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l Takehaya 

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? - Volume 22 


■ Illustrations 

■ Whereabouts of the Meteor 

■ Meanwhile, Elsewhere 

■ Father and Daughter 

■ At the Barrier 

■ Friends 

■ Bitter Enemies in the Same Boat 

■ The Silver Sword 

■ Afterword 

■ Credits 










Whereabouts of the Meteor 

Part 1 

Saturday, November 20 

The planet Alaia was the sixth planet from the sun in the Forthorthe solar 
system. It was originally a barren planet without life, but as the Holy 
Forthorthe Galactic Empire entered the space age, it was terraformed, and 
now allowed for people to live on it. 

However, as Alaia was the first planet to be terraformed, many parts of it 
were made very simple. In particular the ecosystem, and there are were few 
types of flora and fauna on the planet. Only the bare minimum was brought 
to the planet, such as plants to create breathable air, farm products to 
support the residents and scenery to calm the mind. 

As a result, Alaia's environment looked faintly similar to what one would 
imagine the countryside to look like. Though flora and fauna that originally 
weren't present continued to grow as people came and went due to 
interplanetary travels, it was still very simple. It would most likely take over 
another 1,000 years before it became a true, complete ecosystem. 

However, some people showed up that would be ever so slightly delaying 
that completion. They appeared on the sky as a blue meteor. 

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Nooooooooooooo!” 

The meteor screamed as it came into contact with the ground and tore up 
its surroundings for dozens of meters before finally stopping. While the 
destruction wasn't that widespread, it would likely take a few years for 
nature to recover. 

Once stopped, the meteor in question lost its blue glow, and its true nature 
was revealed. The meteor was in reality a boy and two girls. 

“Ow ow ow, l-l thought I would die...” 



’’Koutarou, let up a little. I really will die” 

“Ah, sorry” 

“There's no need for apologies. You've done a good job” 

The meteor was actually Koutarou, Theia and Yurika. During a battle in 
space they had been caught by gravity and entered the atmosphere. It was 
a very dangerous situation, but they somehow managed to descend to the 

“Are you okay?” 

”Yes, you protected me after. How about you?” 

“I'm fine too. I'm not hurt...Though it doesn't look like I can say the same 
about the armor” 

“Fufu, as long as you are safe. The armor can be replaced” 

”P-Please whorry abouht me too-” 

Koutarou and Theia smiled at each other and swiftly stood up to pull out 
Yurika whose face was buried in the ground. Fortunately, none of the three 
had any major injuries, with the largest one being Yurika's nose being 
grazed. They had avoided any injuries that would prevent them from taking 
further action. 

“... Uhhh~... that was scary... I thought we would die...” 

“We're fine now, so calm down, okay?” 

’’That's a lie. Even if you say that we're fine, I won't believe you anymore!” 
’’Okay, okay, I get it, just turn this way for a moment. Your face is a mess” 

If anything, Yurika's mental state was a bigger problem, but as Koutarou 
was wiping her face, she gradually returned to normal. 

“... But still... to think we'd be okay after falling all this way...” 

While waiting for Koutarou to finish wiping Yurika's face, Theia blocked the 
sunlight as she looked up at the sky. In response to her voice, Yurika turned 



her eyes to Theia's direction. 

“Are there a lot of hellish places like that in Forthorthe?” 

“Like I said, it's the upper layer of the atmosphere. Most planets with people 
on them have one” 

“Eeeeehhh!? You're kidding!! If they're all like that, wouldn't spaceships just 
break apart!?” 

’They're made sturdy to avoid that” 


’’Strictly speaking, the hull isn't made that sturdy. It's being protected by a 
distortion field after all. Moreover, as they fly controlling inertia and gravity 
the re-entry speed is slower, and there's not as much heat” 

“See-!! I'm sure that it only happens here!!” 

“Theia, don't make it any more complicated” 

“Sorry. Fufufu” 

Koutarou and the others had fallen from orbit without any spaceship. 
Normally, they would burn up like any other shooting star. The fact that they 
had escaped with minor scratches and burns was not just because of them 
combining their powers, but also due to a great deal of luck. It was a 
situation so dangerous Yurika would prefer to think that is something unique 
to the planet of Alaia. 

“However, it will be more dangerous from here on out” 

Theia waited for Koutarou to finish wiping off Yurika's face before dropping 
her smile and explaining the situation to the two with a serious expression 
and tone of voice. As a result, Yurika's and Koutarou's expressions were 
dyed with tension. 

“Is there still something else?” 

“The enemy will be coming. The imperial army will surely know we've 
landed in this area. If we waste too much time, we'll be surrounded before 
we know it” 




“Don't be so loud. What will you do if the enemy hears you” 


“Alright, the two of you, follow me” 

While they had safely gotten onto the surface, the danger was not over yet. 
They would need to leave before the imperial army sent pursuers after 

Part 2 

In the Forthorthe solar system, there are another seven planets, excluding 
the main planet of Forthorthe. And those seven planets were individually 
managed by one of the seven royal families.They were territories under 
their direct control. In other words, the royal families of the Holy Forthorthe 
Galactic Empire each held territories on the planet of Forthorthe, and a 
planet of their. Being more specific, the royal families had other planets in 
other systems, but those circumstances will be omitted for now. 

As one could tell from how strong the support for Elfaria is on the planet of 
Alaia, this planet is under direct control of the Mastir family. Because of that, 
Theia had a lot of knowledge in regards to this planet. That knowledge 
included information such as where they could conceal themselves. 

“Let's hide here for a while” 

“Shouldn't we be trying to group up with Kiriha-san and the others right 

“We've only just arrived here, so the imperial army will be gathering nearby. 
It's dangerous to move around right now” 

While they didn't know who for certain, someone in Forthorthe's imperial 
army should have been observing this area. They would of course send out 
troops to capture anyone entering the planet illegally. As a result, the guard 
around the area would be tight for a while. But as time passed, the army 
would expand their search radius assuming that Theia and the others 
moved, leaving the guard around the area looser. They would be safer by 



not moving until then. 

However, Theia still felt anxiety. 

If that person reports in, there's a chance the guard will never ease up... 
but if I keep thinking about that, nothing will come from it... 

If the pilot that had been saved reported to his superiors about Theia, then 
a large amount of forces would be gathered in the region. If that happened, 
they would be in an extremely dangerous situation, but they wouldn't be 
able to move right away regardless. Besides, Theia didn't regret saving the 
pilot. That's why she would think about it when the time came. 

“So Theia, what kind of place is this?” 

Koutarou twisted his head and looked around. Theia had taken the two to a 
building hidden half underground so that it blended in with the forest. Part 
of the building was collapsing, moreover it was covered in moss and ivy, 
showing that it hadn't been used for many years. As a result, it was 
impossible to tell what kind of building it was just by looking at it. 

“This was a building used in the first stage of development for this planet. It 
was a forward base for the afforestation project. But as you can tell, the 
afforestation was a success, and the building fell out of use. After that, it 
appears to have been used as a hiding place for anti-government forces, 
but as development advanced they moved to a different location” 

“So an afforestation base and a bandit hut, huh... so this is a place with a 
lot of history” 

“That's why we have data on it” 

As the Mastir family were in charge of the terraforming, they had the most 
information about the region. Even more than the imperial army that came 
later. Theia used that information to pick up a couple of hiding places, and 
chose to hide in a place the military had no information on. 

“Then that means we're safe for a while!? We can rest right!?” 

“That's right” 

"... Pheeew.... thank god...” 

Yurika sat down on a large block. As she had remained tense ever since 



the atmospheric re-entry, she bent over forwards in an exhausted fashion. It 
didn't look like she'd be able to stand up again for a while. 

“You can rest easy. They won't find this place right away” 

The building was hidden by the surrounding forest and melted in with the 
environment. The building was half underground and covered in moss and 
ivy, camouflaging it. Moreover, it wasn't on the army's map. Unless they fell 
for a series of misfortunes, they wouldn't be found right away. 

Part 3 

Koutarou and the others decided to take a meal as they were resting. That 
said, their menu was a simple one. As it was food pulled from the survival 
kits from Koutarou's armor and the remains of Star Purple it was just high 
calorie conserved food and coffee. 

“Thank you for the foo~d! 

“Thanks for the food!” 

“Thank you for the food” 

However, Koutarou and the others didn't have any complaints about the 
menu and they silently carried the food to their mouths. They knew what 
time it was, and their stomachs were empty. Instead, Koutarou was thinking 
about something else. 

“But still... Theia, your eating manners have become completely Japanese” 

Koutarou was thinking of how Theia's manners had changed. When 
Koutarou had been in the past Forthorthe, he learned the difference. When 
he returned to Japan, he couldn't help but feel Theia's Japanese manners 

"... That might be true. I spent a long time there after all” 

Having had that pointed out to her, Theia found it funny as well and smiled. 
Theia was now aware of her change. Having been able to see parts of it 
with her own eyes, her conviction grew stronger. 



“Just make sure your political maneuvers don't become Japanese style as 

“I know. In fact, I'm more worried about you” 

“Me? Why?” 

Having had the topic turned on him all of a sudden, Koutarou's eyes 
opened wide in surprise. As if directing an orchestra, Theia pointed her 
finger at Koutarou and stared at him. 

“If you act too much like it, they'll find out that you're the Blue Knight” 

She wanted to keep a secret but reveal it at the same time. Those two 
feelings were constantly struggling within Theia's mind. Hearing her words, 
Koutarou broke into a smile again. 

“Hearing you say that is funny” 


“You're the one who put me through such hard training” 

“Fufufu, that's true” 

The one that beat the manners and heart of a knight into Koutarou was 
none other than Theia herself. So having her tell him not to show it was 
strange. That fact matched with the struggling feelings within her, and she 
couldn't help but find it funny as well. 

“We both have to work not to show the habits we've picked up” 

“Yeah. Let's watch out” 

As the two laughed together, the chat reached an end for now. And without 
anyone initiating it, their expressions turned more serious. The two, or 
rather, the three of them, weren't in a situation where they could just be 
focused on getting better along. 

“So Theia, what do we do from now on? Well of course group up with Elle 
and the others” 

Grouping up with the others was their top priority. If they didn't, they 
wouldn't be able to protect Forthorthe. It was only natural that they would 
get more serious. 



“Normally, I'd like to communicate first, but in this situation, that's practically 

“We can't use radio or gravitational waves, since Elexis is involved, we can't 
use magic or spiritual energy either” 

For communications, some form of wave would be required. But if any wave 
was broadcast, the imperial army would come knocking in large numbers. 

“Since communications are no good, that of course means that a gate is out 
of the question” 

“We'd probably get surrounded by unmanned aircrafts long before any gate 
is ready” 

For similar reasons, a gate, like the one used to travel instantly between 
room 106 and the Blue Knight couldn't be set up. 

As it would take at least an hour to setup a gate safe enough for people to 
travel through, the army would surely detect it and flood the area with 
unmanned aircrafts. As they were replaceable, they could be sent through 
swiftly gates without fear of failure. That's why chances were high they'd 
get surrounded by unmanned aircrafts long before they could use a gate. 

The problem was the same with Yurika's teleportation, as it would bend 
space, the results would be the same. 

“So we'll have to escape on our own. We'll set out at night” 

If both communications and gates were unusable they couldn't rely on their 
allies to help. They would have to get out themselves. That was the 
conclusion Theia reached. 

“Don't we have to hurry?” 

Obviously, they'd want to group up with the others are quickly as possible. 
So Koutarou believed it would be better to wait a few hours so that the 
guard around the area would loosen up a little and then leave. Flowever, 
Theia wanted to wait until night, which confused him. 

“I would love to, but there's probably satellites and unmanned aircrafts 
above us. It would be difficult to escape their watch during the day” 

Theia essentially felt the same way as Koutarou, but had her reason for not 



wanting to rush it. That reason was the surveillance network that was 
surely set up above them. Because of that, it would dangerous to move 
when normal optical observation was possible. 

“So it would be better at night when the cameras can't see, huh” 

“Yes... however, even then there's still a risk” 

“What kind of risk?” 

“We can still be seen by infrared cameras” 

“Wouldn't the forest and animals let out heat as well?” 

“This is an artificial forest, so there's not many large animals. There's a 
chance they could just check out all the larger heat sources” 

“So we'd need to go deep into the forest” 

“That's right” 

At night, optical cameras wouldn't work, but infrared cameras or heat 
sensors could still be used. That said, animals normally lived in the forest, 
so one wouldn't get found right away. But the circumstances for the forests 
of Alaia was different. As the forest had been created artificially, the number 
of animals were far less than in a natural forest. Especially the larger 
creatures. Which meant that chances were that they'd be found in this 
forest than in a natural one. 

The safest way to avoid detection was to move along regions where trees 
grew in abundance. The infrared cameras and heat sensors wouldn't be 
able to see through obstacles. 

“However, the army knows that as well, so there will be probably be a lot of 
personnel and unmanned aircrafts stationed in the deep parts of the forest” 

"... I see... that's rather troublesome...” 

Koutarou agreed with Theia's clear explanation and racked his brain over 
what to do. Rather than going out without a plan, it'd be best to have at 
least one insurance in place. 


So the first insurance that popped into Koutarou's mind was Yurika. 




Having suddenly been called, Yurika had a confused expression as she 
looked up with her mouth full of food. Having been so focused on food, she 
hadn't listened to Koutarou's and Theia's conversation at all. 

“Can't you use your magic to hide our temperature?” 

“It's not like I can't, but for how long?” 

While she wasn't following the overall discussion, she had a spell in mind to 
hide temperatures. It was a spell she had been thought as it was often used 
during stealth missions. 





Koutarou's armor and Signaltin, and Theia's Combat Dress had practically 
used up all of their energy. Moreover, since Theia had cut Star Purple loose 
during re-entry, only the basic equipment of the actual dress remained. As a 
result, they couldn't do something that required a lot of energy or relied on 
too much equipment. If they could, then Yurika probably wouldn't have had 
to land on her face. Because of that, they would have to walk. 

For the time being, Koutarou and the others would like to get to somewhere 
where the Elfaria faction had a lot of power. The city on the horizon was 
100 kilometers away. Even if they moved at full speed, it would take two 
days at best to reach, if they wanted to preserve some stamina in case of 
an emergency it would take three to four days. 

“So during the middle of the night. Yurika, can you do it?” 

“If it's just me I can do it, but with the three of us it would be hard” 

As the spell to hide temperature was an intermediate class spell it wasn't 
suited to be used over a long period of time. Yurika had been born with a lot 
of magical power, but it was far from easy to hide the temperature of three 
people for several hours. 

“Besides, since I need to conceal my magical power so Darkness Rainbow 
find us, I don't think I could last more than two hours with three of us...” 

Even if they hid their temperature with magic, Darkness Rainbow could 
detect the traces of magical power used for the spell. Which meant that 
Yurika would also need to cast a spell to conceal that, roughly draining her 
of twice as much energy. In other words, she'd need to conceal the 
temperature of three people and conceal the magical power, which doubled 
her use, so a total of six times the magical power of what it would normally 
take for just her. As a result, something that Yurika could use on herself and 
last for half a day would at best last for two hours with six times the energy 

“If we can only move 2 hours a day, it would take ten days. We wouldn't be 
able to escape them” 

Theia reached her conclusion after counting on her fingers. Another 
problem that made this situation more complicated was that they couldn't 
take too much time. 

“I'm sorry... I just wish I was an amazing magical girl...” 



Yurika still wasn't following the discussion all that well, as she dropped her 
shoulders apologetically. She could tell that the situation was serious from 
how Theia and Koutarou were behaving. 

“How troublesome... I guess we'll have to go without magic” 

“I'm sorry... I'm really...” 

The discussion reached a standstill, but unexpectedly, Koutarou's flash of 
brilliance was what broke through the situation. 

“That's right, Yurika, wait a minute!” 


“We don't have to fully hide our temperatures! We just need it to look like 
it's not human, would that work, Yurika!?” 

“That's what we could do! Good job, Koutarou!” 

That was when Theia caught onto Koutarou's intention and showed a big 
smile. Yurika had said that she'd only last two hours by completely hiding 
their temperatures. That's the kind of measures that would be required to 
sneak into a place with a solid detection network without getting caught. 
However, that wasn't the case this time around, there was no need to 
completely conceal it, an incomplete form was fine as well. They only 
needed to be indistinguishable from the animals of the forest. That should 
reduce the required amount of magical power, and make it harder for 
Darkness Rainbow to sense them. 

“What do you mean?” 

Having only listened to the latter half of the discussion, Yurika tilted her 
head in confusion. Koutarou grabbed her shoulders and explained it simply 
so she could understand. 

“During the night, the imperial army will be looking after our heat signatures 
at night. They'll probably use infrared cameras and heat sensors to gather 
information in the forest and filter out anything that wouldn't come from a 
human in order to locate us. Are you following me this far?” 

“Yes, somehow” 



’’Alright, then I'm continuing... So what if we let out half the heat we normally 

’’They would... filter us out?” 

“That's right! Well make the army think were just some dogs or cats 
walking about!” 


Yurika clapped her hands together as she finally understood what Koutarou 
meant. It was something even she could understand as long as she 

“If it's just half I think it will be okay. Though it might be best to take a rest 
every now and then just in case” 

The amount of magical power drained to hide the temperature increased 
exponentially the closer the spell got to fully hiding it. That's why, allowing 
heat to leak through would reduce the amount of magical power needed by 
quite a bit. Letting half of it through meant that even a rather haphazardly 
cast spell would work. Being an elite, an arc wizard, Yurika should be able 
to last for half a day. 

“Alright, then it's decided! We'll move out at night!” 



Thus, Koutarou and the others formed a plan of escape. They were 
currently isolated in a dangerous situation but there was still high chance 
for them to group up with the others. Thanks to that, the expressions and 
voices of the three had turned brighter. 



Meanwhile, Elsewhere 

Part 1 

Saturday, November 20 

For the people on board the O-hime, it really hurt as the imperial army 
detected just before their descent to the surface of Alaia. Because of that, 
the descent that was supposed to have been done in secrecy was 
imperfect, and as a result, after they entered the atmosphere and slowed 
down, they were attacked by the army. 

“Emergency alert Ho-! We've detected four fighters approaching Ho-!” 

’They're fighters that scrambled from a nearby base Ho-! The other nearby 
bases have probably launched fighters aswell, there will be more of them 
soon Ho-!” 

’’Everyone, grab onto something! I'll be driving a little roughly!” 

As Kiriha said that, she set her engines to maximum thrust and twisted the 
control stick to the side. If they flew in a straight path, they'd be easy 
pickings for the fighters. In order to avoid that, they'd need to make evasive 

“Change the Spiritual Energy Field to combat mode! Deploy Active 
Distortion Field! Active the interception system, start up the jamming! Help 
out too, Maki-chan Ho-!” 

’’Okay! Greater Mirage!” 

As Kiriha was performing evasive maneuvers, various defensive measures 
were being activated. Spiritual energy and scientific barriers, jamming to get 
in the way of guidance systems for any missiles, and machine guns to shoot 
them down. Maki also used her illusionary spells to create a fake O-hime. 
With this many powers, the O-hime's defenses were solid. Even against 



four fighters, they wouldn't go down right away. 

“Sanae, I'll leave the bombardment to you!” 

’’Roger! Galaxy Sanae-chan Buster charged to 120%!” 

’’The name is different from before Ho” 

“It's the same in my soul so it's fine!! Goooooooooo!!” 

Along with Sanae's yell, four beams were fired from O-hime. These were 
beams formed from a mix of the O-hime's spiritual energy generator and 
Sanae's own spiritual energy. Thanks to that, the beams could be bent by 
Sanae's will. The beams curved and flew towards the fighters behind the O- 



This surprised the fighter pilots. The beams reflected off of something was 
one thing, but they had never heard of beams that curved on their own. 
Having been caught off guard, they followed their instincts and banked to 
the sides to avoid the beams. 

“It's okay. I won't hit you yeti'” 

Sanae hummed as she curved the beams to chase after the fighters. The 
attacks moved less like beams and more like missiles, despite that, the 
normal means of defense against missiles didn't work. Irritated by the 
beams chasing after them, the pilots decided to take action. 

“Kiriha, it looks they're getting irritated and are shooting” 

“I got it. Keep it up like that 

“Got it!” 

Each of the four fighters fired two missiles each. Though as they fired them 
while being chased by beams, three of the missiles flew off in unrelated 
directions. Out of all missiles, only five chased after O-hime. However, since 
Sanae had warned Kiriha beforehand, she didn't panic. 

“Now then, I wonder what they're using to track us” 



Kiriha operated her panels and fired off flares. At the same time, she 
reduced the output of the thrusters and turned to the side. 

“So they were guided optically after all” 

The missiles ignored the flares and continued chasing after O-hime. That 
made Kiriha conclude that the missiles were guided using optics. As they 
ignored the flares they weren't using thermal guidance. Moreover, jamming 
was in place and if they used spiritual energy, they would have a different 
reaction to Sanae's beams. 

“Maki, can you make it look like the ship blew up?” 

”Yes, I've done things like that before” 

“Then do it grandly” 

“Okay, leave it to me” 


“I know what you want to say. Just leave it to me” 

“Fufu, then I'm counting on you” 

O-hime fled from the missiles for a while, but in the end it was unable to 
shake them off and got hit. 

With a loud boom the missiles exploded upon impact and destroyed O- 
hime's frame. This caused the generator to detonate as well, creating a 
very big explosion so large it could be seen from far away. 

“Sanae, how's it going over there?” 

“It's going good. Looks like they think they got us” 


Of course, the O-hime that exploded was a fake. After using Clan's 
invention to make O-hime transparent, the illusionary O-hime that had been 
created as a defensive measure was made to explode. 

“But we'll need to get out of here fast. They'll find out soon” 

They still couldn't let their guard down. The device used to make O-hime 



transparent was something Clan had made for herself, it wasn't built with 
this kind of large object in mind. That meant that the effect was temporary, 
and it would appear again after some time. Even if it didn't, the army would 
notice that there are no remains soon enough and send out pursuers again 

“Don't worry, let's hide over there for a while” 

Kiriha's plan had taken that problem into account. With a confident smile 
she pointed at a large lake. 

Part 2 

Strictly speaking O-hime wasn't a spaceship, but additional equipment for 
the haniwas. It was made to make use of the combat data the haniwas had 
accumulated, and it was made to allow it to traverse any place that they 
themselves could go. So it could of course travel through space and air, but 
also underground and underwater. Of course, its combat capabilities were 
reduced as a result of this, and they'd want to avoid fighting a craft of the 
same size specialized for combat. This time, their opponents were four 
fighters, and even more were expected to arrive, so Kiriha had chosen to 

“How is it going?” 

As O-hime stopped moving, Elfaria who had been in the residential section 
up until now poked her head into the cockpit. As expected, she couldn't sit 
still while Theia was missing. 

“How are Yurika-chan and the others?” 

Nana was also next to Elfaria. She was especially worried about Yurika. 

Her circumstances were the same as Elfaria, and she couldn't help but 
worry for her pupil and friend. 

“For starters, we shook off our pursuers and escaped underwater. Sadly, 
we haven't heard anything from Theia-dono and the others” 

The original plan was to lay low in a lake after descending to the surface 
disguised as a shard of ice. Even if the army arrived to investigate anything 



they found strange, they would never imagine that the O-hime would be 
underwater. That should have allowed them to get in unnoticed. 

While they had been detected just before their descent, the enemy still 
didn't that they would hide underwater. With her flexible thinking, Kiriha 
adapted to part of the original plan, using an illusion to fool the army and 
safely hiding at the bottom of the lake. 

“I see... I just hope they are safe...” 

Elfaria showed an expression that seemed to be a mix of both relief and 
disappointment. The others could sympathize with those feelings. Kiriha 
and the others all couldn't help but feel anxious by the fact that they couldn't 
contact the three. 

“I just wish there was a way to confirm that all three of them are okay” 

Nana looked up as she mumbled. Above her was just the ceiling, but her 
focus was on the lake past that, and the army beyond the lake. 

"... If we use communications now, the army will find us right away” 

Contacting the three wouldn't be that hard. As they knew the rough area of 
where Koutarou and the others had fallen, they could just use high powered 
radio or gravitational waves. The problem was that if they did, the army 
would find them. The problem at hand now was to figure out a way to 
communicate without being detected. 

“Uhm, can I say something?” 

Everyone racked their brains to come up with a solution to the problem, and 
after the cockpit had fallen silent for a moment, Harumi raised her hand and 
requested permission to speak. As she did, all eyes in the room naturally 
gathered on her. Normally, that would be enough to overwhelm Harumi a 
little, but they were in an emergency right now. Pushed forwards by her 
strong emotions, Harumi continued to speak. 

“I can sense Satomi-kun's presence through Signaltin. I'm certain that he's 


Harumi was constantly connected to Signaltin through a faint flow of 
magical power. Because of that, she could naturally tell the state of 
Signaltin without having to do anything. Currently, Signaltin had used up a 



lot of magical power during the re-entry, but was keeping up its defense as 
usual. That was proof that Koutarou was alright. 

“Are you sure, Harumi-san!?” 

“Yes, Your Majesty. Satomi-kun is safe, so the other two should be as well” 

As there were no healing spells being cast, the remaining two shouldn't 
have any serious injuries either. As long as they weren't killed instantly, that 

“I see... then we can rest easy for now” 

Thanks to Harumi's report, Elfaria's expression eased up. Following that, 
the atmosphere in the cockpit eased up a little as well. While they might be 
powerful, they were still normal girls. Knowing that their friends were safe 
was a huge plus to their mood. 

“Sakuraba-senpai, can't you use Satomi-kun's sword to talk to him?” 

With the tension easing up, their minds began to work. Shizuka believed 
that they should be able to speak with Koutarou using Signaltin's magical 

“In terms of if I can or can't, I can... but I feel like I shouldn't” 

Harumi shook her head impatiently. If she could, she'd love nothing more 
than to speak with Koutarou. However, there was a reason for why she 

“Why is that?” 

’’Shizuka, if the magical power flowing between Signaltin and here gets 
stronger it will reveal our positions to Darkness Rainbow. With that man 
involved, that possibility needs to be considered” 

The man that Kiriha was referring to was Elexis. As the fighters they 
encountered in space were equipped with spiritual energy sensors, Elexis 
was most definitely involved. Which meant that chances were high that 
Darkness Rainbow that went missing with him were also involved. 

“Aika-san, do you think Darkness Rainbow will appear above?” 

“The leaders probably won't, but I think some that can detect magical power 



might appear” 

As the magical power flowing between Harumi and Signaltin was weak, that 
alone wouldn't get them detected. But if that flow increased to the point 
where communication was possible, they would most likely get found. The 
same went for radio and gravitational waves. 

“Should I go?” 

Radio, gravitational waves and magic were all no good. In that case, all that 
was left was spiritual energy. Sanae believed that her astral projecting 
herself to go look for the three would be the fastest way. 

“No, let's keep that as our last resort. Your spiritual energy is too powerful” 

However, Kiriha shook her head at Sanae's suggestion. As the enemy had 
gotten their hands on spiritual energy sensors, if Sanae were to fly around 
in her astral form, there was a chance she would get detected. 

“Then, what do we do, Kiriha!? We can't do anything like this!!” 

“We'll start by moving away from this place underwater. We won't be able to 
do anything with the army so close” 

Kiriha had chosen to descend by this lake because it was very large. If they 
moved underwater, they would be able to safely leave their landing point in 
secret. While she was also worried about Koutarou and the others, the first 
thing they had to do was to escape from the army. 

Part 3 

On Earth, the imperial army of Forthorthe had lost to Folsaria's group. That 
was not just due to equipment and fighting power, but also strategically. 

Bandarion's aim for dispatching the soldiers to Earth was not just to capture 
Elfaria, but to have her retaliate, and get the soldiers killed in the process. 
That would drastically reduce Elfaria's support. However, in the end there 
had been no casualties on either side. That proved the ability and nobility of 
the Elfaria faction and instead helped to raise her reputation and increase 



her support. 

Of course, Bandarion tried to control the information regarding the entire 
event. But with the information being so noteworthy, it spread by word of 
mouth, and it was too late to get under control. Moreover, as freedom of 
speech was guaranteed in Forthorthe, there was a limit to how much the 
information shared between individuals could be controlled. 

As a result, it was a complete victory for Elfaria in all meanings of the word, 
and Bandarion ended up being led by the nose. With this outcome, the 
prideful Bandarion decided to team up with Elexis. It wasn't hard to imagine 
that Bandarion was burning with rage deep inside. On top of that, having to 
pay respects to a youngster like Elexis was nothing short of pure 

That was just as Elexis had planned when he leaked the information, but he 
didn't know how Bandarion would react when he faced him. That was 
Elexis' biggest cause for concern when he had been called for a conference 
by Bandarion. At the same time it was also the reason for Elexis' 

“You've done well to come, Elexis-kun” 

In contrast to Elexis' expectations, Bandarion welcomed him with a smile 
into a luxurious salon. Besides him was his aide, Granado as well. He also 
welcomed Elexis with a calm smile. Only Bandarion and Granado were 
present in the salon that would be used for the conference. Elexis figured 
that it was a sign that they trusted him, and that the conference would delve 
into complicated topics. 

“I am greatly honored to have you personally welcome someone as 
inexperienced as me, Lord Bandarion” 

Elexis bowed while still standing in the doorway. He didn't break his smile 
either, but on the inside he was extremely nervous. Bandarion's behavior 
here would greatly affect his future, so close attention would need to be 
paid to all things. 

“I owe a debt to you. A debt for letting us know of the capabilities of the 
Elfaria faction right away” 

“Hearing you say that makes it worth sharing the information with you 
Elexis laughed like a carefree and inexperienced young CEO, while 



carefully observing Bandarion's words and actions. 

It seems like he has far more frightening than I thought... 

At this point, Elexis had a high evaluation of Bandarion. You could even say 
he feared him. If Bandarion was not a fool, he had probably seen through 
the intentions behind Elexis' information leak. That even with the 
information, he still lost, so he had no choice but to cooperate with Elexis, 
yet knowing that, Bandarion still had a confident attitude. That meant that 
Bandarion had a good control over his emotions, and was capable of 
calculating losses and gains in a cool-headed manner. 

