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Yamato Nadeshiko, Koibana no Gotoku - WN 
Chapter 00-12 

Table of Contents 

1. Prologue: Even if it means going against the world 

2. Chapter 1: My love shows in the blush on my face 

3. Chapter 2: Flowers of love are dancing, fluttering in the wind 

4. Chapter 3: Words beckoning ruin 

5. Chapter 4: A little sister unable to separate from her brother 

6. Chapter 5:1 only look at you 

7. Chapter 6: Sweet Whispers 

8. Chapter 7: The Snow which Falls in Spring 

9. Chapter 8: Yamato Nadeshiko in Full Bloom 

10. Chapter 9: Cuddling in Bliss 

11. Chapter 10: Rival in Love 

12. Chapter 11: The Black-Haired Beauty 

13. Chapter 12: The Rumored Partner is... 

Prologue: Even if it means going against the world 

Home / Chapter Update • Yamato Nadeshiko / Yamato Nadeshiko, Koibana 
Gotoku Prologue : Even if it means going against the world. 

Yamato Nadeshiko, Koibana no Gotoku 
Prologue : Even if it means going against the 

Author: Sumeragi VI Tirtha Category: Chapter Update . Yamato Nadeshiko 14 
Jan 16 

Please follow and like us: 

Teaser: Translator - Cinnamon 

(Side: Yamato Takeru) 

Humans are willing to do anything for the person they love. Love makes people 
blind and drives them mad. 

They may even be willing to make an enemy of the world for their beloved one. 

«Even if we are going against the world, I believe love is the only thing that can 
carry us through» 

The girl muttered earnestly while looking at me. 

«Going against, the world?» 

«Yes, I believe there will be lots of hardships waiting for us in the future. It's 
sad, but I cannot imagine a future filled with understanding and blessings from 
other people» 

Showing a bittersweet smile, the girl whispered. 

Obstacles are a part of romances and the wall we would have to overcome is 
too high. 

«Still, I can make an enemy of the world if it's for the sake of love. I am 
prepared for that. Which is why I am asking of you... Will you join me together on 
this path? Will you love me too?» 

The girl held out her hand gently. Her hand, her slim fingers touched me. 

«l won't regret it if I'm together with you» 

I grasped the hand she held out tightly. 

I really wanted to say that I was prepared for it. 

I love her. 

I loved her more than anyone else. 

But I — 

«Unfortunately I lack the courage to make an enemy of the world» 

I denied her words while smiling bitterly. 

... As I just said, I did not have the courage. 

I did not have the same strong determination as the girl to step forward. 
That's why I cruelly tried to pass her honest feelings as a joke. 

«... Is that so» 

She looked down regrettably. 

«Well, that is so like you Nii-san. Having said that, I won't give up. I will work 
hard until the day you will reciprocate my feelings. 

Always the optimistic one. 

Seeing her like this... I fell even more in love with her. 

«l will offer everything for love, even if turning the world against me— » 

Will I someday manage to muster up the courage? 

My name is Yamato Takeru, a splendid joking material. 

It's a name which always makes people laugh when meeting people for the 
first time. I really wish they would stop with the blank faces every single time I 
present myself. 

Such names are only suited in the worlds of cartoons and movies. 

I cannot possibly fathom the parent generation who thinks writing foreign 
words with kanji are cool or even cute. 

I question whether the parents who give their child such flashy names are 
honestly thinking of how the child will be associated with it for the rest of his or 
her life. 

Such a child, me, is currently living the ordinary fulfilled rosy school life. 

I have good friends and even a girl I am interested in. 

The tranquil ordinary days without any dissatisfactions. 

The following happened at the beginning of spring, when time beckons the 
start of a new semester. 

Looking out of the windows, the pretty cherry blossoms were dancing in the 
wind scattering everywhere. 

You could say it was a standard spectacle for this season. 

Everyone would believe spring was here when seeing the cherry blossoms. 

When the spring and its gently climate arrived, I entered the 2nd year of High 

The 4th period came peacefully to an end with the maths. 

I was about to leave my seat to eat lunch. 

As many times in the past I went to the school cafeteria to eat lunch. 

«... Ah» 

A girl from one of the classes below entered the classroom alone. 

From the way the long black hair was fluttering, I knew who the girl was. 
«Who is that? She is such a beautiful girl! You think she's a freshman?» 

«You don't know? She is Yamato-kun's—» 

Everyone glanced at me while I lightly raised my hand. 

«—Takeru Nii-san!» 

Spotting me, a florid smile appeared on her face. 

Long jet-black hair in addition to her pretty features. 

While slender, her chest was pretty big. Her figure can be said to be pretty 


Giving off a clean and elegant impressions, she captured the attention of 

Are you perhaps familiar with the word «Yamato Nadeshiko»? 

If you look for the word in the dictionary, you will find that it's a simile 
comparing a Japanese woman's beauty with the Dianthus flower. 

A graceful Japanese beauty. It's even said that they are an endangered species 
in Japan today. 

However, that word feels even more familiar to me. 

Yamato Nadeshiko, she is my little sister. 

Her given name is Nadeshiko. When combined with her surname Yamato, it 
becomes Yamato Nadeshiko. 

... this can also be considered a flashy name right? 

What can I say... my parents' naming senses are probably far-removed from 
the rest of the world. 

They should at least have considered the awkward atmosphere every time 
every time the children introduced themselves. 

I was still good though, but every time Nadeshiko writes down her name, it's 
followed by «Eh?». 

It's no wonder everyone thinks it's a joke at first whenever she writes down 
«Yamato Nadeshiko» in the name column. 

However, it seems the person herself likes her name. 

That is why, even though very puzzling, my little sister's name is Yamato 

«Nadeshiko, you didn't have to go to my classroom since I would be waiting for 
you in the cafeteria anyway» 

«It's alright, I couldn't hold back my desire to meet you, Nii-san» 

« that so. You sure know what to say to make me happy» 

I usually spent my lunch time with my little sister. 

While it felt like siblings in the rest of the world was on bad terms with each 
other, we were different. 

Whenever we did something in the past, we were always together. 

The image of a sister yearning for her brother is splendidly done. 

The common experience of fighting with my cheeky sister is some of the things 
I have never experienced. 

Also, since my little sister is a pretty girl, people have been envious of me. 

«Yamato Nadeshiko. Yamato's rumoured little sister is as lovely as her name 

My best friend nearby, Satake Yoshinobu, praised her. 

She returned with a «Thankyou very much)) and continued: «However, the 
name has also given me a lot of difficulties.Though I have been made fun of due 
to the name, it was thanks to Nii-san that began liking my name» 

«Me? Did you say something?)) 

«Yes, you did tell me this—)) 

She then followed with: 

«Did you know this? That the Dianthus means pure or sweet love in the flower 
language? Both fits you perfectly. As the name reveals the person, you are 
indeed just like the very thing itself. I think it's a name that suits you» 

The same words I told her in the past. 

... To be able to repeat what I said in the past is, in a way, quite amazing. 

I still have some memories of it somehow. Though they are faint memories. 

Did it happened when I was in 5th grade in elementary school or? 

Oh yes, I was looking at an illustrated encyclopedia of flowers in the library. 
When I discovered the meaning of her name, I just had to tell her. 

... It makes me embarrassed just reminiscing about it. 

«Thanks to his words, I started liking my name» 

The smiling Nadeshiko is very cute. 

She has become a lovely girl worthy of that the name Yamato Nadeshiko, not 
losing to it at all. 

«Wait a minute Yamato! Your little sister is talking a bit too much isn't she?» 

«Stop it alright Satake? I am aware of it.... Well, that one way of speaking of it, 
in way» 

I smile bitterly while getting embarrassed. 

«Nii-san has truly been a fantastic person. For me, everything regarding my 
brother has been a very important memory to me no matter how trivial it might 

Satake then asked jokingly: «You guys have actually done it right?» 

To that, Nadeshiko smiled at everybody's reaction. 

« —No. We still haven't made a child yet you know? Even though I would have 
wanted one right now» 

My classmates began mumbling to each other due to her bombshell 
announcement which was able to make people dumbfounded when dropped. 


I couldn't close my mouth. 

No, «done it» was not meant in that kind of way you know! 

Furthermore, what do you mean by «not yet»!? 

Though I'm wondering whether she understood what I tried to tell her anyway. 

«Come on Nii-san. Let's hurry before the cafeteria gets crowded» 

«A, ah, Let's go, Nadeshiko... Y-you guys should hurry up too S-Satake!» 

I stood up as to escape from the situation. 

The awkward atmosphere still lingered in the classroom. 

«Hey hey! You don't think they've actually done... it?» 

«... Siblings who are that close to each other are pretty unusual. Ve-ry 


«They might be seeing each other in secret... It's frighteningly possible» 

I really want to pretend I did not hear what they were whispering to each 

Being in the spotlight is a regular thing for us, now suspicious, siblings. 

After leaving the classroom I warned Nadeshiko. 

«Say, Nadeshiko. Don't say such things in the classrooms too often...» 

«Fufu. You are talking about the weird misunderstandings?)) 

«Right, those. Since we are brother and sister after all. You don't like being the 
target for weird rumors right? 

«That's fine isn't it? Since it won't change the fact that I love Nii-san after all» 

She confessed while clinging to my arm. 

«Fufu, you get too easily flustered Nii-san. I want you to hurry and and make 
me yours only» 

Her glossy long hair, her seducing lips. 

Yamato Nadeshiko, that is my beloved sister, a beautiful flower. 

This marks the first act of Nadeshiko's boisterous performances. 

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Chapter 1: My love shows in the blush on my face 

Home / Chapter Update • Yamato Nadeshiko / Yamato Nadeshiko, Koibana no 
Gotoku Chapter 1: My love shows in the blush on my face 

Yamato Nadeshiko, Koibana no Gotoku 
Chapter 1: My love shows in the blush on my 

Author: Sumeragi VI Tirtha Category: Chapter Update . Yamato Nadeshiko 14 
Jan 16 

Translator - Cinnamon 

Please follow and like us: 

(Side: Yamato Takeru) 

Yamato Nadeshiko. 

That is my lovely little sister, like a beautiful flower. 

An appearance that makes everyone think is amiable. 

She gives off he impression like that of a pure lady worthy of that name. 

I and my little sister, Nadeshiko went to the cafeteria together. 

It's inevitable for the cafeteria to be crowded during this time of the day. 

After finding an empty seat, Nadeshiko joined me at the table. 

«You want the Lady's Lunch Set today as well?» 

«Yes, thanks» 

«Alright, then keep a watch on my seat for a bit» 

I and my sister tended to come to the cafeteria a lot. 

She would always order the daily menu set aimed for the ladies, her favorite it 

Today's lunch set was Carbonara with a salad. 

I looked over the menus before deciding for the B lunch set. The one with the 
largest amount of food. 

«Sorry for making you wait Nadeshiko» 

«Thankyou very much. So it's Carbonara today? It looks delicious. What about 

«l went for the B lunch set. The Chinese food one with pepper steak and 

«You are always ordering the big ones. Those are definitely impossible for me» 
She said admirably. 

She is a person with a rather small appetite based on her figure. 

After joining our hands, we started eating. 

«Which pasta type to you like Nadeshiko?» 

«For you it is the meat sauce ones right? I always knew you liked them since 
we were children» 

«Don't skip through the conversation please! You are correct though» 

Nadeshiko has completely grasped what I like eating. 

It isn't far off saying that she knows me more than I know myself. 

«For me, it's either Vongole or the Pasta Genovese one. I love how light they 

«Pasta Genovese is the greenish one right? I'm not really fond of it» 

«The taste of the basil is very good I think. But it's perhaps an acquired taste?» 
I rather prefer the ones with rich flavors unlike her. 

Is this one of the difference between boys and girls? 

Nadeshiko grabbed the fork and began eating. 

«You make Carbonara at home sometimes right? Are those homemade? Or 
frozen ?» 

«Flomemade. Carbonara is among the simplest of the pastas» 

Nadeshiko's cooking is without doubt delicious. 

I can't call myself a person who's good at cooking. If I did, it would be limited 
to breakfast. 

«The ready-to-eat ones you can get today are rather good but prefer the 
cooking the old way. That is the result of the amount of free time I have 

«But you are a really good cook Nadeshiko» 

«That's because of Nii-san who loves eating my cooking. As long as there are 
people who enjoy your food, your cooking improves itself. Would you like for me 
to make a Bento for you» 

«No that's okay. I don't want to push you too much since you are bad at 
waking up. Eating outside during lunch may be good as well. Oh by the way, have 
you deciding on today's dinner?» 

«Not yet. What do you like?» 

I suddenly got an idea. 

«How about curry? I want to eat it once in a while» 

«That sounds good. I also have a recipe I want to try. I saw it on a TV show 
recently and I would really like to try it» 

«What kind of curry is it?» 

«It's called Butter Chicken Curry. Since it uses butter and yoghurt, it's not very 
spice, a mild curry. I'm going to have a go at it once I'm home!» 

Since we loved cooking she frequently tried out recipes she found in books or 
on the net. 

As long as she is in charge of the cooking, I'll always have some good dinner to 
look forward to. 

«l'm looking forward to it!» 

«Yes. Oh by the way, can you join me for shopping on the way home?» 

«Of course. I can't let you handle the heavy bags all by yourself after all» 

«You are so kind Nii-san, Fufu» 

It will probably stop raining when school is over I think. 

As I thought about various things, I finished my ramen. 


Nadeshiko was looking reprimanding at me. 

