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April 5th (Sunday) 

Part time job 
Commence Invasion 

April 6th (Monday) 

Hmm... Commence Invasion? 

April 7th (I uesday) 

Commence Invasion ^ 

April 8th (Wednesday) 

Commence Invasion 

April 9th (Thursday) 

There's no Spirit of Cooperation 

April 10th (Friday) 

There's Spirit of Cooperation 

The following rights 
and regulations 
applies to the 
individual or group 
that fullfills the 

Those who ratify the 
Corona Convention. 
Those who intend to 
occupy room 106 
currently in 
possession of 
Satomi Koutarou. 

Setting up Camp 

5,000 yen. That was Corona House's monthly rent for room 106. 

Corona House was a two story wooden apartment that was built 25 years ago. 
And the rent was lower since it's location is quite a distance from the center of 

However a six tatami matdl room with a kitchen, bathroom and toilet for 5,000 
yen a month was an extraordinarily cheap apartment. 

In reality the rent was, apart from room 106, about 10 times higher. 

On top of that it was completely deposit free. But there was a reason why only 
room 106 was super cheap. 

Every person who has moved in had without exception left just as quickly. 

The quickest was three hours and the longest three months. Leaving on the third 
day was the norm. 

Because of that the rent kept dropping. 

Entering this year the 10,000 yen rent had been cut in half before spring. 

"Don't treat it carelessly, Mackenzie. The contents of that box are more valuable 
than your life" 

Said the boy moving in to this super cheap apartment. 

"You're telling me that, Kou? Compared to you I'm always careful" 

"As long as you understand. Keep working, Mackenzie-kun" 

"Yeah yeah... Who's helping who move I wonder? Geez" 

The one moving in was Satomi Koutarou, 15 years old. 

His childhood friend Matsudaira Kenji, also 15 years old, called him Kou. 

In return Koutarou called him Mackenzie. 

After the entrance ceremony the day after tomorrow they would both be high 

Today was Saturday the 4th of April. 

Due to his father's sudden job transfer, Koutarou had begun living alone this 

Koutarou had visited a real estate agency who introduced him to Corona House. 
Koutarou who had grown up alone with his single father did not want to be a 
burden for him and jumped at the offer, before even hearing the reason for the 
low rent. 

"Anyways, Kou, it was a good thing you managed to find a vacant room with this 
kind of timing, huh?" 

"I was lucky. When my old man told me about the transfer the other day I 
seriously panicked" 

Koutarou's fathers transfer had been decided a little after the middle of february. 
It had happened when Koutarou was waiting for the results of the high school 

"That said, it can't be helped when his co-worker was hurt and couldn't go" 
"That's right" 

Originally it wasn't Koutarou's father who was supposed to go but that co¬ 

However the co-worker had an accident had suffered a serious injury and 
Koutarou's father had to take his place. 

"The transfer was sudden but it might be a good chance for a mans independence. 
Besides we're already high school students" 

"How positive" 

"How about you celebrate the start of my journey to become a man" 

"What's that supposed to be?" 

Koutarou and Kenji carry a suitcase full of clothes. 

The two had been carrying luggage for a while now, making round trips from the 
apartment to the movers van. 

"Should I put the fridge next to the sink?" 

A middle aged man in work clothes poked his face out of the apartment and 
asked. He was the driver of the movers van and had been helping Koutarou and 
Kenji move. 

"Yes, please!" 

"Got it" 

After hearing Koutarou's answer the man went back inside the room. 

Koutarou and Kenji followed suit and entered. 

"To think this is 5,000 yen per month... It's just too cheap" 

As the two crossed the open door Kenji drew a sigh. 

"Jealous, aren't you?" 

"If you could rent this for 5,000 I would have wanted to rent it" 

The room is of a somewhat old Japanese style. 

In the entrance there is a boarded floor hall leading into the inner six tatami mat 

On the left side of the hall is a kitchen unit and on the right there is a toilet and 

Though the room was old-fashioned it was well maintained and clean. 

"Be careful Kou, the suitcase is about to hit the wall" 

"I know, I know" 

"We'll see... We're coming through uncle" 

"Oh, sorry about that Glasses-kun" 

Squeezing past the man installing the fridge in the kitchen, Koutarou and Kenji 
reach the six tatami mat room. 

The two weaved past the room filled with cardboard boxes and furniture. 

"Alright, what do we do with this suitcase?" 

"Hmm, let's put it in the wardrobe" 


Koutarou and Kenji work together to put the suitcase in the wardrobe. 

As they stood up the worker entered the room. 

"That was the last of the luggage wasn't it?" 

"Yes this is all of it" 

"Alright, then I'll be taking my leave" 

"Thank you very much" 

Koutarou, who was an athletic type, had been raised to respect his elders and 
naturally bowed to the man. 

"The one bowing should be me, thank you very much" 

The man smiles gently and bows his head deeply and left the room leaving behind 
several documents. 

"Right then, that's the first part done" 

"Here, Mackenzie" 

As Kenji was pushing up his glasses Koutarou throws him a plastic bottle of tea. 
"Whoa, thanks" 

Having been together for a long while and being used to this, Kenji catches the 
plastic bottle without trouble. 

"It's a bit lukewarm since the fridge was just installed" 

As he said that Koutarou reaches into a plastic bag and pulls out his own bottle of 
tea he purchased a while back from the nearby convenient store. 

"I know" 

They open their bottles and drink at the same time. 

"Ah... I feel alive again" 

Koutarou sits down on one of the cardboard boxes whilst Kenji leans by the 
entrance to the room. 

Kenji looks over at the calendar hung up on the wall. 

"Time sure flies fast... The day after tomorrow is the entrance ceremony" 

"That's right, I need to unpack everything necessary today" 

Koutarou also looks at the calendar he hung up along with a clock the first day he 
visited the room. 

"Hmm? Can't you just do it tomorrow?" 

Tve got some part-time work to do tomorrow" 

"Why’d you do that? Can’t you at least take a day off while you're moving?" 

Kenji stares in amazement at Koutarou. 

"There's a lot of necessities needed in the early spring. Don't lump me together 
with you people living with your parents" 

"Your old man left you some money didn't he?" 

"I don't want to touch that unless I have to, that's what living is all about" 

"... I don't care if it's for living or whatever, but if you collapse don't tell me I didn't 
warn you" 

"Unlike you brainy people, I have absolute trust in my stamina" 

"Yes yes, fine fine..." 

Kenji shrugs and sighs at Koutarou who was puffing up his chest proudly. 

"So what time do you start tomorrow, Kou?" 

"In the morning, like always" 

"Alright, I'll pick you up as usual" 

"Please do" 

The two of them actually worked at the same place. 

When they passed the high school exam they both applied for the same job. 

As luck would have it they were both hired and have already started working. 

"... Hey Kou, will you be able to wake up in time when school starts?" 

"No problem, no problem" 

"For someone who has needs me to wake them up every weekend to go to work, 
you're not very convincing..." 

"Don't be so stingy" 

As work during the weekend usually started in the morning, Kenji waking up 
Koutarou was an everyday occurrence. 

"I've started living on my own, I've joined the rank of adults. I can't act like a child 

"Does that mean I don't have to pick you up tomorrow?" 

"This and that are two different things, Mackenzie-kun. You will do well to pick 
me up tomorrow" 

"As expected..." 

Kenji drops his shoulders in amazement. 

"Thanks as always, old man" 

"... All my motivation just vanished" 

"Don't say that, you're young after all" 

The doorbell at the front door rang out. 


"A guest?" 

And before Koutarou could answer the door was opened and the visitor stepped 

"Hello! Is Satomi-san at home?" 

The voice of a girl could be heard. 

It was a voice Koutarou had heard before. 

"It's the landlord" 


"Ah... Yes, I'm coming!" 

Koutarou answers as he jumps up from the cardboard box he was sitting on. 
Kenji likewise stops leaning on the entrance to the room. 

"That's a pretty cute sounding voice" 

"Come on Mackenzie, you'll be surprised" 


The two of them headed for the door together. 

"Hello, Landlord-san" 

"Hello, Satomi-san" 

In front of the entrance was a girl wearing an apron on top of her normal clothes. 
As she says her greeting she bows her head gracefully. 

She was about as old as Koutarou and Kenji, with some childish facial features 
still remaining. 

Her long hair was tied up with a large ribbon, giving off an impression of a 
refreshing and healthy girl. 

"Eh? Landlord? This girl?" 

"That's right! This person is Corona House's landlord. Surprised, aren't you 


Kenji looks on, amazed and nods. 

The word landlord and the cute girl he was facing did not connect in Mackenzie's 
head, leaving him astonished. 

"I was surprised at first too" 

"Everyone is surprised at first. Fufufu..." 

The girl smiles gently and turns towards Kenji. 

"Nice to meet you, I'm Corona House's landlord, Kasagi Shizuka" 

"Pi-Pleased to meet you. I'm Matsudaira Kenji" 

"Hope we'll get along well, Matsudaira-san" 

"Yes, likewise" 

Kenji and Shizuka bow to each other. 

"Landlord-san, this guy is my childhood friend" 

"Oh, is that so?" 

"You'll probably see him around here in the future, so please call him Mackenzie" 
Shizuka blinks a couple of times and looks at Kenji. 

"You're Japanese, aren't you? With a name like Matsudaira..." 

"Ah, Yes, Of course he's Japanese. His full name is Matsudaira Kenji, and if you 
shorten it you get Mackenzie" 

"I see, Ma and Kenji becomes Mackenzie" 

Satisfied, Shizuka puts her hand by her mouth and starts laughing. 

"That's just what Kou calls me" 

"So would you prefer that I call you Matsudaira-san?" 

"No, Mackenzie is fine, I'm already used after all" 

"Got it, Mackenzie-san" 

Looking at Kenji shrugging his shoulders Shizuka starts laughing once again. 

And her long hair and ribbon starts gently waving. 


"That's right, Landlord-san is starting at Kitsushouharukaze this year as well" 
"Heh, what a coincidence" 

"With a bit of luck we could end up in the same class" 

"Fufu, lets get along at school aswell" 

Shizuka bows politely once again. 

"So Landlord-san, what business do you have with me?" 

"Oh, right, I almost forgot" 

Shizuka claps her hands and points at the window behind Koutarou and Kenji. 
"Actually a little while ago, I saw the movers van leaving through the window and 
figured it was time to help" 

"From the window?" 

"Yes Mackenzie-san, I happen to live in the room above" 

"Isn't it great, I'm sharing a roof with the cute Landlord-san" 


Shizuka looks on with a smile. 

"You're flattering me, Satomi-san" 

"... Ofcourse you're sharing the same roof, this is an apartment after all" 

"It's a matter of feelings" 

"Fufufu, the two of you sure get along well... Oh, that's right, I came to help. Unlike 
the physical labor from before I should be able to help from now on" 

"That would help a lot, Landlord-san. Kou is good at breaking stuff and leaving a 
mess and bad at cleaning up" 

"Hey, Mackenzie! Don't say disrespectable things!" 

"It's the truth though. You constantly trouble me" 

And Kenji lets out a big sigh while pushing up his glasses. 

"Then Mackenzie-san is always...?" 

"Yes, I'm always having a hard time" 

"I am grateful" 

"... Only grateful though. Oh yes, Landlord-san, I have something I'd like to ask, if 
that's alright?" 

"Yes, what is it?" 

Shizuka smiled and nodded. 

"Why is the rent for this room only 5,000 yen?" 

"O-oi Mackenzie! Don't just suddenly ask about that" 

Koutarou who was aware of the circumstances began panicking. 

"That's because I want to know. With this great of a room and a reliable landlord I 
can't find anything wrong with it" 

"But you know, this apartment was left behind by Landlord-sans parent and..." 

"I don't mind, Satomi-san" 

Koutarou was worried about angering Shizuka but she smiled calmly and shook 
her head. 

"Mackenzie-sans worries are justifiable. Fufufu, besides haven't you noticed that 
Mackenzie-san is worried about you Satomi-san?" 


"Besides, there's not much I can do in this matter" 

"Ha, haah..." 

Koutarou nods with an apologetic look on his face and Shizuka turns back to 

"Actually... In this room... They appear" 

"Appear? What appears?" 

"The rumor is that a ghost appears in this room" 

"A gh-ghost!?" 

A surprised Kenji starts hastily looking around the room. 

"I haven't seen it myself yet, but every tenant in here does.... And they don't stay 
for long" 

"A ghost... That's hard to believe though..." 

"I think so too... But that's what every tenant has said when they moved, so it's the 

Kenji is perplexed and smiles bitterly at Shizuka as he drops his shoulders. 

"Leave it to me Landlord-san! I won't be beaten by a ghost!" 

"That's so reliable. Please live here long enough to erase any rumors of ghosts" 

"Of course!" 

"But to think there's a ghost in this room..." 

A still unconvinced Kenji takes another look around the room. 

"Nothing will come from thinking on it too hard Mackenzie. The landlord has 
come over so let's starting unpacking" 

"Ah, you're right" 

Urged by Koutarou, Kenji returned to normal. 

"Kou is thick headed so he'll probably be fine even if a ghost appears" 

"Those words hurt..." 

"That's on purpose" 

"I know... Well then, shall we get started, Landlord-san?" 

"Of course Satomi-san, but the two of you sure make a great team" 

Looking at Koutarou and Kenji going back and forth Shizuka starts laughing. 

"Is that so?" 

"Landlord-san, please don't say such a terrifying thing" 

"Mackenzie, you don't have to put it like that, do you?" 

As Koutarou and the rest were buzzing about they unpacked the luggage. 

Thanks to the cooperation of Kenji and Shizuka enough luggage had been 
unpacked to settle in before dinner time. 

"I'll be going home now, don't forget there's work tomorrow so keep the 
unpacking to a minimum and get to bed" 

"I know, I know... Oversleeping would be bad, right?" 

"Your 'I know' is the least trustworthy thing I know of though..." 

Kenji sighs once more as he takes on his shoes scattered about at the entrance. 
"Then, I'll also be going now, Satomi-san" 

"Landlord-san, you don't have to call me Satomi-san, we'll be classmates the day 
after tomorrow. 

"Hmm, okay... Satomi-kun" 

"Yes, that way's better" 

"Okay, then I'll call you that" 

Shizuka smiles brightly and puts on her shoes left neatly arranged. 

At the same time Kenji opens the front door. 

"Thanks a lot for today, Landlord-san" 

Hearing Koutarou's thanks the both of them exit through the door. 

"No need, I was glad to help" 

"... No thanks for me, huh?" 

"You're more of a give and take kind of guy" 

"I don't think so though..." 

"Well then, Satomi-kun, good bye" 

"Good bye, Landlord-san" 

"Hurry up and get to sleep" 

"I get it, I get it" 

With a bang of the door Kenji and Shizuka vanished. 

The lone Koutarou started unpacking once more after eating the bento^ he had 
also bought at the convenience store. 

"Hmm... Now what to do with this bat... I can't just treat this like any old bat after 
all... And I can't just leave it in the umbrella stand either..." 

Koutarou was holding the bat in his hand, thinking of a place to put it. The bat 
itself was signed and used by the so called God of Batting, the legendary Slugger. 
It was one of the treasures Koutarou valued the most. 

"Alright, I'll get a stand to decorate it, but for today it'll have to in the corner" 
Koutarou puts down the bat and opens up a new cardboard box. 

"What was this now again..." 

Ripping of the tape and peeked inside. 

"This was also treasures..." 

Trophies, certificates, commemorative shields. And his beloved glove. 

These we're all keepsakes from Koutarou's middle school era. 

"Whoops, was this in here as well?" 

Amongst the troves of keepsakes there was one that didn't fit in with the rest. 
"I'll need to find a good place to put this..." 

It was a knitted sweater. Koutarou picked up some nearby paper and neatly 
wrapped it up and put it in the back of the wardrobe with the suitcase. 

"And that's that" 

Koutarou clapped his hands as he stepped away from the wardrobe. 

And suddenly his cellphone he had left charging in a corner of the room starts 

"Hm? Is that the old man?" 

There was only one person with that ringtone amongst Koutarou's contacts. 
Satomi Yuichirou. 

The name that appeared on the cellphones screen was Koutarou's fathers. 
Koutarou picks up the phone and places it next to his ear. 

"Hello, old man?" 

"Oh, there you are Koutarou" 

The voice on the phone was indeed Koutarou's father, Yuichirou. 

"How's it going over there? Have you unpacked all your luggage?" 

"Slowly but surely, Mackenzie and the landlord helped me out so it's at least 

"I see. Did you thank both of them properly?" 

"Of course, how's it going over at your end?" 

"I'm living in the dormitory after all, so even if I don't do anything dinner will be 
served and the bath will be prepared. If only they washed my clothes as well 
there would be nothing to complain about" 

"Good, you're worse than me at living on your own so I was about worried, old 

"Hahaha, that's true" 

The Satomi family consisted of just Koutarou and Yuichirou, and Koutarou had 
been doing almost all of the housework on his own. 

Of course, he wasn't necessarily good at it. 

However if Koutarou hadn't done it Yuichirou would have just made a bigger 

Yuichirou was a man who was terrible with housework. 

"Living separately will be a good chance for you to find a good partner" 

Koutarou wanted his father to remarry as quickly as possible. 

He was worried his father would die from hunger or that his room would fill up 
with dirt if he didn't. 

"Guhahaha, that's a bit..." 

However that was not likely to happen any time soon. 

The reason being that was that Yuichirou was still in love with his late wife. 
Koutarou understood this and did not voice any complaints. 

"Hmm, well, it seems all is going well" 

"You too old man, don't forget to take out the trash" 

"I know, I know" 

"We'll see about that" 

Koutarou felt like he was able to understand how Kenji must feel around him. 
"Well, I won't hold you up anymore, besides I still have some more unpacking to 

"I'll do the same, talk to you later, old man" 

"Yeah, good night Koutarou" 

"Good night" 

Koutarou casually hung up the phone. 

"I was wondering what would happen when he suddenly brought up the job 
transfer, but..." 

Koutarou then put the charger back into the phone. 

"Everything is going well for now" 

He smiles and after he's taken a quick breather he begins putting his room in 

"Already eleven o'clock?" 

Koutarou stopped as he looked at the clock approaching 11PM. 

"I guess I'll stop for today and go to bed, if I oversleep I'll never hear the end of it 
from Mackenzie" 

Koutarou had been busy moving these past several days, ontop of that he has 
work in the morning. 

So he decides it would be best to go to bed early. 

"Alright, time to sleep" 

Koutarou slides open the wardrobe and pulls out a futon with a floral cover that 
Shizuka had prepared for him. 

With a grunt he pushes aside a cardboard box and throws down the futon. 

At that point he looks down at the futon. 

"I guess I should spread it out properly" 

Having changed his mind, Koutarou properly spread out the flower covered futon. 
He would feel bad for his considerate landlord if he just carelessly threw it about. 
"There we go" 

Finishing spreading out the futon, Koutarou turns off the light and crawls inside. 
"Good night" 

As he says that without addressing anyone in particular Koutarou closes his eyes. 
Koutarou quickly falls asleep and breathes out relaxingly. 


The only thing that could be heard in room 106 was Koutarou's breathing, which 
was about as loud as a ticking clock. 

And the sound would be drowned out by the TV in room 105 or Shizuka opening 
and closing the door in room 206 above him. 

However that was just until midnight, after 2AM Koutarous relaxed breathing 
could once again be heard. 

And then in room 106 a small sound could be heard. 

However it was not Koutarou who was in a deep sleep, not moving a muscle. 

The noise was coming from the window, however it was not like the window was 
poorly constructed or because wind was blowing. 

Despite that the window kept rattling, with the sound growing louder over time. 
And after a few minutes the sound had grown to become irritable. 


But despite the sound Koutarou showed no signs of waking up. 

"Mmm~, Mackenzie just stop already..." 

Infact, he even began talking loudly in his sleep. 

If this loud of a voice wasn't waking him up, neither was the window. 

And as if responding to Koutarou's voice the sound from the window stops. 

However, right as Koutarou began talking in his sleep again, the window rang out, 
almost as if startled. 

After that there was silence for a while, Koutarou had stopped sleep talking and a 
few minutes passed , but the incidents did not stop. 

A high pitched sound was heard, the sound was almost as if a small glass bottle 
had fallen and broken. 

However the source of the sound could not be found inside of the room. 

The noise continued and at the same time a baseball rolled across the tatami mat. 
But the source of the sound could still not be found. 

The noises continued, and they were increasing in volume, several times louder 
than the window from before. 

"Hehehe, Mackenzie, you can't handle Landlord-san? She is cute after all~" 
Despite the commotion Koutarou shows no signs of waking up, infact he began 
talking in his sleep once more. 

"You've got good looks but no guts" 

And as if to drown out Koutarou's sleep talk the mysterious noises grew even 
louder and various things in the room start shaking. 

As the room was at the height of chaos, furniture and boxes start rattling with the 
sound growing even further. 

Even with loud noises right in front of him Koutarou would not wake up. 

Even his childhood friend Kenji has a hard time waking him up, this kind of noises 
was nothing for Koutarou. 


The noise was interrupted by Koutarou's sleep talk once more. 

And if this noise was caused by someone... 

"Shut up with the rattling Mackenzie!" 

...That someone must be amazed at Koutarou's thick headedness. 

Corona Convention, Revised 
2009/05/01 (Excerpt) 

Second Article 

These regulations are annulled alongside of 
participation should an individual or group 
not ratify the Corona Convention. 

However that is not applied if that 
individual or group is observing the Corona 

In this case the individual or group entering 
the war is required to swiftly notify Kasagi 
Shizuka (Landlord of Corona House, residing 
in room 206 ) 

However, given circumstances up to three 
days of delays may be permitted. 

Again, those who wish to secede from the 
agreement are to give a prior notice to 
Kasagi Shizuka (Landlord of Corona House, 
residing in room 206 ), as it will take one 
week for it to enter effect. 

Part-time Job 


"Color me surprised, Kou. For you to wake up on your own..." 

"I went to bed early after all" 

Koutarou and Kenji dressed for work walked side by side. 

Since it was a Saturday morning only the two of them could be seen on the 

"Like I said before, I'm already a self-sufficient adult living on my own, 

"And I hope it stays that way" 

"Of course it will!" 

"We'll see about that... By the way, what about that thing?" 

"What thing?" 

Kenji put on a serious face and lowered his voice. 

"You know, about them appearing in that room..." 

"Appearing? Oh yeah... You're talking about the ghost!" 

Understanding the reason for Kenji's worries Koutarou clapped his hands and 

"The ghost didn't appear at all" 

"It didn't?" 

"Yeah, nothing happened up until I fell asleep and it was quiet all throughout the 
night. Besides if you think about, if I ghost had appeared do you think I would be 
able to wake up on my own?" 

"You have a point there. If you hadn't slept properly there's no way you'd wake 
up on your own" 

Feeling relieved, Kenji loosens up. 

"Fuhahaha Mackenzie, I didn't think you'd be one to believe in ghosts" 


"For you to worry about ghosts when you're always talking about science" 
Koutarou was poking fun at Kenji. 

Kenji puffs up his cheeks and says. 

"So what? Can't a citizen of the science world hate ghosts?" 

"If you're scared just say so" 

"Yes, Scary, so scary. Even if ghosts exists or not freaky things happens every day" 
"You're taking this all too seriously" 

As Koutarou was shrugging they approached the gates of a school. 

Kitsushouharukaze, that was the school the two would be attending starting 

Kitsushouharukaze is about a 20 minutes walk from the closest station. 

It was also a 20 minute walk from Corona House. 

Corona House, Kitsushou high school and the station formed a equilateral 
triangle, and all urban functionalities were gathered inside of the triangle. 
Kitsushouharukaze was established a few years ago, shortly after the merging of 
the neighboring municipalities, Kitsushou and Harukaze. 

After the merging a high school would be needed for children of both 
municipalities to attend. 

Plans to construct a school were already in place before the merge and 
Kitsushouharukaze naturally became a large scale high school. 

It was not as big as a school in the city, but for a suburban school it was as large as 
could be. 

"Fight, Fight, Fight! Harukaze Fight!" 

Which is why even though it's spring break there are plenty of students 
participating in club activities. 

"The baseball club... The spring tournament must have ended and the third years 
have graduated by now" 

"They seem quite lively, more so when the first years join I imagine" 

Looking at the uniformed students they pass by the front gate, the work site is 
slightly further ahead. 

u tt 

Even passing by the front gate Koutarou keeps his eyes fixed on the schoolyard. 
Pitching, batting, running and catching. Koutarou had been doing the same a 
while back. 

"Hey, Kou... Are you sure you don't want to join the baseball club?" 

Kenji asks Koutarou in a serious tone. 

"It's alright. Living on my own, working part-time and playing baseball at the 
same time is just not possible" 

Koutarou took his eyes off the schoolyard, looked at Kenji and gave him a smile. 

Koutarou put on a lonely smile. 

"Besides, there's the knitting society so there's no reason to be so pessimistic" 
"What's with that? The knitting society" 


"Are you serious about joining that club?" 

"Of course I'm serious" 

Koutarou had decided to join the knitting society ever since he was recruited 
during the announcement of the high school exam results. 

"You're kidding right? It just doesn't fit you" 

Kenji stared at Koutarou's body while saying that. 

Big body, sturdy physique and big hands. 

Kenji did not think that knitting and the handicraft were in anyway suitable for 

If anything he would be better at tearing it up. 

"Just you wait and see, I'll be sure to knit a muffler for you sooner or later" 
"Please stop, you're making me feel ill... I'm shuddering just imagining it" 

"You're right, I feel the same way. I'll just knit one for myself" 

The two smile wryly and look at each other. 

"Admit it, your goal is the beautiful club president that recruited you" 

"I won't say it has nothing to do with that" 

"Oh? I didn't expect that reaction... I was certain you were after the club 
president... was I wrong?" 

Being childhood friends Kenji saw through Koutarou's reaction. 

"Either way, I'll be spending my youth with Sakuraba-senpai in the knitting 

"Hmm, that does sound fun, maybe I should join too..." 

"Leave it be, if a lady-killer like you gets close to Sakuraba-senpai she'll be 

"What's that supposed to mean? Don't treat me like I'm some sort of bacteria" 
"Just think about it, back during valentine when you monopolized all of the class 
chocolated!. The other boys cried tears of blood" 

"That wasn't my fault" 

Kenji sighs as he heard the same argument yet again. "Not at all, it was entirely 
your fault. Don't think a grudge over food will be forgiven easily" 

"But in the end you ate most of it anyways, besides that really wasn't my fault. It 
easy to give chocolate to me but indirectly it was given to you-" 

Kenji stopped mid sentence. 

"Hmm? What's wrong?" 

"No, it's nothing, infact I won't tell you" 

"What's that supposed to mean?" 

"We'll be late if we don't hurry" 

"Wait up, what's with the sudden rush?" 

The two arrived at the work site shortly after. 


Along with Koutarou's shout a large stone began rolling. 

"Koutarou-chan sure is strong" 

The elderly woman struck up a conversation with Koutarou. 

The woman was wearing farmers clothes and in her small hands she was holding 
a metal trowel. 

"I'm still young, Obaa-chan. But in return I'm not good at careful work, unlike you. 
"Hohoho, that might be true, thanks for the help Koutarou-chan" 

"You're always giving me sweets, so consider it even" 

"What'd you call it again? Give and take? 

"Haha, that's right... Anyways I'm returning to my post, I'll see you later Obaa- 

"Thanks again" 

Koutarou parts ways with the elderly lady and heads over to his assigned land 
division a few dozen meters away. 

"Now then" 

As Koutarou looks back at the elderly lady he sees her squatting down and 
shaving off soil by her feet with her trowel. 

"Fufufu... I guess I'll start up with my work again then, I can't afford to lose to 

Koutarou rolls up the sleeves of his work clothes, picks up a trowel and starts 
shaving off soil by his feet. 

Koutarou worked with excavating ruins, the elderly lady from before was a co¬ 

She had helped Koutarou out a lot back when he first started. 

By the way, Kenji was doing the same job Koutarou was. 

However he had been assigned to a different land division and since the 
excavation site was very large he was out of sight for Koutarou. 

The ruins Koutarou's group was digging up was generally called the 
"Kitsushouharukaze ruins". 

The ruins had been discovered by chance when plans for expanding on the 
Kitsushouharukaze high school facilities were in the making. 

As one could guess from the circumstances of the discovery, the ruins are close to 
Kitsushouharukaze high school. 

The school is within a few minutes walking distance and is stood half ways up a 
slope. The ruins were at the top of said slope. 

So continuing the climb up the slope past the school would lead to the excavation 

At the time the ruins were discovered it was thought to be from the late Yayoi 
Periods, and nothing of value was expected to be discovered. 

This was because only very common items had been discovered. 

However after examining the items the ruins were determined to be priceless. 
They were infact over 10,000 years old. 

Only common items were found in the ruins, but it was a different matter if they 
were used 10,000 years ago. 

10,000 years ago was the initial Jomon Period^. 

Earthenware and Bronze ware commonly used during the Yayoi Period being 
over 10,000 years was enough for a large scale investment. 

The discovery could completely overturn the archeology field after all. 

And to speed up the excavation a large amount of workers were required, and 
recruitment posters were printed en masse. 

Koutarou and Kenji who had been looking for a part-time job jumped at the offer. 
And since it was so close to school it was an obvious pick. 

Squatting while slowly shaving away at the soil little by little was very tiring. 
However, Koutarou who had been a catcher during the entirety of middle school 
was used to the position. 

Though he was unaccustomed at first, after over a month of work he was 
completely used to it. 

"All I find is dirt, no matter how much I dig...” 

According to the archeologists the area Koutarou was in charge of contained a 
building used during religious ceremonies. However despite the efforts of several 
tens of workers nothing like it had been found. 

"Aren't we the only ones digging up someplace completely unrelated..." 

Since he started working, Koutarou had seen nothing but dirt. 

"Mackenzie's area seems so much more fun with a bunch of items being 

The tedious and unchanging work bored Koutarou. 



At that point, Koutarou thought he heard somebody's voice 
"I thought I just heard a voice... I wonder if it was Obaa-chan" 

Koutarou stands up and starts looking for the source of the voice, however he 
can't find anyone who could have called him. 

Koutarou was the only person in this area and the elderly woman had her back 
turned towards him. 

"I wonder if I was just imagining it..." 

Koutarou tilts his head in confusion, and the voice enters Koutarou's ears once 


"This isn't Obaa-chans voice... I feel like I know it very well... No, maybe it's the 
first time I hear it?" 

"This way..." 

"That way? On the other side... ?" 

After hearing the voice for the third Koutarou was able to determine the origin of 
the voice. It was coming from a woody area a few 10 meters away from him. 

"All right" 

Koutarou leaves the trowel at his feet and approaches the woody area. 

"Is it one of Mackenzie's pranks or is it someone else?" 

Koutarou was almost certain it was one of Mackenzie's pranks so he didn't feel 
any danger what so ever. 

However in the event that it wasn't it might've been someone in trouble, so he 
decided to take a look just to be on the safe side. 

"Really, we'll be high school students tomorrow and he's wasting his time playing 
pranks... When I catch him I'll make him confess who's voice he's recorded" 
Having no recollection of the voice, Koutarou assumes Kenji had recorded the 
voice of some girl he'd hooked up with. 

