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Part 1 

“Over 7 billion players online now! Moving towards a future of 
infinite possibilities - Create a story that is truly your own!” 

... Reality. 

From a broader perspective, our precious lives are but a game. 

Just hearing that attractive slogan makes us want to imagine 
being part of it. 

Exactly as the title states, the game called “Life”, is truly an 
epic game that lasts for a lifetime. 

Game start. 

First, you cooperate with your parents and automatically begin 
the process of character customization. 

After receiving blessings from your father, mother and many 
others in a touching opening cutscene, you can finally begin 
controlling your main character. 

Even though the controls take a while to get used to, you 
eventually learn them, and you are thrown into a hub of social 
competition - school. 

The realm where this game takes place in - Earth. 

We were thrown in a corner of this gigantic map, and faced a 
massive sandbox game. We saw the slogan and were instantly 
hooked, but we quickly noticed - 

“We were tricked”. 

Infinite possibilities - Well, this statement may not be false. 

But the catch to this game was, no one told us that we could do 
things our own way. 

Disadvantages were caused by insufficient character levels, 
experience points, funds and not to mention spawn location. 

Seemingly endless shackles ruined the freedom allowed in this 

However, we continued to work hard. 

Trusting in the fanciful slogan, we constantly fell down and 
picked ourselves up. 

We truly believed that we possessed infinite potential. 

So, we engrossed ourselves in raising our levels, farming 
experience and earning money. 

Despite our complaints about the unfair conditions given due to 
the “Talents” or “Qualities” and other skills we received during 
random character customization, we did not give up, but relied 
on “Effort” to increase our experience points, endlessly 
working hard - That’s the kind of game “Life” is. 

This really is a story that motivates and touches the heart, isn’t 

- But, that has no meaning at all. 

No matter how high your score is, you will never be able to 
beat this game. 

This is because even though your level, experience points and 
funds have reached the cap, you will still suffer - in this case 
being ostracized. 


- Because of putting in “Too much effort”. 

Because even if it is something acquired by “Effort”. 

Others will still claim it is completely unfair. 

When you own “Something that others do not”, they will 
undoubtedly claim that it is unfair. 

Because of that, we were “Punished”. 

Receiving punishment from seven billion other players, 
shackles were imposed on us. 

At this point, a thought flashed through our heads - 

- Does freedom truly exist in this game? 

No matter what choices we made, we would still receive 
criticisms from society, other players or from god-knows- 

Even if we accepted the criticisms and continued on with the 
game, as long as we once again wished to achieve success, the 
same fate would befall upon us. 

Looking back on it all, we realized - 

Our actions were not carried out upon free will. 

The path we have walked, was only a pre-regulated path built 
according to a combination of the wishes and commands from 

When we realized were merely - “Walking a path built by 

Our suspicions were only confirmed. 

No mistake about it, this massive scam called “Life” was no 
doubt a massive and vast sandbox game. 

The thing is - The players were not ourselves. 

So we unconsciously lowered our heads and looked down at 
our hands. 

- Looking at those hands bound by infinite but yet 
infinitesimally small ropes, our suspicions turned into 

So we unconsciously surveyed our surroundings. 

- Looking at the others around us bound by infinite yet 
infinitesimally small ropes, our confirmations turned into 

As long as we shook our heads, we would hear creaking noises, 
which was when the gamer siblings realized. 

All the players were actually puppets. Everyone was adhering 
to the countenances of others and fulfilling their preset role in 
this game called “Life”. Just like puppets in a puppet show - 
Just like NPCs. 

So, after you’ve considered the above, let me just ask one 

“For what reason are you living?” 

- Is your answer to this question, truly based on your own free 

- This is the world as seen through the eyes of a <Puppet 

The <Puppet> did not question this truth in the ten years since 
the game began. 

The soulless <Puppet> did not feel anxious nor worried when 
faced with that truth. 

Just like <PuppetsPrayers>, we only look upon the faces of 
others, and make requests to <HumansPlayers> though we are 
not even sure if they exist. 

All it prays for is that the tricks would one day bring about 
some sort of benefit to mankind. 

- Until that day. 

Part 2 

Elven Gard - Tillnog County, Lower Miguel 

This was merely a district within the territory of the faction 
with the largest amount of land, stretching three continents and 
52 states. 

Located southeast of the capital, close to the kingdom of the 
Dwarves - Harden Lell. 

- It is the city of those who were born in and would receive the 
blessings of the forest, the elves. 

The architecture found there was completely different 
compared to the Imanity's - Elchea. 

In the center of the city lies a “Heaven Tree” - With one 
branch stretching up and beyond the clouds, an unbelievably 
large tree towered, with its roots tangled at the forest floor like 
blood vessels, expanded by the elves to form a network of 
roads. Houses and street lights tangle and merge with the 
stumps and vines growing from the earth, filling the cracks and 
bumps between the pavements. 

That fashion of architecture was completely unlike flattening 
forests and reclaiming land to build “buildings” made of brick 
and stone. 

This could only be done through well-practiced and potent 
magic, truly a “Living City”. 

Within the streets that were one with nature, there lies a 
particularly large mansion. 

That is the residence of the mayor - Ron Barter. 

At that time, a young lady was passing by the the gates that 
were embroidered with rosebuds. 

She had a mane of silky golden hair with a few curls. 

A pair of pointed ears signified an Elven heritage, and the ruby 
on her forehead produced faint streaks of light when struck by 
the sun's rays. 

The person coming out to receive the girl was a man that 
looked as if he had just entered old age, similarly had pointed 
ears, and was dressed in clothes clearly meant for higher 
echelons of society. 

“Welcome, Miss Fii, or should I call you Miss Nilvalen?” 

The girl known as Fii replied gently in a diplomatic voice, 

“I don’t mind what you call me, Barter, for I have not 
officially inherited the position of the head of the family.” 

The man - Barter hearing her reply, curled up the corners of his 
mouth into an evil smile. 

He stepped back, spread out his arms, and invited Fii into the 
mansion completely made of flora. 

“To allow a young maiden to travel so far just to visit my 
humble home, I offer my sincerest apologies.” 

“Fufu, your talent for flattery sure has not deteriorated in the 
slightest, I see.” 

“I never thought you would say something like that. I may be 
old, but I believe my ability to appreciate beautiful flowers has 
not been lost.... Despite the fact that you are nothing but an 
ugly weed compared to my garden, of course.” 

“A flower that is being appreciated can still bloom, you know. 
Oh, I should also mention that the time it takes to do so is the 
same as well-” 

While the two of them were walking, their smiles did not 
diminish even by a fraction, however during the entire trip, 
they did not look at each other at all. 

Barter led Fii into the main hall. 

In the center of the hall, decorated by various flowers and 
plants, laid a table and two chairs. 

As Fii sat down, Barter took a seat on the other end as well. 

“This must be extremely boring for both of us, so let’s get 
straight to the point.” 

He jumped right into the main issue without beating around the 

“For this round of senatorial elections - Nilvalen, may I 
request that you withdraw?” 

Barter addressed Fii by her family name directly, as though it 
were a command instead of a request. 

- Despite the fact that Fii had said she didn’t mind what she 
was addressed as - There was an unspoken rule within the 
circle of nobles in Elfen Gard, which was.... 

Addressing someone directly by their family name was akin to 
an insult. 

However, Fii maintained her composure and continued smiling 
with not even a twitch of the eyebrow. 

“Is that all?” 

“Of course not, I also request that you personally recommend 
me for the elections, officially under your family name of 

“Oh~ so that’s how it is.” 

“Yes, the election deposits and earnest money would also be 
your responsibility. Another thing, a close friend of mine, Sir 
Castor Lesto desires your Golden Dragon Bone Harp, as long 
as you give it to him, he will recommend me for this round’s 

“Hmm... that's my family heirloom, you know! Previously, 
an entire city was traded in exchange for it —“ 

“That is what I heard as well, I’m sure he would enjoy this 
gift very much.” 

The corners of his mouth twisted once again, revealing a 
cunning smile. 

His eyes drooped downwards, with his line of sight directly 
fixated upon her large and supple breasts. 

“I won’ t force you to make the decision right away of 
course, so why don’ t you stay over tonight. We need to sit 
down nice and proper and have an rall-night J talk regarding 
how our relationship should proceed from here? Hmm?” 

“No matter how a person’s outward appearance is decorated, 
the personality will remain the same you know?” 

Fii replied, almost failing to hold back her laughter. 

“Essentially you want money, land and women right? In this 
current age, I would imagine that even mountain bandits would 
have more reasonable demands.” 

“That is because they know their place as small fries. Don’t 
you think that a person of my position and caliber deserves to 
request for correspondingly important demands?” 

“I completely disagree, but if you want to think that way, then 
it’s your own decision-?” 

Fii continued to maintain the smile on her face, then replied: 

“So, you think I would accept that kind of request, are you 
drunk or something?” 

“Haha, compared to being dmnk, I prefer being intoxicated 
by the beauty of flowers. You should have known I would have 

these kinds of demands, but you still came here, didn’t you? 
Anyway - “ 

Barter snapped his fingers once. 

As she sensed an Elemental Gallery being accessed, a tea set 
with steam still billowing out of it appeared on the table. 

A piece of tissue paper as though dancing through the air, 
gently landed in front of Fii’s position at the table. 

“ • • • As the current vice-congresswoman, you actually 
attempted to liberate the slaves - If you’re not afraid of me 
exposing you, you could always refuse the deal? Sounds good 
to you?” 

Hearing the threatening words spoken by Barter, Fii continued 
smiling nonetheless. 

She merely inspected the piece of paper on the table 

The content written on it was simple, merely a record of Fii 
and her group’s affiliation with the act and also evidence 
regarding the matter. 

If the laws regarding slaves were removed, the society of the 
Elves would not be able to remain stable, thus her actions were 
likened to a crime. 

If this list were to be exposed to the public, it would not be a 
surprise if Fii and the others were convicted with treason - 

“Since you’ve already dug up so much information about us, 
why don’t you go ahead and expose us?” 

“I personally believe in free will, and only do things that 
would benefit me personally, what good would it do me if I 
went ahead and exposed your little tricks?” 

“So you’re using this to threaten me instead? Freedom really 
is the best, isn’t it?” 

“Threaten? There you go again with such strong words... I 
am only offering suggestions to a silly woman. I will train you 
properly, so how about you kneel down and beg like a dog for 
forgiveness? Hmm?” 

“I appreciate it, but no thank you - How about we get straight 
to the topic here?” 

“Hah, you really can’t wait, can you? Hmm? - Fine then.” 

After Barter spoke these words, he snapped his fingers yet 

A complex-looking magical formation appeared out of thin air, 
and a deck of cards materialized from the center of it. 

“The game is rOracle CardsJ - I trust that this does not 
need explaining?” 

Oracle Cards. 

A game popular among the Elves, where twenty-two magical 
cards are used for combat purposes. 

- It is also a dangerous game used to settle disputes. 

For someone with weaker magical ability like Fii, it would be 
disadvantageous duel. 

By the rTen OathsJ , the challenged party, Fii, had the right 
to select the game. But then - 

“So, let us now decide upon what each of us are willing to 

Fii carefully answered her opponent with her line of sight 
directly fixated upon him, her expression ever unchanging. 

Both were deciding the requests that would be fulfilled under 
the absolute authority of the r Oaths j . 

“Well then, I want all your personal rights - and you will 
belong to me for the rest of your life, if I win, of course.” 

“We want you to forget everything related to our efforts, and 
assist us unconditionally to any extent.” 

- This was a reasonable demand. 

If Barter were to acquire Fii, he would acquire everything to 
her family name and also her virginity. 

On the other hand, Fii’s demand was for him to relinquish all 
his evidence that he could use threaten them, and also to drain 
his personal savings dry as revenge by acquiring his services. 

“No problem - but for a third-rate thug like you, it’s best that 
you don’t think about winning too much, you know... When 
imagination goes overboard, it becomes fantasy you know?” 

“Your obvious attempts at bluffing are really entertaining, 
hmm? Does the disgrace of the Nilvalen family really think she 
can beat me?” 

After a brief exchange of taunts and loaded glances - Both 
parties immediately swore on the pledges. 

r r Acciente J J 

As though corresponding with the spoken word, the spells cast 
on the table were activated, and the game began. 

Barter and Fii were both given twenty-two cards each. 

Their cards automatically hovered in the air at fixed positions, 
shuffling themselves at an angle where the opponent was 
unable to see the card's face. 

After, both would draw cards of equal amount and type, then 
battle face-to-face. 

- This was the game known as rOracle Cards] . 

The simple game played with tarot cards then began. 

- When both parties of the game are elves, cheating with magic 
is almost impossible. 

Because both parties are able to detect each other’s spells and 
Elemental Galleries, if any party attempts to use magic to 

cheat, it would be impossible, thus Elves particularly enjoy 
playing automatically controlled games powered by magic like 

Among which, this game known as Oracle Cards, was 
particularly popular for its entertainment value and for its 
victory conditions. 

“Set two cards down.” 

Fii spoke one simple sentence, and immediately two cards 
disappeared from the deck floating in the air. 

At the same time, those two cards materialized on the table 
instantly in a face-down position. Barter smiled, and said: 

“Set two cards down.” 

This time, it was Barter’s cards that landed face-down on the 

Both would use the two cards they had each drawn to decide 
the victor of the match. 

Barter then uttered, rather impatiently: 

“How about we reveal our cards?” 

“Fine- now then-“ 

The two competitors simultaneously spoke a single word, 
r r “Draw” J J 

Immediately after the word was uttered, both their cards 
simultaneously flipped over. 

In an instant - the surrounding air seemed to have imploded 
upon itself, as massive amounts of energy were drawn out of 
the Elemental Gallery. 

The cards Barter drew were rStrength] and _ The Chariot] . 

The combination of the cards was known as - rFame is 
Power] . 

Fii’ s cards were rThe Fool] and TTheFover] . 
rFove is Insanity] . 

The cards belonging to both parties began to emit a bright light, 
and semi-transparent images began to materialize in front of 

Barter had summoned a fully armored knight that immediately 
drew its sword and began its attack. 

And the figure that was summoned from Fii’s cards was 
instead a half-naked maiden with an expression of exquisite 

The maiden moved gracefully as if she were a dancer, grabbed 
the knight’s neck and softly spoke a few sentences into his ear. 

The knight raised its head as though it was very troubled - then 
turned his blade in the other direction. 

He turned around while carrying the maiden, and slashed his 
sword towards the one that had summoned him instead - 

- Created by the seventh most powerful among the 
rExceed] , and the most adept with magic, the elves. 

This was the game of cards that could only be created through 
the harnessing of that magic. 

The rReturn Seal] spell that was triggered on the cards 
harnessed the mindless violence emanating from the knight and 
redirected it towards Barter. 

His response to this was - Muttering a few words, stretching 
out his palm, and instantly conjuring a defensive shield. 

Two magical formations appeared from thin air, to block the 
sword of the knight. 

An extremely large noise echoed throughout the room, and a 
jet of bright light burst forward. 

Large amounts of spirits exploded and burst through the entire 
courtyard progressively, then disappeared. 

Despite bearing such a powerful counter-attack, Barter still 
appeared to be unaffected. 

“Actually using a combination to reflect my attacks since the 
beginning, it appears that even the cowardly weakling is afraid 
of being injured, hmm?” 

Fii likewise replied with an unwavering smile. 

“Avoiding risks in the first hand of cards is a perfectly 
reasonable strategy, you know. And I would feel frustrated as 
well if the victor was decided instantly in that fashion.” 

“Hehe, that’s exactly the reason why others can’t put up with 
you.... Using that sort of tricks in games, you clearly don’t 
understand the style of play, so how about I teach you a lesson 
about the methods that are up to standards truly befit for one of 
noble descent, hmm?” 

Essentially, this is a game of'Oracle Cards' (Magical Tarot 

- This was the ultimate duel game played by the seventh ranked 
race, the Elves. 

Both participants have the same twenty-two cards, and every 
turn two are drawn to form a combination. 

Combinations not only consist of raw power, but also possess 
different affinities, and the losing party will suffer an 
r Attack] of power corresponding with the ability of the 
combination used. 

And those attacks can only be blocked by the magic of the 

Used cards will be dumped into the graveyard, and after eleven 
rounds - meaning after all the cards are used, both parties will 
be given the option of surrendering or continuing the game. If 
the option to continue is selected, both players will be given 
another twenty-two cards and restart the duel - as long as one 

party is unable to continue the game, then victory will be 

There are a total of two hundred and thirty-one combinations - 
predicting and countering each one of them would be an 
impossible feat. 

Hence the key to victory would be rDodging attacks] . 

- Also a test used to gauge the standards of aspiring Elven 

Those who are able to rQuadruple Cast] would be only the 
best mages, despite Barter being incapable doing so, he was 
still a very capable rTriple Caster] . 

While Fii, on the other hand - 

“ - You are only barely capable enough to rDouble Cast] 
even after using that kind of runic magic and the support soul 
gems used by beginners. Do you really think that with that kind 
of standard, you, the disgrace of the Nilvalen family, can 
triumph over me, hmm?” 

- No doubt about it, in this game, victory is decided by the skill 
of one’s magic. 

The amount of spells that one can cast simultaneously - also 
represents the strength of one’s magic and the times one has 
used it. 

Fii that could barely reach the standard of a Double Caster, to 
wish of defeating a Triple Caster like Barter, would be an 
impossible feat. 

However Fii merely laughed nonchalantly. “Yes, of course I do 
think that way! You’re already becoming this cocky even only 
after blocking this first attack. How about you land a hit on me 
first before you act so savagely, hmm?” 

Then, she glanced upward momentarily. 

The movement of the spirits had not ceased, and the second 
floor of the mansion was visible from the central courtyard 
with petals still flying about from the aftershock of the 
previous explosion. 

Fii glanced through a window on the second floor - a girl with 
black hair and clothes - the shadow of her rPartner] walking 
was visible, and the corners of her mouth faintly had a ghost of 
a smile. 

No doubt about it, this magic game had absolutely no room for 
the Imanity who could not use or detect magic. 

As long as they took a single hit, they would definitely lose, 
thus it wouldn’t even be considered a game. 

But - images of two people flashed through her mind’s eye. 

A young man and a little girl wearing expressions of pride and 
condescension, but at the same time carrying a hint of sadness 

- Why do you insist on taking on the opponent head-on? 
Also - 

“The game ended before it even began, you know?” 

Part 3 

“ • • -Cheh, that bastard Barter.” 

Observing the duel taking place in the central courtyard from 
the second floor with a bird’s-eye view, Barter’s butler, Fritz, 
rudely swore. 

- From his master’s deal, his ulterior motives were obvious. 

Grasping his opponent’s weakness, forcing the opponent into a 
game she couldn’t possibly win, and win over her personal 

As long as he were to defeat that woman, the house of 
Nilvalen’s vote, power, money and of course the one thing 
more precious than gold - breasts, would all belong to him. 

Despite Barter’s expression being generically villainous and 
composed, he was almost certainly thinking of what he would 
do after he achieved victory. 

He most definitely was thinking how he would enjoy that 
massive pair of breasts in bed at night. 

How could he be so certain? Because he who was standing in 
the blind spot of the woman, helping Barter block the 
r Attacks] from her cards, was also thinking of nothing but 
gigantic breasts. 

Also the most important things related to women were her 
breasts, looks, butt, waist, and legs, and not to mention these 
were only accessories as compared to her breasts for 

accompaniment, valued just about as much as the napkins one 
would receive at a restaurant for lunch. 

Her intelligence? Her skill with magic? Those were completely 

- Essentially, Fii was exactly Fritz’s type of girl. 

“Ah, to meet in a place like this, it really is a coincidence. 
Barter’s butler... Your name is Fritz, right?” 

“ -?! You are Nilvalen’s —“ 

Fritz desperately turned around, and was staring at a black¬ 
haired and black-clothed Imanity... Nilvalen’s slave. 

'Her name was Kurami I think,' Fritz thought while rendered 

“Cheh, you flat-chested woman, don’t simply approach me.” 

Just being spoken to by a pitifully flat-chested Imanity was 
already bad enough. 

Also he had no time to entertain her words. 

Because he had more important things to do, those being to 
simultaneously assist Barter and enjoy the view of Fii’s chest - 
and as the flat-chested one probably couldn’t read his inner 
thoughts, she continued to speak in a calm tone: 

“To meet in a place like this must also be the doing of fate, 
how about you fChallenge mej to a game?” 

“• • • Watch your words, you lackey. At least let your chest 
grow three times bigger before you talk, you inferior being.” 

Hearing the words carrying condescending, insulting and 
infinitely other meanings, the girl still maintained the smile on 
her face. 

“Words... huh? How about something like —“ 

Her glance immediately sharpened. “I wish to expose you and 
Barter’s cheating - what do you think about these words?” 

“• • • I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

“You were thinking of saying Imanity aren’t capable of 
detecting magic - right?” 

“.... ” 

While remaining silent, the flat-chested girl instead shook her 
head as though acting in a play. 

“That definitely is the case, for example- • • Note that this is 
merely an example. For example, for a Double Caster to defeat 
a Triple Caster would of course be difficult, but not impossible, 
but if you assist Barter in deflecting her r Attacks] , then this 
game for you of course would be a r Guaranteed Victory] ; 
and I who of course have no ability to detect magic would be 
unable to prove it, thus my master - Fii is in a lot of danger 

However - the flat-chested girl chuckled while covering her 
mouth, and continued: 

“Actually I have no need to actively expose you. Because you 
will admit it anyway.” 

“••• What?” 

‘T 11 say this again, do you want to r Challenge me J to a 
game? Because if you refuse - 

The girl revealed a cunning smile, and produced a small 
gemstone. “You have been using Barter’ s funds to produce 
rHighly concentrated magical potionj , and have been 
secretly selling it to the Dwarves - the neighboring country, I 
will report this to the police and ruin your reputation - what do 
you think of this phrasing?” 


Fritz let out a cry that sounded as if it were a wail. 
Understandable, of course. 

The gemstone that Kurami was holding in her hand, was 
coincidentally the potion he was selling - a prohibited product. 

“Compressing and liquefying spirits then absorbing them to 
increase the amount of spirits in one’s body. This is a potion 
created to boost magical powers, but it also has side effects - 
no, it should be mentioned that it was exactly because of these 
side effects that result in massive amounts of people abusing 
this drug, and thus it was banned.” 

And that side effect was - 

“The adrenaline rush and feeling invincible after an overdose, 
is just like those acquired from drugs.” 

“ . 

“You should understand the situation by now right? Quickly 
challenge me to a game, or else you will have no other 

Kurami spoke with an unbelievably sinister and cunning smile 
on her face, and Fritz who was looking directly into that 
frightful expression couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his 
mouth slightly in fear. 

It’s impossible. 

Just end it here. 

“••• Ugh!” 

No, I must endure it, I can’t do it yet, must not laugh yet...! 

Laughing at a pitiful flat-chested girl who thinks she possesses 
an advantage despite only having a bit of information, would 
be too shameful! 

Fritz turned his back toward the flat-chested girl, and his 
shoulders were shaking uncontrollably. 

Don’t I look like a man that has no other options and has truly 
been pushed to his wit’s end? - Stupid, this whole thing was 
unbelievably stupid. 

This duel was instigated by Barter challenging Nilvalen. 

He adopted a close-one-eye attitude towards Nilvalen’s 
schemes in attempting to free the slaves and used it as a 
condition for the game to force her into accepting unfavorable 
conditions, and to grasp an even more decisive victory, he even 
made Fritz help secretly. 

But - he recalled a sentence the super busty one (Fii) had said 

-1 would feel frustrated as well if the victor was decided 
instantly in that fashion... 

(- So essentially speaking, their target from the start was not 
Barter, but me instead.) 

Fritz struggled to hold his laughter in, as he realized that Fii 
accepting Barter’s challenge so easily was also part of the plan. 

In a situation where his hands were tied in assisting Barter, 
even a young Imanity girl could force him into a corner. 

That sort of dirty tactic should have been obvious to spot. 

Also he himself should have predicted that something like this 
would happen. 

Him smuggling and selling magic potions, and that Fii and 
Kurami would come into contact with him during the duel, all 
these things were already notified in advance to him by Barter 

Why? Because they had went to discuss the matter with him 

- Your butler has been committing such crimes, and you are his 
master, so as not to damage your reputation, we plan to secretly 
make him admit to everything by himself, thus we seek your 
assistance in this matter. 

They created this situation, just so he would fall into their trap. 

(... That is definitely what they had thought of- If s just too 

What these two had not realized is that, the person that they 
had sought assistance from, Barter, was the ringleader of the 
smuggling ring. 

Barter would not sell him out, because as long as Fritz 
confessed, not only the smuggling pipelines, but even evidence 
that Barter himself was the ringleader would all be leaked out. 

Thus he had pretended to cooperate, and planned to acquire Fii 
for himself in the process. 

Barter himself had come up with the plan, and chose his own 
mansion as the venue that the entire course of events would 
take place. Since the premise was that the plan was a secret, 
other than this flat-chested slave, no others had accompanied 

- It was too easy. 

So the Imanity with the pitiful chest and the busty Elf with the 
pitiful brains - the two that had attempted to frame him, ended 
up being trapped in the spider’s web instead. 

“• • • You are really unexpectedly stupid, to let even an idiot 
understand, I shall attempt to explain this again.” 

The flat-chested girl’s voice was like a jet of ice-cold water, 
sprayed at Fritz who was still trying to control his laughter. 

“You have no other options, so do you want to play a game, 
or have your life ruined? Do you understand?” 

Hearing this hilarious challenge, Fritz clenched his teeth and 
held in the urge to laugh uncontrollably, then raised his head. 

His line of sight left the courtyard, and instead he turned to 
look at his opponent. 

Fritz tried his best to act calm, and sat down at a table located 
at his side. 

“ • • • Fine, however I am bored as well, so just end this 

“What a coincidence, I cannot let this game drag on due to 
my partner, so let’s just play a simple game.” 

The flat-chested one sat across from him. 

“Here is a perfectly normal deck of cards.” She drew three 
cards and placed them on the table. 

The cards were the Ace, Queen and King of Spades. 

“King trumps Queen, Ace trumps King, Queen trumps Ace.” 

As she said this she laid the cards face-down again, then 
shuffled the cards multiple times on the table. 

“We will each draw one card in its face-down position, then 
draw our cards to decide victory. I’m sure even an idiot like 
you will be able to understand this?” 

“-Hmph, so what is your demand?” 

“Isn’t that what you should be stating? Or do you want to just 
beg for mercy?” 

The flat-chested girl laughed in an insulting manner, and 
despite feeling angered by her actions, Fritz conceded to her 
requests just the same. 

“ • • • Then I request the destruction and forgetting of the 
information rYou both] have acquired regarding the 

“Fine, then I request that you ^Confess] and ^Testify] , 
and not leave out a single detail.” 

Hearing her request presented in a warm tone, Fritz’s brow 
jumped slightly. 

Her aim was - for him to confess all the details related to the 
smuggling, and cheating by interfering in the game currently 
taking place in the courtyard. 

So, these two stupid and pitiful women may be foolish, but 
they had thought out their own interests before coming here, as 
if they hadn’t fallen into their trap from the start.... 

“-Fine, ^AccienteJ 

“OK, TAccienteJ .” 

- Draw. 

While maintaining the card he had drawn in a face-down 
position, Fritz used a tiny bit of magic. 

(So you think I cannot assist Barter and use magic at the same 

And the opponent was merely the shame of Nilvalen. 

Fii Nilvalen - The most incapable existence since the founding 
of the House of Nilvalen. 

Even graduating from school - ^Towering Alabaster Trees] 
[2] proved to be too difficult a task for her, if not for the runic 
markings on the back of her hand and her forehead, she 
wouldn’ t be able to even Double Cast, being an 
underachiever; on the other hand, Barter could Triple Cast, and 
his opponent was a stupid busty woman overconfident with the 
illusion that it was a false competition, even if he left 
momentarily, what could go wrong? 

- Using the spell known as rPerspective] , he saw that his 
card was an TAce] . 

Sadly he was unable to see through his opponent’s trick before 
the game had started, however this was a game suggested by 
his opponent, and cheating was to be expected. 

He confirmed that he couldn’t feel the presence of magic, so 
the only cheating method a species like Imanity would be 
capable of is - Did she mess with the deck when she shuffled, 
to control the card that she would draw? 

No matter, the only card that the flat-chest could beat him with 

- would definitely be a r QueenJ . 

The predetermined cards were only three. 

Even if he turned his ^AceJ into a ^KingJ , as long as the 
remaining card was flipped open, his cheating would be 

But, if that happened, all he had to do would be to ^Use 
magic to swap the images on their cardsj . 

Even if she messed with the deck during shuffling to control 
which card she would draw, but that action itself would be 

Also, even if Fritz used magic to switch their cards, Imanity 
like Kurami that cannot detect magic would be unable to prove 

- She would be thinking something along the lines of this. 

(You puny species (Imanity), do not underestimate me.) 

He used the bare minimum force required to use his finger to 
tap the tabletop so it would not produce any sound. 

In an instant, the spirits that flowed across the table told him 
that the flat-chest’ s card was King] . 

Essentially speaking, she guessed that her card would be 
swapped with his - and intentionally picked a card that would 
lose against him. 

After all, it is the r Shame of NilvalenJ and her slave - • • 
How naive.” 

Fritz at this point didn’t bother concealing it anymore, then 
burst out laughing. 

“A dumb busty woman is better than a smart flat-chested one, 
women’s vitamins rather than being sent to the brain, would be 
even more of value if they were transported to their chests. 
However - if one is both dumb and flat-chested, then it’s a 
really incurable case.” 

“ • • • It appears the rumor that character cannot be developed 
without having it from birth is true.” 

The flat-chest wrinkled her forehead in displeasure. 

Fritz cleared his throat slightly, as he did not need to do 
anything besides let his opponent fall into his trap. 

“So, can we flip our cards now?” 

“Fine, then it will be your loss.” 

They flipped over their cards simultaneously. 

Fritz’ s card, as expected, was an ^AceJ . 

And the flat-chest’s card was - 

- A r QueenJ . 

“••• H-How could this be - !? This is impossible!?” 

Fritz kicked away his chair and yelled. 

How could this be possible? Impossible, it shouldn’t be this 
way - hearing Fritz’s howls, a smile appeared on Kurami’s 

- It was a gentle smile. Yes, spreading on her face like the sun. 

“ • • • Heh, it was different from the card you peeked at, are you 
surprised yet?” 

- After the pitch of her voice changed, Kurami’s body appeared 
to shimmer. 

“Magic, should be used only after you detect who you’re 
using it on, you know!” 

The black-haired girl disappeared as though she was a mirage, 
and instead turned into a girl with a mane of blond hair, which 
was to say - 

“You.... You are Nilvalen!?” 

Fii who had previously taken on the image of Kurami, returned 
to her original form. 

“Yes, I am Fii Nilvalen.” 

Fii smiled indulgently, with the shape curling up into a 
sideways half-moon. 

“You were saying compared to my brains, my vitamins had 
all went to my breasts right...? Then I have a question for you, 
in the case of you, where did your vitamins run off to - the 
growth of your thing down there doesn’t seem that good 

In an instant, spirits scrambled over Fritz’s body, inspecting the 
condition of his body, and Fii smiled until both her eyes were 
but tiny slits. 

“Both the top and the bottom are not being used adequately, I 
really feel sorry for the vitamins that you have absorbed, you 

But Fritz did not take particular notice of her insults - He lost? 
Lost to Nilvalen!? 

“You do not need to be this bewildered, hmm? Despite being 
both small and short "down there", there will definitely be 
people that will like it... But if your brains and appearance are 
both lacking, then I really have nothing to say~?” 

- Then - t-t-then!? 

“••• Impossible! Then the one currently dueling against Barter 
-who is it!?” 

Part 4 

“Kurami- I’m already done on my part-” 

Fii Nilvalen stretched her body out from the balcony, and 
waved towards the courtyard. 

Instantly - the body of Fii Nilvalen that was currently in a duel 
against him - no... 

The one that was merely imitating her appearance - took off 
her veil, returning to her normal appearance. 

The black-haired and black-clothed girl that appeared in her 
place - Kurami Zell, took a bow gracefully. 

“- Thank you for your cooperation, Sir Barter.” 

“• • • No, no, my servant has been doing illegal things behind 
my back, I have to take responsibility for not realizing earlier, 

Upon seeing the Imanity female that had bowed deeply, Barter 
hid away his shock, and spoke with a wrinkled brow. 

“No, but this is different from what we had agreed on earlier? 
Hmm? You both agreed with me that this would be carried out 
in secret... I had not heard that there was another accomplice.” 

When she heard Barter’s question, the girl exclaimed “Hmm?” 
and tilted her head in confusion. 

“If I may speak, if there were any uninvited intruders in your 
mansion, you would have detected them before anyone else 

“Um, uhm....” 

That was the truth, and Barter had nothing to say in return. 

The mansion only had him and Fritz, Fii and Kurami, and 
numerous other helpers in it. 

It was his own mansion, as long as there were others inside, he 
would have detected it, as within the mansion there were 
numerous spells of this capability. 

Not to say that he intentionally utilized this advantage to carry 
out the duel in this venue, but - 

Then how did this female Imanity, carry out the duel with him 

The black-haired female chuckled and said: 

“According to the deal, only the both of us came.” 

“Yes, yes, forgive me for being rude... Then, then this game 
will be considered null and void, so let’s end it now, hmm?” 

-Not right, something was not right. 

Barter felt a strong sensation of unease, and stood up from his 

First things first just void this duel, and quickly plan what 
needs to be done next - 

“Hmm? Sir Barter, did you misunderstand something?” 

- Hearing that line that chilled him to the bone, Barter quickly 
turned around. 

The black-haired girl, Kurami, had stood up as well - with an 
expression of extreme mockery on her face. 

“Set two cards down.” 

Two cards from the girl’s deck disappeared and materialized 
again on the tabletop. 

“I have not agreed - to end the game you know?” 


In a situation where both parties have yet to agree to end the 
game, the game will not end. 

“You, you, what are you trying to do!?” 

“To continue the game of course, please return to your seat, if 
you wish to surrender, then I have no choice but to redeem the 

Hearing the words Kurami spoke, Barter’s eyes opened wide. 

He had previously thought that he would definitely win, so he 
didn’t pay much attention to her demands. 

- “We request that you forget all about our plans, and assist us 
unconditionally and to any extent.” 

Even though the phrasing was somewhat different, but it was 
of the same severity as his request to Fii - no, even worse. 

He would forget even the details of the game, and would 
become their slave. 

In comparison to this: Barter’s request was: 

- “I request your personal freedom - and you must obey me for 
the rest of your life.” 

In this situation, the person that had agreed to the duel was 
Kurami, and not Fii. 

Even if Barter had won, he would only win an insignificant 
slave belonging to the Nilvalen family. 

He had initially believed that the opponent had agreed to 
conditions advantageous towards him - but instead he was the 
one that had accepted disadvantageous terms - ! ? 

“You, you both!?” 

“Barter! Your time is almost up, do you wish to surrender?” 

In contrast to the emotionally unstable Barter, Kurami asked 
the question nonchalantly. 

- If one party has already picked their cards, and the other does 
not draw theirs within a given period of time, it would be 
regarded as the other party’s defeat. 

Barter remembered this rule, and quickly yelled out: 

“- ! Set two cards down!!” 

Following Barter’s order, two cards disappeared from his deck 
and materialized on the tabletop. 

Kurami smiled with pride. 

r DrawJ 

When the command was uttered, the four cards were 
simultaneously revealed. 

Barter’ s cards were The MoonJ and The High 
PriestessJ . 

r Within the robes lie Deceit] . 

Kurami’ s cards were l~Justice] and The Emperor] . 
rMy rule is Absolute] . 

As compared to Barter’s combination’s ability which dispelled 
the enemy’s attack and resisted the opponent, Kurami’s 
combination’s ability was to carry out its own will over all 
others while releasing all possible status effects upon the 
enemy. The sword drawn by the emperor, revealed the true 
identity of the high priestess, and relieved her of her position. 

Removing the opponent’s power and influence, the emperor's 
strength was then directed towards Barter who appeared to be 
still in a daze. 


He hurriedly casted a defensive spell. 

Just as the emperor's sword was about to connect, three spells 
activated at once. 

But the hurriedly made defensive shield made a cracking noise, 
and caused scalding damage to Barter’s Elemental Gallery as 
the sword broke through. 

After the explosion and blinding light had subsided, a voice 
spoke behind the panting Barter. 

“Oh no! It appears that strike had diminished your stamina by 
at least half, hmm!” 

Turning around, he saw Fii leisurely walking towards him with 
his dejected-looking butler trailing behind. 

“! Fritz - you actually lost to a weakling like Nilvalen!?” 

Upon hearing Barter’s scolding, Fritz’s facial expression 
twisted slightly, but he remained silent and bent his head 

While Fii who was standing beside him spoke with a relaxed 

“It was inevitable, wasn’t it? He let down his guard because 
he thought I was an Imanity.” 

“You shut up, Nilvalen! You bitch, how dare you lie to me!?” 

“Sigh- what do you mean lying, such an ugly word... 

Fii’s line of sight shifted towards Kurami who was still sitting 
at the table. 

And Kurami merely nodded her head once, a cold smile 
appearing on her face. 

“-You were the one that had planned to cheat us to gain 
victory, weren’t you.” 

Barter took a deep breath, and Kurami continued: 

“You were the one that ordered your butler to smuggle 
contraband and earn illegitimate cash - did you really think we 
wouldn’t know?” 

“As long as you pretended to cooperate and set a trap for us, 
you could eliminate the evidence, and gain all the benefits —“ 

“When the plan fails you call off the game, and refuse to 
admit anything - you really are a dirty person.” [3] 

Upon hearing Fii and Kurami’s accusations, Barter’s facial 
expression twisted violently. 

The plan was a failure from the beginning, they clearly knew 
his intentions, but instead they used it against him - .. .No! 

“Heh, heh heh... You’re still one step behind, Nilvalen.” 

“Yes? Looking for me?” 

Fii opened her eyes wide and tilted her head to the side in 
confusion while Barter confidently shouted: 

“Since I’ ve found out that the one dueling against myself 
was this little strumpet, then the evidence of you cheating is 
obvious! Because a normal Imanity would never be able to 
block the r Attack] of the cards, it was you who helped here, 
wasn’ tit!?” 

-No mistake there, since the game began, they had already 
contested three rounds with seven battles between them. 

So in forty rounds, Kurami had been targeted by several 
rAttacks] . 

Barter clearly saw her using magical shields to deflect the 

Since Imanity are unable to use magic, then it was definitely 
Fii who was helping her - but... 

Fii was speechless when faced with these accusations, instead 
scratching her cheek and replying with a chuckle: 

“The person who had instructed his butler to do the exact 
same thing, shouldn’t have the right to say anything, right- ...” 

Kurami continued: 

“Also that wasn’t even considered cheating - you fool.” 

Faced with a direct accusation, Barter was momentarily 

“How about you take a moment to chew on the pledges 
regarding the game - when I confirmed the conditions, I 
clearly said ^WeJ 

- At this point, Barter really opened his eyes wide, unable to 
think of a reply. 

Since the opponent had stated r WeJ , then the game would 
be considered as a duel between Barter and a tag team 
consisting of Fii and Kurami. The rules did not restrict leaving 
the area during the course of the game, so even if Fii was 
casting defensive barriers at a distance, it wouldn’t be 
considered as breaking the rules - no, wait, before that. 

(She changed their appearances so as not to let us find out, and 
was simultaneously playing a game on the second floor while 
casting defensive barriers -?) 

Kurami sighed and frowned slightly. 

“• • • Fii, it appears this moron has finally realized it.” 

“Since he has an unfair disadvantage of blood overly 
concentrated in his posterior area and not being transported to 
his brain, we can forgive him for now right?” 

Fii said that while chuckling, but her voice sounded chilling 
enough to cut through bone. 

“He fell for it even when using such a simple word game, 
how disappointing. I had even prepared much more 

complicated back-up plans, strategies and traps - for no 
purpose since they’re all unnecessary now anyway.” 

The underachieving girl standing in front of him sighed as 
though she couldn’t take it anymore. 

“Just a quick mention... Your cards were too easy to guess, 
initially you would definitely take the offensive, and use a 
curse combination if the attack were to be blocked. Since you 
don’t like countering, you wouldn’t use it, and the combination 
just now was just a result of your panic, to survive the round, 
you attempted to use cards to rPrevent Attack] , even an 
idiot could - sorry, if it was so, it would be normal if you 
couldn’ t guess that.” 

Barter’s shoulders were shaking uncontrollably due to anger, 
shame - and a pang of fear that was almost painful to admit. 

In the forty rounds of cards, Kurami only suffered very few 
rAttacks] . 

And that was only in the early phases where luck played a 
much bigger role, in the later rounds - all his cards were seen 
through by her. 

This was not the doing of an Elf, but a puny species (Imanity) 
had managed to - 

Don’t underestimate Imanity, you useless old man.” 

This unpredictable black-haired girl.... 

“• • OK - Let’s continue the game!” 

• • • She said it with a laugh as though from a god of death. 

Sharp and fast-flowing spirits bound Barter’s arms - disrupting 
the nerve systems within his Elemental Gallery. 

A pain too exquisite to describe, made the centuries-old man, 
cry like a baby, 

After the blow sufficient to scatter all the flowers growing in 
the courtyard had subsided - The Elven old man had fallen 
from his chair, writhing in pain, while the young Imanity girl 
whispered to him gently: 

“ - This concludes the fourth round, what do you plan to do 
from here? Sir Barter.” 