«That's no good! You are leaving the green peppers again. Don't be such a 
picky eater!» 

«... I'm not fond of them. You know that I'm bad with bitter melons and this» 

I'm not very fond of bitter vegetables. 

That is something I became aware of when I was little. 

It's not that I cannot eat it, but I cannot do anything about my distaste for 

«l could have eaten them if they were paprikas though» 

«Don't make any excuses! You will have an unbalanced diet if you don't eat 
them. Besides, green peppers are super vegetables. Did you know that it has 
about the same amount of Vitamin C as the lemon?» 

«ln that case I would rather eat the lemon» 

I was discovered leaving the green peppers due to only eating the meat of the 
pepper steak. 

Nadeshiko tended to be quite annoying regarding these kind of things. 

She's usually a gentle and docile girl, but once she has made up her mind, she 
will say it as it is. 

«Please look the other way this time, okay?» 

«No way. Here, let me help you» 

She snatched the chopsticks from my hand and grabbed a pepper. 

Ugh, the green devils are coming straight at me. 

«Nii-san, please open your mouth» 

«l dislike what I disIike» 

«Here, Aaa—» 

Being forcefully urged by her, I opened my mouth in the end. 

The bitterness of the pepper spread inside my mouth. I'm bad with them as 

«So bitter!... and eating them one by one is even tougher!» 

«...chuckle* You did great Nii-san!» 

«Am I a kid or what?» 

«l'm glad you are eating it properly, that's all» 

When cooking at home, she usually won't use green peppers against my will. 

She fully understood why tastes after all. 

However, when eating outside, she shows no mercy. 

«...Ugh, leaving them aside was a big mistake» 

«Eat them together with the rest of the food from now on, okay?» 

I was fed the green pepper from the now satisfied Nadeshiko. 

Though I won't go down without going for a counter attack. 

«So Nadeshiko, since you are telling others to eat them, you should be 
prepared to follow them too right?» 

«Eh? Ah, t-that's...» 

Nadeshiko, like me, has something she is poor at eating. 

For some reason, she dislikes all sorts of ham. See, the bacon are still on her 
Carbonara plate. 

«Even though you dislike ham and sausages somehow, other types of meat 
seems to be okay» 

«... I'm not fond of the unique saltiness and the smell. Dry-cured ham is 
therefore out of the question» 

No matter what kind of food, there will be people who are bad at them, each 
with their own reasonings. But, this is revenge for the green peppers! 

«Well then, I will feed them to you, like them or not! 

«U-uu... at the very least not that, Nii-san» 

«Saying people shouldn't be picky, but excluding yourself?» 

«l know but... don't tease me Nii-san» 

Nadeshiko pleaded my with moist eyes. 

I'm feeling powerless upon my sister gazing at me like that. 

The craving for revenge faded away and I ended up muttering «very well». 

In the end, I'm a brother who spoils my little sister. 

«You eat them instead, Nii-san!» 

«Can't be helped, but only this time okay!» 

«l really love how Nii-san says it! Here, Aa—» 

The bacon was fed to me by Nadeshiko after all. 

Our conversation was heard by the classmates behind us, seemingly making 
them annoyed. 

«You guys! Stop with flirting in the public! Are you a couple or what?!» 
Complaining looks were directed at us as always. 

Whenever I lose my awareness of the surroundings, such this happens. 

Sorry for troubling you guys every time! 

«Before his sister entered the school, I always thought Yamato-kun was cool 
and good-looking. Now he's just a shadow of his past self. No matter how cute 
his sister is, there is a limit to the flirting!» 

«Yeah. Even though he's like this now, even I had a time when I admired him» 

... Hah, the ratings from the girls are dropping right in front of my eyes!? 

Even though I'm like this, I was pretty popular one year ago I believe. 

The result of all this is needless to say, when Nadeshiko entered the school. 

«Nii-san, you have some food left on your face» 

Completely ignoring my worries, my sister wiped my mouth with a tissue. 

This act raised the annoyance level of everyone around. 

«W-what in the world, that girl... Aren't they just like a couple?» 

«Even though I said they should stop with the flirting already! So jealous! 

Damn it!» 

«... Even though they are siblings, aren't they going too far? I'm getting 
embarrassed just from watching them» 

Protests from the boys and the girls in side the cafeteria... 

«Hey Nadeshiko. Hold back a bit in public alright? Their eyes are scary!» 

«l can see why you are bothered by other people's glances. I however can only 
see Nii-san» 

She laughed with a great smile while casually saying what she wanted to say. 

«Yamato Nadeshiko, a force to be reckoned with...» 

Nadeshiko continued to smile disregarding everyone's reproachful eyes. I think 
that's somewhat amazing. 

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Chapter 2: Flowers of love are dancing, fluttering in 
the wind 

Translator - Cinnamon 

Chapter 3: Words beckoning ruin 

Home / Chapter Update • Yamato Nadeshiko / Yamato Nadeshiko, Koibana no 
Gotoku Chapter 3: Words beckoning ruin 

Yamato Nadeshiko, Koibana no Gotoku 
Chapter 3: Words beckoning ruin 

Author: Sumeragi VI Tirtha Category: Chapter Update . Yamato Nadeshiko 19 
Jan 16 

Translator - Cinnamon 

Please follow and like us: 

(Side: Yamato Takeru) 

During our lifetime, one single word can make you get into a predicament. 

Unforeseen verbal slips, misunderstandings or incorrect word usage. 

They may be trivial, but depending on the weight of the words used, the result 
may change greatly. 

Yes, even if it's some casual words from a little sister. 


Turning pure white and burning out of exhaustion. That is the me taking the 
fifth lecture for today. 

Everyone in the class sent quiet glances in my direction. 

I was forced to avert my eyes due to their swift attacks! 

We may have a problem with bullying in this class teacher. 

... Or perhaps not. You reap what you sow. 

The source of my exhaustion was due to the events happening during lunch 

How good it would be if I could turn back time. 

Getting stuck in this predicament is due to my carelessness. 

«Takeru Nii-san~» 

After the lunch break came to a close, I returned to my classroom, reading 

manga which was being swapped around. 

Then Nadeshiko, who I ate lunch with earlier, entered the classroom. 

She seemed nervous, entering the upperclassmen's' classroom, from the way 
she surveyed the area. 

I know exactly how it feels like wandering in the class of others. 

It's hard to get used to the awkward discomfortable feelings when entering. 

«What's up Nadeshiko?» 

«l forgot to tell you this earlier. There's a meeting for the QoL committee 
members later so we can't go home together» 

«ls that so? Alright, but couldn't you just have sent me a mail instead?» 

«...l'm bad at handling mobile phones. You knew that already right?» 

Even though she looks like she does, she's bad at handling electrical devices. 

She can use the phone for calling, but typing a mail would take too much time. 

«You guys are always heading home together right?» 

The girls sitting nearby suddenly raised their voices. 

Nadeshiko visits the classroom pretty often and the fact that she is my sister is 
well known. 

«Yes, that's right. I'm always together with Nii-san» 

«l also have a brother, but we I'm not sure I want to be «that» close. How 
come you are so?» 

«Even if you ask me, hmm. We have always been this way as far as I know» 

Even though she explains it in that way, the truth is, us siblings has been this 
close ever since kindergarten. 

The one closest to each other, the one knowing the best what the other is 

We have a rather good relationship. 

It's not like we never quarrel with each other either. However, it's not gotten 

to the point where the relationship has been bad for a long time. 

«The truth is... Our relationship is not that of siblings» 


She stated out of the blue and gathered everyone's attention. 

I was wondering what she would say, but didn't she just say something 

«—I and Nii-san are in a relationship like that between man and woman» 

«Could you stop saying dangerous things without hesitation like that!?» 

Her gentle lovely smile she always shows, The «Nadeshiko Smile». 

She's either unaware or doesn't know the significance of what she just said. 

Nadeshiko's statements sometimes have the ability to give people the chills. 

In addition to that, the girls who joined our conversation was stuck 

«Let me see, in other words... What does it mean? You mean a forbidden 

«N-No way. There is no way. Yamato-kun, you aren't forcing your sister to... do 
indecent thing, which cannot be mention, every night or? 

A big misunderstanding!? 

«l'm not touching my sister! I'm not a pervert either)) 

«Really? Your sister is a beauty after all. This is getting suspicious.)) 

«Just listen, you guys are misunderstanding big time)) 

Before the strange suspicions gets circulated, I warn Nadeshiko in hot haste. 

«Nadeshiko, just listen to me, please don't say anything that makes people 
make the wrong conclusions)) 

« mean a misunderstanding? What are you saying is a 

«A-a relationship like that between man and woman makes it sound really 


«l'm genuinely looking at Nii-san as a «man» after all» 

The words she returned with a bright smile was yet again problematic. 

Furthermore, my classmates was getting really noisy. 

«Yamato-kun has done it with his sister after a 11...» 

«To think that he would be a bona fide «siscon». Also, after his sister entered 
the school, Takeru-kun's rating have dropped like a rock» 

«Well, It's still fine being a siscon, but to cross the line between a man and a 

Spurious rumors. I tried earnestly to explain to everyone in the noisy 

«Wait a second! There's a big misunderstanding here. I'm not a dangerous 
human alright!» 


Nobody is willing to believe me!? 

«...You're a siscon indeed, Yamato-kun. Even though I admired you so much, 
this is too sad» 

«After all we've seen of him and his siscon tendency, It can't be helped that 
people has gotten their image of him broken» 

«So this is the real Yamato-kun. A terrible disappointment)) 

«To think he was popular with the girls last year. His epoch has ended)) 

The favorable opinions of him from girls were dropping like the stock prices. 

I can't stand it, the way everyone is looking at me with suspicion lighting in 
their eyes. 

«Nii-san. Why are you so flustered?)) 

She very person dragging me further down into abyss asked nonchalantly. 

Her airhead-ness is really amazing. 

«Chuckle* You are worrying too much Nii-san. Outsiders are just outsiders 
after all. There is nobody that can come between us or interfere with our 

... You are planning on finishing me off right, Yamato Nadeshiko? 

My position in this class is in jeopardy. 

The situation is falling into dangerous levels. 

«Without fear of any misunderstandings I can say this, I and Nii-san love each 
other from the bottom of our hearts)) 

«Your brother would be glad if you feared them and didn't say anything. We 
are just normal siblings!)) 

Please tell me how that won't spur any misunderstandings will you? 

I do love Nadeshiko though, but please think about the surroundings. 

«So. ...Nii-san. If that's your answer, I have something else planned)) 

No good, now I've incurred her wrath. 

She blew her cheeks pouting. 

The girl Yamato Nadeshiko was, just like namesake «Yamato Nadeshiko)), neat 
and tidy, gentle in manner, a graceful lady. 

However, she is a pain once you make her pout, getting extremely 

«You mean my simple statements put your position in class in jeopardy?)) 

«lt already is. You knew that already didn't you?» 

She's still planning on dragging me further into ruin, this sister of mine. 

«lt worries me seeing if Nii-san is not more aware of his love for me» 

«...l'm already aware as it is, though I'm more aware of his creeping danger)) 

«Should I reveal our secret to everybody here?» 

I cannot stop my sister's rampage. 

I had now idea what to expect so I had no other choice than to just stare 

blankly at her. 

She put her index finger to her lips, faced my classmates and let out a 
bombshell announcement, «—This is a secret between us, my breasts have 
become this large due to him massaging them!» 

«l-l did not! Of everything being said, this one is definitely not true!» 

I have not done anything so enviable. 

It's true that Nadeshiko's assets are bigger than average, having a splendid 

A sister possessing both charm and attractiveness for each year gone by, 
turning into a beautiful girl. 

«Y-Yamato-kun, doing that to your own sister! What a terrible human you 

The girls are drawing away from me... 

«... To think that the figure of the school idol, Yamato Nadeshiko, was due to 
her brute older brother actions!» 

«Don't twitter it!? Everyone at school is going to know!» 

If I don't do something, not only will my position in class get worse, but will be 
unable to come to school any more. 

Even under these circumstations, Nadeshiko will still be popular due to her 

Her fans, a horde of boys, will be directing their murderously jealousy towards 
me though. 

And my classmates are about to score a knockdown on me without mercy. 

«Ah, it looks like time's over» 

It seems like lunch break has ended without me noticing it. The chime would 
probably sound at any moment. 

Before Nadeshiko left for her classroom, she said: 

«Well then Nii-san. Let's meet again at home» 

It's over, the flow of time has saved me. 

It was a mentally exhausting lunch break. 

«Fufu, Nii-san, let's take a bath later today as well okay?» 

«Ah, sure» 

Everybody stiffened saying «Eh!?» due to my casual reply. 


1-1, just now, did I just follow the flow of conversation, agreeing? 

Ah, awawa... I've finally done it. 

«N-no that's wrong. What I just said, Umm, It's not what you guys are 

Everybody drew away, silence returning to the classroom. 

The worst part is that none of my classmates were reacting. 

«Ah, well, everyone? T-to think you would fall for these jokes, it was just 
Nadeshiko fooling around yes. Don't take it the wrong way, right guys?» 

My bitter hoarse smile resounded desolately in the silent classroom. 

«...*Sob* Anyone, please say something will you?» 

The fact that there were no response was the scariest. 

«He-y, the class starts now. Back to your sea— what is it? Why is it so silent 

The teacher responsible for the lesson muttered after seeing the mood. 

After school, the fact that «Yamato Takeru bathes everyday with his sister 
Yamato Nadeshiko» was spread throughout the entire school. 

