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Code Reader™ 1000 

(Light Gray CRIOOO) 

Features & Benefits 

• High speed, omnidirectional reading of ID, 2D, Postal bar codes and OCR 

• Dual field optics, both high density and wide field in the same unit 

• Glare reduction technology for reading codes on shiny surfaces 

• Manual or automatic triggering 

• Bright, LED indicators and loud, programmable audible tone indicator 

• Reads bar code reliably off cell phone screens 

• Compatible with Code's CortexTools^"^ software configuration utility 

• Data editing and parsing with JavaScript 

• Uses Code's new rapid disconnect Affinity^"^ cables 

• Extremely low power consumption 

• Available in light and dark gray 

• Disinfectant ready housing 


The Code Reader^"^ 1000 (CRIOOO) features a compact design that takes up limited workspace without compromising bar code 
reading performance. The patented dual-field optical platform of the CRIOOO allows users to scan both wide bar codes and 
very small bar codes with the same device. In addition, the CRIOOO features Code's glare reduction technology for scanning 
bar codes printed on shiny surfaces, such as bottles, syringes and IV bags. This patented glare reduction technology allows 
the CRIOOO to be configured to read bar codes shown on mobile phones in such applications as mobile ticketing and mobile 

The bright blue aiming bar of the CRIOOO makes reading bar codes simple and intuitive. In addition, the reader features 
Code's new Affinity rapid disconnect cable set which offer durable connectivity to both the reader and the host device without 
compromising the ability to quickly remove and replace damaged cables. For data editing and parsing, end users can take 
advantage of Code's JavaScript rules to create custom routines and applications that are easily embedded into the reader. 

The unique design of the reader gives System Integrators and Value Added Resellers the flexibility to use the CRIOOO in a wide 
range of applications. For retail applications, the CRIOOO can be used in either hands-free or handheld mode and can be 
combined with various peripherals for truly unique point-of-sale solutions. With 
environmentally friendly power management, the CRIOOO boasts the lowest power 
consumption for a product in its class. Whether its mobile devices such as workstations- 
on-wheels, tablet PCs or environmentally conscious kiosk operators, the CRIOOO power 
consumption won't drain your battery or your pocketbook. 

Applications for the CRIOOO include: Healthcare, Mobile coupon or ticketing (event, airline, cinema, etc). Pharmacy, Patrol 
Vehicles, ATMs or Kiosks, Retail, and Manufacturing. 


Code Reader 1000 Specifications 

Physical Characteristics User Environment 

CRIOOO Dimensions: 2 . 6 " L x 2 . 2 " W x 1 . 7 " H 

(67 mm L x 52 mm W x 30 mm H) 

CRIOOO Weight 2.4 oz 

IP Rating 54 

Performance Characteristics 

Field of View: 

Focal Point: 


Optical Resolution: 



Rotational Tolerance: 
Print Contrast Res.: 

Target Beam: 

Ambient Light Immunity: 

High Density Field: 30° horizontal by 20° vertical 
Wide Field: 50° horizontal by 33.5° vertical 

High Density Field: approximately 100 mm 
Wide Field: approximately 115 mm 

CMOS 1.2 Megapixel 
(1280 X 960) gray scale 

High Density Field: 960 x 640 
Wide Field: 960x640 

± 60° (from front to back) 

± 60° from plane parallel to symbol (side-to-side) 


25% (ID symbologies) or 35% (2D symbologies) absolute 
dark/light reflectance differential, measured at 650 nm 

Single, blue targeting bar 

Sunlight: Up to 9,000ft-candles/96,890 lux 

Operating Temperature: -20° to 55° C / -4° to 131° F 

Storage Temperature: -30° to 65° C /- 22° to 150° F 

Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing 

Decode Capability: ID: UPC/EAN/JAN, Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, 

Codabar, GSl DataBar (RSS), MSI Plessey, Code 11, Code 93, 
NEC 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, Trioptic Code, Telepen, Hong Kong 
2 of 5, Pharmacode 

Stacked ID: PDF417, Micro PDF417, Codablock A & F, 
Composite Codes 

2D: Data Matrix, QR Code, Micro QR Code, Aztec Code, 

Proprietary 2D: GoCode® (Additional License Required) 

Postal: USPS OneCode (4CB), POSTNET, PLANET, Japanese 
Post, Australian Post, Royal Mail, KIX Code 

OCR: OCR-A and OCR-B Fonts, Passports 
Image Output Options: Formats: Bitmap or JPEG 

Field Selection: High-Density or Wide Field 

Data Editing: JavaScript (Additional License Required) 

Shock: Withstands multiple drops of 6 ' (1.8 Meters) 

Power Requirements: Reader @ 5vdc (mA): Typical = less than 450 mA; Idle = less 

than 80 mA; Sleep = less than 31 mA 

Memory Capacity: 128MB Flash ROM, 32MB RAM 

Communication Interfaces: RS232, USB 2.0 (Generic HID, HID Keyboard, 

Virtual Com Port) 


• 6ft. Straight USB Affinity Cable 

• 8ft. Coiled RS232 Affinity Cable 

• Universal Stand 

CRIOOO with Universal Stand 

X C6 

Working Ranges 

CRIOOO Performance 

Test Code 

Min Inches (mm) 

Max Inches (mm) 

3 mil Code 39 

3.9" (100 mm) 

5.0" (125 mm) 

7.5 mil Code 39 

2.2" (55 mm) 

8.0" (205 mm) 

13 mil UPC 

2.0" (50 mm) 

10.8" (275 mm) 

4.2 mil Data Matrix 

3.7" (95 mm) 

4.7" (120 mm) 

5 mil Data Matrix 

3.7" (95 mm) 

5.5" (140 mm) 

6.3 mil Data Matrix 

3.1" (80 mm) 

6.3" (160 mm) 

10 mil Data Matrix 

1.6" (40 mm) 

7.9" (200 mm) 

20.8 mil Data Matrix 

1.6" (40 mm) 

12.2" (310 mm) 

Note: working ranges are a combination of both the wide and high density fields. All 
samples were high quality codes and were read along a physical center line at a 10° 
angle. Default AGC settings were used. Accuracy=+/-10%. 

14870 S Pony Express Rd. #200 
Bluffdale, UT 84065 

phone: (801) 495-2200 fax: (801) 495-0280 
Specifications subject to change without notice. 


© 2011 Code Corporation. All rights reserved.