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The Reborn Forthorthe Army 

Part 1 

In the northern parts of Mastir territory, close to Pardomshiha 
territory, lies a great plain called Raustor. 

The name Raustor stood for “the goddess's resting place”. 
With most of Mastir consisting of mountains, there was a 
myth that Goddess of Dawn rested her legs here. 

Since it was a plain within a mountainous region, it naturally 
became a transport hub. As a result, a large amount of towns 
that focused on trade were established, and an army to 
defend them was stationed there. 

Because of that, the reborn Forthorthe army ended up 
clashing with the coup d'etat army in Raustor. It was an 
unavoidable battle if they were to march on to the capital, 

The reborn Forthorthe army was an army created by Alaia 
after she had escaped to Pardomshiha territory. The 
Pardomshiha family had deep ties with the royal family, and 
with their band of knights at the core, they amassed to a 
mere 500 men. There was a massive difference in the forces 
compared to the coup d'etat army with the old imperial army 
at its core. The Wenranka family, who were known for their 
loyalty, had decided to join the newborn Forthorthe army, but 
the army was expected to be crushed before they could join 

However, the Forthorthe army had overturned that situation. 
Although it was a siege battle with the defenders at an 
advantage, their first battle against the coup d'etat 
subjugation force had ended in a victory, and that was when 
the Wenranka family reinforced them. The siege ended after 
the Forthorthe army's second win. 

After their second victory, the reborn Forthorthe army's 
reputation began spreading like wildfire across the country. 
As a result, they gained a large amount of recruits and 

As their force grew past 3,000 men strong, Alaia finally made 
up her mind. They would recapture the capital, Fornorn, and 
defeat Maxfern. Several months after escaping from the 
capital, Alaia had finally begun marching back to retake it. 

And like so, the Forthorthe regular army and the coup d'etat 
army headed towards Raustor. The regular army had 3,000 
men and the coup d'etat army had 4,000. The coup d'etat 
hadn't brought all their forces here as they had left soldiers 
behind to guard the borders and in case of riots. 

With management in disorder because of the coup d'etat, an 
invasion from neighboring countries was likely. And having 
suffered under several months of tyranny, the citizens were 
about to explode. 

Although they weren't able to bring their full force to bear, 
the coup d'etat army was still superior in both numbers and 
quality. Although the regular army consisted of 3,000 men, a 
majority of them were untrained recruits. So in reality, their 
actual force would correspond to roughly 2,500. 

As a result, this would be a clash of 2,500 vs. 4,000 men. 

In the current state, the regular army was going to lose if 

their armies clashed. However, that is just in the current 

Clan could be found in one of the tents in the regular army's 

She was operating her bracelet and 3D images changed out, 
one after another, in front of her. They were all images of 
armies in formation. 

Since this was Koutarou and Clan's personal tent, there was 
no fear of the soldiers seeing what they were doing. Clan was 
operating her observation device and scouting the enemy. 

“How does it look?" 

Koutarou who was right next to her was also looking at the 
feed, and Clan began explaining to Koutarou. 

“It looks like they are gearing up for a field battle. They've 
left the fort and are taking formation in the plains." 

“Since they have the advantage in numbers, they don't need 
to rely on petty tricks, huh." 

“Well, it is true that we are more like an unorganized mob." 

The coup d'etat army had left the fort in the town and 
deployed almost all of their troops onto the plains. If they had 
stayed holed up in the fort, their defenses would rise 
considerably, but they wouldn't be able to make full use of 
their numbers. So the coup d'etat army decided to leave the 
fort and crush the regular army in one fell swoop. They were 
more likely to have less injured men by attacking with their 
full force, rather than awkwardly defending the fort. 

“Which means if things keep going like this, it would be bad." 

“It would, indeed." 

While looking at the footage sent by the observation device, 
Koutarou and Clan got closer and continued their discussion. 
Though they were supposed to be a knight and his servant, 
they looked more like a general and his strategist. 

“At this rate, we are almost certainly going to be destroyed." 

“No matter how strong this armor is, it's not enough to defeat 
several thousand men." 

Koutarou knocked on his armor. 

His armor had been created with all of Forthorthe's scientific 
advancements, so in this age it held unparalleled strength. 

He would never lose to normal soldiers. However, no matter 
how strong he was, if all of his allies were to be defeated 
before he could take down all the enemies, it would be 
meaningless. He couldn't fight and just rely on the armor's 

“Armor, huh... oh right, Bertorion." 

As Clan said that, she looked at Koutarou's left arm. 

“How's your left arm? Can you move it properly?" 

“Hm? Yeah, no problem, I can move it just fine." 




[1 1 

Koutarou brought his left arm in front of him and repeatedly 
opened and closed his left hand. 

During his battle with Clan, the armor around his left arm had 
been destroyed and he had replaced it with Kiriha's gauntlet. 
Clan had just recently repaired the armor and incorporated 
the gauntlet in it. 

“Can you use your fire and electricity even with the gauntlet 
like that?" 

“No problem, it works just fine." 

“Then that's good." 

Clan smiled satisfied and readjusted her glasses. She had a 
relieved expression on her face because she had been 
worried about Koutarou. 

His defensive and offensive strength would be greatly 
reduced if the armor remained broken like that. And if it lost 
its airtightness, he would be at risk when underwater or in 

“Your repairs are perfect, thank you, Clan." 

“...I feel like an idiot repairing something I broke myself.” 
“That goes both ways. Anyways, you're a big help.” 


Hearing that, Clan blushed and coughed a couple of times to 
hide her embarrassment before returning to the topic. 

“M-More importantly, about what to do next. We can't just 

face them straight up. What should we do?” 

"Fufu, that's where you come in, right, Clan-san?” 

While Clan's face was still red, another girl in the tent called 
out to her. 

She was Lidith Maxfern. She was Maxfern's niece, but she 
had parted ways with him and allied with Alaia instead. 

Since she was a scholar who studied alchemy, she had 
outstanding understanding and as she had been serving as 
Clan's assistant, she understood that Koutarou and Clan were 
using extremely advanced technology. 

"Ahem, that would be the case.” 

"...We could use a decoy to lure them away from the fort, raid 
the defenseless fort and use it against them. By doing that, 
we will gain access to the weapons stored in the fort and we 
can reverse the difference in strength thanks to the sturdy 

"Which means they will lose the supplies stored in the fort, 
and without any siege weaponry, they'll be forced to retreat, 

Lidith understood what Clan was after. Clan had gotten her 
answer from a war support Al, and Lidith had understood 
what that meant before Koutarou had. On the outside, 
Koutarou devised the strategies, but in reality, Clan and Lidith 
were behind them. 

"I see, that's a good idea. So how would you do it, more 

"Bertorion, tonight you will lead the soldiers and hide in the 

“What about you?" 

“I'll lead a decoy force and lead their main force away from 
the town. If I succeed, I will contact you and you will raid the 

“Then, I'll be in charge of communication." 

“Alright, let's go with that. I'll report our plan to her highness, 
Alaia, you guys work on the details." 

“I understand." 

Koutarou left the tent alone. Reporting to Alaia was his job. 

That's because right now, Koutarou was the commander of 
the reborn Forthorthe army. 

Part 2 

“Contact all forces; tell them that if we are found now, 
everything will be for naught. Proceed with caution." 

“Understood, your excellency." 

One of the recruits saluted Koutarou. He then left Koutarou 
and disappeared into the dark woods. After seeing that, 
Koutarou began walking again. His pace was much slower 
than normal. 

Koutarou and the others were currently marching in the night 
of the forest. 

Koutarou was leading the march as he could see in the dark 
thanks to his armor. Behind him were 2,500 men. Thanks to 
his night vision, an accurate map and the observation device 
covering for them, Koutarou and the others were able to 
navigate through the forest at night without using any 

However, people of this age had a tendency to use more light 
than necessary in the dark. There were a lot of anxious 
soldiers who wanted to light a fire, so in order to keep them 
calm and to keep the army together, their marching speed 
was slower than normal. They couldn't be too rash, as Clan 
would start her diversion at dawn. 

Speaking of Clan; she, Flair and Caris were on the opposite 
side of the fort, deploying 500 men in a position where they 
stood out. And through Clan's technology and Caris's magic, 
they made the force look several times larger. Their plan 
would start once the coup d'etat army took the bait and 
deployed from the fort. 

“Your excellency, may I ask a question?" 

A young man who served as an adjutant whispered to 
Koutarou. Hearing his words, Koutarou smiled wryly. 

“I don't mind, but... I keep telling you that you don't have to 
be so formal." 

“Ha... but your excellency is our hope." 

The young man was a few years older than Koutarou, but he 
would always speak in a very respectful tone. The same was 
true for the entire reborn Forthorthe army. 

The reason for that was because Koutarou's achievements 
had widely spread amongst the people of Forthorthe. Starting 
with his defense of the farm village that had been poisoned 
and attacked by a giant during its harvest festival, Koutarou 
had repelled Alaia's and the others pursuers and safely 
brought them to Pardomshiha territory. Koutarou had played 
a large role during that time, and before long, rumors around 
the name, Reios, a knight in blue armor began spreading 
throughout the kingdom. 


However, Koutarou himself was perplexed by this situation. 

Originally, he was only supposed to be acting as a 
replacement until the real Blue Knight was found. However, 
they ended up reaching Pardomshiha territory without ever 
finding him. And now they had taken to the offensive. 
Koutarou's achievements were supposed to be the Blue 
Knight's. And since he had practically stolen those, his 
feelings were quite complex. 

What made it worse was that Koutarou himself didn't really 

have any power of his own to speak off. He had gotten his 
ability to see auras from Sanae, he had gotten his armor from 
Theia and his gauntlet that could create electricity and fire 
was from Kiriha. And while he was unaware of it, he was also 
being protected by Yurika's magic. They were all powers 
given to him by others. Because of that, Koutarou wasn't able 
to take pride in others showing him respect and only felt bad. 

"...So, what did you want to ask me?” 

However, nothing would come from worrying about that. He 
couldn't tell everyone the truth, nor could he rely on just his 
own power to fight. As he changed gears, Koutarou urged the 
young adjutant to continue. 

"Then I will ask... Your excellency, why do you not kill your 

The young man's question was regarding his doubts about 
Koutarou's way of fighting. 

Even on the battlefield, Koutarou didn't kill anyone. Instead, 
he used the powers of the armor and gauntlet to knock his 
enemies out or injure them enough to incapacitate them. In 
this age, that was only seen as making it harder for oneself. 

"They're not the enemy." 

This wasn't the first time Koutarou had been asked this type 
of question. Clan and Flair had asked the same thing, so 
Koutarou answered without hesitation. 


Koutarou's answer was the same as the Blue Knight's line in 
the play. In the play, the Blue Knight didn't kill his enemies 
either, and there was even a scene regarding that in the 


“They are not the enemy. They are all citizens of Forthorthe. 
Her highness Alaia would mourn the loss of the life of any 
Forthorthe citizen, regardless of the reason." 

Koutarou had used the same line from the play, but in reality, 
he felt the same way. He didn't want to make Alaia, or Theia 
who was in a faraway place, sad. 

“And just between us, there's a strategic meaning behind it 

“A strategic meaning, is it?" 

“Yeah. If we injure or knock them out, it would take more than 
one soldier to carry them home. In other words, by not killing 
them we're reducing their force even more." 

This was a modern strategy Koutarou had learned from Clan. 

By killing an enemy, their forces are reduced by the number 
of men slain. However, by merely incapacitating them, more 
men would be required to carry them in a retreat. So by 
hurting one, it's possible to reduce their numbers by more 
than two soldiers. Even in modern wars, weapons like 
landmines are often designed to injure rather than kill to 
increase the burden on the opposing force. It was a very 
clever strategy. 

“That might be true... but, there's no point in that if your 
excellency puts himself in danger!" 

What worried the young adjutant was that Koutarou would 
often end up in dangerous situations. 

There were plenty of soldiers who faked being incapacitated, 
and Koutarou had been attacked by several soldiers doing 

just that. Fortunately, thanks to the power of the armor he 
had been safe, but the adjutant was always on edge. He 
didn't want to lose their symbol of hope over something like 
that. In order to avoid that, the adjutant would rather the 
enemies be killed. 

“There's no need to worry. I made an oath to her highness, 
Alaia, that I would protect her without fail. And in order to 
fulfill that oath, I will never die.” 

“...Excuse me, your excellency.” 

“No, it's okay.” 

An oath was the most important thing to a knight. Once 
Koutarou brought that up, the adjutant had no room left to 
argue. However, that was more like using the oath as a shield 
to ward of any rebuttal. It was hardly an answer. 

I'm sorry, here you are all worried about me too... 

So while smiling wryly, Koutarou apologized to the young 
man on the inside. 

Part 3 

The capital, Fornorn, was a large city, though obviously small 
compared to modern cities of today. However, it was one of 
the largest cities existing in this age. That served as proof 
that Forthorthe was a powerful country and that the royalty 
protecting the city through the generations were wise. 

However, right now, there was not a single royalty left in the 
capital. There was indeed a palace in the center of the city, 
but, the man sitting on the throne was not the emperor. 

Biorbaram Maxfern. 

He was a member of the Maxfern family, famous for its many 
scholars and politicians, and he himself once served the 
emperor as a minister. However, he had assassinated the 
emperor and started a coup d'etat because of his own 

“So Raustor has fallen, huh..." 

A man's voice echoed in the throne room. 

Despite being middle aged, his voice was still powerful. He 
also had a muscular body to match his voice. That was 

“That was faster than expected." 

Maxfern had his elbows planted on the throne, with his hands 
clasped together as he thought. 

“Yes. I thought it would take a little more time, but it seems 
like they possess more power than expected." 

The man who answered him was an elderly tall man with grey 
hair. It was obvious that he was a slim man, even though he 
was wearing a robe. He had the opposite impression that of 

The head of the court magicians, Grevanas. 

He stood at the top of the magicians of Forthorthe and had 
served the royal family since the previous emperor. He was 
the strongest magician in the country, and was one of the 
seven arc-wizards. However, along with Maxfern, he had 
incited a coup d'etat and betrayed the country. 

“It seems that they fell for a feint in front of the fort, and 
when they deployed all of their forces the fort was attacked 
from behind." 

“That was quite a strategy from Alaia. She looked like she 
couldn't harm a fly, but she's come a long way..." 

Just a moment ago, Grevanas had gotten a report from one of 
his subordinates. The contents of the report was that the 
town of Raustor and the fort had fallen to the reborn 
Forthorthe army. 

Though despite hearing that, neither Maxfern or Grevanas 
seemed disappointed. If anything, it was seemingly the 
opposite; it was as if they were welcoming Alaia's success. 

“And it seems like the rumor of a powerful knight joining 
Alaia is true." 

“That Blue Knight was it...?" 

“Yes. It seems he played a big part in this as well. Apart from 
planning the feint, he also entered the castle on his own and 
opened the gates from the inside." 

“Oh... then our forces never stood a chance." 

“Yes. It seems the fort was conquered in mere moments. Our 
forces lost their base of operation and retreated." 

“Hahahaha, splendid, very well done Alaia, and that Blue 

Maxfern burst out laughing and praised Alaia and Koutarou. 
He didn't seem to care that he had lost a vital base without 
much of a fight and allowed the enemy to advance further 

“There was no damage to the town, and almost no deaths. As 
a result, the reborn Forthorthe army's reputation is 

“That would be the case. It's a story the people would love." 

Maxfern had nodded as he listened to Grevanas, but 
suddenly he narrowed his eyes and showed a more serious 

“...Grevanas, if they are able to produce such results, it must 
mean that Alaia has broken the seal on the royal family 
national treasure, right?" 

“Well... it seems they have been winning repeatedly without 
the help of the holy sword." 


Maxfern was astonished and he slammed his elbows into the 
throne and stood up. All of his confidence from before had 

“Is that true!? You are certain of this!?" 

“Yes. The seal at the temple of the Goddess of Dawn is still 
intact. And there are no signs of the sword being removed. 

My subordinates at the location have confirmed it." 

While listening to Grevanas's report, Maxfern slowly sat back 
down on the throne. 

“To think... to think that Alaia is winning this well without 
using the holy sword from the temple... it's hard to believe..." 

“But it's the truth. They defeated the Diabolic Soldier and are 
repeatedly winning despite the difference in forces, all that 
without the help of the sword." 

“It seems things have gotten quite complicated..." 

Maxfern sighed loudly and his expression turned bitter. 

Alaia's forces was putting up an unexpectedly good fight, and 
Maxfern was both surprised and depressed. 

“It looks like that Blue Knight is better than I thought." 

Grevanas still looked the same, but his tone of voice sounded 
more bitter. 

“Which means that we'll have to change our approach too." 

“I believe it is as you say. With this victory, I believe support 
for Alaia's cause will rise. Supporters are already appearing in 
our own ranks. I believe it is well within the realm of 
possibility that they will muster an army that can rival ours." 

“If that happens, our wish will never come true. I wonder how 
we can stimulate Alaia's sense of danger in our current 

Grevanas and Maxfern began planning their next step. 
However, for some reason, it wasn't a plan for how to deal 

with the reborn Forthorthe army, but rather a plan to 
individually corner Alaia. 

Oath and Insignia of Rank 

Part 1 

Chari's golden hair swung as she ran. 

“Blue Knight! Where are you!? Show yourself!" 

She shouted out as she ran through crowds of confused 
people. Compared to the people around her, she was 
extremely short so she couldn't see ahead of her. The only 
thing she could do was shout as she continued looking. 

She was in the fort located at the town of Raustor. Just a 
while ago this had been a base for the coup d'etat army, but 
it was now under the control of the reborn Forthorthe army. 
They had successfully driven the coup d'etat army out of this 
fort just yesterday. 

Because of that there were a lot of people in the fort. When 
thinking of a fort, one would imagine lots of knights and 
soldiers, but that wasn't quite right. When a military force 
was on the move, they needed a similar number of men to 
carry supplies. Since neither trucks nor aircraft existed in this 
age, that was inevitable. Thanks to that, there were a lot of 
civilian volunteers helping to support the army, and traders, 
providing the actual supplies filling up the fort. 

Their expressions were all bright, their morale was high, and 
they all had a strong will to retake their home country. 

The coup d'etat had begun with the assassination of the 

emperor and empress. From there, the country's economic 
situation and public order began deteriorating. The citizens' 
lives turned for the worse over just a few months. However, 
thanks to repeated victories of the reborn Forthorthe army, 
the citizens felt like the winds were turning. As a result, a lot 
of people began joining the army and decided to solve this 
national crisis by gathering their power. 

In the minds of the people, something that might be called a 
hope existed. That hope was a single young knight. 

He was peerless on the battlefield, but he never got full of 
himself and even showed mercy to his enemies. He was the 
model image of how a knight should be, and a loyal subject 
who protected princess Alaia. When people called his name, 
they made sure to show respect, as they said 'Forthorthe's 
Blue Knight, Reios Fatra Bertorion'. 

Princess Chari was able to find that Blue Knight in the soldiers 
training area next to the ramparts of the fort. 

“Your highness, if you're looking for Reios-sama, I saw him by 
the training area.” 

“Oh! You're right! Blue Knight is hiding all the way over 

“Fufu, I don't think he's hiding... It looks like he's training with 
the new recruits.” 

“Mary, good work, allow me to praise you!” 

“Aha, it's my honor, your highness.” 

After hearing of his whereabouts from Mary, Chari ran 
towards the training area. The people made way for Chari to 
pass through. As she ran past, they couldn't help but stare at 

her back and smile. The sight of a cheerful child had the 
power to cheer people up in any age. 

“Blue Knight!” 

Chari shouted the name out loud. But it seemed like her voice 
didn't reach all the way to the person she shouted at, as he 
didn't notice Chari's existence. He was currently sparring with 
Flair, a female knight Chari knew very well. 

“Bertorion, your sword handling is too beautiful. I think it 
would be harder to read you if you drop your shoulders a 

“My teacher was very strict about that... so it's quite hard to 
break the habit.” 

Since Flair was from the Pardomshiha family, which was 
famous for creating splendid knights for countless 
generations, she was an expert when it came to swords. In 
order to make up for her physique, she used a thin sword and 
swiftly struck at her enemy's weak points. Her attacks were 
sharp and fast. 

However, her attacks didn't reach the knight in blue armor. 

He was wearing a thick full plate armor and using a large, 
traditional knight sword while she was wearing light armor 
and using a thin sword. Despite the large difference in 
mobility, the knight in blue armor evaded her attacks at the 
last moment. On top of that, they had been at it for several 
minutes already. The knight in blue armor must have an 
absurd amount of stamina and skill with the sword. Of course, 
the same could be said for Flair, as she hadn't taken a single 
attack yet either. 

“Blue Knight! 

However, when Chari called his name again, the fight finally 

“Your highness?" 

The knight who had been called noticed Chari's existence and 
turned towards her. 

“You're wide open!" 

That was when Flair's sword approached, however, her sword 
stopped just before reaching the knights throat. If it 
continued any further it would have pierced right through. 

“...That's why I keep telling you that you're too honest, 

“Well done, Lord Flairhan." 

Flair smiled wryly as she returned her sword to its sheath. As 
she did, the soldiers who had been watching the two erupted. 
Some rejoiced in Flair's victory, while others were bitter and 
some praised their good fight. Having witnessed their 
commanders' skills up close, their excitement was at its 

“B-Blue Knight! Ah, ooohh! Hee~y!" 

Chari forced her way through the excited soldiers and 
appeared in the training area. She had lost her balance as 
she was being pushed around by the soldiers, but she 
cheerfully began running once more as she spotted the 
knight in blue armor. 

“I finally found you, Blue Knight! You've put me through some 

Having finally found the person she was looking for after 

searching all over the fort, Chari's smile at that time was so 
bright it looked like it was shining. 

Koutarou squatted and they stared at each other. As they did, 
Chari suddenly dashed forward like a bullet. 

“Blue Knight!” 

“Your high—ness!?” 

As she got just in front of Koutarou, she kicked off the ground 
and jumped forward. That was her way of expressing her 

Koutarou caught her tiny body mid-air. Since Chari didn't care 
that Koutarou was wearing his armor all the time, if he didn't 
stop her like that, she would crash right into the plate. 

Thanks to the power of the armor and his ability to see auras, 
he managed to avoid getting Chari hurt, but it was a nerve 
racking experience every time. 

“...Your highness, I keep telling you. You should come over 
more slowly or you will get hurt." 

“Blue Knight... does that mean you don't want to catch me 

Having been warned by Koutarou, Chari looked up at him with 
a very sad expression on her face. Seeing her sad eyes from 
up close, Koutarou felt like he was the one doing something 

“That's not it, but—" 

“Then isn't it alright. I will jump and you will catch me. Where 
is the problem in that?" 

“No, that's not it at all." 

This kind of discussion had been repeated several times, and 
it always ended with Koutarou backing down. In the end, 
Koutarou was unable to reject Chari's straight and earnest 

“More importantly—" 

And this time ended up with Koutarou's loss once again. Chari 
dismissed the entire discussion with her 'more importantly 1 , 
and jumped down to the ground. She then pulled out 
something and presented it to Koutarou with both hands. 

“Blue Knight, I will present you with this." 

Inside her hands was a small ornament. It was a piece of 
rectangular wood with a belt of wool around it. 

“Your highness, what is this?” 

Flair peeked into Chari's hands from beside Koutarou and 
asked what it was with a smile on her face. In response, Chari 
proudly puffed up her chest. 

“This is an insignia of rank that sister and I made.” 

“An insignia of rank you say?” 

Having been told what the ornament was, Koutarou stared at 
the wooden piece. On it was something written with ink. 

Since Koutarou couldn't read Forthorthe, he tilted his head 
and the armor began translating the characters on the 
wooden piece for him. 

“Insignia of Forthorthe's Blue Knight, Super Important 
Bodyguard for Chari and Alaia.” 

One could tell it had been written by a child at first glance, 
but Koutarou understood that they had been written with 
great care. A colorful, knit wool ribbon decorated the wooden 
piece. While that too was simple, Koutarou knew that it had 
been made by Alaia. 

“Sister and I present you with this as thanks for your 

Chari and Alaia had worked together to make this insignia 
after Chari had asked for it. After staring at the insignia for a 
while, Koutarou realized that and smiled at her. 

“Thank you very much, princess Chari. Please give princess 
Alaia my thanks as well." 

“You can do that yourself later, Blue Knight." 

Seeing Koutarou's smile, Chari's proud expression turned into 
a cheerful smile. She then reached her hand up towards 
Koutarou's chest and attached the insignia. 

“There. Feel pride in it for a long time, Blue Knight." 

“I will make it an heirloom, your highness." 


Chari was an innocent yet clever girl, so she knew that it 
wasn't guaranteed that Koutarou would be pleased with the 
insignia. But she couldn't come up with another way to show 
her gratitude. So she had presented it to Koutarou while 
feeling a little anxious. Fortunately, Koutarou liked the 
homemade insignia and as a result, Chari's smile was 
brighter than normal. 

“Alright, then let's go." 

Satisfied, Chari climbed up on Koutarou's back as he was still 
squatting down. And after securing her body on top of his, 
she lightly tapped on Koutarou's shoulder twice. 

“You can stand." 

“I understand... but where to now?" 

Koutarou held onto Chari and stood up. Chari pointed towards 

a building in the center of the fort. It was a large and solid 
building made out of bricks. It was a vital building of the fort 
that served as the headquarters and barracks. 

“Like I said. Tell sister your thanks directly." 

“So, to princess Alaia?" 

“Yes, sister needs you. And I had some business with you too, 
so I came calling for you." 

As Chari said that she wrapped her arms around Koutarou's 
neck and held on tight. 

“I see." 

Koutarou understood the circumstances. Alaia had some 
business with Koutarou, so on top of giving Koutarou the 
insignia of rank, Chari sent him to Alaia. 

“Good. So as you can see, Flair, I shall be borrowing Blue 

“Okay. Bertorion, take care of her highness." 


“What's talking you so long? Let's go." 

“Y-Yes, right away." 

Koutarou was rushed by Chari and he left the training area. 
And so, Flair and Mary were left behind in the middle of the 
training area. 

“Come on, hurry! Sister is waiting for you!" 

“I understand, so please stay still!! Ah, look out!!" 

Koutarou ran towards the center of the fort with Chari on his 
back. The two remaining girls stared at them as they 
continued their lively discussion. 

After Koutarou and Chari had vanished, Flair smiled wryly and 

“...And to think he's a peerless knight on the battlefield. The 
world is full of mysteries." 

As Flair stared at the two, she had almost forgotten that 
Koutarou was a knight who played a big part in their victories. 
Flair's instincts told her that he didn't possess the 
atmosphere of a knight. 

She couldn't help but feel perplexed as when Koutarou was 
together with Chari, he didn't look like an impressive knight 
at all, despite the truth that he was. 

Meanwhile, Mary who was next to Flair had a slightly different 
opinion. After Koutarou and Chari vanished, she looked over 
at Flair and smiled. 

“But, isn't that why we are winning?" 

“What do you mean?" 

Flair looked at Mary; she couldn't understand the meaning of 
Mary's words. She believed the opposite of them to be true. 

“If Reios-sama just went around slaughtering the enemy, we 
wouldn't have this many allies, and we might not have 
continued winning..." 

Koutarou didn't kill people. It could be that people died as a 
result, but he hadn't killed a single person that had tried to 
kill him. And since they still won, everyone praised and 
imitated Koutarou. Therefore, the reborn Forthorthe army 

tried not to kill too many of their enemies. 

Since they didn't kill people for no reason, the reborn 
Forthorthe army didn't become an object of hatred, and there 
were plenty of people who switched sides to join them. 
Regardless of justice, nobody would want to cooperate with 
someone who would kill their family in cold blood. 

As a result, as a peculiar knight in this age, Koutarou's very 
existence led the Forthorthe army from victory to victory. 

“That might be true. No matter how strong you are on your 
own, it's not much help in a war..." 

Flair nodded. She felt like it might be just as Mary said. 

If Koutarou did the opposite of what he did and he just killed 
all of his enemies, the reborn Forthorthe army might have 
been suppressed by now. Even if he could kill hundreds on his 
own, he couldn't beat the coup d'etat army alone. Without 
the cooperation of the people, he wouldn't be able to protect 
Alaia and Chari. Fie would just become an object of fear and 
would eventually die, without finding any allies or supplies as 
he marched on. 

It might be effective to kill as many enemies as possible in 
the short-term, but that overwhelming force might become a 
problem later on. That could be seen in Earth's history as 
well. The Roman empire was one such example. All the 
nations that had slaughtered all of their enemies with 
overwhelming force to expand had eventually perished. 

Though it was an afterthought, Alaia and the others could 
consider themselves lucky that Koutarou hadn't done so. 

Part 2 

It was much warmer inside the building than outside. The 
solid bricks trapped the warmth and blocked the cold winds 
at the same time. 

“Blue Knight, sister is waiting in her own room.” 

“I understand.” 

After closing the door, Koutarou headed towards Alaia's room 
with Chari on his back. 

A metallic sound rang out for every step Koutarou took. The 
sound rang out in the wide entrance, the long stairs leading 
up to the third floor and the winding passage before stopping. 

In front of him now was a large door. This room was originally 
used as the headquarters by the commander of the fort. The 
reborn Forthorthe army did the same, and the commander-in- 
chief, Alaia, was currently using it. Koutarou had visited this 
room several times both today and yesterday. 

Before Koutarou could knock on the door, it opened from the 
inside. Several government officials carrying a bunch of 
documents came jumping out. 

“Your excellency!? How very nice to meet you!” 

“Lord Bertorion! We are in a hurry, so please excuse us!” 

When they noticed Koutarou they hurriedly stood up straight, 
but that only lasted for a moment as they soon began 

“They seem awfully busy.” 

“Yes. Sister has been working non-stop too." 

Koutarou turned away from the government officials and 
peeked past the door. Inside, he saw Alaia at a desk on the 
far end of the room, surrounded by heaps of documents. 

“Don't just stand there and stare, get in. I told you that sister 
needs you." 

“As you wish, my princess.” 

Koutarou smiled at Chari and knocked on the door a couple of 
times. Although the door was already open, he felt he should 
at least knock before entering. 

“...You're so formal.” 

“We didn't come here to play.” 

“We did.” 

“You jester.” 

“Yes, who is— Reios-sama!?” 

After checking the documents, Alaia looked up. When she 
saw Koutarou and Chari by the door her eyes opened wide in 

“Princess Alaia, I am here to respond to your summons.” 

