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\ Pm 11 ! : 1 

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High Maneuver Warfare Moi ___ 
Customize For Kalama & Kolam; 

ciǤw : 4 

Height: !?8m 
weight: 25.5t'V > ^ 

Armament: 1 

Amplified Elemental Beam Cannon 
Elemental Torpedo 
Grapple Arm 

lemental Field Generator^ 


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fill to\ it 

3e;s irj 

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Z 1C ¥ 

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tt 5 

To the Underground World 

Part 1 

Sunday, July 4 

To the five Sun Rangers, the Forthorthe weapons they had 
been loaned were complete mysteries. While they had only 
been issued with non-lethal weapons to keep the conflict 
from growing larger, they were still far more excellent than 
any of the weapons on Earth. The five could not do anything 
but be amazed. 

“What the heck is this... I've never seen a taser gun that fires 

“Hayato-niichan, this looks like a bazooka, but is it seriously 

“Kenichi, wouldn't this suit you? Supposedly it's a shock 

“You're right. Daisaku, could you spar with me a little?" 

“Yeah, sure. Let's confirm all of their uses." 

While they had been shocked at first, they couldn't stay 
surprised with a battle so close. In preparation for the the real 
battle, they began some light sparring battles. 

“How is it Daisaku?" 

“Hmm, it seems like there's a bit of delay between a hit and 
when the zap comes." 

“I see. So I need to correspond faster than with the usual 

A bang rang out. 

“...A direct hit. Well done, Hayato-niichan." 

“What an unpleasant gun. It hits exactly where I am." 

“So that's why you hit slightly above the mark." 

“It looks like I won't need to make any corrections with this." 

The practice continued for a while, and just as the practice 
was about to end. 


Megumi spotted several small silhouettes behind some 
drums. These silhouettes belonged to the children of the 
underground people. The Sun Rangers were currently in the 
conservative faction's stronghold, and these were their 

“What are you doing here. We are practicing fighting here, so 
it's dangerous." 

“...Are you heroes of justice?" 

One of the children behind the drums timidly asked Megumi. 
They had overheard the adults speaking about transforming 
heroes and came to take a look. 

“I always wish to be one.” 

"...Are you going to defeat the underground people?" 

That was what the children worried about the most. Still 
unaware of how the world worked, the last thing the children 
wanted was to become the enemy of heroes of justice. 

"No, that's not it. It doesn't matter if you're surface people or 
underground people. We are only going to stop those that 
would hurt others." 

"Then... you're our allies?" 

"Are you bullying someone?" 

"No, we wouldn't do that. We all get along!" 

"With the surface people too?" 

"Yeah! We went together to a festival the day before 

"I see. Then we are your allies." 

As Megumi smiled, the children let out sighs of relief. From 
there, children came out from behind the drums, one after 
another. In total there were seven of them, and they looked 
at the Sun Rangers with sparkling eyes. 

"You transform right!?” 

"Yes, we do." 

"I want to see it!” 

"Hmm, let's go ask the others... Everyone, could you come 


Kenichi and the others approached the children after Megumi 
called for them. As they did, Kenichi spoke to the other Sun 
Rangers with a serious expression. 

“...Everyone, our responsibility is huge." 

“I know. We're not the same we were last year." 

“I can't just sit around eating." 

“It's a little embarrassing though." 

The Sun Rangers were different from what they had been a 
year ago. While their abilities were still in development, but 
they were now well aware of what they couldn't let down. 

That's why they made up their minds. 

That regardless of outcome, they would fight in a way the 
children would be proud of them. 

Part 2 

Koutarou and the others were currently in the stronghold of 
the People of the Earth's conservative faction. This stronghold 
was a refuge facility that had been prepared in the case of an 
unexpected situation. Koutarou and the others had gathered 
there to swiftly decide on a strategy and prepare their 
equipment for the coming battle with the radical faction. 

They were currently in the conference room, in the middle of 
a strategy meeting. Those related to room 106 and those in 
important positions amongst the conservative faction had 
gathered and had been discussing for a quite a while now. 
Only professor Roppongi was present for the meeting 
amongst those related to the Sun Rangers. Since the Sun 
Rangers were training with their weapons, the meeting was 
left in Roppongi's hands. 

“...Then let's go over what's been decided." 

Kiriha, who was the commander of the entire operation, was 
leading the meeting. Once the entire strategy had been 
decided on she explained it part by part with a severe 

“Theia-dono will be the surface troops. Ruth, Shizuka, Maki, 
the Sun Rangers and 80 of the conservative faction's combat 
unit will be part of this, for a total of 89 men." 

Koutarou and the others had decided to divide their troops for 
the upcoming battle with the radical faction. There were the 
surface troops that would seize control of the earthquake 
weapon, and the underground troops that would capture the 
radical faction's leaders. 

Members that could use large-scale attacks were primarily 
chosen as members of the surface troops. Such as Theia and 
Ruth who could use their battleship, the Blue Knight, and 
Shizuka who held the power of a dragon inside of her. And 
based on the information they had gathered, there was a 
chance that Maya had cast some kind of spell on the 
earthquake weapon, so Maki would be tagging along with 

The Sun Rangers were chosen for the surface troops, not only 
because they were more suitable for a surface battle, but 
also because of political reasons. Rather than intervening in 
foreign political matters, dealing with a threat on the surface 
was closer to their original duty. This was decided to keep the 
surface and underground from conflicting. 

On top of this, 80 members of the conservative faction's 
combat unit would join as well. Because the conservative 
faction's forces were small, this number was about the 
maximum amount of soldiers that could be mustered. Any 
more than this might also cause troubles with movement, so 
it was considered an appropriate number. 

“The underground troops will consist of Koutarou, Yurika, 
Harumi and Sanae under my command. On top of that 
another 15 of the conservative faction's troops will join, 
giving us a total of 20." 

The underground troops instead had a very flexible 
composition. With the calm and quick-witted Kiriha in the 
lead, Koutarou who fought using all kinds of powers, Yurika 
and Harumi who could use magic, and Sanae who could 
sense and detect enemies better than anyone with her 
spiritual powers they could adapt and avoid fighting as much 
as possible with their smaller numbers. 

With 20 of Kiriha's subordinates with them, they were still just 

a quarter of the ground troops numbers. But underground, in 
narrow spots, having a larger number was often wasted, 
that's why 20 was considered the optimal balance between 
fighting power and stealth. 

"Clan-dono will standby in the sky in the Cradle and cover 
where needed.” 

Clan was an exception who wasn't part of either troop. She 
had two primary jobs. She would communicate with the 
surface and underground, and support them in their battle. 

Since the battle would take place on the surface and 
underground it would normally be impossible to 
communicate, but it was barely possible through the use of 
Forthorthe's gravitational wave communications. Yet even 
then it would be hard to connect to those underground. So 
Clan would standby in the Cradle, relaying communications 
from her position. With that, it should be possible for the two 
troops to cooperate flawlessly. 

On top of that she would support both troops, from analyzing 
information to transferring supplies. 

While these two jobs might seem plain, they were incredibly 

"The underground troops will move first, and once we have 
located the enemy's base, both troops will begin their attack 
simultaneously. Since both sides will act as a diversion for the 
other, the timing of the attack is of utmost importance.” 

Currently, the position of the earthquake weapon was all but 
confirmed, however, the radical faction's base still hadn't 
been determined. While there are some leads, they would 
have to search as they headed underground. 

Once the radical faction's base has been found, a 
simultaneous attack would be launched on the base and 
earthquake weapon. 

“The mission will begin as of 1900 today, we will begin after 
the sun sets." 

As the season was drawing near summer, the sun would set 
around 7PM. An attack would stand out less after the sun had 
set, and since neither side wanted to be seen, taking action 
after sunset was inevitable. 

“That is all for the outline of the strategy. Any questions?” 

After finishing reviewing the strategy, Kiriha looked around 
the room. Her eyes were more serious than ever, today she 
simply couldn't smile, and that wasn't limited to just Kiriha. 
The same was true for the other girls as well. This was their 
first time ever launching a full-scale attack like this. 

“...Then this strategy meeting is now over. Begin your 

There were no questions regarding the strategy. Everyone 
had fully grasped that what lay ahead of them was a battle 
more fierce than they had ever experienced before. 

Part 3 

As someone who led many, Kurano Kiriha had very few who 
she could show her true self to. One of those few was her 
father, Kurano Daiha, and she was currently in her own room, 
in the middle of speaking with Daiha. 

“...The radicals have come telling us to surrender right away, 
dangling the existence of earthquake weapon of theirs." 

“So that really was their goal." 

“By feeding you information directly, they omit the need for 
us to confirm it, not allowing us to buy any time... Maguz is 

“What are you planning on doing?" 

“I can't tell you over the phone... What a pitiful story, I'm not 
even able to speak frankly with my daughter." 

“I agree." 

As they faced this important situation, Daiha couldn't even 
tell his daughter the truth because the existence of 
magicians and out of fear of informers. And the same was 
true for Kiriha. Even if she was talking to her father, she 
couldn't tell him the plans for the mission. It was pitiful and 
sad. As a result her expression remained serious, it was an 
expression that was unbecoming of her. 

“I will convey the details at a later date. Until then, act upon 
your own judgment, Kiriha." 

Daiha didn't know that Kiriha was going to launch an attack 

on the radical faction. However, he was able to grasp 
something upon seeing the determination in her eyes. He 
was still a parent, and he was able to imagine that Kiriha was 
planning something big. Things made a lot more sense when 
he began thinking that this call was related to that. While 
Daiha might look calm on the surface, he was uneasy on the 
inside and wanted to encourage his daughter in some way. 

“Thank you very much, Chief." 

“I'm glad I could get a look at you. By the way, Kiriha, there's 
talk about arranged marriage—" 

“I don't need it. I'm capable of finding my own fiance." 

“You still remain unmoving on that point... You look just like 

Daiha smiled. Regardless of the severe situation, Kiriha 
showed a more feminine expression upon marriage being 
brought up. While this was the best he could do over a call, 
Daiha felt satisfied being able to act like a father at least a 
little bit. 

Once the call was over, Kiriha leaned back on her chair and 
let out a sigh. She had been able to get a look at her father 
before the battle, all that was left was to do her best. 

“...So that's your father, Kiriha-san." 

That was when a voice called out to Kiriha. It was Koutarou 
who had come to her room, looking for her. 

“Koutarou... you were listening?" 

“Sorry. I didn't intend on eavesdropping." 

Koutarou presented a document to Kiriha. He had come to 

her room to deliver this to her. There were a lot of items in 
the document, and all of them signaled that preparations 
were complete. This document was telling her that all that 
was left was waiting until the mission began. 

“From where were you listening?” 

“From your arranged marriage.” 

“Then you didn't hear anything.” 

“I did. Talks of your marriage is a major point of interest.” 
“Does it worry you?” 

“The only thing that worries me is your happiness.” 

“Then you don't need to worry. Plans for the future have 
already been laid out.” 

“Then that's good.” 

Kiriha smiled, and upon seeing that smile, Koutarou felt like 
there was no more need for him to say anything. He had 
been worried that Kiriha was feeling down all by herself 
again. Either her talk with her father had cheered her up, or 
she had never been feeling down in the first place. Either 
way, there was no need for Koutarou to worry. 

“But still... it's pretty weird.” 

Koutarou decided to change the topic, he didn't mind if it was 
something insignificant. 

“What is?” 

“At first you came to invade, and now you're working your 
hardest to stop an invasion.” 

“The invasion I desire isn't one based on stealing." 

“But because you never quite showed those intentions of 
yours you ended up sending me for quite a loop." 

Kiriha's invasion wasn't one that harmed life or dignity. While 
the People of the Earth themselves were practically illegal, 
and they were unable to obey the law, she didn't want 
someone to get hurt. 

But at first, Kiriha hadn't told Koutarou that. That was both to 
buy time, and because she didn't know what kind of person 
Koutarou was, but as a result, Koutarou ended up having 
quite a hard time. 

“Thinking back to it now it was quite strange. While claiming 
that you knew how it felt to be stolen from and be hurt, you 
claimed you would be mass producing weapons like those 
haniwas to invade... I should have put more thought into it 
back then." 

“I'm sorry for deceiving you. But because of that I was able to 
silence the radical faction for a while. And most of all... I was 
able to reunite with the person I love." 

Kiriha smiled as she spoke and put her hand on top of her 
chest. Past her hand was that card. It was the card she had 
gotten as a present from the person she loved back when she 
was a child. 

“I'm not angry. I know you were in a tough spot." 

“Thank you, Koutarou." 

To Koutarou, Kiriha's smile overlapped with the smile of the 
girl he had met eleven years ago. The girl whose eyes had 
sparkled upon seeing the surface world for the first time, and 

who had gotten disappointed because she hadn't been able 
to ride the roller coaster. Because of that, a certain wish grew 
inside of Koutarou. 

“Hey, Kiriha-san." 


“Once all of this is over... let's go ride the roller coaster 

Kiriha kept herself from being selfish, ever since she was a 
child. She might be holding something in even now. But once 
the battle was over, there was no need for that, and Koutarou 
felt like the roller coaster was the perfect first step to let her 
do as she pleased. 


But that was when something unexpected happened. Still 
smiling, tears streamed down from Kiriha's eyes. 

“H-Hey, what's wrong?" 

Not having expected Kiriha to cry, Koutarou looked at her 
with worry in his face. Kiriha looked up at Koutarou with her 
eyes full of tears. 

“You just said something that can never be taken back... are 
you aware of that...?" 

Kiriha put her hands in front of her chest, holding back the 
feelings that were on the verge of bursting out. 


“You... shouldn't be dense enough to not understand what 
saying that means to Kiriha and Kii..." 

Inside of Kiriha were two girls. They were Kiriha herself, and 
the lonely little Kii who rarely showed herself. The two of 
them each had their own feelings regarding that roller 
coaster. So they couldn't help but expect something special 
upon being asked to go ride on the roller coaster after 
everything was through and done. 

“I know. But... I couldn't find any more suitable words.” 

Koutarou was well aware. Well aware, yet he couldn't find any 
other words. Considering the relationship they had built up, 
there weren't any words more suitable than these . 

"Then... there's something I want to ask.” 


"Would you mind if I hugged you right now...?” 

"...Is that something you even have to ask?" 

Koutarou smiled wryly at Kiriha's question and spread open 
his arms. 


Kiriha sprung of her seat and leaped into Koutarou's arms, 
embracing him. Koutarou responded by hugging her back. 
Kiriha then continued crying, with her shoulders trembling. 

"There you have it, so let's go solve these problems." 

Koutarou patted Kiriha on the back. Kiriha continued crying 
inside of Koutarou's arms for a while. 

"Yeah... I love you, Onii-chan..." 

Kiriha had gotten another goal. For its sake, she would give it 

her all. 

While she continued to cry, strong positive emotions filled her 

Part 4 

As the clock turned 7PM, it was time for the mission to start 
and Koutarou, the girls of room 106 and the Sun Rangers 
gathered in the entrance hall. Koutarou and the others of the 
underground troops would be the first to depart. The others 
were there to see them off. 

“Koutarou, you get it don't you? You're only allowed to lose 
against us. I won't forgive defeat against anyone else. Win, 
and come back unharmed." 

“Don't be so unreasonable. That aside, Theia, you be careful 
too. You already stand out enough as it is, so don't get 

“Kiriha-sama, please stay safe. And please take care of 

“Thank you, Ruth. I've looked through the manual for 
Koutarou's armor, there's no need to worry." 

“Sanae-san, make sure you come back in one piece so you 
can wear the band of knight's uniform." 

“Yeah! ...So Maki's is indigo. I wonder what color I should be... 

“Ugh, my stomach hurts..." 

“Oh, even Yurika-chan is nervous?" 

“1-1 ate too much.... uuhhh." 

“Let's go on a diet together once everything is over." 

"Harumi, PAF will last for at least another 24 hours, but bear 
in mind to change your power pack while you can.” 

"You mean to always be prepared for the unexpected. I 
understand, I'll be careful.” 

Koutarou and the nine girls wished each other good luck and 
said their farewells. If everything went according to plan, they 
wouldn't meet again until the battle was over. That's why 
their farewells today seemed to have a more lonely 
atmosphere to them than usual. 

I guess it can't be helped. Even though they're all strong, they're still normal 

Koutarou could easily tell the girls were nervous. It was the 
same nervosity he had felt before major battles in the past 
Forthorthe. Amongst the girls, only Clan knew of this 

"Sun Rangers, take care of everyone. They're all strong, but 
they don't have a lot of actual combat experience." 

Koutarou lowered his head to the Sun Rangers. Since they 
were part of the surface troops, they would accompany Theia 
and the others instead of Koutarou. While the Sun Rangers 
had less power than Theia and the others, they were far 
above them when it came to actual experience. Koutarou 
wanted to rely on that experience this time. 

"Please leave it to us, Baron-san. The only thing we five can 
take pride in is our experience." 

"Baron-sama is relying on me!! Relying!! I'm soooo 

"Megu-chan, this important so let's step over here for a 


”1 think about it from time to time, but... Megu-neechan is a 
big shot, isn't she.” 

"She's the same as always even in this kind of situation... you 
might have a good point.” 

"I'm counting on you, Sun Rangers." 


Koutarou and Kenichi gently bumped fists. A promise 
between soldiers stayed the same regardless of the era. 


As if waiting for that moment, Kiriha called for Koutarou. As 
he looked in the direction of the voice, the underground 
troops were all gathered. 

From room 106 were Kiriha, Sanae, Yurika and Harumi. On top 
of that were 20 of Kiriha's subordinates. With Koutarou, they 
were a total of 25 heading underground. 

"Then we're going. You guys be careful." 

Koutarou bid his farewells to those that would remain behind 
and headed towards the rest of the underground troops. 

"Make sure you return!" 

"Master, leave everything here to me during your absence!” 
"Nijino Yurika! Be careful of Maya-sama!" 

"Kii, you are not alone! Rely on your allies!” 

“Everyone, stay well!" 

Many voices rang out to the departing underground troops 
and Koutarou. They were all voices that made him want to 
stay, but Koutarou joined the rest of the underground troops 
without looking back. 

Thus, Koutarou and many more headed underground. 

Koutarou and the others were using a passage that had been 
sealed for several decades to travel underground. There were 
many passages that led underground, but one of these led to 
an old city where no one lived anymore due to the population 
decline. You could call it a place forgotten by time. It was a 
perfect place to infiltrate from as long as the seal could be 

Kiriha didn't want the radical faction to figure out her plans 
for the use of military force, so the troops were headed 
underground through a hidden route, rather than an official 

“Alright, I'll take a look on the other side." 

Having been a ghost, Sanae was able to leave her body and 
observe the other side of the sealed door. 

“Come back soon, Sanae-chan!" 

The other Sanae that had been left behind, in other words, 
the Sanae that had been hospitalized, saw her off with a 
worried look. Aware or not, the ghost Sanae passed through 
the door. 

“How does it look?" 

“U-Uhm... it doesn't look like there's anyone nearby." 

As Koutarou asked her, Sanae-san who had been left behind 
reported on what Sanae-chan saw. The two hadn't completely 
divided and were still connected through spiritual energy. 
While it looked like they had split into two, their soul was one, 
and their memory was shared. They were two in one. 

“It looks like there are bats, moles and bugs though." 


Upon hearing the use of the word bugs, Yurika let out a 
scream. She hated bugs. 

“You were fine with beetles weren't you?" 

“I hate spiders, crawly ones and those that are venomous-" 

With her eyes moistening, Yurika sprayed about her insect 
repellent. When she learned that she would be going 
underground, this was the first thing she prepared. 

“Karama, Korama, open it up." 

“Got it Ho-, Nee-san!" 

“Leave it to us Ho-!" 

While Yurika was still spraying away, Kiriha gave the haniwas 
the order to open up the door. First Karama connected its 
personal spiritual energy generator to the door via a cable 
and supplied it with energy. This revived the door's panel, 
which Korama analyzed and removed the lock. In total it took 
them about ten seconds. Since there was such a gap in 
performance between the old door that had been abandoned 
for decades and the haniwas, they seemingly opened the 
door up without any problems. 

“Koutarou, please open it Ho-!" 

“We'll leave the physical labor to you Ho-!" 

“Okay, okay." 

Since he couldn't help but stand out when wearing it, 

Koutarou still didn't have his armor on. But even then, 
Koutarou was the strongest of the group. 

Koutarou grabbed the door and pulled it open with all of his 
might. As it moved it made an irritating screech while slowly 
opening. Sanae-chan returned through the gap of the open 

“I'm back!” 

With a cheerful smile she hugged Koutarou's back. 

"Sanae, this isn't where you should be returning. It's over 

Koutarou pointed in the direction of Sanae-san. 

"Hurry and come back, Sanae-chan!” 

Being timid, she couldn't help but be embarrassed by 
standing next to her beloved Koutarou, and she wanted to 
merge with Sanae-chan as quickly as possible. 

"...If you love him then just say so.” 

"Don't be mea~n." 

"Sanae hurry up and go back to normal. We've got to go." 

"But this way, you can see better in the dark, Koutarou. 


Sanae understood the situation as well, and wasn't actually 
playing around. Since Koutarou's ability to see spiritual 
energy came from Sanae, she was far superior at it. But if she 
clung onto his back, her ability was conveyed to Koutarou. It 
was indeed convenient when walking down a passage 

without light. 

“I see. Then let's go like this.” 

"If you get it then praise me.” 

"You did good, very good." 


"In this state, I should take the lead. Everyone, follow me." 
"Let's go!" 

"Wait! Don't leave me behind!" 

Koutarou entered the passage with Sanae-chan still on his 
back and Sanae-san panickingly chased after the two. Seeing 
Koutarou and the others like that, Harumi and Kiriha smiled at 
each other. 

"What a mysterious sight." 

"I never thought I'd get to see the definition of getting ahead 
of oneself play out before my eyes." 

"Really. Fufufu." 

"P-Please waiii~t!” 

Flarumi, Kiriha and her subordinates followed after Koutarou. 

Like that, Koutarou and the others stepped into the domain of 
the People of the Earth. 

Part 5 

While the design of the passage leading to the underground 
world was old, it was firmly made. The walls and floors were 
built with something similar to concrete. Despite not having 
been used for decades there was no sign of decay. It was a 
structure that showed off the People of the Earth's 
constructional skills. 

"...It has a similar atmosphere to Kiriha-san's room." 

That was the impression Koutarou got upon seeing the 
passage. It was simple, but had a sturdy make, and it felt 
similar to Kiriha's room underneath room 106. 

"It's built using the same traditional method after all." 

"I see... with more advanced construction techniques even 
stuff like concrete is considered a traditional construction 

"We excel at technology that can endure moisture and 

"You might do well to patent future advances in that field." 

"I see, I'll keep that in mind." 

The party progressed down the old yet modern passage. In 
the lead was Koutarou, carrying Sanae-chan on his back. 
After him came Kiriha, Sanae-san, Harumi, Yurika and finally 
Kiriha's 20 subordinates. Normally travelling in a group of 25 
would be quite noisy, but thanks to Yurika having cast a spell 
to erase the sounds of their footsteps, there was not a single 
noise to be heard. They were scanning for enemies using 

spiritual energy and using magic to conceal their presence. It 
could be called an ideal infiltration method. 

"Koutarou, stop!” 

"There's something there!” 

As Sanae-chan leaned forward from Koutarou's back and 
peered forward, Sanae-san grabbed Koutarou's hand and 
stopped him. Being two in one, their coordination was 

"Sanae, what's that something?” 

"It doesn't seem to be human. It feels a bit like Karama-chan 
and Korama-chan.” 

"Further ahead of this passage are two corners and its just 
past that. It's getting closer but it doesn't seemed to have 
noticed us yet." 

"Kiriha-san, what do you think it is.” 

"It's probably an automated spiritual energy weapon like 
Karama and Korama. They're perfect as guards for remote 
places like this." 

Spiritual energy weapons like Karama and Korama used the 
spiritual energy their own souls emitted alongside the 
spiritual energy around them to move. As a result, they 
practically never needed to replenish until their parts and 
catalysts were consumed. They were very useful for guarding 
places where intruders were very rare but not unthinkable. 

"Are you good with these kind of places?" 

"No Ho-. We don't like dark and narrow places Ho-" 

“The radical factions have some that do though Ho-" 

“You mean like the clay dolls that attacked at the amusement 

“Probably. The radical faction probably placed guards here 
just in case." 

The spiritual energy weapons that the conservative faction 
used were primarily used as daily guards and servants, and 
were given souls similar to humans. Because of that they felt 
lonely when left alone. Karama's and Korama's tendencies for 
this was especially strong, but this kind of tendency was 
common amongst the conservative faction. 

However, the radical faction only used them as pure 
weapons. As a result their souls were far more mechanical. 
They were closer to a computer program than a soul. That's 
why they never complained regardless of what job they were 
given and didn't feel lonely. While they were efficient, the 
radical faction had no attachment to their tools. The People of 
the Earth shared the same idea as the Japanese that a soul 
would eventually reside in a tool was used for many vearsni. 
Comparing the two factions, the radical faction was literally in 
too much of a hurry. 

“So what do we do, Kurano-san? If we don't decide soon that 
clay doll will come." 

Like Harumi pointed out, the assumed spiritual energy 
weapon of the radical faction was closing in. A measure 
needed to be decided on swiftly. 

“Let's go back and take a detour. I don't want us to be found, 
and we can't go and destroy it." 

Kiriha quickly decided. 

She believed that the reason for the spiritual energy weapon 
being deployed in this area alone was to detect intruders, 
rather than stop them. There was no need for them to go out 
of their way to destroy it. 

With that in mind it was best to just pass by the clay doll. 
Being found or destroying the clay doll would just let the 
radical faction know of their existence. 

“Alright, let's go. And Yurika, could you power up your 
camouflage spell just in case?" 

“I got it." 

Upon Koutarou's directions, Yurika readied her magical cane. 
Koutarou and the others waited for Yurika to finish her spell 
and then turn back the way they came. 

Part 6 

Like Kiriha had expected, Sanae had detected a clay doll 
spiritual energy weapon. It was several times larger than 
Karama and Korama, and it had a sharper shape fitting of a 
weapon. With their superior numbers they could easily 
overcome it, but one on one it was a dangerous opponent. 

Koutarou and the others avoided contact with the clay doll 
and detoured around it. With the help of Yurika's spell, they 
got past the clay doll undetected, and now Koutarou was in 
the lead again as they continued walking down the passage. 

“Hey Kiriha, how far are we?" 

“Just a little further up ahead there is an elevator. If we go 
down that we'll be able to reach quite deeply. Distance we 
are probably less than half ways, but we should be there 

“Hmm, so it's a little longer. Hey Harumi, are you okay?" 

“I'm okay. Thank you, Higashihongan-san." 

“If anything happens you let me, the leader, know right away 

“Okay. Fufufu..." 

After passing by the clay doll the group had been able to 
progress to their next destination without running into any 
more threats. There, there was a transportation elevator that 
led to the underground world. Since the clay doll was using it 
to transport, there was light at the operating panel. 

“So we're getting on this?" 

Reaching the elevator, Yurika was about to casually push the 
elevator call button. 

“Wait, stop!!” 

Koutarou grabbed Yurika the moment before she could touch 
the button. 

“Kyaa!? W-What is it!?” 

Yurika was surprised by the sudden event and stared at 
Koutarou with eyes wide. After confirming that the button 
hadn't been pressed Koutarou let out a sigh of relief. 

“Give me a break, Yurika. If the elevator moves they'll notice 

“Ah, r-right, sorry.” 

Yurika realized the circumstances and blushed. 

If the radical faction were to ambush them, just past this 
elevator would be the ideal. If they realized that Koutarou and 
the others were onboard the elevator, it was obvious that 
they would attack the moment the elevator reached its 

“We're already in enemy territory, be careful, Yurika.” 


Seeing Yurika nod, Koutarou let her go as he dropped his 
shoulders. Being set free, Yurika chased after Koutarou with 
her eyes with her cheeks still flushed. 

Couldn't he have had more of a reaction... he just hugged a girl after all... 

Yurika was well aware that now wasn't the time to think about 
stuff like that, but she felt sad that Koutarou wasn't giving her 
more consideration. 

"Kiriha-san, we can do something about it, right?” 

Unaware of Yurika's thoughts, Koutarou called out to Kiriha. 
After looking at Kiriha for a while, Yurika looked down on her 
own chest and sighed. 

"Indeed. It does seem to have some security on it, but it's 
decades old. It's no match for our present technology." 

"Ho-, leave it to us Ho-" 

"H 0 H 0 -, now it's our time to shine Ho-" 

Karama and Korama began messing around with the 
elevator's panel. It was troublesome that involved deceiving 
all kinds of surveillance systems, but as Kiriha had said, the 
haniwas didn't seem to struggle in the slightest. 

Part 7 

An hour had passed since passing through the first door, and 
after riding the elevator down, walking down some stairs and 
through a passage, Koutarou and the others reached the 
underground world. 

“So this is Kurano-san's hometown..." 

Having seen the underground world for the first time, Harumi 
stared with her eyes wide open. She was seeing a splendid 
view of a town at night, which at first glance didn't look like it 
was underground. There, Kiriha smiled and called out to 

“That's right... this is the largest city the People of the Earth 
has built up over hundreds of years, the town of Sial." 

Her proud smile showed that this city held a special meaning 
to the People of the Earth. 

According to the People of the Earth's legends, their 
ancestors were chased away from their homes after 
committing a cardinal sin. At the end of their exodus they 
reached the area around Kitsushouharukaze city, and 
established their new hometown. While they held advanced 
technology, looking back at their sins, they kept away from 
power. As a result, they limited themselves to a small area. 

Supported by their advanced technology and culture, they 
lived peacefully for a long time. However, as time passed, the 
civilization of the people living around them advanced, and 
their territories clashed. When that happened, friction 
between the two civilizations naturally occurred. Once that 
friction crossed a certain line, the People of the Earth's 

ancestors decided to move underground. While it wouldn't be 
hard for them to suppress the opposition with their advanced 
technology, their legends and myths claimed that domination 
and power would lead to ruin. So the majority of them 
decided to move underground, with only a few leaving behind 
their technology and remaining on the surface. Thus, the 
civilization that moved underground became the People of 
the Earth. 

Life after that was far from easy. However, the People of the 
Earth united to face their problems, and built the splendid 
town of Sial underground. After hundreds of years of building 
onto the town, it evolved into a modern city. As a result, the 
People of the Earth prospered after abandoning conflict. That 
was why this city was not only the hometown of many, but a 
symbol of unity. 

“But... this side is dark." 

The People of the Earth's hometown was built inside of a 
massive cave, filling it up entirely. As it was currently night, 
there were lights keeping the city bright, and light leaked out 
from the windows of the various houses, creating a beautiful 
night view. However, that was limited to the northern side of 
the city. In the southern side where Koutarou and the others 
were, it was for some reason almost no lights. That confused 
Sanae as she looked around. 

“This is the old district... with the decrease in population, this 
side isn't being used." 

Kiriha answered Sanae's question, but her expression was 

Even the prosperous People of the Earth had suffered a 
decrease in population as the surface developed. Their 
current population was less than half of their prime. As a 

result the southern district of the city had been abandoned. 
Thanks to the excellent construction however, the district 
remained the same despite no one living there. It was an 
afterimage of their prime, the old district was proof of the 
People of the Earth's decline. To Kiriha who was a born and 
raised People of the Earth, looking at this uninhabited district 
made her sad. When she looked at the empty district she felt 
like their unity and pride had been lost. 

“So where do we go now?" 

“We'll group up with our allies at an old guard room. This 

Kiriha led the troops and walked down a road in the old 
district. Their destination was what had been a staff room for 
guards in the past. On the surface, it was something similar 
to a police station. There they would join up with the 
conservative faction forces underground, and prepare for the 
battle with the radical faction. 

“Clan, Clan." 

As Koutarou followed Kiriha, he opened up a channel to Clan 
through his bracelet. 

“What is it?" 

A hologram of Clan soon appeared. Since she was on standby 
as everyone's backup, her response was quick. 

“We've reached the People of the Earth's city. Can you pick 
up the signal from that transmitter?" 

The transmitters that Koutarou was referring to were 
something he had attached to five trailers in the radical 
faction's factory. One of the trailers had been confirmed going 

underground, and Koutarou wanted to know where it had 
gone as there was a high chance that it led to the radical 
faction's base. 

“Please wait a moment." 

Clan remotely controlled Koutarou's bracelet in an attempt to 
pick up the signal. 

“It seems like there's still some distance left, as all I can give 
you is that it's somewhere to your north. If you give me some 
more time, I can analyze it fully though." 

But sadly, she couldn't clearly calculate its position. Either 
Koutarou would have to get closer to the source, or more 
time needed to be spent analyzing the signal. 

“Keep taking data and analyze it please." 

“I'll contact you once I've got something." 

“Please do." 

Just as Koutarou and Clan had finished the call, an explosion 
happened to the north, on the still populated side of the city. 

It wasn't that large of an explosion, but it wasn't a single one. 
Like a roar of thunder, the explosions happened one after 
another. Surprised by this, Koutarou and the others stopped 
and looked towards the northern district. There they saw a 
furiously burning fire had replaced some of the night view. It 
was fire that had occurred from the explosions. 

“A fire... was it an accident?" 

“You're wrong Harumi-chan Ho-! There's nothing over there 
that could explode Ho-!" 

"Ane-san, based on the distance and sound it's very likely 
that it was an explosion from portable firearms Ho-” 

"Not good... the radical faction made the first move!” 

Kiriha's expression turned severe. It was hard to believe that 
this was an attack by the conservative faction at this timing. 
Based on their policies, the conservative faction wouldn't 
attack until they rejected the radical faction's demands of 
surrender. It was more natural to assume that the radical 
faction had launched an attack as the conservative faction 
was taking such a long time to respond. 

"Kiriha-san, let's hurry and meet up with our allies! We'll start 
from there!” 

"You're right. Thank you, Koutarou.... Everyone, follow me!” 

The situation was growing tense and Koutarou and the others 
had no time to hesitate. 

Translator's Notes and References 

• This refers to the Tsukumogami 
( ) 


Part 1 

Sunday, July 4 

30 minutes after Koutarou and the others departed, the 
surface troops led by Theia began moving out. Their 
destination was an uninhabited island off the coast of 
Kitsushouharukaze city. On that island was the radical 
faction's secret base. And on it, should be a weapon of mass 
destruction that would cause massive damage both to the 
surface and to the underground. Theia's surface troop's 
objective was to destroy that weapon, the Earth Dragon. 

The girls of room 106, the Sun Rangers and 80 of Kiriha's 
subordinates were waiting to arrive at their destination 
onboard the Cradle's cargo compartment. Everyone had stern 
expressions as they were all aware that this battle would 
decide their future. 

“...This is the first time I've seen this kind of vehicle." 

“We have a bunch of strange tools too, but... this is on a 
league of its own." 

Amongst them, the Sun Rangers seemed the most shaken. 
But that wasn't because of the coming battle, but because of 
the strange vehicle carrying them. 

It had a design they had never seen before that relied heavily 
on curves. While they had heard the sound of boosters at 
take off, they were flying far quieter than a plane. On top of 
that the flight was incredibly stable, and it hardly shook at all. 
The guide onboard was filled with characters and signs they 
had never seen before, and not even the international 
standard of english could be found. 

At first the Sun Rangers believed that it might be a secret 
weapon designed by a different country, but that confidence 
gradually vanished. It felt like they had been thrown into a 
different world, especially the more intelligent Kotarou and 

“Everyone, I know it's strange, but let's not think too much 
about it. Everyone has their own circumstances. The 
important thing is that we can land on that island without 
being detected thanks to this thing." 

Kenichi was filled with doubts as well, but he had no 
intentions of pursuing the matter. 

The Sun Rangers would participate in this battle, but it was 
unofficial, and they couldn't make their circumstances public. 
It wouldn't be strange for the others to be in a similar 
position. As long as they were allies, it was best for both sides 
not to touch the subject. 

“...Sorry for making you take us into consideration, Red 

Theia smiled wryly. Truth be told, overlooking it all, Theia was 
an invader, and the Sun Rangers enemy. It would be difficult 
to gauge whether they would understand even if she told 
them the truth. So Kenichi's consideration was a welcome 

“No... that goes both ways." 

“Our positions might be complicated... but there's one thing 
that's certain." 

There was much she couldn't say, but there was something 
she wanted to mention. That was that Theia and the others 
were the Sun Rangers' allies. 

“We will only fight against those that Koutarou has decided to 
fight. We won't fight against anyone else." 

“Those Baron-san has..." 

“You don't have to believe us. But... at least believe in his 
honest to a fault side. We are all in consensus of that." 

What supported Theia's and the others relationship was the 
time spent together and memories they had gained. There 
had never been any real reason or cause for it. Getting others 
to understand that would be hard. That's why she wanted 
them to believe in Koutarou, who was the central figure. She 
didn't have any other means of showing that they were the 
Sun Rangers' allies. 

“If it's up to Baron-san's judgment, then we can relax." 

Kenichi nodded with a smile. Theia's words were easy for him 
to understand as well. His goal was simply to become a 
splendid hero that could fight against Baron Demon. And if it 
was up to that Baron Demon, then there was no need for 

“That's right everyonei’ The moment Baron-sama showed 
that serious expression of his, it no longer mattered who 
these girls areJ’ You're both so silly, Kotarou and Hayatoi’" 

“The preserved food on this vehicle is really delicious. 

Someone that can make food this delicious could never be a 
bad person.” 

Megumi and Daisaku remained consistent from beginning to 
end. These two had completely trusted Koutarou from the 
very beginning. While they could be called easily deceived, 
their judgment this time was correct. 

"We'll want to avoid any developments that would make the 
children cry, right?” 

"Yeah. Since we're going by the name of the Sun Squad, we 
have to walk the path of justice." 

Kotarou and Hayato soon gave up on thinking of the true 
identity of the Cradle. Neither of them wanted to doubt Theia 
and the others. They had simply been shaken up by seeing 
something they had never laid their eyes on before. Nor did 
they want to let down the underground children they had met 
just a while ago. 

"Thank you, Sun Rangers. You really are... the real deal.” 

"We still have a long way to go.” 

"Naturally. The real deal always aims for new heights.” 

"Devil Princess-san...” 

"I'm counting on you today, Sun Rangers." 

"Yes, please leave it to us!" 

While the tension couldn't be concealed, the unity and 
morale of the 89 troops led by Theia was high. It was clear 
how fierce of a battle they would be in soon, but not having 
to worry about any problems amongst the troops was a 
positive factor. 

