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Power balance in room 106 


I- -V. 

How to read the graph 

•1 cm of a tatami mat = 1 point 
• 180 cm = the start points 
■5 people combined = 900 points (5 tatami mats) 

- 1 tatami mat is used for furniture 

The person who gathers all the points, 
will gain ownership of the room 

HiiffiCDiS? .007 


-hn^-hB (*) 

775-17Wtth 056 

-fuE-hHB (0) 

SlSOsIS .087 

i~—£M~?10 (±) 

iili(-) .152 

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Signs of the Radical Faction 

Part 1 

Saturday, December 5 

Higashihongan Sanae was in a great mood. 

She flew in circles above Koutarou and the others while 
laughing loudly. Her recently nonstop smile was shining 
brighter than ever. 


In contrast, Theiamillis Gre Forthorthe was in a bad mood. 
Her sharp glare revealed her poor mood. 

"Sanae-chan's victory!” 

Sanae landed down in front of Koutarou while making a V 

"Amazing, good job." 


Koutarou patted a happy Sanae on the head. 

"Sanae-sama is so strong at tennis.” 

"Fufuh, Papa and Mama have trained me since I was small 
after all.” 

Sanae proudly responded to Ruth's statement as she circled 
around to Koutarou's back. 

"Hmm, then Sanae-chan's parents must be really good.” 
"That's right!” 

Having had her parents praised, Sanae was delighted. She 
clung onto Koutarou's back as always. 

"Well then, let's go home before it gets cold!" 

The time was now 3PM, so there was still some time before it 
got dark. However, since it was now December and winter 
had already begun, once it got dark it got cold right away. 

Today, Koutarou and the others had used their Saturday to go 
to a sports park and play tennis. The participants were 
Koutarou, Sanae, Shizuka and the princess and assistant from 
Forthorthe; for a total of five people. Aside from Ruth, the rest 
of them were all athletic. 

Koutarou, being a man on top of being athletic, was obviously 
good at tennis, but surprisingly enough, the strongest at 
tennis amongst the girls was Sanae. 

Even as they headed home, Sanae was still in a good mood. 
There was quite a distance between the sports park and 
Corona House, but Sanae's excitement lasted throughout the 

"Praise me more, you bastardi’” 

"Splendid, my lady." 

“It was not a big deal." 

Sanae kicked her legs in an adorable fashion fitting for her 
age as Koutarou continued along the sidewalk. 

“Splendid or not, Koutarou was the amazing one." 

However, Theia was still in a bad mood. She couldn't accept 
that she had lost to Sanae. 

“Your highness... fufufu..." 

Seeing Theia like that, Ruth gently smiled as if watching over 
a younger sister. 

“Don't be such a sore loser Theia. The body might have been 
Koutarou's, but I was the one moving it. So it was my 
victory i , “ 

“If I could do the same, I wouldn't have lost!” 

What Theia couldn't accept was that Sanae had possessed 
Koutarou and used his body to play against her. 

Similar to when they had played Jenga, Sanae had borrowed 
Koutarou's body to play. She could use her spiritual powers to 
control the racket, but it tired her and her accuracy would 
drop. A ghost's telekinesis, or poltergeist, had a wide range of 
use, but it wasn't suited for use over a long period of time. 

Because of that, Sanae had possessed Koutarou. Doing that, 
she remained undefeated, resulting in her being in such a 
good mood. 

However, it could be said that the reason that she won was 
Sanae's experience and Koutarou's athletic abilities. 

If, for example, Sanae had played against Shizuka or Theia 

before she became a ghost, there was a possibility that she 
wouldn't stand a chance. That was why Theia was in such a 
bad mood. 

“That might be true, but that means that this victory was 
thanks to the bond between me and Koutarou! Right, 

“Yes, yes, that's true." 


But what bothered Theia even more was Sanae and 
Koutarou's relationship. 

Sanae was able to manipulate Koutarou's body quite freely, 
and that was because Koutarou had accepted Sanae into his 
heart. If he had resisted, she probably wouldn't have been 
able to control him. Even if she could, the movements would 
come out as awkward. Playing an active sport in that 
condition would be impossible. Since she could, it meant that 
Koutarou was really trusting of Sanae. 

So seeing how well they got along, Theia couldn't calm down. 
If I was a ghost, would Koutarou let me do the same as Sanae? 

“Koutarou, say it in a more loving fashion.” 

“How would I do that- hey, what's wrong Theia?” 


A nearby voice rang out. Surprised by the close proximity of 
the voice, Theia looked up and saw Koutarou staring at her 
face with a worried look. 

“You don't look so good, are you tired?” 

“Ah, uhm, no, that's not it. I-I'm fine!” 


Koutarou nodded but he kept staring atTheia's face. Being 
stared at with that earnest look, Theia was unable to calm 
down for a different reason. And as if to escape from his 
glance, she looked down. 

As I thought, she seems to be feeling down... 

Having looked at Theia for a while, that's what Koutarou 
decided in the end. 


At that point, Koutarou presented his right hand to Theia. 

Not understanding the reason for the right hand, Theia looked 
at Koutarou and his hand. 

During that time, Theia's brain was working as hard is it could 
to find an answer. 


Eventually, Theia reached a conclusion and took action. She 
reached out with both of her hands and grabbed onto 
Koutarou's right hand. 

T-This is really what he means... 

Theia could feel Koutarou's warmth through his hand. It felt 
like the parts touching were burning hot. However, Theia 
showed no signs of letting go; instead she grabbed on even 

'Theia, what are you doing?” 

Having had his hand grabbed all of a sudden, Koutarou 
looked at Theia with a confused look. The action Theia had 
taken was different from his intentions. 



“Your luggage. If you're tired, I'll carry it for you, so hand it 

It looked like Theia was tired, so Koutarou decided to carry 
her luggage for her. 


That was when Theia finally realized. 

She understood why Koutarou had presented his right hand, 
that she was grabbing onto his hand, that it was her own 
misunderstanding and that this situation was confusing 

"Uwawa, t-this is, uhm, this is!!" 

Having understood everything, Theia panicked and hurriedly 
released Koutarou's hand. 

“W-Wait, Koutarou! You're wrong, that's not what I meant!" 

Theia tried to smooth things over and desperately began to 
make excuses. She was desperate to hide that she had 
misunderstood the situation. 

"Hm? Aren't you tired?" 

“T-That's not it- well, I am tired, but-! But-!" 

Theia was so embarrassed she couldn't look at Koutarou. She 
desperately kept talking while staring down on the ground. 

“In that case, here." 

And almost as if he had planned for it, Koutarou's hand enters 
Theia's vision. 

Koutarou's hand... 

At that moment, Theia recalled the sensation of Koutarou's 
hand. Remembering that feeling, her face began to heat up. 

"N-No more, I... I-!" 

Just as Theia was about to say something, Shizuka opened 
her mouth. 

“Satomi-kun, Satomi-kun, isn't that Kiriha-san?" 

“Where, landlord-san?" 

“Over there." 

“...Ah, you're right!" 

As Koutarou turned around, Theia could see his big back and 
Sanae clinging onto him. 

a | // 

As she saw that, she cooled down instantly. 


“Over there, Koutarou." 

“I got it, that's certainly Kiriha-san." 

Between Koutarou and Theia was Sanae, and their distances 
to Koutarou easily extinguished Theia's burning emotions. 

Theia mortifyingly bit her lip and a new feeling began 
springing up from inside. 

Just what am I so discouraged with... ? What is leaving me so unsatisfied... ? 

Theia was deeply discouraged. She couldn't even care less 
about Kiriha's appearance. 

“Your highness..." 

However, unlike her master, Ruth was smiling. 

Her highness will realize her own feelings any moment now... 

Up until now, Theia had never let any stranger near her. She 
had never opened herself up to anyone but Ruth. That Theia 
now desired someone else. Ruth had always been waiting for 
that change. 

Unaware of the complex feelings the master and servant 
from Forthorthe were feeling, Koutarou, Sanae and Shizuka 
stared at Kiriha. 

“What's she doing?" 

“Looks like she's... cleaning?" 

Kiriha was in front of the city hall. There, a lot of people from 
the neighborhood had gathered, and Kiriha was mixed in with 

She was wearing her native kimono that she wore in private, 
in the middle of sorting large plastic bags. The bags were full 
of garbage that had been picked up and gathered throughout 
the day. 

In other words, she was helping the neighborhood association 
clean up. 

But why is she picking up garbage? And why is she wearing that outfit in 
front of people? 

Koutarou felt something was odd with Kiriha today. 

For starters, he didn't understand the reason why Kiriha was 
helping clean the city. He couldn't think of a reason she had 
to; after all, she was an invader. 

On top of that, her outfit was another problem. Normally, 
when Kiriha went outside, she would wear her high school 
uniform or some fashionable clothing from the surface. That 
was in order to blend in, but for some reason, she wasn't 
disguising herself today. She was wearing her native outfit 
and announcing her presence. 

“Look, Satomi-kun, there are other people wearing the same 
outfit as Kiriha.” 

At that moment, several girls exited the city hall. Although 
the specific details were different, they were indeed wearing 
similar outfits to Kiriha. 

They grouped up with Kiriha and began talking about 
something before joining up with the neighborhood 
association to help carry the garbage bags. 

“Which means, they're all Kiriha-san's allies?” 

Seeing them together like that, Koutarou assumed they were 
all allies, but his words made Sanae's face turn pale. 

“This is bad, Koutarou! If they're Kiriha's allies, they're all 
from the underground, right!? They're here to invade the 

Kiriha's goal was to invade the surface, she said so herself. 
And now that her allies had appeared, it must mean their 

goal to invade the surface was starting. Sanae panicked at 
that thought. 


However, that line of thinking didn't seem right to Koutarou. 
He tilted his head as he looked at Kiriha and her allies. 

“What's wrong, Koutarou!? If we don't hurry and do 
something about them, our home and this city will be in 

Irritated by Koutarou, Sanae pointed her finger at Kiriha and 
the others and repeated herself. But Koutarou kept tilting his 

“Is that really so...?” 

“What are you hesitating for!?” 

“Now, now, just calm down Sanae.” 

“As if I could calm down in this situation!? The invasion has 
already begun!” 

“...I don't think it's started though.” 

Koutarou remained calm because he didn't think the surface 
invasion had begun. 

“That can't be it! They're definitely invading!” 

“But, Kiriha-san and the others are only cleaning, you know?” 

That was the primary reason for Koutarou to assume they 
weren't invading. No matter how you cut it, Kiriha and her 
allies were volunteers, helping to clean the city. The only 
special thing about them was their outfits, and they were 

working in harmony with the neighborhood association. 

'They're only trying to make it look like they're cleaning, 
behind the scenes they're definitely—" 

Sanae was still persistent, but... 


...even to Sanae it looked like they were only cleaning. Her 
voice dropped and she stopped mid-sentence. Not even 
Sanae could believe that filling bags with garbage was for the 
sake of invading the surface. 


"Yeah... Hey Koutarou." 


"Why are they cleaning?” 

"I don't know either.” 

"Really... why are they cleaning..." 

He knew that it wasn't to invade the surface, but even then, 
Koutarou didn't know why they were helping clean the city. 

Part 2 

That night, after breakfast... 

Koutarou would feel too anxious to leave his question 
unanswered, so he decided to flat out ask Kiriha. 

"Fufun, you're ten years too young to try and beat me!” 

"Curse youuuu, in that case, Yurika, let's combine!" 

"No way! I'd rather lose than be possessed!" 

"You wimp!" 

Fortunately, Yurika, Theia and Sanae were glued to the TV 
playing games, leaving only Kiriha and Ruth by the tea table. 
With the three noisy ones occupied, this was his chance. 

Ruth put down three cups and began pouring tea. While 
listening to that sound, Koutarou mentioned the topic on his 
mind. Fie didn't think it was that much of a deal, so he sensed 
no danger and asked in a casual tone of voice. 


"What, Koutarou?” 

"On our way back from tennis we saw you and some other 
girls. You were cleaning by the city hall, right?" 

"If you were looking you could have just come up and said 

Kiriha didn't deny it; instead, she smiled at Koutarou. 

Ruth put down the tea cups in front of Koutarou and Kiriha. 
After saying her thanks, Kiriha picked up her cup. Koutarou 
picked up his own cup and continued talking. 

"I'll do that next time. So, Kiriha-san, why did you volunteer 
to help clean?” 

"Does it bother you?” 

Kiriha smiled as she said that and placed her lips on the cup. 
After that, Kiriha suddenly looked at Ruth with surprise. 

"Ruth, this isn't the tea we usually get. What's happened?" 

"Actually, when I went shopping yesterday, I got this as a 

"You mean that teahouse... hmm, let's get this from now on.” 

As Kiriha stared at the tea cup in her hand with a delighted 
expression, Koutarou's doubt began growing. 

Does Kiriha-san really intend to invade the surface? 

Koutarou couldn't imagine the cleaning or the tea topic being 
words from an invader. 

"Well yeah, it bothers me. You're from the underground but 
you're bringing your allies up to clean the city. Anyone would 
wonder the same thing." 

"Fufufu, now that you mention it, that might be the case." 
Kiriha smiled lightly and tilted her head. 

"Lately, I've almost been forgetting that I'm an invader." 

Koutarou found that feminine gesture preferable. 

“Then forget I said anything." 

“I can't do that. Actually, Koutarou. That cleaning is part of 
our invasion." 


With those unexpected words leaving Kiriha's gently smiling 
lips, Koutarou instinctively spat out the tea in his mouth. 

“Oh my!" 

Ruth also looked on in surprise. She was also unable to hide 
her surprise. 

“You're kidding, right!? What would cleaning have to do with 

Right now, Koutarou felt both surprise and disappointment. 

That's weird. Why am I disappointed... ? 

While Koutarou still doubted Kiriha, he was puzzled by the 
fact that he was disappointed that her invasion had begun, 
even though he knew from the start that Kiriha's goal was to 
invade the surface. 

“Could it be that you're only pretending to be cleaning so you 
could poison the water supply!?" 

“Of course not. That's undoubtedly cleaning." 


Koutarou was confused, his mouth was wide open. Kiriha 
could easily tell that he was dumbfounded. 

“Fufufu, look at your own expression, Koutarou. Is it really 

that strange that I would volunteer to clean the city?” 

Kiriha cheerfully laughed as she looked at Koutarou's 
confused expression and revealed a healthy, feminine smile. 

"Ah, no, that's not it... I just can't connect invasion and 

"Well, they are connected, Koutarou. Actually, that kind of 
thing is the most important." 

As Kiriha wiped away a tear of joy from her eye, she began 
explaining to Koutarou. 

"You can't just use violence and force your way when you 

"You can't?” 

Koutarou was confused. In his head, invasion was done 
through the use of powerful weapons. 

"In fiction, they certainly use force. But reality is different. 
Even if you rule through power, the natives will eventually 

"...If I'm not mistaken, several decades ago a country called 
Germany began several invasions, but the countries that had 
been invaded still had very active resistances, right?" 

Ruth, who had kept quiet up until this point, spoke up. Eight 
months had now passed since she first arrived at Earth. 
Thanks to that, she had begun to get a grasp of Earth's 

"That's correct. They were unable to earn the support of the 
people they had invaded, and those people eventually 
rebelled. The result of which, need not be said." 

In the end, the resistance cooperated with the allied forces 
and regained their freedom by repelling the German army. 
The moral of the story is that if you try to rule through force, 
resistance will be born. 

“So there's a limit to how long you can control things through 
power alone." 

“Yes. Especially for the minority like ourselves, it won't be 
easy to maintain rule through power. That method won't 

“So that's why you were helping clean the city?" 

“That's right. If we don't become familiar with the locals and 
get close, we'll never be able to invade, in the true meaning 
of the word. We have nothing to fall back on so we have to 

The People of the Earth were unable to stop their decline in 
population. Because of that, they planned to appear on the 
surface and spread their influence. Kiriha was proceeding 
with the safest way of invasion. 

“What we fear the most is that you surface dwellers will label 
us as a dangerous group, like terrorists or guerillas. If that 
happens, the invasion will get prolonged, and we will be 
ruined underground. That would be bad." 

Once labeled as a terrorist or guerrilla group, it would take 
several decades to rid themselves of that reputation. During 
those several decades, the People of the Earth would only 
decline even further. In that case, spending a little more time 
to build a harmonious relationship with the surface dwellers 
would be better. 

“Hmm, so there are several kinds of invasions..." 

“We've examined the history on the surface up until now, so 
we've had a lot to think of.” 

In reality, anti-government guerillas that create hospitals, 
schools or wells for the populace are extremely troublesome. 
Because the locals cover them, they are near impossible to 
completely wipe out. 

Taking that into account, Kiriha decided against the use of 
force and instead focused on getting along with the locals. 
The volunteer job from before was the first step for that. 

“Well, that's troublesome.” 

Having understood everything, Koutarou let out a heavy sigh. 
Even though he had gotten a solid understanding of the 
situation he was still perplexed. 

“What's so troublesome?” 

Kiriha cheerfully smiled. She already knew what Koutarou was 
thinking about. 

“Even though your invasion has already begun, I can't stop 
you. You're not doing anything bad after all.” 

“Koutarou, that's what a true invasion is. If you could tell it 
was an invasion from first glance, that would just be simple 
child's play.” 

As Kiriha said that, she filled her mouth with the tea from her 
cup. She nodded approvingly as she presented the cup to 

“Ruth. Excuse me, but may I have another cup?” 

“Yes, right away.” 

Ruth began preparing another cup of tea right away. While 
looking at Ruth, Koutarou thought to himself. 

IfKiriha told me to hand over the room now, what would I say? 

Eight months ago, Koutarou completely refused her demands. 

But what if she had done the same now? 

Koutarou didn't have the confidence that he could refuse as 
confidently as he had back then. 

Part 3 

Below Corona House was a secret base that Kiriha had built. 

If you flipped over the tatami mat closest to the entrance of 
the room, you would find a tunnel leading towards it. 

The tunnel had been completely paved with concrete, and 
there was no soil in sight. There were lights at regular 
intervals, illuminating the tunnel. It was so well made it could 
be confused with an underground shopping center. 

Kiriha was passing through that tunnel, heading for her secret 
base. It was now almost midnight. She planned on returning 
to her room and going to bed. 

The sound of Kiriha's shoes echoed throughout the tunnel, 
creating a jarring noise. The biggest flaw of the tunnel would 
be the sounds of her footsteps. 

The length of the tunnel was roughly 50 meters. After turning 
a couple of corners and climbing down two sets of stairs, she 
had arrived at the entrance of her base, a metallic door. 

Kiriha opened the door in an accustomed manner and 

Inside was a clean and orderly room. It was roughly three 
times the size of Koutarou's room. Inside were three doors: 
one led to room 106, another led to Kiriha's underground 
hometown and the last door led to her private room. The 
other things in this room included a device used for 
maintenance on her haniwas, a weapons depot and several 

Once Kiriha entered the room, the haniwas headed for the 

maintenance device right away. 

“Ho-! Good night Ho-!“ 

“H 0 H 0 -! See you tomorrow, nee-san!" 

Amongst the things inside the room, the maintenance device 
was the largest. Although it was used for maintenance on the 
two small haniwas, it was also large enough to allow freedom 
of movement inside. The haniwas didn't just enter the device 
to go sleep, but it also served as a repair station. The 
haniwas pressed a switch to open a hatch and entered the 

“Good night, Karama, Korama." 

After watching the tempered glass hatch shut, Kiriha headed 
towards the computers. On her way, she passed by the 
weapons depot. 

The weapons depot held different armaments for Kiriha and 
various attachments for the haniwas. The last time Kiriha had 
opened the depot was when she had fought against Theia. In 
order to break through Theia's powerful shield, she had to 
equip the haniwas with spiritual energy weaponry. However, 
after that incident, she had never opened the depot since. 
She hadn't even touched the weapons intended for her. 
Although she looked like she was the most set on invasion, in 
reality, she was the most peaceful amongst the residents of 
room 106, possibly even more so than Koutarou. 

Because of that, she passed by the weapons depot without 
even looking at it. 

Apart from monitoring the base and controlling the 
maintenance device, the computers could be used to 
communicate with her hometown and more. Before going to 

sleep, she was going to confirm that there were no 

"Hmm, a message.” 

As she took a look at the monitor, Kiriha saw a message 
notification. She touched the notification and opened up the 

"From the Chief, huh." 

The Chief wasn't just her boss, but also her father. Ever since 
she had been selected as the commander for the surface 
invasion, she had started calling him Chief. 

Kiriha read through the message. In it said to contact him 
directly and give him a status report. 


Kiriha revealed a small smile. Whenever her father wanted to 
see his daughter's face, he would leave a message like this. 
Ever since Kiriha's mother passed away ten years ago, her 
father had raised her on his own. Because of that, Kiriha 
knew that he was worrying about her. She smiled and opened 
up a program on the computer and called him. 


The ringtone only lasted for a few seconds before a middle 
aged man's face appeared on the screen. Although he was 
wearing a beard and had a dignified appearance, his eyes 
shone like that of a child's. Fie was Kiriha's father, and the 
chief of the clan: Kurano Daiha. 

"It has been a while, Chief.” 

Kiriha revealed a mischievous and happy smile, one that she 

rarely showed to the residents of room 106. 

Judging from how short the wait was, Kiriha determined that 
he had been waiting for her call. 

“Again with the Chief... you can just call me father. It's just 
the two of us talking after all." 

“However, the message was to deliver a status report. This 
isn't a private conversation." 

Kiriha continued while withholding her laughter. Her 
expression was something she would only show to someone 
she truly trusted. Seeing that, Daiha frowned exaggeratedly. 

“Lately you've started to not only look like her, but also act 
like her. Even the parts you don't need to. You know what I 
mean, you bully..." 

“Then let's get our business over with." 

“Alright, alright." 

Daiha stopped acting like a child, corrected his posture and 
put on a serious expression. His glance was sharp and gave 
off the impression of a man with a strong will. That was the 
expression of a Chief. Following suit, Kiriha put on a serious 
expression. From here on they weren't family, but Chief and 

“So, what's your status?" 

“Plan A is progressing smoothly, and stage one is complete. 
We've begun on stage two. We're building up our trust with 
the surface dwellers." 

Kiriha had come up with two major plans for a surface 
invasion, plan A and plan B. Plan B involved Kiriha overseeing 

the problematic room 106 directly. And plan A was being 
carried on separate from that. 

Plan A had been divided up into several stages. 

The first stage was securing a base. In order for the 
underground people to get up to the surface, they needed to 
secure a place of dwelling. Selling off the rare metal Kiriha 
and the others were hoarding, they had bought up a lot of 
real estates in the city. And since they reached their target 
amount the other day, they had begun on stage two. 

The second stage was getting along with the surface 
dwellers. Kiriha and the others had begun participating in 
events and volunteered to help the city. They were showing 
off that they were good neighbors. This was the trickiest part 
of Kiriha's plan; a single misstep could risk the entire plan. So 
they proceeded carefully. That's what Kiriha had been doing 
when Koutarou and the others had found her cleaning. 

“And what response have the surface dwellers given?” 

“Great, for the most part. The people that found employment 
in the local industries seem to have had a large influence.” 

Infiltration of local industries was part of the second stage for 
plan A. There were plenty of people that had found 
employment within agriculture, fishing, welfare and the likes. 
Once they had infiltrated those industries and become a key 
part of it, they would at least be able to avoid ruin should 
something unexpected happen. 

“I see, so it's progressing smoothly.” 

“Yes. At this rate, we'll be able to spread our influence 
through this entire city within ten years.” 

Next, they were planning to advance up the social hierarchy 
of political and financial circles. If they didn't secure a 
foothold within those circles, they would have trouble 
acquiring any real power. They needed to integrate into the 
region even more. However, Kiriha wasn't pessimistic; the 
response to them was gradually changing. If nothing major 
happened, the People of the Earth would be able to survive 
on the surface. That's what Kiriha had begun feeling as of 

"And what about plan B?" 

"That's proceeding smoothly as well- or that's what I'd like to 
say. But the situation is going back and forth as usual." 

"It seems to be a complex situation." 

"Yes. Apart from us, there are several other factions targeting 
that place." 

Plan B was about occupying Corona House's room 106. 

If they were able to gain control of room 106, they would be 
able to rebuild their ancestors' altar. Since the altar also 
served as an efficient place to gather spiritual energy, they 
would be able to mass produce spiritual energy weapons like 
Karama and Korama. 

"That said, with plan A proceeding smoothly, I don't believe 
there is any reason to worry about the delays in plan B." 

In the end, plan B was just an insurance. It was only intended 
to be used if the peaceful integration of plan A failed, that is, 
in case the army on the surface attacked them. Because of 
that, since plan A was proceeding without a hitch, there was 
no need to rush plan B. Instead, rushing along with plan A 
might only cause more damage. 

“I am of the same opinion. However, Kiriha, the radical 
faction has begun moving lately.” 

"As we feared, they're making their move then?” 


Daiha nodded with a frown. 

The People of the Earth were not united as one. There were 
several clans that held power, but they not were completely 
unified. Amongst the clans were those that wished to use 
force to invade the surface swiftly, a radical faction. To them, 
Kiriha's methods were too naive. 

"If we can't hold them back, we might need to abandon plan 
A. In that case—” 

"Plan B would be a necessity.” 

"That's right. We'll try to restrain the radical faction's 
movement from here, but you should keep an eye out as 
well. There might be those that would target you directly." 

"I understand." 

While Kiriha nodded at Daiha, she understood why he wanted 
her to contact him with this timing. He didn't just want to see 
his daughter's face but he was also worried about her safety. 

In the worst case scenario, I might need to defeat those people... 

The faces of the residents of room 106 popped up in Kiriha's 
head. Sanae, Theia, Ruth, Yurika and Koutarou. If the radical 
faction caused a scene, they would need to reconstruct the 
altar as soon as possible. With their inferior numbers, they 
would need a large amount of spiritual energy weapons or 
they would face ruin. Because of that, there might arise the 

need to defeat and dispose of Koutarou and the others. 

But could I do that... ? 

They had spent a lot of precious time together during these 
past eight months, and that troubled Kiriha. She couldn't 
imagine pointing a weapon at Koutarou and the others. 

"Hey, Kiriha." 

At this moment, Daiha's expression loosened up. It wasn't the 
expression of a Chief, but of a caring father. 


Sensing that, Kiriha returned to herself. 

"Won't you come back and take a groom?" 

"A groom... Are you telling me to get married?” 

"Yes. If you do that, our support will strengthen and the 
influence of the radicals will wane. You'll be safe and you 
won't have to fight against opponents you don't want to fight 

Daiha's idea was simple. He wanted to restrain the radical 
faction through a political marriage. 

It didn't matter if she married someone from the radical 
faction or any other influential person. If Kiriha's influence 
grew, the radicals would lose their power. 

But in the end that was just a front. Front and foremost, 

Daiha didn't want his daughter in any danger. 

However, despite understanding all of that, Kiriha shook her 

“You've become as stubborn as your mother as well." 

“That's not... but father, if I leave the surface now, I won't be 
able to restrain the radical faction. We need to avoid that no 
matter what." 

Even if she were to take a groom, it wouldn't resolve the 
situation right away. They would need to lay down the 
groundwork and adjust the schedule, even more so because 
it would be a political marriage. During that time, the radical 
faction might make a move while Kiriha was away. There 
would be no point in marrying if the radical faction caused a 
scene before the marriage. 

“Hmm... even if you were to marry, if we can't stop the 
radical faction..." 

“That's right." 

Seeing Daiha's response, Kiriha let out a small sigh of relief. 
She took out a single card from her pocket. It was an aging 
card with a metallic sheen. 

Kiriha had one more reason for why she couldn't get married. 

And that was this card. Before she could accomplish the 
desires this card held, she didn't have the option of getting 

Part 4 

Dawn, 7AM. The Sunday morning in room 106 starts, as 
expected, with Ruth. 

Although the days started later in the winter, at 7AM the sun 
began shining into room 106. However, even with that, it 
wasn't enough to warm up the room, and it was cold enough 
for Ruth to see her breath as she entered the room. 

"Satomi-sama is...” 

The first thing Ruth did was search the room for Koutarou. 
Since his sleeping habits were so poor, he would often lie 
next to the gate leading to the Blue Knight, and Ruth and 
Theia would then step on him as they entered the room. 

”Ah, good, he's sleeping over there.” 

She only put her head through the gate to look for Koutarou. 
After confirming his location, she stepped out of the gate, 
careful to not make a sound. Although not even loud sounds 
would wake up Koutarou, the proper Ruth valued manners 

"If you sleep in a place like that you'll catch a cold, Satomi- 

Koutarou always laid out his futon in the center of the room, 
but right now he was sleeping in front of the wardrobe. Of 
course he had no quilt and was lying on his back in his 

Ruth's second job was to put a quilt over Koutarou. 



However, Ruth almost let out a scream. 

"...I'll never get used to seeing this...” 

Holding her scream in, Ruth smiled wryly as she covered him 
from chest and down. 


Sanae's blissful looking sleeping face was sticking out of 
Koutarou's chest. It was almost as if Koutarou's pajamas had 
an image of Sanae printed on them, but it was in fact the real 
Sanae, wearing a nightcap. She was sleeping inside of 
Koutarou's body. It was this scene that almost made Ruth 

"ZZZzzz... ZZZzzz...” 


Koutarou and Sanae's snores rang out in a strange harmony. 

Lately, Sanae had been complaining about feeling cold, and 
often slept inside of Koutarou. Apparently, the inside of 
Koutarou's body was comfortable to sleep in. And ever since 
she first tried it, it had become her favorite sleeping spot. 


Although Sanae liked it, her new sleeping spot was unpopular 
with the others. The only thing sticking out from Koutarou's 
body was her face, and her limbs would fall out every now 
and then. It was an appalling sight that made it look like 
Koutarou had grown female limbs. Koutarou himself would 
often be surprised and would complain to Sanae. Of course, 
Sanae showed no signs of listening to his complaints, and 
whenever she saw an opening she would enter his body to 

“Today's better than normal, but this is bad for my heart..." 

Having finished putting a quilt over Koutarou and Sanae, Ruth 
smiled wryly and headed towards the kitchen. 

Normally, shortly after Ruth arrived, Kiriha would appear and 
the two of them would prepare breakfast together. However, 
for some reason, she showed no signs of showing up today. 
Ruth ended up preparing breakfast on her own. 

“Hmm... So you made breakfast alone today? It looks 

“Thank you very much, Sanae-sama." 

Receiving praise, Ruth smiled and put down the breakfast on 
the tea table. Rice, miso soup, broiled fish and natto, they 
were Sanae and Koutarou's favorites. 

“That said, Sanae, get out from there." 

“No wa-yJ’" 

Even though it was time for breakfast, Sanae refused to leave 
Koutarou's body. She cheerfully laughed with her face sticking 
through Koutarou's chest. 

