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Table of Contents 

Friday, April 24th 

A day in room 106 

Monday, April 27th 

A day for the Invaders 

Friday, May 1st 

Practice and a Sense of Distance 

Sunday, May 10th 

Invaders of the Sports Festival!? 

Sunday, May 10th 

Winners, Losers and Extra Time 





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A Day In Room 106 

Part 1 

Friday, April 24th 

Satomi Koutarou's ability to wake up was absolutely terrible. 

Today was no exception; even though the strong morning 
light shone down on him, he showed no signs of waking up. 

His mouth was wide open as he snored almost as loudly as 
the fridge's compressor. 

The morning light bothered him, so he thrashed about. 
However, as he was right next to the wall, he was only able 
to turn around halfway before colliding with it. 

Koutarou had originally spread his futon in the center of the 
room, but he had been rolling around in his sleep. Before he 
knew it, he had rolled into a corner of the room. 

However, because of that, the sunlight was no longer 
washing over him, and he fell back into a deep sleep. 

The time was now 6 AM. 

The sunshine streaming through the window was bright, and 
a wide blue sky stretched across the horizon. 

It was now the later half of April, and the temperature was 

starting to rise. 

Opening the window would probably let in a breath of fresh 

However, the first thing to open in Corona House Room 106 
was not the window. 

Along with a small sound, the tatami closest to the entrance 
lifted slightly, and the plastic bag on top of it started shaking. 

Inside of it, several cup noodles could be seen. 

It soon stopped quaking, however. 

The next moment, the mat lifted up from the ground, and a 
girl appeared from underneath. 

"...I keep telling her to put them away..." 

Because the girl had lifted away the tatami, the cup noodles 
spilled out from the plastic bag. 

The girl saw this and sighed. She then crawled up into Room 
106 with her long and beautiful black hair swaying. 

The girl's name was Kiriha. 

Her clothes resembled a kimonoLl] and a shrine maiden's 
outfit, and her narrow eyes left quite an impression. 

She was one of the girls planning to seize control of Room 

"Hey ho, hey ho~" 

"Ho, ho, hohoho!" 

Following Kiriha from under the tatami were two haniwas 
about 30 centimeters tall. 

At the same time Kiriha was putting back the tatami mat, one 
of the walls of the room began glowing, and the figure of 
another girl appeared in Room 106. 

The girl had short hair and a diligent look and was wearing 
something resembling a military uniform. 

Her name was Ruth. 

She was an alien who had come to the planet from over 10 
million light-years away. 


Ruth entered the room and screamed. 

It wasn't because she had fallen, but rather because of where 
she had appeared. 

“I'm sorry, Satomi-sama! I'll move right away!” 

Ruth had appeared right above Koutarou. 

Her feet wrapped in stockings were planted on top of his 

The glowing wall served as a bridge between the girl's 
spaceship and Room 106. 

When passing through it, one would instantaneously be 
transported to the spaceship in orbit around Earth. 

However, unlike a normal door, there was no way of knowing 
what it was like on the other side until you had passed 
through it. 

Because of that, Ruth had unknowingly stepped on 
Koutarou's face. 

“I am truly sorry for stepping on you morning after morning, 

Ruth hurriedly got off his face and apologized. 



However, Koutarou gave no response. 


“You're quite the man, Satomi Koutarou.” 

The two girls looked at Koutarou; Ruth was surprised whilst 
Kiriha was admiring him. 

Koutarou was still sleeping and snoring. 

Despite being stepped on, Koutarou showed no signs of 
waking up, almost as if nothing had happened in the first 

With the appearance of Kiriha and Ruth, the plain room 
livened up immediately. 

Their identities aside, the two were wearing aprons and 
looked very much like what girls of their age normally would.. 

“Kiriha-sama, what should I do with this long and slender 

“We're adding the leek to the miso soup, so cut it into round 

“Okay, I understand.” 

Kiriha held a ladle in front of the stove and Ruth picked up a 
knife in front of the sink. 

The two were working together to prepare breakfast. 

However, Ruth was not used to cooking earth-styled meals, 
leaving Kiriha to do the cooking with Ruth helping her. 

Looking at the two of them working together, they gave the 
impression of being good friends. 

Not many people knew that the two of them were actually 

“Goooooood mooooorniiiiiiiing!" 

And then, one of the few people that knew of their 
relationship appeared. 

It was a grade-schooler girl wearing a summer dress. 

“Good morning." 

“Good morning, Sanae." 


The girl was sleepily rubbing her eyes as she appeared from 
the ceiling. 

She had not flipped a mat or made a wall glow, but literally 
just passed through the ceiling. 

Her name was Sanae. 

She was a ghost living in the room. 

“What's for breakfast today?" 

“Rice and miso soup, and the fish we bought yesterday... 
Kiriha-sama, what was it called again?" 

“Salmon, and then there are the wieners that didn't fit into 

today's bento.” 

However, neither Kiriha nor Ruth showed any hints of surprise 
about the way Sanae had appeared. 

They were acting like how people would talk with their 

The two were already used to Sanae. 

"Are they shaped like octopuses!!!?” 

"The best a girl of age could make.” 


"She's lying. Kiriha lies with a straight face... Oh right, I 
almost forgot. Can I check the taste!?” 

"I don't mind. I was going to serve it to Koutarou either way.” 

As Kiriha gave her approval, Sanae looked delighted. 

Sanae, who was young from the start, gave off an even 
stronger impression of being a child as she jumped for joy. 

However, for some reason, she didn't touch the wiener but 
instead headed towards the inner room. 

"Wake up, Koutarou! Hey!” 


Entering the room, Sanae got to work on waking Koutarou up. 

She needed Koutarou's help to taste the food, as she was a 
ghost and couldn't eat anything herself. 

So in order for her to taste anything, she needed to possess 
someone and share their senses. 

And the one she would possess was none other than 

Sanae and Koutarou had a truce, and in return, she got to 
possess Koutarou. 

“Hurry up and wake up! The octopus will get cold!" 

“Nnn... I can't eat anymore... mhm..." 

“I won't let you be the only one eating delicious food!" 

However, Koutarou still showed no signs of waking up after 
being shaken and shouted at. 

It also seemed like Koutarou was having a dream about 
eating something, and that frustrated Sanae even more. 

“Kukuku, Mackenzie, I'm leaving the bill to you... mm..." 

“Why do you always deny the reason for ghosts to exist! I 
won't ask for you to be surprised, but at least listen to my 
voice! If you get shaken open your eyes! Say 'Good morning 
my angel' to this lovable Sanae!" 

“Don't cry because something like that... It's pitiful..." 

“Anyone would want to cry!" 

Koutarou, who still showed no signs of waking up, amazed 
Sanae and drove her past her limit. 

"...In that case..." 

Sanae, with tears forming in her eyes, caused a Poltergeist 

phenomenon and lifted up a nearby encyclopedia. 

“Just you look! If you think this girl will just hold it in you're 
making a big mistake!" 

She showed a grim smile as she said that. 

She then tilted the encyclopedia. It was clear that she was 
planning on stabbing Koutarou's head with the side of it. 


However, just as she was about to put her plan into action, 
the wall began glowing in the same way it had when Ruth 
had appeared. 

The only thing different from before was that a different 
person appeared. 

Anything apart from that was exactly the same. 

The girl who had jumped out from the wall was slightly older 
than Sanae. 

She had beautiful golden hair, a white dress, and deep and 
clear blue eyes. 

Her name was Theia. 

She was an alien princess, and Ruth was her servant. 

“I didn't realize you were here, pleb." 

And just like Ruth, she stepped on his face. 

Unlike Ruth, however, she didn't put any effort into avoiding 

stepping on Koutarou. 

And also unlike Ruth, she was wearing shoes. 

Her high heels sunk into Koutarou's forehead. 

“You don't learn, do you? Why do you keep sleeping there?... 
This is why you're just a plebeian." 

As Theia said that, she stepped off his face and onto the mat. 

The edges of her white dress fluttered in a very fitting way. 
However, Koutarou didn't care about that. 

“You idiot, Tulip! How many times do I have to tell you!? Don't 
step on people! And don't wear shoes inside the room!" 

A red bruise had been left on Koutarou's forehead. 

Because all of Theia's weight had been focused into the 
heels, not even Koutarou was able to remain asleep. 

“You dare call me an idiot again, pleb!?" 

“I'll say it as many times as I have to, you idiot!" 

“How dare you show your master such disrespect!" 

Koutarou and Theia butted heads and shouted at each other. 

“Besides, why do you only complain about me!? I'm surely 
not the only one who steps on you!" 

“I'm truly sorry Satomi-sama. I would like to apologize for 
stepping on you over and over again." 

Ruth entered the room and deeply bowed to Koutarou. 

“No, there's no need for Ruth-san to apologize. Please raise 
your head." 

Koutarou had no intention of complaining about Ruth. 

“Tulip is the one in the wrong!” 


“Pleb! Why do you only forgive Ruth!? It's just wrong! Why do 
you only favor Ruth!?” 

Theia's face flushed red and she stomped her feet on the 

Her heel pierced the tatami repeatedly. 

“It's obvious, you stupid princess! How about you touch your 
chest and ask yourself that instead!?” 


Theia vacantly stared at her chest, she then looked over at 
Ruth's chest. 

“Y-Your Highness!?” 

In return, Ruth blushed and covered her chest with her arms. 

Her anger which had disappeared with a vacant look was 

“Are you saying you'll forgive her because her breasts are 

Theia completely lost sight of her surroundings as she 

shouted at Koutarou, enraged. 

“It's nothing like that!” 

"Koutarou, who cares about her breasts? You can't even tell if 
she has them or not. More importantly, the food tasting!" 

"Are you picking a fight with me!?" 

"You can't, Your Highness!" 

And just like that, a fistfight started first thing in the morning 
inside of the small room. 

"...Mm, this tastes great." 

However, Kiriha, who was still in the kitchen, didn't care; 
instead she tasted the miso soup and put on a satisfied smile. 

"This time I'll make sure I teach you who your owner is!" 

"Just try it, Tulip! The only place you're going is in the flower 

"How much are you going to belittle your master before 
you're satisfied! You rude Neanderthal!" 

"Both of you please stop it!” 

"Food tasting! Food tasting!" 

"Today is another peaceful day... Or far from it..." 

Kiriha showed no signs of worry; this was everyday life in 
Room 106. 

"Well then, let's eat. 

“Thanks for the food! 

Once the breakfast preparations were complete, Sanae 
jumped onto Koutarou's back and put her arms around his 

According to Sanae, that was what she needed to do to 
possess someone, but at a glance it looked like a child 
clinging to the back of her father. 

“Hurry up and eat, Koutarou!” 

Though Sanae was dying for Koutarou to start eating, 
Koutarou himself was not staring at the food, but at what was 
in front of him. 

Sitting opposite of Koutarou at the tea table was Theia. 

Theia was glaring back at Koutarou. The two of them had 
been doing this for a while. 

Aside from the mark on Koutarou's forehead, there were 
scratches and bite marks left on him. 

Theia, on the other hand, had a blue bruise near her eye. 

They were injuries from the fight from just a while ago. 

“Your Highness, your food will get cold if you keep doing 

“You should be saying that to the pleb! What's wrong with 
disciplining a fool who raises their hand against their 

Ruth was sitting between the two, desperately trying to get 
the two to make up. 

“Ha, to thinkyoi/ are calling someone a fool." 

“Hmph, you lowlife.” 

However, the two of them had no intention of making up and 
sulked instead. 

Although the two of them could not get along, their 
stubbornness was just the same. 

“However, Your Highness, we're the ones who started it.” 

“I don't care. A vassal shouldn't care about the circumstances 
and instead respect me.” 

“Who are you calling vassal!?” 

“Grow up, you two...” 

“I'm already grown up. Tulip is the one who's in the wrong!” 

The two of them looked away and argued in an indirect 

That was because they strongly acknowledged one another 
as rivals. 

“We can't have that, Koutarou.” 

Koutarou saw Kiriha smile wryly at the corner of his eye. 

Kiriha was seated across from Ruth, between Theia and 

They were sitting around the tea table in the order of 

Koutarou and Sanae, Ruth, Theia, and Kiriha. 

Lately, they would often find themselves sitting in this order. 

So Koutarou would turn his face in the direction of Kiriha. 

"Kenji and Shizuka will worry if you make a scary face like 

"But, Tulip is — " 

"That's enough." 

Koutarou tried to voice his complaints, but Kiriha stopped him 
by placing her finger in front of his mouth. 

Kiriha smiled at Koutarou as she leaned towards him. 

"I don't like that kind of Koutarou either. I prefer you when 
you're smiling.” 


The soft, warm tip of her finger touching his lips felt like a 

Her bright smile and calm eyes sucked Koutarou in. 

"Listen, Koutarou. It's alright to make such an expression 
when it's called for, but that doesn't mean you should show it 
to unrelated people. Kenji, Shizuka, and even I will be 
saddened. You can't show your anger to those you treasure." 


"Let go of your anger Koutarou. It is for my and your own 

Kiriha calmly admonished Koutarou, and his anger vanished. 

Koutarou was angry at Theia because of her selfishness. 

So it was selfish of him to take out his anger on people other 
than Theia. 

Looking at Kiriha's smile Koutarou realized this. 

“Just a minuuuteee!! I keep quiet, and what's this nonsense I 


As Koutarou was about to nod to Kiriha, Sanae, who was still 
clinging on to Koutarou, shouted at the two. 

Sanae tightened her grip around Koutarou's neck as if to 
choke him. 

“Kiriha! Don't act like you're not Koutarou's enemy! It's fine if 
he shouts at you, since you're planning on taking this room 
for yourself as well! Don't try to casually act like you're not a 
part of this!" 

“Fufufu, you sure are strict, Sanae." 

“And Koutarou! What's with you!? She's just trying to get you 
to let your guard down so she can take the room for herself; 
this is what she always does!" 

“S-Sorry, it was just a reflex..." 

“Don't say it's just a reflex! Give it a rest, Koutarou! Just how 
many times do you think you've almost fallen for her tricks 
these past days!? What do you think would have happened if 
I wasn't around!?" 

“I was wrong, so just calm down, okay?" 

"...Are you reflecting on what you did wrong?" 

As Koutarou apologized, the force of her voice and in her 
arms dropped. 

"I am. Of course I am." 

"Do you have any word of thanks to the beautiful ghost who 
keeps helping you?” 

"Thank you for always looking out for me..." 

Koutarou was actually feeling some gratitude to Sanae. 

The only reason he hadn't been fooled by Kiriha and still has 
a place to live was thanks to Sanae. 

If it wasn't for the truce with Sanae, he would have been 
fooled long ago. 

"Good, now hurry up and eat. I'm starving." 

Satisfied by Koutarou's answer, Sanae pointed to the table. 

On the table there was rice, miso soup, salmon and wieners 
cut into octopuses. 

It was the meal Sanae had been waiting for. 

"I got it. Let's eat!" 

"Koutarou, start with the wieners!" 

As Koutarou picked up his chopsticks, Sanae had returned to 

That voice was like her looks, innocent and lively. 

"...Look now, Sanae.” 

Koutarou's chopsticks stopped just before reaching the 


"No, it's nothing." 

You've been tamed with Kiriha's cooking... 

Koutarou kept himself from saying what was on his mind. 
"Oh? Then hurry!” 

"Okay, okay." 

But why don't I want to say it? 

Koutarou himself was uncertain of why he restrained himself. 
"Your Highness, it's almost time." 

"Very well, then let's go." 

Ruth, who was doing the dishes, returned to the inner room 
and proclaimed so. 

Theia, who was playing with her empty cup, put it down on 
the tea table and stood up. 

At that point, the skirt of her dress extended greatly and 
covered a fraction of the room. 

In this narrow room, her dress was a large obstacle. 

"Well then everyone, we'll meet again later." 

"Don't be late, pleb." 

“Of course I won't." 

“Then that's good. A vassal's failure is my failure. It seems 
you are aware that you are my vassal. Very good." 

Theia and Ruth returned to the other side of the glowing wall. 

They returned to their spaceship to change, after which they 
would take their own route to school. 

“...She just keeps spouting selfish things..." 

“That girl seems determined to make you her servant." 

Koutarou and Sanae, who were drinking tea by the table, 
stared at the glowing wall and sighed. 

Kiriha, who was drinking next to them, smiled wryly and 
dropped her shoulders. 

“That is what she needs to do to succeed the throne. She 
can't just back down. Of course, I can't just back down either. 
Well then..." 

Kiriha waited for Koutarou to finish drinking his tea and 
brought the empty cups to the sink. 



At the same time, the two haniwas flipped the tatami closest 
to the front door. 

Below it was a tunnel leading to Kiriha's secret base. 

At the start it had been just a hole in the ground. However 
before anyone noticed, it had been surrounded with concrete 

and tiling. 

That was thanks to the two haniwas. 

“I will be taking my leave as well. Let's meet again in the 
classroom, Koutarou, Sanae.” 

Like Theia and Ruth, Kiriha would head to Harukaze High 
School using another route. 

Both Kiriha and Theia did not want to cause any unnecessary 

“Yeah, see you lat — " 


Sanae's fist crashed down on Koutarou's head as he was 
about to see Kiriha off. 

“You're being tricked again! You don't need to see that 
woman off!" 


Not good, I'm completely falling for Kiriha's kindness. 

Koutarou warned himself. 

Koutarou was going along with the flow of Kiriha's normal 
behavior. However, everything she said was a trap to lure 
Koutarou into a false sense of security. 

If Koutarou was taken in by her kindness, he might wake up 
to his room being used to invade the surface tomorrow. 

“Fufufu, so you won't believe that I'm seriously having 
feelings for Koutarou?” 

“Isn't that obvious!? Where could anyone find romance in 

"...Koutarou, do you feel the same?” 

Kiriha's smile disappeared as she sadly lowered her eyes. 

She crossed her hands in front of her chest and whispered to 
him in a sweet voice. 


When faced with her slightly moist eyes and sweet voice, 
Koutarou unconsciously swallowed his saliva. 

Even though he knew she was an enemy, Koutarou was a boy 
in puberty. 

When she acted like that, he couldn't help but waver. 

“Koutarou! Get a grip!” 

“Y-Yeah, s-sorry Sanae.” 

Not good, even though I know, this still happens... 

Kiriha's attacks were getting more skillful by the day. 

This was thanks to Kiriha getting to know Koutarou; she was 
changing her strategies little by little. 

“Fufufu, another failure huh... I'll see you later, Koutarou.” 

Kiriha disappeared into the tunnel, leaving behind a smile. 

The two haniwas followed, and finally, the mat was put back 
in place. 

"...This is bad for my heart..." 

Koutarou's heart was throbbing as he stared at the tatami 
Kiriha had left from. 

"That woman is the biggest tease..." 

Meanwhile, Sanae puffed up her face, making a sulking 
expression, and sighed heavily. 

"Sanae, let's go." 

"Just wait a second." 

Koutarou had changed into his uniform and was preparing to 
head for school. Meanwhile, Sanae was still trying to put on 
her uniform. 

The scarf by her chest was bent diagonally, a part of the 
jacket was caught in the skirt, and her underwear was 
peeping through. 

She was also only wearing one of her socks. 

Her outfit looked terrible. Even Koutarou, who was indifferent 
when it came to clothing, thought so. 

"Can't you do it any better...?" 

"S-Sorry... Tehehehe!" 

Sanae let out an embarrassed laugh as she put on her other 

Koutarou pulled out the jacket from her skirt and corrected 
her scarf. 

"Thank you, Koutarou." 

“That's fine and all, but why are you wearing a uniform to 
begin with?" 

“It's cute, isn't it?" 

Once she finished changing, Sanae spun around once in front 
of Koutarou. 

The size of the uniform didn't match her size and was slightly 
too large. 

However, that increased the loveliness of it all, and Koutarou 
agreed that she looked cute. 

“Yeah, but I'm more interested in knowing why a ghost is 
changing clothes. More importantly, where did you get a 
uniform a ghost can wear? I've been dying to know for a 
while now." 

“It's fine because I'm a girl. If you keep worrying about tiny 
details you'll go bald!” 

“Are they really tiny details though?...” 

Koutarou unconsciously stared at Sanae's uniform. 

In return, Sanae grabbed the hems of her skirt and gave him 
a curtsy. 

“They are. Ghosts in movies change their outfit between 
scenes all the time. That's just what ghosts do! Ah, the tragic 
heroine, Sanae-chan!” 

“Now that you mention it, the mysterious man in a hockey 
mask changes his weapons between the scenes as well. From 
chainsaw to machete to hatchet... I wonder where he gets 

“Don't compare this to that! You're always like that!” 


Sanae grabbed hold of Koutarou's neck in a sudden fit of 

The doorbell rang, and Sanae loosened her grip on Koutarou's 
neck and jumped off his back. 

“Hey, Kou, are you up?” 


Koutarou's friends' voices came from the other side of the 

“I'm awake! I'll be right there!” 

Koutarou headed for the front door, carrying his bag he had 
left nearby. 

"Sanae, you haven't forgotten anything, have you?” 

"No, I'm all good.” 

Sanae turned off the light and headed towards the front door 
with Koutarou. 

"What about you, Koutarou?” 


Koutarou, who was in the middle of putting on his shoes, 
stopped moving. 

"Hmm, I have a feeling I'm forgetting something...” 

"What? What are you forgetting?” 

"I have no idea. Well, if I can't remember it right away it's 
probably nothing important.” 

"Then let's go, Koutarou." 


Koutarou nodded at Sanae and continued to put his shoes 
back on. 

"Make sure you don't forget to make it so Landlord-san can't 

see you, okay?” 
"Aye aye, siri’” 

Part 2 

Koutarou and the rest had left Room 106, and now the only 
sounds in the room were the clock on the wall and the fridge. 

Apart from that, the sounds from outside leaked in. One could 
hear birdsong and the sound of distant cars. 

However, as time passed, the sound from the outside 
gradually grew louder. 

Rush hour began, and large crowds started gathering by 
nearby stations. Bicycles and cars started driving to work or 

As the time for school drew closer, the sound of preschoolers 
mischievously blowing on whistles reached the room. 

However, after 30 minutes, the sounds stopped. Silence 
returned to the room. 

At that point, a suspicious sound rang out inside of Room 

It had originated from inside the wardrobe. 

A moment passed, and the sliding door slammed open. 

"I'm lateee!” 

A girl was seated on the upper half of the wardrobe. 

The bottom half contained Koutarou's belongings, but for 
some reason, the upper half had a half-crying girl who was 
seated on top of a spread-out futon. 

"W-Why didn't anyone wake me up!? Everybody already left 
as well!” 

The girl's name was Yurika. 

She was a cosplayer Koutarou and the rest were familiar with. 

Koutarou, who mentioned he was forgetting something, was 
referring to Yurika. 

"This will be the tenth day I'll be late! The teacher's definitely 
going to yell at me! They're all terrible! They know I'm absent 
a lot and just left me anyways!” 

Yurika hurriedly changed from her pajamas to her uniform 
whilst still inside of the wardrobe. 

The upper half of the wardrobe had several small shelves 
where Yurika's belongings were lined up. 

Although it was very narrow inside of the wardrobe, Yurika 
showed no signs of being affected as she skillfully changed 
her clothes. 

Surprisingly, Yurika was using the upper half of the wardrobe 
as her own room. 

"Alright, I'm done changing! If I don't hurry I'll miss the first 

Having finished changing, Yurika grabbed her bag and 
jumped out of the wardrobe. 

An odd noise screamed out as she landed. 

Noticing the sound, Yurika looked down on the ground and 

saw a white plastic bag below under her foot. 

"l-lt couldn't be...” 

When she saw the bag Yurika shuddered. 

Despite being, in a hurry the surprised Yurika slowly lifted her 

If the bag contained what Yurika was thinking of, it would be 
an event more serious than being late to school. 


What was below Yurika's foot was exactly what she had 
feared; it was the bag containing her cup noodles. 

When Yurika had jumped out of the wardrobe, she had landed 
and crushed the majority of her cup noodles. 

"Why is it over here!? I know I left it over there! Why did this 

Yurika completely fell into panic. 

Because of the recession, the price of cup noodles had 

The best price available was 98 yen during specials. 

Yurika had destroyed that important food. 

She had trampled and destroyed six of the cup noodles. 

Two days' worth of food had vanished with a single step. 

"Will I be able to eat it if I gather it all!?” 

The mental damage she suffered was huge, and she stopped 

moving as she groveled and stared at the broken and 
scattered remains. 

"...No, you can't do this Yurika! Gathering it up and eating it is 
just... Besides, it would be bad for your body!” 

For a moment she thought of eating it up, but her pride got in 
the way. 

However, with her current economic situation and the 
attachment to the cup noodles, her pride gradually gave in. 

"But I need to pick it up! If I don't eat anything for two days... 
But... if I pick it up and eat it, my pride as a human being... 
But... Not eating anything for two days... Two days!” 

Yurika hesitated. 

After she had picked up the cup noodles from the ground, she 
was hesitating whether to throw them away or eat them. 

It was just a simple choice between two options, but to Yurika 
it held a much deeper meaning. 

An intense inner conflict was raging inside of Yurika's mind. 

Would she throw away the food she needed to survive, or 
would she throw away her pride as a human? 

She was facing an important decision regarding her humanity. 

"...But if I throw away my pride, I'll be able to fill my stomach! 
That's right, Yurika, you can't live off of your pride! You have 
to fill up your stomach first! You have to survive, otherwise 
you can't protect your pride!” 

In the end, Yurika threw away her pride. 

She just couldn't find herself to throw away the cup noodles. 

She couldn't forget the synthetic taste and the texture of the 
instant noodles. 

“I should value my life! I need to fulfill my purpose as a 
magical girl! I need to teach the children various important 

Yurika quickly put her plan into action and gathered the 
broken noodles into the plastic bag. 

Yurika would not make it in time for the second period today. 

At this rate, she wouldn't be able to carry on to the next 

"Yurika Fight! Yurika Fight!” 

Flowever, only one thing mattered to Yurika right now. 

She needed to gather her food; it was the second most 
important thing to her after her life. 

She was not thinking of anything else. 

"This is a magical girl's duty! Their important duty! It can't be 

She was the self-proclaimed magical girl of love and courage, 
Rainbow Yurika. 

Everyone was convinced that she was just a cosplayer. 

As Yurika headed for school, the room once again fell into 

Around this time, a peaceful atmosphere gathered in Room 


From time to time, the voices of housewives going out to 
shop could be heard, and sometimes, a truck could be heard 
passing by. 

But in general, Corona House was quiet, and it continued to 
be so until the afternoon. 

At 2 PM in the afternoon, the children who were going home 
passed by Corona House. 

As they headed home, they were playing something, or 
talking about what they saw on TV yesterday, or how the 
pudding they had for dessert was delicious; their 
conversations entered the room one after the other. 

As time passed, the age of those passing by Corona House 
gradually increased, and the voices of children playing in a 
nearby park could be heard. 

