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Everyone's Weekend 

Part 1 

Friday, April 23 

The Higashihongan family has been protecting the 
Higashihongan shrine as the head priests for many 
generations. With a long lasting history, the branch shrine 
that is the Higashihongan shrine has existed for over 500 
years. And the main shrine, the Hongan shrine, has existed 
for longer than there exists records of it. 

Because of their long history, the Higashihongan family owns 
vast lands and assets, and they are one of the few distinct 
families in Harukaze city. Thanks to that, their land is the size 
of a baseball stadium, with a large and luxurious Japanese- 
styled mansion on it and a garden that has been devised in 
such a way that all four seasons can be enjoyed to their 
fullest within their land. 

"I-I've come to a helluva place...” 

Having been guided to the guest room, Yurika looked around 
with restless eyes. Normally she lived in the wardrobe of a 
small six tatami mat big room, so to her, this place was like a 
different world. Despite sitting in a wide room, she couldn't 

take it easy, and was instead only getting more and more 

Ahh! Save me, Satomi-san! 

Yurika instinctively called out for her roommate's help in her 
mind. This room also had a very luxurious feel to it. Though it 
wasn't a room that had been covered in gold to show off 
riches, as Yurika sat all alone in the room surrounded by the 
finely crafted pillars, the lacquered furniture, and the 
magnificent drawings on the wall, she felt like she was being 
looked down on by the rich. It was like her surroundings were 
telling her that this was no place for a poor girl like her and to 
hurry on out of here and go to somewhere more fitting for 
her. Of course, this was all just Yurika's complex. In fact, the 
residents of this mansion had welcomed her in with utmost 
care and were far from looking down on her. 

"I am sorry for calling for you, Yurika-chan.” 

As proof of this, a resident of this mansion entered the guest 
room with a smile. 

Her name was Higashihongan Kanae. She was the wife of the 
current head of the family, Higashihongan Soutarou, and the 
mother of Yurika's friend, Sanae. 

“I wanted to talk to you in peace and quiet. About Nana-chan 
for example.” 

Yurika and Kanae had a common acquaintance. 

Part 2 

On a certain Friday after school, Yurika had visited the 
Higashihongan family on her own. This was because when 
she had visited this mansion before with Theia and the 
others, Kanae had asked if she could come by another day so 
that the two could talk. So Yurika took some time off, though 
she didn't have much to take time off from, to come visit the 
Higashihongan family. 

"Yurika-chan, could you stand up and spin around to show me 
that outfit?” 

"Ah, Yes! ...Like this?" 

Yurika accepted Kanae's request and stood up before slowly 
rotating around. Staring at Yurika, Kanae had a nostalgic look 
in her eyes. 

"Thank you, Yurika-chan. Though some small details have 
changed, it really is the outfit Nana-chan had." 

"Yes. These are Nana-san's clothes that I adjusted for myself. 
I... am a bit taller than Nana-san... so I couldn't wear them 
like they were..." 

"That's true. Nana-chan was pretty small... Thank you, Yurika- 

Kanae gently smiled at Yurika who seemed to be quite 
embarrassed. Yurika was embarrassed because there were 
problems with her adjustments. Nana had a very delicate 
body, so Yurika couldn't wear the outfit unless she made the 
area around the waist and butt larger. The only adjustment 

she could boast about would be the adjustment around the 
chest region. 

“So... is Nana-chan okay?" 

Kanae waited for Yurika to sit back down before continuing to 
speak. As she voiced her question, some anxiety could be 
seen in her expression. She had invited Yurika because she 
wanted to ask this question. 

“Yes. But around spring last year, she was seriously injured 
and can no longer use magic... That's why I, her disciple, took 
on her role." 

“So that's what happened..." 

Hearing that Nana was safe was enough for the tension in 
Kanae's expression to go away. Seeing that, Yurika could 
sense what kind of relationship Kanae and Nana had. 

“Kanae-san, you cooperated with Nana-san, right?" 

A cooperator was a Japanese that helped a magician from 
Folsaria when they were operating in Japan. 

Since the magicians came from Folsaria, a different world, 
they were technically illegal aliens. Because of that, they are 
not registered anywhere on Earth. So for them to operate in 
Japan, they need someone to cooperate with them. 

“Yes... Until a little after we defeated Maya, Dark Navy." 

Maya was Maki's master and the previous Dark Navy. Nana 
had defeated Maya with Kanae's cooperation. Because of 
that, Maya retired and allowed for Maki to succeed her as 
Dark Navy. Those were the events of several years ago. 

“After that, Nana-chan left without saying a word.... so I was a 

little worried. I'm happy to hear that she's okay, Yurika-chan.” 

"Kanae-san, Nana-san was, uhm..." 

“I know. Nana-chan left in order to not put our lives in 


"There was also the problem with Sanae's body, so I'm sure 
she wanted to relieve me of my role as fast as possible.” 

"I think so too. Nana-san always said to stop coming to see 
her because it was dangerous too...” 

Eleven years ago, Nana had been unable to fully save Sanae. 
She was only able to perform an imperfect merging of 
Sanae's soul with her body with her magic, so she had 
expected that Sanae's life would eventually end. That's why 
in order for Kanae to spend as much time with her family as 
possible, Nana had quietly left. Or so Yurika and Kanae 

"About Sanae... could it be because of you that she's gotten 
more energetic?” 

There was one more thing on Kanae's mind apart from Nana's 
safety, and that was the reason for her daughter's sudden 

Kanae had been told by Nana that Sanae wouldn't live for 
long. In fact, as the years passed on, Sanae grew weaker and 
weaker. But just as Kanae had prepared for her daughter's 
death, Sanae's condition suddenly improved. And shortly 
thereafter, Sanae brought home Yurika as her friend. Seeing 
what Yurika had with her, Kanae reached a certain 
conclusion, and that was that Yurika had healed Sanae with 


“I did help, but magic alone couldn't have saved her... Uhm, 
about one quarter of it was my doing.” 

Since Yurika's skills with magic were inferior to Nana's, she 
couldn't save Sanae on her own. In fact, Kiriha had been the 
one to treat Sanae while she was supporting her. And Yurika 
believed the biggest reason Sanae had been saved was 
because of the bonds she had to the people around her. She 
thought of her own actions as half of half the work, or one 

"The ratio doesn't matter. Thank you for saving Sanae, 


Being directly thanked by Kanae, Yurika blushed and was 

I-It's kind of been strange lately... 

Recently, there had been more cases of Yurika being thanked, 
trusted and needed. Since this was something she couldn't 
imagine up until now, Yurika was embarrassed by this 
situation. This was because she hadn't noticed her own 
growth, so she believed her surroundings had suddenly 

But... I kinda feel really happy... 

And while she felt strange about the change in her 
surroundings, she also felt happy. The sensation that she 
could be of help to others made her more positive. Although 
she wasn't as good as Nana, if she did everything she could, 
she might be able to save someone like she had with Sanae. 

That's what she felt like doing, and that was her original goal 
to begin with. In other words, one could say that the incident 
regarding Sanae turned Yurika into a full-fledged magical girl. 
And thanks to her maturing, her abilities were improving as 
well. While she might still not compare to the Nana of the 
past right now, she might in the future. Right now, Yurika was 
no longer pessimistic and was instead starting to believe in 
her own future. 

“Besides, when she is with you, Sanae acts like she has 
returned to what she used to be like... As her parent, I 
couldn't be happier. I guess I have to show some gratitude for 
that as well. Thank you, Yurika-chan." 

Thanks to the hard work of Yurika and the others, the two 
Sanaes had managed to return as one, but it would be a 
stretch to say that they were now one and the same. 

Normally, the modest personality developed by Sanae's body 
was on the surface. While Sanae had been struggling against 
her disease, she had to restrain herself in order to not get 
sick, causing her personality to become more modest. 

However, when she was with Yurika, Koutarou and the others, 
her personality as a ghost that was carved into her soul 
surfaced. This personality was the one she had before her 
soul and body split, and it was more active than if she had 
matured normally in her body. Simply put, it was a lot more 

Though the two had managed to safely merge, their 
personalities weren't quite blending in, and they would 
suddenly switch between the two. When she was with Yurika 
and the others, she was bright and cheerful, and when she 
was not, she was a lot more withdrawn. As a result, it looked 
like she was putting up a brave front or was suffering from 
multiple personality disorder. However, they shared 

memories and still liked and hated the same things, so it 
could still be argued that they were one. 

On top of that, to Kanae and her family, Sanae acted and 
looked like she did before the entire ordeal when she was 
with Yurika and the others. Since Kanae and the others were 
bothered by Sanae's modest personality ever since she had 
been admitted to the hospital, this was a welcome change. 

According to Kiriha's explanation it seemed like Sanae's two 
personalities would eventually blend into one. Once fully 
merged, Sanae's personality would probably end up 
somewhere between the modest Sanae and the active Sanae. 
Kiriha said that it would probably be close to the personality 
Sanae would develop if her soul hadn't split from her body to 
begin with. 

And that change had already started. Even when Sanae 
wasn't beside Yurika, Koutarou and the others, she was a little 
more cheerful. 

"But... it really wasn't just thanks to me. Everything worked 
out because Sanae-chan loves everyone and because 
everyone loves Sanae-chan." 

Yurika lightly shook her head and put her hands on her chest 
before tilting her head and smiling. 

"So Kanae-san, if possible, I want you to be grateful for the 
feelings Sanae-chan and everyone share for each other. That 
is what saved Sanae-chan..." 


Hearing Yurika's answer, Kanae's eyes opened wide. But they 
soon thereafter narrowed and she smiled at Yurika. Her 
expression at this time looked really happy, as if she had 

found something nostalgic. 

“...You really are Nana-chan's disciple." 


This time, Yurika opened her eyes in surprise. 

“That earnest heart trying to do right, that strong will that 
won't lose to anything and that deep love that wraps around 
everything... You are just like Nana-chan." 

The words spoken by Kanae had more than enough power to 
surprise Yurika. 

“ Kanae-san..." 

To Yurika who was striving to become like Nana, these words 
were the best kind of praise she could receive. 

“Thank you very much!" 

“Fufufu... I just hope my girl could turn out like you..." 

“I can't recommend that. I don't have very good grades..." 
"Oh my, is that so?" 

“Sadly, yes..." 

Like that, the two began chatting about themselves and their 
common friend with smiles on their faces. It was as if two old 
friends had met for the first time in ten years, so lively 
chatter could be heard from the guest room until the sun set. 

Part 3 

During their talk, Yurika gave Kanae a simple introduction to 
everyone's situation and about Sanae. She believed that 
Kanae would keep it a secret, so Yurika spoke in a casual 
manner. Kanae did the same as she happily listened to Yurika. 
But when Yurika got to the part where Kiriha used a machine 
that used spiritual energy, Kanae furrowed her brows and 
took Yurika out to the city at night. 

“This is the place, Yurika-chan." 

“This is pretty dark..." 

“Wait a moment, I'll put the lights on right now.” 

“Continue All Light.” 

“Right, Yurika-chan was a magician.” 


Kanae had taken Yurika to the basement of a certain building. 
It was an abandoned building that hadn't seen use in years, 
so when Yurika lit it up with her magic, she could see 
unlawfully dumped consumer electronics and cars, as well as 
a bunch of cracks in the walls and ceiling. 

“Is there something about these ruins?” 

It didn't look too out of place for Yurika, as it looked like any 
other ruins. 

“Just a moment... I think it was around here...” 

Relying on Yurika's magic to light up the area, Kanae 
searched her vicinity. After a few minutes had passed and 
Yurika began fearing the darkness of the ruins, Kanae finally 
found what she was looking for. 

“Found it!” 


“What's wrong, Yurika-chan?” 

“N-No, it's nothing...” 

Since she was a magical girl, Yurika blushed as she couldn't 
say that she was afraid of the dark. Unaware of Yurika's 
situation, Kanae called her over to herself. 

“Yurika, could you come over here.” 


Yurika tilted her head while approaching Kanae. Kanae had a 
serious expression on her face, much different from what she 
had shown a moment before. 

“It's about this...” 

“This is...” 

Yurika could see the remains of a destroyed machine. It 
seemed like the machine had been destroyed by a violent 
attack and fragments of all sizes were scattered about. And 
looking at the corrosion and dust gathered on the fragments, 
it became clear that many years had passed since the 
machine was destroyed. 

“Huh!? Isn't this!?” 

Yurika who wasn't big on machinery just assumed it was 
some broken device, but after staring at it for a while, she 
noticed a familiar seal and design. 

“Isn't this Kiriha-san's device!?” 

The remains of the machine looked just like what Kiriha had. 

It had the same unique traits to it like Karama, Korama and 
the device used to treat Sanae. They had clear common 
features that even Yurika could distinguish. 

“Spiritual energy devices belong to the underground people... 
so why would it be in a place like this?” 

“This is what Dark Navy... uhm, more accurately the previous 
Dark Navy, was using. Yurika-chan, look down.” 


Yurika could see some kind of pattern carved into the ground 
by her feet. It had completely lost its power, but it was a 
magical circle used for rituals. As a magician, Yurika quickly 
understood what that meant. 

“Kanae-san, did the previous Dark Navy use magic and 
machines from the underground people together!?" 

“If this is a machine the underground people use then there is 
no doubt about it. Nana-chan said that Maya was using this 
device to store her sacrifice's spiritual energy in order to use 
it for her ritual.” 

Hearing Yurika's story about Sanae, Kanae was reminded of 
this place. She then determined that it would be better if 
Yurika took a look for herself, and so she guided her here. 

“...Which means that at the very least, Darkness Rainbow 
came into contact with the underground people ten years ago 

and worked together...” 

Yurika's expression stiffened as she felt a chill run down her 

I-I have to hurry and talk to Kiriha-san about this! 

Thinking back about the time when they had used magic and 
a spiritual energy device to save Sanae, it was hard to 
imagine just how much power one could gain from using the 
two together. And when considering that Darkness Rainbow 
came into contact with the underground people ten years 
ago, and those people most likely being from the faction that 
stood against Kiriha, one could imagine that Rainbow 
Darkness could use spiritual energy to fight against Rainbow 
Heart, and at the same time, the radical faction that stood 
against Kiriha would be able to use magic. 

At this rate, Rainbow Heart will lose! Kiriha-san too! 

Of course, the opponent wouldn't show the ace up their 
sleeve during small skirmishes, they would instead save it for 
a major battle. 

Thinking about that, Yurika couldn't imagine that Rainbow 
Heart or Kiriha would have an easy time. 

Part 4 

Today, there were no club activities after school for the 
knitting society. The current president, Harumi, had an 
examination scheduled in the hospital tomorrow, so it was 
common practice for the society to take the day before off to 

Having suddenly gotten some free time on his hands, 
Koutarou decided to visit Clan. He hadn't talked a lot with 
Clan lately, but she had been of help often during important 
events. He figured that he should go see her without bringing 
with him any problems. 

“Clan, are you shutting yourself in again?" 

“If I don't shut myself in, I can't get any research done." 

When Koutarou entered the Cradle, Clan was facing a 
computer in her laboratory. She had a ton of topics she 
wanted to research, such as Signaltin and time and space. 
Seeing Clan like that, Koutarou got a little worried. Since Clan 
wasn't in any sunlight and barely moved, her complexion was 
getting a little worse. Bothered by that, he wanted to bring 
her outside. 

“That might be true, but you are a princess. If you keep 
shutting yourself in and ruining your complexion, your 
citizens will worry." 

“My, Bertorion, you speak like a vassal... Did you finally 
decide to serve me?" 

“I have no intentions of serving someone so unhealthy. I'm 

just worried about your future.” 

”M-My future!?” 

Hearing those words, Clan's face turned red and she began to 

”1 don't need you to tell me that. By the time I get married, I 
will take good care of my physical condition!” 

"Hm? Marriage? What are you talking about?” 

At this point, Koutarou only thought that Clan wouldn't be 
able to live if she collapsed, but Clan took this in a different 

"Are you getting married to someone?” 

"Kya Kya Kya! N-No I am not! There's no way I'll marry 

Clan blushed so hard even her ears turned red as she 
intensely shook her head so fast that even her glasses were 
thrown around. 

"Hmm, so you have no intentions of marrying. What a 

... 1-1'II kill him... I'll kill this man...” 

With her face still red and looking down, Clan's shoulders 
shook. She wanted to tell Koutarou 'In that case, why don't 
you marry me'. In the past, Clan had pushed others away to 
focus on her research all on her own; she was that self- 
conceited and selfish. There hadn't been anyone else that 
she had allowed to get as close to her as Koutarou. That's 
why when she thought of her own future, of her marriage, 
Koutarou's face naturally appeared in her mind. But she 

didn't have the courage to say that out loud. Clan was far 
more pure than her appearance let on. 

“Well, that aside, Ruth-san who is a proper citizen of 
Forthorthe is here too so don't show her too miserable of an 

“T-That aside? ...This man just shoved my feelings to the 
side... I'll kill him... I really will kill him..." 

Clan's face was still red and her shoulders continued shaking 
from frustration and anger. Ruth who was nearby then 
whispered in a small voice only Clan could hear. 

“...I understand how you must feel, Clan-sama." 

Ruth had a wry smile on her face as she whispered. 

Ruth had come with Koutarou to visit Clan. When she heard 
that Koutarou was going to see Clan she offered to come with 
him. Since Ruth and Clan shared Koutarou's secret, their 
relationship had been turning to a positive one. 

“I'm surprised you can stay sane while you're always hearing 

“I have already conveyed my feelings to Master..." 

Clan and Ruth started talking in secret. Koutarou was busy 
staring around the laboratory in awe so he didn't hear what 
the two were talking about. 

“So what happened?" 

“Nothing remarkable. But every day is full of happiness." 

“That doesn't sound like something I could do. I have my own 
pride after all." 


"One day I will make Bertorion cry while begging 'Please keep 
me at your side'." 

Clan said so with a disappointed expression. 


Hearing those words, Ruth stifled her voice and began 

"What's the matter, Pardomshiha?" 

"N-No, It's nothing... fufu, fufufufu." 

Ruth was laughing because the meaning behind Clan's words 
were practically the same as Theia's. But since Theia and 
Clan's relationship still had ways to go, Ruth couldn't reveal 
the reason for why she was laughing. 

Part 5 

Koutarou took Clan and Ruth with him and left the Cradle. 

This was because Koutarou wanted Clan to get some sunlight, 
but he also had another reason. In fact, there was something 
he wanted to ask of Clan, and that had been part of the 
reason for why he had come to see her. 

“Here I go, Ruth-san." 

"Okay. Should I do it like I did before?” 

“Please do.” 

Koutarou and Ruth were both carrying weapons and 
protection while facing each other. 

Koutarou was wearing a blue armor used to control the 
spaceship, the Blue Knight. In each of his hands was a 
knight's sword. However, both of the blades were blunted, 
and Ruth was using a protective barrier so there was no fear 
of injuries. 

Ruth was also wearing an armor designed for combat. Like 
with Koutarou, it was also powered and it increased Ruth's 
strength significantly. She was holding a thin sword in her 
right hand. However, this sword was a little heavier and 
larger than what she normally used. It was this way to match 
her increase in strength and to balance her better due to her 
armor. Of course, this weapon was also blunted. 

Koutarou and Ruth had been sparring like this for a while. 
Koutarou wanted to show Clan how he and Ruth fought. 


Koutarou kicked off the ground and dashed forward. His 
power was increased by the armor and he moved at a speed 
that showed that the armor wasn't weighing him down. With 
his right sword ready to swing and his left sword in front of 
him, he approached Ruth. 

“Here he comes.” 

Ruth took a stance and stood ready to face Koutarou who was 
rapidly approaching. Her stance at this time was defensive; 
as she had such a peaceful personality, her stance naturally 
turned out that way. Her style was to defend and go for 
counter attacks. However, she was focused even more on 
defense this time around since Koutarou had asked her to put 
up a solid defense. 


Koutarou exhaled briefly before swinging the sword in his left 

A shrill sound rang out, and before the sound could disappear 
the sword in his right hand was swung down towards Ruth. 
However, Ruth was able to dodge this attack by twisting her 


However, that wasn't all Ruth did. Using the mobility of her 
thin sword to the best of its capabilities, Ruth launched an 
attack at Koutarou. The tip of her sword created a sharp 
whooshing noise as it cut through the air and headed towards 


Koutarou kicked off the ground and managed to evade Ruth's 


However, because of that forced movement, a large opening 
appeared in Koutarou's stance. Ruth went and launched 
several attacks towards him. Since Ruth was serious, diligent 
and wanted to show off her good side to Koutarou, she had 
practiced at great lengths. And her continuous attack was an 
elegant one without any wasted movements. All Koutarou 
could do was bring up his swords to use them as shields. 

"Y-You've gotten better, Ruth-san!” 

"That's because my teacher was good!” 

Koutarou and Ruth's match continued for a while. Ruth was 
dominant the entire match, using her swift attacks to force 
Koutarou on the defensive. Based on the fact that the 
defensive girl was taking the offensive, one could say that 
she was overwhelming Koutarou. 


Ruth easily deflected Koutarou's right sword with a smile on 
her face. She then closed in and thrust out her left fist. The 
fist was wrapped in red light as the armor read Ruth's 
intentions and filled her fist with energy to attack. 


I won't make it at this rate! 

Koutarou decided to abandon his left sword and swung out 
his own left fist. Because of the timing, Koutarou's sword 
wouldn't make it, so his fist started to fill with electricity and 
release sparks. This electricity was thanks to Kiriha's gauntlet 

which had been incorporated into Koutarou's armor. 

The two's fists collided and cancelled each other's attacks 
out. Thanks to that, this attack didn't end their battle, but the 
two stopped moving. 

“You have really improved, Ruth-san." 

“Fufufu, that's because I haven't missed a single thing you've 
said, Master." 

“Then I better take care not to say anything strange." 

“Aha, you don't have to worry, because I quickly forget about 
things inconvenient to you, Master." 

The two smiled at each other and lowered their weapons. 
Though their battle hadn't reached a conclusion, what they 
needed to do had been done. 

“...So there you have it, it goes something like this. What do 
you think, Clan?" 

Koutarou returned his right sword to its sheath and picked up 
the other sword he had dropped. As he put that sword into its 
sheath, he approached Clan. 

“Frankly put, I can't recommend using two swords at the 
same time in this state." 

Clan operated her bracelet while shaking her head. Then 
several holograms projected by her bracelet appeared in her 
surroundings. The holograms consisted of footage and sound 
from Koutarou and Ruth's battle, along with data extracted 
from their fight. 

“I've recorded you fighting with a single sword, holding two 
swords and only using one and using two swords at the same 

time... but only the first two uses seem practical. In close 
combat, just holding two swords is dangerous.” 

”1 thought so.” 

Koutarou agreed with Clan's answer and nodded his head. 

Koutarou wanted to consult Clan about how he should use his 
swords. Signaltin enchanted with magic and Saguratin 
infused with Sanae's spiritual energy both had their own 
unique traits, and he had to think of how he should use them. 

In total, Koutarou could think of three different usages. 

The first was to keep fighting with a single sword like he had 
up until now, and then change his sword based on the 
situation. Though it would take time to switch, the fact that 
he didn't need to change his fighting style made this an 
attractive method. 

The second way was to hold one sword in each hand, but only 
using one at a time like the fight against the monster with 
Sanae a few weeks ago. Back then it was a sort of last resort, 
but not having to waste time changing weapons was a logical 

The third way was to dual wield and use both of swords at the 
same time. Though the difficulty increased significantly, it 
was the most convenient way to use the swords. In this case, 
Koutarou would be able to respond to situations flexibly. 

Koutarou's ideal was of course to dual wield them, but since 
he realized how difficult that would be, he had come to 
consult Clan. 

"When I'm wearing the armor, I can't feel the heaviness of 
the swords, but I end up being swung around by them.” 

Without the armor, using two swords at once was not 
realistic. The knight sword was a little too big to be used with 
one hand and the momentum from swinging one had a great 
effect on the user. Koutarou figured that he would be alright if 
he wore the armor, but the results were unsatisfactory. He 
also wanted to know the reason behind that. 

“The problem isn't with the weight you feel, but with the 
mass. The armor might take the load off the body, but that 
doesn't change the mass of the sword, so the centrifugal 
force and inertia are the same. If anything, it will get even 
worse when you swing even faster with the strengthened 
power from the armor.” 

"Clan-sama, does that mean that when attacking with two 
swords at once, you have to change your technique?” 

"Based on the results from the data, that would be the case. 
Using two knight swords at once would mean you would have 
to invent a new style of sword fighting. It is not a very 
realistic proposition.” 

Using two long swords at the same time meant that their 
movements would get in the way of one another. On top of 
that, the mass of the swords would affect Koutarou so he 
would have to use techniques developed specifically for this. 

"If it's just about offensive power, then doing what you two 
did at the end and using the built-in weapons in your left 
hands would be far better.” 

Using two swords at once was unrealistic. In that case, letting 
go off the sword with one hand and using the weapon built in 
to the left hand would be better. That was the conclusion Clan 
reached based on her data. 

"I see. If you say it's impossible, then there's no doubting it.” 

Clan's conclusion was the same as Koutarou's sensation. 
Having proved this with his own sensations, Koutarou 
accepted this result. 

“I will come up with something regarding how to use the 

"...Those words bother me." 

Koutarou was satisfied, but Clan was not. Her eyes behind her 
beloved antique glasses were filled with irritation as she 
frowned. She looked like a young girl throwing a tantrum. 

"What are you getting so angry for?” 

"It's not impossible for me! You take that back!” 

Clan couldn't forgive that Koutarou thought there was 
something she couldn't do. 

"If you say it's impossible. ” 

To Clan, those words were the same as she wasn't being 

"But you just said that it wasn't realistic..." 

"That was just a generalization!” 

Clan reached out her hand towards Koutarou and began to 
irritatingly poke at his chest with the tip of her finger. 

"I will become your master!! As if I could allow there to be 
something impossible for me!!” 

Clan admitted that Koutarou was the legendary Blue Knight. 
So in order to become his master, she was prepared to 
surpass his legend with her skills in science. Right now, she 

was aiming to become Koutarou's master in both name and 

“So can you do it?" 

“A foolish question! All you have to do is beg me! To say, 'Oh, 
Princess Clariossa, please lend me your power'! You have that 


With his arms crossed, Koutarou looked at Clan who had 
thrown her head back and realized his mistake. 

To people that get along well, this might mean to expect good things from the 

The solution to this problem was far more difficult than the 
devices Koutarou had asked Clan to make to practice with. 
That's why Koutarou didn't want to ask for the impossible. 

But that might have been a mistake. 

Thanks to the invader girls, Koutarou had realized that he 
tended not to expect anything from others. In other words, 
Koutarou only requested things from others in a narrower 
range than what they really could do. 

It seems like that was the problem this time around. Koutarou 
could have expected Clan to solve this problem. 

“I'm sorry. It's just as you say.” 

“You may reflect on your actions to your heart's content.” 

“But Clan.” 


“I don't want to ask princess Clariossa, but you, Clan. Could 
you do it, Clan?” 


At this moment, Clan's expression froze up. 

Princess Clariossa and Clan both referred to the same person, 
but Koutarou was asking Clan. The Blue Knight wasn't asking 
princess Clariossa. This was a request from a partner that she 
had gone through hardships with and who hoped to continue 
to be partners in the future as well. 

Clan properly understood the meaning behind those words. 
That's why her expression soon unfroze and she smiled at 

"That much is obvious. Who do you think I am?” 

"A slightly sly, stubborn but always reliable girl.” 

"As long as you know that. Leave it to me, Koutarou.” 

"Yeah, thanks, Clan." 

"Then I'll get to work immediately.... fufu, fufufufu....” 

Koutarou had said the word sly, but as of late, there hadn't 
been any slyness in Clan's expressions. And right now, she 
had such a bright smile she looked like she might break into 
dance at any moment. 

Part 6 

Clan's idea was to use the armor's gravity inertia control to 
control the mass of the swords as needed. If she succeeded, 
Koutarou should be able to use two swords with the same 
sense he had been cultivating so far. 

However, there were of course many difficulties. Not only did 
the mass control system for the swords need to derive its 
data from Koutarou's movements, but the problem with the 
two swords interfering with one another needed to be taken 
into consideration as well. Other people might be able to 
solve each problem separately, but only Clan could solve the 
incredibly difficult task of solving all these problems at once. 

Clan took Koutarou and Ruth back to her laboratory and took 
several measurements on Koutarou and the armor. She also 
took the operation data from Ruth's armor. After this, she 
would throw the data into her computer and calculate the 
required parameters. 

“But still, it won't be possible today or tomorrow." 

“I know. I'm not asking for that much." 

“I'll also need to perform some adjustments so come back 
again after a while." 


“Thank you very much." 

However, a large amount of time would be needed to 
calculate those parameters. So Koutarou and Ruth decided to 

leave the rest to Clan and head home. 

“Then I'll see you later, Clan." 

“I will take my leave, Clan-sama." 

Koutarou lightly waved his hand at Clan while Ruth deeply 
bowed. That was when Clan sent a questioning glance 
towards Ruth. 

“...Say, Pardomshiha, don't you suspect that I would try to do 
something with you even giving me access to the Blue 

Koutarou's armor was originally a part of the controls for the 
spaceship, the Blue Knight. That's why Clan couldn't touch up 
on the armor without Koutarou or Ruth, the registered users 
for the armor, by her side. Clan had only been able to 
perform repairs to the armor in the past Forthorthe because 
Koutarou had been with her and given his permission. 

But now Koutarou had his life to take care of, so he couldn't 
stay by Clan's side all this time. So Ruth decided to register 
Clan as a crew member of the Blue Knight so that she could 
modify the armor. 

Clan wasn't sure why Ruth would do that as if she didn't have 
a sense of danger. 

“Could it be that you wish to perform maintenance on the 
entire Blue Knight!?” 

Ruth's eyes sparkled. There was not a single fiber in her body 
that believed that Clan would perform an evil deed. 

“No! I'm talking about setting up a backdoor into the system 
or setting up traps on board the ship!” 

Ruth's carefree attitude confused Clan. Just a little while ago, 
she had been Theia and Ruth's enemy. 

"Haah... why would you do that? Would it be for a surprise 
party or something?” 

Clan's intentions didn't seem to reach Ruth as she blinked 
repeatedly and looked with a confused expression at Clan. 

"Of course not! Geez! I'm asking if you're not worried that I 
might eliminate Theiamillis-san to raise my position in the 
rights to the throne!" 

Eventually Clan got annoyed by Ruth's lack of worry. As a 
result, she directly spoke what she had been insinuating. And 
Ruth was finally able to understand what Clan was trying to 

"No, not really.” 

Ruth shook her head and her short, arranged hair flapped 

"Why not?” 

"That's because right now, you don't wish to become 
empress through such methods, Clan-sama.” 

Ruth then put her hands on her chest and smiled at Clan. 

" Pardomshiha...” 

Having seen Alaia up close, Clan now knew what it meant to 
be a princess and an empress. At the very least, if she wasn't 
a princess that the Blue Knight, Koutarou, would accept, she 
was not suitable to be empress. That's why Clan was 
planning on winning against Theia fair and square. She 
wouldn't get in Theia's way, and if needed, she would 

challenge her up front. If she didn't, she would never be able 
to become someone that could surpass Alaia. 

Ruth had realized this. She had seen this from her behavior 
and her relationship with Koutarou. Though she might have 
read Clan's behavior wrongly, she wouldn't do the same with 
Clan's relationship with Koutarou. Ruth was very confident in 
her own judgment. 

“Clan, you are just thinking too hard about it. I'm always 
telling you, aren't I?" 

Koutarou smiled next to Ruth as well. 


When he did, Clan's face turned a little red. She wasn't used 
to having a man she was close to speak so friendly to her. 

“Being so sly, you wouldn't do anything evil that would leave 
evidence behind, right? You elegantly do evil in a way that no 
one would find out about. You're not the type that would do 
something as a registered user. Believe in yourself more." 

However, Koutarou's next words instantly inverted Clan's 
feelings. Her expression turned into one of anger and her 
face turned even redder as she shouted at Koutarou. 

“Quit messing around! As if someone who seeks to become 
the empress of Forthorthe would trap others! Something like 
that would—" 

“That's right. It's just as you say." 

However, Koutarou put his hand on Clan's head before she 
could finish shouting. And as if praising a child, he tapped her 
head repeatedly. 


“It's alright, don't worry. Both me and Ruth-san believe in 
you. The others might not do so yet, but they will eventually. 
Theia will too.” 

Koutarou and Ruth smiled and stared at Clan's face. 


This caused Clan's face to turn even redder and she turned 
her eyes down as if to escape. 

Clan had asked Ruth her question because she was worried if 
Ruth really trusted her since they were enemies before. But 
in the end, it seemed like that worry was for nothing. And 
Koutarou had called her sly on purpose to get her angry and 
draw out her true intentions. Having realized that, Clan was 
unable to raise her head from relief and embarrassment. 

“Clan, believe in yourself more.” 

"...I'll hold off on killing you for now, Koutarou...” 

Clan mumbled as she put her hands on her chest. As she did, 
she could feel her own heat and elevated heart beat. 

I would bet my life on this feeling... but to think this kind of feeling was 
resting inside of me... 

In the past, Clan had only thought of others as being 
disposable after their use had expired. However, having 
stepped out of her laboratory on a whim, she had learned the 
importance of it. Clan herself thought it was strange, but now 
she loved others and the world. And Clan felt happy about it. 

Hmm? What was that?” 

“It was nothing." 

Clan spun around and showed her back to Koutarou and Ruth 
and headed towards a shelf. 

“...Pardomshiha, let me give you something good." 

“Here they are, take these." 

Clan then pulled out something from the shelf and brought it 
to Ruth. 

Clan was holding two metallic sticks in her hand. They were 
just about the same size as batons used in relays. 

“These are... beam swords, correct?" 

By emitting a beam from the stick, a sword is made; they 
were so called beam swords. She knew that, but Ruth 
couldn't understand why she had been given the swords and 
she looked at Clan with a confused expression. 

“Yes. As a sign of our friendship, I will give you these." 

As Clan nodded and smiled, Koutarou tapped Clan on the 
head again. 

“Oh... You do have a good side to you Clan." 

Koutarou knew very well what the meaning behind this 
present was. 


Clan's face turned red once more and she turned her face 
away from Koutarou. She really wasn't used to receiving 
compliments from people close to her. 

“What do you mean, Master?” 

Ruth asked not Clan who had fallen silent, but Koutarou. She 
still didn't understand the meaning behind the present. 

“Actually, these are the swords Lord Flairhan used. You know, 
the swords of light that appeared in legend.” 

“These are!? Is that true!?” 

The moment Ruth heard Koutarou's explanation, her eyes 
shot open and she stared in astonishment. The two beam 
swords in her hand held a very big meaning to the 
Pardomshiha family. They were the weapons of one of the 
characters that appeared in the legend of the Blue Knight, 
Flairhan Pardomshiha, that she had used in the final battle of 
the coup d'etat. 

“Yes, I guarantee it.” 

“To think they actually existed...” 

Ruth had a tight grip around the swords as her eyes 

The two swords of light that could cut through anything. 

Since they were described as magic swords, historians 
doubted they even existed. But in reality they did, and they 
were now in Ruth's hands. Holding the weapons of her 
greatest ancestor in her hands, Ruth was moved to tears. 

"W-Well, it's not something that can be made public, and 
there's no point in me holding onto them. So you take them.” 

"Thank you very much, Clan-sama! I will take great care of 

"W-What an exaggerated reaction, they are just beam 

Attempting to escape from Ruth who was repeatedly bowing 
her head deeply, Clan returned to her desk. 

"...Hey, Clan, let me teach you something." 

Seeing Clan like that, Koutarou gave off a small smile. 


Clan moved just her eyes to look at Koutarou. She was too 
embarrassed to turn her face towards him. 

"Playing the villain is not possible for you anymore. How 
about you realize who you are now?” 

"...T-That's none of your business! You're always calling me 

"If I don't, I'd have to treat you like a princess." 

"Then do so!!” 

"Are you seriously saying that?" 

"Uuhh... Not really...” 

Clan became flustered, adjusted her glasses and grabbed the 
hems of her skirt. 

”1 am your partner, and accomplice, then there's also... 



"Thank you for everything. You're a great help.” 


Koutarou's next words made Clan's eyes pop out. 

"I hope you can take care of me in the future as well." 

"...Uh... Auu..." 

Clan tried to retort, but she was unable to form words. Shortly 
afterwards, Clan glanced at Koutarou through her glasses 
with a grudge in her eyes. And then she finally managed to 
squeeze out of a few words. 

"...Geez... I really will kill you...” 

As Koutarou looked at Clan's eyes he thought to himself- 

"Yeah. Come kill me whenever you want. How about a day 
when Ruth prepares some snacks?” 


-that he was really happy to have been able to reconcile with 

Part 7 

At first, the room in which the girl known as Aika Maki lived in 
was very empty. 

She would only be staying at this city until she had 
completed her objective, that was why she hadn't kept 
anything but the most necessary things in her room. It was a 
room similar to a business man's out-of-town hotel room. And 
without any superfluous decorations, it didn't look like a room 
a girl in her teens lived in. 

However, after the new year began, Maki's room had started 
getting brighter. 

Clothes of many vivid colors were hung up on the clothes 
rack, and by the bed was a dressing table that wasn't there 
last year. In the dressing table were tools for make-up, 
though few in number. Moreover, her plain table now had a 
checkered tablecloth over it, and next to it lay two large 
cushions. And wallpapers now covered the concrete wall. 
There were also many other small changes. 

It was no longer the empty room of the past. In a few months, 
the room had changed, and while it was still simple, it was 
changing to a room fitting for a teenage girl. 

“Which one should I try next... A little too much exposure 
would be embarrassing, so how about this white one.... But 
won't it be seen as childish with it being so frilly..." 

Maki was standing in her colorful room all alone while holding 
her own fashion show. She alternated between her newly 
bought clothes and her favorite clothes while trying to decide 

what to wear the coming weekend. 

“If I match it with this white ribbon, it will probably look cute, 
so even if it's a little childish... but I will be getting on rides, 
so if I wear clothes with too many accessories it might get in 
the way..." 

Clothes, purse, accessories and make-up. 

Maki didn't have a lot of each to choose from, but there were 
countless combinations, and she was trying to find the best 
combination. Because of that, she had been working hard on 
this since she came home. 

“But... all the girls around Satomi-kun leave such a strong 
impression, so I should pick something flashing... No, no, I 
shouldn't force it..." 

In fact, Maki had an appointment to go out to play tomorrow. 
She would be going out with some classmates she got along 
with to visit an amusement park. The reason why she was 
holding her own fashion show was because she wanted to 
show off her cute side to one of them. She wanted to attract 
the attention of that person, and have him praise her. 

“My underwear... I should just wear normal underwear.... He 
won't be seeing those tomorrow.... No, he might, depending 
on the attraction... then... I should pick these flashy ones.... 
Aah, it's too early for these!” 

Having imagined something embarrassing, Maki grabbed a 
nearby cushion and buried her face into it. It was obvious 
what Maki wanted from her beloved person, but being a 
beginner at love, she didn't know the best method to achieve 
her desired result. That's why she continued to bury her face 
into the cushion. Her worries were deep. 

“...What am I doing..." 

After doing that for a while, Maki suddenly stopped. While still 
hugging her cushion, she looked up at the ceiling. 

“...To think I had such girlish feelings inside me..." 

Maki couldn't help but be confused. 

Ever since she had been a child, she had lived a severe life 
and had been involved in fierce battles. During that time, she 
only thought of outsmarting others and using them. That's 
why she had been detached from feelings like love, to the 
point where she started believing that she could never 
experience such feelings. 

However, her meeting with a certain boy had changed Maki's 

If it's with him, I'm sure we can fill each other's solitude. We can save each 

Her exchange with the boy had woken up such feelings in 
Maki. And by the time Maki realized her feelings, her 
surroundings completely changed. Everything around her 
looked like it was sparkling. Everything she did was funny. 
Having someone support her and supporting someone herself 
made Maki's life brighter. It was most likely the first glimpse 
of hope in her life. 

“...I... could die for Satomi-kun's sake... and I used to think 
that only fools died for others..." 

Maki had found value in her life for the first time ever. It was 
the first time she wished that these days would continue like 
this forever. Of course, since she had been caught up in 
battles since she was a child, it took time for her to admit 

those feelings. She also tried to play it off using various 
excuses, like saying it was necessary for her mission. But 
now, her feelings had grown to the point where she could no 
longer hide from them. 

However, that deviated from the goals of Darkness Rainbow 
which she was a part of. Darkness Rainbow's style was to 
fulfill your own wishes using the power of magic. However, 
Maki didn't want to force her way with magic any further. She 
only wished to continue living out these days. That meant 
that her Dark Navy self was being lost. However, she was not 
yet aware of that. 