While it's going as planned, I doubt he'll let it continue like that... who 
knows what'll happen if I let my guard down... 

Elexis was trying to team up with Bandarion for the sake of his own goals. 
However, upon actually meeting Bandarion, he felt like he would be the one 
ending up getting used if he didn't maneuver well enough. In order to keep 
that from happening, Elexis braced himself once more. 

“If you stand there, we won't be able to come. Come this way, Granado's 
gone out of his way to prepare tea too” 

“Okay... then excuse me” 

Heeding Bandarion's words, Elexis headed towards the seat prepared for 
him. The salon's thick carpet was soft, and his foot sunk in with each step. 

Now then, this is where it gets hard... 

However, at the moment, Elexis didn't have the room to feel the softness of 
the carpet. Bandarion and Granado acting so friendly was just a superficial 
thing. In truth, it was more like he was standing before wild beasts with their 
jaws primed wide open. That's why Elexis focused all of his nerves so that 
he wouldn't miss the slightest reaction from either of them. 

Part 4 

While Elexis and Bandarion were having their top-level talks, the 



subordinates of both sides were having a business conference. Even if the 
top's conference was going roughly, the meaning for both sides was great. 
They did stuff such as establishing simple information lines, deciding on 
how to respond in emergencies and dealing with information and supplies 
that should be shared. 

And having mixed in with the subordinates who were negotiating was the 
magical girls of Darkness Rainbow who had their own mission to attend to. 
Thanks to magic, they were skilled at disguises and information gathering. 
They constantly changed their appearance with magic and easily infiltrated 
places that they normally wouldn't be able to enter, and stole a great deal of 
information about Bandarion's side. Moreover, they could also eavesdrop, 
hypnotize and directly read the mind. They got in the way of the information 
gathering that Bandarion's side was performing without being noticed while 
one-sidedly returned with a great deal of information. As expected, the 
unknown technology known as magic gave them an overwhelming 

“So, how were Bandarion and Granado?” 

Maya, who had been leading Darkness Rainbow in their information 
gathering welcomed Elexis who had just finished his conference with a 
smile. She had been on a mission where she had to put her life at stake, 
but that couldn't be felt at all from the way she was smiling. It was as if she 
had just gone out to play. 

“Oh, they were quite scary people. I probably would have been devoured if I 
let my guard down for even a moment” 

’’They must be quite the people if they can make you say that” 

Elexis on the other hand was acting the opposite of Maya. The moment he 
saw her face, the exhaustion and tension he had been hiding until then 
appeared on the surface. Even though he had just gone to speak to two 
people, Elexis felt like had just run through a battlefield. Of course, this was 
partially because of the sense of security he felt with just the two of them 
inside of the waiting room that had been assigned to him. 

“I should have made a deal for equal cooperation but... I feel chills down my 
spine when I imagine if all of you hadn't been here. I am truly lucky” 

The conference between Elexis and Bandarion had ended on a peaceful 
note. It had been decided that both sides would work together closely in the 



future. He had also gotten conditions that were equal. That likely bolstered 
his reputation as a business man. However, Elexis wasn't being optimistic. 
The conference seeming peaceful, and conditions being equal was 
probably just on the surface. If he didn't make a move right away, he would 
likely end up in a horrible disadvantageous position. In that sense, having 
Darkness Rainbow with him was very reassuring. Not even Bandarion 
would have a response to magic. In fact, even now Elexis was being 
protected by it. So despite being inside of a building belonging to the 
Bandarion side, there was no fear of being eavesdropped on. 

“You're putting them up on quite the pedestal” 

”It's my honest impression. If you meet then, you'll understand” 

’’That's awfully timid. In the past you were planning on dealing with them on 
your own, weren't you?” 

’’Right now, I am really glad that never happened” 

Elexis was serious, he wasn't complimenting or flattering them on purpose. 
Elexis seriously needed Maya and Darkness Rainbow in order to go up 
against Bandarion as equals. That's why Maya picked up that Bandarion 
must be terrifying from Elexis' appearance. And because of that, she had 
something to say to him. 

“I wasn't quite sure before hearing your story... but, since there's no doubt 
I'll let you know now” 

“What happened?” 

Sensing the change in the air around Maya, Elexis' expression sharpened. 

It was the expression of the partner that Maya chose. Satisfied with that, 
she continued speaking. 

“They're planning on wiping out the people of the Elfaria faction and take 
out everyone around them as well” 


Elexis froze on the spot from surprise. He had thought of Bandarion and 
Granado as fearsome, but he didn't think they'd go that far. 

“That possibility appeared upon seeing the data inside of the computer, and 
from the behavior of Bandarion's subordinates. And your impression of 



Bandarion and Granado removed all doubt. There's most likely no doubts” 

Maya's expression was stern. She hadn't expected them to go that far 
either. And upon hearing Elexis' impressions, Maya determined that they 
most likely wouldn't hesitate. 

“What a foolish thing...” 

’’They don't have any aesthetics. Their actions are incoherent and off 

Elexis and Maya didn't hesitate to use twisted means for the sake of their 
goals. However, there was no meaning in doing that without restriction. As 
Elexis took action according to his beliefs to create his ideal society, he 
wanted to keep civilian casualties low. Maya wanted to let the people of 
Folsaria to return to Forthorthe with dignity, so she didn't want them to 
return to a barren wasteland. 

“So in the end, they're the same as Tayuma...” 

“They're a little different. If anything, they're ideologists, through and 
through. Though letting them be is equally dangerous” 

People were necessary for an ideal society and a country to return to. 
Because of that, they couldn't accept the way Bandarion and Granado 
thought. To them, evil had its own way of blooming. 



Father and Daughter 

Part 1 

Saturday, November 20 

Fighters from nearby bases had scrambled and gathered around the area 
where O-hime had descended. Fortunately, the explosion had served as 
concealment as expected, and O-hime was able to escape into the nearby 
lake, and remain hidden. The army never would have imagined that a 
spaceship had fled into the water, and they assumed that it had exploded. 
Even if they realized that the explosion was an illusion, they wouldn't search 
the lake until quite a while later. By that time, O-hime would no longer be 
there. It would have escaped a long time ago. 

“So Kiriha, what do we do now?” 

Having used her powers to detect auras and serve as a radar for a while, 
Sanae lazily leaned into her seat. O-hime had safely escaped from any 
pursuers. Sanae could no longer sense their presence nearby. She could 
finally relax for a moment. 

“I'd like to go look for Koutarou and the others, but we can't in this situation. 
We'll head to the Elfaria faction's base as planned” 

Kiriha seemed to feel a little relief as well, as her expression eased up 
slightly. That was her first re-entry so it was only obvious. 

“Is that really okay?” 

“Yeah. Koutarou and the others won't be able to find us either. They're 
probably headed towards a base on their own” 

“Then we can contact them” 

That's right’ 



In Kiriha's mind, the fastest way of finding Koutarou and the others was to 
head to the Elfaria faction's base as planned. As Koutarou and the others 
were far away, going to look for them directly or contacting them was 
dangerous. As the army was on high alert, they would respond immediately 
and surround them. As neither side could communicate with the other, they 
would need to follow the plan they decided on beforehand. As the bases 
were connected through a secret communications network, as long as both 
sides arrived, they could confirm each other's safety. 

“In that case, it's my turn” 

That was when Ruth who was sitting in the operator's seat joined the 
discussion. She was the most knowledgeable when it came to the Elfaria 
faction's bases. She was knowledgeable about this area, not only because 
it was Forthorthe, but for yet another reason. 

“We're finally meeting with Ruthpapa” 

“Yes. I just hope he's full of vigour” 

They were headed for the largest base the Elfaria faction had on Alaia. The 
base is within the Pardomshiha family's territory. As this was the space age, 
they had received the enclave as a separate addition to the territory they 
already had on the planet of Forthorthe. Because of that, they were able to 
secretly construct a large-scale base. The commander of said base was 
none other than Ruth's father, Lord Pardomshiha. In other words, by 
heading towards the base, Ruth would reunite with her family. 

“Hey, what kind of person is Ruthpapa?” 

"Well... I think he's serious, just like me” 

”So that's part of your genetics” 

"Yes. But maybe because of his age, but he is also flexible. To the point 
where he can't be coaxed into something by Her Majesty” 

Lord Pardomshiha continued the family's tradition of 2,000 years and was a 
typical Pardomshiha knight. Very loyal to the royal families, the strong and 
silent type, and capable in both literary and military arts. Excluding the Blue 
Knight, the Pardomshiha knights were the model images for knights. Even 
amongst them, he was an outstanding individual. 

“...I hate him” 



Elfaria who was listening in began pouting. It was a very childish expression 
that made one doubt that she was actually a mother. 

The reason for the high praise that Lord Pardomshiha received was 
because he had excellent intellect and patience which allowed him to not be 
fooled by Elfaria. The only one capable of evading the verbal attacks of 
Elfaria, who was known as a vixen, while carefully looking for weak points 
to counterattack was Lord Pardomshiha. When troubled, turn to 
Pardomshiha had practically become a slogan. 

"... In short, the empress trusts him so much that she has no problems with 
openly declaring that she hates him” 

“That would be the case” 

Kiriha let out a cheerful laugh. As did Clan who was next to her. 

“This isn't a laughing matter! Geez...” 

Elfaria was only able to declare that she hates Lord Pardomshiha because 
she trusted him. The feelings involved were probably similar to those 
towards an uncle. Agewise was the same. The relationship between the 
two was well known through the media, and was the cause for why they 
were so beloved. 

Part 2 

O-hime had travelled several dozen kilometers after entering the lake by the 
point of descent. From there, they ascended to the surface and proceeded 
another several dozen kilometers while being extra careful not to get 
detected by the imperial army. The Elfaria faction base was located in an 
area surrounded by high mountains and deep valleys. The base had been 
built underground and the entrance was concealed by making use of the 
complex valleys. It would be very difficult to find the base without very 
accurate information. 

The inside of the base was similar to the Blue Knight and made use of a 
unique design of smooth curves. However, There were also parts where 
steel was left exposed. That was because the base had been built in a 


hurry, and the parts where strength wouldn't be an issue were left as they 
were. In that sense, the atmosphere was different from the usual facilities 
the imperial army used. 

“Your Majesty! I am so very glad you are safe!” 

Confirming that Elfaria had gotten off O-hime, Lord Pardomshiha ran up to 
her at full speed. It was like a child running up to his mother, or perhaps a 
father running up to his daughter who had run away from home. 

“I've caused you a lot of trouble, Pardomshiha. Did you get any more gray 

“Hahaha, a lot of things have happened here as well. I'm glad to see you 
haven't changed, actually, you seem more energetic than before?” 

“A lot happened here too. I'll tell you the details at a later time” 

Elfaria was so energetic because she had brought the Blue Knight with her 
to Forthorthe, life on Earth was more fun than she had expected, and for 
various other reasons as well. However, she couldn't reveal that here in 
public, and right now there were other things to be concerned with. 

“Yes. From what I heard, Her Majesty Theiamillis is missing?” 

“Let's start from there. Oops, before that” 

Elfaria suddenly pulled the hand of the girl near her and forcibly pushed her 
in front of Lord Pardomshiha. 

“Kyaaa!? Y-Your Majesty!?” 

Elfaria had pulled out Ruth. Lord Pardomshiha and Ruth, father and 
daughter who had been separated for a long time were now facing one 

“Let's start with doing what you have to. Both of you are too distracted right 
now to do anything else, are you not?” 

Elfaria wanted the two to talk things out before they started on any 
complicated discussion. She had noticed that Ruth wanted to speak with 
her father but found herself unable to do so, and that Lord Pardomshiha 
couldn't speak with Ruth due to his position. 



“Your methods are forcible as always... but I am grateful” 

Both Lord Pardomshiha and Ruth bowed to Elfaria before facing one 
another again. 

“Father, I am back” 

“Long time no see, Ruth. Did you grow a bit taller?” 

“Just a little bit” 

Ruth and Lord Pardomshiha had an excellent relationship. That's why 
neither of them minded the time they had been apart and exchanged smiles 
like normal. In fact, it seemed like the time apart had made them even 

“Maybe it's because of that, because you've gotten a more mature 
expression. You're slowly but surely turning into an adult lady... I don't know 
whether I should feel lonely or happy” 

Lord Pardomshiha watched his daughter with a dazzled glance. The 
atmosphere around her now was slightly different from what it had been 
since he last saw her some months ago. Ruth was maturing into a splendid 
woman, day by day. That's why he felt like his daughter had left him behind 
and was maturing on her own, while he was happy to see her growth, he 
wanted her to remain as his sweet young daughter. 

“I'm still far away from being an adult lady” 

While part of it was a doting parent, Ruth didn't feel bad about having her 
growth praised. She was embarrassed but she was still at an age she 
wanted to rely on her father. Ruth shook her head while blushing. 

“Girls really do change when they fall in love” 

Lord Pardomshiha crossed his arms and nodded repeatedly, seemingly full 
of understanding. Seeing her father like that sent Ruth into a fluster. 


Her face dyed beet red and she let out a panicked scream. At the same 
time she began worrying about the surrounding glances. 

“Based on that reaction, you really do have a boy you like” 



Seeing his daughter's reaction, Lord Pardomshiha grinned. He had 
suspected that she might have someone she likes ever since the whole 
engagement incident. 

“O-Oh no!?” 

“I see, I see, even you, who were so devoted to being serious...” 

While Ruth was a woman, she had matured to become someone suitable to 
succeed the Pardomshiha family. She was deeply loyal to the royal families 
and a knight that had sworn to abide to justice. However, that might have 
been a misfortune as a woman. Being too serious, Ruth didn't try to chase 
after her own happiness and simply served as the shield of the royal 
families and the future successor of the Pardomshiha family. It somewhat 
pained Lord Pardomshiha to see his daughter like that. While it had ended 
in a disaster, the arranged marriage between Ruth and Elexis had been his 
attempt to show consideration for his daughter. 

Yet it seemed Ruth had already fallen in love with someone, and Lord 
Pardomshiha was in a great mood as it seemed his worries would solve 
themselves. Normally he wore his unbendable loyalty and manliness on his 
sleeves, but right now he was nothing but a doting parent. 

“What kind of man is it? No, don't get me wrong, since it's the man you've 
fallen for I have no intentions of stopping you! I was simply curious. So what 
kind of man is it!? Is he as strong as me!?” 

“U-Uhm, t-that's not, uhm, you see... that's right, please don't bring up a 
topic like that in a place like this!!” 

Ruth on the other hand had been completely knocked off of her rhythm. 

Ruth was someone that was upfront about everything, but she still had an 
appearance to uphold. Talking about the man she loves in a place full of 
people like that was out of the question. 

“I see... so you're not denying it?” 

“Please be more serious!!” 

“Ah, I'm sorry. Princess Theiamillis is still missing after all” 

Having cooled his head a little after Ruth's severe reaction, Lord 
Pardomshiha admonished himself and returned to normal. He too was very 
concerned of the missing princess. Seeing her father like that, Ruth was 



also able to return to normal. 

"... We know she is safe as she is with a knight who is guarding her” 

“Is that for certain?” 

“Yes. It is a person who does not make mistakes” 

Ruth vouched with confidence. While she didn't know what kind of situation 
they were in, she had absolute confidence that Koutarou would protect 

"... I see... a guarding knight, huh...” 

For some reason, Lord Pardomshiha nodded his repeatedly in 

“Excuse me?” 

“It's the man you fell in love with. It just hit me as you were speaking of him 
so proudly” 

Lord Pardomshiha sensed that Ruth fully trusted the guarding knight she 
had mentioned. It was far from normal for the serious and stubborn Ruth to 
leave Theia to someone else, and feel relieved about it. 

“Thinking about it, it's the man that you, the shield of the royal families, has 
accepted. You wouldn't be able to entrust Her Highness to him unless he 
was as trustworthy as you, or even more so. Moreover, you wouldn't fall for 
him either. I see, I see, so that's what it was” 

“J-Just stop it already!!” 

“You found a good man, Ruth. Yes, very good, I'm happy for you” 

“I really will get angry, Father!!” 

Ever since her reunion with her father, Ruth had been continuously 
knocked off her rhythm. Thanks to that, the distance between the father 
and daughter that had been so far apart shrunk in an instant, yet she didn't 
seem to notice that at all. That's why she would spend a little while longer 
feeling uncomfortable. 



Part 3 

As the girls that had gotten off of O-hime were warmly watching over Ruth's 
misfortune, only one wasn't looking at her. That was Maki, who had once 
been an evil magical girl. 

"... So this is Forthorthe... our true home...” 

When Maki had gotten off of O-hime and her feet touched the ground, she 
held different feelings from the other girls. The magical kingdom of Folsaria, 
where Maki had been born, had it as a goal to someday return to the their 
true home, Forthorthe. Those feelings were no longer as powerful as they 
once had been, due to the passing of time, but it was still engraved into the 
very souls of all Folsarians. And for Maki, that goal had finally been 
accomplished. While looking at it from a planetary level, she was still far 
away from Forthorthe, but this planet was without a doubt part of the Holy 
Forthorthe Galactic Empire as well. 

“We've made it here without dying, Nav— no, Maki-san” 

’’Nana... -san...” 

However, there was one who could understand how Maki felt. That person 
was Nana, another Folsarian. 

“It feels kind of strange” 

“I think I understand you. Fufu...” 

In the magical kingdom of Folsaria there was a unique saying that was 
sometimes used during a fierce battle. That was 'die and return to your true 
home'. In the past, Maki had said those words to Koutarou. It's meaning was 
something to the point of 'I'll definitely kill you', but the desire for their true 
home was mixed in. It also had a meaning of, even if you can't return in 
reality, you can at least return in death. 

That was the kind of emotion they held towards it, but now they had 
actually reached their true home. They were truly standing on the land that 
they could only see in their dreams. That strange feeling was something 
that was hard to describe. 



“I wonder if Maya and the others are feeling the same thing” 

Nana took a few steps out on the deck where O-hime had landed, and 
looked up at the sky outside the window. There she saw the planet of 
Forthorthe being lit up by the sun. 

“I think so. I'm sure Maya-sama and the others have already gone to the 
planet of Forthorthe” 

Maki lined up next to Nana and looked up at Forthorthe alongside her. She 
thought of Maya, who was most likely on that planet. Since she had been 
her apprentice for so long, she could faintly imagine what Maya was 

“And they'll be even more motivated than before, huh” 

”Yes. They'll build a base and expand their power here, before repressing 
Folsaria and boldly returning to Forthorthe. I'm sure that's the plot of the 
story they're working on” 

Maya was awfully prideful. That's why she ultimately wasn't planning on 
returning to Forthorthe while being protected by him. She simply treated him 
as an equal. In preparations for their grand return, she had now touched the 
ground of Forthorthe, and her desire would surely be stronger than ever 

“We can't underestimate them” 

"Yes. I think they'll be fundamentally different enemies from before. Maya- 
sama and the others now have a clearly defined goal” 

Up until now, Nana had specifically avoided using the term enemy. But Maki 
spoke that word herself. Since that was something very important, Nana 
decided to confirm it once more. 

"... Enemies is fine, isn't it?” 

Maki clearly nodded her head to Nana's investigative words. 


Maki had hardened her resolve a long time ago. 

“I'm sure if we make the effort, we can come to an understanding with 



Maya-sama and the others. We might even be able to walk along the same 
path for a while. But—” 

“— at the very end, we'll choose different paths?” 

“Yes. The thing we value the most and the thing Maya-sama and the others 
value the most are different. That's why the very final choice will be 

Maki wanted connections between people. Darkness Rainbow on the other 
hand fundamentally wanted freedom. Ultimately, Maki and Darkness 
Rainbow would never be able to see eye to eye, as she wanted 
connections between people, while they wanted to be free from even the 
bonds to others. Sadly, harmony and freedom was something that was 
difficult to have coexist in their purest forms. Just like how Maki had been 
unable to tie down Crimson, who only wanted to fight, with friendship 

“It'll be a hard fight” 

“I'm prepared for it. Besides... I'm not alone anymore. I have Yurika and 
everyone with me” 

”1 see, so that's why” 

Nana seemed satisfied and smiled. 

“What is?” 

”It's just that when I was watching you fight back then, I saw that you were 
far stronger than when you fought against me, and I wondered why that 

In the past, Maki had always carried something like resignation with her. 
However, the current Maki didn't have that. She had gotten an iron will of 
never giving up. Since magic was affected by the strength of one's will, 

Maki was now far stronger than before. And Nana had finally understood 
the reason why thanks to what Maki had just said. 


... It seems like you've found something to protect” 
Yes, I'll protect it at all costs” 


Maki nodded. She was fully aware of what she wanted to protect, and what 
to do to protect it. She was ready to fight, even if she would go up against 
Maya or Crimson. Nana sensed Maki's resolve and smiled bitterly in her 
mind as she realized that there was no reason to worry. 

“By the way, Maki-san” 


“When this is all over, do you have any intentions of becoming a Rainbow?” 


In the past, Maki had been a one-colored indigo rainbow. But now that she 
had matured, she began carrying all kinds of colors, and had become a real 
rainbow. That's why Nana believed that Maki would defend that beautiful 

“You're joking” 

“No. The current you could definitely become one. You've got a splendid 
rainbow color that wouldn't even lose to Yurika-chan” 

"... I, hope so...” 

In front of the two was the planet of Forthorthe. And as if wrapping around 
it, was a beautiful rainbow. 



At the Barrier 

Part 1 

Sunday, November 21 

While O-hime had reached the Elfaria faction base, Koutarou and the 
others were still inside the forest. As expected, having landed within a 
forest, and having to travel on foot made a big difference. 

“Hey, Satomi-san” 


“Didn't something move over there?” 

”... You're starting with that again?” 


Koutarou, Yurika and Theia could only move at night. And Yurika was bad 
at dealing with the forest at night. She was always scared that something 
might jump out from the nearby bushes and attack. 

“You really do become useless once you lose motivation” 

’’Even if you say that, I can't help it! It's scary!” 


That was when Theia snuck up behind Yurika and scared her with a loud 

“Kyaaa— Mmmm!” 

As Yurika suddenly let out a scream, Koutarou quickly covered her mouth. 



“Theia, think about the situation we're in! What are you going to do if there 
are enemies around!” 

“I know, I checked the area with my sensors before doing it. There's no 

"Mmmmmmm, Mhmm, Mmmmmmm!” 

“But why would you do it right now!” 

“I figured she might calm down if she got a little shock” 

’’That just has the opposite effect on her!” 

”Mm, mmmm.” 

"... She's gotten quiet” 

“Ah, Yurika!! Breathe!!” 

While it was misfortunate for Yurika, the truth was that her constant fright 
was useful for Koutarou and Theia. As they were in a bad situation where 
they isolated from their allies, they were starting to get gloomy. But Yurika's 
fear of absolutely nothing helped erase that. She was what was keeping 
them together. But unfortunately for Yurika, none of the three realized that. 

"... I think the both of you don't have enough consideration for me! I'm really 
scared here!” 

Even though the commotion had died down, Yurika was still angry. But as 
the anger made her forget about her fear, she was walking like normal. So 
in the end, it was just as Theia had planned. 

“I said I was sorry. It wasn't on purpose” 

“If you really feel that way, hold my hand harder” 

“Okay, okay, you really are a handful” 

That said, Yurika's anger was starting to die down. Because as an apology, 
Koutarou was leading her by the hand. Thanks to that, Yurika's focus 
shifted from the commotion just before to the sensation of Koutarou's hand. 

“... Ehehehe...” 



When Yurika was holding Koutarou's hand, she was thinking back to that 
kiss on the cheek. As she did, the feelings from back that filled her chest 
and pushed out what anger she had left. It would only be a matter of time 
before the anger was completely gone. 

“... You little” 


“What now?” 

”It's nothing” 

’’Then why did you kick me?” 

“I said it was nothing!” 

“Ding. Ding. 

But for some reason, the anger within Yurika was moving over to Theia. 
Koutarou would receive quite a few more kicks until he realized that and 
properly dealt with it. 

Part 2 

Koutarou's armor and Theia's Combat Dress had used up most of their 
energy during the atmospheric re-entry, but the other parts were still 
functioning. There were some parts damaged during the re-entry, but 
nothing had ceased to function. So while they couldn't fly or put up barriers, 
the other functions worked as normal. That's why both the armor's and the 
dress' sensor picked up the approaching enemy. 

“Alert, detected an approaching heat source. Distance 200 meters. Based 
on the quantity of heat, there is a 70% chance of it being a pack of wild 

While the planet's ecosystem was artificial it still had somewhat dangerous 
creatures living on it. If they had no predators, the herbivores would 
increase without end, and would eventually make the ecosystem 
unsustainable. In order to avoid that, they intentionally prepared a top of the 



food chain. That was the wolf. Wolves had the intelligence to realize it was 
dangerous to approach people. Because of that, humans and wolves would 
rarely cross paths, but that was just when they were in their own territories. 
Right now, Koutarou and the others were in the middle of the wolves 
territory. They were in a situation where they couldn't complain about being 

“S-See, there really was something” 

’’Stop clinging to me. I can't move” 

’’I'm scared!” 

’’Theia, why are you joining in!” 

” It's a joke” 

’’Jokes don't work on wolves” 

”1 know, I know” 

“You get off too, Yurika” 

”... Okay” 

Koutarou and the others had panicked a little when they first noticed the 
wolves existence, but they quickly recovered and began making plans. That 
was probably thanks to their many battles worth of experience. 

“We're the ones intruding on their territory... I wonder if there's a way of 
avoiding a fight” 

Koutarou could tell the killing intent the wolves were giving off thanks to the 
powers Sanae had given him. They were angry at Koutarou and the others 
for intruding on their territory. Koutarou and the others had just happened to 
pass by the area, and they didn't know the rules of nature, so they had 
ended up intruding. Koutarou wanted to avoid a fight. 

“What can we do to make them forgive us?” 

Yurika spoke as she squinted into the darkness. Because of the distance 
she couldn't see them, but in front of where she was looking there were 
without a doubt bared fangs. Yurika was scared. 

“We should hurry and distance ourselves” 



”lf we run away too quickly, they'll think we're weak and attack” 

"Really? What makes you say that?” 

“That's what I would do if I was a wolf 
"Well, there's no doubting that” 

”... If there's something you want to say, why don't you just say it out loud” 
”Oh I wouldn't dare” 

’’Then how about we run away slowly?” 

’’That would normally be the way to do it. But there are exceptions” 

“Like what kind of exceptions?” 

“Like when they're starving” 


In order to avoid fighting wolves, Koutarou and the others slowly changed 
direction. As they did, the wolves changed direction as well, following 
Koutarou and the others without closing the distance. It didn't seem like 
they would attack, but they showed no signs of leaving either. 

“So for now we're observing each other's moves” 

“Can't we just hide and wait for them to go away?” 

”l'd love to do that... but they are beasts with excellent senses” 

”How about it, Yurika?” 

In this situation, Yurika's magic was the most reliable thing they had. If they 
used their weapons they would stand out too much. 

“If I wanted too, I could get them to go away, but that would use up a lot of 
magical power” 

’’Then Darkness Rainbow would catch on, huh” 

“This is a painful problem” 



They wanted to get away from the wolves pursuing them. But if they 
carelessly used magic, they would end up calling forth Darkness Rainbow. 
It was a rather difficult situation. 

“Grrrrrr, arf a rf!! ” 

That was when the wolves in the darkness began stirring up a commotion. 
It was as if they had started a fight. 

“What happened!?” 

At first, Koutarou thought that the wolves had attacked. That was a natural 
conclusion in their current situation. However, the sounds of the wolves 
wasn't getting closer at all. They still kept their distance. That was where 
the armor's Al gave them an answer. 

“Warning, enemy craft approaching. There is a 95% chance of being a 
small reconnaissance drone” 

The wolves had started a commotion because a strange machine had 
approached. Unlike Koutarou and the others, the strange machine, the 
reconnaissance drone approached without giving a care of the wolves. 
Because of that, they decided to stop worrying about Koutarou and the 
others who showed no signs of approaching, and turned their attention to 
the machine. 

“I see, so that's why the wolves—” 

"Koutarou, Yurika, we're hiding right now!!” 

"Got it!” 


Koutarou and the others hurriedly hid under a fallen tree. Right after that, 
the reconnaissance drone appeared. Its design was similar to the fighters 
that Ruth always used. The reconnaissance drone lit up the area with a 
searchlight and gradually approached Koutarou and the others. Moreover, 
behind was the pack of wolves. As the wolves were still raising a 
commotion, Koutarou and the others couldn't miss them when they entered 
the area lit up by the searchlight. 

"... Did they find out that we were using magic to move around?” 



Looking at the searchlight panning back and forth to the sides, Yurika 
uneasily whispered. As she was always haunted by misfortune, Yurika's first 
thought was that she had messed up her spell. 

"... If that was the case, they'd come straight for us. It's either just a 
coincidence or they found the situation suspicious” 

Theia's battle hardened intuition told her that this wasn't Yurika's mistake. If 
Yurika had failed, than the surveillance drone wouldn't be panning around 
the area, but charge straight for them. Yet it had come into contact with the 
pack of wolves first. Theia believed that meant one of two things. 

The first was that the reconnaissance drone was simply on patrol, and 
happened to encounter a pack of wolves. It then decided to examine the 
nearby heat sources. 

The second was that it came to investigate the area as the wolves were 
acting strange. In the forests of Alaia, wolves were amongst the top of the 
ecosystem. Yet that pack of wolves were following and keeping their 
distance to three small animals, being Koutarou, Yurika and Theia who had 
a much smaller heat signature, instead of attacking. Chances were that the 
drone had come to investigate that strange event. 

“...So they're not certain either?” 

"... That should be the case. They shouldn't know that we are using magic 
after all” 

The surveillance drone had either come across the wolves by chance, or 
come to investigate their strange movements. Either way, it wasn't here 
because it assumed Koutarou and the others were near. It just came to 
make sure that it wasn't that one in a million chance. 

