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Volume 07.5 

7\ H ! ? 

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? 




6 | P ag e 

AH ! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Contents 


Outside of Reason.8 

Foreign Lands.13 

Part 1.13 

Part 2.18 

Part 3.22 

Part 4.27 

The Golden Flower.38 

Part 1.38 

Part 2.44 

Part 3.46 

Part 4.57 

The Silver Princess.68 

Part 1.68 

Part 2.72 

Part 3.77 

Part 4.85 

Part 5.88 

The Beginning of the Legend.96 

Part 1.96 

Part 2.101 

Part 3.103 

Part 4.108 

Part 5.118 

Part 6.128 

Reios Fatra Bertorion.138 


7“\H PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

Outside of Reason 

Outside of Reason _ 

Space and time flows in a similar fashion as to a river. 

The river starts at a small source, and as the volume of water increased, flowing from heights to 
lows, it splits for one reason or another. At the same time, two split rivers might reunite once 
more. By repeating the cycle, the river spreads through the earth and moistens it. 

Space and time are similar to that. At one point there was only one universe, but as time passed, 
it split into multiple universes. By flipping a coin, the universe could split simply by the outcome. 
If that coin was used to pick what team starts off in a football game, it could then possess the 
ability to largely influence said game. That split would then create a parallel universe. At the 
same time, it's possible for those split universes to rejoin. If that tossed coin had landed into a 
wishing well, the outcome wouldn't matter. The result would be buried by countless other coins 
and lose its meaning as it vanished into the quantum theory of probability. It is common for a 
universe to converge after a minute chance such as that, just like with a river. Even if a large 
rock blocked the flow, the river would just split up and reunite shortly thereafter. As the universe 
splits and reunites, history is knitted together. And we live in one of the strings of that knitted 

Koutarou had been thrown out of that string. 

The reason for that was the super space-time repulsion shell that Clan had been about to use. 
Knowing that it would cause a lot of damage, Koutarou split the shell in half and prevented it 
from being fired. But at that time, the energy stored in the warhead was unleashed. It detonated, 
and though it only was only a fraction of the effective area that Clan had designed, it was enough 
to swallow up her, her spaceship, the Cradle, and Koutarou, and threw them out of the universe. 

Even worse, since the repulsion shell released its energy without any form of control, Koutarou 
and Clan were thrown out into the most problematic place of all. 

They were at the beginning of the universe. If you were to compare it to a river, it would be 
considered the source. 

The outside of the universe wasn't a place where something like a living creature could survive. 
No, not even material could exist. The laws of physics didn't even exist there, and to be precise, 
it couldn’t exactly be identified as a place. On top of that, Koutarou and Clan had been thrown 
to the beginning of the universe, where an unlimited amount universes and unlimited possibilities 
were being compressed. But at the same time, time was frozen. Although everything was 
possible, nothing could be done. Although it was the beginning, nothing was starting. It was the 
only exception in the giant, unlimited knitting of the universe. 

The moment they arrived there, Koutarou and Clan were supposed to have been compressed 
into something smaller than even an elementary particle and then merged with the unlimited 

However, that didn't happen. 

What saved them was the consciousness that existed there. Since that consciousness was the 
absolute ruler of that place, it sensed Koutarou and Clan's arrival ahead of time and protected 
them to keep them from vanishing the instant they appeared. 

“What is...” 

But what the consciousness first felt was a large sense of hesitation. Nothing but that 
consciousness existed in this place. That had always been the case, and always should have 
been the case. Here, space was compressed and time was frozen, so this was the first time this 
consciousness had ever felt the presence of someone else. So while it was greatly surprised, it 
was also greatly curious of Koutarou and Clan. 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

Outside of Reason 

“Who is this boy...?” 

The consciousness was particularly interested in Koutarou. What had arrived in this place were 
three objects; Koutarou, Clan and the Cradle. Amongst them, Koutarou held an extraordinary 
amount of possibility. If it was just a matter of energy, the Cradle easily had the largest amount, 
but the consciousness had been attracted by the unbelievably large amount of possibility that 
Koutarou held. 

“Nothing but me can exist here... so why is this boy here...” 

The consciousness bathed Koutarou with attention and examined his body and mind. An 
existence other than itself, an existence from somewhere else; there was nothing more 
interesting than that to the consciousness. 

However, as its powers touched Koutarou to examine him, the consciousness hesitated again. 
The new hesitation was regarding the small abnormality that had occurred in itself. 

“...Boy...? Why am I calling this object 'boy'?” 

The consciousness realized the abnormality of calling Koutarou 'boy.' That wasn't a term that 
the consciousness itself had. 

“No, more importantly, I? ... That's right, I call myself I!” 

And one more abnormality was the consciousness's self-awareness. Up until now it had never 
had a clear recognition of itself. Up until now it had been the only existence here, so there had 
been no need for differentiating between it. However alongside Koutarou and Clan's 
appearance, a need to differentiate itself between them occurred. Because of that, the 
consciousness gained a clear sense of self awareness. 

“Recognition of myself is flowing from this boy!” 

Contact with Koutarou brought along another change. As it came into contact with Koutarou's 
mind, recognition flowed from Koutarou's mind into it. The consciousness gained clear definitions 
of unclear things it had observed up until now. 

“This boy has met me before in his past!!” 

A white light appeared next to Koutarou. And the light then gradually grew larger, and once it 
had reached a sufficient size it began gathering to turn into some sort of shape. The gathering 
light's shape became clearer and clearer and finally became an entity. 

“At that time, this is the appearance I had. That's why I have been given this form now...” 

It was the appearance of a girl with calm and gentle eyes. 

The light that had appeared next to Koutarou gathered and changed appearance into that of a 
girl. The consciousness’s contact with Koutarou had given it clear shape. And it didn't just stop 
with the appearance; the meeting with Koutarou had given the consciousness, no, the girl, self- 
awareness, awareness of time, space and even of language. 

“The object's tag is Satomi Koutarou... I see, so you're called Koutarou...” 

And she knew Koutarou. She could understand because of the change that had taken place in 
her body and mind. 

“There are several descriptions in the ID... in terms of parameters, you seem to be a normal 
human, but you have an immensurable amount of possibilities...” 

She was reading the very information that formed Koutarou. On top of the obvious weight and 
height, she could read his genetic data and what kind of life he's lived. Any and all information 
regarding Koutarou was flowing into her. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

Outside of Reason 

“However, the memory area is being protected... the me that Koutarou met in his past must have 
made it so his memory couldn't be read...” 

However, a portion of that information had been encrypted and was not able to be read. In his 
memory was a large amount of information that the girl wanted to know, but she had no way of 
accessing it. However, she was able learn what she wanted to know the most of all- 

“But, that's right... Eventually stars and life will fill even this empty place... I won't always be 

-and that was that she wouldn't always be alone. 

Before Koutarou and Clan had appeared, she hadn't had a clear recognition of loneliness. 
However she could feel a vague pain as she was alone. Realizing that she would be always be 
alone from now on just as she had been before, that pain tormented her. In this place where 
time was frozen, it was hard to express just how long of a period that was. However, if one were 
to describe it in terms that humans could understand, it would be something akin to several 
hundred times a normal human’s lifespan. 

That's why she was rejoiced at the information she had gained through Koutarou. At some point, 
the universe would be born. In it, stars would shine and life would prosper. It gave her hope that 
she wouldn't always be alone. 


At that moment, Koutarou who had been unconscious all this time opened his eyes. Having 
woken up, he was unable to understand the situation he was in and blankly stared at his 
surroundings. Seeing that, the girl gently smiled at him. 


Drawn in by the voice, Koutarou turned towards the girl. 


Hearing her voice and seeing her face, Koutarou was gripped by a mysterious feeling. 

I know this girl... 

That was a sense of intimacy with the girl in front of him. As if they had always lived together. It 
was very similar to the feelings Koutarou had regarding the invading girls. 

But something's different... I don't know this girl... 

However that was just as a feeling. Koutarou didn't have any memories of the girl. And that gave 
Koutarou strong doubts. 

“Nice to meet you, Koutarou. But you've met me before.” 

But when the girl spoke those words, a memory appeared in Koutarou's mind. 

The dim underground, a stone pavement, several pillars surrounding a statue in the center. The 
girl had appeared as if overlapping with the statue. 

What's this memory... ? 

They were fragment of his memory. The words the girl had whispered had summoned those 
memories from the depths of his mind. 


However, when trying to put those fragments together, a dull pain ran through Koutarou's head. 
Who is this girl... ? What am I forgetting... ? And what's with this headache... ? 

10 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

Outside of Reason 

He could remember seeing her, but he couldn't recall it. Whenever he tried to remember, his 
headache would get worse. If he had stopped trying to remember, the headache would definitely 
stop, but he felt it was something important, so he couldn't just do that. 

“Don't try to force yourself to remember, Koutarou...” 

The girl gave Koutarou a sympathetic look. 

“Your memories are being locked away.” 

The girl smiled gently and softly put her hand on Koutarou's forehead. Her hand was small, and 
she was slightly colder than him. The chilly feeling peeled Koutarou's mind of its search for 


“Yes. It's a complex lock that not even I could remove.” 

Solving an encryption is overwhelmingly more difficult than creating it. And if the person that put 
that encryption in place was yourself from a different time, undoing the encryption was next to 

“Now sleep, Koutarou. You have someplace to go to...” 

“Someplace to go to?” 

An important notice had been put alongside Koutarou's information. It was a message she had 
written to herself from the future. It was information regarding where Koutarou had to go to. 

“I'm sure someone is waiting for you there.” 

As the girl said that, Koutarou's consciousness gradually grew faint. Another one of her powers 
was putting Koutarou to sleep. However, Koutarou didn't feel afraid; that was because the girl 
was gently smiling in front of him. 

“...Why, are you crying...?” 

As his consciousness faded, Koutarou noticed that the girl was crying. Although she was smiling, 
tears wet her cheeks. 

“That is because I'm so happy to have met you. I had always been alone up until now.” 

What had saved her from her eternal solitude was her meeting with Koutarou. There was no way 
to easily display that joy. Smiles or words alone wouldn't be enough. 

“And because our parting is so sad. Because I'll be alone for a little while longer.” 

There was someplace Koutarou had to go. There was something the girl had to remain and do. 
So because of that, until the universe was born, and stars and life formed, she would be alone 
for a while longer. That saddened her, to the point where tears were not enough. 

“...If you're sad, you have to change things yourself, that's what my old man always said...” 

“Fufufu, that's what I've just realized.” 

As Koutarou's view faded to white, the girl wiped her tears away.” 


Since the girl revealed a smile after wiping away her tears, Koutarou felt a slight relief. And as 
he relaxed, he was drawn in by the drowsiness. Koutarou chose not to struggle, but instead 
asked the girl one last question. 

“Will... we meet again...?” 

11 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

Outside of Reason 

The gentle and warm, yet lonely girl, Koutarou couldn't help but want to meet her again. 

“Yes, without fail.” 

A happy voice responded. 

“But when that time comes, will you want me to exist...?” 

However her next words sounded uneasy. 

Is she feeling lonely again? 

Worried, Koutarou desperately endured his urge to sleep and told her. 

“If I didn't... I wouldn't ask... if I would meet you... again...” 

“...Thank you, Koutarou... let's meet again...” 

That was Koutarou's limit. 

Ah... I forgot to ask for her name... 

Koutarou fell asleep with that as his last thought. Having made sure that Koutarou was asleep, 
the girl used her powers to envelop Koutarou, Clan and the Cradle in a bright light. 

“Goodbye... let's meet once more, someday...” 

The girl then sent Koutarou, Clan and the Cradle away from this place and to somewhere else. 
After staring where Koutarou had been for a while, the girl then put her hands together in front 
of her chest and closed her eyes. 

“I hope the first star shines blue... just as Koutarou's armor...” 

She then began knitting time and space. 

All while dreaming of her meeting with Koutarou again, several billion years in the future. 

12 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

Foreign Lands 

Foreign Lands 

Part 1 

Koutarou woke up in the thick of a forest. 

“W-What happened...?” 

After shaking his head a couple of times he stood up. 


As he moved pain began running through his body, the injuries he had gotten while fighting Clan 
were hurting. But thanks to that pain, Koutarou woke up completely. While grimacing in pain, 
Koutarou checked for injuries on his body. 

I thought it would be much worse, but this isn't that bad... 

Koutarou remembered suffering from several beam and laser attacks in his last charge on the 
Cradle. However unlike his memory, he had suffered no serious injuries. Although it hurt when 
moving parts of his body, they were light bruises at worst. 

“Right, that's it! Clan and the Cradle!” 

However, Koutarou was more concerned about something else so he forgot about his 
unexpectedly light injuries. 

“Where's that woman and spaceship!?” 

Koutarou hurriedly looked around. Clan might still be targeting him so he couldn't let his guard 

I'm inside a forest? No, I guess this is more like in the middle of a mountain...? 

That was when first noticed his surroundings. An abundance of thick trees being shone up by 
the evening light and the ground was at a slight incline. Based on his surroundings, Koutarou 
realized he was in the middle of a mountain and that he was alone. 

“I wonder where Harukaze high school is.” 

Koutarou searched through his memories while looking around him again. 

Let's see, a mountain forest near Harukaze high school... 

The last memory Koutarou had was cutting through Clan's super-space-time repulsion shell with 
the sword he had borrowed from Theia. The next moment, he had woken up in the middle of this 
mountain. He felt like he had seen a dream while he was unconscious, but he couldn't clearly 
remember it, and he couldn't imagine it having anything to do with his current situation. Koutarou 
figured that he must have been blown to a nearby mountain because of the explosion from the 
repulsion shell. 

“The closest forest was the one right above the school...” 

Kitsushou Harukaze high school was positioned halfway up a small mountain. And further up 
was a forest that had gone untouched. Koutarou's work site was in that surrounding area. The 
next mountain was several kilometers away, and he couldn't imagine having been blown that far 

“So all I have to do is get down from here and I'll be at school again.” 

If this was the forest above the school, all Koutarou had to do was climb down the mountain. 
Even if he didn't know where exactly he was, he would eventually reach the road. Although he 
had been unconscious until evening, if he didn't return to school everyone would worry. With that 
in mind, Koutarou began his descent. 

13 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

Foreign Lands 

For each step he took, he bent grass and snapped twigs. 

“Geez... this is all that woman's fault. Next time I see her I'll... wait... That's!?” 

Shortly after Koutarou had begun climbing down the mountain, he spotted the face of the girl he 
was remembering by a rocky area. It was Clan, the girl that Koutarou wanted to meet for several 
reasons. In the open space next to her was her spaceship, the Cradle. The spaceship was on 
its side and revealing the belly of its hull to Koutarou. 

“Clan! Us meeting here was the end of your luck!” 

Since he had a lot he wanted to say, the moment Koutarou spotted Clan he hurriedly climbed 
down towards the rocky area. However as he did that, Clan remained motionless with her body 
lying on the rocks and her eyes closed. 

“Hey, Clan!” 

As Koutarou reached Clan he shouted at her. 


However, even then Clan wouldn't move. That was when Koutarou noticed something was off 
and brought his face close to hers and stared at her. 

“...She's unconscious.” 

Clan may have been unconscious, but her complexion was fine and she was still breathing 
steadily. She looked so relaxed that it didn't seem like her life was in danger. 

“Hey, wake up Clan! Now's not the time to be asleep!” 

Koutarou began shaking Clan awake with enough force that the glasses on her face almost fell 

“Uh, uhh...” 

But even then Clan didn't wake up. All she did was let out a painful sounding groan and draw 
her eyebrows together. It seemed that she wouldn't wake up merely by being shaken. 

“Damn, no good...” 

Based on Clan's response, Koutarou gave up on trying to wake her up. Even though she might 
have been an enemy, he couldn't just continue shaking someone in pain. 

“Now then, what to do...” 

Koutarou took his hands off of Clan and began thinking. With Clan unconscious here, he couldn't 
just leave her behind and go to school. 

Right, I should make a call first. 

After thinking for a moment, Koutarou pulled out his cellphone and turned on its power. 

He had decided to contact someone related first. Since Clan was related to Theia, he had 
decided to call her first. By doing that he hoped that she would know what to do. With the 
spaceship lying around nearby as well, there was a lot that Koutarou couldn't decide on. 

“Huh? That's weird.” 

However when he turned on his phone, Koutarou noticed that it wasn't getting any signal. Seeing 
that, Koutarou shook his cellphone a couple of times. There was no way any place on the 
mountain where Harukaze high school was at would be unable to get reception. Since the school 
had been designated as a shelter in the case of emergencies, extra antennas had been put up 

14 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

Foreign Lands 

near it. Even at the top of the mountain at Koutarou's work site, he would almost always have a 
maxed out signal. Despite that, he wasn't getting any signal now, so Koutarou figured it was 
more likely that his phone had broken. 

“So it won't get fixed by shaking it, huh...” 

No matter how many times he shook his cellphone he couldn’t get a signal. After sighing, he put 
the cellphone inside his armor. 

“...Guess I have to bring her with me.” 

Although he was worried about leaving the spaceship like this, he couldn't just leave Clan in her 
current state. So Koutarou carried Clan and began climbing down the slope again. 

Even though he was carrying Clan, Koutarou's footsteps were light. Since the armor was 
powered, it moved in accordance to him. Because of that, it was essentially the armor carrying 
Clan; Koutarou couldn't feel her weight at all. So Koutarou had more room to check his 

“Still, what kind of tree is this?” 

As Koutarou looked at his surroundings again, he noticed that the forest was strange. He had 
only now just realized that he had never seen any of the types of the trees in this forest. 

Koutarou then turned his eyes down to his footing, and he couldn't remember seeing any grass 
growing there. 

“What a strange forest...” 

With his head tilted, Koutarou continued climbing down the slope. He couldn't find anything that 
he had seen before. He felt like he was seeing a CG forest in a movie. However, his surroundings 
felt far more realistic than a movie. 

“To think someplace like this was so close to school...” 

I'll have to tell Sanae and Yurika later, they'll love this... 

While Koutarou was thinking about that, he could hear something as he had just reached the 

“Kuii, kuii.” 

A large bird flew past Koutarou while crying. It must have been at least 30 centimeters large. 
“W-What is that!?” 

The moment he saw the bird, Koutarou's glance was fixed on it and his jaw dropped open. At 
first glance it seemed like a bird, but upon closer inspection, it was a reptile with the appearance 
of a bird. 

“It looks like a lizard you'd fight in a game...” 

It was almost like a monster that would appear in a game. That was an apt description of this 
flying reptile. 

The reptile completely ignored Koutarou and continued flying. By spreading its large wings, it 
grabbed the air like a bird and flew far away in a short moment. 

15 | P a g e 

Volume 07.5 

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? 

Part 1 

16 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

Foreign Lands 

“Crap, I should have taken a picture.” 

If he had found a new species, he would have earned bragging rights. Koutarou felt some regret 
about not taking a picture of it with the camera on his phone. 

“Sheesh, all of this is her fault.” 

Koutarou adjusted Clan's position as she was about to slip off his back. With his hands occupied 
with Clan, he couldn't possibly take a picture. So even if he spotted another one, he wouldn't be 
able to photograph it. That slightly irritated Koutarou. 


At that moment, Koutarou heard a woman scream from afar. 

“...What's that?” 

Koutarou turned his head in the direction of the scream, and he could then hear other sounds, 
but not as well as the scream. And since the sound was getting absorbed by the forest, he 
couldn't even tell what kind of noise it was. 


Another scream. The voice seemed more desperate than before. Despite that, it wasn't as loud 
as before. 

“Sounds like trouble. I should go take a look.” 

Koutarou swiftly made up his mind and rushed towards the Cradle. 

“Looks like this is the entrance...” 

Koutarou approached a hatch on the Cradle and put his hand on a nearby lever. 

As he pulled it, the hatch opened by sliding to the side. Past the hatch was a lustrous passage, 
similar as the ones onboard Theia's ship. 


Relieved that the hatch opened, Koutarou laid Clan down in the passage. He then returned the 
lever to its original position to close the hatch. 

“That solves the problem with Clan for now.” 

Koutarou had put Clan onboard the Cradle to keep her safe. There were unknown animals, and 
he had just heard a scream. Carrying her unconscious body with him might be dangerous, but 
he couldn't just dump her off in the wilds. Leaving her inside the Cradle was the obvious 
conclusion he had reached. 

“Next is... uhm... what'd Ruth call it...” 

Koutarou turned back towards the direction he had heard a scream and began fiddling with the 
armor's right arm. The right arm of the armor functioned in the same way as Theia's and Ruth's 

“It was ‘maneuver suit, activate battle mode,’ wasn't it?” 

After Koutarou's faltering order, he began running much faster than he had before. 

17 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 2 

Foreign Lands 

Part 2 

The armor Koutarou was wearing had several different modes depending on the situation. 
Koutarou was primarily using cruise mode and battle mode. 

Cruise mode was the most convenient setting. In this mode, frequently used functions and 
equipment were given priority and the computer performed calculations in accordance to that. 
By doing that, it efficiently supported the wearer. This was the mode Koutarou normally used, or 
rather was being made to use. 

Battle mode has the opposite settings of cruise mode. Functions, equipment and calculations 
regarding combat were given priority. When compared to cruise mode, it has far more power 
and mobility, but at the same time, dexterity and comfort were inferior. Weapon usage, defensive 
measures and flight abilities were kept to this mode. They were all rarely used normally, but they 
were necessary in emergencies. 

Koutarou was currently using the battle mode. Because of that, he was now running really fast. 
Gravity was being controlled to reduce his weight; on top of that, the powered armor increased 
his leg power. Because of that, Koutarou was running through the forest like a beast made for 
that purpose. 

“The source of the sound has been located, my lord. There is a 94% probability to be 11 people 

“Where is it coming from?” 

Koutarou's didn't slow down despite the report from the computer in the armor. He talked to the 
computer while moving his legs at the same speed. He also hadn't lost his breath; this was 
thanks to the armor's power assist. 

“Forward, in the 1:30 direction.” 

“That doesn't help me.” 

“A little to the right.” 

“Got it.” 

Heeding the computer's instructions, he changed the direction he was running a little to the right. 
At the same time, two 3D images entered his sight. An upside down triangle that marked the 
sound’s origin, and an image of heat sources. 

“That's very thorough.” 

“Having you praise me is an honor.” 

Koutarou adjusted his direction so that the upside down triangle was right in front of him and 
noted the heat sources being displayed around it. There seemed to still be a distance away as 
the heat sources were all clumped up. But based on the way the clump was moving, it seemed 
certain that someone was there. 

“There is a 90% probability that ten of the heat sources are chasing after one.” 

“Enough with the images! Let's go!” 

“As you wish, my lord.” 

After ordering for the images to be removed, Koutarou started running even faster. 

It seems like I've come across an even bigger problem than I thought ... Now then, what to do... 

Koutarou was overwhelmingly faster than the eleven in question. Because of that, Koutarou 
didn't have much time to think. 

18 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 2 

Foreign Lands 

A few seconds later, Koutarou had caught up to the group. 

Well, I don't know the circumstances... 

But Koutarou didn't join up with the group right away, but rather hid in a nearby bush to watch 
over the situation. That was because he didn't know who had screamed or why. 

The group was positioned by a vertical cliff, but Koutarou couldn't see the bottom of it from where 
he was. And since he couldn't see any trees from what he imagined grew at the bottom of said 
cliff, it must have been quite a drop. 

“Hmm... they're surrounding the woman...?” 

Koutarou squinted his eyes. The evening sun was level with the cliff, on the opposite side of 
where he was, making it hard for him to see. But it looked like a lone girl was being surrounded 
by the other ten men. 

“To think you won't even scream or beg for your life in this situation...” 

“If it's a scream you want, I gave you one earlier.” 

“A scream of surprise from falling of your horse is hardly worth bragging about.” 

“Then your desires won't be fulfilled.” 

And they were talking about something. 

It's not Japanese? What does this mean... ? 

But Koutarou couldn't understand what they were saying. He was sure they weren't speaking 
English, but he couldn't imagine what language this was. But even he could understand the 
tension in their words. 

“The processed image is ready to be used.” 

“Please bring it up.” 

When Koutarou gave the computer the order, another 3D image appeared in his sight. It was an 
image of the scene in front of him, processed to remove the evening sun. 

“What is...?” 

The moment Koutarou saw that image, he was left perplexed. 

The picture showed a girl in a dress surrounded by men wielding swords and spears. The outfits 
they were wearing felt familiar; they looked somewhat like the outfits Koutarou and the others 
were using in their play. They looked very similar to the clothes aristocrats and soldiers would 

“Is this a continuation of the play...? But why are they doing it in a place like this? They can't 
serve any guests here.” 

Koutarou couldn't help but think of it as a continuation of the play in the back of the mountain 
Harukaze high school was on because of their outfits. But he couldn't understand why they were 
doing it here. Whether it was a performance or a rehearsal, he couldn't think of a reason for 
doing it on top of a cliff in the middle of a mountain. 

At that moment, the evening sun vanished behind the cliff and Koutarou was finally able to see 
the faces of the people by the group that he couldn't see even with the processed image due to 
the strong sunlight. 


The face of the girl by the cliff looked just like Koutarou's senior, Sakuraba Harumi. 

19 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 2 

Foreign Lands 

“N-No, that's not it!! That's not Sakuraba-senpai!!” 

But Koutarou quickly realized that it wasn't Harumi. Based on the outfit and circumstances it 
would apt to think of it as her, but there was a fundamental difference, and that was the girl’s 
hair color. Harumi's hair was black, but the girl on top of the cliff had silver colored hair. The 
splendid silver hair fluttered in the wind and was dyed orange by the settling evening sun. 

“Alert. The weapons possessed by target B group all have the ability to cause injuries. Raising 
threat level from 1 to 2.” 

“They're real!?” 

Koutarou’s eyes opened wide in surprise after hearing the computer's warning. 

“The probability is approximately 100%. The error in ability to confirm a weapon’s ability to injure 
after 28 scans is next to 0.” 

The ten men were carrying a total of 28 weapons. The armor had used its sensors to examine 
each and every one of them. The armor had concluded that all of them were capable of letting 
blood. In other words, unless it had repeatedly failed 28 times in a row, the men were surrounding 
the girl with real weapons in hand. 

“So what, this isn't a play... but is really just what it looks like!?” 

Koutarou gradually understood the circumstances. It was a hard to believe coincidence, but a 
situation that resembled a play was occurring in front of his very eyes. There was no way a real 
weapon would be used for a play except for Koutarou's case, but even then there was a barrier 
placed on his sword. 

So the previous scream was from her, and these guys were the ones that made her scream. 
And then they chased after her all the way to the edge of a cliff where they're now at a standstill!? 

Koutarou understood the circumstances now as well, but he didn't know the reason for why this 
situation had occurred. It could be that the girl was an evil criminal and those men were here to 
capture her. Or it could be the other way around and the girl was being attacked by these villains. 

What do I do!? Should I really just leave it like this!? 

As Koutarou was thinking about what to do, the men's encirclement slowly shrunk. Meanwhile, 
the girl who had her back to the edge of a cliff stood frozen, unable to run any further. 

“Looks like the long and prosperous royal bloodline ends here.” 

“Blood has nothing to do with it. I only feel regret about not being able to protect the citizens.” 

“A brave resolution. But don't worry, after the royal bloodline has been discontinued, his 
Excellency, the Minister will protect the people.” 

“...The least I can do is hope for as much.” 

The cliff crumbled slightly by the girl’s footstep. After taking a single step the girl closed her eyes. 
Falling or being cut, the girl was aware that she couldn't escape death. 

“Information. Based on the situation, it is presumed that target B group's goal is the murder of 
target A.” 

“They're trying to kill that girl!? Are you sure!?” 

“There is a 92% probability of that being the case.” 

Koutarou clenched his fist. Meanwhile, the men continued to close in on the girl. The girl in 
question could only grasp her hands in front of her chest as if to pray. The men were planning 
on killing her like that. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 2 

Foreign Lands 

“Damn, I can't leave it like this!!” 

Koutarou still didn't fully understand the situation, but if he did nothing, there was a high chance 
that the girl would be killed. He didn't have the time or ability to call for the police. To save the 
girl, Koutarou would have to go himself. And since the men definitely weren't the police, it was 
only right to stop them. 

“Let's go! We'll stop that target B group or whatever and—” 

“Setting B group as an enemy force in the IFF.” 

However, what drove Koutarou to fight more than anything was that girl's face. Those eyes that 
held a powerful will, her sharp eyebrows, her firmly closed lips. She looked just like Harumi when 
she stood upon the stage. Koutarou couldn't just find it in him to abandon the girl; even if she 
was a criminal, he would certainly come help her. 

“Select your weapons.” 

“I want to go with my sword, but can you make it so it won't kill them?” 

After jumping out from the bush, Koutarou ordered the computer to not kill the enemy. He still 
didn't understand the situation and he didn't want to kill either. 

“As you wish, my lord. Coating the blade with sonic impact.” 

Koutarou then pulled the sword from its sheath by his waist and charged at the ten men. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

Foreign Lands 

Part 3 

“You guys! What kind of adults would do this to a lone girl!” 

In order to turn the men's attention onto himself, Koutarou shouted loudly on purpose. And as 
he had hoped, the men's attention shifted from the girl to him. 

“Who is that guy!?” 

“What did he just say!?” 

“It seems like he some kind of knight, based on the armor.” 

“That doesn't matter! Kill anyone who gets in our way!” 

The men turned towards Koutarou and readied their weapons. They prioritized killing Koutarou 
rather than the girl behind them, they were sure that the girl couldn't do anything anyways. 

“I don't know what you're saying, but it seems like you want to do this...” 

Already used to brawls, Koutarou could sense the men’s urge to fight. He then grabbed his 
sword with both hands. As he did, the sword began to faintly growl. The armor had covered it in 
a special barrier that created shockwaves. 

“That person is...? Based on his stance it seems like he's a Forthorthe knight... but, why...?” 

The girl was amazed by Koutarou's appearance. He was a savior that had shown up as she had 
prepared for the end. And she couldn't hide her surprise at the fact that it was a knight. Many 
bands of knights had already become her enemy, so she couldn't imagine that a knight would 
come save her. 


Before the girl's surprise had faded, Koutarou had taken action. His movements were swift. 
Despite wearing a heavy, Forthorthe-style armor, he moved faster than the men in light armor. 
Because of that, Koutarou was able to make the first move. 


Having closed the distance in an instant, Koutarou swung his sword coated with the special 
barrier and knocked one of the men out, sending him flying several meters. The man had no 
time to defend himself or be surprised. 

“T-This guy's good!” 

“Don't go at him one at time! Altogether!” 

The men determined that Koutarou was dangerous after one of their allies had been defeated. 
The aware men then began to work together to take him down. 

“That's one!” 

“The next target is six o'clock.” 

“Like I said, that doesn't help me!” 

Koutarou spun around and swung his sword. As he did, the sword of one of the two men charging 
at him from behind came into contact with his. 

Koutarou's sword broke the man's sword into pieces and sent him flying. The man then collided 
with the second man who was right behind him and was sent rolling a long ways. 

“That's two and three!” 

“Emergency alert! A pincer attack incoming!” 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

Foreign Lands 

“That's much easier to understand!” 

The fourth and fifth men attacked Koutarou at the same time while armed with a sword and spear 
respectively. Since the weapons had different ranges, it was tricky to deal with both at the same 
time. But Koutarou turned to the man with the sword without panicking. 


“Are you even sane!?” 

By doing that, the spear approached Koutarou's defenseless back. That assured the fourth and 
fifth men of their victory and they sneered at Koutarou. 

“Look out, sir knight!!” 

Seeing that, the girl who hadn't let out a scream until now did so. She wanted to help Koutarou. 
“I'll leave that to you.” 

“As you wish, my lord. Emergency deployment of the barrier.” 

Several translucent white hexagon tiles appeared in a beautiful order. When the tip of the spear 
collided with the tiles, it bounced back. 



The men's eyes opened wide in surprise. Koutarou didn't overlook the fact that they stopped 
dead in their tracks and swung his sword around in a circle, attacking the enemies to his front 
and back at the same time. 

