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Length 1008m 
weight 2043900t 
Combat Rating 
(RBS Average =* 1 .(K)0) 
Output 0.950 
Attack 0.946 
Defence 0.902 
Mobility 1.002 
Main Weapon 
Star-to-Star Energy Sword "Si 

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Layous Fa 

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Clan and Hercules 

Part 1 

Wednesday, September 2nd 

Glowing stars in the pitch-black galaxy reflected off of Theia's 

"It's Clan...” 

That is what Theia mumbled as she stared at the monitor 
inside the bridge of the Blue Knight. 

She wasn't speaking in a loud voice, but because there were 
very few people on the bridge, it reached everyone's ears. 

Only four people filled the giant bridge of the Blue Knight. 

They were the staff of the Blue Knight: Theia and Ruth, along 
with Koutarou, who was cooperating as a part-time job, and 
Sanae, who had tagged along with him. 


"What's that?” 

Koutarou and Sanae had no idea what the word 'Clan' meant. 

And as the two of them looked on in confusion, Ruth began 

“Clan is the name of a person. It is the nickname for Clariossa 
Daora Forthorthe. Her highness Clariossa is the second 
princess of the Forthorthe Galactic Empire." 

About ten days ago, the Blue Knight had detected a nearby 
space-time rift. 

It was determined to be another Forthorthe spaceship, but 
they had been unable to find the ship during all this time. 

That was when Theia had mumbled Clan's name. 

“But how do you know it's her, Tulip? You don't have any 
clues, right?" 

“Not having any clues is a clue in and of itself. The Blue 
Knight is a royal class battleship; there aren't that many ships 
that it cannot detect." 

Starting with Theia's Blue Knight, it was common for royal 
class battleships to serve as flagships. 

Having the royalty's ship serve as the flagship raised the 
morale of the soldiers. 

Because of that, the royal class battleships excelled in search 
operations and information warfare, since it would be a 
disgrace that a flagship wasn't aware of its surroundings. 

There were only a handful of ships capable of escaping the 
detection the Blue Knight. 

“Amongst them, I can only think of one who would mess with 

“And that's this... Clan?" 

“Yes. Her highness Clan's personal ship, Hazy Moon, has a 

highly advanced stealth system.” 

"Koutarou, what's stealth?” 

"Simply put, it's like being good at hide and seek.” 

Koutarou wasn't all that knowledgeable about stealth himself 
but he had seen it in movies, so he tried to explain to Sanae. 

"Oh. Then it's kind of like me." 

"Yes. The stealth technology on Clan's ship is something she 
developed herself, so it's quite troublesome." 

"She developed it herself? Even though she's a princess?" 

Koutarou's eyes opened wide in surprise. 

"That's correct, Satomi-sama. Her highness Clan has 
profound knowledge about technology. Remodeling her own 
ship is like child's play for her." 

"I see... There are some amazing people in the world..." 
Koutarou was impressed. 

Being thick-headed himself, Koutarou would never be able to 
remodel a ship or develop new technology. 

"... She's not amazing." 

Koutarou's words irritated Theia and she pouted. 

"All she can do is run and hide. That is not fit of royalty!” 
Theia criticized Clan with a frown on her face. 

"What are you so angry about, Tulip?" 

“I'm not angry!” 

"No, you're definitely angry." 

"I said I'm not angry! Hold your tongue, pleb!” 

Theia was dissatisfied since Koutarou was complimenting 
Clan, while he never complimented her. 

However, Koutarou didn't understand that. 

"You really are rude.” 


Koutarou looked at Theia with a confused look on his face. 
Ruth called out to him in a low voice. 

"...Satomi-sama, Satomi-sama." 


Koutarou in turn responded to Ruth in an equally low voice. 
Ruth moved up to Koutarou and whispered into his ear. 

She didn't want Theia to hear her. 

"...Actually, there is a lot of bad blood between Theia-sama 
and Clan-sama." 

"Ah, so that's why..." 

"While Theia-sama was very active, Clan-sama indulged 
herself in more intelligent topics, and the two of them would 
often clash.” 

The Mastir family that Theia belonged to and the Schweiger 

family that Clan belonged to are known rivals of one another. 

The Mastir family was known to have produced excellent 
emperors during important times in the history of Forthorthe 
and the Schweiger family had produced the most emperors 
out of all the royal families. 

Because of that, both families took pride in having supported 

Theia and Clan having complete opposite personalities only 
fueled the fire. 

So the two of them would often compete with one another. 

“So she's a rival that she can't lose to..." 

“I didn't even think that there are princesses who get their 
hands dirty." 

“In Theia-sama's case, that isn't the only reason..." 

Ruth smiled wryly as she showed a sorrowful expression. 

Seeing that, Koutarou could faintly understand Ruth's 

There are a lot of things you can't lose if you want to protect your mom... 

Even though they were destined rivals, Theia must have 
wanted to avoid useless fighting. 

But if she didn't prove she was a worthy successor to the 
emperor's throne, she would only get in the way of the 
current emperor, her mother. 

Theia didn't want to become a princess the army could 
exploit, for her mother's sake. 

Having heard the circumstances explained by Ruth in the 
past, Koutarou fully understood that. 

“What are you three whispering about?!" 


Koutarou couldn't say that they were talking about Theia's 
and Clan's relationship, so he decided to change the topic. 

“I'm a boy of age you know. So I was wondering if that Clan 
girl was beautiful. But Ruth-san just won't tell me." 


“S-Satomi-sama, w-what are you!?" 

Theia's eyes opened wide in surprise and Ruth began 

“So how about it, Tulip!? Is that Clan girl cute? Is she a 

Hearing Koutarou's words, Theia blew her top off and ran 
towards him while shouting. 

“C-Curse you, pleb!! I'll teach you a lesson! 

H-How dare you ask me something like that!? How dare you 
ask me if she's cuter than I, who is known as the Mastir 
family's golden flower!?" 

“But that Clan girl's personality is the complete opposite of 
yours, right?" 

Koutarou showed an expression of expectation as he faced 

That only caused Theia to shout at him even louder. 

"Y-You disloyal, traitor—" 

"If you shut up you'd be cute too, so I can have high hopes of 
someone with the opposite personality!" 

However, Koutarou's next words erased all of Theia's anger. 

I'd be c-cute if I shut up... ? 

Theia couldn't simply ignore the words Koutarou had spat 

Thepleb thinks... I'm... cute? 

Theia's heart started pounding, and her face began to turn 

Short breaths escaped her lips instead of words. 

And her enraged expression changed into an expression of 
expectation as she looked up towards Koutarou. 

"So how about it, Tulip? Is that Clan girl cute?" 


But shortly after, that expectation was once again replaced 
with rage. 

In the end, Koutarou's interest lied with Clan. 

She was happy, having been called cute, but she was now 

much angrier than she had been before. 

"I'll kill you! Stand still, pleb! I'll tear you to pieces right 

"Woah! Here she comes!” 

Since Theia suddenly began attacking him, Koutarou started 
to run away. 

"Curse you, how dare you play with my heart repeatedly! 

Stop running, pleb! I'll tear you to pieces!!” 

"Idiot! Who would stop after you say that!?” 

Koutarou turned his back on Theia and began running away 
at full speed, with Theia in hot pursuit. 


"Your highness! Please stop your highness!” 

Koutarou and Theia ran past Sanae who was astounded and 
Ruth who was panicking. 

There was plenty of room in the large bridge for the two of 
them to run around. 

"You're pretty stupid too, Koutarou... If you keep doing things 
like that, Theia really will kill you someday..." 

Sanae understood that Koutarou only changed the topic like 
this because he didn't want Theia to find out about what he 
heard from Ruth, so Sanae also felt that it couldn't be helped. 

"The two of them are very stubborn about the strangest of 

Ruth felt the same way Sanae did. 

But in her case, she didn't just understand what Koutarou was 
thinking, but she also understood Theia's feelings and 
personality, and she was somewhat happy. 

“...Thank you for always looking out for her highness, Satomi- 

Ruth watched over Koutarou and Theia running around with a 
gentle expression. 

Part 2 

The two of them didn't stop running until several minutes 

Having sprinted at full speed for a while, Koutarou and Theia 
lied down on the floor, exhausted. 

"I-I'll let you off... f-for today....” 

"T-There's no need... to let me off...” 

"Don't... mouth off... p-pleb...” 

"You... too..." 

The two of them were lying down next to each other. 

Exhausted, the only thing they could do was argue. 

But seeing the two of them quarrel like this only gave off the 
impression that they got along very well. 

"Your highness, Satomi-sama.” 

This made Ruth very happy, and she revealed a very bright 

"You two really are stupid... There was no need to go that 
far... geez...” 

Sanae was still astounded and she let out a big sigh. 

"Sanae, there are some things a man can't afford to lose." 
"That's right. Defeat is not an option for a princess." 

“Could the two of you decide whether you get along or not?" 

Sanae sighed again as the two of them responded to her in 

Ruth took over for Sanae and opened her mouth. 

“By the way your highness, this is the tenth day of searching, 
so I think it is about time to give up on looking." 

“Y-Yes. That's true..." 

Theia nodded and began standing up. 

Worried, Sanae asked a question. 

“Is it okay to just stop? You still don't know what that Clan girl 
came here to do, right?" 

“No, I know what she's after. She must be trying to get in the 
way of my trial. Her own trial requires her to wait for the solar 
eclipse. So she must have come here to get in my way while 
she waits." 

In order for Clan to earn the right to the throne, her trial 
required her to complete three ceremonies as a test of faith. 

She has already completed two of those but the third one 
required a solar eclipse, so she had no choice but to wait. 

There was still some time before a solar eclipse would 
happen in Forthorthe's home planet. 

So Theia figured that Clan must be using her spare time to 
get in her way. 

“So if it's just as you think, won't she use her own battleship 
to attack you, Tulip?" 

Koutarou got up and looked at Theia with a serious 

Theia decided to leave the previous commotion behind for 
now and responded to Koutarou's doubts. 

“That's what I thought, but ten days have already passed. If 
she was planning on attacking she would have done so 

“On top of that, Satomi-sama, evidence would be left behind 
if two battleships were to fight it out. Taking that into 
account, there is little risk of an attack from her battleship." 

“So if she was an idiot she would have attacked already..." 

“That's right. She must be hiding somewhere and coming up 
with some other kind of plan." 

She was worried that there would be evidence left behind if 
she used her battleship, which was why she hadn't attacked 
for ten days. 

If she was just an idiot she would have attacked already, and 
since she didn't attack there was no way of finding her highly 
advanced stealth ship. 

That was Theia's reasoning behind stopping the search. 

“And I can think of another reason why Clan hasn't used her 
battleship, Hazy Moon, to attack." 

“What's that?” 

“That's because Hazy Moon is weak." 

“You mean even weaker than the Blue Knight?" 

The Blue Knight was weaker than a normal ship due to its 
complicated structure. 

"I have a problem with the way you put that, but yes, that's 

"Satomi-sama, that's because of her highness Clan's talent. 
Since she has modified her ship with equipment she 
developed on her own, the ships basic capabilities are lower 
than anyone else's.” 

Since there was a limit to the power, every piece of 
equipment Clan added only reduced the basic capabilities of 
the ship. 

Just like the Blue Knight's abilities were reduced due to its 
complicated shape, Hazy Moon's abilities were reduced due 
to the large amount of extra equipment. 

"So that means, unless this Clan is a complete idiot, she 
won't fight head on." 

"Clan is insidious, so she doesn't like fighting directly. So 
there is little chance of that." 


"What's with that expression, pleb?" 

Koutarou showed a disappointed expression. 

"Well, I heard she was the opposite of you, so I was expecting 
her to be more graceful." 


"And now I hear she's insidious, so the shock is even bigger 
because of what I was expecting..." 

“You're still on about that!? You disloyalist!!" 


Theia's rage reignited after having calmed down for a while. 

She reached out both of her hands towards Koutarou and 
began choking him, just like Sanae. 

“C-Curse you!" 

“I'll definitely teach you who your master is today!" 

Koutarou and Theia began fighting, however Ruth gently 
watched over them. 

She only saw it as the two of them playing around. 

“Because of that, the part-time job we had you help out with 
ends today, Satomi-sama." 

“Oh? It's over already?" 

Koutarou looked towards Ruth as he restrained Theia. 

And Ruth in return nodded. 

“Yes. I don't believe there is any reason to keep you on 
standby any more, Satomi-sama." 

“Oh yeah, that reminds me, why did I need to be here?" 

Koutarou had been onboard the Blue Knight together with 
Theia and Ruth for a few days now. 

That was the part-time job they had requested Koutarou to 
help with. 

But Koutarou still didn't know why there was a reason for him 

to be on the ship. 

"L-Let go, pleb! And Ruth don't just stand there smiling, do 

As Theia struggled to get free, Koutarou admonished her like 
he would a little sister. 

"Just wait a minute, Tulip. I'm having a serious talk with Ruth- 
san right now. I'll play with you later." 

"I don't want to play!!" 

"Ah, in that case, play with me later Koutarou." 


"You're making light of me again! Play with me!" 

Ruth began explaining with a smile as the commotion 

She had begun getting used to this. 

"The Blue Knight is shaped after a human, so it would be 
better if someone strong in a fight like Satomi-sama 
controlled it." 

"Hmm... Well Koutarou is quick to pick a fight." 

"Yes. I'm bad at it, despite being a protection officer." 

"I see, so that's why.” 

The answer satisfied Koutarou. 

"Are you fine with your payment being tatami points instead 
of money?" 

“Yeah, I don't mind." 

“You should mind me instead!!" 

And Theia was full of energy today as well. 

Part 3 

"Fufufu, I got 5 centimeters of tatami for doing nothing.” 

"...You don't get it do you, pleb?" 

Koutarou and Theia sat in front of the TV. 

The two of them were pressing the buttons on the controllers 
in their hands. 

It had become a daily occurrence for the two of them to play 
against another in a game. 

"What do you mean?” 

"T-h-a-t-s, you see, woah, that was close. Hold back a little 
while you? This is my first time playing this game.” 

"I understand... so what is it that I don't get?” 

"In the end I don't need just this room, but also your loyalty." 

"So what about it... woah!?” 

"Hah, don't let your guard down... So losing points to you 
won't hurt me in the slightest. There's no point in gathering 
all the points if I can't get you to swear loyalty to me, instead 
if I get you to swear loyalty to me, you will pledge all your 
points to me." 

In order for Theia to earn the rights to the throne, she didn't 
need to just invade this room, but also get Koutarou, the 
current resident, to swear his loyalty to her. 

So there was no meaning in gaining control of the room 

without Koutarou's loyalty, instead, getting Koutarou to swear 
loyalty would earn her a large amount of points. 

So even if Koutarou and Theia exchanged points, having 
fewer points didn't mean anything to her. 

“So what!? I was just working for free!?" 

The character Koutarou was controlling exploded. 

Surprised, Koutarou lost a point to Theia. 

“That's not true." 

Having won, Theia smiled radiantly as she lightly shook the 

“It is only obvious for a lord to give territory to their vassal 
after doing a good job. There's no need to think of it as free 
labor. This is what is normal between us, we're master and 
servant after all. You should take pride in your actions instead 
of regretting them. Take pride, my subject, Satomi Koutarou." 

“As if I could! That's even worse than working for free!" 

“Very good, you've finally realized that you are my subject." 

“I don't remember becoming your subject!” 

“There is no need to be embarrassed. Fact is fact. I am 
pleased with your contributions and that you accepted my 

“I'm not!" 

Koutarou was in shock after having done exactly what Theia 
wanted him to. 

"I want you to endeavor even more in the future for my sake 
and for the royal family. I'm counting on you, Satomi 

“No waaay!!” 

Koutarou shouted at the top of his lungs. 

“...Satomi-san, Satomi-san." 

Someone pulled on Koutarou's sleeves. 


“Satomi-san, I have something I want to talk with you about.” 

Yurika was the one who had been pulling on Koutarou's 

She was holding onto his sleeve with an apologetic 

Seeing that, Koutarou calmed down a little bit. 

“What is it, Yurika, we're finally bonding as master and 

“We're not bonding!!” 

Theia who was in high spirits, frowned a little. 

Inversely, Koutarou felt a sense of relief as he turned towards 

“So what is it, Yurika?” 

“Uhm... Actually an acquaintance asked me to keep their pet 
while they were moving, I kept it... but is it really okay?” 


Normally Koutarou would yell at her telling her that she 
couldn't, but he owed her for interrupting Theia so he decided 
to listen to the details. 

"What kind of pet? If it's a small reptile that won't bark 
Landlord-san would probably overlook it." 

"There's no need to worry about noises." 

"Pet!? What kind is it, Yurika!? Show me! Show me! Is it 

Hearing the word "pet", Sanae's eyes lit up. 

She let go off Koutarou's back and approached Yurika. 

"What, what is going on?" 

Theia threw away her controller and moved up towards the 
tea table. 

"Yurika, start with showing us." 

"Uhm... Actually... It's this..." 

Yurika coyly took out a plastic box. 

It was a roughly 30 centimeters large transparent breeding 
case with a green cover attached to it. 

"T-This is-!?" 

"Yurika, you-!?" 

Having been comparatively favorable up until now, Koutarou 
and Sanae were at a loss for words after seeing what was 

moving inside of the case. 

"Auuuuu, I'm so sorry!!” 

And almost as if she had been expecting that reaction, Yurika 
was already half-crying. 

"What is this brave, manly looking creature?" 

Only the alien, Theia had a confused look as she stared into 
the breeding case. 

"Y-You idiot, Yurika!! Do you have any idea what it means to 
bring this thing into this room right now!?” 

"I understand! I really do understand! But all of the cosplay 
society members took care of one each! I couldn't say I didn't 
want to!" 

The acquaintance that was moving was the cosplay society's 
vice president. 

Since her father finally obtained a house, and while they were 
moving out from their apartment to their new home, she had 
entrusted her pets to her fellow club members. 

"Yurika, why'd you pick this!? There must have been others 
you could have chosen, right!?” 

"I wanted the goldfish or hamster too! But after coming back 
from my supplementary lessons, this was the only one left!" 

Yurika made excuses while crying as Koutarou and Sanae 
yelled at her. 

Meanwhile, Theia was still looking into the breeding case. 

"Is this that dangerous of a creature? It does have a metallic 

looking body and a powerful looking horn but...” 

However, Koutarou and Sanae weren't listening to Theia, they 
were too busy scolding Yurika. 

"Actually, Theia-dono." 

Instead, Kiriha who was nearby, drinking her tea answered 
Theia's question. 

"This is a beetle." 

Hearing that name, Theia lost her cool in an instant. 

Part 4 

The Hercules Beetle, scientific name Dynastes Hercules, is the 
largest of all rhinoceros beetles. 

Its two large horns are capable of breaking apart any 
enemies, and its strong shell can defend its body from all 
kinds of dangers. 

This king of insects is the target of desire for all young 
Japanese boys. 

“This is a beetle!? l-lt can't be! Yurika! Do you know what 
bringing that into this room means!?" 

“I know! I am well aware of what it means! But, I didn't have 
a choice! Since the other cosplay society members left 
behind the easiest pet to care for, I couldn't just refuse!" 

Compared to tropical fishes that required specific 
temperatures and the likes, beetles in the summer were easy 
to care for. 

The other cosplay society members looking out for Yurika 
backfired this time. 

&\ \"Y \ ! 

l A 

1 Im 1 

“What do we do, pleb!? Something terrible will happen if Ruth 
sees this beetle!" 

The king of the insects was the weakest creature in room 

Even more so with Ruthkania Nye Pardomshiha's hatred for 
beetles, merely being in room 106 put its existence in danger. 

“Ruth-san's mood has finally returned to normal, this would 
just ruin it again!" 

“If only Hercules-chan would remain a myth..." 

“No way! This is the vice-president's brother's pet!" 

“Y-Yurika! Throw it away right now! Let it go! That's what's 
best for everyone, for us and that insect!" 

“Y-You can't! Do you know how sad the little brother would 

“If feelings are all there is to him then throw it away right 
now! Lives are at stake here!" 

“No! I won't, no matter what you say!" 

Chaos descended upon room 106. 

Ever since the hot springs vacation, Ruth developed a trauma 
regarding beetles. 

The reason she developed that trauma was all because of 
Koutarou's sleep talking. 

While dreaming about catching beetles, he embraced Ruth. 

Ever since, Ruth had taken out her frustrations on Koutarou 
and held strong hostility against beetles. 

Fortunately, she forgave Koutarou before the end of the 
summer vacation. 

But if she were to see Hercules, the trauma would return. 

Of course, nobody wanted that. 

They were all aware of how frightening Ruth could be. 

So everyone was convinced that Ruth and Hercules meeting 
would bring nothing but misfortune. 

“A beetle huh... I used to capture and play with them when I 
was young as well... fufufu..." 

Only Kiriha who was sipping on her tea remained calm. 

“Calm down, Tulip! Nothing will come from panicking!" 

“T-Then what do we do, pleb!? Just how long do you think we 
could hide it from Ruth!?" 

“What is Ruth doing right now?" 

“She's still onboard the Blue Knight! She's analyzing today's 
data on the bridge! She'll be back any—" 

“Satomi-san, the wall!" 

At that moment, the wall furthest into the room began 

It was a sign that a gate between room 106 and the Blue 
Knight was about to open. 

Once that light stabilized, Ruth would appear in the room. 
"N-Not good! Tulip!” 

Koutarou hurriedly stood up and reached his hand out 
towards Theia. 

"Yeah! Take it!” 

Theia picked up Hercules' breeding case and swiftly passed it 
over to Koutarou. 


And Sanae quickly opened the sliding door to the wardrobe. 
"L-Let me make it!!” 

Koutarou rushed towards the wardrobe and pushed the case 
into the wardrobe He then hid it under Yurika's blanket and 
slammed the sliding door shut with all of his strength. 

"I am back!” 

Koutarou slamming the door shut at the same time Ruth 
entered the room. 

"Oh? What is wrong, everybody?” 

Having returned to room 106, Ruth was greeted with a 
strange sight. 

Yurika was looking at her with a blank stare. 

Theia was lying face down on the tea table while stretching 
both of her hands across it. 

And Koutarou and Sanae were stood facing the wardrobe. 

The only normal sight was Kiriha sipping on her tea. 

“N-No, it's nothing, nothing at all! Right, pleb!?” 

“Yeah! It's nothing, Ruth-san!" 

Theia and Koutarou let out a dry laugh. 

“Yes! There's nothing! There are no be—" 


Sanae swung down her fist towards Yurika, who was about to 
mention the taboo. 

“Ouch, that hurt!” 

“It's nothing, really!” 

"l-ls that so?” 

“Everything is normal, Ruth.” 

u i _ _ _ tt 

I see... 

Ruth nodded at Kiriha's words, despite the strange 
atmosphere in the room. 

She didn't feel the need to pursue the matter. 

“In that case, I'll start preparing for dinner.” 

“P-Please do.” 

Ruth put on her normal smile and walked towards the 

Seeing her off, Koutarou and the others sunk down onto the 

They began whispering to make sure Ruth didn't overhear 

"T-That was close...” 

”1 thought my heart would stop...” 

"I-I'm sorry everyone... it's all my...” 

”1 hit you too hard. Sorry, Yurika.” 

"No, you saved me, Sanae-chan...” 

Everyone was smiling. 

That was most likely because they managed to avoid the 
crisis through teamwork. 

The four of them developed a strong sense of unity. 

"Everybody, what would you prefer in the miso soup? Tofu 
or— Eh, what is everyone doing?” 

Ruth returned to ask them about what ingredients to put into 
the miso soup. 

In that instant, Koutarou and the others expression froze. 

Their bodies stiffened to match their expressions, and Ruth 
once again looked at them in confusion. 

"Ruth, I would prefer tofu." 

"Ah, yes. Would everyone else be okay with that?" 

However, thanks to Kiriha's words, Ruth's attention shifted 
back to the ingredients in the miso soup. 

'Y-Yes! That's fine!” 

"That's good, Ruth-san." 

"I'm fine with anything as long as it tastes good." 

"I'm fine with anything as long as it's edible." 

"Very well. I'll prepare it right away, please wait a moment." 
Ruth returned to the kitchen with a smile as everyone agreed. 


"Please give me a break..." 

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..." 

"Hm? This tea is delicious. I'll make sure to purchase more." 

Thanks to Koutarou's and the other's teamwork, the secret of 
the beetle was kept safe. 

Part 5 

The roulette on top of the tea table let out loud sounds. 

The roulette was part of a famous board game called 'Life 
Reversal 1 . 

It was a simple game where the player moved their piece 
forward as many paces as the roulette said. Upon reaching 
their space the player would have to adhere to what was 
written on the space. 

However, despite being simple it was deep, and it was still a 

As the roulette stopped, Sanae who was floating above it 
peeked into the roulette. 

“It's a four, Koutarou." 

“Alright, one, two, three and four..." 

Koutarou moved his own piece four spaces forward. 

And he read what was written on that space. 

“Let's see... 'You meet your childhood friend and suddenly 
marry. The other players give you 500 points each as a 
wedding present'." 

“You're a salary man and you marry your childhood friend. It 1 
turning out to be a plain life." 

“Shut it, leave me be!" 

Koutarou responded to Sanae's retort while receiving 500 

points from the other players. 

Apart from Koutarou, there were six more players; Sanae, 
Theia, Kiriha, Yurika, Ruth and Shizuka. 

So he gathered a total of 3,000 points. 

This was one of the games they were using to determine 
ownership of the room, but just watching would be boring so 
Ruth and Shizuka were playing as well. 

“Here's your bride." 

“Don't just throw it." 

Koutarou put the pink stick Theia threw at him into his piece. 

The pieces in this game had the shapes of homes and as the 
player's family increased, the amount of people in the home 
increased as well. 

“Living together with a lone bride in a small home might 
unexpectedly fit Satomi-kun." 

“What do you mean by unexpectedly, Landlord-san?" 

“Because right now, you're with several girls in a small room, 
right? It's the complete opposite." 

“Well, that's true. I do kind of want a quiet life..." 

“Sanae-chan, Satomi-san is kind of like an old man, don't you 

“Yeah. Sometimes he really acts like an old man." 

Yurika and Sanae stared at Koutarou with playful smiles. 

“Shut it, leave me be!" 

Koutarou yelled at the two and then turned towards Kiriha 
who was sitting next to him. 

“Alright. Kiriha-san, it's your turn." 

“Very well, then I shall walk on the path of a plain life as 

Kiriha nodded at Koutarou and reached out towards the 

“Kiriha-sama is a business woman, so I don't believe you 
have a plain life.” 

Kiriha smiled wryly at Ruth who was sitting next to her as she 
spun the roulette. 

In the game, Kiriha had started a company and was on the 
path of becoming a skilled business woman. 

Ruth let out a small laugh as Kiriha called that plain. 

“Any life could be called plain when you're the leader of an 
underground empire planning on invading the surface.” 

“That's true but...” 

“I am a highly popular idol. What an eventful life. Even in a 
game my charm shows itself.” 

“...Any occupation would be eventful with you, Tulip.” 

“I think so too.” 

“What is that supposed to mean?” 

“If you were a salary man, the company would go under. If 
you were a doctor the hospital would lose all trust. If you 
were a teacher, violent incidents would happen... It would 
definitely be eventful." 


“C-Curse you, pleb! Why are you always bullying me!? Why 
can't you just obediently say 'That's true, your highness'!?" 

“That's true, your highness." 

“Stop messing around!!" 

As Theia was about to stand up, Yurika who was sitting next 
to her began mumbling. 

“I wish I had your worries... I'm just a job-hopper. Because of 
the wedding present to Satomi-san, I only have 2,000 points 
left. With this, I'm not sure if I'll survive winter or not..." 

“Y-Your life is quite eventful as well, in a way." 

Thanks to Yurika's painful confession, Theia calmed down and 
sat back down. 

“Nijino-san, how did it end up like this when you started out 
as rich..." 

“You really have no luck... your life is spiraling out of control." 

At the start of the game, Yurika was a millionaire's daughter. 

However, before she knew it, her parents' business had failed 
and her remaining savings were lost in the stock market. 

“How's that life any different from now?" 

"Y-Your highness! That's too much...” 

”Y-Yeah... There's not much difference... My life is nothing 
special, both in the game and in real life...” 

Yurika was currently forcibly freeloading in room 106. 

Despite getting a Hercules beetle as a roommate, the 
teenage girl's life was a bit too lonely. 

"...Five, six, seven, eight. Let's see... 'The yen stock soars. 
You get 20 points for every stock you have'... I have 100,000 
stocks so... Koutarou, can you give me 2,000,000 from the 

"Here you go.” 