"... Then let's just keep hiding here” 

”... Yurika, I find myself agreeing with you for once” 

”... Aright, it's time to stop talking” 

The three closed their mouths, held their breaths and observed the drone. It 
was still spinning its searchlight around as it got closer. It was far from slow, 
but it sure felt like it to the group. The few minutes it took for the drone to 
get close felt like more than an hour. This was the first time any of the three 
had felt like time was moving this slowly. 



After what felt like an hour, the reconnaissance drone was now right next to 
the three. As it was so close they could practically touch it if they reached 
out, they could hear the small mechanical sounds coming from it. Theia and 
Yurika silently held onto Koutarou's hands. Both of them thought that they 
would be able to fool the sensor, but they weren't certain. Knowing what 
would happen if they were found by the imperial army here, that small risk 
created a great deal of anxiety. In order to erase that anxiety that they could 
do nothing about, they needed the heat of someone else. That probably 
would have been the case even if Koutarou wasn't with them. Having 
experienced the same thing several times over on the battlefield, Koutarou 
understood that feeling very well. That's why he firmly squeezed back. 

Was the operator cautious, or had the Al been made to be thorough? In 
order to examine the small heat sources under the fallen tree, the 
reconnaissance drone reached out with a small arm. 

Not good! 

Koutarou noticed those movements and sweat started dripping down from 
his forehead. Theia and Yurika instinctively squeezed Koutarou's hands 
harder. If the arm had a camera or a different type of sensor on it, they were 
out. Steeling himself, Koutarou behind thinking of how he should protect 

However, that was when it happened. 


A small animal jumped from between Koutarou and Yurika at the 
reconnaissance drone. The animal brushed the side of the arm and ran 
past it, and the drone turned around to chase after the animal, and it 
followed the animal that it had missed. 

Come, both of you! 

Not wasting that opening, Koutarou pulled on Theia's and Yurika's hands 
and got out from under the fallen tree. While keeping an eye on the 
searchlight, they moved to a different fallen tree in an area that had already 
been examined. 

Fortunately, the reconnaissance drone hadn't noticed their movements. 
After confirming what the small animal that had run off was, the 
reconnaissance drone returned to where Koutarou and the others had 



originally been. After examining the fallen tree until it was satisfied, it 
disappeared off to somewhere. It seemed the pack of wolves were chasing 
the reconnaissance drone as their howls grew distant. 

"... Geez, it's finally gone...” 

Koutarou was better at handling tension in battles than the kind he felt while 
hiding. That\s why, once he was certain that the drone and wolves had 
moved on, he leaned over the fallen tree and let out a sigh. 

“Phew. We better grateful for that small creature...” 

“That was scary-” 

“Really, I thought my heart would stop” 

Yurika was simply scared, but Theia felt the same as Koutarou and let out a 
big sigh. Those few minutes had exhausted the three. 

“Theia, there's still some time left before dawn, but how about we leave at 
this for today” 

’’You're right. It's best not to push our luck too far” 

”1 can finally rest...” 

Their exhaustion had reached its peak. There was still over an hour left 
before first light, but nothing good could come from continuing to move 
while their concentration was dulled. The three decided to find a place to 
hide and rest. 

Part 3 

Koutarou and the others slipped out of the forest on the night of the fourth 
day after falling onto Alaia. They had in a straight line, travelled a distance 
of 100 kilometers over three and a half days. Considering they had taken 
detours to avoid coming into contact with enemies, that was rather quick. 

Past the forest was a small town. Once they got past that town they would 
enter Pardomshiha which would make things much easier for them. While 



the people on Alaia were supportive of Elfaria, the people in the 
Pardomshiha territory were even more so. The citizens felt that they were 
members of the Pardomshiha family in spirit. As a result, the majority of the 
local imperial army were part of the Elfaria faction. 

However, it wouldn't be easy to get through the town. The town was on the 
border to the Pardomshiha territory, and the soldiers here were under Lord 
Bandarion's rule. Which meant that getting past this town was their last 

“Can't we just take a detour around the town instead of going through it?” 

’’The town is situated within a valley, if we want to go past, we'd have to 
climb up cliffs. Moreover, the cliffs have various defensive means to keep 
the animals from entering the town” 

’’Would it shock you?” 

“It would start with that and gradually get worse” 

The devices made to keep the boundary between animal and man were 
made by taking the creatures of the forest into consideration. At first they 
would serve as a simple warning, and gradually get harsher. Sensing that 
they were in danger, the animals would give up half ways through. 

“How about we fly with magic?” 

’’Flying in and infiltrating is practically a rule of magic, that would be one of 
the first things they set up countermeasures for” 

“I see... so we're all thinking the same” 

Yurika's judgment was that they would do best to avoid using magic to fly. 

As tactics using magic advanced daily, there had of course been attempts of 
using magic to infiltrate using flight, and countermeasures for it existed. One 
of the very basic countermeasures was antiaircraft magic monitoring. 

Moreover, as there were less people flying in and out of the town, then 
there were people entering from the surface, it was possible to check 
everyone more thoroughly. Making their security even tighter, they might 
even shoot down anyone without permission. 

“In that case, breaking through the front without using magic is more 
efficient against magic” 



Normally, using magic for stealth was a battle between stealth magic and 
detection magic. The stealth user would need to conceal their appearance, 
erase their sounds and hide their traces of magical power. The detectors on 
the other hand would need to detect them somehow. That's why not using 
magic was an efficient way of avoiding the detection means. 

That said, not using magic, chances were that they would get detected by 
the army's surveillance at the gate leading into the town. As Theia was 
famous, that risk was especially high. A disguise might be good enough, but 
they didn't have the tools for that with them. Overall it was a tough decision. 

“Or we might go all out and use a large spell to get us through instantly” 

As detection using magic would need to be consistently used, excluding 
times when the detectors are especially prepared, the effects were limited. 
Because of that, using a spell at full force for a very short period of time 
might make it possible to escape detection. While that might be impossible 
in Folsaria, in Forthorthe where magic hadn't spread to the imperial army, it 
was certainly possible. 

“So Yurika... if you turned us into dogs or cats and erased the traces of 
magical power, how long could you keep it up?” 

Koutarou had chosen the latter option to get through the town, using a lot of 
magic in a short span of time. As Theia was with them, breaking through 
without magic would be difficult. And if they were to use magic, it would be 
easier to turn themselves into small animals than to simply disguise 
themselves. Animals wouldn't get checked out by soldiers after all. But 
since that would use more magical power, there was still a risk. 

“Well... with three people to transform and a need to conceal a wide area of 
magical power... uhm... ten minutes, maybe...?” 

Yurika used her fingers to count and figured she would last ten minutes. 
Turning humans into a completely different creature required a high level 
spell. Doing that for three people while also erasing any traces would use 
up several times more magical power than just for one person. Even with 
Yurika's ability, ten minutes would be around her limit. 

“How many minutes are you absolutely certain you can last?” 

“I'm certain that I can last five minutes” 

Wouldn't using an illusion be better? 



Theia felt uneasy after hearing that they might only last five minutes. There 
was quite a distance from where they were currently hiding to the city, and 
Theia felt like five minutes might just barely be enough. On top of that, not 
knowing what the situation was past the gate was another cause for 
concern. That's why Theia suggested that an illusion which would drain 
less magical power might be safer. 

“In that case, the observation devices at the gate would be a problem. I 
think a transformation is the only way to fool them all” 

“I feel the same way” 

“Hmm, that is problematic...” 

Illusions had their own limits. While they could fool humans, they couldn't 
fool machines. Another spell would be required for that. Weight sensors, X- 
rays, heat sources, voices were all devices that might be used. In order to 
fool all of them, the amount of magical power would in the end be about the 
same as simply transforming. 

“Then how about we get close to the gate with an illusion before 

Unexpectedly, Yurika came up with an answer to the problem. As she rarely 
showed much intelligence on a daily basis, Koutarou and Theia looked at 
each other. 

“You're awfully bright today” 

”Yes, that method would make full use of the five minute time limit of 

The observation equipment was focused near the town. In other words, 
they could use a more haphazard method until they got close before 

“Ehehehe, I'm good at managing my small allowance” 

How they would get past the gate with a limited amount of magical power 
was similar to how to get by a month with a small allowance. Yurika had an 
abundance of knowhow in this area. 

"... That's definitely not a technique you can boast about” 



’’Koutarou, why don't you praise when she's useful for once” 

”... Good girl” 

”Satomi-san, you can buy me food later if you wantJ'” 

“You really are a strange girl” 

”l'm a magical girl after all” 

“That's true” 

Thus Koutarou and the others decided on their plan. They would transform 
into animals and go through the front. But with that decided, they still had 
the problem of figuring out what kind of animal to transform into. Each 
animal had its good and bad parts. 

"... Yurika would be fine as a horse's rear” 


’’Wasn't that your specialty” 

“While I'm good at it, why would I just be the rear!? That's clearly strange!!” 

While they would stand out less as small animals, but the smaller they got, 
the shorter their legs, which meant it would take more time to travel. While 
being larger meant longer legs, they would probably be stopped by soldiers 
If they turned into birds they would be small and fast, but then they would 
act suspiciously by going through the gate. They needed animals that 
wouldn't be suspicious to the soldiers, but not too slow. 

Maybe I want Yurika to become a horse because of my sentiment... 

Koutarou was thinking back to the magician he met in the past who had 
transformed into a horse. So despite knowing the circumstances, he had 
suggested that Yurika should go as a horse. Realizing that was impossible, 
Koutarou withdrew his opinion” 

“Okay, okay, I'm sorry” 

’’You're always quick to get so mean to me, Satomi-san, geez” 

“Realistically speaking, cats and dogs would be the most appropriate” 



When it came to being close to humans, and not being suspicious despite 
crossing the gate, pets were the best choice. As there were cats and dogs 
in Forthorthe as well, it was easy for Yurika to get a clear image in her mind. 

“Satomi-san will be a dog, Theia-chan will be a cat, and I will be—” 

“A pony?” 


”1 get it. Just make it a chicken” 

”No way!! I'll be a cat too!!” 

In the end, it was decided that Koutarou would be a dog, and Theia and 
Yurika would be cats. All that was left was to walk alongside some people 
entering the town and cross the gate. The soldiers would surely just 
assume they were the pets of the person they were walking next to. 

Part 4 

Up until now, Koutarou and the others had moved at night, but since they 
would stand out when there were so few people out and about, they waited 
for day before going into the town. Fortunately, unlike in the forest, there 
were plenty of people around, so the chances of being spotted were low. 

As the time came, the three first used an illusion to turn themselves into 
different people and approached the town. Once they were close enough 
they then transformed into animals behind some cover and headed towards 
the town once more. As luck would have it, no problems occurred and 
nobody was paying attention to Koutarou and the others. 

“Woof, woof 


Up front was Koutarou as a dog. He had become a Shiba dog with lovely 
round eyes. Following him was Theia who had become a Persian cat with 
beautiful golden fur. Lastly was Yurika who had become a cat with pink 
color, her strange appearance looked like something straight out of a 




Cats and dogs existed in Forthorthe as well. Strictly speaking, they were 
different creatures, but in terms of pets with almost the same look, they 
existed. Thanks to that, nobody seemed suspicious as the three 
approached the gate to the town. At best, animals lovers snuck a few peeks 
at them. 



However, Koutarou and Theia were panicking. That might only be natural 
as this was their first time turning into animals. Because of that, both of 
them had trouble walking, as walking on all fours were harder than 
expected. They were only somehow managing because they were athletic. 
That's why they were always worried that someone might think their walking 
was strange. 

“Meow meowJ'” 

Meanwhile, Yurika showed off some magnificent footwork. She had light 
and delicate steps, and moved almost like a normal cat. That was because 
Yurika's acting as a horse's rear had reached a master's level and affected 
her walking. A horse and cat had different ways to walk, but Yurika had a 
clear image of how creatures with four legs walked. That allowed her to 
take such magnificent footsteps. 



The situation was the reverse of normal. Usually it was Yurika who was 
getting in the way, but there was no worry of that now. If anything, Koutarou 
and Theia were the ones who would likely get in the way. Knowing that, 
Yurika began taking the lead as they walked. While it hadn't been her 
intention, it worked out in the group's favor. Yurika cheerfully walking in the 
front and Koutarou and Theia following behind with awkward steps made it 
look like the two were reluctant subordinates following their boss. As a 
result, nobody held an unnatural impression of them, only a humorous one. 


All three felt tension as they reached the town gate. It was open, but 


protected by five soldiers. There was one soldier on either side of the gate, 
one soldier in the middle and two in a nearby small outpost. The soldiers on 
either side of the gate were holding weapons and keeping an eye on their 
surroundings. The soldier in the middle was confirming the identities of 
those entering the town. Finally, the two in the building were taking a break 
while also confirming that the observation equipment weren't giving off any 

The problem was if they could get past these five soldiers without being 
questioned. While they were transformed into animals, it wasn't guaranteed 
that the soldiers would let them past. They might get simply chased off, or if 
they were bad soldiers, even put down. The three couldn't help but feel 
nervous. Yurika who was a coward, who had been standing in the front, 
was now frozen in place due to the tension. 

“Nyaa, nyaa” 

Even with Koutarou pushing her from behind, she wouldn't move forward. 
She had completely lost her nerve. 



Sensing that nothing else could be done, Koutarou and Theia left Yurika 
behind and continued. They only have a few minutes. It might have seemed 
cruel, but they had no time to stand around. 

“Meoooooow Meoww!!” 



Confirming that Yurika was chasing after them, Koutarou and Theia looked 
at each other and called out. They had left Yurika behind because they 
knew this would get her to move. Knowing her personality, Koutarou and 
Theia knew that this would get her to act. 



“... Meow” 



However Koutarou and Theia knew how Yurika felt. From the perspective of 
cats and dogs, humans were very large creatures. The pressure from those 
huge giants was overwhelming. That sensation grew stronger, the closer 
they got. By the time they were right in front of them, their hearts were 
beating extremely fast. Even the possibility that they might get crushed 
cross their mind. 

“Are you little things on your way back home?” 

However, the voice of the soldier protecting the gate helped defuse the 

“I've never seen them before, and they're of some unusual kind” 

’’They probably left through another gate and just happened to come 
around here” 

Fortunately, the soldiers here were generous towards cats and dogs. Based 
on their tone, it seemed like quite a few cats and dogs passed through the 
gate. So even if some animals they didn't recognize came through, they 
didn't think much of it. 


“Oh, aren't you quite the polite one. Go on through” 


Feeling relieved, Koutarou and the others passed through the gate. Joy 
filled up their chest to replace the tension. Having suffered to get this far, 
they felt like breaking out into dance. But if they did that now, everything 
would go to waste. They would need to keep the joy bottled up until they 
were out of sight of the soldiers. 

“An unusual kind!? Where!?” 

However, all of a sudden, an unexpected problem occurred. 

“Look, over there. Just by that corner” 

’’You're right! Species of cats and dogs that I've never seen before! I'll go 
take a closer look!” 

”Hey, wait! We're on duty!” 



“It's just a little, just a little!” 

The unexpected problem was one of the soldiers in the small outpost came 
chasing after Koutarou and the others. The soldier was an animal lover, 
and came flying out of the outpost when he overheard the others talking. 

He was excited to see species of cats and dogs that he had never seen 
before, and instinctively chased after them. 

“Wait up! I'll give you some snacks! Woof woof, meow meow!” 



“Nyaaa, nyaaaaa!!” 

Yurika was the first to run. Her decisions were swift at times like these. But 
when it came to simple speed, Koutarou and Theia were a step above her. 
They quickly overtook her and left her in the rear. The three dashed into an 
alley in the order of Koutarou, Theia and Yurika. 

“Nyaaaaaaa, Nya nyaaaaaaa!!” 

’’Don't rampage about, I just want to get to know you better” 

However, the soldier caught up to them, and Yurika was caught. She 
desperately struggled to escape the soldier, but due the overwhelming 
difference in physique, she was quickly lifted up. 

“That's strange... Is this fur natural? It's awfully flashy...” 


’’Don't get so angry. I'm not trying to be mean” 

Koutarou barked to scare off the soldier, but he didn't seem to be letting 
Yurika go. As expected, a small Shiba dog wouldn't scare anyone. 


Realizing that intimidation wasn't working, Theia took direct action. She bit 
on the soldier's sleeve and hung onto him. 




”... Hissss!” 

Surprised, the soldier let go off Yurika. Yet Yurika displayed her very un 
catlike ability as she landed face first into the ground. 

“You guys are really tight-knit, aren't you?” 


Yurika had somehow been able to escape, but this time Theia was caught. 
Her fangs were caught on the soldiers sleeve, making it impossible for her 
to run away. 

“Nyaaaa, Nyaaaaaa!!” 

“You're really energetic... and you're even more unusual than the last one. 
Let me get a closer look at you” 

Theia struggled even more than Yurika, but even then she couldn't escape. 
The difference in physique between humans and cats really was 
overwhelming. The sensation of going up against a giant wasn't wrong. 


It was a very bad situation. Sensing the crisis, Koutarou headed towards 
the soldier, knowing he was at a disadvantage. He had to rescue Theia as 
quickly as possible. But— 

“Woah, w-what!?” 

Just as Koutarou was jumping at the soldier, their bodies was covered in 
white smoke. Once the smoke vanished, Koutarou and the others had 
returned to their normal appearances. Having been caught by the soldiers, 
they'd wasted the remaining time they had, and the transformation spell ran 

Part 5 

When the smoke dissipated, the soldier was first surprised by the cat in his 
hands turning into a girl. He was stunned at the impossible spectacle that 



had just happened before him. 

“The cat, turned into a person!? W-What just happened!?” 

The soldier couldn't believe his eyes. Since he couldn't tell even by 
touching her, it wasn't just a hologram. In that case, it meant some other 
scientifical technology had to have been used, but he didn't know of any 
that could turn a person into a cat. 

“W-Who are you guys— Ah!?” 

However, his confusion was stopped by yet another surprise. Even more so 
than a cat turning into a girl. 

Princess Theiamillis!? How could it be!? 

His voice faltered from the surprise. Golden hair, perfect features and eyes 
full of power. The soldier recognized the girl the cat had turned into. It was 
the seventh princess of the Holy Forthorthe Galactic Empire. Theiamillis 
Gre Forthorthe. 

Is it the real one!? Oris something wrong with me!? 

Encountering Princess Theiamillis while on duty on the sixth planet from the 
sun was completely unexpected. Compared to his surprise from a cat 
turning into a person, something more realistic was even more surprising. 
While his confusion had settled down, he began worrying for his sanity. 

But wait, if this is the real one, why is she here? I see! The report about 
illegal aliens that landed a few days ago!! 

However, the knowledge he had proved that the person in front of him was 
Princess Theiamillis herself. 

Afew days ago, an unidentified spaceship had landed on Alaia. And there 
was a chance that some of the crew of that ship had landed in the forest by 
the town. As a result, many of the soldiers stationed here had been sent out 
to search. Even the ones that remained as guards at the gate had been 
ordered to strictly check all who enter the town. And now, a girl that 
appeared to be the wanted Princess Theiamillis had appeared before him. 

The unidentified spaceship was part of the Elfaria faction, and for some 
reason, Princess Theiamillis had gotten separated from it, and landed in the 
forest. Many soldiers were mobilized in order to capture her. While he didn't 



know how she had transformed into a cat, it seemed fitting that it was some 
kind of technology protecting the royal family, and it would also explain how 
they escaped the encirclement. 

Thinking of it like that, the soldier became convinced that the girl in front of 
him was none other than Princess Theiamillis. That was the most natural 
explanation for the situation. 

Not good... 

The knight protecting Princess Theiamillis instinctively placed his hand on 
the handle of his sword. That was because if the soldier were to attempt to 
capture the princess, things would get very bad. 

“Well, isn't this an unusual species... such long and golden fur” 

However, the soldier didn't try to apprehend the princess. He spoke as if he 
was speaking to a cat, and slowly put the girl back on the ground. 

"... What, are you doing...?” 

The one surprised by that was the princess. They were still on enemy 
territory. The soldiers should have orders to capture the princess on sight. 
The soldiers had their own families to protect, so it would be difficult to go 
against those orders. Yet the soldier let Princess Theiamillis go. 



The soldier put his hand on his chest and deeply bowed to the puzzled 



princess. While his words were aimed at cats and dogs, his behavior was 
without a doubt aimed at a princess. 

"... Thank you. I won't forget your loyalty for the rest of my life...” 

The soldiers loyalty towards the royal families was unshakable, and he held 
pride in that, he simply changed the words to be more suitable directed 
towards a cat. Realizing that, Princess Theiamillis, thanked him in a gentle 

“Go on, don't dilly dally. I hear the north side of town is a gathering place for 
cats, so you'll do well to go there” 

”Yes. Thank you for your troubles!” 

Princess Theiamillis wiped away the tears forming in her eyes and turned 
her back to the soldier, and she ran up to her guarding knight who had 
watched over the entire thing. The knight had already removed his hand 
from the handle of his sword and had a nostalgic look in his eyes as he 
stared at the smiling princess coming running towards him, and towards the 
guard behind her. 

"... You've helped us again, Orion. Thank you” 

Before turning his back to him, the knight threw those words to the soldier. 
He left taking the princess and the other girl with him. The soldier stood in 
place, looking at the princess and the others until they could no longer be 

“Hey, how long are you going to be playing around” 

”Hm? Ah, sorry, it was such an unusual cat, I couldn't help myself” 

Just as the princess and the other could no longer be seen, the other 
soldiers came running up to him, worried that he might incur the wrath of 
their superior officer. The soldier looked in the direction of where the 
princess had vanished one last time before returning back to the gate with 
his companions. 

Why did that knight know my name... ? 

As the soldier returned to his post, he kept thinking of why the knight knew 
his name. But no matter how hard he thought about it, he couldn't figure out 
the reason. He didn't know, but his heart leapt with joy for some reason. 



That's why he was satisfied with his decision. 




Part 1 

Wednesday, November 24 

The animal-loving soldier had said that the north side of the town was 
apparently a gathering place for cats. Koutarou and the others assumed 
that meant that there was an Elfaria faction base there. As he needed to 
maintain that he had only met a cat due to his position, that was the best he 
could do. Because of that, Koutarou and the others had come to the 
northern side of town. 

“We managed to get here rather easily” 

Fortunately, there had been almost no difficulty getting here from the gates. 
Compared up until now, it had been almost too easy, and Yurika felt 
somewhat uneasy. 

“It's not like soldiers would be patrolling all over town. This is like a 
developed country in an advanced nation in Earth terms” 

“Besides, most of the soldiers here were sent into the forest” 

It was very uncommon to see soldiers patrolling around the middle of a town 
in a nation that has existed for a long time. That was because of the way 
wars were fought had changed. Back when swords and spears were used 
to fight wars, several percent of the population had been used as soldiers, 
but as time passed and weapons changed, the number of soldiers dropped. 
Even in Forthorthe where knights and distinguished military services were 
respected, the number of soldiers didn't exceed 0,2% of the population. 
Because of that, it was uncommon to come across a soldier when walking 
around in a town. On top of that, many soldiers stationed in the town had 
been sent into the forest to capture Theia and the others, leaving the town 
loosely guarded. 



“I got that, but how do we meet with our allies?” 

’’You weren't listening at all, were you?” 


“Don't worry, I've been told of how contact representatives come into 
contact with one another” 

As the Elfaria faction was currently being treated as an illegal organization, 
their base and branches needed to be kept secret. Of course, they'd need 
to take utmost care when coming into contact. As simply introducing 
themselves was dangerous, there was a procedure that had been 
determined beforehand. Theia and the others had been told of that method, 
so getting a contact wouldn't be difficult. 

“Koutarou, how does it look today?” 

”lt seems like today's sign is belongings and password” 

Contact representatives coming from out of town would stand in a decided 
place at a decided time, with a specific belonging. In response, someone 
from the local branch would bump into them by coincidence and give them 
the password. If they could answer that correctly, they would be treated as 
allies. That was the method for today. 

By the way, there were also other methods of contact, which were different 
every day. That way, even if one method leaked, it wouldn't have an affect 
on the others. 

Part 2 

The method of contact for today was to stand under a pillar with a clock 
installed on it in the center of the park at 1:40PM holding a yellow bouquet. 

"... I just hope everything works out...” 

The time was now 1:35PM. Koutarou was standing under the pillar on his 
own. He was wearing local clothes, and holding a yellow bouquet. 
Meanwhile, Theia and Yurika were hiding in a different place. Once 



Koutarou had contacted the Elfaria faction, he would call for them. That 
was the best they could do to protect Theia. 

“It's about time, huh” 

Even if they followed the procedure, there was no guarantee that they'd be 
able to come into contact with the local Elfaria faction. Information might 
have been leaked or in worst case scenario, the entire branch might have 
been destroyed. In that situation, it would be the imperial army coming 
instead. While Koutarou figured that it would probably would be okay, he 
still felt anxious. As the designated time drew closer, that anxiety grew 
stronger. As he spent time feeling unsettled, the minute hand finally reached 
40 minutes. 

That was when a ball intended for sports rolled up to Koutarou's feet. It's 
size and material made it look very similar to a soccer ball. As Koutarou 
instinctively picked it up, a girl wearing what appeared to be a sports outfit 
came chasing after the ball. 

“Is this yours?” 

’’Thank you. 'My, a bouquet? Are you going on a date?'” 

Surprisingly, the girl spoke the password. It seemed like she was part of the 
town's Elfaria faction. Koutarou was somewhat confused as this active girl 
didn't fit the image of being a member of an underground organization, but 
someone doing sports probably wouldn't be suspected in the park. Pulling 
himself back together, Koutarou gave her the answer he had been provided 

“'That was my intention, but it seems like I've been stood up. I'd be happy if 
you'd take these off my hand'” 

“Ahh... I wish someone would say that to me outside of work” 

“I do too” 

’’Ahaha, welcome to the Goltrack branch” 

After confirming the password, the girl showed a welcoming smile. However, 
Koutarou was still on guard, he wanted an insurance that she was really on 
his side. Theia's life was on stake after all. 

“I know this is sudden, but has my friends left a message for me?” 


“Ah yes, just wait a moment” 

Adhering to Koutarou's request, the girl pulled out a small piece of paper 
from her pocket. She then began reading what was written on it. 

“Uhm... Atlas, Caucasus, Hercules. Kabutonga charge-up' is what it says. 
What does that mean?” 

“It's the sign that they're safe” 

After hearing the girl read the text, Koutarou finally let his guard down. The 
text the girl had read up was one of the codes that they had decided on 
beforehand. That was a sign that they were safe and that the person in 
front of him was worthy of trust. 

While it was very regrettable, the people in the Elfaria faction couldn't 
always be trusted. There was always a chance that their family had been 
taken hostage. There was also a scenario where the enemy had gotten 
ahead of an ally, and taken their place. In that case, Koutarou and the 
others would need signs to let each other know if the Elfaria faction people 
supporting them could be trusted in the case that they were separated. 

That was the purpose of the code. This was Kiriha's idea, just in case. 

If the Elfaria faction person supporting Koutarou and the others knew of the 
code they had decided between themselves, they were most likely 
trustable. The contents of the code that the girl had just spoken told them 
that Theia and the others were doing fine. And since the girl had been the 
one to speak it, it meant that she was connected to the people by O-hime. 

In other words, the chances of the method of contact had been leaked and 
an enemy had taken the place was very small. That was the reason for 
Koutarou's relaxed guard. 

Part 3 

Having safely met up with the local Elfaria faction, Koutarou met up with 
Theia and Yurika and headed to the secret base. Though it was a secret 
base, being in the middle of a town, it wasn't all that large. It was not much 
larger than an office, and barely had any resemblance of a base. The 
people inside numbered less than ten. It was a plain atmosphere, perfectly 



fitting the title of branch. 

“I'm sorry for it being such a shabby place. I just wish I could have invited 
you somewhere more comfortable” 

The elderly person serving as the head of the branch was aware that this 
place was not all that good. He especially felt that it was extremely improper 
for a princess of Forthorthe to be welcomed into. 

“It's fine. We are the ones that disregarded your circumstances to come 
here. Besides, we've been pursued in a forest for several days. Just having 
a roof over our head is a big improvement” 

Theia on the other hand didn't seem to mind, and in fact seemed happy. 
Looking at her profile, he knew exactly what she was thinking about. 

That face... she's definitely comparing this to that movie she saw the other 

The war movie about a resistance that they had watched the other day had 
a base that had an atmosphere just like this. Koutarou's intuition told him 
that Theia was thinking back to that. In fact, Theia gave the entire room a 
look around before glancing at Koutarou momentarily. She simply couldn't 
say it out loud because of the situation and her status. 

“I am so happy to hear you say that” 

The branch chief seemed to think of Theia's words as a sign of her 
generosity or kindness, and let out a smile of relief. In the end, there were 
no problem. 

If anything's a problem it's... 

Koutarou was more concerned about Yurika than Theia. Having been under 
a lot of pressure for the past few days, her constant use of magic for 
several days had finally caused her to reach her limit when she entered this 
room, and she passed out. She was currently sleeping on a sofa in the 
corner of the room. 

Sleep well, Yurika. You did good... 

Koutarou imagined that these past few days must have been really hard, 
mentally, on Yurika as her personality was far from suitable for fighting. Yet, 
she had fulfilled her job of protecting Theia with magic until the end. There 



was a lot to praise, and nothing to complain about. Koutarou felt like Yurika 
had earned her right to sleep. 

“That aside, let's move on to the main topic” 

’’You're right, there's no time to spare” 

While Koutarou was looking at Yurika, Theia and the branch chief had 
finished their greetings and moved on to a new topic. 

“This is the fifth day since we landed down in the forest. I want to know 
what happened during that time” 

It had been five days since Koutarou and the others had been separated 
from O-hime and landed in one of the forests of Alaia. From that point until 
today, they had been isolated from society. That's why they needed to know 
what had happened while they were gone before doing anything else. 

