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Full text of "NOVEL: Rokujouma no Shinryakusha"

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Shizuka's greatest concern was that each time she fought at full power, her 
weight increased. It was because the giant dragon residing inside Shizuka's body 
distorted space, so actually it wasn't like she gained any weight. However, a girl's 
instinct perceived the creaking of the floor as a threat. Even if it was for the sake 
of protecting her friends, it was a serious problem. 

"Uncle Alu^ , can't you do something about the space distortion?" 

"I would really like to do so, but the correction of space is an extremely 
advanced magic. Rather than starting to recover my magical power, the 
restoration itself would be slowed even more." 

"That's... We were all going to go to the beach, but at this rate I will be the only 
one who won't be able to swim." 

Shizuka was particular about her weight because of the talk that everyone 
would go to the beach together. It would be a problem if she wanted to swim 
then ended sinking in the water. Or when walking on the sandy beach, she didn't 
want to imagine that she would be the only one to have her feet sink into the 

"Isn't that fine, no matter how many tonnes you weigh?" 

"It's not fine! Sanae-chan, try imagining me being the only one walking at the 
bottom of the sea!" 

"Umm... Isn't that cool?" 

"...L-Look... Haa..." 

"Well, if it's really that's unpleasant, why don't you try asking them?" 

Unable to overlook the depressed Shizuka, Sanae pointed at the corner of the 
room. There, Ruth and Clan were chatting cheerfully. 

"I see! Ruth-san, Clan-san!" 


"What is it?" 

"Is it possible to decrease my weight with the power of science!?" 

"Hmm, not your diet, but correcting the space distortion?" 

"That's right!" 

"There is nothing that can't be done." 


At the positive answer, Shizuka unintentionally leaned forward. Thereupon, 
Clan nodded deeply. 

"To negate the distortion field created by Alunaya-san, we only need to create 
a negative distortion field." 

"Please do it!" 

"I don't mind. Is it fine if it works for approximately ten seconds?" 

"Eh!? T-Ten seconds!?" 

Those unexpected words made Shizuka stare in wonder. Then Ruth took over 
the unfortunate conversation. 

"...The energy released by Alunaya-sama is powerful, a small amount of energy 
would never suffice. However, to use that amount energy, the batteries wouldn't 
be enough." 

Considering the purpose, remodelling a personal barrier generator would be 
the best. However, the batteries used wouldn't be able to keep up with the 
distortion created by Alunaya. In the end, the problem was that Alunaya was too 


"Give up and walk at the bottom of the sea" 

"Noo! Never!!" 

It seemed that Shizuka's sea bathing would end up with her walking at the 

bottom of the sea. 

Translator's Notes and References 

1. 'h For those who want to know, Shizuka calls Alunaya 'Oji-sama\ 
'Uncle' with respect.