"The profits from those stocks alone are worth 1,000 times 
more than all of what Yurika owns...” 

"Those with money sure do find a way to get even more..." 

Sanae and Shizuka laughed. 

But Yurika couldn't find it in her to join them Instead, tears 
streamed down her face. 

"This is just unfair-. Are you saying magical girls have no 
need for money!? *sob sob*” 

After staring at Yurika for a while, Kiriha grabbed a large 
bundle of bills and presented it to Koutarou. 

"Kiriha-san, what's this?" 

"...I'm investing in the company's welfare department, so put 

it into the bank please. Everyone needs to help out to get 
through the recession.” 

"That kindness hurts even more...” 

Yurika was next up to spin the roulette but she completely 
forgot that. Tears continued streaming down her face. 

Part 6 

"Sanae, please give me the box's lid.” 


Sanae obediently obeyed Koutarou and handed over the lid 
for 'Life Reversal 1 . 


As Koutarou received the lid, he confirmed the contents of 
the box once more before putting it on. 

With this, they had cleaned up after the game. 

They had used this game to fight for tatami points instead of 
the normal card games, and they were now finished. 

Excluding Yurika who became a job-hopper early on, the 
game continued until the endgame. 

Theia became a popular idol who mass-produced hits, Kiriha 
succeeded in her investments in welfare and management, 
which were doing just fine, and Sanae became a baseball 
player who scored constant home runs. 

These three's even match-up continued until the last minute. 

However, in the end Ruth discovered an oil field and made a 
miraculous comeback, finishing in first place. 

Second place was Sanae, third was Kiriha, fourth was Theia 
with Koutarou coming right after her in fifth. 

He had changed jobs to become an adventurer to make a 

comeback but had still barely failed to surpass Theia. 

Shizuka, who'd lived a plain, happy life, came in sixth place. 
And Yurika came in last place after failing her last chance. 

The only thing she had left was debt. 

“Excluding myself and Shizuka-sama who don't take part in 
the tatami point games, the ranking would be: Sanae-sama, 
Kiriha-sama, her highness, Satomi-sama and finally Yurika- 

After confirming everyone's ranking, she updated the 
scoreboard hanging on the wall. 

Since there are five of them, third place has no change in 
points, five points move from fourth to second, and ten points 
move from last to first. 

After updating the scoreboard a change in rankings could be 

Theia, who had held first place for a few days, was finally 
overcome by Kiriha. 

“So Kiriha-san is making a return to first place." 

“Kuh, I really can't underestimate you, Kiriha! To think the 
invincible Forthorthe empire would fall behind!" 

“You and I are evenly-matched, Theia-dono. No matter who is 
better, we both have our highs and lows." 

“...In reality I would love to have you as my vassal." 

Koutarou was third, after the two of them. 

The points he had gotten during the sports festival allowed 
him to keep his ranking. 

Sanae was in fourth for the same reason, with slightly less 
points than Koutarou. 

I I 

* * 

* V 

Power balance in room 106 

i cm ui a taiami rnai - i pumi 

•180cm = the starting points 
•5 people combined = 900 points (5 tatami mats) 

-1 tatami mat is used for furniture. 

The person who gathers all the points, 
will gain ownership of the room. 

"...Satomi-kun, you're starting to lose more and more.” 

"I'll be making my comeback starting now, Landlord-san.” 
"Give it your best, Satomi-sama.” 

"Yeah! Unlike Yurika, me and Koutarou are still in a position to 
aim for the top!” 

Yurika was in dead last. 

Having continually lost, the points she earned during the 
sports festival were long gone. 

Although she once had lots of points, she now didn't even 
have half of any of the others'. 

At her current rate, Yurika would lose all of her points before 
the winter holidays. 

"S-Sanae-chan, by 'unlike Yurika' do you mean I no longer 
have any chance!?” 

"Yeah. If I were you I would probably give up soon. You don't 
even have half of our points." 

"That's not true! You can still come back!” 

"There's no way, it's not possible." 

"There's no need to be so cruel, Sanae." 


"Yurika has her own ways of fighting. And she has her own 
reasons for not backing down.” 

"Kiriha-san! I knew you were a good person from the first 
time I met you!” 

Tears of gratitude streamed down from Yurika's face as she 
shook Kiriha's hand. 

"Despite being just a normal person, unlike us, it's amazing 
that she's even able to compete with us." 


"That's true. Sorry Yurika." 

"Kiriha-san, you too!? Auh... this is just too cruel, this is too 

"There's no need to cry, Yurika. Even if those enemies you 
spoke of do appear, we would be fine. We'll be able to handle 
them before any danger occurs. You can just leave the 
fighting to us and leave." 

"Nooooo! None of you understand!” 

"Yurika, you're being over dramatic..." 

"Fueeeeee! Hercules-chan! Everyone's bullying me!” 

Yurika's tears of joy had changed into tears of sadness. 

However, nobody in the room truly understood the reason 
behind them. 

Matsudaira Kenji Is Troubled 

Part 1 

Thursday, September 10th 

Matsudaira Kenji was troubled. 

And it wasn't because of his less intelligent best friend. 

He was worried about the upcoming culture festival 2 months 
from now. 

“Alright, I guess I'll put it up around here..." 

The drama club he was in had a tradition of always putting on 
a play during the culture festival. 

They would of course do the same this year, but they hadn't 
decided on what to do. 

That was because the stage manager couldn't find a scenario 
they liked. 

“If only the president would compromise a little..." 

The club president was the one who served as the stage 

But the current club president and stage manager wasn't 
satisfied with student level stories. 

Because of that, the president had rejected all of the 
scenarios presented. 

And that was why the drama club was now putting up posters 
requesting help. 

Being the lowest on the hierarchy, Kenji was using his lunch 
break to post recruitment posters around the school. 

“Is there even anyone capable of writing a decent story in 
this school? Even if there were... would they even apply?” 

As Kenji absent-mindedly put up the posters, a familiar face 
passed by. 

“Oh? What are you up to, Mackenzie?” 


The passerby was none other than Koutarou, holding bread 
and juice in his hands. 

He was on his way back after buying his lunch at the 

“I'm doing this.” 

“What's this? Scenarios wanted?” 

“Yeah. The drama club can't pick what they want to do. So 
they're looking for scenarios outside of the club.” 

“I see... Still though, if you're in trouble, just say so, 
Mackenzie. There's no need to hold back.” 

“Nothing would come from asking you anyway. Do you even 
know someone capable of writing something proper?” 

Kenji had excluded Koutarou from the list of possibilities right 

“You just said something you shouldn't have, Mackenzie-kun. 
The previous years might have been something, but this year 
I am different. Do you think you can get away by saying that 
to me now?” 

“I do, obviously. Where do I have to look to find anything 
worthy of being called an author in you?” 

However, in the end, Kenji didn't trust Koutarou. 

“You're a fool, Mackenzie. This year, I have a powerful ally by 
the name of Sakuraba Harumi.” 

“T-That's right! There was Sakuraba-senpai!” 

The moment Sakuraba Harumi's name was mentioned, Kenji's 
expression changed. 

Kenji knew Harumi loved reading books. 

If he asked her, he might find a worthy piece. 

Although he had been making fun of Koutarou, a good idea 
came out of it. 

“I'll ask her if she has any ideas.” 

“Please do! Right now we need increase the possibilities of 
finding a good play as much as possible.” 

“...Still, you're rude, you know.” 

Kenji's quick change of attitude left Koutarou astounded. 
“Don't sweat the small stuff. It's your own fault for acting the 

way you do. Anyway, I'm counting on you, Kou!" 

Seeing Kenji laughing his complaints away, anger began 
welling up inside of him. 

“Yes, yes, I got it." 

You bastard, Mackenzie, I'll show you... 

Koutarou nodded at Kenji while scheming on the inside. 

Part 2 

Later that day, Koutarou spoke out to the residents in room 
106 after they had finished eating dinner. 

“Everyone, may I, Satomi Koutarou, have a moment of your 

Koutarou speaking formally shocked everyone. 

“W-What's wrong, pleb!? Did you eat something strange!? 
Should we take you to a medical bed onboard the Blue 

“Your highness, that's too much!” 

“Satomi-san, you can't eat things you pick up from the 

“Karama, Korama, bring some stomach medicine.” 
“Understood Ho-!” 

“Koutarou, just wait one moment Ho-!” 

The only one who didn't seem to find it strange was Sanae. 
“It's nothing like that.” 

Sanae sighed and began explaining in Koutarou's place. 

She was always next to him so she had heard the entire 
exchange between Koutarou and Kenji. 

“You see, Koutarou's friend, glasses-kun... Mackenzie, was it? 
Well, the drama club he's in are looking for plays.” 

“Ah, so that's why Satomi-san is being so dramatic." 

“That's right everybody! I, Satomi Koutarou, would like to 
help my best friend, Matsudaira Kenji, in his time of need!” 

Koutarou continued in an over dramatic tone of voice and 
excessive gesturing. 

“...So Sanae, what is this horrible actor trying to say?" 

Kiriha could tell from a glance than Koutarou was after 
something else. 

Sanae dropped her shoulders and smiled bitterly. 

“He's frustrated because he was told that he and acting are 
worlds apart and he was of no use." 

“I see, I'm starting to understand." 

Kiriha nodded and took a sip from her tea. 

“So everybody! Please lend your strength to me, Satomi 
Koutarou! Let us save the drama club from their crisis 

“He really is an idiot..." 

“Satomi-san is stubborn after all..." 

“So, what do you want from us, Koutarou?" 

“I would like you to write a play together with me! If we were 
to write one piece per person, the possibilities of one us 
being chosen would increase dramatically!” 

Koutarou appealed to them in a mighty voice and slammed a 
poster he got from Kenji onto the table. 

"... Stories are limited to one per person." 

"And the deadline is the end of the month..." 

"Finishing a scenario by the end of the month might be a bit 

"It's impossible for me~" 

"Why? Isn't fantasy your specialty?" 

"That's not my specialty! Besides, there's not enough time!" 

However, unlike what Koutarou had wanted, nobody was 
showing any interest. 

The deadline being short, and the unfamiliar media was 
holding them back. 

Of course, Koutarou didn't expect the residents of room 106 
would accept so easily. 

He had prepared a suitable reward. 

"Of course, I understand the situation everybody is in. That is 
why I won't ask you to help for nothing. First off, if you decide 
to participate you will receive five of my tatami points. And 
that is not all, if your play is chosen, I will reward you with an 
additional 20 points." 

"I'll do it! I'll participate!" 

Yurika jumped on Koutarou's offer. 

Just participating would give her five points, and winning 
would give her an additional 20. 

This might be the chance Yurika was looking for in order to 

turn things around. 

“In the worst case, you would lose 20 points if all four of us 
were to participate, and an additional 20 if one of us is 
chosen. You could lose a total of 40 points in an instant. 
That's a big bet, Koutarou." 

Kiriha lowered her tea cup and smiled. 

It was difficult to tell whether she was smiling because she 
was astounded or if she was happy. 

“I only need to come out victorious, and my expenses would 
be limited to 20 points.” 

“You really are an idiot... Is it really worth using that many 
points for something like that?” 

Compared to Kiriha, Theia's emotions were easy to read. 

She was obviously astounded and she let out a big sigh. 

However, even she didn't realize her own feelings of worry. 

“Princess Theiamillis, there are some things that men cannot 
back down from.” 


Theia froze for a moment due to Koutarou saying her name. 

P-Princess Theiamillis... 

This was the first time Theia had heard Koutarou call her 

She didn't dislike it, but something felt different. 

Her feelings were complicated. 

"Koutarou wants to show up Glasses-kun using only his own 
network, instead of using Sakuraba-Harumi.” 

Theia's expression changed the moment Harumi's name was 

"Sakuraba Harumi... I see, so if we don't do it...” 

Her hesitant expression changed into one of determination. 

"So please, everybody, lend your power to this Satomi 
Koutarou! With everybody's help, we will be able to deal a 
fatal blow to our enemy, Mackenzie!” 

In the end, Koutarou sounded less like an actor and more like 
a politician. 

And of course, Yurika was the first one to respond to his call. 

"I'll do it! Please let me help! I'll get 25 points if I'm chosen! 
25! Even if I don't make it, it's still five! I'll do anything if I can 
get back some points!” 

In Yurika's case, points were the most important thing. 

If all went well she would get 25 points, and even in the worst 
case she would still get five. 

That alone was enough to encourage Yurika. 

She was planning on earning some points here to stage her 
comeback. ❖ 

"V-Very well, pleb. I owe you for working for me for the past 
few days. It is only obvious that I lend you a hand. I don't 
want you to think that Forthorthe would forget a debt.” 

Theia quickly agreed as well. 

However, Theia's reasons were different from Yurika's. 

Points didn't really matter to her. 

Just like when Koutarou had worked onboard the Blue Knight, 
Koutarou and Theia trading points didn't have any real 
meaning to her. 

Instead, Theia would find it unforgivable for her own vassal to 
run to Harumi for help. 

The pleb is my vassal. As if I would let Sakuraba Harumi do as she pleases! 

However, what was moving Theia right now wasn't the bond 
between a master and its servant. 

Swimming in the swimsuit Koutarou had bought her at the 
beach, running together at the sports festival and playing 
together in room 106. 

Eventful days spent with Koutarou. 

Theia hadn't really noticed it yet, but what she truly desired 
was that. 

"Hmm, so Yurika and Theia are doing it too?” 

"So are you going to participate too, Sanae?" 

"Yeah. Me and Koutarou have a truce so that would be the 
best option. Besides, I feel like helping Koutarou." 

Sanae nodded and smiled brightly while fiddling with the 
charm hanging off her neck. 

Unlike Theia, she was more honest with her feelings. 

She followed her heart and planned on helping Koutarou. 

“In that case, I can't not participate." 

Finally, Kiriha was the last one to agree. 

“Kiriha, are you participating too?" 


She smiled as she put her cup down onto the tea table. 

“If I don't participate, Theia-dono would automatically take 
first place. I'm not kind enough to just let that happen." 

Kiriha was the current leader in terms of tatami points. 

However, since there was a mere three point difference 
between her and Theia, her not participating would mean she 
would lose her lead. 

“A wise choice." 

“However, to be honest, participating sounds like fun." 

“That might be true in your case." 

Like always, Kiriha looked like she was enjoying the current 

“I am grateful for your assistance. I am greatly pleased that 
you have given this Satomi Koutarou, a chance." 

Koutarou was in high spirits after all the invaders had decided 
to participate. 

Normally, he was very strict with them, but right now he gave 
them a friendly smile. 

"Kukuku, just you wait, Mackenzie, I'll show you a thing or 

Koutarou revealed a sharp expression as he muttered Kenji 1 

"By chance, this fall has become a literature competition." 

Ruth had watched as the situation developed. 

Since she disliked fighting, she was very satisfied that 
everyone was working towards a common goal. 

"Fufufu, give it your all, everybody.” 

Ruth smiled as she poured tea into the empty cups on the 

Part 3 

As the clock reach 9PM all of the invaders had retreated to 
their respective lairs. 

Normally they would remain in room 106 a little more, but 
from now on they would get to writing their scenarios starting 
at 9. 

Because of that, the only ones left in room 106 were 
Koutarou, Sanae and Yurika. 

Since Yurika had jumped into the wardrobe, only Koutarou 
and Sanae were left in the inner room. 

“What are you going to write, Koutarou?" 

“I'm thinking about it. It will probably be something about hot 
blooded clubs." 

Koutarou had been crossing his arms for a while now while 
thinking of what to write. He still had no real ideas. 

Because of that, the paper in front of him was still pure white. 

“Hmm, that's just like you." 

“So, what are you going to write about?" 

Koutarou asked Sanae a question as a change of pace. 

“Me? I'm going to write about mama and papa's eloping and 
how it happened."^ 

Sanae already knew what she was going to write. 

And unlike Koutarou, her expression was bright. 

"Hmm, so non-fiction... Wait, your parents eloped!?” 


Sanae casually mentioned something very surprising. 

"Apparently, mama was the lone daughter of a really rich 
family, and before she became a tool in politics, she ran away 
with my papa, her childhood friend.” 

"I see... So that's why you're so obsessed with this room.” 

"Yeah. Mama and papa would be troubled if I wasn't here 
when they got back." 

...I see... 

This was the first time Sanae had explained her situation to 

The reason she felt like talking about that with Koutarou was 
thanks to the charm hanging off her neck. 

So Sanae had circumstances like that... In that case maybe I should let her 
stay for as long as she likes.. 

Koutarou accepted Sanae's words as truth, even though just 
half a year ago he wouldn't even listen to her. 

The reason for that was the same as Sanae's. 

It was just as Harumi had said that during the summer 
vacation. During this half year, their feelings had changed 

"Koutarou, if you still haven't gotten a grasp of your idea, can 

I start writing first?” 

"Hm? What do you mean?” 

Sanae was a ghost, but she had the power to move a pen. 

So Koutarou didn't understand why Sanae was asking him for 

”1 can move the pen like this but...” 

Sanae floated the pen into the air. 

The pen floated in front of Koutarou and started rotating. 
"Poltergeist, right?” 

"Yeah. But it's really hard to make complicated motions like 
this. The writing would look terrible and it would exhaust 

Sanae stopped the pen's movement for a moment and began 
writing letters in the air. 

The movements of the pen were clumsy. 

As Sanae said, her ability was too rough. 

That was obvious since ghosts usually cause a ruckus. 

"So instead, I thought it would be easier if I possess you.” 

"Ah, I got it, I’ve heard of this before. It’s ghostwriting, right?” 

"Yeah. I think it was something like that.” 

Sanae was talking about automatic writing, also known as 
psychography, not ghostwriting. 

However, only Koutarou and Sanae was in room 106 right 
now, so no one was around to correct them. 

“Well, fine, if that's all." 

“Really!? Then, then, after I'm done I'll help with your stiff 

“I see. Then it's a deal, Sanae." 


Sanae nodded and circled around to Koutarou's back with a 
cheerful look. 

“What? So it's just like always?" 


Sanae jumped onto Koutarou's back with a cheerful cheer. 


Sanae put her arms around Koutarou's neck and put her head 
on Koutarou's right shoulder. 

Her expression was brighter than before. 

Koutarou wasn't sure if this was already fun for her or if the 
fun was still yet to come. 

“W-Woah, my right hand is moving on its own!?” 

“This is the power of ghostwriting!" 

Koutarou wasn't doing anything, but his arm began moving. 

His right arm picked up the pen lying on the tea table and 
began writing on the paper in front of him. 

“...It feels kind of weird having your right arm move on its 

“Fufu, it's cool isn't it." 

Letters filled the paper as Koutarou puzzled over this. 

“It's cool but, the letters are more beautiful than normal, so 
it's a bit unnerving." 

“Then why don't you remember how your hand is moving 

“I guess I will." 

As Koutarou nodded, his right hand stopped moving. 

And Sanae just looked at Koutarou's profile without doing 


Confused, Koutarou looked at the paper in front of him, it had 
a short sentence written on it. 

“I got it, geez..." 

After reading it, Koutarou let out a small sigh and put his left 
hand on top of Sanae's hand. 

“Very good." 

He began petting Sanae's head with his left hand. 

The written sentence was simple. 

'Compliment me more, you bastard!” 

Since Sanae was possessing Koutarou, he was uncertain 
whether he was petting her, or if she was petting herself. 

"Koutarou, it won't hurt if you do it more gently." 

However, at this point Koutarou didn't care either way. 


' ' 


'■ .. 


At that moment, the sliding door behind Koutarou opened. 

As Koutarou and Sanae turned around, they could see Yurika 
jumping out from the wardrobe. 

For some reason, tears were streaming down her face and in 
her hand was the plastic breeding case. 

"Fueeeeeeh! Please help me, Satomi-san!" 

As she landed on the floor, she broke down crying. 

"W-What happened, Yurika?” 

"What are you crying for?" 

After looking at each other, Sanae and Koutarou asked Yurika 
what was wrong. 

When they did, Yurika crawled closer to Koutarou while 
embracing the breeding case. 

"A-Actually, I was trying to sleep, but Flercules-chan won't 
stop making noises!” 

"Who cares about that!?” 

"... You really do worry about the dumbest of things..." 

Convinced that it was a serious matter, Koutarou got angry at 
her while Sanae was just amazed. 

Despite that, Yurika continued to plead. 

"l-lt's not dumb! If Flercules-chan moves even a little bit it 

makes the same sound as the time when a cockroach got into 
the wardrobe!” 

Although Koutarou and Sanae didn't care, it was important to 

She was unable to sleep because of the sound Hercules made 
ever since a horrible incident with a cockroach. 

"I'm too scared to sleep with Hercules-chan!” 

"Then just put that box on the outside.” 

"But if Ruth-san found it that would be the end!” 

"I think it would be crushed by Koutarou in his sleep before 

"Sanae, I'm letting you use me for your ghostwriting, so can't 
you believe in me a little bit?” 

"Ahh... then I'm fine with Ruth finding it.” 

"Both of those are no good!” 

Yurika came closer to Koutarou and Sanae, and as she 
approached with her crying face, both of them instinctively 

"Please do something, Satomi-san!” 

"Even if you tell me to do something...” 

"You should give up and just set Hercules-chan free." 

"I can't do that! The vice-president's little brother will cry!” 
Perhaps sensing danger from Yurika, the Hercules beetle 

shook its large horn. 

And as its horn collided with the wood chips inside of the box, 
it made a sound similar to a cockroach. 

“Please help me, Satomi-san!" 

“I got it, I got it. Just calm down, okay?" 

“Really? You won't bully me like always?" 

“I won't." 

Koutarou was really going to help Yurika. 

He didn't want to risk Ruth losing her temper by doing things 

That was because he knew how scary Ruth could be ever 
since the beetle incident during the summer vacation. 

“But what are you going to do, Koutarou? If Yurika and 
Hercules-chan can't be together there's no room. 


“Please, I'm counting on you, Satomi-san!" 

“Stop your crying and help think of something, Yurika!" 

“Fueeeeeh! Satomi-san got angry! It's all over!! Not Hercules- 
chan! How could you be so cold, Satomi-san!" 

Yurika faced the breeding case placed on top of the tea table 
as tears streamed down her face. 

“This is too cruel, too cold! I knew you were a bad person 
from before, but I couldn't imagine you were this bad!” 

“Calm down, Yurika!" 

“It's all oveeeeer!! Hercules-chan!!” 

“Aaaaahhh, geez!" 

“N-Now that it's come down to this I have no choice but to 
leave this room! B-But if I leave I can't protect the room! 
Ahhh... Hercules-chan, what should I do!?” 

An idea popped into Koutarou's head as he listened to 
Yurika's complaints. 

“Leaving the room...? That's it! Hey, Yurika!” 

“Uuuuuuhh... w-what is it? How more are you planning on 
bullying me?” 

As Koutarou shook Yurika's shoulder, she turned around to 
look at him. 

Tears were still flooding out of her eyes. 

“You're way off. I got a good idea on how to protect 

“Eh!? Really!?” 

But as she heard Koutarou saying he had a good idea, her 
tears stopped and she smiled. 

“Satomi-san, I knew you were a good person!” 

“I've been thinking but, that selfishness and quick change of 
emotions... Yurika, you're quite impressive...” 

Despite Sanae being astounded, Yurika looked up at Koutarou 
with eyes filled with hope. 

If she wasn't carrying the breeding case she probably would 
have shook his hand. 

Yurika... are you fine with your life being like that...? 

Koutarou and Sanae had similar opinions, but they held it in 
and continued talking. 

“To begin with, we put Hercules in the wardrobe." 

“Okay, and then what do I do?" 

“You leave without any hesitation." 

“Nooooooo! Tell me you're kidding!!" 

“Don't make it any worse, Sanae." 

“B-But, Koutarou..." 

“I know how you feel though." 

Koutarou also wanted to throw Yurika out, but she was 
Harumi's best friend. 

So he couldn't simply do that. 

He also had one more reason to not throw her out. 

“But hold it in for now, Sanae." 


Sanae held herself back when Koutarou asked her too, since 
she didn't want to trouble him. 

“Well done, Sanae." 


Koutarou smiled at her and patted her head. 

Koutarou is... 

Koutarou shortly thereafter turned his back on Sanae but she 
remained motionless. 

Instead, she put her hand on top of her recently patted head 
and looked at Koutarou's back. 

Ehehehe, well done... 

Sanae was filled with warm, pleasant emotions. 

They were very similar to when Koutarou had come to her 
rescue when she had been captured by the ghost hunters. 

She then used her other hand to grab her charm, while 
looking at Koutarou's back with a smile. 

"Yurika, put Hercules in the wardrobe and after that, you'll 
live in this room for a while.” 


After Yurika heard those words, she froze and timidly looked 
up at Koutarou. 

"W-Would that really be alright!?” 

"Well, yes. Even if you have half the points of anyone else, 
you still have the right to some of this room." 

"T-Thank youuu!!” 

Yurika bowed and thanked Koutarou before turning towards 
the breeding case. 

“Isn't that great, Hercules-chan! Neither of us needs to 

She then cheerfully talked to Hercules inside of the box. 

Koutarou had one more reason for not throwing out Yurika. 

And that was this Hercules beetle. 

“Now you can safely return to the vice-president's little 
brother, Hercules-chan!" 

The magical girl of love and courage, huh... Just like when Sanae was 
caught, it's not like she doesn't have any love or courage... 

It was because of Hercules, and for the young boy who was 
the original owner of Hercules. 

Koutarou felt like helping Yurika out because she didn't give 
up on the weak beetle. 

And after that small commotion, the time until the deadline 
at the end of the month passed by without any major 

Koutarou, Sanae and Yurika wrote their scenarios in room 
106, while Theia wrote hers onboard the Blue Knight, and 
Kiriha wrote hers in her secret underground lair. 

The stories were handed over to the drama club via Kenji. 

Since Sanae was a ghost, Shizuka put her name down on 
Sanae's story instead. 

At the time, Yurika who specialized in fantasy and Kiriha who 
could do anything well were favorites for having their 
scenarios chosen amongst the residents of room 106. 

However, the chosen piece was written by the hand of 
someone who nobody expected to win. 

The Silver Princess 

Part 1 

Thursday, October 1st 

“Dammit, you bastards!" 

“Fueeeeeh! Bastards!" 

Koutarou and Yurika were sulking after the results had been 

“As if your crappy drama club could understand mine and 
Yurika's masterpieces!” 

“It's just as Satomi-san said! As if you could understand!" 

Their plays had been eliminated during the first selection 

Dissatisfied by that result, Koutarou and Yurika were in the 
middle of causing chaos. 

“Eat up Yurika! I'll give you my precious cup noodles!” 

“Is that really alright!? These are famous cup noodles that 
cost 300 yen each!" 

“It's fine! You're the only one who can understand my 


Eventually, the two of them began slurping up cup noodles in 
the corner of the classroom. 

That was when they finally quieted down. 

"Kou and Yurika... they're both annoying...” 

Looking at the two of them, Kenji let out a heavy sigh. 

To him, it was obvious that Koutarou would fail. 

"Don't say that, Mackenzie-kun. The two of them really tried 
their best." 

Koutarou's play was about hot blooded knitting battles. 

The very narrow genre and overly unique setting made the 
judges give up after reaching the second page. 

Yurika's scenario was about a magical girl, who nobody 
understood, and her unnoticed hard work. 

Although the parts about the girl's growth were considered 
good, the absurd setting of a magical girl backfired and the 
judges gave up on it after a reading a few pages as well. 

"T-The salty flavor is too much!” 

"Don't cry, Yurika! This loss will only make us stronger! 

"Yes! Satomi-saaan!” 


After spending several days on writing together just to have 
their dreams crushed, the two of them now shared a strong 


“It's getting stuffy in here...” 


"You were close though, Kasagi-san. I heard you were almost 

"R-Really? Thank you, Mackenzie-kun.” 

Shizuka had submitted Sanae's scenario in her name. 

Sanae was literally Shizuka's ghost writer. 

Sanae's age was thought to have been a disadvantage but, 
surprisingly, the script was well received and passed the first 
selection phase. 

Sadly, it didn't pass the final selection, but the judges had 
hopes for the future. 

"Good for you, Sanae-sama.” 


Thanks to that, Sanae was in high spirits. 

When Ruth whispered to her, Sanae's expression brightened 
up even more. 

"That said, both me and Kasagi-san lost, so we still feel 

Next to Shizuka was Kiriha, dropping her shoulders. 

Her ever gentle smile was as enchanting as always. 

"That's not true! Kurano-san!” 

