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The Witches' Scheme 

Sunday, January 31 

Several months had passed since Maki had come to 
Kitsushouharukaze city. 

During that time, she had been using a room in an apartment 
house. Though she had been using that room for months, it 
still didn't feel like someone was living there. There was little 
to no furniture, and nothing that a girl her age would 
normally have was anywhere to be seen. There was only a 
simple table and chair and a bed to sleep in. It was a dull 
room, almost like a prison cell. 

“Come, Nightwalker!" 

Maki's sharp voice echoed in that lonely room. A blue light 
was emitted from the front of her outstretched right hand. 
The next moment, an irregularity occurred in the same place. 

The light was off, and the room was dark. However, the area 
in front of her right hand was even darker. A deep indigo mist 
spread out sideways. After a few seconds, the mist had 
spread to about a meter in length. It then solidified and 
turned into a cane. 

This cane had been given the name 'Nightwalker'. The cane 
had the function of amplifying one's magical power, and it 
was a necessary tool for a magical girl like Maki. She grabbed 
the cane floating in the air and moved it overhead. 

“Magic Communication Gem, Activate. Open Channel.” 

Maki spoke out the words to activate the magical tools set up 
in the room. There were plenty of tools in the room, but the 
one she had activated let her communicate with her allies 
from far away. 

Responding to Maki's voice, the gems buried into the wall 
began glowing. There were a total of six gems glowing: Red, 
Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. With Maki in the 
center of the room, these gems began to surround her. The 
gems were emitting a dark light just like Maki's cane. The 
light gradually grew stronger, and eventually turned into the 
shape of a person. Girls wearing outfits of the same color as 
the gem appeared one after another. The gems had created 
3D images via magic; it was a convenient magical tool that 
let the users talk face to face. 

“Oh, Maki. Is that your new cane?” 

Once the forms became stable, the girl in red called out to 
Maki. Maki lowered her cane and nodded at the girl in red. 

“That's right. It took a while longer than I expected, but it's 
finally finished.” 

In her fight with Yurika, Maki had lost her previous cane. This 
'Nightwalker' was the replacement that she had made herself. 

“Navy-chan, you could've made a cuter cane.” 

The girl in orange referred to Maki as Navy-chan. Unlike Maki 
and the girl in red, she had a bright smile. 

“A cane is for fighting. There's no need for decorations.” 

Maki responded dissatisfied. She didn't like being called 

“Your cane is dull, the room is desolate and you have no 

makeup. Navy-chan, you're wasting your youth... that's 

The girl in orange pulled out a small something from her 

"Navy-chan, use this! I accidentally bought an extra just 
yesterday, so I was thinking of giving it to someone!” 

The girl in orange then threw it towards Maki. The thing 
passed through the gem and came flying towards her. This 
communication spell had the power to transfer small objects. 
Maki caught the flying object. 

"Nail polish?” 

"You're wrong, Navy-chan. It might look similar, but this is a 
liquid lipstick. You're a girl after all, so you should look more 
like it..." 

The girl in orange sighed. She was amazed at how indifferent 
Maki was in this area. 

"Anyway, you should use that to make yourself look a little 
cuter, Navy-chan. You have a great base, so if you just try to 
make yourself look cuter, the boys won't leave you alone.” 

"That's none of your business! I don't want anything to do 
with a man whose attitude changes from some makeup!" 

Maki shouted out irritated and threw away the lipstick in her 

Why would I want to hide how I really look! 

Maki hated lies and betrayal, so she intentionally kept 
makeup and fashion at a distance. Maki considered them to 
be convenient lies designed to make her look better than 


“My, my." 

The girl in orange smiled wryly as she looked at the lipstick 
rolling on the floor. 

“Navy-chan, you're so devoted..." 

“Why does that matter? I didn't contact you to discuss this 
kind of thing!" 

Maki irritably turned away from the girl in orange. 

She didn't just hate being called Navy-chan by the girl in 
orange, but she also couldn't accept the girl in orange 
decorating herself through makeup and fashion. 

“Calm down, Navy. You won't be able to properly deliver your 
report if you're in that state." 

“I understand, Purple." 

Admonished by the girl in purple, Maki closed her eyes and 
took deep breaths. When she opened her eyes again, she had 
returned to her normal self. 

“I contacted you today because there were three things I 
wanted to discuss." 

“One is that your cane is finished, correct?" 

“Yes. As you can see, it's finally complete. I can now start 
taking action again." 

Maki had her lost her cane in the fight with Yurika at the end 
of November. It took nearly two months to recreate the new 
cane. During that time, she had been too busy with her cane 

to do anything else. But with her cane finally completed, she 
could now return to her original mission. 

“What's the second?" 

“This would be the main subject." 

Maki nodded with a serious expression. 

“It seems the magic power in that room, Corona House's 
room 106, has greatly increased." 

“It's... increased?" 

The girl in purple's expression got slightly sharper. Having 
been together for a long time, Maki understood how she felt 
from that slight change. 

“Yes. I confirmed it with passive analysis magic when I 
completed the cane. There were some fluctuations so I 
couldn't get an accurate reading, but it's increased by 30% at 
the very least." 

The cane had been completed yesterday. Right after 
completion, she had used her cane to investigate the magic 
power in room 106 and noticed that the magic power 
gathering there had become even greater. 

“Please wait for a more accurate analysis. It's hard to 
examine without Rainbow Yurika and Satomi Koutarou 

In order to examine the magic power, Maki had to use 
powerful magic right next to room 106. By doing that, there 
was obviously a high chance of Yurika or Koutarou finding out. 
Maki had to wait until Yurika or Koutarou showed an opening. 

“Navy, do you know the reason for why the magic power's 


"Something had happened." 

Maki continued speaking while carefully choosing her words. 
She wasn't completely sure of what had happened either. 

"In the second half of January, they performed a play at their 
school. During that time, there seemed to have been a large- 
scale battle. I wasn't there, but I could sense that Rainbow 
Yurika was using magic." 

"A large-scale battle..." 

Without her cane, Maki's ability to sense magic had 
weakened. But her being able to sense magic being used 
despite being far away meant that a large battle must have 

"A few days after that, I completed my cane and noticed that 
the magic power in room 106 had increased as I examined it 

"That battle does sound suspicious. Either their opponent 
created the reason for the magic power's increase, or they 
had no chance of winning without increasing the magic 

"I'm of the same opinion, Purple." 

Ever since she lost her cane, Maki was aware of two battles 
that Yurika had fought in: once at the theme park by the 
coast, and once during the play. It was highly likely that 
either of those events had been the cause for the change in 
room 106, but considering the timing, Maki suspected the 

"That being said, we can't determine if it really was the 

reason for the change, with so many forces gathered in that 
room. More investigation is needed.” 

"Two foreigners and a black haired woman; that's what you 
said before, right?” 

"Yes. It's possible that any of them could be the reason too.” 

Maki nodded at the girl in purple. The girls in red and orange, 
who had been listening, interjected. 

"Maki, what about the martial arts expert?" 

"Yeah. Wasn't there a ghost too?” 

"I don't think there's much of a chance of them being the 

However, Maki shook her head at the two. 

"It's hard to imagine a martial artist or a ghost to be the 
reason for the increase in magic power. Manafist and Lich 
aside, they're just a normal martial artist and ghost." 

Maki couldn't sense any magical power from the martial artist 
or ghost in room 106, so she couldn't imagine either of them 
being the reason for the increase in magical power. 

"Navy, regardless of who's the cause, we need to investigate 
it as soon as possible." 

"That's the third thing I wanted to discuss. Since the cane is 
complete, and I've investigated what I wanted, I want you to 
let me do a more in-depth investigation." 

The time for an all-out attack from the seven evil magical 
girls, Darkness Rainbow, was close. The battle to occupy 
room 106 and control the magic power there was near. 

Up to now, she had been investigating without attracting any 
attention. But after realizing that the magic power had 
increased, Maki wanted to do a more thorough investigation. 
The risk for Maki would increase, but with the battle so close, 
she wanted to eliminate any uncertain elements. They 
couldn't fail like they did with the fight with Rainbow Nana. 

“I agree. If a mere fraction of that magic power is enough to 
fire off 10 Inferno Fires, and that magic power in question had 
increased by 30%, I'd want to avoid a direct confrontation.” 

"Oh, that's rare coming from someone like you who loves a 

Maki smiled. The girl in red found joy in fighting; despite that, 
she agreed on a more conservative investigation. 

"I want to fight people. Ultimately, I enjoy the power 
comparison between people. Using amazing powers is 
attractive, but it's no fun if the enemy is the only one using 

The girl in red wanted a fight where both sides had the same 
magic power. 

"I can't keep up with you." 

"That goes both ways." 

Despite saying that, both girls were smiling. 

"I agree too. The numbers are about the same, and there's 
the magic power to take into consideration, so it doesn't look 
like we have a chance unless we look for an opening." 

The girl in orange agreed with Maki's suggestion as well. The 
remaining magical girls then agreed one after another. 

“What about you, Purple?" 

The only one who hadn't voiced her opinion yet was the girl 
in purple. The most mature looking of the girls wordlessly 
stared at Maki. 

“...Navy, your true intentions isn't the investigation, is it?" 

Maki was surprised by the girl in purple's words. While Maki 
was stuttering for a reply, the girl in purple exposed Maki's 
true intentions. 

“If you conduct a large-scaled investigation, you'll end up 
fighting that man, right?" 

That man. The current owner of room 106, Satomi Koutarou. 

He was a seemingly normal boy, but he was the mastermind 
who had been playing around with Maki. He was also a 
powerful magician who could use the power of room 106 to 
repel Maki. 

To the girl in purple, it looked like Maki was more interested in 
fighting against Koutarou than scouting or investigating. 

“Yes, that's right!" 

Maki nodded and she easily revealed her true feelings. 

Part of that was because Maki hated lies and deception, but 
also because the organization Darkness Rainbow was largely 
ruled by the nature of the magical girls. Using magic freely to 
realize their own dreams; that was their rule, their goal. 

“If I could fight that man through my investigation, there 
could be nothing more joyful!" 

"Maki, look who's talking.” 

The girl in red smiled. Maki had smiled because the girl in red 
only wanted to fight, but Maki herself had done the same 

”1 can't agree. Your magic isn't suitable for direct combat.” 

"A direct clash isn't the only way to fight. Believe in me a 

"Then I don't mind, but...” 

Though she was still worried, the girl in purple gave up. It was 
true that they needed a thorough investigation. And knowing 
that Maki was planning on a direct confrontation, she decided 
to leave the rest to Maki's discretion. Freely using your magic 
to fulfill your desires was the Darkness Rainbow way. 

"Maki, if you're going to fight, make sure you win.” 

"Navy-chan, you can do it." 

"Thank you, everyone. I'll bring good news with my next 

With those as her last words, Maki cut off the communication 
gems and the girls disappeared from the room. 


As silence returned to the room, Maki's quiet laughter could 
be heard. 

"Finally... Finally the time has come..." 

Maki didn't care if she had to use a trap, blackmail him or 
fight him directly. She just wanted to give Koutarou a taste of 

defeat. Just like when Koutarou had defeated her. 

“You can't fool me anymore, Satomi Koutarou..." 

Despite her calm looking appearance, Maki was all fired up. 
During these two months where she had focused on making 
her cane, her feelings for Koutarou had been fuming inside. 
And the time to release those feelings had finally come. 

“This time it's my turn. I'll make you regret fooling this 
Darkness Navy." 

Other than having lost in a fight, Maki was more humiliated at 
having been fooled. Lies and deceit were what she hated 
most of all. So she would thoroughly beat Koutarou down and 
subject him to the same humiliation she felt. Maki put her 
force into her empty left hand and made a fist, as if she was 
trying to crush Koutarou. 

The High School Life of the Blue 


Part 1 

Monday, February 1 

During the third term of the first year in Kitsushouharukaze 
high school, there was a school trip. It was a major event that 
rivaled the third years' school excursion. 

This year's destination was a ski resort. With winter sports 
popularity dying down, it was quite easy to book as a group. 

It was scheduled to take place for two days, between 
February 3 and February 5. Since today was February 1, the 
departure date was right around the corner. 

"Theiamillis-san, can you ski?” 

"No. This is a first for me and Ruth." 

"In our country, skiing isn't very popular." 

"What about you, Kurano-san?" 

"I've done it as a child. That's right, maybe I should teach 
you, Theiamillis-san?" 

"Skiing huh... Mackenzie-kun you look like you'd be good at 


“I can ski.” 

”1 knew it... it's a skill needed to attract girls after all.” 

"Kasagi-san, that's a baseless accusation!” 

"But, Satomi-san said that the reason you're good at sports is 
so that you can attract girls.” 

"KouM What are you telling everyone behind my back!?” 

With the departure two days from now, class 1A was in a 
festive mood. They were in the middle of holding a 
homeroom discussing the school trip, but most of the class 
wasn't listening to the teacher. 

"Koutarou, Koutarou, Glasses-kun is calling for you.” 

Sanae whispered into Koutarou's ear while clinging onto his 

However there was no answer from Koutarou. He had his 
elbow on his desk and silently gazed out the window. 

"Hey Koutarou." 


After her third callout, Koutarou finally noticed Sanae calling 
out to him. 

"What's up, Sanae?" 

"Don't give me that, Glasses-kun is calling for you!" 

Koutarou turned his head around towards Kenji. However, 
Kenji's gaze was no longer on Koutarou; he was instead 
gesturing to a nearby classmate. Seeing that, Koutarou 
turned his gaze back towards outside the window. 

“What's wrong, Koutarou, spacing out like that." 

“Just thinking." 

Koutarou stared out the window without saying a word again. 
He was thinking about his conversation with Clan a few days 

Part 2 

January 24 

Right after the play, Koutarou had called Clan out to the 
empty school roof. 

There was something he wanted to talk to her about. 

“So, what did you want to talk about?" 

With the setting evening sun, Clan's long hair shone. The 
bright orange contrasted with Koutarou's blue armor. 

“There are two things I want to ask you." 

Koutarou started out seriously. 

“Ask me?" 

Clan had shown a faint smile, but seeing Koutarou's 
appearance, her expression turned more serious. 

“Yeah. Of course I'm not asking you for free. I'll do anything I 
can for you in return." 

“You're being awfully reserved, Bertorion." 

“Really? We were enemies just an hour ago you know." 

“That's true." 

Koutarou and Clan smiled at each other. Just an hour ago in 
earth time, the two of them had been trying to defeat one 

another. But for some reason, they were now talking to each 
other in a friendly tone. 

“Tell me. Based on the content I might hold off on killing 

Still smiling, some dangerous words left Clan's mouth, but 
Koutarou knew that she was joking. 

“Okay. For my first request... I want you to keep everything 
that happened in the past a secret." 

“By the past, which do you mean? 2,000 years ago? 20 years 
ago? 10 years ago?" 

“All of it." 

With a serious look on his face, Koutarou stared into Clan's 
eyes. This was a request he absolutely wanted Clan to listen 

“Why's that?” 

“The reason is... well, there're two main reasons." 

After thinking for a while, Koutarou began explaining to Clan. 

“The first reason is that I don't want to ruin Theia's dream. 

You know how much she loves the Blue Knight, right?" 

“Yes, I am well aware." 

“The Blue Knight is her support. If she knew that we 
disturbed that legend.... she would definitely be sad, and I 
want to avoid that." 

With the legend of the Blue Knight as her support, Theia tried 
to follow its example to remain a splendid noble. And she was 

trying to help her mother who was in a difficult position. 

Despite that, Koutarou and Clan had disturbed that legend. 

So Koutarou wanted to keep that a secret from Theia. He 
wanted to keep the legend the way Theia knew it. If she knew 
of the truth, her support would crumble. 

—I wonder about that... 

Clan retorted in her mind. 

She then directed her eyes towards Koutarou's waist. There 
she saw two swords hanging down. The royal families' 
greatest treasure, Signaltin. And the sword that Theia had 
given Koutarou, the treasured sword Saguratin. 

—I think she would actually be rejoiced... 

Clan gazed at Saguratin shining golden from the evening sun. 
Clan believed that just the fact that Saguratin was there 
revealed how Theia really felt. That said, keeping it a secret 
would lower the risk, so Clan wasn't against Koutarou's 

Unaware of how Clan felt, Koutarou continued his 

“And the other reason is the same as the Blue Knight's." 

Koutarou removed Signaltin and its sheath from his waist. 

“My existence and this sword will make Forthorthe's political 
situation unstable. The same reason as the legendary Blue 
Knight. Keeping it a secret would be better.... It's also for your 

It was said that the Blue Knight had vanished because the 
existence of the hero who had saved the country destroyed 

the political balance of Forthorthe. 

In that case, if Koutarou, who had gotten involved in the 
legend, and the very symbol of the Blue Knight's legend, 
Signaltin, were to appear in public, it could cause similar 
problems in the present. So Koutarou wanted to avoid that. 

“My, are you worried about me?" 

“...It's a strange sensation, really." 

Koutarou smiled wryly. Clan felt the same, and the two smiled 
at each other again. 

“The reasons are similar for the events 10 and 20 years ago. 
So I want to keep it all a secret." 

“I understand the reasons. I want to keep them a secret too." 

Clan listened to Koutarou's request, as she also wanted to 
keep events that could shake the royalty a secret as a 
princess of Forthorthe. 

“Thanks, Clan." 

“I don't want to put myself in danger either. So, what's your 
other request?" 

“Ah, the second request is related to this." 

As Koutarou said that, he knocked on the armor he was 

“I want you to erase the records in this. If you don't, Theia 
and the others will find out." 

“That's true. I'll erase it right away.” 

Clan stepped up to Koutarou and touched her bracelet to 
bring up the armor's systems. She was planning on erasing 
the contents of the database, but as she was about to 
confirm the erase command her hand stopped. 

—Should I really just erase it... maybe I should make a 
backup, just in case... 

Clan linked her bracelet with the systems on Koutarou's 
armor and she gradually erased the data while copying it 
over to her bracelet. 

“...Hey, Bertorion." 

It took a little bit of time to copy and erase. Having finished 
inputting commands into her bracelet, Clan called out to 

“Could you stop it with the Bertorion? The secret will leak if 
you keep calling me that, even though we went through the 
trouble of erasing the data." 

“That's true. Can I call you Koutarou?" 

“Yeah, I don't mind." 

Koutarou nodded, leaned his back towards the handrail on 
the rooftop and faced Clan. 

“Koutarou, there's something I want you to ask you." 

“Sure. You listened to my request, so I'll answer anything." 
“Then I'll ask you..." 

As Clan said that, she slightly tilted her head and smiled. 
“Did you love her? Alaia-san..." 

That was the gentlest smile Koutarou had ever seen from 
Clan. Seeing that smile, Koutarou felt like being surprisingly 

“I'm not sure... It's true that I wanted to help her more than 

Obeying his feelings, Koutarou honestly replied to Clan. He 
didn't feel like hiding anything from Clan. 

"You could have just stayed then." 

"The one who loved her majesty Alaia wasn't me, but the 
Blue Knight." 

Koutarou smiled wryly while pushing his back towards the 

Koutarou still believed that he had gotten in the way of the 
real Blue Knight. So even if Alaia fell in love with Koutarou, he 
believed that she hadn't fallen for him, but the real Blue 

"...I'm not so sure about that..." 

But Clan was different. Because she didn't have any real 
evidence, she hadn't told Koutarou, but Clan figured that 
Koutarou was the Blue Knight himself. There were plenty of 
things that didn't make sense if that wasn't the case, and she 
didn't believe that the legendary princess could be fooled by 
an act. So Clan believed that the feelings Alaia had for 
Koutarou were all real. 

"Even if it's as you say... if she was truly in love with me... 
both I and her have things to do. So the result would have 
been the same." 

Leaning towards the handrail, Koutarou stared up towards the 


He remembered his time in Forthorthe 2,000 years ago and 
their farewell. They were memories he could never forget. 

“To think you'd throw away your status and honor for a 
simple high school life..." 

“There're still plenty of things I have to do." 

Clan had an amazed tone of voice, but she had a smile on her 

“Besides, I have my oath." 

“...If you made an oath, you had no choice but to return, 

Clan leaned her back towards the handrail as well and looked 
up into the sky. 

“That's what the Blue Knight is all about, right?" 

“That's true... you're absolutely right..." 

Clan finally showed an amazed expression for the first time. 

—Despite practically being the embodiment of the Blue 
Knight, he's still not conscious of it... I can't believe this 

Shortly after that Clan began to laugh. 

“Fufufu, Ahahahaha!” 

“What are you laughing for all of a sudden?" 

“No, it's nothing. I just found it so funny. Kuku, Ahahahaha!" 


“Ahahahaha! Ahh, it's so funny!” 

Koutarou had made fun of Clan, calling her sly and vengeful, 
but he couldn't feel anything like that from Clan now as she 
showed a bright smile. 

After Clan's laughter had died down, the copy and erasure of 
the data had finished. After confirming that with her bracelet, 
Clan nodded. 

“It's all done.” 

“Thank you, Clan.” 

With that, Koutarou's business with Clan was concluded. With 
this, Koutarou could return to his normal life. His normal life, 
before he had travelled back in time with Clan. 

—I'm finally back... 

Koutarou finally felt like he had returned home. 

“You're welcome.” 

Clan lowered the right arm that her bracelet was on and 
looked at Koutarou. 

“By the way, Koutarou. Rather than another request, I have a 

Clan withdrew her smile and stared seriously at Koutarou. 
“What is it?” 

“Won't you serve me?” 


Koutarou's eyes opened wide in surprise. Clan's words 
shocked Koutarou, just a while ago they had been enemies. 

"Y-You... are you serious!?” 

Tm serious.” 

Koutarou couldn't believe those words were true, but Clan 
had a serious expression. Without a change in expression she 

"Don't be stupid!! If I do that, Theia won't be able to 
complete her trial!” 

Koutarou had no intention of serving Clan. It wasn't because 
she had been his enemy; it was simply because Theia 
wouldn't be able to complete her trial. He simply couldn't 
accept that. 

"Please calm down. I don't mind if you serve me after 
Theiamillis-san's trial is complete.” 


Clan followed up with even more words that didn't make 
sense to Koutarou. 

Clan had come to Earth just to get in the way of Theia's trial. 
That's why she had fought with Koutarou in the first place. 
Despite that, she had said something that sounded like she 
wanted Theia to complete her trial. 

Koutarou couldn't understand the meaning behind that. 

"If you serve by my side, I won't mind giving up my right to 
the throne. By doing that, Theiamillis-san will have a higher 

chance of becoming empress.” 

”J-Just wait a minute, Clan!! Do you realize what you're 

Clan even mentioned relinquishing her claim to the throne. 
And so Koutarou's confusion reached its peak. 

"You're the one who doesn't understand, Koutarou.” 

With a small sigh, Clan gently touched the sword in 
Koutarou's hand. 

"It's almost as if you don't understand the value of this 

"This sword's value?” 

Koutarou lifted the sword and sheath in front of himself. The 
holy sword, Signaltin. The sword given to him by Alaia. 

"The greatest treasure of the royal families, a relic of history, 
the sword of sovereignty, Signaltin. Do you know how much it 
means for the royal families, for there to be someone who 
could freely use it?" 

With those words, Koutarou understood what Clan wanted to 

By making Koutarou her vassal, Clan was planning on 
returning Signaltin to the Forthorthe royal families. 

"Of course, it holds meaning for me too." 

As she said that, Clan put her hand on her chest. 

"...In other words, you want to put this sword in reach of the 
royal families. And Clan, you want to study me and this 

sword. Correct?” 

"That's about right. For that, the rights to the throne is a 
cheap price." 

With her hand still on her chest, Clan smiled. 

"Do you understand?" 


Koutarou understood the meaning of what Clan said. 

On top of obviously wanting to reclaim the sword, Clan, as a 
scientist, wanted to study it. Because of that, Clan requested 
that Koutarou became her vassal. 

Koutarou understood that as well, it was a very logical 

"From your position, I think it's only natural for you to want to 
keep this sword close." 

"Since you understand my circumstances, I hope you can 
give me a serious reply." 

—Of course, those are not the only reasons... 

Those were not the only reasons that Clan wanted to make 
Koutarou her vassal. She actually had one more ulterior 

—There are countless royalties who have become emperor; 
however, there is only one who has made the Blue Knight her 
vassal. And he was only her vassal for a few months. If I can 
make Koutarou my vassal, I will be the true sole ruler of the 
Blue Knight! For that, I'd gladly give the throne to Theiamillis- 

Clan desired Koutarou so she could earn the ultimate status 
of being the Blue Knight's master. The royal families' ultimate 
dream was to have the Blue Knight truly become their vassal, 
that was something not even the Silver Princess could do. 

The only one who had a chance right now was Clan who 
shared the secret with Koutarou. 

"I'll hear your answer another time. Please think hard and 
long about it until then.” 

However, Clan hadn't noticed. 

Employing the services of the Blue Knight, whose existence 
she couldn't make public, was only for self-satisfaction. 
Despite that, she felt like she didn't mind. Clan still hadn't 
noticed the meaning behind those feelings. 

Part 3 

“Are girls really everything to you, Mackenzie-kun?” 

“Girls aren't the only reason for me to live." 

“But, Satomi-san said so." 

“He's just having fun as he looks at me being troubled!” 

Time passed, Koutarou stopped looking out the window and 
the class was still in a festive mood. Because of that, the 
homeroom had barely made any progress. 

—That Clan... she gave me some troublesome homework... 

Looking at the bracelet on his right arm, Koutarou let out a 
small sigh. He had been given that bracelet by Clan. 

Koutarou had left Signaltin to Clan. Since that sword was the 
most valued artifact in all of Forthorthe's history, he couldn't 
just leave it lying around. However, leaving it to Theia would 
be problematic. So Koutarou decided to leave it to Clan, since 
she was aware of the circumstances. 

In return, he got this bracelet. Normally, Clan would be 
studying the sword, but in times of emergency, he could use 
the bracelet to call for the sword. It was a minor 
consideration not common to Clan. 

—It's more calculated and easier to respond to than Ruth- 
san's though... 

This wasn't the first time Koutarou had been asked to become 
a vassal. 

Theia had demanded it from the start, and lately Ruth wanted 
him to serve Theia, regardless of the trial. There were quite 
large differences between their reasons, but this was the 
third time Koutarou had been asked to become a vassal. 

—I don't have a problem with sticking with Theia until she 
completes her trial. The problem is after that. Do I remain on 
Earth, or do I serve Theia or Clan? 

As Koutarou was about to enter into deep thought again- 
" Koutarou.” 

Sanae's face appeared in front of him. 


Surprised, Koutarou slightly flinched back and stopped his 
train of thought. 


“You've been strange lately. You have this deep wrinkle on 
your forehead whenever you're not doing anything." 

Sanae created a wrinkle with her hands as she said that. 

“What's wrong? Are you turning into a hardboiled high 

“No, that's not it." 

That was when Koutarou noticed that he was making Sanae 

—Sanae's particularly sensitive to this kind of thing... 

Sanae was always by Koutarou's side, and she could 

somewhat read his emotions through his spiritual energy. So 
Koutarou being in deep thought was making her worry. That 
wasn't something that he wanted. 

—I don't have to decide right away, so I'll just focus on 
having fun skiing with everyone... 

There was no conclusion in sight and no reason to make a 
decision. He couldn't letTheia complete her trial until Kiriha's 
problem was solved. And since he just got back to Earth, it 
couldn't be too bad for him to enjoy his normal life. 

Having decided that, Koutarou changed gears and smiled at 

“It's just that I was thinking that going skiing would cost a lot 
of money." 

“What... is that all? I feel like I wasted my time worrying." 

Sanae quickly returned to a smile as well and clung onto 
Koutarou's back as always. 

“You could just borrow money from Kiriha." 

“If I borrow from Kiriha-san, I'm scared of what comes later." 

“You'll be fine. Kiriha loves Koutarou too." 


“Not as much as me though." 

“Hey, Sanae, I can't see anything." 

“I'm looking, so you'll be fine!" 

The normal mood between Koutarou and Sanae returned. It 

was a small matter, but to Koutarou it was one of the things 
he wanted to enjoy. 

“Kou, because of you I've been going through hell!" 

“You've been going through hell because of your own 
behavior, Mackenzie." 

“Satomi-kun, tell me the truth!" 

“Landlord-san, Mackenzie is just awful." 

“Don't just come up with random crap!! It's all your doing!!" 

Just like that, Koutarou jumped back into his normal life. 

Part 4 

With the start of February, the winter season was finally 
kicking into full gear. The club building positioned in the 
shadow of the school building was particularly cold and 
troubled all the clubs. And since the knitting society's club 
room was in the corner of the building, once Koutarou and 
Harumi entered the room after school, they could see their 
own breaths. 

"Brrr, it's freezing.” 

Entering the club room, Koutarou approached the heater. It 
was a heater that had been used in this club room for 
generations. That was their last fort of resistance against this 

After pressing the ignition button a couple of times, a fire lit 
up. But even with the heater on, the room wasn't quite 
heating up. A few more minutes were required before 
Koutarou could feel warm. 

"...It's finally getting warmer.” 

Confirming that the heater was working, Koutarou sat down 
on his normal chair. Koutarou and Harumi would always sit 
down by the heater to knit. Since it was just the two of them 
in the society, it was easier to knit by the heater rather than 
waiting for the entire room to heat up. 

At that moment, the second member of the society opened 
the door and entered the room. 

"I'm sorry I'm a bit late, Satomi-kun.” 

That would be Sakuraba Harumi, a girl with pure-white skin 
and long black hair. 

“No worries, the heater's just started to heat the room up." 
“Thank you, Satomi-kun." 

Harumi smiled and thanked Koutarou, before sitting down on 
a chair next to him. Trying to sit in front of the heater like 
this, they would naturally end up shoulder to shoulder. It was 
a situation that made her somewhat happy. 

“By the way, Sakuraba-senpai, did something happen 

While preparing his knitting tools, Koutarou called out to 
Harumi. He wasn't angry that she had shown up later than 
usual, instead he was interested in why she had been late 
since she normally kept the time. 


Harumi's expression suddenly froze and her face gradually 
turned red. It was obvious to Koutarou that the reason for 
that wasn't the heater. 

“Hahaha, from the looks of it, it seems like it's something 

“Geez, Satomi-kun!" 

Harumi puffed up her cheeks. That was an expression she'd 
only show Koutarou. As Harumi always had a calm 
atmosphere to her, Koutarou felt that her making an 
expression like that made her look cuter than usual. 

“It's rude of you to laugh when the other party is serious." 

“Then what happened?" 