"Hmm, its pretty thick..." 

Koutarou elbows his way through the thick woody area, rustling the bushes. 
Because of the tall trees and the overgrown weeds his sight was horrible. 

The weeds poke at Koutarou as he walks through, making it painful to pass 

"Oi, Mackenzie! You're out there aren't you? Hurry up and show yourself!" 

The weeds poking at Koutarou started to irritate him and urged him to find Kenji 
and get out of there. 

"Come out and tell me who this girl you've hooked up with is" 

Then the feeling of ground underneath Koutarou's foot suddenly vanished. 


Oh crap , a hole in the ground!? 

By the time he noticed, Koutarou had already been swallowed by the ground. 

Suddenly being thrown onto the ground caused Koutarou to hold down his breath 
and acute pain runs through the back of his head. 

Having fallen, there were good news and bad news. 

The good news was that the hole was not all that deep. 

The bad news was that Koutarou had hit his head on a rock when he fell. 

"Ouch, that hurts... This is all Mackenzie's fault..." 

Koutarou put his hand on his hurting head and stood up. Thanks to his unusually 
sturdy body there are no real injuries, apart from a bump on his head. 

"Eh? Where am I?" 

Standing up the surrounding sight enters Koutarou's eyes. 

Despite being the bottom of a hole it's not pitch black, instead it was somewhat 

It's too bright to be just the light entering through the hole up above. The light 
was comparable that of an emergency exit sign in a dark hallway. 

"Something's here... Some sort of stand and several pillars... Even the floor is 

It was a mysterious sight, it was roughly 10 meters in every direction. 

The areas was filled with buried flat slabs, forming a sturdy floor. 

Several pillars about as tall as a person stood on top of the floor. 

On top each of the pillars there was a glowing sphere. 

The light in the room came from the spheres weak glow. 

And as if surrounded by the pillars there was a single stand. 

On top of the stand was a human statue looking down on Koutarou. 

"Are these the ruins of that religious building that was supposedly buried around 

The statue on top of the stand looked godlike, on top of that the surrounding 
pillars light it up. 

Had someone said this was a temple, anyone would believe them, it was that kind 
of mystical place. 


The voice that had been calling for Koutarou fills up the area. 

"That voice again... Hey, is someone here!? Why are you calling my name!?" 

The surprised Koutarou starts looking around the room, however he could not 
see anything moving. 

The only thing moving was Koutarou himself... 

"Koutarou, I've been waiting for you ah this time..." 

"Waiting? Where are you!? Who are you!?" 

Not even Koutarou could believe this was one of Kenji's pranks. 

Koutarou felt doubts about the mysterious voice, however he did not voice those 

"Uwah, Wh-what!?" 

All of a sudden the statue on top of the stand began shining, but this was not due 
to the light from the pillars. 

It was the statue itself that had begun glowing. 

The light was weak at first, barely noticeable but soon it began shining bright” 
"Countless days and nights passed. Ever repeating mornings and nights. Just how 
many times have I dreamed of just this moment..." 

"The statue? Are you the one talking?" 

The statue shot out light. At first it seemed like normal light, but slowly the light 
began to gradually assume the shape of something. 

"I am not this statue. This is one of the prayers given to me. Although the purity of 
it allows me to use it as my powers focal point, it is not me" 

Eventually the light assumed the shape of a person. It seemed almost as if the 
statue had transformed into a person. 

"... Koutarou, we finally meet..." 

"A girl... ?" 

The shaped light overlapped with the statue, revealing the figure of a young girl 
with calm and gentle eyes. 


Corona Convention, Revised 
2009/05/01 (Excerpt) 

Third Article 

The following methods of attacks are 

•Atomic, Biological, Chemical 
weapons (ABC weapons) and 
ammunition based on them. 

•Large area destruction weapons and 
ammunition based on them. 

•Any method of attacks that may 
harm room 106 . 

•Any method of attacks that may 
cause loud noise for neighboring 

•Any method of attacks that Kasagi 
Shizuka (Landlord of Corona House, 
residing in room 206 ) has prohibited 
in the past. 

I ^ 

uoEEqjcocd _c>f0oo — OC 

Commence Invasion! 

White light rained down. 

"... Wh-what?" 

Waking up, Koutarou found himself lying down and staring up at the fluorescent 
lamp in the ceiling. 

"Why am I lying down? And where is this?" 

"You finally woke up?" 

Koutarou blinks a couple of times as his eyes adjust to the light and Kenji's face 
falls into focus. 


"Don't look so dumbfounded. You scared the hell out of me when I heard you 
suddenly fell at work" 

"I fell?" 

"Yeah, you slipped and fell, supposedly that's when you got that bump on the back 
of your head" 

"Ouch, there really is a bump" 

While rubbing his head Koutarou surveys the area and finds himself in a bed 
inside of a hospital room. 

"If I remember correctly there was a large stone over at the area Obaa-chan was 
digging up..." 

Koutarou recalls what he had done before he got woke up in the hospital. 

"That old lady was worried about you too" 

"I'll make sure to let her know I'm alright later... Anyways, after moving the stone 
I went back my assigned area..." 

Koutarou stops and thinks for a while and then continues. 

"... What happened after that?" 

"What would asking me do? You probably slipped and fell there, you were found 
in the middle of the excavation area" 


Koutarou tilted his head and pondered. 


"Hmm... I think there was something else that happened, but..." 

Something felt off to Koutarou, the bump on the back of his head and him being 
found in the middle of the excavation site made Kenji's conclusion seem very 

However that explanation did not satisfy Koutarou. 

"Don't be stupid, maybe you were dreaming?" 


As Koutarou was crossing his arms and trying to remember, the nurse in charge 
of Koutarou came pushing a cart. 

"Oh, you're awake" 

"Thanks to you" 

Kenji who had met with the nurse before gave her a light bow. 

"Fufu, shouldn't you be grateful to your partner?" 

The smiling nurse peeked at look at Koutarou's face. 


"Yes, Kenji-kun sat beside you the entire time with a worried look on his face" 

"There's no need to be embarrassed Kenji-kun, that's very cute of you. Or maybe 
the two of you are going out?" 

"Not at all..." 

Kenji coldly denied the question. 

"Actually, the two of us are going out" 

Koutarou on the other hand swiftly confirmed it. 

"So you really are going out!! H-hey, which one of you is the bottom?!" 

"Hey now..." 


Kenji threw a punch at Koutarou to shut him up. 


"Stop it Kenji-kun! There's no reason to hit your lover on the head like that" 
"Please stop saying such horrifying things" 

Satisfied by Kenji's reaction the nurse pointed at the bandages around Koutarou's 

"Fufufu, I'm sorry. But as you can see Koutarou is injured so please don't hit him 
too much" 

"I'm sorry, my bad Kou" 

"Don't worry about it" 

"Now that that's settled... Here you go Satomi-kun" 

The nurse reached into to the cart she had been pushing and pulled out a 
thermometer and handed it over to Koutarou. 

"Could you measure your temperature with that? Just to be safe" 

"Yes, of course" 

"When you're done with that you can go home for today, but if you notice any 
changes to your body you have to come back, okay?" 

"Got it" 

"Good, I'll leave the rest to you Kenji-kun. Please hand this file over to the cashier 
on your way out." 

"Got it. Thank you" 

"Good bye then you two" 

The smiling nurse waves her hand at the two and turns her back and moves on to 
the next patient. 

"Hey, Mackenzie" 


Kenji who is flipping through the file looks up at Koutarou. 

"Are you aiming for that nurse this time?" 


Kenji raises his fist at Koutarou but remembering the nurses words he held back 
from hitting Koutarou's head again. 

"Really, I can't believe you..." 

Instead, Kenji sighs. 

"Sorry, sorry" 

Koutarou placed the thermometer in his armpit while smiling. 

Leaving the hospital room Koutarou passes by the cashier who he left to Kenji 
and headed for the hospitals drugstore. 

Koutarou had injuries on him apart from the bump, so just to be on the safe side 
he went looking for medicine he might need. 

"This way" 

Koutarou followed the direction board hung up on a corner into a hallway. 

The drugstore was at the end of the straight hallway, however Koutarou's feet 
had stopped just before it. 

By chance he saw a familiar face on other the side of a window. 

"That's Sakuraba-senpai... What's she doing in a place like this?" 

Koutarou saw the figure of the club president of the knitting society. 

She was sitting down on a bench in the courtyard of the hospital doing something. 

Koutarou decided to leave the drugstore for later and opened through the glass 
door leading to the courtyard. 

The early spring sun shone on the courtyard, lighting it up. 

Since the courtyard was surrounded by hospital walls there was next to no wind 
passing through. 

Because of that the courtyard was much more comfortable than the hospital 
hallways, making this an obvious place for the hospitalized children to play every 

When Koutarou came in however the children were completely silent and sat 
down on the paved ground, listening intently to the person sat down on the 



Sat upon the bench was a young girl wearing a cardigan on top other pajamas. 

She was one year older than Koutarou, but her lily-white skin and delicate figure 
made her look younger. 

Her name was Sakuraba Harumi. 

The club president of the knitting society that Koutarou was joining. 

"And the North Wind said: 'With my power I'll blow the clothes of the travelers 
right off, I'll prove that I'm stronger than the Sun'" 

She was currently in the middle of reading out loud to the children around her. 
The book was spread out on top of her legs and with a calm and gentle expression 
she continued reading. 

"However the Sun would not be defeated, the Sun said to the North Wind - Oh? 
Hihi, who's the one who scribbled on this page?" 

"Hiromi, it was you wasn't it?" 

"It wasn't me" 

"It was Saya-chan, I saw her!" 

"Is that true, Saya-chan?" 

"... Y-yes..." 

"I see... You shouldn't have done that Saya-chan. This book belongs to everyone" 
"Yes... I'm sorry" 

"As long as you understand. I won't be mad if you know what you did was wrong 
and regret it" 

Harumi and the children wore bright expressions on their faces. 

Koutarou found the sight of the diligent and smiling Harumi talking to the 
children refreshing. 

It's best not to get disturb her... 

Koutarou decided not to call out to Harumi and instead sits down behind the row 
of children. 

Fortunately he was not noticed by Harumi. 

"Onee-chan, keep reading" 

"Okay, I will" 

"I'm certain this is where the Sun fights back!" 

"What was it they said on TV the other day?" 

"Hey Batter, Batter, batter" 

"That's it!" 

"Everyone, you shouldn't be watching that kind of channels yet, wait until you get 

"Everyone, don't become that kind of adults, okay?" 


Hee... Senpai can make that kind of face as well... 

Looking at the children playing around with Harumi, Koutarou thought back to 
the time when he first met her. 

Koutarou and Harumi first met about a month ago on the 1st of March. 

Koutarou had gone to the school to find out the high school exam results that day. 
There was unfortunately cloudy skies that day, and even though they had entered 
March it was still cold, no thanks to the weather. 

"The Soccer Club is recruiting, we're looking for fresh meat!" 

"The Chorus club is recruiting! Last year we placed second in the chorus 
tournament, this year we're aiming for first place! Please lend us your strength!" 
"We're not just fat people, we're fat people that can move! We're looking for those 
of you concerned about your weight! Welcome to the sumo wrestling club! Feel 
free to visit!" 

"Withdraw! We're the true strong men here, we're the Karate club! Withdraw, 
and don't forget to do the same with your bellies" 

"What was that!? Just try saying that one more time!" 

However Kitsushouharukaze's schoolyard was being warmed up by the hot 
blooded recruiters. 

It was a battle to recruit new members. 

In Kitsushouharukaze, club activities was actively participated in. 

Moreover, there were a lot of club events, much more than a normal high school. 
Infact the activities had become a normal part of their school lives. 

Because of this, the more members a club had, the more power it held within the 

Which is why every club was desperate to recruit as many members are possible. 
As a result, the recruitment was started earlier and earlier each year, and 
eventually it was held during the day exam results were announced. 

Peacefully waiting until the entrance ceremony would leave a club with no 
members to recruit. 

As such, to recruit the students who were letting their guard down after being 
accepted the schoolyard was filled with recruiters. 

"Th-the knitting society is recruiting... Would you like to join the knitting society?" 
Harumi was one of the recruiters. 

"Uh.. Please, at least listen, please, uh.." 

However the recruiting was not going well. 

The knitting society was originally small, and the person recruiting, Harumi was 
shy and withdrawn. 

Her voice was small and weak, and was erased by the surrounding chaos of a 

"Hey, if I join the knitting society will you go out with me?" 

"Uh, that would.. Trouble me" 

The ones she could attract were only interested in her appearance, good for 
nothing people. 

She was unable to find the kind of club members she was wishing for. 

".... Hmm?" 

That Koutarou noticed her was just a coincidence. 

Koutarou was passing through nearby when Harumi's small cry for help entered 
his ears. 

If at the time she had been recruiting like normal he might not even have noticed 
her existence. 

"Please stop it, let go!" 

"You want members, and I want to go out with you, it's a win/win don't you 

"This society was not made for things like that!" 

"You're lacking members right? Take a look at reality" 

"No! Let go of me!" 

A persistent sleazy boy and a powerless and thin girl trying to escape from him. 
The girl seems to be recruiting members for a club, and the boy seems to be 
hitting on her. 

Koutarou picking up on the severity of the situation at a glance approached the 
boy and girl. 

Would you at least think of what you're doing? Geez. 

Hearing the boys selfish excuses irritated Koutarou. 

"Welcome~. Oh my, aren't you a good looking man~" 

Koutarou spoke up in a flamboyant feminine voice and embraced the boy. 

"You're joining our club aren't you? I'm so happy, you're just my type!" 

"Le-Let go! Who are you!" 

Being surprised by Koutarou's sudden hug, the boy let go of the girls hand. 
Noticing this Koutarou kept talking to the boy whilst tearing him away from the 

"Oh, I thought you wanted to go out with me?" 

"Wh-Who would want to go out with someone like you!?" 

"You want to go out with someone, and I want to go out with a boy, it's a win/win 
don't you think?" 

"It's a lose/lose! Let go of me you freak!" 

"Don't be so coldJ'" 

Koutarou swung the boy around and let go. 

"So, you'll join right?" 

"Who the hell would join this plain and boring society when a freak like you is in 

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that" 

"Ueh, I'm starting to feel sick" 

Throwing out those words the boy turned his back to Koutarou and ran away. 

He only started up a conversation because he saw a cute girl anyways, and he left 
just as easily as he came. 

"There's just too many idiots during spring for me... I hope he's not one of my 

Koutarou said with a sigh, having safely resolved the incident. 

Even after the boy had run out of sight, Koutarou kept stared in the direction he 
had run off to for a while. 

"Uhm, Thank you very much" 


A sudden voice surprised Koutarou and he let out an odd sound. 

"Ah, I'm sorry for surprising you!" 

The voice belonged to the girl who was with the boy. Having startled Koutarou 
she frantically bowed her head. 

"Uh, No, I'm sorry for being so started. That's right, senpai was here too" 

Being so irritated at the boy, Koutarou had completely forgotten about the girl. 
".... He was very persistent, you we're a big help" 

"I was out of line, and I even drove away a potential club member when you're 
out here recruiting" 

"No, that's okay. That person wasn't interested in knitting anyways" 

The girls expression finally loosens up. 

This girl's eyes look very gentle. 

The girl left a very calm and gentle impression, and just looking at her made 
Koutarou feel at ease. 


"Yes... I'm the president of the knitting society" 

"The knitting society..." 

The girl was seated by a receptionists desk, with the words 'Knitting Society' 
written and hung off the desk. 

"... I'm sure it's not very interesting for most men" 

The girls face turned gloomy and she lowered her head slightly. 

Koutarou sensed that the club was severely lacking in members. 

"That's true, even I 

Koutarou was about to nod in agreement when suddenly he remembered the 
precious half knitted sweater he was keeping safely wrapped up at home. 

If I join this society, I might be able to... 

"Excuse me, Senpai" 


"If I join this society, would I get better at knitting?" 

"Of course, that's why the society exists" 

The girl nods her head. 

"Would it be possible for a complete amateur to knit a sweater?" 

"I'm sure it would be next to impossible at first, but if you keep at it, surely" 
"Would it be possible, even if I was clumsy?" 

Koutarou raised both his hands and showed his fingers to the girl. Looking at his 
hands the girl nodded. 

"You'll be fine. In the end training and effort is more important than dexterity" 

"That's my specialty. I'm the athletic type after all" 

After speaking for a while Koutarou made his decision. 

After his dads sudden transfer he was unable to continue with baseball, so there 
wasn't much to worry about. 

"Uhm, Wo-would you like to join?" 

The girls expression brightened up, from the flow of the conversation the girl 
sensed that Koutarou might be interested in joining. 

"Yes, if it's not too much trouble I would like join. Do you mind?" 

"Of course not! We-welcome!" 

As if really happy, the girl hurriedly welcomes Koutarou. 

"This way please! Th-there's an application form to fill out!" 

"Of course" 

Koutarou follows the girls lead. 

"I'm Satomi Koutarou, pleased to meet you" 

"Oh no, that's right..." 

The girl makes an embarrassed, small smile. 

However it quickly changed to a big smile. 

"I'm Harumi, Sakuraba Harumi. The president of the knitting society" 

This was Koutarou and Harumi's first meeting. 

"Satomi-kun, If you were here you should've said so right away..." 

"Hahaha, Senpai looked like she was having so much fun with the children, so I 
would feel bad just butting in" 

Koutarou and Harumi sat on the bench, and they looked at the lively children, 
who had split into groups, running around the courtyard. 

"Do you normally come here, Sakuraba-senpai?" 

"Yes, ever since I was a child I've had a weak constitution. 

Every now and then I'm hospitalized and examined. 

Because school starts tomorrow I wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong" 
"And, do you play with the children every time you come to the hospital?" 


Harumi had a calm gaze while she blushed slightly. 


"Is he bullying you? Should we get him!?" 

The children loved Harumi, just from this little exchange that became very clear 
to Koutarou. 

That's why Koutarou figured they had known each other for a long time. 

"It's okay! This person is my friend!" 

"Oh, okay" 

"Take a hint" 

"It's an adult" 

"Adult! Adult!" 

Satisfied, the children began playing again. 

"I'm sorry Satomi-kun, they're just unused to new young people" 

"It's fine, I'm your friend, right?" 

"... Yes, a precious friend" 

Nodding to Koutarou's words, Harumi began looking at the playing children once 

Her eyes were incredibly gentle. Harumi also loved the children. 

"So, why are you in the hospital, Satomi-kun?" 

"Is it that unexpected?" 

"Yes, you look so healthy and energetic" 

"I'm not sick, I'm hurt. Here, look" 

Koutarou turns around and shows the back of his head. 

Although the bandages wrapped around his head have been removed the bump 
and a band aid was still there. 

"Are you okay?" 

When Koutarou turns back to Harumi, she had a worried look on her. 

"It's just a bump and a small cut, it's nothing" 

"Oh good... But how did you get hurt?" 

Harumi breathes out relieved and then tilts her head slightly. 

"Actually, I tripped and hit my head during my job. Hahaha, I guess I'm too 

Koutarou speaks happily, shoulders high. But Harumi looked worriedly at 
Koutarou's head. 

"... Are you sure you're alright?" 

"I'm alright, it's not like I can get any dumber than this anyways" 

"If you say so" 

"Fufu, don't worry so much Sakuraba-senpai" 

"Head injuries are pretty bad you know? Besides you're a member of the society 
after all" 

"I see, so it's the club you're worried about?" 

"The club? No! I'm not.." 

Harumi's face turns red once again while Koutarou laughs to himself. 

"Kukuku, Ahahaha" 

"Oh you, Satomi-kun" 

While Harumi was pouting one of the children thrust out her face between 
Koutarou and Harumi. 



The child thrusting out her face was one of the older girls who had climbed over 
the backrest of the bench, and surprised Koutarou and Harumi. 

"Did I scare you? Are you Onee-chans boyfriend?" 


Harumi who was not accustomed to this kind of topic was left speechless and 
stared on in amazement. 

"Ahaha, that would be nice, but I'm not her boyfriend, infact I'm her apprentice" 
"Apprentice of what?" 

"Of knitting, I'll start learning it from her starting the day after tomorrow" 

The knitting clubs activities start the day after the entrance ceremony, in other 
words, Tuesday, the day after tomorrow. 

"I see... Onee-chan is good at knitting after all" 

Satisfied, the girl smiles. 

It seems Harumi's knitting skill was well known even in the hospital. 

"Hey! Kou! Where are you!?" 

Following those words, Kenji showed up at the entrance to the courtyard. 


Harumi suddenly got a bit flustered. 

"Mackenzie! Over here!" 

Not noticing her change, Koutarou waves his hand as he calls over Kenji. 

"You idiot, what about the medicine!?" 

"Oh crap, I forgot!" 

Koutarou jumps off the bench and runs towards Kenji. 

"Hey, Onee-chan" 

The young girl looking at Koutarou's back whispered to Harumi doing the same. 

"Are you sure he's not your boyfriend?" 

"He's not, he's a classmate and I made a promise to teach how to knit, that's all" 
"You're lying, he's the only man you don't get flustered around" 

"Th-thats not..." 

Harumi hurriedly denied it, but the young girl was right. 

Harumi had only meet with Koutarou a few times after the announcement day, so 
they were not all that close. 

Usually she would be unable to even talk to a man at this point. 

"It's not?" 

"... Uhm..." 

However, oddly enough, Harumi doesn't have her guard up around Koutarou at 

Harumi was also perplexed by this. 

"Sa-Satomi-kun is..." 

As Harumi was muttering his name Koutarou joined up with Kenji and turned 
towards Harumi. 

"Senpai! I'll be leaving now, but I'll see you again the day after tomorrow!" 
"Ye-Yes! We'll see each other the day after tomorrow, Satomi-kun!" 


Koutarou bowed deeply and left the courtyard with Kenji. 

(( )) 

Harumi held her hands in front of her chest and stared at Koutarou's back. 

"... So you're not lovers, but you're interested in him, right?" 

Looking at Harumi's actions, that was the conclusion the girl had come to. 

Harumi's face turned bright red and she was at a loss for words. 

Harumi desperately started looking for words to deny it, but she couldn't think of 
any words or feelings to deny Koutarou. 

"It's okay, it'll be our secret" 

a )) 

In the end Harumi was unable to say anything to the smiling girl, instead the 
silence continued. 

"Does she hate me or something?" 


"When I called out to you she looked she got really nervous all of a sudden, 


"... Please, at least notice something that obvious" 

Kenji smiles wryly to Koutarou while getting on his bike. 

Kenji had left his bike at Corona House. 

Normally he travels by train to the closest station, and from there he rides his 
bike to Koutarou. 

And after meeting up the two of them would walk to school. 

"I don't know if she hates you or not, but if an enemy to all women like you 
approach Senpai she'll be tainted. Don't go any near her. Shoo Shoo" 

"Come on now..." 

Koutarou smiles at Kenji's reaction, but he soon makes a serious expression 

"To be honest though, it seems Senpai is a bit shy" 

Although they had only talked a few times, Koutarou had picked up on that. 
"Hmm, she seems to do fine with you though..." 

"A lot of things happened when we met after all" 

"Ah, the time with a real enemy of all women?" 

"That's right, it seems she's a bit thankful and after that we've met by coincidence 
a few times, so it's probably because of that" 

The originally quiet and shy Harumi would probably treat Koutarou the same if 
not for the events when they had first met. 

At least that's how Koutarou thought of it. 

"That's how it is, so until she gets used to you just keep your distance, Mr. Enemy- 

"Would you stop calling me that?" 

Kenji was usually the one who was popular with the women 

"Just understand that you'll be rejected, Mackenzie-kun" 

"Fine, fine" 

Kenji was well aware that it was a joke, and he smiles wryly while turning his 
bike around. 

"Well then Kou. Tomorrow's the entrance ceremony, so make sure you get to bed 

"I get it, I get it. Don't worry so much, I woke up just fine today you know" 

"You have a point. See you tomorrow then" 

"Yeah, see you" 

Kenji started riding towards the station while Koutarou began walking back to 
Corona House. 

With a click the lock on room 106 was undone. 

Although the door looked old, Shizuka would properly replace the locks every 
time a new tenant would move in. 

The door opened without any noise as it had been well maintained. 

"I'm back.." 

Koutarou says while entering the empty room. 

It sure is boring coming home to an empty house. 

Unexpectedly, the thought of Koutarou's mothers crossed his mind. 

It was a sight he would always see when he came home up until a few years ago. 
"You're finally back, you thick headed man!" 

However, a voice came from the back of the room, interrupting his nostalgic 


Koutarou quickly threw off his shoes and headed towards the inner room. 

"You didn't notice anything yesterday, but today I'll make sure to chase you out!" 
In the inner room Koutarou saw a small girl wearing a summer dress. 

She looked like she was several years younger than Koutarou, and from her small 
body she appeared to be a grade-schooler. 

With powerful eyebrows and large eyes, she left an impression. 

"Plan number one! Starting up with the noise even though it's the evening!" 
Koutarou was not sure if she noticed him or not, but she started beating the 
furniture with both of her hands in the middle of room. 


Running back and forth in the room, the girl ardently beat furniture and boxes, 
leaving Koutarou astonished. 

"What's this girl doing?" 

Koutarou was more surprised about what the girl was doing to think of how she 
got in. 

"It was a mistake trying to scare this thick headed man in the night! Starting up 
with noise when he's awake - I'm on fire today!" 

The girl wandered around the room beating on everything she could. 

"How about you start getting scared, thick headed man! It's a paranormal 

And finally the girl turned her head towards Koutarou who had been standing in 
astonishment staring at her, and their eyes meet. 

u )) 

"And with that, you'll be running away!!" 


The girl stopped beating on the furniture. 

And the two then stared at each other for a while. 

"... What are you doing here?" 

Koutarou was the one who broke the silence. 

Koutarou pointed at the girl who had her hands held together, and asked her 

Coming home tired and seeing a girl dancing like she was crazy would make 
anyone feel the same. 


The girls eyes opened wide in surprise. 

"He-Hey you! Can you see me!?" 

The girl leaned forward and brought her face closer to Koutarou. 

"Of course I can see you. What are you even talking about?" 

"You don't just me, but you can hear my voice too!?" 

"Stop talking nonsense and..." 

Not understanding what the girl was talking about, Koutarou tilted his head in 

"Because you couldn't see me yesterday, you couldn't hear my voice either!" 

The girls words left Koutarou speechless, he was confused. 

"Like I'm telling you! No matter what I did to you, you wouldn't notice anything at 
all is what I'm saying! But why is that you can see and hear me today!?" 

"Wait, wait, explain yourself properly! I won't understand anything if you talk like 
that. And before that, who are you? How did you get in here!?" 

"My name is Higashihongan Sanae and I'm a resident of this room! I didn't get in 
here from anywhere, you're the one who came to me!" 

"Ah? This rooms resident? ....Wait a minute..." 

"Wh-what now" 

Koutarou left the puzzled girl behind and opened the door to peek at the door 

Room 106, Satomi Koutarou. 

"I'm in the right room after all..." 

Confirming that, Koutarou quickly returned to the inner room. He was a bit 
worried he had accidentally entered the wrong room. 

"This is my room. I'm the one who's renting it from the landlord" 

"This is my room! I've always lived here, so get out!" 

"I'm the one who's renting it, so why do I have to leave my own room!" 

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!! If I'm not here mom and dad will be troubled!" 

The discussion wasn't getting anywhere. 


The troubled Koutarou tried to piece together the situation and folded his arms 
together as he goes through the events that led up to this in his head. 

As soon as I get home there's some girl I've never seen before. She is insisting that 
this has been her room for a while. However she was nowhere to be seen yesterday. 
And there's no way landlord-san would rent out the room to two people at the same 

"Which means, this girl is..." 

"Wh-what, just staring at me like that" 

To Koutarou this girl is just someone who has entered his room without 

And her reason didn't make any sense. Since he didn't see her at all yesterday he 
was sure she was just making it up. 

She was just a kid from the neighborhood who found that the door unlocked and 
came in to play. 

That was Koutarou's conclusion. 


As soon as Koutarou reached a conclusion he rushed into action. 

"No problem, no problem" 

"Kyaa! What are you doing all of a sudden!?" 

Koutarou captured the nape of the neck of her summer dress and lifted her up, he 
then headed for the door as she was dangling in the air. 

"It's almost bed time for kids, so hurry up and go home" 

"Let go! Just because I'm a kid doesn't mean you can just..! Wait, you're touching 
me! How!?" 

The girl tried to wrestle free, but because of the difference in strength nothing 

"No how's or what's! Go home!" 

"But you couldn't touch me yesterday! You just passed through!" 

"You're making no sense, just go home. A lot of things happened today and I'm 

Koutarou threw the girl out and closed the door. 

"Hmm, to just let someone break in like that... I'll need to make sure I lock the 
door from now on" 

With a click Koutarou made sure to lock the door, he sighed as he made his way to 
the inner room. 

"What are you doing all of a sudden!" 


However in the inner room he found the girl he just threw out. 

The girls face was dyed red with anger and she approached Koutarou. 

However since she was small and she had a rather cute face she was unable to 
intimidate Koutarou. 

"You again, how did you get in here?" 

Koutarou quickly took a look at the window, but it remained closed. 

Besides, too little time had passed for her to have been able to run around the 

"I passed through the wall, obviously" 

"You passed through the wall?" 

Koutarou gazed at the wall behind her, but all he saw was the newly replaced 
white tapestry. 

"I don't see any holes" 

"Of course not! I'm a gh-" 

"I got it! It's one of those magic tricks, right!?" 

Koutarou's eyes sparkled, he had seen magicians pass through walls on TV, so he 
completely mistook her for a magician. 


"One more time! Show me one more time!" 

"Kyaa!? A-again!? How can you touch me!? No one's been able to do that before!" 
"Come on, don't be so stingy, do it one more time!" 

The girl was thrown outside once more. 

"Kyaa! Just hear me out will you!" 

"Come on, come on" 

However Koutarou wasn't listening to her at all, he was convinced she was a 
genius child magician. 


"I'm begging you!" 

Koutarou threw her out and closed and locked the door again. Excitedly waiting 
for the girl to get back inside. 

However, something unexpected happened. 

"Would you give it a break!!" 


Surprisingly, the girls face projected from the door, it was almost as if a hole just 
for her face had opened. 

"You often get told you don't listen very well, don't you!?" 

"Ho-how are you, Why are you-!?" 

And as Koutarou was watching the girls body passed through the door. 




"Move out of the way" 

"Kyaa! Again!?" 

Koutarou pushed the girl away and examined the door. 

However there was not a single scratch on it, there was nothing that would allow 
her to pass through the door. 

"How did you do that!?" 

"I did it! You're surprised! That's what I've been waiting for!" 

Koutarou finally gave her the kind of reaction she had been expecting. 

This pleased her greatly and a smile appeared on her face. 

"... Oh, right, I'm not supposed to get excited" 

"Just who are you? How did you get in?" 

And the girl put on a big grin. 

"I told you didn't I? I passed through the wall, and I'm Sanae. Higashihongan 


"I'm the ghost who's been haunting this room" 

As the girl said that, Koutarou was far more surprised than when she had passed 
through the wall. 

