings nearby-) 

"Ah~ Shiro....If I'm really wrong-" 

He was about to say [Sorry], but he dispelled that idea. 

This was a right answer, this was neither an error of judgement nor is it wrong. 

When gambling with Kurami, he also handed Shiro this kind of burden. 

Up till now, as a brother-he absolutely earmot be wrong! 


Kicking the concrete floor, Sora bolted. 

He saw Shiro pulling the trigger. 

Sora waved the sleeve left from the first eoat. 

Shiro undoubtedly aimed at his forehead-Sora threw the sleeve in the bullet's trajeetory. 

Hit, the last part from his first coat disappeared together with the bullet. 

".Nii..I love you?" 

Shiro tightly clutched onto Sora, while Sora replied baek: 

"-yes, Nii loves you the most." 

[Izuna, now.] 

-as if responding to the words in her ear. 

Izuna jumped out from a window in the opposite building 

What her eyes and gun muzzle captured was, Sora and Shiro on the roof. 

The final attack, Izuna encountered the situation for it. 

Sora was hugging Shiro who couldn't control herself, at the roof of the building. 

Unable to change his posture, unable to escape. 

(-what a waste of my effort, des.) 

But faeing against the approaehing Izuna, Sora's eyes didn't catch her. 

"....Haha, how naive." 

Sora happily smiled, from his hand was a-grenade. 


Against the thrown grenade, Izuna reflexively shot it-she regretted it immediately. 

(No-my mistake, des!) 

The flash appeared, burning Izuna's retina. 

Then the sound of the exploding grenade paralysed her eardrums, bloeking her hearing. 

In her flicking vision, Izuna barely escaped from a bullet that pierced through the smoke. Izuna had 
to admit that-this was just by ehance. 

(, not right, des.) 

It didn't matter as to how she got predieted. 

The more important question was- 

(How did he manage to do such a precise shot, des!) 

Holding onto Shiro who couldn't control herself, Sora managed a precise shot without aiming. 

Even if Sora was a gamer, humans shouldn't be able to do that kind of thing- 

However, Izuna's thoughts were interrupted. 

She still pereeived it even when her five senses have yet to stabilise. 

In the embraee of Sora- 

Supposedly in a state of being uneontrollable-Shiro. 

The muzzle of her gun was calm, mechanically and incomparably correctly-aligned with Izuna. 

It was obvious that her eyes were elear and were direetly staring at her- 

"Beeause of this moment-you didn't run and save your physical strength right? Shiro." 

"...Nii....I love you." 

The same line as before-but Shiro had a proud smile while reciting it out. 

■ Spectators' floor ■ 

"How is it-!" 

Seeing the scene displayed, Ino lamented out. 

Ino kept conveying the conversations to Izuna. 

The timing to an attack and the instruction on attacking, should have been perfect. 

He was always [Listening] to Sora's heartbeat as he escaped and Shiro's heartbeat as she chased. 

The state of being uncontrollahle after being hit by the Melty Melty gun was [15 seconds] in 
accordance to the rules. 

But not [2 seconds] have passed since Sora hit Shiro. 

Sora did indeed hit Shiro, he even heard the gunshot, so...Why!? 

-At this moment, both Izuna and Ino thought of the same possibility. 

■ In the game ■ 

(It hit the clothing, camouflaging the attack, des?) 

Shiro who was held by Sora. 

If the shot was fake, the clothing should've disappeared-^but there were not substantial 


However, Izuna suddenly saw clothes floating down, causing her to change her thoughts. 

Izuna looked at the curve between Shiro's leg and waist 

She thought of the nonsensical act Sora did at first- 

(Unless-he really did....) 

At a critical moment, the stage which related to Imanity's fate. 

(-he really aimed and shot at the [Underwear], desl?) 

This was a stupid conclusion-but it didn't fully explain the situation. 

If the shot was supposed to act as a camouflage, then Shiro should still be Izuna's companion(love 

But Shiro [Pointed a gun at herself]. This narrowed down the conclusion to only-one. 

As if mocking Izuna's thoughts, Sora said: 

"You finally found out? From the start-Shiro was never your companion." 

The shot that Sora was sheltered from-was a superb acting that even fooled him. 

Looking at Shiro's white shirt, there was something different. 

Just like playing spot the differences, a button was lacking. 

At that time, Shiro sacrificed a button to block Izuna's attack. 

Shiro was capable of predicting the trajectory within millimeters-and started the superb acting. 

■ Spectators' floor ■ 

(How-how could it be!) 

Ino couldn't accept this fact as he cried out in his heart. 

(Sora was really panicking! And Shiro's heartbeat was nothing special, it had no tension!) 

From the moment Shiro got hit by Izuna, her heartbeats-had remained the same. 

Being in a relaxed state of mind, calm and stable heartbeats. 

However, if it was like that, then what this meant- 

(She even fooled her own brother!?) 

Not nervous, not shaken, not excited-unhesitantly deceiving one's own brother. 

Without any discussing, a completely improvised way, the coordination was perfect... 

■ In the game ■ 

-but for Izuna who was experiencing it, that kind of thing didn't matter anymore. 

Regardless of what kind of tricks the enemy used, there was only one meaning to this situation 
(I fell for it-des.) 

Which meant that once again, she fell into the plot orchestrated by the enemy. 

Because she avoided the first shot, her body was off-balance. Also-the attacker was that [Shiro]. 

No matter what she couldn't dodge it anymore. The clothes she used as a shield were almost gone. 

(But-this is how I like it, des.) 

The window where Izuna broke out-inside. 

There was a silhouette of someone aiming a gun inside the dark room, when a muzzle flash 

Losing to Izuna-[Becoming the enemy, Jibril]. 

The bullet shot flew sharply across the sky, heading towards Sora and Shiro. 

(You arranged an over-conceited trap-^but this shall end it, des.) 

Izuna was two steps ahead of them. 

If this was the case, then it was really over- 

Izuna believed that she has won. 

-at this time, a sense of trembling and nervousness struck Izuna's body. 

Shiro pulled the trigger, firing one bullet. 

Where she aimed-was not Izuna. 

Izuna felt goosebumps. 

This was...The Werebeasts' genuine-[Sixth sense]. 

She realised that from the start, Shiro's gun was aiming at someone behind her. 

It was aiming at Jibril. 

-but even if they found out, who would've thought of it? 

Aiming at the bullet Jibril fired out- 

After hitting the bullet, it would bounce towards Izuna-who would think out such a 

preposterous thing. 

Experieneing countless strategies and insights. 

What she planned out, this-no, even planning was not possible. 

The bullets collided with each other behind Izuna-^bounce, the bullet came from Izuna's death 


That was a fatal blow that was impossible to detect. 

Fooling her brother, fooling herself, fooling Izuna, fooling Ino, even fibril was even calculated into 
the plan. 

It was Godlike-no, the attack that stemmed from demonic calculations was impossible to avoid. 

Yes, an attack that was certain to hit. 

-it was usually the case. 

"-interesting, des!!" 

Izuna grinned, full of arrogance. 

At the same time, her body's blood flowed uncontrollably, breaking her capillaries, dyeing her eye 
and body hair with blood, increasing her nerve's temperature, causing her cells to boil and muscle to 
spit fire(?), even the laws of physics started weeping. 

-[Blood Devastation]. 

The red figure that broke her own physical limits- 

Izuna, with her hands stained with blood-silently disappeared. 

As there were both humans, Sora and Shiro didn't detect. 

Izuna's hand which moved at speeds humans are unaware of-caught the space. 

Faster than the speed of sound, her hand condensed the friction caused by the atmosphere, catching 
her falling body. 

Then it followed by a [Kick]. 

With outrageous strength, Izuna repressed inertia and gravity, and the sure-kill bullet coming from 

Went past her...With the slightest in difference. 

-what kind of outrageous theory is that? 

Nobody could understand and accept those kind of skills in theory. 

But for the people familiar with this game, there was one word to explain this phenomenon. 

Seeing how Izuna changed her posture, her crimson eyes and gun pointing at his forehead, Sora 
couldn't help but-smile bitterly. 

"-she jumped two times in the air, are you kidding me." 

This was the [Blood Devastation] that fibril mentioned- 

Reaching the physical limits of Werebeasts, going beyond the boundaries of the world. 

There was the sound of one bullet fired. 

But at that time, two bullets headed towards the both of them. 

There was no obstacle in their trajectory-just two magical bullets hitting their foreheads 


The motionless Sora and Shiro fell without resistanee, as if disearded broken toys. 

Izuna finally landed on the ground, eausing huge eraeks in the tarmae floor. 


Breathing heavily, she demonstrated her fighting heart, showing the violenee in an animal's 

Her body stained with fresh blood, the air exposed to it gradually turned blaek- 

■ Speetators's floor ■ 


The spectators were all silent. 

Kurami was also speechless, even Fii who was looking at the same screen was speechless. 

-this was the Werebeasts from the fourteenth rank of the [16 races] 

Up till this point, Kurami understood, although it was too late- 

Why would the Eastern Union agree to this game? 

Why did they agree to hold an [Open Match] which limits the number of cheats usable. 

Yes, because Sora set numerous traps, but there should be other ways right. 

Even so, the Eastern Union agreed to this game, that was most simple answer. 

No matter how much they calculated and how much they strategized-they will always be 

[Overwhelmed by the performance gap], this absurd and irrational reason overturned everything 

Higher ranked than the Humans by two-but they were overwhelming [Monsters]. 

booking at that, even Kurami swallowed her saliva in despair. 

-winning was impossible. 

Fii's silence and fibril's defeat says it all. 

In a competition that seals off all magic, to be able to beat down these monsters under these 

Sadly-it couldn't be found in the [16 races] 

Izuna herself-the Werebeasts' existence, was the most fearsome in that space. 

(This is....The essence of the Eastern Union game...?) 

It was hard to see that this was an [Impossible game]. 

This is the true face of the Eastern Union game- 

After a moment of consternation to restore his calmness, Ino cooled his mind down. 