Air slowly left Harumi's cheeks. At the same time her 
shoulders dropped, she turned down her face. 


Harumi shoved her hand into her bag and pulled out an 

Sakuraba Harumi-sama was neatly written on it. 

“Actually, I was given a love letter..." 

Harumi presented the envelope to Koutarou and turned her 
face away as if to escape from Koutarou's glance. 

“A love letter, huh. That's quite antique nowadays." 

The envelope was of high quality Japanese paper. The writer 
had used a pen; though the characters weren't well written, 
one could tell that the writer had been very thorough and 
thoughtful. From that, it seemed pretty clear that it was a 
serious love letter. 

—I see, so that's why senpai said it was rude of me to laugh. 

Koutarou took the envelope from Harumi and carefully took 
out the letter within. If it was as Harumi had said, that it was 
a serious love letter, he should treat it with care. 

“Let's see here..." 

Koutarou unfolded the letter and passed his eyes through its 
content. The earnest and politely written characters 
expressed the straight and honest feelings of the writer. 

After reading part ways through, Koutarou folded the letter 
back up. This letter was directed at Harumi. So Koutarou 
hesitated doing anything else after confirming its contents. 

“Certainly, I can't really laugh at these serious feelings." 

Koutarou returned the letter to the envelope and gave it back 
to Harumi. 

“Yes... That's why I was somewhat troubled." 

After receiving the envelope, Harumi blushed and looked up 
at Koutarou. She was overwhelmed by embarrassment, but 
she was interested in Koutarou's reaction. 

“Troubled? Why?" 

“Having received such a serious letter, I realized I can't think 
of any way to decline without hurting the writer's feelings..." 

Harumi stared at Koutarou as if asking for help. She wanted 
him to tell her what she should do. And if possible, she 
wanted him to be a little jealous. All kinds of feelings were 
mixed in to Harumi's glance. 

“So you're really declining?" 

Koutarou put his hand on top of his mouth and showed a 
small smile. 

This wasn't actually the first time this had happened. After 
getting up on the stage, Harumi would often receive 
confessions from boys. 

“That's because... I don't really know the person... and it was 
so sudden." 

However, Harumi would always decline the confessions. Even 
though she had gotten more courageous after having the 
opportunity to get up on stage, she was still bad at dealing 
with people, so sudden confessions scared her. 

“But, this time I've gotten such a polite letter... and I've 
understood that person's feelings, so I'm not sure if I can 
decline without giving a reason like always..." 

Being an avid reader, Harumi had an easier time 
understanding a person's feelings through a letter, rather 
than being told to her face. Because of that, she wasn't sure 
how she would decline this confessor. 

“In that case... it might be a bit plain, but what if you say you 
already have someone you like?" 

That was the first thing that popped into Koutarou's head. He 
believed that anything but this odd lie would hurt the writer. 

“Even you must have one or two you've liked, right? So this 
wouldn't be a complete lie, and the other party wouldn't be 

“T-That's true, but...” 

Koutarou thought it was a brilliant idea, but hearing that, 
Harumi's face turned redder than before. That's because the 
person Harumi liked was Koutarou. 

“But, what if... what if they ask who that person is?" 

“Then you could just tell them." 

Just tell them. That was Koutarou's simple idea that would put 
an end to this. 

“1-1 can't! 

Harumi shook her hands and head. 

“If that caused that person trouble I would feel bad!" 

“It's okay. This is the person that Sakuraba-senpai has fallen 
for. That person wouldn't get angry over something like that." 

Koutarou smiled. 

To him. it only looked like Harumi was overthinking things, 
"l-ls that really so?" 

“It would be one thing if that person didn't know you, but any 
person that knew you wouldn't get mad." 












w/SSlvS.* 1 

A person that knew her would probably be okay with it. If 
anything, if that person got mad because of that, they 
probably wouldn't get along as lovers. So either way, there 
was no need for Harumi to worry. That was how Koutarou 
thought of it. 

“Besides, this is a chance." 

Koutarou stressed this as being more important. 


Harumi's eyes opened wide in surprise. 

“It's your chance to tell the person you like how you feel." 

“T-That's still, still too fast! Far too fast!!" 

As Koutarou explained what he meant by chance, Harumi 
shook her head even faster than before. 

“I think it's a good chance though." 

Koutarou desperately suppressed his urge to laugh, as 
Harumi's overly shaken appearance looked adorable to him. 

“If it doesn't work I'll be troubled! I don't want to face that 
reality right now! And I'm still not mentally prepared!" 

“Ku, Kukuku, T-That is troubling, Ku, Kukuku.” 

Eventually laughter leaked from Koutarou's mouth. Seeing 
Harumi panic like a little chicken, Koutarou couldn't hold his 
laughter in. 

“Geez, Satomi-kun! Please don't laugh, I'm serious!” 

Harumi clenched her hands and hit Koutarou with her soft 
and harmless fists. 

“S-Sorry, b-but it was, just so funny, Ku, Kukuku *cough*" 

“You didn't have to laugh so hard that you'd choke! Geez~!” 
“*cough* *cough*" 

Koutarou coughed repeatedly and finally managed to hold his 
laughter in. But if he let his guard down even a little he felt 
like he would burst out laughing again, so he looked away 
from Harumi who was glaring at him. 

“...E-Excuse me." 

“Geez... stupid Satomi-kun." 

Harumi let out some disgruntled words to the back of 
Koutarou's head. 

—If Satomi-kun knew he was the one I like, what kind of face 
would he make? 

With her cheeks puffed, Harumi's mind was being filled with 
those feelings. And those feelings led her to doubt. 

—Doesn't Satomi-kun want to know who I like...? 

Despite being this close to Harumi's problem, Koutarou didn't 
show any signs of being interested in her love interest. She 
began worrying if Koutarou even sees her as a woman. 

—Maybe... I should try asking...? 

There, Harumi decided to ask Koutarou. After taking a deep 
breath, and straightening out her feelings, she called out to 
Koutarou in a low voice. 

“Uhm, Satomi-kun...” 


Koutarou turned his eyes back towards Harumi. At this time 
he was no longer laughing. With the short passage of time, 
Harumi's voice and expression had turned serious. 

“Just a hypothetical question... if Satomi-kun fell in love with 
a girl... and that girl didn't love Satomi-kun, but a different 
boy, what would you do?” 

Harumi didn't have the courage to directly ask Koutarou if he 
was interested in her. Because of that, she changed the way 
she asked her question. Even though it seemed like Koutarou 
had no interest in Harumi, she wanted to confirm if he liked 
her or not. 

—That's the situation you're in, right, Sakuraba-senpai... 

Someone liked Harumi and gave her a love letter. But Harumi 
liked another boy. So how would the person who gave her the 
love letter feel? Koutarou interpreted Harumi's question like 

“Hmm, if it was me...” 

Koutarou began imagining himself in that situation. As he did, 
Harumi's and Alaia's appearances overlapped. 

—Your majesty... 

At that moment, Koutarou realized what he would do in that 

“If it was me, I would probably cheer for her. I would cheer for 
her, so that her love would come through.” 

“Really? Would you be fine with that?" 

Harumi's eyes opened wide in surprise once more. That was 
an unexpected answer to her. She imagined that he would 
answer that he would give up or steal her. 

“This is the person you're really in love with." 

“Yes. So I'd really want her to get together with the person 
she truly loved." 

Koutarou answered without hesitation. 

The reason he felt that way was because he knew Alaia. 
Despite loving the Blue Knight, she devoted herself to the 
well-being of her citizens. He felt that way after seeing her up 
close, and after having gotten in the way of her meeting with 
the real Blue Knight. 

He wanted the person he loved to get together with the 
person she loved. 

“Of course, if that girl's love goes unrequited, I'll take my 
chance and confess." 

He being the person she loved would be ideal, but that kind 
of coincidence would rarely happen. So he would confess 
after the love of the person he loved had ended. That was 
how he felt. 

//I _ _ _ ft 

I see... 

Hearing Koutarou's answer, Harumi felt a sense of relief. 

—Good... I have a chance too... but based on what he just 
said, while I ask him for advice like this, he will just cheer for 


“Thank you, Satomi-kun." 

“I don't know if my answer will be of any help though." 

Koutarou realized that his answer was a special case. There 
shouldn't be that many cases of meeting a real princess, 
seeing how she lived her life and getting in the way of her 

“No, it's very helpful." 

However, that was enough for Harumi. She wanted to know 
how Koutarou felt. 

—I should properly decline the writer of this letter. And I'll 
make sure to resolve anything like this on my own from now 
on. I'll show Satomi-kun that he's the only one for me. I'll 
confess after he's understood that... 

Having found her path from now on, Harumi began smiling 
like always. And she then began moving her knitting needles. 

“By the way, the school trip is right around the corner, isn't 

“Yes. It's been a long time since I last went skiing." 

Koutarou followed suit and the two of them moved their 
knitting needles side by side. 

“Are you good at skiing? You look like you would be." 

“I don't have a lot of experience skiing, so I'm just average. 
How about you, Sakuraba-senpai? Can you ski?” 

“Fufu, actually, I have confidence in my skiing." 

They continued with their normal club activities. The two of 

them spent their time leisurely and cheerfully talking to one 

“That's surprising." 

“I hate that mean part of you. As a punishment, you'll have to 
bring me a souvenir.” 

“As you wish, my princess." 

With the winter in full swing, the temperature had dropped 
and the club room was cold. However, it was being warmed 
by a cheerful, warm atmosphere on top of the power of the 
antique heater. 

The Birth of a Magical Girl!? 

Part 1 

Monday, February 1 

“I'm back-... Oh, there's no one here.” 

When Koutarou returned to room 106, he found it empty. 
Because of their various circumstances, none of the others 
had come back yet. Koutarou's greeting was left without 

Koutarou took off his shoes by the entrance, passed by the 
kitchen and entered the inner room. With the lights off, the 
room was dark and quiet. 

"That's pretty unusual.” 

Koutarou put his backpack in a corner of the room and turned 
on the lights. Despite the light, the room was still silent. 

"That's right, this is a good chance." 

However, there were things he could do with no one around. 
Having remembered that, Koutarou brought the bracelet that 
Clan had given him closer to his mouth. 

"Cradle, can you bring out my belongings?” 

“As you wish, my lord." 

After giving orders to the bracelet, a black hole appeared in 
front of Koutarou. It was the same kind that Theia and Clan 
would use when they summoned weapons. However, what 
came out of this hole wasn't a weapon, but a plastic 
container which was several dozen centimeters long. 

“Alright, let's do some organizing." 

Inside the container were Koutarou's belongings. They were 
items that he had gotten during his travels with Clan, and 
they were things that he couldn't show the invaders. That's 
why now was the only time he'd get to organize them. 

“I need this... I don't need this..." 

Inside the container were clothing and the likes that he had 
used on site, but there were also knives and whetstones 
mixed in. Though he had called them belongings, there were 
all kinds of items in there. 

Koutarou flipped the container upside down and took out all 
of the goods, only returning what he didn't need back into the 
container. He left the things he needed on the tatami mat. 

After he was done, Koutarou was planning on putting away 
the container back on Clan's spaceship. He had considered 
throwing the things he didn't need away, but because of the 
method used to obtain them, they were things he could never 
get again. And since he was attached to a lot of it, he 
couldn't bear to just dispose of them. 

“Hm? This is..." 

After working for a while, Koutarou's hand unexpectedly 
stopped. He had found something interesting among his 


"I guess... I'll keep this close by.” 

It was a necklace with an odd design. It consisted of gems 
and beautifully polished teeth of beasts, strung up by threads 
of several colors. Since it was something he'd rarely seen, 
Koutarou had taken a liking to it. 

"If I lose this, I'll never hear the end of it." 

Deciding to keep the necklace, Koutarou put it back on the 
tatami mat. He remembered the face of the person who gave 
him the necklace. 

Now that I think about it... 

There, Koutarou stopped moving once more. There was 
something he had remembered about the person that had 
given him the necklace. 

"...No, that can't be right. It's not possible." 

However, Koutarou shook his head and began organizing his 
belongings once more. 

Since the container wasn't all that large, Koutarou was done 
after a short while. 

"Cradle, return the container to its original position." 

"As you wish, my lord." 

After Koutarou's orders, the plastic container passed through 
a black hole and was returned to Clan's spaceship, leaving 
several goods behind in the room. 

It wasn't just the necklace; Koutarou had a lot of memories 

with the goods that remained. This included items like Chari's 
handmade insignia. It had absolutely no use, but it was 
something he wanted to keep close. In fact, there were very 
few things he had kept for use. 

“Alright, I guess this is good enough." 

After putting the goods into a paper bag, Koutarou put them 
away in the wardrobe, the same place where his half-knit 
sweater was. 

“I'm back—!" 

“I'm back too-" 

At that moment, the energetic voices of Sanae and Yurika 
could be heard from the front door. 

“To the TV, Love Love Heart is about to start!" 

“W-Wait up, Sanae-chan! If you pull me too hard—" 

The sound of something heavy hitting the floor could be 
heard. The next moment, Sanae appeared in the inner room. 

“Ah, you're back, Koutarou!" 

“Welcome home, Sanae." 

“I'm back! Look, Koutarou, we bought this!" 

After finding Koutarou, Sanae showed him a large smile. She 
moved her fingers and made a small box float in front of 
Koutarou. It was some anime merchandise that she and 
Yurika had bought. 

“Good for you, Sanae." 

Quick on the nod, Sanae hurried off towards the TV, with the 
box floating after her. It was almost time for the anime where 
the merchandise had come from to be broadcast. 

“Ah, ow ow." 

“Welcome home, Yurika." 

Yurika staggered past Koutarou. For some reason, she was 
holding her head in her hands with tears in her eyes. 

“I-I'm ba~ck.” 

“What's wrong, Yurika?" 

“No, i-it's nothing." 

“Yurika, it's starting! It's starting!" 


While tears began forming in the corners of her eyes, Yurika 
sat down next to Sanae. 

The next moment, a familiar song began playing on the TV. It 
was the opening theme of the anime that Sanae or Yurika 
made sure to never miss. 

Part 2 

“Next time on Magical Girl Love Love Heart! 'An enemy!? An 
ally!? Sparkling Heart appears!' A bouquet of flowers will be 
delivered to your maiden heart!!" 

After the flashy preview, the anime ended and Sanae and 
Yurika who had been sitting still in front of the TV all this time 
began moving. 

“Yurika, I wonder who Sparkling Heart is!" 

“It must be the character we've seen peeks and glances of!" 
“That might be true!" 

“Do you think she's an enemy!? Or an ally!?" 

“I wonder!?" 

Sanae and Yurika were excitedly talking about the anime that 
had just ended. 

Based on the name, Sparkling Heart is probably Love Love Heart's ally. Well, 
pretending not to notice is part of the fun of this kind of anime. 

Koutarou watched over the two girls. 

“Maybe some new magic will appear too!?" 

“It probably will! It sure feels like it will!" 

The two of them were cheerfully chatting while repeating the 
magical gestures used in the anime. It seems this week's 
episode had left them very satisfied. 

Magic? Right, I had that! 

Watching over the two, Koutarou remembered the existence 
of a certain something. Koutarou approached the wardrobe 
and pulled out a long stick wrapped in cloth. It was one of the 
things he had gotten a hold of during his time with Clan, It 
was too long to store in the container, so he had to keep it 

"Yurika, could you come over?” 

With the stick in his hand, he called for Yurika. 


Having been called out during the middle of her conversation 
she was slightly surprised. But she soon crawled up to the tea 
table at the center of the room. 

"What is it?” 

"Actually, I wanted to apologize to you." 

Koutarou put the long stick still wrapped in cloth on the table 
and sat down, straight and formally. He couldn't really sit 
cross-legged when he was about to apologize. 

"About the hot water you used to wake me up this morning?” 


"Then is it about kicking the ball in my face during gym class 

"It's not that either.” 

"I know!! It's about Yurika's taiyaki that you ate, isn't it!?” 

“That was you, Satomi-san!?" 

“No, no. Sanae, don't make things more complicated." 

“Even if you say that, you did eat it." 

“I ate it, but that's not what I wanted to talk about." 

“Fueeeeee-! You're terrible, you're unfair! I was looking 
forward to eating it!" 

“I got, I got it! I'll buy one for you later, just calm down!" 

Yurika had been crying for real, but when she realized that 
Koutarou would buy a new one for her, she stopped. 

Yurika, can't you have some more pride... 

While feeling sorry, Koutarou couldn't help but worry about 
Yurika's future. 

“Bean jam... Cream... Chocolate... Cheese..." 

“So, Koutarou, what are you apologizing for?" 

In place of Yurika who was busy dreaming, Sanae asked 

“About that, actually—" 

“Satomi-san, how many taiyakis will you buy me!?" 

“Listen to what I have to say!" 

“...Oka~y, sorry." 

Waiting for Yurika to shift her focus to him, Koutarou finally 

began speaking slowly. 

"Yurika, I'm not sure what to say after calling you an idiot and 
whatnot every time you brought this up, but...” 


"Be happy, Yurika, magic exists." 


Hearing Koutarou's words, Yurika's pupils turned to tiny dots. 

"I know you won't believe me right away, but I have seen it 
with my own eyes.” 

"You're kidding!? R-Really, Koutarou!?” 

In contrast to Koutarou who was talking calmly, Sanae 
jumped with excitement and asked him to explain in further 

"Yeah. I can't go into details, but there's no mistaking it." 
"Oooo~h! Is that so!?" 

Sanae's eyes were sparkling. She didn't believe in magic, but 
since she loved the magical girl anime, she believed she 
would be happy if it existed. And since the one claiming it 
was real was Koutarou and not Yurika, she believed him right 

"W-Why now, all of a sudden?” 

However, Yurika herself couldn't hide her confusion and she 
stared at Koutarou. 

"Like I said the other day, I can't go into details. I would 

cause trouble for a lot of people if I did.” 

Koutarou hadn't told the invaders what had happened during 
the time when he and Clan had vanished. All he had told 
them was that some trouble had happened and he and Clan 
had to work together, and during that time they had come to 
an understanding. He hadn't told them that a large amount of 
time had passed during the few minutes they were gone or of 
any of the events that had happened during that time. 

"Instead, I got something cool for you." 

"Something cool?” 

"I wish I got a souvenir too.” 

As Sanae glanced at Koutarou, he stripped the cloth from the 
long stick, revealing a cane. Unlike Yurika's cane, it was made 
from wood that had a plain design using black and brown 

"T-This is!?” 

The moment she saw that, Yurika was speechless. Powerful 
magic had been cast on the cane. She hadn't noticed it up 
until now because it had been camouflaged by room 106's 
magic power, but now that it was right in front of her, it was 
obvious to a magician like herself. 

"That's right, it's a magical cane. By using this, even 
someone who has no talent for magic can freely use spells. 
Of course the power would be weaker.” 

"Koutarou, you mean it's a real magical stick!?” 

Sanae shook the anime merchandise she had gotten just 
today. Inside the box was a magical stick that had appeared 
in the anime. 

“Yeah. Just look." 

Koutarou smiled at Sanae and grabbed the cane. He stared at 
the tip and concentrated. 

“Fire! Appear!" 

Immediately after Koutarou's word, a small fire appeared at 
tip of the cane. It was almost like a candle in the shape of a 

“Wow, fire really came out! Amazing!!" 

“This isn't just a magical cane!?" 

Sanae had simply been surprised by the fire appearing as 
Koutarou commanded, but Yurika was surprised over 
something else. 

This cane isn't of Folsarian design!! And what's more, it read Satomi-san's 
mind and cast a suitable spell!! 

Koutarou was using a different kind of magic from what Yurika 
used. The magic she was using was the kind of magic she 
had learned from her predecessor, Rainbow Nana. It was the 
general kind of magic used in the magical country of Folsaria. 
She could indeed feel magic at work when Koutarou had 
summoned flame, but it worked in a different way from 
Folsarian magic. 

“S-Satomi-san, where did you get this!?" 

Koutarou had met a magician somewhere. What's more, it 
was a magician not from Folsaria. It was neither Rainbow 
Heart or Darkness Rainbow, but a completely different 
magician. It was an existence Yurika was really interested in. 

“Sorry, but I can't say. Like I said, if I carelessly tell you, I 

could trouble a ton of people. I don't want to bother the 
people who have helped me or those related. Please 
understand, Yurika." 

However, Koutarou stubbornly refused to tell her. His tone 
was calm, but it was a firm rejection. 


Yurika reluctantly withdrew. Sensing Koutarou's strong will, 
she realized that questioning him any further would be 

It doesn't seem like there's any danger, so I guess it's fine for now... 

Yurika imagined that while he had been gone, Koutarou had 
met a magician who had helped him. And from Koutarou's 
words of not wanting to cause them any trouble, that person 
probably wasn't an evil magician. Yurika had no reason to get 
in the way since it didn't seem to be a magician who used 
magic for evil or from Folsaria. And since the owner of that 
cane was Koutarou, there was no need to worry. 

"Here, Yurika." 

Koutarou presented the cane to Yurika who was being silent. 

After taking a look at the cane, Yurika gave Koutarou a 
suspicious glance. 

"I said I got it for you, didn't I?" 

"You're giving this, to me?" 

"That's right. Here, take it, Yurika." 

Koutarou nodded and shoved the cane into Yurika's hands. 
Not understanding what Koutarou wanted, she repeatedly 
looked at him and the cane in her hands. 

Koutarou believed in magic. Despite that, she didn't 
understand the meaning of being given a cane when she 
could already use powerful magic. 

I wonder if it can use some kind of special magic? 

Yurika looked at the cane and tilted her head. 

“Good for you, Yurika!!” 

Sanae had noticed Koutarou's intentions first. While showing 
the anime merchandise box to Yurika, she continued talking 
loudly. On the box were a bunch of images of magical girls 
using the magical stick. 

“With this, you'll graduate from being a cosplayer! Now 
you're a real magical girl!" 


That was when Yurika finally understood Koutarou's 

Koutarou had said that he got this for her. He had gotten a 
magical cane that let anyone use magic as a souvenir to give 
to a cosplayer who couldn't use magic. He was definitely not 
giving a brand new magical cane as a present to the magical 
girl of love and courage ☆ Rainbow Yurika. 

“Wow! I'm so envious, Yurika-! Now you're a real magical 

“I've been a real one for a long time!!" 

Sanae's eyes were filled with envy. However Yurika herself 
had begun crying. 

S-Satomi-san believes in magic now, but he doesn't believe that I'm a magical 

Having understood why she had been given the cane, Yurika 
couldn't help but cry. She was well aware that it was better if 
her secret didn't leak out, but at this point, she wanted 
Koutarou to know. However, reality was harsh: even though 
Koutarou now believed in magic, Yurika was still a cosplayer 
to him. 

“Good for you, Yurika... A cosplayer that can use real magic, 
huh... there aren't that many lucky cosplayers around." 

“You're wrong, that's not it at all!" 

“Sanae, you don't have to keep calling her a cosplayer. Her 
wish has finally been fulfilled." 

“Ah, right. Sorry, Yurika. That was a little insensitive of me." 

“Yurika has been a magical girl for a long time now. Let's just 
leave it at that, okay?" 

“Koutarou, you're guite the man aren't you?" 

“So you finally realized?" 

“Fufu, I knew that from beforei’" 

“...I want to punch him. I want to beat up Satomi-san..." 

Yurika wept bitterly while firmly grasping the cane. 

Her position as the magical girl of room 106 had finally been 
established. However, the humiliation she had felt today far 
exceeded what she had ever felt before. 

Part 3 

Koutarou had brought the cane home so that Yurika had the 
means to defend herself. 

In his mind, she was just a cosplay loving classmate. That's 
what Yurika herself had let him think. So to him, Yurika was a 
civilian mixed in with the invaders. 

On top of that, Yurika was kind hearted and gentle, and 
disliked fighting. Though they were both civilians, unlike 
Koutarou who was athletic and good at fighting, Yurika had no 
means to protect herself from the troubles that occurred 
around room 106. 

What if Yurika was to get involved in trouble caused by the 
underground people or Forthorthe? 

Up until now, she had been lucky(?) and managed to avoid 
that, but that might not be true in the future. Koutarou had 
always been worried about that, so he had gotten her a 
magical cane so she could protect herself. If anything it was a 
tool for self-defense. 

“So to sum it up, that thing can use a lot of magic, but it 
doesn't have all that much power. So don't be overconfident 
and just focus on protecting yourself. Okay?" 

The cane Koutarou had given to Yurika had been created to 
allow the user to freely use all kinds of magic, so it had the 
power to deal with any kind of situation. It was perfect for a 
civilian to use as self-defense. However, because it could use 
all kinds of magic, it lacked power. It couldn't be relied on 
when used for attacking. 

“I understand.” 

Yurika obediently nodded at Koutarou's words. She was 
planning on making use of this situation. 

As long as I have this cane, I can use magic in front of everyone... 

Her perception of the situation had changed, and she was 
planning on using her own magic while holding this cane. By 
doing that, it would look to the residents of room 106 like she 
was using the magic of the cane, but in reality she would be 
using her own. Since she could use magic while not being 
suspected as being anything but a cosplayer, there was no 
camouflage more convenient than this. 

"Hey magical girl. Don't look away and press it harder." 

Yurika was using the cane in her hand to press down on 
Theia's shoulders. 

The cane was vibrating and massaging her shoulders. 

"Ooh... so this is magic, huh.... it feels pretty good. Ruth, 
have her do it to you too later.” 

"Would that be alright, Yurika-sama?” 

"Ah, yes, of course-” 

Yurika nodded with a smile. However, in contrast to her smile 
she was not very satisfied. 

Something's wrong... This is wrong somehow... It's great that I can use magic 
without revealing myself... but something is wrong! 

Yurika was in the middle of using her cane to massage 
Theia's shoulder via vibration magic. 

Wait, this isn't a magical girl’s job! 

Just before, she had used heating magic to iron clothes. 
Before that she had used supersonic magic to drive away 
cats from Corona House. 

This situation was different from what she had dreamed off. 
She believed that if everyone knew she could use magic, 
they would start to respect her. 

And I feel like it's getting worse and worse... 

Yurika began feeling like she was better off being just a 

It was indeed convenient that she could use the cane to hide 
her identity. From now on she could use magic bravely in 
front of everyone. However, Folsarian rules said that magic 
must not be misused, be it for evil or for private reasons. Of 
course, massaging or ironing were clear cases of misusage of 
magic. Although she wasn't using Folsarian magic, it was a 
bit of a grey area, hence Yurika was still a bit anxious. 

“Hey Yurika, can I have your old cane?” 

“N-No way!! You can't have that!!” 

Sanae had pulled out Yurika's cane, Angel Halo, from the 
wardrobe. With it in her hand, she took various anime poses. 
Seeing that, blood drained from Yurika's face and she 
snatched the cane back from Sanae. Normally she was 
scared of ghosts and would never go against Sanae, but she 
couldn't give up on that cane. 

“But you have a real magical cane that you got from 


'They're both real!” 

"I want to be more like a magical girl too! You cheapskate!” 

"This is a precious cane that I got from the person who saved 
my life! I definitely can't give this away!!” 

Yurika threw her new cane away and embraced her old one 
as if trying to hide it from Sanae with her eyes full of tears. 


Seeing that, Sanae puffed up her cheeks and easily gave up 
on the cane. Instead she floated towards Koutarou. 

"Koutarou, give me something too.” 

"If it's a charm against evil spirits that you want, you can get 

"I don't want a charm that explodes whenever I touch it! I 
want something good!” 

Seeing Sanae parting from her, Yurika let out a sigh of relief. 

No matter what happens, I can't give up this cane... 

Yurika's cane, Angel Halo, was the cane used by Nana, her 
best friend, teacher and savior. To Yurika, it was far more than 
just a tool, and she would never part ways with it. 

"What would something good be?” 

"Something that looks appropriate for a magical girl! And if 
that's not possible, something love-like!” 

“What would something love-like be?" 

“Something like what boys give girls on White DayjJJ!" 

“White Day, huh... I've never gotten any chocolate on 
Valentine's Day so I'm not that knowledgeable in that area." 

Koutarou's and Sanae's carefree discussion continued while 
Theia was just watching over the two. And since Yurika had 
stopped with her massaging, she too was just wordlessly 
staring at them. 

If I ask him to give me something, would Koutarou comply...? 

Having understood her own feelings, Theia was jealous of 
Sanae who was honest with her own feelings as she relied on 
Koutarou. But she had problems regarding to acting like 
Sanae did. If she began relying on Koutarou like Sanae did, 
she was sure he would think of her as some strange woman. 
And she was also scared of being rejected. Because of her 
pride and hidden cowardice, she couldn't use that to appeal 
to Koutarou. 

“Your highness... Alright..." 

Noticing her master acting like that, Ruth took action to fulfill 
her wish. 

For starters, getting closer and creating a chance to talk should be good... 

Ruth began preparing tea at once. After pouring up enough 
tea for everyone, Ruth called for Theia. 

“Your highness, could you help me a little bit?" 

“...Ah, eh...?" 

Having been so focused on Koutarou and the others, Theia 

had missed what Ruth said. Ruth then repeated her question. 

“Your highness, could you help me a little bit?" 

“Ah, yes, okay.” 

After taking one more look at Koutarou and the others, Theia 
approached Ruth. Seeing that, Ruth smiled at her. 

“I've poured up tea for everyone, so could you carry yours 
and Satomi-sama's? I will carry everyone else's.” 


Theia looked at Ruth's hands. There she saw a fragile tea cup 
made of Forthorthe design and a plain looking mug. 

“Can I ask you to do it?” 

Ruth smiled and whispered to Theia. 


Realizing Ruth's intentions, Theia slightly blushed and then 
looked towards Koutarou behind her. 

“Ah... yes... if that's all, I will help...” 

When she looked back towards Ruth, Theia's face was beet- 

C-Calm down.... I'm only bringing him some tea, what am I so shaken up 

Theia tried to keep her heart from racing as she picked up a 
cup in each hand. Theia's shaken mind could be seen 
reflected in the cups as the surface of the tea shook. 

“So I think you should show some gratitude to this beautiful 
ghost who always shows you her smile by saying Thank you, 

“K-Koutarou, I brought you some tea." 

Suppressing her anxiousness, Theia approached Koutarou 
who was chatting away with Sanae. On her way, she began 
worrying if her actions were strange or not. 


Koutarou continued talking to Sanae while casually receiving 
his mug. During that time, his hand slightly brushed up 
against Theia's. 


Greatly shaken by the sensation of Koutarou's hand, Theia 
almost dropped her own cup. She barely managed to save it, 
but the tea was rippling. And just when Theia was recovering, 
it happened. 