It was around that time that people started returning to Room 

“I'm hooooome.'' 

The first one to return to the room was Ruth. 

Her voice echoed in the empty room. 

She stood by the front door holding a large shopping bag. 

Unlike the other four girls, Koutarou had entrusted her with 
the shopping. 

She was carrying the groceries that Koutarou and the others 
would eat for dinner. 

“Oh? What's this?" 

As Ruth was putting the groceries into the fridge, she noticed 
the plastic bag next to the sink. 

She peeked into the bag and saw the splintered Styrofoam 
cups and crushed instant noodles. 

"...It seems like it's trash." 

Apart from the Styrofoam and noodles, there was also a lot of 
dust inside of the bag. 

Ruth was aware that the noodles were food, but nobody could 
eat something mixed with trash. 

And while Ruth felt like it was a waste, she threw the bag into 
the garbage can. 

She made sure to sort the garbage as well. 

“Now then, next is..." 

As she finished throwing away the garbage, she washed her 
hands and finished putting the groceries in the fridge. 

Although she was unused to how to act on Earth at first, she 
now showed no signs of hesitation. 

This was in part because she had spent half a month on 
Earth, but her personality also played a big part in it. 

Although she held the official position of a protection officer, 
she was very well versed in domestic matters. 

As Ruth finished putting the groceries in the fridge, two more 
people returned to Room 106. 

Part 3 

“However, just playing card games all the time is getting old. 
How about we use next month's sports festival?" 

“As you say, Theia-dono; just playing card games all the time 
is getting boring. But the sports festival would be a challenge 
of stamina." 

Two figures appeared as the front door was open: Theia and 

The two of them were peacefully talking about the sports 
festival to be held in May. 

“For example, there's the obstacle marathon for clubs, right? 
We'd be able to have a fair fight using that, don't you think?" 

“I see, with that it certainly would be..." 

“Welcome back, Your Highness, Kiriha-sama." 

“Ahh, I'm back." 

“I am back as well." 

Ruth welcomed them back as she closed the fridge. The two 
casually entered the room as if it was their own. 

“Your Highness, your shoes, your shoes!" 

“Oh, right." 

Theia had stepped on the mat by the entrance still wearing 
her shoes. 

She hurriedly stepped back onto the concrete floor and took 
them off. 

“...This country sure has some weird customs." 

“You don't have to mention that." 

“That plebeian is my vassal, so he should value my nation's 
customs rather than his own." 

“It's proper manners to respect a nation's customs." 

Theia voiced complaints about having to take off her shoes. 

Koutarou would get angry whenever she would forget to take 
of her shoes as well. 

Theia was stubborn and might actually have been more 
inclined to take of her shoes if Koutarou hadn't burst out in 

“That doesn't matter anymore. Kiriha. I'm thinking of bringing 
up what we were talking about with Koutarou, what do you 

“I don't mind. I will support your suggestion, Theia-dono." 

Kiriha obediently agreed with Theia's suggestion, which was 
because she had a plan. 

If they would compete in the sports festival, Theia, who had a 
weaker physique, was definitely at a disadvantage. 

Theia was also not used to sports on Earth. 

And since Sanae was a ghost, it would essentially be a 
competition between Kiriha and Koutarou. 

That said, who knows what she's thinking... I can't simply let my guard down. 

However, Theia was smiling full of confidence. 

Seeing that smile made Kiriha feel slightly uneasy. 

And a plan began forming inside of Kiriha's head. She had to 
be prepared, just to be on the safe side. 

As Kiriha and the rest were talking, the front door opened. 
One more person appeared by the entrance. 

“I'm baaack.” 

“Welcome back, Yurika-sama." 

“I'm back, Ruth-san." 

Yurika had returned. 

For some reason, she sighed heavily by the front door. 

"...Is something the matter, Yurika-sama?” 

“That's... The teacher got angry at me because I'm late so 

“Is that so?” 

Yurika was sighing because she had been yelled at by her 

After school, she had been scolded and was now depressed. 

“Please cheer up, Yurika-sama.” 

“Thank you, Ruth-san. You're right, I can't just stay 
depressed! Yurika Fight!” 

Encouraged by Ruth, Yurika recovered slightly and showed a 
small smile. 

However, shortly after that, Yurika stared at the sink with an 
amazed expression. 


“Is something wrong?” 

“Ru-Ruth-san, w-wasn't there a plastic bag here!? A big white 
plastic bag from the super market!” 

Yurika began to panic. 

She had left the plastic bag on top of the sink this morning. 

She had been planning on eating it when she returned today, 
but now it was nowhere to be found. 

“Oh, if you're talking about the trash I threw it away.” 

“T-Threw it!? You threw it away!?” 

“Yes... Was there a problem?” 


Yurika didn't answer Ruth, it was no longer the time for that. 

Yurika hurriedly threw off her shoes and jumped towards the 
garbage can next to the sink. 

“Please be alright!” 

Yurika prayed with all of her might as she opened the lid of 
the garbage can. 


However, reality was harsh. 

Ruth had opened the plastic bag and sorted its contents. 

The burnable Styrofoam cups had been put in burnable 
waste, while the noodles had been thrown out with the 

"W-Why did it turn out like this...” 

"Is something the matter, Yurika-sama?” 

The noodles had mixed with the other garbage. 

At this point, not even Yurika could think of eating it. 

Yurika was intensely discouraged. 

And an immense hunger attacked her at the same time. 

Having lost what she was planning on eating, her appetite 
had instead been stimulated. 

"There's no longer hope for recovery...” 

Tears streamed down Yurika's cheeks as her stomach 

It was enough for even Ruth to hear. 

"Why... Why does this always happen to me?... I was just 
working as hard as I could...” 

“Yurika-sama, what's wrong? Yurika-sama!?” 

Yurika was no longer able to hear Ruth's voice. 

She was crying whilst staring down at the floor. 

Those tears dropped down from her cheek and formed a 
spotted pattern on the mat. 

Then in that spotted pattern a noodle floated up. 

Noticing that, Yurika hurriedly picked it up from her own 

“Your Highness! Kiriha-sama! Yurika-sama is...!" 

“What, did something happen?" 


Called by Ruth, Theia and Kiriha looked into the kitchen, but 
Yurika was still looking down on the floor. 

“Is this all...? Is this fragment all I have to live on for the next 
two days?” 

Yurika's stomach growled as she looked down on the 
fragment of noodle in her hand. 

Part 4 

In Room 106, playing card games after dinner was the norm. 

But it was not a fun game to deepen their friendship; instead, 
it was a battle of who would seize control of the room. 

In Room 106, there were six tatami mats. 

One of those tatami mats was covered with furniture, leaving 

The amount of people competing for the room was also five. 

As such, each person controlled one tatami mat. 

Koutarou controlled the middle tatami mat; when the tea 
table was not there, that was where he normally sat. 

He also spread his futon there. 

South of that, the tatami mat by the window was Sanae's. 

That was her spot, but since she usually hung off of 
Koutarou's back, she was often not found there. 

However, when the tea table was in the center of the room, 
Koutarou retreated back to the tatami mat by the window, 
and that was when she could be found there. 

Kiriha's tatami mat was the one closest to the kitchen. 

The tunnel leading into the underground also happened to be 
under that tatami mat. 

It would be an awkward place to live, but after entering the 

tunnel she would soon find herself in her secret base, so she 
suffered no inconvenience. 

Yurika's tatami mat was next to Kiriha's, and was positioned 
in front of the wardrobe. 

Yurika started living in the wardrobe before anyone noticed, 
and that tatami mat naturally fell under her control. 

However, since she was weak to pressure, she would often 
allow the other invaders in and suffered for it. 

Theia's tatami mat was the one furthest back in the room, in 
front of the glowing wall. 

She often put a mini table and chair meant for tea there. 

And because she wearing such a large dress, it would often 
fall into the territory of the other tatami mats. 

The one most likely to invade Yurika's tatami mat was Theia. 

Each mat was converted into 180 points, and control was 
calculated from that. 

One point was one centimeter, and 180 points was 180 
centimeters, or one whole tatami mat. 

By using card games, they would fight over these points. 

Meaning that winning over others would be the same as 
increasing your territory. 

Normally there were five games a day, and they would each 
play one game of their choosing. 

This was then repeated until somebody had five tatami mats 
worth of points, or 900 points. This meant that they would 

obtain control of the room. 

This was how they would fight after they had signed the 
Corona Convention. 

At the current moment, Yurika was the only one who was 
losing, with her points dropping below 160 . 

The other four people were maintaining their points around 
the 180 level. 

Theia would violate Yurika's territory because of this. 

At this rate, Yurika was sure to be driven out of the house. 

As such, they were of course planning on playing five games 
today as well. However, the games showed no signs of 
starting, despite everyone having gathered by the tea table. 

“Kiriha-san, what's the matter with Yurika?” 

“Well, it seems like she had lost two days' worth of food." 

“So that's why she's acting like that..." 

Koutarou and the rest had not started up the games because 
of Yurika. 

“Ahahaha/ Ufufufu/ Fight-/ Yurika Fight-/ I love cup 

Yurika, with a spaced out look on her face, laughed and sang 
some odd lyrics. 

When Koutarou and Sanae returned from Koutarou's part time 
job, Yurika was already in that state. 

They couldn't let Yurika play games in her current state, so 
they cancelled their plans for today. 

“So, what is she grasping?” 

“It's a fragment of one of those cup noodles. It seems 
everything but that fragment had gone to waste.” 

“Fight-/ Yurika Fight-/ I am a magical girl-/” 

“Satomi-sama, actually, I was the one who mistook Yurika's 
food for garbage and threw it away.” 

Ruth's expression clouded as she looked at the miserable 

Yurika while explaining the situation to Koutarou. 

“They were gathered next to broken cups and dust, so I was 
certain it was garbage..." 

Ruth, who felt she was responsible for the incident, showed 
an apologetic expression. 

“I see... Alright." 

Hearing her explanation, Koutarou quickly decided what to 

If it had just been Yurika, he would have hesitated, but if Ruth 
was involved the situation was a little different. 

He was planning on solving the situation immediately. 

“What will you do?" 

“Well, just wait and see... Hey, Yurika." 

“I believe in love and courage-^ The most important thing is 
life and bonds-J’ I love everyone-J’ Lots of food-J’ L-Lots 
of... food..." 



However, Yurika wasn't listening to Koutarou at all. Instead, 
she began to cry. 

She had depressed herself with the lyrics of the song she was 
singing herself. 

Lots of food. 

To her, that lyric was just too sad. 

“Now that I've decided..." 

Although he had jumped back in surprise when Yurika started 
to cry, Koutarou had no intention of leaving Yurika as she 

He approached her again and stole the fragment inside of her 

“Aaah!? Give it back! Please give it back! That's the only food 
I have until the end of tomorrow!” 

Because of that, Yurika finally noticed Koutarou. 

Having had her last piece of food stolen, she began 

“Hey Yurika, don't you want to eat some normal food instead 
of this?” 


Because of Koutarou's words, Yurika stopped moving and her 
stomach began growling. 

Her stomach was being honest. 

“T-That would be a dream come true, b-but you're not 
planning on demanding me to hand over several points in 
return, are you!?" 

“I would love to, but this isn't just about you, so I'll overlook it 
for these next two days." 

“l-ls it really alright!?" 

"Satomi-sama! Thank you very much!” 

Yurika and Ruth smiled. 

"Ooooooh, Satomi-san I knew you were a good person from 
the moment we first met!” 

"Don't make me laugh...” 

Yurika began crying tears of joy as she grabbed a hold of 
Koutarou's hands and began shaking them. 

Looking at Yurika's behavior, Sanae who was clinging into 
Koutarou's back sighed. 

The day they had first met she called Koutarou a horrible 
person and a bully. 

However, even I didn't think it would end up like this back then... 

While Sanae was thinking that, she slightly strengthened her 
grip on Koutarou. 

"Thank you very much for looking out for us, Satomi-sama." 

"Ahaha, I'd rather feed Yurika for two days than watch you 
walk around with that gloomy face." 

People don't die over not eating for two days; it sounded 
more like a tough diet. 

However, since Ruth was wearing such a gloomy expression, 
Koutarou couldn't just overlook it. 

"Oh....Thank you very much, Satomi-sama..." 

Ruth smiled while slightly blushing and bowed deeply. 

Being thanked so honestly by Ruth, Koutarou had a 
somewhat ticklish and happy feeling. 

“Please raise your head Ruth-san. It's really not that big of a 

“However, it doesn't matter if it's a big deal or not if it is 
enough for people to survive, Satomi-sama." 

"...Hey, pleb.“ 

At that moment, Theia's sharp glance pierced through 

“W-What is it now all of a sudden?" 

“It was the same this morning, but what is with this 
difference in behavior between me and Ruth? It's like you're 
saying you're fine with giving your allegiance to her!" 

Theia, frustrated, bit her lip and puffed up her cheeks as she 
glared at Koutarou. 

To strangers, Theia might look cute, but she was seriously 

“Geez, I was wondering what you'd say but..." 

“What!? Then give me a satisfying explanation!!” 

Theia just grew angrier as Koutarou exaggeratedly sighed. 

Koutarou ignored the screams and pointed at Sanae, Theia, 
Yurika, and Kiriha in order. 

“A weird person, a weird person, an extremely weird person, 
and a weird person. There are four strange people in this 
room. It's obvious to want to treat the only other normal 

person here with care!” 

"What kind of gibberish is that? Why am I a strange person!? 

I am your master!" 

"Who are you calling master!? Don't you understand the 
hardships Ruth-san has to endure!?” 

"T-They're not hardships..." 

"Just listen, pleb! Ruth is saying that there are no hardships!” 

"A proper person like Ruth can't just spell out that she's 
suffering right in front of the person she's suffering for!" 

"I'm not suffering any hardships! It's true!" 

Koutarou and Theia were making a fuss with Ruth by the side, 
oddly enough starting to panic. 

Her behavior was all that was needed to be said about how 
she felt, but Koutarou and Theia were too busy arguing to 

"Hmph, it doesn't matter. No matter what you think, as long 
as I gain control of this room I will gain control of you!" 

"Like it'll be that simple!” 

"I'll make it simple! That's the power of royalty!" 

"I'll fend you right off!" 

As Koutarou and Theia was staring at each other, Kiriha, who 
had kept quiet all this time, opened her mouth. 

"About that, Koutarou. We have a proposal." 

"...A proposal?” 

As he calmed down slightly, Koutarou looked towards Kiriha. 

"That's right. You and I both have plenty of will to fight; 
however, just playing card games every day is dulling our 
will. With that in mind, we have an idea of a different kind of 
match. Of course, the amount points played for will be 
higher. ” 

"What do you mean?” 

"Well, there's an obstacle marathon for clubs in the upcoming 
sports festival, right? We will take part in that and compete 
using that. Just playing card games every day gets stale, 
doesn't it?" 

Kiriha began explaining and Theia continued it. Theia had 
calmed down and was now back to normal. 

I only need to win this race and show the plebeian my superiority. 

That was what Theia was planning on. 

"That sounds interesting. The tension will rise with that kind 
of special match as well. I agree." 

Koutarou quickly agreed to the proposal. 

Koutarou, who had been the star during the previous sport 
events, had no reason to refuse. 

Fufufu, I'll make you regret challenging me to a sports match, Tulip... 

Koutarou showed a confident and fearless smile. 

"I agree as well." 

Yurika, who would normally complain about matters being 
resolved without her, obediently agreed. 

With two days' worth of food on the line, she agreed with 

“Wait just a minute. What about me? I can't take part in the 
sports festival.” 

However, that was when the ghost, Sanae, spoke up; she was 
unable to take part in this match. 

“It's all right. We have already taken you into account. You 
will pick one of us beforehand and get the same rank as that 

“Pick beforehand? What do you mean?” 

“Well for example, say you pick me.” 

“I absolutely refuse!” 

“Well just wait, Sanae, this is just an example. Say I get 
second place. In that case, you too would get second place. It 
will be as if two people got second place.” 

Which meant that third place would be fourth, fifth would be 

Simply put, Sanae would get the same rank as the one she 

“I see. We would be in the same boat.” 

“That's right. Although with this method, your abilities will 
have no say in the matter, and you will be at a slight 
disadvantage. That is why if you don't choose anyone you will 
get third place. Feel free to choose the way that works best 

for you.” 

Because there were five people, the person in third place 
wouldn't lose any points. In other words, Sanae could chose 
not to take part in the match. 


While still hanging on to Koutarou's back, Sanae put one hand 
on her cheek and pondered. 

”1 can't just not participate, that would be too boring...” 

Sanae looked at Kiriha, Theia, and Yurika in order and finally 
looked at Koutarou in front of her. 

And after looking at the side of Koutarou's face for a while 
she smiled brightly. 

"Alright, I've decided! I'll be in the same boat as Koutarou!” 
"Hm? Are you okay with me?” 

"Even though there might be obstacles, in the end it's a 
marathon, right? You look like you have the most stamina. 
Besides, we have a truce, right?” 

"I see. I'll make sure you don't regret choosing me, Sanae!” 
"Nyahaha, I'm counting on you.” 

Sanae smiled and nodded at Koutarou, and put her arms back 
around Koutarou's neck. 

"Alright, with that it's been decided! As a special match, we 
are taking part in the obstacle marathon for clubs!" 

And just like that, Koutarou and the rest would have a special 

match during an event at the sports festival. 

Translator's Notes and References 

• A traditional Japanese garment, essentially full-length 

• A standard for lunches in Japan are wieners that have 
been cut to look like an octopus. 

A Day For The Invaders 

Part 1 

Monday, April 27th 

Over half a month had passed since the four invaders had 
forced their way into Room 106. 

During that time, they had fought over the room primarily 
using card games with points going back and forth. However, 
Koutarou didn't believe that games alone would be enough to 
solve his problems. 

He was using every cell in his not-so-clever head to come up 
with countermeasures. 

That was why he was visiting Kitsushouharukaze High 
School's cosplay club. 

Of course, his goal was to deal with the invaders. 

"...And like that, she's just cosplaying without taking into 
account her situation or place. That's why I'd like you to 
teach her the true meaning of cosplay ." 

Koutarou was sitting down by a conference table and talking 
to six girls. 

Those six were the Cosplay Society's club president and their 

five members. 

The Cosplay Society only had girls and, like the Knitting 
Society, they were a weak club. 

Having visited the Cosplay Society, Koutarou was in the 
middle of explaining his situation. 

That he had an acquaintance who was a cosplayer. 

And that this cosplayer was cosplaying regardless of time, 
place and occasion. 

“And this is a photo of the cosplayer in question." 

Having explained most of the situation, Koutarou pulled out 
photograph and put it on top of the table. 

The club president, who was sitting on the opposite end of 
the table, picked up the photograph. 

“I see. So this girl is..." 

The photograph showed Yurika in her magical girl outfit. 

“What a cute girl. Is the outfit an original magical girl?" 

“The quality of her outfit seems to be pretty high." 

“I wonder, is it custom made? Either way, it must have cost 
quite a bit..." 

“Look at the cane! It's of really high quality!" 

“It seems she's at least got the resolution." 

The members of the society peeked at the photograph and 
stated their impressions. 

“If we just leave her like this she will eventually cause 
problems for all of you. If she walks around in this outfit 
around here, people would suspect it's one of you." 

“Yes, that's what they would think..." 

As the club president responded to Koutarou she looked 

Koutarou noticed her shoulders were trembling slightly. 

Not good, did I make her angry? 

It was a given that Yurika would cause problems for this club 
sooner or later. 

“What will you do?” 


The other members noticed their president's behavior and 
looked at her anxiously. 

“So how about it, will you do it?" 

As Koutarou said that, a tear streamed down from her face 
and fell. 

The teardrop fell on Yurika's photograph, distorting the 

Seeing that, Koutarou thought this negotiation had ended in a 

“Fu, fufufu, fufufufu..." 

The president's shoulders trembled as she began laughing in 
a small voice. 

And her laugh gradually grew louder. 


And as the president looked up, she revealed a large smile. 
“How could this be!?" 

a y n 

The president was crying as she laughed. 

Koutarou didn't understand the meaning behind her actions, 
and he looked puzzled at her smile. 

“President, what about his request!?” 

“Marvelous! Absolutely marvelous! Today is a wonderful 

The president excitedly slammed her hands down onto the 
table and kicked her chair away as she stood up. 

“So you will accept it!?” 

“Of course! This is love, a deep, deep love! Satomi-kun 
couldn't have made this request without understanding the 
behavior of cosplayers and holding a deep love for it!” 

“In that case, President!” 

“You all understand, right!? If we don't respond to Satomi- 
kun's deep love, how can we call ourselves cosplayers! Let's 
combine our powers and turn this girl, Yurika-san, into a first 
rate cosplayer!!” 



The five club members responded to the president in choir. 

All of the members of the cosplay society were completely 


Having been taken aback by the unexpected development, 
Koutarou was finally able to regain his composure. 

"...In other words, you'll do it?” 

"Ah, S-Sorry Satomi-kun, we were getting a bit to heated 

The president's cheeks turned red with embarrassment. 

"I don't know if it was just a fad, but a shadow has been cast 
on the cosplay boom lately... On top of that, we have to 
endure the prejudice and harassment of heartless people... 
That's why we were just so happy that a normal person like 
you showed your understanding...” 

The president's was beet red. 

The other members were in a similar state, some scratched 
their nose and others scratched their head; they were 
showing their embarrassment in one way or another. 

They were all looking at Koutarou in a friendly manner. 

I see, they've been having a hard time too... 

Koutarou felt sympathy for the girls. 

The knitting Society and the Cosplay Society were similar in 
the sense that they were both isolated. 

“Thank you very much, everybody. I won't forget this debt. If 
you ever have problems with something, please let me 

He had come there as a countermeasure for the invaders, but 
his feelings of using them had disappeared. 

He just thought that it was a good idea to consult with them 
ahead of time. 

It would have been too late after Yurika had caused problems 
for them. 

“In that case, can I ask something of you, Satomi-kun?" 

“Yes, what can I help you with?" 

“Well... Could you stop by and play from time to time? 

The president put her hands together and had an apologetic 
look on her face. 

“I don't mind, but... Why?" 

“W-Well you see... Our club only has girls in it, right?" 

The president pointed at the club members on her side with 
both of her hands. 

“We'd like to hear a boy's thoughts on designs... But it's hard 
to ask a normal boy... It's easier to ask a person like Satomi- 
kun who doesn't have any underlying thoughts or 

The president's voice gradually turned lower and lower. 

And in the end the voice vanished and the president looked 
at Koutarou with an uneasy glance. 

“I understand. Since you listened to my request I have no 
reason not to listen to yours. I'd love to cooperate with you.” 

Hearing her explanation, Koutarou nodded his head. 

Since he was asking them to help with Yurika, this seemed 
like a fair deal to him. 

"Thank you, Satomi-kun!" 

"Then let's get to it right away, President!" 

"Eh, now!?” 

"Of course, Satomi-kun! It won't take a lot of time!" 

Hearing Koutarou's response, the girls jumped into action 
right away. 

They took the outfits from the hangers and ran around the 

They looked like they were having a lot of fun. 

Well, alright then. 

Koutarou, who had been taken aback momentarily, quickly 
recollected himself and relaxed as he fixed his posture in the 

Part 2 

“Well then, I'll take my leave now." 

“Thank you, Satomi-kun. Leave Yurika-san to us!” 

“Please come visit again, Satomi-kuuun!” 

“That's wrong!” 

“Oh, right!” 

“All together now...” 

“Farewell Master! We'll be waiting for your return!” 

“Ahaha, well then, see you later.” 

Koutarou left the club room as he was seen off by the Cosplay 
Society's smiles and voices. 

The windowless hallway was dim and chilly, the complete 
opposite of the Cosplay Society's club room. 

“However, they sure are great. Cosplaying should be 
disciplined like that.” 

The girls of the cosplay society would not change places 
without permission whilst cosplaying. 

They wouldn't enter the hallway while still wearing their 

Even when going to the toilet, they would make sure to take 
off their outfit first. 

"I absolutely agree.” 

And all of a sudden Sanae, who had kept quiet in order not to 
disturb Koutarou, opened her mouth. 

She was hanging onto Koutarou's back with her arms around 
his neck, and she poked his cheeks. 

"But aren't you a sly one, trying to pawn off Yurika to the 
Cosplay Society." 

"That was my plan at first. But after talking to them, I felt like 
it was a good idea talking to them.” 

"Give and take?” 

"Something like that." 

"...Isn't it just because you love maid outfits?” 

"It's not! ...Well, I don't hate them though." 

"If you say so... But with this, it looks like there'll be one less 
rival, right?” 

"Kukuku, that makes one..." 

Koutarou grinned and laughed. 

If Yurika entered the Cosplay Society, she would no longer 
need Room 106 as a place to express herself. 

That was Koutarou's goal. 

Leaving the cosplay society aside, having one less invader to 
deal with was worth celebrating. 

"...You really are sly, you know.” 

Is that so?” 

Koutarou and Sanae exited the club building as they were 

Just like that, the negotiation between Koutarou and the 
cosplay society peacefully ended. 

Leaving the club building, they then headed back towards 
their classroom as the lunch break was about to end. 

By the way, even though Sanae was floating in the air, none 
of the students made a commotion. 

Only the residents of room 106 could see Sanae in the high 

The only exception was Shizuka; she could see Sanae while 
she was at Corona House and if Sanae wasn't hiding her 

It looked to Kenji and Shizuka that only Koutarou had returned 
to the classroom since Sanae was hiding her presence. 

"Welcome back, Satomi-kun." 

"Where'd you go, Kou?" 

"I had an errand to do at the club building." 

"An errand?” 

"Yeah, I went to one of the clubs and talked about Yurika." 

"About Nijino-san? What kind of club was it?” 

Having taken notice of the mention of Yurika, Kenji adjusted 
his classes and leaned in. 

Kenji's contact with Yurika had recently increased since she 
sat next to him. 

Kenji, who normally looked after others, couldn't simply let 
Yurika be. He felt it was dangerous to leave her on her own, 
even more so than Koutarou. 

“I can't say, not even to you. It's about Yurika's personal 

"Hmm... Well, that's fine. More importantly, Kou, where did 
you meet those four?” 

"What four?” 

"Don't try to play stupid. I'm talking about Nijino-san, Kurano- 
san, Ruth, and Theia.” 

"Ah, you're talking about them." 

Koutarou wasn't trying to play stupid. Including Ruth, there 
were five invaders, so the mention of four just didn't click for 

Kenji didn't know about Sanae's existence; it had been a 
simple misunderstanding. 

"You were acquainted before they transferred, right?" 

"Yeah, I met them when I had gone out shopping once." 

Kenji tilted his head. He usually spent a lot of time with 
Koutarou, but he didn't have any recollection of those four 
when he had been out shopping with him. 