“Eh, eh” 

“Also, you should have noticed by now, Fii— my master (Fii 
Nilvalen) - is a ^Hex CasterJ .” 

When he heard that whisper, the old man’s skin turned whiter 
than a piece of paper. 

He knew that it was not a bluff. 

Because if it were untrue, it would be impossible to explain the 
various things Fii was capable of doing. 

Kurami crouched down, as though to console the pale, 
shuddering old man and continued: 

“No problem, even though you look as if you have no 
remaining energy to cast defensive barriers - you still have a 
good chance of winning, as long as you are able to predict all 
my following cards and finish me without taking a single hit, 
draining the power of the Hex Caster in the process.” 

- After stating the one-in-a-trillion chance, Kurami laughed. 

“There’s no problem even if you lose, it will only hurt a little 

- you’ll only die if you’re not careful.” 

- Yes, the exact feats entailed in that were - what Kurami had 
pulled off just minutes earlier. 

Even a puny species could do it, so it shouldn’t be too hard for 
an Elf— 

“I su-1 surrender! I’ve lost! So please, stop the game!” 

“-OK, so it’s our victory then. It’s been hard on you, Sir 

Kurami ignored the pitiful old man, stood up from her seat 
while Fii embraced her with a cheer. 

“You are amazing!! An Imanity besting over an Elf in this 
game, it must be the first time huh?!” 

“ • • • Beating this old fool has nothing deserved to be praised 
so much about, after all, he was the weakest among all our 
recent opponents.” 

Fii looked as if she was comforting the unhappy Kurami, 
stroking her hair gently, then turned around. 

“Now —“ 

Fixating her eyes upon the still-prone Barter and Fritz who was 
still standing motionless in shock. 

“So Sir Barter, please adhere to the pledges, and forget 
everything related to our business.” 

And then - Kurami spoke with a large smile on her face. 

“Continue your illegal smuggling and vending as per 

-Wait... What?! 

“And then, Mr. Fritz! You will rConfess everything] in - 
half a month ’ stime.” 

- What is going on? 

While Barter and Fritz were still in the midst of their 
confusion, Kurami walked closer to the table. 

“Now we should be taking our leave. But, before that 

She lifted up the deck of tarot cards used in their game, and 
shuffled them while smiling. 

“I will predict your futures as a gift.” 

Eh? Kurami, you actually know how to do this? It’s the first 
time I’m hearing of it.” 

“Yeah, because it’s the first time I’m trying it today, but - 
these futures will definitely come true.” 

Kurami said that jokingly but yet somehow sinisterly, and 
began shuffling the cards - 

“Oh, some interesting cards have appeared, um - let me take 
a look?” 

After she said that, she flipped open the four cards one by one. 

- ^Temperance] . 

“After today, you will successfully continue your potion 
smuggling and vending business with the Dwarves.” 

- r The Tower] . 

“But half a month later- • • Oh no, this is terrible, the Dwarves 
doing business with you will confess rFor some reason] .” 

- rThe Wheel of Fortune] . 

“Also rVery coincidentally] , the butler will be found 
implicated in the affair, your evil doings discovered one by one 
• • • Then - 

- r Judgment] . 

“Sir Barter will be brought to justice by the government - 
story ends, please restrain your grief.” 

Ignoring the two pale-faced men, Kurami spoke to Fii as 
though acting in a play: 

“Heh, interesting isn’ t it, Fii. If Sir Barter is arrested, I 
wonder who will assume position of head of his company that 
so happens to be the top trading company of Elven Gard, Will 
Andomoro ( A jV T A KY P)? 

“Oh, coincidentally it happens to be the young master of the 
Enrihl y!i t) family whom we r Played with] just three 
days ago.” 

- All this, was in their control. When he saw their sinister and 
yet all-knowing smiles, Barter furiously roared: 

“Nilvalen, you - no, what are you both planning!?” 

Both replied with chilly smiles: 

“Eh? It’s OK if we tell you actually-” 

“You’ll forget everything anyway, which of course includes 
this meeting we had.” 

Barter couldn’t help but shudder upon seeing the innocent 
smiles on the faces of the two demonic women. 

- What kind of monster have I provoked? 

“OK, now just like we swore on the pledges - Goodbye, Sir 

“I will pray for your sake, hope your business thrives from 
here on out-” 

- Just like that. 

With a snap, as Kurami and Fii snapped their fingers... 

All their memories regarding the events that happened on that 
day, vanished without a trace. 

Part 5 

Kurami and Fii pulled down their identical veils to mask their 

Both of them were not there, and were never there. 

That was the way things worked. 

Carefully avoiding the detection of the eyes and ears of others, 
both of them leaped from the top of Sir Barter’s mansion. 

The spell conjured by Fii caught them mid-air with a force 
greater than gravity, lifting them both gently up and into the 

- They overcame air resistance, and flew through the night sky. 

Only the red moon, the starlight, and the light of the city were 
left, illuminating the surrounding landscapes. 

This was the city within the forest, a green metropolis woven 
through utterly and completely trained magic. It was a sight 
Kurami was used to seeing - but even for those seeing it for the 
first time, and obvious despite the faint light, Elven Gard’s 
different castes of civilization could be observed - the duo’s 
hoods billowed in the wind as they cruised through the skies 
above the city. 

“Kurami was perfect just now-” 

From the trees - no, from one building to another, as if hopping 
from roof to roof, Fii said: 

“You had to defeat that useless old thing without any help 
from me, I was really worried you know.” 

“••• Let’s drop the subject, Fii, are you OK?” 

“Hey, it’s not a bad feeling to have Kurami worried once in a 
while, you’ve really grown-” 

Fii maintained the spell that allowed them to continue floating 
in the air while replying with a mischievous grin on her face. 

But even in the faint lighting, Kurami could clearly see that the 
gemstone on Fii’s forehead had lost its usual glimmer and was 
now dark due to overuse of magic. 

Sir Barter and his butler Fritz... 

They were ^Triple Casters] and rDouble CastersJ 
respectively, although they were not yet considered top-ranked, 
they were still exceptional mages. 

But... Kurami glanced at the girl cruising through the night sky 
beside her, and was immersed in thought. - Fii Nilvalen. 

Kurami was serving her master as a slave, head of one of the 
very few highly prestigious families in Elven Gard. 

Due to poor results, she was expelled from the most prestigious 
magical learning institutions in the land - rTree of White] . 

She drew white runic markings upon herself and wore a 
support gemstone used by beginners, while those not in the 
know mocked her and labelled her as the most incapable 

existence since the founding of the House ofNilvalen - calling 
her r Scrap metalJ . 

But, those who knew better (Kurami) merely snorted at the 
insults, and thought of her as the most talented existence since 
the founding of the House ofNilvalen - as though she were a 
precious ingot of r GoldJ . 

Fii had never intentionally revealed her true strength to 

However - 

She had cast magic on herself and Kurami to disguise 
themselves, and in order not to let Barter and Fritz realize, she 
had also cast more spells on them to prevent them from being 
recognized, even placing rDefenses] on Kurami from a long 
distance during the game of Magical Tarot Cards, all while 
dueling Fritz... She had casted six spells at once. 

rHex Caster] - She was undoubtedly beyond the level of a 
talented mage. 

No, previously in their game with Sora and others - the game 
of Reversi that was only made possible through the usage of 
Jibril’s core. 

The Flugel, ranked sixth, possess astronomical power, and Fii 
could actually conjure up a spell strong enough to deflect one 
of their attacks. 

Based on this fact, it is easy to imagine that the words 
“incredibly talented” wouldn’t even be enough to describe the 
sheer talent Fii possessed. 

Considering that she is in such a high caliber, even the school 
that had expelled her, might recruit her as a professor. 

• • • She should at least be enjoying that sort of treatment. 

“Hmm...? Is something wrong? Kurami?” 

Her golden hair billowing in the night air, her skin white as 
snow even in the darkest night, and her smile was even more 
illuminating and attractive than the sun. 

Fii Nilvalen, not only born to a normal family but also 
possesses abnormal intelligence and adept magical ability. 

What should be waiting for her would be a bright and hopeful 
future - if she had not given it all up herself. 

Yes, she had rejected a fantastic future that was within her 

She had hidden her actual potential and portrayed herself as a 
useless person, even choosing to defy her hometown, country 
and even her race. 

She did all that not for anyone else, but only for the sake of one 
person - 


Only for her best friend. 

Kurami silently bent her head down and exhaled loudly. 

Choosing to call a mere slave and Imanity (herself) her best 
friend, and oppose the rest of the world. 

Slave liberation - how nice it sounds indeed. 

However, that would be equal to releasing Elven Gard’s 
national secrets. For if they attempted to free the Fairies and 
such, who are being harnessed for their advanced magic, it 
would be akin to selling out their country’s secret weapons to 
other countries. 

If things got to that stage, the Dwarves - Hagenfell would not 
miss such a great opportunity. 

Elven Gard would probably lose a continental territory that has 
been contested for nearly a thousand years due to a land 

Even worse, the country would fall apart, and the inevitable 
fate if that happened - would be obvious enough not to 
mention it. 

- As long as it was for Kurami, it didn’t matter even if her 
hometown were destroyed. 

She swore it, and she genuinely meant it. To be honest, she had 
already made several very dangerous moves. 

For Fii to be like that, Kurami had only gratitude, and a feeling 
akin to yearning that seemed to transcend race and age. 

- But Kurami couldn’t help wondering, what about herself? 

Even if it didn’t show on her face, Fii’s soul gem showed that 
she was exhausted. 

She couldn’t even win a game without relying on such a 
remarkable person to bear such a heavy burden. 

Whether or not she was worthy of being the rBest friend J of 
someone like Fii - 

- Suddenly she felt a bolt of pain shoot through her head. 

Old memories flashed past, and Kurami stopped in mid-air 
while holding one hand to her head. 

- A pinky swear with a young girl, and a puppet that desired to 
become a human. 

Had he - the puppet - Sora ever thought that he would serve as 
shackles to bind the young girl? 

The girl had the ability to cruise the broad skies alone, but he 
instead became a burden that tied her down to the ground - 

“Eh... Kurami, is there something wrong?” 

Her best friend noticed that she stopped and turned around for 
her, while Kurami looked down and replied: 

“• • • Fii, sorry. If I could do better...” 


Elven Gard, with overwhelming affinity for magic as its 
weapon, a superpower that controlled nearly 30% of total land 

Its national power was over twice the size of the country of the 
Dwarves, Hagenfell, that was ranked after the Elves, taking the 
position of the largest country in the world. 

Its foundation was as sturdy as a castle, just finding one 
opening in its defenses was harder than attempting to reach 
beyond the heavens - 

• • • No, that was merely an excuse. 

The images of two people flashed across her mind, and Kurami 
clenched her fists even tighter. 

“This time, if it had been rThose twoj - then magic 
shouldn’ t even be necessary.” 


Removing the high-ranking officials controlling transport, 
trade and welfare step-by-step, secretly shaving off their 
power, that would only create an opening smaller than a 
needle, as though an ant’s nest. 

But if this continued how long would they have to wait until - 

“Not only that, they should be able to win even more!” 

After many smaller games have been played, the loopholes will 
gradually increase. 

If the higher powers were to detect their activities, their 
existences would be wiped out in an instant. 

What they needed was a move like Sora had used in the game 
of chess - Using an unexpected strike to end the game in one 
move] . 

“But... all I’m doing is being a burden to Fii, and I haven’t 
improved a single bit —“ 


Kurami’s clenched nails were almost piercing through her skin, 
but a calm yet powerful voice stopped her just in time. 

“Kurami can’ t possibly become TThosetwoJ .” 

“•••. Yeah, I get it.” 

Kurami looked down dejectedly. She knew, even if she 
imitated Sora, it would have no meaning. 

Sora and Shiro would only be j when they were together 
- would only be Imanity ’ s strongest gamers. 

She needed to find a method suitable for herself- 

“No, you don’t understand at all, you know!” 

Kurami who had her thoughts interrupted looked up. 

“I don’t know what kind of memories Kurami received from 
Sora-san, but what kind of person Sora-san is -1 believe I have 
at least a slight understanding.” 

In the hypnotic glow of the forest city, Fii said seriously. 

“Sora-san had calculated that they couldn’t do it themselves, 
which is why they chose Kurami instead!” 

“• • • Yes, but considering I’m like this —“ 

“Also, they had calculated that Kurami alone can’t do it, so 
they sent me as well!” 


“Both us and them are two as one, and don’t even think about 
not borrowing my power in order to win games, that would be 
like trying to do alone what Sora-san and Shiro-san do together 
you know!” 


“Kurami can borrow my power you know, it makes perfect 

They are a team of two, we are a team of two as well. 

If the result is the same, then there would be no need to feel 
shameful - but... 

“But I’ve always been a burden to Fii, and not 

“It’s only because Kurami is around that I can do my best... 

Fii grasped the hand of Kurami who was still looking 
downward, then said while smiling: 

“I know, of course! Kurami has been looking through Sora- 
san’s memories daily, digging up all of Sora-san and Shiro- 
san’s strategies and tactics, wanting to make them your own —“ 

Her expression changed, and her eyes revealed an expression 
of worry. 

“Because of that, you haven’t slept for a long while, haven’t 

“If Kurami doesn’t sleep, then I won’t sleep as well. If 
Kurami does her best, I will do my best. If you think I am very 
tired - then of course Kurami yourself must be very tired as 

Fii said while looking into Kurami’s eyes. 

- Rubbing at heavy eyebags that couldn’t even be shielded by 
the night sky, speaking gently as though a mother lecturing her 

“Kurami, if you’ re worried that I’ 11 stress myself out, then 
I want you to promise me, tonight you have to sleep well- • • At 
this rate, r Both of us J will collapse together, you know • • ” 

“• • • Sorry, I’ve worried you so...” 

“Hmph, of course not.” 

Fii intentionally puffed up her cheeks. 

“At this point there should be other things to say right?” 

“• • • - Yeah, thank you, Fii.” 

Fii smiled and nodded her head, took Kurami by the hand then 
recast the spell to lift them into the air. 

“Also, I think the reason why Sora-san gave us the mission in 
Elven Gard, wasn’t for a particularly serious reason... am I 
wrong to say this?” 

Both of them recalled the face of that man - imagined his 
bored expression, then simultaneously exclaimed: 

“'Politics and power and whatnot, all that crap like dividing 
up a country is way too troublesome, so Eli just leave you two 
to it.'” 

The duo laughed bitterly, then soared higher up into the night 

Part 6 

At the roadside hotel where both of them were spending the 
night, two beds were placed in a small room. 

Fii that had removed her hood and put on her pajamas, repeated 
again as though lecturing: 

“So Kurami, you must get a good sleep tonight, OK?” 

“• • - Then, may I request something?” 

“What is it? Just say it, I won’t mind.” 

Kurami hugged her pillow while awkwardly shifting her gaze. 

“U-um... Co-could you sleep with me tonight?” 

Upon seeing Fii’s satisfied smile, Kurami whose face had 
turned red yelled: 

“It, it’s not like that! I couldn’t sleep because I kept dreaming 
of Sora’s memories! So, so what I wanted to say was, like how 
Sora holds Shiro - just holding Fii’s hand will make me feel 
better... All this is Sora’s fault, OK?!” 

“Fine, fine, it’s all Sora-san’s fault, so don’t be shy. Just like 
before, if you have a scary dream, there’s no need to be 
courteous, just burrow into my side of the bed, hmm?” 

“I’ve already said it’s not like that, right!? Ugh, this is all 
Sora’s fault, why do I have to deal with such things 

Despite her constant swearing, she still got into bed under Fii’s 
constant persuasion. 

Just like that, Kurami lay on the bed with her back towards Fii, 
while Fii laughed and said: 

“Kurami, is there anything else you want me to do for you? 
Like singing a lullaby, for example!” 

“I just want you to stop teasing me and let me sleep.” 

“Really? Don’t you want me to pet your head or hug you?” 

“.. If Fii wants to do it, I have no objections.” 

“Yay~! Of course I want to do it, so let me pet your head for a 
bit, hmm!” 

The touch of Fii’s hand made Kurami’s body gradually relax. 

Kurami recalled previously when things happened - when she 
cried, Fii would stroke her hair like this as well. 

As a slave, being brought up at the Nilvalen household. 

Despite Fii always standing by her side - there were a lot of 
painful memories, memories that made her cry, make her feel 
like dying, but she always told herself, she couldn’t immerse 
herself in self-pity. Kurami frantically resisted the flow of tears 
until she was safely inside the covers of her blanket - those 
times seemed so far away. 

Now after coming into contact with Sora’s memories... Now 
when she was no longer the one crying - 

“Kurami... are you asleep?” 

Fii softly asked - with a volume soft enough so as not to wake 
her up if she was actually sleeping. 

And it was Fii’s voice that prevented Sora’s memories from 
once again resurrecting and keeping her awake. 

“ • • -Not yet, what is it?” 

“Hmm~ if you can’t sleep, before you do, could you chat with 
me for a while?” 

“Of course, what do you want to talk about?” 

Her casual words were at the same time spoken with a serious 
tone, and Kurami curiously nodded her head, signaling Fii to 
go on. 

“Kurami appears to completely trust Sora-san.” 

After which Fii worriedly continued: 

“Honestly, this makes me worried...” 

«... 5 ) 

“The memories that Sora-san passed onto you, are they his 
real memories?” 

- Sora had a Flugel by his side, so memory editing could 
definitely be done through the power of the pledges. 

Would he create fake memories and hand them over to Kurami 
just so he could control her? 

What Fii implied was this, but... 

“It’s true that I may have been cheated, that is something Sora 
would do...” 

Kurami smiled bitterly and continued. 

Or at least, that’s what everyone seems to think.” 

Seeing Fii tilt her head in shock, Kurami chuckled slightly. 

“You should relax, the one that rThinks too highly ofj 
Sora - is not me, but Fii.” 

- A piece of his memories flashed through Kurami’s head. 

Sora’s memories generally made others discomforted - but the 
one just now was - 

“Fii- • • do you know why the term rGenius] exists?” 

“It’s to make others admit that they are different from other 
humans. Puppets refer to the people they do not understand as 
geniuses, those who are praised are known as geniuses, while 
the reverse would be labelled as monsters; and to most of them 

- it is an insult.” 

- Because they are different life forms from us, so not being 
able to compare ourselves with them isn’t very surprising 

Most people would admit this, then give up - but that puppet 
was different. 

“Yes, he was really just a puppet.” 

- He was merely normal (an idiot). 

“But he refused to be just a puppet.” 

- A genius that yearns for what lies before him (the real thing). 

“So - he experienced things that makes one question how he 
still managed to remain standing.” 

Thus, Kurami in a state of being half-asleep and half-awake, 
traversed through Sora’s memories. 

To invent something that would allow something that was 
bound to the ground to fly - how would one test whether the 
invention had worked or not? 

The answer would just be to try flying - to verify whether or 
not one would crash, no matter how many times one crashed, 
even if your body and soul were smashed to bits - 

“ • • • He would still stand up, cheerfully, and pretended as 
though nothing had happened.” 

Bleeding inside, clenching his teeth, he looked at his sister, 
then stood up again. 

Any characteristic we would typically expect in a genius did 
not exist in him at all. 

- It’s true, having a capable sister really is hard, Onii-chan. 

“Sora - is extremely stubborn, so you could catch up to him - 
no, even surpass him without any problem. He’ s just at a 
level that’ s definitely attainable, as long as you are 
rHuman] . Just as he claims, he’ s just an idiot. Although 
he ’ s an idiot, he ’ s also the real thing, constantly pursuing 
what he yearns for, constantly struggling - a normal... idiot.” 

• • • As she said this, Fii’s hand was still gently stroking her 

Kurami’s consciousness was also gradually fading. 

“What he needs is just a little bit of - but to truly understand 
it is - a truth hard to comprehend...” 

As she was falling asleep, Kurami recalled what Sora had said 
during the King selection games in Elkia. 

- When it comes to contests and brutal fights to the death, we 
are veterans way more experienced than you... 

This line spoken by Sora seemed to overlap with one of his 
past memories - 

- Emptily gazing down at both of his hands that were covered 
in fresh blood... 

Merely wanting to be human - 

A puppet’s memories - “.. .Really.. .too stupid.. .can’t even... 
tell a lie...” 


• • • What replied to her call was merely the breathing of 
someone in a deep sleep. 

Still fondling Kurami who was muttering to herself in 
dreamland, Fii began to think. 

And, another thing - she gazed up at the ceiling, thinking about 
Kurami’s unfinished sentence. 

Fii remembered the face of the stupid man who according to 
Kurami was unable to even tell a lie. 

- Remembered the face of the man whose existence itself could 
almost be substituted for the word “lie”. 

The face that was always cocky and smiling, that made you go 
on full alert at first sight of him - 


At that time, Fii’s thoughts had finally run their course. 

“So that’ s how it is• • • rThe liar that can’ t lieJ • • • So it’ s 
something like this, hmrrr • • ” 

The things that man had experienced, was enough for Kurami 
to think that he had lived a tragic life, that sort of man - 

Why - would he want others to feel apprehensive towards him? 

The unease that Fii had been feeling for a long time suddenly 
disappeared. The answer - the future that Fii, Kurami, Sora and 
others had all been fantasizing about. 

As her thoughts led her to reach a point of ecstasy, a small 
smile gradually appeared on her face. 

Immediately, a wave of sleepiness that she had not felt in a 
long while came over her, and she closed her eyes. 

-1 can’t wait. 

Carrying these feelings within herself, she had for a really, 
really long time - for an unclear amount of years, even, not fell 
into such a deep sleep. 

Chapter 1: Try 

Part 1 


- The capital of the Elchean Federation, Elchea 

The last fortress of the Imanity - The lowest-ranked among the 
r Sixteen RacesJ 

Until a mere few months earlier, it was a country on the brink 
of extinction, being forced down to its last city. 

However now it had annexed the large maritime country, the 
rEastern Union] , and was expanding its territory at a speed 

A sharp, loud scream of agony came from the capital of a 
nation that was slowly turning from a Nation] to a 
^Federation] . 

- In an instant. 

The workers within the city that were extremely busy froze for 
a moment as though time had stopped completely, but it was 
only for an instant, and they soon resumed their work, 
seemingly as if nothing had ever happened. 

Yep - it was a normal occurrence, and everyone there was used 
to it. 

Everyone knew that r That person] was probably yelling 

And the reason why that person was causing a commotion was 
probably due to a reason as normal as it could get. 

Sometimes a sympathetic atmosphere would billow over the 
entire city, although everyone still had to return to their own 
workstations afterward. 

“Argh!! Are you an idiot? You’re an idiot! You are an idiot, 

The red-haired girl skilfully reconstructed her sentence thrice, 
and yelled again. 

- Stephanie Dora, commonly known as Steph. 

She was the head of the Dora family, possessing the title of a 
duchess, and she was the granddaughter of the late king as 
well, being a blue blood princess. 

She would definitely be a ladylike woman with incredible 
potential in the future - however those features weren’t present 
at all at that moment, and she had absolutely no way to explain 
away the situation she was in. 

She sat on a chair, scratching her head furiously, looked up and 
roared loudly. 

“•••Who’s an idiot, des?” 

This query was raised by the Werebeast that was sitting cross- 
legged on the floor beside Steph - Hatsuse Izuna. 

Her age appeared to be in the single-digit range, being a young 
yukata-wearing girl with huge fox-like ears and a bushy tail. 

The book in her hand was upside-down, however Steph didn’t 
bother correcting her. 

“I mean Sora and Shiro, no, it’s me!! What did I say - leave it 
to me - argh!! Am I an idiot? I’m an idiot!!” 

She continued yelling with her arms spread wide. 

“Find the real reason why the Seirens Empress is hibernating 
from the library of the late king!! Leave it to me!! Isn’t this 
what an idiot would say!? How many books do you think there 
are here!? And, what I want to say is!” 

She stopped for a count, and surveyed the bookshelves that 
covered all the surrounding walls. 

“Why and how would I accept a task like searching for a book 
which existence is unclear so easily!!” 

They were in the secret room of the late king - his secret 

The late king had played the role of a foolish king in order to 
research and find out the contents of the games of other nations 
which involve magic or supernatural abilities, as well as how 
the Imanity themselves could triumph over them. 

The records that he had spent his life on - the inheritance of 
this great man, was all displayed in this room, covering the 
walls around them. 

His great work was compiled in over a thousand books, 
completely filling up the library. 

Even though they were already arranged according to the date 
written - there was yet to be any hint of when the late king had 
approached the Seirens, so they could only inspect them one by 
one. Steph let out an anguished cry upon realizing that was the 
task they had to undergo, which was - what had happened 

And the worst part was - 

Steph pointed towards Izuna with a pained expression on her 
face but no tears to fully express it - the Werebeast who was 
holding a book upside-down. 

“What the heck does Sora think Izuna can do? She can’t even 
understand Imanity!!” 

“Steph-kou, you’re really loud, des. Doesn’t it look like I’m 
learning now, des.” [1] - What? 

“C-could you please wait? What did you call me just now?” 

“• • •? Grandpa said that Steph is a duchess before, des.” 

“Why did you have to shorten it!? It makes me feel extremely 
insulted!” [2] 

“•••Why, des? Steph-kou.” 

Izuna looked over at Steph with her head tilted. 

“Ah, aaaaahhhhh, don’t insult me with your round, ignorant 
eyes!? If I open the door to a new world by accident while 
sleep deprived, how are you going to make it up to me!?” 

Steph banged her head against the corner of a table in 
frustration, however Izuna replied coldly: 

“Steph-kou, stop it, let’s get to work, des. Grandpa is still 
waiting for us, des.” 

“• • Gull.. .y-you’re right, there’s no use lamenting like this.” 

Yes, her grandfather - Hatsuse Ino was being held hostage by 
the Seirens. 

Izuna was tired as well, but even she was trying her best to 
learn the Imanity language, so Steph had no right to complain - 
Steph took a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself down. 

After which she corrected Izuna. 

“Speaking of which, Izuna.. .that book’s upside down.” 

“• • •! I-I knew that, des. I-it was on purpose, of course. Des!?” 

Izuna hurriedly flipped her book right side up, while Steph 
continued to correct her. 

“Also, even if you really didn’t mess up it’s fine, but the 
Imanity language is different from the Werebeast language, it’s 
read horizontally!” 

“-? There’s a difference between reading horizontally and 
vertically, des?” 

Izuna widened her eyes with a curious expression on her face. 

• -Izuna, I’ve never asked you before, but how old are you?” 

Izuna began counting off numbers from her fingers slowly after 
hearing the question. 

She replied with an unconfident question: 

“I.. .I’m supposed to start counting from zero, right?” 

- Steph instantly understood. 

It was completely reasonable that Izuna would be so close to 
Sora and Shiro, because they were essentially the same kind of 

They were geniuses at video games, however they knew 
nothing else other than that. 

Steph sighed and passed her another book. 

• Tzuna, you should start from this one.” 

“What kind of book is this, des?” 

“It’s a book that I used while I was still studying to learn the 
Werebeast language, it’s in a game format between the two 

“Oh, I understand, des.” 

Upon hearing the word game, Izuna immediately snatched the 
book from her and began flipping through it at a furious pace. 

Steph approved of her newfound motivation, and knew she was 
actually trying her best. 

But if she read that fast she probably wouldn’t understand 
anything - Steph looked up at the ceiling and let out a long 

“A.. .anyway I need to search one by one —“ 

Just as Steph was undergoing her solemn revelation... 


She heard a noise and voice that made her revelation instantly 

“-Steph-kou, I’m hungry, des. Bring food, des.” 

As though a switch within her had been flicked, Izuna spoke 
suddenly to Steph and closed her book with a loud smack. 

She was motivated, energetic, and wanted to save her grandpa. 

But despite that, she actually said - bring food. 

Izuna requested that with her huge round eyes that didn’t carry 
any malicious intent. 

The young female Werebeast scratched her large ears with her 
feet while continuously waving her bushy tail from left to right. 

Steph was forced to make a decision upon seeing her 
unbelievably cute appearance. 

One, forget everything and just collapse. 

Two, make food for this inexplicably cute creature. 

After struggling with herself for some time - her sleepiness 
finally succumbed to Izuna’s cuteness. 

“A-alright... you can’t do anything with an empty stomach 
anyway... I’ll just make something simple to eat with the 
ingredients I have at hand.” 

“Mm, I really want to eat fish, but I’ll restrain myself, you are 
forgiven, des.” 

Just like that, Steph dragged herself slowly out of the library. 

• • - Coming back to the main topic, you all still remember that 
this is Elchea, right? 

At that time Steph could have just collapsed without a care in 
the world and leave Izuna’s meals to the chefs in the kitchen, 
however she had completely forgot about this selection. Steph 
lifelessly trudged out of the library, while Izuna followed her 
with her tail still waggling, and no-one bothered to remind 
them about it. 

Part 2 

Let’s switch the scene - to twenty thousand meters in the air. 

Sora began thinking at an altitude almost three times as high up 
as the Himalayas. 

How should he describe the scenery in front of him? 

- First, please imagine a Rubik’s cube. 

Then hand this Rubik’s cube that requires a certain level of 
intelligence over to someone that is pretty far off from that 
certain level of intelligence. 

After being forcibly taken apart by a pair of pliers, the splinters 
of the Rubik’s cube would then be splattered all about the 

Now resist the urge to complain, and repeat those previous 
actions about a thousand more times. 

So? Do you get it now? 

The scenery was arranged in such a fashion - which was the 
scenery around Sora. 

“Welcome to my hometown located on the back of the 
Phantasmas, the floating city - Avant Heim.” 

With her back facing the small mountain of splinters of 
Rubik’s cubes. 

Jibril introduced her rCityJ with a sweet smile on her face, 
while Sora responded dumbly: 

“Um, I’m pretty sure that all the cities I know of at least have 
roads in them.” 

The scenery around them was knitted and woven with 
countless gigantic cubes stacked upon each other. 

In the eyes of a renowned artist, there would probably be some 
meaningful theme to it. 

However, regretfully, the eighteen-year-old mortal virgin Sora 
could only describe it with one word. 

Which was - chaotic. 

“Anyway, Jibril - let me say this about the Fliigel.” 

“• • • rUnobstructed spaces] • • • are important- • • ” 

- Sora and others began working at the same time as Steph and 

To discover the true conditions to awaken the Empress of the 
Seirens - so, in order to carry out comparison and evaluation 
with people that had underwent the same game, they had went 
to the one place in the world that stored the most information. 

Which meant - the city of the Fliigel, Avant Heim. 

“Ah, Master, don’t stray too far away from me, as the air here 
is somewhat thin.” 

Sora and Shiro nodded complacently after hearing Jibril’s 

Also Sora had absolutely no idea of how they should proceed 
from there. 

• -Right, if only the Fliigel stay here, there isn’t a need for 
public transport services at all...” 

In the rCityJ below them, there weren’ t any doors, 
windows, nor roads. To be honest, beings that could move 
about without any form of restriction didn’ t need those 
things. Although they could understand that, the fact that the 
entire place was constructed with huge, countless cubes denied 
people any sense of perspective, and since they had nothing to 
compare the place to they couldn’t gauge how exactly big it 

• -It’s not like a city.. .it’s more like a jigsaw puzzle...” 

Shiro expressed her easily understandable thoughts, after which 
she mumbled while looking up: 

“•••The sky” 

At twenty thousand meters up the place should be at the doors 
of outer space, so they shouldn’t be able to see blue skies at 

“Avant Heim is a Phantasma ranked second among the 
r Sixteen RacesJ . This race is ranked even higher than the 
race that is the source of the Elemental Galleries in this world - 
the Elementals, and they are organisms completely independent 
from all normal forms of reproduction. To put it simply... 

Avant Heim is another world entirely, that’s all you need to 

Even though the air in the atmosphere didn’t seem to be 
enough for her Masters - Jibril still continued to explain. 

Hmm.. .1 see -1 don’t get it.”” 

Sora and Shiro nodded as one with the same focused 

“No matter the Fliigel or the Phantasma, you lot completely 
refuse to work along terms comprehensible by others, and that 
for some reason makes us feel relaxed.” 

After a line of sarcasm, Sora looked towards the horizon, and 
saw something under a particularly tall tree - could it be that 
his eyes were deceiving him... probably not, there was 
something underneath that appeared to be a dragon skull, and it 
was decorated lavishly and carefully as well, then left there in 
the open just like that - 

• - Jibril, I don’t understand the art direction of this city at 

“What!? This place will eventually be the throne of the 
Masters, to think that you’d actually dislike it, it really makes 
me disappointed...” 

Hearing Sora’s grumbling, Jibril replied somewhat dispiritedly. 

“Speaking of which, you should probably save this girl 

Sora spoke while pointing towards - 

“Aaaaahhhh, the sun! The sun! I’m going to melt! I’m going 
to melt, burn and evaporate!” 

Plum was crouching down with her body scrunched up into a 
ball and her hood covering her face while crying continuously. 

“Ah, I’m sorry... I completely forgot about you, are you still 

“I’ll be dead in a few seconds! My power is decreasing 

For a Dhampir like Plum the sunlight was fatal to them; and 
she appeared to be barely fending off the sunlight with her 
magic, but that magic itself seemed to be siphoning off even 
more of her energy. 

“That’s it, Jibril, it’s not good to keep Izuna and Steph 
waiting, so just fly us over to the place where all the 
information is concentrated. Also, for Plum, it would be best if 
it’s indoors 

“OK, so please grasp my arms, and then 

She appeared somewhat nervous - but yet her expression was 
simultaneously unreadable as well, and she grasped onto Sora 
and Shiro’s arms and spoke: 

• -Masters, I understand that it’s extremely rude for me to 
raise such requests - but could you please agree to two requests 
of mine?” 

• - What is it, it’s rare that you’re this serious.” 

Please don’t be disappointed, and please believe.” 

• • -Sora didn’t understand her at all. 

And Jibril merely spoke this one sentence, then shouted: “That 
thing over there.” 


Plum who was referred to as “That thing over there”, replied 
with only her eyes showing themselves from beneath her hood. 

“I don’t mind leaving you behind here - so could you please 
hurry up?” 

“Ah, I’ll be there right this instant, don’t leave me —“ 

Plum hurriedly stood up and dashed over, and in the instant she 
grabbed onto Jibril - the scenery changed as well. 

Part 3 

There - it was probably within one of the cubes they had saw 
from a distance earlier. 

The place they were in was even more solemn and immense 
than the Elchean National Library Jibril had hogged for herself 
- it was a humongous library. 

The high-perched ceilings appeared to stretch up to ten stories 
high, and the interior was designed like an ancient ruin, with 
stone-made pillars and stairs, intersecting corridors and curved 
walkways with intertwining vines growing all over them. 

And - those things that looked like Pillars were actually 

On the other hand, there was random memorabilia scattered 
around the entire place as well, and stairs and walkways 
arranged in impossible fashions like a surrealist M. C. Escher 
painting were all over the place - and what lit them up was, 
gigantic fixtures of painted glass that were definitely not on 
any walls, as well as infinite amounts of floating lanterns. 

It was a dream-like yet elegant place - but it was a 
blasphemous library completely incomprehensible to the likes 
of the Imanity. 

But leaving that aside for now, Sora spoke while pointing up at 

“—Jibril, that was probably your doing, right?” 

It was probably the effect of the large amount of air that Jibril 
had transported for the sake of Sora and the others. 

The library (of sorts) appeared to be ravaged by strong winds, 
and large amounts of books were dancing about in mid-air in 
spiral patterns. 

However Jibril looked over at that with a smile on her face and 

“Don’ t worry about it, Masters, the owner of this place is 
the creator of the ((Book Equality Law)) .” 

Sora looked up at the dancing books, and remembered why 
Jibril had took over the Elchean National Library - or rather, 
the reason why she had left Avant Heim. 

Due to the fact that they had collected too many books, the 
books were overwhelming Avant Heim - and they chose to 
deal with it by passing the ((Book Equality Law)) in the name 
of eliminating unnecessary books. 

“Her books are the Flugel’s books, I am a Fliigel, so her 
books are my books.” 

Her triple conjugations proved her Takeshi idealism, and she 
continued with a smile on her face: [3] 

“Even if this small accident here was caused by me - or was 
it on purpose? I believe that she has to consider all these factors 
before she can rDecide] , but of course she is extremely kind 
and tolerant, being able to forgive my mistakes, of course. 

Even if there are books within the stash there that cannot be 
copied, reproduced and are the only remaining copies in this 
world, that’s how it is V” 

So she could only damage those books because she owned 
them as well. 

- Speaking of which, regarding the ((Book Equality Law)) 
from earlier, Jibril really couldn’ t forgive its existence. 

After which - 

“Aaaaaahhh-! The books! All the books I haven’t 

Everyone looked towards the source of this outcry. 

While the one standing there was - 

Even Shiro couldn’t help but cry out in awe, and the person 
standing there was - an extraordinarily beautiful young girl. 

The halo spinning around on her head, and the wings stretching 
out from her waist suggested that she was a Flugel just like 

However the pattern drawn in the air by her spinning halo was 
even more complicated than Jibril’s. 

The largest difference between them was that she had a single 
horn protruding from her jade-green hair. 

Her wings that appeared to be woven from streaks of light 
flapped in the air, and her appearance as she did so appeared 
unbelievably sacred. 

But her appearance as she was flying about and struggling to 
collect all the books that were flapping about in the air, as well 
as her expression that hinted she was about to cry, was 
completely different from Jibril’s icy cold demeanour when 
they had first met - instead she was extremely cute. 

- Phew, phew... 

She panted intentionally, then landed beside Jibril and spoke: 

“Ugh- Jii-chan you’re mean-nyan~” 

A saddened expression appeared on her face which 
immediately shifted to an angelic smile. 

“Is this what I think it is-nyan? Is it those pranks that people 
play on their loved ones-nyan? Aww~ Jii-chan I haven’t seen 
you in so long— nyaaaaa!?” 

Jibril brilliantly teleported away in order to dodge her flying 
lunge towards her. 

Upon seeing her crash into a pile of books, Jibril spoke blandly 
from behind Sora: 

Masters, I’ 11 introduce her to you, she’ s the one that 
approved the dastardly ((Book Equality Law)) , the head of 
the r Council of the Eighteen Wings J of Avant Heim, the 

rFull Representative of the WingedJ that has the right to 
make the final decisions regarding the country’s affairs —“ 

She sighed and continued - 


- She introduced the motionless girl with half her body buried 
in books to Sora. 

“ • • - How should I put this.” 

“The Fliigel.. .are interesting...” 

That girl was the full representative of the race that was ranked 
in sixth place, brought death with them wherever they went in 
the past, and used to be god-killing weapons? 

Sora and Shiro mumbled to themselves, having had their 
expectations completely crushed. 

- At this time, the young girl that was buried in the pile of 
books earlier, maybe because she had teleported, she had 
already hugged Jibril tightly while rubbing her violently with 
her cheeks over a span of time so short that no-one present had 

“Nyan- Jii-chan is so mean-1 haven’t seen you for so long, 
but you’re still as cold as ever-but! That’s fine too!!” 

“Azrael-senpai is as annoying as ever as well.” 

Jibril spoke with a smile on her face despite having her cheeks 
violently jerked about. 

- Although Jibril would usually reply sarcastically, this time 
she outright insulted her, which was rare. 

“Nyan- I’ve said I’m not your senpai, call me nee-san, 

Azrael flew about in the air, drawing a figure-eight around 

“Jibril isn’t a particularly good case but is it really ok for the 
full representative of the Fliigel to be someone like this?” 

“• • -Nii.. .you have the right.. .to say that?” 

Shiro looked coldly at Sora, however everyone present ignored 
that line. 

On the other hand, Jibril spoke coldly while being pestered, 
harassed, and having her cheeks rubbed: 

“Azrael-senpai, I gave a request for today, please allow the 
Masters to browse the library —“ 

“I refuse-nyan- unless you call me Nee-san, I’ 11 deny all 
your requests- P ” 

Jibril replied in frustration: 

“If you explain why you’re rubbing my cheeks, and allow the 
Masters to browse the library, I’ll consider it.” 

“Because Jii-chan is cute! Explanation over, and I’ve allowed 
them-nyan!! Alright, now call me Nee-san V 

She spoke while lunging towards her, while Jibril teleported 
away from her outstretched hand. 

“So Masters, I’ ve already acquired her permission, please 
browse this place freely. This is the personal library of the 
rRepresentative of the WingedJ , among which countless 
books have been acquired through the cursed law by taking the 
books of others, so there’s not a single place with more 
information than here.” 

“Y-you’re mean!! Jii-chan went back on Nee-san’s promise 
with you-nyan~!?” 

Azrael appeared devastated, and her voice was layered with 
immense shock. 

Jibril replied with a flawless smile once again. 

“I said that I’ d consider it, and after some consideration, I’ 
m not going to P ” 

“Waaaah- Jii-chan never used to cheat others like this-nyan~ 

- and whose fault is this-nyan?” 

- Glare- 

Her tear-filled eyes shot over to Sora. 

The power in those eyes appeared as if that gaze alone could 

“Nice to meet you, I’m Sora, this is my sister Shiro, please 
take care of us.” 

“•••Take care...” 

Those two completely ignored her gaze as they were used to it 
from Jibril. 

Upon seeing their reaction, Azrael let out an interested “Oh?”, 
while Sora pointed at Azrael. 

“What does she mean by Nee-san? Jibril, you’re the sister of 
the full representative of the Fliigel?” 