“You now... 

“If you really hate it then chase me out. Come on, try it." 

Sanae reached her arm out from Koutarou's body and poked 
his face. 

Sanae was able to enter Koutarou's body after the two of 
them started getting along. So if he really hated it, she 
wouldn't be able to stay inside of his body. Knowing that, 
Sanae was stubborn. 

Hehehe, Koutarou loves me after all! 

If Koutarou accepted her, then she would go all out. Sanae's 
actions were an expression of her love. 

“That's right, Sanae. Can't you at least stop it during 
breakfast? Seeing you like that makes me lose my appetite." 

“Sanae-chan, at least give us a break with the supernatural 
phenomenon in the morning." 

However, Sanae's expression of love was also unpopular with 
Theia and Yurika. The sight of someone's face sticking out 
from someone else's body wasn't very appetizing. 

“That's right, Sanae. Do you want me to feel sick while 

“Ugh, that would be a problem." 

It wasn't enough for Koutarou to chase Sanae out, but this 
sight was enough to remove any urge to eat. 

And since Sanae always shared her senses with Koutarou, 
having him eating while feeling sick wouldn't be very fun for 

“So come out." 


Sanae reluctantly came out from Koutarou's body. She easily 
left his body and in a matter of seconds, she appeared behind 
his back. 

“Sorry for making a fuss during breakfast." 

Saying that, Sanae clung onto Koutarou's back, like she 
normally did during meals. 

Sleeping aside, I think I prefer this normally... 

That's what Sanae thought as she clung onto Koutarou. It was 
comfortable enough inside of Koutarou, but if she stayed 
there, she couldn't do anything for him. She would rather 
stick onto Koutarou and mess around with him. 

After Sanae got onto Koutarou's back, Yurika's stomach began 
growling. With the supernatural phenomenon behind them, 
her appetite had returned. 

“You really are easy going, Yurika..." 

Hearing that, Koutarou pointed at Yurika and laughed. 

“T-That's because it's morning, I'm hungry... it can't be 

Yurika blushed and desperately made excuses. 

“You're just a glutton." 

“l-lt's true that it can't be helped but, you... buhahaha." 
“S-Sorry for you keeping you waiting, Yurika-sama." 

Stifling her laughter, Ruth put down breakfast in front of 
Yurika. However, despite the food in front of her, Yurika was 

“You're all terrible, treating me like some starved animal." 

“W-Well, you know. If you're hungry, eat. You can take as 
many extra helpings you'd like today." 


Hearing Koutarou's words, Yurika's eyes lit up. Her pouting 
expression immediately changed into a smile. 


“See, she's just gluttonous." 

“Y-Yurika-sama, w-would you like a large portion?” 

Koutarou laughed loudly, Sanae grinned behind him and Ruth 
stopped moving her hands as she tried to hold her laughter 
in. The wooden spoon in her hand trembled slightly. 

“T-There's no reason to laugh that much! I'm not gluttonous, 
I'm just in my growing phase!" 

Yurika had tears in her eyes as she desperately made 
excuses. Room 106 was as noisy as always. 

Watching that commotion in the corner of her eye, Theia 
continued eating her breakfast. In the eight months that had 
passed since she first came to Earth, she had gotten skilled 
at using chopsticks. She gracefully moved her chopsticks and 
put the food in her mouth. 

"T-Then there's no need to hold back, grow all you like! 

Wa ha ha ha!” 

"Ah, that expression tells me you don't believe me!" 

"Koutarou, I'm in my growing phase too, I want to eat." 

"R-Ruth-san, I'm in my growing phase as well, give me an 
extra large portion." 

"Of course, right away. Fufufu..." 

However, Theia couldn't tell what the breakfast tasted like. 
Ever since Sanae had clung onto Koutarou's back, she had 
been focused solely on them. 

I wish... 

Theia imagined herself clinging onto Koutarou's back. In that 
fantasy, she was smiling cheerfully while entrusting her 
defenseless body to Koutarou. The moment she thought of 
that, Theia was overcome with feelings of impatience. 

J-Just what I am thinking... ? 

She returned to her senses and looked down. She couldn't 
believe she had been thinking about doing the same thing 
Sanae was doing. 

He's just a vassal! I only need him to swear loyalty for my trial! No more, no 

Ever since the second princess's, Clan's, attack, Theia's 
feelings had begun changing. 

When she first arrived on Earth, she only thought of Koutarou 
as some neanderthal on a backwater planet. She just wanted 
him to swear his loyalty so she could hurry on back to 


However, as time passed, she began wanting to make 
Koutarou a true vassal. Because of that, she began smiling at 

But now, Koutarou was beginning to exceed the role of a 
vassal in her mind. Even if he wasn't her vassal, he would 
definitely come to her side when needed. She was certain of 
that. But that's why she was confused. She no longer knew 
what she wanted from Koutarou. 

Theia only returned to the world when one of the tatami mats 
suddenly began moving. Just where she had been looking, a 
tatami mat slowly rose up, and a person appeared. 

“Good morning." 

Coming out from under the tatami was none other than 
Kiriha, Theia just happened to be looking at the tatami that 
led to Kiriha's secret base. 

“Good morning... That said, you're awfully late today." 

Theia's line of thinking stopped alongside the appearance of 
Kiriha, and she called out to her in a small voice. 

“Actually, I've been working since this morning." 

Kiriha flipped over the mat and entered room 106 with a light 
step. Shortly after, the two haniwas appeared from behind 

“Ho-! Good morning Ho-!" 

“How is everyone doing Ho-!" 

The haniwas cheerfully greeted everyone as they returned 

the tatami mat to its former spot. Since they did the same 
thing every morning, they had gotten quite used to this. 

“Good morning, Kiriha-san." 

Noticing Kiriha's presence, Koutarou greeted her. After she 
had greeted everyone, she sat down by the open space in 
front of the tea table. 

“Ruth, sorry for being late." 

“Not at all. It was a good opportunity to try out my cooking 

“But why were you late today? You didn't oversleep did you?" 

If Yurika had been the one late, Sanae wouldn't have asked 
the same question. However, since this was Kiriha, who had 
never once overslept, Sanae wasn't the only one interested. 

In fact, everyone except Yurika stopped eating and looked at 

“Actually, there was some trouble in my hometown, so I 
spent the morning dealing with that." 

Kiriha had been late because she was formulating 
countermeasures for the radical faction she was talking with 
her father about. There was a lot for her to do, like contacting 
the surface branch and giving orders to her direct 

“By hometown, you mean the underground empire, right?" 

“Calling it an empire would be misleading... but yes, that's 

While receiving a teacup from Ruth, Kiriha nodded at 

“By trouble, did something bad happen?" 

Even if he asked for details, Koutarou probably wouldn't 
understand, and Kiriha probably wouldn't tell anyways. So 
Koutarou asked a vague question. When he did, Kiriha 
responded with a smile. 

“Would you like to know?" 

“Well, yes. If it's trouble regarding the underground empire, 
I'm not completely unrelated." 

Koutarou nodded repeatedly and slightly dropped his 

She seems a bit down... 

That's what Koutarou felt as he was talking to Kiriha. It looked 
to him like she was feeling tired. 

“I do think it's unrelated to you however.” 

“Kiriha-san, did you forget that you're a part of the 
underground people?" 

“Ah, that's right." 

Kiriha smiled. 

That's right. I'm one of the People of the Earth, and I'm trying to take this 
room from Koutarou... 

Kiriha had been frantically trying to stop the radical faction 
from moving, so much so that she had partly forgotten that 
she was an invader. So it was just as Koutarou said, trouble in 
the underground empire could affect Koutarou as well. 

“There's no need to worry, Koutarou. Nothing will happen." 

“Then that's good." 

Kiriha smiled, but Koutarou felt it was different from normal. 
Her usual smile was more mischievous than that. 

I wonder what's going on... 

In truth, Koutarou wasn't all that worried about the 
underground empire. He was more worried about Kiriha's 
somewhat gloomy expression. 

I just hope nothing bad is happening... 

Finding it strange that he was worrying about Kiriha, Koutarou 
couldn't just leave her be. 

For several days, Kiriha seemed very busy. 

She would often not show up for breakfast, and sometimes 
she wouldn't even go to school. Since she wouldn't explain 
the situation, Koutarou could only watch from the sidelines. 

Muffler and Part-Time Job 

Part 1 

Thursday, December 10 

That day, Koutarou was awakened by the familiar sound of a 
kitchen knife against a cutting board, and the fragrance of 
miso soup. 

If I'm not mistaken, this is... 

When Koutarou opened his eyes, a window was in front of 
him. He had grabbed hold of his pillow and rolled in front of 
the window. 

“Kiriha-sama, it seems we've run out of natto.” 

“I understand. I'll buy some later, on my way back.” 

Koutarou could hear Ruth and Kiriha's voices coming from the 
kitchen, the kitchen knife and miso soup came from those 

I see, it's Kiriha-san... 

When he turned his head around, he could see the two girls. 
These past few days, Ruth had been preparing breakfast on 
her own. Kiriha had only been absent for a week, but he was 
for some reason relieved. 

“By the way, I finished copying the notes you took while I was 
away. I'll return them to you later. Thank you.” 

“There's no need for thanks, Kiriha-sama.” 

Seems like that trouble is over... 

Kiriha was just standing in the kitchen, but that's how 
Koutarou interpreted it. She was where she had always been, 
that alone was enough for him. 

“Koutarou... breakfast already...?” 

At that moment, Sanae appeared in front of Koutarou. She 
was still sleepy and rubbed her eyes. 

“No, not yet. You can sleep a bit more.” 


Sanae spread her hands and sunk into Koutarou's body. 
However just before she completely vanished, she whispered. 



“Could you keep that mood up for a while? It feels so 

“...Yeah, I'll try.” 


After that, Sanae sank into Koutarou's body, as if she was 
melting away. 

I see, warm and comfortable... 

When Sanae said that, Koutarou realized he was welcoming 
the normal Kiriha back. 

Part 2 

Yurika was surprisingly sensitive and had a hard time falling 
asleep. Having allowed a cockroach to invade the wardrobe 
had left her traumatized. 

However once she had fallen asleep, she wouldn't wake up 
easily. She would keep on sleeping as everyone else headed 
for school. 

She had a hard time falling asleep, and a hard time waking 

To her roommates, she was the troublesome type. 

"Zzzzz... Zzzzz... Zzzzz..." 

"What to do..." 

Koutarou showed a bitter expression as he confronted Yurika, 
sleeping with her mouth wide open. He was going to wake 
her up for breakfast, but no matter how much he shook or 
poked her, she showed no signs of waking up. 

"Why don't you just leave her be? She's sleeping because she 
wants to." 

"No can do. She been late to school enough as it is. At this 
rate, she'll be have to repeat a year." 

Up until now Koutarou had ignored Yurika's tardiness, but 
after hearing from the teacher that she might be forced to 
repeat a year, he had made it a habit to wake her up before 

"I guess it can't be helped... So how are you going to wake 

her up this time, Koutarou? Are you going to slap her again?” 


Koutarou began thinking. 

So far, he had literally slapped her awake, but Yurika had 
complained and forbade him from waking her up with 
violence. She cried, telling him that he'd need to marry her if 
her face ended up distorted, which caused Koutarou to back 

"However, if hitting her is out the question, I have no way of 
waking her up." 

"I think so too.” 

"Zzzzz... Zzzz... Zzzz..." 

Unaware of Koutarou's plight, Yurika kept care freely sleeping 
while curled up. Then, Theia who was peeking inside the 
wardrobe next to Koutarou poked his face with a fan. 

"Koutarou, at least now you understand just how hard it is for 
us to wake you up in the morning." 

"Shut up, Theia!! You have no problem stepping on me with 
your heels!!” 

"Obviously! If I don't, you'd never wake up! Besides, a knight 
being woken up by a princess is unheard of! You'd be better 
of thanking me!!” 

"Who are you calling a knight!?" 

"With this loud of an argument next to someone, they'd 
normally wake up..." 


: W8& 


“Haa~h, l-l can't eat anymore.... Zzzz... Zzzz..." 

Yurika was unfazed, despite Koutarou and Theia's arguing. 

She kept sleeping with a happy look on her face. 

“So what are you going to do, Koutarou." 

“Zzzz... Zzzz... l-l'm so full, it feels painful..." 

“Painful, right... that's it!!" 

Having come up with an idea, Koutarou reached his hand out 
towards Yurika. 

“What are you going to do?" 

“Just wait and see." 

Sanae looked on in confusion as Koutarou touched Yurika's 
face. Of course, just having her face touched didn't faze her 

“You do this." 


Koutarou used his left hand to block her nose, and his right to 
close her mouth. 

“Good plan! This might just work!" 

“I don't think this is that much different from being stepped 
on by high heels though..." 

“Mhm, mmmh, mhhmmmmm!" 

Unable to breathe, Yurika began struggling for air. Her 

expression turned into one of pain, and her face was starting 
to turn blue. But even then, Yurika wasn't waking up. 

“She's not waking up..." 

“Wake up Yurika! You'll be late!" 

“At this rate, she'll literally never wake up." 

After keeping that up for several tens of seconds- 


Yurika's eyes open wide, and at the same time her arms and 
legs began swinging. 

“Mmmmmmm-mmmmm!! Mmmhhmhmm!!“ 

“Woah, don't swing your arms around like that, hurry and 
wake up Yurika, you'll be late!" 


“Koutarou. Could it be that she's already awake?" 

“You think? Are you sure? If she was awake, she'd say 

“Let's keep it up a while longer, just in case." 

“Mmmmm!! Mhmmm—mmmm!!" 

After this event, choking was also banned when waking 
Yurika up. 

Part 3 

“Besides, Satomi-san, you have no sympathy!" 

“I'm sorry. I didn't think you couldn't speak because your 
mouth was blocked." 

“Can't you please notice that right away!?" 

Yurika slammed her fists down on her desk. Normally, she 
was timid and gentle, but with her life at stake she couldn't 
help but get worked up. Yurika's angry voice echoed out 
through the classroom, and a lot of their classmates 
wondered what was going on as they stared at Koutarou and 

“Then wake up more easily." 

“Can't you just find any other way!?" 

“I can't, that's why I did that. Or would you rather be late?" 

That's when Yurika's protests stopped. She wasn't sure if 
she'd rather be late or be unable to breathe. 

“If you miss more classes, you might have to repeat a year, 


T-That's unfair, Satomi-san is unfair! 

Yurika understood that Koutarou was worried about her. 

He couldn't remember but, in the past, Koutarou had said he 
wanted to graduate alongside Yurika. He wasn't lying when 
he said that. 

That's why she knew that Koutarou was without a doubt, 
worried about her. The only problem was that his methods 
were unreasonable. 

"Satomi-san, no matter how worried about me you are, there 
are some things you just can't do! That was just too much!” 

Recently, the feelings that Yurika threw at Koutarou had 
begun changing. In the past she would voice complaints and 
be selfish, but now there was a different feeling mixed in. 

Satomi-san you really aren't being honest! Even though you're more kind 
than anyone else! 

She was dissatisfied by Koutarou always hiding his true 

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry.” 

"I'm not saying you should apologize! I just want you to be 
more honest!” 

Koutarou and Yurika's loud argument continued. Watching the 
two from afar, Kenji asked Shizuka who happened to be near 

"Kasagi-san, what'd Kou do this time?” 

"Well, you see. Satomi-kun and the others were worried 
about Yurika's tardiness, and Satomi-kun blocked her mouth 
and nose in order to wake her up...” 

Shizuka neglected to mention that Koutarou and Yurika lived 
in the same apartment and bent the truth slightly. 

Thinking about it, it's strange that nothing obscene has happened... Well, I 
guess that's just like Satomi-kun... 

Shizuka looked at the two arguing and smiled. 

“He really doesn't change, does he..." 

Having understood the situation, Kenji recalled the school trip 
back in junior high school. There, Koutarou woke up in the 
middle of the night and played pranks on his classmates. 

Apart from choking his classmates, he would draw on their 
faces or strip them. In the end he'd roll around the room, 
eventually causing a large-scale war. 

“Then how am I supposed to wake you up?” 


“I can't hit you, I can't choke you, all that's left is pour a 
bucket of ice cold water over you.” 

“Wouldn't boiling water work? Kiriha and Ruth boil water 
when they're making breakfast anyways, we could just use 

“At least let it be ice cold water! Anything but boiling water!” 
“You sure are picky, geez...” 

Koutarou looked at Yurika with an unpleasant expression, she 
had begun crying. 

“Satomi-kun, Nijino-san.” 

Putting down the cell phone in her pocket, Kiriha approached 
the two. 

“There's something I'd like to ask you to do." 

“I don't mind." 

“W-What is it?” 

Seeing his chance, Koutarou jumped at Kiriha's offer. 
Meanwhile, Yurika rubbed her eyes to hide her tears from 

“Actually, on Sunday, two days from now I was wondering if 
you could help me with a part-time job.” 

“A part-time job?” 

Kiriha's offer was, unexpectedly, a part-time job. 

The youth department of the neighborhood association were 
planning a hero show, starring the local heroes Harukaze- 
man and Kishou-lady. The show was one of the events they 
were holding for the anniversary of the Harukaze preschool. 
However, lots of people were required for them to hold a hero 
show. There were lots of things to do, such as creating the 
stage, outfits and props, managers and more. Because of 
that, the youth department alone weren't enough, so they 
were looking for volunteers. 

That led them to Kiriha, who had been actively helping the 
community as of late. The youth department ended up asking 
Kiriha for help. They had heard that Kiriha had participated in 
a play during the culture festival so to them, she was a 
godsend. And since Kiriha wanted to integrate into the 
society, she happily accepted their offer. 

However, since there were only two days, Kiriha couldn't 
gather enough of the underground people stationed on the 
surface, and asked Koutarou and the others for help. 

“So you're telling us to appear at a hero show?" 

“Yes. I've asked my acquaintances, but most of them have no 
stage experience... In that respect, you and the others have 
some experience from the culture festival..." 

Kiriha had an apologetic look on her face. She felt sorry for 
springing something so sudden on them. 

“I see. Yurika in particular acts like she's living inside of a 
hero show; she's perfect for the job." 

Shizuka agreed and nodded repeatedly. 

Before Koutarou had realized, the usual group had gathered 
around him. 

On top of Sanae, Yurika and Kiriha, Theia, Ruth, Shizuka and 
Kenji appeared. They all listened to what Kiriha had to say. 

“Alright, I understand! Kiriha, just leave it to us!" 

Theia's eyes lit up and she pounded her chest. Although it 
might have been a hero show for kids, a play is a play. It was 
the perfect chance for her to train Koutarou some more. 

“I and Koutarou will leave those children speechless with our 
magnificent acting!" 

“J-Just wait a moment, Theia, you're joining in too!?" 

“Rejoice, Koutarou. We'll be having some special training 

Theia's eyes sparkled as she looked at Koutarou. Seeing that, 
he remembered his hardships from the culture festival. 

“Special training!? Do I have to relive that nightmare again!?" 

He would wake up to Theia's face every morning. With only 
the toilet as his sanctuary, his life was controlled entirely by 
Theia. Not allowed to even rest for a moment, he would 
spend the entire day being hounded by Theia's shouts, until 
he passed his limits and passed out. Theia stayed with him 
from the moment he awoke to the moment he passed out. 
Theia's special training was so harsh, it made even the 
athletic Koutarou think of it as a nightmare come true. 

“There's no need to worry, Koutarou." 

Theia had an angelic smile. It was a kind smile that 
enveloped the frightful Koutarou. However, that smile only 
lasted for a moment. It then changed to that of a demon. 

“Even if you're a gentle soul or evil incarnate, I will personally 
train you! You'll blow away everyone at that stage, two days 
from now!" 

“I don't want to! I'll be blown away before then!" 

“There's no need to be scared..." 

With her eyes sparkling Theia approached Koutarou, step by 
step. Her fingers were wiggling, planning on grabbing a hold 
of Koutarou. 

“I'm not helping with the show!" 

“I won't let you refuse!" 

Koutarou shook his head, but Theia refused to let him back 

“I don't want to! I'll be knitting instead!" 

“I just said I won't let you refuse!” 

Theia's powerful will overpowered and erased Koutarou's 
protests. Her wiggling fingers finally grabbed a hold of him. 

”1 won't let you go until you've spilled your last drop of blood! 

I won't accept any protests!! You won't have a day of rest 
until you step onto the stage as the Blue Knight once more!!” 


Forthorthe Galactic Empire's seventh princess, Theiamillis Gre 
Forthorthe was laughing in a manner befitting of royalty fit to 
rule over countless stars. Everyone there was overwhelmed 
by her majestic presence. 

"...If she could just be honest with herself, it would be much 
easier though...” 

However, Ruth who had grown up alongside Theia was, for 
some reason, looking at the two with a cheerful smile. 

Part 4 

As Koutarou pushed the button two, three times, a red flame 
rose inside the old oil kerosene heater. 

This aged heater had been used for several years in the 
knitting society, and compared to the more modern versions, 
it had terrible performance. But it was more than enough for 
a small society consisting of only two people. Since it was 
starting to get colder, it was a necessity to continue club 

Koutarou turned a dial on the heater to adjust the output. As 
he did, the flame's color changed from red to blue, and the 
amount of smoke reduced drastically. After making sure that 
it was enough, he returned to his seat. 

“Thank you, Satomi-kun." 

“It sure is cold today." 

“It really is. Recently the mornings have gotten a lot colder 

Koutarou and Harumi smiled at each other. The two were 
sitting close together in front of the heater. In the cold, their 
fingers would become less flexible, so the two of them 
naturally got closer in order to heat up in front of the heater. 

“You sound like an old lady, senpai." 

“Satomi-kun, geez..." 

Harumi moved her knitting needles and happily smiled. 
Although she was uncomfortable around men, if it was 

Koutarou, she had no problems being this close to him. 
Harumi wasn't just close to him in person, but she also felt 
like they had gotten closer, relationship wise. 

“Besides, we're knitting after all." 

“That's true, there's nothing youthful about this. Fufufu." 

The two of them showed each other their knittings and 
laughed. With the cold of December, the surrounding cultural 
clubs had calmed down, and the two's laughter echoed 
throughout the club building. 

Having finished laughing, Harumi started at Koutarou's 

“Now that I think about it, that muffler has gotten quite a bit 

Koutarou was hard at work, knitting a muffler. At first he had 
just been knitting it for practice, but once it reached a certain 
length, Harumi suggested he should make it into muffler. 

“This is all thanks to you." 

“Would you mind showing it to me?" 

“I don't mind." 

Koutarou stopped moving his knitting needles and presented 
her with a bag containing most of the muffler. 

“It might be a bit too long for a person to use." 

Harumi pulled out the muffler from the bag and spread it out 
on a desk. As she said, the muffler was considerably long. He 
had been working on it since spring, and it was now reaching 
ten meters. 

“That's because most of it is so poorly made." 

However, the quality of the muffler varied. Since he was 
continuing from his practice work, the first part of it had been 
made from all kinds of knitting techniques. Koutarou's 
crafting skills had been quite poor in the beginning, making 
the muffler stand out in a negative way. 

“Only the last part of it could be used as a muffler." 

That said, having been knitting for eight months, even the 
clumsy Koutarou had begun improving, and the last meter 
was quite beautifully made. 

“Oh, that's not true." 

Koutarou didn't think highly of the craftsmanship of his 
muffler, but Harumi thought otherwise. 

"I love this first part.” 

Harumi smiled as she gently patted the first part of the 

"This part shows, more than anything, just how hard you've 

The first part was from when Koutarou had just begun 
knitting. He moved the knitting needles in an awkward 
fashion and desperately tried to knit. Harumi who had been 
watching him from the side, couldn't imagine that part of the 
muffler being worthless. Instead, she felt the opposite; that 
first part held the most value. 

"You're the only one who would say that, Sakuraba-senpai.” 

"Fufu, when it comes to effort, I think that's true in most 

That's right, I'm the only one who understands the value of this muffler. This 
muffler holds mine and Satomi-kun's memories... 

The reason Harumi valued the muffler so highly was because 
of the several month's worth of memories that had been 
imprinted in it. 

Just by looking at a specific part of the muffler, she could 
remember what happened at that time. 

Looking at the very first part made her remember her 
meeting with Koutarou and when he was just starting out in 
the knitting society. She remembered that she was so happy 

having found a companion. 

When she touched the next part, she remembered the sports 
festival. She had participated alongside Koutarou, and 
actually won. 

The next part was during the summer vacation. She recalled 
having met Koutarou at the sea by accident. At that point, 
Harumi had begun developing feelings for Koutarou. 

At the next part, Koutarou's skills had increased, and he had 
tried out various techniques. By then the culture festival was 
close and they had stood on top of the stage together. That 
was when Harumi became certain of how much Koutarou 
meant to her. Just a few days ago, she had Yurika help and 
went out to play with Koutarou. 

To Harumi, this muffler was proof of her time with Koutarou. 

“Mackenzie keeps telling me this is disgraceful for a man." 

“Well, it is true most normal men can't quite understand." 

Koutarou dropped his shoulders mortifyingly and Harumi 
began giggling. 

“...Does that mean I'm not a normal man?" 

“No, that's not what I meant, really..." 

I understand, Satomi-kun... 

While finding it humorous that Koutarou's best friend couldn't 
understand him, Harumi took pride in that only she knew the 
true value of his muffler. 

“In that case, I'll harass Mackenzie by giving him this first 
part as a Christmas present." 

"Y-You can't, Satomi-kun! That would be such a waste!” 

Koutarou and Harumi's laughter rang out from the knitting 
society's club room. The distance between them had 
shortened by the length of the muffler. 

Part 5 

After having laughed for a while, Koutarou began moving his 
knitting needles once more, Harumi also began working on 
her own knitting. However, the two of them continued 

“And then, Yurika started crying." 

“Nijino-san wanted to play a different role during the play 
after all." 

Back then in spring, Koutarou couldn't knit and talk at the 
same time. However after a couple of months, thanks to his 
skills improving, he became able to talk during his club 
activities. At the same time, Harumi had gotten used to being 
alone with Koutarou and often spoke as well. 

“That said, she was really good as a horse..." 

“Fufufu, not having her desires and talents line up is quite 
unfortunate of her." 

They were now talking about the part-time job offer that 
Kiriha had brought up. Yurika was their common friend, so 
talking about her naturally carried on to the part-time job. 

In the end, those related to room 106 and Kenji ended up 
participating in the hero show. Since the youth department 
were obsessed about the star of the show, Harukaze-man, 
they had hired a professional to act as him. Koutarou and the 
others would be filling in the other roles. 

Kiriha, who had brought up the offer, would be playing the 
evil executive, Black Rose. Because of her tall stature and 

good looks, she was thought to be perfect for the role. 

Koutarou would be playing her subordinate, Baron Demon. He 
was a charismatic, invincible man committing cruelties with 
all of his might alongside his partner, Jet Black King. With the 
only men being Koutarou and Kenji, Koutarou was chosen for 
the baron role because of his larger body. 

And in charge of his partner in crime, Jet Black King, was 
Yurika. Her acting of a horse's rear was already at the level of 
a master. She appealed to get a different role but since there 
was no one else for the role, she ended up getting it. Her 
acting during the Blue Knight's play was being praised, but 
Yurika was crying. 

Theia would be playing the role of Princess Devil. She was the 
mastermind behind Baron Demon and the personification of 
evil, plotting world domination. Since the Baron Demon swore 
his loyalty to her, Koutarou protested this casting. He wanted 
Shizuka and Theia to trade roles, but since it would hard to 
replace Shizuka, his request was denied. 

Shizuka was in charge of Harukaze-man's partner, Kishou- 
lady. Since she had experience with martial arts, she had 
been chosen as the most suitable for that role. Because of 
that, she couldn't be switched out, and Theia ended up 
playing Devil Princess. Koutarou cried. 

Ruth would be playing a random civilian. At first glance, it 
looked to be an easy role, but since she had to let out a 
powerful scream with the appearance of Baron Demon, and 
then give the crowd an accurate line to fire up the crowd for 
Harukaze-man's appearance, it turned out to be quite the 
technical role. Since the role required carefulness and 
politeness, Ruth was picked. 

Kenji would be playing the host. The reason he was picked for 

this was because his gentle figure would be better received 
amongst the children and mothers, and his opinion that 
Koutarou would never be able to play a host. Adapting to the 
circumstances and firing up the crowd was something Kenji 
was good at. Koutarou complained about this as well, but 
nobody listened. 

As a ghost, Sanae would be in charge of special effects and 
helping Koutarou with his lines. Since nobody could see or 
hear her, she was perfect as a prompter. And she was the 
perfect partner for Koutarou who had a hard time 
remembering his lines. 

“So what role did you get, Satomi-kun? The lead again?" 

“No, this time I'm a villain. I'm playing a heartless villain 
called Baron Demon." 

Koutarou pulled out a manuscript from his bag and flipped 
through the pages. 

“Satomi-kun as a heartless villain..." 

Harumi tilted her head. In her mind, she couldn't see 
Koutarou as a villain. He was a bit mischievous, but she 
couldn't connect Koutarou and misdeeds. Because of that, 
she got interested in the hero show. 

“I'm free on Sunday, so maybe I should go look." 

“You're welcome. Everyone's—" 

Koutarou was about to welcome her, but halfway through he 
noticed something, and revealed a mischievous smile. 

“That's right, Sakuraba-senpai, why don't you participate in 
the hero show too?" 


Harumi was shocked by the unexpected proposal. 

"Yes. We actually have too few people, and the script 
apparently needs to be rewritten. But if you join in, we should 
have enough." 

In the original version, there was one more character. The 
civilian that Ruth was playing had a boyfriend. Because they 
were lacking people, Kenji had to act as the host, leaving the 
boyfriend role empty. Because of that, the script was being 
changed slightly. 

However, if Harumi were to join in, there would be no need to 
adjust the script. Harumi and Kenji would be the civilian 
couple, and Ruth would become the host. By doing that, they 
could use the original version. 

"E-Even if you say that... just springing that so suddenly on 
me is troubling.” 

Harumi, who was normally shy, was perplexed by the sudden 
offer to appear on stage. During the culture festival she had 
only managed because she was acting with Koutarou. 

"You'll be fine. We all just heard about it today too. And if I'm 
not mistaken, your role wasn't that hard, Sakuraba-senpai." 

Leaving Harumi's perplexed expression aside, Koutarou 
cheerfully flipped through the manuscript. 

In the original version, the civilian woman's main job was just 
to let out a scream as she was abducted. It wasn't that 
complex of a role. However, without the boyfriend, all of the 
lines spoken between them had to be done by the woman, 
increasing the difficulty of the role. Because of that, Koutarou 

wasn't all that worried. 

"B-But... I don't know if I could do it...” 

However, Harumi couldn't imagine being abducted and 
screaming. Because of that she was worried she might end 
up unable to say any of her lines on stage. 

