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Kirihara's Now 


Friday, July 2. 

The girl known as Kurano Kiriha has a domestic and tolerant 
atmosphere to her. However, that's not all there is to her. She 
had another side to her, namely, the commander of the 
underground people's invasion force. 

That said, Kiriha and the others’ invasion of the surface was a 
peaceful one. Apart from their registrations being fake, almost 
all of their invasion is done through legal means. They also 
take part in the local community, actively communicating 
with the locals. In other words, Kiriha and the others’ invasion 
is intended to cause as few problems as possible for the locals. 

The biggest reason as to why they chose to go with such a 
roundabout way to invade is because they don't like being 
forceful. They had been unjustly chased away from their 
homes in the past, but they had no intentions of doing the 
same to the people of the present. That’s because of their pride 
and stubbornness. The tribe that Kiriha and the others are a 
part of, the People of the Earth, is a very prideful tribe. 

There was also one more reason as to why they were avoiding 
an invasion through force. The underground people's 
population was in decline, and there wouldn't be enough time 
to redo their invasion. That's why they had to pull it off the 
first time without fail. And as a result, Kiriha's peaceful 
invasion was necessary. 

If they invaded through force, they would probably be able to 
secure some territory. They had enough power for that at 
least. However, territorial conflicts between the different 
people would occur, labelling Kiriha and the others as 
terrorists and forcing them into a long-term battle. If that 
happened, without any base on the surface, they would 
gradually lose power and population. Defending their pride 
would only lead to ruin. 

However, the People of the Earth were not united, and apart 
from the conservative faction that Kiriha and the others 
belonged to, there was also a radical faction that sought to 
invade the surface through force. 

Why did they have to bow down to the people that had chased 
them away from their own homes? Especially since they were 
far more advanced. Retaking their homes through military 
force was only just and being ruled by the superior People of 
the Earth would be what's best for the surface dwellers. Or so 
the radical faction sees it. The radical faction consisted of 
dangerous people who had gathered because of their grudge 
from the past, befit of the evil persona one might attach to 
invaders from underground. 

Fortunately, the conservative faction had far more numbers 
than the radical faction, leaving them in the majority. As a 
result, the radical faction could never get the initiative in the 
politics. But if the radical faction was to perform a large scale 
military action on the surface, the people on the surface would 
counterattack, unable to distinguish between the conservative 
and radical factions. If that happened, everything would go 

the way the radical faction wanted. That's why Kiriha and the 
others always kept an eye on any movement from the radicals. 

Kiriha was currently in her own room underneath room 106, 
facing her computer. On the screen was her father, Kurano 
Daiha. She was in the middle of talking with him and 
exchanging information. 

"... that's the report I've received. Kiriha, it seems like what 
you've said before is becoming a reality, and there's not much 
time. We might have been too slow to notice.” 

“Who could have suspected that magicians like from out of a 
fairy tale exist and that they're working with the radical 

The information Daiha had all supported what Kiriha had 

The radical faction had been operating under the surface for a 
while now. They began to rapidly gather talent and capital, 
causing the conservative faction to suspect that they were up 
to something. But they couldn't tell what it was that they were 
planning. Every time they tried investigating, the information 
disappeared somewhere along the way for some reason. As the 
tribe chief, Daiha had quite the capability to gather 
information, yet not even he could find the truth behind this. 
As a result, while it was obvious that the radicals were up to 
something, the conservatives couldn't find any leads. 

“And based on the fact that Chief has failed to collect any 
information, it is very plausible that a magician is 

“Hmm... there is certainly enough circumstantial evidence... 
and it would also mean that top-secret information is being 
shared with the magicians. I find it hard to believe that 
information is the only thing they'd share.” 

The fact that they couldn't find any leads despite something 
big going on was circumstantial proof in itself. Even the best of 
information networks wouldn't be able to intercept a 
magician's means of transmitting information. The fact that 
important information was being entrusted to magicians 
showed how strong their cooperation was. The underground 
radical faction and the magicians were working together to do 
battle against their own enemies. That was no longer 
something that could be doubted. 

“It is believed that top level spiritual technology has been 
leaked to the magicians.” 

“I don't want to believe it but... it seems like a product model of 
that test model that you brought with you is being mass- 

There was also one more hint to be found. It was the artificial 
arm that had been left behind during their last battle with 
Maya. The arm was brought back underground and left to 
scientists from the conservative faction for analysis. From 
there, they analyzed the capabilities of the test model and got 
an estimate on the specs of a potential product model. They 
estimated the amount that could be produced through 
funding from an unknown party and the strength of a military 

force equipped with it. The very imagination of it seemed like a 

“On top of that, it can be expected that the product model is 
being shared with the magicians, and in return they gain 
magic weapons on the same level. That would be fatal for us as 
we have no protection against magic.” 

“So robotic soldiers powered by spiritual energy would attack 
us using magical weapons, huh...” 

“The conservative faction is attempting to contact magicians 
as well, but there's no time. We should assume that we will 
have to deal with this alone.” 

“We noticed it too late... it can't be helped. Kiriha, it seems like 
the People of the Earth may be forced to consider a large-scale 
battle, no, a war, with one another.” 

Daiha seemed mortified. 

Daiha and the others of the conservative faction would 
prepare for battle. That was a major logical contradiction. In 
one way, it was the same as admitting defeat. 

“Chief, can't war be avoided?” 

Kiriha had reached the same conclusion as Daiha had, but even 
then she wanted to avoid having her people harm each other. 

“We will attempt to avoid battle, but considering the situation, 
war can't be disregarded. Just preparing for battle might be 
enough to start it.” 

“I understand what you are saying, but the chance for 
communication must never be closed.” 

Kiriha understood the meaning behind Daiha preparing for 
war, and that it was necessary. But she wanted to reach a 
conclusion through conversation. She wanted to leave the 
possibility to end this peacefully open. That was Kiriha's 
painful wish, something she had wished for ever since she 
strived for the surface. 

“You're right. I will try to keep it that way.” 

Hearing Kiriha's powerful words and her expression, Daiha 
could feel his daughter had grown. 

All of a sudden , the Kii that used to only cry... is just like her 

That was both reassuring and lonely. Any father wanted for 
their daughter to always remain as such. But Daiha also 
wanted to sit down with just the two of them so they could 
talk about how Kiriha had gotten so strong, once everything 
had become peaceful. 

“Kiriha, I will send more personnel to you as well. You will 
need to strengthen your own defenses.” 

“That won't be necessary, we have enough here. Please use all 
of them at your end. In order to avert war, you would surely 
need as many people as possible.” 

“I'm not sending them because I'm your father. They're needed 
for you to avoid war as well. I can't afford to lose you.” 

“Then instead of personnel, please send over the heavy combat 
module that were being developed for Karama and Korama.” 

“If it works as designed, then it would indeed be more than 
enough for you to protect yourself... but it's incomplete, the 
spiritual energy necessary to move it is unrealistic. Even if I 
send it over, you won't be able to make use of it.” 

“I have an idea for the spiritual energy required on my end. I 
should be able to get it activated.” 

“I understand. We won't be able to finish it in time anyways, so 
I will send it over to you.” 

“Thank you very much, Chief.” 

There, their discussion stopped, the information exchange was 
over. Daiha's expression loosened up and returned to that of a 
father's as he smiled at Kiriha. 

“Finally... Kiriha.” 


"... Do not under any circumstances die.” 

Even now as Daiha remembered his wife's funeral, he felt a 
pain in his chest. He didn't want to feel the same way for his 
daughter. If possible, he wanted her by his side, but he didn't 
have a commander more capable than her, leaving him with a 
feeling of impatience. 

“I am not alone anymore. That's why, I'll be fine, father...” 

Kiriha understood how Daiha felt, she was an intelligent girl 
capable of that. That's why she smiled one last time as his 

Part 2 

Normally after returning to room 106, Kiriha's confident smile 
would remain unchanged, but today her smile was stiff. She 
couldn't remain cheerful after hearing that the radical faction 
was on the verge of exploding. She couldn't help but imagine 
the worst, which showed on her face. While she was a good 
girl, she was still a girl in her teens. 

"... What are you doing, Satomi Koutarou?” 

Koutarou was playing with Kiriha's cheeks. 

“Nothing in particular... I just wanted to see your weird face.” 

He would pull on them or push them together, creating one 
weird face after another. 

“Yeah, the more beautiful the face the funnier it looks doing 


"... Kiriha-san, you can do everything on your own, but don't 
try to carry all of the burden yourself. If you need to, you can 
rely on us. Your beautiful face is going to waste.” 

Koutarou was playing around with Kiriha's face because he 
was worried for her, as she was always one to smile, keeping 
her feelings bottled up. If she was showing a serious 
expression, it must mean that there was a serious problem, 
which of course Koutarou wasn't happy to hear. He wanted 
her to smile all the time. 

He didn't care if it was a teasing smile or a pure and earnest 
one. Because he knew that it was something both he and the 
girls needed. 

"... If you're going to be so kind, I might just break down and 
cry right here and now.” 

Koutarou's feelings were conveyed to Kiriha and her 
expression eased up a little. She was happy that there was 
someone that understood her. Even more so since it was the 
person she loved. 

“That's fine. As long as the normal you return afterwards.” 
“Those are big words, Koutarou.” 

Kiriha's smiled turned into a teasing smile. She looked like she 
might actually start crying depending on Koutarou's words. 

“How do I put this... I can't calm down if you and the others 
aren't... you know... yourselves.” 

Koutarou honestly spoke about how he felt, though he was 
embarrassed knowing that this wasn't something he would 
normally say. 

Ever since he had talked to Mackenzie, the presence of the girls 
of room 106 had become much clearer. The girls being happy 
was an absolute minimum requirement in order for Koutarou 
to be happy. He was embarrassed, but he could clearly 
understand that now. 

“I love you, Kiriha!” 

That was when Sanae abruptly hugged Kiriha. She hugged her 
from behind with her arms around her neck like she normally 

did with Koutarou. She of course also had the same happy 
smile she does with Koutarou. 

“What now, all of a sudden, Sanae?” 

Since Sanae was behind her, instead of looking at Sanae, Kiriha 
gently stroked Sanae's arms as she asked her question. 

“Nothing, I just wanted to properly let you know.” 

That alone was enough for Sanae to understand. Kiriha's 
warmth and presence gently wrapped around Sanae, and in 
return she hugged Kiriha even harder. 

“Thank you, Sanae. I love you too.” 

“Ehehehe. Love is all.” 

“That's true, you're right.” 

“If you're ever in trouble you can rely on this angel of love, 

“Fufu, I'll do just that.” 

Sanae's simple and straightforward feelings were easily 
conveyed to Kiriha. Thanks to that, she seemed to return to her 
usual self. 

There's no longer any need for me to step up to the plate... 

Koutarou flashed a small smile and decided to leave the rest to 
Sanae. Koutarou was troubled if Kiriha wasn't herself, but the 
same was true for the other girls too. That's why there was no 
need for Koutarou to cheer up Kiriha all alone. He could rely on 
the other girls as well. 

“Here you go, Satomi-kun.” 

“Thank you very much, Sakuraba-senpai.” 

A cup of tea was put down in front of Koutarou, on the table. 
Looking at Koutarou and the others go back and forth, Harumi 
figured that the tea would be needed soon. 

“Still, I'm impressed you noticed that Kiriha-san was feeling 

Harumi sipped on her own tea as she smiled at Koutarou, 
feeling admiration for him. He had been far quicker to notice 
how Harumi was feeling than she was. 

“Kiriha-san is normally so calm, so seeing her show a different 
expression shows just how down she was feeling.” 

“I see... that might be another side to it.” 

Harumi nodded satisfied and her smile grew brighter. Harumi 
loved people who could be kind to anyone, so this was 
something she greatly respected. 

“You're wrong, Sakuraba-senpai.” 

However, Yurika who was sitting next to Koutarou objected. 
She pouted and stared at Koutarou with grudge in her eyes. 

“Satomi-san just favors Kiriha-san.” 

“That's not my intention.” 

“You're lying. Because you never show me any consideration.” 
“That's not true.” 

Hearing Yurika's protest, Koutarou sprung into action right 


Koutarou forcibly pulled Yurika to him, and began playing 
with her cheeks like he had with Kiriha. As a result, the puffed- 
up cheeks withered in his hands. 

“I'll do it to you too. There, take that.” 

“S-See, you're just playing with me! Do it when I'm feeling 
down please!” 

“Even if you say that, you only feel down about trivial stuff. 
Like forgetting to buy a manga or breaking a plate. I can't 
comfort you every time.” 

“They're important problems to me!” 

“I don't care.” 

Yurika showed her dissatisfaction, but Koutarou continued 
playing with her cheeks. 

The truth is , this is your fault too , Yurika. You always try to solve 
your real problems yourself... 

In contrast to his words, Koutarou treasured Yurika. He was 
only playing around with her cheeks as a sign of that. 

“Geez! Satomi-san is always bullying me! You only do the 
painful stuff to me!” 

Yurika continued to frown with dissatisfaction. 

Can't you be a little kinder , geez! 

The truth is that Yurika knew that Koutarou was treasuring 
her as well. But her outlook on men and women was a bit old- 
fashioned so she had complaints about how she was being 

“Oh, are you sure you should get so aggressive, Yurika?” 
“You're not going to fool me anymore!” 

“I see. What a shame-... I even got you new cup noodles-” 

“Cup noodles?!” 

However, her anger didn't last for long. 

“I-I won't be fooled by a single cup.” 

That said, she at least tried to resist. But the way she would 
sneak glances at Koutarou let him know that she had already 
been moved. 

“It's not just one. Since you've been working so hard on your 
studies lately, I bought all three new flavors.” 

"... Satomi-san you bully... Why didn't you just say so from the 
start... geez!!” 

Yurika pouted once more. 

As a reward for her efforts, Koutarou had bought three flavors 
of her favorite food. Though the question whether cup noodles 
was a fitting present or not remained, if he had just said that 
from the start then everything would have played out the way 
Yurika imagined it. Yet he had been very vague about it on 
purpose and teased her. 

Why doesn't Satomi-san act more like a lover... eh , a l-lover?! 
“Hau?! Auaah-!!” 

Yurika was at a loss for words when she realized what she 
wanted of Koutarou. 

“Hm? What's wrong?” 

Yurika turned red and started to violently struggle. 
T-This is a k-ki... aaahhh!! 

An unimaginable thought popped into her head and she 
became desperate to escape. 

Part 3 

Yurika didn't calm down until a while after she had gotten the 
bag with cup noodles in it from Koutarou. She was now facing 
a wall, closely hugging the bag of cup noodles and mumbling 
about something. 

“What's up with her...?” 

“Just leave her be for a while, Satomi-kun.” 

Koutarou was perplexed by Yurika's actions while Shizuka 
cheerfully watched the two. 

Shizuka knew of Yurika's feelings and wanted to continue 
listening to their carefree and warm conversation. But at the 
same time, she would feel bad if she let Yurika get cornered 
any further, so she decided to stop Koutarou. 

“You should study up on a woman's emotions some more.” 

“I am aware of that.” 

Koutarou obediently returned to the tea table. He had heard 
what Shizuka said from his best friend, Kenji, several times in 
the past, so he was able to accept that he had made some kind 
of mistake. 


Having returned to the table, Koutarou picked up his cup to sip 
on some tea, but it was empty. So Koutarou called out to Ruth 
so he could get seconds. 

“Ruth-san, can I have some more tea?” 

Since Ruth was getting more tea for Theia, he figured he could 
have her get some for him as well. 

However, Ruth didn't respond. The room was small and she 
was right in front of him, so she should have heard him, yet 
she remained silent. She silently continued to pour tea without 
turning to look at Koutarou. She was quite clearly ignoring 
him. Shizuka, who had noticed the same thing, snickered and 
poked Koutarou with her elbow. 

“Satomi-kun, isn't it that thing again?” 

“Haa... again?” 

Once Shizuka pointed that out, Koutarou understood and 
reluctantly called out to Ruth again. 

"... Lord Ruthkania Nye Pardomshiha, vice captain of the 
Satomi band of knights, pour me another cup of tea.” 

“Yes, as you wish, Master! I will prepare it right away!” 

As he did, Ruth who had been ignoring him just a moment ago 
cheerfully complied with his request. Her eyes were sparkling 
as she joyfully prepared more tea. She even brought snacks 
despite not having been told to do so. 

“Things sure have gotten confusing...” 

Koutarou felt a headache coming on and held his head. 

Ever since the band of knights had been formed, Ruth would 
want Koutarou to call her by her official position from time to 
time. She also tried to get him to give her orders. In other 
words, she was happy that she had been made the vice captain 
of the band of knights. 

“Oh, you came back at a good time, Koutarou.” 

That was when Theia approached Koutarou. After sitting 
down next to him, she presented him with a small paper bag. 

“Here, it's today's salary. You may gratefully receive it.” 

Inside the bag was money, and a pretty sum at that. This act of 
Theia's was equally as headache inducing as Ruth's behavior. 

“Theia, I don't need a salary.” 

Just like Ruth wanted a clear order from Koutarou, Theia 
wanted to pay Koutarou as his princess. But Koutarou would 
be on Theia's side even if there was no money involved. In fact, 
he didn't want money to get in the way of their relationship. 
That's why he was reluctant to accept the bag filled with his 

“I won't take orders from you! When I pay you your salary, I 
am very princess-like! Let me act like a princess every once in 

Theia normally built a relationship with Koutarou as a normal 
girl. But from time to time, she wanted to feel like a princess 
and pay Koutarou his salary. The act of paying his salary was 
more important to her than the money itself. 

“Hey now...” 

“Besides, there is no inconvenience if you hold onto my 

Theia thought of herself, Koutarou, and Ruth as one in mind 
and flesh. So she didn't find it inconvenient if money moved 
between them. She simply enjoyed the act of paying a salary. 

“Ah, then that aside... why not do it at the end of each month 
instead? It must be a pain doing this daily for you too.” 

Theia wanted to play 'knight and princess'. Once that was 
made clear to Koutarou, he gave up on objecting. It was the 
truth that they were in a master and servant relationship after 
all. The only remaining problem was the pain of receiving his 
salary every day. 

“No! I don't want to!” 

However, Theia adamantly rejected this. Her beautiful golden 
hair was disheveled as she shook her head. 

“I want to pay you every day! I want to feel like a princess 
every day!” 

She was like a child pleading for a toy. 

Seeing that, Koutarou lost all motivation. 

"... You're an idiot aren't you?” 

“That's 'Are you an idiot, my beloved princess Theiamillis?'” 
“So you're admitting to being an idiot.” 

“Yes. This is my hobby.” 

"... Okay, okay, you really are a pain... I will gratefully accept, 

“Ohohoho, very good, my knight!” 

Koutarou gave up and took the paper bag. As he did, Theia 
covered her mouth and laughed elegantly. 

“Well, it's not like I don't understand how you feel...” 

Koutarou smiled wryly as Theia was in a great mood. He had a 
hobby that dumbfounded others as well, namely beetle 
hunting, so he couldn't blame her too much. He also believed 
that Theia had one more goal in mind. 


Koutarou looked over the lovely, small, paper bag in his hand. 
“Here, Aika-san, I'm counting on you.” 

He then handed it over to Maki. 

Since the band of knights was formed, Maki had been in charge 
of finances. That's why handling the salary received from 
Theia was Maki's job. Koutarou believed that Theia giving him 
salary was also partially so that she could give Maki something 
to do. 

However, Maki wasn't accepting the bag for some reason. She 
was holding an accounting book and was quietly watching 
Koutarou. Her eyes were filled with expectation as if she was 
appealing to him. 


Koutarou could tell what she wanted right away, and he 
reluctantly lived up to her expectations. 

“...Lord Aika Maki, Indigo Knight of Satomi's band of knights, 
do the accounting on today's salary.” 

“Understood, Master-i'” 

Maki seemed quite content as she showed a bright smile, 
accepted the bag from Koutarou and opened her accounting 
book. Seeing Maki like that made Koutarou happy too, but he 
felt a complex emotion as well. 

“That looks like a lot of work, Satomi-kun.” 

"... I don't understand women's emotions.” 

Like that, Koutarou's shoulders slumped as he answered 

Beetles and Sun Rangers 


Saturday, July 3. 

When Koutarou had invited Yurika to join them for some 
beetle hunting, she immediately declined. She didn't like 
exercising and she hated exhausting herself. Yet on the day 
they left, Yurika was in the group for some reason. With her 
lack of stamina, she was already out of breath shortly after 
they started climbing up the mountain path, and she was 
muttering complaints as she lazily walked in the back of the 

“W-Why do, I have to, go as well?” 

“You're already severely lacking in training, and ever since you 
started studying you rarely go outside. If you don't move your 
body every now and then you'll lose your mind, you know.” 

“I'd rather, finish reading, my manga, than train.” 

“Quit complaining and follow me.” 


Yurika had been unable to hide her dissatisfaction, but the 
words Koutarou had nonchalantly spoken erased it 

Shut up and follow me.... I will follow you, Satomi-san... 
forever... eheheheheb 

Those words weren't meant in the way Yurika imagined, but 
they were words she wanted to hear so she completely cheered 

“Oh Satomi-san, despite what you say, you can't bear being 
without me, geezi'” 

Yurika put her hands on her cheek and began fidgeting. 
However, Koutarou left her behind as he continued walking. 
Yurika wasn't the only one he was worried about. 

“You too, Clan. You're about as untrained as Yurika and you 
keep locking yourself up in your laboratory. You're not allowed 
to fly today.” 

Koutarou was equally worried about Clan's health as he was 
for Yurika's. 

Like Yurika, Clan tended to only do what she wanted. While 
she had been showing consideration towards others as of late, 
she was lacking in consideration for herself. That's why 
Koutarou felt that it was his job to pay attention to her. 

“I-I know.” 

Like Yurika, Clan was also out of breath. The clothes that were 
easy to move in and the insect catching net she was carrying 
looked quite nice on her. But even then she was still a sheltered 
princess; she was out of stamina before they even reached 
their intended destination. 

“In return, once you can't walk anymore, I'll carry you like 
before. Go ahead and use up your stamina.” 

“Once again you tease like that!” 

Hearing Koutarou's words, Clan felt like she was being made 
fun of. However, Koutarou was serious. 

“I'm not teasing you. I was the one who invited you, I'll take 

“... Y-You better mean it...” 

Clan imagined herself being carried like in the past and 
blushed. But because she was exhausted and out of breath, 
Koutarou didn't notice. 

“When you put it like that, I feel a little sorry.” 

That was when Harumi who was walking in front of Koutarou 
and the other two slowed down and walked next to them, 
joining their conversation. 

“It's okay for you, Sakuraba-senpai.” 

“But I'm the only one who has it so easy... I feel sorry.” 

Harumi had an apologetic look on her face. She was actually 
wearing a special device and was using its power to climb the 
mountain. It's effects were amazing, as she effortlessly 
climbed up the mountain without using any stamina. That's 
why she felt bad for Clan despite she herself having it so easy. 

“Being born with a weak constitution is different from being 
untrained. Using a device to make life easier doesn't count.” 

“H-He's right... you should conserve your strength, and only 
use your own power when doing something you really want to 

But Koutarou and Clan thought that was for the best. If it 
wasn't for that device, Harumi wouldn't be able to join today's 
beetle hunting. 

“Thank you very much. Then I'll do just that.” 

Moved by their words, tears formed in Harumi's eyes as she 
bowed deeply. That was when Clan who still wasn't used to 
being thanked opened her mouth in order to hide her 

“S-So how does the PAF feel?!” 

PAF, or Power Assist Field, was the name of the device Harumi 
was using. This device was a new invention Clan had created 
for Harumi. 

The PAF was based on the personal barriers that Clan and 
Theia used for self-defense. More specifically, it covered 

Harumi's body with a weaker barrier, and as she moved, it 
altered its shape in real time to assist with her movement. As a 
result, Harumi was several times stronger than normal and 
was able to move so lightly, it was as if she had sprouted 
wings. Thanks to the barrier's support, she barely used any 

To put it simply, it was like a recreation of the power assist in 
Koutarou's armor, only it made use of a barrier instead. Of 
course, since it was replicated using a barrier, its capabilities 
were far inferior to Koutarou's armor. The output was weaker 
and the real time transformation of the barrier was slow 
because of the complicated program it required. However, the 
PAF had a feature that clearly distinguished it from Koutarou's 

The main body of the PAF, the modified barrier generation 
device, was so small it could be attached to Harumi's belt. 
Because of that, it could always be used, unlike Koutarou's 
armor. It could also be easily operated through an on and off 
switch. On top of that, with its weak output, it could be used 
for an entire day without any fear of running out of energy. Its 
most outstanding feature was that regardless of whether the 
PAF was being used or not, there was no change in Harumi's 
appearance. In order for the barrier not to stand out, it had 
been altered to be made transparent. Thanks to that, it could 
be used in everyday life. 

The PAF had been created using ordinary technology, but its 
use was anything but ordinary. The technology blended in 
perfectly with everyday life. 

“It's wonderful. My body is light, and I don't feel tired at all. 
Even my strength, look!” 


Harumi casually hugged Koutarou and easily lifted his body 

“I can barely feel Satomi-kun's weight. It's amazing.” 

"... I'm embarrassed.” 


Harumi had been acting innocently, but Koutarou's words 
were enough to cause her eyes to shoot wide open. 

“Uhm... this is...” 

It was now that Harumi realized that she was hugging 
Koutarou, and her face gradually turned red. 

“I-I-I'm sorry! I was so happy it just kind of happened!” 

“No... I don't really mind...” 

Harumi hurriedly let go of Koutarou and looked down on the 
ground with embarrassment. Harumi's feelings towards 
Koutarou had taken form, but she was still not good with 
direct expressions of her emotions. 

“I'm glad there, aren't any problems. If there's something 
bothering you, let me know, right away. There's always, room 
for improvement.” 

Clan showed a slight smile as she gave Harumi a helping hand. 
Clan had already regained enough calm to do so, but she was 
still out of breath as always. 

“Okay, thank you very much.” 

Harumi regained her smile. Seeing that, Koutarou felt relieved. 
He felt like he was bullying Harumi when she had been acting 
so bashful. That's why to leave Harumi be for a moment, he 
turned to look at Clan again. 

“What was the device that Sakuraba-senpai is using called 


“I see, about that PAF. You should put some proper research 
into it and sell it in Forthorthe.” 

“Sell it?” 

Clan opened her eyes wide. She had never had the idea of 
selling one of her inventions before. She would research what 
she wanted and use it as she pleased, she would also beat 
others to the punch. That was how Clan used to operate. That's 
why she was puzzled by Koutarou's words. 

“Yeah, that way you can help not only people with weak bodies 
like Sakuraba-senpai, but the elderly and handicapped as well.” 

“I can, help others...” 

Since Clan had always been alone, she couldn't properly 
imagine helping many others. This was another way in which 
she was sheltered. 

“That's right. You'd greatly contribute to society. Just like your 
grandmother did.” 


But by the time Koutarou mentioned her grandmother, Clan 
had made up her mind. 

A decade or so ago when Clan's grandmother had died, she had 
arranged it so that her entire inheritance was given to 
charities. Feeling like she could do something similar, Clan of 
course started wanting to put more research into PAF. 