“Yes-nyan V” 

“Nope P” 

Both of them replied without hesitation - and with truly sisters¬ 
like smiles - they replied with completely opposite answers. 
Jibril sighed and continued: 

“The Fliigel cannot reproduce, we have no sisters, no brothers 
and no parents, there is only the order in which we were 

“• • - Ah, so that’s why you call her Senpai.” 

Which means, she was a being created even earlier than Jibril. 

“Also, Azrael is the rRepresentative of the Winged] , not 
the r Representative of the Fliigel J .” 

• • Is there a difference?” 

“She’ s merely the rSenator] of the Council of 
Eighteen Wings J with nine members, herself included. ” 

At this mention, Sora recalled what she had said earlier. 

He remembered that before Jibril belonged to Sora’ s posse, 
she was a member of the r Council of Eighteen Wings J . 

“Basically she has the first say only when emergencies occur, 
and another r Right J - 

Which meant - Jibril shook her head and smiled bitterly. 

“She’s not great nor brilliant, so you don’t need to respect her 
in any way.” 

• - You’re really mean even to your own kind, huh, you 
really haven’t changed at all...” 

Probably because she was unhappy with her response, Azrael 
puffed up her cheeks in rebuttal. 

“That’s not how it is-nyan!! All of us were created by Artosh, 
so our father is Artosh, and the earliest to be created was me, 
Nee-san! The last one to be created, Jii-chan, is my imouto! 
Isn’t this an unspoken fact-nyan!?” [4] 

Upon hearing her words, Jibril’s bitter smile turned into one of 
mockery, and she continued: 

“- She raised a suggestion like that during one of the 
meetings, which was completely rejected by all of the members 
of the council, that’s how pitiful her intelligence is.” 

“Be~cause~ if I don’t do that, Jii-chan won’t ever call me 
Nee-san- nyan~!” 

“Everyone knows that, which was why they turned it down, 
unless you’re telling me this is the first time you’re hearing of 

Jibril’s tone was as cold as ever, while Azrael hugged her once 
again and began showing off her little sister with a smile on her 

“Jii-chan she is- among the children created in the Great War 
she is the Final UnitJ -nyan P” 

She laughed cheerily, while Jibril on the other hand sighed 
deeply in frustration. 

“The children created in the later stages, since they were 
created when Artosh-sama was at full power, have a power that 
is completely indescribable by children like me created during 
the middle stages of the war-nyan~!! However- the strong 
children were all fighting on the front lines - so everyone died 
in the r Final b attle J 

Azrael’s spirits momentarily dipped, and if the person she was 
hugging happened to be an Imanity, that person would 
definitely burst like a balloon. She continued while hugging her 
only surviving sister. 

“Jii-chan is the only final-stage unit that survived after the 
Battle J , and she’ s the Final UnitJ as well-nyan! 

She’ s everybody’ s imouto, and what a cute imouto she is- 
nyan! It should be made a law to call her that, so why doesn’ t 
everyone understand?” 

She once again began flying about in figure-eight shapes 

Jibril squinting her eyes in disgust was a rare sight as well, but 

“•Jibril.. .to deal with her.. .disturbing.. .precious 

Shiro spoke while lifting up her smartphone, and began taking 
a video of the angels. 

On the other hand, Sora was pondering another question. 

He closely observed Azrael’s innocent and cheerful smile - 
“• • - This is a pain, at this rate I’ll need to change the plan...” 
He mumbled to himself disappointedly. 

- Glare. 

Hearing his softly spoken words, Azrael kept smiling - but 
then looked towards Sora with a powerful gaze. 

So, are you the one that snatched my beloved Jii-chan away 
from us-nyan?” 

“Huh, to say a virgin snatched a lover from someone, your 
question is pretty hard to answer.” 

Sora replied indignantly, with his head lifted and chest 
protruding, at the same time appearing dignified, tragic and 

Azrael stepped closer. 



It was impossible to react to that, as it was a step that ignored 
all boundaries of distance. 

The step itself took multiple instants before Sora and Shiro 
realized what was happening, and they cried out in surprise. 

- In that instant. 

A silent shock emanated from JibriTs body that caused the 
library to quake. 

Sora had initially suspected that she had used magic, however 
after hearing what the two said after that - 

“ • • • Senpai, if you even so much as touch a hair on my 
Masters’ heads - I’ll just say you might want to reconsider it.” 

“Really now- Jii-chan you don’ t need to be so tense- there 
are the ^Ten Pledges] anyway-nyan.” 

- Sora realized, she had merely unleased a slight bit of 
rMalicious intent] . 

Just how much did Jibril restrain her power under normal 
circumstances - 

As they got an extremely small glimpse of Jibril’ s rTrue 
power] , Sora and Shiro felt cold sweat running down their 

And Azrael didn’ t seem to mind that Slight malicious 
intent] , instead she turned around to face Sora. 

With those jade-green eyes - eyes that were impossibly 
different from Jibril’s - she spoke while glancing at Sora: 

“I wish to make something clear.” 

Yeah, what is it?” 

- Her gaze this time, was completely incomparable to her gaze 
from earlier. 

A sudden crushing sense of malice filled the room, causing the 
air in the library to freeze, giving them the impression that the 
very universe itself was being affected. 

If they were to answer incorrectly - they would die 

This world has the l~Ten Pledges] . 

Jibril was awaiting their orders by the sidelines. 

- Despite this, they were unable to relax. 

Azrael’s gaze gave them that impression, after which she 

“As long as you command it, Jii-chan will call me ?Nee- 
chan yj right-nyan?” 


False alarm - no, Sora felt a sinking feeling that gave him the 
impression that as long as he were to relax, his very soul would 
escape him. 

The very reason why he was barely standing was because Shiro 
was clutching his hand in fear. 

However, Azrael ignored him and continued emotionally. 

“E-even like she licked the feet of the E-Elves, she could like 
mine - or shower with me or something! N-no, I won’t force 
her to do something like that!! For example you could allow 
me to watch or something 

- How could she have known that? Sora felt suspicious, 
however he took out his smartphone from his pocket and 

• -If you want videos of Jibril showering, I have videos 
“I’ll bet the Fliigel’s race piece for that! Give it to me-nyan!!” 

- An impossibly loud sound could be heard in that twenty- 
thousand-foot high altitude. 

“Azrael-san, please calm down, you don’t have the right to do 
that. To bet the race piece, you need to consult the decision of 
the r Council of Eighteen Wings J right? I think your request 
will be unanimously denied once again V” 

“U-ugh—...! - Nyan?” 

Jibril’s tone of voice didn’t carry any sense of apprehension 
despite her adding a small (giggle) at the end of the sentence, 
however Azrael - 

“Wait a second-nyan... noises of gears rumbling are coming 
from my head! My brain is currently working at light-speeds, 
it’s the most active it’s been in my, Azrael’s twenty-six- 
thousand years-nyan!” 

- Azrael let slip her incredibly long lifespan just like that while 
appearing as though considering something. 

Finally she raised her head up all of a sudden, seemingly 
having got an idea. 

“- Right-nyan!! You.. .your name is Sora right!?” 

“Ah, yes.” 

“I’ll be your possession as well-nyan! My judgement dictates 
that if that happens I can shower with Jii-chan!!” 

“The worst idea you’ve had in twenty-six-thousand years, 
great job on that hard work, Azrael-san.” 

Jibril smiled a smile that couldn’t even be described with the 
adjective cold, as it carried hints of disappointment as well, and 
she mocked Azrael. 

However - Shiro glanced silently over at her brother. 

Azrael had nonchalantly raised her personal freedom as a 
condition - just as Jibril had said, she wasn’t the representative 
of the Fliigel, and so even if they were to acquire her, they 
wouldn’t acquire the Fliigel race. 

Although it would be no easy feat to play against the Fliigel. 

Azrael even hinted that she would l~Intentionally losej , also 
it would be a rather beneficial decision to have her as an asset. 

Also her brother’s intention included absorbing the Fliigel as 

On this train of thought, Shiro looked over at her brother as 
though to confirm her suspicions - 

u ... 

She found that Sora had completely lost interest and had 
calmed down, after which she looked over curiously at Azrael. 

Her face still had that enchanting smile on it - an overly perfect 

“• • - Ah...” — understanding what her brother’s expression 
meant, Shiro nodded slightly. 

Sora sighed unexpectedly, turned around and walked away. 

“ • • -It’s rare of you to say such things, but this sort of thing 
should wait until next time.. 

“Eh—... Jii-chan’s naked body —“ 

Azrael refused to give up, and Sora grasped Shiro’s hand and 

“• • I bragged to Steph earlier that I would acquire three races, 
but now I’ll have to apologize to her.” 

Looking over at Azrael, Sora - glanced at her with a truly 
disappointed gaze and said: 

This one’s useless, Jibril alone is fine.” 

Ignoring Azrael’s squinted gaze, Sora and Shiro proceeded to 
the mountains of bookshelves. 

“So Jibril, we can browse the books here right?” 

• - Yes, Azrael-senpai has approved of it.” 

Sora nodded and surveyed his surroundings. 

Books, books, books... it was a giant city made up of nothing 
but books. 

And within his line of sight, he could see that on the back of 
countless books, there was - writing of multiple languages he 
didn’t know. 

“Since my original expectations were crushed, it looks like 
we’ll have to tough it out... forget it, let’s try our best, Shiro.” 


The two agreed and disappeared in the piles of books, while the 
two Fliigel watched them go in silence. 

Part 4 

Azrael sat cross-legged on one of the piles of books and put her 
head in her hands. 

“Mm~ I wanted to use myself as bait to get Jii-chan, could it 
be that the bait was too big-nyan?” 

She coldly revealed the reason why Sora’s expectations were 

No doubt, Azrael’s thoughts were completely different from 
her demeanour, as she didn’t believe nor trust Sora. 

To get Jibril back, all she wanted them was to fall into her trap. 

- As for why Jibril called them her Masters, she had no interest. 

• - You really haven’t changed, Azrael.” 

Azrael’s expression twitched slightly upon having her name 
called directly like that, and she replied calmly: 

“Jii-chan can even talk back to people such as me and Artosh- 
sama, so it’s impossible that you would serve under mere 
Imanity-nyan. As long as it’s by the pledges, sealing one’s 
intentions or making one a puppet should be easy-nyan. 
Anyway those two must have won by pure luck, so you’re 
being forced to follow them, right-nyan? To be honest —“ 

She looked directly into Jibril’s eyes. 

“- Jii-chan has changed.” 

Jibril replied Azrael’s words with a cold smile. 

“Yes, I have changed.. .whereas you can’t.” 

“As for how I was defeated in that challenge, you have 
nothing to say - my expectations were all for nothing.” 

Jibril smiled faintly in betrayal, and continued coldly: 

• - The reason why I defied my late Master (Artosh) and you, 
is because -1 just can’t take your personalities anymore - too 
stubborn, so...” 

She hesitated slightly, should she say it? Or - 
Jibril decided to go with it. 

She knew Azrael would take offense more than anyone. 

Despite this - she decided that she would tell her, so she did. 

“Which is why we lost, and until now - you still won’t 

Hearing these words, Azrael’s smile completely vanished. 

To be honest - Azrael’s expression was like a cold puppet. 

No, it was a completely different existence with Azrael’s 
appearance - and it spoke: 

“- TFinalUnitJ , hast thou discovered the ^Answer] ?” 

Jibril looked at that existence with a gaze of pure hate, and she 
spoke to it, almost spitting her words: 

Yes, or more correctly, I found it long ago, it’s just that I 
didn’t have concrete evidence.” 

“So now I must help the Masters find what they need, so - 
that’s it.” 

Jibril turned away, leaving behind the silent existence. 

“ • • - What do you think-nyan?” 

-You had to ask. 

• -Yes-nyan, but what if you’re wrong?” 

-You don’t have to ask, you know already. 

“ • • • That ’ s right-nyan...” 

- rFirst UnitJ , I completely trust in your decision, not just 
me, but everyone else. 

“I know, nyan...” 

I know... she told herself that repeatedly. 

Azrael was speaking in reply to - the will of the Phantasma 
(Avant Heim) residing within her. 

Azrael merely looked at the people who were searching 
through the books - 

She could only ask again when they made a move. 

Part 5 

. .No, we won’t make it at this rate.” 

Standing before a gigantic pile of books, Sora realized that 
their efforts were futile after a mere half-hour. 

“Shiro, how many languages of this world have you learnt?” 

“.. .Only.. .the Imanity, Werebeast and Elven languages...” 

Shiro mumbled nonchalantly, and Sora caressed her head 

For Sora who could barely learn the Imanity language, that 
stunning learning pace just simply couldn’t be described with 
r Only] . 

But, despite that - 

“Jibril, which languages are these?” 

“It’s the Dwarven and Demon languages, I can vaguely 
understand them...” 

.. .Right, the only one that could understand all the books there 
would be Jibril. 

Even though Shiro could learn foreign languages at 
incomprehensible speeds, the books here alone were in the 
millions, so relying on this few people to search for 
information here would be impossible, which was obvious 
from the very start. 



“There’s no time, if we take too long, Ino’s life will be in 
danger. Even if we have a lifeline, if the Seirens think we’re 
genuinely running away, we’ll be in big trouble - can’t you get 
some help?” 

They had no time to sit here and slowly gather information, as 
they needed to challenge the Empress once more as soon as 

Because of that - Sora had originally intended to rely on 
Azrael to gather help - 

However his hopes were crushed as soon as he realized Azrael 
didn’t have any intention of the sort. 

The expression Sora saw on Azrael’s face, wasn’t that of a 
knowledgeable Fliigel - nor was it something like Jibril’s who 
was a collective of both curiosity and intelligence, nor was she 
a trigger-happy person. 

It - was only - 

“.. .1 can get help, but I fear it may not be what you’re 

Yes, that would be Azrael’s intentions, but - 

“There’s no other way, so let’s do what she wants since we 
don’t have the time to just sit here - Shiro.” 


- Sora made a once-in-a-blue-moon fidgety gesture - he 
nibbled on his fingernails, and Shiro replied as well. 

Since your original expectations were crushed, we can only 
adapt to the situation at hand, so we’ll need you to cooperate.” 

Part 6 

“Hey, Azra...el?” 

Sora decided to call upon Azrael, but froze momentarily 

- Probably because she had turned the scenery in the Eastern 
Union or the things within her knowledge into reality. 

She was just like the Japanese hikikomoris Sora knew - which 
included Sora and Shiro themselves - exactly like that, she was 
buried in a kotatsu-like thing, with her head covered within a 
blanket, staring at a projector (television) that had only static 
on it - 

• - What is it-nyan...? What is it so important that you have 
to bother someone useless like me-nyan?” 

What a waste of energy - Azrael made the surroundings on her 
appear dark and gloomy in an attempt to accentuate her 

Faced with her overly exaggerated acting skills, Sora instead 
felt admiration, after which he spoke with a deadpan 

Ah~ um, you know about the hibernating Empress of the 
Seirens right?” 

“Nyaaaaa.. .that idiot that was influenced by fairy tales and 
pushed two races including herself to the brink of extinction in 

the span of a single generation, leaving even the shellfish 
speechless? Everyone knows-nyan~...” 

Azrael replied under her blanket. 

- While looking at her halo that was spinning about above her 
blanket, Sora continued while experiencing indescribable 

“Y-yes, that’s her, we’re looking for the records of the 
conditions she set before starting her game.” 

“ • • If that ’ s you want, Jii-chan knows as well-nyan! It ’ s 
r She will continue hibernating as long as she hasn’ t fallen in 
lovej -nyan.” 

“Yes, but - that’s fake.” 

Hearing her words, Azrael’s eyes lit up with a sharp glint as 
though forgetting her previous depressed act. 

“Oh! Is that why everyone lost-nyan? So what’s the actual 

- That fellow was a Fliigel after all. 

“That’s what I want to know, so I’m looking for all available 
records of people that have carried out games with her, and the 
exact words the players were told for comparison.” 


Azrael stared into space for a moment, after which she replied 

“About that, if you’re looking for records, they’re placed in a 
certain somewhere, look for it yourself, and I’ll inform you 
again if you have a definitive goal.” 

But - no doubt, she was different from Jibril. 

“Yes, but there’s too many books, we don’t have time, so 
where are all the related records 

“I don’t know at all-nyan! Ahahahahaha~” 

“Because of the ((Equality Law)) -nyan~ After lending those 
books out countless times, even I don’ t know where they are- 
nyan~ P ” 

“Do you understand now? Master, this is exactly why I left 
my hometown.” 

Probably because she had forgotten she was supposed to be 
acting depressed, Azrael laughed cheerily while Jibril was 
completely solemn. 

- Since you all live to collect books, you should at least 
keep them properly...” 

“Hmm? That’ s wrong-nyan, our aim is to collect 
rKnowledge] , TBooksJ are actually nothing to us-nyan. I 
even think that as long as we can memorise the contents of the 
books, throwing them away is fine as well; but since the people 

who haven’ t read them would be angry, we didn’t do that- 

“Do you understand now? Master, this is exactly it! The 
reason why I left my hometown.” 

Jibril smiled a smile that indicated she would strike at any 
moment as she explained to Sora once again. 

- Sora now understood, all she was focused on was 
rKnowledge] - 

r As for what that meantJ • • • Sora couldn ’ t restrain his 
laughter, however he didn’ t bother explaining it, and instead 
asked Azrael: 

“So, what should I do?” 

“Hmm~ just let the people that are in charge of the books’ 
locations to search for them! There are some others that are just 
as close-minded as Jii-chan, so as long as they’re willing to, 
you should be able to get all of them-nyan~” 

“Mm, so I’ll leave it to —“ 

“I’m not in the mood-nyan~” 

Seemingly wishing to appear sad once again, Azrael spoke 
while burying herself under the blanket once more: 

“I can allow my cute imouto’s toys to wander about 
everywhere, but I have no obligation to take care of you all. I 
have no value in being your companion, and even Jii-chan 

called me an idiot, so I’m very depressed now-nyan~ I’m very 
hurt-nyan~ So I don’t want to do anything-nyan~” 

Sora slowly passed her his phone. 

“Even if I show you videos of Jibril in the shower?” 

“If you agree now, I’ 11 throw in the offer of her calling you 
^Nee-sanJ then?” 

“ deal.” 

Azrael replied while sweating furiously, as though she was 
engaging in mortal combat with something. 

She squeezed out her words while breathing heavily, seemingly 
undergoing some brutal training. 

“I-I’m very— hurt now-nyan - something like that... ah, no, 
I’m not dismissing Jii-chan as something beneath me-nyan! It’s 
just that I’m too hurt, so I need something more than that - um, 
you should know.. .what I mean right?” 

Cheh - Sora grumbled silently. 

He saw that amongst Azrael’s deception and lies - only her 
devotion to Jibril was real, which was the reason why he 
played his trump card but to no avail. 

At this rate, his actions would be limited. 

Facing an opponent such as the Fliigel? Having the opponent 
have the upper hand in a game still yet unknown to them? - 
What a joke. 

To be honest, I don’t care what happens to you, so if those 
stupid fish, mangy mutts and bald monkeys want to go extinct 
just let them, at the most we’ll just get a few more books 
describing their downfall-nyan. For me, it’s advantageous- 

Her gaze fell upon Sora. 

“To someone immortal like me - • - people like you who die in 
the blink of an eye don’ t even deserve the value of a ^Fairy 
talej . You want me to help? Why do I have to-nyan?” 

- But he couldn’t let her have the upper hand, as if she did it 
would be all over. 

If Azrael insisted on playing mind games - bring it on. 

“So that’ s how you really are, which is why I said you’ re 
useless, can’ t you even detect my mockery? TDead 
manj .” 

Sora replied with determination but at the same time in pride - 
and hearing his words, Azrael’s expression changed. 

“A tool used by no one, a puppet with no value, I’ll assume 
that’s a pretty enjoyable life you’re living there.” 


“It’ s fine, since when we’ ve taken over the world, people 
like you would definitely say something like rPlease allow 
me to joinj right? Because you all only know how to follow 
along with where the wind blows. Jibril, we ’ 11 think of a way 
ourselves, so let’ s go find your friends one by one 

Sora stood up and turned to leave. 

• - You dare to pick an argument with me, don’t tell me 
you’re running away now?” 

- She took the bait, Sora smiled to himself. 

“Argument? Hah! Only equals can argue with each other.” 

“Oh... I didn’t think that you’d be so self-conscious about it, 
you’re worthy of some commendation after all.” 

“- The one that’s on the lower rank is you of course, did you 
get up on the wrong side of the bed today? Airhead.” 

“... Very good-nyan, who’s afraid of who-nyan.” 

After which she raised her hand and announced. 

rKill and plunder for the things that you desire, for that is 
tantamount to the decree of heaven J -nyan!” 

-.. .Hearing her extremely crass words, Sora and Shiro half- 
closed their eyes. 

• • - What kind of words are those.. 


“Ah, Masters, that’s a Fliigel idiom so it’s fine if you don’t 
know it.” 

“No, that’s not what I meant.” 

“Not an argument - but we’ll play a game-nyan, it’s just that 

Ignoring Sora and Jibril’s conversation, Azrael snapped her 

r All of usj will play a game together with Jii-chan’ s 
friends that you ’ re looking for, then you can ask for their 

- In an instant. 

Everyone present was teleported with a force that even Jibril 
couldn’t resist. 

And what they saw after the scenery had changed was - 

- A long banner with the words ‘ Kuuhaku T j Autograph 
and Handshake Fan Meeting’ written on it. 

Countless Fliigel were setting up the place - 

“ • • • We were tricked -!! ” 

As almost a hundred gazes fell upon them simultaneously, Sora 
understood instantly. 

- She merely pretended to be provoked - which means, he lost 
in the mind games department. 

But, as compared to this, the gazes that were upon him nearly 
made Sora and Shiro black out. 

However - the questions that were festering in his mind caused 
him to stay conscious. 

It was a card that none of them had expected. 

Although since Sora had already shut his ears and was prepared 
to faint, he didn’t hear any of it. 

It was probably the sound of a girl yelling for help, and the 
sound covered the entire area like an explosion. 

Under the countless approaching gazes, Sora asked in a 
trembling voice: 

“Hey, Jibril, this? What is this-aaaaahhhhh!” 

Sora yelled while frantically hugging Shiro whose eyes were 
already rolling up into the whites, while Jibril clapped her 
hands once and replied: 

“Ah, I forgot, in order for them to deal with the Eastern 
Union, I took the Masters’ rBible (Observation Diary)J and 

passed it to them, in order for faster transmission of 
information - 

Jibril giggled and continued: 

“I even gave them complimentary autograph vouchers, 
handshake vouchers, date vouchers and sleepover vouchers, 
don’t forget all the various and dream-like special items —“ 

“Don’t use that sort of dirty methods!! Like that even if 
repeated buyers increase, the buyer penetration rate wouldn’t 
increase, right!?” 

“• • I see, I wanted to say that we would sell a large amount of 
copies but there seems to be an eerily small amount of people 
here, so that’s the reason. Next time I’ll think of an even more 
profitable method - or rather, a more effective way of passing 

Jibril’s face was full of determination, and she began furiously 
writing down stuff on a notebook, however Sora continued: 

“Wait a minute Jibril! You have to report to me when you’re 
doing things like this!!” 

-No wonder Azrael knew a suspiciously large amount of 
information regarding them. 

But since the reason for that was due to their own comrade, 
how were they supposed to win at their mind games? 

To make it clear, the hundred Fliigel present there were all Sora 
andShiro’ s FansJ . 

Looking over at them once more, Sora almost fainted again, 
however Jibril smiled - 

“No problem, Masters, you’ve won this time.” 

“Huh? What?” 

- Jibril spoke while looking sharply over at Azrael. 

“ « 




- That was probably the Fliigel language. 

The two of them were conversing in a language that Sora and 
Shiro couldn’t understand. 

But for some reason - 

The hall that was filled with a woman’s screams of help since 

The atmosphere suddenly changed, and what replaced it was a 
suffocating silence. 

Urn- Jibril-san? I have a bad feeling about this, what are 
you guys talking about?” 

“Ah, sorry Master, we’re done talking so I’ll tell you now.” 
Jibril turned around. 

“Just as Azrael-senpai said, we’ll recruit these people’s help 
to find our information.” 

Jibril spoke with a smile on her face to the trembling Sora and 

“Essentially speaking, we just have to defeat all of them in a 
game P ” 

“Jibril, do you know how much effort we put into just 
defeating you alone - who can beat such a large amount of 
Flugel?” ’ 


The two were demophobic and anthropophobic in the first 

Not to mention that they had to face off almost a hundred 
Flugel in Materialization Shiritori, so they would definitely not 
be able to survive. 

Just imagining it - made Sora and Shiro’s faces pale in fear. 

“No, that means rDefeating all of them at oncej , luckily 
the opponent’ s demands aren’ t that huge.” 

“Yep, you just need to play against everyone here-nyan.” 

“If you win, everyone will help you collect the books that 
you’re looking for. If you lose, I’ll let the Masters choose 
whether you want the autograph or handshake events. These 
are the conditions we set down earlier.” 


The hall was filled with women’s voices crying for help once 
more, and Sora and Shiro were at the verge of fainting. 

“Jibril.. .do you want us to die...?” 

“• • • Jibril.. .we.. .trusted you...” 

The siblings were trembling non-stop like newborn deer. 

“Please relax - the Masters won’t lose, and —“ 

Jibril looked over at Azrael. 

Azrael clapped her hands once. 

“We can’ t possibly play Shiritori with this many people, so 
let’ splay- rRed light, Green light J .” 

“- Jibril, let me ask you again - do you want us to die?” 


Playing red light, green light against the Fliigel? 

They could fly and teleport freely, so if there was a place 
beyond their grasps... 

That was basically hinting at r The afterworld] . 

While Azrael cut off his train of thought. 

“But the normal version of red light, green light is too boring- 
nyan, so 

“In conjunction with the nature of the Fliigel - we ’ 11 use a 
rWord GameJ to play it.” 

Jibril raised up her palm as she said this. 

On her raised palm, just like a vortex - 

Forty-six characters woven from light appeared on it. 

Sora knew those characters - those were the forty-six - 

Jibril threw those characters over to Azrael. 

“Hmm~? Are these the letters of your world? Are there 

Azrael closely pondered the characters, then began moving her 
hand about in a complex fashion. 

- Although Sora couldn’t detect magic, the ground began to 
shake about as if something was hoisting it up from 
underneath, so they guessed that there was a gigantic spell 
being activated. 

“Alright, I’m done-nyan, so let’s get started-nyan?” 

As she said this, the katakana - the forty-six characters from T 
(a) to (n), on Azrael’ s hand - converted to light- • • 

And they dissolved simultaneously, automatically distributing 
themselves individually amongst the hundred Fliigel females. 

After ensuring that all the characters were assigned, Azrael 
then said: 

“The rules are simple, I have just transported the characters to 
a certain location on each of the women present.” 

- Forty-six characters, and with the participants almost entering 
the hundreds, there was no way to tell who had which 

“The game is Red light, Green light, so for your convenience 
I’ve specially banned teleportation from being used within the 

- After that... 

“If you both get caught by these children you lose, and if you 
manage to evade them for an hour it will be considered a 

“As long as you touch the shifting characters - that is if you 
manage to do it while not getting caught, the characters will be 
transferred to the Masters.” 

Jibril spoke with a smile on her face as if to continue Azrael’s 

As she finished, she threw two characters over to Azrael. 
“When characters combine they become ^Word Spirits] .” 

Azrael raised her hand as an example, and the two letters - 
r 3 (ko) J and T % (ta) J , began spinning around on her 
wrist, and she said: 

“After you touch the rWord Spirits] , their meanings will 
become reality - no matter whether it ’ s a concept or an 
object, you can even shift their states at will.” 


In the instant that she said that, Sora and Shiro - saw the 

Azrael combined the two characters in her hand - and then - 

Nyaaaaaahhhhhh what is this, it’s disgusting aaaahhhhhh! 

A gigantic - r OctopusTa • koj [5]materialized and its 
tentacles wrapped around - 

The future Sora and Shiro saw became reality, meanwhile 
Azrael rolled around on the floor while yelling. 

“Ah, Senpai you really are something, what with combining 
characters of a language you don’t know to entertain us.” 

Jibril laughed coldly beside her, while Azrael probably 
genuinely felt disgusted. 

In an instant - with a huge boom, the space about them 
exploded and the squid disappeared along with the characters. 

“J-just like that, nyan?” 

Sora and Shiro looked at her speechlessly with their eyes half 
open, while Azrael pretended as if nothing had happened. 

“You can turn the meanings of the words into reality-nyan, no 
matter whether it’s a thing, a phenomenon or a concept, it will 
appear just the same-nyan.” 

“Also, since Senpai didn’ t know what the words I passed 
her meant, what materialized was my impression of the words 
that I passed to her. In the actual game, the ones that can use 
the TWord Spirits] are the Masters alone P ” 

She replied cheerily and nonchalantly, confessing that she had 
played a prank on Azrael. 

However Azrael didn’t seem to mind either, and she coughed 
and continued: 

“But - once the words are used once they will disappear, so I 
suggest that you use them carefully-nyan!” 

“The explanation’s over, do the Masters have any questions?” 

“A lot - such as how we run away, if you don’t know this by 
now I’ll tell you. Humans can’t fly.” 


“• • I apologize, Masters, I was originally going to help out - 
but I cannot participate in this time’s game.” 

Her two Masters appeared surprised, while Azrael laughed and 
said to them: 

“If you wish to borrow Jii-chan’ s strength it won’ t be 
considered as a competition-nyan, since no one will be able to 
catch you. It was already very generous on our part to allow 
you to use the r Word Spirits] , so - 

Azrael giggled and... 

“The Dhampir hiding over there, please lend them your 

• • - She looked over to the side. 

- Just like that. 

Plum was dragged out into plain sight as her invisibility spell 
was crushed like glass. 

“•••Eh? E-eh-!? W-why was I noticed!?” 

“• • - You really are something - your presence was erased to a 
notable degree.” 

- Even Sora and Shiro had forgotten her existence, and Jibril 
spoke respectfully. 

Azrael stood beside Jibril and asked Plum: 

“Hey, even if you’re a useless species that can’t even be 
compared to a mosquito, if you put your back into it, there 
shouldn’t be a problem in creating a spell that gives the user 
wings right-nyan?” 

- Azrael asked her question in a disrespectful tone even more 
prideful than a god’s. 

On the other hand, Plum replied boldly despite trembling in 
fear of death. 

“E-eh— i-if you want me to let them fly at a speed of a 
Fliigel that would be impossible... The force of the shock 
would disintegrate not just them, but me as well, also my 
power is running out 

Azrael continued to smile. 

“If you’re tired you can just extract body fluids from those 

“I will dedicate myself to create wings for you two!” 

Plum’s attitude changed faster than the speed of sound, and she 
bowed respectfully at the both of them, however - 

“No, wait a minute, why do we have to agree to this —“ 

• • - As Sora was about to say that, he stopped at Jibril’s gaze. 

- Please don’t be disappointed, and please believe - 

He saw the girl that had told him that sincerely with an 
expectant yet disappointed gaze. 

And, as he shifted his gaze, he saw the empty girl who was like 
an uninhabited shell, who was smiling but looked like a dead 

“Kill and plunder for the things that you desire, for that is 
tantamount to the decree of heaven - that’ s the kind of 
rGameJ it is-nyan?” 

The uneasy gaze with a soul residing within it, and an empty 
puppet-like smile. 

What Sora saw there was - a scene exactly the same as earlier 

- Game, this word made Sora and Shiro’s eyes light up, and 
their brains cooled down at extreme speeds. 

Rules, victory conditions, and AzraeTs intentions, all those 
things swirled about and combined themselves at furious 
speeds within their heads. 


Shiro who was doing the exact same thing appeared noticeably 
uneasy, however Sora nodded his head at her, and told her -1 

It was a noticeably different rGameJ than they had taken 
part in previously. 

The game would have to end before it began. 

Kuuhaku _ J followed this golden rule, however this game 
was - 

It was a game challenged by the opposition, a game that they 
had not taken into account for, which meant that it was a game 
where the opponent had the upper hand. 

It was also a game with undisclosed conditions that were 
hidden in the Fliigel language. 

It was also a game with rules intentionally prepared to be 
disadvantageous towards them. 

This game was too dangerous, too suspicious, they didn’t have 
enough information, so they shouldn’t be agreeing to it at all. 

“•••Masters...please, please believe me.” 

Within her wavering gaze there lay a preparation to even 
receive punishment. 

But - it was also a gaze that completely believed that Sora and 
Shiro would win, and it was with that in mind that Jibril had 
prepared the game. 

Let me confirm the conditions.” 

Sora glanced over at Jibril, and asked with his mind completely 

And Shiro who was looking up at him uneasily since earlier, 
upon seeing Sora so decisive, decided to follow along with his 

The uneasiness in her eyes vanished, and she merely 
concentrated in order to sharpen her thinking. 

Just like that, Sora and Shiro ignored Jibril who closed her eyes 
in a gesture of gratitude beside them. 

The two began deducing all the things they needed to take into 
consideration - their brains spun about violently, pondering 
this game which they had not anticipated earlier, even 
anticipating things that they wouldn’t be able to anticipate 

First, Shiro and I will have to hold hands throughout the 
entire game, and this is a definitive condition.” 

“• • -Let Plum make.. .wings.” 

“Yes, Shiro and I will each have one side of a pair of wings 
that will move according to our thoughts, this is a definitive 

• can do have to do it.” 

Shiro’s sentence turned from a question to an order, and Plum 
replied with her head drooped low in sadness. 

“Eh, that...? T-that will be an extremely complex spell, if 
possible I don’t 

“I don’t care what the shape is like, but over the course of that 
period I will permit you to lick off my sweat.” 

“Leave it to me!! I will show you the true power of the 
Dhampirs - hah!!” 

She replied with a completely unnecessary burst of energy. 

In an instant Plum’s wings turned blood-red, and complex 
patterns appeared within her eyes. 

Plum began conjuring a particularly complicated spell, and 
changed her appearance into - 

•••A scarf. 

The scarf billowed in the wind gently, and landed on Sora and 
Shiro’s necks. 

Sora and Shiro were connected to each other like two people 
under a single long scarf. 

“P-phew.. .1-1 disguised my existence on the physical 
plane...!! A-at this rate.. .t-the two ends of the scarf.. .should 
have the capabilities of a pair of wings -!!” 

Just as the first time she had met Sora, she did the same thing 
to their luggage as well, and Plum transformed herself into a 
flying scarf. 

In that atmosphere where even the Fliigel expressed their 
admiration, Sora could almost see Plum puffing out her flat 
chest in pride. 

- Although she was panting heavily. 

The scarf connecting Sora and Shiro’s necks spread out at its 
two sides... 

It drew a pattern in the air of blood trickling, and wove itself 
into wings. Sora nodded... 

And asked the remaining question: 

After which... transform Avant Heim into a place where 
Shiro, Plum and I can move about freely without restriction. 
Also, even though we have wings, we don’t know how to use 
them, so I request that after we leave - the game will only start 
five minutes after.. .do you have any problems with that? 

“ • • - Mm, no problem.” 

- At this time all of them took a deep breath, and it wasn’t 
because the two of them had experienced such a drastic change 
in character... 

Instead it was because he had only requested live minutes of 
extra time. 

“There’s no problem right?” 

Jibril turned around and asked Azrael and the Fliigel crowds 
behind her. 

Using a never before used power, with a measly forty-four 
characters as weapons, the Imanity would have to avoid the 
onslaught of a hundred Fliigel. 

If they could do it - all of them swallowed their saliva at once. 

• -Mm, there’s no problem-nyan, although I feel it’s a bit too 

Azrael spoke, appearing to be the only one that hadn’t grasped 
the situation. 

Her fingertips shifted gently - after which a giant explosion 

“-I’ve already turned Avant-kun (Avant Heim) into a place 
befitting of your conditions - so now we can begin right?” 

Azrael dismissed rewriting the appearance of another world 
entirely as though it were as easy as drawing a sketch. 

She snapped her fingers once more, and the walls began 
shifting silently - and a gigantic hole appeared. 

• • -From the hole in the wall, the entire city of Avant Heim 
could be seen. 

Maybe because Azrael had shifted the position of the sun, or 
simply because some time had passed, it was night-time 

There was no sunlight, which made it an optimal environment 
for Plum. 

They stuck their heads out of the gap to examine the conditions 
outside - Sora and Shiro grasped each other’s hands tightly. 

The scarf on their necks that was being blown about in the 
wind - they could sense that Plum was resisting the urge to say 

They couldn’t see anything done below. 

However they felt a sensation as if their bodies were going to 
be swept away in the wind, which meant that it was at 
extremely high altitudes. 

“So - now let’s begin the game with the two Master against 
all the Fliigel present.” 

Behind Sora and Shiro, Jibril announced respectfully. 

And behind her there were the gazes of almost a hundred 

Despite this - once they were to enter the game, those gazes 
wouldn’t be able to affect Sora and Shiro’s thoughts any 

“This is the map of this version of Avant Heim.” 

Shiro took one look at the map that was flapping about in the 
wind and nodded. 

While Jibril took a step back and bowed deeply. 

“ • • - Masters, thank you.” 

“To be honest I’m not confident at all, but... we believe in 
you, so you better not let us down!” 

“• • It’s natural.. .to care about family.” 

Jibril and Sora and Shiro were engaged in a conversation only 
the three of them could understand - 

u >? 

- TAschenteJ -!!” 

As Jibril and everyone else raised their hands and yelled this 
single word: 

Sora and Shiro leaped out of the hole in the wall. 

In an instant, gravity took hold of the both of them, which was 
a force no human body could resist. 

Along with the strong winds outside, the two slowly - 
descended at an increasing speed. 

They couldn’t see what was beneath them, but whatever it was 
there could only be one outcome - death. 

When faced with this they were impossibly not uneasy nor 
scared - why? Sora couldn’t help but smile bitterly. 


Hearing his sister calling out for him, Sora looked to the side, 
only to see that the other side of the scarf - had a single wing 
growing out of it. 

Sora confirmed that there was another similar wing on his back 
through Shiro’s gaze. 

“•••Let’s go...” 

-Yes - Sora smiled, they couldn’t possibly feel uneasiness nor 

They grasped each other’s hands, and flapped their wings 
together as one. 

With a force even more powerful than an eagle’s - they broke 
the shackles of gravity. 

Chapter 2: Fail 

Part 1 

At the same time - within the capital of Elkia, inside the late 
king’s library. 

• -Kou.. .Steph-kou, I’m hungry, des.” 

Steph slowly regained consciousness as she was being 
violently shook by someone. 

She who was originally slumped onto a table and drooling 
suddenly stood up and frantically surveyed her surroundings. 

Eh!? Huh? Strange, when did I fall asleep!?” 

“You fell face-first onto the table immediately after you 
finished eating, des. I thought you were dead, des.” 

-So she apparently had eaten her meal and filled her stomach 
then- rFaintedJ . 

“W-what time is it now...?” 

Steph folded up the coat - that was apparently placed there by 
Izuna - on her back, and asked sleepily. 

After which she heard a cute rumbling sound. 

Izuna placed a hand on her stomach, then looked up at Steph 
and said sincerely: 

“About six hours after you ate, des.” 

• • - What a cute clock.” 

The last time they ate was about two-o-clock at night - which 
meant it was morning now? 

There were no windows in the library so the sun couldn’t get 
in, but by then the streets were probably beginning to fill up 
with activity. 

“Steph-kou, Steph-kou, let’s eat, des.” 

Izuna dragged one of Steph’s sleeves and requested for food, 
while Steph replied: 

“Ah.. .you’re right.. .so I’ll make breakfast then.. .huh?” 

Suddenly Steph spotted a huge pile of books next to where 
Izuna was sitting. 

“Izuna, what is that?” 

“• • •? Aren’t they books, des.” 

“No, that’s not what I meant - why are they there?” 

-Obviously because I read them, des.” 

“- Huh? I thought Izuna can’t read the Imanity language...!?” 

“I said that I would learn it, des. So I learnt it, des.” 

It can’t be - Steph’s eyes widened. 

Steph had passed her a book containing games comparing the 
Werebeast and Imanity languages - a textbook for the 
Werebeast language. 

Relying on that book alone, she learnt the Imanity language 
while she herself was sleeping, and even read such a large 
amount of books -? 

- She was terrible at anything other than games, so conversely, 
as long as it’s a game - 

Upon realizing that she not only had learnt the language in 
such a short span of time, but also that she had read even more 
books than she did, Steph’s hairs couldn’t help but stiffen in 

“•••No wonder she’s always so close to Sora and Shiro.” 

Sora and Shiro had made her forget this fact, and now Steph 
recalled it. 

Hatsuse Izuna, this child, this Werebeast girl that was even 
younger than Shiro. 

- She competed against Kuuhaku T j ; and even lost only by a 
tiny bit, so her skills were definitely the real thing. 


“• • - Izuna, when was the last time you slept?” 

“• • -Huh? .. .1-1 ate five meals, so... hmm~... des?” 

Izuna started counting with her fingers, then suddenly appeared 

Black heavy eyebags were gathering underneath her eyes, 
which meant that she hadn’t slept for quite a period of time. 

- Upon closer thought, that was reasonable. 

Even if it was the rReal thing] , it couldn’ t just come 

Izuna had struggled without sleeping to - learn the Imanity 
language, and she had read this many books as well. 

- Sorry, Izuna, I’m the only one who slept.” 

“Steph-kou, it’s fine, des. A piece of trash is a piece of trash 
after all, if it wants to sleep it sleeps, des.” 

Steph smiled at Izuna’s overexerting manner. 

She had found a sliver of hope amongst this never-ending 
assignment and Steph patted her own cheeks to wake herself 

Anyway, she had to prepare a meal, and then - just as she was 
exiting the library - 

“• • •? Izuna, in what order are you reading these books?” 