“Eh? But I don't recall calling for Reios-sama...?” 

Alaia blinked repeatedly with a confused look on her face. 
That response confused Koutarou in turn. 

“But... princess Chari came calling for me, saying that you 
had asked for me.” 

Chari did? 

Koutarou and Alaia turned towards Chari, still on Koutarou's 
back. As they did, Chari shut the door behind them, while 

“I never said that sister was calling for you.” 


"I merely said that sister needs you. You just misunderstood 
that on your own.” 

In other words, Chari had tricked Koutarou into coming here. 
She had a big smile on her face as if to say that she got him. 

"Chari, Reios-sama is very busy, you know?" 

"That's why, sister!” 

Despite being warned by Alaia, Chari showed no signs of 
listening to her sister and cheerfully smiled at the two. 

"All sister and Blue Knight ever do is work. You were more 
relaxed when you were running away from the army! If you 
don't rest a little you will get sick again!" 

However, her appeal was serious. Chari clenched her hands 
into fists and looked at Koutarou and Alaia with a serious 


Alaia was planning on lightly scolding Chari, but after hearing 
her reason her expression loosened up. She couldn't bring 
herself to scold Chari for thinking of her and Koutarou. 

So that's why... Now that I think about it, she did mention something about 

coming here to play... 

Like Alaia, Koutarou felt content after learning of Chari's 
intentions, and at the same time he felt her consideration 
was very unlike that of a child. When he thought back to the 
time when he was a child, he couldn't imagine himself doing 
the same. 

“Come on, don't just stand there, go to sister.” 

“As you wish, my princess.” 

Koutarou readjusted Chari and approached Alaia. 

He wanted to respect the young, gentle girl's straight and 
earnest feelings, and it did indeed look like Alaia was feeling 
fatigued. Koutarou believed she could use a break. 

“Reios-sama... would that be alright?” 

However, Alaia didn't feel the same way. She had an 
apologetic expression, as she was worried that her little sister 
was taking up Koutarou's precious time. 

“I don't mind. This is part of a bodyguard's duty as well.” 

As Koutarou said that, he pointed towards his chest. There, 
an insignia of rank made from wood and wool shook. 

“Insignia of Forthorthe's Blue Knight, Super Important 
Bodyguard for Chari and Alaia.” 

It was the handmade insignia Chari had made. Chari had also 
pestered Alaia to help her make it. 

“ Reios-sama...” 

Seeing that hanging off Koutarou's chest, a warm sensation 

spread through Alaia's body. 

An insignia made from wood and wool was just child's play in 
the end. Although it might have been from royalty, not many 
knights would rejoice at being given such a malformed 
insignia. Alaia was happy that Koutarou was one of those few 

“...Then let's take a little break." 

Alaia began to feel like it was important to spend some time 
together with Koutarou and Chari. 

“As Chari said, it might be more tiring now than when we 
were escaping from our pursuers." 

“Sister! See, Blue Knight! It's just like I said, right!?" 

“Very impressive insight, princess Chari." 

“Fufun, you may praise me more, my knight." 

“We don't stand a chance against Chari... fufufu...." 

If she had noticed the insignia when she was alone with 
Koutarou, she probably would have blurted out something 

That was what went through Alaia's mind while Koutarou and 
Chari were preparing some tea. 

Part 3 

Chari had been speaking for the majority of Koutarou, Alaia 
and Chari's tea time. 

“...And then, Mary stopped me, saying that it would be 
dangerous to ride such a large horse. Then I told her, what 
horse should I ride then? There were no other horses smaller 
than that. Isn't that rude?" 

Chari chatted on about all kinds of things. Funny events, sad 
events, recent events, what she was going to do later and the 
likes. She spoke while excessively gesturing with her hands. 

“Chari, you're still too young to ride a horse." 

“Your highness, please settle for a pony." 

“Blue Knight, is that an insult?" 

“I wouldn't dare to insult your highness." 

“Then, let me ride a horse next time. If you do then I'll forgive 

“As you wish, my princess." 



Koutarou and Alaia would listen to her while responding from 
time to time. Fler stories weren't very important, but that 
allowed for Koutarou and Alaia to rest. 

That continued for about an hour or so. After bringing up 

everything on her mind, Chari nodded off on top of Koutarou's 
lap satisfied. She completely entrusted her body to Koutarou 
and fell asleep with a relieved expression. 

“...It looks like she fell asleep." 

Noticing that Chari was sleeping, Koutarou stood up and 
carried her to a sofa in a corner of the room. After Koutarou 
laid her down to rest, Alaia covered her body with a blanket. 

“...Thank you, Reios-sama." 

After placing Chari's arm which had been sticking out under 
the blanket, she stood up and looked at Koutarou. She looked 
at him as if they were family, her eyes were filled with a deep 
trust and love. 

“...No, this is nothing." 

Koutarou was almost sucked in by those eyes, but he soon 
remembered his duty. After taking a look towards the door, 
he whispered to Alaia in order to not wake up Chari. 

“...Well then, your highness, this is a good time for me to 

They had rested long enough. They best return to their jobs. 
Both Koutarou and Alaia had lots of things to do. Alaia knew 
that as well, but she chose to do the opposite. 

“...Reios-sama, can I have some more of your time?" 

“...I don't mind, but..." 

“...Then this way." 


Following Alaia's lead, Koutarou returned to the table with the 
tea set on it. The two of them sat down facing each other. 
Since this was a bit further from the sofa, they should be able 
to speak without worrying about waking Chari up. After 
looking towards Chari one more time, Koutarou turned to 

“She sure is fast asleep." 

“Chari is only able to sleep like that when she is by your side, 

Alaia glanced at Chari at the same time as Koutarou. 

However, by the time Alaia turned back to Koutarou, she had 
a sad expression on her face. 

“I'm sure... that Reios-sama reminds her of father. She's 
depending on you just like she did with him. Although she 
would never tell me out of concern for me, I'm sure she is 
lonely too." 

She's lonely too, huh... That's only obvious, isn't it... 

Koutarou noticed the hidden meaning behind Alaia's words. 
Alaia was also grieving the loss of her parents. 

I'm powerless. I really can't do anything... 

Koutarou had no power of his own. At first glance it looked 
like Koutarou might be helping Alaia and the others, but in 
reality, what was helping them was just borrowed powers. On 
top of that, he couldn't console Alaia and Chari as they 
grieved. Having lived peacefully for his entire life, Koutarou 
couldn't find any words that would console the girls whose 
parents had been murdered. 

Koutarou himself was practically useless. He couldn't be of 

help to Alaia or Chari, and that frustrated and saddened 

“So, Reios-sama." 

As Koutarou was deep in thought, Alaia's words brought him 
back to reality. 

“After this war ends, I want you to continue to help us.” 

Alaia had stopped Koutarou because she wanted to say that. 
She couldn't tell him if they weren't alone. 

“Your highness...” 

Koutarou was puzzled by Alaia's words. He knew better than 
anyone that he was powerless. And Koutarou had a place he 
had to return to, things he had to do. 

“I won't be of much help. I'm sure you're already aware of 
that, your highness.” 

Koutarou was convinced that somewhere through their 
journey, this intelligent girl had noticed that he didn't have 
any power. 

“ Reios-sama...” 

And that was the truth. Having seen the way Koutarou fought, 
and the weapons Clan used, she had understood that 
something like that might have been the case. The fact that 
Alaia didn't object allowed Koutarou to understand that. 

“I'm not strong. It's only thanks to the power of many that I 
can fight. But even that power has its limits. Eventually, I will 
lose these powers and return to being a weak human. Once 
that happens, I will only get in your highness's way.” 

The ability to manipulate spiritual energy that Sanae had 
given to him was gradually growing weaker. Sanae had 
created routes in Koutarou's body in order for him to use that 
power, but having separated from her, the powers gradually 

And it wasn't like Theia's armor would work for all eternity. 
There was nowhere in this age where they could find parts to 
repair it. Clan was doing her best with the material she had at 
hand, but eventually she would use up all of that and be 
unable to continue her maintenance on the armor. 

The same was true for the gauntlet from Kiriha and the magic 
from Yurika. Before too long he would reach his limit. 

Koutarou wouldn't be able to remain at his current strength 
for too much longer. 

That's why Koutarou believed he eventually had to part with 
Alaia and the others, just like the real Blue Knight. The very 
premise that his power worked on was dangerous, and he 
didn't want it to become a seed of conflict. Since he himself 
wasn't strong, he didn't have any other option. 

"Reios-sama, it doesn't matter to Chari if you are strong or 
not. She adores you because of who you are.” 

Alaia responded, having understood all of that. 

Chari wasn't so attached to Koutarou because of his strength. 
She simply loved Koutarou, that's why she gave him the 

"And she adores you because you still have that insignia on 
your chest." 

The insignia of rank was still attached to Koutarou's chest. 
Chari adored Koutarou because he was like that, because she 

knew that he understood her feelings. 

“The same is true for me too. If I hadn't met you, I probably 
wouldn't be able to talk and smile like this." 

Alaia had a similar frame of mind to Chari. Regardless of 
Koutarou's strength, his moral support was far more 
important. There had been several times where Alaia had 
been discouraged. But every time that had happened, 
Koutarou's words, his existence, they had supported her. So 
knight that was simply strong wouldn't have been able to 
protect Alaia. It was only possible because of who Koutarou 

“Please be more confident in yourself. Reios-sama, if you 
uphold your oath as a normal human, then you are a knight 
we can put our trust in for all eternity." 

The sword was a knight's soul. However, the oath sworn on 
that sword was more important than the sword itself. So 
based on that, Koutarou was without a doubt the strongest 
knight in Forthorthe to Alaia. 

“Your highness.... those words are too much for myself." 

Having understood Alaia's feelings, Koutarou was so happy 
he could cry. What Alaia and Chari needed wasn't his power, 
but himself. Those words saved Koutarou as he grieved his 
lack of power. 

“Your highness, I will forever take pride in those words." 

Alaia's expression brightened and she gently stood up. To 
her, whether or not Koutarou would always be by her side 
was a very important question. 

“No, your highness. I can't do that." 

However, Koutarou simply shook his head. That was all he 
could answer. 

“ R-Reios-sama...?“ 

Alaia fell back down on the chair, her eyes wide open. Her 
moist eyes questioned why Koutarou wouldn't stay by her 

“I have a place I must return too. And there I have a promise, 
no, an oath I must fulfill." 

“An oath..." 

The strongest knight, the knight Alaia and Chari yearned for, 
was a knight that always did their best to fulfill their oath. 
Because of that, Koutarou had to return. 

Koutarou had made a lot of promises and oaths. He had 
decided that he would make Theia's trial succeed. He had 
promised Kiriha that they would look for the person she loved 
together. He was planning on graduating from high school 
together with Yurika. He couldn't let Sanae be alone. And he 
had shared an oath with the invading girls, Harumi and the 
drama club; that they would make the play a success. 

Because of those many promises and oaths, Koutarou 
couldn't remain here. If Alaia and Chari yearned for the 
strongest knight, if Koutarou was to be the strongest knight, 
he had to return to the invaders. 

“I, see..." 

Strength left Alaia's body and she leaned her body on the 
chair. Her great disappointment was apparent. 

However, Alaia understood the meaning of what Koutarou 
was saying. His actions were consistent with what they had 
always been. That's why Alaia loved Koutarou. And the part 
she loved the most was the reason he would leave. So Alaia 
couldn't stop him. 

“I am sorry, princess Alaia.” 

"It's okay. That's just who you are, Reios-sama...” 

Alaia desperately kept herself from crying and smiled at 
Koutarou. She definitely didn't want to become a burden for 

"In... in exchange, please tell me something." 

Alaia held back her sadness and love for Koutarou. However, 
the feelings she was unable suppress left her in the form of a 

"Anything you ask." 

Koutarou was planning on truthfully answering anything he 
was asked. He didn't want to lie to Alaia. Perhaps, that could 
be called loyalty. 

"Please forgive me for repeating a question I've asked 

Alaia stared straight at Koutarou and asked. 

"That royal crest engraved on your chestplate. Your 
appearance and your behavior, and that noble prideful heart. 
You are without a doubt a true knight of Forthorthe." 

"Princess Alaia..." 

They were the words Alaia had asked him when they first 

met. It had been several months since that day, but Koutarou 
could clearly remember those words. It was an event that 
had left a very deep impression on him. 

“But... but I have no recollection of the crest on your sword. 
Just where have you come from?” 

Alaia wanted to know where Koutarou came from, and where 
is he going. If he wouldn't stay by her side, then she at least 
wanted to know where he would go. 

a | // 

Koutarou was hesitant. But it wasn't because he was 
wondering if he should tell her the truth or not. It was 
because he was thinking of how he would tell her without 
letting her misunderstand. After thinking for a moment, he 
looked out the window and up at the sky. 

“I came from the other side of that sky... the world of stars...” 

Through the window he could see the crimson evening sky, 
and the first star shining. That wasn't earth, but Koutarou and 
Alaia's glances were drawn there. 

“...the world... of stars...” 

That was what Alaia suspected might be the case. Every time 
Koutarou looked up into the sky, he would show a very 
nostalgic expression. But even though she had believed that 
might be the case, she was still very surprised when she had 
heard it. 


Koutarou removed the sheath and sword from his waist and 
showed the crest on the handle to Alaia. On it, a golden 
flower was engraved. 

“This sword was given to me by princess Theiamillis Gre 
Mastir Sagurada Von Forthorthe. The crest on the handle isn't 
a family crest, but princess Theiamillis's personal crest.” 


Alaia's expression changed, part of the name Koutarou spoke 
confused her. 

“That's not... There is no one by the name of Theiamillis in 
this Mastir family.” 

Currently, there were only two people of the Mastir family 
alive, Alaia and Chari. And since this was before the royal 
families had split, Alaia and Chari were the only two of royal 
blood. So the seventh royal princess from the Mastir family, 
Theiamillis, shouldn't exist. 

“But there is. Though, 2,000 years from now...” 

“2,000... years...?” 

The unexpected words from Koutarou's mouth left Alaia 
surprised once more. If she accepted that a royal princess 
called Theiamillis existed 2,000 years from now, it would 
mean that she would accept another major problem. And with 
Alaia's common sense, that was unthinkable. 

“That's right, princess Alaia. I came from 2,000 years into the 

However, Koutarou spoke of what Alaia believed was 
impossible as fact. 

Part 4 

After that, Koutarou told Alaia everything. All the details on 
how he got here, without hiding anything. He believed that 
Alaia deserved that sincerity. 

He told her how he met with Theia, how after fighting they 
began to live together, and eventually cooperate. He told her 
how during his fight with Clan, they had been thrown to this 
time and place by accident. He told her how he had gotten in 
the way of her meeting with the Blue Knight and how he 
acted as a replacement while working together with Clan. 

Koutarou managed to convey his story to Alaia, despite its 
hardships. He himself didn't have that good of an idea of 
what had happened, and Alaia had next to no knowledge of 
science. By the time he had finished conveying everything to 
Alaia, it had already become night. 

“That's why... I'm not even a real knight. I'm just a normal 
student, without any special powers. I'm not even a noble, 
but just a commoner." 

To finish his story off, Koutarou revealed his identity. That he 
had no powers of his own, and that he simply borrowed the 
power from others. That was a harsh reality for him to face. 
He had to confess to the person he respected the most that 
he was just a worthless man. But Koutarou was happy at the 
same time. With this, he no longer had to lie to Alaia. 

“You are wrong." 

However, Alaia smiled wryly and shook her head. 

“You are without a doubt a knight. The feelings that 

Theiamillis poured into that sword and armor are real. Since 
we're both princesses, I can tell as much.” 

Alaia was confident, even though she hadn't met this girl 
called Theiamillis, but since they were both princesses she 
could understand the feelings put into the sword and armor. 
She probably trusted Koutarou as much as Alaia, and possibly 
loved him just as much. Alaia believed that the golden flower 
crest on the handle of the sword and the title of Theiamillis's 
Blue Knight engraved into his chestplate proved that. 

"Just what kind of princess would lend a sword that had been 
created for her at birth to an unimportant man? If you were 
truly so unimportant, she would just have given you one of 
those swords lying around." 


"And even if that wasn't the case..." 

Alaia held her hands in front of her chest and smiled at 
Koutarou. That smile was so beautiful that Koutarou forgot 
what he was about to say. 

"I and Chari appointed you under the name of the Forthorthe 
royal family." 

Alaia pointed towards the insignia on Koutarou's chest. 

"That you are Forthorthe's Blue Knight." 

The insignia on Koutarou's chest had been made by Chari and 
Alaia, and though it looked like a toy, it had the following 
words written on it. 

"Insignia of Forthorthe's Blue Knight, Super Important 
Bodyguard for Chari and Alaia." 

While that was on his chest, even if he was just a commoner, 
Koutarou was a true knight, acknowledged by Alaia and 

“Please take pride. You are a true knight, acknowledged by 
four of Forthorthe's princesses." 

Alaia, Chari, Theia and Clan. 

Those four princesses acknowledged Koutarou as a knight. 
Even in Forthorthe's whole history, that was an unusual 

“I wonder about Clan..." 

Koutarou smiled as he gave up. If he was declared a knight 
by a princess like Alaia, he had no choice but to accept it. The 
insignia of rank he had been given by Alaia and Chari still 
hung off his chest. The only one he was uncertain of was 

“Clan-sama acknowledges you as well. I can tell." 

Alaia recalled when Koutarou and Clan were fighting the steel 
giant. Back then Clan had said such. 

"This is a royal decree. As a knight of Forthorthe, fulfill your duty!” 

She was far away and had a hard time hearing it, but she 
certainly remembered those words. They were words that 
never would have been spoken if Clan didn't acknowledge 
Koutarou as a knight. 

“...Your highness..." 

Koutarou truly felt happy that someone of Alaia's caliber had 
placed such deep trust in him. The only thing that bothered 
him was that he was the Blue Knight's substitute. If he hadn't 

been a substitute, he might have burst into a little dance. 

“But, that's true... if you have made promises and oaths with 
everyone in your hometown... then you have to return 

Alaia herself was also happy. She felt like Koutarou had 
revealed everything to her because he acknowledged her as 
his true lord. She wasn't able to keep Koutarou by her side, 
but that made her happy. 

“...You believe such an extraordinary story, your highness?” 

Koutarou couldn't help but be perplexed. He didn't think that 
she would believe that he had come through the stars and 
through time. 

“A princess who doesn't believe the knight she appointed 
herself is hardly fit to rule a country.” 

However, Alaia could only believe in him. If it wasn't for 
Koutarou, she might not have gotten this far. So she would 
believe anything he said, even if that had been that the sun 
would suddenly vanish tomorrow. 

“...Your words are too much for me.” 

If she put this much trust in him, there was nothing else he 
could do. Regardless of if he was the real thing or a fake, he 
resolved himself again to protect Alaia from Maxfern. 

“Just... can you tell me one last thing, Reios—” 

Alaia was about to ask Koutarou her last question, but then 
she remembered that she had one more question to ask. 
Alaia smiled and decided to pose that question first. 

“Before that, sir knight, please let me hear your name?” 

Once again, they were words that Alaia had spoken when 
they first met. 

Koutarou had told Alaia that he wasn't the real Blue Knight, 
and she had believed him. So she realized that she didn't 
know Koutarou's real name. 

“This was rather rude of me. My name is—" 

In response, Koutarou responded with the same words he had 
used that day. But that was where they split. 

“My name is Koutarou. Satomi Koutarou. I swear on this 
sword that I will definitely protect you.” 

Unlike before, this time, Koutarou revealed his true name. But 
he swore on his sword just like then. And this time the 
feelings behind his oath was far, far stronger. 

“Koutarou-sama... so you are called Koutarou-sama...” 

It was an outlandish name not heard of in Forthorthe. 
Unaccustomed to speaking such a name, Alaia repeated it 
several times. 

“I am truly sorry for using a fake name up until now.” 

“There was a time when I called myself Cigna, so with this 
we're even.” 

“Hahaha, that happened too, didn't it...” 

This was during the dance at the harvest festival. 

It was just a few months ago, but because so much had 
happened since then, it already felt like years. But it was a 
precious memory neither of them could ever forget. 

“So, your highness, what was your last question?" 

Koutarou and Alaia were both smiling. It was the same smile 
they had during the dance that night. Ever since then, their 
feelings had intertwined. 


Alaia smiled and held her hands in front of her chest. She 
then whispered to Koutarou in a very gentle voice. 

“If I had met you first... if... I had asked you first... what would 
you do, Koutarou-sama?" 

Alaia knew that if didn't exist and hadn't occurred. 

But, what if. 

What if she had met Koutarou before anyone else? Would 
Koutarou remain here, with her? 

She was well aware that this was a foolish thing to ask, but 
she couldn't help herself. That was how much she loved 

“If that had happened... I probably would have served you for 
my entire life." 

That was what Koutarou truly believed. He didn't mind 
swearing his loyalty to Alaia. She was such a splendid 
princess that he couldn't feel any other way. And he had 
made so many memories with her. He most likely felt the 
same way towards her as he did with the invading girls. 

“Koutarou-sama, please come meet me first next time..." 

Alaia was satisfied. She had learned that Koutarou was 
leaving because of the order in which they had met. It wasn't 

as if her feelings hadn't been conveyed.. 

“As you wish, my princess... 

But even then, Alaia shed her tears. 

She had understood everything. Despite understanding, she 
still couldn't keep herself from crying. 

The Fire Dragon Emperor, Alunaya 

Part 1 

Like on Earth, various creatures existed on Forthorthe. 

But they were only similar to the ones on Earth at first 
glance. Because of the environment of the planet, while there 
were creatures that might have similar shapes, the details 
were completely different. A good example would be the 
horse. The ones on Forthorthe had horns and its hair grew in 
different places. 

There were also large beasts that grew over ten meters. 
Though their numbers had diminished over the years thanks 
to the climate change, they were active under the surface, 
and would sometimes threaten the lives of the people. 

But the creatures that people feared the most out of those 
giant beasts were probably the dragons. Like the dinosaurs 
on Earth, the dragons were on the top of the food chain. 
Dragons were large reptiles that got bigger for each year that 
passed, and in many cases exceeded ten meters in height. 
There were plenty of dragons of the species known as the 
elder dragons, those of which that exceeded even 30 meters 
in height. They could freely move their gigantic bodies, and 
accompanied with sharp fangs and claws, destroy any enemy 
and devour them. 

However, the dragons weren't feared for just their sizes. 
Creatures larger than that existed. No, there were two other 
reasons for why the dragons were so feared. The first was 

that they could fly despite their massive size. And the second 
was that they could spew out a special kind of breath. 

Dragons had large wings on their backs, the shape of which 
was very similar to the pterosaurs' on Earth. Using those 
wings, they could freely fly across the sky. They were very 
mobile despite their size. Of course, wings alone wouldn't be 
enough to allow them to fly with that massive body of theirs, 
so they used the magic power in their bodies as well. In other 
words, though limited, they were also magicians. 

There was also another scenario where dragons used magic. 
That was when they used their special breath to attack. 
Thanks to their massive figures, they were able to exhale 
their breaths at unbelievable speeds. The dragons used 
magic power to change the quality of that breath and then 
use it as an attack. In most cases they spewed flames, but 
there were also dragons that could spew ice, poison gas and 
even acid. There were all kinds of variations to the breath, 
and there were also dragons that would spew something 
surprising out from time to time. It was possible to guess 
what a dragon would spew based on the color of its body. If 
its body was red it would tend to spew flames, if it was white 
it would spew out ice and so on. 

Dragons were feared thanks to these two special abilities. 
They were next to impossible to run from thanks to their 
ability to fly, and there was no way to protect oneself from 
their breath. Amongst the dragons were highly intelligent and 
peaceful individuals as well, but many of them were brutal 
predators. When faced with a dragon, anyone would have to 
make peace with their fate. So until the climate changes 
reduced the number of dragons even further, they would 
continue to stand on the top of the food chain. 

The Fire Dragon Emperor, Alunaya, mentioned in the legend 
of the Blue Knight was one of those dragons. 

Its giant red body easily surpassed 20 meters, and it took to 
the sky like a jet plane. However, its movements weren't as 
sluggish as a jet, instead it was as quick and as agile as a 
hawk or eagle. On top of that, this elder dragon could spew 
flames so hot they could almost be considered as plasma. 

As a result, when this dragon appeared on the horizon 
seemingly flying towards Raustor, the fort got noisy fast. The 
reborn Forthorthe army consisted mostly of volunteers. 
Lacking any proper training, they were shaking in their boots. 
They all knew just how frightening a dragon was, and 
weapons of this age weren't quite able to bring down a 
dragon. Like a storm, once a dragon appeared, they had to 
hide until it passed. 

"Bertorion, this is bad!” 

Having received a report from the soldiers on lookout, Flair 
burst into Koutarou's quarter in the barracks. The sun had 
just risen, and Koutarou who had just woken up was in the 
middle of changing. 

"Lord Flairhan!?” 

As Flair burst in, Koutarou's upper half was naked, and he was 
just about to put on a shirt. The surprisingly bashful Flair 
would normally have run back out of the room with a 
blushing face after seeing this. However, this wasn't the time 
for that, and she was panicking. 

"It's a dragon! A dragon is attacking! At this rate we'll be 
destroyed before we even reach the coup d'etat army!” 

"A dragon!? That kind of thing—no, that's right, if it's coming 
now it must be AlunayaM” 

Koutarou had been confused about hearing that a dragon had 

appeared, but he quickly remembered that it had also 
appeared in Theia's manuscript. The Fire Dragon Emperor, 
Alunaya. It was the crimson dragon that Yurika had been 
acting as. 

“What's the situation!?" 

Koutarou forcibly put on his shirt and asked Flair. Now wasn't 
the time to casually get clothed; he had to quickly prepare for 

“The soldiers on lookout spotted a red dragon coming this 
way! Because of the distance they can't tell just how big it is, 
but with the dragon's speed it'll be here any moment!” 

From the lookout tower, the horizon lied several tens of 
kilometers away. If the dragon was as fast as an eagle or 
hawk, or even faster, it would reach the fort within only a few 

“I got it! You go on ahead, Lord Flairhan, prepare the soldiers 
to intercept it! I'll be there as soon as I'm ready!" 

“Good! Get out here as quickly as possible!" 

Flair quickly dashed out of the quarters without saying 
anything else. With a dragon approaching, there was no time 
to spare. 

“Did you get that, Clan!?" 

After changing his clothes, Koutarou called out to Clan on the 
other side of the screen. As he did, he ran up to the armor 
standing by the wall. Fie touched the right arm of the armor 
and it opened up, as if welcoming him. 

“Yes! I knew it'd be coming, but this timing is quite a pain!" 

Clan was also hurriedly preparing her outfit on the other side 
of the screen. If Alunaya was as powerful as the legends say, 
it would be too much for normal soldiers. The only effective 
way of intercepting Alunaya was for Koutarou and Clan to 
come to the front. 

“We just took this fort after all..." 

Koutarou entered the open armor and showed a bitter 

The reborn Forthorthe army had just captured the fort of 
Raustor the day before yesterday. They were currently in the 
middle of transporting men and supplies for the next battle. 
Because of that, the soldiers hadn't properly rested since 
they took the fort. This was the worst timing for an attack to 
happen. And what's worse, their enemy was what the people 
of Forthorthe feared the most, a dragon. If they were delayed, 
there would be a massive amount of casualties. 

“Hey, Clan.” 

As Koutarou closed up the armor and locked the various parts 
in place, he brought up the system. As he ordered it to scan 
for the enemy, he called out to Clan. 

“Do you think this armor will be a match for a dragon?” 

“I'm not sure.” 

Clan answered Koutarou as she stepped out from the screen. 
She was already holding a large rifle, and she approached 
Koutarou after picking up Saguratin, which was leaning 
against the screen. 

“The dragon population steadily declined as the climate 
changed, so in our age there's no record of any battles with 

an elder dragon. There are records of battles won against 
smaller dragons that survived, but—" 

“That won't be of any help when dealing with this monster, 

The armor created a 3D image in the air and displayed 
information. Combined with the information from Clan's 
observation device, the armor reported on the details flying 
towards them. 

'26 meters long, flying at 198 km/h. Warning, high-density 
energy reaction detected, be wary of energy weapons. Space 
distortion detected. Take care when attacking.' 

The report gave nothing but bad news. According to the 
artificial intelligence in the armor, everything except the 
speed was at the level of a fighter. Their chances of victory 
were not high at all; this wasn't an opponent they could go 
easy on. 

“That's right, sadly." 

Clan nodded and handed Saguratin to Koutarou. Both of their 
expressions were serious. 


Koutarou hung Saguratin down from his waist and headed 
towards the exit with Clan right behind him. 

“This is the moment of truth." 

“Whether we can return to our own world or not is all on this 

Clan believed that Koutarou was the real Blue Knight, but it's 
not like she had any proof of this. In Theia's manuscript, the 

Blue Knight won against Alunaya, but she didn't know if she 
and Koutarou could do the same. 

And if they lost, history would greatly change. If that 
happened, chances of Koutarou and Clan being able to return 
home would be next to nothing. Of course, there was a 
chance that they would die in this battle and not be able to 
try in the first place. 

“...What was your god called again?" 

“The goddess of dawn." 

“Then please pray for our victory to that goddess." 

“I don't mind, but... why now, all of a sudden?" 

Koutarou didn't seem very religious to Clan. So him praying 
for god's help came as a big surprise for her. 

“I feel like we should do whatever we can, even if it is 

If only their own fate was on the line, Koutarou might not 
have relied on prayers. However, if it was to protect Alaia and 
the others, he would do whatever he could. That was just 
how much he valued Alaia and her companions. 

“...I understand how you feel. I will pray for us. But please 
keep yourself together in front of the soldiers." 

“Yeah. That's why I asked you, Clan." 

“I'm not sure if that means if you trust me or if you don't..." 

The two showed each other slight smiles and hurried out of 
the barracks. The Fire Dragon Emperor Alunaya was almost 
upon them. 

Part 2 

Once Koutarou and Clan stepped outside, the dragon was 
already close enough to be seen with the naked eye. 

“So that's the Fire Dragon Emperor, Alunaya, huh..." 

“It really is huge..." 

They both instinctively held their breaths as they saw 
Alunaya's massive figure. 

That thing's completely different from Yurika's disguise... 