“Yeah! The Harukaze university's drama club wanted the 

Kiriha's nearby classmates tried to cheer her up. It was 
obvious that she was popular with her classmates, both men 
and women. 

“That said, a loss is a loss. Maybe I should join Satomi-san for 
some noodles... Fufufu...” 

Kiriha's play was remarkably well done. 

She had a written a satire that received high praise from all 
of the judges. 

However, the play was too well done to be used in the culture 

The level that play required was far higher than what the high 
school drama club had. 

Because of that, Kiriha's submission didn't make it past the 
final selection. 

However, Kitsushouharukaze University's drama club had 
heard rumors of the piece and were planning to use it for the 
next performance. They were currently working on 

“It's because you misjudged the supply and demand.” 

Theia boasted triumphantly. 

“A car doesn't just need to be fast. You don't need a rampant 
race car to go shopping.” 

“Shut up, Tulip!! 

Being ridiculed by Theia calling them rampant, Koutarou 
lashes out at her while still holding his cup noodles. 

"I'm fine, but I won't let you insult Yurika at the same time!” 

"Fueeeeeh! Thank you very much, Satomi-saaan, those 
words alone enough for me to survive!” 

"What are you talking about Yurika, you're my only ally!” 

"Ohohoho, you losers can you sit there and lick your 

"Don't get too full yourself, you pathetic princess!” 

Even though Koutarou yelled and called her pathetic, Theia 
showed no signs of caring. 

Normally she would yell back at him, but today she was 
showing a confident smile instead. 

That's because she knew Koutarou was only saying that 
because he was mortified. 

The chosen scenario was a fantastic love story that Theia had 

The title of her play was 'The Silver Princess and the Blue 

It was set in the middle ages in Europe, based on a conflict 
between the royal houses in Forthorthe. 

The heroine, the Silver Princess, was in the center of the 
conflict, and the hero, the Blue Knight, had come to save her 
from her crisis. 

It was an entertaining piece focused on romance and battles. 

The story was a famous legend in the Forthorthe Galactic 
Empire, and Theia presented it with her own interpretation. 

In other words, Theia's admiration of the Blue Knight directly 
influenced the story, but it was just the way the stage 
manager liked it. 

The other club members also had a positive attitude towards 
the play. 

On top of that, the skills required were just at the level of the 
high school drama club. 

So Theia's story was chosen and would be performed at the 
upcoming culture festival. 

Part 2 

Since they had now chosen their play, the drama club could 
now start with their preparations. 

The culture festival in Kitsushouharukaze was always held for 
two days, starting on the third of November, the same date 
as Culture DayHl 

And since it was the start of October, they had roughly a 
month to prepare. 

Because of the lack of time remaining, the drama club was 
now running full steam. 

“Thanks for coming, Theiamillis-san, it really helps! 

“Don't worry. I'm really invested in this story. So I'll help with 
whatever I can to make the play a success." 

“My, you're already in the middle of casting. Wonderful! Let's 
work together to do this, Theiamillis-san!" 

“You can leave everything to me! Let's make this the best 
play ever!" 

The stage manager and Theia were in perfect synch, they 
had been working preparations since yesterday. 

“Mackenzie, the stage settings guys don't have enough 
materials, so they want someone free to go buy some." 

“I got it. What do they need?" 

“This is the list." 

"Hm, if this is all, girls would be enough. Kasagi-san, do you 
have a moment?” 

"What is it, Mackenzie-kun?" 

"Could you and Ruth-san go buy the things on this list?” 

"That's fine. Is it urgent?" 

"Kou, how about it?” 

"It's urgent, Landlord-san." 

"Got it. Then we'll go right away." 

Theia wasn't the only one helping out. 

Koutarou, Shizuka and those related to room 106 were 
helping out. 

They had decided to help the drama club who were pressed 
for time and manpower. 

"Ruth-san, could you help me shop?" 

"Ah, yes! I'll be right with you, Shizuka-sama! Can I leave this 
to you, Kiriha-sama?" 

"Yes, no problem, just leave it to me... I have the haniwas 
with me as well so I'll be fine." 

"Thank you. I'll hurry back. Well then, I'll be off." 

"See you later... Karama, Korama, you can stay in stealth. 
Please give me a hand." 

"Ho-! Got it, Ho-!" 

"It's our turn to shine, Ho-!" 

There weren't that many members in the drama club. It was a 
tiny club with only 8 members. 

Because of that, there were a lot more people helping out 
other than Koutarou and the others. 

Several smaller clubs like the broadcast club and wind 
instruments club gathered to help them. 

Because of that, the drama club's club room was overflowing 
with vigor. 

The casting was going well, and some people were already 
practicing their lines and picking out their outfits. 

" Kurano-san!” 

“Yes, what is it?” 

“Could you help me convince this girl? Her role was decided a 
while ago but she keeps complaining...” 


“I don't want to be a horse's rear!! At least give me a role 
where you can see my face! At least make me a tree, 

However, the casting had come across a big problem. 

They still couldn't decide who would play the story's heroine, 
the Silver Princess. 

They had gone through several selections, but hadn't found 
anyone who fit the role. 

“This is a problem, Theiamillis-san.” 

“Yes... the Silver Princess is who this play is centered around 
after all..." 

As progress on the play continued, the club president and 
Theia looked at each other and sighed at the same time. 

The largest problem they were currently facing was that they 
had no one to play the heroine. 

“We might need Kurano-san for this..." 

“Kiriha, huh... having Ruth play the role instead would be 
closer to my image..." 

“Ruth-san is perfect for the female knight, so I really don't 
want to change her role." 

“I see... That is a problem..." 

And as Theia and the club president tilted their heads, 
Koutarou came walking by carrying a piece of the stage. 

“Tulip, what are you worrying about?" 

“Pie—, ah, no, Koutarou." 

Theia corrected herself. She couldn't call Koutarou the way 
she normally did in front of the drama club members. 

“I mentioned it before, right? The problem with the heroine." 

“Oh yeah, you said you still hadn't decided... What's wrong 
with the drama club's girls? They're pretty cute." 

Koutarou looked around the clubroom as he said that. 

The girls he could see were all beautiful and looked like they 
would make good princesses. 

However, Theia shook her head. 

“It's not that simple. There's the image of who would fit the 

According to Theia's scenario, the Silver Princess had a 
delicate and fleeting atmosphere to her. 

She was sguaring off against a villain who was planning on 
taking over the country, so that image was important. 

Unfortunately, neither anyone in the drama club or in room 
106 gave that kind of impression. 

For good or bad, they were all energetic girls. 

"Image huh... Nobody really comes to mind..." 

Koutarou couldn't really understand delicate stuff like that. 

The only thing he understood was physical strength. 

"If you're to be my vassal, I at least want you understand 
those kinds of subtleties." 

"Even if you say that... Hey, don't just make me your vassal!" 

As Koutarou raised his voice, Yurika who was choosing her 
outfit interrupted their discussion. 

"Here! Here here! I'll do it! I'll play the Silver Princess!” 

Yurika was wearing brown tights, on top of that was the 
costume of a horse's rear. 

While wearing that, she raised her hands into the air, waving 
and appealing to Koutarou and the others. 

“I definitely don't want to be a horse's rear!” 

ii tf 

Koutarou stared at Yurika without saying a word. 


As Yurika flinched from his stare, Koutarou turned around. 
"...Tulip, I feel like I understand how important image is." 
"Right? This is an important part." 

A horse's rear rather than the Silver Princess; oddly enough, 
Koutarou felt that was a perfect fit for Yurika. 

"What's that supposed to meaaan!?” 

However, there was no way Yurika would accept that. 

"You're being noisy..." 

"Calm down, Yurika." 

"I won't calm down!" 

"The Silver Princess is impossible for you, but I'll talk to Tulip 
so you won't have to be a horse's rear." 


"Yeah, really. Believe in your comrade, Yurika." 

"I understand, Satomi-san." 

At first, Yurika looked at Koutarou with doubt, but as he 
continued talking her expression loosened up. 

“That's the way it is, so please Tulip. Can't you do 

“I guess it can't be helped. I'll prepare a role where you can 
see her face." 


“Isn't that great, Yurika?" 

“Yes, I'll do my best!" 

Yurika cheerfully smiled. That said, in her costume, it looked 
quite humorous. 

“...The role of the cruel and terrible Bandit A is open, but do 
you want it, Yurika?" 

“Wouldn't that cause more of a problem with the image than 

“That's fine! I'll take it! In order to respond to your 
expectations, I'll do my best to be evil." 

“Yurika, you should worry about your own image..." 

And like that, the self-proclaimed magical girl of love and 
courage took on the role of the cruel and terrible Bandit A. 

“That solves that problem, but what should we do about the 
Silver Princess..." 

After saying that, the club president who had kept quiet until 
now went deep into thought. 

Theia soon followed suit. 

“So Tulip, what kind of role is the Silver Princess?" 

"Although she has a delicate appearance, she is a proper 
person. Despite her suffering, she makes her return as 

"A delicate but proper girl...?" 

Actually, Koutarou had an idea for someone who would fit the 


"Satomi-kun, do you have someone in mind?!" 

Sensing that Koutarou was on to something, the club 
president's eyes lit up. 

"Yes, actually my—" 

And as Koutarou was about to give the name of that person, 
the door to the clubroom opened and a girl peeked in. 

"Excuse me... Ah, Satomi-kun! Thank god, you're here!" 

She peeked inside with a worried expression, but once she 
saw Koutarou, she smiled and entered the clubroom. 

"I got some free time so I wondered if I could help— What's 
wrong, Satomi-kun?" 

Koutarou quietly looked at her with a surprised expression 
which confused her a little. 

"Is there something wrong with me?" 

She embarrassingly looked at herself. She held the hems of 
her skirt and moved them around in order to find something 
strange with her outfit. 


Koutarou's eye lit up and he turned towards the club 

And the girl nodded at Koutarou. 

“This is the girl! This girl will be perfect! She fits perfectly 
with the image!” 

“E-Eh!? What do you mean by fitting the image!?” 

The person who had entered the club room was the name of 
the person Koutarou was about to say. 

“You, would you like to become a princess!?” 


That person was none other than Sakuraba Harumi. 

She was a fleeting and delicate, but proper girl. 

The legend about the Blue Knight was split into two halves. 

The first half was mostly about the Silver Princess losing her 
position due to a coup d'etat and fleeing to the famous knight 
family, Pardomshiha, while the Blue Knight protects her. 

The second half was about the Silver Princess taking back her 
country after fleeing to the Pardomshiha family. 

She borrowed the Blue Knight's power to bring together the 
rebel armies to create an army to defeat the court magician 
manipulating the coup d'etat army and the cardinal. 

Because of the romance developing between the Silver 
Princess and the Blue Knight during the first half during their 

escape, it greatly appealed to the women of Forthorthe. 

And because of the action in the second half, such as the 
large scale war and the Blue Knight's intense fight against a 
dragon, this tended to be the focus whenever it was turned 
into a movie. 

Theia's scenario, The Silver Princess and the Blue Knight 1 , 
was based on the first half. 

The story began with the Silver Princess and her little sister, 
the Golden Princess, meeting the Blue Knight. 

And it ended with the Pardomshiha territory in sight and the 
Blue Knight going to battle on his own. 

Both were famous scene popular with the women of 

"U-Uhm... 'Reios-sama, going to battle on your own is 
unreasonable! You have fought enough! Please forget about 
us and run somewhere safe!” 

Harumi's voice filled the courtyard dyed by the evening sun. 

What she just said was one of the princess's lines in 'The 
Silver Princess and the Blue Knight'. 

She was in the middle of practicing in the empty courtyard. 

On that day when she had gone to the clubroom to help out 
Koutarou, she had been unable to decline the president's 
request and ended up taking the role as the Silver Princess. 

But this was the first time she had acted. 

Uneasy, she had spent the last few days practicing on her 

</ Hmm...The feelings Alaia, the Silver Princess, is experiencing 
right now... I can't quite...” 

However, regardless of how much she practiced on her own 
she couldn't feel any progress. 

Harumi believed this was a wonderful play, but she didn't 
quite understand the Silver Princess's feelings. 

She wasn't a citizen of Forthorthe that had heard the story 
been told countless times, nor did she have any strong 
emotions towards the Blue Knight. 

Harumi didn't understand what feelings the Silver Princess 
held towards the Blue Knight. 

Although she could vaguely imagine, that wasn't enough if 
she was going to act. 

"This is a problem...” 

Blue Knight, Reios Fatra Bertorion. 

Silver Princess, Alaia Kua Forthorthe. 

In the end, to Harumi, both of them were strangers she knew 
nothing of. 


And as Harumi shut her book, another person's voice echoed 
through the courtyard. 


She knew right away who that voice belonged to. 

The voice belonged to Koutarou. 

As Harumi looked towards the direction of the voice, she saw 
Koutarou jumping out from the fire exit. 

Koutarou smiled when she looked at him and ran straight to 

“Ha... Ha... Hah... H-How's it going, Senpai? Fuh... Hah..." 

Having ran towards Harumi at full speed, Koutarou called out 
to her between heavy breaths. 

Seeing that, all the confusion built up inside of Harumi 
seemed to vanish. 

Satomi-kun is almost like a child... 

Instead, her confusion was replaced with joy, and she showed 
a wide smile as she answered his question. 

“Fufufu, actually, I'm a little troubled. I can't imagine how the 
Silver Princess must have felt..." 

“I thought so." 

Catching his breath, Koutarou nodded at Harumi's words. 

“You did? What do you mean?" 

“Actually, the drama club's president said that you were 
struggling with getting into your role, so I came to help.” 

Saying that, Koutarou showed the manuscript in his hand to 

“I see... that president said that...” 

Having trouble getting into her role, Harumi had contacted 
the president several times. 

The president had then relayed that to Koutarou, causing him 
to show up here. 

Satomi-kun came to help me, knowing I was having trouble... 

Finding out the circumstances pleased Harumi. She was 
happy that Koutarou had come to save her from her pinch. 

"Senpai, in the end it all comes to practice! In the past I had 
trouble finding a good batting form, so until I was satisfied I 
just kept swinging the bat. Sorry for using athletic examples 
but you just need to keep at it until your body learns!” 


Looking at Koutarou's eyes, which showed his will to help, 
Harumi felt like everything would work out. 

Despite having been worried whether she would learn how to 
act in time, she had now completely forgotten about that. 

"Thank you, Satomi-kun. Then, shall we practice together?” 

"Yes, leave it to me.” 

That's strange... Satomi-kun only came to help me but... 

Harumi found the change in her feelings odd, and couldn't 
help but smile. 

Part 3 

“So what role did you end up getting, Satomi-kun?" 

“I'm Soldier A. There is a scene where I talk to the Silver 
Princess, so let's start from there." 


Koutarou and Harumi stood face to face as they flipped 
through the pages. 

The evening sun lit them up, casting long shadows on the 

Soldier A and the Silver Princess exchanging words happened 
in the middle of the story, when a disguised Silver Princess 
and her party passed through a checkpoint. 

In reality, Soldier A was a popular character in Forthorthe. 

Although the name wouldn't hint it, he was loved by the 
citizens of Forthorthe as a loyal subject. 

“Let's see... This is it. 'Hey you! That girl over there! Nobody 
may pass through here without permission!'" 

Koutarou had put in a lot of practice, but he faltered as he 
spoke his line. 

Although he had said he wanted to help Flarumi with her 
practice, he himself was still in need of practice. 

“Let's look over the lines from there up until the end. There's 
no need to start acting right away." 


Koutarou and Harumi nod at each other and began reading 
their manuscripts. 

While reading their lines and stage directions, they worked 
their way through the scene. 

"Hey you! That girl over there! Nobody may pass through 
here without permission!" 

The scene began with a line from Koutarou's Soldier A as the 
Silver Princess and her party were running away from the 
coup d'etat army. 

And as the Silver Princess tried to pass through the 
checkpoint, she was stopped by Soldier A, who considered 
her suspicious. 

"I have a sign of permission in this bag. Please take a look.” 

However, having run away with nothing but the clothes on 
her back, the Silver Princess didn't have any permission. 

She had already prepared herself for what came next. 

"Show me... Hm? Quit messing around! There's no permission 
in this bag!" 

"...Please, let me pass..." 

"You're not going anywhere! You're under— Wait, that crest 

However, at that point, Soldier A noticed the crest of the 
royal family carved into the Silver Princess's belongings. 

“I see, so that's how it is...” 

Sensing the circumstances, Soldier A decides to let the Silver 
Princess pass, knowing what could happen to him. 

"I'm sorry, young girl. It was my mistake. You most certainly 
have permission.” 

"No, I'm the one who's sorry...” 

"Now hurry and pass, there are people waiting behind you." 
"Thank you... very much..." 

And the scene ends with the Silver Princess safely passing 
through the checkpoint. 

While there are many theories on what happened to Soldier A 
afterwards, the story of this brave and proud soldier was still 
being told. 

As Koutarou and Harumi finish reading their lines, Koutarou 
began laughing. 

"Ahahaha, I'm no good at all." 

Koutarou faltered at all of his lines. 

"Fufufu, it's like that for everyone at the start." 

"Compared to me, you did great, Senpai." 

Harumi's intonation made it easy on the ears and she put her 
feelings behind her lines. 

So Koutarou didn't feel like Harumi was having problems with 
getting into her role. 

“Now that you mention it... it did go kind of smooth..." 

That's strange, just a minute ago I couldn't understand the Silver Princess's 

Harumi was perplexed. 

Once she started practicing again, the Silver Princess's lines 
flowed into her head. 

Even though nothing had changed, she had begun 
understanding how the Silver Princess felt. 

In this case, I might be able to do the scene with the Blue Knight better than 

Harumi was worried about her dialogue with the Blue Knight. 

“Satomi-kun, can we do another scene while I'm still on a 

“I don't mind, which one?" 

“It's at the end of the play... uhm, where the Blue Knight is 
going off to fight on his own..." 

“Ah, I got it, it's this one." 

Harumi had the page marked but Koutarou frantically began 
flipping through the pages to find the scene. 

It was at the end of the story, it was just a little further to 
Pardomshiha's territory but the Silver Princess and the others 
had been surrounded by the coup d'etat army. 

The scene was when the Blue Knight had decided to go to 
battle alone in order to protect the princesses. 

“I've been practicing this scene for a while but I can't do it 
very well... so I want to try it while you're helping me, Satomi- 

"I understand.” 

Although Koutarou remained ignorant when it came to 
romance, he still understood it was an important scene. 

If the scene after this was showing off the Blue Knight, this 
scene was showing off the Silver Princess. 

"Could you do the Blue Knight's lines, Satomi-kun?” 

"The Blue Knight's...?” 

I should just do it the same way Mackenzie did during practice... 

Koutarou recalled the figure of Kenji practicing; Kenji was 
going to be doing the role of the Blue Knight. 

Koutarou nodded at Harumi after getting a grasp of the Blue 
Knight's image. 

"Got it. Let's get started right away then. Practice is all about 

"Okay. Let's." 

The two nodded and faced each other, manuscripts in hand. 
The evening sun's red light lit up Koutarou. 


Harumi stared at that sight. 

"...Your highness Alaia, it seems this as far as I can go with 

" Reios-sama!?" 

I'm sure it must have been like this... 

In the scenario, the Blue Knight was facing the Silver 
Princess, while the evening sun's red light lit him up as well. 

Koutarou wasn't wearing armor but a uniform, and he wasn't 
wielding a sword but a manuscript, but it felt quite different 
from when Harumi had practiced on her own. 

Thanks to that, she felt like she understood the Silver 
Princess' feelings a little better. 

And she is attracted to this person... 

At this point, the Silver Princess had already begun feeling 
something for the Blue Knight. 

If it wasn't for the coup d'etat the Silver Princess would never 
have met this local knight. 

It was a miraculous meeting that occurred during her 

“Your highness, please run away with your little sister. I'll take 
on as many enemies as I can. During that time, please get as 
far away as possible." 

“No, I can't leave you behind, Reios-sama! You're the only 
reason we were able to come this far!" 

Now that I think about it, I guess you could say I met Koutarou during 
hardships as well... 

The knitting society was on the verge of collapsing. 

Nobody was interested in joining the knitting society for the 
sake of knitting, and the only one interested in joining wanted 
to go out with Harumi. 

And Koutarou had come to Harumi's rescue as the man was 
harassing her. 

After that, Koutarou had joined the knitting society, and was 
working hard on improving. 

So, to Harumi, her meeting with Koutarou was like a miracle 
during the hardships. 

I and the Silver Princess's feelings might not be all that different... 

As she began thinking of it in that way, the Silver Princess's 
and her own image, and the Blue Knight's and Koutarou's 
image began overlapping. 

“It was all thanks to the citizens of this country that you got 
this far. If it wasn't for them we would never have gotten 

“That's not true, Reios-sama!” 

Even if she is a princess, she's not that different from me. She loves somebody 
and wants that somebody to love her back. But, she can't say it out loud... 



To Harumi, her own image had completely overlapped with 
the Silver Princess's. 

Like Harumi, she loved somebody but couldn't say it. 

She was a delicate but cowardly princess. 

“They all did it because they love you, your highness. So 
please, for the sake of all the citizens, and for your own sake, 
please run away, princess Alaia." 

“Please wait, Reios-sama!" 

That's not true, Reios-sama! The Silver Princess didn't fall because you were 
next to her! 

Eventually Harumi and the Silver Princess's feelings began 

Just a while ago, she couldn't even understand the Silver 
Princess's feelings. 

But now, she was painfully aware of how the Silver Princess 
must have felt. 

“Reios-sama, going to battle on your own is unreasonable! 

You have fought enough! Please forget about us and run 
somewhere safe!" 

Satomi-kun is going away... he's leaving me behind...! 

Suddenly, tears began streaming down from Harumi's 

Even though she shouldn't be able to see the manuscript with 
all the tears in the way, Harumi didn't mess up her lines. 

Right now, she didn't need a manuscript. 

She had already read the manuscript and repeated her lines 
countless of times. 

She already knew it by heart. 

The only thing she had been missing was the Silver Princess' 

Understanding those feelings, Harumi spoke her lines as 
though they were her own words. 

“I want you to live!” 

Right now, Harumi couldn't distinguish who was in front of 
her, nor who the feelings that overflowing from her heart 
belonged to. 

And while unable to distinguish that, Harumi threw the 
feelings inside of her at Koutarou. 

"That's amazing, Sakuraba-senpai..." 

After their practice ended, Koutarou was still surprised. 

Her words, desperate expressions and tears had 
overwhelmed him. 

It was enough to make Koutarou feel embarrassed for simply 
reading his lines from his manuscript. 

"T-Thank you, Satomi-kun..." 

Harumi herself was also surprised. 

She was currently embarrassingly wiping her tears away, 
puzzled at her own change. 

“I'm confused as well. I couldn't even understand the Silver 
Princess's feelings just a moment ago. I wonder why this 
happened all of a sudden...” 

Harumi couldn't tell Koutarou that it was because her feelings 
overlapped with Alaia's. 

That would be the same as confessing to him. 

All she could do was vaguely respond while blushing. 

"Sakuraba-senpai, maybe you have a knack for this?” 

"T-That's not true, Satomi-kun! E-Even now I want to run 

Harumi was shy and was uncomfortable standing in front of a 
lot of people. She had simply been unable to refuse when the 
club president offered her the role. 

Normally, Harumi could never even imagine standing on the 

"...There's no need to be so modest, Sakuraba-san.” 

At that moment, the drama club's president appeared. 
”President-san, you were here?” 

As Koutarou called out to her, she put on a satisfied smile and 
approached the two. 

"Yes. Sakuraba-san said she was having trouble getting into 
her role, so I came to see how she was doing, but it seems 
like they were completely groundless fears. That practice was 
truly amazing. It didn't look like acting at all." 

The drama club president was happy, having found an 

unpolished gem. 

And she excitedly grabbed both of Harumi's hands. 

“Please carry on like that, Sakuraba-san! If you can act like 
that in every scene, this play is sure to be a huge hit!" 

“T-That's not true, I still have a long way to go..." 

Harumi blushed and cast her gaze down shyly at receiving 
the unexpected praise. 

“I told you, right? Sakuraba-senpai is amazing. She is a well- 
bred lady after all." 


Harumi wasn't used to being complimented, and receiving 
praise for her acting just now was almost the same as 
praising her emotions towards Koutarou. 

To her, that was extraordinarily embarrassing and she was 
unable to look up. 

“Satomi-kun, I'm counting on you to keep backing up 
Sakuraba-san like this." 

“Leave this to me, Satomi Koutarou. I'll turn her into a 
splendid princess." 


So instead of Harumi, Koutarou was the one who boasted 

Part 4 

Kiriha came out of the kitchen carrying a plate, on top of it 
were cut cucumbers. 

Entering the inner room, she looked around, and after making 
sure that Ruth wasn't in the room, she called out to Yurika. 

"Yurika, I have some cucumber left after breakfast, do you 
need them?” 

"Ah, I do! They're Hercules-chan's favorite!” 

Hercules-chan; before they knew it, that was the nickname all 
the residents of room 106 had begun calling the Hercules 

Yurika took the plate from Kiriha and approached the 
wardrobe, sliding open the door. 

Inside was Hercules, in his breeding case. 

Ruth's irrational hate for beetles hadn't gotten any better so 
they had kept it hidden since yesterday. 

"Here's some food, Hercules-chan." 

As Yurika put in the cucumber into the breeding case, the 
Hercules beetle shook its large body and began moving. 

Understanding food had been dropped into the case, he 
slowly but surely moved towards the cucumber. 

"Now that I think about it, do you have enough food for 
Hercules-chan, Yurika?” 

“No problems, Sanae-chan." 

“If you're running low, I can buy some after coming back from 
my part-time job." 

“I bought some yesterday, so it's fine." 

“Oh, well in that case." 

“Thank you, Satomi-san, Sanae-chan." 

Koutarou, who loved beetles, and Sanae, who loved all living 
creatures, were cooperative when it came to Hercules. 

Yurika was sitting and sleeping in the inner room since 
Hercules had taken the wardrobe from her. 

That said, after living together, they started getting along 

And before she knew it, Yurika's quality began improving. 

“Your jacket, Koutarou." 

“Yeah, thank you, Kiriha-san." 

With the help of Kiriha, Koutarou put on his jacket. 

With the coming of autumn, it had gotten colder during the 
evening when Koutarou was coming back home from his part- 
time job. 

“...It's just like you're married..." 

Looking at Kiriha helping Koutarou get changed, Yurika looked 
on, somehow yearning. 

“His heart has been completely invaded. Koutarou really is an 

idiot! I'm the only one he should believe in!” 

Unlike Yurika, Sanae was getting irritated. 

She couldn't accept Koutarou and Kiriha getting along. 

But she was more worried than envious. 

Sanae completely trusted Koutarou. 

"If I don't do something, Koutarou will lose to Kiriha orTheia 
in some stupid way!" 


Pumping herself up, Sanae left Yurika behind and headed for 
the outlet in the wall. 

Sanae approached Koutarou's cell phone and used her 
poltergeist to float it towards him. 

"Koutarou! You're forgetting your cellphone!" 

Sanae then clung onto Koutarou's back like always, and 
despite being dissatisfied just a few moments ago, she was 
now showing a cheerful smile. 

"Ah, Thanks, Sanae." 


Koutarou took the cellphone floating in front of him and put it 
into his pocket. 

After thanking Sanae, he saw her cheerful smile. 

Praise me even more, you bastard! 

To Koutarou, it seemed like that's what her smile was saying, 
so he reached his hand towards Sanae's head. 


“Well done, well done.” 

As Koutarou patted Sanae's head, her smile grew bigger and 
she put more strength into her arms around his neck. 

“...Sanae-chan was talking about invasion and winning and 
losing... but in reality she just wants to depend on 

That's what it looked like to Yurika who was watching over the 

Part 5 

Reaching the base of the small mountain where 
Kitsushouharukaze High School was built, plenty of students 
could be seen heading towards the school, despite it being a 

There were plenty of clubs holding club activities even on 

“Good morning Satomi-kun!” 

“Hey, first-year brat, once you're done with your job, you 
should at least drop by!" 

Among them were some members from the drama club. 

After greeting Koutarou, they hurried up the slope to the 

“Good morning! I'll stop by on my way home!" 

The club members didn't turn around after hearing Koutarou's 
answer, but instead just hurried up the slope and vanished 
around a corner. 

Seeing them off, Koutarou and Sanae started laughing. 

“It looks like they're late for a meeting." 

“Looks like it. Tulip and Ruth-san left early in the morning 
after all." 