"What is this popular actress saying?" 

Koutarou laughed at the hesitating Harumi. 

After the culture festival, Harumi's reputation skyrocketed. 
She was thought of as cute, but after her masterful acting on 
top of the stage she was now becoming a celebrity at 
Kitsushouharukaze High School. Since she wasn't that fond of 
getting attention, her life was becoming a little harder. 

Koutarou who played the lead alongside Harumi was 
obscured by her fame, and so his life continued on as normal. 

"At the start you flirt with Mackenzie, after that you'll be 
abducted by me. You only need to scream from time to time." 

"Screaming after being abducted by Satomi-kun..." 

After hearing that Koutarou would abduct her, Harumi began 

"Gahahahaha, what a good woman. I'll make you my wife!" 

"Nooooooooo! Someone save meeee!” 

Wearing a pitch black, spiky outfit, Koutarou would abduct 
her while laughing out loud. 

That sounds a bit fun... 

Having hesitated up until now, Harumi began thinking it 
would be fun after that fantasy. If it was by Koutarou, she 
didn't mind being abducted. Besides, she would often read 
books to the children at the hospital, so performing a hero 
show at the preschool would fulfill her desires. 

“If that's all, then I should be able to..." 

“Really? Please help us out!" 

As Harumi agreed, Koutarou jumped out his chair in 
excitement. He then pulled out his cell phone from his pocket 
and called Kiriha. He was going to report that Harumi was 
going to be helping out right away. 

“A hero show, huh... fufufu..." 

While staring at Koutarou who began talking on his phone, 
Harumi smiled. 

Just a while ago she had been hesitant about what to do, but 
now she was looking forward to the hero show, two days from 

The Intentions Behind the Invasion 

Part 1 

Sunday, December 13 

The Sunday weather this morning was clear, and the 
anniversary event at Harukaze pre-school had started. 

The events scheduled during the anniversary included class 
visits and a game tournament. During the tournament, they 
would be holding a hero show as entertainment. Therefore, 
Koutarou and the others wouldn't appear until the afternoon. 

“Now then everyone, it's time for what you've been waiting 
for, Harukaze-man!" 

Ruth's voice sounded out from the speakers. But there was 
still no one standing on top of the stage the youth 
department spent an entire night building. 

“Let's all call for him together! Haaaruuukaaazeeemaaan!" 


Guided by Ruth, the children called out for Harukaze-man. 

The next moment, small explosions occurred on each side of 
the stage, filling it with smoke. Once the smoke cleared, 
there were three people standing on top of the stage. Those 

were Koutarou, Theia and Kiriha; the three of them wearing 
strange outfits. 

Koutarou was wearing a pitch black, spiky armor. Theia was 
wearing a black formal dress with bat wings on her back. 
Kiriha wore a kimono similar to what she always wore, except 
it had flashy black roses on it and her hair ornament imitated 
the thorns of a rose. 

All of the outfits were from the high school's cosplay society, 
and they had been designed with the villains in mind. 

Theia stood in the center of the stage, crossing her arms and 
cockily throwing her head back, while Koutarou and Kiriha 
stood on each side of her. 

The children of the pre-school had been impatiently waiting 
for their hero, but what had appeared instead were those 
three mysterious people. The children stared at amazement 
with their jaws wide open. 

Theia grinned as she looked over the children and waved 
around a long cane while shouting in a loud voice. 

“That's too bad, kids! Your beloved Harukaze-man won't be 
coming! That's because we, the Earth Empire, defeated him!" 

After hearing Theia's loud voice, the children were shaken. 

Their hero had been defeated. 

To them, that was unheard of. They wanted to believe it was 
a lie, but in front of them where their hero was supposed to 
be were the evil trio. Because of that, the children panicked, 
and quite a few began crying. 

“You're lying! That's definitely a lie!" 

However, one courageous boy stood up. With tears in his 
eyes, he pointed at Theia and shouted. 

“I won't fall for a lie from some tiny little shrimp like you!” 

"What did you just say, you bastard!!” 

Tiny shrimp. 

Hearing that phrase, Theia lost sight of herself and got angry 
for real. Since she minded her height and sex appeal, even if 
the opponent was a preschooler, those words were 
humiliating to her. 

"Do you know who you're saying those words to!?” 

Theia shook her hair violently and threatened the boy with an 
aggressive glare. The boy, who was the target of her 
aggressive attitude, froze and swallowed his saliva. 

"This is bad, Koutarou, that's not acting!” 

"...What are you doing, it's just a kid..." 

Having been warned by Sanae, who had memorized 
everyone's lines, Koutarou lightly pulled on Theia's dress 
while whispered to her. 

"...Calm down, Theia." 

"Shut up!" 

However, having completely lost it, she ignored Koutarou and 
swatted his hand away. Her attention was now focused on the 
young boy. 

"I'll show that impolite little brat—" 

"...Once we get back, I'll play games with you for as many 
hours you want." 

Fortunately, Theia reacted to Koutarou's second attempt, and 
stopped moving. She then slowly turned towards him. 

"...Y-You better not be lying." 

"Of course not." 

Just how mortified were you... 

Tears had begun forming in Theia's eyes. Seeing that, 
Koutarou deeply felt that it would be best to do as she 

"I understand. You better not go back on your word." 

Theia held her anger in and returned to normal. Sensing that, 
Kiriha added in an ad-libbed dialog to adjust the play. 

"Princess Devil, leave this to I, Black Rose, and Baron Demon. 
We'll show this kid that there is no hero." 

"Very well, I'll leave it to you." 

"Understood. Go, Baron Demon! Make these kids understand 
that Harukaze-man has lost!" 

"Leave it to me, Princess Devil, Black Rose-sama!" 

Thanks to Kiriha's quick wit, the show that was about to 
derail returned to normal. Koutarou let out a sigh of relief and 
jumped off the stage in accordance to the script, and 
approached the seats reserved for the children's guardians. 

"You there, come with me!" 

He grabbed onto Harumi's arm, who was sitting there, and 
pulled her off her seat. 


Harumi let out a terrified scream, but she looked at Koutarou 
with joy in her eyes. 

"Harumi-chan!? Let go of my girlfriend you bastard!!” 

As he pulled Harumi away, Kenji who was sitting next to her 
came flying at Koutarou. At the exact timing they had 
practiced several times- 

"Pipe down!” 

Koutarou threw his large mantle around. When he did, Kenji 
was sent flying and landed on his rear. Koutarou and Kenji's 
coordination was perfect; they moved just as they had done 
during rehearsal. 


"Wahahaha, too bad youngster! This cute girl will become my 

Even though she knew that was just a line in the manuscript, 
Harumi couldn't stop herself from blushing. She was 
embarrassed but happy; her heart was pounding loudly in her 

"Damnit, is there no justice in this world!?” 

"That's too bad, justice died alongside Harukaze-manM 
Come, Jet Black King!!” 


While impersonating a black horse, Yurika came running in 
from the side-stage while neighing. This horse was the Baron 
Demon's partner, Jet Black King. Yurika's acting was perfect, 
and to the kids she looked like a real horse. 

“From today on, the age of evil will begin! Harukaze-man is a 
man of the past!" 

“Save meee~, Kenji-kuuu~n!!" 


“Jet Black King, to the wedding hall!" 


“How cruel! This atrocious injustice! Can this really be 
allowed!? Did justice, did Harukaze-man really die!?" 

Ruth's voice echoed throughout the preschool, the children 
were sweating and holding their breaths. 

From here on, Harukaze-man who supposedly died would 
appear and defeat Koutarou and the others. That was the plot 
of this show. 

However, for some reason, the hero that appeared wasn't 

“Let go of that woman, underground people!" 

That voice rang out from behind the auditorium. It was a 
powerful voice supported by well-trained abs. It carried 
through the audience and reached Koutarou and the others 
on the stage. 

Here he comes, Harukaze-man. — Wait, what? 

Since the voice had come from a different place, Koutarou 
was confused. 

“Koutarou, something's wrong, look." 


According to the manuscript, Harukaze-man was supposed to 
appear alongside fireworks while Koutarou was abducting 

“As expected from the underground people, you have quite 
the unique outfits...” 

“Do you have any good looking, manly executives!?” 

“It looks like there's a young one, nee-chan.” 

“Is there anything delicious around?” 

“Why don't you get some of that candy they're handing out 
over there?” 

And what's this? There's five of them... 

What confused Koutarou even more was the number of 
supposed heroes that appeared. According to the plan, only 
two were supposed to confront them onstage: the man from 
the youth department acting as Harukaze-man, and Shizuka 
acting as Kishou-lady. The supposedly defeated Harukaze- 
man borrowed Kishou-lady's power to revive. However, what 
had appeared weren't two people, but five. Not to mention, 
what they were wearing weren't hero outfits, but uniforms 
similar to a police officer's. 

“...Satomi-kun, who are those people?” 

Harumi was confused as well and whispered her doubts to 


“Let me try asking." 

Koutarou whispered back, and then shouted out. 

“Who goes there!?" 

In the original scene, this was where Koutarou was supposed 
to ask for their identity. 

“We have no name to give for the likes that would attack a 
preschool! Let's go everyone!" 


However, the five declined to answer and rushed toward the 

“Even though it's our first battle, there's no need to fear! 
Justice lies with us!" 

“Senpai, I don't really get it, but they seem to be heroes." 

Based on their behavior, Koutarou concluded that the five 
were heroes. Their lines and actions lined up perfectly with 
how heroes behaved. 

“I wonder, is this some kind of surprise?" 

“Or maybe there was some trouble, and they called in for 

Koutarou and Harumi embraced and stared at each other. 
Normally they would be blushing, but in this situation they 
didn't even mind it. 

“This is not in script." 


When Koutarou looked up at the stage, he saw that both 
Theia and Kiriha were just as confused as he was. He then 
looked at the host Ruth, who should have been told 
beforehand, but she looked at Koutarou and shrugged her 

Ruth-san doesn't know either. Yurika... obviously wouldn't know... Well, 
should we continue? 

In the end, Koutarou decided to proceed with the show. 

He couldn't imagine the heroes arriving with this timing being 
unrelated, and if heroes and villains were gathered, there 
should be no problems continuing the show. Whether it was a 
surprise or trouble, carelessly cancelling the show would only 
disappoint the children. 

“Alright, let's continue, Sakuraba-senpai." 


Koutarou nodded at Harumi and winked at Theia and Kiriha 
on top of the stage. Understanding his intentions, the two of 
them nodded. 


“I know, leave it to me.” 

Koutarou was about to signal Ruth and Kenji as well, but the 
two of them had already taken action. 

“Justice hasn't died! Look everyone, evil will never prosper!” 

“With the absence of Harukaze-man, this mysterious group of 
five have appeared! Are they messengers of justice, or have 

they only gotten ahead of themselves!? Either way, let's all 
cheer for them!!” 

Kenji and Ruth fired up the spectating children. As they did, 
the children overcame the shock of Harukaze-man being 
defeated and cheered at the new heroes. 

“You can do it!" 

“Beat up those bad guys!" 

“Leave it to us, justice always wins!" 

As the group of five ran through the center of the auditorium, 
they were showered with cheers left and right. 

As they got closer, differentiating their figures became easier. 

“I'm all fired up!!" 

The person running at the front was a short-haired young 
man. Based on his appearance, he looked like an athletic 
type, similar to Koutarou. 

“Let the games begin!!" 

Behind him was a short boy. He might have been even 
younger than Koutarou and the others. His round face and 
large glasses gave him the impression of a young boy. 

“Where are the handsome executives!?" 

The third was the only woman in the group. She gave off the 
impression of having a strong will with her long black hair and 
thick eyebrows. 

“This candy isn't all that good." 

The fourth was a fat man. Not unlike his appearance, he was 
a man with a vigorous appetite. Even now he was holding 
onto a bag of candy. It was the candy that was being handed 
out to the children during this event. 

“So this is a fight!" 

The last one was a man with long hair and shades. However, 
his hairstyle and shades seem to have come from the past. 

He looked like an overly motivated teacher that would appear 
a long time ago in shoujo mangas. 

“...They all seem to be old fashioned characters, but I guess 
that's just right for a hero show." 

“Did you say something, Satomi-kun?" 

“No, senpai, let's get up on the stage too. You too, Yurika." 



Koutarou and the others hurried back onto the stage. If they 
weren't on the stage before the group of five got there, it 
could become a problem during the dialog. 


The group of five climbed up the stage in a theatrical fashion. 
Koutarou used Harumi as a shield and shouted clearly at the 

“Wahahaha, it doesn't matter how many of you there are! 
There's nothing for us to fear now that Harukaze-man has 
been defeated!" 

“Noooooo, somebody save meeee!" 

Harumi screamed out with perfect timing. She didn't really 
want someone to save her. But personal desires and stage 
acting were different. 

“Curse you, let go of that woman!" 

“Very well. I would rather not use my wife as shield either." 

Koutarou followed the script and chained Harumi's legs and 
bound her to a nearby pillar. Harumi then tugged on the 
chains repeatedly to show that she had no way of escaping. 

“More importantly, I have no need for hostages! I defeated 
Harukaze-man with ability alone!" 

The overconfident enemy relinquishes his hostage; it was the 
necessary element required for the heroes to turn things 

I'll leave the rest to you, heroes. 

The preparations had all been made. All that was left was for 
the heroes to shine. 

“Go, Baron Demon! Crush this impudent bunch!" 

“Baron Demon, let us present their heads to Princess Devil!" 
“Yes my liege!" 

In accordance to Theia and Kiriha's signaling, Koutarou and 
Kiriha stepped up while Theia stayed behind and smiled 
confidently. The decisive battle was about to start. 

“Alright everyone, let's transform!" 


The group of five seemed to know the drill as well and began 
their transformation sequence. 

"Hmm... so they're going to transform here...” 

Sanae's words of admiration reached Koutarou's ears. 

Unlike in a TV show, transforming live on a stage was 
difficult; they would need to use a smoke screen, or cleverly 
use their set pieces for the actors to get changed. It also took 
quite a bit of coordination and people to pull it off. In reality 
(that is, in this Harukaze-man show), there weren't enough 
people to do so, and Harukaze-man would appear on stage, 
already transformed. Despite that, this group was going to 
transform on stage. This impressed Sanae. 

"Maybe the ones helping out are real actors...” 

"That might be it." 

Similarly impressed themselves, Koutarou and Kiriha stared 
at the group of five raising their right hands in the air. 


They brandished their right hands in the air while using their 
left hands to push a button on their belt. From there they 
moved both their hands together, drawing a large arc and 
finally ending their motion, pointing to the right. 


It was a transformation pose so skillfully done that it amazed 
Koutarou. Even though he was considerably fond of 
transforming heroes, he had nothing to complain about after 
seeing that perfect pose. 

The group's bodies were covered by white smoke. Inside the 

smoke, their unique silhouettes could be seen moving. Once 
the smoke cleared, the five warriors wearing round helmets 
appeared. It looked like their outfits were completely different 
from before. It wasn't just some clever change, but as if they 
had changed outfits. It was a splendid transformation for a 
hero show. 

However, there was one big problem with their 

"Red Shine." 

"Red Shine." 

"Red Shine." 

"Red Shine." 

"Red Shine." 

"All together we are The Sun Squad, Sun Rangers!" 

For some reason, the group of five posing with background 
music and fireworks were all red. 

"Wherever there is love, there is justice! In this world—" 

"Quit messing around!!” 

The moment he saw them, Koutarou ignored the show and 
dashed forward. His face was dyed red by rage and he 
smacked the head of the Red Shine standing in the center. 

"W-What are you doing, Baron Demon-san!?" 

"I don't care! How can you do everything so well and then 
trip up at the very end!?" 

"J-Just wait a moment, Baron-san, what are you so angry 

"As if I'd wait!! Is that it!? Are you the same as Yurika!?" 

"What do you mean by the same as me!?” 

Koutarou was, of course, angry about the group's costumes. 

It was an unspoken rule, or common sense that for a kids' 
show, the costumes should differ by color. Because of that, 
Koutarou couldn't hide his intense rage when the group of 
five had ignored that rule, even more so when everything 
leading up to the transformation had been so well done. 

"Why would you ruin all of our hard work like that!! Are you 

"S-Sorry, Baron-san, I can't quite understand why you're so 
angry, this is our first time!!" 

"As if I could forgive you because of that!!" 

"Oh no, this is not good! All five Sun Rangers are wearing red 

"That's it, Kenichi! Baron-san is angry about these suits!" 

"I see!” 

Hearing Ruth's narrative, the feminine Red Shine whispered 
to the center Red Shine. He finally understood the reason 
behind Koutarou's anger. 

The kids in the audience felt the same way and gave the Sun 
Rangers a sceptic look. 

"Sensei, why are those Sun Rangers all red?" 

“Which one is which?” 

“Maybe there's only one real and the rest are fakes?” 

“It's just the worst when you wear the same as someone 

All of the voices raised negatives points, and the Sun Rangers 
were losing their support. 

“What do we do, Koutarou? The show's turning into a mess.” 

“I don't know. If you want to complain, do it to those idiots!” 

Koutarou's rage continued. Having grown up watching hero 
shows on TV, he couldn't forgive them for cutting corners(?). 
Although he knew that doing a show live on a stage required 
you to cut some corners, this was one part you should never 
miss out on. He couldn't accept the all-red Sun Rangers. 

“...Despite everything you say, you're quite picky when it 
comes to cosplay, Satomi-san...” 

Yurika gave Koutarou a cold glance from inside the papier- 
mache horse, Jet Black King. However that was just for a 
moment; she soon began smiling. 

“But, but, it looks like Satomi-san might cosplay together with 
us if it's from hero shows. I have to tell everyone in the 

Yurika and the cosplay society's relation had been improving 

In order to graduate from high school, she had to hide her 
identity as a magical girl and once she calmed down and 
thought about it, it wasn't like she hated what they were 
doing. Because of that, Yurika had begun changing her mind 

about cosplaying. 

“It looks like we should be tempting him with an ancient hero 

Despite everyone around her being confused, Yurika was 
having fun. 

“Get lost! I can't fight with failures like you!" 

“Eeeeh!? Y-You won't fight us!?" 

Koutarou's harsh words shook the five Sun Rangers. 

“I don't even want to talk to you! Go away!" 

Shaking with anger, Koutarou turned around after saying 
that. As he did, the middle Red Shine desperately tried to 
stop him. 

“P-Please wait, Baron-san! We only formed a year ago and 
this is our first sortie! If there's anything wrong, we'll work 
hard to fix it!” 

“Then go home and fix your suits! Red is the color of the 
leader! We have our pride as villains. We won't fight a failure 
squad like you!" 

“But, we can't fix our suits right now!" 

Amidst the confusion on the stage, small laughter could be 
heard. The laughs spread throughout the crowd and soon 
everyone was laughing. 

“Sun Rangers, hurry and change! With the wedding looming, 
Baron Demon is very impatient!" 

Sensing the change in the crowd, Ruth decided to push 

through the situation as if it was a comedy. She strung words 
together in rapid succession and fired up the crowd. 

“Everyone! Let's cheer for the Sun Rangers! It's only a matter 
of time before the Baron Demon loses his temper 

“You can do it, Sun Rangers!" 

“Hurry up and change!" 

“I don't know which one's the old man with sunglasses, but 
you can do it, old man!" 

“Shut up, who are you calling an old man!? I'm still only 20!” 

A Red Shine reminiscent of the long haired man in shades 
shouted at the kids. As he did, the child began crying out 

“Waaaaaah, the Sun Rangers... The Sun Rangers...!!” 

“Oh, that's not good, Sun Rangers. You can't fight with a 

“You idiot!!” 

Koutarou swung his fist towards the tall Red Shine who made 
a child cry. 

“You guys don't understand anything! You're scum, below 
even third-rate heroes! Why would you make children cry!? 
Are you trying to destroy their dreams!? You don't have the 
right to call yourselves heroes!" 

Koutarou had reached his limit. He recalled his own childhood 
and his admiration for heroes, so he couldn't forgive the Sun 
Rangers who didn't act like heroes at all. 

"Baron-san, please wait!!” 

"Geez, it's all your fault he got so angry again old man.” 

"I'm not an old man, Kotarou.” 

"...Wonderful, Baron Demon-sama, wonderful!!” 

"It looks like Megu-chan's sickness has started again, 

Seeing the Sun Rangers struggling so hard, Yurika began 
feeling a sense of closeness for some reason. 

I wonder what this feeling is... 

Having been yelled at by Koutarou for making kids cry, the 
Sun Rangers no longer looked anything like heroes, and the 
negative aura around them called out to Yurika. However, 
having become more positive as of late, Yurika didn't notice 
that was the spirit of a loser. 

"Children in the crowd, answer me this!! Are these the heroes 
you wanted!? Or is it someone else!?” 

Koutarou's mantle fluttered and he shouted out to the 
children in the audience. 

"Is this all that justice has to offer!? Tell me, children!! Who 
should I be fighting!?” 

Then a small child stood up to answer Koutarou's question. 

"Harukaze-maaa~n!! Help us, Harukaze-maaa~n!!” 

Despite the child's small size, his shout was full of courage, 
and it encouraged the other children in the preschool to join 


“Hurry up and save that lady, please, Harukaze-man!!” 

“The Sun Rangers are no good, Harukaze-man!!” 

The children screamed in succession, and filled the stage. 

And that's when it happened. 

Fireworks exploded on the stage, and inside the smoke, two 
silhouettes appeared. They posed inside the smoke and 
introduced themselves loudly. 

“Courage! That is the power of hope within a person!” 

“Love! That is an indestructible heart that supports courage!” 

“We are soldiers of courage and love!” 

A gust of wind blew away the smoke surrounding the two 



“Evil will never prosper while we still stand!!” 

Two heroes, a man and a woman, appeared, wearing suits 
that were quite obviously handmade. The suits they were 
wearing had been made by the youth department and were 
of lower quality when compared to the Sun Rangers' suits. 

“Harukaze-maaa~n!! Harukaze-maaa~n!” 

However, the children cheered for them, screaming at the top 
of their lungs. Their cheers were several times louder than 

when the Sun Rangers had appeared. For a true hero, looks 
were not a problem. 

"It looks like you've been having your way, Baron Demon!” 

"Wahahaha, did you come to get done in again, Harukaze- 

And with a true hero, evil could shine. Koutarou returned to 
his role and turned towards the new heroes. 

"I have returned from hell to defeat you! This time you'll be 
going there!” 

"Wahahaha, telling a demon to go to hell is a fun joke! It 
seems that you still have a way with words after reviving, 

With the appearance of Harukaze-man and Kishou-lady, the 
show returned to normal. And it ended as a complete 

Part 2 

“Thank you, Harukaze-man, Kishou-lady!" 

Carried away by their parents, the last child waved his hand 
and left the stage. The man playing Harukaze-man, and 
Shizuka playing Kishou-lady waved and saw the child off. 

“Well, this was a big success thanks to you, Kiriha-san, 

Once the children had left, the neighborhood association 
member in charge of the show called out to them. Koutarou 
and the others had taken off the outfits and removed their 
make-up, but it wasn't a topic that could be brought up in 
front of the children. 

“I wasn't sure what would happen when Harukaze-man 
couldn't show up, but you managed to keep it up really well, 
you were a huge help." 

“Why did it take so long until you showed up?" 

“It's a bit embarrassing but, it's almost like the suit was 
cursed. When we were just about to appear, we noticed that 
the suit had torn." 

The man playing Harukaze-man dropped his shoulders. He 
then pulled off the chest piece and showed the backside of it 
to Koutarou. It had been taped back together, a desperate 
solution to say the least. Just before they were about to 
appear on stage, they noticed the tear, rendering Harukaze- 
man and Kishou-lady unable to appear just yet. 

I see. 

Kiriha who had looked at the tear alongside Koutarou, smiled 
and nodded. 

“But that wasn't thanks to us, but rather thanks to the 
substitutes you sent up." 

“Yeah. Those Sun Rangers really helped out...” 

Koutarou nodded to Kiriha's words. They had only been able 
to buy enough time for Harukaze-man to appear thanks to 
the Sun Rangers. In the end, Koutarou and the others were 
amateurs, and they wouldn't have been able to buy so much 
time on their own. 


The man playing Harukaze-man looked dumbfounded. 
“Weren't those Sun Rangers your friends?” 


“We were certain that you had called your friends over to 

“Didn't the neighborhood association prepare them?” 

Koutarou and the neighborhood association had a difference 
in recognition regarding the Sun Rangers. 

Koutarou and the others had assumed that the neighborhood 
association had prepared substitutes in the case that 
something happened. Meanwhile, the neighborhood 
association assumed that Koutarou and the others had asked 
their friends to help them. 

They were convinced that the other party had prepared the 
Sun Rangers. 

“What does this mean?" 

“Your highness, wouldn't it be best if we asked them 

“That's true." 

Koutarou and the others went looking for the Sun Rangers, 
but they couldn't find the group in question. 

“Mackenzie, do you know where they went?" 

Once Harukaze-man appeared, Kenji's role had nothing to do. 
So Koutarou asked Kenji if he had seen where the Sun 
Rangers had gone. 

“The last time I saw them, they were sneaking off the stage 
so they wouldn't get in the way of Harukaze-man and Kishou- 
lady's fight. I don't know where they went after that." 

However, Kenji shook his head. After his role was finished, he 
enjoyed the hero show alongside the children. 

“What about you, Sakuraba-senpai?" 

“I don't know either. Sorry." 

Harumi shook her head while blushing slightly. She had been 
staring at Koutarou fighting, so it didn't even register to her 
that the Sun Rangers had left. 

“Just who were those people?" 

Everyone began scratching their heads as Kiriha asked that. 
They were all equally confused. 

Meanwhile, the Sun Rangers in question were in the middle of 
an evaluation meeting. They were sorting out the problems 

they encountered during this sortie. 

“First off, I believe the biggest failure this time was 
completely trusting a preschooler." 

The old man with a white beard and lab coat wrote what he 
had just said on a whiteboard. The whiteboard had been 
borrowed from somewhere and put in the small office, where 
inside were the old man and a group of five. That group was 
of course the Sun Rangers. They were sitting down by their 
desks and were looking at the whiteboard and old man with 
serious faces. 

“As a result, we ended up intruding on a hero show that had 
nothing to do with the underground people." 

The old man encircled the words 'hero show 1 with a red pen. 

That's right. It might be hard to believe, but these Sun 
Rangers were true heroes, intended to fight against the 
underground people. 

The Sun Squad, Sun Rangers had been established as a 
precaution for unknown foreign threats, but with the 
appearance of the threat known as the underground people, 
they stepped out of the shadows and into the spotlight. 

By the way, this professor was known as Roppongi. Although 
the Sun Rangers were a secret battle squad, he had been 
designated as their commander because of a principle 
demanding civilian control. 

“But professor, the detector showed an underground people 

The shortest amongst the five showed a device similar to a 
handheld game to the old man. This member's name was 

Kotarou. He was the youngest of the group. 

“About that, this detector doesn't work on underground 
people, but the technology they use. Because of that, there is 
a rare chance that it can detect something completely 
unrelated to them." 

“Which means that we blindly trusted in a preschooler and 
the detector was, unfortunately, wrong?" 

Another member continued where Kotarou left off. His name 
was Kenichi, his short haircut and sharp glance gave off the 
impression of a healthy young man. He was also the first Red 
Shine that Koutarou hit. 

“Precisely. It looks like we better reconsider the accuracy of 
our information and of our detector." 

Roppongi nodded at Kenichi while touching the detector. 

“However, regarding the detector, its utility has been proven 
in other districts. Even though there's a chance for a 
mistaken reading, we should continue using it." 

In truth, there were more squads other than the Sun Rangers 
that were established to deal with unknown foreign threats. 
They were the ones in charge of this region, but there were 
several other squads placed all over the country. 

In the other regions, the detector was producing results and 
they had been able to suppress attacks from the 
underground people. However, they hadn't reported any 
mistaken readings, and the only ones currently with this 
problem was the Sun Rangers. 

“Professor, can't we solve both of those problems with the 
same method?" 

“What do you mean, Hayato-kun?" 

The man that Roppongi called out to, Hayato, was a tall 
young man with long hair and shades. As one could guess 
based on the fact that he was wearing glasses despite being 
in a dimly lit room, he was a bit of a narcissist. 

He smiled slightly and spread out his arms as he answered 
Roppongi's question. 

“...Instead of believing blindly in a child's words or in the 
detector's result, we confirm their identity using a different 

“I see, that's a reasonable opinion. Very well. In the future, 
let's double and triple check our results to be certain." 

The group of five nodded at Roppongi's words. Seeing that, 
Roppongi erased the words he had written on the whiteboard. 
He was planning on moving onto the next topic. 

“Now then, as for the next topic—" 

“Baron Demon-samaM It's about Baron Demon-sama, right!?" 

The only woman in the room interrupted Roppongi. Her name 
was Megumi. She was a girl in her late teens. Megumi stood 
out with her long black hair, thick eyebrows and gave off the 
impression of having a strong will. However, right now she 
was showing none of that strong will. She twined her fingers 
as she clasped her hands while her eyes sparkled. 

“T-That's true but..." 

“Ahh, I want to meet that person again! I want him to scold 


As Roppongi was confused by Megumi staring at the nothing 
while getting excited, the last of the five that had been quiet 
up until now spoke up. 

“Professor, it's Megu-chan's sickness again. It seems like that 
villain at that show was just her type..." 

After finishing his explanation he put a curry chip in his 
mouth. His name was Daisaku. He was the largest member of 
the Sun Rangers. That said, since he was always eating 
something, his body hadn't grown in height, but rather in 

“Even if you say that, despite Baron-sama's cool appearance, 
he had a fire burning inside of him, and even though he was 
a villain he was refreshingly reasonable!" 

Megumi recalled her meeting with Baron Demon. She recalled 
his intense anger while hitting the Red Shine and when he 
severely scolded the Red Shine that made a child cry. 

The memories were beautified, and an image completely 
different from the original Baron Demon was burned into her 
memory. What appeared in her mind was a scene where lots 
of roses bloomed behind the Baron, while he smiled at her 
with his shiny teeth. 

“...Honestly, I can't keep up with Megumi when she's like 

“Same here. But fortunately, she's not the only woman on 
this planet.” 

“That's true. Thank god...” 

Kenichi and Hayato shared the same opinion. They looked at 
Megumi with cold glances and nodded at each other. 

“Can't we just leave nee-chan to Daisaku-oniichan?” 

Kotarou pointed to Daisaku, who was in the middle of handing 
a handkerchief to Megumi. 

“Aaa~h, I wish I was abducted and forced into marriage!!” 
“Megu-chan, your nose is bleeding.” 

“Thank you, Daisaku-kun.” 

Megumi received the handkerchief from Daisaku and blew her 
nose. She had gotten too excited and gotten a nose bleed. 

“Do you love Baron-san that much, Megu-chan?” 