"Whaaaaaaat!? A ghost!?" 

"You can't believe it right? But a normal person can't do this" 

"Yo-You're floating!?" 

"Of course I float, I'm a ghost after all" 

Sanae floated up towards the ceiling she then looked down on the surprised 
Koutarou and laughed. 

Having gone unnoticed by Koutarou all this time she was very pleased. 

"A ghost... I had heard the stories from Landlord-san, but think you were real..." 
Koutarou had heard the stories from his landlord Shizuka, but he didn't think he'd 
see it for himself. 

However Sanae was right in front of his eyes and he had no choice but believe it. 

A normal person can't pass through walls or float in the air. 

"So that means you're the ghost that's been appearing in this room?" 

"You finally understand! That's right, I'm the true master of this room!" 

"Which means you're the one who chased out all the previous tenants?" 

"That's right, it's my home after all" 

Sanae landed on the floor. 

"... You're a ghost, so why do you have legs?"dl 

"What does it matter? That's not what should be surprising you!" 

"Even if you say that... I can clearly see, hear and touch you, you know? Until you 
passed through the wall I thought you were just some kid" 

Because of that Koutarou wasn't panicking at all, after all she looked like just a 
normal girl. 

"Th-that's what I want to know, why can you sense me all of a sudden?" 

"What are you talking about?" 

"Yesterday, even if I stood right in front of you or shouted right next to your ear 
you wouldn't notice me at all! I even passed through your body when I tried to 
tackle you" 

"Even you ask me..." 

In other words, Sanae had been in the room with Koutarou since yesterday, 
always watching him. 

"I don't understand it either. The only out of the ordinary thing that happened 
today was that I fell and hit my head" 

Koutarou turns around and points to the band aid on the back of his head. 

"You hit your head and now you can see ghosts!? Stop it with the nonsense!" 

"I don't want to hear that from you! You paranormal phenomenon!" 


Aware that she was the odd one out, Sanae slightly recoiled. 

"Th-that doesn't matter! Now that you can hear me we can get down to business!" 
"You're the one who brought it up" 

"Shut up! Shut up!" 

"And, what business?" 

Sanae regains her composure after hearing Koutarou's words and opens her 

"That's obvious, this is my home, so get out" 

"I see... that's a bold statement" 

"It's not bold at all, it's a given" 

At the same time she said that, several small lightning-like phenomenon's starts 
crackling around her, almost as if she was discharging them herself. 

"And what if I say no?" 

"I'll just do what I always do..." 

As Sanae raised her hand towards Koutarou, and a suspicious light could be seen 
waving at the tip of her finger. 

It was what one would call a will-o'-wisp however Koutarou didn't know that. 

This girl wants to fight... 

Koutarou felt Sanae's intention to fight and brought his body lower to the ground 
and took a stance. 

"However, today I'm in top condition. So hitting you with this won't just surprise 

The light at the tip of Sanae's finger grew bigger. It went from being as small as a 
firefly to the size of a baseball. 

Getting hit by that would be bad... 

Koutarou didn't know what the light was, but he instinctively sensed danger and 
swallowed his saliva. 

Even though she's a ghost, I can touch her, so it's not like I don't stand a chance. 
Koutarou who is normally quick to pick a fight forms his fists as he steels himself. 

"... That's a coincidence. I'm in top condition today too" 

"I see, what a coincidence... Fufufu, ahahahaha" 


Laughter and tension filled the room. 

The fight was about to start. 

The sound of a delivery truck passing by the apartment served as a gong, and the 
two start moving. 

"Eat this~!" 

Sanae threw the glowing ball at Koutarou. 


However Koutarou quickly lowered his body and the ball passed through the area 
where his face used to be. 

The ball hit a wall and disappeared leaving behind a sound similar to a loud clap. 
"You nimble bastard" 

"And that's not all!" 

Koutarou rushed towards Sanae, since it was a small room he quickly reached 

He swung his right hand. 


However Sanae passed through the wall behind her and dodged his attack, a 
fitting way for a ghost to dodge. 

Because of that the only thing Koutarou could touch was the ends of her hair. 
"That's right, you're a ghost. But I hit you, I can still do this" 

As Koutarou confirmed the sensation of hitting the ends of her hair, Sanae 
entered the room once more. 

"That's dangerous!" 

"Like you're one to speak!" 

"It's a given that ghosts attack residents, counter attacking is against the rules!" 
"Like I care!" 

"Get beaten or get out!" 

"Not a chance! I finally found a place to live!" 

Koutarou didn't want to burden his father who had raised him alone any more. 
And because the rent here was just 5,000 yen, Koutarou could afford it with just 
his part time job. 

The only problem was the ghost laughing right in front of him. 

Koutarou didn't have a choice to just leave. 

"Like I'll leave because of a single ghost! I need this room to live a fulfilling high 

"I don't care about that! Get out! This is my home!" 

Both of Sanae's hands began glowing, and a ball of light formed on top of each 
hand, she was planning on throwing both of them at Koutarou. 

"So you're finally getting serious..." 

Koutarou took a stance. 

"This time won't be the same as before!" 

Two balls appeared and this time they were slightly larger than before. 

Dodging two of them will be harder and they're more powerful. 

As Sanae had said, the danger had increased. 

"As if I'd let you!" 

If that's the case I just need to keep her from attacking! 

Koutarou quickly made a decision and rushed towards Sanae reaching out with 
his hand. 


"I've got youuuu!" 

Koutarou's right hand captured Sanae's left arm. 

And the ball in her left hand loses moment and falls onto the mat. 

And like before as the ball hits the floor it disappeared leaving behind a loud 
clapping noise. 

"These are not just for throwing!" 


As Koutarou was following the falling ball, Sanae thrust the ball in her right hand 
towards Koutarou. 

He tried to dodge, but it was not enough. 


As the ball touched Koutarou it disappeared like the two before it, however at the 
same time it impacted heavily on Koutarou. 

It was almost like receiving an electric shock. 

"I did it! I don't know why, but I'm in top condition today!" 


Koutarou was knocked back by the impact and lands on his bottom. 

"And now for the finisher!" 

And in front of the fallen Koutarou, Sanae formed two more glowing balls. 

"You'll be sent to the hospital with defeat written over your face and I will take 
back my room!!" 

"Yo-you selfish...!" 

Koutarou was still stunned from the impact and was unable to move. 

Meanwhile Sanae combined the two balls to form a single large one. 

All Koutarou could do was watch. 

"If you'd just gotten out, it would not have to end like thisJ'" 

The ball Sanae was holding over head grew bigger and it was now roughly the 
size of a dodge ball. 

The ball from before was enough to leave Koutarou stunned, the power of this 
one didn't need any explanation. 

"This is bad, I'll get killed!" 

Koutarou braced himself, all he could do now is brace himself for the incoming 


However Sanae's triumphant laughter was interrupted by a small explosion by 
her feet. 


Being sent flying by the explosion, Sanae fell over, with only her head passing 
through the wall. 

At the same time the ball she had made collided with the wall, leaving behind a 
large bang. 

Seeing that Koutarou felt a chill down his spine. 

"0 wo wow" 

Sanae pulled her head from the wall and shakes it slightly, this time Sanae was 

"... What did she step on?" 

Koutarou saw something explode as Sanae stepped on it, trying to find it 
Koutarou approached the spot that had exploded. 

"I see! She stepped on this!" 

'Safe Delivery' 'Successful studies' 'Traffic Safety' 

What he found was a bunch of good luck charms he had gotten from his 

They had been taken out of the cardboard box and left on the floor and Sanae had 
stepped on them. 

"That's right! You're a ghost, so you're weak to charms" 

Koutarou picked up the charms. 

"Wahaha, and with this the tables have turned!" 


Sanae got up and glared at the charms in Koutarou's hand. "To think you had 
those kind of things..." "I have plenty! From wards to Maneki Nekos^l, theres no 
lack of fortune goods in this room!" 

Koutarou didn't just get charms from his grand mother. 

When he passed his high school exam she had sent a large amount of this kind of 
fortune goods. 

"Ku, just how virtuous are you!" 

"Hahaha! It's because of ah my good deeds! God is watching!" 

Koutarou thrust the charms towards Sanae as he gradually closed in. 

Sanae who had been on the offensive ah this time was gradually pushed towards 
the entrance with a bitter look on her face. 


Sanae throws three will-o'-wisps towards Koutarou. 

"It's no use!" 

However as the will-o'-wisps touched the charms in Koutarou's hands they 
disappeared as if they were melting. 

"It doesn't work!?" 

"Stupid, there's no way a charm can't block a ghosts attack. Don't underestimate a 
Family Safety charm!" 

Koutarou grinned and started moving once more. 

"It's your turn to leave now, ghost!" 

"There's no way I'm leaving! I have to wait here no matter what!" 

"However, I'm the winner!" 

"Not yet!" 

With Sanae's short shout, the items around here started floating in the air. 

A cardboard box, a dictionary, a case filled with small articles. 

These kind of things started floating mid-air spinning around her. 

"How about this! Poltergeist attack!" 


The items floating around her started pelting Koutarou all at once. 

The charms had no effect on the thrown items. 

Koutarou held his head and tried to escape but some of the items crashed into his 

"Ouch! What are you doing!" 

"Nyahahaha! It seems this works!" 

"If you hit me straight on I'll die!" 

"Stupid, that's what I'm trying to do!" 


"Once more!" 

Sanae lifted the nearby luggage into the air once more. 

"As if I'll take any more of this!" 

Koutarou picked up his treasured bat that happened to be lying right in front of 
him, preparing to defend himself from the attack. 

"In this narrow room, how long do you think you can last against my attack with 

Sanae sends a couple of items flying at Koutarou. 


Koutarou swung with his bat and blocked the attacks. 

"Too slow, ghost! It's like they're flying in slow-motion!" 

"Curse you!" 

Sanae floats up several more items into the air. 

Five more again... 

In total there were five items floating in the air, the previous attacks had also 
consisted of five items. 

It seems like her limit five items at a time... 

Koutarou, without getting to careless readies himself for the next attack. 


At that time, the dictionary floating to the right of Sanae fell onto the tatami mat. 

Next to the fallen dictionary Koutarou saw the Maneki Neko lying on the floor. 

It looked to Koutarou as if the dictionary had fallen when it flew too close. 

I guess I'll give it a try. 

When Koutarou made his decision he tore up one of the charms he was holding 
together with the bat. 

The charm he had tore was "Safe Delivery" 


Koutarou then threw it towards Sanae. 


Sanae brought the items floating in front of her to shield herself. 

The charm hit the make shift shield and fell down to the tatami mat. 

"Don't surprise me like that!" 

"You'll be even more surprised by this!" 

Koutarou had rushed over to pick up the Maneki Neko. 


"This guy!" 

Koutarou thrust out the Maneki Neko towards Sanae and their eyes met. 

"A cat?" 

"Look around you" 


The items circling Sanae fell to the ground one by one. 

"It seems you can't make items fly next to this guy" 

"Fortune goods!?" 

Sanae grinded her teeth in frustration and hurriedly ran towards the entrance. 
And luggage began floating around her once more. 

"How about if I attack you from this distance!?" 

Sanae threw a tissue box made of plastic at Koutarou. 

She only threw a single item, but instead it had much greater speed. 

"It's no use!" 

However as the tissue box approaches Koutarou it stalls and falls onto the 


As the box approached the Maneki Neko it lost its power. 

When the box reached Koutarou it had already lost most of momentum and 
harmlessly bounced of him. 

"The tables have turned again, ghost!" 

Koutarou laughed full of confidence. 

"Wh-what!? I'm not losing yet!" 

"None of your attacks can reach me, but I can still attack you" 

Koutarou shows her the Maneki Neko and lucky charms. 

"Hmph! Aslong as I don't get close it's no big deal" 

"However with that, no matter how hard you try you can never chase me out. It's 
my win, ghost!" 

Koutarou triumphantly declared his victory. 

".... Hey, you no longer have a chance to win, so just give up and leave, or better 
yet, pass on" 

"No way! Why do I have to do something like that. You leave!" 

Koutarou tightened his defenses with the Maneki Neko and the two entered into a 

Both of them lacked a decisive blow. 

All of Sanae's attacks were prevented by the Maneki Neko. 

With her Poltergeist attack she might be able to hit him with small items, but the 
damage would be next to nothing. 

Large heavy items would be prevented by the Maneki Neko before they were be 
able to hit. 

And Sanae herself can't approach the Maneki Neko, meaning direct attacks on 
Koutarou were impossible. 

At the same time Koutarou was unable to defeat Sanae. 

He can touch and grab her and he throw the charms and blow her away as well. 
However Sanae can flee through the walls, making his attacks ineffective. 

And because Sanae can't come near the Maneki Neko or the charms she would 
move even faster. 

And most importantly, Koutarou didn't know any way of getting her to pass on. 

No matter how many times he threw her out of the room or blew her away with 
the charms she would just return. 

"Why do you insist on haunting this room anyways!?" 

"What does it matter! Either way I have no intention of leaving, this is my home!" 
Sanae threw some crumpled up paper at Koutarou, Koutarou caught it without 
any difficulties and threw it back at Sanae. 

"Geez, you're just like a kid" 

"You can't be a ghost if you're not childish!" 

"... That's an impressive argument" 

"Don't treat me like an idiot!" 

"You're the one who said it!" 

And like that the two divide the room in half and continue their quarrel. 

Every once in a while someone would throw a crumpled piece of paper at the 
other, but the actual attacks had stopped. 

"Since it's come to this it'll become a test of spirit! I'll haunt you until you give up, 
and I won't let you sleep during the night either!" 

"Go ahead and do it if you think you can! I've been forged by baseball, my spirit is 
unbeatable! Besides not being able to sleep goes both ways!" 

"You're not cute at all!" 

"Neither are you!" 

Like this the too stared each other down for hours. Night had started long ago. 
And before they knew it the door bell rang. 


"Who is it now, during this busy time!" 

A loud continuing knock followed after the doorbell. 

"Wake up Kou! You'll be late for the entrance ceremony!" 

The voice coming from the other side of the door was Koutarou's childhood 
friend Kenji. 

"It's Mackenzie" 

"Mackenzie? Oh the guy in glasses" 

"Ah! It's already morning!?" 

Looking at the clock hanging at the wall Koutarou peeled open his eyes. 

It was already 7:30AM. 

It took about 20 minutes to walk to school so Koutarou had to leave around 8:00 
to make it in time. 

And since today was the entrance ceremony it would be best to get there earlier. 
"I can't just sit around here!" 

"Hey, you!" 

"We'll continue this when I get back! I have to get to school first!" 

Koutarou opened up the wardrobe and pulled out his uniform and school bag. 
"Hey Kou, are you awake?" 

"I'm awake, I'm awake! I'm on my way!" 

"Oh, you're awake" 

Koutarou shoves the Maneki Neko and the charms into his bag and started 

"Wait, before you go to school we need to settle this, right!?" 

"I don't have time for that, we'll do that later! I'm only living here so I can go to 
school! Besides who would believe me if I didn't show because of a ghost!" 

The completely rejected Sanae puffed up her cheeks and glared at Koutarou. 
"Don't start acting up when I'm gone okay? When I get back we'll settle this!" 

"I got it. I don't want to start any trouble here either" 

"... You're the trouble though..." 

"You're the one who's trouble! I had no problems up until now!" 

"I got it, I got it. I got it so until I get back just sit still, okay?" 

Sanae nodded reluctantly at Koutarou's words. 

"I got it, so don't waste any time and hurry back" 


And like this a temporary truce between two would last until the evening. 

Corona Convention 

Fourth Article 

Any combat taken place 
outside of Corona 
House’s room 106 is 
ompletely prohibited. 
However, that is not the 
case if Kasagi Shizuka 
Landlord of Corona 
House, residing in room 
206) allows it. 


Hmm... Commence Invasion? 

Koutarou let out a loud yawn. 

"You look sleepy, Satomi-kun" 

"I couldn't really sleep a lot yesterday" 

"That's unusual for you, Kou" 

Koutarou, Kenji and Shizuka were walking to school together. 

The three of them were wearing their brand-new uniforms. 

And they were all about to attend the Kitsushouharukaze high school's entrance 

"Yeah, just a thing yesterday" 

"Did something happen, Satomi-kun?" 

The tone of Shizuka's voice was not the tone of a landlord, but rather the tone of a 

Shizuka's tone had changed when she changed from addressing Koutarou as 
Satomi-kun yesterday. 

Koutarou who was bad with formality welcomed the change. 

"Landlord-san actually, that thing appeared" 

"Appeared, you mean!?" 

"The ghost appeared!?" 

"Yes, I couldn't believe it at first either, but it's without a doubt the ghost" 

Shizuka and Kenji were amazed by Koutarou's answer. 

"So that's why it was a bit noisy yesterday" 

"So.. So are you okay, Kou!?" 

"Calm down Mackenzie. It's not that big a deal. A ghost appeared and some 
paranormal phenomena's occurred, that's all. 

"0-oh... Well if you say so..." 

Kenji let out a sigh of relief after seeing Koutarou behave as nothing had 

Kenji was not good with scary stories. 

"So are you okay, Satomi-kun? Do you think you'll be able to keep living there?" 

As Corona House's landlord Shizuka did not just share the same worries as Kenji 
but also another set of worries. 

If Koutarou moved out now, Corona House's reputation would drop even further. 
"It's okay Landlord-san, it's not that big of a deal. It'll be settled within a few days" 
"I see, you're so reliable, Satomi-kun" 

"Just leave it to me, I'll deal with it" 

Koutarou pounded his chest as he undertook the task, and Shizuka shows a 
relieved smile. 

Looking at her smile, Koutarou reconfirmed his decision to never run away from 
his room. 

"But to think there really was a ghost..." 

"I'm just as sur - huh?" 

As Koutarou smiled wryly at Kenji he noticed the shadow of someone peeping at 
them by a utility pole right in front of them. 

"What's wrong?" 

"Look, over there. There's a girl staring at us" 

"You're right, but that outfit certainly stands out though..." 

"I'm not usually one to say this but... is she not embarrassed walking around like 

It was a girl that seemed to be around the same age as Koutarou. 

Although most of her body was hidden by the utility pole, it was not enough to 
hide the flashiness of her outfit. 

She was wearing a colorful and frilly dress that looked like it belonged to an 
anime heroine. 


Although her voice didn't reach Koutarou the way her mouth moved suggested 
that's what she had said. 

Immediately after that the girl turned around and ran, vanishing around a nearby 

"What was that?" 

"Who knows..." 

As Koutarou and Kenji looked on in confusion they could hear the sound of a 
collision from the corner the girl had run off to. 


"You idiot! Don't just suddenly jump in front of my bike!" 

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! It wasn't on purpose!" 

"And what's with that outfit!? If you're gonna play, do it elsewhere!" 

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I'm not playing! This is part of my job!" 

A quarrel could be heard around the corner. 

"What was that?" 

"Who knows..." 

"I wonder if it was the girl from before" 

The three approached the nearby corner. 

"... Who know's what the young ones are thinking now a days..." 

However as the three of them peeked around the corner all they could see was a 
middle age man picking his bike back up. 

The girl from before was nowhere to be seen. 

"The girl from before probably jumped out and got hit by the bike" 

That's what Kenji concludes as he peeked around the corner. 

"I see! ... I wonder if she's alright" 

Koutarou looks back at the corner moving further and further away. 

"I'm sure she's fine Satomi-kun, if not she would be lying there" 

"You have a point" 

The worried Koutarou smiled slightly after hearing Shizuka's words. 

"That sure was a strange girl though...” 

"It's spring after all.." 

"Now that you mention, the strange ones come out in droves at spring, don't they" 
And the three head for school as if nothing had happened. 

After attending the entrance ceremony and the homeroom Koutarou headed for 
his work site. 

He then worked until night, for a total of roughly seven hours. 

Because of that both Koutarou and Kenji were exhausted when they reached 
Corona House. 

"I'll hurry home and get to bed" 

"I wish I could do the same" 

Koutarou sighed next to Kenji who sat himself down on the bike saddle. 

"Make sure you get some sleep okay? You fell asleep during the entrance 
ceremony, you don't want to do that during class!" 

"Yeah, I will. See you later, Mackenzie" 


Koutarou and Kenji lightly waved their hands and headed for their own 
destinations, Koutarou headed for his own room and Kenji headed for the station. 
"... Well then, It's time to get down to business" 

Koutarou looked back at Kenji, and slapped his cheeks with both of his hands to 
pump himself up. 

"What the?!" 

What entered Koutarou's eyes when he opened the door was a mountain made of 
his furniture, piled up in front of the door. 

"I'm helping you move out and building a barrier to defend myself from invaders" 
Said Sanae smiling as she stuck her head through the mountain of luggage. 
"Whatever, move it" 

"Oh come on!" 

However Koutarou showed his bag to Sanae and she disappeared into the room, 
the Maneki Neko and charms were still in there. 

"What a childish thing to... right, you are a child" 

Koutarou took of his shoes and mumbled as he climbed over the furniture. 

Since it was just furniture for a six tatami mat room there wasn't a lot of furniture 
to begin with. 

"If you don't want childish things to happen to you then come back earlier! It was 
boring just waiting around! Besides you said you were just attending the entrance 
ceremony, so why are you coming home so late!" 

"My bad, I had work after the entrance ceremony. Unlike you I have to earn my 
living expenses. I don't want to cause to much trouble for my old man" 

Koutarou started by lifting the TV back to the room. 

"Hmm.. So you're having a bit of a hard time too" 

"That's why I'm not leaving this cheap room" 

"But I'm gonna have you leave" 

The room was completely deserted. 

Koutarou sighed as he puts down the TV next to the antenna outlet. 

"Alright, next is.." 

After putting down the TV Koutarou passed by Sanae who was lying in wait and 
heads for the entrance to move the next furniture. 

"Stop! You can do that later right? And what about me! Besides you might be 
about to leave anyways" 

"Ghost, instead of talking helping me move this back. I'm not dealing with you 
until everything is back where it was" 

"Fine, it can't be helped..." 

And Sanae reluctantly followed Koutarou. 

She can be quite obedient from time to time... 

Looking at Sanae reluctantly helping him, Koutarou felt some positive feelings for 
her for the first time. 

"Is there anything left?" 

"No, this is the last" 

Sanae shook her head and answered Koutarou's question as she floated the 
cardboard box through the air. 


Hearing that Koutarou stops moving towards the entrance. 

"Alright, hand over the box, Sanae" 

"Sanae... ?" 

Koutarou stretched his hand out to take the box but Sanae stared at Koutarou in 
amazement with a surprised expression. 

Tears began forming in her eyes. 

"What's wrong?" 

Koutarou asked as he noticed and Sanae quickly wiped her eyes. 

"It's nothing! Just some dirt that got in my eye" 

"I see" 

Since Sanae was a ghost there was no way dirt could actually get in her eyes, but 
Koutarou who didn't think anything of it believed her. 

"Come on, give it here, Sanae" 


Sanae floated the cardboard box to Koutarou's hand, who then headed for the 
wardrobe with the it. 

"He called me Sanae..." 

Sanae whispered as she gazed at Koutarou's back. 

Nobody had called Sanae by her name ever since she had turned into a ghost 
several years ago. 

Because of that Sanae didn't attack Koutarou who had both of his hand occupied 
with the cardboard box with his back turned towards her, and instead gazed at 
his back with a mysterious emotion swelling up. 

"And that's it" 

Closing the wardrobe Koutarou turned back to Sanae. 

"Hm, What's wrong?" 

Koutarou noticed the unmoving Sanae. 

"I-it's nothing! That's right, we still have to settle this!" 

"Yeah, we do" 

Koutarou had almost forgotten as he and Sanae were moving back the furniture. 
"I have no intention of leaving this-" 

Koutarou was interrupted mid-sentence by the sound of his window breaking. 


The surprised Koutarou and Sanae looked at the window and at the same time 
that something that was breaking the window flew into the room. 

That something fell flat on its face and rolls across the mat as it screamed. 
Crashing into the wall face first and stopped. 

"Wh-what just happened!?" 

"Wh-who knows..." 

Koutarou and Sanae looked at each other briefly and took a look at what had 
flown into the room. 

"It looks like a person" 


It was a girl that seemed to be around the same age as Koutarou and she had a 
large bump on the top of her head. 

"But what's with this flashy outfit?" 

"Is she not embarrassed walking around like that? You can almost see her breasts 
from this position" 

What Koutarou and Sanae found odd was her outfit. 

The outfit was richly abundant in frills and appeared to be a dress and the 
colorful design used a lot of pink and primary colors, and the dress itself was 
quite exposing. 

As Sanae said, the girls well shaped breast looked like they were about to spill 

And the most noticeable thing was the broom she was straddling. 

It was a broom no doubt about it, but it was not designed for cleaning. 

The broom was also colorful and well decorated, and seemed to value design over 

"She looks like she's from a fairy tale, like the old witch handing out poisoned 
apples... except this girl's cuter" 

She does have a witch feel to her, but doesn't the outfit look like something an 
anime heroine would wear?" 

"So it's cosplay..." 

"That’s it" 

The two came to a conclusion, and when you though of it as cosplay it made 
perfect sense. 

"But why would a cosplayer come flying through the window?" 

"Who knows... maybe because it's spring?" 

"Spring... Ah!" 

At that point Koutarou recalled the event in the morning. 

"I think she's the one I saw this morning!" 


"I saw her on my way to school! She was hiding behind a utility pole so I can't say 
for sure, but it'd be odd for several people to be walking around dressed like this, 
so it's probably her!" 

"Which means she's been walking around in this outfit since this morning?" 

"... A complete oddball..." 


With the maniac girl in front of them the two unintentionally look at each other 
with an amazed look. 

"So what do we do about this?" 

Sanae repeatedly poked the girl lying unconscious by her feet, however the girl 
showed no response what so ever. 

The big bump on top of her head and wide open mouth made her look pitiful. 

"We can't just leave her like this. I'll put out the futon, you go get some water. 
"Okay, I got it" 

The two forgot about their situation and began nursing the unconscious girl. 

The girl in question woke up after Koutarou had changed the washing cloth they 
were using to cool other forehead for the fourth time. 

Over three hours had passed and the time was now 11 PM. 

"N, nnnn..." 

"Hey, it looks like she's coming to" 


Sanae rushed over to Koutarou's futon just as the girl was blinking her eyes 



And as her vision regained its focus she could see Koutarou's and Sanae's faces. 

"Good morning" 

The girl blinked once more. 

"Eh? Uhm... Eh?" 

The girl was unable to comprehend the situation. 

"Listen, a while ago you flew through my window, hit the wall and passed out" 
Koutarou pointed at the window covered with newspapers and at the wall. 

"And the two of us took care of you and cleaned up the shattered glass" 

Hearing Sanae's explanation the girls eyes opened wide as she came back to her 

"Ahhhh! I-I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" 

The girl hurriedly got up and repeatedly bows. 

"It wasn't on purpose!" 

Hearing her apology Koutarou became convinced that it was the girl from the 
morning, it sounded just like before. 

"If it was on purpose we'd have thrown you out already... That doesn't matter, but 
you're paying for the repairs" 

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I don't have any money!" 

"Then come through the door! Why would you crash through the window!" 

"I'm sorry, I was in a hurry!" 

Being attacked from the moment she woke up by Sanae, the girl was about to cry. 
Seeing that, Koutarou decided to give her a hand. 

"Don't nag on her too much Sanae, she might have her reasons for it. 

"But, she broke my window you know?" 

"You can get angry later, let's start by hearing her story" 

"You wouldn't even listen to my story" 

Sanae looked like she was ready to erupt. 

"Uh... Anyways, let's just hear what she has to say" 

"Fine, but don't think this is over..." 

Sanae finally backed down after the persistent persuasion, and the two stared at 
the girl. 

"So, what did you come to this room for? Or were you in accident or something?" 


The girl flinches as the two glance at her. 

"... Isn't it just her hobby?" 

"You just be quiet, Sanae" 


As Sanae turned her pouting face away from Koutarou the girl slapped her cheeks 
to pump herself up. 

"Fight! Yurika Fight!" 

"Actually, this room is in danger" 

Her voice and glance were more serious than they had been before, and her 
seriousness could be told through her sharp expression. 

"Danger? What danger?" 

"Explain it properly!" 

"There are people trying to steal this room for themselves" 

"Steal it for themselves?" 


Koutarou and Sanae point at each other and said in unison: 

"Do you mean Sanae?" 

"Do you mean Koutarou?" 

"It's not me! This is my room after all!" 

"What are you talking about! I'm the one living here!" 

As the two began to argue the girl shook her head side to side. 

"No, it's not either of you" 

"It's not?" 

"Eh? It's not Koutarou?" 

"Yes. It's a completely different group" 

The girl clearly asserts herself as she nods. 

"Who are they!? Are they also after this cheap room!?" 

"O-or do they want to make this beautiful ghost their own!?" 

".... That won't happen, ever" 

"Why not!? Don't be so rude!" 

"It's neither. They're after the abnormal power concentrating in this room. So 
please hurry up and run away from this room, it's dangerous! They will surely 
appear in a few days!" 

"Power? Danger?" 

"What's that supposed to mean?" 

Hearing the girls explanation the two looked astonished. To them it was nothing 
but nonsense. 

"Please explain it properly. Even if you tell me to run, it's not like I'll just pack up 
and leave" 

"Yeah. For starters what's this power you're talking about" 

"I want to know too" 

When the two demanded answers from the girl her glance began drifting. 
"Uh-uhm... You could call it a naturally overflowing power, or erm... a 
supernatural power...” 

And her convincing attitude started disappearing and she began to stumble on 
her words. 

Sweat started forming on her forehead and a she forced herself to smile. 

"Aha, aha, ahahaha" 

What? Should I not have asked? 

The girls fake smile left that impression on Koutarou. 

"I don't understand anything from that kind of explanation! Don't use a vague 
word like power and tell me exactly what it is!" 

"D-Do I have to?" 

"Please do. It might be hard for you to say, but I'm ready to accept most things 

"You wouldn't hear me out though" 

"Since I believe you now, I want to hear this girls story from the start" 

"Do-don't think I'm crazy or that I'm kidding, okay?" 

The girl's uneasy gaze looks on Koutarou's and Sanae's face several time. 

"Don't worry" 

"Fine, I promise" 

"O-okay, then I'll tell you" 

The girl nodded and swallowed her saliva. 

And after looking at Koutarou's and Sanae's faces one more time she finally 
opened her mouth. 

"... Actually, the power in this room is." 

Though the girl started explaining, her voice quickly became smaller and smaller 
and the essential part couldn't be heard. 

"The power is what?" 

"I can't hear you" 

"I-I'm telling you, the power filling this room is ma-" 

She really didn't want to say it. 

Her words disappeared for a second time. 

And her face was turning red. 

"Don't worry. We won't laugh at you, so please tell us" 

"That's right, if you don't tell us anything, nothing will happen" 

Hearing that from Koutarou and Sanae the girl pumped herself up once more. 
"Yurika Fight! Yurika Fight!" 

She then stared straight at Koutarou and Sanae. 

And began explaining with large and exaggerated gestures. 

"Both of you, please listen! Actually, a large amount of magic power is gathering 
in this room!" 