"... Starting from the conclusion, war has already started” 

The branch chief answered in a solemn tone. Very few people could be 
happy about war starting in their own country. Theia of course felt that 
same and she kicked away the chair she was sitting on and slammed her 
hands onto the table. 

“Is that true!? Tell me the details!!” 

”Of course, actually—” 

The branch chief began speaking on Theia's behest, and explained what 
had happened since the day Koutarou and the others landed in the forest. 

Part 4 

At first, O-hime's descent to Alaia was handled as an illegal alien's ship, 
despite Lord Bandarion hearing from Elexis that Elfaria was onboard. Since 
this was their chance to capture Elfaria, Lord Bandarion had kept that a 
secret even from his allies, just so he could get a better position later on. 
However the situation changed when the army let O-hime escape. Lord 
Bandarion announced that Elfaria had escaped pursuit from the imperial 



army and returned home, and he ordered the Elfaria faction to surrender 
and hand over Elfaria. 

As Elfaria had already been accused for embezzling a large amount of 
public funds and of several murders, the Elfaria faction would normally have 
no choice but to accept their demands. However, Lord Pardomshiha who 
led the Elfaria faction bravely refused those demands. He claimed that he 
wouldn't hand over the empress knowing that she would be framed with 
false evidence. In other words, he indirectly pointed out that the crimes 
were actually committed by top brass in the military. 

With that, the public opinion was split into those who supported Elfaria, 
those who supported the military and those who held onto their judgment in 
a ratio of 4:4:2. Those who held onto judgment believed that right and 
wrong should be determined in court. Thus the public opinion put Elfaria in 
a slight disadvantage. 

With the public opinion behind them, the army branded the Elfaria faction as 
an anti-government organization and as terrorists for sheltering Elfaria and 
obstructing justice, and they began taking military action. The public opinion 
on using military force was negative, but passively supported it as they felt 
it was unavoidable in order to get a trial. With that, everything played out as 
Lord Bandarion had planned. 

Part 5 

As the branch chief explained, Theia's expression gradually grew more 
grim. That was only obvious as her mother was being framed for crimes she 
hadn't committed, chased off of her throne and was about to have her 
beloved country of Forthorthe stolen by a villain. By the time the explanation 
was over, Theia was enraged. 

“Curse you, Bandarion! I won't let you do as you please, you bastard!” 

Having no place to take out her anger, she slammed her fist into the desk. 
While her body was small, her punch packed a lot of punch and the table 
bounced up and down, almost as if it had been surprised. 

“P-Please calm down, Your Highness!” 



“How could I calm down!?” 

Being as enraged as she was, Theia lost sight of herself as she shouted. 
The voice of the elderly person serving as branch chief didn't reach her 
ears. Her boiling rage practically threatened to burn down her surroundings. 

“Your Highness! Please calm your anger!” 

”Do you know how I felt when I protected Forthorthe for so long! And—” 
“Calm down, Theia!” 


What returned Theia to herself was Koutarou's fist hitting her head. 


The intense impact momentarily extinguished Theia's rage. 

“Don't take it out on the branch chief!! Who is your enemy!?” 

’’Shut up, shut up, you don't even know anything!!” 

However, the flames of rage that had been extinguished quickly flared back 
up. Half of them were now aimed at Koutarou, and Theia's fist was thrust 
towards Koutarou's cheek. 

Koutarou didn't try avoiding the fist as it hit him flat on. Without taking a 
single step back he stared right at Theia. 

"... Are you seriously saying that, Theia?” 

Koutarou's next words greatly shook Theia's mind. Thanks to that, she was 
able to calm down just a little. 

Having calmed down, Theia felt warmth past her cheek. She also recalled 
what the owner that warmth meant to Forthorthe. There was no way he 
wouldn't know anything. If anything, he was involved as Theia, if not more 

“I'm sorry, Koutarou. I formally apologize for my violent language. I'm also 
sorry for hitting you in my outburst” 



Theia finally regained full control of her heart. She also felt embarrassed 
due to how foolish she had behaved. This failure wasn't something she 
could cover up with a smile. 

“It's fine, I know how you feel. Besides... thinking about it, it's my fault for 
not settling it properly in the first place. In this case, you have the right to 
complain about me” 

Koutarou smiled wryly. Because Koutarou had been unable to settle the 
score with Maxfern, the magical kingdom of Folsaria and the People of the 
Earth had been born. Having obtained the power of both, Lord Bandarion 
was doing as he pleased, and that gain in power was Koutarou's 
responsibility. He also had a responsibility after abandoning Forthorthe to 
return home 2,000 years ago. That's why Koutarou felt like he couldn't 
blame Theia. 

“You idiot, how could I rely on you that much! The Mastir family won't be 
protected by you forever!” 

“...As you wish, My Princess” 

“Grr... you are as inflexible as always!” 

As a girl, Theia simply wanted to be scolded by the boy she got along with, 
but Koutarou never forgot about his position, and continued his act as a 
protector. Theia felt frustration as the girl within her felt sad, but the 
princess felt happy. 

“Make sure you apologize to the branch chief” 

“I know!” 

Confirming that Theia was back to normal, Koutarou turned his back on her 
and approached Yurika. With her back in shape, the only worry he had left 
was Yurika. Seeing him off with dissatisfaction, Theia took a deep breath 
and faced the branch chief once more. 

"... I'm sorry for getting upset. It was a mistake born from my inexperience” 
”No, Your Highness is only human, you can't be perfect all the time” 

”1 appreciate you saying that” 

"And as a citizen, it is so reassuring to see you get so angry for the people” 



Fortunately, the branch chief wasn't angry. He was well aware that Theia's 
anger was for her country, Elfaria and the citizens. While he might have 
been surprised, he truly felt reassured like he had said. 

“More importantly, Your Highness, what house is that knight from?” 

“You mean Koutarou? Is there something on your mind about him?” 

“That type of knight is unusual in this day and age... excuse my 
impoliteness, but there can't be many knights that would righten the wrongs 
of a princess right before them in this era. That was what caught my 

As far as the branch chief was aware, there weren't many that would scold 
royalty when they made a mistake. Even five might be a stretch. Lord 
Pardomshiha was famous for it, and Lord Wenranka might stake his life on 
it if need be. A few others also came to mind, but none of them were allies 
in the present situation. 

In that case, it would be logical that the knight who scolded Theia, 
Koutarou, was part of the Pardomshiha or Wenranka band of knights, but 
the crests on the two swords on his waist didn't match either band. That's 
why the branch chief was curious about who the knight was. 

“Right!? You'd think so!” 

The branch chief's question made Theia's eyes sparkle, and she showed a 
very happy smile. It was as if she herself was being praised. 

“He is a knight of knights to a fault! He is an absolute protector of the royal 
family, and a model knight, but because of that there are times when he 
won't listen to me! He is a very troublesome man!!” 

Theia began explaining what kind of man Koutarou was with large, 
exaggerated gestures. Once more it was as if she was boasting of herself. 

“That makes him even more interesting. If it's not too much to ask for, what 
house is from?” 

“Sadly, I can't tell you yet. He's a man in a difficult position, so I can't reveal 
his origin yet. I am intending on revealing it later when an opportunity 
appears though” 

Revealing that Koutarou was a descendant of survivors of Forthorthians 


who survived on Earth, and that he was the Blue Knight himself would send 
major quakes throughout Forthorthe. That wasn't something that should be 
done in the middle of a coup d'etat, in fact revealing that then would only 
bring doubts to any credibility they had. If they were to announce it, Lord 
Bandarion would need to be defeated and the coup d'etat stopped. 

“Is that so. Then I will look forward to when the time comes” 

The branch chief was interested in Koutarou's identity, but since the 
princess was saying that she couldn't tell, he didn't pursue the matter any 
further. Besides, he had already heard about half of what he wanted to 

“Fufu, I'm sure you'll be so surprised your eyes will shoot out from your 

“My, then I fear that my old heart might stop” 

"You would do well to prepare a resuscitation kit kit. Fufufu” 

’’Ahaha, I'll do just that” 

The branch chief could imagine that Koutarou was a knight with a very 
special background after seeing a glimpse of his relationship with Theia, 
and from the fact that the swords on his swords had Alaia's crest and 
Theia's crest. He was probably the person Theia loved. So if the branch 
chief only waited until their wedding, he would automatically figure out who 
Koutarou was. The riddle would solve itself even if he didn't rush it. 

Part 6 

Koutarou and the others were able to get in touch with their friends on O- 
hime some time after they had arrived at the secret base. An email aside, 
speaking directly, face to face, would require various safety measures. 
Because of that, they would talk right away. 

“Ruth, how have you been doing?” 

"Your Highness! Master!” 



The first one to appear was Ruth. She had been with Theia for a long time 
and they were connected through a master and vassal bond, so her worries 
were more than just those of a childhood friend. As a result, the moment 
she saw Theia safe, tears started falling. 

“Is that something to cry about?” 

Theia smiled at the hologram of Ruth. As the hologram was very precise it 
showed every single tear staining her cheek. 

“It is something to cry about! You are always so reckless!” 

“I'm sorry for worrying you, Ruth” 

Theia had been told that O-hime had safely arrived beforehand, so she 
didn't cry as Ruth did. However, seeing the face of her safe childhood 
friend, Theia felt deep relief. That's why she honestly apologized for 
causing Ruth to worry. 

“I am glad you are safe, Your Highness” 

Having calmed down a little, the hologram of Ruth wiped away her tears 
and smiled. As she removed her hand from her face, Ruth's glance shifted 
off of Theia for a short moment. 

"... Come on, get closer” 


Detecting Ruth's minor movements, Theia pulled on Koutarou's arm and 
had him stand by the communication device. Now both Theia's and 
Koutarou's faces should be displayed over at Ruth's side. 

“Go on, you say something too” 

"Me too?” 

Since Ruth seemed to be thinking about Koutarou, Theia wanted them to 
speak. However, Koutarou felt tightly squeezed having to have two people 
standing in front of the communications device, and since it was an 
emergency he wanted to leave the talking to Theia. Because of that, a face 
practically saying 'Why?' stared at Theia. 

“You fool!” 





Irritated by Koutarou not understanding the female mind as always, Theia 
punished him with an iron fist. 

“It's not like I'm telling you to casually chat with her! Just show her your 
energetic face and let her hear your voice!” 

’’Okay, I get it. You don't have to get so mad” 

Realizing that this was probably a problem derived from the female 
psychology, Koutarou decided to do what he was told. He sat down on the 
chair in place of Theia and began talking to the holographic Ruth. 

"... I'm safe too. Are all of you doing okay, Ruth-san?” 

”Yes, Master. Everyone is full of spirit” 

’’Well, I'd be worried about that too” 

”My... fufufu” 

A bright smile appeared on Ruth's face. While she might have heard that he 
was fine, it didn't feel right until she saw his face. It was at this point that 
Ruth was able to accept that Koutarou was safe. 

“Good, that's more like it” 

Theia embraced Koutarou from behind and rested her head on his 
shoulder. She looked like Sanae always did. That was when Sanae's voice 
came from outside of the projected area. 

“Koutarou, Koutarou, look! I caught a strange lizard!” 


A small, unfamiliar reptilian was thrust out before Ruth's nose. Surprised by 
the sudden event, Ruth leaned back and Sanae entered the holograms 
projected area. 

“Isn't it amazing!?” 

’’’’That's a big one, where did you catch it?” 



“In the forest outside. There were a bunch of strange ones, but this was the 
strangest so I caught it” 

”1 want to see it when I get over there, so make sure you feed it” 



With Sanae's energetic reply and the lizard's cry as their last words, Sanae 
left the projected area. To replace her were Maki and Nana. The girls from 
the O-hime side were planning on showing their energetic selves to 
Koutarou and the others a couple at a time. 

“Satomi-kun, how is Yurika?” 

’’She's exhausted because she's been on edge the entire time and had to 
continuously use magic for a long time. She's sleeping over there right now” 

“Satomi-san, can I get a look at Yurika if possible?” 

Being Folsarians, the two were worried about Yurika. They had heard that 
she was safe, but she had been on their minds ever since they heard that 
she was asleep. 

“Okay... Uhm” 

Koutarou understood that the two were worried and wanted to show them 
Yurika. But not knowing how to operate the communications device, 
Koutarou stopped for a moment. 

“Something like this should do it” 

Sensing that Koutarou was having trouble, Theia stretched out her hands 
and helped him. As she did, an extra camera moved and started filming the 
sleeping Yurika. 

"... Uehehehe, I won't give it to you, this is my baked potato...” 

Yurika's mouth was half open, she had kicked away her blanket and was 
sleeping in a grand posture as she scratched her stomach. She was saying 
something, but her voice didn't reach the communications device. However, 
anyone seeing her could easily imagine what it was about. 

... Aaahh, uhm... 



’’That's just like Yurika-chan” 

Seeing Yurika like that, Maki and Nana smiled wryly. Having heard that she 
was asleep, they had truly been worried. But her actual appearance was 
completely different from what they had imagined, so the two weren't sure 
how to feel. It was clear to anyone that she was just asleep because of 
exhaustion, and there were no other problems. 

"... Anyways, I'm glad to see Yurika-chan is safe too” 

“Make sure you come back full of energy” 

’’Thank you. Be careful” 

”l'll let Yurika know too” 

Maki and Nana disappeared with a mysterious expression that wasn't quite 
a smile and wasn't quite a frown. Koutarou and Theia understood how they 
felt, and for some reason they felt sorry. 

“Satomi-kun, Theiamillis-san” 

Following Maki and Nana was Harumi. 

“Sakuraba-senpai, long time no see” 

”1 heard that you were wandering a forest for days, were you okay?” 

’’Theia and I are at least confident in our stamina” 

“... Koutarou, I'm confident in more than just my stamina” 

”It's just a saying. It doesn't mean that you're ugly or that you're stupid” 
“Then that's fine” 

’’Ahaha, I'm glad to see you are healthy” 

“What about you, Sakuraba-senpai? I'm sure you're not used to this kind of 
life style” 

To Koutarou, Harumi was probably the furthest away from fighting. When it 
came to personalities, Yurika was probably less suited, but when taking 
health and her lack of combat training, Harumi was the one he worried the 
most about. 



“At times like these, Alaia-sama's memories are a big help” 

”1 see, no wonder you seem so calm” 

But fortunately, Harumi had Alaia's memories. The memories of Alaia who 
had overcome times like these before came as a big help to Harumi. 

“Why don't you calm down already” 

“Those words seem almost spiteful!” 


Harumi laughed happily as she listened to Koutarou's and Theia's back and 
forth before her hologram vanished. A seemingly ill-humored Clan appeared 
to take her place. 

"... You left me behind right away, didn't you, Bertorion” 

“What now, all of a sudden” 

“Even though you said you needed me” 

’’This couldn't be helped” 

’’I'm sure you'll continue to say that it couldn't be helped from now on too” 

Clan saw herself as Koutarou's partner, so she was upset to have been left 
behind. Her hologram was staring at him with a grudge in her glance. 
Seeing her like that, Theia smiled wryly. 

“Clan, you're better off honestly confessing that you were worried. For your 
own sake” 

H | )) 

“You were worried, right?” 

“That's not true at all!” 

“That's a lie” 

That was when Kiriha appeared next to Clan. 

“Clan-dono has been restlessly walking back and forth around this 



communications device these past few days. Just like Koutarou had done 
when Clan-dono was nowhere to be seen” 

Kiriha revealed Clan's true intentions with her usual mischievous smile. 
“Kii!? T-T-That's all a lie!!” 

Clan complained to Kiriha her face dyed red. 


“W-Weren't you always staring at that card of yours too!?” 




However, Kiriha was unfazed. She seemed to enjoy herself as she cornered 

“That sounds about right. Koutarou, why don't you say something” 

’’That girl...” 

For better or for worse, Koutarou understood Clan's feelings. He reluctantly 
broke the stalemate. 

“Clan, I'm sorry for worrying you. Everyone's doing fine. I'll bring you with 
me next time, so cut me some slack” 

"... It's a promise” 

Clan showed a depressed expression as she left the projection area. 
However, her feelings weren't as gloomy as her expression. Her outburst 
towards Koutarou was because of her worry. Kiriha saw Clan off with a 
smile, and turned to Koutarou. 

“By the way, aren't you going to say something to me?” 

This time, Kiriha's mischievousness turned towards Koutarou. In the past, 
Kiriha had said that she would live together with Koutarou. So she too was 
dissatisfied by having been left behind. 

“You want me to say that here and now?” 

However, Koutarou knew that Kiriha's mischievousness was ineffective at 
truly important times. That's why this was just for show and it was just her 
way of saying that she was happy they were safe. So Koutarou returned 
her smile without being shaken. 

“No, let's save it when it's just the two of us” 

“Then I'll save it for later” 


In the end, Koutarou was right, and Kiriha disappeared without much of a 
fuss. But at the same time, that was a show of her intention to eventually 
act like a spoilt child and to tease him. That scared Koutarou a little. 

“Listen to this, Theia-chan, Satomi-kun!” 



That was when Shizuka arrived. For some reason she was on the verge of 
tears and she looked at Theia and Koutarou with moist eyes. 

“Long time no see, landlord-san” 

’’What happened?” 

’’When I was helping out by carrying luggage I stepped through a floor 

Shizuka's weight was the reason behind her tears. As they were reentering 
the atmosphere Alunaya had used up a lot of magical power and Shizuka 
now weighed past 150 kilos. Since she wouldn't be found out unless she 
stood on a scale, she didn't mind too much this time either, but there was a 
pitfall. A tragedy occurred as the wood used as a floorboard couldn't 
withstand the combined weight of her and the luggage, and she fell down to 
the next floor. 

“Ever since then, everyone on this base seems to think I'm a heavy 

Everyone else that was carrying luggage had been fine, and only Shizuka 
had fallen. When they helped her back up she had been heavy too. So 
because of that, rumors about her weight began being spread. Rumors of a 
girl who weighed 100 times more than she looked. To Shizuka, that 
situation was like a nightmare. 

“I can't get married anymoreeee!!” 

’’Now, now, calm down landlord-san. It's not like you really are heavy” 

’’The people here don't know thatttt!! I just want to die!!” 

’’Well, the other party will always have their own ideal weight” 

7 told her the same thing but... she's been like this ever since” 

“I don't want to be popular with Uncle and your kind!” 

”Aha, ahahaha” 

Koutarou found himself unable to do anything but cover it up with a fake 
laugh. He had spent over a year and learned that women are extremely 
dangerous creatures when they are like this. 



“Now that this has happened, you'll have to take me as your bride, Satomi- 

’’You don't have to worry, everything will be fine when you return to Earth, 



’’Will you look after me if it's no good?” 

”lf you're fine with that” 

’’Okay, then it's a promise” 


With that, Shizuka was finally able to regain her cool. Meanwhile, Koutarou 
let out a sigh of relief. He wanted her to always been bright and cheerful. 

“Well then, make sure you get over here quick, okay? Everyone's waiting” 

’’Yeah, see you later” 

’’See you” 

Shizuka left the communications device with a smile. After seeing her off, 
Theia silently stared at Koutarou's face. 


“No, it's nothing” 

If Shizuka were to intentionally keep other men away when she returned to 
Earth, just what would happen? 

Theia had noticed that the promise Koutarou and Shizuka had so casually 
made was very meaningful, but she didn't try to let Koutarou know, since it 
wasn't something that anyone would lose anything on. 

“Theia, Reios-sama” 



“Finally, the last one to appear was Theia's mother, Elfaria. In her case she 
didn't just want to rejoice in their reunion, but also to discuss the future. 
That was why she had come at this timing. 

“Mother! It's been so long!” 

”l'm glad you're safe too, Elle. So this is to the point, but... are you okay?” 

Leaving the greetings short, Koutarou got down to business. The bright 
expression on his face he had shown when talking to the girls vanished. He 
now had the expression of the legendary hero, the Blue Knight. 

I tried my best to keep him from showing this kind of expression... in that 

Elfaria's expression also returned to that of an empress, and began 
explaining the situation at Koutarou's behest. They needed to resolve this 
problem as quickly as possible. 

“Sadly, the situation is not something you can call okay. I'm not losing when 
it comes to support, but because of those who are indecisive, there are 
more voices in support of the military's actions” 

Koutarou had been told about this part as well. It was included in what he 
heard from the elderly branch chief. The Elfaria faction and the military had 
a practically equal support. However as those who are undecided believe 
that this should resolved in court. As a result, as the Elfaria faction doesn't 
want the matter to go to trial were at a disadvantage. 

“If we go to court, I will lose because of false evidence. If we don't, the 
military's use of force will be justified” 

“There are already skirmishes breaking out in various places” 

The military had taken action after forging sufficient evidence. Because of 
that, the military was practically guaranteed a victory in a trial. The military 
had created a scenario where Elfaria couldn't go to court just so they could 
attack. Everything was going as they had planned. Battles had broken out 
all over. These places are mostly outside of the main solar system where 
the military has a small presence, but there were even a few in the 
Forthorthe solar system as well. Amongst the planets, Alaia had the most 

I think you said you had something you could do if you returned here? 



“Yes. This is where the military made the evidence that keeps me from trial. 
Since I've got a lead on that, we'll bring it all down” 

“But won't they be on guard for that?” 

’’They should. They'll probably go on a large offensive to seal our 
movements. We need to appeal to the citizens and gather support to stop 
the military from doing that” 

In the past when Elfaria had been captured, the military had fallen into 
confusion. They couldn't manage military gains as large as Elfaria. During 
that time, the Elfaria faction had gathered information, some of which 
contained fragments of the military's forging of evidence. The Elfaria faction 
was analyzing that information and slowly but surely got closer to the truth. 
However, the military would surely send in their forces before the Elfaria 
faction had any clear evidence. 

In other to counteract that, Elfaria needed to return home. By having Elfaria 
herself appeal to the citizens and gathering support, they could restrain the 
military's movements. By doing that, they would make the confrontation 
between them and the military, who insisted that their cause was valid, 
clear, and they would probably get more allies, and more time to reach the 
core of the conspiracy. That was something Elfaria wouldn't be able to do 
from Earth. 

“I will probably hold a speech to the citizens before long. We're currently 
making preparations for that” 

’’That's a difficult fight. Thinking back to it, the fight against Maxfern was 
simple. He was an easy to understand villain” 

Koutarou crossed his arms and went deep into thought. In the battle 2,000 
years ago, had staged a coup d'etat that anyone could understand. That's 
why if Maxfern was defeated, the problem would be resolved. However, this 
battle was different. It was a coup d'etat silently making progress under the 
surface, and the citizens didn't know who the mastermind was. Nothing 
would resolve from just defeating Bandarion. It was a battle completely 
different from the past. 

“Reios-sama only needed to be a hero after all” 

’’This time I'm only a stagehand... Leave Theia to me. I'll bring her over to 
you safely” 



’’Please do” 

Elfaria's Achilles' heel was her daughter, Theia. Elfaria had challenged it all 
with indomitable resolve, but if her daughter's life was in danger, she didn't 
know if she could make calm judgments. Whether Koutarou could protect 
Theia or not would greatly affect the outcome. 

“And what happens when I get over there?” 

“Most likely, it will turn into a showdown with the imperial army sent by Lord 

The best means of victory for the Bandarion side was most likely to 
suppress Elfaria before she could appeal to the people. Even if they 
couldn't stop Elfaria's speech, it would still take some time before the public 
opinion shifted and the band of knights turned to Elfaria's side. If they 
settled it before then, the results would be the same. Lord Bandarion would 
surely go on the offensive. 

"... Okay. Have everyone over there prepare for that as well” 

His resolution weighed heavy on Koutarou as he spoke those words. He 
was telling the people he wanted as far away from battle as possible to get 
ready to fight. Ultimately, that was the best way to secure the peace for all 
of them, but despite knowing that, it wouldn't work as an excuse. Koutarou 
would use the girls' lives in order to win this battle. Koutarou felt it would be 
necessary to take responsibility for that after everything was over. 

That was when Theia, clinging onto Koutarou from behind, increased the 
strength of her embrace, and she whispered into Koutarou's ears. 

“Mother and I will share that responsibility. You don't need to carry it alone” 

Theia's whispers were filled with an adamant will and deep kindness. 

They would be together, win or lose. 

That was what Theia had steeled herself for. 

"... Yeah, you're right” 

And Koutarou resolved himself as well, to win this battle alongside Theia, 
Elfaria and his many friends. 



Part 7 

Elfaria's story moved on from that to a more practical one. With that, Theia 
and the branch chief were more useful. They went on how to safely 
transport Theia and the likes. Apart from battles and rough strategy, 
Koutarou wasn't all that knowledgeable of modern Forthorthe's situation. 
Apart from answering questions coming his way, all he did was listen to the 
discussion and take care of the sleeping Yurika. 


”... You know, you're accompanying a princess, so could you keep it 
together a little more...” 

Koutarou wiped Yurika's mouth with a handkerchief. She seemed to be 
having a dream about food, and based on Koutarou's experience she would 
demand something to eat when waking up. So he had already prepared 
food and a bottle and left them at her bedside. This was a form of care that 
only Koutarou, who knew everything about Yurika, could do. 

“Mother, we're already resupplied, so wouldn't it be best to head your way 
on our own strength? If we attach a guard, the forces here will decrease” 

“Theia, I know how you feel... but it will be dangerous if Bandarion finds out 
that you're travelling on your own. You three alone will stand out too much. 
So if a fight breaks out, there will be no point in not having a guard” 

“Princess, please use our vehicle. I believe that would be the best for 

"... Okay, we'll do just that” 

It was decided that Koutarou and the others would use a vehicle prepared 
by the Elfaria faction to group up with the rest from O-hime. Koutarou's 
armor and Theia's Combat Dress had already been resupplied, so it was 
possible for them to move on their own, but from a wider point of view, it 
was decided that the Elfaria faction people would help them. One\s 
movement becoming a problem was one of many difficulties in a war. 

“Phuee... Sha...tomi-shan...?” 



“Oh, you awake, Yurika?” 

“Huh? This is...?” 

As the discussion was reaching its end, Yurika who had been asleep ever 
since reaching the branch office finally woke up. Having been asleep, she 
had no understanding of the situation, and she looked at her surroundings 
in confusion. 

“This is one of the Elfaria faction's bases. You collapsed out of relief when 
you stepped foot in her. Remember?” 

“Uhm... ah, I think I remember something like that happening” 

Koutarou's words helped clear up Yurika's foggy memories and got her 
mind running. She barely had her memories of getting to the place. With her 
head working again, she remembered that she had one thing she was 
worried about. 

“Satomi-san, is everyone okay!?” 

“Relax, we got in touch with the others. They're safe” 


“Look over there, Theia is talking to her mom, right?” 

“Ah, thank god~” 

Yurika had always been worried about the others. That's why just hearing 
that they were fine wasn't enough to allow her to rejoice right away, but 
seeing Theia and Elfaria speaking let her get an actual feel for it. Thanks to 
that, Yurika let out a sigh of relief and her usual smile appeared. 


At the same time, it seemed Yurika's stomach required relief as well. 

“Ehe, ehehehehe” 

“You're the same old Yurika no matter where you go. Go on, eat” 

’’Thank you very much, ehehehe” 

Even Yurika felt embarrassed by having her stomach growl at this timing, so 



she tried to laugh it off after receiving the food from Koutarou. However, 
unable to resist the temptation of food, she began eating before long. 

“Thank you for the food! Munch” 



Just as Yurika took a bit of the Forthorthe-style sandwich, the door to the 
secret base swung open and a girl jumped in. It was the girl that head 
guided Koutarou and the others here. 

“Hmgh!? Mnnmnm!!” 

Surprised, Yurika choked on the sandwich and began struggling. 

“Here, drink this” 

But Koutarou was used to it. He felt like she was going to choke on her 
food, so he didn't panic and simply handed her the drink already in his 

“Gulp gulp... Ahh~ I thought I was going to die-” 

Thanks to that, everything was resolved without trouble. As Yurika got back 
to her food, she began watching the girl that had just jumped in. Koutarou 
did the same. 

“This is terrible, uncle!!” 

“Settle down. You are before Her Majesty and Her Highness” 

”B-But it's really important!” 

”It's fine, speak” 

Normally a greeting to Theia and Elfaria would be required. The girl being 
the granddaughter of the branch chief meant that she had been properly 
taught manners. Yet there was a situation so urgent that the girl had 
forgotten her greetings. Theia sensed that this was something important, 
and urged heron, skipping over the usual procedures. 

“The imperial army, I mean the coup d'etat army are apparently transporting 
weapons using a trailer! They seem to be weapons to fight against us, but 



they haven't been assembled yet! We got a message from the other 
branches that we should attack the trailer now!” 

The girl had come with information about the coup d'etat army's new 
weapon. Asecretly developed mobile weapon that was being carried in 
block components to be assembled in secret and used for a surprise attack 
on the Elfaria faction's base. It was a good thing the Elfaria faction found 
out, or they would have found themselves ambushed by a new weapon. 


”It's possible! If we don't make the first move, something terrible will 

Hearing the words new weapon, Elexis was the first person to pop up in 
Koutarou's and Theia's minds. 

If it's that Warlord and improved Motor Knights... the Elfaria faction will be 
destroyed if they're not prepared! 

The mobile weapons made by Elexis had put Koutarou and the others in 
danger several times. Just having those alone on the battlefield was 
dangerous, but Elexis now had access to magic and spiritual energy 
technology. Who knew what kind of improvements could be made to the 
machines. Just thinking about it made chills run down their spines. 

“Mother, it's DKI's new weapon! We have to attack now! It will be 
dangerous to leave them alone!” 

”DKI... I understand, let's send out soldiers” 

“Koutarou and I will go too!” 

"Wait, Theia. You come over here as planned” 


”lf they're still disassembled then there's no reason for you two to go. In 
fact, it might even be a trap to lure you in” 

“But we're going up against—” 

’’Please calm down,. Princess Theiamillis. Her Majesty is correct” 




With Koutarou speaking formally, Theia calmed down a little. She couldn't 
disregard the judgement of the Blue Knight. Koutarou walked up to Theia 
and began explaining the reason for his judgement. 