Theia and Ruth hadn't been in room 106 since they had made 
plans with the drama club. 

Koutarou and the others would join up with them after 
finishing up their businesses. 

However, Theia who had written the play was pumped up and 
was participating full time. 

Of course, Ruth tagged along with her. 

“They'll probably be yelled at by Theia." 


Koutarou slowly walked up the slope. He was on his way to 
his part-time job at an archaeological site, but unlike the 
drama club members, he was in no rush since he still had 
plenty of time to spare. 

“It's getting colder and colder." 

“Since the cultural festival is getting closer, it means 
November is getting closer as well after all." 

The culture festival was going to be held on November 2nd 
and November 3rd. 

And since they were now in the middle of October, the 
mornings had gotten colder. 

“Hm? Now that I think about it, Sanae, can you feel the 

Sanae mentioning the temperature confused Koutarou. 

“I can't. But I can feel it through you." 

“Ah, so that's how.” 

Similar to when eating, when Sanae was clinging onto 

Koutarou, she could feel heat and cold. 

And since Sanae was clinging onto Koutarou now, she could 
feel the change in the seasons. 

“Besides, you've been nice lately, Koutarou, so I know just 
how you feel.” 

“What's that supposed to mean?” 

“Before, even if I was clinging onto you, I couldn't get a feel 
for the atmosphere. But, lately I can feel that too. It must be 
because you trust me now.” 

Koutarou felt that might be the case as well. 

Ever since that summer day, Koutarou had stopped thinking 
of Sanae as a nuisance. 

Right now, he considered her as a friend, or maybe even a 
little sister. 


“...Isn't it just because you're possessing me more often?” 

Koutarou wasn't mature enough to simply admit that. 

Mortified by having been seen through by Sanae, Koutarou 
inadvertently hid his feelings. 

“Why can't you just honestly say 'I love you, Sanae-chan!'” 

Angry, Sanae began choking Koutarou. 

Since she already had her arms around his neck, Koutarou 

had no way of preventing her. 

“If you love me, just say so! Whisper 'I love you 1 in a sweet 
voice! Gently embrace me!!" 

“l-lt's painful...” 

Sanae was almost the level of a professional wrestler and 
Koutarou was about to lose his consciousness. 


However, just before Koutarou was about to pass out, Sanae 
loosened her grip. 

“Huh, Haaah, Ahh...” 

Koutarou was finally able to breathe again and he hurriedly 
began taking deep breaths. 

After doing that a couple of times, Sanae whispered into his 

“Koutarou, they're playing baseball over there.” 


Catching his breath, Koutarou looked up A familiar sound 
could be heard. 

It was the sound of a bat hitting a ball. 

On top of that, he could also hear the voices of cheering and 
people running around. 

It was as Sanae had said, people playing baseball. 

“...The baseball club are in a big tournament right now, so 

whenever they don't have a match they make sure they 
move their bodies.” 


Koutarou began climbing up the slope again while 
shouldering Sanae who had finally calmed down. 

After walking for a short while, the line of trees were replaced 
by stone walls and fences. 

On the other side of the fence were Harukaze's school 
grounds, and on it, there were students clad in baseball 
uniforms busily running. 

"It really is the baseball club." 

"This is their time to shine..." 

Koutarou looked at the baseball club practicing as he 
continued walking. 

His place slowed down slightly, that was because of his 

Baseball huh... 

Koutarou had no problems with the knitting society, the club 
activities were fun and he was getting along well with 

However, Koutarou loved baseball, he'd been playing up to 
middle school and he loved exercising. 

So there was still some regret over not joining the baseball 

"Hey, Koutarou." 

Passing by half of the school grounds and losing sight of the 
baseball club, Sanae whispered to Koutarou. 


Koutarou turned back towards Sanae. He had no interest in 
the soccer club's practice. 

“Let's do it. Baseball I mean. You might start out as an 
underling, but it's best to do what you want!” 


Sanae's words surprised Koutarou, but she kept pressing on. 

“I'll help you with the housework and stuff! So I'm sure you 
can play baseball!” 

“...Thank you, Sanae.” 

Sanae's kind words warmed up Koutarou and he patted her 
on the head. 

He was really happy Sanae had said that. 

“But, it's fine. I won't play baseball. You don't need to worry 
about it.” 

Koutarou shook his head while patting Sanae's head. 

“Why!? You love baseball, right!?” 


“Then just play it!!” 

“Playing Baseball requires some money. That said, the world' 
not easy enough that you'd be able to work part-time and 

play baseball at the same time. You can't do it at your own 
pace like with knitting since it's a team sport.” 


"But thanks, Sanae. I'll just accept your feelings." 

Koutarou continued patting Sanae's head as he smiled. 

However, Sanae's expression was still gloomy. 

And she mortifyingly bit her lip. 

If I wasn't a ghost... I could work or do something... and then... 

That was the first time Sanae had ever regretted she was a 
ghost since she met Koutarou. 


Koutarou stopped and pointed in front of him. 

"Could that be Tulip?" 


As Sanae looked in the direction Koutarou had pointed, she 
could see golden locks of hair. 

It seemed like she had fallen over by the school gates. 

However, oddly enough there was a large bag where her 
body was supposed to be. 

Thanks to that, the only thing visible was her head. 

"What is she doing...?" 

"W-Who knows...” 

Sanae had completely forgotten about her complex feelings 
after seeing Theia in that strange state. 

"Hey, Tulip, what are you doing over there?” 

Koutarou called out to Theia and ran up to her. 

And since Sanae was still hanging on to him, she was 
dragged along. 


Hearing Koutarou's voice, Theia moved her head to look up at 

"Is that some new kind of game?” 

"O-Of course not! Hurry up and help me!” 

Looks like she's okay... 

Based on Theia's tone of voice, Koutarou determined that she 
was fine and slowed down a little. 

He had been a bit worried. 


"Tulip, what did you have to do to end up like that?" 

Koutarou and Sanae rushed up to Theia and stared at her. 

She had fallen on her stomach and a large bag was on top of 
her back. 

The bag alone was enough to cover up Theia's small body. 

The only thing that came out from under the bag was her 
head and limbs. 

She looked similar to a turtle. 

“That doesn't matter, just hurry up and help me!!" 

“No way. I'll help you after you tell me what funny thing 

Koutarou was fascinated and stared at Theia with an excited 

“I refuse! As if a princess of Forthorthe would go out of her 
way to purposely reveal her shame!" 

Of course, Theia didn't answer straight away. 

Her face turned red and she looked away from Koutarou. 

Seeing that, Koutarou turned his back on Theia. 

“Then wait for someone else to pass by, Tulip." 

“Ah, wait! I'd rather tell you the truth than show this 
disgraceful state to a civilian!" 

“Then you should have just done so to begin with." 

As Theia panicking, called out to Koutarou, he turned around 
with a smile and squatted down in front of her. 

“You'll help her either way, why not obediently help right 

“Don't you want to know what happened to Tulip too?" 

“Well that's true." 

“So, what happened?" 

Koutarou put on a grin and asked Theia. 

Seeing that, Theia turned her face again. 

“I was helping moving materials for the set... Since there's 
just cloth inside I thought even I could carry it but I fell down! 
That's all!" 

Theia began explaining with a whisper but her voice 
gradually grew louder and in the end was she yelling. 

“Go ahead and laugh! I know you want to—" 

However, before Theia spat out her last words, she turned 
around, but she couldn't see Koutarou. 

“H-Huh? Pleb...?" 

Theia began looking around her for Koutarou. 

When she did, she quickly found him again. 

Koutarou had circled around to her side and was touching the 

large bag. 

"Sanae, help me out.” 

"Okay, should I just push here?” 
"Please do.” 

"Pleb...? W-What are you...?” 

Theia couldn't comprehend what Koutarou was doing and she 
just stared at him. 

"What do you mean? I'm helping you, obviously.” 

Koutarou responded with an astounded look. 

"N-No, I understand that but, didn't you want to laugh at 

That was the reason Theia was confused. 

It was obvious that Koutarou had wanted to laugh at her after 
hearing what had happened. 

However, there was no sign of him laughing. Instead, he was 
moving the large bag with a serious look on his face. 

"That's what I was planning on doing, but after hearing your 
story I changed my mind." 

Koutarou let out a sigh. 

He was feeling bad for what he had done. 

"I figured you were trying to do something again. But it 
turned out you were doing it for everyone's sake. There's no 
reason to laugh, is there?" 

Having said that much, Koutarou scratched his head and 
embarrassingly turned away from Theia. 

"Ah, Uh... Yeah..." 

Theia didn't mind that at all, instead she was thinking of what 
he had said. 

Thepleb isn't laughing at my failures... ? 

Theia was certain that Koutarou would laugh at her, so she 
was perplexed by his reaction. 

"Sanae, let's do this.” 

"Yeah, I got it." 




While Theia was still puzzled, Koutarou and Sanae worked 
together to get the bag off her back. 

Finally free, Theia could get up. 

However, instead of getting up, Theia just stayed lying down 
on the concrete with a blank expression on her face. 

A hand was held out in front of Theia. 

She glanced at the hand and looked up to see Koutarou 

While Theia was staring at him with a blank expression, 
Koutarou smiled and opened his mouth. 

"...Are you hurt anywhere, your highness?" 

That was one of the Blue Knight's lines from Theia's scenario. 

Having trained with Harumi several times, Koutarou 
remembered most of the Blue Knight's lines. 

“Ah... Yes...” 

After the Blue Knight's line left his mouth, Theia was unable 
to look away from his face. 

Theia stared at Koutarou's face and hesitantly grabbed his 

When she did, Koutarou pulled her up, and he opened his 
mouth once again. 

“Please forgive my rudeness, your highness Theiamillis.” 

“...You should just honestly apologize for teasing her...” 

Sanae was amazed by Koutarou and let out an exaggerated 

“You idiot, like I could do something that embarrassing!” 

“You really can't be honest, can you? Geez...” 

Koutarou wanted to apologize to Theia, but he was too 
embarrassed to do so in his own words, so he had borrowed 
the Blue Knight's words instead. 

That was his way of hiding his embarrassment. 

However, his cover up brought some unexpected results. 

Koutarou's cheap lines had a great effect on Theia. 

“B-Blue Knight-sama...?” 

"Hm? What's wrong, Tulip? You're making a strange 

Theia was still looking up at Koutarou. 

Finding it strange, he stared at her face. 

”A-Ah! I-I'm fine, Blue— I mean, 1-1'm fine, p-pleb!” 

"You're acting strange. Did you hit something?” 

Koutarou suspected Theia might have been hurt since she 
wasn't acting like herself. 

"I-I'm fine, I'm really fine!” 

Theia then turned her back on Koutarou, her face now beet 

"Are you sure? Don't force yourself, you had something pretty 
heavy weighing you down." 

"I keep telling you, I'm fine!" 

Theia shouted back with her back still turned towards 

Calm down, Theiamillis. This is not Blue Knight-sama, it's Koutarou... I 
mean, the pleb! Why are you so shaken up for! It's fine. It's fine! 

However, her shouting seemed to have been directed 
towards herself, rather than Koutarou. 

Translator's Notes and References 

l.A national holiday in Japan 

Change of Cast and Shadow of the 


Part 1 

Tuesday, October 20th 

With less than two weeks left before the culture festival the 
drama club began doing full-blown rehearsals on the 
makeshift stage in the gym. 

The sets had already been put in place on the stage, and 
although Koutarou and the others had made them, they 
looked strangely realistic under the colorful light. 

“Yes, this will do." 

“I'm glad we finished in time for the rehearsals." 

Theia and the club president smiled as they looked at the 

“We worked hard too, first-year brat." 

“That we did... It's not all done yet though..." 

Behind Theia and the club president were the drama club 
members, Koutarou and various people from other clubs who 
had helped them. 

Theia turned around and called out to Koutarou and the 

“Allow me to praise you all. You have worked well." 

Theia had helped Koutarou and the others when she had 
spare time, so she knew of their hardships. 

“Normally I would like to make a few complaints but I'll allow 
it this time." 

Tulip seems to be quite obsessed with the Blue Knight so she's willing to look 
the other way this time, huh... 

Koutarou had heard from Ruth that Theia's love for the Blue 
Knight was due to her mother's influence. 

He had also seen how much she had worked to make the play 
a reality, so he respected those feelings. 

Ruth appeared as Koutarou and the others were taking a 

“Thank you for your hard work, Satomi-sama, all of you." 

She came carrying plenty of wet towels on top of a tray. 

It was her way of thanking Koutarou and the others who were 
working the set pieces. 

“Everyone, please use these to wipe your sweat off." 

“Oh, Ruth-chan, how tactful of you!" 

“Thanks! I'm covered in sweat." 

“This warm care really puts my mind at ease. My club's girls 
could learn a thing or two..." 

The men working on the set pieces surrounded Ruth and 
grabbed wet towels. 

“Ah, why are you taking two!?" 

“What does it matter!? I'll be taking one home to treasure!" 

“Ah, that's playing dirty! I want to do the same!" 

However, since everyone began taking two or three towels, 
their numbers reduced drastically. 

“Ah, you can't do that everybody, only one per person 

Ruth attempted to regain control, but the damage was 
already done. 

“Ah, there's none left for me!" 

By the time Koutarou who was last in line arrived, the tray 
was already empty. 

“Ha~h, this brings me back to life..." 

“Give it up, first-year brat. We've thoroughly enjoyed Ruth- 
chan's love." 

“Tsk, I was too slow!" 

“Hey, Satomi. I'll give you my towel once I'm done with it." 
“Who would want something like that!?" 

As Koutarou shouted at the set piece team, Ruth showed an 

apologetic expression while holding the empty tray. 

“I'm really sorry, Satomi-sama... Ah, that's right!” 

However as she was apologizing, her expression changed for 
the better. 

And as she was rumbling through her pocket with her right 
hand, she waved Koutarou over with her left. 

"Satomi-sama, please come here for a moment." 

"What is it, Ruth-san?” 

As Koutarou closed in, Ruth beckoned him in even further. 
"Bring your face a little closer.” 


Although he didn't understand what Ruth wanted, having no 
reason to refuse, Koutarou did as she asked. 

"Just stand still for a moment, Satomi-sama." 

As Ruth said that to Koutarou, she pulled out a handkerchief 
from her pocket and began wiping off the sweat from his 

Her handkerchief was soft and had a faint smell of flowers. 

Because of that, for every time she pressed her handkerchief 
on Koutarou's face, it absorbed the sweat and left behind the 
smell of flowers. 

"Ruth-san, there's no need to go this far. I only need to wash 
my face you know.” 

“No, Satomi-sama. This is my thanks for all of your help." 

Ruth shook her head while smiling and continued to move her 

And before Koutarou could say something else, she 
whispered in a small voice only Koutarou could hear. 

“...And you seemed to have shown a lot of consideration as 
well, Satomi-sama.” 

As Ruth said that, she glanced at Theia. 

Even now, Theia was cheerfully looking at the stage. 

It seems like I can't hide anything about Tulip from Ruth-san... 

When Koutarou looked at Theia and smiled wryly, Ruth's 
expression grew even brighter and she showed him a big 

“Waaaaah, first-year brat!! Y-You, what kind of envious thing 
are you doing!?” 

“Damn you! I'll give you my wet towel, so trade places with 

However, the next moment the set piece team surrounded 
them and her wonderful smile only lasted a few seconds. 

Part 2 

The Blue Knight Reios Fatra Bertorion wore, as the name 
implied, a set of blue armor. 

However, the armor hadn't been completed yet and Kenji was 
temporarily wearing a white surcoatFll that had been used in 
another play. 

The person in charge of the wardrobe seemed to be 
struggling with the armor, and had suggested that they dye 
the surcoat blue instead. 

Kenji who had been blessed with both appearance and height 
looked like a professional actor once he took of his glasses 
and bound his hair behind his head. 

Because of that, they didn't really mind changing the color of 
the surcoat. 

“Curses, to think they would poison a river to capture a single 
woman! It's the act of a true coward! I definitely won't forgive 
them! Their blood will stain my sword!" 

The problem was, as expected, the acting ability. 

Kenji was still a high school student, and he had only been in 
the drama club for half a year, so his acting was still 

“Hmm, well, it's so-so." 

However, the drama club president didn't consider the 
awkward acting to be that big of a problem. 

“Ken-chan seems to be taking his practice seriously, and I 

can tell he's read the manuscript thoroughly... His looks are 
good too, if he keeps practicing like this, I'm sure he'll get the 
hang of it.” 

To the club president, Kenji's acting abilities were good 
enough for the play, which pleased her. 

"What do you think, Theiamillis-san?” 


However, Theia who was next to her had a bitter expression. 
"Is there something bothering you?” 

"...It is a good looking man, and his acting is good enough. If 
he keeps at it like this he'll probably do well. But I feel like 
something's missing.” 

Theia's shoulders dropped. She didn't see any outstanding 
problems with Kenji, but she felt that something wasn't right. 

"I don't really get it though...” 

"Me neither. However, since we don't understand the reason 
behind it, it might be acceptable after all." 

Theia looked back towards the stage as she said so. 

I wonder what this sense of incompatibility is... It's like seeing a tiger and 
being told it's a lion... 

Theia tilted her head while in deep thought. 

During the break between practices, Koutarou appeared from 
backstage, wearing working clothing. 

"You're fabulous, White Knight-sama!” 

“You're making me sick, Kou. Stop it." 

“Me too.” 

“Then don't do it...” 

“I'm regretting it too. More importantly, Mackenzie, don't 
stand in the wrong place. You were standing quite a bit away 
from the marked spot just now.” 


“Yeah. I'll remark it in a color that stands out more.” 

“Please do.” 

As Koutarou and Kenji exchanged words, Koutarou exchanged 
the tape that marked the actors' position during the scene. 

Up until then they had been using black and white tape, but 
Koutarou was now exchanging it with a more colorful tape. 


The moment Theia saw Kenji and Koutarou together, she was 
reminded of Koutarou the other day. 

“Please forgive my rudeness, your highness Theiamillis.” 

A gentle smile. 

Powerful words. 

Koutarou's appearance made Theia forget about Kenji, 
instead, his image seemed to fit perfectly with the Blue 

“What's wrong, Theiamillis-san?” 

“...Ah, no, it's nothing..." 

I'm just imagining it... The pleb is too terrible of an actor. He's not fit for the 
role of the Blue Knight... 

Theia shook her head and drove the idea out of her head, but 
she couldn't take her eyes off of Koutarou, who was on top of 
the stage. 

“Alright. Next up is the Silver Princess's appearance, finally!... 
Satomi-kun, could you call Sakuraba-san in?" 

“Okay, just wait a second." 


As Koutarou jumped backstage, Theia noticed her own 
admiring stare at Koutarou and felt embarrassed. 

Blood flowed up to her head, dying her face red. 

She couldn't believe her own actions. 

W-What is happening to me... ? 

Theia was completely confused. 

She was supposed to be looking at the Blue Knight with 
admiration, not Koutarou who was working on the stage 

For Theia, this was her long desired debut of the Blue Knight 
on the stage, but for some reason, she was staring at 

It was only obvious for her to be confused by her own 

"Sakuraba-senpai is coming up!” 

”P-Please treat me well.” 

At that time, Koutarou returned to the stage. 

Next to him was Harumi, who was wearing a pure white dress 
and a silver tiara on top of her head. 

The pure white dress suited her thin body very well. 

The tiara contrasted her beautiful black hair and made up for 
her normal lack of colorfulness. 

And since she was a refined lady to begin with, her 
movements were graceful. 


As she stepped up on the stage, a lot of the actors and staff 
held their breaths. 

Right now, she was the spitting image of the Silver Princess 
from the scenario. 

At first there were those against Harumi playing the role, but 
right now, seeing her in her current appearance, everybody 
was certain that nobody other than Harumi would fit. 


However, with everybody staring at her, Harumi hid behind 
Koutarou's large body. 

To calm her down, Koutarou called out to her like normal. 

"It's alright, Sakuraba-senpai.” 

“But... I really can't settle down with everyone looking..." 

“Everyone is looking at you because you're beautiful, senpai. 
Please have a little more confidence in yourself." 

“Even if you say that..." 

Harumi looked down on her own right hand. 

Her hand, wrapped in pure-white gloves, was trembling. 

Koutarou grabbed her hand and called out to Theia and the 
club president in front of the stage. 

“President-san, Tulip, what scene should we start with?" 

“Hmm, I want to see her abilities. So maybe the scene where 
she sees the Blue Knight off. What about you, Theiamillis- 

“...I'm fine with that." 

Theia's voice sounded distracted. 

She couldn't take her eyes off of the hand Koutarou was 

“I understand. Sakuraba-senpai, this way." 


Koutarou pulled her hand, and guided her to her first position 
of the scene. 

At this point, Harumi's hand had stopped trembling. 

Satomi-kun's hand is so... warm... 

Instead, she was grabbing his hand as well. 

“This is your position. The scene is the kind you're best at, 
the scene where you see the Blue Knight off before he heads 
into battle. Well, it'll be fine as long as you do it the way you 
always do." 

Koutarou let go of Harumi's hand after guiding her to her 

And once he did, Harumi began feeling helpless again. 

“Good luck, senpai!” 

However, Koutarou who had been helping her practice had no 
worries whatsoever. 

It was enough for her to act the way she had with Koutarou, 
even if she had some problems, there was still plenty of time 
left to practice. 

So Koutarou had no reason to worry about Harumi. 

After leaving Harumi behind, he called out to Kenji who was 

“I'm counting on you, Mackenzie. On top of the stage, you're 
all that Sakuraba-senpai has to rely on." 

“I know. I'll make sure to escort her." 

“You're diligent when it comes to girls after all." 

“I'll send you flying, you bastard." 

“In that case, I'll flee before that happens." 

After talking to Kenji, Koutarou turned his back on both Kenji 

and Harumi. 

“Eh, A-Are you leaving, Satomi-kun?" 

“Well, yes, you can't start if I'm in the way." 

“T-That's true but..." 

Despite Harumi calling out to Koutarou helplessly, he simply 
jumped off the stage. 

Do your best, Sakuraba-senpai, blow everyone off their feet. 

Koutarou had absolute confidence in Harumi's acting. 

Which was why, even if she was somewhat uneasy, he wasn't 
worried at all. 

“Now then, let's begin!” 

Seeing Koutarou leave the stage, the club president signaled 
for the rehearsal to start. 

Koutarou made his way to Theia and the club president and 
looked up at the stage together with them. 

As he did, Kenji began by saying his line. 

“...Your highness, Alaia, it seems this as far as I can come 
with you.” 

His line flowed out, and compared to Koutarou, his voice was 
louder and easier to hear. 

He finished his line without any hesitation or getting caught 
up on a word. 

Standing in a straightened posture, he exuded the 

atmosphere of a knight. 

As expected from Mackenzie. He's good at everything... And next up is 
Sakuraba-senpai. She takes a step forward and calls out the Blue Knight's 

Koutarou had been practicing these scenes with Harumi 
countless times, so he knew what happened next without 
looking at the manuscript. 

Harumi showed a surprised expression and took a step 
forward; she was about to stop the Blue Knight who was 
saying his farewell. 

That's it, next up she says 'Reios-sama!?' 

Koutarou recalled Harumi's voice. She had practiced the line 
countless times, there were no problems. 


However, Harumi sounded hesitant. 

The line Koutarou was waiting to hear didn't leave Harumi's 

“Ah, I...” 

Unable to say her line, Harumi stared blankly at Kenji. 

Part 3 

"I'm sorry, everybody...” 

Harumi bowed deeply. 

Her expression was dark, and she was clearly disappointed. 
"I'm sorry for holding you back...” 

In the end, Harumi was unable to act on top of the stage. 

She was able to say her lines, while faltering, but that 
couldn't be considered acting. 

"But that's strange... you used to act so well too...” 

The drama club president tilted her head in a perplexed 

She had watched Koutarou and Harumi practice and had a 
decent understanding of her acting ability. 

However, Harumi couldn't act on top of the stage. 

So the club president couldn't help but find it odd. 

"Mackenzie, admit it, you did something to her." 

"Of course not! I finally got to talk to her!” 

Koutarou was also confused. 

He knew more than anyone else just how well Harumi could 

Which was why he didn't think she was the reason. 

“This is a problem... Having someone else play the Silver 
Princess now would be embarrassing..." 

“I'm sorry, Theiamillis-san." 

Harumi felt even smaller, due to Theia's words. 

She shrunk and felt like disappearing. 

At that moment, Koutarou stepped between Theia and 

“That won't be necessary, Tulip! I know senpai can do it!" 

Harumi, who was on the verge of breaking down, was able to 
recover thanks to Koutarou. 

“However, in reality she can't. It might be cruel but a backup 
plan is required." 

“It'll be fine! Senpai only needs to get used to standing on a 
stage! She always practiced in the courtyard or in the 

“Then what do we do?" 

“Of course, if she's not used, there is only practice! We'll keep 
at it until she can!" 

As Koutarou said that, he approached Kenji for some reason. 
“Strip, Mackenzie." 

And he touched Kenji's outfit. 


“Just take your outfit off! I'll practice with senpai on the 
stage, so you guys go practice somewhere else!” 

Excited, Koutarou starts to forcibly take off Kenji's outfit. 

“I got it, I got it, so get your hands off me! Don't try to strip 
me down here!” 

“Theiamillis-san, what do you think?” 

“...Well, just let them go at it. At the moment she's no use.” 

As Theia said that, Koutarou sent a piercing glare at her. 

“Don't look down on her, Tulip. You don't know how amazing 
Sakuraba-senpai is!” 

Koutarou's sharp glance and fearless smile kept Theia from 
saying anything back for a moment. 

Part 4 

“...Your Highness, Alaia, it seems this as far as I can come 
with you." 

“ Reios-sama!?" 

“Your Highness, please run away with your little sister. I'll 
take on as many enemies as I can. During that time, please 
get as far away as possible." 

“No, I can't leave you behind, Reios-sama! You're the only 
reason we were able to come this far!” 

When Koutarou and Harumi began practicing, everyone who 
happened to be there couldn't take their eyes off of the two. 

What they focused on was mostly Harumi's acting. 

In fact, Koutarou who was speaking his lines in monotone 
was, holding her back. 

Despite that, they couldn't take their eyes off the two of 

Harumi's flexible use of her voice effectively expressed the 
Silver Princess's desperate emotions. On the other hand, 
Koutarou's faltering lines only served to remove any sincerity 
felt from the Blue Knight. 

“It was all thanks to the citizens of this country that you got 
this far. If it wasn't for them we would never have gotten 

“That's not true, Reios-sama!" 

“They all did it because they love you, your highness. So 
please, for the sake of all the citizens, and for your own sake, 
please run away, princess Alaia.” 

“Please wait, Reios-sama!" 

Only a few people were looking at the two of them calmly. 

Two of them were the club president and Sanae, who had 
seen them practice before, and Kiriha, who understood the 
subtleties of a person's feelings. 

“That's right, this is Sakuraba-san's acting." 

The club president cheerfully nodded repeatedly. 

The sight she had been expecting was taking place right in 
front of her eyes. 

She confirmed that she had made the right choice again. 

“Looking at it like this, Koutarou seems completely awful." 

“Don't say that. Koutarou is the only one who can get 
Sakuraba Harumi to act like this." 

Amongst the excited crowd, only Sanae and Kiriha were able 
to keep their cool. 

Sanae had always been watching Koutarou and Harumi 
practice, and Kiriha understood Harumi's feelings. 

To the two of them, the scene in front of them wasn't all that 

“Well, well, this is quite a sight..." 

Kenji, who had changed into a jersey after getting his outfit 

stolen by Koutarou, nodded his head. 

He was starting to understand the reason behind why Harumi 
had been chosen and why Koutarou had been so stubborn 
regarding her. 

“When I look at it like this, it certainly..." 

Kou aside, Sakuraba-san's acting abilities certainly aren't at the level of a 
high school student, this is... 

After getting over the surprise, Kenji was partly amazed. 

“Sakuraba-senpai and Satomi-san are amazing... I'm happy 
my role is a horse's rear.... I can't act like that..." 

Yurika was wearing brown tights and a horse's hind legs as 
she looked up at the stage and let out a sigh of relief. 

Having been after the role of the Silver Princess for a 
moment, she couldn't help but feel relieved after looking at 
Harumi on the stage. 

Even if she were to do the Silver Princess's role, she couldn't 
act this well. 

“Your highness... this is..." 

“Impossible... this is almost like the genuine..." 

The most surprised of all were the two from Forthorthe: Theia 
and Ruth. 

Theia in particular was deeply surprised. She looked up at the 
two with a dumbfounded expression. 