"If the magic power keeps gathering at this rate, evil magic girls who plan on 
misusing it's power will soon appear! And this place would become a 
battleground! So please run away, if possible right now!" 

The girl loudly declared as she took the broom in her hand and started spinning 

"I'm the princess of love and courage, Magic Girl Yurika! I will defend the peace in 
this town!" 

With the oddly perfected pose and the firm beautiful voice, Koutarou and Sanae 
spaced out for a second. 

"Ah, what can you say... right Sanae?" 

"I know exactly what you want to say. This must be the worst possible 

"It's spring after all..." 

"That must be it" 

As Koutarou and Sanae recovered from the dumbfoundedness the first thing they 
did was look at each other and let out a big sigh. 

"Eh? Eh? What? What are you talking about!?" 

"No, it's nothing. We're just talking about how it's much warmer now that it's 
spring, really" 

"That's right" 

Saying that Koutarou grabbed a hold of the girl, Yurika, wearing flashy clothing. 
"What? Why are you holding me?" 

"No reason, no reason" 

Koutarou smiled at Yurika, and headed straight for the entrance. 

"That's right, no reason, no reason" 

Sanae also smiled, using her Poltergeist to carry Yurika's broom. 

"Eh? What? Where are we going?" 

"That's up to you to decide!" 

Opening the front door Koutarou threw Yurika outside. 


Yurika falls flat on her face and starts rolling until she reaches Corona House's 
concrete wall. 

"Here, you forget this" 

Sanae followed up by throwing the broom at Yurika. 


The broom hit Yurika's head, however neither Koutarou or Sanae bothered 


"Good grief" 

After quickly closing the door, Koutarou and Sanae sighed. 

"It's spring after all..." 

"Isn't it because last years winter was cold?" 

"You're right. It got warm all of a sudden after all..." 

Koutarou and Sanae were convinced Yurika was a cosplayer with a good 

Even after admitting the paranormal phenomenon, Sanae, magic and magic girls 
were in a completely different league. 

There was a limit to the amount one could believe. 

"Excuse me, please open the door! Please listen to what I have to say! And why 
did you throw me outside anyways!?" 

A vigorous protest could be heard from the other side of the door alongside an 
intense knock. 

Yurika did not leave as Koutarou and Sanae had hoped. 

"Keep it down, cosplay woman! If you want to hold a cosplay party, do it 
elsewhere!" "You heard him! It's because of people like you who don't consider 
the surroundings and bother people around them that the reputation of all 
cosplayers is ruined! How about you think about your actions instead!" 

Hearing that Yurika knocked once more very weakly and quieted down. Instead 
they began hearing her sobbing. 

"Uhhh, Auhhh, Yo-you don't have to say it like that! You wanted me to say it, you 
said you'd believe me, so I told you even though I didn't want to! Please believe 

"Who would believe you when you're running around with that kind of outfit, 
talking about magic!" 

"I-I'm well aware of that! I don't want to either! When I transform into this outfit, 
all the men stare at me! It doesn't fully hide my chest or butt either!" 

And instead of a knock a scratch could be heard. 

"But, the magical land told me to wear this and act boldly, or I'll be poorly 
recieved by the citizens so I have no choice!" 

The whimpering voice gradually grew louder. 

"I already know! That I'm not suited for this job and that noone will believe me! 
I'm not crazy! Fueeeeeeeeeeee!" 

Her whimpering voice had now grown into a loud crying voice. 

"Uwaaaaaaaa! This is too cruel! Uaaaaaaa! Open the door! It's not fair! Please 
believe me! Fueeeeeeeeeeee!" 

Even though there was a closed door between them the crying voice could be 
heard as if it was right next of them. 


And Koutarou having finally had it put his hand on the door knob, about to let 
Yurika in. 

"Koutarou, do you really believe that idiots story?" 

"It doesn't matter if I believe her or not, at this rate it'll bother the neighbors" 

If Koutarou could hear the voice this clearly, all the other rooms probably could 
as well. Besides it was already midnight, if this kept this up he would be thrown 

"I don't have any part in this" 

"It can't be helped" 

And Koutarou sighed once more as he opened the door. 

"I-I'm not lying, I really am a magic girl!" 

"I understand, okay? So please stop crying" 

"That's right, Yurika. Your belief is splendid, not a lot of people can stick with it 
like you" 

Even inside of the room Yurika would not stop crying. 

Koutarou and Sanae tried to calm her down but it did not go very well. 

"Do-Does that mean you believe me? That this place is in danger? And that magic 
is real?" 

"Th-that's a bit..." 

"I knew you didn't believe me! You're all talk! Fueeeeeeee! You think I'm just 
some pervert!" 

"You idiot, Sanae! At times like this, say you believe her, even if it's a lie!" 

"That's because she's talking about magic! No matter how much abnormalities 
you add up magic is just impossible!" 

"Uaaaaaa! You really don't believe me! You're just trying to trick me!" 

"Look what you did because of your unneeded remark!" 

"It's not just my fault!" 

In the middle of room Yurika was bawling her eyes out while Koutarou and Sanae 
were flustered, the situation was getting worse by the minute. 

"Here Yurika, wipe your tears with this. Okay?" 

Sanae used her Poltergeist to fly a nearby towel to the crying Yurika. 

Seeing the towel float towards her, Yurika suddenly stopped crying and opened 
her eyes wide. 

"Ma-magic!? You can use it too!?" 

"Eh? Me?" 

"Yes! This is magic isn't it!? Why won't you believe me when you can use it too!?" 
Yurika's face regained all of it's luster in an instant. She was happy having found 
another magic user" 

"Ah, This? This isn't magic" 

However, Sanae clearly denies it. 

"It's not... magic?" 

Yurika showed a surprised face and blinked repeatedly, then tears began forming 

"This is just a paranormal phenomena" 

"Paranormal., phenomena? 

"Yeah. I'm a ghost after all. Look" 

Sanae stretched out the towel mid-air and she flew through it. 


This left Yurika speechless. 

"Are you really Gh-gh-ghost?" 

"Yeah. As you can see. Here's your towel" 

Sanae lands with her back to Yurika and hands her the towel. 

The towel flew through her body and floated in front of Yurika. 

u tt 


Sanae stared at Yurika who had her eyes wide open and stopped moving. 

"A, Aaa, Auuu" 

Yurika blinked twice. 

"Are you okay?" 

And as the worried Koutarou started approaching Yurika she began moving. 
"Kyaaaaaaaaaa! Nooooooooooo! Gh-ghost! Not a ghost!!" 

Yurika suddenly sprung up, picked up her broom and surveyed the room. She 
then ran towards the wardrobe. 


"H-Hey, what's wrong?" 

"Don't possess me please! I beg you! I'm scared of ghosts! If you're going to 
possess someone, possess him!" 

Yurika jumped into the wardrobe and closed the sliding door in a hurry. 

"Don't come near me! Don't possess me! Nothing good will come from killing me! 
Please suck the life out that energetic person over there instead please!!" 

Pitiful pleas could be heard through the wardrobe. 

"What's up with that?" 

"Wh-who knows.... but she's probably scared of you" 

Koutarou and Sanae who had been left behind stared at the wardrobe 

"Ri-right. Normally when a person comes across a ghost they act like that. After 
spending some time with you I completely forgot" 

"Were all the previous tenants like that too?" 

"Yeah, something like that" 

Sanae looked at Koutarou and nodded. 

"But is it even okay for a magic girl of love and courage to run away like that? She 
even left you behind to take her place as the victim" 

"We'll she's just a cosplayer, even if she wanted to act like a real one she cant" 
"You have a point" 

The two kept staring at the wardrobe with a cold glance. 

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! You don't have to believe magic anymore! Just please 
don't possess me!" 

Unaware of Koutarou and Sanae's feelings, Yurika desperately pleaded for her 

"So what do we do about that?" 

"What's there to do? We'll just have to get her to come out" 


Koutarou and Sanae looked at each other and let out a big sigh once more. 

^ I —■ ■ 

Corona Convention 

Fifth Article 

Any cosplay outside 
of Corona Houses's 
room 106 is strictly 

•OOQJCD— fD O Z5 ft) Z3 13 O n 

Commence Invasion* 

Tuesday, April 7th, 7:30 AM. 

"... In the end she didn't come out at all..." 

"If you leave her here with me she's definitely won't come out" Koutarou stopped 
with his shoe in hand and turned towards the inner room. 

Yurika had not come out of the wardrobe ever since she had jumped in. 

The sulking and scared Yurika refused to come out no matter how many times 
they tried to persuade her. 

And Koutarou was about to put things here on hold and head for school. 

"She'll come out when she get's hungry" 

"I hope so. But at this rate we're not going to get anywhere" 

"You're right about that" 

Koutarou finished putting on his shoes and forced a smile as he stood up. 

"Hurry up and come back, okay?" 

"Yeah. I don't have any work today so I'll be home earlier than yesterday" 

"Yeah, come back safely" 

I'm being seen off... 

"Yeah, I'll see you later" 

And saying good bye... 

The two who had been fighting over the room exchanged those words, however 
oddly enough it did not feel unnatural. 

As Koutarou stepped out he spotted Kenji who was leaving his bike in the bike 

"Hey, Mackenzie" 

"Good morning, Kou" 

Having finished locking the bike, Kenji approached Koutarou who was in the 
middle of yawning. 


"What, lack of sleep again?" 

"Something like that, it was hard to sleep" 

"That ghost?" 

"That's part of it" 

Koutarou felt a sudden shake. 


At first Koutarou thought it was because he was moving, but it kept shaking even 
though he had stopped. 

"What's wrong?" 

"Isn't it shaking?" 

"Hm? Yeah, now that you mention it, it is shaking a bit" 

"An earthquake?" 

"Probably, there's probably no construction going on at this time after all" 

The two looked down on the ground and after a few seconds the shaking stopped. 
"It looks like it's stopped" 

"Well, that's about it I guess" 

As the two were talking Shizukas voice could be heard from above. 

"Good morning, Satomi-kun, Mackenzie-kun!" 

Koutarou and Kenji looked up at Shizuka who was on the passage of the second 
floor, in the middle of locking her door. 

"Good morning, Landlord-san" 

"Good morning, Kasagi-san" 

"The weather's very nice today" 

Shizuka walked down the stairs of the second floor. 

"Did I keep you waiting?" 

"I didn't wait at all, Landlord-san" 

"I just arrived aswell" 

Today was the day lessons started at Kitsushouharukaze high school. 

And fortunately the three happened to be assigned to the same class and they had 
decided to go to school together. 

"Oh good, let's go then shall we?" 


"Got it. But Kou, you sure are strangely polite to Kasagi-san" 

"You're right Mackenzie-kun. While I'm calling him Satomi-kun, he's being formal 
and calling me landlord-san" 

"It's only normal to hold your landlord in high regards" 

"He's been raised to value hard work so he's always like this towards those he 
works with" 

"I see.... ufufufu" 

The three walk together to school. 

It was the second day of school, counting the entrance ceremony, and the 
classroom was quiet. 

There were a few groups talking, but it was mostly groups of students who had 
gone to the same middle school. 

It would probably take a few more days untill the students got used to one 


In the quiet class room Shizukas voice could be clearly heard. 

She was carrying a cardboard box and moving towards Koutarou and Kenjis 

"What is it, Landlord-san?" 

"Fufufu, please don't call be Landlord-san at school, Satomi-kun. Oh right, here 
you go" 

"What's this?" 

Koutarou recieved a small cardboard box from Shizuka. 

"I spoke to a classmate of mine from middle-school who knows a lot of these kind 
of things. And after I explained the circumstances to her she gave me all this" 
When Koutarou opened the box he saw a lot of notes, labels, ropes and decorated 
sticks inside. 

"Religious equipment..." 

Kenji, who's seat was right infront of Koutarou and was also peeking into the box, 
stated the contents of the box before Shizuka. 

"Religious equipment?" 

Koutarou who didn't understand asked Kenji. 

"Yeah, look at this. It has 'begone evil spirits' written on it" 

"You're right" 

"But to think there's equipment from so many different religions gathered here. 
Shinto, Buddhistic, Christian, Islamic, wow even Voodoo. 

"Why would you give this to me, Landlord-san?" 

"That's because you said a ghost appeared in your room. I thought this might 


Koutarou finally remembered that he was fighting against Sanae over the room. 
That's right , I'm fighting against her over ownership of the room. 

Yesterday, with Yurika showing up there was no time for any of that. 

"Wouldn't all of this cost quite a bit, Kasagi-san?" 

"Oh, about that Mackenzie-kun. These were about to expire so I got them for free" 
"Expire!? Religious equipment!?" 

Hearing those unexpected words from Shizuka's mouth, left Kenji amazed. 

"That's what he said. He also said the expiration date was really really close, so 
use them as soon as possible" 

"... To think the wave of civilisation would affect even these kind of things aswell" 
Kenji picked up a small, dried up, suspicious looking charm, and stared at the 
label attached to it. 

'Expiration date: six months from manufacturing. For date of manufacture, please 
consult the packaging.' 

"The world is at an end...." 

That was Kenji's honest opinion. 

"This'll help alot, Landlord-san" 

"I hope it'll be useful" 

"I'll make it useful" 

"Do your best Kou, I'm cheering for you" 

"Then help me out" 

"No way. You know I'm bad with that kind of things" 

"Now that you mention it..." 

Kenji hated all things occult. 

Even though he was more knowledgable, he feared it more than Koutarou. 

If you asked him, he'd say he hated it because he knows about it. 

"Alright, with this..." 

Koutarou stopped mid-sentence remembering he had one more he had to drive 
out of his room. 

Self proclaimed Princess of Love and Courage, magic girl Rainbow Yurika. 

It was an embarrassing girl with an excessive cosplay hobby. 

"Hey, Mackenzie" 

"No matter how many times you ask I won't help" 

"Not that, there's something I want to ask" 

"Hmm, What?" 

Kenji nods and looks at Koutarou who shows him the cardboard box. 

"Ghost's can be exorcised with these kinds of things, right?" 

"Well, yeah" 

"So, what do you use to exorcise cosplayers?" 

Koutarou looks at him seriously. 

"Are you stupid? There's no such thing!" 

"Don't say that, I'm serious here" 

Yesterday he only had to deal with a ghost, but today he also has to deal with a 

Koutarou was serious. 

"Seriously, cosplayers are just normal people, don't be stupid. 

"So I can just use force?" 

"Do whatever you want!" 

Kenji adjusted his glasses as he makes a fed up expression. 


And as Koutarou crossed his arms to think, Shizuka who had been watching the 
two started laughing. 

"Fufufu, you two sure get along well" 

"Only because we've known each other for so long" 

"Don't make it sound so unpleasant, Mackenzie!" 

"Fufu, you don't really hate it, right Mackenzie-kun?" 

"I really do" 

"You're not honest, are you Mackenzie-kun" 

"Landlord-san, he's always trying to act tough" 

"Kou! Are you picking a fight with me!?" 


Shizukas laughter filled the classroom, however even hearing her laughing voice 
Koutarou was thinking about something completely different. 

Do I really want to drive away Sanae? 

That was a sudden and unexpected hesitation for Koutarou. 

Afterschool, having finished clean-up duty, Koutarou headed for the club building. 
There were all kinds of clubs and societies in each of the rooms. 

Infact you could call it an apartment building for clubs. 

"Well, it's technically treated as a society so..." 

Koutarou headed for the south wing of the second floor, that's were the societies 
had been gathered. 

Sports clubs were gathered around the entrances to the building. 

However, further inside the building there were almost no students to be found. 

In the quiet hallway only Koutarou's footsteps could be heard. 

"Here it is" 

Koutarou stopped infront of the room the furthest back. 

The Knitting Society. 

That was the society he had joined on the announcement day. 


Koutarou knocked on the door. 

Because the door was made of resin and had an aluminium frame the sound of the 
knock carried all the way through the entire hallway. 

"... Ye-Yes!" 

And a slightly panicked voice was returned. 

Shortly after the lock on the door is undone and the face of a girl pops out. 

"Who is- ah...” 

The girl showed a suspicious face at first, but after noticing it was Koutarou she 
eases up. 

"Hello, Senpai" 

"Welcome, Satomi-kun" 

The girl was Sakuraba Harumi, the club president, and the only member apart 
from Koutarou. 

To Koutarou, who was a complete beginner, even the basics of knitting was hard 

To explain it, you spin the wool on your finger around the knitting needle and 
ontop of the needle you make loose knots. 

Although easy once you got used to it, Koutarou was clumsy and had bad memory 
making it rather troublesome. 

"Senpai, what do I do here?" 

"You pull to the right and then loop it around here" 

"Oh that's right, now I remember" 

Koutarou would sometimes stop to look at Harumi, before continuing on. 

And although he was somewhat careless and almost stabbing his fingers on the 
needle, Koutarou was thoroughly knitting. 

"There's no need to rush Satomi-kun. I won't mind if you do it slowly, today is just 

"Ye-yes. I'm sorry, I'm clumsy" 

"I don't mind, everyone is like that when they first start" 

Harumi seemed happy as she watched over Koutarou. 

Normally she was shy and withdrawn, but right now she was positive and 
talkative, probably because she was doing what she loved. 

"Was it the same for you too, Senpai?" 

"Yes. I've even stabbed my finger on the knitting needle before" 

Harumi fondly remembered her past, however Koutarou was not looking at her 
face at this time, if he had he would not have been able to forget the smile on her 
face for the rest of the day. 

"Do this like this and... Haha, I feel more motivated after hearing that even senpai 
has failed before" 

"When you put it like that it sounds like you're teasing me. Fufufu, but you still 
haven't stabbed your finger yet, so you might be better than I was" 

"Ahaha, I'll try" 

Even when laughing Koutarou diligently kept moving the knitting needle, not 
looking away from his hands. 

It sure is unexpected... That someone like Satomi-kun would work this hard... 

Harumi who was sat next to Koutarou couldn't help but find it mysterious. 

While she herself enjoyed knitting she was also aware that not everyone else did. 
She did not expect an athletic type like Koutarou to show any interest in this kind 
of thing. 

She had at one point even wondered if he had some kind of ulterior motive like 
the boy from the announcement day. 

"Senpai, when I pull the knots is it alright if I put some force in it? 

"Ah, yes, that's okay. But it'll turn out poorly if you pull too much and the sides 
become unbalanced" 

"Oh I see, got it" 


Why does he work so hard... ? 

However in reality that was not the case, Koutarou was earnestly working away 
and trying to seriously learn knitting. 

Harumi couldn't help but find that mysterious. 


"Yes, what is it?" 

With Harumi's call Koutarou stopped moving his knitting needles and he looked 
up at Harumi. 

Being confronted by Koutarou's gaze, Harumi's normal shy and withdrawn 
personality returns ever so slightly. 

"Do you mind if I ask you something?" 

"That's fine, ask me anything" 

"I-in that case..." 

Having made up her mind Harumi swallowed her saliva and pitched her question 
to Koutarou. 

"Satomi-kun, what made you want to pick up knitting?" 

"Pick up knitting?" 

Koutarou laughed embarrassingly and put his hand ontop of his head. 

"It doesn't fit me at all, right? Ahahaha" 

Koutarou was aware of how he must look to others. 

"Th-thats not what I meant! I just meant wouldn't a guy get bored doing this... And 
that made me wonder..." 

Hearing Koutarou's laughing voice Harumi's face turned red and she turned her 
gaze down. 

Looking at her, Koutarou decided to tell her about his circumstances. 

He felt that she would understand, and since she was his teacher he felt it was 
only fair she should know. 

"You don't seem like the gossiping type so I'll tell you" 


Harumi looked back up at Koutarou, and she was slightly surprised that his face 
was more serious than she had expected. 

"Actually, there's a half-knit sweater in my room..." 

"Sweater.... Ah..." 

Harumi remembered Koutarou's words the first time she had met him. 

"Would it be possible for a complete amateur to knit a sweater?" 

"I hope to complete it with my own hands eventually. Hahaha, who knows how 
long it'll take before I'll be able to do it" 

That sweater must hold some memories of someone special to him 

That is what Harumi thought as she looked at Koutarou's smile. His slightly 

embarassad and laughing expression was oddly gentle. 

So that's why he's working so hard... He must think that completing the sweater... I 
see, so that's how it is... And filled with relief Harumi felt joy from the bottom of 
her heart. 

"I understand, Satomi-kun. I'll make sure that you'll be able to complete that 



Harumi was truly happy that Koutarou was taking knitting seriously and that she 
had been able to find a true companion. 

"Let's work together, Satomi-kun!" 


Koutarou being unskilled was not a problem at all. Harumi didn't think anything 
of it what so ever. 

But I wonder who knitted the sweater... 

Harumi asked herself, but the question quickly left her mind. 

That doesn't matter! Let's get along, Satomi-kun! 

Harumi was satisfied having found a true companion, it was a truly joyful event 
for her. 

"I do this here, and..." 

Koutarou reviewed what he learned today while walking. 

The sight of a boy moving his hands in a suspicious way in the town dyed by the 
sunset was surreal. 

However Koutarou was serious. 

He moved his empty hands and continued his image training. 


As Koutarou returned to Corona House he could hear a sound from the garden. 

"I wonder that is" 

As Koutarou turned around the concrete wall he saw Shizuka wearing an apron 
ontop of her school uniform while holding a large bamboo broom. 

She was in the middle of cleaning up the garden. 

"Welcome back, Satomi-kun" 

"I'm back, Landlord-san" 

Shizuka welcomed him back with a smile. 

"I was cleaning the garden" 

"I see" 

There was a small pile of unrooted weeds at her feet, after pulling up the weeds 
she was gathering them up with her broom. 

"I want to keep this as beautiful as possible" 

Shizuka smiled and narrowed her eyes as she looked up at Corona House, dyed by 
the sunset. 

Corona House was beautiful. 

Although the design was old fashioned, the 25 year old building showed no signs 
of its age. 

This was because Shizuka had never neglected maintaing it. 

"Landlord-san, you said this house was left behind by your parents" 

Koutarou also looked up at Corona House. 

"Yes, that's right. That's why I want to keep it standing as long as possible, 
although in the end it will probably be demolished" 

"I'll make sure to live with care" 

Koutarou understood Shizuka's feelings. 

It was the same kind of feelings that Koutarou had towards completing the 

"Thank you, Satomi-kun" 

"Well, I have to act cool from time to time" 

"It would have been a moving scene too, if only you hadn't said that. Ahaha" 

And as the two laughed a small, blue light flew by the sky dyed red. 

"Ah, a shooting star" 

"So it is" 

The shooting star flew close by Corona House and had entered the view of the 
two staring up. 

"... I wish that Satomi-kun won't lose to the ghost" 

Shizuka puts her hands together and made a wish. 

The star vanished at the same time she finished wishing. 

"I won't lose to a ghost. Besides I got a bunch of religious equipment from you" 
"Just in case, Satomi-kun. Ufufu" 

"I'm not being trusted at all..." 

"I trust you" 

"You're just feigning it" 

"Ara ara. Ahahaha" 


The two cheerfully talked, but the only reason they were able to remain so 
cheerful was because they were unaware of what was about to happen. 

Stood infront of room 106 Koutarou reached into his pocket and took out his key, 
he could hear voices coming from inside. 

"Nooooooooo! Please don't come any closer!!" 

"Fuefuefue, what does it matter, what does it matter" 

"I hate ghosts!!" 

"What's the matter, magic girl Rainbow Yurika" 

What he could hear was the voices of a frightened Yurika and a playful Sanae. 

"... What are they doing" 

Koutarou unlocked the door, put the key back into his pocket and opened the 

"Sa-save meeeeeee!" 


At that moment Yurika jumped out of the room into the hallway and began 
shaking as she hid behind Koutarou's back. 

"Gh-ghost-san, i-if you're going to possess someone, po-possess this person!" 
"Come on now, for someone who introduces them as a magic girl of love and 

Koutarou was awestruck. 

Well it's only natural, she's only a cosplayer after all 

As Koutarou was thinking this the other person in the room comes to the front 

"Welcome home" 

"Thanks, I'm back" 

Koutarou responded to Sanae’s welcome, took off his shoes and entered the 
room. The trembling Yurika follows him in. 

"Sanae, don’t bully her too much, she's not related to all this" 

"I am related!" 

"I know she's not directly related but if she starts up a cosplay party here, I won't 
stand for it" 

"I'm not here to host that kind of party! The evil magic girls are... the enemies are 

"... It seems the party is just moments away" 


"Please listen to what I have to say! Please!" 

"Fine, fine" 

"We know, we know. Danger is approaching, right?" 

"It must be nice for someone who's only playing..." 

"That's true..." 

"Aaaaaaaa, you're not listening at all!" 

While entering the inner room Koutarou threw his bag into the corner of the 
room and turned to Sanae. 

"Sanae, lets leave this girl be for now" 

"Yeah, I got it" 

"Don't leave me be, please! This is important!" 

"For the time being, lets settle this between you and me" 


And suddenly the smiling Sanae's expression becomes more grim. 

"... That's right, I had to drive you out of this room, didn't I" 

"I can't afford to leave, so I need to exorcise you" 

"That's right, that's what this was about" 

That had been the intention of those two up untill yesterday, however those 
feelings had gradually diminished. 

"Please listen to what I have to say!" 

"Could you quiet down, there's no time to play" 

"Sorry, I'll play with you later" 

"Noooooo, I don't want to play with a ghost!" 

Do you want me to listen or not, make up your mind" 

"Hey, Koutarou" 

Sanae spoke to him in a quiet voice, her voice had always been loud and energetic 
so reversly this attracted his attention. 


"Do you hate me?" 


"If by any chance you 

What interupted Sanae was a large sound. 


Yurika's scream and at the same time the tatami mat next to the entrace of the 
inner room was sent flying. 

Yurika who was standing at that mat at the time was sent flying face first into the 

"Why is it always me!!" 

And Yurika started rolling, crashed into the wall and was stopped moving. 


"What!? What just happened!?" 

"Koutarou, below the tatami mat! Someone's coming out!" 


Koutarou who had been following the flying tatami mat looked back, and saw a 
person crawling up from where the mat had been. 

There was a round hole in the floor boards, just large enough for a person to pass 

"It is a pleasure to meet you for the first time. My apologies for surprising you" 
Coming up from the ground was a lone girl, she appeared to be slightly older than 

She was tall with a proper and formal appearance and distinct eyes creating a 
composed atmosphere around her. 

"My name is Kiriha. A descendant of the people of the earth, born of the Kurano 
family who resides over oracles and incantations" 

However, her clothes were strange. 

She was wearing rarely seen old fashioned clothing with lots of adornments. 

It was almost as if out of a history book, resembling the outfit of a shrine maiden 
in ancient japan. 


"What's up with this one...!?" 

With this four people had gathered in the small room. Koutarou, Sanae, Yurika 
and Kiriha. 

Why do people keep gathering to this room... ? 

Koutarou was less concerned with the appearance of Kiriha, and more concerned 
with the increasing population of his room. 

Koutarou, Sanae and Kiriha were sitting at the tea table in the middle of the room. 
Yurika was still lying by the wall next to the window, unconcious and unmoving. 
"Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Kurano Kiriha. Kurano is the name 
of my clan so I'd prefer if you called me Kiriha" 

"I'm Satomi Koutarou" 

"I'm Sanae" 

"Koutarou and Sanae. Although it's just untill we're done with my business, I hope 
we'll be able to get along" 

Hearing their names Kiriha politely bowed. 

"How polite" 

"Le-lets get along" 

Koutarou and Sanae returned the bow. 

"First off I'd like to apologize. I’m sorry for coming out from a place like that. It 
was the result of not wanting to cause a lot of commotion" 

"Please raise your head Kiriha-san" 

Koutarou was grateful in response to Kiriha who politely kept bowing her head. 
"We wish to express our gratitude for your generosity. Thank you Koutarou" 
Kiriha raised her head with a smile on her lips. Her sincere attitude and amiable 
posture dispelled Koutarou's wariness. 

Her clothes are strange and tone is stiff, but it seems like she can atleast hold a 
proper conversation 

The encounters with Yurika from yesterday and Sanae a the day before that had 
been a mess, but Kiriha's appearance left Koutarou with a good impression. 

"Well Kiriha-san, what kind of business do you have here? And why did you come 
from below-" 

"Hey, Koutarou!" 

"Uwa, wh-what is it Sanae" 

Sanae's sullen face cut in between the two, interupting Koutarou mid-sentence. 
"Your attitude is completely different from when you met me and Yurika!" 
"Ofcourse it is, the other party's attitude is different after all" 

".... Aha~, I see right through you..." 

"Wh-what's with that look" 

"It's because of those big breasts isn't it!? You pervert!" 

"Eh? Are Kiriha-san breasts big!?" 

"If you didn't notice you don't have to look!" 

An English-Japanese dictionary hit Koutarou's head, it had been sent by Sanae's 

"... Do-don't be unreasonable!" 

"This is usually how we act!" 

"Then don't get angry when you're left out of the conversation!" 

"Grrr, bu-but I still feel like somethings unfair! Hmph, I don't care anyway!" 

As if talked down by Koutarou, Sanae looked away sullenly. 

"... Is it okay if I continue?" 

Kiriha who had been looking at the two in amazement lightly cleared up her 
throat with a cough and straightened her posture. 

"I'm sorry, Kiriha-san" 

"Not at all, I'm the one being unreasonable, appearing at such a strange time from 
such a strange place. There's no need to worry" 

"I appreciate you saying that. Kiriha-san, I'll ask you again, what reason do you 
have for coming here? And why did you come from under the floor?" 

"For me to explain that I'll need to start from explaining who I am" 

Kiriha looks directly at Koutarou and begins boldly speaking. 

"I'm of the people of the earth, and as you might guess from the name, we live in 
this planet" 

"Ha... But isn't that the same for everyone?" 

Koutarou didn't understand what Kiriha was talking about and replied with a 
perplexed look on his face. 

People normally lived in the planet after all. 

"That's not what I meant. We don't live on this planet, but literally inside of it" 
"Eh!? Which means your people live under the earth?" 

"That's right. To make it easy for us you could call us the underground people. We 
live completely self sufficiently underground" 

"You don't mean!?" 

"Un-underground people!?" 

It wasn't just Koutarou but Sanae who had been looking away stared at Kiriha in 

"What would someone like that want with us!?" 

Sanae slammed her hands down on the tea table and leaned in towards Kiriha. 

"Calm down, Sanae. I haven't put the luggage in order so it's very crampy, don't 
move around too much" 

"Ah, So-sorry" 

Being told off by Koutarou, Sanae sat down in her original place. 

"Our purpose for coming here is not you or even this building" 

"What does that mean?" 

"Our tribe originally lived in the mountains of this region. How ever when your 
ancestors started using metal in large quantities and began mining into our 
mountain and we were forced to live underground" 

"And thats how you became underground people?" 

"That would the result of it, yes. Having gone underground our tribe had 
originally planned on returning to the surface shortly thereafter. However they 
unexpectedly found the underground comfortable. About half the tribe stayed 
underground, that would be my ancestors" 


Having come from underground, Kiriha's words were very convincing. 

The hole left in the floor seemed lead downwards into the depths of the earth. 
"And recently we made a historical discovery" 

"A historical discovery? What?" 

"A single book was discovered by chance. In it the position of the altar where 
souls of our ancestors are enshrined was recorded. We had been looking for it for 
countless years" 

"So, you surfaced to look after the altar?" 

