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Full text of "NOVEL: Rokujouma no Shinryakusha"

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Shizuka treasured Corona House, a memento of her parents, so cleaning it and 
maintaining it became her daily routine. That's why, if something was different, 
while it was still just a difference, she would find it, because if something 
happened in the Corona House, she would be the first one to notice it. 

"What are you doing, Karama-chan, Korama-chan?" 

The strangeness this day was that two haniwas were doing something 
resembling a dance in the corner of the plot of Corona House. 

"In the end, we realised that to become stronger you can't rely on others, ho!" 

"We decided we would master the art of war with our own power, ho!" 

"So that wasn't a dance, it was martial arts." 

"That's right, ho! We're developing the Divine Fist of the Haniwa, ho-!" 

"To knock those soulless machines to hell, ho!" 

"I see, for you, human martial arts are useless." 

Shizuka could only see a dance, but it was the martial art practice of the 
haniwas. The length of their arms and the proportion of their body differed 
greatly from humans, and they didn't have legs either. Therefore they couldn't 
use human martial arts, and they had to come up with their own. 

"At present, we understand that the Jet Head-Butt is the best, ho!" 

"Spiritual Field Punch isn't bad either, ho!" 

The haniwas showed Shizuka some of their techniques. Human martial arts 
were made to be performed with the abilities humans are born with, but in the 
case of the haniwas it became a martial art including abilities like using barriers 
and flying. It was a martial art with a different concept than the human's. 

"Hee... That's interesting." 

Having an interest in the haniwas' techniques, Shizuka stopped cleaning and 
continued to watch them. However, in the middle of it, she noticed that what 
the haniwas were doing might be something that she needed too. Then she 
started to talk to the Fire Dragon Emperor dwelling inside her. 

"Hey, Uncle" 


"Shouldn't we come up with something like that too?" 

"I think so. It's tied to the efficient use of magical power, so as a result your 
weight problem will reduce." 


When Shizuka used the Fire Dragon Emperor's power, her appearance 
changed to something between human and dragon. A horn grew on her head, 
claws on her hands, wings on her back, a tail on her waist, her appearance 
became separate from that of a human, and her body's strength became 
extremely high. That's why, an efficient way to fight should certainly exist for this 

"Karama-chan, Korama-chan, it's fine if I join you?" 

"We welcome you, ho!" 

"Our school's doors are always open, ho!" 

Shizuka leaned her broom against the wall, then imagining her half-dragon, 
half-human form, she started to lightly move her body. So far, she had continued 
to use the karate she used since she was a child when fighting in half-dragon, 
half-human form, but looking at it again, she noticed that karate had many 
flaws. The best examples would be the wings on her back and her tail. There was 
a great difference in the centre of gravity and the air resistance, when rotating 
her body she needed to fold her wings and her tail, and strongly kick the ground. 
There were countless other differences. 


"Hooo! Wacha!" 

"Hohohohoho! Hohoo!" 

Before long, one person and two haniwas started sparring. As expected they 
were grateful to each have a partner, and they checked each technique and 
move they could think of one by one. 

"By the way, Karama-chan, Korama-chan, why did you suddenly start to 
practice martial art?" 

"There are times when a man must fight, ho!" 

"Specifically, we want to fight and stand out, ho! More than Ruth-chan's 
drones, ho!" 

"What a suprising ulterior motive" 

"There isn't a great difference with a countermeasure against gaining weight, 

"Shizuka-chan has a ulterior motive too, ho." 

"Aha! That's true!" 

Shizuka and the haniwas continued to practice martial arts cheerfully together 
for a while like this. A few days later, Shizuka would receive a complaint about 
the strange voices from the neighbouring house, but she couldn't have known 
that at the time. While being bathed in the gentle sunlight of the autumn's sun, 
Shizuka and the haniwas spent a fun time together.