He didn't dare to carelessly check about Sora and Shiro's heartbeats. 

-Both of their heartbeats were steady, so hiding the fact that they got struck in the forehead by 

bullets was impossible. 

But at the same time, he realised that Izuna's heartbeat was extremely violent. 

As if the sound would get heard throughout the floor and the heart would suddenly burst out. 

[You downed them, Izuna. Its enough, calm your blood down now!] 

Ino called out to Izuna with cold sweat dripping down his face. 

■ In the game ■ 

"-fuu!-fuu!. .Fuuuuuuuu...." 

Izuna couldn't hear Ino's voice. 

She however knew that she had taken down both people, even without his report. 

It was not because she saw the two person lying on the ground motionless, but [Intuition] that 
discerned that [They were downed]. 

The move Izuna adopted went beyond the limits of the Werebeasts, forcibly twisting the laws of 

She slowed down her heartbeat, making sure that her heart functioned normally. 

Remembering about the laws of physics, a sudden intense pain struck her body. 

-her body was heavy, even when she desperately tried to adjust the air, her breathing was not 


Her muscles tore, her blood vessels burst, and her nerves melted- 

The literal meaning of [Bad], even standing still was laboriously for Izuna. 

But that was okay, because this was the price to pay for doing that. 

That way- 

"...I win, des..." 

Izuna painfully spoke while standing up. 

Her gaze fell onto the unmoving Sora and Shiro, as she tried to say something. 


This was too simple. 

Too abrupt- 

The bullet.hit Izuna's hand. 


....Don't say it was Izuna- 

Even the crowd of spectators.Ino, Kurami, even Fit. 

Everyone cried out in surprise, and looked behind Izuna- 

The direction where Izuna got shot from. 

In the direction was. 

Clinging onto the back of an NPC(girl), with her eyes closed and a gun held in her outstreched hand 

".Sora, Sora, is, is this okay? Can I open my eyes now?" 

Steph was there. 

Yes, Izuna couldn't notice and escape from the attack even with her [Sixth sense]. 

Just like what Sora had said, the development in anything requires information to be obtained first. 

To use that kind of cheat, was in the domain of Magic and unorthodox uses. 

The formula Shiro kept writing in the park-was not to defeat Izuna. 

But the pattern of the wandering NPCs(girls)-[Wandering Algorithms], such things were 

clueless to Izuna. 

Which meant-it was to calculate the [Energy(power of love)] used to attract wandering 

NPCs(girls). Shiro was calculating the usage of another plan. 

From the start of the battle to the place where they were cornered, the tactics that they used before 
the battle against Shiro, was for a tactical calculation. 

Since the start of the game, Shiro's calculation from start to end- 

Was to create the formula for this instance. 

"...Even with your [Sixth sense], can you think of it?" 

The word [Defeat] appeared to notify the end of the game. 

With everything over, Shiro and Sora stood up and said: 

"The bullet that Shiro shot to deflect Jibril's. The real target Shiro intended to hit was not you, but 


"Clinging onto the NPC(girl)'s back, her eyes closed, the transported-Steph." 

Hearing these words, Izuna widened her eyes in surprise. 

In her line of sight, the bullet that was going to hit was hers. 

The bullet that headed towards Izuna because of the bounce-was Jibril's. 

The reason why the bounce needed to be outside her line of sight, was not to create a situation 
where the attack couldn't be dodged- 

But to prevent Izuna from realising the target of the bullet.? 

Before the game, Sora gave Steph a [Special curse]. 

And that was- 

"Obey the orders that Shiro writes on the ground, but lose that memory-^bounding this with the 


Sora gave a wry smile. 

"In that state of being clung to the NPC(girl), the orders of [Resupplementing the power of love 
after 10 seconds] and [Move the fort] to attack Izuna...That kind of formula, will even trouble 

Inducing Steph, allowing her to head towards Izuna unknowingly. 

Around that time, Sora was about to fake-shoot Shiro. 

They speculated that Izuna would attack at that time, and receive Jibril's help as well. 

Making use of the shot by Jibril that got deflected to Izuna, was all [Within] the plans. 

"Because the NPC(girl) have to carry, so there won't be any footsteps; because there were no 
memories, so there were no killing intent;because she was in a state of being unable to [Control], 
she wasn't conscious. But following the Oaths, only the actions were implemented. Steph's 

existence was beginning to disappear after the start of the game-allowing Izuna to get 

exhausted, and use a negligent moment to shoot...." 

Sora stressed [If you could guess it, so be it], before laughing out. 

"-not even your [Sixth sense] would know about this right?" 

Ino stared at the screen, his heart yelling out. 

(Impossible! That sort of thing isn't in the [Plan] anymore! That is-!) 

But, as if mocking him in general, Sora raised his mouth. 

"[Isn't that predieting the future]-is what you are thinking right? Old man." 


Sora smirked, while Shiro gave a smile too. 

"You-- were monitoring our heart rates and reporting to Izuna right?" 

-1 was diseovered? No! 

It wasn't that simple, indeed, this would explain everything then. 

[....I see, so I was used....] 

Izuna figured out, just like what Sora had said- 

"Yes-there were two ways to achieve the final results." 

That was, taetieal action and corresponding aetion. 

Every game is dictated by these two unwavering rules. 

"We always had the initiative, but that was all. You thought that you were the initiator, but we 
controlled your movements-so the results were [Inevitable], not [Predicting the future]." 

"Oh yeah, Shiro." 


"Why was [Nii] written as the last variable? Since you had your conseiousness from the beginning 
to the end, you should've foreseen this earlier right?" 

"....Liar.I won't be seen through...." 

Even if their heartbeats were monitored and they could fake the shot, they still couldn't fake the 
psychologieal changes. 

So-Shiro managed to overcome it, pulling it off while being in a relaxed state. 

Confident of not being able to win even if it was a serious battle. 

Being trusting so that one's intentions could be seen through. 

"....That kind of person...." 

Can definitely be the [variable]. 

From the start where she beeame sensible, up till today- 

The eonvenient [Magic number], Shiro only knew of one. 

"....Aside from [Nii]...No one else...." 

The things Sora couldn't do, Shiro could. 

So-vice versa. 

Sora smiled and said: 

"Yes, we have no obligation to fight [The battle]." 

"Humans have their own ways of doing things, the matter of fighting a lion bare-handed, we'll just 
give it to the lion." 

Part 8 

Cheers enveloped the entire floor. On the stage, the people regained conseiousness. 

Once Shiro who was holding hands with Sora opened her eyes, she began to speak. 

"....Oh yeah, Nii." 

"Un? What's the matter? Little sister." 

Perhaps feeling the reluctanee to let go, Sora held her hand and said. 

-Even in the game, when they were split up, Sora was quite frightened. 

"....I deliberately left my jaeket....So why...Shoot my underwear....?" 

"What? Don't ask these kind of ineomprehensible questions, my little sister!? How could I allow the 
viewers to see Shiro naked!?" 

"That kind of saying, does it mean that it's fine if it's me!" 

The one who woke up slightly later was the MVP-Steph who yelled angrily. 

"Okay okay, Dora-chan, there is no doubt that Dora-chan's excellent performance won us that right? 
How does it feel to have the fate of Elchea resting in your hands?" 

"Can I be honest? I won't do such a thing anymore!!" 

To, to have the ability to eontrol the fate of Imanity in her hands. 

She shouted out that if Sora had not forced her to [Forget the memories], she wouldn't accept this 
kind of task. 

At this time, Sora and Shiro stood up besides Steph. 

"Okay, isn't it time to announce the winner? Old man." 

Saying so, Sora urged Ino. 

"-winner, Elehea....Complying with the Oaths, the Eastern Union shall transfer all rights to the 

continents to the kingdom of Elchea..." 

Hearing Ino declare the conditions out with a solemn expression, the eheers of the crowd increased 

-Facing off against the Werebeasts, using one move to increase their territory size, who wouldn't 

be satisfied? 

But Ino's next words stunned the audience speechless. 

"-similarly, in compliance with the, Hatsuse Ino and....Hatsuse Izuna, our rights will 

be transferred from the Eastern Union-Elehea's two kings." 

"Un, very good." 

Sora nodded, Steph and audienee were still stunned. 

Yes-they requested for [Everything on the Eastern Union]. 

Resourees, territory-this meant that even their talent and technology were received. 

"As a result. I'll gain most of Eastern Union's teehnology, and even Izuna-ehan and every 
Kemonomimi will belong to me-fuu~ how tiring, hard work rewards oneself." 

Sora easily and freely said so, before stretehing himself. However, Steph was trembling. 

Sora previously said-[Conquer the world, the whole conquest, everything, leaving nothing 


The meaning behind that sentenee represents- 

At the same time, Steph eaught the figure of Izuna within her line of sight. 

She didn't stand up from the chair, her head was looking downwards. 

Seeing her like that, although Ino could only squeeze out something to say, nevertheless he tried to 
comfort Izuna and considerately said some words to her: 

"Izuna....You are not responsible.This was issued by the country, the things I commanded you to 


-finally, Steph understood what Sora had said. 

The lowered head, the trembling thin shoulders; she was resting a heavy responsibility on her 

-The rights to everything on continental part of Eastern Union, this was indeed a heavy 


Losing would result in the loss of many people.They were all compatriots to Izuna. For them to 

lose their families, homes, jobs, forcing them to live on the streets-they may even die. 

Steph recalled what she had said: 

-[How are you going to be responsible!?] 

-How can you afford to bear this burden! 

Dozens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of [Lives] were entrusted-to the sole representative. 

Nobody could afford to bear such a huge responsibility. 

The one who's looking down on the [King].Was not Sora. 

(It was me....right.) 

Steph hung her head down, but Sora suddenly spoke out: 

"Thaf s not right, Izuna." 


"-because you played it feeling [Happy], so you don't know what to do right?" 

Both Ino and Izuna suddenly thought: 

When Izuna resorted to using [Blood Devastation]- 

She clearly and explicitly said it. 