In response to Koutarou's question Kiriha nodded. 

"That's right. However the position of the altar was accurately recorded, so there 
was no reason to look for it" 

"So your business is almost done already" 

"Good for you, Kiriha-san" 

"It's not all that easy" 

Kiriha sadly lowered her eyebrows and shook her head. 

"We would love nothing more than to rebuild our altar. However theres a 
problem with the place" 

"The place... ?" 

"I have a bad feeling about this" 

Sanae made an unpleasant expression. 

"Actually, our altars position would be the middle of this room" 

Hearing Kiriha's words, it was just as Sanae had feared. 

"Which means, Kiriha-san..." 

"Yes, Koutarou. Could you please relinquish this room to us? It's important for the 
altar to be in this exact position" 

"I knew it!" 

Sanae stood up in a hurry. 

"Ofcourse we won't give to you! I won't let you build some strange altar here!" 
Sanae refused to let sombody just build an altar in her home. 

"We won't forcibly evict you. Our tribe has its pride and traditions. We won't 
force our matters onto you. In return we would like offer you the necessary 
compensation to find an abode elsewhere. ... Karama, Koroma, Please bring that" 
"Got it Ho-!" 

"Understood Ho-, Ane-san!" 

Two small shadows appeared from the hole" 

"Wh-what's that!?" 



"H 0 H 0 -" 

They were two Haniwa's about 30 centimeters big. With a smooth surface and 
adorable faces, the two were combining forces to carry a golden glowing lump of 





The two we're letting out strange voices as they carried the lump of metal 
towards the stunned Koutarou and Sanae. 

"Soooo cuuuteee!!" 

"Wh-what are they!?" 

"There is no need to be surprised. These two are my servants. They are similar to 
the machine dolls your people use" 

"Ho-! I'm Karama Ho!" 

"Hello Ho-! I'm Korama!" 

Putting down the metal lump infront of Koutarou the two waved cheerfully. 

"To think these are robots..." 

"Hello, Karama-chan, Korama-chan!" 

Koutarou and Sanae were shocked. 

If Kiriha's words we're to be trusted, these two were robots. 

However nothing about them seemed mechanical. 

Even though their bodies looked like pottery their limbs moved freely. 

In contrary to their lovely appearance, they must have been made using highly 
advanced techniques. 

Sanae had her heart stolen by the cute robots. 

"If Mackenzie saw this he might cry out in joy" 

"Koutarou, Sanae. That lump of metal is solid gold. However in the process of 
casting it some platinum was mixed in, though I doubt that will lower its value. If 
you clear out of here, we will offer you this in return" 

"Th-this is a remarkable amount, Kiriha-san!" 

When told the metal infront was gold, Koutarou was shocked once again. 

Gold is worth a few thousand yen per gram and this must have been atleast 10 
kilos of it. 

Which means this gold would be worth several tens of millions of yen. 

This was an abnormal amount of gold, just for clearing out of the apartment. 

"This is just to prove how serious we are. If this causes you any inconvenience we 
can exchange it to japanese yen. How about it, would you be willing to relinquish 
this room to us?" 

"So much gold... What am I doing! No way! There's just no way! This is my home 
after all! Koutarou, you say something too!" 


Sanae flat out refused, on the other hand Koutarou had his arms crossed and was 
deep in thought. 

"Hey! What are you thinking for!?" 

"Well, hearing her circumstances, I think it might not be wrong to cooperate with 

"Koutarou!? Are you sure!?" 

Hearing Koutarou's response, Kiriha expression lit up and she began standing up. 
And the adornments attached to her clothes made piercing noises. 

Like the metal lump, it seems like they were made from gold. 

"Not just her breasts, but you've lost sight of yourself over money aswell!?" 
"You're wrong! I can't accept this kind of amount! .... We'll if I move I'll need some 
amount of money, since if I can't survive after moving it would be pointless" 

"That is well within your rights" 

"When I told you to get out you refused! Why are you listening to this big 
breasted woman! Are big breasts that great!?" 

"Don't treat me like some pervert! It's just that I'm fine with cooperating with her 
because her reason and attitude are reasonable" 

"What's up with that!?" 

At this point Koutarou felt that it might be okay to cooperate with Kiriha. 

She was very polite, and had clearly explained her reasons. 

She also said she would prepare necessary compensation for moving. 

And her reasons for wanting the room were completely reasonable. 

Rebuilding an altar to worship their ancestors, which was similar to building a 
grave or a buddhist altar. 

Koutarou had no reason to say no to someone who only wished to honor their 

"Sanae, you probably want to stay in this room, but can't you compromise 
somehow? Even if you remain here an altar wouldn't be an inconvenience, right?" 
"Th-thats... Well it wouldn't be unconvience, but..." 

Sanae peeked at Kiriha's face. 

Sanae had no reason to hate her, other than because of her big breasts. 

Therefore, Sanae's feelings began moving gradually due to Koutarou's persuasion. 
"So, forgive her, will you. Unlike Yurika it's not like she wants to hold a cosplay 

"I got it. I'll hold it in" 

And Sanae finally gave in. 

"Oh! So you'll agree! Koutarou, Sanae!" 

Kiriha's expressions brightened further. 


"I don't really like it, but I have no choice. Circumstances can't be changed" 

Sanae was going to cohabit with the altar. 

"Thank you, both of you! With this we'll be able to move onto phase two right 

"Phase two?" 

"What's that?" 

Koutarou and Sanae both tilted their heads in confusion after hearing Kiriha's 

"The surface invasion operation. Once we activate the altar we'll be able to gather 
large amounts of spiritual energy! And with that we'll be able to mass produce 
spiritual weapons like Karama and Korama!" 



"Of course, there is no need to worry. You two benefactors will be treated as 
guests. There is nothing to worry about" 

Kiriha had interpreted Koutarou and Sanae's surprise as if they had been worried 
what would happen to them, ofcourse that was not the actual reason behind their 

"Wa-wait just a moment! So what!? You want to rebuild the altar where your 
ancestors have been enshrined to you can invade the surface!?" 

"That's right... What's wrong all of a sudden, Koutarou?" 

Surprised by Koutarou's unexpected reaction, Kiriha looked at him in amazement 
and blinked. 

"No what's or why's! I take it all back! I'll never hand over the room to you!" 

"Well said Koutarou!" 

"Koutarou!? What now all of a sudden? You were being so cooperative just a 
moment ago!" 

"I flat out refuse! I can't shoulder the responsibility of letting a surface invasion 

Looking at Karama and Korama, even Koutarou who was a novice at science could 

Making something like that required highly advanced techniques. 

If that kind of people invaded the surface who knows what they could do. 

He didn't even want to imagine it. 

"I thought you were atleast reasonable! But to think you would just casually say 
something so ridiculous!" 

"... I see. For you to resist that much, well I have another plan" 

"What!? Are you gonna use force!?" 

"Well, who knows..." 

Kiriha did not so much as flinch as Koutarou showed his enraged face infront of 
her, instead her lips formed a suspicious smile. 

"Koutarou, the red bottle in the seasoning box is the salt, right?" 


"So it was this after all..." 

Koutarou was cutting up cabbage for dinner. 

Next to him was Kiriha wearing an apron. 

She was dexterously stirring the frying-pan while shaking the salt inside the small 
red bottle. 

"Koutarou, would you prefer the it to be heavily salted or just lightly?" 

"... I would prefer it heavily" 

"Heavily salted things are bad for your health. Let's start gradually decreasing the 
amount starting tomorrow. You're living on your own so you need to take care of 

Kiriha gently smiled while she continued to stir the frying-pan. 


She was in the middle of stir-frying vegetables. 

The cabbage Koutarou was cutting up was soon going to be added as well. 
Morover, the rice cooker was cooking in the inner room. 

Kiriha had washed the rice a little while ago. 

Koutarou's dinner for today consisted of rice, some meat and stir-fried 

"Koutarou, are you done with the cabbage?" 


"In that case, please add it in" 

Kiriha lowered the flames and beckoned Koutarou. 

"I didn't think you could cook, Koutarou" 

"My old man couldn't do anything on his own so..." 

Koutarou threw the cabbage into the frying pan, and as the remaining moisture of 
the cabbage mixed with the oil it makes a loud sizzling noise. Hearing that, 
Koutarou began feeling nostalgic. 

How long has it been since I was standing next to someone in the kitchen... 

What had crossed Koutarou's mind was a memory of him standing next to his 
mother in the kitchen. 

She would always have a gentle smile on her face, just like Kiriha. 

"Koutarou, next time you cut up the cabbage, make sure you cut it thinner. It'll be 
hard for you to eat it like this" 

".... Yeah" 

With the image of his smiling mother in his head, Kiriha's smile proved to be very 
effective and Koutarou obediently nodded his head. 

"Koutarou, prepare the plate. It'll be done soon" 


Koutarou nodded once more and reached towards the shelf. 

The sound of the frying-pan and tableware filled the room. 

The sounds continued for a while longer before Kiriha stopped the flames. 

And she then casually called out to Koutarou while smiling. 

"Koutarou, is the plate ready?" 

"It's ready" 

"Is the rice boiled?" 

"In another two minutes" 

"I see. Koutarou, will you relinquish this room?" 

"I wi-" 

Due the natural and casual way Kiriha asked him, Koutarou almost nodded and 
agreed instinctively. 

"Ofcourse I won't!" 

"I see, that is regrettable" 

She mentioned it casually, as if it was a completely normal conversation. 

She had skillfully and casually mentioned it with opportune timing and Koutarou 
had been close to agreeing several times. 

"I won't fall for those kind of tricks" 

"You're quite a tough opponent, Koutarou" 

Although Kiriha had failed several times, she didn't seem to mind. 

"Fufufu, it seems this will become a long war" 

"What are you trying to do?" 

Koutarou was perplexed by her attacks. 

Unlike Sanae who was simply being unreasonable or Yurika who kept repeating 
her incomprehensible reasons. 

Kiriha's type of attack of trying to get into Koutarou's mind and make him 
casually agree was more troublesome for him than both Sanae and Yurika. 

"I told you, didn't I? We have our pride and traditions. Using force goes against 
both of those" 

"In that case, why not just give up on invading the surface" 

"We're just taking back what is rightfully ours. I told you, we have our pride and 
traditions. While we want to regain our territory, we don't hold a grudge against 
the people here. We know the pain of having something stolen, so we won't attack 
the people here. Our enemy is much bigger" 

"So what, do you think I'll just agree with you?" 

And the most troublesome thing was that Kiriha's behavior and belief was 
extremely correct. 

If it had just been someone who was trying to force their ways, it would have 
been much easier for Koutarou. 

"I'll make you agree, We have plenty of time" 

Kiriha pressed her rich chest against Koutarou. 

And looked up at him provokingly. 


With her suspicious look and the feeling of her large, soft breasts. 

Koutarou unintentionally jumped back. His heart started beating intensely. 

"We have endured 1000 years underground" 

"Wh-what about it? 

"Fufufu, it means we have waited for 1000 years. But how long will you endure? 
Half a year? A year? I'll do anything to make you nod your head.” 

Kiriha nonchalantly threw a kiss at Koutarou. 


Kurano Kiriha. The mysterious girl who came from underground. 

A tough opponent appears 

For Koutarou, she was the strongest enemy right now. 

"What's with that! Showing off her large chest! And Koutarou too! Blushing at that 
obvious sex appeal!" 

Sanae had peeked into the hallway to observe the situation and she was furious. 
Sanae wanted to chase out Koutarou. 

But she had a strong dislike for Kiriha's method that Sanae herself was unable to 
use. "If you hand over the room for something like that I'll never forgive you!" 
Because of that Sanae did not want Koutarou to be chased out by Kiriha. She had 
long forgotten her original goal. 

"E-excuse me" 

A person began talking to Sanae. 


"Hiii, So-sorry, so sorry, I was in the wrong!" 

The voice belonged to Yurika who had just woken up. 

Being frightened by Sanae's attitude she began to cry. 

"It was just on impulse! I just wanted to know what was going!" 

"... Oh yeah, you were here too" 

"Nooooo!! My very existence has been forgotten!!" 

"You're being very annoying at this important time... Just stop crying already... 

Sanae who was floating in the air landed infront of Yurika with a tired expression 
on her face and reluctantly began explaining the situation. 

"That woman came from underneath the tatami mat, and while leaving me out of 
it, she's trying to take control of this room. She said something about the 
underground people invading the surface and using this room as their base" 
"Un-underground people!? Really!?" 

"There's no need to surprised about people living under the ground right? 
Compared to you she is a proper person" 

"You're wrong! That's prejudice! Why won’t you believe me!? Even though you 
believe in underground people invading the surface!?" 

"How about you touch your chest and ask yourself that instead!" 

"Chest... ? Do you mean her big breasts are the reason?" 

After looking down on her own chest, Yurika looked at Kiriha and Sanae and 
revealed a relieved smile. 

She was happy she wasn't in last place. 

"... Just mention breasts again. You won't see the sunrise tomorrow" 

"Kyaaa! So-sorry! I'm so sorry! It's all my fault!!" 

Hearing Sanae's threats, the frightened Yurika ran towards the wardrobe and 
closed the sliding door in a hurry. 

"... Everything's become such a mess" 

In the beginning all she had to do was chase out Koutarou. 

However the situation began to develop in an unexpected direction. 

"Anyways Koutarou, if you fall for that womans tricks you'll regret it!" 

Unexpected feelings began budding from her small chest. 

Unaware of that, Sanae grinds her teeth looking at Koutarou and Kiriha's 

Having finished laying out the dishes for supper, Koutarou's stomach growled. 
"Finally, dinner..." 

It was now almost 10PM, it was only natural for his stomach was growling. 

"I apologize Koutarou. For my sake..." 

One of the reasons for the delay in dinner, Kiriha, took a seat to the right of 

"If that's what you think, then get out" 

"I can't do that.... By the way, Koutarou, why share a meal with me?" 

Infront of Kiriha was stir-fried vegetables, meat, rice and miso soup laid out. 

"I don't make debts. I especially can't be careless around you" 

"Fufufu, you sure are earnest. It seems I'll have to start breaking you down from 

Koutarou was sharing the dinner with Kiriha because she had helped make it. 
"That woman only helped so you would leave this room. There's no debt to be 
repaid, if anything it's the opposite" 

Sitting infront of Koutarou was a dissatisfied Sanae. She did not like Koutarou and 
Kiriha getting along. 

"That's not true. I only wish to deepen our friendship 
"Hmph, we'll see" 

There was no dinner infront of Sanae. Ghost's can't eat anything after all. 

"That looks so much better than cup noodles..." 

Said Yurika as she was pouring hot water from the kettle into her cup noodles 

Despite the high cost of living, the noodles could be bought for a bargain price of 
98 yen. 

The sad figure of Yurika could move you to tears. 

".... Do you want some too?" 


Because of that, Koutarou felt a little merciful. 

"W-would that be alright?" 

"Yu-Yurika! The water! The water! It's overflowing!" 

"Kyaaa! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" 

Being distracted by Koutarou's offer, the hot water spilled out from Yurika's cup 

Yurika put down the kettle on the tea table, and hurriedly wiped up the hot water 
with a dischcloth. 

"... You're a helpless person aren't you ..." 

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I'm clumsy and a blockhead!" 

"That doesn't matter... But what about dinner, will you eat too?" 

"You'll still share with me after what I just did!?" 

The half-crying Yurika's expression brightened, and she sped up her hands 
wiping up the water. 

"Yeah, you can have some" 

"Thank you very much!" 

"No need to say thanks. But in return after you've eaten get out" 

Hearing that, Yurika's smile froze and her hands stopped. 

"I-I can't leave, so I'll eat the cup noodles..." 

Yurika's shoulders dropped with disappointment. 

However like a child, Yurika kept staring at the meal infront of Koutarou. 

"... It seems like she's regretting her decision" 

"There's no need to hold it in, you can eat your fill and get out" 


Yurika swallowed her saliva. 

"No, Yurika! You can't lose to this temptation! Yurika Fight!" 

Yurika desperately tried to persuade herself, but the smell of the delicious food 
continued to tempt her. 

She had only been eating cup noodles for a while now and the temptation was 

As such, Yurika kept staring at Koutarou's meal, almost drooling. 

"Just let it go, Yurika. All you have to do is get out of this room" 

"A, Aaaaaa! The rice! The miso soup is calling me!! So cruel, this torture is too 

Yurika's stomach growled loudly, her body seemed to have already given in to the 

"... Dinner..." 

While looking at Koutarou and Yurika going back and forth, Sanae looked at the 
other threes meals. 

"I haven't eaten for years..." 

"What's wrong Sanae?" 

Koutarou felt something was off with Sanae, but she did not answer him right 

She began talking only after several seconds had passed. 

"... Hey, Koutarou and Yurika, either one of you is fine but..." 


"Ye-Yes, What is it?" 

Koutarou answered nonchalantly whilst Yurika answered nervously. 

"Could I possess you?" 

Sanae's next words were unexpected. 


However what was more unexpected to Koutarou was Sanae's serious attitude. 
That's why Koutarou wasn't surprised and wanted her to explain herself in 
greater detail. 


However, Yurika did not share Koutarou's feelings at all. 

"I don't want to be possessed by a ghost no matter what!! If you're going to 
possess someone, let it be Satomi-kun please!!" 

Yurika left her cup noodles in place and hurriedly jumped into the wardrobe and 
closed the sliding door. 

"Well you see, I'm a ghost right?" 


Koutarou and Sanae no longer expected anything from Yurika so they continued 
their conversation like nothing had happened. 

"Because of that I can't eat stuff, right?" 

"That's right, offerings would be as far as possible" 

"But if I possess someone I can taste what that person eats" 

"Sanae, that method would work better the closer you are to the same 
wavelength. Wouldn't it be better to possess me or Yurika instead?" 

Kiriha who had just been looking on began speaking. 

"That's true, but Yurika's like that, and Kiriha, I refuse to do it with you!" 


"If I make a debt to someone like you I know I'll regret it!" 

"... Well aren't I hated..." 

Kiriha smiled bitterly at Sanae. 

"That's how it is so, Koutarou, please!" 

"What's in it for me then? Besides I won't let you just possess me and just get rid 
of me" 

Sanae put her hands together and lowered her head. 

"Please! I won't get rid of you! I just want to be able to taste food again!" 

"... Really?" 


Sanae looked up and nods repeatedly. 

"Alright, I think your shoulders are going to get a bit stuffed" 

"Stiff... And don't say such things to the person you're about to possess" 

"And if you let me possess you when you're eating I wouldn't mind a truce! That's 
okay, right!? If your shoulders get stuffed I'll give you a massage!" 

"A truce..." 

That was an attractive proposition for Koutarou. 

It'll mean the amount of people he'll have to chase out reduces to two, and the 
most aggressive Sanae will keep calm. 

And all I have to do is endure stiff shoulders.... alright 
"Alright, I'll accept those conditions" 


"Yeah, come on, I'm ready" 

Koutarou taps his own shoulders as he says that. 


Sanae then suddenly jumped at Koutarou. 


"Thanks, Koutarou!" 

Even if you call her a ghost , it's almost like she's a child.... Well, I guess she is a child 
That is what Koutarou felt as he looked at Sanae. 

At that moment, the wardrobe door slid open and Yurika's red face appeared 
from inside. 

Yurika then silently returned to the tea table. 

She felt that the situation had calmed down, but was ashamed of her own 

"So Sanae, all I have to do is eat like normal?" 

"Yes! Just wait a minute I'll possess you now!" 

However, neither Koutarou nor Sanae payed any attention to Yurika at all. 

And Kiriha who was watching the two payed no mind to Yurika either. 

It was about this time Yurika would usually start complaining, thankfully this was 
not the case this time. 


Sanae spun around over to Koutarou's back and clung to Koutarou with her arms 
wrapped around his neck. 

"Go ahead, Koutarou" 

"This is what possessing is like? It's quite different from what I had imagined" 
Koutarou could feel Sanae's small body on his back. 

It was warm and he could feel her breathing next to his ear. 

She was weak to fortune goods, could pass through walls and use Poltergeist 

There was no doubt that she was a ghost, however Koutarou gradually stopped 
thinking of Sanae as just a ghost. 

"Yes! Eat up, Koutarou!" 

Sanae on the other hand was in a very cheerful mood. 

"Alright, Let's eat" 

"Yes, Go ahead... I guess that's not my line" 

"Hahaha, What does it matter" 

Koutarou began eating while carrying Sanae on his back. 

I wonder why... ? 

Strangely enough, Koutarou didn't feel anything negative towards Sanae right 

"Ah, Koutarou, this one's delicious" 

"I am honored you would praise me" 

"Kiriha made that one" 

"Hee~. Your clothes might be strange but it seems you can atleast cook... But the 
taste is a bit strong" 

"Is that so?" 

"It's bad for your body" 

"Look Koutarou, even Sanae is saying it, starting tommorow we'll make the taste 


Kiriha joined in and they continued eating happily. 

"... That looks delicious ...” 

Yurika looked on in regret. 

"And compared to that I'm eating cup noodles...” 

Yurika looked on with a sad look on her face as she gently peeled open the lid of 
the cup noodles. 

And the fragrance of synthethic seasoning rises up from the cup. 


Dissapointed by the smell Yurika's hand twitched and the tore the lid off half 

Yurika attempted to peel off the torn portion, however some of the lid remained 
and the overall appearance of the cup worsened. 

"... Today has just been terrible... " 

As she said this her splittable chopsticks broke, and both the left and right 
chopstick took on different shapes. 

"Koutarou! Miso soup! Miso soup!" 

"I got it, just calm down a little" 

"It's hot so be careful, Koutarou" 

While looking at the three having fun, Yurikas chopstick reached out for the cup 

"Why is always me..." 

While grieving, Yurika slurped up her cup noodles alone. 

"They're even soggy..." 

The 98 yen cup noodles tasted slightly saltier than normal. 

"Well then, now that we've eaten, lets return to the original subject" 

"Original subject?" 

Kiriha responded while pouring some after meal tea. 

"The subject of throwing you out" 

Sanae laughed out at Kiriha while resting her chin on Koutarou's shoulder. 
"Sanae, you want to keep living here so you're chasing out everyone else, 

"Yes, well we have a truce at the moment though" 

"Right, and Kiriha-san, you want to rebuild your altar, so you want this room" 
"That's right" 

"And Yurika you want hold a cosplay party with your friends here" 

"You're wrong!" 

"And I live here so I don't want to move out. And I won't find someplace with a 
rent as cheap as 5,000 yen anywhere else. Besides if I just hand this room over 
there will be various inconveniences" 

If Koutarou moved out the rumours of the ghost would just spread further. 

Or there would be a surface invasion or cosplay parties held daily. 

As Shizuka's friend, Koutarou wanted to prevent that at any cost. 

I understand why this place is so valuable to her. 

"Please listen to me! There really is danger approaching!" 

"And not everyone wants to fight it out... even though I am good in a fist fight" 

"It is not my purpose to harm people" 

"We are currently in a truce after all" 

"I won't be holding any cosplay parties!" 

"And none of us have any intention of backing down" 


"This is my home!" 

"It's dangerous! Please, everyone get out as fast as you can!" 

"With that said Koutarou, we need to resolve this in some way. Apart from the 
prolonged negotation with you, there are two others after this room, at this rate 
progress will stop. It is obvious we will never come to an understanding so we 
need to solve this in a way everyone can agree too" 

"Yes, that's right... but that method is..." 

Koutarou agrees with Kiriha and looks around. 

If only Mackenzie was here at a time like this. 

For Koutarou who was more action than words, there had been no time he had 
wanted to borrow Kenji's wisdom more than now. 

But on the other hand he couldn't just call the cops. 

If he started talking about ghosts, underground people and cosplayers they would 
just think he had lost his mind. 

He was unable to rely on outsiders. 

"Please listen! I just can't accept this! Why won't you believe me!? The magic 
power gathering here is dangerous!!" 

"Does anyone have any good ideas? A method that everyone would agree to" 
"That's a tough one..." 

"Hmm... a fair method... Hey Koutarou, what about this? We play some kind of 
game and the loser has to leave" 

"Like I said I can't accept this! Please listen to me!!" 

"To decide this fairly with a game is a good idea. If you look back in history there 
are many examples of competing over territory using games" 

"Wait just a second! I don't want this kind of important thing to be decided by a 

Kiriha was onboard with Sanae's idea, but the same could not be said for 

The reason was simply because Kiriha was smart and Koutarou was not. 
"Koutarou, would you rather have us hit each other or continue an endless 

"A fist fight... discussions..." 

Koutarou gave up the idea of a fist fight after looking at Sanae and Kiriha. 

And looking at Yurika he gave up on discussions. 

"Ku, it looks like there's no other way" 

Although they had fought on the day they met, for some reason Koutarou did not 
want to hit Sanae now. 

The religious tools he had gotten from Shizuka were all still in their box. 

He was at a loss at if what Kiriha was saying was rational or unreasonable. 

And he didn't think reason and discussion would lead anywhere with Yurika. 

"A game... A game huh..." 

Koutarou dropped his shoulders for a moment, but he soon recollected himself 
and looked at Sanae. 

"Alright, Sanae, if we were to play a game, what would it be?" 

"How about an easy one like rock-paper-scissors?" 

Sanae put up a finger and slightly tilted her head. 

But Kiriha shook her head at the proposal. 

"Rock-paper-scissors would be bad. It's too simple. And luck would play too much 
of a part. For everyone to agree we will need a game were a persons ability will 
be the focus" 

"That said, we can't use Shougi or Chess, right? There are merits and demerits" 

"I haven't played either" 

"A game that even a beginner would be able to play, with an element of luck, but 
player ability would come out ontop after playing several times. It's a classic, but 
what about card games?" 

"Card games... like Trump?" 

"It wouldn't just have to be limited to Trump however" 

"I'm fine with that. I've played a lot with mom and dad" 

"... Fine... Call it cosplay or whatever you like... If you'll get out anything is fine..." 

Koutarou looked at the three and took a big breath. 

"... Alright, it seems we've all agreed, so let's go with that. My room is on the line, I 
wanna get through with this ridiculous thing as soon as possible" 

Koutarou couldn't hit the smiling Sanae still clinging onto his back. 

And he doesn't have any confidence that he'll be able to endure Kiriha's plans for 
much longer. 

And being unable to persuade Yurika. 

Koutarou had no choice to but to go with this. 

"No objections. So Koutarou what kind of card games will we play?" 

"Lets see..." 

"Koutarou, how about the four of us take turns picking the game? That way it'll be 

"In that case we'll need to add points for the placings" 

"That'll be the case. At the very least it needs to continue for everyone to get a 

"Uuuu, After all noone listens to my opinions" 

"Hey Koutarou, the two of us have a truce, so we should work together. It'll be 
easier that way and after we're done we just need to talk it out" 

"You're on. If I play normally I'll probably just lose to Kiriha" 

"Kiriha-san, those two are teaming up..." 

"That's the kind of thing that usually happens in territory disputes. Fufufu, it 
looks like I can't let my guard down, should we two work together to defeat 

"Y-Yes please!" 

Like this the games to determine the owner of the room had begun. 

Corona Convention 
Revised, 2009/05/01 

Sixth Article 

Combat during the 
following time periods 
is prohibited: 
•Japanese time 
(GMT+9) 18:00-09:00 
•Saturday, Sunday, 
National Holidays 

Commence Invasion ji 

Birds were singing outside the open floral curtains. 

The curtain was Shizuka's, along with the futon she had prepared various things 
before Koutarou had moved in. 

"Uwa, It's already morning, Koutarou" 

Sanae, who had gotten up first, had pulled the curtains over and outside of the 
window was a clear blue sky and sunshine lighting up the residential area. 

On top of a pillar were a couple of small birds singing. 

It was a completely normal morning. 

"It's already past 7AM..." 

Koutarou rubbed his tired eyes and looked through the window, the blue sky and 
white light entered his eyes. 

The white light from the sun passed through Sanae and lit up the tatami mats 
behind her. 

It looked to Koutarou as if Sanae had a solid body, but it was at times like these 
that he was reminded that she really was a ghost. 

"Another all-nighter..." 

Today was Wednesday, the 8th of April. And Koutarou had now pulled three all- 
nighters in a row. 

"Sorry Koutarou, with this I'm out" 

"Uwa, Really!?" 

Kiriha pulled a card from Koutarou's hand, and she then placed two cards on the 
tea table, emptying her hand. 

The game they were playing right now was Sanae's specialty, Old Maid. 

"Ouch~, Koutarou, just don't end up in last place okay?" 

"I got it" 

Whilst replying to Sanae, Koutarou extended his hand towards Yurika's cards. 

"A, Auuu" 

Yurika who had a terrible poker face closed her eyes, if she didn't Koutarou 
would just see right through her. 

If it wasn't for Kiriha, Yurika would've run out of points long ago. 


"... Uhm.." 

Hearing Koutarou's voice and the feeling of a card pulled out of her hand, Yurika 
opened her eyes. 


However the card remaining in her hand was the hateable Joker, laughing at her 

"Alright! I'm out!" 

Koutarou completed his hands and threw his cards onto the table. 

"I lost!" 

A cheerful Koutarou and depressed Yurika, their appearance contrasted. 

"Which means, I'm first, Kiriha is second, Koutarou is third and Yurika is dead 

"Indeed. With this the points are back to where they started" 

As she said that Kiriha added the points onto the score sheet hung up on the wall, 
as she had said all the points added up to 20. 

According to their rules, first place gave you three points and second place one 

In third place you lost one point and fourth you lost three points. 

Which meant there was two points difference between each position. 

And everyone started with 20 points. 

Those who lose their 20 points would be declared loser and be forced to leave the 

"We weren't able to get a point lead..." 

"It seems we are quite even" 

Kiriha's shoulder dropped next to the yawning Koutarou. 

The card games had gone on for the entire night but there was no conclusion in 

They were able to stop each other's victory and as a result no one ended up with 
0 points. 

At one point Yurika was about to lose all of her points but she was able to mount 
a comeback thanks to a lot luck. 

After that the points just went back and forth. 

"What are you going to do Koutarou? It's time to go to school" 

Sanae pointed at the clock hung up on the wall. 

The hands were pointing at 7:30AM, Kenji would arrive any moment now. 

"... Everyone, do you mind if we continue this after I get back?" 

Koutarou pulled out his bag while yawning. 

"In reality there's no time to spare, but... I don't think there will be any danger 
during the day" 

"I don't mind. I feel like resting for a while" 

As Kiriha and Yurika agree, the door bell rang out. 

"Hey, Kou, Are you up!?" 

Kenji had arrived. 

"Yeah, I'm coming!" 

Koutarou shouted towards the front door and then he whispered. 

"... Everyone, make sure Mackenzie doesn't see you when I leave, please" 

"Because it'll be a pain? I already know" 

Sanae turned off the lights in the room while answering. 

This was so nobody would notice that there were people left inside the room. 
"Yurika, come over here a little bit more. The front door is in plain view over 

"Ah, Ye-yes, Kiriha-san" 

And the three made sure they couldn't be seen from the entrance. 

Koutarou had a feeling something bad would happen if they were found. 

The day before yesterday it was Sanae, yesterday it was Sanae and Yurika and 
today it's Sanae, Yurika and Kiriha. 