“Oh, this is delicious. Thank you, your highness.” 

Having taken a sip of the tea, Koutarou put his large hand on 
top of Theia's head and gently patted her. 


A strange sound unconsciously leaked from Theia's mouth. At 
the same time, she dropped her tea cup. 

The contents of the cup spilled out as it rolled along the 
tatami mat. Seeing that, Koutarou finally realized what he 
had done. 

Oh no, I just did what I always do... This is Theia, not Chari... 

Chari was a young girl that Koutarou and Clan had met during 
their travels. She would often bring tea that her sister had 
poured for Koutarou, and in return he would pat her on the 

Because he had been distracted by his conversation with 
Sanae, he had acted out of instinct and treated Theia like he 
did to Chari. 

Did I make her angry... ? 

Koutarou believed there was no way that someone with as 
much pride as Theia wouldn't be angry after being treated 
like a child. However, no matter how long he waited, Theia's 
roaring never came. 


Theia stared at Koutarou with her large eyes wide open. Her 
expression had frozen but her face was red. Seeing that, 
Koutarou felt an even greater sense of danger. 

Not good, I might have made her really angry! 

Koutarou had no way of knowing how Theia truly felt. He 
couldn't imagine that Theia would be happy with him patting 
her on the head, so he believed she would be enraged like 

"...You can do it your highness, you're almost there!” 

Watching over her master's appearance, Ruth clenched her 
hands. She unconsciously put so much force into her hands 
that she almost crushed her own tea cup. 

"Ruth, wouldn't something more direct work better?” 


Kiriha, who had been silently sipping on her tea, put her cup 
down on the table and picked up something that was lying on 
the floor. 

“That's Yurika-sama's..." 


With a somewhat happy expression, she held that thing in 
both hands. That was the souvenir that Koutarou had brought 
back for Yurika, her new magical cane. 

“How about something like this? Magnetism. Magnetism. 

Kiriha cast three spells using the cane. 

This magical cane worked by reading the user's mind and 
applying an apt spell. Because of that, it didn't need a long 
incantation like Yurika used. As long as she clearly imagined 
what she said, the cane would do the rest. 

Three lights appeared by the tip of the cane. First there were 
two red lights. They connected with Koutarou and Theia, and 
the two of them were wrapped in red light. Before long their 
bodies became magnetic. 


“Wah, Wawawa!?” 

Having suddenly become magnets, Koutarou and Theia were 
drawn towards each other and collided. They got entangled 
and fell down onto the floor. At the same time, the red light 
faded and the magnetism vanished. Because the magical 
power used for each spell was very little, powerful 

magnetism wouldn't last for long. 

"Owow... what happened?" 
"T-This is!?" 

While the surprised Koutarou tried to get up from behind 
Theia, the third orange light hit them. 



The two of them lost their balance once more and fell down. 
The orange light's effect was to create a bond between two 
objects that were in contact. Because of that, Theia and 
Koutarou were stuck, with Koutarou holding Theia from 

"Are you okay!?" 

"What is going on? My body is stuck and I can't get off!" 

"Uwah!? K-Koutarou, don't move so suddenly!!” 

The two of them forgot what they were doing up until now 
and were struggling on the floor. The first magnetic spell had 
vanished almost right away, but the second one was lasting 
for quite some time. Since it was such a simple spell it had a 
longer duration. 

"Your highness, Satomi-sama!" 

Ruth hurriedly ran up to the two and tried to help. Because of 
that, the only ones left by the table were Kiriha and her 
haniwas. Looking at Koutarou and the others struggling on 
the floor, she disappointedly dropped her shoulders. 

"Hmm... it didn't go as well as I had hoped. Adjusting your 
power using magic is surprisingly difficult.” 

Kiriha original goal had been to bond Koutarou and Theia's 
hands together. However, she had failed at adjusting the 
effect and only created a more confusing situation. 

"Ho-, that's because you're relying on something unknown 
like that, Nee-san, Ho-!” 

"If you're going to rely on something, rely on us Ho-!” 

"That seems to be better." 

Kiriha smiled elegantly, picked up her tea cup once more and 
took a sip. The tea that Ruth had poured was just as elegant 
as her smile. 

"Hm!? Kiriha-san, is this your doing!?" 

Seeing that smile and the magic cane still in her left hand, 
Koutarou noticed that Kiriha was responsible for this trouble. 

"My bad, Koutarou. It didn't go as planned. It seems I'm not 
suited to be a magical girl." 

As she said that, Kiriha began twirling the cane around as if 
she was practicing baton twirling. Her skills at twirling were 
admirable and after avoiding hitting any furniture for a while, 
she stopped with the cane in both hands. She had claimed 
she wasn't suitable, but she looked far more like a magical 
girl than Yurika in her cosplay. 

"Undo the spell right away!" 


Kiriha rejected Koutarou's demands without disturbing the 

smile on her lips. 

“Or rather, I don't know how to undo it." 


Though her original plan had failed, Kiriha was still enjoying 
the confusion. 

Part 4 

The bonding spell that Kiriha had used had bonded 
Koutarou's chest with Theia's back. Moreover, since Koutarou 
had been holding onto Theia at the time, his arms were fixed 
to her. 

At first, Theia's head had been attached to Koutarou's chest, 
but now she could freely move it. As time passed, the 
effectiveness of the spell dropped. At this rate, the two of 
them would be free within an hour or two. 

At the same time, it meant that Koutarou and Theia would be 
stuck together for that amount of time. Koutarou was sitting 
down with his back against a wall. Meanwhile, Theia was 
sitting between Koutarou's legs, with her body leaning 
towards his chest. This was the most relaxing posture for the 
two of them. 

Was Theia always this small? 

Koutarou was puzzled by Theia's seemingly small body that 
he was holding in his hands. The image of her in his mind had 
always been that of a more powerful girl. 

She's larger than Chari, but... she's quite small for someone of her age... 



Koutarou was puzzled by the difference between reality and 
his own image. Meanwhile, he unconsciously put force into 
his arms- 


As he did so, a strange sound leaked out. It was a quiet, 
sweet voice similar to when a cat or dog snuggled with a 

“Ah, sorry." 

Hearing that, Koutarou hurriedly eased up. He was worried 
that he might have made it harder for Theia to breathe and 

“It's fine, l-lt's not your fault." 

“So should we forcibly try to pull apart?" 

In reality, if Koutarou seriously tried, he would be able to 
forcibly overcome the power bonding the two. However, after 
their skin had turned red when he had tried to do so, they 
had decided not to overdo it. 

But if it was painful for Theia, he believed it would be better 
to pull them apart. 

“l-lt's fine like this! I'd rather endure this than have my entire 
back turn red!" 

Theia quickly rejected Koutarou's proposal. She had said she 
would endure it, but in reality, Theia wanted to stay like this 
for a while longer. 

“Really? Well, if you say so. 


Theia slightly nodded and relaxed her body and leaned 
against Koutarou. 

"Kiriha, how did you use this cane!? I want to try it too!!” 
"Well, you see—” 

"Y-Y-You can't! You can't just carelessly use magic!” 

"Cheapskate. I'm not telling you to hand over the cane. Can't 
I just try it a little?” 

"That's not the problem!" 

Room 106 was as noisy as always. But when she closed her 
eyes, Theia didn't mind the noise. If anything, it sounded 
more like a lullaby to her right now. 

I wonder what this sensation is... 

The parts attached to Koutarou felt hot. That sensation 
reached her heart and warmed her chest. But in contrast to 
that, the inner part of her heart was calm. She felt a deep 
relief and gentle peace. 

This was the first time she had felt that weird sensation. If 
anything, it was similar to what she had felt when she relied 
on her parents at a young age. But they weren't the same 
sensations. And because of that, Theia was able to find joy. 

I wish we were stuck like this forever.... 

There was a sense of security that she hadn't felt ever since 
she realized she had been born as royalty. As she leaned 
towards Koutarou, she felt that strong sense of security. She 
believed that she would be absolutely safe as long as she 

was here. 


At the same time, she wanted to let Koutarou feel the same 
sensation she had felt. That's because she had noticed that 
deep inside, Koutarou felt lonely. 

"...Did you fall asleep, Theia?" 

At that time, Koutarou whispered into her ear. With her eyes 
still closed, she slowly shook her head. 

"No. I just woke up." 

Before she knew it, Theia was holding onto Koutarou's hands. 
A few days ago, after Koutarou had disappeared and came 
back safely, finally, she had realized what it was she really 

"Sorry, did I wake you up?" 

"That's not what I meant... fufufu, oh well." 

Theia laughed. Since her eyes were still closed, Koutarou 
couldn't understand why. 

"Did something happen to you?" 

All he knew was that there had been a change in Theia's 
frame of mind. 

"No. I've just been thinking about a lot of things lately." 

"For example?" 

"For example... let's see... 

Theia opened her eyes and saw her hands on top of 
Koutarou's. She also saw her loyal vassal gently watching 
over her from a corner of the room. 

“For example... how I should repay Ruth who always helps me 

Theia also wanted Ruth to feel the same way she did. They 
had always been together, so she didn't want to be the only 
one feeling this way. 

“If that's the case, then I'll help." 


“Yeah. Ruth-san has always been helping me out too.” 


Theia laughed. 


“It's nothing. Can I really rely on you to cooperate?” 

“Of course.” 

“I trust a knight to not go back on his words.” 

“Yeah. I'm not a knight though.” 


Theia laughed once more. 

If everything turned out the way Theia wished it, if the future 
turned out the way she desired, then— 

“What is it, really?” 

“I won't tell. Fufufu, I definitely won't. As if! Fufufufu." 

If this kind of trouble hadn't occurred, and if her back wasn't 
against Koutarou, she would never have felt that way. With 
that in her chest, Theia laughed out. 

“It's a promise!" 

From tomorrow onwards, Theia would probably return to 
normal. If she saw Koutarou's face she'd be obstinate, but if 
their hands touched she would blush; the normal Theia. 

“I definitely won't forgive you if you regret it afterwards, 
Satomi Koutarou!" 

“Why are you acting so serious for, we're just talking about 
repaying Ruth." 

“What's your answer!?" 

“...As you wish, my princess." 

But now it was different. 

Theia's smile was radiant. 

Part 5 

A rhythmic sound was echoing in the passageways of the 
warship, Blue Knight. 

That was the sound of Ruth's shoes beating on the Blue 
Knight's white floor. After the residents of room 106 had 
fallen asleep, Ruth was heading one of the hangars onboard 
the Blue Knight. 

"Hmm Hirim-i’ Hm-hmmf 

Ruth began humming to the rhythm of her steps. She was 
mysteriously cheerful, the steps that she made were almost 
as if she was dancing. 

"Fufu, fufufufu." 

She would sometimes stop humming and instead cheerfully 
laugh. She normally never showed any strong emotions, so it 
was rare to see her this obviously happy. 

“Isn't that great, your highness!" 

Ruth was so cheerful because of Theia and Koutarou's 

Every time she recalled the two, her cheeks would naturally 
slack and her feet would move on their own. Several hours 
had passed since then, but Ruth still could not contain her 

“Well done, Kiriha-sama! I'll make sure to give her some 
proper thanks the next time I see her!" 

All of that was thanks to the spells that Kiriha had cast. At 

first it seemed to have been a failure, but the results were a 
great success. Ruth was very grateful towards Kiriha. 

"Hm Hm hlmmi’ HmmHmf' 

That being said, it wasn't all good things. Ruth's feelings were 
so heightened that she couldn't fall asleep. So she had 
decided to give up on sleeping and instead start on some 
untouched work. 

“Woops! I almost went past itJ’" 

Ruth walked past the hangar once, and quickly walked back 
with light steps. She then opened the door by rhythmically 
tapping on a nearby panel and entered. 

Ruth's goal was a small maintenance area in the hangar. 
There was something she had to perform maintenance on 

“Blue Knight, bring out Satomi-sama's maneuver suit." 

“As you wish, my lady." 

As Ruth spoke that order, a set of armor appeared out of 
nowhere. It was a vivid blue armor with the words 
“Theiamillis's Blue Knight" engraved on its chest. It was the 
Blue Knight's armor that Theia had given to Koutarou. Ruth 
had come to the hangar to perform maintenance on the 

“Blue Knight, do a check-up on the maneuver suit and make 
a list of all damaged areas. Also count how many spare parts 
there are for those areas." 

“As you wish, my lady." 

The armor stood up facing Ruth while being held up by an 
arm coming out from the wall. A diagnostic device was 
surrounding the armor, giving it a thorough examination. 

"...It looks... pretty worn out...?” 

As Ruth stared at the armor from the front, she noticed 
various kinds of damage on the armor. 

The armor had a lot of small wounds, and its graceful blue 
color had slightly dimmed. And there were also a few large 
dents and burn marks. 

"Are they damage from his battle with Clan-sama? Even for 
that, there are a lot of dents..." 

Being a bit bothered by that, Ruth brought up the data from 
the diagnostic device. There she saw a detailed list of what 
kind of damage the armor had taken, seeing that, Ruth 
instinctively tilted her head. 

"The abrasion of the joint bearing part is moderate. The 
shock absorber has broken down at two places. Because of 
repeated heating and impact, the brittleness of the armor has 
increased, replacing the plate is recommended...huh...?” 

The data display showed a list of damage often appearing 
after being operated over a long period of time. 

The joints had worn down from friction, the energy absorbing 
material had cracked, and durability of the armor had been 
reduced because of repeated heating. The accumulated 
damage was far more than something that would appear just 
from using it as a stage armor or fighting against Clan. The 
armor required an overhaul. 

"Just how has Satomi-sama been using this...?” 

Koutarou and Clan had disappeared for about two minutes. 
Ruth hadn't really thought about it up until now. She had only 
heard that they had gone to a different space-time plane for 
a short period of time and returned. 

However, based on the damage the armor had accrued, one 
could only imagine that those two minutes had been very 
intense. Or maybe a massive gravitational field had altered 
the speed of time. Either way, it couldn't have been a simple 
matter of going and coming back. 

“That's right, if I look at the memory..." 

Ruth operated a nearby panel and accessed the armor's 
memory storage. By looking at the armor's video and audio 
recording, the record of used equipment and the computer's 
flow of information processing, she should be able to learn 
what had happened. 


However, the information that was supposed to be there had 
all been deleted. Because of that, Ruth was unable to get her 
hands on any data. 

“It's been erased... did Satomi-san do that? No, it must have 
been Clan-sama... but, why...?" 

If they had just visited and returned from a different space- 
time plane, there would be no reason to erase the data. 
Which meant that since it had been erased, there was 
something they wanted to hide. 

“Just what happened to Satomi-sama and Clan-sama...?" 

They had been thrown to a different space-time, but 
something had happened there that had made the enemies, 

Koutarou and Clan, cooperate. Something that had caused 
the armor to be covered in damage. And they had erased the 
data in the armor to hide that something. 

Ruth was able to draw the conclusion based on the armor's 
damage and the fact that the data had been erased. 

“I should ask Satomi-sama for more details when I get the 

Koutarou had told Ruth and the others that he had no choice 
but to cooperate with Clan after cutting the repulsion shell in 
half in order to return home to his own space-time. Since he 
had brought back a magical cane, it must have meant that he 
had been sent to a planet where magic existed. 

However, Ruth believed that Koutarou was hiding something 
very important from them. 

Translator's Notes and References 

• The reverse of Valentine's day in Japan, where boys 
return gifts to girls who have given them gifts, it takes 
place a month after Valentine's Day on March 14 

Ski Resort and Signature Move 

Part 1 

Wednesday, February 3 

Passing through the dim tunnel, brightness permeated 
through the windows. Right outside the vehicle was a silvery 
landscape. Though the clouds were blocking the sun, 
everyone was dazzled by the sparkling snow. 

“Alright! Oh yeah! The mountain is calling for me!" 

Koutarou's eyes were sparkling as well, as if trying to beat 
the snow, he pushed his face against the window of the bus. 
As a sports lover, the moment Koutarou saw the snow, he 
could barely contain himself. 

“Please calm down a little, Satomi-kun." 

Kiriha called out to Koutarou, who was acting like a child 
whilst sitting next to her. They were surrounded by their 
classmates, so Kiriha spoke with more caution. However, her 
feelings were the same as always, and she happily watched 
over the restless Koutarou. 

“Kiriha-san, when do we get there!?" 

“It's still a while ahead. The bus will be driving up the 
mountain now." 

As she said that, Kiriha looked up front. In front of the bus, a 
mountain covered in white snow was growing larger. 

Koutarou and the other first years of Kitsushouharukaze high 
school were riding on eight buses that were heading towards 
a ski resort. As part of their school trip, they would be 
spending the next two days there, enjoying winter sports. 

“About 30 more minutes or so." 

“Damnit, it's still that far off?" 

Koutarou was still pressing his face against the window as he 
was talking to Kiriha. He was looking up at the ski resort, 
getting closer and closer. 

“It's no use, Kiriha-san. Once he's like that, it's impossible to 
peel Kou off the window.” 

Kenji's face popped up from behind Koutarou's seat. He was 
seated right behind him. 

“Shut it, Mackenzie. A weakling like you can't understand the 

“You're just being a child. Are you a kindergartner!?” 




. * v|', ^ WWV.V." v^ 

: >» k x¥®: s0 




w: : :¥:¥: : : : :$S$ 









*' , v , ‘-" aMlOQO 1111 

“I'd rather be a kindergartner than a weakling!” 

Despite Kenji's cold glance, Koutarou didn't move away from 
the window. 

"But it's dangerous like that, Satomi-kun." 

"Danger always accompanies the mountains.” 

"That's not what I meant. Fufufu.” 

Kiriha put her hand in front of her mouth and laughed. Her 
elegant smile had a calm beauty to it that was not found in 
any of their classmates. In fact, the boys who saw it were 
smitten, but Koutarou who had his face pushed up against 
the window showed no reaction. 

"Satomi-kun, it's dangerous so please sit back down." 

"Like I said, it's impossible. I've tried for several years." 

"Is that so?" 

Kenji dropped his shoulders in amazement, despite that, 
Kiriha smiled. She then brought her mouth closer to 
Koutarou's ear and whispered. 

"...Sit down, Satomi Koutarou. Do you want me to use magic 
once more?" 

In that short moment, Kiriha had a suspicious, provocative 


Her words had a profound effect. Koutarou who had 

stubbornly refused to move away from the window awkwardly 
sat back down on his seat. 

“Sorry for getting overly excited about skiing!" 

“Very good." 

Kiriha smiled at Koutarou who had sat back down. She pulled 
out a meatbun from her luggage and gave it to Koutarou. 

“Eat this and calm down a little." 

“Yes, it would be my honor!" 

Koutarou opened his mouth anxiously while Kiriha pushed the 
meatbun in with her delicate fingers. The meatbun was 
supposed to be delicious, but Koutarou was too anxious to 
taste anything. 

“Kou, what happened to you?" 

Kenji was astonished to see Koutarou and Kiriha like that. 
According to his own experience, it was impossible to make 
Koutarou listen to anything in that state. However, Kiriha had 
easily done so, and Kenji couldn't believe it. 

“Mackenzie, you don't know this woman's true nature. She's 

“Would you like another?" 


Before Koutarou could say something unnecessary, Kiriha 
stuffed another meatbun into his mouth. 

“Mghm, mmh." 

"Kiriha-san, what did Kou say?” 

"Hgmm, mhhh.” 

"What... w-well..." 

Kiriha blushed and looked down. 

"H-He was just remembering the intimate times we... spent 


The next moment, Koutarou, who was struggling to breath 
because of the meatbun, had plastic bottles, shoes, magazine 
and various other objects thrown at him. 

Having a ton of things thrown at him as he struggled to 
breathe, Koutarou passed out for a moment. Once he woke 
up, the person who was supposed to have been sitting next 
to him had suddenly vanished. 

"D-Dammit, that Kiriha-san...” 

"Are you okay, Koutarou?” 

"That was unfortunate, Satomi-san.” 

Sanae and Yurika were helping Koutarou out by working 
together to remove the items thrown at him. 

"...Thanks you two." 

"Koutarou, you definitely shouldn't go out with that woman." 

"That's right. Satomi-san only needs to go out with Sakuraba- 

"T-That aside, Yurika." 

Koutarou knocked away the dust on his clothes and got up. 

"Don't ever give Kiriha-san that magical cane. Who knows 
what she'd do for fun." 

In this case, Koutarou was the most likely victim. Of course, 
the damage would be far greater than having things thrown 
at him. 


Yurika responded with a powerful nod. She was not about to 
permit the misuse of magic either. 

"Not even if she gives you something delicious." 


Yurika nodded again. However, her determination had already 
started to waver. 

"Not even if she tells you a scary story." 

"l-l-lt's fine! Probably! Yurika fight! Yurika fight!" 

Yurika nervously nodded and cheered for herself. 

"...Are you sure?” 

"I'm sorry, I'm not actually confident!" 

It seemed like the security of the new magical cane was far 
weaker than Koutarou had hoped for. 

Theia looked over at Koutarou and the others while standing 

up from her seat. After confirming that Koutarou was alright, 
she let out a sigh of relief and sat back down. 

“Your highness, you could just go to Satomi-sama's side." 
“L-Like I could do something like that! Despite this, I'm—" 
“A girl, right?" 

Theia's face turned red and she stared down. She was about 
to say princess, but the word had been caught in her throat 
and wouldn't come out. 

“Your highness, if there's something you want, you can't just 
wait for it." 

Theia said nothing while still looking down. Her long golden 
hair hid her face, so Ruth couldn't tell what kind of expression 
Theia was making. 

“You can't rely on the fact that Kiriha-sama will always be 
helping either." 

This might have been harder to understand than the magic 
trouble they had the other day night, but Ruth believed that 
Kiriha did it for Theia's sake. That by putting Koutarou in the 
center of trouble, Theia would come to help him. 

Instead, Sanae and Yurika had gone to Koutarou's side. While 
she was hesitating, they had made the first move. If Theia 
didn't take action herself, she wouldn't be able to see any 
results, no matter how many chances Kiriha made for her. On 
top of that, there was a limit to Kiriha's cooperation. Despite 
noticing her own wish, all would be for nothing if she didn't 

do anything. 

“I know... Even I know that I can't go on like this...” 

Theia finally opened her mouth. However, the words that left 
her lips were timid, and it was hard to believe they came 
from the bullish girl. 

"But I don't understand... I've only interacted with other 
people by showing my power. And changing to a different 
method now is... impossible for me to imagine. Just what 
should I be doing...?” 

Theia had been born a princess and lived bargaining with 
people she couldn't trust. And to survive that kind of life, she 
had made others follow her through force. She had only 
interacted with other people with that kind of method. 

Theia's wish was not to make Koutarou follow her like that. 
However, that was the only way she knew how. That left 
Theia greatly confused. Because of that, she couldn't make a 
move, despite the opportunities. 

"Then, just show him your power." 


Theia instinctively raised her head. She had not expected 
what Ruth said. 

"It's meaningless to show my power. By doing that, my wish 
won't be fulfilled...” 

"If you just show your normal power, that might be the case.' 
Ruth put her hand on her chest and gently smiled at Theia. 
"You have a different power you can show him, your 


“A different... power...?” 

"Yes. That is the power of thinking of others. If you make use 
of all that power without holding back, I'm sure he will 
understand, no matter what you do. Be it playing games, 
drinking tea or fighting." 

Ruth's words were powerful. A strong belief resided in her 

How can you be so certain, why didn't you hesitate... ? 

Theia couldn't feel any hesitation coming from Ruth, so she 
wanted to know just what supported Ruth's belief. 

"Our 'Theiamillis's Blue Knight' isn't the kind of thick-headed 
knight who wouldn't understand that." 

Ruth gently smiled as she said that. When Theia looked at her 
face, she understood what Ruth had been trying to say. 

I see... so that's what you believe in... 

Ruth believed that there was no way that the one Theia 
desired would ever actively ignore just her feelings. She had 
begun to desire it since that wasn't the case, 

Having understood what Ruth believed in, a small smile 
finally appeared on Theia's face. 

"Yes, your highness?" 

"You just said 'our', did you not?" 

Theia questioned Ruth. However, her words were gentle. She 
was in no way criticizing Ruth. 

“Yes. That is indeed what I said." 

Ruth responded with the same strong belief she had shown 

“Then... are you fine like that?" 

In fact, Theia was the one who had shown a slightly 
apologizing expression. 

“Yes. My ideal man is someone who will support your 

“You're not being very honest either..." 

A bitter expression mixed with Theia's smile. However, Ruth 
shook her head. 

“No, I simply believe. Very stubbornly, I might add." 

“Fufufu... then I should believe as well." 

“In what, if I may ask?" 

Ruth already knew. Despite knowing, she asked because she 
wanted Theia to put it into words. 

“In our Theiamillis's Blue Knight 1 ." 

Theia had just said what Ruth had hoped for. She believed it 
was a wonderful thing that Theia had spoken those words. 

“Yes... as you wish, my princess..." 

Theia and Ruth smiled at each other. 

Part 2 

To the girl known as Nijino Yurika, a ski resort could be likened 
to hell. Not only did she dislike exercising, she also hated the 
cold. And since she lacked endurance and diligence, she 
wasn't good at skiing at all. 


Because of that, shortly after she got off the lift, Yurika would 
lose her balance. 

“Save meeeeee, Satomi-saaaaaaaan!!" 

As her figure had gotten rounder because of her thick 
clothing, Yurika rolled down the ski slope like a barrel. 

“Ah, Yurika!?" 

Koutarou quickly gave chase. However, the speed she was 
rolling down was abnormal as she sped down the slope. 
Although he might love sports, as a skiing amateur, the gap 
between Koutarou and Yurika only grew. 

“Save me, Satomi-saaaanM" 

Yurika looked like she would roll on forever, but... 


She rolled into a pile of newly fallen snow and stopped. She 
punched a hole in the pile and her legs were all that were 
sticking out. 

“Wah, that looks bad, Koutarou!" 

"Sanae, go on ahead and see if she's alright!” 


Sanae let go of Koutarou's back and flew towards Yurika. 
Since she could freely fly, it went faster than skiing. Thanks 
to that she was able to reach Yurika before anyone else. 

"Are you okay, Yurika?" 

"I-I'm nooot." 

Yurika was stuck in the snow and unable to move. She tried 
to move her arms, but there was no room in the snow. The 
only thing she could do was kick her legs, but that wouldn't 
help with her situation. 

That was when Koutarou arrived, sliding down sideways and 
stopping right next to the pile. 

"How does it look?” 

"She doesn't seem to be hurt, but she can't get out." 

"Save me-, Satomi-saaaaaan." 

Yurika's voice was being slightly muffled by the snow. Based 
on her voice and how she was kicking her legs, Koutarou 
understood that she was fine. 


After taking a sigh of relief, Koutarou removed his skis and 
approached the area where Yurika was stuck. 

"Hey, are you okay, Yurika?” 

"Yees, I'm not hurt.” 

Yurika's miserable voice responded to Koutarou's question. 

“Are you stuck?” 

“I can't move my arms, so I probably can't get out on my 

The hole was shaped after Yurika and she was unable to 
escape on her own. So, Koutarou reluctantly put his hands on 
Yurika's legs sticking out. 

“Kyaa Kyaa!? W-What!?” 

Yurika, unable to tell head from tails, panicked and began 

“Pervert! Molester! Why are you taking advantage of me not 
being able to move to touch me!?” 

“You're wrong!! Stay still, Yurika!! I'll pull you out from 

“Your fingers are moving very suspiciously- oh, so that's what 
you were doing.” 

However, when she realized that Koutarou was trying to pull 
her out, she stopped flailing. 

“Okay, Satomi-san. Hurry up and save me.” 

“...You bastard, maybe I should just bury you instead...” 

Despite being irritated by Yurika's behavior, Koutarou 
grabbed a hold of her legs. 

“Here I go, Yurika!” 


At the same time as she answered, Koutarou put all of his 
force behind his arms. 

“Ouch, owowowow!!" 

Yurika began screaming right away and began kicking her 
legs, struggling. 

“H-Hey Yurika, stop moving!” 

“B-, ow, but it hurts!! Owowowow!!” 

“In that case!!” 

Yurika kept struggling, saying that it hurts, but at this rate 
they wouldn't get anywhere. Koutarou ignored her pleas to 
stop and pulled using all of his weight. Just like that, he pulled 
Yurika out, along with the snow around her from the pile. 


“Are you okay, Yurika?” 

Yurika rubbed her neck with tears in her eyes. That was the 
part that had been hurting the most when Koutarou was 
pulling her. 

“I thought my head was gonna get torn off.” 

“Don't be so dramatic. It's just snow.” 

“Show some guts.” 

“You're wrong-” 

“Which one?” 

“The deeper snow is denser and harder, and that's where my 

head was stuck-” 

"But in the end it's just snow, right?" 

"You're wrong! Satomi-san, I think you should be gentler with 

"I don't care." 

While Koutarou and the others were talking on top of the 
snow, their classmates came skiing down the slope. It was a 
pair on skis and snowboard respectively. They approached 
Koutarou and the others with great speed as they crossed 
each other's trails. 

They then hit the brakes and stared at Koutarou and the 
others after stopping. 

"What are you doing, Kou?" 

"What are you sitting in a place like this for?” 

The ones who had come were Kenji and Shizuka. Kenji had a 
snowboard, and Shizuka had skis. The two of them were quite 

"...Yurika crashed into that snow pile over there and got 
stuck. I just helped her get free." 

Koutarou responded in a bad mood as he wiped off the snow 
from his face that had been kicked up by Kenji's and 
Shizuka's flashy braking. Yurika, who didn't try to wipe the 
snow off then tried to appeal to them. 

"Satomi-san is just terrible! Even though I said it hurt, he just 
forcibly pulled me out! I thought I was about to lose my 

"Nijino-san, Kou's been reckless like that since he was a 

Kenji followed Yurika's lead. Trying to release his built up 
frustration, he complained to Yurika. 

"Just the other day he woke me up using hot water, you 
know!? He definitely needs to be gentler with me!!” 

"I know how you feel. He's normally that rough.” 

"So you understand, Matsudaira-san!!” 


Yurika and Kenji shook at each other's hands and rejoiced at 
having found someone who understood them. 

"What are those two doing?” 

Koutarou and Shizuka looked at those two with cold glances. 

"They've already moved past the pain and are just 
complaining now... Oh, right, Satomi-kun.” 


"Regardless of what happened, the truth is that she fell, 
right? Her neck might really be hurting, so it might be better 
to take her to the hotel's infirmary.” 

"Infirmary!? I'll go! I'll go!" 