“The timing is too good. It's information that leaked while we still haven't 
been caught” 

Koutarou and Elfaria both feared that this was a trap to capture the three 
that had descended to the forest. Whether the Bandarion side knew if 
Theia was included in the three, they should at least know that they were 
important allies to her. In other words, they were strong cards to play 
against Elfaria and Theia if they could be captured. With that in mind, there 
was a decent chance of the rumors of a weapons transport being a trap. 
With Koutarou and the others being exceptionally strong, they might show 
up after hearing those rumors. 

“Along range attack will do fine if it's just about attacking a transport trailer. 
If they could block that, then it would have been trap. In that case, I'll give 
the order to retreat right away” 

It wasn't like they were attacking the military. They would simply attack a 
trailer disguised as a civilian vehicle carrying new weapons, so cannons, 
missiles or unmanned craft should be enough. If the trailer had prepared 
countermeasures for that, then there was a high chance of it being a trap, 
and a retreat order would be given. In Koutarou's mind, there was no need 
for them to go either way. If anything, them going would only increase the 

"... Okay. Koutarou, you are probably right. We should prioritize grouping up 
with Mother and the others” 

Koutarou's thinking made sense, so Theia decided to hold in her urge to go 
herself, and meet up with Elfaria and the others. Koutarou smiled slightly, 
put his hand on Theia's shoulder and whispered so only she could hear. 

"... I understand how you feel. You don't want to expose the soldiers, the 
citizens to danger, do you?” 

"... Then let's hurry up to Elle's place. If not, Bandarion and the others will 
do stuff like this over and over” 



If they got caught up on what was in front of them, the victims would only 
increase. If they didn't want the citizens to get hurt, they needed to leave 
this region as soon as they could. 

“I'm sorry, I'm just a foolish princess who can only look at what's in front of 

Having finally recollected herself thanks to Koutarou, Theia flashed a smile. 
It was an embarrassed and self-ridiculing smile. Seeing that smile, Koutarou 
moved away from Theia and his expression returned to that of the Blue 

“It must be in the blood. The people of the Mastir family have been like that 
since long ago” 

Alaia, Chari, Elfaria, Theia. As far as Koutarou knew, all of them 
desperately thought of how to protect the citizens. They also shed tears 
when facing citizens they couldn't save. 

“But, that is why us knights can take pride in being vassals of the Mastir 
family. I'm sure the citizens feel the same way” 

Because these royals felt for the lives of each and every one of their 
citizens, there was meaning in staking their lives to protect them. So many 
citizens rose to protect them 2,000 years ago because of that. Both knights 
and commoners were the same in that regard. Koutarou believed that the 
same would hold true today too. 

“Thank you, Koutarou” 

“You should tell your citizens that once this is over” 

“You're right” 

Theia's smile changed into something as beautiful as a flower. So beautiful 
to the point that all Elfaria faction members in the branch were happy to be 
the vassals of this princess. 

Just who is this youth? Just what kind of experience does one have to go 
through to turn into as splendid a knight as this? 

At the same time, everyone wondered who the knight, that protected the 
princess both physically and mentally, really was. 





Bitter Enemies in the Same Boat 

Part 1 

Wednesday, November 24 

It seemed that the trailer carrying the disassembled new weapons was 
passing through the region where Koutarou and the others were as they 
headed towards a large city. As the Elfaria faction had a military base in that 
city, it was believed that the aim was to launch a surprise attack on that. 

“Why don't they just directly bomb it from the air?” 

”It's too close to the urban area. An attack from bombers or battleships 
would cause a lot of civilian casualties if they didn't announce it 

”So if they announce it beforehand the people at the base would have time 
to prepare. But that said, if they didn't announce it, the public opinion would 
inevitably oppose it” 

“That's right. Also, if there are civilian casualties, that would mean that there 
was an attack on the urban area, which is a violation of the galactic treaty's 
codes of conduct” 

“So they'll lose their ability to claim that they are in the right” 

“If a little more time passed and they gained complete control of the media 
they might bomb without any hesitation, but that's not realistic right now” 

”1 see, so that's why they'll attack with the newly developed mobile 

Koutarou and the others were travelling with the squad that would attack 
the trailer. The attack would be performed by a force gathered from the 
area. As their path was the same for some of the way, they ended up 



travelling together. 

“Which means that you were doing some sketchy stuff in the past” 

’’What sketchy stuff?” 

’’You tried to blow up Corona House with the Blue Knight when we just met, 

’’You also shot Maki-chan with a laser cannon-” 

”Shh, shh! Shut up, that was just youthful folly!” 

Koutarou and the others were using a transport truck to move around. 

While it was a truck, it was different from that of one from Earth, it had no 
tires and instead it floated through the air. Because of that, there was 
practically no sound when it was running and it didn't get in the way of 
discussions inside the truck. 

“You better thank Ruth-san for stopping you” 

”1 already have! Now let's stop talking about when I was stupid!” 

’’Ahahaha... by the way, when are we getting to everyone else?” 

”Hm? Uhm, the distance is about twice of that that we walked across the 
forest, but I doubt it will take more than two hours” 

The distance was about 200 kilometers, roughly twice the distance they 
walked through the forest. If the truck they were on moved at full speed, 
they would arrive within the hour. However, since they didn't want to stand 
out, they were travelling at the same speed as commercial vehicles, so two 
hours was the estimated time it would take. 

“So twice of that would only take two hours... now I feel kind of sad” 

’’That's just how it is. Her Majesty Alaia's travel would be over in an instant 
with vehicles of this age” 

’’The concept of travel has changed after all” 

The planet Alaia was still under continued development, and its population 
wasn't all that much. Because of that, there was desolate wilderness and 
vast forest between the towns. The truck Koutarou and the others were in 
was practically sliding over a thin road between the towns. Compared to the 



forest, the time it would take wasn't all that long, and it was very calm. It 
was only natural for Yurika to feel sad. 

Part 2 

After travelling for roughly an hour, the truck carrying the three of them 
stopped by the side of the road. There was a fork in the road here. It was 
here that Koutarou and the others would part with the soldiers from the 
Elfaria faction. 

“Everyone, return safely...” 

Theia stepped outside the car and saw the truck carrying the soldiers off. 
The truth was that she wanted to go with them and fight. But she had 
reasons not to. Not being able to win by individual combat was what war 

"... Koutarou. Would Her Majesty Alaia worry at times like these too?” 

How did the legendary empress overcome that impatient desire. There was 
someone next to Theia that had the answer to that. 

“You already know the answer to that, don't you?” 

“I want to hear it from your mouth. From your mouth as you've actually seen 
and heard her” 

"... In battle, soldiers die. The people suffer. If Mafxern wanted to establish 
a good government, Her Majesty Alaia's desire for justice might just be self- 
righteousness. Thinking like that, she considered not raising any soldiers” 

Koutarou could clearly remember the night of the harvest festival 2,000 
years ago. Alaia wanted to give up on the subjugation of Maxfern for the 
sake of the citizens. To her, Maxfern was clearly an enemy. He had killed 
her parents and was trying to take over the country. But even then, she 
believed that it might be best for the citizens not to fight Maxfern. 

“But in the end, she decided to fight. She understood that the citizens 
wouldn't be happy if she left Maxfern alone” 



The meaning of someone who loves peace like Alaia to decide to go to war 
was heavy. Maxfern needed to be slain even if that meant forcing hardship 
onto the citizens for a while. Because Maxfern wasn't intending on creating 
a good government. 

“Thanks to that, we have the current Forthorthe. This country's long history 
and traditions are thanks to Her Majesty deciding to fight back then” 

”Hmm... I see” 

It was something she already knew. But hearing it from Koutarou, she was 
able to renew her feelings. It was hard to imagine that Bandarion would 
establish a good government after going this far. They were in a situation 
where they had to fight. 

"... Soldiers fighting alongside me... I wish you good luck...” 

Even then, her feeling of impatience didn't go away. If it did, it would be the 
start of a tyrant. That's why Theia would fight even with these complex 
emotions, believing that the results would lead to a bright future. 

Part 3 

Koutarou and the others had temporarily stop to allow for the scout to go up 
ahead. As they were away from their many allies, they needed to stay on 
guard. Because of that, Koutarou and the others didn't start moving until a 
few minutes after the soldiers attacking the trailer had left. 

While a scout had been sent up ahead, they were already in Pardomshiha 
territory, so chances of a sudden attack wasn't all that high. The chances of 
the enemy having any information that Theia was here was also low. It was 
something done just in case. Because of that, their travel was quiet as 

However, that silence was broken by the soldier driving the truck. 

“Your Highness, the scout has detected flying object approaching at high 
speeds! It's coming from our 11:30 direction!” 



The soldier's voice was full of tension. As this was a mission regarding a 
princess, he took someone approaching far more seriously. 

“What kind of object!? An enemy!?” 

”1 don't know! There's no mistaking there being a flying object, but the 
sensors can't distinguish it! It could just be a big bird, or it could be a small 
stealth craft, anyways it's not a normal weapon!” 

The scout that had been sent up ahead sent a warning. The sensors of the 
small car the scout was in had detected a flying object approaching. 
However, the target was small, and he was unable to get a detailed 
analysis. At best, he could use the data he had to determine that it was 
larger than a meter, but smaller than two. 


"... From this feeling, it's probably a human! I can sense willpower!” 

Though there was still some distance between them, Koutarou could sense 
that the approaching object was human. He had spiritual powers that he got 
from Sanae, and those powers let Koutarou sense the aura of the flying 

“Is it an enemy!?” 

”1 can't tell. There's precaution and haste... but no clear hostility. It might be 
a scout from their side” 

Koutarou couldn't distinguish if the approaching human was friend or foe. If 
it was someone that had been given an order to attack, he should be able 
to sense those intentions. However, there was no trace of that. In that 
regard, it was more likely to assume that it was a scout, rather than 
someone flying without an objective. 

"... No, this is an enemy” 

However, Koutarou's guess was swiftly shot down by Yurika's words. 
“Darkness Rainbow is coming!” 

Yurika could sense magical power from the approaching object. As 
Koutarou said that it was a human, that meant it must be a magical girl from 
Darkness Rainbow. And if that was the case, Yurika would have to fight. 



Yurika's current expression, shine in her eyes and the condition of her voice 
were all that of a magical girl of love and courage. 

“Please stop the truck!” 

’’What are you going to do!?” 

“I'll intercept her! Based on the situation, they know our position!” 

Yurika believed that the enemy already knew their rough position. She 
didn't know if that was because of simple information gathering or because 
of forecasting magic, but there was a high chance that magic was being 
used to fly towards them because their location was already known. It was 
hard to imagine that they were just flying around all over the place in hopes 
of finding leverage that can be used against Bandarion. 

“Okay, stop the truck!” 

”As you wish, My Princess!” 

’’I'm going!” 

As the truck stopped, Yurika dashed out immediately. Her movements were 
so fast it was hard to imagine it was Yurika. 

“Yurika, wait! Don't go alone!” 

Koutarou quickly jumped out of the truck and chased after Yurika. 

Geez, when it comes to magic, Yurika is always like this! 

While Yurika was acting correctly as a magical girl, as a girl, she was 
incorrect. That's why Koutarou drew the two swords hanging off his waist in 
order to resolve the problem driving her to fight. 

“Blast Fireball - Modifier - High Concentration” 

By the Koutarou readied his swords Yurika was already in the middle of an 
incantation. She was casting an exploding fireball spell. This time she 
compressed its to its limit and turned it into a highly destructive attack spell. 
As this extremely hot fireball had quite the explosive force behind it, there 
was no need to score a direct hit. It was an effective spell against someone 
flying at high speeds. 

How does it look!? 



Finally, somewhat after the other two, came Theia. She had been delayed 
because she was attaching the weaponry to her Combat Dress. Her 
equipment this time was almost the exact same as Assault Red. 

“We should be able to see her very soon. She'll come out from the curve up 

Koutarou held his two swords, Theia pointed her large cannon forwards 
and Yurika's incantation was finished, and her spell was ready to fire. They 
had finished preparing for interception before the enemy arrived. 

“Here she comes!” 

Just after Koutarou raised his voice, someone appeared out of the trees 
about 200 meters in front of them. As expected, it was a magical girl. 

“Rainbow!! I finally found you!!” 


The magical girl's identity was Dark Crimson. She had peculiar clothes 
colored dark red and flaming red hair. It was the crimson magician who had 
the highest attack power of all of Darkness Rainbow. 

“Her, huh! No wonder she's coming from the front!” 

’’The most problematic ones here!” 

As her specialty was simply attack magic, allowing her to get the first attack 
would cause serious damage. That's why Koutarou and the others decided 
to attack right away. They had to defeat her before she began her 

“Wait, I have no intentions of fighting!! There's something I want to tell 

However, Crimson did something surprising. The girl who claimed fighting 
was everything announced that she had no intentions of fighting, and threw 
away her cane. She then defensively approached with her hands in the air. 
She showed no signs of starting any incantations. 

“Yurika, how does it look?” 

“It doesn't look like she's intending to use magic...” 



’’She doesn't have any hostility now either. I don't know her real intentions, 
but it seems true that she has no intention to fight” 

Koutarou confirmed that Crimson still wasn't showing any hostility, and 
returned his two swords to their sheaths. Theia followed Koutarou's 
judgment and lowered her weapons as well. Yurika continued pointing her 
cane towards Crimson for a while, but as Crimson showed no intentions of 
attacking, she eventually lowered her cane. 

“You sure are suspicious, Rainbow!” 

”1 just can't imagine a reason for you not to fight” 

’’Well of course!” 

With a wry smile, Crimson landed before Koutarou and the others. She still 
seemed to have no intentions of fighting and her hands were empty. Her 
cane was lying dozens of meters behind her. 

“That's just how important this is!!” 

Crimson began her explanation as she arrived. She didn't have much time. 
She always seemed to be enjoying herself, but now she seemed to be in a 



“Your friends are about to fall into a trap!! You should call them back right 




Koutarou's eyes shot open wide in surprise. That was because, these 
weren't words an enemy would normally speak. Especially not someone 
who considered fighting everything. 

“What do you mean!?” 

Yurika's voice was stern. Like Koutarou, she was skeptic to Crimson's 

“The imperial army aren't carrying mobile weapons, but a virus weapon! 
Bandarion is planning on having your allies destroy that!” 

That was the reason Crimson was here. She had searched for Koutarou 
and the others in order to stop Bandarion's plans. 

“You're being played by false information! The Elfaria faction will spread the 
virus weapon on their own, destroy the base and take down everyone in the 
surrounding area as well!” 

Bandarion's plan was very systematic. When Alaia was first being 
developed there were a lot of anti-government forces with bases set up all 
over. They weren't in use any more, but when explored, weapons from that 
time would sometimes be discovered. One of the weapons discovered was 
a virus weapon. That was where Bandarion's plan began forming. In reality, 
there was no virus weapon discovered, as it was something Bandarion had 
brought in himself. Next he would give the order to 'dispose of the virus 
weapon discovered in a facility that can do so'. As they wouldn't want it 
stolen, they wouldn't report on the route they would use or the time 
schedule, as it would obviously be treated as confidential information. Using 
that, he then had information leaked that mobile weapons were being 
transported over multiple channels. He also imported a new mobile weapon 
to Alaia to give credibility to the information. However, what was in reality 
being transported was the virus weapon. As they had been transporting 
mobile weapons until arriving at Alaia, it would be difficult to see through the 

Getting ambushed by mobile weapons would be a problem, and attacking 
disassembled weapons being transported made a handy target. If left be, 
the Elfaria faction would end up attacking the trailer carrying the virus 
weapon and spreading it across the planet with their own hands. It was 
clear what would happen to the nearby bases and the neighbouring 




“Of course, Bandarion will twist the truth to shift the public opinion in his 
favor!! The media will coincidentally be on place to take pictures!! This 
matter will reduce the Elfaria faction's a lot!!” 

He would have the media report on the matter, and then thoroughly criticize 
them. The Elfaria faction will attack the trailer carrying a virus weapon 
meant to be disposed, and spreading it. They might have at least have 
some morals, but in the end the Elfaria faction was simply a terrorist faction. 
Criticizing them like that after causing so many casualties, nothing the 
Elfaria faction could say would work. This isn't terrorism, it's just a simple 
miss', who would follow an empress like that. 

The Bandarion side was expecting Elfaria's next move. But before she 
could put that in motion, or maybe even after, this plan would greatly reduce 
her support. Since it wouldn't hurt even if the Elfaria faction didn't fall for the 
plan, there was no need to hesitate by putting it into action. 

"... I understand what you're saying, but we can't just accept that at face 

Yurika felt like Crimson was making sense. She couldn't deny the possibility 
that it was true. But even then, she couldn't believe it right away. Crimson 
was an enemy who travelled down a different path. 

“I know that! That's why I came here!” 

Crimson understood the circumstances regarding that as well. If their 
positions were reversed, she would obviously be suspicious. That's why 
Crimson earnestly tried to appeal to them. 

“Think about it!! If I lose all enemies to fight, I would be troubled!!” 

Crimson had come because she would be the most persuasive. To Crimson 
fighting was everything. Looking at that from the other side, she was the 
kind of person who would least want her enemies to be killed by plans or 
virus weapons. 

It's her real intentions... she's not lying... 

While he wasn't on Sanae's level, Koutarou could use his powers to read 
the feelings of others. His power told him that this girl wasn't lying. Since 
she hadn't use any magic apart from flying, she wasn't fooling them through 



that either. Even without that, Koutarou believed that she was telling the 

"... I'll believe you. But, why is Elexis trying to stop it?” 

But even then, Koutarou couldn't take the last step. That was because he 
didn't understand Elexis' intentions. While Crimson wasn't lying, Elexis had 
been the one that sent her. Since he was on Bandarion's side, it would be 
unnatural for him to take any actions that would help the Elfaria faction. 

“Neither he nor any of us are trying to call ourselves good people! But even 
then, we wouldn't use any means necessary!” 

Just like how Crimson wouldn't want to lose opponents worth fighting, 

Elexis had his circumstances for not wanting to cause a lot of casualties. 

Elexis wanted to overthrow Elfaria because in his mind, Elfaria wouldn't 
create his ideal society. Elexis was someone who wanted to improve the 
world, and he had contributed a lot to society. Joining Bandarion's side was 
just a means to that end, it wasn't his goal. He had the ambition to 
eventually replace Bandarion and revolutionize Forthorthe. 

As Elexis believed in that, he didn't want civilians to be sacrificed for no 
reason. Humans were necessary in his ideal society. In the sense of a 
businessman, it would be foolish to reduce the number of customers. 

Elexis believed that sacrifice was necessary to change the world, and he 
wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice people if it really was necessary. But the 
sacrifices in this plan was not necessary. While it would be effective, but it 
was far too short-sighted and the cost was too high. Elexis hated the 
chaotic use of power. He wouldn't mind if it was for order, but he couldn't 
forgive it if it was for chaos. 

"... Now that you mention it, he's got a strangely strong sense of 

Hearing Crimson's words, Koutarou remember what Elexis had done. When 
he had been fighting against Koutarou and the others, he had tried to limit 
the sacrifices as much as possible. He had also upheld his promise of 
giving Koutarou clothes, which he made in the middle of a battle. From that, 
Koutarou figured that while Elexis was evil, he had his own rules that he 
was following. Thinking about it that way, it wouldn't be too strange for 
Elexis to reveal this matter to Koutarou and the others. 



“Besides, if Bandarion comes out victorious now, we'll have a bunch of 
troubles too. Because Elexis still hasn't finished putting himself in a seat of 
power, our plan of returning to this country as his cooperators will fall apart” 

By cooperating with Bandarion, Elexis was planning on increasing his own 
influence. But if the outcome was determined here, Bandarion wouldn't 
need Elexis' cooperation. That meant that Elexis' chances of obtaining 
authority would diminish, and at the same time it meant that there was a 
much lower chance of the magical kingdom of Folsaria to return to the new 
Forthorthe as its partner. In short, this was an important moment where 
Elexis and Darkness Rainbow might lose their position. It was inevitable for 
them to request the cooperation of Koutarou and the others. 

“What do you think, Koutarou?” 

"... Let's believe her” 

’’Are you sure?” 

”1 think we can believe in that resolute side she's showed from time to time” 

Ultimately, Koutarou decided to believe Crimson. Considering how they had 
behaved up until now, the chances of this being a trap was low. The risk 
was too high to ignore her warning, only for it to turn out to be true. They 
could believe her, and they couldn't afford not to. That was Koutarou's 

“If you say so, then I'll believe her too” 

’’I'm not satisfied, but I will do so too” 

“That helps! Without your cooperation we have no way of stopping the 
Elfaria faction!!” 

Crimson felt relief upon hearing Koutarou's answer. Her final reason for 
coming was that just spreading information wouldn't be enough to stop the 
Elfaria faction. In order to stop them, the information needed to reach 
someone in a relatively high position, and have that person give orders. In 
other words, they had no choice but to get into contact with Koutarou and 
the others who would believe them and who had a high status. 

Part 4 



Being cautious of the imperial faction, and in order to stop the planned 
surprise attack, the Elfaria faction was going to make the first move and 
launch their own surprise attack. In order to keep the opponent from 
noticing that, they operated under radio silence. Because of that, even if 
they were called for, there was a chance they wouldn't notice, and as Theia 
was required to persuade them, they couldn't carelessly broadcast a signal 
as the enemy would find her location. 

So instead, Koutarou and the others decided to chase after the Elfaria 
faction's strike force. But because of the low amount of time, they couldn't 
use the truck they had been using up until now. Instead, they used their 
own powers to fly. Those powers being the armor, the Combat Dress and a 
magical broom. They moved quickly and since they didn't need to worry 
about their magical power being detected this time, they could go at full 
speed while concealing themselves with magic. Thanks to that, they looked 
like they would make it in time before the attack was launched. 

“If we for some reason don't make it there before it's time... it'll end up being 
a big bet, but I am thinking of broadcasting a ceasefire over the entire 

“If that happens, I'll protect you. So don't worry” 

"That's my line. Don't slow me down” 

"Okay, okay, as you wish” 

Theia and Koutarou were joking around as usual, but contrary to the 
contents, their expressions were anything but cheerful. If anything, they 
were words to calm each other down. 

“What kind of relation are those two in? They don't look like just master and 

Crimson looked at the two in confusion. She already had knowledge on 
how the class system worked in Forthorthe. But she couldn't feel any traces 
of that system from the two in front of her. She couldn't help but feel 
confused, and decided to ask Yurika about it, despite them strictly speaking 
being enemies. 

"... They were on bad terms at first. Then a lot of things happened and they 
started getting along, after that Satomi-san became her vassal” 

Knowing that Crimson was an enemy, she carefully chose her words as she 


explained Koutarou's and Theia's relationship to her. 

“So they're still dragging along those feelings from when they were 

“I think so” 

"... Is Maki like that too?” 


That was where Yurika realized Crimson's real intentions. 

Crimson-san is worrying about Maki-chan... 

It was because Crimson worried about Maki that she was interested in 
Koutarou's and Theia's relationship. Had Maki been released from the 
shackles known as Darkness Rainbow, or were they still holding her down. 
Even now that they were enemies, Crimson still cared for Maki. 

"... Uhm, she's fine. There's no one among us that would criticize Maki- 
chan's past. To begin with, everyone were enemies at first” 

I see... 

Crimson showed a small smile. Her smile looked so happy that Yurika 
momentarily forgot that the girl in front of her was an evil magical girl. 

“But I'm sure Maki is still stuck on it” 

”Yes. Maki-chan sometimes seems to worry about nobody pressing her 
about her crimes” 

“Even though that's not necessary” 

’’Maki-chan is serious after all” 

”lf only that man would forcibly make Maki his woman everyone would be 
much simpler” 

’’That wouldn't be a fundamental solution” 

”... For now I'll settle for Maki being with a group of friends that would say 



“Crimson-san, you...” 

It was extremely rare for Dark Crimson, who was even called an ogre within 
Darkness Rainbow, to show an expression a normal girl would have. That's 
why Yurika could feel how much Maki meant to Crimson, and at the same 
time she felt sad that even then, she didn't choose Maki. 

"... We're almost there” 

However, Crimson's expression suddenly returned to normal. 


“Look, reinforcements are here” 

Crimson pointed behind them. As the surprised Yurika turned that way, she 
saw five girls in colorful outfits, and a man slightly older than the girls, flying 
towards them at high speeds. Yurika recognized that group. 

“Satomi-san! It's Darkness Rainbow!” 

”1 know. But I can't sense any hostility” 

’’The way they're flying doesn't make it look like they're preparing to attack 
either. At least for now” 

Because of their previous experiences, Koutarou and the others 
instinctively got more defensive. 

“You don't have to worry, they're allies” 

”1 do understand that in my head” 

Koutarou and the others understood that Crimson was right. However, they 
couldn't help but ready their weapons. If this was a trap, Theia's life was in 

“We have no intentions of fighting you right now, Koutarou-kun!” 

Sensing the atmosphere around Koutarou and the others, once he was 
close enough, Elexis approached the group with empty hands raised up in 
the air. The mechanical armored clothes he was wearing came equipped 
with a lot of weapons, but they were all pointed upwards. Elexis was 
showing that he had no hostile intentions. 



“He's right. Without you we can't convince the Elfaria faction to stop their 

Besides Elexis was Maya, shrugging her shoulders, her expression made it 
clear that she felt dissatisfied. It was a sign that she'd never want to team 
up like this if it wasn't for the current situation. 

“I know! I'm just puzzled by the sudden situation” 

Koutarou finally let go of the handles of his swords. Theia and Yurika 
followed suit. They were still on guard, but the three of them understood 
that they shouldn't be fighting the group now. 

"... What a strange development” 

Koutarou mumbled between his sighs. In response Elexis nodded in 

“I feel the same way. I didn't expect that Bandarion would go this far” 

Elexis and the others were puzzled by the situation as well. He wanted to 
cooperate with the army to end the imperial reign and use the influence he 
gained by doing so to create a new political system, and seize control of it, 
so that he could create his ideal world. But with Bandarion going this far, 
the military would gain complete control of the new political system. 
Moreover, there was a high chance that it would be a reign of terror. In that 
case, even if Elexis gained control, he wouldn't be able to create his ideal 

“Wasn't it just that you poked Max— no, Bandarion, too much?” 

’’Poke? What do you mean?” 

’’That by skillfully selling yourself in, you made him feel a sense of danger” 

”1 see, so that's why he would forcibly try to reach a conclusion. That's 
certainly within the realm of possibilities” 

Elexis was aware of what Koutarou was pointing out, so he nodded 
understandingly. Maya had felt the same way, but her reaction was the 

“El, you're too efficient. You should be a little bit more adult” 



’’Okay, okay, I'll be careful. You mean to be more mindful when I create an 
atmosphere, right?” 

”... Geez... men really are..:” 

Maya's and Elexis' back and forth seemed reminiscent of Koutarou's and 
the girls. If that was an act it was quite impressive, and Koutarou was 
starting to trust them, in a roundabout way. At least this time. 

“But Koutarou-kun, when it comes to making him feel a sense of danger, 
you and I are equally punishable” 

”... That might be true” 

Koutarou honestly agreed. He and the other girls had very one-sidedly 
dealt with the soldiers that had been sent to attack them. So it wouldn't be 
strange for them to get a sense of danger. So it might not just be Elexis' 
fault, but Koutarou's and the others too. 

“But with this, you understand too, right?” 

’’What are you talking about?” 

’’The reason why I believe Her Majesty Elfaria's reign won't work” 

Elfaria's reign couldn't prevent the military from becoming arrogant. As a 
result, they even took to such reckless acts such as using a virus weapon. 
The royal families of Forthorthe had protected the country for a long time, 
but even then they couldn't suppress karma built up over that long period of 
time. Elexis believed that the system of rule should be reformed from 

"... I understand, but I can't agree” 

Koutarou understood what Elexis was thinking, he even thought he had a 
point too. However, it was a difficult topic when it came to accepting that or 
not. Elexis interpreted it as the age having continued for over 2,000 years 
was too long, but Koutarou interpreted it as there being a reason for why it 
had lasted for so long. Koutarou thought that the national traits and the 
climate worked well together. That's why he believed there was a point in 
reforming, but not that there was a need to end the imperial rule. 

“That's enough for now, Koutarou-kun” 



Changing someone's opinion was hard. The first step was getting them to 
listen. As a businessman, Elexis understood that very well. There was also 
no time to convince Koutarou right now. 

“Hey, young master, sorry for interrupting your conversation, but shouldn't 
we, like, start preparing?” 

That was when Dark Orange flew up in front of Koutarou and Elexis. Like 
Elexis, she was worrying about the time. But as expected of Dark Orange 
who loved cute things. Her tone and gestures were all strangely cute, and 
didn't convey any sense of seriousness. 

“You're right, let's” 

”... You're being called young master?” 

“She won't change it no matter how many times I ask” 

’’While reluctant, I understand how you feel” 


Elexis laughed cheerfully as he signaled Darkness Rainbow with his hand. 
They readied their canes, but that wasn't to attack Koutarou and the others. 
The magical power was directed at themselves. 

“What are you planning on doing?” 

”lt would be very problematic if it's revealed that we are ourselves. So we'll 
be going disguised” 

Elexis put on the helmet that came with his armored clothes. His and 
Koutarou's armors had similar functions. And by putting on the helmet, the 
armored clothes changed into combat mode and transmitted energy to the 
combat equipment. 

“A disguise?” 

“Yes. Today, we are—” 

That was when Darkness Rainbow was covered in white smoke. The 
disguising spell had activated. 

“— the Satomi band of knights!” 


By the time the smoke cleared, the girls of Darkness Rainbow had changed 
appearances. They had transformed into Kiriha and the others who weren't 
around. Moreover Elexis' armored clothes had changed into a standard 



imperial army armor. That meant that Elexis and Darkness Rainbow had not 
come here, to this place, today. They would be acting as people under the 
Elfaria faction. 