-she said that it was [Interesting]. 

" could it be, des." 


"Because if I lost, many people would suffer, des." 

Izuna wouldn't admit this. 

"But-this is how it happened, des." 

How was she able to admit it-then... 

"Why-why am I laughing, des!?" 

The memory where Izuna fought in the air flashed past her mind- 

At that instant, she clearly felt [Happy]. 

"That time, if I didn't think of those things, I could've won!? Because of Izuna, lots of people will 

die!! This was all because Izuna-felt happy!!" 

"I, Izuna, calm down-you are-" 

Izuna didn't know what to do and started crying loudly, her weeping voice silencing the entire floor. 

Ino didn't know how to deal with this, so he could only hold onto her shoulders and try to comfort 

But-Sora didn't stop. 

"Rest assured, Izuna." 

He went to the frantic Izuna, and gently spoke out: 

"No matter what Izuna did, the winner will always be us." 

Sora said, his face full of smiles. Everyone on the entire floor stood frozen. 

Doesn't this man have a better method to comfort people-Steph thought with a defeated 


However, Sora knelt down and stroked Izuna's head. 

"And also, you seemed to be mistaken-no one will die, no one will suffer either." 


"This world is a game; it's just that everyone is incorrect." 

That-Sora also said the same kind of words to Jibril and Steph before. 

But he has yet to explain the meaning behind that sentence. 

"It looks like you don't agree with my sentence, so we'll play a game." 

Saying so, Sora made another proposal. 

"With no tricks and cheats, a one versus one duel." 

Revealing a mischievous smile, Sora said the proposal out. 

"If I win. I'll tell you the basis of my claims. If I lose-we'll become friends okay?" 

Part 9 

The spectators watched the screen, what reflected from it was the central of a junction. 

Resembling a western movie, a gust of wind blew and lifted up paper. Everyone's eyes were glued 
to the screen. 

On the screen, there were two figures that faced off. 

Imanity's king, Sora. 

And representative of the Eastern Union, Izuna. 

Shiro, Steph, and Ino were watching the screen that reflected them. 

Kurami stared at the screen attentively, her vision shared with Fii. 

Then-same as before, a fierce battle was about to begin. 

Although the outcome of this match was minor, the thousand-strong spectators stared intently at the 

Sora's proposal to this game was very simple. 

They were to duke it out, with their physical strength. 

-impossible to win. 

Those that witnessed Izuna's previous red figure, all thought so. 

Indeed, Sora and company did defeat her in that state, but it wasn't a duel from the front. 

It relied on resourcefulness, strategy, numerous traps to finally beat her. 

Reaction speed and velocity, humans can never win against those red monsters. 

Since everything on the continental part of Eastern Union was seized, even Izuna and Ino would be 

Sora had long gained ownership of Izuna. 

So the proposal, that was the right [To become friends], it was a euphoric comfort. 

However, at the same time, the spectators were thinking. 

This man, this [King], half of Imanity's strongest gamblers-the fraud master.... 

Will things simply end as to what he said? 

"Then let's begin, using the coin toss, the shooting duel begins once the coin hits the ground." 

Izuna's wordless response was seen as an acceptance to Sora. 

The high-pitched sound of the coin resounded, flying high up in the sky. 

Unable to see his expression, Izuna's black eyes gazed at Sora's face. 

-he was the only character that has won against her. 

He single-handedly seized the entirety of the Eastern Union, cornering a large number of 

He said that [No one would die], to lure herself in. 

-the sound of the coin hitting the floor sounded out. 

But....Izuna lowered her head, without any intention of using her gun. 

"Wuu....You really chose that side ah." 

Sora said this, and slowly pointed the gun at Izuna. 

....Indeed, if Izuna lost, Sora would reveal the evidence as to why [No one would die]. 

If that was an acceptable reason, then Izuna would be liberated from her responsibility. 

Even if it was an unacceptable reason, she didn't need to become [Friends] with someone who 
deceived her. 

No matter what people think, these were the conditions that were already arranged for Izuna to lose. 
-that was all. 

Eosing deliberately, and hear the reason why nobody would die. 

Just like that-just like that- 

"....Well, can I be honest?" 

Sora sighed. 

His face full of disappointment, Sora placed his finger on the trigger and pulled it. 

"I'm really disappointed in you, Izuna." 

_ ! 

"-Don't underestimate me, des!" 

Following the flash, at the same time when Sora's bullet flew out- 

Lifting her head, Izuna's eyes stained red. 

-[Blood Devastation], 

Faster than the speed of the bullet, the aetions of the [Beast]-Sora eouldn't see the speed-draw 

from Izuna. 

It was another outrageous aet that tore through the laws of physics, but it could also be said to be a 
godspeed speed-draw. 

Izuna fired a shot seconds later than Sora's, resulting in the collision of the bullets. This caused 
them to change their course. 

Izuna's second bullet aimed at Sora's head. 

After pulling the trigger-she thought: 

(-what am I doing, des?) 

Why did she want to win? 

This was the time to ask Sora [The reason why no one would die], for the sake of the Werebeasts 
and Eastern Union. 


Then, ignoring Izuna's struggle, the bullet skimmed past Sora's cheeks. 


It was as if-no, without question, she got predicted. 

At the same time, the second bullet Sora fired. 

Even with the Werebeasts'-[Blood Devastation], Izuna was only able to capture the bullet about 

to hit her chest. 

-he predicted that Izuna would fire two shots. 

Coordinating with the time when Izuna shot-which means, coordinating the split second when 

Izuna's five senses were blocked, he fired a second round. 

Feeling the bullet gradually entering into her chest, Izuna heard Sora's voice. 

"Yes, that is fine.This is Izuna's true feelings." 

Falling down, her view changed to the vast sky. 

"It is okay if you are worried about the loss of the Eastern Union and the people who would suffer 
from it. But the reason why you cried was also very simple." 

Sora then said to Izuna who was still blurry and didn't know how she lost: 

"-Its remorseful to lose for the first time, isn't it?" 

"If you don't feel remorse, then you aren't qualified as a gamer, but...." 

"-as such, you felt happy for the first time." 

"It was only a [Job] for you to win, finding no value in anything. It was natural for you to feel 
disgusted at people who didn't value their lives-Izuna wasn't wrong at this point." 


"....How? Betting everything to have an opponent that you eouldn't win against. How do you feel?" 
What flashed past Sora's mind, was a young girl he previously met. 

"Faeing against such an opponent, how do you yield? How do you win? How do you beat them 

Holding possibilities that were unimaginable by humans, a certain white-hair ruby-eyes girl. 
Recalling the moment when the attack began, Sora smiled with excitement: 

"To be conservative-isn't this the [Best] feeling?" 

-Perhaps that was correct. 

Perhaps that was the kind of impulse that was pushing Izuna onward. 

The enemy was someone who defeated her, because of this.Because of not wanting to get looked 

down upon, she must win next time. 

That kind of impulse....Must certainly be... 

"If you understand this, then we are already friends. Welcome to the players(our) side, Izuna." 

Izuna will certainly feel- 

That this was the first time she played a game when she was bom. 

"Okay, in accordance with the Oaths, I'll tell you the reason, so please lend me your lovely ears." 
Sora knelt down and told her, his voice as if like a mischievous child. 

But it was a kind of mischievousness that would make her happy. 

However, it also made people doubt if he was actually normal, to have-a fun prank. 

Hearing that [Reason], Izuna felt relieved and closed her eyes, gently smiling while replying: 

"Next time.I won't lose, des..." 

Part 10 

Looking at the scene displayed on the screen, everyone remained silent. 

The spectators couldn't utter any sound, prompting Steph to murmur out. 

"No way...." 

The reason speed, physical ability and even the five senses were overwhelming, but yet he still 
managed to beat her fairly. 

Judging from Izuna's character, she would shoot at his head. 

The inhibition of pressure and responsibility, yet she had a fiery hot and unyielding attitude. 
Predicting that she would collide with his bullet, he fired a second shot. 

Therefore, when the second bullet was launched-Sora had already fired his second 

unavoidable bullet. 

This was what Sora had said in his speech at the coronation. 

Kurami recalled the words she received from Sora back then. 

"-humans live with [Experience] and [Study], we can even obtain the wisdom to [Predict the 


Kurami recited out in a murmur, before turning to leave the floor. 

((Eh? Kurami, you can't see?)) 

(I've already seen what I need to see, the next is-Sora's work.) 

-^Not believing in humans, yet believing in the possibility of humans.Interesting. 

"Very well. I'll try to believe." 

Tearing off her black veil and tossing it aside, Kurami smiled. 

"Fii, after Sora is done tampering with your memories, we will immediately return-there is too 

much to be done." 

Part 11 

Camera OK, capacity OK, steam OK. 

"...Confirmed, the amount of steam is sufficient enough...good." 

Today I must succeed, Sora then said to the people behind: 

"Okay, everyone, don't be shy, you can come in now." 

"....Why must we take a bath? Des." 

"Because this was the [Ceremony to welcome a new companion] that Master set out. If Master 
wants light, then let there be light, we must proudly obey this." 

"Oh, Shiro, you've taken the initiative today, have you overcome your sense of disgust for baths 

"....Can wash...Izuna's tail....Expectant." 

Hearing her voice, yet he couldn't see-no, he can't see. 

But after experiencing this sort of thing for a number of times, he had no desire to back down now. 

This was entirely due to Kurami and Fii, allowing him to have a perfect performance in 

"Fuu, from the camera angles to the countermeasures by anti-fogging lenses. The standing and 
sitting position, even if it is not as good as Shiro's-there won't be any death angles!" 

Yes, Sora knew that it was fine even if he didn't worry. 

Because even if he couldn't pursue the paradise, he could at least confirm the residue of the 

Steph must be washing Shiro's hair, while Shiro is washing Izuna's tail. 

.Judging from the sound. 

"I hate bath, des." 

"....I agree....But now...Vetoed." 

"After the bath, I want a showdown, no breaching of contract, des." 