“That's a wonderful idea! I will help as a test subject, Clan-san!” 

As Clan made up her mind, Harumi, who had recovered from 
her embarrassment, offered her assistance. Having had a weak 
constitution since she was a child, Harumi could imagine just 
how many people would be helped if PAF could be put to 
practical use. She also believed that it would be even better if 
many people worked together, rather than relying on Clan 

“Harumi... thank you. I'll be counting on you...” 

With Harumi offering her help, Clan was greatly moved. As a 
supporter, Harumi didn't have that much influence. Based on 
Clan's status, Harumi's assistance might be miniscule, but 
even then, that was enough for Clan. She felt reassured just 
knowing that Harumi would help. 

“However, you don't have much common sense when it comes 
to money, so don't sell it at too high a price.” 

“I already know that!” 

“As long as you don't, you're sure to get a ton of support. You'd 
be one step closer to empress.” 


Clan's eyes opened wide. She couldn't believe what Koutarou 
had just said. That's why she asked him in a fluster. 

“Bertorion, you don't mind if I become empress instead of 

Koutarou was Theia's vassal. That's why he should be wishing 
for Theia to become empress. 

Yet, he didn't sound like he did, which Clan couldn't believe. 

“The life of the people should be given priority right? That's 
why the most suitable person should become empress. 
Compared to that, it doesn't matter who I serve.” 

That was only natural to Koutarou. While it was true that he 
had become Theia's vassal, he had no intention of confusing 
that with Theia's quality as an empress. If Theia became the 
empress, yet she lacked the necessary qualities, the people 
would be unhappy. What was important was the people's 
happiness, not who was empress. 

“The future will decide if you or Theia is the most suited to be 

"... As expected of the Blue Knight, you're strict.” 

Clan sighed and smiled wryly. 

Koutarou would correct mistakes and show the right way, 
even if it was his lord that erred; that was his loyalty. Not 
accepting mistakes and always showing the righteous path. 
The embodiment of Alaia's ideals. He was a vassal far tougher 
than your average enemy. 

“The Blue Knight's got nothing to do with it.” 

“I wonder how many knights there are in this age that could 
declare that...” 

Clan was amazed by Koutarou's unhesitant knightly behavior, 
but she was secretly very pleased. 

Bertorion wishes for me to he a worthy princess... 

The most worthy one between Theia and Clan should become 
empress. But looking at it from a different perspective, it 
meant that Koutarou wanted Clan to become a worthy 
princess fit to become empress. 

Part 2. 

Many people were positive towards Harumi using PAF, but 
there was one who showed a discouraged expression. 

"... Unfair, Harumi always gets the fun stuff. Hey, hey, glasses 
make me something like that too!” 

That person was Sanae. She didn't have any complaints about 
Harumi using the PAF, but it looked fun and she wanted to try 
too. So with her eyes sparkling she sidled up to Clan. 

“S-Sanae, you don't need it.” 

While Clan was being pressured by Sanae, she managed to 
shake her head. 

“What does it matter? Don't be so stingy and make one for me 

“But you can do it yourself right?” 

“Eh? What do you mean?” 

“You could just do the same with your spiritual powers. You 
cover your body with spiritual energy and use your powers to 
move it.” 

“Ah, I see! Glasses, you're smart! I'll give it a try!” 

After being taught how the PAF worked, Sanae smiled and held 
her hands together. 

“Transformation!! Kabutonga!!” 

Sanae struck a heroic transformation pose. To her, the PAF was 
just a tool to transform into a hero. 

“Amazing, Sanae-chan is glowing!” 

“This is the power of a maiden!” 

Sanae proudly puffed up her chest. A faint glow, similar to a 
firefly was emitting from her body. It was the gathered 
spiritual energy. 

“Sanae, hold back your powers a little more so you don't glow. 
You're standing out like a sore thumb.” 

“Ah, right. Like this?” 

“Yes, that looks good.” 

As Sanae restricted her spiritual energy, the glow faded away. 
However, the spiritual energy was still enveloping her body. 


“Kyaa Kyaa Kyaa?!” 

Sanae hugged the nearby Yurika and lifted her up. While she 
was a girl and light, she was still weighing close to 50 kilos 
when adding in her clothes and accessories. Yet Sanae easily 
lifted Yurika up, something unthinkable considering Sanae's 

“Satomi-kun, did you, see that?” 

“Y-Yeah... Sanae, you...” 

Seeing Sanae like that, Shizuka and Koutarou were at a loss for 
words. They hadn't been surprised about Sanae being able to 
lift Yurika, but rather by the spiritual energy she had emitted 
just before. 

Normally, people couldn't see spiritual energy. Just like you 
can't see ghosts, only those with talent like Koutarou or 
Shizuka could see it. So if normal people like Yurika and Clan 
could see it, it meant that so much spiritual energy had 
gathered that part of it had been converted into light. In other 
words, the spiritual energy that Sanae had focused in that 
moment bent the very laws of physics. 

Since Koutarou and Shizuka could see spiritual energy, they 
could see Sanae control it with their very eyes. That was what 
had surprised them. 


“Ah, sorry, Yurika. I didn't think there would be branches 

“Please look before you lift me up!!” 

“Does it hurt?” 

“It hurts!!” 

Sanae had accomplished something astounding, yet she was 
completely unaware of the fact and casually chatted away 
with Yurika. 

“So this is what it means to misuse your power...” 

“That's not what it means!” 

“Kabutonga Sanae's sudden betrayal.” 

“You were just being careless!!” 

Looking at Sanae and Yurika partially in surprise, partially in 
amazement, Koutarou caught a glimpse of something flash in 
the corner of his eye. 


As he turned to look that way, he saw Kiriha standing there. 
She was staring at a card in her hand. It was the card that had 

Part 3 

Noticing that Kiriha was looking at her card, Koutarou 
approached her. 

“You're still carrying that thing around?” 

“This is my— ,no, this is Kii's treasure after all.” 

A lot of people were focused on Sanae and Yurika. Nobody was 
looking at Koutarou and Kiriha. That's why Kiriha responded 
with her personality from ten years ago, though more 
accurately it was now eleven years ago. 

“Then keep it tucked away somewhere safe.” 

“Are you embarrassed?” 

"... Yeah.” 

With a slight blush, Koutarou nodded. In response, Kiriha 
cheerfully smiled. 

“Because when I'm looking at this card, it's like I'm saying I'm 
in love with Onii-chan after all.” 

Koutarou felt precisely the way Kiriha had said. 

He had been told that the silvery card was one of Kiriha's 
precious mementos from long ago, he had even heard the 
detailed circumstances around it. But it wasn't until this year 
that he learned that it was actually he himself who had given 
that card to Kiriha during his travels to the past. 

As a result, he was well aware what kind of emotions Kiriha 
was feeling as she stared at the card. That's why the pubescent 
boy part of Koutarou couldn't help but feel embarrassed. 

“If you get it then put it away.” 

“Okay. I'm a good woman, so I won't do anything that would 
trouble Onii-chan.” 

While Kiriha happily looked at the troubled Koutarou's 
expression, she pushed the card in her hand back into her 
pocket. She then turned the gaze she had when staring at the 
card to Koutarou. 



Kiriha no longer needed to pour her emotions into that card 
since the person they were directed towards was right in front 
of her. Kiriha didn't hesitate to redirect those feelings right at 
him. That gaze full of love and trust troubled Koutarou even 
more than before. 

What should I do with her... well , I guess I should call the end 
results good... 

Koutarou had brought Kiriha with him on this beetle hunt 
because she hadn't been able to get any rest lately as problems 
in the underground was taking all of her time. He wanted her 
to forget about all those problems for today and just take it 

“By the way, we walked in the forest just the two of us ten 
years ago as well.” 

“That's true. But we're looking for beetles today, not stars.” 

“I'm sure we'll find lots of them. We found the star too after 

“I hope so...” 

Kiriha smiled like she did ten years ago, and held hands with 
Koutarou like she had back then. Koutarou was embarrassed 
by that, but when he thought of it as a compensation for her 
smile, he quietly held her hand back. 

Part 4 

From his experience as a kid, Koutarou knew where lots of 
beetles could be found. It was a secret place that the local 
children had inherited from the older children. It seemed like 
they were working hard at breeding this year as well, and 
within just a few minutes of arriving they had already caught 
their first beetle. 

“Looks like they really are around here.” 

Koutarou was holding the newly caught beetle and happily 
looked around the area. The forest was lit up by the bright 
summer sun and gave off a very green impression. The wind 
passed by the trees, rustling their branches, giving off the 
distinct smell of a forest. The forest that Koutarou had grown 
so accustomed to during his youth welcomed him in this year 
as well. 

“Alright, now to the next one.” 

Koutarou sprang into action looking for his next catch. But 
after taking two, three steps he realized he should probably 
put away the beetle he just captured. 

“Here, Satomi-kun.” 

As if waiting for this moment to come, the insect cage that 
Koutarou called Henrietta appeared before him. 


“You need this right?” 

Maki was the one who had presented the cage to Koutarou. She 
had opened the cage and was waiting for Koutarou to put the 
beetle inside. 

“Thank you, Aika-san.” 

“You're welcome.” 

After Koutarou put the beetle inside, Maki swiftly closed the 
lid, and after hanging the cage off her shoulders, she reached 
into her pocket. 

“Aika-san, the insect—” 


As Koutarou was about to enter the thick of the forest, he 
wanted the insect repellent. However, before he could finish 
what he was saying, Maki had already pulled the spray bottle 
out of her pocket. It was as if she knew what he was going to 
ask for from the very beginning. 

"... Aika-san, you get what I want to do, don't you.” 

Koutarou felt admiration for Maki as he accepted the spray 
from her. In the past, Maki had anticipated what Koutarou 
would do and stayed a step ahead of him. But now, the 
contract between them had been annulled, and there was no 

longer a mental connection created by magic between them. 
Normally, things wouldn't develop like they did before. 

“I've started to know again recently. I wonder why?” 

Maki didn't have a clear understanding of the reason, she 
simply knew what Koutarou was going to do. It was as if the 
contract had been recreated. 

But I'm kind of happy about this... 

There were two reasons as to why Maki had been able to 
anticipate Koutarou's actions again. 

The first was because they were very compatible with one 
another to begin with. Maki was capable of loving Koutarou 
even without the contract. That was just how compatible they 

What had thrown that compatibility out of whack was the 
unease that Maki had. Who was she, and was she really 
allowed to be here? Questions like that blinded Maki and made 
her unable to anticipate Koutarou's actions. And that unease 
having been resolved was the second reason. 

What removed her unease was the recent establishment of the 
Satomi band of knights. This provided Maki with a clear sense 
of who she was and allowed her to accept this as the place she 
belonged. As a result, she had returned to her normal self and 
was able to anticipate Koutarou's actions once again. 

This is probably what it's like with your destined person... 

However, Maki hadn't noticed that. She was simply wondering 
why so many happy things were happening. 

“It's probably because I'm so simple.” 

“Please don't ruin my dream. I prefer a more romantic reason.” 
“But I don't understand romance.” 

Koutarou smiled wryly and dropped his shoulders. 

“You really don't understand?” 

Maki giggled and quietly looked up at Koutarou. Seeing those 
eyes, Koutarou's hand moved by reflex. 

“I don't. I don't get it at all.” 

As Koutarou said that, he placed his hand on top of Maki's head 
and gently patted her. 

“You really do get it, geez...” 

Koutarou claimed he didn't understand, but this was exactly 
what Maki wished for. Maki felt happy as she felt that their 
hearts were properly reaching one another. She was so happy 
that she felt like her mind and body would melt from the 
warmth emitting from Koutarou's hand on her head. 


In total, there were eight people joining the beetle hunt. They 
were Koutarou, Sanae, Kiriha, Yurika, Harumi, Clan, Maki and 
Shizuka. The two that weren't present, Theia and Ruth, were 
out by the station. They supposedly had some important 
business to attend to. 

A total of 24 beetles had been caught, which meant three 
beetles per person. Three hours had elapsed since they started, 
from morning to noon, and it was quite the haul. Of course not 

everyone had caught the same amount; the most a single 
person had caught was seven, whilst the least was zero. The 
group was currently in the middle of showing off their results. 

“I-I couldn't even catch a single one...” 

“Ho ho ho, there is no need to feel so down, Yurika. I will give 
you my Kabutonga #2.” 

“That's not what I meant, that's not... auu...” 

Yurika hadn't caught a single beetle. If she had used magic, she 
could have caught as many as she wanted, but the results from 
attempting to capture beetles with her own strength was a big 
fat zero. 

Sanae, who was consoling Yurika, had caught five. She had 
caught the most among the girls. Since she was able to detect 
the unique auras of beetles, she could find beetle after beetle. If 
she had caught every single one she had found, she would 
have caught the most by far. 

“Harumi, how did the controls feel when catching the bugs?” 

“It was a little difficult. Because of the barrier, it was like my 
fingers had gotten thicker.” 

“Hmm... In order to perform any delicate work, the barrier 
might need to vary in thickness.” 

“Ah, that would help. I think it would be very helpful when 
doing stuff like housework.” 

Harumi and Clan had caught one and two beetles respectively. 
But they were more interested in performing an experiment 
with PAF than capturing beetles. As a result, more of the time 

was spent performing adjustments and discussing. Combined, 
they had caught three beetles between them, so the result 
wasn't all that bad. Together with their experiment you could 
say it was a big success. 

“Kasagi-san, I'm amazed you can pluck flying beetles out of the 

“I can manage as long as they're not female.” 

“Why not female?” 

“Without the horn, don't you think they look like cockroaches? 
Especially when they're flying.” 

“Ahaha, I can kind of understand.” 

Using her physical strength, Shizuka could catch beetles where 
the other girls couldn't. The most impressive catch she had 
made was by jumping and catching a flying beetle mid-air, 
that feat was applauded by everyone. She had caught four in 

Meanwhile, Maki had caught two. She had always been 
supporting Koutarou, more precisely she had two beetles in 
the cage. Considering that she was helping out Koutarou all 
the time, it wasn't a poor result. 

“To think you'd catch seven, as expected from my Onii-chan.” 
“Kii, how many did you get?” 

“Three. I really can't catch them like you can.” 

“Catching three using that method is very well done.” 

“Is it that great?” 

“Yeah. It is.” 


Koutarou had caught seven, the most amongst everyone in the 
group. Combined with Maki it was nine, so on average they lost 
to Sanae. On top of that, Sanae was letting the others know 
where beetles were, so Koutarou felt like Sanae was the true 

Finally, Kiriha had caught three beetles. This was the average 
of everyone's haul, so it was neither good nor bad. Using her 
sharp observation skills, she captured all the beetles that the 
others had let escape. 

“Alright, this one looks good.” 

“What are you going to do with that beetle?” 

“This one is the largest, so I figured I'll give it to Clan.” 

“You're giving it to Onee-chan? Why?” 

“She wants to show Earth's beetles to the kids on the 
spaceship. In that case, the bigger the better.” 

“Hmm, that's wonderful. Then I'll contribute this female 
beetle, it's the biggest one after all.” 

“That sounds good, I'm sure Clan and the kids will love it.” 

Smiling and nodding at each other, Koutarou and Kiriha 
approached Clan. 

In the end, Koutarou and the others released most of the 
beetles. They only needed some beetles for Clan to show the 

children and some for Koutarou to keep. In total, they kept 
four beetles, two pairs of a male and a female. After taking a 
picture of the rest, the remaining 20 were set free for the local 
children that would be visiting the forest. 

"... If we sold them we'd at least get some money...” 

Yurika shed tears as she stared at the beetles flying away. To 
her, the beetles looked like 500 yen coins flying into the forest. 

“Nijino Yurika, are you really that poor?” 

“There's so many mangas I want... Ahh... the money is flying 

“How pitiable, to think this is one of Rainbow Heart's arc 

Maki, who was by Yurika's side, was troubled. Her rival's 
pathetic appearance hurt her sense of values as a magical girl. 
Yurika's predecessor, Nana, was someone who Maki could 
respect as an enemy. 

“Yurika-chan, in that case, why don't you join Satomi-kun's 
band of knights?” 

Shizuka thought of Koutarou as Yurika's legal guardian. With 
Yurika's personality, there wasn't anyone else who could 
handle her. And to Koutarou, having a troublesome younger 
sister would be a big plus. That's why she felt it was necessary 
for both parties. 

“That's right. You'll get a salary and you can use that to buy 

Yurika had her salary as a magical girl deducted to pay for 
repairs on a building she had destroyed in the past, which 
Sanae had no sympathies for. But Sanae didn't want to see her 
friend skimping on food to buy manga, only to eventually 
starve to death. She believed that Koutarou would do 
something and pushed for Yurika to join the band of knights. 
She had no consideration for the quality or dignity of the band 
of knights dropping. 

"... But, but, if I rely anymore on Satomi-san, he won't be able 
to think of me as a proper girl...” 

“It's okay, Koutarou never thought of you as a proper girl from 
the start.” 

“That's not okay at all!!” 

Yurika and the others were talking about something 
completely unrelated to beetles. Koutarou was looking at them 
from a distance, but he suddenly remembered there was 
something he wanted to hear about. 

“Clan, do you have a moment?” 

“What is it?” 

Koutarou called out to Clan. She was currently looking into the 
cage containing the large beetles, smiling as she imagined 
what kind of reactions the children on the spaceship would 
show, but when Koutarou spoke her name she looked up right 

“Is it something serious?” 


As they looked at each other, their expressions turned serious. 
One could tell the importance of what was about to be 
discussed from that. As a result, Kiriha and Harumi who were 
with them wondered what was going on and looked at each 

"... I want you to tell me about Theia's father.” 

In that moment, Clan's expression turned stiff. Koutarou was 
talking about something far more serious than she had 

“Elle said he died in an accident, but was it really an accident?” 

A while back, Elfaria had told Koutarou that Theia's father had 
died in an accident. Back then, Koutarou had simply assumed 
that was the case, but when he thought back on it, he felt like 
that wasn't all there was to it. 

Elfaria was proclaiming disarmament, and her fiance had died 
before their wedding. Considering her situation 20 years ago 
and the timing of the 'accident', Koutarou couldn't shake this 
bad feeling he was having. 

If he asked Elfaria directly, she would probably laugh it off 
saying that he was overthinking it. That's why he wanted to 
ask Clan, someone who belonged to a different political 

Fortunately, neither Theia nor Ruth were near. The only ones 
next to them were the tight-lipped Kiriha and Harumi. This 
was the perfect timing to ask Clan about the details. 

Harumi who had listened in opened her eyes wide. Because she 
was so kind, just learning that Theia had lost her father was 
enough for her to feel pain. 


With Harumi like that, Kiriha wordlessly put her hand on 
Harumi's shoulder. Feeling that, Harumi collected herself. 
Koutarou wanting Harumi and Kiriha to listen probably meant 
something important. That's why she couldn't remain shaken 
up, she had to properly understand. 

“In regards to that, I don't have all the information. My guesses 
will be mixed in, would you be okay with that?” 

Clan spoke with a serious expression. It was an expression she 
rarely showed recently, the expression of a princess facing 
something serious. 

“Yeah, please tell me. It's important.” 

Koutarou was the same. He didn't have the expression of a 
high school student, but of the Blue Knight. It was something 
that was necessary now. 

"... From the information the Schweiger family has, the 
military were very active before and after the accident.” 

In the past, Theia and Elfaria were Clan's rivals. That's why she 
had a lot of information about them. Amongst that 
information was also information about Elfaria's fiance. 

“Back then, Elfaria-san's proclamation of disarmament was 
starting to achieve some results just as she ascended the 

throne. The public opinion was on her side, and she was about 
to take the disarmament to the next step. Elfaria-san would 
marry a big shot from the financial world that kept away from 
the military to make her position clear. At the same time, she 
was trying to establish a stronger influence in the financial 

“So two people that were for the disarmament would marry 
and amplify each other's influence...” 

“At the very least, that's what we believe. In order to stop the 
military from going out of control, going that far was 
necessary. Elfaria never had the time to find her own 

“Just like empress Alaia...” 


Clan looked down sadly. Since they were both women, she 
understood how Elfaria felt about marriage. Clan in particular 
knew who Elfaria truly felt for, so she was painfully aware of 
how she felt. 

“However, that should have been inconvenient for the 

There, Kiriha entered the conversation. She urged the 
conversation forward as Koutarou and Clan stopped as Alaia 
was brought up. Since this was something they didn't want 
Yurika and the others to hear, they needed to hurry along. 
That's why Clan continued right away. 

“Yes. That's why they tried intervening using all kinds of 
methods. They would bribe her fiance's subordinates, expose 
scandals regarding those related... regardless of whether or not 
they were true. The media seemed to enjoy writing their 

“Ridiculous... that's not how the Forthorthe's imperial army 
should act...” 

Koutarou grinded his teeth. He was unusually angry. He had a 
hard time accepting that the imperial army that he had fought 
alongside with 2,000 years had distorted into something like 

"... That must be why empress Elfaria was proclaiming 
disarmament. To return the military to the military you 
remember, Satomi-kun...” 

Harumi instinctively shed tears. She had inherited Alaia's 
memories, so she couldn't treat this as someone else's problem. 
Her tears wouldn't stop as she thought of how Elfaria and 
Alaia felt. 

“And that was when the traffic accident in question 

“Which means... Clan, that accident was...” 

"... The Schweiger family sees it as a plot by the military.” 

Clan's Schweiger family was different from Theia and Elfaria's 
Mastir family, and they had different channels for 
information. Analyzing the information they had gotten 
through their channels, the Schweiger family reached a 

conclusion. Elfaria's fiance's death was an assassination 
orchestrated by the military and disguised as a traffic 

At the time, Elfaria's disarmament was seeing some success, 
and the populous thought highly of their empress. If the 
military let Elfaria run free any longer, they would be limited 
even further and connections with various industries would 
be cut. To the military who had absorbed part of the industrial 
world and were developing on their own, this was 
unacceptable. So they used all kinds of methods to get in 
Elfaria's way, but even then they couldn't stop her. Regardless 
of how much they obstructed her, Elfaria didn't stop her 
attempts to return the military to its original state. 

Unable to stop Elfaria, the military finally took to using strong 
measures, which was the assassination of Elfaria's fiance. If 
they couldn't stop Elfaria directly, they would destroy her 
weaker link. Their prime target was her fiance. He was a 
civilian and he had a naive outlook on his physical and 
political safety. On top of that, they could stop the two great 
powers of the disarmament factions from uniting. He was an 
easy and effective target for the military. 

“While there is not enough information to confirm this, the 
Schweiger family has operated on the assumption that it's the 
truth ever since the incident.” 

“And considering that you haven't come into conflict yet, that 
assumption is not wrong.” 

Kiriha continued where Clan left off, and Clan nodded in 

“That's right, Kii. There's no real evidence, only circumstantial 
ones. But the circumstantial evidence built up for all these 
years quite obviously point towards an assassination.” 


Harumi struggled to find words. In the play and in Alaia's 
memories, similar scenes had repeatedly happened near her. It 
caused Harumi great grief and a silent anger as to why 
something so unjust could be allowed. 

“That's all I needed to hear about the accident. Next, why did 
Elle give birth to Theia through artificial insemination?” 

Koutarou was equally angry. A fierce rage burned in his eyes 
and he felt a duty to keep the military from doing as they 
pleased. The Blue Knight resting within Koutarou was about to 

“This is just a guess, but... I believe it was a counter against an 
assassination. And in fact, ever since then there were no more 
incidents that are believed to be assassination attempts. She 
also maintained her connection with the financial world.” 

The Schweiger family figured there were two primary reasons 
as to why Elfaria gave birth to Theia. 

The first reason was an expression of will to show that 
assassinations are useless. With fertilized eggs being 
preserved, even repeated assassinations would have no use. 
There was also no point in targeting related parties, the only 

one to target was Elfaria herself. And even if they did target 
Elfaria, the Mastir family wouldn't die out. The Schweiger 
family believed one of the reasons Theia was born was to let 
the military know that fact. Whether it had an effect or not 
remained unclear, but ever since then there had been no more 
incidents that were believed to be attempted assassinations. 

The second reason was to strengthen the connection to the 
disarmament faction in the financial world. Originally that 
was supposed to have been done through marriage, but the 
fiance was killed in an accident. But if Elfaria gave birth to a 
child with her fiance's genes, it would work as a strong appeal 
to the disarmament faction. And with Theia's birth, both sides 
worked together more than ever and stood against the 

This also had a secondary, unexpected effect. The fact that 
Elfaria had stayed in chastity after losing her fiance and gave 
birth to Theia through artificial insemination was very 
positively seen by the citizens. As a result, the public opinion 
sided with Elfaria even further. Her already high approval rate 

Because of the complex elements intertwined, Elfaria's 
momentum increased despite the military's plans. In that kind 
of situation, the military couldn't go against Elfaria's words, 
nor could the media. Because of this result, the military would 
need to lay low for a long time before they could take action 

“Elle couldn't hold back the military even after doing all of 

Elfaria had to make use of marriage as a political tool, and she 
hadn't given birth to Theia out of love. 

She knew that what she was doing wasn't right. The girl 
Koutarou had met in the past hadn't been that foolish. But 
Forthorthe's military had grown so powerful that she had no 
choice but to go that far. Elfaria who continued to fight never 
had a choice. 

“Then after almost two decades, the heat around the military 
had cooled down enough that they were able to take action 
again. The military is probably this active because they had 
been waiting all this time.” 

“She only managed to buy a couple of years...” 

“Elfaria-san should have traversed quite the dangerous path 
up until now. So dangerous her own marriage didn't even 

Clan looked down once more. A year ago she had felt nothing 
for this truth, yet now she was taken aback by a heavy sorrow. 
The current Clan knew how painful a journey that must have 
been, and how much she had to sacrifice to get here. 

"... So she had to do this to keep the country from turning 
rotten, huh...” 

“In the end, she is the same as Alaia-san. She had no choice but 
to continue fighting, without any concern for her own 

"... And that has continued for 20 years, huh...” 

The problems around Theia and Elfaria were deeply rooted. On 
top of that, they were currently chased away from their 
country, living on the outskirts of space. It was only a matter 
of time before the military framed them for some crime. 

I have to protect them... Theia... Elle... and Forthorthe... 

But Koutarou had no intention of backing away. Despite the 
many hardships ahead, he was planning on forcing through it 

He wanted to see the girls live their lives happily. 

That was why Koutarou was standing here. The reason why he 
had parted ways with Alaia and returned to the present age. 

Part 6 

Koutarou and the others left the mountain during the day. 
While summer had just started, it still got hot during the 
afternoon. Calling it a day before it becomes too much was an 
iron rule when it came to fun beetle hunting. 

“Sanae, it's hot.” 

“It's not hot.” 

“Then, it's heavy.” 

“It's not heavy.” 

“Get off. You don't have to do that after we've been beetle 
hunting, right?” 

“That's why our love is being tested. If you really don't like it 
then try putting me down.” 

“Guess it can't be helped...” 

Koutarou was climbing down the mountain while carrying 
one of the girls. The original plan was to have Clan get a 
piggyback, but for some reason, Sanae got on his back like it 
was the natural thing to do. She didn't seem to mind the heat 
and clung onto his back. Koutarou didn't have any intention of 
forcibly put her down either, so he let her do as she pleased. 