The color of her hair aside, Harumi's Silver Princess's was 
exactly the way Theia had imagined. 

A pure-white princess who may have been delicate and 
fleeting, but at the same time held a strong will. 

It was almost as if Theia's imagination had come to life and 
was standing on top of the stage. 

And what surprised her even more was Koutarou. 

He was a terrible actor and spoke most of his lines in a 
monotone voice. 

He was no match for Kenji who had stood on the stage before 

However, when Koutarou spoke his lines, something deep 
inside of Theia began screaming... that the Blue Knight was 
standing in front of her. 

Since Harumi had gotten back in form, the club president 
called for the rehearsal to restart. 

However, soon after, they stopped again. 

“Stop! Stop! What's wrong, Sakuraba-san?” 

“I-I'm sorry, acting really is impossible for me..." 

“This is a problem, you were able to act so well just a 
moment ago...” 

Harumi was once again the reason that the rehearsals 

She had shown some splendid acting with Koutarou as the 
Blue Knight, but once they changed out Koutarou for 
someone else, her acting became awkward. 

It was the same for Kenji or anyone else. 

"President-san, someone else really should do the role of the 
Silver Princess. There is still time if we change now.” 

Feeling responsible for her failures, Harumi suggested 
stepping down from her role. 

However, the club president shook her head. 

"Sakuraba-san, I can't even think of changing you for 
someone else after seeing that acting. And it's not just me, 
everyone feels the same.” 

"But, if we continue like this I'll just hold everyone else 

"Therein lies the problem. When you practice with Koutarou 
you're always able to act so well..." 

Neither the club president nor any of the drama club 
members had any intention of giving the role of the Silver 
Princess to someone else. 

Because of that, they had to solve the problem regarding 
Harumi's acting. 

And everyone had been scratching their heads for a while 

"...Everyone, I have a suggestion." 

At that moment, Kiriha who was helping out, raised her hand. 

"Kurano-san, if you have an idea, please tell us. Frankly, I 
can't come up with anything.” 

"Very well.” 

Kiriha nodded and began talking. 

"Sakuraba-senpai can act properly with Koutarou-kun, so why 
not go all out and give Koutarou-kun the role of the Blue 

"Change the Blue Knight's actor to Koutarou?” 

The club president's eyes opened wide after hearing Kiriha's 
suggestion, and Kiriha nodded at her once again. 

"Yes. What do you think will go faster, getting Sakuraba- 
senpai used to Kenji-kun or teaching Koutarou-kun how to 
act? I think it would be faster for Koutarou-kun to learn how to 

"I see... you have a point... Ken-chan, Theiamillis-san, what 
do you think?” 

"I think that's fine too. I don't want to give up my role, but 
when faced with picking me or Sakuraba-senpai, I would pick 
Sakuraba-senpai without hesitation." 

Kenji had no objections. 

Looking at Harumi, who was having troubles, he couldn't help 
but feel that he was bullying her. 

So rather than continue that, it was a lot easier for him to let 
Koutarou do the hard work. 

"And Theiamillis-san?” 

a | tt 

Theia began thinking, but only for a moment. 

"I guess there's no choice. Although I'm unwilling, in this 
situation, there's no other solution but to let Koutarou play 
the Blue Knight." 

No choice. 


Theia had used those two words, but that was just her being 

She had been thinking of letting Koutarou play the Blue 
Knight for a while now. 

She had no real reason to disagree. 

“Alright. Then it's decided. We'll let Satomi-kun play the role 
of the Blue Knight!" 

“W-Wait a minute! I-I'll be doing the Blue Knight!?" 

Hearing that surprised Koutarou. He was certain that Kenji or 
Theia would be opposed to it, but, surprisingly enough they 
had both agreed. 

The unexpected development completely confounded him. 

“That's right. Sakuraba-san doesn't want to do it with anyone 
but you, so we'll just have to use you." 

“A-Are you serious!? You know I'm terrible at acting!” 

“Oh, so you were aware of your terrible acting, Koutarou. In 
that case, this'll be quick" 


“There's no reason to worry." 

Theia's eyes began sparkling. 

“I know the Blue Knight better than anyone else. I'll turn you 

into a splendid Blue Knight before the culture festival!” 

At that moment, somebody secretly glanced at Theia. 

"Oh... To think they're doing a play of the Blue Knight in a 
place like this... Theiamillis-san must be having a lot of fun..." 

That cold glance watched over Theia. 

The owner of that glance was amazed that Theia would hold 
a play on what could be called Forthorthe's soul on a 
backwater planet like this, and, more importantly, with these 
kinds of neanderthals. 

"That said, this situation is convenient for me. Maybe I should 
be saying thanks instead of being amazed, Theiamillis-san..." 

The owner of the glance began laughing. 

It was a high pitched shrill laughter of a woman. 

The owner of the glance was a girl from the same generation 
as Theia. 

"With this, my victory is all but certain... Until then, just enjoy 
your little play to the fullest." 

The girl laughed once more before taking her eyes off Theia 
and turning away. 

"However, Theiamillis-san, your little play won't have a happy 

The only thing that remained was laughter and a laughing 
voice that was horribly cruel and desolate. 

Part 5 

Once it had been decided that Koutarou would be playing the 
Blue Knight, the first thing Theia did was lead him to the 
bridge of her battleship, the Blue Knight. 

“Tulip, what are you planning on doing by taking me to your 

"Everything starts with the appearance. We have the outfit 
that you'll be wearing.” 


“This way, Satomi-sama.” 

Following after Ruth who was guiding him, Koutarou walked 
shoulder to shoulder with Theia. 

Even when cutting across the large bridge, it was quite the 

“I know you said outfit, but this is the flight deck of a 
battleship, right? Are there even any outfits here?” 

“You might think it's unexpected, but there really is. I'll tell 
you the details once you've seen it, it's hard to explain before 
you do.” 

“I see..." 

Koutarou and Theia continued following after Ruth. 

Ruth guided Koutarou towards the back of the bridge, the 
corner where the commander's seat and steering equipment 

The only equipment truly needed to control the Blue Knight 
was focused in this corner. 

The rest were only necessary for the Blue Knight to serve as 
a flagship. 

“Go ahead, Ruth." 

“I understand, your highness." 

As Ruth approached the operator's seat, she touched 
something on the panel. 

“What's about to happen?" 

“Well, just wait and see." 

At the same time Theia said that, a large hole opened up in 
the floor next to Koutarou and the others. 


And from the hole, a two meter large person appeared. 

“A person?” 

“It's not a person. This is an armor." 


What Koutarou thought had been a man was a blue, metallic 

The armor was supported by several arms; it was like the suit 
hung on a hanger. 

“I want you to put this on." 

“This? Well, it does have that kind of an atmosphere..." 

Compared to the design of the Blue Knight's interior, the 
armor was old-fashioned. 

It was similar to the design of a knight's armor during the 
middle ages. 

“Actually, this was made as an imitation of the original Blue 
Knight's armor. My mother designed it based on some ancient 
documents, so it should be pretty close to the real deal." 

“So this is the Blue Knight's armor..." 

Koutarou inspected the armor. 

The blue armor was beautiful. When he brought his face 
closer, he could see his reflection on the armor. 

It was made up of lots of curves, and its design had some 
resemblance to the weapons that Theia used. 

Although it had been designed with the purpose of defending 
the body, its beauty was like that of a work of art. 

Koutarou felt that the armor held the same kind of beauty as 
a katana. 

“But why is this thing here? It feels horribly out of place." 

The medieval-looking armor did not fit in with the futuristic 
bridge of the space battleship, the Blue Knight. 

It was like putting an antique in a modern building. 

“It's my hobby." 

“Hobby!? So what, you're just keeping it here?" 

“Fufufu, that's not what I mean. Explain it to him, Ruth." 

“Very well." 

Ruth moved up to the side of the armor before looking at 
Koutarou and beginning her explanation. 

“Actually, this armor is one the devices used for operating 
this ship." 

“Do you mean it's something like a steering wheel?” 

“That's right. The Blue Knight is in the shape of a person, and 
it's able to move its limbs freely. Because of that, this armor 
is used for that reason.” 

“I see... so how exactly do you use it?” 

Interested, Koutarou began studying the armor from various 
angles. Seeing that, Ruth revealed a small smile. 

“All you need to do is put it on and move. The armor will 
sense those movements, and the Blue Knight will replicate 

“Oh, that's convenient.” 

This is generally called a master/slave controller, where a 
device has unidirectional control over another. 

Every moment directly influenced the Blue Knight. 

Because of that, anyone could move the hull of the Blue 

“Back when you were onboard for that part-time job, we were 
planning on having you wear this and fight. Although in the 
end, it wasn't necessary.” 

“I see, so that's what that was.” 

Koutarou had been brought onboard the Blue Knight for a 
part-time job a while back when Theia and Ruth had detected 
a space battleship near earth. 

Already short-handed, instead of Ruth or Theia wearing the 
armor and fighting, using Koutarou who was good when it 
came to fist-fights was more efficient. 

“But this time, we're only going to be using this as an outfit." 

Ruth touched the base of the arm holding the armor up and it 
dropped down in front of him. 

It looked like two people facing one another. 

“However, Tulip, I don't think I'll be able to wear this heavy 
looking armor." 

Koutarou knocked on the chest plate. It felt like a solid, heavy 

As he knocked on the armor, the sound resonated inside and 
a loud noise escaped it. 

Koutarou suspected it must have weighed at least several 10 

“It's okay. The armor's power core allows you to move it 

“I see, then it'll probably be fine." 

Since the armor was a part of a battleship, it had functions 
that allowed it to work as a spacesuit. 

So if it was too heavy to move, it wouldn't be of any use. 

Because of that, the armor had a power core that allowed the 

user to move freely. 

"Satomi-sama, this way. We'll adjust the armor to fit you.” 
"That sounds bothersome.” 

As Koutarou followed after Ruth, he called out to Theia. 

"It hasn't been custom-made for a specific person after all.” 
Theia smiled wryly and shrugged. 

Since the armor was used as an operating device, it could be 
adjusted so anybody could wear it. 

"Satomi-sama, just stand up straight like that please. The 
measuring device will measure your physique, and adjust the 
armor after it.” 

"I got it.” 

Koutarou straightened his posture as Ruth had asked. As he 
did, Ruth pulled out a small camera-like device and pointed it 
towards Koutarou. 

It was the measuring device that she had mentioned. 

The device let out a bleep in Ruth's hands. The 
measurements had finished in an instant. 


When Ruth peeked into the small monitor, she showed a 
surprised expression. 

And she lightly tapped the device. 

"What's wrong, Ruth?" 

“That's... The armor won't start its adjustments. It's stuck on 
the default setting, and won't move.” 

Ruth was troubled. 

Despite the measurements, the armor didn't automatically 
adjust its size. 

“Were there any errors?” 

“No, there are none reported.” 

Ruth suspected that the device was broken and lightly tapped 
it and rebooted it, but she couldn't find any errors. 

”... Your highness, I'll try it one more time. Satomi-sama, let 
me try again, please.” 

“I don't mind.” 

Ruth pointed the measuring device at Koutarou, and he once 
again stood up straight. 

“Here I go.” 

The measuring device let out a bleep once more, however 
the results were the same. 

“That's strange... It's functioning normally but... wait, could 
this be...?” 

“What is it, Ruth?” 

“It seems it hasn't broken down.” 

Ruth approached the armor again. 

She then moved the crest of a dragon and a knight, and 

pushed a button that was hidden under it. 

The armor began venting compressed air and opened up. 

In order to put this armor on, it would open up, and inside, 
various machines could be seen. 

"Satomi-sama, please enter it.” 

The inside of the armor had just enough space for a person to 

Inside of the armor was also padding, so that the operator 
wouldn't get uncomfortable. 

”1 only need to wear it, right?” 

"Yes. Once you've entered, it will automatically close.” 

"I got it.” 

Koutarou obeyed Ruth and slid into the open space prepared 
by the armor. 

When he did, he found that he fit just perfectly. 

It wasn't too large or too small, the size was just right. 

Shortly after, the motor started up and the armor closed, 
returning to its original form. 

And in a matter of seconds, Koutarou was now wearing the 
blue armor. 

"I see... so that really was it...” 

Ruth looked on with amazement as Koutarou put on the 
armor without any problems at all. She nodded as if satisfied. 

“Is this by some random chance I wonder..." 

“What's wrong, Ruth? What do you mean?" 

Theia found the scene odd and called out the Ruth. 

Only then did Ruth, who had been staring at Koutarou, return 
to her senses. 

“Well, your highness, I thought it was an error, but it seems 
that Satomi-sama has the same physique as the legendary 
Blue Knight." 


This time, Theia was the one who was amazed. 

“Because of that, the measuring device didn't automatically 
adjust the size." 

The armor had been made to replicate the Blue Knight's. 

Because of that, the default size was modeled after the Blue 
Knight himself. 

And by chance, Koutarou just happened to have the exact 
same physique, causing the armor not to adjust itself. 

“I see, so the pleb is... that's quite the coincidence..." 

Theia looked up at Koutarou and was at a loss for words. 

Koutarou had gotten the role of the Blue Knight, and he also 
had the same physique, despite being from a different planet. 

It was an almost unbelievable coincidence. 

“Your Highness, it just might be..." 

“Yeah... N-No, what are you saying!? There's no way that's 
possible! This Neanderthal on this backwater planet couldn't 
possibly be the second coming of the Blue Knight! It's just a 
mere coincidence!" 

Ever since their childhood, Theia and Ruth had admired the 
Blue Knight. 

Just having the same physique was enough for them to get 

“Woah! It's true! I feel light!? But it feels strange, knowing 
that I'm wearing an armor but not feeling any weight." 

However, Koutarou himself was too busy being amazed by 
the armor to listen to Theia's and Ruth's fantasies. 

And the only thing waiting for Koutarou after putting on the 
armor were days of Spartan discipline. 

“You fool! That's wrong! The Blue Knight is nothing like that! 
Don't slouch! Stand straight! Raise your head! Lower your 
chin! Why can't you even walk in a simple straight line!?" 

“E-Even if you say that..." 

Koutarou awkwardly walked across a large room while being 
hounded by Theia. 

This room was one of the rooms Theia and Ruth used on a 
day to day basis. 

The interior of the room had been designed in an antique 
style, and the gorgeous room didn't look like it was in a 

The room itself was so large, several room 106's could fit in 

It was a room that showed that Theia really was a princess. 

“We're less than two weeks away from the culture festival! 

We have no more time to spare! I'll have you act like a worthy 
knight of Forthorthe by the end of the day!" 

“That's unreasonable!" 

“I am already aware it's unreasonable! But I'll need you, my 
knight, to act in a way that won't bring me any shame!" 

However, Koutarou didn't have the luxury to admire the 

He was far too busy training to act in a way befitting of 
nobility as Theia shouted at him.. 

“Why do we need to go this far!? Shouldn't we just practice 
what we need on the stage!?" 

“You fool! Acting comes from the heart! If you don't know 
how an aristocrat acts, how could you ever understand one!? 
I'll have both your body and mind act as an aristocrat! You'll 
become my Blue Knight!" 

“You have a blank stare, Tulip!!" 

“It's not Tulip!! Call me Princess Theiamillis! Don't get 
distracted by the conversation! And don't shake the book 
balancing on top of your head! Walk straight forward without 
shaking it!" 

“Somebody, save me!!" 

“No help is coming! You only have two choices! Become the 
Blue Knight, or die here!" 

“Ahhh! The Blue Knight craze is closing in on me!!” 

Theia had her reasons for what she was doing. 

It was all because this was Koutarou. 

In reality, she didn't demand this much from Kenji. 

If someone else would have played the Blue Knight, she 
would have been fine with them being on a high school level. 

But if Koutarou was going to play the Blue Knight instead, the 
circumstances were different. 

Since she was planning on making Koutarou her vassal, she 
wanted him to behave in a manner worthy of the Blue Knight. 

“Craze, huh. You could call it that. The maidens of Forthorthe 
have obsessed over the Blue Knight for over 2,000 years! You 
need to satisfy their desire!!” 

“Waaaah! That's unreasonable!!" 

Koutarou desperately continued his training as Theia 
continued to scold him. 

For good or bad, their raw emotions clashed. 

Especially Theia, who had lived while keeping her emotions in 

It was very rare for her to show her feelings to someone else. 

“...Fufufu, Fler Flighness and Satomi-sama seem to be having 
so much fun..." 

Understanding that, Ruth watched over the two. 

Ruth was unbearably happy that Theia was able to show so 
much of her emotions. 

And she was also grateful to Koutarou who made it happen. 

Her Highness said that Satomi-sama wasn't the second coming of the Blue 
Knight but... If I think of it in another way. Satomi-sama may not be the 
second coming of the Blue Knight, but he is without a doubt her Highness's 
Blue Knight... 

To Ruth, the important part was that Theia was smiling. 

So even if the real Blue Knight were to appear, Ruth wouldn't 
have hesitated to choose Koutarou. 

For Theia and Ruth, Koutarou's existence was gradually 
becoming more and more important than the Blue Knight. 

Part 6 

While Theia was training Koutarou to become a knight 
onboard the Blue Knight, a peaceful atmosphere could be felt 
in room 106. 

"Yurika, Sanae, what do you want to eat for dinner?” 

"Ah, if Kiriha-san is cooking, I want to eat pork miso soup and 
fried tofu!” 

"Yurika, isn't that something an old man would pick?" 

The only ones left in the room were Yurika, Sanae, Kiriha and 
her two haniwas. 

Without Koutarou, Theia and Ruth, the room was very quiet. 

"Old man... but, Kiriha-san's Japanese food is delicious.” 

"I'll agree on that. I'm fine with having the same Yurika is 


With today's menu decided, Kiriha returned to the kitchen. 

Looking at her back, Yurika remembered something and 
clapped her hands. 

"That's right, I need to feed Hercules-chan." 

"If we don't hurry, Koutarou and the others will return." 

Yurika and Sanae walked towards the wardrobe. 

Both Yurika and Sanae were taking care of the beetle that 
Yurika was keeping. 

Normally, Koutarou would have joined in as well, but 
nowadays he didn't have the time. 

“It's time for dinner, Hercules-chanJ’” 

As Yurika opened the wardrobe, a plastic breeding case 
appeared in front of the two. 

The sudden light startled the Hercules beetle, and it moved 
slowly to hide in the shadow. 

“What are you going to do about today's food, Yurika?” 

“I gave it vegetables yesterday, so today we'll give it its 
normal food.” 


Yurika picked up the breeding case while Sanae got the 
canister holding the beetle's food and they returned to the 
tea table. 

“I'm sorry for always keeping you in that dark place Hercules- 
chan, but it's for your own protection. Just hang on for a while 

“Yurika, here you go.” 

Sanae opened the canister's lid and presented it to Yurika. 

The canister was full of fodder and let out a distinct smell. 

At first, Yurika had frowned whenever she opened the lid, but 
by now she had gotten used to it. 

“Thank you. Here you go, it's food, Hercules-chan." 

As Yurika poured the fodder into the case, Hercules, who had 
been hiding in the shadows, came out. 

It was well aware that Yurika had put food into the case. 

“It's surprising to think he is related to the KanabunL2]" 

“Eh, really!?” 

“Yeah, Koutarou said so.” 

“I see... to think the king of bugs had such a plain relative...” 

“It's like realizing that a popular idol's father is just a plain old 

Yurika and Sanae stared into the case. 

As the two of them look on, Hercules picked up a large piece 
of fodder and began eating. 

Since it had such a large appetite, it chewed away at the 

“It's eating, it's eating.” 

“With an appetite like that, you'll grow even bigger.” 

Yurika and Sanae smiled as they looked at Hercules eating, 
but all of a sudden a shadow was cast upon the breeding 

“That's a pretty big horn.” 



The shadow belonged to Ruth. 

Before they knew it, she had appeared in the room and 
stared into the breeding case from the other side. 


"Ruth, when did you!?" 

Yurika's and Sanae's expressions froze with the appearance 
of Ruth. 

T-This is it! 

It's all over... 

Ruth held a strong sense of hostility against beetles. 

Having found Hercules, Yurika and Sanae prepared 
themselves for the worst. 

The thought of Ruth tearing Hercules to pieces appeared in 
their heads. 

The two believed a terrible fate awaited Hercules. 

"So, what do you call this bug?" 

However, contrary to their belief, Hercules wasn't torn apart. 

Ruth was only looking into the breeding case with a 
perplexed expression. 


"R-Ruth, you don't know what this is!?" 

"Yes... It's my first time seeing one..." 

To their surprise, it seemed like Ruth didn't know what 
beetles looked like. 

Despite knowing the name, she had no idea what the 
creature actually looked like. 

“Is there something wrong?" 

“N-No! Nothing at all." 

“It's nothing!" 

The two of them shook their heads as Ruth posed her 


Thank you, God!! 

As the two of them shook their heads, they were secretly 
cheering on the inside. 

“And, what kind of insect is this?" 

“Yeah, that's a—" 

Yurika, who let out a sigh of relief, was about to blurt out the 
truth, causing Sanae to smack her at the back of her head. 

“A... what?” 

“A... uhm, a Kanabun! It's a rare species known as the king of 
bugs, and its name is Hercules-chan!" 

Sanae technically wasn't lying, but she left out the most 
important part. 

“Kanabun... Hercules... It certainly has a bold appearance, 

fitting of a king.” 

However, Ruth didn't notice that, and instead looked inside of 
the breeding case with admiration in her eyes. 

Once Ruth's focused shifted off of Sanae, she whispered to 

"...Hey Yurika, give me a break will you? Hercules-chan's life 
is at stake here!" 

"...I'm sorry, it wasn't on purpose." 

Yurika repeatedly apologized to Sanae in a low voice. 

"Wow, it's eating! I guess when it get this big, even its food 
gets bigger!" 

Fortunately, Ruth wasn't paying attention to them and 
instead looked at Hercules with great interest. 

"...Hurry up and go somewhere else, Ruth..." 


Even though Ruth didn't know that she was looking at a 
beetle, Sanae and Yurika couldn't help but hold their breaths. 

Part 7 

There was now less than a week left until the culture festival. 

At this point, they couldn't simply wait for Koutarou's acting 
to improve and were now doing full blown rehearsals. 

"J-Just one more week... Just one more week and I'll be free 
from this life...” 

"Are you okay, Satomi-kun?” 

Having been following Theia's guidance all this time, 

Koutarou looked completely worn out. 

However, he quickly pulled himself together again. 

Not good, I can't make Sakuraba-senpai worry about me! 

Koutarou pumped himself up and smiled at Harumi. 

"I'm fine, Sakuraba-senpai.” 

"Well, in that case..." 

Once Harumi saw Koutarou's smile, she felt a little relieved, 
and she kept gazing at him. 

But it wasn't from worry, but from admiration. 

Satomi-kun must have practiced really hard... 

Koutarou was tired, but the way he moved his body was 
completely different from a week ago. 

His posture was straight and his walking was graceful. His 

every motion was refined and beautiful. 

His appearance when wearing his blue armor exuded the 
atmosphere of the Blue Knight, without any acting involved. 

I feel strange somehow... 

Wearing the Silver Princess's clothes and standing in front of 
Koutarou who looked like the Blue Knight, a mysterious 
emotion gripped Harumi. 

For some reason, she felt nostalgic. 

And she felt like the two of them facing each other like this, in 
their current appearance, was the way it was meant to be. 

I guess even I have some rather romantic desires I didn't know of... 

Harumi interpreted her feelings as such while gazing at 

Just doing that made her feel happy. 

However, at this time, there was one other gazing at 

"Damnit pleb, you got it wrong again!” 

The gaze belonged to Theia, who had been teaching Koutarou 
how a knight acted. 

Unlike Harumi, she was dissatisfied with the way Koutarou 
was behaving. 

Koutarou had been making mistakes for a while now, and it 
had begun to irritate Theia. 

"Once we get back, we'll get straight to training! How many 

times do I have to tell you for you to understand!?” 

Theia tightened her grip on the manuscript she was holding. 

By the way, Theia's role was the Silver Princess's little sister, 
the Golden Princess. 

”1 see, so that's how you taught Koutarou manners in such a 
short amount of time.” 

Kiriha laughed out cheerfully next to Theia. 

She was currently wearing a clergy's outfit. 

Normally, she was just in charge of the wardrobe, but since 
she had a talent that let her complete any task well, she had 
just been given a role today. 

The role she had been given was the priestess who served as 
the Silver Princess's advisor. 

Because of her outfit, her laugh gave off a feeling of warmth, 
more so than normal. 

"Her highness is very obstinate when it comes to the Blue 
Knight after all." 

Ruth let out a laughter similar to Kiriha's. 

She was wearing armor similar to Koutarou's. 

It was a ceremonial armor that had been passed down the 
Pardomshiha family for generations. 

Ruth was playing the role of the female knight in charge of 
protecting the Silver Princess. 

"She's more like a stalker. She sticks to Koutarou even when 

he goes to the toilet or in the bath.” 

Sanae smiled wryly as she dropped her shoulders. 

Today, she was wearing a fairy outfit. 

She had made that outfit herself, several years ago for a 
school arts festival. 

Since it had been used during a school arts festival, the 
quality was so-so, but as she flew around she looked like a 
real fairy. 

Sanae hung around Koutarou and helped him out when he 
forgot his lines. 

"Watch your tongue. I don't know how men behave on the 

"So you know how they behave in the bath then?” 

Shizuka cheerfully smiled as her maid outfit shook. 

Her maid outfit's design had been based on Forthorthe's 
style, and it fit Shizuka's calm, settled attitude well. 

Shizuka was playing the role of the Silver Princess's maid. 

"Of course! That pleb doesn't even know how to get into the 

"...So that's why Satomi-san looked so happy when he was 
heading towards the toilet..." 

Yurika looked at Koutarou with pity in her look. 

However, Yurika who was wearing brown tights and a horse's 
rear outfit was the most pitiful of them all. 

She also had several other parts to play, other than a horse's 

“Alright everyone, get in position! We'll start the rehearsal 
from the first scene!" 

At that moment, the club president called out from the top of 
the stage; the set preparations had been completed. 

“It's our turn." 

“Ah, wait up, please!" 

Sanae quickly followed after Koutarou, and Yurika followed 
shortly after. 

The first scene was about the Silver Princess being chased by 
the villain, and being saved by the Blue Knight who happened 
to pass by. 

The only ones of the residents in room 106 who had any part 
in this scene were the Blue Knight, Koutarou, and the horse's 
rear, Yurika. 

“Well, I start from over there, Satomi-kun. I'll see you later." 

Harumi's and Koutarou's starting points were different, so she 
said goodbye to Koutarou and headed towards the left of the 

“Okay senpai, good luck!" 


And as Harumi left with a smile on her face, a small fairy and 
a horse's rear appeared. 


“Yeah, I'm counting on you two today." 



After joining up with Koutarou, the two of them looked 

Yurika, who had the role of Bandit A later on looked especially 
pumped up. 

“So what do I do first, Koutarou?" 

“Hmm... Start off by checking what mistakes I make, acting 
and lines wise. You only need to help me out with my lines 
once we get closer to the culture festival." 

“I got it, so I only need to remember the parts you got wrong, 

Although he had gotten better, he still had Sanae assist him if 
he was about to get it wrong. 

She was perfect for it, since she had great memory and 
normal people couldn't see her. 

On top of that, she also had various special jobs, such as 
making Koutarou's mantle flap in scenes with strong wind. 

“Yurika, you can't see in front of you, so just keep an eye out 
on your legs." 

“I'm okay. I've practiced plenty!" 

Koutarou climbed up on the stage after talking to the two. 

He was going on stand-by until it was his turn. 


And as Koutarou climbed up the stage, a girl climbing down 
the stairs passed by him. 

Was there are girl like that here? 

Koutarou turned around to look at her. 

She had light blue hair and a black and white dress. 

And on her face were antique-looking glasses. 

Koutarou had never seen that girl before. 

“What's wrong, Satomi-san?" 

“Yeah, I just passed by this girl I've never seen before." 

“Is that so?" 

Yurika had been unable to see the girl due to her outfit 
getting in the way. 

“She was wearing a very elegant outfit. Maybe she's playing 
a noble or something." 

“Yeah, maybe." 

A large amount of extras had been called in for this play. 

Plenty of other clubs were helping out, so it's not like 
Koutarou knew all of them. 

Koutarou nodded at Sanae's words and looked back at the girl 
in question, however he could no longer see her. 

She had gone off somewhere while Koutarou was talking to 

Yurika and Sanae. 

She's gone... oh well... 