“Okay, let's do this. I have to draw Satomi-kun's attention 

Maki stood up, let go of the cushion and faced her clothes 

Like this, Maki lived her days like a normal girl, not knowing 
what her actions really meant. 

“...It looks like you're blending in well, Maki." 

However, the time those days would end had come. It was as 
sudden as when they had first started. And the one to let 
Maki know the end had come was the voice of someone she 
knew very well. 

“You've even gotten a lot more feminine in the time I haven't 
seen you." 

When Maki hurriedly turned around in the direction of the 
voice, she saw a woman in an indigo robe very similar to her 


It was the previous Dark Navy, and Maki's master. 

Part 8 

Maya was injured in a battle against Nana several years ago 
and allowed for her disciple to succeed her. 

Though the wound she had received wasn't fatal, it was 
serious enough for her to lose several parts of her body. As a 
result, Maya was reduced to a state where she couldn't even 
walk, let alone fight any further. Of course, accompanying the 
loss of the parts of her body, she also lost a lot of her magical 
power. That's why Maya's life as a soldier ended. 

"Maya-sama, is your body alright!?” 

"Yes. I found a superb doctor.” 

That Maya was now standing in front of Maki on her own two 
legs. She had hidden her presence to the point that she could 
sneak up right next to Maki. In other words, it meant her life 
as a soldier had been recovered. That's why Maki was left 
speechless from surprise. 

"That said, I haven't fully healed yet, so as part of my 
rehabilitation I came to cheer you on.” 

While she spoke, Maya formed a fist with her right hand in 
front of Maki. 

Amazing... such an elaborate artificial arm. Just where did she... ? 

Maki held her breath as she stared at Maya's right arm. 

Maya's original right arm had been blown away during her 
battle with Nana, so her right arm should be artificial. 

However, it was expertly crafted, making it hard to tell 
whether it was artificial just by looking at it. Its texture was 
almost exactly the same as the rest of her body, and only 
some lines and markings on the arm hinted that it was 
artificial. However, simply claiming that it was a tattoo would 
be enough to convince people. Its movements were also very 
natural, and it looked like a real arm. It even had the same 
wasted movements found only in living beings incorporated 
in it. 

An artificial arm as elaborate as this could not have been 
made in Folsaria. The same was true for modern science in 
Japan. That's why Maki realized that Maya must have had a 
very special cooperator. 

"I also came to brag about my rejuvenated appearance to 


Artificial body parts of the same craft as her arm made up for 
the other parts of Maya's lost body. Her skin that had been 
mostly burned had been replaced with artificial material. As a 
result, Maya looked like she had gotten more than ten years 
younger. Maya was more than ten years older than Maki, but 
now they looked like they could be sisters. 

“But you don't have to worry. I don't have any intentions on 
retaking the title of Dark Navy from you. Sadly, my magic 
capabilities are the same." 

The only weak point of her artificial body was that it couldn't 
be filled with magic power. Magicians focused the magical 
power in their bodies into a single point to cast spells. 
However, this artificial body didn't have the capability to 
create magical power. Though it was possible to supplement 
her body, it wasn't possible to supplement her magical 

power. Because of that, Maya's magical power was now at 
the same level as a standard magician. She didn't have the 
power needed to be a top leader of Darkness Rainbow. 

“No, I would never be worried... I am glad to see you fine, 

Maya is Maki's master. Seeing her master so healthy made 
her happy, and she naturally formed a smile. 

“...You've changed, Maki. The you in the past would have 
been more cautious... could this be confidence from getting 

Seeing Maki like that, Maya smiled happily. But seeing her 
master's expression, Maki froze up instead. 

Oh no, I acted like I would next to Satomi-kun...! 

Ever since she had realized her own feelings, Maki began to 
spend her days happily. She no longer hurt others or doubted 
their motives. They were days not filled with hostility, but 
with friendship and love. 

However, the original Dark Navy wasn't like that. Not only 
was she hostile towards the magical girls from Rainbow 
Heart, but power struggles occurred within Darkness Rainbow 
as well. Her everyday was filled with malice and hostility. 
Spending her life like that caused her heart to close off. The 
Maki of the past, the magical girl Dark Navy, had such a 
frozen and closed off heart. 

I better make sure I don't get suspected or Satomi-kun will be in danger! 

Having realized the change within her heart, Maki hurriedly 
gathered up the negative feelings within her. She didn't have 
much malice left within her, but for better or for worse, she 

had a sense of danger and anxiety. Imagining the person she 
loved in danger; those feelings swelled up and filled her 

“...It has been quite some time since I started naming myself 
as Dark Navy. I can't stay as your poor disciple forever." 

Those gathered ill feelings barely managed to recreate her 
mask as Dark Navy. 

“That's true. I'm sorry, Dark Navy." 

Fortunately, Maya didn't suspect Maki. 

Darkness Rainbow was a gathering of people without concern 
to begin with, and even if there was a change, one would 
suspect it was because of a mission or a plot. Maya had 
noticed a small change in Maki, but she thought it was just 
due to her objectives in this place. Or it could have been a 
plot to make use of Maya. Either way, she thought of it as 
something perfectly normal. 

In Darkness Rainbow, people used others or are used 
themselves. The bond between master and disciple was 
nothing more than that. 

“No, there is no need to apologize..." 

Maki smiled without letting anything on, but in reality she 
was greatly shook. 

...Just a while ago I was like this... 

Maki could see a glimpse of her past self in Maya. She saw 
someone who didn't look for bonds with others and only 
thought of using others and of nothing being used herself. 
Seeing that, Maki couldn't help but feel fear that her beloved 
person would be attacked by Maya. And that image greatly 

shook her. 

I have to protect him... I have to protect Satomi-kun from my darkness... 

This city had changed Maki a lot, but the darkness and past 
she once carried with her had changed its appearance and 
shown up in front of Maki as Maya. Now, Maki's beloved 
person was now exposed to that threat. Her own existence 
threatened the existence of her beloved, and that gave Maki 
an unbearable pain. 

Part 9 

Maya wasn't the only one from Folsaria to pay a visit to Maki. 
Once Maki and Maya's greetings were over, the other two 
appeared in Maki's room. These two also had magical girl 
outfits similar to Maki's, but their colors were different: dark 
red and dark green. They were Maki's allies that went by the 
names Dark Crimson and Dark Green. 

“Maki, you've gotten very girly in the short time we haven't 
seen each other." 

The girl in the red outfit, Dark Crimson, looked at Maki's 
clothes spread out throughout the room and smiled. 

Dark Crimson had an active and unyielding personality. She 
only wanted to get stronger and fight powerful foes. Her 
frame of mind was similar to that of a martial artist. She 
strived to become the strongest magical girl and trained hard 
day and night. She specialized in energy type offensive 

Because of that personality, she didn't care much for being 
feminine. Dark Crimson had no makeup on her and her hair 
was unkempt, which moved as if it was flames. She had also 
removed the parts of her outfit that made it hard to move in, 
so its design was different. She was clean, but not very 
feminine. That was the kind of girl Dark Crimson was. 

Dark Crimson felt a sense of closeness to Maki, who lacked 
almost as much femininity as her. Maki hated feigning who 
she really was, so she never wore makeup or fancy clothes. 
But that Maki had now changed, and to Dark Crimson, it 
made for good material to tease her. 

“I am only doing it out of necessity.” 

Maki frowned as she said that. Since she hated lies, this 
wasn't one. To the current Maki, being feminine was 

"Well, I guess. There's no way Maki would do this because 
she wanted to... But, just thinking about it makes me laugh." 

However, Dark Crimson interpreted it differently from Maki. 
She didn't think Maki wanted to be feminine herself, but that 
she was reluctantly doing it because she had to do so for her 

"If you want to laugh just go ahead and do so." 

"T-Then I'll take you up on your word. Ahahahaha!” 

Of course, Maki didn't correct that misunderstanding. There 
was no reason to reveal the truth and ruin her position. And 
since she wasn't doing it reluctantly, she wasn't particularly 

I understand how you feel, Crimson.... Even I myself find it funny... 

In fact, Maki was happy that Dark Crimson had 
misunderstood. While maintaining her unhappy expression, 
she felt a sense of relief that Dark Crimson was putting that 
dangerous topic aside. 

"By the way, Green, what brought the two of you here?" 

Maki left Dark Crimson laughing and turned to Dark Green 
who was standing next to her. 

The girl wearing a dark green outfit was the shortest of the 
seven top leaders of Darkness Rainbow. Since she was 
standing next to Dark Crimson, the tallest of the seven, there 

was more than a head's difference in height. 

“...We got free from our previous jobs at the same time Maya- 
san recovered, so we came to take a look at how it's going." 

Dark Green responded in a very proper manner as she 
adjusted her glasses. It wasn't just her height, but even her 
personality was the opposite of Dark Crimson's. Her specialty 
was also the opposite, as she focused on fortune telling and 
illusions. She was a magician skilled in information gathering 
and interference. 

“I said that I was fine alone." 

Dark Green's words made Maya drop her shoulders. As 
someone with a lot of pride and confidence, Maya wasn't very 
happy being told that she needed protection, even though 
she had just recovered. 

“I believe in Maya-san's abilities as well, but I don't believe as 
much in that new body." 

“I can agree with that." 

Maya herself aside, it wasn't easy to place trust in the 
technology that supplemented parts of Maya's body. Maya 
felt the same herself and didn't complain any further. 

“...So the three of us have gone on ahead. This time, our goal 
is to scout the surroundings of that magic power for our an 
all-out attack, and if possible, seize it for ourselves." 

Darkness Rainbow was after the magic power that gathered 
in room 106. They prioritized claiming that magic power, but 
in truth, they only wanted it as a means to complete their 
main goal, which was to destroy Rainbow Heart. 

For that goal, Crimson and Green had received different 

missions as well. And due to sheer coincidence, Maya had 
returned to service with a new body just as they had finished 
their missions, so they came to Kitsushouharukaze city 

Their true battle, the decisive battle against Rainbow Heart, 
lay beyond. If they were able to obtain the concentrated 
magic power, their position in the battle would be more 
advantageous. That was the reason behind Maki's 

“What about the other four?" 

“Purple-san is working on restraining Rainbow Heart. Yellow- 
san is making a weapon in preparation for the battle. Blue- 
san is still busy training her disciple, and Orange-san is 
helping her." 

“...So we're almost there..." 

One year ago, in their battle against Rainbow Nana, five of 
the seven leaders of Darkness Rainbow had sustained severe 
injuries. As a result, Crimson, Orange and Yellow needed long¬ 
term treatment, while Blue and Green had to retire and give 
their titles to their disciples. That's why the Green standing in 
front of Maki was a different person than the Green from one 
year ago. 

However, their situation had improved during the year and 
they had now started taking action again. Like Maki said, the 
decisive battle against Rainbow Heart was closing in, and the 
preliminary battle would be when they seize the magic power 
in room 106. 

“It is obvious that whichever side controls this magic power 
during the final battle will have an advantage. So this is 
where it starts..." 

Maki mumbled to herself with a severe expression as she 
realized the situation. 

I have to keep Satomi-kun away from this battle... 

There was a massive quantity of magic power in room 106. It 
was in a league of its own when compared to the other 
artifacts, powerful magical items that Maki and the others 
had gathered. It was suspected to be related to Signaltin and 
Encyclopedia, but Maki felt something else that kept her from 
being certain of that. And in the center of it all was her 
beloved. If she left this situation be, it was obvious that her 
beloved would become the center of the conflict. That's why 
Maki racked her head thinking of ways to avoid that. 

“The ideal would be if we could seize it now, but if worse 
comes to worst, we have to seal it before the decisive battle.” 

Maya continued on from where Maki left off. Darkness 
Rainbow's absolute priority was to make sure that Rainbow 
Heart didn't use this magic power themselves. Seizing the 
magic power came second. 

“Then let's blow away the building around the magic power. If 
we clear the surroundings, they can't make any moves 

Listening to Maya's words, Crimson proposed a rough plan. 
The plan was that by destroying Corona House, neither side 
would be able to use the magic power. It was an unwritten 
law that magicians concealed magic from the society while 
on Earth. By removing the building, it would become 
impossible to do things in secret. Crimson's idea was simple 
and rough, but quite effective. 

“We can't.” 

However, Maki immediately rejected this plan. 


Crimson was dissatisfied as she had confidence in her plan. 
Maki continued on in an attempt to convince her. 

“Then we can't use the magic power either. And then there's 
the problem with rebuilding it; we can aim to destroy the 
building later.” 

Even if they destroyed the building, there wouldn't be in any 
point if was rebuilt before their decisive battle. The same was 
true for sealing the magic power. If they were going to do it, 
they should do so just before the battle. Their focus right now 
should be on seizing the magic power. 

“So easygoing...” 

Hearing Maki's words, Crimson frowned. She hated trouble, 
but since she understood what Maki meant, she didn't say 
anything else. 

“Green, what do you think?” 

Instead, Crimson asked for Green's opinion. Green was the 
calmest and most intelligent of the four in the room. That's 
why Crimson was going to follow Green's opinion. 

“Hmm... In order not to waste all of Navy-san's efforts up 
until now, let's not blow up any buildings this time.” 

Green slightly tilted her head and indicated the clothes lying 
scattered around the room. 

“Well, okay.” 

Crimson easily gave up on arguing when Green supported 

Maki's opinion. She wasn't good at discussions to begin with, 
and was satisfied if she got to fight against strong opponents. 

Thank you, Green... 

If Corona House was blown up, its residents wouldn't escape 
unscathed. Since Maki wanted to protect one of the residents, 
she was grateful that Green agreed with her. 

“...So Maki, how about that boy in question?" 

Crimson who was hasty, pushed the discussion forward. Maki 
answered Crimson's question while feeling relief. 

“Our relationship is going well. I'm sure he would think of me 
as a good friend." 

“Hmm, for someone who hates dealing with others, you've 
worked hard." 


“Maki, could you take just that boy somewhere else?" 

That was when Maya intervened. She had heard reports of 
the boy who used a powerful artifact. It would be for the best 
if he would join their cause, but if not, they needed to 
separate him from the magic power. It was common practice 
to pull the most difficult opponent away from a fight. 

And looking at everything that had happened, it looked as if 
the artifact he had made use of the magic power in room 
106. As such, it was thought to be inevitable to keep him 
away until they could seize control of the magic power. 

“I wasn't the one that planned it, but I actually have plans on 
going out with him tomorrow.” 

“Then try to stall him for as long as you can. I am interested 
in him, so I actually wanted to meet him, but I have more 
important business to attend to." 

Maya smiled as she insinuated something. 

Maya-sama is after Yurika... 

Maya was planning on eliminating Rainbow Heart's arc- 
wizard, Yurika, while Maki was keeping the boy away. 

Having realized her master's intentions upon seeing her 
smile, Maki nodded firmly. 

“I understand." 

Maki had no objections, things were developing in an ideal 
direction for her. 

I can protect Satomi-kun if it's tomorrow... 

The person Maki wanted to protect and the person Maya 
regarded as dangerous was the same person. Maki didn't just 
want to protect Koutarou from physical harm, but she also 
wanted to separate him from evil all together. 

That person isn't someone who is used to fighting. He shouldn't fight... 

The boy was talented at fighting, and the weapon he used 
was powerful, but that didn't mean that fighting suited him. 
Maki believed that he was the kind of person that hurt 
himself every time he hurt others, and that he would 
eventually be unable to bear that pain and meet a sad end. 

That's why Maki wanted to keep the boy away from the battle 
in order to protect him. She loved the boy the way he was 
now. He was neither a soldier nor a hero, just a normal boy 
that was a little out of it. But Maki loved that boy who held 

the same kind of solitude as she did. She loved him more 
than anything. 

“Wouldn't it be dangerous with just Navy-san? The artifact of 
the person in question is supposedly very powerful..." 

Green furrowed her eyebrows. Maki hadn't taken up the 
offensive because the person in question was very strong. 
That's why having Maki alone with him tomorrow should be a 
big risk. 

“I'll be fine, Green. I've been working for this up until today." 

Maki had no intentions of fighting with the boy. She also 
didn't think that he would attack her. She didn't think there 
would be any danger even if she was alone. However, saying 
that she would be fine wasn't enough to satisfy Green. 

“However, if it does develop into a fight then, you might not 
be able to hold him back— Oh?" 

But as she spoke, Green noticed something and made an 
astonished expression. After staring at Maki for a moment, 
she smiled. 

“...I see, so that's how it is." 


Maki wasn't following what Green meant. So she showed an 
expression of confusion. 

“Navy-san, you've already made a contract with a devil or 
something, haven't you? That's why you'll be fine on your 
own... I finally understand." 

In contrast to Maki, Green seemed satisfied and nodded. 

A magician could see the magical power surrounding people. 
Green specialized in fortune telling and information 
gathering, so she was exceptionally good at it. Because of 
that, she was able to see concealed magic that normal 
magicians would overlook. 

Green had spotted a special type of magical power within 
Maki. It was a kind of magic that compelled two intelligent 
creatures to help one another. 

To magicians, this was called a contract or engage, and there 
were primarily two reasons to use this. One was to contract a 
demon to serve the magician, a so called familiar. The other 
was when making a deal with a creature of a higher existence 
than the magician, and forming a contract where they will 
help once specific conditions are met. 

When forming contracts with powerful beings, more complex 
conditions tended to be used. And Green had spotted a 
complex contract within Maki. That's why Green assumed 
that Maki had made a contract with a devil, a demon of very 
high level. 


Maki was at a loss for words. 

A contract? There's no such... to begin with, with who? When? 

Maki had no recollection of forming a contract with someone, 
so she was confused by what Green had pointed out, to the 
point where she suspected that Green might just be jesting. 

“So Green, what kind of contract is it?" 

While Maki was puzzled by the situation, Crimson muscled 
her way into the conversation. 

If Maki had made a contract with someone, it would mean 
that she had gotten a big power-up. To Crimson who valued 
strength over all, this was an interesting topic. 

“It's an equal and persistent contract with a mental 
connection between the parties... and there's no limit to the 
mutual assistance. It's almost like they're one and the same. 
It's quite a drastic contract...” 

"Maki... are you planning on marrying that devil or 

Having heard about the details of Maki's contract, Crimson 
showed an amazed expression and started laughing. The 
contract was far stronger and complex than what she had 
imagined. Simply put, it was a contract that bound their 
hearts and exposed their very existence to one another, until 
death do they apart, they would continue to protect one 
another. It was such a complex contract that Crimson couldn't 
help but laugh and compare it to marriage. It also meant that 
since it was so complex, she must have made a contract with 
someone very powerful. Crimson could imagine just how 
much Maki powered up from that contract, and in that sense, 
she couldn't help but laugh. 


When Green mentioned that word, a certain boy appeared in 
Maki's mind. 


That was when Maki realized that there was one person that 
fit Green's description of a contract. But that thing greatly 
shook her up. 

But... that's... impossible... 

If that really was the truth, everything that Maki believed 
might have been fake. 

“What kind of guy is it? Tell us, Maki." 

Interested by Maki being so shaken up, Crimson closed in on 
her and pushed further. Crimson simply believed that Maki 
had gotten a power-up so there was no deeper meaning in 
her action. 


“Just leave it at that, Crimson. Even if we're allies, it's against 
the rules to investigate each other's abilities.” 

Maki had been unable to answer and felt her face getting 
pale. That was when her master, Maya, gave her a helping 

It was the rule that the members of Darkness Rainbow didn't 
report each action they took. So pushing Maki to reveal the 
contract was a violation of that rule. 

“...Haah.... we finally got to an interesting topic...” 

Crimson quickly stepped back. She sighed regretfully, but she 
easily gave up. Crimson only wanted to take a look at the 
creature Maki had contracted, but it was also true that this 
would put Maki at a disadvantage. So Crimson thought that 
Maya's words were justifiable. 

“Green, you too.” 

“Yes, Maya-san. And I'm sorry, Navy-san...” 

Green politely bowed her head as she apologized for selfishly 
revealing that Maki had formed a contract. 

“...No, that's okay..." 

Maki forgave Green, but her mind was in a different place. 
“S-Satomi-kun, I... I... " 

Her body trembled as unease seeped out from the bottom 
from her heart. 

Just a few moments ago, Maki had been leaping for joy as she 
was cheerfully trying to pick out what clothes to wear for 

I...just what... are these feelings... 

However, there was no joy within her now. The solitude and 
despair that had disappeared began invading her again. 

Evening in Room 106 

Part 1 

Friday, April 23 

Ruth and Koutarou were walking arm in arm. As they did, the 
space between them disappeared. Brushing up close 
together, they walked down the residential area wrapped in 
twilight. They were on their way back from Clan's spaceship 
to Corona House. 

“Master, it has gotten warmer, hasn't it?" 

Ruth smiled with her cheek resting on Koutarou's shoulder. 
She was looking at the night sky of the early summer and the 
first star of the evening. The calendar having passed spring 
meant brighter nights were upon them. 

“If it's warm then why not let go?" 

“Geez... you always try to separate like that, Master..." 

“...Sorry. I'm not used to it..." 

When the two were alone, Ruth would call Koutarou 'Master'. 
As of late, she would also start to link her arm with his. These 
were all Ruth's desires. 

"I think I have the right to stick to you from time to time as 

"Ruth-san, you're always so diligent and serious, so... it's a bit 

"Fufufu, please get used to it. Normally, Master has the right 
to freely make use of my mind and body...” 

Ruth had been feeling that she was the only one missing out 
on physical contact with Koutarou. 

Sanae had been hanging on Koutarou since she was a ghost, 
and she continued doing so after regaining her body. Theia's 
relation with Koutarou was fierce, both in the past and 
present. Since Yurika lived her life so sloppily, Koutarou 
constantly had to follow up on her. And Kiriha lived to play 
pranks on Koutarou. 

Looking at it like that, because of Ruth's serious personality, 
she had been missing out on contact with Koutarou. Bothered 
by that, she wanted to at least stick to him while it was just 
the two of them. If Koutarou were to refuse her, he would feel 
like he was only rejecting her, so he had no choice but to 
accept her desires. 

"But... if you really don't like it... please say so... that is not 
my intention...” 

Just saying those words was enough for the smile to 
disappear from Ruth. She didn't want to trouble Koutarou for 

"If I really didn't like it, it wouldn't bother me." 

Koutarou on the other, started smiling as he spoke. 

A normal person can probably do this without any resistance... 

Thanks to the girls around him, Koutarou had realized the 
psychological fault he carried. 

Koutarou didn't expect much from others; that's why he 
unconsciously tried to get away from linking his arm with 
Ruth. In other words, he didn't expect to form a deep bond 
with someone. 

But Koutarou felt that wouldn't do. And while it might be hard 
to change his personality right away, he felt like he should 
change it little by little. 

“Then... I will wait." 


“Her highness and I will always wait for you. Until the day 
when master can accept us...” 

As Ruth said that while still leaning on Koutarou, she put 
more force into the arm linked with Koutarou's. While he 
couldn't see her expression, the warmth coming through 
Ruth's arms conveyed the depth of her feelings. 

“Why would you go so far...” 

“That's because... we want to save you and become happy.” 

If Koutarou had just been the Blue Knight of legend, Ruth 
probably wouldn't have loved him this much. 

She loved Koutarou because he was imperfect. It was 
because she wasn't just being protected, but she could 
protect him as well. 

“...That is what I think love is.” 

Ruth looked up at Koutarou and narrowed her eyes. As she 

did, the gentle light in her eyes shot straight into Koutarou's 
heart. That light then broke down another piece of something 
hard within his heart. 


With his heart a little lighter, Koutarou spoke to Ruth. 

“I don't want you to tell this to anyone else, but...” 

"Yes, Master.” 

Ruth quietly nodded without changing her expression. 

"There are times when... I think of Ruth-san and everyone 
else as angels or something similar." 

That was Koutarou's true feelings. The most gratitude he 
could ever show to the girls that treated him so well despite 
his many flaws. 

"You are wrong, Master." 

However, Ruth shook her head at these words. But her eyes 
remained as gentle as before. 

"We are just human. Because... if we really were angels, we 
wouldn't think to fall in love with anyone, would we?" 


Hearing that, Koutarou was at a loss for words. 

"...We are just normal humans that love you and want to be 

In the end, Koutarou wasn't able to say a word. 

It's things like those that make you look like angels... 

As he was being stared at by Ruth's gentle eyes, the best he 
could do was mumble inside of his mind. 

Part 2 

As Koutarou and Ruth returned to Corona House, they were 
greeted by a bizarre sight. Seeing that, the two opened their 
eyes wide in surprise. 



It was the sight of Sanae collapsed in front of room 106. She 
was lying down on the ground with her face pressed up 
against the door, as if she had tried to break through the door 
with her face. 

“It's okay, Ruth-san. It's the usual thing.” 

Koutarou lightly touched Ruth's head as she screamed and 
held onto his arm. Ruth then timidly looked up. There were 
tears forming in her eyes. 

"...I-I can't get used to this no matter how many times I see 

"Really now, that Sanae... I keep telling her...” 

Having realized the situation, Ruth felt relieved and let go of 
Koutarou's arm. And as Koutarou complained, he approached 
the collapsed Sanae. 


She was unconscious, and her body was completely limp. As 
a result, Koutarou had a hard time lifting Sanae up. 


Ruth opened the door for Koutarou. 

"Thank you." 

Koutarou entered room 106 carrying Sanae. As he did, he 
could hear the sound of the TV. A person that had come 
home before him was watching TV. 

"She really is..." 

Feeling a bit of strength leave his body, Koutarou headed 
towards the inner room. When he entered the room, he was 
welcomed with a magnificent transformation scene of a 
magical girl on the TV, and the back of a ghost. 

“The magical girl of love and courage! Love Love Heart!" 

“It's finally here!" 

“Don't give me that!" 

Koutarou struck the back of the head of the ghost, Sanae. 
“Auu... Ah, welcome home, Koutarou." 

The ghost Sanae pressed the power switch on the remote and 
turned to Koutarou. The magical girl on the TV disappeared. 
Sanae had been watching the episodes of the magical girl 
show that she had missed while she had lost her memories 
that Yurika had recorded for her. 

“Sanae, how many times do I have to tell you? Don't leave 
your body lying around." 

“Ah, you're right." 

That was when Sanae realized that she had escaped her own 
body, she blushed slightly as she apologized to Koutarou. 

“I'm sorry, Koutarou. My old habit just got the better of me..." 

Sanae had recovered her body, but when she tried to pass 
through the door like she had as a ghost, her body was left on 
the outside. 

“If the neighbors see your body like that, there'll be an 

“I understand, I'll be careful." 

Sanae hadn't done it on purpose, but she obediently reflected 
on her actions. Sanae was the one who would be troubled if 
nobody could stay in the room because an incident occurred. 

“Then that's good... Here, your body." 

Koutarou presented Sanae's body that he had been carrying 
to her ghost form. However, she shook her head and pointed 
towards the wall with the window. 

“I don't need it. Leave it over there. I'll put it on later." 

“Wear it properly. You're taking up space for two and getting 
in the way." 

“Geez, how could you say that this bundle of adorable, 
Sanae-chan is in the way!? Isn't it just more of a profit having 
two of me!?” 

“One is fine. The room is already small." 

“But, if I wear it now, my forehead will definitely hurt." 

Sanae pointed to her body's forehead. It was swollen and red, 
and looked quite painful. 

“...Ah geez." 

It looked painful to Koutarou as well, so he carried Sanae's 
body to the wall while complaining. 

“That's right!" 

Sanae came up with a good idea and clapped her hands 

“As a thanks, you can touch my boobs! I'll forgive you." 

“As if I would!” 

Sanae thought it was a brilliant idea, but Koutarou instantly 
rejected her. 

“You joker. You know you want to touch them ~ Koutarou- 
chan~, you don't have to hold back-" 

“What's the fun of touching someone without anything 

“...Is that how it is?” 

“I don't know about others, but at least I'm that way. If you 
don't wear Sanae-san, it's not much different from touching a 

Sanae's personality was still not fully merged. The ghost 
Sanae's personality appears when she is with Koutarou and 
the others, and when she's not, the personality of Sanae-san 
that had been in the hospital is on the surface. And when 
neither of them are inside her body, it's not much different 
from a doll. 

“Hmm... I feel like I've learned something new." 

“Then wear it." 

“No way. The forehead will hurt." 

“Okay, okay." 

Koutarou put down Sanae's body by the wall while smiling 
wryly. At the same time, he fixed her clothes that had gotten 

“Thanks, Koutarou." 

“You better put it on after a little while." 


Sanae energetically nodded and looked back towards the TV 

to continue watching her anime. 


Koutarou looked at Sanae's body by the wall and the Sanae 
sitting in front of the TV before dropping his shoulders and 
heading towards the tea table in the middle of the room. That 
was when his eyes met with a girl sitting there. 

“What's wrong, Theia? You're making a strange face.” 

“Ah, no, it's...” 

Theia had both her hands pushed against her cheeks and was 
staring at Koutarou. But when her eyes met with Koutarou's, 
her face was dyed red and she averted her eyes. Theia kept 
her mouth shut and didn't say anything. Koutarou wondered 
what she was doing and sat down next to her. 

“Your highness, it won't be conveyed if it's only in your mind.” 


However, after being told by Ruth who was with her, Theia 
glanced at Koutarou. She then looked down at her chest 
before opening her mouth. 


“Uhm, I recalled something when I overheard you and Sanae 

Theia then stopped speaking for a moment and looked at 
Koutarou's face. And after confirming that he wasn't laughing, 
she continued. 

“When we first met, you said something, remember? You said 
'Even I have the right to choose which breasts I fondle'...” 


Hearing Theia's words, Koutarou thought back to that time. 
Back then, Koutarou and unexpectedly touched Theia's 
breasts. And as Theia criticized him, he responded with those 

“...Something like that happened.” 

Koutarou started feeling nostalgic and looked towards the 
wall the furthest into the room that led to the Blue Knight. On 
that day, Theia had appeared from the wall. 

Back then, Koutarou couldn't imagine that the day would 
come when he and Theia could speak calmly like this to one 
another. They were quite immature back then; that was how 
Koutarou felt as he smiled and thought back to their past 

“So... I want you listen without laughing, but...” 

Hearing those words, Koutarou turned back to look in the 
direction of the voice. There, he saw a Theia who had grown a 
little bigger compared to last year. And with her eyes still 
turned away, she continued squeezing out words. 

“1-1 was wondering... if you still think the... same way...” 

What does Koutarou think of her breasts? After listening to 
Koutarou and Sanae, that's what Theia had started thinking 

“Yes, my breast have barely grown in this year! But, even 
then, t-they have gotten a little bigger!” 

A flat chest. In the past, that was what Koutarou had called 
Theia's breasts, and Theia was aware of her size as well. But 
as time passed and Theia fell in love with Koutarou, she 
began worrying what he felt about her breasts. Does he still 
not want to touch them? Or has he changed his evaluation of 
them? To others it might sound stupid, but this was important 
to Theia. 

“They shouldn't be as shapeless as you think! Surely!” 

Theia was desperate. Theia had her belief that Koutarou 
would stay by her side as long as she stayed true to her fate. 
But she also wanted Koutarou to love her as a woman. If 
Koutarou didn't want to touch her breasts, it would mean that 
those weren't loved. And that was a serious problem that 
could shake her position as a woman. 


Theia's series of words showed Koutarou how she felt for him. 
As a result, Koutarou could feel himself compelled by 
something inside of him. If he let down his guard, he felt that 
he might embrace the Theia in front of him. 

Wait, calm down! That would be bad! 

However, as Koutarou's arm started to move slightly, he 
managed to stop himself. This was because he recalled the 
problems regarding this room. After taking several deep 
breaths, he smiled at Theia. 

“Actually... the breasts' size are unrelated to whether or not I 
want to touch them.” 

Though he had calmed down, talking about girls' breasts was 
uncomfortable for Koutarou. As a result, he couldn't keep 
himself from blushing. 

“But... that's not what you said back then..." 

Koutarou spoke out his intentions, but Theia couldn't accept 
that right away since he was saying the opposite of what he 
had before. So Theia looked up at Koutarou with an inquisitive 
look. That was when Koutarou decided to expand on his 

“Back then, I didn't like you, so I brought the size of your 
breasts into the argument, even though I didn't really care." 

Back then, Koutarou wanted to prove his innocence, so he 
pointed out that small breasts weren't worth touching. 

“Then, you don't care if my breasts are small?" 

Theia slightly leaned forward and her expression got a little 

“The problem is what is inside, not the size of your breasts, 

As Koutarou said that, he turned to look towards the TV. In 
front of the TV was Sanae who was swinging from joy to 

“...I see. I understand." 

Theia looked at Sanae and nodded. 

He would touch because he wants to. Touching someone's breasts just 
because they're large certainly is sad... 

If the body was all that was important, Sanae probably 
wouldn't have made it back. But that wasn't the case. Then 
the same would hold true for the figure, the face, the breasts 
and height. If any of those were the only important things, 
they couldn't have a proper relationship. The only time the 

appearance was a problem was when their relationship was 

And what's important isn't if the sword is broken or not, but if the oath in it is 
not. How immature of me to be so concerned of the size of my breasts... 

In fact, if appearance or position was important, Theia would 
not have chosen Koutarou. The same was true for Koutarou. 
She had fallen in love with him because that was the kind of 
man he was. Theia had been so concerned about her breasts 
that she had overlooked that. Having realized that, Theia 
called out to Koutarou with the smile she always wore. 

“Then... the problem is if you love me or not, yes?” 

Theia knew that Koutarou loved everyone, but she wasn't 
asking about that; she was asking if he loved her as a 
woman. If he didn't just want to talk and laugh together, but 
also to embrace her and feel her warmth. That should be the 
deciding factor if Koutarou wanted to touch her breasts or 

“What do you think?” 

“I don't know. But I do know that you won't run away if I 
touch you like this.” 


Theia had put her hand on top of Koutarou's without him 
noticing. And once he noticed, he didn't try to shake her off, 
nor did he feel that it was unpleasant. 

“You love me enough to allow this. Then it's only a matter of 
time before you'll want to touch my breasts...” 

Theia narrowed her eyes and held onto Koutarou's hand. 

“Fufufu, such futile resistance, Satomi Koutarou." 

“How selfish..." 

Koutarou criticized what Theia was saying, but on the inside 
he was thinking the opposite. 

Futile resistance, huh... that might really be the case... 

Just a moment ago, Koutarou was about to embrace Theia. 

He had barely managed to hold himself back, but that was 
exactly what Theia was pointing out. He was aware of that, 
and rejecting that more than needed would be odd. That's 
why, despite what he was saying, Koutarou lightly held 
Theia's hand as well. As if responding to that, Theia entwined 
her fingers with Koutarou's. 

“Yes. I am selfish. I'm an invader after all." 

Theia's invasion was progressing smoothly. 

That's why her smile at this time was overflowing with 

Part 3 

While waiting for Ruth to finish making the tea, the bored 
Koutarou was looking at what Theia was doing. She had 
intently been drawing something on a large piece of paper for 
a while now. 

“By the way, what are you doing?" 

“I thought of a way to power-up your armor." 

Theia showed a big smile and presented the paper to 

“Let's see... The Super Koutarou I've Thought Up 1 ?" 

That was what was written at the very top of the paper. On 
the paper were a large amount of ideas to strengthen 
Koutarou's armor. Koutarou couldn't help but lower his 
eyebrows when he read the title. 

“Hey, don't use me for your games, Theia." 

“How rude, I am fully serious... There have been a lot of 
troublesome incidents lately, right? So I figured there would 
be no harm in preparing for any future trouble." 

“That's true..." 

The title aside, Koutarou could agree with Theia's idea. The 
peace of room 106 was something all the residents wished 

“Then Theia, what's the meaning of this drawing? It's a big 

mess and I can't understand it.” 

Below the title, many lines formed a complex figure, and it 
was impossible to understand what Theia meant by power up 
from just a single look at it. That's why Koutarou needed an 

”1 came up with additional equipment. But, if they got in the 
way of your movement, there wouldn't be any point, so I was 
thinking of positioning small unmanned fighters of various 
types around you. And that formation would support you in 
your battles.” 

"Hmm... so where am I in this drawing? There are too many 
lines for me to tell.” 

"Uhm, around here.” 

Theia used the pen in her hand to draw a circle around the 
center of the drawing. 

"...You're an idiot, aren't you?” 

As she did, Koutarou was fully amazed. 

"What do you mean with idiot?!” 

Disliking Koutarou's reaction, Theia puffed up her cheeks and 

"I'm completely buried in your additional equipment! This is 
far beyond that level!” 

The circle marker that Theia drew was very small. It was only 
obvious that Koutarou couldn't spot himself in that, as about 
99% was taken up by the additional equipment. 

"With this you will never lose! No matter what enemy you 

face, you will be okay!” 

"What's the point of me being in the middle of all of this!?" 

"You will be the victor!” 

"Just use the Blue Knight from the start!” 

A swarm of unmanned fighters surrounded Koutarou for 
several dozen meters. With this, there was absolutely no 
point of Koutarou fighting, and it would be more efficient to 
just use the spaceship, the Blue Knight, to attack. This idea 
for a power-up was straight up useless. 

"I don't want that! I want you to be strong! I want Super 

"...Satomi-sama, you don't understand anything. These plans 
are filled with my own and her highness's dreams and 

Theia was throwing a fuss, while Ruth, who was pouring up 
tea, began talking about romance. 

The two of them had absolute confidence in this power-up 

"With this you can save me and Ruth from any danger, and 
you'll stand in the spotlight and defeat the enemy!” 

"With this, the unmanned fighters will be the ones in the 

"No, it will be Satomi-sama.” 

"Give me a break!” 

Koutarou wanted to defend the peace of room 106 as 

efficiently as possible, while Ruth and Theia wanted Koutarou 
to shine. Their discussion had reached a deadlock. 

“...What are you clamoring about?" 

That was when Kiriha appeared in the room. Kiriha had gone 
out with Shizuka to buy groceries for tonight's supper and she 
had just gotten back. 

“I was thinking how much of an idiot Theia is." 

“What do you mean with idiot?! Is that a word you'd use on 
your master whom you love?!" 

“Master or not, you are an idiot!" 

“Your highness, maybe we should hear Kiriha-sama's 

“Yes! Take a look at this, Kiriha! Koutarou saw this and called 
us idiots!" 

Theia took the drawing from Koutarou's hand and pushed it 
towards Kiriha. Having received the drawing, Kiriha carefully 
looked it through. 

“...Hmm, 'The Super Koutarou I've Thought Up', huh..." 

Having deciphered the complex drawing, Kiriha lowered her 
eyebrows slightly. 

“Tell her, Kiriha-san! Teach this idiot about reality!" 

Koutarou had high hopes that the normally calm Kiriha would 
be able to convince Theia. 

“Theia-dono, this plan has several large holes in it." 

“Yeah, like that!" 

Hearing just the words he wanted to hear from Kiriha, 
Koutarou had a satisfied smile on his face as he nodded. 


Theia on the other hand got excited and pressed Kiriha. 

“To fill those holes, I see a need to add in mass produced 

“I thought so! As expected from Kiriha! You do get it!" 

However, things didn't develop the way Koutarou wanted. 
Having received Kiriha's backup, Theia gained even more 

“So you're the same as them, Kiriha-san!?“ 

Having had his hopes betrayed, Koutarou could feel his 
strength leave his body. 

“Absolute safety, complete victory! That is the way to go!" 

“What a splendid plan, your highness." 

While looking at Theia whose eyes were sparkling from 
excitement, and Ruth who was giving her an applause, in the 
corner of his eye, Koutarou complained to Kiriha. 

“...Why are you joining in too?" 

“Yes. It might be useless from a strategic point of view." 

“But, with that, you won't have to fight." 

“You are strong, but... we don't want you to dirty your hands 
for our sake. But in that sense, it's a very useful plan." 

Kiriha had a different point of view from Theia. She would 
prefer it if Koutarou didn't have to fight. Rather than Koutarou 
holding a sword, she preferred Koutarou holding a kitchen 
knife and cooking. 

“I understand that too... but, isn't there a better way?” 

Koutarou didn't want to see Kiriha and the others fight either. 

In order for the girls to solve their individual problems they 
had to fight. But Koutarou preferred the girls when they were 
normal. That's why he understood what Kiriha felt, but he 
didn't understand what the point in only powering him up 

“Fufu... don't worry, that plan won't be realized.” 


“Yeah. Even though Theia-dono has highly advanced 
technology, there's a limit. It will naturally turn into 
something more realistic.” 

Kiriha was sensitive to the feelings of others, so she 
understood Koutarou's confusion. The girls wanting to make 
Koutarou stronger probably has part of their desires as 
maidens mixed into it. 

The girls weren't thinking of protecting everyone efficiently, 
but would rather have Koutarou eliminate all enemies without 
taking so much as a step, while at the same time protecting 
everyone. In other words, they were trying to create an 
invincible prince on a white horse. 