She realized the books on the floor were probably selected for 
some reason or other. 

“I selected the ones that have a nice smell, des.” 

- Izuna said this incomprehensible statement with a matter-of- 
fact expression on her face. 

Suddenly, Steph became interested in the titles of the books on 
the floor, so she held one up for a look. 

Because they were - books related to where Sora and Shiro 
currently were. 

rThe Fliigel, the weapons of a dead Master] • • • why are 
you reading this?” 

Steph recited the words written in the writing of her 
grandfather - the late king. 

Izuna sniffed it and replied: 

“There’s the smell of Sora and Shiro on it, des. They read it 
about a month ago, des.” 

“Those two read this...?” 

- On the beach after their return from Oceande. 

Sora announced that he would proceed to Avant Heim and 
acquire three races. 

As for the methods he would use - as usual - Steph never 
heard him mention them. She flipped open the book. 

A month ago - which means, they read it before they attacked 
the Eastern Federation - 

Steph read the contents of the book that were, as for all the 
other in the books in this room, written by her grandfather. 

r The Fliigel - in the ancient great war, they were a god¬ 
killing species created by the [God of War Artosh] -J 

r The Fliigel - they don’ t gather knowledge due to their own 

Those were records gathered by her grandfather - the late king 
from his observations of the Fliigel. 

Which means, they were observations of Jibril, at least they 
should be... but... 

rThose are actions for them to survive - no, for them to not 

In Steph’s mind’s eye, that hard to understand person appeared. 

rLiving weapons of a deceased Master- • • They are just empty 
walking slabs of meat.] 

She recalled that person with the smile that seemed to hide her 
emotions, the person that would do anything for her curiosity 
and her Masters, the person that could be gung-ho at times. 

rThe reason why they ’ re living, no, what is the evidence to 
deduce as to why they’ re still alive?] 


The Jibril in her grandfather’s observations was completely 
different from the Jibril she knew. 

This apprehension caused Steph to stop unconsciously merely 
after reading a few pages, and she slipped into deep thought. 

• • -Sora and Shiro had proceeded to Avant Heim after reading 
this book. 

What were those two thinking - 

“Steph-kou, now’s probably not the time to be reading that, 

“Huh? Ah, right, yes.” 

What was important wasn’t the Fliigel, but information 
regarding the Seirenes - Steph rallied herself. 

At this time, the grumbling noise started again. 

“We should eat now, des.” 

Izuna spoke with a fire burning in her eyes. 

Steph smiled bitterly, and as she placed the book back on the 
shelf- possibly due to overwork, she felt dizzy. 


The books began to fall off from the shelf she had placed them 

The books they had read and the ones they haven’t would be 
mixed together - as she was about to collapse and begin crying 

- A gust of wind blew past her. 

That was the limit of what she could detect, as it was a speed 
that Steph couldn’t react to. 

Izuna sped from the door in an instant to the corner of the 
room, and in her mouth - was a single book. 

“•••? What is this, des?” 

• I-Isn’t that my question? What’s up with you.” 

Ignoring Steph who was widening her eyes in surprise, Izuna 
curiously sniffed the book in her mouth. 

“This is the smell offish, des...? No, des...ah!” 

She uninterestedly threw away the book and said: 

“This book smells of Seiren, des. I can’t eat this, des.” 

- In an instant, a lamp turned on within Steph’s muddled brain. 

Regarding the order of the books she read earlier, Izuna said 
she read them according to how nice they smelled. 

Why did she select the books Sora and Shiro had read - no, the 
real question was - 

“W-why does my Grandpa’s books smell of Seiren?” 

“Who knows, des. Maybe a Seiren touched it, or maybe 
someone who touched a Seiren touched this book as well, des.” 

Izuna spoke with her head tilted slightly. 

“Is it Sora or Shiro... or us!?” 

“• • •? No, des. All the books here smell like an old man, des.” 
It wasn’t Steph’s smell, nor was it Sora and Shiro’s smell. 

Speaking of which, since Sora and the others went to Oceande, 
they shouldn’t have been here - so -!? 

“D-do you know when this person touched the books?” 

Steph asked while leaning forward, while Izuna began counting 
on her fingers once more with difficulty and replied: 

“Not enough fingers, des.” 

- However that was enough to conclude that that smell was 
from more than ten years ago. 

• -W-wait a moment, how can you tell?” 

“Doesn’t Steph-kou know, des? There’s a smell left behind, 

Who would know that sort of weird thing, although she yelled 
this to herself, but - the riddle was solved. 

The reason why Sora wanted Izuna to help, and the reason why 
she chose the books Sora and Shiro had read, and - all this 
proved that ten years ago her grandfather came into contact 
with the Seirenes! 

Now all that was left was -! 

“Can you find the books written after that?” 

Izuna sniffed about then tilted her head and said: 

“ • • - The smell is weak, des. But if I try extra hard... I can 
probably do it, des.” 

- The world was filled with light. 

If so, their search range would be narrowed significantly! 

“Really now- if you had that sort of convenient ability you 
should have used it earlier-aaaah but thank you-aaaaaahhhh 
finally found the exit from hell —“ 

Steph hugged Izuna in a sudden burst of emotion and began 
petting her non-stop, however Izuna jumped back all of a 


Her hair stood up as if she was going to bite at any time, and 
she hissed at Steph. 

“Eh? U-um.. .s-sorry, did I do something wrong?” 

“•••Steph-kou, your petting skills are horrible, des!” 

Steph surveyed her surroundings in panic as she noticed that 
Izuna was still on full alert. 

What she saw was - 

“Ah, r-right, t-this is for you, can you please forgive me?” 
What is that, des?” 

“i-it’s a biscuit I made for myself, h-here.” 

Steph ate one to prove to her that they were safe to eat - and 
then she nervously passed some to her. 

Izuna sniffed the biscuits she passed her. 

• -Not bad, des. But I want to eat rice, des. And fish, des.” 

- She took a biscuit in her mouth, and her mood instantly 
turned better. 

Izuna shook her bushy tail like a hamster and began gnawing 
on the biscuit. 

“Ah, s-so I’ll go make food! Grilled fish, steamed fish, 
sashimi... which would you 

“All, des.” 


“All, des.” 

Izuna began drooling with a longing expression on her face, 
and Steph - 

“-Fine then! I have a reliable companion now anyway, so I’ll 
do my best to prepare all the fish dishes I know how to!! In the 
meantime, could you please search for all the books my 
grandfather wrote around that period!?” 

“OK, des!” 

Izuna stood up after answering energetically. 

Finally, she saw the exit! As Steph was about to exit the 
library, behind her - 

She heard an explosion. 


- The reason why Steph knew it was the sound of Izuna 
breaking the sound barrier was because - 

It was because her heart uttered a low roar, and began beating 
so fast that it seemed it would burst from her body. She held 
almost ten books in her hands, and her shoulders rose and fell 
along with her breathing - Izuna who was dyed completely 
blood-red from using TBlood Devastation] , reported her 

Hah, hah -1 found all of them, des -! Is the fish not 
prepared yet? Des!” 

• • Tf she tried really hard.. .she could probably do it. 

Izuna did try really hard as she had announced earlier. 

- She had tried hard enough to challenge the laws of physics, 
and she had used her physical abilities to overcome those very 

She saw Izuna with her blood vessels bulging, with her mouth 
drooling and her eyes having the gaze of a predator looking at 
its prey - 

“• • -C-could you please help me go out and get groceries?” 
Steph chose rDelaying tactics] ■ • ■ 

Part 2 

- On top of Avant Heim that was engulfed in the night sky. 

Only the faint glows emitted from the cubes and the moonlight 
itself lit up the scenery of countless cubes scattered about. 

Sora and others flew about shakily and clumsily in that scenery 
itself- no, they floated. 

“U-um.. .can we really win...?” 

“Please don’t talk to me right now, you’ll mess up my 

“••• this...a bit more...” 

They looked as if they would fall and crash at a single mistake, 
appearing extremely dangerous. 

Plum who was connecting the two as their wings mumbled to 
herself upon seeing their antics: 

“T-the opponent are the Fliigel! Even if you borrow my 
power, um, both of you have never flew before.. .it’s 
impossible to contest against the Fliigel in speed...” 

Sora’s tone remained relaxed even despite struggling to control 
his wings. 

“Relax, it’s definitely an advantage to be able to run away fast 
in a game of red light, green light - but it won’t guarantee you 

“That’s true.. .but even if so...” 

Plum in scarf form sighed upon looking at them. 

- The Fliigel, even disregarding their ability to teleport, their 
existence itself was already defying all laws of physics. 

Although Plum had never seen any of them flying at full speed, 
she could easily imagine it from their physical ability. 

If they used their full strength - don’t even mention the speed 
of sound, they might even be able to travel faster than that. 

Even though red light, green light wasn’t a contest of speed, it 
would be impossible for a turtle to race against a horse anyway. 

No matter what, with their crass flying skills - 

To achieve victory - wouldn’t be -? 

“ • • - Huh? S-strange?” 

As Plum thought to herself, she felt a sudden sense of 

Sora and Shiro’s posture as they flapped their wings had 
stabilized and she hadn’t noticed. 

Their speed began increasing slowly, and the scarf - the winds 
attacking Plum became stronger. 

“ • • -Urn, why did you want me to allow each one of you to 
control one wing?” 

Plum asked them this as she suddenly remembered. 

The siblings had in an instant slowly changed the wings she 
had woven for them to their own wings. 

They looked at each other and smiled. 

“Of course - because if we didn’t do so, our victory wouldn’t 
be guaranteed.” 

Conversely, if they were to do it they would definitely win, and 
they both said this while holding each other’s hands. 

- As long as our hands are holding onto each other. 

- We won’t lose to anyone. 

Part 3 

Empty-shelled weapons - merely objects - merely puppets - 
the Fliigel. 

They were originally tools created by their master to 
exterminate gods. 

But it has been over six thousand years since they lost their 
master - why does the Fliigel race continue to exist? 

In order to search for that rAnswer] , they had roamed about 
with Avant Heim for an extremely long period of time until 

And - Jibril who had left alone herself but had returned just as 
suddenly - seemed to have changed visibly. 

It was just as if- • - yes - it was as if she had found the 
rAnswer] . 

Azrael used her hands to cup her cheeks and looked up at the 
night sky. 

In concurrence with Sora’s conditions, on the balcony earlier - 
the hundred Fliigel that had been waiting there for five minutes 
were looking in the same direction as well. 

The images that appeared in the night sky - Sora and Shiro’s 

“• • • Jii-chan, the final order that Artosh-sama ever gave me - 
if there ’ s anyone who can find the _ Answer] , I believe it 
can only be the rFinal Unit] Jii-chan, nyan.” 

- She had a reason for that. 

However that wasn’t the real question, and Azrael continued 
with that very question in mind. 

“If Jii-chan’ s ^Answer] was implanted in your head 
through the Pledges by the Imanity - 

- They had discussed the matter in their native Fliigel language 
so as to not allow Sora and Shiro to know what was going on. 

As though attempting to warn her again, Azrael smiled a smile 
so fake that it made it look like she was wearing a mask, and 
she said to Jibril: 

“I will use my rSpecial Right] - you do know what this 
means right?” 

“Yes, but -! Only stupid people ask questions to which they 
already know the answers! Senpai.” 

Upon hearing these words, the Fliigel that were looking up into 
the night sky suddenly tensed up, making the atmosphere much 
heavier in an instant. 

- The rRepresentative of the Winged] - the head of the 
rCouncil of Eighteen Wings] , Azrael - 

The only special right Azrael possessed for not being the full 
representative of the Fliigel was... 

It was something that was agreed over six thousand years ago 
with an unanimous decision from everyone. 

rThe right to order all the Fliigel to commit suicidej 
there something wrong?” 

Azrael’s gaze sharpened instantly at Jibril’s dismissive tone. 

“It was a right originally created by Azrael-senpai while we 
were still discovering our purpose to continue living after our 
master was killed in order to prevent us from committing 
suicide, so if you think that we have no reason to continue to 
exist - please feel free.” 

At this point the emotion that swept through the crowd was not 
fear - the Fliigel did not fear death in the first place. 

They were a race created as weapons, so to them death would 
even be considered an honour. 

Despite this, the reasons why the participants felt tense was 
because they were r Anticipating] . 

-For something to start, or possibly for something to end. 

That was the only difference, but - 

Everyone only felt anticipation at that sort of prediction. 

“—It’s good that you know-nyan...” 

While the only one present that didn’t seem to understand what 
had happened was Azrael. 

Jibril looked at her somewhat disappointedly upon realizing so. 

- Her gaze slowly corroded Azrael. 

“ Azrael-senpai, you of all people should know, we - the 
Fliigel have a very basic misunderstanding.” 

- Sora and the others didn’t know. 

But it was because Jibril had met them - after which she had 
changed significantly. 

Before losing to Sora and the others, Jibril - even if she was 
the type to act immediately after something went amiss, she 
was pretty much the same as Azrael. 

Turning the unknown into known - that was the only thing that 
was meaningful to her. 

She had to reverse the unknown, and there was no ulterior 
motive behind it, all she meant was - it was an rEnemyJ she 
had to exterminate. 

Jibril was probably hungrier for combat than any other unit 
against that r EnemyJ . 

- However, her views changed on the very day she lost to Sora 
and Shiro. 

“The knowledge that we spent thousands, tens of thousands of 
years gathering was completely obliterated by the Masters who 

have barely walked ten years upon this earth, and the meaning 
behind this, the very significance of it - Senpai, you just don’t 

Her face was filled with a passion that Azrael had never seen 

According to her memory, she had never seen Jibril do that, not 
even to Artosh. 

“It’s a perplexing feeling, even more intense than the passion 
of eliminating the unknown. It’s a way of life, continuously 
reversing into unknowns that led me to follow my Masters by 
my own will - it’s completely unrelated to the pledges.” 

Azrael remained speechless at fibril’s words. 

Because to be honest, she had no idea what they meant. 

Turning the known to unknown? - Wouldn’t that sort of thing 
cause a person to feel horrified? 

- But... 

Maybe because they were moved by fibril’s words... 

Upon hearing her brief speech, the hundred Fliigel that couldn’t 
wait to get moving had a tint of excitement in their eyes - and 
their wings trembled. 

- Azrael couldn’t understand why that was, and she once again 
cupped her cheeks with her hands. 

At least that wasn ’ tthe rAnswer] . 

She looked up into the empty skies just like that - at the 
clumsily flying pair. 

“I know Azrael-senpai cares more than anyone about the 
future of the Fliigel, but 

She glanced to the side, only to see Jibril with an expression of 
utmost determination on her face, and she spoke in an almost 
begging fashion: 

“The answer you’re seeking for isn’t where you think it is.” 

Part 4 

“Hnnnnnnnnggg-. hnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg —.... I-I’m at 

my limit.. .too tiring, I wanna give up...” 

“Hey, it’s not even been three minutes! Even Ultr*man[l] is 
tougher than you, you know!?” 

Plum (scarf form) was complaining since almost the very 
beginning, while Sora provided her with words of 

“I’m different from those Fliigel monsters! Overcoming the 
force of gravity and your weights combined is harder than both 
of you can imagine!! I even have to lend you my wings as well 
- please spare me 

“If you’re gonna talk about sweat, I’ve sweated a lot already, 
so you can lick it off for all I care!” 

“For you two, how could I possible give up! - Right, let’s 
continue on!!” 

“You’ve completely ruined the atmosphere!!” 

The sensation of his neck being licked sent an unpleasant tingle 
down his spine. 

The scarf that Plum was disguising as ... 

It was a disguise on her rPhysical appearance] , in order to 
give others the impression that she was connecting Sora and 
Shiro in the form of a scarf. 

The two ends of the scarf moved along with Sora and Shiro’s 
wills, and they served the same purposes as a pair of wings. 

“Hey, to us this looks like a scarf with wings, but what does it 
actually look like?” 

“Lick.. .ah, how blissful V - huh, what? Urn- I’m currently 
hugging Sora-dono’s neck and licking it.. .and using my foot to 
hook onto Shiro -dono’s neck.” 

“Heh, isn’t this a perverted way to fly!” 

“•••Nii, that joke was bad, you’re noisy...and it’s lame...” 

“I was just saying, did you really have a need to go that 

A streak of tears flashed past Avant Heim’s night sky. 

However Plum rebutted impatiently: 

“Let me make this clear, it’s the special right of the Elves to 
cast multiple spells at once! A magic such as turning myself 
into a flying scarf while allowing you both to fly at your own 
will is extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemely worthy of praise, OK!!” 

Plum uttered this extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeemly long sentence. 

“Also, this is more tiring than I expected.. .if my supply of 
energy gets cut, I’ll probably die within a few seconds.” 

• I’m surprised you’d agree with something this 

“Huh? Because if I do this I can lick Sora-dono’s neck to my 
heart’s content...slurp- delicious, delicious.” 


As Sora was considering ignoring the consequences and 
stripping off the scarf altogether - 

“•••Nii, the time.” 

Five minutes had passed - Sora’s gaze sharpened upon hearing 
Shiro’s warning. 

Which meant at this time, the Fliigel that had a late start would 
begin attempting to catch them. 

Right, Plum, our lives are in your hands now, so don’t you 
go mnning out of energy halfway!” 

“No problem. Our fates are tied, so if I do run out of energy 
halfway we’ll just die together at most.” 

“We don’t need to think about that!! Let’s go already!” 

As he said this, Sora and Shiro immediately began flapping 
their wings mightily and simultaneously - dropping their 
altitude at once. 

“ Ky aaaaahhhhhhhhhh! ” 

They accelerated in that instant so quickly that even Plum had 
to cry out. 

The speed of their descent and the power of the wings caused 
them to accelerate endless, and the strong winds rushed to meet 
them - 

As they were about to hit the ground - the back of Avant Heim, 
they began flying laterally. 

(They’re attempting to shake off our pursuers with the 
momentum from our descent.. .probably.) 

Plum didn’t say anything but merely thought to herself, after 
which she grumbled: But - 

A presence came up from behind, as the Fliigel that had just 
left were already catching up to them. 

Sora and Shiro really had completely mastered control over 
their wings with an astounding speed. 

But - no matter how they were to commandeer the wings 
woven by Plum, they would still be unable to overcome the 
laws of physics. 

It was already a blessing that they could reach two hundred 
kilometres per hour, however the Fliigel on the other hand were 
an existence that simply threw the laws of physics out of the 

(A-at this rate they’ll catch up to us in no time aaaahhhh what 
do we do now!?) 

Plum began yelling to herself, however Sora and Shiro merely 
turned around to look calmly - 

“Four of them, no formation.” 

“•••Letters, one, three...” 

“Direction, recover?” 

“ • - -One bottom of the wing T ~j- (na) J • • - three left side of 
stomach (a) J .” 

“- Shiro three, let’s move!” 

- They had a brief conversation which Plum completely 
couldn’t understand, as they had completed their discussion 
within a minute - 

Huh? As Plum let out this curious expression, Sora and Shiro 
had already veered their courses slightly. 

- In an instant. 

“Hehe- I’ll be the first-!” 

“I’ll take that!” 

As they expected, the five minutes of waiting time had meant 
nothing to them, as two Fliigel were already approaching. 

Their hands closed in on Sora and Shiro - but missed. 

“” - Huh!?”” 

The two that were unable to catch Sora and Shiro couldn’t 
seem to comprehend how they managed to vanish from their 

eyes in an instant, causing them to utter a confused 
exclamation. At that time - 


- Behind them. 

On the bottom of the wing and the left side of the stomach 
respectively - the characters inscribed there were touched, and 
both of them let out a gentle moan. 

The other two behind them were slightly late and ended up 
losing their quarry, and they began surveying their 
surroundings frantically. 

That was no surprise, as by then Sora and Shiro were already 
flying towards the connected cubes in a spiral pattern. 

They darted and wove through the cracks - through the streets 
of Avant Heim - towards the connected cubes. 

The two rCharacters] were already on their respective 

• - Huh? Just now.. .what was that!?” 

It happened in such a short instance that even Plum who was 
wrapped around their necks couldn’t comprehend what had 

On the other side of the disguising magic, Plum widened her 
eyes in surprise, and Sora said to her: 

“Barrel roll - isn’t this one of the basic techniques to avoid a 
flying unit that is faster than you and is flying in a straight 

- As Sora and Shiro noticed that they had company, they drew 
them in as close as possible then slightly veered their course, in 
order that among the four of them - the two inscribed with 
characters would take the lead, and they merely had to turn 

And in the instant as they were about to be caught, they spread 
their wings, and merely - rolled over in a diagonal fashion. 

So, with their general direction remaining the same, Sora and 
Shiro decelerated as they spun spirals in the air. On the other 
hand, the Fliigel thought that Sora and Shiro had simply 
disappeared as they were too fast - simply speaking, they 
merely r OvershotJ . 

They were still unused to their wings, and they would never be 
able to reach the speeds of that of a FliigeTs no matter how 
hard they tried, so - 

“Since we can’t control our wings we just have to stop in our 
tracks, and for the Fliigel who completely ignore aerodynamic 
studies at the like - they are merely fighter planes flying along 
a fixed path...” 

“ • • - Even if they know.. .they never bothered about it...” 

Both of them smiled mischievously, and on their hands were 
exactly what Shiro had declared earlier - the characters T 
(na) J and T (a) J were swirling about there. 

Plum was speechless, having just realized what had happened. 

“ • • -Don’t tell me - you memorized the positions of all the 

Sora smiled bitterly and replied: 

“Plum, are you underestimating my glorious sister?” 

This sentence alone made even one such as Plum feel 
pressured, and she shut her mouth. 

“Anyway.. .Shiro, the words we really need.. .you should 
know them right?” 

“Of course.” 

“So we need to get hold of those people, also our opponents 
aren’t exactly dimwits, so our aerial strategy won’t work all the 

• - Mm, understood...” 

- Get hold of. Those two declared that naturally as if it was 
bound to happen, causing Plum to widen her eyes in shock. 

They were clearly playing a game of red light, green light 
against the Fliigel, however they themselves acted as if they 
were the pursuers. 

Sora and Shiro flew about in the city of Avant Heim just like 
rPassing through cracks J . 

Part 5 

- On the floor where only two people remained after the rest of 
the Fliigel had left. 

Jibril and Azrael stood together and watched the events 
unfolding in the air before them. 

The feelings within Jibril’ s chest - turned into rShock] 
extremely quickly. 

Shiro had memorized all the characters and the people who 
possessed them, and even where they were. 

That was why they could pull off the avoid and recover 
maneuver so flawlessly earlier - however, what shocked her 
even more was that they knew the city like the back of their 
hands, as they were flying about as if it was their own 
backyard. Jibril couldn’t hide her shock at her two Masters. 

The city of Avant Heim with countless cubes stacked up in 
complex formations was lit up extremely dimly under the 
moonlight in the surrounding darkness, however they could 
still duck and weave throughout the spaces between the cubes 
like skilled weavers passing threads through needles. 

They were still lacking in speed, however in this case if their 
pursuers were to go too fast they would lose them instead. 

The narrow, dark alleyways and cracks that were formed 
between the cubes - 

Even the cracks that could barely fit a single person through 
were easily overcome by the flying two, so if their pursuers 

were to go too fast - if they were to let down their guard they 
would crash into the cubes, leaving them a clear escape route. 

(.. .They’re really something.. .but if so -) 

There was one part she couldn’t explain, and Jibril began 
questioning it. 

Jibril couldn’t deny the fact that the Fliigel as a race - did have 
the tendency to achieve victory through brute force. 

But despite this, they could still rCoordinate] . If they 
couldn’ t, they wouldn’ t deserve the right to be called 
rWeapons] . 

Even if they dkhT thave rSpeed] , they would switch to a 
r Surrounding] strategy - and - 

“Huh!? Huh, why-!?” 

A Fliigel female uttered a lamenting cry, as they were all 
standing guard by the crack Sora and the others flew into 
which had only one exit - however both of them flew out 
through a way they hadn’t expected. 

Sora and Shiro avoided their grasp easily. 

They had only caught an extremely short glimpse of the map, 
and they had gotten such a deep understanding of the entire 
city (Avant Heim) within that period of time? 

- Impossible. If it was one of the Masters - Shiro, there was a 
possibility that she could memorize the map within seconds. 

However the city was built from various, countless complexly 
stacked cubes of different structures and heights, so it would be 
impossible to truly master the alleyways and shortcuts of the 
city with the map alone, if so how did they do it - 

Just like that, even Jibril who was observing them for the 
longest time finally realized that she suspected her own 
explanation more than anyone else. 

Part 6 

(Huh? Y-you’re joking right?) 

Sora and Shiro’s tightly interlocked hands - Plum saw that 
their fingers were moving about intricately. 

Plum was resisting the urge to moan pitifully as hard as she 
could since earlier, and as for her theory behind how those two 
could duck and weave between all those narrow caves and 
alleyways - it could even be called fallacy - and this fact made 
Plum so shocked she was unable to say a word. 

Which meant, possibly, probably, although somewhat 
unbelievable - it could be the case. 

Shiro would fly along the streets according to her memory, and 
confirm the average size of the cubes. 

After which she would calculate mentally to decipher the order 
of the patterns of the stacked cubes, then find the small 
passageways created due to those height differences. 

And she transmitted that information to Sora not through 
words, but instead through hand signals. 

While Sora would reply with ways to shake off, trick, bait, and 
deceive their pursuers. 

- What other response could Plum have other than remaining 

To Plum, no, possibly to anyone, that would be beyond 

Communicating using finger movements, but it wasn’ t 
information on a mere level of rMove herej or rGo 
there J . 

From the touch of their hands, they could decipher each other’s 
intentions, as these two Imanity that had a wing each flapped 
their wings in the air and moved seamlessly, without any form 
of hesitation, as though their clutched hands were a combined 
part of their reflexes. 

There was no doubt about it that they still weren’t completely 
used to the procedure. 

Their flying still carried a slight hint of jerkiness - and because 
of that. 

Plum was even more surprised at this unbelievable sight. 

Holding each other’s hands - the two formed a pair of wings. 

When a wing on one side were to master the wing woven by 
Plum more efficiently and overcome the forces of gravity. 

The other wing would simply master the other half s 
movements and play along just before being thrown off. 

Throughout the span of each flap, they learnt from each other 
and passed down their knowledge between them as well, 
without any mistakes nor hiccups. 

- They were endlessly improving at a stunning speed. 

Upon seeing this, Plum sensed a chill rolling down her spine, 
those two - were more than she imagined - 

- At this time, the previously silent two spoke. 

“Left four, four pull.” 

“•••Left if (sa) t (to) (o) A (su), right yb (ka) w 7 (ma) 

A (nu) A (ku) missing one.” 

“Return, top, twelve?” 

“• • - Character five, complete.. .but dangerous.” 

Both of them conversed in a code-like manner, however Sora 
finally replied cheerfully in a normal fashion. 

“Even if it’s dangerous we still have to do it -! Let’s begin our 

“• • -Understood! Shiro left Nii right, left shoulder right wing 
left hip left arm!” 

Immediately as she finished - 


They spun about a breakneck speeds as if their wings - which 
meant Plum - had split into two, and they flew into a narrow 
hole - 

“-! We’ve finally got them cornered!” 

“Pincer attack, this is my time to shine!!” 

Sora and Shiro accidentally - according to Plum’s point of 
view - stumbled into a wide road. 

What awaited them was four Fliigel on their left and right 
respectively - and as they had said, it was a perfect pincer 

However Plum suddenly remembered what they had said 

- r Left right four, four pullj • • - Draw them out - then attack? 

The Fliigel which were a total amount of eight were closing in 
at an extremely rapid pace, but - if so - 

“Let’s move, Shiro!!” 


- Who exactly were the ones driven into a comer - 

Sora and Shiro clapped their open palms together, forming a 
TWord Spirit] . 

The characters that were originally on their respective hands 
combined - and emitted light. 

Facing the onslaught of the eight Fliigel, the two - yelled with 
their palms facing opposite directions: 

- rpiole ana) J !” ” 

- In an instant. 

The eight Fliigel that were charging towards Sora and Shiro - 

Passed through them, and them appeared on opposite sides. 

Leaving behind eight moans, Sora and Shiro once again flew 
into the cracks between the cubes. 

In a narrow passageway that could just about fit one person, 
Sora flew horizontally and laughed. 

“if (sa) c t (to) ir (o) A (su) - what do you think, Shiro, I 
got all of them!” 

“•••# (ka) (ma) % (nu) A(ku)- • -now we have eight- 

The both of them confirmed the four glowing characters that 
were spinning around on their respective palms in a matter-of- 
fact fashion. 

- Plum asked them fearfully. 

• -Urn, just now...what was that...” 

“What else, it was a THoleJ , a ^ Word Spirit] that would 
take effect on anyone it comes into contact with - which is the 
rule of this game.” 

-So-•-we opened a hole-•-in rReality] .” 

Plum began recalling what had happened. 

They had opened holes on their left and right using themselves 
as the center, then connecting them together in order to avoid 
the Fliigel. 

Once they were to emerge from it they would of course be 
facing Sora and others with their backs - and to return the 
rCharacters] - however more important than that - • • 

-Could it be, you’re only baiting the people that have 
characters on them!?” 

“Of course, but we haven’t got all the ones we want yet.” 

Sora admitted nonchalantly, and he looked up in satisfaction 
after looking at his wrist that had various letters strung up 
around it like beads. 

- Plum looked up along with him. 

• • - After which four, five, eight - twelve Fliigel began darting at 
them at an astonishing speed. 

“Waaaah what are we going to do-aaaahhhhh!” 

“Return, from the top, pull twelve - everything’s going 
according to plan, don’t panic.” 

“ • • -Nii, can you make it?” 

Sora and Shiro flew at high speeds through a crack that could 
just about fit one person. 

Which meant, when they were to reach the next open space, the 
amount of Fliigel that would be swarming them at once would 
be - twelve. 

While Sora smiled cockily 

“Yep, no prob-lem-aaaaahahahhhhhhhhh!?” 

Sora’s body lost its balance as his neck was being licked by 
Plum all of a sudden. 

They reached the open space - and in front of twelve oncoming 
Fliigel, Sora had lost his balance, and because of that his center 
of gravity - 



As he was about to be thrown off, Shiro frantically flapped her 
wing in an attempt to maintain their balance. 

However Sora who almost crash-landed had no time to 
properly capture the figures of the oncoming Fliigel. 

“Shiro, gooooooo!” 

- Sora immediately made a decision, as he had no time to get 
back in position. 

Sora stretched his hand out to Shiro - he trusted that Shiro 
could understand his intentions, and passed his r Word 
Spirits] to her. 

Shiro grasped Sora’s hands, allowing the characters to move, 
after which she let them go and threw them into the sky - 

“- TNo entry ( b toosanu)] •••!” 

- As she said this, the twelve approaching figures, just as they 
were about to come into contact with Sora and Shiro, suddenly 



Pitter-patter - no, it wasn’t such a gentle noise. 

A huge, cannon-like explosion was heard, and the Fliigel all 
violently slammed into an invisible wall. 

But the problem was -! 

Shiro looked over at Sora, and according to the plan - they 
were supposed to spiral upwards rapidly. 

- TNo entry] . She was forced to create a barrier with these 
four words in order to prevent their enemies from passing 

And in the instant when that would occur, they would only act 
on the five that had characters inscribe on them, or at least that 
was the plan - 

“Heh-aaaaaahhhh! ” 

- He made it, Shiro thought while appearing immensely 

While he left the activation of the r Word Spirits] to Shiro, 
he spent that time to regain his composure and turn to his 
original position. 

Sora even began sweating cold sweat, and he flapped his wing 
while Shiro cooperated -! 

As the twelve Fliigel slammed into the invisible wall and were 
stopped in their tracks, the two passed through the Fliigel 
crowds - 

“Dammit, Shiro - it’s up to you!” 


Shiro didn’t manage to tell Sora which one of them had 
characters on them. 

Shiro stretched out her hand, and then - 

Since it still wasn’t enough, she used her two legs - and even 
her wing to gather up all the characters. 

“Uggghhhhhh-don’t think about running —“ 

“Dream on!” 

Shiro’s wing was nearly grabbed onto, however Sora flapped 
his wing and shifted their centre of gravity. 

They had avoided a death trap extremely narrowly, and the two 
landed below the invisible wall - flapping their wings just as 
they were about to hit the ground - then flew into another 
narrow corridor.. .before they could say they were safe. 


Sora’s shoulders convulsed violently as he breathed, and he 
finally managed to regulate his breathing, just as Shiro was 
about to ask about his condition - 

“A-about that... are both of you alright?” 

- The culprit that had brought this crisis upon them (Plum) did 
it before her. 

Sora bit onto the scarf and yelled with his voice muffled. 

Plum-! Do you want us to die together!?” 

“I-I-I-I-Tm sorry! It was because of that sudden spiral, my 
mouth left Sora-dono’s presence - and I even previously said 
that if I were to lose a source within a few seconds I would 
die!! So of course if we’re going to die we might as well die 
together, see you all in hell!!” 

This fellow must have a huge amount of courage to say things 
like that. 

While Shiro managed her own violently breathing heart - and 
spoke while looking the characters on her hand: 

“•••Nib" y (so) V (wa) (ke) ^ (yu) 7 (ra)---we have 
them-•• so now-” 

“Yep, we’ve finally completed it.” 

r 7 (ra) zl . (yu) (su) w 7 (ma) Y (ku) *7 (ke) 
y (so) yb (ka) V (wa) J - the two chuckled upon 
thinking of the r Word Spirits] those characters could create. 

As they exchanged glances and nodded at each other - they 
flapped their wings mightily. 

The two who were darting through the cubes earlier, were now 

- climbing up into the skies. 

Ah, found it!” 

“Hmm.. .are they changing their strategy again?” 

They were spotted immediately. However their pursuers 
reacted more vigilantly this time at Sora and Shiro’s 

They didn’t travel in a straight line, and instead approached 
their circuit in a circular formation as if to surround them. 

-No one had probably thought of it. 

Because Plum didn’t manage to predict it either. 

In front of the Fliigel that surrounded them, the two clasped 
their open palms together to form a r Word Spirit] . 

- As three characters disappeared, they touched them and 

TAccelerate[2]J -!!” 

Part 7 

Not only the pursuers. 

Even Plum and Jibril who was spectating the entire thing were 

From the beginning of the game, from the time they got their 
wings, barely fifteen minutes had passed. 

They were merely two Imanity each with a single wing created 
by Plum. 

- They merely left behind a shockwave while they themselves 
were already long gone. 

- They had charged straight through the oncoming Fltigel, who 
could have predicted that? 

Although, if it was an acceleration created by the r Word 
Spirits] , it could actually happen. 

That was why they could overcome the limitations of physics 
upon their wings. 

Acceleration, speed, light speed - the two had planned to 
collect and form those r Word Sprits] before the game had 
even began. If not, facing an enemy that could adapt to and 
change their strategy according to Sora and Shiro’ s actions - 
essentially an opponent that could rTeam] and _ Adapt] , 
they wouldn’ t be able to survive for an hour. Thus they flew 
about between the cubes at a speed, focusing more on baiting 

and collecting - as Jibril saw this, her eyes narrowed as if she 
had just seen the light 

- Because it meant that the two trusted in the Fliigel. 

“Hah! This is fun!” 


Both of them soared and spun about in the air like dancers, and 
their laughter - spread across Avant Heim. 

- Lovebirds. 

This term sprung up from JibriTs mind. 

However - this term didn’t seem quite right, and she shook her 

What she was looking at wasn’t the figurative kind of lovebird. 

She was sure that it was the true, original meaning of the 
rLovebird] . 

The males and females each had one eye and one wing and 
would fly together with their bodies combined, a fictional 

(.. .And a being just like that is flying happily right over there.) 
Jibril watched them closely and seemingly proudly - but... 

Azrael who was gazing from them afar, appearing rather bored 
and disinterested, still didn’t seem to manage to grasp the 
meaning of it. 

- Upon seeing her like that, Jibril said silently: 

“Senpai, do you know the reason why I’ m against the 
^Equality LawJ ?” 

“•••Because Jii-chan is close minded and doesn’t like other 
people touching her books-nyan?” 

“No, it’s because -1 enjoy reading the same books over and 

- It was the first time Azrael had heard of such a thing, and she 
stared at her in shock. 

“• • - Why is that so-nyan? Wouldn’t it be fine if you just 
memorize them?” 

“Yes, I knew you would say that, which is why I never said it 

Jibril sighed, and she continued again in a fit of determination: 

“Even if you’ve read a book once before, after you gather 
more knowledge, you’ll learn even more things even after 
reading them again.” 


“So if you want to read them again you can’t, wouldn’t that 
be annoying - don’t you get it?” 

“...Don’t get what-nyan?” 

“- Once you memorize it, it’s over.” 

Jibril bent her head low while giving her this painful piece of 
advice - however... 

- Azrael still seemed extremely confused. 

Ignoring Jibril’s opinion for now, what she didn’t understand 
the most was - 

“- What does have to do with what’s going on now-nyan?” 

• • - Jibril looked into her eyes - extremely sadly. 

Her gaze wasn’t that of underestimation, nor was it a mocking 

It was one of betrayal at her anticipation being ignored, a gaze 
of gradually increasing disappointment and sadness at having 
her anticipation being betrayed every single time. 

- She couldn’t understand her sister’s anticipation, which 
pierced her heart even more than anything else. 

“What is it-nyan.. .what did I do wrong-nyan...!” 

Part 8 

Above Avant Heim, a single silver trail cut through the night 

The sound barrier had been left behind long ago, and the flying 
Sora and Shiro - couldn’t be caught by anyone. 

“Now as long as we don’t get too careless, we won’t get 

Sora and Shiro held each other’s hands and sped through the 
night sky, and although Sora said this, but - 

“ • • - But, the collecting - • - of the rCharacters] 

“Yes, I know, although we want to play, we definitely have to 
collect all the characters to finish this level perfectly, and...” 

Sora agreed with Shiro’s words, after which he continued 

“- f ve already figured out a TWord Spirit] to retaliate 
that person.” 

“That person...? Who are you referring to?” 

Plum asked a question, however Sora ignored it and turned 

Relying on speed to increase their distance between them was 
good - but in order to collect the rCharacters] they had to 
get close, and that always came with the risk of being caught, 

not to mention that their opponent was the Fliigel. Also - Sora 
thought to himself in a cautious tone: 

- Don’t forget, this game was something we didn’t expect - it 
was a game on their home turf. 

No matter how much they kept their guard up, it was 
impossible to completely avoid it. 

“• • -Huh, interesting.” 

Sora mumbled to himself, very good - this is truly a game that 
deserves to be played! 

So let’s decrease the risk as much as we can - so we had better 
collect as many characters as we can. 

That was sort of their insurance policy, which was increasing 
their r Word Spirits] , so even if they get into an 
unpredictable situation - and Sora who was facing behind - 
suddenly had a glint in his eye. 


Shiro let out a curious mumble upon seeing that glint, but - 

This was the Unpredictable Situation] Sora was thinking 
about earlier, and to this Sora had reacted in advance. 

He took himself as a pendulum and swung downwards - and 
while still going along the same direction, he shifted their 
rAxisJ , and spun around in a curve. 

“U-um, what are you doing - kyaaaaaahhhhh!?” 

A burst of light shot through the rPosition] they were in 
previously, cutting off Plum’ s words. 

- Shiro was just about to praise her brother’s unbelievably fast 
reaction speed and judgement time, however before that - 

“Jibri-1111!! What is that! I never heard you mentioning 

anything about that! We can attack!?” 

•••His composure earlier had completely disappeared, and Sora 
yelled suddenly, and above his head - with a small poof... 

A tiny Jibril of about four heads tall appeared to explain the 

“No, Masters, that wasn’ t an attack, it’ s a rCapturing 
Magic J that stalks its target.” 

“Are you telling me that wasn’ t a rBullet] ?” 

“No, that thing does no damage at all, as it’ s just a magic 
that binds the enemy and pulls him to yourself, it doesn’ t 
have any potential for destruction as its aim is merely to 
capture its target. So it’ s different from the _ Bullets] in the 
Masters ’ world —“ 

Sora scratched his head and roared in response to Jibrihs 

“So let me rephrase my sentence, you never mentioned that 
long-distance tools could be used! Don’t we have any? Plum!!” 

“Don’t go so hard on me! Double casting is a talent natural 
only to the Elves, also if I continue to use another spell, Pm 
actually going to shrivel up and die! Eve licked Sora-dono’s 
neck so much that it’s starting to swell!” 

“I don’t care whether it’s swelling or not! Pm covered in cold 
sweat anyway, so why don’t you just lick my back!” 

“Really!? Let’s eat~! Ah~ mm V” 

Her wails suddenly turned into groans of pleasure, and Sora 
turned around, speechless at Plum’s actions. 

Being a match on the Fliigel’s home turf, Sora was just 
thinking about unforeseen circumstances - and as he thought 
about that they occurred immediately! 

The opponent did say they would rBan teleportation] - but- • • 
- They never said to rBan magic J - 
“Dammit -1 realized it too late!” 

“• • We should have expected it_!” 

- Regarding the r Word Spirits] , the rules would be too much 
in their favour if they could win through the r Word Spirits] 

When they realized their mistake of not realizing that earlier, 
Sora and Shiro - no, Shiro gnawed on her fingernails, feeling 
extremely frustrated. 

Rules to attack the opponent... this language loophole was her 
responsibility to discover since she was the one that would 
memorize everything word for word. 