My calm school days have ended... It's over... 

Before the cold looks from my surroundings, I felt the despair sinking into me. 
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About the Author 

Athrit Catsum 

Chapter 4: A little sister unable to separate from her 

Home / Chapter Update • Yamato Nadeshiko / Chapter 4: A little sister unable 
to separate from her brother 

Chapter 4: A little sister unable to separate 
from her brother 

Author: Sumeragi VI Tirtha Category: Chapter Update . Yamato Nadeshiko 22 
Jan 16 

(Side: Yamato Takeru) 

Please follow and like us: 

If I should explain about our household, I can 
say that I and Nadeshiko lives alone. Our father, a 
politician, lives in the city along with our mother who went to take care of him. 
Once in a while, our older sister, who is university student, come and visits us. 
Since Nadeshiko takes care of the housework, Pm not worried about my daily 
life. While that is perfectly fine, my school life as received fatal damage. 
Suspicions of me being a siscon is just the tip of the iceberg. 

I don't even want to think about my status at school from tomorrow on. 

«Nii-san, are you still worrying about it?» 

«... How could I not?» 

«There is no use crying over spilt milk. Just give it up» 

There's no way I can ignore my peaceful school life crumbling away so easily. 
She's always this calm when talking. 

«With fear of repeating myself, outsiders are in the end just outsiders. I'm not 
worried about what others may say about our relationship. It's a waste worrying 
about them and it makes life boring» 

«...You are amazing being able to say that» 

Not worrying about others. 

People can't normally mimic that side of hers. 

«It's not even a lie in the first place, only pure facts. Come on, Nii-san, wash my 
hair please?» 

«... yeah, yeah. Don't move then will you?» 

I was washing my sister's hair in the bathroom. 

And, this is probably the biggest problem, we both sat in the bathtub. 

I can say that this relationship has not changed since kindergarten. 

... That's probably why I ended up, carelessly or maybe unconsciously, agreeing 
with her earlier today. 

I know that this is considered abnormal. 

Siblings don't usually enter the bath together, that I understand. 

However, on top of being a habit, Nadeshiko strongly vetoed my proposals to 
enter the bath separately. 

«l like Nii-san washing my hair the most» 

The smell of women's shampoo drifted throughout the bathroom. 

It was embarrassing even when we both had towels, trying to ourselves. 

The white skin peeking through the towels. 

Well grown breasts, the pretty lines of her bottom. 

Even though I'm used to it, I'm still aware of her growth. She was a beauty 
after all. 

«What you are the most worried about is how the girls will see you from now 

«Not only that though... ugh*» 

I was suddenly showered with the water hose. 

The ice cold water splashed on the head and surprised me. 

«l'm sorry, I think I may have twisted the tap» 

«... That was on purpose right, Nadeshiko? Ugh, it's so cold, ah-choo!» 

«The fact that Nii-san is popular with other girls is bad in the first place. Don't 
you think being interested in other girls other than me is wrong? Please think 
about it once more right?» 

She said showing me her sulky, pouting face. 

I continued washing her long, glossy hair. 

«Nii-san, don't you too feel uncomfortable whenever I'm eyeing other boys?» 

«...Sorta, I can more or less see what you're trying to say» 

«There we have it. I'm don't have feelings for other boys other than you Nii- 
san. Saying that, I do feel somewhat displeasured by how you overly try to spoil 
me. I'm worried that Ooce Nii-san lets your guard down, you will be distracted by 
someone else» 

She turned around, her hair overflowing with foam. 

«... You aren't hiding something from me, like having a girlfriend behind my 

Flustered from the increasingly unpleasant mood, I turned on the tap» 

«More importantly, don't move when I'm washing your hair» 

«U-Uu, don't try to change the topic» 

I washed away the foam with the warm water while caressing her hair. 

It felt very smooth and silky. 

Her hair has never been dyed, no rough strands at all. 

Yamato Nadeshiko, as her name implies, a beautiful Japanese beauty. I 
wholeheartedly wished for her hair to stay that way for a long time. 

«...Nii-san is a wonderful person. That's why there are girls other than me who 
holds you dearly. That's how it has always been, and that's how it will be from 
now on» 

«l'm not feeling that popular though» 

«That's because I'm thwarting every chances here and there» 

My little sister casually just said something scary! 

«l'm also a boy after all. Of course I'm interested in girls. Wanting to be 
popular is something else though» 

«... That's, because of how, Nii-san, my most important person, may want to 
taste how it feels to have a harem. So you're saying you have such impudent 

desires? If so I have a plan on my own» 

Once I was finished rinsing her hair, she suddenly started to throw off of her 

Seeing her white bottom for a moment through the gaps of the towel, I almost 
lost my calm. 

Her overwhelming conduct as if to emphasize her large breasts. 

«W-wait, stop, what's gotten into you!?» 

«l was planning on making Nii-san lust for no other than me» 

«Wait, don't be so hasty!» 

«What a shock, to think that Nii-san would be this prone to infidelity» 

I was desperately trying to stop the fuming Nadeshiko from undressing herself. 
«Don't take of that towel except cleaning yourself!» 

We at least still had some rules despite taking a baths together. 

Erotic things was prohibited in our house for example. 

... If not, I would be worried about Nadeshiko nestling closer to me. 

I still have my standards to follow, even if she was my sister. 

«But now I know precisely why I have to seduce you or else» 

«... Seducing or whatever, I think you are very charming already» 


Hearing this, Nadeshiko blushed, while answering. 

«l won't be fooled by those words. Nii-san, I'm still angry!» 

When she gets mad, she gets really angry. 

It took quite a to pacify the furious Nadeshiko. 

I could only apologize with «l'm sorry» in the end. 

It should take a while longer to soothe her completely. 

After leaving the bathtub, I wiped dry her hair with a towel. 

«l prefer you doing it yourself rather than drying my hair with that dryer 

This is a slice of my daily life. 

Why is a girl's hair so different from a boy I wonder. 

She seemed to have calmed down from me wiping dry her hair. 

«Have you cheered up a bit?» 

«l do, whenever you show me your love» 

I was desperately inquiring about her mood while drying her hair. 
«Nii-san... I have finally decided!» 

«Decided on what?» 

«l won't hold back any longer. I've decided to sink your honor to the point 
where the girls at school will abandon you. I will drop your status to the 

«No way! Don't add more oil to the fire please!?» 

I wish for no more than for her to refrain from such actions. 

Though my status among girls have dropped considerably ever since she 
entered the school. 

«...lf you promise to only love me, I will forgive you, Nii-san» 

She said devilishly with an angelic smile plastered on her face. 

My sister's love is a load too heavy to bear... 

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Athrit Catsum 

Chapter 5:1 only look at you 

February 20, 2016 

Chapter 5:1 Only Look At You 

[Side: Yamato Nadeshiko] 

If I asked him, [f Big brother, what exactly do you think of me?]], I was sure to 
receive, "A cute sister/' as an answer. 

On the other hand, if he asked me F What exactly do you think of your 
brother?]], then I would surely answer: 

rBig brother is the person I love the most in this world, and someone I want 
beside me for my entire life.J 

r.... um, thankyou.J 

After dinner, he indifferently answered me as he held a cup of freshly brewed 
coffee in one hand. 

His coffee was black, and neither sugar nor milk was added; such an adult-like 
taste was wonderful. 

rIt seems like you don't believe me? Even though I really think that way? J 

rI'm happy about Nadeshiko's feelings towards me.J 

The smiling face he showed me is the one I love the most. 

Big brother always shows me a kind smile, and I'm always being spoiled by that 

TAre you really happy about it?J 
r.of course. J 

TThen, can I have your signature on this marriage registration form I have 

TThat's way too sudden, no way. In the first place, siblings cannot get married, 
right? J 

Big brother doesn't respond to my love. 

What are you thinking about, sweeping away the atmosphere without 


Even though your little sister is confessing her love to you so much. 

TIf it's half-siblings, there are countries where they are allowed to get 

r.although we're not half-siblings. J 

TBig brother, please respond to my love better! For example, even if we are 
siblings, I think it is something we can get over if there is love. J 

He placed the cup of coffee on top of the table, and, 

1 I don't think I can keep up with Nadeshiko's love for me.J 

TB-Big brother... have you grown to dislike me?!J 

As if in response to his overly shocking statement, I thought I felt a vise 
gripping my chest, starting from the innermost depths of my heart. 

While pressing down on the throbbing pain in my chest, I drew closer towards 

TBig brother, did you plan on just playing around with your little sister's pure 
love and then discard me after you were done? Like an empty drink can after 
you've finished drinking it, you're going to throw me away? So mean! Inhumane! 

TThat's wrong, I didn't have that meaning! Moreover, that kind of person 
would be an extremely unpleasant guy.J 

Big brother showed a troubled expression on his face. 

f I didn't say that with any particularly weird intentions. J 

TIf that's the case, what did you mean? Big brother, please properly explain it 
to me in a way that I can understand. Otherwise, I am.. I am prepared to 
mobilize all necessary measures towards you. J 

TU-Use of force?! A sudden declaration of war? Calm down! I think siblings 
should try to get along happily. J 

TIn that case, please don't say such a lonely thing. I'll cry, you know?J 

As I leaned on big brother's shoulder, I clung to him. 

rHave you already fallen in love with someone else? Am I to be treated as an 
unnecessary person now?J 

r.I don't know what to think of you talking to me like I am a boyfriend who 

has just cheated on you. What I want to say, is that I can't become someone like 
Nadeshiko. It's also my personality, but I'm the type who always has the brakes 
on no matter what.J 

He softly patted my head and stroked it as he talked to me with the air of 
speaking to a child, 

TOccasionally, I also thought about being like Nadeshiko and wanted to try 
living while being honest with myself. J 

rBig brother worries too much about appearances again! J 

r.No, normally you'd worry about appearances, right? J 

If I had to say my big brother's bad points, one would be that he is too serious. 
Though that can also be said to be good, but diligent self-control can also 
become an hindrance to love. 

rWhy? Isn't that good? Please consider it! Where else would you find siblings 
who still take baths together at this age? If you want to think about our 
relationship from a normal perspective or something, I would also be troubled. 
This kind of relationship can't possibly be normal, right?!J 

TYou said so yourself?!.so even Nadeshiko was aware of it.J 

Of course, I am self-consciously aware that this is not normal. 

Even so, the feelings of love I have towards my big brother cannot be stopped. 

I~—something like restraining my desire to make big brother my possession 
and mine alone, is completely impossible. J 

I live honestly with myself because I only have one life. 

Holding regrets is the one thing I don't want no matter want. 

rEven if we worry about appearances, it is unavoidable. Now, big brother, 
please be obedient. I know about it, you know?J 

I whispered to big brother while clinging to his chest. 


l"That is, I know about big brother’s black hair fetish. Last time, when I was 
cleaning big brother's room, I found a photograph collection with a very unusual 
proclivity. Not only did they all have large breasts, but it was exclusively black¬ 
haired women. Since I have always had black hair, I am an existence closest to 
big brother's taste. It makes me happy. J 

Tl-l. I'm really going to cry. Listen little sister, it's fine if you don't clean your 
older brother's room. I'm begging youlj 

I showed a smile to big brother who had received a large shock and was 
crestfallen with his head down. 

TPlease don't forget when I say that I always know all of big brother's secrets, 

With a cramped face, he uttered, r....yes,J and gave a small nod. 

TBig brother, something like escaping from my love is utterly impossible, so 
please give up quickly. J 

As we had this heart-to-heart, the sound of the front door of the house 
opening could be heard. 

l~Who could it be?J 

TIt should be our older sister, right? J 

In accordance with our expectations, the person who showed up to the living 
room was our big sister Yamato Miyabi. 

A third year university student, with a five year age difference from us, she was 
twenty years old, disliked by no one, and had an agreeable personality. 

rWelcome home, big sister Miyabi.J 

TI'm home. I see you two are together as always and on good terms. J 

After becoming an university student, she had left home and was now living by 
herself in a nearby apartment. 

She occasionally returned to look after us in place of our parents who were 

frequently away from home. 

TIt's not good if I don't come back every now and then to see my younger 
siblings. There's also the promise with our parents. J 

TOlder sister, you don't have to purposely go out of your way to live alone, it's 
fine if you stay in this house. J 

FLiving on my own was something I wanted to do. Though it was troublesome 
when I tried it, it was also unexpectedly fun. J 

rBecause we also are going through a similar experience, I understand your 
feelings. I can feel the happiness of living together as just the two of us. This is 
big brother's and my love nest.J 

Big sis said T isn't it bad to arbitrarily turn this into your love nestjwhile 

rNadeshiko really loves Takeru, huh. You guys should combine together 

l"That shouldn't be an older sister's line, right?! J 

In the middle stood my somewhat scandalized big brother. 

l"That's because I am Nadeshiko's ally. To support a younger sister's love is an 
older sister's role, right? J 

She says so and smiles at me. 

My big sister Miyabi understood my feelings. 

More so than anyone else, in my family's expectations of us, she was the one 
who understood the most. 

TAs expected of my big sister Miyabi. To understand the depths of my love, I 
am grateful. J 

rSince there's all sorts and types of love in this world, if you can become 
happy, then isn't that also a good thing?J 

l"That's right. So with that said, big brother. Please connect with me, and let's 
make a happy family together. J 

TNo no, it's not that simple of a problem. Older sister too, please be more 

careful with your remarks J 

The relationship between us sisters was very good. 