That's why Kenji felt something was odd with Koutarou's 


“When was this sho — " 

“N-Nevertheless, those four girls sure stand out, don't they 

“Eh? Yeah, they do. I guess you could stay they're rich in 

Having sensed where the conversation was heading, Shizuka, 
who knew about the circumstances, diverted Kenji's attention 

Kenji didn't have the will to pursue it either and obediently 
responded to Shizuka's change in topic. 


That was close. Thank you, Landlord-san. 

As Kenji's attention shifted towards Shizuka, Koutarou let out 
a sigh of relief. 

Shizuka smiled as her and Koutarou's eyes met. 

In the present situation, Shizuka was one of Koutarou's few 
allies, and she would give him a hand even now and then. 

“Mackenzie-kun, which one of those four would be your 


“Yeah, I'm kind of interested.” 

“For Mackenzie, it's that girl in the drama club, right? You 
even joined the drama club to chase after her.” 

“You're wrong. I was asked by an acquaintance to join to even 
the numbers." 

Kenji sighed at Koutarou's comment. 

It had already been brought up several times before. 

“Then tell me, Mackenzie-kun! My friends are always asking 
who your type is!" 

“Hmm... Out of those four..." 

Kenji looked over at the four girls. 

Koutarou naturally looked over as well. 

Apart from Sanae, the four invaders were grouped up and 

There were several students there apart from the four, and 
the invaders were actively chatting with them. 

When they had first arrived they stood out, but now they had 
blended in and were a part of the class. 

“Are you dating someone, Kurano-san?" 

“Would you leave it alone? You boys only care about that..." 

“Aren't you interested as well?" 


“Fufufu, I don't mind. I don't have anyone I am currently 

“Alright! Me! Me! I'll volunteer!" 

“You idiot..." 

“But there is someone I have chosen". 

“What, really!? Who!?" 

“Ahaha, that's a secret." 

Kiriha was known as the class's honor student. 

Kiriha would act completely different from her normal self. 

She was active, had a quick mind, and was kind to everyone. 
Because of that, she attracted a lot of people to her. 

In reality, the majority of the students around the invaders 
were Kiriha's friends and acquaintances. 

She had put on quite the act, but to Koutarou, who knew her 
true self, he couldn't help but feel they were pitiful. 

“Ah, only five minutes left! I still have six problems left; I 
won't make it! Um... Eh...! Fueeee!" 

“Yurika-san, do you want me to show you my homework 

“Is that okay!?” 

“If you'll buy me juice." 

“...That's fine, I'll solve them myself..." 

Compared to Kiriha, Yurika was known to be useless. 

She was unable to remain calm and had a suspicious 
behavior. She failed a lot and was often late. 

Forgetting her homework was an everyday occurrence, and 
even now she was desperately working away at her math 


Yurika and Kiriha could often be found together; this only 
enhanced her uselessness. 

However, the person in question didn't realize this at all. 

“I'm not fond of rock.” 

"Then what do you listen to, Theia-chan?” 

"Normally classical music. Although I'm interested in enka. 
Last year's big hit 'The Festival's Flame Drum' utterly 
impressed me.” 

"That was a huge hit in the enkaI2i world, wasn't it?” 

"So cool... As expected from a princess...” 

The most conspicuous of the four was Theia. 

Unlike Kiriha, Theia was simply acting like herself. 

However, she couldn't just call herself an alien princess, so 
she had changed her background to an international student 
from Europe. 

She said she was a princess from a country where monarchy 
still remained. 

The translation machine she used had the ability to augment 
the topic, so she suffered no real problems in her 

Thanks to that, she had been accepted into the class as a 


x-;’ • • 

“So, does Ruth-chan make your lunch as well?" 

“Yes. But I'm still studying the kind of food that the citizens of 
this country eat.” 

“That's nice. I wish I could cook...” 

“You're envious, aren't you? Ruth is my childhood friend. 


Compared to the other three who were all unique, Ruth 
lacked impact. 

She didn't speak out of line, and apart from her fitness she 
had no real flaws. 

She was always in the background, smiling next to Theia. 

However, many were quite attracted to her moderate 
personality and she was secretly quite popular. 

Although she didn't compare to the other four, she still stood 


“Don't act like you're wondering, Mackenzie. Out of those four 
you'd pick Yurika.” 

Koutarou smiled and called out to Kenji as he was thinking. 
“Don't just decide on your own!” 

“Nooo, I'm right. You've always been like that. You always get 

attracted to the girls who are too dangerous to leave on their 

"Ahaha, is that so Mackenzie-kun?” 

"It's not, Kasagi-san. Kou's just getting ahead of himself.” 
Kenji hurriedly denied it. 

"Then who is it?” 

However, as Koutarou pursued the question even further 
Kenji fell silent. 

Yurika was most likely his type out of the four. 

"See. It is Yurika!” 

"You're wrong! It just happened to be her!" 

"Now that you mention it, Satomi-kun is too dangerous to 
leave on his own. It really is your type, isn't it?” 

"Please don't say something so terrifying, Kasagi-san!” 

"There's no need to be embarrassed-” 

"You just shut up! It's not like that, Kasagi-san..." 

After scolding Koutarou, Kenji began to desperately explain 
himself to Shizuka. 

At that point Sanae, who had been floating in the air nearby, 
started hanging off of Koutarou's back. 

"Hey Koutarou, what about you?” 


“Which of us five would be your type?" 

Sanae hung onto Koutarou and whispered into his ear. 

And Koutarou whispered back to her. 

“...You don't even need to ask in this situation." 

“You mean it's me!? I'm always with you and I'm innocent, full 
of energy, and brave. The beautiful ghost Sanae-chan!?" 

Sanae's eyes sparked with anticipation. 

However, Koutarou shook his head. 

“Of course not. It's Ruth-san. Among the five of you it's not 
even a contest." 

To Koutarou, who was struggling daily, his only choice was 
Ruth, who didn't take part in the fighting. 

“Don't kid around! I'm obviously the cutest!" 


Sanae strengthened the grip around Koutarou's neck and 
choked him. 

“I'm always right next to you! Can't you say something like in 
love comedies like your heart is always throbbing and that 
you think I'm cute!?" 

“N-No, I don't really feel anything..." 

“I'm even cheering for you in the sports festival!!” 

In her excitement, Sanae tightened her grip around 

Koutarou's neck even more. 

"l-ln the end you want to chase me out of the room 

"Even then I think it's unfair!” 

With the pressure to his neck, Koutarou felt like he was about 
to pass out, but to others it seemed like Koutarou was just 
sitting down on his chair. 

It wasn't just the four invaders, but Koutarou's and Sanae's 
odd relationship was also already a part of the class. 

Part 3 

After school, Kiriha had gone to the club building on her own. 

“In order to take part in the obstacle marathon for clubs I'll 
need to join a club as well, but..." 

Her goal was of course to take part in the sports festival next 

The event they were going to take part in was called the 
Obstacle Marathon for Clubs. 

And as the name suggested, two representatives from a club 
would take part and compete in a group. 

Because of that, they needed to join a club and be chosen as 
one of the representatives. 

“Now then... What club should I join..." 

Kiriha stood at the entrance of the club building looking at a 
bulletin board. 

There was a list of clubs on it. 

Kiriha was staring at that list and thinking out her strategies 
for the marathon. 

Since there are two people taking part, if I get into some trouble my partner 
needs to be quite capable. In which case, the first thing required are fast legs. 
Since it is a marathon, picking a sports club is inevitable. Relying on a 
liberal club member's leg is foolish. And since it's an obstacle race, having a 
small body would be favorable. The first club that comes to mind is... 

As Kiriha gathered her thoughts, a single club's name popped 

into her view. 

“The girl's track and field team." 

A smile appeared on Kiriha's face as she said its name. 

The girl's track and field team... not bad. Now all that remains to be seen is if 
I'll be chosen as one of the representatives. I'll try to explain my situation. If 
it's no good I'll just head to a different club. I still have time left... 

“Karama, Korama, you're here, aren't you?" 

“We're here-ho!“ 

“Of course-ho!“ 

The only one here was Kiriha, but her servant haniwas' voices 
could be heard coming out of thin air. 

They had been secretly following Kiriha around using built-in 
defense devices that hid their bodies. 

“Record conversations at the place I'm heading towards. I 
need to analyze everyone's character and their relationships, 
so the more conversations you record the better." 


“We'll do our best-ho!" 

Kiriha was planning on forcing her way into the girl's track 
and field team like she had done with Koutarou. 

She would examine the characters of the club members and 
skillfully lead them into selecting her as a representative for 
the obstacle marathon. 


Kiriha nodded to the haniwas and headed for the entrance of 
the club building. 

“Nooooo!! I won't join the cosplay club!! I keep telling you it's 
not cosplay!!'' 

“This girl is struggling more than I thought she would...” 

“This is for Satomi-kun's sake. Don't mind that and bring her 



As Kiriha was passing through the entrance she crossed 
paths with an odd group. However she paid no attention to 

Her current concern right now was to get the girl's track and 
field team to choose her as their representative. 

“Fufufu, I wonder how the others will manage...” 

Kiriha smiled confidently and headed for the track and field 
club room, taking the two haniwas with her. 

As Kiriha was trying to join the track and field team, another 
invader was trying to join a certain club. 

“So she's joining the girl's track and field team...” 

“Yes. She was confirmed to have entered their club room.” 

“Good work, Ruth. Keep up the observation.” 


With a beep, Ruth's voice that was coming out of Theia's 
bracelet was cut off. 

Theia's bracelet, which was attached to her right arm, had 
several functions aside from calling out weapons. 

Communication was one of those functions; she was able to 
communicate with Ruth's bracelet whenever she wished. 

After receiving the report from Ruth, Theia put both of her 
hands on her waist. 

"Kukuku, so Kiriha is joining the girl's track and field team... 
That would be the proper way to go about things... However!” 

Theia opened her eyes and looked up at the building in front 
of her. 

As she was doing that it seemed like it was a rather large 
building. However, in reality it was simply because of her 
small size. 

"A competition is all about organizational strength and 
combined force! I'll just leave physical strength to the men! 
You chose the wrong club, people of the earth! Kukuku!” 

The building in front of her was also a club building, but it 
was different from the common club building. 

It was a prefabricated hut the men's cheerleading squad was 

Because they made a lot of noise when they practiced, they 
were in a separate building. 

"What I seek is complete unity and utter loyalty! I'll have you 
die for my sake, men's cheerleading squad!” 

“Go! Go! Ha-ru-ka-ze! 

“Go, Go, Harukaze! Go, Go, Harukaze!" 

As Theia was laughing loudly, the men's loud voices along 
with an intense drumbeat leaked out from the prefabricated 
hut, shaking the ground. 

“Good, very good! Fitting for my troops! Prepare yourselves!" 

“Go, Go, Harukaze! Go, Go, Harukaze!" 

Loud voices and drums roared; it seemed like it would have 
been enough to blow away Theia's tiny body. 

However, that did not intimidate Theia, and she walked up to 
the door with a determined glance and knocked on the door. 


“What is it? We're busy practicing. If you have any business 
with us, come back later." 

Shortly after Theia had knocked, the door opened and a man 
with a rough looking face appeared. 

The uniform he was wearing was of a more classic style. 

The hems of his coat and pants were longer and had lots of 

He had an armband attached around his left arm and had 
'head' written on it. He was this club's leader. 

And the most noteworthy thing about him was his gigantic 

He looked like he would get caught in the door's frame, and 

when compared to Theia, he looked like a giant. 

“That won't happen. From today on I will be this club's ruler!" 

Even then, Theia's smile didn't waver. 

Her confident smile was very fitting for that of a ruler. 

And Theia pointed at the face of the giant man in front of her. 

“Hand over ownership of the cheerleader squad to me right 
away and have all of the members obey my every 

“What!? Do you think you can hurt the glory of our squad 
with that tiny body of yours!?" 

“That's the spirit! However, current head, I won't let you get 
off easily! I'll properly discipline you and make you regret 
calling your master tiny!" 

“Rubbish! Don't get ahead of yourself shrimp! Men, to arms! 
Don't hold back even if it's a tiny girl, she is ridiculing our 

Being called out by their head the members inside streamed 
out of the club room. 

They were all huge, and as they surrounded Theia, she could 
no longer be seen from the outside. 

“Very good! That's the behavior I expect from my vassals!" 
“Cut the banter!" 

“Don't think you'll be able to get out of this alive!" 

The squad members flew into a fit of rage and threatened 


It was almost like a pack of fierce animals hunting a rabbit. 

"Of course I'll get out of this alive! That is what you call 
victory! ... Prepare for the seventh princess of the Holy 
Galactic Forthorthe Empire, Theiamillis Gre ForthortheM 

However, here the fiercest animal was the tiny rabbit. 

Part 4 

Roughly an hour later. 

Theia's figure could be seen inside of the prefabricated hut. 

She calmly sat down on an elegant chair in the back of the 

And she had the head's armband on her left arm. 

In addition, there was originally a Kitsushouharukaze High 
School flag behind her, but that had now been replaced with 
a flag that had the same crest as her bracelet. 

It was the crest of the Forthorthe empire. 

The cheerleading squad had lined up in front of Theia. 

Strangely enough, they all had various wounds of differing 

Bruises and sprains aside, they had burns, blue bruises, and 
some even had scorched hair. 

However, the men with iron will were not the type to cry 
about that, and they stood with a straight posture and 

The ten men wearing black uniforms left quite an impression. 

They were lined up in a military fashion. 

The only exception was the person who had been the head 
an hour ago; he had been roughed up and was now lying in 
the corner of the room. 

"Noooooo, I don't want to wear that and take part in the 
sports festival! Please forgive me!” 

"Just give up, Yurika-chan!” 

Voices from the outside could be heard, but the men inside 
didn't pay any attention to them. 

Theia did the same and she gave a satisfied smile as she 
watched the squad members lining up in an orderly fashioned 
as she stood up. 

She put both of her hands on her waist as she declared in a 
dignified manner. 

"Listen up, from this point on the cheerleading squad will be 
reborn! You won't be cheering for something as vague as a 
school, from this point on you are the royal cheerleading 
squad, and you will only cheer for me! This is the first time in 
the long history of the Forthorthe empire that royalty has 
ever had an immediate cheering squad! I want you to be fully 
aware of that importance and pour your heart and soul into 

"Hail to the princess! Hail to the princess!" 

In response to Theia's declaration, the ten men roared. 

Their powerful voices that had gone through daily training 
shook the prefabricated hut. 

However, that could no longer be called cheering but more of 
a proof of loyalty to Theia. 

"Boast and praise my noble name! Defeat is not permitted in 
Forthorthe! Don't forget, Forthorthe is a synonym of victory!" 

"Victory for her highness Theiamillis! Glory to the Forthorthe 

royal family!” 

Theia had seized the cheerleading squad through military 

Kiriha's way of gradually taking control didn't suit Theia. 


As Theia took over as leader of the cheerleading squad, she 
radically changed its structure; she made it a cheerleading 
squad that existed only for her sake. 

She was going to take on the sports festival with this 
reformed cheerleading squad. 

“Fight the enemies of the royal family! Bleed for my sake! 
Complete discipline and trust in your companions, and finally 
utter loyalty to me will lead us to victory!!" 

“Hail to the princess! Hail to the princess!" 

“Kukuku, what will you do now pleb!? Now that I have 
obtained an invincible army!" 

The excited Theia was thinking of Koutarou. 

Just you watch, pleb. I'll show you how powerful loyalty and unity can be! 

Theia had not noticed yet. 

That part of the reason for why she had taken over the 
cheerleading squad was to get back at Koutarou who would 
not swear his loyalty to her. 

Part 5 

Koutarou was in the Knitting Society's club room. 

He wasn't even aware of Theia and Kiriha's progress in their 

In fact, he had completely forgotten about his normally 
chaotic life. 

When he was knitting together with Harumi after school, he 
had a strange sense of fulfillment, similar to when he was 

"Satomi-kun, you've gotten better.” 


"Yes. You no longer have any hesitation when you're 

"Hahaha, I've just used the same method since I started. I 
guess I'm bound to get less clumsy.” 

Koutarou, who had been unaware of his progress, only 
noticed when Harumi mentioned it. 

As she had said, he was no longer hesitating in the 

It's gradually getting longer... 

Koutarou stopped moving his needles and looked at his 
progress for the day. 

It was already over 30 centimeters long, and if he kept it up 

at this rate he'd have completed a muffler shortly. 

This part here is pretty poorly done... 

The part at the start was a mess. 

It would bend here or there and the finish was uneven. 

And by 10 and 20 centimeters the quality gradually 

He was still no match for Harumi, but there was a big 
difference between when he had started and now. 

Now that I look at it, I really have gotten better, 

Since one can tell the quality of knitting just by looking at it, 
Koutarou was able to get a good feel of his improvement. 

"...You sure are giving it your all, Satomi-kun." 


As Koutarou looked up he saw Harumi staring at his work. 

"Looking at your knitting, I can tell." 

Harumi slowly and gently patted Koutarou's work. 

"You must really love knitting, Senpai." 

Harumi was gently touching the knitting with the tip of her 

Seeing that, Koutarou understood just how much Harumi 
loved knitting. 

Harumi blushed slightly and turned her face down when 

Koutarou pointed that out. 

“Yes. I love it. That's why... You know... when Satomi-kun is 
working so earnestly, it makes me really happy..." 

“In that case, I have to live up to your expectations." 

Koutarou smiled at Harumi and began moving his needles 

He had started to enjoy knitting, even when he left out the 
reason for why he started with it in the first place. 

Even more so now that he knew that he was improving. 

“N-No, there's no need to be in such a hurry... Let's talk some 


“l-lt's nothing, nothing at all!" 

When Koutarou looked back up, Harumi's face was for some 
reason dyed red and she began to move her needles 

Harumi's pattern was rough and uneven, and Koutarou 
couldn't see any of her normal calmness when knitting. 

I wonder why... 

Having stopped moving his own knitting needles, Koutarou 
looked at Harumi and tilted his head. 

And after doing that, Harumi's face turned even redder and 
her pattern got even rougher. 

“Please stop taking my clothes off! I can change clothes 


"It'll be alright, just relax!" 

"Stop fooling around and take this seriously. This is so we can 
measure you for the outfit you'll be wearing for the sports 
festival's obstacle marathon!” 

"I don't want toooo!!" 

Ah, I completely forgot! 

Hearing the voices coming from the outside, Koutarou 
remembered something he had forgotten, and he called out 
to Harumi. 

"By the way, Senpai, I have something I'd like to ask." 

" Y-Yes!" 

Harumi straightened her posture as if she had been startled. 

And while Koutarou found it strange, he continued talking. 

"Would you mind participating with me in the upcoming 
obstacle marathon for clubs?” 

"For the obstacle marathon...?" 

As she repeated his words she returned to her normal self. 

Shortly thereafter, she furrowed her brow and showed a sad 

"But, I'm not good with sports so... I'll probably just get in 
your way...” 

"That's fine, it doesn't matter." 

Koutarou shook his head. 

“I made a bet with some friends about that race. The first one 
to reach the goal gets to order the others around. But that 
event requires groups of two, so I can't just enter it on my 

"With your friends...” 

"Besides, even though you start as a group, only the best 
result is kept. So if you retire right after the race has started I 
won't mind; all I need is for you to participate." 

The obstacle marathon for clubs required two representatives 
from every participating club. 

However, out of those two, only the one with the better 
position would be recorded. 

In other words, if Koutarou tried to enter alone, he'd be 
refused, and even if Harumi retired at the start it wouldn't 
cause a problem. 

"Now that you mention it, that was one of the rules... I 
understand. If that's how it is I'll gladly accompany you." 

"Thank you very much, Senpai!" 

"No, this is nothing.” 

In the end, Harumi accepted Koutarou's request with a smile. 

Harumi was only hesitating because she would have just held 
Koutarou back. With that not being the case, she had no 
problems with retiring from the race. 

Koutarou and Sanae didn't leave Harukaze High School until 
4:30 in the evening. 

“But the Knitting Society's members and activities sure are 

“Just leave it." 

However, this was very early for club activities to stop for the 

That was because Harumi had to go to the hospital today. 

Whenever Harumi would go to the hospital, they would either 
end it early or they wouldn't have any club activities at all 
that day. 

“But is it really okay to group up with that weak-looking girl? 
If you retire we'll get last place, you know." 

“It'll be fine as long as I win. Fufufu. Fortunately, I used to be 
a star during sports festivals." 

“I'm starting to get real uneasy all of a sudden..." 

The two were joking around as they passed under the front 

Other people couldn't see Sanae, so when Koutarou got to 
crowded places he would fall silent. 

And as Koutarou passed under the front gate, he didn't say a 

Sanae also understood that and she didn't really seem to 
mind, and once they got passed the crowded area they 
began talking again. 

“...Don't play around, Koutarou. I'm in the same boat as you 
this time." 

“Just leave it to me!" 

“I'm starting to get worried..." 

“Just wait and see. I'm going to start practicing tomorrow, so 
don't get surprised by my capabilities, Sanae!" 

“I hope that's the case..." 

At that point Koutarou stopped talking. 

It wasn't because there were any people nearby. 

Koutarou was just normally walking along the fence around 
the schoolyard. 

When Sanae followed his glance, she found that he was 
staring into the schoolyard. 

“What are you looking at?" 

“Hm? Oh, just something." 

Koutarou was looking at the baseball club, which was in the 
middle of practicing. 

The field was equipped with lighting during the night, so they 
would be continuing for a while. 

Their practice had just started. 

“The baseball club, huh... you were in a baseball club too, 
weren't you?" 

“Hm? Yeah. I was in the baseball club up until I graduated 
from middle school." 

“You have lots of stuff like that in the room, too." 

Sanae remembered the day she had met Koutarou. 

At that point, there were baseballs, bats and gloves lying 

She had also been chased around by Koutarou, who was 
wielding a bat. 

“Right now I'm just loyal to the Knitting Society." 

“That's because that senpai is your type!" 

“More so than you guys." 

“What's with that- There's no need to put it like that, right-" 

Sanae puffed up her cheeks in response to Koutarou's retort. 

Koutarou smiled wryly as he looked at her, and just before he 
was about to say something he quickly turned to look behind 


“What? What's wrong?" 

Because of Koutarou's sudden behavior, Sanae was taken 
aback, and her puffed-up cheeks returned to their normal 

“I just had a feeling someone was watching..." 

“There's nobody here." 

“Must've just been my imagination..." 

“Well, aren't you self-conscious. Not good, that's what they 

call the start of becoming a narcissist!” 

"Don't group me up with Mackenzie." 

"Eh? Is that glasses-kun a narcissist?” 

"Yeah. Enough to join the drama club." 

"Hmm... So he's just like what he looks, then." 


For better or worse, Sanae had forgotten the dissatisfaction 
she had felt earlier. 

Neither of them was aware of that as their peaceful 
conversation continued. 

"Either way, maybe it was someone who would be glad to see 

"...Unexpectedly enough, I don't think so." 

"Hm? What was that?" 

"It's nothing- Stop paying attention to strange things and 
just keep walking." 

"Fine, fine." 

And after the two of them had passed several intersections, a 
shadow came staggering out from a nearby alley. 


The one approaching them was none other than Yurika. 

“What happened to you!?" 

Yurika's appearance was strange. 

She had an exhausted expression, and there were signs that 
tears had been flowing from her eyes recently. 

Her clothes were in disorder, her scarf was bent, buttons 
were buttoned incorrectly, and her underwear was peeping 
through; they were in an awful state. 

“Help me please, Satomi-san. Some strange club is chasing 
me around and bothering me!” 

Yurika grabbed onto Koutarou and looked up at him with tears 
in her eyes as she desperately appealed to him. 

“They would strip me, measure me, put on weird outfits; I 
can't take it anymore!” 

“T-That sounds terrible.” 

“I guess all clubs are desperate, aha, ahahaha...” 

The club chasing after Yurika was of course the Cosplay 
Society that Koutarou talked to. However, they couldn't just 
tell her that, so Koutarou and Sanae played it off with dry 

“They said that they'll measure my underwear tomorrow!! I 
don't want to show my everything except to the person I 

“Aha, ahahaha!” 

“Nyaha, nyahahaha!” 

While Yurika was desperately explaining her situation, 

Koutarou and Sanae were desperately trying to play stupid. 

So the one from before was her... 

With the appearance of Yurika, Koutarou understood the 
glance he had felt a while back. 

However unlike Koutarou, Yurika was in a situation she didn't 

Translator's Notes and References 

• An abbreviation of Cosplay Club. 

• A Japanese music genre; a form of sentimental balladry 
that shares some resemblance to blues. 

Practice and a Sense of Distance 

Part 1 

Friday, May 1st 

As the month changed to May, a large amount of clubs in 
Kitsushouharukaze High School started practicing for the 
obstacle marathon. 

There were originally plenty of clubs in the school, and the 
more powerful the club was the more influence it held inside 
of the school. 

That was why events where clubs could compete against one 
another drew a lot of attention. 

Because of that, there were plenty of people in the 
schoolyard, and various clubs could be found training. 

The girl's track and field team that Kiriha had joined was one 
of those clubs. 

They were in the middle of measuring their times in a 5 
kilometer long distance race, in order to choose their 
representatives for the obstacle marathon. 

“Hah, hah, hah..." 

Kiriha was running on the track with proper form and 


Her beautiful form and unwavering pace stood out, even in 
the track and field team; she had run from start to goal in the 
same condition. 

However, Kiriha was currently in third place. 

There were two girls running in front of her. 

Kiriha was dexterous; however, due to the difference in 
training, she was lacking in stamina and experience, and her 
feminine body wasn't suited for long-distance races. 

With that in mind, she was putting up quite a fight. 

“Kiri-chan, keep it up~!" 

“Hah, hah, hah..." 

Being cheered by one the girls who had crossed the finished 
line before her, Kiriha ran through the goal, still in third place. 

Following Kiriha, the girl's track and field team members 
crossed the finish line one after the other. 

“You're quite fast, Kurano-san. It's hard to believe you're an 
inexperienced first year." 

“Fufufu, don't compare my Kiri-chan with one of those normal 
first years!" 

“T-Thank you very much. Fuh, fuh..." 

After crossing the goal and while Kiriha was catching her 
breath, the two third years who had finished before her 
approached Kiriha. 

“Why are you the one boasting?" 

“Kiri-chan and I are bound together by fate; that's all I need!" 

While Kiriha was breathing heavily, the two who had finished 
before her showed no signs of having issues breathing. 

The two were marathon competitors to begin with, so five 
kilometers was nothing to them. 

“But you're quite unfair, Kiri-chan... You're beautiful, have big 
breasts, you're smart and you're so fast!” 

“B-But I can't quite compare to you two, Senpai." 

“Kyaan, even your personality is beautiful!" 


“Would you stop it, we're being serious here..." 

“Sorryyy, Kiri-chan." 

“N-No, it's not..." 

The high spirited third year was called Takahashi, and the 
serious one was called Kawashima. 

That is what was written on their chests on their gym outfits. 