“...I am a little envious of that honesty...” 

Harumi was mumbling to herself as she looked at Koutarou 
and Sanae from behind. She wasn't good at showing her 
feelings to others, that's why she felt a little envious of Sanae. 
That was when Kiriha who was nearby replied to Harumi's 

“Sanae has done that ever since they met, it's sort of her 
privilege. It's nothing we can imitate.” 

“I heard that she did that ever since she was a ghost.” 

“Indeed. However, Sanae isn't the only one with such a 
privilege, right?” 

Kiriha smiled as she said. Kiriha's privilege was a single card. 
The bonds and feelings reflected in that card showed Kiriha 
and Koutarou's strong bond. 


“Sakuraba-senpai's case would be the knitting society, right?” 

That was where Yurika joined in. She had on a cheerful smile 
and gently poked Harumi with her shoulder. She knew that 
the knitting society was a special place to Harumi where she 
could be alone with Koutarou. 


“There's no need to be embarrassed. Everyone already knows.” 
“But in that case, Yurika-chan is at the top.” 

“Huh? I am?” 

Yurika blinked in confusion as Shizuka pointed that out. After 
giggling a little, Shizuka told her why. 

“Whenever Satomi-kun is about to start something, he always 
invites Yurika-chan first.” 

“And I always suffer for it! It's not a privilege at all!” 

“It's a luxury, Nijino Yurika.” 

“Even Maki-chan! You're wrong! A privilege is something 
warmer and kinder! Painful stuff is not a privilege!” 

“I understand how you feel, Yurika.” 

Koutarou and the others were descending from the mountain 
in a harmonious atmosphere. It was just another summer day. 
However, Koutarou and the others knew how valuable that 
was, and they prayed that days like this would come forever. 

However, there were those who were trying to destroy that 
peace. The first ones to notice it were the two haniwas that 
served Kiriha. 

“Ho! Ho Ho-! This is bad Ho-!” 

“Ane-san, sorry for intruding on your fun Ho!” 

Karama and Korama had been using camouflage to keep 
themselves hidden up until now, but as they sensed someone 
approaching, they appeared in front of Koutarou and the 
others. If what approached them were normal people they 
wouldn't have said anything, but sadly, the people were not 

“We have detected something on our spiritual energy sensor 
Ho! The reaction is weak, it is most likely a sensor that they are 
using Ho!” 

“The distance is 200 meters ahead! It seems they are climbing 
up the mountain path Ho!” 

The approaching people was using spiritual energy 
technology. In other words, they were People of the Earth, or 
those related to them. They weren't normal, and a quick 
reaction was necessary. 

“Karama, Korama, class II stealth mode. Depending on the 
situation, we might use sleep mode.” 

“Got it!” 

“Understood Ho-!” 

Kiriha swiftly gave Karama and Korama the order to conceal 
themselves. At this point, Kiriha suspected that it was likely 
that the ones approaching were hostile. The reason for that is 
because Kiriha had forbidden her subordinates that had come 
to the surface with her from using spiritual energy 
technology. Because of that, since the ones closing in were 

using spiritual energy technology, there was a high chance of 
the ones approaching being from the radical faction. 

“Nee-san, this is strange Ho! Their spiritual energy is too 
unstable. Even if it's a sensor, the resolution would be too weak 

“I remember this spiritual pattern Ho-! With a 90% 
probability, it's that fun group of five we've met before Ho!” 


However, Kiriha's expectations had been betrayed. The ones 
approaching were neither ally nor foes. 

They were from a third faction. 

Part 7 

Koutarou and the others had been on edge since Karama and 
Korama's warning, but once the five in question appeared, that 
tension easily dissolved. While they weren't close, they were 
people that they had met before. 

“What, it's just them...” 


“What? Do you know them?” 

The only ones who hadn't were Maki and Clan. They hadn't 
seen them before so they looked at the group of five with 
confused expressions. 

“We met them when we were helping out at a hero show a 
while back.” 

“Ah, I've heard Kii mention that before.” 

“Then they're actors?” 


As Koutarou was explaining the circumstances to the two, the 
group if five noticed Koutarou and the others. 

“Ah, Kenichi-niichan, aren't those people...” 

“They are!! What an unusual place to meet again...” 

“No way?! Isn't that Baron-sama and the others?! Damn, if I 
knew about this, I'd put some more makeup on!!” 

“There it is, Megumi's sickness is acting up again.” 

“Megu-chan, you're beautiful the way you are.” 

Noticing Koutarou and the others, the group of five ran up to 
them. Their expressions were friendly as if they were meeting 
with old friends. Koutarou and the others were the same and 
approached them with short steps. 

“Long time no see, everyone!” 

The healthy looking young man in the front was Kenichi, the 
leader of the five. 

“Thank you very much for your guidance last year!” 

Following him was the shortest of the five, a young boy by the 
name of Kotarou. He was younger than Kenichi, but the 
smartest of the group. His hobby was games. 

“Ba~ron-samaaa~! You are as manly as always!” 

Behind them was the only girl of the group, Megumi, smiling. 
She easily fell in love with others. 

“Megu-chan, you're drooling! Baron-san will hate you if you're 
like that!” 

The giant chasing after Megumi with a handkerchief was 
Daisaku. He was a man who ate a lot, but he was surprisingly 
quite sensitive and often covered for the others when they 
might go out of control. In other words, the leader in name 
was Kenichi, while the actual leader was Daisaku. 

“Don't get too excited, you guys. They'll take you for country 

The man sending cold glances at the other four was Hayato. He 
liked to act cool, but things often didn't go as planned thanks 
to his showy personality. By the way, he was from a village in 
the mountains, and was the biggest country bumpkin of the 

These five were always together as they formed a five-man 
team. The team's name was the Sun Squad, Sun Rangers. They 
were heroes who had their start two years ago. 

“They're still the same... hmm?” 

Koutarou was feeling nostalgic as he saw the Sun Rangers 
acting the same as last year, but he felt like something was off 
as he looked at them running. 

What's with this sensation? 

Koutarou gave the five another look. As he did, he soon found 
out what was so off. Their appearance as they ran was a lot 
steadier than it had been last year. 


“It looks like they've trained quite a bit since then. It's like 
they're completely different people.” 

Shizuka had noticed the same thing and was also impressed. 
That was just how big the Sun Rangers' change had been. 

There was a stability in their running form and an appropriate 
position for their center of gravity which were supported by 
well-trained muscles. They were clearly different from last 
year. It was proof of their hard training. 

And it's not just their movements , they’re not showing any 
openings. They're also paying attention to their allies. Their 
teamwork has improved considerably. Did they do a lot of 
training for actual combat? 

Koutarou's intuition told him that they had put up with a lot of 
unprecedented training for action actors. They seemingly 
improved their capabilities as soldiers, even though that 
wasn't something an actor needed. As a result, just the sight of 
them running was enough to persuade others that they were 
heroes. Koutarou was surprised by their ambition. 

“Long time no see you guys. It looks like you've trained 
yourself quite a bit.” 

“You can tell?!” 

Koutarou honestly mentioned that he was impressed, which 
caused Kenichi's eyes to sparkle with excitement. 

“Yeah, you look completely different. You've gotten quite a bit 

“It's an honor! We tried our hardest to get even one step closer 
to you!” 

“But still, Kenichi-niichan, Baron-san really is exceptional. I 
can tell now that we're standing here face to face.” 

“Of course! Don't lump Baron-sama in with other men! We 
wouldn't be a match for Baron-sama just from training a little! 
Ahh~, I want to hurry up and get beaten to a pulp by Baron- 

"... Daisaku, it seems like Megumi's sickness is worse than 
usual today, what's going on?” 

“This is from before. Ever since the day we went to Baron-san's 
play, her symptoms have gotten worse.” 

The Sun Rangers were unable to hide their excitement from 
meeting Koutarou in such an unexpected place. But Koutarou 
wasn't sure what was going on. 

"... So, Sun Rangers, what are you doing here? Is it work? Or are 
you training?” 

Troubled, Koutarou asked Kenichi for their circumstances. As 
he did, the Sun Rangers excitement died down a little as 
Kenichi answered for the group. 

“Well, I can't go into details, but we are looking for something 
in this area.” 

The Sun Rangers was a secret organization created by the 
government to combat invaders. They had come here today on 
a mission. Their mission was to find the invaders' base. 

However, they couldn't reveal that to civilians like Koutarou 
and the others. 

“I see. You sure have it hard.” 

However, Koutarou didn't think much of it. He figured they 
were only looking for a place to record for their hero show. 
Being obliged to keep secrets because of a contract was 
common sense for work. 

They're searching the area with a spiritual energy sensor... Could 
the radical faction be planning something on the surface? Or... 
though I don't want to believe it, could they already have a base 

Only Kiriha's expression changed after hearing what the Sun 
Rangers said. Only she had noticed who the Sun Rangers really 
were. But unless something major happened, Kiriha wouldn't 
make contact with them. If possible, she didn't want them to 
find out about her. 

"... Karama, maintain stealth mode and follow them. I want to 
know their objective.” 

"... Understood Ho-” 

Kiriha ordered one of her haniwas to follow the Sun Rangers. 
The chances were high that their movements were related to 
the underground people. She couldn't leave them alone. In 
contrast to Kiriha's complex emotions, Koutarou and the Sun 
Rangers were care freely chatting away. 

“B-By the way, why is Baron-sama here?!” 

“Megu-chan, calm down a little.” 

“But, but! We finally meet again!” 

“We're here for this.” 


“Yeah. We want to show Japanese beetles to the children from 
Clan's country, Clan is that girl in glasses over there.” 

“That's wonderful. You've caught some big beetles too.” 

“Yeah, amazing isn't it?” 


Hearing that Koutarou was out capturing beetles for children 
from a foreign country, Kenichi's expression brightened up. 
The battle between the Sun Rangers and invaders could be 
called a battle against foreign countries. In that regard, one 
could say that Koutarou was improving their relations with a 
foreign country and preemptively stopping battles. In other 
words, they shared the same goal, but Koutarou was one step 
ahead. That's why Kenichi thought it was wonderful. 

We should strive to he like this as well... for that end , we have to 
give it our all now! 

In order for them to become like Koutarou, they had to 
complete their own mission. Determination burnt fiercely in 
Kenichi's eyes. 

“Niichan, it's about time we...” 

“You're right. Everyone, we're returning to work.” 

“Eeeeh?! I finally reunited with Baron-sama, but it's going to 
end without me being beaten up to a pulp?!” 

“Let's bear with it, Megu-chan. If you abandon work, Baron-san 
will hate you.” 

“We don't have much time. We can't just sit here celebrating 
our reunion.” 

It wasn't just Kenichi who had renewed his determination. The 
other four... the other three shared that feeling. 

“That's right. Can I ask you one last thing, Baron-san?” 

“What is it, Red Shine?” 

“Did you see any strange place, thing, or person over where 
you were capturing beetles? I don't mind even if it's something 

“I... didn't really see anything that stood out. How about you 

Koutarou didn't have any recollection of anything strange, and 
when he checked with the girls, all seven shook their heads. 

“No one else has either, huh. Sorry, Red Shine, we're of no 

“No, that's not true.” 

Kenichi didn't get the information he wanted, but he didn't 
seem discouraged. The Sun Rangers hadn't just trained their 
bodies, but also their minds. 

“I appreciate your cooperation. I am also glad we could meet 

“Me too.” 

“Then we must be going!” 

Kenichi and his four allies saluted in an orderly fashion and 
left. They looked completely different from before; they looked 
like actual heroes. 

“Hey, Koutarou.” 

Sanae climbed up Koutarou's back and muttered. 

“Those guys are strange as always, but... I'm sure a lot of things 
happened to them too.” 

“Yeah, probably.” 

Just like Koutarou and the others had grown, so too had the 
Sun Rangers, and visibly so. The backs of the group of five 
were dignified and powerful. 

The Underground and the Surface 


Saturday, July 3 

Once the Sun Rangers could no longer be seen, Koutarou and 
the others began climbing down the mountain again. While 
they were tired from the beetle hunting, the unexpected 
meeting left everyone in a bright mood. 

“Sakuraba-senpai, how is your body holding up?” 

“Thank you for worrying, Nijino-san. Thanks to Clan-san's 
invention, I can still go on. Thanks to you too, Clan-san.” 

“W-We can't be too overconfident. It's still just at the prototype 

“Don't get so embarrassed, glasses. It's at times like this that 
you boast!” 

“By the way, Aika-san, did you leave the band of knight's 
uniform to Theia-chan and Ruth-san?” 

“Yes, I don't know Forthorthe's style. In fact, I thought it would 
be best that way.” 

“We're talking about Theia and Ruth-san, I can't tell what will 
come out, but it won't be anything useful.” 

However, amongst them, only Kiriha's expression remained 

To her, the meeting with the Sun Rangers wasn't just a 
reunion. The fact that the Sun Rangers, the surface defence 
force, was moving was proof that the radical faction was 
making moves. She couldn't simply smile and enjoy the 
reunion. As a result, she now had the expression of a 

“Nee-san, I've gotten a message from Karama Ho. The Sun 
Rangers are moving past where we were hunting beetles and 
heading deeper into the forest Ho.” 

“Have Karama continue following them.” 


Kiriha was using the haniwas to follow the Sun Rangers and 
planned for the future. 

Since they were using a close range spiritual energy sensor , they 
should have an idea of where to look. They either pursued them 
after a battle , or they had a clue from the start... 

Kiriha predicted that the Sun Rangers had information that 
her enemies, the radical faction, were hiding in this area. The 
basis for Kiriha's line of thinking was because of the accuracy 
of their sensor. The accuracy of their sensor was far lower than 
the sensor built into the haniwas; trying to find them without 
any leads with that sensor was like searching for a needle in a 
haystack. It was more likely that they had a clue that lead 
them here rather than them just happening to search this area. 

In that case, there was a point in following the Sun Rangers. 
Karama, who had a more accurate sensor, might be able to find 
the radical faction before the Sun Rangers did. With the 
radicals making moves underground as well, Kiriha couldn't 
pass up on this chance. 

“I need to find something and make the first move...” 

Kiriha normally didn't like fighting, yet she had to actively 
obstruct the radical faction. The situation was beginning to 
turn that bad that she had to accept that contradiction. If the 
radical faction had built a base on the surface, or if they were 
in the middle of a large-scale operation, the policy for dealing 
with them might need a major revision. 

“Nee-san, this is bad Ho!” 

“What is it?!” 

And that danger turned even more real by the news from 

“An emergency message from Chief Daiha Ho! Shijima Tayuma 
has escaped Ho!” 


Shijima Tayuma, a young member of the radical faction. 
Among the People of the Earth, he was especially elitist and 
harbored a lot of hate towards the surface dwellers. Last year, 
Tayuma fought Kiriha and lost, and was sent to a prison 
underground. Yet now he had escaped. Kiriha knew just what 
that meant. 

Kiriha's battle had right at this moment begun. 

Part 2 

The ones who had broken Tayuma out of prison was a man 
and woman rarely seen underground. The young man was tall 
and blonde, wore a suit and had a foreign atmosphere to him. 
The woman had a sharp glance and wore an exposing dark 
indigo colored outfit. Since the underground people had a 
simplistic look, Tayuma looked very plain next to the two. 

Having broken out of prison with the two's help, Tayuma was 
currently on the run with them. Tayuma and the others were 
still underground, so the prison break wasn't a complete 
success yet. Currently they were hiding in the basement of a 
certain building. A vehicle to escape in was going to be 
meeting them in a few minutes, so they needed to standby 
there. Though the basement was dim and dirty, this was the 
first time since the breakout that they had been able to rest. 

"... It's been awhile since we last met face to face, indigo 


“Well, getting into contact has been difficult lately.” 

Tayuma began by talking to the woman. Her name was Maya, 
and the two had been cooperating for over ten years. 
Normally, Tayuma hated the surface dwellers, however Maya 
was an exception. She was from the the seventh tribe of the 
People of the Earth, mentioned in the legends. In other words, 
she was technically from the People of the Earth. That's why 
they could cooperate without Tayuma's pride being hurt. 

“So Maya, who is this man?” 

However, that wasn't the case for the man with Maya. Since 
Tayuma believed that the People of the Earth were superior, 
being saved by a surface dweller harmed his pride. 

“He is Elexis. We became partners a while back ago. I can't go 
into details, but I can guarantee that he is not Japanese.” 

“My name is Elexis. It's a pleasure meeting you, your 
Excellency Shijima Tayuma.” 

Elexis elegantly bowed. He was used to having people shower 
him with hostility, having lived in the business world. He 
wasn't shaken in the slightest. 


“I understand that it's hard to accept, but please look at the 
reality. It is because of him that we are able to mass produce 
weapons. Isn't it obvious that he is not a normal person?” 

“That's true... but...” 

Maya and Tayuma, with the radical faction backing them, 
were only able to enter the final stages of their plan because of 

Elexis's cooperation. The worker machines that Elexis had 
brought in were far superior to both that of the machines on 
the surface and of the People of the Earth. 

Thanks to that, they were able to overcome the technological 
wall in their way and were able to considerably shorten the 
time their plan would take. 

“And he is my partner. If you insult him, it is the same as 
insulting me.” 

"... I understand. I am sorry, Elexis. I formally apologize. I am 
also grateful for your cooperation.” 

“Your words are too good for me.” 

In the end, Tayuma broke. To him, Maya was of the People of 
the Earth and held a strong power. Insulting his countryman 
was the same as insulting himself. Besides, Elexis was a 
foreigner, and the technology he had was far superior. He was 
clearly quite different from the Japanese that had chased the 
People of the Earth underground. Tayuma and the other’s 
goals were to fight the surface dwellers of Japan. That's why, 
with Maya's guarantee, there was no point in pursuing who 
Elexis was. 

“By the way, how is the factory progressing?” 

With the matter of Elexis settled, Tayuma got back on track. In 
the end, the war on the surface was more important to him. 

“It is operating smoothly. 95% of the scheduled production 
has already been completed... Well, that's why we came to pick 
you up.” 

“That is much faster than what we expected.” 

“We'll go over the details when we arrive at our destination. It 
would be better if you see for yourself.” 

“Which means that our destination is the factory on the 

“That's correct. The invincible army awaits you, their 
commander, there.” 

Listening to Maya's report, Tayuma showed a twisted smile. It 
was a cruel and ugly smile filled with grudge and envy. 

Having escaped from the prison, the three headed towards 
mountains by the suburbs of Kitsushou Harukaze city. That 
was the base that Elexis had erected when he first came to 
Earth, and the simple production he had brought with him had 
been left there. And in order for the radical faction to make use 
of that facility, they created a large-scale factory. Tayuma's 
first impression of the factory was satisfaction. 

“Seeing it in person, I must say, it's quite a masterpiece! So this 
is my army!” 

In the warehouse of the factory were mechanical soldiers 
making use of the same technology used for Maya's body, 
though it was nowhere near as human-like. Since they were 
currently in the process of being moved to a different base, 
there was less than half of their original number, but there 
was still over 1000 soldiers. 

“We have already moved our portion, so these are without a 
doubt your troops.” 

“So these will be equipped with your clan's techniques, I think 
you called it magic. I can't keep myself from laughing just 
imagining the sight of them advancing. So this is the 
masterpiece of the People of the Earth! Fuahahaha!!” 

“Regarding that, the trailers used for transporting the soldiers 
to our base will return with our weapons.” 

Once the production of the weapons, including the mechanical 
soldiers, reached 95% completion, Darkness Rainbow's portion 
had been completed. After sending that portion to her own 
base, Maya headed out to rescue Tayuma. She was being 
cautious so that in the case of something unexpected 
happening, she wouldn't suffer any losses. The same could be 
said about the magical weapons that Darkness Rainbow would 
share with Tayuma and the radicals. Under the pretext that 
obtaining a mode of transport was difficult, the spiritual 
energy weapons were transported first. On the way back, the 
magical weapons would be transported. While Maya and 
Tayuma appeared to be cooperating on the surface, they were 
protecting their own profits first. 

“Once the trailers returns, all preparations will be complete. 
Maguz-sama will be pleased.” 

There, Tayuma mentioned the name Maguz. That Maguz was 
the leader of the radical faction, but rarely showed themselves 
in public, as they controlled everything from the shadows. As 
a result, even though the conservatives caught radicals, they 
didn't get any leads. All they knew of was the codename 

“By the way, Tayuma, it was that person who requested your 

“So it really was Maguz-sama. I better send my thanks later.” 

“While you're at it, let them know that it was a good deal.” 

“I understand... Then I will go report and send my thanks to 
Maguz-sama right away.” 

He had safely arrived at his base and confirmed the condition 
of the factory. It was about time Tayuma returned to work. A 
large-scale attack on the surface would soon be carried out. 

“Elexis and I will go perform the final adjustments on that.” 

“It's already complete?!” 

“That is also around 95% complete. That's why we're making 
the final adjustments.” 

“I see, then I'll leave—” 

That was when a jarring alarm rang out throughout the 

“Intruder alert! I repeat, intruder alert! It is believed that 
someone has broken past the eastern fence and entered the 
site! The defenses are to find and dispose of this intruder right 

“So they reached this place... The surface dwellers aren't just all 
idiots as well!” 

Tayuma, Maya, and Elexis left their reports for later and 
headed towards the operation room. 

There was no longer any time to casually chat away. 

They needed to find the intruders as quickly as possible and 
prevent information from being leaked. 

Part 3 

The Sun Rangers had been able to find the factory largely by 
chance. But their efforts had allowed them to be at the right 
place at the right time. This was a fortune their efforts had 

“We did it! There really was a base! It's just like you said, 

“I thought it was strange. They're underground people, yet 
recently they were flying in the sky.” 

The Sun Rangers had fought against the underground people 
on several occasions. However, they weren't attacks made 
public as they were small-scale attacks like sabotage of 
communal facilities. And after a minor skirmish, the 
underground people would withdraw. 

However, as of late a change had occurred when the 
underground people escaped. In the past they would escape 
towards the underground, but now there were times that they 
escaped into the sky. And the direction they would fly away in 
had a regularity to it. There, the Sun Rangers thoroughly 
searched that direction. 

With their low accuracy sensor, they had not found anything 
after looking for several days, but today was different. As they 
persevered in their search, they discovered a dot on the screen 

of their sensor. Since that dot was moving swiftly, they 
hurriedly gave chase so they wouldn't lose it. 

They had no way of knowing, but that reaction was the vehicle 
that Tayuma and the others had used to escape. Having 
focused on losing their underground pursuers, they sped up 
once they reached the surface. Since the engine used spiritual 
energy, by raising the speed, they increased the output, 
allowing the Sun Rangers sensor to detect them. 

Tayuma and the others had made three mistakes. They 
underestimated the accuracy of the accuracy of the surface 
dwellers' sensors; they didn't consider the possibility that the 
surface dwellers might be investigating nearby and they had 
been in too much of a rush. 

The sensor's quality didn't matter when they were that close. 
Increasing their speed caused them to use up a lot of spiritual 
energy, making them stand out. Effort, carelessness, 
coincidence, and haste. All of these elements intertwined, 
allowing the Sun Rangers to find Tayuma's factory, the 
enemy's base. 

“But what do we do now, Kenichi? This is definitely not a 
normal base. They're making something on a large scale.” 

Hayato was wearing a blue battle suit and looked through the 
scope of his rifle. On the other end of his scope was what was 
believed to be the enemy base. It definitely had the feel of a 
military base, but it also looked like a factory. It was taking in a 
lot of water from the river and several chimneys could be seen, 

with several power plants on the inside. It was clear that 
something was being made inside. 

“That said, it's too big for just the five of us to attack.” 

“I think so too. If we try to attack, we're only going to end up 
regretting it.” 

Megumi, wearing a pink suit, and Daisaku, wearing a yellow 
suit, both wanted to play it safe. The base was too big, and an 
attack wouldn't work with just the five of them. They believed 
calling for reinforcements would be best. 

“So we're just going to leave without doing anything? They are 
definitely up to no good.” 

“I agree with Hayato. We can't return empty-handed. 
Remember what professor Roppongi said the other day? A 
large-scale battle might be close.” 

The blue Hayato and red Kenichi had a more active opinion. 
Having found the enemy base, they wanted to at least cause 
some damage to it. With a large-scale battle possibly around 
the corner, they might end up at a disadvantage if they left 
without doing anything. It wasn't like they wanted to charge 
in without a plan. 

“Then it's two against two.... Kotarou, what do you think?” 

Kotarou wearing a green suit scratched his head as Kenichi 
asked him. After thinking for a while, he eventually slapped 
his hands together. 

“That's right. Kenichi-niichan, what if we approach it using 
the middle ground of both opinions.” 

“Middle ground? What do you mean?” 

“We'll take a look inside the factory, we'll check what they're 
up to and then withdraw. With that, we won't have to force 
ourselves to attack, and we won't return without anything to 
show for it.” 

“Kotarou, you've been on a roll lately.” 


Kotarou proudly puffed up his chest having been praised by 
Kenichi. He was a small boy, but he looked a little larger now. 

“Everyone, I'm thinking of going with Kotarou's idea. Do you 

Kenichi looked at the group to confirm their intentions. There 
were no objections as everyone nodded their heads. Kotarou's 
opinion suited everyone. 

“With that decided, let's go everyone!” 


With Kenichi at the front, the Sun Rangers carefully 
approached the factory. Since they didn't want to be found 
before they could scout it out, they needed to make slow and 
deliberate moves. 

“It's just that this isn't very hero-like. Baron-san might get 
angry if he saw us now.” 

“Kotarou, Baron-san would understand. This is for the sake of 
the children.” 

“Yeah, you're right.” 

Like Kotarou said, sneaking wasn't very hero-like. If anything, 
it was more villainous. However, their spirits shone on 

Part 4 

Around the factory was an electrified fence. Carelessly 
touching it would shock you, yet if they cut it, they would be 
found by the enemy shortly thereafter. 

“Alright. Everyone, you can cross over now.” 

However, that was where the giant, Daisaku, showed off his 
talent. Using a cable to reroute the electricity, they could pass 
without cutting the fence. At first glance, he looked to be the 
clumsiest of the bunch, but in reality he was the most 
dexterous of them all. 

“Thank you, Daisaku-kun. Thanks for all your work.” 

Megumi smiled as she helped put away Daisaku's tools. 

“It's not as difficult as it looks, Megu-chan.” 

Unfamiliar with machinery, Megumi held quite a bit of respect 
for Daisaku. Partially thanks to that, Daisaku was the man she 
favored the most, not including her sickness. However, she 
herself was not aware of this, and it would probably take quite 
a while before love blooms. 

“I'll go first. Give me some space before you follow.” 

“Be careful, Kenichi.'' 


Kenichi lightly waved at Hayato before passing through the 
hole opened up in the fence. 

It was the job of the leader, Kenichi, to jump into danger first. 
The vice leader, Hayato brought up the rear. If the enemy 
appeared front or back, the leader or vice leader would be able 
to deal with it. It was a formation that had naturally formed 
over these past few months. 

"... Everyone.” 

Having passed through the fence, Kenichi hid in the shadow of 
a nearby container and waved his allies over. The Sun Rangers 
passed through the fence one at a time, and after three seconds 
they were all by Kenichi's side. 