The moment she heard the words infirmary, Yurika's eyes 
began sparkling. 

"...You just don't want to ski anymore, don't you?” 

“You're wrong! Ouch, ow, Satomi-san, my neck, my neck is 

Yurika brushed aside Koutarou's suspicious glance. She held 
her neck with both hands and appealed to Koutarou, saying it 
was hurting with a smile on her face. 

This girl... she's planning on using her neck pain as an excuse to skip.... 

Not only did she dislike exercising, she also hated the cold. It 
was obvious that she wasn't planning on coming back. 

“Fine, I got it. Let's go to the infirmary, Yurika." 

“Really!? Thank you!! I knew you were a gentle person when 
we first met!!" 

Yurika grabbed a hold of Koutarou's hands and shook them up 
and down. 

“That's right, you've been very gentle lately, Satomi-san 
must really love me~" 

Yurika was ecstatic over not having to ski for a while. 

“...Don't get so full of yourself..." 

“Are you sure? She doesn't look hurt." 

“What can I do? There's also the chance that she actually is." 

Koutarou was well aware of Yurika's underlying motives, but 
he couldn't leave things like they were. He sighed and stood 
up, and then dragged Yurika up as well. 

“Let's go, Yurika." 


"Satomi-kun, Mackenzie-kun and I will take care of the skis.” 
"Please do, thank you, landlord-san." 

"...What, no thanks to me, Kou?” 

"Koutarou, I don't like infirmaries, so I'll go play with Theia 
and the others." 

"Yeah. You do that." 

Theia and Ruth were in the middle of being taught how to ski 
by Kiriha. Tagging along to the infirmary would just be boring, 
so Sanae would rather go join up with them. 

"Well, I'll leave the rest to you, landlord-san, Mackenzie." 

"Satomi-san, Satomi-san, can you give me a piggyback ride?” 

A thud rang out. 

"Don't get too full of yourself." 


And so, Koutarou and Yurika walked down the slope. Sanae 
had already gone looking for Theia and the others, so the 
only ones remaining were Shizuka and Kenji. Kenji stared at 
Koutarou and Yurika's backs as they were talking and tilted 
his head. 

"...Kasagi-san, are those two going out?" 

Shizuka's eyes opened wide after hearing Kenji's words. 
"Satomi-kun and Yurika-chan!? Why!?” 

"Why, well... don't they seem too close for just classmates? 

It's like they give you no room to join in... 


. V.WW.V.V.WV.W, 


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jsssssssSssjjjjjSSsssjs^ x^jsSsj 



.; % v.v.v.v.v.v 





: ; : : : : : :*: : : : : : :o 

“Ah, they certainly have that atmosphere to them..." 

Shizuka stopped picking up the skis that had been left behind 
and also looked at Koutarou and Yurika's retreating backs. 

Yurika was talking to Koutarou, making large gestures while 
he responded with his various expressions and sometimes hit 
Yurika on her head. 

“But I don't think they're going out. They're both bad at 
hiding secrets, so I'm pretty sure." 

“That's true... but, hmm..." 

Kenji wasn't satisfied, but he didn't think they were secretly 
going out. To him, the two had a very strange relationship. 

It's only natural for it to be strange to you Mackenzie-kun. In reality, the two 
of them are living together... 

While feeling a sense of admiration for Kenji's observation 
abilities, Shizuka smiled wryly. The reason Koutarou and 
Yurika were so close was because they lived together in room 
106. As the time passed, they had gotten closer and closer. 

Well, the same goes through for the other girls too... 

Although the residents of room 106 had different interests, 
they had built up a mutual trust between one another. And 
Shizuka, who had lost her family, felt somewhat envious of 

Part 3 

Yurika's diagnosis was just what Koutarou had assumed: 
nothing out of order. However, the doctor in charge had 
decided to keep Yurika from exercising for a day, just to be on 
the safe side. That was just what Yurika had hoped for. 

“Really, that Yurika... this is why she's so unreliable.” 

Because of that, only Koutarou had come back from the 
infirmary. Yurika had gone to sleep instead. Returning to the 
slopes, Koutarou's head was full of thoughts of Yurika. Despite 
his attitude, he was always worried about Yurika. 

“What's wrong, Satomi-kun?” 

A classmate called out to Koutarou as he was wandering 

“Oh, Aika-san.” 

“That's a gloomy expression you have there. Is something 

The voice belonged to a girl named Aika Maki. She was a 
transfer student who had transferred to their school around 
the start of winter. Maki was supposedly one of Yurika's 
acquaintances, but she was a girl who left a weak impression, 
and Koutarou didn't have many memories of her. 

“Yurika hurt her neck, so I took her to the infirmary, but...” 

“My, Yurika-san did?” 

Hearing that Yurika had been injured, Maki's eyes opened 

“The diagnosis said there was nothing wrong with her, but 
she refused to leave." 

Koutarou had a dissatisfied expression and looked at the door 
behind him. Past that door was Yurika sleeping in a warm 

“I see..." 

Having had the situation explained to her, Maki's expression 
suddenly got sharper. 

Regardless of circumstances, this is my chance to investigate... 

Maki had been trying to make contact with Koutarou these 
last few days. Having decided that this was her chance, Maki 
approached him. 

Maki left the information gathering regarding room 106 to an 
automated tool she had set up before they went on the 
school trip. All that was left was to question Koutarou, then 
the majority of her goals would be complete. 

And this is also my chance to outsmart this man. Maki, don't be too rash, just 
thread carefully... 

Maki called out to Koutarou with a smile after talking herself 
down from doing anything rash. 

“Then could you speak with me for a moment, Satomi-kun? 

I'll buy you a drink." 

However, in contrast to her smile, Maki was getting more and 
more nervous. 

While Maki had gone to buy juice at the vending machine, 
she activated two spells that had been dormant. One was the 
spell to allow the user to see through lies, and the other was 

a camouflage magic that concealed the magic power that 
was being emitted. 

She didn't want to be fooled by Koutarou's slick tongue, so 
she decided to use a spell that let her see through lies. But 
she also didn't want him to realize she was using a spell, so 
she camouflaged her magic power. 

Maki had prepared these spells before she made contact with 

The rest is up to me... 

Maki pulled herself together and approached Koutarou with 
two plastic bottles in her hands. 

“Here, Satomi-kun." 

“Sorry for making you treat me.” 

At that time, Maki could see a green light surrounding 
Koutarou's body. That light was from the magic spell that only 
Maki could see, and whenever Koutarou lied it would become 

It doesn't look like he's lying so far... 

The light surrounding Koutarou was a steady green, proof 
that he wasn't lying. 

“Let's speak sitting down.” 


Maki and Koutarou sat down at a bench in the corner of the 
hotel's lobby. 

“So, what did you want to talk about?” 

Koutarou asked, while he removed the cap from his bottle 
and put it by his lips. Koutarou hadn't told Maki what he 
wanted, but inside the bottle was Koutarou's favorite drink, 

“Well... it's about Yurika-san." 


Taking care not to look unnatural, Maki removed the cap from 
her bottle too and she began speaking after taking a sip. 

“Yes, that's right. Things haven't been going well with Yurika- 
san lately..." 

Since Maki hated lies, she wasn't outright lying herself. Since 
they were enemies, the truth was that things weren't going 

“So please tell me, did something happen to Yurika-san 

Maki said that very naturally. Because of that, to Koutarou, it 
looked like as if the transfer student was worried that her 
friend had changed. 

“Do you mean since you transferred here?" 

“Yes. I think it's something very recent." 

The magic power in room 106 had recently grown much 
larger. Something should have happened involving either 
Yurika or Koutarou. So Maki started out by confirming if 
something had happened to Yurika. 

“Recently, huh..." 

Koutarou began thinking. 

Something major happened to me, but... Yurika's the same as always... the 
only thing that's happened with her is making children cry with her acting as 
Alunaya, isn't it? But that probably has nothing to do with why things won't 
go well with Maki-san... 

“Sorry, I can't think of anything." 

In the end, Koutarou had concluded so. He had no memory of 
anything major happening to Yurika. 

The light is stable... So does that mean Satomi Koutarou is the reason for the 
magic power’s growth? Or was it the enemy he fought during the play? 

The light enveloping Koutarou was still a stable green. It 
proved that Koutarou was telling the truth, so she began 
thinking of all kinds of possibilities. 

“...No, wait." 

Koutarou remembered something and his expression 

Could you call that a substantial change? 

Koutarou had no recollection of any troubles regarding Yurika, 
but he did about the opposite. 

“So did something happen?" 

“Yeah. Actually, Yurika's dream was finally fulfilled." 

Koutarou had remembered that he had given her a magical 
cane as a present. 

Thanks to that cane, she was able to use real magic, though 
it was weak. To Koutarou, it was like giving her a tool for self- 
defense, but to Yurika it might have been a big deal. In truth, 
Yurika was crying from joy at the time. 

“Because of the complicated circumstances I can't go into 
details, but the dream she wished for with all of her heart 
finally came true. So she might have changed a little." 

“The dream she wished for with all her heart...?" 

Maki knew what Yurika's dream was. That dream was that she 
wanted to become a splendid magician. A splendid magician 
that could fulfill the duties of her predecessor, Rainbow Nana. 

If that dream has been fulfilled it means... she's drawn out the magic power 
and gotten a hold of great power? Or Yurika's magic power has increased 
somehow, which made it look like the magic power in room 106 had grown? 

Either Yurika became a splendid magician using the magic 
power in room 106 or her magic power has grown because 
she became a splendid magician. 

The light around Koutarou was still a stable green, meaning 
he wasn't lying. So Maki began thinking in that way. 

“So, could you please wait a little until Yurika can settle in?" 

“...I see, I understand." 

Koutarou and Maki's conversation weren't connecting at all; 
they were both talking about something completely different. 
Despite that, both of their conclusions were that Yurika had 
become a splendid magician. Since neither of them was lying, 
neither of them noticed the difference in their conversation. 

Either way, the increase in magic power has been added into Yurika's magic 
power... Things have gotten problematic... 

Maki took another sip of her cola. It was one of her few 

Part 4 

After separating with Koutarou, Maki hid in the woods around 
the ski resort and contacted her allies using a magic tool. 

This magic tool had a similar shape and size to the charms 
sold in temples. Because of the tool's portability, it was only 
possible to talk to one person at a time. The person that Maki 
had contacted was the girl in purple. 

“Purple, it's me." 

“Navy... what is it?” 

“There's something I wanted to report to you right away.” 

Maki quickly reported on her affairs, trying not to waste any 

“It seems like the increase in magic power we talked about 
has been added to Yurika's magic power.” 


Even the normally calm girl in purple instinctively held her 

“Are you sure!?” 

“Yes, sadly it is the truth. That's the information I obtained 
after making contact with Satomi Koutarou. I've already 
confirmed that he was speaking the truth.” 

If the increase in magic power in room 106 was all under 
Yurika's control, Maki and the others had no chance of 
winning. It was obvious that they'd be sent flying if they tried. 

The truth of the matter, however, was that Yurika hadn't gone 
through a power up. The cane Koutarou had brought home 
allowed for the use of all kinds of spells, but the power itself 
was weak. So she hadn't gotten stronger at all, but since Maki 
held such hostility against Yurika and Koutarou, she had just 
misunderstood. Of course, Darkness Rainbow had no way of 
knowing that. And because of Maki's hostility, the girls were 
about to have yet another grand misunderstanding about 
Koutarou and Yurika. 

"That's bad..." 

"Yes, we should avoid a direct clash. We'll suffer an even 
more crushing defeat than we did against Rainbow Nana." 

"I understand. I'll think of what we will do next, you continue 
investigating— wait up Navy, Green is saying something." 

With those words as her last, the girl in purple stopped 

After several minutes, the Purple's voice came from the 
magic tool once more. 

"...Navy, are you listening?" 

"Yes, I've been bored to death with waiting." 

"According to Green, a powerful demon has appeared at the 
top of mountain near you. It arrived there at roughly the 
same time you did." 

"A powerful demon...?" 

In Maki's and the others home country of Folsaria, apart from 
humans, there were also abnormal looking monsters known 
as demons. Some of them would sometime stray to Earth and 
create chaos. A lot of the monsters and devils in legends 

were actually demons from Folsaria. 

“We want you to capture that and make it your familiar. 
Normally we'd send you some reinforcement, but I'm afraid 
we're not in a position where we can do that. That said, if we 
leave it alone, Rainbow Heart will exterminate it." 

One of the jobs of the army Yurika was a part of, Rainbow 
Heart, was to exterminate demons that had strayed to Earth. 
So sooner or later this demon would likely meet the same 

“...So in this situation where Yurika's magic power has 
increased, you want to increase our allies, even if it comes at 
a risk, huh?” 

Maki realized what the girl in purple wanted to say, and said 
it out first. 

“That's right. Will you give it a shot?” 

“I'll do it. Fortunately, creating familiar is my specialty.” 

A familiar was a demon that followed the orders of a 

In order to employ a familiar, one either needed to bind it 
using contracts and curses, or manipulate its mind with 
magic. Maki preferred the latter; she specialized in utilizing 
manipulation magic. So she was perfect for the job. 

“Besides, I need to get some more power too or I can't win 
against Yurika or that man.” 

“We're counting on you, Navy.” 

“Yes... Hm?” 

At that moment, Maki could sense that someone was 
approaching her. 

“Purple, I'll contact you later. It looks like I'm getting a guest." 
“Take care, Navy." 

After finishing her communication, Maki put her magic tool 
into her bosom. When she turned around, she saw a lone girl 
approaching her. 

“As expected of Yurika. To think you could sense magic as 
feeble as this." 

“Maki-chan, what are you doing using magic in a place like 

Yurika's expression was more serious than usual. The 
complete opposite of carefree expression she showed 
Koutarou and the others daily. 

Yurika had sensed the magic Maki was using and came here. 

It had been communication magic, but Yurika was cautious of 
Maki using magic at this timing. For the past few months, 

Maki hadn't taken any aggressive actions and just acted like 
a classmate. She didn't use magic or give Yurika an opening 
to use. Despite that, Maki was using magic during this school 
trip. It was something that Yurika couldn't ignore. 

“Do you think I have an obligation to answer you?" 

A smile appeared on Maki's lips and she gave Yurika a 
thorough check. 

From what I can tell, she's not powered up in her current state... Maybe her 
cane has something to do with it? 

Yurika was currently wearing colorful ski wear just like Maki. 

Maki couldn't sense any difference in magic power in Yurika's 
current state. So she started thinking that Yurika's outfit or 
cane was covered in strong magic instead. 

“...I don't know what you're doing, Maki-chan, but I'll be your 
opponent if I have to.” 

The snow creaked under Yurika's feet. She mustered up her 
courage and took a step towards Maki. She was terribly 
scared of fighting, but as a magical girl, she couldn't just 

"Those are some big words, Rainbow Yurika. Can you really 
beat me with your skills?" 

"It's not a matter of winning. It's my duty.” 

The Yurika in the past probably would have run away from 
this situation. But ever since she came to room 106, the 
courage she had slowly gathered was now supporting her. 

Win?... I'll definitely win and protect everyone... so I can graduate together 
with Satomi-san and the others! 

It wasn't courage as a magical girl. It was just a girl's, Nijino 
Yurika's, courage. In order to protect her life in room 106 and 
Kitsushouharukaze high school; the courage needed to do so 
burned inside Yurika. Even Koutarou hitting her across the 
head before was now adding to her courage. 

"That's awfully confident of you... let's see how long you can 
keep that up." 

As she said that, Maki readied herself. 

This courage coming from Yurika who would always run away... She must 
have gained considerable magic power... 

Maki wasn't as optimistic about the situation as she sounded. 
She imagined that she didn't stand much of a chance 
winning, taking Yurika's supposedly drastic increase in magic 
power into account. 

And this footing... this place is disadvantageous to me... 

Maki was standing on new snow. She fought using a 
combination of mind manipulation magic and martial arts. In 
comparison, Yurika fought primarily relying on long range 
spells. Because of that, Maki had a disadvantage in the snow 
where she would have a hard time moving. With that in her 
mind, Maki decided that she should prioritize getting a 

But just running away isn't my style! 

But a fire started burning in Maki's eyes. No matter how 
strong Yurika had gotten, her pride wouldn't allow her to just 
run away without putting up a fight. 

“Here I come, Nijino Yurika!!" 

Maki thrust her right arm forwards. 


Yurika response was slightly delayed and she put both of her 
hands in front of her. 

“Come, Nightwalker!" 

“Come! Angel Halo! Encyclopedia!" 

In response to their shouts, a cane appeared in front of Maki's 
right hand, and another cane appeared in front of each of 
Yurika's hands for a total of three canes. 

Maki's cane was called Nightwalker. The cane in front of 
Yurika's right hand was Angel Halo, and the one in her left 
was Encyclopedia. The two of them grabbed their canes that 
appeared midair, raised the one in their right hands above 
their heads and began focusing. 

She has two canes!? 

Maki was surprised by Yurika having a cane in each hand. She 
had made the first move, but her incantation was slightly 
delayed because of her surprise, so they ended up incanting 
at the same time. 

“Costume Change - Modifier Quick - End - Permanent!" 

This spell was to change their outfits. The two of them were 
wrapped in blue light and their ski wear was replaced by a 
different outfit. After the blue light had faded, Yurika and Maki 
were wearing a pink and indigo colored magical outfit 
respectively and facing each other. 



Maki's incantation ended there, but Yurika's continued. 

“Armed - Angel Halo!" 

After finishing her incantation, the cane she was holding 
above her head, Angel Halo, began emitting an orange light 
which gradually grew large enough to envelop it, obscuring 
its silhouette. Once the light had reached its brightest and 
obscured the cane, the orange light suddenly divided into 
several different colored balls of light. 

“She armed her cane!?" 

While Maki was taken back in surprise, the balls of light flew 
into Yurika's body, one after another. Into her head, her back, 
her chest, her arms and legs. Every time a ball of light 
crashed into her body, the clothes in that area began 
changing shape. 

The balls of light that crashed into her limbs and chest 
transformed and added glowing white decorations. The ball of 
light that crashed into her back transformed and added 
angelic looking wings. And the final ball of light that had 
crashed into her head transformed into what could only be 
described as an angel's halo. 

Thanks to this transformation, divinity and amazement was 
added to Yurika's normally exposing outfit. 

“The magical girl of love and courage ☆ Rainbow Yurika!” 

And as her body glowed white, she swung her other cane, 
Encyclopedia around using both hands. 

“I will protect the peace of this city!" 

Yurika pointed her cane towards Maki. Her dignified stance 
made her look powerful. 

"I see, so that's your new power...” 

Seeing Yurika's new appearance, Maki held her breath. 

She prepared two canes, binding powerful magic into one of 
them and arming the other. And while fighting normally, she 
would look for a chance to unleash the bound magic power. 

I see you put some thought into this, Nijino Yurika! 

Normally, a lone magician could only use a limited number of 
spells at the same time. However, by using powerful magic 
tools, it was possible to increase that number. Maki believed 
that Yurika would use room 106's magic power in such a 

"That new cane doesn't hold a lot of power.” 

"It may be insignificant power, but things won't go the same 
as before!” 

"Insignificant... do you think I'll fall for that?" 

Maki ground her teeth. 

Highly dense magic power from artifact-rank magic tools, the 
highest level of magical tools whose means of creation has 
been lost, was flowing out from Encyclopedia. Having Yurika 
called that insignificant slightly irritated Maki. 

Ah~, I hope my bluff won't be seen through! 

However, Yurika was secretly anxious. It was true that the 
cane she had gotten from Koutarou held large amounts of 
magic power. However, like its name alludes to, it was sort of 
like an encyclopedia. Since it could use a vast amount of 

spells without relying on the user, the power of each spell 
was weak and below average. It was flexible but weak. So 
rather than relying on Encyclopedia's power, she was putting 
her hope in being able to use magic in front of Koutarou and 
the others. If she used magic in this appearance, Koutarou 
and the others wouldn't suspect her. And since it held a lot of 
magic power, it also worked as a bluff against Maki. That's all 
the meaning the cane held to Yurika, whose magic repertoire 
was wide enough as it was. 

“I guess I'll give it a shot...” 

Maki readied her own cane. Her goal also included confirming 
Yurika's abilities. Now that she's shown her new power, it was 
necessary to examine to what extent it had reached. 

You can't show weakness now, Yurika! Even I have grown a little since then! 

Yurika mustered up her own courage and pointed her cane 
towards Maki. 

"Sanctuary - Modifier - Effective Area - Colossal!” 

The two of them began their incantation at the same time. It 
was a spell to keep the people in the area away. It was an 
unwritten law that magicians use this when fighting against 
one another, and it also served as the gong to start the fight. 

Part 5 

“Quick Cast - Acceleration!!" 

Maki was the first to move. After casting a spell that 
improved her reaction speed, she began closing the distance 
between her and Yurika. 

As I thought, the footing is poor! 

However, as expected, Maki was unable to move as quickly 
as she'd like to because of the snow. Despite that, she still 
moved faster than a normal person, but it still gave Yurika a 
chance to attack. 

“Multiple Energy Bolt - Target Option - Spread!!" 

The spell Yurika chose created multiple magic arrows to 
attack its target. Those magic arrows normally worked like a 
machine gun, but Yurika changed their effect to work more 
like a shotgun. It was a necessary trick to make in order to 
score a hit on the quick Maki. 

“Tsk, Quick Cast - Anti-Magic Shield!!" 

However, Maki wouldn't just take that lying down. Before 
Yurika could fire off her glowing red magic arrows, Maki 
created a translucent yellow shield. 

Yurika's magic shots smashed into it like rain. Since Yurika 
mass produced the shots to keep them firing, their power was 
weaker, so the shield Maki had created easily blocked them. 

“Tiny Memory Flash - Modifier - Touch Trigger!" 

Protected by the magic shield, Maki charged forward. At the 

same time, her cane began glowing indigo. That light was 
from her specialty, mind manipulation magic that induces a 
short term memory lapse. She infused her own cane with the 
spell so that it would activate at the same time she struck her 

“Take this, Yurikaaa!!" 

As Maki wound up for her swing, the shield protecting her 
vanished. She couldn't attack while defending. 



In that moment, the snow below Maki's feet suddenly went 
loose. It struck her feet and slightly lifted her up. 

It was a spell that Yurika had used to control the snow and 
slow down the target. However, Yurika hadn't cast any 
incantation to activate that spell. What had cast that spell 
had been Yurika's new cane. 

She can cast spells without any incantation whatsoever!? 

Maki was left astonished. She had expected Yurika to use her 
own magic combined with the cane's, but she didn't think it 
would be instantaneous. 

Unlike Koutarou and Kiriha, Yurika had a clear image of what 
magic was. Because of that, she didn't need to say anything 
to control the magic of the cane. That was the original trait of 
this cane. 

“Flame Lance - Target Option - Auto Homing!” 

While Maki's body was in midair, Yurika created a spear of 
fire. A second spell was cast immediately after the first, 

something that shouldn't be possible. It was a burning red 
spear that soared through the air towards Maki. 

"I'll get hit!?” 

Seeing the burning spear, Maki realized that she had no way 
of dodging it. She couldn't evade after being thrown in the air 
after all. 

"Eei, in that case!!” 

Maki pointed her cane upwards. 

"Energy Release!!" 

Maki released the magic infused in her cane and created a 
small explosion. Thanks to the shockwave of that explosion 
and gravity, Maki was able to slightly change the direction 
she was falling in. 

The fire spear scratched her body and left a small scorch 
mark on her outfit. The fire spear continued flying and 
crashed into a pile of snow, blowing most of it away and 
melting the rest. The intense flame continued and after 
melting away all of the snow, it scorched the ground. 

That was close! If I had been just a moment slower, I would have been 

Secretly startled, Maki rolled across the snow before quickly 
standing up. She quickly readied her cane again, but she was 
still surprised on the inside. 

To think she'd use magic like that... 

Artifacts: the powerful magical tools said to be created by 
God, whose manufacturing method have been lost. Because 
of the enormous amounts magic power they contained, they 

were intended to be used for large-scale magic. However, no 
matter how powerful the artifact was, to cast such a spell an 
incantation was necessary. That was true for the majority of 
the artifacts that Maki knew off. However, the basis for 
Yurika's Encyclopedia was completely different. The spell's 
effect was small, but there was no need to chant or focus. 
Therefore, magic could be cast at any time. On top of that, it 
could be used completely separate from the magic Yurika 

Maki wasn't sure which was more dangerous: Yurika's larger 
magic which required incantations, or the weaker magic that 
could strike at any moment. However, she was well aware 
that both of them were highly dangerous. 

The cane Satomi-san gave me isn't useless at all! This was made to fight 
against magicians! 

Even Yurika herself was surprised about the same thing Maki 
was. She had first only thought of Encyclopedia as a tool she 
could use to camouflage herself. However, she had now 
finally realized the true worth of the cane. This cane was an 
artifact that operated outside of common sense for 
magicians. It was a cane that allowed her to attack at timings 
when her opponent had no chance to evade or block. 

But I can't let my guard down! Maki is still better than me! 

Yurika grabbed the cane with both hands and stared at Maki. 

Yurika had more magic power than Maki thanks to her cane. 
However, when it came to using each spell, Maki had more 
experience. If she relied too much on the cane, she would 
suffer from a counter attack. 

“Impressive, Nijino Yurika. That cane surprised me." 

“But you're still standing, Maki-chan. There's no point in just 
surprising you." 

Yurika wasn't showing any openings anymore. 

Theia is always telling me that I'm too weak on the finish! 

Thanks to the games that Yurika had played against 
Koutarou, Theia and the others for over ten months, Yurika 
had gradually gotten better at using tactics and acting when 
push comes to shove. Sensing that, Maki clicked with her 
tongue on the inside. 

You've gotten much better at acting when required, Nijino Yurika... It seems 
your wish has truly been fulfilled... 

Yurika had always exuded the atmosphere of a mere 
apprentice, but now, Yurika showed none of that. Maki could 
feel that what Koutarou had said about Yurika becoming a 
splendid magician was true. 

“Play time ends here, Nijino Yurika." 

Maki decided to switch gears. If Yurika was now strong 
enough to be properly called a member of Rainbow Heart, 
she had to be met with a reasonable method. That meant 
that Maki would use all of her power to defeat Yurika. In other 
words, Maki admitted that Yurika was a worthy opponent. 


Yurika could also sense that the atmosphere around Maki had 
changed. Her seemingly overconfident expression had 
vanished and was replaced with a more serious one. Her look 
turned into a more desolate one, just like her indigo outfit. 

“Nightwalker! Recall - Precast - Category Alpha!" 

With her cane pointing towards Yurika, she loudly declared an 
incantation. In response to her voice, Maki's body was 
wrapped in a colorful light. 

Maki's new cane, Nightwalker, came equipped with a special 
ability. A magician could prepare a number spells beforehand 
and store them. Nightwalker had the ability to increase that 
number. The two spells that Maki had used when talking with 
Koutarou had been the same. 

And Maki now released more than ten spells all at once. All of 
them were spells that increased Maki's combat abilities, her 
physical strength, her toughness, her vision and thought 
speed; all kinds of spells activated and surrounded her. They 
greatly amplified her original power. 

“The cane is!?" 

But what attracted Yurika's attention the most wasn't Maki, 
but the change to her cane. The cane was enveloped in red 
and indigo light, and its silhouette had greatly changed. Its 
new shape was that of a large sword. The red magic that 
manipulated physical energy changed its shape into a sword, 
and indigo magic that controlled mental energy was 
surrounding it. It was a powerful magic sword that Maki had 

“Here I come, Yurika!" 






mm ii; 

Maki made a quick dash forward. Having her entire body 
covered in spells, Maki was far faster than before, and the 
distance between her and Yurika shrunk quickly. 

“She's fast!?” 

Despite Yurika aiming in on Maki with her cane, thanks to her 
speed, Maki could quickly shake off that aim. Despite Maki 
being slowed down by the snow, Yurika wasn't able to chase 
Maki with her eyes. 

“I can do this!” 

As Maki shortened the distance between her and Yurika, she 
felt she had a chance of winning. Even though Yurika could 
combine instant, weak magic with her own powerful, normal 
magic, she couldn't cast any spells on an opponent she 
couldn't target. 

But to think I'd have to use this against someone like Yurika... 

If Yurika could use spells at any timing, Maki would have to 
attack her using overwhelming speed and power. This was 
only made possible thanks to the many spells prepared 
beforehand, but she hadn't normally planned on using this 
against Yurika. 

Instead of Yurika, it was for against Koutarou that she had 
prepared these spells. The white light that had formed into a 
sword had served as a hint, and this was her way of beating 
that. Koutarou's sword had the power to decompose magic, 
so using overwhelming speed to avoid that sword was the 
major premise. And since she lost in terms of magic power, a 
drawn out fight would result in her loss, so she wanted to 
finish it in a single hit. That had been Maki's plan to defeat 

Koutarou, but it seemed it was also effective against Yurika. 
She could defeat Yurika without giving her time to cast any 


Yurika spotted Maki in her peripheral vision. 

"Too slow!" 

However, by that time, Maki was already swinging her sword. 
Yurika used her cane to cast the same spell as before and 
manipulated the snow below Maki's feet. However, Maki was 
far faster than before, and she instead kicked the snow and 
jumped without losing her balance. 



With no time to cast her own spell, Yurika was only able to 
use the cane in her hand to protect herself. 

Maki's sword and Yurika's cane collided. Yurika was barely 
able to block Maki's swing. At the same time, she used the 
cane to cast another spell. 

"You're too naive!” 

However, despite the situation, Maki didn't separate from 
Yurika, and instead prepared for another attack. 

"Oh no!?” 

The reason for that was the magic infused in Maki's sword. It 
erases several seconds of memory from the person it hits. 
The spell infused in that sword passed through the cane and 
into Yurika. 

The next moment, Yurika lost sight of Maki. 


However, since she had been hit by the same spell before, 
Yurika wasn't too shaken up and instead began looking for 
Maki to counter attack. 


However, Maki was quicker on the draw. She kicked her leg 
into Yurika's side. Having stopped thinking for a moment 
because of the memory manipulation, Yurika took the kick 
without being able to activate any spell. 

Her kick had been strengthened by the increased speed and 
muscle power, and it was also covered with a spell that 
exploded on contact. Having been hit by that powerful kick, 
Yurika was sent flying and crashed down into the snow. 


A painful voice escaped Yurika's lips. However, Yurika was 
somehow able to get back up. The snow had acted as a 
cushion and reduced the fall damage. If she hadn't landed on 
the snow, she probably would have been knocked out by that 

“Good job standing up, Nijino Yurika!! As expected of Rainbow 
Nana's successor!!“ 

Maki didn't ease up on her attacks. She readied her sword 
with both hands and charged towards Yurika. 