I'm surrounded by the people precious to me, who give me happiness every day. 
To hope for more happiness than this might be hoping for too much, but I want 
to become even happier, which is my one selfish side. 

My life after falling in love with big brother has changed greatly. 

This feeling of love not something that should be suppressed. 

So I continue to hope that big brother will hurry and also become honest with his 
own feelings, and accept them. 

[ To be continued ] 


Written by yuu-oniichan Posted in Nadeshiko Koibana Tagged with Nadeshiko . 

Chapter 6: Sweet Whispers 

February 25, 2016 

Chapter 6: Sweet Whispers 

[SIDE: Yamato Takeru] 

Two weeks have already passed from the start of the new semester. 

In the morning that day, while I was in the middle of changing into my school 
uniform and preparing to go to school, 

TGood morning, Takeru J 

My mom who rarely appeared was in the kitchen. 

I didn't notice at all when she had come back home. 

Starting from junior high school, my parents were frequently away from home 
due to work. After my older sister moved out, it was often just Nadeshiko and I, 
the two of us, living here now. 

TBreakfast has been prepared. J 

TThankyou. When did you come back?J 

f Late last night. I had some business along this way, but I won't have any more 
time to come back home today. Sorry about always being unable to slow down. 

If you have something for me, you should tell me now.J 

I understood that dad's work was also very difficult. 

We might not seem like an ordinary family, but it was not like we were 
abandoned either. 

Our parents properly loved our family, and there was no dissatisfaction on that 

I sat at the table and began to eat breakfast. 

rNadeshiko still hasn't woken up yet?J 

That girl was a weak person in the morning. 

If she does not wake up and come down soon, I'll go to her room to wake her up. 

r Takeru, can I ask you a question? J 

Saying so, my mom looked at me with an unreadable expression on her face. 

l~What is it?J 

i I had a feeling from before, but don't you siblings get along too well?J 

Apparently, it seemed like there was some strange misunderstanding. 

I explain that it wasn't anything in particular. 

TFor as long as I can remember, Nadeshiko and I have always had gotten along 
well, as siblings. J 

I"It's because you think that is normal that you're mistaken, okay? Takeru, in 
this world siblings don't repeatedly go on dates on the weekends with their arms 
linked and fingers interlocked like lovers. Your father and I really want you to 
think that the relationship and attitudes the two of you have are abnormal. J 

Having my parent say that much was also painful for me. 

She warned me with an amazed expression on her face. 

TThough being on bad terms with siblings is also a problem, what do you think 
about siblings who are too intimate? J 

I received my mom's preaching while eating an omelet. 

Our parents have had a negative view of our relationship from since a long time 

TBe honest, you aren't in a strange relationship with her, right?J 

TA strange relationship? J 

r.romantic relationship. J 

I choked in response to my overly frank mother. 

What the hell kind of suspicions are being directed at me?! 

TGeh, cough. Wha-what kind of things are you trying to say, there's no such 
thing going on!J 


rCan you stop with that silent stare?!J 

That all too serious face was unnecessarily painful. 

T Please also consider the feelings of the parent who can't help but make that 
sort of face. I also want to hear about Takeru's feelings. Do you want to have a 

lover's relationship with Nadeshiko?J 

TWhat kind of question is that?! A brother who will tell his mother, 'I want to 
be lovers with my little sister/ would be a hopeless person in society right?! J 

r.Can I really believe that you don't have that intention?J 

TUp to now, have I done anything to make you believe otherwise?J 

I lied in order to avoid having my own feelings be seen through. 

Well, I do like Nadeshiko, but there's no way I can admit such a thing in this kind 
of situation. 

TBecause Nadeshiko and I are siblings, you see.J 

That line is starting to become my standard line. 

Every time I uttered it though, my heart ached. 

In addition, I didn't even know whether mom was relieved by that. 

TAnyway, it will be a problem if you don't show some moderation in 
associating as siblings, understand?J 

r I understand already.J 

f I don't really want to say this, but if your brother-sister relationship that I'm 
already worried about goes any further, even I won't be picky with the methods I 
need to use. I'm sure you can imagine how that will turn out, so please don't 
make me worry too much about your relationship becoming too intimate. J 

What an ominous statement, as if warning me that hostile countermeasures 
were being considered. 

Mom quietly told meTTakeru should prepare himself for that time. J 
I don't know exactly what she was thinking about, but she seemed to have some 
scheme in mind. 

TIf you two had a close but wholesome relationship as brother and sister, even 
I wouldn't have anything more to say. However, Nadeshiko completely sees you 
as a love interest. Takeru, you are the final line of defense. I implore you, don't 
lose sight of yourself. J 

For my parent to be able to speak about our siblings' relationship to that much 
detail was amazing. 

As for my family's worries, let's place that matter in the corner of my mind. 

While on the way to school together with Nadeshiko, I was telling my sister 
about the order of restraint from our mom. 

f I see, so mother has noticed the romantic relationship that exists between 
big brother and me.J 

TDon't fabricate reality. We don't have a relationship as lovers, just as siblings 
with an overly close relationship. J 

rThat would be the difference in "perception" between big brother and me, 
right? I have every intention of being big brother's lover. J 

A younger sister who would calmly declare herself to be her older brother's 
lover, that would be Yamato Nadeshiko. 

TAll those who would come between the relationship between big brother and 
me, for example, even if it were mother, I would declare to be an enemy! 
Regardless of whoever they are, I cannot forgive anyone who would try to 
interfere with my love. It is not my intention, but I have resolved myself even for 
the need for full-out war!J 

TN-No no, let's put behind us this parent and child showdown. Peace is 
important, peace is number one.J is sad, but even looking at history, parents and children are fated to 

fight one another, big brother. J 

TFate?! Wait, please calm down! Nadeshiko, a family feud between parents 
and children is not what I want.J 

If it was the Nadeshiko right now, she would be capable of anything, so I 
needed to stop my younger sister's reckless rampage. 

If things became like that, my dad who doted on his daughter would also be in a 
huge quandary. 

I think a family which gets along happily is the best. 

TAs long as big brother is mine, there is nothing else that I would want.J 

l~Nadeshiko is really single-mindedj 

rThat's right! That's why, big brother should take responsibility for these 
feelings and get married with me please. J 

I".regarding that matter, I have no comment. J 

There is a brother here who was proposed to by his younger sister early in the 

And then, forget rejection, that soft-hearted older brother who couldn't even 
mount a strong denial was me. 

When we arrived at the school, Nadeshiko wentTthat's rightjas if she suddenly 
recalled something, 

TBecause of some business I need go to the faculty room today, so I'll bid you 
farewell here. Let's meet again for lunch, big brother. J 

As I see off Nadeshiko's figure from behind her, Satake called out to me. 

TWhat's this, were you fascinated with Nadeshiko-chan's appearance from the 
back, Yamato?J 

r.I was doing no such thing. It's because she's my little sister.J 

TWith such a cute younger sister like that, to worry would be the natural 
reaction, huh? Right from the start of her admission, Nadeshiko-chan seems to 
have been considerably popular, you know. There are also a lot of rumors. J 

Nadeshiko is an indisputably beautiful girl, so of course becoming popular was 
a natural outcome. 

It was that way in junior high too. 

THmm? Ohh, a popular girl has appeared over there too. J 

In front of where Satake was staring at, people were gathering. 

TGood morning, Sudou-san.J 

TGood morning. Even though it is warm and relaxing today, the fact that the 
cherry blossoms have already scattered is a little sad. J 

In the center of the crowd, there was a beautiful girl with a gentle smile 
floating on her face. 

She had an adult appearance and a calm and composed atmosphere which 
would make you think that she was mature beyond her age. 

Her long hair fluttered in the breeze, and she quietly used a single hand to grasp 
her hair. 

l"That Sudou-san is popular as always. J 

A girl who corresponded with a kind smile even when surrounded by everyone. 
The name of the beautiful girl with hazel-colored hair was Sudou Fujiawayuki. 
With an appearance like her name "light snowfall", she was a stunning girl with 
suitable snow-white skin. 

Due to a pleasant and friendly personality, her popularity with boy and girls alike 
was high. 

TBut jeez, this school sure has a number of high class ladies. We're talking 
about the distinguished Sudou family, so she's quite a considerable ojou-sama, 
but the fact that she hasn't let that go to her head makes her really popular. J 

TThat's right, she's a good-humored person, so talking to her is interesting. J 

Awayuki-san was my classmate in the same class as me last year. 

If I were to describe us, it could be said that we had a small relationship, enough 
to say that we could be called friends. 

When she noticed us, she lightly raised her hand in greeting. 

TTakeru-kun, good morning. Just now I saw you getting along well with your 
sister while walking with her. The relationship between you two was so close, it 
was as if you were lovers. J 

f I wish you wouldn't say that to make of me. J 

r I wasn't joking, you know, because it really seemed that way. J 

This girl's smile had the charm to captivate others in an instant, and she just 
showed me a really wonderful smile. 

rGiris who are in love are beautiful. Surely, she was in love. I'm a bit jealous. J 

Awayuki-san muttered r| also wish to fall in lovej in a small voice. 

Her profile somehow looked a bit lonely, though I also knew why. 

Even though she wanted to fall in love, there were circumstances that won't 
allow it. 

TIt is good that I am in the same class as Takeru-kun again, because the only 

boy that I can place my trust in is Takeru-kun J 

f I am honored to be trusted by Awayuki-san above all J 

rFufu... Hey, may I continue to count on Takeru-kun from now on?J 

Most men would probably have been cajoled if she had whispered in their ears 
with that sweet voice. 

.Even I might be counted as one of those men charmed by that smile. 

TIf you require my power, then my strength is yours. As a friend, of course. J 

rI'm glad to hear your say that. I'll be counting on you.Now then, I'll see 

you again in the classroom. J 

As we separated from her, Satake muttered a sigh behind me. 

TAren't you getting a little too lovestruck from being relied on by a beautiful 
girl? I'll tell Nadeshiko-chan.J 

rI'm not lovestruck or anything! Also, keep this a secret from Nadeshiko, 

T.Yamato, I really don't get your "friendship" with Sudou-san. J 

Despite being such a popular girl, there were few males that were close to her. 
That may be the reason why I frequently received glares from the other guys. 

TIt is because she is popular. It would be difficult to find a trustworthy guy 
with no ulterior motives, right?J 

rAnd the reason why that trustworthy party is Yamato?J 

T.due to my everyday conduct?J 

TNicely said. If you really were trusted due to luck, I envy you. As expected of 
her "former lover" huh.J 

I deceived Satake by giving a vague smile and saying nothing. 

[ To be continued ] 

Written by yuu-oniichan Posted in Nadeshiko Koibana Tagged with Nadeshiko . 

Chapter 7: The Snow which Falls in Spring 

March 2, 2016 

Chapter 7: The Snow Which Falls in Spring 

Hey everyone. Sorry about the delay, still getting into a regular pace. 

In other great news, I successfully recruited two new editors! They are 
SamJakes and Raulak! They both do great work, so hopefully we can maintain a 
higher standard of quality and faster releases. Well, enjoy! 

"hi, first timer here, please don't be too harsh on me, but if you've got 
advice, I'm happy to hear it" -Raulak 

"SamJakes here. I'm new to editing too, but I'm having tons of fun here! 
Nice to meet all of you :D" -SamJakes 

[SIDE: Yamato Takeru] 

It was in the spring of last year when I first met Awayuki-san. 

There was no extraordinary event, we just had cleaning duty together. 

However, encountering her would change me greatly. 

After school that day, we had gathered in the courtyard with cleaning tools in 
hand to clean... or that was the plan, but... 

rEven though cleaning the cherry blossom petals can be troublesome, isn't it 
surprising that everyone decided to skip out?J 

r.isn't this how cleaning duty in high school usually turns out?J 

There should have been other people cleaning here too, but Awayuki-san and I 
were the only ones here cleaning. 

Sweeping up the cherry blossom petals that had fallen beneath the cherry trees 
was a tiresome chore. 

Even as we swept, it felt like there was no end. 

Because of that, I had thought one or two people might skip out, but... 

f I understand how the people who wanted to skip out on sweeping the cherry 
blossom petals felt, but I definitely didn't imagine there would be nobody but us 

here. How bothersome. J 

rThat's true. What about Yamato-kun? Didn't you want to skip too? J 

TEven if I thought about doing that, it's not in my nature to do so. J 

Put nicely, I've always been diligent; but you could also say that I've always 
been indecisive. 

It's painful if you say that I do things half-heartedly, so please don't say that. 

TAra, isn't it fine if you're a serious child? I like those kinds of people. J 

She gave me a kind and radiant smile. 

It was the first time I had talked to her, but I had heard the rumors. 

The young lady of the rich and famous Sudou family was one of our classmates. 
Just that was enough to garner my interest, but for her to have been such a 
gentle girl. 

Her figure was good, she carried herself elegantly, and she had a friendly 
personality. It would have been impossible for her not to become popular. 

TWell then, though it's just the two of us, shall we start cleaning?J 

l~Aah. Even though the cherry blossoms are beautiful, cleaning up afterwards 
sure is troublesome. J 

TBecause even though people praise the sight of the falling cherry blossom 
petals as beautiful and fantastical, the fallen cherry blossom petals are treated 
as garbage. I've said something terrible, huh... J 

We talked while we started cleaning with the brooms in our hands. 

As expected, as soon as the cherry blossom petals were swept up, the wind 
would rain the next set of petals down. 

Because there was no end, let's just stop at a reasonable place. 

Even if I remained quiet, there was nothing else to do, so I tried asking her. 