By the way, Kawashima was also the girl's track and field's 

“But, with this we have our representatives for the obstacle 

“Kiri-chan and I!" 

“That's right." 

“Eh, me?" 

Though it went just as planned, Kiriha was slightly surprised. 

“That's right. Traditionally, we've always chosen the smartest 
one and the fittest one as representatives." 

“Which means, that it's me and you Kiri-chan. Even my head 
is full of muscles after all." 

“Don't brag about it, geez..." 

Kawashima was amazed at Takahashi's thoughtlessness, and 
Kiriha asked the two of them. 

“By the way, Senpai. What kind of obstacles does the 
obstacle marathon have?" 

“Kawa-chan, please explain." 

“Geez, you're always like that..." 

Kawashima's shoulders slumped when Takahashi easily gave 
up on explaining, and after sighing she began to explain. 

“You see, Kurano-san, in total there are ten obstacles. In the 
past it's been everything from who could eat curry the fastest 
to reading kanji, to standard sports festival obstacles. The 
obstacles change every year, so we don't know what it'll be 
this year. That's why—" 

“An idiot like me can't win on her own. If an English or 
kanjifl] reading obstacle comes up, I wouldn't stand a 

“I keep telling you to stop bragging about it!" 

“Tehehe, sorry-" 

The obstacle marathon for clubs was a five kilometer long 
course with 10 obstacles along the way. 

Which is why roughly every 400-500 meters, a new obstacle 
would appear. 

The obstacles came in all different shapes and forms: some 
required physical strength, some required dexterity, and 
some required brains. 

Shot putF21. spoon races, quizzes, and the like were popular 

And handicaps were placed depending on the success and 
failures of the obstacles. Just being fast wouldn't be enough 
to win the race, and that's what made this event so difficult. 

The clubs had various strategies for the event, from sending 
out well balanced people to sending out a fast competitor to 
make up for their lack of brains. 

The strategy the girl's track and field team used was to send 
the most fit and the smartest as a pair. 

“I see, I understand.” 

"Let's give it our all, Kiri-chan!” 

"Yes, let's, Takahashi-senpai.” 

"I'll leave it to you two.” 

Kiriha had a bright smile on her face, but secretly she was 

Everything went just as I had wanted it to... 

Takahashi was the fastest in the club, and she was also quite 


She matched perfectly with the partner that Kiriha had in 

All that's left is... 

Kiriha signaled with her hand in an inconspicuous way. 

“Ho, did you call for us, Ane-san-ho?” 

“What is it-ho?" 

The two haniwas, Karama and Korama, responded 

They were using an advanced built-in stealth system to hide 
themselves as they followed Kiriha around. 

“I've been chosen as a representative, according to plan. I 
want you two to focus on gathering information about any 


“We'll get to it right away-ho!" 

“Take note of all people in the courtyard who are fitter than I 
am. And don't forget to take data regarding their physique as 

“Ho, Leave it to us-ho" 

“Ane-san can practice at ease-ho!" 

“Good. And after you've done that, I want you to prepare 
some funds. We still have the gold I was planning on handing 
over to Koutarou, right?" 

"Hoho! Understood-ho!" 

“Roger that-ho! I'll bring it over-ho!“ 

Shortly after, the presence of one of the haniwas was 
heading far away. 

And as Kiriha felt that she grinned. 

“If you think I'll only play by the rules you're mistaken, Theia- 

Kiriha showed a fearless and confident smile. 

She was confident that she wouldn't lose to Theia. 

“What are you doing Kiri-chan? The practice is starting." 
“Sorry, I'll be right there!" 

Kiriha put on her honor student act and headed towards her 

Part 2 

Meanwhile, Theia was steadily preparing for the sports 
festival as well. 

Having completely taken over the cheerleading squad, she 
was shouting at them today as well. 

“Maggots, what is your specialty!?" 

“Unity! Cheering! Victory!" 

“Who is your master!?" 

“Hail to the princess! Hail to the princess!" 

“I can't hear you!" 

“Hail to the princess! Hail to the princess!" 

While the cheerleading squad members were responding to 
Theia, they were marching in formation around the school 

Theia was in the back of the formation, waving around a 
bamboo sword and pushing them forwards. 

“Would you die for my sake!?" 

“As you wish, my princess!" 

“Offer your blood, along with your comrades to me! Devote 
your lives for the sake of victory!” 

“Gung Ho! Gung Ho! Gung Ho!" 

The sight of powerful men dressed in jet-black uniforms being 
ordered around by a young girl in a gym outfit was quite 
surreal; however, they were all serious about it. 

Anyone who would have objected had already been purged 
by Theia. 

“Good! Now sing, you maggots! After me!" 

“Hail to the princess! Hail to the princess!" 

“One, two, three, go! We're the wonderful cheerleading 

“We're the wonderful cheerleading squadi’" 

Following Theia's high pitched singing voice was the men's 
low pitched singing voice. 

The voices were carried by the wind and spread across the 
entire schoolyard. 

“Believe in your comrades and protect our princessi’" 

“Believe in your comrades and protect our princessi’" 

“It's pretty great!" 

“It's pretty great!" 

“It's pretty great!" 

“It's pretty great!" 

“We'll work until we retirei’" 

“We'll work until we retirei’" 

Just as Theia and the new cheerleading squad finished 

singing their first song, Theia's bracelet let out a beeping 

It was an incoming communication from Ruth. 

"...Oh, it's Ruth... We just got to the good part... Hey, you 
people just keep on marching!” 

"Hail to the princess! Hail to the princess!" 

Theia called out to the men's backs and they continued to 
march and shout. 

And as the men disappeared around the corner of the 
schoolhouse, Theia ordered the bracelet to communicate with 
Ruth with a slightly annoyed expression. 

"Blue Knight, open communications with Ruth." 


"Ruth, it's me." 

"Your Highness!” 

"What is it? Did something happen?" 

Ruth's serious voice could be heard through the bracelet. 

Her voice had none of her normally gentle tone. 

Theia quickly picked up on Ruth's behavior and her annoyed 
expression disappeared. 

"I have discovered two unidentified flying objects above 
Kitsushouharukaze High School." 

"Unidentified flying objects?" 

“Yes. Though they're hiding using thermo-optic 
electromagnetic camouflage, so it took a while before I 
discovered them. They seem to be gathering information 
from the schoolyard from roughly 100 meters in the sky." 

“Gathering information... Do you have idea of who it is?" 

“I have a presumption." 

“Then let's hear it." 

“When Blue Knight's main computer analyzed the slight 
energy leaking from their camouflage, it calculated that it 
was with a 63% chance those two haniwas." 

“Haniwas... I don't know what she's investigating, but... What 
are you planning on doing during the sports festival, 


Having had her first practice interrupted, the annoyed Theia, 
knowing of her rival's actions, looked up into the sky with a 

It was the smile of a ferocious animal. 

“I won't let Kiriha do as she pleases.... Blue Knight, jam the 
area above the schoolyard and send out an unmanned attack 
vessel. Defeat the flying objects when you find them." 


“Your Highness, fighting with Kiriha-sama goes against the 

Ruth was talking about the Corona Convention that Theia and 
the rest had signed. 

In it, one of the articles clearly stated that fighting outside of 

Room 106 was forbidden. 

And while Ruth was worried about Shizuka intervening, 
Theia's smile didn't waver. 

"Kukuku, if those really belong to Kiriha, that would be true.” 
"Your Highness?" 

"However, those are unidentified flying objects. It's not 
certain that they belong to Kiriha. Just getting in the way of 
some peeper doesn't count as fighting with Kiriha!" 

"Are you trying to feign ignorance?" 

"That 63% saved me, Kurano Kiriha! Wahahaha!” 

With the identity of the flying objects being uncertain, Theia 
was planning on feigning ignorance. 

If she was going up against Kiriha it would be a violation of 
the convention, however that would not be that case against 
a peeper. 

She was going to claim she didn't know it was Kiriha, but 
some peeper. 

"Please stop, Your Highness! If you do something like that 
who knows what would—" 

"It seems you're planning something, but it stops here, 
Kurano Kiriha! I won't let you have your way!" 

However, Ruth's voice did not reach the excited Theia. 

Theia watched as an unmanned attack vessel came out of a 
black hole in the air, and she smiled happily. 

Theia's attack vessel was about 1 meter long and roughly 
had the shape of an airplane. 

However, the unmanned attack vessel was much faster than 
one could imagine, and it continuously dodged the electric 
attacks from Korama. 

“It's so fast-ho!” 

As Korama was taken by surprise, the attack vessel opened 
the ports for its laser. 

Noticing that, Karama hurriedly got in between Korama and 
the vessel. 

The attack vessel's onslaught was blocked by Karama's 
yellow ether barrier. 

“Are you okay, Brother!?" 

“Karama! You saved me-ho!“ 

“Be careful-ho! Don't get into positions where it can go all 

The attack vessel had only been attacking with its laser since 
it couldn't use missiles or live rounds or other things that 
would leave evidence behind. 

And it couldn't cause damage to the surroundings, so it held 
back on the power and only fired its laser when parallel to the 
ground or when ascending. 

If Theia hadn't ordered that it worry about that, the haniwas 
most likely would have had a hard time blocking its attacks. 

“We can't just lose to some soulless machine-ho!” 

“We'll show it our guts-ho!“ 

The haniwas used electricity and fire and faced the attack 

The battle above Harukaze High School was about to reach 
its climax. 

However, none of the students were aware of the battle 
raging on above them. 

The only ones looking at the sky were the two involved, Kiriha 
and Theia. 

Part 3 

The students' glances were on the commotion unfolding in 
the schoolyard. 

"Nooooo! I won't strip, I definitely won't strip!” 

"It'll be alright, just relax." 

"Yurika-san, you no longer have anywhere to run, so why 
don't you just give up?" 

The center of the commotion was a half-crying girl in uniform 
and six girls chasing after her in colorful outfits. 

"We finally got permission to wear these outfits, so you can't 
be the only one in uniform Yurika-san!" 

"No thanks! That outfit is pretty much the same as not 
wearing anything! I refuse! Besides, I don't remember joining 
the cosplay society!" 

Those seven girls were Nijino Yurika and the members of the 
cosplay society. 

It was normal for clubs to have a specific uniform for the 
obstacle marathon. 

For the cosplay society, that would naturally be a cosplay 
outfit. However, technically that wasn't a uniform, so they 
had been unable to use it until they got permission. 

Which was why today was the first day they were able to 
train with their outfits. 

"Be reasonable Yurika-san. But if you really don't like it you 

can use your own outfit.” 

"But that's a uniform, it's not really cosplay...” 

"Really? What cosplay cafe's uniform is it? The tailoring was 
really well done.” 

"Yeah, the material was neither polyester nor nylon, I'm so 

"I keep telling you that you're wrong!” 

The cosplay society was trying to get Yurika in her outfit. 

It was a custom made outfit the girls had made just for her. 

However, Yurika didn't want to wear it and was running away. 

But since Yurika didn't have a lot of stamina, she couldn't get 
away from them. 

"P-Please let me go, I'm not like that!” 

Being too tired to continue running, Yurika was cornered by 
the schoolyard fence. 

The six girls approached Yurika while she was looking around 
for an escape path; however, she couldn't find one. 

"W-Why does this always happen to me! It's not cosplay! I'm 
trying my best and even then no one listens to a word I say!” 

"It's okay. You don't have to worry about a thing, Yurika-chan. 
Just open your mind and leave the rest to us!” 


"Get her! 

However, even then nobody listened to Yurika. 

When the cosplay society's president gave the order, the five 
members grabbed Yurika at the same time. 

"L-Let go!” 

"That won't happen!” 

"We finally caught you, there's no way we'll let go!” 

The outfits she was forced to wear were often quite extreme, 
and even though she'd given it her all while running away, 
she was caught today, yet again. 

"Bring her in to the locker room and get her changed right 

"Understood, president!” 

"I'm telling you I don't want tooooo!” 

"Yurika-chan's legs are long, so I think this long-slit Chinese 
dress would be good.” 

"No, I don't think we can just throw away magical girl that 
easily. Especially when we take her own wish into mind." 

"W-Wait just a minuteee!” 

The four club members left the president and vice president 
behind and took Yurika away. 

"Hmmm... Magical girl... Chinese dress..." 

The president followed the five girls with a cool expression. 

The vice president walking next to her had a worried 


“Is something the matter, president?" 

“Well, I was just wondering what we could put on Yurika-san 
to make Satomi-kun happy..." 

The president blushed and slightly wiggled her body. 

“It's love!" 

When the president mentioned Satomi-kun, the vice 
presidents eyes also began to sparkle. 

“It's because of the love he's shown!” 

“You're right. From now on we shouldn't just cosplay based 
just on what we want, but we should also take in the opinions 
of the general populace. We might find more people who 
understand us like Satomi-kun." 

“Then should we go with the basics?" 

“Yes... Alright then, it's decided! Put Yurika-san in a maid 



Yurika began struggling frantically. However, she didn't have 
the strength to shake off four girls, so she didn't accomplish 
anything but shaking her body. 

The president and vice president followed the five girls. 

The cosplay society was in high spirits after capturing Yurika. 

"Hmm? Are you practicing too?” 

Koutarou and Harumi passed by. They were wearing gym 
outfits and were planning on practicing for the marathon. 

"Ah, it's Satomi-kun!” 

"Well hello, Koutarou-kun! 

The girls passed by Koutarou one after another and greeted 
him with smiles. 

Normally the girls would surround him, but today changing 
Yurika had a higher priority. 

"Hehe, we're on our way to change Yurika. We'll start 
practicing after that." 

"I see, good luck.” 

"H-Help me Satomi-san! I'll be stripped and forced to put on 
some strange outfit!!” 

Yurika had been driven into a corner and was begging 
Koutarou for help. 

The smiling president walked by, blocking the slightly 
surprised Koutarou's view. 

"Geez, Yurika-san, even if it's Satomi-kun there's no need to 
be embarrassed." 

"Is Yurika always like that?" 

"Yes, she's quite the shy one." 

The president smiled as if nothing was wrong. 

Seeing that smile, Koutarou was more concerned about the 
troubles he was causing the cosplay society than he was 
about Yurika. 

"I'm sorry, it seems I'm causing you trouble.” 

"It's okay. It's for none other than Satomi-kun's sake... Just 
wait, Satomi-kun, you'll be shocked when we're done dressing 
up Yurika.” 

The president winked at Koutarou and left with the other club 

"No, wait! Save me, Satomi-san!!” 

Of course they were taking Yurika with them. 

Yurika called out for help, but Koutarou showed no signs of 
helping, and she was dragged away by the cosplay society. 

Part 4 

"Geez, she's causing quite a bit of trouble... She's shy about 
the strangest things...” 

Koutarou let out a small sigh. 

Harumi, who had observed the entire encounter, pulled on 
the edge of Koutarou's shirt. 

"Satomi-kun, that girl was asking for help. Was it alright to 
just leave her like that?” 

"Yes, she was just covering up her embarrassment.” 

"That was covering up her embarrassment?" 

Harumi was amazed. 

"She loves cosplay, but she's not being honest with herself. 
She's enjoying herself like that, senpai." 

I see... 

As Harumi nodded at Koutarou, she turned to look at Yurika. 

Covering up your embarrassment... That's right, I was the same... 

Harumi had felt unrest when Koutarou had joined the knitting 
society and when she had learned that he was serious about 
learning knitting. 

It's embarrassing, but finding people that share your hobby is such a blissful 

Harumi showed a small smile as she gazed at the backs of 

the disappearing cosplay society. 

As the girls entered the club building, Harumi muttered. 

"But, she has quite a unique hobby..." 

Harumi understood Yurika's feelings, but not her hobby. 

Koutarou looked at Harumi and dropped his shoulders. 

"I don't really understand it either..." 

"...I feel better hearing you say that." 

Harumi put on a large smile and showed her relief. 

"I don't have any extreme hobbies like that." 

"Fufufu. I was actually a bit worried; what would I do if 
Satomi-kun had said he liked to wear outfits like that?" 

"If I said that, what would you do?" 

"I would be troubled..." 

"Ahahaha, don't worry, I won't say something like that!" 

Koutarou looked at the schoolyard as he laughed out loud. 

He saw a lot of students practicing for the sports festival. 

We'll have to work hard. Besides, those girls are planning on practicing as 

"Shall we go, senpai? We have to practice too." 

"...B-But if it's just the two of us, I wouldn't mind what you 

Koutarou proposed that they should begin practicing as well, 
but for some reason Harumi's cheeks were blushing and she 
was whispering something. 

“Is something wrong?" 

“l-lt's nothing, nothing at all!" 

When Koutarou looked at her, Harumi's face turned even 
redder and she began walking with quick steps as if running 

“L-Let's get to practice..." 


I wonder what happened... 

Koutarou felt something wrong and chased after Harumi. 

Koutarou sat down with spread legs and leaned his upper 
body forward. Harumi, who was sitting next to him, looked on 
in amazement. 

She was stretching as well, but she couldn't even bend her 
body half of what Koutarou could. 

“Satomi-kun, you're quite flexible." 

“That's because I played baseball during middle school." 

“Baseball, you say?" 

Baseball and flexibility didn't quite click in Harumi's mind, 
and she tilted her head in confusion. 

And when Koutarou leaned back he called out to Harumi. 

“I was always the catcher. Did you know that you can't serve 
as a catcher if you're not flexible?” 

Koutarou took on a catcher's posture and showed her some 

Stretching after a ball, blocking the home base, passing the 
ball to second base— 

A catcher used their entire body and constantly moved up 
and down. 

Harumi nodded after seeing Koutarou's examples. 

"Baseball has some parts that are similar to rhythmic 
gymnastics, then?” 

"That's the first time someone's said that." 

"I rarely move my body, so I'm just stiff." 

"Then please, try it." 

"Like this?... " 

Harumi let out a cute voice as she leaned her body forwards, 
and she stretched out her arms as far as she could. 

However, like she said, her body stopped after 45 degrees or 

"Is that all you can do?" 


"...I have an idea. Do you mind if I push you, senpai?” 


The hasty Koutarou moved behind Harumi, not noticing her 

“It's fine... You don't have to...” 

"It'll be fine, it won't hurt that much..." 

Harumi started to panic, but Koutarou disregarded her and 
put his hands on her back. 

At that point, Harumi who had been wiggling her body, 
stopped moving completely. 

Instead, her face turned as red as a tomato. 

"I'm pushing.” 


Harumi was completely bewildered. 

Harumi, who was normally alone most of the time, was 
somewhat nervous just practicing together with someone. 

On top of that, a man was touching her body. 

Why am I this nervous?... But... 

Despite being confused, she didn't feel any unpleasant 
feelings when being touched by Koutarou. 

Normally, Harumi would feel fear when a member of the 
other gender touched her. 

However, she couldn't feel any fear despite Koutarou's large 
hands pushing her back. 

Instead she felt a sense of security and warmth. 

"...So you're not lovers, but you're interested in him, right?” 


Harumi remembered the words a girl she was acquainted 
with had said to her in the hospital. 

W-We're not lovers, but I'm... interested... 

When she remembered those words, she got even more 
nervous and poured more strength into her body. 

"Ahaha, your body really is stiff, senpai. It seems this is your 

However Koutarou just laughed in a cheerful manner, 
unaware of her complex feelings. 






When they switched over to running, Harumi's lack of 
stamina stood out even more than her stiff body. 

Harumi was giving it her all, but since she had a weak 
constitution, was lacking in exercise and a low lung capacity, 
she couldn't even run half as fast as Koutarou. 

Because of that, Harumi fell behind Koutarou right from the 

Koutarou was able to run more than two laps around the 400- 
meter-long track for every lap Harumi ran. 

Koutarou closed in on Harumi, who was running in front of 
him, as he was about to pass her yet again. 

“Koutarou, will it really be okay with that girl?" 

It was only natural for Sanae to feel uneasy. 

“It'll be fine. I'll just work hard for the both of us!" 

“You'll lose, definitely..." 

Sanae flew next to Koutarou with a worried expression. 

She had been going around the track with him like that from 
the start. 

Sanae had bet on Koutarou, so her rights to the room 
depended on the ranking of the Knitting Society. 

She needed the Knitting Society to win the obstacle 

“We'll win. Or rather, I want senpai to win." 


"Well, I don't really have a reason. I guess it's as thanks." 

At first, Koutarou had just wanted Harumi to participate, but 
now he wanted her to stand up on the podium. 

Koutarou felt it was his duty when he saw Harumi giving 
practice her all despite her condition. 

"Hmm... Well, either way, make sure you win!" 

"Leave it to me!" 

Sanae didn't know what Koutarou was thinking. However, she 
could sense his eagerness, so she decided not to question his 
decision any further. 


Koutarou suddenly stopped running, and Sanae came to a 
stop as well. 

"What's wrong?” 

Several students ran past them after they stopped. 

"No, I just felt like someone was watching us again..." 

Koutarou looked around, but he couldn't find the owner of the 

"Isn't it that?” 


Koutarou looked in the direction Sanae was pointing and saw 
Theia, Ruth, and Kiriha. 

They were wiping off sweat with their towels and drinking out 
of their water bottles. 

When the three of them noticed Koutarou was looking at 
them, Ruth lightly bowed, Kiriha smiled, and Theia sulkily 
turned her face away. 

"I see, they were the ones looking...” 

Satisfied, Koutarou relaxed his shoulders. 

"I'll go scout them out for a bit.” 


Sanae left Koutarou and headed towards the three. 

At the same time, Harumi came running up, as if to replace 

"Hah, hah, hah... S-Satomi-kun, were you talking to 

It seemed like she had overheard Koutarou talking to Sanae. 

"Eh? Y-yeah, I was talking to myself. I was thinking of 
strategies for the sports festival." 

"Hah, hah... S-Sorry. I'm not very athletic, so I'm just getting 
in your way..." 

After hearing Koutarou's explanation, Harumi showed a 
cloudy expression. 

Though it was hard to hear her because of her rough 
breathing, she spoke in an apologetic tone. 

"Not at all, senpai. Since you're participating, just have fun 

while you're making your way to the goal. They say it's more 
important to participate, after all." 

"Hah, hah... Yes!” 

Harumi smiled after being encouraged by Koutarou. 

"You're finally getting into to it, so just have fun. Besides, I 
said you could retire at the start.” 

"Even then, I... Um... didn't want to get in your way..." 

Harumi showed an embarrassed smile while she was 
breathing roughly. 

And Koutarou's desire to put her on the podium got even 

Fortunately, the obstacle marathon for clubs was a team 
event, so only the first to cross the goal line mattered. 

Which was why she could just complete the race in her own 
pace while Koutarou fought for a high position. 

I'll definitely make her win! 

At some point, getting Harumi up on the podium became 
more important than the match with the invaders for 

Part 5 

“What is with that woman!?” 

While Koutarou began running with Harumi, Theia bit her lip, 

Seeing Koutarou match his speed with Harumi and smile 
bothered Theia. 

"She is the president of Koutarou's club. Her name is 
Sakuraba Harumi in Class 2-A.” 

Kiriha, who was standing next to Theia, explained who 
Harumi was. 

Kiriha had already investigated the people around Koutarou. 

That girl will probably get in the way of getting Koutarou to hand over the 

Kiriha also showed some interest in Harumi. 

Based on Koutarou's behavior, some of the reason of why 
Kiriha's use of sex appeal to convince Koutarou wasn't 
working was definitely because of Harumi. 

She was also the reason why Kiriha was avoiding sex appeal 
and fighting fairly. 

"In other words, that Harumi girl is Koutarou's princess." 

Sanae said while she came up to Theia and the rest, her 
words sounding more aggressive than normal, probably due 
to the upcoming sports festival. 

She was probably planning on putting some pressure on 

“So what!? Does that mean Koutarou has sworn his loyalty to 
that woman!?" 

“Yes, well... Something like that." 

“How could this be!?" 

Sanae's words enraged Theia, and Sanae was secretly 
satisfied it had gone according to plan. 

Theia showed no signs of noticing Sanae's intention and 
raged on. 

“What part of that woman is better than me!? The fool, he's 
swearing loyalty to the wrong person!" 

Theia couldn't hold it in. 

The person that was supposed to swear loyalty to her had 
instead done so to some country girl. 

On top of that, it was to a weak girl who had no power. 

This hurt Theia's pride. 

Theia had absolute confidence in herself. 

She had confidence in her body, in her position as seventh 
princess, and even in her mental strength. 

Theia believed she was superior to Harumi in every way. 

Despite that, Koutarou had chosen the weak Harumi over 

And he showed no respect towards Theia; she just couldn't 
accept it. 

“It's got nothing to do with reasoning-” 

"What's that supposed to mean!?” 

It has nothing to do with reasoning!? 

Those words upset Theia even more. 

Even though the plebeian knows about the insurmountable gap between me 
and that girl, he still favors her!? 

"That's not possible! That kind of thing is impossible!" 

Theia couldn't accept it. 

It took wisdom, power, and courage to stand above others. 

The Forthorthe royal family had prospered for over 1000 
years with that logic. 

Because of that, Theia couldn't admit it, no matter what. 

Ruth smiled and looked at Theia. 

"Your Highness, I'm not following you based on reasoning 

Ruth put her hands in front of her chest and smiled gently. 

She had always looked over Theia as an older sister. 

Wisdom, power, and courage didn't matter to her. 

"Ruth is special! The Pardomshiha family has served the royal 
Forthorthe family since before the founding of our country!” 

“Your Highness..." 

Hearing Theia's response, Ruth was both happy and sad at 
the same time. 

The young Theia didn't quite accurately understand Ruth's 

Ruth would have sworn her loyalty to Theia even if she hadn't 
been born into the Pardomshiha family. 

However, if Theia admitted that, it would be the same as 
admitting that Koutarou didn't accept her. 

The young and prideful Theia just couldn't do that. 

"...Curse you, pleb. You're always finding some way to 
provoke me!” 

And Theia continued to bite her lip as she stared at Koutarou 
and Harumi. 

Translator's Notes and References 

• Characters used in the Japanese and Chinese writing 

• An event where you throw a heavy spherical object as far 
as you can. 

Invaders of the Sports Festival!? 

Part 1 

Sunday, May 10th 

It was the day of the sports festival. The sun was shining 
brightly in the courtyard, and there were practically no clouds 
in the sky. 

“It seems we made the right choice in coming here." 

“The courtyard is quieter, too, and there's not as much 

Koutarou and Harumi were in the courtyard. 

The morning games had ended, and they had headed here in 
order to eat lunch. 

The schoolyard was full of people, and the dust was flying 
with the wind. 

That was why they had snuck away from the schoolyard and 
came here. 

“But actually, I'm embarrassed spreading out my lunch in 
front of people..." 

“There's no need to be embarrassed. It looks delicious!" 


Harumi covered herself with the colorful cloth she had 
wrapped her bento in and stole a glance at Koutarou's 

Harumi had prepared today's lunch for the both of them. 

