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The Girls' Evening 


Wednesday, September 8 

With the school restarting, all club activities began preparing for the 
culture festival. That included the knitting society that Koutarou 
was part of. Together with the other two members, Harumi and 
Yurika, they were currently gathered in the club room, discussing 
what to put out for display. They could have done it in room 106 as 
well, but this was a matter of feeling. 

"I will put out this muffler as it is" 

"Well, you just started so that sounds about right" 

The knitting society would be displaying the knittings they've 
created at the club. Having started just a short while ago, Yurika 
had been working on her basics and did the same thing Koutarou 
did last year, which was simply knitting. Yurika would adjust her 
work a little and display it as a muffler. 

"What will you do, Sakuraba-senpai?" 

"...Which should I pick?" 

This was Harumi's third year. She had already completed standard 
things such as sweaters and gloves to more complex things such as 
stuffed animals and a handbag. So picking one to display was a 
vexing problem. 

"Why not just display all of them?" 

However, it wasn't as vexing of a problem to Koutarou. He believed 
that since she had made so many, she should just show them all off. 

"But... then it will just be an exhibition of my stuff..." 

Harumi furrowed her brows. Her worries was about the numbers of 
items on display. Yurika only had her muffler and Koutarou only 
had a couple of works of his own. So if she displayed all of her own 
work, it would be a one-man show. Being serious and modest, 
Harumi felt like that was going too far. 

"It's fine that way. You'll have to retire from the society soon 
anyways, so why not show off?" 

"Yeah, he's right. It would be a boring exhibit with only a few 
things, so we should fill it up with Sakuraba-senpai's work or we 
won't get any display space for next year's culture festival" 

Koutarou and Yurika backed up Harumi's display for different 
reasons. After thinking for a while, Harumi nodded with a bit of 
reservation left within her. 

"Okay, then I'll display a couple..." 

Harumi was attached to several of her works. Through her 
experience with the plays, she also knew the joys of having others 
recognize her work. Being a show off wasn't good, but not showing 
anything wasn't good either. 

"Alright, then this year is Sakuraba-senpai's one-man show!" 

"Satomi-san and I will put our exhibits in the comer!" 

Koutarou and Yurika decided that the focus of the exhibit should be 
Harumi's work. That would improve the image of the exhibition 
and they could have hope that it would lure new members to them 
for next year. 

"W-Wait a minute, you two!" 

Harumi had matured and was able to express herself, but when 
they were being this obvious even Harumi instinctively blushed. 

Part 2 

Having decided roughly on how to proceed, the three headed back 
to room 106. From there, Harumi was going to travel through Clan's 
Hazy Moon to her own room. Using teleportation was faster than 
taking a bus and she could also talk to her friends on her way home. 
There was nothing but good things. 

"For the time being. 1 will prepare stands and panels, so can 1 leave 
the decorations to you two?" 

Koutarou wrote the rough arrangement of their exhibition on a 
piece of scrap paper and proposed that Yurika and Harumi took 
care of the decorations. He believed the girls' delicate senses would 
be of more use than his when it came to decorating, and he could 
focus on the physical labor. 

"1 rmderstand" 

"1 will try... " 

Harumi's firm nod felt reliable, but Yurika seemed less so as she 
slurped down her instant noodles. However, Yurika wasn't 

someone who would intentionally break her promises so Koutarou 
didn't think much of it. 

"But I'm sorry for making you do all the physical labor, Satomi- 

The exhibition stands and panels were heavy and Harumi felt bad 
for sort of pushing all of the heavy labor onto Koutarou. However, 
Koutarou responded by shaking his head as he thought nothing of 

"It's fine. The right person for the right job, you know" 

Koutarou was aware that his sense of beauty was lacking. In 
comparison, he was confident in his physical strength. 

"That's right, Sakuraba-senpai. If we didn't do it this way, Satomi- 
san and I wouldn't have a leg to stand on... slurp slurp slurp..." 

"Eat or speak, pick one" 

"...Slurp, slurp, slurp..." 

"Your right job is eating ramen, huh..." 


Koutarou and the others enclosed the tea table and continued 
discussing. After some time had passed and details were 
determined, the other girls who had kept quiet to not get in the way 
began speaking. 

"By the way, Theia-chan, what will the drama club be doing?" 

The first one to open her mouth was the chattering enthusiast 
Shizuka. Her interest was directed towards Theia and the drama 
club. With Koutarou and the others discussing about the cultural 
festival, she recalled the drama club. Theia who received the 
question paused her game and turned to Shizuka. 

"Since the reception of last year's play was so good, they're 
supposedly going to do 'The Silver Princess and the Blue Knight' 

"So you'll be getting busy then?" 

Maki, sitting next to Shizuka joined in. While she could care freely 
play games now, once the preparations for the play began she 
wouldn't be able to play around like that. 

"No, I won't be getting involved this time." 

However, Theia shook her head and her beautiful golden hair 
shook left and right. 

"Is that so?" 

Maki's eyes opened wide from Theia's unexpected answer. The 
others who heard her reacted the same way and were all thoroughly 

"Indeed. The other day, the president passed the flame on to the 
next generation, and while they were at it they decided to replace 
all of the staff and cast and start from scratch. And so I won't be 
intervening. At most I'll answer questions" 

"Ah, I heard about that" 

Listening to Theia, Koutarou stopped his own work and 

"Supposedly Mackenzie will be playing the Blue Knight. It feels 
kinda strange..." 

Koutarou flashed a wry smile. Last year, Koutarou had ended up 
stealing that role from Kenji, but with the hero and heroine being 
replaced, Kenji returned to the Blue Knight role. Since Kenji looked 
better than Koutarou did, he believed that he would be able to 
perform the Blue Knight role better than him. 

"I'm sorry to hear about that, Theia-dono" 

Kiriha smiled slightly as she poured tea into her own cup. She knew 
that Theia was very invested in the Blue Knight and figured that 
Theia would feel a bit sad. That's because Theia's Blue Knight was 
Koutarou, and Koutarou alone. 

"Certainly, it's not like those feelings aren't present... techniques are 
succeeded, having each generation do things their own way is a 
forward and brave way of thinking. It's the correct decision and it 
will lead to the club becoming more active" 

However, Theia wasn't as disappointed as Kiriha had imagined. She 
believed it was good for multiple interpretations of a scenario to 
exist. In the past she hadn't felt that way, but the current her had 
begun to believe in that. The reason for that was because the boy 
named Koutarou had been given an interpretation of that of the 
Blue Knight by the Blue Knight's legend. 

There was also another reason for Theia's line of thinking. She 
smiled wryly as she spoke it. 

"Besides... since Koutarou is acting out his own legend, there's no 
need for a play. Knowing the truth, there's no need for me to 

Koutarou was the Blue Knight himself. At least that was how Theia 
perceived it, even though Koutarou didn't recognize it himself. 
Having Koutarou act as the Blue Knight was the only correct 
interpretation. But that wasn't art, but something more like a 
documentary. It was nothing but a reproduction showing what the 
Blue Knight was like. 

Last year it was still possible to call it art, but the current Koutarou 
and the others couldn't be called art anymore. That was the reason 
why Theia didn't mind the generational change. 

"That may be what Her Highness is saying, but her true feelings are 
that she doesn't want to show Master to the public" 

"H-Hey! Ruth!" 

But when Ruth exposed what Theia wanted to keep hidden, Theia 
completely changed as she blushed and panicked. However, that 
just served to prove that what Ruth was saying was the truth. 

"I'm only doing this for the sake of art! I definitely wasn't thinking 
of monopolizing Koutarou's true appearance for ourselves!" 

"Theia-dono, Ruth didn't say that much" 


As Kiriha pointed that out Theia stumbled for words. Seeing that, 
Kiriha smiled happily. However, that wasn't because she was 
making fun of Theia, but because she sympathized with her. 

"But... I agree in wanting to monopolize him. If we were to take part 
in the Blue Knight play then we would need to openly expose what 
is precious to us" 

"...W-Well, something like that" 

Theia had been shaken up, but with Kiriha showing some 
understanding, she was able to recover a little. While she was 
embarrassed, she didn't mind her friends knowing her real 
intentions. Many girls should be feeling the same thing after all. 

"That's right, knights! I forgot!" 

That was when Sanae who was clinging onto Koutarou's back 
quickly got off. She then moved around Koutarou to face him. 

"What now, all of a sudden?" 

"Employ me, you bastard!" 

Sanae leaned forward and vigorously complained to Koutarou. But 
since she had omitted subject and description, Koutarou simply 
looked at her in confusion. 

"What are you talking about? Explain it to me properly" 

"You promised me before! Once the mess around Kiriha was 
cleaned up, you would let me into your band of knights!" 

"Ah! Now that you mention it" 

With Sanaa's explanation Koutarou finally remembered. Sanaa 
wanted to joined the Satomi band of knights, but her admission had 
been put off until later in order to not stimulate the radical faction. 
This was because the radical faction might sense danger if the 
powers targeting room 106 began to unify. 

However, the radical faction was disbanded after the incident a 
while back. There was no longer anyone left that would sense 
danger if the residents of room 106 joined the band of knights. Now 
that the summer vacation was over and room 106 was back to 
normal operation, Sanae finally remembered. 

"So there you have it, hurry up and employ me you bastard! As the 
housework help!" 

"Is that the kind of attitude you have when asking someone for 

"Employ me you bastard! As the secretary!" 

"Y-You too, senpai!?" 

Harumi who was next to Sanae jumped into the discussion as well. 
She mimicked Sanae's tone and demanded the same thing. Seeing 
her act like that, Koutarou remembered that he had made a similar 
promise to her as well. 

Well, things have taken a strange turn... but now that they mention it, 
there are no problems... 

After thinking for a moment, Koutarou began feeling like fulfilling 
Sanae's and Harumi's request. He did promised them, and the 
problems with the rmderground people was solved. There should 
no longer be anyone objecting to the two joining. 

"W-Wait! Sanae, Harumi! I ask that you wait with joining for a 

However, there was someone in room 106 who objected to the two 
joining the Satomi band of knights. It was none other than the 

princess who the band of knights were supposed to protect, 
princess Theiamillis. 

"Your Highness, why are you in such a hurry? Is there a problem?" 

Ruth who was next to Theia looked at her with confusion. She 
couldn't imagine there being any problems with Sanae and Harumi 

"There's a major problem! At this rate my band of knights will 
temporarily become a non-combatant band of knights! I don't want 

Theia had a problem with the official positions within the band of 
knights. Currently, the Satomi band of knights had three people. 

The knight leader Koutarou, the vice-captain Ruth, and the 
treasurer Maki. Out of these three, two were knights with only Maki 
being the only non-combatant. With the ratio being 2:1 at the 
present, they could uphold the appearance of being a battle group. 
But if Sanae and Harumi were to join as housework help and 
secretary, the ratio would reverse with a 2:3 ratio. If the ratio shifted 
towards the non-combatants, the band of knights would in effect 
become more non-combat directed. 

"You're surprisingly picky about details you know" 

"Koutarou! You're too indifferent yourself!" 

To Theia, who held an ideal, regardless of the fact that the ideal was 
just for show, the band of knights should be a combat group. She 
didn't want to leave any records of it ever having been non-combat 
directed. Even more so with it being Koutarou's band of knights. 

"I understand the circumstances, but... what are you going to do. 
Your Highness?" 

Ruth smiled as she figured what was on Theia's mind and pushed 
the stagnating discussion forward. Normally, the knight leader, 
Koutarou, was in charge of personnel. Theia couldn't go on refusing 
Sanae and Harumi from joining out of personal emotions. A 
countermeasure had to be found right away. 

"We'll increase our combatants by two first! If we do that the band 
of knights will never have been non-combat directed!" 

By adding an additional two combatants and having Sanae and 
Harumi join after that, the ratio would be 4:3, and they could keep 
up their appearances as a combat group. They would be able to 
protect Theia's ideal of the Satomi band of knights being an 
organization for combat and nothing else. 

"That's surprisingly makeshift for you, Theiamillis-san" 

Clan smiled wryly as she read a book as she lied down on the 
ceiling after manipulating gravity. The operation Theia was about to 
do was something the past Clan would do. It didn't suit the 
optimistic Theia. 

"Say whatever you like! This is a problem with the band of knights' 

"Well, it's not like I don't understand how you feel" 

Clan shrugged her shoulders and laughed a little. Truth be told, 
since Koutarou wasn't someone who fighting suited, the band of 
knights would inevitably become peaceful. That said, regardless of 
the truth, it was the ideal of any person from Forthorthe to keep the 

Blue Knight's band of knights as a combat group. Clan also 
understood that. 

"So, please, Shizuka! Kiriha! Join my band of knights as a martial 
artist and general!" 

"Eh? Me?" 

Shizuka who was happily listening in on the discussion opened her 
eyes wide. She had joked about joining before but she had never 
anticipated that she would be brought up with this timing. 

"Asking you is the least problematic! I don't mind if you only lend 
us your name!" 

Theia humbly requested to the two. Theia didn't want to create an 
actual combat group, so in that sense asking a real warrior to join 
would be anything but good. She didn't want to lose the warmth 
the group had, but at the same time she wanted to have the pretext 
to call it a combat group. For that sake, the best method was to ask 
those related to room 106 to join. 

"Fufu... I understand the circumstances. I also owe you for your 
help with the radical faction. I will gladly join" 

Kiriha understood how Theia felt and so she easily agreed to the 
request. She also had the pretext of not wanting to refuse Theia who 
had so earnestly fought for the sake of the underground people. But 
for Theia, the number one reason was that it seemed like fun. 

"Then I'll join too" 

Since Kiriha hadn't hesitated to join, Shizuka decided to join as well 
without really thinking much about it. Since the intelligent Kiriha 

had joined without hesitation, she figured that there were no 
problems. It was an awfully sloppy reason for joining. 

"Thank you, Kiriha, Shizuka!" 

Theia shook their hands with tears in her eyes. 

"Theia-dono, there's no need to cry is there" 

Seeing her like that, Kiriha instinctively leaked a wry smile. 

"Even if you say that! A maiden of Forthorthe could never yield on 

It was an ideal that Theia wanted to protect no matter what. She 
was charmed by the beauty of the band of knights, despite it being a 
means to kill. 

"...What about my opinion?" 

Koutarou felt perplexed as the discussion continued without 
including him, the leader. That was when Shizuka called out to him. 

"Don't worry about it. Ah, Satomi-kun, I don't mind if my salary is 
just your rent" 

"Thanks, landlord-san" 

However, because Shizuka's smile was so bright and refreshing, he 
decided not to think too much about it. 

It's not like we'll be acting like a real hand of knights anyways... 

The important part was whether or not everyone could have fun. 
This band of knights was similar to a school club in that sense. 

"So Theia, what about me and Harumi joining!" 

Sanae wasn't quite able to keep up with the discussion and leaned 
forward over the tea table as she asked Theia about the conclusion. 

"Don't worry. All the problems have been resolved. You may join in 


"Isn't that great, Higashihongan-san" 


Having finally gotten permission, Sanae showed a large, bright 
smile, and Harumi who was watching over her seemed very happy. 
The two smiled at each other for a while. 

"Harumi! Harumi!" 


After smiling towards one another for a while, they lined up in 
front of Koutarou as they had before and spoke in perfect harmony 
without having practiced at all. 

"Employ us you bastard!" 


Since the two seemed so happy, Koutarou forgot to object and 
simply nodded his head. 

Part 3 

Thus Satomi's band of knights received another four members but 
the ones that rejoiced the most were Sanae and Harumi. They had 
been strangely excited ever since Koutarou had accepted them. 

"Koutarou, Koutarou, let's decide my salary!" 

"Okay, okay" 

"I'll give all of it back when I get it, so make it a million yen! I want 
to become a well paid woman!" 

"As a housework helper?" 


Sanae had no intention of actually receiving any salary from 
Koutarou, but she wanted the truth of being paid a high salary. It 
was a strange operation where she would then give her salary back. 

"No way" 

"Why not!? I said I'll give everything back!" 

"You'll need to at least keep enough for some pocket money" 

Ever since she had been a ghost, Sanae had been getting an 
allowance from Koutarou. Her anime goods and candy had been 
bought with that money. Koutarou would feel bad if even that 
allowance ended up being returned. Honestly speaking, Koutarou 
wished to continue giving Sanae an allowance. 

"Pocket money is different!" 

"Is that so?" 

"Pocket money is a test a love! It's different from a laborer's wage!" 
"I don't really get it, but if you're fine with that" 

"Alright, then it's decided!" 

With her working arrangements determined, Sanae showed a bright 
smile. Nothing in particular would change from Sanae joining the 
band of knights. Her everyday life would continue on like it always 
had. However, feelings wise it was a different story. She cheerfully 
clung onto Koutarou's back as if saying that this would always be 
her place. 

"So what kind of mission do I get, Satomi-kim!?" 

Harumi looked just as happy as Sanae. Unlike Sanae, she had 
always been mentally mature, but she had purposely gone along 
with Sanae. As of late, Harumi had been rapidly learning how to 
display her feelings. 

"Since I'll belong to a band of knights, it'll be something like 
information gathering, right!?" 

Harumi made theatrical gestures as she waved her hands around 
and her eyes sparkled. A cheerfulness that rivalled Sanae's sparkled 
in her eyes. 

"Of course not. I don't need any information" 

Koutarou could of course see through the fact that Harumi was 
saying that on purpose. He could tell right away just by looking at 
these eyes sparkling like a child's. His answer inadvertently became 

more snappish as he was somewhat embarrassed about playing 
with Harumi. Maybe it was because she was behaving more 
childishly, but she gave off a cuter impression than normal. 

"So... Something like going to buy melon bread and milk?" 

"What kind of a mission is thaf!" 

"Ah, I'll have some!" 

"So Satomi-kun, Higashihongan-san and me for a set of three. 
Would anyone else like some?" 

"...Theia, Sakuraba-senpai is going on about stuff like that. What 
about the status for the band of knights" 

Even though she might be a non-combatant member, having her 
first mission be to go buy melon bread and milk would surely not 
sit well with Theia who valued the status of the band of knights. 
That's what Koutarou thought as he asked Theia for help. 

"Grrr... Harumi!" 

Just as Koutarou had hoped, Theia showed a stern expression. 
"What is it. Your Highness?" 

"I desire anpan!" 

"As you wish, my princess" 

"Very good!" 

"...I should never have relied on Theia..." 

It was a common mission for a band of knights to provide support 
and supplies to civilians. While Theia was picky when it came to the 
organization's structure, she wasn't the kind of lord to refuse 
missions the members volimtarily chose. 

"Master, isn't it a good thing that there are only peaceful missions to 
be had?" 

"That's right, Koutarou. Do you know how happy a thing it is for a 
combat squad to only be playing around?" 

But as Ruth and Kiriha pointed out, he gradually shifted towards 
acceptance. The fact that Harumi was teasing Koutarou was a proof 
of peaceful times. Since he didn't want his band of knights to do 
something fitting for a combat oriented band of knights, he felt like 
he should be more happy just having Harumi act like she was. 

"...This is all thanks to the underground problems being resolved." 

Koutarou exhaled before muttering. Because the state of room 106 
might stimulate the radical faction, they couldn't allow people to 
enter the band of knights or accept missions. However, with the 
radical faction now disbanded and the problems imderground 
resolved, there was no longer anything to fear. Even if they played 
around as a band of knights there wouldn't be anyone that would 
question it. That was something that should be rejoiced. 

"...Thanks to the imdergroimd problems being resolved..." 

Yurika reacted to the words Koutarou muttered. 

I see... I might be able to ask for that now... 

There had been something Yurika had been wanting to ask the girls 
of room 106. But in order not to stimulate any of the powers, the 
radical faction especially, she hadn't been able to bring it up. 
However as she heard what Koutarou said, she realized that her 
request might be possible now. 

"What's the matter, Yurika-san?" 

Clan who had been lying down on the ceiling slowly descended 
next to Yurika when she noticed that she was unusually lost in 

"Uhm... there is actually something I would like to consult with 

"Consult... that's imusually serious for you." 

Slightly surprised by Yurika's rarely seen serious side. Clan 
adjusted her glasses. While she might be surprised she would 
intently listen. 

"What is it, Yurika?" 

Koutarou turned towards Yurika to listen in as well. The other girls 
felt the change in atmosphere and stopped talking between each 
other to focus on Yurika. 

"You don't have to hold back. Just say it." 

"Yes, thank you. What I want to consult with everyone is about 

Yurika brought up her friend and teacher of magic. Her predecessor 
magical girl. Rainbow Nana. 


Maki's expression stiffened and distorted into a sad one. In the past, 
Nana had fought against Maki, or more precisely Darkness 
Rainbow, and sustained serious injuries, forcing her to retire. The 
current Maki regretted that, and Yurika wasn't blaming her either, 
but when Nana was brought up she inevitably felt sadness. 

"Uhm, Satomi-san, Darkness Rainbow's Maya-san that you fought 
against had a body made from machines from underground right?" 

"Yeah. It was made from the underground's spiritual energy 
technology, and most likely also the advanced science of 

Koutarou nodded and affirmed Yurika's words. ITe had previously 
confirmed that it was made using the underground's spiritual 
energy technology. And after Elexis' involvement was revealed in 
the decisive battle against the radical faction, he figured that it was 
very likely that the advanced scientific technology from Forthorthe 
might have been introduced to her body as well. 

"So with that... seeing as Maya-san could move arormd so well after 
being seriously injured, I figured that maybe Nana-san could be 
cured the same way." 

After a battle with Nana, Maya had suffered serious injuries and 
been forced to retire. Later on, Maki and the others defeated Nana. 
Nana too suffered serious injuries and Yurika ended up taking over 
her role. They had both been seriously injured. In that case, now 
that she could boldly borrow the power of both Forthorthe and the 
underground, Nana might be able to recover like Maya had. That 
was what Yurika was hoping for. 

"Nana was... your savior and teacher in magic, right, Yurika?" 


In the past Yurika had been attacked by a demon because she had 
an aptitude for magic. Nana saved Yurika and became her friend. 
And after many incidents, she was taught magic and succeeded 
Nana. To Yurika, Nana was someone incredibly important. 

"Kiriha-san, Theia, Clan. Could you do as Yurika says?" 

Koutarou made up his mind right away. Just her being Yurika's 
friend was reason enough to help her. But with her also being 
Yurika's savior, there was no reason for him fo even hesifate. 

"I know. A friend of Yurika's is a friend of mine. I will gladly help" 

Theia was the first to respond. Theia thought of Yurika as a precious 
friend and she had no reason to refuse her request. She had also 
heard about Nana saving Yurika in the past so she wanted to help 
for fhat reason as well. 

"I don't mind either. I was interested in the underground's 
technology anyways. And besides, I can't refuse a request directly 
from Bertorion." 

Clan agreed as well. She also simply wanted to be of help to Yurika, 
but with her twisted personality, her expression was more 

"What about you, Kiriha-san?" 

"I agree, of course. I'm sure it would be beneficial for everyone." 

Lastly, Kiriha also wanted to live up to Yurika's wishes. The girls of 
room 106 considered each other irreplaceable. It could be said that 
anyone's problem was all of their problem. If anyone was unhappy 
they would all suffer. That was something they wanted to avoid at 
all costs. 

"But I want you to wait a little. Since we will be offering the 
undergroimd's technology to the outside, I can't decide on my own. 
I have to consult with the chief first." 

While Kiriha was the commander of the surface invasion forces, she 
was not in control of the People of the Earth. Compared to Theia 
and Clan, she had less authority. As a result it would be difficult for 
her to supply them with something as confidential as spiritual 
energy technology at her own discretion. 

"Please do." 

Yurika bowed to Kiriha in a serious fashion. Considering her 
normal carefree attitude, just seeing her do that conveyed how 
strongly she felt for Nana. 

"Don't worry. I don't think anyone will object." 

While she didn't have the authority, Kiriha was optimistic. Since 
Yurika had contributed a lot to the showdown with the radical 
faction, the People of the Earth had no reason to refuse. Moreover, 
reviving Nana would also help with specifying the spiritual energy 
technology that had been given to Maya. 

"Isn't that great, Yurika?" 

"Yes. Thank you very much everyone." 

Thus, Koutarou and the others decided to cooperate to treat Nana. 

Part 4 

The country that magicians live in, the magical kingdom of Folsaria, 
was impossible to reach by walking, car, plane or boat. Folsaria 
existed in a different plane from this world, and magic was 
necessary to travel there. Similar to how Theia used a teleportation 
gate to travel between room 106 and the Blue Knight, people used 
magic to travel to Folsaria. The travel time was roughly the same as 

The complex geometrical pattern drawn on the concrete floor 
shined. The pattern glowed particularly strong in the center portion. 
From that light a single girl appeared. It was as if she was appearing 
from the surface of the water. 

"...I'm glad you're with us. Blue." 

It was a powerful voice belonging to Dark Crimson. The crimson 
magician who specialized in offensive magic belonged to Darkness 
Rainbow, a secret society of evil that was plotting to overthrow the 
country of Folsaria. After she fully appeared, she walked out of the 
geometrical pattern, the magic circle. And just as she had appeared, 
another girl appeared from the center of the magic circle. It was a 
short cut girl wearing dark blue clothes. 

"I just succeeded the previous generation so I wanted to get a good 
feel for it." 

The girl's voice was calm and her tone polite. Her expression was 
indifferent as well. Compared to the dynamic Crimson, she felt a lot 
less animated. She was Dark Blue, one of the leaders of Darkness 

Rainbow alongside Crimson. She specialized in blue magic, good 
for summoning and healing. 

Travelling from Folsaria to Kitsushouharukaze city required you to 
travel through a passage made with magic, since it consumed a lot 
of energy, one typically travelled through a permanent passage, 
though those were few in numbers. However, the girls weren't 
using one of those. Dark Blue had used her own magic to 
temporarily create a passage. This kind of special means of 
transportation was one of the things summoning magic could be 
used for. While she was somewhat inferior when it came to direct 
combat capabilities, when it came to support she held great power. 

"We're counting on you. This time you're the star." 

Following Dark Blue, another girl appeared. She had a calm voice 
like her, but rather than sounding indifferent, she had a more 
intellectual impression. Her favorite glasses only strengthened that 
impression. She was Dark Green. She was the magical girl who had 
attacked the girls of room 106 alongside Crimson. 

She specialized in illusions and fortune telling, in other words 
information manipulation, and when it came to intelligence she was 
far above the others. The plan this time was something Green had 
designed and she would be the one leading it. 

"I'll do my best." 

Blue nodded at Green's words and answered indifferently. Blue 
would play a major part in the plan that Green had devised. She 
hadn't been brought along just for transportation. However, Blue's 
reaction was lacking considering the expectation put into her. While 
she had said that she would give it her all, it was difficult to tell if 
she actually felt that way or not, leaving Green a little uneasy. 

"Don't worry. In the case something happens. I'll do something 
about it." 

Sensing that Green felt uneasy. Crimson showed a fearless smile. 
Even if Blue failed, as long as Crimson defeated the enemies there 
was no problem. Unlike Blue, Crimson was filled to the brim with 
confidence and motivation. Seeing that. Green sighed for some 

"Haah... even if you've obtained powerful magic, you're 
underestimating the enemy too much." 

Blue didn't have enough motivation while Crimson had too much 
of it. Green's ideal was somewhere in the middle, but neither of 
them seemed close to that. 

"I've waited this long because I'm not underestimating them. I've 
even developed and mastered new magic, I think I've endured for 
quite a while. That's why there's no way I'd lose." 

Using the knowledge of science and magic that Crimson had 
obtained through Maya and Elexis as her basis, she went through 
the magic she'd been using up imtil now and adjusted it to be more 
scientific and logical. As a result. Crimson gave birth to the third 
generation following ancient magic and modern magic. She had 
given this the name of scientific magic. She honestly believed that 
she had developed a new type of magic, that was just how much 
scientific magic surpassed conventional magic. 

The mechanisms of scientific magic wasn't all that different from 
modern magic. However, the built in scientific theories greatly 
improved upon their effect. An example of such would be the Ray 
of Sunshine spell. 

Like the name Ray of Sunshine suggested, the spell vaguely 
recreated the sun's light and the heat from that light burnt the 
enemy. However, with her obtained scientific knowledge. Crimson 
learned that there were many different wavelengths of light and 
having them overlap created white light. She also learned that when 
they overlapped there was a waste of energy. Therefore, Crimson 
reduced the wavelengths to a single one. There was no reason to 
create light with overlapping wavelengths. She only needed to 
create light with a single wavelength from the start. Because of this 
the power of the ray greatly improved, and the loss of energy was 
decreased, reducing the consumption of magical power, and adding 
the conserved magical power into the spell would cause the power 
to sky-rocket. 

That's why Crimson was so confident. There was no way she would 
lose to Koutarou or Yurika the way she was now. The straight¬ 
forward Crimson had something to back up her confidence. 

"The problem is that woman... Kurano Kiriha." 

Green on the other hand was cautious of Kiriha; whose talent was 
her brain. Her knowledge and intelligence was something to look 
out for. The reason Crimson and the others sought out scientific 
magic was because they had completely lost to Kiriha who couldn't 
use magic at all. 

Magic was but another facet of power. What mattered was how it 
was used. That was the lesson they had been taught by Kiriha, and 
even if they obtained scientific magic, there was still a chance that 
Kiriha's brain could surpass them. Who knows what kind of 
terrifying fate awaited them if Kiriha made good use of Yurika. 

"That's why we came up with this plan, right. Green?" 

"That's... true, but..." 

Since Green's future forecast had been defeated by Kiriha in the 
past, the trick was to make Kiriha unable to use her own power. If 
they made Kiriha unable to act, there were ways to fight the others. 
However, Green couldn't get rid of the anxiety she felt as the plan to 
incapacitate Kiriha was about to begin. The scar she had gotten after 
being defeated despite reading the future still remained. 

"Don't worry. We've gotten stronger and we already know that 
woman is dangerous. Besides, Blue is with us, and this is a plan 
you've come up with. Green. There's no way it'd end up the same 
way as before" 

"You're right. I'm sorry. I guess I was being a little too pessimistic." 

Green showed a faint smile as she was being cheered up. Crimson's 
positive way of thinking was a blessing when she was feeling 

Maybe because the enemy is too strong, but... thing’s have taken a strange 

Looking at Crimson and Green, Blue felt puzzled. 

The members in organization known as Darkness Rainbow 
originally had shallow bonds with one another. Others were to be 
used, you weren't meant to worry for them or support them. In fact, 
the decisive battle against Rainbow Nana was used to get rid of 
potential rivals. 

"Like Maki, you overthink things from time to time." 

"I'll try not to think. Just like you." 

"Are you making fim of me?" 



However, the behavior Crimson and Green were showing right 
now had begrm to deviate from that. Because their enemy was far 
too powerful, they had to cooperate in the true meaning of the 
word. If they tried using one another they wouldn't be able to defeat 
their foe. 

But yeah, there's no reason to use Crimson or Green right now. We can 
make deals later, but we can only fight now... 

Cooperation and alliances was originally their opposing 
organization. Rainbow Heart's field of expertise. While Blue foimd 
it mysterious that they would need it as well, she understood it was 
necessary. She also began thinking that she would need to 
cooperate as well if they wanted a chance of wirming. 


The center portion of Green's plan was to perform a large-scale 
ritual to unleash a powerful spell. That spell would serve as a 
preemptive strike to incapacitate Koutarou and the others. After 
that they would defeat them all one at a time. If they were all 
incapacitated Green's calculations told her that they should be able 
to defeat all of them with scientific magic. 

"Green, what are the chances of success?" 

Blue asked Green as she drew the magic circle. They were currently 
in a deserted house. It was wide enough for the spell, the roof was 
far up and the groimd was sturdy. It was somewhat old and dirty, 
but it was more than stable enough for the ritual. Blue's voice 
reverberated somewhat as it was absorbed into the wide space. 

"If it's a simple matter of victory and defeat than the chances of 
success is more than 80%." 

Green conveyed the future she had foreseen to Blue. 

Her future forecast allowed her to see all possible outcomes, 
including scenarios where they never fight or there was no 
conclusion to the fight. Adding all of those futures up, their chances 
of victory in a fight was somewhere around 25%, but that number 
wasn't what Blue was after. Their chances of losing the fight was 5% 
and subtracting that from the total, there was roughly aroimd an 
80% chance of success. 

"If it's 80% then we've pretty much won already. As long as we 
don't cut any corners that is." 

Crimson said as she stood up with her cane in hand. She had been 
helping out with the preparations of the magic circle, but she had a 
different job to do now. 

"Alright, then I'm off. I'll leave this side to you" 

"Are you fine going alone. Crimson?" 

"Green, you help Blue. You're the only one that uses those weird 
machines that the underground people handed over" 

"Alright, then leave this to us. Okay, Blue-san?" 


"Right, then I'll see you later." 

Crimson waved her hand and headed outside on her own. She had 
a job to do on the outside while the other two would create the 
magic circle. Being so active. Crimson much preferred to work 
outside over drawing a magic circle indoors. As she walked outside 
her steps naturally became lighter. 

Magician and Apprentice 


Wednesday, September 8 

The woman who once called herself a magical girl. Rainbow Nana 
was awfully small. She had a small stature to begin with but the 
artificial limbs that supplemented her body were imperfect, giving 
her a forward leaning posture. As a result her already small body 
looked even smaller and combined with her slow movements, she 
gave of the impression of an old woman. 

The reason her artificial limbs were imperfect was because the 
scientific level of her coimtry, the magical kingdom of Folsaria, was 
low. Thanks to the existence of magic, the scientific technology that 
should have been developed had fallen behind. Since there was a 
limit on human assets, with the advent of magic it was only 
inevitable for scientific development to be delayed. When it came to 
creating artificial limbs, pure scientific knowledge was required. 

The reason being that an academic approach was required to 
understand how joints were structured and how muscles moved. 
Without that, all that could be done was simply creating parts that 
were shaped like human limbs, making natural movement was all 
but impossible. The movement became imnatural, like that of a 
puppets. So with that in mind, even if Nana was moving like an old 
lady, it was still amazing that it was still so human-like. That was 
made possible thanks to Nana's extraordinary efforts. 

"Nice to meet you everyone. My name is Nana." 

It was a voice that clearly belonged to an adult woman, but gave off 
a very cute impression. Not many years had passed since Nana 

aged past 20. Hearing a voice like that come from someone who 
moved like an old woman with a cane confused Koutarou and the 
others a little. 

"Yurika-chan is always in your care." 

"Nana-san is my savior and teacher. Please get along well with 

Yurika supported Nana's body from the side. Appearance wise it 
looked like a grandmother and her granddaughter. 

No wonder Yurika is so desperate... to think she is just past her twenties. I 
feel so sorry for her... 

Looking at the two together, Koutarou finally understood why 
Yurika who had been so timid chose to fight as a magical girl. It 
wasn't simply because Nana was her savior. It was because she had 
been deprived of her duty as a magical girl and her happiness as a 
woman that even the Yurika from back then chose to fight. 

We definitely have to do something about this... both for Nana-san's and 
Yurika’s sake... 