The real deal was on a completely different level from the 
dragon that appeared in the play. Fitting of the name of Fire 
Dragon Emperor, Koutarou could feel that the coming battle 
would be intense. 

“Bertorion, it's hard to tell if the weapons on this fort will 
have any effect on it." 

There were ballistae and catapults installed in the fort, which 
were intended to keep attacking soldiers at bay and to 
destroy siege weapons before they could be deployed. 
Flowever, they weren't very effective against a flying enemy. 

“So we have to do it on our own, huh..." 

“And that's as fast as possible." 

Fitting of its name, Alunaya spewed scorching hot flames. If 
left alone, it would burn down the fort and town. If that 
happened, any victory gained would be hollow. They had to 
bring down Alunaya before it could reach them. 

"Kou... no, Reios-sama!” 

"Blue Knight!" 

That was when Alaia appeared outside of the headquarters. 
Beside her were Chari, Mary and Fauna. 

"Your highness!? What are you doing here!?" 

"With that thing here, it won't matter where we are! More 
importantly, Reios-sama, I want you to position the men 
closer to the town!" 

She might not be able to prevent the dragon from attacking, 
but as this country's royalty, she couldn't just watch the 
attack happen. Aware of the possibly massive casualties, 

Alaia wanted the soldiers to protect the town. Anything that 
would allow for the people of the town to take shelter. 

"Got it! I'll let Lord Flairhan know! Hey!" 


Koutarou called for his young adjutant and asked him to 
convey a message to Flair. Meanwhile, Flair was currently 
busy moving the soldiers. If she heard of Alaia's wish, she 
would be able to move the soldiers that way. 

After seeing the adjutant run off towards Flair, Koutarou 
looked up at Alunaya with a serious expression once more. 

"Clan, how far can this armor fly?" 

"There's no limit using the standard flight module, but there's 
a limit on the propellant for the emergency boosters, so you'll 
only be able to fly at max speed for about ten minutes. 

Please be careful." 

While responding to Koutarou, Clan readied the rifle she was 
carrying on her shoulder. It was the large rifle she was always 
using, but the bullets she was using this time were different. 
They were bullets that she had prepared ahead of time as 
she knew that Alunaya would appear sooner or later. These 
bullets had high penetration and exploded on direct hits. 
Since the explosion was a shaped charge facing the object it 
hits, it would be able to pierce even the thickest of armors. 
She wasn't sure if that would be enough to blast through 
Alunaya's scales, but it was far better than trying to attack 
using normal bullets. 

“Ten minutes, huh... not sure if that'll be enough..." 

The problem for Koutarou was whether he had enough time 
to defeat something as massive as that dragon. He was 
wearing extremely advanced technology, but in the end that 
was just for personal use. His chances of winning weren't all 
that high. However, since the Cradle had not been repaired 
yet, he had to defeat Alunaya with the weapons at hand and 
the time allotted to him. 


Koutarou steeled himself. This was no time to be weak. This 
wasn't a question of if he could do it or not, he had no choice 
but to do it. 

“Princess Alaia, please take princess Chari with you and hide 
somewhere safe." 

“Blue Knight, what will you do?" 

Chari looked up at Koutarou with a worried look on her face. 
“We're going to keep that thing from getting any closer." 

“Please leave it to us, princess Chari." 

Koutarou and Clan smiled at Chari, they were both ready for 
what's to come. 

“Blue Knight..." 

However, Chari's expression didn't change. Thanks to her 
good intuition, she could tell that Koutarou and Clan were 
about to take part in a dangerous battle. 

“You can't, Blue Knight! You and your underling can't win 
against that thing on your own! You can't go!" 

Chari grabbed a hold of the hems of Koutarou's mantle and 
shook her head. 

“Your highness, if I don't go, a lot of people will die." 

The best case scenario would be if they could defeat Alunaya, 
but they had to at least buy enough time for the soldiers to 
be positioned around the town. If they didn't, there would be 
a lot of casualties. 

“I know that! But, I don't want you to go!" 

Tears began forming in Chari's eyes and she strongly held the 
hem of Koutarou's mantle. She would never release it, or let 
him go. Chari was desperate as she didn't want Koutarou to 

“Chari, you mustn't trouble Reios-sama anymore." 

“Sister!! You don't care if Blue Knight dies!?" 

Alaia smiled at Chari and gentle wrapped her hands around 
the hand holding the mantle. 

“Of course I do." 

Alaia then removed finger after finger from the mantle. 

“But Reios-sama made an oath that he would definitely 
protect us. If he died here, he wouldn't be able to uphold that 
oath. Chari, your Blue Knight isn't the kind to lie, is he?" 

Alaia was well aware of how dangerous this fight was going to 
be. There was even a chance that Koutarou might die. But as 
a princess, Alaia trusted in the oath her knight had sworn. 

And as a woman, she believed in the oath the man she loved 
had sworn. She repeatedly told herself that if she didn't 
believe in Koutarou, then who else would? 

Understanding how her sister must feel, Chari let go of the 
mantle. Having been set free, Koutarou smiled at her. 

“Your highness, I will definitely return victorious. I haven't let 
you ride on a horse yet after all." 

“You better! You better return!" 

“Yes, definitely." 

Koutarou nodded and turned towards Alaia. 

“I'm going, princess Alaia." 

“I scorn the part of me that doesn't let me say 'don't go', 

Alaia was courageously smiling, but her eyes were moist. 
Though she believed in him, it wasn't like she wasn't worried. 
In reality, she wanted to stop Koutarou more than anyone. 

“No, that's how my princess should act." 

But Koutarou wanted to repay her trust in any way possible, 
precisely because of the way she was. 

What let Koutarou and Clan float in the air was the power of 
gravity manipulation. Because of that, there weren't any loud 
sounds as those with planes. The two of them quietly flew 
through the sky. 

The season in Forthorthe was near the end of fall; winter was 
approaching. Koutarou and Clan could feel a cold and dry 
wind, and because of their speed it felt even colder. However, 
the two of them didn't have the time to shiver, as in front of 
them was a gigantic crimson dragon, Alunaya. 

“You often see dragons in movies and such... but seeing them 
in reality like this, it's almost like a joke." 

“And it's that mobile despite its size... this is no laughing 

Alunaya seemed to have noticed Koutarou and Clan as well, 
as it turned its head towards them and changed its course. 
Despite being over 20 meters in size, it maneuvered like a 
comparatively tiny bird of prey. Clan had seen movies about 
the Blue Knight, but Alunaya was never this big or quick. 
Neither Koutarou nor Clan felt the winter cold in front of this 
threat that was beyond all imagination. 

“...I'll be lending a hand too, Blue Knight." 

There was someone who had followed after the two. That 
person was sitting on a flying long cane and had lined up 
beside them without making a sound. 


That person was none other than the magician, Caris. She 
was using her own magic to make her cane fly. For a 
magician like her, flying was but child's play. 

As Caris's eyes met with Koutarou's, she smiled as her black 
clothes fluttered in the wind. 

“To think you'd go without telling me first, you must not trust 
me at all." 

“I wouldn't ask you for help if I'm not sure I could win." 

Caris used to be one of the court magicians led by Grevanas. 
She had left the group after Grevanas had tried to kill her 
alongside Alaia, but she had no real obligation to help Alaia 
nor Koutarou. She had been helping Koutarou and the others 
to repay the favor for curing her when she was sick, but 
Koutarou couldn't just ask her to fight against Alunaya. 

“But with me here, we might have a bigger chance of 

“...Are you sure?" 

“Not really, but... after this is over, you'll treat me to a ton of 
delicious food, won't you?" 

To Caris who was an orphan, the court magicians had been 
her family. But after being betrayed, she had no place left to 
call home, and nothing to protect. 

With that, all Caris had left was the days she had spent with 
Koutarou and the others. To Caris who had a rough childhood 
and busy life with nothing but missions, they were calm and 
gentle memories. 

That's why Caris fought to protect them. As they might 
become her new home and family. 

“Leave it to me, I'll ask her highness once we're done." 

“Alright, now I'm getting all fired up." 

As Caris cheerfully nodded, Alunaya approached from directly 
ahead and let out a loud roar. 


It was a voice so loud it made even the air around them 
tremble. It was intense enough to make them instinctively 

“...But my, aren't you eccentric. To think you'd go up against 
that of your own free will." 

As Clan said that she pumped herself up. It's not like she 
wasn't afraid. Her opponent was a legendary creature after 

“You two were going to fight it on your own, weren't you? You 
two sound much more eccentric to me." 

Caris smiled wryly as she said that, but she secretly felt like 
she may have acted too rashly. Her opponent was one of the 
strongest elder dragons. No other dragon dared come near 
Forthorthe because Alunaya was here. And she believed she 
must be an idiot to want to fight something like that herself. 

“That's enough chatting." 

Koutarou flew up ahead of Clan and Caris. He was frightened 
by Alunaya as well, but his many promises and oaths 
supported him. 

“It's almost here." 

Thanks to Sanae's powers, Koutarou could see Alunaya's 
killing intent. Though those powers had weakened as time 
passed, he still could clearly tell as much. 

Koutarou pulled Saguratin from out of its sheath and pointed 
the tip towards Alunaya. As he did, the blade reflected the 
sunshine, and it was almost as if the many promises and 
oaths were making the sword shine. 

“...We don't have much time, so let's just settle for us both 
being eccentric." 

“Let's do that. Let's save this discussion for lunch." 

Clan readied her rifle and Caris began incanting a spell. In 
front of them was a gigantic dragon, and as they looked at it, 
their bodies began trembling on their own. 

“...I'm counting on you two." 

However, in front of them was the back of a young man 
wearing a blue armor. 

“Leave it to me." 

“I know. Don't you forget your promise." 

Looking at that back, their trembles settled down and 
instead, they were filled with a strong fighting spirit. 

Part 3 

Alunaya made the first move. The crimson dragon took a big 
breath and spewed out flames from its mouth. It wasn't 
something as plain as a flamethrower; no, this was as if a 
giant pillar of flame flew out of its mouth. 

"Spread out!” 

Since Koutarou could see Alunaya's intent to attack, he knew 
where the attack would hit. And thanks to Caris's magic 
creating a mental connection between the three, they were 
all able to avoid the flames ahead of time. 


However, despite their distance from the flames, they could 
still feel the heat and the created shock wave. The glowing 
white flame breath then continued flying through the sky and 
vanished cross the horizon. 

"...That's practically a plasma cannon. If we're hit we don't 
stand a chance." 

"Make sure you don't eat that, Caris." 

"As if I would!!” 

The temperature of Alunaya's flame breath was so high it 
practically turned into plasma. The only thing Clan knew of 
that could do that was a large-scale weapon on space ships. 
The flame breath's power was enough to amaze her. 

"Blue Knight, dragons only use magic to fly and for breath 
attacks. However, with those restrictions, their power is much 

more frightening. Be very careful!” 

Caris knew that the flames had been created by altering the 
dragon's breath using magic. As a magician, she could tell 
just how massive the dragon's magic reserves were. 

"I'll take the front! Cover me!” 

Koutarou had used emergency boosters to dodge the flame 
pillar. He then set them to full thrust and accelerated in an 
instant. Drawing a curve in the sky, he approached Alunaya. 
He was getting closer to the dragon so he could attack, while 
at the same time making it hard for it to use its flame breath. 


Alunaya responded by turning its head and opening its mouth 
once more. It was planning on frying Koutarou before he 
could get close. 

”1 can't let you do that!” 

However, before Alunaya could spew its flames, a small 
explosion occurred near its face. The barrel of Clan's rifle was 
smoking. The explosion had been created from a bullet fired 
from her rifle. The relative speed between the two were 
several hundred km/h, but the firearms control system 
allowed her to accurately snipe at those speeds. 


Because of the shockwave and fire from the explosion, 
Alunaya temporarily lost sight of Koutarou. In order to regain 
its sight, it shook its large head. During that time, Koutarou 
was able to approach the dragon. 


However, Alunaya quickly recovered and swung its giant 
claws towards him. The attack produced by that 20-meter 
giant was as powerful as a car smashing into something at 
high speed. That attack that would certainly destroy Koutarou 
if it hit approached him from the front. Since Koutarou was 
moving at high speeds, dodging that attack was difficult. 

“Sorry, that Blue Knight is a fake." 

However, the moment those giant claws touched Koutarou, 
he vanished as if he was a mirage. At the same time, a 
second Koutarou appeared from behind Alunaya and aimed 
for the dragon's neck. 

The first Koutarou was an illusion that had been created at 
the same time as Clan's bullet hit. And while Alunaya was 
distracted by the fake, Koutarou got behind the dragon and 
swung his sword. 


Koutarou's sword struck Alunaya's neck. However, his sword 
merely bounced off as if it had crashed into a wall. He had 
gotten a similar response when he had fought the steel giant. 

"It didn't work!? These scales are tough!!” 

Because they were some distance away, Koutarou's thoughts 
were directly transmitted to Clan's and Caris's minds. And in 
response to that, Clan shook her head. 

"That's not right, Bertorion!! It's being protected by a powerful barrier!!” 

Clan's bracelet that was linked to the scope of the rifle had 
captured the moment when Koutarou's attack hit the dragon. 
In that footage, Koutarou's sword had been repelled before it 
even reached the scales. 

"A barrier!?” 

Koutarou was surprised by Clan's words while he was evading 
Alunaya and trying to get into its blind spot without 
separating from the dragon. Parting with Alunaya would only 
put him at a disadvantage for both attacking and defending. 

"Looks like it wasn't just flight and breath! That's a third spell!” 

It was assumed that dragons only used two spells: flight 
assistance and breath attacks. But on top of these, Alunaya 
also used a spell to protect its body from attacks. 

However, this was originally an ability that it had developed 
to stabilize its body within air currents. By wrapping its entire 
body in a streamlined barrier, it was able to fly at high speeds 
despite its figure. On top of this, it was also able to briefly fly 
at extreme heights where there was little oxygen. 

Though the ability had been born because of that, it was also 
good enough to repel attacks. 

"Isee! So that's why it was completely uninjured from my attack too!” 

Though Clan's bullet had temporarily deprived Alunaya of 
sight, it hadn't injured it. The barrier had protected against 
both the bullet and the following explosion. 

"Clan, what do we do!? Don't you have any good ideas!?” 

Koutarou repeatedly dodged from Alunaya's claws while 
attacking from time to time. However, each of his attacks 
were blocked by the barrier. Since they would be at a 
standstill like this, Koutarou sought advice from Clan. 

" Use your left arm! ” 

"Left arm!? You mean Kiriha's gauntlet!?” 

" That's right! Even though that barrier can block physical attacks, it 
shouldn't be able to block electric and magnetic fields! Aim for its nervous 
system from point blank!” 

Clan's plan was to use the gauntlet built into the armor's left 

Physical attacks might be blocked by the barrier, but 
electromagnetism might be able to get through. If things 
went well, they might be able to shock it from the inside of its 
barrier, and even if they couldn't, they could expose Alunaya 
to an electromagnetic field. 

Since it was a living creature, Alunaya's nerves should 
operate through electrical signals. And striking it with a 
powerful enough electromagnetic field should be able to keep 
it from moving properly. If they aimed for the cerebellum or 
cerebrum, they might even be able to knock it unconscious. 

At their current state, closing in and using the gauntlet at 
point blank range was the best option they had. 

"Got it, I'll give it a try!” 

"I'll try using optical weaponry! The power will drop, but it just might 
work! ” 

Clan had Alunaya in her sights. Therefore, if she used an 
attack that relied on light, it might work. 

Barriers in Forthorthe, 2,000 years from now, were designed 
to block both physical attacks and the light from lasers. 
However, Alunaya's barrier hadn't been developed to deal 
with lasers, so it was quite possible that lasers would work. 

"Let's do this, Clan!” 

Koutarou pointed the tip of Saguratin towards Alunaya. He 

then held the blade with his left hand and generated an 
electromagnetic field. The field expanded past the tip of the 
sword and became an invisible spear. Because of the 
powerful electromagnetic field, electrons began gathering at 
the tip of the sword. They began building up a huge, negative 
charge, and the sword began sparking and glowing. 

As Koutarou was about to charge forward, several more 
young men in blue armor appeared around him. They all 
looked like Koutarou. 

“Is that you, Caris!? Thanks!!" 

“It'll be hard for me to do any damage with my magic. So I'll 
be in charge of defense and diversions. I'll leave the 
attacking to you, Blue Knight!" 

Eight more Koutarous appeared around him. They were all 
illusions created by Caris. She had figured that her spells 
wouldn't be able to do any damage to Alunaya, and 
defending from the dragon's claws and flame breath would 
be difficult. So she created a large amount of illusions to 
protect Koutarou through diversions. 

“Bertorion, here it comes!!" 

Clan squeezed the trigger while warning Koutarou. As she 
did, the barrel lit up for an instant. What was fired wasn't a 
bullet, but light given a high amount of energy. The speed of 
the laser was the speed of light; by the time you could see 
the attack, it had already hit. No matter how mobile Alunaya 
was, it wouldn't be able to dodge that. 


The laser burned the crimson dragon's body. As she had 
expected, Alunaya's barrier couldn't block lasers. Not even a 

dragon could block something it didn't know off. Alunaya 
twisted its body and let out a scream of pain as the laser 
burned the scales and its body behind them. 

"It's working!! Now, Bertorion!!" 

Since Clan's laser was designed as an anti-personnel weapon, 
it didn't have enough power to penetrate Alunaya's body. 
However, the pain and surprise from having its body burnt 
gave Koutarou an opening. 

“Taaaaakeeeee thiiiiisss!!" 

Koutarou charged with his sword thrust out in front of him. 
Since he was already up close, the very next moment, 
Koutarou's sword assaulted Alunaya. The sword itself was 
repelled by the barrier, but the electromagnetic field passed 
through. As the electromagnetic field pierced the barrier, the 
gathered electrons scattered, however they gathered back up 
once past the barrier. 

“How about thiiiiiiss!!" 

The moment the electromagnetic field reached Alunaya's 
body, Koutarou focused on his left arm. As he did, his spiritual 
power, enhanced by Sanae, began flowing into his left arm 
and extended the electromagnetic field, which in turn created 
a very big electric potential difference between the tip of the 
sword and Alunaya's body. 

A white flash prevented Koutarou from seeing anything. At 
the same time, a sharp sound, as if someone cracked a whip, 
shook the atmosphere. Though it might have sounded like a 
whip, it was much, much louder. It was the sound of a huge 
current flowing into Alunaya because of the potential 


The artificial thunderbolt created by Kiriha's gauntlet struck 
Alunaya and ran through its body. This attack was effective 
even against Alunaya, especially since it had hit where 
Alunaya's nerves were gathered. The artificial intelligence in 
the armor had guided Koutarou to that spot after analyzing 
Alunaya. As a result, Alunaya lost control of its body in an 


The only miscalculation had been that Koutarou had been 
unable to dodge Alunaya's tail. He had been unable to dodge 
it as he had been temporarily blinded by the lightning. And 
even if he could see where the dragon intended to attack, he 
couldn't foresee the dragon swinging its tail by reflex. 


Koutarou was struck by the tail and was sent flying, spinning 
out of control. He had lost his bearings and had trouble 

"Leave it to me!!” 

Caris began chanting a spell to use on Koutarou. 

“Gather, spirits of wind! Show your great power! Become a 
whirl, dance with him and correct his rhythm!" 

Caris cast a spell that would use the wind to decelerate 
Koutarou. She had to start by stopping him from spinning. 

Caris's magic activated at the same time as the armor's 
control system. The armor used the gravity and boosters to 
slow the spinning. And as Caris supported him, Koutarou was 
able to stop spinning and falling. 

“Ugh, d-damn it, what...?” 

Though his body might have stopped spinning, Koutarou's 
eyes hadn't, and he was unable to keep his balance. He 
shook his head repeatedly in an attempt to stop his eyes 
from spinning. At that time, the armor let out a warning. 

“Alert message. High-density energy reaction detected. 
Urgent evasion required.” 

The thunderbolt from before hadn't been able to defeat 
Alunaya. Now it had recovered and spewed out flames aimed 
at Koutarou. 

“I'll leave that to you!” 

“As you wish my lord. Evading using irregular algorithms.” 

However, Koutarou still hadn't recovered from the damage he 
had taken. Knowing that it would be difficult to evade on his 
own, Koutarou left evading to the armor. The armor began 
accelerating and decelerating irregularly and dodged the 
flames. However, since the armor couldn't see the intention 
to attack like Koutarou could, it wasn't able to completely 
dodge. Although a direct hit was avoided, Koutarou got 
burned several times by the flames. 


“I'm fine, don't worry!” 

However, Koutarou was able to recover before taking any 
serious damage from the fire. He used his eyes to read where 
Alunaya was going to be attacking and dodged. 

“...All this just for letting my guard down for a moment...” 

Having gotten through the crisis once, Koutarou looked at the 

damage the armor had taken and pulled himself together. 
The armor had scorch marks and a dent from when he had 
been hit by the tail. All of the attacks could very well have 
been lethal. 

"Theia... the real Alunaya is far stronger than the one you 

Koutarou strongly gripped the handle of Saguratin while 
looking at Alunaya's gigantic body. 

Part 4 

Alaia prayed as she looked up at Koutarou's and the others 


Koutarou's opponent was a monster well over 20 meters. It 
was like a cat challenging a lion. No matter how strong 
Koutarou was, he wasn't going to be able to overcome the 
gap in strength of an opponent over ten times his size. Even 
though Clan and Caris were helping him, it seemed to be a 
wasted effort. 

At this rate, Koutarou-sama will die...! 

That feeling slowly crept up in Alaia. When Alaia felt that, she 
realized that she was feeling insecure for the first time in a 
long while. 

Ever since she had met Koutarou, Alaia had always felt safe. 
She was certain that even if something were to happen to 
her, Koutarou would protect Chari and support this country. 
And that certainty had supported her. 

On top of that, after losing her parents, Koutarou was the 
only one who had learned of Alaia's feelings and understood 
her. With full knowledge of all her worries, he had called her 
actions correct, which had also supported her. 

If Koutarou were to die, she would lose those two supports at 
the same time. To her, that was something incredibly 
frightening, and just imagining that made her thin white 
hands shake. 

“...I should have broken the seal on that sword before this 

Alaia's anxiousness made those words leave her lips. Fauna 
who was next to Alaia made a sad expression upon hearing 

"Your highness... that's...” 

As a priestess of the goddess of dawn, Fauna knew just what 
those words meant. They were words that would never be 
spoken if it wasn't for Alaia's overwhelming feelings for 

"You can do it, Blue Knight! I'm with you!" 

"Princess Chari, no! It's dangerous to reach your body so far 

"Let go, Mary!! I won't hide!! My and my sister's knight is 
fighting!! How can we not cheer him on!?” 

However, Chari's powerful words helped ease Alaia's worries. 

"Chari... you're so strong..." 

At first, Chari had worried and didn't want Koutarou to go, but 
after having let go, her belief in his victory was unshakeable. 

"Sister! Please call out to Blue Knight too! If you do, Blue 
Knight will surely return home safe!” 

And in order to make her belief come true, she did whatever 
she could. The only thing young Chari could do was cheer, 
but she was desperate to be of Koutarou's help. 

Chari... you might be more suited to be the empress than I am... 

Chari's strong and prideful will dazzled Alaia. 

“You're right Chari... I'll cheer for him too." 

Taking a lesson from Chari, Alaia believed that Koutarou 
would be victorious and cheered on from behind. She could 
do other things after this. 

“Sister! Here!” 

Chari smiled at Alaia and beckoned for Alaia to stand above 
her. Alaia nodded and stood at the same place as Chari. 

“Blue Knight! You can do it! Sister is cheering for you too!” 

“Reios-sama! Stay strong!” 

They didn't know if their voices reached all the way to 
Koutarou. However, they believed that it would and shouted. 
That was the only way those two could fight right now. 

Following their shouts, the nearby soldiers began shouting as 
well. The shouts and cheers grew louder and filled the fort. 

Koutarou was fighting several hundred meters away from 
Alaia and Chari. On top of that, there was the sound of the 
wind, his boosters and the dragon's roar as it spewed its 
flames. Because of that, Alaia's and Chari's voices couldn't 
reach him. 

“...I definitely can't lose!! Her highness and everyone is 
waiting for me to come home!!” 

However, their voices were the only thing that didn't reach 
him. Their feelings had reached him, and he knew what the 
people at the fort were saying. 

Having played baseball for the longest time, Koutarou knew 

that they were cheers despite not being able to properly hear 
them. And the fact that the cheers reached all the way to him 
summoned a powerful willpower in him. 

“I can do this! It's not like the dragon hasn't taken any 

Koutarou glared at Alunaya with his new found willpower and 
pointed the tip of his sword towards its giant body. 

As Koutarou said, Alunaya had gotten weaker. The damage 
from Koutarou's gauntlet and Clan's laser had gradually 
accumulated in its body. And having flown at full speed for 
several minutes was taxing on Alunaya's stamina. 

Sensing that, Koutarou threw away the notion that it was an 
unbeatable opponent. 

"Bertorion, only a third of the propellant is left! And the entire frame has 
taken considerable damage. There's no time to slack off!” 

However, Koutarou was taking damage alongside Alunaya. 
And since he was much smaller, his damage was far more 

The armor had taken hits from the flames and claws. The 
intense battle had taken its toll on the armor and left behind 
severe damage. 

The armor's functions were currently making up for the 
damage, but if he took any more, he would be in danger. 

"My magic power is running low as well. I'm restricting healing magic to 
serious injuries only. ” 

And Koutarou himself had suffered damage. The smaller 
wounds included cuts, bruises and burns, while the more 
serious injuries included dislocation and fractures. Caris had 

used her magic to heal that, but her magic power was now 
running low, and she would have a hard time healing 

"Leave that to me. Just focus on what you can do. ” 

“I'll do my best. ” 

“Sorry, but I don't have any room to think about that. ” 

“You're reckless as always. ” 

“This is not the kind of opponent I can beat without being reckless!” 

Koutarou readied Saguratin with both hands, pointed the tip 
towards Alunaya and charged. The eight Koutarou illusions 
created by Caris surrounded him as he did so. The nine 
Koutarous swapped positions and headed towards Alunaya. 



Alunaya revealed its fangs and threatened Koutarou. 

However, it wasn't trying to attack using its breath attacks. It 
was well aware that the majority of Koutarous were fakes. 

Not good, it's learning... 

Koutarou clicked his tongue in his mind. Alunaya was calm. In 
Koutarou's experience, the winner of a fight was always the 
one who remained calm from beginning to end. 

“Blue Knight, if you want to finish this faster, I have an idea. ” 

Sensing that Koutarou was beginning to panic, Caris proposed 
an idea to Koutarou. 

“Tell me. ” 

Alunaya waited for Koutarou to close in before swinging its 
massive tail towards the nine Koutarous. 

Koutarou responded to Caris while defending at once using 
his sword. The moment he did, the armor's system let out a 

“The first and third drive unit as well as the load bearing right 
arm elbow joint have exceeded the maximum tolerance. 
Bypassing circuits, readjusting balance of driving units. Left 
arm output reduced by 20%, the degree of freedom in the 
right arm elbow joint decreased by 14%. In addition—" 

The armor reported on the damage. The 3D image displaying 
the condition of the armor was being filled with red marks. 

“That's enough with the detailed report! I am aware that I'm 
in trouble! Just report on what won't move!" 

“As you wish, my lord." 

The next moment, the red marks on the 3D image all 
vanished, leaving behind a yellow mark on the right elbow. 

“Areyou okay, Blue Knight!?” 

" Bertorion!” 

“ I'm still fine!! So what was it, Caris!?” 

The illusions all vanished, leaving Koutarou all alone. If he 
distanced himself from Alunaya like this, he would be 
attacked by the flame breath. He was better off sticking close 
and attacking. Deciding on that, Koutarou put his left hand on 
the sword and generated an electromagnetic field. He was 
planning on attacking like this. 

"Strange magical power is gathering in the back of that dragon's neck. 

Attacking there might be a good idea. ” 

Just a while ago, Caris had used a spell to determine what 
kind of magic Alunaya was using. As a result, she was able to 
detect several active spells. 

A strengthening spell surrounding its body and assisting with 
flight, a defensive spell that blocked attacks, and a spell that 
turned the breath its exhaled into a pillar of flame. Caris had 
been expecting those three, so knowing the strength of the 
spells would be of use to Koutarou. 

However, in reality, she had detected another spell at this 
time. Caris didn't know what kind of spell that was since it 
was a spell she didn't know off. However, she knew where the 
source of that magic power was, and that was at the back of 
the dragon's neck. There, some kind of spell was active, and 
attacking that might have an effect on Alunaya. It was a 
gamble, but Caris believed they would have a higher chance 
of winning by attacking that point rather than continuing 
fighting like this. 

"The back of the neck right!?” 

Koutarou put his boosters to full thrust in order to get behind 
Alunaya and get a shot at its neck. 

"Be careful, Blue Knight! A flame breath is coming!” 

"At this range!?” 

Koutarou had assumed that Alunaya wouldn't be able to use 
its flame breath once he was up close. So when Alunaya 
inhaled and get ready to spew flames, he was greatly 
surprised. Since Alunaya hated it when Koutarou got behind 
it, it was willing to even scorch its own body to hit him. 

"Leave it to me!” 

As Alunaya opened its mouth to spew flames, Clan fired 
several lasers from her rifle. The moderately spread out 
lasers burned Alunaya's face. Up until now, that would have 
stopped Alunaya in its track for a while, but this time was 
different. It had expected this would happen and spewed its 
flames while enduring the attacks. 

The fire dragon's breath turned into a glowing white pillar and 
approached Koutarou. Had it been at a longer distance, he 
would be able to easily dodge it, but at this range evading 
was impossible. And then, just as it looked like Koutarou was 
about to be swallowed by the torrent of flames. 

"Then I'll just do this!!” 

That was an idea that had just popped into his head. 

Koutarou altered the electromagnetic field generated in his 
sword to envelop himself as well. And at the same time, he 
poured all of his spiritual energy into his left arm. As he did 
that, Koutarou accelerated even faster, like a bullet. His 
speed was overwhelming and he instantly escaped from the 
range of the flames. 

"B-Bertorion!? You idiot!! Just, just how reckless can you get!!” 

Since Clan was monitoring Koutarou's armor's condition, she 
knew what he had done. Koutarou had generated a powerful 
electromagnetic field using his gauntlet and forcibly 
accelerated the armor. But by doing that, even an armor used 
in space wouldn't be able to completely block the magnetism 
and electromagnetic waves. Though the armor didn't break, 
the system spat out errors all over and the armor stopped its 

" You're wrong, Clan!” 