She normally let her mother prepare it for her, but she was 
determined to prepare the lunch herself for the school 

"Yes. It doesn't look like someone with no experience in 
cooking made it." 

"Thank god... I was a bit worried." 

Hearing Koutarou's response, Harumi removed the cloth from 
her face and let out a sigh of relief. 

She was worried she might have disappointed Koutarou. 

"There's no need to be worried; it's really well made." 

"But... I don't think I'll be of much help in the obstacle 
marathon, so I at least wanted to get you something to eat..." 

"Senpai, you worry too much. Men are simple, so they're just 
happy a girl made them lunch, regardless of how well made it 

"B-But I'm really worried about the quality of the lunch...." 
"It must be hard being a girl... Well, thanks for the food." 
Koutarou quit chatting and put the food in his mouth. 

He had been working hard since the morning and was now 


Five blue ribbons were lined up on Koutarou's gym outfit. 

The ribbons showed off your placing, and blue stood for first 

Koutarou had taken the first place in all five events he had 
taken part of. 

Because of that, he had used up a lot of stamina and was 
now starving. 

“It's... delicious!” 


Harumi was smiling brightly due to Koutarou's words. 

Her food didn't just look good, but tasted good as well. She 
was so happy she could break out in dance. 

In reality, her lunch was actually splendid. 

Her omelette, hamburger and wiener along with the basic 
side dishes might have been plain but they had been made 
with care. 

The taste was also remarkable; it was a praiseworthy lunch 
for a beginner. 

Koutarou, who grew up in a motherless family and cooked for 
himself, understood that very well. 

What to say?... Having someone make food for you without an ulterior 
motive is a great thing. 

That is what Koutarou felt as he ate one dish after the other. 

Having lost his mother early on, it was rare for someone to 
cook food for Koutarou out of good will. 

Kiriha had lately been making the food, but that was because 
she was aiming to take over Room 106. 

“Is there anything you don't like?" 

“Not really... Well, I can't say there's nothing." 

At first, Koutarou couldn't think of anything, but he quickly 
took his words back. 

And Harumi began feeling nervous. 

“What was bad?" 

“There's not enough!" 

“W-What is there not enough of?" 

The taste? The time spent cooking? Or my experience? 

Harumi couldn't help but feel worried. 

“The amount. If it's this delicious, I can eat three times this 

“T-The amount...?" 

Having gotten back an unexpected response, Harumi spaced 
out for a while. 

“Well, there are more events in the afternoon, so this might 
be just right. If I eat till I'm full, it'll be hard to move around." 

“Next time, please make lots of it when I don't have to 

“Next time...” 

Koutarou began moving his chopsticks with a smile. 

Seeing that, Harumi also began to smile. 

Next time... Next time, he wants to... eat more... He likes it... 

Harumi was so happy, words escaped her. 

So this is what it's like to have friends... 

Harumi had a weak constitution and was going in and out of 
the hospital constantly. 

Though the children at the hospital and the nurses were her 
friends, she had no friends around her own age; Koutarou 
was the first. 

It was enough to make her want to cry tears of joy. 

“What's wrong, senpai?” 

Koutarou looked up from his lunch, interested in Harumi, who 
had fallen silent. 

And he saw Harumi with her cheeks blushing red and with 
moist eyes. 

Koutarou started panicking when he saw Harumi, who looked 
like she would cry at any moment. 

“A-Are you okay!? D-Did I say something stupid!?” 

Koutarou couldn't understand how Harumi felt. 

Ever since he was young, he had, starting with Kenji, always 
had a lot of friends, so he couldn't even begin to imagine how 
Harumi felt. 

That was why he felt he had done something wrong and 
started panicking. 

“I'm fine... I just got some dirt in my eyes... So I'm going to go 
clean my face!” 

Harumi stared down to avoid Koutarou's glance and hurriedly 
stood up. 

She could hear her own heart beating quickly, and she was 
worried if Koutarou could hear it too. 

If I don't calm down, I'll say something strange that would trouble Satomi- 

Harumi ran out from the courtyard with her throbbing heart 
and dizzy head. 


Part 2 

Being left behind, Koutarou couldn't swallow what had 
happened and simply tilted his head. 

However, Sanae who was hanging onto Koutarou, could 
faintly understand Harumi's feelings. 

“...That kind of ticks me off!" 

Sanae began wringing Koutarou's neck for revenge. 

She was already hanging onto Koutarou's neck in order to 
taste the lunch, so wringing his neck was easy from the 
position she was in. 

“Guh, Guaaaa!?" 

“Dammit! Ahhh! It's really getting on my nerves!" 

“W-What are you doing all of a sudden!?" 

“Think of the situation you're in instead of getting carried 
away! If you don't win today, you know what will happen!" 

“Sa-Sanae, d-don't think the same trick will work over and 
over again!" 

Koutarou kept himself from passing out and reached into his 
pocket with his right hand. 

And he pressed what he picked up onto Sanae. 


At that moment, a small explosion occurred and blew Sanae 


“Alright! Thank you, grandma!" 

Koutarou had a small charm embroidered with golden thread 
in his hand. 

And thankfully, it held quite a bit of power against ghosts like 

Family Safety. 

Those golden words bathed brilliantly in the sunlight. 

“What are you doing all of a sudden!?" 

Sanae returned with her right hand on her head. 

She floated in front of Koutarou and started to complain. 

“That's my line! You're always trying to choke me for some 
absurd reason! You try being the one who passes out for no 

“Don't whine about something like that! You're a man; don't 
get hung up on those kind of things! It's only normal for 
ghosts to harm people!" 

“Then don't complain when people defend themselves! You 
evil spirit!” 

“I don't believe you! You can't call someone as cute as me an 
evil spirit!” 

The two's foreheads collided, creating a loud sound. 

It seemed like their quarrel was about to get out of hand 
when a third person got in between them. 

“It seems you're quite the star, Koutarou." 


Kiriha had shown up. 

With her long hair fluttering in the refreshing wind, she had 
snuck up on Koutarou and Sanae. 

“You seem to be quite the star yourself, Kiriha-san." 

Several ribbons were attached to Kiriha's chest. 

Three blue and two yellow, to be precise. 

She had taken first place in three events and second place in 

“What are you staring at her chest for, Koutarou!? You really 
are a pervert!” 

“You're wrong! Just look at that!” 

“Like I want to look at someone else's breasts! Are you trying 
to tell me you can see her bra or something!?” 

“Of course not! I'm talking about the ribbons! I was looking at 
Kiriha's results!” 

“Yes, I'm sure you'd give Kiriha's breast a perfect score.” 

“Listen to what I'm trying to tell you, stupid ghost!” 

“What, I also have some pride, you know!” 

“Is a ghost's pride that it's transparent!?” 

Koutarou and Sanae butted heads yet again, and at that point 
yet another person appeared in the courtyard. 

“It's good you're still full of vigor, pleb. There would be no 
meaning in making you crawl on the ground if you weren't!” 

Theia and Ruth had shown up, and behind them there were 
rough-looking men led by Theia. 

Theia had four ribbons on her chest, all of them blue. 

In reality, Theia had participated in six events since this 
morning, but she had thrown away any ribbons from second 
place or lower. 

And the cheerleading squad who had been helping and 
cheering for her were covered in sweat. 

By the way, Ruth had two ribbons, a yellow and a green one, 
meaning second and third place. 

"Just be quiet, Tulip! I'm busy at the moment!" 


“That's right! There's no place for you here, Cliff Chest!” 

Koutarou and Sanae didn't look over to Theia and were 
instead staring each other down. 

And Theia couldn't stand it. 

It was vexing enough that Koutarou wasn't showing any 
respect, but at the same time, Sanae had brought up the 
subject she hated the most. 

Because of that, Theia immediately blew her top. 

“Are you picking a fight with me, you mongrels!? I should turn 
you into ashes right away!” 

“You can't, Your Highness!” 

Even with Ruth trying to stop her, Theia would no longer back 

Theia headed over to Koutarou and Sanae and butted heads 
with them. 

“Just do it if you can, Tulip!” 

“I'll turn you into ashes after fixing your rotten character!” 
“Hey! Listen to me!” 

And as the three of them were butting heads, the close 
quarter quarrel started. 

“Your Highness, Satomi-sama!” 

“Leave them be, Ruth. They don't hate each other as much 

as they say they do.” 

"Stop saying such tasteless things, Kiriha-san! Of course I 
hate these things!” 

"What do you mean with these things!? Call me Your 
Highness Theia, you pleb!” 

"Take that back Koutarou! How could you call someone as 
pretty as me tasteless!?” 

"I meant it just the way I said it, you idiots!” 

Their quarrel escalated as they exchanged insults. 




The sudden casual shouts calmed Koutarou down. 

The voices belonged to the six girls in the cosplay society. 

Koutarou, Sanae, and Theia's quarrel was interrupted by the 
girls' appearance. 

"It looks like you're having fun, Koutarou-kun.” 

They were pushing their president forward with a handcart 
and approached Koutarou and the others. 

The cosplay society members were not cosplaying, though; 
they were in the standard gym outfit. 

They followed the rules and wouldn't cosplay unless they got 
permission to do so. 

What are they doing? 

What caught Koutarou's interest was the handcart the girls 
were using to push their president. 

Inside of it was a large sack that measured more than a 
meter that would twitch from time to time. 

“...! ...!" 

It looked like the sack was alive. 


"Hello, Satomi-kun. And hello to your friends.” 

The president smiled and greeted everyone, and following 
suit, the ten girls greeted each other. 

Theia's cheerleading squad stood in attention and didn't say 
a word. 

As the girls finished greeting each other, the president called 
out to Koutarou. 

"You can look forward to the obstacle marathon, Koutarou- 
kun. Today's outfit is a masterpiece!" 

"We stayed up all night to make it!” 

"That's right. I lost count on how many times we stabbed our 
fingers on needles." 

"...That was just you.” 

While the girls were talking the sack would move from time to 

" ! | j" 

Well, what does it matter... 

Koutarou was curious about the contents of the sack, but he 
chose not to question it. 

It was around this time that Harumi returned to the 


There were now lots of people around Koutarou. 

And there were over 20 people in the courtyard now; Harumi 
had seen a few of them before. 

“Oh, aren't you quite the cutie!" 

“Ah, S-stop, don't touch me!” 

“Wouldn't you like to join our club?” 

“I refuse! As if I'd join your suspicious club!” 

“What a shame-” 

“Well then, what about you two?” 

“If Theia-sama won't join, I will have to decline.” 

“I'm in the track and field team, so I'm afraid I can't, senpai.” 

“Tulip, did you join the cheerleading squad?” 

“That's right. Unlike you, these men have unwavering loyalty 
to me. Isn't that right!?” 

“Hail to the princess! Hail to the princess!” 

'They've been completely brainwashed...” 

"Well, it seems the true cheerleading squad is no longer 

Everyone was cheerfully talking and smiling. 

And even Koutarou made expressions Harumi had never seen 

"I... can't possible approach them...” 

Harumi stood perfectly still. Her throbbing heart had slowed 
down and her uplifting feelings had changed. 

Harumi realized she only knew a fraction of the true 
Koutarou, and that saddened her. 

"Satomi-kun doesn't really think I...” 

Harumi couldn't move. 

She just couldn't mix in with the commotion taking place. 

The mere 20 meters felt like a hopelessly long distance to 

Part 3 

Suddenly, several fireworks went off in the blue sky. 

Although it was still broad daylight, when so many of them 
were fired at the same time, they stood out. 

It was the signal that the obstacle marathon for clubs was 
soon about to begin. 

The obstacle marathon course was 5 kilometers long and had 
10 different obstacles to overcome. 

Since this event mixed men and women, the women were 
given easier obstacles as a handicap. 

And because the obstacles were not just about physical 
prowess, the winning team changed every year. 

Since Kitsushouharukaze High School was filled with clubs, 
and so many clubs participated, this event naturally turned 
into the main event. 

"Fufufu, the moment I've been waiting for has finally 

Koutarou stretched his arms while looking around him. 

There were over 100 people gathered at the start line. 

Harukaze had over 50 clubs of varying size. 

And with the majority of them participating, it was only 
obvious there would be this many people. 

The outfits they were in varied, with the majority of them 

wearing their club uniforms. 

The remainder was mostly comprised of liberal clubs wearing 
the standard gym outfit. 

"Kou, you seem awfully confident.” 

"Can you tell?" 

"I haven't been your partner for years for show." 

"As expected from my comrade Mackenzie!” 

Having finished warming up, Koutarou slapped Kenji on the 
back with his big hand. 


"Today's victory will go to me!" 

"Don't be so naive. Even your head is full of muscle; there's 
no way you'll win. I'm not even sure if you can beat me!" 

"Those are some big words. Then, would you like to make a 
bet, Mackenzie?" 

"You're on. Whichever one of us cross the goal line first 

"The loser owes the winner a meal, got it?" 

"Got it!" 

Kenji grinned; he had confidence in his footwork. 

Koutarou had the upper hand when it came to physical 
strength, but Kenji had dexterity and intelligence going for 

That was why he was betting that he would be able to beat 
Koutarou in this event, which tested the participant's 
collective strength. 

“Hah, you've made a stupid bet, Kou. I hope you're prepared 
to buy me the special lunch!" 

“I don't want to hear you calling me stupid when you're 
wearing something like that!" 

“Just shut up. I'm in the drama club, so it can't be helped." 

Kenji wasn't wearing a gym outfit, but rather, a pure white 
tuxedo. A crimson rose decorated his chest. 

It was a stage outfit the drama club was using. 

“Oh, it looks like you two are doing something interesting." 

“ Landlord-san!" 

As the two finished up their conversation, Shizuka appeared. 

Shizuka had been asked to help the cooking society in the 
marathon, and was wearing an apron on top of her gym 

It was a strange outfit, rivaling even Kenji's. 

“Would you mind if I join in on your bet?" 

“Kasagi-san too? We're quite confident in this, you know." 
“Well, I'm asking because I'm quite confident myself." 

Kenji tried to dissuade Shizuka, but Koutarou held the 

opposite opinion. 

“What does it matter Mackenzie. Let landlord-san join in too." 
“Would that be ok?" 


Besides, I don't know if I could beat landlord-san or not... 

Unlike Kenji, Koutarou was fully aware of how strong Shizuka 

Koutarou didn't think Shizuka would fall behind in this event 
after she took down the four invaders with just her bare 

She was also about as smart as Kenji was. 

“Then we'll add in Kasagi-san and make it three people” 

“I won't lose, you two.” 

“Just bring it on, landlord-san!” 

Fufufu, with this, Mackenzie will have to buy two meals... 

After Shizuka's participation had been decided, the bleachers 
next to the start line began cheering for Kenji. 

“Kenji-kun! You're so cool!” 

“Rosenchevalier-sama! Look this way!” 

Several camera flashes followed. 

They were Kenji's fans. 

Kenji had had fans ever since middle school. 

“Go on and wave, Rosenchevalier-sama. Your fans are calling 
for you." 

“Shut it!” 

“Koutarou-kun! Point the chevalier this way!” 

“Sure, sure.” 


Koutarou grabbed a hold of Kenji's head and forcefully turned 
him towards the bleachers. 

And the camera flashed start up again. 

“There's no need to be shy. You're only pissing off the guys 
around you; me too, of course.” 

“Would you stop it, Kou!?” 

“Oh right, sorry. That girl would get sad, after all.” 

Next to Kenji was a girl wearing a crimson dress. 

She was a member of the drama club, and the clothes she 
was wearing were also from an old play. 

Today they were cast as the Crimson Maiden and the 

“Excuse me, I'm the one that invited Matsudaira-san to the 
club. I don't think he has any interest in going out with me...” 

“You're mistaken, miss. You're falling for his normal tricks!” 

The Crimson Maiden attempted to cover for Kenji, but she 
wavered when faced with Koutarou's force. 

"I'll kill you, you bastard!” 

"Kyaaa, save me, Sakuraba-senpai! Mackenzie is bullying 


As Kenji began to get angry, Koutarou laughed and hid 
behind Harumi. 

”H-Hello, Sakuraba-senpai!” 

"Hello, Matsudaira-kun.” 

When Harumi and Kenji faced each other, they were oddly 

"Urn... Eh...” 

"That's playing dirty, Koutarou!" 

Though time had passed and they had gotten used to one 
another, Harumi was still uncomfortable around Kenji. 

Which was why Harumi fell silent immediately. 

Kenji understood how she felt and didn't want to say anything 

"Senpai, while we're at it, say hello to the drama club 
member next to Mackenzie and Landlord-san.” 

"Y-Yes, hello!” 

"Hello, Sakuraba-san.” 

"Hello, Sakuraba-senpai!" 

Harumi bowed to the Crimson Maiden and Shizuka. 

“L-Let's give it our all today.” 

"I'm worried if I'll be able to reach the goal in this outfit...” 
"Ahaha, that dress is wonderful.” 

After finishing their greetings, the atmosphere calmed down 
around Harumi. 

n n 

"What's with that look, Mackenzie?” 

Koutarou noticed Kenji giving him a stinging glare. 

"Kou, can't you do that in a way that's easier to get?” 

"What are you talking about?” 

"...I give up.” 

Kenji dropped his shoulders and scratched his head. 

Having known Koutarou for a long time, Kenji understood that 
he had been used to forcefully pull Harumi into the group. 

And as he let out a small sigh, Harumi greeted him again. 

"I'm sorry for before, Sakuraba-senpai.” 

"N-No, it was nothing." 

"Sakuraba-senpai, as Satomi-kun says, Mackenzie-kun seems 
to be quite the lady killer, so stay on your guard!” 


"That's a lie, that's definitely a lie!" 

Good luck, Sakuraba-senpai... 

Koutarou turned away from the four and looked around the 
starting point again. 

And like before, there were various people around. 

“...It doesn't look like they'll just let me win." 

There were large and strong looking people, and small and 
agile people around the area. 

In order to put Harumi on the podium, he needed to clear all 
the obstacles and reach the goal before anyone else. 

“Alright! Let's do this!” 

Koutarou pumped himself up in order to keep himself from 
letting his guard down. 

“Hey, Koutarou.” 


At that point Sanae, who was floating next to Koutarou, clung 
to his back. 

She wrapped her thin arms around his neck while smiling. 
“You know, you're unexpectedly...” 


“It's nothing. Nyahaha!” 

In the end, Sanae didn't say anything and instead showed a 
large smile. 

Koutarou, however couldn't see it since Sanae was clinging 
onto his back, and Sanae herself wasn't quite aware of it. 


Sanae noticed what Koutarou was looking at; it was two 
baseball club members wearing their uniform. 

“...Koutarou, can I ask you a question?” 


“If it keeps bothering you, why don't you just play baseball? 

Surprised, Koutarou looked at Sanae. 

I knew it... 

Sanae did not miss the surprise and hesitation Koutarou 

“You've been looking at the baseball club whenever you get 
chance. I can tell.” 


Koutarou took his eyes off Sanae and looked back at the 
baseball club members. 

He felt he had no need to hide his feelings and opened his 

“Well, I love baseball. It's not the kind of sport you can do 
while living on your own, though.” 


Koutarou had a nostalgic and lonely look, and seeing that, an 
idea popped into Sanae's head. 

If I helped with the housework, Koutarou might be able to play baseball... 

Cooking, washing, cleaning, preparing the bath. 

If Sanae took over the household chores Koutarou was doing 
everyday, he might get the free time he needed to play 

That was the idea that popped in Sanae's head, but she 
quickly denied it and panicked. 

"J-Just what am I thinking!?” 

I'm chasing him out! I have to chase Koutarou out of that room no matter 
what! So why would I think of helping with the housework!? 

Sanae was puzzled by her own feelings; she couldn't believe 
she wanted to help someone who she was supposed to chase 

And what really made Sanae hesitate was the fact that she 
didn't have any unpleasant feelings about helping Koutarou. 


"It's nothing! Absolutely nothing! Just leave it!” 

When Koutarou worriedly called out to her, Sanae felt even 
more perplexed. 

Just what am I doing!? 

However this time, Sanae was perplexed about more than 

Meanwhile, Theia was also in the crowd by the starting point. 

She was standing in front the cheerleading squad, in the 
middle of a speech. 

“All of you, you've done well to endure until today! Although 
only one of you will participate with me today, it was thanks 
to your daily training! Cheer on me like you're the one who's 
participating with me!" 

She was wearing the squad leader's armband, with both her 
hands on her hips and standing tall. 

However, Theia's small body was hidden in the crowd. 

But the crowd couldn't cover up her loud voice and it reached 
the squad members who stood upright. 

And the cheerleading squad responded to her with full power. 

“Hail to the princess! Hail to the princess!" 

The men's loud voices carried across the starting point and 
shook the earth. 

“The problem is not who will accompany me! The problem is 
if I will win or not!" 

“For Her Highness TheiamiIIis' victory!! Glory to the 
Forthorthe royal family!" 

The cheerleading squad's morale was high. The harsh 
training they had endured up until today had strengthened 
their unity. 

Their goal was Theia's victory, not their own. 

Because of that, they endured their harsh training. 

If Theia ordered them to die, they would probably do so. 

That was the loyalty that Theia sought for. 

“Good luck, Your Highness" 

“Yes, leave it to me Ruth. I'll be sure to win." 

Ruth wasn't the one who would participate with Theia, but 
rather the strongest and fastest member in the cheerleading 

Because of that, Ruth was with the remaining members in the 

“Your Highness, it's almost time." 

“Very well, then let's go!" 

“Hail to the princess! Hail to the princess!" 

“Let's see what you've got, Kurano Kiriha..." 

Theia headed for the starting line whilst grinning. 

Meanwhile, Kiriha was already by the starting line. 

Because they would be competing, she had nothing to lose 
from starting at the front line. 

“We'll start soon, Kiri-chan. Let's give it our all!" 

“Of course, Takahashi-senpai." 

“...Karama, how is it going?" 

“Everyone is in position. Korama confirmed it from above-ho." 
Kiriha whispered, and a response was whispered into her ear. 

A camouflaged haniwa was floating next to her. 

“It seems there are no traitors-ho. Just leave the rest to us- 

“Alright, I'll leave it to you." 


All that's left is to wait for the start... 

After finishing her final check, Kiriha revealed a small smile. 
And Takahashi, who was next to Kiriha, noticed her smile. 
“Kiri-chan, what are you smiling for?” 

“Actually, I made a bet with my friends.” 

Though startled, Kiriha naturally responded and smiled. 

“A bet!? Is it with a boy!?” 


“What did you bet?” 

“The loser has to hand over something precious to the 
winner. ” 

Kiriha mentioned part of the truth. 

Kiriha had made a bet with Koutarou and the rest, and the 
loser would have hand over part of their tatami territory to 
the winner. 

“Kyaa! How bold! But wouldn't the outcome be the same 
regardless of who wins!?” 

But Takahashi had no idea that Kiriha was fighting over 
territory and had completely misunderstood. 

Speaking of misunderstandings, the cosplay society 
positioned at the rear had made the biggest 

Out of the six members, even the five not participating were 

Today, all of them were wearing matching maid outfits. 

The only one with a different design was the president who 
was wearing an armband and a headdress. 

She was dressed as the head maid. 

After looking at her clock, she called out to the vice president 
next to her. 

“It'll be starting soon. Vice-president, get Yurika ready, 

“Very well, right away." 

Yurika and the president would be the two to represent the 
cosplay society in the obstacle marathon. 

In order to educate the new member, they would form a pair 
and participate. 

However, oddly enough, Yurika was nowhere to be seen. 
“Everyone, bring Yurika over!" 


When the vice-president gave the other members the signal, 

they brought out a handcart. 

The handcart was loaded with the sack Koutarou had taken 
notice of before. 

However, unlike during the lunch break, the sack wasn't 
moving at all. 

“And now, open it up!" 


The girls loosened the rope around the sack and turned it 
upside down. 

And Yurika in a maid outfit came falling out. 

She was gagged and bound with rope. 

Yurika, who was against cosplaying, had been forced to wear 
the maid outfit against her will and then restrained up to now. 

And the girls quickly loosened her restraints. 

“Uuuhhh... I-I'm finally free..." 

Though freed, Yurika had toppled to the ground and did not 

She curled up as tears streamed down from her large eyes. 

“W-Why do I have to go through something like this..." 

Nobody would listen to Yurika when she said she hated 

Everyone had made the misunderstanding that Yurika loved 
cosplay but just couldn't admit it. 

"...I can't get married anymore...” 

"You look beautiful, Yurika-chan~" 

"Give it your all today!" 

"Being a bride is in the past! You'll be permanently employed 
by the cosplay society from now on!" 

"I don't want tooooo!" 

Yurika aside, the cosplay society was in high spirits, 
especially the president, whose eyes were sparkling. 

"Would you stop it, Yurika-chan? You'll ruin your make-up!" 

The president wiped off Yurika's tears and pulled out her own 
make-up set to fix Yurika's appearance. 

Though she couldn't be called a professional, she was 
considerably skilled. Yurika became more and more beautiful. 

"Let's surprise Koutarou-kun during the race, okay?" 

"I don't want to surprise him wearing this outfit!" 

As always, nobody listened to Yurika. 

Ironically, she looked more beautiful than anyone as she 
continued to cry. 

Part 4 

The principal stepped up on a platform next to the starting 

It was the principal's job to give the starting signal for the 
main event. 

The people gathered at the starting point watched as he 
stepped up the stairs. 

The schoolyard fell silent, and everyone was anxiously 
waiting for the race to start. 

The principal pointed a starting pistol up into the sky, and the 
commentator's voice came out from the speakers. 

“On your mark! Get set..." 

Following the commentator's lead, the principal squeezed the 
trigger of the pistol. 

The pistol made a shrill sound that echoed through the 

And the schoolyard that had quieted down immediately let 
out a roar. 

As expected from the event everyone had waited for, the 
excitement culminated instantly. 

“Here we go, Kiri-chan!" 

“Yes, Takahashi-senpai!" 

The two members of the girl's track and field team dashed 

into the lead. 

With a beautiful form, they continued to accelerate. 

It was an excellent start that only the track and field team 
could do. 

"We fell behind!?" 

"Dammit, after them!" 

"Don't let the girl's track and field team get ahead of us!" 

As the others followed the girl's track and field team, 
something unexpected happened. 

Several club members at the front had fallen. 

It seemed like their legs had gotten tangled in the confusion 
at the start. 

"Ouch, don't step on me; move away, you guys!" 

"Owowow, it hurts!" 

"That's my leg! Don't bend it in some strange way!” 

"Hey, don't touch me in weird places!" 

The lead group collapsed, and a large commotion followed. 

Those who weren't involved in the commotion were unable to 
move forward because of those who had collapsed, and the 
start line turned into a standstill. 

"Lucky! I don't know what happened, but this is our chance, 

"Yes, senpai! 

This was a big plus for the girl's track and field team. 

Having dashed into the lead and with the lead group behind 
them collapsing, they were able to leave the other 
competitors behind. 