“This is where it gets difficult.” 

After confirming that everyone was here, Kenichi poked his 
face out from the container to take a look. There were no 
places to hide further up ahead. They would need to rush all 
the way up to the building. Since he could see armed 
underground people patrolling, they needed to time it right. 

However, they didn't get a chance to time it, as all of a sudden 
a loud siren sounded throughout the entire factory, causing 
the soldiers' movement to become hurried. 

“Intruder alert! I repeat, intruder alert! It is believed that 
someone has broken past the eastern fence and entered the 

site! The defenses are to find and dispose of this intruder right 

“They found us?!” 

“Calm down, Kenichi! Judging from the alert, they've only 
found out about the fence!” 

Kenichi turned pale, but Hayato calmed him down. Neither the 
contents of the alert nor the underground people's movements 
indicated that the Sun Rangers had been found. 

“Niichan, they might have cameras checking the fence 
regularly. It's much cheaper than randomly increasing the 
security devices.” 

“What do we do, Kenichi-kun? It's going to be hard to scout out 
the factory now.” 

“Daisaku-kun is right! We can't scout while dealing with that 
many people!” 

The enemies were steadily increasing. The Sun Rangers had 
gotten far stronger compared to last year, but even then they 
couldn't deal with several dozen enemies. Doing what they had 
originally planned would be dangerous. 

“Alright, here's what we do. Me, Hayato, and Kotarou will 
attract their attention. During that time, Megumi and Daisaku 
will take pictures of the inside of the factory. Once that's over, 
escape right away! We'll escape while attracting attention!” 

Since the underground people didn't know how many the Sun 
Rangers were, they should be able to fool them with just the 

three of them. Besides, there was less risk with them escaping 
that way. 

“Okay, be careful, Kenichi-kun!” 

“You too! Let's go, Hayato, Kotarou!” 

With their meeting done, Kenichi and the other two jumped 
out from the shadow of the container. Once there was some 
distance between them, Daisaku and Megumi headed in the 
opposite direction. On their way, they saw a lot of 
underground people heading towards Kenichi and the others. 

“I hope they'll be okay...” 

“Don't worry, Megu-chan. Let's just focus on our own job.” 

Megumi was worried, but Daisaku made her switch gears. 

“You're right, sorry, Daisaku-kun. Let's do our best, the two of 


They didn't have the time to worry about Kenichi and the 
others. They had their own dangers to overcome. 


While they had acted all cool, the moment Kenichi and the 
others left the container, they immediately got pushed back 

“They're shooting! They're not even asking questions!” 
“Kenichi-niichan, there's more coming from the left too!” 

“Kenichi, Kotarou! Don't go to the right, a different squad is 
flanking us!” 

While there was still some distance between them, there were 
underground people everywhere. On top of that, the 
underground people were armed with rifles and were 
mercilessly firing at the three. Because of the endlessly 
appearing underground people and their repeated firing, the 
three were being cornered, little by little. 

“Hayato, where do we run?!” 

“Just focus on running forward!” 

The three continued running forward while shots screeched 
past their ears. All they could do right now was run around. 
They had to buy time for Megumi and Daisaku to fulfill their 

“Niichan, something's strange!” 

It was then that Kotarou noticed something odd about the 

“What's strange?!” 

“It's their guns, they're—” 


“Are you okay, Kotarou?!” 

“I-I'm fine! It only hit my helmet! But you understand now 
right?! The guns they're using aren't firing the usual 
mysterious beam!” 

“You're right... I wonder why they're using normal guns 

The abnormality that Kotarou had noticed was the weapons 
the underground people were using. 

There was no doubt that the enemies were underground 
people, one could tell from their shinto priest like clothes, 
which they wore body armor on top of. It was a style they had 
seen before. 

Up until now, the weapon that the underground people used 
had been spiritual energy beam rifles. It was a powerful beam 
rifle that gathered and focused spiritual energy before 
releasing it. Normally, there might be a different weapon 
amongst the troops they fought, but the beam rifle was their 
primary weapon. 

Yet today, the underground people were using rifles that fired 
bullets. While they had changed into a more commonly seen 
weapon, it was still suspicious. 

“But those aren't normal guns!” 

“What do you mean, Hayato?!” 

“The fired bullets are curving to chase after us! They're like 
magic bullets!” 

Hayato used a rifle to fight. That's why he was the first to 
notice the abnormality with the enemies' weapons. He first 
noticed that the direction the rifle was pointed at, and the 
bullets impact point were different. At first he assumed he had 

missed something, but when the same thing happened time 
after time again, he understood that wasn't the case. 

It was bizarre, but the bullets fired would change their 
trajectory after being fired. 

While the change wasn't large, accurate fire was possible even 
on the run. Hayato thought back to the trajectory of the bullet 
fired in the assassination of a certain president. While it was 
just slight, it was far from realistic that a bullet would change 

“It seems like it's their new weapon!” 

“So their power has lowered, but it's gotten easier to hit, huh?” 

“If they get any closer with those weapons, we'll get hit in no 
time! Hayato, Kotarou, don't stop running no matter what!” 

Since the enemy had an overwhelming number, Kenichi and 
the others had no intention of fighting them up front, yet just 
running around the factory site was getting hard. 

Who knows how long we'll last... 

As a strong anxiety started taking root in Kenichi, Megumi's 
voice entered his helmet through the built-in communications 

“Kenichi, we're done on our end! We're withdrawing!” 

“Understood! We'll withdraw as well! I'll contact you about the 
meeting point later!” 

“Be careful!” 

After reporting only what needed to be reported right away, 
Megumi's communication ended. She didn't have the room to 
go into details either. But the good news raised the three’s 

“Niichan, let's hurry up and get out of here!” 

“Hayato, use the grenade on your rifle to blow a hole in the 
fence up ahead!” 

“Leave it to me!” 

Hayato readied his rifle and fired at the fence. 

Along with a light recoil and some spewed out fire, the 
underslung grenade launcher fired. 

The grenade hit the fence where Hayato had aimed and blew 
open a large hole. The three sprinted straight towards the hole. 
It was their only escape path. 

“Hayato, you go first! Kotarou, goes next!” 


“What about you, Niichan?!” 

“I'll go last! Just in— hah?!” 

Kenichi's precaution of going last while watching their backs 
paid off as he barely managed to prevent the surprise attack 
from an assailant not making any sound. 

“I won't go down that easily!!” 

Kenichi swung the single handed sword in his right hand and 
repeatedly fired the handgun in his left at the assailant. But 

the assailant elegantly jumped backwards and dodged the 

“W-What's with this guy?!” 

The assailant had a mechanical appearance, overall it had a 
humanoid shape. It was about as tall as an average grown 
man. However, looking at it closely, the limbs were too thin, as 
if they were just bones. On top of that, the hands and feet were 
equipped with large claws, making it look quite inhuman. 
Thanks to the metallic sheen one could tell it was a machine, 
but it was quite different from the humanoid robots that 
Japanese corporations made. 

“The underground people's killer robot huh... damn it.” 

Kenichi frowned and held his side with his left hand. There 
was a large wound there; the assailant, the underground 
people's mechanical soldier, had cut him up as it jumped away. 
Despite its bony appearance, it was strong and quick. Kenichi 
believed he had prevented the attack, but the mechanical 
soldier was one step ahead. If it wasn't for his combat suit, the 
wound would have been fatal, though the wound was still 
deep and he spilled a lot of blood. 

Not good... I can't escape like this... I'll have to- 

Kenichi jumped back and stood with his back facing the hole in 
the fence, 

“Kenichi, what are you doing?! Hurry up!” 

“Hayato, Kotarou, you two go! I'll buy you time!” 

Kenichi figured that at this rate they would be wiped out. Even 
if the three of them fought together, it would take time to 
defeat the mechanical soldier. During that time, the 
underground people would arrive. That said, he didn't want to 
endure attacks from the enemy giving chase and have them 
target the five as they grouped up. In order to prevent that, 
somebody needed to stay behind and slow down the 
mechanical soldier. Kenichi believed that since he had been 
injured, he was the most suitable for the job. 

“You can't, Kenichi-niichan!” 

“If I don't, nobody will return! Quit your yappering and go! 
Return to base with as much information as possible!” 

As Kenichi said that, the mechanical soldier attacked. While 
Kenichi did his best with his sword and gun, he was clearly at a 
disadvantage. Kenichi's was repeatedly wounded from the 
mechanical soldier's claws. 



Hayato and Kotarou began running, however, it wasn't 
because they were obeying Kenichi's orders. Instead they were 
running towards Kenichi. They passed through the hole in the 
fence and entered the factory site once more. 

“You idiots, what are you doing?!” 

“I won't let you hog all the spotlight, Kenichi! Being cool is my 

“Daisaku-niichan and Megumi-neechan will bring the 
information back.” 

“Do you understand what you're doing?!” 

“We know. We just can't leave you behind!” 

“Niichan, we all came this far together. Let's stay together 
until the end.” 

“You guys...” 

However, regardless of how much of an advantage they gained 
against the mechanical soldier, it was just a win on the surface. 
Before they could defeat it, they would be surrounded by the 
underground people. 

"... Guess it can't be helped. In that case, let's give it our all. 
Depending on our efforts, the incoming fight will become 

“That's good. That's more like Red Shine.” 

“I wish Baron-san would have heard Niichan's lines. He 
definitely would have praised you.” 

At this point, the three knew that there was no turning back. 
They desperately steeled themselves, ready to take as many 
enemies as possible with them. That was their duty. They were 
soldiers who protected the peace. They were completely 
different from what they had been in the past. They took pride 
in their job. 

“You're absolutely right! Well said, Red Shine!” 

That voice belonged to neither Kenichi, Hayato, nor Kotarou. It 
wasn't Daisaku's nor Megumi's neither. The moment they 
heard that voice, the mechanical soldier in front of Kenichi 
was cut in half. 


As the mechanical soldier's two pieces fell, a boy wielding a 
large sword and wearing a beautiful blue armor appeared. 

“It looks like you've become real heroes in just a few months.” 


The boy that cut the enemy in half was Koutarou. Surprised by 
his sudden appearance, Kenichi was at a loss for words and 
remained motionless. He was surprised both by Koutarou and 
the fact that he had easily cut the soldier in half. As Kenichi 
remained motionless, the underground people rained fire 
down upon him. That was where the black haired girl, Kiriha, 
who was standing next to Koutarou,quickly gave an order. 

“Karama, Korama, Spiritual Energy Field to maximum 


“Leave it to us Ho-!” 

In the next moment, two haniwas floated up in front of 
Kenichi. The haniwas created a shield made from yellow light 
and protected Kenichi. 

“This is bad, Koutarou! These attacks aren't based on spiritual 

However, that shield of light, that barrier, was already starting 
to collapse. That was partially because of the amount of 
bullets, but also because the haniwas' barrier was the most 
effective against spiritual energy-based attacks. Since the 
weapons used this time weren't based on spiritual energy, the 
barrier wouldn't last for long. 

“It's okay, leave it to me!” 

Next up was a girl with silver hair, Harumi. She closed her 
eyes, held her hands in front of her chest spoke mysterious 
words as if they were song. This was ancient Forthorthe, used 
in the activation of magic. 

“Gather, spirits of water! Dance, spirits of wind! Combine these 
two powers and appear, spirits of lightning!” 

As her incantation progressed, the white light enveloping 
Harumi grew stronger. As if resonating with that, Koutarou's 
sword began emitting the same colored light. 

“Like a coiled snake, like a rising tornado, show yourself! 

Whirl! Thunder Spiral!” 

Having finished her incantation, Harumi opened her eyes 
wide and thrust her hands forward. As she did, a giant coil 
several meters in diameter that was made from red light 
appeared from her stretched out hands. The red coil that had 
suddenly appeared had a powerful electromagnetic current, 
and it twisted the trajectory of the oncoming bullets through 

electromagnetic induction. As a result, the bullets didn't even 
reach the haniwas' barrier. 

“What is this?!” 

Kenichi was in a fluster as odd events happened one after 

“Now's not the time to be surprised! Run away!” 


However, Kenichi remembered the situation as Koutarou 
roared at him. The enemy was right in front of him. Figuring 
out just who Koutarou is could wait for later. There, Kenichi 
hurriedly gave his allies orders. 

“Hayato, Kotarou, we're leaving!” 

“G-Got it!” 

“I don't really understand, but thank you, Baron-san!” 

His allies seemed to be equally confused as he was, but they 
obediently followed Kenichi's orders. The two passed through 
the hole in the fence and left the factory site. 

“Red Shine, I'll lend you a hand.” 


The wounded Kenichi borrowed Shizuka's shoulder and 
chased after his allies. 

“You've been beaten up quite a bit. Are you okay?” 

“Yeah, I'm okay.” 

Sanae joined the two and used her spiritual powers to perform 
some emergency treatment on Kenichi. 

“Clan, give me a smoke screen!” 

“Smoke grenade fired!” 

“Yurika, stop the enemy from moving!” 

“Okay! Ice Burn - Modifier - Effective Area Large!” 


“Orb of Fire!!” 

Koutarou and the others then followed after the others after 
obstructing the enemy as much as they could. 

It hadn't been a coincidence that Koutarou and the other 
appeared as Kenichi and the others were in danger. A while 
after Kiriha had received a report that Tayuma had escaped 
from his prison, Karama, who was following the Sun Rangers, 
caught something on his spiritual energy sensor. Kiriha 
believed that there was a high chance that the reaction was 
from Tayuma, considering the timing, and she began chasing 
after the Sun Rangers. 

The Sun Rangers didn't know that there was a conservative 
faction of the underground people, nor did they know that the 
radical faction had a connection with magical power. 
Connection or not, they didn't even know of magical powers to 
begin with. Leaving the normal radicals aside, with a core 
member of the radical faction leading this group of radicals, 
there was a high chance that they were equipped with magical 
weapons. On top of that, the timing was bad as the radical 

faction had gotten more active lately. If left alone, the Sun 
Rangers would be wiped out by unknown weapons that went 
by the name of magic. 

Seeing the Sun Rangers sacrifice themselves and that the 
enemy preventing them from escaping, this was quite clearly 
different from a small skirmish. There was a considerable 
chance that this might be the trigger to start the battle 
between the surface dwellers and the underground people. If 
that happened, it would be the worst case scenario that Kiriha 
feared. There, Kiriha decided to save the Sun Rangers, well 
aware that her identity might be exposed. 

Part 6 

In the conference room of the Sun Rangers' secret base were 
Koutarou and the others, the Sun Rangers, and the Sun 
Rangers’ commander, professor Roppongi. In total there were 
14 of them; that was quite a number, but unlike room 106 this 
room was quite large, so there was no cramped feeling. 

“...I see, so the underground people are currently split up into 
the conservative faction and the radical faction. I never put 
much thought into that, but in the end you're human like us. 
Just like we aren't united, neither were the underground 

Despite Kiriha explaining the circumstances, professor 
Roppongi didn't seem very surprised. He stroked his beard 
while nodding contently. 

Looking at the history of Earth, he found no reason to doubt 
Kiriha's words. While the question of whether Kiriha really 

belonged to the conservative faction or not remained. The fact 
that the conservative faction itself existed was a natural thing 
to Roppongi. 

“There are two problems. The first is that the radical faction 
are not representing the intentions of the People of the Earth. 
The other is that the radical faction are rushing to get results.” 

“So the minority that is the radical faction is trying to force a 
war with the surface that the majority does not desire is it.” 

“So they'd die for their pride... as expected of radicals.” 

The radical faction's ideas made them appear as a terrorist 
organization on the surface. In the end, humanity's enemy was 
itself. Whether they were from the surface or from 
underground, the situation never changed. 

“Us conservative have chosen to move to the surface without 
the surface dwellers finding out and eventually merging 
together with the local people and disappearing. The radical 
faction can't accept that.” 

“So if they face ruin either way, they'd rather be ruined 
through battle, huh?” 

The conservatives had decided to migrate to the surface. They 
hated conflicts between the surface and underground; as a 
result, once those that had migrated to the surface obtained a 
means to live on their own, the People of the Earth's 
government would be abandoned. While an organization for 
social aid might remain, there would no longer be any large- 
scale activities. In other words, while the People of the Earth's 
lineage would remain, the nation itself would be ruined. This 

was something the radicals wouldn’t forgive under any 

What the conservative faction was trying to protect was their 
lineage, or their people. But the radical faction wanted to 
protect their nation, their pride and traditions. Since what 
they valued the most was different, no amount of discussion 
could resolve their differences. 

“I understand the circumstances. It seems like it would be for 
the best if you and we work together. Though sadly it would be 

“I understand your circumstances as well. I appreciate your 
offer for cooperation.” 

“I see. Then I will speak with the higher-ups.” 

The Japanese government probably wouldn't accept the 
conservative faction’s methods. Systematic immigration from 
a nation they had no diplomatic relationship with was the 
same as illegal immigration. The government's standpoint on 
that was clear, and they wouldn't allow it. 

But realistically speaking, they would want to cooperate with 
the conservative faction to combat the radicals. So their 
cooperation would become unofficial and on a smale scale. In 
exchange, the People of the Earth would be 'forgotten' once the 
problems were resolved. If they carelessly aggravated the 
conservative faction, they might create another radical 
faction. Looking at it from another viewpoint, the People of the 
Earth were in Japan, so they could be considered inhabitants 
the government previously had no knowledge of. In that 

sense, there were less problems leaving the conservative 
faction alone than there were in aggravating them. 

The People of the Earth's technology far surpassed Japan's, and 
their existence was sort of a grey zone. It would be more 
convenient for the Japanese government to leave the People of 
the Earth alone and let them vanish. 

Like that, the future policy was that they would work together, 
but that shook some people. Mainly the five Sun Rangers. 

"... Things have taken a strange turn.” 

“Are you not satisfied, Hayato?” 

“That's not it... but I'm confused.” 

“I understand how you feel, Hayato-niichan. We considered all 
underground people to be evil just a while ago, and now that 
has suddenly changed. Of course that's strange.” 

Hayato and Kotarou were confused. Just a while ago, they had 
fought against the underground people under the belief that 
they were all evil. Yet now that viewpoint had suddenly 
collapsed, bringing about a new sense of values. The 
underground people were split into two factions. They would 
work together with the conservative faction, while fighting 
against the radical faction. The two were still unable to adapt 
to that change in values. 

“Kenichi, are you fine?” 

“I'm... relieved actually.” 

The Sun Rangers' leader, Kenichi, had a different viewpoint 
from the two. While he was a little confused, he was pleased by 
the current situation. 


“Say we defeat the evil underground people and reach their 
empire... what then? Do we kill their children? Their women? 
Their elderly?” 


“By working together with the underground people's 
conservative faction, I'm finally able to see our goal. We only 
have to fight against the invaders, we don't have to do 
anything else.” 

Before, Kenichi had not seen an end to their battle. 

Up until now, the Sun Rangers had only been dealing with the 
symptoms of the underground people's invasion rather than 
the actual cause. They had been unable to find the 
underground people's stronghold and had no choice but to 
obstruct their invasion. Kenichi couldn't see a bright future as 
he considered how things were going. 

However, even if they had found the underground people's 
stronghold, what then? Would they kill everyone that lived 
there? There should be civilians and children amongst the 
underground people as well. Would they have to kill them all? 
Or would they capture everyone and keep them somewhere 
isolated, like at a concentration camp not unlike those from 
the war? As he imagined futures like that, Kenichi was 

reluctant to reach an end of their battle with the underground 

If their battle continued the way it did now, a sad future was 
all that waited for them. However, if they worked together 
with the conservative faction and defeated the radical faction, 
the battle would end. They would be able to avoid the sad 
futures. That's why Kenichi welcomed the cooperation with 
the conservative faction. He wanted to believe in the future 
where as many people as possible survived. 

“Kenichi-niichan, did you eat something strange?” 

“You don't have to put it like that! I can be serious at times as 

“That's not what I meant. It's just that what you're saying is 
correct, so we're just surprised. Right, Hayato-niichan?” 

"... Yeah. Kenichi, you're correct. We never even thought about 

When they heard what Kenichi had to say, both Hayato's and 
Kotarou's confusion disappeared. They had never thought of 
things from Kenichi's perspective. And when they did, they 
found that he was right. 

If the battle ended at an early stage, they wouldn't have to see 
their teammates hurt, and they wouldn't hold a grudge against 
the underground people. It was indeed the ideal conclusion. 

“Kenichi, you really are the Sun Rangers' leader.” 

“Oh, you finally admitted it, Hayato-niichan.” 

“I just realized that a leader shouldn't be chosen purely based 
on ability.” 

“You sore loser. But I think so too.” 

“Hayato... Kotarou...” 

Kenichi teared up a little. His teammates thought the same 
way he did. Kenichi renewed his determination to see this 
fight through to the end with his teammates. 

“Silly Hayato and KotarouA It was clear that we should be 
friendly with the underground people the moment my Baron- 
sama had an underground person as his ally A You're all 
overthinking itA' 

“I'm sure the underground people have delicious food too so 
I'm glad if we don't have to fight them.” 

“You get it Daisaku-kunA Ufufufu, I wonder what kind of 
wonderful underground people there are, aaahhh-, I can't 

The remaining two, Daisaku and Megumi weren't shaken 
whatsoever. They believed in cooperation with the 
underground people before professor Roppongi even made his 
decision. Their attitude didn't change in the slightest after his 

“You're the same as always, Megumi, Daisaku...” 

“... I'm envious of that simplicity.” 

“Shhh, Neechan will hear you, Hayato-niichan.” 

The Sun Rangers had been slightly shook up by the decision 
that they would cooperate with the underground people's 
conservative faction. However in the end, their resolve was 

Part 7 

The Sun Rangers was a secret organization created by the 
government. Since they were made by the government, there 
had to be a reason for it. 

The truth was that there was once another faction apart from 
the underground people's conservative and radical factions. It 
was a faction that strived after harmony with the surface even 
more than the conservative faction. They were people that 
were actively proclaiming that the People of the Earth should 
be dismantled. 

This third faction, the dismantlement faction, was simple. 
Once the twentieth century arrived, the surface dwellers' 
development was clear. The dismantlement faction was very 
attracted by the surface's lifestyle and culture and began 
requesting that the People of the Earth be dismantled so they 
could live on the surface. 

However, both the conservative and the radical faction 
objected. The radicals denounced them as dismantlement was 
the same as abandoning their pride. The conservative faction 
thought that dismantling was rushing ahead of it and 
distanced themselves from the dismantlement faction. As a 
result, the faction was isolated amongst the People of the 

Isolated, the conservative faction decided that they should 
migrate to the surface alone. Just then, World War II broke out, 
and a small amount of the dismantlement faction took 
advantage of the confusion and migrated. As the migration 
took place, the dismantlement faction threw away their 
identity as People of the Earth and began living as surface 

This early migration from the dismantlement faction could be 
said to have changed the fate of the People of the Earth. Those 
living on the surface would sometimes bring culture from the 
surface down underground, and they would speak of their 
experience on the surface. As a result, the people who admired 
the surface grew, and the population gradually started to 
leave. As the outflow of people increased, the conservative 
faction accepted that the People of the Earth were in decline. 
The leader, Kurano Daiha took this opportunity to change 
their policy on migration. 

However, this was far from welcome to the radical faction, and 
they began considering the dismantlement faction as enemies, 
as traitors. Of course, the dismantlement faction sensed that 
and realized that the radical faction might eventually attack 
the surface. If that happened, the dismantlement faction who 
loved the surface's culture and lifestyle would be troubled in 
two ways. They couldn't stand to see the surface destroyed, 
but they would also be caught between the surface and the 
underground in the conflict. There, they decided to make the 
first move and created an insurance of sorts. 

Their insurance was secretly contacting the surface 
government and giving them technology that had been taken 
from underground. By doing that, they would let the 
government know that there were some with advanced 
technology in a roundabout way. In the case that the surface 
and underground came into conflict, it would also be 
convenient for them to have that technology. 

As a result, the surface government began their research on 
underground technology. The Sun Rangers was formed based 
on their results. In other words, all of the equipment the Sun 
Rangers were using were products from their research on 
underground people's technology, their combat suits and 
sensors included. That's why their technology was so inferior 
to Kiriha's. The technology that the dismantlement faction 
had brought to the surface was technology used around the 
time of World War II. 

From there, time passed and the radical faction began their 
invasion on the surface. The dormant Sun Rangers 
organization was brought online and faced the brunt of the 
invasion. Those were the circumstances around the Sun 

“These are roughly the reasons for why we're fighting.” 

“So they're copies of old technology. No wonder we couldn't 

“We've been training so hard so we can win, Megu-chan.” 

"... Professor, does that mean that we've been allies with the 
peaceful underground people from the very beginning?” 

“If you call the enemy of your enemy your ally, then that 
would be the case, yes. There was no clear cooperation 
between us. It's more of a give-and-take kind of relationship.” 

“You should have just said so from the start.” 

“Hayato, would we have believed that a year ago?” 


“It's just as Kenichi-kun says. The underground invaders’ 
existence only became apparent as of late. Who would believe 
it even if their technology was laid down in front of us?” 

With Roppongi's words, Kenichi and the others thought back 
to themselves a year back. When they did, they found that 
Roppongi's words were quite correct. 

“However, with this we can get a grasp of the overall flow. 
Kiriha-san and the others were more of a middle ground.” 

As Kenichi and the others fell silent, Koutarou began talking. 
Having listened in on what was said, Koutarou had gotten 
grasp of the overall problems surrounding the underground 

“Yes. Us conservatives are like our name suggests; gathered 
around the premise of peace. That said, we didn't first wish to 
go as far as dismantling the People of the Earth. The reason 
why we've chosen that now is because the situation has 

Kiriha had a satisfied expression. She had been curious 
regarding the inferior spiritual energy technology that the Sun 

Rangers were using, but that problem had been solved by 
Roppongi's explanation. 

“All that's left is how we suppress the radical faction.” 

Harumi wrapped up the discussion so far. When considering 
the conveniences of the surface and underground, the radical 
faction becomes an obstacle. 

The surface wanted to avoid a full-scale war with the 
advanced People of the Earth. Even if they won, there would be 
considerable losses. Again, the People of the Earth had fewer 
numbers, so they too wanted to avoid war with the surface. 
Short-term aside, looking at it long-term, victory was 

Neither side desired war, but the radical faction was trying to 
start one. They had to be stopped no matter what. 

“Uhm, Satomi-san, can I say something?” 

That was when Yurika, who had stayed mostly quiet raised her 
hand and asked to be allowed to speak. 


That was when Koutarou had a bad feeling. Yurika's 
expression was that of a magical girl that fought for justice, 
something Koutarou didn't want Yurika to show right now. 

“...Say it.” 

Koutarou held back his anxiety and urged her to continue. 

“Yes. Uhm, uhm, about this gun...” 

Upon receiving Koutarou's permission, Yurika put one of the 
rifles on the table. 

The rifle weighed several kilos. The heavy sound as the rifle 
was placed on the table instilled anxiety in a lot of people. 

“The truth is, there is a magical reaction coming from this 


That was the reason for Yurika's expression. 

Part 8 

When Koutarou and the others were saving the Sun Rangers, 
Yurika felt the presence of magic scattered across the 
battlefield. The majority of it was from the weapons the 
underground people were using. There, Yurika picked up a 
weapon from those defeated and brought it back. That was the 
rifle she had put on the desk. 