I have to hurry, the limit is near! 

Maki wasn't slowing down her attacks not only because she 
didn't want to let her guard down, but also for her own sake. 
The several spells she had prepared beforehand and 
activated all at once required a massive amount of magic 
power to keep active. In return for being able to overwhelm 
her opponent, she could only use the power for a short 
amount of time. 

“H-How can I capture Maki-chan!?” 

With Maki approaching her at high speed while changing 
position and her still recovering from her Maki's kick, she had 
no way to aim at Maki. 

“It's impossible for you! And now that I've reinforced myself, 
it's already too late!” 

Maki could sense her victory. Yurika was being confused by 
Maki's movements and couldn't cast any spell. The next 
strike would take her down. Certain of that, she kept herself 
from getting too rash and started aiming for Yurika's 

What can I do!? 

While Yurika was thinking, Maki decided to close the 
remaining distance in an instant. Sensing that, Yurika 
hurriedly shouted. 

“Quick Cast - Anti-Magic Shield!!” 

Maki's sword clashed with the shield that Yurika had created. 
“Well done blocking it!” 

Without trying to attack any more, Maki quickly distanced 
herself. That moment, the snow covering Maki's body was 
scattered across the air. 

Huh... ? 

Seeing that, Yurika looked down at her own body. And she 
saw that snow was covering her own body as well. However, 
the amount was insignificant compared to Maki's. 

“I see! I could do that!!" 

Having found her chance to win, Yurika's eyes started 
sparkling. While chanting her spell, she ordered Encyclopedia 
to cast a spell as well. 

“I've got you!!” 

To Maki, this was a golden opportunity. Since she was 
confident that Yurika would be unable to target her, she 
didn't care what spell Yurika was chanting. If anything, she 
was giving up on her defense. 

However, Maki hadn't expected the two spells that Yurika had 

"Quick Cast - Acid Cloud - Modifier - Effective Area - Large!!” 

Yurika had cast a spell that created a powerful acidic cloud. 
And the spell she had cast with her other cane also created 
clouds. The cloud was poisonous, and if inhaled, the lungs 
would absorb dangerous substances. 


Maki was shocked. Yurika had cast the cloud with herself as 
the point of origin. So Maki who was in the middle of her 
attack jumped right into them. 

"Th-This is!?” 

The two clouds blocked her view, and Maki lost sight of 

Yurika. They began eroding her body. 

“Guh, Kah, t-to think she would take use such a reckless 
tactic!! But with this, we'll both— no, wait!! So that's what 
she's planning!!" 

Maki caught the drift of what Yurika's goal was. 

As Maki moved a lot more, she would come into more contact 
with the acid. And since she was so active, her body 
consumed more oxygen, so she would need to breathe in 
more of the poisoned air, which meant that Maki would suffer 
more damage from this than Yurika. Also, Maki had lost sight 
of Yurika and could no longer attack. 

This was the method of attack that Yurika had discovered 
from the snow covering Maki. If a lot of snow got stuck to her, 
it only made sense for her to come into more contact with the 
acid and poison. It was a simple but effective means of 

“Multiple Energy Bolt - Target Option - Spread!" 

However, Yurika didn't stop her attacks there. Yurika fired 
magic arrows at the area she assumed Maki would be in. 

“C-Curse you, Yurika!” 

Maki hurriedly dodged. Although her speed had marginally 
dropped because of the acid and poison, she wasn't slow 
enough to take Yurika's attacks directly. 

“Kuh, to think you'd get this strong!" 

However, that was Yurika's goal. Since Maki needed to make 
large movements to dodge, she would suffer even more from 
the clouds. Her entire body was being covered in the acid and 
she was taking massive damage. And the slight amount of 

poison she had breathed in was beginning to spread 
throughout her body. There was no need for Yurika's attacks 
to hit; they only needed to make Maki move. 


Maki ground her teeth from the pain and jumped with all of 
her strength, trying to escape from the clouds effective area. 
Staying in the clouds any longer would lead to her defeat. 

I've been had! To think I can't defeat Yurika after all this! 

Maki twisted her body after she jumped out from the clouds. 

It would be hard to continue the fight when suffering damage 
from the acid and poison, not to mention that she had too 
little remaining magic power to switch things up to a long 
distance fight. Either way, she wasn't in a situation where she 
could hope for victory anymore. 

However, it won't go like this next time, Nijino Yurika! 

Maki retreated with a strong sense of humiliation. If she took 
her time to prepare her fight against Yurika, she was sure she 
could win. 

"...She ran off?" 

Yurika undid her spells after the attacks stopped coming and 
she could sense that Maki was moving away. The clouds 
dispersed and Yurika appeared from their center. 

"No, she probably didn't.... Maki-chan probably let me go 
because she wanted to avoid mutual destruction...” 

Yurika leaned against her cane and let out a sigh of relief. She 
didn't think that she had won against Maki. In fact, Yurika 
herself had also taken a beating from the acid and poison. If 

the fighting had continued on like that, it wasn't hard to 
imagine both of them collapsing from serious damage, 
regardless of who won. 

"Maki-chan is really strong...” 

After letting out another sigh of relief, Yurika began using 
healing magic to treat her body. 

If she hadn't noticed that Maki had been covered in more 
snow than her, she definitely would have lost. Since she 
barely managed to avoid her loss, she was deeply relieved. 

But, but... 

But at this time, Yurika had a doubt. It was a major doubt that 
could shake Yurika's very reason for existing. 

"But, but, should a magical girl of love and courage really use 
acid and poison...?” 

The magical girl of love and courage ☆ Rainbow Yurika, her 
special abilities are clouds of acid and poison. 

"If anything, isn't Maki-chan, who uses a sword, more like a 
magical girl...? 

Having gotten a second transformation stage and a power 
up, Yurika still felt like she had lost something important as a 
magical girl. 

Pursuit and Conditions For a Couple 

Part 1 

Wednesday, February 3 

An arcade existed within the hotel at the ski resort, however, 
the game machines there were all antique machines over a 
decade old, so a lot of the guests just passed by without 

“Come on, power up, power up." 

“You're taking it now!?" 

The only exceptions were enthusiasts like Koutarou and Theia 
who loved old games. Because of that, Koutarou, Theia and 
Ruth could be found in the arcade. The three of them had 
found this place after dinner and were now amusing 
themselves. The ones playing right now were Koutarou and 
Theia, with Ruth watching over them from behind. 

“See what happened. It was a mistake getting the power up 
at that timing." 

“As if you could take it in the middle of that rain of bullets!" 

“I won't listen to your excuses. More importantly, hurry up 
and continue. A knight shouldn't be letting me fight on my 

Koutarou had gotten a game over, but Theia was still playing. 
She controlled a small fighter in the center of the screen and 
fought the invaders coming from space. 

“...Well anyways, it's hard not to laugh, seeing you fight 

“I couldn't laugh even if I wanted to when I'm too busy 
fighting on my own. Hurry up and continue." 

“Wait a second, I need to get some more change." 

“Do not worry, I've already gotten you some." 

Ruth presented her hands in front of Koutarou who had just 
stood up. In her hands were a large amount of coins. 

“Thank you. I'll pay you back later." 

“No, please use them freely." 

“I can't just—" 

“Hurry, Koutarou! I'm about to lose!" 

“Okay, okay." 

Koutarou put the coins he got from Ruth into the machine and 
continued playing the game next to Theia. As he did, 
Koutarou's blue fighter appeared next to Theia's pink fighter. 
The two of them worked together to defeat the invaders. 

After a while, the two of them finally reached the last boss of 
the game. 

“Koutarou, it's time for a union attack!" 

“I got it, I'll do the rapid fire! You control the ship!" 

“Leave it to me! Just believe in me and keep firing!" 

Through their skillful combination, they damaged the 
enemy's huge battleship, little by little. Koutarou focused on 
firing and endlessly pressed the button as fast as he could, 
while Theia dexterously evaded the enemy's attacks. It was a 
splendid fight that had made use of their respective good 

Eventually, their teamwork paid off and the enemy's giant 
battleship exploded. 


“Did we do it!?” 

The screen changed into a credit roll, displaying the names of 
everyone responsible for the game. And at the end was a 
thanks to the players who had reached the end. 

“We did it Theia, we beat it!" 

“Oooooooh, it's our victory!" 

While glancing at the credits rolling by, Koutarou and Theia 
began cheering loudly. They would point at the screen and 
rejoice and then claim it was all thanks to them. Meanwhile, 
Ruth was watching over the two with a smile. 

“Alright, I'll give you a reward for your contributions to the 
royal families." 

“A reward?” 

“Yes. I'll buy you a soda. Is cola fine as always?" 

“Yeah. Aren't you feeling generous today?" 

“It's the duty of royalty to praise their vassals when they 
deserve it." 

“Who are you calling a vassal?" 

“You of course. Even if you aren't right now, you will be 

Still excited, Theia stood up and began running towards the 
vending machine, not giving Koutarou any time to object. 

“I will be eventually, huh..." 

She hadn't changed a bit since they first met. Theia was 
coercive and spoke as if she was looking down on him. In the 
past, Koutarou wouldn't even think of obeying her; however, 
it was different as of late. Since he knew the reason for why 
Theia wanted to make him her vassal, his will to resist was 
almost completely gone. 

But still... what is this... 

Today, Koutarou had been feeling that something was off ever 
since they got to the ski resort. Theia looked like she had 
been worrying about something these past few days. But 
when they reached the ski resort, she returned to her usual 

It's the normal Theia but... it's, like...? 

It seemed to be the usual Theia. Her words and actions were 
the same as always, but Koutarou felt like something was 
different somehow. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, and 
it left him puzzled. 

“Is something the matter, Satomi-sama?" 

Noticing Koutarou's behavior, Ruth called out to him. 

“It's not something with me... Did something happen to 

Koutarou honestly told Ruth about his doubts. He felt that 
Ruth would have noticed the change and she would know the 
reason why. 

“...Why would you think that, Satomi-sama?" 

However Ruth responded to Koutarou's question with another. 
And for some reason, she started smiling. 

It seems like something definitely happened... 

Seeing Ruth's smile, Koutarou quickly gathered his thoughts. 

“How do I put this... she looks the same as always, but... her 
presence? I just felt like that is somewhat off from normal...” 

Theia was currently putting coins into the vending machine. 
She looked the way she always did. However, something was 
different. Koutarou struggled to put that into words, but it 
was a very strong sense of something being out of place. 

“Is it displeasing?” 

“No. It's a mild feeling, but it's not displeasing.” 

Ruth nodded with a satisfied expression on her face after 
hearing Koutarou's answer and her smile got slightly larger. 

“I see... Satomi-sama, her highness had a personal worry for 
a while. After resolving that, it seems like her frame of mind 
has changed slightly as well.” 

“Worry... then it's not like some major event happened?” 

“Yes. Nothing has happened. Of course, it may have been a 
major event for her highness." 

“I see. So that's why..." 

Koutarou looked at Theia. And as if sensing that he was 
looking at her, Theia turned towards him. 

“Koutarou. There's a cola here with 0 calories, and one that 
looks kind of unhealthy. Which one do you want?" 

“I'll leave it up to you." 

“Alright, then leave it to me." 

Leaving behind a smile, Theia turned back towards the 
vending machine and put coins in. She then returned holding 
three plastic bottles. 

“Here, Ruth. They didn't have any tea that wasn't sweet, so I 
got you Japanese tea." 

“Thank you, your highness." 

Theia passed a bottle to Ruth. Although they hadn't 
exchanged any words, Theia hadn't forgotten about Ruth. 

But if Theia is different, then Ruth-san is slightly different too... 

It was rare to see Ruth let Theia go buy drinks. It was a small 
change, not just in Theia, but in Ruth as well. While Koutarou 
was thinking about that, a plastic bottle appeared in front of 

“Koutarou, this is for you." 

“Ah, thanks." 

She gave him a cola with 0 calories and no sugar in it. 

“Since it's a school trip and since it's your reward, I was 
thinking of buying you the unhealthy version, but..." 

Koutarou preferred the unhealthy cola with sugar. He felt that 
the aftertaste for the 0 calorie cola was different. 

“You'll eventually become someone who stands above others. 
So I bought this one instead, since you should worry a little 
more about your health like me." 

Theia had gotten the same soda as Koutarou. 

“Stand above others..." 

Theia had gotten the 0 calorie cola as she worried for 
Koutarou, or her future vassal's body. 

“Are you dissatisfied?" 

Theia removed the cap from her bottle and smiled at 


Koutarou couldn't answer right away. He struggled with his 
feelings, he was both dissatisfied and not. But before he 
could answer, Ruth opened her mouth. 

“I am dissatisfied. Your highness, why are you only leaving 
me out?” 

“Ruth, you don't like cola, right?” 

“If your highness bought it, I would have wanted the same 

“Ah fine, just wait! I'll go buy one!" 

Theia pushed her bottle to Ruth and returned to the vending 
machine. Koutarou had been staring at the two, but he 
eventually looked down on his own bottle and opened it. 

I feel like it doesn't even matter anymore... 

Regardless of what changes had happened to Theia or Ruth, 
there was no need to worry. Koutarou felt certain of that after 
seeing their carefree discussion. 

“Here, this is yours.” 

“Thank you, your highness. I'll do my best to drink it.” 

“I feel like something's very wrong, but... oh well.” 

While listening to their discussion, Koutarou put the bottle in 
his mouth. The chilled cola felt great as it passed through his 
parched throat. 

“By the way, what are we going to do with this Japanese 

“Since her highness bought it for me, I'll drink it later.” 

After Koutarou had drunk most of his cola, he spotted Yurika 
passing by the entrance to the arcade as he casually looked 

“...Where is she going at this hour?” 

“What's wrong, Koutarou?” 

“Well, it looks like Yurika is heading outside.” 

Koutarou was only able to see Yurika for a few seconds from 

his position, but he saw her wearing thick outdoor clothes. 
Since the heating in the hotel was working, not even Yurika 
who hated the cold would wear that much clothing. So Yurika 
wearing that must have meant that she was planning on 
going outside. 

"At this hour?” 

Ruth looked up at the clock in the arcade. The time was now 
past 9:30, it was almost time for lights out. 

"That's strange... I'll go check on her." 

Just the fact that Yurika, who hated the cold, was going 
outside was strange. Sensing that something was about to 
happen, Koutarou finished off his cola and headed towards 
the arcade's exit. 

"Ruth, we're going too." 

"Yes, your highness." 

Theia and Ruth followed suit and the three of them chased 
after Yurika. 

Part 2 

Koutarou and the others caught up to Yurika as she got off 
the stairs leading from the second to the first floor. 

“Wait up, Yurika, where are you headed this late?” 


Yurika eyes opened wide as she was suddenly stopped. 

“W-Where, well I'm not going anywhere.” 

“Don't lie. Wearing clothes like that is like broadcasting that 
you're planning on sneaking outside.” 


Yurika wearing thick clothing, avoiding the elevators and 
opting to instead travel in the less trafficked areas of the 
hotel meant that she was planning on sneaking out of the 
hotel, and for a rather long period of time at that. If she was 
just heading out to pick up something she had dropped from 
a window, there would have been no need to sneak around. 

“Yurika-sama, where are you heading?” 

“Based on your answer we might even help you. Just tell us.' 

“U-Uhm... that's...” 

Questioned by Ruth and Theia, Yurika was at a loss for an 
answer. And after some heavy thinking she decided to tell 
them only what she could. 

“A-Actually, Maki-chan is gone.” 

"Aika-san is?” 

"Yes. So I was going to quietly search for her..." 

After healing the wounds she got from her battle, Yurika had 
begun searching for Maki's whereabouts. Since she knew that 
Maki was planning something, she couldn't just leave her be. 

But she couldn't find Maki anywhere by the ski slopes. And 
even after the skiing hours were over, Maki hadn't returned 
to the hotel. So Yurika determined that Maki was outside of 
the hotel and had decided to go look for her. 

"Just you alone?” 

"Y-Yes. It would be problematic if it turned into a big deal, so 
going alone is..." 

If their classmates or teachers found out about Maki's 
absence, there would be a great fuss. And if Yurika was alone, 
she'd be free to use magic to look for Maki. There was also 
the chance that the two would end up fighting again, so 
Yurika going out on her own was the correct decision for 
various reasons. 

Aaauu. What should I do? Satomi-san will get angry again 

However, Yurika couldn't say these things. Since this was 
Koutarou, he would definitely worry about her going out on 
her own. He wasn't the kind of guy who would overlook a girl 
walking around the mountain at night by herself. Fearing that 
Koutarou's fist and angry voice would send her flying away, 
Yurika closed her eyes tightly. 

"I see, so that's how it is. Good idea, Yurika." 


However, no matter how long she waited, neither a fist nor 
angry voice came flying. She cautiously opened one of her 
eyes and found Koutarou nodding and smiling. 

“In this situation, you're the perfect fit." 


Yurika was greatly surprised by Koutarou's unusual reaction. 

Why! ? 

Her surprise at the time was far from normal and she began 
doubting her eyes and ears. 

“What do you mean? There's no way that Yurika would find 
Maki if she entered the mountains on her own." 

Theia had the same doubts as Yurika, and asked in her place. 
Ruth who was behind her had a worried look on her face as 
she felt the same way. 

“Did you forget? Right now, Yurika can use real magic. So she 
would definitely find Aika-san before the police or a search 

“You're right!!" 

Theia's eyes lit up as she understood Koutarou's reasoning. 

Yurika had the cane that Koutarou had brought home. If she 
used its power, she would be able to resolve the situation 
before it got serious. However, because of that, Yurika had to 
move on her own. If her classmates or teachers followed her, 
she wouldn't be able to use her magic. 

“Yurika, I would like to apologize for my rude remark. Your 
judgment was correct." 

"I am very sorry, Yurika-sama." 

"N-No, you don't really have to apologize...” 

Theia and Ruth apologized, making Yurika feel grateful 

H-Huh!? S-Something's strange!! What happened to them!? 

The situation developed in a way completely different from 
anything before. Just a few days ago, nobody respected 
Yurika's behavior, but now all three of them showed a 
completely opposite reaction. Because of that, Yurika just got 
more confused. 

"But, Yurika." 

Koutarou's expression turned more serious. 

Auu, he really is going to get angry. 

Yurika instinctively shut her eyes. She would be put down 
after being praised. It was something that had happened 
several times in the past. 

"I'll have to subtract points for not consulting with us first. 
Even if you can use magic, going into the mountain at night 
alone is dangerous. Besides, you can use your magic in front 
of us.” 

Koutarou put his large hand on top of Yurika's head. 


Yurika looked up and opened her eyes. What she saw was 
Koutarou still smiling at her. 

H-He's really not, angry...? 

If she had been shouted at or hit, her surprise would be 
lesser. But Yurika completely spaced out from the completely 
unexpected development. 

“Alright, I understand the situation." 


In contrast to Koutarou, Yurika wasn't following the situation 
at all. 

“Yurika, I'll come with you. Wait for me here while I just go 
get changed." 


Because of that, Yurika ended up just going along with it. 
“Koutarou, I'll come with you." 

“No, that would be bad." 


“With me, Yurika and Aika-san gone, that would mean three 
people from class 1A are missing. Any more than that and 
even the teachers would notice." 

“T-That's true..." 

“Your highness, I believe it would be wise if we remain here 
and keep everyone's absence a secret." 

“I understand. But call me right away if things get 

“Yeah! Anyways, I'll go change! Yurika, don't run off on your 


Leaving Yurika and the others behind, Koutarou rushed up the 

Satomi-san praised me... and now he's going to help me... 

Looking at his back, Yurika still couldn't understand why this 
had happened. She couldn't understand, but she could feel 
that the atmosphere around her was starting to change. 

What is, this, blissful feeling... 

Koutarou still thought of Yurika as a normal girl, but despite 
that, he had become aware that she could now use magic. 

And why is my heart throbbing so hard... ? 

Yurika was able to accomplish her duty as a magical girl while 
being treated as a normal girl. What's more, she was even 
getting help and being praised. 

There was nothing more joyful than that for Yurika, and it 
seemed that her throbbing heart wasn't settling down 
anytime soon. 

Not long after leaving the hotel, Yurika stripped off all of her 
thick clothing and was wearing her magical girl outfit. She 
would normally complain how cold it was in the middle of a 
mountain at night in light clothing, but this time, Yurika didn't 
feel the cold. Instead, one could observe that her eyes were 

“Satomi-san, Satomi-san, look, I'll cast the next spell!" 

“I said that's enough." 

“You don't have to be so modest, this next one is amazing^" 

“You said the same thing about the last one." 

“Just look! Eee—ii!“ 

Yurika held Encyclopedia above her head with both hands 
while smiling. When she did, red and yellow light shot out 
from the cane at the same time and enveloped Koutarou and 

“O-Oh? I'm floating!” 

“It's amazing, right? It's supposedly called Limited 

The twos legs floated slightly above the ground. It was almost 
like there was an invisible board five centimeters from the 
ground and they were walking on top of it. 

“It doesn't seem to have enough power to fly, but when used 
in places like this where the footing is so poor, it becomes 
easier to walk.” 

“Oh, that's quite impressive...” 

Thanks to the spell, Koutarou and Yurika's walking speed 
increased considerably. Their steps became lighter and their 
feet no longer sank into the snow. 

“Alright, then I'll cast the next spelli’” 

“Yurika, that's enough. It would be problematic if we run out 
of magic power when we need it, right?” 

Koutarou stopped Yurika as she raised her cane overhead 

Since the two had left the hotel, Yurika had cast about ten 
spells. Yurika had been using spells that she believed would 

be useful for travelling in the mountain at night such as 
levitation, light, protection against the cold, night vision and 

Because of that, even though Koutarou knew that the cane 
had been created to use weak magic, he couldn't help but 
worry about the remaining magic power. 

“It'll be fine. This cane hasn't lost a bit of its power even after 
using this many spells." 

“I hope so..." 

Since Yurika understood how the cane worked better than 
Koutarou, she knew his worries were unnecessary. And Yurika 
wasn't just using magic for no reason. She was using a lot of 
lesser spells to preserve their stamina and prepare for her 
confrontation with Maki. Also, by repeatedly casting spells, 
Koutarou would eventually lower his guard against her spells, 
making it easier to put him to sleep before they encountered 
Maki. This way, she could effectively keep him out of the 

That was half of the reason for why she was using so many 
spells. The other half was that she was unable to contain her 

“Satomi-san, Satomi-san, what kind of spell should I use 

“Yurika, don't get too carried away. It's dangerous so look 
forward when you're walking.” 

“It's fineT Even I will—Ouf.” 

At that moment, Yurika crashed into a tree by the side of the 
snow-covered road. 

When she did, the snow that had piled up on the branches 
poured down on Yurika. 

“That's just what I warned you about. Here, give me your 


Koutarou reached out his hand to Yurika, who was sitting 
down covered in snow. She frowned, her face already starting 
to turn red from the crash with tree. She grabbed Koutarou's 
hand and stood up. She then began to embarrassingly wipe 
the snow off her body. 

“Hey, Yurika.” 


“About your next spell, make it one to fix your face or dry 
your clothes.” 

“Okay, I will...” 

Yurika had become able to freely use magic in front of 
Koutarou and the others, but it seemed like Yurika and 
Koutarou's relationship would still remain unchanged. 

Part 3 

Maki had begun tracking down the demon on the peak of the 
mountain as soon as she had healed the damage she had 
taken from her fight against Yurika. 

However, since her detection magic wasn't as good as Dark 
Green, who specialized in divination, she had lost track of the 
demon. After that, she had been aimlessly walking around 
the peak. But just a moment ago, she had managed to pick 
up its trail once more. 

“There's no mistaking it... it's just past here..." 

Maki was wearing her magical girl outfit. She was far too 
lightly dressed to be walking around a snowy mountain, but 
the cold wasn't affecting her at all. Like Yurika, she was using 
several spells to protect herself from the cold. Of course, her 
steps were also light. 

“There... Is it in that cave...?" 

There was a cave in the direction Maki was headed. The 
entrance of the cave was about three meters large. It was 
more than large enough for a person to pass through. 

The detection spell that Maki was using was telling her that 
there was a large magic power deep inside the cave. Maki 
assumed that the demon she was after had made the cave its 

“...This certainly is an impressive amount of magic power." 

As Maki stood at the entrance of the cave, even without using 
her detection magic, she could sense a large amount of 

magic power, enough to give her goose bumps. Its magic 
power was massive, and if she was able to turn it over to her 
side, it should be a useful tool in a battle. However, she could 
feel something that bothered her. 

“...I wonder what this feeling is...” 

Maki excelled at magic that manipulated the mind, she was a 
magician that used indigo magic. Because of that, she was 
able to notice feelings that were mixed in with the powerful 
magic power. 

"Is this... fear, perhaps...?" 

Maki was able to detect a strong sense of fear from what she 
assumed was the master of this cave. That powerful feeling 
created a strong wave in the magic power leaking out. 

"Sense Emotion, Mana Shield, Resist Magic..." 

Maki sensed something ominous about the fear coming from 
deep inside the cave and activated several spells. The 
existence within the cave wasn't as powerful as Maki, but it 
was dangerous enough to persuade her from going in 
defenseless. A minimal amount of preparation was necessary. 

"Now then, just what lies in wait inside?" 

Relying on the light created from her cane, she carefully 
entered the cave. The cave continued straight forward in a 
slight curve. Because of that, there was no need to fear 
getting lost. 

The heels of Maki's shoes clacked as they hit the cave floor 
and made loud noises. The walls and floor of the cave were 
covered in ice. Because of that, Maki's steps echoed into the 
very depths of the cave. 

“It seems like the master of this cave can manipulate ice..." 

Trace amounts of magical power was embedded into the ice. 
There seemed to be no mistake that the master of the cave 
had created it. As Maki continued deeper into the cave, she 
activated another spell to defend herself against the ice. 


After walking several dozen meters into the cave, a beast like 
groan could be heard. The voice echoed and sounded much 
louder than it actually was. The echoing powerful voice 
combined with the powerful magic power greatly shook 
Maki's delicate body. 

“Looks like it's just up ahead." 

A normal animal or person probably would have run off after 
hearing that groan. However, Maki smiled instead, and picked 
up her pace. Intimidation of this level didn't work on Maki. 

“Found it!” 

Pressing on several dozen meters after hearing the groan, 
she reached a large open area that seemed to reach at least 
20 meters in all directions. Maki found the demon in the 
deepest part of the open area. 

Its body was about two meters in height and covered in white 
hair. It stood up on two legs like a human, but its silhouette 
was closer to a beast than man. It might have been similar to 
a lion being forced to stand upright. What stood out the most 
were the wings on its back and its head. They both had a 
shape that reminded Maki of a falcon or eagle. 

It was a white behemoth standing on two legs, with the head 
and wings of a bird of prey. That was the master of this cave, 

a demon. It certainly reminded one of a devil or something 
from legends. 

Based on its powerful looking body and the vast magic power 
it held, Maki believed it would be a quite powerful demon. 

"Y-Yu, wy di yu com her!! Do yu com her to kil me!?” 

But as the demon looked at Maki, it started to back away. It 
was rare for a powerful demon to back off even in the face of 
a strong enemy. Maki had encountered many powerful 
demons before, but this was the first time she had seen this 
kind of reaction. 

It sounds like it's speaking ancient Folsarian... 

Maki tilted her head in confusion from the demon's reaction 
and began speaking to it in the same language it had used. 
The language it was using was something that a high ranking 
magician like Maki learned and used daily. 

"Calm down. I only came here to make a deal with you. If 
possible, I want to contract you as a familiar." 

Maki spoke the true reason for why she had come. 

"Yur lyng!" 

However, the demon rejected her immediately. And while 
glaring at Maki he began to intimidate her. 


"Wait! I really did come here to contract you as—” 

"Silen! I kan tel tha yu ar lyng! Vadra ar komin her! Yu ar 
Vadras aly riht!?” 


The demon spoke a word that Maki didn't recognize. Based 
on the flow of speech, it seemed to be a proper noun, but 
since the demon's throat hadn't been made to speak human 
language, Maki couldn't understand what he meant. 

“What is Vadra? What are you so scared of?" 

The reason for the demon's fear seemed to be that word. As 
Maki approached the demon, she could see that it was 
horribly frightened. If she didn't do something about this fear, 
Maki wouldn't be able to make the demon her familiar, so she 
wanted to know what Vadra was. 

“Yu kan no fol me! I kan smel Vadra on yu! Yur rol is to stal 
me is it no!?" 

“Vadra's smell? Stall you?" 

“Her! Vadra is her! He almos her! I wil be kiled! He wil kil me 
wit SignaltinM I hav to kil tis oen an run!!" 

However, Maki wasn't able to find out what the demon 
meant. Without answering her question, the demon, 
frightened and frenzied, attacked her. 

Part 4 

Koutarou and Yurika reached the cave in question several 
minutes after Maki had entered. 

Yurika believed that Maki was doing something related to 
magic on the mountain, so instead of blindly searching, she 
started looking for magic power present on the mountain. As 
a result, she had detected the same thing Maki was looking 
for and reached this cave. 

“In here?" 

“It looks like it. Maki-chan is probably in here." 

Koutarou stared into the cave with curiosity. While looking at 
Koutarou from behind, Yurika began thinking that it was about 
time to put him to sleep. 

Maki might be inside the cave. Even if she wasn't, something 
related to magic definitely was. Since she wanted Koutarou to 
believe that they were looking for Maki who had gone 
missing, she felt it was best if she put him to sleep before he 
entered the cave, and then hide him somewhere safe. 

Having decided that, Yurika pointed her cane at Koutarou. 

“Satomi-san, since it's dark inside, I'll cast some more light 

“Yeah, please do." 

Having had several spells cast on him until now, he didn't 
question Yurika approaching him from behind with her cane. 

I feel kind of bad for tricking him, but... this is also for Satomi-san's sake... 

She pointed the cane at Koutarou and instead of using the 
cane's magic, she began chanting a spell to use her own. 
Since it was a spell that affected the mind, she didn't readily 
trust the tool, and instead she used her own magic that she 
had proper control over. 

What if I let him have a nice dream? Something like Satomi-san, me and 
Sakuraba-senpai going out to play somewhere... 

With Yurika mixing in her own wishes and mischief, she began 
casting her spell. 

“Deep Sleep - Combined - Control Dream - Modifier - 
Effective Time - Twice." 