TI'm curious, did you dye your hair? J 

Awayuki-san's hair was a beautiful hazel color. 

It was not a showy color, nor was it especially rare for people to dye their hair to 
just that extent. 

While she stroked her hair, 

rThis? This isn't dyed. My hair has been naturally light since I was born. People 
often ask me if it's dyed because its base color is brown. J 

f I thought so. Even though it could have been dyed, I thought it was very 
beautiful. My mother also has natural brown hair, so I thought that might be the 

I".heeeh, so Yamato-kun's mother is also like me. J 

Natural brown hair will appear to be light brown. 

People with this condition were rare, and though my mother had it, Nadeshiko 
and I both had raven-black hair and didn't inherit it from her. 

I"However, my family is an old family, or you could say it's a family with a long 
legacy, so my grandmother didn't have a good impression of me.. J 

TIs it uncomfortablePJ 

TNot really. My mother also has the same hair color. Her hair is also naturally 
brown. Because this is something I inherited from my beloved mother, so it is an 
important thing to me. Because of this, I can feel that I am my mother's 

She touched her hair as she murmured with what looked like a wistful 
expression on her face. 

It seemed like she really loved her mother. 

I could tell just from listening to Awayuki-san's words. 

In the midst of the scattering cherry blossoms, towards her, I unconsciously. 

I"It's beautiful.J 
r Eh? J 

rBecause Sudou-san's hair is very beautiful, so you should have more 

When I said those words to her naturally, she made a surprised expression. 

As her cheeks dyed red from embarrassment, 

I"Thank you.but it is embarrassing if you compliment me with such a serious 


TEh, did I say something strange?J 

rNo... I see, so Yamato-kun was such a type. Mr. Dense, hmm.J 

She let out a giggle, and then freely laughed aloud. 

rYamato-kun, you sometimes inadvertently make advances towards girls, 
wouldn't you agree?J 

.In my heart, I had some knowledge of that fact, so I could only give a bitter 


I had heard that this person not only had light colored but also a different eye 

Now that I looked more closely, her eyes and hair were the same hazel color. 

r.Yamato-kun, if you stare at my eyes that much, even I would feel rather 

embarrassed. J 

l~Ah, s-sorry. I did something rude.J 

It was definitely impolite to suddenly stare at the face of a girl I had just met 
for the first time. 

I averted my gaze immediately, but, 


When I looked at her profile, I felt a mysterious feeling. 

Graceful long hazel hair. 

The figure of a beauty that would charm anyone. 

Even though I should have been meeting her for the first time, it didn't feel that 

Do I know this girl from somewhere? 

No, and our junior high schools were also different, so undoubtedly this must be 
our first meeting. 

Yet, there was a feeling like I had met her somewhere before.what was this 

mysterious feeling? 

r.Sudou-san, have I met you before, a long time ago?J 

l~Ara ara, am I being hit on by Yamato-kun?J 

l"That's not it! It wasn't a pick-up line or anything, I really felt that way.J 
While I denied it in a panic, she looked as if deep in thought. 

rUuun, though even I think that today is my first meeting with Yamato-kun?J 
r.Yeah, that's right. I asked a weird questionj 

rNo... it was because you were embraced by a sense of familiarity from me, 
right? J 

Rather than showing an unpleasant appearance towards my words, she gave 
me a gentle smile. 

rYamato-kun is really a very pure person. That pleases me very much. J 

r .is being pure-hearted really a compliment for a guy?J 

rIt is a compliment. I don't really have a good impression of boys.J 
She told me in a low voice only I could hear. 

rThough I'm not overly self-conscious, but I am easily liked by boys.J 

TThat's to be expected. A beautiful person like Sudou-san would definitely 
curry interest from the guys.J 

TEven so, however, for all the boys who approached me to be so openly 
stained with their desires, or better said, it has been only untrustworthy people! 
There didn't seem to be any decent boys, so I had given up, but, for some 
reason, Yamato-kun seems different from the others to me.J 

Whether or not she could be called popular was debatable, because she was 
liked by various kinds of guys. 

TAlthough I don't think I'm the only person who thinks that way?J 

When I tried making a joke, she gave me a radiant smile as if her point was 

f I can understand just from your attitude, that Yamato-kun is a good person. 
From my point of view, if Yamato-kun also didn't have an ulterior motive, then 
you would also seem like a two-faced person to me. I can place my trust in such a 
person. I hope to get along with you from now on.J 

f I hope to get along as well. J 

When I nodded and answered as such, she seemed glad. 

rThis is the last chance to see the cherry blossoms this year. Let's enjoy the 
beautiful cherry trees next year as well. J 

While we admired the cherry blossoms that were scattering, the cleaning was 

From that day forth, that girl and I continued our close friendship in that style to 
this day. 

Was my encounter with her destiny, or— 

[ To be continued ] 


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Chapter 8: Yamato Nadeshiko in Full Bloom 

Chapter 08: Yamato Nadeshiko in Full Bloom 

I loc | 

[SIDE:Yamato Nadeshiko] 

It all started with something I said. 

rWhy must something like adolescence exist? It would be fine if something like 
that was destroyed. J 

rNa-Nadeshiko. Please don't say such a dangerous thing all of a sudden. J 

TAra, big brother, sorry. My actual feelings slipped out. J 

r.those were your real feelings. I'm a little scared. J 

Big brother was watching television in his pajamas. 

It was unusual for him to watch TV in the living room until late at night. 

Even though I wasn't interested in what was on TV, I did lots of things with big 
brother just to stay near him. 

rWhy is adolescence making an enemy of Nadeshiko? J 

rBecause it is an obstruction to me. Big brother won't openly give me his 
love.J how is that connected to adolescence?J 

rThere are children who, after a certain age, try to separate from their 
mother, right? To have increased the distance between us for a reason like 
embarrassment, doesn't it seem similar?J 

Big brother loves me. 

I hold no doubt about that. 

However, he seems to feel that his image as a brother who has too close of a 
relationship with his sister was embarrassing. 

That attitude is one that I am unable to forgive by all means. 

rA-adolescence or whatever cannot be helped right? J 

rIn that case, starting from tomorrow, will you openly declare that you love 

r I want to protect my current school life. There's only two years after this, let 
me pass through it peacefully and uneventfully.] 

You see, this is the problem. 

Worried about the gazes of other people, he is embarrassed so he tries to 
conceal his thoughts of embracing me. 

r I don't even particularly mind a big brother who is seen as an overly siscon 
brother in other people's eyes J 

TBut I would mind! Rather, wouldn't I be the only one that would be receiving 
major damage?] 

r.Muuuuu. I think it would be better for big brother to become honest with 

himself. You're awful.] 

While looking down, I quietly sit down on the same sofa big brother is sitting 

I like the times when I can take my time to speak with Big brother. 

TPlease remember, the big brother in the past was very kind to me.] 

TEven though I intend to be gentle even now.] 

rThe point where you are not honest is a minus point.] 

When I leaned against his shoulder, he slowly caressed my head. 

That part of him was truly kind. 

Though if seen from other people's eyes, he spoiled me like a lover would. 

rShall we talk about nostalgic stories? When I was a child, I was bad at getting 
along with people, and always just followed big brother when we were playing. 
Big sister and I had a significant age gap, so there was nobody else who could be 
my playmate. My world was only Big brother.] 

I was always staring at his back that was slightly bigger than mine. 

Big brother was gentler than anyone, and lavished me with smiles. 

rThose days, I really had few friends, and big brother was the only important I 

person I felt I could talk to. And there was.something that happened that 

summer in first grade. When I tripped and got hurt and couldn't walk, big 
brother carried me like a princess, literally. J 


rFufu. Seems like I was able to make you remember that. That's right, when I 
got hurt, and couldn't move and cried, you held me in a princess carry and 
brought me home. At that time, big brother said to me:J 

As I was held in big brother's arms, the pain from the injury or whatever was 

He said to me in a gentle voice. 

fFor me, Nadeshiko is a princess, so I'll always protect you, okay? J 

Even now, you've kept your word; you've always been by my side, protecting 

l"Those words still remain inside me as one of my precious memories. If I am a 
princess to big brother, then big brother has always been my prince. J 

TP-please stop! Please stop exposing my pastMj 

Big brother had an embarrassed face that said he wanted to climb into a hole. 

I wanted to see more of that expression, so I continued my talk. 

TThere's still more. It was when I was in my third year of elementary school. J 

TThere's still more?!J 

TThere's much, much more. Because in the 15 years of my life that I have 
spent with my beloved big brother, I have made a lot of irreplaceable 

My memories with big brother were endless. 

rThat time was the first time I went to swim in the ocean. Although I had 
experience in the pool, it was the first time I had seen the sea with my own eyes. 
Do you remember that day when the three of us, big brother, mother, and I, 
went to the sea together? J 


He looked like he was in the middle of recalling his memory with all his might. 

TIt doesn't look like you remember, hmm. In that case, I will remind you. We 
were fully enjoying the sea. I, who was overjoyed with my first visit to the ocean, 
wasn't yet able to swim well, yet right from the start I wanted to head out 
towards the open seas.J 


Big brother's painful cry echoed in the living room. 

Somehow, he remembered and his face turned pale. 

rAnd sure enough, I started drowning in a place where my feet didn't reach. 

Big brother, who panicked, was still going to come to my rescue, but because big 
brother was still a child, saving me was difficult. And then.J 

TWait. Seriously, please wait, don't say another word. You don't have to say 
it! J 

Big brother tried to cover my mouth. 

While avoiding his hand, I narrated the past event to big brother. 

rWhen Big brother saved me, it was like Big brother was embracing me. 
However, though my hand had been grasped, my chest still hadn't expanded. 
That's right, though they were small, while I was unconscious, big brother 
passionately rubbed my breasts with both handslj 

TNool! It was different, at that time I was desperate, so there was completely 
zero intention of sexual harassment. J 

I I know. When you try to save a drowning child, there will be things like that. 
Incidents in the water are dangerous. Big brother grabbing and rubbing my small 
breasts wasn't life-changing for me either. In the same way that my breasts were 
tightly grasped, my heart has also been caught by Big brother. J 

TT-That was a rescue. I didn't rub a little girl's breasts or anything. I didn't even 
grab them?!j 

While my cheeks were dyed red, big brother swore to me. 
rKusu kusu,- big brother was the one who made my breasts grow this big. J 

r me, somebody save me. You've sent my past self flying 

without holding back enough already.] 

He hung his head. 

His appearance was a bit cute, so I couldn't help but tease him. 

TPlease don't get depressed. I don't dislike your past self. To have received 
that much love makes me glad.J 

TRight now, I want to cry and also kill my past self.] 

I whispered to my depressed big brother, l~is it okay if I give the finishing 

TFinishing blow?! T-There's still.something else?] 

TThere is. The best. Big brother seems to have forgotten about it.] is long, and I have many things I'd like to forget.] 

While I rested my hands on his crestfallen, drooping shoulders, 

TBack during fifth grade in elementary school, it was in spring, the season of 
cherry blossoms. We were viewing the cherry-blossoms together, and then big 
brother had said to me.] 

While watching the beautiful scene of cherry blossoms dancing and falling, 

TNadeshiko is really cute. To me, Nadeshiko is a more adorable flower than these 
cherry blossoms.] 

After that, big brother suddenly brought his face closer towards me, Fl love 

you.because Nadeshiko is my younger sister, I won't give you to anyone 


Just remembering it made my face flush red, thinking about big brother's 

And then, to my lips, big brother slowly. 

Tl-l remembered!! I remembered, so please forgive me with just that much. I 
beg of you. If anyone knew about it, my life would be finished.] 

TKusu, I'm happy that you remembered it. It's scary not being able to change 
the past, isn't it?] 

rDo you plan on telling anyone about that.... you don't. You wouldn't right? 
Right?! J 

He appeared to be panicking; was he so upset at the idea that I might tell 

f I won't tell. As long as big brother doesn't betray me. If by chance there 
comes a time when that happens, please prepare yourself, okay? I know lots of 
big brother's secrets. I might expose all of them. J 

As soon as I mentioned secrets, big brother's face changed color. 

r W-what kind of secrets? J 

TOther secrets which have the ability to destroy big brother's social standing, 

When I smiled radiantly, big brother said to me while shaking, 

TOf course, could you keep those secrets a secret?J 

I"It wasn't my intention to threaten you or anything. I just thought of sharing 
wonderful memories from the past, isn't that the case?J 


rFufu. The time and memories that I have accumulated with big brother are 
too numerous for another person to come in between us. Please continue to 
love me wholeheartedly from now on, big brother]'J 

To love and to be loved. 

I am enjoying this relationship from the bottom of my heart. 

If there is someone who will disturb this happiness, I will never forgive them. 

I I like big brother. I won't give you to anyone else. For that purpose.J 

r.what are you planning to do? Are you plotting something strange again?J 

I gave an implication to big brother who had instinctively gone on guard, and 
r I wonder? There's a lot of things I need to think about. Because my high school 
life has also just barely started, you see. I also haven't entirely grasped big 
brother's current situation yet, so I plan to wait and see.J 

rThough I want you to stay like that and not do anything.] 

rThat depends on big brother's behavior. J 
I whispered to him who had a distant look in his eyes. 

TIf you're worried about my behavior, there's an easy solution, big brother. J 

rPlease hurry and be honest with yourself, and make me your lover. Let's 
deepen our love for each other. chuu~J 

TIt's because that's no good. D-Don't bring your lips closer. J 

Big brother shied away and moved some distance away from me. 

rBig brother is really a shy person, huhj 

rIt would be better if Nadeshiko would be more embarrassed.J 

rEven I am embarrassed, you know. Because Big brother's actions always 
make me excited. J 

Each and every one of his words and actions made my heart race. 