“This rifle itself doesn't have magic cast on it, instead it's the 
bullets that have a spell cast on them. It looks like the bullets 
adjust their trajectory based on what their user is targeting.” 

Yurika had been examining the rifle up until now. As a result, 
she realized that the situation was worse than she thought and 
interrupted the discussion. 

“I don't understand magic, but this lady is correct. The bullets 
fired from their guns changes direction while flying.” 

Hayato backed up Yurika's claims. Since Hayato preferred 
using guns, he had realized the abnormality of the guns the 
underground people were using at the factory. 

“Just where is the radical faction getting enchanted bullets 

“They are probably gaining them through Maya-sama. Maya- 
sama's body was made from spiritual energy technology, so 
they are probably sharing technology.” 

Maya, the previous Dark Navy and also Maki's master. In a 
previous battle, Maya had suffered serious injuries and lost her 
ability to fight. However, she had gained a mechanical body 
and returned to the battlefield. The new body was made using 
spiritual energy technology. And if she was using that, then it 
wasn't unlikely that the radical faction would have access to 
magic. This gun was proof to back up that suspicion. 

“Magical weapons are being used to invade the surface. This is 
clearly a misuse of magic... this is my job.” 

Even if it wasn't Darkness Rainbow, the misuse of magic had to 
be stopped. That was the duty of the magical girl, Rainbow 
Yurika. Her expression was more serious than ever because 
this wasn't just for the sake of a friend, but also because this 
was her original duty. 

"... If we're making a move, we should do so soon. Looking at 
this gun, the radical faction has made careful preparations.” 

Clan had a severe expression. Both Clan and Yurika had 
investigated the gun, but her scientific knowledge had made 
the radical faction's intentions clear. 

“What do you mean?” 

“This gun has a very high processing precision. I've only 
investigated it with the measuring instruments at hand, but it 
has been made using technology that far exceeds the 
technology of the surface.” 

“Well of course, it's made by the underground people.” 

The underground people had advanced technology. On top of 
that, the production machinery probably had spells cast on 
them to increase their precision. It wasn't strange for their 
precision to be so high. 

“That's not the problem. While the precision of the parts that 
affects the shooting of the rifle are very high, the precision of 
the parts consumed during use isn't that high.” 

“What do you mean?” 

Koutarou tilted his head in confusion. There, Hayato who was 
knowledgeable in guns explained. 

“In other words, the rifle is designed so that the consumable 
parts can be reproduced on the surface. That's bad, this is 
indeed troublesome. They're making weapons taking into 
consideration what happens after they've attacked the 

“I believe it's the same reason for why the guns themselves 
don't use magic. They're working under the assumption that 
the supply of magic won't make it in time as the battlefield 

When making weapons used during short term and long term, 
the design needed was almost completely different. 

For weapons used in short term, they could simply be made 
using high quality parts. 

The weapons used during raids by a small number of elite 
forces were most likely these kind of weapons. 

However, in a long war, that would lead to problems. If the 
soldiers used high quality weapons that they themselves 
couldn't maintain, the weapons would be unusable after a few 
days. The same goes for specific parts imbued with magic. If 
the supply of parts couldn't keep up as the battlefield 
expanded, the weapons would once again become unusable. 

That's why for long wars, weapons needed to be designed for 
easy maintenance. They also wouldn't need special parts, but 
could be reproduced in the occupied territories. The guns were 
then made to fire standard bullets, while keeping the 
enchanted bullets in reserve for when they were needed. 

Weapons couldn't just be made using high quality parts. They 
needed to be designed with their purpose in mind. And these 
guns were made with the invasion of the surface in mind. That 
was the reason as to why Clan had said that the radical faction 
had made careful preparations. 

“Looking at this gun from an industrial and strategic point of 
view, it has a correct design. It's hard to believe that this was 
made by only thinking of the first attack on the surface. The 
radical faction is without a doubt taking a long war into 

“Which means that once they begin moving, it'll be hard to 
stop them. Kiriha-san!” 

“I know. Let's take action as soon as we can.” 

The radical faction couldn't be underestimated. It was clear 
that they were more dangerous than imagined. Knowing that, 
they couldn't be left to their own devices. Koutarou and the 
others no longer had time to spare. 

As a result of examining possible measures, it was decided that 
the factory should be infiltrated and investigated. The primary 
reason for that was to investigate what was being produced at 
the factory and get a grasp of the radical faction’s plans. They 
knew that weapons were being produced thanks to Daisaku 
and Megumi's photos, but they wanted more details. And, if 
possible, they wanted to sabotage the manufacturing. 

Once the measure had been decided on, Theia and Ruth who 
had been at the station joined the group. The situation was 
currently being explained to them. 

“I see, those Sun Rangers did... What a strange turn of events.” 

“So what will you do, Master?” 

“I will guard Kiriha-san and infiltrate the factory.” 

There would be two groups infiltrating the factory. The 
majority would serve as a diversion while a select few enter. 
The members of the small group were Koutarou, Kiriha, Clan 
and Harumi. Kiriha was knowledgeable about the People of the 
Earth, Clan was knowledgeable in science, and Harumi was 
careful and could use magic. Koutarou would guard the three. 

“What should we do?” 

“Please join Yurika and the others and divert the enemy's 
attention to the main entrance. The ones in charge of the 
diversion will have a fierce fight on their hands. We need 
people that can push them back.” 

“Leave it to me. That is my specialty. I will splendidly perform 
my duties.” 


Theia agreed to the plan right away, but Ruth clasped her 
hands in front of her chest and looked up at Koutarou. The 
moment he looked into her eyes, he understood what she 

"... Lord Ruthkania Nye Pardomshiha, vice captain of the 
Satomi band of knights, accompany princess Theiamillis and 
divert the enemy's attention.” 

“I will do so with my life!” 

Receiving orders from Koutarou, Ruth's eyes shone and she 
replied with a Forthorthe-style salute. 

Part 9 

Theia and Ruth had left for the station both to go shopping and 
to pick a certain something up. The something was the band of 
knights uniform that Theia and Ruth had designed. 

“Maki-sama, how does it fit?” 

“It's perfect.” 

“It doesn't get in the way of your movements does it?” 

“Don't worry, it's easy to move in. But Ruth-san... could you 
stop it with that Maki-sama?” 


“You are the vice captain, and I'm your subordinate, so...” 
“Then... Maki-san.” 

“That's better.” 

“Ufufufu, you're surprisingly nitpicky.” 

“What are you saying when you're the one who prepared these 

“Aha, that's true.” 

Ruth and Maki were wearing matching uniforms. These 
uniforms were somewhat resembling of Koutarou's armor, but 
the design in its entirety was closer to a school uniform. It was 
a girlish and cute design. The colors were blue and white, 
based on the Blue Knight and Alaia, and then each person's 
personal color was added in. Ruth's color was yellow, and 
Maki's was indigo. It was a wonderful design filled with Theia's 
and Ruth's maiden dreams. 

“...Why is it just Ruth and Maki?” 

Sanae who was watching was dissatisfied. Since she hadn't 
officially joined the band of knights, she couldn't wear this 
cute uniform. This displeased her and she had a frown on her 
face. Then, Harumi called out to Sanae. 

“Higashihongan-san, you can wear one once this fight is over.” 

“Yes. Once the problem with the underground people is 
resolved, there won't be any reason to maintain the standstill.” 

At the moment, Sanae had to maintain her position as an 
invader to keep the People of the Earth from exploding. 
However, since the People of the Earth had made their move, 
once this was resolved, there was no worry about the People of 
the Earth running amok any more. Once that happened, Sanae 
could freely join the band of knights and wear the uniform. 

“Koutarou, Koutarou! Once this is over will you let me join the 
band of knights?! I'll be in charge of the chores!!” 

“I get it, I get it, so calm down a little.” 

“Alright! Then I'll do my best!” 

“Keep it in moderation.” 


Sanae's mood had completely recovered and she hung onto 
Koutarou's back like always. She looked like a child, but the 
spiritual energy in her body was stronger than ever, and the 
overflowing spiritual energy formed a faint halo. Sanae had 
plenty of motivation. 

In contrast to Sanae, Yurika was low-spirited. She was holding 
her cane, Angel Halo, while quietly thinking about something. 


A dull thud rang out. 


Having noticed Yurika's appearance, Koutarou casually 
bonked her on her forehead. 

“W-What are you doing, Satomi-san?!” 

Yurika held her forehead and complained to Koutarou. Her 
serious expression had vanished in an instant. 

“I just accidently hit you because you were showing a face so 
unlike you.” 

“Why can't you be more gentle? Geez!” 

“If I'm gentle now, you'd cry, right.” 

However, Yurika didn't complain for long. Koutarou's words 
had drained the strength from her and she looked away, 

“Tha.... That... might be true, but...” 

“Don't get so eager just because this is related to magic. You're 
not fighting on your own anymore, we're all with you.” 


Yurika took a deep breath and loosened up her expression. 

“I feel a little better. Thank you, Satomi-san.” 

“I only hit you.” 

"... I'll leave it at that.” 

With some tension leaving her body, Yurika flashed a smile. 
But at the same time, she wiped away some tears that were 
forming in her eyes. In the end, she cried a little. 

“Satomi-kun really gets Yurika-chan.” 

Shizuka laughed as she looked at Koutarou and Yurika. 
Koutarou responded by smiling wryly. 

“For better or for worse, she is a handful. If you spend more 
than a year together, you'll understand, like it or not.” 

Koutarou dropped his shoulders as he said that. Both Koutarou 
himself and the girls around knew that he was just hiding his 

“Geez~ Satomi-san, if you love me then you should just say so. 
You're so shy.” 

Another dull thud rang out. 

"... S-Sorry. I got too full of myself...” 

“By the way, Satomi-kun, don't you have any of that 
consideration for me?” 

“You mean you want me to hit you?” 

Koutarou waved his fist around and turned to Shizuka. 

“No. Don't you have any words of encouragement or good luck 
charms for this unfortunate landlord dragged into this fight? 
There're so many things you could do, like taking me to a 

“Then... how about this?” 

Koutarou placed the hand he had been waving around on top 
of Shizuka's head and gently patted her. Shizuka smiled and 
showed a satisfied expression. 

“Hmm... well, it works.” 

“I am glad I could be of help.” 

Normally Shizuka would never complain, but Koutarou paid 
no heed to that and smiled. 

Well, anyone would get anxious... 

While all of the girls here held strong powers, they were still 
girls in their teens. When faced with a battle that would decide 
the future of the underground people, there was no way they 
could stay calm. The results of this battle would affect room 
106's future. Koutarou had gotten enough of a grasp of the 
female heart to understand that. 

“Then could you do it for one more?” 

“One more?” 

“Koutarou, this way.” 


As Koutarou was confused by Shizuka's words, Sanae forcibly 
turned his head towards Kiriha who was studying a map with 
a serious expression. 


Koutarou could see the card in Kiriha's hand, and he knew 
what that meant. Like Shizuka said, there was one more he had 
to do something about. 

“She's been emitting a strange aura for a while now, I've tried 
doing some stuff... but nothing really works. So Koutarou, 

“Sanae... Okay, I'll give it a shot.” 

“Yeah, please do.” 

After hugging Koutarou once, Sanae climbed off his back. 
“That said, what should I tell her?” 

Koutarou thought for a while. Kiriha was a leader of the People 
of the Earth, she was in the center of this problem. Some 
thoughtless attempts at comforting her might have the 
opposite effect. There, Harumi gave Koutarou some 

“Satomi-kun, you only have to act like you do normally. What 
you convey to her isn't just some decorated words, right?” 

Harumi's words were filled with conviction and her eyes were 
as gentle as possible. 

Your majesty Alaia ... 

Her appearance reminded him of a girl he had met in the past. 
He knew they were different people, but as of late, they would 
seemingly overlap from time to time. Harumi had begun 
emanating a dignified aura like that girl's. 

“Right now, Kurano-san is your princess. So please go to her 
side at once, sir knight.” 

"... Yes.” 

Harumi called Kiriha a princess, but to Koutarou, the calmly 
smiling Harumi looked like a real princess. 

Part 10 

As Koutarou headed towards Kiriha, the remaining girls 
naturally followed him with their eyes. They watched over, 
full of curiosity, wondering how Koutarou would deal with 

“He's talking to her.” 

“Well. That's the appropriate way to start.” 

Having approached Kiriha, Koutarou started by chatting with 
her. Since Kiriha would glance down at her hand from time to 
time, they were probably talking about her card. 

“I wonder what the card is.” 

“R-Ruth-san, it seems to be a character card from an old anime. 
But it seems to mean a lot to her, so you normally wouldn't ask 
too much, right? That's why we don't know much either.” 

“I see. So Shizuka-sama, what charac—” 

“Pardomshiha, have a look at Bertorion!” 


As the girls discussion was about to enter a dangerous topic, 
Koutarou took his next step. They were still talking, but 
Koutarou had placed his hand on Kiriha's head and he gently 
began patting her. 

“I love that.” 

Looking at Koutarou patting Kiriha's head, Maki blushed a 
little and her eyes moistened. When she thought back to when 

Koutarou had done the same to her, she understood how 
Kiriha felt. 

“Kiriha-san is crying.” 

“Kiriha can't rely on a person whenever she likes to like you.” 

“I see, in Kiriha's case it's just Koutarou.” 

“She'd be fine if she could take a defiant attitude like her 

“Ruth, are you picking a fight with me?” 

“Of course not.” 

As Kiriha was having her head patted, tears streamed down 
from Kiriha's eyes. They were proof that she was a normal girl. 
It was her true appearance that she only showed Koutarou. 
Koutarou reached out towards Kiriha's cheek and wiped her 
tears away. 

“Koutarou's hands are really warm you know. That's why I'm 
always rubbing my face against them.” 

“I've experienced it too... It was the first time since my dad did 
it, so I cried.” 

“Satomi-kun has a part of him that craves the warmth of 
others... so when he's doing that, he might feel the same way 
we do.” 

“Sakuraba-senpai, you make it sound like you're Satomi-san's 

“That wasn't my intention... I-I just meant it as a general rule!” 

A* ^ 


All of the girls watching over Koutarou and Kiriha had some 
form of remembrance of the scene playing out in front of 
them. That's why they could understand Kiriha's feelings, and 
were able to objectively see their own. And all of them 
reaffirmed that they need Koutarou, and the ones around 
them as well. That's why they felt it was only natural for the 
deeply moved Kiriha to be hugging Koutarou. 

“Of course she'd hug him... I think about it every day.” 

“I think about it from time to time. That maybe Koutarou was 
sent by the Goddess of Dawn to save us.” 

“Your highness, if you're going to say that, it's not just Master.” 

“You're right. We are all saving another in one way or 

Eventually Koutarou hugged Kiriha back. As he did, Kiriha 
clung on to him and began crying even harder. 

“It was because he hugged me like that, that I was able to leave 
Darkness Rainbow. If it's him, we could support each other...” 

“In my case, I annulled an engagement, but... I don't regret it.” 

“Your fiance was an enemy, wasn't he?” 

“When Satomi-kun protects you, you get this feeling of 
wanting to protect him too. But I think that's what happiness 
is. A one-sided relationship is lonely, isn't it?” 

Many had experienced the embrace of Koutarou's powerful 
arms. Many had felt the sensation that Kiriha was feeling now. 
That's why the other girls teared up as well. This wasn't 
someone else's business to them. 

"... I can't accept it.” 

Amongst them was one girl who was unhappy. It was Clan, 
who had a frown and a look of dissatisfaction in her eyes 
behind her glasses. 

“I've never had him to do that to me, not even once.” 

“Ah, me too. I've only done it during the play...” 

“In Harumi's case, it was practically real, right? It doesn't 
count as not having experienced it!” 

Clan was the only one who hadn't been hugged by Koutarou. 
Strictly speaking, Harumi hadn't experienced it either; the 
only thing she had was being able to be close to Koutarou 
during their club activities. However, since Harumi had Alaia's 
memories intertwining with her memories of the play, it was 
practically inseparable from reality. 

“But, but, Clan-san, Satomi-san is always saying how much he 
loves you.” 

“He only says that when he's working me hard!” 

“He's never said that to me when he works me hard...” 

However, Clan's anger didn't last for long. It was as Yurika 
said. While she had never been hugged, Clan had memories on 
she shared with Koutarou. It was too rash to judge their 
relation based on whether she had been hugged or not. 

“Ah, Kiriha is smiling.” 

“How good. She looks like she'll be fine.” 

Having been hugged by Koutarou for a while, Kiriha 
eventually separated herself from him and smiled. She had 
probably been able to get her feelings in order through her talk 
with Koutarou, the girls watching were rejoiced as if it was 
they themselves. 

That was when Harumi sighed and mumbled under her 

“What can we do... to keep Satomi-kun the same always...” 

Koutarou needed Harumi and the others. That's why he had 
returned from the past. And if possible, Harumi wanted that to 
continue forever. She didn't want him going somewhere far 
out of her reach ever again. That wasn't something only 
Harumi wanted, but all of the girls did too. 

Infiltration Operation 

Saturday, July 3. 

While the Sun Rangers had been able to sneak into the 
underground people's factory, they were now obviously a lot 
more alert. The soldiers would patrol more often, and they 
were clearly armed. They didn't want to allow any more 

“I'm really glad we hurried.” 

Kiriha observed the factory on the other end of the forest 
through her digital binoculars and let out a small sigh of relief. 

Confused by Kiriha's reaction, Koutarou who was watching 
the factory next to her asked her for her reason. 

“Why? Isn't it more problematic if there are more guards?” 

“While it is problematic, it means there is still something left 
to be guarded.” 

“I see, so it would actually be worse for us if it wasn't as 


The fact that the guards had increased around the factory 
meant that the radical faction still needed it. Since Koutarou 
and the others wanted to find out what they were doing, the 
fact that the guards had increased meant that the evidence 
they wanted was still inside the factory. A decreased guard 
meant that the factory was no longer producing anything, and 
it would be too late even if Koutarou and the others infiltrated 
it. While more enemies was troublesome, it wasn't all bad 

“There's also one more reason I'm glad we hurried.” 

“And that is?” 

“The fact that the guard is so obviously armed means that it 
won't be long until the factory won't be needed anymore.” 

“You mean that they no longer need to worry about being 

The factory guards were quite obviously more armed than a 
general corporations guard. The factory guards weren't even 
trying to hide their weapons as they patrolled the factory site. 

In Japan there were practically no factory were the guards 
were armed with guns. That's why if they were spotted by 
someone, they would easily be able to tell that something is 
wrong. At this rate it was only a matter of time before they 
were reported for engaging in terrorism. 

But what if they wouldn't be for long? 

Before the police or mass media could reach the factory, it 
would have outlived its purpose. Or, they might already have 
begun their attack on the surface. If that was the situation, it 
didn't matter if the general population spotted them. The 
primary risk was having the enemy infiltrate them once more. 

“Satomi-san, don't go too far ahead. You'll step out of the area 
of the camouflage spell.” 

“Ah, sorry, Yurika.” 

Koutarou and the others were approaching the factory while 
being protected by Yurika and Maki's spells. While there was 
still some distance, magic was perfect for closing in as the 
radical faction still hadn't noticed them. However, they should 
have access to magic as well, so they couldn't be careless. 

“Baron-san, it's about time we split up.” 

“You're right. Red Shine, take care of my friends.” 

“Of course.” 

From here, they would split into the diversion team and the 
infiltration team as planned. 

Kiriha was the leader for the infiltration team, and it would 
consist of her, Koutarou, Clan, and Harumi. The diversion 

team consisted of the remaining people with its leader being 
Red Shine, Kenichi. The diversion team would distract the 
enemy, to allow for the infiltration team to sneak into the 
factory and gather information, and if possible, sabotage the 

“Then we're going.” 

“See you later everyone.” 

“Theiamillis-san, don't mess up.” 

“You're the ones more likely to be in danger. Be careful.” 

After saying their farewells, the infiltration team disappeared 
into the woods. The remaining diversion team remained on 
the spot until they could no longer see the others. 

"... By the way everyone, can I ask you something?” 

Once Koutarou and the others couldn't be seen, Kenichi asked 
the remaining girls of room 106. It was something he hadn't 
asked, but wanted to. 

“I don't mind. What is it?” 

Theia represented the group and answered. As she did, Kenichi 
asked hesitantly. 

“I've been wondering, but what relationship do you all have? 
Your group is so rich in variety that I can't even imagine.” 

Kiriha was from the underground and the remaining members 
were helping her, that much he knew. However, he had no idea 
as to why they began working together. 

A leader of the underground people, Kiriha. Theia, Ruth, and 
Clan who had extremely advanced technology. Yurika, Maki, 
and Harumi who could use magic. Sanae who had spiritual 
powers. Shizuka who was overwhelmingly strong with 
martial arts. And finally Koutarou who brought them 

Kenichi couldn't fathom why such a varied group had 
gathered in one place. 


Theia was about to instinctively answer that they were 
invaders, but she stopped to think before she said it. She had 
doubts whether that word was apt to describe them now. 
That's why after thinking for a moment, she gave a different 

"... We are sort of like a family. Like you said, because we are 
rich in variety, we were often in conflict at first. However, 
those conflicts are now what supports us. We hold each other' 
hands, knowing each other's good and bad sides.” 

“That's quite a deep relationship.” 

Theia's answer was slightly different from what Kenichi 
wanted to hear, but he was able to guess the circumstances 
from it. They had gathered together, by fate or by chance, and 
after repeated conflicts, they eventually took each other’s 
hands. That was how Kenichi understood Theia's story. 

“That's why you will be fine too. I'm sure you'll be able to 
coexist with the underground people.” 

“I hope so.” 

If Theia and the others could, then surely they could too. 
Holding on to that hope, Kenichi headed for his battleground. 

Part 2 

Having separated from the others, Koutarou and the others in 
the infiltration team were hurrying through the forest. Since 
the diversion team would attack the front gate, the infiltration 
would attempt to sneak in from the back. The distance from 
the infiltration point to the factory building was the shortest 
from that position, bringing with it the lowest risk of being 
spotted by the enemy. When Koutarou and the others got into 
position, the diversion team would begin their attack, so they 
wanted to get there as quickly as possible. 

“Clan. You're falling behind. Hurry up.” 

“E-Even if you, say that, running is, not my specialty!” 

Amongst them, Clan was falling behind. Koutarou was 
wearing armor, Harumi was using the PAF, and Kiriha was 
well-trained. However, Clan who had below average stamina 
was already out of breath. 

“Guess it can't be helped.” 


There, Koutarou caught Clan and lifted her up in his arms 
before continuing to run. With Koutarou's powered armor, 
running while carrying Clan was no problems. 

“Bertorion, I can—” 

—fly on my own, is what Clan was about to say when she 
remembered what she and the girls had talked about before. 
As a result, she swallowed her next words. 

“What is it?” 

“I-I just stopped being stubborn. I'm counting on you for a 

Clan could fly through the sky through her own inventions, 
but she had chosen not to do so. Instead, she swung her arms 
around Koutarou's neck and embraced him. 

It's a bit different from being hugged... but this is nice in its own 

This wasn't a situation where a girl of age should be glad, but 
she instinctively poured strength into her arms. Her 
appearance was awfully cute and Harumi who was next to 
them instinctively smiled. 

“Fufu, not being stubborn is the best, Clan-san.” 

“W-Well, it's better for my own pride to be hurt than for me to 
slow down everyone else.” 

“It'd be dangerous if you fell, so don't force yourself too much 
and hold on tight.” 

“...I think... I'll do just that...” 

Clan blushed as she drew her cheek closer to Koutarou. From 
that proximity, she could feel Koutarou's warmth and breath, 
and with that, Clan's mind turned blank. 

However, Koutarou himself couldn't tell how Clan was doing 
because she was too close. What he was more interested right 
now was Harumi. 

“Sakuraba-senpai, don't force yourself either.” 

“I'm fine, Satomi-kun. That's why I'm on this side.” 

Since they would infiltrate after the enemy was distracted, it 
should be a lot safer being on the infiltration team than the 
diversion team. That said, Koutarou followed them as a guard, 
just in case. 

“And besides, Clan-san's invention is covering for my body's 

“Then that's fine...” 

Koutarou reluctantly nodded. Harumi's words were logical, 
but Koutarou had a strong objection against dragging her onto 
a battlefield. 

Even though she was in a safer position, having her handicap 
alleviated through PAF, and held a strong power she had 
inherited from Alaia, to Koutarou, Harumi was still herself. 
Like Yurika, he didn't want to see her on a battlefield. 

“But even then, I'm reluctant to have you fight, Sakuraba- 

“If you're going to say that, I don't want you fighting either, 
Satomi-kun. You're not someone who should normally be on a 

Harumi understood how Koutarou felt. To her, Koutarou 
wasn't someone who should fight. Koutarou, who had lost a 

family member and was looking for warmth, shouldn't be a 
weapon that hurt others. There was only one reason as to why 
he fought. 

“But even then, you fight. For everyone, and their future. 
That's why I am the same. I want to stay by your side and do 
the same.” 


“Of course, I know I'm not suited for fighting. That's why I 
want to help as best as I can without getting in the way.” 

Harumi's feelings hadn't changed since the day she learned of 
Koutarou and the others’ secret. She wanted to walk down the 
same path they did. That was it. And she was sure that the 
other girl inside of her felt the same way. 

“Give it up, Satomi Koutarou. Harumi is correct.” 

"... Okay, okay. In that case, let's get this over with quick. 
That’d be for the best.” 

Koutarou gave up as Kiriha called out to him. 

If Harumi didn't have a reason to fight, the same could be said 
for Koutarou. There was no reason that allowed Koutarou to 
fight but not Harumi. In that case, their best bet was to 
complete their mission as quickly as possible in order to avoid 
any fighting. 

And it's not just senpai or Yurika. It's the same for Kiriha-san, 
Clan , and everyone else too. They're all strong , but they're 
definitely better off not having to fight... 

Koutarou wanted all of the girls of room 106 to live happily. It 
wasn't just Harumi he wanted to keep out of the fighting. 
Koutarou was determined to do his best for the girls. 

Part 3 

The report that the infiltration team had reached their 
position came in ten minutes after the groups had split up. At 
that time, the girls of room 106 and the Sun Rangers had 
reached the front gate of the factory. 

“A laser message from Master. They have reached their 
assigned position.” 

“Send him a message telling him not to mess up... Well then, 
let's go!” 

Theia stood at the front with her arms on her hips. That was 
when the night wind blew at her golden hair. It was like a 
waving flag. Her apparent confidence and the unwavering will 
in her eyes was so great and beautiful it made one forget about 
her small size. 

“Maki-san, this will be the first battle for our band of knights. 
Perform your best to not sully the Satomi family name.” 

“As you wish, vice captain! I will protect her highness in place 
of our captain!” 

Ruth and Maki wore their band of knight uniforms and stood 
next to Theia in order to protect her. However they were 
wearing their own arms on top of their uniforms. Ruth was 
wearing armor and was equipped with two beam swords. Maki 
wore an indigo robe and held her magical cane. While their 

birthplace and looks were different, the two held the same 
emotions in their eyes. 