Part 2 

The surface troops landed on the southern coast of the island 
in question. The radical faction's base was on a hilly 
mountain north of this point. While Clan's Cradle was highly 
adept at stealth, it was best not to get overconfident and 
move on ahead on foot from here on. That's why the Cradle 
hurriedly flew off after unloading Theia and the others. From 
here on out, they would need to advance on their own. 

While approaching the base they needed to stay as hidden as 
possible. So they started by securing their surroundings. 

“...There's no sign of the enemy." 

Shizuka reported as she checked her surroundings. Though it 
was dark as the sun had set, it didn't matter to Shizuka who 
held the Fire Dragon Emperor, Alunaya inside of her. On top 
of that, her ability to sense presences gained through her 
martial arts training covered quite a wide area, and she was 
able to sense all creatures around her. But she didn't sense 
any other humans. 

“I can't sense any magical power either." 

Maki who was next to Shizuka added onto her report. 
According to her examination of the area through spells, 
there were no signs of magic. Maki had been worried that 
Maya may have cast a magical defense network around the 
area, but that didn't seem to be the case. 

I can't imagine that Maya-sama would let her guard down... is it that much 
harder for her to use magic with her mechanical body, or does she have some 
other goal... ? 

Maki knew her master better than anyone. Though she didn't 
sense any magic around her, she wasn't going to let her 
guard down. 

“Ruth, how does it look?" 

“There are no reactions on the EM, gravity waves or spiritual 
energy sensors. It seems like this region is outside of their 
area of precaution." 

Ruth was in charge of the scientific approach. She was 
operating a device floating overhead and searched the area. 
This device had been modified to detect auras, so it could 
detect spiritual energy technology as well. However, there 
was no reaction on any of the sensors, so the area seemed 
safe from a scientific standpoint too. 

“Hmm... so that's a successful landing." 

Upon hearing the three's reports, Theia nodded approvingly. 
As she did, the Sun Rangers that had remained quiet gave 
their opinions. 

“It's probably because there's a mountain in the way." 

“But we can't let our guard down. If it was me, I'd monitor 
this side of the island using cameras from the top of the 

Though small, there was a mountain on the island, making it 
inefficient to survey the entire island. The Sun Rangers 
experience told them that it was most likely that the northern 
side was being properly monitored, whilst the southern side 
was being surveyed through cameras. 

“Devil Princess-san, let's hurry on ahead. Though it might be 
night, we'll stand out in this place." 

“You're right. Men, advance without letting your guard down." 

Theia listened to the Sun Rangers advice, swiftly made her 
decision and led the way forward herself. If everything went 
according to the schedule, Koutarou and the others would 
arrive at the underground world in 30 minutes. Their attack 
shouldn't begin until after that, but she wanted to have room 
to spare when the time came. 

Part 3 

Though it was an uninhabited island, it was still just off the 
coast of Japan, and there was nothing special about it. The 
local fauna and animals were familiar, and the climate was 
the same. It also seemed like people had lived here before as 
there was a gravel road left behind. 

The surface troops calmly advanced. The members, apart 
from Ruth, had a reputable athletic capability, and their steps 
were light. 

“It's at times like this where I'm grateful that there's magic.” 

Yet even Ruth could keep up with the troops. This was thanks 
to Maki's spell. She had cast two spells on Ruth. One was a 
spell that slightly raised her physical capabilities, and the 
other was a spell that slightly lowered the environment's 
temperature. Both effects were minimal, but when used 
together there was a synergy to it. Thanks to that, Ruth could 
follow the others without running out of breath. 

“I'm glad I could be of help, vice captain.” 

"It's a big help, Indigo Knight-dono.” 

While the Satomi band of knights sounded impressive, being 
formed by the Blue Knight, there were currently only two 
other members apart from Koutarou. Currently, the band of 
knight's only weapon was their teamwork. But fortunately, 
that teamwork was excellent. 

"How nice, it looks so fun... I should join too." 

Shizuka sent the two an envious glance. Shizuka was part of 
the cooking society in the school, but its activities stopped at 
cooking. To Shizuka, the Satomi band of knights looked like 
the activity of a sports club. 

The captain, Koutarou, and the vice captain, Ruth, were both 
without a doubt knights, but Maki was closer to an 
accountant. And soon, Sanae and Harumi were hoping to join 
as secretary or in charge of chores. At this rate it wouldn't be 
long before a liberal arts band of knights. Theia who believed 
a band of knights should be just that, wanted more soldiers' 
to join. 

"Then how about you join with the princess knight, 

"The mysterious and beautiful knight that appears in the 
Satomi band of knights' time of need. And her identity is 
princess Theiamillis of all things... Hm, that route wouldn't be 
too bad either." 

In Theia's mind she was wearing a cute armor with a flower 
motif as its design and a mask studded with jewels 

concealing her eyes. It wouldn't feel too bad protecting 
Koutarou, rather than only being protected. 

“Wait, Theia-chan." 

But the next moment, Shizuka's smiled instantly vanished. 

“...There's something there. Behind the bush in front of us." 

Shizuka's sharp senses picked up someone's presence. There 
was something holding hostility on the other side of a bush 
slightly to their left. 

“Nobody move. Ruth, 50 meters away in our 11 o'clock 

Theia signaled the 85 behind her to stop using her hand, and 
had Ruth search the point Shizuka had mentioned. Since 
Shizuka's expression had changed, it wasn't just some critter. 
Danger was approaching. 

“Your highness, it seems to be a pack of medium sized 
beasts. Four in total." 

“Not good... there's a magical reaction. They were either 
made from, or strengthened by magic." 

Ruth and Maki quickly identified the enemy. 

“Everyone, get ready for combat. Don't assume they're 
simple beasts. Defeat them on sight!" 

Theia judged that fighting could not be avoided any more. 

The southern side has been turned into these magical beasts' territory, and 
they patrol the area. They'll catch their own food, and would heal from minor 
wounds... they're ideal for guarding a large area for a long period of time. 

While the radical faction had spiritual energy weapons that 
could guard an area, but having them patrol a large and 
irregular area would create a problem with maintenance. 
While they could gather spiritual energy from their 
surroundings, the parts would gradually be worn down. 

On that point, creatures controlled by magic didn't require 
maintenance. Turning the area you wanted them to guard 
into their territory, they would continue guarding the area 
until they died without the need for supplies or maintenance. 
Since magic was manual labor, large numbers were difficult 
to prepare, but that was no problem for this kind of usage. 
The radical faction was putting the magical technology that 
they had gotten to good use. If that line of thinking was 
correct, a delay in preparations would be fatal. 

Part 4 

“Spread out into squads and combat under the commands of 
the squad leaders." 

The girls of room 106 spread out, each of them leading 20 
conservative faction soldiers. This was how the surface troops 

“Sun Rangers, I'll leave you to your own. Fight according to 
your own judgment." 

“Roger that." 

The remaining five, the Sun Rangers, were treated as a flying 
column. This was both because of their political position and 
in order to make use of their plentiful experience. 

“They're coming. Everyone stay calm." 

Before Shizuka finished speaking, four beasts leaped out from 
the bushes. They looked like dogs at first glance, but they 
were far bigger. They were biological weapons created 
through magic. 

“Gaaoooo! Gaaoooo! GrrrrrM" 

Angered because their territory had been invaded, the beasts 
charged towards the surface troops as they roared loudly. 
They moved far quicker than dogs, if anything it was closer to 
cheetahs. It also seemed like they possessed some 
intelligence as they zig-zagged like gazelles to avoid the 
guns. Their targets were the girls in charge. Their instincts 
had correctly seen through who the leaders were. 

In response the surface troops formed two lines and faced off 
against the beasts. However, because of the beasts' swift 
movements, the spiritual energy beams fired missed and flew 
far off. 

Having evaded the rain of fire through their extraordinary 
movement abilities, the beasts closed in on the girls. 

“Blue Knight! Emergency deployment of the distortion field!" 

But if you were to call the beasts extraordinary, then so were 
the girls. The first among them to go on the counter offensive 
was Theia, with her excellent sense for battle. While blocking 
the claws aimed at her with her barrier, she scolded the 20 
restless soldiers . 

“Men, don't try to take aim, simple fire straightforward! Seal 
of the area it can move through! Fire!!" 

Having recovered through Theia's voice, the soldiers fired 
their rifles as one. 

The sound sounded almost like a single shot. Because they 
had all aimed for the beast last time their arc had simply 
been 20 lines. However, since they fired straight forward this 
time their attacks covered an entire plane and assaulted the 


The beast jumped into the air without hesitation. Thanks to 
its speed it escaped with just some burnt fur, but its pride 
had been crushed. Determined to crunch down on the 
arrogant human, Theia, who had burnt its prideful fur, the 
beast scanned the area for her in the air. Once it landed it 
was going to attack her again. 

"Hmm... even though you might be strengthened, your 
instinct when faced with danger is still that of a dog's.” 

However, by the time it found Theia, the beast realized its 
own defeat. She had a fearless smile and a powerful shine in 
her eyes. The beast had made a great mistake by assuming 
she was the smallest and weakest of them all. The beast's 
instincts told it that it was facing a wolf in sheep's clothing. 

"Blue Knight, Recoilless Pile Driver.” 

"As you wish, my princess.” 

That golden wolf's mane fluttered as she attacked the beast. 
In her front legs, golden thick and bulky claws appeared, and 
the beast that was free falling had no way to avoid them. 

A kaboom rang out. 

The wolf's claws, the mechanical pile driver, was a weapon 
that shot a hammer head out by detonating gunpowder. 
Simply put, it was a cannon used at close range. The hammer 
was driven into the beast's side and it's incredibly destructive 
power was demonstrated as the beast was beaten down in a 
single strike. 

"...As expected from Theia-chan. You beat it right away." 

Impressed by Theia's work, Shizuka wielded her own fists. 
When it came to pure combat capability, Shizuka was 
stronger with the Fire Dragon Emperor within her. But when 
adding in their 20 subordinates as well, Theia was stronger. 
Shizuka was an amateur at commanding, and she would end 
up focusing on herself, she wasn't able to make full use of her 
squad. That's why Shizuka was impressed by Theia. 

"I can't stand here admiring her, I have to work hard too!” 

Shizuka swung her leg and kicked the beast attacking her. 
The kick struck the beast's front leg, but the beast readjusted 
its posture and landed as if nothing had happened. It lightly 
dragged it's foot, but it hadn't suffered any decisive damage. 

“Everyone, please!" 

With distance having opened up between them again, the 
conservative faction began their attack once more. A bunch 
of spiritual energy was fired from the rifles and poured down 
towards the beast. Several of the attacks hit, probably 
because it had slightly slowed down from Shizuka's attack. 
The hits stripped the beast of its stamina, but it wasn't 
enough to defeat it, and it opened its jaws to crunch down on 
some of the nearby soldiers. 

“I won't let you!" 

Not going to let that happen, Shizuka rushed towards the 
beast. This had repeated itself a couple of times. Shizuka 
would protect the soldiers from the beast, and the soldiers 
would cover Shizuka's openings. Because of her lack of 
experience, she naturally stayed on the defensive. 

"Should I help?” 

“It's not your turn yet, uncle!" 

Shizuka's fist struck the beast's face. Starting to panic from 
the accumulated damage, the beast's urge to attack grew 
stronger and Shizuka's fist completely threw it off balance 
and the soldiers' that the beast had aimed for escaped 
danger. Confirming that with a side glance, Shizuka 
continuously attacked. 

“What does gaining a little weight do. It's not like it actually increases. ” 

“I don't want others to think I've gotten heavier!” 

The dragon inside of Shizuka offered to help, but she felt it 
wasn't the time for that yet. Considering what was going to 
happen today, she wanted to avoid wasting magical power 
and her circumstances as a maiden were probably mixed in 
as well. 

"Won'tyou be more well liked by the other sex with some more mass on 

"That's only common sense for you uncle!” 

Fortunately, Shizuka's decision was correct. Having 
accumulated enough damage, the beast was no longer able 
to avoid Shizuka's attacks. Once that happened, the fight 
tilted towards Shizuka's favor. 

"A human girl is more well liked when she's small and cute!” 

The last kick using all of Shizuka's strength struck the side of 
the beast's head and lost consciousness. 

"...I don't believe you could be considered small and cute from the moment 
you could defeat monsters without weapons. ” 

Thus, the fight ended with Shizuka's victory, but she didn't 
seem very pleased. 

Shizuka fought by standing on the front lines herself, Maki on 
the other hand, did the opposite. The magician Maki fell back 
and focused on supporting the soldiers. 

"Keep it up. Everyone stay calm and continue attacking." 

Maki's most skilled type of spells were mind manipulation and 
reinforcing, simply put they were spells dealing with the mind 

and improving people's conditions. Using that, she increased 
her squad's combat capabilities, and obstructed the beast. 

" Gaaoooo! Grrrrrrr!" 

The soldiers attacked the beast. Only about ten percent of 
the attacks hit, but they were far more accurate than the 
other squads. This was the result of Maki's spell that 
increased the soldiers' reaction speed. As a result, only Maki's 
squad weren't overwhelmed by the beast's movements and 
gradually damaged it each time they attacked. The beast was 
so focused on dodging that it never found an opportunity to 
charge forward, all it could do was letting out roars of anger. 

"...Amplify - Fear." 

Maki unleashed a spell that limited the beast's movements 
even further. Maki's spell didn't deal direct damage, but 
rather affected its mind. The spell amplified its fear, fueled its 
irritation and robbed it of its calmness. This proved very 
effective against the beast and its movements visibly grew 
worse. Once its movements worsened, the soldiers' attacks 
hit. There was no need for Maki to attack herself. 

"Force Field - Modifier - Area Effect." 

Maki would protect the soldiers with a defensive spell from 
time to time. It wasn't that hard to block an attack from a 
slowed beast, and Maki safely enclosing the beast's attack. 

While it wasn't a flashy way, the beast couldn't attack or 
defend. That amplified its fear and irritation even further. The 
more it fought, the more it drove itself into a corner. It was a 
frightening strategy fit for a mind manipulating magician. 

"Grrrr, Gaaaaaaaaa!!" 

Eventually the beast completely lost its calm and charged at 
Maki. It ignored the fire raining down on it and forcibly broke 
through the line of soldiers to leap at Maki. 

“Tiny Memory Flash - Modifier - Touch Trigger." 

Maki on the other hand remained calm. She calmly chanted a 
spell and an indigo light wrapped around her cane. Holding 
the cane as a spear she faced down the beast charging her. 


“I'm sorry... that said, you'll forget it in a moment." 

The tip of Maki's cane touched the beast. As it did, all of the 
magic cast on the cane flowed into the beast. The spell in the 
cane was Maki's speciality that erased memories for a few 
seconds. The beast that had no knowledge of that spell had 
lost sight of Maki despite her being right in front of it. Having 
its memories rewound by a few seconds, it looked like she 
had instantly changed her position. 

“I'll leave the rest to you." 

Maki walked away from the beast that was at a loss. The next 
moment, the soldiers fired a rain of spiritual energy beams at 
the stopped beast. Not even the beast could do anything 
about this and it collapsed, no longer moving. 

While three of the girls were fighting well, Ruth was being 
pushed back. Since she was better at managing information 
than moving her body, she was a bad match for the swift 

“Everyone, please don't step out of the distortion field!" 

Ruth was wearing a powered armor, acting as a shield for her 
squad. Compared to standard barriers, the armor's barrier's 

output was higher. It performed more than well enough to 
block the beast's attack. Her squad attacked from behind. 
Since Forthorthe's barriers couldn't block spiritual energy, the 
attacks passed through the barrier, making a one-sided 
attack possible. 

"Gaoo, Grrrr!!” 

However, the beast moved swiftly, and soldiers' attacks 
couldn't hit. As a result, neither side could seize an 

This isn't a good situation... 

Irritated by the situation, the beast moved around Ruth in an 
attempt to attack the soldiers behind. Ruth desperately tried 
to prevent it, but since the beast was faster she was at the 
mercy of the beast. At this rate Ruth would run out of stamina 
before the beams would hit. 

"Are you okay!?” 

"Sun Rangers!" 

Having noticed that Ruth was having a hard time, the Sun 
Rangers moved to back her up. 

"Megu-chan, drive it away with your gun!” 

"Be careful, Daisaku-kun.” 

Red, Yellow and Pink placed themselves in the way so the 
beast couldn't get around. 

"The wind is south-southwest, wind velocity one meter. 
Humidity is 68%. There's no need to correct with this wind 
speed and direction." 

“Roger, moving to shoot... firing!" 

Attacking was left to the remaining two, Blue and Green. The 
two were partners and they sniped the beast at a distance. It 
should be difficult to avoid this attack. 



“Damnit, it's too fast!" 

“Hayato-niichan, nothing will come from complaining." 

“I know, I'm loading the next bullet!" 

However, it was virtually impossible to hit the swift beast. It 
was difficult just finding it with the scope. Before they could 
even get to the problem with the beast dodging the bullets, 
they ran into a problem of aiming at the beast. 

“We have to stop it from moving somehow..." 

“There's no need to worry, Red-san. Now that you are here 
we can win." 


“Please use this data." 

Ruth sent data to the weapons that the Sun Rangers were 
using. The weapons that the Sun Rangers were currently 
using were borrowed Forthorthe weapons. It was only natural 
that they could share data. 

“This data is?” 

“It's a simulation model of this monster's habits. Though 

accuracy is low, you should be able to get a grasp of the 
timing of when it stops.” 

Ruth had been gathering information on the beast while 
staying on the defensive, creating a simulation model on its 
movements. She was originally planning on using it herself to 
go on the counter attack, but fortunately, the Sun Rangers 
that were better at attacking than her had appeared. There, 
Ruth provided them with her simulation model and left 
attacking to them. 

"We can do this, Hayato-niichan!” 


When Green's shooting support computer executed Ruth's 
model, a prediction of where the beast would be in two 
seconds appeared in Blue's scope. According to Ruth's 
calculation, the prediction had a 60% probability. But that 
was enough. 




" Reloading!” 

Blue's first shot missed. However, Blue reloaded his gun 
without getting depressed. Then, the beast moved just as 
Ruth's simulation model had predicted, and the beast slid into 
the center of Blue's scope. And in that place it stopped for a 
moment. The two didn't let that opening slip by. 



The bullet fired from Blue's rifle hit the center of the beast's 
body just as aimed. The bullet fired was a special taser bullet 
that discharged a high voltage upon hitting its target. 
Overcome with such high voltage, the beast's body stiffened 
up and stopped moving. A single taser bullet wasn't enough 
to incapacitate it. 

"Megumi, the legs!” 

"Got it!" 

However, the Sun Rangers didn't stop their attack there. 

Using a gun, she shot the beast's legs. With its legs injured, 
the beast fell towards the ground. 

"Let's go, Daisaku!" 


Finally was Red and Yellow. Yellow acted as a step and threw 
Red high up into the air. After flipping once through the air, 
Red held his sword in both hands. Below him was the point 
where the beast had collapsed. 

"This is the end!!" 

Red brought down his sword onto the head of the beast that 
was struggling to get up. As he did, electricity was discharged 
just like Blue's bullets. Suffering from both the sword's strike 
and electricity, the magically strengthened beast lost its 

Part 5 

The four beasts were defeated a few minutes after Shizuka 
had sensed their presence. All four had lost consciousness 
and laid collapsed on the ground. 

“Devil Princess-san, I know how this might sound but... was it 
really okay to not kill them?" 

Though they were originally dogs, they were now modified 
weapons. Once they regained consciousness they would 
probably still be hostile, and they must be miserable, living 
as weapons. The Sun Rangers point was quite justifiable. 

“They're unfortunate dogs... but strategic convenience wins 
out this time. Though they might not be intelligent enough to 
contact their owners on a regular basis, they've probably 
been made to let them know of their deaths." 

Theia had avoided killing the dogs because she was thinking 
ahead. Her intuition told her that they shouldn't kill the dogs. 
If the dogs died then there would be an absence of guards. In 
that case, there might be a mechanism to let the owners 
know if that happened. Theia's and the others goal was just 
to reach the secret base, and for that purpose, risks needed 
to be kept at a minimum. 

“I see... that does seem like a possibility.” 

The Sun Rangers seemed convinced, but Ruth who was 
listening nearby wasn't. She smiled and spoke to Theia. 

“Your highness, you can admit that it's just because you felt 
sorry for them." 

"I don't really...” 


"...l-lt's because I felt sorry for them.” 

Theia had another reason for not killing the dogs other than 
the strategical one, and with two reasons there was no 
reason to go out of their way to kill the dogs. 

"Satomi-kun would surely praise you.” 

"Yeah, Satomi-kun looks like he likes be— animals." 

"W-Well, I guess everything worked out alright... That's right, 
Maki. Could you keep them asleep for a while?” 

If the beasts woke up they would very likely become a threat 
again. That's why Theia wanted to keep them asleep until the 
battle was over. 

"For better or for worse, that's the kind of magic I specialize 

Maki was a magician who focused on mind manipulating 
indigo magic. Causing someone to fall asleep was her 
specialty. But the current Maki felt somewhat saddened by 
that. Maki having a wry smile as she nodded couldn't be 

"That would really help. Please do so right away.” 

"...As you wish, princess." 

Theia's bright smile felt reassuring as it was like Theia was 
saying that Maki was fine the way she was. 

Maguz's Identity 

Part 1 

Sunday, July 4 

As Koutarou and the others were running through the old 
district to meet up with their allies several explosions 
happened in the new district. For each explosion the fire got 
worse, lighting up the city even more than the lights in the 
windows. If they strained their ears they could also hear 
something sounding like gunshots every now and then. 
Sensing how fierce the battle must be, the party grew tenser. 

“What is the meaning of this, Maguz..." 

Kiriha mortifyingly bit her lip. 

The radical faction had demanded that the conservative 
faction surrendered by threatening to use the earthquake 
weapon, so at the very least they shouldn't be attacking until 
the conservative faction has responded. Yet, the battle had 
begun before an answer was given. They didn't know the 
reason, but it was clear that Kiriha and the others were being 
led by the nose by the radical faction's leader, Maguz. 

“Calm down, Kiriha-san.” 

Koutarou said as he placed his hand on Kiriha's shoulder. He 
was calm and composed. 

“In large-scale battles, unexpected events will happen. The 
commander's job is to adapt to that and make adjustments to 
the plan. Not make sure the battle follows your plan.” 

Amongst the underground troops, only Koutarou had 
experience with large battles. He hadn't taken part in modern 
wars, but while weapons and strategies changed, the 
commander's attitude didn't. As a result, Koutarou calmly 
reacted to the situation. 

“...Thank you, Koutarou.” 

Upon hearing Koutarou's words, Kiriha took a deep breath. 
Showing a small smile, she held onto Koutarou's hand resting 
on her shoulder. 

“I'm glad you are with me.” 

“Everyone's like that at first. Me too. Besides, having you rely 
on me is not a bad feeling at all.” 

While Koutarou nodded back to Kiriha he was thinking about 
something else. 

If anything, the radical faction are the dangerous ones... 

The radical faction lacked experience in war as well. Having 
hidden underground for hundreds of years, they haven't done 
battle for at least that long. While they might have 
experience with using weapons through skirmishes, there 
was no one that knew what would happen when an army 
faced another army. 

That's why no matter how much the radical faction acted like 
warriors, and spoke of honor and justice, it was all just 
theoretical. While they might believe they understand war 
from watching footage and reading documents, they don't 

actually understand anything. It was a war between novices. 
The radical faction was getting excited from their war game. 

That's what Koutarou feared. In a war like that, they couldn't 
pull their punches like a fight between children. If they took 
action, Koutarou felt like they might even do something that 
can't be undone without hesitation. In truth, they had created 
an earthquake weapon. 

“But Kiriha-san... in order to end this battle, you'll need a 
considerable resolution." 

“I know. No... I believe I understand." 

Kiriha nodded. She was well aware of how dangerous the 
radical faction was. And that control of the situation might be 
slipping out of her hands. 

“That's why..." 

Kiriha stopped speaking there. She couldn't show any further 
weakness in front of her subordinates. In return, she strongly 
squeezed Koutarou's hand. 

Koutarou couldn't say anything. But her feelings conveyed to 
him, and he squeezed her hand back just as hard. 

Part 2 

The guard house where Kiriha and the others would meet up 
with their allies was a small building built several decades 
ago. By the time the old district was abandoned, its walls still 
had a beautiful white color, but now it had turned into a 
reddish-brown from dirt and dust. There were cracks in the 
concrete and windows, clearly showing how much time had 
passed. While it hadn't deteriorated as much as an 
equivalent building on the surface would from the wind and 
rain, it still fit the description of an abandoned building. 

"A-Are you fine with this, Sakuraba-senpai?" 

"Fine with what?" 

"The insects! There's a bunch of insects inside this building!" 

"Ah... well, the insects coming straight at me are scary, but 
other than that..." 

"I hate the crawly ones and the ones with lots of legs!" 

"Like this one?" 

"KyaaaaaM Satomi-san, Satomi-san, save me!!" 

"Sanae, play with Yurika later, now's not a good time." 

As Koutarou and the others entered the building they found 
the contact representatives from the conservative faction 
already waiting for them. 


Upon spotting Kiriha, they ran up to her. Their job was to 
report the underground situation to Kiriha and tell the main 
force what Kiriha and the others will be doing. 

“Thank you for your trouble. How's the situation?" 

Keeping the greetings brief, Kiriha urged them to report as 
they were short on time. There, the leader of the group 
stepped up to report. 

“About that. The radical faction has raided our base. It seems 
like they got impatient waiting for our answer to their 
demand of surrender..." 

The contact representative debriefed Kiriha on the situation. 

Yesterday, the radical faction revealed the existence of their 
earthquake weapon, and demanded that the conservative 
faction surrendered. If they surrendered, the radical faction 
would attack the surface in high spirits, as a result, they 
could not choose surrender. The conservative faction had 
reached a consensus that attacking the surface would 
eventually lead the People of the Earth to ruin. There, the 
conservative faction replied that they would examine the 
question further in an attempt to buy time. If they rejected, 
the radical faction might use their earthquake weapon, or 
they might seize control of the conservative faction through 
military force. The conservative faction had to complete their 
preparations before that happened. 

However, they were not given that much time. Either the 
radical faction got impatient or they realized that the 
conservative faction had no intention to surrender. 

Regardless of reason, once 24 hours passed, the radical 
faction attacked the conservative faction's base. 

They attacked the executive branch and the legislature, the 

army base and the offices and homes of those influential in 
the conservative faction. 

The attackers were armed radicals, and a part of the army 
under the radical faction's control. While it may be small 
scale, it was without a doubt a military coup. 

The attack began as a surprise attack, which allowed the 
numerically inferior radical faction to overwhelm the 
conservative faction. With the attack, the conservative 
faction's chain of command was cut off and forced the troops 
to act individually, which meant they couldn't make use of 
their numbers. On top of that, the radical faction was using 
weapons that the conservative faction had never seen 
before, and the overall combat power of each individual 
radical faction soldier was higher than each individual 
conservative faction soldier. At this rate the conservative 
faction would be dismantled, they had to regain control of the 
situation or defeat was inevitable. 

Fortunately many of the influential people had managed to 
escape. Not even the conservative faction would move ahead 
without plans when their surrender was being demanded. 
They were currently moving to hiding places prepared in case 
of emergencies in order to regain control. If things went well, 
the tides might even turn. 

Once the contact representative finished their report, Harumi 
who had been quietly listening tilted her head and pulled on 
Koutarou's sleeve. She was curious about the difference in 
what the radical faction was saying and what they were 

"Satomi-kun, why did the radical faction go ahead and 
attack? They even threatened that they would use the 
earthquake weapon if they didn't surrender.” 

“I can think of two reasons. 

Koutarou raised two fingers and showed Harumi. 

“The first is that they might not be able to use the 
earthquake weapon yet. However, that isn't very realistic." 

“Why is that?" 

“If it wasn't they wouldn't bother giving Kiriha-san that 
information. It would only be when it's complete or close to it 
that they would inform Kiriha-san." 

If the earthquake weapon, Earth Dragon, was incomplete, 
there wouldn't be any point in informing Kiriha as the risk of 
them being attacked would increase. It wasn't until the 
weapon was complete or close to it that it would function as a 

“I see... then what about the second reason?" 

“If they use the earthquake weapon they'll be unable to use 
the underground's manpower and production facilities. The 
radical faction must want to be able to make use of those if 

During the war in the past Forthorthe Koutarou had 
experienced that from time to time. Involving a village or 
town in a battle would cause a loss even if you won. It was 
common sense for a competent commander to avoid such 

As expected, leaving his minion Tayuma aside, we should be cautious of the 
mastermind, Maguz. Maguz is thinking ahead... 

If that was the reason as to why the earthquake weapon 
wasn't being used, then combined with the magical weapon 
Yurika had brought with her, the utmost care is needed to be 

taken when dealing with Maguz. 

“Which means, wouldn't this situation be bad?" 

“What do you mean with bad?" 

“If the evil underground people start to lose this fight, won't 
they cause an earthquake." 


Yurika's eyes opened wide. Sanae was right. 

The radical faction was currently winning, and they're not 
using the earthquake weapon as there's a chance they can 
make use of the production facilities and manpower. But if 
the conservative faction were to regain control and started 
pushing the radical faction back, that might no longer be the 
case. By that point they might revert to their original goal of 
invading the surface and use the earthquake weapon to lay 
ruin to the underground. If they couldn't win, production 
facilities and manpower meant nothing. 

Kiriha replied to Sanae's doubts. She had already found the 

“In other words, everything relies on our underground troops 
and Theia-dono's surface troops. We must suppress the 
radical faction's base while Theia-dono and the others 
destroy the earthquake weapon, Earth Dragon, at the same 
time. And as quickly as possible at that. That is our only 
remaining chance of victory.” 

The radical faction still wasn't aware of the existence of Kiriha 
and the others. That's why they might be able to launch a 
surprise attack on their base. By doing that, the battle 
underground would reach its conclusion, and if Theia and the 

others destroyed Earth Dragon at the same time, they could 
avoid a tragedy. 

“The problem is how we find the radical faction's base but—" 

“There's no need to worry Kii. I have already located the 

Clan's voice came from Koutarou's bracelet. Koutarou had 
activated the comms to let her listen in on this conversation 
as well. 


“I promised you right? That I would let you win." 

Koutarou operated his bracelet and revealed a hologram of 
Clan. Her expression at the time was fit for a princess, it was 
a prideful and powerful expression. 

Part 3 

After getting the coordinates from Clan, Kiriha took action 
right away. She told the contact representatives the details of 
her plans and left a message for the conservative leaders 
that they should refrain from swiftly winning once they regain 
control of the main forces. She then took her 20 
subordinates, and Koutarou and the others with her and 
headed towards the coordinates she had gotten. 

“That's a gloomy face you've got there Kii. Is there something 
on your mind?" 

“Onee-chan, to what extent does the margin error for these 
coordinates reach?" 

Kiriha whispered to the comms device connected to Clan. She 
didn't want her subordinates to hear so she spoke so that 
only Clan and Koutarou could hear. 

“Well, they are jamming on their end so the analysis isn't that 
accurate... at most it's plus minus 15 meters." 

“15 meters..." 

“Is that a problem?" 

“Actually... a retainer that has served my family for ages lives 
in the coordinates you gave us. It's someone you and Onii- 
chan have met before." 

“Could it be that old man from back then?" 

Koutarou joined the conversation. He was standing a bit away 
from Kiriha but the comms were connected to him as well. 


Kiriha nodded lightly. 

The 'old man from back then' as Koutarou put it was the 
elderly man that had come to the surface when Kiriha had 
ran away from home. 

Kasumi Kouma. 

The Kasumi family had served the Kurano family for many 
generations. Kouma was not exempt from that, and he had 
served as Daiha's attendant for many years. He had served 
as Kiriha's guardian eleven years ago when she had lost her 
mother, but once she grew up he returned to his former 
position. He also had many children and a splendid successor 
by the name of Raiga. It was said that eventually Raiga would 
serve as Kiriha's attendant. 

Kiriha couldn't imagine that Kouma would wish for the 
surface to be ruined. She could confidently say that he was 
the most loyal of subjects. 

“Clan, didn't you just miscalculate?" 

“I wish that was the case..." 

Koutarou and Clan both understood how Kiriha felt. They 
didn't want to believe that the gentle old man they had met 
back then was plotting behind everyone's back. However, 
Clan's analysis of the transmitter said that the trailer was 
parked by Kouma's home. And if Kouma was working with the 
radical faction it would explain why they had been unable to 
find any leads on Maguz. If information was leaking from 
Daiha's aide, it was only obvious that the radical faction 

would stay one step ahead. 

“I wish it was just some kind of mistake...” 

Kiriha bit her lip. She was in a tough position as one of the 
people she trusted the most told her to doubt another of the 
people she trusted the most. 

"It's still not certain yet. Let's hurry so we can confirm it.” 
"Yeah. Sorry for making you worry Onii-chan, Onee-chan.” 
"We don't mind. It's just between us, right, Bertorion?” 
"Yeah, of course." 

"Thank you... both of you..." 

"It's about time for the commander to return." 


Kiriha wiped away her tears and raised her head. Kouma's 
home was right around the corner. 

Part 4 

As the Kasumi family was a distinguished family that had 
served the Kurano family for many generations, their gate 
was large. The large, traditional Japanese-style gate 
welcomed Koutarou and the others who were rushing towards 
it. Strictly speaking, the gate didn't compare to the 
Higashihongan family's gate. But since they were 
underground things simply ended up becoming smaller. The 
status of the family was certainly not inferior to the 
Higashihongan family. 

“I just hope someone is still here... Excuse me!” 

Kiriha knocked on the gate with a stern expression. Her 
anxiety could still be seen however as she was facing a very 
difficult phase. 

"...Yes, do you have some business— Kiriha-sama!?" 

A male employee of the Kasumi family peeked through a 
small window. Since this was a pressing time he seemed 
quite timid. But upon confirming that it was Kiriha, he 
hurriedly opened the gate. Since Kouma had served as 
Kiriha's guardian, the relationship between Kiriha and the 
members of the Kasumi family ran deep. 

"Is uncle... is Kouma at home?” 

"The master just returned. However, he has said that he will 
leave right away." 

Fortunately, Kouma was at home. When the radical faction 
had launched their surprise attack, Kouma had been at the 
legislature. He escaped from there and moved to a 

safehouse, but on his way there he stopped by his home. And 
through sheer chance, Kiriha happened to catch him in. 

"My lady!?" 

That was when Kouma himself appeared from the mansion. A 
large bag was hanging down from his shoulder, filled with 
important documents. Kouma had braved the risks of 
returning home so he could take these documents with him. 

He's gotten a little older, but it's the old man from back then... 

Koutarou had seen the man before. Like Kiriha had said, he 
was the elderly man that they had met eleven years ago. 
While Koutarou was surprised by that, Kiriha ran up to him. 


Kiriha ran towards Kouma, and Kouma did the same. The two 
faced each other just past the inside of the gate and Koutarou 
and the others soon approached. 

"Why are you here!? No, more importantly, it's dangerous 
here!! Let's escape together!!" 

"Uncle, I have something important to talk about. That's why 
I'm here." 

Kiriha skipped the greetings and moved directly onto the 
main topic. Kouma was an influential person in the 
conservative faction. Since he had been at the legislature his 
home hadn't been attacked, but if the radical faction found 
out about it, they would surely come. And then there was the 
more unthinkable reason that Kouma might have connections 
with the radical faction. There was no time to spare either 

"Something important? Is that more important than escaping 

from here?” 

"That's right." 

Kiriha nodded with her stern expression. Sensing that, 
Kouma's expression naturally grew sterner as well. The two 
had been together for so long that they could understand 
each other's feelings right away. 

"Uncle, we are currently looking for the radical faction's base. 
There's no way to stop this battle other than to strike at the 
heart of the radical faction." 

Kiriha's voice was firm. The reason for that was because she 
wished for it to all be a mistake. 

"I understand the circumstances, but... why are you at my 

Kouma inclined his head in confusion. Koutarou couldn't 
sense that he was lying or acting unnatural. If he was acting, 
he was quite the actor. 

"...We attached transmitters to the five trailers in the radical 
faction's weapon factory. And one of them points to this 

As Kiriha said that she stared at Kouma's expression so she 
could read what went on behind it. 

"What!? So my lady, you're saying that I'm working with the 
radical faction!?" 

Kouma's suddenly enraged. His face turned red as he 
appealed to Kiriha. 

"That's not it! There's a chance that this is all one of the 
radical faction's plans!” 

Upon seeing Kouma's reaction, Kiriha gradually grew more 
convinced. Kouma really was just Kouma. He wasn't part of 
the radical faction. But even then she had to make sure of it. 

“That's not it, but it's the truth that the transmitter's signal is 
coming from this place! Please let us search the mansion, 
Kouma! This is our only lead!" 

Before knocking on the Kasumi family gate they had 
confirmed that the signal really was coming from the 
mansion. Regardless of the reason, if the checked out that 
source they might find a clue that could lead them to the 
radical faction's base. Though she believed in Kouma she 
couldn't back down. 

“I understand. This Kouma has nothing to hide from my lady. 

If you say it will help in the battle against the radical faction 
then search to your hearts content." 

Kouma gave his okay right away. He didn't seem shaken up in 
the slightest. To Koutarou the elderly man only looked like a 
loyal subject displaying his innocence. 

Having gotten Kouma's approval, the party quickly began 
searching for the transmitter. The one in charge of searching 
for it was Clan. Koutarou and the others followed her 
directions and moved towards Kouma's garden. 

“Kii, please continue straight forward. The transmitter's 
signal is coming from 70 meters up ahead." 

“So that's it... I've found a building that seems to fit the bill." 

“Be careful, Kii. The radical faction might be lurking around." 

“Thank you." 

In the garden behind the house were several large 

warehouses. Clan was guiding Kiriha to one of those 

“It seems like this is the place. Kouma, could you open it up?" 

Standing in front of the warehouse in question, Kiriha looked 
up at it. Like the mansion, it was built in the same traditional 
Japanese-style, and was several dozen meters large. It was 
large enough to conceal the trailer in question without any 

“My lady, are you sure this is it?” 

Having come up to the warehouse, the calm Kouma's 
expression started clouding up. 

“It seems like it. Is there a problem?” 


With his expression still clouded, Kouma stepped up next to 
Kiriha and put his hand on the door in order to unlock it. The 
building was old, but the lock was computer controlled. 

Kouma input the password like in a familiar fashion. 

“The password is incorrect.” 


However, the door didn't open despite Kouma entering the 
password. The panel beeped and displayed that the password 
was incorrect. 