The two men were sent flying, leaving behind a sound similar to a cannon firing. 

“A magician! This guy is using magic!” 

“Magic!? That's not possible!! Can't you see the heavy armor he's wearing!?” 

“You saw the spear being knocked back too, didn't you captain!? What else could that be but 

Seeing that, the men suddenly began reeling. They still had their weapons pointed at Koutarou, 
but they remained motionless. 

“What's the matter, done already?” 

With Saguratin in his right hand, Koutarou causally closed in on the men. The men were being 
driven to the cliff by Koutarou alone. 

“I didn't hear anything about someone like this...” 

“Damn, we should have brought our own magicians with us! We let our guard down thinking they 
were just women!” 

“Quit your yapping. Let's jump him all at once!” 

Leaving behind a single man by the girl, four men attacked Koutarou at once. They figured that 
they had no chance of winning attacking Koutarou with few numbers when he used such 
mysterious techniques. 

“If this was just a fight that choice would have been the right one, but-” 

“Deploying barrier.” 

This time the hexagon tiles appeared in front of Koutarou. The barrier easily caught their 
weapons, and the men’s face distorted. Koutarou then swung his sword in a wide arc. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

Foreign Lands 

“-Unfortunately, your opponent is too strong.” 

The hexagon tiles opened partially to make way for his sword. After the sword passed through 
them, the tiles repaired themselves. Only the tip of the sword struck the enemies outside of the 
barrier. It was a feat only made possibly by his large amount of training with wielding a sword 
with the armor. If the armor hadn't remembered Koutarou's movements, it wouldn't have been 
able to control the barrier this precisely. 

“Releasing the sonic impact energy.” 

“Don't kill them.” 

“As you wish, my lord.” 

After coming into contact with the third man, the armor's computer released the energy stored 
in the sword. 

That energy turned into a powerful shockwave that assaulted the men. The men got caught up 
in it and were helplessly blown away. And through thorough control, the shockwave merely 
robbed the men of their consciousness. 

“That makes nine.” 

Koutarou grabbed his sword with both hands and pointed the tip towards the last man. Although 
the was still holding his weapon, his face was white with terror and it was obvious that he had 
lost the will to fight. 

“D-Don't come any closer!” 

“So, what are you going to do?” 

Koutarou approached the man who had lost any will to fight and was now shaking. As if being 
pushed by Koutarou, the man stepped backwards. But they were by a cliff, and the man soon 
reached the edge and couldn't fall back any more. 

“I'm telling you not to come any closer! You monster!” 

“I don't know what you're saying, but that girl didn't scream like you.” 

The man swung his sword towards Koutarou in an attempt to scare him, but that desperate act 
didn't stop Koutarou. Desperate to find something to save him, the man looked around him and 
quickly spotted the girl next to him. 

“T-That's right, I'll use her!” 


The man grabbed the girl and pointed the tip of his sword at her throat. When he did that, 
Koutarou finally stopped moving. 

“If you value this woman's life throw your weapon away and raise your hands!” 

“You can't, sir knight! If you relinquish your weapon you'll be killed too!” 

“...A hostage, huh. Even though you were planning on killing her...” 

Although he didn't understand what the man was saying, he understood the meaning of his 
actions. If Koutarou got any closer or tried use his weapon, the man would pierce the girl’s throat 
with his sword. 

“Hurry and throw it away!” 

“Okay, okay, I got it.” 

“Sir knight!!” 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

Foreign Lands 

Koutarou threw away Saguratin and raised his hands. 

“Fufufu, how attentive of you.” 

“Don't bother with me, please pick up your sword and fight!” 

The man dragged the girl with him away from Koutarou. The girl struggled to break free, but she 
was unable to due to their difference in strength. Instead, the girl’s sorrowful voice filled the 

If he'd just come to kill me, there would still be something that could be done... but at this rate 
that girl will die... 

Koutarou was planning on doing something if the man attacked him while he was unarmed. 
Instead, the man gradually walked further away from him. Koutarou was certain that the man 
would kill the girl once he reached the bushes. So Koutarou determined that if he was going to 
do something, now was the time. 

I think Sanae did something like this... 

Koutarou focused on his left arm still in the air. On his left hand was the gauntlet that he had 
borrowed from Kiriha. It was a weapon that used spiritual energy as ammunition. Since Sanae 
had used it through Koutarou's body, he had a vague understanding of how it worked. 

Following Koutarou's will, the gauntlet began producing a powerful electromagnetic field. He 
didn't have as much spiritual energy as Sanae, but the field produced by the gauntlet gradually 
grew bigger. However, that wasn't a lightning bolt or a fireball, it was just an electromagnetic 
field, so no one but Koutarou knew what was happening. Neither the man nor the girl had noticed 


After gathering enough energy, Koutarou reached the field towards the man. The field then got 
entangled with the man's sword, just as Koutarou had planned. 


“Caught you!!” 

When the man noticed that, it was already too late. Koutarou pulled on the sword caught in the 
field with all his might. As he did, the sword left the man's hand and got thrown into the air. 

“That's impossible!?” 

The man's eyes instinctively chased the sword fluttering in the sky. 


Not missing her chance, the girl drove her elbow in the man's stomach with all her might. 

Having completely dropped his guard, the man let go off the girl after receiving that blow. Having 
been freed, the girl hurriedly distanced herself from the man. The man reached out towards the 
girl with his hand, but at that time, Koutarou was already right in front of him. 

“...You're better than I thought, lady.” 

Koutarou's fist buried into the man's stomach. Having lost his breath from the girl's attack, the 
man completely lost his consciousness from Koutarou's following blow. 

And that makes ten. 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

Foreign Lands 

“The enemy force has been completely neutralized. Attention, because it is feared target B group 
will soon regain their consciousness, relocating would be advisable.” 

“I know. Thanks for the help.” 

“Exiting battle mode.” 

“Good work.” 

Having defeated the ten men, the armor's computer determined that the battle was over and 
ended the battle mode. 

“Phew, looks like everything worked out...” 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

Foreign Lands 

Part 4 

The battle ended and silence returned to the surrounding area. Koutarou relaxed his body and 
slightly lowered his shoulders. Although he had an overwhelming advantage in power thanks to 
his armor, he would obviously get nervous and stiff when men were jumping to kill him. He was 
also relieved that no one had died. After all, Koutarou wasn't a main character from some game; 
he was just a normal boy. 

“...Thank god... looks like this person is a normal human too...” 

The girl felt relieved as she stared at Koutarou's back. She was worried that Koutarou might not 
be human based on the way he fought. 

“Silly... that's not possible...” 

The girl smiled at herself and approached Koutarou. 

“Sir knight!” 

The girl called out to Koutarou as he was picking up Saguratin from the ground. 


Hearing a voice next to him, Koutarou remembered the girl's existence. He was spacing out from 
relaxing after being released from the stress of fighting ten men. 

“Ah, right... I was trying to save this girl.” 

“Thank you for saving me, sir knight.” 

The girl grabbed the hem of her dress and nodded to Koutarou. Koutarou figured that she was 
thanking him based on her actions. But he still couldn't understand what she was saying. 

This is a problem... I still don't understand a word of what she's saying... 

Koutarou returned a nod to the girl and scratched his head thinking about what to do now. That 
was when the armor's computer that had been silent for a while spoke. 

“Language analysis is complete.” 

Having returned to cruise mode, the processing power that had been prioritizing combat 
functions was returned to the general work functions. One of those functions happened to be 
language analysis. The computer had analyzed the words the girl and men had been using and 
had just now reached its result. 

“Translation device set to ancient Forthorthe language.” 

AM PbI 0)i§k ® ^! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

28 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

Foreign Lands 

Based on the results, the translation device in the armor was put to work. Theia and Ruth used 
a similar device daily. 

“Sorry for my late introduction, my name is—” 

Thanks to that, Koutarou was finally able to understand the girl’s words. Her translated voice 
reminded him of Harumi. 

“My name is Alaia Kua Forthorthe. Though embarrassing as I was just chased because of my 
position, but I am the first princess of this country, Forthorthe.” 

The girl nervously presented herself in a resolute manner. She was grateful that Koutarou had 
saved her, but she didn't know who he was or why he had saved her. 


However, Koutarou was so shocked by her name that he didn't notice her subtle feelings. 
Having heard the girl's name, Koutarou was completely confused. 

Did she say Alaia Kua Forthorthe? 

Koutarou still thought this was a forest near Harukaze high school. Although the forest felt slightly 
out of place, he couldn't imagine this being anywhere but there. In that place, he had found a girl 
that looked just like Harumi wearing a dress that seemed similar to the outfits in their play, she 
had been chased by a group of men out to kill her, and she then called herself Alaia Kua 

Is it really an act? No, this is the back of the mountain, it's not a stage. And those guys were 
serious about killing her. But she named herself as the Silver Princess in the play? But this isn't 

It seemed like a play, but it wasn't. Despite that, the girl had called herself Alaia. The situation 
left Koutarou completely confused. 

“I finally found you!” 

At that moment, something hit Koutarou's head as he was at a loss. 

“What are you doing here, you fake Blue Knight!! Don't move around on your own!” 

It was Clan's fist. Koutarou had left her in the Cradle while she had been unconscious, but she 
had woken up and chased him down. 

“That hurts you bastard, you still wanna fight!?” 

Having been hit as his enemy, Clan, appeared, Koutarou recovered from his confusion and 
glared at her. 

“This is no time to fight!” 

However, Clan was saying that she had no intention of fighting. They had been fighting fiercely 
just a while ago, so Koutarou couldn't believe her right away. 

“You're just trying to trick me, aren't you!? I won't fall for that!!” 

“I just said there's no time for that!! We have to leave this place as quickly as possible or 
something terrible will happen!!” 

Clan shook her head and desperately appealed with Koutarou. The eyes behind her shining 
glasses were serious. 

Could it really be some serious trouble ? Something that makes us have to forget about fighting... 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

Foreign Lands 

Koutarou gradually swallowed the situation based on Clan's attitude. He hadn't forgotten that 
they were enemies, but it seemed like trouble had occurred that required them to put their 
differences aside. It didn't seem like her eyes were lying to him. 

“Hurry and come, fake Blue Knight!! You're such trouble!!” 


Clan grabbed Koutarou's arm and forcibly pulled him towards the Cradle. 

“Blue Knight...?” 

The girl that had called herself Alaia followed the two with her eyes. She couldn't understand 
what Koutarou and Clan were saying. Clan was currently speaking in modern Forthorthe and 
followed what she was saying thanks to his translation device. So the only words that Alaia 
understood were Blue Knight. 

By Blue Knight it would mean that he's some lord's vassal, but ... 

Alaia imagined what status Koutarou had based on the words Blue Knight. 

The aristocrat system in Forthorthe was a warrior society, very similar to the samurai society of 
Japan. Even though he was a knight, it was very different from the knights of Britain. 

The class system in imperial Forthorthe had the emperor at the top, and right below that were 
the royalty. Next were the high ranking knights that held regions. The high ranking knights 
governed the regions as lords and appointed lower class knights as vassals. The lower ranking 
knights served as the arms and legs of the high ranking knights and governed over various 
places in the region; in times of war the high ranking knights would serve as the leader of a band 
of knights. If compared to current age Japan, the high ranking knights would be prefectural 
governors and lower ranking knights would be mayors. In Forthorthe, high ranking knights were 
generally called holy knights and the lower ranking knights were called squires. Between those 
two ranks existed a large gap. Although the squires also governed over the lands, in reality it 
was the land of the holy knight. Moreover, the squires were on the bottom of classes of 
aristocrats; anyone below that was a general citizen. 

By the way, the Pardomshiha family that Ruth is a part of is a holy knight family that holds a 
large amount of land, and she holds the highest title of Nye. Pardomshiha is a distinguished 
family amongst distinguished families; they're a prideful family that have protected the royal 
family since long ago. 

And Fatra, the Blue Knight's title, was a common title amongst squires. A knight's title was 
determined by the one who decorated them. A specific, personal title was usually normally given 
to holy knights, but it was common for a squire to be given a title that corresponded to a color, 
plant or animal name selected by the lord they served. Amongst the names, colors seemed to 
be the most preferred by lords. They could color their armor by the same color, so it was the 
most preferred. So the words Blue Knight naturally led to imagining Koutarou being someone's 

When it comes to such a strong squire as him that hasn't become an enemy... It would have to 
be Pardomshiha or Wenranka. But I've met squires from Pardomshiha before and Wenranka 
don't use a color for titles... And it seems he's using magic too... Just who is that sir knight... ? 

Alaia understood Koutarou's title, but as a result she became even more doubtful. If Koutarou 
had the title of Blue Knight, there was a high chance he was an enemy based on the current 
situation. Despite that, he had saved her for some reason. 

“Just wait, explain what's happening! I don't have a clue about what's going on!” 

“Sheesh, guess I have to...” 

7“\H PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

Foreign Lands 

Clan had disregarded him and hurried on at first, but since Koutarou was so persistent, she 
stopped after there was some distance between them and Alaia. 

“You and I were just fighting. So how am I supposed to just obey when you tell me to come with 

“I understand. I'll explain, so I want you listen to me after you've heard the circumstances.” 
“That depends on the explanation.” 


Clan let out a small sigh and began explaining after glancing at Alaia behind Koutarou. 

“...This isn't Earth.” 


“I said, this is not Earth!” 

“This isn't Earth!? What's that supposed to mean!?” 

Koutarou's eyes opened wide. It was hard to believe this wasn't Earth just because Clan had 
said so. 

“Do you remember the weapon I was trying to use?” 

“Yeah. That strange bomb, right?” 

“That's right, the super-space-time repulsion shell. Because of that bomb, we were thrown to a 
different planet.” 

Clan gestures an explosion with both hands. 

We were thrown to a different planet!? Is that even possible!? I can't b — No, thinking about it, it 
just might ... // 

Koutarou couldn't believe Clan's words, but at the same time it rang a familiar bell. Strange 
scenery, plants he had never seen before, bizarre reptiles. He didn't even understand the words 
the girl and men were saying. 

“On top of that, it seems we've gone back in time.” 

“Back in time?” 

Koutarou didn't understand the meaning of what Clan had said, so he stopped thinking and 
stared at her face. 

“Yes. Simply put, it's a time slip. 1 We've travelled to a past age.” 

“A time slip!?” 

Even Koutarou had heard of the term time slip before in movies or games. 

“T-Then, we got caught up in the explosion of your bomb and were sent to a different planet in 
a different time!?” 

“I'm glad you understand.” 

Clan let out a loud sigh after Koutarou finally understood. 


“Is there a reason for me to lie in this situation?” 

1 A phenomenon where people travel through time via unknown means 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

Foreign Lands 


Koutarou and Clan were enemies, so it was strange for her to suddenly want to stop the fight. 
Which means, it's probably true... 

After calming down, Koutarou determined that Clan was speaking the truth. That seemed more 
natural, and they were the words of royalty after all. A proper scheme would be one thing, but 
this seemed to be too cheap a lie to buy time. 

“Anyways, this is all your fault.” 

“Oh, but it's also yours.” 

“Mine? Why?” 

“The super-space-time repulsion shell is originally a weapon that opened a hole in time and 
space and its target was set to outside of space. Since you cut it in half, it activated before it was 
ready, and this is the result.” 

“Hmph, if you're about to be killed it's only obvious you'd cut it.” 

To Koutarou, lettings things happen would just end with him outside of the universe so it was 
only natural for him to cut it. He wasn't very accepting of having the responsibility shoved on 

“And I'd rather use that than lose.” 

“...Fine, I got it.” 

Koutarou raised his hands and sighed. He realized that carrying on with this emotional argument 
wouldn't lead anywhere and asked Clan another question. It seemed like she wasn't interested 
in fighting for now, and it seemed to be an emergency. 

“So, where are we and when?” 

“This is Forthorthe. And this is about 2,000 years in past.” 

Clan gave him a blunt answer, but hearing that made Koutarou's jaw drop. 

“Forthorthe!? 2,000 years ago!?” 

“Yes, that's right. I made sure, using the Cradle to observe the stars. This is Forthorthe 2,000 
years in the past. I couldn't believe it at first either, but there's no mistaking it.” 

Clan nodded with a smile when she saw Koutarou's surprise. She was happy that he had finally 
realized the urgency of the situation. She was relieved that they could now move onto what they 
had to do. 

“That's how it is, so let's return to the Cradle and come up with a plan to return to the future. 
There's no need to risk changing the future by doing something unnecessary.” 

“I see, so that's why...” 

Koutarou had been surprised at first but he was now strangely satisfied as he nodded repeatedly. 

Noticing that, Clan curiously asked him, in response Koutarou pointed to the girl behind him. 
“There's a girl there, right?” 

“...There is.” 

Clan followed Koutarou's finger and looked at the girl wearing a dress. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

Foreign Lands 

“I saved her as she was being attacked by some strange guys, but she called herself Alaia Kua 

“Alaia Kua Forthorthe...?” 

At that moment, Clan's jaw dropped. 

“You s-s-saved her...?” 

“She said she was being chased because of her position, so we're probably in the middle of that 

Ignoring Clan's reaction, Koutarou continued his explanation. 

“There's been nothing but strange things happening since I woke up here, but now I finally 
understand. No wonder I hadn't seen anything like this, and it wasn't a play either... it finally 
makes sense.” 

Having had all his questions answered, Koutarou repeatedly nodded with a refreshed 
expression. Not even 30 minutes had passed since Koutarou had woken up, but during that time 
he had been feeling impatient, so having questions felt really refreshing. 

“W-Wait just a minute, fake Blue Knight!!” 

“H-Hey, what now!?” 

On the other hand, Clan didn't share his feelings. She grabbed onto Koutarou and almost broke 
into tears. 

“Don't just light-heartedly change history!! What are you going to do if we can't return to our 

“W-What are you so angry for? C-Calm down, Clan.” 

Clan gripped Koutarou's armor with both hands and shook him. Koutarou tried to calm her down 
while shaking back and forth, but to no avail. 

“As if I could calm down!! D-D-D-Do you have any idea of what you've done!?” 

“What, I just saved a person in trouble.” 

Koutarou couldn't find any problems in saving a girl 2,000 years in Forthorthe's past, but Clan 

“Didn't I explain to you where we are!?” 

“You did, Forthorthe, 2,000 years ago, right?” 

“You don't understand a thing! Anything you do here will change Forthorthe's history!! At this 
rate we'll be unable to return to our own time and place!!” 


Not being able to return to their own time and place was a big problem for Koutarou. There was 
something he had to do there. 

“W-Wait, explain it so I can understand, Clan!” 

Koutarou's expression changed to a more serious one. He hadn't fully understood what she had 
said, but he was starting to understand the seriousness of the situation he was in. 

“The history that time and space weave is like the flow of a river! If we casually flow into a 
different river, we might not be able to return to the original river!” 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

Foreign Lands 

Clan began explaining to Koutarou with a serious expression. Since this could be even more 
important than life and death, she was really serious. She had already forgotten about being 
enemies with Koutarou. 

“A different river...?” 

“That's right! In reality we've already entered a different flow! In the original history, someone 
else saved her, most likely the Blue Knight! But you just saved her! Which means what happens 
from now on will change!” 

Koutarou began understanding what Clan was saying. 

Saving Alaia from those ten men was the job of people of this period. Based on the situation, it 
was almost certainly the Blue Knight’s job. So even if Koutarou hadn't saved her, the Blue Knight 
would eventually swoop in and help. Despite that, Koutarou had saved her. Because of that the 
Blue Knight and Silver Princess lost their chance to meet. 

“So I got in the way of the Blue Knight's and Silver Princess' meeting!?” 

“That's right! At this rate history won't be able to recover!” 

Clan nodded with her face turned blue. Since her skin was originally very white, it served to show 
just how seriously she was worried. Having understood how serious the situation was, Koutarou 
threw a question at Clan. 

“Wait, what will happen at this rate!?” 

“Like I said before, history is like the flow of a river! If we flow into a different river, a different 
past will be created! If we returned home in some way now, we'd return to a different world!” 

The Blue Knight and Silver Princess didn't meet. So if Koutarou and Clan returned to the future 
now, they would return to a future with a history built upon the two never meeting. They would 
end up in a different world than the one they left. 

“If the Blue Knight and Silver Princess don't meet, there's almost no chance of Forthorthe 
remaining as an empire for almost 2,000 years! And if that happens, Theiamillis-san and 
Pardomshiha won't come to Earth! So the time you spent with them will completely change!” 

“So if we return to the future now, it'll be a world where I never meet Theia and Ruth-san!?” 

As the explanation became more personal, Koutarou finally realized the position he was in. 
Having come the past, all of Koutarou's actions would change the future. 

“That's right!!” 

“That's terrible!!” 

“That's what I said!! Do you have any idea of what you've done!?” 

At this rate, Theia and Ruth won't be born, and Koutarou wouldn't meet them. And if they don't 
meet, almost everything since Koutarou enrolled in Harukaze high school would change. They 
wouldn't try to take over his room and there wouldn't be a mess at the sports festival. They 
wouldn't go to the sea and they wouldn't write manuscripts for a play. It wouldn't just affect 
Koutarou either. It would mean everything that happened up until now would be lost. 

“What should we do!? How do we return to our own world!?” 

Koutarou had something to do. If he returned to a different world, he wouldn't be able to do it. 
Koutarou had to return to his original time and place, no matter what. 

“We have to find the real Blue Knight who has to be around here and make them meet! And as 
fast as possible!” 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

Foreign Lands 

“Will that work!? Or would history change a little!?” 

“It would be much better than now! We have to do what we can to raise our chances to return to 
our own world, all we can do after that is pray!” 

While history could easily be split, it would often rejoin as well. If the split histories were almost 
identical, there was a high chance of them rejoining. For example, if someone went to the past 
and moved a grain of sand, that alone would be enough to change history. But because of the 
minute change, the split histories would shortly rejoin. As such there was a tolerance for change. 
Clan's goal was to find the Blue Knight and return to within the tolerant change. 

“G-Got it. So what do we do specifically? What should I do?” 

“That's right...” 

Clan crossed her arms and began thinking. As she did she casually glanced at Koutarou's armor. 
The next moment, her eyes and expression began sparkling. 

“That's right, I'll have you take the Blue Knight's place! Meanwhile I'll search for the real one and 
bring him here!” 

The Silver Princess hadn't met with the Blue Knight. At this rate she would continue her travels 
defenseless. So Koutarou would stay with her to protect her until Clan found the real Blue Knight 
and they trade places. With that small adjustment to history they should be able to return to their 
own world. 

“I only have to protect her, right?” 

“That's right. And while pretending to be the Blue Knight. That's your forte, is it not?” 

“Well that's true, but...” 

Koutarou understood that Clan's plan was solid, but he couldn't hide his hesitation when it came 
to putting it into action. 

Things have taken a strange turn... 

For their performance, Koutarou ended up taking Kenji's place. And this time he had ended up 
taking the real Blue Knight's place. Of course, Koutarou was confused. It seemed like his several 
months of practicing would be useful in an unexpected way. 

“Sir knight, what's the matter?” 

That was when Alaia approached. 

It sounded like they were talking about Forthorthe and Pardomshiha... 

Alaia had been looking at Koutarou and Clan from a distance, but while the two were arguing 
she picked up a few words she could understand, and she became in interested in what the two 
were talking about. 

In this age it would be... ancient Forthorthe... 

Since Alaia had come up beside them, Clan sneakily activated her translation device. 

“No, it's nothing, your highness.” 

Koutarou responded in the same language as Alaia, what he was saying was translated through 
the translation device and entered Clan's ears. 

“My servant and I were just talking about moving before the men I defeated wake up.” 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

Foreign Lands 

However, the words that reached her ears were very displeasing. So Clan complained to 
Koutarou in a whisper. 

“...What's servant supposed to mean!?” 

“...What else would you be?” 

“...Fine, guess it can't be avoided...” 

Being called a servant was extremely displeasing to Clan. That said, she couldn't reveal her true 
position, and she couldn't come up with something more convincing than servant in this situation. 
So while dissatisfied, Clan obediently followed Koutarou's judgment. 

“I see. It's true that we should hurry.” 

Alaia nodded and looked behind her. There she saw ten unconscious men, some of them 
groaning slightly. It was obvious that they would open their eyes soon. 

“I have to rejoin with my allies too.” 

“I understand. Which way is it?” 

Koutarou lightly nodded and indicated the forest behind her. He was ready to go as soon as she 
told him the direction. 


Alaia showed a surprised expression. 

“Will you travel with me, sir knight?” 

“That's the plan. Is that a problem?” 


Alaia hesitated to say. 

She didn't know whether she could trust Koutarou or not yet. If he was an enemy, even her allies 
might be in danger. 

I want to trust him... but there's the small chance those girls will be in danger... 

She didn't want to distrust her savior, and she felt like she could personally believe Koutarou. 
She couldn't feel any evil intentions from his behavior or words. But her responsibilities and 
position she was in weakened her decision. 

“Your highness, I can understand your hesitation. So let us at least move before those men open 
their eyes.” 

Koutarou noticed Alaia's hesitation and lent a helping hand. But Koutarou hadn't noticed this on 
his own; instead, this is what had happened during last year’s play. So Koutarou imagined that 
Alaia might be hesitating. 

“Move, is it...” 

Koutarou had suggested to Alaia that they should move before the unconscious men woke up, 
but she didn't move right away. So in order for her to make up her mind, Alaia decided to ask 
him something. It was something that had been on her mind for a while now. 

“...Before that, please tell me something, sir knight.” 

“Anything you ask.” 

“Why didn't you cut those men down?” 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

Foreign Lands 

Alaia asked Koutarou why he hadn't killed the men. Regardless of whether he was her ally or 
foe, killing the men would have been better. If he was an enemy it would serve to fool Alaia. If 
he was an ally they would no longer be chased. 


Koutarou wasn't sure what to say, that was a question that hadn't been in the manuscript. So 
Koutarou had to respond using his own words. 

“I don't like cutting people down. And when I came to help I wasn't aware of who you were. So I 
couldn't just kill them without knowing who they were. That was my reasoning.” 

Koutarou honestly answered the question. It wasn't something worth hiding, and he didn't want 
to betray the earnest look on Alaia's face. 

I see... so this person is neither friend nor foe... 

Having heard Koutarou's answer, Alaia felt embarrassed about her hasty self. She was so 
focused on whether Koutarou was an ally or enemy that she overlooked the possibility of him 
being neither. Koutarou had only jumped in to stop a fight in front of him. 

...And there's something different about this person compared to the other knights... 

Because of her position, Alaia had been acquainted with many knights. So she was well aware 
of what kind of people knights were. However, Koutarou’s answer differed greatly from the 
knights she knew. 

A knight not wanting to kill his enemies... thinking about just now... 

Alaia recalled Koutarou's appearance after the battle had ended. At that time he had felt relief 
that no one had died. He had also neither boasted nor declared his victory. 

He might be from one of the band of knights that have turned against me. But... but I want to 
believe in the mysterious something in this person... 

So Alaia put her belief in that difference. She felt like believing in the blue knight who held a 
surprising amount of strength, but at the same time was strangely gentle. 

“Please forgive me for my rudeness, sir knight. I will believe you.” 

Alaia gave Koutarou a smile full of gratitude and trust. 

“I am honored, princess Alaia.” 

Hearing Alaia say, with a voice very similar to Harumi's, that she believed him, filled Koutarou 
with a warm, fuzzy feeling. He felt as Harumi herself was saying, even though that wasn't the 
case, Koutarou's heart danced. 

“Sir knight, please let me hear your name.” 

“This was most rude of me. My name is—” 

Satomi Koutarou, as he was about reply with that, Koutarou swallowed his words. He had 
another name he should respond with. 

“My name is Reios Fatra Bertorion. I swear on this sword that I will definitely protect you.” 

This was Koutarou and the Silver Princess's meeting. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

The Golden Flower 

The Golden Flower 

Part 1 

Having left the cliff, Koutarou and Clan were being guided by Alaia and were walking on a thin 
path in the forest. It was the road she had taken when chased by the men. 

“Just a little further ahead is where I fell off my horse... the scream Reios-sama heard was most 
likely from then.” 

“I see, so that's why.” 

Koutarou was in the front. Right behind him was Alaia and a few meters after her was Clan, 
bringing up the rear. 

“I'm glad you weren't hurt when you fell off your horse.” 

“The surrounding growths cushioned my fall... I was lucky.” 

“That must surely be divine protection from the goddess of dawn.” 

“One can only hope.” 

Koutarou and Alaia's steps were light. 

“W-Wait up, Lord Bertorion, you're walking too f-fast!” 

However, that wasn't the case for Clan in the back, as she was beginning to fall behind. Only a 
few minutes had passed since they had began walking, but she was already out of breath. 

“That's unsightly, Clan.” 

Koutarou stopped moving forward and walked back down the path he came from while sighing. 

Alaia giggled and smiled at Koutarou as she walked towards Clan together with him. Seeing that 
smile, Koutarou felt bad. Although Clan was his enemy, it felt like she was an incompetent sister 
of his. 

“You've only walked for a few minutes.” 

“E-Even if you say that, this is my first time walking in this kind of place!” 

Clan complained to Koutarou with a rough breath. Her face was flushed red and some sweat 
was running down her forehead. 

The path Koutarou and the others were walking on was an animal trail in the middle of the forest. 
On top of that, there were a lot of ups and downs on the trail, so it was hard work for a princess 
like Clan. The more active princess Alaia was fine, but to Clan who was more of a thinker, it was 
almost unbearable. 

When Koutarou got close, Clan turned off the translation device and complained to Koutarou in 
modern Forthorthe. 

“It must be nice for you, since you're wearing that armor!” 

Alongside Clan's words, the armor set the translating language to modern Forthorthe. With that, 
Alaia couldn't understand what they were talking about. 

Clan had turned off her translation device because she didn't want Alaia to hear her whining. 
Since she was a Forthorthe born girl, she had a strong sense of admiration for the legendary 
Silver Princess. So she didn't want to show the Silver Princess her weak side. And since they 
were both Forthorthe princesses, she didn't want to lose. Those girly sides to her led to her 
turning off her translation device. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

The Golden Flower 

“Me aside, even princess Alaia is fine. And I'm sure Theia would be fine with this too.” 

“I'd prefer you don't compare me to people of this age and the mountain bred Theiamillis-san!” 

In this age where the only mode of transportation was a horse, the people here had more stamina 
than modern people. Theia would be fine because she had more stamina than Clan. 

And Clan calling Theia mountain bred was deeply rooted in their families confrontation. 

The Mastir family that had produced both Alaia and Theia held the mountain region to the north 
of the Forthorthe capital. On the other hand, the Schweiger family that Clan was from held more 
modern territory with a merchant town at its core. Because of that, the Schweiger family had a 
tendency of treating the Mastir family as country bums. 

By the way, the Schweiger family was formed several generations after the Silver Princess's era. 
Because of that the family naturally gained territory with a developed city at its core. It was an 
obvious development since they were established after the Mastir family. Since the Mastir family 
was older, they treated the Schweiger family as newcomers. 

With circumstances like that, Clan felt it was only obvious she didn't have stamina to match 

“I can't take another step!” 

Clan turned her face away with a spiteful attitude. At first glance it looked like she was just being 
selfish, but she did have an exhausted expression. 

Now that I think about it, she must have walked all over the place looking for me... 

Seeing that, Koutarou thought of a reason for why she was so tired, and lost his urge to complain. 
“Can't you just fly?” 

“And what will you do when Alaia-san sees that!? I can't let more strange things happen!” 

“Even if you say that, that group might be chasing us.” 

“That's because you didn't kill them! Take some responsibility!” 

While Koutarou put his hands on his hips and sighed, Alaia asked Koutarou a question after 
watching over them for a while. 

“What is Clan-sama saying?” 

“She's saying that it's going to be hard to continue walking at this pace.” 

Koutarou's translation device switched back to ancient Forthorthe alongside Alaia's words, and 
Clan quickly turned her own translation device back on. 