Koutarou's desire to help Nana strengthened further. He didn't 
know what he could do, but he wanted to do anything he could. 
When Koutarou turned his eyes back from Yurika to Nana, he 
found her staring straight into his eyes. 

"So it really was you." 


Not understanding the meaning behind Nana's words, Koutarou 
was bewildered. Nana smiled as she used her right hand to grab at 
her let down hair. With many fingers of her hand being prosthetic it 
was a very awkward movement. But she finally managed to form a 
pigtail on one side of her head. 

"Maybe you can't tell because more than ten years have passed?" 

Seeing pigtails on side of Nana's head, Koutarou recalled the 
mysterious girl he had met 11 years in the past. She had matured 
and her face had changed quite a lot, but she still had resemblance 
of her old self. 

"You are... the girl I met in the mountains...?" 

"So you do remember. Nice to see you again, good necromancer." 

Happy that Koutarou remembered her, Nana smiled. To her, their 
meeting that night had been a special one, and she had never once 
forgotten it all these years. But since she didn't know if the same 
was true for Koutarou, she was happy that he still remembered. 

"So you were Nana-san." 

They had met on a mountain in the night, and she had helped when 
Kii, when Kiriha, had been kidnapped. Koutarou properly 
remembered her as well. He wasn't ungrateful, and since he had 
travelled through time it had just been a couple of months for him. 

"Huh? Satomi-san, are you and Nana-san acquainted?" 

"I wouldn't call us acquaintances, but... she helped me out eleven 
years in the past when I was on my way back home. When Kii-chan, 
I mean Kiriha-san, had been kidnapped" 

When Koutarou said those words, Kiriha showed a surprised look. 
She rushed up to Koutarou and Nana and hurriedly asked a 

"When you're talking about my kidnapping... do you mean she was 
the person who helped you in the back alley, Onii-chan!?" 

Since this wasn't something Kiriha could overlook, she was very 
shaken up. As proof of that, the nickname of 'Onii-chan' which she 
never used in front of others was mentioned. 

"Yeah. She took over for me and dealt with the people controlled by 
Maya, letting me go on ahead. That's why she's our savior." 

"Oh I see... Ah, no, ahem. So that's what happened. I'll have to 
extend my thanks to you as well." 

"Could you be the girl from that time?" 

Listening in on Koutarou and Kiriha, Nana realized who Kiriha 
was. When she did, she smiled even more happily. 

"Yes. Thank you very much for saving me on that occasion." 

Kiriha smiled in return and bowed deeply. She hadn't directly met 
with Nana before but she had heard about her helping from 
Koutarou. She couldn't be rude to her. 

"It's fine. That was my mission after all." 

The person she had saved was living happily even now. To Nana, 
there was nothing that could make her happier. Even though she 
had lost her power, Nana was still a magical girl at heart. 

"That's right, Sanae-chan. Nana-san is Kanae-san's friend!" 

"Mama's friend!? Now that I think about it, you and Mama know 
each other too. What relationship do you have?" 

"Yes. Kanae-san fought with Nana-san against bad people." 

"Just like us?" 

"That's right, that's right!" 

Having received important information from Yurika, Sanae rushed 
up to Nana. And unusually enough, she very politely bowed. 

"I'm Higashihongan Sanae. Thank you for taking care of mother." 

"My... Sanae-san, you've gotten energetic." 

Having realized who Sanae was, Nana rejoiced for her recovery. To 
Nana, Kanae was her best friend and older sister sort of mixed into 
one, and learning that Kanae's daughter had become healthy she 
felt truly happy for her. Even more so because Nana hadn't been 
able to save Sanae on her own. 

"Yeah. Yurika and everyone helped me." 

"Is that so?" 

Sanae only spoke in a polite tone for her greetings. Ever since Nana 
began smiling she had acted like her usual self. Since Sanae gave off 
a more energetic impression like that, Nana prefered her that way. 

"You're Mama's and Yurika's friend right?" 

"Yes. They are both my precious friends." 

"Then you and I are friends too. Let Miracle Sanae know whenever 
you're in trouble. I'll do something." 

"Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to it." 

"Yes! Leave it to me!" 

Sanae's simple and frank emotional display was easy for Nana to 
accept. With her also being Kanae's daughter, they were already 
friendly with one another. Linally, Sanae and Nana shook hands 
and once that was done, Sanae ran up to Koutarou. 

"Koutarou! Koutarou!" 

"What now, all of a sudden?" 

"Hurry up and help Nana." 

"Weren't you going to do that yourself?" 

"That's why I'm using my authority to make you do it." 

"...That's one way to go about it. But still, I feel the same way." 

Higashihongan Sanae, the purple housework helper of the Satomi 
band of knights. With her overwhelming authority and influence, 
she was in full control of the treatment of Nana. 

"But Koutarou..." 


"Looking at it like this, there is absolutely no reason for us not to 
help Nana." 

Theia who had silently been watching over them until now 
concluded thusly. 

Koutarou, Kiriha and Sanae had all been saved by Nana, and Yurika 
was Nana's apprentice. While Theia and Ruth had no direct 
connection with Nana, they had been helped out by her apprentice. 
The same could be said for Maki, Shizuka and Harumi. 

She had already saved many lives, and they were greatly indebted 
to her. There were no reasons not to treat her. If anything they had 
to give it their all to help her. This wasn't someone they could 
dismiss using excuses of secret technology. 

"Yeah, you're exactly right, Theia." 

"We can't have her laughing at us for being so ungrateful." 
"Absolutely... Nana-san." 


"Because of that, could you let us cure your body?" 

The residents of room 106 were all in agreement. They would create 
the best possible artificial limbs for Nana and give her back a 
healthy life. At the very least they would let her live the life of a 
woman in her later twenties. If they couldn't give her a life like the 

ones they lived themselves, the residents of room 106 couldn't be 
happy either. This wasn't just for Nana's sake, but for all of them. 

"...I would very much like to accept that. Thank you, everyone." 

After thinking for a moment, Nana quietly nodded, probably 
because she understood that. 

Part 2 

Roughly half of Nana's body had been remade with magic. The 
reason her body had turned out that way was because she had 
poured her magical power into the magic focus point within her 
body before allowing to explode. She had resolved herself to death 
when she rmleashed that attack, but through some strange twist of 
fate, she had evaded the grim reaper and was still alive to this day. 
However, having lost lost half of her body and her magic focus 
point she could no longer work as a magical girl. So she left 
Rainbow Heart and was now living a quiet life. 

Nana was currently onboard the Blue Knight, receiving an 
examination in order to create a new body for her. She had changed 
into a hospital gown and was lying down on a large bed. Around 
her were all kinds of machines and devices, examining the 
condition of her body. 

"Her spine seems to be curved. Maybe it's because of her 
mismatched artificial limbs. I believe we will need to take this into 
account when designing her new limbs" 

"Pardomshiha, let's take complete three-dimensional data of Nana- 
san while we're at it. We can cormteract her distorted frame by 
comparing the data to the average woman in her twenties." 

"Certainly, Clan-sama." 

Clan and Ruth were in charge of the scientific analysis of Nana's 
body. This was because they would be using Forthorthe's artificial 
limbs as the basic parts for Nana's body. Using Forthorthe's 
advanced science they should be able to create limbs that would 
allow Nana to move more naturally than she can with her current 
limbs made from magic. 

"Kiriha, Nana's spiritual energy flow is a mess." 

"That's not good. That would be a hindrance in her life and she 
won't be able to properly feel the surroimding hallowed grounds." 

The spiritual energy experts Kiriha and Sanae were in charge of the 
spiritual energy related work. Normally the two were frivolous or 
playing around, but right now they were taking work seriously. 
That's just how much they wanted to help Nana. 

"Karama, Korama, can you correct the flow using spiritual 

"We should be able to Fio." 

"But Ane-san, it will cost a lot of money ITo-!" 

"Money is not a problem. Take as much as you want from my 
personal assets." 

"Fiow generous ITo-!" 

"As expected of Ane-san ITo-!" 

"Sanae, can you bring the disordered spiritual energy flow into 
view? At least the parts that Karama and Korama can't pick up with 
their sensors" 

"Okay, leave it to me. I'll give it a shot." 

It wouldn't be all that hard to create a natural body using 
Forthorthe's science. Flowever with just pure science, they would 
simply end up with a mechanical body. In order for Nana to 
properly feel the gentle breeze of the wind, the warmth of srmshine 
or the smell of the forest they needed the People of the Earth's 
spiritual energy technology. Moreover, they probably also needed 
the support of magic. Erasing the sormd of the machinery operating 
and changing appearances was something magic was great for. 

In other words, the girls were trying to create a substitute for the 
living body by combining the technology of Eorthorthe and the 
underworld, and the magic of Eolsaria. They didn't want Nana to 
become a cyborg, but to return her to being a normal woman. That 
was the common wish of all the girls that had gathered here. 

"Since we're at it... I'd like to work on the externals as well. Maki, is 
it possible to keep skin cells healthy through magic?" 

"It's possible. You cast healing magic on the body, but if it's just the 
skin it won't take that much magical power. I believe it's possible 
with the magical power you can get out of the spiritual energy 

"Then let's spread skin cells over the surface. It would be such a 
bore if the artificial parts peeped through. Flelp me out, Maki." 

"Yes, Your Flighness." 

Theia and Maki were planning on how to make the artificial limbs 
look more human. For the sake, it would be best if artificial parts 
couldn't be seen. This was just a problem of feelings, but it should 
greatly affect Nana's psychic health. This too was a very feminine 
consideration. In this kind of field, magic had a chance to shine 
alongside science. 

The remaining three girls, Yurika, ITarumi and Shizuka, were 
handling a similar problem to that of Theia and Maki. 

"My outfit originally belonged to Nana-san, but I have touched up 
on it, so Nana-san can't wear it anymore." 

"Then let's prepare a new one. We'll base it on Yurika's outfit but 
give a more adult arrangement." 

"Nana-san is over 20 now, so she doesn't have that magical girl feel 
anymore after all." 

The three were working on a new outfit for Nana. She currently 
wore clothes that were easy to move in due to her handicap. So it 
was only obvious that she would want to wear something more 
fashionable as a woman. 

As the girls were all working hard on their own things, there was 
one person who wasn't working on Nana's body. It was the only 
man in the room, Koutarou. Instead he was wearing an apron and 
preparing dirmer on his own. 

"Blue Knight, why are you not joining the others in their work?" 

Alunaya who found that strange spoke to Koutarou through the 
crest on the back of his right hand. Koutarou stopped working on 

the food and looked at his crest like one would look at their wrist 

"Alunaya-dono, though it might be mechanical, that is still a 
woman's body. Don't you think it would be rude of me as a man to 
join in?" 

"I see. This is that thing isn't it? Tact. My niece always gets angry at me 
over that." 

The impression of Alunaya cheerfully laughing was conveyed 
through the crest. When conversing through the crest, words were 
not needed. Koutarou was only speaking because he was unused to 
having a conversation in his head. 

"Yes, that's right. We're intending to create a real body for Nana-san 
after all" 

"Tact and obstinacy, huh? So that's why you’re on dinner making duty." 
"This is important work that someone has to do." 

"That apron suits you well, surprisingly." 

"Ahaha, thank you, Alunaya-dono" 

Taking part in Nana's medical checkup and creating her artificial 
limbs could be considered seeing her naked. With that in mind, she 
probably wouldn't want a man around, and so Koutarou 
volimtarily offered to work on chores. Moreover, Koutarou was 
sadly just a high school student. Unlike the girls, there wasn't much 
he could do for her. 

"Okay, I'm going back to work now." 

"Yes, I'm sorry for interrupting." 

After their discussion ended, Koutarou adjusted the position of his 
apron and got back to work. Alunaya looked at him work through 
Shizuka's eyes. He then muttered to himself so that Koutarou 
couldn't hear. 


"He's as overly serious as always." 

That voice reached Shizuka whom he was living inside of. In 
response, Shizuka laughed partly for fun and partly out of 

"You think so too. Uncle?" 


"Girls don't mind if someone as considerate as that sees their body." 
"Because he has tact, huh." 

"Yeah. But Satomi-kun, stubbornly doesn't accept that. He goes on 
about rules or morality, he's so thickheaded..." 

Shizuka smiled wryly and dropped her shoulders. There was 
hardly any difference between letting a doctor see your body and 
letting someone considerate see it. Yet Koutarou refused. There was 
a limit to how far you had to go to uphold the rules and going 
beyond that would only cause him to lose out. Shizuka was a little 
irritated at Koutarou who was just too awkward. 

"He isn’t unaccepting because it would break rules or morals." 


"He can't accept the very reality that the girl called Nana can't live a 
normal life. That's why he won't join in. The Blue Knight wants to believe 
that you girls are creating a real body." 

Thanks to the crest where even feelings were transmitted, Alimaya 
had realized Koutarou's true intentions. Koutarou wasn't actually 

too hung up on rules and morals, he simply couldn't accept that 
Nana was unfortunate. That's why the artificial limbs that the girls 
were creating had to be real. Koutarou had to treat it like a real 
woman's body. He believed that these artificial limbs would be able 
to give Nana a happy life. 

"Why do boys live like that I wonder..." 

Shizuka found herself instinctively sighing from Koutarou simply 
being too awkward and straight. 

"Even though you say that, you seem happy, Shizuka." 

"Well, I am happy after all." 

However, after sighing, Shizuka was smiling as she reaffirmed how 
happy she was to have fallen for Koutarou. He was so awkward 
and could only walk straight forward, and Shizuka loved him for it. 

"If I were to guess... is it because you wish to breed?" 

"I have no intentions of that as of now!!" 

However, because Alrmaya's following words were far too tactless, 
Shizuka's bright emotions were swept away somewhere. 

Part 3 

While Koutarou's cooking couldn't compare to Kiriha's or Ruth's, 
everyone was grateful to be able to eat directly after finishing work. 
Because the recipes Koutarou had learned in the past Forthorthe 
were to be eaten during travel, much of the food was easy to eat 
during break periods. 

Afterwards, Koutarou was mostly in charge of other chores so that 
the girls could work more easily. Since he didn't have any useful 
skills or womanly sensibilities, he believed it was better this way 
and he held dissatisfaction over his role. Moreover since this was 
something Ruth and the others normally did, he understood the 
meaning of it well. 

However, there was one matter were Koutarou's opinion was 

"Koutarou, come over here." 


When Theia called Koutarou over her put down his broom and 
quickly walked up to the girls. 

"Are you hungry again? Or would you like some coffee?" 

"No, it's not like that." 

Koutarou was sure this was another chore to do, but Theia shook 
her head. Instead, she pointed to the hologram floating in the air. 

"We want your opinion on the combat system" 

Theia and the others had called for Koutarou because they wanted 
his opinion on the design of the systems that moved the body. 

Whenever there was battle, the girls all fought using their own 
power. However, Koutarou used science, spiritual energy and 
magic all at once. As a result, Nana would likely move similar to 
Koutarou once her body was complete. That's why his opinion on 
this matter was necessary. 

"She won't need a combat system, right?" 

While what Theia was saying was justifiable, Koutarou shook his 
head. Nana had fought enough, so expecting her to fight even more 
was cruel. Koutarou believed that a combat system was 
unnecessary for Nana's new body. 

"I think so too, but Darkness Rainbow might not see it that way." 

Theia looked down with a sad expression. She felt the same way 
Koutarou did, that Nana should only need to chase after happiness. 
However, if Darkness Rainbow learns that Nana has recovered, 
there was a high chance they might attack. They would inevitably 
believe that she would have the power to fight. The circumstances 
would change from now, where she was visibly handicapped. 

"...So they won't leave her be..." 

"Satomi-kun, this might sound strange coming from me, but... 
defeating Darkness Rainbow is the fastest way to keep Nana, no, 
Nana-san from fighting. But until then, I believe she needs a means 
to protect herself." 

Maki, the former Dark Navy, backed up Theia's opinion. Having 
been a leader of Darkness Rainbow, her words were convincing. As 
a result, Koutarou reluctantly accepted their opinion. 

"Okay, so what do you want to know?" 

"First off all, since her body will be strengthened by spiritual 
energy, in the case that she moves faster than the maneuver suit—" 

Koutarou joined in with the girls and began discussing about 
Nana's body. If possible he wanted to stay out of talking about a 

woman's body, but since this was regarding combat, and on the 
software side of things, he didn't feel that much resistance to it. 

Part 4 

When Koutarou joined in, some others stepped out. They were 
Nana herself and Yurika. With Nana's medical checkup and data 
collection over, Yurika wanted to bring her to a different room. 
Yurika wanted Nana to get some rest since she had been getting a 
medical check up since morning, but Koutarou and the others were 
in the middle of a discussion in this room, so she decided on going 
to a different room. 

"Nana-san, let's go!" 

"Yurika-chan, it's dangerous to go that fast" 

"It's okay!" 

Yurika pushed the movable bed that Nana was lying on and ran 
towards the Blue Knight's hallway. Yurika was weak, but the bed 
was floating on the air thanks to the Blue Knight's power, so it was 
possible for her to run at full speed despite pushing. 

"Last time I tried with luggage it stopped on its own before hitting a 

"So you've already crashed. Fufufu." 

"I didn't crash. It stopped on its own after all." 

"Fufufu, you're right." 

It would have been normal for a handicapped person to feel fear 
when being treated this carelessly, but former magical girl of 
Rainbow Heart, Nana show no signs of such fear as she happily 

"Take that! High speed cornering!" 

"Kya Kya!!" 

The two were making quite a fuss as Yurika ran, but they safely 
reached their destination, the cabin. By the way, the reason why 
Yurika didn't hesitate or got lost wasn't because she knew the 
layout of the Blue Knight, but rather because there were lights on 
the floor guiding her. 

"This is Nana-san's room." 

"It's awfully big." 

Yurika had taken Nana to one of the guest cabins reserved for 
visitors. Since this was for special visitors, it was very big room with 
a substantial amount of furniture. 

"Theia-chan is rich after all." 

"...I don't think this is on the level of rich..." 

Nana could tell at first glance that this was an abnormally luxurious 
room and was quite surprised by that, but Yurika on the other hand 
showed no signs of being intimidated by the luxurious Forthorthe- 
style furniture and boldly entered the room as she pushed Nana. 
Meanwhile Nana felt like her heart would stop every time Yurika 
almost ran into the expensive looking furniture. 

Does Yurika-chan really get it...? 

Nana wondered if Yurika was being so bold because she was so 
close to Theia or if it was because their culture was so different that 
she didn't understand the value of the items. Though Nana feared 
that it was the latter. 

"Okay, let's move over to this bed, Nana-san." 


Yurika brought Nana all the way to the bed in the back of the room 
and urged her to switch over with a smile. Nana wondered just how 
much that bed was worth as she slowly moved over from bed to 
bed. The movable bed automatically adjusted its height to the bed 
in the room, making it easier for Nana to move. 

"Good work, Nana-san." 

Yurika smiled as Nana laid down and pulled a blanket over her. 
Nana-san was still small... 

Having met for the first time in a while, Nana looked very small to 
Yurika. It was less because of her size and more because of her 
weak impression caused by her dull movements. The moment she 
noticed that, Yurika's smiled turned sadder. 

"...You can take the rest of the day easy. It looks like there will be 
more analyzing and measuring, but they're scheduled for tomorrow 

However, Yurika didn't want Nana to notice that and tried to retain 
her normal smile. Her efforts paid off as she remained sad for a few 

"Yurika-chan, there's no need for you to be sad." 

However, Nana had known Yurika for long. She didn't overlook the 
sad smile that had shown on Yurika's face for mere moments. 


Yurika's eyes shot wide open in surprise. However, she soon 
recalled that she had never been good at hiding secrets from Nana. 
She was her master and her precious best friend. If Nana had been 
healthy, Yurika would have picked her during last year's scavenger 

"...But... Nana-san, because of me, you..." 

Yurika bit her lip. 

That was something that happened over a year ago. Yurika was 
captured by Darkness Rainbow and used as a hostage against Nana. 
With Yurika as a hostage, Nana was in great danger as she couldn't 
put up any resistance. In order to escape from that situation, Nana 
caused the magical power inside of her to nm rampant to blow 
herself up. Darkness Rainbow didn't expect Nana going so far for 
Yurika's sake and took the brunt of the attack. 

Fortunately, Nana and Yurika were able to return alive, but the 
price to pay was far too big. Nana lost several parts of her body, and 
even with those parts replaced with magical limbs, she still lived an 
uncomfortable life. On top of that, she lost her ability to accumulate 

magical power and use magic. In order to save Yurika's life, Nana 
had given up her ability to fight and her ability to use magic. 

"That wasn't because of you. It's Darkness Rainbow's fault for using 
a hostage. It's nothing for you to worry about." 

Even though she had lost her ability to freely move her body and 
use magic, Nana was still a magical girl at heart, and there was 
nothing more important to her than the life of her friend. That's why 
Nana didn't regret anything and had no intention of blaming 

"Nana-san is right, Yurika." 

That was when someone who supported Nana entered the room. 

"If anything, Nana-san should be blaming me." 


Maki entered the room. She wanted to speak with Nana, and since it 
was something difficult to talk about in front of Koutarou and the 
girls of room 106 , she had been waiting for her chance. 

"Yurika, it was us Darkness Rainbow that captured you. We were 
the ones that used you to comer Nana-san. That's why I'm the one 
that should be sad and apologizing." 

When Nana blew herself up, Maki had been there as a member of 
Darkness Rainbow. Since she had been some distance away from 
Nana the explosion hadn't caused that much damage to her, but 
even then she hadn't suffered light wounds. Taking her injured 
companions with her to escape was the best she could do. 


Maki stood next to Yurika and looked at Nana lying down. Deep 
sadness and regret filled her eyes. It was as if Yurika's feelings from 
moments ago moved over to Maki. 

"I'm sorry for doing such terrible things. Darkness Rainbow was... 
no, the me back then didn't know what I wanted. That's why I 
eliminated everything I didn't like as a paradoxically attempt to 
obtain everything I wanted." 

What Maki truly wanted was love, but she was unaware of that 
herself and used the power of magic to manipulate minds in an 
attempt to forcibly make lies and betrayal useless. If she eliminated 
everything she found displeasing, she should be able to reach her 
desired outcome. Having lost sight of what she truly wanted, Maki 
let her feelings run amok and devoted herself to her short sighted 

"I got you two involved because of my own self-centered feelings." 

That had been the reason as to why Maki had been misusing magic, 
and the other six leaders of Darkness Rainbow should more or less 
have similar feelings running amok. As a result, that lead to 
violence, causing them to become hostile towards Nana and 
Rainbow Heart. Which in the end caused Nana to receive a wound 
that wouldn't heal. 

"I know this isn't something that could be forgiven just by 
apologizing, but I wanted to properly say I'm sorry. I am so very 
sorry, Nana-san." 

Meeting with Koutarou and the others, Maki realized that she 
sought after love. That had been why she used magic to eliminate 

lies and betrayal. However, that would only ever breed fear and 
rejection. The current Maki understood that, which was why she 
knew that she had to treasure the love that appeared in front of her. 
Thanks to that, Maki understood her own mistakes and sin, and 
was able to confront it. One could say that the handicapped Nana 
was the very symbol of Maki's sin. Maki was currently facing that 
straight on. 

"Navy... no, Maki-san. I forgive you." 

Nana forgave Maki. Without making a single grudgeful remark, in 
fact she seemed truly happy as she smiled. 


Maki was dumbfoimded by Nana's smile. Since Nana had become 
handicapped because of her and the others of Darkness Rainbow, 
Maki suspected that Nana must at least have some negative feelings 
towards her, but Nana was smiling and Maki couldn't understand 

"I was the magician of love and courage. While I might hate the sin, 
I won't hate the person. Love forgives all... I consider myself 
Rainbow Nana even now." 

Nana took pride in having been an arc wizard of Rainbow Heart 
and what she had done. Even now that she had retired from duty, 
her feelings hadn't changed whatsoever. Nana didn't regret having 
become handicapped in the slightest, because it had been necessary 
for Rainbow Nana. 

"That's right, Maki-chan. You being here is proof that Nana-san was 


The end result of that was that Yurika was brought to Koutarou and 
Maki was saved from Darkness Rainbow, or possibly from 
loneliness itself. Looking at just that point, Nana was convinced that 
her decision was correct like Yurika had said. Nana was still 
Rainbow Nana even now. Her body didn't move like she wanted 
but love and courage was still within her. 



"I feel like I finally understand the reason why I could never beat 
you or Yurika." 

"Now that you do. I'm sure you could win against me or Yurika- 

"...That might be true..." 

Maki wiped at the comer of her eyes and finally showed a smile. 
Yurika and Nana watching over her, showed smiles as well. They 
all knew that Nana had been right. Anger and hate was unnecessary 
for them. Even more so now that Nana's body was being healed. 

"Nana-san, Yurika... thank you, for forgiving me..." 

Maki had walked down the wrong path in life, but she had safely 
been able to change ways. 


As the atmosphere in the room grew more quiet, one more visitor 


The person who appeared was Sanae's mother, Kanae. She jumped 
into the room and ran up to the bed. Since Kanae was Nana's old 
friend, tears filled her eyes when she saw her lying on the bed. 

"Kanae-san!? Why are you here!?" 

Nana who had always been smiling up rmtil now, showed a 
shocked expression. She hadn't imagined that Kanae would show 
up here. 

"I heard from my daughter that you were here and came running!" 

Kanae seemingly thrust the others aside as she came up to the 
bedside, grabbing a hold of Nana's small hand. Kanae hadn't spent 
that much time together with Nana, but to her, Nana was not only a 
friend, but also like a sister or daughter to her. Having met Nana for 
the first time in a long while, Kanae was more excited than usual 
and that was the reason for the normally strict on maimers mother 
had thrust aside Yurika and the others. 

"What's with you, if you got hurt and had to retired you should 
have said so! You made me worry so much for nothing!" 

The biggest problem Kanae had was that ever since Nana had 
vanished, she had never heard anything more from Nana. As a 
result, Kanae was worried that Nana might have died in battle. 

"T-That's because if I carelessly contacted you then Darkness 
Rainbow would—" 

Nana's previous confident attitude seemed like a dream as she was 
incoherent. Just like Kanae treasured Nana; Nana also treasured 
Kanae. Kanae had the power to return Nana to a normal girl. That 
was just how strong their bond was. 

"Quiet you! What are you so scared of Darkness Rainbow for!" 
"But, it's dange—" 

"I'm much more worried if you are okay or not! You really are 

Kanae pulled on Nana's hand to draw her closer before hugging 
her. That was the kind of person Nana was to Kanae. Even though 
more than ten years had passed, those feelings remained the same. 


"You have something to say don't you?" 

"I-I'm sorry." 


"Ah... uhm, I-I'm back..." 

After thinking for a moment, Nana whispered with reservation. At 
the same time she hugged Kanae back with her real right hand. As 
if responding to that, Kanae strengthened her embrace on Nana. 

"...Welcome back, Nana-chan. I'm so glad you're okay..." 

While they had only been together for a short time, Nana was 
someone special to Kanae and they had shared joys and sorrows. 
Now that she had returned, Kanae was rmable to keep her tears 
from overflowing. 

Part 6 

"Yurika-chan, you didn't tell Kanae-san that I was okay?" 

"I did tell her. That you had been seriously injured and that I took 
over your role." 

"If you put it like that it makes it sound like she's died or is on the 
verge of death!!" 

Nana, Yurika and Kanae continued chatting on for a while. Maki 
watched over them for a while before realizing that she was better 
off not being here. While she had been forgiven, she had once been 
their enemy. There were certainly things they couldn't talk about in 
front of Maki. That's why she slowly distanced herself from the bed 
without letting the others realize it and headed towards the exit of 
the cabin. 

"Kanae-san you worry too much." 

"At least explain it properly before you tell me that!" 

"Now, now, Kanae-san, calm down..." 

Fortunately, none of the three noticed Maki leaving the cabin as 
they cheerfully continued talking. Maki took one last look at their 
happy smiles before quietly leaving the room. 

After entering the passage, Maki leaned against the wall and lost 
herself in thought. 

Old friends, huh... 

Darkness Rainbow was an organization that lacked bonds, instead 
they use each other. Because of that, there was nothing like 
friendship between the members. However, there was one person 
that Maki could call a friend. 

I wonder if Crimson is worrying about me... 

That was Dark Crimson. She was the simplest of the members in 
Darkness Rainbow, and being strong was her only desire. Her 
simplistic way of thinking and desire matched well with Maki's 
hate for lies and betrayal and the two respected one another. Not 
even Maki knew if that was even enough to call her a friend. 
However, she vaguely hoped that she could. At the same time, she 
felt sorry if she was making Crimson worry. 

No... I might be having thinking about this too conveniently... 

Crimson was a member of Darkness Rainbow. She wouldn't give up 
her way of life like Maki. 

There's no friends that would worry about — 

And just as Maki was muttering something sad to herself— 


—she was suddenly attacked by someone. 


Her arm was grabbed and twisted upwards, a simple joint lock. 
Maki was a trained soldier, so normally she would notice it before 
she was approached. She was an indigo magician that could 
manipulate minds. However, the person that had performed the 
joint lock had so little hostility within them that they had easily 
slipped through Maki's caution. 

"How about it, do you give up!?" 


Upon hearing that voice, Maki realized it belonged to Shizuka. She 
also realized that she hadn't noticed Shizuka not just because there 
was no hostility within her, but because she was also a martial arts 
expert. If a master without hostility killed their presence and closed 
in, there was nothing she could do. 

"What's with that dark expression- take that, and that-" 

"Ow, ow ow ow" 

Shizuka seemed strangely happy as she twisted Maki. However, 
since she had no intention of actually hurting Maki, she restrained 
herself so that Maki only felt some pain. 

"W-What are you doing!?" 

"I can't try out some moves without a reason?" 

"N-Not normally, no!" 

"Then it's probably because we're not normal." 


Not normal. Hearing those words, Maki understood what Shizuka 
was doing. Shizuka had worried for Maki and had come to take a 
look at her. She had noticed Maki leaving the group with a 
brooding expression. There was only one reason why Maki would 
do that, which was why Shizuka could easily find her and put her 
in joint lock. 

"Cheer up, Aika-san! No matter what you're worrying about, we're 
with you!" 

"Kasagi-san... no. I'm fine now." 


"Yes. How should I say this... when I'm like this, I feel embarrassed 
over my short-sightedness." 

There were no friends that would worry about her. That was how 
Maki thought as she only thought about her past in Darkness 
Rainbow. But the truth was different. Maki had many friends, and 
in fact, Shizuka had come here, worried for her. There was no need 
for her to feel envious of Yurika and the others. 

"Then that's good... Eii!" 

"Ow ow ow, w-whyi? A-Aren't you done!?" 

"This is more about a martial artist's curiosity now. I was 
wondering how you will escape this, Aika-san." 

"Then let me live up to your expectations!" 

A smile returned to Maki's face as she counter attacked Shizuka. 
Having received a lot of training as a soldier, she had several ways 

to break free from a joint lock. As she attempted her counter attack 
on Shizuka, she thought to herself. 

I think might have liked being able to do this kind of thing with Crimson 

Maki thought of former ally who was now far away. If fate had let 
them travel down a different path, she might have been able to 
smile together with her like this. When she thought of it like that, 
Maki felt just a little sadder. 

The Beginning 


Monday, September 13 

Nana's new body was something that would be completed in a day 
or two. Koutarou and the others lived their normal lives as they 
gradually built her body. Since the discussion regarding the combat 
system was done, Koutarou returned to doing chores. Right now he 
was out buying food for foday's dirmer. Normally Kiriha, Ruth, 
Harumi or Shizuka most often went out to buy ingredients in a 
group that varied, but they were currently busy so only one of them 
went out with Koutarou. She was holding Koutarou's arm and 
quietly drew close to him. 

"Hello, Kiriha-san" 

"Hello, Obaa-san" 

"Kiriha-san, we just stocked up on some new tea leaves. You can 
take some with you for free if you give me your impression affer 
you've tried it" 

"Thank you very much" 

"Oh, Kiriha-chan, out on a date with your boyfriend foday?" 

Kiriha gof along well with the people in the shopping district. Just 
from walking down the street all kinds of people called out to them; 
it varied from greetings to consultations to banter. Just listening to 
them, Koutarou could tell how well Kiriha and the people in the 
shopping district got along. 

Her invasion is progressing smoothly. Good... 

This was proof of how well Kiriha's invasion was going. It was a 
peaceful invasion where in the end everyone would hold hands and 
respect one another. Koutarou still didn't know if it could be called 
an invasion, but he was happy that it was proceeding smoothly. 
That's why he smiled as Kiriha spoke to the people of the city. 

"Yes, we're on a date!" 


However, Kiriha's bold remark blew away Koutarou's joyous 
emotions. Because he had spoken with his father and Kenji, 
Koutarou had started getting more conscious of the girls of room 
106. As a result, he was somewhat shaken up when Kiriha declared 
that they were on a date. 

"That's an awfully normal boy you picked for yourself, Kiriha- 

"I think normalness is important in the end. Besides, our memories 
are special" 

"Well said... Gaaah, it's great to be young! Damn, good for you, 


"What are you saying!?" 

"Ah, no, I didn't mean it that way!!" 

The owner of the grocer's shop that was talking to Koutarou and 
Kiriha was caught by his wife and scolded. As a result, Koutarou 
and Kiriha were back to just the two of them again. 

"Fufu, as I thought, being like this makes it look like we're on a 

Kiriha glanced back towards the grocer's shop and smiled as she 
embraced Koutarou's arm again and moved closer. As she did, the 
smell of flowers tickled Koutarou's nose. It was most likely the 
smell of the shampoo or perfume that Kiriha was using, but 
Koutarou couldn't make a distinction between them. However, the 
faint smell wasn't overwhelming, and served to strengthen Kiriha's 
calming impression. 

"We're only out to buy food for dinner" 

"But it's still a splendid date. A man and a woman in such a 
relationship, or on their way to such a relationship, spending time 
together like this is called a date" 

Kiriha smiled as she spoke and strengthened her grip around 
Koutarou's arm. To her, whenever she was with Koutarou she was 
always in the middle of a date. 

"Of course, it would be a different story if you didn't hold any 
romantic feelings towards me" 

But when Kiriha said that she wasn't smiling. Koutarou not having 
any romantic feelings for her was Kiriha's only fear. 

"So much has happened between us. I've seen your good and bad 
sides and we've supported each other several times... with all that, 
there's no way I don't feel anything for you" 

Since Kiriha looked so lonely, Koutarou honestly spoke his mind. 
The memories they had built up this year and a half were plentiful. 
Amongst them were many things that could let them progress 
towards a romantic relationship. That's why it would be a lie if 
Koutarou were to say he felt nothing for Kiriha. 

"Then a date is an apt description" 

A smile returned to Kiriha's lips and she looked up at Koutarou, 
pressing her body even closer towards him. She was so close that if 
she stretched her back a little further their lips would touch. 

"...Feelings aside, would buying ingredients for dirmer even count 
as that?" 

Koutarou was happy to see Kiriha smile again, but he was too 
embarrassed that this was a date, being a boy in puberty after all. 