“That's strange...” 

Kouma attempted to enter the password again, but the 
results were the same. 

“What's wrong?" 

“Well my lady... it seems that the password has been 

“The password has?" 

“I haven't heard about this..." 

Since family heirloom and the likes were placed in the 
warehouses, so Kouma would receive a report if the password 
was changed. Yet it had been, it was an impossible situation. 

“Could this be..." 

“What is it, Kouma?" 

“No... since it's come to this, let's destroy the door." 

“Uncle, you don't have to do that. I'll open it from the inside." 

Quick to the punch, Sanae split into Sanae-chan and Sanae- 
san. She was going to open the door in her ghost form. 

Seeing her appearance, Kouma's eyes opened wide. 

“Just what is..." 

“Or do you need a password from the inside too?" 

“N-No, you can open it from the inside normally." 

“I see. Then wait, I'll get it open right away." 

“Be careful, Sanae-chan." 

“I'm fine, I'm fine. Well I'm off.” 

Sanae-chan passed through the door as Sanae-san worriedly 
saw her off. 

A few seconds later the sound of the door's lock being 
undone could be heard. Sanae-chan's face peeked through 
the door and she beckoned the others over with a smile. 

“Okay, everyone come in." 

“Thank you, Sanae... Then let's go." 

Kiriha thanked Sanae and took the lead as she opened the 
door. So the party entered the warehouse in question. 

The inside of the warehouse was dark and it wasn't possible 
to see anything. However Kouma flipped a switch on a nearby 
wall to light up the old lamps in the warehouse. That was 
when Koutarou and the others could finally see what was 

Like the outside, the inside was of a traditional Japanese- 
style. With the light, the entire warehouse gave off a warm 
impression. However, something that contradicted such 
warmth was at the center of the warehouse. It was that 
trailer that Koutarou and the others had seen in the radical 
faction's factory. 

“Satomi-kun, this is that trailer, isn't it!?" 

“Yeah, there's no mistaking it." 

Since Harumi and Koutarou had seen it in person at the 
factory they could tell right away. Especially since Koutarou 
had seen it up close. Koutarou approached the trailer and 
removed the transmitter that had been attached under the 
main body. It was proof that this was indeed the trailer. 

“It's the transmitter I attached. Then it's certain." 

“But... how can!" 

Kouma panickingly ran up to the trailer and opened the 
trailer's container. The moment he saw what was inside he 
greatly shook his head and rejected it. 

“Impossible, this can not be! It's a lie. Tell me it's a lie!" 

The majority of the contents had already been carried away. 
However, since some of it still remained, one could imagine 
who the owner was. What was left were firearms, armor, 
tactical vehicles and the like. It was the same equipment the 
radical faction was using against the conservative faction at 
this very moment. 

“...l-lf this is here then... if this is here then..." 

Kouma sat down on the spot and began shedding tears. He 
wasn't shedding tears because his connection with the 
radical faction had been revealed. He didn't have any 
connection with them. Instead, if this trailer was in this 
warehouse it pointed to someone else having connections to 
the radical faction. And that fact was unbearably sad for 

“...Raiga... why did you... didn't we both swear... to serve the 
Kurano family... why would you... join the likes of the radical 

Kasumi Raiga. A smart and considerate man, loved by those 
around him, and was expected to become the Kasumi 
family's successor. He was Kouma's pride and joy. The radical 
faction's trailer had been brought into his personal 

Part 5 

Assuming that Kasumi Raiga was part of the radical faction 
would answer some questions. Such as why the conservative 
faction couldn't find any leads to the radical faction, or why 
the password to the warehouse had been secretly changed. If 
Raiga was leaking information there was no way that the 
radical faction would slip up easily. And since it was his 
personal warehouse, changing the password was easy. There 
were also many more questions that would be answered 
under this assumption. That's why Raiga's involvement was 
almost certain. All that was left was how deeply involved he 

“Uncle, cheer up. It's still not certain that Raiga is part of the 
radical faction. He might be forced to cooperate under 

“...I just hope... that is the case..." 

Even if Raiga had a connection to the radical faction there 
was a considerate difference between being threatened or 
joining through his own free will. In order to get more details, 
Kiriha and the others were headed towards Raiga's private 
room inside of the mansion. They were going to look for 
information regarding the radical faction there. 

“...I feel bad for him." 

Yurika mumbled as she stared at Kouma's back. Harumi who 
was next to her nodded. Being very sympathetic, tears were 
forming in her eyes. 

“...Just how painful would it be... to learn that your own family 
might be an enemy..." 

Imagining her own parents becoming her enemies, Harumi 
couldn't bear it. 

“But, Koutarou. That's not his fault is it?" 

Sanae also felt sorry for Kouma, but that was more because 
she felt sorry that the parent was blamed for their, now adult, 
son being reckless. It was a very simple concept that fit 

“I imagine it wouldn't be that simple when it comes to your 
own child. But I bet it's hard for us to imagine as we're still 


Sanae crossed her arms and began thinking. It was a problem 
that was quick and easy to accept. That was where Sanae- 
san called out to Sanae-chan. Sanae-san had a different way 
of thinking about it. 

“Uhm, Sanae-chan. If Koutarou-san was suddenly revealed to 
be an enemy one day, how would you feel?" 

“How... that would never happen." 

There was absolutely no way that Koutarou would ever 
become Sanae's enemy. That had become common sense to 
Sanae-chan. If he was ever to become a bad guy, so would 

“But that's just what happened to uncle Kouma." 

“...I kinda feel like I understand." 

To Sanae, being left behind was more problematic than 
Koutarou suddenly becoming a bad guy. Thinking that 
something like that had happened to Kouma was easier for 

Sanae-chan to understand. 

Having understood, Sanae-chan merged with Sanae-san and 
held Koutarou's hand. 

“What's wrong?” 

“Koutarou... if you ever become a bad guy... then make sure 
you take us with you.” 

Sanae tightly squeezed Koutarou's hand. 

“Okay. When that time comes I will.” 

Koutarou nodded and squeezed the worried Sanae's hand 

Part 6 

It had been a while since Kouma last visited his son's, 

Raiga's, room. He had been busy dealing with the radical 
faction, and when needed Raiga would come to his room 
instead. As a result, there was never a need for Kouma to 
visit Raiga's room. 

“...Just when did Raiga grow up so big..." 

Kouma picked up a photograph of a younger self and a small 
boy. That was how Raiga had looked 20 years ago. He was 
currently over 30 years of age, but to Kouma, that image of a 
young boy had never left him. Because of that he would 
sometimes inadvertently make Raiga angry as he treated him 
like a child. But now even those were good memories. 

“...I guess he's grown up to become an independent adult..." 

He was sure that he knew everything there was to Raiga 
when he was young. But now that confidence was waning. 
Inside of his son was something like a fog that he couldn't 
see past. And that made Kouma uneasy and sad. 

“Uncle... Raiga is still your child. You can believe in him." 

“Thank you, my lady..." 

Kouma wiped away his tears and returned the photograph to 
its former place. After that, Kouma looked around the room. 
He found mostly tools for work, but he could see some items 
of remembrance mixed in. Like the game board they had 
played together, his sports uniform or the book he had read 
to him. Since Kouma had lost his wife early on, he had given 
his all to spend as much time with his son as possible. These 

memories filled this room. That's why when he stood here, he 
simply couldn't believe it. That Raiga was related to the 
radical faction. He couldn't help but pray that Raiga was at 
most being threatened and forced to cooperate. The young 
boy in Kouma's mind was still showing his innocent smile. 

“Let's believe in Raiga, Uncle... I'm sure he will answer your 

“My lady... yes..." 

Kouma nodded and sat down on the sofa that Kiriha had led 
him to. Kiriha had to search for clues, but she couldn't leave 
the depressed Kouma be. 

“...Uncle Kouma..." 

Sanae stared at Kouma and Kiriha. 

“Alright, I'll do my best!" 

Kouma wanted to prove his son's innocence. Having 
understood that, Sanae was more enthusiastic than normal. 
Normally she would claim that looking for things are too 
much of a bother, but unusually enough, she took the lead to 
search for clues. 

“Yurika, can't you do something with your magic?" 

“Do something, like what?" 

“If he's being threatened couldn't there be something like a 
hidden camera or microphone? I'm asking if you can find 
something like that with magic." 

“I see... you're awfully clever today, Sanae-chan." 

“I'm a captain after all. So, can you do it or not?" 

"I'll give it a try. I believe I can find out if I follow the flow of 

"I'll leave it to you private.” 

At first Sanae wasn't very interested in proving Raiga's 
innocence, but now she was really getting into it. By 
understanding Kouma's feelings, Sanae's matured a little 

Looking at Sanae like that, Harumi smiled. 

”Satomi-kun, we can't lose either.” 

"You're right, let's give it our all.” 

"But... rather than aimlessly searching for clues, we should 
narrow down what we're looking for like Higashihongan-san 
and Nijino-san.” 

Raiga's room was large, since he was helping Kouma with his 
work, he had a lot of documents regarding the politics and 
history of the People of the Earth. So it was clear that it would 
be a waste of time searching through everything one item at 
a time, even with 20 something people. 

Sanae and Yurika are working under the assumption that he is being 
threatened. In that case, we should... 

Koutarou decided to work on the opposite assumption of 
Sanae and Yurika. In other words, he would search for clues 
on the assumption that Raiga was voluntarily working with 
the radical faction. Sadly this was something that had to be 
done, but not something he wanted to push onto Sanae or 
Kiriha. So Koutarou believed it would be best if he and 
Harumi did it. Truth be told he didn't want to involve Harumi 
in something that required her to suspect others, but there 

was a limit to what he could do on his own. 

“...Senpai, we should look for clues using the opposite 
method as Sanae and Yurika." 

Koutarou whispered to Harumi. He didn't want others to hear. 

“...You mean we should look for clues that Raiga-san is 
voluntarily cooperating with the radical faction?" 

“...Yes. It's not something I'd like to do, but... please lend me 
your help, Sakuraba-senpai." 

“...I understand. It's something someone has to do." 

When Harumi showed a sad smile she looked like a different 
girl to Koutarou. It was a girl with silver hair and blue eyes. 
But that was for just a moment. The silvery sheen vanished 
and she returned to her original appearance. Koutarou was 
taken aback by that for a moment, but quickly recollected 

“...Sakuraba-senpai, I'll examine the history books. The 
radical faction should have some interest in that." 

“...Then I'll take a look at the accounting books. If he's 
working with the radical faction in secret, there should be 
some kind of deception in it." 

Koutarou and Harumi split up to look for clues. The two hoped 
for the same thing. That there wouldn't be any clues that 
Raiga was an enemy. They only hoped to find clues that lead 
to the radical faction's base. And it wasn't just the two of 
them. Everyone in the room wished for the same thing. 

Several tens of minutes after the group had split up to search 
Raiga's room, a contact representative from the conservative 
faction jumped into the room. 


"What is it?" 

Leaving the searching to Koutarou and the others, Kiriha 
approached the contact representative. There, the 
representative ran up to Kiriha and whispered in a quiet voice 
so only she could hear. The moment she heard what the 
representative had to say, her expression changed. 


But at almost the same time, Sanae let out a loud voice, so 
there was nobody to notice her change in expression. 
Everyone naturally turned to look at Sanae. 

"Koutarou, Koutarou, look! I found a weird button!" 


Sanae picked up a thick book and opened it to show to 
Koutarou. Inside was a small box made out of plastic. 

Sanae had found a button hidden within the book. Since it 
had been concealed by hollowing out a book there was no 
way of knowing the button was there until you opened the 
book. In her quest for hidden cameras and microphones, 
Sanae happened to pick up the book by chance. 

"...I don't know anything about this... Raiga, are you really..." 

Kouma unsteadily approached Sanae and grabbed the book, 
and with a trembling hand he pushed the button. With a click 
the button starting glowing red. 

Then the bookshelves moved to the side. Since they were 
moving full of books, it was a very heavy sound. Once 
moved, a large safe could be found built into the wall behind 

the bookshelves. 

"Sanae, can you open it?” 

”1 think this one is impossible.” 

The safe had been locked through a mechanism, and 
Koutarou hoped that Sanae could open it the same way she 
had with the warehouse door, but she shook her head. There 
was no way to open the safe from the other side, and it was a 
lock Sanae couldn't do anything about it. 

"Then I'll do it.” 

Instead, Yurika rose her hand and walked up next to 
Koutarou. She spoke in the same tone as always, but a strong 
light resided in her eyes. They were the eyes of a magical 

"Can you do it?” 

"I think it will work if we dissolve the area around the lock 
with acid.” 

Saying that, Yurika held her cane, Angel Halo, in both hands. 
Seeing her appearance full of confidence, Koutarou moved 
away from the safe to open up room for Yurika. 

"Then please do it." 

"Yes! ...Acid Splash." 

Yurika pointed her cane towards the safe's lock and spoke a 
very brief incantation. It was a basic spell that created and 
launched a strongly acidic liquid. 

Since it was a basic spell, the liquid only remained acidic for a 
short period of time. However, it was enough to destroy the 

lock's mechanism, and since the acidity ran out, the other 
parts were left untouched. Yurika had chosen an appropriate 

“It's open.” 

The acid melted away the lock surprisingly quickly. As a 
result, the safe was half opened and its contents could be 
seen through the gap. Inside of the safe were some kind of 



Kiriha moved in front of the safe. Picking up one of the 
documents, her eyes opened up wide. It was a large map 
with many signs and characters written all over it. 

"...Phew... sadly, the worst possible situation is progressing... 

That map was part of a plan for a military invasion of the 

Part 7 

Apart from the invasion plans, there was sensitive 
information from the conservative faction hidden within the 
safe. A person being threatened wouldn't go out of their way 
to build a safe, and in that scenario it was also hard to 
believe that he would be in a position to come into contact 
with the radical faction's strategist. Thinking about it 
normally, it seemed like Raiga was stealing conservative 
faction secrets from under Kouma's nose and using them to 
form plans. In other words, it was very likely that Raiga was 
voluntarily cooperating with the radical faction, and that he 
was in a very high position at that. 

“Clan, the situation's bad." 

“What's the matter?" 

“It seems like the son of the Chief's aide is working with the 
radical faction. There's most likely many more inside the 
conservative faction." 

“Which means we'll have to do this alone. And quickly." 

“Yeah. Where are Theia and the others right now?" 

“From their report just a while ago, they would soon arrive at 
the decided point." 

“When they reach it let me know right away." 

“I understand." 

Koutarou showed a bitter expression after his talk with Clan. 
The situation was exceptionally bad. The radical faction held 

the advantage in battle, and the conservative faction couldn't 
fight back seriously until the earthquake weapon was dealt 
with. And with Kouma's son working with the radical faction, 
there was most likely many more accomplices within the 
conservative faction. Because of that they couldn't work 
together with the conservative faction to find the radical 
faction's base. If the conservative faction made any moves 
the radical faction would quickly find out about it. 

"Satomi-kun, what do we do now?” 

"Well... let's start by examining the strategy plans, we might 
be able to derive the radical faction's base from them." 

The strategy plans included plans for the battle occurring 
right now. For a logical plan where soldiers could be swiftly 
deployed, the locations of the enemy base could be narrow 
down. Hope still existed. 

"Kiriha is good at that kind of thing after all." 

"All that's left is a race against time..." 

Even after narrowing down the spots, it wasn't certain how 
much time it would take before it was found. Luck would play 
a big part in it. 

"Yurika, could you call over Kiriha-san?" 

Kiriha had left the room to escort the greatly shocked Kouma 
to his own room. She needed to return right around now. 


Yurika put away the documents she was looking at and 
accepted with a smile. She was starting to get a headache 
from looking at all the numbers and symbols, so she 
welcomed the change in work and she jumped out of a 

Raiga's room while humming. 

"Satomi-sa~n! Bad news!” 

Yurika returned a few minutes later, but her expression was 
the opposite of the one she had left with. 

”Kiriha-san is not here!” 

The reason was revealed right after, Yurika couldn't find 
Kiriha. In this situation, that was a major problem that could 
have fatal consequences. 

"She's not here? Yurika, explain it properly!” 

"I don't really understand either! But the people of the house 
said that they saw Kiriha-san go outside a little while ago!” 

"Why would she...?” 

Koutarou had no ideas as to why Kiriha would vanish. He 
couldn't imagine that there was a need for it. If anything it 
was the opposite, as now was when Kiriha's knowledge was 
needed. Doubts and impatience came over Koutarou. 

"Everybody... may I have your ears for a moment?” 

That was when Kouma who was following Yurika entered the 
room. While his depression from learning of his son's 
involvement was large, he was the man who had served as 
the Chief's right arm. He had switched gears in order to play 
his own role. 

"...I see, you do indeed look familiar... how strange...” 

Kouma stood in front of Koutarou and looked over him, yet 

that was just for a moment. He soon moved onto the main 

“My lady, Kiriha-sama, has left for the radical faction's base." 

Koutarou's eyes shot wide open. Going into the radical 
faction's base on her own was nothing short of suicide. 
Besides, Koutarou and the others were having a hard time 
even finding out where said base was. 

“Using Daiha-sama's life as a shield, they asked for Kiriha- 
sama to make an appearance.” 

“Preposterous! Why didn't you stop her!?” 

“I tried many times. However, Kiriha-sama said this was the 
only way...” 


Koutarou grinded his teeth in frustration. Knowing her 
personality she would appear, knowing full well the danger 
she would be in. That was the kind of girl she was. 

“Koutarou-sama, I have received something from my lady.” 

As Kouma spoke he pulled something out from his pocket and 
presented it to Koutarou. It was a silver colored card that had 
lost it's sheen. 

“This is...” 

“My lady told me to return this to you. And she left a 
message, 'I will leave the rest to you.'” 

This was the card that Koutarou had given to Kiriha eleven 

years ago. He was very well aware of how much Kiriha 
treasured this card. Yet she had given it back to him, and 
Koutarou knew just what that meant. 

"...Kiriha-san is prepared to die...” 

Kiriha had resolved herself to die before she headed towards 
the enemy base. That's why she returned the card she 
treasured more than her life to Koutarou. That was the safest 
way of protecting it. 

The Invaders' Battlefields 

Part 1 

Sunday, July 4 

Theia and the surface troops got into position 15 minutes 
after Kiriha had vanished underground. They had sneaked up 
to the northern part of the island, near the radical faction's 
base, and were observing it. 

“...It's smaller than I thought.” 

That was Shizuka's first impression upon seeing it. The base 
surrounded by a steel fence was larger than Corona House, 
but far smaller than Kitsushouharukaze high school. Shizuka's 
image of a base was something gigantic like you'd see in the 
movies, so this was kind of a let down. As it was night, lights 
were lighting up the base, giving it a lonely impression and 
making it look even smaller. 

"Shizuka-sama, that is just the entrance. Most of it is built 
underground so that it won't stand out.” 

Ruth smiled and showed Shizuka a hologram on her bracelet. 
It was an estimated 3D model of the base that Ruth and Clan 
had built up through analyzing the information they had 
gathered. This showed that the top part was just the tip of 
the iceberg and the remaining 90% of the base was 

“I see, it's a secret base after all.” 

Since it was base where a weapon of mass destruction had 
been set up, it was build to stand out as little as possible. 
Taking observation satellites into consideration, it was only 
inevitable that the majority of the base would be built 
underground. Since aircraft or other vehicles weren't 
intended to be used at the base, there was no inconvenience 
in it. 

"Things won't go as they have up until now. Men, are you 

Theia and the others would be raiding this base and 
destroying the earthquake weapon, Earth Dragon, that should 
be inside. They had avoided contact with the enemy until 
now, but that wouldn't work any more. They had to defeat 
the enemies in their way and complete their objective. 

"I'm ready at any time. I'm ready to fight. Even if I'm going 
up against Maya-sama.” 

Maki strongly grasped her cane and nodded. Since the 
moment she had landed on this island she had prepared 
herself for a battle against her master, Maya. There was no 
sign of hesitation in her eyes. And if she lost against the 
radical faction's soldiers, there was no way she could win 
against Maya, so she didn't fear them at all. 

"Leave it to me, Theia-chan. I'd rather move my body than 
anxiously sneak around like this." 

Shizuka was already ready to fight. With her invincible body, 
and the mind of a high school girl, she felt less tense fighting 
than having to sneak around and worry about the entire plan 

“I'm starting to get nervous.” 

"Calm down, Kotarou. If you're like that, you won't even be 
able to do something you normally can." 

"But you're trembling too, Hayato-niichan." 

"Kotarou, Hayato, we're all scared. That's why we fight 
together. Right?" 

"Kenichi is right. Let's focus on doing what we can." 

"Yeah. That way the triumphant celebration feast will taste 
more delicious!" 

This battle was different from the small skirmishes the Sun 
Rangers had been in before. It was a battle that would 
determine the future of both the surface and the 
underground, and the Sun Rangers couldn't hide their 
nervousness. However, they were confronting that trial 
through the support of each other. That sight gave courage to 
the conservative faction soldiers who were around them. That 
was probably the essence of heroes, but the Sun Rangers 
seemed unaware of it. 

Next, reports that preparations were complete came from 
one squad after another. Confirming that all 89 of them were 
ready, Theia nodded. 

"...We were all born and raised in different places, but we 
must win this battle no matter what, and that is what ties us 
together. Let's forget about those differences! It doesn't 
matter how ungraceful our fight is! We will destroy the Earth 
Dragon and come out victorious!! Men, follow me!!" Theia 
loudly declared, and her 88 allies replied in unison. 


Aliens, a magical girl, a normal high school girl, a sun squad 
and the underground people. There were all kinds of people 
gathered, but they all shared a common goal. 

Part 2 

Theia made the first attack. Overwhelming the others in 
scientific power, she was capable of just that. That's why she 
began her attack as she jumped through the bushes. 

“Blue Knight, Multi-Launching Ground to Ground Missiles! 
Destroy that annoying fence!" 

“As you wish, my princess." 

According to Theia's orders, two large hexagons appeared 
slightly behind her shoulders. They were missile launchers, 
and as they appeared their launch ports opened and fired the 
missiles within, a total of twelve. First they headed straight 
up from Theia before curving and heading towards the radical 
faction's base. 

The missiles were targeting the fence around the base and, 
along with loud booms, the steel fence was blown away, 
removing the obstacles from Theia's and the others path. 


“Yes! Deploying Distortion Field!" 

Ruth took over as the frontline and widely deployed the 
barrier built into her armor. She would serve as the shield 
until they reached the entrance to the base. This was a fitting 
role for Ruth, who had the title of Guardian Knight. 

“Mirror Image - Modifier - Area Effect - End - Effective Area 

Maki's specialization, mind manipulation magic, extended to 

illusion magic as well. She created copies of all 89 allies and 
placed those copies around the real one. Doing this made it 
seem like a much bigger force was attacking, and it also 
lowered the chances of someone getting attacked. It was a 
probabilistic way of defending. 

“Let's close in before they can recover! Run as fast as you 

Following Theia's orders, the surface troops advanced as one. 
In total there were about ten radical faction soldiers 
protecting the entrance. They had been thrown into disarray 
from Theia's missiles, but they wouldn't stay panicked 
forever. Once they recovered they would call for backup and 
counter attack. Before that happened, they needed to close 
the distance. 

“Your highness, they're firing!” 

About 100 meters away from the base site, small sparks hit 
Ruth's barrier from time to time. It was the light from bullets 
striking the barrier. Having recovered, the radical faction 
soldiers noticed Theia and the others and began their attack. 
While it wasn't much of a problem right now because of their 
few numbers, once the backup arrived, that might not be the 
case. Having judged the situation thusly, Theia gave her next 

“Blue Shine, shoot that cable that's coming out from the 
lookout post!” 

“Leave it to me! Kotarou!” 

“Got it! Live ammunition loaded, night vision scope activated, 
distance 180, the wind is north west, wind velocity two 
meters, humidity is 55%!" 

Blue and Green temporarily left the file and entered a sniping 
position. It may have been because they were using a 
Forthorthe weapon, but their preparations were swift. 

Seconds after leaving the file they already had the target in 
the scope. 

"Niichan, that weapon doesn't need corrections so just 


The bullet shot left the rifle along with a solemn sound. Since 
the bullet speed exceeded a velocity of 1000 meters per 
second, by the time the sound could be heard, the bullet had 
already hit its target. The bullet didn't stray off target and 
destroyed the cable coming out of the lookout post. 

"Direct hit!” 

"Alright! Let's go, Kotarou!” 


Done with their sniping, the two rapidly stood up and chased 
after Theia and the others.With that Theia had a satisfied 
smile and she gave them words of appreciation. 

"Well done, Sun Rangers! With this, their reinforcements will 
be delayed!” 

The cable that Theia had them shoot was used for 
communication. The cable was used both for calling for 
reinforcements and for sending camera feeds down. With that 
destroyed, they can slow down the reinforcements as they 
switched to an emergency line. That time should be enough 
to let Theia and the others reach the entrance to the base. 

"Your highness, I'm detecting metal up ahead! It's a 


Ruth's computer was giving out warnings. On the outside of 
where the fence had been were landmines. They covered a 
distance of about ten meters, which was enough to blow 
away problematic intruders. 

"What a nuisance! Blue Knight, fire the remaining missiles! 
Create a path for us to take!” 

"As you wish, my princess." 

The missile launchers, floating behind Theia, fired a large 
amount of missiles once more. Like before, it was a total of 
twelve, and they rained down on the minefield. 

This caused even grander explosions than before and kicked 
up a cloud of dust that hid the entrance of the base from 
sight. The ground shook like it was an earthquake and the 
blast shook the surrounding trees. 

"The course is clear!” 

"Men, we're pushing through!” 

Theia and the others charged towards the minefield before 
the cloud of dust and fire had settled down. The shockwave 
assaulted them, but thanks to Ruth's sturdy barrier they were 
unharmed. With the minefield blown away there was no 
longer anything in Theia's and the others path and they were 
able to successfully enter the base site. 

"Theia-chan, they're lying in wait for us!” 

But they were still in danger, as Shizuka sensed enemies past 
the cloud of dust. Having seen Theia's missiles clear the 
minefield, they lay in wait for them to come from that way. 

“Don't worry!" 

As Theia shouted that, ten radical faction soldiers appeared 
past the cloud of dust. They weren't incompetent. Having 
seen Theia deal with the minefield, they had changed their 
weapons to grenades and bazookas. Ruth's barrier was 
powerful, but it couldn't protect against attacks from below or 
above which was their goal. 



The next moment Maki, who had been in the rear, unleashed 
a spell that created an intense flash. Having all been looking 
at Theia and the others as they approached, the radical 
faction soldiers all saw this flash and the night vision goggles 
they were using ceased functioning, leaving the soldiers 

“Now, attack!” 

The soldiers' hurriedly removed their night vision goggles, 
but it was already too late. The soldiers were all shot and lost 

As the troops entered the base they found a tunnel heading 
underground. The tunnel had a gentle incline and stretched 
20 meters wide. The tunnel also had lights set up 
intermittently, lighting up the entire thing. Assuming that 
trailers would carry goods to and from here, it was a very 
appropriate make. 

The large weapon on Theia's left arm, the mechanical pile 
driver, let out lots of exhaust. She had just used the weapon 
to destroy the entrance gate. Using the weapon at full power 
created a lot of steam as exhaust, and made Theia give off 

an even more powerful impression. 

"Uhm, Devil Princess-san, Wouldn't it be better if we 
infiltrated the base more quietly as according to plan?” 

Overwhelmed by Theia's appearance, Red Shine timidly gave 
her his opinion. According to their original plan, Theia and the 
others of the surface troops would be infiltrating the base 
more slowly and carefully. Since they were entering an 
unknown base, it was considered best to move forward 
carefully. However, they had forcefully broken through. While 
the results were a success, they had already had several 
dangerous moments. 

“I would like to do so as well, but., hearing how the situation 
underground is going, I can't.” 

"Is it that bad?” 

Blue Shine joined the conversation. Amongst the Sun 
Rangers, Blue had the most knowledge of the military. 

"Indeed. The radical faction lost their patience waiting for an 
answer and attacked. If we don't destroy the earthquake 
weapon before the conservative faction get into position for a 
proper counter attack things will get problematic.” 

"...That said, the conservative faction can't keep themselves 
from counter attacking, huh." 

"That's right. It seems like we don't have the time to take it 


"Steel yourself, Kenichi. This is the eleventh hour." 

"...Okay. Let's do our best. It does seem like we don't have 
any time.” 

Once Blue supported Theia's opinion, Red stopped his 
objections. He trusted in Blue's decision. Besides, they were 
already on enemy grounds, doing things casually could prove 

"Men, from this point onward we move in squads. Do not 
move on your own.” 

When they were moving they had prioritized everyone 
moving together, but now they would need to stay in 

formation. Each girl from room 106 would lead 20 
conservative faction soldiers. These 21 would be the smallest 
unit from now on. The only exception was the Sun Rangers 
who would act as a flying column, striking at enemy weak 
spots or backing up allies. Not destroying this composition 
was essential to come out victorious. 

Having formed in squads of 21 the surface troops continued 
down the tunnel. After going down for about 100 meters, the 
tunnel ended and their view opened up. The tunnel was 
connected to a wide space. It was a large cave created by the 
People of the Earth's technology. It was several hundred 
meters large, and despite being underground it was properly 
lit up. A globe like the sun itself was lighting up the entire 
vast cave from overhead. 

“It seems like the earthquake weapon, Earth Dragon, is in 

In the middle of the cave, underneath the globe was a 
building resembling a base. It was over a 100 meters large, 
and since Earth Dragon was, according to the design plans, 
several tens of meters, it seemed like the ideal size for the 

“I'm getting a big energy reaction as well. It is most likely 
that building.” 

The computer in Ruth's armor calculated an estimate of 
energy within the building from the trace amounts leaking 
out. It was enough energy to support a city and it seemed to 
be generated from within the base. 

“It looks like they're getting serious as well.” 

In front of Shizuka's glance were armed radical faction 
squads, standing between them and the base. They far 

outnumbered the guards on the surface. Normal soldiers 
numbered over a hundred, and then there were mechanical 
soldiers, automated soldiers and assault vehicles. Their 
formation was solid as well with mechanical and automatic 
soldiers in the front and assault vehicles behind them. The 
soldiers were positioned to give these back up. 

“It looks like they never intended to back up the ones on the 
surface, but rather settle this down here." 

Looking at the same thing Shizuka was looking at, Maki 
reached a conclusion. 

The girls had believed that it would be problematic if the 
radical faction had blocked them off at the tunnel leading to 
the base and attempted to break through before that 
happened. But there would only be a point in doing that if 
their forces rivaled each other. If the radical factions forces 
far outnumbered their enemy then they could fight in an 
open space to make use of their superior numbers. There was 
no point in fighting in a narrow space and limit their forces. 

“So they figured they could win in a frontal attack. Hah, I'll 
make them pay for underestimating me." 

Theia showed a chilling smile as she spoke. While Theia had 
grown physically and mentally, she still had a lot of pride. 
Nowadays she could mostly forgive what people say to her as 
long as they're on friendly terms, but she couldn't forgive 
those hostile to her for making fun of her. Theia felt like she 
was being made fun of in this situation and was enraged. 

“We are not underestimating you at all, princess Theiamillis." 

“This voice is!?" 


That was when a voice could be heard from a nearby speaker. 
It was a voice that wasn't just familiar to Theia, but to Ruth as 
well. He was Ruth's previous fiance that had turned into an 
enemy, and he was someone that Ruth couldn't forgive. 

And almost at the same time as his voice, a half transparent 
hologram of Elexis appeared in front of Theia and the others. 
He was as refined and handsome as usual. However, that 
rubbed both Theia and Ruth the wrong way. 

“It is because we are not underestimating you that we chose 
to fight in this place where we can use our full force. Doing it 
on the surface would simply make us stand out too much." 

Theia and Ruth were surprised by Elexis' sudden appearance. 
However, at the same time there were a lot of things that 
hadn't made sense until now, such as the production 
technology for their weapons being so exceptionally high. 

“You bastard... how dare you appear in front of us. And 
working alongside the radical faction at that." 

Theia angrily glared at the hologram. To her, Elexis wasn't 
simply just an enemy. He was someone who had tried to kill 
Koutarou, which was something she could never forgive. As a 
result, her sharp glare pierced through the camera and 
reached Elexis directly. 

“I must have misjudged you. Goals and means aside, I 
believed you at least had your pride." 

The same was true for Ruth. She sent a chilling glance at 

“That smarts. However, we have a goal as well. It's 
something we have to accomplish, even if I have to 
somewhat throw away my pride." 

“We? Could it be... are you working together with Maya- 

Maki had quietly been listening in, but she sensed the 
presence of Maya from Elexis' nonchalantly words and 
couldn't stay quiet. 

“Whoops, you were Maya's apprentice weren't you... what a 
careless thing of me to say." 

Elexis had a happy smile on his face. He had taken quite a 
liking to Maya. With her unexpected things happened, one 
after another, even Maki's appearance felt like it. 

“Is Maya-sama here!?" 

“That's not something I can say. Koutarou-kun has gotten 
angry at me for not treating my allies well before. But I think 
you'll find out if you make it all the way to me." 

“Then I'll be right there. So just you wait." 

“There you have it, so brace yourself, Elexis! Now that we 
know that you're here too, we definitely won't back away. 
We'll make you regret making an enemy out of us!" 

“I'll prepare some snacks and tea and await your arrival, 

With those words as his last, Elexis' hologram vanished and 
the speakers turned off. At the same time, the radical faction 
began moving towards Theia and the others. Seeing that, 
Theia ordered her allies to advance. 

“Let's go men! We'll disperse these pests, beat down Elexis 
and destroy Earth Dragon!" 

Like that, the surface troops' battle began. 

Part 3 

The underground city built by the People of the Earth, the 
town of Sial. It was intended to become the People of the 
Earth's second hometown, and its name was taken from the 
name of their original home. And in fact, many considered it 
their home. Their pride and traditions existed in this place. 

Now that town of Sial was burning. While Kiriha was being 
taken to the radical faction's base she could see it burning 
through the window of the car. 

Bullets flew through the streets and many people could be 
seen lying down in the alleys, untreated. The executive 
branch had been hit first and the city was left paralyzed. 
Explosions were occuring all over, and more than half of the 
temples for the goddess of creation had been blown away. 

The nation, the traditions, the history, the belief and the 
people. The very identity of the People of the Earth was being 
trampled and was being led down the path of ruin. However, 
what made this problem more complex that it was yet 
another part of their identity that was ruining it. 

To the radical faction, the town of Sial was not a symbol of 
tradition, but a symbol of defeat and humiliation. Despite 
having superior technology, the People of the Earth had been 
robbed of their territory and chased underground. That was a 
prideful choice of not picking up arms, but the radical faction 
didn't think of it that way. To them, the town of Sial was a 
prison for the defeated. That's why they believed returning to 
the surface and reclaiming their home was absolute justice, 
and for that sake they wouldn't mind using military force. In 
fact, it was their right. On top of that, being ruled by superior 
people would make the people on the surface happy as well. 

That was the correct tradition and pride of their people. Or so 
the radical faction believed at least. 

The radical faction rejected their history as being false ever 
since they were driven underground. They also couldn't see 
any value in the town of Sial. To them, this was just a refugee 
camp. That's why they wouldn't hesitate to destroy their own 
hometown as long as they secured enough of a productive 

This battle was between two parts of their identity. A tragedy 
born from their collision. It was something that they hadn't 
been able to solve while keeping it contained. If left alone, 
this tragedy would spread to the surface as well. 

And in order to avoid that, she didn't fear for her own life. 
Looking at the state of the town, Kiriha's resolve grew 
stronger. That was why a strong light resided in her eyes 
even after arriving at the radical faction's base and standing 
face to face with Maguz. 

Kiriha was taken to the radical faction's base which was 
located in an area with the oldest buildings in the new 
district. The radical faction had been formed a long time ago, 
and their secret base had been around for ages. Originally 
this area was supposed to be designated as part of the old 
district as well, but those in the radical faction that were on 
the administration had secretly removed it from the list, 
because it would stand out if people visited a certain area of 
the old district time and time again. The conservative faction 
also had a preconception that if a new secret base was going 
to be made, it would be in the old district. Thanks to that, this 
place was in their blind spot, and they could continue to hide 
from the conservative faction. 

"...Kasumi Raiga... to think you were Maguz...” 

“If you stand behind the light, nobody can see you... it's a 
proverb from this cursed underground, but it is unmistakably 

Meeting Kiriha in the deepest portion of the radical faction's 
base, the command room, was Kasumi Raiga, the man 
suspected of being related to the radical faction. The truth 
was that he wasn't just related to the radical faction, he was 
in fact their leader, Maguz. 

Kiriha stood in the center of the command room, facing 
Maguz who was sitting on the commander's seat. Her hands 
and feet were chained and she was unable to move. On top 
of that, there were armed soldiers surrounding her. As a 
result, the chances of her breaking free from this situation 
were all but zero. 

“Have you ever even thought of how that light felt?” 

Kiriha glared at Raiga, at Maguz, with anger filled eyes. 
Despite being in such a disadvantageous situation, her 
resolution remained firm. She was the commander left in 
charge of the surface invasion, she couldn't show weakness 
to the enemy. 

“I have. That's why I spent time trying to make him 

Being showered with Kiriha's glare and words, Maguz showed 
no signs of minding it, instead he smiled. In a few years he 
would be in his forties, but his smile was overflowing with the 
innocence of youth. Sensing that, Kiriha felt like a lot of 
people had been attracted by that innocence. 

“However, I have run out of time for that. In the end, my 
message couldn't reach my father's heart. How regrettable.” 

Maguz sadly dropped his shoulders. He wasn't lying. The man 
known as Maguz truly felt it was regrettable. 

“Of course. How could the distant words of some unknown 
stranger reach Kouma's heart. If you had spoken to him 
closely as Raiga, they might have reached." 

“What did you say!? You impudent little girl!!" 

The words unknown stranger didn't anger Maguz, but Tayuma 
who was standing next to him. He shouted at Kiriha like he 
was about to bite down on her. Faithful dog were apt words to 
describe him. 

“To call Maguz-sama a stranger!!" 

“I don't mind, Tayuma." 


“It's fine, Tayuma. Her words are true." 


However, Tayuma was stopped by Maguz, and he reluctantly 
closed his mouth. He looked like a dog scolded by his owner. 

“Indeed, it is as you say. If I had repeatedly tried to convince 
my father, he might have understood our justice. But coming 
to understand your child's selfishness is not the same as true 
understanding. That is unfortunate for anyone. Is it not?" 