Ever since I fell in love with big brother, my world has been overflowing with 

[ To be continued ] 

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Chapter 9: Cuddling in Bliss 

Chapter 09: Cuddling in Bliss 


[SIDE:Yamato Nadeshiko] 

That night was a sleepless night. 

There are times when even after entering my futon and closing my eyes, I still 
cannot sleep. 

T.big brother, it's me. Can we sleep together tonight?J 

When I visited my big brother's room, he was also about to go to sleep. 

TWhat's wrong, can't sleep?J 

TYes. Big brother, it's fine to occasionally sleep together, right? J 

When I said so, he laughed and said l"That part of you hasn't changed huhj. 

TIt can't be helped. J 

Even while he's embarrassed, he wouldn't do something like push me away. 
I'm always relying on my gentle big brother. 

After we laid down, I could feel his body's warmth. 

This warmth gave me a feeling of happiness and safety. 

Even though it was not uncommon for us to sleep in the same futon like this, 
recently it has become rare. 

TBig brother can feel my charm as the "opposite sex," right? J 
TGuh. W-What are you saying all of a sudden?J 

TBecause, in the past we would often sleep together like this, didn't we? That 
you've refrained from doing so, is because you have been considering the 
possibility that you might indulge your passions towards me? It's all right, 
because I also desire to be assaulted by big brother. Now, please go ahead. J 

T.if you say something too weird, I'll drive you out.J 

Big brother looked away from me in embarrassment. 

TPlease don't get angry. It was just a joke. I'll change the subject but.big 

brother, do you remember?J 

rEach and every time, how you push me into the sea of suffering with your 
words, right?J 

rPlease rest assured, this time it is a story of a wonderful memory with big 
brother. It is about when big brother and I saw a shooting star from this room.J 

rHow many years ago was that? It feels like a considerably old story. J 

As big brother says, this was an old memory that must be revisited. 

11 was still an elementary school student. If I'm not mistaken, I should have 
been around nine years old? J 

TYou remember it well.J 

TYes. The memories with big brother are always within this heart of mine.J 

While placing my hand on my own chest, I reminisced. 

I won't forget. 

A memory that I don't want to forget. 

When we were looking up at the ceiling while lying in the futon together, I"Even if 
I look up at the stars in this city, they are not that pretty. However, that day, no 
matter where I looked, I could see shooting stars, or it would probably be better 
to say that it was a meteor shower, with big brother and big sister Miyabi, like 
this the three of us were looking up at the shooting stars. J 

r.So there was also such a thing. J 

rIn the cool summer evening, we three siblings who got along well were 
wrapped up in the futon as we did watched the stars. It was a large-scale meteor 
shower which would come once in a few decades. On that day, I prayed for a 
wish to the countless number of shooting stars I saw. J 

The beauty of a shooting star which I saw for the first time was unforgettable. 
To that evening sky, I made a certain wish. 

r.that big brother may love me.J 

rDo elementary schoolers talk of love?J 

rThey do. It was a love from a time when I was small. I am a thoroughly a 

1 I thinkthat's not something to be said while smiling thoughj 

Big brother said T It's like Nadeshiko to say that J and smiled. 

l~Ara, you're making fun of me? Big brother, it's not funny, you know. Because, 
big brother is also a siscon. Don't you remember? That day, when I was making 
my wish.wasn't big brother also making a wish like I was?J was too long ago so I don't remember. J 

TFufu. There are times in big brother's case where you put on a pretense of 
not remembering out of embarrassment. However, big brother, I remember 
perfectly. No matter how trivial it may be, I have not forgotten any memories 
with big brother.J 

While feeling big brother's body temperature intimately with my bare skin, I 
whispered to him. 

rBig brother asked the star for a favor, fThat I may marry Nadeshiko.J] That's 
why, I asked that. fEven if I don't ask star-sama, I will still properly become big 
brother's bride.J] Don't you think that this is a wonderful brother-and-sisterly 

TT-That's a fabrication!! J 

TNo. You're wrong. If you doubt this me, please try asking our big sister. Big 
sister is older than us, so she should still remember it. [[You guys are brother and 
sister, okay? Do you understand?]] she admonished while also amazed at the 
very young us.J 

r.if that's true, then even I can't say anything. J 

He who was grieving and moaning showed me his back and wouldn't turn 
around to face me. 

rFrom then on, my dream to marry big brother has always continued to be in 
my mind.J 

rMy overly earnest little sister's love is heavy. J 

r-In this world, I am confident that the most virtuous thing is just "love", 

you know, big brother?J 

T But it's not something to get so serious about! Your words trouble me J 
Big brother quietly patted and flattened my hair. 

r.even now, will big brother still say those words to me?J 

f I won'tj 

FI see. The words of an oath should only be said at a wedding ceremony. Big 
brother's deep affection, I have received it.J 

TWrong!!.Nadeshiko is really positive, huh.J 

Big brother said that, and I nodded as, 

rIt's natural. The most important thing in life is to live happily. J that how it is? J 

rBig brother told me once before.[[Because Nadeshiko's smile is the cutest in 
the world, I always want to see it beside you. J In accordance with big brother's 
words, I have always been smiling next to big brother. J 

TNuuoooo. Past me, I beg of you, please don't torture me any more than this. 
Stop, stop it.gahhj 

He who suffered from his own remarks, seemed to faint in agony from 
embarrassment in the futon. 

The old big brother was a person more honest with himself than now. 

rBig brother is necessary in my life, so please don't abandon me, okay? If you 

do something like betraying understand, right? Please don't make me 

say it out loud.J 

rI'm beyond frightened that what you plan on doing is something I cannot 

If I am betrayed, I won't forgive him. 

However, big brother is not a person who would betray me. 

I believe that. 

rBig brother has always loved only me, I believe you will continue to look only 
at me. You're not a person who would betray his little sister's trust. J 

TBecause trust is an important thing to keep. J 

rYes. For example, even if big brother intended on becoming popular at the 
start of school, if truths and lies continue to mix and spread as rumors, big 
brother's position will fall to ruin. I won't allow any consideration of betrayal or 
the like.J 

His arm which I was going to use as a pillow jerked in reaction when I touched 

FI will not allow it.J 

TW-Why did you say it twice?J 

TBecause it is important. J 

When I smiled and said so, big brother murmured ri'll be carefulj deplorably. 

TBut, I think it is bad to lie.J 

rLet me teach big brother a splendid method to lie. It is fine if we mix in a bit 
of the truth with the lie. When the little bit of truth gets mixed in, other people 
will no longer be able to see through which parts are true and which parts are 
lies. That is the way, big brother. J 

TM-my cute little sister is somehow dark now! I don't want to see a dark 

While I snuggle into his body, 

TFor example, with just one photo I am able to cast big brother into ruin. J 

r.with just one photo? J 

TMhmm. Even if it were a picture from when I was a child, if it were to be 
placed inside big brother's student handbook, big brother would be given 
disgraceful titles like "Lolicon" and "Siscon," and society would regard you with 
cold gazes, right?J 

TSeriously don't do it!! My life would end that way!j 

TKusu kusu. It's easy to do something to big brother's life, you know. Please 

remember and give up, okay?J 

Big brother said to me rThis is a joke right?J while smiling at me. 

His face didn't look gloomy at all, even though he should not have been able to 

r.That was a joke. If I were doing this for real, I would even place a picture 

of me playing in the bath when I was a child. If you were caught red-handed and 
thus arrested, it could not be helped, right? If I also acted as a victim and 
appealed for help from the people nearby, it would definitely be the end for 

l"To have a reliable plan for ending my life in mind, this little sister of mine.I 

won't betray Nadeshiko. So please don't take away my life.J 

Even his begging didn't lift my mood, so he gave me his arm to use as my 

11 sure am loved by big brother. J 

TOf course I love you, as my younger sister. J 

Like that I became cheerful and let him spoil me. 

With big brother's arm pillow, it feels like I'll see a good dream. Good night, big 

Because I was finally starting to be hit by waves of sleepiness, I fall asleep 
without resistance. 

TGood night.J 

TThat's right,.big brother, there is one more thing I forgot to say. J 

I quietly whisper into big brother's ear with all my love. 

TAfter I have fallen asleep, it's fine no matter what kind of mischief you do to 
me, you know. I give you my permission. J 

r I won't do such a thing. Please don't test your older brother's sense of 
reason.J makes my heart race to imagine what kind of mischief my shy big 

brother will do to me. It really seems like I'll be shown a good dream today. J 

Even though I was also teasing him, I also dreamed that he would really mess 
with me in reality. 

Big brother isn't the type of person to do that, however. 

Although I trust him, it was also quite regrettable. 

While snuggling up to big brother, I slept comfortably for the first time in a while. 
At the moment I fell asleep, what I heard in my ear was, 

r-Nadeshiko. Though if it's in the dream world, I can love you without 

holding back.J 

Was that my convenient dream that I saw? 

Or, were those really the words that big brother murmured? 

I, who had already fallen asleep, didn't know. 

As I slept pleasantly that night next to the person I love, I was able to see a good 

Please don't say that in a dream world or whatever. 

Even though it's fine if you gave me your love in the real world. 

I wish that the day big brother responds to my love would come quickly. 

However, an event that would wound the heart of such a love-struck little sister 
was coming- 

[ To be continued ] 

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reaaaaaally needs to be able to put a looooooot to be with him. 


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Chapter 10: Rival in Love 

Chapter 10: Rival in Love 


[SIDE:Yamato Nadeshiko] 

If I were to speak honestly, big brother is considerably popular with the girls. 
Even from a young age, there would be lots of girls around him. 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that I was battling every day of my life. 
Because any other girls who loved big brother was an enemy, I continued 
fighting against them all the time. 

After school, even though I went to the classroom to meet big brother, he 
wasn't there. 

rAh, it's Nadeshiko-chan. Did you come to meet your older brother? J 

rHello Ono-san, Satake-san. Do you know where my big brother went?J 

TTakeru-kun? He's on duty today, right now I'm sure he should be delivering 
the printouts to the teacher. J 

This girl was Ono Megumi, big brother's friend and Satake-san's lover. 

These two have been his friends since middle school, so I am also acquainted 
with them. 

TIt should be okay if you just wait a little bit? J 
rI think he'll come along soon.J 

("That reminds me, I wanted to hear about it earlier, but big brother still 
continues to not have a lover or anything similar, right? J 

When I questioned them, Ono-san went TLover?J and made a mystified face. 

("Though it's doubtful whether he has a lover, there is a girl he has a 
particularly close relationship with, right? J 

The inside of the classroom was wrapped up in a tense atmosphere. 

rR-right now, did a 'piki' sound just sound in the atmosphere?!J 

T.It must be your imagination. J 

Tl-lt's fine if it's just my imagination. Y-Yeah.J 

Ono-san murmurs in a tear-choked voice. 

While desperately resisting the unpleasant feelings that have erupted from 
inside my chest, 

TAnd who would be this other party? J 

A murky black emotion swirled around inside me. 

The name of this feeling is 'jealousy'. 

TE-Eh, that see, Nadeshiko-chanJ 

Probably because I was unconsciously showing a dark expression, Ono-san's 
face was cramping up. 

TIt's a girl who was also our classmate last year-J 

Satake-san covered up Ono-san's mouth, who was going to say something. 

TMeg, one of your bad points is that you're talkative without thinking. J 

rS-sorry. Never mind about just now. Takeru-kun doesn't have a girlfriend or 
anything. I'm telling the truth here. J 

Because it seemed like they were trying to cover up something, I tried pursuing 

rAre you sure? Even if you lie, it's not going to be good for Ono-san, you 

Tl-lt's really true! 1-1 don't know anything. U-uu.J 

While I stare at her, Ono-san turns her gaze towards Satake-san next to her 
with a pleading look for help. 

r.Please don't make such a face. This is Yamato, you know? That fellow 

doesn't have a girlfriend or anything. No matter how many it has been so far, the 
girls with lover-like atmospheres, it has not progressed to the level of lovers. J 

rBig Brother is a wonderful person, so he is naturally popular: the kind person 
anyone would fall in love with. That's why, if he were to make a lover or way or another that would end up being a problem for me. J 

rI'm scared of what you plan on doing, Nadeshiko-chan! You really love your 
older brother, huh.J 

r I love big brother so much that I lose sight of myself from time to time. J 

In the face of love, sometimes there are situations where my normal self- 
control is snatched away. 

Even I don't know what mess I will make when I am fired up with the flames of 

TFor your beloved older brother to be popular sure is troublesome for you. J 

I"That is because big brother is not allowed to associate with other women 
except me. Big Brother and I are siblings tied by a bond of love. J 

Ono-san mutters ("Though I think that's a bond that must not be 
consummated J. 