Fie couldn't help but let a wry comment leak past his lips. 

"Then let's treat this as mischievousness" 

Kiriha hugged Koutarou from the front. In the end Kiriha was one 
step above Koutarou. If it wasn't a date, then it was 
mischievousness. If it was something that only lovers could do, then 
it could still be forgiven if it was simply Kiriha being mischievous. 

"I'm sorry for always troubling you" 

Kiriha looked up at Koutarou from point blank range. Fler eyes 
were moist and the reflection of Koutarou in them was wavering. It 
was quite clear that this was not her being mischievous. 

"Geez... people like you could be called imps" 


"Because you're only saying that because you know it's not 
bothering me" 

Just a few months ago, Koutarou probably would have been 
troubled by Kiriha's actions. However, after speaking with 
Yuuichirou and Kenji, Koutarou had reached the conclusion that he 
needed Kiriha and the others. And that realization allowed 
Koutarou to understand Kiriha's intentions more deeply. 

"The truth is. I'm actually hoping you will counterattack" 

If Koutarou were to do anything at this point, he could blame it on 
Kiriha's mischievousness provoking him. Letting him shift all of the 
blame of whatever happened onto her. In other words, this wasn't 
some normal mischievousness, but rather a free pass in the disguise 
of mischievousness. 

"...If you live like that you'll lose out" 

Knowing that, Koutarou couldn't take any thoughtless actions. He 
placed his hands on Kiriha's shoulders and pushed her back a little. 
Since he treasured her, this kind of action was necessary. If he was 
swept away by the feelings on the surface, he would lose sight of 
what he really needed to treasure. 

"Fufu, you haven't noticed, have you, Koutarou?" 

Despite being rejected, Kiriha smiled happily, as if she had wanted 
Koutarou to do this. 

"Notice what?" 

"That you treasure us more than a normal boyfriend treasures his 

Though Kiriha hadn't expected this action, it proved to surpass her 

This action proved that once Koutarou made something fit for a 
lover, he would take responsibility himself. Moreover, not doing 
anything thoughtless to Kiriha despite them being so intimate was 
practically the same as saying that he truly loved her. 

"What you aren't doing for us is clearly defining yourself as our 
lover or any direct expressions of love. You do everything other 
than that. Even more than a normal lover would" 


Koutarou found all nine girls important to him. That's why he 
wanted them to be happy and wouldn't hesitate to make it happen. 
He had reason enough to put his life on the line for them and he 
wouldn't hesitate to do so. The same could be said for the girls. In 
other words, Koutarou and the girls felt for each other, trusted each 
other and supported each other. If anyone was in danger the others 
wouldn't hesitate to offer their lives. Koutarou and the others 
relationship had already surpassed that of friendship and was 
reaching the level of family. 

Becoming lovers or marrying could be said as welcoming strangers 
into your life as family. However, Koutarou had already done 
something similar with the girls. While he was protecting the 
pretext that they were now lovers, the distance between him and 
the girls was surprisingly short. 

The question was if even lovers were this close. Kiriha didn't believe 
they were. 

"Your hands tells me everything. Just why did these hands push me 
away? Because you hate me?" 


Koutarou couldn't refute Kiriha. If they had just been friends, he 
could have followed the flow and taken action. She had prepared 
the free pass by the name of mischievousness for that reason. 
However, since he treasured her, he couldn't. He didn't want to 
push such an unfortunate role onto her. 

"That's why I won't lose out even if I live like this. The reason for 
that is because you are so considerate of me" 

Kiriha said and smiled. A deep sense of love and trust gleamed in 
her eyes. She believed that she would absolutely find happiness as 
long as she was with Koutarou. 

"...I lose, Kiriha. Geez..." 

Koutarou raised the white flag. Listening to her words, he started 
feeling like he wanted to live up to her expectation and trust. 

"Then... you admit that this is a date?" 

"Yeah, unwillingly" 

"Unwillingly, huh. Fufufufu..." 



Kiriha knew that Koutarou calling it unwilling was something his 
pride as a man made him say, but she didn't push it further. She 
believed a good woman was someone who let a man save face. 

Part 2 

Koutarou and Kiriha bought ingredients for today's dinners for a 
while. Kiriha had called if a date, and the two were certainly 
intimate enough to make everyone looking believe just that. 



"Do you prefer a normal apron or a kappogi^?" 

"Why would you ask thaf all of a sudden?" 

"1 wanted to know which one you'd like me to wear" 

"Doesn't it depend on what you're making? An apron for European 
food and a kappogi for Japanese food" 

"1 didn't mean it like that. When you come home to room 106, 
which one would you like me to welcome you home in" 


"Just tell me" 

"...A-An apron, 1 guess" 


"An apron has a more active impression" 

1 A gown-like apron originating from Japan 

"You mean I look like a tomboy?" 

"That's what I mean" 

The People of the Earth's problem with the radical faction had been 
resolved and their peaceful invasion of the surface was gradually 
progressing. As a result, the workload on the commander, Kiriha, 
was greatly decreasing giving her more time to act like a normal 
girl. You could say that Kii, who had been bottled up, was being set 
free. As a result, while Kiriha still remained calm and dignified, she 
would sometimes unleash her cute and energetic side like a surprise 

"Fufufu, you mean you're not forgetting about Kii" 


"...It's not?" 

"...You're not wrong, but..." 

"Fufufu. I love you, Onii-chan" 

"H-Hey... everyone is looking" 

"It's fine!" 

Koutarou found himself attracted to that new side - more precisely 
it was her original side - of Kiriha's. He wanted to see this part of 
her as well. Just like how he didn't want to see Yurika as a magical 
girl, he didn't want to see Kiriha as a commander. 

"Now that I think about it, Kii-chan had likes and dislikes, but... has 
Kiriha-san's dislikes gone away? Tike green pepper" 

"Actually, I still don't like them, but I endure and eat them" 

"You can be pretty enduring after all... You don't have to eat it 
when it's just the two of us" 

"Fufu, how reassuring" 

The two's final stop was the greengrocer. Since vegetables for nine 
people was heavy, they always saved it for last. As they entered, the 
store keeper greeted them with an energetic voice. 

"Welcome! Thanks for your patronage as always, Kiriha-chan!" 

"Thank you for always adding in a little extra too" 

Like with the other shops on the shopping district, the owners of 
this one was familiar with Kiriha as well. Kiriha preferred to use 
this shop for vegetables over the super market. The vegetables here 
were far superior to the super market in terms of freshness and 

"So what did you come to buy today?" 

"Green pepper, eggplants and onions. I was thinking of stuffing 
them with meat. So I also want some vegetables to use as salad. Let 
me know if you have any recommendations" 

Kiriha let the shopkeep know her wishes and held Koutarou's hand 
so that the shopkeep couldn't see. Since Koutarou knew that she 
was continuing the topic that they had been on a moment ago, and 
smiled as he squeezed her hand back. 

"I've got some good radish sprouts and lettuce in today" 

"Then I'll have those" 

"Good. Then it's green pepper, eggplants, onions, radish sprouts 
and lettuce" 

The greengrocer filled a plastic bag with the vegetables Kiriha was 
after, however he stopped in the middle of it. 

"That's right, Kiriha-chan" 


"If you see my daughter on your way back, would you let her know 
to hurry on home?" 

The greengrocer had a daughter. Kiriha had gotten familiar with 
her through her volunteer work at the hero show. When she spotted 
Kiriha she would flash a brilliant smile and run up to her. However, 
that energeticness could be problematic as well, as the sun was 
already starting to set, but she hadn't come home yet. 

"I understand. I'll let her know if I see her" 

"Thank you, Kiriha-chan" 

"No... I should be the one thanking you" 

The greengrocer gave his thanks as he handed over the plastic bag. 

It didn't just contain the requested vegetables but also a bunch of 
extras. Kiriha gratefully accepted the bag and politely thanked the 
greengrocer back before she and Koutarou left for home. 

Part 3 

In room 106, Kiriha wasn't the only one who disliked green pepper, 
but also Sanae and Yurika. 

"Koutarou, if you love me then eat my green pepper for me!" 


"Aaaah, no, that's not what I meant! Let go! The taste is transferring 
over! Nooooooooooo!!" 

"Have these too" 

"Y-Yurika, y-you! Gueeeh, i-in that case, you're going down with 


"Eat even more, Koutarou!" 


"Kyaaaaa! M-My mouth is being filled with the taste of green 

The moment they realized that today's dirmer was green pepper 
stuffed with meat, Sanae and Yurika both decided to only eat the 
meat and leave the green pepper to Koutarou. However, their plan 
failed right away as Koutarou caught Sanae and forcibly 
transmitted the taste of green pepper to her through spiritual 
energy. Yurika was then promptly caught by Sanae and forced to 
share senses. 

"What are those two doing...?" 

Dumbfounded by Sanae and Yurika writhing in agony, Theia ate 
her meat stuffed green pepper. The Mastir territory that Theia came 
from was rich in farm produce, amongst them were pimgent 
vegetables or those she disliked, but she had gotten used to that. 
Green pepper was nothing to her. 

"If I were to guess, if we leave behind our green pepper. Master 
would catch us and force us to eat it" 

Ruth cheerfully looked at the three. Koutarou's, Yurika's and 
Sanae's rioting looked fim to her, and at the same time she felt a 
little envious. 

"...Bertorion would force us if we leave the green pepper behind, 

Clan gazed at the meat stuffed green pepper on her plate after 
hearing what Ruth said, and she began pondering if she should 
separate the meat and only eat that or not. Noticing Clan's behavior, 
Harumi called out to her. 

"Clan-san, why don't we try leaving our green pepper as well?" 

"I-I can't do something as shameless as that! It's a breach of 

Embarrassed at having her feelings seen through. Clan hurriedly 
threw her stuffed meat into her mouth. Harumi suspected that was 
a breach of manners as well, but since Clan was showing such a 
cute reaction, she chose not to point it out. 

"Aika-san, say aah" 

"What now, all of a sudden?" 

Maki was surprised when Shizuka suddenly thrust the stuffed meat 
in front of her. She wasn't following Shizuka's intentions. 

"I was getting a little jealous of Satomi-kun and the others so I 
wanted to try out something similar" 

"Ah... so that's what you mean" 

When Shizuka explained herself, Maki finally understood. She also 
wanted to join in Koutarou's and the others ridiculous conversation. 

"So, say aah" 


Maki opened her mouth according to Shizuka's request. As she did, 
Shizuka pushed the stuffed meat inside. Even though the taste 
shouldn't change, Maki felt it tasted it better. This was the first time 
she understood that feelings affected the taste of the food. 

"Everyone, that's no good Ho-!" 

"We have no likes or dislikes Ho-!" 

"I'm sure everyone would be more surprised that you eat at all" 
"Nothing is impossible for a haniwa Ho-!" 

"Eufu, that's right, you're— Hm?" 

Kiriha spoke with the haniwas as she ate, but her cellphone vibrated 
in the middle of it. Kiriha pulled out her vibrating cellphone and 

saw the name of the greengrocer she had visited earlier in the day 
displayed on the screen. 

What could he want at this hour? 

If she had forgotten something he would have called right away, or 
he could have given it to her the last time she met. The same was 
true for change. There was also no meaning to discuss volunteer 
work during dirmer either. Still wondering what it could be about, 
Kiriha got up from her seat and headed towards the kitchen as she 
picked up the call. 


"Is that you, Kiriha-chan!?" 

The familiar voice of the greengrocer came from the speaker. The 
voice was for some reason in a rush, and Kiriha was starting to get a 
bad feeling about this. 

"Yes, what is the matter?" 

"Actually, my daughter still hasn't come back!! You haven't seen her 
have you!?" 


The time was already past 8PM. Yet the young girl who hadn't even 
begun grade school yet still hadn't come home. One couldn't help 
but think that the girl had gotten caught up in some incident or 
accident. Sadly, Kiriha's bad premonition had struck true. 

Part 4 

The greengrocer's daughter was called Youko, six years old, and 
would graduate from kindergarten this year and start grade school 
next year. As she started to get a grip of things, she started going 
out to play on her own more often. This was also partially because 
her parents were busy with the greengrocery. 

Of course, her parents had made her promise to be extra careful 
around cars, not to talk to strangers and to come home before the 
sun went down. Until now, Youko had never broken her promise. 
She was a clever girl and knew nothing good would come from 
breaking these promises. 

Yet she hadn't come home after the sun had set. That was when her 
father called Kiriha. Since her parents felt sorry for leaving Youko 
alone often because they were busy with the shop, they were in a 
real hurry. 

"...And that's the situation. Since I'm worried I'll go look for her" 

After finishing up her phone call, Kiriha explained the situation to 
Koutarou and the others. Once she was done with that, she would 
go look for Youko. As expected, upon hearing that an 
acquaintance's kindergartner hadn't come back after the sun had 
set, Kiriha couldn't just leave it be. She knew how lonely it got, 
walking aroimd alone at night. 

"I'll go too" 

Hearing that Kiriha would be looking for Youko, Koutarou 
hurriedly stood up. He was going to go look too. He had also met 
with Youko after the hero show, so he knew what she looked like. 
He should be able to help Kiriha. Moreover, no matter how strong 

Kiriha was, he was reluctant to let her walk around the city alone at 

"I will go as well" 

Following Koutarou, Sanae also stood up. In her case, she wasn't 
just worried, but she also wanted to stick to Koutarou. 

"Sanae, did you know how You-chan looked?" 

"I don't, but I only need to find someone with a similar aura as the 
greengrocer right?" 

"I see, please do" 

"Very good! Leave it to me!" 

Since Sanae could use spiritual powers, she was better than anyone 
else when it came to looking for people. Even if she didn't know 
how Youko looked, she was probably more likely to find her than 
Koutarou was. That's why Sanae was full of confidence as she stood 
up. Following Sanae, the other girls stood up one after another. 

"Kiriha, Koutarou, I will come too!" 

"I will help too" 

"Pardomshiha, we're sending out unmanned scouts" 

"Yes, Clan-san. Right away" 

ITearing that a small girl was missing, nobody in the room could 
just sit around. They all agreed that they should find her as soon as 

"Thank you, everyone" 

Kiriha politely bowed. Unlike Koutarou and Kiriha, the other girls 
had no direct relationship with Youko. So having them offer their 
cooperation was very welcome. 

"You don't have to mention it, Kiriha-san" 

"Yeah, Sakuraba-senpai is right! Right, Aika-san?" 

"Yes. If we all search for her we should be able to find her sooner" 

In the end, all of the residents of room 106 decided to look for 
Youko. However, as they headed towards the door, Koutarou 
remembered something important. 


"Yhes, What ihs iht?" 

When Koutarou called for her, she separated herself from the other 
girls. Her cheeks were stuffed full of food. 

"You don't have to come" 


However, when those words came out of Koufarou's mouth, she 
hurriedly swallowed her food and began protesting. 

"Why are you bullying me even at a time like thiiisi?" 

Yurika was on the verge of tears. Just as she was going to work for 
the sake love and courage, Koutarou had cruelly rejected her. 

"No, that's not what I meant" 

However, sensing that she was about to burst into tears, Koutarou 
hurriedly shook his head. 

"Then what do you mean?" 

Even though Koutarou was saying that he wasn't doing this out of 
maliciousness, Yurika wasn't readily believing him. She stared at 
him with a suspecting look in her eyes. 

"Maybe he's not being a bully, but he's just stating the truth that 
you won't be of any use?" 

Theia put a finger up in front of her face and exclaimed. 

"Is that whyyy!?" 

"Theia, don't make this complicated!" 

"That wasn't it?" 

"While she might be useless, this time there's something else" 

"So I really am useless!!" 

"Could you guys shut up and listen!" 

Koutarou loudly scolded the group that was starting to get noisy 
and explained why he had said that Yurika didn't need to come. 

"Yurika, you stay with Nana. She hasn't gotten food yet, and there's 
other stuff you need to do right?" 


Koutarou had told Yurika to stay behind because someone was 
needed to take care of Nana onboard the Blue Knight. 

Nana was currently handicapped and rmable to move as she 
pleased. There were many things which she needed the help of 
others, such as changing clothes and taking a bath. And if she 
needed help, the most preferable one would be Yurika, whom she 
got along with the best. That's why Koutarou had told her that she 
didn't need to come. It wasn't like he was being mean to her. 

"T-That's right. I completely forgot about Nana-san" 

"What are you doing forgetting your master?" 

"He, hehe, ehehehe" 

Yurika laughed with an embarrassed expression. With her brain 
capacity being low, Yurika had forgotten about Nana once she got 
distracted with the kindergartner searching. Normally this could be 
called cold-hearted, but when comparing her master who was on 
the path to getting better, and Youko who was missing, there was a 
big difference in importance, and calling her cold-hearted was going 
too far. 


In the end, Koutarou and the eight girls, excluding Yurika, headed 
out to look for Youko. The problem was that many didn't know 
what she looked like, but this was resolved by having the haniwas 
display their memories. Yurika would stay behind to take care of 
Nana and pass messages along. If anyone told Yurika about 
something important, she would be letting the others know. 

Koutarou was moving in a group with Sanae and Harumi. Though 
their reasons were different, they couldn't go on their own, so they 
went with Koutarou who was the most reliable. 

"Satomi-kun, I've drawn up the directions everyone's headed 

While Harumi couldn't go on her own due to her weak constitution, 
she served as the brain of the group. Because she was calm and 
thoughtful, she could follow up on Koutarou and Sanae who was 
on the more lacking side of brain power. 

"With the shopping district as the center, Theia-san and Ruth-san 
are going north, Kasagi-san and Aika-san are going south and 
Kiriha-san and Clan-san are going west" 

Harumi had drawn a rough map and the directions everyone had 
headed in on her notebook. Names and portraits were drawn in 
giving them a comprehensible rmderstanding of everyone's 

"So we should go east" 

Koutarou smiled for a moment as he looked at Harumi's cute 
handwriting and portraits, but he quickly pulled himself together. 
He had to find a missing kindergartner so there was no time to 

"Yes, but having members that can use magic on the east and south 
is a little bit grouped up, so I think we should circle up north" 

"I see, that's a good idea" 

They hadn't put much thought into it when they formed groups as 
they were just looking for a missing person, but looking at the 
groups closely there was a bit of bias in abilities. That was made 
more easily comprehensible when drawn up. Because of that, 
Koutarou believed it would be better to do as Harumi said. 

"Fufufu, there's no need to worry!" 

Sanae couldn't be one her own because of her personality. Since 
nobody could tell what she'd do on her own, she was placed with 
Koutarou for the sake of safety. Of course, Sanae herself wanted to 
be with Koutarou too. 

"I'll find You-chan right away!" 

"You sound full of confidence" 

"This kind of moment is where psychic beauty Sanae-chan shines!" 

Since Sanae could track auras, finding people was one of her 
specialties. In fact, she was scanning the area with her abilities even 
now. While it looked like she was just messing around she was 
doing her job. 

"We're counting on you" 

"Leave it to me! In return, pat my head a lot later" 

"Okay, okay" 

"Satomi-san, you won't pat me?" 

"...You too, Sakuraba-senpai!?" 

"Discrimination is not good. Pat Harumi too" 

"Fine, I get it, geez..." 

"Fufu... Fm looking forward to it" 

While Youko still hadn't returned home after the srm had set, they 
still weren't sure if this was a serious situation or not. Thinking 
about it normally, there was a high chance she was just lost, so if 
Koutarou and the others worked together they would definitely 
find her. That's what everyone believed. The reason for that was 
probably the confidence that Koutarou and the others had built up 
through their many battles. 

"Oh, I've found something right away!" 

Not betraying their hope, Sanae foimd traces of what she suspected 
was Youko's aura. Sanae hadn't met Youko before but aura's were 
naturally similar to ones parents. Since she knew the greengrocer, it 
wouldn't be difficult to search for similar auras. 

"Well done! Where is she!?" 

"It looks like she headed towards that park. A happy aura was 
heading towards it" 

"Let's go, the two of you!" 

Flaving formd a lead, Koutarou and the others headed towards the 
park. They found their pace naturally increasing. They wanted to 
find Youko as soon as possible and reunite her with her parents. 

Part 6 

The park was located in the middle of a residential area and was a 
so called children's park. It was a small park reaching only about 
ten meters in every direction, and in it were swings and slides. 
Sanae felt traces of Youko in this park. 

"Hm, it's kind of going arormd in circles" 

"In circles?" 

"Yeah, like this" 

Sanae ran around the park as she traced the traces of Youko's aura. 
Seeing Sanae nm like that, Koutarou soon understood what Youko 
had been doing here. 

"It looks like she was playing tag or something here" 

Still maintaining her youthful appearance, Sanae truly looked like a 
child playing as she traced Youko's steps. She looked just like 
someone running away from 'it'. 

"But it looks like she stopped from fime to time. Like here, or... 

After running for a while, Sanae sfopped inside of the park 
equipment and the bushes by the edge of the park. Both unsuitable 
places for running away from 'it'. 

"Satomi-kun, they might have been playing hide-and-seek" 

"Yeah, that might be it" 

While the places might be unsuitable for running around, they were 
great for hiding. If one assumed she was playing hide-and-seek, it 
would be natural for Youko to stop in those places. Moreover since 
you ran around to find a hiding spot at the start of every game, 
everything made sense. 

"So maybe she hid and just fell asleep?" 

"Well, it's still this hot after the sim has set, so it's possible" 

"Higashihongan-san, can you tell where Youko-chan headed to 

"Wait a minute. I'll find it right away. Uhm..." 

Sanae looked over the park. Because the children were running all 
over, the traces of their area were intermixed. While finding the 
newest trace of Youko from there and following wasn't hard, it 
would take time. 

"This one, I think" 

After looking at the park for a while, Sanae chose one aura of the 
many existing in the park. She believed it was the most recent trace 
of Youko's aura. Sanae carefully followed after those traces, and she 
soon found herself outside of the park, walking down road. 

"Did You-chan leave the park?" 

"Maybe she wasn't playing hide-and-seek anymore..." 

Once outside the park, the chances of her playing hide-and-seek 
dropped significantly. Koutarou and Harumi were confused as this 
was far off from what they had suspected. 

"Anyways, let's go" 


However, nothing good would come from thinking too hard about 
it. Koutarou and Harumi nodded at each other and chased after 
Sanae who was following the trail. 


A few seconds after leaving the park, Sanae suddenly stopped. She 
then tilted her head and looked around the area. 

"What is it?" 

"Hmm, well, the aura stops here" 

Sanae had stopped because the trace of Youko's aura had stopped. 
As if a line drawn with a pen had been erased, the trace past this 
point had vanished. 

"What kind of thing would make that happen?" 

"When you hid within an even bigger spiritual energy, or when 
entering a holy ground like a shrine... I think" 

Since Sanae was following spiritual energy rather than smell, color 
or sound, there were primarily two ways of removing traces. That 
was either blending in with someone who had an even more 
powerful aura, or entering a place that didn't leave traces behind. 

"But there's no tracer of a bigger spiritual energy" 

"Then it's some kind of sacred ground?" 

"If it is some kind of sacred ground, it's something that moves, so 
like portable shrine or hearse... that's all I can think of" 

There weren't many moving sanctuaries that Sanae knew of. 
Portable shrines and hearses were tools for ceremony, but there 
hadn't been any festivals in this area so a hearse was the most likely 

"There's no hearse here, so did she get on it?" 

"I think so, but..." 

Considering the traces of Youko's area vanished here, it was likely 
that she had gotten onboard a ceremonial tool, but it was hard to 
imagine a situation where the girl would get on. Sanae still wasn't 
convinced and looked aroimd the area. That was when Harumi 
spoke up. 

"Satomi-kun, there's something I would like to try..." 


Koutarou turned to look at Harumi, and she timidly explained 

"I was wondering if it was possible for magic to conceal spiritual 
energy traces..." 

"Is there magic like that?" 

"I don't know. That's why I was thinking of trying" 

Harumi was wondering if it was possible to block traces of spiritual 
energy by using a magical barrier. Since she could use ancient 
magic through Signaltin, she wanted to give it a try. 

"Okay, please do" 

"Then... 'Oh spirits who live with people and rule life and mind. 
Gather before, hold hands and become a shield to protect against 
evil! Appear, Great Shield of Spirits!'" 

Harumi spoke her incantation in ancient Forthorthe and her hair 
began glowing silver. The glow grew stronger as magical powered 
gather and caused her entire body to glow. Eventually, a thin film 
with a weak glow enveloped Koutarou and the others. It was a 
magical shield that removed any interferences regarding the soul. 

"Now spirits shouldn't be able to see us" 

Harumi wanted to confirm if not being able to be seen by spirits 
meant concealing spiritual energy. 

"How does it look, Sanae?" 

"Huh? I can still see your spiritual energy" 

"Well, that's because you're inside" 


Sanae left the effective area of the spell and looked at Harumi and 
Koutarou once more. 

"Ah! I can't see your spiritual energy!" 


"Yeah! I can see you two just fine, but I can't see the aura that 
should be with you!" 

Harumi's spell had concealed their auras. As a result, Sanae who 
was on the outside of the shield couldn't sense their spiritual 
energy. Harumi's intuition had been right on. 

"Now that I think about it, when Aika-san came, something like this 

"Did it?" 


When Maki first fought Yurika, Sanae had lost sight of Yurika's 
spiritual energy partways through. The memories from back then 
had been erased with magic, but a short while after allying with 
Koutarou and the others, Maki removed the spell and Koutarou 
remembered what had happened back then. 

"Well... this means that magicians might be involved" 

"But Satomi-kun, wouldn't those magicians be Darkness Rainbow?" 

"Eh? Those magical girlies again!?" 

"Calm down, we still don't know for certain" 

Yurika's Rainbow Hearts forbade the use of magic for self-interest. 
Which meant, that as long as a fight didn't happen, they wouldn't 
use defensive or stealth magic in the middle of a city. With that 
being the case. Darkness Rainbow became the prime suspects, but it 

was hard to make a decision right away. Right now, it was just one 
of the possibilities. 


Koutarou's cell phone vibrated once in his pocket. He pulled out his 
phone and looked at the screen to see that he had gotten a mail. 

Koutarou and the others had split up into four teams to look for 
Youko, but Yurika's mail had been sent to Koutarou's, Shizuka's and 
Theia's teams. The reason why Kiriha's team hadn't gotten the mail 
was because the information had been sent from them, over to 
Yurika, who then sent it to the rest. The mail read as following. 

'I got a call from Kiriha-san. It seems like the greengrocer went to 
file a missing person report with the police, but it seems like there 
have been many reports of missing children today. The police 
accepted the greengrocer's report and are now supposedly 
examining if they should launch an open criminal investigation' 

Youko was not the only missing child. Several had gone missing 
over these past few days. The children all lived in different parts of 
the city, and at first it was thought that they were all rmrelated 
cases. However, as more and more cases happened, the police 
suspected that the cases were related to one another. By the time 
Youko had vanished, the police explained that to her parents. 


The kidnapped children were in the corner of some dark abandoned 
house. They were all children that hadn't even begun grade school 
and they were horribly rmeasy and lonely. Obviously that would 
happen to young children who were taken from their parents. 

"I'm glad you're keeping quiet. Baby sitting is not my style" 

As expected. Darkness Rainbow were the ones behind the 
kidnappings. While Green and Blue were preparing their ritual. 
Crimson went out to kidnap children. Using magic made it simple 
and it wasn't hard to hide the traces. 

"So you say. But you put all the noisy children to sleep with spells" 

Green, who had recently started working together with Crimson 
more often, stopped her work and sighed. 

When the kidnappings first started, many of the children had been 
screaming and crying for help. However, Crimson cast a spell on 
those children to put them to sleep. Not knowing that those 
children were just sleeping, seeing them simply stop moving like 
that, the other children were horrified. As a result, the children that 
were awake now couldn't cry out and were grouped up and 

"...More accurately it's thanks to that girl. Not your baby sitting or 

Blue said as she pointed to a small magic circle that the children 
were confined within. It was a cage made out of magic. 

Within the magic circle were ten children. Amongst them, four had 
been put to sleep with magic, leaving six awake. The oldest girl 
amongst the children was desperately trying to encourage the 

"Everyone, cheer up. Someone will come save us" 

"But, it's been so many days" 

"Yeah! No one has come to save us!" 

Youko was the one cheering up the other five children. She was 
almost done with kindergarten and having grown up in a busy 
home, she could keep things together better than the other children. 
While she did her best to endure her own fears, she kept trying to 
cheer up the others. 

"Harukazeman will come! It's okay!" 

"If it's Harukazeman..." 

"But why hasn't he come yet?" 

"He will come after beating up Baron Demon! So cheer up! He 
would be troubled otherwise!" 



Youko was a smart girl. She knew that Harukazeman was just a 
fictional character in a hero show. However, in this situation, his 
strength was needed. A hero of justice would come save them 
eventually, that kind of hope was necessary for the young children. 

"...I'm glad she's just a child. If someone like that was an enemy it 
would be truly troublesome" 

Calmly observing the children. Blue held Youko, though she didn't 
know her name, in high regards. Despite being in danger, Youko 
was still courageous, calm and thinking of how they could stay safe 
in this situation. Blue believed that Youko might even find a way to 

"In the end she's a kid. She can't do anything" 

Crimson dropped her shoulders as she looked at the children. Since 
she believed power was everything, she didn't think a powerless 
child could do anything. 

"Crimson, how were you ten years ago? Were you the kind of child 
that wouldn't do anything in this kind of situation?" 


However, Crimson shut up when Blue pointed out. When Crimson 
had been a child, she had only been thinking about how she could 
pull one over the adults. She had been craving power since then, 
and she had outwitted adults who let their guard down more than a 
few times. She couldn't say for certain that the reverse wouldn't 
happen now. 

"Let's put up some more tricks apart from the barrier to make sure 
they can't escape. That way it won't matter if they have power or 

Green lent the confuted Crimson a helping hand. Even if there were 
several smart children in that group, they wouldn't be able to break 
through several different spells. According to Green's forecast, the 
chances of the children escaping after setting up several spells were 
next to none, and those near-none chances were almost all 
irregularities that could occur if the ritual was interrupted. 

"Please do. I have to go out now anyways" 

Crimson gratefully accepted Green's helping hand. And using that 
to her advantage she tried to leave to forcibly end the discussion. 

"Where? We should have enough sacrifices" 

However, Blue stopped Crimson. Crimson had been capturing 
children for sacrifices for their ritual, and having already gathered 
enough, there was no reason for Crimson to leave. 

"I'm going to save Maki. The only uncertain element of this plan is 
what is going on with Maki right now, isn't it?" 

While Crimson wanted to escape from here to avoid talking any 
more, she was also serious about saving Maki. Whether or not Maki 
was an enemy would greatly affect the outcome of this fight. 

"Crimson, the plan I've come up with assumes that Navy-san has 
been mind controlled and will work against us" 

Green who had come up with this plan had taken the case of Maki 
being an enemy into consideration. Machines, drugs, magic. There 
were all kinds of methods to control a human mind. It would be 
foolish to assume that Maki would just be a prisoner. Koutarou and 
the others would never actually do that, but since this was 
something Darkness Rainbow had done for hundreds of years they 
couldn't escape from the line of thinking that their enemies must be 
doing the same thing they are. 

"But if Maki was on our side our chances of winning would go up 

"Well of course 

Green dropped her shoulders. There was no need to even forecast it, 
if Maki was an ally their chances of victory would become even 
more decisive. 

"I've got nothing to do now that all the sacrifices have been 
gathered, so I think it's better than doing nothing" 

"Well it is indeed better than just playing around" 

After listening to Crimson, Blue changed her mind. 

In this plan. Crimson was in charge of gathering sacrifices and Blue 
and Green were in charge of preparing the magic circle. However, 
Crimson had finished earlier than them. Even if Crimson joined in 
on preparing the magic circle they would lose time confirming the 
process and splitting up the work. Moreover, Crimson would be no 
use watching over the children, so leaving Maki to her was the most 
efficient way. Since if they could bring back Maki, the outcome 
would greatly change. 

"Crimson, you just want to take back Navy-san, don't you?" 

" Ahaha, you do get me. Green! I'll take her back, make her stronger 
and fight! Using all of my power!" 

Crimson didn't want to save Maki just because of their mission. She 
wanted to help Maki because she saw her as her rival. According to 
Crimson's eye, Maki should be able to get stronger. Moreover, her 
strength should increase even more if given scientific magic. After 
that. Crimson would fight Maki. Since Crimson sought strength, she 
couldn't help but want to reclaim Maki so she could fight against 
someone strong. 

Between Friend and Foe 


Monday, September 13 

Upon reading Yurika's mail, Koutarou and the others determined 
that this was an emergency. In order to cover an even wider area, 
those who could move alone did so, such as Maki, who was used to 
going alone in the first place, the overwhelmingly strong Shizuka 
and Theia. The others stayed in groups. Since there was a high 
chance that Youko had been caught by serial kidnappers, there was 
no harm in being cautious. 

"...I don't want to believe it but..." 

Upon hearing about the string of kidnappings, Maki suspected that 
Darkness Rainbow was behind this. The reason for that was simple. 
Despite ten children being missing, there were no clues or 
witnesses, nor had the culprit given any demands. That's why this 
hadn't been treated as kidnappings but as missing children. And 
rather than ten cases in a row not producing any evidence or 
witnesses by coincidence, it was more likely that this was done by 
someone who had the ability to erase such things. In that kind of 
scenario, Maki's first thought was of magic. If Darkness Rainbow 
were to use magic to kidnap children there would be no evidence or 
eyewitnesses. They could even make the children head into 
deserted places on their own. 

"...And if the kidnapped children were going to be used for energy 

One of the reasons why Maki suspected Darkness Rainbow was 
because only children had been kidnapped. Because young children 

didn't have any specific thoughts or feelings, pure energy could be 
extracted from them. Choosing children with comparatively high 
talent with magic made that energy even purer. Since there were 
few children with magical talent, they had been gathered all over 
the city. There not being anything in common between them was 
the binding trait. 

"...If Darkness Rainbow really is involved then..." 

Having been a former member of Darkness Rainbow, she couldn't 
let it be if they were indeed involved with this incident. Because her 
own dark past was now trying to envelop Kitsushouharukaze city 
in darkness. 

"...I have to protect it... this is a world within light after all..." 

Maki headed towards the closest site where a child had gone 
missing. She had gotten information about the ten missing children 
through the Sun Rangers. In an attempt to find out if Darkness 
Rainbow was involved or not, Maki was going to examine the site. 

"This is it" 

Maki stopped by a riverbed. It was already night so there was 
nobody by the riverbed. She was wearing a Blue Knight blue and 
personal color indigo colored band of knights uniform, but in the 
night it was hard to tell the difference between the two. 

"Now then, if they were to kidnap children using magic, where 
would they do it?" 

Maki jumped down from the embankment to the riverbed and 
looked around the area. This was the place where one of the young 

boys had gone missing. After playing soccer with friends on the 
riverbed, the boy never came home. 

"There are more people in the urban area... so kidnapping should be 
done here" 

Having been a member of Darkness Rainbow, Maki knew how they 
moved and behaved. She felt sad about that, but right now that 
experience was important to find the children. It wasn't the case to 
say that she didn't want to remember her own dark past. 