"....No problem, Nii will...oblige...." 

"Thaf s not necessarily right, he is a man that lies more than he breathes!" 

"Ahhh, Dora-chan, the one who is bad is the person cheated, this was recorded in the bible, don't 
you know?" 

"What kind of scamming bible is that." 

"That is the observation of Master that I've written down, it will definitely be the future's bible, so 
ealling this a bible now isn't going overboard." 

"How ean this be! The observations of these two people, isn't it all about perverted aetionsl?" 

ft I ft 

Patienee, patience, Sora. 

"Anyways, what is Sora-san doing?" 

"Whoaaaaaaaaaaa! Yaahhhaaaaaaaaal!" 

What suddenly appeared in front of Sora was- 

Strong muscles, and wearing a thong for the elderly-Ino. Sora shrieked. 

"Wh, why are you casually polluting this paradise! There is no need for an old man's naked body!" 

OH, GOD...The precise configuration I did for the camera, was it done in by this old man- 

Although it was not possible, unless it recorded it? 

If it recorded that stuff in, then the movie will turn into a muscle film. 

"Eh? I heard that this was the new welcoming ceremony by Sora-san." 

"Men are not needed, not to mention a muscular old man! Why did you swagger in! Didn't I say this 

"I did hear that kind of explanation, but I'm 98-years-old this year, way over 80-years old." 

"-Eh? Ah, un? Strange?" 

Wait-1 seemed to have heard something that I can't shake off, eighteen-year-old virgin Sora. 

Although this was huge, I must know the problem- 

"I heard the ethical requirements of Sora from Jibril-san." 

"Oh, ohhh." 

Please don't lean near me with those oppressive and lean muscles, Sora shouted in his heart. 

He almost couldn't say it out, but he still forced himself to answer. 

"No, I heard that Sora-san is 18-years-old." 

"Ye, yes." 

"Then you should be eligible to come into contact with Ml8 things." 

"Yeah, whaf s the problem?" 

Ino stroke his white beard and thought about it. 

"No, I was thinking. If Shiro-san is a problem for the current situation, then if Shiro-san were to 
wear clothes, and her eyes are blocked, then Sora-san does not need to think twice and enter in 
freely right?" 

-The world stopped rotating. 

"Ah, ahaha, ahahahaha....Waittttttt a moment, Hatsuse Ino-dono." 

"Yes, what's the matter?" 

"I, I can't neglect what you've just said." 

"Well, what I wanted to ask was this....Does Sora-san have any impression?" 


A slightly clear sound, went into Sora's ears. 

NO, how, this eouldn't be. 

But he didn't mishear it. 

"Th, that Shiro-san, what is the meaning of those astounding words [How dare you talk to me]?" 
Sora couldn't discern their bathing postures. 

But, Sora asked towards the area. After a moment of silence- 

".Shiro didn't say anything." 

"I'm sorry, Shiro-sensei, I have confidenee that that voice belonged to Shiro right! Could you 
explain-if you've already found out!?" 

"Hahaha....This must be the so-ealled karma, isn't it." 

"Argh—Say, old man! Because of this battle, I almost didn't notice. Who allowed you to see my 
little sister's body huh? Want me to gouge out your eyes?" 

"Ah, please relax, I'm really touched about the ethieal requirement of the prohibition towards 
looking at under-age bodies. I think Izuna received the same education too, so I'll close my eyes 

Grasping onto the situation just by hearing alone? 

Damn, this is the trouble with different races! 

"....Un, Izuna-chan.Must not let anyone see.OK...?" 

"?Although I don't really understand, but okay, des!" 

"Wait, Shiro-san, please don't change the subject okay, eh? Oi, then won't I be missing eountless 
numbers of paradise!?" 

At this time, Jibril knelt down at the side of Sora. 

"Master, please calm down, it is not too late yet." 

"Ye, yesh?" 

"Yes, sinee you already know, then this will be simple." 

Perhaps she was using magie, Jibril was drawing something with her fingertips. 

"I'll use the elemental particles to elad Master and the unworthy slave which is me. I'll isolate the 
sound, and as long as we prevent Shiro-san from facing here, my body belongs to Master, please 
feel free to make-" 

"...Jibril...Shut up." 

Shiro has joint ownership to Jibril together with Sora, so her one word caused Jibril to shut up. 
Shiro then used a sad voice to say to Sora: 

"-^Nii wants....To eover Shiro's eyes...and do nasty things....besides Shiro?" 

"Ha-Hahahaha! How eould I do something that is bad for my little sister's edueation 

hahahahaha DAMISnSINNAhahahahahah The world should die already ahahahahahah!" 

Sora who was finally broken, shouted out in the bathhouse. 

"...Say Sora-san." 

"What is it? Old man!! If you want to have a go at my rationality then-" 

"From today, my everything belongs to Sora-san." 

"-yeah, this is not a line I want to hear coming from a muscular elderly man who wears a 


Sora said weakly, feeling goosebumps all over. 

However, Ino maintained his smile. 

"And Izuna's everything belongs to Sora-san-in this case, can I say something?" 

Ino smiled cheerfully, and in the state where his eyes were closed, he whispered: 

"-what did you say to Izuna that tricked her, you da mn bald monkey." 

.Sora whispered to Izuna about the [Method that ensures no one dies]. 

Of course, there could never be such an easy method. 

This fraud master used a [Consolation that didn't exist], to deceive his granddaughter that was more 
important than his life. But since his rights were taken away, he was not allowed to revolt, and 
could only resist slightly. 

But Sora didn't face him, deliberately- 

"...You should keep quiet and watch this, old pops. Since you can't do anything." 

He deliberately chose offensive words to provoke him. 

Seeing his look, Ino's fist clenched even tighter. 

But, the next sentence, infuriated him even further- 

"Relax-there is one last surprise, you'll know it when the time comes." 

Sora showed an emboldened smile-but it was chilling to Ino. 

This man's words, revealed that he had another strategy. 

The anger and fear Ino felt, caused him to be speechless... 

Chapter 4 - Rule Number 10/Convergence Method 

Part 1 

Capital of Elchea - Elchea's King City. 

The two Imanity kings were sitting on the throne, busy playing games. 

However, there was an additional face present. 

"-Why-^why can't I win, des!?" 

The Kemonomimi girl dressed up in a kimono shouted out while clutching her black hair-she 

was Izuna. 

What she held in her hands was the DSP that the siblings brought from another world. 

"Hahaha, this is originally from my world. After solving out all the variables and thoroughly studied 
the game, we are like TAS players [12] . There is no way you can beat us that easily-" 

".Izuna-chan, give up....Like this...Much to learn...." 

Sora and Shiro laughed. Sora was currently controlling the DSP's left side while Shiro controlled 
the right side of the DSP. They were playing using weird methods. 

They'd only brought two consoles from the other world, so they had to make do with this. 

Although it looked to be a handicap, to Shiro and Sora, this reflected their true abilities as a two-in- 
one gamer. 

"I won't give up, des! One more time, des!" 

"Okay okay, keep those challenges coming, right? Shiro." 

"...Izuna-chan....Too reliant on eyes....Need....Predict...." 

"Oi, Shiro, don't spoil Izuna! You have to master that technique on your own!" 

The throne hall was full of lively sounds, when suddenly someone dashed in, albeit panicky. 

"So, So So So Sora! We've a problem!" 

-these few days, Steph painstakingly ran errands everywhere in order to accommodate the 

sudden increase of territories due to the Eastern Union. 

Steph seemed to be out of breath, but Sora's eyes didn't leave the handheld console. 

"Whoa- what happened? Steph." 

"How could you be so relaxed and carefree? We're getting pushed into a comer by the Eastern 

Steph was carrying an unusual look-Sora merely smiled and replied: 

"During the competition, the Eastern Union withdrew their talent and technology from the mainland 

"....Nuu, ah....Eh?" 

....Sora was spot on. 

Steph was stunned because Sora already knew the situation. 

Yes-the Eastern Union indeed obliged to the Oaths and handed out [Everything on their 


Just before the beginning of the game, the Eastern Union removed all technology, equipment and 
necessities away from their territories, preventing Imanity who desperately needed these resources 
for their survival. 

This didn't violate the Oaths, as what Sora requested was [Everything on their continent], so it 
wouldn't include those items that were not in the continent. 

Upon seeing Sora laugh while saying this, Steph asked: 

"You, you knew all along?" 

Sora absently replied, his eyes still glued to the game: 

"Yes, or should I say-because I wanted this to happen, I requested [Everything on their 


"-Wh, what is going on? We can't fully utilise the territories like this." 

If this happened, they would have only [Gotten] land. 

The Eastern Union's developed facilities for agriculture couldn't be used at this rate. 

In fact, they only required the knowledge from Sora's world, although it would take time, it 
shouldn't have any problems. 

But taking into account the food crisis Elchea was currently facing, getting those facilities would be 

Then, Sora said out these words: 

"Don't worry-the game has yet to end." 

"Ha, has yet to end....?" 

After being close to death, the game hadn't ended yet-? 

Depending on the meaning behind that sentence, Steph considered whether or not to pass out in 
front of him. 

"....Sora-san, may I interrupt?" 

At this time, a new face entered the hall. 

An old hakama-wearing Werebeast-Hatsuse Ino. 

"Oh, it came? I was waiting." 

"As if you know what I have." 

"Its not as if, I already know it-the letter from the Eastern Union right?" 

"Ye, yes....Sent using the express way...." 

Sora opened the letter handed to him. 

It was written in Imanity language. 

Sora merely glanced at the contents, not bothering to even read it. 



Responding to Sora's call, Jibril appeared from the void, kneeling in front of him. 

"Could you space transfer into the capital of the Eastern Union?" 

"Yes, I can-how did you know?" 

Jibril widened her eyes. Sora did not explain and merely smiled. 

"The Eastern Union's sole representative-[Miko] summoned us, so we need to head there." 

Sora casually uttered out. However, both Izuna and Ino reacted to those words and were stunned. 
"Mi, Miko-sama summoned you !?" 