Sora stroked Shiro’s head and said: 

“It’s normal for games like these that we couldn’t anticipate, 
so there’s no use crying over spilt milk, what’s important now 


- Being a surprise game that they didn’t have complete 
knowledge about, it was reasonable to think that unpredictable 
things like that could happen. 

Despite this they could still win - because adapting to their 
opponent’ s actions extremely quickly was the true ability of 
Kuuhaku _ J - there was no time to regret! 

Jibril, how many shots can that thing fire?” 

“Let me think.. .it varies for the abilities of different people, 
but about six shots I guess?” 

It’s hard to handle, but since there are only six shots our 
opponents won’t waste their ammunition, thus —“ 

“Ah, it’s not like that, Master.” 

At this point Sora who was facing behind saw multiple 
shadows land on the cubes - the Fliigel. 

They raised their palms - and the night sky turned so bright it 
was like daylight. 

“If s that rpjp to six shots can be fired at onceJ , there’ s 
no limit to the amount of shots! 

“I actually thought that monsters like you would have such 
things as r Limitations J for a moment there, I’ m so 

“•••Nii, over here -!” 

This time Shiro was the faster one to react, and she flapped her 
wing vigorously. 

Sora immediately left behind the mini-Jibril and followed Shiro 
without reply, and they accelerated together. 

The rBinding Light] drew a complex pattern in the air as it 
approached - although if it was homing as Jibril had said - 


Shiro flapped her wing once as hard as she could, and Sora 
played along, having understood her intentions from her hand 

Countless streaks of light approached them, and even Sora and 
Shiro who had used the acceleration rWord SpiritJ from 
earlier couldn’ t escape their clutches. 

And as the light approached their backs - r ChandelleJ [3]. 

They turned diagonally upwards at a forty-five degree curve 
from flying straight, turning their speed to altitude, and 
climbed upwards - since the rBinding LightJ would 
probably activate its proximity fuse as it reached a certain 
distance away from them - a flash of light burst from behind 
them as their sharp ascent caused their speed to decrease which 
allowed the rBlinding LightJ to approach - and it triggered. 


Ignoring Plum’s cries, Shiro immediately cancelled their 
original sharp ascent with a slight flip of her wing. 

She didn’t turn around, instead she flapped her wing again and 
once again began their ascent, distancing themselves from the 
exploding lights behind them. 

- They dodged it. Just as they were catching their breath, 
streaks of light once again surged at them, and Shiro attracted 
them all to her then swapped her direction. 

She baited them with the exact same method from earlier, 
however this time she darted diagonally downward, changing 
altitude to speed. As for the countless lights that exploded 
behind them, she escaped them with the same momentum, and 
she acquired speed from this - 

Y aaaaaaahhhhh! ” 

Plum who was still in wing form let out a cry, as being in a 
state of ultra-high speeds had caused the wings to stop 

They spiralled about in the air, drawing circles with their 
bodies, dodging the countless lights that exploded within close 
proximity of them. 

However this time they spun about in the other direction while 
flapping furiously to avoid the remaining lights. 

Sora and Shiro flew together in a horizontal fashion, and they 
flew into the cracks between a slightly larger cube - after 
which - 

Countless explosions and flashes of lights occurred at the 
opening of the crack. 

- Since it was a THoming device] , they just had to rLure J 

It was Shiro’s responsibility to calculate the paths of the lights 
they had to avoid - 


However Shiro was sweating cold sweat and panting 
uncontrollably as if she had just survived an Itano Circus[4], 

It was as if she had these words written on her face: I must do 
all I can in repentance for not realizing that they never 
prevented the usage of magic. 

And that sense of responsibility caused her to still appear 
unsatisfied even after that glorious display of skill from earlier. 

Shiro, I’m really proud to have you as my sister.” 

Sora fondled his sister’s head while flying through the narrow 
cracks, and he complimented her, after which - 

“I can’t take this anymore, I want to withdraw from this 
game, if this goes on my body won’t be able to take it!!” 

In order to keep up with their movements, the wings - Plum 
was extremely exhausted. 

That pressure caused her to cry out like that, and from her teary 
tone it was evident that she was at her limit. 

And - Sora pondered with cold sweat running down his back 
as well - after they were to get out of the alleyway... 

There would definitely be a large amount of Fliigel lying in 

From the way the Fliigel were able to adapt that Sora had 
observed, he was sure that they wouldn’t pass up this chance. 

“-...Nii...Shiro is...” 

- They would definitely account from their previous evasion 
method as well. 

The rBinding Lights] would undoubtedly come in multiples 
and with slight time differences between them. 

If so even someone like Shiro wouldn’t be able to avoid all of 
them, not to mention that Plum was at her limit. 

So - Sora and Shiro looked down at their wrists. 

- They had only the r Word Spirits] to save them, but the 
characters they had were - r y (ra) ^ (yu) A (su) ^ 

(ma) (ke) V (wa) J 

All of them were characters extremely hard to use in a word 
game -! 

Sora cursed to himself anxiously. They had only a few more 
seconds in the passageway before the exit. 

In a few seconds, he had to think of a word that could allow 
them to avoid or shield them from the oncoming countless 
flashes of light -! 

TDefeat[5]] !No...Nii, I’ m sorry - 

Shiro unconsciously uttered the first word she thought of, after 
which she immediately corrected herself. 

Although in reality, it was the r Word Spirit] that was the 
most likely to take effect. 

How could they use the characters to block the attacks? 

Barrier, shield, reflect, avoid - they lacked the characters 
needed for all of those. 

(A way to reverse this situation - to reverse it -!) 

Sora clenched his jaw and worked his brain at a speed that as if 
it was going to overheat, they had six characters, and all of 
them were extremely hard to use. 

The TWord Spirit] needed to reverse the situation - reverse 
••• no. 

Reversing the situation... that’s my job -!” 


Shiro replied curiously to Sora’s mumblings. 

In an instant - in Sora’s mind, gears began whirling and 
meshing together, and multiple thoughts began overlapping. 

- As Jibril had said, it was a capturing magic that would 
activate in extremely close proximity to its target like a 
proximity fuse. 

- At a speed even faster than the Fliigel, which Sora and Shiro 
definitely wouldn’t be able to avoid. 

And as the light was about to be fired, what Sora saw was - as 
those memories combined into one, Sora smiled. 

“Why do we have to avoid it - isn’t this a great opportunity!! 
Shiro, ascend.” 


If they were to ascend they would be hit by the rBinding 
Light] , however Plum was the only one that let out a cry of 
agony at Sora’ s words. 


Shiro flapped her wing and rose upwards - since her brother 
had reached that conclusion, she needed no other evidence. 

They continued to ascend at high speeds, and flew upwards 
along the tunnel - then exited it. 

As expected - 

A rain of light that dyed the night sky bright white fell upon 

“ Waaaaaaaaaaahahahhhhhhhhhhhh!! ” 

It didn’t have any destructive power, however it was still a 
magic of the Fliigel. 

If they were caught the game would be over, and the only way 
they could gather information regarding the conditions to 
awaken the Empress would be - 

- Plum cried out once again as she was worried about these two 

Although in reaction to this, Sora fearlessly allowed three 
characters from his wrist to disappear to form _ Word 
Spirits] . 

And as he was about to be hit by the rBinding Light] , what 
happened instead was - • • 

What happened was - the Fliigel that shot out the light had 

While the ones that had left the passage as well and had fired 
the lights coming at them collapsed as well. 

Leaving no exceptions - everyone was standing on the cubes. 

- They couldn’t shoot without being on the ground, so - there 
was no need to evade. 

Amongst the oncoming beams of light, Sora climbed onto the 
exit of the passageway. 

He threw the _ Word Spirits] he formed onto the ground with 
all his might - and yelled. 

rFlip] -!!” [6] 

- After a short delay - 

Ignoring all the laws of the physical plane, suddenly - 
-AvantHeim’ s entire horizon ^Flipped overJ . 

Not only Plum, but the Fliigel who had fired the rBinding 
Lights] as well - even the people watching from afar, Jibril 
yelled out in surprise. 

What would happen if the entire arena (Avant Heim) were to 
flip over? 

Everything in the skies - the rBinding Lights] moving about 
in the air and the Fliigel there would remain the same. 

Even their high-pitched yells followed the Doppler Effect[7], 
and the ones that stood on the arena - the people on the floor - 
which were the Fliigel, Sora and Shiro. 

- Their positions were swapped and reversed. 

Y aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! ””” 

“Even the ones that fired the lights won’t be able to evade 
them since they’ll appear in front of them in an instant!” 

Sora spoke while smiling, and only Shiro saw the corner of his 
mouth curl up ever so slightly. 

r - Spin Avant HeimJ ■ ■ ■ 

If they didn’t spin it from the position they did, the light would 
merely come over in a different direction. 

Sora’ s smile was that of a gambler who had just won an 
extremely risky hand - although if the rBinding Light] as 
Jibril said it would - 


Her brother called upon her without hesitation, and Shiro 
having immediately understood his intentions, replied: 

“ • • • Twenty-five characters...! ” 

Yes - the rBinding Light] did work as Jibril had explained. 

- It captures its target, and pulls it back to the source of the 
shot, however if the position of the source is reversed! 


“W-wait a minute, eek—!!” 

- The massive amounts of Fliigel were pulled over to Sora and 

“It’s all up to you, Shiro!!” 

- All this was in accordance to Sora’s plan - and it was a risk 
they could only take once. 

From the rThirty-eight] Fliigel they dragged over - they 
acquired twenty-live characters. 

A (ta) • A (ho) • v 7 (si) • T" (te) • A (ki) • A 
(me) • A (ya) • /V (ru) • ^ (e) -4 (i) • Tr (mo) ■ 
V (tsu) • ^ (he) • L (re) • 3 (yo) -A (ne) -A 
(se) • A (ni) • "7 (hu) • A (no) ■ -A (mu) • A (n) 

A (u) • (ri) • 3 (ko) - But- • • 

“•••B-but, Nii!” 

Shiro called out in confusion. 

- It was a stunning result, as thirty-eight Fliigel were pulled 
over in various positions. 

However only Shiro knew the positions of the words, not 
considering the time limit. 

In such a short period of time, to collect characters from 
twenty-five people, for one person alone it would be - although 
Sora immediately smiled and - 

“First we need to consider the ratings! rSteam[8]J !!” 

Billows of steam began covering the area extremely quickly, 
covering all the Fliigel that had been drawn there. 

After which - Sora smiled from cheek to cheek, and used 
another rWord Spirit] . 

He splashed it at everyone in front of him - Shiro still didn’t 
bother reading her brother’s actions, and she had her eyes half 

At the same time, Sora and Shiro flapped their wings mightily 
and flew away as fast as they could - and then - 

Since everything’ sin place- TNaked[9]J !!” 

The Fliigel that were jumbled and tied together in various 
positions by the rBinding Light] • • • 

- Their clothes all vanished at once, thus Sora could now tell 
where the positions of the characters were. 

Sora had an expression of - absolute glee on his face - and he 
closed his eyes and said: 

“Ah, I can see it, Shiro, I can see so many things!!” 

• *Nii take the left, Shiro... the right.” 

“Ah! Leave it to me, my sister! Hahahahahah! Roar, my left 

The sister glanced at him with a gaze so cold that even the 
atoms around hit absolute zero temperatures, while the brother 
had a gaze so fiery that the magnetic fields around them would 

- If the temperature of people’s gazes could cause effect, the 
entire planet would probably be engulfed in a typhoon. 

But luckily - 



- The only thing the scene was engulfed with was the chorus of 
twenty-five Fliigel’s moans. 

Although he wanted to continue listening to that choms, Sora 
and Shiro could only pass through them quickly and leave them 

After which they accelerated up high into the skies once again. 

“- How should I put it, your actions were so fast that even I 
was amazed.” 

“Heheheh, you can compliment me more, Plum! Heheheh.” 
“•••Nii, your pervertedness is as long as a parsec[10]...” 

“Did I just get scolded with an astronomical unit!? Your 
brother worked very hard for all this!!” 

- Sora had collected twelve characters, and Shiro thirteen. 

Also, Sora had enjoyed some unnecessary skin-on-skin contact 
and had made some disgusting noises, to which Shiro scolded 
him outright. 

The brother was rather upset at the sister scolding him with a 
unit that represented about 3.26 light years, however Shiro 
didn’t stop there. 

“•••Nii, rSteam J and ^NakedJ •••youwasted"-three 

“Hey, my dear younger sister, stop fooling around, how was 
that a waste? Imposible.” 

Sora smiled a smile so exaggerated even an American would 
be proud, and he rebutted Shiro’s words: 

“There were three glorious aims to that action: collecting the 
characters; preventing them from chasing us again since they 
will now have an aversion to flying naked; and most 
importantly —“ 

Sora stopped for a while - and continued with an incredibly 
solemn expression... 

He declared determinedly: 

“It was the choice of Steins;Gate[l 1].” 

“•••More like the Gate ofNii’s desires...” 

Shiro continued to comment in an icily cold tone, while Plum 
detected presences behind them and she yelled out: 

“Waaaaahahh— they’re coming at us from behind without 

“What-!? I didn’t think of that!! ...They’re coming from in 
front too, Shiro?” 

“•••No words.” 

Shiro replied somewhat unpleased, as multiple completely 
naked Fliigel who had escaped the binding lights as well as 
three others were approaching from the back and front 

Sora intentionally faced the oncoming Fliigel, prepared his 
camera and constructed a r Word Spirit] . 

After which the two gracefully dodged their outstretched hands 
- and threw the Word Spirit] over. 

“- ^Fondle breasts[12]J ” ••• they yelled. 

After which they did a backflip in the air, and Sora used his 
wing to cover Shiro’s eyes and activated his camera. 

“Now these people will help me trip up our 
pur suers... phew...” 

The clothes-wearing Fliigel began to fondle the breasts of the 
naked Fliigel, slowing down their pace. 

“Phew -1 finally saw Nirvana with my very own eyes... what 
a glorious sight, but sadly if s at night so I wonder whether the 
camera did get those shots?” 

• I’m speechless to the point where I don’t know whether to 
feel awed by Sora-dono anymore...” 

Part 9 

- The Masters who were dancing about in the skies appeared so 
cheerful and energetic, and they could even smile in the face of 

However looking at those shadows projected in the night sky, 
Azrael still couldn’t seem to understand. 

“ « 

Jibril didn’t know how many times she had sighed at Azrael 
who merely had her brow furrowed in confusion. 

• • • At this rate the Masters would win - although there would 
be no meaning in that. 

Azrael would betray the Masters’ expectations without 
knowing anything -! 

“• • -Senpai, why can’t you just understand...” 

“ « 

“You want to order everyone to commit suicide just like that? 
To die just because of you?” 

Azrael still couldn’t understand the heavy undertones of worry 
within Jibril’s voice. 

- Why should the Fliigel fear death? 

The Fliigel shouldn’t even possess that emotion. 

And she wasn’t afraid of her own death - she was afraid of 
those brats? 

“You saw the Masters’ faces, those children’s faces, and you 
still don’t understand a thing? If you seal those children’s 
potential just because of your own stupidity and stubbornness, 
and waste this six thousand years —“ 

- Please, please understand. 

“The one that wasted these six thousand years - is you!!” 

Tears were almost appearing in Jibril’s eyes, and her voice 
sounded as if she was trying her hardest to squeeze it out. 

But Azrael still couldn’t understand, what was it that she didn’t 
understand? What is it? What is it...! 

“Ugh-1 can’t catch them!!” 

“Go around the other way and surround them! Fire the 
binding magic in a cross shape! As long as we make them 
waste their words, we have a chance!” 

“Huh~? But they’ll still avoid it anyway.” 

“Just try it, if we can’t we’ll just think of another way, let’s 

The Fliigel began dancing about in the air after a brief 
discussion, and for some reason - 

On their faces were pure, unadultered - smiles. 

- ... What made them so happy? 

Sora and Shiro once again spiralled downwards as they 
realized they were firing at them in a cross shape, and avoided 
the shots entirely as expected. 

“Really, look, they did dodge it.” 

“Heh, so let’s fire at them simultaneously from above and 
below! Everyone scatter and fire at my signal!” 


- ... What made them so happy? 

How could they possibly smile like that while chasing an 
enemy they couldn’t beat? 

Azrael seemed frustrated at herself for not understanding, 
while Jibril spoke softly to her: 

“Senpai, do you remember my battle record? 

“ I remember all of it-nyan, I remember everything my cute 
little sister has done.” 

She bent her head down and appeared to look into the horizon 
- somewhere that wasn’t where she was - and smiled with a 
faraway gaze. 

“Gigants, you helped to take down nineteen of them, and 
killed one of them by yourself; and the Dragonias, you helped 
to take down three of them, and killed one of them by yourself 

- The severed heads of the Dragonias that were hanging on the 
humongous tree on the outskirts of the city were JibriTs 

And that skull was to celebrate her results, Azrael had put it 
there intentionally - it was a decoration, and - 

“Phantasma, you helped to kill three - and killed one by 
yourself, nyan.” 

Just the same, Jibril was the only one that had managed to kill a 
Phantasma alone. 

Azrael smiled while recalling their past - that smile had 
nothing sinister to it, nor was it fake. 

“The final unit had had such amazing results in combat 
merely throughout two hundred and forty-five campaigns, and 
survived.. .how could I possibly forget?” 

• - -That was in the distant past, where all their cherished 
memories were - when they still had a future. 

Seeing Azrael talking about their past with a pure smile on her 
face, Jibril tipped her head slightly and asked: 

• - So, do you remember how many times I got injured so 
badly that I needed emergency spell repair?” 

“A hundred and forty-six times, nyan.” 

Her reply was instant. 

Jibril had always returned from the brink of death, which 
worried her to no end. 

• - And all those were caused by your solo campaigns- 

- The Gigants, Dragonias and Phantasma - she had killed one 
of each. 

Jibril had killed three members of high-ranking species alone. 

Although the times she had failed to do so were twenty-nine 
times more than that. 

And what that signified - why couldn’t she just understand, 
Jibril clenched her jaw. 

“So - do you know why I insisted on campaigning solo all the 

- That was the final hint, and Jibril’s tone carried a strong 
indication to this. 

Amongst her determined tone, there were slight dashes of fear 
of betrayal and anticipation. 

However... Azrael could only shake her head. 

“• • -To be honest, I’ve never understood Jii-chan’s actions, 
and speaking of which 

“Yes, speaking of which they were unconquerable enemies.” 

- Yes, they were all high-ranking beings that they could never 
hope to conquer alone. 

Because when the Fliigel were created, they were never given 
that ability. 

- This was the last chance, if she still couldn’t understand - 
“That’s why -1 wanted to break that mind-set.” 

• T don’t understand, nyan, why is that so-nyan? What did 
Jii-chan see in those two-nyan?” 

Jibril was speechless. 

- It was as though she was saying she had given up all her 

- If she could understand it, it was impossible that others 
couldn’t - that thought slowly crumbled. 

And her heart bled for Azrael, harder than she could bear, and 

“••• Jii-chan, Jii-chan is special-nyan...” 

“Jii-chan doesn’ t know it, but Artosh-sama gave Jii-chan a 
r Special Ability] , so what Jii-chan understands, everyone 
else might not-nyan.” 

Jibril remained silent, while Azrael spoke as though a 

“I want to know the rAnswer] as well, I don’ t want 
everything to end like this!! If that happens, what would these 
six thousand years have been to us!? But I just don’ t 
understand I’ m at my limit, I just can’ t lie to myself any 

- The first unit, Azrael. 

Being the first Fliigel to have been created, she was created by 
Artosh in search of rPerfection] . 

She didn’t possess the ability to cry, but maybe because they 
were the only two there... 

Azrael cried out in an almost pleading fashion, and her first 
truly truthful words carried an almost moist undertone to them. 

- Someone please tell me. 

- What are we living for? 

- Why do we survive? 

- What are we searching for? 

- What do we have to find to prove that we have truly lived - 
please tell me. 

Jibril looked at her speechlessly. 

- However she intentionally spoke in an icily cold tone, as if 
pushing her away heartlessly. 

- Just like that, she spoke words that her Masters would 
probably use. 

“• • - That’s how you’re making use of me - making use of 
your limits as an excuse.” 

“ _ !!” 

“No matter you or me, the ones that survived are all losers, 
and we have lived as losers for six thousand years.” 

Azrael bent her head low, and her fists were clenched tight. 

“We didn’t learn anything the entire time, and it’s not because 
we’re special - it was because of your laziness.” 

Jibril clenched her fists as well. 

• "She suddenly recalled, although she had been in multiple 
near-death situations before, she had never felt more tense. 

She told herself, get your fake expression right, don’t tremble 
your voice, and don’t shift your gaze. 

She forcefully tied down the Spirits that made up her body, and 
manipulated them. 

- Could she do it? That uneasy thought flashed past her mind, 
but she shook her head in denial. 

It wasn’t a matter of whether or not she could do it, but she had 
to do it - that was what she had learned. 

She absorbed what she had learnt from her Masters, then acted 
upon what she had learnt from them. 

- Jibril wasn’t used to it. 

She decided to make a gamble - and that was... 

(Masters, I will follow you to the very bitter end, so please 
forgive Jibril’s incompetence.) 

She thought to herself, and with her final silver of anticipation 

- she... 

(So please allow me to continue believing in what the Masters 
have all this time.) 

Jibril imitated the most - underestimating expression she could 

“For this rCowardly, utterly weak] you, I have only 
disgust from the bottom of my heart - Azrael (trash).” 

Throughout her six thousand, four hundred and seventh years 
of her life, it was the first time - she told a lie. 


Azrael’s face suddenly became devoid of all expression, and 
she spoke weakly, almost exhaustedly. 

“•••Forget it-nyan.” 

In an instant - the skies and the earth began to shake. 

Chapter 3: Learn 

Part 1 

(...I was wrong.) 

How could she not have expected this - she had went out to get 
groceries to prepare sashimi as they had promised, and as 
Steph brought Izuna to town, she felt extreme guilt at her 

Fear, hateful gazes, scornful insults - those negative feelings 
rained down on Izuna who was walking alongside Steph. 

She couldn’t possibly not have noticed them with her 
Werebeast senses. 

(Although we are a Federation j , it really isn ’ tall that 
easy to accept different races, but still - • •) 

She had a very clear image of it in her mind. 

It was true that Izuna - the Werebeasts were conquerors and 
tyrants to the Elkians. 

However that was only because of the rTen Pledges] . 

The troubles and suffering of the Imanity all stemmed from the 
fact that they had lost in a game. 

If it was hatred towards an end result that both parties had 
agreed with, it meant they were just being sore losers - 

“Why doesn’t Steph-kou hate Izuna, des?” 

“Huh -?” 

• Izuna was the one that took away your continent, des; so it 
should be perfectly logical for you to hate me, des; but Izuna 
caused your grandfather to be called a foolish king as well, des; 
so why don’t you hate me, des?” 

Izuna looked up at Steph and asked, and Steph’s hand in hers 
momentarily froze. 

How could she be so rude - Steph felt angered at her own 

Izuna was too smart. 

She had faced off against Sora and Shiro, with the continent - 
the fates of the Imanity and the Werebeasts on her back, with 
such responsibilities on her. 

- She couldn’t possibly have read nothing about it in the late 
king’s library. 

The effects her actions could have on the Imanity, and how she 
would be treated after that, she had already predicted and come 
to terms with those, and the only one who didn’t realize it - 

(It’s just me again...) 

Looking back, since Steph had woken up - which meant right 
after Izuna had learnt the Imanity language, she had covered 
Steph with a coat as she slept, which was a rather large change 
in her attitude. 

Why didn’t she realize why her attitude had changed - Steph 
got angry at herself once again, although she shook her head 
upon looking at the young girl’s uneasy gaze. 

Since she was asked a question - she had the obligation to 

Walking on the streets like this, facing all those hateful gazes 
like this. 

Izuna might begin to wonder whether Steph might hate her as 
well - she needed to sweep away those unimaginable thoughts 
from her head. 

(Yes.. .that’s right, normally speaking...) 

If they were angry at the nobles that had belittled Steph’s 
beloved grandfather, must they hate those that had been the 
cause of it, the Eastern Federation - Steph didn’t know. And 
although she didn’t know why - she could confirm positively 
that it wasn’t like that. 

Suddenly, the corner of Steph’s mouth curled up in a smile. 

“Why? I don’ t know either P ” 

“Is Steph-kou an idiot, des.” 

“Heh, maybe, but -1 don’t think it’s that way.” 

Steph said this while looking into Izuna’s large eyes. 

- She was a young black-haired girl with stunningly obvious 
ears and a tail that was even younger than Shiro. 

She had faced off at an almost equal standard against f J , 
with the orders of the third largest nation in the world on her 
back - she had unlimited potential. 

She was smart, diligent, pure and obedient, and she had a 
stunning amount of maturity and intelligence as well. 

Steph smiled cheerfully at that girl, and smiled even wider. 

“Because Izuna is a good kid, and you’re cute as well.” 

Steph spoke her mind, thinking that was the simplest way to 
express her feelings. 

Izuna widened her eyes in shock, after which her hair stood on 
end and she averted her gaze expressionlessly. 

She bent her head low, not allowing Steph to see her face and 
spoke weakly: 

“Steph-kou’s such an idiot, des.” 

- Even though she said this, she clutched Steph’s hand 
somewhat tighter. 

Steph smiled somewhat bitterly at Izuna’s easily readable 
attitude, and just as she was about to step forward once more - 

“Ah~ it’s Izuna!” 

The two turned around at the sound of that loud roar. 

Multiple figures cut through the crowd, and rushed in their 
direction - those were young kids. 

“W-what -!?” 

As Steph was frozen momentarily in shock, the kids 
surrounded them. 

After which they began cheering loudly. 

“It’s Izuna! How awesome! It’s her in person!” 

“Hey, Izuna, let’s have a showdown! You’re really strong 

“You idiots, you stupid idiots, you need adults to come along, 
you bald monkey!” 

“Who are you people.. .des?” 

Izuna asked confusedly as she was being overwhelmed by the 
crowd of children. 

As Steph was considering how to stop those kids - all of a 
sudden, she noticed an animal ear and a tail in the crowd - 
Werebeasts were amongst them, and she hurriedly asked: 

“What are you all doing?” 

“We’re playing! Together!” 

One of the kids - a young girl with a pair of fox-like ears 
replied as though she was just learning to speak. 

“Are you.. .friends? With the Werebeast kids as well?” 

“Of course!” 

Steph asked immediately in confusion, while the fox-eared girl 
asked confusedly with her head slightly tilted as well. 

And the Imanity boy beside her said happily: 

We became friends through playing games!” 

Upon hearing this simple yet pure sentence... 

Steph felt inexplicably emotional. 

In that time, the kids surrounding Izuna were still blabbering 

“Let’s have a showdown, I definitely- won’t lose to you!” 

• I’m hungry, des. We’re going to buy fish, des. I’m very 
busy, des.” 

Izuna looked impatiently at the young boy that was grabbing 
on her clothes and was demanding her to play a game with him 
and said - 

• I’ll destroy you painfully next time, des.” 

Izuna’s mouth curled up in a smile. 

That especially obnoxious boy punched his fist into the air and 
cheered upon hearing that. 

“That’s great! So it’s a promise! Izuna! You better follow it!” 

“I already said we need adults as well, you bunch of idiots! - 
Izuna-sama, I apologize.” 

Just like that, the bunch of kids disappeared just as swiftly as 
they had come. 

Even after all the commotion had subsided, the raging 
emotions within Steph had not, and remained like ashes of a 
hearth fire. 

“Heh.. .the answer turned out to be just like that...” 

• • - The atmosphere around them had turned into that of 
confusion without them realizing it. 

It may be too early... 

But in the near future, when those kids turned into adults... the 
fact that the races used to hate each other would probably be 
treated as a joke. 

Steph smiled with those hopes residing within her. 

“It’s not very often that we get to play games - I’m sure it’ll 
be more fun that way.” 

“• • -Steph-kou, you aren’t an idiot after all, des. You’re 
probably pretty smart, des.” 

Steph appeared as if she had just seen a god after hearing those 

“Ah, Izuna! You’re the only one that doesn’t call me an 

• -But you act like one, des.” 

Izuna smiled a bitter smile as Steph hugged her tearfully. 

- The world would change, was changing, and would continue 
to change. 

If it didn’t feel like it was changing - that would mean - you’re 
just not paying attention - 

Part 2 

The world around them had changed completely. 

“Waaaaaahhh, what is this!?” 

Sora and others that were flying about in the night sky yelled as 
they plummeted from the impact of the explosion and the 
strong winds. 

But compared to that - the one that was screaming the loudest 
among them at that turn of events was Plum. 

“W-what is going on!? This Spirit power - it’s impossible 
even for the Fliigel!?” 

The burst of energy was so strong that even Plum could feel it 
behind the guise of her scarf, and she shivered in fear. 

If it was someone who could use magic, he would feel 
abnormal upon seeing that - this force that shook the earth, this 
force that was from another dimension entirely, bent the world 
to its desires with its power, switching about the scenery 
forcefully - no, it repainted it entirely. 

“Ah~ Plum, is the situation that bad?” 

They didn’ t restrict rChanging the stageJ • "Sora asked 
with that in mind, while Plum replied with a panicked moan: 

“It’s not just bad -!! T-this power is from an Old Dei, if not —“ 

As Plum was halfway through her sentence - she suddenly 
stopped as she remembered where they were flying over. 

- The Phantasma that were ranked second among the r Sixteen 
Races] - Avant Heim- • • 

“• T don’t understand, we can’t comprehend it.” 

- Azrael was floating in thin air. 

On her face was no longer that angelic, perfect - overly perfect 

It didn’ t even have that sensation of _ Impending death] one 
would experience when being stared at by a Flugeb • - no - • • 

Sora felt a trickle of cold sweat run down his body, and he 
smiled bitterly, for he was facing an overly powerful force - he 
couldn’t even feel anything. 

A power beyond comprehension and imagination, a power that 
made Sora and Shiro’s skin riddle with goosebumps. 

The existence that had Azrael’s appearance - spoke slowly: 

Final Unit] - we cannot understand what kind of ideals 
you all possess.” 

She then spoke in a hollow, emotionless voice: 

Thus, we bequest of you to tell us the answer directly.” 

rThe existence] declared to them as the scenery finally 
settled down. Sora and Shiro were speechless at this turn of 

The broken skies were dyed blood-red, the swirling sands had 
reached even the stratosphere, and the cracked soil stretched 
across the horizon. 

The skies and earth were all cracked, the seas were dry - 
everywhere was full of death. 

Countless splinters of rocks floated around them - those were 
the remains of the earth. 

The Fliigel that had participated in the game, and the countless 
battleships that emitted a menacing aura all appeared like a 
weirdly shaped fleet of airships - 

“W-what exactly is this?” 

Sora asked as he recovered from his shock, however neither 
Shiro nor Plum were able to answer. 

The Fliigel that were still flying about in the air - they had 
pained expressions on their faces, seemingly familiar with this 
emotionally scarring scene unfolding before them. 

- Six thousand years ago - which was the final stages of the 
Great WarJ . 

The Old Deus that had created the Fliigel collected the 
combined energy of the r AirstrikesJ of the Fliigel, and 
unleashed a single blow. 

And that blow that crushed the earth, split the skies and even 
destroyed planets and stars -it was a truly Divine Strike] . 

They were standing in the very aftermath of that strike, and 
Azrael spoke with the apocalypse behind her: 

Previously we fought, and we lost.” 

And behind that apocalyptic world - a huge piece of sinister- 
looking land appeared. 

Could it be that this was - Avant Heim’ s appearance before 
the Great Warj . 

That slab of land looked just like a floating whale - and this 
flying fortress was not made of cubes, instead it was riddled 
with countless cannons and it had a pair of blue eyes that were 
filled with killing intent. 

Our Master released his most powerful strike - however it 
was rReflected back at him] , and we were completely 
annihilated, which was how our Master died.” 

- What had changed Jibril? 

“Why did we lose? Why did we lose our Master? Why did we 
survive? Why 

- What had allowed her to discover the reason why they were 

Plum frantically attempted to keep herself conscious when 
faced with this violent interrogation - 

“Why did we survive, as empty weapons of a dead Master? 
Answer me —“ 

- yahou) j - [1] 

A bolt of light pierced through Azrael’s chest. 

In an instant, a glow of light lit up the evening, and the 
immense explosion that came slightly after made even the 
atmosphere tremble. 


Plum croaked dumbly, and the reply - 

“You! Talk! Too! Much! Dialogues must be kept within forty 
words, or else you have to include a setting to skip the text!” 

“• • -Don’t underestimate...the impatience STG 
player...” [2] 

Sora and Shiro blurted impatiently - 

When exactly had they landed on the ground and combined 
their r Word Spirits] - the two were clutching onto a metal 

Plum didn’t know.. .no, more correctly speaking she wasn’t 
looking at them. 

The two had used three characters to materialize a five- 
millimetre Howitzer which spat fire and released a bullet which 
travelled at a speed even greater than the speed of sound, 
piercing through Azrael, after which the fifteen pounds of 
Composition B explosives contained within it blew her body to 
bits with an explosion that propelled the pieces at eight 

thousand miles per second, which then turned into smoke and 
scattered - [3] 


Plum cried out as she realized what had just happened, while 
the two glared at her and replied: “Skipping dialogue.” 

“• • - That guy looks like a prick.. .disgusting...” 

“D-d-do you know who that was? That’s 

“Of course, that was Azrael - and the Phantasma Avant Heim 


Sora sighed impatiently, shook his head and continued: 

“Azrael is different from the rest of the Fliigel, she has horns, 
so I’m guessing that’s why - essentially speaking she is the full 
representative of the Phantasma Avant Heim as well, although 
I don’t quite know the full details.” 

“• • - Which means.. .Azrael is the same as.. .a Phantasma...” 

The two had figured out the situation completely unlike Plum, 
and spoke in a rather bored fashion: 

• -Jibril said it earlier, the Phantasma Avant Heim is an 
entirely different world.” 

Sora recalled her explanation she made as they arrived, and 

“Changing the scenery means changing the entire world, but 
if it’s an independent world of its own, I don’t think it can 
affect the outside world entirely. Which means - it changed its 
own world (within Avant Heim), but when that happened she 
who should have been r On top ofj Avant Heim appeared in 
front of us - which is to say, that was an illusion.” 

- The fact that they were able to deal damage to her proved that 
she was an illusion, as if she was the real thing the r Ten 
Pledges] would prevent them from touching her. 

• - Alright..’s the question...” 

Why do they look so happy? Plum didn’t seem to understand. 
Sora and Shiro were truly overjoyed, while Sora continued: 

“The stage just changed drastically, a scene that looks like 
some sort of fortress for a final weapon appeared in front of us, 
and we just listened through some long final boss-like speech - 
and among the rHour] allocated for the game there is only 

• -Nine minutes and forty-four seconds left.” 

“What could this possibly mean? You may now answer!” 

- Plum didn’t have the knowledge Sora and Shiro possessed 
from their world, so this was a rather demanding question for 

But - as she saw the approaching thing. 

Plum with an expression of despair on her face, by chance - 
spoke the r Correct answer] . 

• -Does it mean it’s The End?” 

“Huh? I’d never thought you’d guess it.” 

The huge, violent rBinding Curtain] fired at Avant Heim- • • 

Sora and Shiro clutched each other’s hands and said with a 

“Basically it ’ s the Final Stage] -the ending’ snear!” 

“ • • - Climactic scene - • - great performance - • • P ” 

The two stamped on the ground, flapped their wings, left the 
huge burst of noise generated from their r Acceleration] 
behind them, then smiled as they flew towards the curtain of 
binding lights. 


They sped forward at extreme speeds towards the curtain of 
light that spread across Avant Heim. 

- Their numbers were large, but the lights didn’ t have the 
tracking ability that the rBinding Light] fired by the rest of 
the Flugel had, so it was a curtain that merely relied on its 
numbers and speed to crush its opponents - the two smiled 

“Shiro, have you figured out the pattern of the curtain?” 

• - Almost there.. .Nii?” 

“You know it right? I’ m the kind that - _ Dodges by pure 
passionj !” 

Sora flapped his wing once more, while Shiro flapped 
according to his beat without faltering. 

They were like aerial dancers, weaving through the countless 
approaching rays of light while whistling a tune, proceeding 
naturally - 

“Compared to Touhou this really makes me wanna yawn, can 
we really rely on Jibril?” [4] 

“• • -If this is what the final boss is like.. .we won’t.. .the 
Fliigel.. .are harder to deal with.” 

They nimbly dodged the curtains of light with actions Plum 
couldn’t comprehend. 

Sora and Shiro could even look down at their hands to make 
sure as they dodged the lights. 

“••• Total of l~Forty-six characters J . ” 

“•••We’ ve collected ^Forty characters] •••” 

“We’ ve used ^Twenty-two] ?” 

The characters floating on Sora’ s wrist were - % (ta) • iy 
(si) • T" (te) • (ki) • JV (ru) • ^ (e) • 4 (i) • "J 

(tsu) • ^ (he) - 

The characters floating on Shiro ’ s wrist were - U (re) • 3 

(yo) • ir (se) • — (ni) • T 7 (fu) • 7 (no) • U (n) • 

]J (ri) • 3 (ko) - 

They were stocked up well enough, but Sora said instead: 

“Hmm~ ^ (ha) , ^ (ko) , ^ (mi) N 7 (wo) , 7* 
(chi) N t (hi) • • -we haven’ t got these six ones.” 

“• - -But we have.. .the trump.” 

Shiro indicated that was more than enough. 

1’ ve said it before, I’ ve figured out the rWord Spirit] 

I’ m going to use on her, so I’ m short of three.” 

“• • - Under these circumstances.. .collecting characters 
is... impossible...” 

The fact that they could dodge and weave about the rain of 
light was already beyond Plum’s comprehension. 

But if they were to deal with the Fliigel under these 
circumstances, it would probably be too impossible for even 

“• • • We can’t go on like this, Shiro, I’m sorry, but we’ll have 
to use the trump.” 

• -Mi, how many characters will you need?” 


Shiro widened her eyes, which was a rare sight, and she 
examined her brother’s face closely as though to read his 

“Fourteen, that’s the least amount of letters we need, however 
we lack three of them.” 

However on Sora’s face - was an expression of pure 

- A r Word Spirit] that needed fourteen characters? 

The rTrumpJ that Shiro mentioned - it was probably a 
rWord Spirit] that could tide them through any disaster. 

Although it could only be used once - it really should be used 
as a last resort. However - 

“• • - Mm, I understand...” 

Since her brother said he _ Needed] it, it meant that _ They 
needed it no matter the risk] , so Shiro nodded her head in 

Since she herself had no way to decipher her brother’s true 
intentions, which meant her brother was correct - that was all 
there was to it - ! 

- Sora’s left hand and Shiro’s right hand, the two intertwined 
hands - four characters slid and fell off those hands. 

After which - Sora arranged them and formed a r Word 
Spirit] . 

He raised his hand high, and - 

r^lfr (d? y 'y setsudan) J - !! ” (TL note: Cut, split 

He violently swung his arm horizontally - and in an instant... 

The infinite curtains of light that were hovering over Avant 
Heim’s airspace were suddenly cut in half as if by an invisible 

- Making imagination reality was a rule of this game, which 
was the rWord Spirits] . 

rBarrier] and _ Cut] were two words that could easily be 
made reality as long as they were spelled out. 

An omnipotent word that could attack, defend, and even both, 
one that could deal with all possible situations - that was their 

Also the importance and usefulness of the letter r (n) ] in 
word games like these was common knowledge. 

The consequences brought about by them being forced to use 
that omnipotent Word Spirit] - according to Sora’ s plans - 

- Everything before him was just like a bad joke - rSplit into 
half] . 

Space, scenery, everything including Avant Heim itself was 
sliced into half - even the cannons. 

- After that? Just as Plum was about to ask, Sora and Shiro - 


Plum cried out in surprise, as amongst the crumbling landscape 
and the interrupted curtains, the Fliigel were approaching. 

“•••Nii... coming.” 

“ • • - Eighteen - more than I thought, how many of them have 
characters on them?” 

“• • -Six.. .all present.. .but...” 

- The real question was how would they collect all of them? 

Since they had used cut earlier, they had only TFourteen 
characters] left; and according to what Sora had said, the last 
rFourteen] had already been reserved. 

He had also said, among the rSix] they had not collected, 
rThree] were important. 

Even if they did collect them all, they could only use three 
more, and now all they could use on them were rThree] . 

Alright, this is our final bet, let’s go, Shiro!” 

As they said this, the two did a backflip and landed in a 
parrying stance - facing the oncoming Fliigel - 

They were just about to flap their wings, but - 


Plum cried in surprise, no, Sora and Shiro felt the same way as 

Because the oncoming Fliigel, just before Sora and Shiro - 
they stopped. 

One of their numbers bowed respectfully towards them just as 
Jibril had when they had defeated her. 

“The two of you need this one right?” 

• • - As she said this, her palm was cupping the r^ (ha) J 
inscribed on her chest. 

As though in imitation, five more that had characters on them 
revealed them as well. 

Sora and Shiro felt confused as they didn’t understand their 
intentions, while the Fliigel simply smiled and said: 

“Because we’ve already had a lot of fun spectating 

“To be honest it’s really disappointing that we won’t get the 
handshake, signature, date and sleepover vouchers though-!” 

“But since we ’ ve got the chance to play games with you 
both, we ’ re all content P ” 

So, please.” 

They heard the last one say - 

“We’ll leave Azrael-neesan to you, in the near future - our 
future Masters.” 

- Finally... 

Sora and Shiro understood the trap Jibril had laid within the 

Both of them stretched out their hands towards the characters 
while repressing the urge to laugh out loud. 