However, Koutarou didn't stop moving. The armor's functions 
had all stopped, but the gauntlet on Koutarou's left arm was 
still working. Koutarou used that power and thrust his own 
body towards Alunaya. 

" This is what you call —” 

Led by Kiriha's gauntlet, Koutarou flew towards Alunaya. His 
sword was aimed at the back of Alunaya's neck, the point 
where Caris had sensed the gathering of magic power. This 
was his last chance to attack since he wasn't sure if his 
armor's systems would reboot. 

being reckless!!” 

Koutarou's Saguratin clashed with Alunaya's barrier. In that 
moment, Koutarou could see a large crystal attached to the 
back of Alunaya's neck. It was the only thing glowing blue on 
Alunaya's gigantic red body. Koutarou used his remaining 
strength to unleash a thunderbolt directed at it. 

A white flash. The largest thunderbolt in this battle passed 
through Alunaya's barrier and attacked the glowing blue 


Since Koutarou was exhausted, the electric attack he had 
poured all of his power into wasn't enough to break the 
crystal. However, after taking that hit, Alunaya seemed to be 
in great pain. 

Alunaya bent its body in pain. The painful voice it let out 
reached all the way to the town and made the people there 
shudder. Alunaya then lost its ability to keep itself in the air 
and fell towards the ground. 

D-Did that do it...?” 

The exhausted Koutarou also entered free fall while gazing at 
Alunaya. The armor still hadn't rebooted, and he no longer 
had any more strength to use his gauntlet. At this rate, 
Koutarou would smash into the ground at the terminal 
velocity of 200km/h. 

"Heh, hehe, i-it's our win... your, highness...” 

However, Koutarou lost his consciousness before he reached 
the ground. He had taken a lot of damage, and once he was 
certain of his victory, he relaxed too much to stay conscious. 

The Sword In the Temple 

Part 1 

Koutarou had survived thanks to Clan and Caris, who had 
accompanied him. Caris had used her magic to slow Koutarou 
down and Clan had just barely managed to catch him. 

"Geez... what a problematic Blue Knight...” 

Clan had thrown away her rifle to catch Koutarou, and it had 
ended up smashing into the ground and shattering instead. 
However, that didn't seem to bother her as she was only 
relieved that Koutarou was safe. 

Koutarou was then brought to the infirmary in the fort and 
was treated by Lidith, the alchemist, and Fauna, the 

However, despite the treatment finishing, Koutarou was still 
unconscious. Worried, Alaia asked Lidith at her side while 
staring at Koutarou's face. 

"Lidith, what is Reios-sama's condition?” 

"He is injured all over, but there are no critical injuries. It 
seems like Caris's magic was of great help." 

As an alchemist, Lidith had knowledge of the most advanced 
medical arts in this age. Alchemists were scholars who 
studied everything from science and pharmacy to medical 
arts and magic. As a result, she was able to give Koutarou 

more adequate treatment than the so called home remedies. 
The experience she had gotten from serving as Clan's 
assistant also helped her. 

“So Lidith, when will Blue Knight wake up?" 

Chari climbed up next to the bed and gazed at Koutarou 
together with Alaia. She had no doubt that Koutarou would 
wake up since she firmly believed that Koutarou would let her 
ride a horse. But even then she was worried, and she stared 
at Koutarou's face while frowning. 

“I can't say for sure... it all depends on Lord Bertorion." 

"Princess Chari, I'll do my best to wake up Reios-sama as fast 
as possible!" 

"Yeah! Please do, Fauna!" 

As a priestess of the goddess of dawn, Fauna could 
manipulate spiritual energy. She had been using those 
powers to activate Koutarou's body and speed up his 
recovery for a while now. One could consider it to be a 
stronger version of Sanae's massage. Since she had practiced 
that as part of her priesthood, she should be able to speed up 
Koutarou's recovery by at least twice as fast as normal. 

By the way, using the medical kit on-board the Cradle, they 
would be able to heal Koutarou even faster. However, in this 
situation where they couldn't get a hold of supplies, there 
was a limit of the amount of times they could use the medical 
kit. So since these injuries could be healed using these aged 
techniques, the use of the medical kit was put off. 

"Thank goodness... Reios-sama is alright..." 

Hearing her companions speaking, Alaia was able to relax. 
She was able to feel that Koutarou was safe, not only from 
just their words, but from their attitude as well. Alaia showed 
a small smile and wiped off a tear that had formed in her eye. 

When Koutarou had been dragged in unconscious, Alaia felt 
like her heart would stop. It was as if she had witnessed the 
end of the world. That was the moment she was reassured of 
just how valuable Koutarou was to her. 

Alaia hadn't been able to calm down until Koutarou's 

treatment had ended and she could hear more details and 
judge her companions behavior. 

“What a lucky man. It's hard to believe that he would be okay 
after fighting a monster like that." 

“He's always been a lucky man. After all—" 

Clan swallowed her following words. They would have been 
the following. 

After all, he was the man I tried to kill but couldn't. 

However, despite that being the truth, saying that now could 
only be a disfavor to her. And admitting that Koutarou was 
her enemy was mortifying. Clan kept those words inside and 
continued with an innocent look. 

“After all, a lot of people are always praying for this man to 
be safe." 

“Really. If Blue Knight doesn't stay alive, I'll be troubled. He 
still hasn't fulfilled his promise of feeding me something 

Unaware of Clan's feelings, Caris nodded repeatedly. Staring 
at Caris's face, Clan repeated her words to herself. 

A lot of people are always praying for this man to be safe, huh... Now that I 
think about it, the same was true there... 

As she did, Clan recalled Koutarou's life on Earth. 

Koutarou lived with five girls in a small apartment. Clan's 
rival, Theia, was one of those girl, and all of the girls had 
been Koutarou's enemy to begin with. However, as time 
passed, hostilities ceased and they began respecting each 
other. The girls were probably even now worrying about 

Koutarou. That was why Koutarou was trying to return. 

I must be the sixth... fufufu... 

And the same could be said for Clan. She had tried to kill 
Koutarou, but now even she was worried for him. And what's 
more, Koutarou had offered to let her live with him if she lost 
a place to call home. 

Koutarou was stupid, awkward and unable to live well. The 
invaders attacked one after another, he had been involved in 
their troubles, and in the end he had been thrown into a 
different space and time. Even if he wanted to return, he 
couldn't. If he had behaved a little different, this probably 
wouldn't have happened. However, the awkward Koutarou 
couldn't do that. 

But he was a fortunate man. Someone was always worried for 
him. That would become his power to survive. And knowing 
that, Clan was certain that Koutarou would awake. While he 
was himself, he shouldn't be able to stay asleep. And 
everyone loved that awkward part of him. 

“...He really is a lucky man..." 

This man is probably the only one to have four princesses worrying about 

Clan smiled at the sleeping Koutarou. She felt it was odd, but 
right now she honestly admitted to worrying for Koutarou. 

“This is bad, princess Alaia!! Flair-sama has come back with 
someone unbelievable!!" 

The maid, Mary, entered the infirmary with her face pale. 

Flair had found that man when she had gone to confirm what 
happened to Alunaya. 

Thanks to Koutarou's attack, Alunaya had crashed into a 
forest south of the fort. In order to confirm Alunaya's state, 
she had led a small force and entered the forest. However, 
they couldn't find Alunaya, no matter how much they looked. 
They had found trees they suspected Alunaya knocked over 
when it crashed, but not the dragon itself. With its size, it was 
hard to believe they could miss it, so Flair assumed that it 
had flown off and called off the search. 

On their way home, Flair come across a man she had seen 

Since it was such an unexpected person, Flair wasn't sure 
how she should deal with him. At first she thought of killing 
him, but in the end she decided it would be best for Alaia to 
pass judgment, and brought him back to Raustor's fort. 

"...You have quite the courage to dare appear in front of us." 

Flair brought the man to a meeting room near the entrance 
to the fort. Alaia normally had a mild expression, but now she 
showed an ice cold one instead. 

Behind Alaia were Clan and Chari. However, they said nothing 
and instead watched over the development. They were 
planning on leaving this to Alaia and Flair. 

"That's precisely why, 'princess' Alaia." 

However, the man showed no signs of being shaken by her 
cold glance. Instead, he smiled slightly as he stood there. It 
was as if he didn't know he was in the heart of enemy 

"Such a brazen attitude... what business do you have, copper 
knight Dextro?" 

Copper knight, Dextro. That was a name Alaia and the others 
would never forget. 

Dextro was a knight of the Melcemhein family, and his title 
was copper. The Melcemhein family obeyed Maxfern, and 
made up a portion of the coup d'etat army. 

In the past, he had taken on a mission of pursuing Alaia, and 
launched an attack on them. At that time, the method of 
attacking he used had been to poison the water source, an 
indiscriminate attack that involved the villagers. Alaia and 
the others had fortunately enough been able to survive that 
danger, however, Dextro had been carved into their minds as 
someone they would never forgive. 

“Before we talk, take these off me. They're just so 

Dextro showed the shackles binding his hands and feet. Since 
he was an extremely dangerous man, they wouldn't bring 
Alaia to him without restraining him this much. 

“Don't be stupid. We're not foolish enough to set you free." 

Flair rejected Dextro's demand. The reason was the same for 
restraining him, she couldn't put Alaia in any danger. 

“Geez... you really are a thick headed woman. I won't do 
anything that would risk my life." 

Dextro shook the shackles around his hands and dropped his 
shoulders in an over exaggerated fashion. However, it 
seemed that was part of what he had expected, as Dextro 
showed no signs of caring and began explaining the 
circumstances for appearing in front of them. 

“I came here to make a deal with you lot." 

...A deal? 

Alaia narrowed her eyes, she felt something disturbing about 
Dextro's words. 

“Yeah. I have some information you would find important. 
Moreover, it's incredibly urgent information. In exchange for 
telling you, I want you to accept my demands." 

“There is no way we would make a deal!" 

Flair rejected Dextro's proposal once more. She would never 
make a deal with a despicable man. That was both for Alaia's 
sake, and for her own creed. 

“What are your demands, Dextro?" 

However, Alaia's judgement was the opposite of Flair's. 

“Your highness!? You can't fall for this kind of man's sugar 
coated words!!" 

“Flair, taking the reason for why this man came here on his 
own into account, we won't lose anything from hearing what 
he has to say.” 

Alaia knew just how calculating of a man Dextro was. And he 
had taken the risk of exposing himself to Alaia and the 
others. Since Alaia valued the lives of her citizens, she 
probably wouldn't kill him, but there was a chance that others 
would. In reality, even Flair thought of it. Despite knowing 
that, Dextro had come to make a deal. So the information 
must have been worth the risk. 

“As expected from princess Alaia. You're different from this 
hard headed woman." 

“Dextro, you bastard!!" 

“Calm down, Flair." 

Alaia held back Flair and stepped up to Dextro. She was 
planning on hearing what he had to say. 

“Tell me your demands, Dextro." 

“I only have one demand. I want you to protect my position, 
even if you were to win this war." 

“Your position?" 


Dextro nodded and grinned as he said that. 

“At first I thought it was only a matter of time before your 
reborn Forthorthe army would be dismantled, but now you've 
even taken over Raustor. Your numbers are still no match for 
Maxfern's, but the same might not be said in the future. If 
you spread the rumor of that Blue Knight defeating a dragon, 
you would probably be able to gather even more soldiers." 

“...So what about it?" 

Flair glared at Dextro and he responded with a sneering. 

“Kukuku, in other words, there's a chance you lot might win 
this war. I'd say you're 50/50.” 

“...I see, so that's why..." 

Alaia realized the reason for why Dextro had appeared in 
front of them. Fler expression then changed into an even 
more serious one. 

“Flonestly, I don't care what side wins, but if you lot do, I'd be 
in a bit of trouble. You would without a doubt put me on a 

trial, and punish me for war crimes. At worst, I might even 
get executed.” 

"Of course! That's what you deserve after what you've done!" 

If Maxfern's coup d'etat army were to lose, Dextro wouldn't 
just lose his position, but he would also be punished. His 
indiscriminate attack on the village would be considered as 
going too far, and he would subsequently be punished. It 
would depend on the trial, but he probably wouldn't be able 
to avoid the death penalty. If he was lucky, he'd spend the 
rest of his life behind bars. Either way, Dextro's future would 
be dark if Alaia's side was to win. 

"So you're selling us information to buy amnesty in advance, 

"Exactly, princess Alaia. I couldn't give a damn if you or 
Maxfern win. But, I want to save my own life. So don't you 
think it'd be in my interest to put myself in a secure spot, no 
matter who wins?" 

By secretly selling information, Dextro would be able to avoid 
a trial in the case that Alaia's side won. By doing that, Dextro 
would be safe regardless of if Alaia or Maxfern won. That was 
why Dextro had appeared, knowing the risks. It had all been 
to save himself. 

"You're saying the information is worth that much?” 

"Precisely. Both for this army, and for you personally. But you 
better decide quickly, soon this information will be useless." 

The information Dextro was trying to sell was urgent. Even if 
they didn't buy it, they would eventually find out what it was, 
but by that time it would already be too late. Dextro 
requested a swift judgement from Alaia. Would she let it 

happen or prevent it beforehand? 

“...There is no other way. I will accept your deal." 

After thinking for a while, Alaia decided to accept the deal. 
Since Dextro believed it was information worth enough to 
save his life, she couldn't just disregard it. In other words, she 
believed in Dextro's calculations. 

“Your highness!!” 

Of course, Flair objected. Letting someone who would 
slaughter indiscriminately go free was unacceptable. 

“I'm sorry, Flair. I just believe this would be the best for the 

Flowever, Alaia shook her head at Flair. 

“Your highness..." 

“Just endure it, Flair." 

Alaia felt the same as Flair, however even then, she believed 
it was a necessary choice. She couldn't put the citizens at risk 
just for the sake of justice. She felt the same as she did that 
night at the harvest festival. 

“You won't lose out on this. That's why it's a deal." 

Dextro nodded in satisfaction. Like he said, Dextro wasn't 
planning on having Alaia and the others lose out on the deal. 
She had to protect Dextro's position because it was a fair 

“The dragon that Blue Knight fought this morning... 
supposedly it's called Alunaya... anyways, that's actually 
Grevanas's puppet." 

“Impossible!? Are you saying that Grevanas can control 
something like that!?" 

Flair's eyes shot wide open in surprise. 

The head of the court magicians, Grevanas. He was one of 
the masterminds behind the coup d'etat and could also be 
called Maxfern's right-hand man. However, even if Maxfern 
was the strongest of the court magicians and one of the arc- 
wizards, Flair couldn't believe that he could control Alunaya. 

“Calm down, that's not the problem right now. The problem is 
what's next." 

Dextro told Flair to calm down, and began speaking a little 
faster as he felt pressed for time. 

“Maxfern and Grevanas's goal has three stages. First they use 
that dragon to bring out that Blue Knight. Not even he would 
stay in one piece after fighting a dragon." 

Dextro looked around the room, Koutarou was nowhere to be 

If I had followed the plan it might have worked, but... oh well, guess it can't 
be helped now... 

Since it was only proper for Koutarou to take part in this 
situation, Dextro sensed that Maxfern's plan had been a 

“In that situation, I would lead a force to assault the fort. By 
doing that, we wouldn't have to fight the Blue Knight. 
However, I gave all kinds of reasons to delay the march, so 
this attack won't happen." 

“Why did you delay it?" 

“I didn't know if that Blue Knight was incapacitated or not. I 
don't have the courage of facing that Blue Knight in a fight. 

I'd just lose.” 

The assault force led by Dextro wasn't all that large. It was a 
small force intended to invade the fort at night and sabotage. 
Because of that, if they were to face Koutarou, they would 
end up being repelled. Dextro had been planning on carrying 
out the attack if he could confirm Koutarou's state, but in the 
end, he didn't have enough information. So Dextro came up 
with various reasons to stop his force, and met with Flair on 
his own. 

"Because of that, there will only be the third attack.” 

"And that's?” 

Alaia urged Dextro ahead. Her tone was faster, as if she was 
in a hurry. She had been feeling something ominous ever 
since the words Blue Knight left Dextro's mouth. 

"...Having lowered his guard, even just a little, after fighting 
against the dragon, the Blue Knight will be assassinated." 

By the time Dextro finished speaking, Alaia was already 
running. It was almost as if she had forgotten about Dextro. 

Part 2 

Alaia was headed towards the infirmary where Koutarou was 
sleeping. Flair, Clan and Chari were all chasing after her. 
Leaving a few soldiers behind to guard Dextro, they chased 
after Alaia. 


In contrast to her graceful appearance, she slammed opened 
the door and jumped into the room. In that moment, she 
could see what was going on in the infirmary. 

The infirmary was in a wretched state. 

There were two people on the floor: the army surgeon who 
worked here, and the guard who helped out with odd jobs. 
They were still alive but critically injured, and a large amount 
of their blood dyed the floor red. 

Koutarou laid sleeping on the bed the furthest away from the 
entrance. Three men surrounded that bed. They were 
wearing Forthorthe army uniforms and holding swords 
dripped with blood. They had attacked the army surgeon and 
guard, and now they were going to attack Koutarou. 

"I won't let you!!" 

Flaving realized the situation right away, Alaia rushed 
towards Koutarou at full speed. She desperately wanted to 
save Koutarou's life. She had completely forgotten how 
important her position and life was for Forthorthe. To Alaia, 
Koutarou was starting to become more important than 

“Your highness!? Damn, help me, Clan!!" 

Seeing Alaia rushing towards the assassins, Flair hurriedly 
drew a knife from her waist. And while asking for Clan's 
assistance, she threw the knife towards the assassin closest 
to Alaia. 

“As lively as always!!“ 

Clan had predicted this situation and already had her rifle 
ready. She quickly took aim and squeezed the trigger. A bullet 
shot out from the barrel and flew towards an assassin 
different from the one Flair had attacked. 



Flair's knife and Clan's bullet disposed of one assassin each. 
Seeing that, the last assassin swung his sword down to fulfill 
his objective. 


The riot in the room and Alaia's sorrowful shout woke up 

“Mm... W-What!?“ 

As Koutarou opened his eyes he noticed the abnormal sight in 
front of him. Alaia was running to get in the way of the 
approaching silvery blade. The smell of blood filled the room 
as four people laid on the floor. 

“Princess Alaia!?" 

Flaving just woken up, Koutarou couldn't understand the 
situation. The only thing he knew was that at this rate, Alaia 

would be slashed and killed. 

“As if I'd let youuuu!!” 

Fully intending to protect Alaia, Koutarou slammed his own 
fist into the oncoming blade. 

A dull sound and collision. Koutarou's left fist hit the 
assassin's sword. Since it didn't hit the front of the blade, he 
wasn't cut, but his fist crashed into a mass of metal, breaking 
his bones. Koutarou took a lot of damage, but as a result, 
Alaia wasn't harmed. The sword's trajectory was altered and 
it only cut a little at Koutarou's foot. 


The next moment, Alaia jumped on top of Koutarou's body 
and held him. She was desperately trying to keep Koutarou 
from being harmed. 

The assassin's first attack had failed, but he quickly 
recovered and took aim for a part of Koutarou's body that 
Alaia wasn't able to cover. Because of the difference in size 
between Alaia and Koutarou, she wasn't able to cover up all 
of Koutarou's body. His arm, head, and most of his legs were 
visible. By aiming there, it would be easy to kill Koutarou, 
despite Alaia covering him. 

“I won't let you do that!” 

Clan's rifle blew out fire. As a result, the sword was blown 
away from the assassin's right hand. Clan's bullet shattered 
the sword and obstructed the assassin's actions. 

However, the assassin didn't stop. Since his right hand had 
gotten numb from the impact and wouldn't move, he pulled a 

knife out with his left hand and attacked Koutarou. 

“...Nice save, Clan." 

However, that was all the assassin was able to do. The tip of 
Flair's sword was pointed at his throat and completely 
blocked his movements. If he moved any further, Flair would 
surely cut his head clean off. 

“This is...” 

At that time, Flair was aghast when she saw the assassin's 
face. She recalled seeing him before. He was a coup d'etat 
soldier that had defected to the reborn Forthorthe army just 
yesterday. Since Flair was in charge of the combat troops, she 
had seen his face when he applied. 

Flair struck the assassin with the handle of her sword and 
made him faint, but her surprise still hadn't died down. 

“Kukuku, this is what happens when you don't kill someone 
you've pointed your weapon towards. That Blue Knight is too 

Dextro jeered. Since he was wearing shackles he had only 
arrived just now. However, since he knew of this 
assassination plan, he was well aware of what had surprised 

“...I wouldn't be so sure.” 


“Look at it like this, I've tried to kill Bertorion in the past.” 

Clan leaned her rifle on her shoulder and glared at Dextro. It 
was an expression Koutarou would surely call sly if he could 
see it. 

“And because I was here, that giant was defeated... Who is 
the naive one here? You? Or Bertorion?” 


Dextro clicked his tongue. The steel giant he had made 
Koutarou fight had been pierced by Clan's beam cannon. That 
was a result of Koutarou not killing Clan and Dextro making 
light of her. And being able to prevent this assassination plan 
was thanks to Koutarou not killing Dextro. So one could 
reason that Dextro was the naive one. 

“...You're fine the way you are, Bertorion..." 

Clan mumbled in a low voice and looked towards Koutarou. 
Despite the assassination having ended, Alaia was still firmly 
holding onto Koutarou. Her body was trembling and despite 
being injured, Koutarou gently patted her back. Chari 
worriedly watched over the two. And seeing that sight, Clan 
was once again able to confirm her belief. 

“...That is the path of, you, the Blue Knight..." 

That Koutarou was indeed the actual Blue Knight. 

Part 3 

The next time Koutarou woke up was three days later. It was 
a result of the disgusting medicine Lidith had given him, and 
his accumulated exhaustion and injuries. 

"Where am I...?" 

Having woken up, Koutarou looked around the area. The dim 
lamp wasn't lighting up the infirmary; instead it was 
Koutarou's room in the fort. With his treatment finished, he 
had been moved from the infirmary. 


The moment after Koutarou realized he was in his own room, 
he noticed a person by his side. 

"...Princess Alaia!?" 

Alaia was sitting on a chair next to Koutarou and leaning her 
body on his bed, fast asleep. On the table next to her was a 
container with liquid in it, bandages, a pitcher full of water 
and more. Seeing that, Koutarou realized that she had been 
attending him. 

"Princess Alaia..." 

She was grasping Koutarou's right hand with both of her 
hands. Even fast asleep, she was firmly holding on, as if she 
would never let go. 

"Seems like I've made her worry quite a bit..." 

Koutarou mumbled in a quiet voice and squeezed her hands 

Alaia should be busy with her work as a princess, so she 
shouldn't have time to attend Koutarou. Despite that, Alaia 
had somehow made time and was now sleeping like this. She 
had been so worried about Koutarou she felt the need to do 

“Mm, mmm...” 

Noticing that Koutarou was moving his hand, Alaia woke up. 
She slowly opened her eyes for a few seconds and the next 
moment her body shot straight up. 


“Good morning, your highness." 

When she saw Koutarou smiling, her expression changed and 
tears began streaming down her eyes. 

“Thank goodness... you woke up..." 

“I'm sorry for making you worry, and for her highness to have 
treated me herself... I am truly honored." 

“That's fine! They were all injures you got for my sake! I 
should be the one apologizing and thanking you!" 

Alaia hurriedly wiped her tears as she didn't want to become 
a burden to Koutarou. However, her tears kept streaming 
down no matter how much she wiped them away. Although 
Alaia might be able to fake her expression and tone, she 
couldn't manipulate her tears of relief. 

“Your highness..." 

Looking at Alaia like that, Koutarou felt truly grateful. Having 
the princess of a country worried for you was a very rare 
event. The only thing that saddened Koutarou was that those 
feelings were originally supposed to be for the real Blue 
Knight. As such, Koutarou felt a little guilty. 

“...I'm sorry for crying like a little child, Koutarou-sama." 

Alaia didn't stop crying until a while later. With her mind 
cleared after crying her heart out, Alaia's normal calm smile 

"I'll be sure to remember that, it's an expression you don't 
see very often after all.” 

"My... Koutarou-sama, you have quite a mean side to you." 

"I get that a lot.” 

While looking at Alaia, who was slightly pouting, Koutarou 
remembered Harumi back on Earth. 

" Satomi-kun, you meanie. ” 

While the two would cheerfully chat, Harumi would often 
condemn Koutarou by saying that. And the expression Alaia 
had right now was the same as Harumi's was. 

Princess Alaia and Sakuraba Harumi really do look very similar... 

Thanks to that sensation, Koutarou hadn't felt lonely these 
past few months. It wasn't just Alaia either; Chari, Flair and 
the others all reminded him of his companions on Earth in 
one way or another. As a result, Koutarou never felt lonely. He 
believed he had been incredibly lucky to have been sent to 
this time and place. 

"By the way, Koutarou-sama." 

Alaia stopped pouting. 

"How are you feeling?” 

With her expression back to normal, Alaia worriedly looked at 
Koutarou's body. As she did, Koutarou nodded and smiled. 

“I'm all better. It hurts in some places when I move, but the 
biggest problem is my empty stomach.” 

While Koutarou was sleeping, treatment was continuously 
being performed. Thanks to Lidith's scientific methods, 

Caris's magic and Fauna's spiritual energy, Koutarou was 
quickly recovering. If he was to move, no part of his body 
would scream out in pain. As long as he ate something and 
let time pass, he would eventually fully recover. 

"Oh my, Koutarou-sama...” 

Alaia instinctively smiled as she heard Koutarou's tone of 
voice. After having been so worried about Koutarou, Alaia 
couldn't help but find Koutarou's innocent tone of voice funny. 

"I-I'll have Mary prepare dinner right away, fu, fufufu." 

While laughing at Koutarou, Alaia confirmed the warmth in 
her hands. 

I'm really glad... Koutarou-sama is safe... 

Alaia confirmed her own feelings through the warmth of 
Koutarou's hand. 

I... I definitely don't want to let Koutarou-sama die... 

During these past few days, Alaia had learned just how much 
Koutarou meant to her. 

The despair she had felt when Koutarou had been critically 
injured and carried into the fort. The irritation when she had 
heard about the assassins. The feelings she had as she threw 
her body in front of the assassin to protect Koutarou. The 
impatience when all she could do was watch Koutarou sleep. 
And the deep relief when Koutarou smiled again. 

All those feelings supported Alaia. She definitely didn't want 
to Koutarou to die, no matter what price she herself had to 

Alaia knew that one day Koutarou would leave her. To the 
princess Alaia, marriage was just a tool in politics. No matter 
how much she loved him, there was never a chance of Alaia 
being able to marry Koutarou. But if she knew that Koutarou 
would continue living after they parted ways, she could stay 

So, for that sake...!! 

Alaia made up her mind, her determination was unwavering, 
and it even surpassed her desire to protect her country. 

“Koutarou-sama, once you recover, there is someplace I want 
to take you to, would that be alright?” 

As long as Koutarou was safe, she could protect the world on 
her own. 

At this time, Alaia was being driven by that powerful emotion. 

Part 4 

Alaia took Koutarou to an empty temple in the mountains, 
some distance away from Raustor. 

The name Raustor meant the goddess's resting place. Having 
traveled through infinite time and worlds, the goddess of 
dawn rested her feet in these lands. 

With that legend, Raustor naturally became a religiously 
important place, and a lot of temples for the goddess of dawn 
were built. Alaia had taken Koutarou to one of those temples. 
It was the oldest of temples being managed directly by the 
Mastir family. 

This temple was a very sturdy building made from stone. 
Thanks to that, the temple's appearance remained the same 
as it did when it was first built over 1,000 years ago. The only 
change in appearance would be the plants growing on the 

Fauna was the one who had guided Koutarou and Alaia here. 

Fauna was a priestess of the goddess of the dawn, on top of 
that she has been Alaia's friend since the two went to 
seminars. Because of that, Alaia trusted Fauna, and she had 
been left in charge of this temple. 

"Alaia-sama, Reios-sama, this way.” 

"Thank you, Fauna." 

With Fauna in the front, they entered the temple. Since both 
Alaia and Fauna had been here several times, they didn't 
really think much of it. 

However, Koutarou was different. As Koutarou entered the 
temple, he was taken aback by a strange sensation. He had 
been told in advance that this was a temple built for the 
goddess of dawn, and even if he hadn't, he could easily tell 
this place was sacred. However, that wasn't what Koutarou 
was feeling. This was more a sensation of deja vu. 

Have I come to this place before... ? Or is it this atmosphere that I 
remember... ? 

His sense of deja vu grew stronger the closer he got to the 
center. Koutarou himself felt like he knew of this place, or 
possibly the atmosphere surrounding this temple. 

“I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. This is the place I wanted 
to take you." 

“...This statue..." 

Koutarou's feelings changed into conviction when he reached 
his destination. 

That destination was a large room made out of stone in the 
center of the temple. Many red glass panes had been fitted in 
the ceiling off the room, changing the light into the color of 
dawn. And in the center of the room was a stone statue lit up 
by the red light. Since the statue was placed on top of a large 
stand, Koutarou was looking up at it. 

In Forthorthe, that statue was called the goddess of dawn. It 
had been made in the image of the goddess of creation, a 
motif of a girl with her hands clasped in front of her hands, 
praying. In the legends, the girl weeping in solitude turned 
her own tears into threads and began knitting the world. 
Because of that, tears had been carved into the statues face. 

And surrounding the statue were several pillars. Transparent 
globes had been installed on the top of them, and light 
poured down on them from above, dying them red. 

I... I know that statue and this place... but why? Why can't I remember it? 

Koutarou was perplexed. He could recall having seen the 
sight, this girl, the goddess of dawn before. Despite that, he 
was completely unable to remember that event. Comparing 
his memory to a photograph, it was like that part of his 
memory had been painted over. He could tell something was 
supposed to be there from the surrounding image, but he 
couldn't see it. This was an impatient and strange situation 
for Koutarou. 

“Please come over here." 

Koutarou was spacing out as he stared at the statue when 
Alaia's voice snapped him back into reality. She was already 
in front of the statue, and she called out to Koutarou. 

“Please go right away, Reios-sama." 

Next, Fauna called for Koutarou as well. She was standing by 
the entrance and gazed into the room. She was going to 
leave everything else to Alaia. 