But even if they tried to convey that to Koutarou, he wouldn't 
understand. Since that was how Kiriha thought, she told him 
that it was unrealistic and tried to convince him instead. 

“Then that's good." 

“Yes, you only need to smile." 

“What's good?” 

“I'll explain so go put on your body." 


“Realistically speaking, nothing is more effective than us 
teaming up." 

“That's not true. I will eventually make Koutarou into the 
strongest man in the universe." 

“...So some grand make-believe will start at some point, 

“Satomi-sama, please call it production." 

“For me, a legendary princess, you are my knight. If you 
aren't able to at least split a planet or two in half, you won't 
be much to talk about." 

“As if I would be able to do that!!" 

Koutarou and the girls continued this discussion with no 
consideration whatsoever, although it could more accurately 
be described as playing. The discussion itself didn't hold that 
much of a meaning. 

And outside the room was a single pair of eyes watching over 
Koutarou and the others. They belonged to Yurika, who had 

been unable to enter the room ever since she returned. 


Yurika was pressed up against the wall and hiding by the 
hallway leading into the inner room and looking in. The room 
was overflowing with a harmonious atmosphere, but the 
same couldn't be said for Yurika's mind. 

W-What should I do... 

Yurika's heart started beating faster and she was feeling dizzy 
from the blood rising to her head. Moreover, even though she 
wasn't moving, she was unable to settle down, but at the 
same time she didn't want to go away either. Her mouth was 
drying up and her breathing was strangely fast. 

As of late, Yurika was unable to settle down when she was 
next to Koutarou. When he entered her view, she would get 
worked up and be unable to think of anything. But she didn't 
want to leave his side or take her eyes off him. She wanted to 
feel his presence nearby and look at him. But when she was 
next to him, she didn't know what to do. This was the first 
time in Yurika's life that she experienced this kind of feeling. 

“W-Why am I....” 

“Can you see something? Yurika-chan?" 


That was when Shizuka who had been putting away groceries 
in the fridge came over to Yurika. Shizuka joined Yurika and 
pressed up against the wall and peered into the inner room. 
Since Yurika had been focused on what was going on inside 
the room, she felt as if her heart had stopped when Shizuka 


"Hmm, it looks the same to me...” 

Shizuka left the surprised Yurika be and watched over the 
room. However, she couldn't spot anything out of the 
ordinary. That was when she realized that Yurika was the odd 

Now that I think about it, Yurika has been acting strange lately... 

Having gotten used to living in room 106, Yurika had gotten 
bolder, for better or worse. But after the incident with Sanae, 
she had started behaving suspiciously. The Yurika from just a 
while ago would have entered the room like it was her right 
to do so. But now, she was acting as timidly as she had when 
she first came to room 106. 

"Could it be that you got into a fight with someone?” 

That was the only reason Shizuka could think of. Yurika 
replied by quickly shaking her head. 

"It's not like we fought or anything.” 

As she did, her twin tails swung to the sides. Seeing that, 
Shizuka noticed that the ribbons at the root of her twin tails 
were a little off balance. 

"Did something happen between you and Satomi-kun?” 

Koutarou had been tying Yurika's ribbons for a while now. Not 
only was Koutarou in the knitting society, but he was also 
serious about it so he took great care of her ribbons. That's 
why, if the balance was off, Yurika must have been the one to 
tie them and not Koutarou. 

"N-Not at all! That kind of thing would never-!” 

Having something close to the truth pointed out, Yurika 
panicked and shook her head as her face turned as red as an 


Seeing Yurika's reaction, Shizuka guessed Yurika's 
circumstance and clapped her hands together. 

“What, so that's it...” 

Shizuka showed a mean smile. 


And just as Yurika had a bad feeling about Shizuka's smile, 


Shizuka swooped up one of Yurika's legs and lightly pushed 
her upper body. By doing that, Yurika lost her balance and 
entered the inner room. Because she disliked exercise, Yurika 
was unable to regain her balance and took a pratfall next to 

“Ow ow ow...” 

“Are you okay, Yurika?” 

Having entered the room and fallen on her butt, Koutarou 
gave her a worried look. 

“Auu, Ahh, Awaaa...” 

Yurika fumbled around and trembled in shame. She had 
shown her normal ungraceful and sloppy appearance, but 

right now, Yurika was unbelievably embarrassed that 
Koutarou had seen it. 

"I-I-I'm okay, I'm okay!” 

Yurika crawled on the floor and escaped from Koutarou. But 
since the inner room was so small, she didn't get far. At most 
she could only get to the other side of the tea table. 

"That was weird.” 

Koutarou slightly tilted his head, but since this wasn't the first 
time he had seen Yurika's eccentric behavior, he didn't think 
much of it and continued his conversation with the girls. 


Once Koutarou took his glance off of Yurika, she was finally 
able to take a deep breath. That was when Shizuka sat down 
next to her. 

"That's no good, Yurika-chan. You have to try harder.” 

”Shizuka-san! T-There are better ways to do it!” 

"Even if you say that, you have a habit of running away, so if 
I don't do something like that, you won't even try." 

"T-That's... true, but..." 

"...You want to get along with Satomi-kun, right?” 

Shizuka whispered into Yurika's ear. 

As she did, Yurika's face turned red and she was at a loss for 
words. However, her silence eloquently conveyed how she 


“...If you at least don't behave like normal, Satomi-kun will 
get lonely you know?" 

“...How do I behave like normal?" 

“...Just do what you want to do." 

“...But, that's..." 

Yurika's face was turning redder and redder and her voice 
became quieter. She was already whispering to begin with, 
and now even Shizuka had a hard time hearing Yurika. 

“...Having Koutarou see my strange sleeping face, gently 
brushing my disordered hair and scolding me to go to bed 
earlier when it looks like I'll be late for school... I don't want 
that, I'd be so embarrassed I could die!" 

Everything that had been natural before was now unbearably 
embarrassing. She didn't want to show her miserable 
appearance to the person she cared for. She wanted him to 
see her lovely and cute self. It wasn't until now that Yurika's 
feminine side had begun maturing. 

“...Yurika-chan, could this be your... first love?" 

Yurika remained silent and kept her face looking down. 

“...I see... how great..." 

Shizuka gently narrowed her eyes and smiled at Yurika. 

“...My first love wasn't like a wonderful great love like Yurika- 
chan's... I wish it was..." 

Shizuka's first love was a long time ago, while she was still a 
grade-schooler. It was just a normal first love for a child, and 
it ended without anything happening. When compared to 
that, Yurika's first love looked like it was shining brilliantly and 

“...I would prefer it your way...” 

Yurika on the other hand had the opposite opinion. 

During her year with Koutarou, she had shown her disgraceful 
appearance to him countless times. And now that she had 
developed romantic feelings for him, that was like a hopeless 
and unfavorable legacy. Having only shown that side to her, 
she worried that Koutarou wouldn't be able to see her as a 
woman even if she confessed to him. At best, she could only 
stay as a freeloader or become like a younger sister. That was 
what Yurika thought. 

Part 4 

After the dinner and games had ended, Koutarou and the 
others continued talking. There were the five invader girls, 
Koutarou and Shizuka, for a total of seven people. With seven 
people in the small room it was very stuffy, but nobody 
complained. Instead, they were simply chatting about 
nothing especially important. And the seven loved the calm 
atmosphere that was created. 

“Koutarou, it's starting to get warmer now, isn't it." 

Though Sanae had recovered her body, she still liked to be by 
Koutarou's back, and she peacefully spent her time clinging 
onto him. 

“Well it's almost summer, so you won't be able to cling onto 
my back for any longer." 

Sanae's body was light so the weight wasn't much of a 
problem. The actual problem was her body heat. Once 
summer came around, the heat that would build up between 
Koutarou and Sanae should become unbearable. 

“If that happens I'll just strip out of my body." 

“Don't strip." 

To Sanae, doing astral projection was easy. She was now 
cheerfully spending her days while switching between her 
body and her ghost form. 

“Koutarou, this rice cracker is quite delicious." 

Next to Koutarou and Sanae, Theia was eating a rice cracker. 
After finishing one, she picked up a new one and put it in her 

“Give me one too." 

Koutarou couldn't move himself, so he asked Theia to get him 
one. Unlike before, it was harder to move with Sanae on his 


And instead of reaching for the bag, Theia turned towards 
Koutarou and presented him with the rice cracker that had 
been in her mouth. 

“I don't want one you've already started on.” 

However, Koutarou had no intentions of eating a rice cracker 
Theia had already bit into. When he did, Theia took the rice 
cracker and let out a small sigh. 

“...You really are a wuss... Ruth.” 


Ruth who was sitting next to Theia, pulled out a rice cracker 
from the bag and presented it to Koutarou. Sanae took it and 
split it in half. She put one half in her mouth and pushed the 
other half into Koutarou's. 

“Oh, it really is good.” 

“You're right! ...How does it taste for you, Koutarou?” 

After tasting the rice cracker herself, Sanae used her spiritual 
powers to read Koutarou's sense of taste. 

“...I think it'll be more delicious if Koutarou eats it.” 

Sanae stopped eating herself, and focused on Koutarou's 
taste. Since there is a difference in how individuals feel taste 
there were cases when things tasted better for Koutarou than 
for Sanae. In those cases, Sanae would do as she did as a 
ghost and let Koutarou do the eating while she read his 

”1 shall leave the rest to you, now make me proud.” 

Sanae then lightly pulled the bag of rice crackers closer with 
her spiritual powers. 

"That's a convenient power...” 

Koutarou put his hand into the bag and pulled out a rice 
cracker while smiling wryly. That was when Kiriha who was 
folding laundry in front of the wardrobe called out to him. 

"Koutarou, the bath should be ready by now. Why don't you 
go in?” 

"Hm, yeah, thanks. I think I'll do just that.” 

Koutarou pushed the new rice cracker into his mouth and 
removed Sanae's arms around his neck. 

"You're already done?" 

"Yeah. Sorry, but you'll have to eat them yourself." 


Koutarou left the pouting Sanae where she was and 
approached Kiriha. As he did, she gave him a new set of 
clothes and a towel. They had just been washed and were 
neatly folded. 

“You could just give me those unfolded ones." 

“No, that won't do." 

Kiriha smiled and picked up the next piece of laundry. 

“But I'll wear them in a moment." 

“That's right. But take the already folded ones." 

Kiriha then carefully folded each piece of clothing. It was a 
casual act, but she did so with deep love and consideration. 
Facing her like left Koutarou a little embarrassed. 

Would she be like this if we got married... 

He began doing something he rarely ever did before, which 
was imagining a future together with someone. That was how 
Koutarou started feeling as he looked at Kiriha folding the 
laundry and felt both happy and embarrassed. This was the 
first time he had felt like this. 

I wonder if the old man felt like this before he married mom... 

Koutarou thought of his father who had transferred far away. 
He felt like he wanted to ask his father what caused him to 
marry his mother. 


Confused as to why Koutarou was just standing there, Kiriha 
stopped folding the laundry and looked up at him. 

“Hm? Ah, sorry. I'll go take a bath." 

“You can take your time." 


After Koutarou returned to his self, he entered the bathroom 
as Kiriha smiled and saw him off. In response to that, one 
person let out a large sigh of relief. 


That person was Yurika. As Yurika exhaled, she fell onto the 
tea table. Having spent a long period of time under extreme 
tension, she completely relaxed her body. 

“What's wrong, Yurika, you're acting strange. ...Well, you 
were strange to begin with, but you're stranger than normal." 

Sanae, who was watching TV near Yurika, looked over with a 
confused expression. Since she could see auras, she knew 
that Yurika's emotions were disorderly. The disorder that had 
started a while back confused Sanae. 

“Strange... it's everyone else who are strange. How can you 
all be fine in this kind of situation?" 

Yurika replied while still leaning on the tea table. She was at a 
complete loss. 

“What kind of situation?" 

“Living together with Satomi-san!" 

That was Yurika's problem. She just couldn't accept that. 

“What? Yurika, did Koutarou do something to you?" 

“Could it be the ointment for stiff shoulders that he put up 
your nose during our last penalty game?" 

“Ah, that looked painful..." 

“Well... at worst he might have tried out some more wrestling 

techniques on her.” 

"Or could it be that he did something lewd to you?" 

"That's not it, that's not it at all! That would have been a lot 

To Yurika, penalty games or being the object of desire was far 
easier to deal with than her current predicament. 

"Then what's the problem?" 

The group mysteriously looked at Yurika. To them, her actions 
were what was strange. 

"...T-The person that really treasures me and is always with 
me every day, and also needs me i-is not a girl!!" 

Yurika had friends, there was obviously Koutarou, the invader 
girls and Harumi and her master Nana. 

But this was the first time that Yurika was vaguely conscious 
of her own sloppiness and both she and the other party 
needed one another. The fact that the other party was a boy 
was a problem. Up until now, Yurika had never been close to 
anyone but girls. 

This was the first time Yurika had noticed a boy that she felt 
more than just friendship towards, and she was puzzled 
because he was too close to her. 

"Are you... an idiot?" 

Theia retorted harshly. 

"That's saying too much, your highness. There wasn't any 
groundwork in place like for me and you." 

“Even if you say that..." 

Theia had been with Ruth, wherein the two had mutual trust 
for one another, for a long time, so she was used to dealing 
with people like that. That's why once she realized her 
feelings on Valentine's day, her feelings had not been as 

It's not like I don't know how she feels... 

Theia thought that the confusion Yurika was feeling was 
similar to what she had felt when Koutarou had suddenly 
vanished and just as suddenly returned. That was when Theia 
first noticed her feelings and she had been greatly shaken up 
by that person disappearing and reappearing. That's why it 
wasn't like she didn't understand Yurika's feelings. 

However, Yurika's current state looked similar to what she 
had felt after her confession, that's why she couldn't really 
sympathize with Yurika. 

“If you don't like being with Koutarou, then you can just run 
away. That's what you're good at, right?" 

Sanae tilted her head. 

Love is love and hate is hate. To Sanae who had a straight 
and honest personality, Yurika's situation was beyond her 

“If I didn't like it I would have run away a long time ago!! I'm 
troubled because I do!!" 

Yurika wanted to be with Koutarou. 

Thinking back to all the days she had spent in this room, she 
realized that she had been happy for the entire year. The first 
few months had been chaotic, but the latest months had 
been like living in a calm and sunny place. There was no way 
that Yurika could hate Koutarou, who was the center of that 
sunlight. If anything, she was troubled because she couldn't 
hate him. She didn't want to disappoint Koutarou by showing 
him her ungraceful sides, but she didn't know what to do to 
show him a more proper and cuter version of herself. As a 
result, Yurika was in a torturous situation where she didn't 
want to run away, but wanted to escape at the same time. 

“...Yurika-chan, your way of thinking is similar to Satomi- 
kun's. You're worried that there's no way that someone would 
love you. But that's not true at all." 

Shizuka who had learned of Yurika's circumstances a while 
ago was smiling. Shizuka loved this kind of positive gossip. 
She always wanted to listen to happy stories like this. It's 
possible that her parents' absence was the reason for this. 

“Satomi Koutarou needs the normal you. You don't have to do 
anything out of the ordinary, just be yourself." 

Yurika's appearance was adorable to Kiriha, who understood 
Koutarou's personality better than anyone else. Yurika was 
alternating between joy and sorrow while striving to create a 
better relationship through trial and error. Since Kiriha 
thought that their bond was wonderful, she simply watched 
over Yurika and avoided any actual intervention. 

“Really!? Would that really be alright!? Won't he just think I'm 
some strange girl!?” 

Yurika had no confidence. 

She knew that Koutarou needed her normal self, but she was 
anxious that his opinion of her as a woman would just keep 
falling. She wanted the person she liked to think highly of her. 

“Have some confidence Ho-! It's fun taking care of Yurika- 
chan Ho-!” 

“You'll be alright Ho-, useless girls can be cute Ho-!” 

“I don't want that-!! Aaaaaaa...” 

Yurika slumped down over the tea table after hearing the 
haniwas' follow-up. Her problems remained unsolved. At this 
rate, Koutarou would get out of the bath without her having a 
single countermeasure in place. And so, Yurika racked her 
brain once more. 

“Well... you can do it... let's go, Ruth.” 

Theia threw a side glance at Yurika and stood up before 
heading towards the wall leading to the Blue Knight. 

“Are you already done, your highness?” 

Ruth quickly followed after Theia, but since it was a little too 
early to go to sleep, Ruth was interested in Theia's intentions. 
That was when Theia whispered back so only Ruth could hear. 

“...It's would be best to give her some time. Especially in her 

Theia was planning on giving Yurika time; time to think on her 
own and time to spend together with just Koutarou. 

“I see. What a wonderful idea.” 

"Of course. I am not a dictator." 

"Yes. Well then everyone, good night." 

"Aa!? Wait, Theia-chan, Ruth-sanM" 

The two left room 106, ignoring Yurika's pleas. 

"Well then, maybe I should go for the day as well." 

"...Here I am hearing that there are problems, but that's 
all? ...Geez, I have to carry this body all the way home..." 

"Karama, Korama, you don't have to watch over this room for 
today. Leave the two alone. Instead keep watch outside." 

"Understood Ho-!" 

"You're the best, Nee-san, Ho-!" 

Realizing Theia's intentions, the other girls stood up one after 

"Ah, don't go!!" 

At this rate, Yurika would be alone with Koutarou. Yurika had 
nowhere to run. She thought of jumping into the wardrobe 
and hiding under her futon, but she thought that was 
ungraceful and was unable to do so. She could already see 
Koutarou opening the door to the wardrobe and telling her to 
get in the bath. 

"Please, don't leave me alone!!" 

Yurika clung onto Shizuka in an attempt to keep her here. 
Being alone with Koutarou was like torture to Yurika, so she 

was desperate. 

"Yurika-chan, let me know what happened tomorrow.” 

However, Shizuka casually grabbed Yurika's wrist and gently 
threw her onto the floor before leaving like nothing had 
happened. By the time Yurika hurriedly got back up, there 
was no one else in room 106 but Yurika and Koutarou. 

"Uaaa... ahhh... auuuu-” 

Yurika was at a loss as she reached out towards the front 

I-If it's going to be like this, then I should just work hard to become a girl 
that can keep it together! 

Yurika had always been thinking that nobody would like her. 
She thought Harumi and Nana only got close to her because 
they were especially kind. But reality was different, the girls 
in room 106 liked Yurika, and Koutarou needed her. 

Yurika didn't know how that had happened, but she began 
worrying that if she didn't do something special she would be 
hated. That's why Yurika had been repeating completely 
useless things without end. The other girls had hurried on 
home because they knew that no matter what happened, it 
couldn't make the situation worse. 

I have to run! But where!? Even though this is the place where I can feel at 
ease the most!? T-Then I should at least make myself look a little better... but 
I can't use the bathroom because Satomi-san is on the other side of the 
glass!! T-T-Then l-l-let's put on some tea... but, how do you do that!? Teach 
me, Kiriha-saaa~n!! Then what about I pretend to be studying!? T-That won't 
work either, I can't show Satomi-san all the mistakes I would make!! 

Yurika rolled around on the floor and time passed as she 
couldn't come up with anything. 

"S-Save me, Satomi-san! Wait, Satomi-san was the problem! 
Noooooo, what should I do!?” 

"...I'm what?” 

That was when Koutarou stepped out of the bathroom while 
wiping his head with a towel. Yurika was still rolling around on 
the floor, but Koutarou didn't think too much of it. He then 
approached the fridge, pulled out a bottle of barley-tea and 
poured it into a cup. 

"l-l-lt's nothing, nothing at all.” 

Yurika shook her head in a fluster as Koutarou entered the 
inner room with his cup in hand. 

"Oh? Did everyone already go home?” 

Koutarou had entered the room to confirm how many people 
in the room he should pour up barley tea for, but he only saw 

"Y-Yes, just a moment ago!” 

I see. 

If it was just Yurika, there was no need to confirm. Koutarou 
prepared a cup for Yurika and poured up some barley tea. 
Since Yurika was such a glutton, he couldn't imagine her 
saying no. 

"Yurika, would you like it sweet or not?" 

Next, Koutarou opened up a cupboard and began choosing a 

“Eh!? Sweet or not!?" 

From Yurika's position, she couldn't see Koutarou. So she 
didn't interpret Koutarou's words as asking what kind of 
snack she would like. 

Sweet or not, w-w-what does he mean!? Could he be talking about k-k-ki... 

Koutarou's sudden appearance had confused Yurika even 
further. She completely misunderstood him, and so, she 
answered in the following fashion. 

“...1-1 would like a sweet one over an intense one... l-it's my 
first time..." 

Yurika felt like steam was coming out of her head. Her heart 
was throbbing unbelievably fast. Her mind blanked out, and 
she could no longer understand anything. As a result, Yurika 
didn't notice her imagination was rapidly going out of control 

“Got it, a sweet one." 

Yurika didn't respond, and instead simulated what was going 
to happen next. 

Simulations where Koutarou would forcibly push her down on 
the floor, or she would push him to the floor. Or closing her 
eyes and having him gently whisper in her ear. 

Thanks to her shoujo mangas, Yurika's preparation was 
perfect, and by the time Koutarou entered the room she had 
run through more than 30 different simulations. As a result, a 
clear image had formed in Yurika's mind. 

And that image was of her and Koutarou pressing their lips 
against one another. 

I-I-I'm going to kiss with Satomi-san!! Uwaa, Uwaaaaaaa!! 

Despite it being just a fantasy, it looked like the ever- 
approaching reality to Yurika. And if today was a kiss, what 
would tomorrow be? What about the day after that? Yurika's 
mind filled with the intense scenes she had read from her 
shoujo manga. 

“What ahe yho dhoin?” 

Unaware of Yurika's delusions, Koutarou approached her with 
a cup in each hand a bag of jam donuts in his mouth. 


Yurika naturally glanced towards Koutarou's move and 
spotted the bag of jam donuts. That was when she realized 
she had made an incredibly misunderstanding. 

“T-That's right, that's only obvious! Snacks, sweet snacks! Of 
course that's what it would be!” 

With Yurika's face still red, she began making excuses to no 
one in particular. She was unbearably embarrassed by her 
own misunderstanding, to the point where she wanted to 
jump into a hole and hide. Unfortunately there were no holes 
in this room. 

“What are you talking about?” 

Koutarou looked at Yurika after putting down the cups and 
bean donuts on the tea table. 

“Aha, aha, ahahahahaha.” 

Yurika's face was for some reason beet red and she was 
desperately continuing her fake laughter. Seeing that, 
Koutarou grew gradually worried. 

"...Are you really okay?" 


With her red face and strange behavior, Koutarou began 
worrying if she had caught a cold or something. When he did, 
her strange behavior up until now began making sense. 

"Yurika, bring your face a little closer." 

Koutarou had a serious expression as he approached Yurika. 

Bring my face a little closer? Could he... really!? 

Her delusion that had been shattered revived once more. 
Even though that couldn't be the case, Yurika couldn't think 
of any other reason. 

"U-u-uhmm... please, be gentle..." 

Yurika turned her face towards Koutarou and closed her eyes. 
"Don't worry, it's not like I'm going to hit you." 


Yurika had believed that her first kiss was still a long time 

I really... will... kiss... 

Yurika waited for that moment, full of expectations. 

"Hmm, it doesn't look like you have a fever." 


However, when Koutarou put his hand on her forehead she 

realized she had misunderstood once more. 

"Nooooooo, I don't want this, I can't take this anymore!!” 

Yurika probably wouldn't be as embarrassed walking to 
school naked as she was right now. Yurika couldn't stand this 
situation anymore, so she got up and dashed out of the inner 
room. Koutarou who was left behind simply stood there, 
confused by Yurika's actions. 

"Yurika, really, what's wrong with you!?” 

Yurika was so fast that all Koutarou could do was throw his 
question as Yurika's back. 

"The bath, that's right, I'm getting into the bath before going 
to sleep!!” 

Like that, Yurika ran into the bathroom, her only remaining 

And that was when she finally noticed. 

What do I do? What do I do!? I-I-I'm living in the same room as a boy!! 

She realized a very obvious fact that had gone unnoticed for 
an entire year. 

Part 5 

When she came to, Yurika was looking up at the ceiling in 
room 106's inner room. 


Trying to remember what had happened just before, Yurika 
blankly stared up at the ceiling. As time passed, she 
gradually began absorbing the situation around her. 

"Next up is baseball. A fierce battle of skill between both 

The first thing she heard was the news being broadcast on 
the TV. She heard the voice of a female announcer presenting 
the news. She realized that there was someone else in the 
room with her as she didn't watch the news. 

The next thing she felt was a breeze. It was a gentle breeze 
that cooled her hot body. After being hit by the breeze for a 
while, Yurika looked in the direction it was coming from. 

"...It'sh Shatomi-shan...” 

In front of her, she could see a lone boy. The boy was holding 
a fan in his hand. He was the one responsible for the breeze 
Yurika was feeling. 

"....Mmm, mfufu...” 

Yurika loved that boy, so just seeing him made her happy. 
While still in a daze, she looked at the boy and smiled. 

“Did you wake up, Yurika?” 

Hearing Yurika's muffled laughter, the boy looked at her face. 
“Are you okay?" 

He had a worried but gentle look. 

Satomi-san was worried for me... 

Seeing that, Yurika felt a little guilty. But at the same time, 
she was happy that he was worrying for her. That's why 
Yurika wanted to put the boy at ease. She began thinking of 
what kind of situation she was in. 

Uhm, did I fight with Maki-chan? Or someone else from Darkness Rainbow? 
Did one of Theia-chan's enemies show up? Or was it about Sanae-chan's 

Most of the time the boy had worried for Yurika had been 
during such crises. And during such times, there were times 
she would be hurt, but fortunately, Yurika couldn't see 
anything strange on her body. 

“I'm fine, I'm fine... there's nothing wrong..." 

Confirming that she was alright, Yurika smiled at the boy. 

I'm okay... so don't worry, I'll always be with you... 

It seemed Yurika's feelings reached the boy as his worried 
look disappeared, leaving behind his gentle expression. 
Satisfied by that, Yurika continued looking at the boy while 
wishing that she could always stay like this. 

“I see... that's good. You really surprised me you know? While 
I was thinking that you were taking an unexpectedly long 
bath, I heard a sudden noise from the bathroom." 

Bath? H-Huh...? 

Hearing that word, Yurika's brain began working rapidly. Her 
daze vanished and her mind cleared up. 

“And when I came to see what was happening I found you 
collapsed in the bathroom...” 

“Ah, n-now that I think about it...” 

That was when Yurika remembered what had happened to 

Yurika had run into the bathroom to escape from the boy, 
Koutarou, in front of her, but she had been too scared to 
leave so she stayed in the tub. When she began thinking that 
she couldn't stay in any longer, she suddenly stood up and 
she lost her balance. 

That was as far as Yurika could remember. After she fell, she 
had lost consciousness. 

“...Did you carry me out, Satomi-san?” 

“Yeah. And now you finally woke up.” 

“I see... I'm sorry for making you worry...” 

“Just lie down for a while. You have a big bump on your 


Yurika moved her hand and touched her forehead. As she did, 
she could feel a wet towel and some pain. It was a bump she 
had gotten by hitting something as she fell. 

“If you start to feel bad, don't just endure it, let me know 

instead, okay?” 

"Ahaha, I don't endure anything at all.” 

"No, you're the type that only endures during the most 
important times.” 

As Koutarou said that, he changed the towel on Yurika's head. 
The new towel felt cold. However, Koutarou's words were so 
impactful that Yurika forgot about that sensation. Eventually, 
that shock turned into joy. 

...If I am with this person, if it's for this person... then I can probably do 

Koutarou said these things knowing Yurika's bad sides. Yurika 
hadn't met a person like this before. Or it might be that she 
had decided beforehand that this kind of person didn't exist. 
But now, here was someone that accepted her good and bad 
sides. That's why Yurika felt like crying, but she held it in and 
smiled at Koutarou. 

"...Do I look that patient?” 

"Less patient and more foolish, I guess." 


If Yurika had been the way she had been until now, she would 
have probably started complaining, unable to accept being 
called foolish. But now, she could for some reason accept 
that word. This confused Yurika, but she didn't find it strange. 

"I think so. Fools have... confidence after all..." 

"What's wrong? Does it hurt?” 

Yurika could no longer hold back her feelings very well, and a 

portion of her emotions that broke free turned into tears and 
fell. Seeing that, Koutarou remembered that Yurika had hit 
her head and closed in a little. 


Yurika shook her head. 

“It's just... that I was thinking about how you understand 
me... and that made me so happy...” 

Yurika revealed her feelings in a natural fashion. 

Before she had stormed into the bathroom, Yurika had been 
so embarrassed she couldn't even speak to Koutarou, let 
alone look at his face. But now was different. Something in 
Yurika's heart was changing. What exactly that was remained 
unclear, but her heart started to beat faster, in a different 
way than the out of control throbbing from before. Those 
beats spread Yurika and Koutarou's feelings throughout her 

“1-1 see...” 

In fact, the one embarrassed at this time, was Koutarou. 

What is this... For some reason... Yurika looks like a girl today, or rather, she 
looks... cute? 

Seeing Yurika smile, Koutarou felt his heart starting to beat 
faster. It was a feeling he hadn't felt before. It was quite 
obviously different from the trust he showed towards her. It 
was the moment when something changed inside Koutarou's 

Both sides remained silent. But unlike before, neither of them 
felt troubled by this situation. They felt a little embarrassed, 
but they both felt at ease in this silence. And like that, time 
passed, and once the towel on Yurika's head was starting to 
become lukewarm, Yurika got up. 

"Uhm... can I ask you something?” 

As Yurika said that, she looked at her body. She was wearing 
the pajamas made from soft cloth she always wore to bed. 

"Hm? Yeah sure.” 

Koutarou took the towel from Yurika and wringed it out in a 
bowl of water. 


Yurika started blushing a little. What she was about to say 
was something that she wanted to know, but took courage to 
ask. She felt like this moment was her only chance. That's 
why she mustered all the courage she could get and asked 
Koutarou her question. 

"Satomi-san, you... carried me... from the bathroom to here, 

"That's right.” 

Koutarou stopped moving his hands. 

"And then... you put clothes on me... right?” 

Koutarou's answer was slightly delayed. He realized what 
Yurika wanted to ask. And then Yurika's face turned even 

"T-Then, you... saw it... right? My, uhm, naked... body...” 

Yurika mustered all the courage she could, but even then her 
voice was very quiet by the end of her sentence. And while 
her face was turned down, she looked up with her eyes to 
watch how Koutarou reacted. 

"I'm sorry. But I had to... I'll try to forget it as quickly as 

Even Koutarou knew that a girl would be embarrassed about 
having her naked body seen by others. That's why he 
honestly apologized. 

"No... that's not what I meant...” 

Yurika lightly shook her head. 


Koutarou hadn't expected Yurika to react like this. Surprised, 
Koutarou's eyes opened wide. 

"Don't you have any other impressions... other than being 
sorry? I mean..." 


Yurika's next words surprised him even more. Koutarou was 
left at a complete loss for words. 

Yurika was well aware that Koutarou had seen her body due 
to his good intentions. To the Yurika of the past, that might 
have been good enough, but now she wanted another feeling 
to be mixed in. She was obviously embarrassed and would 
hide in a hole if she could. But she wanted Koutarou to be 
interested in her as a girl. 

“How... was it? Did... you feel anything?" 

4 / | // 

Didn't feel anything. 

Just before Koutarou was about that he shut his mouth. 

Wait, is that answer actually true? 

Not feeling anything after seeing a woman naked. In general 
that might be accurate, but was that really true for Koutarou 
and Yurika? That was what Koutarou was wondering. 

The invader girls had pointed out Koutarou's flawed 
personality. That had been why he hurt Ruth during her 
arranged marriage and why he hadn't hoped for Sanae to 
recover. And like with them, wouldn't Yurika simply reject his 
answer? An answer too correct might sound cold to the 
people close to him. 

Realizing that, Koutarou gave a different answer from what 
he normally would have. 

“Well, uhm... I think you looked, beautiful..." 

Thinking that delving into details would be going too far and 
that not seeing anything would be strange, this was the 
utmost impression Koutarou was able to express. 

“1-1 see..." 

Yurika lifted her head and a bit of joy was mixed in with her 
embarrassed expression. Seeing that, Koutarou felt like his 
decision had been correct. 

I can be a little open with Yurika and the others... 

At this time, Koutarou was reminded of a very natural thing. 
“No more comments..." 

“I know I was the one who asked, but... I would prefer it that 
way too..." 

The two fell silent once more. They were even more 

embarrassed than before, and their hearts were racing, but 
they didn't feel uncomfortable. That's why Koutarou and 
Yurika didn't go against their senses and simply let time pass. 



However, at some point they could hear a noise from Shizuka 
on the floor above them. It was just the sound of Shizuka 
knocking something down, but to Koutarou and Yurika, it felt 
like Shizuka had suddenly jumped in between the two. 

“Ah, u-hm, so where were we?" 

“T-That's right, I have something I wanted to talk to you about 

From the moment they heard that noise, the calm and gentle 
atmosphere between them changed back to their normal 
atmosphere. After noticing Shizuka's existence, they couldn't 
return to that special atmosphere. 

“Yurika, could you look at this.” 

“What is this...?” 

Koutarou spoke at a rapid pace and put down several 
pamphlets in front of Yurika. The pamphlets them all used 
large, square buildings as their background. 

“They're pamphlets of universities. I got them from the 
teacher today.” 


The pamphlets Koutarou had put down were all entrance 
guides to nearby universities. Koutarou wanted to show these 

to Yurika, so he had gone to the teacher in charge of guide to 
pick them up. 

“Actually, recently in the knitting society, we got on to the 
topic of Sakuraba-senpai's graduation. You know she's 
already on her third year, right?" 

“Oh yeah..." 

Yurika and the others had become second years. That meant 
that Harumi had become a third year, and she would have 
university exams this year. 

“While we were talking about schools, I started getting more 
and more worried about what you will do. That's why I 
brought these." 

“What I will do..." 

Yurika touched the pamphlets with a look of blank surprise. 

I had never even thought of that... 

That wasn't because she hadn't planned for anything. But 
because since she was a magical girl, the concept of moving 
on to study in a university had never occurred to her. Once 
the problem with room 106 cleared up, the chances of her 
next being in this city weren't all that high. 

“Yurika, according to the teacher, you should be able to get 
into the universities around here, even with your grades if 
you work hard these next two years. Where do you want to 

Yurika's grades were always balancing a thin line between 
passing and failing. 

But the pamphlets Koutarou had brought with him were all 

universities she could get into if she studied for it. Of course, 
she would need to put in some serious efforts. 

“E-Even if you suddenly bring that up, I..." 

Yurika couldn't decide. 

This was the first time she had even considered studying in a 
university. And in order to give Yurika a hint, Koutarou 
continued speaking. 

“By the way, this is where Sakuraba-senpai will be going. 
Kitsushou University. With her grades, she would pass the 
exam with flying colors, but there's also the worries for her 
body, so that's why she picked this. It would be hard for you 
to get in though. That's why if you want to go to the same 
university as Sakuraba-senpai you would have to start 
studying now, or it will be too late." 

Kitsushou University was a local university from before the 
merge of Kitsushou city and Harukaze city. When the 
difficulty of the entrance exam is compared to all other 
universities, it would end up on the upper half of the list. For 
an honors student like Harumi, it was easy to get in. But 
because of her weak constitution, she had picked this 
university because it was close to the hospital. 

And since Harumi and Yurika were best friends, Koutarou 
figured that Yurika would want to enter the same university. 

“Sakuraba-senpai will be going to Kitsushou University..." 

Yurika mumbled to herself as she picked up their pamphlet. 

Will I... study at a university... ? 

After becoming a magical girl instead of Nana, Yurika had 
figured that she wouldn't be able to live a normal life. She 

had only entered Harukaze High School because she wanted 
to harass Koutarou and make him leave room 106. And now, 
a chance to live a normal life had suddenly appeared in front 
of her. That's why this still didn't feel real to Yurika. 

“What university will you go to, Satomi-san?" 

Yurika who wanted a few more hints asked Koutarou what 
school he was interested in. 

“I'll be going to one of the local universities, Kitsushou 
University or Harukaze University. But like you, I'm not sure if 
I'll get in." 

Koutarou was interested in either Kitsushou University or 
Harukaze University. But those were different from what he 
had originally been planning. In the past, he was planning to 
enter a university that he could get into with his grades, 
regardless of proximity to him. 

But as of late, Koutarou felt like making an effort to stay in 
the same city his friends lived in. This was a feeling he had 
awoken to after the incident with Sanae. 

“I'll try to get into Kitsushou University and if that doesn't 
work, I'll lower the bar a little and aim for Harukaze 
University, I guess. Haru U has a famous baseball club, so it's 
a win-win." 

Harukaze University was a technical university, and it was 
around the middle of the list in terms of difficulty to get in. 
Since it was a university with plenty of sports clubs, it was 
attractive to Koutarou, but it was a bit further away than 
Kitsushou University. As a result, both universities were about 
as attractive. And if Koutarou aimed to get into the more 
difficult Kitsushou University, he would have an easier time 
getting into Harukaze University if he failed. Because of that, 

his current choice was Kitsushou University. 

"Satomi-san is going to Kitsushou U too...” 

"What will you do?" 

"...I, uhm... I never thought about it...” 

Yurika honestly revealed her hesitation. She still wasn't sure 
how she felt. 

"Then take some time to think about it." 

Yurika looked at the pamphlet once more. She imagined 
herself heading towards the white building pictured on it. 
There, she saw herself, Koutarou and Harumi pass through 
the gates together. To her, that was like a dream come true. 

After thinking for a while, she eventually turned towards 

"Uhm, Satomi-san, can I ask you something?" 


"What... do you think I should do? Not just what university, 
but if I should go study at a university or not to begin with..." 

Yurika still couldn't make a decision. She was a coward, and it 
took courage to head towards a new future. What's more, it's 
a future she was supposed to have given up. She felt like she 
couldn't decide herself. 

"I think that's something you decide for yourself." 

Koutarou's answer was the same he had given Ruth during 

her arranged marriage. In the end, this was something Yurika 
had to decide on. But he didn't stop there. 

“But I think you would be better off studying at a university. 
And instead of going somewhere far away, I would like you to 
live somewhere close. That way would be more fun." 

Even if the commotion around room 106 were to end, 
Koutarou wanted these happy days to continue. He had never 
wished for that before, feeling that he shouldn't try hoping. 
But there are those who wish for it. Yurika might be one of 
those as well. In that case, should he wish for the same and 
show his intent? Koutarou held back his negative thoughts 
and held hopes for Yurika's future. 


Yurika knew about Koutarou's past. She had heard Kiriha's 
interpretation of what he felt. As a result, Yurika knew what 
was going on inside of Koutarou. 

I have to protect him... 

A poor soul that had given up on the future because he had 
lost his mother was now desperately reaching for a bright 
future. That's why Yurika wanted to protect this small injured 
soul herself. 

And if Satomi-san protects me too... 

Yurika could use magic, but she wasn't all-powerful. No 
matter how much power she might have, she was still a 
normal girl. Fighting alone was hard, and lonely. Yurika felt 
like she could continue trying if she had someone by her side. 

Above all, she believed that two people supporting one 
another was a wonderful thing. 

“I... want to go to Kitsushou University. Together with Satomi- 
san and Sakuraba-senpai..." 

That's why Yurika wanted to go to a university. She wanted 
support and be supported by Koutarou and Harumi, laugh 
together and live together. And of course with the invader 
girls as well. Right now, she felt like that was a wonderful 

“Because, I love Satomi-san, Sakuraba-senpai and 

This was a first for Yurika. She wanted to live happily. She 
loved not just Koutarou and everyone. That's why she wanted 
to be with everyone. 

It was a declaration of love towards everyone related to 
Yurika. This was something that she had been lacking a year 
ago. After one long year, she had finally obtained the nature 
necessary to be a magical girl. 

“I see... that's good..." 

Koutarou smiled and nodded at Yurika. He was happy for her 
choice, and felt relieved as well. Yurika wouldn't go away 
even after they graduate. 


Yurika's eyes moistened and she smiled embarrassingly. 

The person she loved the most said that he wanted to be with 
her, and he had been happy when she said she wanted to be 
with him as well. There was nothing as happy as this. She felt 
happy that she had come here, from the bottom of her heart. 

“Then come over here, Yurika." 

Koutarou put away the pamphlets and beckoned over Yurika. 


Yurika blushed, and with her eyes still moist she crawled over 
towards Koutarou. 

I misunderstood before... but this time... there's no misunderstanding, 

Koutarou's eyes were gentle. They both knew they treasured 
each other. And the time to confirm that feeling directly had 
come. In other words, it was time to kiss. 

If it Satomi-san... no, I want it to be with Satomi-san... I don't want it to be 
with anyone else... it would be alright to kiss here... right? 

Yurika's mind was full of what would happen. But unlike 
before, she wasn't becoming confused. Since she knew her 
feelings had reached, she didn't try to run away... 