The spell that put one to sleep and the spell that controlled 
dreams combined into one indigo light and surrounded 


Koutarou had a mysterious look on his face as he looked at 
the indigo light surrounding him. However, that was for just a 
moment. The effects of the spell quickly took effect and he 
lost consciousness. Since Koutarou didn't resist her spell, the 
effect had been quick to manifest. 

“Good night, Satomi-san." 

Yurika smiled at Koutarou and held his body so he wouldn't 


Koutarou's body was heavier than she had expected, but she 
was somehow able to support him. 

“Phew... all that's left is to hide him somewhere, he should be 

fine if I put up a ward.” 

Yurika looked around the area and spotted a large rock near 
the cave. She believed she could hide Koutarou's large body 
in the shadow of the rock. 

However, something happened before she could carry his 
body there. 

It was a sound that could be mistaken for a cannon. At the 
same time, a large amount of snow came blowing out from 
the entrance of the cave right in front of Yurika. She spotted 
Maki amongst the snow being blown out. 

"Kyaaa!? Wait, M-Maki-chan!?” 

"Nijino Yurika!?” 

For the short instant they passed each other, Yurika and 
Maki's glances crossed. Maki then continued flying on and 
crashed into the snow. Still holding Koutarou, Yurika just 
blankly stared. 


The next moment, the white demon came out of the cave, 
chasing after Maki. The demon looked like it was about to 
attack Maki, but the moment he noticed Yurika, he stopped 
moving while in the air. 

"Gaaaaaaa, Vadra, Vadraaaaa!” 

The demon then flapped its wings and came charging at 

"Kill Kil! Vadra, Vadra!!” 

Its hands shone red for an instant before both its arms were 

surrounded by a white snowstorm. That was the ice magic 
this demon used. 

"Oh no!!" 

Noticing that the demon was targeting her and Koutarou, she 
began chanting a spell. 

"Quick Cast - Greater Protection!!” 

That spell was the strongest defensive spell that she could 
use. The yellow light surrounded her and Koutarou. 


The demon attacked with its magic. The white snowstorm left 
its arms and surrounded Yurika and Koutarou. 


Surrounded by snow, Yurika let out a scream. As the 
snowstorm wrapped around Yurika, its density quickly 
changed and became a pillar of ice. Within a few seconds, 
Yurika had been frozen into a giant ice pillar. 

Meanwhile, Koutarou, who was asleep, only got some ice on 
him. This was thanks to her defensive spell and the fact that 
she had pushed him away before the snowstorm hit. He was 
protected by a yellow light and had rolled several meters 
away from Yurika. 


Maki raised her body up and looked at the pillar of ice 
trapping Yurika. She had been completely frozen with her 
eyes wide open. Maki wasn't even sure if Yurika was alive or 
not. With the sudden arrival and crisis of her rival, Maki had 
forgotten about the existence of the white demon for an 


“Die, Dieeee! Vadra! Dieeeee!" 

But even if she hadn't forgotten, she probably couldn't have 
avoided its next attack. The next attack the frenzied white 
demon conjured up was a huge avalanche. 

Part 5 

Koutarou and Yurika had left the hotel at around 9:30. An 
hour and a half had passed and it was almost time for the 
lights to go out in the hotel. Because of that, the number of 
people in the lobby had greatly decreased. 

Theia entered the lobby as the noise there began to die 
down. She was getting worried for Koutarou and the others 
who hadn't come back yet, and she naturally found herself 
walking towards the lobby. 

Where is Koutarou... ? 

Theia looked around for Koutarou. If he was coming back, he 
would contact them beforehand. So even if Theia was looking 
for Koutarou now, there was no way she would find him. She 
was well aware of that herself. 

I'm such a fool... hm? 

Instead of Koutarou, Theia found a familiar girl. She smiled 
slightly and approached the girl. 


The girl in the lobby was Sanae. She was sitting on a sofa and 
staring at the automatic door at the entrance. 

“Huh? What is it, Theia?" 

Since Sanae was so focused on watching the door, she didn't 
notice Theia until she had called out her name. Because of 
that, she had been slightly surprised by the sudden voice. 

“It's nothing. I just naturally found myself walking here." 

Theia sat down next to Sanae. She felt like being here and 
talking with Sanae for a while. 

"Hmph. I'm waiting for Koutarou to come back.” 

Sanae pouted and pointed at the automatic door. Despite 
waiting for Koutarou, Sanae seemed to be in a bad mood. 

"Once he gets back I'll complain to him." 


"Because he didn't bring me with him for something so 

While expressing her dissatisfaction, Sanae pointed at the 
door in a rhythmical fashion. Koutarou and Yurika had left 
when Sanae was in the hot springs with Kiriha. Sanae didn't 
like that and was angry that Koutarou had left her behind. 

"Theia, you should say something too." 


"Yeah. Aren't there some things you'd like to tell him too?" 
"Well there are, but..." 

Theia smiled wryly. There were indeed some things she 
wanted to tell Koutarou, but the contents of those were 
different from what Sanae had meant. 

No, on the grand scale of things, they might be the same... 

In the end, the reason for Theia and Sanae being in the lobby 
was the same. 

"You take those repressed feelings and use your maiden spirit 

and guts to—" 

The entrance door opened. Sanae and Theia both looked 
towards it at the same time and their conversation stopped. 

“We finally got here, papa." 

“It's already late night... geez." 

“I'll check us in right away. Just wait a moment." 

A young couple with a child entered the hotel. They seemed 
to be guests and they approached the receptionist. 

What... they're just guests... 

Theia's shoulders slumped sadly. They weren't the people 
that Theia and Sanae had hoped to see. 


Theia quickly looked back at Sanae, but Sanae didn't do the 
same. Instead, she followed the family of three with her eyes. 
The combination of a young couple and a small child, most 
likely theirs, was something that she was curious about. 


|s'w*Sx^ w 



1 vX'.vX ^\V-V«NV»V»V v\y 1 

1 .v.v.w.wv.ww * w.-.vM 

1 avXv,*; w 

“What is it, Sanae?" 

“Theia... s-sorry, what were we talking about?" 

In the end, Sanae was only able to focus on Theia after the 
family of three had entered the elevator and vanished. 

“That doesn't matter. More importantly, what is it? Was there 
something wrong with that family?" 

“No. They just reminded me a little of papa and mama." 

Strictly speaking, Sanae wasn't interested in the three 
people. Instead, she was remembering her own parents. 
Because of that, Sanae's normally cheerful smile had become 

“Right. That's what happened to you... sorry for asking." 

“It's fine. Besides, that's not all." 

“What do you mean by that?" 

“Hm... when I saw those three I was thinking-" 

Sanae looked away from Theia and onto the floor of the 
lobby. At the same time, her smile faded even further. She 
was still smiling, but it was a horribly sad smile. 

“I can't get married or have children... so I was envious of 
that mom..." 

As a ghost, Sanae couldn't marry or have children. She would 
never be able to start her own family. 


That one word from Sanae pierced through Theia's heart. 

That's right... I, I'm the same as Sanae... 

She was greatly shocked; it was almost as if her whole world 
had broken apart. 

“Theia? What's wrong? Your face is pale.” 

Sanae's worried voice didn't reach Theia's ears. The sudden 
massive despair pulled Theia down into a dark place. 

I'm an alien...!! No matter how much I love him and wish for it, I can't 
provide Koutarou with a new family...!! 

Based on her efforts, Theia might be able to make Koutarou 
her vassal. It might even be possible for them to become 
lovers. If that happened, marriage wasn't out of the question. 

But that was it. The path ended there for an alien like Theia. 

Humans on Earth and on Forthorthe looked very similar, but 
in reality they had developed in different ecosystems and 
they were completely different creatures. Even for closely 
related species, a single generation was roughly the limit. So 
when it came to two completely different species, the 
chances were close to none. 

What... was I so elated for... as an alien, I am the same as a talking doll to 

The major principle of life was tying things to a new 
generation. However, Theia couldn't do that. Theia and 
Koutarou couldn't even become a normal couple. 

When she noticed that, Theia's heart began to freeze. It was 

as if her resolution to believe in Koutarou and the warm 
feelings that had come from that had all frozen. 

Escaping From the Dungeon 

Part 1 

Wednesday, February 3 

The hypnosis Yurika had used to put Koutarou to sleep was 
powerful, but it wasn't powerful enough to last through two 
powerful attacks. Because of that, Koutarou woke up when he 
was hit by the avalanche. 

"Dowaaaaaaa!? What is this!?” 

Koutarou couldn't remember anything from the point where 
Yurika had cast a spell on him. Waking up in the midst of an 
avalanche like that would be enough to make anyone panic. 

Swept away by the snow, Koutarou didn't stop sliding for at 
least 100 meters down the slope. Since he had defensive 
spells cast on him by Yurika, he hadn't suffered any damage 
or been buried, he had only been swept away. 

"l-lt's stopped!?” 

Koutarou raised his body using his hand and began thinking. 

Did the avalanche happen when Yurika was about to recast her spell? 

Since he hadn't seen the essential part, Koutarou could only 
interpret the situation as such. 

“That's right, where's Yurika!?" 

If he had been caught in the avalanche, Yurika should have 
been too. Koutarou stood up and looked around the area for 
Yurika. When he did, he finally noticed his surroundings. 

He was in the woods down the slope. Since the avalanche 
had crashed into the woods, it had lost speed and didn't get 
out of control. 

“There!! Yurika!!" 

Between the forest and snow, Koutarou spotted two things. 
The first was the cane, Encyclopedia, that he had given to 
Yurika. The second was the head of a person who had been 
caught in the avalanche. Based on the situation, Koutarou 
assumed that it was Yurika. 

“Just wait, I'll come save you right now!" 

Koutarou quickly began running. He picked up the cane along 
the way and ran up to the head he believed was Yurika's. 

“Good thing this cane was here!" 

Koutarou used the cane as a shovel and began digging. 
Responding to Koutarou's will, the cane began functioning as 
a shovel. Thanks to that, he was able to dig up the buried 
individual before long. 

“This isn't Yurika!?" 

However, that individual wasn't Yurika. Instead, it was the 
person they had gone out to look for, Aika Maki. She had lost 
consciousness, and Koutarou picked her up. 

“Aika-san!? Why is Aika-san here!? No, more importantly, 
Aika-san! Aika-san!!" 

Koutarou shook Maki's body in an attempt to wake her up. 


As he did, Maki raised a pained voice and her face contorted. 
Seeing that, Koutarou hurriedly stopped shaking her. 

“What's wrong, Aika-san— Ah..." 

At that moment, Koutarou noticed that his hand was covered 
in blood. It wasn't his own blood, but Maki's. 

“Aika-san, you're injured..." 

She seemed to have hurt herself when she was swept away 
by the avalanche as she had a large wound in her side. Lots 
of blood was pouring out from there and created a red pool 
on the snow. It was obvious that her life was in danger if she 
was left like this. 

“Alright, I'll contact Theia and the others and have them 
come help as soon as possible." 

As he spoke his thoughts out loud, Koutarou decided to use 
the bracelet he had gotten from Clan to contact Theia and 
the others. 



However, just before Koutarou's finger touched the bracelet, 
a beast like roar echoed throughout his surroundings. He 
looked up in the direction of the roar; at the top of the slope 
by the cave entrance, he saw a roaring white demon and 
Yurika, trapped in a pillar of ice. 

“Kil, Vadra kil, com ot!! I now yu ar stil aliv!!" 

“What is that!? And what happened to Yurika!?" 

Koutarou hurriedly focused on his own eyes. As he did, he 
could see a white aura overlapping Yurika inside the pillar of 
ice. If she had been dead, there wouldn't be an aura there. 
Although she had been completely frozen and it looked fatal, 
Yurika was still alive. 

“Did that monster do that to Yurika!? But, if I hurry she can 
still be saved!!" 

In an attempt to save Yurika, Koutarou was about to take 


However, Maki's groan made Koutarou stop. 

W-Who do I save first!? 

Koutarou looked back and forth at Maki and Yurika. It was a 
hard choice for him to decide who to help first. 

“Sorry, Yurika! I'll come save you as fast as possible! Just 

Finally, Koutarou decided on starting with Maki. Her aura was 
growing weaker faster than Yurika's, and she was still 
hemorrhaging. At this rate, Maki would definitely die and 
Koutarou couldn't just let that happen. 

The girl known as Aika Maki was born in the slums of a city in 
Folsaria. However, Maki couldn't remember the name of that 
city. That was because she had been sold off as a slave by 
her own parents before she gained awareness of her 

But it might have been fortunate for everyone involved that 
Maki didn't remember the name of that city. If she had, the 
city would have most definitely been destroyed when she 
became a powerful magician. Maki cursed the days she was 
young so much and abhorred the people there. 

There wasn't that big of a difference in how slaves were 
treated by slavers, regardless of whether it was in a real 
country or a magical country. Everything was a whirlpool of 
violence and malice. If one were to believe in someone they 
would be betrayed, and their days would be spent being 
used. Maki abhorred lies and schemes because she had 
grown up in such horrid place. 

Because of that, Maki remembered the cold she was feeling 
right now. Her exhausted body couldn't move, and she had 
no sensation left in her cold limbs. The only numbing cold she 
could feel was in her heart, as her body couldn't feel anything 
anymore. After taking a severe beating, she had been thrown 
into the dungeon in midwinter and lay dying. It was the day 
she had attempted an escape, only to be betrayed by her 
best friend. The cold feeling Maki could sense right now was 
very similar to what she'd felt back then in that dungeon. 

So in the end, I'll die in this cold... 

Maki smiled wryly. Of course, her face didn't move a muscle 
as it was only in her mind. 

The reason why Maki hadn't died in the dungeon was 
because the previous Dark Navy had noticed Maki's magic 
power and bought her. Despite that, Maki was now dying, 
feeling the same cold as she had felt back then. 

But everything makes sense like this. Because at the time, I had only wished 
for power to take revenge on those guys... 

Thanks to the previous Dark Navy, her wish had been 
fulfilled. Having grown up as a magician, Maki got her 
revenge on the slavers and her erstwhile best friend. And 
now she was back to feeling the same coldness. Maki was 
convinced that this was her fate. She hadn't even wished to 
live back then. Ever since that time, Maki had been tired of 
this world full of cheating, betrayal and abuse. 


However, that was when Maki felt something different from 
when she was dying in past. Since she had almost no 
sensation in her body, she wasn't sure what that was at first. 

What is, this...? 

But as time passed, her sensations gradually returned, and 
she understood that the sensation was warmth. At the same 
time she understood that, she noticed the presence of 
someone nearby. 

Corpse looters? Or did a beast come to eat me... ? 

Maki knew that only something like that would come to her 
side as she was dying. So she ignored that presence and 
focused on the warmth. That was because when she really 
died, she wanted to feel warmth. 

This... is the same thing... 

However, that was when Maki noticed that the warmth 
originated from the presence. And she finally realized it 
wasn't corpse looters or a beast. Something warm was by 
Maki's side. 

Are you, lonely too... ? Just like, me... ? 

However at the center of the warm presence was a cold part. 
Maki knew why that was, it was because she was the same. 
So Maki overlapped the same part inside of her with the cold 

I wish we could always be like this... 

And by overlapping the two, those parts might warm up a 
little. However, Maki knew that she didn't have much time 
left for that. And she felt that it was regrettable. 

Part 2 

When Maki regained her consciousness the first thing she 
heard was a man's loud voice. 

“Breathe, Aika-san! Don't you die on me!" 

Maki tried to smile at the voice. 

It's fine, I'll be fine for a little longer, so don't worry... 

However, she didn't know if her face actually showed her 
smile or not. If she didn't breathe, she might not be able to 
properly smile. Worried, Maki started breathing. 

“*cough* *cough*“ 

However, Maki's injured body couldn't properly do that. This 
resulted to her coughing repeatedly. 

“Aika-san!! Damnit, is the magic of the cane not enough!?" 
“*cough* *cough*“ 

For each time she coughed she could feel herself getting 
weaker. Knowing that would make the owner of the voice sad, 
she tried her best to breathe. 

Somehow... it's different from before... 

In the past, she desperately tried to breathe because she 
wanted revenge. But now, Maki was breathing for a different 

Hah, Hah, Hah. 

“That's right, breathe, Aika-sanM" 

Something deep inside Maki's mind supported her. Something 
small she had only been able to remember thanks to her 
dying mind turning hazy. 

I can't betray, deceive or lie to this memory. If I do, this person and I will be 
all alone... 

Thanks to Maki trying to live, oxygen began spreading 
throughout her body. Eventually it dispelled the haziness 
clouding her mind and brought out her normal personality. 

“W-Where am...?” 

Feeling as if she had suddenly woken up from a dream, Maki 
was puzzled by the change in her surroundings. 

Maki's last memory was of her being swept away by the 
avalanche. But right now, she found herself in a dim, dusty 
lodge. Maki was lying down on the floor and staring up at the 
small light bulb hanging down from the ceiling. 

“Aika-san!? You woke up!?” 

As she blinked repeatedly, a person's face appeared in front 
of her. Because the light bulb was so dazzling, she didn't 
have to blink as much thanks to the light being cut off. 

“Satomi, Koutarou...?” 

With her mind completely awake, Maki recognized the man in 
front of her. 

“That's right, it's me! Keep it together!” 

Satomi Koutarou. He was a man who could use a sword, 
magic and even necromancy, an opponent who had 

outsmarted Maki repeatedly in the past. 

Maki's memories alerted her repeatedly and the spells she 
had cast in order to face Koutarou activated one after 
another. To her, Koutarou was pure and simply an enemy. 

“How's your body!? Are you okay!?" 

“...No. It looks bad.” 

Maki smiled at Koutarou, who called out to her desperately. It 
was not an act or sarcasm, it was just a natural smile that 
appeared on her face. 

Why am I smiling at this man... ? 

If Maki had been able to move her arms, she would probably 
be touching her face because she couldn't understand her 
own actions. Despite that, her feelings were oddly enough 
accepting it. The strong feelings telling her that this was fine 
ruled her mind. 

“I can tell. With this wound, I can't be saved.” 

As Maki said that she shook her head. She understood the 
wound she had suffered very well. Despite her young age, 
she was a veteran warrior who had survived a lot of battles. 
Her experience told her that the wound she had suffered was 
fatal, and that she had only regained consciousness through 

Ah, maybe that's why... 

Maki believed the reason she didn't feel any hostility towards 
Koutarou was because she would die soon. 

“Aika-san, don't say things like that!” 

To Maki, Koutarou appeared to be shining green. 

Ah, he really is worried... 

Koutarou's body was wrapped in a stable green light. It was 
proof that he wasn't lying. 

But still... this man isn't lying at all... Is he skillfully cheating me again... ? 

The spell that Maki had prepared to fight Koutarou, the spell 
that let her see through lies, hadn't reacted even once. 

Or maybe I've gotten weaker... I've probably gotten weaker. I'm dying this 
disgracefully after all. 

Regardless of if Koutarou wasn't lying or if he had outsmarted 
Maki in some ways, Maki was getting herself worked up for no 
reason. She couldn't help but find that funny. 


Even though she knew that she was going to die, Maki 
smiled. Her harsh life up until now had made her give up. But 
Koutarou wasn't able to laugh or give up seeing that. 

This cane isn't enough! 

Koutarou tightly clenched the fist that was holding the 
magical cane. Just a little while ago, he had been trying to 
use that staff to heal Maki. However, the results were not 
looking good. The cane's magic was still healing her, but 
Maki's life force was fading faster. Since Koutarou could see 
spiritual energy, he could easily tell that much. 

It'll take too long to get her onboard the Blue Knight!! How can I save Aika- 

On Theia's spaceship, the Blue Knight, there were medical 

devices far more advanced than anything found on Earth. 
However, it didn't have the power to revive someone fatally 
wounded that even magic can't heal. 

“It's fine, Satomi-kun. I believe this is my fate." 

Maki accepted her own death. Looking back at her life, this 
wasn't a bad way to go. Just having someone worry over her 
was a good way to end. 

My only regret is not knowing if he's really worrying over me or not... 

So Maki simply smiled, accepting her fate. 

“Fate!? As if I could accept this kind of fate!!” 

Koutarou shouted out and denied Maki's words. Koutarou 
knew of a girl who had fought against such hardships. 
Koutarou couldn't accept Maki's death. And since he didn't 
want Maki to accept it either, he raised his voice even more. 

“I, I won't accept this kind of fate!! I will never—" 

However, in the middle of his sentence Koutarou remembered 

“—Wait, fate!? That's right, I still have that!!" 

That was the last means left to Koutarou. He still had a small 
chance of saving Maki's life. 

“Clan! Clan!” 

Koutarou hurriedly operated his bracelet and called out Clan's 

“What is it, at such a time?” 

Despite it being night, Clan's voice responded. Apparently 
she wasn't sleeping yet. Hearing her voice, Koutarou's 
expression lit up. 

“It's an emergency! I need the sword!” 

“Just wait a moment. In three minutes, I'll finish the first 
stage of my experiment. Then I'll—” 

“I can't wait three minutes!! I told you it's an emergency!!” 

“Wait wait, just waiiit!! Don't be so unreasonable!!” 

Sensing what Koutarou was about to do from the tone of his 
voice, Clan began panicking. However, Koutarou ignored her 
objections and ordered the bracelet. 

“Cradle! Give me my sword!” 

“As you wish, my lord.” 

“KyaaaaaaaM I'm telling you to waiiit!!” 

Ignoring Clan's intentions, her small spaceship, the Cradle, 
began moving. At this time, Koutarou's sword was being 
experimented on in the Cradle's laboratory. But upon 
receiving Koutarou's order, the Cradle forcibly terminated the 
experiment and began to transfer the sword to him. 

“Curse you, Bertorion! Don't you forget this!” 

“ComeeeeM Signaltiiiin!!” 

Completely ignoring Clan's objections, Koutarou thrust his 
right arm forward. As he did, a black hole appeared a few 
centimeters in front of his palm. That was a space-time hole 
produced by the Cradle and Koutarou's bracelet. 

"Sa... Satomi-kun, what are you...?” 

Maki stared on at the spectacle unfolding in front of her, 
completely dumbfounded. 

Since Maki could use some spells that warped space, she 
understood that the black hole was a hole in space-time, 
connected to somewhere else. However, she couldn't sense 
any magic coming from the hole. Maki didn't think it was 
possible to create a space-time hole without using magic. 

And her surprise made her temporarily forget about her pain. 

"Call sign confirmed, coordinate axis fixed. Commencing 
transfer of Signaltin." 

Suddenly a sword appeared from out of the hole. As the 
sword appeared, Koutarou felt like he had heard an explosion 
and a woman's scream, but Koutarou didn't hesitate to grab 
his sword. 

"Your excellency, Blue Knight, this ship, the Cradle, will pray 
for your fortune and glory in place of the nation of 

"...Thank you.” 

When Koutarou grabbed the handle, the sword began shining 
bright white. At the same time, the sword began emitting an 
immense amount of magic power. 

White magic!! Room 106's power, just like that time!? But the energy he's 
controlling this time is far greater!! 

Despite dealing with magic on a daily basis, Maki was so 
surprised by the massive amount of magic power that she 
couldn't even let out a voice of surprise. 

"Let's do this, Signaltin!" 

Koutarou pulled the sword, still in its sheath, out of the space- 
time hole. He then began concentrating, holding the handle 
in his right hand and the sheath in his left. 

Your majesty, Alaia, I'm sorry for this being such a private reason, but I will 
be borrowing the power of this sword... 

Having finished concentrating, Koutarou opened his eyes and 
began moving his hands apart. 

Accompanied by a ringing noise, the glowing white blade 
slowly appeared from within the sheath. Correspondingly, the 
white magic power filling the room grew stronger and 
stronger. And once Koutarou had pulled the sword out of the 
sheath he slowly shouted. 

''Signaltin, if you really have the power to shape the future, 
then please cut open this girl's future!!” 

The next moment, the sword began glowing at an almost 
explosive force. A flash of light lit up the small lodge that 
Koutarou and Maki were in. The glow began to overflow from 
the sword and began pouring into Maki. 

A portion of the magic power being emitted from Signaltin 
was converted into light and filled the lodge Koutarou and 
Maki were in. The light was so strong, they could see only 
white and nothing else. However, the light didn't harm them; 
instead, it gently wrapped them in a warmth, similar to that 
of a person. 


In that white world, Koutarou found something. Since his 
entire surroundings had been filled with a strong white light, 
he might not have actually seen it with his eyes. However, it 
did exist within the white light, and it had a clear appearance 

in Koutarou's mind. 

A small, girl? 

It was a young girl covered in wounds. That girl had been 
thrown into a dungeon after being brutally beaten and left to 

Just what, am I seeing... ? 

At the same time, Maki could see something in the light as 
well. It was a young boy holding a half-knitted sweater, 

Koutarou had seen that girl before, and Maki had seen that 
boy before. The two of them thought at the same time. 

"Just wait, I'll save you right now!” 

" It's okay, I'll always be with you...” 

Since the two of them were different, the words they had 
used were different, but their feelings were the same. 

Part 3 

When Koutarou returned to himself, the light had died down. 
The only thing lighting up the dusty lodge was a lone, 
unshaded light bulb. The sword had a dim glow, but it wasn't 
enough to light up the room. 

How is Aika-san! ? 

Koutarou immediately recalled that and looked at Maki. All 
that could be seen through the tear in her clothes was her 
white skin. Just a moment ago, she'd had a large wound in 
her side and was bleeding profusely. However, that wound 
was now gone, and the spilled blood had vanished. All 
Koutarou could see was her white skin. 

"It worked... t-thank god..." 

Koutarou let out a large sigh of relief and held up Signaltin's 
sheath. Koutarou hadn't been certain that he would be able 
to save Maki using this sword. So he was really, really 

At the same time, Maki was gradually regaining 
consciousness. However, Maki was still not fully aware and 
was blankly staring up at the roof of the lodge. 

I feel like something very important just...? 

Maki could feel like something important had just happened. 
However, that was just a sensation without memory, and 
after a few seconds it disappeared just like a dream. 

Maki returned to her senses after hearing the sound of 
Koutarou returning his sword to its sheath. 

“Ah... !...?“ 

In that moment, Maki remembered everything that had 
happened. Her encounter with the demon that ended in a 
serious injury, and Koutarou desperately trying to treat her. 
Those memories let her understand why she was now lying 
down in this lodge. The first thing she did after returning to 
her senses was to check on her own wounds. 

“The wound is gone!?" 

Maki was overwhelmed with surprise when she touched her 
side. The wound that was supposed to be there was 
completely gone. Even the blood that had flowed from it had 
vanished. Since her wound had disappeared, so did the pain. 
She no longer felt the cold that had numbed her entire body 
either. It was almost like her having been wounded in the first 
place was a dream. The only thing that testified to its reality 
was her torn clothing. 

“I'm, alive...?” 

Maki raised her body and peeked at her exposed side. There 
she could see her own white skin; the wound really had 

“Looks like it.” 


As she was surprised, a ski jacket was put over Maki's 
shoulders. Worrying about Maki being cold in her magical girl 
outfit, Koutarou had taken off his jacket and put it on Maki. It 
wasn't until then that Maki remembered Koutarou's 
existence. She had been so surprised she had temporarily 

“Anyways, I'm glad you're okay." 

“...You saved me, right, Satomi-kun?" 

Maki looked at what was lying next to Koutarou. 

It was Yurika's new cane, Encyclopedia, and Koutarou's 
sword, Saguratin. Those two new magic tools had saved 
Maki's life. And it was almost definitely those that were 
behind the increase in room 106's magic power. 

However, there were still a lot of questions. How did Koutarou 
save Maki using those? And how did he obtain those tools? As 
the magical girl Dark Navy of Darkness Rainbow, the tools 
were packed with information she wanted to know. 

“I guess that would be the case." 

“Satomi-kun, are you a magician...?" 

However, Maki questions to Koutarou were unrelated to that. 
The girl Aika Maki wanted to know more about the man 
Satomi Koutarou. 


Koutarou clearly denied it. 

There was no change in the spell Maki was using to detect 
lies. Even now Koutarou wasn't lying. So as Dark Navy, she 
should change her question; as there was a more calm and 
logical method of questioning. 

“That can't be true! No matter how you look at it, what you 
did wasn't normal!" 

However, Maki didn't give in. She herself wanted to 
understand what kind of existence Koutarou was. It was a 

very emotional questioning without any of Dark Navy's 
normal calmness or rationality. 

“I'm really not. The tools are what's not normal. I'm just a 
normal high school student.” 

Koutarou was planning on being honest. He knew that after 
showing Maki that, there was no way he could cover it up. He 
had resolved himself for that when he decided to save Maki. 

"What do you mean?" 

"A while ago, something major happened. You know, when 
we were doing the play." 

On the day of the play, Clan had appeared, targeting Theia 
and Koutarou. That had been the start of it all. 

So it really was during the play... 

Koutarou's story matched with what Maki had conjectured. 

"There were some people helping me during that event, and 
among them were a few people that could use magic. I got 
this sword and cane from those people." 

As he said that, Koutarou presented the cane to Maki. 
Koutarou smiled wryly as she received the cane. 

"So while I think it's magic, I don't really understand the 
details. I was told how to use it, but I don't know how it 

I see... 

Maki nodded and examined the cane in her hands. 

As I thought, the magic type is considerably old... it seems to be using the 

ancient language of magic, the same as what controls the magic in room 106. 
However, it was made quite recently... which means, it must have been made 
by magicians with no direct relation to Folsaria... 

The current practice in Folsaria used reorganized, modern 
language. However, the magic in the cane used a form much 
older than that. Which meant that it must have been made 
by magicians who split up from Folsaria quite a long time 

This cane executes magic almost entirely on its own, just like he said. 
Because of that mechanism and the vast amount of spells it contains, it's 
wasting the artifact-rank magic power it has. So on its own it's not a big 
threat... but when used the way Yurika did, it's quite troublesome... 

That was what Maki concluded upon examining the cane. 
Thanks to that, Maki was able to see the total picture behind 
Yurika's power up. The power of her magic hadn't increased, 
but she had evolved in a direction that had made it very hard 
to fight her. 

And the sword is the same as this cane. It does a lot on its own... So while the 
sword is powerful, Koutarou is just a normal human. Which means that what 
happened last time must have been a similar situation. 

Maki's image of Koutarou began being greatly corrected. 
Because of that, Maki was able to realize her own 

In the past, Maki had assumed Koutarou was a powerful 
magician, based on the fact that he had gotten through her 
barrier, brought Sanae with him and used a powerful magic 
sword. She'd thought he had the power of reinforcement or 
degeneration and necromancy. 