Maguz struck back. He seemed neither angered nor shaken 
up. On top of that, his argument was proper. A character 
fitting for the heir to Kasumi family could be felt from Maguz. 
That rubbed Kiriha the wrong way. 

“That kind of argument doesn't work. It would only work if 

you have directly spoken to Kouma. Not having done that, 
your words are nothing but feeble.” 

"As expected from the daughter of the Kurano family, how 
strict. However, if I spoke to him directly my father would find 
out about my identity even if I hid my face. As such, if I 
failed, I would be over. That's not acceptable." 

"You've shown your true colors, Raiga." 

With her strict eyes still on Maguz, Kiriha smiled. It was a 
callous smile she would never show Koutarou and the other 
girls of room 106. 

"There is no justice with you. You are only using it for your 
own convenience." 

Fearing for his identity to be known, Maguz never tried 
talking with Kouma. From that moment there was no justice 
to be found in their cause. It was impossible for justice to 
exist if you gave up on trying to converse with someone 
before even trying. That was something even children knew. 


There, confidence vanished from Maguz 1 expression for the 
first time. Unable to come up with a rebuttal to Kiriha's 
words, he showed an obviously unpleasant expression. To the 
radical faction, justice was a very important factor. It is 
because they had absolute justice that they could permit 
their own use of military force. Yet when Kiriha pointed out 
Maguz' flaw, he was shaken up. 

"...Then I shall do so the next time I meet with my father." 

However, Maguz soon recovered. Having helped with 
Kouma's work for a long time, he was skilled at dealing and 

bargaining with people. He wouldn't stay shaken for any 
noticeable period of time. 

“So you'll capture Kouma and forcibly make him listen. That's 
some justice you have, Raiga." 

“That sharp mind and solid judgment of yours... I should have 
talked to and made you an ally sooner." 

“It's useless. That would only have been possible more than 
eleven years ago." 

From the time Kiriha met Koutarou, any kind of persuasion 
would be meaningless. Kiriha would never try to harm the 
surface. So she would never have followed Raiga, who would 
permit such a thing. 

“Hmm, more than eleven years ago... I wouldn't have thought 
to make you an ally back then. And in that case... we would 
have ended up like this anyways." 

“You being taunted by a young girl was something that was 
decided eleven years ago." 

“Then let us stop this roundabout discussion. It seems like I'm 
the only one losing out on it after all." 

Maguz' smile vanished and he stood up from his seat to face 
Kiriha. Being taller, he ended looking down on her, which 
gave him an even more overpowering impression. 

“We have captured Chief Daiha. Surrender at once and have 
your surface and underground troops seize their attack at 
once. If you do, I guarantee yours and Chief Daiha's safety." 

“What value does a guarantee without justice behind it 

"...However, there's nothing you can do except to believe in 

Maguz' glance grew colder and colder. His feelings towards 
justice were strong. 

"Before that, is the Chief even still alive?" 

That was the most important point to Kiriha. Nothing could 
start before she confirmed that. 

"A most just point. Tayuma." 

"Yes Sir... Indigo Soldier, bring Kurano Daiha to us." 

Tayuma called to outside the room, a door opened to the 
room and a lone woman entered. 

"Okay, okay, you sure work a woman to her bones, really... go 
on, it's your turn." 

The woman wore a very exposing, indigo colored outfit. Kiriha 
couldn't help but feel that she had met this woman before. 



But that was for just an instant. The next moment, she lost all 
interest in the woman as she saw Daiha entering after the 
woman. Her heart was filled with emotions from having been 
able to reunite with her father. 

"I'm glad, you look fine..." 

Confirming that her father was safe, Kiriha let out a huge sigh 
of relief. 

“Why did you come, KirihaM You knew what would happen if 
you came!!" 

However, Daiha's reaction was the opposite, and he was in a 
panic seeing that Kiriha had come. He wasn't the kind of 
father that could remain calm after seeing that his daughter's 
life was in danger. 

“But even then, you are my only relative." 

“I see... you're right, Kiriha..." 

But in the end he ended up accepting it. Having lost her 
mother early in life, Kiriha could never abandon Daiha. 

Kiriha's feelings towards family was far greater than a normal 
person's, and Daiha knew that better than anyone. 

“I'm sorry Kiriha... because of me, even you've gotten..." 

“No, it's fine this way..." 

Relieved upon having seen her father's face, tears formed in 
Kiriha's eyes. Regardless of what fate they faced, one thing 
was for certain. Kiriha and Daiha wouldn't return alive. 

“Now then, let us hear your answer, Kurano Kiriha! Do you 
surrender, or do you choose death!" 

“Surrender is not an option. We are proud People of the Earth. 
If you want to kill us then just go ahead." 

Kiriha was in a serious situation, but fortunately she had been 
able to reunite with Daiha. Having succeeded with that, she 
wished for nothing else. She couldn't allow their lives to turn 
both the surface and the underground into battlefields. Kiriha 
was planning on dying together with Daiha. 

“...What a foolish choice, Kurano Kiriha." 

Maguz was astonished by the unexpected development but 
soon collected himself and sent a sharp glance at her. Maguz 
was getting frustrated that things weren't proceeding 
according to plan. 

“If my choice is foolish, than what about yours? If surrender is 
so wise, why attack the surface? You don't even know what 
you're doing!" 

Kiriha wiped away her tears and calmly laughed. She was a 
descendant of the proud People of the Earth. While they 
might disperse for the sake of the weak, they would never 
give in to a villain's threats. She was the very definition of a 
dignified ruler. 

“Wahahaha, well said, Kiriha! Raiga, that is your limit!" 

Daiha joined Kiriha and laughed loudly. He felt the same way 
Kiriha did. Neither of them never had any intention of bowing 
down to this villain. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. 

“Curse you! Very well, I'll grant your wish right now!" 

Enraged that Maguz was being taunted yet again, Tayuma 
pulled out his pistol and pointed it at the two. He was about 
to pull the trigger. 

“Wait, Tayuma. You can't kill them." 

However, Maguz stopped Tayuma yet again. 

“Why, Maguz-sama!?" 

But this time Tayuma didn't stop right away. Overly excited, 
he questioned Maguz for his reasons. 

“We are people on the side of justice. Even if they are 
enemies, killing them because of personal emotions is 


”F-Forgive me.” 

Noticing that Tayuma himself was about to harm Maguz 1 
honor he hurriedly apologize. He was moving to kneel, but 
Maguz beckoned him closer before he could do so. As Tayuma 
rushed forward, Maguz whispered something so only he could 

”1 see... that is a good idea.” 

Upon hearing Maguz 1 instructions, a vulgar and cruel smile 
appeared on his face. 

With Maguz 1 giving the order, Kiriha and Daiha were moved 
from the command room to a different place. That duty fell 
onto Maya. Despite the seriousness of the situation, she 
seemed to be having fun, and her existence caused Daiha to 
become puzzled. 

"Where are you taking us?” 

"To your execution chamber." 

"Execution chamber? Didn't Maguz say he wouldn't kill us?” 

"Yes. That's because there were a lot of soldiers around at the 

"I see, that makes sense." 

"You and your daughter will be executed. But you will be 
announced as having fled overseas. Rather than having you 
die at the hands of the radical faction, it would be more 
convenient if you abandoned the conservative faction and 

“So you'll drag our reputation through the mud as payback 
for before." 

“So it seems. While he's got a sharp mind, Maguz is quite a 
petty man..." 

Secretly executing the two and announcing that they fled was 
a method to lower the conservative faction's morale, but 
Maya believed that his urge to retaliate for before played an 
even bigger part of this decision. He wanted to lower their 
reputation as payback for hurting his pride. While Maya didn't 
object to the actions themselves, she couldn't feel any pride 
in his words, and she didn't feel very good about it. As a 
result, she seemed ill-humored for just this moment. 

Kiriha stared at Maya from the side. She looked familiar to 
Kiriha, but she hadn't seen her lately so she couldn't be sure. 
Filled with doubt, she ended up staring at Maya's face. 
Eventually, Maya noticed her glance and approached Kiriha. 

“Now that I think about it... you were Kii, weren't you. How 
nostalgic, it's been about eleven years since we last met." 

“So you really are the soldier from back then..." 

“You remembered. Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am 
Maya, I am Maki's master." 


Upon hearing Maya's self introduction, Kiriha's brain started 
busily working. 

If the woman from eleven years ago is Maki's master then... 

Kiriha began thinking of the relationship of herself, of Maki 
and the people around them. Dissident magic users and the 
underground's radical faction formed a connection a long 

time ago, and the victims of that time were Sanae and Kiriha. 
Maki was Maya's disciple and fought against Yurika. People 
who were first believed to be unrelated appeared to have a 
complex connection. 

Depending on the circumstances, our fighting over room 106 might also be... 
no, that's overthinking it... 

Kiriha felt like the seemingly random pieces of a puzzle were 
coming together. Kiriha didn't know what its whole image 
would look like, but she was certain that it would be 
completely different from what she had imagined when she 
first arrived at room 106. 

“But still, to think I'd end up killing you again..." 


Daiha who had been quietly listening in shouted in surprise. 
He had heard what had happened eleven years ago, but he 
was surprised to hear that the culprit was in front of him. 

“Fufu, it's like that time all over again. In that case... that boy 
might be making his way here." 

“Boy..? You mean Koutarou." 

When Maya mentioned Koutarou, Kiriha stopped her train of 
thoughts. He was something she couldn't ignore. 

“Koutarou won't come. He has an important mission. Even if 
he came here, it would be to save me." 

Kiriha clearly shook her head. 

Kiriha had actually come with the radical faction for one more 
reason on top of seeing Daiha. That was to find their base. If 
Kiriha went along with the radical faction, Sanae would be 

able to track her with her ability to see auras. Sanae could 
easily pick up the trace of someone she was familiar with, 
and Kiriha had left behind her card that she was so deeply 
connected to. Sanae's abilities are far above what Koutarou's 
were eleven years ago, so they should be able to find this 
place right away. 

However, this was a very dangerous act. Kiriha couldn't think 
of any conclusion other than being killed, once captured by 
the radical faction. In return for leading Koutarou and the 
others to the base, Kiriha would give up her own life. She had 
come, prepared for that ending. If she didn't, both the surface 
and the underground would be turned into battlefields. All 
she could do was to bet on this method. 

All that was left was for Koutarou and the others to attack this 
place after making proper preparations. Though Kiriha and 
Daiha wouldn't survive, everything else would go well. Kiriha 
had also left her card behind to let Koutarou know of her 
intentions. She wanted him to forget about her and save 
what should be saved. That devoted desire of hers hadn't 
changed since that day eleven years ago. 

“You really are a strange girl. You'll do the same thing you did 
eleven years ago." 

Maya smiled at Kiriha. Her expression was less that you 
would show an enemy, and more that which you'd show to an 
old friend. 

“...People don't change in just ten years." 

“I think so too." 

There, Maya stopped their discussion and thought about the 
continuation of their conversation in her mind. 

That's right, people don't change over something like that And in that case... 

And Maya smiled, things had been developing in ways she 
didn't like, but she felt like that was about to change. 

Part 4 

Despite being tied to a pillar in the execution chamber, Kiriha 
was calm. She had been prepared for this from the very 
beginning. Instead, it was her father, Daiha, who was getting 
upset. He had prepared himself for getting killed from the 
moment he was kidnapped, but with Kiriha joining him, the 
circumstances were different. It was painful for him as a 
father to be unable to do anything as his daughter's life was 
in danger. 

“I'm sorry Kiriha... please forgive your useless father.” 

"It couldn't be helped. But Kiriha is happy to be your 

With Daiha apologizing for the umpteenth time, Kiriha 
showed a gentle smile. She had no regrets in this situation, 
there was nothing she could do but this. She neither resented 
Daiha nor was she angry at something else. She had no 
regrets about any the choices she had made until today. 

I returned to the surface and reunited with Onii-chan... I no longer have any 
regrets. And I'm sure Onii-chan and everyone will be able to defeat the 
radical faction. There's nothing to worry about... 

Kiriha's eyes were clear. But Daiha felt deep regret for having 
his daughter show such eyes in this situation. She should be 
able to live as a normal girl. He felt it was far too cruel for her 
to die after shouldering all of their tribe's problems. 

"...Me too. I am proud to be your father.” 

However, Daiha endured those feelings and spoke his 
farewells. He didn't want to bother her by saying something 

that neither could do anything about. He at least wanted the 
two of them to go out smiling. 

Kiriha and Daiha spoke, full of love, but Tayuma who was 
watching over them didn't feel even an inkling of affection. 

He had the eyes of a stray dog staring at its prey. 

"Fufufu, Hahahaha, Maguz-sama, finally the time for the 
accursed Kurano family to meet its end!!” 

Tayuma, Maguz and Maya looked into the execution chamber 
from observer seats built so they could look down from 
above. Tayuma, who was overly excited, clung to the window 
as he stared at Kiriha and Daiha. Because he had been 
betrayed by the Kurano family over and over again, he felt 
immense joy. 

"The Kurano family are both the conservative faction's 
leaders and at the same time their mental support. With 
them gone, the conservative faction will collapse from within. 
Our victory is near.” 

In contrast to Tayuma, Maguz' glance was chilling. But even 
then, he felt not an inkling of affection. While there might be 
a difference in hot and cold, it didn't change that Kiriha and 
Daiha were loathed enemies. 

"Hmm... you sure seem to have quite easily decided to have 
them killed despite having served them for so long.” 

Compared to the other two, there was still some affection 
within Maya. Maya prioritized herself, while Kiriha and Daiha 
prioritized the whole. While there was a difference in their 
priorities, she could sympathize with them sincerely facing 
their problems. In her words, good and evil both had their 
own ways of blooming. 

"Indeed, I have served the Kurano family for over 20 years. 
However, they were just days of submission. I have continued 
to sharpen my fangs during those days." 

Maguz, or Raiga, had served the Kurano family together with 
his father Kouma. Their family had done so for over four and 
a half century. But to him, those days were nothing but 
humiliating memories where he had been forced to serve. He 
felt the same way towards them as the radical faction felt 
towards the town of Sial. For better or for worse, Maguz was 
the embodiment of the radical faction. 

"...You have a lot going on too." 

Maya didn't try speaking any longer and ended their 
conversation with vague words. As expected, its content was 
nothing but undesirable. That was the only way Maya could 
interpret it. 

Maya had saved Maki from the slave merchant because she 
needed her talent, but looking back at their relationship now, 
she felt like that hadn't been all there was to them. That's 
why Maya would give it her all and crush Maki if she stood in 
her way as an enemy. That was Maya's way of living. 

That was why Maya didn't like that Maguz held no emotion 
whatsoever to the underground world and its populace. 

Maguz was already on the footsteps of entering his middle 
ages, but based on the way he spoke, he had spent his years 
without even looking at his surroundings. There was a big 
difference between an action taken after learning everything, 
and knowing nothing. To Maya, Maguz looked like a child. 

Elexis would never act like this... I guess it's because he shut himself in, in 
this small underground world... 

While she didn't like it, pointing that out would only result in a 

loss for her. Instead she chose not to continue on that topic 
but to switch to something else. There was actually 
something she wanted to ask of him. 

“By the way, may I ask you something, Maguz?” 

“I don't mind." 

“Does that codename of yours... does Maguz have some kind 
of origin?" 

“It does. I took it from the name of our ancient leader. That 
leader's name was forbidden to speak as he strived to use 
military force to obtain supremacy. As a result, there are now 
very few that now of the origin of that name." 

The People of the Earth's ancestors were chased out from 
their true homes as criminals. The reason for that was a 
leader by the name of Maguz. Using force, he tried to rule the 
world. For that reason, he was stripped of his position and 
exiled. The ancestors of the People of the Earth were those 
who had exiled him, that was why they always sought to 
avoid conflict, because the knew of their own sin. 

“That was why I chose that name. Using force, I will reclaim 
our home. He was ruler at the time, a legend who bravely 
chose to fight, and his name was—" 


Maya spoke the name Maguz tried to say before him. Hearing 
the name spoken, Maguz was horribly surprised that she 
knew of it. 

“...I am amazed you know of that name." 

In the legend of the People of the Earth, that leader's name 
was said to be Maguz Fern. Though the pronunciation was 

different, it was only natural for change to occur from having 
been passed down for so long. In fact, the difference made it 
sound truer. Because you could tell it wasn't stolen 

“We have a similar legend too. Though speaking of it is also 

Maya showed the surprised Maguz a cheerful smile. 

So that really was it... 

That was what Maya wanted to hear. She wanted confirm the 
legend shared between her people and the People of the 

“Now that I think about, you were from the lost seventh tribe. 
It wouldn't be strange for you to know." 

Maguz quickly remembered Maya's place of origin and 
accepted it as fact. It wouldn't be strange for her to know, 
considering they shared the same roots. 

“We both have a hard time with worthless ancestors." 

“I just don't have to worry about it.” 

“...I expect high things from you." 

As the two reached a pause in their conversation, the soldiers 
in the execution chamber gave the sign that preparations 
were complete. Seeing that from the window, Tayuma turned 
to look at Maguz and Maya. 

“Maguz-sama, it seems the preparations for the executions 
are complete." 

“Then let's begin right away. 

“Yes Sir... Begin with away!" 

Receiving orders from Maguz, Tayuma gave the soldiers the 
signal to begin through the window. 

Thus, Kiriha's and Daiha's execution began. 

Part 5 

The execution method underground didn't differ much from 
that on the surface. Since this was a military base, they 
chose the simplest execution method. Which was execution 
by shooting. There were four men for each person to be 
executed. Amongst the four guns they used, three would use 
blanks and only one would have a real bullet. This was a 
method to treat the shooters' mental health by making it 
unsure who was the actual shooter. 

"Finally, huh..." 

Daiha mumbled while looking at the four shooters lining up in 
front of him. Death was near, but he had no fear. He only felt 
chagrin for not being able to protect his daughter. 

"Father, keep your head up until the end. You can't show 
weakness to these people." 

Kiriha kept her firm attitude. Despite death approaching, she 
felt neither fear nor regret. She simply stood there in a 
dignified fashion. 

"...You are strange, Kiriha." 

His daughter's appearance was a saving grace to Daiha. If 
she had been screaming out and crying, he could surely not 
remain calm. Though at the same time he was saddened by 
this. He was happy that she had matured, but he still wished 
for her to remain a child. 

"No, I was simply thinking that soon I will be able to meet 
with mother." 

“You're right. I'll think about the same." 

Kiriha and Daiha smiled at each other one last time. 

Eleven years ago, Kiriha had lost her mother, and Daiha his 
wife. That's why, while they felt sad that they would die, 
those feelings were softened up when they thought that 
they'd reunite with their lost family member. 

Onii-chan, I'll leave the rest to you... I'm sure you can protect the People of 
the Earth and the surface... and all the girls of room 106... 

Kiriha's only wished that she could take responsibility until 
the end. She simply didn't have the time to find the radical 
faction's base, and ended up having to rely on Sanae's 
abilities. She also left the fighting itself to Koutarou. While 
she felt bad that her all hadn't been enough, she didn't regret 
anything. The person she left the rest to was someone she 
trusted more than anyone. She had no worries about the 
future. It was because of that, that she had been able to 
choose such a reckless strategy. 

“Take aim!” 

Following the captain's orders, the eight shooters aimed their 
guns. Four muzzles were pointed at both Kiriha and Daiha. 
While staring into those muzzles, Kiriha thought back to 
everything that had happened until today. 

The meeting in room 106. The days when they had fought 
over that small room. When they had gone to the beach to 
take a break, Sanae had been kidnapped and the girls worked 
together for the first time. Next, when they were doing the 
play, they had learned of each others unexpected sides. 
Christmas, the second play, the ski trip. At first they had only 
fought, but as time passed Kiriha could only remember the 
happy memories. That's why she thought that she had lived a 

happy life. 

I was able to find Onii-chan and learn that he is living happily, and while for 
a short time, we had been able to support each other. That's enough. Onii- 
chan, please protect the others... 

Her bonds with her friends had grown deep, she had spent 
every day happy and experienced a love unlike all others. 
Kiriha had been happy. That was what she truly believed. 
That's why she had to stop this fighting as quickly as 
possible. Kiriha wasn't the only one that had spent this year 
happily. The happiness that overflowed from both the surface 
and underground couldn't be allowed to be lost. 

“...I love you, Onii-chan...” 

Kiriha smiled as she whispered and closed her eyes. The 
muzzles were already aimed at her. Once the captain gave 
the order to fire, Kiriha would lose her life. 


And just as the captain gave the orders, a loud sound came 
from above and the ground shook a little. The shooters fired 
at the same time, but for some reason, the bullets didn't 
harm Kiriha and Daiha. 

"...J-Just what...?” 

Confused, Kiriha opened her eyes. In front of her she saw a 
familiar back. It was a large back clad in blue armor. Kiriha 
would never mistake that back. It was her beloved, Koutarou. 

What had protected Kiriha and Daiha from the bullets was the 
barrier created from Koutarou's armor, after he had destroyed 
the ceiling and entered the chamber, and Harumi's and 
Yurika's defensive spells. They had made it in time, though 

only barely. 

“I'm sorry for being late. Are you okay, Kiriha-san?” 

Koutarou slightly turned to look behind him so he could 
confirm that Kiriha was alright. The moment their eyes 
crossed, large tears fell from her eyes as she cried out loudly. 

"Onii-chan!? Why did you come to save me!?” 

"...It's been a while since I heard you say something like 

Those were words Koutarou had heard eleven years ago. 
They were words Kiriha had thrown at Koutarou when he 
prioritized her over his mother. 

"The people close to you will fall in danger for my sake!! And 
there's also the people on the surface and underground!! Do 
you understand!?” 

Kiriha feared that many would be sacrificed for her sake. 
That's why she wanted Koutarou and the others to take more 
certain actions. She wanted them to take their time to 
prepare and challenge the radical faction once their defeat 
was a certainty. A certain victory would be the method to 
protect the most people. 

"I don't get it at all." 

Despite Kiriha's desperation, Koutarou disappointedly shook 
his head. 

"I... We are stupid, so we only get one thing." 

"What do you understand!?" 

"That is that Kiriha-san and Kii are important to us." 

When Kiriha had disappeared, knowing she would die, 
Koutarou and the others' opinions were all the same. That 
was to save Kiriha as quickly as possible. They knew that 
Kiriha wanted a certain victory, but they still couldn't bear it. 

“And I would never accept it. There is no way that a small 
happiness should be sacrificed for a bigger one!" 

Ever since Koutarou had parted with Alaia in the past 
Forthorthe, he had always been thinking about whether the 
few should be sacrificed for the many or not, like how Alaia 
had sacrificed herself for her people. However, no matter how 
hard he thought about it, Koutarou couldn't accept it. That's 
why he wouldn't allow the same unhappiness to repeat 
himself in front of him. 

“I will beat down these guys and bring you back safe and 
sound! I will protect the surface and underground on top of 
that! There's no correct path, other than this!" 

In order to obtain a correct result, he couldn't choose an 
incorrect method. If he did, the results would be the same as 
the radical faction's. The correct result had to be gained 
through the correct method. That was the justice that 
Koutarou had accepted. 

If he didn't, he would surely fail somewhere along the line. A 
result built upon a lie didn't have the power to grant people 
happiness. In order to obtain a long lasting happiness, he 
would need to travel down the correct path, no matter how 
difficult it may be. That was the path Koutarou would travel 

“...Onii-chan... okay, I understand..." 

Thanks to Koutarou's decisive words, strength returned to 
Kiriha's eyes. To obtain correct results, she had to travel down 
the correct path. Just a while ago, she had been so rushed 
that she hadn't chosen that path. However, now she believed 
that she should have. 

“Lend me your strength, Koutarou!!" 

“That's more like it, Kiriha-san. Everyone, you got it!?" 

“Leave it to this Sanae-chan!" 

“The time has come for the magical girl to fulfill her role!" 
“Let's do our best, Kurano-san!” 

The path Kiriha was about to choose was an extremely 
difficult one. However, she had those who would walk down 
that path with her. Koutarou, Sanae, Yurika, Harumi and Theia 
and the others on the surface. As long as she was with them, 
she firmly believed that she could reach the goal. 

Part 6 

Maya's eyes shone when they laid eye on Koutarou, standing 
magnificently behind his bright shining barrier. 

You did well to come, my boy! 

Maya didn't like Maguz' way of doing things, so while she 
didn't say out loud, she welcomed Koutarou's appearance to 
the execution chamber, to the point where she would dance 
out in joy if she could. 

The radical faction soldiers weren't smiling like Maya was. 
From the moment Koutarou and the three girls had jumped in, 
the radical faction soldiers had fallen into chaos. 

The majority of the soldiers were a disorderly crowd with no 
actual combat experience. Not only were there very few who 
had fought against an anti-invader squad like the Sun 
Rangers, even those who did had little experience. The Sun 
Rangers who had a shortage of manpower and had therefore 
been able to gain a great deal of experience made a nice 
contrast to the soldiers. As a result, it would take a lot of time 
before the soldiers could recover. 

“What are you doing! Get it together!" 

“E-Everyone, reload! Switch over to real bullets!" 

Upon hearing the irritated Tayuma's voice, the captain of the 
execution squad hurriedly ordered his men. Their weapons 
were loaded with a mix of blanks and real bullets. They 
wouldn't be able to put up a proper fight like that. So they 
hurriedly changed to real ammunition and reloaded. 

While the shooters were confused, the haniwas cut the rope 
that had been used to tie up Kiriha and set her free. 

“Thank you, Karama, Korama." 

“Ho-, we're glad you're alright Nee-san, Ho-!“ 

“Take us with us the next time you are kidnapped Ho-! Don't 
be so reserved Ho-!“ 

“Yes, I will do that. I'm sorry.” 

“We and Nee-san are as one Ho-!” 

“We will die together Ho-!” 

Meanwhile, Sanae, Yurika and Harumi set Daiha free. This 
was their first meeting, but Daiha looked at them like friends, 
having guessed from the circumstances. 

“I am sorry, girls. Are you Kiriha's friends?” 

“Yeah. We didn't get along well at first, but now we're 

“Kiriha-san was kind from the start.” 

“I was surprised to hear she was from the underground 

“Thank you, it seems my daughter is blessed with good 

Next, Daiha looked at Koutarou's back. 

“...And he is Koutarou, huh.” 

Koutarou stood between his allies and the enemies, 

protecting them with the barrier created from his armor. 

While the soldiers may have been confused, the party had 
only been able to rescue Kiriha and Daiha because Koutarou 
was standing in the enemy's way. 

"You know him?" 

"Yes. I have heard of him from Kiriha. A weak yet strong man, 
unable to live his life skillfully. It seems like he is exactly like I 
was told." 

Looking at Koutarou as he spoke with Kiriha without dropping 
his guard, Daiha felt like he was the kind of man that was 
only able to go straight forward, and when the world turned, 
he would repeatedly crash into the wall, hurt himself all over, 
but still continue to walk straight forward. 

As Daiha was looking at Koutarou, Kiriha lined up next to him. 


"I'm really glad you're okay... Don't go too far ahead, you'll 
step outside of the barrier." 

"I know. I will always walk by your side." 

"I don't want any more repeats of today okay?” 

"Yeah. I'm sorry." 

Kiriha looked up at Koutarou with eyes filled with trust. That 
much was obvious even to Daiha. 

Of course Kiriha would fall for him. While she looks skillful, she can only 
walk straight forward as well... 

Daiha held complex feelings for his daughter's beloved. 
However, Koutarou had saved Kiriha several times, and this 

time he had saved him too. That's why he didn't want to 
intervene with Kiriha's decision any more. Daiha's only saving 
grace was that Koutarou was someone he had a good feeling 
about. While the world might think of him as a doting parent, 
Daiha truly felt relieved. 

“Fire! Fire! Don't leave any of them alive!" 

That was as long as Koutarou and the others could rejoice 
together. From the observer seats, Tayuma flew into a rage 
and gave the order to attack. In response, the soldiers in the 
execution chamber, the eight shooters and their captain, and 
an additional four guards, pulled the triggers of their guns at 

The bullets fired from these 13 men rained down on Koutarou 
and the others. Flowever, all of the bullets were repelled by 
Koutarou's and the others' barriers. The distortion field from 
Koutarou's armor, the Spiritual Energy Field from the haniwas, 
Flarumi's and Yurika's defensive spells all of different 
characteristics formed a composite barrier, which simple 
firearms lacked the power to penetrate. 

“Damnit, once again!! Curse you, you little brat!!" 

Seeing the bullets get easily repelled, Tayuma grinded his 
teeth as if he was being personally insulted. Those feelings 
were directed towards Koutarou who had turned the tables on 
this definite situation. Since the same thing had happened 
several months ago when he had attacked the surface, 
Tayuma, with his pride, was enraged as he glared at 

“Calm down, Tayuma. Did you forget why we gathered that 
data at the factory?" 

In contrast to Tayuma, Maguz was calm. With a nonchalant 

gesture, he waved his right hand and sent a signal to his 
subordinate standing by in a corner. The subordinate then 
quickly operated a nearby panel. 


Realizing Maguz' intentions, Tayuma barely managed to 
regain his calm. At the same time, the large door leading to 
the execution chamber opened and a radical faction combat 
squad entered. 

The squad consisted of 24 mechanical soldiers created 
through spiritual energy technology, behind them were 24 
infantry armed with heavy weaponry, and eight large 
machine guns that would automatically attack targets. From 
the combat data taken from the factory, this was believed to 
be enough firepower to defeat Koutarou and the other four. 

"Maguz-sama, please run away.” 

"Abandoning our stronghold, where exactly should I run to?” 
"T-That's... it's indeed as you say...” 

"We'll finish this here! We're going too, Tayuma!” 

"Yes Sir!" 

On top of the original 13 soldiers, and the additional 56 that 
had entered, Maguz and Tayuma also headed for the 
execution chambers. The two of them were armed with 
spiritual energy technology and magic. 

The two wore armor made using spiritual energy technology. 
The armors were decorated in traditional People of the Earth 
fashion and their design was based on old documents 
regarding war. 

They wore large helmets, strong armor covering their entire 
body and each held their own weapon. Maguz had a longbow 
and Tayuma had a long sword. They were both weapons 
made through magic just for them, and held power that 
surpassed modern weaponry. Since Maguz and Tayuma both 
came from families known for their bravery, they were quite 
skilled at handling these kinds of classic weapons. Thanks to 
that, they were much more dangerous than the soldiers 
armed with firearms. 

Adding together the soldiers and weapons there were 69 plus 
Maguz and Tayuma making for a total of 71. That large force 
were pointing their weapons at Koutarou and the other five. 
Considering the battle at the factory, Koutarou and the others 
had no chance of winning. 

“Don't think you'll be able to get out of here alive, brat!" 

Tayuma threatened Koutarou full of confidence with an 
overwhelming force at his back. But even in this situation 
Koutarou remained confident. 

“Tayuma, just getting out alive wouldn't be that hard." 
“What!? You sore loser!!" 

“I'm not a sore loser, you'll find out soon enough." 

“As if I'd let you! I'll crush you!" 

“The fact that it's not difficult is the difference between 
Kiriha-san and you guys... not that you would understand." 

“Then I'll start by killing that girl!" 

Tayuma roared as he dropped Kiriha's name. However, Kiriha 
didn't seem to be shaken by Tayuma's threat either. In fact, 
she was pretty much ignoring his existence as she called out 

to Maguz. 

"Raiga... is there no way to convince you to stop this battle?” 

"Having abandoned battle for several thousand years is 
what's really unnatural. It's not like I wish for the battle to 
continue on forever, but there should be some kind of 

Throughout their long history, the People of the Earth had 
avoided fighting. Maguz felt like that was unnatural. With 
humans being living creatures, it was only natural for friction 
to occur. If you continued running away whenever that 
happened, you would eventually run out of places to run and 
be ruined. Just like how the People of the Earth were now 
falling into ruin. There were times when people had to use 
any means necessary to remain in place. The People of the 
Earth should return to that natural state, though that was 
Maguz 1 idea of their natural state. That was Maguz 1 true 

"Before that reaction settles down, we will be ruined! That 
much is obvious if you observe the history on the surface!" 

Kiriha also knew that there were times when you had to fight. 
That's why she picked up weapons to stand against the 
radical faction. However, in the history of the surface, every 
single nation that had turned their weapons on their own 
people had without exception been ruined. Kiriha and the 
conservative faction believed that battle should be limited to 
some conditions. It was the same reason why the People of 
the Earth had avoided battle for all this time. 

"We are different from the surface dwellers. We are superior 
to them." 

Domination by the superior and obedience by those inferior. 

Maguz believed that was the real duty of the People of the 
Earth. However, their ancestors had not done so and instead 
headed underground to avoid battle. Those who remained on 
the surface threw away their culture and assimilated into the 
surface dwellers. They feared taking responsibility and 
delayed mankind's leap forward by some several hundred 
years. But if the People of the Earth ruled the surface, they 
could make up for that lost time. A future that was bright for 
everyone would open up. 

“Who determines who is superior and who is inferior! Are you 
going to choose the path to ruin because of your elitism, 

In history there had been many who believed that a superior 
leader should rule the world. However, there were many large 
pitfalls when it came to just that. Those superior would need 
to stay superior at all times. And even if they did, they would 
eventually age and die. When that happened, was there an 
heir just as superior? And what happened if someone even 
more superior appeared? 

“There's no need to determine. I will forever rule under the 
name of Maguz! When combining our spiritual energy 
technology with magic, it wouldn't be impossible!" 

Those many problems caused these rulers to hold foolish 
wishes, including eternal life and omnipotence. From past to 
present, many rulers had been possessed with those wishes. 
That could be said to be a waste of time. Ironically, 
attempting to remain superior got in the way of just that. 

That was true even in the 21st century. 

In short, domination by the superior was flawed and 
contradicted itself. That's why, during a longer period of time 
it would inevitably fail. Of course Kiriha would never choose 

That same had been true for Maguz at the time, but once he 
found out about magic, his pride and ambition flared up. 
Immortality and omnipotence might not be an impossibility 
when magic and spiritual energy worked together. The 
development of Earth Dragon was yet another test case for it. 
Maguz ultimate goal was to raise himself to become a truly 
greater existence and rule the world of all eternity. 

“That kind of rule would only lead to battle between immortal 
monsters!! Why don't you show your superior intellect before 
you get started on that, RaigaM" 

If there truly was a way to obtain immortality and 
omnipotence then others would eventually reach that same 
stage. If something was shown to be possible, it would be as 
difficult to reproduce it. Not only that, but it would be hard to 
protect a secret for all eternity. There was also the possibility 
that the techniques were stolen. And eventually a battle 
between immortal and omnipotent monsters would begin. In 
the end, there would still be misery. 

“Oh I am showing it! This is the most superior of choices!" 

Maguz believed that absolute justice was on his side, and for 
its sake, he would do anything. Surprisingly enough, beyond 
the calm in his eyes burned insanity beyond even Tayuma's. 

“If that is possible, then someone, even if it's not us, will 
reach it! In that case, we must reach that stage before 
anyone else, or we will ourselves be ruled! We need the 
power to protect ourselves!" 

“So you would rather open the gates to hell yourself than let 
someone else do so... how foolish..." 

Even at this stage, Kiriha wished to reach a conclusion 
through conversation. But there was no way she could 

convince Maguz to stop in such a short time, not when he 
was so certain of his own justice. Before she did, the 
conservative faction would be defeated. 

It was just as Theia-dono said... there is not enough time to reach your 
ideal... we are fools who can do nothing but push forward... 

Thus Kiriha finally made up her mind. She would defeat 
Maguz and put an end to his ambitions. She had to stop him 
from opening the gates to hell. Even though she might stop 
Maguz here, the same problem might occur somewhere else. 
But that wasn't right now. There was no reason to bring about 
a nightmare yourself. 

“Maguz, I understand what you want to say. However, I can't 
allow that." 

Kiriha readied her own weapon. It was a long naginata 
capable of manipulating fire and lightning that Clan had sent 
over for her. 

“You would do well to remember this, we are prideful People 
of the Earth! Maguz, we won't let you rule over anything!" 

Kiriha looked magnificent and beautiful with her naginata in 
hand. The radical faction soldiers that were faced with her 
appearance instinctively held their breaths. Ironically enough, 
Kiriha who had rejected a forced domination had the true 
qualities of a ruler. 

Part 7 

Listening to Kiriha's words, Maguz lost his temper and grew 
ever enraged. 

“Then I will bring ruin to you right now, and begin my rule! 

My soldiers, kill them!" 

He no longer had the expression of a calm leader. That was 
now the expression of a cold-blooded cruel beast baring his 
fangs. His heart was as twisted as Tayuma's. 

“...I'm sorry, uncle Kouma. Your son has gone to a place from 
which he can no longer return..." 

Koutarou mumbled sadly as he looked at the attacking crowd 
of enemies. He had no sympathy for Raiga. However when he 
thought about his father, he felt incredibly sad as he strongly 
valued family. 

“What are you mumbling about, brat!" 

However, Tayuma erased that sadness. Standing at the front 
of the soldiers, the sight of Tayuma's desire to rule by force 
and only caring for his own egotistical justice filled Koutarou's 
heart with anger which grew even greater because of this 

“Did you lose your mind from this difference in power!?" 

“I'm glad you are here Tayuma! Thanks to you I remembered 
my role!" 

Angered, Koutarou extended his right hand forward and he 
took a stance as if he was going to attack Tayuma, but what 

he did next was not an attack. 

“Cradle, give me my sword!" 

Koutarou gave orders to Clan's spaceship above the surface 
through his bracelet. 

“As you wish, my lord." 

Clan's spaceship, the Cradle, obeyed those orders without 

“ComeeeeM Signaltiiin!!" 

“Call sign confirmed, coordinate axis fixed. Commencing 
transfer of Signaltin." 

A black hole appeared in front of Koutarou's extended right 
hand. It was a hole in space-time created so that the Cradle 
could deliver Koutarou his sword. 


When Koutarou grabbed a hold of Signaltin's handle in the 
hole, he noticed something strange. Apart from the first 
space-time hole, an additional six had surrounded him. Inside 
the additional holes were devices each larger than a soccer 
ball and they left the holes and approached Koutarou without 

“Clan, what is this?" 

“It's additional equipment for you that Theiamillis-san and 
Pardomshiha prepared for you. It's name is Garb of Lord." 

“Theia and Ruth-san did?" 

While he understood the situation, Koutarou was still puzzled. 

That was when a hologram with two choices appeared in 
front of him. They were 'Become the emperor' and 'Do not 
become the emperor'. 

“It seems like Elfaria-san was also part of the development." 
“...It sure looks like it." 