Fauna knew just why Alaia had taken Koutarou to this place. 
She was in charge of this temple, and at the same time a girl. 
For those two reasons, she wanted to keep leave Alaia and 
Koutarou on their own. 

“I understand, I will.” 


Koutarou was gently seen off by Fauna as he approached 
Alaia. Fauna retreated to the outside of the room and could 

no longer see Koutarou and Alaia. As such, Koutarou and 
Alaia were left alone in front of the statue. 

“Thank you very much, Koutarou-sama." 

Having been left alone, Alaia used Koutarou's real name. Ever 
since Koutarou had told her the truth, she had used that 
name when they were alone. 

“No... so what is this place, your highness? And why did we 
come here?” 

Koutarou was full of questions. Since his own memories were 
so vague, he wanted to know more about this place. 

“This is a special place to the royal family of Forthorthe. This 
country's treasure is being held here.” 

“Country's, treasure...?” 

Hearing Koutarou repeat her words, Alaia smiled and turned 
towards the statue's stand. She then placed her hand on the 
silver place installed in the stand. The following words were 
engraved in that plate. 

'At the time of a true national crisis, recite thine true name' 

They were characters Koutarou couldn't read, but the armor's 
system quickly translated them for him. They were from the 
ancient language that priests and magicians used. 

“My name is Alaia. I am the silvery white snow of Mastir. The 
crown princess of Forthorthe, Alaia Kua Mastir Signaria Tia 

The moment Alaia spoke her name, white light began 
shooting out from the plate. Eventually, it spread throughout 
the entire statue and lit up the goddess. As it did, the plate 

slid down and revealed what was behind it. 

“This is... a sword...?" 

Inside the stand was an old sword. The sword was stuck in 
the stand itself and it, along with the stand, began to slide 
out towards Koutarou and Alaia. 

When the sword had first been placed in the stand, it had a 
beautiful polish and sparkle, but now the blade and handle 
were all rusty. It had lost its original splendor and now only 
looked like a piece of junk. 

“Yes. It has been passed down the royal family for 
generations. It's been told it was given to the royal family by 
the goddess of dawn herself. The very existence of this sword 
is proof of the legitimacy of the Forthorthe royal family, and 
at the same time, the power of this sword has protected the 
country from its enemies." 

Alaia explained herself proudly up until this point, but then 
her expression turned darker. 

“However... this sword itself was often the cause of conflict, 
and 200 years ago it was sealed away here." 

The owner of this sword was seen as the emperor of 
Forthorthe. Because of that, a lot of fights broke out for this 
sword, and a lot of blood was spilled. 

That was when the emperor several generations ago hid the 
sword. At the same time, the court magicians were mobilized 
and tasked with creating a powerful seal to keep the sword 
from falling into the wrong hands. The only ones who could 
break this seal were those of the royal bloodline. On top of 
that, not even royalty was allowed to touch the sword outside 
of a true national crisis. 

“So that's what you meant by the country's treasure... but, 
pardon my words, it doesn't look like it holds that kind of 

Koutarou understood Alaia's story, however what was in front 
of him was just a rusted stick of metal. It didn't look like very 
special at all. 

“Fufufu, I'm sure it does in this state." 

Alaia let out a small laugh and turned towards the sword 
again. And like the statue in front of her, she clasped her 
hands, closed her eyes and began praying. 

“Past, present and future, oh mother of all things, goddess of 

Alaia began speaking the ancient language in a sonorous 

As she did, a shrill noise, like metal hitting metal filled the 
room, and Alaia's forehead began shining. 

“Your highness... what is..." 

Before Koutarou knew it, a sword crest had appeared on 
Alaia's forehead and light shot out from it. 

“A descendant of Forthorthe, your faithful servant asks of 
thee. Now is the time to break the seal, and give us power to 
overcome this crisis." 

Alaia was using an incantation to dispel the seal placed on 
the sword. That incantation and her royal blood were the keys 
to removing the seal. 

“Wind of the heavens. Green of the ground. Water of the sea. 
Fire of the mountain. Using my life as provision, reveal the 

power to unify all things!” 

The light shining from Alaia slowly filled up the sword. And as 
the light touched the sword, the touched part regained its 
appearance from the past. 

The rust that had covered the sword vanished, like it had 
been blown away by the wind, and the once rusted, warped 
blade regained its former glory. The dirty and scratches 
vanished and the sword shone silver. The sword had such a 
beautiful sheen it looked like it had just been forged. 

“My name is Alaia! The silvery white snow of Mastir! Oh holy 
sword of the temple, carve my name into your blade and 

When Alaia loudly declared that, the sword practically 
exploded with pure-white light. That light was a transformed 
portion of the sword's power flowing out. That massive power 
shook the temple. 

It continued on for several dozen seconds. Once that time 
had passed, the swords light slowly weakened, before 
vanishing, as if it had been absorbed by the sword itself. 
However, though the light may have vanished, the swords 
rusted appearance didn't return. The sword still had a 
beautiful sheen as it was enshrined in front of Koutarou and 


Alaia grabbed the handle of the sword as if nothing had 
happened. And after she held up the sword in both hands, 
she turned back to Koutarou. 

“This sword is given the name of the person who dispels the 

The sword crest on Alaia's forehead was still there, and like 
the sword in her hands, its blade had a silver sheen. That was 
the proof that she had dispelled the seal. It was a bond that 
tied her to the sword. 

“Because of that, this sword is given my name." 

Alaia then presented the sword to Koutarou. And at the same 
time she proudly stated the name of the sword. 

“This sword's name is Signaltin. It means silvery white 

That was the name of the most famous sword in the legend 
of the Blue Knight. 

“This is... Signaltin..." 

Koutarou was surprised. He knew that Signaltin existed, but 
he didn't think it would appear in front of him at this time. In 
the manuscript Theia had written, there had been very little 
mention concerning magic, so the sword had been easily 

“Please take this, Koutarou-sama." 

Alaia was planning on giving the sword to Koutarou. As long 
as he held this sword, Koutarou would never lose. And as long 
as Koutarou was alive, Alaia could stay strong. She believed 
this was the best option for both herself and for Forthorthe. 

“N-No, I can't take something so important...” 

However, Koutarou couldn't simply accept something like 
that. He could tell that the sword held immense power after 
seeing the ritual to dispel the seal. Because of that he 
couldn't easily accept it. And what's more, this sword was the 
treasure of the royal family. That fact also stopped Koutarou 
from accepting it. 

“It's okay.” 

Since Koutarou had reacted just like she had expected, Alaia 
smiled and gently shook her head. 

As I thought, I should leave this sword to Koutarou-sama... 

Convinced that her choice was correct, Alaia revealed her 

“In return, promise me one thing.” 

"Koutarou-sama, when you return to your own world, make 
sure you bring this sword with you.” 

”1-1 can't do that, your highness!!” 

Since Alaia's request was so unexpected, Koutarou's eyes 
shot wide open in surprise. His surprise was even greater 
than when Signaltin had appeared. 

"It is best for you to keep it. This sword will become a source 
of conflict. We know full well what fate a country that relies 
on an overwhelming power meets. That's why this sword was 

In contrast to Koutarou, Alaia was calm. She watched over 
Koutarou with a gentle expression and continued speaking. 

"And the safest way would be to take it away from this world. 
By doing that, this country will never fight over this sword 

Just like Alaia was trying to protect Koutarou, she was trying 
to protect Forthorthe. 

The existence of Signaltin had caused several civil wars. 
Because of its strong power, there were countless people 
after this sword, aiming to become the emperor. It wasn't 
very different from terrorists in the current age trying to gain 
control through the use of powerful weapons. 

Though the conflict may have stopped once the sword was 
sealed in this temple, there was no guarantee that it would 
stay that way. The ideal would be to place the sword 
somewhere far away where no one could get their hands on 
it. However, that kind of opportunity hadn't shown itself until 

now. That opportunity had appeared in front of Alaia, in the 
form of Koutarou, who came through time from the world of 
stars. And he would be sure to do it. 

“If Koutarou-sama were to take it, the people of this world 
would lose the chance to seize hold of this sword. This is the 
perfect chance for us." 

This sword would protect her loved ones, subjugate the 
traitors and in the end, by parting with it, it would protect her 
country. To Alaia, there was no action more meaningful than 

“I see... so that's why..." 

That was the true reason behind why the Silver Princess had 
given the Blue Knight the sword, and why he had then 
vanished. It wasn't just because the existence of the ultimate 
hero, the Blue Knight, was making Forthorthe's political 
situation unstable. This sword was also one of the causes of 
instability. That's why the Blue Knight had vanished; to erase 
the name of the hero and the powerful sword from 

“I understand, your highness. I will humbly accept that role." 

having realized the situation, Koutarou decided to accept the 
sword. It was a job he had to do as the replacement for the 
Blue Knight, and he felt he could do a better a job than the 
Blue Knight by taking the sword back to Earth. 

“Thank you very much, Koutarou-sama!" 

Alaia felt an immense joy when Koutarou accepted the sword. 
With this, everything will go well. That was Alaia's hope, and 
at the same time her powerful driving force. 

"...Koutarou-sama. From now on this sword will protect you. 
From any enemy and any trial.” 

"Then I will use my life and this sword to protect you, 
princess Alaia...” 

Like that, Koutarou got Signaltin, and the gears of fate 
continued turning. 

On the night after Koutarou and Alaia returned to Raustor 
with Signaltin, Alaia was in her office, suffering from an 
intense vertigo. 

"Kuh, Ummh.” 

Almost losing her balance, Alaia leaned her body towards the 
wall. If she didn't she would fall right away. 

"Your highness!” 

Fauna who was in the room noticed that and hurriedly ran up 
to Alaia to hold her. She had been worried that Alaia's body 
might suffer from ill effects after breaking the seal, and had 
stayed by her side. 

"T-Thank you, Fauna... you're a big help...” 

"Please stay still, your highness. I'll heal you right away.” 

Fauna sat Alaia down on the sofa, and attempted to treat her 
using her spiritual energy. Alaia's body had grown horribly 
weak. Flowever, the spiritual energy being poured into Alaia 
didn't seem to have much of an effect. 

"I feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders. Thank 
you, Fauna.” 

However even then, after a while, color returned to Alaia's 

face. With the order of her mind and body restored, Alaia 
smiled and thanked Fauna. Alaia was really lucky to have a 
friend like Fauna at a time like this. 

“Your highness... didn't you give that sword, Signaltin, too 
much of your life?'' 

Alaia was growing weaker, like a sick person. That was 
because she had used more than half of her life as payment 
to revive Signaltin. When breaking the seal, the more life paid 
the more power the sword would hold. Because of that, Alaia 
had poured as much of her life as she could into the sword. 
The crest on her forehead was proof of that; even now, half of 
her life resided in Signaltin. 

“It’s fine that way." 

Alaia's health had deteriorated as a result of the life 
sacrificed, but her expression had no signs of regret. If 
anything it was quite the opposite. She felt satisfied having 
accomplished something important. 

“By doing this, I can always stay by Koutarou-sama's side." 

Alaia was fated to never be intertwined with Koutarou. 
Flowever, with Signaltin by Koutarou's side, her life would 
forever draw closer to him. As her position wouldn't allow for 
her to speak it out loud that was the only way Alaia could 
express her love. 

“Princess Alaia..." 

Fauna couldn't say anything. When faced with Alaia's deep 
and calm but intense expression of love, the one word she 
could speak was Alaia's name. 

“Even if... if he were to return to the other side of that 

endless time and countless distance...” 

No matter the time or distance separating Alaia from 
Koutarou, she would forever be with him. 

That was just how satisfied Alaia was. 

The Silver Princess and The Blue 


Part 1 

Ever since Koutarou obtained Signaltin, the reborn Forthorthe 
army's advance had been unstoppable. 

The rumor of Koutarou repelling the fire dragon emperor, 
Alunaya, spread throughout Forthorthe like a wildfire, and 
even more people and supplies gathered for them. At this 
rate, the Forthorthe army would come out victorious. As a 
result, the band of knights that were still on the fence joined 
the Forthorthe army one after another, and their forces 
drastically increased. Their force was now more than capable 
of taking on the coup d'etat army. 

Meanwhile, the coup d'etat's forces were constantly 
diminishing. The worry that they would lose to an opponent 
who could repel dragons and still carry on strong spread 
throughout the coup d'etat army. As a result, morale dropped 
and a lot of people defected. If Alunaya, who had gone 
missing, reappeared, they would probably be able to overturn 
their current situation, but there was no sign of that 
happening. Because of that, the coup d'etat's army situation 
kept deteriorating. 

Even though there was almost no difference in their forces, 
with a low morale, even winnable wars would be lost. While 
the Forthorthe army's proficiency increased, the coup d'etat 
army was ill prepared and they lost battles all over the 

country. And that just made the situation even worse. 

As a result, the reborn Forthorthe army was able to smoothly 
advance without Koutarou even needing to use Signaltin. 
Because of that, by the time the first snowflake fell, the 
Forthorthe army was approaching the capital, Fornorn. 

Koutarou and Clan were staring at the 3D image created by 
Clan's bracelet. There, they could see a brick cityscape. In 
the modern age, it would be considered old-fashioned, but in 
this age, it was beautiful and without peer. As expected of the 
capital of an imperial country; the villages and towns they 
had seen were nothing compared to this. 

“So this is the capital Fornorn huh... it's quite large." 

“It's the largest city on this continent. It's equipped with 
water and sewage, and I've even heard there are street 

The population of Fornorn was over 100,000. When compared 
to historical cities on Earth it was a very large city. Before the 
invention of the steam engine, there was a limit to how large 
a city could become compared to the modern age. Because 
of that, a population of 100,000 in this age was more than 
enough to call Fornorn a metropolis. 

And because it was a such a large city, the force stationed 
there was large. Since it was the capital, around 10,000 
soldiers should be waiting for them. If the coup d'etat army 
was to mobilize all their forces, that number could become 
several times larger, but since those forces were busy 
suppressing riots and maintaining the borders, their number 
wouldn't rise past 10,000. Even then that was quite the force. 

“Still... it's strange. 

“That's true. Why haven't they deployed any soldiers?" 

“Who knows... but it would be troublesome if they used a 
scorched earth strategy..." 

The reborn Forthorthe army had deployed to surround the 
city portion of Fornorn. Their numbers were around 8,000, but 
with reinforcement on the way, that number would be closer 
to 10,000. 

Despite that, the coup d'etat army showed no signs of 
intercepting them. They should have around 10,000 men, but 
they hadn't been deployed. They hadn't even set up a 
position to defend. 

“Princess Alaia doesn't want that kind of battle." 

“Flow rude, the same is true for me too." 

“Sorry, Clan." 

“Just how long is it going to take for you to acknowledge that 
I am a princess?" 

“I said I'm sorry." 

What Koutarou and Clan worried about was that the coup 
d'etat army had deployed their soldiers inside the city. If that 
was the case, there would be a lot of damage if a battle were 
to occur, and there would be no point in attacking Fornorn. If 
the capital was reduced to ashes so the masterminds behind 
the coup d'etat could be captured, the damage done would 
be worse than when the coup d'etat had happened. 

“More importantly, if that's their goal, we need to find a way 
to attack the palace." 

“...More importantly huh? Geez... Repairs on the Cradle will 

be finished soon. If we use that, it might be possible.” 

"Alright... gather some more information Clan. You should 
focus on the barracks.” 

"I understand. I'll gather more in-depth information before 
the reconnaissance team returns.” 

Because of those circumstances, Koutarou and the others 
were careful in attacking Fornorn. Considering what would 
happen after the war, it wasn't enough to repress the coup 
d'etat army. That was the tricky part in civil wars: if they 
fought in a way that could lead to further riots or uprisings, 
the civil war would never end. Both Forthorthe and Earth's 
history proved that. 

"Your excellency!!” 

At that time, the young man who served as Koutarou's 
adjutant jumped into Koutarou and Clan's tent. Normally he 
wouldn't do something like that, he would always stop by the 
entrance. So the very fact that he had entered the tent 
meant that something serious had happened. 

"Calm down, what happened?” 

Koutarou asked the young man what was the matter. Fie 
could tell that it was something important, but he wouldn't be 
able to understand with his adjutant panicking. In order to 
settle him down, Koutarou replied in a calm tone. 

"W-Well, the coup d'etat army has surrendered!!” 



Flowever, upon hearing his report, neither Koutarou nor Clan 

could remain calm. 

The reason the coup d'etat army had surrendered was 
because the masterminds, Maxfern and Grevanas, were 

Maxfern and Grevanas had vanished a few days ago and had 
never been seen since. At the same time, the alchemists and 
court magicians had vanished as well. They had left, taking 
only their proteges with them. 

They had left the coup d'etat army without leaving any 
specific orders. Like a child who had grown tired of a toy, they 
didn't seem to care anymore. 

"...And since we don't want to go to battle either, we are now 

"Even if you say that, it's hard to believe..." 

Though the coup d'etat army's messenger had explained the 
circumstances, Koutarou was perplexed. He understood what 
the messenger was saying, but it was hard for him to take 
that as the truth. 

"I can understand that you feel that way. But it is the truth." 

The coup d'etat army's messenger seemed to be perplexed 
by the situation as well. And he had been desperately 
attempting to make Koutarou understand that. 

"Your excellency, I have sent troops to confirm it. What he 
said is all true. Maxfern and the others are nowhere to be 
found in the palace, and the alchemist research facilities and 
the magician's tower were empty as well." 

The adjutant had confirmed that the messenger was 
speaking the truth. 

"Hmm... I understand. It seems like a problematic situation 
for both sides.” 

”1 am glad you understand.” 

Even though it was an incomprehensible situation, it was the 
truth. Maxfern and Grevanas had abandoned the coup d'etat 
army and vanished. 


Having understood the situation, Koutarou beckoned Clan 
over. Once she came closer, Koutarou whispered to her. 

"...What's going on? This is completely different from the 

"...I don't know either. According to history, the Blue Knight 
fought against Maxfern and Grevanas.” 

In both Theia's manuscript and in Forthorthe's history, the 
Blue Knight fought Maxfern and Grevanas. Though there were 
differences in how the battle developed in each history book, 
the fact that they fought was the truth. 

Despite that, even though they had made it to the capital, 
Maxfern and Grevanas were nowhere to be seen. Theia's 
manuscript had been written using a history book where the 
final battle took place at Fornorn. And based on how history 
progressed, that was natural. Because of that, this end was 

"...If history is different from the manuscript, what happens 

"...It doesn't feel right, but Alaia has to become empress, so 
let's start working towards that.” 

“...Alright, let's do that." 

After his private talk with Clan, Koutarou informed the 

“We will accept the coup d'etat's surrender. Prepare to let us 
in right away.” 

“T-Thank you very much, your excellency!!” 

Hearing Koutarou's answer, the messenger's expression 
brightened up. 

He himself was confused by the current situation. There was 
a chance that Koutarou wouldn't believe him and suspect that 
it might be a trap, so he had come knowing he might be 
killed. So he was truly relieved. With this, the war was over 
and he could return to his family. Those emotions turned to 
tears and streamed down his cheeks. 


Koutarou let out a small sigh and dropped his shoulders. 
Seeing that, Clan furrowed her brows. 

“It's still too early to relax, Bertorion.” 

“Well, I know, but... it's better that the war ends.” 

“That's true. It's not like I don't understand how you feel.” 

No matter how many times he experienced it, Koutarou 
couldn't get used to war. He felt it was best if he could carry 
on without fighting anymore. Though the change in history 
bothered him, Koutarou still couldn't help but feel relieved. 
The same was true for Clan; though she said not to relax, she 
was secretly relieved as well. 

However, the battle wouldn't end yet. 

"Bertorion, this is terrible!!” 

The atmosphere in the tent was becoming more relaxed as 
they could see the end of the war. That was when Flair 
jumped in with the blood drained from her face. 

"Princess Alaia and princess Chari have been kidnapped by 

Flair delivered a message that would raise the curtain on the 
final battle. 

Part 2 

While Koutarou and the others had been distracted by the 
capital, Maxfern had ambushed Alaia's forces that were 
positioned in the rear. With the entirety of the coup d'etat 
army left in Fornorn, nobody expected an ambush at this 

Maxfern had used a flock of abnormal-looking winged 
monsters to attack. They had been summoned by Grevanas 
and his court magicians, and attacked Alaia and her forces at 
their command. Suffering an attack from the sky by an army 
that shouldn't exist, the reborn Forthorthe army was broken 
up and Alaia and Chari were kidnapped. 

Alongside Alaia and Chari, Mary and Fauna had also been 
kidnapped as they were all in the same tent. 

After that, Maxfern left the Forthorthe army an odd message. 
It stated that Koutarou should come to the castle at Nariachal 
without moving the army. 

“Oh yeah, what kind of place is the castle at Nariachal?" 

While riding on a horse, Koutarou called out to Lidith who was 
nearby. The name Nariachal hadn't appeared in Theia's 
manuscript, so Koutarou was unfamiliar with it. 

“Nariachal is northwest of Fornorn. It's an old castle that the 
Maxfern family used to manage. It fell out of use around the 
time Fornorn was being built, and now it should be empty." 

Lidith answered Koutarou's question while skillfully controlling 
her horse. She was a far better rider than Koutarou was. 
Thanks to that, she was able to dexterously match Koutarou's 

speed while speaking. 

“It's without a doubt a trap, Bertorion.” 

Clan was riding together with Flair on another horse as she 
could only make a horse walk at best. She wasn't the best at 
physical activities after all. Clan was desperately holding onto 
Flair trying not to fall off. But even as she did that, she was 
still worried for Koutarou. 

'They're going to kill Alaia-san and the others either way. 
They probably just want to get rid of you before that.” 

To Maxfern and Grevanas who had started this coup d'etat, 
Alaia and Chari were just a nuisance. To them, killing both 
would be the most efficient way for their coup d'etat to 
succeed. So Alaia and Chari would be killed eventually. It 
didn't matter if Koutarou came or not. 

Currently, Koutarou was in more danger than Alaia and Chari. 
If Alaia and Chari were to die, Koutarou, as the army 
commander, could declare an avenging battle and things 
would become troublesome for the masterminds. It was 
possible that the Forthorthe army would gain momentum, 
rather than lose it. In order to avoid that, it would be better if 
it was uncertain whether Koutarou, Alaia and Chari were alive 
or dead. Even if they were actually dead, by making the 
people believe that they might still be alive, they could avoid 
the citizens' feelings concentrating on one point. 

"Flowever, I won't let them do that! No matter what happens, 
I'll save the princesses! Even if I were to lose my life!” 

Flair's expression filled with rage and she whipped her horse. 
Fler rage was intense. Since she was always so serious, she 
held a strong hate for Maxfern who had taken her highly 
esteemed master hostage. 

“Please calm down, Lord Pardomshiha. If I let you die, 
princess Alaia will scold me." 

“But Bertorion, there's no point in being careful if princess 
Alaia and princess Chari were to die!" 

Flair was in a rush. To her, something that should never 
happen had occurred. So not a trace of composure could be 
found in the normally dignified girl. 

“Slow your horse down a little please, Lord Pardomshiha. At 
this rate, your horse will pass out before we get there." 

“...Ugh, s-sorry..." 

Flair blushed a little, listened to Koutarou's advice and slowed 
down. If she hurried her horse too much, she would end up 
not reaching their destination. And if Flair tried too hard, she 
wouldn't be able to accomplish her goal either. Realizing that 
she was getting too flustered, Flair admonished herself. 

“Still, what are we going to do, Blue Knight?" 

Caris who was sitting on a flying cane came up next to 
Koutarou. In her case, she was better at flying with her cane 
than riding on a horse. She was flying backwards as she 
faced Koutarou. 

“If we keep going like this, we'll walk right into their trap. And 
there's just the five of us. There's a limit to what we can do." 

In total there were five people heading towards Nariachal; 
Koutarou, Lidith, Flair, Clan and Caris. There numbers were 
far too few to save a princess. And knowing that they were 
heading into a trap, anyone would be worried, not just Caris. 

“Well, I guess we can't get too hung up on details... Clan." 

“What's with that face?" 

Clan was instinctively worried when she saw Koutarou's 
serious expression. At times like these, Koutarou would 
always say something reckless. 

“You didn't come up something stupid again, did you?” 

“It might be. Clan, we can't be picky in this situation. We'll 
need to use any method we can to save princess Alaia and 
the others.” 

“..Are you sure?” 

Clan pointed at the surrounding girls with her eyes. Any 
method meant using all equipment onboard the Cradle. That 
would be the same as just telling Flair and the others who 
they are. It was on a completely different level from being 
seen flying and using some advanced weaponry. Doing that, 
the chances of not being able of returning to their own world 
were very high. 

“Yeah. The end is near, and it's just like Caris said. There's a 
limit to what we can do with just five of us.” 

“...I understand.” 

Clan nodded her head. Though there was a risk, Clan 
believed that Koutarou's decision was correct. They could 
trust Flair and the others, and they did have too few people. 
They would rather accept the risk of having their identities 
found out than losing Alaia and Chari. 

“And prepare that too, we might need it.” 

“T-That too!? I'm still in the process of adjusting it and—” 

“Like I said, we can't get too hung up on details.” 

Koutarou grinned as he said that. It was a mean smile he 
would show when telling Clan a dark joke, but this time it was 
a little different. Seeing that face, it hit Clan. 

"...Bertorion, could you possibly be unbelievably angry?” 

It looked like Koutarou was behaving calmly to Clan. 

However, she could sense an intense rage hidden behind his 
smile. Maxfern and Grevanas had touched something that 
they shouldn't have. 

"No, I'm calm." 

Koutarou touched the insignia of rank on his chest as he said 

"...Calm is it... Geez, this might not end so well..." 

Now, Clan was certain that Koutarou was angry. He was only 
acting calm so that he wouldn't worry the people around 

I see, there was no way I ever had a chance of winning against such a 
nonsensical man... 

Koutarou must have been the same when she had fought 
him. Having realized the reason for her own defeat, Clan 
could sense that the battle they were riding towards was 
going to be fierce. 

Part 3 

Having been taken to the old castle at Nariachal, Alaia and 
the others were confined in its dungeon. However, after 
spending some hours in the dungeon, they had been taken to 
the castle's garden. 

It was a very lonely garden. Since it was positioned between 
the gate and the castle, it had a lot of plants and statues in 
the past, colorfully greeting the visitors. However since this 
castle hadn't been used for a long time, there had been no 
people to maintain it, and the garden was in ruins. The plants 
had all withered, the sculptures were cracked, and sand had 
filled the fountain. The ruined garden over 100 meters long 
was exceptionally lonely. 

Alaia and the others were brought onto the garden and 
bound to wooden stakes driven into the ground. The binds 
were strong, and Alaia and the others had no hope of 
breaking free. In that situation, it was hard to remain calm. 
This situation was especially taxing on the young Chari. 

"...What's going to happen to us now?" 

Filled with anxiety, Chari let out a small sigh and furrowed her 
brows. Seeing that, Fauna and Mary smiled and encouraged 

"We'll be fine! There's no way these villains can do anything!" 
"That's right, Reios-sama will definitely come save us!” 

That was all the girls could do as they were unable to move. 

"I know! I know that! But..." 

“Chari... you are scared that Reios-sama will come, are you 

Alaia was painfully aware of how Chari felt. Neither Alaia nor 
Chari doubted that Koutarou would come save them. That's 
why they were scared. 

“Sister! Blue Knight is an idiot, so he'll definitely come! And 
he'll be killed trying to save us!” 


Koutarou wouldn't be able to do anything if Alaia and the 
others were used as hostages. Koutarou would face danger 
for their sake, and would most likely be killed. That was the 
unavoidable truth, and that terrified the two. 

“It will be fine, Chari. Reios-sama will definitely win. Our Blue 
Knight won't die that easily.” 

Alaia continued speaking to Chari as if trying to convince 

However, Alaia believed otherwise. Koutarou would definitely 
come, and then let himself be killed without putting up a 
fight. Alaia knew just what kind of person Koutarou was. 
That's why she loved him. However, she couldn't tell her little 
sister, who was trembling in anxiety, that Koutarou would 
likely be killed. 

Please, don't come, Koutarou-sama... I wouldn't mind, no matter the reason... 

All Alaia could do was pray. She suppressed the feelings of 
wanting to cry and desperately tried to show Chari a smile. 

“There's no need to worry, princess Alaia, princess Chari. As 
long as the Blue Knight listens to us, there won't be a need to 
kill him." 


Before they knew it, Maxfern appeared besides Alaia and the 
others. Biorbaram Maxfern, he had been a minister of 
Forthorthe for a long while. However, he had been the person 
who killed Alaia's parents and brought war on the country. In 
front of a person like that, not even Alaia could conceal her 
anger. Alaia's smile vanished in an instant and she glared at 
Maxfern with a harsh expression. 

“You're full of lies..." 

“That's not true." 

Maxfern brushed off Alaia's glare and showed what looked to 
be a tender smile at first glance. However, it was obvious 
that it was just for show. 

“As long as the Blue Knight agrees to our demands, it'll be 
impossible for him to bring harm to us. A lion has no reason 
to crush a single ant." 

At this time, Maxfern was overflowing with strange 
confidence. He was convinced of his own victory. And he 
didn't seem to be interested in Koutarou's life. His tone and 
behavior sounded that confident. 

Where does this confidence come from... ? 

Alaia felt something eerie about that and was at loss of words 
at the unspeakable uneasiness. 

"Maxfern-sama, it seems the knight in question has come.” 

The nearby former head of the court magicians, Grevanas, 
pointed towards the gate on the other side of the garden. 

"So you've come, Blue Knight... fufufu, he's an exemplary 
knight alright. How excellent...” 

Looking in the direction Grevanas had pointed, Maxfern 
laughed, satisfied. The time he had been waiting for had 

"Blue Knight!" 

"...Ah... Koutarou-sama... why..." 

By the wide open large gate was a knight in blue armor. Alaia 
could tell it was Koutarou, even from afar. 

Koutarou had come here alone. After getting off his horse, 
Koutarou looked around the garden. During that time, 
Koutarou and Alaia's eyes met for an instant. During that 
instant, Koutarou showed a gentle smile before quickly 
returning to his serious expression. Koutarou knew that now 
wasn't the time to be happy. 

"You can't, Reios-samaM This is a trap!!” 