“Of course! There are not that many good men like that left!” 

Megumi began explaining all the good parts about Baron 
Demon while blowing her nose while Daisaku just smiled and 
listened to her, not voicing any complaints. 

“Daisaku is good at taking care of others...” 

“He's the type of person that would lose out on being too 


Kenichi and Hayato looked at Daisaku with pity in their eyes. 
He continued to earnestly listen to Megumi. Pleased by that 
fact, Megumi's expression brightened up and she continued 

"Unexpectedly enough, I think those two would get along well 

"Do you think so...?” 

Kotarou believed that Megumi and Daisuke would make for a 
good combination, but unfortunately enough, nobody else 
agreed with him. 

The next topic Roppongi wrote on the whiteboard wasn't 
directly about Baron Demon. The Sun Rangers were painfully 
aware that it was just a show. So Roppongi was bringing up 
the problems that Baron Demon had pointed out. 

"Holding back on the costs and getting restless regarding the 
underground people's appearance and hurrying up the 
completion of the suits was a mistake." 

"The problem regarding the coloring of the suits.” 

The next topic Roppongi had brought up was the problem 
that had gotten Baron Demon so angry: the color of the 
group's suits. 

The Sun Squad, Sun Rangers' battle suits had been made by 
gathering the most cutting edge technology available. Just by 
wearing it, the user's strength was increased fivefold. They 
would able to run as fast as a beast, and its durability 
equaled to that of steel. It was a new era of personal 
equipment superior to all kinds of bulletproof vests. 

However, because of its performance, it took quite a bit of 
time and money to create. The suits had only reached the 
Sun Rangers just before their first sortie. Because of that, 
they didn't have enough time to color them, so they had to 
depart while all of the suits were red. 

Those were the circumstances behind all five of them being 
Red Shine. When Baron Demon pointed it out, the problem 
came to light. 

“Thinking about it, with everyone wearing the same thing, it 
becomes hard telling everyone apart.” 

After the professor had put his pen down, Kenichi, who had 
been seriously thinking about the problem, voiced his 
opinion. Hayato nodded, showing that he agreed with Kenichi. 

“That's true, everyone looks the same. If for example, 
someone got into trouble, it would be hard to tell who needed 
help at first glance.” 

Since they were government issued outfits, all five suits had 
the same design. And because of the suits functions, they 
were required to wear full face helmets. Because of that, the 
five would be unable to tell each other apart when wearing 
their suits. 

The only one they could tell from first glance was Daisaku's 
with his large body. Kenichi and Hayato had a similar build, so 
it was hard to tell them apart, and Kotarou and Megumi were 
almost the same height. 

There was a possibility that not being able to tell each other 
apart during an important battle could become a big 

“Why can't you notice something like that from the start!?” 

Finished with her fantasies, Megumi returned to her normal 
self. She raised her thick eyebrows and voice. 

“You didn't notice either, nee-chan." 

“Megu-chan, you were only able to meet Baron-san because 
we were all wearing red." 

“Ah yes, that's truei’" 

However, thanks to Daisaku, Megumi's expression changed. 
“Aaa~hn, Baron-samaaa~..." 

Her anger disappeared and she vanished into her own private 

“...Well, leaving Megumi-kun aside. Would anyone be against 
coloring the suits to tell them apart?" 

“It should be fine. Baron-san and the children said it would be 
better and easier to understand too." 

“That's true. Thinking of the future, it would be easier if the 
children cheered for us." 

Countries with powerful police forces were all trying to 
improve the image of their officers. If the occupation was 
always amongst the top jobs that kids want to become 
someday, it would be easier for them to move about. It 
meant that their desire to protect the peace would be 
respected. Although they weren't police officers, the same 
could be said for the Sun Rangers. 

“But professor, if we can't tell each other apart, the same is 
true for the underground people, right? Wouldn't it be 
dangerous to change the colors?" 

“I see, that's a possible problem. You're clever, Kotarou." 

Kenichi was impressed by Kotarou, and Kotarou laughed 

If everyone could be differentiated by color, there could be 
counter measures put into action to deal with them. 
Differentiating the colors to be able to identify one another 
would work as an advantage for the enemy as well. 

“How about this? We change the color from time to time. 

That way, it wouldn't matter how many plans they made." 

However, Hayato easily solved that problem. By changing 
their colors when necessary, they wouldn't have to worry 
about the enemy taking data about them. It was a simple but 
effective strategy. 

“Yes, let's go with that, Hayato-kun. It's a good method where 
only we would gain an advantage." 

And just like that, it was decided that the Sun Rangers would 
be colored differently. 

“Now then, all that's left is to discuss who gets what color." 

The only problem left was the coloring itself: who would get 
what color? 

“If I'm not mistaken, Baron-san said that red is the leader's 

“Which means that I'm red." 

“Wait, Hayato, I should be red." 

Kenichi and Hayato's opinions began clashing. Both of them 
wanted to be the leader, Kenichi, because he was hot- 
blooded and it was in his nature to lead, and Hayato, because 
it was cool. 

“What are you saying!? It's important to remain calm during 
a fight, Kenichi, and that's impossible for a hot-blooded idiot 
like yourself!” 

“And you're calm!? Now I want to know what you're saying!! 
Did you forget that during that show you made a child cry 
and made Baron-san angry!?” 

That said, neither of them had any characteristics of a leader. 
They kept on arguing, never reaching an agreement. 

“I didn't forget! That's why I won't make the same mistake 
again! I'll show you that I'd be a splendid leader that even 
Baron-san would recognize!” 

“I wouldn't even make that mistake to begin with! You're a 
narcissist! All you can think about is yourself!” 


As Kenichi and Hayato continued arguing, Kotarou let out a 
small sigh. Normally Kenichi and Hayato got along well, but 
once they didn't see eye to eye to something, they would 
never agree with each other. And with the position as leader 
at stake, Kotarou couldn't imagine either of them backing 
down anytime soon. So Kotarou looked for help from the one 
with most common sense, Megumi. 

“Megumi-neechan, say something to stop them.” 

“The forbidden love between a heroine of justice and an 
executive of evil! Good, so very good! And in the end, having 

been woken up by the power of love, Baron-sama would 
become an ally of justice!” 

"Megu-chan, you're drooling.” 

"And then, Baron-sama would say 'Megumi, you're so cute'. 

However, betraying his expectations, Kotarou wasn't able to 
get any help from Megumi. 

"Megu-chan, you're a girl, so you should at least worry about 
your appearance a little." 

"...This is useless.” 

"What to do..." 

At this point, Kotarou and Roppongi felt that Daisaku would 
be good enough as a leader. 

Part 3 

Once they had finished cleaning up, Sanae and Yurika dashed 
out from the preschool. 

“Come on, Yurika, hurry, hurry! If we don't hurry, Magical Girl 
Love Love Heart is going to start without us!" 

“Even if you tell me to hurry, I'm not that good at running." 

If they rushed home now, they would be able to see an anime 
that started at six in the evening. However, since Yurika 
wasn't a fast runner, they weren't certain if they would make 
it in time for the opening theme. 

“If you want I can possess you and force you to run faster." 

“N-Noooooo! Anything but that!!" 

“...So you CAN run faster if you get motivated." 

However, for some reason, Yurika's running speed increased 
dramatically and shortly thereafter, Koutarou, who was 
seeing them off, lost sight of them. 

“I just hope Yurika doesn't get hit by a car on her way 

Seeing Yurika's overly desperate expression as she turned a 
corner, Koutarou felt a little worried. 


“Satomi-sama, good work today." 

“Yeah, you too." 

Theia and Ruth approach him. The two of them noticed that 
Sanae and Yurika were gone and looked around the area. 

"Satomi-sama, I can't seem to find Sanae-sama and Yurika- 
sama anywhere.” 

"Those two already went home. They said something about 
watching an anime." 

"...I see, so those two aren't here." 

Theia glanced over at the direction to Corona House before 
turning towards Koutarou. 

Koutarou is alone... 

Recently, either Sanae or Yurika had always been at 
Koutarou's side. Sanae had been like that for a while, but now 
Yurika had gotten a lot closer to Koutarou as well. Yurika's 
feelings seemed to have changed, and Theia had been 
wondering about the sudden change of heart. 

Because of those circumstances, it was rare to see Koutarou 

"...Once we get home you'll be playing games with me for 

Theia recalled the words Koutarou had said during the show. 
As she did, she began losing her composure. 

I-If things go well, Koutarou and I would be playing g-games all alone... 

Theia had been envious of Sanae and Yurika who had gotten 
a lot closer to Koutarou, so she had no intention of letting this 
chance slip by. In this situation without Sanae or Yurika, she 
would be alone with Koutarou. Just the thought of it made her 
heart pound wildly. 

But w-what should I say in this situation? How could I express my feelings 
without inviting a misunderstanding!? 

However, Theia hadn't fully understood her romantic feelings 
for Koutarou yet, and was uncertain on what she should do. 
She was only vaguely thinking about how to get along with 
him. Thinking that it was all for the trial, she was getting in 
the way of her own feelings. Because her goal was so vague, 
her methods were equally so. 

Your highness... 

Noticing that Theia was panicking and desperately thinking of 
what to do, Ruth revealed a small smile and decided to lend a 
helping hand. 

“Maybe you should play games onboard the Blue Knight, your 


Theia, who had been deep in thought, opened her eyes wide. 
Surprised by the sudden voice, she had completely failed to 
hear what Ruth had said. Seeing that, Ruth's smile grew 

“Since Sanae-sama and Yurika-sama are using the TV, you 
wouldn't be able to play games on it, so you should just play 
games in your room onboard the Blue Knight instead." 

Since Sanae and Yurika were occupying the TV in room 106, if 
they wanted to play video games, they had no choice but to 
do so in Theia's room onboard the Blue Knight. However, 
Theia didn't understand why Ruth had brought that up. 


Despite her hesitation, pushed on by Ruth's smile, Theia 



Noticing Theia's glance, Ruth nodded back and looked at 
Koutarou for a brief moment. Theia followed suit and looked 
at Koutarou. 

“Alright. When I've finished buying food, I'll come over." 

Having heard their discussion, Koutarou thought for a 
moment before responding. If he was going to be playing 
games with Theia, and she was aboard the Blue Knight, then 
he had no choice but to go there as well. Besides, having 
trained onboard for the show, he had been on the ship 
countless times, so he didn't really have any reluctance about 
going there. 


Theia then finally noticed Ruth's intentions. When she hurried 
to look towards her, she found Ruth smiling gently at her. 

As is expected of Satomi-sama. He makes sure to keep his promises... 

Ruth thanked Koutarou repeatedly on the inside. If she put it 
like that, Koutarou was sure to come onboard the Blue Knight. 
That's what Ruth believed, but she was very happy that he 
had responded to her expectations. Ruth was from the 
famous family of knights, Pardomshiha, so she valued 
promises and oaths above all else. And her love for her 
precious princess was bursting through her smile. 

If he goes along with her highness, I'm sure he'll be able to protect her... 

Looking at Koutarou as a knight, he still had a long way to go. 
He hadn't finished learning all the proper manners or 
techniques. However, when it came to promises and oaths, 

Koutarou valued those more than any knight Ruth had seen. 

Even if a knight's sword was to break, it wouldn't matter as 
long as the oath sworn upon it hadn't. That was a proverb 
from Forthorthe. Ruth believed that the saying didn't just 
apply to swords, but to people as well. Even if the person 
wasn't very knightly, it didn't matter as long as the oath or 
promise was real. A person could just be trained to become a 
knight later, but an oath or promise couldn't be trained. 

Satomi-sama, please accept her highness... 

Ruth's wish wasn't just for Theia's sake, but also for her own. 
“In that case, I'm going to go on back now." 

“Theia, you really do love games." 

“Not 'you'! It's Princess Theiamillis!" 

“Yes, yes, dear Princess Theiamillis. 

The image of Koutarou and Theia sitting next to each other 
playing games appeared in Ruth's mind. At times they would 
swear at one another, and at other times they would get in 
the way of the other by messing with their controller. Ruth 
wished that she had a place next to them. 

Kiriha and Harumi arrived next to Koutarou a few minutes 
after Theia and Ruth had returned to the Blue Knight. 

“Oh? Where's landlord-san?" 

Since Koutarou was planning on going home together with 
Kiriha and Shizuka, he looked around the area for her. Seeing 
that, Harumi explained the circumstances to Koutarou. 

“Satomi-kun, it seems like Kasagi-san was offered another 

part-time job.” 

"A part-time job?” 

At that moment, Koutarou spotted Shizuka in the preschool's 
office. She was talking with a person from the youth 
department and a man he hadn't seen before. That man was 
the one that had offered Shizuka a new part-time job. 

"It seems like a pro was watching today's show.” 

Kiriha replaced Harumi and explained in more detail. 

Today's show was very enjoyable, even in the eyes of a 
professional. What impressed the professional the most was 
Shizuka's movements as Kishou-lady. Knowing martial arts, 
Shizuka pulled off some very intense moves, despite her 
feminine looks. Thus, she had been offered to try a part-time 
job, which also served as her audition. 

"Hmm, that's amazing, landlord-san...” 

"If everything goes well, she'll be an action star.” 

After hearing the circumstances, Koutarou was impressed. 
Harumi shadow punched twice before smiling at Koutarou. 

"Action is probably impossible for you, senpai.” 

"I have a knight to defend me, so I don't need to fight." 

"Leave it to me, princess Alaia.” 


"Anyways, that's why Kasagi-san told us to go on without 

"I see. I guess it can't be helped.” 

As he laughed together with Harumi, Koutarou looked 
towards the office once more after listening to Kiriha. 

He didn't need a lot of imagination to guess that it would take 
some time before they're done, if they were talking about a 
part-time job. That said, since he had to stop by the mall on 
his way home, he couldn't just sit here and wait. 

"Alright. Senpai, Kiriha-san, let's go home." 



Koutarou and the others left the preschool and headed home. 

"Well, Satomi-kun, Kurano-san, I'll be taking my leave here." 

Just before the mall, Harumi separated with Koutarou and 
Kiriha. Her home was in a different direction, so this was as 
far as she could go. 

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow at school." 

"Goodbye, Sakuraba-senpai." 

"Goodbye, you two." 

Harumi smiled at the two and walked down a different street. 
Koutarou and Kiriha saw her off, after she waved at them 
once more and turned around a corner, they began walking 

"Kiriha-san, what should we buy today?” 

"Eggs, natto that's on sale, transparent garbage bags and 

some vegetables.” 

Once it was just the two of them, Kiriha began acting like 
normal. Seeing that, Koutarou felt slightly relieved. It just 
didn't feel right to him when she acted like someone else and 
pretended to be an honors student. 

Kiriha was normally more formal and strict. When she was 
acting like an honors student, she was a whole lot friendlier. 
But even so, Koutarou preferred Kiriha this way. He felt more 
warmth from her that way. Because of that, Koutarou 
unconsciously spoke a lot more to Kiriha when she was acting 
like herself. The same was true this time; he got quite a bit 

"That's right, vegetables. Yurika's skin has been getting rough 
lately, so let's feed her lots of vegetables." 

"That's because she eats a lot of instant noodles.” 

"I know. And when there's meat on the table, she only eats 

"Fufufu, then let's try a trick to make sure she eats her 

The same was true for Kiriha. Once Harumi had left, her 
expressions became more natural and rich. There were only a 
few people on the surface she could talk to without hiding her 
true self. You could say it was only the residents of room 106. 
She couldn't show weakness to her subordinates, and she 
couldn't be honest with the surface dwellers. Oddly enough, 
she might only have been able to show her true self to 
Koutarou and the others because they were her "rivals." 


And there was one more that Kiriha could show her true self 
to. That was the children. They were one of the few that 
Kiriha could show her true face to, thanks to their innocence. 

“Today's Harukaze-man was amazing!!" 

“Thank you. I'm glad you liked it." 


Kiriha squatted and patted the girl running towards her on 
the head. She was the greengrocer!!! working in this mall's 
only child. Her father was part of the youth department and 
had met Kiriha through volunteer work. She was also one of 
the children at the preschool they had performed at today. 

“I kept it a secret from everybody! That Kiriha-oneechan is 
part of the evil secret society!" 

“Fufufu, if you tell anyone the truth I'll eat you up." 

“Ahaha, you're so funny!" 

The girl and Kiriha talked cheerfully. Seeing that, Koutarou's 
doubts grew even bigger. 

Did this person really come here to invade the surface? 

However, the next moment, the girl looked at Koutarou. 

“Hey, hey, onee-chan, who is he?" 

Because of that, Koutarou stopped his train of thought and 
squatted down next to Kiriha and smiled at the girl. 

“Now, who might I be?" 

“Onee-chan's boyfriend?" 

Do I look like it?” 

"You don't!!” 

The girl smiled and declared that, then she began laughing. 
Meanwhile, Kiriha glanced over at Koutarou and made a 
mischievous smile. 

"However, he really is my boyfriend." 

Kiriha grabbed Koutarou's arm and rested her head on his 
shoulder. As she did, the smell of fresh flowers tickled 
Koutarou's nose. It was a distinct smell of the scented oil 
Kiriha used on her hair. 


The girl, though young, was still a girl and the mere mention 
of the word boyfriend made her eyes sparkle. And Koutarou, 
who had caught on from Kiriha's smile, calmly nodded at the 

“It's true. Amazing, isn't it?” 

"Yeah! Onee-chan's compromising is amazing!" 

As Koutarou was stunned, the girl nodded. 

"Onee-chan is this beautiful, so why did you compromise with 
this uncool onii-chan!? Is this volunteer work too!?" 

"You've got a good head on you..." 

Koutarou smiled wryly from the girl's harsh appraisal and 
patted her on the head. Kiriha, who evidently looked happy, 
cleared her throat. 

"Fufu, it's neither compromising or volunteering. Once you 
become an adult you'll understand." 

"You sure are an adult, onee-chan." 

"At least somewhat more than you." 

Kiriha patted the girl with a smile as she stood up. Since 
Kiriha was still holding onto Koutarou's arm, he naturally got 
up as well. 

"Well then." 

"Are you shopping, onee-chan?" 

The girl scratched her head. Kiriha nodded at the girl and 
pointed towards the mall with her free hand. 

"Yes. We need to buy ingredients for dinner." 

"Hmm. Then come buy something at us! We'll give you a 

"That's what I planned on doing.” 

"Alright! Then hurry up you two! Our limited time sale is 
about to start!” 

"You really have a good head on you...” 

The girl then pulled on Koutarou and Kiriha's hands, leading 
them into the mall. 

Part 4 

As of late, it had been Kiriha and Ruth's job to do the 
shopping, so it had been a while since Koutarou last went 
shopping with Kiriha. 

“Oh, Kiriha-chan, you brought your boyfriend with you this 

“Kiriha-san, we just stocked some nice tea. If you don't mind 
samples, take some with you.” 

“Today's hero show was great!” 

“Don't look at her like that dear! Sorry about that, Kiriha- 

“That's right! Let those young ones that came with you on 
the volunteer work know that I'm looking forward to working 
with them again!” 

As Koutarou walked alongside Kiriha, various people called 
out to her. When he had gone with her shopping in the past, 
he hadn't seen these kinds of reactions. 

“Thank you very much.” 

Kiriha bowed politely to each and everyone. It looked to 
Koutarou like Kiriha welcomed this change as well. 


Koutarou watched over her, with a mysterious feeling 
brewing inside. 

The people calling out to her were proof that she was 

blending in well on the surface. Thanks to her participation in 
the area, she became more and more needed. If things 
continued like this, Kiriha might someday reveal her true 
intentions to them. 

Kiriha had called it her method of invasion. However, 

Koutarou tried nothing to stop her invasion. No, more 
importantly, he was doubting whether or not this was even 
an invasion. 

Does she really intend to invade the surface? 

Koutarou's doubts resurfaced. 

It only looked to him like Kiriha was peacefully emigrating to 
the surface. For that reason, Kiriha legally obtained a 
dwelling, bonded with the locals and formed harmonious 
relationships with others. 

However, when they had first met, she neglected to mention 
that and instead hinted about an invasion through force; that 
she would secure their shrine and mass produce weapons like 
her haniwas. That's why Koutarou had objected to begin with. 
If she had told him this is what she was planning from the 
start, he might even have cooperated with her. 

And I'm not even sure if she actually wants that shrine or not... 

The biggest doubt in Koutarou's mind was that Kiriha hadn't 
seized room 106 yet. 

Kiriha was smart enough to easily outwit Koutarou. There 
probably weren't any girls as clever as her around. If that girl 
put her mind to it, she should be able to wrap up the fighting 
for room 106 in an instant. It was probably easy for her to roll 
over Koutarou, Sanae and Yurika, and since Theia was 
simplistic in her approach, there were plenty of ways to take 

advantage of her. Whether if she would fight fair and square 
or scheme her way through it, Koutarou felt it odd for her not 
to have been victorious yet. 

Kiriha was for some reason not taking it seriously. In fact, she 
would even help Koutarou and the others. That was the case 
when Sanae had been captured by the ghost hunters or when 
Theia had been attacked by Clan. Kiriha had said that she 
knew the pain of having something stolen from you, but not 
only did she assist her enemies, she even went out of her 
way to help them. 

"I was just about to throw away the unsold stuff. Feel free to 
take it with you.” 

"Thank you very much." 

"Rather than throwing it away, I'd prefer it if a beautiful girl 
like yourself ate it! See you later, miss!” 

"Koutarou, I got some takoyaki. But we still haven't had 
dinner, so could you eat half of it?" 

"Yeah, thank you, Kiriha-san." 

Kiriha smiled and presented the paper plate full of takoyaki 
she had just gotten to Koutarou. He accepted it and thought 
to himself. 

She really doesn't have any intentions of invading the surface... 

What made Koutarou doubt more than anything was her 
smile. He couldn't imagine the smile she was showing the 
children and the people working at the mall as being fake. So 
he couldn't see Kiriha attack them with weapons. 

"...Hey, Kiriha-san." 

“Yes, Koutarou?" 

Koutarou decided to ask her. If he seriously asked her, she 
would definitely answer. During these eight months, 
Koutarou's trust in Kiriha had grown enough for him to 
believe that. 

“There's something that's been bothering me, do you mind if 
I ask?” 

Kiriha, who was walking next to Koutarou, stuffed her mouth 
with takoyaki. When she looked up at Koutarou, her smile was 
abruptly erased. 

“...That depends on what, but I'll answer as much as I can.” 

Since she was sensitive to other people's feelings, she 
noticed that Koutarou was about to ask something serious. 

“I see. Then I'll ask but...” 

Koutarou showed a serious expression. 

“...You never really intended to invade the surface from the 
beginning, right?” 


Surprised, Kiriha wasn't even able to say Koutarou's name. 
Her eyes were then stood wide open for a while before she 
slowly began smiling. 

“...That's quite the thing to say all of a sudden, Koutarou. To 
say that I don't wish to invade the surface...” 

As Kiriha said that, she reached into her pocket with her 
white, supple hand. 

“You don't really wish for it, right?" 

“What makes you think that?" 

Kiriha pulled her hand out from her pocket, holding a small 
card. The card was aged and torn; it was a metallic card that 
looked like it was an extra that came with candy. 

If I'm not mistaken, that's the card I saw at the beach... 

Koutarou responded to Kiriha's question while staring at the 
card she had pulled out. 

“You're far too nice to invade us." 

Kiriha was nice. She was nice to anyone. She would try to 
hide it using words, but in the end she wouldn't hurt others. 

#i i?" 

Kiriha was speechless. And after glancing at the card in her 
hand she stared at Koutarou. 

“...What makes you think that I'm not just acting that way to 
earn your trust?" 

Kiriha then laughed. However, Koutarou could see the 
feelings he had never seen before deep inside of her eyes. He 
couldn't imagine what kind of feelings those eyes held, but 
he answered her question without hesitation. 

“I feel like I've been fooled by those words several times 
before. You would say that from time to time to scare me off. 
I'm an idiot, so I kept falling for it." 

Koutarou smiled wryly. 

“...Could it be that it would be bad for you to earn my trust?" 

Koutarou didn't have any reason to believe what he had said. 
He wasn't that clever. Instead, those words came from his 
intuition. But it was an intuition based on his observations of 
Kiriha these past eight months. Koutarou believed in his own 

Kiriha's expression vanished and she didn't answer 
Koutarou's words. While silent, she stared at her card for a 
while. Koutarou didn't try forcing an answer out of her either. 
The two of them then continued walking silently. 


Once they passed by the arcade and the stars above them 
had appeared. She finally opened her mouth. 


“Can I have some of your time the next time you're free?” 
Countless stars twinkled in the beautiful winter sky. 
“...There's a place I'd like to show you.” 

Lit up by those stars, Kiriha's smile shone. 

Translator's Notes and References 

• Someone who makes a living selling vegetables and 

Recollection (Part 1) 

Part 1 

Saturday, December 19 

Today was blessed with clear weather and no wind. Thanks to 
that, it felt warm, despite it being winter. It was an indian 

"Koutarou, what about your coat?” 

”1 don't need it. It's hard to move in, and besides, it's warm 

Because of that, Koutarou shook his head at Kiriha who had 
her hand on his coat. He then picked up a nearby jacket. He 
was planning on going out in some more comfortable clothes. 

”1 see. Then I'll do the same.” 

As she helped Koutarou put on his jacket, Kiriha smiled 

Today was Saturday, and school was closed. Because of their 
previous promise, Koutarou and Kiriha would be going out 

Five pair of eyes stared at Koutarou and Kiriha. They 
belonged to Sanae, Yurika, Theia and Ruth, and Shizuka who 

had come over to play. 

Sanae, Yurika and Theia sat in front of the TV playing games. 
However, they weren't focused on the game, but rather on 
Koutarou and Kiriha. They would glance at the two from time 
to time. 

Ruth and Shizuka sat down facing each other, drinking tea by 
the tea table. However, Ruth seemed to be in a bad mood, 
and her cheeks were slightly puffed up. In contrast, Shizuka 
was in a great mood. Her eyes were sparkling as she 
pretended to drink tea and stared at Koutarou and Kiriha. 

“Alright. Then let's go, Kiriha-san." 

“Yes. Well then everyone, we'll be going out." 

Having finished their preparations, Koutarou and Kiriha 
moved towards the front door. However, none of the 
remaining five moved. Normally, Sanae would have made a 
fuss and ask to come with, but instead was still sitting in front 
of the TV. 

“Kiriha-san, do you need the shoehorn?" 

“Thank you. Fufufu, Koutarou, the area around your heel has 

“That's why I won't need the shoe horn." 

However, once they had confirmed that Koutarou and Kiriha 
had reached the front door, all five girls began moving at 
once. They gathered around the hall leading to the front door 
and stared at the two by the front door. Their heads peeked 
around the corner, above one another. From the top it was 
Sanae, Shizuka, Yurika, Ruth and finally Theia. They looked 
almost like a totem pole. 

"Koutarou, you haven't forgotten anything have you?” 

"You gave me my cell phone, handkerchief and wallet 
yourself just a moment ago." 

"Right, my bad. It was just a habit.” 

"I feel like you're telling me I'm unreliable in a roundabout 

What entered the group of five's vision was the sight of 
Koutarou and Kiriha getting along. Seeing that, four of the 
five glared at them. 

The next moment, all five hurriedly pulled their heads back. 
That was because Koutarou put his hand on the door. 

"I'm off!” 

"See you later.” 

Koutarou and Kiriha turned around and said goodbye to the 
five girls. If they hadn't pulled their heads back when they 
did, they would have been noticed. 


The five girls spoke in harmony. Koutarou and Kiriha then 
turned their backs to the room. If they had listened more 
carefully, they would have noticed that the five girls sounded 
a bit obvious. 

Their heads then appeared in the same totem pole fashion. 
They stared at Koutarou and Kiriha's backs as they left the 

The 25-year-old door creaked as it shut. With their view 
obstructed, the five girls lost sight of Koutarou and Kiriha. 
However, they remained motionless for a moment. 

“...That's a date, there's no mistake about it!" 

The first one to speak was Shizuka, the only one smiling of 
the five. Since she was a girl of age, she had an interest in 
this kind of thing, and she didn't even try to hide it. Her eyes 
were sparkling with excitement. 

“When did they get so close!? I really want to know!!" 

“I won't forgive him for this betrayal when he has Sakuraba- 
senpai! This is a betrayal towards Sakuraba-senpai and I!" 

Just below Shizuka, Yurika was shaking with anger. The gentle 
Yurika was unusually angry as she clenched her fists. 

“He's going on a date with the wrong person! Satomi-san 
should be going out to play with Sakuraba-senpai and me!" 

Yurika felt that if Koutarou was to date someone, it should be 
Harumi. However for some reason, when Yurika imagined 
Koutarou and Harumi on a date, she was with them for some 
reason. Yurika failed to notice that, and didn't understand half 
of the reason for why she was so angry. 

“Koutarou, you stupid idiot!! Why can't you notice that it's all 
part of that woman's trap!" 

Sanae was also angry that Koutarou had gone out with Kiriha, 
but the reason for that was that she simply worried about his 
safety. She was worried that Koutarou had fallen for her 

“Now that it's come to this I'll have to reveal that woman's 
true colors and protect Koutarou!" 

The reason Sanae hadn't gone with Koutarou was because if 
she had, Kiriha wouldn't have shown her true colors. She 
didn't want to avert this disaster but solve the problem once 
and for all. 

“Ruth, can you track them?" 

“I already am. I'm tracking them with the Blue Knight's 
firearm control system." 

The two bottom heads of the totem pole had already swung 
into action. They were using the Blue Knight's monitoring 
system to follow after Koutarou and Kiriha. 

“What's their current location?" 

“They've left Corona House and are heading east. I believe 
they're heading towards the station." 

Theia, who normally went overboard, aside, this time Ruth 
was just as eager. Normally, she would say it's an invasion of 
privacy and prevent Theia from doing anything rash, but this 
time was different. 

“Her highness's knight is meeting with a woman in secret... 
This kind of scandal cannot be allowed!" 

Ruth's eyes were bloodshot and she gave command after 
command to the Blue Knight. 

Koutarou had to be Theia's knight. He had to be a noble, 
strong, just and true hero. Of course, problems with women 
would get in the way of that. To Ruth, the most important 
thing was setting Koutarou back on the right path. For his 
sake, privacy was hardly a problem. 

“Cursed Koutarou, collaboration with the enemy is a serious 
crime!! Does he even understand!?" 

Theia said that, but in reality she didn't think that Koutarou 
was collaborating with the enemy. He wasn't that kind of 
man, Theia knew that more anyone. 

You're acting too much like a knight! Disregard some people's unhappiness 
once in a while! 

That was Theia's hunch. A while before, she vaguely felt that 
Kiriha was wrestling with some kind of problem. At the same 
time, that Koutarou was getting involved with her. 