Surely... there won't be four tomorrow, right? 

"...No way" 

Koutarou shook his head lightly and smiled wryly, he turned his back on the three 
while suppressing a yawn. 

He couldn't take it too easy with Kenji waiting on the other side of the door. 
"Didn't sleep much, Koutarou?" 

"Something like that. I'll sleep at school" 

"That'll do you good. It'll be bad for your body if you force yourself" 

"Good bye, Koutarou-san" 

"See you, Koutarou. Come back as soon as you can, okay? We're waiting for you" 
"Yeah...I'm off" 

"I wish I could go to school... Being home all the time is just boring" 

Embraced by the early spring's calm atmosphere and warm sunshine, time 
drifted in the clubroom after school. 

Right now, the only time Koutarou could feel at ease was at school. 

At home there were three girls trying to take over his room, compared to that the 
time spent in the clubroom was like heaven. 

"I wish it was always like this... Fuaaaaa" 

As he relaxed Koutarou let out a yawn. 

Having had several all-nighters Koutarou was exhausted. 

Although he had slept during class, he was far from recovering his stamina. 

"Not good, gotta keep knitting" 

"Are you okay, Satomi-kun?" 

Harumi who was sitting next to him didn't let the yawn go by unnoticed. 

She looked at Koutarou with a worrisome look on her face. 

"I'm fine, Sakuraba-senpai" 

"But, you don't look... have you been able to sleep properly?" 

Koutarou tried to play it off, but it didn't work, instead the concerned look on 
Harumi's face grew more serious, and she leaned forwards slightly. 

Because of her weak constitution she took her and others health seriously. 
"Hahaha, I just moved in and I haven't quite gotten used to it yet. I'll be back to 
normal soon, Sakuraba-senpai" 

"... I hope so..." 

"That aside, Senpai show me that knitting technique one more time" 

Using the knitting method Koutarou learned yesterday, Koutarou began working 
on an actual project, with Harumi guiding him on the way. 

"... I got it. I'll do it once more slowly so make sure you look" 

"Yes, please" 

Harumi was still worried, but she moved her hands at Koutarou's request. 
Satomi-kun, it's fine to be enthusiastic, but are you really okay? 

Still worried about Koutarou, Harumi was thinking of a way to allow him to rest 
while moving her hands. 

And after showing him the knitting method she came up with an idea. 

That's right, maybe if I leave him alone... 

Harumi immediately put her plan into action. 

"... And like this, did you understand, Satomi-kun?" 

"Yes. You're a big help, I'll try it out right away" 

Koutarou began moving his knitting needles. 

Although awkward, he displayed his intent and motivation. 

It's because you're working so hard... 

Harumi put her knitting needle and yarn on the desk and stood up. 

"Satomi-kun, is it alright if I leave you to keep an eye on the clubroom for a 

"Y-Yes... I don't mind, but what now, all of a sudden?" 

Koutarou stopped moving his hands and looked up at Harumi. 

"I forgot that the committee was calling for me, I'll be back soon" 

"Okay, I got it, I'll keep watch while you're away" 

"Sorry, please do" 

Harumi lightly bowed and headed towards the exit. 

"... Satomi-kun, I hope you'll be able to sleep a little with this..." 

"Senpai, did you say something?" 

"Not at all, I'll be back" 

"Okay, see you soon" 

Harumi leaves a small smile behind as she exited the room. 

Hm?... That's... ? 

When Koutarou comes to, he sees the room dyed red by the evening sun. 

"Oh crap, I feel asleep..." 

The knitting needle in his hand had been put on the desk 
And a girls uniforms coat had been placed ontop of his body. 

"Were you able to sleep well?" 

Koutarou raises his head and in front of him was a gently smiling Harumi. 

Having taken off her coat, she was knitting in her blouse. 

"Senpai, I..." 

"I was about to wake you up. It's almost 6PM" 

Harumi stopped her knitting and showed the time. 

The time was now 5:45 PM, almost time for the school to close for the day. 

"I'm sorry for falling asleep in the middle of club activities, Senpai" 

For Koutarou who had been strictly taught to respect his elders this was a big 

He apologized and bowed deeply. 

"It's fine, Satomi-kun. It's., uhm.. o-our society after all" 

As she said that her cheeks turned red with embarrassment, but Koutarou who 
was bowing did not see her. 

"That's why, Senpai" 

"No, that's wrong. It's our society so as long as we agree, it's alright if we do what 
we want" 


"Satomi-kun, look after your body, please" 

Oh I see, Senpai... 

Looking at Harumi's serious face Koutarou finally remembered her weak 

That's why she was so worried... 

Koutarou was both grateful and sorry to have made her feel anxious. 
"Understood, I'll look out" 

"Yes... Thank you, Satomi-kun" 

Hearing Koutarou's answer, Harumi cheerfully responded. 

I should be the one worried about her, I gotta snap out of it... 

These past three days had been non stop trouble due to three strange people. 

But thanks to Harumi's gentleness Koutarou was able to regain some spirit. 

"I'm back" 

As Koutarou opened the door it was still dark inside, and Sanae who had 
welcomed him back yesterday was nowhere to be found. 


While Koutarou was thinking, Sanae poked her face out from the inner room. 
"Koutarou, this way, come fast!" 

"What is it?" 

"It'll be faster for you to see it yourself, come on, Koutarou" 

"Something's wrong!" 

After Sanae both Kiriha and Yurika called out to him. 

The three voices sounded surprisingly serious, so he hurriedly left his shoes by 
the entrance and entered the room. 

"What's up with you three, you still haven't even turned on the... oooooo!?" 
Jumping into the room Koutarou opened his eyes wide in surprise. 

"Wh-What's that!?" 

An abnormality had occurred inside of the inner room. 

In the dark room, the wall furthest away was glowing dimly. 

The glowing abnormality was almost two meters in length and one meter in 

"This was just a wall, right!? What happened!?" 

"... That's what we want to know" 

Kiriha turned on the lights in the room, and the glow on the wall became slightly 
less notable. 

"Sanae, did you cause this?" 

"That's rude! It wasn't me! Don't try to make everything my fault! Besides what's 
the point in making the wall glow!?" 

"You have a point" 

Koutarou suspected Sanae after having seen countless paranormal phenomenon 
caused by her, but after hearing her argument he concluded she must have had 
nothing to do with it. 

Like she said, she had nothing to gain from making the wall glow. 

"Don't just blame me right away, geez!" 

Dissatisfied, Sanae puffed up her cheeks and floated in mid air. 

"It can't be helped, you're a ghost after all" 

"Hmph! Who cares about what you think anyways!" 

And Sanae looked away from Koutarou. 

"Come on, don't sulk just because I doubted you for a moment..." 

As Koutarou was trying to calm down Sanae somebody pulled the sleeve of his 

"Excuse me, Satomi-san" 

"Hm, What is it Yurika?" 

The one pulling his sleeve was Yurika, she let go of his sleeve and opened her 
mouth with a coy smile. 

"The wall, it's glowing isn't it?" 

"Yes, it is" 

"Something strange is happening, isn't it?" 

"Yes, it is" 

"Haven't you considered that it might be my magic?" 

"... I might have" 

As Koutarou nodded for the third time he turned to Kiriha. 

"Kiriha-san, how long has the wall been like this?" 

Koutarou had already lost interest in Yurika. 

"Why!? You could at least doubt me a little bit!! It's a supernatural phenomenon 
you know!? It's a complete mystery! It might be my magic!" 

"Just a while ago, roughly 10 minutes before you got home" 

"10 minutes..." 

"It's not fair! It's unfair to believe in ghosts but not magic! I demand a correction 
and an apology!" 

"Karama, Korama, Please tell Koutarou the results of the measurements as well" 
"Yes Ho-!" 

"Leave it to us Ane-san Ho" 

In the two Haniwa's ran up to Koutarou. 

"There are no reactions from Radiation, Electromagnetic waves, Heat, Vibration 
or Spiritual energy Ho. The only reaction is from a few radiating photons Ho-!" 
"But we can't measure the other side of the glow Ho. It's almost as if there's an 
invisible wall Ho! It's not even certain where the photons are coming from Ho-" 
The Haniwa's explain everything in detail and with gestures, but it made no sense 
to Koutarou. 

"I don't get it, what does this mean?" 

"It means apart from not being able to see the other side of the glow, it's a 
completely normal wall... However if technology I don't know of is involved that 
might not be the case" 

"In other words, it's just a glowing wall we know nothing about" 

Koutarou slowly approached the wall. 

"Aaaaa, if you could just give me a portion of that doubt..." 

Yurika started sobbing behind Koutarou. 

"If you could just believe there are girls with mysterious powers...! Why!? I'm 
trying to so hard to make you believe me too!" 

However Koutarou was focused on the wall and Yurika's complaints fell on deaf 

"Koutarou, don't just carelessly touch it, okay?" 

"... It sounds so persuasive when you say it" 

What reached Koutarou's ears instead was Sanae's voice. 

Sanae floated up next to Koutarou as they approached the glowing wall together. 
"Don't treat me like I'm some sort of floating danger!" 

"That's exactly what you are" 

"What's that supposed to mean!? I've had it! I was just thinking of protecting you 
if something happened too! And you just trample all over my feelings! You're just 

Sanae began sulking and returned to where Kiriha and Yurika were standing. 

"... You won't die a pretty death, Koutarou, I'm sure of it!" 

"He won't even believe in magic either!" 

"This is a common occurrence for people our age, a good woman would overlook 
something like this" 

"I'm just a kid. I don't care" 

They're not feeling any tension what so ever... 

That's what Koutarou thought while listening to the girls. 

Stopping 30 centimeters before, Koutarou observed the glowing wall. 

"Apart from glowing it looks just like a normal wall" 

The glow was weak and you could see the wall behind it. Even the recently 
changed wallpaper could be seen clearly. 

"What's up with this..." 

Koutarou brought his hand closer to the light, but it was not hot, just as Kiriha 
had said. 

However it was not clear if touching the wall would be safe. 

"Now then, what to do..." 

While Koutarou was considering whether to touch the wall or not, a change took 


At the center of the glowing wall, roughly one meter from the ground. 

A blue disk about 15 centimeters big appeared. 

And from the middle of the disk white light began to draw a picture. 

It looked like a man wearing armor, fighting a large reptile. 

"A knight and a dragon... Is it some kind of crest?" 

Koutarou brought his face closer to examine the crest. 

And he noticed that wasn't just a picture but a three-dimensional sculpture. 

That strengthened his impression that it was indeed a crest. 

"But why is there a crest on a glowing wall?" 

Koutarou brought his face closer to the crest, but all of a sudden his view was 

"Eh? What!? 

His sight suddenly went dark, and his face was pressed against something soft 
and warm. 

Caught by surprise, Koutarou's body stiffened. 


A girls voice could be heard right next to Koutarou. 

Everyone in the room was surprised, but the most surprised of all was the one 
who had surprised Koutarou and the others. 



/sWXx: ^ 


SKSvr'xSSSSSfe&i : :x: : x:' 



"Ho-How rude!! You don't just bury your face in a princess' chest! This is 
unforgivable, even for a clueless Neanderthal!" 

"Eh, What!? What's going on!?" 

Having somebody yell right next to his ears caused Koutarou to attempt push his 
face away from what it was pressing against by placing his hands against it and 
gently thrust away his face. 

"Waaa!? You touched a princess' chest!? Grabbed it!? Fondled it!?" 


In front of the staggering Koutarou was a girl standing with the problematic wall 
in the background. 

She was short, but still slightly taller than Sanae. 

With her blonde hair and blue eyes, she was most likely a foreigner. 

She was wearing a beautiful dress shining in white. The ends of the spread skirt 
covered up a large part of the room. 

And on top of her golden hair was a silver tiara decorated with jewels. 

".... Who?" 

"It's not who! Move your hands away from me this instant, Neanderthal!" 

When his hands were mentioned, Koutarou put some force into his finger tips. 
"Waaaa, do-don't fondle them, you fool!!" 

"Wa, Waaaaa!?" 

Koutarou finally noticed that his hands were placed firmly on the girls chest. 

"A sorry won't cut it! You ah of a sudden buried your face in my chest and then 
you even groped them repeatedly!" 

The girls face was dyed red in anger and shame. And she shouted at Koutarou 
while covering her chest with her arms. 

"This noble chest that you played around with so filled with desire is not 
something the likes of you can touch! You should consider yourself lucky you are 
not slain on the spot!" 

"Desire!? No, that wasn't my intention, this is ah just a misunderstanding! It was 
just an accident!" 

Koutarou shook his head while panicking. 

"Ah criminals say the same thing!" 

"That's not true! Who would want to fondle that flat chest! Even I have the right 
to chose which breasts I fondle!" 


The girls expression froze. 

"Do you think I'd take that kind of risk for that washing board chest!? Don't make 
me laugh!" 

"Washing board... ?" 

The girl was stunned and looked up at Koutarou. Her eyes are wide open and her 
face is twitching. 

"That's right~. Koutarou spend all yesterday fondling Kiriha's breasts so he has 
no need to fondle those" 

Sanae chimed in, she was still holding a grudge against Koutarou from before. 
"Don't talk about me like I'm some sort of pervert!" 

"There's no need to deny it, you know you want to fondle them, you pervert~" 
"Koutarou, do you want to fondle my breasts?" 

Kiriha lightly thrust her chest towards Koutarou, and her large breasts bounce. 

"I don't! I won't fondle anyone's breasts!!" 

"There's no need to hold back, you know?" 

"I won't leave this room in return!" 

Yurika who had been silently watching, pumped her self up by raising her fist up 
towards the heavens. 

"You got a high rank! Good job Yurika! Fight!" 

By ranking the chest size of the girls in the room the order goes from largest to 
smallest: Kiriha, Yurika, Sanae and lastly the mysterious girl. Yurika was glad she 
was second. 

"... Either way, you don't want to fondle those..." 

Yurika gave the lowest ranking chest a pitiful look. 

"I'm telling you it was an accident! Who would want to go out of their way to 
touch those!" 

"Th-those... You called them those... Flat, washing board... those..." 

The girl looked down. 

"You don't need to say it like that. She is still young, she has plenty of time to 

"Uwa~ that's a mean way of putting it, Kiriha~. The elite has it easy" 

"I didn't mean it like that" 

"But, she's even losing to Sanae-chan, they're not going to grow that much..." 

As Yurika said that with deep pity in her voice, the girls shoulders began to 

Koutarou interpreted it as she was about to cry, but her voice was far from that of 
a crying voice. 

"Fu, Fufufu, Fufufufu, Ahahahaha" 

It was an almost sad, dry laugh. 

"You pity me. I see, you pity me, a princess!" 

At that time, Koutarou thought he could her the sound of the girls patience 

"I'll kill you! I'll kill you right now! I'll make sure none of you will be able to keep 
flapping your mouths!!" 

The girl screamed, swung both her hands around and stomped the ground with 
her foot. 

The girl had completely lost it. 

"... It looks you made her angry, Koutarou. You should apologize right away" 
"That's right Koutarou. You should do it while the wounds are still shallow" 

"It's because you're bullying her Satomi-san. There's not that many that can 
handle being bullied as well as me" 

"Don't try to blame this all on me! You're the ones who finished her off! Besides, 
just look at her, she's well past the point of persuasion!" 

"Fuhahahaha, you Neanderthals! You won't even have time to realize your sins! 
Once your bodies have vaporized, you'll regret ever going up against me!" 

The girl who had lost it laughed loudly at Koutarou and the rest. 

It was impossible for anyone to persuade someone this angry. 

"Blue Knight! Activate the anti-personnel weapons system!" 

While the girl kept laughing loudly, she shouted at the bracelet on her right hand. 
"As you wish, my princess" 

And the bracelet on her hand lit up and responded to the girl. 

"What's that girl doing?" 

"Who knows... She's so angry that she's talking to her bracelet, she's a bit scary" 
Two black disks about 20 centimeters in diameter appear one after the other 
above her right and left shoulders. 

Strangely enough, they had no thickness. 

"Select the weaponry" 

"Anti-personnel pulse laser, Sonic impact cannon! Fill them with holes, pulverize 
and blow them away!" 

"As you wish, my princess" 

Immediately after the girl's orders something metallic could be seen coming out 
from the black disks. 

Although the disks had no thickness, the metal was oddly enough three- 

It was almost as if the black disks were some kind of window. 

"What's the heck is that?" 

The metal resembled a muzzle as it turned and pointed at Koutarou. 

And from the left hole bluish white light began to shine. 

At the same time a low pitched sound making the room shake came from the 

"I'm getting a bad feeling about this" 

Koutarou who was feeling danger from the disks was not sure what to do, so he 
lowered his body and took a stance for the time being. 

"Emergency alert Ho! The things you can see from the black holes appear to be 
weapons Ho!" 

"Energy reaction Ho! The current presumption is that the left side is an energy 
weapon, the right side is a shockwave cannon Ho! They will be ready to attack 
within a few seconds Ho!!" 

"Get down, Koutarou!! She's shooting!" 

Kiriha's desperate voice entered Koutarou telling him what to do. 


"It's already too late! Wipe them out, Blue Knight!" 

"As you wish, my princess" 

The panicking Koutarou leered at the girl shouting orders at her bracelet. 


In that moment Koutarou fell down onto the tatami mat. Sanae had tackled him 
and forcibly pulled him down. 

At the same time several blue beams passed through the spot Koutarou had 

Right afterwards white bullets passed by, as if chasing the blue beam. 


The blue beam passes right by Yurika's ear and burned a couple strands of her 
hair, and as she bent over in surprise the white bullets arrived. 

The white bullets hit Yurika's broom and exploded leaving behind a loud sound. 
Right afterwards a strong shockwave was generated, attacking Yurika who was 
losing her balance. 

"Why is it always meeee!!" 

Yurika who lost her balance was sent rolling on top of the tatami mat. 


Yurika rolled into the wall and stopped, she was no longer moving and lost her 

"That was close! That's a weapon!?" 

Looking at Yurika, Koutarou finally understood the danger he was in, and a chill 
ran down his spine. 

Koutarou didn't know what kind of weapons the girl was using, but one look at 
Yurika told him what would happen if he got hit. 

"Are you alright, Koutarou!? Get up! The next one's coming!!" 

"Ah, Yeah!" 

"Tsk, looks like one of them is perceptive" 

The girl spit out those bitter words as she glared at Koutarou. 

And the muzzle peeping out from the holes above the girls shoulders pointed 
towards Koutarou. 

"But in this narrow room the next won't miss!! Blue Knight, continue firing in 
synchronous mode!" 

"As you wish, my princess" 

"Don't be like that, shorty!" 

"You don't just insult my chest but my height too, Neanderthal!?" 

"You stupid idiot!" 

"Argh, you're even calling me stupid!?" 

"I am! You self-conscious inverted chest!" 

As Koutarou was saying that, signs of the girl attacking appeared again. 

The bluish white light and loud sound. 

"Koutarou, don't bicker with her, just get up, hurry!" 

"Waaaaaaa!! Oh crap!!" 

Koutarou was still in the middle of getting up, and even with Sanae's help it didn't 
look like they would make it in time before the next attack. 

"Ahahaha! You're too slow! It's already over! You can regret the crime of making a 
fool of me after you've been turned to ashes!" 

"Karama, Korama, Spiritual Energy Field to maximum output!" 

"Understood Ho-!" 

Along with the sharp voice, the two Haniwa's stepped between Koutarou and the 

"But we'll lose in terms of power Ho-! We're not good against physical attacks 

"I just need you to endure one attack! You need to block it no matter what!" 

"Got it!" 

The blue beam and white bullet attacks. 

At that moment, a spherical yellow light envelops Koutarou and the rest. 

It was a shield the two Haniwas had made. 

And as the blue beam explodes on contact with the shield made of light the shield 
shatters like glass and is blown away by the explosion. 

The Haniwa's shield was only barely able to block the blue beams - Pulse lasers 

So the slightly delayed white bullet - shockwave cannonball passed by with ease 
and headed for Koutarou and the rest. 

"Waaaa, This time it's all over!!" 

"HissatsuhU Sanae-chan Bomber!" 

However before the bullet could hit Koutarou, Sanae prevented it by throwing a 
cushion with her Poltergeist. 

The bullet and cushion collided in the air and a explosion was heard alongside 
cotton being scattered all over the room. 



"H 0 H 0 -" 

Apart from Sanae, everyone else was thrown towards the walls because of the 

That was enough for Corona house to start shaking and screaming. 

"Is everyone okay!? You haven't been done in have you!?" 

"I'm neither! Even if I'm okay for now, I won't be sooner or later!" 

Koutarou stood up while shaking his head, and he grabbed the bat leaning against 
the wall next to him. 

"What are you going to do!?" 

"The only way to survive is to attack before she recovers!" 

The girl in question had lost her balance from the shockwave. 

Because the cushion had impacted with the bullet next to her the shockwave 
reached her too. 

"Tsk, by something like this... Blue Knight, change to Sonic Impact Cannon and Ion 
Blaster, this room is too small" 

Noticing Koutarou approaching she orders the bracelet to change weapons. 

"As you wish, my princess" 

"You're too slow!" 

But before her weapons were able to change Koutarou swung down his bat. 

He was aiming for the pulse laser sticking out from the hole above her right 

"It's no use, Neanderthal!" 

However the bat did not reach the pulse laser. 

Immediately before it hit the barrel it collided with something half-transparent 
and bounced off. 


"You thought you were the only ones with a barrier!? How thoughtless!" 

The girl stood up with a smile brimming with confidence. 

She was surrounded by white hexagons. 

Like the Haniwa's shield of light it was a shield preventing attacks. 

"This is bad Ho! The barriers power is on a different level Ho!" 

"It's a repulsion barrier Ho! It's far superior than ours against anything but 
spiritual energy Ho!" 

"Just who is that girl!?" 

Kiriha was aghast at the overwhelming difference in power. 

Kiriha and the others attack barely had any effect, but they couldn't block their 
opponents attacks. 

"Damnit, whats with that hard shell. Unless we do something about that we're not 
getting anywhere!" 

"Stop Koutarou! We have no way of breaking it!" 

"What? Really!?" 

"It's true, Neanderthal! The difference between our powers is like that of heaven 
and earth! You won't be able to so much as lay a finger on me!" 

The girl stopped her attack and boasted triumphantly. 

"... I'm not so sure about that" 

Sanae floated in front of the boasting girl, and was poking at her. 

"Wh-what!? W-what did you just do!?" 

After Sanae suddenly appeared in front of her, the girl's face was twitching. 

"What, I was just poking you" 

Sanae had easily passed through the barrier the girl had been boasting about. 
Although it could protect against any attacks, it seems that it couldn't protect 
against ghosts. 

"Good job Sanae! Now restrain her!" 

"Fine, fine, you sure are bossy..." 

Sanae starts depriving the girl of her freedom while she was still surprised. 

She caught the edges of the skirt of the girls dress with her poltergeist. 

"What are you doing!?" 

"Who knows what someone like you will do if I let you be! In other words, 
Hissatsu Sanae-chan Tulip!" 

Sanae lift up the edges of the girl's skirt. 

"Uwawa, wh-what!?" 

"Just relax" 

Sanae lift up the skirt over the girls head and wrapped it around like a drawstring 

With her underwear exposed, it looked similar to a tulip, as Sanae had called it. 

"Stop it, you rude ruffian! I can't see anything!" 

"No way, if I stop you'll just attack me" 

The girl struggled but Sanae's power was too strong and she was unable to break 


"What is it, Koutarou?" 

"I know my life is at stake, but right now she just looks like an idiot..." 

"....Agreed. To think I'd see a bear here..." 

The tulip struggled while making no progress. 

It was a sight that invited laughter. 

Moreover, imprinted on the girls shorts was a lovely bear. One couldn't help but 
laugh at the situation. 

"If you give up I'll let you go" 

"There's no way the princess of the Holy Forthorthe Galactic Empire would lower 
her head to some primitive barbarians!" 

"Then we'll just leave you like this" 

"Grrr, you're just a Neanderthal!" 

Sanae and the girl were bickering and Sanae was currently winning. 

Meanwhile, Koutarou let out a small sigh of relief. 

"It looks like we'll at least be able to catch our breath" 

"Well, well, about time" 

Kiriha smiled lightly and talks to Koutarou. 

However the commotion was not about to stop as the two had expected. 

"Fine! If you want it that way, I have plans of my own!" 

"What? Are you still planning on doing something?" 

"Blue Knight! Change the battle mode to final attack mode, fire a limited Genesis 
Buster! Turn the area centered around me into photons!" 

"Authentication is required for activation of the final attack mode and use of the 
Genesis Buster" 

"My name is Theiamillis Gre Masted Sagurada von Forthorthe!!" 

"Authentication complete. Confirmed the identity of Princess Theiamillis. The 
order is accepted. As you wish, my princess" 

The girl gave a complicated order, unlike before. 

Looking at that Koutarou once again had a chill run down his spine. 

"What are you planning on doing?" 

"Don't ask such foolish questions, Neanderthal. It's obviously an attack” 

The tulip responded full of confidence. 

The girl was probably laughing but Koutarou was unable to see her face. 

"An attack?" 

However nothing was happening in the room, the black holes floating above her 
shoulders remained motionless. 

"Nothing's happening" 

"Fufufu, Wahahahaha, that's why you are a Neanderthal! Don't just assume that 
what you can see is all there is" 

The tulip gladly shook left and right. 

"Emergency alert! A super-high energy reaction roughly 50 meters in the sky Ho!" 

Receiving Karama's warning, Kiriha jumped at the window. 

She then opened it in a hurry and leaned her body out. 

Koutarou followed suit. 

"That's it!" 

"What's that?" 

In the sky above Corona House a black hole similar to the ones floating above the 
girls shoulders could be seen. 

Even though it was a starry night that part of the sky was completely free of stars. 
And a large cylindrical thing peeked out of the hole. 

"Confirmed the generation of antimatter Ho! The mass is increasing rapidly Ho!" 
"Antimatter!? The mass is!?" 

"Currently at 58 grams Ho! And it's still increasing Ho!" 

"Is that an antimatter cannon!? Impossible! Do you know what those kind of 
things can do!?" 

Kiriha turned to Tulip and shouted at her. 

Koutarou was able to understand the seriousness of the situation by looking at 
the normally calm Kiriha acting like this. 

"Of course I know! It'll turn you Neanderthals into photons!" 

Tulip laughed loudly at the panicking Kiriha. 

"Koutarou, what is anti-matter?" 

"Don't ask me, that's Mackenzie's field of expertise" 

Koutarou and Sanae were unable to understand the term. 

So the two just care freely tilted their necks. 

"To put it simply, antimatter is a terrifying nuclear weapon" 

Strictly speaking the nuclear fission used for nuclear weapons was completely 
different from antimatter. 

However the two released energy on the atomic level, so it was an appropriate 
explanation for the two who didn't understand at all. 


"By nuclear you mean, those things that always appear in movies and anime, 
where something terrible happens if they explode and leave behind a 

Because of that, Koutarou and Sanae could easily understand the situation and 
began panicking. 

"L-Lets run Koutarou!" 


"It's not use! The antimatter has already exceeded 100 grams, no matter how far 
you run you'll never be able to outrun it! Too bad!" 

"... So it's all over..." 

Kiriha sighed and dropped her shoulders. 

She very clearly understood the power of over 100 grams of antimatter. 

"Don't give up, do something, Kiriha!" 

"What do we do!? What should I do!?" 

Only aware that it was a powerful weapon, Koutarou and Sanae panickingly ran 
around Kiriha. 

"Petty tricks won't be able to stop this weapon! It's my victory!" 

Tulip on the other hand was ecstatic. Being able to release all of her resentment, 
she laughed loudly. 

Even the bear on her exposed panties looked like it was smiling to Koutarou. 
"There's nothing we can do. Please give up, Koutarou, Sanae" 

"Noooooooo! I don't want to dieeeeeeee!" 

"You're already dead! Nuclear or antimatter won't do anything to you!" 

"Oh yeah, right" 

Realizing that normal weapons won't work on ghosts, Sanae regained her calm. 
"I'm sorry for you loss" 

"Hearing that from you strangely pisses me off!" 

"It's the privilege of being a ghost" 

Sanae turned to Koutarou and made a triumphant V-sign. 

"You can't be so sure when it comes to antimatter. With this much mass there 
might be so much power the very space is distorted. Even a ghost might not be 
able to survive" 

"Did you hear that Sanae! Even ghosts can die!" 

"Don't rejoice, idiot!" 

And as Koutarou and the rest began falling into unrest and confusion, Tulips 
bracelet coldly reported in. 

"The generation of antimatter is complete" 

"Excellent! Start the firing procedures! Don't forget to recover me as you fire" 

"As you wish. Starting the firing procedures" 

"Waaaa, They're firing! They're firing!" 

"Nooooooooo! I don't want to die young!" 

"An unexpected end for the surface invasion... Although with this there won't be a 
Japan left to invade" 

The laughing girl, the restless Koutarou, Sanae clinging onto Koutarou, the 
melancholic Kiriha and the still unconscious Yurika who had no grasp of the 

The five people show five different reactions as the time finally came. 

"Antimatter has finished loading. Safety device released. Firing orders, my 

"Kukuku, And with this it's over! Genesis Buster FI-" 

However, as the girl was about to give the firing orders another voice filled the 
room, interrupting her. 

"Please wait, princess Theiamillis!" 


As the girl raised her voice in surprise another person came jumping out from the 
glowing wall. 

It looked very similar to Sanae passing through walls. 

The person coming through the wall was a girl wearing a military uniform with a 
short skirt. 

Her height was taller than Tulip, and about the same height as Yurika. 

"H-Hey, a person just came through the wall!" 

"What are you so surprised for, Tulip came through the same way" 

"Really, Kiriha-san?" 

Koutarou didn't see Tulip come out. 

As he was busy examining the crest his sight was suddenly blocked. 

"Yes. The first girl came out of the wall the same way and bumped into you" 

Kiriha had already given up, but with the appearance of the other girl she had 
started recovering. 

"Your Highness! What is the meaning of firing the Genesis Buster at this planet!" 

The new girl immediately began shouting at Tulip. 

"B-but, they were making a fool of me!" 

Tulip raises her objections, but her voice was completely different" 

"It looks like that girl came to stop Tulip" 


Koutarou and Sanae looked at the two quarreling. 

Koutarou and the rest were unable to comprehend this unexpected development. 
"That doesn't mean you can destroy this entire planet!! First of all it violates the 
the galactic treaty!" 

"Sanae, it seems like the weapon above us has enough power to destroy the 

"So it would be a casual end of Earth" 

"Knock on wood" 

"But, they said I was flat, short and stupid! There's no way I could forgive them!" 
"There's no one who would bring out a wide area destruction weapon used in 
space combat for a that kind of childish reason!" 

"B-But Ruth!" 

"No huts!" 

The argument was falling into the favor of the new girl. 

The number of words Tulip spoke gradually decreased, and she was now mostly 

"Fuuuuu. It looks like everything will calm down... geez" 

Kiriha let out a big sigh and relaxed her shoulders. 

"Princess Theia, please settle down. If you kill the residents of this room you 
won't be able to achieve the trial given to your highness. Do you want to be the 
quickest to fail in the history of Forthorthe and bring shame to your mother?" 