Koutarou touched the 'Become the emperor' choice while 
wryly smiling. It was the startup order for the additional 
equipment, but Elfaria had put her own twist on it. It was 
almost certainly some kind of joke or prank. 

“Engaging Legendary Weapon System series 01-A, Garb of 
Lord. Garb of Lord has been put under control of the 
maneuver suit." 

Through Koutarou's selection, his armor and the Garb of Lord 
connected through gravitational waves, and was put under 
control of the armor's Al. That was when the independent 
parts began connecting to the armor. The pieces of Garb of 
Lord flew around the air and automatically attached to each 
part of Koutarou's armor. 

“I see, so this is what the Garb of Lord is..." 

The additional equipment named Garb of Lord strengthened 
the functions of Koutarou's armor. There were mainly six 
parts that made up the Garb of Lord. Shoulder armor that 
covered left and right shoulder, armor that covered his chest, 
armor that covered his back and armor for each leg. From his 
back hung a decorative mantle. Its overall design was a 
Forthorthe-style, filled with curves and it used blue and white 
colors like the Satomi band of knights. As a result, Koutarou's 
armor became more extravagant, to the point of looking 

“Your excellency, Blue Knight, this ship, the Cradle, will pray 
for your fortune and glory in place of the nation of 

“Hahaha, you're full of openings brat!! Did you give up 

The ten something men around Tayuma all trained their guns 
on Koutarou. These guns were different from the weapons 
used for the executions as they were all larger calibers 
intended to be used against vehicles. No matter how strong 
his barrier was, it shouldn't be able to block this many shots 
of that caliber. 

“I don't know about that, I'm simply dumbfounded from my 
friends mischievous trick." 

Koutarou readied Signaltin and closed in on the soldiers 
before they could attack. 

“Detecting that armed force is being used on the enemy 
force. GOL will begin its attack.” 


However, the first to attack was neither the enemy nor 
Koutarou, but GOL, the additional equipment on Koutarou's 
armor, Garb of Lord. 

“Activating laser cannon on right shoulder. Neutralizing the 
enemy forces." 

The combat algorithm that Ruth had created was based on 
Theia's mind. As a result it was quick to decide and it didn't 
hesitate to use force. 

Before Koutarou could finish saying anything, GOL expanded 
the right shoulder armor and began its attack using the built 
in laser cannon. 

The laser cannon swiftly altered its aim and intermittently 
fired laser beams. This looked like the laser cannon was 
disorderly firing, but it was actually focusing on the enemy 
weapons and robbed them of their ability to attack. The 
accuracy of its aim was also inherited from Theia. 

“Could this be from back then..." 

Before Koutarou could do anything, the additional equipment 
had defeated the enemy on its own. Koutarou remembered 
its concept from before. This was 1 The Super Koutarou I've 
Thought Up 1 plan that Theia had tried creating in the past. Of 
course like Kiriha had predicted, its scale had been made 
much smaller but more realistic. However, it seemed clear 
that Theia had brought that concept to life. 

“Curse you brat! Mechanical soldiers, move up front!" 

With GOL having blasted the weapons away from the heavy 
infantry, the mechanical soldiers created using spiritual 
energy technology stepped up to the front. These mechanical 
soldiers were equipped with the same kind of Spiritual Energy 
Field that Karama and Korama had. Since GOL had restricted 
its firepower to only blast away the weapons, it was blocked 
by the mechanical soldiers barriers. 

“Exchanging right shoulder weaponry, activating High 
Convergence Beam Cannon, beginning bombardment." 

“I said you're too fast! Clan, what is going on!?" 

“GOL is a completely automated system! You just fight 
against the enemies you want to fight against! GOL will carve 

open your path!” 

”1 see! I'm not sure if I like it or not!” 

GOL would create a path for the emperor. At the same time 
Koutarou understood the circumstances, the weapon on his 
right shoulder was changed and began its attack. The 
weapon this time was a highly powerful beam cannon. 

The beam wasn't as accurate as the laser, but it had a lot 
more power. While it didn't have enough power to destroy the 
mechanical soldiers, it could overload their barriers and 
cause it to lose its function. 

"Sanae-chan God Arrow!” 

"Thunder Lance - Modifier - Change Element Mana Energy!” 

"Gather, spirits of the wind, gather as an arm and destroy my 
enemy!! Roar!! Air Sledgehammer!!” 

However, if their barriers were down, the girls attacks could 
reach. And once GOL's beam had struck the mechanical 
soldiers the girls unleashed their attacks. The mechanical 
soldiers excelled at both offense and defense yet they didn't 
stand a chance. In no time at all, three soldiers had been 
turned into scrap. 

"Impossible, this easily!?” 

Seeing this result, Tayuma's eyes were wide open. According 
to their calculations, they should be able to win with ease 
with this force. Yet five heavy infantrymen had lost their 
weapons and three mechanical soldiers had been destroyed 
before they knew it, decimating their forces. This was a result 
nobody could believe, and the soldiers were just as shaken as 

“Let's go, Koutarou!” 


“It's our turn Ho-!” 

“It's finally our time to shine again Ho-!” 

Not missing that opening, Kiriha and Koutarou stepped 
forward. Since both of them were protected by strong 
barriers, they were suited for cutting into an enemy line. 

Their targets were Tayuma who was leading in front of the 
soldiers, and Maguz commanding them from behind. If those 
two were defeated this battle would end sooner. 

“Fire! Fire! Don't let them get close!” 

But by the time they had gotten half the way, Tayuma and 
the others recovered. 19 infantry with heavy weaponry and 
the eight large machine guns opened fire at Koutarou and 

As the 27 weapons opened fire it sounded like the earth itself 
roared. These weren't the rifles used for execution but large 
caliber weapons used for battle. Koutarou's and the haniwas' 
barriers wouldn't be able to stand up against this for long. 

“Protection From—” 

Yurika tried putting a spell on Koutarou and Kiriha that would 
protect them from the bullets. 

“Lookout Yurika!!” 

However, just before she could, she was pushed away by 
Sanae. And the next moment a rain of bullets showered down 
on where Yurika had been standing. It was an attack from the 
13 shooters in the execution chambers. 


“Get up Yurika! I won't last for long!" 

“Sanae-chan, thank you!" 

Sanae jumped over and lent Yurika her hand. The shooters 
continued their firing during the time, and Sanae was 
repelling it with her powers, but since her powers were strong 
but rough, she drained quickly. Standing still for too long was 

“Sakuraba-senpai, protect Satomi-san and Kiriha-san!" 

As she stood up, Yurika called out for her other ally, Harumi, 
to back up Koutarou. However, Harumi confidently shook her 
head while smiling. 

“Satomi-kun and Kurano-san will be okay. Let's calm down 
and deal with our own opponents... Come, spirits of earth, 
meld into rock and become an armor to protect us!! Block it!! 
Armor of the Earth!!” 

With Harumi's hair glowing silver, she cast a defensive spell 
on herself and the others. This defensive spell was powerful 
and easily repelled the shooters' bullets. 

“Sakuraba-senpai!? Satomi-san and Kiriha-san are in dang— 
eh? Huh?” 

Yurika had been surprised by Harumi's actions, but when she 
looked back at Koutarou and Kiriha she saw that they were 
continuously advancing, not even caring about the fire 
raining down on them. 


“To put it briefly, it's the mania's victory." 

Sanae called out to the confused Yurika. 

The GOL that Theia and the others had built didn't just have 
weapons built into its right shoulder, but had several special 
abilities. One of which was the large barrier generation 
device in his left shoulder. 

Koutarou's barrier also had a generation device built in into it, 
but since it was designed using ancient armor as its basis, it 
couldn't find that large of device. The design took priority 
over its functions. 

However, that wasn't the case with GOL. It had been 
designed with the purpose of fitting large weapons on the 
right shoulder and a large barrier generation device on the 
left. The shoulder parts weren't large just because they 
looked cool, but to draw out the maximum possible 

The barrier generation device got its energy supplied to it by 
the power plant built into the back armor. As a result it had 
far stronger defense than before. Normal firearms had no 
effect on it at all. 

“Karama, Korama, limit the Spiritual Energy Field to only 
defend against spiritual energy! Leave the rest to Koutarou!” 

“Roger! Changing attributes to prioritize spiritual energy 

“We'll show you what we can do when we get serious Ho-!" 

Forthorthe's barriers, the distortion fields, were weak against 
spiritual energy, but the haniwas would block that. Since the 
Spiritual Energy Field normally worked against all kinds of 
attributes, limiting it to just spiritual energy raised its potency 
considerably. As a result, attacks from standard spiritual 
energy weapons wouldn't break through. 

“I'm counting on you, Signaltin!" 

And the other weakness, magic, would be protected against 
using Signaltin's ability to dissolve magic. The spells that the 
heavy infantry were using were limited to the bullets they 
fired. Their effects were to increase the firepower and 
improve the accuracy, so there wasn't all that much magical 
power in them. So the moment they entered Signaltin's 
sphere of influence, they turned to normal bullets, which 
were no match for the barriers. 

"...and that's how it works, we'll defend Kiripapa and defeat 
the ones over there. Once we're done we'll go help Koutarou 
and Kiriha." 

As she finished speaking, spiritual energy overflowed from 
Sanae's body. This was her mimicking Flarumi's PAF, 
strengthening her body, but the spiritual energy was so 
concentrated that her body emitted light. When it came to 
power from within, Sanae was second only to Shizuka. 


Realizing that Koutarou and Kiriha wouldn't need help, Yurika 
pointed the tip of her cane towards the nearby soldiers. 

These thirteen were their first priority. 

"So I'm Kiripapa, huh... fufufu." 

Daiha smiled happily as he readied his own weapon. It was 

the Kurano family's treasure, a Japanese katana, that Kouma 
had left with Koutarou and the others. From the moment 
Daiha held the sword, it started to faintly glow. This katana 
was also covered in spiritual energy. 

“Let's go everyone. Don't overwork yourself, let's start with 
what we can." 

Finally was Flarumi. Her hair shined silver and she silently 
stared at the thirteen soldiers without fear or hate. To her, 
the radical faction was still Kiriha's countrymen, so she didn't 
feel any hostility towards them. She had simply recognized 
that she had to stop them. She held her hands in front of 
chest and focused magical power into them. 

No wonder Kiriha always looks like she's having so much fun. In this group, 
being from the underground is next to nothing. It might be because they're all 
special that they can truly understand each other... 

When looking at the three girls Daiha, he felt that Kiriha truly 
was lucky, and that she truly had some good friends. 

“...I'm sure they'll laugh at me for being a doting parent..." 

That's why he would protect the girls, he wouldn't let the 
radical faction lay on finger one them. Daiha was determined 
to protect Kiriha's friends for the troubles he had caused her. 
Filled with determination, he gripped his katana firmly. 

Part 8 

Realizing that normal shooting wouldn't be effective, Tayuma 
had his subordinates reorganize their formation. The 
remaining 21 mechanical soldiers would take the front while 
the accurate but slow moving automatic eight machine guns 
stayed behind. The remaining 19 heavy infantry split into 
groups often and nine and spread out around the flanks. 

They would put as much stress on Koutarou's barrier as 
possible, and finish this up close with the mechanical 

“As always you are at least cunning, Tayuma!" 

Koutarou readied Signaltin and faced the incoming 
mechanical soldiers. In total ten of them were closing in, five 
for Koutarou and five for Kiriha. Attacking with any more than 
this would only work against them, so the remaining eleven 
stayed back to open fire. 

“Quit your crap! Is that something you can say when you're 
relying on great powers!?" 

“Is that something you can say when you rely on a truly great 
power like that earthquake weapon!?" 

“Justice is with us! For the sake of justice, any and all means 
are forgiven!” 

Falling for Koutarou's provocation, Tayuma held his large 
sword and stepped forward. As a result, the mechanical 
soldiers' formation became slightly disordered. 

With this it's a little bit easier to fight... 

The mechanical soldiers' weapons were magically enchanted 
blades. If they touched Signaltin he could erase that magic 
temporarily, but they still functioned as normal blades. If the 
magical blade broke through the spiritual energy, and 
physical barrier before being erased, Koutarou and Kiriha 
could still be harmed. 

On top of that, the mechanical soldiers further away had 
hand cannons he could sense magical power from. Since he 
could only sense the magical power he didn't know its effect, 
but it would be troublesome if they opened fire in the middle 
of a melee. Fortunately, considering they weren't using them 
before, there must be limited ammunition. 

Since Koutarou sensed danger from the mechanical soldiers 
he had chosen to taunt Tayuma. If Tayuma joined in then it 
would be slightly harder to use ranged weapons. 

“Koutarou, we have to work together to do this!" 

“Koutarou, we have decided to synchronize and move 
together with your armor Ho!" 

“Take care of Ane-san Ho! Show them how well you get along 

“Alright! Let's go together!” 

Koutarou and Kiriha advanced while repelling the enemy fire. 
The mechanical soldiers met them on their way. The first to 
enter their range were the four mechanical soldiers that had 
been the closest. 


Using a naginata, Kiriha had the longest reach, which allowed 
her to make the first attack. She swung her naginata as she 

screamed loudly. Since she was going up against mechanical 
soldiers there was no hesitation in her swing. Reacting to 
Kiriha's intention to fight, electricity formed in the blade and 
she struck the approaching mechanical soldiers. 

Among the two in front of her, one was split in half. Since the 
naginata was covered in spiritual energy and electricity it had 
exceptionally high attack power. But having cut through the 
first one, it lost too much power, and the second one could 
block it. 

“I guess it won't be that easy!” 

Koutarou clicked with his tongue as he crossed swords with 
the two that had approached him. Alone they wouldn't be all 
that impressive, but they had bigger numbers. It was difficult 
to not show any openings to all enemies. 

"Maybe it will be." 

However, Kiriha still seemed confident. And that reason soon 
revealed itself. 

Koutarou's right shoulder began shining and the three 
mechanical soldiers in front of Koutarou and Kiriha were 
smashed into pieces. It was a bombardment from the beam 
cannon built into Koutarou's right shoulder. Since the 
opponents he was just about to defeat were smashed into 
pieces, Koutarou instinctively felt let down. 

"...It looks like the armor will this on its own." 

If the radical faction showed any openings towards Koutarou 
or Kiriha, GOL would finish them off. They were swift and 
accurate attacks that made Koutarou wonder if he might 
actually win just by standing there. 

"GOL will wipe out our openings! We're pushing through, 


Koutarou and Kiriha wiped out the oncoming mechanical 
soldiers as they continued their advance. 

"Not good Ho-! We're losing to this armor's decoration Ho-!" 

"Guts Ho! We won't lose to some soulless machine Ho!” 

Thanks to GOL, the haniwas following after the two were 
given some space to attack and not just focus on defending. 
They fired beams from their mouths that knocked the soldiers 
out and attacked the mechanical soldiers with fire and 
lightning. Thanks to GOL's defense and counter attacks, 
Koutarou and the others became more aggressive overall. 
With that, their attack speed increased and the defeated 
enemy after enemy. 

"C-Curse you, damn brats!! Don't get full of yourselves!!” 

Tayuma excitedly stepped forward and swung at Koutarou 
with his long sword infused with spiritual energy and magical 
power. It was only obvious for Tayuma to get so excited as at 
this point, he had already lost 30% of his forces. Despite 
having an overwhelming advantage in numbers, 71 vs. 6, 
neither Koutarou or the others had been harmed, yet they 
had lost over 20 soldiers. Thinking about that normally, this 
was a disastrous defeat, but Tayuma was frantic to not let it 
end like this. 

"Koutarou, leave the small fry to me!" 

"Please do!” 

Up until now they had been working together, but they would 

need to split up when dealing with Tayuma. So Koutarou 
would deal with Tayuma while Kiriha restrained the 
surrounding troops. 


Tayuma's sword broke through the armor's distortion field and 
the haniwas 1 Spiritual Energy Field. Koutarou's and Tayuma's 
swords clashed with a loud noise. While Signaltin temporarily 
erased the magic when they collided, Tayuma was wearing a 
powered armor, so his blow was still heavy. Koutarou\s armor 
had to use its maximum output to block it. 

"The hell I will!!” 

Koutarou used both hands to push Tayuma back. When it 
came to the armor's physical strength, Koutarou's was 
superior. Forthorthe's generators were superior in output. 


Flowever, Tayuma was more agile. Fie quickly fixed his 
posture and attacked Koutarou again. Since his armor was 
made using spiritual energy technology, it was superior when 
it came to replicating its user's movements. On top of that, 
Tayuma was a master with the sword. His armor reproduced 
his sword handling and swung down the sword towards 

"No you don't!!” 

His own sword wouldn't make it in time, so Koutarou focused 
on his left hand. Fie was still wearing the gauntlet that let him 
create fire and lighting. Using its power, Koutarou created fire 
to launch a counter attack at Tayuma. 

Flowever, Tayuma's armor was equipped with a Spiritual 

Energy Field, the underground's version of a barrier. That 
barrier worked excellently at dealing with natural 
phenomenon. Since the flame was a natural phenomenon 
created through converting spiritual energy, it didn't harm 


However, with the flame blocking his view, Tayuma 
interrupted his attack and distanced himself. Humans were 
living creatures of nature, they too were instinctively cautious 
of fire. 

“You're pretty good, brat..." 

After distancing himself a little, Tayuma turned the tip of his 
sword towards Koutarou once more. 

“That's my line. Aren't you pretty old." 

Koutarou also pointed his sword towards Tayuma. As they 
turned their swords against one another, their fighting spirits 

“I can't retire until I fulfill my duty for our great cause!" 

“Then we'll make you retire!" 

“You're full of crap, brat!" 

Having run out of patience, Tayuma attacked Koutarou again. 
Koutarou calmly looked at the approaching Tayuma while 
holding Signaltin ready. During that time, GOL was actively 
assisting Kiriha, but Koutarou himself was focusing only on 

“What's the matter!? Weren't you going to make me retire!?" 

Tayuma unleashed a series of attacks to corner Koutarou. 
Since multiple enemies were surrounding Koutarou, his 
barrier and weaponry couldn't focus on Tayuma. On top of 
that, Harumi was busy dealing with other enemies and 
couldn't assist him. Because of that, Koutarou could only use 
his sword skills to fight against Tayuma. Tayuma was born 
from a warrior family, and his skill with this sword was 
considerable, on top of that, his armor made him more agile 
than Koutarou, so Koutarou was on the defensive and being 

“That's my intentions. However, there's no reason for me to 
go out of my way and make you retire on my own." 

However Koutarou smiled, and he had a proper reason to do 
so. He had realized that he couldn't lose. 

“Sorry for keeping you waiting, Koutarou!" 

“The Kurano girl!?" 

In the next moment, Tayuma's sword was intercepted by 
Kiriha's naginata. Tayuma looked at her with surprise. She 
should have been busy dealing with the surrounding 

“Don't forget about us Ho-!" 

“The brothers of flame and thunder, Karama and Korama are 
here Ho-!" 

While Tayuma was stopped, Karama and Korama assaulted 
him with fire and electricity. Since this was just as Tayuma 
had launched his attack, parts of his spiritual energy barrier 
had been undone. Part of the haniwas attacks reached one of 
those unguarded areas. 

"D-DamnitM You damn automated dolls!!" 

Tayuma's armor was scorched and he had received a slight 
shock, but it wasn't enough damage to take him down. As 
expected, just having part of their attack go through the 
barrier wouldn't be enough. However, disliking Kiriha and the 
haniwas attacking together, Tayuma leaped backwards and 
greatly distanced himself from them. As he did, he realized 
why Kiriha had been able to go support Koutarou. 

"Impossible! This easily!?" 

What he saw was the thirteen shooters in the execution 
chambers collapsed on the floor. This was Harumi's and the 
others' doing, and defeating these thirteen with such weak 
firepower wasn't all that difficult. Once that was over with, 
Harumi and the others moved to help deal with the other 
enemies. With that, a huge load was taken off of Kiriha's and 
the haniwas' shoulders and they were able to go back up 

"Tayuma, our real fight starts now." 

The beam cannon on Koutarou's right shoulder turned 
towards Tayuma. At the same time, the barrier generation 
device in Koutarou's left shoulder adjusted its output. With 
Koutarou and Kiriha close again, GOL shrunk the barrier's 
effective area, and made it thicker. 


"We're angry... at how you radicals do things." 

Koutarou pointed the tip of his sword towards Tayuma once 
more. That was when Tayuma shouted out in rage. 

"So what if you're angry!?" 

Kiriha readied her naginata and faced Tayuma. 

“Therefore, brace yourself, Shijima Tayuma! We're going to 
completely destroy that justice that you speak of!" 

The two haniwas were by Kiriha's sides. Both she and 
Koutarou were serious. All of that equipment was pointed 
towards the enemy in front of them, towards Tayuma. 

“...Then I'll have to join in as well.” 


“I have protect my own justice. From people like you, that 
would look away from reality...” 

Maguz who had been surveying the battle from behind 
advance to right behind Tayuma. He was holding a large bow 
in both hands and was aiming at Kiriha. 

“It's dangerous, Maguz-sama!” 

“Tayuma, its even more dangerous if you fall. We should work 
together here.” 

“...I understand. But please focus on protecting yourself. You 
are our hope.” 

“I shall.” 

Koutarou and Kiriha. Tayuma and Maguz. The two groups 
pointed their weapons at each other. The groups couldn't 
come to an agreement. There was no peaceful solution to 
their current standoff. Kiriha had desperately been trying to 
avoid that, but there was no longer anything she could do but 

“Let's go Koutarou!” 

Kiriha took the front and began running. Even as she did, she 
had her naginata at the ready and kept her surroundings in 
mind. Kiriha was a pacifist, but now that she had decided to 
fight she was definitely going to win. 

"I'll adapt to you, so just do as you want!” 

Koutarou followed after Kiriha. As he did, he gave orders to 
the Al in his armor. Since he was going to let Kiriha do as she 
pleased, he needed to give the armor and GOL more detailed 
orders rather than just to support them. 

”1 won't let you!” 

Maguz fired an arrow at the approaching Kiriha. The arrow 
was infused with pure spiritual energy and had spells cast on 
it that raised its speed and the strength of the arrowhead. 
Since the bow had been made under the premise that it its 
user would draw it while wearing powered armor, it had the 
power equaling a cannon. 


"It's not a problem!” 

The haniwas moved to protect Kiriha, but before they could 
the power hidden within the naginata was unleashed. What 
she unleashed was the power of electricity and a huge 
electromagnetic field was created which threw the arrow of 
its trajectory. 

When the arrow passed by Kiriha's arrow the sound it made 
was less that of it cutting through the air, but rather the air 
being torn apart. While nothing had happened thanks to the 
electromagnetic field, if the arrow had hit Kiriha would have 
been blown apart. 

“Now it's my turn, Maguz!" 

“I won't let you little girl!" 

Kiriha moved to counter attack Maguz, but Tayuma stood in 
her way. He greatly swung his sword to cut her in half. 

“Tayuma, your opponent is me!!" 

Koutarou swiftly swung Signaltin and a crimson blade was 
formed from the arc he had cut. It was a basic attack spell, 
and while its power was weak and it couldn't reach far it was 
enough to slow down Tayuma. 

“Curse you brat! You're always getting in my way!! I hear you 
got in the way in the incident eleven years ago too!!" 

“That's because you're always working on your evil 

“Justice is with us! You are the evil ones!" 

“I don't care who justice is with! As long as the many can live 

While the crimson blade was stopping Tayuma, Koutarou 
stepped between Kiriha and Tayuma. At that time Kiriha 
swung down her naginata and unleashed a lightning bolt at 

“I won't let you do as you please, Maguz!" 

“It's no use!” 

However, Maguz didn't even try avoiding the lightning as he 
nocked a second arrow to the bow. That was only natural, as 
the moment Kiriha's lightning bolt touched Maguz 1 barrier it 
easily dispersed. Maguz 1 armor had been created with 

defense as its number one priority. Not only was he the 
commander, but he was also using a weapon that required 
him to be stationary. A strong barrier that didn't require him 
to move was necessary. 

“That might be the case if it was just me." 


“Ho-! You've forgotten about us Ho-!“ 

“Raiga you still have a long way to go Ho-!“ 

The next moment, Karama's and Korama's attacks assaulted 
Maguz. Karama used flames and Korama used lightning. 


Scorched by the flames and shocked by the lightning, Maguz 
let out a scream. 

Karama and Korama who lacked in power had been able to 
attack Maguz because Kiriha had drawn away his attention 
and because their bodies were small. While Kiriha was 
attacking Maguz, the haniwas landed on the ground nearby 
him. They then walked up closer to him and unleashed their 
attacks by his feet. Even the powerful barrier created by his 
armor didn't fully protect his feet in order to not obstruct his 
movement. With Korama's and Karama's size, it was possible 
to launch an attack from under that gap. 

“Guuh, c-curse you!! You are but mere automatic dolls!!" 

While the attack had reached inside Maguz' barrier, he was 
still wearing a sturdy armor. While he felt pains from the 
burns and numbness from the shock, he hadn't taken enough 
damage to dull his movements. If anything it was his pride 
that had been harmed, and with a red face he moved to 

counter attack the haniwas. 

"He's angry Ho-!” 

"I'm sure he has a scary face Ho-!” 

The haniwas swiftly flew up into the air and fled out of Maguz 1 
reach. Their humorous speech and behavior hurt Maguz 1 
pride even more and stripped him of his calm. He sent arrow 
after arrow after the haniwas, but since they were swift and 
small he couldn't hit. 


"Kuh, what an oversight!” 

Kiriha's naginata collided with Maguz' barrier. The blow 
wasn't enough to break his barrier, but it allowed Maguz' to 
calm down. With that, he gave up on chasing after the 
haniwas and focused on Kiriha again. 

"Are you in a fluster because things aren't going to plan, 

"That's not true at all! If I kill you here, the plans will work out 
just nicely!” 

Maguz' drew an arrow with all of his might and fired it at 
Kiriha just past his barrier. Since she was so close its power 
wouldn't fall off. This was the most powerful attack Maguz' 
longbow was capable of. 

"That's what you call being in a fluster." 

Kiriha didn't even try dodging the arrow and simply smiled as 
she stood in place. 


The arrow pierced Kiriha's chest, but in that moment, she 
vanished like smoke. At the same time as she vanished, 
another Kiriha appeared from some dozen centimeters to the 
side. This was the real Kiriha. The arrow had been fired at an 

“That's why this happens to you.” 

Kiriha thrust her naginata forward, through the hole in the 
barrier that had been opened for the arrow. The naginata 
passed through the hole and struck Maguz. 

“Guaaa!? Impossible, how could I possibly be led by the 

The naginata struck Maguz 1 left hand holding the bow, this 
blow shattered the armor and the bow, leaving Maguz 1 left 
hand exposed. While the hand was bleeding, the armor had 
protected it from the worst of it. Maguz quickly readied a new 

“But it won't go like that this time!” 

Maguz pulled out a large gun. Like the mechanical soldiers' 
guns, this could also fire magic. It was also a gun specially 
made for him. It was his ace in the hole. 

“Take thiiiisss!” 

Maguz fired his gun three times. For some reason he wasn't 
firing at Kiriha but in a direction where no one was standing. 
But the fired bullets, the fired magic, suddenly changed 
direction after leaving Maguz' barrier and came after Kiriha. 
At the same time the bullets changed into several lightning 
bolts. The gun fired lightning magic. 

“Hahahaha, surely you can't avoid this!!” 

Maguz laughed loudly, convinced of his victory as six 
lightning bolts rained down on Kiriha. Maguz was blinded by 
the flash and lost sight of Kiriha. 

“They'll keep on coming, Kurano Kiriha!!" 

Despite that, Maguz didn't stop attacking. Before the flash 
died down, he put his finger on the trigger. Once the flash 
vanished he was going to attack again. 

“Though you can use magic, you're a novice when it comes 
to magic battles, Maguz." 

But that was when something surprising happened. When the 
flash vanished, Kiriha suddenly appeared in front of Maguz. 


Maguz' eyes shoot open wide in surprise. Kiriha didn't seem 
to have been hit by the bolts, on top of that she was inside 
the effective area of his barrier. He didn't know how, but 
Maguz had allowed for Kiriha to get inside of his barrier. 

“This ends here, Maguz!” 

Kiriha swung her naginata at Maguz. 

“I won't let you!" 

Maguz pulled the trigger to stop her. 

At this distance, even if it hits us both I'll come out on top because of the 

He fired three times just like before. He wouldn't miss at this 
close of a range, and just as he had aimed the bullets headed 
straight for Kiriha. According to his calculations there was no 
way he could lose. 

“...That's why I said you're a novice, Maguz." 


That was when Maguz was surprised once more. The Kiriha 
that had been attacking him vanished like smoke once more. 
In her place, a new Kiriha appeared where Maguz had fired 
his first lightning bolts. The Kiriha that had been attacking 
him was yet another illusion. Of course, the bullets fired 
passed through her and flew off somewhere. 

“Hahaha, which one of us is the novice!? You're hurt all over 
from the lightning!!" 

But this time, Maguz wasn't shaken. He knew that Kiriha had 
taken damage from the lightning bolts. Her protection had 
been imperfect and some of the electricity had burnt her. 
That's why Maguz laughed at Kiriha, once again convinced of 
his victory. 

“A magic battle is a battle of creativity, Maguz. Since you can 
only think of conventional ideas, you will lose." 

Despite her deep burns, Kiriha was smiling. At this point, the 
battle had already ended in her victory. 


The next moment, an explosion occurred in Maguz' armor. 
What exploded was the pipe supplying the armor with power 
from the generator. This was one of the few weak points in 
the armor. Having taken an attack there, Maguz' armor 
suffered severe damage, the barrier vanished and the armor 
seized its functions. 

“Nee-san is a genius Ho-!“ 

“Nobody else could come up with this kind of strategy Ho-!“ 

The ones that had attacked Maguz were Karama and Korama 
who had snuck into his barrier. Everything had gone 
according to Kiriha's plan. 

"Kuh, I see, so that's what the second illusion was for...” 
Maguz realized he had fallen for a trap. 

The second illusion was to get Maguz to open up a hole in his 
barrier. With him firing his gun, the armor's system 
automatically opened a hole in the barrier. If they could find 
out where that hole would open, the haniwas could infiltrate 
it. That was where the second illusion came in. Koutarou had 
created it according to Kiriha's wishes. 

What Kiriha needed to fight against Maguz were two basic 
spells. That was all she required to overcome Maguz who was 
repeatedly firing higher level spells. This was a complete 
victory for Kiriha thanks to her creativity. 

"Surrender, Maguz. Surely you can't move anymore." 

Kiriha walked up to Maguz and turned the naginata on him. 
Kiriha was burned all over, but it didn't seem to have 
impeded her movement. Maguz on the other hand was 
unable to move now that his armor had lost power. The armor 
he wore was now nothing but a shackle to him. 

"You should know my answer, Kurano Kiriha." 

"You say the radical faction will continue fighting even 
without its leader?” 

"That's right. While I might not be able to rule, at least we will 
be able to reclaim our home." 

Maguz had accepted defeat but a dark flame continued 
burning in his eyes. His insanity continued smoldering on as 


“I'm sorry to hear that, Kasumi Raiga." 

“No, I am Maguz. The leader of the radical faction." 

“Then, Maguz, take your responsibility." 

Confirming that insanity, Kiriha swung her naginata down 
towards him. While the blow was light, the unleashed 
electricity caused Maguz to faint. 

“...Why didn't you use that indomitable spirit for the sake of 
your people..." 

Thus Kiriha defeated Maguz and came out victorious. 
However, her expression was far from bright. 

Part 9 

With Maguz falling, the radical faction soldiers' movements 
grew noticeably duller. There were still twelve soldiers 
fighting, but having lost their commander, unrest spread and 
their morale plummeted. There were still several mechanical 
soldiers and automatic machine guns, but with the people 
using them in a panic, they couldn't exhibit their full strength. 
They became unable to endure Harumi's and the others' 
attacks and routed. 

“Why, why can't we win!? We should have had enough 
forces!! We analyzed the data from the factory and gathered 
a sufficient force!! Yet why does this happen!?” 

Maguz falling came as a huge shock to Tayuma. To him, 

Maguz was the symbol of absolute justice. He was a savior 
that would use his vast knowledge and excellent leadership 
to cut open a path into the future for the People of the Earth. 
Having lost Maguz, Tayuma was greatly shaken. Looking at 
Maguz and the other fallen soldiers, Tayuma recoiled and 
stepped backward. Unable to accept reality, all he could do 
was scream and shout. 

“It's only obvious. You didn't take one thing into 

“What is that!?” 

“Kiriha-san's feelings for her friends, in other words, love.” 

“Love!? Preposterous!! That kind of thing is unnecessary!! 
Absolute justice is with us!!” 

“...You lost because you don't understand that. If you had 

understood how prideful of a leader Kiriha-san was you would 
have won.” 

When Kiriha fights she always tries to make sure her allies 
comes out as unscathed as possible. And since her enemies 
this time around were the radical faction, one could say that 
they are her allies in a roundabout way. She never forgot 
that. Kiriha had continued fighting so that neither ally nor 
enemy would suffer any casualties. 

However, this fight had been different. Having been cornered, 
with no way to back down, she had prepared herself for some 
casualties both among her enemies and her allies. That was 
of course not her intention. If she was going to force others to 
sacrifice themselves, she would prepare to sacrifice herself as 
well. That was the only choice Kiriha could make. 

As a result, Koutarou and the others were far stronger than 
they were in the battle at the factory. Since they didn't fear 
themselves or their allies getting hurt they could cross the 
dangerous bridges as well. That was the reason why Koutarou 
had said that escaping alive would be easy. 

"Or maybe it's the other way around. You don't care about 
the lives of your allies, so you're always fighting at your 
limits. You're fundamentally different from Kiriha-san and the 
others who control and save their powers for others." 

"As if I could accept something as vague as that! All that is 
needed is absolute justice! Rule under that will lead to 
eternal prosperity!” 

Tayuma believed in the radical faction's justice and that 
Maguz would become their ruler. But with Maguz broken, his 
belief was starting to waver. Since he didn't want to accept 
that, Tayuma raised his voice. He feared the collapse of the 
world he believed in. 

“Surrender, Tayuma. The justice you believe in is not 

Koutarou turned his sword towards Tayuma who was reeling. 
At the same time Harumi and the others lined up behind 
Koutarou. Their battle had ended a short while ago. All 
radicals in the execution chamber, aside from Tayuma, had 
been neutralized. 

“D-Damnit! But if I call for reinforcements—" 

Tayuma began calling for reinforcements through his armor. 
He simply couldn't accept defeat. 

“Why!? Why is nobody answering!? This is an emergency!!" 

However, he couldn't hear any voice from the command room 
he was supposedly connected to. Since he was Maguz' right 
hand, the operator always answered as quickly possible. 

“It's no use. This base is already under the conservative 
faction's control." 

Kiriha answered Tayuma's question. She then placed herself 
as to block off his retreat. She had no intentions of letting him 
get away. 

“There is no longer anyone who will stand with you. 

Surrender, Tayuma. The battle is over." 

Kiriha indifferently declared that the battle was over, and it 
wasn't just limited to the execution chamber. At the same 
time Koutarou and the others barged into the execution 
chamber, a conservative faction force infiltrated the base. 
They cut off the communications from the inside and 
occupied the command room and neutralized the base in its 
entirety. This base no longer had any fighting power left. 

“No, not yet! This isn't over yet! Maya!" 

“...Yes, yes, you really do work me to the bones..." 

However, there was still one left capable of fighting. It was a 
woman wearing an indigo outfit. It was Maya, a magician of 
Darkness Rainbow who had replaced her body parts after 
being seriously injured and returned to active service. 

The magicians and the radical faction shared technology, but 
they had taken a stance to not intervene with each others 
battles. This was a measure to make sure that they didn't get 
in each other's way. That's why Maya hadn't taken part in the 
battle, both here and in the factory yesterday. 

But there was an exception to everything. Maya had two 
favors she owed the radical faction. One was that they had 
restored her body, the other was that she had received 
information pertaining the People of the Earth from them. In 
return, she had promised to lend her aid if they really needed 
it. She had lent her aid to rescue Tayuma, and she would lend 
her aid now. 


“It's been awhile, boy." 

Maya seemingly appeared from Tayuma's shadow and 
brightly smiled at Koutarou. Her smile was so cheerful that 
Koutarou almost forgot the situation he was in for a moment. 

“But sadly, I don't have the time to play with you..." 

“Maya, help me and Maguz-sama escape!" 

Tayuma had called for Maya so that she could help him and 
Maguz escape. If they used the power of magic then they 
might be able to escape from this situation. 

“It would be impossible for me to save two in this situation." 

However, Maya shook her head. In the past she might have 
been able to help both of them escape, but having lost the 
majority of her body she no longer had that much magical 
power. As a result, she had lost much of her ability to respond 
to unexpected troubles. 

“...Guess it can't be helped, just save me then!" 

“Oh, you'll leave Maguz behind?" 

“I still have a mean to turn this around! I can take him back 

“So that's what you mean. I understand." 

Having realized whatTayuma meant, Maya nodded and 
raised her right arm. A miniature cane had been built into her 
right arm. She was going to cast a spell and escape. 


“I know!!” 

Noticing that Tayuma and Maya were going to escape, Kiriha 
and Koutarou charged towards them. They had to catch 
Tayuma to truly end this battle. 

“Recall - Precast - Teleport." 

However, Maya unleashed a spell she had cast ahead of time. 
As a result, it activated incredibly quickly and by the time 
Kiriha and Koutarou arrived, Tayuma and Maya were already 
wrapped up in the light of the spell. For the same reason, 
Harumi's and Yurika's jamming spells didn't make it in time. 

“Fuhahahaha, this isn't over yet brat! We will definitely win! 

Because justice is with us!!” 

“...Good bye, boy. Let's meet again." 

Tayuma and Maya vanished, leaving behind only the blue 
light of her spell. Maya had used a teleportation spell, and 
while she didn't have the same range on it as before, it was 
more than enough to escape in the case of an emergency. 

“Damnit, they got away!" 

“Koutarou, we can't give up yet! They should be headed 
towards the island!" 

“I see, they're going to use the earthquake weapon!" 

Tayuma's goal was to use the earthquake weapon to cause 
catastrophic damage to the town of Sial and to the 
conservative faction. At the same time, a war would break 
out with the surface, so the conservative faction would have 
no choice but to give in to the radical faction. Which would 
naturally force them to release Maguz. 

“Let's go after them right away! There's no time to lose!" 

“Yeah, everyone, let's go!" 

Right after Tayuma and Maya had vanished, Koutarou and the 
others dashed out from the execution chamber. They had to 
join up with Theia and the others as quickly as possible and 
stop Tayuma from using the earthquake weapon. 

