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Full text of "NOVEL: Rokujouma no Shinryakusha"

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Side - Maki 

The girl called Aika Maki had a side of her particular about money. But she was 
only particular about it as a quantitative confirmation of the ties between 
people, she wasn't really attached to the money itself. In short, she liked keeping 
the household account book, but she had no interest in saving and using money. 
Therefore she was the ideal personnel to be a treasurer. But one day, Maki said 

"Satomi-kun, I would like to embezzle the band of knights' funds." 


Koutarou was taken aback by the word embezzle, but because Maki said it 
seriously and frankly, he thought that she just wanted money and if he could 
lend some to her. He also didn't think that Maki would use money for an 
improper reason. 

"... Okay. Use it as you like." 

Koutarou easily agreed and cast his gaze on the newspaper on top of the tea 
table. He was in the middle of reading the newspaper while drinking tea. 

"That's not it! I want to embezzle!" 

"Then just do it." 

Koutarou turned a page of the newspaper, half listening. The numbers filling 
his head weren't money, but baseball scores. 

"You aren't angry?" 


"It's about embezzlement, embezzlement! It's a bad thing, you know!?" 

"If you say it beforehand like this, it isn't really embezzlement. If you need it, 
just use it." 

"Umm... Then, I'll use it for something unnecessary!" 

"What's that?" 

Then finally, Koutarou's gaze came back to Maki. There, the appearance of the 
slightly blushing Maki grasping tightly both her hands was reflected in his eyes. It 
was an unusually cute pose. 

"Hmm... Oh well. Use it as you like." 

She didn't need money, but wanted it. Koutarou interpreted Maki's words and 
cute pose as wanting pocket money. Judging that Maki who usually didn't desire 
anything wanted something like pocket money was fine, Koutarou gave his 

"Geez, Satomi-kun! Why are you saying OK to everything!?" 

"Because it's something you want to do. It's not a particular problem." 

"Embezzlement... Even though I'm saying I'm doing something bad?" 

"Yeah. Usually you don't say anything selfish, so it's fine once in a while." 

"Then I'll be troubled!" 

"Why? You wanted to embezzle, right?" 

"T-that's right, but!" 


Koutarou started to be confused by Maki's words. Maki wanted to embezzle, 
but she was complaining that Koutarou didn't stop her. He didn't understand 
the meaning of the discussion. 

Then, something hit Koutarou's head. It didn't hurt. It was a ball of paper 
made from the leaflet in the newspaper that hit Koutarou's head then rolled 
lightly on top of the tatami. And the one who threw it was the person drinking 
tea with him on the opposite side, Harumi. 


After having Koutarou turn his gaze to her, Harumi continued to throw balls of 
paper in succession. They all bounced on Koutarou, then rolled on the tatami. 
Then after exhausting her ammunition, Harumi threw a fleeting glance to Maki 

then she smiled sweetly. 


Koutarou noticed thanks to her smile. What Maki was desiring. That Maki 
saying she wanted to embezzle was the same as Harumi throwing balls of paper. 

"... But well, embezzlement is embezzlement, so you need some kind of 

"Around here?" 

Maki exposed her forehead by moving aside her hair with both her hands, and 
presented it to Koutarou. Her face at that time seemed awfully eager, it was as if 
she was saying he could do as he liked, whether it was a flick of the finger or a hit 
from his fist. 

"No, perhaps spanking?" 

"Should I undress?" 

"Don't, really don't!" 

"If you're going to get flustered, then you shouldn't say it. Fufufu." 

"... Girls are difficult..." 


"Nothing. Talking to myself." 


Maki who was starting to become used to relationships with people, but was 
somewhat clumsy and couldn't show it well. While being watched over by 
everyone, she continued to grow little by little.