Kiriha and Takahashi ran next to each other and swiftly 

After half a lap around the school's track, the course went 
outside of the school. 

The two of them had finished running half a lap before the 
collapsed people could stand up again. 


Just before they left through the school gates, Kiriha looked 
back at the commotion and showed a small smile for just a 

Kiriha swiftly ran under the school gates and vanished. 

“We've been had! Damn that Kiriha, to think she was 
planning something like this!" 

Along with Theia's shrill voice, a large man in an old- 
fashioned uniform stood up. 

And below the large man was Theia, who had an irritated 

Theia had also gotten involved in the incident, but she didn't 
seem have been hurt. 

When the accident happened, she had her partner cover her. 
“Did she seduce them, or did she bribe them?... Either way, 

I've been totally had! Dammit!” 

Theia assumed this commotion was one of Kiriha's strategies. 

The collapse had occurred immediately after the girl's track 
and field team had dashed into the lead. 

Theia couldn't believe that it was just a coincidence. 

"As I thought, I can't let my guard down around that woman!" 

As Theia assumed, this commotion was one of Kiriha's 

Kiriha had bribed several powerful clubs and caused the 

By bribing them, she reduced the number of rivals while also 
gaining a large lead. 

Twice the value for a single bribe; it was a splendid strategy. 

"I won't let it go the way that woman's plans. Throw me over 
to the other side!” 

"Hail to the princess!" 

The large man began moving as he heard Theia's orders. 

He easily lifted her up and threw her like he would throw a 

It was a feat made possible only because of Theia's small size 
and the man's strength. 

"I will go on ahead! Meet up with me later!” 

"Hail to the princess!" 

Having been thrown, Theia flew over the collapsed group and 
landed with both of her feet on the tracks. 

And she continued to run without looking behind her. 

She was a quick runner for her small size. 

“A-Are you okay, Sakuraba-senpai!?” 

“Thank you, Satomi-kun. But what happened?" 

“I don't know, it looks like the front group collapsed at once." 

After falling a few seconds behind Theia, Koutarou lifted up 
Harumi and carried her with both of his arms. 

As the front group collapsed, Koutarou and Harumi were in 
the middle of the group. 

They had been trapped between the front group and the 
people pressing from behind, but they had finally gotten free 
and were now picking themselves up. 


At that point, Koutarou saw Theia running. 

Having finished running the track, Theia was heading for the 
school gates. 

Not good, we've fallen behind!! 

Koutarou looked at the front group that was still in a 

“What to do... Even if I try to pass through there..." 

It didn't look like the commotion would die down any time 


But at the same time, he knew that Kiriha and Theia were in 
the lead. 

"Koutarou, over there! Those three!” 


Sanae, who was hanging onto Koutarou, pointed towards the 

He saw three powerful looking men who were trying to stand 

The rugby club, judo club and sumo club. They were all 
wearing distinct outfits. 

"Now's our chance!” 

As he saw them, he began to smile and run. 

"Let's go, Sakuraba-senpai!” 





Koutarou ran towards them, increasing his speed. 

“Hold on, Sakuraba-senpai!" 



And Koutarou trampled on the rugby club, judo club, and 
sumo club members and forcefully jumped. 

They were the perfect stepping stones, as they were trying to 
stand up. 

“Sorry! Excuse me!!" 

“Who's stepping on me!?" 

“I'm being used as a stepping stone!?" 

“Gottsan desuJJJ!?" 

Koutarou and Harumi fluttered in the air as they flew over the 
leading group. 

Because of the sudden action, Harumi was desperately 
holding on to Koutarou, trying not to fall off. 

Both of Koutarou's feet were firmly planted onto the track. 

Their combined weight exceeded 100 kilos. 

Because of that, there was a large sound as they impacted 
with the ground. 


“Are you okay, Sakuraba-senpai!?” 

Before Harumi could recover from the shock of landing, 
Koutarou continued running. 

“That's my line! Are you okay, Satomi-kun!?" 

“I'm fine! I'm well trained, after all!" 

Recovering from the shock, Harumi was worried about 
Koutarou's body, but Koutarou himself showed a smile full of 

Koutarou, who was a catcher up until middle school, used to 
wear protective gear weighing several kilos including the 

In order to train his ability to move, he would practice while 
wearing the protective gear or run around while dragging a 
tire along behind him. His lower body was very robust. 


“Please leave that line until you've gotten fatter, Sakuraba- 

Koutarou smiled as he ran around the track while carrying 

He seems fine... You're amazing, Satomi-kun... 

Having been born with a weak body, Harumi was surprised by 
Koutarou's strength. 


As Harumi relaxed, she suddenly felt a strange sense of 

The commotion at the starting point was still going on, so 
there weren't many people running on the track, and the 
spectators were watching the two of them running. 

“What's the matter?" 

“Well, Satomi-k—" 

When she was about to respond to Koutarou next to her, she 
realized the reason for her unease. 


“Ah, ahhh..." 

Harumi was at a loss for words and her eyes opened wide in 

Koutarou was much too close. She could feel his breath on 
her cheeks. She could feel his arms on her back. 

And Harumi had her own arms around Koutarou's neck, 
embracing him as her body tensed up. 

“Oh, Senpai, please keep tensing up like that; it makes it 
easier to run." 

“Urn... S-Satomi-kun? Ehh!?" 

Koutarou sped up, oblivious to Harumi's confusion. 

As Harumi tensed up and her body got stiffer, it became 
easier for Koutarou to balance and speed up. 

At the same time he put more force into his arms and pushed 
her closer to him. 

And because of that, Harumi tensed up even more. 

"L-Let me down, I can run on my own!” 

"It's okay, we'll gain a bit of a lead with this!” 

Flustered, Harumi tried to get off, but Koutarou shook his 

It would be faster if Koutarou carried her for a while instead 
of her running on her own. 

Koutarou wanted Harumi to finish the race, so he was 
planning on getting as far as he could like this. 

”T-This is troubling me!” 

"Why is that?” 

Harumi was unable to respond; instead, her face became 
dyed red. 

She was unable to say that being carried like this was 

Moreover, she didn't dislike her current situation. 

As she turned her face down, her heart began throbbing and 
she began to feel dizzy. 

She was having trouble breathing. It might have been easier 
on her to run on her own. 

"Just hold on tightly like that, please." 

"...Um.. Excuse me!” 


"l-lt's nothing!” 

As always, Koutarou didn't notice Harumi's current state and 
kept running. 

Because there was no one else running, the crowd began 
staring at Koutarou and Harumi. 

"Ah, Ahh... Auuu..." 

Harumi decided not to think about the glances she was 

If she didn't, she felt that her heart would explode. 

"Alright, I'm in top condition today!" 

"...I feel like I'm going to lose my mind...” 

The public observed Koutarou carrying Harumi around the 
track and as they ran under the school gate, continuing along 
the course. 

Part 5 

As Koutarou left the schoolyard, the commotion at the 
starting point died down and the competitors started taking 

“Dammit, that first-year brat won't get away with this!" 

“You want to get him, judo club!?" 

“Damn right! What about you, rugby club and sumo club!?" 
“You don't even need to ask! I'll show him!" 

“Gottsan desu!" 

“I hate him stepping on me, but even more so for being with 
a woman!" 

“That's right! Unforgivable! Damn envious!" 

“Gottsan desu!" 

While some were wresting with their emotions, most students 
had now left the starting point behind them. 

However, there was one participant who hadn't started. 

“Uu... Uuuuuuu..." 

This person laid on the ground, staring up into the sky. 

This person's partner had vanished in the commotion, and 
she was now all alone. 

“W-Why does this always happen to me..." 

She was wearing a black one piece with an apron on top and 
a white headdress. The supposedly beautiful outfit was 
covered in dirt and had several foot prints on it. 

A footprint had been left on her face as well. 

She had fallen during the commotion, and the other 
competitors had trampled her. 

“But I need to go, or I'll lose even more points... Uuu..." 

That person slowly stood back up. 

After standing up, she tried to brush off dirt from her outfit, 
but even then the footprints would not disappear. 

“F-Fight! Y-Yurika Fight! Fight!” 

Fler name was Nijino Yurika. 

It was the girl known for her excessive cosplay hobby. 

Eventually, Yurika dragged her body forwards and began 
shakily running. 

“I at least wanted to show it to someone before it got dirty...” 

Just up until a moment ago, she had been close to tears due 
to being forced to wear her outfit and make-up, but now that 
it had gotten dirty it seemed that she had changed her mind. 

Flowever, even Yurika's tears seemed like some sort of joke 
with that footprint on her face. 

The first obstacle was 500 meters away from the starting 

After running half of the 400 meter long track and exiting the 

school, this meant that the first obstacle was roughly 300 
meters away. 

It was next to a playground by the foot of a small mountain. 

After passing by the first obstacle, the course continued onto 
a promenade into the beach district. 

The course then continued along the road along the coast. 

And there were obstacles placed along the parks and resting 
areas along the way. 

Koutarou reached first obstacle around the same time Theia 
had passed it. 

Theia showed a provocative smile as she continued running. 

"Hahaha, you're finally here, pleb! But at this rate, you have 
no chance of beating me! You'd do best to give up early on!” 

"Shut up, Tulip! As if I'd lose to the likes of you!” 

"Your mouth sure flaps a lot! I'd like to teach you a lesson but 
I don't have time to play with you now! I have to chase after 

Theia said so and began to run. 

Once she started running she no longer turned back to look 
at Koutarou. 

"Crap, Kiriha is already up ahead!? Senpai—” 


Koutarou put Harumi down on the ground and approached 
the first obstacle. 

And Harumi followed behind him. 

Sanae, who had been following after Koutarou, looked at 
Theia for a moment before following after Koutarou. 

The obstacle at the playground was a math problem. 

There were several desks that had been prepared in the 
playground, and they had to solve 10 easy math problems. 

And they were not allowed to continue until they had 
correctly solved all of them. 

The option of giving up was also possible, but in that case the 
competitor would be forced to wait one minute for each 
problem they were unable to solve. 

It was a rule to prevent competitors from getting stuck on an 
obstacle for too long. 

“Ahh, I don't get it. Help me, Kiri-chan!” 

There was already someone sitting by a desk. 

That would be Kiriha's partner, Takahashi. 

Since she was less intelligent, she had been left behind by 

She was desperately working away at the problems, but she 
had only solved half of the problems so far. 

At this rate she would probably be forced to give up. 

Koutarou took a seat next to her, picked up a pencil and got 
to work on solving the problems and Harumi did the same. 

“Come on Koutarou, don't space out! Hurry up and solve it! 

Theia has already gone ahead!” 

"Let's see here... 5682 + 7940 is...? Wow, what a pain..." 

All ten problems were math problems at elementary school 

However, the numbers were larger, making it a pain to 

"Damn, I wish I had a calculator... 2 then 4 and 8 then carry 
one into 9 and 6 and 1...” 

Koutarou was bad at calculating, so he slowly counted using 
his fingers. 

"That's so easy! Just hurry up and solve it!” 

"Don't just call out to me all of a sudden, I'll lose track of 
where I am!” 


Sanae floated in front of Koutarou, crossed her arms and 
puffed up her cheeks. 

She was getting frustrated when Koutarou couldn't solve a 
problem even she could solve easily. 

Sanae's points were riding on Koutarou's success, so she 
couldn't help herself. 

"Alright, next one is..." 

And when Koutarou had solved his third problem, Harumi, 
who was next to him put down her pencil. 

"I'm done." 

“Eh, you're already done!?" 

“Yes. What about you, Satomi-kun?" 

“I still have a ways to go. Go on ahead please, senpai." 

Harumi peeked at Koutarou's problems; she couldn't just 
leave him behind. 

Koutarou noticed this and smiled as he called out to her. 

“Go on without me, please. I'll catch up with you right away!” 

“You're finishing the race right, Sakuraba-senpai? If you 
bother too much with me, you might not be able to finish.” 

Though Harumi was hesitating, as soon as Koutarou 
mentioned finishing she nodded her head. 

“I understand. I'll go on ahead. But in return, promise me 


“When I get stuck, leave me behind too.” 

“I understand, I promise.” 

Koutarou agreed without hesitation. 

He wanted her to run at her own pace and put her up on the 
podium. In order to do that, he needed to leave her on her 
own as well. 

If Harumi was forced to run at Koutarou's pace, she would 

eventually collapse. 

They would eventually need to run separately. 

“Then we'll meet each other later." 

“Let's finish this, senpai!" 

“Yes, Satomi-kun!” 

Harumi left a smile behind and handed her paper to the 
committee member in charge of this obstacle. 


Her smile was more positive and powerful than ever. 

Seeing her smile, Koutarou wanted to put her on the podium 
even more. 

Because of that, he needed to make sure he caught up to 
Theia and Kiriha no matter what. 

“Hey, was that girl your girlfriend?" 

At that moment Takahashi, who sat next to Koutarou, pulled 
on his gym outfit. 

“Ahaha, that would be nice..." 

Koutarou smiled wryly and dropped his shoulders. 

"...You don't see many with that personality nowadays. You 
should get her while you can!" 

“I'd love too, but I'd feel bad for senpai if she was stuck with 
someone rough like me." 

“Ahaha, I don't see many with your personality either!" 


Koutarou and Takahashi laughed and then continued to solve 
the problems. 

As Koutarou began working on the final problem, Sanae, who 
had kept quiet up until now, opened her mouth. 

"You really are stupid, you know..." 

"Just leave me alone!” 

"Why do you need to spend so much time on problems like 
these? Geez!” 

Sanae complained as several participants arrived at the first 

As Koutarou was struggling with the calculations, many 
participants had caught up, and several had already gotten 

Takahashi from the girl's track and field team had completed 
the obstacle just a few moments ago. 

"I'll be going ahead, Satomi-kun!” 

"Uhahaha, I'll be going on ahead Kou! The lunch is mine 

Before Koutarou could finish solving the last problem, Shizuka 
and Kenji left their desks. 

Although they had arrived after Koutarou, since they had no 
problems calculating they were done in an instant. 

"You two are already done!?” 

“You're just too slow!" 

“See ya!" 

“Uwa, Kasagi-san, wait for me!" 

“Geez, I'll tell you the answer already!" 

“You can't, Sanae!" 

Sanae panicked as Kenji and Shizuka left and attempted to 
give Koutarou the answer, but he swiftly blocked her mouth. 

“Fugagaga! Fugaugaga!?" 

What does it matter! We'll lose at this rate! 

Sanae protested with her eyes, but Koutarou simply shook his 

“You can't. This isn't just between us." 

If this had just been about Koutarou and the invaders, he 
might have listened to Sanae. 

However, Koutarou wanted Harumi to win, and he didn't want 
to do that by cheating. She wouldn't be satisfied with that 

On top of that, there was the bet with Kenji and Shizuka. 

He couldn't simple just let Sanae answer for him. 

As Sanae heard Koutarou's response, she pulled his hand 
away from her mouth. 

“Then hurry up already!" 

“I know, I know. Don't rush me!” 

Koutarou continued solving the last problem. 

"Geez, you're not just stupid but stubborn as well!” 

Sanae let out an amazed voice. 

But... Friends are a nice thing... 

On the other hand, Sanae was envious of Koutarou's 

"You can do it, Koutarou, there're probably no more than ten 
people in front of you!” 


Part 6 

Koutarou dashed onto the road with Sanae cheering for him. 

The road Koutarou was running had hedges on either side. 

On top of that, it was properly cleaned and gave off a nice 

Around this time in the middle of May, the sunlight was 
strong and the temperature was high. 

However, the gentle breeze from the sea cancelled that out. 
As Koutarou was running, he didn't feel that much heat. 

“If we keep going at this pace, we might win!" 

“It would be nice if that was the case..." 

Koutarou had fallen behind because of the first obstacle. After 
that, things went more smoothly. However... 

The second obstacle was throwing a ball a certain distance 
and the third was carrying a ping pong ball with a spoon. 
Koutarou had completed them both on the first try, and he 
was gradually passing by the other competitors. 

“Koutarou, look up, it's Theia! We've caught up!" 

“Great, we'll get past her on the next obstacle!" 

And just before the fourth obstacle, Koutarou had finally 
caught up to Theia. 

Theia was also doing well, but she had fallen behind on the 
third obstacle. 

In reality, having been brought up as a princess, she was 
rather clumsy. 

And since she was an alien, she was pretty bad at events she 
had never done before. 

“Is that you, pleb!? Tsk, to think you've already caught up!" 

“Wahahaha, you'd be better off if you had longer legs!" 

Noticing Koutarou, Theia slightly increased her pace. 

Koutarou also raised his pace and pursued her. 

And with the fourth obstacle in front of them, they hurried 

“Even though you're my vassal, you're always like this! Why 
are you always so harsh on me!?" 

“Because I don't want to be your servant!" 

“Why don't you learn from the cheerleading squad, you 
incompetent servant! They became my vassals after you, but 
they're already dedicated to me!" 

“I refuse, you spoiled princess!" 


“You two never change..." 

“As if I'd change! Me and Koutarou are having an important 

“This is a crucial moment! I'll reform this idiot's personality!" 
Though the two were blaming each other, when Sanae 

complained they replied in perfect harmony. 

“...But wouldn't it be easier to run if you're not talking?" 
“How could I run if I throw away my pride!?" 

“That's right! How could I just let this idiot keep talking!?" 
“...You two really are..." 

Wouldn't the two of them actually get along really well? 

If she had said that, they would deny it immediately, but she 
couldn't help but feel that way. 

“Wahahaha, It's my victory, Tulip!" 

As they reach the ballpark where the fourth obstacle was, 
Koutarou declared his victory. 

“What was that!? This can still go either way!” 

“No, it's my win! It seems fate favored me!" 

There was a reason for Koutarou's declaration. 

The fourth obstacle was speed eating jam-filled bread. 

This left Koutarou at an advantage. 

“Koutarou has an endless stomach, after all. This'll be easy." 
“So this was an event for dirty lower class citizens!?" 

“Shut up!" 

“You are my vassal, right!? Please eat with grace! If you just 
stuff your mouth you'll embarrass me! I could even wait here 
for a moment if you'd like!" 

“That's none of your business!" 

As they entered the ballpark, Koutarou and Theia were given 
a jam-filled bread each. 

Compared to Koutarou's, Theia's bread was slightly smaller. 

It was a handicap for women. 

“Ahhh, don't just stuff it into your mouth! Take smaller bites 
and eat it gracefully!" 

“Are you stupid!? As if I'd waste time on that in the middle of 
a race!” 

Koutarou ignored Theia's complaints and stuffed his face with 
the bread. 

“WaaaM Would you think of my position for one moment 
pleb!? I'm ashamed to have such an embarrassing vassal!" 

As if I caaaare! 

And as Koutarou was chewing the bread in his mouth, 
another voice called out to Koutarou. 



The voice belonged to Harumi. 

She was tearing off small bits of the bread and putting it in 
her mouth. 

“Like that, gracefully chewing like that is how the upper 
class— Hey, I'm not done talking to you, pleb!" 

"Se... chomp.!” 

"Ku, that woman again!? Curse you, Sakuraba Harumi! That 
man is my vassal!” 

Theia stomped her feet irritatedly. 

"There's no need to be so jealous.” 

"Who are you calling jealous! That plebeian belongs to me! 
I'm just angry he's been taken away!” 

"That's what they call jealousy.” 

"You're wrong!” 

Theia, who had gotten so excited her face turned red, put too 
much force into her hand and altered the shape of her bread. 

Oblivious to Theia's feelings, Koutarou ran off to Harumi. 

Koutarou swallowed the bread he was chewing on and began 
talking to Harumi. 

"Senpai, it looks like you're putting up quite the fight.” 

"I had a hard time throwing the ball, but I've managed so 

Though Harumi was weak, she was able to clear the third 
obstacle without any problem. 

The lead she had gained there made up for her slow speed, 
and she had gotten there before Theia. 

"But I'm not good with this obstacle...” 

"Yes, you look like you'd be bad with this kind of thing, 


Though things had gone smoothly for Harumi, the speed 
eating had stopped her. 

On top of having a weak constitution and being slow to eat, 
she had no appetite after running for so long. 

Because of that, despite having arrived at the fourth obstacle 
some time ago, she still had more than half of her bread left. 

“How about you, Satomi-kun?” 

“I just finished eating." 

“Boy's really are amazing..." 

“This is my only specialty..." 

“Fufu, I'm quite envious." 

Harumi put on a small smile and showed her bread. 

“Satomi-kun, don't mind me and continue on ahead. It's 
going to take me a while longer." 


“That was our promise, Satomi-kun!" 

That's right I should let senpai run at her own pace... If I rush her she might 
not be able to finish... 

“Got it, senpai. Please make sure you catch up later, okay?" 
“Yes, I promise." 

Harumi nodded greatly and continued eating her bread. 

“Then I'll go on ahead." 

“Good luck, Satomi-kun." 

“You too, senpai." 

“Ah, wait up, Koutarou!" 

“Don't leave me behind, pleb!" 

Koutarou left Harumi behind and continued running towards 
the next obstacle. 

Part 7 

Harumi didn't leave the fourth obstacle until several minutes 
after Koutarou. 

During that time, several participants had passed her and she 
had fallen far behind. 

“I figured this would happen...” 

Despite running on the marathon course, several participants 
passed her, and by the time she had cleared the fifth 
obstacle she was in last place. 

"But I promised Satomi-kun I'd finish, so I need to give it my 

However, Harumi was still cheerful and smiled as she steadily 
ran on the course. 

"Only half of the course left, I can do this!" 

Satomi-kun will be waiting for me at the goal! 

The newest member of the knitting society was waiting for 
her by the goal. 

With that in her mind, Harumi was able to continue running. 
"Uuu, I can't run any further..." 

Unlike Harumi, the person next to her looked like she was 
about to give up any moment now. 

She had a gloomy expression, her body was wavering and 
her steps were heavy. 

Despite sharing last place, they were complete opposites. 

"R-Retire, that's right, I just need to retire and this will end...! 
B-But if I retire my tatami will...! But I have no chance of 
catching up now! I can just drop out and rest, right? I gave it 
my all..." 

This person had only experienced misfortune since the 
starting point. 

She had fallen over and several participants had trampled 

She had struggled with the calculations at the first obstacle. 
On the second obstacle, she had set a new low record of two 

At the third obstacle, she had dropped the ping pong ball five 
times. At the fourth obstacle, she had dropped her bread and 
it had been covered in dirt. 

At the fifth obstacle, which was vaulting, she had failed her 
landing and planted her face into the ground. 

"I'm at my limit... I'm overheating... Aha, ahahaha..." 

Her name was Nijino Yurika. 

She was a self-proclaimed magical girl fighting on her own. 

Yurika was wavering so much she was unable to run straight. 

Her sweat had messed up her make-up and her maid outfit 
was covered in dirt. Nothing of her previously beautiful look 
was left. 

She was at her limit, both physically and mentally. She looked 
like she would fall apart at any moment. 

I can't... 

“Hang in there." 

a -p n 

As Yurika was about to fall over, Harumi had gently held her 

“T-Thank you very much. B-But it's fine. I'll just retire here..." 

“Don't give up, please; you've already completed half of the 

Harumi desperately tried to encourage Yurika while keeping 
her from falling over. 

Harumi couldn't leave Yurika who was sharing last place on 
her own. 

“I can't win, nobody is looking and nobody will praise me..." 

“You can't. If you give up here, you will have lost to yourself. 
Even if nobody else is looking, you're still looking at yourself... 
Besides, I'm here with you. If you stop, I'll be sad." 


After hearing those powerful and kind words, Yurika began to 
see a small glimmer of hope. 

Having gone for so long without anyone listening to her, 
Harumi's gentle voice worked wonders. 

“Now, stand up! If you give up here, you'll lose to yourself in 
the future too!" 

I'll lose to myself again... I can't have that happen! 

Yurika clenched her teeth and poured force into her body. 
Doing that her body began to feel light again. 

"I !?" 

It was a mysterious feeling for Yurika. 

Harumi hadn't used magic, but power returned to Yurika. 
“Hang in there, put power into your legs!" 

“ Y-Yes! “ 

Yurika was able to recollect herself thanks to Harumi. 

Though she had given up, Yurika now felt that she could 
continue fighting. 

“...Um, thank you very much!" 

Yurika deeply bowed to Harumi. 

She was grateful from the bottom of her heart. 

She was only able to continue thanks to Harumi. 

“That's okay; when we're in trouble we should help each 
other out." 

To Harumi, who had a weak constitution, this was normal for 

She knew how painful it could be, more than anyone, and 
that's why she couldn't just leave Yurika on her own. 

She's so strong... She's probably several times stronger than me 

That was how Yurika felt as she looked at Harumi smiling. 

Although Harumi had no power, Yurika felt she would lose to 

And she admired her for that. She wanted to be like her. 

"I'm Sakuraba Harumi. And you are?” 

"Y-Yurika! Nijino Yurika!” 

Though they had barely missed each other a couple of times, 
this was the first time they had properly met. 

Part 8 

As Harumi and Yurika met, the lead group had now reached 
the eighth obstacle. 

The first one to reach it was Kiriha. 

She had managed to preserve the lead she had gained from 
the start. 

Being able to do everything well, this kind of event suited her 
just fine. 

“The eight obstacle is..." 

But as Kiriha looked around the eighth obstacle, a couple of 
people came running up. 

“There she is! That girl is the leader!” 

“We finally caught up!” 

“Not good, they finally closed the gap...” 

She had lost steam since the start of the race, and her speed 
had dropped. 

That was why the participants with stamina to spare had 
been able to catch up to her. 

The soccer club and the boy's track and field team, several 
clubs that required stamina, had caught up. 

“Oh, it's Kurano-san.” 

“Kurano-san? Ah, it's true.” 

Shizuka and Kenji were among the participants that had 
caught up. 

The two of them seem to have struggled quite a bit. Kenji's 
stage outfit and Shizuka's apron were both covered in dirt. 

The two ran up to Kiriha with smiles. 

“Welcome, you two." 

“I finally caught up to you, Kurano-san!" 

“To think I'm almost losing to girls... Kurano-san and Kasagi- 
san, you two are amazing." 

Kenji found himself impressed with the two girls. 

He was confident in his stamina since he had been in the 
baseball club along with Koutarou. 

Despite that, two of his female classmates had been running 
in front of him. 

“Fufu, well, you did catch up." 

Kiriha smiled at Kenji, but she was actually relieved. 

As I thought, Kasagi Shizuka is not normal... I'm happy she's not my 

Unaware how Kiriha felt about her, Shizuka happily looked at 
the eighth obstacle. 

At the halfway point of the marathon course, it turned around 
and headed back towards the school. 

Because of that, the eighth obstacle was by a vacant lot next 
to the school. 

“So the eighth obstacle is a balancing beam... But it seems 
pretty long." 

There were five long beams at the eighth obstacle. 

The beams were on average about 30 meters long, and 

From here, the participants needed to select one of the 
beams and cross over, but that selection was a difficult one. 