• -Hahah, Jibril’s got a few tricks up her sleeve now!” 

-Jibril-•-omega good job- •• P ” 

Sora and Shiro said teasingly, and touched the final six 

• -U-um, what’s going on here?” 

Plum asked, being the only one not understanding the situation, 
while the Fliigel laughed and replied. 

“Did you forget, little bug, that we’re 

“We are the Fliigel, and although we are under the command 
of our sister Azrael.” 

“But more than that we are huge fans of Sora-sama and Shiro- 

They were all smiles - beating Plum down mercilessly with 
their words. 

Sora and Shiro smiled bitterly as they sent them off, and once 
again - flapped their wings and accelerated. 

They flew towards the split open Avant Heim - towards the 
place where Azrael was. 

Part 3 

“• • It appears others have understood as well.. .now are you 
still going to call me special?” 

Jibril said with a bitter smile. 

Azrael remained emotionless, although underneath that mask 
was torment and bitterness. 

- What was that? What just happened? I don’t understand at all. 

Azrael continued to ponder the scene that had just occurred in 
front of her. 

Amongst the slowly crumbling Avant Heim, the two were 
gracefully dodging the debris. 

They were heading directly straight - at them, as though they 
knew her exact position! 

No, they did know! They had used a cannon to dispel her 
illusion, then cross-referenced the rOriginal landscape] with 
this broken and crumbling land, then deduced her and Jibril’ s 
original positions, assuming they didn’ t move - no, they were 
sure of it! 

- A bitter memory flashed through Azrael’s mind upon 
realizing that. 

Artosh was killed in the same fashion back then. 

All his defenses were overcome, all his actions were saw 
through, all his barricades and obstacles were slipped past by 
the enemy, and in the end - her Master was murdered. 

Why did we lose? Why did we survive! Why are we still 



“Plum! You’re being too noisy!!” 

As Avant Heim slowly crumbled around them, they weaved 
about the countless debris faster than the speed of sound. 

If they were to miscalculate even the slightest, they would die - 
under those circumstances, the two flew at breakneck speeds, 
causing Plum to cry out. 



The scenery in front of them crumbled, countless cubes fell, 
tunnels were blocked, and turning around was impossible - at 
this rate they would crash. 


Plum cried out once again, while Shiro calmly assembled a 
TWord Spirit] beside her. 

r ^ ^ (mini) J 

Eighteen characters remained. 

The TWord Spirit] activated as it came into contact with one 
of the cubes in front of them. 

One of the cubes shrunk, creating a small gap, but the crack 
was just too small for two to fit through - 

Sora who was assembling a r Word Spirit] at the same time, 
immediately pointed at the hole and yelled: 

r^/P(heru)J !!” [5] 

- Sixteen characters left. 

The two continued soaring after passing through that gap as 
small as a pinhole. 

As Plum was beginning to be astonished by their astounding 
adaptability, Sora suddenly said: 

“Plum, could you stick out your teeth for a sec?” 

“No! I have a bad feeling about this, so no!!” 

“Really? How disappointing -1 wanted to give you some 

“Sorry, I was wrong! I will place my teeth on Sora-sama’s 
shoulder, you’ll be able to tell from the sensation!!” 

r^L(^chi)] ” [6] 

- Fifteen characters left. 

The blood flowed out from his uncut fingertips, dripping onto 
Plum’s teeth. 

Plum managed to absorb blood without even biting with her 

“Oh, what is this stuff!? This thick, rich, sweet yet bitter 
texture and a smooth, refreshing tone, the bewitching sensation 
of a soul is flowing through my body! If a comparison needs to 
be made, it’s like a turtle shedding tears after giving birth under 
a moonlight night V” 

- Sora smiled bitterly as Plum began yelling out some rather 
incomprehensible food review. 

“Are you energized yet?” 

“Of course-! My strength is coursing through me! Now I feel 
like I can do anything!” 

Plum - no, huge amounts of flowers began blooming on the 
scarf, and floated about in the air. 

Sora and Shiro smiled evilly at her cries of joy. 

“Isn’t that great, so —“ 

“ • • • You can do... anything right...” 

“- Yeah.. .that’s what I thought as well...” 

Part 4 

Six thousand years ago - Artosh was being conquered. 

The Fliigel were desperate at this unbelievable yet inarguably 
true turn of events. 

They were god-killers created by Artosh - a sword to eliminate 
other races. 

They would give the throne of the One True God to Artosh - a 
sword for this very purpose. 

But as they saw their Master murdered in front of them, his 
lifeless body with no purpose of existence, the one and only 
sword lost its meaning to live. 

They were a sword that was always swung by the command of 
others, so they never needed to make any decisions, although 
then - questions surfaced. 

The race created by Artosh and its acolytes had come up with a 
conclusion in their desperation - which was to stop thinking. 

She did not know who started it, but she had concentrated all 
her strength - and pierced through her own body. 

They were a tool created to fight for the throne of the One True 
God, and since their Master whom they would give it to was 
gone, the tool had no reason to exist. 

As she saw her sisters piercing themselves through one by one, 
Azrael - the first unit, in pure desperation, told a lie. 

No, to be precise, it wasn’t a lie. 

It was just that as she witnessed her sisters piercing themselves 
through and losing the lights in their eyes, she couldn’t bear to 
tell them. 

- The orders of the Master were not yet completed. 

It was impossible, but if, just if, he were to fall in combat - you 
must replace me and find out why I, the god of war, fell to an 
unknown power - that was the final order of the Master. 

- It was a command given to Azrael alone - an order. 

However she lied and said it was an order for all Fliigel, after 
which she continued: 

- After we attain this goal, the final order of the Master would 
be complete. 

- So when that time comes please let me decide whether or not 
we are still of use. 

• • - It was a lie of convenience. 

And despite this - the Fliigel began pursuing the 
rUnknown] that had defeated their Master. 

At the same time as the war ended, they had gathered all their 
knowledge, as though they were going to transform all the 
unknowns in the world to their knowledge. 

And as time passed, after six thousand years - they still had not 
found the answer. 

Azrael had thought that if there was one person that would be 
able to find the answer, it would be Jibril. 

Those were the Master’s final words, the Final Unit is a special 


-I’m already...tired-nyan... 

Part 5 

Sora and Shiro reached the main hall where Azrael may have 

• • -It was very dark, so Sora assembled and activated a rWord 
Spirit] . 

r t (hi) j !” [7] 

- Fourteen characters left, just nice. 

Now they just had to use up the final fourteen, and they could 
finish the level with all forty-six perfectly used. 

“But, we can’ t use any more r Word Spirits] until then- • • 
sorry, Shiro.” 

• -As long as it’s Nii.. .if your judgement deems it.. .Shiro 
believes it.” 

Along with this line that made the brother unbelievably blissful 

- rLight] lit up the floor. 

We searched for six thousand years, but we were still 
unable to find the r Answer] 

There was an empty throne in the lit floor. 

Azrael stood in front of it, and - 

“Who is ‘we’ referring to? Aside from you, it seems that a lot 
of people have understood already!” 

Sora said while looking over at Jibril who was sitting next to 
her with her eyes closed. 

“Searching for a non-existent rAnswer] , I’ m already 
tired of floating around without a purpose in this boring 

That was Azrael - and the Phantasma Avant Heim located 
within her. 

The two - no, a puppet and an illusion’s confession. 

If the r Answer] of the rFinal Unit] is the same as our 

After a short pause, she looked at Sora and Shiro with a gaze of 
despair deeper than a crater and said: 

“We will consider the cause for the Master’ s death to be 
rSimple coincidencej - and end the entire Fliigel race. ” 

“That would be a problem.” 

- Jibril is...our...comrade.” 

The two replied nonchalantly in a relaxed manner, intentionally 
avoiding the subject while Sora slipped into thought. 

“I see, so you guys crammed huge amounts of knowledge into 
your brains just for your so-called r Answer] , I understand 
that part. To be honest, I don’ t understand the meaning and 
emotional drive behind that, but could you just let me ask one 

After which, in the exact same manner as he had rejected 
Azrael originally. 

- He looked at her with eyes that clearly revealed he was truly 
bored with the subject matter, and said: 

“ • • - Have you ever relied on yourself to think and write 
anything -?” 


Azrael widened her eyes, and beside her Jibril bent her head 
low. Jibril was holding onto a book that she treated as a bible, a 
book that garnered fans even in Avant Heim. 

It was a hand-written - observational diary of Sora and Shiro - 
detailing the story of an incomplete future... 

“But, I see now. If Shiro and I win, you will help to collect 
books for us, and if we lose we have to do an autograph 
session, but you’ve actually made other wagers beyond our 
knowledge other than this one. Jibril actually bet her life 
without discussing it through with us, so we’ll have to punish 
her later, but 

- Sora grabbed Shiro’s arm tightly and spread his wing. 

“Do you really not know why Jibril would agree to a bet like 

“- Because she believes that you can reveal an r Answer] 
we will be agreeable with - 

“Look, you idiot! You’re really a huge idiot!! You even dare 
to call yourself a sister!?” 

Sora yelled - his face filled with Tpure ragej , and Sora - 
yelled again: 

It’s because she believes in you! She put her life on the line 
because she trusts that you, as a sister, would be able to 

Sora and Shiro focused their strength on their legs - 
assembling the final rWord Spirit] . 

“You can’t even understand something as simple as this, and 
you dare to ask her to call yourself her sister!?” 

“• • -It’s just too hilarious...sleep-talk should be said when 
sleeping... and...!” 

At the same time - the two kicked the ground and jumped. 

- So fast. 

It was a jump boosted by the acceleration r Word Spirit] , 
and the two approached at an astonishing speed. 

However Azrael had the power of a Phantasma within her, and 
to her - their movements were as slow as a snail. 

“• • I see, Jii-chan believed in me so much that she even bet 
her life...” 

She realized that she had failed to understand something as 
simple as that, and she wasn’t even able to deduce her 
intentions - so... 

Yes, just end everything...” 

Azrael said this as she kicked the ground and lifted off as well. 

Within the hall where the ceiling was barely a few hundred feet 
high, the two would clash in but an instant as they were 
traveling at supersonic speeds. 

- The ending was predetermined, Azrael would stretch out her 
hand and grab them, and everything would be over. 

She really couldn’t find the answer in the end, but someone 
found it - so - that’s enough. 

Just end in like this - this six thousand - meaningless years - 



Azrael bent her head down, and a loud cry echoed throughout 
the room as she grabbed onto her target. 

She should have caught Sora and Shiro, but the one that was 
yelling was - that, um, what was her name again? 

• • - Huh? Had she ever asked for her name in the first place? 

- It was some Dhampir girl she didn’t know. 

- It was a rDeception SpellJ - she understood this just a little 
bit too late. 

The deceiving magic of the Dhampirs - it was a race-exclusive 
magic that could fool even the Elves or the Fliigel at its 
maximum ability. 

If it was just after absorbing a powerful Spirit - blood - maybe 
it might even fool an Old Deus? 

But if so, Sora and Shiro’s wings were - where did they go 
after they accelerated - !? 

- Azrael’s mind began racing. 

She felt a presence swooping by her at a terrifying speed, and 
in an instant it was almost as if time had stopped. 

Everything became slow-motion, and Azrael saw it. 

Without Plum - without the scarf - the Imanity without their 
wings - 

As they met briefly, Sora’s fist landed upon Azrael’s shoulder. 

rff v) - “ [8] 

- Zero characters left. 

Azrael widened her eyes in shock, but what she was surprised 
at wasn’ t the _ Word Spirit] she was hit by. 

It was - the two who were flying at high speeds - managed to 
remove their wings and allow Plum to disguise herself!? 

fNo restrictions on magic usage] -right?” 

After that brief exchange, Azrael heard a voice that should 
have been impossible for her to hear - as she turned around she 
confirmed that it was indeed Sora who said it. 

But - at that sort of speeds, if a human body were to lose its 
wings - and hit the ground, they would definitely die - 

A sentence that utterly stunned Azrael and yet answered all of 
her doubts rang in her ears. 

Approximately sixty minutes.. .game.. .over.” 

- Without any clocks nor other tools. 

Just as Shiro recited the numbers that existed only in her mind 

Jibril teleported, and gracefully.. .respectfully caught her two 

That turn of events made Azrael feel extremely distant, while 
the rWord Spirit] previously placed on her activated. 

rForever burdened] . Within Azrael, even Avant Heim’ s 
strength was sealed as well. 

As the colossal amount of energy that could rewrite worlds was 
released, the hall and even the landscape began shattering like 

Freefalling under such circumstances, Azrael’s eyes remained 
wide in shock. 

She didn’ t need to think hard to remember - no doubt, this 
feeling was the same as when Artosh - her Master was 
conquered - a true sensation of ^FearJ . 

• • • She didn’t understand. 

There were too, too, too many things that she just couldn’t 

Scary, how scary, how much do they actually know, they 
actually could make such a dangerous bet. 

No matter how much I gather knowledge, make battle plans, 
how much I prepare, in the very bitter end it’s still an unknown 

Within the darkness of all these variable elements, how could 
they - how could they possibly step on a silk wire like this 
without hesitation? 

She had seen so many extraordinary things in quick succession. 
The freefalling, continuously descending Azrael lost 

consciousness - 

Part 6 

In her dream, Azrael saw her Master Artosh’s memories. 

The everlasting chaos would only bring strength to the rGod 
of War J Artosh. 

The Old Deus that fed on battle hunger, hostility, hatred and 
blood - the God of War Artosh. 

And now he and the splinters of his eighteen wings - the 
feathers (the Fliigel) and his follower the Phantasma (Avant 
Heim), with such a small army, one god, one Phantasma, and 
one race - waged war on the entire world, and had achieved a 
crushing victory. 

The throne of the One True God was in Artosh-sama’s 
grasp.. .it was unquestionable. 

A Master like that, had only ever mentioned the possibility of 
defeat once. 

“There’s a chance I might be defeated.” 

- You’re joking. 

“I’m very strong.” 

- Of course. 

“Nobody’s strength is greater than mine.” 

- Of course. 

“That’s why there’s something I just can’t understand.” 

Something you can’t understand? 

“I can’t understand it, because only the weak are able to. It’s 
the unknown possibility that I may lose to one stronger than I.” 

“That’ s why I wanted to create - a unit that has the 
rImperfection] one strong as I am does not possess.” 

- Imperfection? 

“The imperfect unit will use its full power - whether or not it 
can exert its power and overcome adversities, I won’t 
understand it.” 

“But no matter whether I win or lose - in the end they will all 
be ^Causes] .” 

“The first feather of my eighteen wings, first unit Azrael.” 

“When I fall in combat, please be my witness as the loser, and 
mourn for me.” 

- Azrael doesn’t know what Master saw. 

But at the same time as he hinted at the possibility of defeat, 
the Master wasn’t scared, instead he had appeared like a true 
God of War- 

Anticipating the appearance of an unknown enemy - and 
despite this he strived to overcome this unknown - 

A smile of simple courage yet of true happiness. 

“So, let’s now create this special unit.. .her name shall be —“ 

Just like that, the Master Artosh... 

He finally produced his last work - the r Special UnitJ who 
became the rFinal UnitJ - the imperfect unit. 

In the end, it was also the unit that was able to witness the 
answer at the end of the horizon where even the Master could 

The Master called out her name. 

- Jibril. 

Part 7 

“• • -Senpai, are you finally awake?” 

- My body is so heavy, that was Azrael’s first thought as she 

My wings can’t move, and I just can’t seem to be able to use 
force - no! 

She realized that she had never known how it felt to use the 
strength of her own body. 

How does my body move? Isn’t it just like teleporting? 

The so-called earth - is this how it limits the presence of my 

Raising her head that felt heavy as a rock, Azrael looked down 
at her own shadow. 

And looking down at her was Jibril - and the two Imanity Sora 
and Shiro. 

The lowest ranked among the r Sixteen RacesJ , the weakest 
species looked down at her and said. 

“You attempted to play a game with the status of I m the 
strongest] , then you decided it was a crappy game just after a 
single loss, now that’ s just ridiculous.” 

Shiro smiled as well as she heard Sora’s words - however 
Azrael couldn’t understand what they meant - 

“Now you’ re going to replay the game with the status of 
rThe weakest] , and if you still think it’ s a crappy game - 

• • We’ll play with you.. .as many times as needed...” 

She understood that the r Word Spirit] that used on her - 
limited her abilities to that of an Imanity’ s. 

The very smiles of the siblings told her this - Azrael bent her 
head down and smiled bitterly. 

- So, she couldn’t fly, she didn’t have magic, and she wasn’t 
even able to see spirits. 

Distance, gravity, all these concepts that she had never 
experienced were now tying her down. 

She rolled to the side, focused her energy on her restricted arms 
and stretched towards the sky. 

- So high, the skies are so high, and the earth so wide. 

The power that was acting on her body was as if an infinite 
wall had been built up between her and the sky and earth. 

She couldn’ t even imagine what it felt like to _ Fly] 

Even if one were to tell her she could fly, she didn’t have any 
intention to. And that scared her. 

While the two Imanity that were restricted in the same way - 
laughed as they soared through the skies, and had said they had 
tricked her. 

“• • -The taste of the earth.. .isn’t that bad.. .right?” 

“If you don’t crash to the ground, you’ll never have the urge 
to fly again.” 

They had soared in the skies so freely, and yet they were able 
to say that crashing once wasn’t bad. 

Right, you can climb up after you fall down, so there’s a 
next time, isn’t it?” 

Sora smiled as he stretched his hand towards her - for that was 
what they had done all this time. 

- Finally, in Azrael’s mind, everything connected seamlessly 
and she couldn’t help but smile. 

Too late, she was just too late, it was but reasonable that they 
called her an idiot, Azrael thought as she grabbed onto that 
outstretched hand. 

“• • -Senpai’s brain is just too stubborn.” 

Jibril looked at her with her eyes half open yet caring, and 
welcomed Azrael as she stood up. 

Artosh’ s final work - the imperfect unit. She was the 
r Special UnitJ , and the ^Final UnitJ . 

Her imperfections merely meant that - she would strive to be 

Because she was imperfect, she would naturally strive for the 
unknown, the future and hope. 

- Azrael finally understood - the reason why Jibril insisted on 
campaigning alone. 

“• • • Jii-chan’s brain is too active-nyan...” 

She had destroyed the Elves’ city and brought all those books 
back with all smiles even without being ordered to. 

She had conquered all the higher ranked species alone despite 
being told it was impossible, and had returned near death every 
single time. 

She had deserted the council, left her hometown, and even 
brought new Masters as she returned - 

It was exactly because she was imperfect - that’s why she 
would - become stronger than anyone. 

“• • I see, so there really are things that can’t be understood 
just through reading-nyan...” 

The so-called understanding wasn’t just reliant on 
memorization and increasing knowledge. 

It was through actualization, personal experiences, it was only 
when it assimilates into your very soul that one can truly 
understand something. 

The thing that neither Artosh nor Azrael could understand - 
r The unknown] . 

That was the rPossibility] - the characteristic that could turn 
the impossible into possible. 

It was exactly because they were the strong ones, exactly 
because they absolutely couldn’t fail, exactly because they 
couldn’t lose - that they were unable to understand this. 

While - 

“It’s obvious that when one becomes a loser one is no longer 
perfect...however I...always feared that-nyan.” 

Only Jibril had slowly understood that every single time as she 
neared defeat/ 

- Whenever they lost, no matter the Fliigel or Avant Heim, they 
were unable to grasp this imperfection. 

While - never once faltering in her footsteps, it was no surprise 
that Jibril had left. 

The Fliigel - Azrael and the others could only gather 

Only Jibril freely pursued her curiosity, created knowledge, 
and left behind everything she needed to know. 

She was a truly strong person, yet she was always striving 
towards an even greater goal - she even had respect towards 
the rUnknown] . 

- That could only mean one thing. 

“Nyahaha, nyahahahaha.. .how boring, I’d never thought that 
it would be this boring after I understood it.” 

She looked down, and she could only laugh - which meant... 

“Have you finally understood?” 

“Yes, I get it now - there’s nothing particular to be 

- How could she not laugh at that? 

The answer that they had been searching for over six thousand 
years - in the end there was ?No answer at allj - 

“The unknown will definitely never be reversed into 
knowledge, because our knowledge will eventually transform 
into the unknown, there is no end to this as what may be 
common knowledge yesterday may not be common knowledge 

It was because that she had never lost, so after her first loss, 
she was truly able to fear - the unknown. 

The more she tried to understand it, the further it shrank away 
from her. 

“So the important thing is not to MemorizeJ , it’ s to 
rLearnJ - and even enjoy the risk that comes with adapting to 
the situation.” 

Thus - the only way was to continuously strive forward - 

“The reason why we lost in the Great War was because we 
were unable to accomplish that. Azrael-senpai, when I lost to 
the Masters and kneeled in front of them to acknowledge my 
subservience, Artosh’s final order - was completed.” 

Azrael looked down and mumbled: 

• • Artosh-sama...did I accomplish your final orders as 

- Did she not have to lie anymore? 

Azrael looked up at the distant skies once again as she wiped 
away her tears. 

She had never realized that she had the ability to shed tears - 
was this enough to appease Artosh-sama? 

Sora looked at her face. 

“• • I’m not really sure what you’re getting at, but that 
expression isn’t half bad.” 

Finally - Sora spoke to Azrael with a smile on his face. 

• -May I ask you four questions? Imanity - no, So-chan, Shi- 

- There was no answer in the first place, they merely had to go 
back to square one - which meant that she had some things to 

“You both.. .what do you live for?” 

“For Shiro, of course.” 


“What if one of you were to die?” 

“If we die we die together, so there isn’t much of a big deal.” 

“Why.. .what keeps you living?” 

“I have no idea!” 

“•••God knows!” 

“We don’t have time to be considering this sort of thing, 
we’re different from you anyway, life is short.” 


- They didn’t hesitate throughout, Sora replying with a smile 
on his face while Shiro replied rather seriously. 

But - those weren’t the answers she was looking for - she 
could only reference them. 

So at last - Azrael asked: 

“Can I.. .can I be like Jii-chan as well?” 

“That’s impossible, you can only be yourself.” 

- They replied without hesitation as well, which was to be 

She had known that since long ago, but as Azrael began 
looking increasingly melancholy, Sora instead - 

“But what’s wrong with that?” 

Completely cheerful - his smile was, without a doubt - 

“Your expression now is excellent, I love it when you’re like 

- He spoke with a smile as wide as the skies. 

• • -Nyahahaha. 

“The answer that we ’ d searched for over so long turned out 
to be rGoing back to square onej , I can’ t take this, even 
people who can live forever get tired you know-nyan.” 

Yes - thinking for oneself, which was their - reply. 

She had to look for it herself, then find her own answer that 
belonged to her and her alone just like Jibril had. 

- As long as she knew she could accomplish it - it was enough. 

Azrael said tiredly, however - 

Suddenly, she heard Jibril apologizing to Sora. 

• -Masters, I put my own life on the line on my own accord, 
and even had to rely on your strength in the end.. .1 offer my 
sincerest apolo —“ 

“Ah~ about that, Jibril.” 

Sora scratched his head, seemingly not knowing where to start 
and said: 

“This fellow over here doesn’t have the rights to order all 
Fliigel to commit suicide!” 


Ignoring the speechless Jibril, Azrael said bitterly: 

“Huh? The cat’s out of the bag!” 

She stuck out her tongue evilly and laughed. 

“Banning the act of suicide without permission - doesn’ t 
actually mean I can order you all to commit suicide! Hmm~ 

I’ d never thought that this lie would go unnoticed for over six 
thousand years, nyahahaha P ” 

Shiro continued even more directly - 

• - And even if she did.. .Jibril belongs to.. .Nii and Shiro...” 

She had dragged her masters in, and had prepared to die - 

As Sora noticed that Jibril’s shoulders were beginning to 
tremble in anger, he sighed and said: 

“- But if it’s just Azrael alone, she can do it.” 

Jibril inhaled sharply as she heard that, while Azrael 
immediately erased her smile. 

“This fellow over here bet herself and only herself from the 
very beginning, as no matter the consequence she was prepared 
to die alone. What kind of sister would tell her beloved imouto 
to go kill herself? She’s JibriTs trusted sister after all!” 

- Azrael remained silent, then sighed and replied. 

And that reply was more convincing than any form of protest 
she may have made. 

If there was an r Answer] , and if the Fliigel could find that 
answer, even if she were to exercise her rights for all of them to 
commit suicide, no one would want to die. Even if there was no 
answer, with Jibril at the head of them, if they could all find a 
reason to continue living, they wouldn’t want to kill themselves 
as well anyway. 

- At that time, Azrael whose purpose of living was to prevent 
anyone from committing suicide, would have completed her 

“• • -So-chan, have you ever pissed people off by not minding 
your own business?” 

“Yeah, many times, and I pissed them off a lot as well. 
However I decided long ago that I won’t let anyone die in this 
world (game), so 

- She heard a single clap. 

“Let’s play a game.” 

Sora clapped his hands and spoke while laughing. 

“It would be a pain if we had to start from scratch, huh?” 

-No doubt, so let’s play a game. 

“So, things are simple now, anyway let’s switch a game first.” 

- It would definitely be an extremely interesting game. 

“We want to make this world - even more interesting.” 

- A game that would never get boring. 

“As for whether or not we can do it - so, which side will you 
bet on?” 

“Nyaha.. .nyahahah, nyahahahahahhahahahah!!” 

In six thousand years, no, possibly for the first time in her life, 
she laughed sincerely. 

Maybe because her physical abilities were being restrained by 
the Imanity - she laughed too hard to the point where her 
stomach began to ache. 

Azrael laughed so emotionally that she even started to cry, and 
she raised her head - and then - 

- She grabbed onto Sora and kissed him. 



“What - M, Master!? A-Azrael-senpai!!” 

• • - For a full few seconds, Azrael tongue-kissed Sora and 

“Nyahaha- if both sides bet that r It’s possible] , the bet 
won’t be valid V” 

Sora appeared lost, while the other two looked at them with 
gazes that could kill, and Azrael spoke, ignoring them: 

“ for me who wanted to die, you gave me a chance to 
have fun with you all, and so I’m extremely overjoyed at your 
request-nyan. But -1 don’t yet have the right to walk alongside 
So-chan like Jii-chan does.” 

She waved and turned to leave.. .she felt the gravity that 
restrained her body and continued forward. 

Her sister worried about her, the Imanity worried about her, 
comforted her, and even prevented her from committing 

No matter what you were to say - if this were to go on, I would 
be relying on them too much, and she smiled bitterly. 

“But this is fine as well, since I bet it ’ s ^Possible] too- 
nyan? Before the results come out I’ 11 try my best to wait 
for it, since Jii-chan believes in me-nyan, I hope that you all 
can just wait for me a while more. ” 

Part 8 

“• • -Nii.. .you let her kiss you.” 

“Just wait a minute here, no matter how you look at it, she 
forced herself on me right?” 

“You say that, Master, but because of the TTenPledgesJ it 
isn’ t possible to abuse another’ s rights, so unless the Master 
had allowed it subconsciously there was no other way that 
Azrael-senpai could have kissed you.” 

“Wait a second, if I were to deny a beautiful lady like that 
unconsciously that would be disastrous to me as a guy!” 

• -Nii is fine with long as it’s a girl...” 

“You’re just like Ino-sama.” 

“Come on already, no matter how you look at it, I’m the 
victim! Right! Hey!” 

Azrael’s mouth curled up in a smile as she heard the 
commotion behind her, and she spoke softly as she was 

“ • • • Speaking of which, Jii-chan-nyan.” 

“• • You finally added a -nyan to that. Ignoring the fact that 
you were mde to my Masters and that you’ve been lying to us 
for so long - even someone as tolerant as I am almost about to 
get angry. What is it? Azrael-senpai.” 

Jibril teleported beside her and spoke unhappily. 

Azrael asked her a question that she had thought of. 

“Jii-chan-nyan, why do you think the Imanity had survived 
during the Great War?” 

“It was because...” 

That was a question that had nestled inside Jibril for an 
extremely long period of time, and it had begun to trouble her 
even more recently. 

The Imanity were seen as too weak, so no one had paid 
particular attention to them and thus they had survived. 

But after meeting Sora and Shiro, Jibril felt confused. 

At the end of the Great War, the entire Elkian continent was 
the territory of the Imanity, was that just by pure chance - 

The Imanity - Azrael attempted to guesstimate the source of 
their power. 

“Let’s say that they keep losing until they can’t lose anymore 

- that’s the Imanity.” 

- They continued rLearning] by using defeat or loss as their 
premise, not fearing the unknown, instead happily diving into 

Because they were more imperfect than anyone, they were a 
race that strived to be even more perfect than anyone - if so... 

Azrael smiled bitterly, and the reason behind it was not 
because of the reason they survived, but... 

• - Why didn’t I take notice of a race like that during the 
Great War?” 

- Jibril inhaled sharply. 

Ignoring the two Masters for now, the late king that had 
exposed the Eastern Federation’s game, and Kurami who had 
collaborated with an Elf. 

The potential they had shown was almost scary - Jibril had 
experienced this personally. 

They were sometimes borderline insane, and at times even not 
afraid of death - despite this, they were able to bring in the 
next generation. 

“A race that continued to learn continuously - why did I not 
take a threat like that into consideration —“ 

That would mean that no matter how weak one was, as long as 
one could keep on collecting knowledge, that person would 
become an unavoidable threat. 

If she had noticed the full potential of that race earlier, what 
would she have done during the Great War? 

It was obvious - they would be rToo dangerous] , and she 
would have eliminated them immediately. 

And all our records of the Imanity - they were completely 
erased, and why is that?” 

Yes, all the records of the Imanity during the Great War had all 
been destroyed - it was almost unnatural. 

“Nyahahaha-1 just thought of it randomly-nyan, maybe we - 

As Azrael said this, she looked towards Sora and Shiro. 

“The battlefield isn’t just on the Elkian continent anymore.” 

No doubt, that was something that looked like they would have 

“The Ex-Machinae that killed Artosh-sama were acting 
suspiciously during the final stages of the Great War, if-“ 

Halfway through her sentence - she smiled without a trace of 
humour in her eyes, and concluded. 

“Could they have been manipulated by the Imanity -?” 

If so - the death of Artosh that was the ignition fuse for the end 
of the war - 

-Was intentionally manipulated by someone - ? 

“Just joking— I must be thinking too much? Nyahahaha” 

As she said this, Azrael left behind Jibril who was standing 
motionless and continued forward. 

- She should have had walked for a quite a distance, but she 
didn’t reach anywhere. 

Jibril who should have been behind her long ago was still 
beside her nonchalantly, making Azrael feel rather awkward. 

“Jii-chan-nyan, I’ll do as they say and live shackled 
temporarily-nyan - and then...” 

She laughed. 

“During the next council meeting I ’ 11 propose for _ Avant 
Heim to join the Elkian Federation] -nyan.” 

“• • I don’t think that proposal will be approved for now.” 

It was something that Jibril clearly desired - 

As she considered this, Azrael smiled cunningly at her. 

“Observing and learning from those kids (Elkia). The 
rAnswer] that we found - it will merely be a _ Superficial 
Alliance] created in order to allow everyone to fulfil Artosh- 
sama’ s final order - how does that sound? Nyaha” 

Her expression seemed to say: I didn’t lie for six thousand 
years for nothing. 

“• • - That’s pretty hard to turn down...” 

Avant Heim was originally a completely neutral faction, 
without land nor resources. 

If it was a figurative alliance, and there was no moral duty for 
them to help out Elkia, they only had to participate when their 
own interests were at hand - 

Also they would have the assurance of the Representative of 
the Winged that it was an alliance for Artosh - so they should 
have no reason to refuse. 

• • - Her mind’s clearly so sharp, but why - Jibril sighed. 


Suddenly - Azrael looked at her solemnly in stark contrast 
from her previous appearance. 

“All the Fliigel including myself, before we judge whether the 
potential of Elkia (those two) is worthy for us to believe in, I 
won’ t allow them to refer to those two as their _ New 
Masters] - understood?” 

“Of course, everyone needs to understand this themselves, 
thus I’ll continue preaching from today onwards, don’t worry.” 

As long as she were to continue preaching her Bible 
(observation diary), increase their amount of fans - disciples it 
would be fine, Jibril told herself. 

Azrael smiled bitterly and turned towards her once again. 

• -Before that, can I entrust those two to Jii-chan-nyan?” 

Those two were a yet unknown combination, so Azrael could 
understand why they were so full of charisma. 

But at the same time - she was afraid for them, as if they were 
to die before she were to make a conclusion, there would be a 
lot of trouble, after which she said: 

“I’m not asking this as the Representative of the Winged, but 
merely as a friend - please?” 

- Jibril smiled as she always had. 

“I’ve always believed in protecting my masters even if I have 
to sacrifice myself - so I refuse.” 

Really, now.. .nyahahaha...” 

Which was hinting that they weren’t friends - which was but of 
course, after doing all those outrageous things, she still dared to 
call herself a friend - 

“But if you keep dragging your feet like this, you’ re going 
to miss all the most interesting parts - rOnee-sanJ ." 

- Jibril said this while smiling at her rSisterJ . 

“N-no problem-nyan... I’ll hurry over to my cute imouto’s 
side as fast as possible-nyan/” 

Nyahahaha, she laughed and walked away in an attempt to 
restrain her tears. 

She had changed in the short period of an hour as well, so she 
figured it wouldn’t take long - 

As she was leaving, she suddenly stopped and surveyed her 
surroundings - she sighed and waved. 

“Everyone- can someone carry me-! Also we need to hold a 
meeting ASAP-! I’ 11 need at least a road to get home with or 
else it ’ 11 be a big problem for me, so could you all please 
build some- nyahahaha P ” 

Walking home with her powers sealed away from her. 

She couldn’t even do that - that sensation felt overwhelmingly 

Even something as stupid and boring as this - felt interesting, 
and she couldn’t help but laugh at herself. 

Placing her feet one after another on the ground, with the same 
line of sight as those two had, looking at the world at the speed 
of an ant’s crawl. 

- After living for twenty-six thousand years - this isn’t that bad 
for a change. 

-You want to have them as your new Masters? 

“That’s not my decision-nyan, so spend a little time to think 
about it yourself as well, Avant-kun (Avant Heim).” 

- .. .Although it’s a tough decision, Ell try. 

“To be honest I don’t think it’ll be all that bad serving under 
those kids for a while.” 

- Because of their potential? 

Azrael could only reply by flapping her wings that couldn’t lift 
her into the sky. 

“Because it seems oh so fun-nyan! Nyahaha-!” 

-You seem truly happy. 

I wonder what I’ll play with them next time, she began 
thinking - 

Part 9 

- On the other hand, within the capital of Elkia, the late king’s 

Izuna was tucking into a huge portion of sashimi, while Steph 
sat reading beside her. 

Steph looked at Izuna who was enjoying the food prepared by 

• -Izuna, you’re a really big eater.” 

That made her smile - but as she remembered her grandfather 
as he was on the brink of death, Steph felt confused instead. 

Izuna tries so hard, and she’s helped out so much - but... 

Impossibly - from her expression she couldn’t detect any hint 
of urgency, anxiousness nor unease. 

“About that, it’s hard for me to start but.. .Izuna, aren’t you 
worried for Ino-san?” 

- Izuna paused momentarily.. .with a chunk of fish still lodged 
in her mouth, she replied without hesitation: 

“Of course not, des. Why would I be? Des.” 

“•••You asked why...” 

“Sora and Shiro will save him, so there’s no problem, des.” 

- She once again replied without a single hint of hesitation, 
after which she continued eating. 

Steph sighed and looked at the book in her hand again, then 
continued with a complaint. 

It was a small question she was worried about since a long 
while ago - 

“Why do both Miko-san and Izuna trust that rLiarJ so 

It was true that Sora and Shiro would always end things off at 
the very end brilliantly. 

But throughout the process they would lie and deceive, so one 
wouldn’t know when to believe them or not. 

As Steph was thinking, Izuna tilted her head and said: 

“•••Sora and Shiro aren’ t TLiarsJ , des.” 

“- Izuna can read the Imanity language now, but you haven ’ 
t rMastered] it yet. ” 

Iftheyweren’ t TLiarsJ , who would be - Steph smiled 
bitterly and said, but - 

“The smell of a liar- the smell of someone hiding his true self, 
they don’t have that smell which I hate the most, des.” 

Steph was speechless. Back on the day when Sora had said she 
would save Izuna’s grandfather. 

Izuna smelt Sora by the seaside - Izuna smiled as she recalled 
that relaxing odour. 

“Sora and Shiro have a good smell, des. They do tease people, 
deceive them, or even play pranks - but, the only thing they 
won’t do is lie, des - so Izuna likes Sora and Shiro, des.” 

- Steph inhaled sharply as she realized she had been lectured by 
a young girl with her age still in the single-digit range. 

It was hard to believe, but she somehow understood now - an 
impossible explanation flashed across her mind. 

Sora - he told lies as easily as breathing, being a born liar. 

But for some reason sometimes - Steph would unconsciously 
overlap his figure with her grandfather’s. 

Upon thinking closely, there wasn’t anything that surprising 
about it. 

If he could really lie that well... 

Then why - would he want to act in such a way that people 
would believe he was lying? 

- Why - why didn’t he just act like a kind person - ? 

At this point, Steph noticed that Izuna was looking at her with 
her eyes half open. 

“•••Steph-kou smells nice as well, des. But sometimes you 
have the smell of a liar, des.” 

“W-what!? W-when did I ever tell a lie!?” 

“Whenever we mention Sora, you have the smell of a liar, 
des. I don’t like Steph-kou when you’re like that, des.” 

“T-that was because Sora forced me to fall in love with him! 
Of course I have to reject him right!?” 

Steph attempted to defend herself while still teary-eyed, while 
Izuna’s expression suddenly turned rather complex. 

“You’re lying again, des.. .but your normal smell is good, so I 
forgive you, des.” 

Izuna began eating again as soon as she finished, while Steph 
thought to herself’ 

-1 see, let’s say I go back a hundred steps - no, a thousand 
steps, I trust that Sora isn’t a liar. 

But despite that - 

“That doesn’t mean he can use the pledges to restrain my love 
life! Isn’t that a twisted sense of logic!?” 

Steph clutched her head and cried, while her gaze settled upon 
a single book. 

It was slightly further away from her - an ancient-looking 
bounded book. 

“ • • • rThe Treasure of the Prideful Princess J • • • is this a fairy 

It was a book written in the Imanity language - a book with a 
rather childish title. 

As she flipped it open, this was written on the inner cover 

- rThis is a tale that has circulated amongst the ElvesJ - 

“Is this a translation? The translator is - isn’t this Grandpa!? 
Why would this book be.. 

Steph mumbled to herself as she flipped to the next page, after 
which she suddenly inhaled sharply. 

Because this was written on the very first page: 

- This is a place even further than the sea. 

A rFairy TaleJ further away than anything and anyone else 

After which she saw a familiar scrawl underneath... 

Which meant the late king’s handwriting, and it read: 

- According to my observations, the hibernating Empress of the 
Sea went into slumber after reading this story. 

- The Empress is just like the Princess in this story, being loved 
by everyone, and has everything in the world. 

- Thus she.. .wishes to pursue things unknown to her. 

- It’s exactly because she has everything, she wishes for the 
unknown - a love she cannot acquire - 


Steph yelled and kicked her chair to the side, while Izuna 
leaped up in surprise. 

Part 10 

- Avant Heim - within a slightly larger cube in the centre of it. 

It was JibriPs previous residence, which had been turned into a 
storage warehouse. 

Important items, books and the like had probably all been 
moved to the Elkian library, so there was a lack of homeliness 
within it. 

The Fliigel didn’t appear to need sleep, so there weren’t any 
beds nor windows within the place. 

There was a secret room that held things other than books, and 
for Sora, Shiro and Plum who didn’t like going outdoors, the 
place was just right for them. 

“Ah, Masters, please don’t touch those, because there’s a 
possibility that, no, you will definitely die.” 

After this warning, they made note not to take particular notice 
of all the trophies and skulls Jibril had collected during the 
Great War, which was a blessing in disguise, but - 


Within the middle of the room, there was stacked a pile of 
books that had been collected from almost a hundred Fliigel 
who had sworn on the Pledges. 

Buried in that mountain-high pile of books, Sora felt exhausted 
and began mumbling to himself. 

Shiro who was sitting on his lap began writing something in a 
notebook as well, after which she began drawing squiggly lines 
unhappily and groaning impatiently. 

• - Masters, would you like to take a rest?” 

The two were frustrated at the speed of their progress, while 
Jibril advised them to stop. 

- After the game had ended, the two had begun reading the 
extremely large amount of books they had won over, looking 
for information in the process. 

Jibril only suddenly noticed as she was writing in her 
Observational Diary (Bible), that the last time Sora and Shiro 
(Masters) had slept - was before Plum had arrived. 

As she realised that was about five days ago, she advised them 
again, while Sora simply scratched his head as though he didn’t 
hear her at all. 

“There are clearly nineteen types of rOaths j - but why 
isn’ t there any difference between the awakening 

“Could it be.. .we came here.. .for nothing...?” 

At the end of the game, Plum had activated a spell, deceiving 
even Azrael who had the power of a Phantasma within her. 

Plum was extremely exhausted after that feat, so she moaned 
while lying on the floor and breathing weakly. 

They had did so much, could it be that there was no meaning in 
it - Plum began to appear despaired, but instead Sora - 

“• • -The problem’s even more serious than that.. .I’ll 
straighten it out for you!” 