I... love this person... 

Yurika felt her heart being squeezed, she was sure of that 
feeling. Following her heart, she was now right in front of 
Koutarou. Now all she had to do was leave herself to that 

“Alright, let's start right away." 



Koutarou put a pen in Yurika's hand and put down a book in 
front of her. With fire in his eyes, he loudly declared. 

“You only faintly remember the multiplication table, right? 

We'll start from here!” 

Koutarou tapped the cover of the book. 

'Fun Mathematics for Second Grade of Elementary School' 

The book in front of her was a collection of problems for 
grade schoolers. In contrast to Yurika's expressions, Koutarou 
was planning on having Yurika study right away now that she 
had decided to continue her studies in a university. 

”S-Satomi-san, c-can't you treasure the moment a little 
more? Can't you follow your heart!?” 

Yurika had been in cloud nine, but was thrown right back into 

And that all too intense change caused Yurika to cry as she 

"It's because you keep slacking like this that you're in such a 
pitiful condition.” 

However, Koutarou shook his head with a stern expression. 

I'll make her remember multiplication by today or tomorrow, and then during 
the rest of the week its division and fractions. But... it might still be too late. I 
have so much more I need to drive into her! 

Koutarou burned with his athletic spirit. He was going to use 
any means possible to get Yurika into Kitsushou University. 

"You're wrong! That might be true normally, but right now, I 
am definitely the one who's right!” 

Yurika knew that she had to study, and that she had to begin 
as quickly as possible. But that wasn't right now, at this time. 
Even if she had asked 100 people, Yurika was convinced that 

they would all agree with her. 

“Quit whining and get to work! I'll do them with you.” 

But Koutarou refused to listen to her. He had already decided 
that he would get Yurika into Kitsushou University. That they 
would go together. And he was aiming for the shortest route 

"This is wrong! There is definitely something wrong here!” 

"It's good for you to notice your own mistakes. So get on with 




Yurika finally started moving her pen after Koutarou scolded 

I might have fallen in love with a useless person... Wait, aaaahhh!? He is 
useless on his own!! 

As she did, Yurika noticed an important mistake she had 
made, but the damage was already done. 

The Magical Girls' Morning 

Part 1 

Saturday, April 24 

The next morning, when the invader girls came to room 106, 
they saw Yurika crying and prostrating. 

"P-Please, forgive me already, Satomi-san! I know the 
multiplication table, so please, don't give me any more 
multiplication! No more!” 

"Shut it, Yurika, what is seven times nine?" 

"It's 63! Please, forgive me now, I feel like I'm going to go 

"What's eight times five?" 

"l-lt's 40... Uuuhh —..." 

Koutarou sat straight on the opposite of the table from Yurika 
with a stern expression while asking her questions from the 
collection of problems. Yurika, on the other hand, was 
completely exhausted and was desperately appealing to 
Koutarou to make him stop. However, Koutarou flat out 
ignored her and continued asking her questions. They had 

been doing this since last night. 

The atmosphere around the two was bizarre. That alone was 
already surprising, but what surprised the invader girls the 
most wasn't that. 

“Two times seven.” 

“14.... Aaauuuu-” 

“Yurika has mastered multiplications?! How?!” 

“Just what happened after we left?!” 

Everyone was well aware of Yurika's grades. She was so bad 
that they doubted she could even do extremely simple 
multiplication. And now, that Yurika had completely mastered 
the multiplication table. Sanae and Theia were astonished 
and watched over the two. 

“How did he teach that Yurika multiplication in a single night? 
No, more importantly, just how did it turn into this after we 

“It seems like some big misunderstanding happened...” 

Shizuka and Ruth shared their sentiment. These two were 
wondering why Koutarou and Yurika were studying in the first 
place. They had expected Koutarou and Yurika's relationship 
to take a step forward, and as a result, the two would return 
to their usual selves. 

“Please help me, please, Satomi-san won't... Satomi-san 
won't stop with his math drills!” 

Yurika clung onto Kiriha and begged for help. 

“Impossible. Once Satomi Koutarou has decided on 

something he will definitely go through with it.” 

However, Kiriha shook her head with a thin smile. She could 
vaguely imagine what had happened between the two. 

She believed that because their relationship had progressed, 
there was now a need for Yurika to study. Going to a 
university or getting a job. Regardless of reason, since this 
was related to Koutarou's future, his determination carried a 
lot of weight. In that case, he wouldn't listen no matter what 
Kiriha said. 

"No waaa~y.” 

Yurika cried and dropped her shoulders. 

Yurika, you should notice that this is how Onii-chan expresses his love. What 
a waste... 

The Kii inside of Kiriha began expressing her dissatisfaction. 
She was frustrated that Yurika hadn't noticed Koutarou's 
obvious expression of love. That's why she felt Yurika should 
notice that and enjoy it more. 

And thus, the girls had all kinds of impressions regarding 
Koutarou and Yurika, but neither of the two noticed that and 
continued their practice. 

"Five times four." 


However, because she had stayed up all night, Yurika was 
exhausted and let her guard down now that the other invader 
girls had arrived, Yurika's answer was slightly delayed. 

"20! You have to be able to answer something like this right 

Sanae who had taken up her position on Koutarou's back 
answered before Yurika. Having had plenty of sleep, this kind 
of calculation was easy. 

“You lost to Sanae, Yurika." 

“I didn't get it wrong! I didn't get it wrong!!" 

“Yurika, an additional 20 as penalty." 

“Kyaaaaaaa! NoooooooM" 

She had hoped her nightmare was going to end soon, but the 
end was nowhere near. Like this, Koutarou had been giving 
Yurika hope and then taking it away. 

“Don't cry. It'll be over soon. It's just 20 more." 

“That's what you've been saying since yesterday!! But no 
matter how hard I try, it never ends!! I don't want this 

Yurika had been shown hope several times, and been given 
despair just as many times. As a result, the multiplication 
table had been carved into Yurika as a trauma she would 
never forget. 

“S-Sorry, Yurika." 

“...So that's how he's been teaching Yurika..." 

“A living hell..." 

“Once Satomi Koutarou has decided on something he won't 
stop after all." 

“At this rate, Yurika-sama might be able to multiply two 
numbers in her head by tomorrow..." 

While the girls pitied Yurika, they were a little envious that 
Koutarou was this into it. 

“Come on, Yurika, quit spacing out, here's the next problem." 
“Please! Make it stop!" 

“Tarou-kun has six boxes of tennis balls. In each of these 
boxes are four balls. How many balls are there in total?'" 

“T-There are 24... I can't do this anymore! My head's about to 

“Don't worry, Yurika. You're someone who can pull through 
when you need it." 

“That gentle glance and trust look a lot more like a grudge 
right now!!" 

That was when the alarm of a clock that was near Yurika went 
off. It was now 9 in the morning. 

“Satomi-san! That's it! It's over!” 

Yurika picked up the alarm and showed it to Koutarou. 

“Time's up huh..." 

After confirming the time, Koutarou turned off the alarm. 

Truth be told, Koutarou and Yurika had their own businesses 
to take care of today. Koutarou had promised some of his 
classmates to go play at an amusement park, and Yurika had 
promised to meet with Harumi. That's why if they didn't leave 
soon, they would be late. 

“I guess it can't be helped. Yurika, the studying ends here for 
now. We'll continue later." 

"I-I'm saved...” 

Hearing those words, the exhausted Yurika collapsed on the 
tea table. She had to hurry and get ready, but she remained 

"Oh, and I think you already know this, but come back before 
the curfew. If you break the curfew..." 

A dangerous light could be seen in Koutarou's eyes. 


After leaving behind a short scream, Yurika ran out of the 
room in the blink of an eye. 



"Yurika looks like you, you know?” 

"What about her?” 

"The part where she doesn't work for herself. The way she 
does and sees it is a little different though." 

"I see... that might be true..." 

Looking at Yurika as she escaped room 106, Koutarou thought 
to himself that just like he needed drastic treatment, then so 
might Yurika. 

Part 2 

Koutarou reached the station once the clock had passed 
9:45AM. There was still some time left before the promised 
time of 10AM, so Koutarou decided to stroll through a nearby 
by bookstore. 

“Oh, there it is." 

Koutarou was visiting the bookstore to find some more 
teaching material for Yurika. 

Yurika was only on the level of a second year grade schooler, 
and she was especially bad at math. Since she hadn't fully 
learned basic arithmetic operations, it was having a bad 
influence on her other subjects. For example, she couldn't 
make salt water at the requested density. In social studies, 
she couldn't properly convert yen to dollars. When told to 
calculate the average time on a 100 meter run in PE she 
didn't stand a chance, and while she was concerned about 
her weight, she couldn't properly do any calorie calculation. 

The basis of all her problems was her poor math skills. Having 
determined that to be the case, Koutarou decided to start 
Yurika's education with math. As such, he was looking for 
some material for math. 

“Third year math is still too early. But she has her pride... No, 
no, results are more important than her pride..." 

“What are you doing, Satomi-kun?" 

Maki appeared in front of Koutarou as he picked up a 
textbook. Instead of her normal school uniform, she was 

wearing casual clothes and gave off a soft impression. Maki 
was one of the people that Koutarou was going out to play 

“Good morning, Aika-san. I was just thinking of making Yurika 
study a little." 

Koutarou showed the collection of problems to Maki. Seeing 
the cover, Maki put a hand in front of her mouth and smiled a 

“Yurika-san is bad at studying after all." 

“That's why we're starting from the basics." 

“Yurika-san's reading is a little spotty too." 

“Really? What am I going to do with her..." 

Koutarou and Maki went through books with problems for 
grade schoolers one after another and confirmed their 
contents. They were after problems that were within Yurika's 
reach. After finding some interesting books, Koutarou planned 
to pick them up on his way home from the amusement park. 

Satomi-kun treasures Yurika... 

That was what Maki felt as she glanced at Koutarou. There 
was no one that would go this far for just a classmate. This 
was proof that they were best friends, or maybe even 
something more. And he was thinking more about Yurika than 
Maki who was right next to him. This made Maki feel a little 

Were these new clothes... for nothing... ? 

Maki looked down on the outfit she was wearing and let out a 
small sigh. She was wearing a brightly colored one piece 

dress with a lot frills. She also had a large ribbon as a hair 
accessory to go with her dress. Maki had done her best to 
make herself look as cute as possible, because she wanted to 
show a different side of herself to Koutarou. She then wanted 
him to at least say something. She didn't mind if it wasn't a 
compliment, she just wanted him to acknowledge that she 
looked different from normal. However, Koutarou was 
occupied with something different and wasn't even looking at 
her. Maki felt lonely; it wasn't envy towards Yurika, but a 
loneliness because she had no place in Koutarou's mind. 

“By the way, Aika-san." 

Maki had dropped her shoulders and was looking down on the 
floor, only to look up when Koutarou called up to her. She saw 
him holding a collection of problems with his back turned 
towards her. That back made her feel even lonelier. 

“You have an awfully cute feeling around you today, did you 
give up on your underhanded use of money?" 


Just those words from Koutarou was enough to blow Maki's 
loneliness away. In its place, her normal yearning for 
Koutarou filled her heart. 

“...Why can't you just say that I look cute, Satomi-kun." 

“Sorry. It seems that's my flaw. I've been hearing a lot about 
it recently. They tell me to quit trying to distance myself from 

Keeping distance from others and not expecting anything 
from them was the flaw of Koutarou's personality that the 
invader girls pointed out. Even here, that flaw reared its face. 
But since he wanted to mend that flaw, Koutarou honestly 

“Uhm, so in this case... you look cute today, Aika-san. That's 
suitable, right?" 


An unexpected image appeared in Maki's mind. She saw a 
young boy embracing a half-knit sweater. Maki hugged that 
boy in her mind and smiled at Koutarou. 

“...You would have gotten full marks if not for your last 


"You're so strict, Aika-san.” 

Koutarou turned towards Maki and smiled. As he did, an 
image floated up into his head for just a moment. But the 
smile he saw on Maki was so bright the image vanished 
before becoming clear. 

"There has never been a moment in history where women 
haven't been strict." 

"Yeah. You women are always strict, except during the most 
important times..." 

Koutarou and Maki laughed together Maki was happy just 
being able to laugh together like this. Koutarou was smiling at 
her. There was nothing better than this. 


" Navy-san, you've already made a contract with a devil or something, 
haven't you?” 

Maki remembered the words that Dark Green had spoken 
yesterday. In that moment, anxiety began spreading through 

That's right, I have to confirm that... 

Koutarou turned his back towards Maki and started looking 
through books again. Maki pointed her palm towards her back 
and mumbled something. 

"...Analyze Magic." 

It was a spell that analyzed the effects of magic. Maki wasn't 
wearing her magical girl outfit or holding her cane, but she 

could use simple spells even in this state. Maki was going to 
use this spell to examine herself and Koutarou. 

It wasn't Green's misunderstanding... there really is a magical contract 
between us. 

Maki wasn't specialized in information related spells like 
Green, so she couldn't detect the magic until she got closer 
to Koutarou. As a result, she had now been able to confirm 
the magical contract between herself and Koutarou. 

This... really is from that time... 

Maki had no recollection of forming a contract with someone 
herself. Which would mean that the other side, Koutarou, had 
formed the contract. And Maki had only one time in mind. 

It was a few months ago during their ski trip. Maki had been 
seriously injured in the mountains, and had been healed by 
Koutarou using magic. But since Koutarou wasn't a magician, 
he had let his sword use its powerful magic. The sword 
emitted its pure white light and healed Maki's wound. And in 
that light, Maki had seen a single boy. A boy trembling in 
solitude. And Maki had told that boy, “It's okay, I'll always be 
with you..." 

If that is the contract... everything would make sense... 

Something similar happened to Koutarou, and as a result, a 
contract was formed. It was hard to imagine Koutarou 
forming a contract on purpose since he wasn't very 
knowledgeable about magic. It was likely that the sword had 
created the contract in order to save Maki. 

" It's an equal and persistent contract with a mental connection between the 
parties... and there's no limit to the mutual assistance. It's almost like they're 
one the same. It's quite a drastic contract... ” 

But the contract that Green had mentioned worried Maki. 

Do I really love Satomi-kun... ? 

Maki loved Koutarou. But now, she couldn't trust in her own 
feelings. Maki started doubting herself and wondered if her 
feelings were only due to the contract. 

Up until now, Maki had felt like Koutarou was reading her 
mind several times. In everyday life and in battle. She 
thought that was because they had good compatibility. That's 
why she had begun feeling for Koutarou, thinking that they 
shared the same feelings and could fill each other's 

But if a contract existed between them, then that might not 
be the case. Their compatibility and her feelings for Koutarou 
might just be an illusion created by the contract. 

Back then, Maki had completely given up on her life. Even if 
her wounds were healed, it wasn't sure if she would survive in 
that state. And with the mental wound from the past that 
Koutarou had, he probably wouldn't be able to stand having 
someone die in front of him. 

In order for the two to live together, the sword formed a 
contract. It pushed them to treasure one another. Maki had 
been given hope, the treatment had succeeded and 
Koutarou's mind had been protected. 

In other words, in order to save Maki and protect Koutarou, 
Maki might have been brainwashed. 

If I annul this contract, that question would be answered, but... 

There was a strong compulsion caused by the contract 
binding the two. The two were tied together forever and 

urged them to save one another. It was possible to annul that 
contract by going through the correct procedures. However, 
the safety and consent of both parties were the conditions. 

If the contract was annulled, Maki would recover even if she 
was brainwashed. And by doing that, she would know if her 
current feelings were from her own intentions. 

But if I am being brainwashed... should I really annul the contract? Even 
though Satomi-san might be killed by me... ? 

However, Maki hesitated to annul the contract. 

She was scared that she might become someone else, 
worried that she might become Koutarou's enemy once more. 
That's why she wasn't trying to annul the contract right away. 

If I'm not being brainwashed then I can just annul the contract... then I will 
know how I really feel... 

While Maki feared brainwashing, she wanted to trust in her 
feelings. She wanted her love for Koutarou to be her own, 
rather than a construct by the contract. 

But with the contract, her feelings would remain a doubt and 
she would probably always be uneasy. The only solution to 
this was to annul the contract and confirm it herself. That's 
why, for at least this purpose, Maki wanted to annul the 

...What should I do... 

Maki continued worrying. 

If she annulled the contract, she would know if her feelings 
were true or not. However, if she did, she might become 
Koutarou's enemy again. And once annulled, the contract 
wouldn't return. It wasn't an easy decision. 

“Is something the matter, Aika-san?” 

Koutarou called out to Maki as she worried. He found it 
strange that she suddenly fell silent. 

“No, it's nothing at all." 

Maki hurriedly smiled and shook her head. As she did, the 
ribbon on the back of her head swayed back and forth. 

“...Satomi-kun, it's almost 10AM, let's go." 

“Hm? Ah, yeah." 

Maki grabbed the sleeve of Koutarou's shirt and led the way. 
At the same time, she kept her head low to keep Koutarou 
from seeing her face. 

I have to return to my usual self before we get out of this store... I have to 
protect Satomi-kun today... 

In the end, though she continued worrying, Maki decided to 
maintain her current state. 

Even if her feelings were a product of a contract, changing 
into someone else was scary. And if she really was being 
brainwashed, the risk was too high. To Maki, keeping 
Koutarou out of harm's way took priority. That's why, as long 
as the possibility of her being brainwashed remained, she 
couldn't annul the contract. 

I will definitely protect him. From any enemy... even if it's the original me... 

It was because Maki had lived most of her life inside 
darkness, she didn't want to let go of the warmth she had 
within her reach, even if it was just an illusion. 

Part 3 

Sakuraba Harumi had to go to the hospital in the morning for 
a check-up. Yurika was tagging along with her, and once 
Harumi was done, the two would go out to play. They were 
expecting to go out to eat and shop. 

“—and then, Satomi-san hit me." 

“Fufu, if Satomi-kun hit you then you must have really 
skipped studying for a long time." 

“Uuhhh?! T-T-That's..." 

“Not true?" 

“...No comment." 

The two were currently talking in the waiting room at the 
hospital. Harumi's check-up was over, and all that was left 
was to pay. Because there were a lot of people that used this 
hospital, and because the calculations were complex, Harumi 
had to wait ten minutes every time before she could pay. The 
two were using that time to talk, but the topic naturally 
shifted to Koutarou. 

“Anyways, Satomi-san is the one who's wrong. Satomi-san is 
fundamentally lacking in love towards me." 

Yurika puffed her cheeks as she said that. 

“Nijino-san, truth be told, you don't actually believe that, 

However, with just a single look at Yurika's face, Harumi had 
decided that Yurika wasn't telling the truth. While looking at 
her face, Harumi gently smiled. 

“That's not true. Satomi-san is always violent and mean." 

Yurika continued shaking her head. 

“That's a lie. I don't believe it." 

But even then, Harumi didn't believe Yurika's words. 

“T-That's not true! Why would you think that?" 

“Fufufu... that's because lately, you seem so happy whenever 
you talk about Satomi-san." 


The moment Harumi pointed that out, Yurika started 
blushing. Seeing that change in expression, Harumi was 
convinced that her suspicion were true. 

“You haven't noticed yourself? Even now, you sounded really 
happy when you said that Satomi-kun hit you... Even back 
when you mentioned your snacks being stolen, you sounded 
really cheerful." 

Harumi had noticed that Yurika sounded really happy as of 
late whenever she spoke about Koutarou. Whenever she did, 
even if she seemed unhappy, her eyes were always laughing. 

And during these past few weeks, there had been a big 
change. When Yurika spoke of Koutarou like she did in the 
past, she had a different atmosphere to her. She still seemed 
happy, but now her happy feelings seemed mixed. 

“It's like I'm watching myself... that's why I can tell." 

“Do you love Satomi-kun too, Nijino-san?" 

Yurika was in love; that was what Harumi had concluded in 
almost no time at all, because she had been the same. Yurika 
had the same eyes that Harumi did when she would fix her 
hair in front of a mirror before going to her club activities. 

The conclusion was clear, but Yurika was unable to answer 
right away. She was of course embarrassed, but the biggest 
reason was something else. 

I've... fallen in love with the person Sakuraba-senpai loves... 

At first, Yurika had been working to get Harumi and Koutarou 
together. She had consulted with Harumi and given her 
advice. But after time passed and she learned more about 
Koutarou, she fell in love with him herself. This was a big 
miscalculation for Yurika, and at the same time, the guilty 
truth. That's why Yurika couldn't reveal her own feelings to 

“You don't have to hide it, Nijino-san. I understand your 
feelings... and while they might not show it, I believe there 
are many girls that love Satomi-kun..." 

Harumi had no intentions of blaming Yurika. To her, giving up 
on love because of the order in which people met or the order 
in which they fell in love with someone was too sad. She 
believed that everyone should have a fair chance. And 
because she found Satomi Koutarou to be attractive, she felt 
it was only obvious that Yurika would fall in love with him too. 

Yurika felt so guilty she couldn't look at Harumi's face. 
However, she responded in a quiet voice and nodded her 
head ever so slightly. 

“I see... that's great...” 

Seeing that, Harumi happily nodded. 

"Eh... great...?” 

Yurika found Harumi's reaction strange and hurriedly looked 
up at her. As she did, she found Harumi looking at her with a 
gentle expression. And because Yurika wanted to know the 
meaning behind Harumi's words, she looked right back at her. 

"Nijino-san... don't you think we're plain compared to many of 
the girls around Satomi-kun?” 

However, what Harumi said, wasn't an answer to the question 
she asked; instead, Harumi answered with a different 
question. Yurika was somewhat confused, but she honestly 
answered the question. 

"...Uhm... I think so...” 

Yurika felt the same thing Harumi did. 

Theia was a shining, strong and beautiful princess. 

Kiriha was far more mature and wiser, and left the others 
behind when it came to femininity. 

Sanae was honest and straight to the point. When it came to 
loveliness, she wouldn't lose to anyone. 

Ruth was serious and single-minded. Though she had nothing 
that stood out, when all her positives were summed up, she 
was something that you could safely entrust your home to. 

Not only was Shizuka an expert at martial arts, but she was a 
reliable person who managed Corona House on her own. Her 
bright character and gossip loving personality only helped to 
make her stand out more. 

Just by thinking for a moment, Yurika could easily think of five 
attractive girls around Koutarou. Compared to them, only 
Yurika's bad sides stood out, and when looking at her good 
parts, she was only a plain girl. 

The same could be said about Harumi. She was originally shy 
and weak to pressure. She had been improving as of late, but 
she was still introverted. As a result, she had a hard time 
expressing the deep love and kindness within her. 

As a result, Yurika and Harumi were plain girls when it came 
to appealing to men. 

“That's why... would you like to work together with me to 
make Satomi-kun turn our way?” 


That was all to an unexpected request. Harumi wanted to 
work together with Yurika to appeal to Koutarou. It was a 
surprising proposition, but for them it might be an effective 

I see. That's why she said it was great... 

That was when Yurika finally understood Harumi's intentions. 
Harumi knew that she was someone that didn't stand out, 
and that she was in need of improvement. That was when 
she learned of Yurika's true feelings. That's why she felt 
relieved and asked for Yurika's cooperation. 

“If the two of us work together, I think we can, how do I say 

this... support the lonely part inside of Satomi-kun." 

This might have been what was really important to Harumi. 
There was something she had always wondered about; why 
did a man like Koutarou join the knitting society? Harumi had 
been thinking about that the entire year. And just recently, 
she had reached a certain conclusion. 

During their club activities, Koutarou had been excessively 
concerned with learning how to knit sweaters. In fact, when 
he first joined, he had mentioned sweaters. That's why 
Harumi started thinking that it held a great meaning to 

Moreover, Koutarou would very rarely show an extremely 
lonely expression during their club activities. Since Koutarou 
had taken care not to show that expression, Harumi hadn't 
noticed until half a year later after he joined the society. Ever 
since then, whenever Harumi saw that face, she felt the need 
to do something. 

Harumi began thinking that Koutarou's obsession with 
knitting sweaters had something to do with that loneliness. If 
those two were related, then Harumi would need help. She 
believed she couldn't heal his heart on her own. 

“I think Satomi-kun has some sad memories about a sweater. 
That's why he is desperately trying to learn how to knit one 
despite being a boy. I can teach him how to knit, but my body 
is frail and I will be graduating next year. That's why I can't 
heal his loneliness. That's why I wanted you to help me, 

"...Sakuraba-senpai... you... 

Yurika truly believed that Harumi was amazing. Yurika knew 
of Koutarou's past thanks to Kiriha. The fact is that the half- 

knit sweater was a keepsake from his mother. But even then, 
she didn't notice how to heal Koutarou. However, Harumi who 
had no idea of Koutarou's past had found a way. Kiriha and 
the others had said that Yurika was closest to Koutarou, but in 
fact, the closest one of all was Harumi. 

Satomi-san joined the knitting society because he wanted to finish his 
mother's half-knit sweater... That is probably to get his feelings in order... 
That's why Satomi-san won't be able to fully trust in others before it's 
complete... In that case, even if we get continue to get closer to Satomi-san, 
we will eventually hit another wall! This is surely the piece of the puzzle we 
were missing! 

At this moment, Yurika was the first of the girls around 
Koutarou to find a method to fully mend Koutarou's wounded 

In order to heal Koutarou's heart, the girls needed to give 
Koutarou their warmth in their own ways, while he had to 
complete his mother's sweater by his own hands. Like Harumi 
said, without both of these things, Koutarou can't be saved. 

He could only fully heal once he had both. 

I can save him... No, if we all combine our powers, we can save Satomi- 

Up until now, Yurika had always been the one being saved, 
but now was her chance to save Koutarou. That conviction 
filled Yurika with a powerful sense of joy. Yurika was grateful 
for this chance. She might not have reached this conclusion if 
it wasn't for all the girls around Koutarou. 

“I understand, Sakuraba-senpai! Let's start out with the two 
of us!” 

Yurika decided to start out with her and Harumi. She would 
eventually need to explain the situation to all the girls of 

room 106, but Yurika felt like Harumi, who had reached this 
answer, deserved to lead the way. Harumi also had the 
handicap of not being involved with room 106. 

“Thank you, Nijino-san!" 

Harumi smiled happily. Nothing was as reassuring as having 
her closest friend support and help her. And she could be of 
help to the boy she loved. That's why her smile at this time 
looked like it belonged to a child. 

“For the time being, I will join the knitting society! With that, 
we can maintain the minimum amount of people and 
preserve the society!" 

According to school regulations, clubs required a minimum of 
four people, and societies a minimum of two. Since the 
knitting society was unable to get any new members, it 
would be shut down if no new members joined before April of 
next year. And if Koutarou's sweater wasn't completed before 
that time, things might become problematic. So in order to 
avoid that, Yurika decided to join the knitting society. 

“Fufu... that's quite crafty of you, Nijino-san. It would be a big 
help if you did." 

“But, but... won't I get in the way?" 

Yurika had been keeping her distance from the knitting 
society in order to not get in the way of Koutarou and Harumi. 
From that viewpoint, having Yurika join the society would be 

“Not at all. I think it's more important to help Satomi-kun. 

And Nijino-san, we decided that we would work together, 

While Harumi might be troubled by having others join the 
knitting society because she would be unable to be alone 
with Koutarou, she had no problems with Yurika joining. If it 
was just Yurika, she could continue the same way she always 
had. If we she was with Yurika, she would be able to muster 
more courage to become bolder. 


Relieved, Yurika's eyes started sparkling. She was happy that 
she could be of help without getting in Harumi's way, in fact, 
she welcomed the situation. That was because Harumi was 
making up for Yurika's own faults. 

"With this, I think we can have club activities even when I am 
in the hospital. I'm counting on you, Nijino-san." 

"This Nijino Yurika will do her best!” 

Harumi and Yurika smiled and continued chatting. The topics 
were friendship and love. They two were enjoying their lives 
to its fullest. 

"...Oh, you two sound like you're having fun." 

That was when someone called out to the two. Looking in the 
direction of the two, they saw a woman wearing an elegant 

" Kanae-san!" 

"Nice to meet you, Higashihongan-san." 

"What an unusual combination. May I join you?” 

The woman's name was Higashihongan Kanae. 

She was someone close to both Yurika and Harumi. 

Darkness Rainbow 

Part 1 

Saturday, April 24 

Harumi and Kanae first met a few years ago when Harumi 
was admitted. Back then, Sanae's condition was still light, so 
Harumi and Sanae were hospitalized in the same sickroom. 
That's why Harumi didn't just know Kanae, but also knew 
Sanae, though only the Sanae with the modest personality. 
After being released, Harumi would show up every so often to 
visit Sanae, and then she would also meet Kanae. 

Kanae was currently in the hospital to pick up a few personal 
belongings left behind by Sanae. On her way back, she just 
happened to spot Harumi and Yurika. 

Having finished their businesses, the three left the hospital 
and decided to eat lunch at a family restaurant. They were 
now done eating and were peacefully chatting. 

“Hmm, so the two of you will be going after the same boy 
together... Girls nowadays sure are bold.” 

Kanae swirled her glass of iced coffee around while smiling 

“Going after..." 

Kanae's frank expression made Harumi blush. Still in her late 
teens, Harumi didn't have the same level of confidence an 
adult had. 

“Am I wrong?" 

Kanae gave Harumi a teasing glance. She was enjoying 
seeing Harumi's innocent blushing. 

“I don't think you're wrong, but... I feel like the nuance has 

“Fufu, it hasn't changed... But I'm a little jealous. Friendship 
and love, huh... It's been a while since I talked about that 

Kanae went through her memories and smiled nostalgically. 
She imagined herself shining in her teens and dreamed of 
going back to that time. 

“About thirty years ago?" 

However, she had only felt like teen for a few seconds. 
Yurika's oblivious and ruthless comment dragged her back to 

“Yurika-chan, are you picking a fight with me?" 

Kanae smiled, but her eyes were twitching. 

“N-Not at all!!” 

Yurika hurriedly shook her head. 

I've done it! I've done it again! 

Yurika knew that having a rich enemy was bad. And she was 
also scared of Koutarou's punishment. That's why she 
continued shaking her head as fast as she could. 

“I came to pick a fight. Kanae." 

That was when a new voice joined in. The voice belonged to a 
woman in her late twenties wearing an indigo suit. The 
moment they saw that woman, both Kanae and Yurika's 
expressions froze up. 

“Long time no see, Kanae." 

“Maya?! Why are you?!" 

“This person is using magic... wait, Darkness Rainbow?!" 

“Nice to meet you, Rainbow Yurika. My Maki is always in your 
care. I am Maki's master, Maya." 

The woman that had appeared in front of Yurika and the 
others was Maya, a magician from Darkness Rainbow. 

Part 2 

Yurika's master, Nana, and her partner at the time, Kanae, 
had defeated Maya a few years ago. Back then, the injuries 
Maya had sustained were severe and she was no longer fit for 
battle. That's why her disciple, Maki, had taken up the name 
of Dark Navy. 

“Maya... what is that body?.." 

“You'll find out soon. Very soon." 

However, Maya didn't seem to be under the effect of a 
serious injury. Her movements looked just the same as they 
had before to Kanae, not to mention she looked even younger 
than she did back then, as if she had grown younger these 
past few years. Kanae was more surprised by that than by 
Maya's sudden appearance. 

“Nijino-san, what's going on? Who is that person? Why are we 

Harumi was even more confused than Kanae was. 

After Maya had appeared, the group had moved to an 
abandoned building. While they directed hostility to one 
another, they exchanged harsh words. 

Having suddenly been dragged into a dangerous world, 
Harumi couldn't do anything but be confused. 

“Sakuraba-senpai, it's dangerous so please stay away.” 

“Dangerous... why?” 

“A fight will start. That person is my and Kanae-san's enemy." 

Harumi thought that Yurika was joking, that she was only 
pretending that this was like her favorite anime. However, 
the atmosphere she felt was different. It was far too serious 
to be considered a joke. Yurika hadn't showed this serious of 
an expression, even during their plays. 

Enemy... That person is Nijino-san and Kanae-san's enemy... 

Harumi looked at Maya. Even she could feel an ominous 
presence coming from her. However, her common sense kept 
saying that it was all just a joke. Her sensation and common 
sense clashed, which only served to confuse Harumi even 

"I will explain the details later. Please just do as I say, 

"O-Okay. I understand...” 

Harumi did as Yurika said and got away from the other three. 
She didn't understand a thing, but she had no reason to 
doubt Yurika. After confirming that Harumi was at a safe 
distance, Yurika approached Kanae. Meanwhile, Kanae and 
Maya's discussion continued. 

"Maya, let Sakuraba-san go. She is unrelated to this.” 

"Fufufu, I can't do that. I have my own circumstances here.” 

Maya refused Kanae's request, full of confidence. But on the 
inside, she was thinking something different. 

On the surface she is a weak girl. However, her second personality holds a 
vast amount of power. Knowing that, there's no way I would just let her go, is 


Maya had been given a report from Maki, so she knew of the 
power Harumi had. Based on Maya's objective, there was no 
way that she would set Harumi free. 

“No matter what? Sakuraba-senpai is just a normal person." 

Yurika came to Kanae's side and asked for Harumi to be let 

Yurika didn't know of Harumi's power. That was because she 
had been unconscious when Harumi had shown her powers. 
That's why she tried to keep Harumi as far away from danger 
as possible. 

“No matter what. No matter who that girl is." 

But even then, Maya wouldn't let Harumi go. Maya fearlessly 
smiled as she tore off the clothes she was wearing, revealing 
a magical girl outfit that looked familiar to Kanae. But that 
familiarity ended there. 

“Mode change, combat mode! Aura amplification rate to 1.5." 

“Ready. Combat mode with aura amplification rate to 1.5 

On Maya's command, her wrists began emitting an indigo 
glow as if she was wearing bracelets. At the same time, the 
lines that resembled tattoos began glowing with the same 
light and opened up a little. In that gap, very complex looking 
machinery could be seen. Most of Maya's body was now 
composed of machines. 

“Maya?! Is that body—?!" 

Seeing the machinery through the gaps in her body, Kanae 

realized how Maya had recovered. But she couldn't imagine 
that this could be done with modern science. It was a very 
shocking sight for Kanae. 

“Are you jealous? I found a wonderful beauty salon. Aren't I 

“A cyborg?! Kanae-san, get away!! That's dangerous!!" 

Yurika warned Kanae who was standing still. In response, 
Kanae followed Yurika's advice and got some distance 
between herself and Maya. Thanks to her manga and anime, 
she understood the danger faster than Kanae. 

“That's a good intuition! As expected from Nana's disciple I 

Maya grinned as her body changed even further. Various 
mechanisms popped out from the gaps forming on her body. 
Things such as exhaust tubes, armor and weapons appeared. 
Maya had thrown away her beautiful body and changed into a 
brutal combat machine. 

“Come, Angel Halo! Encyclopedia!" 

In return, Yurika called for her own canes. 

Her intuition told her that if she didn't reveal her identity and 
held back on magic, she would have no chance of winning. 

Part 3 

Having transformed into a magical girl, the first thing Yurika 
did was to give Kanae a weapon and create a barrier. 

“Armed — Encyclopedia!" 

One of the two canes in Yurika's hand transformed into a bow. 
Yurika then threw it to Kanae. 

“Please use that, Kanae-san!" 

“Thank you!" 

Kanae easily caught the bow mid air and swiftly readied 
herself. As she did, the bow readjusted itself to perfectly suit 

It works the same way as with Nana-chan... I can fight with this! 

Kanae then drew the bow and an arrow appeared out of 
nowhere. Kanae recalled her breathing from her previous 
battles and pointed the bow towards Maya. 

“Sanctuary — Modifier — Effective Area — Colossal!" 

At the same time, Yurika finished casting her barrier. With 
this, there was no need to worry about their fight being 
witnessed by anyone outside the building. 

“Are the two of you ready yet?" 

Despite having finished her own preparations, Maya waited 
for Yurika and Kanae to finish up their own. She did want to 
wait for the barrier to be put up, but the biggest reason for 

this was because she had absolute confidence in her own 

She was convinced that there was no way she would lose to 
Kanae, who was growing weary from age, and Yurika, who 
was still immature. 

“That confidence of yours will be fatal." 

“That might be true, if your partner had been Nana." 

The reason she had been defeated by Nana was because of 
her overconfidence in her power. Maya could honestly accept 

“But you two are not as strong as the past Kanae and Nana. 
And besides—" 

Maya took a stance. 

As she did, a sound similar to a switch being pressed could be 
heard in several places on her body. That sound served as the 
gong to start the battle. It was the sound of the safety 
devices of Maya's weapons being released. 

“—I'm far stronger than I was before!" 

Maya kicked off the ground. And in that moment, she 
disappeared from Yurika's sight. 

“She's fast?!" 

“Above you, Yurika-chan!" 

Yurika had lost track of Maya, but Kanae who had excellent 
eyesight had not. As she warned Yurika, she released an 

“You really are a little slower, Kanae!" 

Maya kicked off the ceiling of the building and changed her 
direction. As a result, the arrow missed her. 

“Should I introduce you to a good salon?!" 

Maya had kicked off the ceiling and was now charging 
towards Kanae at a fierce speed. Maya greatly wounded her 
arm with a hand that transformed into a blade. 

“I think I'll pass!" 

But Kanae wasn't just going to let herself be done in. She 
swapped the bow from her left hand to her right and swung 
it. It handled similarly to a golf club. 

“I'm still young after all!" 

“My, that's too bad!" 

Maya's right hand and Kanae's bow collided. If Kanae's 
weapon had been a normal bow, it probably would have been 
destroyed in that hit. However, since it was originally 
Encyclopedia, it endured the blow. 

“Maybe you should lose a little weight instead!" 

While retaining its bow form, Encyclopedia unleashed a spell. 
The bow read Kanae's wish to blow Maya away and activated 
a shockwave spell. 

“I'll let the people who made my body know!" 

But even the close range shockwave didn't affect Maya's 
confidence. Without even trying to dodge, she pointed her 
left arm towards Kanae. 

The next moment, the shock wave crashed into the parts of 
Maya's body covered in armor and dispersed. And at the 
same time, Maya fired the gun protruding from her left arm. 

What Maya fired weren't normal bullets, but bullets of indigo 
light. Energy was discharged directly from Maya's body. 

"Oh no?!" 

Kanae hurriedly took evasive actions, but she was too close 
to dodge all of the fired bullets. At this rate, she would 
definitely be hit. 

"Quick Cast!! Force Field!!" 

But just before the bullets hit Kanae, a yellow shield of light 
appeared in the way of the bullets. 

The shield of light blocked the majority of the bullets, but it 
was unable to withstand the barrage and the last remaining 
bullets continued flying towards Kanae. 

Flowever, thanks to Yurika buying her some time, Kanae 
barely managed to avoid the shots. She escaped with only 
one bullet grazing her cheek and another cutting off a few 
strands of hair. 

"Oh... aren't you working hard." 

Taking some distance once more, Maya seemed a little 
impressed as she looked at Kanae and Yurika, but her 
confidence remained the same. 

"Please be careful, Kanae-san." 

"...Thank you, Yurika-chan." 

Yurika stepped forward to keep Maya in check. Meanwhile, 

Kanae got up and readied her bow again. As she did, the bow 
changed its shape and bowstring according to Kanae's will. 

It's a little hard to draw, but if I don't have enough power I won't be able to 
hit her at that speed... 

Maya was moving far faster than she had before. Maya was 
good at using magic to enhance her body's abilities, but even 
back then she hadn't been this fast. 

“...What is this I wonder... I don't know what is up with her 
body and her weapons..." 

Yurika held her cane and looked at Maya's body again. 

Despite it not being her real body, she can still move that fluidly, and she 
moves at that speed without even using any magic . Her defense is quite 
impressive as well. And that weapon just now is strange... Not even a 
machine gun can break through a force field that easily... It probably isn't 
magic, but something else... 

An overwhelming speed, attacks hard to defend against and 
strong defenses. Yurika could only think of one person with 
that kind of power. 

“If I don't treat this as if I'm fighting against Satomi-san I'll be 

Maya reminded Yurika of Koutarou. He had help from Sanae, 
and Kiriha's gauntlet and haniwas were— once Yurika 
reached that point in her thoughts she had an epiphany. 

“I see!! The underground people made your body, didn't 
they, Maya-san?!" 

Yurika remembered the remains of the altar that Kanae had 
showed her yesterday. They were pieces of spiritual energy 
devices. If Maya had connections to the underground people 

back then, chances were high she still did now. And with the 
underground people's technology Maya's smooth movements 
and overwhelming speed could be explained. 

"Hmm... I guess you're not as stupid as you look, just like 
Maki said...” 

Maya's smile disappeared. 

At the same time, several new weapons appeared on her 

"But because of that, you now have to die." 

Maya wanted to keep her connections to the underground 
people a secret. 