"Yeah, what about it? Is it that surprising?" 

"Of course it's surprising-" 


This name was known to all. The person who united the countless islands of Werebeasts tribe to 
form the Eastern Union. 

In just half a century, she successfully rose the ranks of the Werebeasts to third place in terms of 
territories. She was truly a living god to the Werebeasts. 

That kind of person-summoned Sora? 

However, Jibril laughed and replied with a completely different meaning. 

"Of course it is surprising. Master. They cut off their resources and still dare to [Summon] Master 
even though the positions are reversed, this is simply ridiculous. She should just personally come 
here herself." 

Jibril smiled sweetly while saying so, which prompted Izuna and Ino to glare at her. 

To the Werebeasts, she was probably that kind of existenee, but Sora- 

"No, Jibril. They probably knew we had you, so they [Summoned] us. Which means-there is an 

emergency that requires my immediate presence." 

Sora said while laughing. Ino hesitated before saying again: 

"-you seem to know what is happening." 

Sora smiled in reply. Picking up Shiro who was on his lap, Sora stood up and said: 

"Okay, grab onto Jibril, we are moving out! Let's go to paradise on earth-Kemonomimi land!" 

Jibril spread her wings to respond to Sora's words. 

"Then-because it is a long-distance space transfer, please don't let go and fasten your seat belts. 

Also, if you feel any physical discomfort aside from Masters, taking off your clothes would stop it. 
Ah, Masters shouldn't hesitate too-" 

"....Jibril, that's enough, lefs go." 

With her crystal-like eyes, Jibril read out the knowledge from Sora's tablet. 

However, probably because Sora couldn't wait to reach the Kemonomimi kingdom, he urged Jibril. 

"I'm really sorry. Master. Because this is a long distance space transfer, I need some preparation 

Jibril calmly said while spreading her wings wide open. 

The geometrical aperture significantly picked up speed and rotated while her wings emitted a faint 
sheen and began to glow. 

The scenery began to shake-then, space gradually became distorted. 

_I ft 

"This is-ah...!" 

Ino and Izuna used their hands to cover their ears. 

Humans who were unable to detect magic, would feel the pressure of the compressing air and start 
to have breathing difficulties. 

As to what the Werebeasts would perceive with their superior five senses, Sora didn't know. 

But as for those people who could control magic-Fii, for example, something unpleasant would 


...Those present would lose consciousness due to the huge amount of compressed Elemental 
particles surrounding the air. 

Then-Jibril's amber-eyes slightly opened. 

Her eyes were looking at a distant place. She then said: 

"Okay, the destination is [Capital of the Eastern Union], Miko's home-[The atrium in the center 

of the huge building]." 

Hearing Jibril's announcement of wanting to [Jump into the center of Miko's residence], Ino 

"Distance is 4527.2 lkm(281 Smiles), time 0.023 seconds. To both Werebeasts, this may be a far cry 
from a comfortable journey, but don't worry and enjoy it?" 

Without a chance to speak out- 

The view was cut off, accompanied with the sound of broken glass- 

The scenery-was switched. 

Part 2 


Probably affected by the space transfer, Sora held his sore head and looked around. 

-it was a Japanese garden resembling their previous world's. 

Southeast Asian look-a-like architecture surrounded the place, and in the black sky, pink lights 
illuminated the buildings. Jibril said they were jumping into the center of [Miko's home]...But 
probably because the area was huge. 

The buildings and walls surrounding the area made it hard to see the town. The numerous high-rise 
buildings emitted red lights. The trees blocked the lights, forming contrasting black colours. 

"Ah, right, there's a time difference." 

Sora realised that it was currently nighttime here. 


Then, there was the sight of Izuna and Ino sprawling on the ground. 

Sora and Shiro also held onto their slightly pained heads, before looking around. 

Jibril clasped her hands together in prayer, silently implying to her Master that [They had arrived]. 
"....Jibril, whafs wrong with Ino and Izuna?" 

"As I've said earlier, it will be an uncomfortable journey for them due to their superior five senses. 
They probably heard the extremely high-frequency sound during the space transfer, so that's why 
they've become like this." 

"....Wuuu, fortunately we are too weak to not feel your race's pains." 

Ino held down his ears and painfully stood up. 

"Are you insane! There is a limit to how much you can defy the laws of physics! Damn antique 
goods! Charging to Miko-sama's sacred home without informing, how much do you want to look 
down on people before you are satisfied?!" 

Hearing Ino shout this out, Sora thought: [Is there a need to even ask these questions?]. 

"Old man, your true face is showing, calm down a bit, it's only just-" 

Sora couldn't stand it and retorted, but then Izuna painfully murmured out. 

"...Painful..Want to vomit, des." 

"Jibril, how could you not take Izuna into consideration!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO THE 

"Ahhhh, I'm sorry. Master! I didn't take into consideration from anything else aside from Master! I'll 
reflect on this!" 

Ignoring that kind of commotion, Shiro and Steph looked and looked around. 

"....This is...The Eastern Union?" 

"The buildings are quite old for an advanced civilization. The embassy looked like that, so I 

Listening to their words, Jibril added; 

"Miko's home was built 920 years ago, you'll see interesting and high-rise buildings similar to the 

embassy if you go out of here. According to the information I've read from Master's tablet, if this 
was compared to Masters' previous world-then this should probably be in the [Early 1900s]." 

Sora recalled what he saw. 

The first impression he gave to the embassy in Elchea was similar to the Empire State Building, 
built after the Year 1930 using the latest buiding technology." 

"...Yet they have advanced to a virtual game level? Dam." 

"There is a difference in culture even though it is similar to Master's world." 

Sora was troubled and couldn't accept being [Corrected by a fantasy creature]. 

"But Jibril, you are aware of this because of the books?" 

"That is certainly one of the reasons, but mainly because I frequently flew over the Eastern Union." 
Jibril laughed while saying so. Still holding onto a gmdge, Ino shouted to her: 

"Isn't that territory infringement!" 

"I'm sorry, but please accuse me when you develop aviation technology, when you've reached the 
point where you have the rights to claim your airspace okay? In addition, since the one who called 
us here is Miko-sama (laughs), intmding is not law-breaking. Even if violent actions were to be 
taken, it can't be implemented due to the [Oaths] right?" 

"Oi, you vermin! You implied something else when you pronounced Miko-sama hadn't you! You 
better give-" 

Everyone started shouting, when suddenly- 

".Ah ha, it seems like you guys are having fun, can I join in too?" 


A small, clear sound echoed in the surrounding area, causing everyone to halt in their movements. 
-when did she appear? 

Sitting on the railing of a red bridge across the garden pond was a beautiful blonde girl. 

She was wearing red, black and white, standard Miko clothing. A golden-two-tailed fox. 

Basking under the moonlight and the red lights that illuminated the garden, with long hair and 
prominent Werebeast ears. 

She was like gold-her cold eyes that emitted light reflected the figure of Sora and Shiro. 

"I thank everyone for coming here from the other side of the ocean. I welcome you here, Elchea's 

folks-Imanity kings. I'm the owner of this garden-also known as [Miko], pleased to meet 


With her hands on her cheeks, [Miko] started chuckling. 

This was the sole representative for the Eastern Union-the Werebeasts' [Queen]. 

Seeing her figure, Izuna and Ino immediately fell to the ground and bowed. 

"PI, please forgive our rudeness Miko-sama. We allowed them to take away the territories, gave 
them our rights and they even offended you. I don't have any face to see you-" 

"So, sorry, des...." 

"I, Izuna! Don't use human language, don't you know how to speak the Werebeast language! You 
need to watch your-" 

"Ah~ Ah'- how cumbersome. Could you please relax a little, this is making me tired." 

Ignoring the respectful attitude of the two, Sora retained his rude attitude. 

"Oh~So you are Miko? You're just like a painting. Can I take a picture?" 

-hut could a mere camera capture the heauty he was seeing? 

Sora regretted about the fact that he didn't bring his SLR camera out. 

Steph whispered panickingly to Sora: 

"He, hey! She is super VIP of another country! Be polite!" 

However, the siblings and Jibril were alarmed at the sight of a kneeling Steph. 

"Hm? Why? Shouldn't the caller be the one kneeling instead?" 

Shiro and Jibril nodded, expressing their agreement to Sora. 

Steph felt the pain caused by the space transfer and started hugging her head. 

Miko simply chuckled at the scene in front of her. 

"What interesting people....Well, I was the one who called you here, it stands to reason that I should 
be the one kowtowing-" 

"-but I called you here because of a protest, so I won't kneel, forgive me?" 

"Ara? I don't remember us protesting about something." 

-you still have the face to say that. 

Ino and Steph wanted to shout out. With a different tone, Miko answered in a clear voice: 

"About this....Then I'll go straight to the point." 

Even though she was still smiling while squinting her golden eyes, it was obvious that there were 
different meanings behind that smile. 

"-really, look what you've done, bald monkeys." 

Miko said, her style and atmosphere didn't collapse. Sora revealed a sarcastic smile. 

"Haha, is that so, as expected of the Elves. They took action faster than I could imagine." 

Only Shiro, Sora and Jibril truly understood what Miko had meant. 

Izuna-was [Told by Sora]. 

Ino and Steph looked confused, but Miko ignored them and started sighing and revealed a bitter 

"You should be aware that if our eontinent is snatched away, the Eastern Union would be cornered. 
We'll even die in order to snatch back our territories, or else the political and economic activities 
would stop functioning. But, for us to initiate-is undoubtedly, a bad move, so-" 

She didn't finish her words when Sora suddenly laughed and continued for her; 

"As a precaution, you completely moved away key technologies, technical staffs, important people 
and resources." 


Steph was impressed that Sora deduced it out. As if replying to her gaze, Sora said: 

"Since the opponent requested [Everything on the continent], it was definitely stupid to not take 
measures in the form of an [Insurance]." 