The five beams varied in thickness. 

The middle one had a standard thickness, and there were two 
thicker and two thinner beams. 

It didn't need to be said that the thinner the beam, the harder 
it would be to cross. 

But it wasn't just a simple matter of choosing a thicker beam. 

Depending on the thickness of the beam, the path branched 

The thicker the beam was, the longer the detour. 

If they fell off the beam, the participants would be covered in 
white powder, and the thicker the beam was, the longer the 
course they would have to run again. 

So choosing the right balancing beam was very important. 

Would participants pick a thinner beam to gain a lead, or play 
it safe and pick a thicker beam? 

It was an important selection that would influence the 
development of the marathon. 

“I'm at a loss... Mackenzie-kun, what beam will you cross?” 

“Hmm... I'm thinking of the middle one. It's not too hard and 
it's not too long.” 

"You're quite the careful one, Matsudaira-san.” 


As Kenji lets out an embarrassed laugh, a loud voice could be 
heard from afar. 

Hearing that voice, the three stopped moving towards the 

"Why would you swear loyalty to that weak woman over 

"It's because of your small heart! How about you show a bit 
of self-awareness, Tulip!?” 

"What!? Try saying that again, you stupid vassal!” 

"I'll say it as many times as I have to! Your size, breasts, and 
heart are small! You useless princess!” 

"My size and breasts have nothing to do with it! Take back 
those insults!" 

"I'm so sorry, you useless princess! The only thing small is 
your heart! Are you satisfied now!?" 

"You're not putting any feelings into it! It doesn't sound like 
an apology at all!” 

"Of course it doesn't! I have no intention of actually 

“You... You have something to say, you useless vassal!? Take 
this! And that!" 

"Ow, Owow! You want to fight!?" 

Koutarou and Theia came running whilst shouting at each 

Sanae was next to them, but Kenji and Shizuka were unable 
to see her. 

Koutarou and Theia would bump shoulders and kick each 
other as they ran. 

They would probably have been able to run faster if they 
didn't, but those two were stubborn and just kept doing it. 

Despite that, the speed they were running at was quite fast. 

With a rival at their side, they refused to lose. 

“Kou!? That idiot's already caught up! And Theia-san is with 

“Hmm... as expected from Satomi-kun." 

“The only thing he has is strength and stamina, after all..." 

When he saw Koutarou, Kenji changed his mind on what 
beam to cross. 

Koutarou is just reckless; he'll definitely pick the thinnest beam! So I'll pick 
the second thinnest one! I'll give up on the safe play! 

Kenji, who had been planning on taking the middle beam, 
was unable to take it slow now that Koutarou was closing in. 

He instead decided to take the balancing beam next to his 

and cross it as fast as he could. 

"I'll be going on ahead, Mackenzie-kun!” 

" Kasagi-san!?” 

However, Shizuka got on it before he could. 

She was thinking the same thing he was. 

Kenji hurriedly followed after her. 

However, Kiriha had something else in mind. 


Instead of crossing a beam with others on it, I'll pick one I can get right 
across! With no one in my way I can easily make up for the time lost on the 
detour! Even if I can't, there's still the ninth and tenth obstacle! 

Kiriha began crossing the middle beam that Kenji and Shizuka 
had planned on crossing. 

Even if Shizuka and Kenji hurried, they couldn't get past the 
people in front of them. 

Which was why Kiriha had picked the middle beam no one 
was crossing. 

She was planning on dashing through it. 

The beam was longer, but she figured that she would be able 
to cross it faster with nobody in the way. 

"It's a balancing beam! This must be hard for you since 
you're so unbalanced, Theia!” 

"Just keep barking, plebeian! I'll show you the difference 

between us!” 

Koutarou and Theia arrived at the obstacle. 

And just as Kenji had predicted, Koutarou went for the 
smallest beam. 

Koutarou was not one for petty tricks and went for the 
shortest path. 

"Hurry up and cross it, Koutarou! We're close the goal now!" 
"Leave it to me!" 

Based on the situation it looked like Theia would follow after 
Koutarou, but instead she went for the thickest beam. 

"Hey, Koutarou." 


"Theia went that way." 

"...You're right. That's quite timid of you, Princess Tulip!" 

Even though Koutarou was provoking her, Theia showed no 
signs of anger. 

"Kukuku. More haste, less speed: I've only adhered to that 
proverb. Impatience is unfitting for royalty!" 

Theia smiled as she began crossing the beam. 

Because of the thickness of the beam, there was next to no 
chance of losing balance. 

And Theia was able to move several times faster than 

Amongst them, the first one to cross the halfway point was 

Following her was Theia, Shizuka and Kenji in that order. 
Koutarou was the last of the five. 

He had joined in later, and the thin beam had made it difficult 
to cross. 

Part 9 

And although it looked like it was a just a simple matter of 
crossing the beam, an unexpected ambush happened. 

“There they are! It's the leaders!" 

“We've finally caught up! Now where is that one-year brat!?" 
“Gottsan desu!" 

It was the three upperclassmen Koutarou had stepped on at 
the start. 

The rugby club, the judo club and the sumo club. 

The men who were burning with anger approached the 
balancing beams. 

“Uwa, they're here!?” 

Sensing a hostile aura from behind, Koutarou turned his head 
to look. 

Though Koutarou was quick to forget, he clearly remembered 
those distinct uniforms he had used as stepping stones at the 
start of the marathon. 

“Koutarou, it's those three! It looks like they're looking for 
you! What do we do!?" 

“Even if you say that..." 

Not good! 

Koutarou turned his face down and tensed up. 

He was hoping to cross the beam before they found him. 

“Damn! Where is that brat!?" 

“You don't remember, rugby club!?" 

“It was just for an instant, so not clearly..." 

However, the three men were quicker to forget than 

None of them remembered his face. 

“Alright! Luck is on our side!" 


As Sanae cheered, Koutarou celebrated on the inside as he 
crossed the beam, trying not to stand out. 

“Gottsan desu!" 

“Hm? What is it, sumo club?” 

“Gottsan desu!" 

“What? He was with a woman at the time? That's right, good 
thing the sumo club doesn't admit women! You noticed just 
the right thing!" 

“Rugby club! Over there! The only one with a woman is that 
guy! We've finally found him!" 

“Good work! It's time for revenge!" 

“Gottsan desu!" 

The three set their eyes on a certain male student on top of a 

balancing beam. 

"Mackenzie-kun, something strange is happening behind 



Of course, the person they had set their eyes on was Kenji, 
who was with Shizuka. 

"Heey! First-year brat! How dare you use us as stepping 

"And with a woman! I'm so envious!" 

"Gottsan desu!" 

The earth shook as the three giant men headed towards the 

Several students who planned on crossing the beam got out 
of their way. 

"You can't run away any more!!" 

"W-What's wrong!? Just what is going on!?” 

Kenji, who didn't have a grasp of the situation, tilted his head 
as the beam shook as the three men approached him. 

Why are they so angry!? And why are they closing in on me!? 

They had mixed him up with Koutarou, so Kenji had no idea of 
what was going on. 

"Are you trying to play stupid!? Don't tell me you forgot 
stepping on us at the start line!!" 

“That alone is enough to punish you, but what's with you!? 
You're even with such a cute girl! I'm so envious!!" 

“Gottsan desu!" 

“You've made some kind of mistake! I haven't stepped on you 
at all! 

“You're the only one with a woman! You can't fool us!" 

“You heard him! Introduce us, you bastard!" 

“Gottsan desu!" 

Kenji desperately tried to persuade the three behind him, but 
they wouldn't listen to a word he said. They slowly closed in 
on him. 

“T-They're here!" 

“Kyahaha, stop touching me in strange places, Mackenzie- 


Kenji tried to run up ahead, but with Shizuka in the way, he 
was stuck. 

“Dammit you first-year brat! What kind of envious things are 
you doing in this situation!?" 

“That's it, I've had it! What's with this difference in response, 
just because you have good looks!?" 



“Gottsan desu!" 

To the three men, capturing Kenji had a higher priority than 
winning the race, so they didn't mind falling off the balancing 

That's why they were crossing the beam much faster than 
Kenji and Shizuka. 

At this rate it was only a matter of time before they caught 
up to Kenji. 

“Oh dear, sorry Mackenzie." 

As Koutarou looked at the three men approaching Kenji, he 
put his hands together. 

“...Koutarou, you really are sly!” 

“You think so?" 

“Ah, so that's how it is! It's your fault, isn't it, Kou!?” 

Looking at Koutarou putting his hands, together it suddenly 
struck Kenji. 

The three men were chasing after a boy/girl team that had 
gotten an early lead. 

The only team who fit into that criteria was Koutarou and 

“Don't try to involve innocent people, Mackenzie-kun!" 

“Oh dear, how impudent of you... You're the one who involved 

“That was that and this is this. Surely you don't want to lose, 

“Well that's true... Now that I think about it, you've always 
been an awful person..." 

“You think so?" 

Sanae gave Koutarou a cold glance. 

However, Koutarou was indifferent. 

“He's right! Don't be so unsightly, you first-year brat!" 

“You're wrong! That guy, Kou, is the true culprit!” 

“That brat is on his own, and unpopular no matter how you 
look at it! You're a terrible liar!" 

“Gottsan desu!" 

Despite Kenji desperately trying to persuade them, the three 
men showed no signs of taking their eyes of Kenji and they 
had now closed the distance to a few meters. 

At that point, Kenji finally made up his mind. 

“...At this point, I'll get caught and fall off the balancing 
beam! That's why I'm taking you with me, Kou!" 

“What are you trying to do!?" 


The next moment, Kenji jumped off the beam and tried to 
kick Koutarou, who was crossing next to him. 

It was Kenji's attempt at a recovery. 

Rather than being thrown off by the three men, he would kick 
Koutarou off his beam and then make a run for the marathon 
course, losing the three men. 

Though he might lose to Shizuka, as long as he didn't lose to 
Koutarou, there were no problems. 

This was the best plan he had to come out on top in his 
current situation. 

"Take this!" 

"Look out, Koutarou! Dodge it!" 

Being childhood friends, Koutarou and Kenji were no 
strangers to fistfights. 

Which was why as soon as Kenji jumped, Koutarou prepared 
to intercept him. 

I'm on top of a balancing beam with poor footing, and my opponent is 
coming at me with a flying kick. I have no way of blocking it! 

"In that case, what if I do this!?" 

Koutarou swung his right arm and hit Kenji's extended foot. 

Because of that, Kenji's aim was thrown off, and he fell 
towards the mat covered in white powder. 


Having deflected Kenji's attack, Koutarou lost his balance and 
was now desperately waving his arms, trying to regain it. 

"Don't think you've won just yet!" 

However, just before Kenji fell onto the mat, he reached out 
his hand. 

He was planning on grabbing Koutarou's flailing arm and 
dragging him down. 

"Koutarou, watch out for the hand!” 

"Damn you, Mackenzie!” 

"Wahahaha, Kou, I'm taking you down wi—” 

Just before Kenji reached Koutarou, his foot touched the mat. 

However, that didn't matter to him, as long as he could grab 
Koutarou's arm. 

Kenji's plan was flawless. His quick decision-making when 
cornered, the following flying kick, and even reaching out his 
hand at the last moment were all according to plan. 

...Normally anyways. 


However, regardless of how amazing Kenji was, he had no 
chance against the sudden explosion at his feet. 

Because of the tiny explosion, Kenji vanished. 

And Koutarou, who was on the verge of losing his footing, was 
fortunately pushed by the following shock wave and regained 
his balance. 

"W-What!? What just happened!?” 

However, despite having regained his balance, Koutarou was 
in shock from the sudden explosion. 


"Koutarou, are you okay!?” 

"Satomi-kun, what about Mackenzie-kun!?” 

Of course, Koutarou wasn't the only one who was shocked. 

Sanae, Kiriha, and Shizuka were equally surprised. 

And Kenji, who had been involved in the explosion, had no 
time to be surprised as he rolled along the mat. 

There were very few who weren't surprised by the sudden 

"Hey, the drama club member with the girl just exploded!” 

"What!? The kind of guy you'd find at a club was blown 

"Gottsan desu!” 

"Did you hear!? The playboy bastard with glasses just self- 

"What!? He failed at seducing a woman!?” 

"That's what I like to hear!" 

Several men at the obstacle chimed in. 

"Hooray, hooray, hooray!” 

And they cheered with smiles on their faces. 


There was one more person who wasn't surprised by this 


“How frightening! This is why barbarians at the fringe of the 
universe are so frightening! To think they would bury 
landmines just to win at a sports festival! Truly frightening!" 

The person who was laughing loudly on the furthest away 
beam was none other than the seventh princess of the Holy 
Forthorthe Galactic Empire, Theiamillis Gre Forthorthe. 

“Landmines!? You mean this is your doing, Tulip!?" 

Hearing her high pitched laugh, Koutarou was certain she was 
behind the mines. 

“Ohohoho! I have no idea what you're talking about! Keep 
your false accusations to yourself! 

However, Theia was feigning ignorance. 

There was no evidence, so Theia was quite confident. 

“Quit lying! The only ones who would do something as 
annoying as this are you and Sanae!" 

“Wait just a minute! Why am I included in this!? You take that 
back and say you believe me more than anything!" 

“C-Calm down, it's just a figure of speech!" 

Being grouped up with Theia angered Sanae, and she began 
shaking Koutarou's head. 

Since he was still on top of the beam, Koutarou tried 
desperately not to fall off. 

At this point, a famous foreign song began playing. 

The source of the song was the cellphone in Koutarou's 

It was the theme song from a popular secret service movie. 

Koutarou had set that as his ring tone whenever he got a ca 
from Ruth. 

“You need to stop taking me for a troublemaker!” 

“W-Wait, I've got a call from Ruth!” 

“Do you think you can fool me with that!?” 

“Just be fooled for now!” 

While being shaken by Sanae, Koutarou pulled his cellphone 
out and answered the call. 



Ruth's hasty voice could be heard from the cellphone. 

She was speaking rapidly, and her voice was trembling. 
“Damn! Did Ruth catch on!?” 

Sensing that Ruth was on the phone with Koutarou, Theia's 
confident smile vanished. 

“I have terrible news, Satomi-sama! 128 neutralizing mines 
are missing from Blue Knight's—” 

“Blue Knight, commence wide area jamming! Shut down all 


However, Ruth's voice stopped mid-sentence. 

“Ruth-san, what was that about landmines!? Ruth-san!?” 

Flustered, Koutarou called out to Ruth repeatedly, but the call 
ended with a beep. 

He tried to call her back, but he was unable to connect to her. 

The cellphone's display showed a no signal message. 

“No signal!? Impossible, why would this...?” 

“It's Theia! She's doing something again!” 

“Dammit, Tulip! What's the meaning of this!? What did she 
mean by 128 mines!?” 

“How terrifying... If 128 neutralizing mines really are buried 
here nobody would be able to escape. Terrorism really is 

“You bastard, you think you can just play stupid!?” 

“Koutarou, I don't think you have to right to say that...” 

Koutarou ground his teeth, but Theia showed a confident 

Based on the situation, it was clear that Theia was the culprit, 
but there was no real evidence. 

“What will you do now, pleb!? Do you dare advance knowing 
there are landmines below you!?” 

“You bastard...” 

Theia boasted of her triumph. 

It was just as she said. Knowing that they could fall into 
landmines, nobody would advance like before. 

This held true the faster they went and the thinner the beam 

Everybody stopped moving. 


"Ah, you finally caught up!" 

Theia's partner, a member of the cheerleading squad, arrived 
at the obstacle. 

"Hurry up and come to my side!” 

"Hail to the princess!” 

The cheerleading squad member began crossing the thickest 
beam without hesitation. 

And not with the steps of someone being cautious of 
landmines below them. 

They were powerful steps without hesitation. 

"I got it! Theia-dono, there are no mines under that beam, 

Kiriha pointed at the beam Theia was crossing and 

"So that's why she went for the thickest beam!?” 

"It was that kind of trap!? That's playing dirty, Tulip!” 
"Ohohoho! Stop with your baseless accusations! I and the 

cheerleading squad are merely crossing the beam equipped 
with unbreakable will, unwavering courage, and absolute 
loyalty! You can stay while lamenting over your own 
weakness for as long as you'd like!” 

Theia boasted triumphantly as she grouped up with the 
cheerleading squad. 

"Let's go! You and I will finish first and second!" 

"Hail to the princess!" 

Theia had taken 128 mines from the Blue Knight's weapon 

They had been buried here yesterday night by the 
cheerleading squad. 

The only safe passage was the thickest beam. 

Anywhere else had been packed with mines. 

You were too naive, plebeian and Kiriha! Did you think I would fall into your 
trap without any plans!? 

This minefield had been set up as a counter measure due to 
Kiriha's suspicious movements. 

"Hey! It looks like there's nothing set up under that beam 
over there!" 

"So all we need to do is cross that!?" 

"That's it! Let's go!" 

"Cross it!" 


However, something Theia had not planned for happened. 

When the other students had realized that all other beams 
were no good, they all began to cross the beam Theia was 

"U-uwa, c-can't all of you cross it a little bit slower!?” 

" P-Princess!” 

Because a large amount of people began crossing the beam, 
it started shaking. 

This caused by troubles for the large cheerleading squad 

Unable to control his high center of gravity due the shaking 
beam, he quickly lost his balance. 

"Hey, keep it together!" 

"But! Prin— Uwaaa!?" 

"L-Let go of me, you fool! Ahhhh!" 

And the cheerleading squad member fell off the beam, taking 
Theia with him. 

Falling off of the beam, the cheerleading squad member and 
Theia turned pure white from the powder on the mat. 

Theia got up in a fluster, grabbed the cheerleading squad 
member's chest, and started shouting. 

"You idiot! Why did you bring me with you!? If you're falling, 
just fall on your—” 


However, Theia was unable to finish scolding her partner 
because a landmine exploded by their feet. 


Blown away by the landmine, they rolled on the mat and 
turned pure white once again. 

“I told you to keep the beam at the edge clear...” 

”P-Princess, I was certain that you meant the beam for the 

In the obstacle marathon, clubs involved with volunteer work 
also participated. 

Because of that, students who had been injured and were 
using wheelchairs also participated. 

Because of that, there was a special beam kept separate 
from the others for handicapped students, and the 
cheerleading squad had not planted any mines there. 

This was because Theia had told them to keep the rightmost 
beam clear of mines. 

Hearing that, the cheerleading squad had been moved by her 
kindness, but sadly, that was not her intention. 

"You fo-fool... It seems the loyalty... and courage... brought 
unfavorable results... Ugh...” 

"I am truly, so... Ugh.” 

"Uwaaaa, there are bombs buried under this one too!” 

"Turn around! Run away!” 

“Don't push! Stop pushing! I'll fall!" 

“The mines! The mines will...!" 

The remaining students panicked. 

They figured that the thickest beam was safe and had begun 
crossing all at once, but not even this beam was safe. 

They no longer had anywhere to run. 

It wasn't just Koutarou and the others, but all of the students 
were now at a standstill on top of the beams. 

However, with so many people being pushed around, that 
didn't last for long. 

“Waaaaa! I can't keep it up!” 



Several students fell from the beams, and looking at them, 
several more students lost their footing. 

“Why!? Is this heavenly punishment for being too beautiful!?” 

“I guess it's always the same for ugly men no matter where 
they go!” 

“Gottan desu!” 

Several flashes and explosions could be seen and heard at 
the eighth obstacle. 

It could be described as a battlefield. 

The only saving grace was that the neutralizing mines didn't 

harm anyone, but for those caught in the explosion, that fact 
wasn't of much help. 

Part 10 

Though there was a huge commotion at the eighth obstacle, 
that did not concern Harumi and Yurika, who had just passed 
the sixth obstacle. 

They were still a kilometer away from the eight obstacle. 

“Are you okay, Nijino-san?” 

“I'm okay, Sakuraba-senpai." 

“We still have a long way to go, so hang in there." 

“Yes, thank you very much!" 

They encouraged each other as they dragged their heavy and 
tired bodies towards the goal. 

The two girls running on the road created a very calm 
atmosphere, the complete opposite of the atmosphere at the 
eighth obstacle. 

The two got along very well. Harumi, who was normally 
withdrawn, did not mind being with Yurika for some reason. 

The reason might have been when she had met Yurika, she 
was struggling. Yurika also had a childish personality, and the 
fact that they were participating in the same marathon 
seemed to have all worked together and lowered Harumi's 

And because Harumi actually listened, Yurika liked her as 

In other words, it seemed like they would make good friends. 

They both felt that it would be fine to just keep running 
towards the goal at their current pace. 

"Sakuraba-senpai, why are you trying so hard?” 

“Fuh... Hah... Actually, I promised my friend in my society 
that I'd finish the race.” 

Harumi was breathing roughly as she answered Yurika's 

And her words would cut off from time to time due to her 
heavy breathing. 

It seemed like she was about to reach her limit; however, 
even then, Harumi was smiling. 

"That's why... I want to... reach the goal. It's a precious... 
promise with my friend...” 

Having missed out on school a lot when she was younger, 
she had very few people she could call friends. 

Which was why Koutarou held a special meaning to her. 

Although the promise to reach the goal might not have meant 
much to him, it was a very important promise for Harumi 

"Friend... What kind of person is it?" 

Harumi's friend. 

Not realizing it was Koutarou, Yurika asked Harumi. 


But Harumi's words were cut off, and her legs stopped 

Yurika, who was running normally, took a few steps in front of 


As Yurika stopped and turned around, Harumi body started 

Harumi's face was pale and her pupils were shaking, as if she 
was trying to say something. 

But Harumi didn't say anything and instead looked at Yurika 
with an apologetic look and fell towards the concrete 


However, Harumi didn't slam into the ground. 

Yurika unexpectedly moved swiftly to catch Harumi. 

“Please hang in there, Sakuraba-senpai!" 



Blood drained from Harumi's face. Her lips turned purple and 
her limbs were cold. 

Though it wasn't impossible, it seemed a five kilometer 
marathon was too much for Harumi. 

Despite having trained a bit, her body was still screaming. 

Before she met Koutarou, Harumi might have retired halfway 

However, Harumi had given it her all in order to fulfill her 
promise with Koutarou. 

“So-sorry... I have... a weak body...” 

”P-Please wait, I'll call for help right away!” 

I need to hurry, or something terrible might happen! 

Yurika understood that Harumi was far from okay. 

Her face was pale and her breathing was rough. 

And although her body temperature had dropped, her heart 
was throbbing. 

Yurika, panicking, looked around her surroundings, but there 
was no one else around. 

She tried to stand up to go find some help. 

What stopped her was Harumi's weak voice and her cold 
hand grasping on to Yurika's hand. 

"Niji... no-san... Sorry I couldn't... be with you... until the 

With those last words, Harumi lost consciousness. 

The cold hand holding onto Yurika slowly let go and fell onto 
the ground. 

"Sakuraba-senpai! Sakuraba-senpai!” 

Despite Yurika desperately calling out to Harumi, she didn't 

regain her consciousness. 

This is bad! There's no time to spare! In that case!... 

Yurika gently put Harumi down on the concrete and stood up 
with a determined expression. 

She extended her right arm and declared loudly. 

“Come! Angel Halo!” 

A blue spherical light appeared in front of Yurika's extended 

When the blue sphere of light vanished, a decorated staff was 
floating in its place. 

As Yurika grabbed the floating staff, she grasped it with both 
of her hands and focused. 

“Next is... Costume Change — Modifier Quicken — End — 

When she raised the staff above her head, a blue flash 
covered her body, and her outfit instantly changed into 

From the maid outfit into the magical girl outfit. 

It was the outfit Yurika was wearing when she had first 
appeared in Room 106. 

“Just wait a second, Sakuraba-senpai. This magical girl, 
Rainbow Yurika, will save you!” 

After changing her outfit, she grabbed her staff and focused 
once more. 

This time, she pointed the tip of the staff at Harumi's chest. 

Harumi had her eyes closed and was not moving a muscle. 

Being unconscious, she was unaware of what was happening 
around her. 

“Remove Disease — Modifier Maximus!" 

As Yurika shouted, the blue light from the cane wrapped 
around Harumi's body. 

When Yurika used magic, there were seven different types of 
lights that could appear. 

The blue light was when Yurika was trying to summon 

All three spells she had used today had a blue light. 

She was magical girl, Rainbow Yurika. 

A magical girl able to use the seven colors of the rainbow. 

Unfortunately, nobody was around to see her save the day. 

However, at that point, Yurika didn't care about herself. 

The only thing she was concerned with was saving Harumi. 

“Wake up, Harumi-senpai!" 

Yurika grasped the staff harder as she shouted. 

And the blue light glowed brighter and covered Harumi in 
several layers. 

Yurika desperately tried to wake Harumi up. 

“You're going to reach the goal, right!? You made a promise 
with your friend, right!?" 

However, Harumi showed no signs of opening her eyes. 

She had been born with her sickness; it wasn't that simple of 
a task. 

It wasn't something that could be cured right away, even 
using magic. 

“I'll run with you! So please!" 

Even then, Yurika kept calling out to Harumi with a loud 

Harumi was the one who had taught her not to give up. 

Suddenly, something unexpected happened. 

The light flowing from the staff started changing, almost as if 
responding to Yurika's voice. 

“Eh!? W-What is this!? I've never heard of white magic!" 

The light had turned from blue to pure white before she knew 

And the light was shining much brighter than before. 

It was almost as if a tiny sun had appeared, and the white 
light surrounded Yurika and Harumi. 

“W-Why!? Even my own wounds!? And even the pain is 


The magic Yurika had used on Harumi increased in power and 
started affecting not only Harumi, but Yurika as well. 

Yurika had several wounds after being trampled, but when 
enveloped in the light they vanished as if nothing had ever 

Even her exhaustion weighing her body down disappeared. 
"What is this!?” 

Eventually, the light turned into a pillar extending to the sky. 

And Yurika stood in the middle of the pillar with a blank look 
on her face. 

"What is this power!?” 

The magic Yurika had used on Harumi was only intended to 
cure a single person from their sickness. 

It didn't have the power to affect multiple people, and 
definitely not heal their wounds and remove their exhaustion. 

That was another spell entirely. On top of that, the effect was 

"Could this be the power concentrated in Room 106!?” 

Yurika wasn't sure of the origin of this power either. 

But she knew one thing for certain. 

"No, the reason doesn't matter! With this much power, I can 
save Sakuraba-senpai!” 

Harumi's pained look disappeared, and color returned to her 
face and limbs. 

Her low body temperature returned to normal. Her pulse and 
breath slowed down. 

The only important thing was that Harumi was okay. 

Nothing else really mattered to Yurika at that point. 

Part 11 

"D-Dammit! I can't... lose here... I n-need to put... senpai on 
the podium!” 

"Hang in there, Koutarou; you're almost there!” 

Returning to the schoolyard, Koutarou's whole body was 
covered in wounds. 