"But in this open of an area, there would be eye witnesses. In that 

Maki had cast a spell to let her see through the darkness. That's why 
she could clearly see the riverbed despite it being night. Maki used 
that information and her experience to narrow down the places 
where a kidnapping could take place. 

"Probably, here, or there" 

Maki narrowed the potential places for kidnapping down to two. 
The first was below a bridge near the river bed's exit. The other was 
a large grassy area. 

The reason why Maki suspected under the bridge was simple. It 
was a place where children would often play, so even if a spell was 
cast to guide the boy there, nobody would think much of it. Since 
the boy was supposedly carrying a ball, it wasn't hard to imagine 
that the boy would want to kick the ball against the concrete wall. It 
was a place out of view that everyone would overlook. 

As for the other place, Maki thought the grassy area looked 
suspicious because of her experience in Darkness Rainbow. After 

kidnapping the boy, the best way would be to create an illusion of 
him and have him walk aroimd the riverbed for a while. Doing that 
would make the police misidentify the actual place of kidnapping. 
Having received reports of the boy walking around, the police 
wouldn't suspect that he had actually been kidnapped long before. 
The best place to kidnap, use a spell to substitute for the boy and for 
a magician to hide was the grassy area. 

"...Analyze Magic" 

Maki used analysis magic to examine the two places. Sadly, she 
found nothing under the bridge, but she discovered something like 
it in the grassy area. 

"It's faint, but magical power around here is thinned out... after 
using a spell to kidnap the boy, they used a different spell to cover 
up their tracks before leaving" 

The lead that Maki had foimd was that the natural magical power 
that should be around here couldn't be sensed. 

If someone were to use magic here to kidnap children, some 
residual magical power would remain depending on the scale of the 
spell. In that case, using a second spell was to conceal that residual 
magical power from any opposing organizations was a normal 
tactic. So traces of a larger scale spell was concealed by using a 
smaller scale spell. 

However, this method of concealment had a weakness, and that 
was that it erased the natural magical power in the area as well. 
There was an unnatural lack of magical power. This was similar to 
erasing the protective coating of a car by washing it too thoroughly. 
While it would eventually return to normal in the end, it took more 
than a couple of days. 

That said, natural magical power was very weak, so one couldn't 
tell it was gone unless you examined it up close. Maki could only 
tell because she had narrowed the location down to this point. 

That's why Harumi, who was a magician like her, but lacked the 
training of a soldier, probably would have overlooked this. 

"Using a large-scale spell at the location thought to be the 
kidnapping place and then concealing its traces... this is most 
definitely Darkness Rainbow's doing..." 

Maki's expression turned serious. 

It was possible that someone affiliated with Rainbow Heart had 
passed by for some unrelated reason and used magic before 
covering it up. But that would be too much of a coincidence and 
was unrealistic. Instead if someone had used magic to kidnap a 
child, Maki's thoughts naturally drifted towards Darkness Rainbow. 

Maki could only think of one reason why Darkness Rainbow would 
kidnap ten children. That was to use them as an energy source for a 
large-scale ritual to attack Koutarou and the others. They would 
then claim the magical power in room 106 and challenge Rainbow 
Heart to a decisive battle. 

"So it's finally starting... however, I won't let you!" 

A strong sense of determination beamed from Maki's eyes. She now 
knew what it was to love, and that love wasn't just one's own, but 
each person had their own love. All love had to be protected. That's 
why she would definitely return the kidnap children to their 
parents. Maki had broken out from her own darkness and was now 
glowing brightly with determination and love. 

Part 2 

After mailing Koutarou that she believed that the series of 
kidnappings was done by Darkness Rainbow, Maki continued 
searching for clues. 

Darkness Rainbow magicians carried advanced magical tools with 
them. There was of course their cane to exercise magic, and then 
there was their outfits enchanted with protective magic, but they 
also used many magical drugs and charms. In the cases that they 
didn't want to stand out, they also needed to conceal the magical 
power leaking out from those tools. Doing that would make them 
have to move while concealing magical power, which would leave 
an unnatural lack of natural magical power in their wake. Maki was 
following that trail, chasing after the culprit. 

Maki left the riverbed and headed towards the suburbs of 
Kitsushouharukaze city. She was walking in an area that had been 
developed as a resort area in the 80's and 90's but once the economic 
bubble burst companies went bankrupt or discontinued their 
development one after another. As a result, a modern ghost town 
appeared. It was the remnants of someone's grand dreams. 

"...If this caster had been a little better at information type spells, I 
wouldn't have been able to follow this trail..." 

If the magical power used to conceal the magical power leaking 
from the user and their tools was weaker than what it was 
concealing, some faint traces would remain. At the same time, if it 
was too much an unnecessary amount of the surrounding area's 
magical power would be erased. The only case when that didn't 
happen was when the magical powers were perfectly matched. In 
those cases, only the traces of the user and their tools would be 

erased, having no effect on the surrounding magical power. 
However, controlling that was incredibly difficult. The only one that 
could do that in Darkness Rainbow, was Dark Green, who 
specialized in information type magic. Fortunately, the magician 
Maki was following wasn't as good at information type magic as 
Maki was. As a result, she was just barely able to follow the trail. 

"The kidnapper was definitely not Dark Green. If it was Purple or 
Blue, the trail would have been slimmer and I would lose them on 
the way. Which leaves Yellow, Orange and Crimson. Amongst 
them, the worst at information type magic is..." 

By comparing her own skills with magic to Darkness Rainbow's 
skill with magic, Maki figured out who kidnapped the children. 

"...I see, so she's here..." 

Having figured out who the culprit was Maki stopped in place and 
smiled sadly. That person was the only person that she might call 
friend in Darkness Rainbow. While she was selfish, she was honest. 

"That's right. Long time no see, Maki" 


Dark Crimson. She wore a very dark red colored outfit and gave off 
an active impression. She suddenly appeared in front of Maki, 
sharing the same sad smile Maki did. The atmosphere around the 
two standing face to face in an uninhabited alley was as melancholic 
as the ghost town around them. 

Part 3 

Having received a mail from Maki, Yurika read its contents and 
forwarded it to Koutarou and the others, before deciding to join in 
on the search. 

"Kanae-san, please take care of Nana-san" 

"You don't have to tell me that. Yurika-chan, I'm your senior when 
it comes to being Nana-chan's cooperator" 

"That's right. Then I'll leave it to you, Senpai" 

"That sormds much better" 


Yurika left Nana to Kanae. She was reluctant to leave Nana to 
someone else after dragging her out of Folsaria but this was 
Yurika's duty, and Kanae had been Nana's cooperator from way 
back, so her reluctance to leaving Nana with Kanae was little. 

"I'm going, Nana-san" 

" Y urika-chan..." 

Facing Yurika who was departing with a smile, Nana fought against 
her urge to stop her. Just like Koutarou, she didn't want Yurika to 
fight. That said, there were few as blessed with talent for magic as 
Yurika. That's why she had to see her off. She felt completely 
helpless. They were feelings that oppressed Nana, and she had felt 
the same way a year and a half ago. 

"Please don't look so said, Nana-san" 

Yurika realized Nana's complex emotions. In the past, Yurika didn't 
have the room to notice it. She had been thrown into the middle of a 
battle and no one in her surroundings understood her. Her talent 
for magic and skills aside, she was not at the level that could be 
called magical girl, she had her hands full with herself. 


"I'm different from the me last year. I have a lot of things I want to 
protect now" 

Yurika had greatly matured in this past year and few months. She 
had gained courage, learned love and foimd a reason to fight. 

Yurika would fight to protect Koutarou, to protect Nana, to protect 
the girls of room 106, and to protect the many people living in this 
city, and their plain everyday life. She now had enough ability and 
mental fortitude to call herself a magical girl with confidence. 

"You're right. I'm sorry. Then let me advise you as your senior 

"Thank you very much" 

"Yurika-chan, there is not much one person can do. Rely on your 
allies when you have to" 

"Please leave it to me. I'm good at relying on people" 

Yurika jokingly answered. However, Nana could see right through 
her. She smiled wryly and chose to point out what Yurika was 
trying to hide. 

"I'm talking about when it gets truly serious. Yurika-chan, you don't 
try to rely on others when it really matters" 

"...Yes, I'll be careful" 

When the matter had been so clearly pointed out, Yurika had no 
choice but to give up. She obediently nodded her head and 
promised Nana. 

"And one more thing. Eleven years ago, when Maya had kidnapped 
Sanae-chan and Kiriha-san, she used a pretty large magical circle for 
her ritual" 

"How big exactly?" 

"About the same size as the underground parking lot of a normal 

"That's pretty big" 

"But this time ten children have been kidnapped, so if they plan to 
use all of them for the ritual, an even larger magic circle should be 
needed. They should need the basement of a large building" 

"Yes, I understand!" 

While Nana's body might have been handicapped, she still had her 
brain. Yurika smiled, thinking 'as expected of Nana', but she 
couldn't just be delighted. 

"Then I'm going!" 

"Good bye" 

"Be careful!" 


Yurika kept Nana's advice at heart and left the cabin after saying 
goodbye to Nana and Kanae. 

With Yurika gone, only Nana and Kanae were left in the cabin and 
the two stared at the door Yurika had run out of for a while. 



"Yurika-chan is a good apprentice, isn't she?" 

"Yes. She's my pride and joy number one disciple" 

"My, you went big. My daughter is also my pride and joy" 

"Then let's believe in our disciples and daughters and their friends" 

"Yes. If it's them. I'm sure everything will work out" 

Eventually the two of them smiled at each other. They were worried 
that Yurika and the others might be hurt, but they didn't think they 
would lose. Now that a magical girl with the title of Rainbow was 
heading to battle by her own volition, she would definitely return 
victorious. That's what they had told themselves in the past when 
they themselves fought. And like they had proclaimed, they had 
continued coming out victorious. That's why the two could smile, as 
they believed Yurika and the others would do the same. 

Having returned to the surface from the Blue Knight in orbit, she 
grouped up with Koutarou who was the closest to her. The two 
then began looking for the missing children together. 

"Yurika, you could have just stayed with Nana-san you know?" 

But as expected, Koutarou wanted Yurika to stay with Nana. They 
had finally met again after so long, and even if they hadn't 
peacefulness suited Yurika better. If possible, he didn't want her to 
get involved. 

"This is my duty. If Darkness Rainbow are committing evil deeds, I 
have to fight them in order to protect my own happiness" 

If Darkness Rainbow was acting behind the scenes, it was the duty 
of a magical girl from Rainbow Heart to stop them. While it was just 
a chance that they were involved, it wasn't something they could 
ignore. She couldn't take an optimistic view and let the worst come 
to the worst. 

Above all else, Yurika knew that in order for her to lead a happy 
life, all those around her needed to lead happy lives as well. If they 
didn't she couldn't even eat some instant noodles in peace and 
quiet. To Yurika, taking action here was necessary. 

"I won't accept it. You showing the face of a magical girl is an 
unhappy thing" 

The reason Yurika fought was simply because she had been bom 
with a talent for magic. That's why she should be allowed to live the 
life of a normal high school girl. 

"...If you feel that way, then it's not unhappy at all, Satomi-san" 

However, Yurika didn't see herself as unhappy. While Koutarou 
could admit that Yurika was a magical girl, he didn't want her to 
live as one. As long as Yurika had someone that wished she lived a 
plain and ordinary life, Yurika wouldn't feel unhappy no matter 
how fierce of a battle she was dragged into. That was especially true 
since she had endured a period where no one had imderstood her. 

"That's not true" 

"Am I imhappy?" 


"Then you should comfort me, Satomi-san" 

"Come on now..." 

"You shouldn't show it with words but with actions. Like a kiss" 

Yurika drew closer to Koutarou and obviously stretched forwards 
with her lips pushed out. 

"Stop acting stupid and let's go cut off that source of unhappiness" 

Koutarou one-sidedly ended that discussion and walked ahead of 
Yurika. Seeing that, Yurika let out a small sigh. 

"...You will lose out on a lot in your life, Satomi-san" 

Yurika didn't mind anything Koutarou did to her. In fact, she had 
been just fine if he had kissed her. However, Koutarou wanted to 
treasure her just because of the way she was. If he had been a little 
bit more selfish his life might have been more fun. 

"If you're going to go on about loss and profit, then you'll end up 
overlooking the really important things" 

"Important things... like the fact that I love you?" 




"What are you doing!? You don't have to be so embarrassed" 

"I'm not talking about small stuff like that" 

Koutarou muttered as he continued walking on ahead. Yurika 
didn't follow the meanings of those words right away and stared at 
Koutarou's back. 


However, after a few seconds she understood the meaning and 
smiled, before rurming after him. As she thought, Koutarou was 

"That's the kind of thing I love about you" 

Yurika lined up next to Koutarou and smiled gently as she talked to 
him. Koutarou caught a glance of her smile before turning his face 

"...Shut up and look for the kids. This is an emergency" 


Understanding the meaning of Koutarou's actions, Yurika looked 
down with a smiled for a moment before looking aroimd the area in 
search for the children. 

Part 4 

Koutarou and Yurika searched for the children as they followed 
after Maki. 

If Darkness Rainbow was indeed involved, she would eventually 
come into contact with them. When that happened, having more 
allies would be better. However, Maki had encountered one of the 
members of Darkness Rainbow, Dark Crimson before they could 
link up. 

"You look better than I thought, Maki" 

"My treatment is pretty good after all" 

The two faced each other on a vacant lot a little bit off the main 
road. They didn't want to stand out even if they were just talking. 
Their appearances were that of lovely girls of age, but being spotted 
in the middle of night would be problematic. 

"That said... has nobody warned you about your outfit ever since I 
vanished? They're all wrinkled up" 

"There's no one that's as nagging as you. Orange called it wild and 
cool, and my subordinates are too scared to say anything" 

"Geez, Darkness Rainbow's status is plummeting" 

"It's a group to allow such selfishness to pass" 

"That's true" 

Their discussion was light hearted, and the atmosphere around 
them was like that between classmates. In Darkness Rainbow, this 
kind of friendly relationship was rare. 

"So, what are you doing now. Crimson" 

"I've come to save you, Maki" 

Maki wanted to ask about the kidnappings, but Crimson's answer 
was different than what she had wanted. 


Surprised by Crimson's answer, Maki's eyes opened wide. In 
Darkness Rainbow, captives were only considered as a potential 
risk that could leak information. The thought of saving a captive 
never occurred to them, instead the captives were left to die or were 
disposed of. That's why Maki couldn't hide her surprise when heard 
the word 'save' come out of Crimson's mouth. 

"Yes. The decisive battle with Rainbow Heart is near, so if possible I 
want to take you back. There's not enough time to recruit a new 
Dark Navy" 

"I see now..." 

In the decisive battle against Rainbow Heart, Darkness Rainbow 
needed as many forces as they could get their hands on. Rather than 
fighting without one of the seven leaders, saving Maki was more 
reasonable. They weren't saving her because she was Maki, but 
because they needed another pawn. It was a very Darkness 
Rainbow-like logic, and it made sense to Maki as well. 

"I can't come back" 

Maki said and shook her head. On her neck was a mechanical collar. 
Darkness Rainbow should be suspecting that the collar was a tool to 
force Maki to obey. 

"...I wonder if that collar can really kill you" 

"The truth is I don't really know what it is. I didn't put it on myself. 
That said, it's not like I can really try" 

Maki's shoulders slumped. She had expected questions like this so 
she wasn't shocked in the slightest. She gave Crimson a prepared 
answer in a natural fashion. This answer didn't contain any lies, 
Maki hated those. As a result, the atmosphere around her was the 
same as always. 

"But before that... Maki, you're staying on that side out of your own 
will, aren't you?" 

However, Crimson's next question made Maki feel like her heart 
was being pulled out of her chest. She couldn't believe that 
Crimson, who never thought too deeply about anything, would be 
able to see through her. Maki carefully answered while repressing 
her rmrest. 

"Why do you think that?" 

"That's because you look like you've gotten stronger" 

Crimson smiled and her long hair fluttered in the night wind, it was 
as if it was burning, and that greatly increased the threatening 
atmosphere she had. 

"Until I met you, I thought you were being forced to obey because 
of that collar. But don't you think it's strange that you'd get stronger 
if you're being forced?" 

Crimson guessing that Maki was acting of her own free will was 
because of her logic as someone who sought to fight the strong. 

If Maki was being threatened with the collar and forced to work, 
she should be getting weaker. If Maki had no reason to act on her 
own will and was simply taking action because she didn't want to 
die, there was no way she'd have much if any mental fortitude. 

Yet, Crimson sensed clear mental fortitude within Maki. Even more 
than ever before at that. In a battle with magic, willpower had a 
huge influence on the outcome. If Maki's willpower had increased, 
then she should be even stronger than before. 

"That's why I thought. Ahh, Maki must be acting of her own will" 


Crimson's intuition was correct. Maki sensed that trying to hide it 
wouldn't work against her anymore. However, she still couldn't see 
Crimson's intentions, so she continued speaking as she followed the 
flow so far. 

"Even if it's as you say... what are you planning to do. Crimson? 
Purge me right here? Or report to everyone that I'm a traitor?" 

Since just being a risk to leak information would cause Darkness 
Rainbow to leave you to die, or dispose of you, betrayal should 
warrant an even more severe response. Chances were high that she 
could be purged right here and now, or be reported to all six of the 
other leaders and have them come slay her all together. 

"Why do I have to do something as wasteful as that? What I need 
are battles with the strong. Maki, I welcome you getting stronger" 

Crimson prioritized her own desires over the logic of her 
organization. To her, fighting and winning against the strong was 

everything. Improving herself was all that mattered, the rest didn't 

"Fighting the you from before would hardly have gained me 
anything... but you are different now. You're someone worth 

Crimson smiled happily. Maki had been strong when she was in 
Darkness Rainbow, but not on the level of Crimson who saw 
fighting as everything. Moreover, Crimson specialized in energy 
tyype magic, which gave her an advantage over Maki. That's why 
Crimson was always waiting for Maki to get stronger, as if waiting 
for the right time to harvest. 

Finally, Maki grew stronger by leaving Darkness Rainbow. She 
became someone with the power Crimson had hoped for, and 
became someone worth fighting. Flowever, if Crimson reported 
Maki's betrayal to her allies, she would lose her chance to fight her. 
That's why she refrained from reporting it and chose not to tell 
Maki to come back. Fler battle with Maki, which she had always 
waited for, had come. 

"I have no intentions of letting this chance go by! Fight me, Maki" 

"You are Darkness Rainbow to your very core. Crimson..." 

Darkness Rainbow's concept was to prioritize your own wishes and 
use magic to fulfill them. Crimson was currently prioritizing her 
own desires while ignoring the reasoning of Darkness Rainbow as 
an organization. Because Crimson was like Darkness Rainbow, she 
ignored the organization itself. Crimson had the same way of 
thinking as Maya. That's why Maki had reached the conclusion that 
she couldn't convince Crimson. 



"I probably wanted to become friends with you" 

Up until now, Maki had lived while being surroimded by solitude 
and betrayal. That's why Maki liked Crimson's way of life, honest 
and staying true to her own feelings. She had always been 
interested in her. To Maki it was most likely a small comfort in the 
darkness she had been in. 

"Is that so. But I wanted to fight against you" 

However, Crimson didn't think of it the same way. It was because 
she was honest that she had single-mindedly been wanting to fight 
Maki. However, Maki seemed to have a psychological wall, 
preventing her from demonstrating her true strength. That's why 
Crimson had been interested in Maki. 

"So we were after different things from the beginning... what a 

Steeling herself, Maki readied her cane. They had both been 
interested in each other, but what they wanted from each other was 
inherently different. Since Maki liked Crimson's honest side, she 
couldn't resolve this difference in desires. Crimson truly wanted to 
fight against Maki now that she had overcome the wall in her way. 
That's why Maki had to fight, because she liked Crimson. 

"Maki, I feel like we've finally gotten the chance to be open with 
each other" 

"How ironic. It's not until this happened that we were finally able to 
become friends" 

The two shared sad smiles. It was the same expression they had 
shown when they first met just now. It's possible that they had 
suspected this would happen from the very start. 

"Even if we're friends, I won't hold back, Maki" 

"Don't worry, Karen. I know" 

Crimson's real name was Karen. When Maki had told Crimson her 
real name, she had replied in kind. 

"I told you not to call me that name" 

However, Crimson didn't like her own name. She wanted to grow 
strong, yet her name was Karen. The image of her name didn't suit 
the image of who she wanted to be, and so she had told Maki to call 
her Crimson instead. 

"I remember. I just wanted to say it once more" 

"Then you'll fight for real once as well?" 

"Yes. You're my friend after all" 

"Fufu, I'm looking forward to it" 

The two exchanged smiles one more time before raising their canes 
above their heads and incanting the spell to create a barrier. Despite 
there being a battle between the two about to start, the expressions 
on their faces was far from that one showed their enemy. 


To Crimson, being strong was everything. Because of that, she 
didn't miss a single day of fraining. As a resulf, her reflexes were 
faster and she finished her incantation sooner. Moreover, since she 
focused on training her energy-type spells they packed a big prmch. 

Maki on the other hand wasn't that stuck on combat. Maki 
specialized in mind manipulation spells, so her strongest point was 
before a battle began. It wasn't like she was bad at fighting, but she 
had no choice but to admit that she was inferior fo Crimson when it 
came to fighting. 

"Night Walker! Recall - Precast - Category Alpha!" 

Because of that, Maki saw the very beginning of the battle as the 
most important. She activated more than ten spells she had cast 
ahead of fime and left on standby, enhancing her physical abilties 
and her brain activity. Crimson would of course do the same thing, 
but enhancing physical abilities and brain activity was Maki's 
specialty, so with this, there was a high chance that Maki could fight 
evenly against Crimson. 

However, there was one problem, and that was that Crimson had 
been faster when it came to casting the first spell. 

"That's strange! What is the meaning of this!?" 

However, going against Maki's expectations. Crimson didn't 
enhance her body and mind for some reason. This was clearly 
different from how she normally fought. The Crimson she knew 
would have enhanced her abilities before aggressively attacking up 
close and personal. 

"When I came here, I fought against some strange people... and 
that's when I realized" 

Crimson practically stood still as she looked at Maki glowing from 
all the spells she had cast on herself. Maki wasn't just casting spells 
on herself, but also on her cane and it's form changed to that of a 
greatsword. At this rate, Maki with her enhanced abilities would 
rapidly close in and cut Crimson in half with her greatsword. 
However, Crimson showed no sign of panic, but it wasn't like she 
had given up on winning. Seeing that, Maki felt that was an 
incredibly frightening thing. 

"Realize what!?" 

"Just like how there's a proper way for a swordsman to use a sword, 
there's a proper way for a magician to use magic— Ray of Sunshine 
- Modifier - Single Wavelength - Target Option - Gaze Tracking" 

When Maki was almost right in front of her. Crimson began her 

Preposterous!! What can she do with a sunrayl? 

Crimson had cast a spell that created a powerful light. However, 
some light wouldn't stop Maki. If she stared straight into the light 
she might lose her sight for a while, but she was confident she could 
still cut Crimson down even like that. Aiming for the eyes of 
someone moving at high speed was hard. Even if everything went 
perfectly, Maki would only lose sight in one of her eyes. 

Would Crimson, a prodigy of fighting, make such a foolish decision!? 
That's not possible! There’s definitely something else behind this! 

In the next moment, Maki forcibly changed her direction and tried 
to move away from Crimson. She hadn't figured out what Crimson 
was trying to do, but she understood her fixation with battles more 
than anyone. That's why there had to be a reason for Crimson to use 
this spell. You could say that Maki believed in Crimson's strength. 


Maki's intuition had been correct. Just as Crimson's incantation 
finished, two of the three defensive spells Maki had cast were 
blown away. The third spell was still present, but it was unstable 
after taking heavy damage. Fortunately, Maki herself hadn't taken 
damage, but she still didn't rmderstand what had happened. 
Together with the power, this proved to be a big threat to Maki. 

What did she do!? What destroyed the defensive spells wasn’t magical 
power! I could only sense magical power used to activate her spell! Did she 
send something flying! ? 

Maki panicked. She didn't know what Crimson's attack was. If she 
took the same attack once more, she would suffer major damage. 

"Quick Cast - Force Field!!" 

Maki jumped backwards and distanced herself whilst casting 
another defensive spell. If she didn't have at least two layers of 
defense she wouldn't be able to block Crimson's attacks. 

"Maki, if you don't solve this problem quickly, you'll get worn 

Crimson launched her second attack. 

That attack destroyed the remaining third defensive spell and the 
newly cast Force Field. Not only was it powerful, but it was 
accurate as it hit Maki while on the move. 

It’s powerful and accurate. If she's sending something flying it’s 
frighteningly fast... but Crimson’s incantation was just that of a light 
spell... wait, light 1? 

In that instant, the sight of Theia pulling out a weapon from the 
Blue Knight appeared in Maki's mind. That appearance let Maki 
know the truth behind Crimson's attack. 

"I see, so that's what it is..." 

"Oh, you've already figured out what I'm doing?" 

"Yes... that magic, it's a laser isn't it?" 

Since Maki had seen Theia's laser cannon in action, she realized 
what Crimson's attack really was. Lasers hit the same moment they 
fired and packed a punch, and they were very accurate. It fit 
Crimson's attack to a T. 

"Bingo! As expected from Maki!" 

Despite Crimson having the mystery behind her attack being 
revealed, she seemed happy. To her, powerful enemies was 
everything. She wanted a very close fight. That's why she didn't 
want Maki to get defeated one-sidedly without ever figuring out 
what Crimson was doing. 

"To think you'd use science to enhance magic" 

"I had a hard time reworking my magic theory from the very basics 
you know" 

Crimson let out an exaggerated sigh as she tapped her shoulder 
with her cane. Doing something like that in the middle of battle left 
her wide open, but she knew that Maki wouldn't use their 
conversation to launch a surprise attack. 

"That's definitely not like you" 

"This is what happens when you lose to a non-magician only using 
scientific theories" 

Crimson's 'non-magician' was none other than Kiriha. Using her 
brain and knowledge as weapons, she defeated Crimson and Green. 
As a magician capable of altering reality, getting outwitted by a 
normal human was a horrible humiliation. She had thought that she 
was amazing, but had been taught that she knew nothing of the 
world. However, that gave Crimson a chance to change herself. 
Even though it wasn't like her, it was necessary to defeat Kiriha. 

"I know saying this sounds bad, but... we Folsarians value magic so 
much that we're simply too unscientific" 

Their lack of understanding of science made their magic inefficient. 
A simple example was a spell to create fire. Folsarians don't 
understand the mechanics behind combustion, that's why when 
they created fire, they would get a red flame they saw in everyday 

The red flame was because of a large amount of impurities and 
insufficient oxygen. It was an imperfect combustion. A more 
efficient flame was pale blue. While they should be creating that 

faint blue flame, magicians made red flames. Their preconceptions 
and common sense got in the way and they wasted energy. 

By introducing advanced scientific knowledge. Crimson removed 
such waste. As a result, the energy was used more efficiently, and 
the power of her magic increased greatly. 

"So that's why it's a laser" 

"Maki, I knew you would try to oppose me by enhancing your 
abilities, that's why I use magic that moves at the speed of light. It's 
only rational don't you think?" 

"To think I'd hear you use the word rational. What a strange 

"Are you picking a fight?" 

"Well of course. We're fighting after all. I'm also buying time to 
think of a countermeasure" 

"Hurry up and think of something! You don't have much time!" 

The two moved at the same time. They each began on each their 
own incantation. 

"Ray of Sunshine - Modifier - Single Wavelength -Target Option - 
Gaze Tracking" 

Crimson's spell was the laser from before. It was a spell with a 
single wavelength of light that had a lot of power and would strike 
whatever she looked at. Unlike normal lasers it hadn't even been 
colored. It was a nightmare of an attack that blew away whatever 
she looked at in an instant. 

"Fog Cloud!" 

Maki on the other hand cast a simple spell that created fog. 
Fiowevep this fog was the best way of blocking Crimson's laser. 

The fog blocked Crimson's view, throwing her aim off, and as the 
laser passed through the fog it would get diffused, rapidly 
weakening its effects. While the fog alone wasn't enough to fully 
block it, the laser was weakened to the point that defensive spells 
could take the hit. 

"Good thinking, Maki! Thermovision!" 

Fiowever, since she had known Maki for long. Crimson had 
expected that her vision might get obstructed. She quickly cast a 
spell to allow her to see heat and spotted Maki through the fog. She 
then pointed her cane towards Maki. 


Crimson unleashed a new attack against Maki. It was a cannon fired 
using magic. Installed imderneath her cane was a metallic cylinder. 
Inside was a cannonball, and by creating an explosion within the 
cylinder, the cannonball was expelled. 

"It's over, Maki!" 

Alongside a dulled roar, the cannonball was fired out of its barrel. 
Since the explosion was focused forward thanks to the cylinder, it 
was much more powerful than using Explosion directly on Maki, 
and the speed of the cannonball was incredibly high. It was an ideal 
way of attacking Maki who was on the other side of the fog. Of 
course, the recoil was big, and even though Crimson was holding 
her ground she was still pushed back a little. 

The cannonball cut through the air and flew straight at Maki at an 
overwhelming speed of two kilometers per second. At this range 
there was no way to block the cannonball. It would easily smash 
through even a triple layered defense. Crimson was convinced that 
this attack would defeat Maki. 

"I don't think so!" 


However, the cannonball didn't hit Maki. She wasn't standing 
where Crimson had aimed, but somewhere else. Maki dashed out of 
the side of the fog and charged Crimson with her greatsword. That 
was when Crimson noticed that Maki wasn't emitting any heat from 
her body. 

I see, so that's what the fog was for! 

That was when Crimson finally realized Maki's aim. By obstructing 
the view, Maki forced Crimson to focus on heat. She then cut off the 
heat from her own body and created a dummy. After that all she 
had to do was use the fog to easily get closer to Crimson. 



Maki's greatsword closed in on Crimson. Since that sword was a 
magical blade attached to Maki's cane. Crimson's life was in danger. 
That's why she took a big chance. 

"You can have an arm or twooo!!" 

Considering the timing, defensive spells wouldn't make it in time. 
The recoil from her cannon had also been too large, making it 
difficult to block with her cane. So instead. Crimson swimg her left 
fist at Maki's greatsword. 

This was an incredibly dangerous action. By touching Maki's 
greatsword, a heavy impact hit Crimson's left arm. Since it was a 
blade created from magic, just touching it caused major damage. As 
a result, in exchange for avoiding a direct hit on her body. Crimson 
lost her ability to move her left arm. 

But that wasn't the only problem. Memory loss magic had been cast 
on Maki's greatsword. That's why, at the same time as Crimson lost 
her ability to use her arm, she lost several seconds of memories. 

"You did well blocking that. Crimson! But I win!" 

Crimson lost sight of Maki, having lost several seconds of her 
memory. Maki pulled back her greatsword before launching 
another attack. Maki was going to defeat Crimson and her victory 
was certain. Anyone watching would surely think that way. 



However, that was when something unexpected happened. 

Crimson had lost her most recent memories, but the explosion 
magic that she was supposed to use within her barrel was now used 
in the middle of nowhere. The explosion was cast right in front of 
Crimson, and in front of Maki. This was Crimson's real bet. If she 
lost her memories, she should try to use her explosion magic again 
in an attempt to fire her cannon. Rather than being beaten by the 
greatsword, she would rather throw her arm away and avoid a 

direct hit to her body, whilst blowing herself up in an attempt to 
make this a match of luck. The timing was a little sketchy 
depending on the effect of the memory loss, but Crimson won this 

Like that, the two of them were caught up in the explosion. By the 
time the sand cloud kicked up by the explosion cleared, no one was 

Part 6 

Since Maki was in the middle of attacking, she didn't have the time 
to brace herself from the shockwave, and she was thrown across the 
ground. Because of that she took a lot of damage, and could no 
longer get up. While she was conscious, she felt impatient over 
being unable to move her body because of the pain all over. All she 
could do was look up into the starry sky. With the season turning 
from summer to fall, the stars were beautiful. 


With the beautiful starry sky as her background. Crimson looked at 
Maki's face. Unlike Maki who couldn't move. Crimson still could. 
Luck had sided with her. 

"...You win. Crimson" 

Maki honestly admitted her defeat and smiled at Crimson. The 
battle was decided. The girl in front of her was no longer an enemy. 
She was Maki's friend. 

"1 don't feel like I've won, being like this..." 

While Crimson had won, she was in a wretched state. Like Maki, 
she had also been caught up in the explosion and suffered major 
damage. She also couldn't move her left arm yet either. However, 
because of the difference in their stances. Crimson had taken less 
damage from the shockwave., and she was barely able to stand. In 
other words, she had only won because of their difference in luck. 
Crimson didn't feel like she had won because she hadn't overcome 
Maki through ability. According to Crimson's senses, there wasn't a 
big difference in their abilities. 

"They say luck is a skill. Be proud. Crimson, or you'd be rude to the 

Maki who hated lies and bravely faced her defeat. There were no 
lies or deception in the battle, so a loss was a loss. She honestly 
accepted her defeat. The fact that her opponent was Crimson also 
had a big effect on it. She was someone she wouldn't regret losing 

"...Fufu, I don't hate that side of you" 

Crimson had a satisfied smile. While luck had determined the 
outcome, they had both used all of their strength to fight. This was 
the kind of fight Crimson wanted. That's why she was satisfied. She 
would have probably felt the same way even if she had been the 

"But still. I'm surprised... to think you'd use a carmon. The laser was 
a surprise, but the carmon even more so" 

Maki laughed as she looked at the cane in Crimson's right hand. A 
barrel of a carmon was installed on it. It was a surprising method of 
attack one wouldn't expect from a magical girl. 

"But why didn't you use Inferno Fire? You would have been able to 
create an even more amazing cannon with that" 

Crimson's strongest offensive magic was Inferno Fire. It was even 
more powerful than the Explosion that she had used to fire the 
cannonball. Maki was bothered by why Crimson hadn't used that to 
launch her cannonball instead. 

"If I use Inferno Fire, the barrel won't survive. I'd need an even 
bigger barrel, and the recoil would be too big. Explosion is enough 
to overcome defensive spells and I can fire it repeatedly. More 
power isn't everything" 

Before this battle. Crimson had actually gone through several tests. 
As a result, she believed that using this barrel with Explosion was 
the most optimal way. By the way, when she tried using Infernal 
Fire, she had an awful experience. She didn't want to use that in real 

"And that's why we didn't both go down" 

"That's right" 

If the final attack had been Infernal Fire instead, both Maki and 
Crimson probably would have been reduced to ashes. The reason 
that hadn't happened was because Crimson had chosen an 
appropriate method of attack. While it might have been within a 
barrel, creating an explosion next to yourself was a big risk. 

"So you won by using the new powers you created for the sake of 
winning. Did I satisfy you. Crimson?" 