Sora sighed and turned to Plum to explain: 

“The Empress of the Seirenes is their full representative, so 
the fact that she bet all her rights in order to enter a slumber to 
the Seirenes would mean that as long as someone else were to 
wake her up, their Race Piece would be taken which would be 
tantamount to death - so they hid the condition to awaken her.” 

“Y-yes.. .that’s true...” 

“The ultimate form of concealment is not letting anyone 
know, which is why Plum couldn’t find out the condition 

- But... 

“The current Empress had entered slumber before becoming 
the Empress, so the Seirenes should have tried all possible 
methods to awaken her already - which means, previously 
someone knew how to awaken her, but those conditions have 
probably been modified by someone now.” 

Can you understand everything up to here? Sora asked, to 
which Plum nodded in confirmation. 

“In the previous eight hundred years, there were of course 
people that played games in attempts to waken the Empress, 

among which nineteen of them were recorded by Avant Heim 
over five races, and they had found the rOathJ back then. As 
long as we can find that information and cross-reference it with 
everything we have, we can retrace back to the past and find 
the conditions to wake the Empress - that was my initial plan.” 

Shiro let out a lining- a tiny moan, and collapsed on Sora’s 
knees - she had overworked her brain. 

The r OathJ written in the languages of five different races, 
they had even cross-referenced the meanings of all the words - 

“- rThe person who can wake the Empress] - that’ s the 
limit to which we can retrace.” 

The person that could wake her - which would mean, rIt 
would be fine even if you don’ t let her fall in love with 
youj .” 

To acquire everything - rWin all the rights] , that was the 
only victory reward the two could affirm existed, but at that 
point that meant nothing to them. 

What was most important was - Sora said impatiently: 

“Why isn’ t there a rVictory Condition] - they hid the 
wrong details!” 

If rAll their rights] were taken before the previous Empress 
had died, it wouldn’ t cause them much danger to their 

They should have revealed the victory conditions in order to 
allow people to beat the game as fast as possible - despite this, 
there were no records... 

“• • - The worst.. .possibility...” 


As Plum heard Shiro mumble, she looked at her in despair, 
pleading for her to explain. 

“• • - From the very beginning.. .no one.. .knew the 

“ • • -Even the Empress doesn’t know, the possibilities of a 
victory condition that isn’t specific - for example...” 

Sora took a deep breath and spoke, almost squeezing his voice 

“• • • rAmuse me. I don’ t know how you’ re going to do it, 
but you have to do it in a specific way.J - Something like 

- Plum’s eyes rolled up into whites and she collapsed, and to be 
honest, Sora felt just like her. 

If that was the truth - the reason why no one could awake her, 
the reason why Plum was unable to find the condition - the 

reason why the love magic worked properly but was unable to 
wake her up, and - 

Even the reason why they could completely hide the conditions 
- everything could be explained. 

Since no one knew from the very beginning, there was no 
reason to conceal it. 

Which meant they had to search for r What was the Empress 
looking for when she went into hibernationj - back to square 

“Ah~ dammit, what’s wrong with that woman!?” 

Sora yelled out in a voice saturated with heavy frustration, after 
which he collapsed. 

Even Shiro gave up and began yawning on Sora’s lap, while 
Plum - fainted. 

This scene could be titled rDespair] and framed in an art 

“• • - So for a change of mood, can I tell you all about 
something that happened in the past?” 

Jibril snapped her fingers lightly, and instant the walls and 
ceiling of her home turned as transparent as glass. 

Sora lay on the floor, and what he saw was a night sky - no, 

They were on the edge of the atmospheric layer - the divide 
between the universe and planets. 

Which meant that was the universe. As he understood that, he 
suddenly heard a calming sound, like the call of a whale. 

“...That was...?” 

“It was r HimJ - the sound of the Phantasma Avant Heim.” 

As she said this - Sora recalled a huge whale-shaped slab of 
land during their game against Azrael. 

• • He was on his back right now, and as that was too ridiculous 
to consider, he figured he would forget it soon anyway. 

“ THeJ was a disciple of my late Master, the Old Deus 

Jibril spoke with a nostalgic glow in her eye. 

“Artosh died at the end of the Great War - but r HeJ 
couldn’ t accept it, so he drifted from place to place in search 
for him, approaching any single presence of Old Dei he could 

Jibril looked at the sky - the red moon. 

“The red moon (up there) is the dwelling place of the 
thirteenth-ranked rLunarians] , as well as the Old Dei that 
created them.” [9] 

- Maybe because it was bigger than the moon of their original 
world, or because they were closer to it, it was a gigantic red 
moon he had seen countless times before. 

Sora had never considered that there might be rSixteen 
Races] up there. 

Whenever Avant Heim sees the red moon, he will attempt 
to raise his altitude upon detecting the presence of Old Dei, but 

Jibril smiled a complex yet sad smile. 
“Avant Heim can’t do it.” 

“•••Can’t do it?” 

“Avant Heim doesn’t fly in the sky, he revolved about the 
planets - he swims within the Elemental Galleries that the 
Imanity cannot see, so he can’t go into space where there are 
no Spirits - so...” 

Sora’s gaze shifted up along with Jibril’s, and he remained 
momentarily speechless. 

- He had never seen the Milky Way up close. 

But compared to photos online, it was way more epic than he 
thought it would have been, a glittering river of stars suspended 
in mid-air. 

Suddenly a flash of light streaked past as though to cover the 
red moon up. 

“He’s looking at the red moon.. .and crying.” 

The light emitted an afterglow that shimmered faintly as it 
passed, and swam away. 

Earlier they had heard the call of a whale as well, and now - it 
sounded rather lonely to them. 

• -Do the Phantasma have feelings as well?” 

- The rPhantasma] that were ranked second among the 
rSixteen Races] . 

Sora then thought, it was of course reasonable that Azrael had 
called upon them so emotionally as she was ranked as well. 

But it just seemed rather impossible to believe that a floating 
slab of land could have emotions. 

Then - Sora remembered something all of a sudden, and he 
said sadly: 

“ • • - Even the Phantasma know rLove] , but I don ’ t - • • ” 
“Huh? Why do you say THe] knows love?” 

“He knows to cry for his Master, and he has a Master to love 

- even if it isn’t love, doesn’t that mean he knows love?” 

- Jibril suddenly said thoughtfully. 

“Master, is there a person whose absence would make you 
feel uncomfortable?” 


“So the one you love is 

“Shiro - ah~ so if I know love and I know how to love, does 
that mean I know how to fall in love?” 

Love differs from person to person - what a troublesome 

What was the Empress searching for before she hibernated? If 
it was truly related to love, then he could do nothing - Jibril 
was thinking of something else at the same time. 

“ • • - Is it really like that?” 

When Artosh had been conquered, Jibril had felt crushing 
despair along with the rest of the Fliigel. 

After that, the Fliigel had begun gathering information, they 
didn’t know what they were searching for, but they still 

The reason to live, the reason to exist, the reason to not die - 

Searching for those rAnswers] thatcouldn’ t possibly exist 
- but Jibril found it. 

It wasn’t a common answer, but it let her find - her own reason 
to exist. 

“• • •? What is it, Jibril?” 

Itwasn’ t for knowledge, but instead for the ^Unknown] 
ahead of her that confused her, if - 

“M-master, forgive me for asking, but could you listen to a 
single request of mine?” 

“Yeah, what is it?” 

“Could you please say r Jibril you useless fellow, I don’ t 
need you anymore] ?” 

• -L-let me just say something here, I don’t get where this 
conversation is going at all.” 

“Just don’t ask - please.” 

As he saw Jibril press her forehead on the ground while 
bowing deeply, Sora accepted her request reluctantly. 

“- r Jibril you useless fellow, I don’ t need you anymore] - 
is that alright?” 


“- W-w-what!?” 

She teleported so close to Sora that their heads almost 
connected, which caused Sora to cry out uncontrollably. 

“W-why is this? I’m currently feeling the same sensation of 
my spine tingling as I licked the feet of that long-eared one 
under Master’s orders, and the time where I stole Shiro-san 
from you during the FPS in the Eastern Federation - and a 
feeling as if my chest is being constricted! What exactly is this 
unknown sensation!?” 

“I don’t know! I don’t know, but aren’t you adding too much 
weird elements into this!?” 

Sora replied with his face set in stone as Jibril looked at him 
while panting, blushing and almost drooling. 

Although, Jibril suddenly seemed to have understood 
something - she nodded, and then - 

“Master, in the six thousand, four hundred and seven years 
since my birth - Jibril has finally understood what it means to 
fall in love.” 

• -Huh? Are you serious?” 

“Yes, I can finally help Master out - and what love means 

Jibril kneeled down solemnly in front of Sora and reported. 

“Master commanded Dora-chan to rFall in love with youj , 
and ignored her aside from that one time; as for Dora-chan that 
was a declaration of love, so! The feelings placed within me as 
the Master I ’ ve been serving under for so long with all my 
heart said he doesn’t need me any longer - which is pity, 

bitterness, relaxation and all other sorts of feelings that make 
chills run down my spine, that’s love -!!” 

“ Jibril, could you please just calm down, you’re just making 
things more complicated —“ 

Sora said with his expression still carved in stone, at this time - 
with a loud slam! - 

Shiro stood up. 

“Huh!? W-what was that, Shiro, my heart nearly leaped out of 
my chest!” 

However she completely ignored Sora’s response. 

“•••Unknown sensation-•-I don’ t kn ow ••can’ t reach-•• 
yearning- • • Azrael couldn’ t find it- • - Jibril found it- • • Steph felt 
it• • • the unknown• • • the future • • • HopeJ 

- She was pretending to sleep earlier, so she had heard 

She mumbled a string of words - recited, as she suddenly 
began flipping through the books. 

“• • - The Empress that deceived everyone... - the 
Empress.. .victory condition.. .wasn’t changed.” 

She said. 

She suddenly lifted up a book - and said: 

“• • *Nii.. .1 know.. .the condition.. .to awaken the Empress 

- As they heard this, Sora, Jibril and even Plum leaped up 
together and looked at Shiro. 

And only Shiro - appeared happy, no... 

“• • -Nii as well.. .judgmental error.. .you do that sometimes.” 

Her expression was completely different from the usual, as she 
actually seemed happy and laughed. 

“•••Nii, Nii- haha---Nii-•-messed up-- - P ” 

Shiro shook her shoulders from side to side, her feet couldn’t 
help but swing about - and she smiled victoriously. 

Sora didn’t get her meaning, but he did moan suddenly - 

“W-wait a second, huh? I made a judgmental error? B-but 
situational decisions are...” 

“•••Yes, Nii’ s---forte-• -but this time-• -Shiro won P” 

- She appeared truly happy. 

In that game, Sora only felt dizzy as it was the first time Shiro 
had beaten him at it. 

“H-how is this possible...I lost in judging situations, 
deduction, strategy, my reason for existence...” 

-If J - They were the strongest Imanity gamers, two in one, 
and if he as the strategist were to lose in terms of judgment - 

Ignoring Sora who was almost in tears, Plum immediately 
asked Shiro: 

“W-what is it!? What do we have to do to awaken the 

As everyone bated their breath in anticipation - and as Sora 
looked at her tearfully. 

Shiro - revealed the answer. 

Chapter 4: Retry 

Part 1 

"...So it' that, huh..." 

"W-well there aren't any contradictions with Grandpa's 
work...wait, huh, is that it?!" 

"My assumption was right after all, heh...ah, love is such a 
complex thing..." 

"...We...nearly went extinct for a stupid reason like that...I'm 
gonna cry, you know...?" 

"Phew W This is a great opportunity, Plum Tr Amira's feeling 
really energetic V" 

"..S-Sora, Izuna doesn't understand at all, des." 

"Sorry Izuna, but I'm just a useless eighteen-year-old piece of 
hikikomori virgin trash that's dragging Kuuhaku f J 
down, so I don't understand as well. But Izuna's smart, so you'll 
understand it in the future. Now please excuse me so I can 
make my way to the garbage dump." 

"Sora is getting thrown away, des? Can Izuna go and pick him 
up, des?" 

"...Absolutely not...Nii belongs to Shiro. Let's change the 
subject...Nii go get ready." 

"R-ready? O-other than getting in the way, is there really 
something else I can do...?" 

"...This game...Shiro can't beat it...only Nii...can do it..." 

"Alright then, let's go, Shiro!! If Shiro and I both can't do it, 
who can?!" 

Part 2 

How boring." 

I sighed unconsciously. 

Oceande is the birthplace of all the Seirenes. 

Located at the very bottom of the ocean's depths, its endless 
foothills that were connected with triple seamounts and so forth 
were lit up by half-moon shaped streaks of light. [1] 

Away from the unclean, filthy solid ground, the calm seawaters 
were like castle walls, having no direct passage towards 

Aside from countless unnamed fish and whales, there was only 
an extremely small amount of people that were able to reach 
the place. 

The treasures located within the city were piled up in glittering, 
dazzling mountains, and the protections placed over them by 
the water elementals added a beautiful layer of oceanic blue 
over it. 

It was a stunningly colorful paradise created from the magic of 
the Dhampirs. 

But, it was also a prison. 

“Oh come on- really now, isn't there anything else more fun 
to do!?” 

I pursed my lips, as everything seemed to be making me 

I'm getting bored of singing and dancing, not to mention that 
I've gotten bored of eating all those delicacies. 

Oceande, the eternal paradise, beauty, wealth, love; everything 
was present there. 

From the very instant that I was born, those things were all 

And it's exactly because of that - that I'll never be satisfied. 

That's because I myself am the prettiest, most valuable piece of 
treasure and not others. 

Even the most beautiful things in this world cannot reach my 

If there's something that this place doesn't have but yet 
something I truly wish for... 

That! Pure love! 

A partner just as perfect and unchangeable as I am! An 
impeccable treasure that even the gods would desire. 

I won't let anyone invade my pure soul - I'll wait for rHim] 
in this dreamy city. 

The one that can give everything he has to me - an eternal 

The prince that can satisfy all my inner desires. 

I fell asleep while waiting for rHim] ...huh? How long ago 
was that? 

“...Never mind, it's not important.” 

If rHe J doesn't come for me, things like time don't matter at 

If my desires aren't satisfied, my entire existence would be like 
an empty shell - 

- TAschenteJ - 

Suddenly I heard a voice, and I gradually regained 

It seems someone has arrived, a shallow man that has come in 
search of my love. 

With one little smile from me they would immediately fall 
before my irresistible charm, such cute idiots. 

This man probably isn't the one I'm looking forward to as well, 
rTrue LoveJ doesn't come easily anyway. 

But, after waiting so long, even I'm getting impatient. 

“...Fine, since I'm bored anyway, I'll play with you for a 

No matter how boring this man may be, he can at least pass 
some time. 

Right - I'll be gentler to him this time. 

I'll smile sweetly, flatter him a bit, then watch him fall head 
over heels for me. 

After that, at the very last moment, I'll dump him as brutally as 
I can and toss him to the side like a soulless corpse. 

This way, even an idiot might learn the meaning of T True 
LoveJ - 

“Do you - ?” 


A young man's voice drifted to me from the sky. 

“- Do you want love -?” 

You're asking me if I want love? Of course. 

“...Yes, I do, but can you give it to me?” 

“So - I'll give it to you!!” 

“You- are- shock-!!” [2] 

A shock that shook the oceans resounded, and I looked up - to 
see that the sky had shattered. 

There's no other way for me to describe it; I could see it even 
from where I was in the ocean, as the sky gradually cracked 
and crumbled, falling like huge pieces of broken glass, 
crashing into the ocean - dying the seas and skies blood-red. 

After which the owner of the voice fell into the ocean along 
with the splinters of the glass sky. 

The sky- it fell because- of love...— know?” 

He was a male, black-haired, black-eyed Imanity wearing a 
shirt with the words _ I V HumansJ emblazoned on the front. 

And beside him, almost in contrast to him, a white-haired, red¬ 
eyed young Imanity girl. 

The two had draped on them a jet-black cape that instantly 
would remind people of the kind villains would wear, and they 
spoke with evil smiles: 

“Greetings, Sleeping Beauty. Sorry for disturbing you every 
single time before you go to rest. We're Sora and Shiro.” 


...Hmm? They're using a different tactic this time. 

Many men have attempted to seek my love in various sorts of 
ways, but this would be a first. 

No, wrong - what I want is TTrue LoveJ - not just something 
flashy and original like this. 

“Greetings, visitors of my dream. I welcome your arrival.” 

It would be over after this sentence, my voice - no man can 
resist its charm - 

“Ah, we apologize. The real versions of us aren't here right 

“...Useless, useless, useless...” 

“So we can't hear your voice, forgive us for that, and now- 

The man smiled mischievously, then continued singing: 

“You are shock - me and- a few other things- fell from the 

- A shock rang out once again, at the same time the seas parted, 
and in the red skies... 

“- Eek.J” 

I cried out unconsciously. 

It was a sky covered in hateful, fear-inducing, giant - monster 

A girl flew above that sky, with a halo on her head and light- 
woven wings stretching from her waist. 

“You're an idiot, and you look cute while you're sleeping, but 
to think that idiots that can cause trouble even when they're 
asleep exist - the world really is a huge place.” 

- Behind her were hundreds of - personifications of killers, the 
symbols of destruction - rThe FliigelJ !?” 

“...Nii, sense of despair...doesn’t seem enough...” 

“Hmm- That’ s right, I need to perfectly recreate ending B 
of rThat game that scarred me the most emotionally 
(Drakengard) J , so I should have brought the real Fliigel 
along, but - Azrael ’ s power has been sealed so the council ’ s 

definitely in a huge mess right now, as other than Jibril the rest 
are all just figureheads.” [3] 

“Please take it easy, Master. It’ 11 be just fine as long as I 
command about hundreds of manpower P ” 

That man looked down at me while conducting a strange- 
sounding conversation. 

“Alright, let’ s begin the game - rMake me fall in love with 
youj .” 


The man said that, and then pointed towards the highest tower 
of Oceande - the hall of the Empress. 

“We’ll be right there, and as soon as you do, if you manage to 
make me fall in love with you, the game will be over.” 

- The skies were twitching, and countless gigantic babies 
(monsters) began descending from its blood-red void. 

The Fliigel flew about with their wings spread wide. 

...Y-you want me to move under these conditions...!? 

“Speaking of which, it really fine for me to destroy 
the city just like that?” 

I froze as I heard that Fliigel ask expectantly. 

“Yeah, no problem. Including the Empress as well, since this 
is all in a dream everything will return to normal in a matter of 

seconds anyway. Jibril, no matter how much power you use - 
the source is rInfinite] , so just release as much as you 

“Hehe, hehee, heheheheh- Jibril’s full of energy V” 

- After which, the two Imanity turned around to face me once 

“Also, when we created this setting 

“...We brought your...friends, best friends...relatives as well.” 

As I heard this I looked around desperately - when did they 

Mum, Grandma, my servants and sisters that I can’t even 
remember the names of - they were all crying and sobbing. 

“Which is what you’re looking at...” 

He smiled bitterly, scratched his head briefly and said: 

“You along with the babies that your relatives would have 
given birth to being cut to pieces, exterminated, eliminated by 
Jibril, and you have to proceed while experiencing many other 
hardships...looking back at it, this setting really is pretty 

“...That game...Nii said it would be a touching fighting game 
and let Shiro play it, Nii...I can’t forgive you.” [4] 

“I’m so sorry, because it’s just too unbearable for me alone to 
carry that much emotional burden - so I just had to...” 

The two finished blabbering, and they who called themselves 
Sora and Shiro spoke as one - 

TNow you will 

Not receive any help 

You will only face death 

So let us see 

How far you can struggle.] 

After which - they spoke with smiles on their faces: 

TGo to hell. J 

The Fliigel then continued as she heard this: 

“So, IT1 start. First Unit, Jibril.” 

The halo on her head began shifting and twisting into various 
complicated patterns, becoming bigger, multi-layered, just like 
a magic formation. 

Her wings appeared to emit light, and they lost their shape - a 
spear-like thing began forming in her hands - 

“To my Masters who have given me the opportunity to do 
this, I dedicate my utmost gratitude -” 

Concentrated, full powered, 100% - TAirstrikeJ - it’ 
coming for you V” 

She said this, and the entire world was engulfed in light. 

Part 3 

On the other hand - in the hall of the Empress in Oceande - 

“YEAH ☆ Jii-chan’s so cool- V” 

Amira cheered at the underwater projector which was 
displaying the state of the Empress’ dream. 

While beside her were countless other Seirenes who were 
cheering and dancing maniacally as well. 

Sora, Shiro and Jibril’s bodies lay on the floor almost lifelessly 
along with Plum and the other Dhampirs who had used all their 
strength transporting them into the dream world. 

Beside them was Steph who was rolling her eyes, as well as an 
elderly Werebeast - Hatsuse Ino, as well as Izuna who was 
hugging onto him. 

Looking at the three unconscious bodies on the floor, Ino 

“Um, about that...what exactly is going on here?” 

“We’re here to save Grandpa, des. You have to kneel and 
express gratitude, des.” 

Izuna said this while rubbing her face against her grandfather’s 
- Ino’s stomach, while Steph continued: 

“A lot of things happened while Ino-san was here in 
Oceande...a lot of things.” 

- But he couldn’t possibly understand anything from an 
explanation like that. 

Ino fondled Izuna gently while expressing his confusion. 

“...I would appreciate it if you could explain more 

“Don’t worry about it...since I don’t actually get it either...but 
Sora has a message for you.” 

Mm-mm, Steph cleared her throat. 

r We found the way to awaken the Empress, so we told 
the Seirenes who in exchange gladly gave you up in exchange 
for it, which is exactly what we’ re doing nowj ...that’ s 

*4. ” 


“Now I’m even more confused...” 

“Let me continue... ^Don’ t worry, we’ 11 awaken the 
Empress and we won’ t let the Seirenes and Dhampirs go 
extinct, which is what we wagered on in the beginning of the 
game. As for what’ s going on, you’ 11 have to wait until the 
game’ s over before you find out.J - and...” 

Steph smiled thinly and continued yet again: 

“... rLastly, Izuna seemed really lonely so we left her here 
with you. You have a really good granddaughter, 

Gramps.J ...that’ sail.” 

Ino smiled as he felt his granddaughter fondling him lovingly, 
but he thought to himself: 

- Now I don’t understand Sora even more. 

Sounds of cheering erupted once again as Jibril ’ s second 
TAirstrikeJ was fired. 

The Seirenes were feasting merrily while watching the events 
unfolding within the dream, while Plum instead advised them 

“A, Amira-sama...I completely- understand how you feel, but 
could you please at least be more self-conscious 

“Huh? Come on Plum P You don’ t need to be so formal all 
the time so just say what’ s on your mind, it’ s fine ☆ ” 

Amira smiled a saintly smile and continued: 

“It feels so great watching that idiotic woman suffer-! 
Hahahah- ☆” 

- Her smile was pure, but her eyes weren’t smiling. 

“Amira was originally against the idea of repressing pain- so 
I would say I ’ m already being rather self-conscious here- 
hehe- ☆” 

- It’s true, it was a dream, so in reality no one would get hurt. 

Also, when Sora and Shiro had entered the Empress’ dream, 
they had requested Plum to repress the pain sensors of the 

It was a dream anyway, so there wouldn’t be any pain, but 
despite this he had emphasized it time and again - which 
meant, there was a meaning behind his series of actions - 

“...We really shouldn’t have brought Izuna there, huh.” 

“Yeah, Sora-san managed to pass judgment that this isn’t a 
scene a small child like her should be witnessing, so I guess 
I’m rather in awe of his morals.” 

“...? Is something going on, des?” 

Izuna had her head buried in Ino’s chest the entire time so she 
couldn’t see the projection, but then she asked curiously. 

Regarding the events unfolding in front of her - Plum replied: 

“To put it bluntly...that’s, that’s a true nightmare...” 

Undoubtedly, it was a scene that seemed to defy all laws 
governing the natural world. 

- Steph had heard about it as well, the strongest attack of the 
Fliigel - r AirstrikeJ . 

That spear of light could evaporate oceans in a single shot, and 
turn Oceande within the dream into a mere crater. 

But - since it was a dream, everything would return to normal 
in a matter of seconds. 

The babies crumbled immediately just like porcelain figurines, 
while Jibril relentlessly continued her onslaught with renewed 

The endlessly disintegrating and repairing scenery along with 
JibriTs smile - or rather her murderous sneer, as she coldly, 
mechanically swung her arms. 

With each swing, mountains were leveled, seas were spliced, 
and the ocean floors buckled and caved from the shock. 

- That alone was sufficiently traumatizing to be considered a 

And it wasn’t only Jibril as well, as the fake Fliigel were 
destroying everything in sight along with her. 

The baby-like monsters were simply characters that incited 
natural hatred and fear from onlookers, and they feasted on the 
various other people within the dream. 

While the Seirenes were actually watching those events 
cheerfully, in an almost overjoyed fashion - everything was in 
a chaotic mess. 

“...A-about that, since they know the reason why all this is 
happening, it’s hard to blame them for their reaction...but...” 

“...D-did they go a bit overboard? ...although I don’t really 
understand what’s going on...” 

Steph, who knew the cause of the events up to this point yet 
didn’t understand Sora’s intentions, couldn’t help but agree 
with Ino. 

“...Although, not a day passes where I don’ t hate that Tet- 
sama who created the ^Ten Pledges] ...” 

Plum seemed as if she was going to faint anytime soon, and she 
said this with her face almost horrifyingly pale. 

Because what she saw might actually be - no, it must be. 

It was something even before the rTen Pledges] - a scene 
that seemed directly ripped out of the rGreat War] . 

“My ancestors actually survived through things like these...I 
respect them even more now.” 

“...More precisely, how exactly did the Imanity survive 
through conditions like these?” 

“Before all this, were there any differences between the 
Imanity and the Werebeasts...? After I get back, I’m going to 
look through that bit of history again.” 

The three of them slipped into their own thoughts, but deep 
down they were all thinking of the same thing. 

- The One True God (Tet), thank you for creating the rTen 
Pledges] . 

Part 4 

- The seawater had completely evaporated just after the first 
strike, and Leila could only crawl on the cracked, dried ground. 

She couldn’t breathe, and the sunlight corroded every pore of 
her body on the naked sea floor. 

She couldn’t feel pain, but her energy was being endlessly 
sapped from her. 

The continuous assault of the Fliigel didn’t even give the 
seawater time to grow back. 

The seawater evaporated, returned, and evaporated yet again, 
removing the Empress - removing Leila of her marine 

After which, the baby-like monsters that descended from the 
blood-red skies crept towards her, threatening to feast on her. 

She had no water, she couldn’t swim, so even if she belonged 
to a race loved and protected by the ocean - if she didn’t have 
seawater she couldn’t even disguise herself -... 

“...P...phew...a-am I...finally there...?” 

- How many days had it been? Or how many minutes? 

Leila dragged her body to the front of the tower. 

Behind her she could hear countless explosions, and the fires of 
hell were burning passionately there as well. 

Above her were broken skies and cries of laughter, while on 
the ground were countless screams of terror and agony. 

Leila fearfully opened the doors of the tower with all her 
might, and charged into it - at the same time... 

She felt a shock that once again leveled the city behind her and 
yet another explosion - but Leila merely sat down in relief. 

Because within the tower - there was water. 

Probably because Sora and Shiro were there, it was the only 
place that even the attacks of the Fliigel couldn’t destroy. 

As long as she had water, she could breathe and seduce... 
Finally - 

A..Ha,’ve got some guts - to dare 
to do something like this to me!” 

Leila gasped for air, and from within her - surged torrents of 
red-hot anger. 

- r Make me fall in love with youj ? 

“...Fine, since you actually dared to play a fool with me this 
far, I’ll make you pay.” 

- With a swish of her tailfin, Leila surged up the water-filled 
tower at a stunningly fast speed. 

-1 am the Empress of the Sea, I have everything, no one will 
resist my rule. 

They actually dared to show such disrespect towards me - 
although I don’t know what he wants - 

“Don’t think kneeling down and begging for forgiveness will 
save you!!” 

Just one sentence, I just need for him to hear the slightest bit of 
my voice, and it will be all over. 

-I’ll sing a song, capture his heart, and make him kneel before 
me and lick the floor. 

After which I’ll reject him as coldly and heartlessly as I can, 
then push him into a bottomless canyon of despair. 

I’ll seduce him then push him aside, so when he leaves the 
dream - he will think the real world is the actual nightmare, and 
he won’t be able to live with himself. 

With these thoughts in her head, she smiled evilly, and swam 
through the waters - not long after... 

She reached the topmost floor - the hall of the Empress - and 
stood before the gates to her own room. 


- The doors immediately swept open along with the water 
current, almost as if they were forced open by her voice. 

There was no doubt that Leila was the absolute ruler over the 
oceans, as all beings in the sea could only bow before her 
power through the fWater Elementals J within her. It was 

simply natural, it wasn’ t something one could fight against, it 
was a magic that surpassed even the boundaries of her species. 

Because even if her opponent was an Elf, the spirits used 
within their magics would obey Leila. 

In this world - there was nothing she could not tame. 

Carrying an immense amount of self-confidence - no, with 
absolute belief, Leila - finally arrived. 

Sora and Shiro - the two had dressed up like demon kings. 

Sora seemed to be enjoying himself, even allowing himself to 
receive her with a cocky smile. 

You’ve finally managed to get here... 

Your stupidity really is entertaining... 

But things seem to be going exactly as planned... 

How enjoyable 

‘\..Nii, you can stop that now...” 

“Come on- Shiro, don’t cut me short halfway through my 
lines, I spent a lot of time preparing them you know.” 

Leila could only look at them with a raging fury in her eyes as 
the two quarreled. 

Although their actions were unbelievably foolish - it was about 
time for them to pay the price. 

And then, the Empress - Leila - wove her words with a voice 
even the Gods would be smitten with. 

“Alright, are you done playing? Now kneel down and kowtow 
to me.” 

- I’ll make him kneel first. 

After that, I’ll be sure to drag him so far in his brain will melt - 

- However, as she heard his reply... 

Leila couldn’t believe her ears. 

“Hey, didn’t you hear what I said about the rules at all? Make 
me fall in love with you - can’t you even flatter me or 

- Leila was speechless. 

The young man and the girl before her - merely stood smiling 
even after she had used her voice that could hypnotize both 
genders regardless, and even managed to reply mockingly. 

- They’re fighting against it. Leila thought to herself in panic. 

Because as long as she was in the water, they would definitely 
fall in love with her without exceptions, and their brains would 
be immobilized. 

So let’s try it out - let’s see how long they can keep up their 

“...Yes, sorry, I was too excited, so I apologize for being so 
rude earlier.” 

Leila looked at them passionately with teary eyes, and 
continued almost pleadingly: 

“I hope you can hear my true feelings -1 want you, please 
reciprocate my love.” 

Not just her voice, but her every action - had a hypnotizing 
power that even brainwashing could not beat. 

Behind her pleading words, it was almost as if she was entering 
commands - orders that were impossible to deny. 

When faced with her irresistible charm, Sora merely - shivered 
slightly - and replied. 

“...Ugh- I’m sorry, I’m getting goosebumps, nope, can’t do 


“And to be honest, you’re not even my type.” 


“Also the rules clearly said that you need to make me fall in 
love with you, but you went and told me to kneel in your first 
sentence, apologized in your second, then finally said that your 
previous words weren’t actually what you meant? Are you one 
of those tripmine girls people see on the internet? I’d never 
thought that people like you actually exist, that’s quite a 

...Leila could only stand there speechlessly. 

They weren’t fighting back, it was just that her magic wasn’t 

Why - was her dream being tampered with? No, even the Elven 
magics couldn't touch it. 

She couldn’t figure it out, but only one thing was truly 
confirmed - 

This man came here with the firm belief that he wouldn’t fall in 
love with me. 

- Just then, the man turned to the young girl beside him for 
some sort of confirmation - and she nodded. 

“Ah~ I can finally say it now, since previously everyone 
thought this was some sort of romance game, this is probably 
the first time someone has said something like this to you 
right? So including that Gramps from earlier, I’m going to take 
everyone’s frustration out on you!” 

After that - Sora inhaled deeply, and released a rapid-fire 
torrent of words: 

“You’re a grown woman for goodness sake, and here you are 
daydreaming and stuff. Are you stupid or something? Who do 
you think you are? An idiot? Do you really think that everyone 
has to treat you well? Even the kindergartners nowadays are 
smarter than you! Also do you have any idea how long you’ve 
been sleeping? Eight hundred years! Eight, hundred, years! 
Don’t tell me you think you’re some sort of sleeping beauty 

waiting for her prince? You’re over eight hundred years old! 
You goddamn old hag! I said you were pretty old earlier, but 
you’ ve got to have a limit somewhere! I confess, I do prefer 
older women, but they at least need to have some brains you 
know!? Also, the thing that I hate the most about you is your 
rAll men will definitely fall in love with mej attitude! 
Women should know their place! Sexiness must come with 
some sort of humility and restraint before it has any meaning! 
Unless you’ re thinking something like this? That when 
people ask you to take off your clothes you just strip off 
everything without a doubt. Do you really think of yourself as a 
woman? Or that! Are you one of those people who try to get 
starring roles in AV's but when the actual shooting comes, you 
just take off your clothes and everything, one of those idiots 
with romantic stats of below twenty!? If you think all that 
matters is how much skin you show, you might as well go be a 
nudist! You bloody halfwit! Also, why do I have to suck up to 
a woman I don’t like? With any semblance of common sense, 
one would immediately realize it’s just a waste of time and 
effort! Are you genuinely an idiot!? If so, I might as well go 
chase some 2D girls, which would probably be more 
meaningful, less time-consuming, more appealing, and 
probably won’t damage my wallet and break my heart! 
Furthermore, I want to say one last thing -1 don’t know 
whether you call those things water elementals or whatever but, 
you only have the ability to seduce and hypnotize when those 
things are around - so to be honest your looks are only at a 
medium standard; you’re only going to be a third wheel in my 

crew, which you should have realized long ago if you would 
just look in the goddamn mirror! You sponge-brained idiot!!” 


Not allowing his opponent to reply at all, Sora blabbered on 
and on - finally appearing somewhat pleased with himself. 

“Ah- that feels better...right, so I’ ve said everything I 
wanted to say. I ’ m done here so I ’ m ending the game now, 
bye P ” 


W-wait -!” 

“I’m not waiting-! Are you having fun playing this game, 
making people run around for no particular reason? Thanks for 
having us over, idiot, goodbye-!!” 

Sora and Shiro immediately disappeared after that, so maybe 
the game ended after all. 

After that - the explosions she heard up until then stopped - 
Different noises began quietly resounding within Leila’s heart. 

Part 5 

“Hahaha, to think we would go that far. She’s probably 
furious - is that enough? Shiro?” 

“...Mm, Nii...Omega good job.” 

The brother nodded in satisfaction, while the sister raised her 
thumb at him. 

- Meanwhile, within the hall of the Empress, a thunder-like 
torrent of clapping began to resound from the Seirenes who 
were watching the show. 

Almost in comparison, their friends, who were led by Steph, 
merely rolled their eyes in silence. 

Sora and Shiro had made the Empress go through a horrible 
nightmare, and then left the game behind without even any 
words of comfort. 

In that situation where no one seemed to know what they were 
trying to do - only one person... 

“Phew- that was entertaining...if I tell this to them (the 
Fliigel), they would definitely be so jealous...” 

Jibril, who had caused extreme havoc within the Empress’ 
dream and returned to reality, spoke. 

Her skin appeared to be radiating a faint glow, which probably 
wasn’t their imagination. 

But - with Steph at the head, everyone else who didn’t seem to 
understand what they were doing had the same questions in 
their eyes. 

- So what were they intending to do? - Sora laughed heartily at 
their confused glances. 

He then said -1 don’t know either! 

Sora had merely acted according to Shiro’s orders - which 

“...Nii, just do you normally would.” 

Only one sentence. 

“...Use every possible way you can think of...taunt her, and 
taunt her again, make her incredibly angry...just continue 
taunting her.” 

- Just that. 

Although, Sora did feel rather sad at the fact that her sister said 
that those were his normal actions. 

Since Shiro said so, he needed to be confident himself, as that 
was the way to conquer her route, which meant he had to 
follow her orders to the end without question - without a single 

- Suddenly, cracking sounds were heard. 

The Empress’ ice block had cracked slightly. 


Ignoring the speechless crowd - Sora and Shiro excluded, the 
crack merely began expanding. 

At the same instant as the transparent, crystalline ice began 
cracking all over, its surface and emitting a bright glow ... 

Stardust-like seeds floated from it and splintered. 

Within the reflective, cracking, moving splinters of ice - the 
Empress slowly opened her eyes. 

Everyone could only stare speechless at that. 

“Hey! Hey! Over here! You can’ t hit me due to the TTen 
Pledges] anyway! Hahaha!!!” 

Aside from Sora who was still following her sister’ s orders to 
r Aggravate the opponent] . 

“...S-so think that Imanity could be this 

Even Steph couldn’t help but begin to respect Sora, while the 
Empress slowly stood up from her throne. 

“ can stop now.” 

“Huh, really? And I was having fun too 

The Empress flapped her tailfin elegantly once - and 
approached Sora slowly, trailing light behind her. 

Within this dreamlike turn of events - the Empress, who was 
approaching Sora, had her face dyed blood-red in anger - 

No - as she slowly swam before Sora, the Empress - suddenly... 

“I’ve been waiting for you all this prince V” 

Falling before Sora’s feet, with heart shapes appearing in her 
eyes - she said this. 


While everyone else was shocked speechless, only Sora 
remained on guard. 

“...Hey, hey. Shiro, what’s going on? Is this some sort of 

Sora asked Shiro nervously. 

Suddenly, Sora recalled something. 

- Once when he was playing an online game he cheated too 
much and therefore won too much as well, so his opponents 
managed to find his address to look him up, causing the 
siblings to move to another house in a hurry. It was a bitter 
memory - one from their old world. 

Sora was afraid that he had went too far due to this emotional 
trauma, while Shiro beside him said nonchalantly: 

“ you can... ^Beat the gamej ...” 

“...Ah, so that’s what’s going on.” 

Steph, Plum, Jibril and Amira finally realized what was 
happening as Shiro explained it. 

The Empress - Leila continued: 

“Ah, my beloved emperor...please scold me more V” 

H, hey, does this guy have some mental problem?" 

Sora asked while pointing at Leila who was at his feet, but 
Steph instead recalled a discussion they had before the game 

The thing they had found in the Late King ’ s library - _ The 
Treasure of the Proud Princess] . 

Cross-referencing to the rEnding] of the book - she finally 
understood Shiro ’ s intentions. 

“...I see, so that’s what’s happening.” 

A beautiful princess. 

A fairy tale about a princess who had everything, beauty, 
riches, love, simply everything.. 

She wanted more - her desires surpassed all, as the Princess 
wanted everything. 

Those desires were ground to a halt due to a certain man. 

The Princess had acquired everything in the world from 
different men. 

But her desires were still unfulfilled, and her wish - 

-By a ^Dagger] -wielding man... 

- The princess let her desires for this curiously beautiful 
unknown (treasure)... 

- End along with her death. 

- Yes, that fairy tale was a story about a princess who was 
exterminated as desires plagued her. 

But, the Empress feared - 

“So Grandpa found the fairy tale that caused the Empress to 
hibernate, and after some observations...because she has 
everything, what the Empress wants is something unknown - 
probably an unachievable love...but...” 

But, the late King’s - her grandfather’s explanation was rather 
poetic, Steph thought as she sighed. 

After that she turned to Shiro - the one who had orchestrated 
the entire game. 

“...I see...the Empress...that everyone loved, she couldn’t 
understand the value of things just because she had 
every thing... which is why she pursues...” 

Ino appeared to be undergoing some sort of revelation, and he 
continued emotionally: 

“I see...which means, what she is looking for is someone that 
even if she falls in love with - that person won’t love her in 

To be frank - according to Shiro’s explanation, it meant - 

Essentially, she is in love for the sake of love...she wants an 
^Unobtainable LoveJ . 

No, to be even more honest - it meant... 

“...She wants to be bullied...yes, just like Steph.” 


Steph cried out in shock, while Jibril clapped her hands as she 
realized in the same instant. 

“I get it now. According to that fairy tale, the man who killed 
the princess wasn’t after her love - so that man, and that man 
alone, was the only man the princess couldn’t get.” 

Huh? Is she frozen there or something?” 

Sora cried out, because that basically meant - 

She wanted someone else’s property - which meant she would 
repeatedly become that someone’s slave. 

- Wasn’t that a perfect example of an incorrigible woman? 

“So you’re telling me that even if I fall in love with her she’ll 
immediately get turned off since she actually got my love? 
What an annoying bitch.” 

“Yessss V I’m an annoying bitch- I’m sorry ¥” 

The Empress who was receiving a brutal scolding (Leila) 
smiled blissfully while twisting her body from side to side. 

- r I will offer everything I havej - 

Everyone should pay more attention to the meaning behind that 
sentence, and Shiro appeared to be the only one who noticed, 
so she said: 

“...Nii has all the rights...of that person...” 

Huh? Oh, right...” 

“Ahahaaa V P-please be more forceful with me V” 

- Plum and the Dhampirs were speechless all the way up until 

“...So just for something like this...she hibernated for eight 
hundred years and nearly caused us to go extinct...?” 

Even though she wasn’t exactly clear of the details herself, 
Plum sighed a huge sigh as though she was going to puff out 
her soul itself after that explanation. 

After that, the Empress cried out in apparent surprise at Plum 
and the Dhampirs’ reactions: 

“...Huh? Did I really sleep for eight hundred years!?” 

