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FibreBridge™ 2390R/D 

ATTO Technology, Inc. 

Product Features 

Blazing Fast Performance 

• Backup more data in less time 
with aggregate performance 
through multiple ports at over 

1.2 TB/hr. 

• Reduce backup windows by 
running multiple concurrent 

Smooth Data Streaming 

• Maximize media performance 
with Speedwrite™, an ATTO- 
designed technology which 
efficiently queues outstanding 
write commands 

• Reduce failed backups due to 
busy or slow-to-respond stor¬ 
age with ATTO’s exclusive 
Virtual Drive Response (VDR) 

One Click Installation 

• Simplify configuration and 
management of FibreBridges 
with ExpressNAV™, ATTO’s 
easy-to-use web-based GUI 

• Reduce time spent on initial 
set-up with features such as 
automatic LUN mapping 

• Quickly and easily integrate 
additional bridges into SANs 
with the ability to save and 
restore bridge configurations 

SAN Connectivity 

• Extend useful life of existing 
SCSI storage by adding Fibre 
Channel connectivity 

• Single point of management 
for storage behind the bridge 

Technical Specification 

FibreBridge™ 2390R/D 

Advanced Generation 
Fibre Channel-to-SCSI Bridge 
Featuring Performance Support for 
Next-Generation Storage Media 

As Storage Area Networks (SANs) increase in 
prevalence the need increases to make DAS data 
available on the network. The benefits of 
networked storage, such as increased availability 
and scalability, in addition to a more efficient 
utilization of storage, is helping to drive this 
transition. This poses a problem for organizations 
who have already invested thousands of dollars in 
SCSI-based storage, yet wish to migrate to a SAN. 
ATTO FibreBridges help address this need by 
offering Fibre Channel connectivity to native SCSI 
devices, extending the useful life of SCSI storage 
while eliminating the need to purchase additional 

The ATTO FibreBridge™ 2390R/D is amongst the 
highest-performing Fibre Channel-to-SCSI bridges 
available on the market today, second only to the 
ATTO FibreBridge 2400. Thanks to industry¬ 
leading support for 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel and 
Ultra320 SCSI, the FibreBridge 2390 provides the 
throughput required by today’s advanced next- 
generation storage in an industry standard 1U 
desktop form factor. The included graphical user 
interface (GUI) makes set-up and maintenance a 
breeze, while other ATTO-designed features help 
boost performance and increase availability. 

With a high performance architecture utilizing a 
4-Gigabit Fibre Channel interface, the FibreBridge 
2390R/D is the industry’s first choice for Tape 
Automation OEMs who need to integrate today’s 
high-performance LTO-3 and SDLT600 tape 

Technical Highlights 

• One 4-Gigabit Fibre 
Channel port to two 
Ultra320 SCSI 

• Auto negotiates to 

1- and 2-Gigabit Fibre 

• Backward compatibility 
with all previous SCSI 

• Manual and auto SCSI 
device mapping 

• Features intelligent 
Bridging Architecture for 
optimized performance 

• ExpressNAV™ 
integrated management 
console for remote 
management and 
diagnostic capabilities 

• Supports SCSI hard disk 
drives, tape drives, and 
CD libraries 

• RoHS Compliant 

• 2-year standard 
product warranty 

Fibre Channel Bridge 

For More Information: 

or to Purchase: 
( 716 ) 691-1999 


FibreBridge™ 2390R/D 

ATTO Technology, Inc. 

Hardware Specifications 

Fibre Channel Interface 

• One (1) 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel ports auto negotiate to 1- and 2-Gigabit Fibre Channel 

• SFP Fibre Channel Connectors 

• Support for direct connect to F-port fabric switches 

• Full support for full duplex Fibre Channel data transfers 

• Full support for FC-AL, PLDA and public loop login 

SCSI Interface 

• Two (2) independent Ultra 320 SCSI busses 

• Dual-stacked VHDCI SCSI connectors 

• Backward compatible with all single-ended SCSI devices 

• Backward compatibility with all previous SCSI protocols 


Device Management Physical Interface 

• Network through 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Port (Telnet, FTP and SNMP) 

Device Management User Interface 

• Command Line Interface (CLI) 

• ATTO ExpressNAV™ web-based integrated management console 

• Performance reporting and Error Logging (CLI commands) 


• Power 

• Ready 

• Fault 

• SCSI activity Port 1,2 

• FC activity, link 

• Ethernet activity and link 

Agency Approvals 

Safety and Environmental 

® FCC Class A 

• CE (EN55022/EC55024) 

• CSA 

• RoHS Compliant 

Environmental & Physical Specifications 


• 1.579” H 

• 10.000” L 

• 16.494” W 

Operating Environment 

• Temperature: 0-40°C 

• Humidity: 20-80% non-condensing 


• Input: 100-240 VAC x18% 50/60 Hz 


• Desktop (with attached feet) 

• 19” rack mount kit included 


Operating System Supported 

• Operating system independent 

Ordering Information 

Model Number 

• FCBR-2390-DR0 

Technical Specification 

FibreBridge™ 2390R/D 


ATTO Technology, Inc. 

Power Behind the Storage 

For More Information: 

or to Purchase: 

( 716 ) 691-1999 

©2008 ATTO Technology, Inc. Specifications subject to change without notice 

Rev 2/08