Something about the girl bothered Koutarou, but he simply 
assumed she was an extra and put her aside. 

Koutarou had something to do. 

“Alright, let's do this!” 

The most important job Koutarou had right now was to 
properly act out the Blue Knight. 

“W-Who are you!?” 

“Please rest easy, princess Alaia. I may be a wandering 
knight far from my homeland, but I haven't lost my loyalty 
towards the royal family.” 

Harumi's and Koutarou's acting continued on the stage. 

Their acting was splendid; Harumi's acting in particular was 

You really are amazing, Sakuraba-senpai... It's like she's on a completely 
different level, she looks like the real thing... 

Koutarou was the one who understood Harumi's amazingness 
the most. 

They had been practicing together since they went over their 
lines, so he was well aware of how serious and invested 
Harumi was in this. 

And as the two of them faced each other, that became 

All Koutarou had to do was follow her lead, doing that allowed 
him to naturally feel like he was the Blue Knight. 

Although he was still holding her back when it came to his 
lines, he was able to act without any hesitation. 

“However, becoming an ally of us when we've lost our 
position would make you an enemy of all of Forthorthe!" 

“It might be just as you say, princess Alaia." 


“However, I won't have to make my own pride and loyalty 
and most importantly, the citizens of Forthorthe into an 
enemy. And what's important isn't who your enemy is. What's 
important is who won't betray you.” 

And Harumi found Koutarou to be so very reliable. 

If I'm with Satomi-kun, I can do this... And my heart is throbbing... With this 
feeling, I'm sure I'll be able to do it well! 

Since Harumi was normally shy, standing on top of a stage, 
she couldn't help but feel anxious. 

However, with Koutarou at her side, she was able to forget 
about her anxiousness and act properly. 

And Satomi-kun will definitely protect me... 

That sense of security gave Harumi power and let her act out 
to the best of her ability. 

And it stayed that way, even in scenes that Koutarou wasn't 

Her belief that Koutarou would come to her rescue gave her 


“Your highness... Satomi-sama and Sakuraba-sama are 

Theia and Ruth had watched a higher level of acting 
countless times on Forthorthe. 

“The training you've given Satomi-sama have taken their 
effect, your highness." 

“...N-No... this is... not at that kind of..." 

In terms of acting, they were far away from pros. 

The delivery of their lines was bad and the way they moved 
was also poor. 

But to Theia, they looked like the real Blue Knight and Silver 

Their acting evoked something that made her feel that way. 
“Then, please tell me one thing." 

“Anything you ask." 

“That royal crest engraved on your chest plate. Your 
appearance, the way you move your body and your pride. 

You are without a doubt a true knight of Forthorthe. But... I 
have no recollection of that crest carved into your sword. Just 
where have you come from?" 

“...From an endless time and a countless distance." 


Theia had only one complaint. 

Why am I here? Why am I only looking? Why — 

“...Am I not the princess the Blue Knight is protecting..." 

A small complaint leaked out of Theia's lips. 

She had admired the Blue Knight since she was a child. 

She wanted to become a princess worthy of the Blue Knight. 

She wanted to meet a wonderful knight, like the Blue Knight. 

And the two of them would work together to protect her 
mother, Elfaria. 

Those were the feelings that were overwhelming Theia at the 

And what supported those feelings was her powerful 
admiration from the Blue Knight. 

But, those feelings of admiration came from looking at 
Koutarou's acting. 

And her feelings began overflowing once she admitted that 
the person standing on top of the stage was the Blue Knight. 

There was one more person just as shaken up as Theia was. 

“l-lmpossible... Those words, they're the same as that 

And that was Kiriha. 

Her normally calm, confident and gentle smile had been 
replaced with a surprised expression. 

What surprised her was the line Koutarou had just said on top 
of the stage. 

She had heard those words before. 

“Why is the Blue Knight saying those words...?" 

Kiriha quickly flipped through the manuscript she had gotten 

She hadn't misheard the line; that was definitely one of the 
Blue Knight's lines. 

“That's... why on earth..." 

With a stupefied expression, she thrust her right hand into 
her pocket and pulled out a card. 

It was a memory from her first love she had gotten ten years 

As she looked at the card, she recalled her past. 


"Onii-chan, where did you come from?” 

"Hmm, that would be hard to explain but... let's say, from an 
endless time and a countless distance.” 

"Ahahaha, you're trying too hard to be cool, Onii-chan.” 

"Actually, I just thought the same.” 

At the time, Kiriha was young, and a long time had passed 
since then, so she could only vaguely remember how her first 
love looked. 

She must have heard his name, but she could only remember 
calling him Onii-chan. 

But she definitely remembered it, Kiriha had asked where he 
was from, and he had answered her 'From an endless time 
and a countless distance'. 

It had left such an impression on her that even now she could 
clearly remember it. 

Is there some reason? No, that can't... There's no reason for that line to be 
spoken on both Forthorthe and on Earth... Which means it's a coincidence... 

Kiriha was well aware that this was most likely a coincidence. 

But since it related to an important memory, she didn't want 
to simply call it just that. 

I should make sure to ask Theia-dono more specifically about it later... 

Once Kiriha made up her mind she began looking around for 
Theia, and she quickly found her. 

Her long beautiful golden hair and pure-white dress stood 

She was standing next to a large light and looking up at the 
stage, ardently. 

It seems Theia-dono has some strong feelings regarding this play, just like 

It happened when Kiriha revealed a small smile. 

The large light next to her began leaning. 

"Oh no!" 

Seeing the light starting to lean, Kiriha yelled out. 

"Theia-dono! Hurry up and run away from there! The light 

Part 8 

The light fell straight towards Theia. 

"Theia-dono! Hurry up and run away from there! The light 


Kiriha's voiced reached Theia, but since she was too focused 
on the stage, she had been taken by surprise and simply 
stood still. 

"Your highness, the light is falling!" 

At the same time Ruth began shouting, Theia turned towards 
the light. 


The light picked up speed and fell straight towards Theia. 

Since it was a large light intended for illuminating the stage, 
she would certainly suffer a major injury if it hit her. 

I won't make it! 

Theia tried to dodge out of the way, but since it was already 
right in front of her, she had no way of making it. 


The only thing she could do was cry out, shut her eyes, and 
brace herself. 

A loud sound and a heavy impact. 

Theia was thrown to the gym floor, and she lost 
consciousness for a second. 

Theia had no idea what had just happened. 

“Your Highness! Satomi-sama!" 

She regained consciousness moments later when she heard 
Ruth's cry. 

Did she say Satomi-sama... ? 

While Theia was puzzled as to why Ruth had called out 
Koutarou's name, she could feel a drop of water hitting her 

What is...? 

Theia found it strange so she finally opened her eyes, all she 
could see was something blue. 


Before she could remember what that was, another drop of 
water fell on her face. 

When she reflexively looked up towards the direction the 
water drop had fallen from, she saw the face of an 
unthinkable person. 

“...Are you hurt anywhere, princess?” 

What had hit her face wasn't water, but that person's blood. 

Once she felt the warmth of the blood, she remembered what 
had happened to her. 

“...B-Blue Knight-sama...?” 

H-He protected me... ? Blue Knight-sama came to save me... ? 

And because of that, she simply stared at the person in front 
of her. 

“Oh good, it seems you are unhurt, Princess Theiamillis.'' 

That person, Koutarou, had blocked the falling light and 
protected her. 

When Kiriha had shouted out, Koutarou just happened to be 
looking in Theia's direction. 

That was because of the directions that had been given, but 
thanks to that, he could see the light falling towards Theia. 


At that instant, Koutarou dashed towards her by reflex. 

He had no plan or chance of success; his only thought was 
that he had to save her. 

Koutarou kicked off the stage and jumped towards Theia. 

Koutarou held on to Theia, and the light crashing into his 
body happened at the same time. 

The light crashed into Koutarou's body and a loud metallic 
noise rang out. 

However, since Koutarou was wearing the Blue Knight's 
armor, he was able to withstand the hit. 

The only injury he suffered was a small cut on his forehead. 

“...Are you hurt anywhere, Princess?" 

Because of that, Koutarou had enough room to make a joke. 

Koutarou had been able to protect Theia because of two lucky 

The first was that Koutarou had been looking in Theia's 
direction, and the second was that he was wearing the Blue 
Knight's armor. 

He wouldn't have been able to save her if he hadn't noticed 
her crisis or if he hadn't been wearing the armor. 

He had made it because the armor had amplified his jumping 
powers and avoided injuries because of the armor's 

“...B-Blue Knight-sama...?” 

“Oh good, it seems you are unhurt, princess Theiamillis." 

Well, she's safe... 

Once Koutarou had confirmed that Theia, who he was holding 
onto with both arms, was alright, he let out a sigh of relief. 

He then moved his right hand and pushed the light on his 


Koutarou easily pushed the light off him. 

As the light hit the ground, Koutarou had been able to 
completely save Theia from her crisis. 


Koutarou let out another sigh of relief and stood up while still 

embracing Theia. 

She seemed to be shocked, and just silently watched 
Koutarou after he stood up. 

“Tulip, can you stand?" 



As soon as Koutarou said that word, Theia twitched and 
returned to her senses. 

She blinked a couple of times before looking around, she then 
understood her situation. 

“I-I'm fine, I can stand." 

Theia face turned red as she shook her, once she'd noticed 
Koutarou was embracing her, she had gotten embarrassed. 

“Then I'm letting go." 


Once Koutarou set Theia free, she noticed a line of blood 
along Koutarou's cheek. 

The cut on his forehead ran down his cheek, onto his chin and 
dripped down on the floor. 

Blue Knight-sama is injured... 

Noticing Koutarou's injury, Theia hurriedly searched through 
her pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. 

She then stretched herself and held it against Koutarou's 


"Hm? W-What is it, Tulip?” 

Koutarou wasn't aware of his own injury, so he didn't 
understand what Theia was doing. 

Koutarou stepped away from Theia and asked what she was 

”W-Wait, Blue Knight-sama, you have an injury on your 

"An injury...?” 

Koutarou only noticed the pain in his forehead after Theia told 

He put his hand on his forehead and felt a warm, slippery 
feeling on the tip of his fingers. 

As he did, Theia pushed his hand away and put her 
handkerchief on his cut again. 

"Calm down, Tulip. It's not that big of a deal." 

"The fact that Blue Knight-sama got injured for my sake is a 
big deal!” 

Theia was confusing Koutarou for the Blue Knight. 

"Just calm down. I'm not the real Blue Knight.” 

Thinking it was from shock, Koutarou tried to calm Theia 


I'm not the real Blue Knight. 

Once Theia heard those words, she stopped moving for an 

She began moving again shortly thereafter, but her face 
turned red. 

"...S-Sorry. It seems I panicked a little.” 

”1 know. But you have a cute side to you too.” 

In her confusion she had mistaken Koutarou for the Blue 

Because of that Koutarou was able to see a surprising side to 

”...N-Normally I would hit you, but I'll forgive you today.” 
"Thank you, princess.” 

In this situation, Theia was more modest than usual. 

Koutarou couldn't find it in him to tease her any more than 
this and honestly said his thanks. 

"No... that's my line." 

Theia shook her head. 

"Well done, Koutarou." 

Even though they were words of gratitude, they were Theia's 
normal words from the top. 


But this time, Koutarou didn't have any complaints about it. 

"Satomi-sama, let's go to the nurse's office.” 

"I’m fine, this is nothing.” 

"You have a head injury. Just give it up and go.” 


"If you don't go, neither will I.” 

"Fine, I got it, geez...” 

Accompanied by Ruth, Koutarou and Theia head towards the 
gym's exit. 

Although Koutarou, who hated hospitals and nurse's offices, 
complained, he eventually gave up and left the gym together 
with the two of them. 

"Thank god, Satomi-kun is okay..." 

Seeing the three of them off, Harumi let out a sigh of relief. 

After learning that Koutarou had been hurt, like Theia, she 
had a small panic attack. 

However, after hearing that Koutarou was fine, she was able 
to regain her calm. 

She wasn't the only one who calmed down though, everyone 
in the gym was the same. 

The once frozen atmosphere recovered and smiles returned 
to the people in the gym. 

"Yeah, thank god." 

Kiriha nodded next to Harumi. 

However, unlike the surrounding people, Kiriha's expression 
was severe. 

But Harumi, who was too focused on Koutarou and the 
others, didn't notice. 

“...What's wrong Kiriha, you're making a scary face...” 

Sanae, who happened to be floating nearby, had noticed 
Kiriha's expression. 

After looking at Sanae once, Kiriha pointed at one of the legs 
on the fallen light. 

“...Look here, Sanae.” 

“What? Is there something wrong with this broken leg?” 

Kiriha had pointed at one of the three legs of the light. 

The light had fallen over because the leg had broken. 

“Take a good look at the surface. It's far too clean a break.” 

“You're right. This is almost like— you mean!?” 

Sanae made a surprised expression after noticing what Kiriha 
had pointed out. 

Kiriha nodded at Sanae. 

“That's right. It looks like we're facing a serious problem.” 
Theia once said that a mysterious spaceship had appeared but... 

A mysterious spaceship. 

A light falling over towards Theia. 

The leg of the light that had far too clean a break. 

The conclusion that Kiriha derived pointed to the appearance 
of a new enemy. 

Translator's Notes and References 

• A piece of clothing knights often wore over their armor 

• Also known as the drone beetle, it's scientific name is 

Rhomborrhina japonica 

At the Dance Party 

Part 1 

Sunday, November 1st 

"Hmm, it seems your injuries have completely healed.” 

"That's what I keep telling you." 

"Those are just words, I can't trust that." 

One week had passed since Koutarou had gotten a cut on his 

The wound had completely closed and it hardly stood out. 

"Besides, your face is yours, but at the same time it's not. 
Tomorrow's the big day; of course I'd be worried about your 

"...You're worried about the Blue Knight, not me, right?" 

"Is that so wrong?" 

"No, I think that's just like you, Tulip." 


Theia lets out a satisfied laugh and began walking next to 
Koutarou with light steps. 

I see, so the pleb's all healed up... 

To Theia, Koutarou's and the Blue Knight's existence had 
begun overlapping, and not even she herself was sure if she 
had been worried about Koutarou or about the Blue Knight. 

“Either way, with this, tomorrow's culture festival will go 

“Hey Tulip, you should worry more about yourself instead of 
the culture festival. That Clan girl is targeting you, right?" 

In the week following the light incident, Theia had been put in 
several dangerous situations. 

All of them had been attacks disguised as accidents; 
moreover, no evidence of the culprit had been left behind. 

The reason for why she hadn't been hurt was because of her 
own athletic ability and Koutarou and the others covering her. 

“What? Are you worrying about me?" 

“Somewhat, yes. Seeing you get hurt or dying would leave a 
behind a bad taste in my mouth. Besides, Ruth would cry if 
anything bad happens to you." 

“However, I won't run and hide, it doesn't fit me." 

Koutarou was worried about further attacks, but Theia herself 
smiled fearlessly. 

“If you keep saying things like that, a light falling on top of 
you will be the least of your problems." 

“It's alright. I'm not just being reckless. As long as I'm aware 
that I'm going up against Clan, it'll be fine." 

“What do you mean?" 

Koutarou figured that Theia was simply being stubborn, but 
her answer was unexpected. 

“Clan has examined my actions beforehand, so she won't use 
any attacks that will leave behind any evidence. If she does, 
it'll be revealed that she was involved." 

If something were to happen to Theia, there will definitely be 
an investigation to see if Clan was involved. 

Aside from Theia who was on Earth for her trial. Clan's 
presence on Earth, despite having no business there was 

And if any evidence of her involvement was found, she would 
lose her right to the throne. 

Which was why Theia was certain that Clan would take that 
into account as she got in the way of Theia's trial. 

“Which means that as long as I act in a way that Clan hasn't 
seen before, I'll be safe." 

“Is that so..." 

“That's right. The reason for why her attacks took such a long 
time is because of her preliminary investigation and 
deliberate preparations. Think about it, it's already been two 
months since she came to Earth." 

“Now that you mention it..." 

Koutarou finally agreed with Theia. 

It had already been two months since the Blue Knight 
detected the unknown spaceship. 

Meanwhile, what had the crew been doing? 

Surely, they must have been scouting in order to attack 

Once he began thinking like that, it started to make sense. 

Clan's battleship's lack of firepower, her personality, the 
various problems that had happened after Theia had been 

Adding all of that together, Koutarou agreed that it was most 
likely just as Theia had said. 

“That's why if I go to school together with you, nothing will 
happen. Up until now I've never gone to school with you after 

“But still..." 

However, Koutarou was still uneasy, largely because he didn't 
know what kind of person Clan was. 

Since it was someone he didn't know, he was worried that 
she might attack Theia using an unexpected method. 

The pleb is... worried about me... 

Ever since they met, Koutarou had rejected the idea of 
becoming Theia's vassal. 

But now that Theia was in danger, he couldn't help but worry. 

He's not worried about princess Theiamillis, but rather me personally; he's 
worried about Tulip, so to say... 

Despite Koutarou and Theia not being in a servant/master 
relationship, Koutarou was worried. 

That was a first forTheia who had been born into royalty, but 
she didn't dislike it. 

“If you're so worried, then why don't you protect me?" 

Theia smiled as she said that. 

“Isn't that the duty of a knight, Blue Knight-sama?" 

“Don't treat me like the Blue Knight whenever it's convenient 
for you..." 

Unlike Theia who had a bright expression, Koutarou dropped 
his shoulders and sighed. 

“Is that so wrong?" 

As he did, Theia made a mischievous expression. 

“No, I think that's just like you, Tulip." 


However, her mischievous expression only lasted for a 

The next moment, she returned to her cheerful smile. 

“You should work hard. It is a knight's highest honor to guard 
a princess." 

a tf 


Her smile was so beautiful that it made Koutarou want to 
protect her. 

Part 2 

During the evening on the last day before the culture festival, 
a party was held. 

Because of that, the drama club finished their final rehearsal 
before the evening. 

“Good work everyone. Tomorrow's the big day, so don't party 
too hard.” 

After the drama club president declared the end of the 
rehearsal, the people inside the gym began getting pumped 

“Alright! The culture festival is finally starting!!” 

“Cosplay cafe! Cosplay cafe!” 

“Ah, hearing cosplay cafe reminded me. Apparently, the 
chorus club is having a butler cafe.” 

“Seriously!? But now that you mention it, they can use the 
suits they wear during their performances.” 

“I'm interested in the science club's annual haunted house.” 

Their long and hard practice was finally over. 

Everyone was excited for today's evening party and 
tomorrow's culture festival. 

“Phew, it's finally over...” 

Koutarou, who had been scolded by Theia in the middle of 
rehearsal, stretched his body after the club president had 

ended today's rehearsal. 

When he did, the joints of his body cracked. 

Although the armor fit him, it was still tight. 

"Koutarou, use this.” 

Kiriha, dressed in a clergy's outfit showed a towel to 

"Thanks, Kiriha-san." 

"Ah, I'll get it for you.” 

Sanae, dressed in her fairy outfit flew over to Kiriha and took 
the towel. 

To a bystander it would look like a towel flying on its own, but 
Sanae skillfully avoided being seen by anyone as she made 
her way back to Koutarou. 

"Here you go, Koutarou.” 

"Thank you, Sanae." 


As Koutarou received the towel from Sanae, he patted her on 
the head. 

When he did, the charm around her neck began swaying. 

Normally, a charm and a fairy's outfit wouldn't look good 
together, but Sanae didn't seem to mind. 

"I feel like I'm coming back to life. I can finally rest." 

"You sound like an old man..." 

Kenji passed by as Koutarou was wiping his face with the 

He had already taken off his soldiers outfit and put on his 
school uniform. 

“Hey, Mackenzie.” 

“Kou, don't forget that you're the Blue Knight, so while you're 
wearing that, can't you at least act like it?” 

“Shut up! The club president said it's over, so it's over!” 


Kenji shrugged and smiled wryly as Koutarou shouted at him. 

Shortly thereafter, he began examining Koutarou's armor. 

“But still, you're starting to look like the Blue Knight. The 
armor suits you too.” 

“I better. If I didn't, all that time Tulip spent teaching me 
would have been for nothing.” 

“From what I hear, it was pretty rough.” 

“You bet. Both the speaker and listener would be in tears. 
Since I managed to endure that, I'm sure I'll be fine in the 

Koutarou remembered the painful experiences he's had these 
past two weeks. 

His posture being fixed, his walking being adjusted, his way 
of words, manners, sword fighting; Theia's education for 
knights was unbelievably wide. 

And if he got anything wrong, a bamboo sword would come 
flying towards him. 

The only place he could rest was in the toilet. 

"I-I'm sorry, Satomi-kun. It's all because I'm so unreliable...” 

Before he knew it, Harumi was standing next to Koutarou. 

After hearing Koutarou's complaints, she shrunk her body and 
showed an apologetic expression. 

She thought it was her own fault that Koutarou had suffered. 

"It's not your fault, senpai. Besides, I was the one who 
recommended you for the role of the Silver Princess.” 

"That might be true... But, if I could have kept it together, 
Matsudaira-san could stay as the Blue Knight...” 

"I don't want any training that would make Kou complain, so I 
don't mind at all.” 

Although Kenji was disappointed that he had to give up the 
role of the Blue Knight, after having seen how Koutarou 
looked after training, he didn't regret it. 

But if Kenji had remained the Blue Knight, Theia most likely 
wouldn't have gone as far. 

This was all because it was Koutarou, but the only one who 
knew that was Theia. 

"But if I have to do the Blue Knight at this level, I wish I had 
more time. Koutarou's probably the best if I had to do this 
much in such a short time." 

"...I can't tell if you're praising me or looking down on me." 

“Idiot, I'm praising you for once." 


Harumi who had been watching Koutarou and Kenji let out a 
small laugh. 

Thank god... 

Koutarou let out a sigh of relief after seeing Harumi finally 
starting to smile. 

“What are you doing in this place, Satomi Koutarou?" 


However, Koutarou's relief was short lived. 

After finishing her meeting with the club president, Theia 
came running and grabbed onto Koutarou's arm. 

“What do you mean by 'Eh'? You're staying behind for some 
special training!" 


Theia tried to drag Koutarou towards the stage. 

But Koutarou who wanted to go to the party resisted. 

“W-Wait, Tulip! I'm going to the party! I'm going to have fun 
with everyone!" 

“No way! If you have enough spare time to party, I'll have 
you use that time learn how to act like a knight instead! You 
still have a long way to go before your public debut!" 

“Noooo! I don't want to debut!" 

However, Theia ignored his resistance and headed for the 
stage, forcibly dragging Koutarou with her. 


“I feel sorry for you...” 

Harumi looked on anxiously, while Kenji cheerfully waved 
them off. 

"Aaa~ah... Theia sure is selfish...” 

"There's no need to make that kind of expression, Sanae.” 

Sanae, who was all ready to go play with Koutarou, pouted. 

Kiriha, who happened to be looking on, calmly called out to 

"Koutarou might be saying that, but in reality he wants to 

"What do you mean?” 

"Considering the strength difference between Theia and 
Koutarou, if he really didn't want to, there's no way he 
couldn't get away. He's even wearing that contraption of a 
suit of armor. If he really didn't want to, he wouldn't be 
dragged off like that." 

"...I see." 

Satisfied after hearing Kiriha's explanation, Sanae now bega 
feeling unhappy with Koutarou. 

Koutarou is always so reckless, but he's weirdly kind sometimes... You only 
need to be nice to me! 

Though Sanae's feelings were complex; she knew that was 
one of Koutarou's good points, more so than anyone else. 

Part 3 

As Harumi finished changing and was preparing to go home, 
Koutarou and Theia were still practicing on the stage. 

"Pleb, your posture is dropping! Don't just focus on your 

"It's not that easy to pull out your sword while keeping a 
straight posture!” 

”1 don't want to hear your excuses! If you have enough time 
to complain, fix your grip on the sword!” 

Their energetic voices reached Harumi, who happened to be 
outside the gym. 

"Satomi-kun... you're still at it...” 

The day was already nearing its end. It was now evening. 

Since the entrance to the gym was secluded, it was 
especially dark. 

And Harumi was standing all alone in that lonely place. 

She could hear the commotion from the party being held in 
the schoolyard. 

The voice of the commentator, the music and the student's 
cheerful shouts. 

She could hear it clearly, even from the gym. 

"Don't get too full of yourself because I can't do it well!” 

“Watch your tongue! Is that how you talk to a princess!?" 

However, Harumi was only listening to Koutarou's and Theia's 

She didn't register any other sound. 

“Just remember, once this is over, you'll regret it, princess 

“I already forgoti’" 

“Curse you, let's take this outside!" 

Satomi-kun... Theiamillis-san... 

Harumi had stopped by to help Koutarou with his practice. 

However, once she put her hand on the door, her 
determination dulled. She had gotten discouraged after 
hearing Koutarou and Theia argue. 

“Calm down, pleb. Once the play is over tomorrow, I'll make it 
up to you." 

“Now that you said it, you better stay true to your words!" 

“Of course. I'm not that twisted. I'll give you a reward worthy 
of your actions. I swear on my name." 

“Alright, I get it... So, where were we?" 

Koutarou's and Theia's practice was completely different from 
Koutarou's and Harumi's. 

Koutarou was energetic and was conversing with Theia 
without holding back. 

Compared to that, when he was with Harumi he was 
seemingly careful and kept himself in check. 

Satomi-kun treats Theiamillis-san like a good friend... but I'm... literally 
getting treated like a princess... 

Harumi understood that Koutarou cherished and treasured 

But when she looked at Koutarou and Theia together, she felt 
like she was one or two steps behind. 

Even though they were friends, she felt like she was being 
treated like a customer instead. 

Back when I met him at the sea... maybe the girl he was fighting with was 

She recalled when she had met Koutarou at the sea and 
began feeling very uneasy. 

At that time, Koutarou was worried about a change in the 
relationship with the other party. 

If that other party was Theia... 

If that really is the case... I have no way of winning... Satomi-kun won't treat 
me like that... 

Because of that uneasiness, she couldn't muster the courage 
to open the door. 

"Wahahaha! Straighten up for a moment, Tulip. Y-You're far 
too short to play the Silver Princess! Gyahahaha!” 

“S-Shut up, pleb! How could you say that to a lady!? Where 
are your manners!?” 

“S-Sorry, kukuku, t-then please use this cardboard box. 

“Curse you, I treat you nicely and this is how you repay me 
It looks like I'll need to teach you your manners again!" 

In the end, Harumi couldn't open the door to the gym. 

She turned her back on the door and headed for the 

What do I have to do to get Satomi-kun to treat me like that... 

However, even after joining the party, Harumi was only 
thinking about what she heard. 

Part 4 

While Koutarou and Theia were still arguing in the gym, Ruth 
and Yurika came back to room 106. 

"I'm back.” 

Tm ba~ck.” 

Although the party was still going on, Ruth had left early to 
prepare dinner, and Yurika had left to feed Hercules. 

"Welcome home, Yurika-sama." 

"Welcome back, Ruth-san." 

The two greeted each other as they entered the empty room. 

"Ruth, here's the key.” 

"Thank you. I'll hold onto it." 

As they entered, Yurika gave Ruth the key. 

Ruth was the most trustworthy resident of room 106, so she 
was entrusted with the money and the key to the room. 

"Now for TV." 

Yurika crossed the poorly lit room, heading for the TV. 

Seeing that, Ruth turned on the light in the room before 
returning to the kitchen. 

As Yurika turned on the aging TV, it emitted a nostalgic high 
pitch sound. 

And because this TV could only receive analog transmissions, 
the image was blurry. 

“Thank god, I made it..." 

However, Yurika didn't seem to mind as she stared into the 

The program Yurika was looking at was an anime called 
'Magical Girl Love Love Heart'. 

Although watching that program every week had lowered her 
own value as a magical girl, Yurika showed no signs of caring. 

“Oh no, I need to feed Hercules-chan. That's why I came back 
to begin with." 

Yurika remembered her original goal once the commercials 

She tore herself away from the TV and approached the 
ward robe. 

At the same time Yurika put her hand on the sliding door, 

Ruth entered the room. 

“Yurika-sama, would you like a cup of tea with me?” 

“Ah, that sounds great! I'll bring out some snacks!” 

Yurika brought out Hercules's breeding case, his food and a 
bag of rice crackers with a reduced price sticker still attached 
to it, and put all of that on the tea table. 

At the same time, Ruth came into the room carrying a tray 
with two tea cups and a teapot. 

“Here Ruth-san, use this cushion.” 

“Thank you, Yurika-sama." 

The two of them sat down facing the TV. 