But now that Yurika had found out the truth, she had to kill 
her or her relations with the underground people might 
worsen. Maya had been buying time up until now, but now 
her goal became to kill Yurika and the others. Playtime was 

"Kanae-san, I'll raise your strength with magic! I'll leave the 
attacking to you!" 

"Okay! I'll count on you to back me up!" 


Kanae dashed forward holding her bow. Yurika wouldn't be 
able to lock onto Maya, so she left the attacking to Kanae. 

"Quick — And — Double Cast! Lightning Reflex, Mighty 

Yurika enhanced Kanae's reflexes and strength with magic. 
With this, she would have an easier time keeping up with 

Maya, and she would be able to use her bow more easily. 
There were other parts she wanted to enhance as well, but 
since Maya was already making her move, even by forcibly 
speeding her spells up, two was her limit. 

“How about this?!” 

Kanae sent one arrow after another towards Maya. She could 
clearly see Maya and could more easily draw the bowstring. 
The fired arrows rushed straight towards Maya. 

“Good, Kanae!! It's like you've returned to how you used to 

“Automatic interception system activated. Beginning 

However, Maya wasn't without her own plans. Two antennas 
thrust up from her body and started firing powerful lightning 
bolts. Though the bolts didn't directly hit the arrows, the 
electromagnetism they created had an effect on the metallic 
tips of the arrows. As a result, the arrows that were headed 
straight towards Maya veered off course and missed. 

“But you're still a bit off!! You really have gotten old, Kanae!!” 

“It's not over yet!!” 

In that moment, the bow in Kanae's hand greatly changed its 
shape. As the bow returned to its original form of a cane, 
Kanae swung it. Kanae was skilled with both bows and 
naginatas. Kanae was going to fight against Maya using the 
cane as a replacement for a naginata. 

“I see, so you have more weapons than before!” 

In response, Maya fired the gun on her left arm while 
charging in. 

“Protection From Soul Energy!" 

But this time, the bullets were completely blocked by Yurika's 
defensive spell. Knowing that she was going up against the 
underground people's technology, she realized that 
protection from spiritual energy would be more effective than 
protection from physical attacks. 



Maya and Kanae clashed, and the blade in Maya's right hand 
crashed into Kanae's cane. 

Kanae's cane was made out of wood, but thanks to the magic 
power inside, it was harder than steel. As a result, the cane 
successfully blocked Maya's blade. But her strike was heavy, 
and so was Maya's body, thanks to all the machinery in her. 
What's more, her speed was abnormal. Because of that, 

Kanae couldn't hold off the blow despite being strengthened 
by Yurika's magic. 

“I've got you, KaanaeeeM" 

With Kanae being blown upwards, Maya unleashed a kick with 
her long legs. 

A blade appeared at her foot, just like with her hand. Maya 
was planning on finishing off Kanae with this attack. 

“Quick Cast — Push!” 


But before Maya's leg could reach, Kanae was blown away by 
Yurika's spell. Thanks to that, Maya ended up missing 

“Cane, please!” 

Kanae then used the cane's magic to make a soft landing. But 
despite having survived the crisis, Kanae's expression was 

She's strong... and her attack pattern is completely different from the past... If 
I let my guard down for a moment, I will die! 

The cane transformed into a bow once more. Kanae wanted 
to wipe the sweat off her forehead away, but she wasn't 
given the time to do so. 

Part 4 

The battle continued in Maya's favor. She could attack any 
way she pleased thanks to the many weapons she had, and 
though Yurika and Kanae had the numerical advantage, they 
were forced to defend themselves. Harumi knew next to 
nothing about fighting, but even she could tell that Yurika and 
Kanae were being driven into a corner. 

“What is going on...? Just who are Nijino-san and 

Harumi was overwhelmed by the spectacle taking place in 
front of her eyes. 

A battle had suddenly started, and she had no idea why. She 
was confused by the woman with the mechanical body, and 
Kanae who fought against her. But what confused her the 
most was Yurika's appearance. 

“It's like she's a real magician... Wasn't that supposed to be 
just cosplay...?" 

As Yurika fought, she looked just like a magical girl that would 
appear on an anime. And for every time they swung their 
arms, the earth tore up and the air was burnt and scorched. It 
was obvious that this wasn't some kind of special effect. With 
a spectacle that ignored common sense like this playing out 
in front of her, Harumi started question if this was even real. 

That was when a doubt floated up in Harumi's mind. It was a 
sensation of deja vu. 

Haven't I seen something like this before...? 

A faint memory appeared in her mind. It was the sight of 
Yurika fighting against a girl in an indigo outfit. However, that 
memory was very hazy and she couldn't remember it very 
well. But she could somehow feel that the memory she had 
was of something that had happened in the past. 

What is this... I feel like I'm forgetting something important... ? 

Harumi began focusing on her own mind, searching through 
her memories, trying to recall that vague memory. 

It wasn't this year. It was probably after the first play... I talked to Nijino-san 
and Satomi-kun, and then we, all of us and Matsudaira-san, went out to 
play... No... Was it a little before that? 

Based on her own sensations, the clothes worn at the time 
and her surroundings, Harumi got a feel for roughly when it 
had happened. And using that as her guide, Harumi's 
memories gradually started getting clearer. 

That's right... Back then, this woman... No, not her, it was probably a 
different girl with similar clothes... I was kidnapped by that girl, and was 
unable to move... 

Something was glowing on Harumi's forehead, and it started 
glowing brighter the clearer her memory got. That pure-white 
glow turned into a torrent of magical power and was trying to 
break the spell put on Harumi's memory to pieces. 

And then... 

Harumi could remember a large fireball. At the same time, a 
fireball appeared in reality as well. 

"I don't know what you're planning, but I won't let you do 

Maya created a fireball just like Maki had in Harumi's 
memories. Maya sensed the magical power that Harumi was 
releasing and made the first move to keep Harumi from 
interrupting her fight with Yurika and Kanae. 

"Run away, Sakuraba-senpai!!" 

Yurika shouted. It was a situation very similar to last time, but 
this time, Yurika had just cast a spell and was now unable to 
protect Harumi. And since the attack this time around wasn't 
magic, Maya was far faster than Maki had been. Moreover, 
Kanae couldn't stop Maya's attack from her position. At this 
rate, Harumi's life was in danger. 

"...Good bye, young lady." 

In the end, Yurika's warning hadn't been quick enough. 

Harumi wasn't a magician, and she didn't have the ability nor 
the will to fight. Being just a normal girl, Harumi simply stood 
there with a blank stare. 


And then I was swallowed by crimson flames. 

Part 5 

Darkness Rainbow wasn't just after Yurika. Dark Green and 
Dark Crimson were planning on attacking room 106 of Corona 

Darkness Rainbow's main goal was to seize the magic power 
concentrated in room 106. Maya's attack on Yurika was a 
diversion to stall for time. This room was their real goal. 

“Are you ready, Green?” 

“Yes. My forecast is telling me to watch out for a girl with 
golden hair that uses the key word 'Blue Knight'. I can see a 
multitude of different attacks stemming from that. And one 
more warning.” 


“Don't enjoy your battle with the girl wearing an apron too 
much. If you got too into it, I can see several futures where 
you get the rug pulled out from under you.” 

“Okay, okay. Despite your calm looking expression, you're 
quite harsh...” 

After invading the premises of Corona House, Crimson and 
Green released the spell that concealed them. They had 
already put up a barrier to keep people away so there was no 
need for them to worry about being spotted. 

“Crimson, take a step to your right quickly.” 

“Okay, okay, you're so demanding...” 

The two of them both took a single step to the right, and that 
was when it happened. 

A beam of light appeared just where they had been standing. 
The light carved a large hole into the ground and the 
shockwave created from the heated air greatly shook the 

"Kyaaaaa?! What's going on?!” 

"...It's the enemy's attack. They noticed us approaching when 
we put up the barrier.” 

Having predicted the enemy's attack, Green simply shook 
from the enemy's overhead laser attack, but Crimson lost her 
balance. She then hurriedly rebalanced herself and 
complained to Green. 

"Let me know those important things sooner!” 

"It's okay. We'll be using a mental link from now on.” 

As Green activated a new spell, the people that had attacked 
them appeared. They were five girls around the same age as 
Green and Crimson. 

"Oh... to think you would dodge that... How interesting." 

"Your highness, this is strange. According to the observed 
data, these two took evasive action just before the weapon 
was fired." 

"But it doesn't look like they sensed an aura." 

"Then did they wiretap us? How rude, I'll have to call the 

"If they wiretapped us, they probably would have moved 
sooner. It seems like it's something different." 

Theia, Ruth, Sanae, Shizuka and Kiriha. The five girls of room 
106 stood in Crimson and Green's way, ready for a fight. 

"But should we really have attacked out of nowhere?" 

"No problems. They couldn't be anything than enemies in this 


Sanae was worried about having attacked right away, but 
Theia had made a grounded decision. There had been signs 
that informed her of their raid. 

First, all signals between Koutarou's bracelet and the Blue 
Knight, except for the signal that used gravitational waves, 
had been suddenly cut off. Finding that strange, Ruth 
investigated the situation and found that most 
communications methods around Koutarou had been cut off. 
They had also lost contact with Yurika. In that situation, 
communications in Corona Flouse had been disrupted as well. 
And at the same time, two girls had snuck into the premises 
of Corona Flouse. This had all been circumstantial evidence, 
but Theia made the call that they weren't friendly and used 
the Blue Knight to attack without hesitation. 

”1 like that swift decision of yours.” 

Crimson smiled. A fire started in her eyes, she was excited to 
fight against a powerful opponent. 

"Of course. Those are the basics of battle. Make a preemptive 
strike with overwhelming force. It's your own fault for 
carelessly approaching after such an imperfect diversion... 
Flow ungraceful.” 

Theia smiled elegantly and covered her mouth with an even 
more elegant folding fan. Enraged by Theia's behavior, 
Crimson readied her cane and roared. 

"Then I'll turn you into cinders right now!! I'll make you regret 
talking down to me!!” 

Crimson was conscious of her own error. She also felt 
ashamed for her ungraceful appearance during the 

bombardment. So having Theia throw some harsh words 
towards her, Crimson's blood started to boil. 

“Calm down, Crimson.” 


“I understand how you feel, but don't fall for their 
provocation. That girl is very calculating.” 

“Uhh... O-Okay...” 

But with Dark Green's calm words, Crimson barely managed 
to hold herself back. Seeing that, Theia closed her fan and 
erased her sarcastic smile. 

“I see... so that's the kind of combination you two have...” 

Like Green said, Theia was simply trying to provoke them. 
She was no longer the type of person that would aggravate 
others for no reason. Skilled in battles, Theia was trying to 
extract info from Crimson by provoking her. 

They're unknowns, but I've figured out a bit... These people really are behind 
the diversions... The green one is in charge of information, and the red one 
can use high energy attacks. The reckless red is being controlled by the calm 
green. Based on this relation, the green one is the leader... and then there's 
that cane that the red one was going to attack with... Surely that can't be a 
magical cane, can it...? 

This brief exchange of words had been enough for Theia to 
obtain a lot of information. Upon analyzing the information, 
Theia reached a certain conclusion. To confirm it, she asked 
Kiriha who was by her side. 

“Kiriha, what do you think?” 

“I believe I have reached the same conclusion as you, Theia- 

dono. Sadly, I cannot think of anything else.” 

”1 see... so they really are...” 

Theia grinded her teeth. IfTheia and Kiriha were right, the 
two in front of them wouldn't be foes they could so easily 
deal with. 

"What do you mean, Theia-chan?” 

Shizuka who hadn't understood asked Theia. 

"...Those two are magicians." 


"You're kidding?!” 

Shizuka and Sanae's eyes opened wide in surprise. Even Ruth 
who was behind them was surprised. 

"Your highness, are you sure?!” 

"...You might think that I am being foolish, but I am almost 
completely convinced. They are like Yurika, in a good way.” 

Like Yurika in a good way. That meant that they had the same 
kind of power Yurika had when she had saved Sanae from her 
crisis. It meant that they could use magic. 

In other words— 

"Our enemies are magical girls. If you look down on them 
thinking they're just cosplayers, you're in for a world of hurt." 

—It meant that they were troublesome enemies that could 
fight in an abundance of ways. 

Part 6 

Theia had reached conclusion that the two were magical girls 
because of their canes and the situation. 

Both of them had canes of different shapes. The interference 
in Corona House very closely resembled the barrier that 
Yurika had put up using Encyclopedia. On top of that, the 
cloak they had used to approach was incredibly advanced 
and had allowed them to slip past all of the sensors that 
Theia and Ruth had set up. It was hard to believe that could 
be possible with the current level of technology on Earth. 

Koutarou had brought Yurika's cane in from another world, 
but it worked without any problems in this world as well. That 
meant that the laws of physics allowed for the existence of 
magic. In that case, it wouldn't be strange for there to be real 

With this, it meant that either the two were magicians, or 
they had science advanced enough to deceive Forthorthe's 
sensors. Either way, it was clear that they were dangerous. 
And in the worst case scenario, them being magical girls was 
the most dangerous. Based on Yurika's past efforts, it was 
more troublesome going up against magic that could be used 
for all kinds of things rather than Forthorthe's technology that 
became a lot more limited in a battle. 

“That's right. You will all be defeated by our magic." 

With a confident smile, Crimson readied her cane. As she did, 
the crimson outfit she was wearing began to emit a faint red 
glow, making it look like she was on fire. 

“But it's nothing personal... Green, are you ready?” 

"Yes. The first attack will come in 33 seconds. ” 

Green silently nodded. However, her voice reached Crimson. 
This was thanks to a telepathy spell. 

“What kind of attack?” 

"The girl in the apron will lead the attack. ” 

When Green readied her cane, several holograms appeared 
around her. The holograms displayed characters and images, 
and it looked very similar to the holograms Clan could 
produce with her bracelet. 

“An enemy that can do what Yurika-chan did back then, huh... 
then I will lead the way. Everyone else please back me up.” 

“Shizuka, I'll help too!” 

“We're counting on you, Shizuka, Sanae. Blue Knight, auto 
select using the anti-personnel laser as the starting point.” 

“As you wish, my princess.” 

“Karama, Korama, change the settings on the Spiritual 
Energy Field, raise its resistance towards elemental attacks 
as much as you can. I will permit the use of spiritual energy 
weapons. Release your limits, I will allow you to force 
yourselves to the point that you break if need be.” 

“Understood Ho-!” 

“Leave it to us Ho-!” 

“We're going up against enemies we know nothing about! 
Everyone, please don't push yourselves too much until I can 

gather the necessary data!” 

Shizuka was the vanguard with Sanae backing her up with 
her spiritual powers. Theia would be shooting from a distance 
to make the best use of her firepower. Kiriha took charge 
while her high mobility haniwas would cover everyone. And 
Ruth stayed in the back to gather and analyze data. 

I just hope this is good enough... 

It was a sturdy and the strongest possible formation, but 
even then Kiriha felt like it was lacking. Based on her own 
experiences of using Encyclopedia, Kiriha knew just how 
flexible magic was. 

"Are you just about ready yet?" 

"...Don't play around too much, Crimson." 

As proof of that, despite standing in front of five, Crimson and 
Green were still confident. They had no doubt that they would 

Part 7 

The invader girls made the first move. 

“Here I go!” 

With her exceptional physical strength and speed, her hair, 
apron and skirt swayed as she rapidly approached the enemy 
vanguard, Crimson. 

“Shizuka, I couldn't strengthen your body as well as 
Koutarou's, so don't get overconfident!” 

“I got it, thank you Sanae-chan!” 

As Sanae said that from the rear, Shizuka kicked off the 
ground and jumped. With her body strengthened even further 
by Sanae's spiritual energy, she shot through the air like a 
bullet. Shizuka then lightly rotated mid-air and thrust out her 
right leg. She flew towards Crimson, trying to hit her with a 
jump kick. 

“Child's play!” 

" That kick is just a diversion. The real attack is a ranged attack afterwards, 
counter attack after you've dodged that. ” 

“Got it!!” 

As Shizuka's kick approached, Crimson took a mysterious 
step. After parting from Shizuka for a moment, Crimson 
stepped forward again as if she was going around her. 

The next moment a laser passed through the area where she 

had been standing. This laser was fired from a weapon that 
Theia had summoned. 

“It's not over yet! Sanae-chan God Arrow— wait, what?!” 

As Sanae was about to attack because Theia's attack had 
missed, many Crimsons appeared in the area. Surprised by 
that, Sanae's attack was delayed for a moment. 

"Crimson, attacks won't come from this position." 

"Hmm, then let's start the counter attack!” 

Several dozen Crimsons then readied their canes all at the 
same time. 

"Oh no?!” 

Shizuka who had missed her kick was trying to land curled up 
and crossed her arms, bracing for Crimson's attack. She knew 
that she was the target thanks to the power to see the 
intention to attack, given to her by Sanae. 

"Sanae, they're just holograms! Just attack!" 


Sanae fired an arrow from her bow made out of spiritual 
energy. That arrow was also made out of spiritual energy so it 
split into several dozen smaller arrows midair and assaulted 
the crowd of Crimsons. 

"They're all fakes?!" 

All the Crimsons hit by Sanae's arrows disappeared entirely. 

As Theia had said, they were all illusions created by Green. 
But, there were so many holograms that Sanae couldn't get 
rid of all of them. And the real Crimson was still present 

amongst them. 

“Infernal Fire — Modifier — High Concentration." 

Three Crimsons remained, and all three of them made the 
exact same movements and produced a large burning red 
ball of flame each. That large ball then contracted and shrank 
to the size of a tennis ball. This increased the heat of the 
fireball, and it shone like a miniature sun. 

“Take this!!" 

And those three fireballs were all sent towards Shizuka. 

“Kya Kya Kya!” 

Shizuka didn't know which one was real. Moreover, she had 
just landed and couldn't move away in time. That's why all 
she could do was let out a scream. 

“Karama, Korama!" 

“Leave it to us Ho-!" 

“Shizuka-chan, you can take it easy Ho-!” 

Just before the fireballs were about to hit Shizuka, Karama 
and Korama appeared in front of her. They then pointed their 
arms forwards and emitted a yellow light. That light turned 
into a large membrane that enveloped Shizuka and the 

The moment the fireballs crashed into the haniwas' 
membrane of light, a large explosion occurred. The shock 
wave from the explosion caused the entirety of Corona House 
to tremble. Because of the explosion, Shizuka and the 
haniwas were wrapped in flames and their appearance 
couldn't be seen from the outside. 

"*cough* *cough, cough*” 

"Shizuka-chan, quickly fall back Ho-” 

”1 know, but, *cough*” 

"This way Ho-” 

Fortunately, Shizuka and the haniwas appeared shortly after 
again. The haniwas were bringing Shizuka back to Theia as 
she was having a coughing fit. Both Shizuka and the haniwas 
were a bit dirty from the explosion, but they had no injuries. 

”...l think we're a strange bunch, but you might be even more 
so. Normally at least one person would die from that.” 

Crimson gave words of praise to Shizuka who had safely 
gotten out of her pinch. Infernal Fire was one of Crimson's 
strongest attacks, so taking a direct hit from that and being 
unharmed was quite surprising. 

But she didn't stop at being surprised, and while she was 
praising Shizuka, she communicated with Green without the 
use of words. 

"Green, what's next?” 

"The next is in 18 seconds. Those cute machines will try something. ” 

"Let me know when you get more details. ” 

"Ok. ” 

Crimson and Green were confident that they would win, but 
that was if they could work together without making any 
mistakes. The two couldn't afford to let their guard down. 

"Your highness, this really is strange. The enemy is moving to 

where our attacks won't hit just before they're fired. It's as if 
they know where the attacks will come to begin with.” 

"But they're not reading our auras. I can't feel that they're 
using spiritual energy at all.” 

"Could it be profiling?" 

"No... I can't imagine our opponents have enough information 
on us to do that. It would make more sense to suspect magic 
is playing a hand in this. I don't know if they're reading our 
minds or auras though..." 

At the same time, the invader girls worked on improving their 
cooperation against the two unknown enemies. They realized 
that they had no chance of winning if they all fought on their 

"Karama, Korama, don't let them get close.” 

"Roger Ho-" 

"Leave it to us Ho-" 

"Blue Knight, keep them restrained. Put interception on auto 

"As you wish, my princess." 

The two got back into formation and tried to keep the two 
magical girls at bay while planning their strategy. If their 
attacks were being read, they couldn't carelessly go on the 
offensive. Meanwhile, the two magical girls weren't taking the 
offensive either. They were waiting for the invader girls to 
show an opening while blocking Karama, Korama and the 
Blue Knight's attacks. 

"...Uhm, can I say something stupid?" 

Shizuka dusted off her clothes while speaking coyly. 

“Go ahead. I am willing to try any plan." 

Theia nodded seriously. She was ready to try anything. 

“Those girls are magicians, right?" 

“That's right. There's no doubting that." 

Kiriha said that. The fireball that Crimson had fired from her 
cane all but proved that they were magicians. As the fireball 
was being generated, Karama's, Korama's and the Blue 
Knight's gathered data revealed that it wasn't being created 
by science or spiritual energy. 

“Then... can't they just see the future in a crystal ball like the 
witches from fairy tales?" 

“Future forecast!" 

Shizuka had embarrassingly spoken out, prepared to made 
fun of, but Kiriha and Theia did no such thing. Instead, their 
eyes opened wide and looked at each other. 

“Kiriha, what are the chances?!" 

“It can't be dismissed." 

Kiriha figured that since Koutarou had travelled through time, 
it must be possible to obtain information from the future in 
some way. The problem was whether it actually could be 
done or not. 

“...We have to confirm how they are reading our moves, and 
including the possibility of future forecast." 

“Then what do we do?" 

Kiriha swiftly gathered her thoughts and conveyed them to 
her allies. The girls all moved out, following Kiriha's 
directions. Sensing that, a grin appeared on Crimson's face. 

“Looks like they're finally getting motivated. Finally, I was 
getting bored of playing with these toys." 

"The girl with the golden hair will make the first move by summoning 
another machine. Don't get too surprised, because a large amount of small 
missiles will come flying at you. They follow heat sources so after they lock 
onto you, use Flare to avoid them. ” 

“Really, how many surprises do those girls have? Multiple 
Energy Bolt!" 

While listening to what Green was saying, Crimson attacked 
the haniwas flying in the air with energy balls created by 
magic. However, since the haniwas stopped their attack and 
began falling back, the energy ball missed and continued 
flying forward until it could no longer be seen. And in the next 
moment, Theia made her move. 

“Let's do this! Blue Knight! Anti-personnel multi-missile!” 

“As you wish, my princess.” 

Space-time holes opened up on both sides near Theia, and a 
big box appeared from each hole. The box was about a meter 
and a half tall and it had a quite squarish design for 
something from Forthorthe. 

“Target locked, beginning attack.” 

As the Blue Knight's Al signaled, the boxes opened and 
revealed 16 missiles about 50 centimeters in length. 

The missiles all began spewing out fire at the same time and 
flew out of the box. The missiles flew straight up for a 
moment before turning towards the two magical girls at once. 

“Here I go!" 

As the missiles changed direction, Shizuka started running. 
While their enemies were intercepting the missiles, she was 
going to close in on them. 


Crimson held her cane above her head and chanted a short 
incantation. As she did, a bright glowing ball of light 
appeared between her and the missiles. 

The missiles misidentified the light as their target and started 
following it. Crimson manipulated the ball of light to send the 
missiles of in a random direction. The missiles continued 
chasing after the ball of light and flew off somewhere. 

“Now it's my turn!” 

Shizuka who had approached Crimson while she was dealing 
with the missiles launched her attack while keeping her 

“I've been waiting!” 

Crimson held her cane in both hands and moved up to 
intercept Shizuka. To Crimson who only sought after strength, 
having a close quarter fight was a welcome event. 

“You don't need to. ” 


Just a moment before Crimson's battle would start, the soil by 

Shizuka's foot sunk down. Since Shizuka was just about to 
take a step she lost her balance. 

“Hey Green, let me have some fun too!" 

"Only once we've thinned their numbers a little. ” 

“You better mean it!" 

As Crimson was complaining to Green, Shizuka rolled by at a 
terrific speed. Because she had fallen properly, she hadn't 
taken any serious damage, but she lost her breath and was 
unable to move. 

“Seriously... I hate these kind of throwaway matches the 

Crimson jumped towards Shizuka while she was unable to 
move. Crimson then pointed her feet down and fell towards 
Shizuka. She was going to finish off Shizuka while she was 
unable to move by slamming her feet into Shizuka's stomach. 

“ Bend your legs, Crimson 


“Look out, Shizuka!" 

But the spiritual energy arrow that Sanae had fired barely 
managed to save Shizuka. Since Crimson had to bend her 
legs to avoid Sanae's attack, a slight delay occurred in her 
attack. During that time, Shizuka rolled out of the way and 
managed to avoid the attack with just her side being grazed. 

“Fall back to three meters behind me. ” 

“Okay, okay, boy we sure are busy, aren't we?" 

“Blue Knight, pull the enemy away from Shizuka! I'll leave the 
method of attacking to you!" 

“As you wish, my princess." 

The weapon that Theia had summoned from the Blue Knight 
spewed a large amount of bullets between Shizuka and 
Crimson. However, since Crimson had already moved to 
evade, the bullets never hit. And like that, Crimson fell back 
even further alongside with Green. 

“So she did avoid it!" 

Despite the attack simply being dodged, Kiriha's expression 
distorted in astonishment. In fact, Theia's attack had revealed 
an important truth. 

“Ruth, how does it look?!” 

“They are just barely outside of the Blue knight's set attack 
radius. It's like they've analyzed the Blue Knight's combat 

All the attacks up until this point had been performed with a 
certain intention. 

For example, the missiles were to find out if the girls were 
really using magic to find out what they were doing. Since the 
missiles had many different methods of tracking, they were 
testing to see if they would use the correct counter 
measures, revealing if their attacks were being read in some 
fashion. And in fact, Crimson and Green had correctly used 
heat to deal with the missiles. If they didn't know what kind 
of tracking method the missiles used, it would make sense to 
use magic to protect themselves, so this revealed that their 
moves were being read somehow. 

And the most important attack was Theia's last. Theia had 
left everything to the Blue Knight. In other words, if the 
magical girls had been using magic to read their minds or 
intention to attack, they shouldn't have been able to avoid 
this attack. And yet, Crimson and Green had accurately fallen 
back to outside of the Blue Knight's attack radius. It was hard 
to think that the Blue Knight's attack systems had been 
analyzed in this short amount of time, which left very few 

“Green, looks like they've found out." 

“So it seems. A large amount of forecasts just disappeared." 

Despite having their opponents find out about the secret to 
their strength, Crimson and Green were still confident. The 
two simply smiled as they stood in front of the five 
astonished girls. 

“I didn't think it was possible, but... you are reading the 

“That's right. So just give up and die." 

It was only obvious that they would remain confident. 

The two of them knew that their advantage wouldn't 
disappear just from having their secret revealed. 

Contract and Descent 

Part 1 

Saturday, April 24 

Koutarou and Maki's names were displayed on a screen 
showing today's top ten high scores by the exit of an 
attraction. The attraction was similar to a game where groups 
of two get on a ride and compete over who can kill the most 
monsters. Koutarou and Maki had gone together and 
managed to get the top score by a large margin. 

“...Hey, Kou. Don't you feel anything after seeing this result?” 

Looking up on the screen that was brilliantly displaying 
'Koutarou & Maki' at the top of the leaderboard, Kenji dropped 
his shoulders in amazement. 

“Feel anything? What do you mean?” 

“This is what I'm talking about... you're always like this...” 

Kenji put his hand on the confused Koutarou's shoulder and 
lost all will to speak. To Kenji, having a feminine girl like Maki 
go all out on an attraction like this, it looked like Maki was 
sending special signals. However, Koutarou couldn't feel that, 

or he could have been intentionally ignoring it. 

"Satomi-kun and Aika-san should just stop beating around the 
bush and date already. Having two people this synced up is 
very rare.” 

”1 think so too. It feels like fate.” 

Kenji and a group of girls all shared the same opinion that 
since Koutarou and Maki were so compatible, they should just 
start dating. The group of girls had gossiped about the 
special atmosphere between Koutarou and Maki several 
times in the past as well. And with their score on the 
attraction only fueling the flames, they decided that now was 
the time to match up the two. 

"What do you think about that, Maki-chan?” 

"Even if you ask me... uhm... I'm just always after money, 

_ _ // 


Maki's face turned red as she blushed. Her feelings were 
already clear to herself. 

"Oh? She doesn't seem to be against it? Oh you..." 

Having her sides nudged by her classmate's elbow, Maki 
instinctively looked at Koutarou. As she did, her eyes met 
with Koutarou's. 


Koutarou had a perplexed expression at first, but when he 
saw Maki's eyes, his expression was replaced with a smile. 

She's certainly a girl that has a different feel to her compared to the other 

Whenever Koutarou would look at Maki, he felt a mysterious 
feeling. He felt a sense of duty that demanded that he 
protect her. At the same time, he felt a sense of trust that she 
would value the same things he did. Koutarou didn't know 
what made him feel that way, but the feeling was far from 
unpleasant. It might be the same thing that Koutarou feels for 
the invader girls. And the fact that he felt this about just a 
classmate confused Koutarou. 

She's just a normal classmate, but could it be because we share a secret... ? 

The only reason Koutarou could think off was when he had 
saved her life at the mountain. He vaguely felt that might be 
the reason. 

“I won't accept this! Aika-san can't go out with Satomi!” 

“Yeah! The guy who betrayed the unpopular boys alliance 
can't find happiness!" 

But that was as long as Koutarou and Maki could look at each 
other. The dissatisfaction amongst the boys of the group 
exploded and they blew away the sweet atmosphere between 
the two. 

“I am Maki-chan's fated person! Stop spewing your selfish 
crap, women!" 

“Are you guys stupid?! Just accept that score as reality!" 

“No, it's a mistake! As if something digital like that could 
measure bonds and fate!" 

“What you're saying is a sound argument, but you only look 
like an idiot right now!” 

The quarrel grew more intense, leaving out the two in 
question entirely. Koutarou felt like he had been left behind. 
He found that funnier and funnier, until he started laughing. 



As he laughed, a quiet laugh came from next to him. When 
Koutarou looked in that direction, he saw Maki laughing. Their 
eyes met and Maki's eyes narrowed. That was when Koutarou 
was convinced that she was feeling the same thing as he 

What is this, really.. 

It was a mysterious feeling. And the fact was Maki made him 
feel comfortable. That's why Koutarou could accept that to 
him, Maki is an important existence. 

A muffled buzzing sound could be heard. Maki had received a 
mail on her phone. 

Part 2 

The mail Maki had gotten was very short. The subject said 
'Commencing action' and there was no text. The mail had 
been sent according to a prior decision, which is why Maki 
knew what was happening just by reading the subject. 

So it's starting... 

The mail indicated that Maki's allies were on the move. Maki's 
job was to keep Koutarou here until her allies were done with 
their jobs. Keeping Koutarou, who was considered their 
strongest foe here, and away from the action, was Maki's job. 
And Maki felt a significant meaning in this. She didn't want 
Koutarou to fight with anyone. It wasn't just that she was 
worried he might lose his life, but she also didn't want him to 
be dirtied by being exposed to his enemy's malice. 

But... is this really alright... 

However, Maki didn't feel satisfied by that. She felt like she 
was betraying Koutarou in a way. If Koutarou learned of what 
was going on, he would surely try to resolve it. And despite 
knowing that, Maki couldn't tell Koutarou the truth. That was 
to protect Koutarou, but it went against his wishes. That's 
why she couldn't quite accept what she was doing. 

I don't know what's right and what's wrong... Is this because of the contract 

What disturbed Maki even more was the contract between 
her and Koutarou. Since they had a mental connection 
because of the contract, Maki tended to give priority to 
Koutarou's intentions. That's why although she herself 

prioritized Koutarou's safety, there was a chance that the 
contract prioritized Koutarou's intentions and imprinted those 
onto Maki. 

Such various circumstances confused Maki. That's why she 
blankly stared at her cellphone's screen. 

And as she did, she could hear the sound of a cell phone 
vibrating again. But that cellphone didn't belong to Maki, but 
to Koutarou. 

What was actually vibrating wasn't a cellphone, but the 
bracelet on Koutarou's right wrist. Koutarou put his cellphone 
by his ear and ordered his bracelet to answer the call at the 
same time. By doing this, he could use his bracelet without 
his surroundings suspecting anything. 

“What's up, Clan." 

Since Koutarou had gotten the bracelet from Clan, she was 
the only one who could contact him with it. Everyone else 
would just normally call him on his cellphone. That's why 
Koutarou didn't even need to check who was calling him. 

“Are you safe, Bertorion?!" 

As Koutarou expected, the voice belonged to Clan. But the 
voice coming from the bracelet was strung up and louder 
than normal. That surprised Koutarou and he almost dropped 
his cellphone. 

“W-What now, all of a sudden?!" 

“Just answer!! Are you safe?!" 

“Y-Yeah... I'm safe. There is nothing but peace here." 

Koutarou looked at his surroundings before answering Clan. 

The amusement park was a peaceful place. If there was any 
kind of noteworthy incident, it would be his classmates who 
were still quarreling. 

“Which means that the problem is somewhere else?!" 

“What do you mean? What's happened?" 

“I just received an emergency rescue signal from 
Pardomshiha using gravitational waves! I just assumed she 
was with you which is why I called!" 

“So that's why!" 

Sensing what might have happened, Koutarou turned his 
back to his classmates and whispered instructions to Clan. 

“...Clan, please confirm everyone's whereabouts and the 
situation at once. Ruth-san wouldn't send you a rescue signal 
unless something serious had happened." 

Ruth believed in Clan and had forgiven her, but Theia and 
Clan hadn't reconciled yet. Because of that, Ruth wouldn't 
frequently contact Clan. And if Ruth was now asking for help 
from Clan, something serious must have happened. 

“I think so too, I've already sent an unmanned fighter. I will 
let you know what's going on once I find out." 

“...Thank you, Clan." 

“There's no need for thanks. Master and servant help each 
other out, right?" 

“...Maybe so." 

Koutarou nodded at Clan's words and realized a change in 
how he felt. 

I'm thinking that it might not be so bad to be Clan's vassal... 

Master and servant helped each other out. Being told that, 
Koutarou didn't feel anything out of place. He no longer felt 
any resistance to what Clan was saying. Clan was starting to 
properly display her nature as a princess. 

"W-Well, enough of that! Bertorion, please move to this 
position. I will send your armor there!” 

As Clan gave Koutarou instructions, a hologram of the 
amusement park's map appeared in front of him. There was a 
red marker blinking in an alley by a warehouse a few blocks 
away from the amusement park. 

Right now, Clan had the authority to use the Blue Knight's 
systems. Using that, she would send Koutarou his armor. And 
the closest place that didn't attract any attention was that 

"...Got it, I'll go right away." 

Koutarou drilled the location of the marker into his head 
before ending the communication. He then took swift action. 

He imagined that it was an emergency, so sadly, this was the 
end of his fun weekend. 

Part 3 

Koutarou explained to his friends that an urgent situation had 
come up and that he had to go. After making humble 
apologies, he dashed out of the amusement park and headed 
towards the alley Clan had marked out. Since it was in the 
opposite direction of the station where he had come from, it 
looked like he was taking a roundabout way at first glance, 
but this was actually the fastest way back to 
Kitsushouharukaze city. 

Returning using the train would take several tens of minutes, 
including the time it would take to get to the station. But 
since this might be an emergency, he couldn't take his time. 
That's why Koutarou was going to go pick up the Blue 
Knight's armor and fly back. Using the full power of his armor, 
he should be able to reach the city in a few minutes. 

"Bertorion, there are two places in Harukaze city where I 
can't observe any electromagnetic radiation!” 


"Your residence and a redevelopment zone in the suburbs!” 

"Examine those areas some more!” 

While running through the unpopulated warehouse area, 
Koutarou continued his call with Clan. Clan was sending him 
information the moment she got it. Thanks to that, Koutarou 
was able to get an understanding of what situation the 
invader girls was in. 

Only Yurika and I went out today. So is Yurika in the redevelopment zone? 

It's close to the hospital too... The other five are probably in Corona House... 
Did someone attack Corona House, waiting for me and Yurika to clear out? 
Do they know about us? But why go after Yurika? She's just a cosplayer. No, 
could it be that they know that Yurika can use magic now? 

As information started coming in, Koutarou began to think of 
a lot of questions, his anxiety growing for each one formed. 
Koutarou felt that he needed to hurry, knowing that the 
invader girls were in a dangerous situation, even though he 
knew that they wouldn't go down easily. They had become 
very important to him. 

“I will send the armor to you now! Once it's been transferred, 
forcibly activate it! Omit the startup system check! Activate 
using individual setting, Reios Fatra Bertorion, version 38 

As Koutarou ran into the alley by the warehouse he saw a two 
meter tall space-time hole. From it, a blue armor standing 
upright slowly appeared. As the armor was appearing, it blew 
away a ton of dust that had gathered in the alley. The armor's 
blue color seemed to be glowing as it waited in the dark alley. 

Flaving been successfully transferred, the armor sensed 
Koutarou's approach and opened up its front. In contrast to 
its classical look, it was filled to the brim with technology. It 
was a masterpiece of advanced science that had saved 
Koutarou's life many times in the past. 


Seeing the armor waiting for him, Koutarou started running 
faster. Fie was rushing as he thought that he would now be 
able to head to the girls. 

There was just a few meters left to the armor now. 

And that was when something abnormal happened. 

“...Activate Engage. Activate Safeguard, using the exception 
article to preserve life. Make Satomi-kun unable to run." 


The familiar voice of a girl echoed through the alley. And at 
the same time, Koutarou's lower body stopped moving. As a 
result, Koutarou stopped just in front of the armor. 

“I can't move my legs?! What is going on?!" 

Koutarou did his best to try and move his legs. However, they 
didn't budge at all. It was as if they had taken root into the 
ground. It was different from being forcibly stopped by 
someone else. It felt like the orders Koutarou sent to his lower 
body weren't being conveyed. 

“...I activated the contract between us, Satomi-kun. If it's to 
protect you, the contract will unrestrictedly restrain you." 

A lone girl appeared in front of Koutarou. It was one his 
classmates, wearing an indigo outfit. It was Aika Maki, whom 
he had been playing with at the amusement park just a while 

“Aika-san?! Are you the one doing this?!" 

Koutarou didn't know what was going on. He didn't know why 
his legs wouldn't move or why Maki was in front of him. 

Based on her tone, he could guess that she was responsible, 
but he couldn't imagine a normal classmate to be able to do 
something like this. Confused, Koutarou pressed Maki for an 

“No. You're the one who did it." 


But Maki's answer only made Koutarou even more confused. 
“To be precise, your sword did." 

“My sword— Signaltin?!" 

When Maki said that, he started focusing on himself. He 
looked for the source of what was restraining him. 

This is certainly Signaltin's magical power... Her majesty's power is at 

Doing that, Koutarou could feel Signaltin's magic power. It 
was the white magical power that had Alaia's presence. Even 
Koutarou, who had no talent for magic could tell. 

“But why?! Why is Signaltin restraining me?!” 

Koutarou couldn't believe the situation he was in. The power 
that Alaia had given to him was depriving him of his freedom. 
He had always believed that Alaia would always be on his 
side no matter what, so this was a very shocking event. 

“...It's because you tried to save me...” 

Maki quietly spoke to Koutarou. Her eyes were even more 
settled down than her voice, and felt very calming. 

“That's why the sword fulfilled your wish, and created a 
magical bond between you and me.” 

“A magical bond...?” 

“Yes... don't you remember? Back in the snowy mountain, 
when you were trying to heal my wounds, you should have 
seen something in that white light.” 

“In the snowy mountain... Ah..." 

Koutarou could clearly remember it, even now. Inside of a 
lodge covered with snow, he desperately tried to save Maki 
using Signaltin's powers. And in the white light, he had seen 
the appearance of a young girl hurt all over, trembling from 
solitude and from the cold. 

“I saw it... a hurt and trembling girl..." 

“I see... at that time, I saw a boy. A boy embracing a half-knit 
sweater and crying...” 

Maki clearly remembered as well. In the light, she had seen a 
young boy covered in someone else's blood embracing a 
sweater and sitting down with a look of blank surprise. 

“...Back then I had given up on everything. I had lost the will 
to live. I probably wouldn't have been saved if just my 
wounds were healed. That's why the sword tried to give me 
hope. The hope that I wasn't alone.” 

“So that girl... was you...” 

That girl, the dying Maki, didn't just need her wounds healed, 
but also a will to live. And the source of that will was a bond 
with someone else. That's why Signaltin had showed Maki's 
true appearance to Koutarou. It was to tell Koutarou what was 
needed to save Maki. 

“And you... saw me...” 

“You needed it too, right? Hope that you weren't alone...” 