As soon as her mother was mentioned Tulip stopped arguing. 

"Your highness, please open your mind. Forthorthe's influence doesn't reach this 
planet. We're the ones forcing ourselves onto them" 

This girl has been saying reasonable things for a while now... 

These several past days have been a mess of unreasonable people forcing 
themselves into this room. 

So this new girls reasonable words were like music to Koutarou ears. 

"I got it... Blue Knight, Release the attack mode and return to guard mode. Cancel 
the Genesis Buster" 

"As you wish, my princess" 

"Thank you, your highness" 

The new girl showed a smile of relief. And the rioting in the room seemed to have 
settled for now. 

There were holes in the walls from the laser, the wallpaper had been torn off in 
places because of the shockwave. 

The once beautiful tatami mats had scorch marks left on them. The room was in 

"If the landlord sees this she'll probably cry" 

Koutarou looked around the room. 

Corona House was the landlord, Shizuka's treasure. 

It was a keepsake from her late parents. 

And finding it in this state would almost certainly cause her a lot of grief. 
Koutarou was painfully aware of that. 

"Koutarou, please sit down, or we can't start" 

"Oh, sorry, right away" 

As Kiriha called out to him, he turned around and saw five girls, seated around 
the tea table. 

The order they were sitting in, was clockwise: Sanae, Kiriha, Yurika, Tulip and the 
girl who came with her. 

And there was a space left open between Sanae and Kiriha for Koutarou. 

"...So I sit here" 

Koutarou sat down in the open space. 

"It's kind of tight" 

"That's because we're up to six people now" 

Kiriha shrugged at Sanae's words. Both the tea table and the room was not 
designed for six people. 

Because of that the room felt very small with six people in it. 

"The problem we need to settle seems to have gotten bigger. I'm not saying we 
need to deepen our friendship..." 

"Well that's true, but..." 

Sanae had a sad look on her face. 

"So to get to the point, who are you?" 


Tulip - The girl in the dress who was the first to come out of the wall, refused to 

And she provokingly turned her face away from him. 

"I am sorry. It seems my master is in a bad mood, so instead I will explain" 

Instead the girl in uniform who had come out later began speaking. 

Compared to the girl in the dress she had a mild and cooperative atmosphere 
around her. 

She bowed her head politely and calmly towards Koutarou and left a strong 
impression on Koutarou. 

However, she might be like Kiriha, so instead of relaxing Koutarou decided to 
hear her out before letting his guard down. 

"Please allow me to introduce ourselves. First off, my master, Her Highness 

And the girl in uniform points out the girl sitting next to her. 

"Her Highness?" 

It was a phrase she had used several times already. 

Koutarou knew it was a title of honor for someone noble, but he did not think it 
was suitable for the girl in front of him. 

"Yes, her highness' name is Theiamillis Gre Forthorthe. The princess of the Holy 
Forthorthe Galactic Empire" 

"Princess!? This over the top brat!?" 

Hearing Koutarou's words, the girl in the dress, Theia, glared at him. 

However this time she, perhaps showing some discretion, said nothing. 

"Yes, she is the seventh princess born, but in the present she is the current 
emperors only child" 

"So she's a princess? Really?" 

The girl explaining nodded at the amazed Sanae. 

"It will be hard to show you proof of her identity right away, but there is no 

"There will be no need for that. I understand that you at the very least hold a high 

"Eh?! You'll believe us?!" 

"Yes, to a certain extent" 

Unexpectedly, the one supporting the girls words was Kiriha. 

"What do you mean, Kiriha-san?" 

"Koutarou, think back to the power of their weapons" 

"What about the weapons? Well, they were dangerous but..." 

"Do you think anyone would be able to walk around with that kind of weaponry? 
Least of all antimatter?" 

"Oh, you mean like that" 

With that Koutarou understood what Kiriha means. 

"Sanae, what seems more natural to you? A normal person with that kind of 
weapon or someone in a high position?" 

"Well that would be a really important person, right? They have mushroom 
bombs after all" 

"Right? In other words, that's how it is. It would be strange for those two to be 
normal people" 

"I see, now that you mention it, that makes sense" 

Sanae was satisfied and nodded and she began making fun of Yurika. 

"Yurika, unlike a self proclaimed princess like yourself, she's a real one" 

"I'm also a real one!" 

"I know. A real hardcore cosplayer, right" 

"You're wrong! Why does everyone bully me!?" 

Yurika grinded her teeth in frustration, but no one was listening to her. 

"To show position, show power. An old-fashioned method, but it was effective" 
"As for the sudden use of power I would like to apologize" 

The girl bowed apologetically. 

"You don't have to worry about that, we were both in the wrong" 

"Thank you" 

"Koutarou, you sure forgave them quickly, didn't you?" 

"Why don't you remember what you said" 

Sanae flinched at Koutarou's cold glance. 

She also felt she had said too much. 

Apart from touching her breasts at the start, Koutarou had also said a bit too 
much afterwards. 

The same was true for the other two. 

"And what about you? Do you also hold a high position?" 

"No, I'm just part of the military. I am the protection officer in charge of guarding 
her highness Theia and taking care of her surroundings. My name is Ruthkania 
Nye Pardomshiha" 

"... Ruth is my childhood friend" 

Theia who had kept quiet for a moment opened her mouth. 

"She is a reliable and talented protection officer" 

"Your words are wasted on me, your highness" 

Ruth gave Theia a smile and Theia blushed slightly, before starting to sulk again. 
"Hmm.. so this person was a soldier" 

"Ruth-san... Oh right, I forgot. I'm Koutarou, Satomi Koutarou, this rooms 

“I'm Higashihongan Sanae. And this flashy person is Yurika. But the only thing 
flashy about her is her appearance so don't pay her any attention" 

"I'm Nijino Yurika. A magic 

Yurika attempted to introduce herself but... 

"Kurano Kiriha. Please call me Kiriha" 

Sadly she was interrupted by Kiriha. 

"Do you really hate magic... me that much?" 

Yurika said while crying, she dropped her shoulders and spilled her tears on her 

Ruth was surprised by Yurika's sudden crying. 

"Did something happen to Yurika-sama?" 

"It's fine. Please let her be, Ruth-san" 

"Okay, Satomi-sama" 

Yurika continued to cry. 


Ruth was unable to comprehend the situation, but she decided to leave it be for 

"By the way, Ruth. You mentioned a galactic empire before, what do you mean by 

"Did she say something like that Koutarou?" 

Sanae who hadn't been paying attention pulled on Koutarou's sleeve and asked. 
"She did, the Holy something Galactic Empire. That Theia seems to be that 
country's princess" 

"I know about the Empire in Ginza£21" 

There was a famous hotel in Ginza called the Imperial Hotel. 

"Those two are unrelated" 

"I know that too" 

"It is just as everybody is saying" 

Ruth nodded her head. 

"It is just as everybody is saying, we came from the Holy Forthorthe Galactic 

"Holy Forthorthe Galactic Empire... I've never heard of a country with that name" 
"Have you heard of it, Yurika?" 

"Why would you think I know anything?" 

Yurika has a confused look on her face after Sanae asked her. 

"It sounds like a name right out of an anime" 

Yurika began sobbing. 

"Don't just make her cry for no reason, Sanae" 

"Sorry, it was just a reflex" 

"So Ruth-san, where is that country? In the Middle East? Or maybe Europe? 


Ruth shook her head. 

"It's about 10 million light years away from here, in a different galaxy" 

"So that really was the case!?" 

Kiriha instinctively stood up. 

The antimatter weapon Theia and Ruth had used caused Kiriha to hold some 
suspicion, but she was still very surprised. 

"Koutarou, a different Ginza? Is there another Ginza outside of Tokyo?" 

"No, another galaxy" 

Koutarou was perplexed, he understood what Ruth was saying, but it was more 
likely to be the plot of a movie he would watch with Kenji. 

"That can't be right. If they came from a different galaxy that would make them 
"Yes, that's correct. We came from a different planet, in other words we're aliens" 
Theia and Ruth, these two girls were the most extravagant visitors yet. 


Koutarou's jaw dropped. 

"After ghosts, cosplayers and underground people, I wasn't going to be surprised 
by most things, but to think aliens..." 

"I'm not a cosplayer! I'm a magic girl!" 

"I believe it's quite normal to be surprised. It is rare to come into contact with 
another civilization after all" 

Ruth showed an understanding smile. 

"But, now that you mention it, it does kind of feel obvious" 

Lasers, barriers, antimatter cannons. It was hard to image these Sci-Fi kind of 
weapons could be found on Earth. 

If we had those the scientific progress on Earth would have been a lot further 

Kiriha's two Haniwa's were surprising, but this technology was surprising even to 

"There's no doubt about it" 

Kiriha wiped the sweat off her brow. Her cold sweat would not stop. 

"... Karama, Korama, prepare that" 

"Got it Ho-!" 

"We'll bring it right away Ho-!" 

As the Haniwa's hear her orders they sprung into action right away. 

They flipped up the tatami mat closest to the front door and jumped into the hole 
beneath it. 

"What will you do, Koutarou?" 

"For starters, I'll continue as if what they're saying is true" 

"You believe them when they say they're aliens?" 

"Yes, they don't seem to be lying either" 

Koutarou brought his mouth close to Sanae's ear and whispered. 

"... Besides, even if it's a lie, those weapons are real" 

"... You have a point. They're definitely different than someone like Yurika" 

Sanae whispered back and looked at Theia and Ruth. And another reason crossed 
her mind. 

"Hey, Koutarou" 


"Are you believing them because that Ruth girl is your type?" 

"Of course not!" 


"Of course! ... Well she is cute though" 

"... I am honored... for you to call me c-cute..." 

The girl who had constantly kept a serious face blushed after hearing Koutarou 
calling her cute. 

It was only when she made this kind of face that she looked like a girl of age. 
"She's got a proper attitude and she's not saying anything strange. There's no 
reason to doubt her, right?" 

"You sound suspicious—. Are you sure it's not because obedient girls are your 
type? Typical boys~ just because she's pretty and is obedient she's being put on a 

"Well, compared to you, anyone would be obedient" 

"... That is true" 

Sanae, Yurika, Kiriha, Theia. The four of them were far away from the word 

"I am truly grateful you believe us, Satomi-sama. I was actually always worried 
about how to make you believe this part" 

"Always? So you two didn't just arrive today, Ruth-san?" 


Ruth nods. 

"Actually, we arrived at this planet yesterday evening" 

"So, what were you doing all this time?" 

"We were gathering data for a translation device from the conversation from 
Satomi-sama's room and the airwaves, in order for this translation device to 
understand this planets languages" 

While Ruth was explaining she pulled out a small box and presented it to 

That was the translation device the two were using. 

"Now that you mention it, the two of you are speaking in Japanese" 

"To think this small box can..." 

Koutarou and Sanae stared at the box. In order to make it easier for them to look 
at it, Ruth handed it over to them. 

"Because of that we just about understand everybody's circumstances. As a result 
we ended up eavesdropping on you, for that I would like to deeply apologize" 

"If we can't understand one another, we won't get anywhere. So you don't have to 
worry about it, Ruth-san" 

"Thank you very much, Satomi-sama" 

Ruth had been prepared to be blamed, so she felt relieved. 

"So why did you two come here for?" 

"That would be our problem" 

Ruth sharpened up, there was no time to be relieved. It was time to get down to 

"Her Higness Theia came here because of a certain ritual passed down from the 
emperors family" 


Kiriha raised her head. Ruth nodded and continued her explanation. 

"Yes. A trial is passed down onto the empires successor when they turn 16" 

"A trial? What kind of trial?" 

"They could be all kinds of trials depending on the person. It could be searching 
for items, exploring an unexplored region, fighting with your destined enemy and 
the likes. And once they have cleared their trial they are deemed fit to succeed the 

"So it's like a ritual to turn into an adult?" 

"That is correct, Kiriha-sama. If a member of the royal family doesn't display their 
capabilities they won't be allowed to succeed the throne. Even if it's the emperors 

"So does that mean when she clears her trial, she will become empress?" 

"No, that is not the case. Those who clear the trial are recorded in order of 
completion on the list of candidates with the right to succeed the throne. And the 
one on top of the list is crowned emperor" 

"In order of when they cleared it... And that's how you show your capabilities" 
"Yes, that is correct, Satomi-sama" 

Ruth nodded. 

"Which means you two, or rather the princess over there came here to clear that 

"That's right" 

Theia opens her mouth. 

"I have to show my capabilities. Because of that I came here with Ruth" 

"Just the two of you?" 

Koutarou was slightly surprised, in his head royalty usually only travelled with a 
large party. 

However according to her, Ruth was her only companion. 

"Yes. I'm showing my capabilities with this trial. That won't be possible with a 
large group" 

"I see, so unless you do it on your own there won't be a point" 


"So what's the trial? You came from far away, so are you exploring?" 

"No. The trial given to her highness is invasion" 


"Her Highness Theia must invade this room and rule it in both name and reality" 
"W-wait just a minute! Why does it have to be my room?!" 

Koutarou was taken aback, and Ruth continues explaining. 

"As I believe you are now well aware of, this trial is to show the capabilities of the 
successor to the throne. Which is why a real invasion won't be expected. Her 
highness has been given coordinates selected at random to a small space to 
occupy and make into her own territory. It's merely a ceremony" 

"So that space just happens to be my room?!" 

"I know it's hard to believe but the coordinates the computer selected overlap 
perfectly with this room" 

"What kind of coincidence is that!?" 

"We are perplexed by this as well. Normally the coordinates for this trial is in 
empty space. And all you have to do is place your flag in that space and it's over. 
Uncertain on where you're going on a super-long distance to the outskirts of 
known space, what is asked for is the courage to make such a journey" 

Ruth had a serious look on her face. 

The coordinates the computer gave you had an almost 100% chance of being 
empty space, the universe is mostly empty space after all. 

Which is why this was the first time coordinates pointing to a habitable planet, 
and with intelligent life in it had ever happened. 

"So what happens in this case?" 

"If intelligent life is found at the invasion point, you don't just have to invade but 
also make the life found there swear their allegiance. It's a trial to show you are 
capable of standing above others after all. And of course, taking their life is 
absolutely out of the question" 

"... Which means..." 

Having had it this thoroughly explained even Koutarou was able to understand 
what happens next. 

"With this even someone at your intelligence could understand! Swear your 
loyalty to me right away and relinquish rule of this room to me! If you do so you 
shall become a citizen of our glorious empire and be able to enjoy a long and 
prosperous life" 

The 7th princess of the Holy Forthorthe Galactic Empire, Theiamillis Gre 

She was not trying to just invade this room but also Koutarou's heart. 

"I refuse!" 

Koutarou's response to Theia who was demanding the room and his loyalty was 
the same as always. 

"Who would ever swear loyalty to you!? Don't make me laugh!" 

After having his room nearly torn apart, Koutarou did not have a good impression 
of Theia. 

Koutarou could not even imagine swearing loyalty to Theia. 

"Damn you Neanderthal! I treat you gently and this is how you repay me!?" 

"When did you ever treat me gently! The only one who ever lowered her head 
was Ruth!" 


Pain ran through Koutarou's head after yelling at Theia. 

Maybe I got a bit too excited 

Koutarou shook his head in an attempt to get rid of the headache, but the pain 
remained along with a heavy feeling in the center of his head. 

Koutarou thought it was because he had gotten too excited but in reality it was 
because he had been pushing his body so hard for these past few days. 

"I won't mind turning you into ashes on the spot!" 

"I already know you won't be able to clear your trial like that! Your empty threats 
mean nothing!" 

However Koutarou quickly forgot about his headache. Theia who was in front of 
him was a much bigger pain. 

"Grrrr, the Neanderthal has picked up some unneeded knowledge..." 

"If you weren't with Ruth I would have kicked you out long ago!" 

"What!? Watch your words when speaking to your master!" 

"Who is this master!!" 

"I am, pleb! Do I have to keep reminding you!?" 

"As if I want to remember, Tulip!" 

Koutarou and Theia don't take a step back and they stare each other down. 

The two draw their faces closer and closer, to the point of if they moved a bit 
closer they would be close enough to kiss. 

"Your highness, Satomi-sama, please calm down. Fighting won't be a benefit to 

"Even if it's Ruth-san's request, I definitely won't listen to this shorty!" 

"You heard him Ruth! This plebeian won't understand unless we use force! This 
Neanderthal won't understand the joy of being a Forthorthe citizen" 

Ruth's persuasion didn't work on Koutarou and Theia who were far to worked 
up. However Ruth wouldn't give up. 

"Please! Please, please listen to my selfishness! No matter the outcome the two of 
you should never fight!" 

Ruth was truly worried over the two and it gave power to her words. 

"... I understand Ruth. I am sorry" 

"This time only. Only because of Ruth-san" 

Thankfully, her second attempt reached the two. 

They stared at each other in discontent as they stepped down. 

"Thank you, both of you. Thank you so much for listening to me" 

And Ruth wiped the corner of her eye and was quietly relieved. 

Corona Convention 

Seventh Article 

All fighting during the 
period when Kasagi 
Shizuka (Landlord of 
Corona House, 
residing in room 206) 
is taking a break to eat 
sweets is to be 
stopped immediately. 

There's no Spirit of Co-operation! 


Koutarou was able to calm down after drinking a lot of the tea Kiriha had poured 
for him. 

"Troubles just keep piling up and I'm starting to lose my mind" 

"It's at times like those that you have another cup of tea, sadly I was unable to find 
any good tea leaves though" 

Sanae was hanging onto Koutarou's back and playing with the empty cup using 
her Poltergeist. 

Now that I think about it, I used to fight all the time with Sanae when we first met 
Koutarou looked at Theia who was sitting right in front of him as he was thinking 

The stubborn Theia however shifted her look away from him, determined not to 
lock eyes with him. 

Koutarou felt his current situation was quite similar to when he had first met 

"Hey, Tulip" 

"... Don't call me by that strange name! I have a splendid name called Theia!" 

Theia glared at Koutarou. 

Although she was more bullish and selfish than Sanae her puffed up face was still 
overflowing with youth. 

I have no intentions of handing over this room, but I guess I'm being a bit immature, 
she's only a child. 

"Alright, Theia" 

"Call me Theia-sama or Your Highness Theia" 

"I'm not a citizen of your country, and I don't intend to become one either. Think 
about it, right now we are enemies" 

"... Very well. So what do you want?" 

"Although we are enemies let's stop doing things that won't benefit either of us" 
"What do you mean more specifically" 

"Punching, kicking, shooting beams. If I die you'll lose out too, the emperor won't 
recognize you if you use violence to show your capabilities, right?" 

a » 

Theia fell silent, she was aware that Koutarou was correct, but she couldn't bring 
herself to agree. 

"I'll restrain myself and keep from attacking you. I think we should both show 
each other atleast that level of restraint" 

a )) 

"Your Highness, bargaining is required from time to time" 

"... I understand. It’s true that fighting with you won't benefit me" 

Ruth was able to persuade Theia. 

"If you will accept to negotiate, I will stop resorting to violence" 

Theia acted like she was agreeing reluctantly, but in reality she was on the same 
page as Koutarou. 

"I'm fine with that" 

Hmm... As long as she doesn't get emotional it seems like she can be quite 

Theia could use her weapons to take the entire planet as hostage and threaten 

But she did not do that. When she was not losing it, she seemed to be aware that 
such a thing was preposterous. 

"Well, with that settled I'd like us to organize ourselves and explain our situation 
once more" 

With Koutarou and Theia calming down, Kiriha drew a breath of relief. 

"No objections" 


Sanae and Yurika agreed right away. 

"Let's do that. I'm starting to lose track of the situation" 

In just four days the population in the room had gone from just Koutarou to six 

"I don't mind. I'd like to hear all of your plans once more" 

Theia also obediently agreed. 

However the last one, Ruth didn't say anything. 

She was just Theia's accomplice. 

"Then we'll start with Koutarou. He is the current legal owner of this room" 

"I've lived here since before Koutarou though" 

"Koutarou has signed a contract with the landlord. We won't leave you out of this 
Sanae, but let's first hear what Koutarou has to say" 

"... I guess there's no choice..." 

Sanae was dissatisfied, but she held it in for now. 

Sanae's feelings for Koutarou had changed, although she was not aware of it 

Sanae from when she had just met Koutarou would have never backed down. 

"Go ahead, Koutarou" 

"Alright... In my case it's simple. While I'm going to high school I'll be living here. 
That why I refuse to leave. The 5,000 yen a month rent also helps. 

"Pleb, how long does one attend high school?" 

"... Three years" 

Although slightly irritated by being called a pleb, Koutarou answered obediently. 
"I can't wait for that long" 

"But I won't leave. I'm friends with landlord-san, and handing this room over to 
you would just cause her a lot of trouble" 

Koutarou had two reasons for not leaving. 

The first was of course regarding living expenses. 

The second was the existence of Shizuka. 

Although they had only been together for a few days, Koutarou felt a debt and a 
bond with her. 

That's why he couldn't just haphazardly leave this room, and push this pain onto 

Koutarou was well aware of how much Shizuka treasured this building. 

Which is why he couldn't just leave. 

"That's just about it for me" 

"... If this is only about a place to live, you could easily pull back, no?" 

"However it will be troubling if you don't leave" 

"Yurika, I'd like you to leave that story for your turn. Next is Sanae" 


"We're doing it in the order of appearing in this room" 

"I got it. But my reasons are simple too. I've lived here for a long time, so I don't 
want to get chased out, that's all" Sanae says so and laughed indifferently. 

"I'm currently in a truce with Koutarou, but I plan on throwing out anyone in my 

"B-by possessing.. By possessing and killing?" 

"If needed... fufufu. I might put a curse on youJ'" 


Sanae laughed grimly, leaving Yurika frozen with fear. 

And Sanae slowly approached her. 


"Wait, Stop, Don't run away Yurika!" 

Yurika tries to run into the wardrobe as always, however Koutarou grabbed a 
hold other foot. 

"L-Let go, please! The only one who needs to be possessed is Satomi-san!" 

"Stop kicking! Don't run away! At least tell us your story first!" 

"But, the ghost! The ghost is coming!" 

"I might eat you upJ'" 

"Kyaaaa!! Nooooooooo!!" 

"Sanae! Would you give it a break! If you keep this up we won't be able to 

"Tehehe, Sorry" 

Sanae stuck her tongue out and returned to her seat. 


"Yurika, calm down! Sane's not coming after you anymore!" 

"Let goooo!" 

However Yurika was unable to take in her surroundings and continued to 

Koutarou was kicked several time and rage began boiling inside of him. 

"Gah! This is why I hate cosplayers with nothing but spring in their minds!" 

"If we don't put a stop to this kind of behavior, cosplayers social standing will just 
keep falling. Even though they're all good people" 

"It's not cosplay!" 

Shouting back in reflex, Yurika was finally able to recall her current situation. 

And her face drained of color as she noticed everyone's cold glare. 


"... About time..." 

Koutarou sighed as he let go of Yurika's leg and returned to his seat. 

"Good work, Koutarou" 

"I don't want to hear that from you Sanae!" 

"Well, well just relax" 

"Really now..." 


Sanae showed no signs of being flinching after angering Koutarou. 

"I'm sorry for making such a commotion" 

Yurika made an apologetic expression as she returned to her seat. 

"Well then Yurika, it's your turn now. What reason did you come here for?" 
"Yurika came here to hold a cosplay party with her friends, right?" 

"Yeah, that's what it was. The cheap rent caught her eye" 

"You're wrong!! There will come people to claim the magic power overflowing in 
this room. And before that happens I'd like everyone to get out!" 

"Is that the backstory for the party?" 

"I will applaud you for being thorough, but I won't let you have this room for 
something like that" 

"To be honest, even I am struggling with how to handle Yurika" 

"You're wrong!! Why don't you ever listen to what I have to say!?" 

Yurika desperately tried to appeal to them, but they would not believe her at all. 
"Even if you ask us why... right?" 

"Yeah, no one would believe in magic nowadays. It's just not possible" 

"And after calling yourself a hero of love and justice, you constantly run away, 
leaving Koutarou behind. You're just not fit to be a magic girl" 

Common sense, reality and cowardice. There was too much going against Yurika 
for anyone to believe she was a magic girl. 

"Auuu, I'm not lying..." 

"Don't worry, Yurika" 

Theia tapped Yurika on the shoulder. 

"I believe in your story" 


And the gloomy expression on Yurika brightened up almost immediately. 

"You believe in magic!?" 

"Of course" 

"And that I'm a magic girl!? And that enemies are coming!?" 

"Yes, of course" 

"Thank youuu! I always hoped that someone who believed me would appear!!" 
Yurika grabbed Theia's hand and shook it intensely as she was crying tears of joy. 
"There's no need for thanks. If you'll leave in return that is" 

However Theias next words made Yurika's expression freeze in place. 


"W-what do you mean by that?" 

"It's nothing, I believe you. That's why you can leave without any regrets. I will 
judge your enemies. There is no need to worry" 

"W-wait just a minute! You mean 

"You'll try to remove her using politics. Even though you don't believe her for a 
second, you'll support her story in order to bargain with her... You're a clever one, 
alien princess" 

Kiriha picked up where Yurika left off. 

"Kukuku, using force is not the only power royalty has" 

"This is too cruel! You all keep on picking on me! Why!? Even though you're fine 
with ghosts, underground people and aliens!!" 

Yurika started crying. 

"This is discrimination! It's unfair! I demand a correction in the balance!!" 

Yurika jumped into the wardrobe and slammed the sliding door shut with all of 
her might, and her sobbing voice began leaking through the wardrobe. 

"Right, I'm next" 

"Kiriha, why did you come here?" 

Everyone quickly lost interest in the sobbing wardrobe. 

"sniff I'm here, right here sniff" 

And Yurika crying got louder. 

"My purpose for coming here is to rebuild the altar where my ancestors are 

"I see, so this is sacred ground to you?" 

"But you'll also use the altar as a tool to invade the surface, right?" 

"That's correct. Once the altar is rebuilt we'll be able to efficiently gather spiritual 
energy. And we'll be able to mass produce spiritual weapons to regain our lost 

"In terms of politics, your goal resembles mine" 

A happy smile appeared on Theia's face. 

So this one is my true enemy. She's also a quick thinker... this'll be interesting 
Theia was secretly happy a powerful rival had appeared. 

"And finally Theia-dono, your turn" 

"Yes, my purpose is as I told you before. I came here to prove myself worthy as an 
emperor of Forthorthe as part of a ritual. I'm after the rule of this room and the 
plebs allegiance" 

Whilst saying that Theia pointed towards Koutarou. 

Koutarou had a lot of things he wanted to say, but he held it in for now. 

"Which means, all of us are after this room" 

"That's right" 

Koutarou and Sanae wanted to live here. 

Yurika wanted to hold a cosplay party. 

Kiriha wanted to build an altar. 

And Theia wanted to rule it. 

"In other words, you all came here to invade my room" 

"Simply put, yes, that would be the case" 

Having kept quiet all this time, Ruth chimed in. 

Five girls after Koutarou's room. 

They each had their own respective goals, and aimed to deprive Koutarou of his 

"But what do we do? Nobody wants to fight nor leave. Are we going to play more 

And they had all agreed to not fight with Koutarou. 

Because of that, everyone except Theia had decided to settle it using games. 
"Fufufu, games aren't a bad suggestion. The wars of old could be called such" 

"So Theia-dono, does that mean you agree to using games?" 

"On a condition" 

Theia nodded greatly and showed her composure. 

"Condition? What condition!?" 

"Fufufu, I will only play with that pleb" 

"What do you mean, Theia-dono?" 

Kiriha's expression stiffened. 

"It's simple. If I play a game now, I'll have a one in five chance of winning. 
However after I have exterminated you it'll be a one in two chance of winning. 
Besides from the pleb I have no need to play with the rest of you!" 

"So that's your plan...!" 

"You think you can win!?" 

Tension in the room rose as Theia stood up with a fearless smile. 

"Of course I will! I was just about to win a while ago!" 

"We'll see about that. I have already prepared a weapon that will work on you. 
Karama, Korama!" 


"Yes Ho-!" 

Responding to Kiriha's voice the two Haniwa's floated in front of her. 

The design on the Haniwa's had changed slightly from before. 

One had a sword hung on it's waist, and the other has added something 
resembling a beard around its mouth. 

"The Spiritual Energy Katana and Spiritual Wave Cannon are prepared Ho-!" 
"Ane-san, leave this to us Ho-!" 

"This means neither of us can block the others attack" 

Kiriha declared that and stood up with a similar smile to Theia's. 

To put it simply, the Spiritual Energy Katana and Spiritual Wave Cannon are 
similar to Sanae's powers. Like Sanae, these weapons will be able to slip past 
Theia's barrier. 

"You impudent...!" 

"Which means this is mine and Kiriha's victory. You can't harm me since I'm a 

Sanae also stood up with a smile and began forming a will-o'-wisp. 

With repeating electrical discharges, the will-o'-wisp gradually grew larger. 

"Blue Knight, activate the anti-personnel weapons system, The weapons are Mind 
Pulse and Motor Cannon" 

Following Theia's orders, the two black disks reappeared above her shoulders. 
"Those things won’t work on me" 

"We'll see" 

However, Theia's confidence didn't waver. 

"Even if you are a ghost you have a mind. So if I can harm your mind I can defeat 

"Damnit, Is there anything aliens can't do!?" 

Sanae stomped her feet in frustration. 

Koutarou and Ruth who couldn't keep quiet raised their voices. 

"W-Wait a moment you guys!! Are you planning on fighting here!?" 

"Please stop, your highness!" 

"Stand down Koutarou! It seems we need to eliminate this alien princess no 
matter what!" 

"If you get in the way you'll get hurt!" 

"Just stand by and watch, pleb! I'll show you how powerful your master is!" 
"S-Stop! If you guys fight for real who knows what will happen!!" 

"Your higness! Please stop, your highness!" 

However they refused to listen to Koutarou and Ruth's desperate pleas. 

As the three stared each other down the tension grew larger. 

"W-What's going on!?" 

Yurika who was unaware of the situation opened the sliding door, which served 
as a gong. And the fight began. 

"Victory goes to those who attack first!" 


"Korama, The Spiritual Wave Cannon!" 

What happened afterwards was a disaster. 

"Look out, Ruth-san!" 

“Eh, Eh!?" 

A bullet spat out from the disk above Theia's shoulder headed for Ruth who 
wasn't paying attention. 

Koutarou instinctively reacted and tackled her into the hall leading to the front 


Although there was a slight pain from being thrown onto the floor, the bullet 
fortunately passed above the two. 

“T-Thank you, Satomi-sama" 

“Don't space out, Ruth-san!" 

"I'm sorry, Even though I'm a protection officer, I'm not good with fighting..." 

As Koutarou was helping Ruth stand up, Yurika came to hide in the hall aswell. 
"W-W-What is going on!? The futon inside the wardrobe was charred!" 

"Tulip is planning on reducing the number of people in this room before she 
settles things with me!" 

"Eh? We're not playing games again!?" 

"Her chances of winning are higher if she's just playing against me" 

"Is she serious!? That means I'll be targeted too!" 

"Dont worry, I'm sure she's not counting you anyways" 

"Fueeeeee, I don't want that either~~!!" 