The Ends of Ambition 

Part 1 

Sunday, July 4 

The battle between Theia's surface troops and the radical 
faction soldiers protecting the earthquake weapon, Earth 
Dragon, was going back and forth. 

The surface troops consisted of Theia, Ruth, Shizuka, Maki, 
the Sun Rangers and 80 conservative faction soldiers for a 
total of 89. This was a considerable force, but the enemy had 
more than twice their numbers. First of all they had close to 
100 normal soldiers. Then there was also about another 100 
mechanical soldiers and assault vehicles. The latter was on 
the offensive, putting the surface troops in a very dangerous 

Fortunately, the surface troops consisted of those who 
excelled at fighting several enemies. There was of course 
Theia and Ruth who could fight using space battleship 
weaponry, but there was also Shizuka who could fight against 
many on her own if she assumed her half-dragon form. Maki 
could use her mind manipulation magic to confuse the 
enemy, making them unable to use the full extent of their 
strength. As a result the battle was progressing evenly 
despite the enemy's numerical advantage. 

“Ruth, have you been able to pinpoint Earth Dragon's 


Theia called out to Ruth as she targeted a large tank with her 
large caliber beam cannon. This tank was an unmanned 
automated vehicle, and the moment it detected the energy 
from Theia's beam cannon it activated its barrier. 

"Your highness, I can't detect the energy that Earth Dragon 
should be radiating. Considering its size, that should not be 

"How insolent!" 

Theia repeatedly fired off beams. While the tank could 
withstand one shot, it couldn't withstand the second and 
third. The strongest land based weapon hadn't considered 
that it might be attacked by space based weaponry. The 
tank's turret was blown off and its movement stopped. 

"I believe it is being shielded to keep us from detecting it." 

"...So they know what we're after... curse you, Elexis..." 

In order to break free from this situation, Theia wanted to 
destroy Earth Dragon by bombarding it with the Blue Knight's 
main weaponry. However, bombardment from space stood 
out quite considerably, so she wanted to finish it in a single 
attack. For that reason, they needed to pinpoint Earth 
Dragon's location. 

The unmanned fighters that Ruth was controlling had the 
ability to detect and analyze energy radiated from its 
surroundings. Using that ability, it should be possible to 
locate Earth Dragon even from outside the building. 

However, when Ruth tried examining it, she couldn't detect 
any energy from the building believed to be containing Earth 

Dragon. Since not even electromagnetic radiation from basic 
electronic equipment could be detected, it was likely that the 
building contained its radiation. 

This meant that the building had been made on the basis that 
it would go up against Forthorthe's scientific analysis, but it 
was a possibility if Elexis was involved. 

“I also have bad news, your highness.” 

Theia could see Ruth in the corner of her eye, manipulating 
her unmanned fighters to take hits for their allies. The barrier 
created by the fighters working together was powerful, and it 
repelled the bullets fired from the automated, heavy machine 

"Did something happen to Koutarou and the others!?” 

Theia's expression froze. She wasn't worried for her own 
fight, but for Koutarou and the others who were out of her 

"No, that's not it. The battle underground ended in Master's 
and in our victory. However, one of the enemy officers escape 
and is headed this way. It is someone we have fought before, 
a man called Shijima Tayuma.” 

"That awfully vile man huh..." 

Theia frowned as she remembered Tayuma. It wasn't just 
Theia, but none of the girls of room 106 thought well of him. 
He was someone that wouldn't hesitate to attack civilians. 
Since Theia had been like that in the past as well, she felt 
very unpleasant as he reminded her of her foolishness. 

"Not good, if he's coming here after losing, he can only have 
one goal." 

Theia also understood what he was trying to do. He would 
indiscriminately use the earthquake weapon to destroy those 
he didn't like. It was an attack that the Theia of the past 
would also make. 

That's right... my invasion was wrong... however, thanks to everyone else I 
was able to correct myself... I have to stop him! 

Tayuma's desires was like a ghost of Theia's past. Because 
she felt like that, she was determined to stop Tayuma's 
ambition at all costs. 

“Your highness, is something the matter?" 

“There's no time to be dawdling around. We're forcibly 
breaking through." 

As Theia said that she exchanged her weapon to a rapidly 
firing paralysis gun and fired at nearby radical faction 
soldiers. Her aim was accurate and the bullets were headed 
straight towards their bodies. 

However, the bullets were blocked by the soldiers' barriers. 
But Theia had taken that into consideration. 


With the firing stopping the soldiers in their tracks, Shizuka 
thrust forward. She was using the Fire Dragon Emperor's 
powers to transform into a half-dragon form, and was now 
even stronger than usual. Her powerful kick sent all soldiers 
in its path flying. Spiritual energy barriers were useless in 
front of her. 

“I would love to hurry this up!" 

Shizuka supported Theia's opinion as she looked for the next 
enemy to defeat. There was a time limit to Shizuka's power. 

While she was stronger than anyone else, she ran out of fuel 
quick. And once she used up her powers, her weight 
increased. In order to avoid that, she had to end this as 
quickly as she could. 

“I think that's good too. It seems like reinforcements keep on 
coming, and there's a limit to my magic as well.” 

As a voice came through Theia's bracelet, Maki appeared 
quite far ahead. At the same time, her 20 conservative 
faction soldiers appeared as well, and began attacking 
together with her. Their target was the squad commander in 
the rear and the soldiers around him. The goal was to confuse 
the enemy by sneaking around them and attacking their 

"Please attack! We Sun Rangers will serve as the rear guard!” 

The Sun Rangers were restraining the enemy through gunfire 
and bought time for Maki's squad to fall back. Thus all of the 
surface troops came to an agreement. 

"Alright, then it's decided! Ruth, I'm using Combat Dress!” 

"Combat Dress? But it is still in its test stage..." 

"If I don't use it now, when will I!” 

"As you wish, my princess. Transferring the Combat Dress.” 

Ruth operated her bracelet and a large space-time hole 
appeared behind Theia. The Combat Dress the two were 
talking about was Theia's new weapon. This new weapon was 
a machine that covered about half of Theia's body, and had a 
resemblance to a dress. The pure white and gold colors 
strengthened that impression. 

The Combat Dress covered Theia's body and began 

tightening up. At the same time, Theia's bracelet began 
blinking as it began communicating with the dress. 

“Engaging Legendary Weapon System series 02, Combat 
Dress. The dress has been put under control of the bracelet. 
Princess, select your accessory." 

“Assault Red." 

“As you wish, my princess." 

A red line was added to the Combat Dress, and several 
weapons appeared from black holes. The newly appeared 
arms attached to the dress' hard points prepared for this 
scenario. Theia now wore a white dress with streaks of red 
and gold, with large cannons by her shoulders, missile 
launchers by her waist, a large caliber beam rifle on her right 
arm and a recoil-less pile driver on her left arm. This was 
Theia's new weapon, the Combat Dress. 

Strictly speaking the Combat Dress wasn't in itself a weapon. 
It simply allowed Theia to fly through a flight unit on her back 
and served as a hard point base for the various weapons to 
attach to. Since the actual weapons were the same as they 
were before, her actual attack power hadn't changed. But 
wearing this dress she could use multiple weapons at the 
same time, and she got far more mobile. 

When Theia summoned her weapons, it was difficult for her 
to move them around. There were some weapons that moved 
on their own, but there were few of those, and since they 
moved at various speeds it was difficult to get them to 
properly cooperate with her. So there, Theia made this 
Combat Dress. She gave it the ability of flight and fixed the 
weaponry to it. By doing that she could freely fly around with 
her weaponry. At the same time, the restrictions on the 
weapons lessened. In other words, the dress changed Theia 

into a small fighter plane. 

Through the power of gravity control and boosters, Theia's 
body lifted up from the ground. At the same time, the safety 
devices on her weapons were removed. Theia was now a 
beast that had been unleashed. A golden king of beasts with 
both power and speed. 

“Men, follow me!" 

Quick to act, Theia charged towards the radical faction troops 
in front of her. Her royal crest that had been engraved into 
the dress stood out, even from afar. 

“Leave the big threats to me! Don't bother with the small fry! 

“Theia-chan is as hasty as always..." 

“Let's go, Kasagi-san." 

“I'm sorry for causing everyone trouble." 

Shizuka, Maki and Ruth chased after Theia. Behind them were 
the Sun Rangers and the conservative faction soldiers. This 
was the decisive moment for the surface troop's battle. 

Part 2 

The anti-material guns that Theia was firing had enough 
power to pierce through the barriers of the tanks and destroy 
them completely. If people had been inside it would have 
been terrible, but fortunately, they were automated vehicles. 
Theia could bombard them without concern. 

“That makes eight!" 

Theia's bombardment destroyed yet another tank. The battle 
was progressing very one-sidedly as the tanks were unable to 
shoot at Theia who was freely flying through the air. They 
were easy targets to Theia. 

“Your highness, gunfire is coming from the two o'clock 


However, she couldn't let her guard down. Since the soldiers 
and mechanical soldiers were using handheld firearms, they 
could target Theia. That said, they weren't using anti-air 
weaponry, so accuracy was low and so was the power. Ruth 
would also restrain the enemy forces with her unmanned 
fighters at appropriate times, leaving Theia unhurt. 

“We're going to keep on pushing!" 

Theia destroyed powerful weapons one after another as she 
advanced. On the battlefield she stood out very much. Many 
of the radical faction soldiers were completely focusing on 
her as she flew through the air at high speeds destroying the 
major threats. 

“Everyone, take care not to split up!" 

“Thank you, people from the surface." 

“Surface and underground doesn't matter! Let's just hurry 


The conservative faction soldiers pushed up the path that 
Theia had carved for them. The Sun Rangers headed to the 
back of them and served as the rear guard. The conservative 
faction soldiers and the Sun Rangers protected each other as 
they continued on ahead. Thinking of them as an anti¬ 
invasion squad and invaders from the underground, this was 
a bizarre spectacle. However, no one here thought it was 
strange as they were all working together to destroy Earth 

“Hey, Aika-san." 

Shizuka looked over the conservative faction soldiers and the 
Sun Rangers as she was running. A smile formed on her lips 
and she liked what she was seeing. 

“When you look at them like that, don't you feel like Kiriha- 
san's invasion of the surface succeeded a long time ago?" 

“You're right, it certainly feels that way..." 

People from the surface and the underground held hands as 
they were working together towards a common goal. Neither 
side was attempting to rule over the other. They all respected 
and helped each other. It was the result of Kiriha's long, hard- 
fought invasion. It hadn't been a mistake to protect the pride 
of both parties. 

“That's why we have to win this battle." 

“You're absolutely right, Aika-san. Justice always wins!" 

Strangely enough, Shizuka spoke the same words Tayuma 
did. However, their meaning greatly differed. And now was 
the time to protect those differences. Shizuka and Maki took 
those feelings to heart as they continued running. The 
entrance to the building was right in front of them. 

Since Earth Dragon was inside this building it had been built 
extra strong. That was also true for the main gate as a thick 
metallic door blocked intruders from entering. However, after 
the joints had been shot by beams several times each, 
followed up by a recoilless pile driver, not even the strongest 
of doors could endure. Before the steam exhausted from the 
pile driver could condense, the door fell inwards towards the 

“We've finally reached it..." 

As expected, Theia was the first to step inside the building. 

Up until this point, Theia hadn't taken a single hit, as a result, 
her Combat Dress was still white as always. 

“Ruth, how does it look?” 

“I have a reaction. But it's still shielded, so all I can tell is that 
it's forward.” 

The hologram that Ruth was projecting from her bracelet 
showed a large circle drawn. That circle represented Earth 
Dragon's expected position, but it wasn't all that reliable. 

“For starters, we only need to go straight forward? I like it 
when it's simple to understand.” 

“You're right. That might be just like us.” 

Shizuka and Maki nodded at each other. Aside from Ruth, the 

girls of room 106 gathered here all preferred simple thinking. 
To them, only having to move forward was a welcome 

“Devil Princess-san, we can't afford to take our time!" 

“Hurry, Devil-neechan!” 

The Sun Rangers who were serving as the rear guard took 
cover inside the building and were fighting against the radical 
faction forces. The enemy were chasing after Theia and were 
pouring in towards the building. 

“Alright, let's go men! Keep up with me!” 

“Theia-san is so reliable at times like these.” 

“Before she had a strange force behind her, but now its 
working for her in a good way.” 

“Her highness is maturing after all.” 

Theia and the others soon took action once more. With Theia 
at the front again, they ran down a passage. Since they 
would be able to get a more accurate reading on Earth 
Dragon's location the closer they got, nothing good would 
come from standing around. 

“You've finally made it inside, princess Theiamillis.” 

That was when Elexis' voice could be heard from a speaker in 
the passage. When she heard that voice, Theia didn't stop, 
but her expression grew more severe. 

“What is it, Elexis!” 

“It's the host's duty to invite his guests. Well, it might be a 
little ill-mannered to do so through speakers though.” 

“Quit spouting your nonsense!" 

“For the time being, I have prepared a little entertainment. 
Please enjoy." 

Elexis 1 sounded awfully cheerful. He had an atmosphere to 
him as if he really was inviting guests into his home. That 
might really be his intentions, but Theia and the others felt 
nothing but enmity towards him. 

“We don't have the time to play around with you. We're in a 

“Then please reach me within eight minutes." 

“What a detestable fellow, just you wait, I'll be over there to 
punch you soon!” 

Theia was getting irritated. She didn't like Elexis' playful 
attitude nor the time limit he had given them. Theia 
understood that he meant that the earthquake weapon might 
possibly be used at this moment, but she didn't understand 
his motive for telling them. Since she didn't believe he was 
actually advising her, she only felt like he was making a fool 
of her. 

“I will await your arrival." 

With that, Elexis stopped speaking. At almost the same time, 
Shizuka, with her strengthened senses, felt the presence of 
something approaching them. 

“Theia-chan, something is coming. It's just around that 

“I'm detecting many metal and energy reactions, I believe it's 
automated weaponry intended to defend the building." 

“So this is the so called entertainment..." 

Before long, Elexis 1 automated weapons appeared from 
around the corner. It was a crowd of robots like the clay dolls 
and haniwas, wearing armor. They were of a luxurious make, 
having been created through the underground's spiritual 
energy technology and Forthorthe's science, while also 
having magic imbued into it. They were specially made 
robots designed to defend truly important sites. 

“...Not good... they're robots, the magic I specialize in hardly 
works on these..." 

Maki frowned as she saw the robots. She specialized in mind 
manipulation, which had little effect against that without a 
mind of its own. In other words, she would have to fight 
without relying on her expertise. It was a rough fight for Maki, 
but that wasn't the only problem. 

“Fu, fufu, fufufufu." 

Ruth's low laughter echoed through the passage. Ruth was 
normally quiet and serious, and her laugh was cuter. That's 
why nobody could hide their shivers as they heard this 
strangely oppressive laughter. 

“I've fo~und yo~u." 

Before anyone knew it, Ruth was holding a metallic handle in 
each hand. 

A glowing blade slowly rose from those handles. This was a 
treasure that Ruth always kept on her at all times. The swords 
of light that her ancestor Flairhan used in the legends of the 
Blue Knight, two beam swords. 

“Vice captain?" 

“Not good! Ruth, keep it together!" 

“I am keeping it together, your highness. I am well aware of 
the situation, oh yes, very aware." 

“Aa~h, I'm staying out of this." 

“...I am really glad that Master isn't here..." 

Ruth swung her beam swords around like a tornado. Nothing 
caught in that tornado would survive, that was how sharp her 
swordsmanship felt. 

“...If he had seen some specimens this big, Master would 
certainly be captivated by them..." 

Ruth stopped rotating and glared at the group of robots. A 
dangerous light filled her eyes. 

“That's why I will send you to hell together with the rest of 
these things before Master sees you!! Hercules-chaaaan!!" 

Ruth was exuding a strange obsession. The target of that 
obsession were the automated weapons that happened to 
have the shape of beetles. In front of that overwhelming 
pressure, the robots beetles that should have been simple 
mindless robots instinctively flinched and stepped backwards. 

“Divine retributioooon!!“ 

Ruth charged in with her two beam swords. Her movements 
were completely different from normal, as she moved like a 
predator and with overwhelming speed. 

“It can't be helped, men, support Ruth!" 

Theia hurriedly began giving Ruth covering fire. She couldn't 
abandon her childhood friend in this dangerous situation. 

“...I don't think she needs support." 

Shizuka smiled wryly. 

Ruth had a talent for the sword thanks to her lineage. 
Moreover, she never missed a day of training, so her physical 
strength and capability had risen. The only reason she wasn't 
suited for fighting was because of her peaceful attitude. So 
once Ruth spotted the beetles, she lost her temper and 
removed the problem with her personality. Transforming her 
into a master swordsman. Right now, she was without a 
doubt above Koutarou when it came to swordsmanship. 

Knowing that, Shizuka smiled. However, there was still the 
one in a million chance, and nobody knew what would 
happen with Ruth enraged. So Shizuka chased after Ruth with 

movements surpassing the limits of man. 

“So the vice captain is actually really strong with the 

Maki felt admiration as she cast reinforcement and defensive 
spells on the two that charged in. 

Maki respected Ruth as an excellent superior, but that was 
only respect for her ability to gather and analyze information. 
But right now, Ruth was swinging her two beam swords and 
fought splendidly. Seeing that, Maki reevaluated her opinion 
of Ruth. Her standing as someone from a distinguished family 
of knights wasn't just for show. 

“...It's just when she's going up against beetles though." 

In contrast to Maki, Theia was dumbfounded. As her 
childhood friend, Theia knew better than anyone that Ruth 
was incredibly scary when she was angry. However, she felt 
like Ruth went too far when beetles were involved. That was 
just how much Ruth loved Koutarou, but her expression of 
love was a bit too extreme. Theia was normally extreme 
herself, but she had an old outlook for expressions of love. 

“You still continue coming!!" 

Whilst being supported by Theia and the conservative faction 
soldiers, Ruth destroyed beetle robots one after another. 
Facing her ruthless attacks with the beam swords, the robots 
were unable to do anything as they were dismantled. Only 
remains of robots were left behind Ruth. She mowed down 
the robots like a real tornado. 

“...O-Oh? Why am I holding beam swords...?" 

In total there had been 36 beetle robots blocking the 

passage. However, Ruth had destroyed all of them in just 
over three minutes. 

Part 3 

Thanks to Ruth's unexpected performance, Theia and the 
others managed to get near Earth Dragon before the time 

“Your highness, there's no doubt. Earth Dragon is just past 
this door." 

“I see. Men, you did well to get all this way! We're almost 
there now!" 

The results of the energy analysis indicated that Earth 
Dragon was just past the door in front of them. As long as 
they destroyed that, their long day would come to an end. 

The conclusion was right before them. 

“I know that it's rough. However, we're one push away! We'll 
destroy Earth Dragon and return triumphantly! Are you ready, 

Without waiting for her allies' reply, Theia use her cannons 
and pile driver to destroy the door. Her allies' morale was 
high so there was no need to wait for their response. They 
were covered in wounds, and their clothes were dirtied, but 
knowing that their battle was about to end, their feelings 
were uplifted. Without forgetting their strong sense of duty, 
they jumped into the room. 

“Welcome, princess Theiamillis. And everyone else too.” 

Elexis' bright voice welcomed the troops. Elexis was sitting in 
front of a giant device, that looked like a building, in the 
center of the room. That gigantic device was Earth Dragon 
that Theia and the others had to destroy. 


"...Such a bare faced lie. You're far from welcoming." 

Upon seeing Elexis' face, Ruth's and Theia's expression grew 
stern. To Ruth, Elexis was her former fiance who conspired 
together with her rivals. To Theia, he was someone who had 
been after hers, Koutarou's and her friends' lives. 

"How harsh." 

Elexis still had his confident smile. However, this wasn't 
because he had a means of defeating Theia and the others. 

He truly welcomed them in. 

Indiscriminate destruction won't bring anything. I'm truly glad you came, 
princess Theiamillis, Ruthkania-sama... 

According to Elexis' sense of beauty, senseless destruction of 
the surface and underground was undesirable. While 
restoration followed destruction, it wasn't efficient to restore 
something after completely destroying it. Destruction without 
creation, destruction simply for the sake of destruction was 
something that Elexis detested. However, since he had a 
contract with the radical faction to supply them with 
technology, he had to do what he was told. Now Theia and 
the others had appeared in front of him, which was why he 
welcomed them. 

"Elexis was it!? Where is Maya-sama!?" 

Maki held different feelings from Theia and Ruth. If she came 
here, she might meet with her master. That personal desire of 
hers served a stronger driving force than her sense of duty. 
That's why Maki spat out her words at Elexis. 

"So you're Maki... You're serious and strong minded, just like 

she said.” 

"I'm not here to play with words! Where is Maya-sama!? 

She's here right!?” 


Elexis was about to honestly answer Maki's question. He had 
promised to tell her when she came after all. However before 
he could, he was interrupted by someone else's voice. 

"I'm here, Maki.” 

Maya herself appeared in the room. She had been 
underground for a while, but she had returned right now. 


When she saw her, Maki's eyes opened wide. Maya was 
Maki's savior and her master who taught her magic. She was 
also the previous Darkness Navy. While they were now 
enemies, Maya was a special existence who she couldn't 

"You're hasty as always, Maki... I even told you I'd prepare a 
stage for us to fight." 

Maya felt the same way about Maki. While fate had turned 
this apprentice master pair into enemies, Maya had no 
intention of denying their relationship up until then. The 
People of the Earth's radical faction denied their history 
underground, and abhorred the conservative faction. Maya's 
and Maki's relationship was clearly distinct from that. 

"Are you planning on destroying the surface and the 
underground, Maya-sama!?” 

"I don't really have any intentions to do that... but my 

accomplice seems to, so I probably will end up doing so.” 
"That's right!" 

One more appeared in the room. It was Shijima Tayuma. The 
radical faction commander who had escaped from the 
underground with Maya. 

"The surface and the underground will be destroyed and a 
new history will rise from the ruins! The People of the Earth 
will reclaim their home and lead mankind to the next stage! 
What a brilliant history it will become!" 

Tayuma was set on using Earth Dragon. By spreading mass 
destruction throughout the underground and surface, the 
People of the Earth will be forcibly dragged into war. Doing 
that will remove the meaning of the People of the Earth 
fighting amongst themselves. Doing that would allow for 
Maguz to return and with him in the center, a new order 
would be constructed. A correct rule by those superior which 
the inferior would obey. A bright future supposedly awaited 
the People of the Earth. 

Achieving that future was justice. And for the sake of that 
justice, any and all means were allowed. The sacrifices 
created from the use of Earth Dragon was but a small 
problem for the great cause. 

"We won't let you, evil invader! We Sun Rangers will stop you 
for the future of both the surface and the underground!" 

As Red Shine bravely spoke, the five Sun Rangers took a 
stance. Their appearances wasn't as awkward as they had 
been before, but was now the unmistakable appearances of 

"The sun will light up our future!" 

"Fuhahaha, if you want a bright future then just shut up and 
watch! Well, either way you're already too late! Earth Dragon 
is already activating! You were too late!” 

Tayuma grinned a laughed triumphantly. The time limit Elexis 
had mentioned was almost up. Once it had finished charging, 
Earth Dragon would activate, and this battle would end with 
massive sacrifices on both the surface and the underground. 

"Sorry for keep you waiting, Theiamillis-san." 

"I was running out of patience, hand it over to me!" 

"I'm already working on it." 

However, Theia hadn't given up yet. She was talking to Clan 
about something. 

"What are you trying to do little girl!? Even if you attack now, 
you won't be able to destroy Earth Dragon before it 

Small attacks wouldn't stop the earthquake weapon now. 
Even if everyone joined up to attack, they wouldn't make it. 
Tayuma who was convinced of the radical faction's victory 
sneered at Theia. 

"No, we've won." 

"What!? What's the point of a loser barking now!?" 

"Your highness, the coordinates have been input into the fire 
control system." 

"Fool, did you think that what you see is all there was to my 

Theia smiled. It was a violent predatory grin she'd only show 

to her enemies. That wasn't the smile of a loser, but of a 

“Blue Knight, bombard the surface coordinates! Give them a 
taste of your main weaponry!!" 

“As you wish, my princess." 

Since the people on the surface weren't stupid, repeated 
attacks from space would cause them to notice the Blue 
Knight. That's why the Blue Knight only had one shot at 
bombarding. And in that one shot they had to make sure they 
destroyed Earth Dragon. For that reason, Theia and the 
others needed to get closer to the weapon so they could send 
the geographical data to Clan who would calculate the 
bombardment point. And now, the steel knight floating in 
space swung down its sword towards the surface. 

Rather than a sound, it was more like a shock-wave and 
vibrations. The main weaponry that the Blue Knight had fired 
was a massive beam cannon. The fired beam came from 
straight above and pierced through the roof of the building 
and through Earth Dragon. Since the beam far surpassed the 
speed of sound, the air moved at supersonic speeds and 
created a shockwave. As the beam impacted, the ground 
shook violently. It was like an earthquake had struck. 

“W-What is this!?" 

While being shaken by the shockwave and vibrations, Tayuma 
stood aghast. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. A 
massive pillar of light had pierced through the ceiling and 
Earth Dragon. The pillar of light had only appeared for a short 
moment, but the results of it was anything but minor. Black 
smoke rose from the hole the pillar of light had torn up, and it 
was obvious that the inside had suffered massive 
devastation. In fact, the control computer was screaming that 

Earth Dragon had lost its function. 

“Just what is going on!? Is this truly reality!?" 

Tayuma stepped backwards and fell onto his butt. Tayuma 
couldn't believe it, and admitting this to be reality was the 
same as Tayuma admitting that the radical faction had lost. It 
was only obvious he couldn't accept it. 

“There was neither an explosion nor any spreading. The 
results are just as Clan-sama simulated." 

“Splendid indeed. Well done, Clan." 

“This might sound strange coming from me but... I can't 
forgive someone who would attack their own home country. 
I'd help as much as I could." 

Blue Knight's bombardment had been elaborately calculated 
by Clan. 

Since Earth Dragon was a weapon intended to create a 
massive earthquake it stored extraordinary amounts of 
energy. When bombarding, one had to take care not to cause 
an explosion. 

After analyzing the blueprints they had found in the factory 
yesterday, Clan had determined where to shoot to avoid 
causing an explosion while causing it to lose function. Once 
Theia and Ruth determined Earth Dragon's position, Clan 
obtained the data needed and she forwarded it to the Blue 
Knight. Clan's calculations were accurate and the fired beam 
caused Earth Dragon to seize faction and it also didn't cause 
any secondary damage. 

“How does it look Elexis." 

“It's no use. They've hit only the magical power and spiritual 

energy converter. With this it won't be able to properly move 
due to insufficient energy. Even if we activated it... it would 
only have an intensity of two on the Richter scale.” 

Elexis who was operating the control computer dropped his 
shoulders as he gave up. What the Blue Knight had shot was 
the part that converted magical power into spiritual energy, it 
was essentially the heart of Earth Dragon. According to Elexis 
it would take at least two weeks to repair. Earth Dragon had 
practically been rendered useless. 

”N-No way, I won't accept this kind of result!” 


Tayuma pushed Elexis aside and began messing around with 
the computer. Elexis made room for Tayuma and dropped his 
shoulders once more as he looked at Maya. Maya herself 
smiled wryly and tilted her head. Unable to accept reality, 
Tayuma desperately tried to move Earth Dragon. But Elexis 
and Maya knew that his efforts were in vain and the results 
were just as the two had expected. 

"Damnit! Why, why won't it work!!” 

Tayuma hit the panel he was operating. The panel broke and 
was rendered unusable, but it wasn't really a problem since 
Earth Dragon wouldn't move anyways. 

"Why does everyone side with them!? We're the ones who 
are right!! This is just the oppressed trying to reclaim their 

Tayuma finally accepted the reality that Earth Dragon had 
been destroyed, but his feelings were still rampaging. 

Tayuma couldn't accept that they had lost. 

“Surrender, Tayuma!” 

“There will be no surrender! We are prideful People of the 

Tayuma clearly rejected Theia's demand of surrender. He 
would rather choose death than be humiliated. Tayuma and 
Kiriha were the opposite on everything, except for their pride. 

“Elexis, Maya, can't we do something!? Is this it for the 
radical faction!? Do we have no choice but to vanish as we're 
chained to the underground!?” 

The days of glory should have begun from this point on. The 
People of the Earth would return to under the sun and they 
would prosper for all eternity under their ruler, Maguz. That 
would then lead all of mankind to the next stage. 

Yet that future was about to be sealed away. At this rate they 
would have to return to the darkness or merge with the 
people on the surface and vanish. Both ways seemed like ruin 
to Tayuma, so he continued struggling to avoid that 

“...There is one way.” 


Elexis looked at Maya, who had suggested an alternative to 
Earth Dragon, with a perplexed expression. He hadn't heard 
anything about this. 

“That's it! I'm counting on you!” 

In contrast, Tayuma had a pleased expression. He wanted to 
rely on any hope he could. Regardless of the outcome, as it 
was better than losing to the conservative faction. 

“However, I can't guarantee your safety. With that you might 
win, but you won't come out unharmed." 

“I don't care! Losing here is the same as dying anyways! I 
would gladly give my life for the glory of the People of the 

“If you have that kind of resolution, I'll do it." 

Maya raised her right arm over her head. As she did, her 
magical power began flowing out from the miniature cane 
built into her right arm. And using that overflowing magical 
power, she called forth even more magical power. That 
magical power was what they would have used to create an 
earthquake with Earth Dragon. Enough magical power to 
shake the earth had gathered. 

“Not good! We have to stop Maya-sama!” 

The magician Maki knew just how terrifying that much 
magical power was. It was clear that just causing it to 
explode would cause something terrible. That's why Maki 
transformed her cane into a sword and charged Maya. Since 
she was using magic to strengthen her body she moved as 
quickly as a bullet and she instantly closed in on Maya. Maki 
raised her glowing red sword and swung it down towards 


However, before the sword reached Maya, Elexis stepped in 
front of her to cover her. He used the barrier generation 
device he was wearing to protect Maya. 

Maki's sword and Elexis' barrier collided. Unable to withstand 
Maki's blow, Elexis' barrier collapsed. It had exceeded its 
damage tolerance and the generation device broke down. 

Since it wasn't the kind of barrier used in armor, it couldn't 
withstand Maki's attack. 



Maki pushed away Elexis and attacked Maya again. 

"Permanent Metamorphose - Modifier - Over Drive." 

However, Maya finished her spell before Maki could attack. All 
of the magical power that Maya was manipulating poured 
into Tayuma. 


The aftereffect of the activated spell blew Maki away. That 
was just how massive the magical power that Maya was 
controlling was. Tayuma who was now in the center of that 
magical power didn't know what was happening. 

"M-My body is hot!! Maya, what is this!?" 

Enveloped in orange light, Tayuma anxiously looked around 
him. Since he had no knowledge of magic, he felt some fear 
regarding this unknown phenomenon. 

"Tayuma, your body is changing into something else. Imagine 
what you desire. The spell will respond to it." 

"So that's how it is! Fuhahaha, I can tell that there's an 
enormous power inside of me!" 

By understanding and accepting the situation he was in, the 
magical power started flowing into his body. His body began 
glowing orange as he absorbed the magic. And once he had 
absorbed all of the magical power, the glow reached the 

point where no one could look straight at it. 

"I can win, with this I can win!! I have obtained the ultimate 
power!! I have become the true supreme existence!!” 

What Tayuma desired was immortality and omnipotence, and 
finally overwhelming power to force others to obey him. They 
were the three required elements for a dictator to rule 

Tayuma's body grew stronger in accordance to his ambitions. 
The orange colored magical powered altered his body and 
made it larger. In that process, the armor he was wearing 
broke. However he no longer needed armor. He had gained a 
power that far surpassed his armor. 

"Maya, what did you do to him?” 

"I allowed him to freely use the magical power that had been 
gathered within Earth Dragon. Nothing more, nothing less. 
He's free to do whatever he wishes. His appearance is what 
he himself desired.” 

Elexis and Maya gazed at Tayuma who was transmogrifying 
together. Even as they talked, Tayuma's body swelled greatly. 
He was already over ten meters tall. Tayuma's desire for 
power didn't know when to stop. 

"I see. But Maya... why did you feel like helping him again? I 
thought you didn't like the way he did things.” 

"I still don't. However, if he's going to take the risk himself it's 
not as bad. And besides, we've known each other for a long 

"So it's something like your final parting gift?” 

"Oh? Do I look like someone that is so considerate?” 

“Yes. I also like that strange sense of obligation you have." 

There, the two turned their back on Tayuma. They were going 
to leave this to him while they escaped. They already fulfilled 
their obligations to them. The rest was Tayuma's problem, 
and besides, the two had their own goals. Now was the time 
for them to leave. 

“Are you serious? I'm sure you've tricked a lot of women with 
that side of you— what's this!?" 

However shortly after the two had started walking away, 
Maya sensed strange presence behind her and hurriedly 
turned around. Her eyes shot wide open in surprise. She saw 
Tayuma, but his appearance had far exceeded Maya's 


Noticing Maya's behavior, Elexis turned around as well. As he 
did, he too saw Tayuma's appearance. The light from 
Tayuma's body had at some point changed from an orange 
light. Though calling the light black might be wrong, that was 
the only way it looked like to Elexis. Inside that black light, 
the giant Tayuma was changing from human into something 
else, seemingly a four-legged beast. 

“I don't know what he did, but Tayuma is summoning power 
from a higher dimension!" 

“A higher dimension's power?" 

“I think it's the power of a god or a devil! Or he himself might 
be trying to turn into one! Either way, this is dangerous, we 
should get away from here right now! Air!" 

“Okay, let's go!" 

Maya and Elexis turned their back on Tayuma again. They 
didn't know what he was trying to become, but it was clear 
that staying her could only have a negative outcome. 

Maya hadn't been the only one to notice the abnormality with 
Tayuma. Once he surpassed ten meters in length, Theia 
ordered her allies to retreat. The room where Earth Dragon 
was in was large, but it was still too small for them to run 
away from a giant, and once Tayuma's body began emitting 
black light, she didn't hesitate to order a retreat. He was now 
an unknown opponent, and his gigantic figure was over ten 
meters tall. If they were going to fight, they would need to do 
so in a more open place. 

"A-Aika-san, what is happening to that Tayuma person!?” 

The half-dragon Shizuka noticed the abnormality with Tayuma 
right away. Because she did her confusion was far from small. 

"It seems like Maya-sama used the magical power within 
Earth Dragon to transform him... but during the 
transformation it seems like some other power has begun 
influencing him... it seems like he's turning into an 
unexpected monster..." 

Maki was puzzled too. While the magical power was vast, 
Maya had only used a transformation spell. The activated 
magical power had been the correct orange color. However, 
for some reason the power changed to black during the 
transformation. An impossible event when it came to normal 
magic. However, Maki recognized this impossible event. 

That black magical power... it looks like when I stole the power of room 106, 
but... could this be the same... ? 

The black power enveloping Tayuma looked familiar to Maki. 
Last year, when Maki attacked room 106 for the first time, 

she had managed to gain control of a fraction of the power 
gathered there. The color of the magical power at that time 
was black. 

But why is that here... no, it's too rash to assume they're the same... but it's 
the truth that a massive amount of magical power and a twisted desire has 
summoned forth a similar power... could I have been turned into a monster as 
well... ? 

Back then, Maki had come into contact with black magical 
power, though at a smaller scale. She also felt a lot of hatred 
and anger. If Maki had used the magical power on herself 
rather than others, she might have transformed into a 
monster like Tayuma. She felt chills just thinking about it. 

“What is it Maki? You're falling behind." 


Deep in thought, Maki's running speed slowed down. Noticing 
that, Theia grabbed Maki's hand and began running together 
with her. Feeling the warmth from Theia's hand, Maki let out a 
sigh of relief. 

The current me is alright... I won't become absorbed by that! 

In the past when Maki had come into contact with the black 
magical power, Theia had bombarded her with the Blue 
Knight. But now, Theia worried about her when she was 
feeling anxious and held her hand. Hate begets hate and 
friendship begets friendship, knowing that she no longer had 
any fear. She squeezed Theia's hand back and increased her 
running speed. 

Theia and the others encountered several squads of radical 
faction soldiers before they could reach the exit of the base. 
However they knew that Maguz had lost, that Earth Dragon 

had been destroyed and that an unknown monster had 
appeared inside the building. Moreover, their chain of 
command was in disarray, so they didn't know what to do. So 
they decided to stay a certain distance away from Theia and 
the others and escape the building. They wanted to avoid the 
risk of battling against Theia and the others when they didn't 
understand the situation. The radicals had families too, and 
they wanted to avoid dying for no reason. Of course, Theia 
and the others wanted to get away as quickly as possible so 
they didn't attack. 

“Phew... we finally made it outside." 


“Kenichi, where are you going!? That monster is coming!!” 

Once they got outside the building, Red Shine parted with the 
others in the group. Blue Shine hurriedly tried to stop him but 
he didn't return. 

“There are injured people here! Help me out!" 

Red Shine had parted with the others because he had found 
injured people that couldn't move. Since it would be 
dangerous leaving them be right now, he had rushed over to 

“But Kenichi-niichan, those are radical faction soldiers." 

“And what about it!?" 

The other four Sun Rangers hesitated for a moment because 
the injured were radical faction soldiers. However, after Red 
scolded them, they soon came to his side. That was when 
many conservative faction soldiers joined them. 

“Sun Rangers, we'll help too." 

"That'll help!" 

The Sun Rangers and conservative faction soldiers worked 
together to carry the injured. Since there weren't that many 
injured, there wasn't much of a problem. The one to stand out 
the most at this time was Yellow Shine. He carried an injured 
on each shoulder. That was when one of the conservative 
faction soldiers looked up at him with admiration and called 
out to him. 

"...You Sun Rangers are a strange bunch." 

"How so?" 

"To think you'd help not only us conservatives but also these 

"Ahaha, that's thanks to Kenicihi-kun's influence." 

" Red-san's?” 

"When we'd do something that would make children cry, 
Kenichi-kun would get furious." 

"Make kids cry... you really are heroes of justice." 

"We always strive to become that. Now, let's go! We can't fall 


Having picked up the injured, they began running away. While 
they should have supposedly slowed down from carrying 
injured people, their steps were surprisingly light. 

Part 4 

"The outside of the building was bright. While they were still 
in the cave, there was a large light in place of the sun, so it 
was actually brighter than inside the building. Theia and the 
others continued running while lit up by that strong light, but 
they stopped half ways to the exit. 