“I, think so... Somewhere deep inside me, I was rejecting 

Having lost his mother, Koutarou stopped trying to develop 

any deep connections with others. That's why he needed a 
bond as well. A powerful bond that would never be torn apart. 
That's why he showed Maki his true self. It was to tell Maki 
what was needed to save Koutarou. 

" Just wait, I'll save you right now!” 

"It's okay, I'll always be with you...” 

The two of them had wanted to embrace each other. To warm 
their chilled minds and bodies. To hold their small hand and 
tell them that they are not alone. 

They wanted to protect that weak existence in front of them. 

“That's why your sword created a magic bond between us. In 
order to save both you and I." 

The two's common desire called forth a new spell from 

A contract to connect their hearts, a contract, a bond that 
would never be cut. 

At that time, the two of them needed that no matter what. 

“A magical bond... But... can that really be..." 

“You should have felt it before. Haven't you ever known what 
I was going to do? Haven't I ever known what you were going 
to do? When I take an unnatural action, why do you not doubt 


Koutarou had indeed felt it before. 

He had felt like Maki had read his mind in the past, both 

during everyday life and in battle. And he had also known 
what Maki had wanted him to do. 

And... why don't I doubt Aika-san... ? What was Aika-san doing on that snowy 
mountain? Why was she able to freely use the magical cane? Even now... why 
am I believing her wild story? 

Koutarou could come up with a lot of questions, but he didn't 
doubt Maki. Somewhere deep in his heart, he trusted her. 
That's why he accepted what she was saying. 

“A magical bond... a contract... Using that, you're sealing off 
my legs, right?” 

"That's right. That's why you would never be able to break 
free. Please stay with me here for a while." 

Signaltin was the source of the contract's power. And if it was 
Signaltin's doing, then calling for it wouldn't resolve the 
situation. In other words, Koutarou had no means to break 
free from this situation. 

"Bertorion! I've got footage! Theiamillis-san and the others 
are currently fighting against someone!” 

That was when two holograms appeared alongside Clan's 
cornered voice. One of the holograms showed Theia's group 
and the other showed Yurika's group. Both groups could be 
seen fighting against someone. 

"Everyone?! It really is the enemy— Wait, that's the woman 
from ten years ago?!” 

Koutarou started to panic as he saw the girls fighting. Both 
groups were at a disadvantage, and it looked like they would 
be defeated. What made Koutarou worry the most was when 
he spotted the woman, Maya, whom he had fought against 

eleven years ago. He was well aware of how strong and 
dangerous she was. If he didn't rush over there right now, 
Yurika and the others would be in danger. 

"Aika-san, please let me go right now! I have to go to help 

The girls of room 106 were in danger. Koutarou desperately 
pleaded with Maki, but she simply shook her head. 

”1 can't. Not letting you do that is my job.” 

"What?! What does that mean?!” 

"It means just what I said. Because, I...” 

Maki paused for a moment and showed an adamant 
expression before continuing. 

"I am your enemy! I am a member of Darkness Rainbow, the 
group targeting room 106!” 

"You're lying! I don't believe you! There's no way you would 
be my enemy!” 

Koutarou instantly denied what Maki had said. 

To him, Maki was a classmate he got along well with. She 
couldn't be an enemy, and he didn't want to believe it. 

"I don't want to believe it either! I don't want to fight against 
you! That's why I can't let you go! Because if I do, I would 
have to fight you!” 

"There's no need to fight even if you let me go, right?! We 
could just stop!! You're not the kind of girl that would fight!!” 

There was no need for the girl trembling alone to fight. What 

was needed wasn't to fight and win, but to gently stay by 
someone's side. 

“I can't! We would definitely become enemies! Letting you go 
would mean to annul the contract! If I do, you won't think of 
me as important! And I won't think of you as important! We'll 
only be able to see each other as enemies!” 

The existence of the contract was driving Maki into a corner. 

Clan who could break free from the magical girls' barrier had 
been able to inform Koutarou about the battle sooner than 
expected. Because of that, Maki had to forcibly stop 
Koutarou. But Maki's magic couldn't breakthrough Signaltin's 
powers that were protecting Koutarou. That's why the only 
method she could stop him was by activating the contract. 

After activating the contract, it wouldn't return to ordinary for 
a while. In order to free Koutarou in this situation, the 
contract would have be annulled with both parties' consent. 

But Maki wouldn't choose to annul the contract. Doing that 
would mean that the magical bond would disappear, along 
with Maki's feelings for Koutarou, and Koutarou's feelings for 
Maki. In other words, they would return to when they were 

”1 don't want that! I love you, Satomi-kun! I want to have 
these feelings forever! I don't want to return to the me that 
tried to kill you!” 

Maki was crying. 

She didn't want to lose who she was now. Being saved by 
Koutarou, she had learned the joys of living for the first time 
in her life. Even if that was an illusion created by magic, 
having spent all of her live alone, it was an illusion she was 

ready to cling onto. She couldn't stand that if she returned to 
normal, she might try to kill Koutarou. 

“And if everyone dies during this, I will forever hate you!!" 

“I'm even okay with that!! Because, because, I will be able to 
keep you from fighting!! I can keep loving you!!" 

To Maki, annulling the contract would be the same as her 

Annulling the contract would mean that she would return to 
her lone self living in the darkness. It would mean she would 
be letting go of the light she had slowly been gathering ever 
since Koutarou had saved her. 

That's why even if Koutarou hated her, even if she was just 
living inside of an illusion, she couldn't annul the contract. 

“If everyone dies, I will hate you!! And after that, how would I 
even continue living?! I just finally learned the meaning of 
living with others!!" 

At this rate, Koutarou would lose everything. 

Having lost a loved family member, Koutarou had started 
rejecting others, and at this rate, the girls that had taught 
him that he can't stay like that were going to lose their lives. 
Koutarou would surely start hating Maki who wouldn't let him 
go save them, and that hate would drive them apart. In effect 
Koutarou would lose all those close to him. 

He would lose the bright future he had finally found. 

“I don't care if you hate me! You can curse me if you want! 

But even then, I will stay by your side! I will forever protect 
you so you will never be alone!" 

Maki was prepared to endure Koutarou's abhorrence and stay 
by his side. Maki would rather be in the flames of hatred than 
return to the dark coldness of solitude. 

“So please, Satomi-kunM Let me stay as your Maki!!" 

In the past, Koutarou might not have been able to say 
anything to Maki who had been trembling in the coldness of 
solitude, searching for love but never finding it, and now that 
she was cornered, she would try to warm herself by the 
flames of his hatred. Koutarou knew just how scary it was to 
lose that warmth. That's why he had been rejecting others. 

“Is that what you want?! Do you really want that kind of 

But the Koutarou of now was different. He couldn't stay quiet. 
He knew that she couldn't stay like that. 

“What else can I do?! We were enemies before we even met!! 
But I love you!! I don't want to lose this warmth!!” 


These had been words he had spoken for Maki's sake. But as 
he was shouting them, he realized the path he needed to 

That's right... I have to believe... I have to believe in the same things Aika- 
san has to... 

Koutarou had to believe, in order to save Maki, to save 
himself, and to save the kind people that he wanted to 
rescue. That was— 

“Our future is not as dark as we believe!!” 

—that their future would surely be bright. 

That obvious and natural thing was what Koutarou and Maki 
had to believe in. 

“There's no way that our relationship is all just a product of 
magic! We are the ones that make our own future!" 

“Do you really believe that?! Won't you be all alone, crying, in 
that future?! And won't I be frozen in a dungeon?!" 

Truth be told, Maki wanted to believe as well. But she didn't 
want to lose something she believed in. She had been 
betrayed so many times in her life already. That's why when 
she was dying in the snowy mountain, she had given up. 

“Of course!! If you believe, you will never be alone again!! 
Believe!! Don't try to isolate yourself!!" 

To Koutarou, Maki was like another version of himself. That's 
why he knew what she needed. It was what he had been 
taught by the invader girls. If she didn't reject others herself, 
she would surely feel warmth by her side. He wanted to teach 
her that, and continued to pour warmth into her. He wanted 
to affirm her future. 

“Even if the spell disappears, it's not like our everyday up 
until today will too! Our relationship isn't something made 
just out of magic!" 


True, magic might have been the start. But after that, 
Koutarou and Maki had spent so much time together. 

Koutarou couldn't believe that all of that would just vanish. 
And there was a reason why he was thinking like that. 

“Don't you think so?! Remember!! What do you think of the 
people you went out to play with today?! Do you not feel 

anything at all?! Or are they your enemies?! That's not right, 
is it?!” 


Those words left Maki astonished. 

There shouldn't be a change in how Maki felt towards her 
classmates before and after being saved by Koutarou. The 
contract only existed between her and him. That's why she 
shouldn't think of her classmates as nothing but clueless 
people who had no idea of the truth. 

"...1-1... think... of everyone... as... as my... friends...” 

Intensely shaken up, Maki spoke out how she felt. 

She thought of her classmates as friends. In the months since 
Maki had come to Harukaze high school, her feelings had 
changed without her even realizing it. 

"Even if the magic disappears, we won't become enemies 
again! As if something like that would ever happen! And if it's 
like you said, you have friends now! You won't be alone!” 

Koutarou was convinced. 

Even if they had been hostile in the past, there should have 
been a change in Maki's feelings for Koutarou and they 
shouldn't be enemies anymore. But even if they weren't 
enemies, they might start feeling more distant towards one 
another. But Maki now had friends. Even if she was to 
become estranged with Koutarou, she wouldn't be alone. 

That's right... I'm hopeful... I am hoping everyone in class has a bright 

The words Koutarou spoke to Maki were also words to himself. 

What Maki needed to believe in was the same he needed to 
believe in. By trying to save Maki, he could see that he was 
changing himself little by little. 

“Even if our relationship gets a little worse, we can just 
rebuild it! You're not alone. We have all the time we need to 
do that!" 

“Do you really, really think so? Am I not alone?!" 

Maki unconsciously approached Koutarou, one step at a time. 

She already knew that she wasn't alone, that even if she 
annulled the contract she wouldn't return to her cold self. But 
she was still anxious about one thing, and she wanted 
courage to be able to proceed. 

“Believe! Open your eyes and look around! Don't give up and 
close your heart!" 

“Will you stay as my friend too, Satomi-kun?! Even if I 
change, would you be able to endure for a while?!" 

Maki felt anxious that if she annulled the contract her 
feelings towards Koutarou would start to sway. That's why she 
wanted the courage to be able to believe that wouldn't 

“I will probably do something terrible! I might say cruel things 
and hurt you! But would you still be my friend?!" 

And she believed that Koutarou would give her that courage. 

While loudly appealing, she stood right in front of Koutarou, 
peering into his eyes. 

“Don't worry! You're our classmate, Aika Maki!!" 

Maki saw Koutarou's strong will in his eyes. Catching that 
somewhere deep inside her, Maki turned her face down. From 
her face, several drops of water spilled onto the ground, 
forming a spotted pattern. Maki then stepped forward step by 
step until her forehead was pressed against Koutarou's chest. 

"...Satomi-kun... please... even if it's just for now... could you 
please hold me...” 

Koutarou still couldn't move his lower body, but his arms 
moved. That's why he adhered to her request and embraced 
the girl crying right in front of him. 

I have to protect her... I did swear to after all... 

With a strong urge to protect her, Koutarou held Maki's body. 
As he did, Maki clung onto his body as if trying to get as close 
to him as possible. 

“...Satomi-kun, I... I...” 

“It's okay, Aika-san. There's no way that anxiety and sadness 
is a product of magic. Those tears of yours are without a 
doubt your own." 


With her tears still flowing, Maki strongly embraced Koutarou. 
And Koutarou embraced her right back. 

It definitely will be okay... these no way that all of these feelings are just 
created by magic... As if magic could create so much sadness... It's just as 
Satomi-kun said... 

While feeling Koutarou's warmth, Maki finally made up her 

“...Satomi-kun... I understand... I will... believe... in these 
feelings that I've felt up until today..." 

Maki believed in the feelings that she had for Koutarou, that 
her feelings wouldn't all vanish just because she annulled the 

“In return... can I ask you for one thing...?" 

“...I want to stay like this until the contract is annulled...” 

”1 understand... I'll stay like this...” 

"...Thank you. Satomi-kun...” 

While shedding tears, Maki pressed her body against 
Koutarou. But there was no fear or sadness on her face. She 
believed in her own feelings. She had believed to take a step 
forward towards her own future. 

That's why she was able to declare without any hesitation. 
"...Disengage, Koutarou and Maki..." 

They were words that reported the end of a bond, but at the 
same time they were words that formed a new eternal bond. 

Part 4 

As Maki annulled the contract, a pure-white light enveloped 
them as it had before. The two were then torn apart from 
each other, leaving them alone in the light. 

But in the next moment, a young girl appeared in front of 
Koutarou, and a young boy appeared in front of Maki. The boy 
and girl rapidly grew into the current Koutarou and Maki. And 
then the two found themselves facing each other in the pure- 
white light. 


Maki pressed her hands against her chest as she looked at 
Koutarou with a surprised expression. 

"What do you mean?" 

Koutarou smiled at Maki. In contrast to her, he was calm. That 
might have been because he could feel Alaia's presence from 
the white light surrounding them. 

"This is strange, Satomi-kun... I annulled the contract, but 
nothing is changing..." 

"There's no change?" 

Maki tilted her head and continued speaking. 

"...I still love you as much as I did a moment ago... and I don't 
have even an inkling of an urge to kill you... I thought my 

feelings would change because of the annulment...” 

The contract was already annulled, and Koutarou had 
regained his freedom as proof of that. That's why there 
should have been a change within Maki. But that hadn't 
happened, and that confused Maki. 

Maki hadn't expected all of her love for Koutarou to vanish 
once she annulled the contract, but she still expected some 
kind of change. 

But now with the contract gone, it turned out that that worry 
was for nothing. Maki's feelings remained the same. 

"Fu, fufufufu, ahahaha!” 

That was when Koutarou suddenly started laughing. He had 
an idea why that was the case. 

”1 see, so that's it! It's obvious once you think about it!! 

Koutarou realized that Maki was thinking too hard about and 
couldn't stop laughing. 


Seeing Koutarou laughing like that, Maki looked at him with 
suspicion. Koutarou desperately tried to hold the laughter in 
while giving her an explanation. 

"...Kukuku, I was just thinking that I had forgotten who had 
given me this power.” 

Koutarou looked at the light enveloping them. 

"That person is wise, virtuous and overflowing with 
benevolence... and there's no way that this sword that holds 

her feelings and oath would selfishly rewrite your feelings, 
Aika-san. I think it returned you to normal after it was no 
longer needed.” 

Alaia's feelings and oath were embodied in Signaltin. So the 
sword brainwashing Maki would be the same as Alaia 
brainwashing her, and Koutarou couldn't imagine her doing 
something as twisted as that. In that case, its effects should 
have gradually waned after Maki was able to live on her own. 
In other words, the sword was only borrowing its effect from 
the bond that would eventually form between Maki and 
Koutarou naturally. 

"Then... there was never any fear of brainwashing?” 

"Yeah. I can't think of any reason for why there hasn't been 
any change in you.” 

"No, that's not true.” 

Having understood the truth, Maki showed a delighted smile. 

Her feelings had been her own. She loved Koutarou out of her 
own volition. 

"My feelings of love towards you are hundreds of times larger 
than my feelings of hostility towards you, so I just might not 
be feeling the change." 

She didn't know what was the truth, and because of that, she 
believed that her feelings were stronger. That was the more 
romantic option. 


Koutarou instinctively blushed at Maki's sudden declaration of 
love. Even though the contract was supposed to have been 
annulled, her feelings were seemingly transmitted directly to 

Koutarou. The annulment of the contract had almost no effect 
on their compatibility. 

"Fufufu, sorry.” 

Maki was showing a refreshing smile since she had been 
freed from a lot of suffering. Her smile was as innocent as a 
child, but at the same time it was filled with affection. 

"To be honest, I wanted to tease you a little more, but... 
please go. There are no more people you need to save here.” 

Maki felt like she shouldn't keep Koutarou here anymore. He 
had something he had to do. So she was going to see him off 

"You idiot.” 

A dull sound rang out. 

"Ow?! What are you doing?! I was being serious!!” 

Maki puffed up her cheeks and put her hands on her 
reddened forehead. Koutarou's fist had struck her at about 
70% strength of what he used on Yurika. So it might have 
been a bit too much for a normal girl. 

"You just don't get it, Aika-san.” 


But Koutarou wasn't apologizing, instead he scolded her. 
"Don't give me that 'Eh?'! Here!” 

Koutarou presented his right hand to Maki. 


Maki didn't understand what Koutarou was doing, so she 
simply alternated looking at Koutarou's hand and his face. 

“I told you, didn't I?! Don't try to isolate yourself!" 

That was when Maki understood that Koutarou had no 
intention of leaving her alone. 

"Aika-san, you don't have to fight anymore! But come with 
me and pray that I will win from nearby!" 

As the words reached Maki's ears, Koutarou grasped onto 
Maki's left hand. 


In that moment, Maki's heart started throbbing at an 
explosive pace. That heartbeat sent boiling blood throughout 
all of Maki's body. 

I was... born for this person... To love him, and to be loved... Definitely, I'm 
sure of it... 

Maki's feelings elevated and she showed no signs of calming 
down. She felt like she had to do something, but she didn't 
know what. She couldn't think of anything because she was 
in a daze and couldn't gather her thoughts. No matter how 
many deep breaths she took, she couldn't get rid of that 
stifling feeling. 

Normally one would feel unhappy when in such a bad 
condition. But Maki felt an overwhelming happiness. 

"...I understand, Satomi-kun." 

Maki nodded. 

"I will pray. But it won't be for your victory. I will pray that 

your future will be bright, forever and ever...” 

Maki held Koutarou's hand. That was her everything for now. 

Part 5 

Wrapped in the flames produced by Maya, Harumi fell to the 
ground unable to so much as even scream. Without any 
protection against the high temperatures, Harumi's body was 
being severely burned in several places. They were injuries 
so severe that even people without any kind of medical 
knowledge could tell they were fatal. 

"Sakuraba-senpai, Sakuraba-senpai!" 

Of course, even Yurika knew that as she ran towards Harumi. 
The moment she had seen Harumi, she knew that her life was 
in danger. 

With these bums, not even my strongest healing spell would be good 
enough!! Sakuraba-senpai will die!! 

Yurika had knowledge of healing spells, and their effect far 
exceeded modern medical science. But Harumi's injuries 
were so grave that not even that would be enough. It was a 
miracle that she was even still breathing. 

How can I save her?! 

Yurika desperately racked her brain. She went through all of 
the spells she had learned and examined her possibilities of 
saving Harumi, but she couldn't think of a spell that could 
save her. With Harumi dying in front of her, Yurika was 

It won't work using ordinary means! I need to think of a combination of 
spells that would keep her alive... No, maybe I could anchor her soul and 
turn her into a ghost like with Sanae-chan?! 

Next she considered using a combination of spells. But even 
then she couldn't think of a way to keep Harumi alive. 
Cornered, Yurika began considering anchoring Harumi's soul 
to the land of living while she would heal her body. 

Wait, Sanae-chan?! That's right, if I do what Sanae-chan does then it might 
be possible! 

However that was when Yurika had an epiphany. It was an 
idea that had arisen when she started thinking about Sanae. 
She was confident that her idea would work. With a 
determined expression she firmly grasped her cane. 

If I merge with Sakuraba-senpai like Sanae does, then there's a chance I can 
heal her!! 

Yurika was going to use a merging spell. 

When merging with living creatures, both minds merged into 
one while their body entered a state in between the two 
bodies. In other words, if the gravely injured Harumi and 
uninjured Yurika merged, then once merged, their body would 
have half the burns. And in that state, Yurika's healing magic 
might have an effect. Then, after treating her, she simply 
needed to separate again. 

However, this was an incredibly dangerous bet. There was no 
guarantee that healing magic would have an effect even after 
they merged, not to mention it wasn't certain that they could 
use magic once Yurika and Harumi merged. On top of that, if 
healing magic failed after they merged, Yurika might die as 
well. But Yurika put her hopes on this faint possibility. She 
wanted to save Harumi, regardless of the risk. 

“Temporary Fusion! Modifier — Stabilize, Effective Time Half!” 

Yurika held her cane overhead and chanted her spell. She had 

put in two additional modifications to its normal spell. Since 
she just needed enough time to cast her healing spell, she 
shortened the effective time and used that magic power for 
greater stability instead. All she could do now was pray that 
she would be conscious after the merge and that she would 
be able to cast her healing spell. 

Please, go well! Please, let me save Sakuraba-senpai! 

The orange light that had gathered at the tip of her cane 
enveloped her and Harumi's bodies. Yurika's and Harumi's 
outlines gradually began to fade and melted into the orange 
light. The orange light started glowing brighter and 
eventually turned into two large masses of light. 

While Yurika was trying to save Harumi, Kanae and Maya 
continued fighting. 

“...How foolish. Just what could come out of that?” 

But when she sensed Yurika's spell activating, she stopped 
moving for a moment and showed an amazed expression as 
she looked at the two girls wrapped in light. Not missing that 
large opening, Kanae swung her cane down to attack Maya. 

“I won't let you interfere!” 

“I wouldn't interfere. If I just let her be, Rainbow will use up 
her magical power. And once she's unable to use magic, she 
is useless.” 

The cane sensed Kanae's urge to rush and cast a spell that 
sped her up. Moreover, there was a large opening now that 
Maya was distracted by Yurika and Harumi. But even then 
Maya was one step ahead. She began moving once more and 
easily dodged Kanae's cane while attacking with the blade on 
the right hand. 

“And you won't beat me on your own... I win, Kanae." 

“ Kuh!!“ 

Kanae was barely able to block the attack. That's why she 
had been unable to dodge Maya's follow up kick and took it 
straight on. The attack sent her flying and she slammed into 
the ground. Their difference in power was obvious. It was just 
like Maya said, Kanae couldn't beat Maya on her own. 

“It looks like your disciple will take the same path you did, 

Leaving Kanae alone as she was no longer able to move, 

Maya stared at Yurika and Harumi. She could see the two 
masses of lights around Yurika and Harumi merging into one 
large mass of light. Yurika and Harumi's merging was almost 
complete, but Maya had no intention of intervening. Because 
she knew that she would have the advantage if she didn't. 

Maya figured that even if Yurika managed to heal Harumi, she 
would have severely depleted her magical power from the 
healing spell and merging spell. Merging was already a highly 
advanced spell, and one of the strongest possible healing 
spells would be needed as well. Maya couldn't imagine that 
Yurika would have much magical power left considering she 
had used several spells in their fight just before this. She 
would probably reach her limit after casting a few more 
spells. That's why letting Yurika do as she pleased should 
allow things to develop more favorably for Maya. 

“I guess that just means she was a good disciple...” 

In the past, Nana had thrown away her life as a magician in 
order to save the powerless Yurika. And now, Yurika was 
about to throw herself into a situation where she would be 
unable to win in order to save Harumi. In the end, Nana and 

Yurika were very similar, as they walked down the same path. 
That was what Maya was thinking as the orange light started 
taking the form a person. 

However, the future developed in a direction that Maya 
hadn't foreseen. 

"...?! What?!” 

Suddenly, other colors began mixing in with the orange light. 
They were blue and white. The new colors enveloped the 
orange light and changed into a three-colored stripe. The 
orange light began dying down and instead the blue and 
white light grew stronger. 

"It wasn't just a normal merging?! Is it a transformation?! Or 
is it a summon?! No, that doesn't matter!! I won't let you, 
Rainbow Yurika!!” 

Maya thrust her arms forward and began incanting a spell. 

"Multiple Energy Bolt! Target Option — Sidewinder!!” 

With most of her body now mechanical, Maya had lost a 
majority of her magical power. But it wasn't like she was 
completely unable to use spells. The usage was limited, but 
she was able to use spells in the moments she had to. Now 
was one of those moments. 

It doesn't matter what that is, I won't let it go the way Yurika wants! 

Maya's intuition as a warrior told her that what was about to 
appear in front of her was very dangerous. That's why she 
didn't hesitate to use magic. 

She focused on the miniature cane built into her right arm 
and several red lights started to surround her arm. At the 
same time, Maya started aiming with the gun in her left arm. 

She was going to attack with both her gun and her spell. 

"Take this!!" 

Maya's attack was slightly faster than Yurika and Harumi's 
merging. The magical arrows created by magic, and the 
bullets fired from her left arm assaulted the two. Both attacks 
were deadly, and should be fatal to Yurika and Harumi who 
were defenseless. 

"The attacks disappeared?! How?!" 

The arrows and bullets disappeared just before reaching 
Yurika and Harumi. It was like the attacks had just been an 
illusion. They hadn't been blocked or repelled; they had 
simply, in the literal meaning of the word, disappeared. 

"That's not possible! Just the aftereffect of them emerging 
erased my attacks! Just what is going to appear?!" 

"Yurika-chan... Sakuraba-san..." 

Both Maya and Kanae, who had finally managed to get up, 
were unable to take their eyes of the spectacle taking place 
in front of them. The two continued to stand and blankly 
stare at the blue and white light. 

The blue and white light grew stronger as the ground and air 
started trembling alongside a roaring sound. And with that, 
the light that had just swelled up shrank in an instant, and a 
lone girl appeared. It was a girl unfamiliar to both Maya and 

"That's... Yurika-chan and Sakuraba-san's merged form...?” 
"No! That's not something easy as that!" 

The girl was supposed to share Yurika's and Harumi's traits. 

But her face had no traces of either of them. She had long 
and beautiful white hair, and sometimes a hint of blue could 
be found in it. Moreover, the clothes she was wearing were 
neither Yurika's nor Harumi's, but a distinct looking shrine 
maiden's outfit based on blue and white. 

But what stood out the most were the two globes floating 
around her. They were about the size of a volleyball and 
made from a translucent material like glass. The globes 
glowed in a distinct color each, blue and white. 

She didn't look like the merged form of Yurika and Harumi at 
all. Moreover, her body had no signs of any burns. It was as if 
Yurika and Harumi had been replaced by someone else. 

“...That is without a doubt a being of higher existence... Just 
what did you do, Nijino Yurika?!" 

Maya seemed mortified as she ground her teeth. She could 
tell from experience that she stood no chance against the girl 
in front of her. That was how much power the girl was 

“...What was I... I think I tried to save myself and me and me 

But the girl that had appeared was puzzled as well. Her 
memories were clouded and she couldn't even tell who she 
was herself. She didn't know the people around her, where 
she was or what was even happening. 

“Take this, you monster!" 

Seeing the girl standing still in a blank surprise, Maya saw her 
chance and attacked. She attacked the same way she had 

If this doesn't beat her, I don't stand a chance! 

Maya figured that this was her first and last chance of 


However, the moment the girl sensed danger and let out a 
scream, Maya's attacks disappeared just like they had before. 
The girl hadn't done anything but let out a scream. 

“Impossible! That wasn't magic or spiritual energy, and she 
didn't use any kind of tool either! She simply erased my 
attack without any motion! To think such power existed in the 
world! The difference in power is like light and day!!” 

Maya was astonished. This was no longer even a fight. Maya 
gave up and accepted her defeat. Like an elephant crushing 
an ant, she would probably be defeated without her opponent 
even realizing she was an enemy. 

“...What is happening...? I don't know... anything...” 

But the girl didn't attack Maya. The attack only confused the 
girl even more, and not understanding anything made her 
even more scared. But in the next moment, she suddenly 
looked up. 

“...But I can tell... that person is approaching...” 

The girl was supposedly looking at a wall, but she seemed to 
be looking at something far, far away, as if the wall wasn't 
even there. There, she saw something, which brightened her 
expression as she mumbled. 

“...Everything will be fine... That person will save me...” 

That was when the two globes around the girl suddenly 

disappeared without a sound. At the same time, her outline 
faded, and she was surrounded by an orange light once 
more. Eventually, the mass of light split into two and the two 
masses gradually took the shape of a person each. One was 
Harumi and the other was Yurika. Having merged into one, 
the two girls now returned to their original forms. 

“Hah, hahaha, what, was that all?! What a bluff!" 

Having accepted her own defeat after the appearance of an 
unknown enemy, Maya instinctively found herself laughing as 
the enemy suddenly disappeared. 

Sustaining something like that would take a vast amount of energy. It's only 
obvious that they would be unable to sustain it for long! There was no need 
for me to panic! 

Maya found her own fear incredibly amusing. Because of the 
relief she felt from escaping her crisis and her realization of 
how ridiculous the situation really was, her laughter 
continued for a while longer. 

Yurika, who had regained her form, was surprised by the 
same thing Maya had been. 

W-We just transformed into something! I think it's probably because of 
surplus of power in the merging... but the transformation was so powerful 
that I couldn't sustain it for long! That's why we returned to ourselves! 

Yurika didn't have a clear understanding of what had 
happened either. She still couldn't tell what she had 
transformed into or what she had been thinking at the time. 
All she knew was that something unexpected had happened. 

“Ah?! T-That's right, Sakuraba-senpai!!" 

That was when Yurika remembered Harumi. Yurika forcibly 

moved her exhausted body and crawled up to Harumi who 
was lying next to her. 

“...Thank god, her wounds are healed..." 

Having crawled up to Harumi, Yurika closely examined her 
body and found that all of the burns on her body had 
vanished without a trace. Yurika figured that it was likely to 
be an aftereffect of their transformation. 

“...I don't know what happened, but I was able to save 

Relieved that Harumi had been able to recover her beautiful 
body, tears formed in her eyes. At that time, Harumi opened 
her eyes. 


Harumi looked at Yurika's face and tried to get up. Yurika 
hurriedly reached out with her hands and supported Harumi. 

“Sakuraba-senpai!! Are you okay?!" 

“Yes. Thanks to Nijino-san." 

Harumi smiled and nodded. 

“You can tell?!" 

“Yes. Maybe it's because we merged... but I still have some of 
your memories." 

“Now that you mention it, I also have..." 

When Yurika focused on her memories, she could sometimes 
remember memories that completely ignored the flow. 
Because they were memories of knitting and taking 

examinations in the hospital, she could tell they belonged to 
Harumi right away. 

And because they had shared memories, Harumi had reached 
a certain truth. 

"Nijino-san, you really were a real magical girl...” 

"That's... yes, I'm sorry for not telling you..." 

Yurika had been about to deny what Harumi was saying, but 
she quickly changed her mind. 

Harumi now had some memories of Yurika being a magical 
girl, excuses wouldn't work anymore. 

"It's okay, you don't have to worry. I can understand why you 
wanted to hide it. Because... it's for that person..." 


Yurika blushed at Harumi's words. Harumi started blushing as 
well. The two had fallen in love with the same person. And 
now that they had shared memories, they knew the reason 
for why the other loved that person. 

Pretend wrestling with Satomi-kun... It hurts, but it's a warm and happy 
feeling... Maybe I should have Satomi-kun try some techniques on me too... If 
he did it to Nijino-san he might be willing to do it on me too... Submission, 

So this is how Sakuraba-senpai and Satomi-san met... He had appeared out 
of nowhere and saved her while she was surrounded by enemies... It's like 
from a shoujo manga... Ah, that's her memories from the play. They first met 
during the club recruitment... But this is like from a shoujo manga too... I'm 
jealous... As for me, our meeting was... 

Yurika saw a different side to the person she loved. Their 

memories elevated their feelings and their romantic feelings 
grew greater than ever before. 

But that was as long as the two could continue smiling. 

“Sorry to interrupt after your successful treatment, but it's 
about time for you all to die." 

Maya approached with weapons in both hands. She was 
making it her top priority to kill the two. Having seen Yurika 
and Harumi's merge and transformation, she couldn't guess 
what else they had in store even if Yurika runs out of magical 
power. Even if there were no more tricks up their sleeves, 
they would become problematic if she let them escape now. 

“Sakuraba-senpai, get behind me! I will protect you!” 

“Nijino-san, no! You don't have enough magical power left to 
fight against her!” 

Yurika was about to step forward and defend Harumi when 
she was stopped. Since Harumi had Yurika's memories, she 
knew Yurika didn't have enough power left to fight. 

“Run away, both of you!!” 

But before Maya could attack, Kanae squeezed out what 
remaining strength she had left and stood in Maya's path. 


“But, Kanae-sanM” 

“There's no need for all three of us to die!! Now go!!” 

Kanae turned her cane into a bow and fired arrow after arrow 
towards Maya. However, Maya shot the arrows down with her 
gun, dodged them or repelled them with her blade. Kanae 

couldn't hit Maya with her injuries and without Yurika backing 
her up. Moreover, Maya was completely unharmed. 

“At least your spirit is the same as it was back then, Kanae." 

“I won't let you kill those two! They're my daughter's 

“Just stay down, Kanae. There's no need for you to die as 

Maya's attacks could easily hit their mark though. Kanae tried 
protecting herself with her cane, but was unable to fully block 
Maya's attacks. 

“Guh, Aaahh!" 

Kanae received a direct hit from Maya's knee and fell down 
on the spot. Kanae still tried getting up, but she had reached 
her limit. Not even she could muster enough strength to 
stand up again. 

“Good bye you two. You did try hard though." 


Maya gave the two her parting words and turned the barrel of 
the gun on her left arm on them and at the same time she 
started concentrating on her right arm again. Seeing that, 
Yurika and Harumi strongly embraced one another as if trying 
to protect the other. They knew they were about die. 

“Energy Javelin — Modifier — Area Effect." 

Alongside Maya's indifferent voice, several bullets and spears 
of red light assaulted Yurika and Harumi. 

"...I'm sorry forgetting you involved, Sakuraba-senpai..." 

“Don't worry. You are my best friend..." 

Having used up all of their power, the two were helpless. 
Tightly holding on to one another, they closed their eyes. The 
two of them could at least take comfort that their last 
moments hadn't been alone. 

However, neither attack reached Yurika and Harumi. The only 
thing that reached them was the sound of consecutive impact 
sounds, similar to a jackhammer used on a street. 


Confused by this, Yurika opened her eyes. In front of her was 
a wide back wrapped in a blue armor. 

“Clan, the bullets weren't properly blocked. Are you sure you 
didn't break the barrier when you were messing with it?" 

“Of course not! The distortion field is operating normally! The 
enemy's attack is what's unusual!" 

Next, hearing that voice, Harumi opened her eyes wide in 
shock and found the same thing Yurika did. 

“I'd think so. She's a magician." 

“Even taking that into consideration, the bullet's power is 
abnormal! Take care not to use any brute force approaches 
until I can gather all the data! Not even your armor can take 
too many hits of that!" 

“I'll take as much care as you care for dinner." 

“Bertorion, you're being awfully mean today!” 

A vivid blue armor. A reliable and wide back. A powerful voice 
that gives you courage just from hearing it. But at the same 
time, a very casual atmosphere. That appearance and 
behavior was something that Harumi could never forget, and 
driven by a deep relief and overflowing with nostalgia, 

Harumi instinctively shouted out their names. 

“Koutarou-sama! Clan-sama!” 


Hearing Harumi's and Yurika's surprised voices, that person, 
Koutarou, turned around. 

“Are you okay, Sakuraba-senpai? Yurika?" 

“Yes! Nijino-san saved me!” 

Harumi was in tears, but she had regained her smile. 

As long as this person is with me, I will be okay... No, that's not it... I will 
accept any future that this person brings! 

Harumi felt like the last piece of the puzzle fell into place, and 
that her world was now complete. Her place in the world was 
here. Feeling like she was being led by destiny, Harumi was 
wrapped in a deep sense of joy. 

“Is that so... Good job, Yurika.” 

Learning that Yurika had done her best again, Koutarou 
showed a small smile. Hearing that Yurika had given it her all 
made Koutarou happy. He felt similar to what a brother would 
feel towards his normally useless younger sister. 

“ Y-Yes!" 

And that younger sister was the same. Happy, Yurika nodded 

her head repeatedly with tears in her eyes. 

“But, but, Satomi-san, why are you here?!" 

Koutarou's appearance came as a surprise to Yurika. She 
hadn't been able to contact him, and Sanae who could follow 
the traces of auras wasn't with him either. It should be 
impossible for the outside world to peek inside of Yurika's 

“...Yurika, apparently the barrier you magicians make cuts off 
electromagnetic radiation and sound too well.” 

Because the barrier to ward off people completely isolated 
the area, it actually made it easier for Clan to detect with her 
sensors. If the barrier had also released dummy 
electromagnetic radiation and sounds, Clan would have 
struggled to find it. 

“You magicians... Satomi-san, d-did you...” 

Koutarou's answer came as a big surprise, and Yurika's face 
turned pale. Anxiety, fear and panic filled her chest. Yurika 
hadn't been surprised by the method to find her barrier, she 
was surprised by what Koutarou had said first. 

He knows... Satomi-san knows the one thing I didn't want him to know... 

The words 'you magicians' affirmed that Yurika wasn't just a 
freeloading cosplayer in a very roundabout way. But that she 
was indeed a real magical girl. 

“Y-You're wrong! 1-1'm not a magician! Uhm... I'm just 
cosplaying with the cane you gave me!!” 

In the past she might have confirmed that he was right, but 
now Yurika was desperately denying it. She rapidly shook her 
head, causing her hair to sway and her tears to scatter. 

There was no way Yurika could affirm it since it would be the 
same as throwing away the days they had spent together. For 
the first time in her life, she had found a person that needed 
her. And Yurika needed that person as well. Because of that, 
she had to conceal the fact that she was a magical girl no 
matter what. This wasn't just for his sake; Yurika also wanted 
him to think of her as very normal, and if possible, cute girl. 

"I'm a bad girl! I'm just a useless girl! It's not like that! I'm not 
a real magician!” 

She wanted him to scold her when she was sloppy. She 
wanted him to hit her when she was up to no good. She 
wanted to be his practice partner for wrestling techniques 
whenever she had free time. And she wanted him to praise 
her if she raised her grades a little. She wanted him to pat 
her on the head if she didn't place last in a race at school. 

She wanted the two of them to read manga and discuss it 
together. She wanted to fight over snacks. Yurika simply 
wanted to live a normal life and get excited and depressed 
over normal things. 

But she was about to lose that. If Koutarou found out that she 
was a magical girl, he would definitely look at her in a 
different way. Yurika was desperate to save her everyday life. 
She was unsightly and giving it her all. Yurika cried out like an 
infant being pulled apart from its family. 

"Calm down, Yurika." 

"You're wrong, you're—” 

A dull sound rang out. 


Yurika ignored Koutarou's attempt calm her down and 

continued arguing vehemently. But she finally stopped 
speaking when she felt a familiar pain strike her head. 

"Yurika, I only want to know one thing.” 

Holding her forehead, Yurika looked up and saw Koutarou 
staring right at her. He had a powerful gentle and a very 
trustful expression. 

"What are you going to do after you graduate?" 


Koutarou's words pierced Yurika's heart and easily swept 
away all the anxiety, fear and panic that Yurika was feeling. 
Instead, she was filled with relief, hope and happiness. 

This person really is... my... my...!! 

Tears spilled from Yurika's eyes, but she responded with a 
large smile. 

"I will go to Kitsushou U! Together with Satomi-san and 

There was a mountain of things that Yurika wanted to say, 
but simply saying that she wanted to go to Kitsushou 
University was enough to convey all of it. Yurika knew just 
what Koutarou had meant with his question. That was all they 
needed for now. 

"...Got it. Leave the rest to me. Just do your multiplications or 
something and wait." 

"Yes... I don't want to do anymore multiplication, but I'll try..." 

After nodding, Yurika felt her strength leaving her and 
slumped to the floor. And like Koutarou had said, she started 

doing multiplication in her head. 

Part 6 

Turning his back towards Yurika and the others, Koutarou 
closed in on Maya one step at a time. Meanwhile, Maya put 
her hands on her hips and calmly waited on him. 

“I've kept you waiting.” 

"That's not quite true. Well... if this was a date that we have 
decided on beforehand, I might have given you a slap 

Surprise wasn't the only reason as to why Maya hadn't 
attacked Koutarou all this time. Since she knew how powerful 
Koutarou was, she had to make adjustments to her 
mechanical body to best oppose him. 

In exchange for this power up, the amount of time I can continue fighting will 
drop considerably... But I guess it can't be helped if it's a date with this boy... 

There were limiters on Maya's body to keep it from breaking 
itself by going too fast or too strong. And Maya had released 
those in order to fight Koutarou. As a result, Maya wouldn't be 
able to fight for as long, but she had gotten even stronger 
than before. 

"Well, I was on a date with your disciple." 

"If you're here... does that mean that Maki is dead?" 

Maya slightly narrowed her eyes. It was a minor change, but 
her expression turned much sharper. But Koutarou shook his 
head towards her. 

“No. I have her captured. There are a lot of things I want to 
ask her after all." 

“I see. Then take good care of her. You should get some good 
use out of her." 

Maya smiled, her sharp expression from before softened up. 

“And those are the words from her master?” 

“Since she was captured, she's only a risk now.” 