If Kiriha had a problem, Koutarou would never just ignore it. 
That was her hunch as a princess, and her desire as a 

“The fool! He really is a fool!" 

Worry and a bit of jealousy tugged at Theia's heart. However, 
above all else, she was happy with his willingness to help. 

“Koutarou and Kiriha are heading towards the station, right? 
They must be planning on jumping on a train and going 

“Taking the train from here, you'd either get to the city or the 
beach. Which way are they going I wonder?" 

If they were planning on shopping, bowling or any other city- 
centered entertainment, the fastest way would be to cut 
through the prefecture. 

On the other hand, if they headed towards the sea, there 
were various sea-side resorts and large-scale entertainment 
venues. Since it was now winter, it was unlikely that they 
were heading for a sea-side resort, but there was still the 
chance that they were heading towards the aquarium or 
amusement park. 

Because of that, based on what train they took, they would 
be able to narrow down Koutarou's and Kiriha's destination. 

“Nothing will come from waiting here! Let's head for the 

“Here we go!" 

“W-Wait for meee!” 

Theia dashed out of the room. Sanae quickly followed suit. 
Yurika panicked and followed behind them. 

“Then I shall go too." 

Ruth hurriedly stood up and headed towards the entrance. 

She had to give Theia backup. 

“...Good bye." 

Shizuka stared at Ruth's back and spoke those parting words. 
She sighed and her tone of voice sounded sad. Hearing that, 
Ruth stopped moving after she had put her hand on the door 

“Aren't you coming along, Shizuka-sama?" 

“Well, I have that part-time job." 

“Ah, you did mention that you would be helping out at a show 

Shizuka was also interested in Koutarou and Kiriha, and she 
wanted to join the pursuit party by any means. However, 
since she had the part-time job she had been offered last 
week, she couldn't do that. She was going to work this 
weekend. So she had to get ready to go to her part-time job 
in a while. 

"Aaah, if I knew this was going to happen I wouldn't have 
accepted that job!” 

Shizuka was mortifyingly grinding her teeth. In response, 
Ruth smiled wryly. 

"I'll report what happened to you afterwards.” 

" Really?” 

"Yes, leave it to me.” 

Ruth smiled at Shizuka as she sighed. 

"Ruth, what are you doing?” 

"Yes, right away!... Very well then, Shizuka-sama, I will take 
my leave." 

And with that, Theia and the party left Shizuka behind and 
exited room 106 to chase after Koutarou and Kiriha. 

Part 2 

Koutarou and Kiriha had gotten on the train headed towards 
the sea. Seeing that, Theia and the others got on the 
following express train to chase after them. Because of that, 
Theia and the others had arrived at the station they assumed 
Koutarou and Kiriha were going to get off of ahead of time. 

“Your highness, as we expected, Satomi-sama and Kiriha- 
sama got off on this station." 

“I thought so..." 

Hearing Ruth's report, Theia nodded. 

“This is a definitely a date." 

“Grrrrr, if we don't do something fast, Koutarou will fall prey 
to Kiriha!” 

Theia, Ruth, Yurika and Sanae hid in a small alley while 
keeping an eye on the entrance to the station. 

“However, the two of them entered a paid area with a roof, so 
the unmanned aircraft lost track of them." 

While the four of them were moving, they had an unmanned 
aircraft from the Blue Knight follow Koutarou and Kiriha from 
above. However, since Koutarou and Kiriha entered a paid 
area with a roof after getting off the train, it became 
impossible to track them from the sky. 

“No problems. They'll have to leave eventually." 

“But, with that many people how can we spot Satomi-san?" 

Yurika pointed her finger at an endless crowd. Since it was 
the weekend, there were a lot of people out to play. Even if 
Koutarou and Kiriha appeared, they wouldn't see them in this 

“Fufufu, leave this to Sanae-chan!” 

That was when Sanae stepped forward, full of confidence. 

She stood in front of everyone and squinted with her eyes. 

“There's a special bond between I, Sanae-chan, and 

Sanae was looking for the spiritual energy that Koutarou was 
emitting. Since she always clung onto him, she was 
especially sensitive to his aura. Thanks to that, Sanae was 
able to find Koutarou and Kiriha without any problems. 

“I found them, they're over there!” 


“I've got a lock on them! The unmanned aircraft is following 
them again!” 

Thanks to Sanae, the unmanned aircraft began chasing after 
Koutarou and Kiriha once more. With this, Theia and the 
others would no longer lose Koutarou and Kiriha. 

“Sanae-chan, that's amazing.” 

“Praise me some more you bastardi’” 

Sanae boasted proudly as Yurika praised her. However, she 
didn't get patted on the head like with Koutarou so she didn't 
feel as fulfilled. 

“Satomi-sama and Kiriha-sama have begun moving.” 

“Where are they headed?" 

“...According to the map, there's a zoo in the direction they're 
heading to." 

Once Koutarou and Kiriha got out of the station, they began 
moving straight forward. In the direction they were heading 
to was the Harukaze Zoo. It was the largest zoo in the 

By the way, to the right of it there was an amusement park, 
and to the left was an aquarium. This area was so crowded 
because all of those attractions were so tightly grouped up. 

“Alright, let's keep a safe distance and follow them." 

“Don't we need to get a little closer?" 

“There's barely anywhere with a roof in the zoo, so we should 
be fine, right?" 

“Ahh!? H-How could this be!?” 

As Theia and the others began moving to follow after 
Koutarou and Kiriha, Ruth let out a loud voice akin to a 

“What's wrong!?" 

“The two of them are holding hands!!" 

In the center of the footage captured by the unmanned 
aircraft were Koutarou and Kiriha holding hands as they 






IHHlHBIHIIBTlmni ■ ■•• •• V .v ■ 1 


Ifilllill Ik 



x¥: : > 






"Satomi-san!? Are you serious!?” 

"You're being fooled, you're being fooled, KoutarouM" 

In reality, Koutarou and Kiriha were only holding hands so 
they wouldn't lose each other in this crowd, but to the others, 
that wasn't what it looked like. 

"We're going to close in! I want to know what they're talking 


"I'm glad we followed them... I never imagined it would turn 
out like this..." 

"Once we get home he'll be punished. This behavior is 
shameful and unworthy of a knight." 

Having splendidly misunderstood Koutarou and Kiriha's 
relationship, the four girls hurriedly chased after the two. 

Although there was a large crowd on the outside, once they 
got inside the zoo, the crowd began to disperse, so there was 
no longer any risk of losing sight of each other. Koutarou and 
Kiriha let go of each other's hands. 

"Koutarou, there's a giraffe over there." 

"Ah, hey.” 

And because Kiriha headed off on her own, there wasn't even 
a chance to hold hands. 

"...What's up with her today?” 

Following after Kiriha, Koutarou scratched his head. 

Normally Kiriha gave off the appearance of being a mature. 
She was the most mature of the residents of room 106. 

"Koutarou, is it true that giraffes sleep standing up?” 

"Supposedly. I hear they have no problems with sleeping 
while standing up for a short moment.” 

"I see, so it's true.” 

However, as she stared at the animals, she had none of that 
mature appeal. In fact, it was the opposite; at the moment, 
she seemed like an innocent child. 

The answer to that question might be around here... 

When Koutarou had asked about Kiriha's intentions regarding 
the surface invasion, she had said there was some place she 
wanted to go with him. And here, she showed a different side 
of herself that she hadn't showed before. Koutarou didn't 
imagine that this was irrelevant to that. 

"Koutarou, where are the penguins?” 

"The penguins should be at the aquarium.” 

She had an honest smile, her eyes jumped back and forth 
looking at unusual animals, she spoke quicker than normal 
and she was clasping her hands like a child. 

I guess I'll play along for a while... 

Seeing Kiriha like that, Koutarou was overcome with a feeling 
of gentleness. He wanted to let her do as she pleased. 

“Even though the flamingos are here?" 

“Even then, they're still in the aquarium. The polar bears 
should be at the aquarium as well." 

“I see... their classifications are surprisingly vague..." 

“Do you want to go the aquarium later?" 

“Please! I want to go by all means!" 

This was the first time Koutarou felt like Kiriha was from the 
same era as he was. 

Part 3 

“I see, so this is how it tastes.” 

Kiriha had a satisfied look on her face as she bit down on her 
red candied apple. Next to her sat Koutarou. The two of them 
were sitting on a bench, eating lunch. 

"Is this your first time?" 

Koutarou stopped eating his yakisoba and looked at Kiriha. 
She nodded in response as she munched on the candied 

"Yes, this is my first time eating one. I saw them once in the 
past, and ever since then I've been interested in trying one." 

Koutarou and Kiriha were in a resting area located in one of 
the corners of the zoo. In that place, there were snack shops, 
stalls and candy shops lined up, giving off the aura of a 
festival being held. They had bought the candied apple Kiriha 
was eating there. 

"Hmm. So how is it? Is it as good as you thought? Or was it 

"If it's just one, it's delicious." 

"Hahaha, that's true for most stall foods." 

"That yakisoba too?" 

Kiriha looked at what Koutarou was holding as he laughed. 
"Yeah. Want a taste?” 

“Please, I'm quite interested." 

Kiriha had an interested look on her face as she received 
Koutarou's chopsticks and carried the yakisoba to her mouth. 
After chewing on it for a while, she looked back at Koutarou. 

“...It's persistent and greasy. It's not very good." 

“Yeah. You can't eat too much of this." 

“Fufufu, I think I can understand." 

The yakisoba had been altered in order to make it cool 
slower, and so that the taste would remain unchanged even if 
it did get cold. Because of the large amount of grease and 
having been cooked in a lower temperature, the yakisoba 
rarely got dry, and because of the grease the taste got 
thicker. It was fundamentally different from yakisoba that had 
been made to be eaten when it was the most delicious. 

Because of that, the fate of this kind of food was that you 
wouldn't be able to eat much of it. 

“So it's only meant to be eaten at special times." 

Kiriha smiled and went back to eating her candied apple 
again. Meanwhile, Koutarou nodded and carried some 
noodles to his mouth. 

“Thaht's rhight." 

“Mind your manners, Koutarou." 

“Ith's fhine at thimes like this." 

Kiriha took a bite of her candied apple. 

“Fufufu, thath's thrue." 

As Koutarou and Kiriha were laughing- 

“I found you, underground people!” 

A familiar sounding manly voice echoed throughout the 


"Koutarou, over there.” 

Koutarou looked up from his yakisoba and in front of him was 
a lone man wearing a red outfit. 

"Fate brought us together here today! This time—” 

The man in red was in the middle of his speech, but he 
stopped half way through. 

"Wait a minute, isn't that guy..." 

"Oh? You're from that time..." 

Through the visor of the man's helmet, Koutarou and the 
man's eyes met, and the two spoke at the same time. 

"Baron Demon-san and Black Rose-san?” 

"You're the Sun Ranger, right?” 

It was the Sun Squad, Sun Rangers, the five-man hero group 
Koutarou and the others met at the Harukaze-man hero show 
last week. 

"I am terribly sorry for intruding on your hero show last 

After noticing Koutarou, Red Shine bowed deeply. 

Remembering that he had angered Koutarou on top of the 
stage, Red Shine used this chance to apologize. 

“No, no, you were hardly intruding." 

Because of the man's gentlemanly and proper apology, 
Koutarou and Kiriha hurriedly stood up and bowed their 

“At that time, Harukaze-man had gotten in some trouble, so it 
really helped that you appeared to help buy some time. 

Thank you." 

“It helps hearing that. I'm still very sorry for leaving without 
saying anything that time." 

Having both been raised to respect their superiors, Koutarou 
and Red Shine connected and smiled at each other. 

“By the way, Baron-san, Black Rose-san, based on your 
appearance, are you enjoying some private time?" 

“Yes. We wanted to talk some things out." 

Koutarou and Kiriha were wearing casual clothes. Seeing that, 
Red Shine assumed that they had come to the zoo to play. 

“And are you in the middle of work?" 

“Hahaha, I'm afraid so." 

Red Shine was wearing his red suit. Seeing that, Koutarou 
assumed they were holding a hero show in the zoo. 

“But it seems this sortie was for naught." 

Red Shine smiled wryly as he shook and hit a small device 
that looked like a handheld console. 

I see. 

So that show wasn't a hit... 

That was how Koutarou interpreted what Red Shine was 
saying. That they had held a hero show in the zoo, but the 
reaction had been cold. 

“Well, if underground people really were to appear that would 
be a problem too, Ahahaha!" 

“That's just how it is for heroes." 

Red Shine and Koutarou laughed together. Their conversation 
wasn't quite matching up, but neither of them noticed that. 

Did he say underground people? And that device... last week that group 
mentioned underground people as well, could it be... 

Only Kiriha realized what Red Shine had said. 



Two more Sun Rangers appeared from behind an animal's 
cage: a woman and a fat man. Koutarou remembered seeing 
those two as well. 

“Oh!? They've...!!” 

Seeing those two, Koutarou's eyes began sparkling. 

“Hey, Red Shine!" 

“That's right, Baron-san!" 

Red Shine boasted proudly as he saw Koutarou getting 


“Pink and Yellow! They've gotten different colors!” 

The two Sun Rangers running towards them were, unlike last 
time, not Red Shine. Their suits were Pink and Yellow 

“So you can do it if you try, Sun Rangers!” 

Getting excited, Koutarou forgot his manners and began 
acting similar to Baron Demon's character as he slapped Red 
Shine on the back. 

“Yes! We took what you had said into account and had gotten 
different colors to make it easier for the kids to tell us apart!” 

Pink for the girl, yellow for the curry lover. Their colors fit 
their personalities perfectly. 

“That's right, that's the idea! Now I'm sorry for those harsh 
words last week, Sun Rangers!” 

“No, this is all thanks to your guidance, Baron-san.” 

“Damn, I wish I had my outfit too!” 

This is it! This is how heroes should be! 

Compared to last week, their heroism had grown 
exponentially, and Koutarou got even more excited. 

“Wait, no way!? Daisaku-kun, isn't that Baron-sama!?” 

“Looks like it... Oh? Is that girl next to him holding some 
yakisoba? I want to eat some too...” 

The next moment, Pink and Yellow noticed Koutarou and 

Kiriha and sped towards them. 

"Baron-sama! No long time no see!” 

"Kenichi! Kenichi!” 

Pink ran towards Koutarou at full speed, while Yellow ran up 
to Red. The two of them then began speaking in between 
rough breaths. 

"Look, Baron-sama!! I've gotten cuter, right!?" 

"Gwahahaha, you've gotten more heroic, Pink Shine. 

However, all that's changed is your appearance. Without your 
allies, you will only fall prey to my powers." 

She spun around in front of Koutarou and showed off her suit. 
Seeing that, Koutarou complimented her in a fashion similar 
to that of a villain's. 

"How wonderful! I'm prepared for anything you'll do to me!" 

Pink's pupils turned into hearts and she wiggled her body. 
Normally, Yellow would tell her to not be so shameless but he 
was too occupied to notice her. 

"Kenichi! I want to eat yakisoba too!" 


"Yeah! That girl is holding some, right? They must be selling it 
around here somewhere!" 

Yellow pressed against Red as he pointed towards the 
yakisoba that Kiriha was holding. Red answered Yellow while 
pushing back his gigantic body. 

"C-Calm down, Daisaku! There doesn't seem to be any 

enemies here, so you can go buy some!” 

" Really!?” 

Hearing those words, Yellow moved away from Red and 
began searching through the area around him. He was 
looking for the stalls that were selling yakisoba. 

"Hah... geez...” 

With Yellow backing off, Red dropped his shoulders in relief. 
Yellow's hand appeared in front of him while Yellow still 
scanned through the area. 

"The wallet, the wallet!” 


"I'll see you later!” 

"Don't forget the receipt!” 

After receiving the wallet that Red pulled out from his pocket, 
Yellow ran off to a nearby snack shop. 

"What a troublesome bunch...” 

Red couldn't hide his uneasiness as he looked at Pink 
wiggling her body in front of Koutarou and Yellow who 
disappeared into the snack shop. 

"Oh well, there doesn't seem to be any enemies anyways..." 
"Nii-chan, is it true that there are no enemies?” 

"Oh, Kotarou.” 

While Red was sighing and rubbing his shoulders, the fourth 

Sun Ranger came over. The suit he was wearing was green. 
Although he didn't stand out because of his short height and 
green color, he himself had wanted that color, because to 
him, not standing out was safer. 

“So about there not being any enemies-" 

“That's right. I came all this way chasing a reaction on the 
detector, but there's no underground people to be seen here. 
As you can see, it's the very definition of peaceful." 

“You're right. The reaction is pointing to somewhere around 
here, but there only seems to be guests in the zoo around." 

Green Shine pulled out his own handheld console looking 
device and looked at its screen, while scratching his head. It 
was indeed showing a reaction to the machines the 
underground people used, but the enemies they were looking 
for was nowhere to be seen. 

“Surprisingly, the only ones I found were Baron Demon-san 
and Black Rose-san. They have today off and came to play." 

The only ones at the location the detector had reacted to 
were different families and Koutarou and Kiriha that they had 
met the other week. 

So they really are... 

Staring at Red and Green, Kiriha understood the situation. 

This Sun Squad, Run Rangers were not staging hero shows for 
children, they were in fact a real battle squad. On top of that, 
they were working to prevent a surface invasion by the 
underground people. It also seemed like they had a device 
capable of detecting the technology the underground people 

Maybe I should try them now... 

Kiriha's expression returned to that of a leader of the People 
of the Earth, and made a swift decision. She looked down 
slightly, hiding her face from the Sun Rangers and whispered. 

"Karama, Korama, Class II stealth mode.” 

"Ho-! Understood Ho-!” 

" Roger!" 

As she whispered, she got a response from Karama and 
Korama, who were hiding, right away. They whispered loud 
enough so that only Kiriha could hear. 

Normally what Karama and Korama were using to hide was a 
function called Class I stealth mode. This hid electromagnetic 
radiation and visible light, making them invisible to radar and 
the human eye. 

Compared to that, the Class II stealth mode that Kiriha 
ordered them to use not only did the above but also hid their 
spiritual energy. By doing that, the haniwas blocked the 
spiritual energy the generator was emitting and could no 
longer be tracked by spiritual energy sensors. Normally, this 
function was only required when dealing with other People of 
the Earth, so she's never had the chance to use it until now. 
And in this state, Karama and Korama's performance dropped 
dramatically, to about 10% of what they were using while in 
Class I stealth mode. 

"Ah, it vanished, nii-chan." 

"Same here.” 

At the same time Karama and Korama changed their stealth 
mod, the reaction on the screens Red and Green were looking 

at also vanished. 

“I'm starting to doubt this device is actually working.” 

”lt was suspicious from the start.” 

As I thought, they're detecting spiritual energy. Did our technology leak to 
them for some reason ? No, the accuracy of the detector is too poor for that. 
Either they produced their own spiritual energy technology or they analyze 
and reproduced ours... 

Based on Red's and Green's reactions, Kiriha could imagine 
what had happened. The technology they were using was still 
far away from the level Kiriha and the underground people 
had. Even though this was Class II stealth mode, being 
unable to detect Karama and Korama from this close, that 
was obvious. Regardless of whether they developed the 
technology on their own or if they had analyzed and 
reproduced it, they were still only taking their first steps into 
spiritual energy technology. 

However, she couldn't let her guard down. If they had 
analyzed and reproduced the People of the Earth's 
technology, this could prove to be problematic. It would mean 
that the Sun Rangers or another part of the organization had 
come into contact and engaged in combat with the People of 
the Earth. 

I just hope the radical faction hasn't sped up their movements... 

Kiriha was worried the most about the part of the People of 
the Earth that wanted to invade the surface using force. It 
wouldn't be strange for them to have appeared and fought on 
the surface. And using that presumption, the worst case 
scenario would be that their technology had been leaked to 
the surface side. If they had been marked by the surface 
dwellers as enemies, and their technology had begun leaking 

to the surface, Kiriha's peaceful invasion plan was at risk of 
being ruined. 

“Oh yeah, where's Hayato?" 

“He's still not here? He left chasing after the reaction before I 

No, I'm just overthinking it... I've been a bit too suspicious lately... 

In the end, Kiriha decided that she was worrying too much. 
Seeing how casual the Sun Rangers were acting, she didn't 
think they felt all that much danger. 

“Sorry for keeping you waiting! Kenichiii!" 

At that moment, a manly voice rang out from above Koutarou 
and the others. It was a cool and deep voice, coming from on 
top of a nearby cage. 

“Hayato-niichan climbed up someplace like that..." 

“That idiot, what's he doing over there...?” 

On top of that cage stood was a lone person. 

“Is he one of your friends?” 

“That's right, Baron-samai’ Hayato loves to stand outi’" 

Koutarou couldn't really make it out because of the position 
of the sun, but based on the silhouette, he was almost certain 
it was a Sun Ranger. 


That person jumped and flew towards Koutarou and the 
others. Thanks to the amazing help of the suit, he jumped 

close to ten meters in an instant and landed in front of 
Koutarou. On top of that, his posture wasn't ruined by his 
landing whatsoever. 

“The heaven calls! The earth calls! The people calls! They all 
call for me to protect the planet!" 

He then swung his arm around and posed. 

“I am the son of the Sun! I am flame incarnate!" 

He thrust his hands overhead as if to grasp the sun. He must 
have practiced it countless times. His appearance was manly 
and powerful. 

“Reeeeed Shiiiiiiiine!!" 

At the same time as his shout, his red suit shone in the sun. 
“Quit messing around!!" 

However, Koutarou's axe kick was far more powerful than his 

“Agh, ugh." 

Receiving Koutarou's powerful blow, the second Red Shine 
was thrown to the concrete ground of the zoo. Because of the 
all too powerful kick, the second Red Shine rebounded and 
turned around before landing on his back. 

“O-Ow, just what... why..." 

“No what's or why's! Damnit, it was going so well too, why 
would you ruin it at the end!?" 

“Eh!? Baron-san!?" 

“Don't give me an 'Eh!? Baron-san!?'!! Do you understand 
what you just did you bastard!?" 

Because of Koutarou's shout, the second Red Shine finally 
noticed him. And while flinching from Koutarou's attitude, he 
gets up and desperately tried to protest. 

“Just wait a moment! Why are you so angry, Baron-san!? We 
colored ourselves after our roles!" 

“Then why are there two Reds!?" 

“Please, calm down, Baron-san!!" 

Still overly excited, Koutarou was about to axe kick the 
second Red Shine once more, so the first Red Shine hurriedly 
stopped him. 

In reality, another commotion was occurring behind 
Koutarou's back. 

“That ferocious sound voice!! Power that would be 
unstoppable unless wearing this suit!! Those evil looking eyes 
on fire!! Kyaaaan, I want to be scorched by that glare!!" 

“Calm down, Megumi-neechan!" 

Seeing Koutarou burning with rage, Pink Shine's excitement 
exceeded its limit. Green Shine desperately stopped her from 
unsteadily walking towards Koutarou. If Pink Shine got 
involved in this, she would only fan the flames of Koutarou's 

“Daisaku-niichan, help me stop nee-chan!!" 

As his last remaining hope, Green asked Yellow for help. 
“Hm?Just wait a while longer until I finish eating this 

yakisoba, Kotarou-kun." 

"Baron-sama, your Pink is over here!” 

”W-What can I even do!!” 

However, reality is cruel. No one came to back up Green as 
he desperately tried all he could. Pink dragged Green with 
her as she gradually approached Koutarou. 

This is bad! Baron-san is going to kill us! 

Green looked forward towards Koutarou who was enraged as 

"Are you doing this on purpose!? Is it that fun making me this 

"You're wrong! That's not what we're trying to do! Please 
calm down!" 

"As if I could calm down!!” 

"We still haven't officially decided on who's the leader!! So 
we decided to keep the two candidates in red!!” 

"Quit messing around!! There's only one leader!! The only 
time when there would ever be two leaders would be in the 
movies or around episode 26 when the leader changes!!" 

"S-So that really was the case...” 

"What was that!? Did you do this on purpose!?" 

"Oh crap!!” 

"You idiot, HayatoM You had to say something stupid!" 

"Baaaron-samaaa-! Please mess me up with your power 

"Uwah, it's no useee-M" 

"...This yakisoba is delicious. I'll get one more on our way 

Since they were a government sponsored battle squad, the 
Sun Squad, Sun Rangers were strong. They were trained, and 
their suits were durable and powerful. 

"Dieeeeee! Pay for you sins with your deaths!!" 

However, the enraged Koutarou was even stronger than all 
five of them combined. 

Translator's Notes and References 

1.Refers to unseasonably warm weather 

Recollection (Part 2) 

Part 1 

Sunday, December 20 

Sunday, the following day. Koutarou and Kiriha were riding 
the same train as yesterday. Their destination this time was 
the amusement park. Koutarou was tagging along with Kiriha 
today as well. 

“Damn those Sun Rangers... yesterday was a mess..." 

Koutarou's expression distorted as the zoo comes into view. 
The zoo was still far away, but as he got closer, he 
remembered the Sun Rangers from yesterday, and his mood 
got worse. 

“I'm sorry, Koutarou." 

Kiriha smiled wryly and apologized to Koutarou with an 
apologetic look on her face. 

In truth, they were supposed to visit the amusement park 
yesterday. However, because of the trouble with the Sun 
Rangers, they ran out of time. That was why Kiriha was 

“Kiriha-san, there's no need for you to apologize. They're the 
ones at fault." 

“That might be true. But... I'm sorry, Koutarou." 

Kiriha's hair fluttered slightly as she tilted her head, and her 
smile changed. It was a happy smile, rather than an 
apologetic one. 

“...You're quite the woman you know...” 

Her smile changed and her head tilted slightly. The words she 
was saying were the same, but all negative emotions left 
Koutarou, and he returned to his cheerful self. 

“I'll take that as a compliment.” 

“Please do.” 

This time Koutarou smiled wryly. 

This would happen from time to time. Kiriha's rare, refreshing 
smile. Up until now, Koutarou had always tried to ignore 
those smiles, to keep himself from being fooled. However, he 
didn't think she was trying to fool him now. So her smile sunk 
into the deepest parts of him. 

You really are quite impressive... 

And that's why Koutarou began doubting. He was wondering 
why Kiriha would purposefully make moves that would make 
him doubt her. Was she going to reveal her true intentions? If 
she did, and smiled at Koutarou like that, Koutarou would 
probably easily obey her. 

“You're quite the man too.” 

“Is that a compliment?” 

“Fufufu, what do you think?” 

“You really are quite the woman..." 

As Koutarou and Kiriha swayed inside the train, they happily 
laughed together. 

“I found them! They just came through the entrance!” 

“Good job, Sanae. Ruth, have the unmanned aircraft continue 
tracking them." 

“Understood, your highness." 

“I found them too!" 

Theia, Ruth, Sanae and Yurika were following after Koutarou 
and Kiriha today as well. They were waiting by some alley for 
Koutarou and Kiriha to come out. 

“10:10; They begin moving towards the amusement park." 

After giving out commands to the unmanned aircraft, Ruth 
recorded Koutarou and Kiriha's moves using her armband for 
Shizuka's sake as she had left for her part-time job. Shizuka 
wanted to know about Koutarou and Kiriha. However, unlike 
the other four girls, she was just curious, as a girl of age. 

“But it's still suspicious. Both today and yesterday, Satomi- 
san and Kiriha-san are completely different from normal." 

“Koutarou's definitely being fooled by her sex appeal." 

“Koutarou's an idiot and honest to a fault!" 

“There are countless knights that have lost their ways 
because of woman-related problems. Satomi-sama is lacking 
in self-awareness!" 

Koutarou and Kiriha were cheerfully walking towards the 

amusement park. However, the four girls secretly watching 
over them were restless. 

Similar to yesterday, Koutarou and Kiriha looked closer than 
ever. The four girls all had comments about Koutarou's 
relation with women, so they couldn't remain calm as they 
watched over them. 

"Let's go, your highness." 

"Yes, it would be problematic if we lost sight of them. Let's 
chase after them right away." 



Like yesterday, the four girls followed after Koutarou and 

Part 2 

The first thing Kiriha did after they had entered the 
amusement park was to take Koutarou to a small movie 
theater. They showed various movies related to events, and 
right now it was being used to campaign a newly started 

“Is still really okay?” 

“Yes. This is fine.” 

After Koutarou bought tickets and pamphlets, Kiriha happily 
nodded. She received her pamphlet from Koutarou and 
stroked the cover. It looked similar to patting a child's head, 
and Koutarou believed she was feeling nostalgic. 

She might really be feeling nostalgic... 

Koutarou looked through his own pamphlet. The king of 
beetles, Kabutonga - Theatrical version' was written on it 
with large letters. 

The movie was the theatrical version of an anime that aired 
ten years ago, and it was being screened again as a 
promotion for the newly airing work: 'The king of beetles, 
Kabutonga - Second Impact'. Another event promoting 
Second Impact was being held in parallel. 

Kiriha hadn't said much to Koutarou during the two days he 
had spent with her, but he had noticed that when she did, 
she would sometimes mention the terms 'in the past' and 'ten 
years ago'. So Koutarou began thinking that all the places 
they had been to these past two days were related to her 

If that was true, then this movie might be the same. That's 
the reason behind why Koutarou believed that Kiriha was 
feeling nostalgic. 

“Koutarou, look." 

At that moment, a brand new metallic card was presented to 

Kabutonga No. 1 - Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle. 

Below those words was a hero, wearing an outfit designed 
after the beetle, posing. The card was a trading card that 
could be found as an extra when buying snacks, and it was 
very popular with the kids at the time. It had been reprinted 
and added as an extra with the pamphlet. 

This is... Kiriha-san’s... 

Koutarou remembered seeing that card. The last time he saw 
it, it wasn't brand-new. It was aged and torn. And it had been 
scribbled on. 

“Kiriha-san, isn't this..." 


Kiriha's smile looked bright; innocent, but at the same time, 
nostalgic. It was the best smile she had shown Koutarou 
today. Seeing that, Koutarou was convinced. 

So that really is the case. Which means... 

In Koutarou's mind, Kiriha's behavior these past eight months 
and the events these past two days lined up in accordance to 
a certain rule. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, it pointed towards a 
single answer. However, it wasn't enough to remove 
Koutarou's doubts. To solve all of his doubts, one more 

answer was required. 

“You're surprisingly feminine." 

That was all Koutarou understood right now. 

“That's unexpected. I've been trying to act like a woman all 
this time though..." 

“You're doing it on purpose, aren't you?" 

Koutarou lightly tapped Kiriha on the forehead with his fist. 

“That hurts, Koutarou. What are you doing, hurting a 
woman's face..." 

Using exaggerated gestures, she put pressure on her 
forehead and glared at Koutarou. Seeing that, Koutarou 

“Stop fooling around, and let's go. The movie's starting." 

“That would be a problem." 

However, that was just for a moment. 

The two of them began smiling right away, and entered the 
theater filled with children. 