Koutarou walked straight towards the center of the garden. 
His steps were slow but firm. Because of that, Alaia could tell 
just what kind of resolution Koutarou had when he had come 

“Don't bother with us!! Maxfern will kill us anyways!!” 

Despite knowing that, Alaia shouted. She was desperately 
trying to stop Koutarou. 

“Please don't worry, I'll save all of you soon.” 

However, Koutarou wouldn't stop. He continued walking 
without breaking rhythm and he had now reached the center 
of the garden. 

“...I see he's brought that.” 

Once Koutarou got closer, Maxfern stared at him for a 
moment before smiling and stroking his beard. 

“It looks like it. I can detect its magic.” 

The magician, Grevanas, wasn't looking at Koutarou with just 
his eyes, but also with his magic. He could see dense magic 
power filling Koutarou's body. Everything seemed to be going 
just like Maxfern and Grevanas had planned. 

“Confirm if it's the real deal or not, right away.” 

“As you wish.” 

Grevanas raised his hand. As he did, an absurd looking 
creation appeared. 

It had the body of a carnivorous animal standing upright, its 
head looked similar to a reptile's and on its back were large 
wings. It was an absurd appearance that looked like several 
creatures mixed together. It was a creature that Grevanas 
and his court magicians had summoned from a different 
world they called Hell. 


Grevanas swung his hand down towards Koutarou. The 
monster flapped with its large wings and flew into the air. 
Those wings weren't just for show. 

"W-What's that!?” 

Koutarou only first noticed the monster's existence when it 
flew up. Even he was at a loss for words when he saw its 
absurd appearance. However, Koutarou had seen all kinds of 
creatures since he had come to Forthorthe. The horses had 
horns, and the lizards had wings. And a while ago he had 
seen a giant dragon. As a result, he had built up somewhat of 
a resistance towards strange creatures. 

”1 see, so that's the demon that kidnapped her highness and 
the others!” 

Koutarou had heard about the bizarre monster, the demon, 
from the men in Alaia's force. A flock of beasts that walked 
upright and flew across the sky had kidnapped Alaia and the 
others. Their description matched this creature perfectly. 

"However, it's not something I can't defeat!” 

Because of those various circumstances, Koutarou drew his 
sword without flinching. 

Compared to that dragon, this demon is nothing! Besides, I have this sword! 

The sword Koutarou had drawn was Signaltin. His new power, 
given to him by Alaia. 


The demon screeched loudly, flapped it large wings and 
charged towards Koutarou. 

"Bring it!!” 

Koutarou shouted right back and pointed his sword towards 
the demon. As he did, the silver sword felt Koutarou's will to 
fight and began shooting pure-white light. 

A pulse... I see, this is from princess Alaia... 

Koutarou could feel a gentle warmth from the light. He had a 
recollection of that sensation. It was the same warmth he had 
felt during their dance, and when he had been injured, when 
they had held hands. 

“You're quite unlucky—" 

Koutarou was confident that while this light was still glowing, 
he couldn't lose. There was no way he could, because Alaia 
was at his side, protecting him. 

“—I'm in an extremely bad mood today!!" 

Koutarou swung his sword down with all of his might. His 
target was the demon's face. He was aiming for a counter 
attack as the demon thrust towards him with its mouth wide 

“HyaaaaaahM Gugegegege!!" 

However, the demon's movements were swift. It skillfully 
moved its wings and tail, dodging Koutarou's attack. As a 
result, Koutarou's attack merely scratched the demon's tail. 

“It missed!?" 

“Gegege, gegege." 

The demon that had escaped into the sky looked down on 
Koutarou and ridiculed him, taunting him, as if saying that his 
attacks would never connect. 

“...Quite impressive." 

Koutarou looked up at the demon and felt admiration. 
However, that wasn't directed towards the demon's 
quickness. No, Koutarou felt admiration for something else. 

“Huhyah!? Gyaoo!? 

That was when the demon noticed what Koutarou was looking 
at, and that was its own tail. Strangely enough, about several 
dozen centimeters had disappeared off the demon's tail. 

“Gugaaaa, Hyaaaaaaaah!!" 

What's more, that disappearance was continuing even now. 
The section of the tail was shining white, and its glow was 
gradually melting the tail. The light eventually ate up the 
demon's body and spread to the demon's body. 

“Guga, Aaaaaa, GugyaaaaM Ga—" 

The demon's screams suddenly stopped. It couldn't scream, 
even if it wanted to. The light had devoured the demon's 
entire body and now only its head remained. The demon tried 
to let out a fearful scream, but without a throat, it could no 
longer do so. Eventually, even the demons head disappeared. 
All there was left behind was a handful of ash. And as it fell 
towards the ground, it was blown away by the wind. 

Maxfern, who was watching that spectacle excitedly turned to 

“Grevanas, did that demon die?" 


In contrast to Maxfern, Grevanas was calm, and he explained 
what had just happened. 

“When a demon is summoned into this world, it creates a 
body by hardening magic power. That sword eliminated that 
magic and forcibly sent the demon back to hell.” 

“Forcibly sent back to hell from just a scratch... how 

“Of course, it might die as a reaction from that...” 

“Either way, what splendid power! It's beyond expectation.” 

“Yes. It seems to be the genuine sword.” 

Despite their subordinate demon being defeated, neither 
Maxfern nor Grevanas were shaken. If anything, they almost 
seemed happy. 

“Just what are you doing sending something like that at me? I 
came just as you told me too.” 

Koutarou stopped and called out to Maxfern. Since he 
couldn't tell what Maxfern was after, Koutarou proceeded 

“Sorry about that Blue Knight. I couldn't tell if you were the 
real one or not. I'd like to apologize for the rough welcome.” 

“...So you are Maxfern?” 

Koutarou didn't know what Maxfern looked like. He had been 
told by Lidith that Maxfern was a middle aged man with a 
long beard, but this was the first time they had met. 

“Indeed. I am Biorbaram Maxfern. The man who will become 
king of this world.” 

Maxfern introduced himself in a dignified manner. His 
majestic behavior was indeed fit for the title of king. If he 

wasn't full of greed, that is. 

“The king of the world... that's quite bold. Do you really think 
you can become king?" 

“Of course. That's why I had you come.” 


Koutarou was perplexed. 

Does he think he'll become the king of the world by killing me? That's just... 

Maxfern had called for Koutarou so he could kill him, using 
Alaia as a hostage. That's what Koutarou believed. But if you 
could become king by killing an ordinary high schooler, the 
world would be overflowing with kings. Koutarou couldn't 
follow Maxfern's train of thought. 

“It couldn't be...” 

However, that was when Alaia's expression changed. 
Koutarou didn't understand, but Alaia understood what 
Maxfern was after. 

“Maxfern, could it be that everything was just for that!?” 

“But of course! As expected from the silver princess, known 
for her wisdom! It seems princess Alaia understands 
everything! Fuhahahaha!!” 

Alaia was at a complete loss for words, while Maxfern was 
laughing out loud. He then reached his right hand out 
towards Koutarou and declared. 

“Alright then, Blue Knight, let's finish up our business! Once 
that's done I'll give you back her highness!” 

Maxfern's voice sounded like he was jeering at Koutarou and 

“Now, hand over that sword!! That holy sword that will make 
its wielder the king of the world!!“ 

It was as if he was trying to grasp the world with his extended 
right hand. 

Part 4 

Maxfern's goal wasn't to take over the empire of Forthorthe. 
His goal had always been Signaltin, or more precisely, the 
holy sword that held the goddess of dawn's power in it, which 
was said to give its wielder a claim to the throne. The royal 
family's national treasure, the holy sword said to cut open the 
future and lead its user to the throne. By obtaining that, 
Maxfern would aim to become king of the world. 

However, the seal used to confine the sword was strong, and 
not even the combined force of the court magicians could 
break it. 

So at first Maxfern threatened to kill Alaia and Chari to make 
the emperor break the seal. However, even then the emperor 
wouldn't do so. Even if his daughters' lives were in danger, he 
wouldn't assist Maxfern's ambition of using the holy sword to 
rule the world. 

So Maxfern changed his plans. The holy sword's seal would 
only be broken if the country was in a true crisis. So he 
assassinated the emperor and empress and started the coup 
d'etat in order to create that crisis. The coup d'etat wasn't his 
goal, but his method. 

Next, Maxfern let Alaia, who had no idea of what was 
happening, escape. Alaia and the others hadn't been able to 
escape on their own, Maxfern had created an escape route 
for them. 

So when Maxfern's niece, Lidith, let Alaia escape, he felt like 
hugging and praising her. Lidith's actions were exactly what 
he had hoped for. 

Ever since then, Maxfern had kept watch of Alaia, and at the 
same time made sure she always felt a moderate sense of 
danger. He would send pursuers after her, and even poison 
the village she was hiding in. His goal of doing that was to 
make Alaia believe that this was a true national crisis. 

That's why Caris's mission had only been to monitor Alaia, 
and why Dextro hadn't been permitted to directly kill Alaia. It 
was all to make Alaia believe this was a national crisis, so she 
would break the seal on the holy sword. 

However, he had made one miscalculation, and that was the 
Blue Knight's, Koutarou's, existence. 

Ever since Koutarou had appeared, Maxfern's plans had 
continued to fail. The pursuers were defeated, the poison was 
treated and the steel giant had been defeated. Their attacks 
on the base ended up as failures, and stopping the Forthorthe 
army's advance was not possible. What's more, Koutarou's 
existence gave Alaia hope, and she began believing that the 
country could be saved as long as Koutarou was present, 
even though Maxfern wanted her to believe the holy sword 
was necessary. 

So Maxfern changed his plans once more. He decided that 
the best way to make Alaia feel a good sense of danger was 
to target Koutarou's life. 

Maxfern received reports from the spies he had planted 
inside the reborn Forthorthe army that Koutarou and Alaia 
were either lovers, or something close to that. If Koutarou's 
life was in danger, Maxfern suspected that Alaia would break 
the seal on the holy sword for the country's and for 
Koutarou's sake. Sending Alunaya and the assassins at 
Koutarou were all to that end. 

As a result, the seal on the holy sword was broken, and the 

sword was now within Maxfern's reach. Though he had hated 
Koutarou at first, he now almost felt like thanking him. 

Part 5 

The moment Maxfern demanded Signaltin from Koutarou, 
Alaia let out a sorrowful voice similar to a scream. 

“You killed father and mother for that!? You started a coup 
d'etat, killed a lot of people, and cornered me, all to break the 
seal on that sword!?” 

To Alaia, that was a situation that made her despair. 
Everything had been according to Maxfern's schemes. The 
Forthorthe army's uphill battle, the large amount of people 
dying and even Alaia's heart. Maxfern had manipulated all of 
it just to make Alaia break the sword's seal. 

“That's right!! If I didn't, I would never get my hands on that 
sword!! And I would never be able to become king of the 
world!! I served the royal family for decades, just so I could 
get a chance!! Everything was all for this, princess Alaia!!” 

This was the highlight of Maxfern's life. He had waited for this 
chance for several decades. If he could get his hands on 
Signaltin, everything would go as he planned. He could enjoy 
eternal life gained from the sword's powers, or he could turn 
his attention to world conquest. If he obtained the sword, the 
possibilities were endless. Maxfern no longer had anything to 
fear. The future was spreading out, infinitely, in front of him. 

“...To think you were after this sword...” 

This came as a surprise to Koutarou. In Theia's manuscript, 
Maxfern's goal had only been to take over the country. 
However, reality had been completely different from the 
manuscript from the start. 

“Now, give that sword to me, Blue Knight. If you do, I'll safely 
return princess Alaia and the others to you. It shouldn't be a 
bad deal for you either.” 

Maxfern crossed the garden and casually approached 
Koutarou. Maxfern was convinced that there was no way he 
wouldn't accept this deal. 

“If you'd like, I could leave Forthorthe alone for a couple of 
hundred years. As long as I have that sword, I have all the 
time in the world.” 


Koutarou began hesitating. 

Should he hand over the sword and save Alaia and the 
others? Or should he defeat Maxfern here and save 

Koutarou could only chose one of the two. 

“You can't, Koutarou-sama!! Even if it's for us, you can't give 
that sword to Maxfern!!” 

Alaia wished for the latter, just like the former emperor had. 
Flowever, then Alaia and the others would be killed. 

If he chose the former, peace would return to Forthorthe for a 
while. Flowever, if the sword had the powers Maxfern said it 
did, Alaia and Chari's descendants would eventually be 
trampled by Maxfern. 

The end result would be the same, the only difference was 
how long it would take. 

“But, your highness—" 

“If you're my knight, then please realize my wish!! Please 
slay Maxfern and at least save yourself!!" 

“That's right, Blue Knight!! You must live!! Live and protect 

“Shut those women up, GrevanasM" 


Grevanas signaled to several of his subordinates nearby. They 
formed a circle around a big crystal in the center and started 
chanting something. The next moment, that appeared. 

Something huge came crashing towards the ground at an 
incredibly speed. And just before it smashed into the ground, 
it flapped its large wings, reduced its speed and landed. 

However, even then, the sound made when landing was 

It was the fire dragon emperor, Alunaya. 

Its over 20 meters giant body made both the earth and air 

“This is the dragon from that time!?" 


Although Alaia and Chari had remained courageous up until 
now, there was nothing they could do with Alunaya's gigantic 
body in front of them. All that the bound girls could do was 
hold their breaths with the dragon, who seemed to be 
brutality given form, in front of them. 

“So you've come, monster..." 

Koutarou instinctively raised Signaltin. Seeing that, Maxfern 
stopped Koutarou. 

“Careful there, Blue Knight, you better not be thinking of 
something stupid. If you do anything out of the ordinary, 
Alunaya will bite down on the princesses with its sharp 


As if hearing what Maxfern said, Alunaya growled. It then 
opened its large mouth. If it were to close that mouth, Alaia 
and the others would be torn apart instantly. Since Koutarou 
was well of aware of their power, this threat had a big effect 
on Koutarou. 


Koutarou stopped and lowered his sword. 

“Good, that's right. As long as you obey, the princesses won't 
have to die." 

Maxfern began walking again. He was now right in front of 


Alaia bit her lips. As expected, Koutarou couldn't abandon 
them. Him having pulled his sword was proof of that. In 
reality, he should cut down Maxfern where he stood. 

However, Koutarou couldn't do it. He would probably hand 
the sword over to Maxfern. There was no longer any way to 
prevent that. 

Maxfern stopped in front of Koutarou and casually presented 
his right hand. He had a triumphant grin on his face. 

“Now, Blue Knight. The sword." 

“...It's your win, Maxfern." 

Koutarou made an unpleasant expression and nodded, before 
extending his right hand and presenting Signaltin to Maxfern. 

“Ooooooh, so it's finally in my hands, the holy sword!!” 

Having received the sword, Maxfern raised it above his head. 
He looked like a child that had just gotten a new toy. 

“We're in position!! Go ahead, BertorionM” 

Clan's voice could be heard from his communication device. 

“You're late, Clan!!” 

The moment he heard Clan's voice, Koutarou made a fist and 
swung at Maxfern. His goal was of course to reclaim Signaltin. 
The time for a counter attack Koutarou had been waiting for 
was finally here. 

“I can't help it! Since Alunaya appeared we had to change 

“I don't want to hear excuses!!” 


Distracted by the sword, Maxfern was unable to dodge 
Koutarou's punch. 

Receiving Koutarou's blow with his cheek, Maxfern turned 
over and collapsed. Koutarou quickly rushed up to Maxfern 
and tried to take the sword back. 

“I won't let that happen." 

However, before Koutarou reached the sword, Grevanas cast 
a spell. His magical cane had a special magic built into it. It 
required neither incantation or motion to activate. It was an 
artifact that let the user cast a spell just by thinking it. The 
magical arrow created rained down and kept Koutarou away 
from Maxfern. Meanwhile, Maxfern got up and out of trouble. 

“Damn it, kill Alaia and the others right away!!" 

Maxfern was really angry after Koutarou's unexpected attack. 
He ordered the murder of Alaia and the others as revenge. 
The life of a princess was a price far too high to pay for a 
single punch. However, Maxfern couldn't forgive Koutarou 
punching him since he had now become king of the world. 

“Do it!” 

Grevanas ordered his subordinates to kill Alaia. The ring they 
had formed around the crystal relayed those orders to 


The orders were swiftly conveyed to Alunaya and the dragon 
let out a roar. Its loud voice shook the atmosphere. The 
dragon opened his mouth wide and attacked Alaia and the 
others who were still bound. 

However, just before the dragon's fangs reached Alaia and 
the others, a large explosion occurred by Alunaya's feet. The 
unexpected explosion caused Alunaya to lose its balance and 
it fell to the side. 

The impact rivaled the explosion and Alunaya crushed the 
stone pavement with its fall. 


Thanks to the explosion, Alaia and the others avoided 
Alunaya's fangs, but it wasn't all positive. Fragments of the 
stone pavement Alunaya crushed shot towards Koutarou. 

“Damn it, that's overdoing it, Clan." 

Koutarou landed on his butt after getting hit by a ten 
centimeter big rock. It was all thanks to the armor's barrier 
that it ended with just him falling down. If it wasn't for the 
barrier, something terrible would have happened to Koutarou. 

“What was I supposed to do!? The dragon just suddenly 
appeared so I couldn't make any fine adjustments!!" 

The explosion had come from a bomb Clan had set. Clan 
could become invisible using an invention she had made 
herself. And while Koutarou was distracting Maxfern and the 
others, she had snuck up and planted the bomb. 

Using the opportunity give to them by the explosion, Flair and 
the others used the same device as Clan to save Alaia and 
the others. That was the rescue plan Koutarou and Clan had 
come up with. 

“Bertorion, we've saved princess Alaia and the others!!" 

The plan was a success, and Alaia and the others were now 
free once more. Koutarou could see everyone meet up at the 
edge of his view. 


All that was left was to reclaim Signaltin and defeat Maxfern. 
Pumping himself up, Koutarou was about to get back up. 

“Koutarou-sama, look out!!" 

Alaia's screams could be heard through the old castle's 
garden. The next moment, Maxfern appeared in front of 
Koutarou with Signaltin raised above his head. 

“Things won't go the way you want them, Blue Knight!" 

Unlike Koutarou, Maxfern hadn't been showered with stones. 
Seeing Koutarou fall, he didn't miss his chance. 


Koutarou was still getting up, he was seemingly defenseless. 

At this rate I'll be killed!! 

Realizing the danger, Koutarou quickly ordered the armor. 
“Raise the barrier! Full power!" 

“As you wish, my lord. Commencing emergency deployment 
of the distortion field." 

The armor obeyed Koutarou's order and deployed the barrier. 
Linked up white hexagonal tiles appeared in between 
Koutarou and Maxfern and stood in the way of the incoming 

The next moment the hexagons caught Maxfern's attack. 
However, Koutarou fell over once more from the force. At the 
same time, the armor's systems let out a cry. 

“Alert message. Distortion field function has been stopped. 
The damage is above tolerance levels." 

“From one hit!?" 

The hexagon tiles disappeared all at once. With just a single 
strike, Maxfern had knocked out the armor's barrier. Even the 

armor that had stood up against all kinds of attacks up until 
now was powerless in front of Signaltin. 

“Looks like the match is over, Blue Knight." 

Maxfern raised the sword above his head once more. 

Koutarou had fallen over and his barrier was gone. In the 
current state, if Maxfern swung down Signaltin, Koutarou 
would easily be cut in half. 

“No, not yet!” 

Koutarou focused on his left hand. He used his spiritual power 
to create a large fireball and threw it Maxfern. 

“Something like has no chance against this sword!!" 

Maxfern swung Signaltin down without even flinching. The 
sword easily cut through the fireball and continued towards 

“So that didn't work either!?” 

Koutarou had used all the spiritual energy he could muster to 
create that fireball. However, Signaltin erased all of 
Koutarou's efforts with ease. Neither his defensive or 
offensive powers worked against Maxfern. He no longer had 
any ways of defeating Maxfern. 

I'm sorry your highness... even though I promised that I would protect you, it 
seems this is as far as I go... 

Death was inescapable as the blade came flying. Koutarou 
was prepared to die. 


However, even then, Koutarou faced Maxfern. Even if he was 

cut and killed, he wanted to injure Maxfern as much as 
possible and buy as much time as possible to allow Alaia and 
Chari to escape. 

Even if he couldn't avoid death, he wanted to fulfill his oath 
to the very last moment. That was most likely the moment 
Koutarou became the true Blue Knight. 


Alaia screamed at the top of her lungs. 

To Alaia, the sight in front of her almost looked like slow 
motion. Koutarou had realized he was going to die, but still 
faced Maxfern while Signaltin approached him. However, that 
sight was intermittently replaced with memories of when she 
had met Koutarou and the time they had spent together. 

Koutarou would die. What's worse, he would die by Signaltin, 
which she had unsealed to protect him. It was almost as if 
Alaia had killed Koutarou herself. Alaia's heart couldn't accept 
that reality. 

There was no way she could accept that. 

Alaia's life had become part of Signaltin and would always 
protect Koutarou. It would always be besides him. That was 
her own oath, and her only wish as she could not live freely. 


However, no matter how much Alaia screamed, that time had 
come. Signaltin approached Koutarou and came in contact 
with his hair. As that time approached, Alaia was full of 

"Wahahahahaha, die, dieee, Blue Knight!! Accept the 
punishment of defying the king of the world!!" 

Maxfern was swinging down the sword with all of his power. 
Everyone believed that Koutarou was cut in half. 


Signaltin was what was split in two. 

The moment Signaltin touched Koutarou's body, it broke in 
half, making a shrill noise, leaving Koutarou completely 
uninjured. It was like a paper-mache sword made from paper 
and glue. 

Nobody could believe the sight of what had just happened. 
And of course, the most surprised of all was Maxfern. 

“As if something like this could happen!! Just before, just a 
moment ago it had that much power!!" 

Maxfern was in complete shock and stared at Signaltin that 
had split in half. It had lost its shine and turned into some 
rusty iron scrap. Even though it had been shining with such a 
beautiful silver sheen just a few seconds ago. 

“Wasn't I supposed to become king of the world!? Wasn't it 
supposed have the power of the goddess of dawn in it!? It 
was even supposed to be able to destroy the evil rooted in 
people!! What is going on, Grevanas!? This is just some 

Trembling with rage, Maxfern threw the remains of Signaltin 
to the ground. When it landed, the rusted blade fully 
shattered, leaving the handle behind as the only thing 

recognizable. However, even the handle was cracked, and 
looked like it might fall apart any second now. 

"1-1 don't understand either! For it to suddenly lose its 

"Now everything has been for nothing, GrevanasM” 

Maxfern yelled at Grevanas, with his face dyed red with rage. 
Even the calm Grevanas seemed to have lost sight of himself 
at this sudden event. 

.. .Signal... tin...' 

Only Koutarou remained calm in the sight this surprising 
event. He picked up the handle thrown to the ground and 
looked towards Alaia. 

Unlike everyone else, Alaia had her eyes closed and her head 
turned down. At this point, Alaia ignored even what she 
heard. She didn't want to see the moment Koutarou was cut 
down. She didn't want to hear his last screams. Because she 
was so intent on that, she was unaware that Koutarou was 

"...So that really is this case... this sword, Signaltin... that's 
what it is..." 

The sword crest on Alaia's forehead was shining brightly. It 
was almost as if that crest was the real Signaltin. 

"Princess Alaia.” 

Having understood everything, Koutarou called out to Alaia. 
While both enemy and ally were at a loss and the situation 
had been brought to a standstill, it didn't change the fact that 

they were still in the middle of enemy territory. In order to 
escape from this crisis, her help was essential. 


Upon hearing Koutarou's voice, Alaia opened her eyes. At 
first, she believed that voice might have been an illusion. 
However, when she opened her eyes to look, she could see 
Koutarou standing there. 


“I am sorry for making you worry, your highness.” 

“Koutarou-sama, w-weren't you, killed, just now...?” 

Koutarou who was supposed to have been cut down was still 
alive. That mysterious and unexpected sight made Alaia blink 
repeatedly. She was happy, but she was so confused she 
couldn't understand the situation. She didn't know what kind 
of face she should make. 

“It seems like Signaltin was the one to break.” 

“The sword... ah...” 

Alaia looked at Koutarou's hand. There she saw Signaltin's 
handle being held by Koutarou. The moment she saw the 
ruined sword, she was reminded of what the sword had 
looked like when it was first revealed at the temple. 

I see... if I am part of that sword, that sword is also part of me. Then, my oath 
is — 

Alaia's eyes lit up as she understood what it all meant. 

“Let's go your highness. I will use my life and this sword to 
protect you.” 

“I believe in you, Koutarou-sama. And I will protect your life.” 

The two nodded at each other before taking a pose. Koutarou 
pointed the non-existent blade towards Maxfern. And Alaia 
reached her arms forwards and pointed her palms towards 

Noticing the two, Maxfern sneered. 

"What are you going do with that scrap? Did you lose your 
minds after that holy sword broke?” 

If Maxfern had ordered Grevanas and his court magicians to 
attack now, this outcome might have been different. 

However, because of his shock, Maxfern overlooked Koutarou 
and Alaia's actions. He was convinced that they couldn't do 
anything anyways. 

"You weren't able to cut me because this seemed to be 


Koutarou smiled as he saw Maxfern taken aback by surprise, 
and he began charging towards him. The sight of him running 
with the handle made it look like he really was holding a 
powerful sword. As he did, Alaia began incanting. 

"Past, present and future, oh mother of all things, goddess of 

It was the incantation Alaia had spoken in the temple. 

As she got further into the incantation, she sword crest on 
her forehead began glowing, brighter and brighter. The light 
covered her whole body and eventually it overflowed from 
her body. 

“A descendant of Forthorthe, your faithful servant asks of 
thee. Now is the time to break the seal, and give us power to 
overcome this crisis.” 

The light headed towards the shattered fragments of the 
blade lying on the ground. Once light covered all of the 
fragments, they began floating up into the air, and were 
drawn to the handle Koutarou was holding. 

"Wind of the heavens. Green of the ground. Water of the sea. 
Fire of the mountain. Using my life as provision, reveal the 
power to unify all things!” 

The fragments that flew to the handle began reconstructing 
the blade from the handle and up. And by the time Koutarou 
had reached Maxfern, the sword had regained its former 

"My name is Alaia! The silvery white snow of Mastir! Oh holy 
sword of the temple, carve my name into your blade and 

Koutarou raised the sword above his head. At the same time, 
the sword regained its silvery sheen and began emitting its 
pure-white magic. The sword that had been a broken, the 
rusted piece of scrap just a few seconds ago, was given its 
name once more and regained its former powers. 

The holy sword, Signaltin. 

Now that Koutarou and Alaia's feeling were as one, more 
power than ever before filled the sword. 

"That's impossible! A broken blade regenerating is 
impossible! Regaining its lost power is impossible!” 

"Since you're not a knight, you would never understand why 

this sword shines, even if it was something so simple!!” 

What was important wasn't the sword. It wasn't a problem if 
it broke or not; what was important was what was placed into 
it. In fact, not even the power inside might have been a 

Koutarou could feel the warmth emitting from the sword. This 
sword would protect him, and all living creatures of this 

"I won't accept this!! Just because I wasn't born a knight!!” 

However, Maxfern didn't notice. He was too focused on his 
lineage, and that the sword had broke and lost its power, that 
he didn't realize what was truly important. If he had noticed 
that, the sword might have answered to him. 

"With this it's over, Maxfern!” 

"Damn it! God damn it!!” 


Koutarou brandished the sword and was about to attack 
Maxfern. However, in that moment, he could sense the 
intention to attack covering the entire area he was standing 
in. Sensing that, he instinctively jumped back. The next 
moment, giant claws slashed through the place he had been. 


It was a strike from the fire dragon emperor, Alunaya. It had 
fallen to the ground from Clan's explosion, but it had now 
recovered was attacking Koutarou. 

"Kill them, GrevanasM Don't let any one of them escape 

Boiling with rage and his eyes bloodshot, Maxfern ordered the 
deaths of Koutarou and everyone. 

“Please stop it already, uncle! What more will come from 

“Shut up, shut up! I'll kill you too!" 


Not even Maxfern's niece's, Lidith's, words could reach him 
now. That's just how intense the rage that made his entire 
body tremble was. 

Maxfern couldn't forgive the holy sword for not accepting 
him, the man who was supposed to become the king of the 
world. Nor could he forgive Koutarou who was using that 
sword. Allowing those existences was the same as admitting 
that his own existence was insignificant. That all of his efforts 
up until now had been in vain. That was something the 
prideful Maxfern could never do. 

“Get them men!" 

In contrast to the enraged Maxfern, Grevanas calmly ordered 
his subordinates to attack. 

As he did, a flock of demons sprang up from cover. Their 
numbers easily passed 100. The demons appearances varied 
greatly, but their eyes were all filled with the intent to kill. 

And that wasn't all. Several of the steel giant Koutarou had 
fought before could be seen amongst the demons. 

This was Maxfern's current troops. No, these were no longer 
troops, but a horde of monsters. In his pursuit of power, 
Maxfern had resorted to using non-human creatures. They 
were most likely reflecting the inside of him. Maxfern was 

now but a monster with the appearance of a man. 

And the horde of monsters attacked Alaia and the other 
seven girls. 

“Your highness!! Everyone!!" 

Koutarou quickly moved to rescue the girls. 

“Oh no you don't. Your opponent is right here!!" 


However, Alunaya stood in Koutarou's way. After a roar, 
Alunaya revealed its fangs and threatened Koutarou. As a 
result, he was no longer able to head to the girls' rescue. 


“Kukuku, Blue Knight, even if you're invincible, those girls are 
normal humans. Can they last long enough for you to make it 
to them? Wahahahahah!!” 

Maxfern laughed at Koutarou. 

With Signaltin, Koutarou was strong. He might even beat a 
giant dragon. However, regardless of if he won or lost, it 
would take time for their match to end. In that time, Maxfern 
was going to kill all of the girls. 

“...You're too naive, Maxfern." 

However, Koutarou smiled. Despite Maxfern laughing at him, 
he showed no signs of anxiety. 


“Sorry, but things won't go as you planned." 

Koutarou knew that those girls weren't some weaklings who 
would go down without a fight. 

Part 6 

As the demons attacked, the girls obeyed Flair's instructions 
and calmly created a formation. 

In the front were Clan and Flair. Skilled in fighting, these two 
would create a shield wall. Clan was using her rifle like 
always. Flowever, Flair's weapon was different from normal. 