“I'll just pretend I didn't hear that. I feel bad for your 

“How kind as always...” 

Maya said nostalgically and showed a small smile. 

“But still... I had wondered after hearing Maki's report, but to 
think it really was you. What a surprise.” 

“It's been around eleven years, hasn't it?” 

“You shouldn't keep a girl waiting for her date that long.” 

“Are you at the age to be called a girl?” 

“I feel bad for Kanae if you put it like that.” 

Maya indicated the place where Kanae laid collapsed and 
laughed. In fact, Maya and Kanae were the same age. 

“As for me, just like you can see, both my mind and body are 
young enough for girl to fit.” 

Maya took a pose to show off her good looks. And she did 
indeed have the charm to pass of as a girl. 

“That said, in the short time since we last met, your 
atmosphere has changed quite a bit. You've turned into a 
strange girl." 

Koutarou observed Maya's body with a serious expression. 

Maya's body was indeed that of a beautiful girl's, but there 
were markings and mechanical parts all over her body, and 
by her shoulders and legs, her body had split apart and 
machines stuck out. Even Koutarou could tell that her body 
was mostly artificial. 

She has artificial legs and arms... and her torso too? She's practically a 

Despite her charming appearance, Koutarou wasn't going to 
fall for her, though his heart might beat a little faster because 
of the tension and fear. 

“Boy, a good man doesn't stare a girl's body like that. And 
strange goes both ways." 

Maya showed a soft smile, but she was carefully observing 
Koutarou's body. 

He was a special boy to begin with, but... he doesn't seem to have aged a day 
in eleven years? And that armor is suspicious too. It wasn't in Maki's 
report.... and it seems to be hiding a few tricks up its sleeves... It also 
nullified the energy javelins... Either its the boy's power or the armor's... And 
since he's here after dealing with Maki, he might be using magic too... 

Maya had witnessed Koutarou break through the wall and 
ceiling of the abandoned building to protect Yurika and 
Harumi. That's why she could get a hunch of what kind of 
power the armor had. And adding that power onto Koutarou's 
own, Maya imagined she was in for a problematic fight. 

“I guess so. I've become quite a strange boy myself.” 

Koutarou said as he laughed, though his eyes were not. 

"So here's a proposal... What if instead of just having this 
date, we start dating seriously?" 


"I think we both want to avoid a war of attrition against an 
opponent with unknown powers, no?” 

"...Are you asking me to join you?" 

"My, we'd be real lovers. I don't hate children like you, boy. If 
we team up, we could defeat any enemy." 

Maya was serious. Ever since she figured that the boy that 
Maki was fighting against might be the same person that she 
had fought eleven years ago, she had wanted to recruit him 
to her side. However, her reason was different from Maki's. 
She only wanted Koutarou's power. This was another reason 
as to why Maya hadn't attacked. 

"It's not like we want to kill you. We're just after the vast 
magical power in that room. And we'll do anything we have 
to, whether that's fighting or becoming lovers." 

"Magical power..." 

Koutarou recalled what Yurika had said in the past. 

Now that I think about it, she was talking about evil magical girls targeting 
the magical power in my room... Since she's a real magical girl, I guess it 
makes sense for her to have been telling the truth... 

As a result, Koutarou understood that there was at least some 
truth to Maya's words. 

“If you become my lover, I will spare the others. Even Yurika 
over there. Of course, you would have to persuade them..." 

Maya knew that Koutarou could control the magical power in 
room 106 to a certain degree. In other words, stealing the 
magical power from the room and making Koutarou her ally 
was essentially the same thing. Moreover, if she could make 
Koutarou her pawn, she could regain a leading role in 
Darkness Rainbow. On the other, deciphering and controlling 
the power wouldn't help Maya. That was why pulling Koutarou 
over to her side was nothing but positive. 

“I see, so that's how it is..." 

While he didn't know Maya's private circumstances, he 
understood that she was seriously trying to make him her 

“How about it? It shouldn't be such a bad deal for you. You'll 
be able to protect your friends after all..." 

Maya whispered to Koutarou in a flirtatious and sweet voice. 

It was an alluring voice that would sway any man's heart. 

“I refuse." 

However, Koutarou rejected Maya's proposal without any 
hesitation. Unable to accept that, Maya questioned him. 

“Why?! What don't you like about it?!" 

“Honestly, it's not a bad deal. And you're beautiful." 

“Then why—?!" 

“It's simple. It's because there's someone that wants to 
protect that room from you guys." 

"Yurika?! You're saying you prefer her over me?!” 

Maya, who was full of pride, erupted. She would have been 
able to easily ignore any other reason and choose to fight. 

But Koutarou's reason had been Yurika of all things. Maya was 
convinced that she was superior to Yurika in all ways 
possible, in both her strength and her femininity. That's why 
she couldn't accept it, her pride didn't let her, both as a 
warrior and as a woman. 

"You would probably never understand just how amazing 
Yurika is." 

"There's no way I'd understand! She is a complete failure!" 

Maya took a stance while rejecting Koutarou's words. The 
weapons installed on her body pointed towards Koutarou, one 
after another. 

"That's right. We're all failures. Unlike you..." 

Yurika's wish was enough of a reason for Koutarou to fight. 
What lead him to feel that way was because they were both 
failures and because of all the time they had spent together. 

And so, Koutarou chose to fight. 

What he was protecting was something hard to put into 
words. Power, talent, price or status didn't matter. That was 
because Koutarou and the invader girls had been able to find 
peace despite that. 

"...Cradle, give me my sword." 

"As you wish, my lord." 

"Come, Signaltin!" 

Therefore, the sword will shine. 

To realize the oath and wish put into it. 


Part 1 

Saturday, April 24 

Crimson and Green's cooperation was only disordered for 30 
seconds or so. 

Before that, their teamwork had been perfect and they had 
been cornering Theia and the others. But during those 30 
seconds, their movements got visibly worse. 

“What's wrong, Green?! Your forecasts are wrong?!" 

“ I'm sorry, Crimson! Just a moment ago, some higher level of being 
descended onto the world and threw my predictions off! ” 

“Just what world did it come from, damnit, during these busy 
times! ...Could it be that devil Maki contracted?!" 

"I think so... But if it's by Maya-san, things might be a little more 

Green's voice was clouded. If the higher level of being wasn't 
summoned by Maki, then chances were that Maya was in 

“Wait, you mean that Yurika might have summoned it?!" 

With most of her body now replaced with machines, Maya 
couldn't use any large-scale summoning magic. That's why if 
Maki hadn't summoned her contracted partner, then Yurika 
would probably be the one responsible for summoning the 
higher level being. 

"We can't disregard that possibility. That's why we need to hurry and finish 
up over here! ” 

“Got it!” 

Green and Crimson wanted to wrap things up at room 106 as 
quickly as possible and move to help Maya or Maki. Their 
disordered cooperation had already recovered so it shouldn't 
be that hard. 

"After the blond haired girl attacks with her energy bullet, she'll pass over 
the manhole up ahead. ” 

“Explosion — Modifier — Time Trigger!” 

“Force Field — Modifier — Area Effect!” 

Following Green's forecast, Crimson placed a timed spell 
while Green activated a defensive spell. 

“Blue Knight! Fire the Particle Cannon at full speed!” 

“As you wish, my princess.” 

And just like Green had foreseen, Theia took action. The 
cannon she summoned from the Blue Knight opened fire. But 
since they had prepared a defensive barrier before Theia 
opened fire, her attacks were all blocked. 

Realizing her attacks were blocked, Theia charged forward for 
her next attack. But once she reached the manhole, an 
explosion suddenly happened around her. 

“Your highness?!” 

Ruth let out a cry. The explosion was from an offensive spell 
Crimson had prepared beforehand. 

“I-I'm fine! Don't worry!” 

“Alert Message, increased load on the distortion field. Any 
further combat action will be dangerous.” 

But fortunately, Theia appeared from the flames unharmed. 
She then returned to Kiriha and the others. That said, her 
dress was scorched and dirtied from the explosion. Having 
taken several attacks from the enemy, Theia's barrier was 
reaching its limit. 

“ Ki ri ha, our attacks have stopped hitting again!” 

Theia reported the situation while swatting away the dirt from 
her face and dress. 

“It's like they're reading your movements, Theia-chan.” 

Shizuka mortifyingly grinded her teeth since the enemy didn't 
let her close in. Now that the enemy had regained their 
ability to see the future, there was nothing she could do. 

“Her forecasts have recovered, huh...” 

“They seem to have regained the ability alongside the second 
gravity quake.” 

Using the data that Ruth had gathered, Kiriha analyzed the 

“...A second gravity quake, their forecasts recovered... and 
why did...” 

Kiriha's expression didn't have the same calmness to it as 
she did when laundering Koutarou's clothes. Instead, she had 
the serious expression of a commander in combat. 

"What do we do, Kiriha!! At this rate we'll die!!" 

Sanae knew how the battle was progressing better than 
anyone else. She could tell the state of everyone's strength, 
energy and fighting spirit by looking at their auras. And 
currently, the magical girls were above them by quite a bit. 

At this rate, defeat was inevitable. 

"...We attack.” 

"Did you figure something out?!” 

"Yeah. I only have a rough idea, but... luck really is on our 

Kiriha smiled confidently. But Sanae didn't understand what 
Kiriha was saying so she leaned forward and asked for more 

"I don't understand if you put it like that! Explain in more 

"Got it. I want you to move the way I say from now on. For 

Kiriha explained her plan to Theia and the others. 

"...Would something like that work?” 

"Yeah. Judging how things have gone so far, there shouldn't 
be any problems." 

Shizuka and the others hadn't been expecting something like 
that, but Kiriha still had the same confident smile. 

Part 2 

Crimson and Green started feeling something was off as they 
started taking minor counter attacks. Green's forecasts were 
still accurate, and Crimson's powerful attacks continued 
damaging her enemies. But they would get surrounded by 
their enemies for just a moment and suffer counter attacks. 

"Kuh, again?!” 

Crimson frowned turned her mantle back over. As she did, the 
haniwas shot out electricity and fire. Crimson took some 
minor burns and felt a little numb in her hands. 

"Green! Something's wrong!” 

"I'm sorry! I don't really — Kyaaaaaaaa!!” 


And another difference was that Green took her first big hit of 
the fight. They were all attacks that Green couldn't predict. 
Having relied on her forecast to fight, this was an attack she 
couldn't avoid. 

"I-I'm fine! Somehow /” 

"What's going on?!” 

Crimson and Green were falling into a state of chaos. The 
forecasts were still accurate, yet they were taking minor hits, 
and sometimes attacks that hadn't been foreseen would 
come. This was a situation that neither Green nor Crimson 
had expected. 

“...So this is what you'd call the egg of Columbus..." 

Theia spoke a phrase she had just learned in class while she 
admired her own bullseye. Their struggle up until now 
seemed like just a dream. 

“Just what are you doing?!" 

Distancing herself, Crimson threw her question at Theia and 
the others. Despite the perfect forecasts, the enemy was 
surpassing them. She was so perplexed that she even asked 
her enemies for the answer. 

“Nothing. If I were to say, it's that we understand the laws of 
nature of this world better than you." 

Kiriha was the one to answer the question as she carefully 
observed Crimson and Green. Kiriha wasn't getting 
overconfident. She knew that even if she revealed the truth, 
the forecasts wouldn't start working again. 

“That's not possible!! Green's forecasts are perfect!!" 

“Indeed, your forecasts are perfect." 

Kiriha affirmed Crimson's words. But even with her forecasts 
being perfect Kiriha and the others still had a chance to win. 

“But even then there's a limit. Because of the uncertainty of 
the world, there's only so much you could see. And your own 
actions aren't taken into consideration or the forecasts would 
loop forever." 

Because the future was uncertain, forecasts would see 
several futures. Green gave Crimson directions based on the 
most probable futures. And for the same reason, they could 
only see a little further into the future. 

Whenever they would attack, the forecasts would affect their 
own actions, reducing the accuracy. Fighting using counter 
attacks was the most reliable way of dealing with forecasts. 

“On top of that, there's a limit to how often you can use 
magic to produce forecasts. On top of that, she had to convey 
everything she has seen to you.” 

Since magic was used to see into the future, there was a limit 
to its use. And there was a limit to the information being 
conveyed, even when using a mental link. It wasn't like the 
two had unlimited energy, perfect communication and instant 

“You should have finished this fight before we noticed that.” 

The biggest problem was giving Kiriha enough time to figure 
out the characteristics of forecasts. She now understood the 
true nature of forecasts better than the magical girls. And 
using that understanding as her basis, she set up a strategy. 
That was the reason as to why the invader girls' attacks 
started hitting. 

“Impossible!! How is that even possible?!” 

“In the end, forecasts are just information. If the user is 
dominated by its forecast, it'll lose things it could win.” 

Kiriha's plan was a very simple one. 

First, use large scale attacks to force the magical girls to keep 
moving. Doing that, the magical girls own evasive actions will 
change the future, reducing the accuracy of the forecasts. 

The invader girls would be divided into those who attacked 
first, and those who waited for Crimson to attack. That would 
make the forecasts that didn't work that far into the future in 

the first place even less accurate, and make it harder for 
Crimson to dodge. 

In other words, because Kiriha understood how the forecasts 
worked, the more accurate the forecast was, the more 
Crimson and Green would be dominated by it. If the magical 
girls relied a little less on the forecasts, this wouldn't have 
happened. This was a crisis their overconfidence had caused. 

“You shouldn't have focused on just magic, but also tried to 
learn a little bit more about the world. This is the limit for 
sheltered girls." 

“That hurts, Kiriha." 

Theia laughed. When she had first come to room 106, she 
hadn't known much about the world either. She had broken 
out of her shell now, but she felt a little embarrassed and felt 
as she was looking into a mirror. 

“Your highness, I've finished altering the settings." 

“Alright! Blue Knight! Attack! I will leave everything to you!" 

“As you wish, my princess." 

Theia and Ruth were in charge of the trump attack. 

“What are you doing?!” 

“Who knows? Because not even I do." 

“ Get away right now, Crimson! I can see hundreds of different attacks and I 
have no idea which one is coming!” 


Following Kiriha's instructions, Ruth had made changes to the 

Blue Knight's settings. Normally, the Blue Knight's artificial 
intelligence chose an appropriate weapon following Theia's or 
Ruth's instructions. Because of that, it would only make 
logical attacks, making it relatively easy to create forecasts. 

However, Ruth had altered the settings to choose a weapon 
at random. As a result, the chances for any of the attacks to 
be chosen was equal. Even weapons for use in space might 
be chosen. Not even Theia knew what weapon would be 
chosen. The attack radius, target and weapon were all 
random. Green's forecasts were useless because of the 
irrational situation. 

Simply put, one could say that future forecasts was the 
ultimate method of reading the opponent's habits. That's why 
if the attacker essentially rolled a dice to attack, forecasts 
wouldn't be accurate. And what's worse was that the dice 
had hundreds of sides. An accurate forecast was out of the 

All Crimson and Green could do in this situation was fall back 
as quickly as possible. But that was exactly what Kiriha 
wanted. There was no need for Theia to actually attack. Her 
aim was to create a future that was impossible to predict and 
make Crimson and Green retreat. 

“Gooo! ShizukaaaaaM” 

“...To corner a fortune teller that can see the future with just 
your head... Kiriha-san, just what kind of brain do you 

Being supported by Sanae, Shizuka chased after Green and 
Crimson. With her physical abilities enhanced by Sanae, it 
was easy to catch up to them. 

Mind Bla—” 

“You're too slow!" 

Shizuka's target was the fortune teller, Green. Having gotten 
within range, Shizuka sent her right fist flying towards Green, 
who was attempting to attack her. Shizuka's fist hit Green's 
jaw before she could finish her incantation. 


And while Green was launched into the air by the attack, 
Shizuka attacked her repeatedly. She launched a combination 
attack of several punches, an elbow strike into a roundhouse 
kick, for a total of a seven hit combo, as Green collapsed onto 
the ground. 


“You've finally come!” 

Shizuka jumped backwards, and in the next instant Crimson 
swung her cane where she had been standing. 

Crimson's cane slammed into the ground and cracked the 

“Aaaaaaahhhh?! The parking lot!!” 

Shizuka screamed. The battle between Shizuka and the 
others vs the magical girls was taking place in the parking lot 
behind Corona House. Of course, since it was her parents' 
heritage, she was deeply attached to it. So seeing the asphalt 
crack and shatter, she was incredibly shocked. 

“I told you before... If you break something... I'll make you 
regret living....” 

“You didn't, you didn't! You told us, Shizuka!” 

"...Have you heard of bone breaking torture...? Apparently 
you start with the hands and feet, and break bones from 
small to large... ufu, ufufufu, ufufufufu!" 

"You better hurry up and run away, Red! Once she's like this, 
you don't stand a chance!" 

"Just the way I like it!" 

To Crimson who only sought power, going up against a 
martial arts expert was just what she wanted. She also had to 
save Green, so no one would be able to criticize her. Crimson 
grasped her cane in both hands and charged against Shizuka. 

Her cane started transforming until it formed a spearhead 
and an axe's blade. They were made out of offensive magic 
and had no physical form. The cane weighed and handled like 
it normally did, but it now had the power of a great axe. 

Crimson made use of her exceptional physical strength to 
spin it around like a pinwheel and swung the great axe at 

"Take this!!" 

As the great axe tore through the air it headed for Shizuka at 
terrific speeds. 


But having had her parking lot destroyed, Shizuka moved 
even faster. She moved at such speed that Crimson had no 
chance of hitting her without any forecasts. 


Shizuka dashed in under the axe and thrust her hands 
forwards alongside a yell. She poured all of her weight and 

momentum into the strike and crushed the defensive spell 
that Crimson was wearing without any troubles. 

“It's not over yet!” 

But that wasn't enough to defeat Crimson. She didn't hesitate 
to drop her axe and pulled out a knife from the back of her 
waist and used it to attack Shizuka. The knife moved much 
faster than the axe, and it worked well in close combat. Its 
silver blade shone as Crimson attempted to run Shizuka 
through with it. 

“For you to be able to beat me on your own—" 


However, Shizuka grabbed onto Crimson's arm without any 
troubles and followed through by throwing her. Crimson 
wasn't even given the time to fall properly. 

“—You should have stuck to being either a pure warrior, or a 
pure magician." 


Along with a dull impact sound, Crimson's body slammed into 
ground, right next to Green. 


Having been slammed into the asphalt, Crimson lost 
consciousness and remained motionless. Once they lost their 
advantage of forecasts and long ranged magic attacks, the 
difference in ability was obvious. The invader girls had won 
after all displaying their own merits. 

“Now then, what do we do with these girls..." 

Despite having beaten them down, Shizuka was still boiling 
with anger and glared at the two collapsed magical girls. 

“I wonder if they can repair the asphalt with magic. Ah, and if 
they can't, they'll just have to do it by hand..." 

Corona House and its related facilities was Shizuka's family 
keepsake. And now it was also the place where her new 
family returned to. And having damaged that, Shizuka wasn't 
about to forgive the magical girls just by knocking them out. 

“Quick Cast — Mystic Mist!!" 

The next moment, a dense fog wrapped the two collapsed 

“Crimson, keep it together!" 

“Ah?! They're escaping?!" 

The fog was a magical mist that Green used for distractions. 
Neither Shizuka nor Sanae could see through it. And using 
this moment, Green grabbed Crimson and escaped. 

“Blue Knight! Attack!" 

“As you wish, my princess." 

Theia had been able to track them using the Blue Knight's 
heat sensor and radar, but she was only able to get off 
sporadic attacks. Lasers and beams would be highly 
ineffective in the mist, and she couldn't point ballistic 
weaponry towards her surroundings. While that was going on, 
Green activated a new spell and completely hid their 

“Ahh, damnit! They got away before they could repair the 
parking lot!" 

“So she was just faking it, or maybe she woke up just then... 

It seems I still have much to learn." 

“Let's throw a net at them the next time they collapse." 

“Hmm, that sounds good... I'm sure the Blue Knight has 

“Yes. There is a net gun for riot suppression. I will prepare it." 

The party was mortified over letting the magical girls escape. 
But no one had said that they should have finished off the 
unconscious Green. They all felt that, neither this place, nor 
any of them, should be covered in blood. 

"Shizuka-chan, leave it to us Ho-!” 

"That's right Ho-! We're good at this kind of construction 

"Really?! Please do!!” 

Eventually the mist faded away. And as expected, nobody 
was there. The invaders had allowed the magical girls to 

"But still... those two withdrew awfully easily..." 

Theia continued her searching as she tilted her head. Theia's 
intuition that the magical girls should have been able to use 
the cover of the mist to launch some more attacks. 

"That might have been because of their forecast." 

Kiriha answered Theia's doubts. 

"A forecast? At this time?” 

"Yes. With the properties of future forecasts being what it is, 
it would be more effectively used for macro futures, like for 
strategy or economy, rather than the micro futures in battle. 
Strategically speaking, pulling back here might have been 
more correct." 

"Strategy... Which means that they might be gathering their 
forces and going after Yurika or Koutarou?” 

"That's right. We should hurry up and meet with them too." 

With the magical girls' goal being unclear, it would be difficult 
to figure out what they were after. 

But regardless of whatever goal their enemy had, protecting 
Koutarou and Yurika couldn't work against them. 

“Ruth, Shizuka, could you stay behind? Just in case." 

“Yes, Kiriha-sama." 

“Got it. Be careful, you three." 

“Yeah! We'll be right back with Koutarou and Yurika!" 

“Then let's go, men!" 

Thus, Kiriha, Theia and Sanae left Corona House in order to 
save Koutarou and Yurika. 

Part 3 

Obeying Koutarou's summons, a knight sword and a metal 
rod similar to a flashlight appeared. 

“Clan, what's this?" 

“It's a test for dual wielding! We'll start out by using Signaltin 
with a beam sword!" 

“I see!" 

“Since the left weapon is a beam sword without physical 
form, there's no need to worry about inertia! And since the 
blade can be turned off, there's no need to worry about the 
two swords interfering with each other!" 

“You really are a genius, Clan!!" 

There was a big problem with using a sword without physical 
form, and that was that despite having the same length as an 
actual sword, it was too easy to swing around and the user 
might end up hurting themselves. 

In fact, accidents like that happened frequently when this 
type of weapon first appeared. As a result, there were few 
users of it, considering how useful it was, and it was only 
used as a weapon in case of emergencies for decades. The 
weapon didn't become commonly used until around a decade 
after safety devices that could withstand practical use had 
been developed, and the initial bad reputation had been 

A beam sword's safety device worked by constantly keeping 

watch of its blade and turning off if it was about to hit its 
user. The sword did however function normally when cutting 
down opponents. Once this safety device had been built in, 
the beam sword became a lot safer and more convenient, 
and there was a considerable amount of people that used 
one in each hand. Thanks to the safety device, there was no 
need for any special training either. 

As Clan was researching how to use two knight swords, she 
came up with the idea of using one beam sword. If it was just 
one sword, Koutarou should be able to control it with one 
hand. That's why, if the other was a beam sword, there 
shouldn't be any problem. 

In order to use a knight sword like a beam sword, the sword's 
inertia and mass needed to be controlled and a hole in space 
and time was needed to be used to control its length. And the 
step before doing that, was using a knight sword in parallel to 
a beam sword. 

Just as Clan had decided to test her theory in the field, she 
learned that the enemy was Maya. And in order to fight Maya, 
a beam sword was necessary, so this combination was 
inevitable in a sense. 

“The algorithm for controlling two swords is still incomplete, 
so I think you'll run into some trouble! So don't put too much 
faith into the beam sword's automatic control! Try to use 
manual controls during the most important times!" 

“Got it!" 

Koutarou grabbed Signaltin's handle with his right hand and 
the beam sword's handle with his left. As he did, he heard a 
familiar phrase spoken to him by the artificial intelligence. 

“Your excellency, Blue Knight, this ship, the Cradle, will pray 

for your fortune and glory in place of the nation of 

"...Thank you.” 

As Koutarou grabbed a hold of Signaltin's handle, a large 
amount of pure-white magical power began overflowing. 
However, the magical power overflowing this time was only a 
fraction of what it normally was. 

The magical power is less than usual... Is it because of the contract with 
Aika-san? Or did her majesty save someone else? 

Signaltin's magical power had weakened, but Koutarou took a 
stance, not really minding it too much. Excluding the special 
situation Koutarou was in, he was only planning on using two 
knight swords. Those were the only two weapons he had 
sworn an oath on. That's why it didn't matter if the magical 
power had weakened or not. 

There were several mysteries surrounding Signaltin that 
Koutarou didn't understand. But because he believed in this 
sword that held Alaia's oath and emotions, he wasn't too 
bothered by the magical power weakening a little. He felt 
that it must have been needed for something else. 

"I saw that white light before... but the light is stronger than 
back then... I see, so this is the true form?” 

"That's right." 

Even if the magical power had weakened a little, Signaltin 
was far more powerful than normal weapons. From a realistic 
point of view, there was no need for Koutarou to use another 
weapon either. 

"But, I won't let you get away like you did eleven years ago! 

I'll kill you, this time for sure!” 

Maya showed a violent expression and glared at Koutarou. 

She wasn't going to let Koutarou live, not when he had 
rejected her and chosen Yurika over her. She was fiercely 
jealous and boiling with rage from having her pride hurt. 

”1 haven't seen you like this before...” 

Koutarou readied the sword in his right hand and adjusted the 
grip on the beam sword's handle in his left while looking at 
Maya's body. 

Just how little of her original body does she even have left? 

Trying to figure out what parts he could attack, Koutarou used 
his ability to see spiritual energy that he had gotten from 
Sanae, and found something unexpected. 

Her only remaining real body parts consisted of the insides of 
her head and the vicinity around the center of her body. He 
could clearly see spiritual energy travel between them. What 
was strange was that the machinery was exchanging spiritual 
energy as well. Seeing that, Koutarou got a bad feeling. 

Could this body be... 

Some amount of spiritual energy could travel through 
artificial arms and legs, but this was far above that level. 
Though it wasn't at the same amount as a living body, the 
flow was just like that of a real body. 

I guess I'll just have to find out... 

Koutarou adjusted his grip on his sword. If things were the 
way he suspected, Maya had an abnormal amount of power. 

"Then burn the charm of this body into your eyes until you 


“I think I'll pass!” 

The two moved at the same time. The next moment, Maya 
fired the gun on her left arm and the bullets rapidly 
approached Koutarou. 

"I'm counting on you, Signaltin!” 

Koutarou wished for Signaltin to use a defensive spell. 

The bullets had their momentum slowed by the armor's 
barrier before being repelled by Signaltin's defensive spell. 
Signaltin had weakened, but all it had to do was stop the 
bullets that got past the armor's barrier, so there was no 

"You won't let me take it easy as always!" 

"That goes both ways!” 

Realizing that her gunfire wasn't effective, Maya changed the 
weapon on her left. The gun deployed on her left arm 
returned back into her body and a blade appeared on her left 
hand, the same as the one on her right. Maya closed in under 
the hopes of being able to deal more damage up close. 

"Tiny Memory Flash — Modifier — Touch Trigger!” 

The blades in both hands were covered in an indigo light. In 
the next moment, a girl's voice reached Koutarou's ear. It 
hadn't reached him as a sound, but as magic. 

" Satomi-kun! ” 


Koutarou replied the same way. The voice belonged to Aika 
Maki. She had formed a mental link between herself and 
Koutarou beforehand. 

“The light on Maya-sama's hands are spells that will cause you to lose your 
memory! If you touch them you'll lose several seconds of your memory! It's 
my own and Maya-sama's specialty!” 

“So it was memory loss that made it feel like I jumped forward in time!” 

“Be careful! If you take that, you'll take on continuous attacks!” 

“I got it! But, Aika-san... ” 

Koutarou laughed a little as he activated the beam sword. 

“...You don't have to worry that much. ” 

Not only did Maki's words reach Koutarou, but her worry for 
his well-being did as well. It was a strong and deep feeling. 

“Stupid, you don't even know how I feel!” 

“What are you laughing for?!" 

Maki's and Maya's voices overlapped. Maya thought that the 
laugh was directed at her and got even angrier. 

“My little angel is quite angry! I just found it so funny!" 

“Meanie! You don't have to put it like that!” 

“You're making a fool of me?! I'll make you regret that!" 

Koutarou's beam sword and Maya's left blade collided. 
However, since the beam sword didn't have a physical form, 
the spell cast on it didn't activate. But Maya didn't stop there 
this time. 

Using her right blade, she tried to pierce through Koutarou. 

"Take this!" 

Maya thrust her blade right behind Koutarou's beam sword. 

By doing that, Koutarou couldn't use his right sword as the 
beam sword was in the way. That's why Maya was convinced 
her attack would hit and her expression was distorted with 
wicked joy. 

"You're good! However—!” 

But Koutarou swung his sword down anyways, and at the 
same time, the beam sword's blade was erased. As a result, 
his sword's trajectory followed a straight line. 


Surprised, Maya forcibly changed the trajectory of her right 

This time, the right handed weapons collided. Signaltin had a 
physical form, but it also had the ability to dispel magic, so 
Maya's spell wasn't activated this time either. 

"So this is what she meant... You're a lifesaver, Clan." 

"That weapon really is cheating!" 

Maya kicked off of Koutarou and tried to distance herself. 
Koutarou followed up by slashing with his beam sword, but 
Maya performed a somersault midair and dodged it, escaping 
out of his range. 

Damn, she has way more speed now... 

Koutarou looked at Maya as he thought to himself. With her 
now artificial body, she was even faster than before. Koutarou 

was using spiritual energy to increase his physical strength 
and using Sanae's power to see his opponent's intention to 
attack, but Maya's movements were too fast for him. He was 
in a bad spot, and then he got even worse news. 

"Bertorion, I've figured out a little about the opponent. 
Whenever that woman moves, she emits an energy pattern 
that matches with data I have.” 

"...What is it matching with?" 

"Those robots that Kii always has with her.” 

By Kii, Clan of course meant Kiriha. And by robots, she meant 
the two haniwas she had with her. In other words—. 

"Cheating goes both ways as well... That body of yours was 
made by the underground people, right?” 

"As expected from my boy... to think you even know of 

Hearing Koutarou's words, Maya narrowed her eyes, and the 
fury in her eyes weakened. Recognizing how dangerous 
Koutarou was, she had regained her cool. 

"But, now that you know that, you'll have to die." 

Maya showed a cold blooded smile. It was beautiful, but it 
made a chill run down Koutarou's spine. 

"Not good... The situation might be more complex than we 

Up until now, he had only had to deal with individual 
enemies. But since Maya's body was made from spiritual 
energy machinery, and Maya herself was an evil magical girl, 
it would mean that Kiriha and Yurika's enemies are working 

together. Which meant that they would eventually attack 
together. Just imagining that made Koutarou feel more 
threatened than Maya did. 

Part 4 

Seeing Koutarou and Maya fight, Yurika realized that she 
might be able to save Kanae now. Kanae was still collapsed 
on the floor covered with injuries, which Yurika had to heal. 
Kanae was holding onto Encyclopedia, so even if Yurika was 
out of power, she should still be able to treat Kanae. And with 
Encyclopedia, she would be able to support Koutarou a little. 

"Sakuraba-senpai, please wait here.” 

"You're going to help Kanae-san, aren't you?” 


"Then I'll go too." 

"If we stand out too much, Maya will notice us. And I can't 
protect you anymore right now, so please stay here." 

"...But... No, I understand. Please be careful, Nijino-san.” 

Harumi wanted to go with Yurika. She believed that she 
should live and die by Yurika's side. But she realized that she 
would just get in the way and that they would stand out more 
if the both of them went. That's why Harumi unwillingly 
obeyed Yurika. 

"I'll be back.” 

"Carefully, Nijino-san." 


If Nijino-san fails, then it'll be my turn... For now, I have to believe in her... 

Harumi told herself as she saw Yurika off. Yurika snuck from 
cover to cover, carefully moving forward. 

"I will stay here...” 

Harumi looked back at Koutarou's and Maya's battle. She was 
going to warn Yurika if Maya noticed her. 

Satomi-kun is strong... It's like he's the real Blue Knight... 

As Harumi watched the battle, that thought snuck up on her. 
Harumi had some of Yurika's memories, and in some of those 
memories, Koutarou was fighting as well, but the way he was 
now was much stronger now than how he was in those 
memories. Harumi couldn't help but think about the blue 
armor he was wearing, or about the knight sword in his right 

Why am I so curious about those? And that crest engraved on his chest... it 
looks like it says 'Theiamillis's Blue Knight'... That's referring to Satomi- 
kun's friend, Theiamillis-san, isn't it... ? 

Seeing Koutarou wear that blue armor and holding that 
sword, Harumi grew more and more unsettled. Her feelings 
for Koutarou overflowed from her heart and questioned if 
Harumi should really just sit here and do nothing. That said, 
she didn't know what to do. Confused and unsettled, she 
watched Koutarou and Maya with great focus. Because of 
that, she didn't realize that the words engraved on Koutarou's 
chest made of use of characters she couldn't normally read. 

The Blue Knight... Theiamillis's Blue Knight... Satomi-san... Koutarou- 
sama... What is this, I feel like I know something... What exactly do I... the 
sword... is that Signaltin... ? 

Harumi was lost in thought when a sword-like crest started 
appearing on her forehead. As it did, Harumi could recall all 

kinds of memories. 

An old temple... A rusted sword... Satomi-kun and I... I revived the sword, and 
gave it to Koutarou-sama... Is this a scene from the play? No, this kind of 
place wasn't in the play... Then what? Is it from my dreams? Is it from one of 
Nijino-san's memories? Or is it really mine? 

Each memory Harumi recalled only served to confuse her 
more. She felt like it might have been from the play, but at 
the same time maybe not. But it was quite a bit too far off to 
be reality. Unable to differentiate from the play and reality, 
Harumi's confusion didn't look like it would settle down 
anytime soon. 

That was when it happened. 

"Oh crap?!" 

"You're mine!!" 

The beam saber in Koutarou's left hand didn't activate 
properly and left him wide-open in front of Maya. Not missing 
her chance, Maya thrust her blade at him. 

"Satomi-kun! Satomi-kuuun!" 

Harumi screamed, but that wouldn't stop Maya. What Harumi 
needed was real power, a power strong enough to save 
Koutarou. If not, she wouldn't be able to teach him how to 
knit a sweater. 

But Harumi couldn't do anything but helplessly watch as 
Koutarou was about to be pierced by Maya's blade. It was just 
a very short moment, but to Harumi it felt like an eternity. 
That was just how painful it felt. 

"NooooooooooooooooM Koutarou-samaaaaaaa!!” 

Unable to bear that pain, Harumi let out another scream. 

"Harumi. ” 

Along with someone's voice, Harumi's world stopped. Not 
Koutarou, Maya, Yurika nor Kanae moved. Nobody could, 
except for Harumi. And that was just her mind. 

" Who's there?!” 

Unable to shift her glance, Harumi called out to the owner of 
the voice. But since she couldn't form any words, she simply 
ended up shouting in her mind. 

"I am you... and you are me... ” 

That was when a lone girl appeared in front of Harumi. It was 
as if she was looking into a mirror as the girl looked just like 
her. But the color of her hair and the clothes she was wearing 
were different. The girl had silver hair, and she was wearing a 
pure-white dress similar to what Harumi had worn on stage. 

" W-What do you mean ?! ” 

"I'm sorry, there's no time to explain...” 

The silver haired Harumi shook her head apologetically. 

" Harumi... do you love Koutarou-sama?” 

She turned to look at Koutarou who was still unmoving. 

"Of course! That's why I have to hurry and do something! At this rate, 
Satomi-kun will die. ” 

Harumi shouted. 

In this stopped world, Koutarou looked like he were to be 

stabbed by Maya any moment. 

"I see... So you wish to save him?” 

"Yes!! You don't?! Aren't you me too?!” 

" Yes... I wish to save him too... I love him just as much as you do...” 

“Then help me! Two's better than one! Before Satomi-kun dies!” 

"...Certainly, I have the power to save him. However, I can't do it myself. All 
I can do is entrust my powers and memories to someone and have them 
succeed my duty. ” 

The silver haired Harumi looked down with a sad expression. 
She believed it was a sinful thing to do. 

"Then I will do it! If that will save Satomi-kun.” 

“If you succeed my duty, you will no longer be able to live a normal life. 
Even then, would you still do it?” 

The silver haired Harumi didn't think one could be happy 
throwing away their normal life and casting themselves into 
the battle. In order to find happiness there, one needed 
powerful emotions and oaths, or they would live unhappily. 

"Even if that's not the case, I will be with Satomi-kun, won't I?!” 

"Yes. Even if you were to be separated by an endless time and a countless 
distance —” 

"Then I don't care what happens to me! As long as I can walk alongside 
Satomi-kun! ” 

Harumi had powerful emotions and oaths. She wanted to 
protect the person dear to her. She wanted to teach him how 
to knit a sweater. And for that cause, she was ready to throw 
away everything. 

Harumi... you too are... 

The silver haired Harumi knew Harumi's feelings painfully 
well. It was as if she was looking at her past self. That's why 
she was able to make her decision. 

"...I understand. Harumi, I will entrust you with everything.” 

The silver haired Harumi nodded and smiled. She felt like she 
could trust and believe in Harumi. The silver haired Harumi's 
body was wrapped in a pure-white light, and in that light her 
body gradually lost its shape as she began to assimilate into 
the light. 

"But... please don't forget. Your life is yours in the end. You mustn't be 
influenced by my memories. Just think of my memories... Yes, think of them as 
a product of getting into your role in the play.” 

"Play? Role? Wait, could you be —” 

"I am you. I was you before you. And like you, I loved the same person.” 

In the next moment, the silver haired Harumi's shape 

completely vanished, and she turned into that pure-white 

"Couldyou be, the Silver —” 

The light was then poured into Harumi's body. 

"Good bye, Harumi... We will probably never meet again. Live your own 
life... and if possible, stay with him until the end, this time...” 

Once she had become one with the light, Harumi felt a love 
as deep as her own for Koutarou. 

Part 5 

Koutarou and Maya's battle was growing more intense and 
fierce by the second. Koutarou made up for the overwhelming 
difference in speed with skill and experience. Adding in the 
armor and the power of his weapons, they were about equal. 

“This is bad, Bertorion! I can't keep up with the errors the 
algorithm is spitting out anymore! Take some distance and 
let's reset it!" 

“She's not the kind of opponent that would give me the time 
to do that!” 

Koutarou shouted at Clan and called out to Maki in his mind. 

“Aika-san, for how much longer will the spell you cast on me last?!” 

" You're just about out of them! Maya-sama still has plenty of time left, so if 
you fight after you've run out, you probably won't be able to block her 

“Kuh, I guess I'll have to continue like this then!” 

Koutarou muttered to himself in a frustrated tone and swung 
Signaltin at Maya. However, Maya quickly moved out of the 
sword's arc. 

“What's the matter, boy?! Your movements are getting 

“Not yet!” 

The saber won't make it in time! I'll just continue like this! 

Holding the beam sword in his left hand, Koutarou swung his 
fist at Maya. 

Since this had been an unexpected attack, Maya was struck 
by Koutarou's fist. But she wouldn't just let herself get 
punched. As she was falling back, she swung her blades 
down and left large scars on Koutarou's armor. 

“How are you going to repay me for this, boy? You've dented 
the area around my chest." 

“Alert Message. The damage of the chest armor has 
exceeded 78%. The next attack to the same part has a 90% 
chance of mortally wounding the wearer." 

Maya's and the armor's complaints reached Koutarou's ears 
at the same time. 

Both Koutarou and Maya could beat one another if their 
attacks hit. Maya had less magical power than before, so her 
magical defenses were weaker, leaving her with no means to 
protect herself from Signaltin. And at the same time, despite 
Maki having cast some protection on Koutarou's armor, it was 
unable to withstand Maya's spiritual energy infused attacks. 
With both sides only one hit away from defeat, speed and 
technique continued to clash. 

“...What's so bad about it? Now you have an excuse to get 
bigger breasts." 

“Hmm, I was worried that you wouldn't be able to go on, 
being out of breath and all, but if you keep talking like that, 
then it looks like I can enjoy this date for a little longer." 

However, this situation was more disadvantageous for 
Koutarou. Unlike Maya, whose body was almost nothing but 
machinery, Koutarou was flesh and bone beneath his armor. 

Because of that, his movements were more limited and his 
body grew more exhausted the longer the fight continued. If 
the evenly matched battle continued on for much longer, 
Koutarou would lose. And since she knew that, Maya was 
showing a confident smile. 

Crap... do I have to finish this right now? 

The system controlling his two swords was letting out cries 
and his armor was continually warning him. On top of that, 
Koutarou was out of breath and exhausted. He wouldn't be 
able to go all out for much longer. 

But... how do I catch her? I'm this powered up and I still can't catch up. 