“That is a problem...” 

Alaia gave Clan a concerned look. Seemingly embarrassed, Clan turned away from her. 

After thinking for a while, Koutarou showed Clan his back and squatted. 


“What's this supposed to mean?” 

“Get on my back. I'll carry you.” 

Fortunately, carrying Clan was nothing for Koutarou's armor, even on a mountain road in poor 
condition. And since Koutarou was used to walking around with Sanae on his back, he didn’t 
mind carrying Clan. 

AH Fa^ffl'isUp#! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

The Golden Flower 

“T-That's fine!” 

Clan's face turned red and she shook her head. Unlike Koutarou, Clan was a girl of age, so 
having others see her get a piggyback ride was too embarrassing. And she also felt reluctant 
riding on the back of a man who was her enemy just a short while ago. 

“Quit acting tough and get on. Now's not the time to be childish.” 

Volume 07.5 


Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? 

Part 1 

The Golden Flower 





:: : : : : : : : : : : : 




. V. v.\ 






AH Fb^CD'ISBp# ! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

The Golden Flower 

“G-Guess it can't be helped...” 

But after Koutarou said so one more time, Clan reluctantly leaned her body on Koutarou's back. 
He's got an armor on anyways ... 

Clan attempted persuading herself that it wasn't embarrassing because she wasn't directly 
touching Koutarou’s back. 


However, as Alaia laughed, Clan's embarrassment maxed out. She turned her face down and 
cursed Koutarou out of spite. 

“Your back is too hard.” 

“Just bear with it.” 

“G-Guess it's unavoidable...” 

“Fufu, fufufu.” 

Alaia laughed even more. Having gotten even more embarrassed, Clan pressed her face against 
Koutarou's back and hid it from Alaia. 

To think I doubted these people... 

But this time, Alaia wasn't laughing at Clan. Watching over Koutarou and Clan's heartwarming 
argument, she laughed at her own doubts that they might have been enemies. 

And this is the kind of person Reios-sama is... 

At the same time, Alaia felt relieved. Up until now, she had only seen Koutarou fight and speak 
and act like a knight. While Koutarou was talking with Clan, this was the first time Alaia had seen 
him act like his age. 

It seems like he gets along well with his servant too... 

What relieved Alaia the most was the way Koutarou treated Clan. They had called themselves 
Knight and servant, but she had never seen a knight carry his servant on his back up until now. 
And since Alaia herself had vassals as close as family, a sense of intimacy sprung up as she 
looked at the two. 


She couldn't help but find her doubts funny. Along with her relief, Alaia laughed in a tone 
resembling bells. 

“I have shown you a shameful appearance.” 

“No, that's not true, Reios-sama. Now, let's go!” 

Alaia began walking out in front, leaving a smile behind. 

Even though she's a legendary princess, she laughs like a normal girl... 

That's what Koutarou felt when he saw her smile, and that it very closely resembled Harumi's 

Since princess Alaia looks just like Sakuraba-senpai on stage, it makes sense for her smile to 
resemble Sakuraba-senpai's, huh... 

Koutarou looked at Alaia's back and slightly smiled himself. 

“...What’s with that look? Don’t tell me you’re falling for her?” 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

The Golden Flower 

Seeing that, Clan gave Koutarou a cold glance. 

“I was just thinking that there's a big difference between you and princess Alaia, despite both 
being princesses.” 


Koutarou followed Alaia with a cool expression. Since he dealt with Kiriha on a daily basis, Clan's 
words weren't enough to move him. 

“Besides, why—” 

“Calm down. There's something I want to ask you.” 


Clan was about to complain before Koutarou interrupted her. He then whispered so that only 
she would hear. 

“...Can't you use your powers to find princess Alaia's allies? If we just aimlessly look for them, 
those guys really will catch up to us.” 

Koutarou had also gotten closer to Clan because he wanted to consult her. Since he could talk 
to her without Alaia hearing, Clan tiring out worked out great for him. 

“We're not the real Blue Knight and servant. If the situation is as you say it is, shouldn't we do 

That action would be unnecessary for the real Blue Knight, they were fated to safely group up 
with their allies. But since Koutarou and Clan weren't the real ones, there was a chance they 
were walking down a different path than the real Blue Knight. Or it could be that the real Blue 
Knight cut the men down. Those slight differences might be enough reason for the men to catch 
up to them. 

“So that was your reason—” 

“Half of it was. So, how about it?” 

Clan pulled her expression together as she heard Koutarou's question. 

“It's possible. I can send out the observation device from the Cradle and scan through the area.” 
“Then please do so at once.” 

“I understand. In return, I'll borrow your back for a while.” 

Walking through a mountain path while using her bracelet to remotely control observation device 
was hard. Controlling them while she was leaning onto Koutarou's back was more efficient. While 
being shook on Koutarou's back, she quickly began fiddling with her bracelet and sent her 
observation device flying from the Cradle. 

“Not a problem. You're heavier than Theia, but not heavy enough to pose a problem, thanks to 
the armor.” 

“Quiet you, fake Blue Knight!! Take that back right now!! There's no way I'm heavier than 

But she immediately interrupted her controlling, and the observation device was left floating in 
the Forthorthe sky without a goal. 

AH Fb^CD'ISBp# ! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 2 

The Golden Flower 

Part 2 

Alaia was leading Koutarou and Clan to a small waterfall she and her allies had been before 
they were scattered. They had taken a short break there and she was hoping that they would all 
regroup there. 

“I just hope they've all returned to that place...” 

“There's no need to worry, princess Alaia.” 

The sun had set and they were now relying on the light of lamps they borrowed from the men as 
they moved forward. The light was weak and unreliable. To Koutarou and Clan who were used 
to the brightness of the modern age, the forest seemed even darker than it was. 



Because of that, there were several instances that they almost fell over. They had repeatedly 
been taught the dangers of walking in the mountain at night. 

“Keep it together, I don't want to go down with you.” 

“Sorry, sorry.” 

Koutarou apologized to Clan on his back and whispered to her so that Alaia who was behind 
them wouldn't hear. 

“...So what's up ahead, Clan?” 

“...There is indeed a waterfall.” 

Clan responded with a whisper as well. At the same time, she used Koutarou's back to control 
the observation device without Alaia seeing it. 

“...There's a group of five people there.” 

“...Do you know what group it is?” 

“...Since the sun has set, I can't tell. But since the number of people matches Alaia's description, 
there's probably no doubt.” 

“...Good work.” 

If it was as Clan had said, Alaia would be able to safely reunite with her allies at the waterfall. 

If we regroup, we should be within the history's tolerance... 

But he couldn't let his guard down yet, and Koutarou asked Clan another question. 

“...What about our followers?” 

“...I sent out a second observation device to follow them, but it seems like they're heading away 
from here. It seems like they're taking the shortest route to the Mastir checkpoint.” 

By now, the men that Koutarou had knocked out had woken up. Having lost sight of Alaia, they 
for some reason gave up on searching and were heading north. 

“...The Mastir checkpoint?” 

“...It's a checkpoint between the borders of Forthorthe's capital, Fornorn and Mastir's territory.” 

The checkpoint was on the way to the Pardomshiha territory that Alaia and her group were 
heading to. The fastest way there was passing through Mastir territory to the north of the capital. 
It was a safe route. Since Alaia belonged to the Mastir family, no matter the circumstances she 
would always have a lot of allies there. 

AH Fb^CD'ISBp# ! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 2 

The Golden Flower 

“...Rather than looking for princess Alaia that they've lost sight of, they've decided to beat her to 
the punch and get to the checkpoint before she gets there, huh.” 

“...They'll probably try to ambush on the road there.” 

There were plenty of roads to the Mastir checkpoint, but they gradually connected and at the 
end there were only a few. So the most efficient place for an ambush was where roads in this 
area merged together. 

“...And they'll probably bring backup too, having seen your strength.” 


I see, so that's how they're coming ... 

Even if they chased after Alaia as a group of ten, it would be useless if they were defeated by 
Koutarou. Instead it would be better to set up an ambush and call for backup. With enough 
numbers, no matter how strong Koutarou was, he would have a hard time defending Alaia. 

While Koutarou was thinking, he could see a small light up front. Unlike an electric light, it wasn't 
a stable white light, but a wavering red one. It was most likely a bonfire. 

“What's that?” 

“Reios-sama, the waterfall is around there. I'm sure everyone is gathered there!” 

Alaia's voice leaped. She was happy that she would be able to rejoin with her allies. She had 
also felt helpless because in the worst case, she would have to travel to Pardomshiha's territory 

“Let's hurry, princess.” 


Alaia passed by Koutarou and hurried forward. Alaia was normally less rash, but this time she 
acted before thinking. Grabbing the hems of her long skirt, she ran forward along the dark road. 

“By the way, Clan.” 


“What would you prefer? Meeting the princess's allies while being carried, or walking on your 

“Let me down, right now!!” 

“Yes, yes, as you wish.” 

Koutarou and Clan ran after Alaia shortly thereafter. 

AH Fb^CD'ISBp# ! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Golden Flower 

Part 3 


“Your highness!” 


Noticing Alaia, the five girls by the bonfire all stood up and they all welcomed her. 

“I'm glad you're all okay!” 

With a large smile, Alaia joined the group. 

“I'm glad you're safe!” 

“We were worried when only the horse returned!” 

“Your highness, I'm so glad!” 

“I knew you were safeJ'” 

The girls all smiled and rejoiced that Alaia was safe. But the smallest and youngest, a blonde 
girl, showed her joy with actions as well as words. She ran up to Alaia and jumped at her. 

“Welcome back, sister!” 


Alaia caught and hugged the flying girl. Since they always did this, Alaia didn't panic and strongly 
held onto the girl. 

“I'm back. Chari...” 

Alaia and Chari's silver and golden hair shone orange, dyed by the flame, at the same time the 
tears the two were shedding were being lit up as well. Of course, they weren't the only two crying. 
Tears were forming in the eyes of all the girls. It wasn't just because Alaia was royalty, but also 
because she was their friend or family. Which was why ever since the attack where they had 
been split up, they had all been worried sick. 

“H-Hey, isn't that...” 

“It can't...” 

Koutarou and Clan watched over the six girls rejoicing in their reunion by the waterfall, though 
they were rejoicing like the girls, but had rather confused expressions. 

“That's Theia, right?” 

“Yes... she looks just like Theiamillis-san when she was a child...” 

The blonde girl that Alaia was hugging, the girl she was calling Chari, looked just like Theia. But 
she wasn't exactly the spitting image of Theia; Chari was young, she most likely wasn't even ten 
years old yet. But even then, Chari's appearance perfectly matched with Clan's memories of a 
younger Theia. 

“What an amazing coincidence...” 

“It might not be a coincidence.” 


“They are from the same lineage after all.” 

Theia and Chari are from the same lineage of the Mastir family. It was somewhat inevitable that 
they would look similar. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Golden Flower 

“Oh yeah, now that you mention it.” 

“Look, that Pardomshiha has some familiarity to her as well, no?” 

“Oh, her hairstyle and stuff are different, but she's kinda looks like Ruth-san.” 

One of the five girls was wearing knight armor. Her hairstyle, hair color, eye color and what she 
was wearing was all different, but she had a similar face to Ruth. 

“That's probably the Pardomshiha in this age. The famous woman knight, Flairhan.” 

“Ah, right!” 

That was when Koutarou realized that he already knew the names of the girls. Alaia and the 
others were all characters that appeared in the play. 

“Princess Alaia, who are those two?” 

The woman knight, Flairhan, looked towards Koutarou and Clan. The girls had rejoiced in their 
reunion for a while, but now they had cooled off and paid attention to Koutarou and Clan who 
had accompanied Alaia. 

“Flair, these two saved me.” 

“Is that so.” 

The woman called Flair by Alaia stepped forward to guard Alaia. She looked at them with a 
serious expression, trying to appraise them. Her powerful glance was saying that based on the 
circumstances, she just might cut them down. 

“...Who are you?” 

Flair put her hand on the handle of her sword while asking Koutarou that. The weapon she used 
wasn't a knight's sword like Koutarou's Saguratin, but it was thinner, closer to a saber or rapier. 
To make up for her feminine physique, she fought using a thin sword while aiming for weak 

“I'm Reios Fatra Bertorion. I'm a wandering knight on a training journey. And this is my servant, 

Koutarou carefully responded. The Blue Knight was a squire, and Flair was a holy knight. He 
responded like the Blue Knight in the play, though the part about Clan was ad-libbed. Knowing 
that he would be struck down if he said something careless, Koutarou was constantly serious 
and cautious. 

“I am grateful that you saved her highness. But—” 

“Flair, please stop. You mustn't be rude to my saviors.” 

That was when Alaia grabbed Flair's arm and stopped her. But Flair couldn't back off right away.” 

“But your highness, he's a man we know nothing about! He might have been sent to kill all of 

“If that was the case he would have already done so. That person, Reios-sama defeated the 
men that scattered us all on his own.” 

Flair was trying to persuade Alaia, meanwhile, Alaia put her hands around Flair's hand grasping 
handle of her sword. Alaia was nowhere near as strong as Flair. By doing that, she still wouldn't 
be able to keep Flair from pulling her sword, but instead Flair let go of the handle. She was a 
knight that had sworn loyalty to the royal family. She decided to put her belief in Alaia's 

“...I understand, your highness.” 

AH Fb^CD'ISBp# ! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Golden Flower 

“Thank you, Flair.” 

After thanking Flair, Alaia then apologized to Koutarou. 

“...I am sorry, Reios-sama.” 

“Not at all. A wandering knight just happening upon that scene does sound too good to be true. 
It is only natural to be doubtful.” 

Alaia had apologized, but Koutarou felt that Flair's reaction had been appropriate. Plays or 
movies aside, if something like that happened in reality, it was only obvious to be doubtful. 

If anything, princess Alaia believing me is more amazing ... But, I guess that's what makes her a 
legendary princess... 

Therefore, Koutarou felt like Alaia was an amazing person. It also made him happy that she had 
believed him. 

“As long as you are aware of that. If you try anything strange, I will cut you down on the spot.” 
“That's fine.” 

Koutarou then noticed one more thing. 

If they hadn't been this careful, they probably wouldn't have been able to get this far... 

Fie had noticed how difficult their journey up until now must have been. If all had gone as plays 
or history said, they had endured hardship after hardship before meeting with the Blue Knight. It 
wasn't hard to imagine that the only knight, Flair, had supported them during that time. The 
enemy was so large that she had no choice but to be this careful. 

Looks like I should keep myself together. If I think I just need to follow a script, things won't go 
very well... This a desperate journey that will decide the fate of a country after all... 

Seeing Flair's serious appearance, he decided to pull himself together after he had started 
relaxing as Alaia rejoined with her allies. 

“Well then Reios-sama, allow me to reintroduce my friends.” 

“Your highness, calling us friends is going too far...” 

“Fufufu, it's fine isn't it. It's an emergency after all.” 

Alaia smiled at Flair and began talking as she put her hand on Chari's head. 

“This girl's name is Chari. More accurately, it's Charldrissa Daora Forthorthe, my sister and the 
second princess of this country.” 

Having been introduced by Alaia, Chari looked up at Koutarou with her large eyes. 

“Blue Knight or what it was.” 

“Yes, princess Chari?” 

Koutarou kneeled down in place. Kneeling, Koutarou's eyeline was slightly below Chari's. Doing 
that made it easier to talk to her, and he was no longer looking down on royalty. 

“It seems you took care of my sister. Good work.” 

“It was only a natural thing for a Forthorthe knight to do.” 

Hearing Koutarou's answer, Chari's expression lit up. Her innocent smile warmed Koutarou's 
heart. It was the smile of an honest and energetic child. 

“I like it, Blue Knight! Continue proving your loyalty!” 

“Hah, as you wish, my princess.” 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Golden Flower 

Smiling, Chari patted Koutarou on the shoulder a couple of times, walked around him and 
climbed up his back onto his shoulders. 

“Stand, Blue Knight.” 

“As you wish.” 

Obeying Chari, Koutarou stood up and carried her small body. 

“Oooh, it's so high!” 

Riding on Koutarou's shoulder, she was higher than anyone else. That pleased her and her 
energetic smile grew even bigger. 

I wonder if Theia was like this when she was a child... 

Peeking at Chari's face, Koutarou thought of Theia and revealed a small smile. 

“Fufu, oh Chari.” 

“Your highness...” 

Alaia smiled as she looked at Koutarou and Chari. Carrying Chari, Koutarou was smiling the 
same way he had when carrying Clan. That made Alaia happy. 

I see, so this is what her highness believes in... 

Looking at her master, Flair could faintly understand why Alaia had put her trust in Koutarou. 
And since Flair herself felt like she could believe in the same thing, her cautiousness around 
Koutarou slightly eased. 

Not good... I can't let my guard down yet! 

However she quickly pulled herself together again. Because of her position, she couldn't readily 
trust Koutarou. While carrying those complex feelings, Alaia introduced Koutarou to her. 

“Reios-sama, she is Flair. She is my friend and a holy knight from the Pardomshiha that have 
served the royal family for ages.” 

“Flairhan Nye Pardomshiha. Nice to meet you.” 

“Reios Fatra Bertorion. I apologize for my appearance.” 

With Chari still on his shoulders, Koutarou presented his right hand. Because handshakes were 
a custom in Forthorthe as well, Flair grabbed his hand. 

“Blue Knight, Blue Knight.” 

“What is it?” 

“Flair is diligent and stubborn. But she doesn't hate you as much as she says. Don't worry.” 
“Hearing that puts me at ease. I might not end up being cut down.” 

Koutarou and Chari laughed together. 

“Princess Chari!” 

“Leave the rest to me, Blue Knight!” 

“As you wish, my princess.” 

Sensing that Flair was in a bad mood, Chari withdrew to Koutarou's back. As he played with 
Chari, it felt similar to when Koutarou did the same with Theia or Sanae, so it didn't feel like this 
was their first time meeting. Because of that, the distance between Koutarou and Chari shrunk, 
and after having just met they got very well along. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Golden Flower 


Looking at Koutarou and the others go back and forth, the girl wearing a more plain dress than 
the other girls began laughing. 

“You can't beat princess Chari, Flairhan-sama.” 

The girl's friendly tone with Flair let Koutarou ease up a little. Noticing Koutarou's glance, she 
began introducing herself before Alaia could open her mouth. 

“I'm Marietta Alsein, a maid from the imperial palace. So, Blue Knight-sama which of the girls 
here is your type? Is it Alaia-sama after all!?” 

That girl's, Mary's, rapid self-introduction reminded Koutarou of someone on Earth. 

This girl is like landlord-san... 

Although they didn't look very similar, her gossip loving side and being easy to talk to, reminded 
Koutarou of Shizuka. But it might simply be because she was a girl of age. 

“Mary, asking Reios-sama that is rude.” 

“Ahahaha, you won't get angry, right Reios-sama?” 

“I guess so.” 


“That's not it. It's only natural for Reios-sama to respond like that because you're our maid.” 
Even though this is ancient Forthorthe, they're all normal girls... 

While thinking that, Koutarou looked at the girls faces again. Alaia, Chari, Flair and Mary; they 
all had unique personalities, but to Koutarou they were well within the limit of normal girls. That 
was because of his daily life with the invader girls, but Koutarou had no self-awareness of that. 

Two more... 

Koutarou then looked at the two girls that hadn't been introduced yet. 

One had long hair and sharp eyes. She was wearing something more flashy than Mary, but it 
could be called a stylish attire. Together with her figure, she gave off the impression of an 
intelligent person. 

The other girl was wearing an outfit that had a very different feel to it. She was wearing a long 
white robe and had a star shaped pendant hanging down her neck. She looked less like an 
aristocrat and more like a clergy from the church. Her face had minute childish features, and 
combined with her outfit, she gave of a very friendly impression. 

“Ah, did those two catch your attention? That's unexpected.” 

Noticing that Koutarou was looking at the other two girls, Mary began talking about the two in a 
rapid fashion. 

“Those two are Lidith Maxfern-sama and Fauna Mordraw-sama. Lidith-sama is a famed scholar 
at that young age. Fauna-sama is a priestess that serves the goddess of dawn and was a 
classmate when Alaia-sama went to seminars.” 

Even though she wasn't talking about herself, Marietta boasted about the two. After being 
introduced, the two greeted Koutarou. 

“I am Lidith Maxfern. Pleased to meet you.” 

“I'm Fauna Mordraw. Thank you for saving Alaia-sama!” 

AH Fb^CD'ISBp# ! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Golden Flower 

Their greetings were polite and friendly. That wasn't just because of their personality but also 
because of their respective professions. 

“Nice to meet you two.” 

Koutarou responded with a nod while thinking about Alaia and her group. 

Hmm, an intelligent girl and a mysterious girl, huh... 

Chari looked just like Theia when she was a child. Flair looked similar to Ruth. Mary, Lidith and 
Fauna didn't look like anyone, but thinking of the gossip loving, intelligence and mystery feel that 
the girls gave off, they seemed similar to Shizuka, Kiriha and Sanae. Thinking like that, Koutarou 
felt like Alaia's allies were similar to the girls related to room 106. 

“This feels like a group I've seen before.” 

“I guess you could call it synchronicity.” 

Clan got the same impression and agreed with Koutarou's muttering. Ever since her defeat in 
November, she had constantly been observing room 106, so she had a good grasp of the 
personalities of the people there. 


“Synchronicity. Even though it's supposedly unrelated, as if guided by fate, similar people or 
events will appear and occur.” 

“But that wouldn't really apply here because there are people connected by the same bloodline, 

“That's true. Then it might just be a coincidence.” 

Clan determined it to be a coincidence. Koutarou felt the same way. If this was fate or 
synchronicity, he felt like though everyone was together, they would look just the same. 


However, that was when Koutarou noticed that one was missing. Theia, Ruth, Shizuka, Kiriha 
and Sanae, there was one more related to room 106. 

“Yurika's not here...” 

The group of girls reminded him of the people related to room 106. But he couldn't see a girl that 
corresponded to Yurika. 

“...Well, I guess that would be like her...” 

Koutarou smiled wryly. 

Yurika was generally unfortunate, so her not being here would be just like her. 

“What's wrong, Blue Knight.” 

“No, everyone just reminded me of my friends in my hometown.” 

“I see. Do you love them?” 


Koutarou obediently nodded. 

That's right... right now my answer is 'yes'... 

Koutarou was a little surprised that he could nod at that question. And his urge to return home 
grew even stronger. 

“More than me?” 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Golden Flower 

“Of course I admire you, princess Chari.” 

In reality, Koutarou loved the friends in his 'hometown' more than Chari who he had just met. 
But he would feel bad telling the young Chari that, so he made an adult decision and said that 
he loved her more. 

“Well said, Blue Knight! Let me praise you!” 

Still riding on Koutarou's back, Chari cackled. Seeing that face when he casually glanced at her, 
he noticed a horse in the corner of his eye. That was Alaia's horse, and after she had fallen down 
it had come back on its own accord. 

A horse, a horse is it ... 

Koutarou stared at the horse. 

Although it was a horse, it looked slightly different than one from Earth. The body was similar, 
but it had a horn and its mane and hooves were different. Horses on Forthorthe looked very 
similar to Earth's legendary unicorns. 

Then the horse stirred and moved its body as if to escape Koutarou's glance. Its gestures were 
quite distinct. 

“It couldn't be... right?” 

“What is it, Blue Knight?” 

“That horse...” 

“What about the horse?” 

That horse looks just like Yurika. 

Swallowing the continuation of his sentence, Koutarou approached the horse with Chari still on 
his back. 

“This horse is my sister’s. It's very smart, even though it got separated with my sister it came 
back on its own.” 

“...If we got separated from Yurika, she'd get lost and wouldn't be able to come back.” 

“Did you say something?” 

“This horse has very nice looking hair.” 

“Right, right?” 

Chari strengthened her grip around Koutarou and cheerfully boasted. Since Chari and Alaia 
would often ride on the horse together, it was her favorite. 


When Koutarou approached, the horse neighed and turned its face away. Seeing that, 
Koutarou's conviction was strengthened even further. 

Yurika... as always you have no luck whatsoever... 

To Koutarou, the horse turning its face away like that seemed just like when Yurika was acting 
as a horse's rear and had failed to do something. 

“No matter how good your act is, a horse is just too much...” 

Koutarou muttered while looking at the horse. The other girls all had something similar to them, 
but only Yurika was a horse. Koutarou couldn't help but pity Yurika's extremely bad luck. 

AH Fb^CD'ISBp# ! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Golden Flower 

However, on the contrary of Koutarou's feelings, something unexpected happened. Right after 
Koutarou's mumbling, the horse began running away at full speed as if trying to escape. 

“What's going on? Nobody did anything.” 

“Ah, look out!” 

But night had already fallen and the darkness of night had settled. Shortly after running away at 
full speed, the horse tripped. 

And then something even more unexpected happened. When the horse crashed into the ground, 
its body was wrapped in white smoke. After the smoke cleared, what was left wasn't a horse but 
a lone girl wearing a dark robe and holding a large cane. 


The costume was plain and the color was black. The cane was rough as if it had been carved 
from a tree branch. But her appearance was the same as Yurika's when she was cosplaying as 
a magical girl. 

“A magician!? Your highness, get back!!” 


Volume 07.5 


Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? 

Part 3 

The Golden Flower 








: :■ 







AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Golden Flower 

Koutarou was surprised that a girl like Yurika had appeared, but Flair's reaction was different. 
She quickly put herself between the girl and Alaia and warned the group. 

“It's an enemy spy! Bertorion, I'll leave her highness and the others to you!” 

“I got it!” 

Having heard the words enemy spy, Koutarou realized the sense of urgency. He had 
remembered that only her appearance was similar and that they were in danger. 

“Clan, keep an eye on our surroundings!” 

“I already am!!” 

Flair dashed past Koutarou. After Koutarou had retreated back to Alaia, he let down Chari who 
was still on his back. 


“As if you're getting away!” 

The girl in black stood up and tried to run away, but the damage she had taken from crashing 
into the ground was large, and she couldn't move right away. Because of that, by the time she 
stood up, Flair was already right in front of her. 

“Come, the winds-” 

“You're too slow!” 

The girl quickly pointed her staff towards Flair, but Flair's sword was even faster. Flair effortlessly 
pulled the sword out of its sheath and with a firm step, she knocked the staff away from the girls 

“That's enough!” 

Flair's sword stopped at the girl’s throat. She was telling the girl that if she moved any further or 
spoke she would be killed. The girl stopped moving and interrupted herself mid-sentence. 

“An enemy spy... and a magician...?” 

For Koutarou, that was his second meeting with a real magician. 

The masterminds behind the coup d'etat were Forthorthe's minister of finance, Maxfern and the 
head of the court magicians, Grevanas. 

Forthorthe was a complete warrior society, so even if one had the ability, if they weren't a knight, 
they wouldn't gain a reputation. Not even the minister or the head of the court magicians were 
exempt from this. No matter how competent an individual they were, those who didn't stand on 
the frontlines and fought wouldn't gain any reputation. Disliking that system, Maxfern and 
Grevanas conspired to usurp the imperial throne. 

At first they carefully planned. They made up a case that the country's money was being used 
up by the emperor, that the emperor prioritized giving land and assets to royalty. Using his 
position as a minister, Maxfern played tricks to make it look like the case was real and planted 
seeds of revolt in the hearts of the holy knights, and in reality, the assets flowed into the hands 
of Maxfern and Grevanas. 

Their next scheme was to move the assets they had embezzled using the alchemists’ techniques 
to foreign countries and earn enormous amounts of money. It wasn't just the people blinded by 
the money, but the holy knights that Maxfern's tricks had sent into poverty had no choice but to 
accept the bribes for the sake of the management of their territories. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Golden Flower 

They then set up a trap for the loyal holy knights that wouldn't accept the bribes. Using injustice, 
revolt, murder and the likes, they used any method to put the guilt on the holy knights and reduce 
their numbers. 

Having repeated that for over ten years, there was now a large amount of the band of knights 
who obeyed the minister Maxfern, leaving only a handful of band of knights loyal to the royal 
family. After deciding that traps would no longer be needed, Maxfern and Grevanas finally took 

They uncovered a case that never happened and denounced the emperor. They then murdered 
the emperor and empress. They then put the guilt of the case and murder on Alaia and tried to 
have her arrested as a criminal in an attempt to get rid of the princess. 

When the murder of the emperor took place Alaia was being visited by Fauna, her old classmate, 
and Flair and Chari joined as well. That was when Mary who had witnessed the murder of the 
emperor and empress burst into the room, starting Alaia's and the others escape. 

Since Maxfern had already seized the palace, escape was incredibly difficult. However through 
the guidance of Maxfern's niece, Lidith, and some of the alchemists, they somehow succeeded. 
At this moment most of the alchemists already followed Maxfern, but there were still a few people 
that were loyal to the royal family. 

Having escaped the palace, Alaia and her group decided to flee north to Pardomshiha territory. 
Pardomshiha had thick ties to royal family, and it was also Flair's birthplace. Alaia's plan was to 
flee there to gather her allies before coming back. 

However, pursuers were right on their tail, so the journey was perilous from the start. Flair was 
their only capable combatant; the other five girls were frail and had never even held a weapon 
before. Despite that, their pursuers were the elites from Forthorthe's army and the court 
magicians. Their goal was capturing Alaia, and if that deemed difficult, her murder. Having gotten 
so close to the Mastir checkpoint while avoiding their pursuers was proof Flair's loyalty and hard 

However, when there were only two mountain passes between Alaia and her group and the 
Mastir checkpoint, the pursuers finally caught up. Although they somehow escaped, they were 
all scattered. 

And it was just then that Koutarou had met Alaia. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Golden Flower 

Part 4 

“That was when Reios-sama appeared.” 

“I see, so it was during such circumstances...” 

Alaia's story more or less followed Theia's manuscript. Although minor details were different, the 
event happened almost as was described in the manuscript. 

Koutarou stopped eating to think. The meal that Mary had prepared was delicious, but there 
were lots of things he had to think about. 

Which means that after we get attacked by mountain bandits, we'll get to the checkpoint, but... 
The red flame lit up Koutarou's face. 

“If we keep pressing forward like this, we'll almost certainly get ambushed by the army...” 
Koutarou sighed slightly. 

He was currently concerned about the difference in the current situation and the manuscript that 
Theia had written. Thinking about it, in their current situation, the Blue Knight would end up 
fighting the army. But according to the manuscript, they were attacked by bandits. In the play, 
Yurika had played a bandit during that scene. After that was the famous checkpoint scene, so 
having to fight both bandits and the army didn't seem right. 

Did Theia omit the fight with the army? Or is this because the history's changed... ? 

For some reason, the Blue Knight wasn't fighting the army, but mountain bandits. Because that 
wasn't very clear, Koutarou wasn't sure on how he should act from now. 

“...Clan, what actually happened after this?” 

Troubled, Koutarou whispered to Clan who was sitting next to him. However Clan shook her 
head and dropped her shoulders. 

“...I'm not very informed about what happens here. I only know what happens in plays or 

The Blue Knight was a legendary tale in Forthorthe, but Clan wasn't a historian so she only knew 
what the public knew. Theia might have known, but she was 2,000 years away. 

“However, Bertorion, it would be reckless to continue forward knowing there's an ambush. And 
since a spy slipped in, it’s obvious there will be one.” 

Flair pointed out the problems while pointing behind her. There was a magical girl in black tied 
to a tree by rope. She was currently struggling to escape her bonds, but because the restraint 
was strong she couldn't slip out. 

If I told Yurika, she'd definitely be happy... 

Surprisingly, the girl was an actual magician. Before they managed to bind her up, she had used 
several minor spells in resistance. But since her cane which improved her spells powers had 
been taken away from her, there was hardly any damage, but just knowing that magic existed 
was surprising to Koutarou and Clan. In the play, magicians appeared as well, but the two of 
them had just assumed that was fiction. 

“Well, that girl could hardly have had a lot of chances to turn into a horse.” 