A few minutes had passed since the three began fighting. 

"Fuhahaha! What's the matter you two! Do you think you can beat me like that!?" 
"What do we do Kiriha! She's just ridiculous!" 

"We're not losing yet! Calm down and look for an opening!" 

Although it was Sanae and Kiriha against just Theia, Theia had overwhelming 
firepower, so the battle was currently progressing evenly. 

"But what do we do? At this rate the room will be destroyed!" 

Koutarou who was looking on started panicking. 

Without a victor in the small room, the room had taken the majority of the 
damage during the prolonged fight. 

There was charring and bullet holes from stray bullets all over the room, it was a 
mystery how nothing had caught on fire yet. 

"Look out, Satomi-sama!" 


As Koutarou peeked out to take a look on the situation a fireball one of the 
Haniwa's had spat out headed towards him, another stray bullet. 

"Waaa! I'll die!" 

"Quick Cast - Fireball! Targeting Option - Auto Homing!" 

As Koutarou was covering his head with the fireball heading towards him 
Yurika's voice could be heard loudly. 


The broom in Yurika's hand began glowing red and a second fireball appeared 
from the center of the glow. And it flew towads the first fireball. 


The two fireballs collided midair and exploded. 

Although they were able to avoid a direct hit the flames from the explosion 
attacked Koutarou. 

"I'll die! I'll be enveloped by flames and die!" 

"Flame Protect!" 

However the flames didn't harm Koutarou. 

"Eh? It's not warm?" 

Oddly enough, the flames vanished 10 centimeters away from him. 

A yellow light surrounded Koutarou's body, and when the flames touched it they 

"What's this...?" 


"Are you okay, Satomi-san!" 

Ruth and Yurika dragged Koutarou back towards the front door. 

"That's dangerous Satomi-san! Don't just poke your face out during a fight! If my 
magic hadn't made it in time who knows what would've happened!" 

"What was that!? Yurika, was that your doing!?" 

Koutarou looks at Yurika with a surprised expression. 

"Yes! The fireball and the light protecting Satomi-san right now, is my magic!" 
Yurika looked at Koutarou's face and smiles. 

"You, are you really...!" 

"Yes, I'm really a magic girl!" 

Yurika was filled with expectation and was unable to wait for Koutarou's next 
words and instead finished his sentence for him. 

"Are you really an idiot!?" 

"... Eh?" 

Yurika's expressions froze. The words that had left Koutarou's mouth was the 
complete opposite of what she had expected. 

"There's plenty of things that could catch on fire! What kind of idiot fights fire 
with fire!" 

"Eeeeeeeeeh!? That's what your problem is!?" 

Yurika was deeply disappointed. 

She was overflowing with expectation but in an instant her expression darkened 
and her eyes filled with tears. 

"sniff why is it always~~" 

Yurika was hoping that this time Koutarou would admit she was a magic girl and 
be taken aback in surprise. 

This time, this time surely... however reality was cruel. 

"What is it now! You idiot!" 

"Auu, Please be surprised that I'm actually a magic girl~~!" 

"Who cares! My life is at stake here, are you trying to burn me to death!?" 

"I'm using magic to protect you from fire to prevent that from happening aren't I!" 
"Right, I don't have time to waste on this!" 

Koutarou stopped arguing with Yurika and ran towards the front door. 

"... Aaaa... I'm starting to hate everything~~" 

As she watched his back, Yurika grew timid and squatted down on the floor. 

"My precious stuffed animals also burned up, maybe I should stop protecting this 
room and everyone in it—" 

The only reason none of the three girls fighting had been hurt was because of 
Yurika's defensive magic. 

Otherwise the three would already have suffered large injuries in this small and 
narrow room. 

On top of that a large fire would have started by now. 

"This is painful~ I thought being a magic girl would be more brilliant than this~" 
However her efforts were not acknowledged and she was left behind. 

And the biggest contributor to a peaceful solution was sulking. 

"Ruth-san, I'll leave Yurika to you!" 

Koutarou grabbed his bat from the umbrella stand next to the sulking Yurika and 
ran through. 

He was headed for the inner room where the battle was still ongoing. 
"Satomi-sama, just what are you!?" 

"I'm going to stop Theia!" 

"Please stop Satomi-sama! You'll be risking your life if you jump in there!" 

"It'll be too late if I don't go now! I don't even want to think about what would 
happen if that fight continues on outside of this room!" 

Koutarou was well aware of the danger of jumping into the fight, but if he didn't 
stop it now it would eventually grow out of control and they would end up 
outside of the room. 

If that happened there would be nothing he could do. 

Right now, the three are holding back so they won't hurt themselves with their 
own attacks, but once they get outside they won't have to. 

They'll be able to go all out. 

"If we're going to stop them, now is our chance! There's not much time left!" 
Koutarou wasn't confident he'd be able to stop them if they got outside. 

"There's no need to worry, she won't be able to attack me, right?" 

"That's true but..." 

Ruth anxiously looked towards the inner room in the back. From there she heard 
three voices and bright flashes blinking one after another. 

"As long as I can restrain her, the other two will stop fighting. Ruth-san, this 
should be the best way to protect your princess" 

"Satomi-sama... you..." 

Ruth looked at Koutarou with a surprised look on her face and eventually nodded. 
"I understand. I'll support you" 

"Are you sure?" 

"Yes, this is the best for her highness" 

Ruth smiled in a mysterious way that showed her commitment. 

"I'll rush straight on and grab her" 

"In that case I'll intrude into Blue Knight's main system and lower her highness' 
barrier. Please strike when it's down" 

"I'm counting on you. Let's go right away, we don't have any time" 

They quickly decided and Koutarou rushed towards the inner room. 


Ruth followed after him. 

"I'm going, Ruth-san" 

"I'm leaving it to you, Satomi-sama" 

Koutarou jumped into the inner room. 

When Koutarou entered the room the three were in the middle of a fire fight. 
However since Theia had more firepower the other two were being pushed back. 
"It's no use! I can see through all of your attacks!" 

"Then what about me!?" 

Koutarou rushed towards the girl while laughing loudly. 


“Koutarou!? Why!?" 

"Get back Koutarou! You'll get killed!" 

"All you! Stop this stupid fighting right now!" 

Koutarou grabbed Theia's right wrist whilst he shouted out. 

"I caught you!" 

"What!? The barrier's not working!?" 

The barrier intended to protect the girl failed to activate and allowed Koutarou's 

That was what Koutarou and Ruth had agreed on, but Theia who was unaware of 
the situation was left surprised. 

"I won't just let you do as you please!" 

Koutarou pulled on Theia's arm and glared at her. 

"You fool! I told you I won't attack you!" 

"If I just let you fight like this it will turn into a giant mess!" 

"What about it! Blue Knight, use non-lethal weapons! I can't just accidentally kill 
the pleb!" 

"As you wish, my princess" 

As she said so, the weapons above her shoulders changed. 

Theia couldn't afford to kill Koutarou so she changed out to weapons that were 
non-lethal even in the case of a direct hit. 

"Not good" 

However that showed that Theia still intended to fight. 

Koutarou noticed that and threw away his bat, and using both of his hands he 
held her tightly. 

"L-Let go of me you fool! Don't just casually touch me!" 

"Why should I! If I let go you'll just keep attacking, right!?" 

"Of course!" 

Theia struggled to break free, but Koutarou didn't make it easy for her. 

"Alright Koutarou! Just keep a hold on her!" 


Koutarou turned his head around to see Sanae lifting a TV into the air. 

"Stop it, Sanae!" 

Sanae intended to throw the TV on Theia and Koutarou desperately tried to stop 

The TV had been in use in the Satomi family since before he moved, so it was 
quite large. 

It wouldn't just hit Theia but Koutarou aswell. 

"Eiiiii! Sanae-chan Drop!" 

However Sanae ignored Koutarou and threw the TV. 



Koutarou jumped towards the tatami mat while still holding onto Theia. 

The TV flew past the spot Koutarou and Theia had stood moments before and 
rolled across the floor. 

It collided with the wall and stopped. 

The TV fell apart due to the impact. 

"You idiot! Are you trying to take me out with her!?" 

"Sorry, I just went with the flow" 

"You have my thanks ghost! Thanks to you the tables have turned!" 

Falling onto the tatami mat Theia was able to escape, and she then pointed her 
weapons at Koutarou. 

The main body of the gun could be seen shining eerily through the black disk 
without thickness. 

"Oh no!" 

"Karama, Korama, block up that hole!" 

"Leave it to me Ho-!" 

"Got it!" 


At the moment they fired, the two Haniwas blocked the holes. 

The attacks hit the Haniwa's directly. 

However the weapons had been changed out to non-lethal and could not harm 
the two Haniwa's" 

"You again! You annoying lot!" 

Theia touched her left fist while boiling with anger. 

The metallic glove on her fist had the power to blow away her opponents, 
however the two Haniwa dodged her attack and returned to Kiriha. 

"Thanks, Kiriha-san" 

Koutarou thanked Kiriha while taking some distance from Theia. 

"There's no need for thanks" 


Kiriha smiles and grabs a hold of Koutarou and her big chest was being pushed up 
against Koutarou's back. 

"With this I can't lose" 

"What are you doing!?" 

Koutarou shouted at her before he could take the time to appreciate the feel of 
her breasts pushing up against him. 

"Koutarou, while I have you, that girl won't be able to attack me, but I can attack 


"H 0 H 0 -!" 

The two Haniwa floated in front of Koutarou and Kiriha. 

"Kiriha-san, let go! There's no reason to continue fighting!" 

"With this, It's my victory, alien princess" 

"You put some thought into this, People of the Earth" 

Theia grinded her teeth and stopped moving. 

In the current situation, Theia was unable to attack Koutarou. 

Kiriha was using Koutarou as a shield, so she was unable to use any powerful 

However, with non-lethal weapons she couldn't stop the two Haniwa's. 

"Hey Kiriha, get away from Koutarou!" 


However the situation did not proceed the way Kiriha had wanted. 

"You're trying to seduce him with your adult figure again!!" 

"You're wrong, stop Sanae! You misunderstand the -" 

"What do you mean I'm wrong!" 

Unfortunately Kiriha's attempts at persuasion failed, and the furious Sanae 
jumped in to pull Kiriha and Sanae apart. 


And of course Theia did not let this chance slip by. 

"Blue Knight, exterminate everyone except the pleb!" 

"As you wish, my princess" 

"Waaa, Stop! You'll destroy the room!" 

Koutarou had jumped in to stop the three, however the situation had just 
worsened instead. 

".... Eh?" 

When Yurika returned to her senses she was alone by the front door. 

The riot in the inner room was still raging on. 

A burnt smell and loud noise filled the room. 

"Oh no, the magic is about to lose effect!" 

Yurika hurriedly stood up and raised her broom over her head. 

"I need to use a stronger magic or the room won't last!! Return to the way you 
were, Angel Halo!!" 

The broom was wrapped in pure-white smoke. 

And once the smoke had cleared the broom was nowhere to be seen, instead she 
was holding a large cane in her hand. 

Like the broom, the cane was covered in decorations, no matter how you looked 
at it, it was not used to help one walk. 

"And with this, once more!" 

Yurika grabbed the cane with both hands and closed her eyes to concentrate. 
"Force Field - Mode Fiery Effect - End - Effective Time Twice" 

Along with her voice a yellow light shot out from the cane. 

The light gradually grew, slowly extending to the floor and walls of the room. 

It was a defensive spell to protect Koutarou and the rest, alongside the room. 
Yurika let out a sigh of relief. 

"Alright... With this we'll be okay for a while longer" 

Once the light extended through the entire room Yurika wiped her eyes. 

"Should I put up Elemental Shield just in case as well...?" 

Yurika peers into the inner room where the fight was continuing and tilted her 
head slightly. 


At that time the front door behind her opened without warning. 

"What's with this commotion, Satomi-kun!?" 

The person who opened the door was none other than the landlord of Corona 
House - Kasagi Shizuka. 

The commotion had kept going well past midnight and she came to find out what 
the commotion in room 106 was. 

"T-The room is a complete mess!! What's going on!?" 

Anyone could tell the horrible state of the inner room from the front door. 

As soon as Shizuka saw it she was taken aback in surprise. 

"What are you doing, Satomi-kun!" 

Shizuka took off her sandals and rushed towards the room. 

"No, stop, it's dangerous to go inside!" 

"Outsiders should keep quiet!" 


Shizuka pushed away Yurika who was trying to stop her and jumps into the inner 


Being pushed away, Yurika rolled towards the wall, collided and stopped moving. 
However Shizuka didn't have the time to care about that. 

"Just what exactly are you people doing!?" 

The room was charred and filled with holes. 

Inside of it were Koutarou and the others fighting. 

It was very clear to Shizuka that they were responsible for what had happened to 
the room. 

"It's dangerous Landlord-san, don't come over here!" 

"T-This is my precious Corona House, my father and mothers keepsake!!" 
However Koutarou's words of restraint did not reach the enraged Shizuka. 

There was probably noone who could see Shizuka's attack. 


The moment she had entered the room, Shizuka saw Sanae and she punched her 
with all of her might. 

"Kyaaa! Whyyy!?" 

That lightning fast punch sent Sanae flying, even though normal attacks should 
not be able to affect ghosts. 

Sanae who had let her guard down didn't even have time to defend herself. 


However Shizuka did not just stop there. 

She used the momentum from the punch and used centrifugal force to unleash a 
sharp kick. 



Her blow hit Kiriha, and blew her away. 

Koutarou who happened to be next to Kiriha got caught up in the attack. 

The attack's power wasn't enough to kill them and instead the two fell down next 
to the wall together. 

"W-Who are you!?" 

Shizuka who had eliminated Sanae and Kiriha in an instant caused Theia to freeze 
in her tracks. 

"I'm this buildings landlord. I won't let any of you keep bothering the neighbors 

Her cold voice and determined posture showed none of her normal kindness. 
That was just how angry she was. 

"I won't take anyone's orders! Attack her, Blue Kni-" 

"You're too slow!" 

Shizuka sensed Theia's intent to attack showed no mercy and struck Theia with 
her palm. 


Theia was unable to finish giving her attack orders due to the fast and heavy 
attack and joined Koutarou, Sanae and Kiriha and fell onto the tatami mat. 

Koutarou couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. 

Shizuka was able to defeat the invading girls Koutarou had been struggling with 
in just a few seconds. 

And without using any weapons. 

"I can't believe it..." 

"What is she!? Is she really human!?" 

"She punched me!? She's not Koutarou but she could touch me!!" 

Of course it was same for the girls as well, nobody could believe what just 

However it didn't matter if they believed it or not, they had all taken enough 
damage to render them immobile. 

Shizuka stopped moving and exhaled greatly and she turned towards Koutarou 
and the rest as if nothing had happened. 

Being exposed to Shizuka's piercing glare the four people froze. 

Everyone was certain she was about to finish them off. 



Shizuka looked at Koutarou. 

/ had a good life... 

The other three felt relief that they weren't the one getting Shizuka's attention. 
"W-What may I help you with, Landlord-san!" 

Koutarou on the other hand got anxious. 

Just witnessing Shizuka's overwhelming ability caused him to sweat nonstop. 

"If something like this happens again I'll have you leave" 

"Y-Yes, I understand!" 

Shizuka's glance was sharp and her voice cold. 

The current Shizuka had an overpowering presence that could never be seen in 
her normal self. 

And being exposed to that, Koutarou could feel the life draining from him. 

"And then there's you three!" 


With Shizuka's glance shifting over to the three girls they all begin trembling 
whilst embracing each other. 

"I'm sorry" 

"I’m sorry" 

"I'm sorry" 

The three girls apologized in choir. Honor and reputation was nowhere to be 

"The next time you make such a big mess... You know what will happen, right?" 

"If you hurt this building or trouble the other residents 
Shizuka stopped midsentence and cracks her knuckles. 

"- I'll definitely make sure you regret it. That you're alive that is" 

And Shizuka laughed with a smile. 

The three girls let out a scream when they saw her smile. 

Shizuka was simply laughing and smiling, but she was filling the room with her 
overpowering presence and killing intent. 

Compared to this the expression she showed Koutarou was much better. 

This is a demon. This is a demon in the form of a human... I am not allowed to act 
against her...! 

That is what the three girls instincts were screaming at them. 

And it was at this point that three girls finally remembered Yurika who was 
passed out next to them. 

Why are you the only one unconscious! 

The girls were envious of Yurika who was out cold. 

"What's your answer?" 

Shizuka's smile grew bigger as the three girls neglected to answer. 

Many men would find that smile very attractive but the three girls only felt fear. 
"I understand! I won't do it again!" 

"I was planning on solving it p-peacefully from the start. I have no o-objections. 

"I am of noble birth. I strongly dislike barbarous methods like fight. F-feel at 

Their responses were all different. 

But they all had the same meaning, a total surrender to Shizuka. 

"Well done" 

With this Corona House's room 106 quieted down for the first time in a while. 
Amongst the burned and scorched furniture the tea table remained. 

Shizuka joined in and seven people surrounded the tea table, the small and 
narrow room was now at it's limit, however no one raised a complaint. 

Apart from Shizuka everyone was sitting straight up and with a serious 

"... I now understand the situation" 

After hearing the four girls circumstances, Shizuka slowly nodded. 

"A ghost, a cosplayer, an underground person and an alien. I find it hard to 
believe, but there's not much room for doubt" 

Shizuka had a very professional tone, however it had none of the gentleness she 
had shown when Koutarou had moved in. 

"Excuse me... I'm not a cosplayer, I'm really a..." 

Yurika attempted to object. 

"... What is it?" 

"N-No, It’s nothing. I'm a cosplayer, yes" 

However when Shizuka glared at her, she shook and easily took back her 

"... However as the landlord I can't overlook any rioting. All of you will have to 
solve this peacefully" 

As the landlord, that was the line that Shizuka had drawn. 

"We had no intention of fighting against Koutarou. But..." 

"We would never be able to come to an agreement! Even if you say to solve it 
peacefully that would not be easy!" 

"She's right! Koutarou aside, I'll never be able to get along with this woman!" 
However the girls who had done nothing but fighting were unable to simply just 
accept Shizuka's proposal. 

"Then would you prefer eternal peace right now? I'm fine either way" 

"That said, fighting nonstop won't solve anything" 

"Y-You're right. The time has come for us to work together" 

"I'll become a pacifist instead!" 

However as Shizuka cracked her knuckles while smiling, the girls attitudes 
changed completely. 

The three girls sweat profusely and agreed to Shizuka's proposal. 

"I'm happy we've come to an agreement. So what about you, Nijino Yurika-san?" 

a t) 

Yurika didn't answer. 


"Surely, you're not saying you'd like to keep fighting?" 

"Hey, what's wrong?" 

Sensing danger from Shizuka, Koutarou spoke up and looked over at Yurika. 

"... Yurika, just say you don't want to fight. There's no need to put your life on the 
line for cosplaying" 

And whilst shaking her shoulders, Koutarou whispered to her. 

it t) 

However even then, Yurika said nothing. 

"Waa~~, Yurika!?" 

Instead, being shaken by Koutarou, Yurika fell onto the floor. 

"She's unconscious...?" 

"The poor thing, she must have been terrified..." 

Under Shizuka's lead, Koutarou and the rest agreed on a treaty. 

And it was quickly put onto a document. 

The content was mainly about peacefully deciding on the owner of the room. 

It also included not destroying Corona House, not disturbing the neighbors, that 
arguments are dealt with outside of the room and to keep it quiet during the 

And finally, that treaty was named Corona Convention. 

"I'm done, you're next Theia." 

"This is humiliating... To think that I'm signing this document... There's no 
humiliation greater than this..." 

Theia received the document from Sanae and reluctantly removed the cap from 
the pen. 

"Please endure it, your highness" 

Ruth smiled wryly next to her. 

"You don't have to sign it" 


Theia's expression brightened after hearing Shizuka's unexpected offer. 

"If you don't sign, I'll have you experience eternal peace right now though" 
"N-No... Thanks, but I'd rather sign this document!" 

Theia hurriedly moved the pen. 

By the way, she was writing in her native tongue, so the only ones who could read 
it was Ruth and herself. 

"As royalty I have a duty to bring about peace! For that I will throw away my 

Although there was some whining, in the end everyone signed the document. 

"Landlord-san, do I sign it as well?" 

"Of course, Satomi-kun. You are the current tenant of this room, if you don't sign 
it how will we be able to proceed?" 

"I already have a contract with Landlord-san though..." 

Continuing after Theia, Koutarou signed the document with his name. 
"Satomi-san, after you are done give it over to me please" 

Yurika waited until the time is right and raised her hand as Koutarou finished 

a t) 

However Koutarou just stared at Yurika instead of giving her the pen and 

"W-What is it?" 

"Landlord-san, should Yurika sign it as well?" 

"That won't be needed in Yurika's case, right?" Sanae spouted out. 

"Well, now that I think about it Nijino-san might not need to... Yes, she doesn't 
need to sign" 

"Then, lastly it's -" 

"I'll do it! I'll sign it! Please let me!" 

Yurika stole the document and pen from Koutarou as he was handing them over 
to Kiriha. 

She then wrote her name down while tears were forming in her eyes. 

Nijino Yurika. 

That was her real name. 

"There's no need to cry, Yurika" 

"B-But... I'm serious!" 

Kiriha received the document and pen from the half crying Yurika and signed it 
with her name. 

"I'm done". 

After everyone is done signing the document ends up in Shizuka's hands. 

There were five names written: 

Koutarou, Sanae, Yurika, Kiriha and Theia. 

"... Excellent. With this the decision is formally in effect. If you violate it... You 
know what will happen, right?" 

Shizuka looked over the document and then moved her glance to the room, the 
other six people began shaking. 

The previous fear they had experienced was firmly implanted into them. 

"Well then everyone, I hope you find a method that everyone can agree to and 
that will solve the problem peacefully" 


Shizuka smile looked distorted to Koutarou. 

But soon it wasn't just limited to her but the surrounding scenery as well. 
Eventually he started getting dizzy and lost his balance. 

Not good... 

And Koutarou began to lose his consciousness. 


"Waaa!? Koutarou collapsed!?" 

"Hey, this is not the time to be sleeping! Wake up!" 

"Don't move him! He has a terrible fever! Get the futon and ice!" 

"I'll go get the medical treatment kit!" 

"I'll use h-healing magic!" 

"You don't have to do anything unnecessary, get the futon instead!" 


And Koutarou's consciousness slowly sank into darkness. 

Koutarou opened his eyes when he heard the sound of flowing water. 

At first Koutarou was surprised to find himself in his futon, but he quickly 
remembered what had happened. 

That's right , after I signed the document I began feeling faint and... 

The clock on the wall indicated that it was 5 o' clock, which meant Koutarou had 
been asleep for several hours. 

"You're awake, Satomi-sama" 

A shadow was looking down on Koutarou. 

"... Ruth-san?" 

"Good morning, Satomi-sama" 

She smiled mildly as she changed the wet towel on Koutarou's head. 

The sound of flowing water he had heard a few moments ago was her washing 
the towel. 

"Thank you, Ruth-san" 

The new towel cooled him down and made him feel comfortable. 

"There is no need to thank me for something like this. Besides if you're going to 
say thanks, say it to everyone please. When you collapsed everyone was very 


Koutarou nodded to Ruth and looked around, and he could see the girls around 

They were seated around his futon and everyone had an exhausted look on their 
face as they were sleeping. 

"Did everyone help nurse me back to health...?" 

"Yes. Kasagi-sama was here just a moment ago but..." 

"Even Landlord-san?" 

"Yes. She said she had school to attend and left with apologetic look on her face" 
"I see, I'm sorry I caused her so much trouble..." 

Koutarou looked around his surroundings again. 

Sanae was sleeping soundly next to his pillow. 

Kiriha was sleeping next to him. 

Yurika was sleeping while holding onto a square cushion. 

Theia looked like she was sleeping uncomfortably in her big dress. 

Koutarou had considered them trouble makers for a long time, but looking at 
them now the thought didn't cross his mind. 

They might not be all that bad... 

He was feeling gratitude due to their kindness. 

"Satomi-sama, please close your eyes once again" 

Ruth smiled gently. 

"Satomi-sama, you're the most tired after all, you've been forcing yourself for 
these past several days, right?" 

"... Yeah, I think I will" 

Koutarou obediently closes his eyes. 

"Good night, Satomi-sama" 

As Koutarou closed his eyes he spoke once more. 

"... Thank you" 

Those words were not just intended for Ruth. 

n other words, 
ion't party or 
:ause trouble 
n my room. 

Corona Convention 
Revised 2009/05/01 

Third Article postscript 

• Even if destruction and 
noise is prevented by a 
powerful force field, it 
does not mean use of 
powerful weaponry is 

Jy Koutarou 

There's Spirit of Co-operation 

"Oh oh" 

Harumi stretched and peeked through the small window in the door leading into 
the classroom for class 1-A and looked around. 

"Satomi-kun is...” 

The disorderly atmosphere before homeroom was the same regardless of year. 
Students were spending their mornings in various ways, some talking to friends, 
others doing their homework and some reading a book. 

"... Ah, there he is!" 

Harumi found the person she was looking for sitting in the back of the classroom. 
"Oh good, Satomi-kun must be feeling better..." 

Koutarou had taken the day off school yesterday. 

When Harumi had heard of his absence, she had come to look at how Koutarou 
was feeling today. 

"He's laughing... It looks like he's feeling better..." 

Confirming that, Harumi stops peeking and turns around to walk the second 
years classrooms. 

Being shy, the thought of calling out to Koutarou didn't cross her mind. 

"Alright... I'll have to work hard today as well" 

Harumi was satisfied just seeing Koutarou was back and healthy. 

She had no need to call out to him since she was certain Koutarou would be 
coming to the clubroom after school. 

Koutarou on the other hand was not aware Harumi had stopped by and was 
cheerfully chatting with Kenji like always. 

"But the school sure is relaxing... We can't be too noisy, we can't be too..." 
Koutarou said that while looking around the classroom. 

"However, it's rare for you to take a day off from school, Kou" 

"... for a no-brains athlete, right?" 

After the commotion, Koutarou had been absent from school for a day. 

On Sunday, Sanae appeared. On Monday it was Yurika, Tuesday it was Kiriha and 
Wednesday it was Theia and Ruth. 

The nonstop commotion had left Koutarou exhausted. 

Just sleeping until the morning hadn't been enough to recover. 

So Koutarou had been absent on Thursday, and today it was Friday. 

"Well, after moving in and attending the entrance ceremony would affect even the 
mighty Kou" 

"Yeah, something like that" 

Koutarou had not told Kenji the truth, that was because Kenji disliked paranormal 
phenomenon and the occult. 

Ahahahaha, It's a good thing you recovered, Satomi-kun! Ahahaha" 

Shizuka who was standing next to Koutarou and Kenji let out an awkward laugh. 
Being the only one who was aware of Koutarou's situation, she sympathized with 
his complex feelings. 

Which is why she had a complex smile with sympathy mixed in it, but... 

"Hahaha, HA!?" 

However, her smile suddenly froze. 

"Alright everyone, return to your seats!" 

The female homeroom teacher entered the classroom. 

However, that alone wouldn't be enough to surprise Shizuka. 

"Everyone listen~! It's an odd time for it, but I'd like to introduce you to the 
transfer students~J'" 

The homeroom teacher brought in four transfer students. 

Those four transfer students were none other than Yurika, Kiriha, Theia and Ruth 
wearing the schools uniform. 

They followed the teacher and lined up in front of the blackboard in the 

"... I tried to stop them you know" 

Sanae appeared in front of Koutarou's with a serious expression on her face. 
Oddly enough she was also wearing the schools uniform, floating in the air, and 
she drifted towards Koutarou. 

"What are those girls planning..." 

Shizuka should also be able to see Sanae, but she showed no signs of noticing. 
Instead her focus was on the four people stood in front of the blackboard. 

And it wasn't just Shizuka who didn't notice Sanae. 

Not a single student noticed Sanae, the only ones who could see and hear her was 
Koutarou and the four girls. 

"This is too much, even if they're trying to put pressure on you to chased you out 
of the room" 

"F-For something like that... You'll do this much, you guys..." 

Koutarou's fist began trembling. 

"Ooh, Koutarou is here!" 

Theia unnaturally calls out to Koutarou. As if she had just noticed his existence. 
"I'm glad we could meet again, Satomi Koutarou" 

"Satomi-saaan! How fortunate... we're in the same class~~!" 

Kiriha and Yurika followed Theia's lead. 

The only one who didn't say anything was Ruth who was smiling apologetically. 
"... Those idiots... being so obvious about it..." 

Of course they were well aware Koutarou was in this class, that's why they had 
transferred into his class. 

And they also knew what would happen if they called out to him like this. 

"Meet again?" 


"Do you know them, Satomi-kun?" 

Of course the class stared at Koutarou. 

They were both curious and jealous. 

A few of them even held a grudge against him. 

That was a given, since the girls were all beautiful. 

"That's right, I had completely forgotten... In the end you're invaders... Alright, if 
that's how you want to play it I'll accept you challenge..." 

"Satomi-kun, not here, calm down!!" 

Shizuka's persuasion didn't enter Koutarou's ears. 

Koutarou emotionally shouted out in a loud voice. 

"Bring it on! I'll take you all on!" 

"What are you talking about, Koutarou?" 

Theia tilted her head cutely and feigned ignorance. 

Yurika was afraid of Koutarou. 

Kiriha calmly observed the development of the situation. 

And Sanae was floating in the air and happily laughed at Koutarou. 

"I'll protect my livelihood with my own hands! I won't let you guys do as you 

There was only two years and 11 months left until Koutarou graduates. 

And the curtains for a three years long fight rose. 

C0193 ¥638E 



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50 ®—OA^^> IS: . ®Diro>V£! 

«£ cl 5 ft 5 0^0 ^gm 55Jg 
ffcfcfifctODttJgO: (?) 


m is jnb^mstf® e ? > v» 




Translator's Notes and References 

Chapter 1 

1. j_ A type of mat used as flooring material, it's roughly 0.9m by 1.8m and 
about 5cm thick. 

2. J_ A pre-packed meal often eaten during school lunch and work lunch 

Chapter 2 

1. J_ Girls tend to give chocolate to the guy they like during valentine. 
There's also obligation chocolate, given to friends and family. And a 
month later on 14th of March, White Day, boys tend to return the gift, 
usually in the form of cookies. 

2. J_ The Japanese iron age normally cited to last between 300 BC to AD 

3. J_ Prehistoric Japan, starting from roughly 12,000 BC to 300 BC. 

Chapter 3 

1. J_ Ghosts are commonly described as having see-through or no legs in 
Japanese folklore 

2. j_ Literally translated to beckoning cat, it's considered a lucky charm 
believed to bring good luck to it's owner 

Chapter 5 

1. J_ A clay figure that were used during rituals and buried with the dead, it 
is theorised that the soul would reside inside of it. 

Chapter 6 

1. J_ Literally translated to Certain Kill, I felt it would be better if left 

2. J_ Sanae was mixing up Ginza with Ginga, the Japanese word for galaxy. 


Under no circumstances would you be 
allowed to take this work for commercial 
activities or for personal gain. Baka-Tsuki 
does not and will not condone any activities 
of such, including but not limited to rent, sell, 
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