Having gotten a mechanical body, Maya's movements 
surpassed the limits of man. Since Koutarou couldn't escape 
from the bonds of his body, he was stuck at that limit. So in 
order for him to catch up to Maya, he needed to come up 
with a good idea. But Maya wasn't going to give him time to 

“There's still plenty of time! Let's have some more fun, my 
dear boy!" 

“Don't give me that crap! I just escaped from a date with 
your disciple!" 

Maya's blades had a red light around them as she dashed 
forward with a smile. 

" Satomi-kun, she has attack spells cast on both of her blades! Don't fall for 
her words, she's going for the finishing blow!” 

"So she's coming! In that case—!” 

Koutarou changed his fighting style in accordance to Maki's 


Since Maki knew Maya and magic very well, she had saved 
Koutarou several times already. And now, her advice gave 
him his last chance of victory. 

If she's going to finish me off, she should be targeting the damaged chest 
plate!! As long as I know where she's going to be attacking....!! 

“Ooooooooo! !” 

Koutarou swung Signaltin, putting all of his force behind it. 
The blade cut through the air and headed straight for Maya. 

“Woops! That was closeJ’” 

However, Maya lowered her posture a little and dodged it. 

But that was just what Koutarou was aiming for. His goal was 
to limit Maya's mobility by swinging Signaltin. And if she was 
now aiming for his chest, then there weren't many paths she 
could take. 

“Now it's my turn!” 

Maya headed down the path Koutarou had expected. 

Koutarou moved his left and placed his beam sword in Maya's 
path. Now as long as the blade activated, the events would 
develop exactly the way he had expected. 


Along with a noisy sound, the armor reported an error with 
the beam sword. Because of his overuse of the 
malfunctioning system, the beam sword had lost its function 
at the worst possible time. 

“Oh crap?!” 

“You're mine!!" 

With the beam sword failing to activate, Koutarou was left 
completely defenseless as Maya pressed her charge. The 
blade in her right hand had an ominous red glow to it. She 
was aiming for Koutarou's torso, the spot where the armor 
had cracked. 

“Bye bye, boy. I loved you." 

Maya thrust her right hand forward. 

Koutarou steeled himself. He would die the moment she 
thrust her blade through his armor. It was now an 
unavoidable fact. 

"Noooooooooooo! Satomi-kun, Satomi-kuuun!!” 

Koutarou could hear Maki screaming in his mind. At the same 
time, Maya's hand was pushing forward and closing in on 
him. Maya's face twisted with malice and a dark joy spread 
throughout her chest. 


It was in that moment that Signaltin began glowing brightly. 
And it was as powerful as the girl's voice that filled the area. 


Maya's body received a large shock and she was sent flying. 
It was as if she had been thrown back by the glow and the 


However, it had no effect on Koutarou at all. He simply stood 
there, wrapped in that light. He noticed that the light had a 

pulse. Sensing that the pulse was similar to that of a person's 
heartbeat, a girl's name appeared in Koutarou's head. 

“...This, is... her majesty's...? Her majesty, Alaia's...?" 

He felt the warmth he had felt in the past when Alaia had 
been controlling Signaltin directly. That's what he felt right 
now, but that was impossible. Alaia was an endless time and 
a countless distance away. There was no way she could be 
here. But Alaia's sword was radiating. Her oath and wish was 
still glowing. 

“Your majesty!!“ 

Guided by the light, Koutarou turned around. There, he saw a 
lone girl standing. It was a girl with long hair and a crest of a 
sword glowing on her forehead. At first, it had looked like her 
hair was silver colored. 

“Alaia— No! Is that?!" 

But he quickly realized he had made a mistake. The girl's hair 
was black. The person standing there was not the person he 
was looking for. 


Temporarily disappointed over the person not being Alaia, 
Koutarou soon found himself surprised again. 

Why is Sakuraba-senpai controlling Signaltin?! And that crest on her 
forehead is the same as her majesty's... What is going on?! 

While Koutarou was too confused to say anything, Harumi 
herself started shedding tears and struggled to speak. 

“...Thank god... he's alive... Satomi-kun is alive..." 

With the crest still glowing on her forehead, Harumi shed 
tears of relief. Koutarou who was about to die was alive and 
well. Relieved by that, Harumi continued crying. 

“...I'm glad... I'm really so glad...” 

"Sakuraba-senpai, what is this? How are you controlling 

”...l don't know... I don't know what is going on...” 

Harumi shook her head at Koutarou's question. She was 
confused as well. She had seen that Koutarou was about to 
lose his life and felt like she had to save him. She had prayed 
for that. And by doing that, light suddenly started overflowing 
from her body, causing Koutarou's sword to glow and to send 
the enemy flying. This came as a surprise to Harumi as well, 
as she simply continued to cry. 

"...But... Satomi-kun... there's one thing... that I do know...” 

Harumi looked at Koutarou with tears falling from her eyes. 

"...And that is that from now on, I will protect you—” 

A strong resolve and love resided in those eyes. 

And driven by that intense and deep emotion, she continued. 

"—and always be at your side...” 

In that moment, the crest on Harumi's forehead started 
glowing even brighter. At the same time, Signaltin grew even 
more powerful. 

What is going on?! This isn't her majesty, but Sakuraba-senpai, yet, she can 
control Signaltin as well as her majesty ... No, even better?! 

Signaltin was radiating light. 

The glow was brighter than anything Koutarou had ever seen. 

“...So win, Satomi-kun! I will protect you, from any enemy 
and any hardship!" 

And as those words left Harumi's mouth, all the confusion 
and hesitation vanished from Koutarou's mind. 

There is no point in asking who and why!! If the rusted iron scrap is still 
glowing like this, if the oath and emotion put into this sword still remain —// 

“—Then I will use my life and everyone's powers to protect 
our future!! Sakuraba-senpai!!" 

Having been separated by an endless time and a countless 
distance, the previous relationship of master and servant had 
changed into that of a senior and junior, and connected that 
oath and emotion once more. 

Part 6 

Having regained her balance, Maya faced Koutarou without 
flinching, despite Signaltin continuously growing in power. 

“No matter how much magical power you have, it doesn't 
mean a thing if you don't hit!” 

Maya attacked Koutarou. She charged at him with the fastest 
speed she could possibly move at. The mechanisms were 
screeching and the system was giving her countless 
warnings, but Maya swung her blades widely as if to shake all 
of that off of her. 

Signaltin had grown more powerful, but it had been weaker to 
start with, so now it wasn't all that different from what Maki 
had reported before. On top of that, Maya was convinced she 
wouldn't be hit. Having surpassed the limits of man, Maya 
wasn't scared of her opponent. 

“...You misunderstand.” 


Signaltin easily blocked Maya's blades. Of course, Maya was 
moving too fast for the sword itself to block, but her attack 
was stopped by the barrier that Signaltin was emitting. 

Why?! It's not that much more powerful than Maki had reported, so why 
can't I break through this force field?! 

Maya was astonished. 

The spiritual energy weapons that Maya was using should be 

able to break through magical defensives quite effectively. 
According to Maki's report on Signaltin's capabilities, they 
were powerful enough to break through any defense Signaltin 
could output. So even if Signaltin had grown a little more 
powerful, her weapons should still be able to destroy the 
barrier. Yet despite that, the blades didn't stand a chance. It 
was an unthinkable situation. 

“This is that type of sword.” 

“I see, that girl is doing something, isn't she?!” 

Maya shifted her look to Harumi who was behind Koutarou. 
Harumi had her eyes closed and her hands clasped together 
as if she was praying. 

Maya could see a line of magical power traversing from 
Harumi to Signaltin. She had also received a report on 
Harumi from the last time Maki had fought Koutarou. That's 
why she knew that Harumi could control some unknown form 
of magic. So it was hard to imagine that Harumi was 
unrelated to all this. 

“...That's right.” 

Realizing that he wouldn't be able to hide it from Maya, 
Koutarou confirmed her suspicions. 

“This sword was made to be used by two people. It simply 
hadn't been able to until now. That's why you only know of 
the incomplete form of this sword. You misunderstood, 


Koutarou would wield the sword while another controls its 
magical power. They would control the magic and release it 
for attack or defense, and also change its properties 
depending on the opponent's offense and defense. They also 

used the sword's surplus magical power to use magic and 
support the wielder. 

The two work as one. 

And that is Signaltin's true form. It was the power that Alaia 
gave to Koutarou to protect him. 


"Go on, Satomi-kun! Do whatever you want! I'll keep up with you!” 

"That's why if you think that the sword's power just got 
stronger, then—” 

Harumi's voice was conveyed to Koutarou through the sword 
as he casually swung the sword at Maya. As he did, the 
magical power being used to protect him changed shape and 
increased his attack range. The range was altered based on 
how Maya was moving, making it harder for her to dodge. It 
also had an electric property to it, causing the most damage 
possible to her. 


The strike broke through the magical barrier Maya was using 
and shocked her. The impact was terrific and she was thrown 
to the ground as she was being shocked. 

"—that's what'll happen." 

That was where Koutarou stopped his attack, but Harumi 
didn't stop there. She started incanting something in ancient 

" Gather ; spirits of the wind, gather as an arm and destroy my enemy!! Roar!! 
Air Sledgehammer!!” 

As a result, Signaltin's surplus magical power turned into a 
giant hammer of air that fell down onto the collapsed Maya. 

"H-How is this even possible?! This is completely different 
from before!!” 

Maya desperately moved her body in an attempt to dodge 
Harumi's attack. 

She managed to avoid the attack just barely, and that was 
only thanks to her superhuman speed. If not for that, she 
probably would have lost right there. 

"I'm sorry, Satomi-kun! I was a little too slow!” 

"No, that's great, Sakuraba-senpai!" 

Koutarou smiled and readied his sword. He actually knew the 
reason why Harumi's attack had missed. Even though Maya's 
body was mostly machine, Harumi was hesitant to attack 
another person. That's why Maya had been able to avoid it. 
But Koutarou felt that was fine. Fighting didn't suit Harumi, 
Koutarou felt the same way he did about Yurika. 

"I will attack! Please focus on supporting me, senpai!” 

"Okay, I understand!" 

Koutarou chased after Maya and charged forwards. As Maya 
got up, she changed her blade weapons into guns and aimed 
for Harumi. 

"Then I'll just do this! That girl is your Achilles' heel!” 

And unlike Harumi, Maya didn't hesitate to pull the trigger. 
She fired a large amount of bullets towards Harumi who was 
in her praying pose. 

“Protection From Soul Energy!! And please, Encyclopedia!!" 

However, two barriers stood in the way of the bullets. Yurika 
had cast a barrier to protect Harumi from spiritual energy, 
and she also used the cane in her hand to cast a spell to 
defend from physical attacks. Thanks to the two defensive 
spells, Maya's bullets were completely blocked. 

“Are you okay, Sakuraba-senpai?!" 

“Thank you, Nijino-san!!" 

“Satomi-san, I will protect Sakuraba-senpai! Don't worry!" 

Yurika no longer had enough magical power to defeat Maya. 
However, she still had enough to cast a few defensive spells, 
and she had also gotten Encyclopedia from Kanae. That's 
why she would be able to protect Harumi for a while. 

“Yurika, I'll leave that to you!" 


She would do what she needed when she had to. That's the 
kind of person Yurika was to Koutarou. 

“Curse you, Yurikaaaaaa!!" 

Having had her attack stopped by Yurika and being shown 
Koutarou's trust on her, Maya was driven by an intense fury 
and jealousy. Being thought of as below Yurika by anyone was 
an unbearable humiliation to her. 

"I'll kill you, kill you all! All of you!!” 

Fury and jealousy turned into hate and drove Maya to attack. 
She no longer looked anything like the mind controlling 
magician, Dark Navy. 


Watching over the battle, Maki's feelings were quite complex. 

I'm sure I was once like that too... 

Looking at Maya the way she was right now made Maki feel 
sad. She also felt sorry as she thought that she must have 
looked like this in the past as well. That's why Maki made a 

" Satomi-kun, please don't kill Maya-sama... ” 

"Don't worry, I understand. She is still your master, right?” 

Maya was getting emotional and was full of openings, and all 

Koutarou on the other hand remained calm and was fighting 
with his friends. 

The conclusion of this battle was already decided. 

" Thank you, Satomi-kun...” 

"No, that really helps. I'm a half-assed soldier that can't kill people on my 
own. ” 

In order to actually finish the fight, Koutarou raised Signaltin 
above his head. At the same time, he focused on Kiriha's 
gauntlet on his left hand and created a fireball. He used 
Sanae's power to see Maya's movements, and he was being 
protected by Ruth, Theia and Clan's armor, along with 
Yurika's and Maki's magic. And Shizuka was protecting the 
place he wished to return to even now. 

Ten versus one... Sanae said allies of justice could gang up on their foes, 
but... this might be overdoing it a little... 

Koutarou swung his sword down on Maya, aiming for her arm. 

Signaltin cut straight through Maya's blades and chopped off 
her right arm. 


And as she momentarily stopped, the fireball produced by his 
left gauntlet attacked her. 

The fireball exploded by the center of her body and sent her 

"Uh, d-damnit... To think I would be this cornered by anyone 
other than Nana!” 

Having been slammed into the ground, Maya used her 
remaining left arm to lift her body. Though the armor plate 
covering her torso had been destroyed and revealed the 
machinery behind it. Maya had taken a lot of damage, and 
was unable to properly move. 


Koutarou lowered his sword as he faced Maya. 

"Just give up and go home." 

"...Kill me. If you don't, I'll just come after you, over and over 

Maya's body was seriously damaged, but the hatred in her 
eyes was as livid as ever. Maya directed a fierce killing intent 
towards Koutarou, as if he was a lover that had betrayed her. 

"I bet you will..." 

Koutarou was aware of the risk, but he couldn't kill Maya. And 

so, he returned the sword to its sheath. 

Maya took this as an insult and her hate grew even more 

“You'll regret this!!” 

“Yeah. I've always been regretting. That's the kind of life I've 
lived. I'm used to it." 

Koutarou smiled wryly as he said that and turned his glance 
towards a concrete pillar nearby. 

“And are the two of you hiding over there going to fight me 

Koutarou spoke out towards the pillar, and behind it, two 
magical girls, Crimson and Green, appeared. However, 
neither of them looked like they were going to fight. 

“Are you joking? If I'm going to fight against a monster like 
you, I'll have to make proper preparations first.” 

“...We only came to save Maya-san.” 

“I see. Then take her and leave.” 

Koutarou couldn't sense any intention to attack from their 
words or from their auras. That's why he took several steps 
back and gave them room. The girls ran up to Maya with thei 
eyes filled with hostility towards Koutarou. 

“Are you okay, Maya-san?” 

“I'll lend you my shoulder.” 

Maya somehow managed to stand up with the help of the two 
girls. But even then, her focus was directed at Koutarou 
rather than her allies. Unable to admit that had been the 
reason for her loss. 

“...Boy, what is your name?" 


“...Koutarou... The next time we meet... I will definitely kill 
you, with my own hands..." 

“If that's what you want, then don't come alone." 


Maya turned her face away from Koutarou and left with the 
support of the two girls. Eventually, they disappeared into the 
darkness of the far side of the abandoned building. 

“...Bertorion, are you okay with just letting her go like that?" 

Clan had a concerned look on her face on the other side of 
the communication device. 

“Clan, is the person you want to make a vassal the kind of 
guy that would one-sidedly kill the other party?" 

“Of course not! I was just worried for your safety! That's why 
I was wondering if you were fine with not capturing her?!" 

“...Just believe that I'll win next time too. That's what I've 
decided to do." 

Our future is bright. 

That is what Koutarou had told Maki, and he had decided to 
believe in that as well. 

"...Geez... you really don't understand a woman's feelings.” 
”1 hear that a lot.” 

As Koutarou laughed, a space-time hole appeared in front of 


"I'm retrieving Signaltin. Theiamillis-san and the others are 
on their way to you right now." 

"That's too bad." 

Koutarou realized what Clan was trying to do and pushed 
Signaltin into the hole. The hole took Signaltin with it and 

"Now just do what you have to do before Theiamillis-san 

"Sorry for always making you help me." 

"You're not joking. Just when was this role assigned to me..." 

The hologram of Clan puffed up her cheeks a little in 
dissatisfaction. Seeing that expression, Koutarou chuckled 
and honestly stated what he felt. 

"Well, that would be around the time you became a worthy 


Clan's face turned red as she yelled at Koutarou before she 
one-sidedly turned off her communication. 

"I got her angry again... I was trying to praise her too..." 

Koutarou smiled wryly as he looked at the hologram not 
projecting anything. After Koutarou turned off his 
communication, he decided to heed Clan's advice and do 
what he had to do. 

“...Now then... where should I start explaining... There's not 
much time either..." 

Before Theia arrived, Koutarou had some explaining to do to 
the several people looking at him. 

The Day of Beginnings 

Part 1 

Saturday, April 24 

On that night, eleven people gathered in room 106. With that 
many people in the small room full of furniture, it was hard to 
even move. 

Right next to Koutarou were Maki and Clan who seemed a 
little uncomfortable. Next to them were Harumi and Yurika. 
Facing those two were Theia, Ruth and Kiriha who were 
drinking tea, Shizuka, Sanae and Kanae. 

“Koutarou, should I really be here?” 

“Yeah, Satomi-kun. Just a while ago I was everyone's 

“Just shut up and sit down.” 

Koutarou wanted to properly introduce Maki and Clan. The 
two now allied themselves with Koutarou, but because of 
their history with the girls of room 106, they tried to distance 
themselves. However, Koutarou didn't think very well of that 
and decided to use this chance to solve the problems 

regarding these two. 

“So... I'll start by introducing them. This is Clan..." 

As Koutarou said that, he tapped Clan on the head a few 
times with his right hand. Because of the uncomfortable 
situation she was in, Clan couldn't raise her head. She was 
pulling back because just a few months ago she had been 
after Theia's and Koutarou's lives. She simply looked at the 
tea table in front of her without moving a muscle. 

“And this is Aika Maki-san." 

This time, Koutarou tapped Maki on the head with his left 
hand. Maki was practically in the same situation as Clan and 
had a stiff expression and was all tensed up. Because she 
knew that she was in front of Kanae and Sanae, she didn't 
dare look at them. Because of her uneasiness, she was tightly 
holding onto Koutarou's sleeve and wasn't letting go. 

“Clan and I went missing during the play, if you all remember. 
Back then, we reluctantly had to work together and our 
feelings of hostility gradually waned. Ever since, she has 
secretly been helping me. Like the incident with Sanae for 
example... Hey, don't just be quiet, say something, Clan." 

“Say something? L-Like what?" 

Clan couldn't come up with anything to say. She knew that 
she couldn't get friendly with everyone after what she had 

“Like your name or something.” 

“...I'm Clariossa Daora Forthorthe.” 

“You really only said your name.” 

"B-Because you told me to say it!” 

Being so anxious, Clan only spoke her name, but her 
interaction with Koutarou showed everyone in the room what 
kind of relationship they had. 

"Well, anyways... about Aika-san... As you all know, Aika-san 
is our classmate... but as it turns out, up until today she was 
actually an evil magical girl." 

When Koutarou revealed her identity, Maki held her breath 
and grabbed onto Koutarou's sleeve even harder. She was 
well aware of her poor position. 

"Aika-san became an evil magical girl because her savior was 
one, but in the end, being evil didn't suit her. Aika-san saved 
me. And in her heart, she's an honest and good girl. She had 
no choice but to do evil because she had nowhere else to go, 
and in order to repay the kindness she had been shown." 

"...Satomi-kun, I'm going home. I don't belong here..." 

Unable to endure the tension, Maki pulled on Koutarou's 
sleeve and wished to leave room 106. However, Koutarou 
grabbed a hold of Maki's arm and shook his head. 

"Just sit down right there. If you run away now, where will you 


"You have to start your new life. You get that, right?" 

Maki who had been starting to get up was persuaded by 

Koutarou and sat back down. 

She had chosen the life of Aika Maki over the life of Dark 
Navy. That's why she no longer had a place in Darkness 
Rainbow. In order for her to live as herself, she had to face 
her past. 

“We're pretending that Aika-san has been caught and is now 
our hostage until things calm down. If we don't, they'll come 
after her to finish off the traitor. But in reality, she is our 
classmate as always." 

After saying that, Koutarou looked at everyone in the room 
before continuing. 

“And this is just my request, and... I know it might be 
emotionally difficult, but I want you to get along with these 
two. Please." 

Koutarou put his hands on the tea table and lowered his 
head. Maki and Clan to his sides followed his lead and 
lowered their heads as well. The two stiffened up as the time 
of reckoning had come. 

“There's something I want to say." 

Theia raised her hand. Seeing that, Clan's face turned pale. 
“1-1 do too!" 

“I have one thing to say too." 

Next, Sanae and Yurika raised their hands. This caused Maki's 
face to turn pale as well. 

People that would ask them to pay for their crimes had 

Though they feared the situation, they were ready to accept 
any criticism because they knew this was a passage they had 
to cross. 

“Go ahead." 

Having raised his head, Koutarou urged the three who had 
raised their hands to speak. The girls put their hands down 
on the tea table and leaned forward as they spoke. 

“Does that mean that Clan will be put into the rotation for 
cleaning duty of this room?!" 

“Hey, MakiM You're a magical girl too, right?! Let's make a 
new outfit for you to match ours!!" 

“Satomi-san, living in the wardrobe any more is impossible! 
Now that Maki-chan is joining, I want to leave the wardrobe 
and live here too!” 

“ “...Eh?"" 

However, what the three girls had said caused Clan and Maki 
to let out an astonished voice at the same time. They 
hurriedly raised their heads and looked at the people that 
had spoken to them. 

“Well, I guess it would." 

“Alright! Now I only have to clean once a week!" 

“Isn't that great, your highness?" 

“Satomi-san, now is the time to increase my residential 

“That's a no. 


"I can't let Aika-san stay in the wardrobe.” 

"Mama! I need drawing paper!" 

"Yes, yes. Maki-chan, that's what's happening, so are you free 
next weekend?" 

Nobody criticized Clan or Maki. NotTheia, Yurika, Sanae nor 
Kanae, nor did any of the other girls. In fact, they welcomed 

"Aika-san, if you have nowhere to stay, why don't you live 
with me? It's just above this room." 

"Isn't that great, Clan-sama. Now I don't have to sneak 
around when meeting with you." 


"Why isn't anyone saying anything...?” 

This situation confused both Maki and Clan. Despite 
supposedly being enemies, the residents of this room had 
easily accepted them. Not understanding what was going on, 
the two simply sat there with a confused look. 

"...That's because we were all enemies once too." 

Kiriha was the one to answer their question. She slightly 
narrowed her eyes and showed Clan and Maki a friendly 
smile. She especially trusted Clan, whom she had met eleven 
years ago. 

"If we were to criticize you, we would be rejecting ourselves, 
and that is something we cannot do." 

At first, everyone was attacking each other. They had 
overcome that to get to where they were now. That's why no 
one in the room criticized Clan or Maki. Everything was fine 
as long as they had a change of heart. What was important 
was the now, not the past. 

“But Kii, even then—" 

“Of course, that's not the only reason." 

Being called Kii by Clan, Kiriha's expression changed into an 
even gentler one. 

“Satomi Koutarou lowered his head for your sake. In that 
case, we just have to believe him. We will accept anything he 
has decided... Isn't that the same for you two?" 


“Yes, it is." 

Maki was still half in doubt, but Clan's expression softened up 
a little. Having an old friend here helped a lot. 

“Theiamillis-san, I formally apologize for my actions up until 

Clan bowed towards Theia, and in return, Theia nodded with 
a smile. 

“I accept that apology. Don't worry about it anymore. We may 
be rivals, but we reach further heights by competing with 
respect for each other, rather than hate." 

“Theiamillis-san... You're right, I won't lose!" 

“Fufufu... that's the spirit. I won't lose either!" 

Clan and Theia laughed at one another. Seeing that, Maki 
looked at Yurika and the Higashihongan family pair. 



Noticing that, Koutarou and Harumi had Yurika and Maki face 
each other. Yurika only seemed confused, but Maki suddenly 
tried to make a run for it. However, Koutarou grabbed onto 
her with both hands and stopped her. After that, Maki finally 
gave up and slowly started speaking. 

"I'm sorry, Nijino Yurika. I've done a lot of terrible things to 

"It's fine, Maki-chan. If we each had the other's saviors, I 
might have been the one apologizing...” 

Yurika also accepted Maki's apology. Nana had been the one 
to save Yurika, but that was just by chance. Having seen 
Maki's change up close, Yurika felt almost no hostility towards 
her. The only thing still bothering her was that Maki was still 
an official member of Darkness Rainbow. But she also knew 
that Maki couldn't leave right away in these circumstances, 
so she decided not to think about it. 

"And to Kanae-san and her daughter, it seems my master did 
some horrible things to you..." 

"That is not your fault, Maki-chan." 

"Mama, did something happen in the past?” 

"It did, but that has been resolved and has nothing to do with 

"Hmm. Oh well. 

“...Thank you very much." 

Maki lowered her head one last time. 

As such, Clan and Maki were accepted by the girls of room 
106, and took the first step of their new lives. 

Part 2 

Though Clan and Maki's problems had been solved, Koutarou 
had one more problem remaining. 

And that was the problem of what to do with Sakuraba 
Harumi who had been dragged into everyone else's 

Just a while ago, Harumi learned how to control magic and 
Signaltin's power. But not even she knew why. To her, it 
seemed like she was suddenly able to do it after merging with 
Yurika. And without any other possible reasons, Koutarou and 
the others figured that Harumi's change was a by-product of 
the merging. Yurika admitted that something strange had 
happened during the merge, and the space quake that had 
occurred from it was observed by the Blue Knight, lending 
credibility to the theory. 

This would mean that Harumi was now the third magician 
after Yurika and Maki. And she was also capable of controlling 
Signaltin, though that fact was only known to those present 
at the time. That's why Harumi had now become a somewhat 
unique assistant to Koutarou and the others. Harumi herself 
wanted to use her powers to help them. 

But there was someone against that idea. 

And that was Koutarou himself. 

"...I'm against this. Sakuraba-senpai has a poor constitution, 
and she's not very athletic. It's far too dangerous for her to 
always be with us.” 

Koutarou worried for Harumi's safety. It was clear that magic 
put a strain on her body, and he was also against Harumi 

“That's why I think it's best if we just let her help 

To Koutarou the ideal solution would be to keep Harumi at the 
same distance she had always been so that she wouldn't get 
involved in any fights. 

“But... Satomi-kun, I can't stay quiet after learning about 

Just like Koutarou was worrying about Harumi, Harumi 
worried for the safety of Koutarou, Yurika and all of the 
invader girls. To her, they were special people that had shown 
her the outside world through their two plays together. That's 
why she wanted to repay her debt and protect their everyday 
by doing whatever she could. 

“Satomi-kun and everyone are my precious friends! Please 
don't leave me out! Please!” 

And the main driving force for Harumi was her strong desire 
to walk together with Koutarou and the others. She wanted to 
help those she got along with. She wanted to be with the boy 
she loved. She knew better than anyone else just how lonely 
a life of simply staring at things from a distance was. 


Koutarou started hesitating as Harumi eagerly appealed to 

He wanted to keep her away out of worry for her safety, but 
at the same time, he felt like his flaw of keeping a distance to 

others was influencing his decision. Koutarou was unable to 
decide on what was the right thing to do. 

"...Satomi-kun, can I say something?” 

As Koutarou was deep in thought, Maki raised her hand and 
asked for permission to speak. 

"What is it, Aika-san?” 

"Based on what happened today, chances are that Sakuraba- 
san will become another target for Darkness Rainbow. In that 
case, keeping her close might be the safest thing to do." 


Maki's opinion was perfectly logical. Keeping Harumi away 
also meant it was harder to protect her. So with a clear threat 
like Darkness Rainbow now around, there was a need to 
always keep an eye on her. 

"No, but..." 

However, Koutarou still couldn't make a decision. Like with 
Yurika, fighting didn't suit Harumi. If possible, he wanted her 
to live peacefully. 

"Koutarou, do you hate Harumi?" 

Sanae questioned Koutarou, and he responded by shaking his 

"Of course not, it's just that I want her to be as safe as 

With a serious expression, Sanae pointed her right index 
finger towards Koutarou and spoke her mind. 

“You know what, Koutarou, the best way to do that is to 
personally protect what is precious to you. Keeping precious 
things at a distance is one of your bad habits." 

“She's right, Satomi-san! We just need to make Sakuraba- 
senpai promise not to strain herself, and then all of us can 
protect her together!" 

Yurika agreed with Sanae. And it wasn't just her, everyone in 
the room agreed. They all shared the same feelings Harumi 
did. That's why they felt that she couldn't be kept at a 
distance because of her weak constitution. 

“Satomi-kun, please!" 

Harumi earnestly appealed to Koutarou and stared straight 
into his eyes. 


And with that, Koutarou finally changed his mind. 

“I understand. Sakuraba-senpai, please try to stay with one of 
us whenever possible." 

“Thank you, Satomi-kun!" 

“However! You must promise not to force yourself if a fight 

“I understand! I promise!" 

Tears of joy started forming around Harumi's eyes as she 
smiled brightly. 

Part 3 

Like that, another three invaders were welcomed into room 
106, reaching a previously unprecedented population. And 
with Kanae here as well, everyone was grateful that it wasn't 
summer yet. 

However, this population only lasted until after dinner. Once 
everyone had eaten, the invaders left room 106 one after 
another. They all had their own businesses to attend to. This 
included making preparations for their new lives or business 
regarding their position. Because of that, there was a need to 
leave room 106 for now. That's why only Koutarou and Yurika 
remained in the room. 

“Now that everyone's left, this room feels so much bigger..." 

Koutarou muttered as he sat down at the tea table and 
looked at the front door. Because it was just the two of them, 
that quiet muttering reached Yurika as well. 

“Even though I don't think like that at all when everyone is 


Koutarou's back looked awfully lonely to Yurika, and she felt 
like she should do something to cheer him up. So she decided 
to slowly approach him from behind. 


After placing herself right behind Koutarou, Yurika stood on 
her knees and used her hands to block Koutarou's view. It 

looked just like she was hugging him. 


"Fufu... Satomi-san..." 

Yurika whispered to Koutarou. It was just the two of them, and 
they were now very close. It was a very gentle and very quiet 

“...Did I leave too...?" 

“Of course not. I just can't see you." 

Koutarou could hear Yurika's voice, her hands were pressed 
against his face, and her body against his back. Though he 
couldn't see her, it was clear she was there. 

“Then, I think that's true for everyone else too. You just can't 
see them, but their feelings are still around." 


Thanks to Yurika pointing that out, Koutarou started feeling 
the same way. Though he couldn't see them, he wasn't alone. 
That felt very good for him. 


Koutarou could only hear Yurika's laugh and feel her warmth. 
And because her voice was gentle and calm, he got the urge 
to look at her face. But at the same time, he felt like staying 
this way. It was a strange feeling he hadn't felt before. 

I see... so this is the real Yurika... 

This was Yurika's true nature, which was normally hidden by 
all kinds of things. It wasn't until the two were left alone that 
Koutarou could see it. That's why he started being able to 
accept things he couldn't before. 



“You... really are a magical girl, aren't you?" 

The truth that Yurika was a magical girl was something he 
never wanted to admit, but at last, he was able to accept it. 

“Yes... I'm sorry for never telling you..." 

“Don't worry. I understand why.” 


Koutarou wanted to protect his everyday life with Yurika, and 
she had gone along with that. That's why he had no intention 
of blaming her; in fact, he felt quite the opposite. 

“Thank you, Yurika.” 


As Yurika responded to Koutarou, she pushed her hands onto 
his face a little stronger. Just doing that was enough to 
convey how she felt. Yurika then stopped covering Koutarou's 
eyes and wiped away her tears. She wanted to continue 
doing it, but that would be hard to do while crying. Having 
finished wiping away her tears, she put her hand on 
Koutarou's shoulder. And as if waiting for that, Koutarou 
started speaking. 

“But... even if that's the truth, I don't want to admit it. To me, 
you're a classmate and a cosplay loving stupid freeloader.” 

That was Koutarou's wish. He wanted her to be a classmate, 
not a magical girl. That was something he could only say in 
this atmosphere and when they weren't looking at each 


With her hand still on Koutarou's shoulder, she started 
shedding tears again. But she no longer tried to wipe them 


They were warm tears of joy, and she knew it would be a 
waste to wipe them away. 

“...I... prefer it that way too...” 

Yurika wanted to succeed Nana and become a splendid 
magical girl. But at the same time, she wanted to be a 
normal girl when she was with Koutarou. She wanted to 
spend plain and normal days together, and by doing that, she 
felt like she would have the courage to overcome anything. 

And in that sense, Yurika's wish perfectly matched Koutarou's. 

"That's why... I'll work my hardest to make sure you don't 
have to be a magical girl." 

If an enemy appeared, he would work together with her to 
drive them away. 

If there was a mission that had to be accomplished, he would 
help and finish it as soon as possible. 

He wanted to limit the amount of time that Yurika had to be a 
magical girl. 

Overwhelmed with emotion Yurika spun her arms around 
Koutarou and tightly embraced him. 

Right now, she could understand how Sanae felt. 

Even when they were this close, Yurika wanted to get even 
closer. To the point where if she could leave her body and 
enter his, she would do so. But because she couldn't, she 
simply tightened her embrace. She didn't know of any other 

way to convey her feelings. 

“...So you just take it easy and cosplay to your heart's 

“...I'll believe in you... Satomi-san..." 

In the end, Yurika was a cosplayer. She left the reality where 
she was a magical girl behind to continue cosplaying, and 
being Koutarou's classmate. That's what both Koutarou and 
Yurika wanted. It was the future they both wished for. 

The two simply let time pass like that. Having understood 
each other's feelings, they didn't need anything else. 

Wait... at this rate, I might... 

But after some time had passed, Yurika's heart started 
beating faster. And those beats told Yurika to advance their 
relationship past just gently supporting each other and to 
become lovers. 

Be able to... kiss Satomi-kun... If I get a little closer... 

It was clear that Yurika loved Koutarou. She was convinced 
that Koutarou treasured her as well. That's why she felt like if 
she took the step forward, they might be able to become 
lovers. And her heart was screaming at her to take action. 

“Yurika, it's about time..." 


That's why Yurika felt like her heart stopped when Koutarou 
whispered to her. She thought Koutarou felt the same way, 
and she was about to lose her mind from all the joy she felt. 

...Even if I die now, I'm sure I wouldn't regret it... 

Koutarou removed Yurika's arms and forcibly pulled her 
closer. Yurika didn't resist, and simply entrusted her body to 
Koutarou. Her heart raced as she wondered what would 
happen. She was at the very peak of happiness now. 

“Grab your pen. We're starting." 

However, things didn't play out the way Yurika had hoped. 

Yurika was forced to sit next to Koutarou as he put a pen in 
her hand. Surprised, Yurika hurriedly looked towards 
Koutarou. As she did, she saw him holding a large number of 

“W-Wait, Satomi-san, isn't it a little early for that?!" 

Yurika started panicking. 

The gap between reality and dream made her desperate to 
try and stop Koutarou. 

“If anything it's too late! We're going to go through how to 
calculate the volume tonight! You don't have any time to 

However, Koutarou was ruthless. He had already discarded 
the atmosphere from just a moment ago. The scary Koutarou 
from this morning had returned. 

“That's not what I meant!! Why can't we just take a little 
more time to confirm our bond and love?! Skinship is 
important too you know?!" 

Yurika was convinced that she was in the right this time. That 
things should proceed in a certain order. 

“We can do that all we want later! However, you can only 
study now! We're already behind schedule, Yurika! Do you 

Koutarou easily rejected her proposal. 

“You're the one that doesn't understand!!" 

Like that, the night grew late. But Yurika was unable to accept 
this truth and cried as she slammed her fists into the table. 

“Normally this is where things get more romantic! Where we 
gaze into each other's eyes, hug and kiss! This is wrong, this 
is completely wrong!!" 

“Shut it and get to work! You don't have any rights until your 
grades go up!" 

“Noooooooo, I don't want thiiiiiss!!" 

However, when Yurika turns into an adult, she would probably 
fondly think back of this day as the day when their wonderful 
everyday life began. 

Part 4 

While Yurika was spending a painful and sad night, Kiriha and 
Theia were staring at each other inside the maintenance 
division of the Blue Knight's hangar. They were in the middle 
of some kind of work as they operated machine tools. 

“There's no mistaking it. This is without a doubt spiritual 
energy technology...” 

“You're sure?” 

“Yes. What's more, this is even more advanced than the 
currently produced model. It's not something that was 
imitated somewhere else.” 

The two of them were analyzing the arm that Maya had lost, 
and the results had just now appeared. 

“Which means it's a prototype developed by the People of the 

“It must be. All of the parts are of high quality, even where 
it's not needed. This is the hallmark of a test model.” 

Maya's artificial arm had been made using the People of the 
Earth's technology. What's more is that it had been made 
using the highest quality parts, far surpassing that of Karama 
and Korama. The fact that Maya had this could only mean 
one thing. 

“So the magicians and People of the Earth get along so well 
that they were given such a high cost prototype... This sure is 
a problem...” 

“Since Maya was behind the incident eleven years ago, it 
seems quite clear that they were cooperating since back 

Kiriha had never seen spiritual energy technology in the 
shape of a human. This meant that it had been made in 
secret by the faction opposing her. In other words, the radical 
faction and Darkness Rainbow were working together. 

And when Kiriha had been kidnapped as a child by Maya, she 
had supposedly used spiritual energy technology as well. 
Kiriha had heard of this from Kanae just a while ago. In other 
words, they had been working together for at least eleven 
years now. 

“...Kiriha, how does this situation look to you?" 

“Considering the fact that they've given the prototype to the 
magicians, they're past the data collection needed for mass 
production. It wouldn't be strange for them to already have 
mass produced models ready. And if they hand those over to 
the magicians, they will probably get something extremely 
valuable in return.” 

“If that's the case, you will have to redo your strategy.” 

“Yes. I must report this to the chief right away...” 

Kiriha mortifyingly ground her teeth. 

I just hope I'll make it in time. 

If the radical faction was supplying Darkness Rainbow with 
their technology, it was only obvious that Darkness Rainbow 
would be doing the same for the radicals. The radical faction 
had obtained the power of magic without Kiriha and the 
others finding out about it. What's more is that it should be 

rather powerful magic. If that newfound power was used 
against the conservatives who had no knowledge of magic, 
they wouldn't stand a chance. Kiriha and the others in the 
conservative faction had to come up with a plan before the 
radical faction took action. 

That was when Theia's bracelet started vibrating. Theia 
raised her arm slightly and opened a holographic window. 
She was getting a report that she had received word from 

"What is it?” 

"I've received a message from my home world.” 

Theia controlled a nearby terminal and called up the long¬ 
distance communications system. 

A concealed line using gravitational waves? It has encryption strength A... 
what is going on ? 

Feeling uneasy by the strong security of the inbound 
communication, Theia opened the message. In that moment, 
her eyes shot wide open. 


"What's wrong?!” 

Worried after seeing Theia's reaction, Kiriha ran up to her. 
Theia started to explain the contents of the message in a 

"My mother, it seems my mother has fallen ill!" 

"Flow could this be!” 

It was only obvious for the security to be this severe as it 

reported that the current emperor of the Holy Forthorthe 
Galactic Empire, Elfaria, had fallen ill. 


Happy New Year! It's the Author Takehaya. 

This time I have safely delivered Volume 12, where evil 
magicians start moving, and the story's structure starts to 
change once more. 

This series has now been around for four years, and I am 
deeply moved. I planned to make this into a long story from 
the very beginning, but because of the fear that it might be 
cancelled, I developed stories in so that it could end on its 
third or sixth volume. 

In the three volume version, volume two and three would 
continue in the same fashion as volume 1 before ending. It 
would end before any foreshadowing began. 

In the six volume version, volume two would develop the 
same way it did now, and then there would be one volume for 
each invader girl, wrapping up all plots. 

Because of that, I could only write the first volume in a way 
that would work with all three of these versions. Since the 
characters backgrounds and true intentions would differ in 
these three versions, there were many times where I could 
only write a character's lines and their actions, giving me 
plenty of problems. 

Fortunately, thanks to the support of my readers, this series 
has been able to flourish. Thanks to that, the restrictions 

were eased by the third volume and then once more on the 
seventh, which made it easy for me to start gradually using 
the foreshadowing. As a result, it is now much easier for me 
to write than it was at the start. Now I can just write about 
whatever I want while making use of what's been 
foreshadowed. This kind of hard work was necessary as I tried 
to write a long story without having much previous 
experience. Well, it's my own fault (lol). 

Whoops, looks like I've already run out of space to write my 
afterword on, so I will leave it at this. Though things might 
have gotten easier, I will work to write something that meets 
everyone's expectations, I hope you can continue to support 

Well then, let us meet in the afterword of Volume 13. 

January 2013 

PS: Though it might be a little late, I've made a Twitter 

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