"Yes... thank you for fighting seriously, Maki" 

There was one more reason as to why Crimson was so satisfied with 
the battle. That was that Maki had actually fought. Since most of 
Maki's spells were focused on mind manipulation, she wasn't as 
suited for fighting as the more energy-type focused Crimson. She 
would have been safer creating disturbances with her magic and 
running away. Nevertheless, Maki had fought. Crimson was 
grateful for that. 

"That's what I said at first. Since we're friends we should at least 
fight seriously once" 

"That's right, my bad" 

In the end, Maki was true to herself from start to finish. There were 
no lies in here words, and she had kept her promise until the end. 
Crimson smiled wryly at her friend who had gotten stronger, but 
remained the same. However, shortly thereafter her her smile 
vanished. Someone had invaded the barrier that had been raised 
before the battle. 

"It looks like we've got guests" 

"This feeling. I'm sure it's Satomi-kun" 

Maki recognized this feeling of the barrier being passed through. 
According to her memories, it should be Koutarou. 

"Him, huh... guess I can't stay for long" 

Crimson frowned. Assuming that the intruder was one of Maki's 
allies was appropriate. If Maki was correct, the formidable 
adversary, Satomi Koutarou, was approaching. Since Crimson 
didn't think Maki would lie, she knew that she would meet 
Koutarou if she remained. Being seriously hurt. Crimson decided to 
leave right away in order to avoid another battle. 

"Cya, Maki" 

Crimson shouldered her cane and turned her back to Maki. 

"Crimson, wait. Are you sure you don't need to kill me?" 

Surprised by Crimson's actions, Maki instinctively stopped her. In 
response. Crimson only turned her head to look at Maki and smiled. 

"You went along with me and fought. And because of that. I'll go 
along with your style too" 


Crimson had no intention of killing Maki. She knew that Maki had 
fought to fulfill her desire. That's why Crimson would comply with 
Maki's desire and left as a friend. 

"But the next time we meet it won't end like this. Next time, I will 
treat you as an enemy and kill you" 

"...I don't think I'll show any mercy either" 

Maki's and Crimson's friendship ended here. From this point on 
they were enemies. They wouldn't do another one on one battle, but 
attack as a group. It was clear that their desires weren't matching 
up, so this was where their relationship ended. 

"See you, Maki. Today was fun" 

Crimson spoke those words and smiled as she left. 


Maki called out to Crimson one last time using her real name, 
blearing that Crimson stopped for an instant before deciding not to 
turn around and vanished into the darkness. 

"...Good bye, Karen..." 

To Maki, Crimson was a small flame she had found in the darkness. 
However, that flame never flared up, and distanced itself from 
Maki. She felt that was sad, but since she couldn't live like that 
flame, she didn't try stopping Crimson from leaving. 



Monday, September 13 

Having found Maki covered in wounds, Koutarou and Yurika 
rushed her back to room 106. They had to get her treated as quickly 
as possible, but there was also something else they had to do. And 
that was to have an emergency meeting deciding on a plan on how 
to go ahead. 

With Maki's testament, it became apparent that Darkness Rainbow 
had appeared in Kitsushouharukaze city again. There was no longer 
any doubt that they were behind the kidnappings. Continuing a 
vague search in this kind of situation was extremely dangerous. 
They needed to all gather and decide on a plan. 

"...First thing we need to think of is what Darkness Rainbow's 
objective is" 

The meeting began once everyone had gathered by the tea table. 
Kiriha was the first to start the discussion. Darkness Rainbow had 
some kind of objective, and the children had been kidnapped for 
that purpose. That's why if they didn't know what Darkness 
Rainbow was after, they might inadvertently do something that 
would create an irreparable situation. They had to keep Darkness 
Rainbow's objective in mind at all times. 

"Hey Yurika, what are those Darkness whatever after?" 

Sanae turned to Yurika, she wanted to hear the professional's 
opinion on this. 

"Darkness Rainbow are after the magical power gathered in room 
106 " 

Yurika couldn't treat this as someone else's problem. She fluently 
answered the question with a serious expression. That was the kind 
of Yurika that Koutarou hated. 

"Yurika-chan, I don't get that part... what are they going to do with 
the magical power?" 

Shizuka asked as she wrapped Maki in bandages. Maki's treatment 
was mostly over, and her body was covered in bandages. However, 
her complexion looked good, she would recover shortly. 

"Well, Darkness Rainbow wants to freely use magic, that's why they 
don't get along with the kingdom government who says that magic 
shouldn't be misused" 

The magical kingdom of Folsaria had restricted the use of magic to 
prevent the mistakes of the past from repeating. However, Darkness 
Rainbow insisted that magic was one's own power and that 
restricting it was strange, and got into conflict with the kingdom. 

"So, they want to overthrow the nation?" 

"In the worst case scenario, yes. Darkness Rainbow aren't thinking 
about taking over the nation, but they want to eliminate those who 
restrict magic. Since it's the country doing it, if the conflict 
intensified, then their objective would be to overthrow the nation" 

"More accurately, I think the battle to overthrow the nation has 
already begun. When I was in Darkness Rainbow, they were 
already preparing for the decisive battle" 

Maki added in on Yurika's explanation. She had been one of the 
leaders for Darkness Rainbow, so she was well versed in this. 

"The reason I aimed for room 106 was to gather more war potential 
in preparations for our battle with Rainbow Heart, Folsaria's army" 

In order to fight against the magical kingdom of Folsaria, Darkness 
Rainbow started by gathering powerful magical tools. Part of the 
reason why was because Darkness Rainbow was smaller than 
Folsaria's Rainbow Heart. If they fought up front, their defeat was 
inevitable. There, Darkness Rainbow sought to turn the table with 
the powerful artifacts. This was the same way as terrorists and 
guerilla trying to turn the tables with new weapons or chemical 
weapons. They were trying to make up for their fewer numbers 
with more powerful weapons. 

"Since Folsaria knows that too, magicians like me have been getting 
in the way all this time" 

Knowing that if they let this be, a battle would eventually erupt, the 
Folsaria side couldn't stay quiet. Those who mastered magic in 
Rainbow Heart were given the title of Rainbow. Currently, there 
were seven who held that title. Up until now. Rainbow Heart had 
been sending out those seven to get in the way of Darkness 
Rainbow. Yurika was one of them, and she had gotten in the way of 
Darkness Rainbow claiming the magical power in room 106 for over 
a year. 

"So because they desired freedom. Darkness Rainbow ended up 
becoming an anti-government faction... no wonder they got along 
so well with our radical faction" 

Kiriha wrapped up the discussion. While Darkness Rainbow and 
the People of the Earth's radical faction had a different process and 

purpose, they shared the point of being hostile towards the current 
structure. It wasn't that uncommon to see two factions working 
together until they destroyed the existing structure in Earth's 

Kiriha's interpretation had been correct, but it was still missing 
some important elements. So Maki told the group about what she 

"Strictly speaking, the first spark was an internal conflict within 
Rainbow Heart when discussing if they should try returning to their 
old home or not. Darkness Rainbow was formed by the people who 
rebelled against the kingdom's policy. Darkness Rainbow was 
originally part of Rainbow Heart" 

"Such a thing happened... so there are some complex 

Koutarou was surprised by Maki's words. He had only believed 
that Darkness Rainbow was a gathering of evil magical girls. But 
thinking about it calmly, he realized that this wasn't an anime or a 
manga, there was no way that it would be that simple. It was only 
proper that both sides had their circumstances and objectives. 

"The magical kingdom of Folsaria was made by people who were 
exiled after making a large mistake several hundreds of years ago. 
That's why they chose to adhere to their punishment and not try 

Folsaria was a kingdom with a king. The reason for that was 
because they had rebelled against the king in the past, hunting for 
wealth and power. As a result, they were exiled. As proof of their 
regret, the Folsarians created a kingdom with a king. For the same 

reason, they didn't try to return to their true home from their place 
of exile. 

"But those who would go on to form Darkness Rainbow couldn't 
accept that. They couldn't stand to be confined within the small 
borders of Folsaria for a sin they didn't commit" 

However, after some generations of Folsarians passed, the memory 
of the sin and punishment weakened within the people, and a huge 
discussion took place within Folsaria. 

At that time, the magical kingdom of Folsaria had a lot of problems. 
The country was very small, which caused all kinds of problems to 
appear as the population increased. There was insufficient food and 
dwellings, and a wide difference in the rich and poor appeared. The 
polluted area increased and the country was tilting. 

That was when a group of people who insisted that they 
concentrate their magic and return to their true home in order to 
overcome the crisis. Several generations had already passed, and 
those who had committed the sin were long gone. The group 
exclaimed that they should just return to their home and ask for 

Of course, many agreed with this, especially with the poorest of the 
population, and before long a second discussion split the cormtry in 

"But in the end they couldn't change the coimtry's policy. That's 
why they used their own magic in an attempt to return to their true 

Instead of resolving the problem themselves, by expanding their 
influence outwards in search of wealth and authority they would 

only repeat the same mistakes of the past. That's why the magical 
kingdom of Folsarian determined that even if they were to try to 
return to their true home, they would have to resolve all of their 
problems themselves or they would not be able to redeem 
themselves from their past sins. 

Justice could be found in this conclusion. That's why the emotional 
Folsaria citizens could calm down and begin working to improve 
the country with their own strength. With the controversy over, the 
citizens were implanted with a desire to improve their country. 

Thus the rioting was quelled but a portion of people still weren't 
satisfied. They left Folsaria and began taking independent action 
under the name of Darkness Rainbow. There was but one goal. To 
concentrate their magic and return to their true home. 

"So that's why Folsaria forbade the private use of magic" 

"Yes. At first it was just to stop people from returning. Fiowever, 
because of that Darkness Rainbow became even more extreme and 
private use of magic was completely prohibited" 

"But they went against that" 

"Yes, they just couldn't give up" 

At first. Darkness Rainbow simply acted to return to their true 
home. Fiowever, with Folsaria forbidding their activities, they 
armed themselves and continued by force. The confrontation 
between the two continued to intensify until they were finally at 

"Fiowever, the intensification of the battles weakened their sense of 
purpose. And many joined for other reasons... just like me..." 

In order to make up for their lack of combat potential. Darkness 
Rainbow began recruiting under the purpose of free use of magic. 
As a result, their sense of purpose for their original objective to 
return to their true home was weakened, and the darker side of the 
organization, to freely use magic to fulfill your own ambitions, was 

"The current Darkness Rainbow are just the ruins of their past ideal 
and dreams. They've lost their purpose and taken the wrong path, 
leaving only a shell of an organization. Our enemy are the seven... 
no, six, magical girls who represent that organization" 

The current Darkness Rainbow had forgotten about their original 
objective. However, they continued under the purpose of allowing 
free use of magic. For that sake, they sought to overthrow the 
Folsarian government. 

"You guys have a surprisingly heavy standpoint" 

"Sanae-chan... I was recruited on the spot, so I didn't really 
understand. But that's a really complex standpoint huh..." 

"Follow my directions and follow them well" 

"Yes, I'll do my best" 

Like that, Koutarou and the others began understanding Darkness 
Rainbow and their goal, and that was a hint at what the magical 
girls from Darkness Rainbow were doing. 

"In that case, then their target is without a doubt the magical power 
in this room. They're gathering power to overthrow Folsaria after 

That was the conclusion Koutarou reached. In preparation for their 
decisive battle. Darkness Rainbow was trying to steal the magical 
power pooled in room 106. Everything made sense if one imagined 
that they kidnapped the children as a means to obtain it. 

"Koutarou, I think the situation is a little more serious" 

"What do you mean?" 

"They're using something that stands out like serial kidnapping. 
They are probably going to challenge Rainbow Heart to the decisive 
battle after this mission is over" 

Kiriha felt that this situation was more serious than Koutarou 
thought it was. Up imtil now, the magicians had been keeping low 
in order not to stand out. They left no clues behind, if possible, 
erased the memories of those involved and cast a ward to keep 
people away. Their stance was that 'magicians don't exist'. 

However, this time things were different. They had chosen to 
kidnap several children, something that horribly stood out. This 
would create a major incident, and a detailed investigation by the 
police would be performed, making it harder for Darkness Rainbow 
to act in this town in the future. 

The only way they would chose to do something like that was if 
they were never going to make a move in this city again. In other 
words, it was likely that the decisive battle with Rainbow Heart was 

"Looking at it from a strategical level, the even more troublesome 
part is that the enemy doesn't seem to have taken the outcome here 
into consideration" 

Theia folded her arms with a strict expression. In the eyes of a 
genius at battle, there was also a different problem. 

"They haven't taken the outcome into consideration? You mean 
they don't need to win against us?" 

"That's right. Since there's no strategy that can guarantee victory 
100%, any commander usually thinks of the scenario of what to do 
when they lose. In that case, the serial kidnapping becomes a 

"I see! Since they've been doing kidnappings, they can't retry this 

If they raised the entire cities level of alert, they wouldn't be able to 
fully deceive the locals, even with magic. Even if they erased the 
memories of the witnesses, if people with memory loss showed up 
frequently, they would eventually have some kind of suspicion 
directed their way. 

"Yes, in other words, the enemy should be thinking of it like this. 
There's no need to make any more moves in this city. It doesn't 
matter if we lose" 

This idea derived by Kiriha and Theia would become a very 
important guideline when deciding on their policy. However, there 
was still one problem with this way of thinking. Having noticed 
that, Harumi raised her hand, asking for permission to speak. 

"Please wait, Theiamillis-san. Weren't Darkness Rainbow targeting 
room 106 so they could fight against Rainbow Heart?" 

"That's right. They're surely hoping everything goes well here" 

"They don't have to steal it?" 

"They already have a replacement after all. There's no need to be so 
persistent with this place" 

"A replacement?" 

Since it didn't make sense to Harump she tilted her head in 
confusion. There, Clan adjusted her glasses and explained it to her. 

"Harumi, the underground's radical faction shared spiritual energy 
technology with them" 


Harumi's eyes opened wide. She had finally understood what 
Darkness Rainbow was thinking. 

"The magicians should have obtained the technology to use 
spiritual energy, and weaponry made using that. They are most 
likely planning on using that to make up for their lack of numbers" 

Clan shrugged, as if saying that the situation was bad. 

"Hey, Theia-chan, I don't really get it but..." 

Next, Shizuka raised her hand. She understood what Darkness 
Rainbow was thinking, but that confused her even more. 

"If they think it's fine to lose, why even bother attacking? Can't they 
just leave us be?" 

Shizuka wondered why Darkness Rainbow would attack even 
though they had gotten what they needed from the radical faction. 

If they have enough combat potential, there should be no point in 
attacking room 106. 

"Thinking about it normally, it could be a diversion or they're 
trying to buy time. Kiriha, what do you think?" 

"Maybe while Darkness Rainbow attacks room 106, Maya and 
Elexis scheme in the background?" 

"Now that you mention it, Maya and Elexis vanished before the 
battle imdergroimd was settled. Your Highness" 

"That's ominous. Those two might do something unpredictable" 

Maya and Elexis were ominous existences for Koutarou and the 
others. While it looked like they were working with the 
underground radical faction and Darkness Rainbow at first glance, 
their true goal was uncertain. Elexis was especially ominous, and 
nobody knew what exactly he was up to. As a result, Koutarou and 
the others had to constantly worry about something happening in 
the background, and what Maya and Elexis were doing. Koutarou 
and the others instinctively fell silent and found themselves asking 
a question without answer. 

"...Nothing will start from thinking about those wicked two. Let's 
limit ourselves to Darkness Rainbow" 

The meeting had fallen silent, so Clan tried to put the discussion 
around those two on hold for now and return the topic to Darkness 

"That soimds convincing considering you're used to be even more 

Koutarou laughed as he poked fun at Clan. In response, she angrily 
furrowed her brows. 

"Bertorion!! Why are you always only mean to me!? Why can't you 
be kinder to me like you are with all the others!?" 

Clan spoke in a strong tone, as if she was about to bite Koutarou. 
However, Koutarou didn't flinch in front of her, and instead 
laughed as always. 

"That wasn't being mean. I said 'used to be'" 

"Ugh... a-ahem, leaving that aside. Back to Darkness Rainbow!" 
"Yes, Darkness Rainbow" 


"By the way, that was being mean" 

"I get that!!" 

Koutarou's and Clan's casual conversation brought a cheerful tone 
back to everyone's voices. The stiff atmosphere that had come from 
discussing Maya and Elexis had been completely blown away. 
Kiriha seemed the most amused by Koutarou and Clan, but 
laughing for a moment she returned to her serious expression. 

"Now then, if we are to total everything up. Darkness Rainbow is 
planning on attacking room 106, but don't attach much importance 
to it. They are hoping to claim the magical power if all goes well, 
but it is most likely a feint or a ploy to buy time. Therefore, the 
chances of them running away when the time comes is high. They 

can't lose talent that would have adverse effects on the decisive 
battle that is to come from this" 

Darkness Rainbow would like to feint their enemy or buy time 
without any losses. That being the case, the entire operation would 
be very defensive, and they would be prepared to retreat should the 
time come. 

"Escaping, huh... in an anime or something, there would be a secret 
base in a mountain, and they would have a secret passage or a 
helicopter for escape ready" 

Listening to Kiriha, Sanae didn't think too much about it and 
displayed the knowledge she had gotten from watching anime. 
Normally someone would get angry at her and tell her to take it 
seriously, but they were going up against a group of magical girls. 
What Sanae had said wasn't impossible. 

"Now that I think about it... Nana-san told me something. A ritual 
that uses ten children would require a really large indoor space" 

Yurika added another condition on the board. When it came to 
ritual magic, the scale of the spell, the size of the magic circle and 
the required energy was proportionally related. As a result, if the 
ten missing children were going to be used as energy, they would 
need an equally large area. 

"So that means that they might be in the mountains like Sanae-sama 
said. There's no area that wide in the urban area after all" 

Ruth formed that conclusion as she brought up the map on her 
bracelet. The magic circle Maya had used eleven years ago had been 
the size of a parking lot. Since that was a magic circle for one, the 
size for ten should be on the level of a gym, even when accoimting 

for improvements in techniques. Occupying a facility like that in 
town would be difficult, and as such, they should be in a more 
secluded area. 

"Abandoned commercial facilities and unused tunnels in the 
mountains would be good candidates" 

"I met with Crimson at the edge of town, so there's a good chance of 

Maki had met Crimson at the edge of town as she was chasing after 
the missing children. Thinking of why Crimson would be there, it 
was likely that the ritual was going to take place in a facility nearby. 

"Alright Ruth. Gather up those candidates" 

"As you wish, my princess" 

Ruth didn't just use her map data, but also the Blue Knight's 
unmarmed scouts to narrow down the potential candidates of the 
ritual site. As they waited for the results, Shizuka asked something 
that had been on her mind this entire time. 

"By the way, what kind of ritual is it?" 

She was wondering about the ritual itself. It seemed pretty clear that 
Darkness Rainbow would use a ritual but she had no idea what 
they would use it for. Shizuka was a complete amateur when it 
came to magic, and she couldn't even imagine it. 

"I believe they will either attack us with it, create weapons or 
summon demons" 

Being an expert, Maki came up with three possible uses. Eleven 
years ago, Maya had done so to accumulate magic, but it was hard 
to imagine that Darkness Rainbow would do that with all ten 

"Are you sure?" 


Koutarou made sure with Maki and she responded with a serious 
nod. Her expression made Koutarou feel sad and restless. 

"...That's what I would have done" 

Maki had once been part of Darkness Rainbow, that's why she knew 
how they acted, and could imagine what they'd do. While she 
hadn't used humans as an energy source, she had used ritual magic 
herself. Something she regretted now. 

Part 2 

Koutarou's and the others imagination had been spot on. Darkness 
Rainbow was trying to use their ritual in the large basement of an 
abandoned mansion on the edge of the city. Darkness Rainbow had 
erased the memories of many building owners, and this was one of 

"...Blue-san, how is it going?" 

"It's activating properly. It's rapidly absorbing the life force from 
the flowers" 

After seeing Crimson, who had gone to save Maki, off. Dark Green 
and Dark Blue continued their work on the magic circle. Just a while 

ago it had been completed and the two were currently testing it. 
They left a bouquet in the center of the circle and activated the 
ritual, and the flowers wilted before them. The life force and 
spiritual energy was being deprived of them by the spell. 

"The spiritual energy capacity is functioning normally, same with 
the converter. There are no problems" 

"That's good. Then we can go ahead as plarmed" 

In a few seconds the bouquet had completely wilted away, turning 
into dried flowers. The ten children would be drained the same way 
and be used as an energy source for the ritual. 

"It's still too early to be relieved. This is where you come in" 

"That's right. I'll do my best" 

Why had Crimson and Green taken Blue with them? The answer 
was in the type of magic that Blue specialized in. She was skilled at 
summoning magic. Using magical power to bend space-time, 
summon objects and creatures from afar, or sending them away. 

The large-scale ritual they were going to cast was actually a 
summoning spell. 

Koutarou and the others were strong. However, they had one 
obvious weak spot. That was that there were only nine of them. 
Even if they used their captive Maki as well, that was still just ten. If 
they attacked more than ten places, they wouldn't be able to cover 
them all. For that sake, they had to summon ten demons, and that's 
why they had kidnapped ten children. While Koutarou and the 
others were dealing with the demons, they could carefreely go and 
occupy room 106 and its magical power. 

"I'll bring the children over. Blue-san, you begin on preparations 

"I understand. I'll leave the children to you" 

The ritual should take about three hours. Since this was a ritual that 
took a lot of time, various preparations were necessary. Not only 
did tools need to be prepared, but since they couldn't eat or drink 
for three hours, they'd need to do so beforehand. Since this took a 
lot of time and physical strength, it was a difficult role. 


Green was headed towards the comer where the children had been 
caged, but she stopped halfway there and looked at the passage that 
lead to the surface. 

"What is it?" 

"It looks like Crimson is back" 

Being specialized in fortrme telling. Green wasn't just good at future 
forecasts, but at information gathering as well. She had cast a 
surveillance network on the entire building, and she could detect 
anyone approaching. That surveillance network had caught 

"But that's strange. She's walking so slowly..." 

Eventually Crimson got close enough to not only be sensed, but to 
be visualized as well. In that moment. Green's expression 
completely changed. 

"Oh no. Crimson is badly hurt!! Blue-san, you come too!!" 


The two were supposed to continue their ritual spell, but upon 
learning that Crimson was hurt, they stopped their preparations 
and headed towards Crimson. 

Part 3 

Because Crimson had been caught up in an explosion spell, she 
looked a lot more hurt than she was. As a result, once Blue used the 
magical power she got from draining the life of the bouquet to heal 
Crimson, she could move like normal. 

"Thanks, Blue. I'd never been able to hold my head up high again if 
I'd been forced to retire before the operation even began because of 
my own spell" 

"Your own spell!? You mean you used your Explosion spell on 

"Crimson what happened? What about Navy-san?" 

Crimson had left to save Navy, and now she came back injured and 
alone. Moreover, she had used her Explosion in a way that it hit her 
as well. Blue and Green had no idea what had happened. 

"...I fought against Maki" 

"With Navy-san!? Why!?" 

"Maki has been completely brainwashed by those guys. So when I 
went over to save her, she attacked me. It was a trap" 

"Brainwash... that Navy-san was..." 

"I've known Maki for a long time, so I want to save her, but... I 
imagine it would be hard right now" 

"Then why did you use Explosion on yourself?" 

"Maki wiped out my memory and I used Explosion again at a weird 
timing. As a result it ended in a draw" 

Crimson explained the circumstances to Green and Blue. However, 
it wasn't the truth. She didn't tell the two that Maki had betrayed 
Darkness Rainbow out of her own volition. If she did, Maki would 
be targeted as a traitor, and Crimson wanted to avoid that. 

Maki, it seems like I have a surprisingly sentimental side of me... 

Crimson was surprised by the fact that she hid the truth. When it 
came down to it, Maki's feelings of friendship, and her own feelings 
of wanting to fight again made her hide the facts. In other words, it 
meant that she wanted to meet with Maki again. However, Crimson 
didn't notice her own true feelings. 

"At any rate, we can consider Maki to be one of the enemy 
magicians. If needed I will kill her" 

"HI leave that to you. Crimson" 

"Green, any corrections to the plan?" 

"None. I already anticipated the worst case scenario, with Navy-san 
being brainwashed, when I made this plan" 

"Okay, then I'll return to work" 

"Please do" 

Crimson felt relief that the two had reacted like she expected, but 
she felt a little dissatisfied that neither of them held any sentiment 
for Maki, and she faintly imagined that this might have been why 
she left the organization. 

Part 4 

While Crimson's wormds had been healed, it hadn't restored her 
stamina or fixed her clothes. After taking a shower and changing 
clothes, she took a break to have dirmer in one of the small rooms. 
During that time, she thought of Maki. She was happy that she had 
been able to fight a stronger Maki, but now that it was over she felt 
somewhat sad. She was now deep in thoughts as to why, but it 
wasn't going well. As a result, she couldn't even properly remember 
much of Kiriha and Koutarou whom she had been so fixated on. 

As Crimson was in the middle of eating, a voice suddenly came 
from behind her. 

"What, for someone that was hurt you seem awfully energetic" 

When she turned aroimd, she saw a girl wearing a darkened orange 
outfit staring at her. She was Dark Orange. She was a so called 
modern girl, and had the most irmocent personality in Darkness 
Rainbow. That said, she was the most aggressive amongst them 
when it came to things she didn't like. Maki had called Orange a 
kid, and Crimson agreed. 

"Orange... and Purple and Yellow too..." 

"I'm glad your injuries were light" 

"You think you'll be able to participate?" 

Behind Orange were girls dressed in purple and yellow outfits 
respectively. They were Dark Purple and Dark Yellow. Purple's 
mental age was high and she was Darkness Rainbow's mediator. In 
contrast to her cute appearance. Yellow was the biggest bonehead in 
the organization. Once she had decided on something she refused to 
change her mind. 

"If you're all here, that means it's time already?" 

According to schedule, the three of them would show up just before 
the ritual summoning took place. With them appearing it meant 
that a lot of time had passed when Crimson was deep in thought. 
However, Purple shook her head. 

"There's still a little more time. We came early just in case after we 
heard that you had been hurt" 

However there was still two hours and a half before the ritual 
would activate. Purple had decided to show up early because she 
believed they should raise their level of alerf since Crimson had 
fought against Maki. It meant that the ritual site might be found 
sooner than expected. 

"We don't want the enemy interfering with the ritual so we've 

"You just rest easy, Crim-chan. If the enemy really do show up 
you'll get your time to shine" 

Purple had brought Yellow and Orange with her so the three of 
them could run interference. Since Maki could report her encounter 

with Crimson to Rainbow Heart, Purple decided that they should 
move swiftly to keep the ritual from being ruined. 

"Purple, what did Green say?" 

"She said around 20%" 

Those 20% were the chances of Rainbow Heart appearing in the 
basement earlier than expected. This was something that Green had 

"20%... which means I can't stay so carefree" 

The figure 20% meant that Rainbow Heart would show up in one 
out of five of all possible futures. Adding in other accidents, the 
probability of trouble increased even more. So it's no wonder why 
Purple had hurried. 

"Anyways, leave this to us while you rest up. That is your job for 
now. Crimson" 

"Okay. I'll leave it to you. Purple" 

"Good. Then this might be sudden, but we're leaving" 

"See you" 

"Let's meet later" 

The three left Crimson behind in the room. 

"So the fighting will start soon... fufu" 

Crimson had been lost in thought before the three appeared, but 
now she was dancing as she thought of her next battle. While she 

wouldn't deny her sentimental feelings, fighting was everything to 
her. That's why she couldn't hold hands with Maki. It was 
unfortrmate for Maki that Crimson was a prodigy at fighting. 


Koutarou and the others adhered to the policy they decided on 
during their meeting and searched for the kidnapped children. They 
had two leads to assist in their search. The ritual required a large 
space, and the place where Maki had run into Crimson. 

There were many large buildings that had been constructed during 
the economic growth bubble in Kitsushouharukaze city, which had 
been abandoned during the recession after the bubble burst. Two 
such buildings existed in the outskirts of the city where Maki had 
encountered Crimson. 

The first was a closed down shopping mall. Construction had begun 
relying on an expressway being built and open to public, but once 
the bubble burst the plans for the expressway were reconsidered. 
However since construction on the mall had already begim, plans 
could not be reconsidered and the mall was opened for business. 
However, without the expressway the mall was in an inconvenient 
place, and once the opening hype died down, management failed 
within a few years. As a result, only the shell of a concrete building 
built to last a hundred years remained. 

The second was a resort hotel. This opened during the economic 
growth bubble, and the building was already over 50 years old. 
However, while it had been the largest facility when it opened for 
business, it was now an ordinary size, and combined with the aging 
building, the number of guests steadily dropped over the years, and 
it finally closed down a few years ago. 

Both the shopping mall and resort hotel had large spaces which 
were perfect for ritual magic. However, they didn't have the time to 
search each place in turn. So Koutarou and the others split into two 
teams of five. 

Yurika and Maki took the lead of one team each. Since this was a 
magic related incident, it was only natural for these two, well 
versed in magic, to take the lead. Yurika's team consisted of 
Harumi, Kiriha, Shizuka and Clan. While Maki had Koutarou, 
Sanae, Theia and Ruth. The teams had been split up with a good 
balance in mind. 

If there was any problems with this plan it was that there would be 
no one defending room 106, but since children's' lives were at stake, 
stopping the ritual was the top priority, moreover. Darkness 
Rainbow should be waiting for the ritual to complete before they 
attack. It would also take some time to control the magical power in 
room 106. So leaving Kiriha's subordinates and unmanned fighters 
from the Blue Knight was deemed to be good enough. It wouldn't 
be that hard for Koutarou and the others to get back to room 106 
before control of the magical power was seized. Right now, taking a 
few risks was worth it to save the lives of the children. 

Part 6 

Tension was high before they departed. The most nervous one 
amongst them was Yurika. While she had been a leader in a battle 
before, this was the first time in real command. It was a completely 
different situation from doing what she had been told like before. 

"Sanae-chan, do you think I'll be good enough as the commander?" 

Anxious, Yurika asked Sanae, whom she spent a lot of time together 
with, for her opinion. If possible, she wanted Sanae to object so she 
could trade places with someone else. 

"I'm sure you'll be fine" 

However, betraying her hopes, Sanae agreed with Yurika being the 

"I don't believe it" 

"It'll all work out" 

Being bad at explaining, Sanae didn't say why she agreed, but she 
had a proper reason for it. Sanae had only been able to return to her 
body because of Yurika's desperate struggles. She had no reason not 
to trust Yurika. While Yurika was normally useless, she was 
someone that pulled through when she had to, and Sanae knew 

"That's so irresponsible" 

"You don't have to worry. Harumi and Kiriha are with you for that 
sake. If you don't get something then you can think of them as me 
and rely on them" 

"Okay, I'll try my best!" 

"Yes, very good" 

In the end, Yurika decided doing her best at being a leader. Her 
sense of duty towards combating Darkness Rainbow was strong, 
even more so with Nana here. Because of that, her resolution came 
faster than normal. 

"...It looks like that side will be fine" 

Koutarou had been the one to push for Yurika as leader. He had 
been a little uneasy but Yurika was awfully reliable in situations like 
this. If she was surrounded with people that can follow up for hep 
results should automatically follow. 

"Satomi-kun, I'm no Yurika, but... are you fine with us as leaders?" 

Unlike Koutarou who seemed satisfied, Maki was somewhat 
hesitant. She didn't think she was suitable as a leader either, but for 
a different reason from Yurika's. 

"Why do you think that?" 

"I am part of your band of knights. My life is in your hands. That's 
why you should be the one in command, Satomi-kim" 

Maki spoke to Koutarou with her hand on her chest. She had 
absolute faith in him. If he ordered her, she would tear her own 
heart out of her chest and give it to him. 

"If you say your life is mine, I should be allowed to do as I please 
right? You'll be fine as the leader, Aika-san. We need to hurry" 

If Koutarou was the leader, he would constantly need to check with 
Maki, which would delay everything. Letting Maki and Yurika be 
leaders would allow them to omit a lot of explanations. 

"But I used to be your enemy, Satomi-kun! I'm not suitable to take 
command in this kind of situation" 

Everyone knew that Maki used to be part of Darkness Rainbow. 
Letting someone that used to be your enemy lead you was 

something that normally never happened. It would affect the 
morale of the troops, and there were big problems when it came to 
reliability. However, Theia who was listening in smiled wryly. 

"Maki, if you'll go by that logic, nobody here is worthy of taking 
command. Or would you rather Harumi and Shizuka do it?" 

Out of the nine girls here, only a minority haven't been hostile 
towards Koutarou. Apart from Harumi and Shizuka, everyone else 
had more or less been enemies. Therefore, no one but Harumi and 
Shizuka would be allowed to command. However, it was quite clear 
that neither of them were suited for it. It was unrealistic. 


"It's the other way aroimd, Theia, Aika-san" 

However, Koutarou shook his head with a slight wry smile. 


"What do you mean?" 

"...Fighting doesn't suit anyone of you. If it wasn't an emergency, I 
wouldn't want anyone of you being a commander. It'll always be a 
last resort" 

Everyone were the same to Koutarou. But they were in a situation 
where every second mattered, and knowledge of magic was 
necessary. As always, Koutarou didn't want to let anyone fight. 

"Besides, I believe in Aika-san who prays that my future is a happy 

On the day that Maki annulled the magical bond with Koutarou, 
she had said that and decided to walk alongside Koutarou, casting 
aside her lonely life. Koutarou believed in the words and smile 
Maki had shown that day. He believed that she would always be on 
his side. 

"...I am always praying, that you, and the many around you will 
have a happy future..." 

Maki knew that many people would be needed for Koutarou to be 
happy. Starting with Kenji and his classmates, the people in the 
shopping district and of course their children. In order for humans 
to live happily they mutually required many people. That's why 
Maki prayed not just for Koutarou's future, but for many others as 

"What, then there's no problem at all" 

Seeing Maki's reaction, Theia blinked repeatedly. She couldn't 
understand the reason why Maki was worried. 

"Don't say that, Theia. Aika-san hasn't spent a year and a half 
fooling around with us like you" 

"Then it's only a matter of time" 

"That's about right" 

Based on Koutarou's and Theia's words and behavior, Maki finally 
realized that the people around her prayed just like her. And 
because of that she was being accepted. 

"Satomi-kun, Theia-san... thank you for believing in me" 

She was so happy tears were overflowing, but now was the time to 
depart for battle. Maki endured those feelings and tightly grasped 
her cane. 

By the Remains of the Dream 


Tuesday, September 14 

Koutarou and the others left room 106 just after the date changed. 
Normally, the room was guarded through many means, but going 
up against Darkness Rainbow, they set up an even more careful 
defense. They couldn't move until Kiriha's subordinates and the 
unmarmed fighters got in position. As a result, it took some time 
before they could leave, but now they could move freely. Koutarou 
and the others split up into their two groups and headed towards 
their destination. 

Koutarou was on team Maki. Apart from him and Maki, Sanae, 
Theia and Ruth were also in the team. Their destination was the 
abandoned shopping mall. There was a pavement road that lead to 
the mall, but if the mall was being used as the ritual site, the road 
was definitely being monitored. Working with that as their primary 
assumption they were proceeding to the mall in the woods by the 
side of the road. 