And they began their work; Yurika fed Hercules and Ruth 
poured tea into the tea cups. 

“A new program!" 

At that moment, words that peaked Yurika's interest 
appeared on the TV. 

She put the lid on the food container while looking at the TV. 

“Thanks to all the viewers' support, our program will finally 
be making its return!!" 


The next instant, a large beetle appeared on the screen. 

An outstanding horn, a yellow colored back with black spots. 

Although its design had been made cuter for the anime, it 
was without a doubt a Hercules Beetle. 

“The king of beetles, Kabutonga - Second impact! The 
beetles' fierce fights will finally return to us! Hercules! Atlas! 
Caucasus! And Japan's burning spirit - The Rhinoceros 

Yurika slowly turned to look towards Ruth with a terrified 

“Will power come out on top? Or will technique? Just who will 
win!? And don't miss the legend entering the battle!" 

Ruth smiled as she kept pouring tea into the cup; the cup 

that was already full and was now overflowing with tea. 

Yurika sensed danger from that smile and cowered in fear. 

“The king of beetles, Kabutonga - Second impact! It will air 
on this channel on November 11, at 6:30 in the evening!" 

“Hmm, so that's... Hercules-chan is... a beetle..." 


S-Satomi-san, help, save me! Hurry and come back home!! Save me!! I don't 
want to be all alone in this situation!! 

Yurika screamed in her mind. However, she found herself 
unable to do so in reality. 

“Beetle... Fufufufu, I see, so that's a beetle... ahahaha..." 

Ruth let go off the teapot, almost as if she was throwing it. 
Mysteriously enough, it managed to land perfectly. 

“R-Ruth-san... Nets calm down, please?" 

“I am calm... I am quite calm enough..." 

Ruth said so in a cold, quiet voice as she extended her right 
hand in front of her. 

As she did so, a blue light emitted from her bracelet and a 
cylinder shaped tool appeared in her hand. 

It was a tool that had been sent down from the Blue Knight. 

It was a big flyswatter made from green plastic. 

“It's just..." 

Ruth's eyes lit up with rage. 


“In the name of the prideful family of knights, Pardomshiha, I 
cannot allow the existence of beetles!!" 

Ruth finally found out that Hercules was a beetle. 

“You may curse the fates that you appeared in front of me, 

Ruth swung down the flyswatter with all of her strength. 
“Suffer my judgement!!" 


The flyswatter quickly closed in on the breeding case. 
“Noooooo! Hercules-chaaaaan!" 

Ruth's flyswatter cut through the air and smashed into the 
tea table. 

Yurika had managed to push the breeding case just in time. 
Thanks to that, Hercules-chan survived by a hair's breadth. 

“Haaah... Ahh.. Hah... T-That was close..." 

“Yurika-sama, you shouldn't do something like that." 



“You can't let the beetles exist. I need to exterminate them 
all, or I'll go insane." 

“Y-You can't!" 

Yurika shook her head and stood up while holding the 
breeding case. 

“If Hercules-chan dies, the vice-president's little brother will 
get sad." 

“I'm sad as long as that beetle is alive." 

Ruth took aim at the breeding case in Yurika's arms once 

“Fufufufufu... Satomi-sama desires me, not some kind of 

The trauma Ruth suffered that night on the beach had been 
carved into her heart. 

As a woman, she simply couldn't accept that Koutarou liked 
beetles more than her. 

Because of that, Ruth had completely lost self-control. 
“Ruth-san, you're scaring me!” 

“Suffer my judgement!!" 


The flyswatter came crashing down once more, and Yurika 
hurriedly dodged it. 

“We're running away, Hercules-chan!!" 

Yurika dashed out of the inner room and headed towards the 
front door. 

The vice-president would take Hercules back on the last day 
of the culture festival, so Yurika couldn't just let him get 
flattened the day before. 

“Wait, Yurika-sama! I have no intentions of fighting with you!" 
“Even if you say that, Hercules-chan will...!" 

“It's okay! I'll take responsibility and bury Hercules myself! 
“That's not okay!!" 

Yurika jumped out of room 106 without hesitation. 

She had gotten attached to Hercules after taking care of him 
for two months, and she simply couldn't let Ruth take him 
away at the very end. 

Part 5 

Although Koutarou and Theia's practice had started off with a 
ruckus, it had now gotten serious. 

The party in the schoolyard was now reaching its end and the 
commotion had begun dying down, so the only voices that 
could be heard in the gym belonged to Koutarou and Theia. 

“You're simply playing, princess." 

“I am not playing around. Even though it's a village's harvest 
festival, a dance is a dance. As a girl of age, I too am 

Koutarou was acting as the Blue Knight and Theia was acting 
as the Silver Princess. 

Having spent two weeks practicing together, Koutarou and 
Theia were in sync. 

Thanks to all of the training, Koutarou was acting like a 
proper knight, and because of Theia's deep emotions to the 
Silver Princess, she wasn't losing to Harumi as she displayed 
some masterful acting. 

“However, it is too dangerous for you to go alone." 

“That's why I am asking you, who hold the title of a knight to 
be my escort, Lord Bertorion." 

As expected from a princess, I guess... 

Koutarou thought highly of Theia's acting after having 
practiced with her. 

Compared to Harumi, Theia's wasn't able to pull of the Silver 
Princess's fragile portion as well as her; Theia's own energetic 
personality got in the way. 

However, when it came to manners, she was far superior, 
and her lines fit her. 

Therefore, when compared, Theia was better when it came to 
acting as the Silver Princess, while Harumi was better when it 
came to acting as Alaia. 

“I am but a mere local knight, I am hardly worthy of the 

"Oh, even though I look like this, I grew up roaming the fields 
and mountains of northern Mastir. I am quite qualified to be 
called a peasant girl." 

Well done on working this hard... You've become quite like the Blue Knight... 

Theia also thought highly of Koutarou's acting. 

He still had a long way to go as a knight and an actor, but 
considering the mere two weeks spent on practice, he had 
progressed enough to be worthy of praise. 


Theia recalled the day when the light came crashing down 
towards her, and Koutarou's appearance when he had 
protected her. 

His body was clad in a blue armor, and he had called her 

As she recalled that, something deep inside her screamed out 
that the person in front of her was indeed the Blue Knight. 

Which was why Theia no longer felt it was necessary to voice 
any minor complaints about Koutarou's acting skills. 

After finishing their practice, the two of them stopped 

When they did, Koutarou pulled himself together. After they 
had finished their practice these past two weeks, Theia would 
always point out minor flaws. 

"Hmm, well, this is good enough.” 


However, opposite of Koutarou's expectations, Theia didn't 
say anything. 

She simply smiled while staying quiet. 

"A-Are you sure?” 

"I have some parts I want to complain about, but none of 
them can be fixed before the play tomorrow. So I'll let you off 
the hook this time.” 

"Uaaaaaah! l-lt's finally over!!” 

Koutarou raised his voice and cheered. 

He had finally completed his two week long private lesson. 

It had been a long, painful journey, but it was finally over. 

"Calm down will you. How many times have I told you to 
watch your manners in that outfit?” 


"...Well, it's alright. I understand how you feel." 

Theia looked like she was about to complain, but shortly after 
she began smiling. She was satisfied that she had finished 
her job. 

"Now all that's left is to wait for tomorrow's play. It went by in 
an instant..." 

"...To me it seemed like an eternity." 

Koutarou shrugged his shoulders and smiled. 

"Fufu, you're weak." 

"Shut up." 

Like Theia, Koutarou was satisfied by his accomplishments 
and smiled. 

During these two weeks, the two of them had formed a bond. 
"Hmm? This is..." 

The gym quieted down after they stopped acting, and 
because of that, Theia was able to hear a sound coming from 


"The music and song..." 

What she heard was a slow paced ballad. Koutarou noticed it 
as well and nodded. 

"Ah, they must have started dancing at the party." 


“Yeah. It's an annual tradition for the ball dance club. Of 
course, nobody really knows how to dance, so they just go by 

If it wasn't for the practice, Koutarou would have been at the 
party, but he had missed it. 

“Dancing huh... Now that I think about it, I haven't danced in 
a while..." 

Theia lightly grabbed the edges of her skirt, and began 
tapping her shoes along with the music. 

When Theia had been living on Forthorthe, she would 
regularly go to ball dances. 

Although she was practically unable to let her guard down in 
Forthorthe, ball dances were one of the few things she didn't 


Theia had a happy but at the same time sad looking 
expression. Seeing that, Koutarou oddly felt that he couldn't 
leave her alone. 

Ah, not good... He finally finished this painful practice and... 

“Teach me, Tulip." 

Even though he knew that saying that would prolong his 


Theia stopped in her steps and raised her head. 

Because of the unexpected response, she was at a loss for 


“Dancing. You taught me manners, but you didn't teach me 
dancing. Knowing that is necessary for the upper class, 


Theia stared at Koutarou in amazement, and she soon began 

“N-Now that you mention, I didn't teach you that yet...” 

Is it for my sake... ? Really.. ? 

Theia suppressed her internal conflict and looked up at 
Koutarou. When she did, she saw the expression she had 
been expecting. 

I\vX , 

A cheerful expression and calm eyes, watching overTheia. 

The moment she saw that, her doubts changed to conviction. 

Fool... learn your place. You're being too ambitious... 

Despite Theia's thoughts, her blushing wasn't stopping. 

“I am but a mere local knight, I am hardly worthy of the 

Koutarou spoke a line from the manuscript and reached his 
hand out to Theia. 

Theia smiled and replied with a line of her own. 

“Oh, even though I look like this, I grew up roaming the fields 
and mountains of northern Mastir. I am quite qualified to be 
called a peasant girl." 

They held hands and began moving in time with the music. 

Part 6 

As Sanae, Kiriha and Shizuka arrived at the gym, Koutarou 
and Theia were in the middle of their dancing lesson. 

Since they didn't want to interrupt the pair, they simply 
watched from outside. 

“Don't step on my feet! If you keep stepping on them with 
that armor, they'll be crushed!" 

“S-Sorry, it's more complicated to move my legs like this than 
I thought." 

“At this rate, I'll suffer a complicated fracture!" 

“Oh, that's a good one..." 

“Stop saying stupid things and learn the steps already!" 

Koutarou's and Theia's energetic voices reached all the way 
to the door from where the three girls were watching. 


Looking at the two, Sanae let out a heavy sigh. 

“I figured they must be getting bored with all the practice, 
but it seems like they're having fun. Looks like I was worried 
for nothing." 

“Yeah, I wasn't expecting them to be dancing though." 

Shizuka agreed with Sanae. To her, it looked like they were 
having fun despite their arguing. 

"Karama, Korama." 

However, Kiriha had a severe expression. It was completely 
different from enjoying herself at the party or worrying about 
Koutarou's and Theia's training. 

It was almost as if she was facing something dangerous. 

"Yes Ho-!” 

"Here Ho-!” 

As Kiriha called out, the two haniwas appeared. 

"Did someone enter or leave the gym while I was gone?” 

"No Ho-!” 

"Harumi-chan stopped by, but she left without entering Ho-!” 
"I see, then that's good. Continue keeping guard.” 

"Roger that, Ho-!” 

"Let's go Ho, Karama!" 

Kiriha had ordered her haniwas to watch over the gym. 

She had always been bothered about the person targeting 

"Kiriha, aren't you too twitchy? The culture festival is a time 
for fun, she won't attack then." 

"That would be nice..." 

"Are you talking about Theia-san's rival?” 

"That's right. Theia-dono has already been attacked several 

times, so I'm a bit anxious.” 

Kiriha had always stayed on guard, but she couldn't seem to 
catch Theia's enemy, nor could she find any useful evidence. 

"Fighting between families huh... To think that would really 
happen so close to me." 

"It still doesn't feel like it, but Theia really is a princess." 

The three of them looked at the stage. Koutarou's and Theia's 
dancing lesson was still going on. 

The two of them, who bickering as they danced, didn't look 
like they felt any kind of danger, despite an enemy targeting 

Maybe she's confident because she knows the opponent, or maybe being with 
Koutarou lets her act that way... 

"Uuuuh, everyone, s-save me please!!" 

At that moment, Yurika arrived at the gym. 

She was holding the beetle's breeding case tightly as she 
approached Kiriha and the others. 

"Hercules-chan will! Hercules-chan will!!” 

"Yurika!? What happened!?” 

The three of them were surprised by Yurika's appearance. 
Yurika explained the situation with tears in her eyes. 

"Actually, Ruth-san found out that Hercules-chan is a beetle!” 
The three of them knew about Yurika and Hercules, they also 

knew how much Ruth hated beetles. 

So from that, they were able to guess what had happened, 
but they showed three different reactions. 

"Y-You idiot! What are you doing!?” 

Sanae scolded Yurika with tears in her eyes as well. 

Since she loved animals, she couldn't help but worry about 

"Oh my, it was so close too..." 

Shizuka was worried about Yurika and Hercules as well, but 
nowhere near as much as Sanae. 

However, she was more worried about Hercules's original 
owner, the vice-president's little brother. 

"I see...” 

And Kiriha revealed a smile. 

Since she had been so worried about Theia being attacked, 
this minor problem put her mind at ease. 

"I couldn't help it! It was inevitable! When we were watching 
TV a commercial for a new beetle program came up! If you 
have any complaints, complain to the makers of that anime!” 

"Idiot!! It's all because you were carelessly watching anime!" 

The anime commercial had only come up because Yurika was 
watching a different anime. 

So if she hadn't been watching that show in the first place, 
this tragedy could have been avoided. 

"Hiiiii! I-I'm sorry!!” 

”M-More importantly, what's happening!? Where's Ruth!?” 

”Ruth-san has lost it, she said she was going to make 
Hercules suffer her judgement, then she came chasing after 

Ever since she ran out of room 106, Yurika hadn't stopped 

Although she wasn't good at moving her body, since 
Hercules's life was at stake, she ran all the way to the others 
without stopping. 

And her hard work paid off, as she was able to lose Ruth on 
the way. 

"Please hide me! Please!!” 

"I got it. If Ruth-san stops by I'll send here elsewhere.” 
"T-Thank youuu!!" 

Hercules was to be returned in two days. 

Starting with the party today, Kitsushouharukaze Highschool 
would hold their culture festival for three days. 

And Yurika was planning on protecting Hercules by hiding in 
the school while it was still open. 

At that moment, a haniwa appeared at the entrance of the 

"Nee-san, Ruth-chan is closing in Ho!” 

"That's what they're saying..." 

"Yurika, don't space out, go hide somewhere!” 


Yurika forced her exhausted body to run into the gym's 
equipment room on the left side of the stage. 

Since the equipment room led into the stage, it had plenty of 
set pieces for tomorrow's play in it. 

Because of that, it was the perfect place to hide in. 

Right after Yurika closed the door, Ruth jumped out in front of 
the gym. 

"Haah, Ahhh, Hah...” 

Like Yurika, Ruth too was exhausted. 

Even though they were a bit away, Sanae and the others 
could hear her rough breathing. 

However, she didn't have the time to catch her breath. She 
looked around the outside of the gym while holding a large fly 

”R-Ruth-san, you came too?” 

"Hey Ruth, what's with that thing?” 

Shizuka and Sanae called out to Ruth. 

"Fuuuh, Hahh, Fuuu...” 

However, Ruth didn't react to their voices, and kept moving 
forward while breathing roughly. 


The surreal sight of a teenager wearing an apron and holding 
an oversized flyswatter, coupled with her dangerous looking 
expression and piercing look caused Sanae and Shizuka to 
flinch instinctively. 

“It seems she's completely lost control of herself because of 
her rage. She can't even hear our voices." 

“What can we even do when she's like this!?" 

“l-lt's over... I'm sorry, Yurika-san, Hercules-chan..." 

At this point, Sanae and Shizuka had already given up on 
persuading Ruth. 

Seeing how Ruth was acting right now, neither of them had 
any confidence that they would be able to persuade her. 

It was only a matter of time before Yurika and Hercules fell 
prey to Ruth. 

However, that's when something unexpected happened. 

" i?" 

For some reason, Ruth stopped moving. 

It had happened as she looked up on the stage while 
searching for Yurika and Hercules. 

When she did, she saw two people. 

“Y-Your... highness... Satomi...sama...?” 

On top of the stage were Theia and Koutarou, holding hands 
and happily dancing. 

Theia was good at dancing, but since her partner was 
Koutarou, a beginner, their dancing looked awkward. 

And whenever Koutarou made a mistake, Theia would scold 

Because of that, their dancing only looked like child's play; 
hardly worthy of praise. 

“Her highness is... dancing so happily...” 

However, Ruth knew, she knew that Theia enjoyed that 
child's play of a dance from the bottom of her heart. 

Since she had grown up with Theia and were as close as a 
sister to her, she understood that, more clearly than anyone. 

Theia might have liked ball dances, but Ruth had never seen 
her enjoy herself this much before. 

Even though the dance hall was shabby, the band wasn't 
playing in sync and her partner was a complete amateur, 
Theia's smile was dazzling. 

To Ruth, that was an amazing spectacle. 

“...H-Huh? Why am I here? Eh!?” 

And because of that spectacle, Ruth regained her 

“Why am I holding a flyswatter?” 

Having regained her consciousness, Ruth had completely 
forgotten everything from when she had lost control of 
herself because of her anger. 

Her brain had done so to protect her from painful memories. 

“I was pouring some tea for Yurika-sama and... huh?” 

"She regained her consciousness!? Alright!" 

"Thank god, are you okay? Ruth-san!" 

"Hah... Shizuka-sama, what do you mean by okay? Did 
something happen?” 

Ruth had no idea about what had happened, and she was 
looking around the area in confusion. 

"Ah, Eh, Well... Ruth-san." 


Since Shizuka was able to express herself, Ruth began going 
through her memories again. 

U-Uhm... I was pouring tea for Yurika-sama and then I have this feeling that 
something big happened... 

"Nothing happened, Ruth. Don't think about it too much. We 
stopped by to look at how Koutarou's and Theia's practice 
was going.” 

However, Kiriha called out to Ruth like normal. She was 
planning on keeping Ruth from remembering what had 

"Satomi-sama's practice...?" 

Because of Kiri ha's words, Ruth's eyes were drawn to the two 
on top of the stage. 

"W-Watch it, you're being too forceful." 

"Even if you say that, it's hard to adjust my strength." 

“Just take it off!" 

“Waah, stop, don't take it off!" 

And before she knew it, all Ruth could think of was how much 
fun Koutarou and Theia seemed to be having on the stage. 

“Your highness... Satomi-sama..." 

It might just be obvious that I'd lose sight of myself when I look at these two... 

Ruth forgot about trying to remember, and happily looked at 
the stage. 

She no longer cared about why she was holding a flyswatter. 

“Fufufu, your highness, Satomi-sama, your dance is quite 

Right now, the only thing she could think of was of her 
beloved princess and the Blue Knight that made her smile. 

Seeing that, Sanae, Shizuka and Kiriha all let out a sigh of 

“Pheeew, I wasn't sure what was going to happen for a while 

“Yurika made the right choice in running here..." 

“She probably came for Satomi Koutarou since she had no 
one else to rely on but, it seemed that worked for the best." 

The girls peeked at the equipment room that Yurika had run 
into and sighed. 

After having seen Ruth like that, the three of them were 

"Sanae-chan, when you get the chance, could you go tell 
Nijino-san that everything went okay?” 

"Yeah. I'll sneak away when Ruth isn't looking and tell her." 

But everything was now okay. 

Ruth had regained her consciousness, and she didn't notice 
the three whispering. 

Yurika and Hercules were able to survive for today. 

"Sis! Emergency Alert Ho!” 

Although they were only able to relax for a bit, the next 
moment, the haniwas who were keeping a lookout on the 
outside appeared in front of the gym. 

"A space distortion has been detected inside the gym Ho!” 

"Based on the size, it seems like somebody has infiltrated the 
gym Ho!" 

"Karama-chan, Korama-chan, What do you mean by 

"Sorry Ho! This is all we can tell with our detection precision 

Kiriha left the haniwas to Sanae and hurriedly turned towards 
the stage. 

Koutarou and Theia were still dancing. 

And Ruth stood next to Kiriha, watching. 

Which means! 

The only ones related to room 106 with the ability to distort 
space was Theia and Ruth. 

And if the two of them hadn't done anything, there was only 
one possibility. 

"Theia-dono, Koutarou! It's the enemy! They're attacking!” 

The only possibility left was the mysterious spaceship that 
was detected two months ago. 

It was the crew of the spaceship that Theia had declared to 
be an enemy. 

"Kiriha-san!? And everyone else!?” 

The seemingly sudden appearance of Kiriha and the others 
surprised Koutarou. 

Up until now, he had been so focused on dancing that he 
hadn't noticed them. 

Because of that, he blanked out instead of taking action. 

"The enemy!? I see, so Clan is here!” 

Compared to him, Theia's reaction was quick. 

Since she was skilled at dancing, she had noticed Kiriha and 
the others a while back. 

Because of that, she was able to swiftly react to Kiriha's 

"To think she's attacking now! Did I misread her!?” 

As Theia looked around, she could see a person below the 
stage, at the same time, that person began speaking. 

“That's correct, Theiamillis-san!" 

A sneering, shrill voice spoke up. 

And when Koutarou looked in the direction the jarring voice 
came from, he saw a single girl. 

She had light blue hair and a black and white dress. 

And on her face were antique-looking glasses. 

Koutarou had seen her before during a rehearsal. 

“Clan, I never expected you to come at me with a head-on 

This girl is Clan!? 

Koutarou was shocked, partly because this was the first time 
he had seen royalty other than Theia. 

But what surprised him the most was that he had seen her 

“That's why I tell you that you're simple minded every time 
we meet!" 

Clan pointed a weapon towards Theia. 

That weapon is...!? 

The moment she saw that weapon, she was astonished, but 
she realized everything. 

“I see, so that's how it is!!" 

What Clan was holding was a hand-held beam weapon she 
had made herself. 

Since Clan was a renowned scientist, that alone wouldn't 
have surprised Theia. 

What had surprised her instead was that the weapon had 
been made from parts she had obtained on Earth. 

Because of that, the silhouette of the design was far different 
from the curvy design found on Forthorthe. 

I've been had! She hadn't attacked for two months because she was gathering 
parts for this weapon! And she had used attacks that made it look like an 
accident to throw me off her trail! 

Clan had tricked Theia into thinking she wouldn't attack head 

If Clan used the weapons from Hazy Moon, a log would 

And if she had used parts from Forthorthe, it may have taken 
time, but it could eventually be identified. 

But what would happen if she used parts found on Earth to 
make a weapon? 

Would Forthorthe be able to gather enough evidence to indict 
Clan in this small country on the outskirts of known space? 

The answer was No. 

That was next to impossible. 

And if Clan disposed of her weapon, there would be no 



That was her plan. 

"Fufufu, it's too late for you to notice now.” 

An ominous sound started emitting from Clan's hand held 
beam weapon. 

"But it sure was rough. The technological level of this planet 
is so low that it took me two months to build this. And to 
think it will end in a single shot, what a waste.” 

Clan pointed the muzzle towards Theia and revealed a cold 

It was the smile of someone who was certain they had won. 

Something's wrong... Where is this Clan girl's confidence coming from... ? 

Listening to Theia and Clan, Koutarou felt something was off. 

If it's as Clan says, why was she here that day? What was she doing here? 

While Clan was claiming she was going to kill Theia with this 
weapon she had made on Earth, Koutarou had seen her in the 
gym a few days ago. 

Everything would add up if she had been there to sabotage 
the light, but if that was the case, what was the reason to 
attack her in the same place again? 

In fact, Koutarou, Kiriha and the others were right here. 

"How clever! In that case I'll just shoot you down!" 

Before Koutarou could reach a conclusion, Theia put her 
bracelet in front of her face. 

The bracelet decorated with a blue jewel was a device 
created to order the Blue Knight remotely. 


At that moment, the edges of Clan's mouth rose up slightly. 

She laughed!? Which means — 

When he saw that unnerving smile, Koutarou reached a 
conclusion at the same time Theia's voice rang out on top of 
the stage. 

“Blue Knight" Bring out the anti-personnel pulse laser and —" 

The conclusion that Koutarou had come up with was this. 

On that day, Clan had come here to set up a trap. That was 
when he had seen her. 

At the same time, Clan had sabotaged the light to make it 
fall. That was her insurance, in case she had been spotted. 

And with Clan laughing at this point, it meant... 

“Stop, Tulip!" 

Koutarou trusted his instinct, grabbed Theia's hand and 
pulled as hard as he could. 

“P-Pleb!? Don't get in my way!" 

Theia tried to shake him off. 

She was completely focused on Clan. 

The black holes had already appeared above her shoulders; 
shortly thereafter the weapons would come out. 

Seeing that, Koutarou panicked and shouted. 


He had only called out her name. 


But that was enough to shift Theia's attention away from 

“She wants you to use your weapons!" 

“But, Clan is-!” 

However, Theia still intended to attack Clan. 

That was because of her personality, but it was also to 
protect Koutarou. 

If Clan fired her beam weapon, Koutarou who was right next 
to Theia wouldn't make it out unscathed. 

“Theia! Trust me! I'm your knight, remember!?" 


The moment she heard Koutarou's voice, Theia relaxed her 

As she did, she was pulled away by Koutarou and embraced. 

Koutarou then bent his body over to protect Theia. 

The next moment, an explosion occurred. 

The black holes, that normally summoned weapons, had 
exploded instead. 

Although the scale of the explosion wasn't large, ifTheia had 
remained where she was, she would most definitely have 
suffered a massive injury. 

Because Koutarou protected her, the explosion was blocked 
by his armor. 

"Tsk, damn fake Blue Knight, you're getting in the way!” 

Seeing that the explosion had been blocked, Clan clicked her 

Since Koutarou had gotten in the way of her predictions, she 
was getting angry. 

The explosion had been caused by one of Clan's inventions. 

The device was designed so that whenever Theia or Ruth 
tried to summon a weapon, the space would get distorted 
and the black holes would explode instead. 

It was just as Koutarou had concluded; when he saw her for 
the first time, she had been setting this device up. 

Clan was planning on using this device to make Theia blow 
herself up. 

Since Clan knew Theia's personality, she knew that the 
moment she showed Theia her weapon, Theia would fall into 
the trap. 

Doing that, she wouldn't have to dirty her own hands, and 
there was a high chance that it would be classified as an 

That was why Clan had to make her move here in the gym. 
"There is no way I'll forgive some barbarian from a backwater 

planet for interfering with my plans!” 

But her perfect plan had been ruined by some random man. 
Because of that, Clan lost her cool. 

”A-Are you okay, Theia...?” 

Having gotten the wind knocked out of him by the explosion, 
Koutarou loosened his grip on Theia. 

As he did, Theia looked up at Koutarou. 

"I'm alright, you protected me! There's no need to worry, my 
hair is only a little scorched!” 

Theia touched her own hair; the ends of her beautiful hair 
had been burnt. 

Blood is... 

At that moment, Koutarou noticed a cut on Theia's hand as 
she was touching her hair. 

And as blood poured out from the wound, Koutarou began 
boiling with rage. 

It was the same kind of rage as when Sanae had been in 
danger at the beach. 

"Koutarou, are you okay!?” 

"Ho! We came to help you, Koutarou Ho-!” 

"With us here, you have nothing to fear Ho!" 

Sanae and the two haniwas appeared. 

Being more mobile than the others, they had moved up to 

cover Koutarou and Theia. 

Noticing that, Koutarou let go of Theia and stood up. 

“...You guys protect the princess." 


“W-What's that supposed to mean!?" 

While Theia and Sanae were still confused, Koutarou turned 
his back on them. 

“It means just what I said. Right now Theia has no ways of 
protecting herself. So I'm counting on you!" 

If Theia tried to summon her weapons, an explosion might 
occur again. 

Koutarou didn't know if Clan's trap could cause explosions 
again, but he had no intention of testing it. 

“W-Wait, Koutarou! Going to battle on your own is 
unreasonable! I'll—" 

Theia hurriedly stood up to follow after Koutarou. 

“Your highness, please trust me and wait. The battlefield is 
for knights. Even a princess should not violate that 

What stopped Theia was the Blue Knight's words leaving 
Koutarou's mouth. 


What had left Theia's mouth was the Silver Princess's words. 

However, she hadn't done that intentionally. 

Theia, like the Silver Princess, was trying to stop her knight. 

“If you don't believe in me, then just who will believe in my 

Koutarou put his hand on the handle of the sword on his waist 
and pulled it out in a dignified manner. 

It was the motion that he had practiced countless times with 

”1 am your knight after all.” 