Having lost sight of Alaia, she tracked down Chari and the others to observe them. After tracking 
them down, she continued acting like a horse while waiting for a chance to capture Alaia and 
pass information on to her allies. That's what Koutarou had come up with, and he didn't believe 
he could be wrong. In the end, the magician had misunderstood Koutarou's mumbling and 

AH Fb^CD'ISBp# ! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Golden Flower 

assumed she had been found out, and ended up being captured. If that hadn't happened, it 
wasn't hard to imagine that Alaia's and the others journey would be over shortly. And for the 
same reason, after capturing the girl, the group moved away from the waterfall to somewhere in 
the middle of the forest. 

“If we keep going, it's almost certain that we'll fall into the enemy's trap.” 

“That's rough...” 

Koutarou began thinking again after hearing Flair. Alaia's party mostly consisted of normal girls 
that couldn't fight. Koutarou's fighting capabilities were high thanks to his armor, but he had 
almost no experience. Clan wasn't much different from Koutarou. Because of that, the only 
proper soldier was Flair alone. So walking into an ambush by the Forthorthe army like that, it 
would be next to impossible to protect the girls. 

“Lord Pardomshiha, isn't the only option we have to take a detour?” 

That was when Clan broke her silence. Fleeding to her role as a servant, she had left the talking 
to Koutarou, but she suddenly muscled her way into the conversation. 


“...I'll let you in on the details later.” 

Koutarou was left confused about Clan's actions, but rather than answering his doubts, she 
continued speaking to Flair. 

“If we take a detour from the road and cross the mountain, we won't come into contact with the 
army. There's the problem of it being hard to walk, but it’s better than walking into a trap.” 

“Hmm... If we do it before they increase their search area after noticing that contact with their 
spy has been lost... it might be worth trying.” 

Flair agreed with Clan and made up her mind. 

“At daybreak tomorrow, we'll take a detour from the road and cross the mountain towards the 
Mastir checkpoint. Everyone rest easy for the night.” 

As such, their actions for tomorrow were decided, and Alaia and her party rested for the moment. 

To keep the fire from going out, Koutarou threw pieces of wood into the flame. The pieces shone 
brightly and popped repeatedly, and the fire grew slightly larger. 

Although there was a chance that they would be found by the enemy the fire was needed to 
keep them from being attacked by animals in the forest, and to keep warm. Since Flair had 
picked a good spot, the fire was being covered by the surroundings, so the chances of being 
found were minimal. 

“So how does it look?” 

“Just wait a moment... uhm...” 

Clan was sitting next to Koutarou. It was now past midnight. The only ones awake where those 
two and the rest were sleeping on the other side of the fire, covered by blankets. 

Having decided on what to do tomorrow, Alaia and her party went to sleep to rest up. But they 
would take turns to keep watch on their surroundings and keep the fire alive. And just after 
midnight was Koutarou and Clan's turn. 

“...It looks okay. There are no large animals or people in the area.” 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Golden Flower 

Using her observation device, Clan watched over the surroundings. Fortunately there were no 
signs of danger, and she let out a small sigh of relief. The camp site that Flair had picked was 
still safe. 

“I see. Thank you.” 

“You're welcome.” 

While responding to Koutarou, Clan couldn't help but think what a strange turn of events things 
had taken. 

Of course the Blue Knight act is one thing, but to think I would be cooperating with this man... 

Just half a day ago, Clan had franticly been trying to kill Koutarou. Through some twist of fate, 
they had been put in a situation where they had to work together. And now they're talk to one 
another in a friendly manner. To Clan, that was just too bizarre. 

“By the way Clan, why'd you say that before?” 


Clan stopped thinking as she heard Koutarou's question. Since she had been thinking about 
something else, she couldn't answer him right away. 

“You know, when you suggested to Flair-san that we should take a detour from the road.” 

Since it was just the two of them, Koutarou could speak like normal. And he didn't call Flair Lord 
Pardomshiha. To Koutarou, Clan was currently the only one he could be himself with. 

“Ah, right, about that.” 

“That's right. I was sure you'd stay quiet to not change history.” 

“It's the opposite Bertorion.” 

The same was true for Clan and she dropped any formalities with Koutarou. Oddly enough, the 
two enemies could only reveal their true selves to one another. 

“The opposite?” 

“Yes. I realized what the Blue Knight would have done.” 

Clan continued talking while Koutarou was perplexed. 

“If we continued walking down the road, the army would ambush us. Thinking about it, there's 
no way they would just walk into it. So they would need to take a detour, either through the 
mountain or the river.” 

Since they were currently in the middle of a mountain, they would either need to cross the river 
with a boat or leave the road and cross the mountains. 

“So remember that the Blue Knight was attacked by mountain bandits.” 

“I see! You're smart, Clan!” 

Noticing what Clan was trying to say, Koutarou's expression brightened up. 

“In other words, the Blue Knight walked off the beaten path and was attacked by mountain 

“That's why there wasn't a scene about fighting the army, but bandits!” 

There were three options they had right now, continuing along the road, crossing the mountain 
or crossing the river. The only option that let them avoid the army but fight mountain bandits was 
by crossing the mountain. 

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Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Golden Flower 

“There will probably be fewer bandits than soldiers, and we'll stand out less in the mountains. I 
believed that was what the Blue Knight chose.” 

“I see... Clan, I thought you were just sly and vengeful, but that's not all there is to you.” 
Koutarou cheerfully slapped Clan on the back. 

“Ow, that hurts!” 

“Sorry, I got excited and put a little too much force in it.” 

“And what's sly and vengeful supposed to mean!?” 

“That's what Theia said, and I felt the same after meeting you.” 

“Quit messing around!!” 

Excited, Clan stood up. 

“Don't you forget! When we get back to our age I'll have you hanged for offending royalty!” 
“Your laws don't apply to me, I'm not a citizen of your country.” 

“Then I'll just beat you to death!” 

“I got it, just calm down, Clan.” 

“Mhhh Hhhm!” 

“Everyone's gonna wake up.” 

With his left hand, Koutarou forcibly dragged Clan towards him and with his right he closed her 
mouth. Displeased, she struggled for a while, but as time passed she calmed down. When 
Koutarou confirmed that he removed his hands. 

“Once we return you'll regret it.” 

“If we return.” 

Koutarou then looked up into the sky. Earth was on the other side of the sea of stars, 2,000 
years away. 

“If we can't return it'll just be the two of us.” 

“I'll pass on that.” 

“That goes for both of us.” 

However, on the contrary to their words, they were happy that they weren't alone, even if they 
were with their enemy. 

“It'll be because you did something unnecessary.” 

“It can't be helped can it, I didn't know anything. Besides—” 

As Koutarou was object, he saw someone wake up on the other side of the bonfire. 

“What's wrong?” 

“Looks like we woke someone up.” 

Clan was wondering why Koutarou had stopped mid-sentence when Koutarou pointed to the 
other side of the fire, just as the person that had woken up was turning towards them. 

“Princess Alaia.” 

When they confirmed that it was Alaia, Koutarou and Clan hurriedly stood up, corrected their 
lazy postures and faced her as a knight and his servant. 

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Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Golden Flower 

“May I speak with you, Reios-sama?” 

“Ah, y-yes, of course.” 

“Thank you. Oh and please relax you two.” 

With a small smile, Alaia approached. She had heard Koutarou and Clan talking for a while now, 
so for them to suddenly stop was funny. Having gotten up next to the fire, Alaia sat down near 


Clan poked Koutarou with her elbow. 


“...I'll leave Alaia to you. Meanwhile I'll keep an eye on our surroundings.” 

“...Ah, that's playing dirty!” 

Clan was planning on leaving this to Koutarou while she feigned ignorance. This was most likely 
because she didn't want to deal with Alaia, but also because there were no scenes where the 
Blue Knight's servant stood out. It wasn't even certain if a servant existed to begin with. There 
were no recordings regarding a servant. So in order to not change history, Clan left all dealings 
with Alaia to Koutarou, the Blue Knight stand in. 

“Well then, your highness, Lord Bertorion, I will keep look around the area.” 

“I'm sorry for making you worry, Clan-sama.” 

“No, this is nothing. Besides, keeping a lookout of the area is necessary. In return, please keep 
Lord Bertorion company, princess Alaia.” 

“Very well.” 


Leaving behind a smiling Alaia and panicking Koutarou, Clan quickly left the bonfire. 

That bastard, she definitely won't come back until we’re done talking... 

Having been deserted, Koutarou decided that he would complain until Clan's ears bled when 
she came back. 


While Koutarou was staring at Clan's back with complex feelings inside his chest, Alaia called 
out to him. When Koutarou turned to her, she tilted her head and giggled. 


Dumbfounded, Koutarou sighed and sat back down. 

“You seem to get along very well with Clan-sama.” 

Alaia was smiling, but Koutarou lightly shook his head and denied it. 

“We're just sort of forced together... you know, stuck in the same boat... not quite the same as 
getting along.” 

They were originally enemies; if it wasn't for this situation, Koutarou and Clan would probably 
still be fighting. 

“Fufu, is that, right?” 

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Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Golden Flower 

But that wasn't how Alaia saw it. In reality it might be just as Koutarou said, but others saw 
Koutarou and Clan as friendly to each other. Alaia had called it getting along because of what 
she had seen. 

“So, what did you want to talk about?” 

It was an embarrassing topic, and if she got too involved into it, it would become problematic, so 
Koutarou quickly changed topic. 

“That's right...” 

After revealing a lonely expression for an instant, she showed a serious expression. It was an 
expression that left a strong impression of her being a princess. 

“Actually, I wanted say farewell to you and Clan-sama.” 

Alaia quietly spoke those words. However, having heard that, Koutarou was unable to remain 
calm, unlike Alaia. 

“Farewell!? What do you mean!?” 

If they split up here, history would get completely rewritten. If that happened, Koutarou and Clan 
wouldn't be able to return home. That was a serious problem. 

“It's just as I said. I can't involve you any further.” 

“It's to keep me from getting involved!?” 

In his surprise, Koutarou returned to his normal self. 

Ah, this person really did only help with good intentions... 

Seeing his reaction, Alaia reconfirmed that her judgment hadn't been wrong. And she quietly 



“That's because, at this rate, the lord you serve will be blamed.” 

“Lord!? My master will be blamed?” 


There was no master that Koutarou was serving. That calmed Koutarou down, and after a deep 
breath, he asked Alaia. 

“Why do you think so?” 

“That's because you are very strong. That much strength at your age must mean that you are 
part of a large band of knights.” 

The quality of a squire was obviously higher in larger bands of knights. It influenced not just their 
skill with the sword, but also the quality of their sword and armor, and having magical tools was 
another indicator. So after seeing Koutarou fight, it was only natural to assume he was part of a 
large band of knights. 

“And there are only two bands of knights that large that are my allies. Pardomshiha and 

There were only two large bands of knights that were still loyal to the royal family: Pardomshiha 
and Wenranka. Both had served the family for a long time, and because of their many assets, 
they didn't accept any of Maxfern's bribes. 

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Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Golden Flower 

“However, you are not part of either of them. If you were a squire from Pardomshiha we would 
have met before, and Wenranka don't use colors for their titles.” 

Using aristocratic common knowledge, it was obvious that Reios Fatra Bertorion wasn't part of 
Pardomshiha or Wenranka. In other words— 

“In other words, you serve a lord that follows Maxfern. If you continue allying with us, it is only 
obvious that blame will fall on your lord. Which means that lord will fall between the two sides 
into a very dangerous situation. I don't wish for that to happen.” 

In reality, Alaia wasn't worried about the lord, but the people living in the land he resided over. 
And she was worried about Koutarou who had saved her out of good intentions. If he remained 
Alaia's ally, both the peoples and his own future would be in danger. So to prevent that, Alaia 
decided to say farewell to Koutarou. 

“I asked Flair to arrange it so that you and Clan-sama would take watch at this time. Please 
leave while everyone is still sleeping.” 

“Princess Alaia...” 

Koutarou stumbled to answer. He had to come up with a way to keep travelling with Alaia and 
her party, but he had trouble arguing when she stared at him with her eyes filled with 

How should I answer? What can I say to satisfy her? 

Koutarou wasn't the real Blue Knight. The real one most likely wouldn't have any problems 
answering her. But Koutarou couldn't do it. He couldn't rely on the manuscript either because 
this scene wasn't in it. 

Tell me, Theial! What would the Blue Knight say here!? 

Koutarou thought of Theia who wasn't here. Lies or deception wouldn't work on Alaia and her 
deep and clear eyes. So some kind of truth was necessary. And he felt that Theia could give him 
that answer. 

No, Theia, what would you do!? How would you answer!? 

Koutarou only knew of the Blue Knight from the manuscript. But he knew Theia very well. She 
was selfish, but at the same time lonely and very gentle. And despite resistance, she wanted to 
become the ideal royalty worthy of standing above others. Thanks to the time they had spent 
together, Koutarou was able to imagine what Theia would do. 

That's right Theia. That's probably what you would say... 

Koutarou's hesitation cleared up. He had finally realized how he should answer Alaia. 

“There's no need to worry, princess Alaia.” 

Koutarou smiled. His desire to act as the replacement Blue Knight had been too strong and he 
had lost sight of his true self, Koutarou found that funny. He wasn't much different from Theia 
when she had first come to Earth. In that case, just like in Theia's case, there was something 
more important to Koutarou than replacing the Blue Knight. 

Before being an emperor, one had to be a splendid noble. 

In that case, before he was the Blue Knight, he had to be a splendid knight. 

Having realized that, Koutarou no longer hesitated. 

“Please let me continue following you, your highness.” 

“But Reios-sama, in that case both you and the people of your land will suffer!” 

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Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Golden Flower 

Alaia still held onto her belief. She didn't want to see people suffer, nor did she want to see 
Koutarou suffer. So words alone weren't enough to satisfy her. 

“It's alright, princess Alaia. I can't go into details but I don't serve any lord.” 

Koutarou told her the truth. And he also honestly said that he couldn't go into the details that he 
couldn't tell her. 

I just need to do this, right Theia... 

In order to keep history from changing, he was acting as the Blue Knight, but he wouldn't be a 
splendid knight by lying his way through. If he did, he would eventually disappoint and lose the 
trust placed in him, and as a result, he wouldn't be able to return to his own world. So he followed 
the path of a knight, despite the risk it involved. He would borrow the Blue Knight's words, but 
put his own feelings in them. In other words, Koutarou had to be worthy of being a knight. 

Giving both mind and body to the nobles, huh... 

In the past during their practice, Theia would often say that. Back then he hadn't paid any 
attention to those words, but now he believed they were correct. Just trying to feign appearance 
wouldn't work. 

“W-What are you—!?” 

Alaia was surprised by Koutarou's answer and opened her eyes wide. 

A knight roaming the lands without a lord wasn't all that rare. At this era, there were plenty of 
knights travelling to find a lord. But that was limited to knights where the house they had served 
had been destroyed or knights that had caused trouble and been banished. But knights generally 
had no reason to hide the fact that the house they had served had been destroyed and Koutarou 
didn't look like someone who would cause trouble and get banished. 

“Please rest easy, princess Alaia. I may be a wandering knight far from his hometown, but I 
haven't lost even a fraction of my loyalty to the royal family.” 

They were words taken straight from the manuscript. Since Koutarou wasn't sure how a knight 
spoke, he relied on the Blue Knight. But Koutarou himself wanted to help Alaia. That's why the 
feelings in the words belonged to him. 

It didn't really matter if it was Koutarou's or the Blue Knight's, since Koutarou himself wanted to 
help Alaia. At first he had only saved her because she looked like Harumi, but having 
experienced the dangers first hand, he wanted to be of help to her. 

And Theia's ideal knight would never lie. If he told her the truth right here, he might not be able 
to return to his own world, but Koutarou felt like Theia would praise him right now. 

“But allying with us who are being pursued for my position is the same as making all of Forthorthe 
your enemy!” 

Even then, Alaia wisely tried to persuade Koutarou. If he had no lord he served, then she 
definitely couldn't put Koutarou who was unrelated in harm's way. Alaia's sincere eyes were fixed 
on Koutarou, but he simply nodded at her. 

“Certainly, it might be as you say, princess Alaia.” 


“But even then, I won't have to make an enemy of my pride, my loyalty and most of all the hearts 
of the people of Forthorthe. The important thing isn't who my enemy, but who I don't betray.” 

There were feelings that Koutarou didn't want to betray. The straight and earnest feeling of 
wanting to be of help to her mother in her time of need. The legend of the Blue Knight supported 

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Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Golden Flower 

that feeling. So Koutarou couldn't ruin that. More important than protecting history or returning 
home was that Koutarou didn't want to betray that girl’s feelings. 

Even if it's a legendary hero, in the end his feelings aren't that far from my own... 

While speaking the Blue Knight’s lines, that was how Koutarou felt. The Blue Knight himself must 
have had something he didn't want to betray too. Thanks to that, the feeling of guilt from fooling 
Alaia and the others by acting began disappearing. Right now, Koutarou wasn't sure what was 
an act and what wasn't. 


“And princess Alaia, I'm sure the person who gave me this sword and armor wouldn't forgive me 
if I abandoned you. So please, let me continue to help you.” 

The girl that had given Koutarou the Blue Knight's armor and the treasured sword Saguratin was 
prideful, strong and gentle. If she learned that Koutarou had abandoned a girl being chased 
down by her enemies, she would most likely erupt like a volcano. 

“Your sword and armor...” 

Alaia's glance fell onto Koutarou's armor and sword. 


Up until now it had been too dark to clearly see, but thanks to it being lit up by the red flame, 
Alaia could clearly see the crest engraved on Koutarou's armor. 

Theiamillis's Blue Knight... ? 

On it was a title engraved around the crest of a knight fighting a dragon. It was in ancient 
Forthorthe, though to Alaia it was modern Forthorthe, but engraved were the words Theiamillis's 
Blue Knight. When she saw that title, Alaia was more shocked than ever before. 

Reios-sama isn't a squire, but a holy knight!? 

Koutarou had named himself as Reios Fatra Bertorion. So normally, the only words carved 
around the crest should be Fatra and Blue Knight. But instead what was carved on the armor 
were the words Theiamillis's Blue Knight. That was different from just Blue Knight; it was a 
personal title, which meant that he was a holy knight that had been directly appointed by royalty. 

That's why he doesn't have a lord! But he should have territory! But there's no land named 
Bertorion in Forthorthe! 

Alaia grew confused. Flaving seen the title engraved on Koutarou's armor, she understood why 
Koutarou didn't have a lord he served. That was because Koutarou himself was a lord. But she 
couldn't understand the rest. Seeing the words Theiamillis's Blue Knight, she could only assume 
that a female royal called Theiamillis had appointed him. But she didn't know of any royalty with 
that name, and a city by the name of Bertorion didn't exist. Not even the intelligent Alaia could 
know that Theiamillis was a royalty 2,000 years in the future, or that Bertorion's territory was a 
small 6 tatami mat room. 

That's right, the sword... if I look at the sword... 

Alaia had no knowledge of a royal called Theiamillis, but her crest should decorate the sword. It 
was normal to carve the family's crest on a knight’s traditional sword in Forthorthe. 

A golden flower... ? But, this crest doesn't exist amongst the royal family... just what is...? 

A golden flower was carved into the handle of Koutarou's sword. Alaia assumed it was a family 
crest, but in reality it wasn't a family crest, but rather Theia's personal crest. 

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Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Golden Flower 

Koutarou hadn't formally been bestowed the title of knight. Because of that, a knight's sword 
hadn't been prepared, and he had been given the sword given to Theia to celebrate her birth. 
As a result, Theia's personal crest took the place of what would normally be a family crest. And 
that confused Alaia even further. 

Just who is this person ... ? 

Alaia didn’t doubt Koutarou; although they had only met the other day, she trusted him. But at 
the same time, she had no idea who he was. 

“I am not wishing to follow you for your own sake. I have things I don't want to betray. Please, 
allow me to accompany you.” 

“Reios-sama... t-then please, tell me something.” 

So Alaia decided to directly confront the question. And she decided that she would trust and 
accept it, no matter how strange a response she was given. 

“Anything you ask.” 

Koutarou nodded. He was no longer planning on lying or deceiving Alaia any further. There were 
things he couldn't say, but he would tell her he couldn't in that case. 

Seeing Koutarou nodding, Alaia spoke. She put the question in her mind into words and asked 
Koutarou for the truth. 

“That royal crest engraved on your chestplate. Your appearance, your behavior, and that noble 
prideful heart. You are without a doubt a true knight of Forthorthe. But...” 

At that moment, Koutarou felt a strong sense of deja vu. 

Sakuraba-senpai... ? 

The words that had left Alaia's mouth were words that he heard from on top of the stage just a 
few months ago. 

“But, I have no recollection of the crest on your sword. Just where have you come from?” 

Alaia's words had been the same as the line from the play. And that was when Koutarou was 
caught by surprise once more. 

“...From an endless time and a countless distance.” 

Koutarou responded to Alaia using the Blue Knight's words. It was as if it corresponded to 
Koutarou's current state. The Blue Knight's answer was his answer. Koutarou had come from 
2,000 years in the future and from the other side of the universe. 

Just what is this... ? 

Koutarou was puzzled by the seemingly bizarre coincidence. Clan had used the term 
synchronicity, but he didn't want to believe it. That said, he was happy that he didn't need to lie 
to Alaia. 

“From an endless time and... a countless... distance...” 

Alaia slowly repeated Koutarou's words. 

I wonder what that means... but, I'm sure it's not a lie... 

She was puzzled by Koutarou's words as well. But she felt that they weren't a lie. And since she 
believed it was the truth, Alaia wished. 

“Please, lend me your strength, Reios-sama...” 

“As you wish, my princess.” 

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Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Golden Flower 

Koutarou gave her a energetic nod and looked to the sky. Above them was the night sky filled 
with stars. 

I've come from quite far away ... 

Despite this many stars shining, he couldn't see Earth. Earth was far, far away, well beyond what 
the human eye could see. 


Looking at Koutarou like that, Alaia thought to herself. 

That Koutarou might have come from the world of stars. 

Alaia herself was well aware that it was just a childish imagination. But so many stars were 
shining above them that she wanted to believe it to be the truth. 

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Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

The Silver Princess 

The Silver Princess 

Part 1 

Clan was wearing a robe for traveling above her normal outfit, facing an elderly man. 

“A knight in blue armor, huh...” 

“He's called Reios Fatra Bertorion, have you heard of him?” 

The elderly man was the owner of a small inn, he had a mild expression and a slight northern 
accent. Clan was currently trying to inquire information from him. 

“I don't know him. At the very least he hasn't been at my inn.” 

“I see...” 

“Sorry I couldn't be of help.” 

“No, thank you for listening to what I had to say.” 

“Take care, miss. There are some worrisome developments in this country.” 

“Thank you.” 

However, Clan was unable to find the information she was looking for and left the elderly man 
at the inn. 

“Looks like this town was a miss as well...” 

Having left the inn, Clan sighed. 

Right now, Clan was in a small town by the road. This mountain town wasn't very prosperous 
and survived on travelers stopping by, so the main street of the town was lined with inns and 
bars. To Clan, they were all very aged buildings made out of stone or rock. In her age, the only 
buildings like that were ruins or sightseeing spots. Clan had checked all the inns and bars, but 
had been unable to gain the information she wanted anywhere. 

“Just where is the real Blue Knight...” 

Clan's goal was to find the real Blue Knight. Once found, she had to get him to join up with Alaia 
and correct history. So Clan had separated from Koutarou and the others to follow after the Blue 
Knight. Clan focused her search around the area where Alaia and her group travelled, and 
checked all the towns and villages along the way. In the original history, the Blue Knight had met 
with Alaia before the Mastir checkpoint, so the Blue Knight should still be around the area. Even 
if he had moved on, there was a high chance that someone had seen him. So she should be 
able to gain useful information from inns he stayed at or the bars he ate at. 

However, despite visiting many towns and villages, she hadn't found anything about the Blue 
Knight. No matter whom she asked, they claimed they hadn't seen any traveler wearing a blue 
armor, or had a customer by the name of Reios. Because of that, Clan only grew more and more 
worried. At first she was sure she would find him right away, but she had begun regretting how 
naive she had been. 

“Today makes it one week, huh... today's the day I return to report...” 

Clan had promised to return to Koutarou after a week to report to him, regardless of the results. 
She had split with Koutarou and the others on the day they decided to cross the mountain to 
avoid the army. And today was the seventh day, which meant she had to go meet up with 

“This is sad... I don't even want to hear what he's going say...” 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

The Silver Princess 

Clan sighed once more. When she had left, she had been full of confidence and boasted that 
she would easily find the Blue Knight, so she was reluctant to return telling him she didn't even 
find a single clue. 

“And it's possible that the worst thing imaginable happened.” 

Clan had an idea about why she could not find any clues about the Blue Knight. 

It was possible that the Blue Knight got involved in the space quake when Koutarou and Clan 
arrived in this age and died. Or that he had been crushed by the Cradle as it fell. 

It's possible that's why she couldn't get any information about the squire in this area. It might be 
because he was already dead. Thinking like that, things started to make sense, but it would also 
mean that Clan had killed the Blue Knight. Having at least some feelings for the Blue Knight, 
being a Forthorthe citizen, she didn't want to believe that was true. 

“Hah... what should I tell him...” 

Clan sighed as she entered a small alley and began fiddling with her bracelet to find the current 
location of Koutarou's armor. Before they parted, she had set his armor so that it emitted a signal, 
and the location of that signal was then displayed over a map. 

“It's already been awhile since he passed into Mastir territory...” 

The marker showed Koutarou's location to be inside Mastir territory, past the Mastir checkpoint, 
whilst Clan's marker was still on the other side of the checkpoint, inside Forthorthe's capital, 
Fornorn's territory. Koutarou and the others had safely avoided the army's pursuit and passed 
through the checkpoint. 

“Then let's go...” 

Having confirmed his location, Clan activated the equipment she had used when fighting 
Koutarou and flew into sky while hiding herself. She was planning on flying all the way to 
Koutarou like that. 

“That Bertorion is quite sly, despite his looks...” 

However, though her body may have disappeared, her gloomy feelings still remained. 

While Clan was on her way to Koutarou, he himself was in the middle of an interrogation in a 
room of a small inn. 

“Caris, don't be so stubborn and tell us. You told us your name right away.” 


The person being interrogated was the magician girl that had been captured a week ago. Based 
on her outfit, she looked like she was a member of the court magicians, but they didn't know 
anything but her name, Caris Webnant. Koutarou had struggled to get her to even name herself. 

“You're hungry, right?” 

Holding a large, roasted bird in his hand, he squatted down in front of Caris and their eyes met. 
“I'm not.” 


“If you tell us what orders you were given to make you transform into a horse, you can eat some 

“1-1 don't want to eat!” 


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Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

The Silver Princess 

“Is that so? Then I'll eat this village's specialty, roasted Wadowado bird instead.” 



“Oooh, delicious! It's perfectly roasted! The texture of the crusty skin and the smell of the spice 
covering it blend together and spread throughout the mouth! And the meat is so tender! Every 
time I bite it, meat juice fills my mouth, it's almost like a soup!” 


The girl, Caris Webnant's lips had remained sealed when strictly interrogated by Flair, not 
revealing anything, including her name. It wasn't until the person interrogating changed to 
Koutarou that they finally learned her name. 

I was thinking about it when I first met her, but to think she's really weak to this kind of attack... 

Koutarou's method to glean information was to simply bait her with food. This was an 
interrogation that Flair couldn't come up with because the idea that it would work never popped 
into her head. But Koutarou was different, and he had a strange prejudice against magicians. 
That they're easy to lure with food or that their lives were sloppy. This was because he had spent 
a lot of time with Yurika. 

“Blue Knight, I want to eat too.” 

“Of course, your highness.” 

“Ah, hey, Bertorion!” 

“Oh Chari, she's taken quite a liking to Reios-sama...” 

“This isn't something to laugh about, princess Alaia!” 

Chari jumped at Koutarou and took a bite of the roasted bird he was eating. Seeing such poor 
manners coming from Chari, Flair got angry while Chari's sister Alaia was happily smiling. 

“Delicious! Give me more, Blue Knight!” 

“As you wish, my princess.” 

“D-Damn that Blue Knight, just how rotten can he get!” 


Seeing Chari stuff her mouth with a delicious looking roast bird, Caris's stomach growled. But it 
wasn't like she was starving, she was being given meals. She was being given meals, but she 
was suffering from an extraordinary appetite. 

“Caris, it's not like anyone will be at a disadvantage now if you tell us the order you were given 
a week ago.” 

“W-What do you mean!?” 

“It's already been a week since you've stopped reporting in. The people who gave you your 
orders are well aware that you're incapacitated. So it's only obvious for them to make their moves 
with the assumption that the information has been leaked. So whether you tell us or not won't 
have any influence on that, right?” 


Caris's loyalty began wavering. She wanted to eat something delicious, but she couldn't betray 
the group of magicians that had taken care of her since she was young. But even if she broke 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

The Silver Princess 

her silence, it wouldn't affect them. Then wouldn't it be best if she spoke and got to eat something 

“No, no, I can't! I can't tell you the orders I got directly from Grevanas-sama, who I'm greatly 
indebted to!” 

Grevanas... she got her orders directly from the head of the court magicians... ? 

Caris had naturally revealed who she had gotten her orders from, but she was so distracted by 
the roast that she didn't notice. 

“You don't have to tell everyone, Caris. You just need to tell me.” 

“Just you...?” 

Caris's glance shifted between the roast and Koutarou. Meanwhile, Koutarou gently smiled and 
nodded at her. 

“That's right. You don't have to tell me who gave you your orders or anything. That would put 
you in a difficult position.” 

“You only need to tell me what orders you were given. And then you can eat this.” 



Caris' stomach growled repeatedly. 

“A-Alright, I'll only tell you. So give it to me warm.” 

“Well said! Then we have a deal!” 

And so Caris revealed yet another secret to Koutarou. 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 2 

The Silver Princess 

Part 2 

“Thank you, Blue Knight!! My kindred spirit!! I knew you were a knight amongst knights when I 
first met you!!” 

“1-1 see. Then eat to your heart’s content, Caris.” 

“So, Caris-san, what do you want to eat?” 

Volume 07.5 


Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? 

Part 2 



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Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 2 

The Silver Princess 

“I'll leave the hard to eat parts for later. First I want to try a normally salted one to get a feel for 
the ingredient’s original flavor.” 

“Okay, just a moment.” 

Koutarou left Mary to take care of Caris, who was still bound up, and instead headed towards 
Alaia who was sitting at a table by the window. Sitting by the table wasn't just Alaia but also Flair, 
Lidith and Fauna. 

“Blue Knight.” 

Chari who was right next to him reached her hand out. 

“Yes, your highness.” 

Koutarou grabbed her hand with a smile and walked up to Alaia and the others. 

“Good job, Reios-sama. Please sit.” 

Alaia stopped what she was doing and welcomed Koutarou. Koutarou sat down on the chair she 
had recommended, and Chari then began climbing up on his lap. Koutarou grabbed her and sat 
her down on top of his lap. 

“So how did it go?” 

“...It looks like things are getting complicated.” 

Koutarou withdrew the smile he had shown to Chari and began speaking seriously. Koutarou 
was mystified by what Caris had said. 

“What do you mean by complicated?” 

Flair questioned Koutarou. She had opinions on Koutarou's interrogation methods so she was 
in a bad mood, but having sensed something ominous from Koutarou's appearance, she forgot 
that for now and her expression returned to that of a knight's. 

“It seems like Caris was acting on orders from the head of the court magicians, Grevanas.” 

While minding Caris behind him, Koutarou spoke in a slightly lower voice. He had told her to 
only tell him so he restrained himself so it wouldn't reach her ears. 

“S-Spicyl? Water, water!” 

“Very well, right away!!” 

But fortunately, Caris was completely occupied with her food, so she wasn't listening to what 
Koutarou and the others were saying. 

“Orders directly from Grevanas... that's strange.” 

Lidith, who had been listening, slightly tilted her head. Fauna then looked at her with a confused 

“What do you mean, Lidith-chan?” 