- She then continued: 

“This game - as long as you don’t fall in love with me and 
kick me to the side or something you win. Are you all idiots?” 

“You’ re the idiot here! We can’ t do something like that 
due to the TTen PledgesJ ! You sponge-brained dumbass!” 

“Aahahahhhahh V yes! I’m an idiot! I’m a sponge—!!” 

- Also not counting the rTen Pledges] ... 

She had a irresistibly powerful hypnotizing ability that even 
Jibril or Miko couldn’t resist... 

There was a possibility that it was an all-powerful magic, so 
not falling in love with Leila in that state would be directly 

It was something that neither the Dhampirs, the Seirenes nor 
anyone else could consider doing. 

Which meant - to give her a hard punch in the face. Who would 
have guessed that she would have thought of such a strategy? 

“...Now do you understand why the Seirenes are so happy? 

“...Yeah, this...what should I say...” 

“Hehe- ☆ So-chan, you put on quite a show earlier, but 
could you please on Amira’ s behalf beat up that ### as 
hard as you can-? Mm! If s OK even if you cause permanent 
brain damage in the process 

“Ah, I beg of you, husband - please beat me V hit me- ¥” 

Amira was smiling - but at the same time, her look at Sora was 
unbelievably murderous. 

As well as Leila who asked for the same thing, but instead 
looked at Sora in expectation. 

“...Hey, Jibril - what exactly is love?” 

Sora looked up at the ceiling and asked, while Jibril smiled and 

“Isn’t it exactly what Plum said? As long as one confirms the 
presence of love, it’s love 

Slightly further away, Ino was conversing emotionally with 

“There really are many types of love...hmm, it appears I am 
not matured enough either.” 

“...Grandpa...Izuna still doesn’t understand it, des.” 

“Don’t worry, Izuna. You will one day.” 

Sora sighed and thought - will that day ever come? 

“...I don’t think I will ever know.” 

- Just like that, except for the Empress - Leila, under conditions 
that no one could approve of... 

That stupid game was over for the moment - 

Part 6 

Within the capital of the Elkian Federation, Elkia - in the 
middle of the night. 

Steph appeared to be burning the midnight oil in one of the 
offices in the castle of Imanity’s final territory. 

“...I knew it, this time Oceande’s going to be merged with us 
as well.” 

- With her workload increasing, Steph’s eyebags were 
increasing in density as well. 

Other than that, even Avant Heim had shown interest in joining 
the Federation, albeit only in name. 

The mountain of documents in front of her increased by the 
day, and Steph quickly averted her eyes from it in fear as she 
imagined it getting even larger - but then she thought: 

“...At this rate those nobles will finally shut up.” 

- Faced with this undeniable truth, Steph looked at the 
documents again and sighed. 

Every single day, those nobles that came to challenge them in 
games for their own benefit - had now completely disappeared. 

Now the documents from Sora’ s conquest of Oceande’ s 
humongous territory and resources were already this much - 
enough to deprive Steph from all sleep - and Elkia’ s 
federation with the Eastern Federation.. .the rFederation 
Concept] that had initially been thought impossible due to the 

vast differences of power between nations was now a reality 
due to their efforts, and the situation had thus changed as well. 

The territory of the Seirenes - meant that they could now utilize 
the resources in the oceans... 

Because they had acquired the ^Underwater Resources J that 
neither Elkia nor the Eastern Federation could utilize, the 
disadvantage both nations previously had now disappeared. 

What a stupid game, and that conclusion - Steph mumbled to 

“...From the very beginning, that was their aim - so this 
shouldn’t be possible...right?” 

It was by pure chance that Plum had visited Sora and the 
others, allowing them to acquire Oceande. 

But in the final game, Miko - which meant the Eastern 
Federation did not participate, so Oceande’s resources had 
become the sole property of Elkia. It was the deciding factor 
between the strength of the two nations, so the situation had 
reversed from the two countries from being extremely far apart 
in terms of strength to almost equals, so Steph was still 
somewhat in disbelief. 

- More importantly, they had acquired two nations at once. 

Besides that, even Avant Heim was preparing to join. 

After the Werebeasts - the Seirenes, the Dhampirs and even the 

Sora had kept to his word, acquiring three birds with one stone. 

Like this they didn’t have to take their Race Pieces nor cause 
any damage - no, even giving them benefits, they had annexed 
four races without a single drop of blood shed. This made 
Steph recall something. 

When Sora and the rest had conquered the Eastern Federation - 
Miko - she had a rather ridiculous thought, and although she 
wanted to chase it away, she began feeling that the thought 
began having some truth in it. 

“...The tenth of the rTen Pledges] , Everyone should get 
along while playing games...” 

Steph’s mouth curled up in a small smile - was that finally 

Previously all they did was fight amongst each other, and the 
rSixteen Races] had disfigured the planet in their wars, so 
leading the rSixteen Races] against the One True God 
without killing anyone, without anyone dying - was that really 
possible - 

“...? Speaking of which.” 

Steph recalled the day that Sora and the others had bet the 
rRace Piece of the ImanityJ at the Eastern Federation 

The rSixteen Races] each had a rRace Piece] , and if one 
were to acquire them all that person would then have the right 
to challenge the One True God. 

Suddenly, Steph shifted her gaze towards the distant horizon. 

The gigantic chess piece that was still visible even in the 
darkest night, appearing as if it would block the moonlight, 
piercing the clouds. 

- If that was the piece the One True God owned... 

Did the respective Race Pieces have their own role to play as 

Although she had yet to see the other rRace Pieces] , but the 
rImanity Race Piece] that Sora brandished was - 

“...The King...” 

The King in Western chess was - rThe weakest piece] . 

It was the most important, but the abilities of a King were even 
lower than a r Pawn] , that was common knowledge - 

“Oh well, I’m probably thinking too much...sigh, back to 
work, back to work.” 

Part 7 

At the same time - within the main hall of capital Elkia. 

Relying on the building capabilities of the Eastern Federation, 
Sora and Shiro’s castle was finally complete - which was a 
small wooden house. 

Within the tatami-covered room that Sora and Shiro requested 
for, were countless games and books scattered everywhere. 

On top of it, the siblings were sleeping silently on a mattress 
within that tiny space. 

- At this time a shadow silently approached them. 

But that shadow - 

Hey, Plum, is there something you need at this time?” 
“...Disturbing... sleep...” 

Their voices sounded as if they were holding back laughter, 
and Sora and Shiro stared into space, giving up on their act. 

“...A-ahaha, s-sorry...urn...that...” 

How did a normal Imanity manage to see through an 
invisibility spell of a Dhampir? 

Plum dispelled her magic and smiled sheepishly, then bowed to 
apologize - 

“Are you here to reveal to us your true identity?” 

As Sora said this - Plum’s smile froze. 

Sora and Shiro ignored her reaction, then sat up straight - their 
smiles were just like that of little kids that had succeeded in 
pulling off a humongous prank. 

“I don’t usually compliment others but I really want to show 
my utmost respect towards you, your strategy really was pretty 
amazing, to think you would actually 

Sora complimented her sincerely, but - 

“You actually managed to deceive us to the very end without 
lying at all, Plum - no...” 

Sora’s mouth curled up in a small smile, and he looked at the 
female Dhampir - no... 

“The final male Dhampir - Plum-san, I should be calling you 
that right?” 

- He looked at the young boy. 

- ...A sigh was heard. 

The beautiful, bishoujo-like boy sat down cross-legged as his 
identity was revealed, and sighed. 

His expression was that of disappointment - but hidden in his 
eyes were a piercing knowledge sharper than any sword. 

“...Ugh...did I mess up somewhere? When did you find out?” 

- Ah, so he sounds like that, huh, Sora thought as he replied. 
“From the very start - well that’s what I want to say but...” 

Sora glanced at Shiro. 

“I don’t really want to admit this, but Shiro was the one who 
noticed it, even before the time we went to the beach.” 


Shiro raised a victory sign, appearing very proud of herself. 

And Sora seemed rather unhappy at her, so he cupped his 
cheeks and complained. 

“Because of that, I nearly sexually harassed a guy, and let you 
lick my sister’s feet, I messed up that badly...dammit, I should 
have realized earlier...(mumbling)” 

“Ahaha...thanks a lot for that, I was dying anyway...” 

Sora choked slightly, as he saw the bishounen say that without 
a single hint of remorse. 

So, let’s continue the questioning regarding that night at 
the beach - shall we?” 

“...—... TpiumJ ...” 

As she finished her sentence, Shiro immediately continued to 
recite out that memory just like a tape recorder. 

- rPlease let the Empress fall in love with you! I prepared a 
strategy for that as well! J 

Yes, that was the initial request that Plum had raised the first 
time he encountered Sora and others - but... 

“I felt that there was something wrong about that, because 
you didn’t say: please awaken her. From the very start all you 
said was - you prepared strategies for her to fall in love...” 


“We prepared Two] tests for you with Miko-san’ s 

TNlij ...” 

- r I know about your sure-win plan, but why didn’ t you 
guys just do it yourselves?] 

And in contrast, Shiro continued. 

“...—... TpiumJ ...” 

- r The final male of the Dhampirs is still young. J 

- rWe need to at least a male with reproductive abilities.] 

“First, we emphasized that it was a plan definite to succeed, 
but you never said it was so at all.” 

“ » 

“Which meant - you knew from the very beginning that even 
if we manage to get her to fall in love we can’t win right?” 

Plum merely smiled bitterly, while Sora continued: 

“Now for the second point...I asked why TYou guys] 
didn’ t do it.” 

Sora indicated that “this is the part I’m pissed about”, and he 
continued with his brow furrowed: 

“I was talking about you guys! But you didn’t mention 
yourself as well, instead you only said that it could only be a 
male, then talked about a young male from an unclear 

He couldn’t lie before a Werebeast, so he could only make the 
perspective unclear. 

So it would be referring to you who has no reproductive 
ability right?” 

No doubt, the person who realized that was Shiro, so - 

“Do you remember the time I saw Shiro ’ s phone and it said 
rLike that even if it’ s not Nii it’ s OKJ ?” 

“...Yes...but is there a problem with that?” 

The young boy didn’t seem to understand, so Sora smiled and 

“Actually all that we had said earlier was already recorded by 

“ | i-> 

“I intentionally recited differently from what was displayed 
on the phone - which was lying to send a signal to Miko-san.” 

Yes, Plum - the final male Dhampir - _ Intentionally avoided 
making a statement] 

Every time he was faced with a disadvantageous question, such 
as rIs it A or B?J , he would always reply i"It’ s not BJ , 
which would not count as a lie because it didn’ t mean _ Thus 
it is Aj . 

So since he was not lying yet telling the half-truth all the time, 
even the Werebeasts wouldn’t be able to figure out such 
complex wordplay. 

“But, that instead made things even more interesting.” 

“Let’s arrange everything.” Sora clapped and began pacing 
around the room, then continued cheerfully: 

“You wanted to free the Dhampirs, that was the truth, and the 
fact that your magic could make people fall in love was true as 
well, but you knew it wouldn’t be sufficient to awaken the 
Empress. That means you were using us to free the Dhampirs 
despite all that - hmm, you thought really highly of us, thanks 
for that.” 

Sora smiled, and Shiro smiled as well and replied: 

“...—... TpiumJ ...” 

- rP-please wait! I can only rely on Sora-dono and the rest of 
you now! J 

“Yes, that was true, we were the only ones you could rely 

Which means, the people that Plum’s plan required were - 
which again meant... 

The people that could find out the r Conditions to awaken the 
Empress] that even Plum could not. 

The people that would acquire all the rights of the Seirenes 
after awakening the Empress. 

If they were to fail, they could also be sent to the Seirenes as 
TFoodJ by Plum. 

- Which left the only race that even the Seirenes could look 
down upon - the lowest-ranked race, the Imanity. 

Additionally there was Jibril - or furthermore, Avant Heim had 
only Sora and the others as companions. 

But Sora had Izuna, or to put it further, Miko - the problem was 
the presence of the Eastern Federation. 

Before the senses of the Werebeasts, any lies would be 
immediately detected - thus... 

“You could only perfectly deceive us without using any lies at 
all, then commanding us to act according to your will.” 

“ « 

Sora clapped sincerely. 

“Ah, the fact that you thought so highly of us and trusted that 
we could do so much makes me feel really good, honestly. To 
be honest the fact that we couldn’t rely on a fixed tactic to 
conquer Avant Heim forced us to charge in without any plan.” 

“...Yeah, about that 

He then scratched his cheeks, that poor-looking young boy - 
who was actually a master strategist smiled. 

“If not, that sort of game - how could I possibly help?” 

He smiled boldly as if to declare: But of course! 

Faced with the final male of the Dhampir who could say that so 
easily - Sora smiled. 

For the sake of his plan, he was willing to put himself on the 

What a perfect rGamer] , Sora could only speak his mind. 

“But, even though we were able to see through you this far, 
we were still played a fool by your strategies - no, we could 
only act that way, and even though I ’ m still not too happy 
about it, I can only commend your efforts - guess we ’ 11 call it 
a r DrawJ ?” 

“...Plum, well done...” 

Sora then sat down cross-legged, but Sora and Shiro’s faces 
were all smiles. 

- On the other hand... 

“Ahaha, you ’ re wrong - this _ GameJ ’ s only winner is 

I ” 


As he said this, his expression was still pitiful, but he glanced 
at them condescendingly. 

- It was just like - yes, it was like he had his eyes set on a huge 
feast and was prepared to tuck in, Plum smiled in a twisted 


- Sora felt his life was threatened so he went on full alert at this 
sudden change. 

I see, so my plans were uncovered, but - that’s not enough, and 
Plum continued mockingly: 

“The Queen bet rEverything she hadj ! Have you not 

“- What!?” 

As he heard this - Sora’s face twisted, and he backed away. 

Has he finally realized? The cold smile on Plum’s face 
widened even more, and he continued: 

“Yes...not only her TpowerJ , but even her 
rResponsibilities] were transferred onto you guys.” 

“- Ah - w, wait a second...that means - !!” 

Sora finally understood the situation, and he hurriedly shielded 
Shiro with his own body, and cried out with eyes bulging in 

Since he had rEverything] that belonged to the 
representative of the Seirenes - it didn’ t just mean power ... 

Responsibilities - which means the responsibility to supply the 
Dhampirs blood - ! 

Plum - the bishounen with a pair of sharp, even seductive eyes. 

That pitiful appearance of his was gone, and now - he was 
living up to the name of a vampire - a _ King] - the final male 
of the Dhampirs bared his fangs in an evil smile befitting of a 
race representative. 

“So, no matter how things develop, only the Dhampirs (I) 
benefit - understand? You inferior species.” 

! W-wait, that’s - !!” 

Sora was so shocked he turned pale, and he cried as though 
pleading for his life. 

Instead Plum spread his blood-red wings, then smiled in a 
beastly manner with his glittering, seductive fangs opened 

-Asa courtesy before a meal, he spoke softly: 

“Thank you for the food - P ” 

Then, he charged straight at the terrified Sora’s neck, and bit - 


- He couldn’t bite. 

“...Huh? Um , what? Er, what’s going on!?” 

...His king-like composure disappeared in an instant, and the 
King of the Night - turned back into Plum. 

“...Nii...your acting was rather exaggerated...” 

“Huh? Nah, I should be acting more outrageously here, 

- His terrified expression had completely disappeared 
somewhere along the way. 

The two smiled thinly as they looked at the flustered Plum. 

“Plum, you’re quite something, and that’s something I don’t 
mind repeating. To think that you could conjure up such an 
amazing strategy, but you didn’t consider - if we actually 
awoke the Empress, how were you going to free the 


“Just like how you thought so highly of us, we - think highly 
of you as well.” 

In an about-turn of expressions, Sora glanced at him sincerely - 
yet that gaze carried the challenging arrogance of a gamer. 

“That’ s why I said, this rGameJ - is a draw.” 

As he heard this - Plum opened his eyes wide in surprise for 
the very first time. 

But Sora merely spread his arms cheerfully, smiled and 

“You’re really good, I mean it. You actually set a trap that 
would activate automatically if we were to win - a time bomb - 
this is the first time I’ve been set up so beautifully in my entire 
career as a gamer!!” 

- Once again - Shiro recited accurately: 

r N iiJ ...” 

- rThe Empress bet - _ Everything she hadj I 

“You merely looked down without saying anything - not a 
word of confirmation nor denial, so we were able to confirm 
everything including the presence of the trap.” 

Sora said, but as he heard the next sentence... 

Plum actually felt sweat dripping from his cheeks, and he felt 
shock - no, pure horror. 

“-So! Let’s reveal the time bomb we set on you as well.” 

“...—... TpiumJ ...” 

- rI heard that Sora-dono and the others are planning to 
conquer all the races.] 

Sitting on Sora’s lap, Shiro happily recreated that sentence, that 
was one of the very first things Plum had said to Sora - 

“f m sorry, you rMessed upj there, we never planned to 
get anyone’ s piece.” 


“So, when you weren’t around -1 told the Empress.” 

Sora narrowed his eyes and smiled as if he was reciting a 
humorous joke to a friend: 

Which was - 

“Aside from the responsibilities held in helping us, we return 
everything, your Race Piece included.” 

But Sora then continued weakly: “She said rMy beloved 
husband, please don’ t return the right for you to continue 
bullying me !j ” So that was the only thing she refused. 

...Plum collapsed weakly onto the ground and sighed. 

“...What does that matter to me...if one messes up the first 
step in a plan, everything is lost...” 

The greater a plan was, the first step would decide even more, 
Plum couldn’t possibly not know this. 

But how could one detect a screw-up in the very first step of a 
plan - Plum thought. 

“You only made one mistake, and it was a common mistake, 
but aside from that - everything was perfect.” 


“The Dhampirs were weakened due to the Tien Pledges] , 
you realized that, and even raised measures to counter that...but 
despite that, you weren’ t conscious enough of the weaker 
ones, so at the most crucial stage 

Sora replied bitterly: 

“You called us the inferior races right? ...That was the 

As he heard that - Plum understood, and he sighed. 

“- think I still have that sense of pompous pride 
even after I got this far...something that shouldn’t have been 
there, I was wrong all guys actually...” 

Reverting to his usual pitiful expression, Plum looked up at the 
ceiling and said: 

“...You guys actually intend to challenge the One True God, 
who would have thought of that...” 

Sora and Shiro smiled in satisfaction as they heard that. 

- Yes, that person - Plum, the final male of the Dhampir had 

He had found the way to conquer this world (game). 

“This world would be a much better place with more people 
like you around, and this time you were only one step short.” 

“...Let’s play again next time...Plum-san...” 

Next time pay more attention - the two had even gave him 
advice, and as he heard them say this without even the slightest 
bit of apprehension in their voices... 

Plum - ...sighed deeply and collapsed onto the floor. 

“Aaaaahhhhh, how disappointing! Everything was perfect 
from the start...I was wary of the Fliigel and the Werebeasts, 
and I took close attention to you both as well, despite that I 
began to have a bad feeling at Avant Heim...” 

- The thought that briefly flashed across his mind that the both 
of them were too dangerous was correct. 

“ is this a DrawJ , it’ s just things returning 
to square one.” 

- Yes, what had Plum’s plans changed? 

The awakening of the Empress saved them from becoming 
extinct, but they were still the slaves of the Seirenes and had to 
continue coexisting with them just like before; and if the 
Seirenes wished to assist Sora, the Dhampirs who were in a 
mutualistic relationship could not disobey. 

- They had perfectly used Plum’s plan against him, reversing 
the checkmate. 

And this was still - a situation where no one actually lost 

“ achieved an rAbsolute Victory] but then said it 
was a draw, are you mocking me?” 

Plum glared at them who had manipulated his plan as if he was 
throwing a tantrum. 

“Let me say this first, I won’t let the Seirenes be our masters 

Then he continued: so -1 must say this. 

“...Do not underestimate the Dhampirs!” 

With the eye of the King of the Night that would petrify 
anyone gazing into it, he looked at Sora and Shiro - 

But the two merely dismissed it and raised their thumbs 

“Of course, how could we possibly win if we underestimate 
our opponents, let’s play some other time, I’m waiting for 

“...I had a lot of fun...Plum-san.” 

- They merely replied with smiles praising each others as 

Seeing that he was merely wasting energy, Plum gave up 
thinking and collapsed once again. 

“...Speaking of which, the matter of the outcome of the game 
is settled right? I have a request." 

Plum looked into Sora’s eyes extremely solemnly, and - 

Sora-dono...please let me lick your sister’s feet 

“Good, you up for Round 2 right!? Fine with me, give me 
your best shot, Dhampir!!” 

Sora yelled at the perverted boy who had become a slave to 
nothing but mere drops of sweat. 

“Ah, even yours is fine!” 

“You don’t even care about the gender!? You cross-dress, 
you’re addicted to sweat and you’re bisexual in terms of 
feeding, you’re a humongous pervert, you know!?” 

Goosebumps began surfacing on Sora’s entire body, and he 
unconsciously grabbed Shiro and backed away slightly. 

“After having the taste of you both, the taste of Seirenes 
blood isn’t enough for me anymore, so please, I beg of you!” 

“You just said don’t underestimate the Dhampir, but look 
what you’re doing kneeling in front of me without hesitation!” 

“Huh? No, because I’m the one that’s licking...” [5] 

“I’m not referring to that - hmm?” 

- At that point Sora appeared to recall something, and he spoke 
in response to Plum slowly. 

“...If you’re looking for an exchange, Shiro’s out of the 
question, but my sweat is all yours since you’ve licked it back 
in Avant Heim anyway.” 



The perverted young boy looked at him with overjoyed eyes, 
but Shiro tilted her head in confusion. 

“No, it’s just that I still don’t understand what love is at all, 
and Shiro and everyone else seems to understand what is, so I 
didn’t get a chance to play a part....s-so!” 

Sora who was originally about to fall into depression violently 
shook his head and made a suggestion to Plum. 

“How about you cast that rLove magicJ on me, then let 
Shiro put her hands on my chest?” 

“That’s nothing! Here, I’m all set! Let’s go!” 

A complex pattern surfaced within Plum’s eyes as he prepared 
to cast the spell. 

But Shiro appeared to be considering something, and placed 
her hands underneath her chin - 

She appeared to have come to a decision...and she continued 

“...I understand...alright...” 

“Yes, Sora-dono, since Shiro-dono has approved of it, let’s 
begin! So give me sweat...hehe 

“Alright, I get it, calm down a little 

After that, just like the time he cast it on Miko - Plum’s black 
wings suddenly turned blood-red. 

The red spell that corroded into his arms shrouded Sora - 

At the same time - after the sound of an explosion was heard, a 
red light began emanating around Sora. 

“Phew - phew - right, n-now all that’s left is for Shiro-dono to 
place her hands on Sora-dono’s chest! Let’s go! And then...b- 
before I die of exhaustion, g-give me some bodily fluids...” 

- It appeared to be a spell that drained quite a lot of energy. 

But he appeared to be willing to do anything for the sake of 
Sora’s bodily fluids, and he hurriedly pestered Shiro. 

Shiro merely placed her hands over Sora’s chest, and simply - 

“...I like...Nii.” 

“...Nii...h-how was that...?” 

Shiro asked nervously, while Sora merely tilted his head. 

“...No, don’t ask me...” 

Sora looked at Shiro - yep...still Shiro. 

She was still unbelievably beautiful with pure-white hair and 
gemstone-like eyes, she was still his pride and joy, his cute 
little sister. 

“Hey, Plum, nothing seems to have changed, what’s going 

Sora asked somewhat unhappily, while Plum attempted to fight 
off his exhaustion and replied - 

“Huh? H-how is that possible - ah, it’s like that...” 

After that - he seemed to have noticed something, and he 

“I see...that’ s why you allowed me to use magic right? Oh~ 
oh~ J>” 

“...What are you talking about...I don’t get it...” 

Shiro averted her gaze coldly - only Sora didn’t seem to 
understand what was going on, and he couldn’t keep up with 
the conversation. 

But Plum - had a look of utter revelation on his face, as though 
he had just solved the greatest rule of the universe. 

“I see, so that’s why the seduction of the Empress didn’t 
work...bin m~” 

As long as he was in this world it would be impossible for him 
to not be affected by spirits, but Sora wasn’t affected by the 
Empress at all. 

Plum’s magic had the effect of changing the definition of the 
feeling to love someone into an actual emotion, but after the 
magic was cast there was no effect. 

Which meant - 

“Shiro, what’s going on?” 

Sora still didn’t seem to understand, but Shiro simply turned 

“R-right, I kept my end of the deal, now g-give me sweat 


“...U-um, fine, no use avoiding it.” 

Sora stretched out his arm, at which Plum immediately cried 
out and leaped onto it. 

- The magic had appeared to have been used, so he had no 
reason to lie, but there was no effect. 

“...What does this mean? Does that mean I can’t fall in love 
even with magic, is that what this world is trying to tell me?” 

Sora mumbled in disappointment, but Shiro didn’t reply. 

“Aha V that’s it! Ah it’s so delicious, I wonder why V” 

Looking down at the noisy pervert who was busy licking the 
back of his hand, Sora rolled his eyes and asked: 

“...Shiro...what is love?” 

“...No idea... P” 

She turned away - Shiro replied softly with her face crimson 

Epilogue: Neverending 

Part 1 

“...Hey Steph, what is love?” 

“That topic again? Isn’t it over 

“I seem to have given birth to a baby girl.” 


...Steph told herself to calm down. 

Within Steph’s office where she continued to busy herself with 
national affairs, Sora, Shiro and Jibril suddenly appeared. 

After which Sora immediately began with that line. 

...Mm, I see. 

Even after she calmed down, she still didn’t understand 

“...Is your mental state in order?” 

- At that point Jibril began explaining. 

“The Seirenes are a very fertile race - especially the Empress, 
she can probably have a child with just a few strands of hair 
from Master, so as long as the Empress isn’t asleep again you 
can probably tell why they’re such a peaceful race.” 

But then Steph asked, fighting back a surfacing headache: 

“- T-that’s not the important thing here...huh? A girl?” 

“I did say it was a girl, but since it’s a Seirenes, she can’t 
come out from the water right? So I can only go visit her, 
which is why I’m now puzzling over whether or not I should 
go - could this be paternal love?” 

- Steph had witnessed a miracle. 

- The virgin appeared to be exuding paternal love. 

“...No point in...going...” 

“No, but that’s my daughter!?” 

“To be precise, the Empress had acquired an extremely small 
amount of Spirits from the Master’ s hair and created a clone 
of the Empress (Leila) from basically that’ s how 
Seirenes rReproduce! .” 

In the midst of the chaos, Izuna appeared. 

- She had a huge fish in her mouth - no, a young female Seiren. 
“...S-sora, there’s a tiny little Seiren here, des.” 

The first word from the tiny Seiren’s mouth was: 


- Sora felt an electric shock pierce him. 

“Aaaahhhh, my daughter, yes, I’m papa-ugg g hhhhhh!” 

Just as Sora dashed up in an attempt to hug her, Shiro punched 

“Funny, the Seirenes shouldn’t be able to come out of the 

“That guy called Plum came as well, des.” 

“ it the magic of the Dhampir...but if you don’t place 
her in water fast, she’ll die!” 

“Steph! Get a bucket immediately! Ah, there’s a pond in the 
courtyard, right! Will that work!?” 

“Anything! Could you all please settle this outside!? Or could 
you actually do some work!!” 

Looking at the chaotic office, Jibril began thinking alone. 

There were Imanity, Fliigel, Werebeasts, and - even the 
Seirenes and Dhampirs. 

- They weren’t quarreling. 

Azrael - and even Avant Heim were about to change as well. 

Everything in the world was slowly but surely transforming 
into something impossible to happen after the creation of the 
rTen Pledges] - no, even something impossible before it. 

And it was centered around her two Masters - 

“The day that the Masters’ Bible finally becomes a 
legend...doesn’t seem to be very far off.” 

Jibril nodded in confirmation, and added to the Bible - to her 
observational diary of Sora and Shiro one single sentence. 

Year — Month — Day - Master gave birth as a virgin - 

Part 2 

- The capital of Elven Gard, the Nilvalen residences. 

“...I lose again.” 

Kurami sighed as she was playing games with Fii, and took out 
her notebook. 

“Kurami, you don’t seem to be as adamant now when you 
lose huh?” 

“...How could I not be adamant, that’s why I’m doing this.” 

Kurami said unhappily, and what she was recording down was 
the reasons as to why she lost. 

That notebook dictated all the patterns and strategies she could 
have predicted but didn’t. 

Since the day she played chess against Sora, she had filled in 
fifty copies of the same notebook within half a month. 

- Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible for an 
Imanity to beat an Elf in a game that involves magic. 

So - she would have to find an abnormal way to win. 

Looking at that steadily growing pile of notebooks - Fii felt 
happy at Kurami’s growth. 

“- Ah, Kurami, some information (secrets) just arrived, let’s 
pause for a while.” 

Fii said, then touched the Spirit Gem on her forehead. 

...Calling the information she gathered from spying on other 
countries through the ^Elemental Corridor Network] secrets 
was really an exceptional act of hypocrisy. 

Kurami smiled bitterly and thought, but as she heard the 
information - Fii widened her eyes in shock. 

“...Fii, what is it? Emergency?” 

“Ah, it’s’s just hard to believe...” 

She then uttered that piece of news in disbelief. 

“Sora-san and the others managed to get Oceande - the 
Seirenes and Dhampirs to join the Elkian Federation.” 

- Is that something really so shocking? Kurami smiled and 
asked, but then Fii continued: 

“And the ^Council of the Eighteen Wings J ofAvantHeim 
decided - to join the Elkian Federation as well.” 

-1 see, that’s something to be surprised about, Kurami smiled 
and said. 

Like that, after the Werebeasts, the Seirenes, Dhampirs and 
finally the Fliigel were serving under the Imanity now. 

Sora and Shiro were completing an impossible task at an 
impossibly fast rate, which caused Fii to feel puzzled, but - 

"...They’re faster than we thought, let’s pack up our luggages 
quickly then.” 

“...Kurami, did you know this long ago?” 

Fii seemed to be saying sadly: Did you not share information 
with me? But then Kurami laughed. 

“Of course not, Fii, didn’ 11 say it was predicting? Their 
tactic is rAdapting to the situationJ anyway.” 

- If their aim was merely to annex all the races, it was only a 
matter of time. 

“The problem is - they’re too fast.” 

“...Yeah, exactly.” 

- Yes, they were too fast - if only the Seirenes and Dhampirs 
(Oceande) were involved, they would probably be ignored. But 
after the Eastern Federation, if Avant Heim were to be 
annexed, the situation would be viewed completely differently. 

In a short time, they had annexed a huge nation and a high- 
ranking race. 

- The Elves, the Dwarves and other important nations would 
probably stop surveying the situation and would begin 
heightening their guard. 

They would finally begin an assault against Elkia - but - no 

“We seem to have made it just in time, so I guess there really 
was a reward for us rushing through all that.” 

“What I wanted to say was you’re trying too hard 

Despite that, Fii smiled faintly and began packing up, then - 

“Alright Fii, let’s go, I imagine we won’t be back here any 
time soon 

“Heh, if they really succeed it would be a world-changing 
piece of news, we can’t very well miss it.” 

Leaving the Nilvalen residences, walking along the path they 
wouldn’t be able to return to for a long time, Fii asked: 

“Kurami, so the thing you mentioned before - what’ s the 
rSomething elsej ?” 

Although Fii already had an answer, she still asked. 

It’s not to tell lies, he doesn’t lie because he doesn’t lie to 

Fii appeared as if she knew long ago, and she smiled as she 
merely confirmed this. 

- “I’m at my limit”, “This is below me” were words he would 
die before saying. 

- Because the person who had given the puppet (himself) life 
was way beyond that. 

- Because lying to himself was tantamount to rejecting 
humanity (his sister). 

Suddenly, THis J ideals surfaced within her head, and 
Kurami smiled and said: 

“Fii, do you know the common method all things use to 
achieve their goals?” 


“It’s planning, predicting, preparing completely, challenging - 
then failing.” 

“...Is failing necessary?” 

“Yes, then analyzing failures, thinking of counter-strategies, 
once again preparing, challenging yet again - then failing yet 
again as well.” 

“ « 

“This process - if it were to continue again, there would be 
nothing unachievable in this world.” 

“...What a shocking thesis...” 

Fii was rendered completely speechless, even feeling respect, 
while Kurami smiled and nodded in agreement as well. 

“Yes, it’s a ridiculous thesis - but I do kind of like it.” 

There was nothing unachievable. 

If one couldn’t do something, it would merely mean one did 
not yet have the ability to do something - all that was left was 
to compete against age (time). 

But even that competition itself could be passed down to 
generations like the next - that was the Imanity (the weak). 

“Neither Sora and I are superheroes, we aren’t genii, but we 
have no reason to be.” 

It was simply - 

“The desire to become a genius is the important part.” 

“ « 

“Our countless failures, will light the way for our successors - 
become the lantern brightening the night ahead.” 

For him it was - a lantern for Shiro, for herself it was a lantern 
for Fii, and it was the same with the countless failures of the 
Late King. 

In the end they would definitely become - the lantern for all 
Imanity, for all the races - 

Suddenly, Fii asked Kurami what she thought about the man 
who had influenced her this much. 

“...Kurami, what kind of person is Sora-san to you?” 

As she heard that question, what flashed through her mind was 

- the world he saw - 

“He’s just a man wanting to be a gamer, a man refusing to be 
a puppet.” 

- After that, no doubt about it, what she really wanted to say 
was - Kurami continued: 

“Someone that we will surpass someday - right?” 

Fii smiled and took her hand as she heard Kurami say that with 
the uttermost conviction. 

Part 3 

The capital of the Eastern Federation, ^MilaJ -Miko’ s 
shrine. [2] 

Under the moonlight, the golden-haired fox girl and the white- 
haired elderly Werebeast - Miko and Hatsuse Ino sat face-to- 

They sat on the bridge stretching over the pond in the 
courtyard, and in Miko’s hand was - the Werebeasts’ Race 

- Holding the rPawnJ -shaped, faintly glowing chess piece, 
Miko said: 

“...Gamer...I heard that there are two meanings for this word 
in the Imanity language.” 

Which were - rPlayer (challenger) J - or r Prayer (someone 
who prays) J . 

Following his own will, striding forward - someone who 
pioneers into the unknown and challenges the future. 

Entrusting his own will to others, and closing his eyes - 
someone who turns his back toward the unknown and leaves 
his future. 

“Hatsuse Ino, to be honest, I was considering leaving you 

There was no tone of apology in her voice, because she had no 
right to say that, Miko told Ino determinedly: 

“That way, your sole sacrifice would cause the Dhampirs and 
Seirenes to decline, then we could control them without any 

“...Yes, I completely understand.” 

- What Ino couldn’t understand was Sora’s motive. 

Why was he saved? 

Hatsuse Ino completely understood Miko’s motives, and he 
was prepared to die there. 

Which was why he couldn’t understand - couldn’t comprehend 

“- That game was won, but it was an unnecessary game.” 

- It was a boring game that produced boring results. 

But if they were to mess up even slightly, both the Eastern 
Federation and Elkia would suffer greatly. 

The worst situation - Plum’s nefarious plan would have 
succeeded, and the Imanity would have suffered irreversible 

“It was an unnecessary risk, but despite that, the two still 
went through with it.” 

Ino thought there was a reason they didn’t tell them of - but... 

Miko laughed and replied: 

“...He and Hatsuse Izuna made a _ Promise] that they 
would save you.” 

Ino wasn’t expecting that - just for that, they bet the survival of 
their own species -? 

“But as gamers, one of their reasons was probably that they 
didn’t like to win without a fight.” 

- But... 

“In conclusion, because of an idiot’s game the Imanity nearly 
became prey for the Dhampirs, although Sora was able to 
calculate that and turn their plan against them...but they must 
have known the magnitude of the risk they were taking.” 

“ « 

“Hatsuse Ino, what do you think of Sora?” 

“...To be honest, I have no idea.” 

Ino looked down, but Miko laughed as well and said “Me too”, 
then continued: 

“- That man is a liar, a master of deceit - but he doesn’t lie, 
no, he can’t lie.” 

If - Miko continued: 

“If he could lie to himself, he would probably be a bad, easily 
understandable person.” 

Miko didn’t know anything about what happened to Sora 
before he came into this world. 

But it must have been hard on him, that was what she thought 
as she surveyed Sora and Shiro from a distance. 

She had no evidence, and if she was forced to, she could only 
say it would be her instincts as a Werebeast, or probably 
instincts from her personal experiences. 

But - for some reason, she knew. 

Why would someone as good at psychological warfare like 
Sora be unable to get into a relationship in real life, that was 
probably because - 

He couldn’t lie to himself. 

Since he couldn’t lie to himself - he couldn’t say he liked 
someone that he actually doesn’t. 

So - the reason why he had no regrets leaving behind his 
previous world, now that’s an interesting one, it’s probably - 

The world that couldn’t accept the only girl he loved - he 
would be unable to accept it either. 

- Only this one thing, even if he had to face the entire world, he 
would never be able to accept it. 

“So...I am fully prepared - Hatsuse Ino.” 

Miko smiled confidently, and on her face - was an emotion that 
Ino had not seen for years. 

“Even when I gave up on you, that man didn’t, and he fully 
trusted in himself - why didn’t you believe in yourself then?” 

Ino looked down once again when faced with this query, then 
replied respectfully: 

If you could once again pursue your dreams, if you could 
allow me to dream once again.” 

As she heard this, Miko smiled, and she took the Race Piece of 
the Werebeasts - that pawn which appeared to be woven with 

She flicked it upwards into the sky with her fingers. 

Sora, let me witness the continuation to a dream of which I 
have never seen before.” 

A mere chess piece - could rise above the board and become a 

At the end of that dream which was once dreamed yet given up 
on halfway - that never-ending dream - 



- In a certain meeting room of a certain anime production 
agency on a certain day. 

The director was holding a script that had been read almost to 
tatters, and asked MF (the publishers): 

“...Ah~ what exactly is the setting here?” 

The original writers’ gazes immediately - settled upon Kamiya 
who was currently immersing himself in the deliciousness of 
the snacks provided. 

As he noticed everyone’s glances, faced with this sudden 
problem, Kamiya nearly choked but still stood up and said 
confidently - 

“Hmm, it is not yet confirmed!!” 

Despite the fact that everyone’s icy gazes were raining down 
upon him, Kamiya spread his arms wide and continued: 

“If everything was decided from the very beginning, I can 
only write adhering to that! Adapting to the situation then 
presenting one’ s work in the most effective and entertaining 
manner to the readers is true rEntertainmentJ ! ” 

But, as he heard Kamiya declare this, the director nodded 
slowly instead and smiled mysteriously. 

“So to say, ?No Game No LifeJ this piece of work - r IS 
COMPLETE BULLSHIT J , is my explanation correct?” 

“Absolutely correct! With bullshit and courage, nothing in 
this world is unachievable!!” 

“ brat, what’s your name?” 

“Kamiya Yuu, these snacks are delicious (om nom nom).” 

“I like you, Kamiya, you seem to be a good drinking partner.” 

The two shook each other’s hands vigorously as though they 
were old friends, while the chief editor could only watch them - 

- That might have happened, or it might not have happened. 

“Please don’t use an entire page for your tall tales.” 

No, there’s nothing wrong with the central message here right? 

It’s the editor (you) who wanted me to publicize the anime and 
mention all parties involved right? 

But since the tone and even personality of everything has to be 
fabricated, the lines are of course fake as well. 

“If the lines are fake, then isn’t the so-called central message 
fabricated as well?” 

(Ignores) Hmph, that a complex character. 

Since all the information he’s given me are all filled with his 
bluffing, it’s exceeding beyond even the original author’s (my) 

But if you want me to carry those over into the manga as well, 
I’ll run away at a speed of 64fps. 

- Alright, Chief Editor S, oh wait, nope, the Fishcake] editor 
that joined MF Publishings because he likes fishcakes. 

You told me to subtly advertise the anime, is this alright? 

“Other that the subtle part, what’s wrong with it (smile).” 

So let me greet you all once again, nice to see you again, I’m 
Kamiya Yuu. 

This fifth volume was finally released miraculously, which of 
course took a lot of work off me. 

“But the submission deadline was rather scary.” 

Oh, about that, I have something horrifying to tell you. 

Did you know? Writing novels, drawing illustrations, drawing 
manga, and attending meetings at the same time is something 
impossible for humans! 

“About that, isn’t that obvious?” 

Right, so under this premise, please look through this itinerary. 

-So? Anything astounding? 

“Novel, illustrations, manga and all the stuff related to the 
anime seem to be completely overlapping each other, are you 
referring to that?” 

Dear readers, I imagine that you’ve understood by now. 

The fact that this fifth volume itself was able to be published is 
impossible in its own right. 

“Ah- this world is filled with so much unknowns.” 

Yes, every day I went through things that made me question 
my own prior knowledge, I could say I lived a productive life 
(rolls eyes and glares). 

- So, how did you all feel about this fifth volume of _ No Game 
NoLifeJ ? 

The anime is already in production, and the first volume of the 
_ No Game No LifeJ manga is out as well by me and Mashiro 
Hiiragi is in stores right now, so I hope you all can give it a 
look. I hope that the contents in both will appease you readers. 
[ 1 ] 

Finally I wish to use this situation to express my deepest thanks 
to all my senior colleagues aside from Fishcake. 

“Huh? Why am I the only one being left out!?” 

Because of this. Because of this crazy email right here, you 
want me to submit the manuscript for the sixth volume by this 

“Huh- If it’s Kamiya-sensei it should be fine, you can do it, 
since giving up lightly isn’t like you...”