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r'!;^BMf : /r ^H' r ')> H ' *.!' ; . 

i./.-‘Jy'»% I! 

|^>J|ie;|o. «■ ■ BosiroKr. :^^.,; sAinjii^ , [ 

. ■•! isi‘- ' K;.. 

'.5>- x/.ia;- i'l’ -' 

£ ONt: CENT 

16 HPUE 1 J 31 ] ; 

J ' -■ , • . .Ifioinj' fjijjiiu'iijfi ytniJ ^'>k 

Mer M 

-1 ■’:' UiitM ’ '.'I :>rl 



' ' ; ' W CHANGED 

;“:;sij;:iifAf;fiiiis ’’ 

ir I -fit ''tl* ■ J ,'<!. .* 

■] . jri<r"(ii'i ,i:-/i;f;u(r/i;'i 

Technique I 91 T ", hoard, held fta first 
ngular ineetifl^ ye^?ardiy'ah''4^S0!Pim^^ 
lij the office 

eftief D. R. Sthvens'Ws' been in com- 
Trunication with all members of the 
hpard during the summer^ and jpreUm- 
iridry work is well under way. ‘j 
jEaeh member of the 'WaVd ■ was -first' 
called upon to state just what they had. 
done 80 far in their department, a!nd to 
^ve a brief puttine of theif future jdan^. 
jLittle acEuaJ,?^^4^^ ^lias;-keen' ■aohej)e3^^ 
cept in thd'‘^-iihd d“d’ are' departments. 
IjThe following have signified their in- 


a S. Watson ^UlJ^, ^rgp,rjqtj A..JEj^],tqi]l/ 
1411, -M. C. ltinii'4y 'ion, P. D. Horgan 
1912 , - 11 . E. Kebbon 1912, A. Campbell 
1912 and 6 . H^ iRobb 1912. , 

}It was voted to hold weekly lueetihga 
at first until things. are running sTnooth* 

5j|- . ,-^= 4'( 

It was voted that Hhe <5Mito*-iir-ehief 
and the Budiqess jdii'nager lie, empowered 
tq draw up specifications for the printer. 
A^ extension of time will be granted to 
all candidates for the art- staff, and the 
competition will-nbw be •closed on No- 
vember .1st-'.; tThe question of the 'paper 
on which the^hqok is to he printed was 
discussed, but nothing definite was done. 

The entire board have started with 
the idea of being , the , first Technique 
board that trill- hot lose any iAeihbers 
by flunking, and ths evil will be at 
least reduced. 


RIDe Club Season Dpbns wl 
Many Vacancies 

Notwithstanding the fact that several 
of its strong men .liave left, the Rifle 
Club expects to do better thi? year than 
ever before. The yice-'prisident ‘of feh'e' 
club, C. D,. Jacobs has graduated aud 
P. E. Thompson, one of the executive 
committee, has also left. Among -the 
members who are not back this year 
! are: T. ,C. /Merriman, R. W. .'Riefkolil, 
Rodney 'tVhceler and D. P. Marvin, who 
! has gonpjintp,the United States Revenue 
Cuttcrysei'vice'. i . , ' ' 

Several men have entered applications 
for memburship, ' among wholn aSre' N. 

. G. Brown and K, N. Wildes. It is ex- 
> - pected that' -more freshmen wll apply 
■ ■'Within the next week,’; jj -u' 

There will be a meeting of th'e ex- 
:Ccutive eommittee early next wek, to 
nominate men to fill the two vacancies 
amoi^: -the ; Officers. ; Soon. , after, this 
meeting, ^ the whole, club’ Irill meet - to 
coraineiiee the work of the year. 