Miko chuckled, nodding her head before continuing: 

"There is no point if the land can't be controlled, and Elchea would need to challenge us again to 
obtain and utilise our technology. Following that would be simple. As long as it falls in my hand, 
we will be pleased." 

-in other words, a game without anyone monitoring, where cheating is entirely possible. 

But.Miko placed her hand on her cheek and gave a wry smile before saying: 

"But we are eertainly pushed into a eomer eh." 

"-you already know what we intend to do, right?" 

"Of eourse, because I would do the same if I were you." 

"Really...You aren't even letting [That time] off." 

Miko sighed. 

"When we were evaeuating the important materials from the mainland, you contacted the Elves- 

using the spy to expose our game....Allowing Elven Card to [Surround Eastern Union]." 

"Sorry, poor people ean't afford to slaek." 


Ino was speechless, however, it should be like-[He was too early to be speeehless]. 

"-having said that. I've already predieted this step!" 

This time, Miko stared at Sora and said. 

"It should be, I originally thought you were a spy from Elven Gard." 

"I also think so, it was more logieal to think that way instead of believing the words that I'm from 
another world." 

"Yes, logieal thinking....Bounded by that kind of thinking resulted in our failure." 

Miko showed a wry smile and elosed her eyes. 

"-if even Avant Heim shows up, we can't go without a fight." 

This time Ino was really speechless, as he shifted his gaze. 

fibril was silent while elosing her eyes, expressing extreme admiration for her master's plan. 

Ino swallowed his saliva, in the end-when was the plan set? 

No, aceording to [Miko], who said that it was [Erom the beginning], then- 

When Sora visited Ino...He had already- 

(A person who wants to swallow up the entire world, against someone who built the third largest 
eountry in half a eentury-) 

Ino shuddered at this thought. 

-yes, fibril was a member of the 18 Council members-previously a politieal person at Avant 


Even when she beeame Sora's property and was removed from the government, she still had her 
[Influencing power]. As long as he requested fibril, eonveying words to The Fliigel would be easy. 

-[The Eastern Union's seeret is revealed, if you want information I'll tell you the method to 


Next, what the knowledge-seeking Eliigels would do-^was obvious. 

Perhaps unhappy about the faet that she lost, Miko had a bitter smile and eonstantly slapped her feet 

With the sound of the elogs hitting together, the golden fox said with a piqued tone: 

"Elven Gard, Avant Heim and even Elchea.With so much countries baeking up to lay the fence, 

and even exposing our seeret-wiiming is evident.I ean't stand it." 

At this time, the sound of the clogs stopped. 

She gently kicked up from the parapet of the bridge. 


With that one action, the golden girl arrived in front of Sora in an instant. 

Her eyes stared into Sora's. She then said: 

"The Eastern Union wants-to retaliate against Elchea." 


Ino doubted his own ears, while Izuna was lowering her head. 

For the Eastern Union to be on the offensive, was unheard of to Ino. 

Even so, the opponent was that-Sora and Shiro. 

Defeating the Fliigel and the Eastern Union. Winning games without relying on cheats. 

Not to mention that they were taking the initiative, the odds of winning was close to none- 

However, Miko's eyes showed that she was aware of that fact, yet she continued: 

"Blocking us from the retreat route is this man! Since our trump card is revealed, we can't be on the 
defensive. Furthermore, their methods caused us to have no choice but to take the initiative, or else 
we'll run out of time." 

"....Even if you did what you did in the past, facing against the Elves and Fliigel-is a dead end." 

Sora smirked, causing Miko to smile in low self-esteem. 

"To be honest, being hostile with three countries, our only chance of winning is against Imanity 

The smile that contained low self-esteem started fading from her face- 

"We've resources and technology to use as bait, in order to take back what's rightfully ours so that 

the country can go on surviving. Otherwise, we'll get cornered, and then demise.Want me to 

repeat that?" 

"Took at what you've done, bald monkey-don't think we'll die off that easily!" 

Miko glared at Sora, her expression pale and full of killing intent. 

-[Even if we die, you'll be the scapegoat]-her atmosphere seemed to imply. 

Then, Ino felt goosebumps. 

Facing against the Eastern Union, the world's third largest country, two ranks higher than humans. 
(This man used one step, to force us into a move where we [Can't survive]!?) 

-This unbelievable fact caused Ino to feel chills down his spine. 

Before the demonic calculation exceeding human resourcefulness, Miko was releasing killing 
intent. No matter how disrespectful or rude it seemed-to Ino, it was a [Death Struggle]. 

Using half a century to create the world's third largest country, the living god [Miko]. 

Her opponents were two humans-but they used just [One step] to utterly destroy what she had 

built up over the decades. 

Sora faced up against her gaze head on and said: 

"Ah, that is it, I still don't get it...." 

Those words deflated the balloon-like atmosphere. 

"Why would I destroy the world's kemonomimi kingdom!?" 

The persons stunned upon hearing these words were Ino, Steph, and also-Miko. 

"The motherland of Kemonomimisl? And a bunch of kemonomimis that are as cute as Izuna, plus 
the leader is a beautiful blonde Miko, it definitely is a cheat race!! Losing the Werebeasts would 
mean the loss of culture, why didn't that idiot TET classify your race as protected?! I can't help but 
suspect if his brain is functioning properly or not!" 

The tension in the air dissipated. 

Ino, Steph, and even-Miko froze in place. 

"Just because of this reason-okay, you want to retaliate? Okay, I accept." 

Concluding his words, Sora took out-a coin. 

"I'm tired of this psychological game we're playing, so we shall solve this quickly okay?" 

The game to play using the coin-was incomprehensible. 

"I'll throw the coin and allow you to choose heads or tails, so I'd have to pick the other side. If I 
win, Elchea and Eastern Union is to be merged, is that okay?" 

Eetting her see both sides of the coin, Sora said. 

"The one who wanted to retaliate was me, and the rights to the game belongs to you.But you 

want to use a coin toss to determine the outcome." 

"Hmmm? Do you refuse to accept it?" 

Sora casually laughed, but Miko followed up with a laugh too. 

"-no, this can do." 

"Spending more than half a century to build a country that got taken away by two mere bald 
monkeys, fufu.And the final battle.Is a coin toss-hahaha!" 

Miko placed her hand on her waist, laughing until she started having difficulties breathing, her mind 

-this is interesting, since I don't have an escape route anymore. 

The opponents were humans, the only race whom they had the chance to win against. 

And the game they picked, was actually.....Coin toss. 

No matter what kind of cheats they used, with her Werebeasf s five senses, she could detect it. 
Furthermore, she was allowed to choose first, the side that she liked. 

-very interesting. 

If she lost even with these circumstances. Since no matter what....The Eastern Union's fate was 

Miko formed a proud smile and said: 

"Fine, we'll use that game." 

Sora happily looked at her. 

As if-watching a comrade. 

"Sure enough, you belong to [Our side], I like this." 

"My request is-the guarantee to the Werebeasts' rights, autonomy and the usage of their 


The challenger was....Miko, her request must not be too huge, or it'll be asking for a rejection. 
High-risk, low-reward, yet the opponent was willing to accept this. 

Miko's judgement was simple. 

Request the [Return] of the continental resources, which means getting back what they lost. 

The initiative was with the opponent, so using a chance to cheat-was very limited. 

-but as long as the Werebeasts' rights are guaranteed- 

"After the Werebeasts' rights are guaranteed, it is possible to request [Only] the return of the 

Werebeasts in the mainland. After that, it will turn into a chance to take back the resources-as 

expected of Miko-san, how deplorable." 

Sora smiled and said, saying that Miko's demands [Pass]. 

(Everything was seen through by this man!) 

"Then-this is the world's most dangerous coin, are you ready to start?" 

"You really are interesting.Can I interrupt your request?" 

"That depends on the contents." 

"Please swear that you would be kind to Izuna and Ino and everyone else, since you have our 

-indeed, if the Eastern Elnion and Elchea was to be merged, then the representative rights of 

Miko-would automatically transfer to Sora. 

After that, [Slavery] and [Oppression]. 

It was equivalent to perishing-that was the meaning of the [Race piece] to be taken away. 

Hearing that so, Sora's eyes seems to say that that [Did not pass]. 

"-You still don't know? Nevermind, okay-[Acciente]." 


Then, the coin toss that probably held the world's highest risk. 

Began-^with the sound coming from Sora's hand. 

Part 3 

The audible sound of the coin being tossed resounded after leaving Sora's hand. 

The golden Miko's pupil and hair-suddenly dyed red. 


Nobody on the scene probably knew that Miko's body was originally [Blood Devastation]. 

-no, aside from Sora and Shiro who was giving off [Is something strange going on] looks, 

everyone was exclaiming out. 

(Okay, I'll show you, what my death struggle looks like.) 

In the scene where blood was flying, Miko's world was slowed down. 

Her body's nerves swelled, exceeding her five, six senses, she could perceive magic. 

-there was a magic reaction, coming out from the Fliigel. 

But this was not a tingling sensation as from a complex magic. 

Only the Fliigel let out elemental particles at that moment, 

Which meant that no one else was using magic-no one was cheating. 

(But, there must he a trick right?) 

Miko smiled, her brain causing the world to explode again. 

-following that was the sound of pounding. 

The increased awareness caused by [Blood Devastation] would incur harm to herself. 

Forcefully breaking the physical limits of the five senses-to capture all movements within a 500 

meter radius. 

It was like an-[Enchantment]. 

The space within a 500 meter radius became Miko's world, where everything that exists; from a leaf 
to a grain of sand could be captured. Fully grasping hold of everything in her head, that was the 
degree of how far she had gotten. 

(There is no magic reaction in the surrounding area-as for the coin...There is no magic 


Doubts started surfacing in Miko's heart. 

-Miko's five senses could interpret the flow of wind, the dust in the wind, even the particles 

could he read. 

The turning of the coin did not have any traces of magic on it. 

But Miko knew that the [Coin was tossed skillfully], and started calculating. 