"Maki, how does it look?” 

"He should be coming out soon. His magical power is still 

"The problem is how big he'll be when he gets out..." 

Theia and the others had stopped because they were going 
to intercept Tayuma here. If they continued escaping, Tayuma 
would follow suit and reach the surface. If that happened it 
was clear that there would be a lot of casualties. So Theia 
and the others had to defeat Tayuma here. 

"I've got a reaction on the sonic sensor! Your highness, he's 

The next moment, the front half of the base collapsed 
together with a roaring sound. With that, Theia and the 
others could see Earth Dragon from where they were 
standing. And from the rubble of the collapsed building, 
something was slowly standing up. 

"How could this be..." 

"What is that!? He's over 50 meters no matter how you look 
at it!!" 

Theia was at a loss for words and Shizuka screamed. That 
was only natural as what stood up was just too large. Since 
he was able to cover Earth Dragon which was right behind 
him, it was clear that he was over 50 meters tall just like 
Shizuka had said. 

“According to the observation results he is 55 meters tall. His 
weight seems to be around 3,000 tons but because of 
gravitational interference I can't get an accurate figure.” 

What had once been Tayuma had now transformed into a 
black hound. His sharp fangs and claws, and muscular body 
gave him the silhouette of a hunting dog. That alone was a 
surprise, but his size was abnormal. The black hound far 
exceeded the size of living creatures. Alunaya who resided 
within Shizuka was also quite large, but this was twice his 

“...What a monstrous dog... it at least seems his loyalty 
towards Maguz was real...” 

According to Maki, Tayuma had transformed into the 
appearance he himself desired. In that case, Tayuma might 
have chosen the appearance of a dog as a display of his 
loyalty. Theia believed that while Tayuma's soul was stained 
by elitism and dictatorship, his loyalty towards Maguz was 
the real deal. 

“However, we can't let him prove his loyalty! Blue Knight, 
bombard the surface 15 meters south of the previous 

Theia ordered her spaceship to bombard the black hound. 
Just one glance at his gigantic stature was enough to tell that 
the black hound's strength was beyond common sense. So 
Theia wanted to defeat him before he started moving. 

“Please wait, your highness! If you bombard the surface so 
many times then the people of this planet will—" 

“Now isn't the time for that Ruth! Believe in me!" 

However, that was a big gamble. Repeated bombardments 
would attract the attention of the people on Earth. Theia was 
of course well aware of that. However, she believed the 
bombardment was needed, regardless of the risk. 

“Fire! Blue Knight!" 

“As you wish, my princess." 

Theia pushed away Ruth's objections and forced the 
bombardment. Ruth didn't try stopping Theia any further. She 
understood that Theia had put some proper thought behind 
her actions. 

The air trembled as the second bombardment arrived. The 
beam opened up another hole near the first one and poured 
down on the black hound. 


However, the black hound wouldn't go down without a fight. 
After roaring, a disc made from black energy appeared above 
it. It was a shield created using the black magical power. The 
shield stood in the way of the oncoming beam. 

That was when something unexpected happened. The black 
shield reflected the beam like a mirror reflects light. 

“It was reflected!?" 

“Your highness, the beam is headed towards the Blue 


The beam travelled back the same route it came and hit the 
Blue Knight. 

“The Blue Knight automatically deployed its distortion field, 
there is no damage.” 

“Theiamillis-san, it seems like that dog twisted space to 
change the direction of the beam.” 

“...Geez... what outrageous things he can do...” 

Theia smiled wryly at Clan's explanation. While there hadn't 
been any direct damage, if the Blue Knight's main weaponry 
wouldn't work, it was hard to imagine normal attacks would. 
That meant that Theia's power wouldn't be able to defeat the 
black hound. 

“Fuhahaha, that won't work! I'm the strongest! I've obtained 
an invincible body and I have become one of the chosen 

Tayuma's body endured an attack that could destroy Earth 
Dragon in a single hit. Unable to hide his excitement for his 
new power that surpassed his own expectations, Tayuma 
instinctively let out cheers of joy. 

“I will crush you, and make a new world! The powerless 
surface dwellers won't be able to stop me!!” 

His voice didn't come from his throat. Having become a dog, 
his throat lost the ability to use human speech. Instead his 
voice spread throughout the area using magic. 

“...You fool. Even if you've gotten a large power, who would 
obey you when you look like that...” 

Theia looked at the black hound, at Tayuma, with pity in her 
eyes. Looking back at history, there had been no cases where 
rule through fear had lasted for long. Tayuma's current 
appearance couldn't be seen as anything but a symbol of 
fear. So even if he were to rule the surface, he wouldn't last 
for long. Both Forthorthe's and Earth's history proved that. 

"...Having obtained a great strength, you've closed the path 
to rule on your own..." 

Victory was no longer an option for Tayuma. Even if he beat 
Theia and the others, and ruled the surface, it wouldn't be 
anything but a short-term victory. Theia thought that was just 
so pitiful. However, she was happy at the same time. People 
would be happier if they remained unaware that their future 
had been closed off. 

"Maki, don't you have any counter measures?" 

However, Theia had no intentions of being dragged down 
with Tayuma after he had chosen ruin on his own. She would 
defeat him. There, Theia sought Maki's advice as it seemed 
like physical attacks wouldn't work. 

"Either we could dispel the magic or break through with 
spiritual energy." 

Seeing the black hound twist space with a spell, they could 
either dispel the magic itself, or attack using spiritual energy 
which was less affected by the twisted space. 

"I think only Kasagi-san can fight against him right now." 

"Eh? M-Me!?" 

"More accurately she means me. I'm going at this with all my might, 

The Fire Dragon Emperor Alunaya far surpassed the human 
limits when it came to both magical power and spiritual 
energy. The only way to overcome this situation was to have 
Alunaya go all out. 

“I guess we have too... do it, uncle!” 

Shizuka steeled herself. While she would end up in a 
bothersome state if Alunaya used up all of his magical 
energy, now wasn't the time to be concerned with that. If 
they left the black hound be, the surface would become a 

"...Ijust hope I alone will be enough...” 

Alunaya activated his stored magical power and enveloped 
Shizuka's body, and using her body as the core, he created 
his own gigantic body using magical power. At this stage, 
Alunaya was in control of her body while Shizuka's mind 
would give advice. In other words, they had control of their 
body when it came to their own sizes. Thus Shizuka turned 
into a red dragon over 20 meters tall and caused the ground 
to shake as she landed. 

"Looking at him like this he sure is spectacular. This is the 
first time I've seen a land-dwelling creature larger than me." 

Facing the black hound, Alunaya instinctively sighed. Alunaya 
was close to the physical limit of land-based creatures. Yet 
this black hound was twice his size. It was an abnormal 
gigantic body forcibly created through magic. Since this 
existence was outside of the rules of nature, even Alunaya 
couldn't hide his surprise. 

" Uncle, we have to hurry. ” 

"You're right, I can't just be surprised." 

Alunaya couldn't maintain his dragon body for that long. He 
had to finish this before he ran out of magical power. Alunaya 
took a deep breath and took one step forward towards the 
black hound. And just as Alunaya was about to throw himself 
towards the black hound, something happened. 

“Please wait, Alunaya-san." 

“Oh, princess Clan?” 

“Reinforcements, Bertorion, has come.” 

“Curse you Blue Knight... you've left me behind to go ride 
something so fun-looking again.” 

Passing through one of the holes in the ceiling, an airframe 
with very sharp angles flew into the large cave. While it might 
have been 20 meters big, that was only its longest part, and 
it was far too small to compete with the 50 meter tall black 
hound. The signs and characters engraved into the airframe 
belonged to the People of the Earth. This airframe was a 
mobile weapon intended for air battles that the conservative 
faction had developed just in case. 

Part 5 

Upon entering the cave, the surroundings grew bright. Since 
they had been flying through the night for a while now, the 
sudden light stung Koutarou's eyes. 

“Ho-, applying the filter Ho-“ 

“We'll remove it when your eyes have gotten used to it Ho-. 
Don't worry Ho-“ 

However,, Karama and Korama who were attached to the 
airframe's computer lowered the brightness of the monitor, 
which helped Koutarou's eyes adjust. 

“So that's Tayuma, huh... he's completely turned into a 

“I'm sure its a sign that he wanted great power, and to show 

Thanks to Clan's detailed reports, Koutarou and Kiriha knew 
what had been going on inside the cave. That's why they had 
come over on this airframe. 

“Koutarou, it looks like Yurika joined up with Theia and the 

Sanae who was sitting on the operators seat reported on 
Yurika's whereabouts. Koutarou looked at the monitor near 
Sanae and saw Yurika and Theia and the others happily 
reuniting. It was footage from a camera attached to the 
outside of the airframe. 

“Good, it looks like everyone is okay." 

Harumi showed a smile of relief as she saw everyone was still 
full of energy. 

There were a total of four humans on this airframe. First there 
was Kiriha who was sitting on the pilot's seat. She was in 
charge of controlling the airframe. Next, Sanae was sitting on 
the operator's seat. However, Sanae was simply sitting there, 
Karama and Korama were the ones doing the actual work. 
Since the haniwas were directly connected to the computer 
this airframe didn't need an operator. The remaining two, 
Koutarou and Harumi, were sitting on spare seats. The two 
were so-called passengers and were unrelated when it came 
to controlling this airframe. 

Kiriha and her two haniwas were in control of this airframe. 
That was the design in mind when it was being developed. 

While one might be fooled by their cheerful personalities, 
these two haniwas that had served the Kurano family for 
generations had accumulated a huge amount of combat 
data. Therefore, giving them appropriate armament, they 
would be able to fight incredibly effectively. And this mobile 
weapon was that 'appropriate armament'. It was a warfare 
module the haniwas would use in the case of large-scale 

That warfare module had been given the name O-hime. This 
airframe that had been given the name of the goddess of 
creation was the conservative faction's ace in the hole. Their 
goddess of hope that would allow them to witness the sunrise 
of tomorrow. 

“But we can't get carried away Ho-. The output isn't 
increasing Ho-“ 

“Our souls aren't enough Ho-. We're a hundred years too 
early Ho-“ 

However, this airframe was still incomplete. As a result, the 
main systems and spiritual energy generator couldn't be 
turned on. It was currently moving using its subsystem and a 
standard generator, and it was only barely able to fly. While it 
wasn't too far off, it wasn't in a state where it could be used 
to fight. 

The reason why the main systems and spiritual energy 
generator couldn't activate was simple because there wasn't 
enough spiritual energy. The spiritual energy of the two 
haniwas serving Kiriha wasn't enough to awaken the systems. 
At this rate, the airframe would prove useless, with its only 
use being to crash into the enemy. 

“Don't worry, that's why Sanae is onboard." 

“Me? Why?" 

With the topic having suddenly turned to her, Sanae blinked 
in confusion. The haniwas on the other hand knew just what 
she meant, and began dancing cheerfully like they'd already 

“I see, as expected of Nee-san Ho! I never thought of that 

“With Sanae-chan's maiden powers it might move Ho-" 

“Sanae, could you touch the magatama in front of you and 
transform into Kabutonga?" 

“Sure... but would that do something about the design error?" 
“Probably. Please, Sanae." 

“Okay.... Traaa-nsform!! Kabutongaaa!!" 

Along with an energetic cheer, Sanae's body was wrapped in 

a vast amount of spiritual energy. It's massive density turned 
a portion of it into light and caused Sanae's body to glow. 
What Kiriha meant by transforming into Kabutonga wasn't to 
have her change her outfit, but to enhance her physical 
strength with her spiritual energy. 

“It's coming, it's coming online Ho-!” 

"The main systems have activated Ho-!” 

Sanae's vast spiritual energy passed through the magatama 
and into O-hime's systems. That was when the panel that had 
been inactive began lighting up one after another. 

"It works Ho! The spiritual energy generator is active!” 

"Its output is rising, it's gone critical, it is now self-sufficient 

As the spiritual energy generator began moving, the airframe 
vibrated a little. 

At first it was a gradual vibration similar to a human's pulse, 
but it soon hastened into something more like an alarm bell. 
Once the vibration reached a certain point, the shake 
stopped all at once. The vibration control device was 
cancelling the vibrations. 

"Output is still increasing, 30... 40... 50... switching the 
generator from normal power to spiritual energy Ho!" 


"Yes! Mode change, change O-hime from cruise mode to 
combat mode!” 

"Roger Ho-!” 

"Leave it to us Ho-!” 

O-hime had two modes of operation. One was a cruise mode 
where most functions were limited. The other was the combat 

mode which required an enormous output of energy from the 
spiritual energy generator. 

“Let's go everyone, make sure you're strapped in!" 

Kiriha changed O-hime into combat mode and removed all 
restrictions. As a result, its speed rapidly increased and it 
moved in a complex way similar to a roller coaster. 

Part 6 

Since he had once been Tayuma, the black hound had 
knowledge about O-hime that was approaching. It was 
information gained through Maguz. That's why he knew that 
Kiriha was onboard the moment he saw it. 

“You've come, Kurano's daughter! You dare stand before me 

The giant black hound shook his body and roared. It was a 
roar so loud that it shook the entire cave. Tayuma's voice 
could be heard from that roar, but since he had lost the 
ability to use human speech, it was spread through the use of 

“As long as you would harm people, I will stand in your path 
as many times as I have!" 

“Harm people? You're wrong, I am trying to lead the People of 
the Earth! To reclaim our former days of glory!” 

“You haven't noticed!? You are trampling the people that you 
are trying to lead!!" 


The black hound looked down at his feet for the first time. 
Many corpses lied buried in the rubble of the collapsed 
building. They were all radical faction soldiers that had been 
entrusted to defend the building. 

“You are not trying to lead anyone! You are only using them 
as a footstep!" 

“What about it!? I am a chosen ruler! Together with Maguz- 
sama I will rule everything! I decide who lives and who dies!" 

However, the black hound, Tayuma, had no remorse over 
killing his own allies. Having transformed into a magical beast 
due to his distorted wish and gained enormous power, he 
single-mindedly strived to fulfill his own desires. To Tayuma, 
the radical faction's justice, his loyalty to Maguz and his 
ideals of dictatorship were nothing more but tools to justify 
himself. He would bring it out when he had to, and put it 
away when it got in his way. He was now a horribly distorted 
personification of selfishness. 

“...Have you degenerated this far, Tayuma..." 

Kiriha couldn't help but feel disappointment in Tayuma. 

Maguz also had distorted, insane, thoughts, but he still felt a 
connection to the other radical faction soldiers. While he had 
twisted goals and thoughts, he still had the pride of a leader. 
But Tayuma did not have that. He did everything for himself. 

If there was a truth he didn't like, he would use any means to 
force it away. Against a person like that, words had no effect. 
Kiriha felt her own limit and decided to defeat Tayuma. 

“Kurano's daughter, I decide if you live or die as well! And 
you will die hereee!!" 

The black hound roared again. As he did, several black orbs 
appeared around his body. Once the black hound roared once 
more, the orbs charged straight at O-hime. They were energy 
balls created using the black magical power. 

“I won't let you! This world is not your playground!" 

Kiriha piloted O-hime to evade the oncoming black orbs. O- 
hime moved like a roller coaster and the contrail it left behind 
were like the rails. 

“Come on, what's the matter!" 

While Kiriha evaded the black orbs, the black hound created 
new orbs constantly with no end in sight. As a result, Kiriha 
had to constantly focus on evading. 

“Emergency alert Ho! The spiritual energy generator is 
becoming unstable Ho-" 

“At this busy time!?" 

And then additional problems pile on. Having sortied with the 
incomplete O-hime, troubles occurred as it was suddenly 
forced to fly at full power. As a result, O-hime's movements 
became much simpler as abnormalities occurred in the 
generator, leaving O-hime without the power needed to make 
drastic turns. 

“Fuahahahaha, dieeeee!!” 

Black orbs assaulted O-hime in that state. Their numbers 
were twice of what they had been before. The black hound 
was going to use this chance to completely destroy O-hime. 

At this rate most of the orbs would score a direct hit. The 
black hound had the power to reflect the Blue Knight's beam, 
so if this many orbs were to hit, O-hime would be completely 
blown away without leaving a trace of its existence. 

“Restarting the spiritual energy generator Ho!" 

“Sanae-chan, please Ho-!" 


There, Sanae still sitting on the operator's seat raised her 
spiritual energy and sent in a vast quantity of spiritual energy 
into O-hime, waking up the generator. 

With the generator activated, O-hime began accelerating 
rapidly, with the help of Sanae's spiritual energy, its speed 
went even faster than before. As a result they left most of the 
assaulting black orbs in the dust. 

“Not good Ho!” 

“There's one globe we just can't evade Ho!” 

But there was just far too many orbs and they couldn't shake 
off one of them. The orb charged towards O-hime at full 

However in the end, the black orb didn't hit O-hime. An ultra 
high temperature flame had evaporated the orb before it 
could hit. 

“It's our ally Ho!” 

“It's the monster uncle Ho!” 

The haniwas displayed the origin of the flames on the 
computer's monitor. There they saw crimson dragon flapping 
his large wings. 


"Blue Knight, I shall fight with you. ” 

While they were some distance away, Alunaya's voice came 
from the crest on Koutarou's right hand. The Fire Dragon 
Emperor Alunaya had come to help Koutarou and the others. 
In this situation, having someone with great power like 
Alunaya helping was really reassuring. 

“Curse you, over and over again...” 

The black hound raised an irritated voice seeing Alunaya and 

O-hime line up next to each other. Tayuma couldn't conceal 
his anger as certain victory was stripped from his grasp. 

Since similar things had happened several times today, he 
was especially angry. 

“Now it's our turn! Open the port to the Spiritual Energy 

“Yes Ho-! Transmitting power to the cannon, five seconds 
until fully charged!" 

“Sanae-chan, we're counting on you again Ho-" 

“More spirit?” 

“No, not that Ho-. You can guide the cannon with spiritual 
energy Ho-" 

“I don't really get it, but I only need to hit him right?" 

“Yes Ho-" 

Being a warfare module for the haniwas, O-hime was of 
course armed. Its main weaponry was the Spiritual Energy 
Cannon. O-hime had two of this weapon installed into it. This 
weapon was a beam weapon that directly fired the massive 
amounts of spiritual energy being generated. Since the fired 
beam was raw spiritual energy it should work on the black 

“Alunaya-dono, we'll attack first! Please back us up!" 

“ Understood. ” 

Alunaya could fly fast for a living creature, but it was slower 
than O-hime. So the highly maneuverable O-hime would take 
the front and Alunaya would cover for them. 

“We're charging in! Fire the cannon as we pass by!" 

Typically speaking, energy weapons lost power the further 
they had to travel. So Kiriha decided to make use of O-hime's 
mobility to bombard the black hound from point blank. 

“Sanae, please!" 

“Roger that! Sparkling Sanae-chan Cannon charged up to 
120 %!" 

Kiriha accelerated towards the black hound. In response the 
black hound created black orbs in an attempt to keep O-hime 
away. Standard weaponry had no effect on the black hound 
nor the orbs so Kiriha would need to evade it all with her 
piloting skills. 

No matter how much power you've gained, your mind is still human... 

Having transformed into a black hound, Tayuma had obtained 
massive powers and an accurate perception. However the 
mind controlling it was still that of a human. Kiriha read 
Tayuma's habits and evaded the orbs by moving around 

With Alunaya covering them from orbs that they couldn't fully 
evade, O-hime closed in on the black hound without getting 

“Now, Sanae!" 

“Hiiiiit hiiiim!!” 

Fire spewed from the two Spiritual Energy Cannons. These 
weapons which were directly connected to the generator of 
O-hime held exceptional power. While they can't be 
repeatedly fired, their power is comparable to the Blue 
Knight's secondary weaponry. 

“As if I'd let you!!" 

The black hound created a jet black shield to protect itself 
like it had from the Blue Knight's attack. However, that was 
where something unexpected happened. The two beams 
changed their trajectories as if they had a will of their own 
and went around the shield to directly impact the black 
hound's body. This was thanks to Sanae's guiding. 


Suffering direct hits from the beams, the black hound let out 
a roar of pain. A large hole opened where the beam had hit 
and a large amount of blood came pouring out. The beams 
had more of an effect than expected. 

“It's working Ho! But this is bad Ho!" 

“A new barrier has come out Ho! It's black, but it looks like 
Spiritual Energy Field Ho!” 

A black fog spread out as if to cover the black hound's body. 
It was a new means of defense that the black hound had 
devised after being unable to stop the attack with his shield. 
If the haniwas were correct it was a spiritual energy barrier, 
but it was pitch black unlike the yellow colored barrier the 
haniwas used. As a result the black hound looked even more 


Blood drained from Kiriha's face. If the black beast was being 
protected with shields against both magic and spiritual 
energy there was nothing they could do. When it came to 
total energy, the black hound overwhelmed them, so if two 
energies of the same type collided, the black hound would 
come out on top. 

“What do you mean!? He wasn't just strengthened by Maya's 

“Satomi-kun, thatTayuma person has knowledge about 
spiritual energy devices, so I think he has recreated them 
using ma— Kyaaa!?" 

A big impact shook O-hime. Kiriha hadn't been the only one 
aiming for her opponent as they passed by each other. The 
black hound fired an orb he had prepared before hand 
towards the rear of O-hime as it passed by. 

“The Spiritual Energy Field has collapsed! The first and 
second layer of armor on the starboard rear side have 
suffered serious damage, but it was just the primary armor 

“We're barely safe, but we're out if another one hits Ho! Be 
careful Ho!" 

Fortunately, O-hime had survived the blow. They were lucky 
that O-hime had a barrier of its own and that only a single 
orb had hit. However, this kind of luck wouldn't last forever. If 
the same thing happened again, they would be shot down for 

“Sanae, please!” 

“Leave it to me!" 

Kiriha turned O-hime around and fired the Spiritual Energy 
Cannon at the black hound again. Though there was a bit of 
distance, the beams easily diffused and disappeared as they 
came into contact with the new barrier. 

“Karama, Korama, how does it look!?" 

“Calculations complete Ho! I've been able to calculate the 

field's strength from that attack Ho!” 

"We're in a pinch Ho! Even if we fire from point blank with 
maximum power, we can't break through that field Ho!” 

The second attack was performed to decide on how they 
would fight. The results looked bad and even if they 
continued to try and bombard the black hound, there was no 
hopes for victory. 

"Kiriha-san, what do we do!?” 

"If we fight individually we have no chance of winning. We'll 
need to work together." 

"...It'll be hard." 

"I know. But we can't let that up on the surface.” 

Koutarou and Kiriha both understood the situation. In order to 
defeat the black hound they would need to walk a very thin 
line. But even then they couldn't allow the black hound up on 
the surface. The two nodded and made their final gamble. 

Part 7 

The plan Kiriha had thought up was extremely rash, and well 
suited to be called a final gamble. That's why when Koutarou 
conveyed the plan to Theia and the others, what he got as a 
response was dumbfoundedness. 

“Are you an idiot?" 

“Would you rather I act smart and let that up on the 

“Well, that's true, but..." 

“We have to try something. Please help." 

“Okay. But don't forget." 

“Forget what?" 

“That there are many that would grieve if you four were to 

“I'll keep that in mind." 

The plan Kiriha had come up with put the four onboard O- 
hime in the greatest risk. That's why Theia worried for their 

“The other side is okay. All that's left is us." 

After finishing talking to Theia, Koutarou stood up from his 
seat. He had an important job to do. As Koutarou headed to 
leave the cockpit, Kiriha called out to his back. 

“I'm sorry for making you do something like this, Koutarou." 

Kiriha spoke with an apologetic tone. She couldn't stand that 
the plan she had devised put Koutarou in danger. However, 
she had no choice if she wanted to protect everyone. She 
hated herself for having created a situation where she would 
have to see Koutarou off. 

“Don't worry about it.” 

Koutarou on the other hand seemed carefree. A person he 
treasured said she needed him. So Koutarou would do it. If he 
didn't he might be able to stay safe, but he would surely 
regret it. Perhaps even more than if he were to die. Knowing 
that, he had no problems accepting this risk. 

“Aren't you scared? If you fail you'll—” 

“That's true for anyone when that time comes. In that kind of 
situation, you wouldn't say anything irresponsible.” 


“Besides, I've decided to believe.” 

As Koutarou opened the hatch to the cockpit, Koutarou turned 
around for a moment and smiled at Kiriha. Seeing his 
expression, Kiriha felt just how determined Koutarou was. 

“That our future definitely won't be a dark one.” 

That was something the girls of room 106 had told Koutarou. 
Treasuring someone meant believing in their future with 
them. You don't just have to protect their lives and promises 
with them. It doesn't matter what you do. The most important 
thing of all was hoping in a future together in the process of it 
all. And those emotions were properly conveyed to Kiriha. 

“Then I will believe as well. That yours and mine, and 
everyone else's future will be a shining bright.” 

That's why Kiriha saw Koutarou off with a smile. 

There was no way this was the end. 

Kiriha's and everyone's happy days would begin from now. 

That was what Kiriha now firmly believed. 

Having exited the cockpit, Koutarou went on to leave O-hime. 
Using his armor's gravity control he walked on the airframe 
itself. His goal was O-hime's nose. Being 20 meters, it didn't 
take long for Koutarou to reach it. 

“That said, this still is reckless." 

With Koutarou walking on top of the airframe, O-hime's 
velocity dropped quite a bit. But even then it was still several 
hundred kilometers per hour. While he wasn't blown away 
thanks to his gravity control and barrier, this was normally a 
place you wouldn't stand on. The cutting sound of winds past 
the barrier were already thunderously loud. 

“It's not like this is the first time." 

“That's true." 

As Koutarou got into position, Sanae-chan clung onto his 
back, leaving Sanae-san behind in the cockpit. As Sanae 
clung onto Koutarou, O-hime made a sharp turn and the black 
hound came into sight. That black hound, Tayuma, had two 
barriers around his body, with many spheres floating around 
him, as he waited for O-hime and Alunaya to come. Having 
confirmed that, Koutarou extended both hands towards the 
black hound. 

“Blue Knight, give me my swords." 

“As you wish, my lord." 

“Come! Signaltin! Saguratin!" 

“Call sign confirmed, coordinate axis fixed. Commencing 
transfer of Signaltin and Saguratin." 

A black hole appeared in front each of Koutarou's hands. One 
sword appeared from each of the holes. From the right hole 
was the silvery sword Signaltin. From the left hole was the 
golden Saguratin. They were the swords Koutarou used. 

“It is possible to use Garb of Lord." 

“Give me that too." 

“As you wish, my lord." 

Flaving grabbed a sword in each hand, another six holes 
appeared. What appeared from those was GOL split into six 
parts. The parts flew out from the holes and merged with 
Koutarou's armor. 

“Master, this ship, the Blue Knight, will pray for your fortune 
and glory in place of the nation of Forthorthe. And Princess 
Theiamillis and Guardian Knight Ruthkania both await your 
safe return from the bottom of their hearts." 

Communications with the Blue Knight ended with a message 
from Ruth. 

“Thank you." 

Koutarou gave his thanks to the message and readied his 
swords. Fie held Signaltin in his right hand forward, and 
Saguratin in his left hand slightly behind it. The tips of both 
swords were pointed towards the black hound. 

“Theia, how does it look on your end?” 

With his own preparations complete, Koutarou called out to 
his friends. 

“There are no problems. We had some problems with getting 
the timing right but it looks like it will work out." 

“How about Alunaya-dono?" 

“I only have to rampage, so my job is easy. Though Shizuka is 
crying that her weight will increase." 

“I'll comfort her later." 

“Please do." 

With his friends preparations also complete, Koutarou 
finished by calling Kiriha. 

“Kiriha-san, the preparations are done." 

“I understand. I'll be ready in just a moment as well." 

As Koutarou reported that preparations were complete, Kiriha 
replied with a firm voice. As expected, since this would 
determine the faith of the People of the Earth she couldn't 
hide her tension. 

“Don't get too over eager, you're not just too kind, but you're 
too serious too." 

“You're the only one who'd say that." 

“You can rely on others every once in awhile too." 

“I'll do just that." 

Some of the tension left Kiriha's voice. Satisfied by that, 
Koutarou glared at the black hound in front of him. The black 

hound was about 50 meters tall, but when it came to length 
he reached almost 100. The black hound was about five 
times bigger than O-hime. It was like an adult and a child. It 
wasn't someone they could beat if they went at him from the 
front. Koutarou and the others had to gather their strength to 
stand a chance. 

“Koutarou, my preparations are done as well." 

“Then let's start." 

“Everyone, here we go! This will put an end to all of it!" 

Along with her powerful declaration, Kiriha began 
accelerating O-hime. Her target was of course the black 
hound. Kiriha charged at him with O-hime at full speed. 

“So you're coming, Kurano's daughter! I don't know what 
you're planning on doing, but it's all useless! I am stronger 
than anything! Not even the goddess of creation could defeat 

The black hound slammed one of his large legs down as if to 
threaten Kiriha. The black hound and O-hime were some 
hundred meters apart, but with O-hime's speed it wouldn't 
take many seconds to reach the black hound. 



“Magic Shield - Modifier - Effective Time Twice!" 

“Greater Lightning Reflexes!" 

As Kiriha charged in, two spells were cast on Koutarou. They 
were cast by Yurika and Maki and increased his armor's 
defenses and Koutarou's reflexes. Both were needed to 
protect him. 

In that moment, O-hime reached the speed of sound and 
broke through the sound barrier. The roaring sound created 
by this shook the entire cave and enlarged the holes in the 

“Then I shall go too." 

Using that as his signal, Alunaya took action as well. A blue 
light suddenly enveloped his crimson body. It was a magical 
light that Alunaya had activated. The light grew stronger and 
stronger and eventually covered Alunaya's entire body. 

“Here I come." 

The blue light suddenly vanished and Alunaya who should 
have been inside had vanished as well. 

“W-What!? Why is he here!?” 

“Isn't that obvious! It's to defeat you!" 

Alunaya had used a teleportation spell. Using that spell, he 
had jumped inside of the barrier to challenge the black hound 
to close-combat. 

“I was surprised by your sudden appearance but in the end 
this is the extent of your powers huh!" 


However, in close-combat, Alunaya was at a disadvantage 
from the very beginning. Being half the hound's size, there 
was a clear gap in power. There was also a limit to how much 
magical power he could use, so filling that gap with magic 
was difficult. 

“How foolish, to think you'd challenge me with such weak 
powers! !” 

Because of the overwhelming difference in physical strength 
and weight, Alunaya was easily shaken off. The black hound 
distanced himself and was going to finish Alunaya off with his 
black orbs. 

“You are the foolish one... No, that girl's head just might be 
too sharp.." 



That was when Kiriha flew past Alunaya and charged towards 
the black hound. 

“It's no use! Your attacks have no effect on me!!” 

The black hound sneered at Kiriha. His magical and spiritual 
energy barriers were sturdy and had the power to block any 
attacks Kiriha and the others could use. That's why there 
shouldn't be any problems even if O-hime was charging him. 

“I don't know about that! A few seconds ago, nothing we 
could do would have any effect!!” 

“What are you say— What!? How!?” 

Something impossible happened in front of the black hound. 
The barrier had indeed stopped O-hime's charge. But the 
supposedly stopped O-hime was gradually pushing through 
the barrier. 

“What did you do!?" 

“I haven't done anything. This is your doing, Tayuma." 

“That's right. It's nothing special. You undid your own barrier. 
To throw away Alunaya that is." 

This was the reason why Alunaya had challenged Tayuma to 

If Alunaya made it inside the barriers, the black hound would 
without a doubt throw him out of it. Taking plasma flames at 
that close of a range, even the black hound would take 
serious damage. And in order to throw Alunaya out, part of 
the barriers needed to be undone for a moment. All of that 
was part of Kiriha's plan. 

And before the barriers could completely recover, O-hime 
would charge in through the gap. Koutarou was standing on 
the nose of O-hime, wielding his two swords. The two swords 
were gradually dissolving the barriers. 

If the barriers had been complete, the two swords probably 
wouldn't have stood a chance. But thanks to Alunaya, the 
barriers had been opened. In other words, this was a 
strategic victory for Kiriha. 

“So that's how! However, I haven't lost yet!" 

The black hound ordered the black orbs floating around to 
attack. O-hime had stopped moving to break through the 

barrier. If it gets attacked now, it would definitely be 

“...Winning in the true sense of the word is not allowing for 
your opponent to realize that they have lost until the very 

However, the black hound had already fallen for Kiriha's trap. 
As the black orbs were sent towards O-hime a bright flash 
occurred, blinding the black hound. It was a flash that 
Harumi, still onboard O-hime, had created. 


The black hound himself was the one guiding the black orbs. 
Having suddenly lost his sight, he was unable to lead them 
towards O-hime. As a result, the majority of the orbs flew into 
unrelated directions. A few remained on a collision course 
with O-hime, but Alunaya erased those with his flames. 

“Theiamillis-san, the space distortion rate has fallen. Attacks 
should be able to hit now." 

“So it's finally time for the star's appearance." 

Theia had waited for this moment from the very start. While 
Theia's attack power was high, her weapons wouldn't work 
until the jet black shield was broken. However, now the black 
hound's impregnable defenses were on the verge of collapse. 
With a fearless smile, Theia ordered Ruth. 

“Ruth, we're using the Blue Knight's anti-surface missiles." 

“What about the settings, your highness?" 

“Leave guidance to optics and gravity, Al will be in charge of 
the detonation. I'll leave the other parameters to you." 

“As you wish, my princess." 

Eight space-time holes appeared around Theia. The next 
moment a missile flew out from each of the holes. The 
missiles were far bigger than Theia. These were powerful 
missiles normally used against bases or large-scale 

“Greater Enhance Weapon - Modifier - Multiple Targets." 

“Anti-Magic Shield - Modifier - Area Effect Large." 

Yurika and Maki cast spells on that group of missiles. Maki 
used a spell to increase their attack power and Yurika used a 
spell to protect them. The already powerful missiles grew 
even stronger thanks to the effects of the spells and flew 
straight towards the black hound. 

“...You might think..." 

While seeing the missiles off as their rockets ignited, Theia 
folded her arms and spoke. 

“That we look dangerous, having powerful weapons or 
capable of using magic." 

The orbs rushed towards the missiles to shoot them down. 
However, the missiles were not that big and they had a 
defensive spell cast on top of them. As a result only two of 
them were destroyed. The remaining six soared through the 
air and directly struck the black hound in an instant. 

“But in reality, the most dangerous one is Kiriha. While she 
has almost no power of her own, she comes up with these 
extraordinary ideas, one after another." 

The black hounds barrier had weakened but still functioned to 
a degree. As a result, two of the six missiles were redirected 

and sent flying back towards Theia and the others. 

“If it's Kiriha, she might be able to beat 100 armed men with 
a stick." 

However, the returning missiles changed direction once more 
on their own. Being guided weaponry, all they had to do was 
rely on their guidance. The jet black shield was close to 
invincible against beams, laser and bullets, but less so 
against missiles. 

“I'm glad Kiriha-sama is on our side. It would be a nightmare 
to go up against her..." 

Having made it through the jet black shield, the group of 
missiles headed towards the next layer of defense. It was a 
spiritual energy barrier made from a black fog. However, 
spiritual energy barriers tended to be quite weak against 
physical attacks. There, the Al ordered the missiles to 
detonate before coming into contact with the barrier. 

“You're not kidding. I'm sure he feels the same way right 
about now.” 

Amongst the two redirected missiles, only one managed to 
make it back. As a result, five missiles exploded near the 
black hound. These missiles had been designed to direct all 
of their explosive force forwards, and while these missiles 
were powerful to begin with, with the help of magic they were 
even more so, and these explosions now assaulted the black 
hound. The group of missiles turned into five spears of flames 
and pierced through the black mist and the black hound 

Part 8 

The black hound, Tayuma, couldn't believe what had 
happened to himself. He was supposed to have obtained 
great power and transcended the powers of man. In fact, he 
was overwhelming all his enemies. They were easy to destroy 
were he to fight them one by one. Yet Tayuma had been 
struck by an attack and had fallen to the ground. The 
damage taken was severe and he couldn't even create a 
barrier to protect himself. 

“It can't be... this can't be reality! I've obtained great power!! 

I was chosen by god to be a ruler!!" 

Tayuma screamed out, not because of his injured body but 
because of his injured pride. He would rather die than not 
have everything go his way. For that sake he had obtained 
power to fulfill his selfish desires. Yet he had still fallen, and 
that reality seriously hurt his pride. 

“This is some kind of mistake, this can't be happening! It's all 
a mistake!!" 

In order to protect his pride, Tayuma tried his best to stand 
up. He could still stand his body's pain. He had to beat down 
his enemies to wipe away the harm done to his pride. The 
black hound's body obeyed his will and staggeringly got up. 

“Tayuma, you still plan on fighting?" 

Kiriha who was looking at him from her cockpit inside O-hime 
felt like he was no longer in a state where he could fight. And 
him choosing to fight once more wouldn't affect the overall 
outcome. As a pacifist, Kiriha didn't want to fight any more. 

“Of course I will! I'm the ruler!! I won't ever back down!! I 
won't cajole anyone!! Because I am a hero of the People of 
the Earth!!" 

However, Tayuma was set on protecting his pride. Not the 
pride of the People of the Earth, but his own. 

Before, Kiriha and Daiha had refused to surrender because it 
might affect the outcome of the battle. What they protected 
were the People of the Earth, and the pride of not betraying 
their own comrades. That's why if the conditions had been 
different, Kiriha and Daiha might have surrendered. 

But that wasn't the case for Tayuma. He would rather die 
than accept defeat. He was like a child that would flip over a 
game board because he hated losing. Tayuma would probably 
never surrender regardless of the situation. 

In the end, Tayuma was just a child. That's why he was 
desperately searching for a method to avoid losing even now. 
He moved his dog head around in an attempt to find 
something he could use to turn the tables. 

“T-That's right!! You were here!!" 

What Tayuma found were the radical faction soldiers that had 
been guarding the building. The soldiers hadn't joined in the 
battle, but rather watched over it from a distance. 

“What are you doing! Hurry up and fight! Protect me, kill 

There were still plenty of soldiers left. If they were to attack 
Theia and the others, the situation might be overturned. 

“Aaahhhh, the monster turned this way!!" 

“Isn't he after us!?" 

“We'll be killed!! Just like the second platoon!!" 

However, the soldiers didn't try fighting. In fact, they did the 
opposite as they ran away in all directions in fear. Not a 
single one remained to fight for Tayuma. 

“Where are you going!? Stay and fight!! Did you get scared of 
the enemy!?" 

