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ExpressSAS H60F & H6F0 
6-Gb SAS/SATA Host Adapters 

ATTO Technology, Inc. 

Product Features 

Blazing Fast Performance 

• Up to 6-Gb/sec per port 
transfer rates with SAS, 

SAS 2.0, SATA and SATA II 

• Advanced x8 PCIe 2.0 host 

• Achieve I/O and data through¬ 
put necessary for advanced 
video (uncompressed HD, 2K 
and 4K film) and transactional 
database applications 

Smooth Data Streaming 

• Alleviate data transfer 
bottlenecks and move data 
more efficiently while 
managing latency with 
ATTO’s exclusive ADS™ 

• Maximize data flow using the 
fastest available bus intercon¬ 
nect and bus management 

One Click Installation 

• Save time with factory preset 
configurations for plug and 
play operation 

• Simplify installation, manage¬ 
ment and monitoring via in¬ 
cluded multi-platform configu¬ 
ration utility featuring an intui¬ 
tive GUI 

• BIOS setup utility provides 
flexibility for custom applica¬ 

Technical Specification 

ExpressSAS H60F & H6F0 

16-port 6-Gb/sec. SAS/SATA Host 
Adapters Featuring ADS™ 

ATTO’s line of ExpressSAS 6-Gb/sec. Host 
Adapters help users alleviate their perform¬ 
ance-related concerns by providing the fastest 
available connections to SAS/SATA storage. 
With connectivity options including 16-external 
ports and 16-internal ports, ATTO ExpressSAS 
6-Gb Host Adapters are ideal for a wide variety 
of IT and digital video environments requiring 
a high-level of performance, such as transac¬ 
tional databases, email servers, large server 
farms, uncompressed HD video, and 2K and 
4K film. 

Leveraging ATTO’s 20 years of experience 
with SCSI hardware and utilizing the latest PCI 
Express 2.0 bus technology, ExpressSAS Host 
Adapters provide a blazing-fast storage con¬ 
nectivity solution with enhanced reliability and 

ExpressSAS Host Adapters are engineered for 
the most stringent IT server and digital media 
workgroup environments and are compatible 
with multiple operating systems, applications, 
and drives. 

ATTO’s user-friendly GUI utility simplifies man¬ 
agement, monitoring, and configuration. Ex¬ 
pressSAS Host Adapters incorporate ATTO’s 
time-tested and field-proven Advanced Data 
Streaming (ADS™) Technology to maximize 
data transfer rates. In addition, ATTO provides 
industry standard PCIe to SAS control using 
Serial SCSI Protocol (SSP), Serial ATA Tun¬ 
neling Protocol (STP), and Serial Management 
Protocol (SMP). 

Technical Hi 

• Connectivity options in¬ 

• 16 internal ports (H60F) 

• 16 external ports (H6F0) 

• x8 PCIe 2.0 host interface 

• Available in half-height 
form factor 

• Advanced 6-Gb/sec. SAS/ 
SATA throughput 

• SAS, SAS 2.0, SATA and 
SATA II connectivity 

• Supports a maximum 256 
SAS/SATA drives 

• Exclusive Advanced Data 
Streaming (ADS™) Tech¬ 

• User friendly configura¬ 
tion utility 

• Driver support for Win¬ 
dows®, Linux and Mac® 

• RoHS Compliant 

• 3-year standard 
product warranty 

Host Adapters 

For More Information: 

or to Purchase: 
(716) 691-1999 


ATTO Technology, Inc. 

ExpressSAS H60F & H6F0 

Host Adapters 

Hardware Specifications 


• Support for IT server and digital media workgroup solutions requiring high-bandwidth and reliability. 
Applications include audio/video, VOD, fixed content, database and other data intensive environments. 

Advanced Capabilities 

• Device support for SAS, SAS 2.0, SATA and SATA I 

• User friendly GUI for quick and easy configuration 

• Advanced management functions 

• PC BIOS bootability 

PCI Bus Specifications 

• x8 PCI Express 2.0 host interface 


Software Specifications 

Driver Support 

Agency Approvals (Pending) 

Safety and Environmental 

Mini SAS connectors 

• Windows Server 2003, 2008, XP, Vista 

• Mac® OS X 10.4.x & 10.5.x 

• Linux (Red Hat and SuSE) 

• FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class B 

• EN55022: 2006, Class B 

• EN55024: 1998A +A1: 2001 & A2: 2003 

• EN60950-1: 2001 

• EN60825-1: 1994-2: 2004 


Environmental & Physical Specifications 

Dimensions & Power 

• RoHS Compliant 

H60F H6F0 

• Length 8.638” 6.600” 

• Height 2.846” 4.376” 

• Power (W - typical) 22W 22W 

Operating Environment (Pending) 

• Temperature: 0-40° C (32°-104°F) 

• Humidity: 5 - 95% non-condensing 

Storage Environment (Pending) 

• Temperature: -40°-70°C (-40°-157°F) 

• Humidity: 5 - 95% non-condensing 


Ordering Information 

Model Number 

150 If/m (min) recommended 

• ESAS-H60F-000 (16 ports internal) 

• ESAS-H6F0-000 (16 ports external) 

ATTO ExpressSAS H60F & H6F0 
6-Gigabit SAS/SATA Host Adapter 

ATTO’s Unique Design 
Provides the Power 
of Two Independent 
Host Adapters in One 
Half-Height Card 

16 independent 
SAS, SAS 2.0 Lanes 
Up to 1.2-GB/sec per Lane 
(full duplex) 

x8, PCIe 2.0 
Host Bus Interface 
8-GB/sec Bandwidth 
(full duplex) 

Two (2) Independent 
Controllers — 8 Independent 
SAS, SAS 2.0 Lanes per 
Controller (16 total) 

Technical Specification 

ExpressSAS H60F & H6F0 


ATTO Technology, Inc. 

Power Behind the Storage 

For More Information: 

or to Purchase: 

(716) 691-1999 

©2008 ATTO Technology, Inc. Specifications subject to change without notice 

Rev 12/08