“Based on the clothes she's wearing, Caris is not a very high ranking magician. So if someone 
were to give her an order, it would be her direct superior, not Grevanas. The only time that 
wouldn't be the case would be for special missions.” 

Lidith was an alchemist: a scholar who studied science, medicine, religion and more, but she 
also had knowledge outside her expertise. 

“Then, Reios-sama, what is that special mission?” 

Being very curious by nature, Fauna's eyes then turned towards Koutarou. 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 2 

The Silver Princess 

“Watching over princess Alaia and reporting the current situation.” 


Flair urged him to continue. She already had an idea about what Koutarou was about to say. 

“There's nothing else. It seems that was her mission. She said that capturing or murdering 
princess Alaia wasn't part of her mission.” 

That was the part that Koutarou thought was odd. Caris had been given direct orders from the 
head of the court magicians, Grevanas, to keep a watch on Alaia. The soldiers’ orders were to 
capture or murder her, so it didn't make sense. It would only be natural for Caris to have a similar 
mission. However, her mission was simply to observe, and they were direct orders from 
Grevanas. So one would think there was a catch. Since this wasn't in the manuscript, that feeling 
grew even stronger. 

“That is strange. Maybe he doesn't really have any intention of capturing us?” 

“Then is he just having the soldiers pretend to chase us, while he's letting us swim?” 

“Or could it be that Maxfern and Grevanas' goals are different?” 

“It didn't look like they had completely joined forces...” 

Flair, Alaia, Fauna and Lidith all had the same opinion as Koutarou, and the four of them began 

Are they trying to flush out princess Alaia's allies...? 

That was the first thing Koutarou thought of, but without conviction, his anxiety only grew. 

“Blue Knight, there's no need to think so hard about it.” 

Only Chari remained smiling. She poked Koutarou's cheeks and said with confidence. 

“We don't know the details, but it means it's gotten easier for us to escape, right?” 

...I see. 

Koutarou found himself agreeing with Chari. If it was as Caris had said, Alaia and her party would 
be somewhat safer. While not knowing what Grevanas was planning was a worrisome point, it 
was still better than running away from pursuers whose goal was to kill them. 

“As expected from princess Chari, it's just as you say.” 

“Fufufun, if you've understood my greatness, then continue proving your loyalty, Blue Knight.” 
“Understood, your highness.” 

A smile returned to Koutarou's lips. The other girls seemed to have the same feeling, and the 
anxious atmosphere changed to a more relaxed one. Chari seemed happy by that. She showed 
an even brighter smile and leaned against Koutarou's body. 

“Nothing good will come from over thinking this, so let's just agree with princess Chari that it's 
gotten easier to escape.” 

Flair concluded so, since they couldn't question Grevanas in person, there was indeed nothing 
more they could do. 

“I always thought you were a child Chari, but you've gotten more mature.” 

Alaia smiled at Chari and got to work on what she was doing before. It was a new hobby she 
had started, knitting. 

“As much as sister’s knitting skills, right, Blue Knight?” 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 2 

The Silver Princess 

“That's quite the hard question to answer.” 

“Oh, are my knitting skills that poor?” 

Koutarou stumbled for words, but Alaia cheerfully continued moving her knitting needles. Her 
skills weren't bad; she was quite good for someone who's just started. But since she had no one 
to teach her, her progress was slowing down. 

“Hahaha, princess Alaia, you should try doing this there.” 


So Koutarou was still more skillful than her. Even though he was clumsy, having spent ten 
months knitting, he had learned quite a bit. And his teacher was good, so there were lots of 
things he could teach Alaia. 

“You do it like this, here.” 

“I see... Reios-sama, you can knit too?” 

“Blue Knight, knitting is for women. Leave that to sister and continue proving your loyalty.” 

Alaia shot an admiring glance at Koutarou's skillful needle handling, but Chari was dissatisfied. 
She felt it was wrong for a man to be knitting. 

“That's too bad. Here I was thinking of knitting a muffler for you too, princess Chari.” 

“That you can knit, that falls under proving your loyalty.” 

“Your highness, I'm having a hard time understanding what proves my loyalty and what doesn't.” 
“If you're a knight, feel it.” 

Seeing Chari's cute behavior, cheerful laughter filled the place. 

Clan appeared a few moments after that. 

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Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Silver Princess 

Part 3 

Koutarou's room in the inn was for two people. Since they knew that Clan would be returning, 
Koutarou had prepared a room for two people in advance. 

“H-Hey, Bertorion.” 


Koutarou answered Clan while playing with an operating panel built into the armor's right arm. 

The armor’s upright posture was locked and instead the parts of the armor opened. And as if 
shedding a shell, Koutarou stepped out of the armor. After Koutarou stepped out, the armor 
closed after him. After making sure of that, Koutarou turned and approached the bed that Clan 
was sitting on. 

“A-Are we sleeping here tonight?” 

Clan's face was red. Her eyes shook somewhat anxiously. 

“Yeah. What about it?” 

“What about it... I-I'm still not married, and...” 

Clan turned her face down and looked away from Koutarou. 

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Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? 

Volume 07.5 

Part 3 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Silver Princess 

“Ah, I see!” 

Koutarou realized what Clan wanted to say and brought his hands together. 

“Don't worry. I won't try to do something strange in this situation.” 


Having lived everyday together with women in room 106, Koutarou had built up a resistance to 
women, but Clan, who was a sheltered princess, had almost none towards men. It was a world 
where she couldn't even imagine spending the night with a man that wasn't family. 

“I understand how you feel, but it'll be suspicious if a knight and his servant slept in different 
rooms. I can only ask that you endure.” 

“1-1 understand.” 

“Trust me, Clan.” 

Koutarou smiled wryly. While Clan kept repeating that she understood, she was hugging a pillow 
and quietly watched Koutarou. It was obvious that she didn't trust him. 

“Although we were originally enemies, you're the only one I can rely on right now. There's no 
way I'd do anything terrible to you, right?” 

While saying that, Koutarou looked towards the armor standing behind him. 

Koutarou couldn't do the armor's maintenance, so Clan's cooperation was essential. And since 
there were lots of things he didn't know about Forthorthe's history and culture, her advice was 
indispensable. In that kind of situation, he couldn't ignore Clan's feelings. It would be the same 
as throwing away your own lifeline. 

“Haaah... I understand. In return, don't look at my sleeping face. Only my future husband can 
see that.” 

“I got it, Clan. Let's make a partition or something there later.” 

After glancing at Koutarou one more time, Clan let go of her pillow. That said, the awkward 
atmosphere didn't vanish right away. So Koutarou decided to change the topic. Fortunately, 
there was a lot they needed to talk about. 

“Oh yeah, how'd it go on your end, Clan?” 

“On my end...? 1-1 don't want to see your sleeping face—” 

“Not that, I meant if you found the real Blue Knight.” 

Clan was about to get upset once more, but her expression reverted the moment she heard the 
words Blue Knight. 

“Ah, ahh... t-that's...” 

Seeing that reaction, Koutarou could imagine what she would say. 

“...No good?” 

“Ah, auuu~, y-yes...” 

Clan's words grew weaker and more silent. And finally she ended up hugging the pillow she had 
let go of once again before burying her face in it. 

“Yes alone won't help. Explain it please.” 

When Koutarou said that, Clan separated her face from the pillow and took a look at his mood. 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Silver Princess 

“You're not angry?” 

“Angry? Why?” 

“Because... I said I'd find him right away, so...” 

Hearing Clan's words, Koutarou remembered her appearance a week ago. Back then she was 
full of confidence. 

She was embarrassed about not being able to do what she boasted so full of pride about, huh... 
Understanding Clan's feelings, Koutarou revealed a small smile. 

“Stupid. I can tell when I should be shouting or not. Besides, you leaving then full of confidence 
left me at ease.” 

Because Koutarou and Clan had come to this era, history had gotten distorted. But forcing all of 
the responsibility to correct that distortion onto Clan was wrong. Her leaving full of confidence to 
go find the real Blue Knight left Koutarou with more hope, and he felt safe leaving it to Clan. 

Clan stared Koutarou in the eyes. She was trying to confirm if Koutarou was telling how he truly 

“So don't get depressed, and just explain how it went. Okay?” 

“...I understand.” 

Clan had stared at Koutarou for a while, but she eventually gathered herself and slowly nodded. 

When this man jokes around he's incredibly sly, but when he's serious he can properly behave 
like a knight... 

At the same time, she slightly corrected her evaluation of Koutarou. 

“So, how did it go?” 

“That's right... for starters, I checked all of the towns and villages around the path that Alaia-san 
and the others took.” 

“I see, that's a sensible way of doing it.” 

Koutarou admired Clan's methods. 

If Koutarou and Clan hadn't gotten in the way, the Blue Knight would have met up with her 
somewhere on the way to the Mastir checkpoint. So since he probably travelled normally, 
checking all of the surrounding towns and villages should have earned her some information. All 
Clan had to do after that was follow in his footsteps. It was much more sensible than checking 
the area for a man in blue armor. 

“But I couldn't get any information from any town or village. No matter who I asked, they said 
that they hadn’t seen a man in blue armor, or had a guest by the name of Reios.” 

“That's strange...” 

“Yes. So the worst possible scenario might have happened.” 

“...The worst possible scenario?” 

Koutarou who was thinking looked up at Clan's face. She had a serious expression and nodded. 
“Yes. The case where when we were thrown to this age, we killed the real Blue Knight.” 

“What, killed the Blue Knight...!?” 

Koutarou's eyes opened wide. It was a highly unexpected scenario to him. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Silver Princess 

“Either he got involved in the space quake, or was crushed by the Cradle as it crashed...” 

“Then that would explain why you couldn't find any traces of him, but... aren't you overthinking 


This time, Clan's eyes opened wide instead. Having heard what she had to say, Koutarou had 
come to a different conclusion. 

“Couldn't it just be that he's travelling incognito? And he could have stripped his armor as well. 
My armor moves on its own, but wouldn't it be hard for a knight wearing normal armor to travel 
whilst wearing it?” 

Koutarou's armor was fully powered, so it didn't get in the way when he moved. If anything, it 
assisted him. But the armors of knights of this age were just metal shaped into armor, so they 
were heavy and uncomfortable. They weren't something you would wear while travelling. And in 
reality, Flair was wearing a light armor designed for long travels. It had been decorated to fit a 
knight, but it used very little actual metal. 

“I see, that is much more possible.” 

Hearing what Koutarou had to say, Clan nodded. 

It seems that he's less stupid than I first thought... But that makes sense. If he was, I wouldn't 
have lost to him twice... 

And Clan adjusted her evaluation of Koutarou once more. 

“Then, starting from tomorrow I'll expand the search area and expand my targets to knights 
travelling alone.” 

“That sounds good. It’s still too early to draw conclusions.” 

Koutarou agreed. He had no objections for her actual search method. 

“That's true... So how did it go for you, Bertorion?” 

“That's right, about that!” 

Koutarou showed a smile the moment Clan asked him. 

“You're amazing Clan, everything happened just like you said!” 

Koutarou got excited and spoke loudly. At that time, he got closer to Clan's face, and she began 
hugging her pillow again as she got embarrassed. 

“As we crossed the mountain we got attacked by bandits, and after chasing them away we got 
to the Mastir checkpoint without facing the army!” 

The attack by bandits happened just the way it had been written in the manuscript. 

When Koutarou and the others were crossing the mountain, three bandits blocked their path, 
and two additional bandits cut off their escape. The bandits weren't as strong as Forthorthe's 
army, and there were only five of them. So just like what had happened in the manuscript, 
Koutarou easily dealt with the three in the front, while Flair got rid of the two behind them. The 
only difference was that Yurika wasn't one of the bandits; instead they were rough, bearded 

“And at the Mastir checkpoint, that role model of loyalty, Soldier A was really there!” 

Having chased off the bandits, Koutarou and the others climbed down the mountain and headed 
for the Mastir checkpoint. Fortunately there was no more trouble, and there were neither 
pursuers nor an ambush. So they were able to safely reach the checkpoint. 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Silver Princess 

There they met the person who served the role as Soldier A in the manuscript. He wasn't known 
by name, but he was known throughout Forthorthe because of his loyalty. His loyalty to the royal 
family was honorable, and when he noticed Alaia, he let them through the checkpoint, even 
though they had no sign of permission. 

“He was called Orion. Unfortunately, A wasn't his initial.” 

In the play, Koutarou was originally supposed to play Soldier A, so he had some attachment to 
him. Therefore he ended up asking for the man's name. 

“It's A. Orion's initial is the first in Forthorthe's alphabet. So Soldier A is correct.” 

Clan smiled at Koutarou, whose eyes were sparkling like a child’s. The eyes behind the antique 
glasses were very gentle. 

“Really? Anyways, it was really surprising. It happened just like in the manuscript. It was a real 
help that Theia didn't add a bunch of fluff to the original elements.” 

Koutarou pulled out two booklets from his stage outfit and presented them to Clan. The 
manuscript from last year and the play they were doing now. Receiving the manuscript, Clan 
flipped through the pages. 

“Theiamillis-san is a history maniac, faithful to history, you know. Well, it's not like I can't 
understand how she feels...” 

What Theia wanted wasn't a fictional knight, but a real one. Because of that, she only made 
necessary minor changes to the story. Because of that, one could say that the manuscript was 
a prophecy of what was to come. 

“So I was thinking, Clan.” 

“About what?” 

Clan stopped flipping through the pages. 

“About the next episode in the manuscript, I want to stop the poisoning of the water source.” 
“You want to stop it!?” 

Clan hastily shut the manuscript and raised her voice. 

“Yeah. We know the water source is going to get poisoned. So if we go ahead, we can stop it, 
and no one will be hurt, right?” 

“You can't, Bertorion!! If you do that, history will change!” 

“Now's not the time to worry about history!” 

Matching Clan, Koutarou also raised his voice. 

“If we just leave it be, lots of people will die!” 

If things went according to the manuscript, the water source would soon be poisoned on 
Maxfern's orders, and the people who drank from it would die. Koutarou wanted to prevent that 
indiscriminate attack. 

“In the end, they succeed in treating it! So there's no need to change history!” 

“But even then, some people will still die!! Knowing that, can you still overlook it as Forthorthe 

In the play, the Blue Knight ended up stealing medicine from the enemy and successfully treated 
the poison. But even then, those seriously ill would lose their lives. Koutarou couldn't ignore that. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Silver Princess 

Up until now it had only been Koutarou and Alaia's problems, but now the lives of unrelated 
people would get involved. 


Clan received a large shock and she was unable to give him a rebuttal. 

She was focused on preserving history so she saw the loss of lives of the citizens as 
unavoidable. But Koutarou's words had made her realize that she only thought of the citizens 
lives as pieces of a puzzle, leaving her appalled. 

I see. That would make me a fake princess, wouldn't it... 

Clan recalled Koutarou calling her that before. That was when she first met Koutarou in 
November. Back then, she took as an insult and lost her temper, but now she felt like he might 
have had a point. Preserving history, or the lives of the citizens; a royalty would pick the latter. 
But Clan couldn't do it. So she understood that she had a fatal flaw as royalty. 

And this is probably the part that Theiamillis-san trusts so much... 

The reason why Theia is so focused on Koutarou, why she lets him use Saguratin. She wouldn't 
let him use a treasured sword just because of a play. There had to be some kind of reason, and 
Clan believed that was this part of Koutarou. 

“A prideful knight before royalty, huh...” 

“What was what?” 

“Nothing... Bertorion, it's just as you say.” 

Clan changed her mind. Even though there was a large chance that history would change, she 
shouldn't let her citizens die for nothing. 


“Yes. I know what I said before, but after I calmed down, I want to prevent the water source from 
being poisoned too. There's a risk that history will change, but I can't just overlook this.” 

The problem with the poison would be solved either way. The method in which it was solved 
would change, but it would be solved either way. So even with a minor change like that, they 
might still be able to return to their own world. And even if they couldn't return, the safety of the 
citizens should be protected. 

“Well said, Clan!” 

Koutarou smiled and slapped Clan on the back with his large hand several times. 

“Owow, that hurts.” 

“Ah, sorry. I put a little too much force into it.” 

“Really now, you're always so unreasonable... Will you take responsibility if we can't return to 
our own world?” 

Clan gave Koutarou a reproachful glance. 

“Leave it to me. If you lose your place, I'll let you live in room 106 too.” 

Koutarou understood the meaning of Clan's resolution. She had determined that she would 
protect the citizens, even if she lost the ability to return home. 

If it comes down to it, I'll have to take responsibility for forcing her to make such a resolution... 
So Koutarou resolved himself as well. 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Silver Princess 

“So Clan, how do we prevent it?” 

“That's the problem. There're plenty of water sources here, and we don't know when they'll 
poison it.” 

“So we have to use the same method you used when looking for the Blue Knight, checking all 
the water sources in our surrounding?” 

“It could be a river, a lake, a well... there's a limit to how much the observation device can cover 
for us, so we need to narrow it down a bit.” 

“Since a lot of people should get sick, we can probably narrow it down to a water source lots of 
people use.” 

“Yes... then for starters, I'll order the observation device to pick up all the large water sources.” 
“Please do, Clan.” 

Clan began fiddling with her bracelet. 

Please do, Clan, huh... really, what am I doing... 

Clan couldn't help but find what she was doing funny. 

She had come to a backwater planet to get in the way of Theia's trial, and come across a strange 
neanderthal wearing the Blue Knight's armor. After piling up grudge after grudge, she had gotten 
obsessed with killing him, but before she knew it, they were now working together to save the 
lives of Forthorthe's citizens. And what's more, that could end up changing history. 

Just what is she doing? That's what Clan had wondered several times now. But now, she was 
strangely enough about as satisfied as she was doubtful. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Silver Princess 

Part 4 

When Clan began fiddling with her bracelet, silence filled the room. In order to not get in her 
way, Koutarou sat down on his own bed and looked at her. 

At that moment, there was a knock on the door to the room. 


“It's me.” 

As Koutarou answered, he could hear Alaia's voice coming from the other side. Koutarou 
hurriedly jumped up from the bed, ran up to the door and opened it. 

“I'm sorry for disturbing you so late at night, Reios-sama.” 

“Princess Alaia... what's the matter?” 

“Actually, I came here because I had a request.” 

Alaia smiled as she said that. Right now her eyes looked similar to those of a mischievous child. 
It was an expression that Koutarou hadn't seen her show before. 

“What kind of request?” 

“Before that, will you promise to do as I say after you've listened to what I have to say?” 

Alaia continued while smiling. 

“That depends on the content...” 

“Fufufu, then I won't tell you.” 

Alaia was in a more cheerful mood than ever. Koutarou thought it was strange, but he couldn't 
imagine Alaia, who was always considerate, to say something unreasonable so he decided to 
listen to her request. 

“Very well, if you'll tell me, I'll do as you ask.” 

“Thank you, Reios-sama.” 

Alaia thanked him and approached the window in the hallway. 

“Reios-sama, that.” 


Koutarou closed the door and approached Alaia and the window. From the window, he could 
see a crowd of people dancing in a circle around the plaza. 


“In this village, a harvest festival is being held for a couple of days, starting today. When it turns 
to night, it seems to be a custom to go out and dance like that.” 

I see... 

Koutarou remembered that he felt that the village was oddly lively when he first arrived, and that 
decorations were lined up around the village. They were preparations for the harvest festival. 

“So I want to dance there too.” 

“Excuse me?” 

“I said, I want to dance there too.” 

Alaia smiled. She seemed to enjoy seeing Koutarou so perplexed. 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Silver Princess 

“You jest, princess.” 

“I am not jesting. Even though it may be a village's harvest festival, a dance is a dance. As a girl 
of age, I too am interested.” 

Of course, Koutarou was against the idea. 

“I am against it, princess Alaia.” 

“Oh, but you just said that you would do as I say.” 

Alaia slightly tilted her head and looked up at Koutarou. 

“Now, what will you do?” 

It was almost as if she was teasing him as she said that. 

“However, it is too dangerous for you to go alone.” 

“That's why I am asking you, who hold the title of a knight, to be my escort, Lord Bertorion.” 
Alaia normally called Koutarou, Reios-sama, but here she called him Lord Bertorion on purpose. 
I've been had, so that's what she was planning. 

Hearing that, Koutarou was convinced. She was planning on taking Koutarou to dance with her 
from the start. Most likely, she had asked Flair and she had objected. 


Koutarou gave up. That's because this was written in the manuscript. 

“I am but a mere country knight, I am hardly worthy of the honor.” 

“Oh, even though I look like this, I grew up roaming the fields and mountains of northern Mastir. 
I am quite qualified to be called a country girl.” 

Koutarou responded in accordance to the manuscript, and Alaia's reply was just as was written. 
Because of that, he felt like he was still on stage. 

“...Just wait one moment, princess Alaia. I'll tell Clan that I'm stepping out.” 

“Thank you, Reios-sama. Please come back before I get tired of waiting.” 

“As you wish, my princess.” 

Koutarou left the smiling Alaia behind the hallway and returned to the room. As he did he ran 
into Clan just as he entered. 

“I heard everything.” 

“Good, then that this won't take long. I'll be going out with the princess for a moment.” 

“I understand. But please take care.” 

“Are you worried about enemies? It should be fine, there was nothing about an attack during the 
dance in the manuscript.” 

“No, that's not—” 

Clan showed a worried expression. She then looked at Alaia on the other side of the door before 
whispering to Koutarou. 

“...I felt the same when I got to the inn, but don't get too friendly with Alaia-san and the others.” 
“...Don't get too friendly?” 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Silver Princess 

Koutarou whispered back and had a questioning expression. Koutarou didn't understand why 
Clan would say that. 

“...Yes. Eventually you're going to change places with the real Blue Knight. So if you're too 
friendly with them, things will get confusing.” 

“...Right. That's true, I'll watch out.” 

The supporting role shouldn't get too full of himself huh? Well that is true... 

If Koutarou got too important for the girls, by the time the real Blue Knight appeared, he might 
not be needed. That would be a problem. 

“...Could you cover for me with the observation device, just in case?” 


“Then I'll be going. I'll leave the rest to you, Clan.” 

“Yes. Good bye, Bertorion.” 

Having finished their discussion, Koutarou lightly waved to and turned his back on her. 

It could be... 

While looking at his back, Clan felt a sense of danger. 

Not noticing that, Koutarou disappeared through the door. 

“Sorry for keeping you waiting, princess Alaia.” 

“If you had been just a little bit slower, I would have gone out by myself.” 

“That's jesting a little too much.” 

“Fufu, I was just kidding, Reios-sama. Then, shall we go?” 

“...It could be that, bringing the real Blue Knight in now might greatly change history...” 

According to the legend, by the dance at the harvest festival, Alaia was already in love with the 
Blue Knight. So since Koutarou had gotten in between them, he had stolen the time they needed 
to develop their feelings. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Silver Princess 

Part 5 

This village wasn't large enough to call a town, but during the harvest festival there were more 
people celebrating than in a large town. People gathered from nearby small villages and they all 
celebrated together. Since the inn that Koutarou and the others were staying in was on the main 
street, Koutarou and Alaia were swept away by the crowd the moment they stepped out the 

“R-Reios-sama, kyaa!” 

“Your hand!” 


In order to not get split up in the crowd, the two held hands. With their fingers entwined, just 
looking at their hands, they looked like lovers. 

“What a surprise, Reios-sama.” 

Having been raised as a princess, this was the first time Alaia had been in such a large crowd. 
“Hahaha, that's true, your highness.” 

But that wasn't the case for Koutarou, who was originally a normal guy. While pulling the 
surprised Alaia towards him, he remembered the fireworks display at Kitsushouharukaze city. 
The street on the station was very similar to this. 

“That's no good, Reios-sama.” 


Alaia sealed Koutarou's mouth. With a slightly angered expression, she puffed up her cheeks. 
She then put her mouth next to his ear. 

“Here you need to call me Cigna, not your highness.” 

“Ah... I'm sorry.” 

“Geez, if you don't do it properly, I'll be troubled.” 

Calling her Alaia or her highness would attract attention. She was still aware that she was being 
pursued, so before stepping out, she had decided on a name to be called instead. That name 
was Cigna. Alaia's formal name was Alaia Kua Mastir Cignaria Tio Forthorthe. She had picked 
Cigna from Cignaria Tio which meant silvery white snow. It was rather simple, but with that name 
she wouldn't attract any attention. 

“I'll be more careful from now on, Cigna-sama.” 

“Can you stop adding sama too? You'll ruin the festive mood.” 

“Then you can stop adding sama onto my name as well?” 

“That's... Reios-sama is Reios-sama.” 

“I don't get it, Cigna-sama.” 

“You do get it... Reios-sama you tease.” 

Fortunately, nobody had noticed who Alaia was yet. Unlike in the current age, there weren't 
photos of her circulating the realm, and since this was the harvest festival, many people were 
dressed up in elegant clothing. Because of that, Alaia's elegant dress and her beautiful silver 
hair didn't stand out. Most of all, nobody expected a princess on the run to appear in a place like 

“Still, it gets very lively during a festival.” 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Silver Princess 

Koutarou pulled on Alaia's hand while looking around the area. Aiming to participate in the 
dance, the two of them headed for the plaza, but since lots of people were in the way it wasn't 
easy moving forward. 

It's really just like at a fireworks display ... 

Lots of people were pushing and shoving, and cheerful laughter could be heard. Lots of stands 
lined the streets and the kids, who had been allowed to stay up past bedtime, were looking on 
in excitement. A festival was a festival, regardless of time and place. It was a scene familiar to 

“That's true...” 

Alaia looked at the lively people filling the street and smiled gently. 

“I'm relieved.” 


“I was worried that ever since Maxfern sprang into action that the lives of the citizens would be 
in disarray. But it looks like they're all okay...” 

Alaia looked towards Koutarou. Just as she had said, her eyes looked full of relief. 

So this is what they meant by legendary princess... 

Koutarou honestly felt that Alaia was amazing as she smiled. If he was in her shoes, he was 
sure that he would be too obsessed with avenging the death of his parents to notice anything 

So when she said to wanted to go to the dance, it was to make sure of this... 

And while saying that she wanted to dance, she confirmed the expressions of the villagers. This 
was probably her showing some consideration to keep her vassals from worrying. Her ability to 
show such deep consideration at her age shook Koutarou's heart. 

“Now, let's go, Cigna-sama.” 


But at the same time, Koutarou also pitied Alaia. Despite being the same age as Koutarou, she 
shouldered an immense responsibility. Alaia had obviously lead a different life than the girls in 
Harukaze high school. 

Then she should at least have fun now... 

Thinking like that, Koutarou instinctively put some strength in the hand gripping Alaia's. 

Having entered the plaza, the two of them faced each other in a corner. Since she was still on 
the run, they couldn't dance somewhere where they stood out. 

“Let’s do our best.” 

“Yes. Although I am inexperienced when it comes to dancing, so please take it easy on me.” 

The bonfires that surrounded the plaza shone the two up in orange colors. After greeting one 
another, the music that had stopped between melodies started up again. 

“Your hand.” 


Holding hands, the two brought their bodies closer to one another. And in rhythm with the music, 
they began taking steps. The music was mellow and slow, so even the inexperienced Koutarou 
managed to keep up. 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Silver Princess 

“You're quite good, Reios-sama.” 

“You joke. I am barely able to keep up with the music.” 

With the time growing late, the music for the dance was getting slower. If a fast tune had begun 
playing like it had just a while ago, Koutarou would be having a hard time. 

“It's better for the mood if a man isn't too good at dancing however.” 

“Hearing you say that gives me a leg to stand on.” 


Meanwhile, Alaia's steps were splendid. They were light like a butterfly and as elegant as silk, 
but at the same time, more powerful than a bird flying through the high skies. In the harvest 
festival where one only had to move their body, it was as if she alone was participating in a 
dance party at a castle. 

“That said, it pains me that I'm dragging you down with me.” 

Koutarou was barely able to keep up with her lead. Despite having learned some dancing skills 
from Theia, there was still a large gap between them. 

“A princess being skilled at dancing is the same as a knight being skilled at fighting. One could 
call it a skill required for the profession. So please, don't be too worried.” 

Still smiling, Alaia whispered in Koutarou's ear. From that distance, there was no need to worry 
about someone else overhearing them. And Alaia was casually able to bring out the word 

Alaia was good at dancing because she had been educated in dance, which was because there 
were lots of expectations of her at political and diplomatic parties. One could call it one of her 
skills used to fight against foreign countries. In that sense, it was similar to a knight being skilled 
at fighting. 

t“\H PiUfflfitBp#! ? 

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? 

Volume 07.5 

Part 5 

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Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Silver Princess 

“Actually your highness, just between the two of us, I don't really like fighting.” 

“Fufu, I thought that might be the case. But just between the two of us, I don't really like dancing 
with strangers at dance parties either.” 

“I'll carry those words with me.” 

“I will do the same... But Reios-sama, I'm not sure what to think of a guard confessing that they 
don't like fighting to the person they're protecting.” 

“Princess Alaia is such a tease.” 

“Oh? ...If this had been a castle, you'd be imprisoned for offending royalty. Fufufu.” 


Koutarou and Alaia continued dancing for a while longer. The two of them smiled at each other 
as they were freed from the bonds of daily life for a moment. Just for now, the two looked like 
just a boy and girl. That's because they knew that now would be their only chance. 

The night grew late in an instant. And while the band temporarily stopped to prepare for the final 


Having stopped moving as the music stopped playing, Alaia, still holding Koutarou's hand, 
anxiously looked up at Koutarou. From the surprisingly strong grip, Koutarou felt that the worry 
she was carrying was considerably large. 

“What is the matter, princess Alaia?” 

Koutarou had a serious expression and whispered to her. Relieved by that voice, Alaia's 
expression slightly loosened up. 

“Reios-sama, I... at a loss.” 

She spoke of a worry that she had kept secret. 

“What would that be? If you tell me, I might be able to help.” 

“Thank you, Reios-sama.” 

Alaia smiled and thanked Koutarou, before quickly returning to a serious expression. 

“If we continue this travel... and safely reach Pardomshiha territory... Should I really start a war? 
I am hesitant about that.” 

“You're hesitant... why is that?” 

In response to Koutarou's question, Alaia used her glance to point out her surroundings. 

“Reios-sama, look at our surroundings. Even though the emperor has died, the citizens’ lives 
haven't changed. The people in the village can still smile. But if I start a war to defeat Maxfern, 
those smiles will be lost.” 

Alaia was worried about chaos spreading through the country from a civil war. If Alaia started a 
war using a newly created army to fight against the old Forthorthe army now in control by 
Maxfern, the country would be shaken by a civil war and affect the lives of the citizens. Alaia 
was at a loss at if there was any meaning in sacrificing the daily life of the citizens to defeat 

That said, it wasn't something you could consult with others. It was obvious that if she consulted 
with Flair, who was very loyal to the royal family, the response would be that Maxfern should be 
defeated. If she asked her best friend Fauna, since she was a servant of the goddess of dawn, 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Silver Princess 

her response would be that justice should be served. So it had been a problem she had been 
wrestling with all alone before Koutarou appeared. 

“But your highness, Maxfern is a criminal.” 

Although Koutarou hadn't said it out loud, Maxfern had murdered Alaia's and Chari's parents, 
the emperor and empress. Koutarou wanted to know if she could really ignore that. 

“I know. But if they can establish a good government, I won't mind. What's important isn't my 
pride, but the lives of the citizens. Isn't that right, Lord Reios Fatra Bertorion?” 

Alaia closed her mouth and grinded her teeth. It's not like she had completely accepted her 
decision either. 

“Your highness...” 

This person is trying to ensure the happiness of the citizens, even if she has to forget the grudge 
of having her parents killed and overlook justice ... 

Hearing Alaia's determination, Koutarou felt humbled. 

Alaia must hate Maxfern for killing her parents. She must feel that Maxfern should be punished 
for using a cheap method to take over the country. But more than all that, she was trying to 
protect the daily lives of the citizens. 

So to Koutarou, Alaia looked beautiful and noble. Enough so that he hesitated, ruining her 
shining appearance. 