"How does it look, Ruth" 

"There are no reactions on the thermal sensor. There seems to be no 
large living creatures in the effective range of the sensor" 

Koutarou and the others were now close to the shopping mall. They 
lurked over and observed the mall. Up until now they hadn't run 
into any problems. There hadn't been anything that could be 
interpreted as monitoring. That was only obvious as they were still 
more than 300 meters away from the mall, and monitoring all of the 
surroundings was unrealistic. The road was most likely the only 

thing being monitored outside of the mall. The problem was from 
this point forward. 

"There are some reactions on the sonic sensor" 

"The enemy?" 

"It's in the middle of the mountain. It could just be some wild 
animals. According to a more detailed analysis there doesn't seem 
to be any active movements" 

They began by having an unmanned scout survey from the sky. 
Fortunately there were no enemies that could be seen, and they 
believed infiltrating wouldn't be too difficult. Next, they needed to 
investigate using magic. Since this might be a base for magicians, 
they should have put up a surveillance net using magic, and of 
course, the magic investigation was Maki's job. 

"Maki, how does it look with magic?" 

"There are no magic reactions on the outside" 

Maki searched for all kinds of spells she could detect. ITowever, she 
couldn't sense gathered magical power, all she could sense was the 
weak magical power being emitted from the surroundings. 

"Maybe they're not here" 

Sanae tilted her head. There were no signs of Darkness Rainbow 
casting any ritual magic here. They might be at the resort hotel that 
Yurika and the others headed towards, or they could both be duds. 
Sanae couldn't see any traces of aura in the area she could see, and 
she began suspecting that Darkness Rainbow might not be here. 

"It wouldn't be easy to monitor something this big even with 

"You're right. It's still too early to jump to conclusions. Putting up 
surveillance where intruders have to pass is only obvious. The 
enemy doesn't have enough time to put up a surveillance network 
to watch for enemies in all possible directions" 

"So we should be able to get into the mall without problems then?" 

Koutarou wrapped up the discussion and the four girls with him 
nodded with serious expressions. While they couldn't see anything 
now, that didn't mean the enemy wasn't here. Koutarou and the 
others used magic and machinery to hide their presence and 
carefully approached the mall. 

Part 2 

At the same time, Yurika and the others arrived at their destination. 
Their destination was the shutdown resort hotel. While the building 
itself was smaller than the shopping mall, it surpassed the mall in 
height, and it was hard to tell how far it reached underground. 
Moreover, since it was situated in an open area with good view, it 
would be difficult to approach. 

"So what do we do now, Yurika-chan?" 

Shizuka asked the commander, Yurika, for the strategy from now 
on. Team Yurika consisted of Yurika, Harumi, Kiriha, Shizuka and 
Clan. Just like team Maki, they were hiding before the hotel and 
observing the situation. 

"We're going in. I kinda feel some magical power, so I'd like to enter 
to confirm it" 

"I feel the same way" 

Something different from team Maki's situation was that Yurika and 
Harumi could already sense magical power. They were barely able 
to perceive it, at the edge of their senses. However, they still 
couldn't determine that this was the ritual site. They were up 
against Darkness Rainbow. They had contended against Rainbow 
Heart for several hundred years, and feints and diversions like this 
was a daily occurrence. Tossing in a dummy filled with magical 
power into a building that fit the bill was an old trick. 

"To begin with, let's tell the others that we can sense magic" 

Clan operated her bracelet and sent a short message to Ruth. Real¬ 
time information exchange was Clan's and Ruth's job. 

"The problem is how do we enter. There are very few places to 
infiltrate from" 

Kiriha showed a severe expression. Because of what it was, the 
resort hotel was built in a place with a great view. That's why 
surveying the area from two or three places on a floor high up was 
enough to get a good view of the entire area aroimd the hotel. 
Contrary to its looks, the resort hotel was hard to attack. 

"What do we do?" 

Yurika quickly gave up thinking for herself and asked the group for 
their opinion. She was aware that in situations like these, her own 
ideas usually didn't work out so well. 

"If we assume that the hotel is being surveyed from one of the 
upper floors, we should aim to infiltrate from the northern side by 
the import road" 

The windows in the hotel were pointed towards the south. The site 
was also wider on that side, making the view better. As a result, the 
northern side was more narrow, and had less focus on view, leaving 
them with plenty of places to hide. Moreover, observing the 
northern side from above was more difficult because of the tighter 

"But Kurano-san, won't they be expecting that?" 

Harumi was worried that anyone would realize that the area 
surrounding the roads would make it easier to infiltrate. While it 
was easy to infiltrate, it was so narrow that it was easy to defend. 
Some coimtermeasures would be enough to prevent infiltration. 

"Which means we need to choose between an easy way in through 
the import road that's more likely to be guarded, or the front, which 
is the harder way in but less likely to be guarded" 

Shizuka summarized the problem into two points, both of which 
had risks that couldn't be ignored. 

"I'd like to go through the front" 

Shizuka personally preferred the simple and straight-forward way 
of going through the front. 

"I would like to go in through the back" 

The careful Clan preferred the import road in the back. Reacting to 
Clan's muttering, Kiriha showed an irmocent smile. 

"Because the north side is dark and gloomy?" 

"Kii!? I'll punch you, you know!'s because the distance is short. 
Either way, we'll need to hide ourselves someway, right?" 

"What should we do, Yurika-san?" 


Yurika showed a troubled expression when she began thinking as 
Kiriha urged her for a decision. There were risks either way, and in 
that case she needed to ascertain which risks were more convenient 
for them. 

What I need to prioritize the most is... that’s right, the children! When we 
leave with the children, the safer the better 

After thinking for a while, Yurika made her decision. 

"Let's go with the import road" 

"Because it's dark and gloomy?" 



"Ahaha... no, but after we rescue the children, I think we'll escape 
using the same route we came. In that case, it's better to be close to a 
safe place" 

Yurika valued the children's' safety most of all. 

Imagining what would happen after they infiltrated the hotel, there 
was a high chance that they would escape with the children in 

hand. If they find the children before Darkness Rainbow, they 
would avoid battle. That would also ruin the ritual. 

And after rescuing the children and escaping, it was more ideal the 
sooner they could get picked up by the Cradle or Hazy Moon. That 
would only be possible outside of the resort hotel. That's why using 
the import road, the children wouldn't have to move as far. Yurika 
believed that in terms of time and distance, it had the least risk for 
the children. 

"Aha, so you properly put some thought into it after all, Yurika- 

Shizuka showed a cheerful smile and gave Yurika a slap on the 
back. The way Yurika prioritized the children first fit well with 
Shizuka's senses. The reason for that was because she had lost her 
own parents at their place of lodging. It was only a natural reaction 
considering this was a resort hotel. 

"Harumi, Kii, what do you two think?" 

"I think we should do what Yurika-san says. I think the safer the 
children are the better" 

Harumi agreed with Yurika. Because she had gotten along so well 
with the children at the hospital, she couldn't see this as someone 
else's problem. She wanted to prioritize the children's' over her 

"My answer is already decided. I will save them just like I was 
saved eleven years ago" 

Kiriha smiled at Clan. In the past, she had been saved by Koutarou 
and Clan. Koutarou had desperately struggled between who to 

save, his mother or Kiriha, and in the end he chose Kiriha. So there 
was no way she could abandon these children. 

"How about you, Clan-dono?" 

Kiriha's tone turned into a more mischievous one. It was the same 
smile that had appeared on the lips of the young girl Clan had met 
in the world eleven years ago into the past. 

"I-I have no objections. Saving the weak and crushing the wicked. 
That's the path of a Forthorthe princess" 

With gratitude and goodwill clearly directed towards her. Clan 
blushed furiously and she turned away in an attempt to hide her 
red cheeks. 

"Everyone is in agreement. Captain Yurika" 

Shizuka reported to Yurika, and the other three nodded in unison. 

"Then let's infiltrate from the import road in the back. Everyone, 
let's move" 

Yurika returned the nod with a strong resolve not to let down her 
friends expectations. While Koutarou might not like it, everyone 
would admit Yurika was now a splendid magical girl. 

"The princess of love and courage Ho-!" 

"You're being surprisingly captain like Ho-!" 

This might have been the moment Yurika became the true leader of 
this team. 

Part 3 

The inside of the shopping mall was silent. Ruth had mentioned 
sound coming from inside, but that sound still wasn't reaching 
Koutarou's and the others ears. This was obvious, as the shopping 
mall was too large. 

"Aika-san, you can tell right?" 

"Yes, I can feel weak magical power over a wide area" 

But ever since they entered the mall, Koutarou and Maki had 
sensed magical power. The amount was minute, perhaps because of 
the distance, but there was no doubt that magic had been used here. 

"Ruth, how about that sound?" 

"It's still continuing. It also seems like the source of the sound is 

Another benefit of having entered the shopping mall, Ruth's 
information gathering was now more accurate, and more detailed 
information could be gathered. 

"This is all widely spread out, maybe even over the entire mall" 
"Hey everyone, stop. This might be bad" 

Sanae stopped the group with a rarely seen serious expression on 
her face. She then looked right to left. There were concrete walls in 
the way of both directions, however, her glance passed through 
those and she was looking further beyond. 

"What is it?" 

"Evil spirits are walking all over the place. And it's not just one or 
two, but a lot of them" 

Sanae could see a lot of spiritual energy. They were vague and dark, 
clearly distinct from people and normal spirits. Those spiritual 
energies were walking disorderly, and not very fast either. That's 
why Sanae believed they were evil spirits. 

"Maybe the sound and magical power are from them?" 

"Satomi-kun, I think so too" 

"I believe there is a high chance of that" 

"One of them will appear from around that corner soon" 

"Alright, everyone, let's hide in that shop. I want to get a good look 
at that evil spirit" 

"An evil spirit, huh... I don't have any pleasant memories of 

Koutarou and the others jumped into a nearby shop, and hid behind 
the display shelves and tables that had been left behind. They 
wanted to confirm what kind of evil spirit Sanae was seeing. It was 
possible that it was a demon summoned by the ritual. 

"The sound is getting closer. It looks like the evil spirits are indeed 
the source for the soimd" 

"It'll get here in five seconds or so... three, two, one..." 

"So that's it" 

"It looks like a normal person, but... is that the evil spirit?" 

A single human appeared in front of Koutarou and the others. The 
person was slightly hunched over and was moving slow, but it 
didn't look like anything but a normal person. 

"Your Highness, Master, this is strange" 

"What is it?" 

"There's no reaction on the thermal sensor" 

"What does that mean?" 

"Master, that person has the same temperature as the 


Ruth continued gathering information through various means, 
including through a thermal sensor. However, even though they 
had a human in front of them, there was no reaction on the thermal 
sensor. In other words, as long as the thermal sensor wasn't 
malfunctioning, the human in question had the same temperature 
the surroundings did. 

"Satomi-kun, I've got it. That is probably a zombie" 

"A zombie!? You mean those? The walking corpses in movies!? " 

"Yes... Darkness Rainbow has someone who is skilled at creating 
them. Purple is probably here" 

Maki bit her lip as she spoke. 

"Is she that dangerous? That Purple person?" 

"Yes. She's someone I definitely don't want to fight against" 

In Darkness Rainbow, when it came to pure fighting prowess. 
Crimson was number one. However, if they were to actually fight, 
there is someone that could win against Crimson. That was Purple. 
She was a magical girl skilled at necromancy, and always took a 
large amount of dead with her. Alone, Purple couldn't beat 
Crimson, but if the dead were included, she would be the victor. 

She was the strongest in Darkness Rainbow, the necromancer of 
nightmares. Dark Purple. Zombies were one of the types of dead 
she had the most of. 

"Maki-san, how many of those zombies could she control at the 
same time?" 

"There's a limit to Purple's abilities, but the weaker something is, 
the more she can control. Though I don't think there could be more 
than a hundred" 

Purple had a constant total amount of magical power, and the 
strength of the dead was determined by how much she divided her 
power. One would be incredibly difficult to deal with, but a 
hundred would be weaker than humans. Since Purple could freely 
control the numbers, the strength of the dead would differ from one 
time to the next. The reason why Purple was so feared was because 
she was so adept at choosing the right numbers for the right time. 

"Master, this is bad" 

Ruth's expression grew more severe upon learning of Purple's 

"Because of the zombies I can't determine the location of the ritual. I 
can't complete my investigation until we defeat all of them" 

Because of the zombies moving around, sounds were coming from 
all over the place. That's why it was impossible to find the site of the 
ritual through the sonic or vibration sensor. The thermal sensor 
wouldn't work because of the many walls all over. All they could do 
was eliminate the zombies. 

"So that's it... Aika-san, what about your magic?" 

"Ritual magic releases powerful magical power, but there are spells 
to keep that from leaking outside. If that's been cast, I don't think I 
could tell it apart from the magical power from these zombies. Or 
rather, since this is Purple, she probably has the same amount of 
magical power leaking out from these zombies that the ritual would 

Magic was the same as sound and vibration. Maki's intuition told 
her that Purple would have released these zombies with the magical 
power from the ritual in mind. As expected, it was impossible to 
detect the magic circle from the zombies, and all they could do was 
defeat them one at a time. By letting the zombies wander all over 
the mall. Purple was protecting the magic circle. 

"I think the most troublesome scenario would be if the magic circle 
is on Yurika's end" 

"Because we can't leave until we defeat all the zombies here" 

The worst possible scenario would be if this entire shopping mall 
was a diversion. Koutarou and the others would be stuck here from 
the powers of just one person. 

"Theia, it's your turn" 

"I know! I'm raring to go!" 

"Everyone, we're defeating the zombies. There's no need to hold 
back. Speed is everything!" 


Koutarou and the others responded in harmony to Maki's orders. 
The morale was high, and fortunately, they had Theia with them. 
They should be able to disperse the zombies faster than Purple 
would expect. 

Part 4 

Before Koutarou and the others attacked the zombies, they 
contacted Yurika's group. Once they attacked the zombies, the 
enemy would find out what they were up to. If that happened, their 
defenses on Yurika's end would probably get reinforced as well. For 
that sake, they needed to match the timing with Yurika and the 
others. Truth be, they didn't want to attack until team Yurika found 
the enemy, but because of the time limit, they couldn't do that. At 
most they could match the timing of their attacks. 

"We've got a message from Bertorion and the others. They've foimd 
enemies, and they want to attack depending on our situation. What 
will you do, Yurika?" 

"I'm sure Satomi-san and the others want to hurry, but they'll have 
to wait until we infiltrate from the import road. It shouldn't take 
more than five minutes" 

"I rmderstand. I'll respond like that" 

Yurika and the others were right next to the import road leading to 
the back of the resort hotel. The import road was already the most 
obvious place that would be guarded, if the enemy is here that is, so 
if Koutarou and the others began their attack, this was the first place 
that would be reinforced. Since Yurika and Harumi could already 
sense magical power coming from inside the hotel, they wanted the 
others to wait with their attack for a little. 

Kiriha was being cautious since she couldn't read her enemies 
intentions, but they were in a situation where there was no use 
thinking about it. She chased her thoughts out from her head and 
focused on the situation at hand. 

"It's okay, Yurika" 

"Okay. Let's go everyone" 

Yurika and the others left their hiding place and carefully 
approached the import road. The method of infiltration had already 
been decided. Darkness Rainbow were skilled at magic, so using 
magic to hide was risky. Instead, they would conceal themselves 
using Clan's and Kiriha's technology. Clan's multi purpose 
camouflage shut out heat, light and electromagnetic radiation. So as 
long as Kiriha's haniwas could conceal their spiritual energy, the 
chances of them being found should be low. However, they had no 
way to cover up sound, so the camouflage was not perfect. Besides, 
they were going up against elite magicians. Even if it was in the 
middle of the night, they needed to be careful. 

"Uhh, I'm so nervous..." 

When the group reached the import road, Shizuka instinctively 
sighed. She disliked hiding or running away. She could handle on 
her own in a fight, but in stealth action like this, there was nothing 

she could do. She couldn't relax in a situation where they'd be out of 
the enemy who paid extra attention to their surroundings. 

"Just endure a little longer. Just keep it up until we get inside" 

Originally they'd want to stay hidden the entire time, but with 
zombies protecting the mall, the situation was different, and it 
would be difficult to stay hidden. It wasn't hard to imagine that 
team Yurika would be foimd shortly after team Maki launch their 
attack. In that case, they at least needed to get past the import road. 

"Sakuraba-senpai, you're awfully calm" 

"I've always been more passive after all" 

The girls encouraged and supported each other as they walked 
down the import road. The enemy shouldn't be able to see them, 
and they weren't using magic so they shouldn't be able to sense any 
magical power either. But even then, the girls were anxious. They 
couldn't shake the worries that they might be heard. In the end it 
was just like Koutarou said. Being good at fighting didn't equal 
being suited for it. 

The next few seconds were a trial for the girls. This was what it was 
like to feel more dead than alive. However, they were eventually 
done, and the girls reached the hotel's back door. 

"Pheeew... I thought I was going to drop dead..." 

Shizuka leaned against the hotel wall and showed a weak smile. She 
was stronger than anyone else in a fight, but she was still just a 
normal girl. She was weak to this kind of tension. 

"Shizuka-san, it's still too early to feel relieved. We need to get 
through this door first..." 

Yurika was already standing by the backdoor, and she was thinking 
of how she should open it. Looking at Yurika like that, Shizuka felt 
that this must be what a magical girl was. She also felt like she 
understood exactly why Koutarou didn't want Yurika to look like 

"We'll open it Ho-!" 

"We're good at detailed work Ho-!" 

The two haniwas came up to Yurika. They were both grasping tools 
for precise work in their hands. They would open the lock with 

"No, I'll melt the lock with acid and break through" 

However, Yurika shook her head and held her cane. 

"That's pretty forceful for Yurika Ho-!" 

"Are you sure you should be so violent Ho?" 

"Either way, once we get inside Satomi-san and the others will start 
fighting. That's why I think we shouldn't waste any time. Clan-san, 
please contact Satomi-san" 


After confirming that Clan had begun operating her bracelet, Yurika 
started her incantation. 

"Acid Splash!" 

It was a spell to create a strong acid. She knew that it wasn't very 
magical girl like but she was getting more and more adept at using 
it. The acid sprayed from the tip of the cane towards the doors' lock. 

Because the door knob and lock were metallic, they both corroded 
and melted when exposed to the strong acid. It looked similar to a 
candle melting from heat. 

"Let's go!" 

Yurika quietly pushed the door open. Without the doorknob and 
lock, the door opened with a light push. Yurika peeked through a 
small gap to confirm that nothing was on the other side before 
quickly entering. She was being quite skillful, in complete contrast 
to her usual self. 

"When Yurika-chan is acting cool it's a little lonely" 

Yurika was being magical girl-like, leader-like, as she took the lead 
and jumped into the hotel. Seeing that, Shizuka looked lonely, just 
as she had said. Shizuka had been the only one to say it, but the 
other three all felt the same way. 

"What are you all doing! Hurry!" 

That was when Yurika popped her head back outside. She was 
getting impatient as the rest of the group wasn't coming. 

"You're right. I'm sorry. Let's go right away!" 

There was no time to reflect on sentiments. The girls looked at each 
other and nodded before following after Yurika into the hotel. 


The first one to sense anomalies was as expected, the fortune-telling 
Green. In preparation of the enemy, she cast a brmch of spells out of 
caution, including future forecast. She swiftly reported this to her 
allies in the same room. 

"Crimson, Blue-san, the enemy is coming" 

"Are you sure?" 

Crimson and Blue were in the same room as Green, but only 
Crimson reacted. Blue currently had her hands full with the ritual 
and couldn't move. 

"Most of the predictions that the enemy won't show up just 
vanished. I think they're inside the building" 

Green's future forecast allowed her to see all kinds of possible 
futures, letting her forecast the future with probability. If she saw 
ten futures, and the enemy appeared in six of those, there was a 60% 
chance of the enemy appearing. Because the world was uncertain, 
she could only see vague futures like that. 

As the forecast futures turned into reality, the futures that never 
occurred were excluded. That's why, if the futures of the enemy not 
coming were to vanish at such an unnatural timing such as this, it 
meant that the enemy was here. 

"What a bad timing to show up at. Only you and I can move right 

Crimson clicked her tongue. Blue was in the middle of the ritual. 
Purple, Orange and Yellow had left to cause diversions for the 

enemy, and once they're done they'll adhere to the plan and won't 
be returning here. Now that the enemy was here, only Crimson and 
Green could deal with them. 

"Can you tell how many there are?" 

"The highest probability is five. But there's some swinging back and 

"What about Maki?" 

"She shouldn't be here. The futures that she is are within the 
accepted margin for error" 

"I see..." 

After confirming what she wanted to know. Crimson picked up her 
cane that she had left leaning next to a wall nearby. Green turned an 
anxious look at Crimson. 

"So you're going" 

"Yes. If we fight here, the ritual will be ruined" 

The summoning ritual was currently one third of the way done. If 
interruptions got in the way here, the ritual would never complete. 

If they were going to fight they should avoid this place and pick 
somewhere closer. 

"Will you be fine on your own?" 

"My injuries have been healed" 


"Don't be such a worrywart. Besides, you learned your lesson last 
battle, didn't you? Your forecast rapidly drop in accuracy once 
you're included" 

According to their strategy. Crimson would fight alone at first. 
Green would gather information from afar and support Crimson 
with her future forecasts. The reason they chose to fight that way 
was because they wanted to avoid the forecast loops. 

If Green forecast her own future, the very fact that she did would 
distort the future. One normally couldn't perfectly copy movements 
one had seen. This was like speaking into a mic, broadcasting it 
through speakers and picking it up in the mic again. The margin of 
error of Green's forecasts would grow larger, and the forecast 
would eventually fail. In her last battle, Kiriha had seen through 
that weakness and defeated her. In the end, not including your own 
actions in the forecast would create a more accurate result. Since 
they didn't want to make the same mistake again, they had decided 
on this way of fighting. 

"Even then I'm reluctant to sending you out on your own. Crimson" 

"Oh? That's not something someone from Darkness Rainbow would 

"Don't make fun of me! I just want to make this plan a success!" 

Listening to Green's words. Crimson felt a strange sense of 
disappointment. Those feelings made her realize something. 

I was expecting Green to act as Maki's replacement 

Having realized that. Crimson wanted to confirm something. That's 
why she stopped in place and turned towards Green. 



"...If I wanted to—" 

—fight with you, would you be my opponent? 

Crimson wanted to ask Green that, but she decided to stop mid¬ 
sentence. That question was far too different from Darkness 
Rainbow's way of thinking. 

Thinking about it calmly, wanting to fight against powerful 
enemies, meant that others had to accept Crimson's methods like 
Maki had. Even among people who fought as their occupation, only 
a few of them saw fighting as everything like Crimson. In truth. 
Crimson was the only one in Darkness Rainbow that felt that way, 
and unable to wait for rivals to appear, she had Maki accept her 

Having others accept her method wasn't very Darkness Rainbow¬ 
like. It was only possible with Maki because she had left Darkness 
Rainbow. It was sheer folly to ask that of one of the leaders of 
Darkness Rainbow that had turned her back on Maki. 

"—Never mind. That's right. Green. Why did you join Darkness 

Instead, Crimson asked Green why she had joined Darkness 
Rainbow in the first place, unaware that question was yet another 
one not very Darkness Rainbow-like. 


That's why Green's eyes opened wide. 

"Yes. If it's not too much, could you tell me?" 

However, Green was just surprised, she wasn't rejecting it. Urged 
by Crimson, she explained her own circumstances. 

"A long time ago... my expectation was wrong, and I lost something 
very precious. That's why I wanted a certain future rather than a 
possible one. If I know something will happen before it happens, I 
won't have to lose anything" 

"That's not bad. I've revised my opinion of you. Green. Let's at least 
grab the freedom to observe the future from Rainbow Heart" 

"Crimson... yes, let's do that" 

There was actually something Crimson hadn't noticed. That was 
that imlike Maki, Green would lie. That's why she didn't 
understand Green's true feelings. 

Green wasn't worrying for Crimson just because she was worried 
about the success of the mission. The truth was that she was sad 
that Maki had become an enemy. She didn't want Crimson to know 
that, so she wasn't honest with her. If anything, if she could do that, 
there might have been a different path for her in her life. The 
darkness she had fallen into was too deep. 

Part 6 

Koutarou and the others waited for Yurika and her group to enter 
the resort hotel before launching an attack on the zombies in the 
shopping mall. Fortunately, the zombies weren't all that strong, and 

they were slow, so Koutarou and the others had the upper hand 
from the start. 

"...Even though I understand, I can't say I like it" 

"Your Highness, if possible, lef's finish them with a single attack" 
"Yes, let's do that" 

Zombies were combat-oriented demons made from the corpses of 
humans. Because of that, even though they knew that they were 
dead, it still pained Koutarou and the others to defeat them. That's 
why Koutarou and the others tried to defeat them without hurting 
them too much, or oppositely, defeat them in a way that doesn't 
leave a corpse behind. If possible, they wanted them to meet a 
peaceful end. While mentally strong members were gathered here, 
they were still girls of age. 

"You're thinking too hard about it, everyone. Those people are 
grateful for us. They are in pain by being like that" 

As luck would have it, Sanae was here. She could tell what the souls 
of the zombies felt. Most of them were grateful of being freed from 
the zombification spell as they ascended. There were some who 
held hatred, but that hatred was directed at the person who turned 
them into zombies, and they weren't looking at Koutarou and the 
others. Because Sanae was telling the others that, their psychological 
load was greatly reduced. 

"Koutarou, let's beat Purple for these people too" 

"Yeah, you're right. We have to stop her from doing terrible things 
like this" 

Koutarou and the others got angrier and angrier the more zombies 
they defeated. There was nothing more blasphemous for the dead 
than forcing them to fight as zombies. They would capture Purple, 
the person responsible for this, and have her free all of the dead. 
Their sense of duty was burning within them. 

"But Satomi-kun, something's strange" 

"I think so too" 

"What's strange?" 

Sanae blinked in confusion. 

"Purple who made the zombies isn't attacking. Same with the other 
Darkness Rainbow. Why aren't they using this chance to attack?" 

As they fought, Koutarou and the others felt like something was 
wrong. There were zombies. They were all over the shopping mall 
and attacking one after the other. They already numbered over 50, 
and if Maki was right, they had already defeated half of the zombies 
she could control. 

While the zombies weren't very strong, there were many and they 
were tough. Using them as shields and casting spells from a 
distance was a good tactic. Yet the zombies were just being wasted 
as no magicians appeared. This was something normally 

"Master, maybe this shopping mall really was a diversion" 

"That might be true..." 

"That said... there's no way to tell until we defeat all of the dead. 
That Purple is quite skilled" 

"She is probably the most scary one in Darkness Rainbow right 

In Maki's experience. Purple was the most frightening enemy. In 
terms of simple fighting prowess. Crimson stood out, if Maya could 
be included, she might be the overall strongest. However, Purple 
didn't have the same kind of bravery or humor that Crimson or 
Maya had. She was always calm, and her state of mind that attacked 
without mercy made Purple even more frightening. Koutarou and 
the others might have already fallen into Purple's trap. It probably 
wasn't a coincidence that she had chosen zombies to go up against 
teenagers. As Koutarou and the others were starting to realize that, 
they continued fighting. 


Having safely infiltrated the resort hotel, Yurika and the others 
could only move freely for a couple of seconds before they were 
formd by the enemy. Lots of enemies were placed inside the hotel. 

"Ane-san, there's a reaction to spiritual energy Ho! We'll analyze 
the pattern Ho!" 

"Analysis complete, there's an 80% chance it's not mechanical 
soldiers from before" 

"Not good, there's a gravitational wave reaction! Forthorthe 
weapons are being used!" 

Having entered the hotel from the import road, Yurika and the 
others didn't rush to attack but instead jumped into the warehouse 

connected to the entrance and observed the situation of the 
building. The children were the top priority and if possible they 
wanted to find out where they were. If that wasn't possible, they at 
least wanted to confirm the enemy's situation. 

That's when they detected several reactions they believed belonged 
to the enemy. If they had carelessly attacked, they would have run 
across those enemies. 

"So the shopping mall is being protected by zombies while this is 
protected by spiritual energy and Forthorthe weapons, huh..." 

"What is it, Kiriha-san?" 

ITearing the haniwas' and Clan's reports, Kiriha put her hand on her 
chin and began thinking. Wondering what was wrong, Shizuka 
took a look at her, but with a severe expression, Kiriha called out to 

"Yurika can you sense magical power?" 

"Yes. It feels like the entire building is filled with magical power" 
"So that really is it then" 

"What is?" 

Shizuka asked Kiriha again, and she finally turned towards her. 

"The enemy should be performing the ritual in this place. The 
children are here" 


Yurika exclaimed in surprise. She then walked right up in front of 
Kiriha. Since this was Yurika's original duty, her reaction was 
completely different from normal. 

"If the enemy is logical, there's no mistaking it. The zombies were 
placed in the shopping mall to make it look like there is magical 
power there. And this resort hotel already has magical power, so 
they're defending it without the use of magic. What do you think 
that means?" 

Kiriha didn't state the answer outright, but Yurika figured it out 
right away. 

"I get it! They both contain magical power and you can't tell them 

"That's right. They are holding their ritual in this hotel" 

If they held the ritual here and protected it using magic, the magic 
reaction would be too large and Yurika and the others would be 
able to tell from the outside. Conversely, if the shopping mall was 
protected by People of the Earth and Forthorthe weapons, there 
would be no magic reaction, and they wouldn't even need to 
investigate. By protecting the ritual site with weapons and the duds 
with magic, they spread the magical power out between the 
locations and forced Koutarou and the others to investigate both of 

However, because of that, Kiriha was able to tell that this was the 
ritual site the moment she got inside and was able to confirm the 
presence of weapons. 

"Kiriha-san, please give me a moment! I'll find the center of the 
magical power!" 

Yurika got into action right away. They had the save the children no 
matter what. The activation of the ritual meant the death of the 
children, so they had no time to waste. 


As a result of Yurika's magic investigation, they figured out that the 
magical power was coming from the basement. The magical power 
was slowly increasing there. However, there still wasn't all that 
much magical power, definitely not enough to be ten children's 
worth. Which came as a huge relief to the group. 

"It looks like the children haven't been fully drained yet, but based 
on Sanae-chan's experience, if they have a third sucked out, it might 
affect their lives in the long-term. We should break through, even if 
its by force" 

"Please wait, Yurika-san! If we don't think through how we 
breakthrough, the enemy will surrormd us and we'll waste even 
more time!" 

Yurika wanted to break through the defenses. The longer they 
waited the more danger the children were in. However, Harumi 
objected. If they just rushed for the basement they'd get surrormded 
and would end up using more time. They had to devise some good 

"Ugh... 1 understand. Does anyone have any ideas?" 

Being the words of Harumi, whom she respected, Yurika obediently 
backed off. She then took some deep breaths to calm down. With 
the children's lives at stake and Darkness Rainbow present, Yurika 
realized that she had been rushing too much. 

"Why don't we go through the areas with few enemies?" 

Shizuka's idea was simple. They had already gotten a map of the 
hotel ahead of time, and they had a good idea of where the enemy 
was. So her idea was that they should just take the easiest route, 
based on distance and the enemies' position. 

"A decoy wouldn't be too bad either" 

Clan's idea was a decoy. Having someone act as a decoy to gather 
up the enemies, while the remaining four headed underground 
after the defenses had weakened. 

"Shizuka would be a good decoy" 

"I'm doing it!?" 

Shizuka reeled back in surprise from Yurika's words. 

"That's because you're the least likely to be hurt" 

"Uhh, that's true, but..." 

Since Shizuka had the powers of the Fire Dragon Emperor within 
her, there was no worry of a normal enemy defeating her. However, 
if she used those powers, she would gain weight. Shizuka feared 
her potential weight increase over any potential injuries. 

"Alright, let's get started right away" 

"Wait a minute uncle, don't rush it! Kiriha-san, Kiriha-san, don't 
you have a good plan!?" 

Shizuka stopped Alunaya who was getting really fired up, and 
turned to Kiriha with a pleading look. She couldn't allow her weight 
to exceed 200 kilos again. 

"Well, it's not like I don't" 

Kiriha nodded. She didn't care about Shizuka's weight, but she 
didn't want to use her as a decoy because of her combat potential, 
so she was thinking of a different idea" 

"I don't know if if's possible or not yet however" 

"Please, just tell us! We'll do it!" 

Kiriha still wasn't convinced of its success, but Shizuka was crying, 
so she had no choice but to let the others know of her imperfect 

"We destroy the floor and go underground like that" 


When Kiriha said that, the surprised voices of the four girls and the 
two haniwas came together in beautiful harmony. 

"The problem is that the children might get caught up in it. We 
don't know where they are at the moment after all" 

They didn't want to come across enemies, they didn't want to use a 
decoy. In solution to both of those problems, Kiriha suggested that 
they destroy the floor. By doing that the problems wouldn't occur. 
But if they were to destroy the floor, a large amount of debris would 

come falling down. And if the children were to get caught up in it, 
they would likely lose their lives. If that happened, everything 
would have been for nothing. That's why Kiriha was unsure of the 
success of this plan. 

"Kiriha-san, this place will be okay" 

However, Yurika had an answer to her doubts. 

"Are you sure?" 

"Yes. Since the children are being used as sacrifice, they will be 
above the magic circle. This place is outside of the magic circle, so 
there should be no danger to the children" 

Since the children were the energy source for the ritual, they were in 
its center. That was common knowledge to a magician. 

"Let's do it right away, hurry!" 

"You really hate it that much?" 

"You're so slim, you don't rmderstand my worries, Sakuraba- 

"It's not something you have to cry over..." 

Thus, Yurika and the others decided to destroy the floor. 

Part 9 

Even though reason said that it should be safe, there was still the off 
chance that something might happen. So they decided to make a 
small hole in the floor and send a camera down it to confirm the 

situation. Fortunately, there was nothing below, but an empty large 
hall stretched out below. Fiaving confirmed that it was safe, the girls 
could destroy the floor without worry. The actual destroying of the 
floor was done by Clan's laser that she have often used for working, 
and a one meter in diameter hole was opened up. A cylindrical 
concrete slab fell down on the floor below and made a loud noise. 

The noise echoed through the empty hall. It would most likely 
attract enemies, but with the ritual's magic circle nearby, there was 
no meaning trying to be stealthy. The party didn't worry as they 
jumped down to the next floor. 

"I was wondering what you'd do, but... that's a pretty bold entry 

An unfamiliar voice welcomed Yurika and the others as they 
reached the first underground floor. It was a girl wearing a dark red 
outfit. She was Dark Crimson, a member of Darkness Rainbow. 

"You used to be so timid too... I've revised my opinion of you. 
Rainbow Yurika" 

" Crimson-san..." 

Yurika firmly held her cane as she looked at Crimson. Not everyone 
here had met Crimson, but based on how Yurika was acting, they 
readied themselves as well. 