There are few people who are sympathetic to the love between big brother and 

I"It's understandable for girls to fall in love, since it is the case that big brother 
will sometimes nonchalantly say romantic lines to girls without noticing. The 
people of his class should undoubtedly have experience in this already. J 

When I queried the surrounding people, I"| might also have experience with 
that J consenting voices sounded from here and there. 

r.Yamato-kun is certainly the type to nonchalantly say things that normal 

people wouldn't say, right? J 

I"There might have been a few times where I was surprised by his actions, and 
became attracted to him.J 

rHe's kind, and cool, and has a high rating amongst the girls. Though it feels 
like it sharply fell now. J 

I see, it looks like even here there were several girls who were charmed by him. 
Since that is the case, it would be better to crush those irksome feelings here 

right now. 

rBig Brother is the type to nonchalantly make advances, even if the other 
person is his little sister. Even I have had my heart played with many times. J 

r.By the way, what kind of things did he say?J 

When Ono-san asked me like that, I answered with a bright smile, 

r-the key to Nadeshiko's heart is mine, so you cannot make a duplicate key 

for anyone else besides me, okay?J 

rIf he really said t-that, Takeru-kun is definitely a siscon. J 

Ono-san was creeped out and drew back. 

His classmates were also lamenting l~No way—, absolutely no waylj- 

r-Today I also saw a happy dream again. In my dream, a cute Nadeshiko 


TStop it, Yamato-kun's cool appearance is collapsing so stop it!J 

r-1 cannot "like" Nadeshiko more than this, because there is "love" 

instead! J 

TPlease don't cry out for love or anything.I already have goosebumps, so 

please forgive me, Yamato-kunlJ 

r-1 like Nadeshiko's voice so much, each time you speak my heart won't 

stop racing. J 

rO-ouch, it's so corny it hurts. But, if it's Yamato-kun, I kind of want to see him 
say that. J 

These were all lines that big brother had said to me before, and even now he 
still says such things to me from time to time. 

rWait, did Takeru-kun always refer to himself as "boku"?J 

rUntil junior high, it was "boku". After entering high school, for some reason, 
he switched to using "ore" to refer to himself, which doesn't suit him. J 

After talking about big brother for a while, his classmates' impressions of him 
seemed to have fallen to rock bottom. 

rHaa.Yamato-kun was quite a poet.J 

rHe was more painful than a chuunibyou otaku boy. Even if he's a good- 
looking guy, there are things that are unpermittable, right?J- 

I"No way~To have had a crush on such a person, even I've become disgusted 
with myself right now.J 

I look and confirm that various girls seem to be shocked and troubled. 

It looks like I have succeeded in wrecking many a sweet maiden's heart. 

With this, any women who were interested in big brother in this class should 

While I recover the calm in my heart, 

TBig Brother is just a romanticist. J 

l"To be able to completely accept that, Nadeshiko-chan might be really great. J 

I"That's natural, for I love big brother from the bottom of my heart.J 

l"To be loved by such a cute little sister, Yamato sure must be happy. J 

While such a conversation was going on, Ono-san asked me in a low voice. 

I"U-umm, Nadeshiko-chan, I didn't hear it firsthand, but there is a rumor that 
Takeru-kun enters the bath together with you everyday. Is that true? That's just 
a joke, right? J 

The story from the other day seems like it became a rumor, and since everyone 
seemed deeply interested, I spoke the truth. 

I"It's the truth. Starting from since I was a child, I have been taking baths with 
big brother every day. It is my daily routine to have big brother's wash my hair.J 

I"S-Seriously? Eh?!J 

I"Moreover, we also sleep together, you know. If I don't have big brother's arm 
pillow, I can't fall asleep. We also slept together last night, and I was able to have 
a good dream. J 

My cheeks redden as I murmured, pregnant with heavy implications. 

rThough it might not seem that way, big brother behaves splendidly spoiled 
when it is just the two of us, you know. It is very cute. To be relied upon by an 

older man sure makes your heart skip a beat, right?J 

r.for that Takeru-kun to act spoiled around Nadeshiko-chan? I can't even 

imagine it.J 

It's not a lie, just a bit of an exaggeration. 

The truth seems to have been cruel for big brother's position, as it became 
rather noisy inside the classroom. 

rFor that to have been serious.Yamato Takeru. It's decided that he's a 

genuine siscon.J 

r Eh? That's not anywhere near a siscon, right? Normally that would be at the 
level of a crime, you know. J 

l"To have used the feelings of love of such a pure little sister to do such things 
in the shadows how terrible. J 

r I feel bitter about the things that were said today. Yamato-kun is the lowest. J 

While big brother's classmates were unanimously in the middle of muttering 

r-Oh? If it isn't Nadeshiko. Did you come to the classroom?J 

Was it good timing? Bad timing? 

Big brother Takeru who didn't know anything had come back to the classroom. 

rBig Brother, welcome back.J 

rNn. I seem to have kept you waiting.? Huh? For some reason, I seem to be 

getting a lot of attention? J 

When big brother looked around, all of his classmates' gazes were turned 
towards him. U-Um, did I do something?J 

l"Takeru-kun. In this class, it's impossible for you to have peaceful school life 

port pon, Ono-san softly pats him on the shoulder. 

rOno-chan, why are you looking at me with those eyes? I don't understand the 
reason for the full-powered icy glares directed at me. Satake, what's going on?J 

r.I think it's better if you don't know. Yamato, if I could say one thing, in this 

class, your evaluation is rock bottom. I can only say that your time is over now. J 

rWhy, what do you mean? W-Wait please, everyone. Please don't look at me 
with those kinds of eyes. No please, I didn't do anything, you know? J 

Nobody said anything as they silently stared at big brother. 

r.I'm begging you, at least tell me the reason. I can't bear those cold gazes 

as if you're all looking at a dangerous person. Just what in the world did I do? J 


Big Brother who was crestfallen and perplexedly dropped his shoulders gave 
off the appearance of being burdened with grievous sorrow. 

From that day forth, Big Brother it seems like came to be called by his nickname, 
rLove Poet Yamato. J 

However, outside of my hopes, it seemed like the girls who were disappointed 
in him were only a few. 

rIf it's Takeru, those kinds of lines might happen to me too.J 

rEven if they're painful lines, I'd like to try having that whispered in my ear at 
least once.J 

Or something like that, he seemed to have become popular with girls who 
wanted to try having sugary lines said to them. 

My strategy was a failure.when I became a high school student, it doesn't 

seem like it will go smoothly. 

Big Brother's popularity with women was still in good health, and it was 
regrettable that my enemies seem to have increased. 

As a side effect, the number of boys who regarded big brother with hostility 
seemed to have doubled instead. 

rYamato Takeru, I won't forgive any shameless behavior towards Nadeshiko- 
chan who is popular despite being a freshman. J 

TOn top of being good-looking, to have a beautiful little sister is just 
impermissible, but to constantly be using his position as an older brother in 
terrible ways, I cannot over look this! J 

It seems like the outcome was big brother getting cursed by the other boys, I 
reflected a little over this. 

Even so, I was still worried about what Ono-san had said. 

^Though it's doubtful whether he has a lover, there is a girl he has a 
particularly close relationship with, right?J 

That big brother has a special girl.who is it? 

[ To be continued ] 

I IQC | 

1. sfx for sparking or glass breaking, if 

2. Nai wa~ff 

3. boku is slightly more neutral than ore, which is more masculine. Both are 
ways to say "I" if 

4. chuunibyou = 2nd-year middle school syndrome, imaginary sickness that 
one has special powers, turns into some... interesting behaviors. Otaku is a 
die-hard fan of something, but popular usage has it used for anime-related 
goods, if 

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what i root for. but arent't the little sisters supposed to be the ones 
who support MC wholeheartedly? Annoying, truly annoying. To have 
her ruin his life. He should move away from her, show her what its like 
for him to be pushed away by her little games and find himself another 
woman. Hmph. 


March 24. 2016 - 1:43 am Rain 

Ya it's definitely excessive, the only silver lining is the fact they 
won't be there their whole lives. Once they graduate, if they are still 
together, they can just move away to live by themselves and those 
people will just forget about them. 

But it's frustrating because, she isn't saying nasty things or 
bullying him, she is just talking about things that seems normal to 
her, in front of everyone else, and it just so happens that what she 
is talking about is something others find unusual, or even 



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Chapter 11: The Black-Haired Beauty 

Chapter 11: The Black-Haired Beauty 

I loc | 

[SIDE: YamatoTakeru] 

I was exhausted to the point where I was unable to remember what was 
today's dinner. 

When I returned to the classroom after my day duties, I was stared at by my 
classmates with very cold gazes. 

[TYamato-kun is the lowest. A person who has gone off the path J 

[[Serves you right, Yamato. Your time is already over.J] 

F.I-I still believe in you, okay? Yamato-san isn't that kind of person.J| 

My classmates whispered such things, but for what reason I had no idea. 

.Nadeshiko, while I was gone, what did you do? 

The female students were especially bad. 

They wouldn't even meet my eyes. 

It was basically considerably shocking to me. 

After dinner, while I was exhausted and sprawled out on top of the sofa, TBig 
brother, that's no good. When you lie down, you have to lie like this.J 

Nadeshiko gently sat down on the sofa, and placed my head on her lap. 
Indeed, this was a situation where I was receiving a lap pillow. My little sister's 
lap pillow was soft and pleasant. 

T.It's good right, this way.J 

rIf big brother comes to desire it, I'll do it for you anytime. J 

My damaged heart is being healed. 

Without the energy to say anything to Nadeshiko today, I accepted it. 

rThat was especially tiring. Nadeshiko, what did you do today after school? J 

f I didn't do anything, though? I only talked with Ono-san and the others for a 
short while. J 

If it was nothing, then I want you to explain the stares of disappointment and 
disgust directed at me by the girls. 

TRather than that, big brother, I also have a question. During this last year, 
was there a situation where you created a special relationship with a lover? Or 
was there a female student you liked in particular?J 


What are you saying all of a sudden, Nadeshiko? 

When I look at her with a blank expression, 

rWell? Please answer only with the truth to this question. J 

T Hii?! J 

Nadeshiko's slender fingers had softly touched the base of my neck, and even 
now the tips of her nails were digging in. 

r.P-Please wait! I have never gone out with anyone, not even once, really!J 

I was restless in a situation where even though I want to run away, I could not. 
Why was I suddenly driven into a such a critical situation, I wonder? 

TIs that really true? It's not good to lie. Telling lies is disgraceful behavior. It's 
stupid, but it's common for people who are trying to run away to place 
themselves and their self-protection first to use this pitiful last resort. This world 
isn't kind enough to let liars live leisurely. J 

When she said that with a straight face, it was scary, and I felt like I wanted to 

The Nadeshiko today seems merciless, so I was desperate to pacify her. 

rIt's true. There's no such thing like me socializing with a girl. Please don't dig 
your fingernail into my neck. J 

r I understand. I'll believe in big brother's words. J 


I was relieved when my little sister gently released her hold. 

T However, if that was a lie, please prepare yourself. I love you big brother, but 

it makes me sad to be told a lie. If a time comes when I am betrayed.even I 

cannot imagine what kind of things I would do. J 

That isn't something to be said while smiling?! 

Her smile made me feel like my heart had frozen. 

Though the lap pillow was comfortable, I was in trouble because I couldn't run 

Why did you suddenly ask such a thing? 

Though I wanted to try asking, it seemed like it would be kicking a hornet's nest, 
so I stayed quiet. 

TIt's about time, shall we go take a bath? I have already prepared it.J 

I wonder why girls like these kinds of things? 

Urged by my sister, we decided to take a bath together. 

I soaked in the warm bath and refreshed my mind and body. 

There is the smell of the rose-scented bath salts that is Nadeshiko's favorite 

A guy like me doesn't really understand the charm, but Nadeshiko seems to be 
deeply satisfied. 

TWere you able to make new friends after entering high school?J 

TAbout that, I was able to make some. By the way, they all have boyfriends. J 

I".ha? Is Nadeshiko's criteria for friends on whether or not they have 


TNo, it is whether or not they are interested in big brother. A friend who would 
make eyes at my beloved big brother is not a friend. J 

Eh, a terrible remark just casually came out. 

rIt's a story from a while ago, but there was a girl in junior high school who 
became my friend to aim for big brother. It's all because big brother has been 
popular with girls for a long time. Even when choosing friends, ascertaining girls 
with ulterior motives is troublesome too, you know. J 

rErm.what happened to that girl?J 

I had an unpleasant feeling and tried asking Nadeshiko. 

TAsking what happened, it's as if you're assuming that I did something to 
her.though that's right, however. J 

TAs I thought, you did something.J 

TFufu, it's not something that big brother needs to worry about. J 
That girl is safe, right? 

What really happened? The meaning behind her smile weighed heavily on my 

That girl is safe, right? 

TIt's just a trifling story. Now, big brother, please wash my hair. J 

If this girl's personality's one point, if I had to say a bad point, I would probably 
say this point. 

Her likes and dislikes are separated too clearly. Especially enemies, she'll 
immediately make enemies and not give a care. 

No, in the cases where she's making enemies, I'm often involved though. 

Mom, dad, older sister Miyabi.where did we make a mistake in Nadeshiko's 


In a normal scenario, in accordance with the name Yamato Nadeshiko, even 
though she should have a been a cute girl. 

If someone somehow becomes treated as an "enemy," receiving her hostility all 
the time would be scary. 

I'm worried that such a little sister might one day incur someone's ill will and get 

rBig brother, please wash it quickly. I feel a chill after a bath.J 

.the world looks coldly down on this, mixed bathing between siblings. 

No, even if I make excuses or such to myself, I've become accustomed to this. 
There's not even a sense of a crime, so there isn't an indecent meaning at all. 

It's a lifestyle habit, just one of my daily sceneries.though even if I say so, 

nobody would be convinced. 

TNadeshiko has really beautiful black hair. You should be proud of it.J 

rBecause I want to match with big brother's preferences, I want to become a 
beauty with raven-black hair. J 

I use shampoo to foam up her hair. 