Behind those three were Sanae and Shizuka. 

“Alright, I'll give it my all today!” 

“You sure are getting into it Sanae-chan.” 

“I'll take all the spotlight and make Koutarou invite me to the 
band of knights!” 

“Maybe I'll do the same.” 

“That's more like it Shizuka! Have the monster uncle work 

“No thank you!” 

“Don't be so cold , Shizuka ” 

“But if I bring out uncle Alu my weight will increase! I'll finish 
this today without having to bring him out!” 

“... It's not like your weight actually increases...” 

“I don't really get it, but you can do it Shizuka!” 

Neither Sanae nor Shizuka had any armor or weapons, but 
instead they were enveloped in spiritual energy. Sanae was 
clad in her own spiritual energy, while Shizuka wore the 
spiritual energy of the dragon inside of her. Thanks to that, the 
two were stronger than the armed soldiers. To these two, 
weapons or armor only got in the way. 

“... Nana-san... I'll do my best today...” 

Behind them was Yurika. The atmosphere around her was 
different from normal. There was a clear distinction between 

today's enemy compared to what she had gone up against until 
now. They were an organized enemy that misused magic, a 
clear enemy of Rainbow Heart. At the same time, the battle 
with this enemy would have a major effect on Kiriha's future. 
This was both her duty and for the sake of her friend. That's 
why she had a more serious expression than normal. 

“I'm still nowhere near as good as Nana-san is, but I will 
definitely pull through!” 

Yurika tightly gripped her cane, Angel Halo. 

It was her expression as a magical girl that she had shown 
from time to time. That expression was now clearly showing 
on the surface. The current Yurika was now magical girl, 
Rainbow Yurika in the truest sense. She was like a completely 
different person when compared to when she had first come to 
room 106. 

“Baron-san's friends are all amazing people... We still have a 
long way to go...” 

“We've become able to tell that just by looking, so we've made 
progress too.” 

“Kotarou is right, Kenichi. Nothing good will come from 
tormenting yourself.” 

“Yeah. Just being able to tell how amazing Baron-sama is, 
that's already a huge step forward!” 

"... Sadly, that part of Megu-chan hasn't made any progress.” 

In the back were the five Sun Rangers. They were wearing 
their usual combat uniforms. However during these months, 

the combat uniforms had all kinds of scratches and damages. 
They were proof of their growth, proof that they were first- 
rate soldiers. They were no longer a disorderly mob like they 
had been when they first met Koutarou. Like Yurika, it was like 
they were completely different people. 

There were six girls from room 106 and five Sun Rangers. In 
total there were eleven of them. They were boldly approaching 
the factory from the front. As they did, the spotlights around 
the factory focused on them. When they had approached to 
within ten meters of the gate, a speaker attached to the gate 
gave of a warning in a strong tone. 

“This is a privately owned area! If you approach any further we 
will remove you by force!” 

It was a conventional warning. However it was clear that it 
was just a formality. The soldiers who served as guards had 
already aimed their weapons and were waiting for the order to 
fire. They were well aware that the people in front of them 
were those that had appeared during daytime. 

“Do it if you can! I'll show you who you're barking at!” 

Theia fearlessly stood at the front as the enemy warned, or 
more precisely threatened her. The unyielding strength she 
had been born with revealed itself in her eyes. 

“Blue Knight, raise the flag!” 

“As you wish, my princess.” 

On Theia's orders, a large flag several meters wide spread out 
behind the group. This wasn't a physical flag, but one drawn 

using lasers. In the center of the flag was a golden flower. It 
was the flag raised when Theia herself went to the front. 

Part 4 

The flag drawn from lasers stood out even from afar. It could 
even be seen by Koutarou and the others on the opposite end of 
the factory. 

“So it's started.” 

Once the flag was raised and a golden light was emitted, the 
factory guards' attention was naturally drawn towards it. As a 
result, the guards began swarming in that direction. As 
planned, the guard around the rear of the factory was relaxed. 


While Theia 1 s flag was meant to draw the enemy's attention, it 
was also a signal for Koutarou's group to begin moving. As the 
diversion team's battle begun, Koutarou and the others began 
their infiltration of the factory. 

“The preparations are already done. The surveillance cameras 
on our route are already being fed dummy footage and the 
sensors' positions have been confirmed. I will guide us into the 
factory undetected.” 

The infiltration would begin under Clan's guidance. As her 
ship was specialized in stealth functions, she had excellent 
techniques for concealing oneself. While the People of the 
Earth had more advanced detection methods than those found 
on the surface, they were but rudimentary sensors to Clan. 

“Kii, you will have to do something about the spiritual energy 

“Karama, Korama, activate the spiritual energy sensors and 
detect the location of their sensors.” 

“Got it, Nee-san!” 

“Karama-chan, let's show them our gallant figure Ho!” 

“Don't fall for us Ho!” 

“I won't fall for you!” 

The only thing Clan couldn't do anything about was the 
devices made using spiritual energy technology. Since it was 
something based on a completely different technology, there 
was nothing she could do about these. Kiriha and her haniwas 
would need to deal with them. 

“Senpai, could you keep an eye out for spells just in case?” 

“I understand, I'll be careful.” 

Since magicians needed to cast spells manually, one at a time, 
the chances that they were being used at a large site like a 
factory was low. However, there was still a chance that they 
might be used in a smaller area. It was important to have 
Harumi stay alert. 

During their infiltration, Clan was in charge of science, Kiriha 
of spiritual energy and Harumi of magic. Koutarou would 
guard the three. The infiltration team inevitably became these 
four when taking into account everyone's abilities and their 

“Alright, let's go everyone.” 


The three girls responded to Koutarou in harmony. The four 
passed through the fence and infiltrated the factory site. 
Neither their voices nor teamwork showed any disorder. 


They would have liked to advance straight towards the 
factory, but there were too many sensors in the way. Koutarou 
and the others followed Clan's directions, slowly but surely 
closing in on the building. 

“Next stay low and approach that corner. Bertorion, you need 
to stay extra careful because you're so tall.” 

“Got it, I'll be careful.” 

They would sneak from shadow to shadow, sometimes they 
would stay low and crawl, slowly approaching the factory 
building. While they wanted to approach as quickly as 
possible, they would be found by the enemy if they did. In 
order for them to get as much information as possible, they 
needed to remain patient for now. 

Koutarou and the others slowly infiltrated for several minutes. 
Fortunately their efforts paid off and they reached the factory 
building without being detected. 

“Geez, we finally reached it.” 

“Well done, Clan. You really are good at these kind of cowardly 

“Are you praising me or taking a stab at me?” 

“I'm praising you, really.” 

“I can't believe it, geez.” 

“It's okay, Clan-san. Satomi-kun is always singing praise of you 
when you aren't around.” 

“Ah, hey, Sakuraba-senpai?!” 

“Fufufu, sorry.” 

“I-Is that true?!” 

Koutarou and the others hid by the building and rested for a 
moment. Being freed from the tension that had been building 
up for a while, Koutarou and the others showed a smile of 
relief. The words they exchanged were carried with light 
tones. However, they could only remain like that for a short 

A group of soldiers passed right by the place where Koutarou 
and the others were hiding. They were reinforcements for the 
battle going on at the front gate. Waiting until the soldiers 
were far enough away, Kiriha opened her mouth. 

“We can't take this too easily. Koutarou, let's enter the building 
as soon as possible.” 

“You're right. I'm sure the other group is having problems.” 

The sounds of gunfire and explosions reached even Koutarou's 
group. It was clear that the diversion team was in the middle 
of a fierce battle and there was no time for Koutarou and the 
others to take it easy. 

“Nee-san, we should stop before the service entrance over 
there Ho!” 

“An active spiritual energy sensor has been set up in that area 
Ho! We'll be detected even using class II stealth mode Ho!” 

However, the factory's security was tight. It would be difficult 
to use the entrance the soldiers used. 

“I want to hurry, but we should probably refrain from forcibly 
breaking through with these numbers.” 

“We should look for another entrance. Clan, can you find one?” 
“Please wait a moment... uhm...” 

Clan operated her bracelet and sent orders to her small 
unmanned scout. This scout had been gathering information 
for a while and had already made a rough sketch of the outside 
of the factory. Clan called up that information and analyzed it 
again, selecting a different infiltration route. 

"... Let's see. Just a bit away from here is an exhaust vent where 
the heat from the factory is being exhausted. I tried following 
the heat signature and it seems to reach quite a way into the 

Clan suggested that they infiltrate the factory from the 
exhaust port, but Kiriha quickly shook her head. 

"... Since this is heat exhaust from weapons productions, it 
must be quite a considerable temperature. Koutarou aside, 
none of us would probably be able to get through.” 

When processing metal for weapons production, the heat 
exhausted is massive. One could imagine it as a scorching hot 

wind. That was no problem for Koutarou, whose armor was 
designed for space use, but the other three wouldn't be able to 
pass through it. That's why Kiriha couldn't imagine it as a 
realistic path. While Kiriha liked Clan and wanted to respect 
her opinion to its utmost, this time she had to oppose it. 

“I've already thought of that, Kii.” 

Since that response was within her expectations, Clan smiled. 
She had already thought of a countermeasure. 

“Considering the data I have, we should be able to pass without 
any problems using Harumi's magic.” 

Clan's data had been accumulated from both Alaia's and 
Harumi's magic. That data showed that with Harumi's 
defensive and cooling spells, they should be able to endure the 
factory's heat exhaust. 

“I see, that might work.” 

“Of course, it would only last for a short while... There are also 
other merits to it. In the heat exhaust vent, there should be less 
detection devices.” 

Even if they had a tight security, they most likely wouldn't 
watch over an area that required a spacesuit to pass through. 
The guard around the exhaust should be less guarded than the 
entrance from before. 

“We're counting on you, Harumi.” 

“Please leave it to me. I came with you for these kinds of 


Harumi didn't flinch from the sudden job thrown onto her; 
instead she nodded powerfully as her beautiful long hair 
started shining silver. 

Part 6 

The infiltration from the exhaust port was progressing 
smoothly. Harumi was controlling the magical power from 
Signaltin and protected Koutarou and the others from the 
scorching hot wind. As a result, the group could casually take a 
walkthrough the winds over 100 degrees Celsius. After 
walking through the exhaust vent for a while, the group found 
a maintenance hatch that they managed to pry open and 
infiltrated the factory. As expected, the heat exhaust was 
poorly guarded, and nobody had detected them. 

“Koutarou, your hand.” 

Koutarou was the last to pass through the maintenance, and in 
front of him was a ladder going up. Above him was Kiriha's 
hand, waiting to pull him up. 

“Thanks. But that's no good, Kiriha-san. The armor is still 
heated up a little.” 

“I don't mind.” 

“I do.” 

Koutarou regrettably smiled wryly and shook his head. 

The maintenance hatch was heated by the exhaust, so 
Koutarou who was wearing an armor was in charge of opening 
and shutting it, but the heat from the hatch transmitted to 
Koutarou's armor. While the armor had a cooling function, it 

still hadn't fully cooled. If Koutarou grabbed her hand, she 
probably wouldn't get burnt, but her hand would most likely 
turn red from the heat. That's why Koutarou climbed up the 
ladder on his own. 

"... Onii-chan doesn't understand the feelings of a girl who 
wants to be of help to the person she loves.” 

Kiriha whispered so only Koutarou could hear and pouted. 
Kiriha, or rather Kii, wanted to be of help to Koutarou. She 
didn't mind if her hand heated up a little. 

"... What can I do, you're important, Kii.” 

"... Ahaha, then I guess it can't be helped.” 

However, she was only able to remain childlike for a few 
seconds. They were in the middle of a battle, and tension soon 
returned to her expression. The same went for Koutarou, and 
when he opened his mouth again, he had the face of a knight. 

“By the way, Kiriha-san, what kind of place is this?” 

“This is an area with blast furnaces and pressing machines. An 
area filled with equipment that emit a large amount of heat. 
There should be another area where armor is attached to the 
weapons. I want to take a look at that first.” 

Koutarou couldn't even imagine what kind of machinery was 
around him, but they were for large-scale metalwork. The 
metal was melted in the blast furnaces and molded into rough 
shapes. The shapes were processed in the press and cut into 
parts. To Kiriha, it looked like armor for the weapons being 
made here. 

While armor was being made, since several parts were being 
produced it would be hard to get a grasp of the overall shape by 
examining this area. They would be better off heading for the 
area where the armor was put together. And if possible, she 
wanted to head to the control room where the production was 

“Clan-san, where should we head?” 

Harumi felt like this was an incredibly odd place, even more so 
than Koutarou. That was only obvious for a girl who wasn't 
good with technology. Troubled by this, she sought Clan's 

“Well, if this factory's layout is logical then we should head in 
the direction of the front gate.” 

Clan answered without hesitation. Since she wasn't a normal 
girl, she had the most accurate grasp of this place. A 
functionally-arranged factory was a world she was more in 
line of her kind of world than the city was. 


“Because transporting in and out would be easier that way. It's 
the most logical to place the start and finish of the production 
line there.” 

“I see. Then they'd be able to produce as efficiently as possible.” 

A transport would drop off the material and leave after being 
loaded up with the finished product. In that case, it was 
natural for production to start and end by the entrance. While 

there were some exceptions, a well-placed production line had 
its start and finish at the same place. 

“Which means that we only need to head that way.” 

“Let's hurry. The battle outside is still ongoing.” 

Koutarou and the others headed in the direction Clan had 
pointed out to examine the factory. 

Everyone , stay safe... 

Despite having entered the factory, they could still hear the 
sounds of battle. Koutarou prayed for the girls' safety while 
pumping himself up to complete his mission as quickly as 

Part 7 

The diversion operation couldn't simply focus on defeating the 
enemy. If the battle progressed too one-sidedly then the 
enemy might retreat under the assumption that they can't 
win. If that happened, there would have been no point in a 
diversion. They needed to make the enemy believe that they 
could win. As a result, Theia and the others couldn't make any 
major attacks, such as bombarding the area using the Blue 
Knight. Instead, they were fighting against the soldiers 

“Blue Knight! Anti-personnel smart gun!” 

“Please select your desired bullet.” 

“Use paralysis bullets, fire away at will!” 

“As you wish, my princess.” 

Theia summoned an anti-personnel weapon from the Blue 
Knight and fired down on the soldiers. 

The weapon Theia was using was a large machine gun that one 
would often find attached to a vehicle. The gun fired out 
nearly 1000 bullets per second and the sound was like the 
rumbling of the earth. 

“Kya kya kya?!” 

The bullets didn't just assault the enemy, but also Yurika who 
was near them. Since the Blue Knight was aiming 
automatically, almost no bullets hit her, but she didn't feel 
happy about being shot at by her own ally. Yurika was already 
in tears. 

“Theia-chan, please just shoot the enemy!” 

“The shots are properly calculated, you're all right after all.” 

The bullets Theia was using had the effect of paralyzing the 
enemy. The lethality of these bullets was low and they didn't 
have the power to break through the defensive spells on 
Yurika. On top of that, the Blue Knight's automated aim was 
very accurate and only a very limited few stray bullets headed 
for Theia's allies. While things might change when firing a 
large quantity of bullets, the chances were next to none if it 
were just a few. Theia had determined that using a weapon 
with low power would allow her to defeat only her enemies in 
a melee. While Theia didn't say it out loud, she trusted in 
Yurika's magic. 

The results were as Theia had expected as the underground 
people fell one after another. But Yurika wasn't happy at 
getting shot even though she might be safe. 

“Don't shoot at me just because it's safe!!” 

“Yurika-chan, if you don't like it, then you just have to not get 

Shizuka who was with Yurika showed a confident smile. She 
could sense Theia's intention to attack and moved out of the 
line of fire. As a result, not a single bullet hit her. 

“Please don't lump me together with a superhuman like 
yourself, Shizuka-san!!” 

“You can do it too if you put your heart in it. Or can't you 
muster any motivation without Satomi-kun with you?” 

Shizuka made small talk as she beat up a nearby soldier. From 
a light left jab into a right straight, and as her body was 
moving, she poured the momentum into a roundhouse kick. 
The soldier hit by the brilliant combo fell to the ground. The 
power from her attacks was great and the soldier stopped 
moving after collapsing. Since Shizuka was avoiding vital 
points, the soldier merely lost consciousness rather than die. 
The girls had a reason for not wanting to kill the enemy. 

While they might be enemies, the radical faction were from 
the same place as Kiriha was. In order to avoid grudges from 
the People of the Earth, they wanted to keep the fatalities to a 
minimum. So it was only natural for Theia to use non-lethal 
weapons and for Shizuka to avoid vital points. Of course, the 
fact that they hated killing also played a big role in it. 

“T-That's not it, but...” 

“Yurika, quit spacing out and get to work! They're coming out 
in droves!” 

Sanae shot an enemy using a bow and arrow created from her 
own spiritual energy. Dodging her arrow that split into 16 
smaller arrows midair was difficult, and the soldiers was hit 
by several of the smaller arrows and fell. These soldiers were 
actually after Yurika. Yurika who was incredibly adaptable 
was seen as a big threat amongst the soldiers. 

“S-Sorry, Sanae-chan! Fog Cloud - Modifier - Effective Time 

Yurika cast a spell to block the field of view of the approaching 
enemies. The enemy was attacking even while she was 
protesting. Now wasn't the time for her to whine. 

“Yurika-sama, get behind us!” 

“Nijino Yurika, you support us from the back! The band of 
knights will take the front!” 

There were other enemies approaching Yurika, but these were 
stopped by Ruth and Maki. Ruth wore a mechanical looking 
armor and was armed with beam swords, and Maki had 
created a large blade stretching out from the top of her cane. 
The two stood in front of the enemy and prevented them from 
getting any closer to the others. 

“Maki-san, be careful not to get too far out! Please keep our 
allies position in mind at all times!” 

Ruth made full use of her armor's defensive function, breaking 
up the enemy waves. The output of her barrier was 
considerably high, and by expanding it further out, she could 
effectively block attacks against her allies. As she did that, 

Ruth attacked the enemies designated as high priority by her 
armor's artificial intelligence one after another with her beam 
swords set to paralysis mode. 

“Understood, vice captain!” 

Maki's role was more offensive than Ruth's. Using her large 
blade, she effectively attacked enemies that showed an 
opening. Ruth prevented the enemy from advancing while 
Maki thinned their numbers. The two had split into effective 
roles and stopped the enemy's approach. 

That said, since their band of knights had only just recently 
been formed, their teamwork was still somewhat lacking. Maki 
especially had little experience fighting with others as during 
her time in Darkness Rainbow she had been fighting alone. As 
such, she had a tendency not to consider her allies. Koutarou 
alone was one thing, but she had a hard time paying attention 
to all of her allies. 

“Aika-san, wipe those guys out! I will protect you!” 
“Kasagi-san?! Then please do!!” 

However, while Maki struggled to work together with her 
allies, her allies protecting her was another example of 
teamwork. Since this way of fighting was completely different 
from what Maki was used to, she had a lot of hesitation. 

However, she firmly believed that this was her true 
appearance and that she was far stronger than before. 

Like that, the unique teamwork of the girls of room 106 was 
demonstrated and the diversion team's battle was progressing 
in their favor. But when it came to teamwork, the Sun Rangers 
weren't losing. 

“Let's go, Daisaku!” 

“Yeah. After I charge in, please back me up, Hayato-kun!” 

In the past, they had been a disordered mob, but now the five 
had clearly divided up their roles. 

In the front was the large man skilled in martial arts, Yellow 
Shine, Daisaku. He dealt with the enemy's vanguard. Pink 
Shine, Megumi, used an automatic gun to restrain the rear of 
the enemy formation. Defeating the enemy was the job of the 
skilled shooter, Blue Shine, Hayato, who used a rifle to pick off 
the enemies one by one. The job of Green Shine, Kotarou, was 
to throw the enemy into disarray. He used explosives as his 
weapon of choice for this. And finally, holding a sword in his 
right hand and a gun in his left was Red Shine, Kenichi. He 
adapted to the situation and provided backup where it was 

“Calm down, Daisaku, Hayato! Our job isn't to defeat the 

“Kenichi is right! We need to buy time for Baron-sama and the 


Their teamwork was splendid and they no longer carelessly 
took action like they did in the past. 

The Sun Rangers hadn't rolled their thumbs and done nothing 
these past few months. They trained to get strong, and 
through battle they dug up their problems, and through their 
efforts they had acquired adequate ability, mentality, and 

Under the command of Kenichi, the five fought a splendid 
battle. That said, there was a difference in equipment and their 
results were nowhere near that of Theia and the others. 
However, it was clear to anyone that they were more skilled 
than your average soldier. 

“But Kenichi-niichan, something's strange.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Take a good look. The weapons that Daisaku-niichan and 
Megumi-neechan photographed aren't coming to attack at all. 
And that robot that attacked when we were escaping isn't here 

“Now that you mention it...” 

The experience they had piled up until today told that them 
there was something unnatural about this fight. This was 
supposedly a weapons production facility, yet none of those 
weapons were anywhere to be seen, despite several weapons 
being caught on photograph earlier in the day, nor was the 
robot that had attacked them shown itself. The enemy 
consisted solely of underground people, and their weapons 
were just the ones they were carrying. The Sun Rangers who 

had prepared themselves for a fierce fight felt like they lost 
their momentum. 

"... If you'd like, I can tell you the reason for that.” 

That was when the cold and sharp voice of a woman cut 
through the noise of the fierce battle. The moment that voice 
rang out both friend and foe stopped fighting. 


“It's been a while, Maki.” 

The voice belonged to the previous Darkness Navy, Maya. She 
was Maki's master. Maya, who had approached in a grand 
manner, stopped and faced Maki from a few meters away. 

Maya-sama... she means business... 

When she faced her master, a cold shiver ran down Maki's 
spine. Maya crossed her arms as if showing off her large 
bosom. She seemed defenseless despite her provoking 
behavior. However, Maki couldn't seem to find a single 
opening. To Maki, Maya looked like a ferocious beast that could 
rip her opponent's head off in the blink of an eye. 

Maki stared at Maya with a sharp glance, looking for openings, 
while readying her large blade. Her stance was slightly smaller 
than it had been up until now. Maki knew that she wouldn't 
catch Maya with any large attacks better than anyone else. 

“Oh, scary. Maki, you don't need to be so scared. I only came 
because I wanted to see your face for the first time in a while. 
I'll leave after playing with you for a little while.” 

Maya didn't seem shaken in the slightest despite her 
apprentice pointing a weapon towards her. Maya knew that 
the current Maki couldn't win against her. She showed a 
confident expression and her white teeth could be seen 
peeking out from under her lips. It was a feminine smile from 
a beautiful adult woman. However, what could be felt from 
her smile was more akin to a beast baring her fangs. 

“And if you're gonna make such a scary face, you'll give away 
your act of being caught by the enemy. Fufufu.” 


Maki was shaken up by what Maya pointed out. Since Maya 
had appeared so suddenly, Maki had forgotten her own 
supposed standpoint. She would have needed a more self- 
controlled reaction. 

“Don't worry, Maki. I don't really care whose side you are on. 
Not up until now nor from now on...” 


However, Maya's next words shook Maki up even more. Maya 
had more or less understood Maki's betrayal and left her alone 
until today. 

“But, Maki, I don't hate your current self.” 

Maya showed a truly happy smile. As her master, or maybe as 
one of her few comrades. It was a pure smile void of any evil, 
though it only lasted for a few seconds. 

“Realize your wish with your own powers. That is the kind of 
life you're living now. It wasn't until you parted with Darkness 

Rainbow that you finally embodied the ideal of the 
organization. How ironic.” 

When Maki was in Darkness Rainbow, she desired others to be 
sincere. The reason for that was because she had been betrayed 
by those close to her in her youth. But there was no perfect 
human. Every person lied in some way or another. That's why 
Maki always felt an irritation towards her surroundings. 

Maya didn't like that part of Maki. She believed that Maki 
shouldn't restrain her irritation, but rather act as she pleased. 
In other words, she should use magic to force people to be 
sincere. Changing the world to something more convenient for 
yourself was Darkness Rainbow's style. 

However, after parting with Darkness Rainbow, Maki had been 
freed from her irritation. That was because what Maki truly 
wanted wasn't people's sincerity, but what lay beyond. Love. 
Creating love using magic was sad. All she would get was a 
false love, something Maki hated. That's why the power of 
magic couldn't change Maki's world. 

Maki was now using the power of magic to prevent what she 
had gotten from being stolen from her. The sight of Maki being 
honest about her feelings, even if those were feelings of love, 
was more prefered by Maya. Since Maki parted with Darkness 
Rainbow, she had started acting more like a proper member of 
Darkness Rainbow. 

On top of that, the relationship between the members of 
Darkness Rainbow was shallow and using your allies was 
common place. That's why Maya didn't care if Maki had 

betrayed them. That was only obvious. In fact, she was pleased 
that Maki had become a full-fledged member of Darkness 
Rainbow. As a result, she never told anyone of Maki's betrayal. 

Good and evil didn't matter to Maya. Creating a world more 
suitable for yourself through magic was the embodiment of 
Darkness Rainbow's ideals. 

“Then you should understand, Maya-sama. Even if I'm going 
up against you, I will defeat you.” 

Maki pointed the tip of her blade towards Maya. Her hands 
were trembling slightly from her tension and sweat was 
sliding down her forehead. If she let her guard down by even a 
little, she would be taken out in an instant. Since Maya knew 
Maki's hand, she was close to her worst possible opponent. 

“That's right, that's what it should be like. However—” 

As Maya spoke, a blade popped out of her artificial arms. 

“—I will kill anyone who opposes me, even if it's you, Maki!” 

As Maya finished speaking she moved. Her movements were 
so fast that most people struggled just tracking her with their 

“Nightwalker! Recall - Precast - Category Alpha!” 

One of the few that didn't was Maki. Instead, she released ten 
or so spells that she prepared beforehand to drastically 
increase her physical abilities. 


Maya's blade came into contact with the blade that had popped 
out from Maya's right arm. Having drastically increased her 
physical abilities, Maki was barely able to keep up with Maya. 

“Well done stopping it, that's my number one apprentice!” 

Yet despite having her attack stopped, Maya seemed happy. 

She was glad seeing the growth of her apprentice. 

“But you're too naive!” 

Even then, Maya didn't stop her attack. Even if it was her 
apprentice, an enemy was an enemy. While Maya was happy 
to see her apprentice's growth, she would kill her without 

Maya had the upper hand when it came to both weight and 
power, and she forcibly pushed Maki back and unleashed a 
kick towards Maki's head. Since Maya's body was supported by 
a strong frame of alloy, a kick to the head would cause major 

“Energy Release!” 

Maki's senses told her that she wouldn't be able to dodge the 
kick normally. So instead, she released the magical power in 
her cane. The magical blade formed on top of Maki's cane 
required a large quantity of magical power, and by releasing 
that, she could create a small explosion. 

“You're as reckless as always, Maki!” 

The shock wave from the explosion threw Maya's kick off 
track, but Maki herself was also hurt by it. Compared to Maya 

who had a mechanical body, Maki who had a body made of 
flesh obviously took more damage. Maki believed that the 
damage from the explosion was less than getting hit by the 
kick, but it was still reckless like Maya had said. 