“...I will speak, knowing that this is disrespectful.” 

Koutarou had to tell Alaia to take down Maxfern. If he didn't, history would greatly change, and 
he would without a doubt not be able to return to his own world. That was on a completely 
different league than preventing the poisoning of a water source. 

“It's as you say, your highness. There is nothing more important than protecting the lives of the 

Despite knowing that, Koutarou had told Alaia that she was correct. Alaia's love for the citizens 
didn't let him say anything else. 


Alaia's eyes began tearing up. 

Alaia believed that her thoughts were correct. But even then, she wanted someone to tell her 
that. She wanted someone to say that what she was doing wasn't out of self-righteousness, that 
it wasn't because she was afraid of fighting. 

So when Koutarou agreed with her, her heart shook. Joy filled her heart now that someone had 
appeared to give her what she wished for. 

“Certainly... if you say that in the imperial court, you might be imprisoned...” 

Alaia wiped her tears away. However her tears kept flowing, no matter how many times she 
wiped them away. The tears shone orange, bathed in the light of the flames. 

“Your highness, in a knight's standard, even if a sword was to break, as long as the oath it carried 
hasn't broken, the knight won't believe his sword has broken. And if they were able to fulfill their 
oath despite their sword breaking, that would be a great honor.” 

A knight's standard. The sword was a knight's soul. However, what should be protected was the 
oath it carried, rather than the sword itself. 

Isn't that right, Theia? 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Silver Princess 

The one who told Koutarou that was a girl with golden hair. To adhere to those teachings, 
Koutarou had no option but answer like that. 

“Father's, mother's, and my own oath are to protect the lives of the citizens.” 

“Then, even though they may lose their lives—” 

“As long as the citizens are happy, I won't believe they are dead. And I take pride that they lived 
in accordance to their oath...” 

“Yes. It's just as you say.” 

Koutarou nodded at Alaia, he no longer had any hesitation. 

This person really is the Silver Princess... But, that's why...! 

So Koutarou made up his mind. That, though he might step out of his place as the Blue Knight's 
substitute, but he would protect Alaia no matter what. This might be the moment when Koutarou 
sworn allegiance to Alaia of his own will. 

“But your highness, you may rest easy. No matter what you decide, I will definitely protect you.” 

“...Even though I might even stop being a princess, and become just a powerless little girl?” 

Alaia wiped her tears away again and smiled. She was trying to say that she wouldn't mind even 
if she was abandoned. 

“Even if you adhere to your oath and become a simple girl, you will forever be my highly 
esteemed lord.” 

Even then, Koutarou's answer didn't change. The girl that taught Koutarou the way of the knight 
would never forgive him if he abandoned Alaia. 

“...Thank you Reios-sama... I will take pride in those words, for the rest of my life...” 

As Alaia said that, she pressed her face onto Koutarou's shoulder and her shoulders started 
trembling. Koutarou assumed that she was crying, but because the band had started playing 
again, he couldn't hear her crying voice. 

Koutarou and Alaia then spent some time standing still, with Alaia still pushing up against his 
shoulder. Koutarou held her hand and looked up into the starry sky above. 

Sorry, everyone... it doesn't look like I'll be coming back... 

Koutarou then apologized to the people that should be waiting for him. 

Time passed and after the last tune had passed the halfway point, Alaia, who had kept her face 
pressed against Koutarou's shoulder, looked up. 

“...Reios-sama really is different...” 

As she said that, Alaia's eyes showed more emotion than ever before. They were feelings of 
deep trust and affection. At this time, Alaia was realizing that she was in love with Koutarou. 

“I am aware that I'm bad at dancing.” 

“Fufu, no, that's not what I meant, Reios-sama.” 

Alaia smiled. It was a defenseless smile that she had only ever shown her parents and Chari. 
Seeing that, Koutarou felt like as if his heart had been pierced. 

“You are without a doubt a Forthorthe knight. But something at the bottom of your heart is 
different. Without losing your gentleness, you are a strong and prideful knight.” 



Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Silver Princess 

That was probably because Koutarou had been born into a country not in war. So he had a 
gentle heart that Alaia desired. 

That heart showed needless naivety in a world of war. And na'ive people wouldn't be able to 
survive on the battlefield. But Koutarou had been given lots of power. The armor had gotten from 
Theia and the gauntlet from Kiriha; that equipment let Koutarou survive. So with his na'ive heart, 
Koutarou stood in front of Alaia. Through a series of coincidences, the boy Satomi Koutarou had 
been able to meet Alaia without changing. 

“I am jealous of the person you truly serve. Just how did that person make you a knight...” 

“At first... she tried to kill me.” 

“My... that's impossible for me... fufufu...” 

Eventually the two of them began taking steps. More than half of the last tune had passed, so 
there wasn't much time to dance. But the dance of the two people whose hearts overlapped was 
fantastic and those watching instinctively swallowed their saliva. 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

The Beginning of the Legend 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Part 1 

The village’s harvest festival spanned over three days. Today was the second day, so people 
had gotten up from the early morning to prepare for it. 

“Zzzzz, Zzzzz, Zzzzz.” 

However, Koutarou was an exception and was still sleeping. Being hard to wake up, Koutarou 
continued sleeping despite his busy surroundings. 

“...Wake up, BertorionH Hurry and wake up!!” 

“Ow!? What are you doing, Theia!!” 

However, after receiving a powerful blow to his chin, not even Koutarou could remain sleeping 
and woke up while complaining to the normal culprit. 

“I'm not Theiamillis-san!! It's me, Clariossa!! Hurry up and open your eyes!! 

“Hm? H-Huh...?” 

But who he saw in front of him wasn't Theia, but a different girl, wearing glasses. 

“Keep it together, this is an emergency!!” 


Still in a daze and confused, but when Koutarou saw Clan's serious expression and desperate 
voice, his mind cleared up. 


“That's right, BertorionH Something terrible has happened!!” 

“...Something terrible?” 

Koutarou remembered the situation he was in. And the meaning behind the word emergency 
finally sunk in. 

“What is it, Clan, what happened!?” 

Seeing Koutarou recover, Clan felt a little relieved and continued talking. 

“It's terrible! The people are collapsing all over the place!” 


“They all have a high fever and are in pain!” 

“Then, could it be...!?” 

“That's right! The minister, Maxfern, has poisoned the water source!” 

Any remaining drowsiness vanished because of Clan's report. 

The first ones who came down with symptoms were the elderly and the infants. Because of their 
low tolerance, their condition grew worse during the night and developed a high fever and chills. 
Though the village’s doctors and priests were taking care of them, the number of patients just 
kept increasing. When the sun rose, the adults began coming down with the same condition. As 
time passed, the number of patients increased even further, and even the doctors and priests 
began suffering. When Koutarou woke up, the majority of villagers had come down with the 
same condition. 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

The Beginning of the Legend 

The poison that was plaguing the village wasn't reacting to any kind of treatment. No antidote, 
medicine or even the spiritual energy that the priests used to heal would work. No one that had 
shown symptoms had recovered, and everyone was still suffering. 

Alaia and the others had begun showing the same symptoms. The first one to collapse was the 
young Chari. By dawn, she had developed a high fever and was in pain, after her were Alaia 
and Fauna. Even Flair laid down on a bed just a moment ago. 

But fortunately, neither Clan nor Koutarou were that bad off. Koutarou showed no signs of any 
symptoms while Clan only had a minor fever. So right now, the two of them were taking care of 
Alaia and the others. 

With a cane in his hand, Koutarou approached one of the beds. 

“Caris, I have something I want to ask you.” 


The one lying on that bed was the magician, Caris. When she began suffering from the poison, 
the ropes constricting her had been removed and she had been put to bed. The cane in 
Koutarou's hand was the same one that had been taken from her when she was first captured. 
When Caris used magic, the cane had the effect of amplifying her magic. 

“I'll free you and return this cane to you. In return, can you try removing the poison with your 

Normally freeing a spy like Caris was unthinkable. But now wasn't the time for that, and the 
situation was urgent. The village was overflowing with patients and people had begun dying. 

“...You... want me to heal you people...?” 

“Yeah, it's not a bad deal for you. You need to treat yourself too after all.” 

Caris's face was getting red and it was obvious that she was suffering from fever and chills. 
Koutarou looked as if he was praying as he stared at Caris. 

“...I understand, I'll give it a try...” 

Caris felt like Koutarou was telling to truth so she accepted the deal. 

“You will!?” 


It doesn't sound like a lie either ... 

She nodded and pulled herself up. Koutarou hurriedly rushed over to her and supported her 

“Then please get to it right away. You can start on yourself.” 

“I understand.” 

While Koutarou supported Caris's body, he gave her back the cane. She received the cane and 
held it in both hands, and closed her eyes to focus. 

“...Blue Knight, hold me up for a while...” 

“Leave it to me.” 

She put the cane to her forehead and slowly began speaking her incantation. 

“Gather, spirits of life. Fill up richly like the larger river flowing through the earth. Pour that rich 
power into my body, fill my weakening life, and dispel the wicked calamity.” 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Caris was speaking in the language that was used for ceremonies in Forthorthe of this age. The 
complex grammar and expressions focused the magic power in her and in her surroundings into 
her cane. The gathered magic power made the cane shine blue so clearly that even Koutarou 
could tell. 

So this is magic, huh...! 

This wasn't the first time Koutarou had seen Caris use magic, but this was his first time seeing 
her use magic up front and with a cane. So Koutarou instinctively held his breath when he saw 
the mysterious scene develop in front of him. 

“Life to life, death to death. Divide the coming shore and correct my fate!” 

Caris finished her incantation and the blue light from Caris' cane enveloped her body. The 
incantation had been correctly spoken and the spell had activated. 


Caris let out a large sigh. And at the same time, the blue light enveloping her body disappeared. 
Having determined that the spell had been completed, Koutarou, slightly excited, asked her what 

“So how did it go, Caris!” 

However, in contrast to Koutarou, Caris showed a regrettable expression and shook her head. 

“...Sadly, it didn't work. I tried using the highest class of healing magic I know, but there's no 
change in my condition. It might not be a normal poison or disease.” 

I see... 

Koutarou's shoulders dropped, at the same time Caris relaxed her body. 

The cane fell out of her hand and onto the floor. After slowly laying her body back down on the 
bed, Koutarou put a wet rag on her forehead. 

“You did well, Caris. Thank you, now rest.” 


Caris quickly closed her eyes. 

“And when you can move, feel free to leave. I'll let everyone know.” 

“You're a sincere man...” 

“In return, don't do anything to anyone, okay?” 

“I know... you really are a strange man...” 

After that she didn't speak any more. She was either sleeping, or was in too much pain to speak. 
Koutarou couldn't differentiate between the two, but he had no intention of talking to her any 
more as she got weaker. He separated from her and checked on the other girls. 

“...The Blue Knight stole the antidote from the enemy and used it to treat them, but... at this 
rate, no, before then, people will die...” 

Alaia, Chari, Fauna, Lidith, Flair. Counting Caris, there were six girls lying down in beds in the 
room. And all of them were groaning from their high fever and chills. 

“Blue Knight...” 

When Koutarou got close, Chari reached out with her hand. He quickly grabbed her hand and 
was aghast at her high temperature. 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

The Beginning of the Legend 
“Princess Chari, don't push yourself too hard.” 

“Fufufu, I'm fine, this is nothing...” 

Despite that, Chari courageously laughed. She was determined to not worry Koutarou. Since he 
knew that as well, he almost unconsciously shed tears. 

“I'll be well soon, so when I do, play with me some more...” 

“Of course, your highness.” 


Leaving behind a small smile, Chari lost consciousness. 

What kind of idiot would just spread poison around indiscriminately!! 

Seeing Chari pass out and lose strength, Koutarou was boiling with rage towards Maxfern, who 
he had never met. And he was angry at himself being unable to do anything. 


Koutarou's fist crashed into the table. There was nothing else nearby he could take out his anger 

“I know it's rough, Bertorion, but calm down a little.” 


Koutarou didn't notice Clan entering the room until she called out to him. 

“I can't calm down in this situation!! Everyone's in pain!” 

“I understand how you feel, but everyone's sleeping so quiet down.” 


Trying to calm down, Koutarou took several deep breaths. Satisfied by seeing that, Clan 
explained why she had entered the room. 

“Bertorion, I know what the poison really is.” 


Koutarou's eyes opened wide in surprise. And he instinctively leaned towards her. Fie was 
hoping that they would be able to come up with a treatment. 

“Yes. But to be accurate it's not poison.” 

“It's not poison...? What do you mean?” 

“It's an infectious virus with a very short incubation period. It's only obvious that it would be 
indistinguishable to the people of this age.” 

Clan left Koutarou to nurse Alaia and the others while she was in the other room, analyzing the 
poison. She investigated blood samples gathered from the patients and the drinking water, trying 
to find out what poisoned that Maxfern had used. 

Thought it might not be apt to call it fortunate, but since they knew that the poison was spread 
through the water, it wasn't too hard to identify what was the cause. The analytic device that 
Clan had summoned from the Cradle easily revealed the poison’s true colors, although even 
Clan was surprised when she learned that it was actually a protein containing RNA. 

“So you're saying it's a disease!?” 

“Yes. There were large amounts of the virus in the drinking water. Since the incubation period 
was so short, the people of this age must have assumed it was poison.” 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

The Beginning of the Legend 

The virus's replication speed was very high, and after a few hours after entering the body, 
symptoms would begin to show. Since there were almost no diseases known to spread that 
quickly in this age, the people naturally assumed it was poison. 

The people of this age still didn't know of the existence of the virus. And of course, they had no 
treatment for it. Even when they tried to heal it using magic, there was no effect because they 
didn't know what they needed to remove from their body. So their only conclusion was that it 
was an unknown poison, as such their methods of treatment were limited.” 

“So, can you cure it!?” 

To Koutarou, a method of treatment was more important than the source and effect. So he 
skipped past several questions and asked Clan for a treatment method. 

“That would be hard. There aren't enough materials available to synthesize an antiviral drug. It 
would have been simple 1,000 years from now...” 

Since Clan had already been able to identify the structure of the virus, she was able to synthesize 
material to inhibit its effects. Clan had the technology for that, but she wasn't able to get her 
hands on the medicine needed to synthesize it in this age. It was possible to gather the base 
materials one at a time, but that would take too much time. 

“Realistically speaking, there are only two options.” 

Clan put up two fingers in front of Koutarou's face. 

“What are they!?” 

“The first is to steal the treatment from the enemy like the manuscript says. This is the fastest 

“And the other?” 

“The other option has a large risk to it, and it's not very reliable, but—” 

And while Clan was explaining the second option to Koutarou, they heard a voice. 

“It's the army!! The army has come!!” 

Outside the village were several dozens of soldiers led by a knight. 

The Forthorthe army had come. The force belonged to a band of knights known to be very loyal 
to Maxfern, the Melcemhein family. 

The commander was a squire of the Melcemhein family. His force consisted of about 30 common 
soldiers and five magicians. The number was quite low for what a single squire could lead, but 
it could be argued that this gave them better mobility. 

They set up camp a distance from the village, put up billboards near it and gave out orders from 
the government. They were orders of capturing and delivering to them Alaia, who was thought 
to be in the area. As a reward, they would be given an antidote. 

Since this region was part of Mastir territory, the loyalty towards the royal family was particularly 
strong. So it was easy to guess that they would be rejected if they had ordered the citizens to 
capture Alaia like normal. So first they poisoned the water source to suppress the citizens’ 
resistance. If their own children or wife collapsed, they would desperately search for Alaia. 

100 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 2 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Part 2 

Having heard the circumstances from Koutarou, Alaia quickly made up her mind. 

“...Let's surrender to them.” 

She raised her staggering body, ravaged by a high fever and stood up while grabbing on to a 
nearby pillar. 

“Y-You can't, your highness! This is a trap!” 

Flair objected right away. Desperate, she too got out of her bed and stood in Alaia's way. The 
other girls also voiced their objections from their beds. 

“You can't, Alaia-sama! I think it's a trap too.” 

“I'm against it too!! These are people that would spread poison just to capture you, Alaia-sama!! 
Who knows... what they would do to you!” 

“My uncle is a dangerous person. I'm not sure if... they would hand over the antidote even after 
they get their hands on you, your highness...” 

However, despite the girls’ words, Alaia didn't change her mind. 

“Without the antidote, we will all die. So surrendering and getting the antidote as quickly as 
possible is the best option.” 

Previously, several weak people had already died from the poison. They were all elderly with a 
low tolerance, but if the situation continued on like this, even the young and strong would run 
out of stamina and meet the same fate. They couldn't put this village through that just so that 
they could survive for a few more days. That was Alaia's primary reason for wanting to surrender. 

And I have to protect Chari, no matter what ... 

Most of all, Alaia was worried about Chari. She was Alaia's last remaining family; if she was to 
lose Chari, she would lose her reason to live. She would rather surrender, get the antidote and 
save Chari. By doing that, at least Chari would survive. 

I'll leave the rest to you, Relos-sama ... 

Alaia stared at Koutarou without saying a word. She believed that Koutarou would protect Chari 
even if she wasn't there. It's because she believed in that that she was able to decide to 

“Your highness...” 

Koutarou noticed that Alaia put Chari ahead of herself. He understood how she felt. He was 
painfully aware of how she felt. Koutarou knew just how important your last remaining family 
member was, as he only had his father left. 

“Bertorion, you need to stop her highness! You can't want to see her highness in danger either!” 

Flair wanted Koutarou to agree with her. At this point, Flair was developing a sense of trust in 
Koutarou. After the fight with the mountain bandits a few days ago, the events at the Mastir 
checkpoint, his relationship with Chari and after watching him dance with Alaia yesterday, she 
had started to trust Koutarou. Alaia would probably accept what Koutarou would say. Because 
of that belief, Flair wanted Koutarou to stop Alaia. 


Alaia's eyes seemed to appeal for something. She weakly moved her hand and grasped it, as if 
desiring something. 

Even though you may lose your life, huh... 

101 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 2 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Looking at Alaia, Koutarou remembered his discussion with her yesterday. And what he had 
said to her. 

“Lord Pardomshiha, I agree with princess Alaia's opinion.” 


Alaia's serious expression changed. Despite suffering from an illness, her smile was as beautiful 
as falling silvery white snow. 

“Bertorion, what is the meaning of this!?” 

Flair raged at Koutarou. She was also suffering from the disease, but with the situation as it was, 
her anger was more intense than normal. 

“Calm down, Lord Pardomshiha. I'm not suggesting that we just hand over princess Alaia.” 

“After her highness surrenders and we get our hands on the antidote, we raid the enemy base 
and recover her. In our current situation, this is the only method of saving both princess Alaia 
and princess Chari.” 

Flair flinched at the mention of Chari's name. She then turned to look at Chari who was sleeping 
soundly. Even she understood the current situation. 

“What do you think, Clan?” 

“Lord Bertorion, I support your idea. I've entertained various possibilities, but I think that has the 
highest probability for success.” 

Clan agreed with Koutarou. She had been coming up with multiple strategies in her head, but 
the most realistic plan was the one that Koutarou had suggested. 

“B-But how do you know if we'll succeed!? If things turn for the worse, we'll be in trouble!” 

“I don't. All I can do is swear on this sword that I will rescue her highness.” 

Koutarou lightly shook Saguratin which was hanging by his waist. Seeing that, Alaia 
remembered yesterday and revealed a small smile. 

“Even then, I will believe in you, Reios-sama.” 

“Wait a moment, your highness! There are more than 30 men! Even if we get the antidote, it will 
be next to impossible to save you on our own!” 

“I'm sorry, Flair. But, my knight is swearing on his sword. I can't simply refuse to believe in him.” 

Alaia knew just how much Koutarou valued Saguratin, and Koutarou had sworn on his sword 
that he would rescue her. So even if his sword broke, he would try to rescue Alaia. 

That's right, even though his sword might break ... 

Alaia didn't mind if Koutarou failed to rescue her. Whether he succeeded or not wasn't a problem. 
There was a meaning in Koutarou swearing an oath to do so. All he had to do was protect Chari, 
and she wouldn't mind. If he did, she believed she could die in peace. 

“Let's go, Reios-sama.” 

“As you wish, my princess.” 

So Alaia left the room with a smile on her face. She felt neither fear nor despair. 

102 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Part 3 

The commander of the several dozen men that had come to the village, a squire from the 
Melcemhein, Dextro, was a cruel man. Being the third son of a poor farmer family was one of 
the reasons for that, and he didn't relent from using any methods to rise in the ranks. Because 
that was the kind of man he was, he had been given the command to poison the water source 
to flush out Alaia. A normal knight might have hesitated after being given those orders, but this 
man did not. If he completed this mission he was sure to be promoted. That was all that mattered 
to Dextro. 

“Kukuku, what an easy job...” 

He had been given a bottle full of black liquid from Maxfern and poured it into the well and nearby 
river just yesterday. While the people were celebrating the harvest festival, there was no one 
who found Dextro and his men suspicious. And as it turned to night, the people who had drunk 
the water began collapsing. Since everyone had to drink water, it was all too easy. Meanwhile, 
Dextro was simply sleeping in his tent. Now was the same. Dextro was lying down in his tent 
while drinking alcohol. 


The soldier serving as his adjutant approached him. The adjutant stood by the entrance to the 
tent and called out to Dextro. 


Dextro threw away his cup and answered while he was in a bad mood. 

“We found Alaia-sama. She is currently on her way here.” 

However, after hearing his adjutant’s response, a smile appeared on Dextro's lips. It was a cruel 
smile similar to what a cat would have when playing with its prey. 

“Stupid, you don't need to call her Alaia-sama.” 

“No, but...” 

“She's an evil woman who killed the emperor and empress after they found out that she had 
been embezzling public funds. There's no need to add sama to her name.” 

“1-1 see...” 

Dextro laughed as he looked at his hesitant subordinate. He knew that Maxfern and Grevanas 
were behind everything. Despite that, he called out Alaia as the culprit. The reason for that was 
simple; this way, he was more likely to get promoted. 

“Well then, let's go greet the former princess.” 

Dextro exited the tent while laughing. In contrast to just a moment ago, he was very cheerful. 
Since he was normally in a bad mood, that sight felt eerie to the adjutant. 

As Alaia was walking down the main street of the village, the people flocking the street split up 
and made way. Despite being ravaged by the disease, Alaia walked down the street in a dignified 
manner. The appearance was like a certain prophet who split the sea. 

Koutarou and Clan were walking right behind her. Since those two were the only ones who could 
properly move, they were the only ones to accompany Alaia. Flair, Fauna and Lidith were all 
worried, but they had blended in with the crowd. 

“Princess Alaia, don't push yourself too hard.” 

“Thank you, Reios-sama, but I don't want them to think I've gotten weak by walking too slow. I 
can't show weakness at a time like this.” 

103 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Koutarou was worried about Alaia's body as she walked in her normal pace, but she 
courageously shook her head. It was a cardinal rule to not show weakness during negotiations. 
So until she got her hands on the medicine, Alaia was planning on suppressing her symptoms 
through sheer willpower. 

“And if I waver, the citizens will worry.” 

“Your highness...” 

Koutarou instinctively held his breath at the sight of Alaia's gallant determination. 

So this is what royalty is like ... 

There were large crowds in their surroundings. Most of them were people who wanted to get 
medicine for their collapsed family. At the same time, there were plenty of people loyal to the 
royal family. Alaia couldn't show her suffering for the sake of the negotiation and the people. 

“They've come, Lord Bertorion.” 

Clan pointed forward. In front of them were soldiers approaching them from the entrance of the 
village. Leading the soldiers was a lone knight wearing heavy metal armor. Following him were 
30 armed soldiers and five magicians wearing black robes and holding wooden canes. In total, 
there were 36 of them. It was more than enough of a force to meet up with Koutarou, Clan and 

“You're Alaia?” 

Standing in front of Alaia, the man didn't even bow his head out of respect. Instead, he looked 
down at her and spat out rude words. 

“Who are you?” 

Despite being faced with that knight, Alaia didn't flinch. But her voice and expression were cold. 
Her appearance was completely different from when she faced Koutarou or Chari; it was the 
appearance of a princess facing her enemy. 

“I belong to Melcemhein's band of knights, copper knight Dextro. I'm currently a squire, but I plan 
on becoming a holy knight soon enough.” 

“At this rate you'll be a squire forever.” 

“Well said, as expected from a former princess. But I'll become a holy knight once I return with 

Alaia was still calm, but Koutarou was angered by his way of speaking. 

Former princess...!? 

“...Calm down, Bertorion.” 

If Clan hadn't grabbed Koutarou and stopped him, he might have taken a swing at Dextro. 
“Kukuku, don't get so angry, Blue Knight.” 

Dextro laughed, seemingly sneering at Koutarou. But Dextro's laughter served to calm down 
Koutarou instead. He didn't really care if he was looked down on. 

“...Sorry, Clan.” 

“...Please try not to get reckless.” 

Sensing that Koutarou had calmed down, Clan let go of Koutarou. 

“Oh, so you're completely reliant on a woman?” 

104 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Beginning of the Legend 
“Yeah. I'd be a good match for your reliance on Maxfern.” 

Having experience with fighting, Koutarou was used to this kind of argument. If anything, he felt 
like he had stepped into the ring and began showing confidence. 

“What was that you bastard!” 

However, Dextro began boiling with rage and glared at Koutarou. Having risen to power believing 
that strength was everything, he believed that he had earned his position. So being told that he 
was relying on Maxfern was extremely displeasing. 

“Calm down, Dextro. If you're planning on becoming a holy knight, you can't lose your cool 
because of words.” 

“...Tsk, well fine.” 

After Alaia pointed that out, Dextro spat out some words and regained his former faint smile. 

So he's the type that's emotional but doesn't lose self-control... he's a tough to deal with 

Koutarou analyzed Dextro's character just from their argument. It was important to see through 
the opponent's personality before a fight. 

“Let's cut the greetings here. Come this way, Alaia.” 

“You will hand over the antidote, right?” 

“That is if you come to me.” 

“...It doesn't look like I have a choice.” 

Alaia nodded at Dextro and turned back towards Koutarou and Clan. 

“I'll be going, Reios-sama.” 

When she said that, her tone of voice and expression were just like normal. 

“I'll leave the rest to you.” 

“...I'll come get you right away.” 

“Thank you.” 

Alaia responded to Koutarou's whisper with a smile, and turned towards Dextro again. 

“Have you said your farewells?” 

“I only ordered them to have my favorite Kurka fruit ready for when I get back.” 

“You're quite the woman. I like it!” 

Alaia began walking towards the laughing Dextro. It was hard to believe that she was suffering 
from a disease from just looking at her appearance. Instead, one could feel power and nobility 
from her appearance. 


“How sad...” 

The citizens seemingly felt the same, and sighs could be heard from various places. Most of the 
voices that could be heard worried for Alaia's future. 

“I've come, Dextro.” 

There were about ten or so meters between Alaia and Dextro. So it didn't take much time before 
Alaia walked that distance. 

105 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Beginning of the Legend 


Dextro grabbed onto Alaia's arm and held on with a strong grip, so that Alaia couldn't shake it 


Although they were both knights, it felt uncomfortable compared to when Koutarou had touched 
her. Feeling that, Alaia screamed on the inside, but she never let it out. 

“Now, Dextro, give them the antidote you promised.” 

Alaia spoke in a dignified manner instead, even at this point, she wouldn't break down. 

Even though I may lose my life...! 

What protected her was the short time she had spent with Koutarou yesterday. 

“You've captured me, so there's no need to let the other suffer is there?” 

“That's true. Alright men!” 

What's going on ? 

Koutarou sensed something ominous from Dextro's smile. He felt like as if he was staring into 
something terribly dark. 

“Kill Alaia's followers! Chari too! And if anyone else gets in your way, kill them too!” 


That was when Alaia's expression changed for the first time. Seeing that, Dextro seemed very 
pleased. His smile was terribly eerie that made chills run down Alaia's spine. 

“That's right, Alaia. That's the kind of face I wanted to see on you!” 

“Wait, Dextro! What happened to handing over the antidote!?” 

“That kind of thing doesn't exist.” 

“Doesn't exist!? What do you mean!?” 

Panic, fear and despair appeared on Alaia's face. She knew how Dextro would reply. But despite 
knowing, she couldn't keep herself from asking. 

“It doesn't exist. It never did from the very start. But if I said that, you wouldn't have shown your 
face, now would you?” 


Alaia was at a loss for words. Instead, Koutarou was the one to open his mouth. 

“You spread something that you have no way of treating!?” 

“What are you talking about? All we had to do was not drink any of the polluted water.” 

Dextro seemed really happy. 

“How could you...” 

Alaia, who had behaved courageously up until now, began losing strength and her knees gave 
way. She had been determined not to cry, but tears now streamed down her cheeks. 

Chari will, Flair, Fauna, Lidith... the villagers, everyone will die...!! 

Alaia was about to lose what she wanted to protect, what she had sworn to protect. Everyone 
she had done up to now would be for naught. Despair wasn't powerful enough of a word for how 

106 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 3 

The Beginning of the Legend 

she felt. It was an act similar to destroying Alaia's entire world. She lost all strength to stand and 
sunk down onto the ground. 

“Why, why would you do something so horrible... why, Maxfern?” 

Alaia turned her face down and shed tears. The tears streamed down her chin, fell onto the dried 
ground and was absorbed. As she saw her tears disappear, Alaia felt even more helpless. The 
sense that everything was useless filled her chest. 

“Kukuku, that one's easy. It was to capture you. And it also serves as an example. By showing 
this, any idiot would know what awaits them if they resist. Although since it's a chance to get 
promoted, I don't want it to stop with just one village.” 

Dextro was callous. His impudent words and merciless ridicule was cutting Alaia's heart into 

“Of course, since you're all alone, I might need to crush a lot more villages for my next promotion. 
Ahahaha, Kuhahahahal!” 

“Uh, Uuuuuh, Uaaaaaahl! Aaaaaaaa!!” 

While crouching in place, Alaia finally began to sob. All hope was lost and nothing could be done. 
Not even the legendary princess could do anything but cry. 

“There's no antidote!?” 

“Then what!? We're all going to die!?” 

“I don't want to!! Why do we all have to die!?” 

“At least save the children, I beg you!!” 

As if responding to Alaia's cries, panic spread through the crowd of people. And as the soldiers 
approached to kill Alaia's party, the panic got even worse and the main street fell into chaos. 

“Kukukukuku, Fuahahahaha, Ahahahaha!! Kill, Kill, Kill them all!!” 

Dextro's loud laughing voice filled the village. His 35 men advanced in an orderly manner. They 
were planning on going through each home to find Alaia's party. At this rate, the girls who were 
unable to move because of the disease were sure to be killed. And some of the panicked 
villagers would be cut down as well. And those who survived would eventually die by the disease 
anyways. No one could stop them anymore. A large number of corpses was fated to fill the 

107 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Part 4 

“Clan, don't stop me this time.” 

“I won't, Bertorion. I'll only order you.” 


Part 4 


Volume 07.5 


Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? 

Part 4 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Beginning of the Legend 

However, there were two people who were fighting against that fate. A knight in blue armor and 
a girl with glasses. Their numbers were too few to repel a force of 35 men. 

Despite that, neither of them showed any signs of worrying, and bravely stood in the soldiers’ 

“Reios Fatra Bertorion.” 


“In this urgent situation without the emperor, princess Clariossa will take her place.” 

Alongside a ringing sound, Koutarou unsheathed a large knight sword with a golden handle. 
Using the tip of the sword he drew a graceful curve and pointed it towards the 35 men. Invited 
by the ringing tone, a large amount of people turned towards the knight holding a sword. 

“This is a royal decree. As a knight of Forthorthe, fulfill your duty!” 

“As you wish, my princess! I will do so wholeheartedly!” 

This was the first time the legendary hero Reios Fatra Bertorion appeared in front of the eyes of 
the people. 

“Curse you, you contemptible dastard, poisoning a river to capture a single woman. That is 
unforgivable! Your blood will stain my sword.” 