However, with her new reasoning, a completely different 
development could have occurred. First off, since he had a 

powerful magic sword that interfered with the opponent's 
magic, he had been able to slip through the barrier. And the 
ghost had followed him of its own will. Maki had hid the truth 
herself by disregarding the most unlikely event. 

And I feared lies and schemes that didn't even exist I never even saw the man 
in front of me... 

Right now, Maki no longer feared Koutarou. It was a strange 
feeling; despite having an overly powerful sword in front of 
her and knowing that she had no chance of winning, Maki had 
no fear of Koutarou. At worst, she felt like it would probably 
hurt when she lost. 

What is this feeling I wonder... Why am I so relieved? Even though it's an 
opponent I have no chance of beating in my current state... 

Maki was confused, but that was only on the surface. Deep 
inside her heart, she was calm, satisfied with this situation. 


At that moment, Koutarou sneezed. Since it had been 
something of a surprise attack, being as deep in thought as 
she was, Maki's eyes opened wide. However, the next 
moment, after seeing Koutarou's silly face, Maki raised her 
voice and began laughing. 

“Fufufufu, Ahahaha." 

“Don't laugh. I'm in the middle of an important story." 

Koutarou's shoulders slumped as he saw Maki laugh. His 
cheeks turned slightly red out of embarrassment. 

“I-I'm sorry. It's cold isn't it? Do you want this jacket back?" 

Maki apologized, but she was still laughing happily. She then 

covered her mouth with her hand in an attempt to suppress 
her laughter and touched the jacket on her shoulders. 
Koutarou had sneezed because he had lent Maki his jacket. 

“I don't need it. I'm not that cold.” 


In that moment, Maki could see the green light enveloping 
Koutarou wavering. The spell Maki was using to see through 
lies had seen through Koutarou. 

Satomi-kun lied to me... 

Maki had been more surprised by that than the sneeze. Maki 
hated lies and deceit more than anything, she abhorred 
betrayal and schemes. Because of that, the moment Maki 
heard Koutarou lie, her heart leapt. 

He really does lie... That's right, there's no human who doesn't lie... 

Maki's heart began throbbing intensely and she felt as if 
something was burning in her heart. This was the first time 
she had felt something like that. 

"Satomi-kun, you're not a good liar." 

"It's not a lie. A man wouldn't lose to the cold." 

"Didn't you sneeze because you lost though?” 




Maki smiled, but this time it was a much, much brighter smile 
than before. 


"Actually, Satomi-kun, I hate people who lie.” 

"I see. Then we'll make good friends.” 

"That's true. Fufufufu.” 

Maki slightly tilted her head and showed a bit of mischief in 
her smile. It was a smile that she had never shown anyone. 

"Fufufu, I think people who trick others with lies are the 

Maki was happy that Koutarou had lied to her. 

This was the first time that she had ever been happy that 
someone lied to her. 

This person's lies aren't scary at all!! 

Not even Maki knew why she felt that way. She didn't know, 
but she still felt like this was okay. 


"Fufufufu, ahahaha!” 

And so, Maki terminated the spells she had activated. 
"...Satomi-kun you liar! I hate you!” 


Maki no longer had a need to confirm whether Koutarou was 
speaking the truth. 

Part 4 

Koutarou looked at Maki laughing for a while before 
eventually nodding. 

“Alright, you look like you're okay." 

He had finished explaining the situation to her and she 
seemed to have recovered. Koutarou decided to move on to 
the next matter. 

“Aika-san, the cane please." 

Koutarou reached his hand out towards Maki. 


When Maki raised her eyes, Koutarou was already standing. 
His expression was serious and she sensed a strong will in his 

“Please give me back the cane. I have to go save Yurika." 

“Save Yurika-san... O-Oh right, that white demon!" 

After hearing Koutarou say that he was going to go save 
Yurika, Maki finally remembered the situation. That she had 
climbed the mountain to obtain a familiar, been met with 
resistance and that Yurika had been frozen and captured. 

Maki was still in the midst of fighting. 

“So you saw it too, Aika-san. In that case this'll be easy to 
explain. I have to beat that and save Yurika." 

As Koutarou said that he looked out through the window of 

the lodge. A blizzard was blowing outside and he couldn't see 
a thing. However, in the direction he was looking at, Yurika 
was frozen and waiting to be saved. 

To think monsters like that existed on Earth too... 

Koutarou strongly grasped Signaltin's sheath. This wasn't the 
first time Koutarou had encountered abnormal monsters. And 
based on his experience, Signaltin should be able to deal with 

“So please, give me back the cane. I will probably need that 

Koutarou's Signaltin was very powerful , but since he had 
used it to heal the fatally wounded Maki, it's power had 
temporarily grown weaker. In order to compensate for that, 
Encyclopedia was the perfect tool. Koutarou was planning on 
fighting using both sword and magic. 

Return the cane...? 

Maki was a magical girl of Darkness Rainbow. So putting 
some sort of curse on the cane before returning it to Koutarou 
would be best. She would be able to use the cane as a trap 
against Yurika. 



However, Maki couldn't give him the cane back. 

“Since I've gotten better, should I help too?" 

So Maki smiled at Koutarou, holding the cane in both of her 

Maki's suggestion was simple. 

Koutarou was an amateur when it came to magic. So it would 
be better to have one person focus on the sword, and 
another on magic. 

It was perfectly logical reasoning. 

"—is what I think, how about it?” 

"How about it, huh..." 

From Koutarou's standpoint, he wanted to say no. He was 
reluctant to drag a normal girl like Maki into a fight, but he 
understood what she was saying. He didn't think that he'd be 
able to pull off something as dexterous as using a sword and 
a cane at the same time. It was true that he wanted an 
expert to use magic while he focused on his sword. 

"I have a piece of good news and advice for you since you're 
struggling to make up your mind, Satomi-kun.” 


"I got an A in PE. By the way, Yurika got an Em.” 

Koutarou made up his mind as he saw Maki boasting. 

"Alright, I'll leave the cane to you, Aika-san.” 


Maki's expression lit up. 

In reality, Aika-san looks like she would be stronger with the cane than 

Maki obviously had a better trained body than Yurika. And 

based just on her physical strength, Koutarou felt that Maki 
was more suited to be a magical girl than Yurika. 

“In exchange, you have to run away if things get really 
dangerous. If you do, I can run away without worrying as 

The only thing Koutarou was worried about was that she 
would try harder than he expected her to. Since he had 
managed to save Maki from the brink of death, he wanted 
her to at least get to safety if things got too bad. 


However, Maki didn't nod her head. Instead, she stared at 
Koutarou with eyes full of doubt. 

“Satomi-kun, you won't run away even if things turn 
dangerous, will you?” 

“That's not true. I'd quickly run away.” 

Koutarou shook his head, panicked. 

“That's a lie. There's no way you would run away without 
having saved Yurika-san.” 

Maki was no longer using her spell to discern lies. However, 
she still knew that Koutarou would never leave Yurika behind 
to save himself. 


Koutarou had nothing he could say. His real intentions were 
just as Maki had said. 

“In that case, we'll share the same fate." 

Holding the cane in both hands, Maki looked at Koutarou with 
a serious look on her face. 

“Please steel yourself, Satomi-kun. I definitely won't leave 
you on your own. In exchange—" 

“Fine, I understand. I'll protect you." 

In the end, Koutarou was the one who gave in. The best 
chance Koutarou had of saving Yurika was if he and Maki truly 
worked together. That's what he himself believed. 

“...It's almost like you're proposing. Fufufu." 

Maki smiled, she seemed awfully happy. Koutarou didn't know 
the meaning behind it, but Maki's smile seemed to overlap 
with Yurika's, so Koutarou attitude instinctively changed. 

“You idiot, be more serious." 

“Okay, Captain!" 

Maki smiled at Koutarou and jokingly saluted. 

And just like that, the strange team that consisted of 
Koutarou and Maki was formed. 

Part 5 

The lodge Koutarou had escaped to with Maki wasn't that far 
away from the cave. It had been used when the power line 
was being constructed, so it was left vacant. 

As Koutarou and Maki headed for the cave, they didn't come 
across anyone else. The two of them advanced as the snow 
and wind intensely raged on. 

“By the way, why were you on the mountain, Aika-san? Yurika 
was really worried about you." 

“Ah, that's because of that white demon?" 

However, neither of them seemed to be very bothered by 
that. This was thanks to the spell that Maki had cast. The two 
of them casually walked forward, ignoring the harsh winds, 
the steep slope, the darkness and the ever-dropping 

“Did it catch you?" 

“Aah, uhm, well, something like that." 

“I see. That was too bad." 

“...Though to be more precise, I came to capture it." 

“What was that?” 

“I said I would have been in danger if Satomi-kun and Yurika- 
san hadn't come. It seems like that demon is very violent and 
attacks people on sight." 

“I see. Then let's be careful to reduce the danger." 

Let's do that. 

The two carefully climbed the slope while keeping an eye on 
the peak. Since they didn't have to fight the harshness of the 
mountain thanks to magic, they had a little bit more room to 
concentrate on the demon and Yurika. 



After climbing up for a while, Maki suddenly grabbed a hold of 
Koutarou and knocked him down onto the snow. 


"Shh!! ...Don't you see it!? Over there!!” 

Maki covered Koutarou's mouth with her left hand and 
pointed with her right, while whispering to Koutarou. 


The white demon in question was up the slope where Maki 
was pointing. Next to it was Yurika, still frozen. Maki had 
noticed that before him and stopped Koutarou from moving 
to keep the white demon from noticing. 

"I'll let go now.” 


Maki waited for Koutarou to notice the demon before 
removing her hand. 

"Hah, thank you, Aika-san." 

"You're welcome.” 

“Yurika is... 

Having crawled out from underneath Maki, the first thing 
Koutarou did was check up on Yurika. Fortunately, Yurika's 
spiritual energy wasn't so weak that she was in any danger of 
dying right away. Koutarou relaxed his shoulders when he 
realized that. 

“Phew, she seems to be okay..." 

Koutarou had been worried that she might die while he was 
treating Maki or that the demon would destroy her along with 
the pillar of ice, but after finding out that Yurika was safe, 
Koutarou let out a huge sigh of relief. His fighting spirit was lit 
anew when he learned that he still had a chance to save her. 

“So what do we do, Satomi-kun?" 

“Hm? What?” 

“Don't you think it'd be dangerous if we just charged straight 

As Maki said that she pointed to her surroundings. That was 
where they had been swept up by the avalanche. Up until 
now there had been a lot of trees covering their approach, 
but from now on the woods stopped and if they continued 
forward they would be in the open. 

“...It'll definitely try to do something.” 

“I think it will start another avalanche.” 

“I'd rather not go through that again...” 

It was possible that the white demon might cause another 
avalanche if it spotted Koutarou and Maki climbing up. That 
had been part of the reason for why Maki had stopped 


“Should we go around and climb up?" 


Having heard Maki's proposal, Koutarou looked to his left and 
right. From what he could see there were a lot more trees to 
the side. If they went around, they would be able to hide 
more easily from the white demon as they climbed up. 

“Let's not." 

However, in the end, Koutarou gave up on circling around. If 
they did, the risk of being found would be lower, but after 
climbing for a while, the trees would stop, and they would be 
in the same situation again. 

“So what do we do? If we just twiddle our thumbs here, 
Yurika-san will be in danger." 

“That's true, but can't we lure that thing towards us 

“Lure it?" 

Maki's eyes opened wide in surprise after hearing an 
intellectual idea from the normally simple Koutarou. 

Normally simple Satomi-kun? 

Maki gave up on her own idea and began laughing on the 
inside. She had only been able to resolve her own 
misunderstanding and come in touch with the real Koutarou 
just a few moments ago. Despite that, she already pretended 
like she knew everything, and felt like an intellectual idea 
didn't fit coming from Koutarou. Maki found the speed she 
had changed funny. 

“Yeah. I feel like that would be better." 

When Koutarou was in Forthorthe, he had taken part in 
several large-scale battles. In those battles, the strategy of 
luring an enemy out had proven to be effective. Those 
experiences clearly remained in Koutarou's memories. 

Right. If we lure it here, we can ambush and separate it from Nijino Yurika. 
You put some thought into this, Satomi-kun. 

Sensing where Koutarou was coming from, she added her 
own opinion into it after thinking for a moment. 

“So we're luring that demon out so we can save Yurika-san 
first, right?" 


This time, Koutarou was surprised. What Maki had said was 
just what he'd been about to consult with her on. 

“We're not?" 

“A-Ah, no... That's what I want to do, but I wanted to check 
with you if that would be okay." 

When Koutarou explained that to Maki, she clapped her 
hands together as if she noticed something. 

“I see. Since you don't know how much time you can buy, 
you don't know if you can save Yurika-san before the demon 
returns, right?" 


What Maki said was exactly what Koutarou had been about to 

This again... Aika-san, can you read my mind? 

With the timing of Maki's remarks, Koutarou began to wonder 
such a foolish thing. 

And while Koutarou was surprised, Maki began thinking hard. 

What happens if we can't save her? 

Maki quickly put her thoughts and was about to tell Koutarou. 

“If we don't manage to save her, that demon will know that 
we're trying to save Yurika and might target her instead.” 


This time Koutarou said what Maki was about to say. Since 
Koutarou had said word for word what Maki had been about 
to say, her eyes snapped open wide in surprise. 

Can Satomi-kun read my mind, perhaps? 

Maki was also puzzled over her and Koutarou's seemingly 
overlapping minds. 

“In that case, luring it over and beating it would be better.” 

“That's right. What do you think?” 

“Fufufu, what do I think? I just said beating it would be 

“Oh right, sorry.” 

Koutarou and Maki agreed on luring the demon out and 
ambushing it. 

Even if they lured it out and managed to save Yurika, there 
was a high chance that the three of them would be forced to 
fight against the demon. In that case, luring it out and 
ambushing it would be more certain. That was how Koutarou 
and Maki felt. 

“...I feel like this method of attack is more befitting of a 
villain, I don't really like it.” 

"Me neither." 

"Right. Rather than using petty tricks, you'd rather go face to 
face, right?" 

"But, if it stays in front of Yurika-san like that, there's nothing 
we can do." 

"I guess we have to..." 

"We're just civilians after all." 

"That's true... let's not be overly ambitious." 

The two of them were both reluctant to resort to ambush, but 
in the end they had to prioritize Yurika's safety first, so they 
steeled their resolve. 

Part 6 

Maki's specialty, mind manipulation magic, was quite similar 
to magic that created illusions. It stands to reason that she 
was relatively good at the latter as well. 

So instead of using Encyclopedia's magic power, she used 
her own. That way, the spell would be more accurate and 

“You can do it!" 

Maki had created an illusion of Koutarou. It was really well 
made and Koutarou instinctively cheered for the illusion that 
was walking as he looked at it from behind. Reacting to 
Koutarou's voice, the illusion turned around and waved its 

“Uwah!? It answered!? Creepy!!" 

The illusion Maki had created had a little consciousness. It 
was like an autonomous robot that could move on its own. 
The illusion walked away on its own; it would be acting as a 

“Creepy... you're always like that, Satomi-kun." 

“I'm way manlier and I'm not that weak looking." 

“That's not true. You're just like that." 

The illusion had been created based on Maki's recognition of 
Koutarou. Because of that, small portions of it were slightly 
different from the real one. In Maki's mind, Koutarou was 
slightly slimmer and more handsome. So it strayed a little 

from Koutarou's ideal view of a man. 

“Is that really so..." 

“More importantly, let's get ready. There are a lot of 
preparations that have to be made before Satomi-kun No.2 
lures the demon here." 

Maki didn't want Koutarou to poke around too much at her 
creation, so she quickly tried to change the subject. If 
thoroughly investigated, Koutarou might realize that the 
illusion was based off of Maki's ideal Koutarou. 

“Sorry. So, where should I hide?" 

“Since No.2 should be running past here, behind that tree 
should be fine." 

“Got it.” 

Koutarou pulled his sword from its sheath and approached 
the tree by the mountain path. Since the illusion would be 
running down the path, he would attack the demon that 
should be right behind it. 

“I'll cast some spells on you.” 

“Please do. I'm not wearing my armor today.” 

“Fufuf, then leave it to this magical girl, Maki.” 

Maki laughed, full of confidence, and pointed her cane at 

“Magic Armor. Shield. Elemental Protection...” 

Maki let loose spell after spell. She used the power of 
Encyclopedia whenever it would be more powerful than her 

own magic. By doing that, she was also able to conserve her 
own magic power. 

This cane might be far more convenient than I thought... 

Since Maki often fought on her own, she couldn't really 
understand the true value of the cane until she had used it 
for herself. If one was to fight alongside their allies, there 
wasn't a cane more useful than this. Before long, Koutarou 
had been strengthened with several different spells. 

Til cast the next spells based on the situation.” 

"Got it. Aika-san, you should go hide too." 


Having finished casting her spells, Maki headed towards a 
bush a little away from Koutarou. She would be supporting 
Koutarou from there. 

"Ah!? Satomi-san, it seems like No.2 was found by the 
demon. He's heading this way, under attack." 

Maki warned Koutarou and jumped into the bush. 

"...So we really do need to fight it...” 

Koutarou had only seen the demon roar when it was standing 
next to a frozen Yurika. Based on that circumstantial evidence 
and Maki's testimony, Koutarou believed the demon was 
violent and he was going to have to fight it. But even then, 
now that he actually had to fight, Koutarou couldn't help but 
feel depressed. 


But no matter how depressed he got, he couldn't leave Yurika 

behind. Having resolved himself, Koutarou peeked out from 
behind the tree and looked at the path the illusion would be 
running down. There, he saw the illusion of himself, and 
behind him was the white demon. Seeing that, Koutarou's 
expression changed. 

"Aika-san, this is bad! It's chasing after No.2 in the air!” 

The white demon was floating behind Koutarou No.2, 
repeatedly firing shards of ice at him. The illusion was 
dodging those attacks as it ran down the pre-designated 
route, but there was one problem. The demon was flying far 
too high, Koutarou wouldn't be able to reach it with his sword. 

"Hopping Carrot!" 

Maki's response was a new spell. Yellow light enveloped 
Koutarou's legs. It was a spell that increased his jumping 

"You should reach it with that!” 

"I'll give it a shot!” 

Koutarou and Maki's conversation was short. Since the 
demon was already approaching, they didn't have the luxury 
of a leisurely chat. There was no point in their ambush if they 
were found. 

A little while after that, No.2 approached the two. Imitating 
the sound of running footsteps on snow, No.2 ran past the 
mountain path near where Koutarou and Maki were hiding. 

"Gaaaaaaa, Gruuuuuaaaaaa!!” 

The white demon was right behind him. It had been 
completely fooled by the splendid illusion and was frantically 
trying to kill it. 

“Die, Diee, Vadra, Dieee!!" 

Shouting something, the demon shot shards of ice from the 
palm of its hand. A few of the ice shards penetrated through 
the illusion. 

“It dos no wok! Magi is no wokin! Vadra rely is a monser!" 

If the demon had been level-headed it might have been able 
to see through the trick. However, it was so frantic that it had 
lost all calm. 


And that was the perfect opening for Koutarou. As the demon 
flew right past him, Koutarou kicked the ground with all his 
might and came swinging at the demon in the sky. 


Koutarou's swing hit right where he aimed, at the wings on 
the white demon's back. The blow caused the demon to lose 
its balance and it fell towards the ground. 

“It was too shallow!?" 

However, at the same time Koutarou clicked his tongue, the 
demon flapped its large wings and made a soft landing. 
Koutarou's sword had only damaged its wings so they were 
not completely unusable. 

The plan had been perfect as the demon showed its 
defenseless back to Koutarou, however a jumping attack had 
been problematic. Since he had been strengthened by a 
magic he wasn't used too, he slightly messed up the force 
used to jump. 

“Can I do it again!?" 

Koutarou readied his sword once more. His first attack had 
been too shallow, however the demon was landing with its 
back turned towards Koutarou. If Koutarou moved well 
enough after landing, he would be in a position where he 
could make a second attack. 

I'm not sure about the timing, but I can do it!! 

However, the demon didn't simply remain like that. It had 
already recovered from the shock of the ambush and had 
already begun defending and dodging to avoid any further 
attacks. It was questionable whether or not a second attack 
would succeed. 

“Force Field!" 

Two spells came flying towards Koutarou. One was a 
defensive spell that would block attacks. The other was a 
spell that let Koutarou freely control his falling speed. Oddly 
enough, the defensive spell didn't directly protect him; 
rather, it deployed a surface like a wall next to him. 

“Satomi-kun, use that—" 

“This'll help!" 

Koutarou kicked the magic wall and slightly altered the 
direction he was falling in. 

“—as footing!!" 

Koutarou had acted before Maki could even finish her 
sentence. She then accelerated Koutarou after he adjusted 
his direction. That was the second spell she had cast using 
the cane, a spell to freely control the falling speed. 





—' NX . 





.vlvsv .v.v.*. 







The white demon was in the direction Koutarou had jumped 
to. He then swung his sword with all of his might. 

In response to Koutarou's will, the sword was enveloped by a 
shockwave. It was weaker than the barrier created by Theia's 
armor, but it served to improve the range and power of the 

Koutarou's sword crashed into the white demon. At the same 
time, the shock wave enveloping the sword was unleashed 
and assaulted the demon. 

"Guuuuuuu, so tha is wher you ar, Vadra!” 

However, the white demon wouldn't just let that happen. The 
thick slab of ice created in front of the demon served as a 
shield and caught Koutarou's attack. His sword broke it into 
pieces, but it wasn't able to reach the demon on the other 

Signaltin's power really has weakened!! It didn't do as much damage as I 
thought it would!! 

If Signaltin had been in its normal state, by the time the 
sword hit, it would reject the magic inside of the demon and 
cause major damage. That had been the case when fighting 
demons on Forthorthe. However, that didn't happen now. 
Despite having attacked twice, the demon hadn't taken any 

"I kan tel!! Vadra, Signaltin is getin weaker is it no!?” 

The white demon's mouth warped and it attacked Koutarou 
with its thick arms. 

"Kil! It is my chans to kill!'' 

The demon's claws came flying towards Koutarou. 

"Satomi-kun, keep going like that!!” 

Despite the attack having finished, Koutarou's body 
accelerated even further. It was like a powerful force trying to 
slam him into the ground. 

”1 got it!!” 

Koutarou threw his body forward as if he was trying to roll. 
Thanks to Maki accelerating Koutarou even further, the 
demon's claw hit nothing but air. 

After rolling, Koutarou kicked the snow and stood up. By that 
time, Maki had already cast a new spell on Koutarou. 

"Flame Weapon!” 

Maki had used her own magic power to cover Koutarou's 
sword in fire, increasing its attack power. She simultaneously 
used the cane to cast a spell that let Koutarou see heat with 
his eyes. 

Koutarou's sword suddenly burst into flames. At the same 
time, everything past a certain temperature began glowing 
red to Koutarou. Of course, the thing glowing the most was 
Koutarou's sword. 

Which means, the next one coming is... 

Koutarou knew what was going to happen next, so he 
shouted out what he needed before it happened. 

"Aika-san, make good use of the fire at the end!!” 

“Quick Cast - Darkness!!" 

At the same time, Maki's spell wrapped the region around 
Koutarou, herself and the demon in darkness. Having 
suddenly lost its vision, the demon stood still. However, the 
darkness didn't matter as Koutarou could find the demon's 
body temperature and attack with his burning sword. He 
could clearly see his sword and the enemy's position, and 
thanks to the reflecting heat he could see the ground as well. 
There were no problems. 

Koutarou's sword crashed into the white demon, but he felt a 
hard response. Once the demon could no longer see 
anything, it had focused on protecting itself and had covered 
its entire body with a wall of ice. 

So it did this after all! 

Koutarou's sword crushed the wall of ice, but his blade failed 
to reach the demon. The only damage to the demon was that 
some of its fur got burnt by the flames on the sword. 


If it stayed in the darkness it would keep getting attacked. 
Disliking that predicament, the demon flapped its damaged 
wings and flew up into the air. 

“Satomi-kun, was using the fire like that good enough?" 

“Like that? Like what?" 

“I mean that. I tried copying Yurika." 

Maki indicated the area where the demon had flown. 

“What's that?” 

“It's a cloud. However—" 

Maki had created a large cloud out of magic. Since it was 
floating right above the darkness, the demon had jumped 
into the cloud before realizing it was there. 

"—it's a special cloud made out of highly volatile oil.” 

The next moment, the burning fur of the demon lit the cloud 
and caused a large explosion. 

While looking up at the large explosion, Koutarou felt 

Can Aika-san really read my mind... ? 

What had surprised him wasn't the explosion, but all of Maki's 
actions during the fight. 

Maki had predicted what Koutarou wanted to do and created 
a road of magic to allow that to happen. When he wanted to 
pursue, she had created foothold for him. When he wanted to 
dodge the enemy's claws, she had accelerated his body. 

When he was grieving that his sword lacked the power it 
needed, she had enchanted it with fire. And lastly, the large 
explosion that occurred above them. 

This was at a completely different level from just being good 
at using magic. It was almost as if Maki knew what Koutarou 
was going to do and gave him just what he needed. Thanks 
to her, Koutarou hadn't taken a single hit from the demon's 
attacks until the explosion occurred. 

On the other hand, Maki felt the same surprise Koutarou did. 

Can Satomi-kun really read my mind... ? 

Maki was surprised by the same things Koutarou was. He had 

done everything she had wanted to do before her. 

By the time Maki noticed that it was possible to pursue the 
demon that had landed, Koutarou had already readied his 
sword. By the time she thought that she could use the spell 
that controlled falling speed to avoid the demon's claws, 
Koutarou had already thrown his body forward before she 
could explain. And lastly, Koutarou had told Maki to make 
good use of the fire at the end. As a result she had created an 
oil cloud. Because it disliked taking on attacks while 
defenseless, the demon had jumped into it of its own will. 

Before the demon could even put up a fight, it was already in 
the middle of a large explosion. Maki looked up at the sky, 
but she didn't feel anything for the demon or explosion. 
Instead, what she felt was a strong sense of freedom. She 
probably wouldn't feel this free even if she could freely fly 
through the skies. The feeling of being able to do everything 
she wanted liberated her mind. She always wanted to stay 
like this. 

“Hey, Aika-san, are you—" 

“Satomi-kun, are you—" 

Koutarou and Maki were about to say the same thing, but the 
two of them stopped at the same time. 

Something dreamlike like that is impossible. 

And the two of them thought that at the same time. 

Part 7 

After the explosion had died down and the remaining traces 
of it had been blown away, the white demon still remained. 
However, it had been scorched all over and its entire body 
had turned black. The demon flapped its injured wings and 
landed. It was covered in wounds, but its movements still 
looked very powerful. 

"Kil, getin weaker but kil Vadra! Do no kil, I be kiled! I be 

"...Satomi-kun, looks like it still wants to fight.” 

Seeing that, Maki grabbed the cane with both hands. 

Vadra again... just what is that demon so scared of... ? 

That word bothered Maki, but the demon probably wouldn't 
answer her if she asked. So she drove the question out of her 
head and prepared to fight. 

"It would be easier if it just ran away...” 

The demon's will to fight reached Koutarou as well. He would 
have preferred it if the demon had fled, but it seemed to be 
dead set on killing Koutarou and Maki. Koutarou reluctantly 
readied Signaltin. 

"Flame Weapon, Flame Protection, Elemental Shield.” 

"Aika-san, you're thinking of doing something cruel again, 
aren't you?” 

"Fufu, but I love the Satomi-kun who still does it anyway.” 

“Then I'll try to live up to your expectations." 

Koutarou's sword was covered in flames once more and two 
yellow lights protected him. Seeing that, the demon bared its 
fangs and threatened Koutarou. 


“Here I go, Aika-san!" 

“Quick Cast - Acceleration." 

Koutarou began moving just as Maki started her incantation. 
The demon began moving at the same time. Seeing 
Koutarou's burning sword, the demon decided to fight up 
close. If it tried to fly away, things might go like last time. The 
demon had painfully learned that. 

“Here it comes." 

As Koutarou said that, a new spell enveloped his body, and 
his running speed dramatically increased. Maki had cast a 
spell that increased his physical strength. 


The demon wasn't just running up either. It created shards of 
ice and repeatedly fired them at Koutarou like a machine gun. 
And from behind the barrage, it aimed at Koutarou with its 


Koutarou slid under the shards of ice. As he did, the demon 
came attacking with the claws on both of its hands. 

“Satomi-kun, jump!" 

Koutarou poured power into his legs, and at the same time, 
the snow beneath his feet was sent flying upwards. Normally 
it was a spell used to disrupt the target's balance, but Maki 
used it as a catapult to send Koutarou flying. Koutarou went 
from a sliding posture to being above the demon in an 
instant. Thanks to that, the demon's claws missed him. 

"Gugugu, yu fel fo it!” 

However, the demon had already predicted that Koutarou 
would dodge. It ignored Koutarou and continued towards 
Maki. It intended to kill Maki who was providing support from 
the rear. 

"Yu wil die firs!!” 

At that moment, Koutarou and Maki's thoughts, words and 
the attacking demon's roar all mixed with each other. 


"Quick Cast - Force Field!” 

"—some footing! And—” 

A defensive spell appeared in front of Koutarou. He kicked at 
it and changed his direction in the air. 

"It's okay! I—” 


However, the demon was already right next to Maki, and 
Koutarou would never be able to make it in time from his 
position. The demon smiled as it was about to enjoy the 
coming slaughter and slashed it claws towards Maki. 

"—use that!” 

"—already am!” 

Koutarou appeared between Maki and the demon. 


The demon quickly changed its target and slashed its claws 
towards Koutarou. The blow from those powerful arms roared 
as they came flying towards Koutarou. 


However, as the claws slashed at Koutarou, they passed right 
through him. It was almost as if he was a mirage. 

"Well done, No.2!” 

Maki used the opportunity to distance herself from the 
demon. At the same time, the Koutarou who was in front of 
the demon vanished. It was the slightly slimmer, handsome 
Koutarou illusion that Maki had created. If this hadn't been in 
the middle of a battle, the demon might have seen through it. 
However, at the timing it had appeared, that was a very 
difficult thing to do. The demon had been fooled and Maki 
gained some distance away from it. 


Not giving up, the demon crushed the snow beneath its feet 
and chased after Maki. However, Maki chanted a new spell to 
keep it from doing so. 

"Quick Cast - Fire Wall!” 

"Yu fol!” 