“A theater, huh..." 

“This is bad." 

“Yes, this is bad. Very bad." 

Seeing Koutarou and Kiriha enter the theater, Sanae and 
Theia looked at each other with a severe expression and 
nodded at each other. The two of them had noticed the 


“Why? C-Could it be that Satomi-san would take advantage of 
the darkness to make a move on Kiriha-san!?” 

Unaware of the danger, Yurika was worried about something 
completely unrelated. 

“Of course not! There are kids all around them!” 

“The problem is not with those two.” 

“Then, what is it?” 

Yurika had a confused look on her face as she stared at Sanae 
and Theia. The two of them then looked back at the same 

“Satomi-sama and Kiriha-sama have entered the theater. 
Putting the unmanned aircraft on standby above it.” 

The two of them looked at Ruth who was giving out 
commands to the unmanned aircraft. Following their glance, 
Yurika realized that they were talking about Ruth. 

“...It's Ruth?” 

However, Yurika didn't understand. She couldn't understand 
what Koutarou and Kiriha going in to a theater had to do with 
Ruth. She whispered to Theia and Sanae so that Ruth 
wouldn't hear. 

“...That's right. Or rather, she has problems with where they 

“...Yurika take a good look at the sign by the theater. 

However, don't raise your voice no matter what you see.” 

Theia and Sanae whisper back in response. The two of them 
were worried that Ruth would notice the sign and had 
casually moved in front of Ruth to obstruct it. 

"The sign?" 

Yurika blinked, not understanding what was going on before 
she looked towards the theater. She then noticed what was 
written on the sign. 


She blocked her own mouth to prevent her scream. However, 
that might not have been needed because she had been so 
surprised that she couldn't scream any more than that. 

'A special project to commemorate the broadcasting of "The 
king of beetles, Kabutonga - Second Impact", a rescreening 
of the masterpiece "The king of beetles, Kabutonga - 
Theatrical version"! Parents and children, please enjoy it 

"A-As if anyone could enjoy it!!!" 

Since this movie was made ten years ago, it had been 
produced using hand-drawn animation, unlike the modern 
anime industry that relied on a lot of CG. Yurika couldn't help 
but feel hatred coming from the hero's smile. To Yurika, he 
looked like a demon that had crawled up from hell as he held 
the metallic beetle carapace used to transform in his hand. 

"Ah, idiot, you're too loud!" 

"Shhh! Shhh!" 

"Hmmp, Mhhhm, Hmmhmm!!" 

Theia and Sanae pounced on Yurika as she began making 

noises. Ruth had constantly been looking through the 
unmanned aircrafts point of view, so she didn't know what 
was written on the sign. However, if the commotion 
continued, she would eventually notice. So Theia and Sanae 
were desperate. 

“...Quit messing around!! Do you understand the situation!?" 
“...Hmm Hmm Hmm." 

“...If you make a fuss again, you know what's going to 
happen, right?" 

“...Hmm! Hmm! Hmm!" 

Sanae and Theia quietly threatened Yurika, and Yurika 
hurriedly nodded her head. 

The two of them were serious. If their positions had been 
reversed, Yurika felt like she would have been serious too, so 
she understood them. 

“Is there something wrong?" 

Noticing the commotion, Ruth turned around. Having been 
left out, Ruth looked at the three in confusion. The three of 
them then hurriedly separated and began covering the sign 

“l-lt's nothing, Ruth! It looked like Yurika had a small pebble 
on the bottom of her shoe! So I was just thinking of getting it 

“Yeah! Right, Yurika!?” 

Theia was planning on surviving this situation by pretending 
that Yurika had run into a minor problem. Sanae quickly 
picked up on that and joined in. 

“Eh? Was that why?” 

Yurika, however, misunderstood Theia and looked at the back 
of her shoes. And of course, she couldn't find any pebbles 
stuck there. 

“I don't see any pe—” 

“...Shut up!” 

“...There is. In the pattern by the heel.” 

"l-ls that so?” 

Having received a blow to her head, Yurika looked at Ruth 
with a questioning look and tears in her eyes. However, 
before Ruth could say anything else, Theia walked up to her, 
grabbed her hand and walked in the opposite direction of the 

“Let's go, Ruth.” 

“Your highness? Are you fine with leaving Satomi-sama and 

Trying to tear Ruth away from the theater, Theia continued 
walking. At the same time, she put some distance between 
them and Yurika. 

“I don't mind. Just leave the unmanned aircraft on standby 
until Koutarou comes out. The movie will probably last for 
over an hour, I don't intend to just sit here wait for that.” 

“But what if they do something—” 

“That won't happen. Did you forget that they will be 
surrounded by kids?” 

“Now that you mention it..." 

“Koutarou might look unreliable, but he won't do anything to 
ruin the dreams of children." 

“I see, that makes a lot of sense." 

Ruth was bothered about just leaving, but after hearing what 
Theia had to say she was satisfied and soon walked alongside 

“...Would you give it a break." 

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." 

“If you try to do something like that, I'll possess you and 
forcibly close your mouth." 

“Anything but that!!" 

Sanae and Yurika followed after Theia and Ruth. Although it 
might just have been an excuse that Theia came up with on 
the spot, they couldn't just sit outside the theater for over an 

“Hey, everyone, why don't we all go see the haunted 
mansion since we have the time. I hear it's really scary." 

“I don't really mind." 

“That does sound like fun." 

“I absolutely refuse! I'm always with a ghost, so why would I 
need to go see a haunted mansion!?" 

Having separated from Koutarou and Kiriha, the four girls 
were all ready to enjoy the amusement park. There were still 
about two hours left until the movie ended, so they had 

plenty of time to enjoy. 

However, none of them knew. 

None of them had any idea what event was being held in 
front of the haunted mansion. 

It was a tragedy they could have avoided if they had paid 
more attention to the sign by the theater, but since the 
hurriedly left, they didn't have the time to do so. 

Part 3 

Meanwhile, Shizuka who had gone alone to her part-time job 
was standing on a stage wearing a full body suit. 

Shizuka's athleticism during last week's hero show had 
caught the eyes of a professional and she had been 
introduced to this part-time job. Of course, it was related to a 
hero show. 

“Poison powder doesn't affect me! Have you forgotten that 
my body is made out of metal!? Absorbing Madame 
Butterfly's ability backfired, Scarab King!” 

Shizuka moved her body in accordance to the hero's voice 
flowing out from the speakers. 

The acting should be overdone... 

Even though she had been told to overact in a play when she 
was practicing for the Blue Knight's play in November, the 
hero show required even more over the top acting. Since the 
helmet covered her face, she had to make even bigger, more 
dramatic gestures to make it easier to understand. 

She pointed powerfully at the large beetle costume in front of 
her. As if waiting for that cue, the deep voice of a man flowed 
through the speakers. 

“What about it, Kabutonga No. 1!! Even if it doesn't work on 
you, what about the humans around you!?” 

As the voice was sounding out from the speakers, the beetle 
- Scarab King continued moving his limbs. Moving your body 
while someone was speaking was one of the important jobs 

for both heroes and villains during the show. 

“Oh no, that was your goal!?" 

As she acted as if she was overly surprised, female extras 
began surrounding her. They were civilians being controlled 
by Scarab King's poison powder. 

“Damnit, you coward! Fight me fair and square!" 

“I refuse!! The term 'fair and square 1 is only used an excuse 
to give yourself an advantage!! That, if anything, is true 
cowardice, Kabutonga No. 1!!" 

“Curse you, Scarab King! You're only skilled in strategy and 

The extras closed in and began putting pressure on 
Kabutonga No. 1. Kabutonga No. 1 was a hero of justice, so 
he couldn't just attack the manipulated women. 

“Don't worry No. 1!" 

“Just leave those women to us!" 

That was when new Kabutongas appeared on the stage. Thei 
large horns and bodies were bigger than No. 1. They were 
Kabutonga No. l's allies, Kabutonga Hercules and Kabutonga 

“So you've come, Hercules! Atlas!” 

Kabutonga No. 1 that Shizuka was acting as had been 
designed using the Japanese rhinoceros beetle as a motif. 
Because of that, it had a smaller body compared to Hercules 
and Atlas, which meant that it required a smaller actor. 
Shizuka had been chosen because of her small body and 
because of the way she had showed off her moves in the 

previous show. 

“Stag-man created an antidote for the poison powder. So just 
leave this to us!" 

“No. 1, you go get Scarab King!” 

“Sorry, please do! Hoooo!” 

Following the script, Shizuka slipped through the women and 
closed in on Scarab King. Before Shizuka, they couldn't find 
anyone who could have been able to pull off this swift kind of 
move. In that sense, she was living up to the stage 
manager's hopes. 

“Damn you, Stag-man! That traitor again!?” 

“Scarab King, your ambition ends here!” 

Using the momentum from her running, Shizuka jumped. In 
reality, there was a trampoline hidden there that couldn't be 
seen from below the stage. She used the trampoline well and 
made a big jump, flying towards the Scarab King, with feet 

“Kabutongaaaa Kiiiiiiick!!” 

Just before the kick actually connected, fireworks and smoke 
went off on the stage. Using the light and smoke as cover, 
Scarab King dodged the kick and Shizuka landed on a cushion 
right behind him. It would be dangerous for both of the actors 
if she actually landed her kick. 

The children cheered. To them, it looked like the Kabutonga 
Kick connected and caused Scarab King to explode. 

“Good job, Shizuka-chan.” 

"Ahaha, thank you very much!” 

Scarab King called out to Shizuka as he quickly got up and 
got into his position. He held his hands on his chest and 
squatted down, while Shizuka moved to stand in front of him. 
After a few seconds, the smoke cleared and the two could be 
seen again. 

”D-Damn, well done Kabutonga No. 1... However, you didn't 
win using your own power! I lost to Stag-man- no, I lost to our 
own technology!” 

"That's where you're wrong, Scarab King!” 

Shizuka swung her right hand around with a wide gesture and 
put her hand on her chest. 

"You simply lost to the justice budding inside of Stag-man's 

"Justice... I won't accept it... I won't accept this... that kind of 
thing is..." 

Scarab King slowly collapsed. 

"I won't be destroyed..." 

The hand he reached out towards Kabutonga No. 1 fell to the 
ground before it could reach. It was the last moments of a 
great evil after being vanquished. It was some splendid 
acting from a veteran that had played villains for several 

"I will return... as many times as it takes... Kabutonga, all 
you've done... was for nothing... 


Scarab King's laughter grew weaker, until it eventually faded 

away as he died. The women were saved by the antidote, and 
the story got a happy ending. 

However, that was when something unexpected happened. 

"W-What's with this girl!?” 

Atlas's and Hercules's actors screamed out all of a sudden. 
Since voice actors stood in for the voices in the show, the 
physical actors were forbidden to actually scream or talk. 
When Shizuka turned around, she saw Kabutonga Atlas flying 
through the air. 

Atlas's actor was large, and the costume he was wearing was 
big and heavy. As he slammed into the stage floor, the sound 
reached further than expected. It was a heavy sound that 
even made the children worry. Atlas didn't move a muscle 
after that. 

"So that's where you were... Hercules-cha~n...” 

A lone girl carrying a large flyswatter had been the one that 
sent Atlas flying. 

"Is that-!?” 

"I was getting worried since I hadn't seen you for so long...” 

That girl's name was Ruthkania Nye Pardomshiha, a girl that 
Shizuka got along really well with. 

"...worried that you might be out breeding somewhere!!” 

Ruth's eyes looked the same as those of a dangerous 

predator. She had caught her prey with her eyes and held her 
large flyswatter using both her hands. Her next prey was 
Kabutonga Hercules. Ruth had come on top of the stage to rid 
the world of the evil (?) beetles. 

“As I thought you increased your numbers, Hercules-chan!! 
And you even got this big!!” 


Unable to swallow the situation, Kabutonga Hercules 
remained motionless. He thought that Ruth was just an extra, 
and that he had forgotten his part of the script. So he looked 
out towards the stage manager, as if asking for help. 


Not missing that opening, Ruth rushed forwards. 

“How foolish! To give me an opening yourself!” 

“Oh no!” 

Shizuka hurriedly ran forwards. She was planning on stopping 

I knew this would happen if I went into any details about my work, so why is 
Ruth here! ? 

When faced with beetles, the normally peaceful and calm 
Ruth's personality turned incredibly violent. That was 
because she had some tragic memories regarding them. 
Those memories left a scar in her heart and she would lose 
her sanity whenever she was faced with beetles. 

Knowing that, Shizuka hid the details around her work from 
Koutarou and the others. If she had said that she was going 
to appear in a show about beetles, it was obvious what Ruth 

would do. The safest option had been to not tell her. 

Despite that, Ruth was now here, targeting Hercules. 
Regardless of the circumstances, she had to do something 
now, or Hercules's life was in danger. 



Shizuka pushed Hercules to the side and faced Ruth. 
Hercules's actor didn't know how dangerous Ruth was when 
she was like this. At this rate, he would be done in before he 
realized. So the only way to protect him was for Shizuka to 
face Ruth personally. 

“Fu, Fufu, another new beetle appears... fufufu, to think you'd 
come out on your own...” 

“Ruth-san, return to your senses! It's me, Shizuka!” 

“I am sane. I'm only doing what Pardomshiha's honor and 
tradition demands me to do.” 

Ruth swung down the flyswatter. 

“It demands me to destroy you beetles!” 






She's fast!? 

Shizuka caught the grip of the flyswatter with her left arm. It 
wasn't the top of the flyswatter, and Shizuka's thick costume 
dispersed the power. But even then, Ruth's strike had a 
tremendous impact. 

“This is bad No. 1! It seems like the antidote isn't working on 
that girl! You need to somehow knock her out without hurting 

Hercules's voice rang out from the speakers. 

The antidote didn't work on Ruth and she was obeying Scarab 
King's orders by attacking the Kabutongas. The stage 
manager had decided to continue the show in order to 
survive the situation. And he was asking for Shizuka to win. 

“You make it sound so easy!” 

Shizuka complained as she continued to block Ruth's attacks. 

Using her flyswatter, elbows, kicks and backhands, Ruth was 
attacking Shizuka with unimaginably sharp moves. Her 
rampant mind had gained complete control of her body, and 
she had turned into a vicious battle machine. 

All Shizuka could do was block Ruth's attacks. She attacked 
swiftly through sheer instinct, on top of that, Shizuka was 
wearing Kabtuonga's outfit, making it hard to move and 
attack. It would be a miracle to knock Ruth out without 
harming her in this situation. 

“Please stop moving, I'll make it easy for you!” 


Ruth's flyswatter swung right below Shizuka's nose. The 
attack was on the verge of hitting, and a chill ran down her 

“It's impossible to like this! I'll go all out, Ruth-san! Don't hate 
me, okay!?” 

"Hate!? Of course I do! My chest burns with its hatred for 

Ruth continued with her sharp attacks, while Shizuka dodged 
her attacks and changed her stance. That wasn't the stance 
of Kabutonga, but Shizuka's own stance. 

"Quit moving around!!” 

"Satomi-kun, you better buy me something later!!” 

Shizuka exhaled and closed the distance to Ruth. 

"Do you want to seduce my Satomi-sama that badly!?” 

Hearing those words, Ruth recalled her tragic memories. 

She recalled how she had felt when Koutarou had embraced 
her, and then when he had whispered the beetle's name. She 
had felt a deep sense of discouragement, similar to despair. 

I won't allow Satomi-sama to choose beetles over me again! I definitely won't 
allow it!! 

Ruth couldn't process the oddity that Kabutonga No. 1 had 
uttered Koutarou's name. She was just desperately protecting 
to keep her precious things from being stolen from her. 


Ruth shouted out with all her might and swung down the 

flyswatter. The flyswatter cut through the air and roared. It 
had the most power out of all of her attacks she had made 

"This is!? But!!” 

However, Shizuka deflected the blow to the left at the very 
last second and used the momentum of her move to tackle 
Ruth with her right shoulder. 


The blow hit Ruth in her stomach, expelled the air she had in 
her lungs and caused her body to stiffen up. 


She could feel the hit go through. Certain of her victory, 
Shizuka stopped moving. Ruth's body then began leaning 

"C-Curse you, b-beetles...” 

Shortly thereafter, Ruth fainted. However, her grudge for 
beetles continued until the very end. After confirming that 
Ruth had lost her consciousness, Shizuka was finally able to 

"Phew... if Satomi-kun doesn't buy me a cake or two, this 
won't have been worth the effort..." 

Holding on to Ruth, Shizuka smiled wryly inside her helmet. 

Part 4 

Having finished eating lunch after watching the movie, 
Koutarou and Kiriha visited the attractions at the park. The 
merry-go-round, the spinning coffee cups, the haunted 
mansion and the house of mirrors. The attractions that Kiriha 
took Koutarou to were all for children. However, having 
vaguely begun to understand, Koutarou didn't voice a single 

Rather than thinking of her as a girl of the same age, I would probably be 
better off thinking of her like a child... 

That's how Koutarou saw Kiriha today, and he wasn't 
mistaken. Kiriha had a very childlike smile as she visited the 
various attractions. Yesterday, he had hesitated because of 
that, but today he laughed loudly with her. That's because he 
knew that there was something precious to Kiriha on the 
other side of that smile. 

“Koutarou, let's ride that next!" 

“The Ferris wheel, huh. Alright, let's go." 


By the time Kiriha had pointed out the Ferris wheel, Koutarou 
had already begun running. Kiriha quickly followed after him. 
Today, Koutarou was acting as childish as Kiriha. The two of 
them raced towards the Ferris wheel and by the time they 
reached the platform, the line had just emptied. 



The two smiled and nodded at each other. They passed under 
the gate and approached the Ferris wheel. 

The Ferris wheel in this amusement park was big. It was the 
largest in the prefecture when the park had been established 
ten years ago. So by the time the two of them reached the 
gondola, just looking up at it required them to twist their 

“I have gotten much taller..." 

Kiriha had a nostalgic look as she looked up on the Ferris 
wheel. In the past, when she had stood here, she had been 
unable to see the top. Flowever as time passed, Kiriha had 
grown and she was now able to do so now. 


Flearing Koutarou's voice, Kiriha looked down, and there she 
saw him calling for her in front of the slow moving gondola. 
Behind him was the clerk in charge, holding the door open, 
waiting for them. 

“Ah, sorry." 

Kiriha ran towards Koutarou and the clerk as she apologized. 

Now that I think about it, the same thing happened that time. 

Kiriha recalled her past self. She was looking up towards the 
Ferris wheel, with her eyes sparkling, as the boy she was with 
called for her. 

“Kii-chan. ” 

"Sorry, I'm coming /” 

The boy had been the same age as she was now. Since she 

had been so young then, she couldn't remember his face. 
However, she could clearly remember that she loved him, 
even now. 


As Kiriha had approached the boy she pulled his hand 
towards her and hopped into the gondola. Remembering that, 
Kiriha smiled like a mischievous child as she stared at 




"Ah, hey.” 

Spurred on by her memories, she grabbed Koutarou's hand 
and jumped on the gondola. 

"That's dangerous.” 

At that moment, the voice of Koutarou and the boy from her 
memories voice overlapped. The boy and Koutarou had 
scolded her the same way. 


Her ten-year-old memories turned to tears and flowed out 
through her eyes. 

"Fu, fufu, fu... I'm sorry...” 

The clerk outside closed the door and locked it. The well 
maintained gondola then rose up without making a sound. 
However, Koutarou was distracted by Kiriha and didn't notice 
any of that. 


Tears streamed down Kiriha's cheek. The gentle sun light 
shining through the window caused the tears to sparkle. 
Seeing that, Koutarou was rendered speechless by the beauty 
of those tears. 


Kiriha grabbed at her chest with both hands. Feelings kept 
flowing out from the bottom of her heart. 

I really do still love that person... 

Having spent both yesterday and today going to those 
memorable spots, Kiriha finally reached a conclusion. She felt 
that she needed to tell Koutarou about her conclusion. 

“Koutarou, there's something I want to tell you.” 

Still holding on to her chest with her left hand, she wiped her 
tears away with her right. But even then, the tears continued 
streaming down her cheeks. Kiriha gave up on wiping her 
tears and smiled at Koutarou. 

“It's fine, you don't need to tell me.” 

Kiriha was about to talk to Koutarou about what she had been 
thinking about for the past week. However, having tagged 
along Kiriha yesterday and today, Koutarou felt like he didn't 
need to hear what she had to say. During these two days, 
Koutarou was convinced that Kiriha would never do 
something terrible. 

“With all that's happened, I feel like it doesn't matter.” 

Koutarou was smiling, he already understood. Even though 
Kiriha might invade the surface, he knew that she would 
never do it in a cruel way. 

The reason for that was because of her past. It was probably 
related to the spots they had visited these two days. But 
since they were special, precious memories, Koutarou didn't 
want to force it out of her. 

“No, please listen. You have that right." 

However, Kiriha shook her head and stared right at him. 

“And most of all, I want you to listen. You're my only friend 
here on the surface; I want you to know my wish." 

Kiriha's words had weight behind them. That might have had 
something to do with the light residing deep inside her eyes, 
showing her trust and friendship for the first time. That 
greatly shook Koutarou's feelings, and he created a spot for 
her inside of his heart. 

“If you call me a friend, I have no choice but to listen." 
“...Thank you, Koutarou..." 

Eight months had passed since Koutarou first met Kiriha. 

The two of them had finally become friends. 

Part 5 

“Where should I start..." 

As she said that, Kiriha wiped away her tears again. By now 
her tears had stopped and the last traces of them were wiped 
from her cheeks. 

“From anywhere's fine, isn't it? It's not like we're in a hurry." 

“That's true. Then let's start from the beginning." 

Looking straight at Koutarou, Kiriha slowly began talking. 
Koutarou corrected his pose and faced her. 

The gondola was slowly rising and had now reached halfway 
up to the top. At this height, they could see past the 
buildings; the distant scenery came into sight. Since the day 
was coming to an end, the scenery left quite an impression. 

“Ten years ago, I got into a fight with my father and ran to 
the surface." 

“A fight? I can't imagine you getting into a fight." 

Even though she had said that she had gotten into a fight 
with her father, Koutarou couldn't imagine Kiriha getting 
emotional. He had never seen that happen during these eight 

“Ten years ago, I was a child. It's not like I was an adult in the 
body of a child." 

“Now that you say it, that's true." 

Although she was very mature now, Kiriha was once a child 

too. Although that was supposed to be obvious, Koutarou felt 
that it was strange. As Koutarou laughed, a smile formed on 
Kiriha's lips. As a result, the stiff atmosphere between them 
lightened up. 

“Most of all, ten years ago was when my mother passed 
away, so it was an unstable time for me. I got into a fight with 
my father over something trivial and ran away from home." 

“I understand how you must have felt." 

“That's right... you lost your mother too." 

Both Koutarou and Kiriha had lost their mother, so each could 
understand how the other felt. Now that they considered 
each other friends, they understood it even more. 

“...Anyway, having run away from home, I went to the place 
where I had been forbidden to go to: the surface." 

Though Kiriha was staring at Koutarou, she was also looking 
at her past, ten years ago when she had run away from 

“And that's when I met that person." 

“What person?" 

“It was a boy the same age around same age as we are now. I 
don't remember his name. I'm sure he told me, but all I can 
remember is calling him onii-chan." 

The most important thing for Kiriha in particular was her 
meeting with a boy on the surface. 

“Ahaha, so even you had a cute side back then." 

Koutarou couldn't imagine Kiriha using the term 'onii-chan' 

today. Koutarou found it funny and burst out laughing. 

“You say that like I'm not cute now." 

“Yes, that's what I thought up until yesterday." 

“What about today?" 

“You still have a surprisingly cute side to you." 

“You don't need to call it surprising." 

Kiriha pouted, slightly dissatisfied. Since that pout was 
surprisingly adorable, Koutarou started laughing even more. 


Kiriha exhaled slightly and returned to normal. 

“That person was a bit childish, he was gentle, had a sense of 
humor, and he would even properly listen to a child like me." 


Feeling nostalgic and happy, Kiriha continued talking. From 
the way she described him, it seemed like she really loved 
that boy. Koutarou felt a little bit jealous. 

“Fie was similar to you, Koutarou." 

“Well, aren't I being thought of highly." 

“If you weren't, I probably wouldn't have told you." 

“Don't say that straight to my face.." 

Koutarou felt embarrassed and his cheeks turned red. Fie 
couldn't quite calm down when a woman complimented him 
to his face. 

“If I didn't, you wouldn't feel troubled, would you?" 

“So that was your goal." 


Koutarou smiled. He was always being teased by Kiriha, but 
for some reason, he didn't seem to mind today. 

“...And I then spent a few days with that person. As a child I 
was selfish, so all I did was cause trouble for him." 

“You being selfish hasn't changed from back then." 


“I can't help but sympathize with the guy." 

Having been teased by Kiriha every now and then, Koutarou 
found it strange that she would say that she was selfish as a 
child. If she wasn't selfish now, just how selfish was she back 

“I'm not feeling like myself... why today of all days..." 

Kiriha smiled wryly. Normally, she would dance circles around 
Koutarou as usual, but today their roles had been reversed. It 
was the norm for Kiriha to trouble Koutarou, but now it was 
Koutarou who was troubling Kiriha. 

But there's no need to mind. It's not like it's unpleasant... 

This change had happened because both Koutarou and Kiriha 
had accepted one another in the deepest part of their hearts, 
but Kiriha still wasn't aware of that. She wasn't aware, but 
she didn't feel unpleasant, so she decided not to mind. In 
fact, she felt happy. 

“I went to all kinds of places with that person. We'd play in 
the park, or go shop in the city. He even brought me along to 
the zoo and amusement park.” 

Kiriha looked through the window at the amusement park and 
zoo. As she did, she remembered the events of today and 
yesterday, and her memories a decade ago overlapped with 

"The zoo and the amusement park, so you really...” 

"That's right, Koutarou. I had you tag along to the places I 
went with that person.” 

Kiriha nodded at Koutarou and pulled out a card from her 
pocket. The aged trading card had been scribbled on by a 
permanent marker. Seeing that, Koutarou pulled out the card 
he had gotten from the pamphlet. It was the same card as 
Kiriha's. However, unlike hers, it was brand-new and shining. 

"I got this card from that person. Getting this made me really 
happy... so I had him go to the movies with me too...” 

Kiriha looked at the card. She was gently gazing at the 
someone on the other side of the card. 

The card had been an extra when buying snacks in 
combination of the screening of the movie ten years ago. She 
had been treasuring it for these past ten years, because she 
had gently been staring at the person on the other side of 
that card. 

"... You loved him, right?” 

Koutarou remembered Kiriha saying that back at the sea 
during their summer vacation. That she had gotten it from 
the person she loved a long time ago. 

“Yes. He was my first love." 

Kiriha slowly traced the surface of the card with her finger. 

Of course it'd be precious if you got it from your first love... 

Seeing Kiriha gently stroking the card, Koutarou understood 
the meaning behind the gentle smile she would show from 
time to time. 

Back at the sea, he didn't quite understand the meaning 
behind Kiriha's love. However, now he fully understood. It 
was the type of love you'd feel for someone you harbored 
romantic feelings for. 

“However, those fun days didn't last for long." 

Kiriha's smile vanished and she sadly dropped her shoulders. 
“What happened?" 

“They came to pick me up. I ran away from home after all." 

“Oh yeah, you were the daughter of a distinguished family." 

Kiriha was the daughter of the chief. Her running away from 
home caused the entire clan to go out and look for her. As a 
result, she was taken back to the underground. Torn away 
from her beloved boy. 

“That's how I parted with that person. Ever since then, I 
wasn't allowed to go to the surface, so I couldn't meet him 

“You wanted to though, right?" 

“Of course. I may have been young, but I was serious about 
wanting to marry him." 

Still looking sad, Kiriha laughed slightly. 

Kiriha's first love that occurred when she ran away from 
home ended at the same time she was taken back. Ten years 
had passed since that short while, but Kiriha still hadn't 
forgotten about it, even for a day. And her feelings had been 
poured into the card she held in her hand. 

“That's why I applied to become the commander when it was 
decided that we would invade the surface." 


When he heard her next words, Koutarou's eyes opened wide. 
Having heard that, even he could understand the real reason 
for why Kiriha had come to the surface, and it left him 

“So you invaded the surface just so you could meet with your 
first love!?" 

“That's right." 

Kiriha nodded. Koutarou's guess was spot on. 

“That's why this invasion needs to happen peacefully. I 
couldn't bring myself to fan the flames of war in the city that 
person lived in." 

Kiriha had invaded the surface to find her first love. That's 
because if she didn't have the goal of an invasion, she 
wouldn't have been let up on the surface. And of course, if 
she got into trouble with the people on the surface, her 
meeting with her first love would only end in tragedy. That's 
why she had to invade peacefully. 

“Wait a minute. When you first arrived, didn't you say to hand 
over room 106 to you so you could mass produce weapons?" 

When Koutarou had first met Kiriha, she had said that she 
wanted to construct a shrine in room 106 so she could mass 
produce spiritual energy weapons like Karama and Korama. 
That obviously contradicted what she had just said. 

“In reality, that was a gamble of sorts." 

“A gamble?" 

“If I put it like that, I was hoping that you would resist." 

“I see, so that's why!" 

Koutarou had always felt doubts about if Kiriha actually 
wanted to steal room 106. That hadn't been his 
misunderstanding at all, but the truth. 

“I needed you to resist. If the altar was completed in the 
early stages, the radical faction would push to invade using 
force. War against the surface had to be avoided at all costs. 
Nothing good would have come out from obtaining room 106 
back then." 

The biggest obstacle for Kiriha, who wanted to invade 
peacefully, was the radical faction that wanted to invade 
through force. And if room 106 was obtained early on, there 
was a chance that they would run out of control. In order to 
prevent that, she had to create a situation that made it 
difficult for her to obtain the room. 

“That's why you kept fueling my unease, but did nothing?" 

“I'm sorry, Koutarou. I couldn't win or lose the battle for room 
106. If I won, the radical faction would mass produce 
weapons and march onto the surface. If I lost, they would still 
move to take room 106 by force. Either way, a war with the 
surface would erupt." 

“And if war happened, your wish would never come true..." 

Kiriha was a pacifist to begin with, so she didn't wish for a 
military invasion. On top of that, she wanted to meet with her 
first love once more. 

In order to satisfy those desires and peacefully invade, there 
was a need for the ownership of room 106 to remain in a 

The doubts that Koutarou had felt had appeared because of 

“Really, if you had just said something I would have 
cooperated with you from the start...” 

Koutarou scratched his head and smiled wryly. Kiriha's goal 
was rational after all; she didn't want to start a war and she 
wanted to meet her first love. 

“Koutarou, it's just as you say. Thinking back to it, I should 
have asked for your cooperation from the start. But at that 
time I had nothing to fall back on, and I couldn't truly trust 

“Well, I guess it can't be helped, we had just met after all...” 