"... My master isn't someone you can beat through normal 

While staggering from the explosion, Maki readied her cane 
once more. Her eyes were unwavering and she was still 
desperate to beat Maya. 

“I'm glad to hear you say that.” 

However, for some reason, Maya retracted the blades extended 
from her arms. 


Since Maya had the advantage, this action confused Maki. 

Since she was her apprentice, Maki knew better than anyone 
that Maya couldn't be underestimated. 

“I told you. I only came to see your face today.” 

Maya noticed Maki's confusion. While her battle with Maki was 
fun, seeing Maki confused like this was also fun. She smiled as 
if her excitement from before had been a lie. 

“If I'm going to fight you, I will prepare a more suitable stage. 
Not at a place like this where people will get in the way.” 

Maya had several reasons for stopping, but the biggest reason 
was because she hated interruptions. While Maya would have 
been able to overwhelm her opponents for a while after a 
surprise attack, Theia and the others wouldn't stay quiet 

afterwards. In fact, Shizuka was almost at Maki's side already. 
If she had continued, Maya probably would have been in 
danger. The current Maki wasn't alone anymore. 

“Besides, I just received word that our boy has been found over 

“Boy... you mean Satomi-kun?!” 

Maya and the others’ target was Koutarou. Everything else was 
just a bonus. Even her apprentice, Maki. Maya had come here 
because they didn't know where Koutarou was. While they 
had quickly figured out that Maki and the others were a 
diversion, they didn't know if Koutarou was taking part in the 
infiltration or the diversion. Since their strategy would change 
depending on where Koutarou was, Maya had to visit the site 
to confirm it with her own eyes. 

And she hadn't found Koutarou amongst the diversion team. 
Next, she received a message from inside the factory, letting 
her know that Koutarou was infiltrating it. Knowing that, 
Maya no longer had any reason to remain here. 

“That's right... Koutarou, my dear beloved boy... and that's the 
reason why our main forces haven't come here. I'm sure the 
boy and his friends are struggling.” 

This was also the reason why the weapons in the factory 
hadn't appeared. Maya and the others had placed their main 
force inside, preparing a trap. And as they had expected, 
Koutarou had appeared. In other words, the underground 
people dealing with Theia's and the others’ diversion was yet 
another diversion to conceal their main force. 

“Well then, good bye Maki. Let's meet again.” 

After casually saying her farewell as if speaking to a friend, 
Maya turned her back towards Maki. 

“Maya-sama?! W-Wait, Maya-sama!!” 

Maki wanted to chase after Maya, but the People of the Earth 
soldiers got in her away, leaving her unable to follow. While 
the soldiers were keeping Maki busy, all she could do was 
watch as Maya walked away. 

“Still... it's been a while since I played with the boy... Fufu, I 
can't wait.” 

Maya's steps were light. She was like a woman about to reunite 
with her lover. 

Secret Weapon 


Saturday, July 3. 

A little bit before Maya appeared in front of Maki, Koutarou 
and the others had reached the loading dock of the factory. 

They had to evade soldiers patrolling the area while making 
their way here, but fortunately, thanks to the powers of 
science, magic and spiritual energy, Koutarou and the others 
succeeded in making it past them. 

While making their way here, Koutarou and the others had 
taken a look at the production line. As a result, they had gotten 
a grasp of what was being made in the factory. All that was left 

was finding out how they were being used, so they continued 
their investigation. 

“...It looks like they're carrying them out on those trailers.” 

Koutarou peeked out from a small crane in the corner of the 
loading dock. The loading dock was large with space for 
several trailers, and containers filled with the weapons being 
produced were being loaded in one after another. There were 
guns, bullets, small combat vehicles, large-scale ordnance and 
even mechanical soldiers. They were merciless weapons made 
only to kill people. 

Looking at the containers filled with weapons, Koutarou 
instinctively grabbed a hold of Kiriha's hand. 

Kiriha-sangave it her all to avoid this... this is completely 
different from Kiriha-san's invasion... 

The invasion in front of him was violence itself. A nightmare 
that would spread death. It was the complete opposite of 
Kiriha's peaceful invasion. Compared to this, the path that 
Kiriha and the conservative faction had chosen was far more 
prideful. As far as Koutarou knew, Kiriha's weapons of 
invasion were brooms and garbage bags. 

This invasion had to be stopped no matter what, and Kiriha's 
peaceful invasion had to be continued. It was those feelings 
that caused Koutarou to squeeze Kiriha's hand even harder. 

“...Looks like it.” 

Kiriha only responded to Koutarou's words. However, 
Koutarou's feelings had been conveyed to her as well. That's 

why Kiriha squeezed Koutarou's hand back just as hard. Their 
fingers intertwined and their hands were interlocked. 
However, their hearts were even more strongly interlinked. 

“Then how about we destroy those trailers, Bertorion?” 

Clan proposed an attack on the trailers. If they destroyed the 
trailers with a properly timed attack the weapons wouldn't be 
carried away. This might be a good chance at reduce the 
radical faction's combat power. 

“No, it would be better to let it go. I want to find out where the 
weapons are being carried.” 

Koutarou basically agreed with Clan's idea, but he believed it 
would be a better idea to leave it be so they could find the 
enemy's base. 

“But Satomi-kun, are you okay with letting that many 
weapons fall into the hands of radical people?” 

Harumi furrowed her brows and showed a concerned 
expression. The amount of weapons put into the containers 
was abnormal. If left be it was clear that the lives of many 
would be in danger. Wouldn't it be bad to leave it be. That was 
an obvious doubt. 

Kiriha gave answer to Harumi's doubts. 

“Harumi, sadly, considering the scale of this factory, that is 
just a fraction of the weapons. Even if we destroy all the 
weapons in the trailers it would hardly influence the situation. 
And if that is the case then it's better letting the trailers go and 
locating the enemy base. If we can prevent a battle from 

breaking out, it would have more of an effect then destroying 
the trailers. We want to bet on that.” 

“I see...” 

Kiriha explained what Koutarou was thinking even more 
accurately. As a result, Harumi understood the complicated 
circumstances. It was hard for Kiriha herself to allow for those 
weapons to be spread out, but if she didn't it would lead to an 
even bigger tragedy. It was for the best to endure it and find 
out where the trailers were headed. 

“Clan, do you have a transmitter of some sort?” 

“I do. Please wait a moment.” 

Clan shoved her hand into her bag and rustled through its 
contents. Harumi smiled cheerfully upon seeing Clan's 

“Fufufu, Clan-san, you have everything don't you?” 

“When it comes to shady things, feel free to leave it to Clan.” 

“You better remember that Bertorion, once we get back you're 
going to get it... and, here it is.” 

Clan pulled out a small capsule device from her bag and placed 
it on Koutarou's palm. It was the kind of transmitter the 
Schweiger family prefered using. 

“Once you attach this to a surface is will automatically activate 
and transmit a signal.” 

“But wouldn't it be noticed if it started transmitting a signal 


“There are no problems. It's possible to put it on a standby 
mode so it won't send out a signal for a set amount of time. It's 
also possible to set it to activate when it no longer detects a 
specific signal.” 

Clan operated her bracelet and changed the settings of the 

The transmitter would be first be set on standby mode for an 
hour. And during that hour the unmanned scout in the sky 
would track the trailers with its camera. Once an hour passed 
or the unmanned scout could no longer track it, the 
transmitter would begin emitting a signal. Doing this should 
lower the risk of the enemy noticing. 

“Got it? All that's left is attaching them to the trailers.” 

“Thank you Clan, you're a lifesaver.” 

Koutarou grasped the transmitter with his right hand and 
tapped Clan's shoulder with his left hand two, three times. 
While it may have been a bit too violent of expression of 
gratitude towards a princess, everyone knew that a more 
violent expression of gratitude was closer to Koutarou's true 
self. That's why, while Clan was frowning she was secretly 

“Geez, you're so violent...” 

“Well then, I'll be right back. Everyone wait here.” 

“Satomi-kun, please wait. I'll cast a spell that will make it 
harder to see you.” 

“Please do.” 

Koutarou carefully approached the trailers to attach the 
transmitter after having Harumi cast the camouflage spell on 

Part 2 

The loading dock was large with lots of places to hide. On top 
of that, the soldiers were busy with work and therefore 
weren't paying much attention to their surroundings. Only the 
few soldiers patrolling the area was a problem, but with 
Koutarou's careful actions and Harumi's spell, he was able to 
make it past them. As a result, a few minutes after setting out, 
Koutarou had attached five transmitters. 

“It seems he's attached the fifth one.” 

Clan observed Koutarou through her binoculars. After 
attaching a transmitter underneath the fifth trailer, Koutarou 
signaled Clan with his hands. One could gather that he hadn't 
bumped into any problems attaching the transmitters from 
his appearance. 

“Kurano-san, Satomi-kun is on his way back.” 

“I see, thank you, Harumi.” 

After Harumi reported Clan's words to Kiriha, Kiriha looked up 
from her hand and let out a sigh of relief. She had been looking 
down because she had been praying for Koutarou's safety. 
Harumi smiled and looked down at Kiriha's hands. 

“You look at that card from time to time... is it something 

In Kiriha's hands was a silver card. On it was a hero based on a 
beetle, posing. It was a strange belonging for one of the more 
feminine of the girls of room 106. That's why Harumi figured 
that it might hold a special meaning to Kiriha. 

“This is... something I was given by my first love. It was from 
ten years ago, no, it's already eleven years now.” 

Kiriha showed a nostalgic smile and turned to look at 
Koutarou who was returning. In her eyes was a deep love, the 
same kind of look she had given her card. That's why Harumi 
understood the circumstances right away. 

Satomi-kun said he had met with a young Kiriha-san on his way 
back from the past... so this is from that time... and Kiriha-san 
has always felt for Satomi-kun since then. She really loves him... 

Harumi had first met Koutarou a year and a few months ago. 
Since Harumi had Alaia's memories it felt like two years 
however. That's why Harumi knew how Kiriha felt. The 
feeling of wanting to stay by Koutarou's side, the feeling of 
wanting to be needed by him were bursting out from her 
chest. They were fierce yet gentle feelings. The other girls of 
room 106 probably shared these feelings. 

“Then it's a very important memory.” 

“That's right. I've given my all with this as my support.” 

“Bertorion is only ever kind to Kii. He'll take her out to play and 
give her presents. He only ever uses me as someone 

“..I do what?” 

That was where Koutarou returned. Unaware of the topic the 
girls were talking about, he was confused as to why Harumi 
and Kiriha were smiling but Clan was sulking. 

“It's nothing!” 

“We were talking about how you were always relying on Clan- 

“Well, Clan is good at what I'm bad at. It's a big help.” 


“But Clan is terrible at housework... speaking of which, I'll be 
coming to clean up your lab again soon. You've probably made 
a mess.” 

“Cleaning... fufufu, why Clan-san, you are being treated kindly 
after all.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“Well, actually—” 

“N-No, no no!! Don't say anymore Harumi!!” 

Clan shook her head and interrupted Harumi. She then 
attempted to change the topic while she was at it. 

“Bertorion, it's about time we move on!” 

“Hm? Yeah, you're right, let's move on.” 

While he was interested in what Harumi had to say, they 
weren't in a situation where they could casually chat. 
Koutarou obediently agreed with Clan. 

“So, what do we do next?” 

“Uhm, t-that's...” 

Koutarou urged Clan ahead, but she was stumbling for words. 
Since she had only brought it up to change the topic, she hadn't 
put any thought into where to go. That was when Kiriha saved 
Clan from her situation. 

“Koutarou, I think we should head towards this factory's 
control room.” 

“Control room? Why?” 

“If we examine the computers in the control room we can find 
out how many weapons have been made and where they've 
been sent. I want to see the whole image of the enemy.” 

Kiriha hadn't spoken out just to help Clan. She had originally 
wanted to head to the control room. They had found out what 
kind of weapons had been produced from the production line, 
that was left was how many had been made and where they 

“Got it. So Clan, where is that control room?” 

“If it's been placed logically, then it should be placed where it 
can easily access all of the production line. In that case, it 
should be in the center of the factory.” 

At this time, Clan had regained her usual composure. While 
speaking, Clan pointed towards the center of the factory. 

While they were hugging a wall and couldn't see it, Clan's 
intuition told her that the control room was in that direction. 

Part 3 

Like Clan had suspected, the control room was at the center of 
the factory. As a result, they reached the control room without 
ever really getting lost on the way. 

“It was just like you said, Clan. Well done.” 

“Clan-san is amazing.” 

“You won't get anything from praising me.” 

Clan slightly blushed from Koutarou and Harumi praising her. 
However, Kiriha alone had a serious expression, and noticing 
that, Koutarou asked Kiriha about it. 

“What's wrong, Kiriha-san. You've got a stern face.” 

“It's... I felt like something was strange.” 

“Strange? What is?” 

“The design of the factory is very logical. As a result we were 
able to come here without ever getting lost. However, it's too 
logical. Not even their factory's underground are this logical.” 

Kiriha was bothered by the fact that this factory had an 
awfully different atmosphere to it when compared to the 
factories underground. 

While the People of the Earth had more advanced technology 
than the people on the surface, they didn't need to mass 
produce a lot due to their low population. That's why when it 
came to productive techniques, they fell behind the surface 
dwellers. The narrow underground world was an environment 
where it was difficult to obtain the knowhow to make an 
effective factory. 

Yet, this factory had been made incredibly logically. Upon 
seeing this factory, Kiriha felt like she was watching at a 
design on a completely different league. 

“The magicians are working with the radical faction, maybe 
they brought with them people that are skilled in production.” 

Clan simply thought that someone well versed in production 
on the surface had been brought in to help. With the evil 
magicians on their side, it wasn't something that hard. 

“I hope that's all...” 

However, Kiriha's line of thinking didn't match up with Clan's. 
It was hard for her to imagine that those that sought to make 
the People of the Earth the supreme race would use surface 
dwellers, even though it was needed. It was a completely 
different situation from accepting the magicians who came 
from a different world. That said, the weapons the enemy 
soldiers were using was another cause for worry, poking at 

“Kiriha-san, nothing will come from worrying about that here. 
Let's investigate the control room to find out the reason.” 

“...You're right. Let's try entering.” 

Temporarily shelving their doubts, Koutarou and the others 
decided to enter the control room. However, the door to the 
control room had an electronic lock on it. It was Clan's turn 
once more. 

“Please wait a moment.” 

Clan opened up the cover to the electronic lock and connected 
it to her bracelet with a cable. Once she did, she ran a program 
to analyze the lock. The code needed to open the lock was 16 
characters long and the bracelet revealed the characters one 
after another. 

“...Alright, I'm done.” 

With the code needed to undo the electronic lock revealed, 
Clan entered it on the panel. As she did, the door slid open 
sideways with almost no sound, showing how precise even 
this door had been made. 



Once the door opened, Koutarou and Harumi charged into the 
control room. If there were enemies inside the control room, 
they needed to be incapacitated right away. In that case, it was 
Harumi's time to shine as she could use magic. And it was 
Koutarou's duty to protect her. 


“There's... no one here.” 

However, going against their expectations, the control room 
was unmanned. All that was there were large monitors 
displaying the factory and various computers. There was 
noone around operating them. 

“That's strange. It's hard to believe that they'd send the people 
in here to deal with the diversion as well.” 

Next, Kiriha entered, but stopped and tilted her head in 
confusion. She had a bad feeling she couldn't shake. 

“Regardless of the reason, we'll still need to investigate this 

Clan pushed Kiriha forward along with her into the control 
room. Kiriha didn't resist and was pushed to the very center of 
the room. While she thought it was strange, she still had to 

“Clan, you may take care of that administrator's computer over 
there. I will examine the main computer right here.” 

“I got it, Kii. Let's finish this quickly.” 

The two skilled with computers, Kiriha and Clan, immediately 
began collecting information. While copying the data they 
took a look for any noticable data. In this situation, Koutarou 
and Harumi who were bad at technology were simple 

“...Satomi-kun, it's a good thing it wasn't just the two of us that 
came here.” 

“Who knows what would have happened if Kiriha-san and 
Clan weren't here..” 

While Koutarou and Harumi were unable to do anything, 
Kiriha's and Clan's investigation was progressing smoothly. A 
while after their investigation began, both of them had found 
data that stood out. 

“Koutarou, this is bad!” 

The first one to speak was Kiriha who was investigating the 
main computer. 

“What is it?!” 

Koutarou hurriedly rushed over to Kiriha upon hearing her 
panicked voice and seeing her anxious and tense expression. 

“Take a look at this! It appears to be the blueprint for a large- 
scale weapon!” 

“What the heck is this?!” 

On the screen of the computer that Kiriha was investigating 
was a huge structure reaching over ten meters. It seemed to be 
a weapon like she had said, but it was just so big it looked like a 

“I can't tell you any details until I look into it more, but it 
appears that this is a weapon that can cause a massive 
earthquake over a large area!” 

“You're saying that they're planning on using this to randomly 
attack the surface?!” 

As it was a massive weapon, it's blueprint took up a large 
amount of data. Having noticed it, Kiriha casually opened it 
up, but its contents came as a huge surprise. 

This weapon would stimulate the spiritual energy running 
through the planet, known as ley lines, at a certain point and 
disrupt the flow of energy. That disruption would spread 
through the earth's crust and cause a massive earthquake. If 
left alone, Japan would be struck by a natural disaster with an 

unprecedented scale. The cities would cease to function and 
the coastline region would be swept away by tsunamis. 

“Kiriha-san, if they use this something unimaginable will 
happen to the surface!” 

“It won't just be the surface! An earthquake of this scale 
wouldn't leave my hometown unscathed either! No, maybe 
that's their goal?!” 

Living underground, the People of the Earth were easily 
affected by earthquakes. As they were producing an 
earthquake inducing weapon, the radical faction must have 
noticed these risks. 

The radical faction's goals were options. There were mainly 
two of them. 

First they would attack using a method that the people of the 
surface wouldn't realize was an attack. The surface dwellers 
don't know that earthquakes can be caused artificially. They 
would simply assume it was a natural disaster. After 
destroying the surface they would march forward with their 
army and occupy the city. Since this would happen after a 
massive earthquake and tsunami, there was no way to prevent 
this invasion. 

Their other goal was to destroy the hometown of the People of 
the Earth. By robbing them of their homes, they would force 
them into a situation where they had to rise to the surface. If 
the surface dwellers found out that the People of the Earth had 
caused the earthquake they wouldn't be able to tell the 
difference between the conservative and the radical faction 

and would attempt to annihilate the entirety of their race. 
That's why by threatening to disclose information would force 
the conservatives that had lost their homes to cooperate with 
the radical faction. 

“How can the radical faction do something like this?! They 
would attack even the home they grew up in?!” 

Harumi who had heard the conversation let out a scream-like 
voice. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. It was the 
same as she destroying the city she grew up in. She couldn't 
believe this was something a sane person would do. 

“While the underground is the home to us in the conservative 
faction, the radical faction only thinks of it as a humiliating 
prison! They wouldn't hesitate to destroy their prison to 
reclaim their true home!” 

The conservative faction had accepted the underground as 
their home. Having lived there for so long they thought of it as 
their own country filled with memories and history. But since 
their decline could no longer be avoided, they had steeled 
themselves to abandon their home. 

However, the radical faction didn't feel that way. They didn't 
think of the underground as their home. They felt like they 
had been robbed of their true home and forced underground. 
Unable to forget that unfortunate history they spent their days 
teeming with hatred. That's why they probably wouldn't 
hesitate to destroy the underground. To them, it was a false 
history, something that should never have happened. 

“But that's too much!!” 

“Calm down, Sakuraba-senpai! We only have to prevent that 
from ever happening!” 


Harumi had fallen into confusion for a moment, but 
Koutarou's powerful words snapped her out of it. 

Satomi-kun really is strong , regardless of how many years pass... 
He'll protect everyone just like he did in the past... I should stop 
crying and think about something I can do... 

Harumi wiped away the tears forming in her eyes and changed 
gears. She began thinking of something that she could do. 

“Kiriha-san, is that weapon here?!” 

Koutarou's idea was clear. If there was something that 
dangerous, it should be destroyed, and as quickly as possible. If 
it was in this place, it should be destroyed right now. 

“It seems like they only made the core of this weapon here. It 
seems like the weapon itself is being made somewhere else.” 

“They're not making all of it here?! Then where?!” 

“There's a record on this computer here!” 

As for where the earthquake weapon in question was, Clan had 
found a record on the computer she was investigating. Since 
she was investigating the administrator's computer, she had 
information of how much of what was being made and where 
it was being taken. 

“Since it's a secret, it seems like the accurate location and name 
of the place are being kept hidden, but it seems to be on one of 

the islands off the coast of Kitsushouharukaze city. The word 
island is being used frequently.” 

“So that's why they only made their core here!” 

“What do you mean, Kiriha-san?” 

“If they're using an earthquake inducing weapon then it would 
be more efficient to place it near the borders of a plate rather 
than inland. If they want to avoid being seen by the public, an 
uninhabited island off the coast would be the best choice. But 
the problem with an uninhabited island is securing water. 
Large quantities of water is usually required when 
manufacturing advanced products. When it comes to an 
uninhabited island, you'd either need to use seawater and 
thoroughly filter out the saline and impurities or dig for water 
underground. Since both would take a lot of time, the core 
itself was made in this factory.” 

Since this was the core of a weapon capable of inducing 
earthquakes, it required an extremely accurate and advanced 
processing technology. One thing that was common in the 
production of precise electronic equipment was garbage on the 
particle scale. Particle scaled garbage primarily came from air 
or water. That's why factories producing precise electronics 
gathered around cities near rivers with clean air. 

“Clan, can you tell what island it is?” 

“I've only given it a rough look, but it seems that it's being 
completely covered up...” 

“Then I guess we have to check everything. Clan, pick up all 
the islands offshore.” 

Off the shore of Kitsushouharukaze city were several islands 
and Koutarou believed that they would have to check all of 
them. In that case, they would be better off going now as there 
was no guarantee that they would find the earthquake weapon 
right away. 

“Wait, Satomi-kun!” 

Koutarou was about to head off to investigate the islands, but 
that was when Harumi stopped him. 

“What's the matter, Sakuraba-senpai?” 

“Won't one of those trailers from before head to the island?” 


There was a good chance that one of the five trailers that had 
gotten transmitters attached to them would head towards the 
island in question. The radical faction would have to protect 
the weapon after all. 

“Great idea, Sakuraba-senpai! Clan!” 

“There's a record on the computer! One of the trailers will be 
heading to the island in question!” 

“Don't lose sight of that one! If you do, you'll be punished!” 

“What a stupid request! Just who do you think I am?!” 

“I'm counting on you, princess. Our future is depending on 

“Please, Clan-oneechan.” 

“...Leave it to me. If Bertorion is going to call me princess and 
you are calling me oneechan, then I shall let you win!” 

Clan's eyes behind her glasses shone as she nodded and began 
busily operating her bracelet, sending orders to the Cradle 
that's on standby in the sky. The People of the Earth's and 
Koutarou and the others' fate rested on the unmanned scouts 
that would track the trailers. 

Part 4 

After finishing their information gathering, Koutarou and the 
others headed towards the exit of the control room. Using 
their obtained information as their basis, there was a ton of 
things that needed to be done. 

“Kii, I've sent Theiamillis-san and the others the sign to 
withdraw through the Cradle.” 

“Thank you. After grouping up with Theia-dono and the rest 
we should head straight towards the island. There's no time to 

“Sakuraba-senpai, how's your body holding up?” 

“I'm feeling just fine.” 

“I see... then let's go.” 

Waiting for the four to gather by the door, Koutarou opened 
the door. Just like when they had entered, the door slid to the 
side to open. However, the scenery on the other side was 
different from when they had entered. 

Past the door was a large passage, over ten meters wide. It was 
a passage that looked like it could house several lanes of traffic. 

And in the passage was a man that Koutarou and Kiriha had 
seen before. 

“It's been a while, Kurano's daughter, and the brat.” 

“Tayuma! As expected, you were here!” 

Kiriha glared at the man, Shijima Tayuma. However, Tayuma 
had a grin and look that was looking down on her. 

“As expected is my line. As expected, you fell into my trap, 
Kurano's daughter.” 


Upon hearing the word trap, Koutarou's expression changed, 
and Tayuma showed Koutarou a condescending smile. 

“You're slow as always, brat. You think we'd leave the control 
room unmanned for no reason?” 

“...You used it as a trap.” 

Koutarou began understanding the situation. The moment the 
diversion team appeared, Tayuma and the other expected that 
there would be another team that would infiltrate. And if a 
second team existed they would without fail head towards the 
control room filled with secrets. There, they would all be all 
swept up. The control room had only one entrance. Once they 
had been lured in their path of retreat would be cut off and 
they would be trapped. 

“Then the factory's security on the inside was lax for the same 


“Fufun, at least Kurano's daughter is quick on the draw. That's 
correct. Why would we waste soldiers if we didn't know where 
you'd enter. All we had to do was place our soldiers in an 
ambush around the area you were guaranteed to go to, the 
control room, just like this.” 

Radical faction soldiers appeared from the darkness of the 
passage. There were twelve of the robots that had appeared 
during the daytime. On the opposite side of them were four 
large machines guns, moved by wheels that would 
automatically track their targets. Both were weapons that had 
been produced in this factory. 

“So your target was Kiriha-san from the very beginning.” 

“That's right. If we stimulate her sense for danger, Kurano's 
daughter would have no choice but to appear in hopes to find 
information. Just like Maguz-sama planned.” 

“Maguz...? I see, so he's the mastermind...” 

Koutarou lightly grinded his teeth. Koutarou knew that 
Tayuma wasn't all there was to tthe radical faction, so he 
wasn't all that surprised. However, he didn't think it would be 
easy to defeat someone that had planned this far ahead. He 
couldn't help but imagine how severe the future battle would 

“Mastermind? Not at all. Maguz-sama is our supreme leader 
that will bring us People of the Earth a great future.” 

Tayuma smiled proudly. He was fiercely loyal to Maguz. 

“Despite that, you failed last year.” 

“The outcome of that didn't matter. In truth. All the attention 
was gathered on me, allowing us to prepare for the war.” 

Maguz had been pulling the strings behind Tayuma's attack 
last year. 

Tayuma's goal back then was to have Kiriha or Tayuma 
himself killed by surface dwellers, which would draw the 
public opinion of the People of the Earth towards war. But 
having that fail gave the radical faction a reason to stay low. 

In the foreground they were staying low, but in the 
background they were preparing for a large-scale war. If the 
radical faction became more inactive for no reason, there 
would be some that would question it. But with Tayuma 
defeated, there was no one that questioned their inactivity. 
They were able to earn several valuable months. 

If Tayuma had succeeded the public opinion would sway. If he 
failed he would buy time for the radical faction to prepare for 
war. It was because he understood that, that Maguz listened to 
Tayuma's selfish demands and sent him to the surface. 

“Maguz-sama is a great, broad minded person who even takes 
what someone as insignificant as me says into consideration. 
He is not someone the likes of you could ever defeat!” 

Tayuma had a wide smile. Koutarou and the others were 
already in the middle of his trap. It was a smile of conviction. 

“I won't let things go as you plan, Tayuma! I will capture you 
here, and Maguz right after!” 

Kiriha sent a sharp glance and words at Tayuma. 