If the coin is turning in accordance to what Miko was reading out, then- 

142 and 3/4 turns, once it reaches the floor, it would bounce 4 times, returning after 5.2 seconds 
-stopping on [Tails]. 

The results of the coin toss was easily determined out, a fact that was quite unbelievahle, 

(....He is looking down on my actions and five senses.Which is impossible.) 

After the competition with Izuna, Miko didn't think that this man would misjudge Werebeasts' five 

However, since there was no interference, the coin would stop on [Tails]. 

If Miko answered [Tails], and it wasn't, then it was definitely a cheat which Miko did not intend to 
let go. 

However-Sora's heartbeat, Shiro's heartbeat, even the reaction of fibril's elemental particles, and 

Even Izuna's heartbeat-they believed that Sora would win, what was going on? 

Before the coin hit the floor, heads or tails? 

-don't even have to wait. 


The usage of the exceeded limits and the lifting of the [Blood Devastation] was almost at the same 

She was different from Izuna. Instead of the virtual world, she used [Blood Devastation] in reality. 

Literally, it was a [Broken Bad blood]-a strength that sometimes even requires death as a 


If she lost even after using that ability..... 

(-it won't be stupid, it would completely be ridiculous.) 

The coin drew an arc and began to fall. 

-as long as it was tails it would be Miko's win. If it was heads then it would be a cheat, resulting 

in Sora's loss. 

Following that would be to prove how he cheated. Sora's chance of winning was zero. 

Because of [Blood Devastation], her vision was blurry, but she wouldn't allow the cheat to pass. 

The coin started to turn. 

-landing on the stone slate, it would bounce upon hitting it- 

-it didn't bounce. 

The coin was stuck between two stones-standing still. 

-... .What? 

"Ohhh, is this the meaning of a tie!? What an unexpected result eh!!" 

Sora announced. Aside from Ino, Steph and Miko, everyone else- 

Including Izuna whose head was lowered, started laughing. 

"What a headache, if the coin stood like that, either both sides win or both side loses, right?" 

As if acting, Sora placed a hand on his chin and started thinking. He then said: 

"If both sides won-that means the request of both sides would pull through. Which means, 

although Elchea's flag would be brought in, the Werebeasts' rights would be guaranteed, the 

autonomy would be maintained, and there would be a mutual flow of resources That's about it, 


"Elchea and the Eastern Union would be a [Eederal state] right?" 

At ease-to Sora who proposed an alliance while smiling, Miko was speechless. 

-from the start, Miko understood. 

Sora knew that the stone slate would move, so he deliberately stood there. 

Then, when the coin was about to fall, the slate- 

Was slightly kicked, [Creating a gap], forcing the coin to get stuck in between the slates. 

It was clear-to everyone else-that it was a [Cheat]. 

Complying with the [Ten Oaths], it would result in a loss when the cheat was found out. 

As long as Miko said that, she would win. 

But the question she asked herself, didn't allow her to say it out- 

"Yo, you.Isn't that condition....Better than my request!" 

.Indeed, the [Both sides win] Sora raised out. 

Miko would get benefits better than she requested, while Sora's request was reduced. 

No matter how one looked, that kind of cheat, to Miko-to the Eastern Union, was a more 

beneficial one. 

-Because of this, Miko couldn't point out his cheat. 

She had to see what Sora truly wanted-^but Sora happily said: 

"Ahh~ as the leader of the Eastern Union, both a smart and beautiful girl, yet you don't listen to 
people, what does that mean? Do you want to obtain the properties of a retarded girl and then 
become god!?" 

-don't listen to people? 

Unless I missed something? 

Miko widened her eyes, reviewing all interactive processes thus far. 

Then she immediately realised it. 

[The motherland of Kemonomimis!? And a bunch of kemonomimis that are as cute as Izuna, plus 
the leader is a beautiful blonde Miko, it definitely is a cheat race!] 

-[Because of that reason]- 

"....Eromthe start....?" 

"Eh? What are you talking about? Do you want both sides to win? Or both sides to lose? Which is 


Miko was stunned, but Sora was still smiling as he wriggled his body. 

(...Really, from the beginning to the end, 1 was dancing in his palm....That should be it.) 

Muttering in her heart-Miko knew she didn't have any other choices. 

The question of [Why], there's probably no one who would ask it. Miko thought while giving a wry 

(That sort of thing...Do you even need to say...) 

These people-if they wanted to win....Miko felt that she couldn't win at all. 

"....What an eye sore.Both sides win then." 

She said while smiling. The fatigue caused by using [Blood Devastation]] forced her to sit on a 
nearby rock. 

"Fufu, hahaha, really, this is really interesting! You guys! Hahahaha!" 

Miko placed her hand on her waist, supporting her laughter. 

What a stupid game. 

So many stupid traps, so many underestimating tricks. 

These people played with the Eastern Union, with the Werebeasts-and even me! 

Miko could only laugh at that seemingly interesting method. 

[Can I trust this man?] All semblance of this thought vanished without a trace. 

Sora's motive from the start was this, this was his real purpose-it was clear. 


(This man didn't even want the Werebeasts' race piece at all.) 

What that represents.There was only one. 

This man-really intends to challenge god. 

Because of this, she realised. 

-the race something that can't be taken away- 

Like this-Sora who was full of smiles stretched his body. 

"Un—! Okay, so we'll establish the [Elchea alliance] then, is that okay?" 

At this time, Sora gave Miko another surprise, her expression as if she found a treasure chest: 

"About Elven Gard, we used the Oaths to tamper with the memories. So the information that Elven 
Gard received about the game content-is all fabricated." 


Raising his thumb up, Sora spat his tongue out. There was no expression more relaxed than his, 
saying out all these unbelievable things. 

"So, if they challenge, you guys will be the predators-and let them come. Or we can help, don't 

hesitate to ask for us, we'll definitely win over their territories!" 

-by this time, Steph and Ino finally understood. 

Kurami and Fii-why they were there in the first place. 

Monitoring the Eastern Union's cheats, giving an illusion as if they were working for the elves, and 

then-attack on their weaknesses. 

(-the game was calculated-to this point?) 

What flashed past Steph's mind was-yes... 

Sora said these words before coming here-[The game has yet to end]. 

"Ah, and then there is Avant Heim. We only used Jibril's influencing power to ask them to come 
here, they don't have any malicious intents at all. However, the time when Avant Heim joins Elchea 
is ticking down, you can ignore them....okay-" 

Spitting out a series of incredible things, Sora ignored the shocked crowd. 

He then breathed in deeply and said: 

"-Okay-! Is it over? We shall end it here okay?" 

Sora said anxiously, and Steph replied: 

"Wh,what, why do you have a look of restlessness." 

This sentence detonated the bomb. 

"Huh!? Isn't that obvious? Because of this troublesome thing I had to do!" 

Sora revealed his true thoughts. 

"I did this so that I could touch the Kemonomimis, I already reached my limits already! Miko-san!" 
"Eh? Hmm? What?" 

"Eet me start by touching you!" 

"...Eet me touch-" 

Sora and Shiro used their light emitting eyes to look at Miko. 

But Miko gave a beautiful smile in response. 

"As long as I give the consent, and there is no harm, then you can go ahead-1 jump." 


"If you had known it earlier, you should have added a [Rights to touch] condition to the coin 
toss.For now, if you want to touch me, then you must fight me one more time!" 

Miko smiled while sitting cross-legged on the rocks, causing Sora to ask anxiously: 

"-guuu'-uhh~! Jibril, what's the time now?" 

"Erm-uhh~ around 8pm at night." 

....Can't, there won't be any time to challenge Miko to another game. 

"Damn, can't help it! We will make do with the Kemonomimis on the streets. Shiro!" 


Shiro stretched her hand out, unable to leave Miko. Sora had to pull her away. 

"Relax, Shiro, we won't give up! We'll definitely come back for the federal affairs-no, to decide 

on important things! Miko-san-you better keep that neck, ears and tails of yours cleaned before 

we come back!!" 

Sora announced while pointing at Miko. Shiro agreed to Sora's words. 

Shiro's eyes had a sharp glint, following Sora's forefinger. 

" Prepare....Definitely....Touch you !" 

After that, Sora picked up Shiro and bolted out, briefly leaving some words behind: 

"Ah, Steph, before we satisfy ourselves and return, we'll leave the country affairs to you!" 


Sora hurriedly exclaimed and left abruptly. Jibril didn't hesistate to follow him, causing Steph to 
chase after Sora panickingly. 

"Eh, you are lying right? This is a joke right!? I'm already tired handling our country affairs, and 
now there is another federal state affair? Are you really going to throw all of that to me?! Oi!!" 

Then-like a storm, silence enveloped the garden. 

Izuna kept glancing at Sora and Shiro's gradually fading figures. 

With silence covering the garden and Miko whose calmness was restored, a ringing sound 
resounded forward. 

"....Hatsuse Ino, Hatsuse Izuna." 

"Ye, yes!" 

"What, des!" 

"Izuna, what did I say!" 

"Since both parties have accepted the conditions-your rights are also freed." 

-yes, the guarantee to Werebeasts' rights. 

Since Sora agreed to the request, both of them didn't belong to Elchea anymore, but- 

"-as the sole representative of the Werebeasts, I order you as [Miko], to follow those people." 

"Roger, des!" 

After Miko finished her words, Izuna immediately left using her fastest speed to chase after Sora. 
On the other hand...Ino thought, if they were to be spies? 

"Go ahead and learn from those interesting people, learn the [Methods of the weak], and then...." 
Miko smiled happily from the bottom of her heart and said: 

"Don't ever let those siblings become our enemy." 

-as declared by Sora, they would come back a few days later to settle the [Eederation]. 

Undoubtedly, they would use that time to use a game to challenge and obtain the alliance rights. 

And undoubtedly-she would lose. Having those kind of thoughts caused Miko to laugh bitterly. 

"This is the first time I thank my opponents. Perhaps they really might-" 

Her expression showed that in her lifetime, she had never been this happy. 

With her heart jumping for joy, she looked at the figures of Sora and company with expectant eyes 
before saying: 

"-defeat God." 