Koutarou was unable to walk straight, and it was only a 
matter of time before he passed out and collapsed. 

He was using a branch he picked up on his way as a cane and 
almost dragged his body under the school gate. 

As Koutarou entered the schoolyard, the audience on the 
bleachers stood up. 

Although he was struggling, he was currently in first place. 

Despite the obstacle marathon being an annual race, the 
Knitting Society had never taken first place before. 

Because of that, the tension of the audience in the 
schoolyard was at an all-time high. 

However, even their loud shouts of joy were unable to reach 
Koutarou's ears. 

"Just a little bit more, the goal is so close..." 

"Look, it's the tenth obstacle! It's only 30 meters away!” 

The only voice that reached the exhausted Koutarou was 

He was only relying on her words as he dragged his legs 

The reason Koutarou was in this state was because of the 
minefield at the eighth obstacle. 

The ninth obstacle only served to worsen his current state. 

However, Koutarou didn't fall because he wanted Harumi to 
win and because of Sanae cheering him on. 

Without that, he would have collapsed long ago. 

“If you do that you're done!" 

“Done? 1-1'm already done?” 

However, Koutarou made a big mistake. 

He had missed part of what Sanae told him, thinking she had 
said "You're done”. 

“Waa, Koutarou, no, you can't stop now!” 

“I'm finally done...” 

Usually, this small mistake wouldn't be any problems. 

But for Koutarou, who had reached his limits, once he lost his 
will there was no coming back. 

Koutarou's body shut down and he simply fell down with a 
satisfied smile on his face 

“I did it!” 

“You didn't! Would you listen to me!?" 

“Uhehehe, you don't have to praise me that much, Sanae..." 

Sanae's screams were in vain as Koutarou shut his eyes. 

Being exhausted, Koutarou had already lost his 


Having passed out, Koutarou had an expression of relief. 

It was the expression of a man who had completed his task. 

“Why are you falling asleep with such a satisfied smile!? 

What are you going to do about my tatami!?" 

However, to Sanae, Koutarou's relieved expression and 
satisfied smile were truly unpleasant. 

When Koutarou who had dominated first place collapsed, the 
schoolyard fell into disarray, and the commenter raises his 
voice in response. 

“Oh, this looks to be big trouble! The Knitting Society's 
representative Satomi Koutarou went down just before the 
tenth obstacle! The nearby committee member is shaking his 
head! It seems like he's completely passed out!" 

And before the female commentator could finish, the crowd's 
tension rose once again as the second place and third place 
participants entered the schoolyard. 

“There you are, Sanae! Koutarou is... Aha, after coming this 
far he passed out! That's alright; as my vassal, when I win 
you will be rewarded as well!" 

“Which means the winner between the two of us will be 
declared victor..." 

Theia and Kiriha entered the schoolyard. 

There must have been quite a large gap between them and 
the rest of the participants because no one else could be 

As they entered the schoolyard, cheers start pouring down 
from the bleachers. 

"Kurano-san! You can do it!” 

"Kiriha-chan! Win this and capture the funds for the culture 

"Hail to the princess! Hail to the princess! Victory for her 
Highness Theiamillis! Glory for the Forthorthe royal family!” 

But just like Koutarou, the two of them were exhausted and 
were unable to respond to the cheers. 

There were covered in white powder and their clothes had 
scorch marks. 

They had both fallen off the balancing beams. 

After that, they had fought one another and gradually lost 
their stamina. By the time they entered the schoolyard, they 
were barely able to move. 

A drop of sweat would slip down the white powder every time 
they took a step. 

"It was quite the dramatic race, but it seems we need to 
settle this now.” 

"That was my intention from the start. Let's settle this, Theia- 

Despite that, the two of them dragged their legs forward and 
ran on the track. 

The tatamis for Room 106 depended on this obstacle race. 

There was no way they would simply back down. 

As the two of them got closer to Koutarou, they called out to 
Sanae next to Koutarou. 

"Sanae, is Koutarou alright?” 

"Yes, he's just sleeping..." 

"I see, that's good.” 

"Kukuku, it seems you chose the wrong partner, Sanae!” 

"Shut up, leave me alone!” 

"I think I'll do just that, fuhahahahaha!” 

They ran past Koutarou and reached the tenth obstacle. 

"Welcome back, master, and welcome to the last stop, the 
tenth obstacle-J’” 

The ones welcoming Theia and Kiriha were none other than 
the five members of the cosplay club. 

And they spoke in chorus. 

Apart from Yurika and the president, the five of them, who 
didn't get to participate, served as the staff at the tenth 

Because of this, they were wearing maid outfits and an 
armband that had 'staff' written on it. 

“I have no time to play! What do I need to do here!?” 
"There's no need to rush." 

The vice president, who was in charge of the obstacle, 
approached them with a box decorated with ribbons and 

"What's with this box?” 

"I'm glad you asked. For the tenth obstacle, we'll have you 
participate in a scavenger hunt. Draw a note from this box 
and borrow the thing written down on it from someone in th 
schoolyard. Once you've borrowed, it head for the goal!” 

"I got it!" 

"Same here.” 

Theia quickly thrust her hand into the hole at the top of the 
box, with Kiriha following suit. 

And when they pulled their hands out, they were holding 
pieces of paper that had been folded twice. 

"Well then, you two, please read your note!” 

Following the vice-president's lead, the two of them read 
their notes at the same time. 

"T-This couldn't be!?” 

"You're telling me to bring this thing in!?” 

The two of them were left astonished, and as they noticed 
one another, they peeked on the other's note. 



After peeking at their opponent's note, they both began to 

However, despite their laughing they were glaring at one 

And they clenched their fists as they took a stance. 

It looked like they were about to start a fistfight. 

“I thought it would come to this... The road to invasion is 
covered in blood...” 

The following was written on Kiriha's note: 

'Borrow an A-cup or smaller bra.' 

"Hah, bring it on, Kurano Kiriha!” 

And the following was written on Theia's note: 

'Borrow a D-cup or bigger bra.' 

Kiriha was disappointed and Theia was excited. 

Though they held opposite feelings, they were about to do 
the same thing. 

What they needed was right in front of them. 

They were both planning on beating each other down and 
taking what they needed. 

Having started running again, Harumi and Yurika began 
passing other participants. 

It was in part due to the majority of the leading group retiring 

at the eighth obstacle, but they were also running faster than 

“I wonder what happened to me... Not only do I feel much 
better, but I'm running faster than before I collapsed...." 

“You don't need to worry about that at all, Sakuraba-senpai. It 
would be a different story if you weren't feeling very good, 
but you're fine now, after all." 

After Harumi had regained consciousness, the two of them 
were for some reason running faster. 

And no matter how quickly they ran they didn't run out of 
breath nor did they feel any exhaustion. 

Anyone would find it odd, let alone Harumi. 

“But, I'm really curious..." 

“Then think of it as my magic. I'm not wearing this outfit just 
for show!" 

“Nijino-san... Fufufu, I think I'll do that. That way would be 
more interesting, wouldn't it?" 

Thanks to Yurika's cheerful words, a smile returned to 
Harumi's lips. 

Even though there was no such thing as magic, it would be 
more fun to think there was. 

After hearing Yurika's words, that was what went through 
Harumi's head. 

“Yes! I'm the magical girl of love and courage and dreams 
and hope!" 

Seeing Harumi's mental health restored as well, Yurika 
couldn't help but feel happy. 

In return, Harumi was convinced that Yurika was a cosplayer, 
but Yurika had no intention of correcting her. 

Even though nobody would believe Yurika when she talked 
about magic. 

This isn't magic, this is thanks to Sakuraba-senpai's hard work. 

In reality, it was the white magic that Yurika had used. If she 
convinced Harumi of that, however, it would be the same as 
denying all of her hard work. 

That was why Yurika insisted that it was a stroke of luck due 
to Harumi's efforts. 

I'm fine with being called a cosplayer if I have to... I just want Sakuraba- 
senpai to believe in herself. 

She had hated the obstacle marathon just a few minutes ago, 
but now she was having a lot of fun. 

"L-Look, Nijino-san, we can see the school gate from here!” 

"You're right! We're just a little bit away!” 

The goal the two of them were desperately trying to reach 
was now very close. 



As Harumi and Yurika ran under the school gates, Theia and 
Kiriha's fists connected with each other's face. 

“That settles it! As Kurano went for a right jab, Theia went for 
a cross-counter; however, Kurano readjusted her aim and hit 
her mark! They both have hit each other with a heavy blow 
and have knocked each other out!" 

Their fists impacted on each other's cheek, and they stopped 
moving in their current position. 

“Let's listen to the boxing club's advisor, Tange-sensei's 
explanation! Sensei, what do you think?" 

“Close, so close! If Theia just had a little bit more reach it 
would've ended up very differently! This was not her fault! If 
only she had a little bit more reach!" 

An excited voice explaining the events filled the schoolyard. 

Meanwhile, Theia and Kiriha remained motionless, but 
eventually ran out of power and collapsed at the same time. 

“Both of them have been knocked down!" 

“Well done, Theia! The match may have been a draw, but in 
regards to boxing you were the winner!" 

The crowd in bleachers stood up as cheers of joy and 
applause shook the schoolyard. 

However, the praise didn't reach Theia or Kiriha, as they had 
both knocked each other out. 


“Is the tenth obstacle a fist fight!?" 

Harumi and Yurika anxiously ran past Theia and Kiriha who 
were collapsed on the track. 

They both disliked fighting, so this tenth obstacle truly 
troubled them. 

“S-Satomi-kun!? Even Satomi-kun was!..." 

“W-Who did this to him!? I don't want a fist fight!" 

Koutarou was passed out next to Theia. Seeing that, Harumi 
and Yurika grew even more anxious. 

“It's not really that hard of an obstacle." 


As Sanae, who was with Koutarou said that, Yurika let out a 
small sigh of relief. 

“Koutarou collapsed because he was tired. And those two 
were just fighting each other." 

“I see, thank God..." 

Normally, Yurika was terrified of Sanae but right now she was 
too surprised by so much else to notice, and she showed 
Sanae a large smile. 

However, Sanae was still in a bad mood. 

She was angry at Koutarou, who still hadn't woken up. 

"Nijino-san, who are you talking to?” 

”N-nobody! I'm just talking to myself!” 

Harumi couldn't see Sanae, and of course Sanae's voice 
didn't reach her either. 

Which was why when Yurika was talking to Sanae in her 
current outfit, it looked very strange. 

”1 see. That's good...” 

Harumi instinctively let out a sigh of relief. 

If it was just cosplay it could be covered up by calling it a 
hobby, but if she was talking to someone when no one else 
was around it was quite scary. 

Which was why Harumi was relieved when she heard Yurika 
was simply talking to herself. 

"Welcome back, master!” 

Shortly thereafter, Harumi and Yurika arrived at the tenth 

And it was, of course, the cosplay society that greeted them. 

"You're finally here, Yurika-chan!” 

"Um, what is the tenth obstacle?” 

"It's a scavenger hunt! Hurry up you two and draw your 

notes! There are some people ahead of you, but if you hurry 
you can still make it!” 

The vice-president explained in a hurry and presented the 
box to them. 

The cosplay society members obviously wanted Yurika to win, 
so they rushed her on. 

At the current moment, Yurika and Harumi were in seventh 
and eighth place. 

Although, with Koutarou, Theia, and Kiriha knocked out, they 
were actually fourth and fifth. 

Which meant there were three others ahead of them. 

Those three had entered the crowd to find what they needed, 
so if they hurried along they still had a chance. 



Yurika and Harumi put their hands in the box and drew a note 
at the same time. 

Unlike Theia and Kiriha, they did so calmly; they had no 
intention of beating down the other party. 



As they opened their notes, Harumi's expression lit up; 
however, Yurika's expression turned gloomy. 

"I got this. What did you get, Nijino-san?” 

"I got this...” 

The two of them showed each other their notes. 

Harumi had 'A junior in your club 1 written on hers, and Yurika 
had 'A friend 1 written on hers. 

"Alright, let's go, Nijino-san!” 

"Auu... Go on ahead, Sakuraba-senpai. I will retire here.” 
Yurika dropped her shoulders with a sad look on her face. 

Her eyes were dim and she let out a big sigh. 


"I still don't have any friends...” 

Harumi only needed to bring Koutarou with her, so she had 
no problems. 

But finding a friend in the city when Yurika had only recently 
gotten here was too big of a request for her. 

"So just go on ahead, please." 

"It'll be okay, Yurika-san.” 

However, Harumi kept on smiling, she talked to Yurika gently. 
"Your friend is right here." 


"Or am I not enough?” 

"N-No, not at all! l-lt's an honor, Sakuraba-senpai!” 

Yurika's instantly smiled and nodded repeatedly. 

She was shedding tears of joy, revealing how much it meant 
to her. 

“But I would like you to do me a favor." 

“A favor?" 

Yurika stared blankly and blinked several times. 

Seeing that, Harumi happily winked at her, and put on a smile 
she rarely showed anyone. 

“Could you help me carry Satomi-kun?" 

“O-Of course! For as long as you like!" 

“Thank you, Nijino-san." 

“No, I should be the one thanking you!" 

And as they two of them laughed cheerfully, they ran over to 

Translator's Notes and References 

• A shortened version of Gochisou san desu (thanks for the 
meal) used by sumo wrestlers who tend to speak with 
their bodies more than their mouths. 

Winners, Losers and Extra Time 

Part 1 

Sunday, May 10th 


Koutarou woke up just as the victory ceremony for the 
obstacle marathon began. 

Some time had passed since Koutarou fainted, and the 
scenery was already dyed by the evening sun. 

“You're finally awake...” 

In front of him was Sanae, who had a sullen expression on 
her face. 

She was in a bad mood after having waited for Koutarou to 
wake up ever since he lost consciousness. 

“Sanae... Eh, wait, what happened to the obstacle 
marathon!? Where am l!?“ 

Koutarou jumped up and looked around. 

He was in a hospital tent next to the sports festival's 

Although the tent had none of the equipment a hospital 

would have. 

The only thing inside of it were blue sleeping bags for injured 

Apart from Koutarou, there were two others lying in the tent: 
Theia and Kiriha. 

The tent's staff were all out; they had, of course, headed 
towards the eight obstacle. 

“It ended long ago. You passed out and retired just before the 
tenth obstacle!" 

“T-Then who won!? Theia!? Kiriha-san!? Which one!?" 

Koutarou pointed at the two of them, asking for the results of 
the competition. 

He wasn't asking for the results of the obstacle marathon, but 
rather the ranking for the residents of Room 106. 

“Neither. It was us and Yurika." 


Hearing Sanae's response, Koutarou was speechless; he 
could never have imagined that outcome. 

Me, Sanae and Yurika won... ? But I retired from the race! 

“W-What does this mean!? How did it come to me and Yurika 

Bewildered, Koutarou shook Sanae's shoulders. 

“C-C-Calm down! 

“How could I possibly calm down!?" 
Koutarou kept shaking Sanae. 

Having given up on running away, Sanae tried her best to 
answer Koutarou. 

“T-Theia and Kiriha knocked each other out after a fistfight. 
Though they got a special award, t-they're treated as having 
retired. After that, Harumi and Yurika tied, so you, me and 
Yurika will be taking points from Theia and Kiriha." 

“W-Wait a minute, Sanae! Does that mean Sakuraba-senpai 
and Yurika won!?" 

Surprised, Koutarou stopped shaking Sanae for a moment, 
before shaking her at twice the speed. 

He couldn't just believe that Harumi and Yurika had won. 

“Heeeeeey, K-Koooutaaaroouuu, stoooop!..." 

“What do you mean!? Explain yourself right now!" 

“If you want to me explain then stop shaking me, you idiot!" 

A first-aid kit dropped down on Koutarou's head. 

It was because of Sanae's Poltergeist. 


The corner of the first aid kit slammed into Koutarou's head. 

Because of the impact, Koutarou let go of Sanae and held 
onto his head. 

“Phew, geez... 

"D-Don't be so unreasonable...” 

"You're the one being unreasonable! Seriously..." 

Finally free from Koutarou, Sanae floated up into the air, put 
both of her hands on her waist and showed a dissatisfied 
expression as she puffed up her cheeks. 

However, even then Sanae properly explained the situation. 

"Well, most of the leading group was slowed down by the 
minefield, right? Most of the leaders had to retire.” 


"During that time, Harumi and Yurika caught up and won the 

Thanks to the minefield at the eighth obstacle, the majority 
of competitors slowed down to a crawl. 

Lots of participants tried to rush through it, but the majority 
failed and retired. 

But by the time Harumi and Yurika got there, most of the 
mines had already gone off and they were able to cross 
without any problems. 

And as a result, the minefield ended up being a big help for 
the two. 

"B-But even then, those two coming back from behind a 
winning is just..." 

"Instead of doubting me, why don't you look at the victory 

Sanae pointed towards the tent's exit. 

Beyond the exit was a podium with a large amount of people 
around it. 

In order to take a look, Koutarou jumped out of the tent. 

Just as Sanae had said, on top of the podium were Harumi 
and Yurika. 

"And the winners are the Knitting Society and Cosplay 
Society! Despite having the handicap of both being literary 
clubs and societies! Congratulations, well done!” 

The principal's excited voice could be heard through the 

Harumi and Yurika were being praised by the people around 
them while blushing. 

Being introverts, the two of them were unused to this kind of 

But as they were given the trophy from the principal, they 
smiled while looking at each other. 

"T-They really won...” 

"See, I told you so." 

"I can't believe it..." 

"That's the same with everyone.” 

Sanae shrugged. 

With the principal congratulating the two on top of the 
podium, it didn't matter how little he believed it. 

The two really won. 

“...Oh well, in the end it all worked out." 

“You could say that." 

Harumi stood on the podium and Koutarou had won against 
the invaders. 

I wonder if God noticed Sakuraba-senpai's efforts... 

When Koutarou thought of it like that, he felt convinced for 
some reason. 

And showing a small smile, he stared at the two standing on 
top of the podium. 

They were holding onto the trophy while smiling. 

Part 2 

"...l-it didn't work out at all..." 

" Landlord-san!?" 

Shizuka suddenly interrupted Koutarou, who was staring at 
the podium. 

Her whole body was covered in black, and her hairstyle now 
looked like an afro. 

"Where's the idiot who planted mines at the eighth 

The reason she looked like that was of course because she 
had been caught up in several of the explosions at the eight 

"Satomi-kun! You won't benefit from hiding it from me!" 

Shizuka's body was trembling, and her eyes were burning 
with anger. 

She was furious. 

"O-over there! She's sleeping in the hospital tent!" 

Overwhelmed by Shizuka's presence, Koutarou told her where 
Theia was. 

He didn't have any confidence that he'd be able to hide it 
from Shizuka, although he had no reason to hide it either. 

"So she's over theeeere!?" 

Shizuka cracked her knuckles. 

She'll die. Theia will without a doubt die... 

Koutarou felt that Theia's lifespan decreased for every joint 
Shizuka cracked. 

Shizuka left Koutarou behind and approached the tent. 
“Forgive me, Tulip..." 

Even though he knew Theia was in danger, Koutarou found 
himself unable to move. 

He was just that scared of Shizuka, and he himself was still 
angry at her. 

“No, I won't forgive you!" 

As Koutarou was apologizing towards the tent, another 
person approached him. 


“And it's not just me." 

Kenji had appeared in front of Koutarou alongside three large 

Kenji looked similar to Shizuka. His pure white tuxedo and 
face were pitch black, and his hair was a mess. 

“Hey, first-year brat." 

“I've been waiting to meet you!" 

“Gottsan desu!" 

The men alongside Kenji were from the rugby club, the judo 
club, and the sumo club. 

They were also pitch black and could only be told apart 
thanks to their distinct uniforms. 

“Well you see, Kou. These senpai wanted to talk to you." 

Kenji grinned as he cleaned his glasses with a handkerchief. 
“Ugh... W-what can I help you with, senpai?" 

It couldn't be... 

A cold shiver ran down Koutarou's back. 

With Kenji appearing alongside the three large men, there 
was only one thing they could want. 

“We wanted to thank you for what you did back at the start." 

“Since we've thanked this glasses-kun who had nothing to do 
with it, it'd be unfair if we didn't thank you too, right?" 

“Gottsan desu!" 

“I knew it!" 

Due to the sudden development Koutarou began to panic. 

To think Mackenzie and these people would work together... 

The reason Kenji and the rest were working together was 
because of the minefield. 

In order to escape, they had no choice but to work together, 
so the four them developed a sense of solidarity. 

"S-Save me pleb! Use everything in your might to protect 


At that moment, Theia jumped at Koutarou, half-crying. 

Surprised by the sudden event, Koutarou was somehow able 
to catch her small body. 

Theia was frightened, and when Koutarou put her down she 
quickly hid behind him. 

"S-She's coming! Shizuka is coming! Prepare for a fight, 
Koutarou! My life is in danger!” 


Shizuka came out of the tent just as Koutarou looked towards 
the tent. 

Her eyes were still burning with anger, and she approached 
Koutarou and Theia, step by step. 

"I see... Satomi-kun, in the end, you'll cover that girl...” 

"W-What's with this pressure!?” 

Shizuka's glance grew sharper. It held a strong hostility 
towards Koutarou. 

Theia had hid behind Koutarou on her own, but because of 
that, Shizuka now considered Koutarou an enemy. 

"Come on and fight, pleb! I'll turn you into an aristocrat! So 
die for my sake!" 

"I refuse! Don't involve me in this!" 

“No! I refuse to suffer alone! It's only natural for a vassal to 
live and die with his master!" 

“I'm not your vassal!" 

“At this point, it doesn't matter if you are my vassal or not! 
Let's suffer together!" 

“C-Curse you, Tulip!" 


Koutarou and Theia were desperate. 

They knew just how scary Shizuka really was when she was 

They had a bigger chance of winning a fight against a tank. 

So Koutarou did not want to get involved no matter what, and 
Theia didn't want to be left alone. 

Part 3 

"...As you can tell, it's like this." 

"I see, I've got it, glasses-kun. Let me apologize for mistaking 

"Curse you, why are you pretending like you aren't popular!? 
That hurts our pride more than anything!" 

"Gottsan desu!" 

Staring at Koutarou and Theia arguing, the three men felt 
that they had a special relationship, and they took a stance. 

They also acknowledged Koutarou and Theia as enemies and 
approached, step by step. 

"We've treated you unfairly, glasses-kun. We'll let you rough 
us up as much as you want later. But right now, we're going 
to punish that insolent person in front of us!" 

"I'll help you!" 

"Well said, glasses-brat! To think there was someone like you 
among good looking people!" 

"Right now we're all pitch black; good looks or not, it doesn't 

"Gottsan desu!!" 

"Truly well said, glasses-kun. I like you!" 

"Prepare yourselves, Satomi-kun, Theia-san! We'll have you 
pay for all the trouble you've caused!" 

Kenji, Shizuka, and the three large men approached Koutarou 
and Theia. 

Explaining or reasoning with them wouldn't work now. 

So this is it... looks like I have no choice! 

In front of those five, Koutarou finally made up his mind. 
“We're running, Tulip!" 


Koutarou pulled Theia's hand and started running. 

“Kou! Wait!" 

“After them! Don't let them get away!!" 

“Gottsan desu!" 

“Mackenzie-kun, cut off their escape path!" 

Of course, the five chased after them. 

“Pleb, become my decoy! In return, I'll make sure not to step 
on you starting tomorrow!" 

“No way! I don't care if you step on me! You be the decoy!!" 

With the two of them running and the five chasing after, the 
obstacle marathon entered overtime. 

“You idiots..." 

“Don't say that. Even like that, Theia-dono was trying to be 

Sanae and Kiriha stood in front of the hospital tent, and they 

were watching Koutarou and the rest running. 

“Trying to be considerate? That's a lie..." 

“No one was injured or killed, right?" 

“That's true, but... it was obvious Shizuka would get angry if 
she used something like that. Why doesn't she get that?..." 

“That princess hates losing. She did it despite knowing what 
would happen." 

The mines were designed to use bright light and shockwaves 
to disable their victim, so injuries rarely happened. 

A light burn and an afro at most. 

And as Yurika passed the eighth obstacle she used healing 
magic, reducing the injured even more. 

Of course, nobody noticed Yurika helping. 

“Don't act innocent. I already know. Everyone falling at the 
start was your doing, right?" 

“I have no idea what you're talking about..." 

Based on the situation, Sanae felt Kiriha running at the top 
was the most suspicious. 

However, Kiriha warded off the doubts with a smile. 

No evidence remained in her case. 

“...As I thought, you really are the most troublesome one." 

“How rude. I only want to become Koutarou's lover. Together, 
we'll be able to create a happy family." 

“You liar, that's not what you're thinking at all... Geez, what's 
with everyone today..." 

Today, Sanae looked like the most normal one. Everyone else 
was acting strange. 

“Fufufu, that hits home." 

“I wish you'd understand my worries... Geez." 

As Sanae was complaining, Koutarou and Theia ran past in 
front of her. 

“H-Hey, pleb! I actually still have one more mine!" 

“Stop it, Tulip! If you use that, you'll definitely be killed!" 

“But we'll escape being caught right now!" 

“Stoooop! Use your head!!" 

Why is Koutarou hogging all the fun!? 

Sanae was dissatisfied being left outside of the group. 

“Look at this! I can't believe it! I've never seen a ghost this 
dense and stable before!" 

“Do you'll think we'll be able to sell her for a high price if we 
catch her!?" 

They were by a corner of the schoolyard, pointing a strange 
device that looked like a speed gun at Sanae and measuring 
some kind of number. 

And they were jumping for joy because of the results of that 

“Yeah, we'll become billionaires! We'll be able to escape 

“We did it, Aniki!" 

They had been following Sanae around ever since they 
learned of her existence a few days ago. 

The glances Koutarou had felt today were not someone 
watching him, but them watching Sanae. 


Long time no see. It's Takehaya. It's been four months since 
the first volume, and I've now been able to finish the second 
volume. This is all thanks to the readers who bought the first 
volume, so I would like to start off by thanking everybody. 

Now then, I'd like to introduce some of the elements in this 
novel. The invaders aren't just satisfied with Room 106, and 
they've now begun their invasion of Koutarou's oasis, 
Kitsushouharukaze High School. Using all kinds of tricks, will 
they involve the entirety of the school? 

Actually, as I was writing this afterword, I got a call from my 
friend, who just got married. He said his child will be born in 
September. This left me a bit mortified, so I decided to write 
it down here. 

You bastard, who do you think you are, finding happiness!? 
You're making me envious, you bastard. 

You told me, knowing I'm a bachelor, didn't you, you bastard. 
You better show me a picture of the newborn, you bastard. 
But seriously, congratulations! 

Anyways, the page is about to run out of space, so I'll leave it 
at this. Finally, I would like to thank the publishers, the 
illustrator Poko-san, my friends who would give me advice, 
and everyone who bought this novel. 

See you again, hopefully in the third volume's afterword. 

June, 2009 









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