I don't like that face... then! 

Koutarou preferred Kiriha's normally gentle expression. Just 
like how he didn't want Yurika to be a magical girl, he didn't 
want Kiriha to be a commander in a battle. He wanted her to be 
her normal kind self and he wanted Kii to be her innocent self. 

If Kiriha would have this expression as long as she had 
enemies, then those enemies needed to be defeated as swiftly 
as possible. Koutarou once more made up his mind and 
clenched his fist. 

“Fuahaha. Sadly I can't agree to your demands. I will take my 
leave for today.” 


However, Tayuma turned his back to Koutarou and the others. 
He had no intentions of fighting himself. The crowd of 
weapons moved and protected his back. 

“Wait, Tayuma!” 

“Kurano's daughter, if you wish to fight against me you'll first 
needed to defeat these. Well, neither Maguz-sama and I care if 
you die or survive this.” 

Tayuma didn't listen to Kiriha and calmly left the passage. 
Koutarou and the others wanted to rush up and catch him, but 
the 16 weapons stood in their way. They couldn't do anything 
else until they destroyed these. 

“...I'm sorry, Koutarou. And to you too, Clan, Harumi. The 
enemy is more troublesome than I thought.” 

Tayuma calmly walked down the passage and disappeared 
behind a corner. After seeing that, Kiriha grinded her teeth in 
frustration. She realized how naive she had been. 

“Don't sweat it.” 

Koutarou smiled at Kiriha. When she looked into his eyes she 
noticed that they were different from normal. They held a 
strong determination in them. 

“Once this is all over, I'll be satisfied as long as you give me a 
kiss with a smile.” 


Those words alone caused Kiriha's strength to leave his 

That's right... this is the kind of person Onii-chan has always 

Some of the anxiety she felt from her blunders was replaced 
with courage. Kiriha placed her hand above the card inside her 
clothes and smiled as she thought of feelings placed in it. 

“Fufu... now you've said it. Then let's hurry up and end this so I 
can rain kisses down upon you.” 

“I'll look forward to it... Blue Knight, give me my sword.” 

“As you wish, my lord.” 

Kiriha felt that no matter how strong he was, holding a 
weapon just didn't suit Koutarou. And for that reason as well, 
she wanted to reach a conclusion as quickly as possible. 


The enemies attacked at the same time that Koutarou readied 
Signaltin. Because of that, the enemies attacks were slightly 

Immediately the shrill sound of motors, the four machine 
guns opened fire at the same time. They each had their own 
target and a rain of bullets rained down upon all of the 
members of the infiltration team. 

“Deploy the distortion field over a wider area!” 

“Karama, Korama, Spiritual Energy Field to maximum output!” 

However, before the bullets could hit two barriers stood in 
their way. It was Clan's personal barrier and the spiritual 
energy barrier created by the two haniwas. But these two 
sturdy barriers were spread over a wide area, and only 
managed to slow the bullets. 

“Come, spirits of wind! Dance around and become a whirl, 
show your great powers capable of traversing the world! Blow 
it all away! Shielding Wind!” 

However, the slightly delayed third barrier completely stopped 
the slowed bullets. The third barrier was a spell created by 
Harumi using ancient magic. 

“Everyone, focus on the machine guns first! We can't have 
them moving around freely!” 

Koutarou gave orders behind the three and swung his sword at 
the mechanical soldiers. It was his job to slow down as many 
of the mechanical soldiers as possible. 

I won't lose to these one on one, but... 

But going up against twelve was troublesome. These had been 
made by the same technology as Maya's body, and while they 
couldn't move as fast as her, they were still quick. On top of 
that, they cooperated well during their attacks. While their 
cooperation wasn't as good as the Motor Knights that Elexis 
had used, combined with their speed it was a handful. And 
most of all there were a lot of them. While Koutarou could read 
their movements as they were powered by spiritual energy, it 
was difficult dealing with twelve of them at once. As a result, 
four of them slipped past Koutarou and attacked the girls 
behind him. 

“Kii, use this!” 


The ones to deal with the oncoming four machines were Clan 
and Kiriha. The two were using weapons that Clan had 
summoned and squared down with the four mechanical 


Kiriha was using a naginata with a blade generating an intense 
heat. Well versed in military arts, Kiriha dexterously swung 
the naginata around and blocked the mechanical soldiers large 

“Keep it up, Kii!!” 

Clan held a beam cannon in both hands and repeatedly shot at 
the mechanical soldier that had made contact with Kiriha. 

Since Clan was bad at melee combat, Kiriha naturally had to 
defend with the naginata while Clan use her beam cannon to 

While the Clan and Kiriha formed the second line of defense, 
Harumi aimed for the machine guns with her spell. While the 
barrier might block the machine guns' fire it didn't block the 
mechanical soldiers that had come up close. The machine guns 
needed to be destroyed as quickly as possible so the barriers 
could be redistributed. 

“Gather, spirits of water! Dance, spirits of wind! Combine these 
two powers and appear, spirits of lightning! Oh dragon-like 
dark cloud, open your jaws and destroy!” 

Harumi's hair shone with silver and chanted a spell as if it was 
a song. As her incantation continued a powerful electric 
charge gathered around her and shone as dazzlingly as 

“Roar of Thunder!” 

Upon finishing her incantation, Harumi opened her closed 
eyes and stared at the machine guns in front of her. As she did, 
the electric charge that had floated around her split into four 
and assaulted the machine guns. 

With a loud roar, the lightning struck so close, it was like a 
massive hammer had slammed down on something. The roar 
echoed repeatedly off the walls of the passage. Since attack 
spells required the use of multiple elements at the same time, 
they were considered top level spells. Their effect were 
tremendous and a direct hit wouldn't leave one unscathed. 

“It didn't work?! Why?!” 

However, the machine guns were still functional. While they 
weren't completely unharmed they were still firing. Since she 
had attacked Elexis' Motor Knights with this same spell, 
Harumi had no idea why it hadn't worked. 

“Harumi-chan, it's barriers Ho!” 

“They have Spiritual Energy Fields as well Ho! Elemental based 
attacks won't work Ho!” 

Karama and Korama who also functioned on spiritual energy 
understood what had happened. The moment before the 
electricity had hit, the machine guns had activated their 
barriers and protected themselves. They made up for their 
slower moments with a sturdier barrier. 

“What should I do, Karama-chan, Korama-chan?!” 

“Earth, water, fire, wind and the higher-ranking spirits won't 
work Ho! It's what Spiritual Energy Fields specialize in Ho!” 

“You can't convert the spirits' power Ho! You need to attack 
with pure power or magical power itself Ho!” 

“Thank you, I'll give it a try!” 

The spirits that the ancient magic of Forthorthe used where 
spirits that naturally resided in the world. That's why 
converting magical power into the spirits' power made it 
easier for the spiritual energy barriers to block. The 
compatibility between the two were the worst. 

“To think they could withstand Sakuraba-senpai's magic.” 

Koutarou was panicking a little from the unexpected 
development. Koutarou knew very well how powerful her 
spells were. While their barriers might specialize in guarding 
against it, they had enough power to endure the attack. They 
were dangerous opponents that shouldn't be taken lightly. 

“Nothing will come from complaining! Harumi will surely pull 
it off!” 

“You're right. Let's believe in Sakuraba-senpai!” 

Koutarou pushed aside his surprise after listening to Kiriha 
and focused on his own battle. While he had done some 
damage to them, the eight mechanical soldiers in front of him 
were still all present. If he lost his focus when dealing with 
these swift soldiers, he'd pay for it. 

“Kii, we'll need to hold down the fort!” 

“No problems. As long as it's just blocking, I should be able to 
do something!” 

Clan and Kiriha were holding back the enemy as well. Their 
primary focus was keeping the enemy away from Harumi who 
would be in charge of the counteroffensive. 

“This time... it will work...” 

Harumi clasped her hands in front of her chest. Her friends 
were still fighting hard, and her judgment and actions would 
sway this battle. Harumi was nervous. 

I can't attack using the spirits' powers... in that case! 

Harumi mustered up her courage and began incanting once 


“Oh great power that guards all, oh light of hope that shone in 
the beginning! Gather in front of me and become a sword to 
cut my enemies!” 

Harumi's hair turned completely silver and her entire body 
was wrapped in a white light. Before long that light began 
gathering in her extended right hand. The gathered light grew 
brighter, and began extending forward from her hand. The 
extended light grew longer, thicker and brighter. It was a large 
sword of light born from Harumi's magical power. 

“Cut them down! Royal Silver Sword!” 

Finishing her incantation, Harumi swung her right hand. The 
light that had gathered in her hand followed her movement 
and swung with her. As the tip of the sword had pierced 
through the ceiling, it cut through the ceiling as the sword was 
brought down. 


Koutarou was captivated by the pure-white light that passed 
by his side. It was such a shocking light that Koutarou forgot 
about his battle for an instant. 

Without sound, the sword cut the machine gun on the right in 
half. Harumi then lightly flicked her wrist to the side and the 
sword of light cut down the other three as well. The light 
began disappearing there, but it also cut down two of the 
mechanical soldiers before completely vanishing. 

“...Phew... it worked...” 

After the light had disappeared Harumi looked down at her 
right hand and let out a small sigh. She didn't have any real 
confidence that this attack would work. 

The spell Harumi had used gathered Signaltin's powers and 
discharged it directly. Since it was a rough move that only 
discharged pure magical power, Harumi didn't know if she 
could properly control it or not. 

But fortunately it all worked out well. Since it was Signaltin's 
magical power, using it as a sword suited it well, and Alaia's 
feelings surely helped as well. That was what Harumi felt as 
she felt a huge relief. 

“...Sakuraba-senpai is starting to look more and more like 
empress Alaia...” 

Koutarou couldn't hide his surprise. Harumi had been playing 
Alaia's role on the scene, but lately she hadn't just been taking 
on the role of Alaia on stage, but also in real life. Alaia's 
memories, her beautiful silver hair, her control of Signaltin 
and its excess magical power through the use of ancient magic. 
The Silver Princess, Alaia, was in the process of reviving in the 
modern age using the normal girl Harumi, as her base. 

No , this might her majesty Alaia's wish itself... 

There, Koutarou realized that Harumi was Alaia's ideal itself. 

Alaia had spent her life as a royalty of Forthorthe until her 
very last moment. But she had to throw away her own 
freedom and happiness for it. In contrast, Harumi was a 

normal girl who had inherited Alaia's appearance, powers and 
memories. In other words, the current Harumi should be 
incredibly close to what Alaia had been if she had been born as 
a normal girl. Koutarou also believed that Harumi's 
personality hadn't changed for the same reason. 

Her majesty wouldn't take over someone else's life. Especially if 
that someone is her ideal itself... 

As Koutarou was distracted by Harumi for an instant, the 
mechanical soldiers attacked. They were trying to tear him 
apart with their large claws. 

“Oh crap?!” 

Having been distracted, Koutarou's reaction was a little bit 
delayed. As a result, he exposed an opening for the soldiers to 


However, the mechanical soldiers' claws were stopped by 
Kiriha's naginata the moment before they hit. 

“This battle isn't over yet, don't let your guard down, 

From there, Kiriha used the naginata's blade and handle to 
unleash a flurry of attacks. 

“Sorry. You saved me, Kiriha-san!” 

Koutarou readied his sword again and attacked a nearby 
soldiers. With the machine guns destroyed, the battle had 
begun progressing in Koutarou's and the others' favor. With 
the barriers that had been used to block the machine guns 

freed up, they could make more bold attacks and the 
mechanical soldiers that outnumbered them began being 
pushed back. 

“At this rate, I won't have any time to shine.” 

“That's not true. It's because of Clan-san that we are here.” 
“...You're good at flattering others, Harumi.” 

“Flattering... but it's the truth.” 

Next, Clan and Harumi began supporting, disrupting the 
mechanical soldiers cooperation, allowing for Koutarou and 
Kiriha to defeat the soldiers one after another. It didn't take 
many minutes for all of the mechanical soldiers to be 
destroyed. Looking at the result, the moment Harumi 
destroyed the four machine guns, their victory was assured. 

Kiriha’s Determination 

Saturday, July 3 

While they had gathered the information they needed and 
everyone had safely returned to room 106, Kiriha's gloomy 
expression remained the same. Koutarou understood Kiriha's 
feelings, there were mountains of doubts. 

“...Why didn't Tayuma try killing us?” 

That was the biggest doubt in Koutarou's mind. 

If more of the weapons produced in the factory had been sent 
at Koutarou and the others in the control room, they might 
have been killed as they had been trapped. But for some reason 

Tayuma hadn't done so and Koutarou couldn't understand 

That was where Kiriha answered his doubts, having thought 
about it hard, she had already found the reason. 

“He probably planned on killing the intruders at first. That 
was why he placed a trap by the control room.” 

The information the intruders would want is gathered in the 
control room, and a trap was placed around the room with 
only one entrance. Kiriha believed that the original plan was to 
kill the intruders on the spot. 

“But on the way, they noticed that the intruders were us and 
changed their policy.” 

“What kind of policy would that be?” 

“I can think of two reasons. The first is that Tayuma and the 
others want to learn of our abilities.” 

If the intruders had been the Sun Rangers, they would have 
been wiped out. But it had been Kiriha and the others that 
came. That's why Tayuma changed his policy. 

To Tayuma, Koutarou and the others were unknown enemies 
that had given him a hard time in the past, and there was a 
high chance that they would appear during the battle with the 
surface dwellers. With only a portion of them arriving at the 
control room, it would be better to find out about their abilities 
rather than trying to use force. 

For that they threw a standard combat unit at Koutarou and 
the others. From the data taken on that, they would send in a 

force that would definitely win next time. That's why Tayuma 
had left full of confidence. There was no reason why they had 
to be defeated there. 

“It should also be to give the People of the Earth information 
about the earthquake weapon.” 

The other reason was believed to leak the knowledge of the 
earthquake weapon to the People of the Earth. 

If the conservative faction left the earthquake weapon be, they 
would lose their home and be forced up to the surface and 
dragged into a battle. That said, even if they found out about it, 
there was no guarantee that the People of the Earth would 
believe it. There, decisive evidence was given to them through 
a definite route. The most definite route would be through the 
Kurano family leading the People of the Earth. If someone 
from that family were to find evidence in the enemy base it 
would become very convincing. In other words, Kiriha was 
being used as a messenger to deliver this information to the 
conservative faction. 

This could be considered a highly efficient method. In fact, 
having seen the information around the earthquake weapon 
with her own eyes, she was now moving to take measures 
against it. It was only a question of time before all of the 
conservative faction did the same. 

“Damnit, so we're all moving in accordance to Tayuma's... no 
Maguz's plans...” 

Koutarou grinded his teeth in mortification. Their opponent 
was always one step ahead of them. With that in mind, the 
chances are that it would stay that way in the future as well. 

“So Kiriha, what will you do?” 

Theia directed a severe glance, rarely seen in room 106 these 
days, at Kiriha. As she thought of what would happen next, she 
couldn't help but show the expression of a princess. Theia 
believed that battle was no longer anything that could be 

“...I can't find one... a way to settle things without anyone 
getting hurt...” 

But Kiriha still hadn't reached a conclusion. She could see 
several choices in front of her, but regardless of her choice, 
there would be casualties. That's why she didn't choose 
something she could see, but desperately sought after a 
different choice. 

“There might be a choice where nobody gets hurt. But there's 
no time to find it. Kiriha, you need to take action right away.” 

“I know... but...” 

Kiriha bit her lip in frustration. In truth she actually knew that 
as well. In fact she had spoken to her father, Daiha, about the 
coming battle just the other day. Even though she knew, she 
couldn't accept that choice when faced with it. 

Kiriha's actions were always based on kindness. Intelligent as 
she was, she always tried to stay on step ahead of others and 
made sure that problems never happened. Whether it was in 

politics or in private, she always strived for a conclusion where 
no one was hurt. 

“My thoughts are that when your choices are limited and 
casualties can't be avoided, then the choice that will cause the 
least casualties is preferable.” 

“But... hurting the surface dwellers or having them become 
enemies of the People of the Earth is something I can't accept.” 

But because of that, she couldn't help but hesitate when faced 
with a decision that would cause casualties. She was 
completely different from Theia who acted just. Even though 
she knew she had no other choice, she couldn't make her mind 
up. Kiriha was at a loss. Her expression distorted with 
frustration and she strongly grasped her fist. 


That was where Koutarou reached his hand out to Kiriha. He 
undid her clenched fist and held it. 


Unable to understand his intentions, Kiriha stared at 
Koutarou. She had the expression of a child looking to her 
parents for answers, it was an expression that reminded 
Koutarou of how she had looked eleven years ago. That's why 
Koutarou smiled with all his might and talked to her in a 
gentle tone. 

“If Kiriha-san and Kii-chan say they need me, then I will help 
in any way I can.” 

When she was just a young girl, Kiriha had been too 
understanding. That's why if Koutarou had told her to what 
path to take, she likely would. However, Koutarou believed 
that wasn't good enough. While she might pretend to 
understand everything on the outside, she was deeply hurt 

“And if we fail even then, then I'll regret it together with you 
for as many decades as it takes.” 

What Kiriha and Kii needed wasn't someone who told them 
what was right. Being smart, she already knew that. What she 
needed was just one thing. To be able wholly accept what she 
didn't want to speak. 

“So tell me. What is it that Kiriha-san needs right now? What 
should I do?” 

Koutarou knew that was the kind of girl she was, in the past 
and in the present. And he was going to accept anything she 
said. With that strong desire in his mind, he held Kiriha's 

“...Koutarou... Onii-chan...” 

Kiriha was taken by surprise by Koutarou's words. He was 
saying that he would disregard good and evil, and side with 
Kiriha. Those words reminded her of eleven years ago. Of 
Koutarou who had cried because of his own helplessness, and 
of herself, desperately trying to save him. Kiriha noticed that 
Koutarou was saying the same things she had back then, that 
he was accepting her weakness. 

“...Thank you, Koutarou...” 

That's why Kiriha squeezed Koutarou's hand back. In response 
to that, Koutarou squeezed her hand harder. Kiriha used her 
free hand to wipe away the tears that had started to fall. She 
was happy for Koutarou's feelings, but she had no time to cry. 
Right now she needed to take action before anything else. 

“Please listen, Koutarou, and everyone else too.” 

After wiping away her tears, Kiriha raised her head. Not even 
the faintest trace of weakness could be felt from her anymore. 
Her expression had returned to that of a calm commander. 

“From here on, we, the People of the Earth, will use armed 
force the stop the out of control radical faction.” 

As a member of the conservative faction, Kiriha herself was a 
pacifist. The fact that she had steeled herself for battle was a 
heavy one. That was how far the situation had progressed. 

And that was conveyed to the girls of room 106. Their 
connection ran deep. 

“While it is deeply regrettable for the People of the Earth to 
fight against each other, we can't leave them be. we will 
capture the leaders of the radical faction, stop the use of the 
earthquake weapon and protect both the surface and the 
underground. For that end, we need your power!” 

The radical faction were still People of the Earth. If possible, 
Kiriha didn't want to hurt them. In order to avoid that, she had 
desperately struggled until now. But she had now finally made 
up her mind. If she didn't, she wouldn't be able to protect 
anything. She couldn't sit and roll her thumbs while her 
hometown was brought to ruin. 

“Please, lend me your power! The enemy is far to great for us 
alone to handle!” 

The radical faction was strong. They had gathered huge funds 
without being noticed, had the help of magicians and were 
mass producing weapons. Their actions were also quick, and 
had brought the situation to this point. While the conservative 
faction had the number advantage, it would be hard to turn 
this situation around. That's why Kiriha needed the help of 
Koutarou and the other girls of room 106. While she didn't like 
involving them with her battle, she had no option choice. 

“Fufun, I've been waiting for those words, Kiriha! You are my 
rival! I'll kick those radicals to the curb so we can return to our 
original fight!” 

“Theia is right, Kiriha! We'll beat them up with a smash and 
bang and go play somewhere again! The summer vacation is 
almost here!” 

“I will help too! Magic is being misused, so this is my job!” 

“I'll go too. I can't let this be since Maya-sama is involved in 

“Kii, just leave this to me. You can relax and rely on me.” 

“Master, what will the band of knights do?” 

“The Satomi band of knights will all sorties. We are going to 
support the People of the Earth's conservative faction.” 

“As you wish, my lord. I will stake my life to do so.” 

“What will you do, Sakuraba-senpai.” 

“I will help too of course. Kurano-san is my friend after all. 
What about you, Kasagi-san?” 

“Me too. A landlord and tenant share mind and body. Right, 

“That's right. I shall help too. I'm also interested in the 
underground country." 

The girls offer their help one after another. Not a single one 
was against it. There was not a single person in this place with 
a relationship so shallow they could abandon Kiriha in her 

“Everyone... thank you...” 

Kiriha's chest grew hot and she was moved to tears. As she 
looked at the girls of room 106 she felt truly glad that she came 
to the surface. She also wanted to spread this relationship to 
the surface dwellers and the People of the Earth. With that in 
mind she had to stop the radical faction no matter what. 

Part 2 

What Koutarou and the others were calling the earthquake 
weapon had been given the name of Earth Dragon. In the 
People of the Earth's culture, the spiritual energy running 
underground was likened to a dragon. The name was taken 
from that. The dragon of the earth was stirred up to create 

Elexis who was in the control room quite liked the name. The 
enterprise he managed himself also had dragon in its name 
after all. 

Elexis was currently facing a brand-new computer, 
performing the final adjustments to Earth Dragon. This very 
advanced product was very delicate, and not only did have to 
harmonize with spiritual energy technology, but even with the 
help of magic, it would be difficult for it to reach its designed 
power. As a result, Elexis had been nailed down in this room 
for days with scarce change. 

“I'm back.” 

“Ah, welcome back, Maya.” 

It was Maya that brought change to his life. When she came 
unexpected things happened one after another. Having 
completely lost to Koutarou, Elexis remained on Earth because 
he liked that Maya. 

“How did it look?” 

“They're a nonsense bunch as always. I think they've gotten 
even stronger than before.” 

“What about Koutarou-kun?” 

“Especially the boy... Here, you should take a look for yourself.” 

“Thank you, Maya. I'm looking forward to it.” 

Maya handed Elexis a memory card. Inside it was combat data 
about Koutarou and the others, retrieved from the weapons 
and information from the sensors placed around the factory. 
With this, Koutarou's and the girls' of room 106 combat 
capabilities should be properly measured. It was information 
that Elexis and Maya wanted. 

“Elexis, that's quite the attitude when you have a beauty like 
me in front of you.” 

“Hm? What's that supposed to mean?” 

“You've got an expression like you've gotten a love letter from 
your lover.” 

“I guess I can't dismiss calling Koutarou-kun my lover. Isn't 
that the same for you?” 

“Fufufu.... we're quite twisted, aren't we?” 

Maya and Elexis smiled at each other. This kind of situation 
would often happen lately. Looking at it broadly, the two 
thought similarly, so they didn't need to pay attention to 
other. But when it came to details, they could enjoy themselves 
as the other had ideas they themselves would never have. 

“There's that, and it's partially a reaction to something that I 
don't like.” 

“Are you stuck in your work?” 

It was rare for Maya to bother with someone else's feelings. She 
would walk down her own path regardless of what others 

“No, that's not it. While it takes time, work is proceeding 

“Then what is it?” 

“Honestly speaking, I can't say I like this situation. I 
understand their goals, but their means are weapons of mass 
destruction and kidnapping.” 

The same was true for Elexis. He rarely complained about 
others. That became a natural part of him as he was someone 
who stood above others. But ever since Maya's appearance, 
that part of him was gradually changing. 

“Fufu, Then I guess we both have a guilty conscience about it.” 

“I'm not rejecting the method itself. It's something I might use 
myself. However that kind of method needs to be limited and 
controlled. Yet they are giving priority to their feelings.” 

While Maya and Elexis were working together with him, they 
didn't hold positive feelings for Tayuma. Both of them 
prioritized their goal, but Tayuma was too excessive. The two 
didn't like that. 

“Evil has it own way of blooming.” 

“That's right... In that regard, you are truly beautiful, Maya.” 

“I can't obediently feel happy about being called an evil 

“Hahaha, an evil woman, huh! I see, that's certainly what it 
would mean!” 

“Gee... so shameless...” 

The two were in the process of building their relationship as 
partners. However, their realization to the fact that they had 
built a relationship with an equal was slow, and it was 
questionable if they were seeing it or not. 

“...Jokes aside, what is that Tayuma doing?” 

“That would be kidnapping. He has gone with Maguz to go 
capture Kurano Daiha.” 

“So it's finally starting.” 

“Yes. The People of the Earth's civil war is about to begin.” 

“...Leaving my standpoint aside, I would like to see Koutarou- 
kun and his friends shine. That way would be more elegant.” 

“It's not I don't understand how you feel... do your best. 


The two's goal was far off. It's first step was cooperating with 
the People of the Earth's radical faction. What they got in 
return brought them closer to their goal. That's why it was still 
unclear how the two would influence the People of the Earth's 


Long time no see everyone, it's the author Takehaya. 

This 15 th volume goes on sale in March. That makes it just 
about five years since the first volume was released. And on 
this fifth year anniversary I have a major announcement to 
make. You may have seen or heard rumors about this before 

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? is getting an anime! 

This is all thanks to you readers who have supported me 

through these 17 volumes, including the side stories. I would 
like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Now then, the anime is set to be broadcast on the summer 
season, and preparations for it are rapidly advancing. I also 
regularly participate in scenario conferences. 

As for the content itself, it is believed that it will be accurately 
adapted. Of course, the restrictions are more severe than on a 
novel, so it's not easy work. You can't make an anime just by 
splitting it up into 30 minute intervals. 

On the other side of the hardship are points that will be 
strengthened by an anime. Such as characters gestures and 
cuteness, or Yurika's uselessness. I believe it will be portrayed 
in a way that you can clearly understand just by looking at it. 
Up until now, this had to be left up to everyone's imagination, 
so I believe it will work out as a major plus. 

That's why after adding and subtracting the good and bad 
sides of anime, I can only pray that it will work out as a plus 
for everyone. While everyone will perceive it differently, I can 
only hope that as many readers can enjoy it. 

Now that I think about it, an anime was first brought up 
around the fifth volume. Since then about three years have 
passed. I am personally grateful for it to be brought up again 
now. When making an anime there are a lot of things that has 
to be determined. Like for example that person that appears in 
the ruins of the first volume. If that character had to be strictly 
defined three years ago, the development from there on would 
be very restrained. But now we're up to the 15th volume. The 

development from this point has already been determined. 
From this point, there wouldn't be any problems if the 
previously undefined development was determined. That's 
why I believe the anime will be able to accurately portray that 
person in the ruins. Since novels and anime have such 
differences, I believe you will find a different entertainment if 
you chose to watch the anime. 

This is about all the space I have for the afterword this time 
around. It was all centered around the anime, but it can't be 
helped this time around. That's just how big this news is. 

Well then finally, I would like to thank the editorial 
department who are helping with both the novel and now the 
anime, the respective companies involved, Poco-san for always 
drawing me cute characters and finally to all those of you who 
have bought this volume. 

Then let us meet again in the afterword of volume 16. 

January, 2014 Takehaya