"Why didn't you get in the way?" 

"Because it's more convenient this way" 

After Crimson's words, the hole leading to the floor above was 
closed. This was done by the weapons. Upon learning that they 

were breaking through the floor. Crimson purposely left them be to 
lure them in. With the hole closed, Yurika and the others lost their 
means of escape, which was convenient for Crimson who wanted to 
wipe them out. 

"You sound awfully confident. Crimson or whatever you were 

"Kurano Kiriha... you may have gotten the best of me last time, but 
it won't go the same way this time" 

"Well, I wonder about that" 

Kiriha showed a confident smile, but this was a bluff. This time. 
Darkness Rainbow were working under a more detailed strategy. If 
she thought things would go the same as last time, she'd get the rug 
swept under her feet. That's what Kiriha believed, but she had no 
obligation to tell the enemy that. With a confident smile on her face, 
Kiriha racked her brain. 

Why did Crimson come alone? There are six in Darkness Rainbow... even 
if they split in half to guard both this place and the mall, there should still 
be another two here... what are those other two doing? One of them is 
without a doubt performing the ritual. Is the other one helping her? Or 
doing something else? And then there’s the laser and cannon that Maki 
told us about, how is she going to use those? What can we do to counter it? 

All kinds of expectations and countermeasures popped into Kiriha's 
head. This was her greatest weapon. Her individual strength wasn't 
all that much, but her brain would accurately choose the road to 
victory. Crimson was the most cautious of the power that had no 

"Green, how will they move?" 

Crimson spoke within her mind to Green, who was standing by 
elsewhere. They were cormected with a spell that let them speak 
with their minds, so a radio or similar device was unnecessary. 

"It looks like they have counter measures for the laser and cannon. There 
are also several futures where they will block normal attacks" 

"And if we go according to plan?" 

"There is an 80% chance of success" 

"That’s perfect 1" 

Crimson cheered within her mind before readying her cane and 
pulling the lever on the side of her barrel. She was in a 
disadvantageous situation of 5 vs 1, but she was planning on 
winning. Her expression was overflowing with confidence. 

"Crimson-san, I suppose you can't stand down?" 

"What a silly question, Yurika! I'm in Darkness Rainbow so I can 

"Then it can't be helped, I will defeat you as Nana-san's successor!" 
"Try it, if you can!" 

Crimson made the first move. She swung around her cane loaded 
with a carmonball and started her incantation. 

"Ray of Sunshine—" 

"The laser is coming! Yurika, Clan-dono!" 

Mage Shield!" 

"Focus the deployment of the distortion field forwards!" 

With Kiriha's warning, both Yurika and Clan took defensive 
measures. Yurika used magic and Clan used science to create a 
large shield to protect the group. They had heard from Maki that 
the laser was powerful, so they focused their defenses forward to 
create a sturdier shield. With the two of them, they should be able 
to block Crimson's laser. 

"—Modifier - Single Wavelength - Target Option - Spread!" 

Fiowever, here something unexpected happened. For some reason. 
Crimson pointed her cane in a completely different direction. 

Yurika and the others were puzzled by her actions, but they'd soon 
learn of her intentions with their bodies. 


The laser travelled in the direction the cane was pointed, but as it 
reached the wall it changed direction and headed towards the 
group. In addition, just before it was about to hit, it split, and rained 
down on Yurika and the others. Since the magical and scientifical 
shields were directed to the front, they couldn't block this attack. 



Yurika's and Kiriha's expression distorted in pain. ITarumi, Clan 
and Shizuka had been fortunate, and the laser only grazed them, 
but Yurika and Kiriha took the full brunt of it. 

"Reflectors!? This room has been setup to freely let her use lasers!! 
No wonder she was so confident!!" 

Clan quickly realized what had happened. Crimson had bounced 
the laser of the reflector built into the wall. 

"Correct. You jumped into this trap yourselves" 

The moment they had decided that they would use this hotel for 
their ritual. Crimson and the others had made preparations for any 
possible attacks by the enemy. With the ritual as their bait, the 
enemy would definitely appear. As long as they approached the 
ritual site from the surface, there were several places they had to 
pass through, and those places had been prepared with utmost care. 
This place was one of those, and the walls, ceiling and floor had 
gotten reflectors built into them. With reflectors, the laser could be 
launched and attack the enemies from unexpected directions. It was 
an extremely advantageous room with lasers as the primary attack 

"Are you okay, Yurika-san, Kiriha-san!?" 

"I’m fine" 

"The haniwas protected us" 

Fortunately, the laser had lost some of its power by reflecting off the 
wall and even more when splitting up. As a result, while it might 
have been a big shock, they hadn't taken enough damage to be 

"...But this situation is bad. Because of the reflectors we can't tell 
how the laser will move. That said, if we put up protection around 
ourselves, we can't defend against the cannon. This strategy has 
been thoroughly plarmed" 

Since reflecting the laser would lower the accuracy, it was split up 
in the end, that's why the power wasn't all that high, meaning they 
would be able to defend against it if the magical and scientifical 
shields were deployed aroimd them instead of the front. But if they 
did that, they wouldn't be able to protect themselves against the 
cannon. Increasing the area of the shields like that would reduce 
their strength. 

"In that case, it's my turn" 

Shizuka stepped forward. As she did, Alunaya called out to her 
from within. 

"Are you sure?" 

"This isn't the time to worry about my weight" 

"Okay. Then let's go, Shizuka!" 

At this rate, they'd get worn down by the laser. They needed to 
settle this fast, and in that case, Shizuka was needed. She released 
some of Alunaya's power and faced Crimson in her half-dragon 

"Your appearance and magical power are completely different from 
before. Is this your full power?" 

Crimson looked at Shizuka and grirmed. Even though she sensed 
her massive magical power. Crimson's confidence remained. She 
was confident she could still win, and she also felt rivalry in 
Shizuka after her previous defeat. 

"Something like that. Did you train up your magic?" 

Shizuka hadn't forgotten either. She had won against Crimson 
because Crimson didn't commit to either magic or martial arts. 
Crimson's confidence was proof of her vigorous training as a 
magician. Even though she wielded the power of a dragon, Shizuka 
wasn't going to let her guard down. 


Crimson pointed the tip of her cane towards Shizuka. As she did, 
the People of the Earth's spiritual weapons and Eorthorthe's 
scientifical weapons appeared behind her one after another. Yurika 
and the others could tell that they were there to prevent anyone 
from getting in the way of Crimson's and Shizuka's battle. 

"Here I come, Shizuka!" 

"I won't let you!" 

Once the weapons group fortified the surroundings. Crimson 
launched her attack on Shizuka. The barrel attached imder the cane 
was pointed towards Shizuka. 


The sound of the carmon being fired shook the entire hall. The 
carmonball approached Shizuka at frightening speeds. 

"Too easy!" 

However, Shizuka wouldn't get beaten so easily. She spewed 
plasma flames from her mouth to intercept the carmonball. While 
she didn't have as much firepower as Alunaya, it was enough to 
evaporate half the carmonball, the other half lost all of its 
momentum and fell down on the floor. 

"In the short while since we last met you've learned some ridiculous 

Crimson was amazed by Shizuka, as she moved on to cast her next 

"I won't let you do as you please!" 

Shizuka stepped forward to stop her. But the army of weapons 
stood in her way to shield Crimson. 

"Shizuka-san, please continue forward!" 

Before the weapons could attack Shizuka, Yurika and the others 
supported her. Yurika repeatedly fired magical arrows to restrain 
the weapons while Harumi cast a protective spell on everyone. 
Kiriha's haniwas and Clan's beam cannon destroyed the weapons in 

"It's over. Crimson!" 

Shizuka slipped past the weapons that were stopped and 
approached Crimson. 

"I don't know about that" 

However, this too was part of Darkness Rainbow's plan. Crimson 
disappeared from right in front of Shizuka. 


As a result, the claws Shizuka swung down slashed nothing but air. 
Surprised, Shizuka looked around the area, but she couldn't find 
Crimson anywhere. Instead, she witnessed a surprising spectacle. 

"The enemies are!?" 

The weapons Crimson had brought with her suddenly changed 
their appearance. The weapon turned into Shizuka and the other 
four girls. With so many weapons, they turned into four copies of 
each girl, for a total of 20 copies. Shizuka and the others were 
stunned by the sudden development, and in that opening, the 
copies mixed in with the real one, making them indistinguishable. 

Green wasn't just skilled at information handling and fortrme- 
telling, but illusions as well. The spell she had prepared beforehand 
had activated. This was also why Crimson had vanished. 

"If Ido this it doesn’t matter how strong you are, does it? Or are you 
going to defeat everyone including your own allies?" 

Crimson's bodiless voice echoed throughout the hall. This was why 
Crimson was so confident. Regardless of how strong Shizuka was, if 
the situation turned into a brawl when nobody could tell each other 
apart, she couldn't do anything. Even more so for Shizuka who 
could eliminate her opponents in a single attack. 

"Uncle, can't you tell them apart!?" 

"It's difficult, the user of this illusion is very skilled" 

Dragons were blessed with massive magical power at birth, but 
they were focused on flight and combat, using it very roughly. As a 
result, they weren't good at delicate magic like illusions, and against 
someone as skilled like Darkness Rainbow they wouldn't be able to 
see through it. 

1 1 

^ J 

^ KM 


Lm VV 

’’Yurika might be able to do something however” 

”Yurika-chan, please!” 


Yurika and all the fakes around her nodded. The other girls were in the 
same situation, they were only able to tell who they themselves were. 
However, the weapons could communicate with one another and could 
attack Yurika and the others freely. They couldn't use projectile weapons 
since they'd be found out right away, but at this rate it was only a matter of 
time before Yurika and the others would be wiped out. Yurika herself was 
well aware that she had to do something. 

"You think I'd give you the time for that!? Ray of Sunshine!!” 

However, Crimson wasn't that naive. Even while she had vanished from 
sight she attacked with her laser. While they took some damage from that, 
the biggest problems to the girls were that they got so distracted by the 
laser that they completely lost sight of their allies original position. So all 
they could do now was dodge the lasers while fighting against copies of 
themselves. Of course that was anything but easy. The weapons did their 
best not to fight against the real one, so the girls were stuck on the 
defensive. Yurika didn't have the time to investigate the enemies with her 

“Karama, Korama, can you tell us apart from our auras!?” 

”It looks like this illusion is taking spiritual energy into consideration too 

“We can't tell you apart at all Ho-!” 

“Image analysis and thermal vision isn't working either! The illusion was 
created with avoiding detection in mind!” 

’’Bingo! We're not going to stay stupid forever! ” 

Crimson was acting triumphant. Though her expression was invisible, it 
was clear that she was full of confidence from her voice. Like with 
Crimson's laser. Green had also obtained scientific knowledge and put that 
to use in her spells. This was Green's version of scientific magic. 

“Come on, take that! I won't be stopping anytime soon!” 


Pressured by the rain of lasers, Harumi fell to the floor. 

The nearby Yurika instinctively reached out with her hand. However, 
Harumi hit it. 

“Kyaa!? Senpai, what are you doing!?” 

Yurika's hand was protected by her magic outfit, but Yurika was shaken 
with shock from having been attacked by Harumi. 

“Are you okay, Yurika-sanl?” 

While sympathizing with Yurika, Harumi continued attacking. Yurika ran 
around, confused, as Kiriha explained the situation. 

“Calm down, Yurika, that's a fake!” 

“Ah, I-I see... they can even mimic things!” 

They didn't just move and sound the same, but they could also pretend 
getting hit by lasers. Green's illusions were very elaborate, having even 
been given some intelligence. 

Just how can we overcome this situation!? 

Kiriha protected herself from several fakes and lasers while desperately 
racking her brain. Everyone had several wounds. For each time the real one 

was hurt, the fakes were hurt in the same place, so there was no doubting 
that. At this rate they would be annihilated. Something revolutional would 
be needed. 

“Ah geez, 1 don't care about my weight if I can destroy these things!!” 

Even Shizuka was unable to do anything. Since she couldn't tell friend 
from foe apart, her amazing powers were being wasted. All she could do 
was grieve. 


Thought it would seem that Shizuka's grieving gave Kiriha an idea on how 
to tell the real and fakes apart. 

“Clan-dono, the mass! Even if their appearances change, they can't change 
their mass!” 

’’You're right! If I calculate the distortion of space, then...!” 

Not even an illusion could change the mass of the weapons the illusions 
were protecting. Even if sound and electromagnetic radiation could be 
disguised, the space distorted by the mass of the weapons couldn't be 
disguised. Correcting the distortion in space would require a massive 
amount of magical power. Considering the amount of fakes, it's hard to 
imagine that the mass was being disguised as well. 

“All the fakes have been locked on!! But there's still that one chance!” 

None of the girls weighed more than 50 kilos. Eiltering those out. Clan 
immediately got the position of the enemy. However, there was still the 
chance that a fake Kiriha had told her that. That's why Clan hesitated to 

“There's no need to aim directly at them! Just aim right next to them!” 

Kiriha's reply was strange. 

“Eh!? ...but there's no time to hesitate, beginning attack!!” 

Clan was puzzled, but she didn't have the time to hesitate. Clan ordered the 
fire control system to attack. Following the targeting data gotten from 
filtering after mass, the beam cannon she was armed with began 
bombardment on its own. The aim was right next to the girls. Clan still 
didn't understand, but she had to believe in Kiriha. 

A white flash of a beam grazed the side of one of the Yurikas. As it did, 
the beam scored a hit in a place where there should have been nothing, 
opening a large hole. Metal and electrical components peeking through the 
hole. The next moment the illusion collapsed, and the weapon returned to 
its original form. It seemed like the attacked spot held something vital as 
the weapon stopped moving. It was exactly the outcome Kiriha had hoped 

“Impossible!? What just happened!? ” 

Crimson's shaken voice echoed out. She was still invisible, but there was 
no doubt she had been taken in complete surprise. 

“It's nothing really. Even though the weapons are covered in elaborate 
illusions, there are two things that can't be deceived. Mass and shape” 

Mass not being concealed was explained above, but there was still a 
chance of it. Because of that Kiriha had Clan attack just next to the body. 
Even though the weapons' shapes had been changed by the illusions, they 
hadn't really changed. Kiriha and the others were just normal girls so they 
were smaller than human shaped spiritual energy weapons. In other words, 
while it couldn't be seen, the weapons' real bodies were poking out past 
their fake shapes. 

“It wasn't a bad idea. If you had prepared several women soldiers, we 
would have lost” 

”Kuh, to think there was such a blind spot! ” 

The strategy was good, but they chose the wrong thing to cover in 
illusions. Because of that the plan was imperfect, which allowed Kiriha to 
see through it. 

“...Kii... your intelligence is frightening from time to time...” 

’’Which means, we just have to not hit them directly!” 

’’Time for a counter attack!” 

“I won't forgive you for attacking Yurika-san with my appearance!” 

Attacking so that attacks grazed the body wouldn't hurt their allies, but 
defeat their enemies. Having realized that, Yurika and the others began 
their counterattack and they defeated the fakes, one after another. 

"Again! Curse you Kurano Kiriha!” 

"Calm down, Crimson ” 

"But Green!” 

”I heard. You're stalling five people, including Rainbow. That's more than 
enough ofia win ” 

"...Sorry for whining” 

Crimson was enraged, but Green was able to calm her down. Getting 
emotional was the first step to defeat. That was another lesson Kiriha had 
taught them. 

"It's okay. And Crimson, your chance of victory has dropped below 50%” 
"Okay. Let's continue as planned” 


Having calmed down, Crimson followed Green's plan. Still hidden, she left 
the hall. Once her chance of victory dropped below 50% she would stop 
fighting here. 

Even though Crimson had obtained scientific magic and made plenty of 
preparations, there was still a chance that she wouldn't be a match for many 
enemies. So Green continued forecasting Crimson's chance of victory, and 
once it dropped below 50% they would switch plans, as they had agreed on 

"Crimson, you did good” 

"You're the only one that would praise me” 

Yurika and the others were still fighting against the weapons behind 
Crimson, but she didn't even turn to look. 20 weapons were not a big loss, 
and besides, this loss had already been planned for. As the weapons bought 
time for her to fall back. Crimson returned to Green's side. 

Everyone's Wishes 


Tuesday, September 14 

Green looked clearly relieved when Crimson returned from the hall. 
"Welcome back. Crimson" 

Seeing her like that. Crimson smiled. 

"Oh? Were you worried?" 

"Well of course. There's still things I need you to do" 

Green was actually just worried for Crimson, but she hid her 
intentions to protect her standing as a member of Darkness 
Rainbow. There was also a bunch of things she still had to do. 

"Right. So how is it going over here?" 

"Ever since your chances of victory started dropping rapidly, the 
summoning has entered its final phase" 

"How many do you think we can summon?" 

"With the current magical power, two" 

"Hmm, guess it can't be helped" 

The ritual Crimson and the others were trying was based on Blue's 
summoning spell. By using the children as sacrifices, they would 
summon powerful demons to this world. 

However, to fully use the ten children, the ritual would require 
several hours, so it was likely that they would get interrupted part 
way through. So Darkness Rainbow had made preparations to use 
the summoning spell with the magical power they had absorbed 
until something got in their way. 

The amount of time they had spent to drain the children so far was 
about an hour. The energy was less than a third of what they 
needed. As a result, they could only summon two out of the 
expected ten demons. 

"Rainbow and the others will be here soon. Let's begin right away" 
"Yes. Blue!" 

Green raised her hand, and Blue who was working on the ritual at 
the magic circle nodded and was about to activate the spell. This 
was where the true battle began. 

Part 2 

The anomaly began just as Koutarou and the others defeated the 
last zombie. 

As the number of zombies decreased, the chances of the ritual being 
performed in the shopping mall dropped lower and lower. And as 
there only a few left, Maki and Sanae reached the conclusion that 
the ritual wasn't being conducted in this place. So, while Koutarou 
and Theia fought against the remnants, Ruth opened a 
communications charmel to Clan. However, before Ruth could open 
her mouth. Clan's voice came through her bracelet. 

"Pardomshiha! This is an emergency!" 

"What has happened, Clan-sama!?" 

Ruth could sense that something had happened from Clan's tone, 
and cormected to Koutarou's and Theia's terminals as well. Those 
two were in the middle of battle, but they were up against slow 
moving zombies. They had enough room to spare to listen in on the 
conversation. Moreover, Maki and Sanae who had been looking 
over the area nodded at each other and ran up to Ruth. 

"Darkness Rainbow activated the ritual!" 

"Is that true!?" 

"There's no doubt! “^cough*^ “^cough*^ By the time we formd the magic 
circle, they were already in the final stages! “^cough*^" 

The hologram of Clan that had appeared coughed from time to 
time. The truth was that there was dust all around her. That was 
when Koutarou's voice interrupted the communication. 

"Clan, you couldn't stop it!?" 

"Rather than stopping it, they forcibly activated the spell with 
insufficient magical power! Yurika is saying that they only had 
about 20% of the energy they needed!" 

Listening to Clan's report, the expert in magic, Maki, spoke through 
Ruth's bracelet. 

"Clan-san, what did Darkness Rainbow use the ritual spell for!?" 

"“^cough*^ They summoned two large demons! The hotel collapsed 
because of them!" 

Clan was having a coughing fit because the hotel had collapsed. The 
dust from the concrete collapsing was still all around them. 

"W-Wait, Glasses! What about the children!? They're not buried 
under the collapsed hotel are they!?" 

Sanae hurriedly called out. Just being used as an energy source in 
the ritual, their lives were in danger, but now the building had 
collapsed as well. If the children died, everything they did today 
had been for nothing. 

"They're fine! But, in exchange for rescuing the children. Darkness 
Rainbow managed to get away..." 

"So the children are safe. Thank god..." 

Sanae let out a sigh of relief. She had no memories of it, but she had 
faced the same danger. She couldn't treat these children as someone 
else's problems. The same was probably true for Kiriha as well. 
However, they were now in a situation where the children being 
safe wasn't enough. Clan showed footage from an unmanned scout 
in the sky. 

"Anyways, look at this! It's the monsters that appeared from the 
magic circle!" 

First the footage showed the resort hotel in the night. However, a 
few seconds later, there was a sound of something collapsing within 
the hotel. The next moment a giant and a behemoth appeared as 
they broke through the entrance glass door. The summoned 
demons destroyed the hotel as they moved outside. The demons 
were both around 20 meters large. While it wasn't on the scale of the 
black hound that Tayuma had turned into, they were giants on the 
verge of the physical limits. As the two demons roared, the air 

trembled. And partially because of that, the hotel collapsed some 
seconds later. 

"I'm having the unmanned scout following them, and the demons 
are headed for the urban area!" 

Next, the footage changed to showing a different place. This was 
live footage from the unmanned scout, showing the giant and the 
behemoth descending the mountain. Because the behemoth was 
lighter, it was some hundred meters ahead, and the giant followed 
the behemoth's trail. Light from Kitsushouharukaze city could be 
seen in the direction the demons were headed. At this rate, they 
would reach the urban area in less than 30 minutes. 

"How horrible. Something terrible will happen if they get to the 

"So they're so serious they're willing to give up on secrecy!" 

Having finished cleaning up the remaining zombies, Theia and 
Koutarou returned to Ruth and the others. Their expressions were 
serious. It was obvious what would happen if the two demons 
entered the city. 

"Bertorion, you people follow these demons too please!" 

"Alright, we'll be right—" 

Koutarou was going to chase after the demons even if Clan hadn't 
asked him. However, Maki interrupted him mid-sentence. 

"Wait, Satomi-kun!" 


Maki panickingly called out to Clan's hologram. 

"Clan-san, was Purple over there!?" 

"Purple? ...No we didn't see her. All we saw here was Red, Green 
and Blue" 

"Satomi-kun, this is a trap!" 

"A trap!?" 

"Purple should have been the one that summoned that horde of 
zombies! Yet that Purple isn't here! Crimson, Green and Blue were 
in charge of the summoning! So what are Purple, Orange and 
Yellow doing right now!?" 

Darkness Rainbow had seven people, without Maki that made six. 
Out of those. Crimson, Green and Blue were at the resort hotel, 
casting the summoning spell. It was possible that the other three 
hadn't come to Kitsushouharukaze city, but with Purple having 
imleashed a horde of zombies in the shopping mall, at the very 
least. Purple was also here. In that case, what was their goal? The 
answer was obvious. 

"They are after room 106! Ruth, raise the alert level of the 
unmanned fighters! I've given my subordinates the permission to 
attack! Darkness Rainbow is coming!" 

The demons Crimson, Green and Blue had summoned were meant 
to split up Koutarou and the others. Since they were ten, they 
originally wanted to summon ten demons, but even with two, 
considering their size, it was still enough to split them up. And 
while Koutarou and the others were busy dealing with the demons. 
Purple, Orange and Yellow would occupy room 106. In other 

words, the zombie horde released inside the shopping mall was also 
part of the plan to create this situation. They needed to spUt up their 
forces just like Darkness Rainbow wanted. There was a lot they had 
to do and the situation was very dangerous. 

Part 3 

Koutarou's and the others' present problems were, the two huge 
demons and the defense of room 106. They needed those capable of 
powerful attacks to deal with the demons. For that, Theia, Ruth, 
Clan and Shizuka stood out. The three from Forthorthe had massive 
firepower, and Shizuka had the power of a dragon. 

"...Haah... just as I lost weight..." 

"Don't cry over your weight, Shizuka" 

"You can only say that because you're so light, Theia-chan. Just 
imagine the boy you love not being able to lift you up when the 
time comes" 

"Tat's certainly a nightmare, but the city will be destroyed if you 
don't do it" 

"I know. That's why I'm coming with you instead of rurming away" 

All four of them could fly through the sky, so they were able to 
easily meet up in the middle ground between the hotel and mall. 
They then chased after the demons. 

"...Hey, Pardomshiha" 


"Do gentlemen concern themselves with a ladies weight?" 

"You mean Master?" 

"I-I mean in general!" 

"He does seem to mind a little, but he was also worried about 
becoming too thin" 

"Now that you mention it, he did say that a princess shouldn't be 

"Master did?" 

"Like I said, in general!" 

Their flight speed was fast, and a few minutes after meeting up, the 
two demons were in sight. Being 20 meters in size, they stood out 
even from afar. 

"Cut the useless banter there. We need to do something about those 

"They're certainly big when looking at them up close" 

"Neither of them are above 20 meters, but since they've been 
summoned by magic, we can't let our guard down" 

Since they were outside, Theia and Ruth could use Blue Knight, and 
Clan could use Hazy Moon. If they needed it, Shizuka could 
transform into a dragon. Thinking about it normally, they should be 
able to win, but since magic was involved, they couldn't make light 
of their foes. 

"Let's go all out and defeat them right away. That would be the 
fastest and most peaceful way for the city!" 

"You mean for your own peace" 

"That's also part of the city's peace!" 

Shizuka was quick to action and summoned even more of her 
strength. She was still in her half dragon half human shape, but her 
body was clad in crimson flames. These flames were from the 
magical power within her leaking out, and she was going to settle 
this right away like she had said. 

"But I agree that we should strike swiftly as well" 

Theia said as she told her Combat Dress' fire control system that the 
two demons were enemies. As she did, the two large carmons on 
her shoulders aimed for the giant, the closest of the demons. Ruth 
and Clan followed suit and got ready for combat. Ruth switched the 
unmarmed fighters into combat mode, while Clan readied her beam 
carmon. These two were worried that the people in the city would 
get hurt if the fighting dragged out. That's why these two reached 
the same conclusion of wanting to settle this quickly. 

"Victory goes to those who make the first move!" 

Before confirming that everyone was ready, Theia hastily began 
bombarding. She would defeat the demons as quickly as possible. 
That was the only thing on her mind. 

Part 4 

While Theia and the others had begun their attack on the demons, 
Koutarou and the others returned to Corona House. Using the Blue 
Knight's teleportation gate, they could return directly to room 106. 
Fortunately, it was still quiet, and Darkness Rainbow was nowhere 
to be seen. 

"Darkness Rainbow still hasn't come!" 

"You're wrong, Satomi-san! They're already here! A ward against 
people has already been cast!" 

However, Yurika was able to see through that the enemy was here 
right away. Room 106 was urmaturally quiet. They couldn't even 
hear the faint noise of cars running down the road. This was 
because a ward against people had been cast on Corona House, 
despite it being night, it was more quiet than normal. And that let 
them know that the battle had already begrm. 

The sound of gunfire from the spiritual energy rifles the People of 
the Earth used could be heard outside. It was obvious that the 
sound was being made by Kiriha's subordinates who were 
protecting Corona House. 

"Koutarou, it looks like they cast the ward a while ago and waited 
with attacking until there was no longer any related left. It doesn't 
seem like the battle has gone on for more than a few seconds!" 

The ward against people didn't just keep the situation inside the 
barrier from leaking out, but it also made people without a strong 
motive to remain move away. As result, only Kiriha's subordinates 
remained, and they were preventing Darkness Rainbow from 

Kiriha had contacted her subordinates as she returned to room 106. 
Hearing that they hadn't been annihilated came as good news, and 
brightened her expression up a little. 

"Alright, let's go right away!" 

That said, if left be, they would be in danger. Though it was 
dangerous, Koutarou opened the door to room 106 and ran outside. 

"Good, you're all okay!" 

Kiriha's subordinates were right outside. They numbered ten, and 
they were using furniture set down as barricades as cover. Thanks 
to the barricade and Koutarou and the others quick return, there 
hadn't been any casualties. There was one who was hurt and 
couldn't move, but their life wasn't in danger. 

"You're here, Satomi Koutarou!" 

Crimson's voice could be heard. Darkness Rainbow had spotted 
Koutarou. Even though it was in the middle of the night, the blue 
armor that Koutarou was wearing stood out. That was the 
appearance that Crimson was the most cautious of, so she wouldn't 
mistake it. 

"You've sure pulled off something ridiculous" 

Koutarou moved up front, and stood facing Darkness Rainbow. In 
response, the six stopped attacking and answered him. 

"During our showdown with Rainbow Heart, having you guys 
intervene would be a pain. That's why we'll deal with you first" 

Crimson said and smiled. Their goal had been Koutarou and the 
others from the beginning. 

Having gotten spiritual energy technology from the People of the 
Earth's radical faction as well as Eorthorthe science from Elexis, 
Darkness Rainbow didn't necessarily need room 106's magical 
power. However, it was clear that Koutarou and the others would 
get in the way during their decisive battle against Rainbow Heart. 
Their powers shouldn't be made light of, and so, it was decided 
they would be eliminated first. 

"So the summoning spell was to make us divide up our combat 
potential... or rather, to those with high attack power away" 

"Bingo! As expected from those who captured Navy-chan. That's 
right, if we don't separate you from those guys, nothing will start!" 

Dark Orange praised Koutarou with a bright expression. However, 
that unsuitable brightness unnerved Koutarou. He could 
understand why Maki was so bad with her. 

"Now it's six vs six. Now that we're the same numbers, we can 
easily go up against you with our new powers" 

Purple showed a mature smile full of confidence. Green had come 
up with most of the plan, but Purple had advised her on some parts. 
With things proceeding according to plan. Purple was convinced of 

The biggest problem for Darkness Rainbow fighting Koutarou and 
the others, were Theia and the others from Forthorthe and Shizuka. 
Darkness Rainbow couldn't deal with Forthorthe's weaponry and 
Shizuka's dragon powers. That's why they had to huge demons. 
Rather than splitting up Koutarou and the others, they needed to 
remove the members with high offensive capabilities. In other 
words, the ritual never needed to be completed. They would 
confront Koutarou and the others once they had some demons 
causing trouble elsewhere, removing the most powerful members 
from the lineup. 

That was when Yurika who had been in the back stood next to 

"Purple-san, I don't care what you are planning, but I am an arc- 
wizard of Rainbow ITeart. I will stop you in the name of Rainbow!" 

Yurika boldly declared, and readied her cane, Angel ITalo. In the 
past, Yurika had only inherited Nana's outfit and cane. But things 
were different now. She had inherited Nana's love and courage as 
well. The one standing here was without a doubt, Nana's successor. 
Rainbow Yurika. 

"That's a funny thing to say. You're nowhere near Nana's level" 

"Of course. But while I'm fighting instead of Nana-san, I don't have 
to end up the same as her" 

Four girls lined up behind Yurika. Fiarumi, Sanae, Maki and Kiriha. 
The four of them were going to help Yurika. She knew that her 
powers alone weren't all that. Fiowever, she had friends. Many 
friends who had helped each other out all this time. 

"I am me. I will fight like myself, and win!" 

With Darkness Rainbow being her opponent, Yurika was standing 
in the front for once. FFowever, that didn't change what she had to 
do. She would work together with everyone to fight, and return to 
that everyday life. 


GOL's, Garb of Lord's, large generator roared and supplied 
Koutarou's armor with a large quantity of energy. Normally, GOL's 
role was to eliminate weaker enemies, and create a path for the 
king, but just improving both offense and defense would help a lot 
in this situation. 

"Firnm, so that's the new armor I've heard about... so scary" 

Crimson looked at Koutarou's armor with great interest. This was 
the first time Darkness Rainbow saw GOL, but they had heard 
about Koutarou's fighting in the rmderground from Maya. Yet, they 
weren't shaken. They were only saying it was scared, but they 
seemed quite confident that they would win. 

"Crimson, that sword dissolves magic, so you can't use magic to 
attack him directly" 

"I know. Why do you think I bothered studying science" 

Crimson answered Green as she loaded her cannon. Her new 
methods of attack were also a way to deal with Koutarou. They had 
learned from Maki in the past that Signaltin had the power to dispel 
magic. So instead of using magic, they would transform it into 
physical force for their attacks. That way, there was no need to 
worry about spells being dispelled. The carmonball was a lump of 
steel, and the laser was light. That said. Crimson was a little 
dissatisfied that she couldn't use her favorite spell. Inferno Fire. 

"I think a magician firing off lasers and carmonballs is more scary 

"Don't you think everything changes with time?" 

Using those words as an opportrmity. Crimson pointed the carmon 
at Koutarou and the other Darkness Rainbow members readied 
their canes at the same time, with one exception. Blue was instead 
readying a large rifle. Since she had used up almost all of her 
magical power for the ritual, she would be fighting with an 
enchanted rifle. 

"I agree, knight's have gotten a lot more modern too!" 

Sensing that the battle was about to start, Koutarou moved forward 
with Signaltin in hand. He wasn't naive enough to let magicians 
make the first move. As he did, the sword began emitting a strong 

"Satomi-kun, go all out! I will work with you as best as I can!" 

"Please do, Sakuraba-senpai!" 

Harumi was responsible for making the sword glow. She was 
enveloped in the same colored light as the sword and her now silver 
hair fluttered. Supporting Koutarou with the powers she had 
inherited from Alaia was Harumi's role. 

"Traaa-nsform, Kabutonga!" 

Next to Harumi, Sanae made a transformation pose like that of an 
anime hero. As she did, her body was enveloped in powerful 
spiritual energy and began glowing. She used her power to 
strengthen her entire body. Offense, defense and speed, all of her 
abilities exceeded the limit of man. Sanae chased after Koutarou, 
leaving behind a trail of light. Her role was to give Koutarou 

"Karama, Korama, Spiritual Energy Field to active mode, use the 
generators excess energy to attack!" 

"Understood Ho-! Go for it Ane-san Ho-!" 

"Now it's our time to shine Ho-!" 

Kiriha used the naginata that changed spiritual energy into power 
and stepped out in front of Harumi. Thanks to the naginata and the 
haniwas, she could follow up for everyone at all ranges, but first her 
role was to guard the defenseless Harumi. 

"Here we go, Maki-chan!" 


Finally, Yurika and Maki stood at the back and backed up everyone 
with magic. There was of course offensive spells, but also defensive 

and diversion spells, all together, their work was varied. However, 
since their enemies were six magicians, the prioritized defense first. 

Part 6 

In response to Koutarou and the others who divided everything up 
into roles. Darkness Rainbow sent out Crimson. She was quick and 
skilled in close combat, and therefore in charge of the offense. 


She moved up as she fired the carmon attached to her cane. First she 
needed to stop Koutarou from moving. The recoil from the carmon 
was large, but she still forced herself forwards. Next to her, five 
machines created using spiritual energy technology and five 
unmarmed attack vessels from Forthorthe advanced as well. Since 
they knew he could dispel their magic. Crimson and the weapons 
would be going up against Koutarou. 

"So what if it's a carmon!?" 

Koutarou moved swiftly to evade the carmonball. With that he was 
able to avoid a direct hit, but as the carmonball graced the armor's 
barrier, it drained it of a lot of energy. That was proof of how 
powerful the carmon was. 

"You're pretty good. Crimson" 

"I'm different from before!" 

As she spoke, the group of weapons attacked Koutarou. Because the 
carmonball had sapped the barrier of its power, some bullets 
slammed into Koutarou's armor. Though that didn't cause any 
major damage, it was a splendid combination. 

"Good job. Green!" 

"I do my best!" 

Green was controlling the weapons. She manipulated the weapons 
with her forecasts as her basis. As a result she was able to accurately 
aim for the weakened parts of Koutarou's barrier. 