Tayuma didn't understand what was going on. Just a while 
ago, the soldiers had moved like a part of his body whenever 
he gave them orders. The respect, loyalty and tinge of fear 
they directed towards him felt comfortable. However, that 
didn't happen now. Instead they scrambled to get away. All 
Tayuma could imagine was that they couldn't hear his voice, 
or that they had gotten scared of the conservative faction. 

“You don't understand, Tayuma?" 

Kiriha knew just what the soldiers were so scared of. She also 
felt it was pitiful that Tayuma couldn't. 

“The soldiers... are afraid of you." 

Tayuma's voice had reached the soldiers. He had enough 
magical power for that. However, they didn't know that voice 
belonged to the monster in front of them. Since they didn't 
know Tayuma had transformed into a monster, they ran 
away, scared of the giant, roaring hound. What was worse 
that they had witnessed the black hound trampling their 
allies when it broke out from the building. That's why the 
thought that the black hound was on their side never entered 
their minds. They had only been observing the battle in 
hopes that the black hound that had killed their allies would 
be defeated. 

“You're lying!! I am a ruler!! A hero of the People of the Earth 

that will lead mankind together with Maguz-samaM And they 
fear me!?” 

"If you cared even the slightest for your allies, this wouldn't 
have happened. Yet you chased after your own justice and 
power. That's why no one will obey you.” 

When Maya had given Tayuma power, he had only thought 
about himself. That's why he chose a massive body and 
frightening appearance. It was the image of Tayuma's rule. 
The appearance that embodied violence and fear. The 
soldiers couldn't stand it and ran away. 

That's why Kiriha believed that if Tayuma had held back on 
his power a little and shown some consideration to his allies, 
he might have become a ruler in the true meaning of the 

"Lies, all lies!! You guys, stop running!! Come back and 

Tayuma repeatedly called for the soldiers. However his shouts 
turned into roars in the hound's throat. To the soldiers it was 
the howl of a devil. Tayuma's voice was erased by that howl 
and was unable to reach the soldiers' hearts. 

"I will execute all of those that will not obey the ruler of 
absolute justice! I can still forgive you now, so come back and 

Having gained the black magical power, Tayuma 
accomplished his ideal rule in an instant. However in the 
blink of an eye, the heart of the people left him and his rule 
collapsed. Tayuma had only been a hero or a ruler for a few 
minutes. It was all too transient. 

"You don't understand even after I have said this much!? 

Then die!! All of you die!!” 

Tayuma spit black flames from his mouth and attacked the 
escaping radical faction soldiers. 

He might have already lost his sanity. Despite having power 
fit for a ruler, he couldn't win against Kiriha and his allies 
were running away. He didn't like anything of it. That's why 
he wasn't even aware that he was attacking his own side. He 
was simply trying to deny all of reality. 


”1 know!” 

Koutarou's voice coming from the comms happened at 
almost the exact same time as Kiriha sharply turned with O- 
hime. She was going to protect the radical faction soldiers. 
Though they had been enemies just a moment ago, the 
radical faction were still People of the Earth. 

"Karama, Korama, remove the limiter from the Spiritual 
Energy Cannon!” 

"Roger Ho!” 

"But it will break right away Ho!” 

"That's fine! I am not alone!” 

Those words were the defining difference between Kiriha and 
Tayuma. Kiriha loved people. She knew the meaning of loving 
and being loved. That's why people followed her. Theia and 
the others, the Sun Rangers and the conservative faction 
soldiers all followed her. They were all moving to protect the 
radical faction soldiers before Kiriha could say anything. On 
top of that, the radical faction soldiers that hadn't been 
attacked joined in as well. They also wanted to save their 

“Why!? Why don't you obey me!? Why obey that girl!? Don't 
misunderstand, I'm the stronger one! I'm the amazing one! 
Swear loyalty to me!!” 

The peoples actions rubbed Tayuma the wrong way. All of the 
people there now rejected Tayuma. Or more accurately, they 
affirmed someone other than Tayuma. The reason for their 
rejection of Tayuma was as a result of wanting to protect their 

Part 9 

Surprisingly enough, standing at the front of the people were 
the Sun Rangers. Being an official anti-invader squad, they 
had received official training, including training in rescue and 
first aid. Amongst the people present, they were the most 
skilled and they were taking the lead in treating the injured. 

"Daisaku, can you help me move that rubble? There are 
people under it.” 

"Okay. Kotarou-kun, can you help Megu-chan in my place?" 
"Hayato-niichan, can you carry this person on your own?” 
"Leave it to me. I'm stronger than I look, I'll be fine." 

"Okay, so leave Megumi-neechan to me." 

"Thanks, Kotarou-kun. Can you clean that person's wounds?" 
"Kenichi-kun, let's go." 

"Yeah, let's!” 

Theia and those not injured were protecting the Sun Rangers 
and the others. They were carrying rifles and fired at the 
approaching black hound. 

"Hey, Theia-chan, do guns even work against someone that 

"We can save thinking about that until later. Or would you 
rather we run away without doing anything and let them 

“...I understand. I'll work hard too.” 

"Vice-captain, are you sure we should have given the radical 
faction weapons too?" 

"Let's think about who they are after we've survived." 

"You're right. I'll think about it then." 

Those who protect and those who are being protected, their 
standpoints varied. The conservative faction, the radical 
faction, underground people, magicians, aliens. All kinds of 
people stood there without any difference between them. 

Who they were was no longer a problem. They would protect 
those around them in order to save as many lives as possible. 

"Why does no one listen to what I say!? Don't you understand 
that I am an absolute existence!?" 

Tayuma grinded his teeth as he looked at the people. Not 
wanting to accept what he was seeing, he spat out black 
flames towards them. 

"You don't get it at all. Tayuma, you're a good for nothing 
whining about nothing going your way." 

O-hime stood in the way of the flames. Koutarou who was 
standing on the nose of O-hime swung Signaltin and erased 
the black flames. Signaltin broke down the magic making up 
the flames. 

"Brat, everything started going wrong when you appeared! 

It's all your fault! If only you weren't here!!" 

"Now it's my fault? You're not even going to consider 
reflecting on your own actions?" 

"I am justice! Absolute justice does not require reflection!" 

“...There really is no saving you..." 

Koutarou sharply glared at Tayuma and readied his two 
swords. He wouldn't allow Tayuma to do anything else. He 
wouldn't let him touch Kiriha, or anyone else. A fierce anger 
surfaced inside of Koutarou as he faced Tayuma. 

“You're the one who can't be saved! Dieee!!“ 

Tayuma felt the same way, and the selfish anger inside of him 
turned into black flames and was spewed from his mouth. 


“Here we go, Koutarou!!" 

The next moment, O-hime charged towards Tayuma. O-hime 
flew at full speed as it bombarded using the Spiritual Energy 
Cannon. It was a continuous bombardment far faster than 
before thanks to the limiter being removed. It was only a 
matter of time before the circuits of the cannon fried. 
However, Koutarou made his next move before that 

“Satomi-kun, attack whenever you like! I'll match your 

“Koutarou, Love Love Sanae-chan Sword is charged to 500%! 
Feelings wise!" 

“Blue Knight, allow me to lend you my remaining magical 
power. I'll pour into the crest." 

“Karama, Korama, reverse the spiritual energy generator 
circuit! Supply Koutarou with energy through Sanae." 

“Leave it to us Ho-!" 

The two swords in Koutarou's hands began glowing. It was a 
dazzling silver and gold light. However, for some reason that 
light had a gentleness and warmth to it. It was the opposite 
of what could be felt from the black flames. 

“Die, die, dieee!! Fall before the great ruler!!" 

Grudge, jealousy, hate, greed, insanity, and many more dark 
feelings shone in Tayuma's eyes. The black flames that he 
spewed were like his exposed soul. 

“Alone, no matter how great power you've obtained! Or what 
you intend to do with that power!" 

Koutarou raised both swords above his head at the same 
time. Silver and golden light stretched from his sword and 
extended towards the surface. After ascending for several 
hundred meters they spiralled together and formed a single 
pillar of light. The gold and silver colored mixed together 
shone as brightly as the sun. 

“You are no match against the hundreds of us!!" 

Koutarou then swung the swords down towards Tayuma. As 
he did, the pillar of light fell down towards Tayuma. It was a 
sword of light formed from the power of many. The light of 
dawn that would tear up the darkness. 

“This is a lieeee!!" 

Tayuma screamed. The flames he spat out were erased in the 
blink of an eye. He tried creating another barrier, but the 
magical power itself that he needed was erased by the light. 

The power of the sword of light exceeded Koutarou's and the 
others powers. Even if Koutarou's and the others energy was 

gathered, the total energy of that sword of light was in a 
different league. It was a power that responded to the calls of 
their gathered power. Or it might be like Koutarou had said 
that it was the light of hope born from the people desperate 
to survive. 

“I stand at the top of all things, I will become the great ruler!! 
The name Shijima Tayuma will be engraved in the annals of 
history! !" 

“Don't worry. That wish will come true. You will be recorded in 
history... as a bad example that is." 


The sword of light swung down on him. The light had no 
attack power whatsoever. However, it was very effective 
against the black magical power that Tayuma was using. 
Tayuma's black hound body was created through that black 
magical power. As the light came into contact with his body, 
they were both annihilated and Tayuma's body was erased. 

Part 10 

Since Tayuma's body had been completely changed by 
magic, once his magical power was counteracted by the light, 
his body was completely dissolved and he lost form. 

However, his obsession with living barely kept him existing in 
the world of the living. 

"Haa... Haa... Haa... I refuse, to die... Haa... Haa..." 

Having lost his body and existed only as a soul, as a ghost, 
Tayuma didn't need to breathe. But his obsession with living 
made him do so. As such he had a ragged breath as if he had 
barely escaped with his life. 

“...I won't die... Haa, Haa... I'll survive, a-and stage my 
comeback. I'll eventually kill, Kurano's daughter, and that 
brat with my own hands... Haa, Haa...” 

That strong grudge, desire to live, and obsession with power 
were more than enough to allow him to exist as a ghost. At 
this rate it seemed like he would be able to become an evil 
spirit and realize his desires. 

"Hmm? Who is that, calling for me...?” 

That was when Tayuma turned around as he felt like someone 
was calling for him. 

"There's no one here... oh, what's this?” 

There was no one behind him, but instead there was 
something strange. It was a small, black whirlpool floating in 

the air. The whirlpool was only a few centimeters big at first, 
but it gradually grew bigger. As Tayuma peered into it, 
confused, it was already close to a meter in size. 

“...What is this... I can tell it's a whirlpool, but..." 

With a perplexed expression on his face, Tayuma heard a 
voice once more. 

“Eh? Is this whirlpool talking? Or is someone inside?" 

“Collecting? What are you talking about?" 

“A reaction to the alteration of the principle of causality? 
Replenishing expended energy? Don't tell me that. That has 
nothing to do with me." 

“Quit messing around! I have things I have to do! I'll kill them 
and— Uwaaaaaa, stop, stop it!!" 

The black whirlpool began spinning faster and dragged 
Tayuma's body in. At first he had resisted, but as the speed 
went up, the strength of the force dragging him in increased. 

Finally, Tayuma was dragged into the whirlpool. The ever 
growing whirlpool was now over ten meters big and Tayuma 
spun around the whirlpool as he was slowly dragged towards 
the center. 

“Noooo, Maguz-samaaa!! Kurano's daughter!! I don't care 

who, someone save me!! No!! I want to continue living!!” 

Tayuma desperately struggled to break free from the 
whirlpool, but its force was overwhelming and his efforts were 
in vain. He repeatedly screamed for help, but no one 
appeared in response to his calls. Tayuma slowly fell towards 
the center of the whirlpool. 

”1... I don't... want to—” 

Reaching the center, Tayuma suddenly disappeared. Having 
reached the center he was dragged under. Tayuma was 
dragged into somewhere not here and completely vanished 
from this world. 

Having dragged Tayuma in, the whirlpool began shrinking. 
From ten meters to five, and eventually reaching a few 
centimeters. From there, the whirlpool vanished in an instant. 
Either it shrunk to the point where it could no longer be seen 
or it simply disappeared. All that was clear was that the black 
whirlpool took Tayuma out of this world. 

Tayuma probably didn't even have the time to realize what 
had happened to him. However, that might have been for the 
better. He was probably happier not knowing that he had 

Kiriha's Invasion 

Part 1 

Saturday, July 10 

As a result of Tayuma's disappearance, the radical faction's 
armed uprising began reaching its end. 

The leader, Maguz, was captured and their ace in the hole, 
Earth Dragon, was lost. Having lost two pillars of faith, the 
radical faction rapidly lost their morale. 

Moreover, the radical faction soldiers that had played a part 
in the decisive battle regarding Earth Dragon had agreed to 
disarm themselves, which also played a big part. They 
seemed to have realized something in that battle and 
became strangely cooperative with the conservative faction. 
It also seemed like their hate for people on the surface had 
lessened and they had stopped claiming that all surface 
dwellers should be killed. 

While the soldiers that had taken part of the decisive battle 
were an exception, this spread to the soldiers in different 
places that disliked fighting. As the radical faction fought, 
they realized that they were pointing their guns at their own 
people. In other words, the People of the Earth finally 
understood what war was. 

If Maguz and Earth Dragon had been present then the radical 

faction's morale might have been sustained through 
charisma and power. But sadly both had fallen into the hands 
of the conservative faction. In that situation there were few of 
the opinion that they should continue fighting and the desire 
to reach a ceasefire increased. As a result, about one week 
after the armed uprising, the battle between two factions of 
the People of the Earth reached its conclusion. 

Though the battle had ended, Maguz hadn't bent his beliefs. 
His belief that a military invasion and a rule by those superior 
was necessary hadn't changed just from losing to the 
conservative faction. 

But upon learning of the fate Tayuma met, he toned down a 
little. The fact that the radical faction soldiers had rejected 
rule by one with superior strength shocked him. Even if the 
reason for that was in Tayuma, it was true that Maguz had 
worked Tayuma into his system of rule. Regardless, it was a 
serious problem that shook Maguz' legitimacy. Because of 
that, Maguz stopped his aggressive assertion of his theory 
and indifferently waited for his punishment. 

It wasn't until then that Maguz, that Raiga, finally responded 
to his father's request to meet. Those who heard about that 
whispered that Raiga might still barely have the heart of a 

Kouma had been horribly depressed since he learned that his 
son was Maguz. To the point where he had attempted suicide 
as an apology after learning that Raiga had been captured. 
However, Karama and Korama had been able to stop him just 
before and his attempt ended in a failure. Having failed his 
suicide, Kouma requested to retire. By leaving his position as 
Daiha's attendant, he wanted to take responsibility for his 
son's actions. However, Daiha and Kiriha stopped him. There 
was no one as excellent as him around, and both Kiriha and 
Daiha wanted Kouma to continue working for the sake of the 

People of the Earth. Kouma accepted that and continued his 
work as Daiha's right hand. Yet Kouma decided to return his 
salary, this was the least he could do to take responsibility, as 
a father. 

The government on the surface honored their promise. That 
promise was that in exchange for their cooperation with the 
conservative faction being small scale and unofficial, the 
conservative faction's existence would be tolerated in the 
case that they won. 

As the Sun Rangers reported on the conservative factions 
victory they were told that their vacation was over and to 
return immediately. As a result, the Sun Rangers left at the 
same time the battle ended. Their reason aside, the way they 
left was very hero-like. 

As the Sun Rangers left, the government really left the People 
of the Earth alone. As a result, the People of the Earth and 
the government on the surface distanced themselves from 
each other, and paid consideration to one another to not 
cause any disturbances. Disturbances wouldn't benefit either 
party. In other words, they were neighbors who didn't 
associate with one another, but it was also the best means to 
allow both to prosper. 

Like that, the relationship between the People of the Earth 
and the surface government reached a conclusion, but the 
Sun Rangers would come visit the underground from time to 
time. This wasn't something their superiors had ordered, but 
rather they had decided to cooperate with the People of the 
Earth on their own. They didn't want to abandon something 
part-ways through, so it was also for their own sake. With 
their battle with the People of the Earth, they had spare time 
on their hands again. Rather than twiddling their thumbs at 
their base, they wanted to help the People of the Earth. While 
they no longer had any enemies, they still remained hero- 


And perhaps that was why whenever they would visit, many 
would welcome them, the children in particular. The children 
had been told of the Sun Rangers' heroism from the adults 
and had respected them like true heroes. While that 
embarrassed the Sun Rangers, since the children always 
smiled at them, they motivated themselves by saying that 
they would protect those smiles. 

Part 2 

With the radical faction's armed uprising, the People of the 
Earth had reaffirmed that battle wouldn't give birth to 
anything. That's why they would continue peacefully invading 
the surface, but with even more eagerness than before. At 
the same time, the radical faction had surrendered and they 
could now explore a more realistic way to protect the pride of 
the People of the Earth. Apparently the radical faction would 
be putting effort into passing down the People of the Earth's 
unique culture. 

Thus, after surviving many dangers, the People of the Earth 
returned to their peaceful everyday life. And thanks to that, 
Daiha and Kiriha could spend more time as father and 



"Now that the battle has ended... what will you do now?” 

With the radical faction's riot having died down, the current 
state of tension had vanished, and someone other than Kiriha 
could serve as the commander for the surface invasion. 

That's why Daiha wanted to return his beloved daughter to a 
life fit for someone her age. 

"I will return to the surface. I have an important job, and 
important friends there.” 

However, Kiriha was intending to continue her job as 
commander of the surface invasion. That was the most 
important thing to Kiriha right now. Having heard his 

daughter's answer, Daiha burst out laughing. 

"Hahaha, be honest. You want to return to that Koutarou boy.” 

"I'm going back to Koutarou. My place is by his side.” 

Kiriha clearly asserted herself without hesitation. She had 
spent more than ten years for that cause. She would also 
sincerely work towards their peaceful invasion. It wasn't 
something that Kiriha needed to hide from her father and she 
smiled proudly. 

"Then go. With that reason, she would surely be satisfied 

Daiha nodded and looked at the photo hanging off the wall. 
Pictured was a younger Daiha and Kiriha, together with the 
woman that was Daiha's wife, and Kiriha's mother. 

He had complex feelings as a father, but if Kiriha was heading 
for the surface because of her first love, then it could be 
called a life fitting for a girl of her age. With that reason, even 
Kiriha's mother would have approved of Kiriha continuing her 
position as commander of the surface invasion. 

"Yes, then I'll be going.” 

Kiriha smiled and looked at the photo together with Daiha. 

Her mother was smiling in the photo, and Daiha and Kiriha 
smiled the way they had in that photo. That's why Kiriha 
believed that her mother was smiling at them from the 

Ever since the battle with the radical faction had ended, 

Kiriha hadn't shown herself in room 106. It was clear that this 
was because there was cleanup to do. But after a week had 
passed, even Koutarou began feeling lonely. 

When he woke up or got home from school, Kiriha wasn't 
there. When tea was poured up, a cup would be left over. The 
score calculation after dinner was also different from normal. 

Everyday life wasn't as engaging as always. Koutarou felt 
that was lonely. That's why he found himself staring at the 
first tatami when entering the inner room. Couldn't Kiriha just 
flip that over and appear from below. That was what Koutarou 
hazily thought. 


That was when Yurika appeared in Koutarou's eyes. Having 
just gotten out of the bath and having changed into her 
pajamas, she held squatted down, holding her knees and 
looked into Koutarou's eyes. 

“Are you thinking about Kiriha-san again?” 

Yurika had a small smile and warmth and gentleness in her 
eyes, something she rarely showed. She was worried about 
Koutarou's low spirits. 

“Something like that. I feel like seeing her face you know.” 

Koutarou honestly admitted and smiled wryly. Koutarou's and 
Yurika's relationship had changed quite a bit, and when it was 
just the two of them it wasn't rare to hear them talking about 
serious topics like this. 

“You don't have to worry, she'll come back soon. The 
problems were safely resolved after all.” 

Yurika gently smiled and slightly tilted her head. 

“I'm not worried about that. It's just that I want to see her 

“That will happen soon too. Kiriha-san must want to see 
Satomi-san and everyone as well." 

Koutarou and Yurika were currently alone. Yurika felt like it 
was her job to cheer Koutarou up as she showed a cheerful 


“She might already be on her way here. So—" 

And just as Yurika mustered her courage and tried to 
approach Koutarou. 


The tatami underneath her shot up and sent her flying. 

Yurika continued rolling until she rolled into a corner of the 
room and stopped moving. Koutarou had been surprised by 
the suddenness of it all and all he could do was quietly watch 
the situation develop. 

“...I did it again, huh..." 

However, when he heard that voice he hurriedly looked back 
towards the tatami. 

“Hey, Koutarou." 

There, he saw the face of the girl he wanted to see. 

a // 


Since Koutarou remained silent, Kiriha tilted her head in 
confusion. As she did, the accessories she was wearing lightly 
rubbed against each other and produced a sound similar to 
that of a bell. 

“I was just thinking this is nostalgic. When you first came 
here it was like this too, remember?” 

Koutarou had been quiet because he had been surprised that 
Kiriha had appeared when he was thinking about how he 
wanted to see her. However, being embarrassed he was 
unable to honestly say so and spoke what he felt second to 

"You're right..." 

"Yurika still has terrible luck too." 

Partly to hide his embarrassment, Koutarou walked over to 
the fainted Yurika and lifted her up. He then carried her to her 
bed in the wardrobe. 

"Back then... I needed to be annoying so I didn't bother 
checking if there was someone above or not." 

"And this time?” 

After pulling a blanket over Yurika, he closed the sliding door 
to the wardrobe. Since she didn't seem to be hurt, she would 
probably wake up like usual tomorrow. 

"I seem to be feeling nervous, so I didn't think of checking." 

"Nervous...? Wait, why? You're not coming in?" 

Koutarou turned back towards Kiriha and for some reason 
only her upper body was sticking out from the hole leading 

“You don't mind me intruding?" 

“You ask that now? ...What's the matter, really?" 

“I told you, I'm feeling nervous." 

Koutarou had returned to normal after seeing Kiriha's face, 
but oppositely, Kiriha was getting even more nervous. Her 
stiff expression easily showed that. 

“It's rare to see you be so nervous... anyways, come on in." 
“Thank you, Koutarou." 

Kiriha finally entered room 106 and she returned the tatami 
to its former place in an accustomed manner before turning 
back towards Koutarou. 


That was where Koutarou finally noticed that Kiriha's outfit 
was completely different from normal. 

The overall atmosphere was similar to the shrine maiden 
outfit she normally wore. The outfit was mostly white, but 
had red and gold threads used in abundance, it seemed 
simple yet at the same time elegant and luxurious. These 
clothes were quite obviously not everyday wear. 

Moreover, as Kiriha stepped into the light Koutarou could see 
that she was wearing make-up that matched her clothes. This 
too was simple but it brought out her beauty. 

On top of that, Kiriha was wearing golden gleaming 
accessories over her body. Since she normally wore 
accessories she didn't give off the impression of wearing 
more of them, but they had clearly been exchanged for 
higher quality accessories. 

No matter how you looked at it, her outfit and accessories 
were not cheap. Even Koutarou who had no real knowledge of 
this kind of thing could tell that each piece she was wearing 
had an extraordinary price. Yet at the same time, her overall 
appearance was simple and clean. 

"That's an unusual outfit. Isn't that the first time you wear 

"Fufu, this is a keepsake from my mother.” 

Kiriha put her hand on her chest and smiled proudly. 

"Your mom's..." 

Koutarou knew of Kiriha's family circumstances. Having lost 
his own mother, he understood the special feelings put into 
those clothes. 

"Yes. This is the traditional outfit that we, the People of the 
Earth, wear when getting married.” 

"So thats a wedding dress?" 

Koutarou's eyes opened wide. He vaguely understood that it 
was a special outfit, but he hadn't expected it to be a 
wedding dress. 

"Kiriha-san, are you going to get married?" 

"No, I'm not.” 

"Yeah, I haven't heard anything about that after all. Then why 
are you wearing that? It would be terrible if it got dirty, 

Kiriha had no reason for wearing a wedding dress. Then there 
had to be a special reason. Wearing her mother's keepsake 

for fun wasn't in Kiriha's character. 

“I came here to invade.” 

"Invade... this room?" 

"No, I don't need this room anymore. The reason to invade 
this room has been lost.” 

"Oh yeah, you're right." 

Kiriha invading room 106 had been a measure to keep the 
radical faction from rebelling. With the problems regarding 
the radical faction resolved, Kiriha no longer had any reason 
to invade room 106. Yet Kiriha said she was here to invade. 
Koutarou didn't understand what was going on. 

"So what are you going to invade." 

"About that, there is something I need to talk to you about." 

Kiriha moved up to straight in front of Koutarou, sat down 
formally and straightened her back. Her expression was 
stiffer than ever before. Seeing that, Koutarou understood 
that Kiriha was serious. 

"What now, all of a sudden?" 

In that situation Koutarou couldn't be standing up so he too 
sat down formally, facing Kiriha. After confirming that 
Koutarou had sat down she placed her hands slightly in front 
of her knees and deeply lowered her head. 

"Satomi Koutarou-sama, I wish to request something of you.' 

Her overly formal words and serious voice, her mother's 
keepsake and her lowered head. Seeing all that, Koutarou 
understood that Kiriha was about to ask something special. 


But just what could it be that required her to go so far. Slight 
unease swelled up in Koutarou's chest. He began worrying 
that she might say that she was going to return underground. 

“Please allow me to invade your life." 

However, Kiriha said something that greatly deviated from 
Koutarou's imagination. 


His unease and everything else just vanished from his mind. 

It was as if Koutarou had no understanding of what Kiriha was 
saying whatsoever. 

“If you don't permit it, then I won't appear in your presence 
ever again. That is the resolution I made before coming 
before you." 

Having finished everything she had to say, Kiriha kept her 
hands on the tatami, raised her head and stared into 
Koutarou's eyes. Kiriha had come here looking for Koutarou's 
answer to these words. And since the answer might not be 
what she hoped, she had been feeling anxious from the very 
beginning. That's why Kiriha now paid attention to every 
word Koutarou spoke and every action he took. Her 
everything relied on this moment. 


At first Koutarou had been nothing but confused, but as he 
peered into her eyes he gradually understood her intentions. 
What she meant by invasion, and why she had chosen to use 
that word. Having understood those circumstances, Koutarou 
couldn't help but find it funny. 

Having reached his limit, Koutarou began smiling. While he 
was impressed by the strength and depth of the feelings she 
directed towards him, he was also amazed by her 
meticulousness. This wasn't a request, but a terribly clever 
and roundabout threat. 

“Kiriha-san, you really understand me well.'' 

Koutarou smiled wryly as he dropped his shoulders. 

What Kiriha wanted hadn't changed a bit since eleven years 
ago. It was to marry with Koutarou, forever supporting each 
other. That's why she had visited Koutarou wearing a wedding 

But if she had said those words directly, Koutarou could 
refuse. It was still too early for that, and the problems with 
Theia and Yurika hadn't been resolved yet. That's' why 
Koutarou would have refused in the present situation. 

That's why Kiriha hadn't used the words 'Let me marry you', 
but 'Let me invade your life'. She was attempting to blur her 
intentions while trying to create a reason to forever remain 
by Koutarou's side. It was difficult for Koutarou to refuse this 
request because she was threatening to never see him again 
if he did. He would feel lonely if he couldn't meet her again. 

So would the other invading girls. In that situation, there was 
no way Koutarou could reply with 'No'. 

“You've said many things to me up until now... but this is the 

“The time I have waited over ten years for is right in front of 
me. I have no intentions of letting that chance slip by. Even if 
I have to use underhanded means..." 

“And that's... why you'll invade." 

“Yes. I will invade your life. At any costs..." 

If Koutarou accepted Kiriha's request, it would mean allowing 
her to always be near him no matter what life he chooses. 
That was practically the same as marrying Kiriha. Her request 
was either a clever threat made through the use of human 
relationships, or it was very transparent and pure means of 
invading created through bonds and love. 

“...You've taken the political implications into consideration 

“Of course. I have no intentions of forcibly staying by your 
side to the point that it becomes a problem for you." 

“So everything is thoroughly thought out, geez..." 

Kiriha had no intentions of forcing their relationship. To her it 
was important that Koutarou allowed for her to be by his side. 
You could say she was similar to Maki and the band of knights 
in that she wanted a place to call her own. 

“...Okay, I get it. I lose. Invade to your hearts content..." 

There, Koutarou gave up. He couldn't refuse, and truth be 
told, he didn't want to refuse either. Just not being able to see 
Kiriha for a week was lonely. But he was too mortified and 
embarrassed to admit it to her face. It couldn't be helped that 
his words became a bit more blunt. 

“Thank you very much. I will invade with heartfelt sincerity." 

Kiriha smiled while large tears rolled down her cheeks. The 
eleven years she had spent since their first meeting had 
finally been rewarded. The person Kiriha loved needed her. To 
her, there was nothing more happy than this. And so her 

tears continued falling without end in sight. To the point 
where she could no longer even see Koutarou's face. 

“Oh yeah, I forgot. Here." 

Koutarou pulled something out of his pocket and put it in 
Kiriha's hand. 

“...This is..." 

Though Kiriha couldn't see from her tears, she could tell what 
it was by touch alone. It was a rare Kabutonga card with her 
name written on it. The treasure she had gotten from 
Koutarou eleven years ago. 

After Daiha had been taken hostage, Kiriha had returned the 
card to Koutarou, prepared for her own death. Koutarou safely 
cared for it and now returned it back to Kiriha. 

“...Uhhh, this... this... I... uhhhh..." 

Upon obtaining the card, Kiriha started crying even more 
than before, sobbing like a child. 

“H-Hey, why are you crying so much?" 

Koutarou had given Kiriha the card to stop her from crying. 

Yet the result was the opposite. Instead of stopping her, he 
fanned the flames. 

“You don't get it... uhh... Onii-chan, y-you don't, get, 

“If you give me this... right, now... uhh, then I'll, then I'll 
definitely.... uuuuaaaaaa!!" 

From that point on, Kiriha couldn't form any words. An 
intense, endless love overflowed from her heart. However, 
since those emotions turned into cries as they reached her 
throat she couldn't properly convey them to her beloved. 

“Uaaaaa, aaaaa, uwaaaaa!!" 

That's why Kiriha jumped at Koutarou and embraced him. 
That was the only way she could convey her feelings right 
now. A complex, delicate love whirled inside of Kiriha's chest. 
But Kiriha felt irritated that the only way she could convey it 
through the strength of her arms. 

“...Even though you've gotten big, you're still like a spoiled 

Koutarou firmly hugged Kiriha back. Up until now, Kiriha had 
always been in a position that required a lot of responsibility. 
That's why Koutarou wanted to let Kiriha do as she pleased 
until her desires turned into something definitive. 

Now, that I think about it... 

As Koutarou spoke, Kiriha's gaze was naturally drawn to his 
moving mouth. And as she stared at that she remembered a 
promise they had made before. 

" Once this is all over, I'll be satisfied as long as you give me a kiss with a 
smile. ” 

" Fufu... now you've said it. Then let's hurry up and end this so I can rain 

kisses down upon you. ” 

Having remembered that promise, Kiriha finally realized. 

That when tears prevented you from using words, embraci 
wasn't the only way to convey your feelings. 

Part 3 

As the season turned to summer the daytime temperature 
exceeded 30 degrees. That said, this was Kitsushouharukaze 
city. Once the sun set the temperature dropped and became 
a lot more manageable. But there is always an exception to 

"...l-lt's hot...” 

As Koutarou muttered his face fell down onto the tea table. 

His forehead was covered in sweat. Even at night the 
temperature in room 106 didn't drop. The reason for that was 
the too high population density. In the small room there were 
ten people and the body heat they exuded added up. It is 
said that the body heat was the equivalent of about 100 watt. 
So with ten people that was 1000 watt. Power equivalent to a 
large-scale home appliance was heating up the room. 

"Stop being so stubborn and have Maki cast a spell." 

"I'll make it cheap." 

"...When it comes to magic, there's nothing wrong with not 
using it." 

Many apart from Koutarou had means of managing the heat. 
The Forthorthe group used personal air conditioners that they 
could wear. Harumi's PAF also had this function. Shizuka 
could head out into space if she so pleased, so the summer 
heat was nothing. Maki used her own spells to cool her body, 
and Sanae had her use the same spell on her. 

The only ones without means were Koutarou and Kiriha. 
Koutarou was just being stubborn, but Kiriha had been born 

quite resistant to heat. That's why Koutarou seemed to feel 
hot, while Kiriha was herself. Neither of them were cooling 
themselves, but their appearances contrasted. 

“If you're too stubborn you'll end up like Yurika." 

Sanae pointed to a corner of the room as she spoke. Yurika 
had refrained from casting magic on herself as that would 
constitute as private use of magic. As a result, she lost to the 
heat inside the wardrobe and her eyes rolled back. 

“It's fine. People shouldn't try to take the easy way out 

Koutarou was actually avoiding to have magic cast on him 
because of Yurika. He didn't want her to be the only one 
enduring it. But since his pride was involved he didn't want to 
admit it. He would simply have to endure. 


Kiriha who wasn't using any cooling either smiled at 
Koutarou. That smile was incredibly gentle. Ever since the 
battle with the radical faction, Kiriha had been showing 
expressions fit for a girl of her age more often. While there 
was seemingly no difference on the surface, the expressions 
she showed those close to her had become more uninhibited. 
None of the girls of room 106 pointed that out, but they all 
welcomed it as a good thing. 

“Then Koutarou, how about this?" 

Kiriha pulled out a paper folded four times from her pocket 
and unfolded it in front of Koutarou. On it was a blue sky and 
sea coupled with white sand and a shining sun. It was a 
pamphlet from a travel agency in the mall. 

“You wouldn't mind if we went out to play at the beach 

A three day, two nights travel plan was recorded on the 
pamphlet. Play at the beach during the day, have a luxurious 
dinner in the evening and finally enjoy the hot spring in the 
hotel at night. That was indeed an attractive proposition. 
However, Koutarou also had his worries. 

“But, it's not like we won the lottery, so it'll cost money 

“Don't be so cheap. You still have all of the salary I've paid 

“But that's—” 

“What are you saving it up for? Knowing you, you probably 
won't use it for anything.” 

Koutarou still hadn't spent a single yen from the salary he 
had received from Theia. He held back from using it as it was 
money that had come from his relationship to Theia. 

“Okay, I get it. It's definitely better to use it so that everyone 
can have fun than to save it up for no reason.” 

Koutarou soon made up his mind. He believed Theia was 
absolutely right. 

I only need to use it like this in the future too. I guess I was overthinking it... 

Using his salary for Theia and the others close to him wasn't 
a bad way to use it. If anything it was an ideal usage. 

“Alright! The beach!! Yurika, Yurika, we're going to the 

"Zzz... Zzz...” 

"Yurika-chan is still sleeping Ho-” 

"She's such a sleepyhead Ho-" 

"Zzz... Zzz...” 

"Geez, she's so carefree, even though we have to go buy new 

The first one to let out a cheer of joy was Sanae. Last year 
she had been a ghost and a sickly girl, so she had the 
strongest desire to swim of all. 

"Harumi, the beach. Do you swim?” 

"I swim, but... I don't know if my stamina will last.” 

"Don't worry. You can use PAF in water too. That said, I 
haven't tried any experiments of it being used in water, so 
please let me take some data." 

"Yes, by all means!" 

Clan and Harumi were going to run experiments on the 
beach. Their relationship so far had greatly improved on 
Clan's invention, and once they headed for the beach it 
would surely improve even more. 

"The beach..." 

Maki on the hand had a puzzled expression. Having caught 
onto that change in expression, Ruth and Theia called out to 

"Maki-san, is this your first time going to the beach?” 

“Yes... the idea has never occurred to me before this." 

“I see, you were born in a magical country weren't you." 

Maki was born in the slums of Folsaria, and having been 
battling for her entire time, the idea of going to the beach 
had never occurred to her. 

“Then this is a good opportunity. Satomi-kun is that kind of 
person so he often goes to the beach. So you can't be a great 
vassal if you don't go too, right?" 

“You're right. I'll give it my best!" 

“Good, that's the way. He's an idiot, so I can rest easy if I 
know you're with him." 

“Do your best to carry out your duty, Maki-san." 

However, thanks to Shizuka's follow up, the atmosphere 
around Maki brightened up. Using the expression, Koutarou's 
vassal, Maki suddenly got a lot more cheerful. They were 
magical words that would help whenever she got depressed. 

So this really was the right answer... 

Koutarou satisfyingly looked on as the girls erupted into 
discussions about the beach. There, Kiriha who was sitting 
next to him pulled on the sleeve of his t-shirt. 

“Koutarou, what kind of swimsuit do you think I should 

“Why are you asking me?" 

“There's no reason. I just want you to decide. Do you not 
want to?" 

"T-That's not it, but...” 

"You don't have to decide right away. Just tell me what kind of 
design you'd like.” 


Thus it was decided that Koutarou and the others would go to 
the beach. They had gone the year before as well, but their 
numbers and their atmosphere was completely different this 
time around. They were noisy but seemingly endlessly 
cheerful. But there was no one that stopped to think about 
that change. Because everyone knew that it was more fun 
causing an uproar with everyone than to think about that. 


Long time no see, it's the author, Takehaya. 

This time I've been able to safely deliver volume 16. This 
time I'd like to talk about the anime for Rokujouma no 
Shinryakusha!? once more. But since I have a very limited 
afterword this time around I will make it quick. 

This half year has been very busy with the anime related 
stuff, but as we approach the start of the broadcast I've 
gotten more time. This is an obvious development as the 
work I need to do as we get closer to the broadcast date is 
less. I am both grateful and sad for this. As this volume goes 
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on when you read this book, the anime might have already 
started. Anyways, like everyone else I am also eagerly 
awaiting the anime. 

Now then, leaving the anime aside, I would like to touch a 
little more on this volume. In this volume the curtain finally 
rises for the People of the Earth's civil war. Having reached a 
point where neither the conservative faction and the radical 
faction can agree, there is no longer any option left than to 
use violence to get their opinion approved. Since the 
conservative faction is filled with people who love peace, this 
situation is very painful to Kiriha and those she leads. From 
the point the conservative faction picked up arms they had 
essentially lost. Despite that, Kiriha and the others picked up 
arms, and as to what conclusion they reach, I would like to let 
you readers confirm for yourselves. To those of you have 
already read it, I hope you enjoyed it. 

Finally, I'd like to give my usual greetings. I would like to 
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Then let us meet again in the afterword of volume 17. 

June, 2014 Takehaya 

Mutual, peaceful and personal invasions between those who 
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