Part 5 

Satomi and the other two, plus the eight from the fake Satomi band of 
knights, managed to catch up to the Elfaria faction's strike force just before 
the scheduled time of attack. As they were hiding in the woods, waiting for 
the trailer in question to pass through the road they were watching, they 
couldn't directly see them. But as the cleverly camouflaged communications 
antenna was standing in its planned location, there was no doubt they were 

"... Geez, looks like we made it. The forecast of the trailer getting attacked 
just wouldn't go away, so I couldn't help but feel nervous” 

Green, disguised as Clan, let out a sigh of relief as they discovered the 
antenna. As she had the ability of future forecast, she knew several of the 
possible outcomes. Because of that, the sense of danger she felt was a lot 
more grounded in reality than the others” 

’’Princess, shouldn't you contact them?” 

”1 was just thinking of doing that” 

Urged on by Dark Orange disguised as Sanae, Theia ordered her Combat 
Dress to communicate with the strike force. At first, Orange and Theia had 
been hostile towards one another. That was due to their fighting back in 
Folsaria. However, their common goal had resolved the hostility. They both 
knew that now wasn't the time to argue about personal issues. 

“This is Theiamillis! Can you hear me?” 

’’Your Highness!? Why are you here!?” 

The voice of the man serving as the strike force commander came 
responding through the communications device. Theia was using laser for 
communications, simply put it was like using a landline telephone, only the 



landline is replaced by light. As laser communication was a simple form of 
communication that required direct contact between speakers, it wasn't 
suitable for communication with places out of line of sight or places far 
away, nor was it good at transmitting images. Instead it came with the 
superb characteristics of having little of risk of being jammed or intercepted. 
As they could see the communications antenna, this was the safest and 
most reliable form of communication. 

“Don't worry about me!! More importantly, cease your attack right away!! 
This is one of Bandarion's traps!! The trailer is carrying mobile weapons, 
but a virus weapon!!” 


Theia didn't say a lot, but it was enough for the commander to understand 
the situation. The commander was a quick-witted man, suited for his post. 

"... Hey, let all the men know that the attack is being cancelled! Don't shoot, 
no matter what!” 

Not even putting Theia on hold, the commander quickly gave out orders to 
his subordinates. While it was disrespectful, it was preferable considering 
the situation. 

“Did we make it?” 

“Please rest easy, Your Highness. There is still five minutes left before the 
attack, so there won't be any attacks made by mistake” 

”.. .1 see... that's good...” 

Theia let out a big sigh of relief as her tension eased. As expected, having 
the lives of a lot people was tense, and the relief from it was deep. 

However, it was not over yet. The Elfaria faction strike force needed to 
retreat without being spotted by the imperial army. Having recollected 
herself, Theia called out to the commander again. 

“Anyways, we will head over there—” 

Theia was planning on supporting the strike force on their retreat, when 
Green raised her voice. 

“Wait a moment! This is strange!” 



Surprised by her sudden loud voice, Yellow, disguised as Harumi, furrowed 
her brows. 

“Kyaa!? ...Wait, what happened?” 

’’The forecast of the trailer being attacked isn't disappearing!” 

Green's future forecast became clearer the more realistic they got. At the 
same time, as the probability of the future happening dropped, the future 
got hazier, until it could no longer be seen. In other words, the moment the 
commander gave the order, the future of the trailer exploding should have 
disappeared. Yet, Green could still see it. 

“Maybe the trailer's driver will end up in an accident and charge into the 
area where the Elfaria faction is and ending up forcing their hand, or 

Blue, disguised as Ruth, spoke her own interpretation. Blue rarely spoke, 
but when she did, she did so after thinking things through. Considering the 
situation, it wasn't an impossible interpretation. However, Green shook her 

“Even after a ceasefire has been given, the probability has barely dropped 
at all!! So that can't be the reason!!” 

If the trailer would explode because of an accident, there would be futures 
of the accident happening, and the accident not happening, and the 
moment the order of a ceasefire came, the future should get a lot hazier. 
However, that hadn't happened, which meant that the explosion wouldn't be 
by accident. 

The explosion won't be by accident, it will happen as it was meant to. And 
since there has been a ceasefire ordered, it's not attack from the Elfaria 
faction. Which means... I see!! 

That was when Purple's brain reached the answer to the forecast not 
changing. Just like Kiriha, whom Purple was disguised as, she was calm 
and smart. 

“They're like us! There's some Bandarion soldiers disguised as the Elfaria 
faction planning on attacking the trailer!” 

Bandarion wanted to be certain that his trap succeeded. However, there 
was a slight concern. They needed to take utmost care as they transported 



the virus weapon. The container was of course sturdy, and the vessel 
containing the virus itself was well made too. That's why there was still a 
chance that the virus wouldn't be spread even after an attack. 

What if the engine was destroyed and the trailer was stopped on the road? 

What if the container broke, but the vessel remained intact? 

In order to eliminate those uncertain aspects, Bandarion had soldiers 
infiltrate the Elfaria faction, to ensure the attack went as he had planned. 
They would know what kind of attack would destroy the vessel after all. 

“So that's it!! Green, where are Bandarion's followers!?” 

When it came down to it, Theia's mind worked quickly. Having quickly 
realized the situation, Theia increased the output of the Combat Dress' 

“They're probably by the woods over there! In the ten o'clock direction of 
the communications antenna!” 

"Let's go, Koutarou, Yurika!” 

“Got it!” 


“And just in case, set the equipment for space use! We're dealing with a 
virus after all!” 

Their only lead was Green's future forecast. It was a very ambiguous lead, 
but all they could do was believe in her and act on it. If Bandarion really had 
men infiltrating the strike force, the outcome would be catastrophic. 
Koutarou and the others could only wish that Green's forecast was wrong. 
At the same time, they wished her forecast was accurate and that there 
were enemies where she had directed them. The most frightening scenario 
would be if Bandarion's soldiers really were here, but the location wasn't 
were Green foresaw. With those complex feelings in mind, Koutarou and 
the others flew through the sky at full speed to where Green had pointed 

“El, we should go too!” 

“Yes! In these situations the more hands and eyes the better!” 



Elexis, Maya and the six Darkness Rainbow leaders chased after Koutarou 
and the others. In order to accomplish their own goals, they couldn't allow 
Bandarion's reckless actions. 

Part 6 

A detailed strategy had been set up beforehand in regards to the trailer 
attack. Because of that, the soldiers had been placed in according to the 
region's geographical features. According to the strategy documents, there 
shouldn't be any Elfaria faction soldiers where Green had pointed them to. 
In other words, if there happened to be Elfaria faction soldiers where there 
should be none, it meant they were Bandarion's disguised soldiers. And 
they were objects of immediate elimination. 

“Theia, I found them!” 

’’Are you certain!?” 

’’Probably! I'll send you the data right now!” 

Koutarou could sense the presence of people with his spiritual powers. As 
human intellect was high, humans had an aura distinctively different from 
other animals. And those distinct auras could be sensed coming from within 
the woods. Koutarou used his armor's sensors to get a rough scan of the 
area, and sent the data to Theia's Combat Dress. 

“These are the coordinates, huh... hm, I've got a hit on my sensors too! 
There's no doubt!” 

Using the data Koutarou sent as her basis, Theia pointed her Combat 
Dress' sensors in the direction where the enemy was believed to be. The 
sensors responded with people being present. As Theia's Combat Dress 
was fully intended for use in combat, its sensors were somewhat better 
performing than those in Koutarou's armor. 

“Satomi-san! The trailer is coming!” 

As Koutarou and the others discovered Bandarion's ambush, the large 
trailer appeared on the road. As they could see from above, the trailer was 



still far, but at this rate, it would be here soon enough. They had to get the 
ambushers away from the trailer. 

“Theia, have the Elfaria faction soldiers stop the trailer! We'll go eliminate 
the disguised soldiers!” 

Koutarou made a swift judgment and left the contacting to Theia while he 
charged towards the area the soldiers were believed to be. 

“I'm counting on you! I'll get there too as soon as I can!” 

As Theia needed to contact the strike forces, she would end up following 
after Koutarou somewhat later. That meant it would be more dangerous for 
him, but there was no need to worry. There were some who were following 
after him already. 

“We will go back up Koutarou-kun!” 

’’Everyone, be careful not to go too far and expose yourselves! I'm talking 
about you, Crimson!” 

”1 get it, Maya!” 

Elexis, Maya and the six from Darkness Rainbow were following behind 
Koutarou. With those eight backing Koutarou up there was no need for 
Theia to worry. She had physically experienced how strong they were. 
Meanwhile, Yurika decided to act alone. 

“Satomi-san, Theia-chan, I will head to the trailer. We wouldn't want 
something unexpected to happen” 

The strike force was already headed to the trailer, but as this was 
Bandarion's trap, there was no telling what could happen. As a precaution, 
sending Yurika, who could adapt to most situations, was the best choice. 
Koutarou agreed with Yurika's idea. 

“We're counting on you!” 


Yurika parted with Koutarou and turned in a large arc and flew towards the 
trailer. After seeing her off, Koutarou put his hands on the two swords 
hanging off his waist. That was just about when Elexis caught up to him. 



“I'll help you out, Koutarou-kun” 

Elexis had a cheerful smile as he readied the rifle in his hands. He was 
planning on backing Koutarou up with that. 

“I'll honestly thank you this time” 

”1 might not look it, but I am good at shooting. Leave it to me” 

”... I'm counting on you” 

’’You won't regret it. This time” 

After finishing their preparations they caught a glimpse of the Elfaria faction 
soldiers in the woods. These were of course fakes. They were Bandarion's 
soldiers who had imitated the strike force's armor and markings. 

“I understand how you fight! So be as extreme as always!” 

“You leave that to me! You just don't be too accurate! It's a bad habit of 

In front of Koutarou were fake ’’allies”, and he alongside him were ’’fake” 
allies fighting with him. It was a strange battlefield were neither were real, 
but it was without a doubt the truth that he was now working together with 
Elexis and the others whom he had always been fighting against. He was 
well aware that it was only temporary, but Koutarou was honestly pleased. 

There was basically no difference between how the imperial army and how 
the Elfaria faction looked. As they were all originally imperial soldiers, they 
had the same equipment. If there was a difference it was the markings on 
armor and equipment each unit had. Because of that, it was easy to pretend 
to be someone else, and all that really had to be done was change the 
markings. It was a situation that was easy to make use of. 

While both couldn't tell one another apart, there was a clear cut reason for 
why these weren't Elfaria faction soldiers. That was the mobile weapons 
protecting the soldiers. 

“They have mobile weapons!! Elexis, do you know anything about them!?” 

If they flew towards them, they'd be easy targets. So Koutarou descended 
to the surface and charged the imperial army unit consisting of several 
dozen members. As he did, and the distance to the imperial army 



shortened, he could see not just the soldiers, but small mobile weapons that 
had been deployed. This was Koutarou's first time seeing them, so he 
asked for Elexis' advice. 

“Of course I know. That's our product” 

Elexis sniped the imperial army's communications antenna while casually 
answering. That came as a surprise to Koutarou. 

“It's your company's!?” 

’’That's right. It's a frame we began delivering last month” 

On the side of the mobile weapons was the mark of Elexis' company, DKI. 
These mobile weapons was the latest model of Dragon Knight Industries. 

“Do they have some kind of weak point!?” 

Koutarou was confident that he could win against normal mobile weapons, 
but hearing that they were from DKI, he started feeling uneasy. Elexis' 
mobile weapons had put him through a lot of trouble. 

“None. Since they were made using data gained from fighting against you. 
While they don't have any core technology in them, they haven't been made 

The new model mobile weapons made by DKI weren't all that difference 
when comparing them to the design and role of the old models the imperial 
army had been using. They still had a design and role somewhere between 
a fighter and a tank. While it might look like nothing had changed, that 
wasn't the case at all. The big changes were all on the inside. 

These new weapons had been made using the data gained from battles 
against Koutarou and the others, and from the technology that had been 
used back then. While they didn't have any special technology such as 
magic or spiritual energy, they included quite a few technologies designed 
to defeat Koutarou. As a result, their performance was greatly improved and 
were clearly distinct from the older models. 

“They're not as strong as the combined force of Warlord II and the Motor 
Knights, but you'll end up eating dirt if you take them for your average 
mobile weapon” 

You make it sound easy... 



”Ah! They did have one weak point, Koutarou-kun!” 

’’What, tell me now!” 

“The running cost of lone units is poor. It's better to deploy lots of them to 
reduce the operating cost. Like this” 

“That's not a weak point!!” 

With the communications antenna destroyed, one of the mobile weapons 
noticed Koutarou's and the others approaching. Without missing a beat, all 
mobile weapons moved at once. Their numbers totalled eight. Since they'd 
be attacking in cooperation, they made a frightening enemy. What's worse, 
they had data on Koutarou and the others so it was clear they would make 
forced attacks from the start. 

“Detected high energy signatures! Laser cannons will be fired in unison!” 

The armor's Al gave out a warning. Having confirmed Koutarou's 
appearance and assumed him to be a treat, the mobile weapons showed 
signs of a synchronous attack. In order to defeat Koutarou, who was 
moving at high speeds, in a single strike, they were going to perform a 
simultaneous attack the weapon of choice being the fastest of them all, the 
laser. That was something that Elexis in his Warlord II and the 
accompanying Motor Knights were good at. 

“You're always making such troublesome stuff!” 

’’Ahaha, quite the masterpiece from myself!” 

’’Now's not the time to laugh!” 

“I know. Orange, Green, please do it” 

’’Leave it to me, young master!” 

”... Geez, at least prepare an emergency stop command...” 

Orange and Green began their incantations. 

“Twinkle Star Burst!” 

The spell that Orange cast created a glittering material that altered the air 
and diffused light. It was a flashy spell that Orange loved to use, but it also 
served to rapidly weakened lasers. 



“Perfect Illusion - Modifier - Area Effect - Large!” 

With a frown, Green activated an illusion spell that covered a wide area. 
Green was skilled at information manipulating spells, which included 
illusions. With her skills, she could create illusions that even fooled 
machines. Right now, she had used those illusions to shift Koutarou and 
others several meters away. 

“Warning, laser cannon attack beginning!” 

Immediately after the Al's warning, the eight mobile weapon's lasers fired at 
almost the exact same time. The laser instantly hit its target without sound. 
That target was of course Koutarou, who was deemed to be the most 

“The distortion field has been hit, energy loss is medium” 

Fortunately, Koutarou himself didn't take any damage. Orange's spell had 
greatly reduced the potency of the lasers, and Green's spell had messed 
with the aim, leaving Koutarou largely unscathed. If the eight shots had all 
hit the same spot, Koutarou would have defeated immediately, but at most 
only one of the stray lasers struck the barrier. 

“That was close...” 

That said, Koutarou didn't feel good knowing he was being targeted by 
something that could take him out in a single hit, so he increased his speed 
even more. He needed to shorten the distance as quickly as possible and 
seal off the synchronous attack. 

“I'm coming with you, Koutarou” 

Crimson followed after Koutarou. As she did, she smiled with Shizuka's 
face. As their way of fighting and atmosphere was similar, Koutarou couldn't 
help but feel that the smile looked natural. The smile also made him think of 
wanting to meet his companions far away. 

“Let's go, Crimson!” 

’’I'll protect you because Maki's a friend!” 

It wouldn't be until much later that Koutarou realized that Crimson had said 
'because Maki's a friend'. Was that simply referring to him, or was it 
referring to herself as well. That difference held a great meaning. Koutarou 



regretted missing that. 

Part 7 

As Koutarou and the others began fighting with the concealed Bandarion 
soldiers, Yurika had almost reached the trailer. It was hers and the strike 
force's job to keep the trailer from moving towards Koutarou and the others 
any further. 

"... So trailers were this big...” 

Yurika was somewhat puzzled when faced with the trailer. It was far bigger 
than she had imagined upon hearing the word. 

That was because to Yurika, and to people from Earth, the trailer was to her 
more like a cargo train. That impression was especially strong as it had no 
tires and floated above the road instead. If one were to compare to an Earth 
trailer, they would find that it was at least three times as long and wide. 

Thinking about it calmly, it was only natural for the trailer to be large. While 
they may have been disassembled, it was supposed to be secretly 
transporting large mobile weapons, so it would need to be large itself. 
Moreover, large trailers were a necessity for Alaia that was still under 

"... We won't be able to stop it easily... but if we use a lot of firepower, the 
virus' vessel might be destroyed...” 

As it was a large trailer, some weak attacks wouldn't do much to slow it 
down. Using enough force to stop the trailer ran the risk of destroying the 
vessel for virus being contained within. That's why, before she attacked, 
there was something she had to do. 

I remember Satomi-san that nothing good will come from putting off things 
that have to be done! 

Yurika quickly decided on what she needed to do and operated her bracelet 
to contact the commander from the Elfaria faction. 



“What might it be, Yurika-dono?” 

Yurika's position was a knight of the Satomi band of knights who were 
under direct command of Theia. Because of that, the commander spoke 
formally to her, as he would a knight. 

“I will move over to the trailer and determine where the virus weapon is! 
Until then, please refrain from using any large-scale attacks!” 

At the present moment they didn't know where, or how many of the virus 
weapon there was. If they had to attack the trailer to stop it, they needed to 
confirm the situation inside the container. 

“We will send several over as well! It is dangerous to go alone!” 

’’Please do! We have to stop this no matter what!” 

Normally, Yurika would have refused help. Fighting alone would reduce the 
number of casualties after all. However, this time, that wasn't the case. If 
they didn't find the virus weapon, there would be a large amount of 
casualties. Yurika searching on her own was not a smart decision. 

“Here I go! After I've gotten on, I'll secure the area, please follow after me 
from where I got on!” 

”Of course! Best of luck to you!” 

’’Thank you!” 

After that short report, Yurika took the lead and flew towards the trailer on 
her broom. The soldiers watched on, and began speaking about her. 

“That's a rather cute Sir Knight... but she is very courageous” 

“She was modest to boot. She spoke politely, and even said thanks at the 

”As expected of Princess Theia's band of knights, I guess?” 

“We're Princess Theia's and Empress Elfaria's military forces too! We can't 
lose to them!” 

Yurika's back was very small. But it was overflowing with seven colors of 
love and courage. Guided by the light of that shining rainbow, the soldiers 
advanced with force. 



Part 8 

As they were pretending to be part of the Satomi band of knights, Elexis 
and the others would need to fight following their policies. In other words, 
fighting while limiting the casualties as much as possible, that policy was 
something they inherited from Theia, who inherited from the royal families. 
While they were the young CEO of an evil massive corporation, and evil 
magical girls, it seemed like they would have a hard time with that, but that 
wasn't actually the case. 

“Couldn't you guys work as Rainbow Heart as well!?” 

Looking at Crimson skillfully dispatching of the imperial army soldiers 
without killing them, Koutarou felt surprise. In response, Crimson grinned as 
she punched the next soldier. 

“Just mowing down the enemy isn't enough for an organization planning on 
overthrowing the government. Have you ever heard of an evil organization 
that only assassinates?” 

Darkness Rainbow mostly used magic to construct plots to move the world. 
In fact, using direct force happened less often. That said, Crimson was 
awkward when it came to that, so her allies had often ended up making 
tools and weapons to keep her from killing the enemy. That was precisely 
what the glove she was using was. It had been enchanted to knock out 
anyone punched with it. 

“So in purely numerical terms, you guys use more violence, but in terms of 
ratios, Yurika and the others are more violent” 

’’Well, keeping us under control is your job, so that's only natural. Ironic isn't 

”lf you guys would just stop, Yurika and the others wouldn't have to use 
violence either” 

’’Sadly, I want the opposite! Like this!” 

After eliminating the soldiers before her, Crimson held her cane in both 
hands. As she did, a brightly burning fireball was launched. Her next target 
was the mobile weapons that were bombarding them from the rear. She 



was allowed to blow them away to her heart's content. 

“Well, that helps now!” 

’’That's ironic too!” 

As if chasing after Crimson's fireball, Koutarou charged. In his case, GOL 
was blocking the soldiers from getting closer to him, so he could focus on 
the mobile weapons. He came swinging at the mobile weapon hit by the 
fireball and whose barrier was under heavy load. 


However, Signaltin was suddenly caught by a glowing, cylindrical shaped 
something that had suddenly appeared in front of the mobile weapon. As 
Koutarou was surprised by that, he was fired at with a beam cannon 
intended for close quarters use. 


Koutarou twisted his body back on reflex. Thanks to Sanae's spiritual 
powers, the speed at which signals from his brain moved had increased, 
and his movements barely allowed him to avoid a direct hit. But it was still 
an undeniable truth that he had gotten hit by a beam cannon at close 
range. The attack stripped GOL's barrier of most of its energy. At the same 
time, the glowing something had been thrust forward, but as Koutarou was 
cautious of any further attacks, he dodged it. 

“That was close! Elexis, what is this!?” 

”lt was made to block your sword, it's a thin and narrow, concentrated 
distortion field. It's like a knife used for both attack and defense in close 

Energy was stronger when gathered in a small area. In that case, by 
making the barrier smaller, Koutarou's sword, Signaltin, though Elexis didn't 
know its name, could be blocked as well. That had been the thought 
process behind the creation of this glowing pole. 

This was a weapon that would be impossible for normal humans to use. 
The glowing pole, or the knife, had a short reach, so blocking a sword was 
difficult. Moreover, because of its small size it was lighter, making it difficult 
to fully kill the impact from the sword. It was feat made possible only 
through the eight mobile weapons observing Koutarou, calculating the 



optimal place of defense and using their full power to maintain the knife's 

“I call it the Field Knife. It's a superb creation if you ask me. It surprised you 

“I was! But tell me that kind of earlier!” 

While Koutarou and Elexis were joking around, they busily moved their 
bodies. Koutarou dodged the enemy attacks while firing a lightning spell 
from his sword. Meanwhile Elexis use his rifle to accurately snipe at mobile 
weapons so they wouldn't get too close to Koutarou. The two fought like 
veteran heroes. 

El seems to be having fun... 

The two's coordination deserved a special mention. The two moved as if 
they had fought together for years, and the way they joked around only 
strengthened that impression. In reality they were finding each others 
openings and covering them, but even then Elexis seemed to be having fun 
in Maya's eyes. And that put in her a bad mood. The feelings Elexis was 
directing towards Koutarou was a kind he had never directed towards her. 

“Sorry, sorry, but that doesn't work against your second sword, so I figured 
there was no need to tell you” 

"Like I said!” 

Koutarou had one sword in each hand. In his right hand was Alaia's 
Signaltin and in his left was Theia's Saguratin. When attacking the mobile 
weapons this time, he swung his left sword instead. 

“Tell me that earlier!” 

The physical Saguratin's blade was stopped by the distortion field, but the 
blade of spiritual energy created from it was not. The spiritual energy blade 
passed through the knife and hit the mobile weapon directly. 

The attack cut up the mobile weapon and caused heavy damage. 
Explosions occurred one after another on the inside and it became 
incapacitated before long. Looking on, the results were exactly what Elexis 
had foreseen. 

... As expected, that's what happens with these specs 



Magic could be stopped to some extent by scientific means, but it couldn't 
block spiritual energy at all. Spiritual energy technology or magic was 
required to block that, but production of either was poor, moreover Elexis 
wanted to keep those a secret as a card to play against Bandarion. 
Because of that, this outcome was inevitable. He was happy that Koutarou 
could defeat the enemies, but he wasn't happy seeing his own creations 
lose. Elexis was feeling both happy and disappointed. 

"... El, if you space out, your lover will go off on his own” 

"You're right, oh no!” 



Having stopped to think, Maya admonished Elexis and he hurriedly moved 
to supporting Koutarou again. Koutarou had already begun moving towards 
the second mobile weapon. It would be dangerous to leave him be. 



Men really are...! 

Maya had been as sarcastic as she could, yet Elexis had left without 
noticing. With her running in circles being added on, her mood was on a 
steady decline. 

“Stop playing around, and get to work!” 

’’Sorry, but it's all okay now” 

The battle in the woods was progressing in Koutarou's and the others 
advantage. Koutarou and Elexis, and Darkness Rainbow's teamwork was 
strong, and the enemy numbers gradually decreased. However, that was 
when an unexpected tidbit of information arrived 

“Koutarou, this is bad! Yurika is having a tough time!” 


Theia who arrived late came bearing information that Yurika was in danger. 
As Theia had been delayed giving out orders and sending information, she 
had a better grasp of the overall situation than Koutarou and the others. 

“What kind of tough time!?” 

”lt seems like there were enemies hiding over there too! And large ones at 

The Elfaria faction strike force and Yurika who were headed towards the 
trailer found themselves struggling after an unexpected ambush. The 
soldiers tagging along transmitted the information to the rear guard, which 
was how Theia got her hand on it. 

“Elexis, I'll leave this to you!” 

”1 guess it can't be helped, go on ahead!” 

’’Grab on, Koutarou!” 

Koutarou and Theia made a quick decision. As Koutarou put his hand on 
Theia's Combat Dress, the powerful thruster installed on it spat out fires 
and the two flew up into the sky in no time at all. They drew a wide arc, as if 
they were a missile, and flew towards the trailer where Yurika was. 



Part 9 

What welcomed Yurika as she approached the trailer was a lot of defensive 
weapons. While it may have been disguised as a civilian vehicle, it was 
most definitely still a military one. It had heavy machine guns, small missiles 
and other weapons used for defensive purposes. As there was some 
distance, none of the attacks hit, but that might not be the case should she 
continue approaching. Yurika wasn't foolish enough to continue a charge 
like that. 

“Multiple Energy Bolt - Target Option - Auto Homing!” 

Using Theia's normal methods as reference, Yurika cast an attack spell to 
destroy the weapons before she got shot. Yurika's spell created many balls 
of energy that fired at their targets, and they travelled as if they were guided 
missiles towards the weapons. 

However, Yurika's spell dispersed before it reached the trailer. 

“A barrier!?” 

The trailer was equipped with a barrier. 

“It's impossible for me to break through that barrier!! What should I do!?” 

Yurika's spells could easily break through a military grade barrier for 
personal use. However, the barrier a military vehicle of this size came 
equipped with had a generator on a completely different league, and 
breaking through it with Yurika's magic would be next to impossible. The 
Elfaria faction's soldiers had large anti-vehicle weapons, so those could be 
used to break through the barrier. However, if they were too powerful, the 
cargo on the trailer would get damaged as well. Struggling to come up with 
a solution, Yurika distanced herself from the trailer. If she recklessly 
charged in, she'd be nothing but a target. 

"... In that case, I'll have to make a daring move!” 

Yurika stopped to think for a moment, but she hadn't forgotten that a swift 
decision would need to be made. Quickly reaching a solution, Yurika 
contacted the commander once more. 



“Sorry, where is the barrier generation device on that trailer!?” 

”It's the dome on the rear of the body!” 

“I got it!” 

’’What are you planning to do!?” 

”1 have a plan! Please continue forwards as you are!” 

Yurika turned her broom around and headed towards the trailer again, 
beginning an incantation. 

“Recall - Precast - Teleport!” 

High-ranking magicians like Yurika would cast spells that would take too 
long to cast, or expended large amounts of magical power, ahead of time, 
and maintain them in an idle state. The spell Yurika had activated was one 
of those spells, the spell of teleportation. As using it for even short 
distances put the user under a lot of burden, it was one of the most 
common spells to maintain in an idle state. 

Blue magical power concentrated on a point on the broom, before covering 
all of Yurika's body. 


The vast amounts of magical power around Yurika warped space, turning 
into a space-time hole. The next moment, Yurika disappeared like fog, and 
at the same time she appeared at the rear of the trailer, landing on top of 
the roof. Yurika had successfully teleported. 

“If I can only destroy this!” 

At the same time as Yurika landed, her broom turned into a magical cane. 
Holding that in both hands she pointed the tip at the dome-formed device. 
That was the barrier generation device. 

“Terrible Thunder Lance - Modifier - Empower!” 

Standing on top of the trailer meant that neither machine guns or missiles 
could attack right away. The safety measures needed to be deactivated, 
and the weapons manually controlled. During that opening, Yurika cast a 
potent spell. It was an offensive spell that created a powerful electric bolt. 




The powerful lightning shook the atmosphere with a loud boom and it easily 
pierced the trailer's armor, frying all of the circuits within. With that, the 
barrier generation device seized to function, and the barrier protecting the 
trailer vanished. The attack caused the components to explode, but there 
was no large-scale destruction like one would expect from explosions. That 
was precisely the result Yurika had aimed for. 


Moreover, Yurika found herself unexpectedly lucky. After running through 
the barrier generation device, it ran through the trailer's electrical system. 
Thanks to that, the trailer lost its power and its buoyancy disappeared, 
making it fall some dozen centimeters to the ground. 


The intense impact made Yurika cling onto the barrier generation device 
she had just destroyed. After scraping along the road for a while, the trailer 
finally came to a stop. 

“... D-Did it stop?” 

Yurika opened one of her tightly closed eyes and confirmed her 
surroundings. The trailer had stopped in the middle of the road and smoke 
was rising from various parts of the body. However, it didn't seem to have 
taken a lot of damage. That was because the trailer had been designed not 
to take a lot of damage, even if it lost power while running. 

“That's right, I have to hurry!” 

Yurika didn't know the real reason for why the trailer had stopped. It might 
have been completely destroyed, or its safeties might just have been 
tripped by the high voltage, and it could start up again, sooner or later. 
There was a lot of things to do before that. 

“Commander-san, please come right away! It's safe now!” 

"Well done, Yurika-dono! We'll be there in just a moment!” 

Yurika contacted her allies with her bracelet and used magic to destroy the 
machine guns and missile launchers. Once that was over, she hurriedly 
headed towards the trailer's rear hatch. There, she was able to group up 



with the strike force. 

“Please wait a moment, I'll cut it open right away!” 

One of the military engineers approached the hatch with a blowtorch, 
reading cut off the lock to the hatch. 