Having only just met, neither of them knew if they could trust 
the other. However, after these eight months, they were 
certain that they could do so now. That's why Kiriha had 
revealed everything to Koutarou, and why he had believed 

“I'm really sorry, Koutarou.” 


“I'm sorry for deceiving you all this time. I want to apologize 

for that. 

Kiriha had used a lot of methods to keep Koutarou from 
trusting her, like using simple lies or inducement, trying to 
seduce or provoke him, earning his trust and then making 
him put his guard up. Although it was necessary, she still felt 
bad about it. 

“It's fine, really. But... as a young man in puberty, I'm a bit 
sad ...” 

Hearing Kiriha's apology, Koutarou smiled wryly and dropped 
his shoulders. He looked sad, just like he had said. 

Koutarou wasn't angry at Kiriha for everything that had 
happened up until now. If it was in order to prevent 
something even bigger, he could forgive her. And she had 
helped on more occasions than one. However, there was still 
something he felt was sad. 


"If you were serious about your tempting me, I would feel 
more like a man." 

Koutarou was a healthy boy of age. 


Kiriha had been taken back by Koutarou's words, however, 
the next moment she began laughing energetically. 

"Fufufufu, ahahaha!" 

The sun that had begun to set lit up Kiriha's profile. However, 
her smile was bright enough to challenge the sun's light. That 
was probably the first time Koutarou had seen her smile from 
the bottom of her heart. 

“You don't have to laugh that much. I'm young so it's only 

Obviously being laughed at, Koutarou crossed his arm, 
slightly irritated. However, Kiriha wasn't laughing for the 
reason he was thinking. 

“Fufufufu, I feel proud as a woman if those words are true.” 

Kiriha believed him; that Satomi Koutarou was not a man that 
would fall for such cheap tricks. 

Part 6 

Having gotten off the Ferris wheel, Koutarou and Kiriha 
headed towards another attraction. There was one more 
place that she wanted to go. 

“By the way, Kiriha-san, are you having any luck finding your 
first love?” 

“No, not quite. It was ten years ago after all. There're 
extremely few clues to go after.” 

Kiriha shook her head bitterly next to Koutarou. Her face was 
dyed red by the setting sun. The time was now approaching 
evening, and the shadows trailing behind them had grown 

“Well, if the only clue you have is a card, it'd be hard.” 

“There is one more clue, but I don't know if he still has it or 

The first time Koutarou had heard about Kiriha's first love was 
at their trip to the sea during their summer vacation. A 
couple of months had passed since then, but she still hadn't 
found any clues about her first love's whereabouts. 

“There are far too few traces left. Nobody remembers him; 
not even I remember his face. Even if I were to find him 
somehow, how would I know it's him?” 

“I guess you'd have to check every man in this city closing in 
on his thirties, huh?” 

Kiriha had met the boy ten years ago. At that time he looked 

like he was a high school student, so right now he should be 
close to his thirties. However, there were far too many men 
that fit the bill. 

“He might not even be in this city any more. Even if he was, 
would he even remember meeting me?” 

“But even then, you can't help but look...” 

Kiriha nodded and looked up overhead. The blue winter sky 
was perfectly clear. 

“You love him that much?” 

“Yes. Having spent these past two days visiting these 
memorable places, I have reaffirmed that. Even now I am 
love with that person.” 

Kiriha's feelings were perfectly clear, just like the sky. She 
would find him no matter what. Her determination had 
remained unshaken by these past ten years. 

“That's why I want to meet him. I'm well aware that even if 
we meet, he might not accept my feelings. But if we don't, I 
can't move forward.” 

They had only been together for a few days, but even then, 
Kiriha felt something for the boy. 

The boy had grown into an adult, and might have forgotten 
about Kiriha. He might even have married and built a family 
of his own. Even if that was the case, Kiriha wanted to see 
him. But she didn't want to ruin his current life. She just 
wanted to meet him and tell him her feelings for him; that's 
what she had wanted to do for these past ten years. She 
didn't mind even if he didn't reciprocate her feelings. If she 

didn't, she could probably never forget about him and fall in 
love with someone else. She had to confess to him if she 
wanted to move forward with her life. 

“I want to meet him, tell him how I feel and put an end to 
this. Of course, if he were to accept me, I wouldn't be 

Kiriha smiled a refreshingly straight smile. Up until now, 

Kiriha had never talked about this to anyone else. So this 
smile was proof that she really thought of Koutarou as her 

"So you can't continue half-assed. Hehe, I like it." 

Having heard what Kiriha had to say, Koutarou grinned 

Koutarou loved this kind of topic: wanting to put an end to 
something, regardless of the results. That's because that 
awkward way of living was something Koutarou was familiar 
with. So he really understood how she felt, and he felt much 
closer to her than ever. 


"Kiriha-san, I'll help you too, so let's find him." 

That's why Koutarou felt like helping Kiriha. He felt like he 
was looking for his own first love, that's just how close he felt 
to Kiriha. 


Kiriha's eyes opened wide in surprise by Koutarou's 
unexpected offer. She never expected him to want to help. 

"I just felt like seeing the face of the guy that would make a 

woman like you feel that way.” 


Kiriha instinctively grasped at her chest, with her eyes 

That's right... that's the kind of man you are... 

Kiriha then recalled why she had come to trust Koutarou. He 
was clumsy and awkward, but earnest and kind. That's why 
she had revealed everything to him. Having remembered 
that, Kiriha was happy for his feelings. 

"And besides, now that I've heard this much, I want to see 
what happens next." 

"...Thank you, Koutarou..." 

Kiriha smiled happily, and bowed deeply with her hand at her 
chest. That was the best way for her to show her gratitude. 

"Stop it, don't worry about that. We're friends, right?" 

"...That's right." 

Kiriha slowly looked up. By that time, Kiriha's smile had fully 

"That said, watching someone else's love life makes you feel 
a bit envious." 

"That's true. I understand how you feel." 

After blinking a couple of times, Kiriha began cheerfully 
laughing and smiling. It was a special smile that really served 
as a proof of her friendship with Koutarou. 

“That's why, after your matter has been settled, introduce me 
to some cute underground girls." 

“I got it, I'll try my hardest." 

“Alright, then we have a deal!" 

Koutarou nodded and began laughing and smiling alongside 

It was the same kind of smile he'd show to Kenji. Koutarou 
also thought of Kiriha as a precious friend. 

“With that in mind, let's hurry up and find him. For my 
future's sake as well." 

“That's right, I need to push some girl from a distinguished 
family onto you so I can use you as a foothold for the surface 
invasion immediately." 

“Hey now." 


Kiriha smiled mischievously and began running away from 
Koutarou. Her long black hair sparkled in as it was bathed in 

She's surprisingly childish. But that makes sense. Since she's a leader of the 
underground people, she can't really show that side to anyone... 

Koutarou chased after Kiriha as he thought that. 

“Hey, wait up!" 

“No way!" 

Ignoring Koutarou's calls, Kiriha skipped away from him. 

Looking at her from behind, Koutarou couldn't see any of her 
normal calm and composed attitude. She looked just like a 

Kiriha made one last leap and landed by planting both of her 
feet into the ground. As she did, her hair fluttered in the air, 
and as it was still floating she spun around just as Koutarou 
came running up. 

“Is tag already over?" 

“Yes. This is where I wanted to go.” 

Kiriha nodded and showed what was behind her using one of 
her hands. 

“Something unlike you once more I see.” 

“Is that so?” 

Kiriha cheerfully smiled. 

She had taken Koutarou in front of a roller coaster. Like the 
Ferris wheel, this roller coaster was the largest in the 
prefecture when it was made. It had given up the top spot for 
another roller coaster, but the size was still huge. Boasting a 
height of 70 meters and a drop of 65, the attraction spread 
out in front of Koutarou and Kiriha. 

“...Actually, it might be just like you.” 

These past two days, Koutarou had begun understand just 
what kind of girl Kiriha was. She normally looked calm and 
composed, but she hid her childish fervor inside. With that in 
mind, it was a very Kiriha-like choice. 

“It sounds like you're calling me a tomboy, and it's very 

“Yes, that's what I meant." 

“That's mean, Koutarou." 

Laughing, Kiriha approached the entrance to the roller 
coaster's terminal. 

“Oh yeah, do you have any memories with this roller 

Koutarou followed after her. Kiriha then stopped in front of 
the sign next to the entrance. 

“Yeah. Ten years ago, I couldn't get on this ride." 

Kiriha smiled wryly as she turned around and said that. 

“You couldn't ride it? Was there too long of a line?" 

Past the entrance to the terminal was an orderly line. Seeing 
that, Koutarou assumed that Kiriha couldn't ride the 
attraction because of a long line. At the time, since it was the 
largest roller coaster in the prefecture, the line to the ride 
stretched quite a bit. 

“No, that wasn't it. Look here, Koutarou." 

“Let's see... 'You must be at least 140 centimeters to ride this 

On the sign was an illustration of a child and the number 140 
had been written by it. 

On this roller coaster, there was a height requirement of 140 
centimeters for safety reasons. 

“The tomboy ten years ago was short you see. So I couldn't 
get on." 

“I see, so this is another regret of yours.” 

Koutarou imagined a small Kiriha ten years ago selfishly 
saying she wanted to get on, with the boy and clerk trying to 
soothe her. 

"Kukuku, that was misfortunate...” 

Finding his own imagination funny, Koutarou began laughing. 

”1 don't like the way you said it, but yes that's right. So I 
couldn't get on it.” 

"You're surprisingly persistent.” 

"Of course. I'm a woman who's still in love with a man she 
met ten years ago, you know?” 

"That's true." 

Koutarou and Kiriha laughed out together. The two then 
began walking towards the end of the line. The queue wasn't 
very long, so they would probably be able to ride it if they 
waited for ten minutes. 

"Roller coaster...” 

As they reached the end of the line, Kiriha muttered those 
words. Hearing her voice, Koutarou looked towards her while 
she was looking around the area, deep in thought. To 
Koutarou it looked like she was reminiscing. 

But why... 

However to Koutarou, Kiriha's expression looked lonely. It 
didn't look like the expression of someone about to 
accomplish and get over one of their regrets. 

Could it be that — 

Staring at Kiriha's profile, Koutarou looked like he was about 
to reach a conclusion. 

That was when the ground started shaking intensely. 

Kurano Kiriha 

Part 1 

Sunday, December 20 

At first, Koutarou assumed the vibrations he could feel were 
from the roller coaster passing by. But the shaking was too 
intense for that to be the case, and it showed no signs of 
dying down anytime soon. He also felt like the shaking was 
coming from below. It would be unnatural for vibrations from 
the roller coaster to come from there. 

“What is this?” 

While Koutarou was confused, the shaking started growing in 
intensity. At first it was just a small shaking, but now it felt 
like small impacts kept assaulting the bottom of Koutarou's 

Koutarou wasn't the only one confused; the other visitors 
around him were as well. The sudden earthquake clouded 
their expression, even more so since they were about to get 
on a roller coaster. 

“Could this be!?” 

However, Kiriha's expression clouded over even more. The 
moment she felt the shake, her expression regained its 
normal sharpness. She had a guess regarding the vibrations. 

“Karama, Korama!" 

Kiriha quickly called out for her two haniwas. The next 
moment, they appeared by her side. Without even hearing 
her order, they had taken action. 

“Yes Ho-, nee-san! We can detect it from our side too Ho-!“ 

“Analyzing the vibration pattern, reaction of a spiritual power 
generator detected. Analyzation complete, there's a 97% 
certainty that it's an underground submergence boat Ho-!“ 

In a hurry, they reported a lot of information. Hearing their 
reports, Kiriha's expression turned even more severe. 

“I thought so! What's the situation!?" 

“It's at a depth of 20 meters and surfacing!" 

“They're planning on coming up to the surface Ho-! Their 
predicted surface point is 50 meters to the south-southwest!" 

“Preposterous! In a place like this!?" 

Kiriha jumped over the fence of the terminal and headed 
outside, running towards the predicted surface point. 

If the haniwas' information was correct, this vibration came 
from a vehicle that the People of the Earth use to get to the 
surface, the underground submergence boat, or submarine. 
And that was now about to appear on the surface, in the 
middle of this crowded amusement park. 

“Kiriha-san!? What's wrong!?" 

Koutarou ran after Kiriha, calling out to her repeatedly. 

“This is bad... if it was just a scouting force, it wouldn't 

appear in a place like this!” 

Koutarou's words didn't reach Kiriha's ears as she was 
panicking. What caused her to panic was that an Earth 
Empire's submergence boat was about to appear. 

Kiriha's direct subordinates didn't use an underground 
submergence boat. Since they wanted to peacefully invade, 
they had no reason to use one to begin with. If they were to 
carelessly use a submergence boat, it would definitely stand 
out. So there was no way they would appear here of all 

The only time she could imagine it happening would be in the 
case of an emergency, but in that case, she would be 
contacted ahead of time. Since that hadn't happened, there 
was only one possibility left. 

"Such a reckless action!” 

Kiriha ground her teeth. 

There was only one reason for an underground submergence 
boat to appear. The radical faction, or a part of it, had 
decided to recklessly appear on the surface and use military 
force. Since their purpose was to show off their power, they 
didn't care if they stood out. If anything, they would choose a 
place with lots of people on purpose. The submergence boat 
was surfacing to attack the people here. 

"What's wrong, Kiriha-san!?” 

"Ho-! There's an attack Ho-!” 

The two haniwas responded to Koutarou's question. They 
floated next to him and chased after Kiriha. 

"An attack!? What do you mean!?” 

“The people that don't approve of nee-san's way of doing 
things are coming to the surface to attack people Ho-!" 

“I see, so it's that radical faction Kiriha-san mentioned!” 

Since there was a faction that wanted to invade the surface 
using force, Kiriha couldn't seize room 106. Nor could she fail 
at seizing it. 

Hearing what Karama had to say, Koutarou remembered 
Kiriha saying that a while ago. 

“That's right Ho-! So nee-san is planning on stopping them 

“So that's what she's doing!” 

Having understood the situation, Koutarou chased after 
Kiriha's back. 

As a pacifist looking for her first love, Kiriha couldn't overlook 
the radical faction's reckless actions. Trying to stop their 
attack, she was hurrying to their predicted surface point. 

“But this is dangerous Ho-! At this rate, nee-san will be killed 

“The radical faction only thinks of nee-san as a nuisance 

“Then hurry up and contact your allies! Get them to do 
something about this situation!” 

“Understood Ho-!” 

The radical faction despised Kiriha, who hated the use of 
military force. The chance of them listening to Kiriha was low, 
and in this situation, there was a chance that they would kill 

her and make it look like an accident. 

“I won't forgive them! I definitely won't forgive them for 
attacking the surface!” 

Even though she knew that, Kiriha still had to go. If she 
didn't, she wouldn't be able to protect what was precious to 

At that moment, the asphalt in front of Kiriha cracked, and a 
giant something appeared. It was a black cylindrical 
structure, several meters long and made out of metal. It 
broke through the ground and towered vertically, looking like 
something similar to a chimney. 

Part 2 

Shizuka and Yurika carried an unconscious Ruth, lending her a 
shoulder each. They were headed towards the medical office 
inside the amusement park, planning to lay her down on a 
bed until she woke up. 

"Nijino-san, keep it together.” 

"But, it's heavyyy!” 

However, since Yurika was weak, her walking was pace 
slowed down considerably. Losing to Ruth's weight, her body 
began bending. 

"That's pathetic...” 

"Yurika, you can do it! Show us your cosplay spirit!" 

"Even if you say that...!" 

In reality, Theia was stronger than Yurika, but because of her 
height, she couldn't work together with Shizuka to carry Ruth. 

"Do you want me to help you?" 

"Absolutely not, anything but that!" 

Sanae offered to help, but because of her fear of ghosts, 
Yurika refused. Even if she got stronger, she didn't want to be 
possessed. In that case, Sanae could only help using her 
poltergeist. But since her abilities weren't intended to be 
used over a long period of time, it wasn't that much of a help. 

"Then give it your all!” 

“I think it's cruel to expect that from Yurika." 

“Satomi-saaa~n, save meee~!” 

Yurika was once again in trouble with something that didn't 
matter. And once she got into trouble, she relied on others, 
just like always. 

At that moment, they heard a large sound coming from the 
left. It was a loud sound similar to an explosion, alongside it 
was the sound of things breaking. 


“Calm down, Nijino-san, Ruth-san will fall!" 

“What, what just happened!?" 

“Theia, over there!" 

Surprised by the loud sound, the four girls looked towards the 
direction of where it came from. When they did, they saw a 
cylindrical pillar appearing behind the buildings. The black 
cylindrical structure stood out from the other fairytale like 

“What is that!? Ruth!... is still unconscious...!" 

Sensing that something bad was happening, Theia used her 
own armband to gather information and sent the unmanned 
aircraft towards the pillar. 

“That's Koutarou and Kiriha! And who are those guys!?" 

Through the screen projected from her armband, Theia could 
see Koutarou and Kiriha, and a man facing them. From inside 
the pillar came several more men and women carrying 
weapons, protecting the mysterious man. 

“Is it some kind of event?" 

“What kind of event would tear through the ground!?" 

“Well, that's true..." 

The men facing Koutarou and Kiriha had come through the 
pillar sticking up through the hole in the ground. But who 
could imagine an event that required tearing a hole in the 
ground? It was more reasonable to imagine something else 
was happening. 

“Then that would be bad!! Does that mean that Satomi-kun 
and Kurano-san are facing off against people with weapons!?" 

By the time Shizuka shouted that out, Theia had already 
begun running. She had left the others behind and ran as fast 
as she could. 


I have a bad feeling about this! 

Theia had noticed that Kiriha was hiding some troubles and 
that Koutarou was getting involved in it. Once she saw the 
mysterious man, she sensed the danger Koutarou and Kiriha 
was in faster than anyone else. 

Please be alright, Koutarou! 

The princess was rushing to the site where her vassal was in 
danger. It was an action that was unusual for a royal princess, 
but Theia couldn't help herself. She couldn't think of anything 
but Koutarou. 

“I'm coming too!” 

Still not understanding the situation, Sanae sensed the 

severity of it all from Theia's behavior and quickly pursued 

To Sanae, Koutarou wasn't just a roommate. While the 'Family 
Safety' charm was still hanging from her neck, she had a 
reason to rush to Koutarou's aid. 

“Ah, wait, you two!!" 

Shizuka's voice didn't reach Theia. Sanae heard her but she 
was planning on going along with Theia to meet up with 
Koutarou. Seeing that, Shizuka decided that she was going to 
head towards Koutarou and Kiriha as well. 

“Nijino-san, let's take Ruth-san to that bench over there!" 

“Ah, y-yes!” 

Urging Yurika, Shizuka laid Ruth down on a nearby bench. She 
was planning to keep her here until she got back. 

“Nijino-san, please take care of Ruth-san! I'm worried about 
those two going alone so I'm going too!" 

“1-1 understand!” 

“I'm counting on you!" 

Shizuka ran after Theia and Sanae while listening to Yurika's 
response. She couldn't leave those two alone if they had 
flown off the handle. 


Yurika looked back and forth between the sleeping Ruth and 
the three girls running. 

If I just leave them be, I feel like there'll be a big commotion... 

Yurika began growing more and more anxious. 

Unlike normally, there were lots of people here. And if Theia 
or Kiriha were to bring out their weapons, there would be 
repercussions. There might be people that would get hurt, 
and even if there wasn't, the situation would become messy. 

"...I should go too.” 

Yurika pulled herself together and nodded once, full of 

To prepare before any possible battles, she would raise a 
ward to keep people away and keep people safe while 
avoiding being seen. It was a job only Yurika could do. 

"If Satomi-san was arrested, I would be troubled." 

For the sake of the people coming here to play, for the sake 
of Harumi and for the sake of graduating together with 
Koutarou, Yurika determined to go to battle at her own 

"Come, Angel Halo!” 

Her very first job was to cast a protective barrier on the 
unconscious Ruth. 

"...I'm sorry, Ruth-san. Just wait here for a while." 

Whispering those words into Ruth's ear, Yurika held the cane 
that appeared in her hand above her head and started 

Part 3 

Shijima Tayuma was an extreme man, even within the radical 

He was extraordinarily proud of being of the People of the 
Earth, and he had always found the thought of his people 
being driven underground incredibly provoking. In the recent 
years, he had gotten even more provoked and irritated by the 
large amount of People of the Earth admiring the culture on 
the surface. 

Since that's the kind of man he was, when the leader of the 
People of the Earth, Kurano Daiha, had decided to invade the 
surface, he had been happy enough to break into dance. He 
was certain that he would finally be able to regain his 
nation's glory. However, shortly thereafter he was horribly 
disappointed. The surface invader's commander, Kurano 
Kiriha's suggest plan of invasion was the complete opposite 
of what he had wanted. 

To Tayuma, Kiriha's peaceful invasion seemed like she was 
selling off the nation's pride and glory. He believed that using 
force to regain what had been stolen was justice. What Kiriha 
had been so scared of was that difference in justice, but 
Tayuma was so sure of his justice that he didn't bother 
listening to Kiriha. He disregarded them as the words of a 
loser that had lost courage. 

What further fueled this difference in view was the clan 
Tayuma was a part of. The Shijima clan was a warrior clan 
that had earned their reputation through bravery. Even if a 
harsh war awaited them should a military invasion happen, 
Tayuma didn't mind as it would only be a chance to show off 
his own courage and justice. 

His pride as a People of the Earth, his pride as a member of a 
warrior clan, his ambition to make a name for himself in a 
war and the anger he felt when his hopes for a military 
invasion had been betrayed all worked together to make him 
suddenly take reckless actions. Roughly a year had passed 
since Daiha had decided to invade the surface. Tayuma's 
patience was now at its limit. 

So Tayuma led his own men to the surface. Their goal was to 
show the world that the People of the Earth existed through 
the use of military force. By doing that, they would be 
declared enemies by the surface dwellers and the People of 
the Earth would be forced to use a military invasion. That was 
Tayuma's plan. 

However, Kiriha wouldn't allow that. If she did, it would be the 
same as pulling the trigger on a conflict that would last for 
several decades. If that happened, the People of the Earth 
would be ruined before they could take over the surface. So 
Kiriha stood in Tayuma's way, with resolute determination. 

“Just what is the meaning of this, Shijima Tayuma!" 

Kiriha glared at Tayuma, several in front of him and scolded 
him in a cold voice. 

“Well, it looked like you were having trouble with your 
invasion, so I came to help. I'd prefer it if you thanked me." 

Despite Kiriha scolding him, Tayuma still had a confident look 
on his face. Tayuma was a man that had passed his forties, so 
he considered Kiriha, who wasn't even in her twenties, as a 
little girl only skilled with words. 

He had a big body, and wore clothes similar to a chief Shinto 
priest. The eight subordinates behind him were wearing 
similar clothes, but theirs looked easier to move in. The 

subordinates were wearing a military uniform while Tayuma 
was wearing a formal uniform. 

“Pull your troops back, Tayuma! Do that and I'll overlook you 
taking the underground submergence boat!" 

“I can't just do that. The time to reclaim our stolen glory has 
finally come!" 

Tayuma completely refused Kiriha's orders. He showed no 
hesitation whatsoever. Tayuma had come here after making 
up his mind. 

Reclaiming their stolen glory... ? 

Standing next to Kiriha's side so as to make sure he wouldn't 
get in the way, Koutarou remembered that he had heard 
those words before. They were words that Kiriha had said 
when they had first met. She had probably just said those 
words to alert him, but seeing her reject those words now 
made him feel at ease. 

“Do you even understand, Tayuma!? Just showing the 
underground submergence boat to the people on the surface 
is dangerous enough! Taking military action on top of that will 
only create a war!" 

“That is just my wish! I'll dispel this long-held grudge in a war 
and show the world the power of the Shijima clan and reclaim 
this bountiful surface!" 

Kiriha's role had been changed. In the past, Koutarou had 
obstructed Kiriha from getting her way, but now, it was Kiriha 
who was obstructing Tayuma to keep him from getting his 

Kiriha-san is serious... 

Kiriha trying to wisely persuade Tayuma was proof that what 
she had said before was true. Koutarou believed in her, but 
seeing her take action like this made him happy. 

“Ridiculous! Are you so obsessed with fighting with the 
surface dwellers that you'd bring ruin upon the People of the 

“We only need to win before that happens! And if we don't, it 
would still be an honor! Rather than living as dogs, the People 
of the Earth would be better off dying prideful deaths as 

“It's not like wolves are always fighting! You are just a mad 

“You impudent little girl!” 

Angered by being called a mad dog, Tayuma raised his right 

As he did, the eight men and women surrounding him raised 
their weapons. The weapons looked different from modern 
weaponry, and more like ceramic, similar to Karama and 
Korama. The weapons weren't just similar to Karama and 
Korama, but they were also spiritual energy weapons made 
by the same technology. 


“It's okay, Koutarou.” 

Koutarou began panicking when Kiriha had guns pointed 
towards her. If they were just going to talk, he wasn't 
planning on interfering, but if it turned into a battle, he 
couldn't just sit still. He couldn't just stay quiet and wait for 
the triggered to be pulled. However, Kiriha was calmly staring 

at Tayuma. 

"...Tayuma, do you know what pointing guns at me means?” 

"I'll just report to Daiha-dono that the commander was 
betrayed and killed by the surface dwellers.” 

"So you really did have it all planned out from the start.” 

Tayuma had been planning to kill Kiriha from the start. That's 
why he had appeared where she was. If he reported that the 
peaceful Kiriha had been killed by surface dwellers, the 
People of the Earth would call for a military invasion. It was 
all going according to plan. 

"That said, just killing you right now wouldn't be fun. First 

However, before Tayuma could move on to the next part of 
his plan, a familiar voice entered Koutarou's and Kiriha's ears. 

"I've found you, underground people! Get away from those 

"Who goes there!?” 

Surprised by the voice, Tayuma hurriedly turned around. The 
voice came from the roof of a nearby attraction. 

"Red Shine!” 

"Blue Shine!" 

"Green Shine!" 

"Yellow Shine!" 

"Pink Shine!” 

“All together we are The Sun Squad, Sun Rangers!" 

Wearing colorful suits, the group of five posed, it was the 
heroes of justice. 

“Wherever there is love, there is justice! In this world—" 
“Open fire!" 

While the Sun Rangers were still introducing themselves, 
Tayuma ordered his men to fire. As he did, the eight soldiers 
pointed their weapons towards the Sun Rangers and pulled 
their triggers. 

What came out of the guns weren't bullets, but focused 
spiritual energy. They were spiritual energy beam rifles. The 
beam had the same effect as when Sanae used her 
poltergeist to attack directly. However, since the beam was 
focused, it held far more power than Sanae's attacks. 

“Aaaaghh, we were still introducing ourselves!!” 

A large explosion occurred around the Sun Rangers. The 
rifles' power was overwhelming, and eight shots hitting 
caused a large explosion and the Sun Rangers were easily 
blown away by it. 

“We just came and this is what we geee~t!?" 

“Even though I came wearing blueee-M" 

“Nooo~, Baron-samaaa~!!" 

“Ahh, my baked potatooo-M" 

“...It turned into charcoal." 

The Sun Rangers drew a beautiful parabola as they were 

blown away. Although they had been sent flying the moment 
they appeared, thanks to the strength of their suits, they 
survived without suffering any serious injuries. 

“What did they even come here to do...?" 

Watching the five fly off, Koutarou sighed. 

The Sun Rangers had appeared after their sensor had 
detected the underground submarine. They had actually 
done the same yesterday; in the end, they had detected 
Kiriha's haniwas, but what they first picked up was the 
submergence boat searching for Kiriha. 

“Tayuma-sama, I believe they're the reported hindrances." 

“I see. So they noticed our movement and came here to get 
in our way. Quite admirable hard workers, aren't they? 

Tayuma had his subordinates investigate the surface in 
preparation for a military invasion. A different battle squad 
from the Sun Rangers had then successfully obstructed the 
scouting party. The Sun Rangers had been misfortunate to 
face the underground's army, rather than a scouting party. 

“Karama, Korama, full power to the spiritual energy field! Use 
elemental attacks as your weaponry and focus the rest of the 
energy into the field!" 

“Roger Ho-!” 


The Sun Rangers' appearance hadn't been for naught. Taking 
advantage of the eight soldiers attacking the Sun Rangers, 
Kiriha called over her haniwas and prepared for battle. The 
two haniwas floated next to her and enveloped themselves, 

Kiriha and Koutarou in a yellow light. The spiritual energy 
shield the two haniwas had created was thick. With this, they 
would be able to endure an attack from eight people. 
Following up on the shield, fire and electricity that would be 
used for attacking began running through the haniwas 

“Oh, the automatons the Kuranos are so proud of? However, 
unlike those things designed for defense, ours are for 

A clay doll about a meter in height floated up next to Tayuma. 
The clay doll looked like it was made from ceramics, like 
Karama and Korama, but its shape was more of a square, and 
the design was very aggressive. The clay doll was a robot 
weapon just like Kiriha's haniwas. 

“First, you attack with numbers and now with force? Shijima's 
bravery must be very cheap." 

“Say whatever you want. That's just how war is! Jakko! 
Activate the spiritual energy field neutralizer!” 


Receiving Tayuma's orders, the clay doll roars and began 
emitting an orange glow. The clay doll then slowly 
approached the haniwas. 

“Nee-san! He's begun eroding our spiritual energy field!" 

“This is bad Ho-! We're losing in generator output Ho-!" 

As the clay doll got closer, the yellow light enveloping 
Koutarou and the others grew weaker. This was due to the 
ability the clay doll had that allowed it to break through 
spiritual energy shields. 

With one side trying to create a barrier and the other trying 
to destroy it, the side with the most power would win out. In 
this scenario, Karama and Korama were at a disadvantage. 
The haniwas were only about 30 centimeters tall, compared 
to the clay doll's one meter height. Because of their large 
size difference, even together, they had less power than the 
clay doll. At this rate, their shield would be peeled off in no 

"Tayuma, are you saying you won't stop fighting no matter 

"A foolish question! Now that we've come up to the surface, 
we can't return with nothing to show for it!" 

"I understand. In that case, I'll prepare myself as well." 

Before Kiriha could finish speaking, she shook and gripped 
her left hand. Before anyone could realize, it was now 
covered by a blue gauntlet. This was a weapon from Kiriha's 
armory in her secret base. 

"I definitely won't let you steal anything!" 

Having never held a weapon up until now, Kiriha was now 
brandishing one of her own. Since she sought a peaceful 
resolution, she had taken up arms to prevent a war from 
breaking out, no matter what. 

"Wa ha ha ha, how are you going to defend it all on your 

Tayuma sneered at Kiriha. Convinced of his victory, he was 
now looking down on her. 