“You understand how to use that weapon, right?" 

“I'm fine! The balance is slightly different, but since I always 
used a thin sword there's not much of a difference!” 

Flair was holding a sword made out of light. A shining blade, 
reminiscent to a neon tube, extended from the metal handle. 
This was a beam saber with a scorching hot blade created by 
containing heavy metal particles within an electromagnetic 
field, creating the shape of a sword. Flair had gotten two of 
these from Clan and held one in each hand, and she attacked 
the oncoming demons. 

“Something like this?" 

Flair blocked the demon's attack with one sword and attacked 
with the other. The high temperature from the beam easily 
cut through the demons and scorched their bodies. Combined 
with Flair's own skills, she was like a tiny, glowing tornado 
cutting through demons. 

“That's very good! Please continue like that!” 

Clan was shooting at the demons that Flair couldn't reach 
with her sword. By doing that, Flair could take bolder actions. 
And if Flair was about to get attacked, she would get in the 

way to cover Flair. The barrier protecting her body was strong 
and could easily brush off the demons' claws. 

Behind the shield wall and in charge of attacking was the 
alchemist Lidith and the magician Caris. 

"Caris, it's time for the next attack!” 

"Alright, I'm ready!" 

Lidith and Caris were working together. Their two jobs were to 
wipe out a large number of demons using large-scale attacks 
and to defeat the steel giants. 

Lidith had borrowed the strategical computer and observation 
device from Clan and targeted a large amount of enemies. 
Since Caris and Lidith had been linked through magic, the 
target information was conveyed to Caris as well. Using the 
information she got from Lidith, Caris repeatedly sniped 
enemies she couldn't see herself. Since Lidith prioritized 
targets that were entering Caris's range, the demons were 
shot down before being able to do anything. 

This was a strategy only made possible thanks to Lidith. 
Normally, there wouldn't be anyone capable of using the 
strategical computer in this age. However, having served as 
Clan's assistant, Lidith had learned how. Thanks to that, they 
were able to create a combination attack using science and 

"Caris, the giant!" 

"I know! I'm, currently planting it! ... Alright, detonate it!" 

A steel giant collapsed alongside an explosive sound. There 
wasn't that big of a wound on the giant. The damage was 

limited to a small dent and scorch marks around its chest. 
However, that alone was enough to the defeat the giant. This 
too was a combination attack from Lidith and Caris. 

After their first fight with a steel giant, Clan had prepared a 
certain type of explosive. It was the kind of explosive that 
was applied to the target before use, but it didn't cause that 
big of an explosion. However, the explosive power turned into 
a shockwave and destroyed a certain something inside the 
target. Knowing the steel giant's construction, Clan targeted 
the crystal powering them. Though the giant's armor was 
made from thick steel, the inside was just a crystal. 

Destroying the crystal was easy using this method. 

Caris would use her magic to attach the explosive to the 
giant and Lidith would use the computer to detonate it. Even 
the mighty giants were powerless against this attack. Even 
though their first battle had given them such a hard time, 
they were now defeating the steel giants with ease. 

Behind Caris and Lidith were Fauna the priestess and Alaia. 
Fauna was in charge of using spiritual power to heal and 
increase everyone's physical strength. With this, the four up 
front could fight without reservation. Alaia was in charge of 
command and support using magic. 

“I'm gradually starting to understand how to use magic, 

“You're doing great. This is very good for someone using 
magic for the first time, Alaia-sama!” 

Alaia didn't have the knowledge to use magic, but she was 
currently receiving magic power from Signaltin via the crest 
on her forehead. She then controlled it using the language 
used for rituals that she learned during her seminars to cast 
magic. As a beginner, she couldn't help with attacking, but 

she could help with strengthening and defending. In parallel 
to her commands, she used her newfound power to support 

And in the rear were Chari and Mary. 

“Please stand still, princess Chari." 

“I know, I know.” 

The young Chari didn't have much of a job, if anything it was 
to stand still. If she wandered around, she would get in the 
way of the others and cause everyone to worry. Being wise 
for her age, Chari understood that and remained motionless 
in the rear. 

“...Uhm, your highness, I feel like I'm not being of much use." 

“Don't grief, Mary. I'm completely in the way." 

The maid Mary's role was to guard Chari. Though she had 
learned martial arts for self-defense, she wasn't skilled 
enough to take part in actual combat. As a result, she was 
positioned in the rear to guard Chari. However, this job was 
surprisingly important. Chari's safety had an impact on 
everyone's morale. The job Mary was complaining about was 
the most important of all. 

Just like Koutarou had expected, the eight girls weren't killed 
instantly. In fact, they had taken a counter offensive and were 
reducing the number of enemies. Though they had gotten 
weapons and equipment from Clan, they were firmly holding 
the line against a horde of monsters. 

“Grevanas, just what are they doing! They are just a few 

“But Maxfern-sama, their weapons are—" 

“Shut up! I don't want to hear any excuses!" 

The current situation was making Maxfern angry. Nothing was 
going the way he wanted it. He had gotten his hands on the 
sword, only to lose it. He tried to kill his enemies, but it 
wasn't going well. Everyone had been proceeding smoothly 
until they reached this castle, but the moment they came 
here their luck had run out. It was a nightmarish situation for 

“It looks like your plan is falling apart, Maxfern. I guess you're 
just a third-rate villain." 

Koutarou readied his sword and kept Alunaya in check while 
provoking Maxfern. His aim was to get Maxfern to focus on 
him to reduce the pressure on everyone else. In reality, he 
was terrified of Alunaya turning its flames towards the girls. 

“Shut up! In that case, I'll at least kill you!! Do it, Grevanas! 
Kill the Blue Knight!!” 

Like Koutarou had planned, Maxfern focused on him. He 
might not even have needed to provoke Maxfern in the first 
place. Maxfern absolutely hated Koutarou for being able to 
use the sword he couldn't. 

“As you wish." 

Grevanas ordered his subordinates to shift portion of the 
forces attacking the girls onto Koutarou instead. And he 
himself used his cane to control Alunaya and continue its 
attacks on Koutarou. 

“It went as planned... but at this rate I'll be killed. I should 
change the battlefield." 

Realizing that he would be at a disadvantage, Koutarou 

dodged Alunaya's flames, activated his boosters and soared 
up into the sky. He had determined that it would be too 
dangerous to fight on the ground with a large amount of 
magicians and demons targeting him. 

" R O A A A A A A A A A A A A A R." 

Alunaya chased after Koutarou whilst roaring. 

Flapping its large wings, Alunaya's giant body flew through 
the air. Those wings and the magic covering its body created 
an immense amount of lift, allowing Alunaya to fly like a bird. 
About ten or so demons followed after Alunaya. 

Alunaya was being controlled by Grevanas while his 
subordinates controlled the demons. In other words, the court 
magicians were using their full force to crush Koutarou. While 
that was Koutarou's plan all along, it was the biggest danger 
he had been in so far. 

“If I'm forced onto the defensive, I'll end up losing! In that 

The armor's barrier still hadn't recovered, so taking on 
continuous attacks in this state was very dangerous. 

Koutarou quickly made up his mind and attacked with 
Signaltin. His target was of course Alunaya. He had to beat 
down the dragon and secure an escape path. 

“Everyone! Please lend me your powers!" 

Those words naturally slipped out from Koutarou's mouth. All 
of Koutarou's powers were just borrowed. In the past he had 
grieved about that fact. However, now Koutarou felt that was 
for the best. He had noticed that if he turned into someone 
like Maxfern, it didn't matter how much power he had. 

It didn't matter if he didn't have any power of his own as long 
as he could achieve his goal while working together with 
someone. And he noticed that working together with 
someone was the most important thing. The only reason 
Koutarou was even here was because of all the cooperation 
that had been accumulated. 

"...I want you say those words to me first. ” 

"Princess Alaia!?" 

With the battle about the start, Alaia's voice reached 
Koutarou's ears. It wasn't a voice created by sound. It was 
conveyed to him through the glow of Signaltin. 

Koutarou instinctively looked towards the garden. There he 
saw Alaia with her hands in front of chest, praying, and 
looking up at him. Just a few moments ago, that would have 
been an incredibly dangerous act. However, with the reduced 
number of enemies, the chances of her being attacked 

“Koutarou-sama, I will fight with you. ” 

"What do you—" 

Before Koutarou could question Alaia, a demon appeared in 
front of him. Koutarou left the question as it was and swung 
Signaltin at the demon. 

In that moment, a powerful glow emitted from Signaltin's 
blade. At this timing, it was almost as if it had sensed 
Koutarou's intention to attack. The demon was cut in half by 
the light that shot out from the sword before the blade even 
reached it. The next moment, Signaltin had passed through. 
There was no feedback at all, it was like he had cut an 
illusion. However, the demon turned into dust and 


"Koutarou-sama, fight any way you want I'll time it from here. ” 

“I see, so that's what you meant! I'm counting on you, 
princess Alaia!" 


This phenomenon was caused by Alaia. Using the crest on her 
forehead, she controlled the output of Signaltin. Normally, 
Signaltin constantly emitted a certain amount of magical 
power. But by controlling Signaltin, she could control when to 
release the energy. By doing that, the amount of energy used 
wouldn't change, as the magic power was released in bursts. 

It wasn't as much a power up as it was efficient use of the 
magic power. 

“Here I go, princess Alaia!" 

"I'll protect your back! Just focus on what's in front of you, Koutarou-sama!” 

“I understand!" 

Koutarou charged towards a nearby demon. Since Alaia 
momentarily accelerated him, the distance between them 
was covered almost immediately. To the demon, it must have 
looked like Koutarou teleported. So even if the demon wanted 
to dodge, it didn't have the time. Signaltin began emitting 
light once more and the demon had been cut before it could 
even move. 


“Kah Kah!" 

Two demons attacked Koutarou at once. One demon had an 
insect's head and another a goose's. They aimed for 

Koutarou's back with their sharp claws, planning on tearing 
him apart. 

However, the demons were hit by a small shockwave before 
their claws could reach Koutarou. It only had enough power to 
slightly damage them, but it was enough to make them stop. 
With their wings spread out, they were easily affected by the 
shockwave. And while they had been stopped in their tracks, 
Signaltin attacked. 

Signaltin cut the two in half without any sound, and their 
bodies were separated into magic power and dust. It was a 
splendid combination attack by Koutarou and Alaia. 

"I can do it! With this, I can do it!” 

Thanks to Alaia's accurate control of Signaltin, the sword was 
completely different from before. Its offensive power had 
risen dramatically, and the leftover magic power was used for 
acceleration, defense and various other things. As a result, 
Koutarou was overpowering the demons all on his own. It only 
took a few seconds before the ten something demons were 
reduced to a number that could be counted with the fingers 
on one hand. 


With the majority of the demons gone, Alunaya charged 
towards Koutarou. Meanwhile, the remaining demons 
retreated. Maxfern and the others had determined that the 
demons didn't stand a chance against Koutarou. 

"...Time for the main show.” 

Koutarou wasn't going to use the same casual pose he had 
taken when dealing with the demons; instead he grabbed the 
sword with both hands and brandished Signaltin. 

" Koutarou-sama, I'll keep an eye on your surroundings. You deal with 
Alunaya. ” 

"Please do, your highness." 

While Koutarou was fighting with Alunaya, there was a 
chance that the demons might attack. So with Alaia watching 
his back, Koutarou could focus on Alunaya. 

" We're almost there! You can do it, Koutarou-sama!” 

"As you wish, my princess!!" 

As he shouted, Koutarou readied his sword and flew forward 
at full speed. Alunaya's intention to attack was expanding 
rapidly. It was either an attack with its tail or a flame breath. 

If he sat still he would be a sitting duck, and if he closed in, it 
would be harder for Alunaya to pull off such a large attack. 

Alunaya unleashed its giant tail. The tail coming from the side 
was like a massive whip that made the very air around it 

"I can't take that!” 

Koutarou made an overly large evasive maneuver to dodge 
the tail. Without the barrier, a single hit would be fatal. And 
without Caris's illusions, he had to prioritize safety over all 

"Please leave it to me. ” 

However, Alaia increased Koutarou's speed to make up for 
what he lost in the maneuver and Koutarou charged towards 
Alunaya with the same speed he had started with. 


Alunaya had a powerful barrier protecting it. While Signaltin 
had the ability to dispel magic, would it be enough to break 
through the barrier? The only way to find out was to try. 


Signaltin splendidly broke through Alunaya's barrier. One of 
Alunaya's scales was torn off by the attack and it screamed 
out in pain. 

“It worked!? But it was too shallow!!" 

Since Alunaya wasn't a creature summoned through magic, 
its body wasn't composed of magic. Because of that, Alunaya 
wasn't reduced to dust like the demons. The only damage 
was the scale that had been torn off its body. 

“So I can hurt it if I want, but this sword won't do that much 
damage, huh..." 

Koutarou dodged Alunaya's claws while racking his brain. 

Alunaya was over 20 meters long. This sword was much too 
small to cause damage to something so large. The results 
would be the same if he used the weapons built into the 
armor. It was like challenging a tank with a rifle. 

“Do I have to rely on this just like last time?" 

Kiriha's gauntlet, with Signaltin's ability to break through the 
barrier, should be more effective this time around. And by 
combining his attack with the armor's armament he should 
be able to do a little more damage. 

"If only it had a weak point... ” 

“A weak point? Oh yeah, I think..." 

Thanks to Alaia, Koutarou was reminded of the crystal on the 
back of Alunaya's neck, and that he had been able to make 
Alunaya retreat after attacking it. 

“There's a point like that. A magical crystal is buried in the 
back of Alunaya's neck." 

"I see... then that would be the perfect target for this sword. By dispelling the 
magic, we might be able to turn the tables of this battle. ” 

“I'll give it a shot!” 

Koutarou readied Signaltin and activated his boosters. The 
propellant was quickly running out. Just like before, they 
would be better off trying things that might work as quickly 
as possible. 

Koutarou tried to use his mobility to get behind Alunaya, 
however unlike last time, he was now all alone. Without an 
opening from Alunaya, it wasn't very easy to circle around. 
And without support from Caris, he was just wasting time. 

“What should I... I don't have the time to wait for Clan's 

Clan and the others were currently dealing with the demons 
on the ground. Although the number of demons had been 
greatly decreased, all the girls could do was send Alaia his 
way. Any further reinforcement couldn't be expected, and 
there wasn't enough time to wait for Clan and the others to 
finish up. 

"Look out, Koutarou-sama!! ” 


Immediately after Alaia's warning, Alunaya's flame breath 
passed through right next to Koutarou. He had been so close 

that some of his hair got burnt. 

"Please be careful, Koutarou-sama! It's all over if you take that 7 ” 

“Sorry, I was lost in thought... wait a minute?” 

Making sure the flame breath had missed him, Koutarou 
came up with a wild idea. He quickly confirmed it with Alaia. 

“Your highness, can I cut through that breath?” 

Alaia instinctively held her breath after hearing Koutarou's 

”...It might be possible, but if it fails, there's no going back. ” 

Alunaya's flame breath was a normal breath that had been 
altered using magic. In other words, Signaltin might be able 
to dispel it. 

And when Alunaya was spewing its flames, it showed an 
opening. It had to stop to spew its flames and part of its view 
was covered because of the fire. By purposely taking the 
flame breath head on and using Signaltin to dispel it, Alunaya 
would lose sight of Koutarou. 

However, if he failed, if he missed his timing or hit it at a bad 
angle, Koutarou would be swallowed by the flames. 
Considering that risk, Alaia couldn't agree with Koutarou's 

Hearing Alaia's answer, Koutarou smiled and called her name. 
“Princess Alaia.” 

" What is it?” 

“What do you believe in? The fire breath? Or me?” 

Alaia was at a loss for words. 

" K-K-Koutarou-sama!! That's changing the topic!! That's unfair!!” 

Alaia raised her voice and criticized Koutarou. To Alaia, that 
question only had one answer. 

"Stupid Koutarou-sama!!” 

Alaia didn't answer the question. Instead she continued to 
criticize him like a child. 

“That's poor manners, your highness... Clan, do you have any 

Koutarou smiled and asked Clan using his communication 
device. He also wanted to her the scientist's opinion. 

”...l don't, stupid. If there was anything to say, it would be 
that the flame breath is practically made out of plasma, so 
using an electromagnetic field, you might be able to protect 
yourself a little, stupid.” 

In reality, Clan's advice would have been to stop. However, 
knowing Koutarou's personality, she knew that he had 
already decided on doing it by the time he asked her. So she 
gave up and gave him the advice regarding the 
electromagnetic field. However, this advice wasn't certain, 
and if it had been anyone other than Koutarou, she would 
have told them to stop. 

When plasma is applied to an electromagnetic field, a 
complex motion occurs. With that, the plasma coming from 
the breath would diffuse and the field would serve as a sort of 
shield. It worked the same as how Earth's magnetic field 
protected against solar winds. However, if the momentum 

was too great there wouldn't be that much of an effect. That 
was most likely the case against Alunaya's breath, but it was 
better than nothing. 

"Alright, I'll give it a try." 

Koutarou grinned and pointed Signaltin towards Alunaya's 

"Koutarou-sama, please reconsider. ” 

"Your highness, I still haven't heard your answer." 


Alaia was hesitant to answer. And after staying quiet for 
several seconds, she quietly muttered. 

“...Make sure you come back, Forthorthe's Blue Knight. ” 

"As you wish, my princess." 

However, in the end, Alaia didn't answer the actual question. 

When there was a distance between the two, Alunaya would 
often use its flame breath. That's because it knew that 
Koutarou was strong when he was up close. Because of that, 
it wasn't that hard to bait out a breath attack. 

Alunaya opened its large mouth and began inhaling. 
Confirming that, Koutarou placed himself not too close, but 
not too far away either. This balance was actually quite tricky. 
If he was too close, Alunaya would switch to another attack, 
but if he was too far, he wouldn't be able to use the flame 
breath to cover his approach. Koutarou had to find the perfect 
spot that was just the right distance. 

“Now, Koutarou-sama /” 

After confirming that Alunaya was using its magic power, just 
before it spewed out its flames, Koutarou set his boosters to 
maximum thrust and charged at the dragon. As long as he 
could cross this distance, the rest should be easy, so 
Koutarou was fine with using up the remaining propellant 

The next moment, Alunaya exhaled its breath. It was an 
extremely hot, white flame breath. Flames hotter than even 
the surface of the sun attacked Koutarou. 

“How about thiiiiiiiissss!!" 

While using his boosters to adjust the angle of approach, 
Koutarou thrust Signaltin forward, like it was an umbrella. At 
the same time, he generated an electromagnetic field and 
prepared for the plasma that Signaltin couldn't dispel. 

Koutarou was wrapped in a pure-white light. Signaltin's magic 
power covered Koutarou's entire body while his surroundings 
were bathed in flames. However, while the sword might have 
been able to dispel the plasma, it wasn't able to do the same 
for the air that had been heated. The surrounding 
temperature shot up and Koutarou felt like he had been 
thrown into an oven. 


Fortunately, his armor could withstand this temperature, both 
thanks to the short time he spent there and the fact that the 
armor was intended for use in space. The system reported on 
several errors while the armor was gradually being discolored 
by the high temperature, but there had been no major 
influence on the armor's functions. 

Koutarou dove out from under the flames and circled around 
to Alunaya's back. Since Alunaya couldn't see Koutarou 
because of its breath, it hadn't noticed his movements. As a 
result, Alunaya was showing Koutarou its completely 
defenseless back. 

“Taaaaakeeeee thiiiiiis!!" 

And without slowing down his boosters, he charged straight 
at the back of Alunaya's head. His target was the blue crystal 
on the attached to the dragon's neck. 

Signaltin pierced through Alunaya's barrier and struck its 
target. As the magic inside the crystal was dispelled, it 
shattered and scattered all over. 


In that moment, Alunaya screamed in pain. Its voice was so 
loud it was as if the entire world shook. 

“Did I do it!?" 

"Koutarou-sama!! ” 

As Koutarou looked on, Alunaya was drawn in by gravity and 
fell towards the ground. The moment the crystal shattered, 
Alunaya lost control of its body. As it fell, it repeatedly tried 
flapping its wings to regain control, but in the end, the 
dragon crashed into the ground. 

Part 7 

Maxfern had an expression of blank surprise as he stared at 
Alunaya that had dropped into the garden. However, after a 
short while, he began laughing very silently. It was a demonic 
laughter that one could probably hear in the depths of hell. It 
was a desolate voice that made anyone who heard it 

"Ku, kuku, kukukuku, splendid... truly splendid... even though 
you held the holy sword, to think you'd be able to defeat 

As his laughter spread throughout the garden, the demons 
surrounding Alaia and the others gathered and encircled 
Maxfern to protect him. Around him were his loyal 
subordinates, the alchemists, and Grevanas and his court 
magicians. They would follow him until the end. 

"Just give up already, Maxfern.” 

After landing, Koutarou approached to within a few dozen 
meters of Maxfern. However, the party surrounding Maxfern 
showed no signs of attacking. Either they feared Koutarou, or 
hadn't been ordered to do so. Either way, they didn't get in 
the way of Koutarou and Maxfern's conversation. The eight 
girls that had escaped from their danger watched the 
situation develop from behind Koutarou. 

"You lost." 

"...That's true. I'll admit to that. It's your victory, Blue 

Surprisingly, Maxfern seemingly accepted his defeat. 

He had not obtained the sword he was after, and his ace in 
the hole, Alunaya, had been defeated. All his plans had failed, 
and now all he had left were a couple of dozen subordinates, 
and a horde of monsters. Even the country of Forthorthe had 
slipped through his fingers. Maxfern no longer had any means 
of reversing this situation. 

“However!! I have no intention of admitting that you own this 
country, or this world, Blue Knight!! This world is mine!! I 
won't hand it over to anyone!!” 

Before anyone knew it, the demons were holding bottles with 
black liquid inside of them. However, they weren't planning 
on doing anything to Koutarou and the others, instead they 
were about to fly into the sky. 

"Do it, Grevanas!” 

"Maxfern-sama, do we really have to go this far?" 

"Shut it!! Can you accept everything up to now being for 

"1-1 didn't say that, but..." 

Grevanas, who had up until then had calmly obeyed 
Maxfern's orders, was now showing hesitance. Seeing that, 
Koutarou felt something was wrong. 

"Then just do as you're told!!” 

"I understand...” 

"What are you planning, Maxfern!?” 

Koutarou questioned Maxfern in a serious tone. The ominous 
feeling was rapidly growing stronger and stronger. He 
couldn't tell what, but he felt like something bad was about to 

happen. He couldn't just stay put. 

“Like I told you, Blue Knight! I have no intention of giving you 
this country, or this world!" 

“So that's how it is MaxfernM" 

In that moment, Alaia raised her head. Her face expressed 
astonishment and fear. She knew just what Maxfern was 
planning, just what he was going to have the demons do. 

“That black liquid, it's that poison from before, isn't' it!?" 

“That's right!! Well spotted, as expected from princess 

The bottles the demons were carrying contained the same 
fatal virus that Dextro had used on a village. It was a hellish 
virus the alchemists had gathered, studied and produced. 
Maxfern was planning on making the demons carry the virus 
into the sky and pollute the entirety of Forthorthe. 

“Are you planning on destroying Forthorthe!?" 

As he understood Maxfern's goal, a chill ran down Koutarou's 

The pollution might not end at just Forthorthe, it was possible 
it could spread through the entire continent or even the 
entire world. 

“Hahaha, isn't that how a country is originally captured!?" 

Maxfern laughed and ridiculed Koutarou. Insanity could be 
seen in his eyes. Before long, his smile vanished, his eyes 
turned bloodshot and his entire expression showed his 

“This country and this world are mine!! That sword might be 
yours, but I will never give you this world!! I'd rather give it to 
those who live in the darkness before giving it to you!!” 

Maxfern was filled with such hatred and envy towards the 
holy sword that hadn't chosen him, and towards Koutarou 
that had easily been chosen by the sword. 

If the holy sword chose Koutarou as king of the world, then he 
would ruin this would, and make the very fact that Koutarou 
had been chosen meaningless. All for the sake of rejecting 
the sword's choice. 

“Kukuku, Hahahahaha!! Nobody can stop it now! The world 
will end! And you Blue Knight, you will reign on a throne of 

“Maxfern, you bastard!!” 

As Maxfern's mad laughter filled the garden, the demons took 
to the sky, carrying bottles filled with virus. In total there 
were over 50 of the demons, and Koutarou had no way of 
defeating all of them while at the same time keeping the 
bottles safe. 

“Clan, can't you do something!?” 

“I can't come up with something right on the spot! If just one 
of those bottles shatters, something terrible will happen, 
there's no way to keep them all safe...” 

Such a method didn't exist. If just one of those bottles were 
to shatter, the virus would pollute this entire area, and 
shortly thereafter, it would probably spread to Fornorn. The 
capital would be filled with the dead, and with Fornorn at the 
core, the pollution would spread further and further. 

“Uncle! Please stop it!" 

“Shut it, Lidith! I don't want to hear you calling me uncle after 
you chose the Blue Knight!" 

“MaxfernM There's no meaning in this!!" 

“As expected of princess Alaia, you're correct!! The goal is to 
remove meaning!!" 

There was no other way but to make Maxfern call the demons 
back. However, having lost his sanity, he would never obey. 
His only wish now was to take revenge on the goddess who 
had erred in her judgement. 

“It's no use, Bertorion! Forthorthe will be ruined!" 

Clan could create a cure for this virus. However, the country 
would be ruined before she could administer to everyone. 
There was far too little time. It was completely different from 
saving a single village. 

“Blue Knight! Please do something! You must have something 
you can do, right!? Please say there is!" 

“Princess Chari..." 

Koutarou grinded his teeth. 

Damn it, is watching this all happen all I can do!? 

In reality, Koutarou wanted to tell Chari that he could do 
something about it, but he couldn't. As he had no idea of 
what he could do. 

“Caris-chan, can't you use your magic to do something?" 

“It's impossible. They're so spread out that there's nothing I 

can do.” 

"Flair-sama, what should we do?” 

"I'm sorry, Mary. I don't know.” 

The demons flew off one after the other in front of Koutarou 
and the others. It was quite literally the sight of the world 

This is the first time I see something so frightening... no, wait, is it really? 

At this time, a small doubt entered Koutarou's mind. He felt 
like he had seen this sight before. 

When was it? When did I see this? What memory was it? 

Koutarou desperately searched through his memories. That 
memory might become the key to solving this problem. Right 
now, he wanted to try anything he could. 


Before long, Koutarou recalled the memory he was after. It 
was back when he had fought against Clan. When she had 
been about to unleash her final attack, he had heard a voice 
from somewhere. And the owner of that voice had shown him 
abnormal-looking monsters, taking to the skies carrying black 
bottles. And— 


Koutarou's eyes lit up and he rushed towards Clan. He 
grabbed her shoulders and shook her back and forth. Having 
found a solution, he had lost sight of himself in excitement. 

"W-What is it!?” 

Having suddenly been shaken, Clan's eyes rolled in 

“We'll use that! You know, that!" 

“Please slow down, what are you talking about!?” 

“I clearly mean that bomb that sent us here in the first 
place!! Use that to blow those demons, along with the 
bottles, away!!” 

That bomb, the super-space-time repulsion shell, was the 
ultimate weapon Clan had developed. When activated it 
threw everything caught in its radius outside of the universe. 
Koutarou wanted Clan to use that to throw both the demons 
and the bottles out of this world. 

“R-Right, if it's that, then!! But that's still being adjusted, we 
don't know where—” 

“You idiot!! Now's not the time for that!! Hurry up and do it 
before it's too late!!” 

“I understand, I got it!! Cradle!! Prepare to launch the super¬ 
space-time repulsion shell. 

“As you wish, my princess.” 

Right beside the now desperately shouting Clan, a black hole 
much larger than what she normally used to call out weapons 
appeared. A rounded cone appeared from the black hole. It 
was the missile's warhead. Clan had created two of those 
missiles. The first had been destroyed by Koutarou, and she 
was now about to fire the second. In reality, she had wanted 
to use this missile to return to her own world, but she didn't 
have much of a choice now. 

“Fire as soon as it's ready, Clan!” 

“At least let me do a final check!" 

“I won't!" 

“Fine, fine, I got it! GeezM" 

The repulsion shell was already fully charged. Since Koutarou 
had said to use any means necessary, Clan had charged it 

“It's too late, no matter what you're planning! Just sit there 
and roll your thumbs!!" 

Maxfern boasted as he said that. He didn't know what 
Koutarou was planning or what Clan was about to fire. 
Convinced that it was too late for them to do anything, he let 
them try whatever they felt like. 

“What are you trying to do, Koutarou-sama? What should we 
be doing?" 

However, Alaia was different. She sensed something serious 
from Koutarou and Clan's behavior and asked him for 

“Get down! There's going to be a big explosion!" 

“I've finished inputting the target coordinates and 
parameters!! Target has been locked! Here we go, 



“Everyone, get down!!" 


The girls listened to Alaia and threw their bodies towards the 


The next moment, a missile as tall as her came flying out 
from the black hole. The rocket engine spewed fire as it 
headed straight towards the demons above Maxfern. 

That's right, this is what it looked like... 

The image of the rocket flying perfectly overlapped with his 

This surprised Maxfern and his subordinates. 

“What!? Grevanas, what is that!?" 

Seeing something unknown flying towards them, Maxfern 
questioned Grevanas. He believed it was a magical tool of 

“I don't know! It might be some kind of weapon, but 
something like that can't possibly defeat all the—" 

Grevanas quickly started his explanation, however, he wasn't 
able to finish it. The missile travelled faster than he could 
explain, and it activated the super-space-time repulsion shell 
at its target location. 

The next moment, a large flash occurred and the horde of 
demons were enveloped in a gigantic cube. The cube didn't 
just extend to the demons, but also Maxfern and his party 
and the castle. 

The cube only appeared for a few moments. It then suddenly 
vanished, taking everything inside along with it. The demons, 
the bottles they were carrying, Maxfern, his subordinates and 
even the castle behind them. After the cube had vanished, it 
left behind a giant hole, and an earthquake accompanied by 
a shockwave that felt like it shook the entire world. 



Koutarou and the girls screamed. The barrier could block the 
shockwave, but not the intense earthquake. Everyone 
desperately clung to the ground. If they hadn't, they most 
likely would have fallen over and been hurt from the severe 

"...D-Did it stop?” 