The appearance of an older brother washing his little sister's hair is reflected in 
the mirror. 

It's a scene which hasn't changed from the past. No, we both have grown up, so 
it has changed? 

Though the actions have not changed, our appearances in the mirror have grown 

I"It's about time for our bathing together.J 

To stop, or when I tried to say that, Nadeshiko immediately interjected, 

I"That's a line that will hurt your cute little sister's heart. Are you still going to say 
it? J's nothing. J 

I was caught by a pick-off throw. 

The subsequent words were l~is the sad event where you betray me going to 

In addition, with the rumors spreading at school, being gazed at by icy glares was 

I already don't have a place where I belong at school anymore, so please stop it. 

r I won't do such behaviors that would make my cute little sister sad. J 

TOf course, I expected as much, because I have great trust in big brother.] 

I rinse off Nadeshiko's hair with warm water from the shower. 

TNnn. Big brother's skill is on the level of a professional beautician, it's 

r.That's because I'm accustomed to it.] 

The days where Nadeshiko will demand for a shower has become almost a 
daily occurrence. 

I don't want to count, but it should have exceeded thousands of times. 

.it's a heart-throbbing daily life with my little sister who is growing every day.. 

rPlease also let me wash big brother's hair from time to time. J 

My little sister was warming her body as she soaked in the bathtub. 

In the meantime, I was washing my hair myself. 

rl-lt's fine, Nadeshiko can enjoy the bath. J 

r.I'll give you some service, you know?J 

Because there is that, so I declined! 

When I have her wash my hair and body.she will push against various places 

on purpose. 

Though other people, if it's seen, may say it's enviable, let me say beforehand 
that I also have a lot of sense, so to be honest it is a huge problem. 

rIf my partner was a lover, it'd would be okay, but it's my little sister. J 

r Big brother, may I take that as a confession of love, to say that you want to 
become lovers with me right now?! I'm happy that you yearned so much for 

TT-That's not it! Please settle down!J 

Her flexible limbs appeared and disappeared from the gap of the towel. 

It took quite a bit of time to restrain Nadeshiko who had gotten excited. 

A cold drink after taking a bath is delicious. 

After leaving the bath, I was completely exhausted and tired. 

I really felt like it was better for me to stop taking baths with Nadeshiko already. 
My reasoning and mental condition won't last long, in various meanings. 

After I finished drying Nadeshiko's hair, I leisurely poured a cup of cola from a 
plastic bottle and drank. 

TIt's a pity that Nadeshiko is bad with carbonated drinks. J 

rIf it's lightly carbonated, I can still endure it, but a normal level of carbonation 
is impossible for me. The prickling feeling in my throat is unpleasant. However, I 
can drink soft drinks if it's opened and left it out for the carbonic acid to 

l"That's just sugared water. That seems bad for your body, so stop that.J 
There's nothing as sickeningly sweet as flat soda. 

rHowever, I'll do my best. I want to drink the same thing big brother is 
drinking. Please give me a sip.J 

rHere. The carbonation is intense though, so be careful. J 

My favorite is zero calorie cola, but the carbonation is strong. 

She resolved herself and took only a mouthful into her mouth, but immediately 
TgehoJ coughed and covered her mouth. 

With just a little bit, her eyes became teary, as she endured the prickling in her 

rUuu.b-big brother, please drink beverages that are more gentle for me.J 

rYes, yes. I'll take more care next time, to pick something that I can drink with 
Nadeshiko, okay?J 

Nadeshiko nodded and drew close to me again. 

I spent the rest of the quiet evening carefreely like that with my cute little sister. 

[ To be continued ] 

I IQC | 

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Chapter 12: The Rumored Partner is... 

Chapter 12: The Rumored Partner is... 

| TOC | Next Chapter 

[SIDE: Yamato Nadeshiko] 

It's the new class which I hadn't completely gotten familiar with. 

It seems like it's going to take a bit of time to get used to this atmosphere. 

rHey, did you see that girl Hanasaki from the class next door? She seems 
considerably high level. J 

f I saw, I saw. That was a beautiful girl. Nadeshiko-chan is also formidable, but 
that girl is good too.J 

TIt seems like they say her name is written like a girl in love, "Kotome."- In 
accordance with her name, she's a lovely girl, you know! J 

The boys in the class were swapping rumors about a girl in the neighboring 

Apparently, she seemed to be a very popular child. 

rKotome-san.seems more like a grandmother's name. Fufu.J 

Excuse me for being impolite, I laughed involuntarily. 

Mine is also the same, but people's names nowadays are interesting. 

r It is a simple rumor, but because of that, searching for the truth will be much 

Speaking of rumors, there's also a rumor that I'm worried about. 

Even while I'm sitting in my own classroom, there are things I was thinking 

l"That big brother has a girl he is particularly intimate with, was that really 

Upon hearing such a rumor, I had begun to investigate this enemy. 

11 wonder just what kind of person it will be?J 

Either way, if I ask the person in question directly, he will evade the question. 
It will be no good unless I gather hard evidence and thrust it into his face. 

TNow then, shall I try searching for the rumored person?J 

During the lunch break, I began gathering information while walking around 
inside the school. 

Fortunately, I had a few upper classmate acquaintances at this school. 

By chance, after asking several seniors, one girl's name came out. 

TYamato-kun's lover? Speaking of that, there was that rumor I heard. J 

T Do you know who it is? J 

The rumors about big brother seem to be true. 

TWhen I saw it before, that lover-like person seemed get along together like a 
married couple. Wasn't that girl Sudou-san, I wonder?J 

TSudou-san? What's her name?J 

TSudou Awayuki. She is a rather famous ojou-sama at this school, a girl liked 
by everyone, you know. There was a time when there were rumors about her, 
but I haven't heard many rumors about her recently. J 

Sudou Awayuki, I don't have any impressions of that name. 

Is this person I'm not acquainted with and big brother.were they going out? 

TDo you know which class Sudou-san is in? J 

TEh? That girl is in the same class as Yamato-kun, you know. It should have 
been that way last year too. J 

Since she was right under my nose, I might have already met her. 

I immediately decide to go visit big brother's classroom and see. 

However, neither big brother nor Ono-san are there. 

Though I tried asking a guy who was nearby, but, 

TNadeshiko-chan, it's a shame, but that guy Yamato isn't here? He hasn't 
come back to the classroom. J 

Though I glanced around inside the classroom, I couldn't find a person 

resembling the one from the rumors. 

It was then that the surrounding boys started to mutter some complaints. 

TThat's right, everyone. I just thought of a good idea. Isn't this a good chance 
to show the actual Yamato to Nadeshiko-chan?J 

TFu. That's a good one, let's drop him into hell. I have a grudge against him 

I".I also concur. Let's bring down that riajuu Yamato Takeru here. I'll do 

anything for that goal. J 

They turned around towards me and started telling me various things. 

I"It's a good opportunity, so I'll tell Nadeshiko-chan about Yamato's exploits. J 
Twhat is it?J 

rThat fellow already had a lover around this time last year, you know? J 
I listened to their story with an extremely calm air., is that the case? This is the first time I've heard about this though?J 

TBecause not everyone seems to know about this. However, it's the truth that 
he has a suspicious relationship with her. That's a relationship where they're 
going out, for surelj 

TThat's right! At that time, all the girls who wanted to become Yamato 
Takeru's lover all fell into depression. J seems like it might be credible. Would you let me hear more about it? J 

As I thought, big brother seems to have been developing a close relationship 
with someone since last year. 

I"The other person in the rumor is Sudou Awayuki. When I say Sudou-san, do 
you know?J 

TOnly to the degree that I've heard of the name. What kind of person is she? J 

According to what they said, the Sudou family is a well-known rich family 
which oversees the management of many companies. 

An honest-to-truth ojou-sama, and a person who seems to be extremely popular 
in school. 

rLike at lunchtime, if Nadeshiko-chan right now had a meal together with us, it 
would seem like we had a close relationship, you knowlj 

l"To be able to go out with such a beautiful person, that bastard Yamato. Even 
I want to be born as a good-looking man toolj 

TAt that time, even when I asked FAre you two going out?J, neither of them 
actually denied it though. J 

l"They had this mood like lovers around them. However, did their relationship 
spontaneously end roughly around the start of winter, or did something 
happen? Because both of them started to put some distance between each 
other, so didn't they break up then?J 

rThat's because of how Yamato's popularly exploded around Valentine's Day. 
Even now, I still remember how the stares of all the single girls I knew changed at 
that time.J 

Though this is at the level of rumors, all the information together still indicated 
that the relationship between big brother and Sudou-san was a special one. 

Did they only go out from early summer till winter? Or does it seem like they 
have an even closer relationship? 

r.I see. Big brother has been having this kind of relationship behind my 

back, hmm?J 

f I wonder, isn't Sudou-san also being deceived and toyed with by Yamato? 
Since at any rate, that fellow is popular with women. Some of it is due to my 
jealousy, but Yamato is too nice when it comes to girls, you know? That's fine in 
it of itself, but how would it be for a girl? J 

I agree with that, as it's big brother's bad habit that I want him to correct. 
Because of his gentle character, he spreads goodwill to everyone. 

It's a frequent occurrence for that to be misunderstood and for feelings of love 
to develop. 

Big brother is attractive, so there are too many girls who will create excessive 

With a bitter laugh at my feelings, I let out a sigh. 

I I also wish that big brother would self-reflect on his actions as well. J 

That way, while that guy is minding his actions, nobody would try to go out 
with him. 

Big brother resembles a devilish kind of girl, where while he's unaware, seldom 
would he do something really terrible. 

If he doesn't have the intention, I wish he wouldn't be nice from the beginning. 
It's not my intention either as the little sister to increase the number of grieving 

rThough there is no possibility of big brother going out with any other girl 
besides me, it is pitiful to let them keep dreaming. J 

TEh? For that reason? J 

TAre any other reasons necessary? Big brother is mine. J 

In response to my dignified remark, everyone fell into a dumbfounded silence. 
From the beginning, when I also tried asking the girls' opinions towards Sudou- 
san just in case, 

rAh, Sudou-san huh? Is it right to call her a healing-type? The atmosphere 
around her is different from an ordinary person's, you know?J 

l"The atmosphere?J 

rThat's right. Every person has a kind of atmosphere around them, right? That 
girl is kind on the inside, kind of like a super gentle person. She has this very kind 
atmosphere around her.J 

TI've never heard of anyone speaking bad about her, hmm. She doesn't have 
that arrogant high-class young lady feeling or appearance at all. I don't think 
there's anyone who dislikes her?J 

Her appearance is beautiful and gentle, and a good personality too. 

Was there really such an ideal and perfect beauty? I honestly doubt it. 

T... Speaking of which, she is a bit similar to Yamato-kun. J 

TWhat do you mean?J 

TThe atmosphere they have. It's just my opinion, but Sudou-san resembles 

r I totally understand. The atmosphere between those two is very similar. J 

l"The atmospheres are similar, is it?J 

The atmosphere which shows what the person is like on the inside. 

If Sudou-san has such a gentle atmosphere that anyone would come to like her, 
like big brother's, then asa love rival, she's an especially troublesome existence. 

11 think Nadeshiko-san will surely also understand after meeting Sudou-san. J 

TAre they that similar? J 

TYes. Are people with the same or similar atmospheres attracted to each 
other, I wonder? Those two definitely fit each other. J 

My inner heart had extremely mixed feelings about this. 

From a bystander's point of view, to say that they suit each other... 

After a while, big brother finally comes back. 

T— I have been waiting for you, big brother. J 

Big brother, while going l~Eh?J in surprise, 

rWhat, so you came. I had to step out of the classroom for a bit. Sorry about 

TNo, please don't mind me.J 

While I grasped his hand tightly as if to catch him, 

rBig brother, I think you already know, but lying is a bad thing that you 
absolutely shouldn't do. Just lying is a sin. I believe that big brother is not a liar, 
or to say, a person who will secretly carry a crime. J A-Ah. I don't really get it, but I want to continue responding to 
Nadeshiko's trust. J 

TWhich is why, supposing if there was something to betray my trust, I hope 
you're prepared. I'm not the type to easily forgive and forget, you know?J 

I reminded him as I strongly clasped his hand. 

T—if there is, I won't forget, not even a little bit.J 

Big brother murmured I"Y-Yes. J while staring off at somewhere in the distance. 
The feelings of jealousy which had arose in my heart began to burn hotter and 

Since the first bell had rung, I was walking down the hallway as I returned to 
my classroom. 

In front of me, an unfamiliar girl with light tea-colored hair was walking towards 

As we were passing each other, a gentle smile appeared on the girl's face as she 

r Hello. J 

I think that a person who can greet others even if they are strangers is 

I returned the greeting, and right when I was going to part with that senior— 


The feeling I felt from her, was an atmosphere just like big brother's. 

[fShe's a person with an atmosphere similar to Yamato-kun's, so I think you'll 
understand immediately.! 

I understood the meaning of what I heard earlier in an instant. 

Even if it's not visible to the eye, I can feel the atmosphere. 

rRather than similar, isn't it exactly like big brother? That person just now, was 
she Sudou-san?J 

Even without asking her name, I already knew. 

A person with a kind atmosphere just like big brother, a gentle person and a 
seemingly excellent girl. 

For that kind of beauty to be next to big brother, and to have a special 

rSudou Awayuki... the next "rival in love" might be a considerably formidable 

While carrying a sudden sense of crisis, I had stopped in the hallway and 
continued staring at her retreating figure. 

[ To be continued ] 

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