"There's no one on this surface who would ally with you! The 
ones you're trying to protect won't protect you! Just sit there 
on the sidelines and watch as the future you fought for meets 
a tragic end!" 

Tayuma raised his own weapon and pointed the barrel at the 
roller coaster. 

"Curse you, Tayuma! I won't let you attack the surface!" 

With Tayuma pointing his barrel towards the roller coaster, 
even the cool headed Kiriha began panicking. The 
amusement park was important to Kiriha, and amongst the 
attractions, the roller coaster was extra important. Kiriha 
then pointed her left hand, clad in a blue gauntlet, towards 

However, Tayuma's subordinates stood in the way, blocking 
Kiriha. They were all pointing their guns at Kiriha and 
because of that, she couldn't attack Tayuma. 


With Karama's and Korama's spiritual energy field being 
eroded by the clay doll, Tayuma's subordinates might be able 
to penetrate it. So Kiriha couldn't just attack and give the 
subordinates a chance to counterattack. 

"Kukukuku, how whimsical of you to try and protect this scrap 

Tayuma slowly aimed in on the roller coaster as if showing off 
to Kiriha. 

“Stop it, Tayuma!" 

“Your voice is starting to sound much better. I wonder what 
kind of sound you'll make when your beloved scrap heap 

Tayuma ridiculed Kiriha as he put his finger on the trigger. 

However, before he could pull it, someone swung a fist 
towards him. 


“Quit messing around you bastard!" 

The fist belonged to Koutarou, who Tayuma had completely 
forgotten. But it was only obvious for him to forget; nobody 
would expect an unarmed surface dweller to do anything. The 
same was true for Kiriha; her eyes were opened wide in 


“There're things you just can't do!" 

Koutarou yelled at Tayuma who had fallen over. He was 
unbelievably angry. He had completely forgotten who his 
opponent was and that his opponent was armed. He only 
remembered one thing, and that was that he definitely 
couldn't forgive Tayuma's actions. 

“This is a place where everyone makes memories!" 

“That's laughable!! What about it!? We don't care about 

Tayuma wiped his mouth as he stood up. Having been 
punched by Koutarou, it was now bleeding. Tayuma's pride 
didn't allow him to accept that a younger man had hit and 
injured him. He glared at Koutarou as his anger grew in 

“I could never let someone that calls this place laughable 
invade the surface! Kiriha-san would never call this place 

"Quit your howling, brat! In that case, I'll kill you first!” 

Koutarou came swinging against Tayuma again. To fend him 
off, Tayuma pointed his gun at Koutarou. Because of their 
short distance, Tayuma barely had to aim to hit Koutarou. 

However, Tayuma's gun didn't fire once more. All of a sudden, 
several laser beams came pouring down from the sky and 
penetrated his gun. The attack destroyed his weapon and 
scattered the electronic system inside all over the ground. 


"Good job, Theia!!” 

Koutarou then swung his fist. 

His fist struck the surprised Tayuma directly in the face. 
Having been punched in the face again, Tayuma fell down. 

"It's not 'Good job, Theia', it's 'You saved me, my princess'!" 

Theia's voice rang out from above Koutarou. The next 
moment, a one meter long, sturdy and compact aircraft¬ 
looking machine descended next to him. It was the small 
fighter that Theia had used to follow after Koutarou and Kiriha 
yesterday and today. 

“You saved me, my princess." 

“You're always so reckless, really..." 

Theia's amazed voice could be heard from the small fighter. 
The fighter had been left on standby above Koutarou and 
Kiriha and would protect them if things got dangerous. 

Theia had given a sign only Koutarou would notice and looked 
out for a chance to attack together. In the end, Koutarou had 
gotten so angry that he went swinging at Tayuma before 
Theia could attack, but it did work out as planned. 

“Theia, stop prattling and hand over the sword!" 

“That's not it; you say 'Please give me the sword, Princess'!" 

With Tayuma being attacked, his subordinates wouldn't just 
stand by and do nothing. 

Half of the eight subordinates changed their aim from Kiriha 
to Koutarou. But by that time, Koutarou was already prepared 
to fight. He had pulled out a sword from a black hole that had 
opened up in the air and held it with both hands and took a 
stance. It was the treasure sword, Saguratin, and it had 
Theia's golden flower crest engraved in it. The stance was an 
old Forthorthe sword fighting stance. 

“Smoke Discharger!" 

As Theia spoke up, white smoke covered Koutarou. The 
smoke was being produced by a globe the small fighter had 
launched. With a fast chemical reaction, a large amount of 
smoke was created and almost instantly robbed the enemy of 
their vision. 

“You idiot! I can't see anything either!!" 

Koutarou lowered his posture and complained toTheia. While 
Tayuma's subordinates couldn't see through the smoke, the 
same was true for Koutarou. 

“Calm down, Koutarou! It's all according to plan!" 


The next moment, Koutarou felt a familiar presence around 
his neck. 

“Is that you, Sanae!?” 


He then heard Sanae's voice next to his ear. Sanae and found 
Koutarou in the smoke and was hanging off his back like 

“I'll find the enemies for you!” 

At the same time Sanae said that, Koutarou could see several 
glowing things inside the white smoke. The lights all had the 
shapes of people, moving carefully through the smoke. 

“What is this!?” 

“It's the opposite of when I can taste what you eat! I'm 
showing you what I can see!” 

“I see, that's convenient!” 

Having understood the situation, Koutarou began running. 

The moving lights were all people. He could tell Kiriha apart 
from the rest since she had haniwas, and that meant the rest 
were Tayuma's subordinates. He couldn't give up this 

“You better compliment me lots after all of this is doneJ’” 

“I know, I know!" 

Using his sword, Koutarou destroyed the subordinates' 
weapons one after the other. Koutarou and Sanae didn't have 
any memory of it, but this was the second time they had 
done this. Because of that, Koutarou was more easily able to 
accept the situation. 

“This is not the kind of fighting a knight should be doing 

“No, you're a genius, Theia!” 

Koutarou then used the flat of his sword to knock the 
unarmed subordinates unconscious. Having suddenly been 
blinded, they had no way of preventing Koutarou's ambush. 
They panicked and fired their guns at random, but that 
wasn't enough to recover from this situation. 

“R-Really? You really think so?” 

“Yeah, I owe you one.” 

It was true that this kind of one sided fight wasn't something 
praisable for a knight. But Koutarou was thankful he didn't 
have to fight to the death. Since Koutarou knew of Kiriha's 
wish, he was even more so. Which was why Koutarou was 
extra thankful forTheia's plan. 

“Koutarou, the smoke is clearing.” 

After Koutarou had knocked out the four subordinates 
targeting him, the effect of the smoke-producing globe cut 
out and the smoke cleared. Since the amusement park was 
near the sea, the winds began blowing during the evening. 
Once the smoke stopped being produced, it disappeared 

almost immediately. 

“So you've cleared things up over there too. Good job, 

“ Landlord-san." 

Once the smoke cleared, Tayuma's four other subordinates 
were all lying on the ground. Instead, Shizuka stood where 
they were standing wearing large goggles. She had taken 
advantage of the smoke to sneak in and dispatch the four 
subordinates targeting Kiriha. 

“Glad to see you safe, Shizuka." 

“As a martial artist, this wasn't a worthy fight when using this 
kind of goggles. It should be done using the mind's eye." 

Talking to Theia's voice coming out from the unmanned 
fighter, Shizuka took off her goggles. The goggles allowed the 
user to see infrared light, which let her see through the 

“D-Damn, to think you had that kind of ambush lying in 

Tayuma that had been knocked down by Koutarou a second 
time stood up. As he did, the clay doll separated from Karama 
and Korama and headed over to Tayuma to protect him. 

“So what will you do now, Tayuma? Are you still planning on 

Kiriha approached Tayuma still wearing her blue gauntlet on 
her left hand. She was determined to use it if she had to. 

Despite his disadvantage, Tayuma gave Kiriha a cold glare 
and boldly responded. 

“That goes without question! If I can turn you into a sacrifice 
here, the People of the Earth will choose war!" 

Even if Tayuma and his group were defeated here, as long as 
Kiriha died, the other members of the radical faction would 
manipulate the truth and agitate the People of the Earth. By 
doing that, the result would turn out the way Tayuma wanted. 
He only had to ignore whether he personally won or lost. 

“Do you think you can do that in this situation?" 

“I don't." 

Kiriha, Koutarou and the others surrounded Tayuma. Even he 
knew that killing Kiriha would be difficult. Despite that he still 

“However, the sacrifice doesn't have to be you!" 

Tayuma smiled triumphantly. It was almost as if he had 
predicted this outcome. 

“I see, your aim isn't me, it's—" 

At that moment, Kiriha realized Tayuma's aim. 

“Jakko, release the safety device!" 


“Karama, Korama! Focus the spiritual energy field around 
that automaton! Full power! I won't mind if you burn out your 
circuits! Block it no matter the what!" 

“You're too late! Jakko, self destruct!" 


Kiriha and Tayuma gave orders at the same time. But since 
his order was shorter, Tayuma finished faster. Karama and 
Korama would not make it in time. Even if they did, having 
being weakened by the erosion, it wasn't a sure thing that 
they could block the explosion. 

"Kukukukuku, Hahahahahaha, I win!” 

Convinced of his victory, Tayuma burst out laughing. It all 
went according to plan. 

Tayuma's strategy had two kinds of goals. 

The primary goal was to assassinate Kiriha with his own 
hands. Once this goal became impossible, he started on his 
secondary goal. 

The secondary goal was to self destruct the clay doll and turn 
himself into a sacrifice. Although they might not have had the 
influence of the Kurano clan, the Shijima clan still had 
considerable influence. If they just made it out so that 
Tayuma had been attacked by the surface dwellers and his 
automaton exploded in the process, they could then turn 
Tayuma into a martyr that was a victim of the cruel surface 
dwellers. And if the self destruct managed to get Kiriha 
involved as well, it would be the best possible outcome. 

The reason behind the several scouting parties was to drag 
out the surface's battle squads. By doing that, they could put 
the blame on them instead. In reality, the Sun Rangers had 
appeared, which was why Tayuma hadn't attacked Kiriha until 
that point. 

Once the Sun Rangers had appeared, all they had to do was 
destroy Karama and Korama that held detailed records of the 
events. The reason Tayuma had brought out a clay doll with 
the ability to nullify spiritual energy fields was to make 

absolutely sure that Karama and Korama would be destroyed. 
All he had done after that was to buy time for the field to get 

Failing that, he would self destruct the clay doll and become a 
sacrifice himself. And if possible, the best outcome would be 
to kill Kiriha as well, but at worst all he had to do was destroy 
Karama and Korama. Kiriha's testimony alone couldn't 
overturn the radical faction's combined testimony. Which 
meant that if just Tayuma died, it would be enough to shake 
the People of the Earth's opinion of the surface dwellers. 

“With this, the People of the Earth can reclaim their glory! 

And I'll stand alongside the heroes of history!" 

It was Tayuma's victory. The clay doll would explode and 
Tayuma would die. At the same time, the haniwas would be 
destroyed, leaving no evidence behind. Making use of this 
situation, the radical faction would call out for the destruction 
of the surface dwellers. The age of war that Tayuma hoped 
for would begin. 

The clay doll exploded. Tayuma's laughter didn't stop. 

Until the explosion was blocked by Karama's and Korama's 
spiritual energy field, who weren't supposed to be able to put 
up the field in time. 

“That's impossible! How!?” 

The field was supposed to have been just a moment too late. 
Tayuma's order had been faster. And even if they had made 
it, the field had been eroded by the clay doll. Either way, they 
shouldn't have been able to block the explosion. 

“It seems like the explosion was smaller than I thought." 

Not missing her chance while Tayuma was astonished, Kiriha 
closed in the distance between her and him. He noticed that 
Kiriha was closing in, but because of the large shock of his 
plan failing, he was unable to move. 

“Quit messing around, as if that could happen! This is some 
kind of mistake!" 

Tayuma couldn't accept the situation. The clay doll had more 
then enough power to kill him. Since he had confirmed that 
countless times in simulations, there was no mistaking it. 
Karama and Korama weren't supposed to be able to block it. 
But the explosion had been blocked, and Kiriha was now 
closing in. 

“Then you were simply hated by the goddess of creation!" 

The gauntlet on Kiriha's left hand began glowing. The 
gauntlet worked by turning the wearer's spiritual energy into 
fire and electricity. At this time, Kiriha's spiritual energy was 
being turned into electricity. 

“War will begin! I will become a hero! The People of the 
Earth's history will—" 

“Allow me to advise you on something." 

Kiriha's left fist sunk into Tayuma's body while he was yelling. 
At that moment, the electricity around Kiriha's fist flowed 
through Tayuma's body. 


Through precise control, the electricity knocked Tayuma out 
without killing him. 

“...Next time, don't skip out on the prayers. For your own 

Tayuma lost his consciousness and fell down on the spot. 
Seeing that, Kiriha had a somewhat sorrowful look on her. 

“Ah, it looks like it ended safely." 

Someone was watching over Kiriha's and Tayuma's fight from 
afar. However, that wasn't the goddess of creation that Kiriha 
had mentioned, but a girl wearing a frilly pink costume. That 
girl was none other than our magical girl, Rainbow Yurika. 

“Now I can finally climb down." 

Suppressing her fears, she had climbed up a tall pillar and 
watched over Koutarou and the others battle from afar and 
supported with her magic if necessary. 

“I feel like I've gotten good at using my magic in secret." 

She had set up a ward to keep people from gathering, 
reduced the falling speed of the blown away Sun Rangers to 
keep them alive and protected the amusement park and its 
visitors when Tayuma's subordinates had begun firing at 

“I'm so glad everything worked out." 

And to top it off, she had contained the clay doll's explosion. 

Yurika had cast a defensive spell on the inside of Karama's 
and Korama's spiritual energy field. The explosions power had 
been terrific, but thanks to the two layered barrier of magic 
and spiritual energy, they somehow managed to contain it. 

They had almost not made it in time, but Yurika had 
somehow managed to pull it off. Nobody else knew it, but 

today's hero was Yurika. 

“Now all I need to do is head back to Ruth-san and everything 
will be fine." 

However, unlike every time up until now, she felt like it was a 
good thing that nobody knew. Problems should be resolved 
using your own power. Knowing that they would be helped 
through magic, a lot of people would stop trying. This was 
another sign that Yurika had grown. 

And this was also for Yurika's sake. She wanted to stay as a 
normal girl for as long as possible. 

“...But how do I get down from here...?" 

Having used magic to her heart's content, Yurika had 
temporarily used up all of her magic power. Because of that 
she was unable to climb down from the pillar she was on. 

“Save meee~, Satomi-saaa~n!!“ 

To Yurika, rather than having everyone know she had helped, 
she was more concerned with surviving this crisis. 

Part 4 

A few days later, another evaluation meeting was being held 
in the Sun Rangers' base. They had finally decided on their 
five individual colors, but today they were all wearing white. 
The damage they had suffered from the explosion and 
following crash had not been insubstantial. They were all 
wrapped up in bandages. 

“All of our past problems have been solved, and we've 
confirmed that the enemy is being active in this region as 
well, but now we have discovered new problems." 

Like last time, Professor Roppongi was writing on the 

“...And that's that we're all terribly weak." 

“We didn't even stand a chance." 

The White Shine with hair sticking out from under the 
bandages dropped his shoulders. As he did, the small White 
Shine next to him continued talking. 

“Besides, in the other regions they would run as soon as they 
saw our allies, but here they came charging at us." 

“Yeah. They shot at us without hesitation. Not to mention, 
their weapons had a lot of punch behind them." 

The White Shine wearing shades spoke bitterly. He was 
confident in his firearms-handling ability, so he was quite 
dissatisfied with this defeat. 

“Still, we were saved by the strength of these suits. It's 

almost a mystery that we survived.” 

”1 was sure I would die when Megu-chan came falling down at 

"Daisaku-kun, you don't need to put it like that!” 

When the fat White Shine had been blown away, he had 
become the female White Shine's landing pad. Thanks to 
that, his injuries were just that much more serious. The 
female White Shine felt bad about it, but since she had a 
stubborn side to her, she protested. 

"On the other hand, the underground people were defeated 
by citizens that happened to be on the site.” 

"Which means that their weapons are powerful, but the 
soldiers themselves aren't all that strong?" 

"Most likely. They might just have been recruits as well.” 

"I see... so the situation was the same for both of us, but we 
lost due to the difference in firepower...” 

"If my prediction is correct." 

Roppongi and the short-cut White Shine nodded at each 
other. However, the mini White Shine that had listened to 
them had a different opinion. 

"But it might be that the citizens that defeated them are just 
special. It was Baron Demon-san and the others that did it, 

"That's right! Baron-sama is strong!” 

Once Baron Demon's name came up, the female White 
Shine's eyes started shining. In her head, Baron Demon was 

already a deity. After hearing of his victory, it was like she 
was dreaming. 

"Noo~, I want to be captured and tortured by Baron-sama as 
soon as possible! Ufu, ufu, ufufufufu...” 

"...Megu-chan's opinion aside, if normal people could win, 
won't things work out if we try harder?” 

The large man covered in plastic casts summarized the topic. 

If Baron Demon could overcome the difference in firepower 
with ability, they should be able to do the same as long as 
they worked harder. If anything, they had a higher chance of 
doing so than Baron since they had their suits. 

"Daisaku-niichan, do you mean that we should practice on 
our moves and come up with strategies?” 


"Practice, huh, that's my specialty." 

"Strategies... Hey, I've been thinking, but shouldn't we just 
stealthily snipe them? We even have detectors." 

"Stupid, do you want to be scolded by Baron-sama again?" 

"Then if we increase our numbers—” 

"Quit messing around!! Hayato, you really don't get it!! Didn't 
you listen to a word of what Baron-sama said!?” 

"T-That's not it, but..." 

The discussion got complicated once more. Their first battle 
might have been a loss, but their morale was still high. They 
wanted to be able to produce results the next them they were 

sortied. All members shared that same wish. 

They had finally been able to get to do their job since their 
demotion, so a failure or two wasn't worth considering. 
Whether they lost or were made fun off, they would get up as 
many times as they had to. At least in that aspect, they could 
be called heroes. 

The Sun Squad, Sun Rangers' battle had only just begun. 

Roller Coaster 

Part 1 

Monday, December 21 

Since Kiriha had apprehended Shijima Tayuma, his plan had 
completely failed. Karama's and Korama's records served as 
proof that backed up Kiriha's testimony. He was now awaiting 
investigation and trial. 

And with Tayuma's plan exposed to the world, Kiriha's 
political rivals, the radical faction, temporarily stepped out of 
the spotlight. Since the underground people's opinion had 
changed, nothing they did would work out well. Even if Kiriha 
was to die now, the radical faction would be blamed. They 
had to wait out the storm before they could make any further 

As a result, Kiriha's surroundings became peaceful again. 

As for Kiriha who had survived the crisis, she used the winter 
vacation and headed to the amusement park together with 
Koutarou once more in order to thank him. 

“You don't really need to thank me." 

However, to Koutarou, he hadn't done anything that required 
thanking. Since he had become friends with Kiriha, it was 
only obvious that he would help her. 

“Don't say that. I love this place. There're lots of rides I 
haven't tried yet.” 

However, showing her thanks was most likely just an excuse. 
In reality, Koutarou was just a bonus, what she really wanted 
to do was ride the roller coaster. Since Tayuma had appeared, 
she had missed her chance of riding it. She had decided that 
she would definitely ride it today, and had been enthusiastic 
since the morning. 

“Well, in that case...” 

“Good. I'll be happy if you enjoy it alongside me.” 

“Leave it to me. Playing around is my specialty.” 

The two were walking through the park heading towards the 
roller coaster. However, just before it, Koutarou stopped for 
some reason. Noticing that, Kiriha stopped too and called out 
to him. 

“What's wrong?” 

“Over there. I was just thinking that the hole is already fixed.” 

Koutarou moved his face a little to point towards the area he 
was looking. He was looking at the place where Tayuma had 
appeared on the underground submergence boat, creating a 
big hole in the ground. There were several workers that were 
working on fixing the pavement after filling up the hole. 

“Koutarou, having a big hole like that here would be boring.” 

“As long as there are happy memories being made here, 
everything is fine, right?” 

“That's right. 

“And now you want to some happy memories regarding the 
roller coaster?" 

“Of course." 

Giggling to each other, the two of them begin walking 
through the roller coaster again. 

Thanks to Yurika's magic, the events regarding that incident 
had finished up quickly. Having cast a ward to keep people 
away at the same time as the Sun Rangers appeared, no one 
could see their fighting. And the event was covered up as a 
mysterious sinkhole suddenly appearing. 

Koutarou and Kiriha had no idea what Yurika had done, so 
Koutarou just figured they had been lucky. Kiriha had 
assumed that the surface government had regulated the 
information. They had a difference in assumption, but they 
were both happy that the incident had been safely resolved. 

“As long as happy memories are being made, huh... Koutarou 
are you happy being here with me?" 

Walking next to Koutarou, Kiriha suspiciously looked at him. 
They were closer than ever. So while he would normally panic 
from this situation, today there was no sign of that reaction 
as he instead smiled and nodded. 

“Yeah. With you right now, it's not that bad. I don't have to 
worry about any weird intentions, since I already know what 
you really want." 

Up until now, Koutarou had been panicking because he didn't 
know her intentions. For example, in the past when she had 
been trying to seduce him, he didn't know if she was kidding 
or if she was serious. But things were different now. Knowing 
that Kiriha had someone she loved, it was obvious that she 

wasn't serious about her seduction. In fact, Kiriha would be 
troubled if Koutarou took her seduction seriously. 

On top of that, Koutarou completely trusted in Kiriha. She 
might play jokes, but he believed that she didn't play around 
with people. So even if he was with Kiriha, he wasn't anxious. 
Like with Kenji, he was able to enjoy Kiriha's words and 

“It sounds like you're calling me a flimsy woman though." 

“If it sounds like it, it's probably the truth. But I like that kind 
of person." 

“Fufufu, then I'll take it as a compliment." 

“Yeah. If you hadn't chosen a man you'd want to be with, I 
would like to make a move on you." 

“Quit your lying, Satomi Koutarou. That's far too 

The two headed towards the roller coaster while joking 
around. This was a refreshing sight for those two. Everything 
up until today had led to a change in their relationship. 

A man she wants to be with huh... 

Once the roller coaster was right in front of them, Koutarou 
stopped moving once more, he repeated his own words on in 
his mind. He then looked over to the sign near the roller 

'You must be at least 140 centimeters to ride this attraction.' 

Koutarou then looked up towards the cars running on the 

Hmm, something just feels wrong... 

Imagining himself and Kiriha riding the rollercoaster 
together, he felt like something didn't quite click. 


So Koutarou stopped Kiriha as she was about to cross the 
entrance to the ride. 


Kiriha quickly turned around. Her eyes were sparkling, like a 
child really looking forward to riding the roller coaster. 

"We should probably not ride it." 


Kiriha's expression clouded instantly. Since she had been so 
excited for today, she was very disappointed. 

"Why would you stop now that we've come this far?” 

"Hmm... how could I put this..." 

'It doesn't feel right' wouldn't work as an explanation. 
Thinking about what to say, Koutarou racked his brain, before 
explaining to Kiriha. 

"I really think you should ride it with your first love." 

At that moment Kiriha became aware of her own feelings, 
and her eyes opened wide in surprise. 

Am I confusing Koutarou and that person... ? 

Until Koutarou had pointed it out, Kiriha had felt like she was 
about to ride the roller coaster with her first love. That's why 
she noticed that she was confusing Koutarou with her first 

Taken aback by her own feelings, Kiriha looked up at the 
roller coaster. The complexly intertwining railroads looked like 
her own feelings to her. 

"Either way, no matter what happens, that way would be for 
the best. Since you've waited this long, there's no need to 
compromise now." 

Koutarou lined up next to Kiriha and looked up at the roller 
coaster with her. But unlike Kiriha, Koutarou had no 

"I'll help you look for him, so let's find that person." 

"...Yeah, thank you, Koutarou." 

Looking at Koutarou's smiling face, Kiriha noticed another 

No... It might not be that I'm confusing Koutarou with that person, but rather 
that I...? 

However, Kiriha couldn't reach a conclusion yet. To her, both 
possibilities seemed correct but at the same time wrong. Her 
feelings at the moment were very complex. 

However there was one thing she knew for certain. 

"What if we couldn't find that person, even then?” 

Kiriha wanted to ride the roller coaster with Koutarou. She 
wanted some memorable experiences with her new found 
friend. So Kiriha couldn't stop herself asking that. 

“Then ride with me. I'm actually very interested in roller 
coasters as well." 

“...I got it. Then I'll endure for today." 

Satisfied by Koutarou's answer, Kiriha agreed with him. 

Regardless of who I ride this with in the future, I just hope my feelings are 
clear by that time... 

Kiriha didn't know what would happen in the future, but she 
was mysteriously cheerful. 

Part 2 

“Right then, what to ride next..." 

Leaving the roller coaster behind them Kiriha walked around 
the amusement park looking for the next attraction. 

Attractions she'd been on, attractions she hadn't and 
attractions she'd been on but wanted to get on again. There 
were a ton of attractions that attracted Kiriha's attention. 

Oh yeah, there was something I had to say... 

Looking at Kiriha look around the area, Koutarou remembered 
that there was something he needed to tell her. It was 
something he had been thinking about since he had seen 
Kiriha fight Tayuma. 

“Hey, Kiriha-san." 


As Koutarou called out to Kiriha, she continued moving 
around the area while looking back at him. She moved 
around, almost as if Koutarou himself was one of the 

“There's something I want to apologize about.” 

“Apologize? What for?” 

Kiriha tilted her head. She couldn't remember Koutarou 
having anything to apologize about. She could come up with 
a lot of things that she could apologize for, but nothing that 
he could. 

“When we first met, I said some horrible things to you, right?" 

Koutarou wanted to apologize for what he had said when they 
had first met. Having no way of knowing her intentions, he 
had called her an idiot amongst other things. But having 
learned of her intentions, Koutarou noticed that what he had 
said probably hurt her. 

“Of course you did. I'm an invader after all." 

Kiriha smiled as if saying that there was no need to 
apologize. She was prepared for the consequences since she 
wanted Koutarou to resist. 

“That might be true, but still, I'm sorry, Kiriha-san." 

But even then Koutarou apologized. When he had apologized, 
he felt a weight drop off his shoulders. It wasn't just for 
Kiriha's sake, but also for his own. 

“That sounds like you want to be invaded to me." 

Kiriha smiled mischievously. Koutarou had been so harsh with 
Kiriha because he wanted to prevent an invasion. By 
apologizing, it was the same as if he was allowing the 
invasion, both of room 106 and the surface. 

However, Koutarou's glance remained calm, even after 
seeing that smile. He had absolute faith in Kiriha. 

“Feel free to invade if you want. The surface, or that room." 


“If you seriously want to that is." 

Hearing Koutarou's response, Kiriha noticed how happy she 

So you won't mind if I invade... Koutarou... 

Kiriha was unbearably happy. Deep joy filled her heart, and it 
felt like it would burst at any moment. 

She was so happy that Koutarou had accepted her as a true 
friend. That was also the answer she sought for in her 
invasion. It was as if his answer affirmed her goal and 
actions. She had gotten what she had wished for. The joy of 
that was deep yet intense, so the normally calm Kiriha was 
barely able to hold back her tears. 

“...Koutarou, in reality you don't want me to find that person, 

As Kiriha said that, she wiped the corners of her eyes. Even 
with her strong will, she hadn't been able to keep herself 
from tearing up. 

“Hm? What do you mean?" 

Koutarou didn't notice her tears, and just smiled while looking 
at her. 

“No, it's nothing." 

Kiriha grabbed Koutarou's hand while he tilted his head in 
confusion and began pulling on it as she started walking. If 
she had continued to face him, she would probably have 

“Let's go, Koutarou!" 


Kiriha continued walking, heading for attractions she had 
never ridden with anyone before. 

To make memories with the first real friend she had ever 
made on the surface. 

Part 3 

As the end of the year approached, even if the days were 
warm, the evenings turned cold in a hurry. So to Koutarou, 
who had gotten another part-time job because of the winter 
vacation, this was a rough period. 

“How about a cake for Christmas!? At the Harukaze Bakery, 
we're accepting reservations for Christmas cakes!" 

Koutarou's new part time was handing out flyers dressed as 
Santa Claus. 

Since the bakery by the station at the mall was selling 
Christmas cakes, Koutarou was in charge of the advertising. 
Today was December 22, and Christmas Eve was right around 
the corner. When it came to selling Christmas cakes, it had to 
be done today or tomorrow. 

The most important time for advertising was when people 
were shopping or heading home. It was cold, but he had to 
work hard. 

“How about a cake for Christmas!? At the Harukaze Bakery, 
we're accepting reservations for Christmas cakes!" 

Handing out flyers to the people passing through the mall, 
Koutarou raised his voice. 

A lot of necessities were required for the end of the year, so 
his part-time job excavating ruins wasn't quite enough. 
Because of Yurika, the food cost had risen, and because Theia 
was playing so many games, the electricity bill had also risen. 
And in the winter, the heating bill had increased, putting even 
more pressure on Koutarou. 

Everything could work out if he relied on his father, but for 
him to acknowledge himself as an independent adult man he 
wanted to solve this with his own power. 

“How about a cake for Christmas!? At the Harukaze Bakery, 
we're accepting reservations for Christmas cakes!" 

There were a lot of people passing through. However, 
everyone looked busy, and only a few showed interest in 
Koutarou's flyers. He politely handed over flyers to those who 
would accept them. Amongst the people that accepted the 
flyers, only a few were actually interested in buying a cake. 

But it was important to think of everyone accepting the flyer 
as a customer. 

After Koutarou had been struggling for a while, he heard an 
unexpected voice. 

“Good evening, Santa." 

“Oh? Sakuraba-senpai?" 

Harumi had called out to Koutarou. When he turned to the 
direction of the voice, he saw Harumi smiling in the cold 
winds raging through the mall. That smile felt like the spring 
sun to him. It was a welcome meeting that let him forget 
about the cold. 

“Fufu, I think I've been a good child this year, so may I have 

Smiling, Harumi was holding out her hands as if she asking 
for a present. 


Long time no see. It's the author, Takehaya. 

The heat this summer has been overwhelming and I wrote 
this novel in the middle of that summer. It's now October and 
it's gradually getting colder, so I think I'll be able to catch up 
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This sixth volume focused around Kiriha. The circumstances 
for why she took command of the surface invasion force are 
finally revealed. 

With this, all of the four invaders' stories have begun. Thanks 
to that, I bet your impression of the each character has 
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and added voice actors to it. Since it had been different from 
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The second point was that a portion of the lines are wrong. 
Since there were no lines planned for this preview, SilverLink 
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I would greatly appreciate it if those who received the 
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September, 2010 

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