Part 4 

To Sora and Shiro, this was a road that had a sense of nostalgia and an antique kind of feel. 

Red neon lights shone on the street- 


"Ahhh!? Old man, are you trying to interfere with our [Road of toueh]!" 

Slower than Izuna by one step, Ino caught up and immediately found them touching girls, stunning 
him speechless. 

"...Your actions are really frightening, I suppose you sought consent right?" 

"Un? Ah~ I don't know why, but when Izuna said out [Their stroking skills are super good, des], 
they instantly allowed us to touch, why is that so?" 

Seeing those kemonomimis letting out [Fuahh—] sounds, Ino thought: 

-1 know the reason. 

Because in the past, there was no one who could satisfy Izuna with their stroking techniques. 

In the Eastern Union embassy, Izuna actually said it was [Comfortable]- 

"....No, I'm worried about something." 

Telling them that kind of thing would discourage him, so Ino switched back to the original question. 
"Ahh, okay, cut it short, we are in a hurry." 

With his hands still unwavering, Sora replied: 

"....If Miko-sama didn't agree to the challenge-^what would you do?" 

-that was the only question that was still unresolved in Ino's heart. 

Even when she was cornered, Miko would easily take on the initiative herself, which Ino thought 
was unacceptable. 

-Go ahead and learn, learn the [Methods of the weak]. 

Miko's words flashed past his mind. 

Ino finally saw it, the [Method that ensures no one dies] Sora told Izuna. 

But seeing how Sora prepared to that kind of extent, Ino couldn't help but doubt. 

Unfortunately, he couldn't fully comprehend the true meaning behind Sora's actions. 

But Sora casually answered his questions. 

"Until then-1 just have to use the final harassment method I've prepared." 

That is- 

"-1 just have to tell Avant Heim and Elven Gard the details to the game." 

-hearing these words, Ino's face was frozen. 

"I'll use Kurami for Elven Gard, and fibril for Avant Heim. [Eet them do the mutual snatching], 
which would definitely cause severe harm to the Eastern Union. So I wouldn't want to do it." 

And-he continued saying: 

"...Because I've predicted that step, everything with the showdown with Miko." 

-indeed, if the assumption that Sora was from Elven Gard that Miko pointed out was true, then 

it would be the worst case for the Eastern Union. 

Before that, if she couldn't get back the territories....then they would really be cornered. 

"I say gramps, do you know what [Checkmate] means?" 

"Checkmate and check is different-it means [Certain death]." 

Then he started smiling. 

"From the first day I saw you, didn't I say that whatever you guys do, would be useless?" 

Ino started reealling that day, that day when Sora betted up the Imanity pieee. 


-yes, everything. 

Everything was over starting from that day. 

(-Miko-sama, you want me to believe in this man?) 

Indeed, this man gave a favourable benefit to the Werebeasts. 

However, he did this so easily and beautifully. 

(Won't that mean....He could betray us that easily too....?) 

Ino started having those kinds of doubts, but Sora suddenly had a serious expression. 

He said while stroking the rabbit-eared girl; 

"Okay, although I'm reluctant, we have to find a place to stay." 

".. .Bye... .Rabbit-eared.." 

The rabbit-eared girl had a sad expression as she left. 

"Okay, Izuna-chan, is there any place we can stay for the night?" 

"....? My house would do, des." 

"..Overnight event....Here we come..." 

"There must surely be games at Izuna's house! Of course there is right!" 

"Of course, des! We'll have a showdown, des?" 

"Of course! We'll play until morning comes and we'll go roam the streets again! Ah, Izuna-chan, 
does your country have any electronic games, unless they even have adult-" 


"What! It won't be a problem if I secretly played it right!?" 

From a distance, Ino and fibril looked at the three conversing people. 

"I, I finally caught up! Yo, you two...Why are the kings not in their country-" 

Obviously the first to chase, yet abandoned by everyone was Steph. She breathlessly caught, but 

"fibril! Bring Steph back to Elchea! And then you can come back!" 

"Yes, sir." 

Jibril gently held onto Steph's shoulder. 

Believing that she was too powerless to resist, Steph paled. 

"Ah, bring gramps over too! It would be hard on Steph alone." 

This caused Ino to be livid with anger. 

"Wh-yo, you have to make me listen to those unpleasant sounds again!?" 

"That's not the problem! Oi, eh? You are lying right, joking-" 

"Okay then, please let me take you to Elchea King City okay?" 

Eeaving behind these words, a surge of wind was created due to their disappearance. 

Finally..Sighing, Sora-seemed to be really tired. 

"....A little break, should be okay." 

"...(nods nods)." 

Okay, Sora eheerfully said: 

"Then we'll temporarily stay in the kingdom of the Kemonomimis!" 

Steph and Ino who got abandoned at Elehea King City. 

....There were so many things to think about that Steph didn't want to think anymore. Sora's words 
suddenly appeared. 

"No one would die.This is just a game after all." 

Steph previously thought that Sora was insane for saying those words, but after reflecting, she 

He said he wanted to conquer this world.He said that we did something wrong. 

From the Eastern Union, it was obvious that no one received any harm. 

-unless he really wants to conquer this world without any bloodshed? 

Eet the whole of Exceed to coexist-and challenge God? 

.The tenth of the [Ten Oaths]. 

-Everyone should have fun while playing- 

"Th, that bonehead-no, that commanding man, next time I see him, he better be careful!!" 

Holding down his ears while rolling on the ground, Ino said. Upon seeing him, Steph whispered; 
"....You'll get used to it soon." 

That sentence brought back a lot of memories. 

Ino then replied to Steph: 

".We must work hard, Stephanie-san." 

"...Yea, we have to endure this, Ino-jii-san." 

Now, this place, quietly...A fraternity between Sora's victims gradually formed.... 

Epilogue - True End 

"-Ha choo!" 

"Ara, Kurami, that was a cute sneeze, perhaps someone is talking about you?" 

"...It's only a sneeze, what kind of interpretation is that." 

-Capital of Elven Gard. 

With the string of reports finally done, Fii came back. 

Kurami then drummed a finger in front of Eii. 

The instructions that Sora gave using the Oaths-the false report about the game content, and the 

-lifting of it. 

"...Amazing, the successful false report, would definitely cause Elven Gard to lose." 

Gently smiling, Kurami walked forward, with Fii following behind. 

"Fii, did you prediet until this point?" 

"Fufu, although unhappy, but I can't-" 

The prediction that Sora would allow Elven Gard to lay the fence to surround the Eastern Union 
"The best use of it must be this We perfectly executed it out-" 

Fii and Kurami were too twisted to be able to do everything, on the contrary, they had fun doing it. 
Hearing that sentence, Kurami walked in silence. 

Fully exposed to Sora's memories and consciousness, Kurami, Shiro and Miko are the same. 

In this world, one of the very few who fully grasped Sora's methods. 

The method Sora depicted out that could conquer this world. 

The strategies he drew on a map-his name was also engraved on it. 

-it is certainly a problem. 

But facing that kind of problem, Kurami did not show any anxiety nor despair. 

Seeing that kind of memory and the battle with the Eastern Union, Kurami thought. 

In the battle of the King selection-he grabbed onto her chin, stared into her eyes and uttered out. 

-'Don't underestimate humans.' 

She couldn't help but laugh at the irony. She herself said that human species had their limits. 

-yet she herself-was a human. 

"If I'm not wrong....I feel Kurami has changed a little." 

"It must be the impact of that man's memories, whaf s the problem?" 

"Un-I may never see a crybaby Kurami anymore, makes me feel a little lonely." 

"I didn't cry!!" 

But, changing her expression, Fii said with a serious look: 

"Kurami, that man-even if you want to become like Sora-san-: 

"I know, I don't have his self-confidence-Shiro." 

Indeed, although Sora could do lots of things, he didn't have self-confidence if not for the absolute 
existence of Shiro. 

"But I have Fii, I'll definitely find my way to see you." 

The weak shall maintain the identity of the weak to defeat the strong. 

Myself as myself, I shall find out the means to exceed my limits. 

-with a body that couldn't fly, find-a method to fly. 

Kurami felt a little uneasy, as she turned to face Fii. 

"...Are you willing to help me?" 

"Of course I'm willing- as long as it's for Kurami, I won't mind even if the world is to face against 

Holding onto Kurami's hand, Fii smiled radiantly. 

Kurami nodded and moved forward once again. 

"So...We should go, Fii." 


Then-Kurami muttered out: 

"Causing an internal collapse in the world's biggest country-that is one easy way to put it." 

For the arduous task Sora conferred, her face was very calm. 

Taking on the path with a clear will. 

"Very well, I'll show it to you, just you wait-Sora." 

A determined look appeared on Kurami's face. 

Exceeding humans with the identity of a human, exceeding the [Sixteen races]-exceeding even 


In order to pursue that, both of them walked onwards. 

The path that they were heading-first and foremost- 

No Game No LifeiVolume 3 Afterwords 


1. Jump up t In Go, Joseki are studied sequences of moves in the comer areas of the Go board, 
for which the result is considered balanced for both black and white sides 

2. Jump up t Again, mature 18 or above 17 years old 

3. Jump up t refer to people who have girl/boyfriends and are popular with their peers. Otaku 

4. Jump up t If you don't know, eight grader syndrome. Someone who act like a know-it-all 
adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have special powers unlike others. 

5. Jump up t Shiro means white in Japanese 

6. Jump up t Ambiguous meaning, could mean white piece or Shiro 

7. Jump up t First person shooter, not that I ever need to explain. 

8. Jump up t Shrine gate, the 7i-shaped gates. 

9. Jump up t Non-player characters 

10. Jump up t A game that is similar to this 

11 . Jump up t ••••I hate this, Netorare 6 tl), also referred to as NTR, is a genre where the 
intent is to cause an emotion of deep jealousy or distress in the reader by snatching a girl 
from a protagonist as such. 

12. Jump up t Tool-AssistedSpeedmn,