As the blowtorch spewed out extremely high temperature plasma, the 
metallic lock of the trailer was cut open before their very eyes. It didn't take 
more than ten seconds to cut off half of the lock. At this rate the hatch 
would be opened. And that was when the hatch was swung open from the 

The engineer cutting the lock was blown away and flew towards Yurika. 

Yurika ended up being pushed down by the engineer and she landed on 
her butt. The engineer's eyes were spinning, but fortunately, neither Yurika 
nor the engineer were hurt. Relieved by that, Yurika looked up to figure out 
what had happened. 


Before Yurika's eyes, giant legs appeared. As she looked up further, she 
saw a stocky giant in thick armor. 

Unlike poison, a virus would self-replicate once it had infected someone. 
That's why a large amount wasn't necessary when used in an attack. That's 
why Bandarion had shoved a several meters tall giant into the open space, 
in the case that the trailer was attacked before reaching the designated 
location, or other various troubles. 

“This is... the first giant!” 

Yurika had seen the giant before. Not directly, but she had seen it on 
documented footage. It was the large mobile weapon that Elexis had used 
when he first appeared as Ruth's fiance. 

Elexis had used multiple giant robots to attack, but there were many secrets 
regarding the Warlord series, and it hadn't been supplied to the imperial 
army. However, the first giant that had been used already had a product 
model and was being sold. Like the mobile weapons that Koutarou and the 
others were fighting in the woods, this giant didn't have magic or spiritual 


PART 10 

energy technology, it had a great deal more power than the imperial army's 
standard equipment. It was a very dangerous machine. 

“Commander-san, fall back right away!” 

’’But, leaving Yurika-dono on your own—” 

“This isn't an opponent that will go so easy on you!” 

Yurika's intuition told her that if it was just this giant on its own, she should 
be able to win on her own. If there were two, she would still win with the 
soldiers' backup. Three would put them on an even stage, while four and 
beyond would leave them at a disadvantage. In total there were six giants. 
There was only one in front of Yurika, but the other five were getting up 
from the trailer. 

“Retreat right now, and call for Theia-chan and Satomi-san!! We need their 

Yurika quickly began incanting a defensive spell. If they fought them straight 
on, Yurika and the soldiers would be destroyed in an instant. All she could 
do now was to have the soldiers retreat and call for Koutarou and Theia 
while she protected them. 

Part 10 

Flying up into the sky, Theia and Koutarou could see Yurika struggling. She 
was over a kilometer away, but their computers enlarged the image and 
displayed her appearance. 

Yurika was covered in scratches and dirt, and was desperately fighting. She 
used defensive spells and illusions to hold off the attacks of six giants all on 
her own. The shine in her eyes and her determined expression made a 
clear distinction from her usual self. 

“Yurika is getting beat up! Theia!” 

“I know, cover your ears!” 

Don't hit the trailer! 


PART 10 

’’Who do you think you're talking to!!” 

Theia repeatedly fired the large anti-material cannons above her shoulders. 
The shells flew faster than the eye could see and assaulted the giant about 
to attack Yurika. The shells didn't on impact, and instead destroyed the 
barrier and crushed the giant's left arm. 

“Theia, can you follow after me!?” 

With Theia's attack, the giants, or more accurately their pilots, directed their 
hostility towards Koutarou and Theia. To Koutarou, the hostility looked like 
lines of spiritual energy, and avoiding those would allow them to dodge the 
attacks. However, Theia couldn't do that. Her following after Koutarou 
would allow her to dodge the attacks as well. 

“Like I said, who do you think you're talking to!?” 

Theia easily followed after Koutarou's complex movements. Thanks to that, 
the two of them dodged all enemy fire. The only exception was guided 
missiles, but Theia shot down them with her beam rifle as she dodged the 
other attacks. 

"... To my beloved princess” 

The words that slipped out of Koutarou's mouth was how he really felt. That 
was just how splendid Theia's moves were. Theia's athletic ability, kinetic 
vision and reflexes were all beyond excellent. Moving like that while 
accurately shooting at the same time was something only she could do. 

“This isn't all I've got!!” 

”Hey, don't get too full of yourself, that's dangerous!” 

Eventually, Theia's and Koutarou's movements started to fall out of synch. 
By doing that, Theia created openings to attack and back up Yurika. But at 
the same time, it increased the risk that the enemy might be able to hit her. 
This caused Koutarou to worry. 

“You only feel like it's dangerous because you can only see spiritual 
energy! Regardless of their intentions to attack, they can't attack at 
tactically impossible timings!” 

However, Koutarou's worry was for naught. Theia's announcement came 
from the fact that her battle sensor had analyzed the giants' attack pattern, 


PART 10 

and she accurately avoided the attacks while going on a counteroffensive. 
Koutarou had nothing he could say as a comeback. 

“...As you wish, My Princess” 

Koutarou gave up on objecting and continued to avoid attacks so he could 
be used as a reference for Theia. Satisfied with that, the edges of Theia's 
lips lifted up into a smile. 

“Fufu, that's more like it, my knight” 

With Theia starting to attack back, the giants attack became less frequent. 
Thanks to that, Koutarou and Theia stopped wasting time with dodging and 
gained a few hundred meters in a short amount of time. 

“Are you okay, Yurika!?” 

Koutarou landed down on the ground and slid across it for a while using his 
posture control booster to end up in front of Yurika to protect her. 

“You did good, Yurika!” 

Theia's voice came through Yurika's bracelet. She had stayed in the air to 
make full use of the mobility of her Combat Dress. 

“S-Satomi-san! Theia-chan!” 

Theia's attacks had benefited Yurika as well. Having taken an attack, the 
giants had no choice but to attack Koutarou and Theia as well. Thanks to 
that, the attacks on Yurika eased up, and Yurika was able to come back 
from a dangerous spot. 

“I'm okay, somehow! But I am so glad you came, I was almost at my limit...” 

Yurika had injuries all over. Not only had she used up a lot of magical power 
with her teleport, but she had also continuously protected the retreating 
soldiers from the attacks of six giants. She had wounds all over her body 
and her exhaustion made her steps sway. 

“It's okay now. Just leave the rest to me and Theia... is what I would like to 
say, but there's something you have to do too” 

“The virus weapon?” 

’’That's right! You enter the trailer and find the weapon while we are dealing 

PART 10 

with the giants!” 

Thanks to Yurika's efforts, the soldiers had safely escaped. With no need to 
protect them any more, Koutarou and Theia should be able to handle the 
six giants. While the two were fighting, Yurika could move over to their main 
objective, to found the virus weapon. Looking at Yurika's state, this was the 
most effective way to split up their roles. 

“Okay, please start right away!” 

Yurika nodded powerfully and her tired body readied her cane again. She 
would now need to break through the openings that Koutarou and Theia 
will open and get past the giants. 

“Here I come!” 

The first to move was, as expected, Theia. She fired several heat smoke 
grenades into the area surrounding the giants from the cannons above her 
shoulders. That caused high temperature smoke to wrap around the giants 
and deprive them of their vision. With the high temperature, the heat 
sensors wouldn't work. That was more than enough to conceal a person. 

“Here we go, Yurika!” 


Koutarou took the lead and began running. As his armor was starting up its 
jamming, the giants couldn't tell that Koutarou was approaching. 

One in the center, three to the right and two to the left. So the best would 
be to pass through the left side of the middle one... 

As the giants were mobile weapons with pilots inside, their auras could be 
seen through the smoke. The loud operating sounds and footsteps also let 
him know of their position. 

“This should be enough of a handicap!” 

As Koutarou passed through the gaps of two giants, he cut the giants legs. 
Since the giants themselves had no aura, he couldn't accurately tell their 
precise location, and couldn't cause a lot of damage. However, the two 
giants ended up having to drag their legs. 

“No, this is what you call a handicap!!” 


PART 10 

The sound data of the giants approaching taken by Koutarou's armor was 
shared with Theia who was flying in the air. Her Combat Dress' fire control 
system analyzed that data to create holographic models and projected them 
into Theia's vision. Now she too could see the giants. 

Using that data for reference, Theia fired cannon shell after cannon shell. 
She aimed for places where the pilots sitting in the center of the giants 
wouldn't get hit. As a result, shells rained down on the shoulders and arms. 

“Alright, we're past!” 

“We did it!!” 

While the giants were being stalled by Theia's bombardment, Koutarou and 
Yurika safely made it past them. Fortunately, they weren't attacked by the 
giants, and their defensive spell and barrier protected them from the heat of 
the smoke. 

“Go, Yurika! Don't worry about your back, I'll protect you!” 

Koutarou stopped after getting past the giants, while Yurika continued 
running. They each had different roles in this. 


Yurika ran at full speed as she was told. Her role was to enter the trailer 
and find the virus weapon. Koutarou's and Theia's roles were to stall the 
giants here. Each of them fulfilling their roles was the condition for victory. 

"... It's our turn now, Theia” 

“No, it's my turn. You're only helping” 

”So you really are angry” 

”Of course!! Who wouldn't when your citizens and country is threatened by 
a virus!!” 

”1 agree. As if I'd let Bandarion get his way!” 

Yurika was convinced that she wouldn't get attacked from behind. Because 
behind her was Forthorthe's strongest princess and the legendary knight 
that had been revived after an eternity. That's why Yurika didn't show any 
concern whatsoever to her back. 


PART 11 

Part 11 

When the smoke cleared, what greeted the pilots of the giants was a 
golden flag in the sky, drawn by lasers. The crest on that flag was a 
gorgeous and beautiful flower in full bloom. The pilots knew very well who 
that flag represented. 

“It's Princess Theiamillis...” 

“So the rumors of her going to the front on her own were true...” 

The royal families had protected Forthorthe for over 2,000 years. So the 
meaning behind one of their combat flags being raised was deep. It meant 
surrender or lose, and the eyes of the golden haired girl, who had created 
the flag, were saying the same thing. 

“C-Calm down! Even if the royal family is undefeated, Her Majesty Elfaria 
has committed crimes and will have her royal rights stripped! It's not like 
we're facing real royalty!” 

The squad captain called out to his subordinates over the communicator 
and gave them words of encouragement. It was clear that he himself didn't 
believe in them. His voice was trembling, and he was still referring to Elfaria 
as Her Majesty. He was simply repeating his fagade, and couldn't even fool 

“Besides, the battle has already begun! It's too late to beg for forgiveness 

But even then, the squad captain pointed his large beam shotgun towards 
Princess Theiamillis. However, that was not because of courage, but 
because he had already attacked royalty and he was now feeling cornered. 
The pilots didn't have to option to surrender. 

“Follow the captain! Before we're all killed!” 


The five subordinates followed after their advancing captain. They all knew 
that the girl before them was not just lovely, but a natural born beast. If they 
stood by idly, they would be devoured. 


PART 11 

"... Even raising my flag only bought a few seconds, huh” 

Princess Theiamillis readied her weapons with a fearless smile. Despite 
facing six giants, her confidence remained unwavering, in contrast to the 
pilots in the giants. 

“Yurika got inside the trailer, that's more than enough, right?” 

The knight guarding the princess readied a sword in each hand. He was 
wearing a powered armor, but it couldn't compete with the giants. Normally, 
they weren't opponents that should be feared, but the appearance of 
Princess Theiamillis, and the coloring of the knight's armor made the pilots 
feel a vague anxiety. The next moment, that anxiety became reality. 

“Go, Koutarou!” 

”As you wish, My Princess!” 

The knight charged as he got backup by the princess. The missiles fired by 
the princess kicked up a cloud of dirt, and the knight pushed through the 
cloud and his dazzling sword approached. To counter that, the squad 
captain leading his charge pointed his beam shotgun at the knight. He was 
planning on shooting the knight point blank when the sword was repelled by 
the barrier. 


However, betraying the squad captain's expectations, the knight's right 
sword easily cut through the barrier. As there was a vast difference in the 
output from the generators that the armor and the giant had, this was an 
impossible outcome. Next up, the knight swung his left sword, opening a 
wide tear in the giant's thick armor. 

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaa, don't come any closer!!” 

Thrown into a panic by these attacks, the squad captain simply fired his 
beam shotgun off repeatedly. Yet the knight easily dodged the scattered 
beams fired from the shotgun. 

“I can't hit!! I can't hit him!!” 

As the shotgun fired scattered beams, it should be able to hit even fast 
moving targets. Despite that, the knight didn't get hit. This was in part to the 
knight reading ahead and dodging, but also because he was at such close 


PART 11 

range that his sword could reach, so the beams didn't have enough time to 


’’Don't just stand there and look, you fire too!” 


Seeing the captain struggling to hit the knight, the other giants fired as one. 
But the knight being too close to their ally, only few shots hit the knight. As 
they were firing scattered beams, only having a few hit wouldn't cause that 
much damage, and the barrier from the knight's armor blocked them all. 

“They seem to be in a fluster” 

“There's six of them, so if they used them well they could defeat us...” 

Of course, the knight didn't continue to just take the attacks. In the brief 
stops between his dodges he teamed up with the princess to attack the 
giants weak spots, their legs. Because of that, the giants became visibly 

“It's not like there are six of Elexis. And they're seeing us for the first time” 

”So they're dealing with unfamiliar enemies while unable to make full use of 
their units, huh” 

While things were becoming one-sided, it wasn't that the giants were weak. 
Nor was the knight and princess too strong. The problem was that they 
were fighting against unknown enemies in crafts they hadn't mastered, and 
worst of all, they felt immense pressure from fight against royalty. 

“Hey, Theia, I said don't get reckless!” 

”It's okay. This way—” 

The princess who was supporting the knight from the rear was all of a 
sudden really close. She pointed the large piledriver attached to her left arm 
at the giant right in front of her. 

“— they'll panic even more!” 

The hammerhead sent flying by a loud explosion easily blew off the giant's 
head. With the head blown off, the pilot inside of the giant could see the 


PART 12 

princess with his very own eyes. 

That's Her Highness, that's without a doubt Princess Theiamillis...! 

Bathed in sunlight, the sight of Princess Theiamillis, equipped with a 
piledriver that was spewing out steam, evoked a somewhat divine feeling. 
She soon activated her boosters and vanished, but the pilot that had seen 
her was overcome with a sense that there was no way they could win, and 
began feeling regret. 

“Uwaaaaaaa!! Uwaa-aaaaaaaaahhhh!!” 

Eventually that confusion and regret spread through the entire squad. With 
that, both the offense and defence of the giants greatly fell, and the knight 
and princess gained the upper hand. While the princess had been a 
reckless, the overall outcome was in fact safer. The pilots had been 
completely overwhelmed. 

Part 12 

Just after Koutarou’s and Theia’s battle against the giants had begun, 
Yurika successfully entered the trailer’s cargo compartment from the hatch 
at the rear. The insides of the cargo compartment of a trailer in Forthorthe 
was at least three times larger in every dimension than when compared to 
that of one from Earth. 

"... The virus’ containment vessel... the containment vessel...” 

Yurika began exploring the cargo compartment. Immediately after entering 
were six metal fixtures where Yurika believed that the giants had been lying 
down. Believing that entering and leaving the trailer from that position would 
be more convenient, Yurika headed deeper into the cargo compartment. 

"... This probably isn’t it... it should be something more sturdy... besides, it 
doesn’t have any ‘Danger!’ markings...” 

Several large boxes were lined up deeper inside the cargo compartment. 
However, none of them looked to be that sturdy. Not even Yurika, with her 
lack of knowledge, believed that a virus would be kept in a wooden or 


PART 12 

plastic container. She peeked inside of them just in case, but as expected 
they were just food or other general merchandise, in other words, normal 

“Ah, t-this is!?” 

However, as Yurika was looking through the boxes of supplies, she 
discovered a large white box that had almost been hidden by the other 
boxes. The overall appearance of that box was completely different from the 
other boxes. It was made completely out of metal, and sounds of machinery 
came from it. It also had several red and yellow marks that really stuck out. 

“This is it! It has to be this box!” 

The marks on the box looked familiar to Yurika. It was a Forthorthe warning 
mark, and she had come across several times inside of Theia’s Blue Knight. 
It was the kind of ‘Danger!’ mark that she was looking for. 

“I should open it up... right after, just in case...” 

Yurika pointed the tip of her cane at the box. She didn’t know what was 
going on inside of the box, so she was going to use a spell to find out. 


Yurika cast a spell to let her see through things. That allowed her vision to 
pierce the thick box and see what lay within. 

“Could this black stuff be the virus weapon!?” 

Inside the box was a metallic pedestal, and affixed to it was a cylindrical, 
transparent case. The pedestal looked sturdy and some shaking or impacts 
wouldn’t make the case fall. In fact, the case still looked unharmed, and 
within it was a black liquid, and for each step a giant on the outside took, 
the liquid shook. From the way it moved, it looked like it was very stick. 

“It looks muddled and yucky... but, I should be able to open the box. I don’t 
have any time so I have to be bold!” 

After looking inside the box and confirming that it was safe, Yurika put her 
hand on the grip attached to the box and pulled it down. 

The side with the grip attached served as the boxes door, and the hinges 
on the side creaked a little as it opened. As the door opened, large amounts 


PART 12 

of cold air came spewing out. The mechanical sounds were to create this 
cold air. The box functioned as a refrigerator. 

"... There’s no doubt, this is it...” 

Yurika felt something very ominous when she saw the black liquid within the 
case with her own eyes, instead of using magic. That made her sense that 
this was definitely the virus weapon. 

“T-That’s right, I have to— eh, huh?” 

Just when Yurika was about to activate her communications device to 
report that she had found the virus weapon, she noticed something strange 
attached to the cylindrical case containing it. It was a metallic box, and on 
the surface were characters being displayed. Those characters changed as 
time passed. 

“What is this...” 

Perplexed, Yurika pushed her bracelet closer to the case and activated the 
translation device instead of the communications device. A weak laser fired 
out from the bracelet, and read the characters on the surface of the box, 
rewriting them into characters she could understand. 

“59, 58, 57, 56... some kind of numbers?” 

What was being displayed on the surface of the box was numbers counting 
down. Not understanding what that meant, Yurika tilted her head in 
confusion. However, the shape of the box made her associate it with a 
certain thing. This certain thing would sometimes appear in the anime and 
manga she looked at. 

“T-This couldn’t be... could it!?” 

Yurika felt like this association was correct. And if it really was, things would 
be really bad. That’s why this time she did activate her communications 
device, and purposefully chose not to encrypt her message as she sent it 
over all frequencies. 

“I found the virus weapon!! But there’s a bomb attached to it!! It will explode 
in less than a minute!!” 

The displayed numbers were a countdown. 


PART 13 

The small box was a bomb. 

The virus weapon packed into the trailer had been set up to explode and 
spread once the time was right. 

Part 13 

Bandarion had schemed to use the virus weapon to corner the Elfaria 
faction. However, the utmost care was necessary. If the virus wasn’t spread 
at the correct place at the correct time, Bandarion would be the one who 
would be cornered. 

The first question was if the Elfaria faction would show up to blow up the 
containment vessel. That problem was resolved with a fake Elfaria faction 
squad. If the fake squad destroyed the trailer, the virus would definitely be 

However, that alone wasn’t enough for Bandarion, and he prepared another 
safety precaution. His worries weren’t just the one point above. If the 
information that the trailer was transporting a virus leaked, the Elfaria 
faction might try to stop it. Depending on the circumstances, the fake squad 
might be defeated. And even if information wasn’t leaked, the fake squad 
might be detected. In other to resolve those kinds of problems, a bomb was 
set on the virus’ containment vessel. 

The bomb had a very elaborate make, and based on the situation, two 
different types of explosions were possible. The first was a small explosion 
intended to spread the virus. The other was a large explosion to destroy all 
evidence in the case that the virus weapon was taken away. The latter half 
didn’t guarantee that the virus would be completely destroyed, but the 
evidence of the virus being transported would be destroyed. 

The countdown was currently working its way down for the former 
explosion. It would be made to look like Koutarou’s and the others’ attack 
had destroyed the containment vessel. Even if some were to see the 
explosion, they would soon die from the virus. With the Elfaria faction 
having an inferior force, they wouldn’t be able to secure the area after the 


PART 14 

virus had been spread, allowing Bandarion’s side to cover up the evidence 
at their leisure. 

Part 14 

Hearing Yurika’s report, Theia quickly fired off a flare and shouted into her 
communications device. 

“Everyone hearing this message, regardless of side are to withdraw 
immediately! Get as far away from the trailer as you can! If possible, head 
in the direction of the wind!” 

The communications device delivered Theia’s words across all frequency 
bands. The flare and her words shared the same meaning. With a bomb 
attached to the virus, there was no longer any more time to fight. The 
Elfaria faction obeyed Theia and began an immediate retreat. However, as 
expected, the imperial army on Bandarion’s side didn’t move. 

“Avirus weapon!?” 

“And a time bomb!?” 

”W-What do we do, captain!” 

They had heard Yurika’s and Theia’s words as well. However, they couldn’t 
just believe them right away. The fake squad in the forest had been told that 
the Elfaria faction were carrying mobile weapons on the trailer. The giants 
on the trailer were only being moved to the front lines. Neither of them ever 
imagined a virus weapon being transported on the trailer. They knew they 
had to escape right away if Theia and Yurika were speaking the truth. 
However, if it was a lie to confuse them, and they believed it, they would be 
responsible for a massive blunder. They would receive an intense scolding 
and punishment. The imperial army couldn’t move. 

“Driver, can you hear me!?” 

The only one calm was the captain of the six giants. He quickly activated 
his communications device and called for the trailer’s driver. 


PART 14 


“Confirm it with the cameras of the cargo compartment!! Can you see 
something like it!?” 

“Wait a moment... I can see it! A refrigerated container with warning 
markings over it, with its door open and a girl looking inside!” 

The camera feed was sent to the giants’ cockpits. On it they could see a 
girl, Yurika, staring into an open container. 


The squad captain pulled on his emergency lever to blow away the 
cockpit’s hatch, and hurriedly jumped out of his unit, before running towards 
the trailer without a weapon in hand. 

“Captain, where are you going!?” 

“You guys fall back! I will confirm the truth!” 

The captain’s actions were due to his sense of duty. Theia’s and Yurika’s 
words were most likely the truth, but he couldn’t just withdraw like that 
without any evidence. He needed to confirm the existence of both the virus 
weapon and the bomb. 

“Understood, Captain!” 

“Send out the retreat signal! And use all frequency bands to keep civilians 
and allies from approaching!” 

The squad of giants broke off from combat and began retreating in an 
orderly fashion. The units that had taken a lot of damage were abandoned 
and only the pilot transferred over to an ally unit. From their appearance it 
seemed clear that they were seriously retreating. 

“Theia, we’re going too!” 

“Yurika, wait there! We’ll come to you!” 

With the imperial army retreating, Koutarou and Theia could move freely. 
The two turned their backs on the giants and headed towards the trailer’s 
cargo compartment. As the two reached the hatch, Yurika appeared from 
inside. She was carrying the containment vessel, but her steps were 


PART 14 

wavering due to its weight. 

“Miss, give that over here!” 

“T-Thank you very much!” 

Noticing that Yurika was having trouble, the squad captain received the 
containment vessel from her. Upon receiving it, his expression turned grim. 

A case containing something virus-like, with a bomb attached to it... they 
were correct!! Which means that we were just some sacrificial pawns from 
the very beginning!! 

While it wasn’t certain if it was a real virus or not. However, with it being 
placed within the trailer it was clear that Theia and Yurika weren’t lying. 
Thanks to that, the captain lost all intentions of fighting. Being treated as a 
sacrifical pawn, he was deprived of his will to fight. Instead, anger at the 
upper brass of the military flared up. 

“How does it look!?” 

“Your Highness, there’s only 30 seconds left on the countdown!” 

The captain obediently reported to Theia, as if he was an Elfaria faction 
soldier. The anger he felt towards the military was what drove him to do so. 

“Can’t you defuse it!?” 

“There’s no time for that! If we had found it five minutes earlier...” 

The bomb attached to the containment vessel wasn’t anything special. With 
enough time, even the captain could defuse it. However, 30 seconds was 
not enough time. Defusing it was impossible. 

“Can’t we just remove the bomb and throw it away?” 

“If we try to force it off, it will explode! It will only speed up the time we have 
left before it explodes” 

“Which means we only have one option” 

Listening to the discussion, Koutarou opened the front of his armor and 
quickly stepped out. 

What are you going to do, Koutarou!? 


PART 14 

“Let’s gather all explosives we can find to make the explosion bigger. We’ll 
burn up the virus with that” 

"... I see, it’ll be a wager, but that’s all we can do in this situation” 

Koutarou’s idea was to burn up the virus. If they just waited for the bomb to 
go off, they’d be facing a disaster. If they didn’t have the time to defuse it or 
throw it into space, the only option they had was to make the explosion as 
big as possible to incinerate the virus. By exploding the armor’s generator 
and having the ammunition explode as well would rise the temperature at 
the time of explosion. But even doing all of that, there was no guarantee 
that the virus would be completely burned up. It was a wager with very poor 

“Then let’s—” 

"... Please wait. I’ll do something about it!” 


PART 14 

However, as they were about to execute their plan, Yurika stopped 
Koutarou and the others. A strong determination resided within her eyes 
Having been cornered, she had returned to her magical girl self. 


PART 14 

“Can you do it, Yurika!?” 

’’There’s no guarantee, but I think it will be better than just making the 
explosion bigger!” 

’’Then we’ll leave it to you! Show us what you can do, Yurika!” 

Upon looking at Yurika, Theia made her decision right away. She could 
entrust it to Yurika the way she was. Theia knew that very well. 


Yurika nodded firmly and held her cane in both hands. There was little time 
left. She had to start right away. 

“Everyone, just in case, get around be and put up your barriers. Even if I 
fail, that might still work” 

There was a mere ten seconds left. There would be no do-overs. This was 
their first and final move. However, Yurika wasn’t losing her nerve. With 
eyes and voice full of determination, she began her incantation. 

“Perfect Force Field - Modifier - Maximize” 

For some reason, Yurika was casting a defensive spell. Moreover, she 
poured all of her remaining magical power into it. What was even more 
perplexing was that the spell was cast on the containment vessel that had 
been left on the ground. 

“You’re planning to contain the explosion with that spell!? But even then—” 
“No! The real battle starts here!” 

Yurika interrupted Theia and brandished her cane. 


Yurika’s spell wasn’t over yet. The defensive spell Yurika had cast created 
a globe stretched over ten meters in diameter with the containment vessel 
at the center. With Yurika’s follow-up incantation, that field began shrinking. 
Ten meters turned to eight, eventually reaching six. It’s size rapidly began 

“Yurika, it’s exploding!” 


PART 14 


The bomb attached to the containment vessel exploded as Yurika’s 
defensive spell reached a diameter of two meters. The explosion occurred 
within that small space, and it glowed like a small sun. Even then, Yurika 
didn’t stop shrinking her field, and its diameter was reduced even more. 

“I see, Yurika, so that’s what you were thinking!!” 

That was where realized what Yurika was doing. First off, Yurika created a 
large globe-shaped defensive spell, and closed in a large amount of air. 

Next she compressed the air as much as she could, and the globe was now 
less than 1 meter in diameter. The explosion occurred in that small space. 
The scale of the explosion was far from large, but due to the compression, 
the pressure and temperature greatly increased. In other words, Yurika 
made use of the compression and the explosion to create situation like the 
nightmare she had experienced during the re-entry into the atmosphere. 

“Naaaaaaaah, Aaaaaah, Waaaaaaah!!” 

Of course, that put a great deal of strain on the defensive spell, and the 
load on Yurika drastically increased. In fact, the defensive spell covering the 
compressed air was blinking and looked like it would disappear at any 

“Signaltin, give Yurika your power!!” 

The one to save Yurika from the danger was Koutarou. He pulled out 
Signaltin’s vast magical power and poured it into Yurika. The moment 
Signaltin’s white magical power touched Yurika, it turned yellow and the 
light of the defensive spell increased. 

“How about thiiiiisss!!” 

While borrowing Koutarou’s help, Yurika mustered the last of her powers to 
compress the space even further. The space had now been compressed 
into a spherical space just a few centimeters in diameter. With the 
fragments of the containment vessel still inside, the actual available space 
was even less. In that tiny amount of space was enough area to fill a globe 
ten meters in diameter, and the explosive force of an explosion. With that, 
the pressure and temperature generated inside had far exceeded that of an 
atmospheric re-entry, for just a short amount of time. And in that harsh, 
hellish environment, there was no way for the virus to survive. 


PART 14 

By the time it was all over, Yurika had lost consciousness while stilling 
gripping onto her cane. She had given it her all until the very end, and 
literally run out of strength. The reason why she hadn’t let go of her cane 
despite that was surely because she was a magical girl of love and 

"... You did good, Yurika” 

Koutarou held up Yurika and put her on his back. When Koutarou held onto 
her, all tension left Yurika’s body and she simply leaned over his back. Even 
though she was unconscious, she looked surprisingly a lot like she usually 
did when she was lazily lying around. 

“It looks like the virus was completely incinerated... Well done, Yurika” 

In the direction Yurika’s cane was pointed was nothing but ash and a 
melted containment vessel. Regardless of what was inside, it had all been 
burnt up. That much was clear to anyone. 

“Make sure you thank her properly when she wakes up” 

”1 know. Don’t lump me in with you” 

The atmosphere between Koutarou and Theia eased up quite a bit. They 
had only just escaped a deadly situation, so it was only to be expected. The 
captain who was with them felt the same, and he was lying down with his 
limbs stretched out a bit further away from the others. 

"... Phew, looks like it all ended safely” 

That was when a voice came from above Koutarou. 

“Elexis, huh” 

When he looked up, he saw Elexis, Maya and six magical girls. With Elexis 
at the lead, they landed one after another in front of Koutarou and the 
others. They looked tired, but all eight were safe. 

“Now then, Koutarou-kun, I believe we have a mutual problem” 

”1 know. Whether to settle things with us or not, right?” 

With the Bandarion’s virus weapon incident settled, Koutarou’s and Elexis’ 
groups would return to their normal relationship. That relationship being 


PART 14 

enemies, and if they faced one another they had to fight. 