However, it wasn't a real earthquake, so the shaking soon 
subsided. Koutarou hurriedly got up and saw a square hole 
carved into the ground. The acute angles on the hole told him 
just how powerful the super-space-time repulsion shell had 

"Did, we do it...?” 

"We did it, BertorionM They've all been completely erased!!” 

The demons were nowhere to be seen, and neither were the 
bottles they were carrying. It had all been thrown out of the 
universe, and Forthorthe was saved from its crisis. 

"No, not yet, Bertorion! Look at that!” 

However, at that moment, Flair pointed towards the sky with 
a serious expression on her face. 

"Not good!! It looks like one made it!!” 

A single demon could be seen where Flair was pointing. It 
was still flying after being hit by the shockwave, though very 
shakily. And it was still carrying the bottle in its hand. 
Fortunately, the demon seemed to have absorbed most of 
the shockwave as the bottle was undamaged. 

“We can't let that one get away!! Hurry and—" 

And as Koutarou was about to take to the skies and chase 
after it. 

“Koutarou-sama, it's falling!!” 


The shakily flying demon suddenly began falling. The damage 
from the shockwave had been too great, and it had finally run 
out of strength. 

“Oh no, the bottle will break!!” 

Of course, the bottle fell along with the demon. If it broke, the 
virus inside would spread, it would be the start of another 

No good, I won't make it! 

Despite knowing that something terrible would happen if the 
bottle would break, nobody could reach it. The demon was 
too far off and Koutarou wouldn't be able to make it. There 
was no longer anything they could do. 

“There is no need to worry.” 

At that moment, something large blocked the sunlight and 
cast a large shadow on Koutarou and the others. Looking up, 
Koutarou was taken aback by surprise. 

“Alunaya!? Y-You were still alive!?” 

“You may be thankful for the fact that I am still alive.” 

The next moment a white line of light shot through the sky. 

It was the flame breath that Alunaya spewed. 

The extremely high temperature flame burnt up the demon, 
the bottle and its contents all at once. 

The Golden Sea and Silvery White 


Part 1 

Alaia was crowned as empress and her coronation ceremony 
was held on a winter day, a few days after the new year. 

With Maxfern and Grevanas thrown out of the universe, the 
coup d'etat naturally came to an end. 

It was originally an incident that Maxfern and Grevanas had 
created behind the scenes, and with the incident cleared up, 
there was no longer anyone that would stand up against the 
royal family. The coup d'etat army surrendered, and Alaia and 
the others finally returned to the imperial palace. 

The month after that was incredibly busy. The collapsed 
political system had to be restored and the national forces 
had to recover after the civil war in order to keep the 
neighboring countries from getting any funny ideas. Though 
the coup d'etat had ended, Forthorthe was still just a single 
country right now, so there were a ton of things that had to 
be done. Through the help of others, Alaia cleared task after 

About a month after the end of the war, the country was 
starting to revive. By then, most of the disorder had 
stabilized, and the industries ravaged by the war were 
beginning to recover. Seeing her chance, Alaia announced 
her grand coronation ceremony to the citizens in order to 

give them hope. As a result, the entirety of Forthorthe was 
celebrating the hardest they had since the foundation of the 

“...The scars created by the war still haven't healed. After a 
month, the country is finally starting to revive. However, I am 
not being pessimistic. I was only able to return here thanks to 
everyone's help. So there is no way that the scars of this 
country can't be healed with everyone's cooperation. That is 
what I firmly believe." 

Alaia was giving a speech. A large crowd had gathered in the 
imperial palace's courtyard to witness her coronation 
ceremony. On her head was a beautiful crown made out of 
platinum and decorated with jewels. That was the proof of 
being the empress of Forthorthe. 

Today, Alaia was becoming empress. Today, the Holy 
Forthorthe Empire's gears of history turned once more. The 
gears would continue to turn, and 1,000 years from now, the 
Forthorthe would reach the space age, and become a galactic 
empire. And in another 1,000 years, a lone girl would depart 
from here to the outskirts of space in a blue battleship. This 
day was the first step towards that. And at the same time, an 
ending was approaching. 

Alaia stepped off the platform after finishing her speech and 
let out a small sigh. 


After her sigh, she took several deep breaths. With Alaia's 
weak constitution, the day of the coronation had a really 
tough schedule for her. 

“Good work, your highness. 

As Alaia was breathing, Fauna came up to her. Fauna put her 
hand on her chest and her painful expression gradually 
loosened up. 

“Fauna, I'm really glad you are here." 

“Please take care of your body. Your highness, no, your 
majesty, your body is no longer just yours." 

“Thank you, Fauna. Please continue helping me from now on 

As payment for awakening Signaltin, Alaia's health had 
degraded. Because of that, Fauna would use spiritual energy 
from time to time to heal her. This was a secret between just 
the two of them; not even her own sister, Chari, had been 
told of it. 


And that Chari was now running towards Alaia, with Mary 
right behind her. 

“You can't, your highness, go slower! Your outfit will come 

“It's fine! You're such a worry wart, Mary." 

Like Alaia, Chari was wearing a formal dress for the 
ceremony. Flowever, she didn't care about that as she 
cheerfully ran. Meanwhile, Mary was worried that the dress 
would tear or come off. 


Chari threw herself at Alaia. Since she had entered her 
growth spurt, Chari had grown quite considerably in a short 
while. As a result, Alaia staggered when she caught Chari. 

However, since Flair casually supported Alaia, she didn't end 
up falling. 

“Thank you, Flair." 

“Not at all, your majesty. This is my job after all." 

Flair showed a calm and gentle smile to Alaia and Chari. 

She had lately become more feminine; this was most likely 
thanks to the war ending. Since she had the strongest sense 
of responsibility, she had stayed alert ever since the day the 
coup d'etat began. With that now over, her original 
personality was now starting to show. 

“So, why were you in such a rush, Chari?" 

“Blue Knight isn't here! Sister, did you see him?" 

Chari was in such a hurry because she was looking for 
Koutarou. Having gotten bored after the ceremony, Chari 
decided to go play with Koutarou. However, he was nowhere 
to be found, and so she had decided to ask Alaia if she knew 
where he might be. 

“Lidith, what job was Reios-sama given?" 

“Lord Bertorion hasn't been given a job today." 

Lidith shook her head when Alaia asked her. She was wearing 
a long robe that showed that she was a bureaucrat. Lidith 
was serving as Alaia's court lady. In modern terms, she was 
something like a secretary. And she was looking to become a 
minister, just like her uncle had once been. Her uncle had 
walked down the wrong path, but she sought to correct that. 

“That's strange, he was here just a little while ago..." 

Alaia could remember seeing Koutarou when the head priest 
put the crown on her head. She secretly wanted Koutarou to 
see her with the crown on, so there's no mistaking it. 

"Hmm... Do you know, Caris?" 

Chari asked Caris. She and Chari got along almost as good as 
Chari and Koutarou. So she was someone easy to talk to. 

“I didn't see him in the dining room.” 

Caris shook her head as she was chewing on some bread in 
her hand. 

She was now one of few remaining magicians in Forthorthe. 
The court magicians had vanished alongside Grevanas. As a 
result, only the magicians out on missions remained. Caris 
was currently acting as their leader; she had now become the 
head of the court magicians. 

Alaia's policies had made it so that no new magicians were 
recruited. She had decided to reduce the number of 
magicians after Grevanas's violence. She was aiming to 
create a country that didn't rely on special powers or special 
people. So the court magicians would eventually disappear. 
However, Caris felt that was for the best. To her, magic not 
being needed was a proof of peace. Caris wanted her life of 
eating something delicious everyday to continue. For that to 
happen, a long-term peace was necessary. 

"Hmm... Blue Knight, where did he go... does he really not 
want to let me ride a horse again...” 


When Alaia heard Chari say that word, she instinctively 
remembered something. 

"From an endless time and a countless distance. ” 

The next moment, Alaia started running. 


Chari immediately chased after Alaia. She knew that 
Koutarou would be where Alaia was running. 


It wasn't logic, it was just a hunch. But she had to go, 
because if she didn't, she felt like she would never see him 
again. And so she began running. She entrusted her body to 
the strong feelings inside of her and moved her legs as fast 
as she could. She had long forgotten about the coronation 

Meanwhile, Koutarou was on a small hill in the suburbs of 
Fornorn. Together with him was Clan, and a crimson dragon 
over 20 meters long. 

"I see, so you two are heading home too." 

"Yes. We've already seen all the sights in this country." 

The fire dragon emperor, Alunaya was welcome into 
Forthorthe as a state guest. 

Alunaya had been under Grevanas's spell and forced to fight. 
That was what the blue crystal had been for. And Alunaya 
had been set free from Grevanas's control once Koutarou had 
destroyed it. That's why it had saved everyone with its last 
flame breath. Alunaya wasn't a hostile dragon, but a peaceful 

Flaving learned the truth, Alaia was deeply grateful and 
invited Alunaya in as a state guest. Fresh food and alcohol 

was brought in daily. Even bands and theatrical companies 
would come and perform. That was Alaia's way of thanking 
Alunaya, and at the same time apologizing for what Maxfern 
and Grevanas had done to it. Alunaya accepted Alaia's 
apology and became a friend of Forthorthe. 

However, after the coronation ceremony, Alunaya had 
decided to leave. Humans and dragons had their own 
lifestyles. Alunaya had things to do, so it couldn't remain here 

“Where will you go now, Alunaya-san?" 

“To a new home. This world has grown colder, and it has 
become much harder for us to live here. That's why we have 
decided to travel to another world. The others are awaiting 
my return." 

“A different world... I see, so that's why.” 

That had been the reason for why dragons had gradually 
vanished from Forthorthe. They hadn't died out, instead they 
had moved to a more comfortable world. The only dragons 
that remained were those with a low intellect, those who 
refused to listen and those who were against moving. 

That was a shocking truth, but Koutarou and Clan both knew 
how powerful Alunaya was. And they too had come from a 
different world, so the two of them could easily accept what 
Alunaya had said. 

“Where will you two go?" 

“We'll go back to the future." 

“The future!? Fuhaha, no wonder you had such a strange 
smell. I see, I see, so this is the smell of the future." 

The same held true both ways, Alunaya was also able to 
easily accept that Koutarou and Clan had come from the 
future. They were all foreign to this world, so they were 
connected by circumstance. 

“But still. If you aren't from this age then... I'll have to thank 
you as well." 

Alunaya believed its gratitude towards the people of 
Forthorthe had been destroying the bottle containing the 
virus. However, that wouldn't apply to Koutarou who wasn't 
from this world. So since Alunaya had a strong sense of 
obligation, it felt that it needed to thank him in some way. 

“There's no need for thanks. If Forthorthe hadn't been saved, 
we would not have been able to return to our own world." 

“Kukuku... Then think of it as a proof of friendship." 

Alunaya laughed in a silent voice, and its eyes began shining 

Then, a crest of a dragon's head was carved on the back of 
Koutarou's hand. However, he couldn't feel any pain. It was a 
special crest that Alunaya had carved using magic. If 
anything, it was similar to the crest on Alaia's forehead. 

“This is..." 

“This crest is connected to me. If you ever require my 
assistance, then speak your wish towards this crest. I will 
certainly appear, no matter how far apart we may be or how 
much time may have passed." 

“You really don't have to do this." 

“That's true. But in that case, just call me out to play before 
you die." 

“Would calling you out for such a reason be okay?" 

“Like I told you, that's the proof of our friendship. Kukuku... 
now then!" 

Alunaya spread its giant wings as it laughed and lightly 
flapped them a couple of times. That alone was enough to 
create a powerful wind that shook Koutarou's and Clan's hair. 

"I believe it's time for me to leave. It's been fun, Blue 

"Likewise. Take care, fire dragon emperor Alunaya.” 

"Attendant, you stay healthy too." 

"You've got it the wrong way around, Bertorion is the 

"Kukuku, you've been a funny lot 'til the end.” 

Alunaya flapped its large wings and flew up into the sky in an 
instant. The setting sun shone its light on the dragon's 
crimson body, and the red light made it look like the entire 
dragon's body was on fire. Alunaya continued flying and 
vanished past the horizon without looking back once. Alunaya 
lived up to its name and showed a powerful and dignified 
appearance as it left. 

"...I guess it's time for us to go too, Clan.” 

"Yes. We've stayed for quite long enough." 

Once they could no longer see Alunaya, Koutarou and Clan 
headed towards Clan's spaceship, the Cradle, that had been 
summoned to the hill. 

"Still, in the end, the real Blue Knight never appeared...” 

"However, history has been more or less corrected. With this 
we should be able to return to our own time and place. 

I hope so... 

Koutarou and Clan walked, shoulder to shoulder, their steps 
were far from swift. At first they had just wanted to escape 
from this age, but now they felt an attachment to it. And that 
feeling slowed them down. They just wanted to see the 
scenery of this age for a moment longer, to feel the wind 
blowing for another second. 

“By the way, how are we going to get home? I heard you had 
found a clue." 

“Right now, the Cradle won't be able to fly into space. So I 
figured that we could use the ship as a literal cradle and 
sleep until the parts necessary to repair the ship have been 

“Even if we sleep, we'll just die before that. Those parts won't 
be produced for another 2,000 years, right?" 

“It's fine. By freezing the time inside the Cradle, time will be 
stopped for us, but continue around us. Of course, I'll need to 
do some adjustments first." 

“...I don't really get it, so I'll leave it to you." 

“Yes, yes. I'm always the one who has to do all the work..." 

When they had first arrived in this age, they had been trying 
to kill each other. However, now it was like they had been 
friends for years. Their relationship had greatly changed 
since they came here. That's just how much time had passed. 

And that wasn't just for the two of them. They had developed 
bonds with the people of this age. That's why they felt lonely. 
They slowed down even more. The two of them loved the 
people of this age. 

“By the way... was it alright not to say your farewells to Alaia- 

san and the others?” 

"Yeah. If I did that, my decision would waver." 

"I understand how you feel. I'm sure I'd just delay the date to 
return by a few days at a time, and end up never leaving..." 

"So you have a delicate and cute side to you too." 

"W-What's that supposed to mean!? Haaa... Geez...” 

The time to leave had finally come. It was the moment the 
two should have been dying waiting for. 

However, leaving behind the bonds they had formed was a 
truly sad event for the two. 

Part 2 

For the two of them to be able to sleep for 2,000 years, 
they'd need to use a place that wouldn't be disturbed for 
2,000 years. There weren't many such places. Fortunately, 
Clan had a clue of where to find one. 

Alaia had first gathered troops in the vicinity of a small fort in 
the Pardomshiha territory. And 2,000 years later that place 
would be known as 'Bertorion's special territory' and was very 
heavily guarded. After the war, Alaia had given that territory 
to the Blue Knight, and it was designated as a special 
territory that not even the royal families could touch. 

In that area, Koutarou and Clan would be able to sleep 
undisturbed for 2,000 years. Neither investigations or 
excavations would be held there. Though there had been 
talks about examining parts of the area on the 2,000 year 
anniversary of Alaia's crowning, but in the end, nothing was 

Koutarou and Clan were now going to head to that special 
territory in the Cradle. Though it couldn't fly in space, some 
emergency repairs to let it fly through the sky had been 
made. They should be able to reach the special territory 
before the sun fully set. 

"Bertorion, come up to the cockpit after you've taken your 
armor off.” 

”1 understand. I'll be there as soon as I'm done.” 

After Koutarou had entered the Cradle, he had separated 
from Clan, who headed towards the cockpit, and had gone to 
the hangar. His job as the replacement Blue Knight had 

ended, and he no longer needed to wear the armor. So he 
was planning on removing it and getting lighter. 

After entering the hangar, Koutarou walked to the area used 
for space suit maintenance. The devices there began 
automatically moving, and after determining what kind of 
armor Koutarou was wearing, it reached it with its arms and 
fixed it to a maintenance booth. After that, the armor opened 
up and Koutarou stepped out from inside. 

“How convenient." 

After getting out of his armor, Koutarou turned back towards 
the maintenance booth. There was a lot of damage on the 
blue armor. Dents, scratch marks, burn marks and more. 
Every one of those wounds reminded him of fierce fights. 

“You did well... thank you for your hard work." 

Koutarou mumbled to himself and lightly tapped the chest 
plate in appreciation. 

Having spent this half year wearing this armor for most of the 
time, Koutarou had gotten attached to the it. 

“I am honored, my lord." 

“Really, you're very well made." 

Koutarou smiled as the armor replied and he then removed 
the wooden insignia rank on its chest and the two swords on 
the waist. Those three items were something he didn't want 
to leave behind in the hangar. 


Koutarou put the insignia and the two swords back on himself 
and headed towards the hangar exit. At the time, he could 

feel the floor rumbling and at the same time he heard a loud 

“So we've set off..." 

That was the vibration of the Cradle floating from the ground. 
After a while, the shaking stopped and the noise died down in 
the hangar. After lifting up a bit from the ground, the 
spaceship didn't shake at all. Now all that was left was to 
quietly fly all the way to 'Bertorion's special territory'. 

However, as he was about to leave the hangar, another loud 
sound rang out. That was the call sound for the panel right 
next to the entrance, and the next moment Clan showed up 
on the panel. 

“Bertorion. The farewell party has arrived." 

As Clan said that, a hatch on the stern side of the hangar 
slowly opened. 

“...Farewell party?" 

The first thing Koutarou saw through the opening hatch was 
snow that had started to fall. Next he saw a meadow with the 
wind blowing through it, being lit up by the setting sun. 

And when the hatch had fully opened, he saw a silvery and 
golden glow. 


“Blue Knight." 

That was Alaia and Chari, still wearing their formal dresses 
from the coronation ceremony. The wind blowing through the 
meadow shook their hair, and the setting sun made it shine. 
The Cradle had already reached quite a high altitude, but 

Koutarou would never mistake the two, as he would never 
forget them. 

“Empress Alaia! Princess Chari!" 

Koutarou held on to the handrail by the hatch and shouted at 
the two below him. As he did, their expressions brightened up 
and they waved their hands. 

I see... so they came to see me off... 

Koutarou was overwhelmed and no more words could leave 
his mouth. He just continued looking straight at the two who 
were waving at him. However as he looked at them, his vision 
was blurred as eyes began filling with tears. He wiped his 
tears away so he could properly see, but his vision was 
quickly blurred. Koutarou gave up on wiping away his tears 
and instead raised his voice. 

“Goodbye! Empress Alaia! Princess Chari!" 

Why couldn't he come up with better words to say? Koutarou 
was frustrated with his own stupidity. All he could say were 
simple farewells. But in reality, he had a lot of gratitude, 
friendship, and loneliness he wanted to convey to the two. 

“Don't cry, Blue Knight!! You're a man, aren't you!!" 

However, Koutarou's feelings were properly conveyed to the 
two. They wiped their tears away and they ardently watched 
as Koutarou was moving further and further away. 

“Blue Knight!! Play with me if we meet again!! Stay well!!" 

Chari had been in tears when she understood that Koutarou 
was going home. However, now she was desperately making 
a smiling and seeing him off. An unbearable amount of tears 
streamed down her cheek, but Chari didn't care about that. 

She continued moving her small arms and waved at 
Koutarou. For each time she waved her arms, the tears 
scattered off her cheeks shone like beautiful jewels. 


Next was Alaia's turn. She spread her arms out and reached 
towards Koutarou, it was as if she was trying to embrace him 
as he was gradually moving further away. As she did that, she 
opened her mouth in an attempt to make her last words 
reach Koutarou. 

At that moment, the Cradle's boosters activated, and a loud 
roaring sound occurred as the engines created a large 
amount of thrust. 

Because of that, Alaia's words were unable to reach Koutarou. 
However, even if her voice couldn't reach him, he knew that 
they were words of farewell. 

Alaia continued moving her mouth, with large tears flowing 
out of her eyes, and she reached her arms out towards 
Koutarou. Her earnest feelings most definitely reached him. 

Just how grateful she was towards Koutarou. 

Just how sad she was that the day of their parting had finally 

“Empress Alaia... Princess Chari...” 

That's why Koutarou desperately waved his arms towards the 
two who were getting smaller for each passing moment. That 
was the only way for his feelings to reach them now. 

The rocket created a strong wind that blew over the meadow, 
and with the setting evening sun shining on it, it was like the 
meadow had turned into a golden sea. And then the silvery 
white snow began to properly fall. The contrast of gold and 
silver was a beautiful and fantastic spectacle. 

Alaia and Chari stood there, constantly waving their hands as 
their hair fluttered in the wind. Neither words nor expression 
would reach Koutarou now. Waving their hands was now the 
last thing they could do. 

While looking down at the two from the hatch, Koutarou was 
also waving his hand. Even after he could no longer 
distinguish them from the rest of the scenery, he continued, 
and continued waving his hand. 

The bonds that had formed over these months would not be 
easily severed. Since he knew that their feelings were 
connected, since he knew that the girls were even now 
waving their hands, Koutarou continued waving his hand. 

In front of him he saw a golden sea and silvery white snow. 

And so, being held in a gentle, warm light, the legend of the 
Blue Knight ended. 

The Last Scene to You 

'The Silver Princess and the Blue Knight, Chapter 2' 

The play being held in the Kitsushou Harukaze high school 
gym had reached the final scene and the finale was about to 
begin. The backstage workers who had been working hard all 
this time were now working their hardest on the preparations 
to make this last scene as good as possible. 

“Where's Harumi-chan!?“ 

“She's in position! She can go at any time!" 

“Has the lighting been changed to the evening color!? Don't 
make a mistake here!!" 


“Where's Satomi-kun?” 

“He's already gone up!” 

They all strived together to make this the perfect finale. 

The curtain on the last scene was about to rise. Harumi who 
was acting as the Silver Princess was standing by at the side 
of the stage. 

“That's strange... what happened to me...” 

With the last scene almost upon her, she was unable to hide 
her nervousness. She put her hand on her chest and took 

several deep breaths. However, that alone wasn't enough to 
remove her nervousness. Powerful emotions were welling up 
from inside and she was struggling to keep them under 

"I should just do it like always...” 

She hadn't been like this just before. During practice, she had 
no problems pulling off this scene. Her being together with 
Koutarou put her at ease. 

"Why am I suddenly so anxious about meeting Satomi-kun... 
it wasn't like this a moment ago..." 

But now, all of a sudden, Harumi was starting to feel anxious 
about facing Koutarou on stage. When she thought of facing 
Koutarou, her feelings ran wild. It's not like they had been in 
a fight, and it's not like she had a change of heart. But 
despite things supposedly being the same, she couldn't 
behave the same way. 

"What should I do... l-lt's starting..." 

Just a moment ago, she had felt security in Koutarou's 
existence, but now it was the opposite. It was like her feelings 
had turned inside out, and she was now feeling very insecure. 

"Sorry, I was a bit late!" 

At that moment, Theia, who was acting as the Golden 
Princess, arrived. In the last scene, the Silver Princess and 
the Golden Princess would see the Blue Knight off. It was a 
scene acted out by Koutarou, Harumi and Theia. 

Theiamillis-san... she's already gotten into her role... 

Harumi felt admiration for Theia as she saw tears streaming 
down her cheeks. Theia had matched her feelings with her 

role before she even got up on stage. And Harumi felt that 
was amazing. 

If I use these feelings, I can... 

And at the same time, Harumi noticed that if she entrusted 
herself to the feelings overwhelming her, she should be able 
to perform well. 

In the script, the Silver Princess could say her farewells to the 
Blue Knight, but she believed that she would be able to meet 
the Blue Knight again. So Harumi believed she could use the 
feelings inside her to portray that anxiousness well. 


Noticing that, Harumi began feeling a little better. She was 
still anxious, but she felt like she would be able to act. 

"Harumi-chan, Theia-chan, please go! We're raising the 

That was when the drama club president gave everyone 
involved the go sign. 

The curtain began rising and a red light shone down on the 
meadow set. And on the opposite end of the stage was a 
large stand, and Koutarou was standing at the very top of it. 

It was a scene where the Blue Knight was looking down 
towards the two from the top of a hill. 


And the moment Harumi looked up on Koutarou, all the 
anxiousness in her chest vanished. Just like it had with Alaia 
on that day. 

When Harumi and Theia appeared on the stage, Koutarou felt 

like they were the real Alaia and Chari. 

Harumi didn't have silvery hair, and Theia wasn't as small as 
Chari. There was also a big difference in the clothes they 
were wearing. However, looking down towards them from a 
high place like this, Koutarou was reminded of that day. It was 
such a powerful feeling that Koutarou felt like if he just left 
himself to those emotions, he would be able to return to that 

" Reios-sama!!" 

"Blue Knight!!" 

And that feeling grew even stronger as he heard their voices. 

"Koutarou-sama!! ” 

"Blue Knight!!” 

Harumi and Theia began overlapping with Alaia and Chari. 
Even the name of Reios had changed into sounding like his 
own when it reached his ears. 

Just what, am I seeing... ? 

That was an illusion that had been created by Koutarou's 
memories. Or it might have been Signaltin, hanging down 
from his waist, responding to his feelings. Nobody knew the 

"Empress Alaia! Princess Chari!" 

The only thing Koutarou knew was that the words he had 
spoken, and the hand he was waving came not from the 
manuscript, but from himself. 

I see... I really, really loved them... 

And as Koutarou reconfirmed his feelings, the sight in front of 
him greatly changed. 

Before he knew it, the stage had changed into the real 
meadow. The meadow reflected the red evening sun and had 
a golden sheen., and a strong wind was blowing. It wasn't just 
the sight, he could feel the wind and smell the grass. It was 
all the same as that day. 

Pure-white snow was falling from above. The snow was 
showered in the evening sun and gave off a silvery sheen., 
creating a beautiful contrast with the golden meadow. 

“Good bye! Empress Alaia! Princess Chari!” 

Koutarou was no longer sure of where he was. Was he on the 
stage? In a dream? Or had he really returned? He had met 
with the people he never thought he would. 

“Don't cry, Blue Knight!! You're a man, aren't you!!” 

Tears naturally began overflowing from Koutarou's eyes. Chari 
was complaining about it, but Koutarou couldn't hold it in. 

“Blue Knight!! Play with me if we meet again!! Stay well!!” 

Chari cried and waved her hand. Just like she had on that day. 

That's right, Koutarou left Chari like this. 


And Alaia called out to Koutarou with a nostalgic voice, and a 
nostalgic smile. She spread her arms out and reached 
towards Koutarou, it was as if she was trying to embrace him 
as he was gradually moving further away. And she continued 
speaking like that. 

“Even if we are separated by an endless time and countless 

They were the words that the rocket on the Cradle had 
erased, and never reached Koutarou. And those words were 
now reaching him. Koutarou was incredibly surprised, and he 
kept listening to what Alaia was saying. While carving those 

words into his chest. 

"—these feelings will always be with you!” 

That was a message from the past that had travelled through 
an incredible amount of time and distance. 

And with Koutarou and the others on the stage, the play 
ended in a storm of applause. 

And after 2,000 years, Koutarou had finally learned what 
Alaia had said on that day. 


Long time no see everyone, it's the author, Takehaya. 

This time I have managed to safely deliver Rokujouma no 
Shinryakusha!? Volume 8.5 The Silver Princess and the Blue 
Knight, Chapter two 1 to everyone. I am grateful to everyone 
for picking it up. 

The contents of this volume is a direct continuation of volume 
7.5. It's the equivalent of the manuscript that Theia wrote in 
volume 7, and the second half of the legend of the Blue 
Knight, or perhaps it could be called the Koutarou arc. 

There are several highlights in this volume, but one of the 
best might be the appearance of the dragon. The dragon is 
sort of a cliche in fantasy stories, but in a novel with some 
Sci-fi elements, they can't just be explained as existing for 
the sake of it. So the dragon had to be persuasive in the 
context to some degree. Because of that, the dragon was the 
hardest part in the novel for me to write. 

In terms of biology, a creature like a dragon has a rather 
unreasonable body. There are two really unreasonable points, 
and that is that they can fly with their gigantic body, and that 
they can breathe fire. 

There has been examples of large flying creatures on Earth 
as well, such as the pterosaur. Specimens as large as 10 
meters have been found. So there are thoughts that dragons 

of that size would be able to fly as well, but that's not how 
reality works. In reality, Pterosaurs were incredibly light and 
they would only weigh between 20-30 kilos. Despite their size 
they would only be about as heavy as a large dog. That's 
what let them fly. But when looking at a dragon, one can't 
imagine them weighing below 100 kilos. With such a 
powerful, gigantic figure, they would weigh in the tons. And 
when looking at dragon bosses in games, they would quite 
clearly way above 20 ton. So with that, they would in no way 
be able to create enough lift with their wings to get off the 

And the other point being that dragons could breathe flames 
would serve as a reason that would keep them from being 
real. On Earth, there are creatures that could spew out 
chemicals with high temperatures. However, the temperature 
would only be around 100 degrees Celsius. When spewed, 
the creature needs to be able to withstand the temperature 
as well, so 100 degrees would be around the limit. A part of 
the creature's body would have to be able to create such 
heat, and the rest of the body would have to be heat- 
resistant. So the question is if creatures like that could 
naturally evolve. Thinking about it seems quite obvious that 
the chances for that would be very low. Adding to this there 
are dragons that could spew all kinds of things, from blizzards 
or poison gas, to electricity. In fantasy works, a large variety 
of dragons appear. So assuming that each of these dragons 
naturally evolved down different paths, and then 
coincidentally all appear in the same time period is a little bit 
too forced. 

So, as I was troubled by this, I decided to make the entire 
species magicians. Their bodies aren't much different from 
dinosaurs, but they were born with strong magical power. 
Using that power, they would be able to fly and spew their 

special and powerful breaths. With that, I wouldn't have to 
worry about any biological problems since magicians already 
exist in this work. And from this, I reached the conclusion that 
intelligent specimens would be able to use magic like normal. 

In a normal fantasy, I believe it's perfectly fine for dragons to 
have a flame sac or electricity sac. It would be fine if the god 
of that world designed them as such. Once Rokujouma is 
done, maybe I'll try my hands at a normal fantasy. I'm 
starting to feel like fantasy would be a lot of fun to write. Of 
course, that would be much later. Probably. 

And I've just about run out of space, so I think I'll wrap this 
afterword up here. 

I would like to extend my warmest thanks to everyone at the 
editorial department, Poco-san for always drawing such cute 
illustrations, my friends for always going out with me for a 
drink when I get stuck, and to everyone who bought this 

Then let us meet again in the afterword of Volume 9. 

October, 2011 









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