In an attempt to break down the combination between Crimson and 
the weapons, Koutarou aimed for the weapons. He believed it 
would be easier than going directly for Crimson. 

"It won't be that easy!" 

However, his attacks didn't hit. Using her forecast. Green moved 
the weapons to positions where they wouldn't get hit by attacks. To 
Green who used information and future forecasts, weapons that 
fought in an orderly maimer on their own were a perfect fit as 

"Once more. Crimson!" 


Crimson pulled the lever and reloaded another cannonball. At the 
same time, the weapons imder Green's control returned to 
Crimson's side. The two's combination was hard to break up. 

"They're tough!" 

"It's okay, Koutarou! Leave this to Guardian Angel Sanae!" 

However, before Crimson could attack again, Sanae ran up to cover 
Koutarou. She pulled back a bow made from spiritual energy and 
let loose an arrow made from spiritual energy as well. 

"Hiiiit theeeem!!" 

The spiritual energy arrow split up until several dozen arrows 
midway and rained down on the weapons Green was controlling. 
Because the arrow had split into so many arrows, not even Green 
could dodge them. At best she could order them to group up and 

"Mass Protection From Soul Energy" 

Just before Sanae's rain of arrows hit, a purple light wrapped 
around the group of weapons and Darkness Rainbow. This was 
Purple's spell. Since her specialty was regarding spiritual energy 
and necromancy, she was the most suited for protecting against 
Sanae's attacks. 

"Muh, you're pretty good. Purple" 

Because Sanae's arrow had split up half ways, the power of each 
one was weak, which meant that they were unable to break through 
Purple's defensive spell and they were stopped after impacting the 
weapons a little. Sanae was surprised by that outcome and 
instinctively praised the enemy. 

"I'm surprised. To think there really was someone with divine-level 
spiritual energy" 

The same was true for Purple. While she had blocked Sanae's attack, 
her defensive spell had been wiped out as well. Normally it was a 

spell that would go on for a while, but it couldn't withstand Sanae's 

"Karama, Korama!" 

"Roger! Let's go. Brother!" 

"Let's show them the power of the siblings of fire and lightning Ho- 

Karama and Korama generated flames and electricity and aimed for 
Purple. The scorching hot flames and high voltage lightning 
assaulted Purple. 

"Vacuum Wall!" 

That was when a wall of vacuum appeared in the attacks way. Once 
the flames touched the vacuum, they burned out due to the lack of 
oxygen, and since vacuum doesn't conduct electricity, the lightning 
was bounced back. This was the act of Orange, who was skilled at 
changing the state of things. 

"It's not working Ho-!" 

"These enemies aren't normal either Ho-!" 

"Blue-chan, Blue-chan, don't you think those haniwas are cute!? 
Let's bring them back home!" 

"Be more serious. Navy was always getting angry at you because of 

Blue attacked with her rifle as she spoke to Orange. Her target was 
Yurika and Maki in the rear. Blue's skills were worthy of praise and 

her aim was accurate. When she attacked with summoning magic, 
she would summon something from afar and ram it into her target. 
Like summoning lava and pouring that over her enemies. She 
would often summon weapons as well, so she was used to handling 



""Force Field!"" 

Yurika and Maki incanted the same spell in harmony. Since the two 
used the same defensive spell, two layers of a magical shield stood 
in the way of the bullets. The rapidly fired bullets smacked into the 
shields, and easily broke through the first. Fiowever, the second 
shield stopped them in their tracks. Normally the first shield would 
have blocked the bullets, but Blue wasn't using a normal rifle. 

"Blue is right. You have to be more serious" 

"Yellow-chan, you bully! You're always scolding me!" 

The bullets fired from Blue's rifle had all been strengthened by 
Yellow. Yellow was specialized in reinforcement and defense. As a 
result, the bullet tips and bullet speed were strengthened, greatly 
improving the power behind them. 

"We're just about even..." 

Koutarou muttered as he readied his sword. Since the attacks on 
both sides had been nullified so far, nobody had been hurt yet. 

From that, Koutarou was able to tell that their abilities were about 
on par. 

"This is getting fun. Don't you think, Satomi Koutarou?" 

"Don't think I'm like you. There's no fun in fighting for me" 

"Hmm... well. I'll still have you play with me" 

Crimson pointed the cane towards Koutarou. As she did she 
glanced at Maki. 

So that's why it's him, Maki... I kind of understand... 

As if sensing that glance, Maki looked at Crimson. Crimson showed 
her a small smile, before looking back at Koutarou and erasing her 
smile. There was no time to be sentimental now. The battle was only 
just getting started. 


The two huge demons were more than a match for Theia and the 
other three girls. While they weren't as deadly as Tayuma had been, 
but they were still 20 meters large combat weapons. 

"Your Highness, I've analyzed their barrier strength" 

"Hmm, it's not as powerful as I thought" 

Theia and Ruth were dealing with the behemoth. When the time 
came, they had the Blue Knight's bombardment available to them. 
Hitting the back of the beast would be easy. 

"I believe one bombardment from the Blue Knight would be 
enough to defeat it" 

"However, we are near the urban area. We can't bombard as many 
times as we please. We'll need to stop it from moving first" 

That said, it was a beast, it moved fast for its size. Since there was 
some delay before the bombardment from the Blue Knight hit the 
ground, they needed to dull the beasts movements first. There, 

Theia readied the beam rifle in her right hand and charged the 
behemoth. She was going to attack all of its legs with the fast 
moving projectiles of the beam rifle. 


Having been attacked by Theia repeatedly before, the behemoth let 
out a loud roar as it noticed her approach. As it roared, shards of ice 
flew out of its mouth. Just like a dragon could breathe fire, the 
behemoth had the ability to breathe ice. 

"I have no grudges against you, but..." 

Theia made use of her inborn kinetic vision, dexterously using her 
boosters and her posture control thrusters she seemingly fluttered 
across the sky. The behemoth tried its best to knock Theia down 
with its ice breath, but it couldn't keep up with her movements. As 
a result, in less than ten seconds, Theia was next to the behemoth. 

"...I can't leave you be like this. Forgive me" 

After rapidly firing off her beam rifle at close range, Theia left the 
behemoth's side just like how she approached. Since it was such a 
close range attack, she had reduced the speed a little, but instead 
increased the density of the projectile. The strengthened beam easily 
pierced the behemoth's right leg, causing massive damage within. 

"Gaaaaaa, Gaaaaaaaaaaa!!" 

Driven by pain and anger, the behemoth turned aroimd in an 
attempt to shoot down Theia, but with its right leg out of order, it 
couldn't chase after her. 

"Now, Ruth!" 

"Yes, Your Highness!" 

Waiting for the behemoth turn towards Theia who was circling 
around its right side, Ruth approached the behemoth from the rear 
left side with the four small unmanned fighters she was controlling. 
The fighters aim was the behemoth's left hind leg. Since it was now 
so focused on Theia, the behemoth was wide open. 


The small fighters didn't have as much firepower as Theia did, but 
the laser fired from the four fighters at the same time accurately 
burnt off the beast's tendon that rested beyond its outside shell. The 
behemoth was assaulted by a fierce pain and fell to the ground with 
a loud sound. With its right front leg and left hind leg out of order, 
it could no longer stand. 

"...If we were to fight against you alone, the outcome might have 
been different" 

The behemoth was facing Theia and Ruth at the same time. Strictly 
speaking, it was also facing four unmanned fighters as well. When 
Theia was attacking, it couldn't only focus on her, but if she had 
been alone, it wouldn't be attacked if it got excited and chased after 
Theia. And the outcome might not have been so one sided. 

"Blue Knight, make a bombardment with direct aim" 

"As you wish, my princess" 

"...You're best off returning home, and not get caught up in another 

Theia looked at the behemoth with pity in her eyes. It had been 
summoned and forced to fight. So it was unfortunate that it would 
have to get hurt so badly. 

"Beginning bombardment" 

"Show it some mercy and finish it off in a single hit" 

"As you wish, my princess" 

Theia had learned from Maki that when demons were summoned 
to Earth, their bodies were created by hardening magical power. 
That's why even if their body was destroyed, they would simply 
return to their own world. At least it wouldn't have to die, Theia 
thought as she looked at the large caliber laser pouring down from 
the sky. 


The other demon, the giant, was going up against Shizuka and 
Clan. However, these two could win whenever they wanted to. The 
power of the dragon within Shizuka would easily overpower the 
giant. If there was a problem, it was that Shizuka hated what would 
happen afterwards. 

"If I transform and defeat it right away my weight won't increase 
that much, right?" 

"Yes. That way would be better for the giant. And of course, the people of 
the city" 

"I'm trusting you, okay Uncle!?" 

"Y-Yes. I’ll do my best to live up to your expectations" 

The Fire Dragon Emperor, Alunaya, was overwhelmed by his new 
niece, but he unleashed his powers in an attempt to hide that. 

With her body this size, I think weighing 200 kilos is more healthy 

With a dragon's common sense it wasn't possible to imderstand 
why Shizuka was in such grief. But having Shizuka would be 
problematic, so Alunaya decided to defeat the demon as quickly as 

"Shizuka, you should aim for one of these places" 

Clan showed a hologram of the vital points of the human body. 
Even though its body was made from magical power, its vital points 
should be the same as that of a living creatures. 

"Uncle, remember that" 


When unleashing all of her power, the control of Shizuka's body fell 
into Alunaya's hands. That's why he had to remember to parts to 
aim for. As Shizuka was looking at the hologram, Alunaya's 
magical power began overflowing, and eventually she turned into a 
dragon almost 20 meters tall. At this point, there was no 

resemblance of Shizuka. Her body was in the center of the dragon, 
serving as the focusing point for the magical power. 

"Then let's go" 

"Good luck, Uncle!" 

"Good bye" 

Having transformed into a dragon, Alunaya flew away and left 
Clan behind. Clan saw him off and, while imprudent, thought of 
something unrelated to the battle. 

I'm glad I was light when Bertorion was carrying me... 

Thanks to Shizuka, Clan had realized one of the dangers of being a 
woman that she had gone unaware of until this point. 

"Shizuka, how will we attack? There's the plasma breath, magical 
attack and martial arts" 

Alunaya could breathe plasma, with his plentiful magical power he 
could also use offensive magic, and he was pretty confident in his 
martial arts. He was confident that he could defeat this enemy with 
any one of those attacks, but there was a slight problem. That's why 
he decided to ask Shizuka for her opinion. 

"Martial arts! Of course we’ll go with martial arts!" 

Shizuka's answer was determined from the start. 


"You’re not allowed to waste magical power 1" 

The plasma breath and magic attacks would consume magical 
power. Shizuka wanted to avoid that. 

"I understand" 

Having understood the circumstances, Alunaya flapped his wings 
and charged the giant. In close combat there was a chance that 
Shizuka would get hurt, which Alunaya wanted to avoid. But since 
she had something she was more scared of than getting hurt, he had 
no choice. Alunaya bared his claws and fangs and attacked the 

"...It's not even a challenge... why did I even come..." 

Clan was watching over the battle and let out a sigh. The dragon 
was going all out from the start. First he crunched down his 
opponent's right hand to prevent any counterattacks before turning 
around to slam his tail into the opponent. As a finisher he bit down 
on the giants neck. Once the giant died, it's body began dispersing. 
Having lost its body, the giant returned home. 

Like that, Alunaya finished off his opponent without even letting it 
shout. It was a complete and utter victory worthy of the name of 
Fire Dragon Emperor. 

"T-That was terrible..." 

Having returned to her original form, Shizuka sat down and held 
her knees. Seeing her like that. Clan hurriedly ran up to her. She 
was worried that Shizuka had been hit and was hurt. 

"Are you okay, Shizuka!?" 

"I'm not okay..." 

Shizuka's expression was pale. 

"...Biting the giant was terrible... I don't think I'll be able to forget 
that sensation and taste when biting down..." 


Clan was astonished by Shizuka's words. She hadn't been hurt. She 
was just shocked by the senses conveyed to her by Alunaya. It 
wasn't a real body, and the giant hadn't actually died, but that 
wouldn't console Shizuka. 

"Ah, forgive me, next time I'll temporarily sever the connection of senses" 
"...P-Please do..." 

Just like how the Fire Dragon Emperor couldn't rmderstand 
Shizuka's worries, Shizuka couldn't understand the Fire Dragon 
Emperor's eating habits. Because neither of them could imderstand 
each other. Clan who felt like there was no point in coming here 
would have to bring Shizuka back home. 

Part 9 

The six vs six battle between Koutarou and the others and Darkness 
Rainbow was progressing evenly. While Darkness Rainbow had 
overpowered Yurika and the others at the resort hotel, in this place, 
where they had made no preparations, they couldn't make full use 
of their powers. The difference in power between the two sides was 
slight, slightly in the favor of Darkness Rainbow, but with the 
support of Kiriha's subordinates, that difference was covered up. 
However a few minutes after their battle began, the balance was 
broken. The reason for that was Theia and the others defeating the 
two demons. 

"This is bad, everyone. All the futures of the summoned demons reaching 
the city have vanished. Instead, there's an increase of futures where 
Rainbow and the others get backup" 

Darkness Rainbow were the first to realize. With her ability to read 
the future. Green had sensed that the summoned demons had been 

"At this rate, we'll lose once their reinforcements arrive. When are they 

"The fastest is in one minute. It looks like they’ll come in using some kind 
of teleportation magic" 

"One minute... looks like were going to have to settle this fast" 

Hearing Green's report. Crimson felt like they should hurry up to 
settle the battle. If they continued like this they would only lose. 
They needed to finish this within a minute. 

"Crimson, I'm against that. We can’t afford to lose here. This isn't the 
battle we should be focusing on" 

Purple on the other hand objected to that. If they went all out, 
chances were they would lose right away as well. Which meant they 
would be unable to escape in a disadvantageous situation. 

"Everyone, please listen. Both summoned demons were just killed" 

That was when Blue let everyone that her summoned demons had 
died. Being the caster, she could tell if her summons died. The 
battles with the demons had gone as Green had forecast. 

"We need to decide right away. Let’s vote on if we should fight or retreat" 

Purple's decision was swift. Discussing here would only waste time 
so a majority vote would be required. 

"I vote for continue fighting" 

"I vote for retreating like I said before" 

Crimson and Purple cast their votes. They were the same as they 
had expressed before. 

"I don't want to run home in defeat. I want to beat them first!" 

Orange wanted to continue fighting as well. In contrast to her 
frivolous behavior, she was full of pride. That part of her was 
Darkness Rainbow like. 

"I agree on retreating" 

"I think we should retreat as well" 

Blue and Yellow wanted to retreat. They were judgments fit of the 
calm Blue and conservative Yellow. 

"What about you Green?" 

//j // 

Green wanted to do what Crimson wanted. However, she had 
forecast that the chances of Crimson dying if they continue fighting 
increased exponentially. That's why she couldn't agree on fighting. 

"...I think we should retreat. I have also made plans for retreat" 

"That makes it four against two. We're retreating!" 

Thus, Darkness Rainbow decided to retreat. Crimson and Orange 
would retreat as well. But it still wasn't certain if they could. 


Koutarou wondered why Darkness Rainbow's movement slowed 
down for a few seconds. It was slight, but it felt like they weren't 
really present. However, that reason soon revealed itself as Theia 
contacted him. 



Koutarou attacked Crimson as he replied. Crimson responded by 
suddenly bombarding him to get Koutarou out of position, and by 
the time he recovered she was ready to attack and lasers rained 
down. However, that was blocked by GOL's active barrier. 

"Good news! The demons have been defeated!" 

The voice sounded proud, that's why Koutarou figured that they 
must have gotten a complete and utter victory. 

"I see, so that's why!" 

He also figured out why Darkness Rainbow had slowed down for a 
moment. They were probably thinking that they would lose once 
Theia and the others got back. So Koutarou decided to swiftly close 
in. In this situation. Darkness Rainbow had two options. Forcing 
their way through, or retreat. Regardless of which they chose, they 
would go on the offensive, so it only made sense for Koutarou to 
attack before that. 

"Hm? What?" 

"It's nothing, we're still fighting over here! Come back as fast as you 

"Got it, just hold on a moment!" 



Harumi controlled Signaltin's magical power as Koutarou 
advanced. Using that power, she increased Koutarou's speed. 

"Tsk, so you've figured it out!" 

"Don't be so sure. I'm not sure which option you're choosing yet!" 

Koutarou swung his sword down. Harumi followed up on that by 
flooding the sword and its surrounding area with high voltage. A 
direct hit would probably cause the opponent to faint, but just a 
glancing blow would stun. In this kind of situation, not killing them 
would slow down the enemy, so the electrical current didn't need to 
be all that high. The aim was to slow down Crimson who should be 
wanting to take to the offensive. 


However, that was when Green did something bold. She used the 
remaining weapons she was controlling to shield Crimson. There 
were currently seven remaining, but with a blow from the lightning 
infused Signaltin, three were blown apart. 

"That forecast magic again!" 

By the time Koutarou could swing again. Crimson was already out 
of his range and the remaining four weapons blocked Koutarou's 

"You're a lifesaver. Green!" 

"It's not over yet!" 

However, Green's attack wasn't over yet. 

She ordered three of the remaining weapons to self-destruct. The 
weapons without will did as instructed and self-destructed, 
blowing up themselves. 



Having been at close range, Koutarou was caught in the blast. But 
thanks to Harumi suddenly increasing his defenses, he didn't suffer 
any major damage. 

I let my guard down, to think she’d blow them wp without hesitation! 

Since she had blown up valuable combat potential by her own 
volition, the chance of Darkness Rainbow forcing their way through 
to room 106 vanished. They would be retreating. For the sake, they 
would blow up their own weapons, and get their own allies caught 
in the attack if they had to. Koutarou felt admiration for Green's 
unhesitant decision making while getting irritated at his own 

Koutarou had expected Darkness Rainbow to go on the offensive 
even if they were to retreat, so that their frontline. Crimson, could 

retreat as well. If they all went on the offensive and overwhelmed 
Koutarou and the others. Crimson would be able to escape with the 

However, there was another way to let Crimson retreat. That was 
by attacking everything, including Crimson. In this case, as long as 
there was an opening to carry Crimson out, they could take her 
with them. That's why Green had blown up three of the weapons. 
The last one was probably carrying the injured Crimson with them 

Koutarou hadn't expected them to attack in such a way that they 
would injure their own ally. That was because he couldn't imagine 
himself hurting the girls of room 106. However, considering this a 
miss from Koutarou's side was a bit cruel. He was just a normal 
boy. He had a fundamentally different way of thinking from 
Darkness Rainbow who figured they could just forcibly heal 
Crimson later. 

That said, he couldn't allow them to escape. Koutarou hurriedly 
scanned the area, looking for Crimson. Sadly, the smoke from the 
explosion was blocking his view, so he tried looking through the 
smoke using the ability to see spiritual energy. But he was only able 
to see past the smoke for a moment. In the next moment— 

"Negative Energy Burst!" 

—Purple's attack prevented him from seeing. She had used a spell 
that exploded dark spiritual energy, shocking the people in its 
vicinity, but since she was exploding spiritual energy, it also 
prevented anyone who could see spiritual energy from seeing 
anything. Because of that, neither Koutarou nor the haniwas could 
see their auras. The next moment, heat and electromagnetic 

radiation was cut off, and the haniwas completely lost sight of 
them. Orange had used a spell to disturb the heat and 
electromagnetic radiation. 

"Harumi, Yurika, Maki, I'm counting on you!" 

In this situation, Kiriha left it to the three magicians. 

Koutarou and Sanae in the front couldn't see anything because of 
the smoke and burst. Kiriha's haniwas had lost sight of the enemy. 
That's why only Harumi, Yurika and Maki could do something 
about this situation. Fortrmately, because they could sense magic, 
they might still be able to stop Darkness Rainbow. 

"Greater Acid Cloud!" 

Yurika cast a spell that created a cloud of strong acid. The plan was 
to create the cloud over where Darkness Rainbow was retreating to 
cut off their path. Since she was going up against six magicians, 
they would quickly dispel it, but it should slow them down while 
they cast their own spell. 

"Oh spirits of life that dwell forever within the earth! Gather and 
become as a single pulse! As that powerful pulse, remove the 
restrictions of the chosen life form! Carve! Divine Speed!" 

Next, Harumi cast a spell that greatly increased the movement 
speed. She had cast that spell on Maki. 

"If we can at least capture one of them!" 

Maki was already running as Harumi's spell activated. She was 
holding her cane, turned into greatsword, in her hands. She ran like 
the wind and dived into the white smoke cloud. She could only see 

white, but Maki wouldn't lose track of Darkness Rainbow. They still 
hadn't covered up their magical power, so it wasn't difficult to chase 
after their trail. She also had the layout of Corona House in her 

"They're just up ahead!" 

After running through the white smoke for a few second, Maki 
caught up to one of the members of Darkness Rainbow thanks to 
her knowledge of the area. At this point, the smoke was starting to 
dissipate, and that person's appearance grew clearer. 

"So you're here, Maki" 


Surprisingly, it was the injured Crimson. She had stayed behind to 
stop Maki and let the others escape. 

"Now lets finish this, Maki" 

Crimson readied her cane as she staggered. 

"Just stop it. Crimson. What's the point in fighting anymore?" 

It didn't look like Crimson could continue fighting to Maki. No 
matter how strong she was, in this state, she had no chance against 
Maki. Maki struggled to see any meaning in what Crimson was 

"Point? Oh there's a point" 

"Like what!?" 

"I love fighting. That's why I fight. That's enough for me" 

Crimson said as she pulled the lever to try and reload a cannon ball. 
However, the lever was heavy, and while she could do it easily in 
top form, it was a lot of work now. 

"Then what will you do if you die!" 

"...Then that's fine too... isn't that the same for you, Maki..." 

They wanted the other to be the same as them, but they were 
different at a fundamental part, and their precious things were 
different. That's why, while Maki and Crimson recognized one 
another, they had to turn their backs on each other. 

"I'm not wrong. You wouldn't mind dying for what you love either, 


"Let's fight, Maki. This is all I have. I can't accept any other way of 

Crimson pointed the tip of her cane towards Crimson. The cane was 
somewhat trembling. Crimson was at her limit. But even them, she 
wanted to be strong. That's why she continued to fight, even if she 
had to exhaust her life. 

"So you push through with your way of life too. No matter who 
you're up against" 

"I understand, I won't say anything else" 

"I'm glad you're so obedient" 

"Hey... Crimson" 


"I won't live as Dark Navy, but as Aika Maki. I wouldn't mind if I 
died for the sake of that" 

"I see... good for you, Maki" 

"Thank you. Crimson" 

The time between Maki and Karen was already over. The same was 
true for the time between Navy and Crimson as well. The two 
disassociated with each other and were now Maki and Crimson. 
They sought for complete opposites. But they were mysteriously 
satisfied with that. Because while the paths they walked were 
different, they imderstood each other. 

"Let's fight, Maki" 

"I'll defeat you. Crimson" 

Thus, the last fight between these two began. Of course, the 
conclusion was reached shortly thereafter. One strike from Maki 
easily knocked Crimson unconscious. Maki had won. However, 
looking at the bigger picture, this might have been Crimson's 
victory. In the end, Maki had been stalled, and the remaining 
members of Darkness Rainbow had escaped from Koutarou and the 

Maki didn't regret this outcome. Just like Crimson had chosen to 
fight, knowing she would lose, Maki had no choice but to do this. 
She was Aika Maki, she was a lonely and ordinary girl who cared 

for her friends. She would be able to live like that from now, 
alongside her many friends. 

Part 11 

After the battle between Darkness Rainbow and Koutarou and the 
others was over, Elexis ordered the computer to finish its data 
collection as he stretched his body. Noticing that, Maya approached 

"Is it over?" 

"Yes. I won't be able to fully tell until I analyze it, but... we've 
probably gotten the necessary data" 

Elexis stretched once more and squeezed his own shoulder. Ele had 
been staring into the computer the entire day so his shoulders were 

"But still... how wicked of you. To use Darkness Rainbow as a 
decoy to gather information" 

"Decoy makes it sound so bad, if you look at the bigger picture, it's 
for their sake as well" 

"Elaving an excuse like that is just the proof of a villain" 

Elexis had been gathering information in preparation for the 
decisive battle between Darkness Rainbow and Rainbow Heart. One 
example was the frequency of the gravitational waves Theia used to 
commrmicate with the Blue Knight. Having information like that 
would make the battle progress in their favor. By analyzing the 
information, they could obstruct, throw out fake information or do 
all kinds of things. 

"Are you sure you can be talking about me like that?" 

"Oh? Are you going to call me an evil woman again?" 

"I wouldn't dare. You are my angel" 

"You really are a villain. I hate you, El" 

"My, my" 

Maya was the same. She had been gathering information regarding 
magic. However, in her case, the charm she had left to Purple 
gathered information from its surroundings, so she didn't need to 
stare into a computer like Elexis, so instead she was lying on the 
sofa in Elexis room, watching over the progress. 

"Hey El" 


"Do you think we can win?" 

Maya had been showing a provocative expression full of confidence 
up until now, but right now there was some unease mixed in. Even 
she couldn't help but feel nervous over what they were about to do, 
considering the scale of it all. 

"When you say things like that, you start to look like a normal girl" 

The past Elexis might have been disappointed in her. But the 
current him didn't feel that way. He himself was confused by that. 

"There are times like that every so often" 

"...Well... I can't even imagine how things will play out, but I've 
done everything I can. If this doesn't work, there's nothing I can do, 
and I can give up" 

"You're right. I'll think like that as well" 

Maya was the same as Elexis. Showing her weakness to others was 
something the past her would never have even thought of doing. 
However, for some reason she felt no resistance in exposing herself 
to Elexis. 

"By the way, Maya" 


"It's about if we lose this next fight" 

"I don't even want to think about that" 

Maya showed a depressed expression. She had no confidence that 
they'd win, but she didn't want to imagine they'd lose. It was a 
perfectly natural reaction. 

"Well, could you at least listen. If we lose... won't you go on a 
voyage across the stars with me?" 

"That's an awfully romantic invitation" 

"That's not quite right. I'm inviting you to rampage across the 

"As pirates?" 

"Something like that" 

Elexis dropped his shoulders. 

Upon hearing Elexis' proposal, Maya began returning to usual self. 
Elexis didn't hate Maya's weak side, but he liked her when she 
could proudly stick out her chest. That's why he was satisfied with 
this result. 

"That doesn't sound too bad. I'll think about it" 

"Alright, then it's decided" 

"Hey, I just said I'll think about it. Don't go and decide on your 

"If you don't like something, you'll say so right away" 

"...You really are a villain" 

"That's why you're my partner" 

"I've been wondering about this for a while, but you're making a 
fool of me, aren't you?" 

"Of course not. You are my angel" 

"I really do hate you! I won't be a pirate either!" 

"My, my" 

Maya's and Elexis' silly conversation continued for a while. They 
certainly didn't look like the masterminds behind the party trying to 
overthrow the magical kingdom of Eolsaria. That was perhaps the 
answer to everything, but the two were so focused on their purpose 
that they didn't notice. 

Part 12 

After repelling Darkness Rainbow, Koutarou and the others quietly 
returned the children to their homes. However, they also erased 
their memories of being kidnapped. It wouldn't be strange for them 
to develop a trauma from that experience, and there would be 
problems if they started talking about magicians. It was a necessary 
action in more than one way. Since the ritual hadn't drained the 
children of a life threatening amount of spiritual energy, this was 
the end for the serial kidnapping for the time being. 

"Geez, we're finally done" 

Having returned to room 106, Koutarou leaned down over the tea 
table and let out a sigh. It was already just before dawn. As they 
had spent the entire night resolving this incident it was only 
obvious that they'd be tired. 

"Everyone, go home and rest. There's lots that we need to talk about 
but that can wait after we get some sleep. Good work tonight" 

Even Theia, who was normally more energetic than anyone showed 
signs of exhaustion. If she was like that, the other girls were surely 
even worse for wear. Everyone was sleepy from the relief and 
exhaustion. Everyone wanted to get some sleep, except for one 

"Please wait. Does everyone have a moment?" 

That person was Yurika. She was still very tense and looked the 
nine with a serious expression. It was as if the battle was still going 

"What is it, Yurika?" 

Hearing Yurika, Koutarou slowly looked up from the table. As he 
did, he saw her serious expression. Since it was the kind of face he 
didn't want to see on her, his mind cleared up right away. 

"There's something I would like to ask of everyone" 

Hearing Yurika's serious tone, the girls returned to the tea table. 
Yurika waited for everyone to gather before continuing. 

"Darkness Rainbow should be challenging Rainbow Heart to a 
decisive battle very soon" 

That was a conclusion she had reached because Darkness Rainbow 
had kidnapped children and summoned huge demons without 
thinking of the consequences. This time, everything had ended well 
because Koutarou and the others managed to suppress them, but if 
they hadn't who knows what would have happened. It probably 
would have gotten extremely difficult for Darkness Rainbow to 
operate in Kitsushouharukaze city anymore. Despite that they had 
gone ahead with their plans, which meant that they were in a 
situation where they didn't care about that. That was Yurika's basis 
for thinking that Darkness Rainbow wanted to finish everything 
once and for all. 

"If that happens I'll cooperate. Or rather, is that what you wanted to 

"No, it's not. If that decisive battle starts, many will lose their lives 
regardless of which side wins. That's why, before the battle 

Yurika looked at each of her friends one at a time as she spoke. 
After taking a good look at everyone, a strong sense of 

determination resided within her eyes and she spoke in a dignified 

"—I want to attack Darkness Rainbow's HQ and make sure the 
decisive battle never happens in the first place! For that sake, I need 
everyone's help!" 

Having grown as a magical girl, and wanting to follow Rainbow 
Heart's policy, Yurika wanted to avoid actively attacking. However, 
now she had finally made up her mind to attack. She believed that 
the situation was so dire that she had no other choice. 


Happy new year everyone, it's the author, Takehaya. This time I've 
safely delivered volume 18.1 hope you enjoyed it. That's right, 
volume 18 is actually the 20th installment in this series (Thanks to 
the side stories there are two more volumes). When I imagine my 
readers with 20 volumes lined up on their bookshelves, I get a little 
excited. There's not many works that make it this far, and combined 
with the anime, I am grateful for being blessed with many fans. 
We're entering the sixth year, and I am very grateful for the 
continued support. Thank you very much, and I hope you will 
continue to support me in the future as well. 

Now then, about this volume, and the next, the magical girl arc is 
imfolding. And I figured since I'm splitting it up in two arcs, I 
wanted to get a closer look at different characters, which is why I 
focused more on Maki this volume. 

Maki had her background of coming from Darkness Rainbow, with 
a dark past and connected to various people. This time, her 
relationship with Dark Crimson was portrayed in particular. While 
Maki and Crimson accepted each other, they couldn't come to an 
understanding. And these two finally clash, which I believe is one 
of the best parts of this volume. I hope those of you who have read 
this volume find the conclusion satisfactory. 

Since Maki got a close up this volume, Yurika will be getting one 
next volume. Having become a true magical girl after spending 
such a long time, Yurika finally resolves herself to fight Darkness 
Rainbow. The story's setting will move to the magical kingdom of 
Folsaria in search for a fundamental solution to the problem. 
However, Rainbow Heart and Darkness Rainbow have fought for 
several hundreds of years, so the solution won't come so easily. And 

how will Yurika confront that? That will be covered in the next 
volume, and I hope you will enjoy it. 

I'm actually writing this afterword on the night of Christmas Eve. 
With the new year in sight, I am finally done with this year's work, 
and I was lazily spending the day. As I take it easy, everything 
that's happened this year pop into my head. It has been a busy year 
and there is so much to remember. 

Around this time last year, and the scenario for the anime began 
being written, I sat down in several meetings per month. This was 
also around the time I first met with the voice actors. All the new 
voice actors looked so nervous they might drop dead. They all 
huddled up in a corner. I remember them having a cuteness you 
would find in trembling small animals. I might however be a little 
sad that now that they're more experienced and have matured, 
they've gotten rid of that trembling cuteness (lol). Anyways, please 
continue doing your best everyone. 

A little bit after that an event was announced. And that was around 
the time I really felt like an anime of my work was being made. 
After that, as the voice recording began, I started getting really busy 
with the meetings. There may also have been a time where I 
wondered if I'd have enough time to work on the novels. In the end, 
it all worked out somehow though. Thats' why I think I was the 
most busy during the summer, and before I knew it, the anime was 
already being broadcast. However, as we got into august, my work 
on the anime was gradually reducing, and the number of meetings 
dropped. By the time fall arrived my anime life ended, and I 
returned to being a normal author. 

Once my workload returned to normal, I decided to get a bike 
license. Seeing the beginner voice actors try so hard, I wanted to try 

something new as well. That's why I was writing and practicing 
riding a bike everyday during fall. Doing something you've never 
tried before is very stimulating and refreshing. If you lived life 
normally you'd never get a chance to take the exam, so I felt like it 
was time to show some guts. But, maybe because of my age, I failed 
the exam when trying to cross the narrow plank bridge (lol). 
According the the instructor the sense of balance is directly affected 
by age. However, he also said that driving posture is more 
important than balance when crossing the narrow plank bridge. 
After improving my posture, I passed the exam the next time I took 
it. When picking a bike I picked something basic and faithful, rather 
than something adventurous. Recently, I've been taking the bike to 
head over to a distant ramen shop every so often. 

After I got used to driving a bike, there was the Rokujouma no 
Shinryakusha event in December. It was fun meeting everyone 
involved after such a long time and I finally got a sense that this 
was the end of the year. I was also moved that a hall that could fit 
700 people was filled with fans. I would like to give my thanks to 
everyone that showed up. With the final event over, I fully returned 
to my normal life before the anime was made. Half a month has 
passed since then, and now I'm looking back at the year that's 

What I've felt this year is that people should challenge themselves 
to new things. Thinking about it, I feel like I haven't tried anything I 
knew was fun, or would succeed ever since I became an adult. It 
might be because I'm relying too much on information. When I was 
a kid, I didn't think too much ahead and jumped into everything, 
experiencing all kinds of things. 

Since most of my readers are high school students, this might not 
make sense yet though. However, after some more time passes and 

you become adults, you might feel your life getting more trivial, if 
that happens, try something new without considering the results. 

What should I do next year. Since I can feel my stamina going down 
with each passing year, maybe sports would be a good idea. Maybe 
I should learn some martial arts. Or maybe some ball game. I still 
haven't decided, but I am plarming on trying to challenge 
something new. 

That's right, I have some news to share. I don't know if it will have 
started when this volume is released or not, but HJ Bunko will be 
starting up a new site called 'Read it! HJ Bimko'. Some short stories 
from room 106 will be posted there with some regularity, those of 
you who are interested please take a look at HJ Bunko's site. I'm 
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That's about all the space I have for afterword, so I believe it's time 
to wrap it up. Lastly, I would like to give my regular greetings. I 
would like to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone at the 
editorial department, Poco-san who is in charge of the illustrations 
and to all the readers who bought this volume. 

Then let us meet again in the afterword of volume 19. 

December, 2014 Takehaya 

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