“Honestly, us fighting here wouldn’t be good. There’s too many eyes on us” 

Elexis shrugged as he spoke in an easygoing manner. The captain was still 
plopped down a bit off, and Bandarion most likely had some intentionally 
placed journalists recording them. Moreover, the army likely had some 
satellites pointed at them. If they were to carelessly fight here, Bandarion 
would find out that Elexis was involved, and their position would worsen. As 
Signaltin couldn't dispel their disguises, it was a deadly weapon to them 
right now. 

"... And we have fewer numbers” 

The problem for Koutarou and the others were simply that they lacked 
forces. With Yurika unconscious, it would be a two vs eight.If they fought, 
Koutarou and Theia would certainly lose. While they might be able to take 
two down with them each, that was their limit. 

“So as a proposal... why don’t we just get along for today? To avoid ruining 
each others’ future” 

Elexis suggested that they avoided fighting. Both of them had reasons to 
not fight. If they got stubborn and fought anyways, the future for both sides 
would be ruined. It would be a meaningless fight for both sides. 

“What do we do, Theia?” 

Hearing Elexis’ proposal, wrinkles appeared on Theia’s forehead. With her 
personality, she didn’t like avoiding a fight. She believed that royalty should 
break through the front. 

“Princess, you should decide to get along with us fast. Crim-chan is just 
oozing to get into a fight” 

“How rude, I can think about the future too” 

However, Orange’s and Crimson’s words made Theia calm down. Fighting 
was easy, but thinking about the future, in other words, the country and its 
citizens, fighting here was foolish. Even the legendary Princess Alaia threw 
away her pride for the sake of her country and its people, and had tried to 
stop the fighting. 


PART 14 

“I got it. I’ll accept those conditions” 

’’Thank you, Your Highness” 

Maya flashed a smile full of meaning. If she were to be honest, she wanted 
to fight. But she had accepted it. Her wish to let the people of Folsaria 
return to Forthorthe was similar to Theia’s feelings. The meaning behind 
Maya’s smile was very similar to something like sympathy for Theia. 

“But tomorrow, we’ll be back to enemies. We’ll definitely defeat you!” 

“Just the way we want it. And we will definitely win” 

Theia and Maya had fearless smiles as they stared at each other. The two 
felt the same way even here. Elexis who looked at the two let out chuckle 
and whispered to Koutarou. 

"... It looks like we’re both having a hard time thanks to women” 

“... Looks like it” 

Elexis was without a doubt an enemy, they usually never saw eye to eye on 
something, and had been through a lot thanks to one another. However, 
Koutarou forgot that and nodded. He truly felt that way thanks to having 
overcome a danger so great he forgot about fighting for a while. 

“I can hear you! You insubordinate fool!” 

“El!! What is that supposed to mean!?” 

They both had sharp ears, and they got angry the same way. Koutarou and 
Elexis looked at each other and smiled wryly, before slumping their 
shoulders and sighing at the same time. 



The Silver Sword 

Part 1 

Wednesday, November 24 

When first hearing the report from Granado, Bandarion didn’t believe what 
he was hearing at first. That was just how confident he was in his plan. 

“Is that true, Granado!? Was the spreading of the virus really prevented!?” 

“There’s no doubting it. Princess Theiamillis herself took control of the 
situation, and the virus was disposed before it had a chance to spread” 

“To think she could see through all of that... curse it!” 

Unable to hide his irritation, Bandarion slammed his large fist into his sofa’s 
armrest. The sofa used high quality wood and was well made, but it 
creaked under the force behind his fist. That was just how much frustration 
was behind his blow. 

“Get to investigating where the information leak came from right away!” 

“I have already instructed an investigation to begin. But Bandarion-sama, 
there is an even greater problem” 


Bandarion was in a bad mood, and his tone of voice aggressive. However, 
Granado who had known him for a long time remained unfazed and calmly 
operated the panel nearby. Granado knew that Bandarion’s anger was not 
directed at him. 

“Please take a look at this” 

Bandarion and Granado were in Bandarion’s private room. It was filled with 
luxurious furniture and it was the room where Bandarion spent his private 



time. However, the room was often used for secret talks as well, and a 
computer that allowed for the creation of a large hologram had been 
installed. The computer turned some specific video in holograms. 

“This is...” 

“This is footage from news that was broadcast recently. Intentionally staging 
the incident nearby journalists backfired on us. The battle on Alaia was 
reported on in real time” 

Appearing on the hologram was Princess Theiamillis and a knight in blue 
armor serving as her guard, and they were fighting against giant humanoid 
mobile weapons. The teamwork between the two was perfect, and despite 
the numerical disadvantage of a six vs two fight, they gradually cornered 
the giants. It was the sight of a princess and her knight that the people 
would love. 

The ones that recorded the video was a news organization that had been 
there for an unrelated interview and were being escorted by the Elfaria 
faction. The Elfaria faction would fall into a trap, and the media under their 
protection would capture all of it. By doing that, the report would have 
increased credibility, and should help corner the Elfaria faction, it could 
even help change the media’s stance. That was the original plan. 

However, the trap that had so many precautions had been seen through, 
and what was broadcast ended up benefitting the Elfaria faction. The video 
of the princess’ and her knight’s outstanding performance was broadcasted, 
what’s more was that rumors that the Bandarion side were planning on 
using a virus weapon starting arising. The news organization that had 
noticed the fighting attentively listened to all communications, and even 
though there was jamming in place, they would partially pick up Yurika’s 
and Theia’s warnings. 

As a result, a lot of things backfired. There was of course the miscalculation 
with the news organization, but the explosion of the virus weapon had been 
prevented, and it was safe to assume that evidence such as recordings and 
remains of the explosive device had fallen into the Elfaria faction’s hands. 
The public opinion would likely sway from this. Depending on the 
circumstances, the aggressive strategies made possible by the backing of 
the public might be impossible in the future. The entire thing could only be 
called a big blunder. 

My worrying of that kid’s rise to power was what caused this failure, huh... 



Dam nit!! 

Bandarion was aware of the reason for this failure. Sensing danger as 
Elexis distinguished himself, Bandarion forcibly tried to change the 
situation. As a result, he had to pay a steep price. 

"... Reckless pride will sweep the rug from out under my feet, huh” 

“This time problems appeared from fundamental places” 

“So even if it wasn’t for my pride, information would leak and the results 
would be the same, is it... You sure are calm, Granado” 

“In that sense, failing here might have been good timing. This failure can 
still be recovered from” 

The public opinion might change, but they were still overwhelming them in 
terms of forces. There was also the fact that Elfaria was still running from 
the trial. While it was an incredibly large blunder, it wasn’t a fatal mistake. 
Like Granado said, they could still recover. 

“Let’s recover from this situation immediately. We’ll stick to fair play for now” 

“I believe that is for the best. Our openings will become smaller with that as 

Satisfied that Bandarion had regained his cool, Granado nodded. Granado 
was a man who rarely showed emotion, but he was clearly satisfied now. In 
other words, he placed special importance on that part. Sensing that, 
Bandarion showed a smile, something he rarely ever showed others. 

"... Granado, I’m glad that you’re with me” 

’’Your words are wasted on me” 

”l’d like you to share some of that ice cold calmness of yours” 

’’However, I don’t have willpower like flame as you do, Bandarion-sama. In 
that case, it was only destiny that we would combine our powers of fire and 

’’Well said! If that is destiny, then domination of the country will surely be 

Bandarion’s calm had temporarily vanished, and he had lost sight of 



himself. However, he had a trusted comrade and old friend in Granado, 
which allowed him to regain his cool. Unless the cooperation of these two 
was destroyed, Elfaria and Theia would be far from victory. 

Part 2 

On the night after the fight had concluded, Yurika, Koutarou and Theia 
safely reunited with their friends. The location was a base in Pardomshiha 
territory. Koutarou and the others weren’t the only ones that had come 
there, as captured imperial army soldiers had been taken to the location as 
well. Upon hearing the circumstances from the soldiers, the whole content 
of Bandarion’s trap became clear. 

The soldiers on the trailer had only been told that they were transporting 
giant mobile weapons to the frontlines, and the metallic box that contained 
the virus weapon had been explained away as chemicals intended for 
maintenance. That’s why when they were attacked, they simply believed 
the Elfaria faction was attacking and went on a counteroffensive using the 
giants. The thought of protecting the trailer never occurred to them. They 
were sacrificial pawns that didn’t know the truth. 

The fake Elfaria faction soldiers in the woods had similar circumstances. 
They had been told that the Elfaria faction was transporting mobile 
weapons, and they were given the order to disguise themselves and 
approach the trailer to destroy it. They, of course, hadn’t heard anything 
about a virus in the cargo, nor did they know that soldiers on their own side 
was within the trailer. If Theia and the others hadn’t gotten a hold of the 
information, they would face a fate worse than sacrificial pawns. They 
would be framed as Elfaria faction soldiers that had spread a virus weapon, 
and the virus would kill them. The disguised soldiers had been sent to be 
framed as Elfaria faction soldiers, using biological weapons for terrorism. 

Fortunately, they had been able to escape from Bandarion’s conspiracy. 
Their testimonies and the large amount of evidence would prove the 
existence of Bandarion’s conspiracy. Elfaria would use this conspiracy as a 
weapon in her showdown against Bandarion. 

“Curse you, Bandarion!! To think you’d use such a cruel plan... what do you 



take the lives of your allies and citizens for!? Is that something a human 
would do!?” 

Upon hearing the report and fully understanding the situation, Theia was 
enraged. Her loud voice echoed through the command room, and Koutarou 
and the others sitting with her all opened their eyes wide. 

“Calm down, Theia! They say the one that gets mad loses!” 

”1 won’t lose!! As if I would ever lose!! I would never hand over Forthorthe 
and its citizens to a heartless man like that!!” 

Unlike Elfaria who was angry, but remained Calm, her daughter Theia was 
erupting with rage. She couldn’t stand Bandarion using the lives of others 
as pawns in a game. He wanted to trample everything Theia and the rest of 
the royal families had desperately protected, the lives of the citizens. 
Because of that, Theia completely lost sight of herself, and not even the 
words of her friends could reach her. 

“Theia-chan really is a princess, isn’t she... Did you feel the same way 
inside too, Kiriha-san?” 

“Well, my heart was certainly not calm when my hometown turned into a 
battlefield, and many lives of the People of the Earth were lost. That’s why I 
understand how Theia-dono feels” 

“Me too. Alaia-sama felt the same way when she stood up. Her expressions 
were a little more calm though...” 

While the girls of room 106 might sympathize with Theia’s feelings, they 
were unable to call out. Being from a different country on a different planet, 
they couldn’t find the right words. The difference in thinking of history, 
culture and political structure had reduced them to only being able to speak 
with simple sympathy. It became a difficult problem because they were 
considerate of her. 

“Clan-san, you sure are calm, aren’t you? Is that a difference in 

While everyone was struggling to say something, Maki could think of a 
single person who might be able to call out to Theia. That was Clan, 
another princess just like Theia. However Clan blushed with 
embarrassment when Maki turned to her. 



“Our personalities are different, but in my case, uhm... a year and a little 
more ago, I was... what I mean was that I feel more regret, or shame, than 

“I understand how you feel. I feel the same way about Darkness Rainbow” 

In Clan’s case, she had been on the conspiracy side of things in the past. 
That’s why upon seeing Bandarion’s evil deeds, she felt anger, but she was 
also made to look at what she had objectively done herself and reflection 
and regret accompanied her anger. In order to call out to Theia, she needed 
to shelve her own past, which made her words more palpable. Having 
formerly been in Darkness Rainbow, Maki felt the same way. 

“Then it’s Satomi-kun’s time to shine” 

“Eh, me?” 

“You’re the only one related to 2,000 years ago and now, right?” 

Shizuka believed that Koutarou was the only one whose words wouldn’t just 
be simple sympathy. In the past he had saved Forthorthe alongside Alaia, 
and he had now risen up against another national crisis. At the same time 
he was an example of how Forthorthians lived. Shizuka concluded that if 
Koutarou couldn’t do it, nobody else could. 

“Landlord-san, I’m not that great of a person. Besides, I’m an Earthling” 
“Shut up! Get going!” 


Shizuka refused to listen to Koutarou’s rebuttal and forcibly pushed him 
forwards. Using the precise use of force made possible thanks to her 
martial arts training, Koutarou stopped right before Theia. 

“You feel the same way, don’t you Koutarou!!” 

As Koutarou appeared before her, Theia sought after his agreement. 
However, having not listened for a moment, Koutarou was unable to 
answer. When he did, Theia’s anger turned towards him. 

“What, you don’t!?” 



“Calm down first, okay?” 

“If you’re a knight, why won’t you say that you’ll defeat Bandarion!! Don’t 
you have any pride!? 

“Now, now...” 

“You fool!!” 

Up until now, Theia’s anger had been directed at Bandarion and had 
nowhere to go. But now, she had obtained Koutarou, a proper place to take 
her anger out on. Koutarou didn’t know if he could properly persuade Theia 
or not, but she would likely calm down regardless in a little while. The girls 
knew that, and they watched the situation unfold with smiles. 

Part 3 

When confronted with Theia’s intense rage, Koutarou first tried to calm he 
down. But after a few minutes, he had lost his patience and the two ended 
up having a screaming match. That eventually turned physical and the two 
got into a brawl. 

At first Lord Pardomshiha tried to stop them. But before he could start, his 
daughter Ruth stopped him. At first he didn’t know the reason why he had 
been stopped, but as he looked at the two brawl, he began to understand. 

“Dieee! Justdieee! You damned disloyalist!!” 

“You crappy princess, I won’t forgive you today!” 

”lf you think you can do something, then try it!!” 

”l’ll beat you up so bad that washboard of yours starts swelling up!!” 

’’Now you’ve said it, you hack knight! You don’t even know my chest has 

Despite the intense screaming and attacking, there were no critical words of 
attacks unleashed. Before she knew it, Theia’s anger towards Bandarion 
had disappeared, and she was now single-mindedly throwing her emotions 



at Koutarou. After looking at the two for a moment, Lord Pardomshiha 
reached a certain conclusion. 

"... So Her Highness Theiamillis is your rival in love. You’ve got a strong 
opponent, Ruth” 

Neither of them had any intentions of harming the other. Theia was simply 
depending on Koutarou. That’s why Elfaria and her friends left them be. 
Besides, someone who was able to get into a fist fight with the princess of a 
country was definitely special. 

“Father... no, Her Highness not an opponent” 

Ruth’s eyes opened wide for a moment upon hearing Lord Pardomshiha’s 
words, but she eventually blushed a little and shook her head. 

“That’s awfully confident for you” 

Lord Pardomshiha thought that her daughter was confident. He was 
impressed by her reaction as she was always so serious and slow to 
mature. However, Ruth smiled wryly and shook her head one more time. 

“It’s the opposite. If anything I don’t have any confidence at all” 


“In order to get him to turn our way, I need to work together with Her 

“Is he that hard to deal with? He certainly doesn’t look like it...” 

Ruth said that it was hard for her to get Koutarou to look her way on her 
own. But upon seeing Koutarou for himself, Lord Pardomshiha believed 
Koutarou to be a perfectly normal boy. While he might get laughed at for 
being a doting parent if he were to say it out loud, he couldn’t imagine the 
boy being able to ignore Ruth’s charm. 

“He is more serious than me, firmly keeps to reason, and doesn’t even 
hesitate to correct someone’s mistakes, even if they’re royalty... he’s like the 
very model of knights. And because of that, nobody can reach him” 

Deep trust and love could be seen in Ruth’s eyes when she spoke of 
Koutarou. Lord Pardomshiha believed it was only natural for him to be 
serious if Ruth had fallen for him. However, he objected to him being 




“At that age, he looks like he’d easily bend over from some sex appeal...” 
“It’s impossible” 

Ruth adamantly shook her head. If he was someone that could be moved 
by something like that, Ruth wouldn’t have gotten this involved with 
Koutarou. It was because he didn’t move at all that her feelings for him 

“After all... not even the legendary Princess Alaia could stop him on her 

Not even Princess Alaia, often spoken of as a legend, could get Koutarou to 
stop being a knight. Ruth didn’t have to confidence to think she could do 
something that Alaia couldn’t. 

“Princess Alaia!? What are you say— Ah!?” 

Lord Pardomshiha realized something and hurriedly looked at Koutarou. On 
his waist were to swords, a golden and a silver one, he saw the crests 
carved into them, and he saw his shining blue armor. If that wasn’t just his 
hobby, but something born out of necessity, then... 

A shock that shook Lord Pardomshiha’s entire body assaulted him. 

“Impossible! Ruth, are you serious!? If that’s the truth, then is that boy!?” 

Lord Pardomshiha was starting to understand what Ruth was telling him. 
Though he couldn’t easily believe it. It was far easier to doubt his 
daughter's sanity than to accept that as the truth. 

“Yes, it’s just as you think” 

”W-What!? Then he... is that man—” 

“That man is Satomi Koutarou-sama. He wears a beautiful blue armor, 
wields a dazzling silver sword, has defeated a giant dragon, and saved the 
country in the middle of a coup d’etat. The legendary knight—” 

In contrast to Lord Pardomshiha who was confused, Ruth was extremely 
calm and spoke clearly of who the man in the middle of a fist fight with 
Theia was. 



“— whom we have called Reios Fatra Bertorion in the past, a man 
everyone knows of” 

Ruth was proud. She had been able to introduce the person she held dear 
to her father. That’s why she puffed up her chest in a dignified manner and 
smiled happily. 

“— Are you saying that he’s the Blue Knight!?” 

However, to Lord Pardomshiha that was a big misfortune. Ruth’s words 
made him feel like his heart was about to stop. 

Using a private route, and the magic of Darkness Rainbow, escaping from 
the planet of Alaia wasn’t all that difficult. DKI wasn’t a company that was 
being especially watched. If anything, the guard around them was lessened 
as they worked together with the army. That’s why Elexis had returned to 
his company headquarters in Forthorthe, on the afternoon the day after the 

“Looking at yourself in the news... haven’t you become quite the star?” 

“Maya, you’ve been picking fights a lot since yesterday. Did something you 
didn’t like happen?” 

’’Not really. I’m the same as always” 

Having returned to his private room in the company HQ, Elexis began 
staring at his computer immediately after stepping through the door. He was 
gathering information. He was in particular gathering information on the 
battle yesterday. There was a lot of things he needed to know, such as how 
the public opinion was moving, or if their disguise had been seen through 
and such. He used all kinds of methods, such as reading news on the 
networks, and buying information from acquainted informants. 

“Just do as you please, you don’t have to think about me. I’ll do my own 
thing too” 

Maya sat down on the sofa in the corner of the room and drank alcohol on 
her own, in a foul mood. Elexis had noticed her bad mood since yesterday, 
but he didn’t know the reason. But if he was the reason, she would have left 
the room, so he figured something unpleasant must have happened. That’s 
why Elexis thought of joining her drinking after he finished what he was 



“Now, now, I’ll join you with your drinking, just wait a little more. There’s 
something that caught my interest” 

“Caught your interest?” 

As if satisfied with Elexis’ words, or having had her own interest drummed 
up by his, Maya picked up her bottle and glasses and headed towards 

“This video” 

Elexis moved the hologram so that Maya could see, and replayed it from the 
start. It was a news broadcast by one of Forthorthe’s networks. 

“This is footage of the battle yesterday, isn’t it?” 

Maya peeked at the video through the corner of her eyes, as she handed 
Elexis a glass and began pouring. The alcohol was from Forthorthe and 
made using fruits growing there, and a mellow smell filled the room. 

“That’s right, but this is what I want you to pay attention to” 

Elexis drank from his glass with his right hand while using his left hand to 
operate the panel. As he did, messages appeared as if surrounding the 
hologram. Information networks in Forthorthe allowed people to put 
messages directly on parts of the video that stood out. 

“What’s this? The boy’s completely buried in characters” 

’’That’s right. Everyone is paying attention to Koutarou-kun” 

As Koutarou appeared, his surroundings was completely covered in 
characters, and he himself could barely be seen. His armor’s blue color 
could sometimes be seen through the messages. 

“I understand how they feel. Everyone looking at this video would be 
reminded of the name of a certain individual who appears in our history” 

Elexis operated the panel once more and removed the messages. Just 
then, Koutarou was chasing away the giant mobile weapons. That was 
when the video returned to the studio, and the news casters, and an 
explanation of the details regarding the battle began. Since Elexis knew 
about the details, he stopped the video, and started up a new one. 



“And there are a lot of links from that video to this one” 

”Oh... this is the boy too. And in private? Where did this come from?” 

’’Based on the height of the camera and the surroundings, it seems like it’s 
a child recording” 

’’And that was leaked for some reason?” 



“Something like that, I’d wager. Take a look, you can see a lot of inhuman 



A video, most likely filmed by a young child, by the title of The Blue Knight 
found’ had been uploaded to the information that connected all of 
Forthorthe some days ago. The video was of one boy, jumping around. On 
the video was the boy in question moving in amazing ways that one 
wouldn’t expect from a human. 

At first, the video had been considered worthless. As the moves recorded 
were so far from what humans could do, it was suspected to contain 
doctored footage. But once the battle on Alaia was broadcast, this video got 
a lot more attention. The battle had been recorded by several cameras, and 
showed the fighting prowess of a knight in blue armor. As a result, it was 
proven that he could actually move like that. 

“And this is what’s truly extraordinary” 

Unlike the video of the combat on Alaia, where the journalists were far 
away, the video The Blue Knight found’ was taken up close, and it showed 
the boy’s expression and more detailed movements. As a result, the video 
caught the interest of a lot of people. What attracted the attention of people 
the most was his possession. 

“The boy’s... sword?” 

“That’s right. This silver sword... I hadn’t really thought about it that much 
before, but if this sword is ‘that sword, then the situation will become a little 

Thinking it over again, Elexis realized there had been a lot of hints. 

A blue armor, the relationship between the boy and the princess, a giant red 
dragon, the boy knowing that Folsaria consisted of the descendants of 
Grevanas and his magicians. And most of all, the silver sword being 
displayed on the hologram. Elexis had experienced the sword’s frightening 
power first hand. 

There was also a lot of circumstantial evidence. They were indirect, but 
they all pointed to who the boy in question was. But because that was a 
very bold line of thinking, the rational Elexis had eliminated that possibility 
from his mind. 

“’That sword’?” 

"... The treasured sword of the oracle, Signaltin. The sacred treasure that is 
said to have been lost 2,000 years ago and serves as proof of the royal 



authority of Forthorthe” 

The boy might be holding the treasured sword, Signaltin. As the crest 
carved into the sword was that of Alaia’s, many people who saw the video 
began thinking that way. And Elexis was one of them. 

"... Could Koutarou-kun be the descendant of the Blue Knight...? Or could 
he be...” 

If the sword really was Signaltin, even if the boy in blue armor wasn’t the 
Blue Knight, there was a high chance that he was a descendant. In other 
words, an individual that could greatly influence the government of 
Forthorthe had appeared. 




Long time no see everyone, it’s the author Takehaya. This time I have 
delivered Volume 22. I wonder if you all have 24 (25 if you have the anime 
bonus) volumes lined up on your bookshelves? As the first volume was 
released in February of 2009, this volume marks that seven years have 
passed. Thinking that people who bought the first volume in middle school 
have already begun their adult life is a strange feeling. As we enter the 
eighth year with this volume, I will continue to work hard to make sure that 
everyone can enjoy this series. 

Now then, as for the contents of this volume, we follow the events of 
Koutarou and the others who fell to the planet of Alaia in the previous 
volume. There are enemies all over on the surface, but they have to escape 
the encirclement somehow. The story progresses as they come across 
unexpected encounters and events along the way. 

A slight problem this volume is Forthorthe’s pet situation. Are there cats and 
dogs on Forthorthe like there are on Earth? As the humans are almost the 
exact same, we already know that mammals exist. That only leaves the 
problem of whether they evolved to become like cats and dogs. 

Unlike Theia’s worries regarding humans, there is no need for cats and 
dogs to be exactly the same. They only needed to look roughly the same. 
For example, a Bulldog and a Shiba dog are the same species, but they 
look very different. So a difference of that level is acceptable. There’s no 
need for breeding to be possible between them. Compared to Theia’s 
worries, the conditions are looser. 

There was no doubt that Earth and Forthorthe had a similar environment. 
That leaves the only problem of whether or not similar creatures would 
arise from similar environments. In this regard, there is already an example 
on Earth. Long ago, separated by continents, there are traces of creatures 
that evolved on their own, and ended up looking very similar. Mammals and 
marsupials are like that. While they are on completely different places on 
the evolutionary tree, there are several creatures that look the same. There 
might be a form living creatures inevitably assume based on their living 



The conditions on Earth and Forthorthe are similar. As a result, it was likely 
that similar creatures existed. Of course, there are likely exceptions, but I 
believe it’s safe to assume that there a creatures that look the same on both 
planets. So from there, I decided that cats and dogs would exist. There’s a 
chance they might have a pouch on their stomach for their children, or the 
color and pattern of their fur might be dramatically different, but as they 
were selective breed for the sake of pets, they would likely end up looking 

That person also appeared again, and once you’ve read this volume I 
believe you’ve gained a faint understanding of how the overall Forthorthe 
arc will go down. I believe it might be fun to compare your expectations to 
how the future volumes happen. Please look forwards to the development 
in the following volumes. 

That’s right, the other day I received several volumes of the Taiwan version. 
The newest of them was Volume 20. I was surprised to see that they were 
already at Volume 20, and what surprised me even more was that it came 
with a drama CD. It used the Japanese voices, but with a translated script. I 
wondered ’Is that really okay?’, but according to my editor, S-kun, the sub 
culture following over there mostly understands Japanese. That was a 
surprise in its own. But it also means there might be some that read the 
Japanese directly. Hello, everyone from Taiwan. By the way, according to S- 
kun, the Korean version looks like it's about to overtake the Taiwanese 
version. So hello everyone from Korea, how is it going?” 

Having my work read in different countries is a very rare experience. I’m 
interested in finding out what they like about this work. I’m sure there’s a lot 
that’s different in differing countries and cultures. I’m also curious about 
what character is most popular in the various countries. There might also 
be differences in how we experience the seasons. It’s an interesting theme, 
so I wonder if there’s a way to find out. For starters, maybe I should probe 
S-kun? (lol) I will do my best so that fans from other countries can enjoy this 
work as well. 

There’s one more thing I need to mention in regards to drama CDs. It’s 
about the bonus drama CD attached to BOOK-frWALKER-san’s digital 
edition. This was a first of attaching a drama CD to a digital edition, so they 
didn’t know how many sales they could expect, there was an unease if they 
could keep do this as part of their business. But fortunately, they far 
exceeded the ’as long as we can sell this much’ line, and there are talks of 
continuing to follow this format in the future. 



During the end of March as I’m writing this afterword, it’s been decided that 
on the digital edition of this volume, the drama CD that came with the 
physical volume 18, will be attached. While I can’t go into details in this 
afterword, please visit the official sites of Hobby Japan and 

Personally, I would be happy if all four drama CDs were delivered. I’ve 
heard of a lot that missed buying the special edition of the physical books, 
so this is an excellent way of get the drama CD’s to their hands. 

Will this form of offering the drama CD’s become more widespread in the 
future of light novels, and the subculture in its entirety I wonder. I believe 
spreading using this way will help reduce the local differences. That said, 
I’m sure there are those who want the CD itself, so the physical version 
itself would probably not be lost. 

Lately one of the things I’ve been worrying about is that the world is 
changing too fast and our response is delayed. The best example of that is 
that we can’t listen to the correct proportions of the readers’ voices. 

The majority of readers of light novels are middle and high students and it 
gradually reduces until there’s only a few percentage reading light novels in 
their thirties. We know that people really peter out in their late twenties and 
their thirties from the questionnaires that come with related products. 
However, we’re not able to pick up their voices. There’s few who use the 
reader card that comes with the book, yet most of the voices from the 
internet are in their twenties. 

For example, in connection to net bookshops using credit cards, the users 
are often past 20 years old. On social networking services or review sites, 
many conceal their age due to their viewpoint of wanting to protect their 
personal information. In that case, the age of the users are usually past 
their twenties. Moreover, as the people who actively read books and put up 
information about it on the net tend to buy a lot of books, the age groups 
ends up being higher. 

So because of that, while we might be able to hear the voices of the 
readers from the internet, we can’t hear the correct proportions. It is difficult 
to accurately know at what kind of rate, what each generation has to say. 

We believe we have to do something about it, but it's difficult to make 
something right away. There’s discussions on how to pick up the correct 



proportions of voices. So in the end, we’ll need to rely on reader cards until 
some measures are taken. 

It’s ironic to rely on reader cards this highly informationized age, but at 
present it's our life line. Submitting the reader cards you have at hand won’t 
just help this work, but the entire industry. We can especially learn what 
introduced the younger audience to light novels. That is something 
necessary for the continuation of the light novel culture and a very valuable 
lead. So please cooperate. 

That’s right, I have one bit of personal information to share. The label for a 
different publisher I wrote light novels for was ended due to operation 
issues, so I’ve gotten quite a lot of free time. Of course, losing a job is not 
good, so I am working on a new project. If I were to give a generic label to it, 
it’s an adventure story. The main character isn’t satisfied with the life 
provided for them, and leaves their familiar hometown to go on a journey. 
From a technical standpoint, it will have the same feel as Rokujouma. 
Starting simple, but revealing that there’s a lot of complexity behind it. 
Because of various adult circumstances, I can’t go on for long. I believe I’ll 
be able to announce the details at some point, so please wait a while 

With that I’ve used up all of my pages, so I think I’ll wrap it up here this time. 
Finally I’d like to give my usual thanks to everyone at the editing department 
who do their best, to Poco-san for the various illustrations, and to the 
readers who have joined me for eight years. 

Then let us meet again in the afterword for volume 23. 

March, 2016 




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Corona Convention | 2010/11/25 



Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? - Volume 22 
Author: Takehaya 
Illustrator: Poco 

Translated by Warn is