A wall of flame appeared in front of the demon and blocked it 
from continuing forward. But the demon covered its body in a 

thick layer of ice and charged through. The flames that Maki 
had created didn't have the power to burn the demon 
through the ice. As a result, the ice alone melted and the 
demon made it through the wall of flame almost unharmed. 

"Guhahaha! Tis tim yu wil die!!” 

The demon was convinced that Maki was going to die. There 
was no way that her small body would be able to withstand a 
powerful blow from the demon, and Koutarou was on the 
other side of the wall of flame. As a result, Maki had ended up 
blocking off her backup. With the illusion gone, there was 
nothing to stand in the demon's way. Maki's death was now 



"...Even though the temperature was low, and you've cast 
defensive spells, would you normally make your ally cross 
through fire? And what's more you even used yourself as 

"Fufufu, like I told you. I love the Satomi-kun who still does it 

Before the demon's claws could reach Maki, Koutarou's sword 
pierced the demon's back. 

Everything had been part of Maki and Koutarou's trap. 

She had reduced the temperature of her wall of flame and let 
the demon pass through. The demon would then think that 
Maki had cut off her backup, forget about Koutarou and focus 
only on her. 

However, the wall of flame's temperature was low and 

Koutarou was being protected by Flame Protection and 
Elemental Shield. He easily broke through the wall and scored 
a direct hit on the demon's wide open back. 

If the demon had jumped over the wall of flames and 
attacked from above, Maki would have been in danger. The 
reason Koutarou's sword had been covered in flames was to 
keep the demon cautious of traps from above. 

Without using a single advanced spell. Koutarou and Maki's 
perfect teamwork had created an inescapable trap. 

“l-lmposible, ho ar yu a I iv! ? I kiled you! I shold hav kiled yu!!” 

Having had Signaltin thrust into its body, the demon's magic 
was rejected and its body turned into dust. 

“Curse yu Vadra! Vadraaa! Vadraaaaaaaa!!" 

Even though the sword had gotten weaker, the demon 
couldn't endure having the sword thrust into the center of its 
body, and in just a few seconds, the demon's body turned to 
dust. Like the demon, the dust was pure white. The strong 
mountain wind swiftly scattered the dust. 

Translator's Notes and References 

• A grade marking barely passing in Japan, though not 
commonly used. 

What's Inside the Pocket 

Part 1 

Thursday, February 4 

The next day, Maki was contacting her allies in Darkness 
Rainbow from her room in the hotel. Her other classmates 
that shared the room with her had all left to go skiing, so she 
was all alone. She wasn't using her small magical tool to talk 
with one person, but the magical tools used to talk to 
multiple people at the same time. 

“It was certainly a strong demon, but it was horribly 
frightened from the start and there was no way to make a 
contract with it. When I talked to it, it attacked me and I had 
to put it down." 

“Hmm, it's rare to see you resolve things with force, Maki." 

“If there's no way to talk, it would have to resolved by force." 
“That is true." 

Maki was reporting about the white demon while keeping a 
lot of information hidden. The only thing she reported was 
that the demon was scared and that she had ended up killing 

“Navy, why was the demon so afraid?" 

"I never found out. The only clue was that the demon kept 
repeating the term 'Vadra'.'' 

In the end, Maki never understood what had caused the 
demon to be so scared. Since she was unable to talk to the 
demon properly, her only clues came from the demon talking 
to itself. What she had found out was that Vadra was a noun. 

“I see... Vadra, huh... I haven't heard of that word before.” 

The girl in purple shook her head. She was the most 
knowledgeable in Darkness Rainbow, but not even she had 
heard the word before. 

"Well, in the end it was just a lone demon. I think it's better if 
we switch to talking about Rainbow instead." 

Seemingly bored, the girl in red tried to end the discussion 
regarding the demon. To her, fighting was all that mattered; 
talking about something that had already been killed was 

"You have a point." 

Maki agreed, she wanted the discussion to shift away from 
the demon as well since there were a lot of things she wanted 
to keep hidden. Because the other girls were quiet, Maki 
changed the topic. 

"About the magic power of room 106. The reason for the 
increase was because Yurika and Satomi Koutarou got their 
hands on some artifacts." 


The girl in red was surprised, and Maki nodded to her. 

"Yes. Yurika has obtained a new cane and Satomi Koutarou's 

sword has been strengthened.” 

"Navy-chan, how is Yurika-chan's new cane? Was it cute?" 

Hearing about a new cane, the girl in orange was the first to 
react. She had the same reaction as when Maki got her cane. 

"It had a design that wouldn't live up to your hopes." 

"Eeeeeeh!? Another serious and old-fashioned one!?" 

"Navy, what is that cane's ability?” 

"It's a rather strange ability. Because of that it doesn't pose 
much of a threat on its own." 

Maki began explaining Yurika's new cane. 

"Yurika's cane has been created so even someone who isn't a 
magician can use it. Because of that, the cane handled 
almost all of the execution. It also has a large variety of spells 
stored inside it." 

"That sounds pretty special." 

"Yes. Because of that though, the power of each spell is 

"Navy-chan, does that mean that even a complete amateur 
can become an average magician?” 

"Yes. So even if we use that cane, it won't have much of an 
effect. It's not like we would get twice as strong." 

"Then what's the point? It's not like we fight lvl." 

"We don't. That's why I'm not worried." 

Maki smiled at the girl in orange. If Yurika's new cane had 
been limited to a few spells, their strategy would have to be 
reconsidered. Since the overall magic power of the cane was 
large, if that magic power had been focused into a few spells, 
each of them would be powerful. However, since that wasn't 
the case, Maki was able to casually chat about it. 

“So Maki, what about Satomi Koutarou? His weapon increased 
in power, didn't it?” 

“Yes. Its abilities are the same as before, but its performance 
has greatly increased. It's completely different from before. I 
don't think I could beat him on my own.” 

What Maki had seen before was energy given the shape of a 
sword. What she saw this time seemed to have the same 
abilities, but the power was on a different dimension. 

“You don't sound very worried though.” 

The girl in red noticed that Maki's tone of voice didn't sound 
very worried. And Maki honestly admitted that. 

“That's true. I don't think it's necessary to regard Satomi 
Koutarou as dangerous.” 

“What do you mean, Navy?” 

Not only the girl in red, but the girl in purple also questioned 

“I understood this after my contact with him this time but... it 
seems like Yurika and Satomi Koutarou aren't necessarily in a 
cooperative relationship.” 

“Navy-chan, by not in a cooperative relationship, do you 
mean they're not allies?” 

Maki nodded and looked at all six of the girls. 

“Last time their goals just happened to overlap, but in reality, 
Yurika hasn't revealed her identity to Satomi Koutarou yet. 
Since Rainbow Heart forbids the private use of magic, they 
might not be able to reach a cooperative relationship." 

“Which means, Navy-" 

The girl in purple realized what Maki wanted to say and 
looked at her. 

“That's right, Purple." 

Maki nodded. 

“We might be able to avoid having to fight Satomi Koutarou." 

As Darkness Navy, she would be able to avoid fighting a 
powerful enemy. And as Aika Maki, she wouldn't have to fight 
Satomi Koutarou. Maki was happy that her two standpoints 
overlapped on this point. However, the girl in red looked at 
Maki and showed a malicious smile. 

“Hmm, last time you were going on about how you were 
going to kill him, but now you've so easily given up, why is 

In her report the other day, Maki had repeatedly said that she 
would kill Koutarou. However, now she had easily given up on 
fighting him. The girl in red was curious about the reason 
why, but she also wanted to tease Maki. 

Not good... 

But that was the topic that Maki didn't want to discuss. Not 

even she was certain of the reason why. It wasn't for the 
simple reason of her life being saved. It was just that some 
vague part of her heart had already accepted Koutarou. That 
was something too hard to explain to others, and a topic she 
didn't want others to discuss. 

"I don't live to fight like you.” 

So there, Maki carefully chose her words and spoke of Dark 
Navy's reasons. She also took care not to mix in Aika Maki's 
reasons in that. 

"If I don't have to fight against an opponent I know I'd lose to, 
there's no harm in not doing so. I don't believe that fighting is 
worth it even if I know I'd lose." 

"That's harsh.” 

Having suffered a counterattack, the girl in red smiled wryly. 

"But that does sound more like Maki. Going on about killing 
was unlike you." 

She didn't think that Maki's feelings for Koutarou had 
changed, so she didn't pursue the topic any further. She 
believed that Maki still despised Koutarou, but wanted to 
avoid a fight. 

Like me, huh... 

Just who was her true self? Was it Dark Navy together with 
her allies, or Aika Maki together with Koutarou? Maki felt 
anxious about that as she listened to the girl in red's words. 

"Navy, what are the chances of making him one of our 

Maki was about to enter some deep thoughts when the girl in 

purple pulled her back into reality. Maki shoved her thoughts 
away and directed her attention towards the girl in purple. 

“Let's see..." 

She began thinking about Koutarou. He was straight forward, 
clumsy and stubborn. He would very rarely lie, but he never 
betrayed someone else's trust. He was the only person to 
remove the burden on Maki's heart and set her free. 

As she put together her thoughts, Maki was careful not to 
show a smile on her face. 

“I don't think there's much of a chance of making him a 

Based on Koutarou's personality, Maki couldn't imagine that 
he would agree with Darkness Rainbow's motives. If anything, 
he would be on Rainbow Heart's side. 

More importantly, she wanted to keep Koutarou away from 
the fight between Darkness Rainbow and Rainbow Heart. She 
wanted him to remain as Aika Maki's friend, rather than 
Darkness Navy's ally. 

“But, he's not the type who would cut his ties with his allies. 
Even if we can't completely make him an ally, we should be 
able to gain an advantage based on our effort." 

After thinking for a while, the words that left Maki's mouth 
ended up belonging to Dark Navy. They didn't coincide with 
Maki's desire, but it was the truth and she believed that 
expressing it that way would be the best way to convince her 

As long as I can keep Koutarou away from the room during the fight, he 
should be safe... 

That was Maki's main goal. 

“As expected of Maki. Your thoughts are deep and vicious." 

“Petty tricks like that don't suit me, so you do it, Maki." 

“Navy, can we leave that work to you?" 

Fortunately, Darkness Navy had no suspicions about Maki's 
report, and all six of them agreed with her. 

“Yes. I managed to gain some of Satomi Koutarou's trust 
during this case, so I believe it would be best if I did this." 

“Then please do, Navy." 

“I'll do it in parallel with my information gathering." 

“Navy, do you have anything else to report?" 

“I don't. This is all for now." 

“Then this meeting is now over. Navy, please report any 
changes in development." 

“I understand." 

And like so, Maki's report ended. As a result, fighting against 
Koutarou would be avoided whenever possible, and Maki 
would be in charge of making that happen. Since she wanted 
to avoid fighting Koutarou, this was just what she wished for. 

“See you later, Navy-chan." 

“Until next time." 

The 3D images of the girls surrounding Maki vanished one 
after another. 

“Oh right. Maki, you were on a skiing trip, weren't you?” 


“Then that's good. How about you let loose a little.” 

“That's none of your business.” 

“You know, you're just wasting your life.” 

The girl in red persevered, but in the end, even she vanished 
and Maki was left alone in the hotel room. 

“...Good, I don't have to fight with Satomi-kun...” 

When she was left alone, the serious expression melted off of 
Maki's face. It was like she was a completely different person 
from when she was speaking as Dark Navy. However, Maki 
wasn't aware of that. Maki still believed herself to be the cold, 
evil magical girl, Dark Navy even now. 

“Alright then, let's go meet with Satomi-kun right away. I 
have some work to do, after all-T" 

But as Maki flung open the door and left, she looked more like 
a magical girl bringing love and happiness. 

Part 2 

When Yurika woke up, she was lying on a bed in the hotel. 

The last thing she could remember before waking up here 
was her being attacked by the white demon in the mountain. 

"Aika-san, Aika-san, rock-paper-scissors." 

"Eeeeh!? Satomi-kun, you want me to go buy!? Matsudaira- 
kun is—" 

“I'm not a weakling like Mackenzie who always goes easy on 

"Geez, it's because you're like that that you never get any 

"Shut up. Here we go. Rock, paper, scissors—” 


"Rock, paper, scissors, shoot." 

However, what surprised her more than that was the carefree 
sight on the sofa in front of her. Koutarou and Maki playing 
rock paper scissors seemed absurd to Yurika. 

"Aaagh!! I lost!!” 

"So you really did use scissors. I felt like you would do that 
when we got a draw.” 

"W-What are you two doing?" 

Koutarou threw scissors while Maki threw rock. 

Having lost, Koutarou was holding his head, mortified, while 
Maki, who'd won, smiled. That sight made Yurika's eyes open 
wide in surprise. 

M-Maybe I've been cursed to make it look like rock-paper-scissors... ? 

Yurika knew that Maki was planning on killing Koutarou. So 
she felt like there was a danger behind the smile she was 
showing Koutarou. And for the same reason, she felt it was 
dangerous that Maki was in her room. 

“Oh, Yurika, you woke up?” 

“S-Satomi-san, just what happened?” 

Yurika looked back and forth between Koutarou and Maki and 
asked for the reason why the two were together. 

"Hm? After you were done in, I had Aika-san help me beat 
that strange monster, and after that I carried you back 

Yurika had planned on confronting Maki after putting 
Koutarou to sleep. However, since she'd ended up being 
frozen, the showdown with Maki never happened. As a result, 
it had ended with Koutarou saving a stranded classmate 
before it became a problem. 

But that wasn't what Yurika wanted to know. 

“T-That's not what I meant. Why are Satomi-san and Maki- 
chan so... so friendly to each other!?” 

“Why? Well, that's because we're classmates.” 

Koutarou stared at Yurika. To him, Maki was a classmate. He 
hadn't had much to do with her up until now, but it's not like 
he hated her. And this time she had helped him a lot. He was 

just treating Maki like normal, so when questioned why, he 
couldn't understand the question. 

"Uhm, that's not it, Maki-chan is, you know, Satomi-san's...!?" 

Yurika wanted to convey this situation to Koutarou somehow. 
Maki was an evil magical girl and she had been enemies with 
Yurika for a while now. And that Maki was aiming to kill 
Koutarou. Yurika wanted to convey that to Koutarou, but she 
couldn't come up with the words that would convince him. 

But before she could, Maki opened her mouth. 

"Fufufu, Satomi-kun, since Yurika-san has just woken up, how 
about you give her some time to get her feelings and clothes 
in order?” 

"Yeah, that sounds good." 

Koutarou nodded at Maki's words. He believed it was just as 
she said. 

There was no way she wouldn't be confused after being 
frozen solid. She needed some time to calm down, and Yurika 
was a girl, she should be given some time to fix her outfit. 


However, that perplexed Yurika. She couldn't help but be 
anxious over what Maki was trying to do. 

"Also, you're going to buy for my sake aren't you?" 

"It's not for your sake, Aika-san. Hey Yurika, you haven't 
eaten anything since yesterday, so you're hungry, right? I'll 
buy you something, what do you want?" 

"Ah, u-uhm..." 

“I want something to drink.” 

”1 won't buy anything for you, Aika-san.” 


And while Yurika was perplexed, the two continued their 
intimate conversation. 

J-Just what happened... ? 

Koutarou and Maki's conversation seemed to go beyond the 
point of mere friendship. Their relationship might have been 
similar to Koutarou's and Yurika's. 

"What is it, Yurika?” 

"Ah, eh...?” 

"What do you want to eat?" 

"Ah, r-right! If there's some bread or something, that'll be 

"I got it, I'll be right back.” 

Koutarou got up from the sofa and walked towards the room's 
entrance without noticing Yurika's confusion. 

"Satomi-kun, make sure you don't get lost." 

"As if I would! Idiot!" 


Yurika helplessly called out Koutarou's name. However, 
Koutarou left the room without turning around, leaving only 
Yurika and Maki in the room. 

After Koutarou left, the room turned silent. There were a lot of 
things that Yurika wanted to ask Maki, but the situation of 
being alone with Maki in a room was too eerie, and she had 
trouble opening her mouth. 

However, as time passed, the sight of Maki smiling on the 
sofa became frightening and Yurika couldn't stay quiet any 
more. So she finally spoke up and asked what was on her 
mind. By speaking she was able to divert her fear. 

“U-Uhm, Maki-chan." 


Having been called out, Maki casually raised her head. And 
without ruining her smile, she stared right at Yurika. Despite 
being slightly pressured, Yurika did her best to continue 

“Just what are you planning?" 

“What do you mean?" 

“I'm talking about Satomi-san! What are you planning on 
doing to Satomi-san!?" 

Yurika's most pressing question was the reason behind Maki 
being so close to Koutarou. 

Yurika knew that Maki considered Koutarou an enemy, so she 
definitely had an ulterior motive for getting closer to him. 

Since Maki understood that as well, she honestly answered 
without sneering or making fun of Yurika. 

“There's no need to be so scared, Yurika. I'm friendly with 
Satomi-kun because I don't want to do anything." 

“Don't want to do anything!? W-Wha, what's that supposed to 

Yurika was confused. 

She didn't understand the meaning of Maki's words. Getting 
friendly because she didn't want to do anything; she had a 
hard time taking that at face value, knowing that Maki 
considered Koutarou an enemy. 

But what confused Yurika even more was the atmosphere 
around Maki. It wasn't the same pressuring, sharp 
atmosphere from before; instead it was quiet and stable. 
Yurika couldn't even sense any hostility towards herself. 

What is this? She's not scary, but... I don't feel like I can win... 

Yurika could feel that Maki's hostility had been greatly 
reduced. However, in return, she didn't think she could win if 
they ended up fighting again. She believed she had a higher 
chance of winning against the Maki from yesterday than the 
one of today. 

Maki-chan has gotten much stronger... Just what happened between 
yesterday and today... ? 

It wasn't like Maki's magic power had increased or that she 
had gained new abilities. Instead, her mental stability was 
drawing out all of Maki's strength. And that let Yurika feel an 
overwhelming difference in ability. 

“That's true, Yurika. This is probably hard for you to 
understand after everything's that's happened... but we, 
Darkness Rainbow, have decided to avoid a direct 
confrontation with Satomi-kun." 

“You won't fight Satomi-san!?“ 

Yurika was surprised once more. 

“Wait, Maki-chan, what does that mean!?" 

“Calm down. Since this concerns you too, I'll properly 

Yurika was panicking while Maki remained calm. Indeed, if the 
two were to fight now, Maki would probably win easily. 

“I figured this out while talking to Satomi-kun yesterday and 
today, but... Yurika, you still haven't truly revealed your 
identity to him, have you?" 

“Y-Yes... that's sort of what happened..." 

At first she wanted him to believe her. However, lately Yurika 
had come to feel like they were fine this way, and she let 
Koutarou's misunderstanding as it was. 

“That's why you're not in a proper cooperative relationship. 
Isn't that right?" 


That left Yurika aghast. In her mind, Koutarou was already her 
ally. However, Maki's words made her aware that it might not 
be the case. 

“T-That's, true, but.." 

“That's why. Darkness Rainbow isn't strictly Satomi-kun's 
enemy yet. So there's no need for us to increase our 
enemies. Isn't that right?" 


That was when Yurika realized what Maki and Darkness 

Rainbow were thinking. 

Since Maki believed that Koutarou and Yurika were allies, they 
recognized Koutarou as an enemy. Since that wasn't truly the 
case, there was no point in attacking him. Instead, she began 
to feel the other way about him. 

“S-So you're befriending Satomi-kun!?" 

“That's right, Yurika. Since Satomi-kun is strong, I'd rather not 
fight him." 

Maki quietly nodded at Yurika. 

“And if possible I want to make him an ally. Even if that fails, 
because of the way Satomi-kun is, as long as we get closer he 
won't be able to get serious in a fight. So I want to befriend 
him by any means possible." 


She would use Koutarou's good will for the sake of the fight. 
That was something that Yurika couldn't forgive. Because of 
that, strength returned to Yurika's eyes. 

“But Yurika, this situation is useful for you too." 


“As you know, Satomi-kun is a gentle person. He might fight, 
but he won't fight to the death." 

Maki continued speaking with a thin smile. A strong sense of 
trust for Koutarou could be sensed from that smile. That 
puzzled Yurika, as that wasn't the smile of someone planning 
on using Koutarou's good will. 

“Darkness Rainbow's intentions are just what I said. But, 

based on how you and I act, we might be able to keep 
Satomi-kun out of our fight.” 


That was certainly something that Yurika wanted. She wished 
that Koutarou would think of her as just a classmate. And she 
wanted to graduate alongside him as just a classmate. In 
order to do that, it was important to not involve Koutarou in 
her fight. So using this situation to distance Koutarou from 
any fighting was indeed something useful for Yurika. 

Maki-chan just said 'Darkness Rainbow's intentions'... 

There was also one more thing that caught Yurika's interest. 
The way Maki phrased 'Darkness Rainbow's intentions' made 
it sound like she personally had different intentions. In that 
case, what were they? 

"...What's the reason for you to personally not want to 
involve Satomi-san, Maki-chan?” 


Yurika honestly questioned Maki, and after recovering from 
her surprise she smiled. And while smiling, she looked 
towards the door that Koutarou had left through. 

"Yesterday, after you got frozen... I was attacked by that 
demon and almost died.” 

While staring at the door, Maki touched her side with her 
hand. Just yesterday night, there was a large wound there, 
large enough to threaten her life. 

"And Satomi-kun saved me. I want to return that favor." 

However, now there was no wound carved there anymore. 

Koutarou had healed her using Signaltin's powers. Instead, a 
lot of things had been carved into Maki's heart, and they 
urged Maki to return the favor. 

"Satomi-san saved Maki-chan... and that's why...” 

Up until now, Maki had taken a lot of incomprehensible 
actions, but after hearing the reason behind them, it was 
enough to convince Yurika. 

Darkness Rainbow wanted to avoid a fight with Koutarou. 
There were many methods of doing that, and amongst those, 
Maki had chosen the safest one for Koutarou in an attempt to 
return the favor. 

"So let's work together, Yurika. You and I have to keep that 
person away from the fight!” 


However, despite understanding all of those circumstances, 
Maki asking Yurika for her cooperation was just so surprising. 

Part 3 

Koutarou returned shortly after Yurika and Maki's discussion. 
Because of that, Yurika still hadn't recovered from the shock 
and was sitting on the bed with a spaced out look on her 

"I'm back, Yurika. I got you some bread. They had your 
favorite yakisoba bread, so I got you that.” 

"Welcome back, Satomi-kun. What bread did you get for 

Because of that, Maki was the only one to welcome him back. 
She got up from the sofa and approached Koutarou. 

"There's none for you. Why would I have to do that much?" 

"My, well if you start earning points now, I'll let you become 
my boyfriend eventually." 

"I don't want a girl you can get with bread." 

"Geez, you're not being honest." 

Koutarou and Maki joked around. But to Yurika who watched 
over the two, their relationship didn't seem like something 
that had developed over a single day. It was as if Koutarou 
was acting as he did with his childhood friend, Kenji. 

Maki-chan said that Satomi-san saved her life, but... is that really all... ? 

Koutarou and Maki's relationship seemed different from 
savior and saved to Yurika. Something more dramatic than 
saving Maki's life must have had happened. That was what 
Yurika was thinking, but the more she thought of it, the more 

unlikely it seemed. Yurika just got more and more confused. 

“Well, you helped me out a lot yesterday, so I can at least 
buy you a drink." 


“Consider it a bribe to keep you quiet." 

“Ahaha, understood. So what is there?" 

“Let's see, an unhealthy cola, an unhealthy cola made by 
another company and overly sweet strawberry milk for 

“A cola then. I love cola." 

“What a coincidence, actually I do too." 

Koutarou pulled out two black bottles from the plastic bag 
and then put the rest on Yurika's lap. What was left in the bag 
was the strawberry milk and the yakisoba bread. 

“Here, drink this." 

“I prefer the other one." 

“Don't be so picky." 

“Since it's a bribe, I think it's okay to be picky." 


Koutarou reluctantly handed his favorite cola over to Maki. 
She accepted the drink with both hands and smiled. 

“That side of you is worth a lot of points you know?" 

“Hurry up and drink it before I take it back." 

“You know you won't, geez—" 

While Yurika watched over the two, they began drinking their 
cola while chatting. They constantly smiled and were close to 
spouting out their cola from time to time. 

They somehow... get along really well... 

Yurika felt like the atmosphere surrounding Koutarou and 
Maki was special. 

“Right, then." 

“Where's your manners?" 

“Thank you for the drink, Satomi-kun." 

After finishing her cola, Maki got up from the sofa. She then 
put her hands together and smiled at Koutarou. 

“Satomi-kun, do you want to go skiing together after this?" 

“Yeah, let's do that. Yurika, you're coming too, right?" 

“Ah, uhm..." 

“Alright, then it's decided. I'll go get ready!" 

Before Yurika could give a clear answer, Maki was already 
walking towards the door, as if she wasn't going to take a no 
for an answer. 

“Let's meet up in the lobby after getting changed." 

“Yeah.... Yurika, don't space out, hurry up and eat or we'll 
leave you behind." 

“O-Okay! I will, I will!" 

Yurika was still doubtful, but even though she had to move 
her body, she had no choice but to go ski. 


Maki left the room with a short laugh and after entering the 
hallway and closing the door, she stopped for a moment. 


Maki let out a sigh of relief. Her and Koutarou was one thing, 
but she still felt a little nervous being around her enemy, 

Oh right... 

As she sighed, she remembered what was in her pocket. 
"...Maybe I should... use it...?” 

Maki mumbled to herself in a quiet voice and put her hand in 
her skirt's pocket. She touched something small and hard 
with her fingertips. But Maki was still hesitant and couldn't 
pull it out. Her expression changed into an anxious one. 

"But, won't it... be like tricking him...?” 

Maki began grasping what was in her pocket; however, she 
still wasn't pulling her hand out. At the same time, she 
couldn't let go either. Maki was still hesitating, but— 

"No, I'm sure it's fine... he's not the kind of person who would 
be moved by something cheap like this..." 

Maki mustered her courage and pulled her hand out of her 

"Then... then it'd be fine if I make myself... look a little cuter, 

won't it...?” 

She slowly opened her hand. Her heart started beating faster, 
she was starting to blank out and her hand was slightly 

"If he would get happy over something like this..." 

On top of her hand was something she always hated. 

"N-No! That's not it, this is for Darkness Rainbow's sake!! 
That's right!! If it's for everyone's sake, I can do my best, 
even with things I don't like!!” It was the liquid lipstick that 
she had been given and supposedly thrown away right 


Long time no see, everyone. It's the author, Takehaya. 

This volume was published in three months just like the one 
before. The reason for that is so that we would get back to 
the main characters as fast as possible. 

This volume takes place a few days after Volume 7. Using 
Volume 7 as a starting point, the characters have now begun 
moving to fulfill their own wishes, which will lead into the 
next story. In this volume, we see the return of Maki and her 
confrontation with a powered up(?) Yurika acting like a 
magical girl again. And the environment surrounding Yurika 
greatly changes. 

The next volume will be 8.5 just like I wrote in the afterword 
7.5. It will correspond to the second manuscript that Theia 
wrote. The travelling party reached their destination, the 
Pardomshiha territory. There, they reform the Forthorthe 
regular army, and wage war on Maxfern's coup d'etat army. I 
only need to write that story, but I'm racking my brain, 
worrying how I am going to fit it all in one volume. 

Speaking of worries, I have worries regarding my schedule as 
well. I want to put out the next volume where most of the 
main characters will be missing as fast as possible, but my 
schedule has been thrown for a loop because of the 
earthquakeFU. Based on the rolling blackouts, I might be able 
to return to my normal pace, but this is all up to luck. 

This volume featured a more close up look on magic, but 

magic actually uses a much more complex power than we 

In a lot of works, a magician will create fireballs, shoot 
lightning, use magnetism or crush with gravity. However, if 
magic like this really existed, it would serve as proof that the 
Grand Unified Theory is real. 

The Grand Unified Theory is the ultimate theory that Einstein 
attempted to form. It would unify all the fundamental forces, 
such as electricity, magnetism and gravity. By the way, 
electricity and magnetism have already been unified. There 
are four well known principles that prove the relation 
between them. However, principles regarding the other 
fundamental forces, especially gravity, are still a mystery. 
Even the closest theory to explaining gravity, the String 
Theory, has five different variants, and we are far away from 
solving it. 

But please remember, many magicians create fireballs, shoot 
electricity, use magnetism and crush with gravity. They 
convert the energy known as magic into all kinds of forces. In 
other words, these magicians are casually using what 
scientists are dying to know. 

Which means that there is a high chance that magicians are 
creatures that can recognize the higher dimensions that 
String Theory is advocating, since they are able to sense the 
magic power covering space. 

So since that was causing some troubles for me, I decided to 
ignore reality to some degree. I want the world to be a place 
where one can learn magic if they train, it wouldn't be fun 

It's like not thinking too deep into the giant robots in anime, 
or detectives running into far too many mysteries. Since it's 

the basis for the story, let's not be too harsh. 

Reality is unexpectedly boring (lol). 

Anyways, on to recent news. 

Recently, I felt like it would be bad to shut myself in at home 
to work all the time, so I've started biking. Since the movie 
theater is about 30 minutes away by bike, I've taken to 
watching a movie whenever I get some time off. As a result, 
I've been able to sleep better and gain an appreciation for 

Back in high school, it took me 40 minutes to get to school 
with the bike. Because of that, the wear and tear on the tires 
was huge and I could see the casing from time to time. I don't 
bike as much as I do then, but I will try to continue exercising 

And the other day, I wrote an autograph for the first time. 
They just came up and asked if I was Takehaya. He worked at 
a bookstore and mentioned holding a fair. But since I had 
written a bunch of drafts, I stained the colored paper surface 
and the characters ended up blurring. I couldn't help but feel 
that I shouldn't do something I'm unused to. While I was 
thinking that, a different bookstore said something about 
renovating and asked if I could sign 30 copies, and I suddenly 
ended up practicing my signature. I'll be writing them now, 
but I hope I can do it well. Yurika Fight! Yurika Fight! 

I've been told I can write a dozen or so pages of afterword, 
but since I can't write that much, I think I'm going to wrap 
this up. 

Finally, I would like to thank everyone at the editorial 
department, Poco-san, who's always on time with the 
illustrations, my party of friends, who always join me for a 

drink when I'm tired, and to all the readers who bought this 

Let us meet again in the afterword of Volume 8.5 

June, 2011 

Translator's Notes and References 

• The author is referring to the Tohoku earthquake that 
struck Japan in 2011 

In addition, in the case that this article is broken, Nijino Yurika's 
(Resident of room 106) responsibility of the magic cane will be 

0 / 2/5 








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