Koutarou poured his anger into his sword and put pressure on the 36 enemies in front of him. 
The words he had used were from the Blue Knight in the play, but Koutarou didn't care about 
that. He was angry from the bottom of his heart. 

I will save you right away, princess Alaia! 

Koutarou directed his rage at Dextro, who had spread a disease just to capture Alaia, and at 
Maxfern, who had given him that order. What's more was that the disease had no cure and some 
weakened elderly had already died. At this rate, many other people would die as well. That 
included Alaia and the young Chari. It was hardly a forgivable sin. 

And Alaia was currently captured by Dextro. Koutarou couldn't tolerate that. Thinking of the 
feelings Alaia must have had when she walked up to Dextro of her own free will, and how she 
must have felt now that Dextro had trampled on those feelings, Koutarou couldn't bear it and 
wanted to save Alaia as quickly as possible. 

“Stupid. What can you do on your own! Oh right, I guess anyone can bark! Kukukuku!” 

Dextro sneered at Koutarou. He didn't believe that Koutarou could defeat 36 people on his own. 
“That might be the case if it was just me. But sadly, I'm not alone!” 

With a small smile on his lips, Koutarou dashed forwards. He was planning on clashing with the 
36 men in front of him. 

That's right! I have the power they have given to me! 

The first thing Koutarou did after starting to run was to unleash the power in his armor. 
“Maneuver suit, activate battle mode!” 

“As you wish, my lord.” 

Obeying Koutarou's order, the armor stopped all normal functions and focused its work on 
functions relating to fighting. 

“Select your weapon.” 

“Go with one I always use!” 

110 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Beginning of the Legend 
“Understood. Activating sonic impact.” 

The sword in Koutarou's hand began quietly growling. On direct hits, the barrier surrounding the 
sword would knock out the enemy without killing them. It was the method of attack that Koutarou 

“Information: the enemy force consists of 36 people. Breakdown; heavy infantrymen: 1, regular 
infantrymen: 20, archers: 10, unknown: 5.” 

“The unknown five are magicians. You can assume that they are in charge of bombardment and 

“Understood, reassigning target. Defining the unknown five men as magicians.” 

Clan assisted the armor's functions. Through her bracelet, she adjusted the armor's settings and 
then pulled out her own weapon through a hole in the air. 

“Don't kill them, Clan!” 

“I know!” 

Clan had pulled out an oddly square rifle. In Forthorthe, it was commonly known as a stun rifle. 
It was a convenient weapon that released electricity and knocked out its target on direct hits. 

The reason Koutarou and Clan didn't carelessly kill their enemies was because if they 
accidentally killed people important in the war, the history would change, but also because they 
didn't want to kill citizens of Forthorthe. That was also Alaia's wish. And in Koutarou's case, he 
believed that Theia would have wanted that as well. So in short, the Blue Knight refrained from 
killing his enemies. 

“Fire! Turn them into pincushions!” 

Dextro, on the other hand, fully intended to kill Koutarou and Clan. Instead of keeping quiet and 
watching as Koutarou rushed up to him, he ordered his archers to attack. Obeying Dextro's 
orders, the archers surrounding him drew their large bows and fired their arrows at Koutarou all 
at once. 

“I'll leave the arrows to you.” 

“Understood, deploying barrier.” 

As ten arrows approached Koutarou, white, translucent hexagonal tiles appeared around 
Koutarou. All the arrows smashed into the hexagonal tiles and bounced off. 

“Clan, you deal with the guys with bows! We don't want any stray arrows!” 

“I understand!” 

Clan agreed with Koutarou and readied her rifle. The rifle, linked to the bracelet, then began 
automatically taking aim for the archers. Since the two of them were being protected by barriers, 
they didn't need to worry about the arrows, but they wanted to prevent any stray arrows from 
hitting the crowd. 

“The arrows have no effect!? Then, magicians— damn, he's fast!!” 

With the arrows not having any effect, Dextro wanted the magicians to attack Koutarou with 
magic. But with the armor in battle mode, Koutarou was moving fast and quickly closed the 
distance with the infantrymen. So Dextro lost his chance to attack Koutarou with powerful magic. 
If he had the magicians attack now, his soldiers would get hit as well. 

“It's only one guy! Surround him!” 



AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Beginning of the Legend 

With no other option, Dextro gave the order for his infantry to attack. Obeying Dextro's orders, 
the 20 infantrymen spread out to the sides to surround Koutarou. The infantrymen with shields 
and spears pushed towards Koutarou. 

What did Sanae do back then ... ? 

Koutarou focused on his own body, and he then tried to recall the sensation he had when Sanae 
was clinging onto his back. When he did, Koutarou could feel his spirit being fueled by his rage 
and flowing through his body. 

“Like this!” 

That moment, Koutarou's view completely changed. A faint white light overlapped with each of 
the 20 soldiers. Their intentions to attack turned into various forms of light and told Koutarou 
where they would attack. That was the spiritual power that Sanae had used when they fought 
together before to predict oncoming attacks. 


Koutarou's movements suddenly got sharper. So much in fact that the armor had to hurriedly 
change its settings to keep up. And with his movements getting better, Koutarou dodged all of 
the spears being thrust at him with ease. That was a spiritual power that Sanae had used that 
increased the body's abilities. His movements were precise and without waste. Combined with 
his attack prediction ability, Koutarou easily dodged all attacks, like a leaf fluttering in the wind. 

Koutarou was able to use those powers thanks to the connections that Sanae had created 
before. That said, Koutarou didn't have as much spiritual energy as Sanae, so he wasn't able to 
use these powers as well as Sanae. But it was enough to deal with twenty enemies. 

“Hey, can you protect princess Alaia with your barrier?” 

“Though it will get weaker because of the distance, it is possible. Warning, you will be 

“Do I look like I need a barrier right now!?” 

Koutarou swung his sword around. 

Several explosive sounds rang out and at the same time, five spearmen near Koutarou were 
sent flying. 

“As you wish, my lord.” 

“You're awfully reasonable today!” 

But there were still five spearmen left. Their spears were thrust towards Koutarou. He was able 
to dodge three of them, but not the remaining two. 

“Warning. Use the barrier to defend yourself.” 

“I said I don't need it!” 

Koutarou knocked away the remaining two spears, one with Theia's sword in his right hand, and 
the other with Kiriha's gauntlet on his left hand. 


At the same time, the owner of the spear blocked by Kiriha's gauntlet fainted. The current in the 
gauntlet flowed through the spear into the spearman. 

“...Just who is that guy...?” 

Seeing Koutarou swiftly knock down six of his men, Dextro who had been overly confident 
showed a hesitant expression. 

112 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Beginning of the Legend 

“Hey, you guys go too!” 

“B-But!! Uwaaaaaa!!” 

Having instinctively sensed danger, Dextro ordered the archers forward as well. But three of the 
archers had already been defeated. 

“Damn, it's that woman!!” 

Dextro only thought of Clan as Koutarou's powerless servant. He didn't recognize what she was 
holding as a weapon, so he had carelessly allowed Clan to snipe three of his allies. Adding in 
the six that Koutarou had defeated, that made a total of nine men down. They had already lost 
a quarter of their force. 

“That's impossible, there're only two of them!!” 

Dextro began panicking. He hadn't even entertained the thought of losing up until now. However 
that thought passed through his mind for a moment. Not wanting to accept that, Dextro shouted 
out in a loud voice. 

“You guys go kill that woman! Don't let her toy with you anymore!” 


Noticing how restless Dextro and his men were, Alaia, who had been crouched down while 
crying, looked up. 


And through her teared up eyes she could see Koutarou slowly advancing towards her. 
Reios-sama is fighting... he's protecting everyone... 

They couldn't get their hands on the medicine. But Koutarou was fighting to protect the villagers 
and Alaia's allies. 

And he's fighting for my sake... 

He was fighting to protect Alaia's promise. Seeing Koutarou's appearance, a certain question 
entered Alaia's mind. 

Despite that, what am I doing here... ? 

She asked herself why she was lying down here and not doing anything. Shouldn't she be doing 
something? Didn't she have a duty to fulfill? Even if she didn't, shouldn't she get up and make it 
easier for Koutarou to save her? Seeing Koutarou's appearance, that's what Alaia began 

That person is still fighting! 

A strong will returned to her eyes. But Alaia couldn't stand up right away. She was planning on 
letting Dextro, who was still grabbing her arm, think she was crying for a while longer, as she 
looked for her chance. 

“Then... hey, magicians! Stop him from moving with your magic!” 

Dextro ordered the magicians to attack Koutarou. 

“But we'll hit our allies too!” 

“If you don't, we'll lose even more! Quit your yapping and do it!” 


113 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Despite knowing that his men would get hit as well, Dextro ordered the magicians to use their 
magic. During this time, Koutarou had defeated three more men, leaving a total of 12 men 
defeated now. Dextro now considered Koutarou a large threat, and needed a more surefire way 
of hitting Koutarou, even if it involved hurting his own men. 

“Kukuku, no matter how strong he is, he'll have no way of escaping this...” 

Oh no!! 

Alaia quickly stood up and warned Koutarou. 

“Watch out, Reios-samal! The magicians are aiming for you!!” 

“Shut it!! You're already too late!!” 

Dextro fearlessly laughed. It was an attack from five magicians at once. No matter how fast he 
moved, or how high his defense was, he should have no way of avoiding the attack. 

“The magicians are!?” 

Thanks to Alaia's voice, Koutarou looked towards the magicians and noticed their intention to 
attack and that their attack would hit the entire area around him. But it was also large enough to 
hit the remaining eight infantrymen as well. 

“Is he planning on attacking me alongside his own soldiers!?” 

The moment Koutarou noticed that, the five magicians created a giant fireball. The fireball rested 
at the tip of their canes and lit up area it. 

“High-density energy reaction from the magicians detected. Warning, please use the barrier to 
defend yourself.” 

“You just keep protecting her highness!” 

Koutarou rejected the computers proposal and pointed his left hand towards the fireball. 
Meanwhile, the soldiers around Koutarou began to panic. 

“Eh, is the commander trying to kill us with him!?” 

“Please save us, commander!!” 

“You guys just keep fighting Blue Knight!” 

Though the soldiers asked for help, Dextro rejected their pleas in a tone similar to Koutarou's. 

“Just how rotten can you get!? If you guys don't want to get hurt, get down!!” 

The magicians launched the fireball at the same time Koutarou shouted. Their aim was of course, 
Koutarou. However, a new fireball appeared in front of them. It had been created by the gauntlet 
on Koutarou's left hand. 


Obeying Koutarou's will, the new fireball headed towards the fireball the magicians had 
launched. Koutarou was trying to negate the fireball with his own. 

The two fireballs crashed into each other in midair. However, things didn't go as Koutarou had 
planned. The magicians’ fireball was more powerful, so Koutarou's fireball alone didn't have the 
firepower to stop it. The fireball continued towards Koutarou, though its power had dropped 

“So it was no good!” 

“Warning! Use the barrier—” 

114 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Beginning of the Legend 

“Shut up! If you were made to be used in space then withstand it with your guts!” 

Koutarou crossed his arms in front of his face and braced himself. He was planning on enduring 
the attack with will and guts. The fireball came closer. Its furiously red fire lit up Koutarou. 

The fireball exploded. 


Betraying his expectations, the explosion hadn't harmed Koutarou. The explosion had been 
prevented by the yellow veil that had appeared in front of Koutarou and vanished. 

“1-1 don't know what happened, but I'm saved...” 

That was one of the defensive spells that Yurika had cast on Koutarou while he was fighting 
against Clan. It had been dormant for all this time and had only reactivated when it sensed 
Koutarou's danger, and erased the explosion. 

“That's impossible!” 

The attack that the five magicians had created had not had any effect. Having had confidence 
in the attack’s power, Dextro couldn't believe what just happened in front of him. 

Dextro wasn't the only one overwhelmed by Koutarou's fighting. 

“Lord Pardomshiha, just who is that person?” 

“That's... what I want to know, Lidith...” 

Alaia's allies couldn't hide their surprise as they watched over Koutarou's battle. It was 
impressive enough for them to temporarily forget the pain they were in. 

“That sword and armor... based on their strength, they have to have been made from alchemy... 
I can't imagine it being anything else, considering the device incorporated in the armor that lets 
him use electricity and fire.” 

Since Lidith was an alchemist, she imagined that the armor and sword Koutarou was using had 
been produced from advanced science and technology. 

Science of this era hadn't clearly been divided yet, and it wasn't just science, but pharmacology, 
medicine, magic, supernatural phenomenon and more were all studied under the name of 
alchemy. The technology for refining metal was included in that as well. Certain alchemists 
monopolized the manufacturing of higher-strength steels and obtained high profits. So, to Lidith 
who had seen Koutarou's armor up close, she assumed that it had been created using advanced 

And if the sword and armor were products of alchemy, it was only natural to assume that the 
reason he could manipulate electricity and fire using his left arm was thanks to alchemy as well. 
The people of this age had already discovered basic methods of generating electricity and 

“It's not just alchemy. It looks like he's using spiritual energy to fight as well. He's not as good as 
me, but it looks like he's able to read the spiritual energy his opponents are emitting. And it looks 
like he's using spiritual energy to improve his speed.” 

Fauna joined in on the discussion. As a servant of the goddess of dawn, she was able to 
manipulate spiritual energy better than Koutarou. She used her powers to heal the sick and 
injured. Because of that, she could quickly tell that Koutarou was using spiritual energy to fight. 

“His skill with the sword is also considerable... which means that the band of knights Bertorion 
is from not only trained in the sword, but also in spiritual energy, and also made good use of 

115 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Flair was very perplexed as she summarized the discussion. Koutarou's fighting style greatly 
deviated from what was common amongst knights. She had never heard of such a strange yet 
powerful band of knights before. 

“That's not all. That man is using magic too.” 

“Carisl? Why are you here!? Didn't you join up with the other soldiers!?” 

Flair was surprised by Caris who had suddenly joined them. She had been told that Koutarou 
had freed Caris, so she didn't think that Caris was still close. 

“That's what I was going to do at first.” 

Caris smiled wryly as she leaned onto her cane. 

“But on my way there, I heard there was no antidote. They were planning on disposing me 
alongside with you. So I figured before I die for nothing, I should help that man a little. That's all 
there is to it.” 

Caris had planned to join the soldiers if there was a cure for the disease. But having learned that 
there was no medicine, she knew that they were planning on killing her alongside Alaia and her 
party. At the same time, they were indiscriminately killing other people. She didn't take a liking 
to that. 

She had sworn loyalty to Maxfern, or more precisely, the head of the court magicians, Grevanas, 
because he had picked her up from an orphanage in the slums. Despite that, an indiscriminate 
attack on the poor populace was taking place. That was a despicable act of betrayal against 
Caris's loyalty. 

Having lost her identity, Caris then remembered Koutarou's words. 

“Thank you." 

She had returned because of those words. 

I see... 

Flair sincerely believed Caris. That's what Caris's eyes told her. If she had wanted to kill Flair 
and the others, she would have done so long ago. 

“So Caris, you said Lord Bertorion was using magic...” 

Lidith was more interested in Koutarou and wanted to get a more detailed explanation from her. 
Caris nodded. 

“It was when he erased the fireball. It was only momentarily, but he unleashed arc-wizard class 
magic. I don't know if Blue Knight himself can use magic, but at the very least he's lived in an 
environment where he's had daily access to powerful magic.” 

“...Did you say arc-wizard class magic?” 

Flair was perplexed once more. 

Arc-wizard refers to the top seven officers of the court magicians. The head of the court 
magicians, Grevanas is included amongst them. These seven were all very powerful magicians, 
and they stood at the top of the magic world. 

And Koutarou supposedly handled magic of an equivalent power. Because of that, there was 
one more thing Flair didn't understand. 

“Swordsmanship, spiritual energy, alchemy and magic... the pyrotechnic weapon his servant is 
using is also quite impressive... Just who are those two...?” 

“Who knows... but, it's quite clear that the goddess of dawn loves them.” 

116 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 4 

The Beginning of the Legend 

“Loves Bertorion?” 

“No, princess Alaia.” 

Caris smiled as she said that, and began walking away, relying on her cane. 

“Where are you going?” 

“I'm going to support Blue Knight. He'll probably win, but I'm worried about there being five 
magicians. Leave this to me, and you guys should go protect the other princess.” 

“I understand. We'll do just that.” 

Flair quickly analyzed the situation in her head and decided to listen to Caris's advice. 

It would be hard for Flair to stand against the army while she's suffering from illness. But Caris 
who could use magic had some methods of helping. It would be best if they left this to Caris and 
they went to protect Chari. Even though the disease had spread through her body, Flair should 
still be able to protect Chari from the panicked citizens. 

“Let's go, Fauna, Lidith.” 

“Lord Pardomshiha, I'll go with Caris.” 


“Because of my intellectual curiosity as an alchemist.” 

“Then I'll leave this to you. Let's go, Fauna.” 


Flair and Fauna headed towards Chari, while Caris and Lidith headed to support Koutarou. 

117 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Part 5 


Koutarou's sword sparked. 


One of the remaining two archers received the full brunt of it and rolled across the ground. 

The next moment, the other archer who should have barely dodged the sword, let out a scream 
and collapsed onto the ground. That was because of Clan's rifle. 

After Koutarou had erased the magicians’ fireball, the battle had become one-sided. Koutarou 
dodged all of the soldiers’ attacks, and the magicians’ magic didn't work. The reeling soldiers 
were defeated by Koutarou and Clan, one after the other. This was in part because of Dextro's 
order to take Koutarou down at the cost of his own men; his orders no longer reached them. 

“...This leaves six more to go.” 

Clan smiled fearlessly while exchanging the magazine on the rifle. There were now only six left 
out of the originally 36 men large force. All that was left was Dextro and the five magicians. 
Victory was in their grasp. 

“To think you could do this much... honestly, you've surprised me, Blue Knight.” 

“I'll have you give me Alaia back, copper knight Dextro.” 

But unexpectedly, Dextro still had an eerie smile on his lips. Koutarou was bothered by that smile 
he saw as he pointed his sword at Dextro. It didn't seem like he had given into despair. 

“I can't give her back to you that easily. This isn't just some game.” 

“Reios-sama, don't listen to Dextro's words! He's trying to buy time! The magicians have been 
doing something for a while now!” 

“Tsk. You really need to shut up!” 

Dextro pulled on Alaia's arm and drew her to him. He then pointed a knife at her neck. 

“Be quiet for a moment, Alaia!” 


The courageous Alaia didn't let out a scream, but she stopped speaking. 

“Your highness! ... Hey, what's going on with the barrier!?” 

When Koutarou saw that, he got confused and shouted at the armor's computer. 

“Target B is inside of the barrier's defensive area.” 


The barrier created by the armor had protected Alaia at first, but that was intended for stray 
arrows and explosions, so it couldn't protect her from Dextro who had been next to her the entire 

“Let go of her highness!” 

“Hey now, Blue Knight, don't move now. The same goes for the lady behind you.” 

Dextro warned Koutarou who instinctively took a step forward. At the same time he used Alaia's 
body as a shield to protect himself from Clan's rifle. 

118 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Beginning of the Legend 

“How's it going?” 

In that situation, Dextro called out to the magicians behind him. 

“We're finishing up right now!” 


Dextro showed a satisfied grin after hearing one of the magicians’ report. He had made the 
magicians do something while his own men were being defeated. With this, the magicians would 
use up all of their magic, but that was no longer a problem. So he couldn't keep himself from 

“Dextro-sama, here it comes!” 

“Here, I'll give you this back! Take good care of her!” 

Surprisingly, Dextro let go of Alaia that he had used as a hostage and pushed her towards 


Seeing that, Koutarou hurriedly ran forward. Alaia, with her weakened body, fell over after a few 

“Princess Alaia!!” 

Then it happened while Koutarou's eyes were off of Dextro. 

“Wait, Bertorion. Something's strange!” 

“Fufufufu, Hahahaha, to think I even have to use this!” 

Right behind the area where Alaia had been sitting on the ground, a giant black hole over three 
meters in diameter appeared. The five magicians had been working together to create it, and it 
was very similar to the black holes Theia and Clan used to summon their weapons. 

“Let me thank you, Blue Knight. I always wanted to use this one!” 

Dextro got increasingly excited as the black hole appeared. A joy and excitement similar to when 
he had first killed a man filled his heart, and a warped smile appeared on his face. 


“A space quake reaction!? Bertorion, something big is coming!!” 

And then something huge appeared from the giant disc. At first glance, it looked like a knight 
wearing a black armor, but it was far too large to be called a knight. Once its whole body had 
passed through the hole, it stood at five meters tall. Alaia, who was right next to it, looked like a 
doll in comparison. 

“J-Just what is this giant knight...?” 

Alaia was at a loss for words as the giant knight suddenly appeared next to her. 

“Watch out princess Alaia, hurry and get away from there!” 


Alaia tried to do as Koutarou suggested, but she was still reeling from the damage from when 
she had fallen and from her disease, so she wasn't able to move right away. 

“I'll be right there, your highness! .. .Clan, do you know what that is!?” 

Noticing that Alaia couldn't move, Koutarou asked Clan a question while speeding up his 

119 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Beginning of the Legend 

“I don't really know! It's definitely made out of steel, but I can't see anything that would be able 
to power it... But for just a statue, there are too many strange structural parts, I can't tell heads 
from tails...” 

The giant's structure perplexed Clan. 

Based on the way it had appeared, she believed it was some kind of combat machine. But when 
she scanned its interior with her observation device, she couldn't find many mechanical parts. 
She couldn't find anything that powered it. Her first impression was that it was a metallic frame 
dressed in armor. 

However, upon further analysis, she found that lots of jewels and animal bones had been placed. 
From an engineering standpoint, that would only lower its structural integrity. What's more, they 
were all in the interior and couldn't be seen from the outside, so they weren't decorations. There 
were so many contradictions that Clan wasn't sure what to think. 

“A statue!? Not even close, this one's an invincible soldier that's going to kill you all!!” 

Dextro laughed. All of a sudden, he was holding a translucent yellow glowing globe in his hand. 
Inside the globe were three colors; red, orange and yellow swirling around, and for each time 
the glow of the globe got brighter, a red light filled the giant's eyes. 

When the red in the giant's eyes looked like blood, it slowly moved its arm. The arms were like 
the trunks of gigantic trees, and it extended its empty left hand. Next were its legs. As it was too 
heavy, it was slightly sinking into the ground, so it moved its left leg and took one step closer to 

It's pacing was more than twice that of a normal human. Combined with its overwhelming weight, 
each step was like a small earthquake. 

“It moves!? That's impossible, there's no way!!” 

“Kukuku, but it is possible. You are now going to be killed by this giant, the Diabolic Soldier.” 
Dextro boasted triumphantly as he looked up at the moving giant. 

Meanwhile, the giant's body creaked as it moved and reached its giant hand out towards Alaia. 

Before its hand could reach her, however, hexagonal tiles appeared and blocked its course. It 
was the barrier that Koutarou had ordered the armor to protect Alaia with. 

But the next moment, the barrier easily collapsed. Because of the distance between Koutarou 
and Alaia, the barrier had weakened, and it couldn't repel the giant's overwhelming mass. The 
five meter long giant weighed around ten tons, and when that weight crashed into the small area 
of the barrier, it had no chance of maintaining itself. 


Though she had screamed in surprise, Alaia hadn't screamed in fear up until now. The giant 
lifted her up by the waist with its giant hand and then held her by its arm. 

“Your highness!” 

“Noooo, let go!!” 

Alaia struggled to break free from the giant's arm. However, the difference in strength was far 
too vast, and no matter how much she tried, she couldn't get out of its grasp. Instead, wounds 
appeared on Alaia's white skin. 

“Haa~h, I even set her free, this is all because you took your time, Blue Knight.” 

“Dextro... you bastard!” 

120 | P a g e 

Volume 07.5 


7“\H (al©'®!®#! ? 

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Beginning of the Legend 




Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Beginning of the Legend 

122 | Page 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Alaia's repeated screams strongly carved the existence of the giant into the hearts of the people 
in the area. It was a steel giant that moved and fought on its own. Just based on its height and 
weight alone, one could imagine that it was unbelievably strong. Everyone was well aware of 
just how dangerous it was. 

“Uwaaaa, it's a monster!!” 

“This is just not possible to beat!” 

“S-Someone, save us!!” 

The villagers who had begun to regain their calm after Koutarou defeated majority of the soldiers 
quickly panicked again. They couldn't help it, as they were shown something like this as they 
began feeling relief. 

“Run away! This one will chase you anywhere you go!” 

Dextro looked at the panicked villagers with joy in his eyes. He was absolutely confident in the 
power of this giant. Not even Koutarou who defeated all of his men should be able to take it 

“Go, Diabolical Soldier! Kill them all!” 

Adhering to Dextro's order, the giant shook the ground as it ran. Though it didn't move very fast, 
thanks to its giant stature, the steps were long, and it shortened distance between it and 
Koutarou in an instant. Alaia who was being held in its left arm shouted towards Koutarou as he 
got closer. 

“Please run, Reios-sama! Without any antidote, I won't survive! So please save as many as you 

That was neither a cry for help nor an order for him to fight. They were simply words out of worry 
for Koutarou. Alaia didn't think Koutarou could win against the giant either, so she wanted him 
to run away. She didn't want him to die for nothing for her sake. And if possible, she wanted him 
to take as many villagers with him as possible. 

Your highness ... 

Hearing Alaia's words, Koutarou who had been confused by the giant's appearance made up 
his mind. He adjusted his grip on his sword's handle and called out to Clan. 

“Clan, you get away!” 

“What are you going to do!?” 

“As if I could leave princess Alaia behind!!” 

Koutarou pointed his sword towards the giant. Alaia was still in enemy hands. In that case, 
Koutarou couldn't run because of the oath in his sword. 

Theia, this wasn't in the play! 

While glaring at the oncoming giant, Koutarou complained to Theia on the inside. 

“...So Blue Knight didn't run off... good...” 

Dextro mumbled in a voice so low that no one could hear him. He was actually feeling relieved. 

Having confirmed that Alaia was suffering from the poison, or more accurately, the disease, his 
primary target wasn't her. The opponent he should be defeating was Koutarou, the powerful 
knight who hadn't been affected by the poison. Even if she got away, Alaia's fate wouldn't 
change. But if he let someone who could take on several dozen men on his own go, it would 
become a large obstacle in the future. There was no guarantee that Koutarou had drunk the 

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Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Beginning of the Legend 

poisoned water, and he was sure to be scolded by Maxfern if he let him get away. It could also 
mean he wouldn't get his promotion. So it was necessary for him to kill Koutarou here. 

With those circumstances, it would be the most troublesome for Dextro if Koutarou had 
abandoned Alaia and ran away. But in the end, Koutarou had stayed, and so he felt relieved. 

“Tsk, this is hard!” 

Koutarou dodged the giant's huge axe using large steps. 

The edge of the axe buried deep into the ground. With that power, it was uncertain whether or 
not the barrier could protect him. 

The giant moved on its own accord, but it didn't have a heart like people, so Koutarou wasn't 
able to read where the giant would attack. Koutarou had no choice but to jump out of the way of 
the attacks. His only save was that the giant moved slower than a human, so it wasn't that hard 
to dodge. 


Seeing his chance as the axe was buried into the ground, Koutarou closed the distance and 
swung his sword. The blade crashed into the front of the giant's body. 

However, Koutarou's sword bounced off the giant's armor. Because of the giant's size, its armor 
was also quite thick. Even though Koutarou borrowed power from his armor, he couldn't cut it in 
half with a single sword, and he only left shallow dents on the armor. 

“Damnit, the sword’s not working!” 

Koutarou quickly jumped backwards. Almost scratching Koutarou's face, the axe came flying up 
at him. 

“Of course it won't, you idiot. It's useless, anything you try is useless.” 

“Shut up!” 

“Oh, scary. Well, keep trying Blue Knight. Kukuku...” 

With Dextro's laugh in the background, Koutarou repeatedly attacked the giant. But all of the 
attacks bounced off. He then changed his aim to the joints on the lower half of the giant's body, 
but this ended up having no effect either. The joints had plenty of armor as well, and Koutarou's 
attacks did nothing. 

“Bertorion, use the same attack you used when you cut the super-space-time repulsion shell in 
half! That should be enough to cut this giant in half too!” 

Clan's voice came through the communicator on the armor. 

She had seen Koutarou make his sword shine bright white several times. It could cut through 
barriers, split beams and even cut her repulsion shell in armor. She figured that if he used the 
same attack on this giant, it wouldn't come out unscathed. 

“No, it's impossible!” 

However, Koutarou shook his head while dodging the giant's attacks. 


“I'm not the one doing that! It always lights up and helps me when I'm in trouble; I'm not doing it 


124 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Beginning of the Legend 

The light that had made Saguratin glow only showed up when Koutarou was in danger or when 
he had been angry and lent him power. But Koutarou had no way of controlling that, so he 
couldn't make the sword glow out of his own will. 

“And we've been in this world for a while, but it hadn't glowed yet! We can't count on it!” 

“Guess we can't! Then leave this to me!” 

Clan stood up as she said that. She was currently standing on a roof, several dozen meters 
away from Koutarou and the giant. 

“The Cradle! The antimatter beam rifle!” 

“As you wish, my princess.” 

Clan shouted orders into her bracelet. A black hole appeared next to her and a long barrel stuck 
out. She waited for it to fully appear out of the black hole and held onto it with both hands. She 
was holding onto a giant antimatter beam rifle. It was the largest weapon she could handle 
herself, and its power was quite considerable. However, it had a rather large flaw. The rifle was 
so large that she couldn't move with it, so she could only use it for sniping. 

If this doesn't work, we're out of options... 

Clan took aim from on top of the roof. Koutarou was keeping the giant busy, its body was big 
and its movements slow. It was the perfect target for sniping. 

But if this didn't work, there wouldn't be anything else they could do. Because of its storage 
capacity, the Cradle didn't have a lot of weapons, and there was nothing more powerful than this 
onboard it. There was still one more repulsion shell, but if she used that, the entire village would 
be wiped out. 

Clan carefully took aim; since Alaia was being held by the giant's left arm she also needed to 
take care not to hit that area. 

If I knew this was going to happen, I should have gotten more practice fighting! 

While grieving about the weight of the responsibility on her shoulders, she finally put her target 
in her scope. Clan was aiming for the giant's head. 

“I'm firing, Bertorion!” 

Clan pulled the trigger as she shouted out. Koutarou was still fighting the giant, but since she 
was aiming for the head, there wasn't much worry about hitting him. Her shout was only to let 
him know about the timing. 

A white beam shot out from the long barrel. Since this weapon used electromagnetism to 
accelerate heavy metal particles, there was no recoil, unlike standard weapons using 
gunpowder. But Clan's body was still slowly being pushed backwards by the reactionary force; 
that's just how powerful the beam was. The beam shot through the atmosphere and closed the 
several dozen meters gap in an instant. The huge, slow giant had no way of dodging something 
that fast. 

The beam struck the giant's head spot on. 



Alaia let out a scream of surprise by the sudden flash, while Koutarou cheered with joy that the 
attack had hit. 

“Did I hit it!?” 

125 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Still holding the rifle, Clan checked on the giant. There was faint smoke around the giant's head, 
but she could clearly see what had happened from where she was. 

Having taken a direct hit from the beam, the giant's head had been completely ripped off. The 
beam had pierced through the left side of the chin and exited through the back of the head. The 
head was completely shattered by the impact and heat, and steel fragments rained down on 
Dextro and the magicians. 

“D-Damnit, that woman again!” 

Dextro swatted away the raining debris and glared at Clan who was several dozen meters away 
on a roof. Dextro had completely lost his temper. The invincible soldier he had so much faith in 
had been injured. And the one responsible was a young girl. Every time he was sure of his 
victory, it had been taken away from him, so Dextro was boiling with anger. 

“Kill them, start with that woman!” 

Dextro pointed the translucent globe in his hand at Clan. The giant, who was missing its head, 
began moving again. Unlike a human, losing its head wasn't enough to defeat the giant. 

“It can still move!?” 