I see, so this is how the Blue Knight must have felt... 

At this point, Koutarou finally understood how the Blue Knight 
must have felt as he left for battle. 

”B-Blue Knight-sama...?” 

As Theia looked at Koutarou's back, she sat back down. 

Theia understood that Koutarou wasn't a knight and that he 
was quoting lines from the manuscript, but oddly enough, she 
couldn't defy him. 

My... knight... 

Koutarou's words removed Theia's intention to argue and 
replaced it with hope. 

There was no reason to believe that Koutarou was going to 

That's right, he's my knight... If I don't believe in him, who will!? 

But Theia didn't care about that and simply put her faith in 

Part 7 

Looking at Koutarou, who had drawn his sword and stepped 
forward, Clan let out a loud laugh. 

“Ohohohoho, You sure know how to make me laugh! To think 
a fake Blue Knight with a replica armor would dare fight me! 
You don't even have the magical gauntlet or Signaltin!” 

There were four magical treasures that appeared in the 
legend of the Blue Knight. 

An armor that can block all attacks, boots that let him fly 
through the sky, magical gloves infused with flames that 
allowed him to burn a thousand enemies, and the holy sword 
Signaltin that could cut open the future. 

But of course, Koutarou didn't have any of those. 

Everything he was wearing were replicas. 

His armor was mechanical, and his sword wasn't holy. 

Through the power of the armor, he was capable of high 
jumps, and it partially protected him. 

But it didn't hold the same power as of legends. 

“For a fake princess like you, this is more than enough!” 

However, Koutarou didn't flinch. 

He responded to Clan in a dignified manner. 

“A fake princess!?” 

“That's right! Someone that can only think of holding other 
people back can't be a real princess!” 

As he looked at Clan, Koutarou remembered the first time he 
met Theia. She had been the same. 

However, now she was different; she was still selfish, but she 
didn't hold anyone back. 

She tried to win in a dignified manner, befitting of a princess. 

“And to think you hurt my princess! You're the one who 
knows how to make me laugh!” 


Clan was left speechless. 

“Kuh, Y-You impudent...” 

However, her expression soon changed into one of anger. 

She had been angered by Koutarou's words, but she also 
couldn't forgive herself for flinching for a moment. 

“How dare you talk like that to me, born of the noble 
Schweiger family!” 

“If the only thing noble is your name, the Schweiger family 
sure has fallen.” 

“Kiiii! I definitely won't forgive you! I'll reduce you to mere 

Clan's rage was now all focused on Koutarou. 

Sensing that, Koutarou tightened the grip of his sword and 
readied himself. 

Everything's gone according to plan so far, now for the hard part... 

Angering the opponent and making them focus on yourself 
was an old fighting trick. 

After Koutarou felt that Clan was similar to Theia, he figured 
that provoking her might work, but this went above 

What allowed the provoking tactic to work so well was all 
thanks to her being compared to Theia. 

And Koutarou's Blue Knight armor only helped to fuel the 

Based on the circumstances, she won't use any flashy attacks like Theia did. 
Which means that what I need to look out for is that cannon... 

If Clan gave in to anger and used the weapons on her 
warship, Koutarou knew he wouldn't stand a chance. 

So he focused on the weapon that she was holding. 

“It's best to assume I'll be out if that hits me... In that case-!” 

Koutarou held his sword with both of his hands and rushed 

At a distance, Clan who had a ranged weapon had the 

If he didn't close in and prevent her from using the beam 
weapon, he would stay at a disadvantage. 

"Here you are! Do you really think you can hurt me with that 
dull blade!?” 

However, despite his rush, Clan remained confident. 

She simply held her beam cannon and remained motionless. 
“I've got youuu!!” 

Not missing his chance, Koutarou swung his sword. 

Although it was a replica, since it's power was amplified by 
his armor, it had quite a bit of force behind it. 

The sword should have destroyed the beam cannon but 
something had stopped it just before it impacted. 

It was a half transparent hexagon like what Theia and Ruth 
used for defense. 

"I see, you had that!?” 

It was a barrier that distorted space as a way of defense. 

Koutarou knew just how powerful its defensive power was. 

Moreover, the barrier she was using was one that she had 
made for herself. 

A half-assed attack would never get through that defense. 

"Kukuku, it's too late for you to notice now— Wait, what!?” 

The sword had hit the barrier, but Clan's confident and cocky 
expression changed into one of surprise. 

"That's impossible! This can't be!!” 

Clan hurriedly jumped back. 


This time, Koutarou was the one surprised. 

Clan who was supposed to hold the advantage had retreated. 

And Koutarou had not expected that response from her. 

"Satomi-kun, continue attacking! I don't know why, but the 
attacks seem to be working!” 

Shizuka had seen that the tip of the sword had buried itself 
into the barrier. 

Clan had seen the same thing and retreated. 

"So that's why!" 

Adhering to Shizuka's advice, Koutarou chased after Clan. 

The stage was quite large, but for Koutarou who had his legs 
strengthened by the armor, it didn't feel like it, and he closed 
the distance between him and Clan quickly. 

"Quit running around!” 

Clan tried to take aim at Koutarou, but since the beam 
cannon had been made using materials from Earth, it was too 
large, and Clan couldn't keep up with Koutarou's speed. 


Koutarou's sword came into the barrier once again. 

It's true, this sword can cut through the barrier! 

This time, Koutarou saw it too, the tip of the sword had 
penetrated the barrier. 

"A-Again!? What's with that sword!? Does it have power equal 
to the real Signaltin despite being a replica!?” 

Clan couldn't hide her surprise; the sword had pierced 
through the barrier more deeply than the first time. 

This is not possible! This neanderthal on this backwater planet is only 
equipped with the Blue Knight's replicas, but he's cornering me! 


Theia who was looking at the fight developing was more 
surprised than Clan. 

The light from that sword... The sword is not equipped with that kind of 

The sword that Koutarou was wielding had started emitting a 
faint white light. 

"Kyaaa! T-The barrier's converter won't last at this rate!” 

"I-I'm being beaten this easily!?” 

The light that the sword emitted grew stronger for each time 
Koutarou swung it. 

And as the light grew stronger, the sword was able to cut 
through more of Clan's barrier. 

"Is that, the same light as that time...?” 

Looking at the sword's glow, Sanae touched the charm 
hanging around her neck. 

Right now it was just a plain charm, but in the past it had 
been glowing with the same light as that sword. 

"Could it be... are you truly... the Blue Knight's..." 

Next to Sanae was Theia, who was at a loss for words. 

The blue armor and the shining sword; it was almost just like 
the real Blue Knight. 

Theia couldn't take her eyes off of Koutarou. 

Clan aimed her beam cannon. 

If it's come to this, I'll just have to give up on dodging! I'll just hit him with 
the beam cannon while he's busy trying to break through the barrier! 

Clan stopped trying to dodge Koutarou's attacks. Instead, she 
was planning on taking Koutarou down when he stopped to 
destroy the barrier. 

The barrier might get destroyed in a single hit, but she should 
be able to defeat Koutarou. 

“Come get me, fake Blue Knight!" 

“I will, even if you don't want me to!" 

Without noticing Clan's goals, Koutarou closed the distance. 

“She's inviting you, Koutarou! Don't jump in carelessly!" 

Theia had noticed the trap and tried to stop Koutarou, but it 
was already too late. He could no longer stop. 

But somebody else answered Theia's warning. 

“Leave it to me, Theia!" 


The one who had answered her was Sanae, who right next to 

She raised both her arms towards Clan and shouted in a loud 

"HissatsuM Sanae-chan Tulip - Part two!!” 

At that moment, Clan's dress lifted up, and her upper body 
was wrapped up by the dress, just like what had happened to 
Theia one time. 

”W-What!? What is happening!?” 

Taken by surprise, Clan was stunned and remained 

"Oh... so that girl has a cat...” 

Shizuka observed the design on Clan's underwear. 

"Shizuka-sama! This is not the time for that!!” 

"I'm sorry Ruth-san. But what can I do against an opponent 
who has a barrier?" 

Shizuka, who was invincible when it came to close combat, 
had no chance against an opponent with a barrier in a wide 
open space. 

Because of that, Shizuka merely observed the fight next to 
Ruth and Theia who were unable to summon their weapons. 

"Well done, Sanae!" 

And as Clan stood in place, Koutarou attacked. 
"Uwooooooooooooh!! ” 

With the momentum he had, the power of the armor and the 
sword shining with white light, Koutarou unleashed a powerful 

attack on Clan. 

The barrier was only able to withstand that attack for an 

The barrier's energy converter gave up and the generation 
device attached to Clan's back blew up. 

And after breaking through the barrier, the sword flew 
towards her. 

“Impossible, there no way I could lose! I don't believe it!" 

If she could see, she would have been able to defeat 

However, since Sanae was blocking her sight, she had lost all 
means of preventing Koutarou's attack. 

Koutarou's strike hit the barrel of the beam cannon. 

Unlike the barrier, it had no real defense and was cut in half. 

After that, the base of the beam cannon exploded. 

The hems of her skirt were torn apart by the explosion, 
freeing her from Sanae's restraint. 

“T-To think that I, known as the moon of Schweiger, would 
lose to a mere neanderthal..." 

Having fallen over, Clan grinded her teeth as she pushed 
herself up. 

Clan had absolute belief in her plan: she would make Theia 
use her weapons by showing her an earth-made beam 
cannon, and even if she didn't use her weapons, Clan would 
defeat her using the beam cannon. 

But with the appearance of a lone man not even worth taking 
into account, her plan had fallen apart. 

“Just give up, Clan or whatever. You've lost." 

Koutarou pointed his sword at Clan and recommended that 
she surrendered. 

“This is all your fault, fake Blue Knight! I should have 
disposed of you first! If it's only you, it won't matter if I use 
the Hazy Moon's weapons!" 

Unlike Theia and Ruth, Clan wouldn't be held responsible for 
her crimes if she were to attack Koutarou, a citizen of an 
undeveloped region of space. 

If she killed Koutarou before Theia could make him a citizen 
of Forthorthe, Theia wouldn't be able to do anything. 

“I may have failed to kill Theiamillis-san, but you! I definitely 
will kill you myself! The fact that I was forced to crawl on the 
ground is completely unacceptable!” 

However, Clan didn't surrender; she simply stared at 
Koutarou with eyes full of hate. 

“Y-You still want to go at it!?" 

“Koutarou! Restrain Clan right away! She's planning on attack 
you with the Hazy Moon's weapons!” 


However, while Koutarou was surprised, Clan saw her chance 
and ran past Koutarou's sword and continued to the outside, 
after which she laughed at Theia. 

“Ooohohohoho! It's too late, Theiamillis-san! You just sit there 

and watch that fake Blue Knight get obliterated!” 

"Run away, Koutarou! Don't die for my sake!” 

"E-Even if I wanted to, where could I even run!?” 

Clan brought a bracelet, very similar to what Theia had, to 
her face and declared in a loud voice. 

"It's already too late! Hazy Moon! Use the disintegrator to 
reduce that fake Blue Knight into atoms!” 

"As you wish, my princess." 

A black hole opened up above Clan's right shoulder, and in a 
moment, a large weapon would poke through that hole. 

"I win, fake Blue Knight! You can regret going against the 
second princess of Forthorthe on the other side!” 

Clan boasted victoriously. 

It was as Clan had said. At this rate, Koutarou would get hit 
by Clan's attack and be reduced to atoms. 

"Waaaaah, i-it's all over!!” 

Koutarou panicked and started running all over the place. 
There was no longer anything he could do. 

"Oh, we'll see about that." 

In this desperate situation, Kiriha appeared from the side of 
the stage. 

"Hmph, you don't know when you've lost! What could you 
possibly do to escape from this situation!?” 

“...There's an interesting proverb on this planet." 

Clan was overly excited, in contrast to Kiriha who was overly 

Despite both being intelligent, they were behaving 
completely opposite of one another. 

“A proverb!?” 


Kiriha nodded and held what she had in her hand above her 

"... 'It is the deceitful man who most often falls into the 
snares of deceit'." 

“The device I set up!?" 

What Kiriha was holding above her head was the space 
distortion jammer that Clan had used against Theia a 
moment ago. 

It was still active and was now pointed towards Clan. 

“...You were close, Moon of Schweiger or whatever." 

Since the weapon that Clan was summoning was large, the 
explosion was several times larger than Theia's had been. 

Part 8 

Once the smoke from the explosion cleared, Clan was 
nowhere to be seen. Only fragments of her weapon were left. 

“So she's run off... her plans might be second-rate, but she is 
a first-rate runner..." 

“Theia-dono, are you sure we shouldn't be chasing after her?" 

“It's fine. She specializes in running. Chasing after her would 
be a waste of time." 

Theia shrugged at Kiriha, and threw a fragment of the 
weapon away. 

The fragment slid down the stage floor and stopped as it 
crashed into Koutarou's body. 

“I, I thought I was a goner..." 

Koutarou was lying down on the stage with his arms and legs 
stretched out. 

Having moved nonstop since the rehearsal, he'd finally ran 
out of energy. 

“By what? Exhaustion or by Clan?" 


Today's just been nonstop action... 

Koutarou just wanted to hurry on home and go to sleep. 

“Wait, I'll get the armor off you." 

Normally Theia would look down on Koutarou in this state, but 
this time she was gentle. 

Well done for today, Koutarou... 

Even Theia couldn't find it in her heart to shout at him today. 

Theia approached Koutarou with a rare, calm smile. 

“Tulip, sorry to interrupt when you're in such a good mood-" 

As Theia came closer, Koutarou called out to her with a 
serious look on his face. 


“It broke.” 


“I said, it broke.” 

As Theia squatted down, Koutarou showed her the Blue 
Knight's replica sword. 

About ten centimeters from the handle, the blade had 
snapped off. 

“I think it happened when I swung it with all my power that 
last time. When I noticed, it was already broken. Sorry.” 

Koutarou knew that Theia treasured everything related to the 
Blue Knight, so he was afraid that she would yell at him 

The sword is a knight's soul. 

Koutarou could vividly imagine Theia scolding him. 

“I see. So it broke...” 


However, going against Koutarou's expectation, Theia wasn't 

As Koutarou looked at her with a surprised expression, Theia 
called out to him and laughed. 

"What's with that surprised look on your face? Fufufu.” 

"What do you mean by that, aren't you angry? You were 
always going on about how the sword is a knight's soul..." 

"You fool!! So in the end you didn't understand what I was 
talking about!?” 

Theia raised her eyebrows at Koutarou's words, but she 
wasn't angry about Koutarou breaking the sword but rather 
that he hadn't understood what she had been trying to tell 

"The sword is a knight's soul because of a vow placed on it! 
What can't be broken is that vow, not the sword itself!" 

Theia excitedly swung the sword around as she yelled at 

"That's why this sword hasn't been broken! Why can't you 
understand such a simple thing!" 

"The manners of a knight are too difficult for me to 

Theia fell silent as Koutarou complained. 

She then stared at Koutarou and began speaking in a quiet 


“...That decides it. You're going to keep training to become a 

Although the tone was quiet, the anger in it was more intense 
than ever. 

She narrowed her eyes and glared at Koutarou. 

“Ehh!? You mean it's not over!?" 

“As if I can let it end! If I just left you as a half-assed knight, it 
would bring shame to the Mastir family! At the very least, 
we'll keep training until your public debut!" 

“I don't want to!! G-Give me a break!!" 

The rehearsals and the fight with Clan had ended. 

However, it looked like Koutarou's knight training was not 
over yet. 

And as Koutarou and the others calmed down, inside the 
equipment room, Clan who everyone had thought vanished 
began taking action again. 

“Theiamillis-san, and that fake Blue Knight.... You're making a 
huge mistake if you think I'll retreat because of something 
like this...!" 

Clan dragged her body, damaged by the explosion, towards 
the stage. 

However, while she looked to be in terrible shape, her eyes 
were burning with rage. 

“I won't accept it, there's no way I lost! There's no way that I 

lost to Theiamillis-san and that fake Blue Knight! There's no 
way I can accept that!!” 

The only thing keeping Clan from collapsing was her 
incredibly deep refusal of admitting defeat to Theia. 

Without that, she would have passed out long ago. 

"Fu, fufufu, 'It is the deceitful man who most often falls into 
the snares of deceit' was it!? In that case, you will be the one 
who falls into my final snare!!” 

Clan pulled out a small box with a button. 

”1 didn't want to use this while it was still in research but... 
now that it's come to this I have no choice... fufufu.” 

It was a new type of bomb using space-time technology that 
Clan had developed. 

Although it didn't have the same power as old-fashioned 
bombs, it was capable of destroying everything in a specified 

”G-Good bye, Theiamillis-san. It was nice to ha—” 

However, Clan was unable to push that button. 

The moment she had been about to push it, something had 
fallen down on her, causing her to lose consciousness. 

And just like that, Clan's final attack had failed. 

Part 9 

Roughly 20 minutes had passed since Yurika had hidden in 
this room. 

She could hear some kind of commotion outside, but she 
prioritized her own crisis. 

“...I can't hold on... I'm falling, I'm falling!" 

Yurika's limbs had reached their limit a while ago. 

When she had run into the equipment room, she figured that 
she would be found right away if she half-assedly hid herself. 

So when Yurika, unusually enough, used her brain to think, 
she came up with the idea of hiding in the air duct leading up 
to the ceiling. 

While it was a hard to find location, the air duct was diagonal 
so in order to hide in there, Yurika needed to use some 
strength support herself. 

However, she still chose to hide there. 

If she managed to avoid Ruth, she would be able to hide in 
the equipment room for a long time. 

It was a bright idea for Yurika. 

"I can't, it's too much... 1-1'm falling-" 

However, Ruth hadn't shown up, no matter how long she 

But Yurika wasn't planning on coming down until Ruth had 

shown up. 

At times a rat would run by above her, or a spider would 
crawl around her hand, but Yurika withstood it and waited for 
20 minutes. 

And that's when the equipment room's door opened and a 
lone girl appeared. 

Convinced that the girl was Ruth, Yurika used the last of her 
strength to hang onto the air duct. 










■: : SSXy 


“I didn't want to use this while it was still in research but... 
now that it's come to this I have no choice... fufufu.” 


However, the girl wasn't Ruth. 

As she realized that, Yurika became discouraged, and as she 
did, all the built up tension vanished. 

“H-Hercules-chan, lend me your strength!” 

Without anything to rely on, her limbs were at their limits. 

And she didn't have enough strength to let go with one hand 
to use magic. 

Of course, when she asked Hercules for help, she got no 

“I can't hold on! I'm sorry, Hercules-chan! I'm sorry!” 

Yurika finally fell. The only thing she could do was hold onto 
the breeding case so that it wouldn't break. 

The floor in the equipment room was a lot softer than Yurika 
had imagined. 


She had braced herself for a strong impact but when that 
didn't happen she slowly opened her eyes. 

“T-Thank god, Hercules-chan is okay...” 

The first thing she could see was the breeding case with 

Hercules in it. 

Fortunately it seemed to have survived the impact and didn't 
seem to be cracked anywhere. 

And Hercules who was inside was moving around 

Breathing a sigh of relief after seeing that Hercules was okay, 
she calmed down and noticed that she was sitting on top of 


She was scared she might have broken a set piece or the 


However, what Yurika was sitting on wasn't a broken set 

It was a girl dressed in a black and white dress. 

As she noticed that she was sitting on top of a person, Yurika 
hurriedly jumped off. 

“Kya, n-noo—” 

She was about to scream but she quickly blocked her mouth. 

If she screamed here, Ruth might appear and even if she 
didn't, it would become a messy situation. 

“W-W-What should I do!? 1-1 can't just leave her like this, but 
at the same time I can't call anyone over!” 

Still holding onto Hercules' case, Yurika ran around in circles. 

After doing that for a while, Yurika made her decision and 
stopped running. 

"A-Alright, let's just pretend this didn't happen...” 

Since she was worried that someone else might find out that 
Yurika had hurt someone, she was planning on healing the 
girl using magic. 

"This is for Hercules! That's right, I'm protecting Hercules's 
owner's dreams! That is a magical girl's duty!” 

The magical girl of love and courage ☆ Rainbow Yurika. 

"Come, Angel Halo!” 

Without anyone realizing, she had knocked out Clan and then 
saved her life. 

Theiamillis' Blue Knight 

Part 1 

Wednesday, November 11th 

The culture festival continued for two days and ended 
without any troubles. 

This of course included the drama club's play, The Silver 
Princess and the Blue Knight'. 

The play received high praise, especially Harumi, who played 
the Silver Princess. 

Because of that, it was decided that they would continue it 
next year. 

Yurika was able to safely return the Hercules Beetle to its 
original owner. 

But it seemed that Yurika had gotten deeply attached to 
Hercules and parting from him was hard on her. She spent 
several minutes crying afterwards. 

After the battle during the party, Clan didn't appear in front of 
Koutarou and the others again. 

Although they had remained on guard for a while after that, 
the Blue Knight detected a large-scale space distortion. 

According to the Blue Knight's analysis, it was the Hazy Moon 
leaving Earth. 

If the Blue Knight's analysis was correct, Clan had left Earth 
and returned to Forthorthe. 

Thus, Koutarou and the others were able to return to their 
everyday lives, and the battle for the small room would 
probably continue, but Koutarou oddly enough felt that was 
for the best. 

That was probably because Koutarou had begun accepting 
the invading girls, but he wasn't mature enough to admit it. 

But not everything had returned to normal. 

Without anyone realizing, a gradual change began. 

Room 106 was quiet during the night. 

Although Koutarou rolled around while sleeping, he wasn't 
snoring or sleep talking. 

Apart from the sound he made when he rolled into 
something, the only thing that could be heard was the ticking 
clock and Koutarou's breathing. 

And the other two were sleeping in their own places: 

Sanae in the ceiling, and Yurika in the wardrobe. 

Because of that, room 106 was quiet enough to hear the 
grass blowing in the wind. 

It was a calm autumn night. 

The change in the room was so gradual it could hardly be 

Normally the time would peacefully pass until dawn with only 
the ticking of the clock and Koutarou's breathing. 

But not today. 

As the clock's hand pointed to two, the wall furthest into the 
room began glowing. 

The first thing that happened was a leg stepping out from the 

It was a mysterious sight, almost as if someone was on the 
other side. 

And after the leg covered in stockings confirmed its footing, it 
returned back through the glowing wall. 

The next moment, a girl wearing a pure-white dress came out 
from the wall. 

After coming out from the wall, the girl looked at her footing. 

After confirming that the only thing there was a tatami mat, 
she dropped her shoulders with a relieved expression. 

“...Your highness." 

Next, another girl, dressed in a military uniform came out 
from the wall. 

She did the same thing as the first girl and looked down on 
the ground to confirm her footing before revealing a relieved 

“To think I'd have to worry about my own vassal's sleeping 

“There's no other way, your highness. We can't simply step 
on Satomi-sama right now..." 

Of course, the two girls that had come out from the wall were 
Theia and Ruth. 

“That's true." 

The two of them laughed to one another in a quiet voice and 
approach Koutarou who was leaning against a wall. 

However, something about the two of them was strange; they 
were both wearing more luxurious clothing than normal. 

Although Theia's dress was white as always, it had an obvious 
formal design to it. 

On top of that, she had more accessories on her than normal, 
and the tiara on Theia's head was packed with jewels that 
seemed to be worth billions. 

The military uniform Ruth was wearing was different from 
normal as well. 

The uniform had elegant colors with plenty of decorations; it 
prioritized design over mobility, and was intended for 

And what was stranger than the clothing was that she was 
holding a sword in her hand. 

She held the sword, which had a similar design to the sword 
that Koutarou had broken, close to her chest. 

Once they reached Koutarou, they lined up and sat down 
beside him. 

“He's just sleeping without a care in the world... he doesn't 

even know what's about to happen...” 

"Then we can just do it boldly in the day.” 

In order not to wake up Koutarou or Sanae, they whispered to 
each other. 

"I'll pass on that.” 

Theia shook her head. Her dress and accessories began 
shaking as well. 

Her overly luxurious dress made it even harder for her to 
move around in the small room. 

"Because of the circumstances, this is a good trade-off...” 
"Fufufu, oh your highness...” 

Ruth's body bent over as she tried to hold in her laughter. 
"Quiet down, Koutarou will wake up." 

"Y-Yes... then let's finish up our business." 

"Yes, we should... Ruth, give me Saguratin." 

"Here, your highness." 

Ruth pulled out the sword she had been carrying. 

The treasured sword, Saguratin. 

It was the sword that had been given to her at birth and her 
crest, a golden flower, had been carved into it. 

"Your highness.” 


After receiving the sword from Ruth, Theia turned back to 


And as Theia smiled, she started whispering to Koutarou. 

“You have served me splendidly when the second princess 
Clariossa appeared. I am deeply grateful for your actions that 
have protected me from danger. Normally, I would like to 
grant you with whatever you wish, but since I am travelling I 

As Theia said that, she grabbed the sword with both of her 

“So as a proof of my gratitude, I will grant you the rank and 
title of a knight. But you wouldn't be pleased if I treated you 
as my vassal. That's why I have come at this late time with 
Ruth as the only witness." 

Theia continued gently whispering, but she was a little 
saddened since she wanted to do it face to face. 

“...Forgive me, Koutarou. I don't know any other way of 
showing my gratitude. You can laugh at me for being a 
sheltered princess if you like. I didn't know any other way of 
living until I came here." 

Theia revealed a lonely smile, and she gently put the flat part 
of the swords on Koutarou's shoulders. 

“Don't move right now, Koutarou. If you do I may hurt you..." 

First the right, and then the left; that was the traditional order 
when bestowing the knight's rank to someone in Forthorthe, 
and finally the rank and title of the knight was conferred. 

"...Satomi Koutarou. Theiamillis Gre Masteil Sagurada von 
Forthorthe bestows upon you the title and rank of a knight 
and the title of Theiamillis's Blue Knight 1 .” 

Waiting for Theia to finish speaking, Ruth presented the 
sheath to her. 

"...Your highness.” 


Theia received the sheath and slowly sheathed the sword. 

"And as an extra, I'll give you this sword as a replacement for 
the sword you broke. I'll keep it for you, so let me know 
whenever you need it." 

As Theia said that, she handed the sword to Ruth. 

After receiving the sword, she held it with great care. Ruth 
was incredibly happy right now. 

Although it might have been one sided, she was glad that 
Koutarou and Theia had formed a master and servant bond, 
and this sword was the proof of that. 

To her, there was nothing more valuable. 

"Well done, your highness." 


With that, they had done everything they came to do. 

And because of that, their expressions brightened. 

"Mmm, Mmm~" 

That was when Koutarou's eyelids began moving. 

It might have been because he realized Theia and Ruth were 
there, or it could have been a coincidence. 


When Koutarou opened his eyes he noticed Theia in front of 

"...Hm? What... is it already time for practice...?” 

Half-asleep he had assumed it was time for training. 

Theia smiled at him and gently shook her head. 

"No. Practice is on hold for a while longer..." 

"I see... Fuaaaah, then I'm going to sleep for a while longer... 
wake me up when it's time...” 

"Yes, I will..." 

Koutarou fell asleep in an instant. 

Theia and Ruth had done everything they came to do, they 
no longer had any reason to be in this room, but the two of 
them didn't move. 

"...Rest well, my knight..." 

"Good night, Satomi-sama..." 

Motionless, they simply stared at the first ally, in the true 
meaning of the word, they had found on the outskirts of 

Part 2 

A short while after the culture festival had ended, a transfer 
student arrived at Kitsushouharukaze high school. 

“So this is the cosplay society..." 

The transfer student was a girl. 

“It really is a good place to hide your true identity. Well done 
is all I can really say.” 

She was 16 years old, the same as Koutarou and the others, 
new first year student. 

“I thought she was just a stupid coward, but I should 
reevaluate my opinion... that or she made a smart friend... 
either way, I can't be careless." 

As she mumbled to herself, she knocked on the door in front 
of her. 

“I'm coming." 

An answer soon came from the other side of the door. 

She then called out to the voice on the other side. 

“Excuse me, I would like to join!” 

“President! We have an applicant!" 

“R-Really!? Are you sure it's not just some other club 
pranking us!?” 

“Just you wait, Yurika... fufufu..." 

Her goal was Yurika. 

She was going to defeat her and claim the power spot Yurika 
was protecting for herself. 

This girl was one of the enemies that Yurika had stubbornly 
claimed existed, an evil magical girl. 


Long time no see everybody, it's Takehaya. A year has passed 
since the first volume went on sale and now the fourth 
volume has been released. Because the volumes have 
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January, 2010 Takehaya 

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