“Kukuku, dieeeeeee!!” 

The giant pulled its axe backwards. 

“It couldn't— Clan, run away from there right now!!” 


At roughly the same time as Koutarou warned Clan, the giant threw its axe, putting all of its 
weight behind it, at Clan. The steel axe was far larger than she was, and approached her while 
spinning rapidly. It was a terrifying throw where Clan was sure to die instantly if she was hit. 

“This is not funny!!” 

Clan threw her rifle away and jumped for cover on the roof. 

However, the axe's target wasn't Clan, but the building she was on. If it was destroyed, Clan 
would be caught in its collapse and be unable to move. Rather than aiming at Clan and risking 
a miss, it was a much surer attack. 



Just as Dextro had planned, the axe easily destroyed the wooden house. Caught up in the 
collapse, Clan disappeared from Koutarou's view. All that was left was a mountain of rubble, and 
an axe sticking out of it. 


“Hey Clan, answer me!” 

While Alaia was screaming, Koutarou called for Clan through his armor's communicator. 
However, Clan didn't respond, and the only thing he could hear through the communicator was 
a static noise. 

“Kukuku, did that woman die? Oh well. Even if she was alive, she would just get trampled. 

“Clan, Clan!” 

Please be safe, Clan! 

126 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 5 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Koutarou called out to her repeatedly, but the only thing reaching his ears was Dextro's laughter. 
There was nothing but noise coming from the communicator. 

“Now then, next up is you, Blue Knight!” 

The giant reached towards its back and pulled out a hammer. Since it was its spare weapon, it 
was smaller than the axe, but it was still around two meters large. 

“Here it comes.” 

Koutarou put Clan aside for now and readied his sword. However, since he knew that his sword 
wasn't going to work, Koutarou was reluctant to start the fight. 

What do I do!? How can I win against this thing!? 

However, the giant didn't give Koutarou any time to think. It came charging towards Koutarou 
with the hammer in hand. Since the hammer was smaller than the axe, it could be swung faster. 

The hammer scraped against the barrier protecting Koutarou repeatedly, and shaved off the 
energy used to maintain the barrier. 

“Warning. At the current rate of energy usage, it will be impossible to maintain the barrier for 
longer than a minute.” 

“So this is just a battle of attrition!” 

Koutarou moved around the hammer while desperately working his head. But he couldn't come 
up with any good ideas. If Koutarou ran away, the villagers and Alaia's allies would be in danger. 
That said, he had no idea on how to defeat the giant. 

127 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 6 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Part 6 

“Blue Knight.” 

At that moment, Koutarou heard a voice inside his head. 

“Who's there!?” 

“It's me, Caris.” 

The voice belonged to Caris, and shortly thereafter he heard another person's voice. 

“I can hear Reios-sama's and Caris-sama's voice inside my head... what is...” 

“Caris, what is this!?” 

Puzzled by the sudden voices in his head, Koutarou continued fighting the giant. He began 
aiming for the thin fingers on the giant's hand. He was aiming to cut the fingers off to keep the 
giant from using the hammer. 

“Since the situation is urgent i'll keep it brief. The reason we can talk like this is thanks to the 
power of magic. You can communicate with people from far away. ” 

“So this is... magic... how convenient. 

Koutarou's sword was able to slightly cut into the giant's fingers, but a single strike wasn't enough 
to decapitate them. At this rate, a couple more swings would be required. 

“According to Lidith, that giant is a type of magic doll.” 

A magic doll was a puppet created by giving life to something lifeless using magic. The doll was 
called different things based on the material it consisted off; if it was made out of soil, it would 
be a clay golem, if rocks, a stone golem, and so on. 

Through a control gem, the magic doll followed the orders of those it has been registered to 
obey. So even if the gem was stolen, other people wouldn’t be able to use it. It was necessary 
to hold a ritual to change the registered person. 

After being given an order, the golem was capable of making its own decisions, to a certain 
degree. In other words, it was an artificial human with a simplified personality. Even if they 
destroyed the gem in Dextro's hand, the giant would probably continue fighting. 

Thanks to those properties, fighting magic dolls was very troublesome. 

“This giant's body is made of steel created by Maxfern's alchemists, so it would probably be 
called a steel golem. Lidith said she had something like this being produced in the atelier. ” 

Lidith was Maxfern's niece, and she studied alchemy in Maxfern's atelier. During her time there, 
she had seen a giant being created. 

“According to Lidith, various other alchemists have added to it, so it will be hard to defeat. But 
since it's a magic doll, it has a weakness. ” 

“A weakness!? Does it really have something like that!?” 

Koutarou kept swinging his sword while responding without moving his mouth. This was 
something he didn't want Dextro to hear. 

“It does. Inside the left side of its chest, where a human’s heart would be, is a crystal roughly the 
size of a human's fist. Destroy that. ” 

“Will that defeat it!?” 

128 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 6 

The Beginning of the Legend 

‘Yes. I have created magic dolls myself, so there's no mistaking it. That crystal is absorbing 
energy from nature and converting it into magic to move its body. You can see the flow of spiritual 
energy, right? Aim for the spot where the spiritual energy is focused.” 

“I got it, I'll give it a try!” 

Having found a possibility to win, Koutarou's expression eased up as he stared at left side of the 
giant's chest. The next moment his smile froze. 

“By the left side of its chest, you mean...” 

“That's right. That's why I talked to both you and princess Alaia.” 

Alaia was covering the left side giant's chest. 

“I don't mind, please do it.” 

“What do you mean you don't mind, of course I can't do it!” 

“Reios-sama, I will die from the poison either way. You can't trade the lives of yourself and the 
villagers for me.” 

Alaia was in the way, preventing him from attacking. He would have to circle around and attack 
it from behind, but it wouldn't be easy. Aware of that, Alaia told Koutarou to go ahead and attack. 

“Your highness, I can't do that.” 

“However, you don't have any other options.” 

While denying Alaia's words, Koutarou desperately racked his brains. 

What can I do, how can I attack the left side of its chest without harming her highness? 

At that moment, the hammer was swung down in front of Koutarou. And with the weapon 
burrowed into the ground, Koutarou swung his sword at the giant's fingers. 

He hit the same part as before and the cut got deeper. 


At that moment, an idea sparked in Koutarou's mind. 

“Right, we could do that!” 


That idea was instantaneously transmitted to Alaia and Caris. The two of them agreed with his 

“But what do we do before that? How can you crack that thick armor?” 


Then, Koutarou's idea was stopped once again. He couldn't come up with an idea to destroy the 
crystal behind the armor. 

“It's okay, Reios-sama. ” 

However, Alaia was smiling in a cheerful manner. She was smiling at Koutarou, who hadn't 
noticed the solution. 

Having been told how to attack by Alaia, Koutarou finished by asking Caris a question. 

“Caris, can you stop that thing from moving for just a moment?” 

“I'll give it a try. The rest is up to you, Blue Knight.” 


129 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 6 

The Beginning of the Legend 

Caris's presence got more distant. Sensing that, Koutarou readied his sword. It was finally time 
for the last round. 

“Reios-sama. ” 

“Your highness, I'll save you right away. ” 

“...I wish you the best of luck.” 

Holding his sword, Koutarou and Alaia stared at each for a tiny moment. But the feelings they 
conveyed during this time were anything but tiny. 

“What's wrong, Blue Knight. Over already?” 

“The only one it's over for is you.” 

“Oh, to think you still had the energy to crack jokes. But your breath is getting quite rough.” 
“Why don't you do some work too?” 

“I'll pass. Getting a sweat from working is for underlings.” 

Geez, to think I'd be struggling this much even after bringing out the Diabolical Soldier... 

Despite his confidence tone of voice, Dextro was annoyed that Koutarou hadn't fallen over yet. 
But seeing that Koutarou's movements were getting slower and more sluggish, Dextro figured 
that his victory was close at hand. 

“I just want to drink some alcohol while relaxing... so you can die now, Blue Knight.” 

“Just try me. You'll regret not practicing some more with the sword.” 

“Keh! I'll admit though, that guts of yours is something else!” 

The giant moved forward as Dextro shouted that out. The distance between it and Koutarou 
closed, and its weapon was now in range. The giant was of course the one to take the first swing 
as it had superior reach. The hammer roared as it rushed through the air and closed in on 
Koutarou. He jumped to the side and avoided the hammer. 

As the hammer slammed into the ground, Koutarou could feel the earth trembling. Before the 
quake died down, Koutarou moved in to attack. 

“The angle's too shallow!?” 

Koutarou's sword struck the back of the giant's hand and bounced off. All the attack did was 
leave a small dent. But he didn't have the time to feel down. He quickly kicked off the ground 
and jumped to the side of the giant. The next moment, the giant's right leg came flying through 
where Koutarou had been. If he had still been there, he probably would have been sent flying 
as well. 

“How about this!?” 

Koutarou slammed the flat of his sword into the giant's right leg. 

There was a loud noise, but it didn't cause any damage to the giant. However, the blow was 
enough to slightly offset the giant's balance. Trying to regain its balance, it swung its right arm 
through the air. 

“This time for sure!!” 

Koutarou swung his sword down with full force. The blade dug into the giant's fingers, just as 

Having taken several hits, the fingers finally came off. 

130 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 6 

The Beginning of the Legend 



Leaving only the thumb left on its hand, the other four fingers fell off. And having lost its gripping 
ability, the hammer in the giant's hand fell down. The tip of the hammer burrowed into the ground 
and stayed there. Koutarou stopped his attacks and took some distance from the giant. 

“I see, so he was aiming for this by only targeting the fingers!” 

Dextro clicked his tongue as he looked at Koutarou moving away. 

At the same time, the giant braced itself and regained its balance. The giant then tried to pick up 
the hammer with its right hand, but noticing that it didn't have any fingers, it stopped for a 

Goddess of dawn, please... 

Alaia prayed, not sure if her prayers reached the heavens or not. The next moment, the giant 
gave up on trying to pick up the hammer with its right hand and switched Alaia to the right side. 
It only had the thumb left on its right hand, but it was enough to carry Alaia. It then went to pick 
up the hammer with its left hand. 

“Now! Do it, Caris!!” 

However, that was the moment that Koutarou had been waiting for. 

“Release incantation delay!! Spirits of water and earth, now is the time to show your bond!!” 

Caris released the magic she had prepared beforehand. It was a spell that created a large marsh 
at the giant's feet. 

The giant sunk into the sudden marsh. It wasn't deep enough for its entire body to sink in, but 
because of its weight, it was unable to get out. The giant sunk down to its knees and lost the 
ability to move. 

“Damn it, a magician!? Where!? N-No, more importantly, hurry up and get out of there!!” 

Dextro hurriedly ordered the giant. If Dextro hadn't taken his eyes off Koutarou, and instead 
gotten in his way, the following events probably would have changed. 

In the end, Dextro didn't do anything himself, and that is what decided his fate. 

“Emergency boosters to max power!!” 

Koutarou roared. 

“As you wish, my lord.” 

And as if to drown that out, an explosive noise rang out from his entire body. 

That was the sound of the emergency boosters, set up all over his armor, activating. The 
boosters spewed out flames and an enormous amount of thrust was created. They were backups 
that were used for the armor’s flight ability. Koutarou's body flew through the air. 

“What, what's that sound!?” 

“Reios-sama, i-is flying...” 

Koutarou flew for but a few seconds. While Dextro and Alaia were still surprised, the boosters’ 
flames cut out and Koutarou landed. 

Koutarou burrowed his heels into the ground to stop his sliding. And Koutarou stopped in front 
of a collapsed house. 




Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 6 

The Beginning of the Legend 
“...You got here quicker than I thought, Bertorion.” 

There, he found Clan, and next to her was Lidith. Lidith had gotten there ahead of time, woken 
up the unconscious Clan and explained the circumstances. The two of them waited for Koutarou 
to come. 

“Despite my looks, I'm the type of guy who arrives ahead of time.” 

“How impudent... quit your lies, you're always oversleeping.” 

Koutarou pulled out a large metallic object from the rubble. Clan or Lidith couldn't have done 
that, let alone move it. But to Koutarou who was wearing the armor, he was able to pull it out 
and carry it. And use it. The antimatter beam rifle. It was Clan's weapon that had blown off the 
giant's head. 

“W-What, when did he get all the way over there!? And that weapon...!?” 

That was when Dextro finally noticed what Koutarou and the others were planning. 

They would keep the giant from moving using magic, and then use the weapon that destroyed 
the giant's head to attack. And they could only do that after the giant moved Alaia from its left 
side to its right. 

“That's impossible, I even used the Diabolical Soldier, and I'm going to lose!?” 

Koutarou and the others were planning on shoot through the giant's weak point with a single 
shot. Realizing that, Dextro, half-frenzied, called out to the giant. 

“I told you to get out of there right now!! Just how slow can you be!?” 

But despite Dextro's yells, the giant couldn't get out of the marsh. The size and weight that Dextro 
had been so proud of were working against it. 

“Clan, I'll point this at the enemy! You do the aiming!” 

“I know!” 

Koutarou held the beam rifle up using both of his hands. Since it was Clan's weapon, it couldn't 
be used directly through Koutarou's armor. So the one shooting would be Clan. 

And the target is... 

Koutarou closed his eyes and focused. He could see white swirling light around the left side of 
the giant's chest. 

“Your highness, right there!” 

“I understand, Reios-sama!” 

Listening to Koutarou's direction, Alaia put her hand at the left side of the giant's chest. Her small 
hand perfectly overlapped with the white swirling light that Koutarou could see. 

“Clan, right there! Aim for where the princess' right hand is!” 

“Can you stop ordering me around!?” 

Clan adjusted the rifle's aim using her bracelet. The rifle sent out information via Clan's bracelet, 
and Koutarou's armor moved by itself and fine-tuned the direction of the rifle. 

“Your highness, take cover!” 


Alaia pulled her hand away and curled up her body. The giant was still struggling with getting 
out of the marsh, now was the perfect chance. 

132 | Page 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 6 

The Beginning of the Legend 

“Now! Fire!” 

“I know, I understand, geez!” 

Having confirmed that Alaia was out of range, Clan entered the firing order into her bracelet. 

A white flash fired from its long barrel once more. It soared through the sky like an arrow of light 
and pierced the giant's left side. 

Having lost its power source, the giant stopped moving in the marsh. Looking at that, Dextro sat 
down absentmindedly while Koutarou pointed his sword at him. 

“The match has been decided, copper knight Dextro.” 

“Yeah. It's my loss...” 

Dextro, unexpectedly enough, admitted his defeat. 

“To think I'd lose after using the Diabolical Soldier... Blue Knight, just who are you?” 

Dextro was extremely confident in the giant's strength. With its destruction, Dextro was able to 
honestly admit his loss. He couldn't come up with any other way of defeating Koutarou. 

Seeing Dextro like that, Koutarou put Saguratin back in its sheath. 

“I'm a traveler. A simple traveler in a complicated situation.” 

“A traveler? ...Damn, I'm out of luck...” 

Dextro let out a loud sigh and let his body fall over to the side. 

“No, it's the opposite... Alaia's blessed with luck...” 

“Just tell me something, Dextro.” 


“In the last moments, why didn't you use princess Alaia as a shield?” 

Just a while before, Dextro had used Alaia as a shield to keep Koutarou and Clan in check, so 
Koutarou couldn't understand why he hadn't done the same this time. 

“I'd be in more trouble if by any chance the worst possible outcome occurred.” 

“The worst?” 


Dextro had a self-ridiculing smile on his lips. 

“My orders were to capture and return with Alaia. However, there was a single condition. I could 
let her experience so much pain that she wanted to die, I could let her drink the incurable poison. 
I could even let her get away. However, I couldn't directly kill her, no matter what.” 

“You can't kill her...?” 

Dextro had infected Alaia with the disease, and he had pretended that he would kill her, but he 
wasn't allowed to kill her right away. Hearing that, Koutarou recalled something. 

Is he the same as Car is ... ? 

That was that like Caris, he hadn't received orders to kill Alaia. Both of them pursued Alaia, but 
at the very end, they couldn't lay their hands on her. Koutarou found that mysterious. 

“And I'm not good at giving the Diabolical Soldier complicated commands. There was no 
guarantee of being able to properly use Alaia. It's different from when I use her as a shield 

133 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 6 

The Beginning of the Legend 

I see... 

The giant had a will of its own, however it wasn't as good as humans at making complicated 
decisions. If Dextro had ordered it to use Alaia as a shield, there was a chance that it'd fail. So 
Dextro decided not to order the giant to do so. 

“Dextro, you should have tried to grasp victory by fighting yourself.” 

“...You're not wrong. What a blunder...” 

If Dextro hadn't brought out the giant and instead fought, using Alaia as a hostage, he might 
have been able to defeat Koutarou and Clan. Winning with his own strength was the principle 
he had grown up believing. 

“That's all I wanted to say. Bye, Dextro.” 

Koutarou turned his back on Dextro, who was lying down. 

“Are you sure you don't want to kill me?” 

“No matter who her highness's opponent is, she doesn't want any Forthorthe citizens to die.” 

Koutarou himself want to at least pummel Dextro. He didn't really care if he died. He had done 
so much evil, however Alaia didn't want that, so Koutarou decided not to do anything else. 

“Besides, I trust you.” 

Koutarou looked back at Dextro and lifted the edge of his lips. 

“You trust me!?” 

Shocked, Dextro raised his upper body. 

“Yeah. You're cunning and care about your own profit. So you won't make the mistake of fighting 
us directly again.” 


However, Dextro began laughing after hearing Koutarou's next words. 

“Hahaha, you're damn right, Blue Knight!! That's absolutely true!! Kuhahahaha!!” 

It was a bright laughter that laughed off even his own defeat. 

Having finished his discussion with Dextro, Koutarou headed towards Alaia. He had left her to 
Clan and the others, so Clan, Lidith and Caris were already there. 

“Aren't you feeling high and mighty, leaving a princess to go chatting, Reios-sama.” 

“Well, I was surrounded by unique people in my hometown.” 

“Fufu, you're even good at knitting, Reios-sama.” 

Alaia had already been saved from the giant's grasp and welcomed Koutarou with a special 
smile she wouldn't show anyone else. 

“I'm glad you're safe, princess Alaia.” 

“Well done, Reios-sama.” 

As the two of them were talking, they both relaxed their shoulders at the same time. Having been 
on guard all this time, after seeing that the other is safe, they felt relieved. However, that was 
when she lost her balance. 


“Your highness!” 

134 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 6 

The Beginning of the Legend 
Koutarou hurriedly rushed to keep her from falling. 

Not good, her highness is still ... 

During the tense conflict, Koutarou had temporarily forgotten that Alaia was ill and shouldn't even 
be walking. 

“Your highness.” 


So Koutarou picked her up, and was planning on carrying her to the inn. 

“I'm fine, Reios-sama. I can walk on my own.” 

“Princess Alaia, you've already worked enough. Please take care of yourself a little more.” 

Fortunately, thanks to his armor, carrying Alaia was nothing to Koutarou and he began walking 
like normal. 

135 | P a g e 

Volume 07.5 

7\1: PbI 0){§k ® ^! ? 

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? 

Part 6 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 6 

The Beginning of the Legend 
“...I understand, t-then, please do.” 

Saying that, Alaia relaxed her body and closed her eyes. 

That's right... the problem still isn't solved. We've only survived the danger directly in front of 

Alaia's complexion was getting worse by the minute. The disease was getting worse. And it 
wasn't just Alaia, but the same was true for everyone in the village. They had repelled Dextro, 
but they had no solution for the disease plaguing the village. The village was still in the midst of 

“Blue Knight, what do we do now?” 

Caris called out to him, but Koutarou just shook his head. 

“I don't know. Dextro didn't have any antidote. If only there was some kind of solution...” 

There was no medicine to treat the virus that Dextro had spread on Maxfern's orders. In the play 
there was medicine, so Koutarou was sure that he'd be able to get it from Dextro. However, 
reality was different. 

That was when Clan, who had been thinking with a serious expression all this time opened her 

“...Guess it can't be avoided. I can't really get behind it, but I guess we have to use our last 

“Last resort!? Clan-san, do you have a treatment method!?” 

Lidith, Maxfern's niece, had been feeling guilty about the case. So when Clan mentioned the 
term last resort, she was the first to ask. 


Overwhelmed by Lidith, Clan nodded her head. When she did, Koutarou was the next to react. 
“Is that true!? Clan!!” 

“Bertorion, I told you there was another method before.” 


“Yes. This method doesn't have a high chance of success and there's a large risk, but there's 
not much else we can do in this situation.” 

After smiling wryly at Koutarou, she pulled her expression together. That was the expression of 
a princess that she only showed when she was serious. 

137 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

Reios Fatra Bertorion 

Reios Fatra Bertorion _ 

Several days after Koutarou and the others had repelled Dextro and his men. The villagers were 
about to restart the harvest festival. Because of the disease and soldiers, it was about to be 
cancelled, but because of the wishes of the villagers, it was continued. 

“Hey, Blue Knight!” 

“Yes, your highness?” 

“It's nothing. Just be there.” 


“Don't go ahead with just sister and you again.” 

“I won't, really...” 

Koutarou and Chari had promised to walk around the harvest festival together. Chari was holding 
a grudge because Koutarou and Alaia had gone out with just the two of them before. 

“Charl-sama, if you don't hurry up and change you can't go outside.” 

“I know, I know.” 

Chari was in the middle of changing her clothes behind a screen. The maid, Mary, had been 
helping her, and the two of them had been making a commotion for a while now. Meanwhile, 
Koutarou was sitting in a chair, waiting for her to finish changing. 

“I'm glad you're energetic again, Chari.” 

“That's true... for a moment, 1 wasn't sure what would happen...” 

Alaia was sitting on the opposite side of Koutarou. Next to her were Flair and Fauna as well. The 
four of them were sitting around a table. 

“Everyone feeling better is all thanks to Clan-chan working all night. You have a great servant, 

“Hahaha, I'll let her know that Fauna-san praised her later.” 

Fauna called Clan, 'Clan-chan.' Clan didn't seem to like it and would frequently complain to 


“Yes, what is it?” 

“After these events, there's something that I have decided on.” 

Showing a faint smile, Alaia's eyes were serious. 

“I will continue travelling to Pardomshiha territory and fight against Maxfern.” 

“So you've made your decision.” 

I see, so that's why her eyes are so serious... 

Hearing Alaia's words, Koutarou realized the meaning behind her expression. 

“Yes. In order to capture me, Maxfern indiscriminately poisoned an entire village. I can't let 
someone like that lead people.” 

Alaia stared right into Koutarou's eyes and clearly stated her decision. 

“So I will defeat Maxfern, and carry out my duty as royalty of this country.” 

“That's a marvelous resolution.” 

138 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

Reios Fatra Bertorion 

A few days ago, Alaia was fine with leaving to country to Maxfern as long as he could lead the 
people. What should be protected first and foremost was not the law nor pride, but the citizens. 

However, Maxfern had ordered an indiscriminate attack on the citizens, and that helped Alaia to 
make up her mind. Because the people that should be protected had been harmed. 

“Please allow me to lend you my strength.” 

“Thank you, Reios-sama. I feel like I've gained the support of a million men.” 

“What are you doing chatting with just sister, Blue Knight!? Let me in on it too!” 

“Ah, you can't go out looking like that, Charl-sama!” 

That was when Chari jumped out from behind the screen, wearing only her underwear. 
“Reios-sama, excuse me!!” 


“Sister, let’s appoint Blue Knight to be our personal bodyguard!” 

However, before Koutarou could see Chari, Mary covered his eyes with her hands. 

Hearing a loud cheer coming from the outside, Clan stopped operating her device. 

“What could that be?” 

“Just hold on a minute...” 

Noticing the same thing, Lidith who had been acting as Clan's assistant these past few days 
opened the window and took a look on the outside situation. 

“Ah, it looks like Alaia-sama and the others went out.” 

“I ««« ” 

I see. 

Having stopped on what she was working on, Clan walked up to the window and began looking 
outside alongside Lidith. Since their room was on the third floor, they could tell what was 
happening on the street below. Outside the inn was a large crowd, surrounding Alaia, Koutarou 
and the others who had gone out to enjoy the festival. 


“Blue Knight-sama! Thank you for saving my daughter!!” 

“Please retake the country from Maxfern!!” 

The crowd was shouting words of gratitude and encouragement. The villagers were all healthy 
looking, with no signs of being sick. 

“Geez... unaware of my hard work...” 

While looking at Koutarou responding to the crowds cheers while carrying Chari on his 
shoulders, Clan smiled. That gentle smile held friendly emotions towards Koutarou. 

Clan had rewritten the villagers’ genes to treat the disease. 

Koutarou had not developed any symptoms after coming into contact with the virus, and Clan 
had only come down with a mild fever. So by comparing the genetic differences between the 
patients, Koutarou, and Clan, she was able to identify a gene that was resistant to the sickness. 

Clan injected that gene with the virus in question, and created a reconstructed virus. By injecting 
that into a patient showing symptoms, their genes were rapidly rewritten into the virus tolerant 
gene. By doing that, a part of the patient’s genes were replaced with Koutarou's, and they were 
given a tolerance. 

139 | P a g e 


Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

Reios Fatra Bertorion 

All that was left after that was to remove the reconstructed virus from the patient and inject it into 
someone else. 

And since the virus and the reconstructed virus counteracted each other, there were no signs of 
the virus left in the patient. Because of that, almost all the patients had recovered by today. 

But at the same time, this was a gamble that had a large risk. 

The first problem was the time. Treating all the villagers in the village would take some amount 
of time. If Maxfern's soldiers attacked during that time, everything would be over. 

And there was no guarantee that the restructured virus would have the desired effect. The effect 
might also differ from person to person. So there was no way of knowing the rate of success 
until actually trying it. 

Moreover, it was common for a virus to suddenly mutate. Several generations were created as 
the virus spread, meaning that there was a chance for the virus to mutate. In the worst case 
scenario, a new disease could be created. That would be the start of another nightmare. 

That was why Clan was reluctant at using this last resort until the very end. Stealing the antidote 
from Dextro would have been much safer. 

In the end, they had been fortunate, and what Clan had feared didn't occur. 

Maxfern's soldiers hadn't attacked the village. They were waiting for the poison they had spread 
to dissipate and for Alaia and the others to die. Because of that, they were able to get enough 
time to treat the virus, but they couldn't really celebrate. The army was most likely using the time 
to prepare and waiting for them up ahead. 

The reconstructed virus was compatible with all the patients, and had successfully rewritten their 
genes. There were still a few, highly exhausted people who died, but overall it was a great 

And a sudden mutation of the virus hadn't occurred. That was the biggest danger that Clan was 
worried about. So much so that once the treatment safely ended, Clan lost all power to stand. 

Clan never wanted to make such a dangerous gamble again. Having balanced on a thin line, 
Clan was completely mentally exhausted. 

Since explaining this treatment method to the villagers would be hard, Koutarou said that he had 
gotten the medicine from Dextro and the others. It was far easier to claim that a medicine that 
didn't exist actually existed, than explaining that it had been created using strange technology. 

“Just how much did I struggle during these past few days...” 

Clan put her elbows on the window frame and stared out over the village. Still smiling, she didn't 
actually think her struggles were that bad. She knew that Maxfern's men were waiting up ahead, 
but today she was rejoiced at their victory. 

“Isn't it fine, Clan-san? If Lord Bertorion becomes famous, you'll benefit as his servant as well.” 
“Servant... Servant, right...” 

Clan disliked being called a servant more than the existence of their enemies. 

“If it wasn't for me, this would have been a disaster, I can't accept being considered the support 

“Now, now, Clan-san.” 

Lidith understood Clan's feelings, so she smiled gently just like Clan. Having helped Clan as an 
assistant these past few days, she had gotten to know her better. 

140 | P a g e 

AH PsflfflfitBpli! ? 

Volume 07.5 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Part 1 

Reios Fatra Bertorion 
“Let's toast together later. To me, Clan-san is today's star.” 

Lidith followed Clan up. However at this point, Clan couldn't hear her. Her complexion was pale 
and her mouth was wide open. 

Wait!? If it wasn't for me...!?' 

Clan was aghast at her own words. They were certainly true. 

That was a virus that magic or medicine of this age couldn't cure. If the real Blue Knight had 
been here, could he have treated it? 

What's more, Clan had some tolerance towards the disease. Couldn't she have gotten that 
resistance after rewriting the genes of the people of this age? 

And if assuming that the Blue Knight’s famous words 'From an endless time and a countless 
distance' came from someone else, it all made sense. 

“I see, so that's what it was!! No wonder I couldn't find him no matter how hard I looked!!” 

Clan slammed her hands into the window frame and pushed herself up. All the questions she 
had been carrying around suddenly all fit together as pieces of a puzzle and pointed to a single 

If I hadn't been here, the disease couldn't have been cured! There's only one explanation for 
why I had a tolerance towards the disease and why I had to be here! In the legend of the Blue 
Knight I had to be in this place! And that man certainly did come from 'an endless time and a 
countless distance.’ Which means... 

“That man, Bertorion is the actual Blue Knight!!” 

The true identity of Forthorthe's legendary hero, Reios Fatra Bertorion was a slightly dim looking 
youth from Earth. 



Volume 07.5 

AH PiUfflfitBp#! ? 

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? 



Long time no see everyone, it's the author Takehaya. This time I have much more space for the 
afterword than last time. 

Only three months have passed since the last volume, and I'm sure you can understand the 
reason why. That's right, the invaders don't appear in this volume. Because this is more of a 
side-story I and the publishing department wanted to publish this volume as soon as possible. 

This volume covers what Koutarou and Clan were doing when they disappeared in the previous 
volume. However I couldn't fit all of that into a single volume, so this side-story will get a sequel. 
What follows will be revealed in volume 8.5. 

With some more room in this afterword, I wanted to cover some hardships I had while writing 
this volume. 

The first problem was the timing. I can only write about this now, but I was wondering when I 
should release the contents of this volume since the very first volume. If a story without most of 
the established characters is released before you can get used to the story and characters, there 
would be a lot of confusion. That said, there was no guarantee that this series would continue 
for long. In the end I decided to release this at a timing that felt more natural. Fortunately, thanks 
to the support of all you readers, this risky volume was able to be safely published. So while 
relieved, I am also grateful for all the support. I will continue working hard so please continue to 
support me in the future. 

The second problem was how to treat the timeslip to the past. Is there only one true history, or 
does it branch off like a tournament board? If it branched off, what were the conditions for that? 
It was necessary to define that for the convenience of the story. 

There was actually something that I had been wondering about for a while. That was that once 
you time slipped into the past, would you actually be able to come back to the same time and 

The reason for that is that if a person was sent back in time in a timeslip, the moment that person 
appeared in the past the mass of the planet would increase by a single person. And the change 
in gravity from that would slightly alter the universe. So having slightly changed the history of the 
universe, returning from that, one would return to a slightly different world. Of course, that change 
might be so minute that the time traveler wouldn't notice it. Though minute, a change is a change, 
while everything might look the same all your friends and family would actually be different 
people. And if parallel universes existed it would become even more complicated, as the time 
traveler would still be absent from the world they came from. Because of that, story composition 
is quite problematic. 

That's why I thought about it for a long time and decided that while parallel universes existed, 
they could also rejoin. So if there was a minor change, history would return to normal right away. 
As a result, history wouldn't look like a tournament board, but like knitting. In that structure, if a 
time traveler changed history, they could return to their own world if they tried hard enough. They 
would be able to meet their friends and family again. 

I reached this conclusion just before my head was about to explode. Thanks to that, I was able 
to sort this story out, but I believe I'll come across similar philosophical problems in future works. 
I'm both scared and looking forward to it; creating a story is quite hard. 

I've run out of room, I felt like I had more space, but it ran out right away. It's time to bid farewell 
this time. 

I'd like to thank everyone helping me at the editorial department, Poco-san, my illustrator, my 
friends that give me advice and all the readers who bought this book. 

142 | P a g e 

Volume 07.5 

/vH PbI (D{§k ® ^! ? 

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? 


I pray for all the people affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami. 

March, 2011 Takeyama 

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