Eov those , -who < have - lately ■ Entered 
, the school it may be. stated that, the 
qdaMfications for'-‘memheriih{p' -t'd' -the 
Rifle Cliih are t'vvo scores of fifteen shots 
,outloff‘ii:;po'ssibl0'titffeitiiyifl^te,.>it‘ tIfSange 

fiel.dnJrange t&afayji wIieref'raa^§"-tSVo, 
fhj<w,.-ahd rfiVe. hundred .';vards...wiil, Be, 

I'ftt -il'tlMlIfW 

;-,!i ‘.rAifl.-j.iv icon- ■ 

: tOiithgj Ipnrtadfi capacity 1 of tables 

set with .cloths on the foilojwing terms: 

’ Coipbination Breakfasts'— I’S, 20, 25 

fj '* y, ,X}inc.hequ-;-25 .Cents. 

'■Diiiiier — ^30 and 40 Cents. 

The 26 Cent Breakfast and the 40 
Cent Dinner are the same as those 
served to, regular .boarders, , , , 

Jllhe waiter 'Spi-yick-. will 'hjsj qdnferred 
to . those’ who order combinations. 
Smaller orders will be served as before 
,if t.jih^ Inucjf eordrter. - . . 

".'Tile combination breakfasts will be as 

"ftiniW:''' ’'y' 

;l o.iJ - 3 :!;iNby;l— 18c.. • ■■ 

- , Finit. 

: ,'.'"■ 1 ! CeVehi' and Cream'. ' 

! ir; /;;f( . ) Coffiep.,!‘!n;'i’> 

Roll. . , 'Butter. 

•'No.' 2—2 t)c. ’ ' 

■ Emit or Cereal. 

Two Eggs. 

Coffee. Roll and Butter. 

[\ , , ; .No. 3 — 25e. . 

1 ' / ' , .Fruit. ; ' ; / 

Cereal and Cream." 

Two Eggs. 

Coflec. Roll and Butter. 

No. 4 — 3pc. 

Pniit or Cereal. 

Steak. Baked Potatoes. 

Coffee. Roll and Butter. 

No. 5— 25e. 

Fruit of Cereal. 

Chop. French Fried Potatoes. 

Coffee.' ' ' Roll and Butter. 

No. G — 20e. 

Fruit or Cereal. 

Bacon and One Egg. 

Coffee. Boll and Butter. 

The combination liiucbeon at 25 cents 
will generally be as follows: 

Sbiip.' ' 

Choice of Entrees. 


Bread and Butter. 


The 30 cent dinner will usually he of 
the following ^extent: 


Roast. I 


• H ■ ■ Dis'seVt. 

The 40 cent tlinner will in general be 
about as follows , , , 

■ 'Sdup. 

Fish or. Entree. 



DesSrt. '• — - Coffee. 



-if.' .1 .liiK',. rrr 

Cotfee. ' 

Dlildeil' ResponslMlIty RAinoiieil 

. , A ne'w method of, teaching descriptive 
; geometry and mecha'niear drawing is be- 
' liig u^d with this yeaPs entering 'class. 
ijJridef !the , old method the lectures were 
given in Huntington Hall by one mem- 
-ber of tJ)e instructing staff of the, de- 
partment .and ifistruction in the drawing 
.room by another member. In this way, 
' hltbongh all were" responsible for the 
linen getting;. through' the course ■ suc- 
cessfully, there was, no individual re- 
‘spousibility. Accordingly it was thought 
(best to divide the c]aas into small sec- 
; tioris, as is done in mathematics, for 
'exam'plei, . 

- 'fCdntinued on page 3.) ' 

I •, al,Yj M. ;C, A. E»enlnt;;'v 

■ i . 

I - With ,11 gathering ,of, twq 'hundred or 
, 11191 ;.?, 'mejij;tliq,,V..,M.,;tl. ,A. ,ppened the. 
social riactiv,ities,,, of tJie year. ,, After a 
prelqdkpf. a,’niiqil!er, of .selections, some 
jfrppj JJie, Show,, rendered- by the Tech 
' Pfchestra,: the . spepehps of , the . evening'|bcgmi.; .As, the; first speaker' of 
,the evening, J. Abiera , IplO, .called .upon 
‘Pr.e.sidont itfaelanrin. ..TJiia was the- sign 
;fo'i'iig’’®,aij I ; applause and the President 
|topk his place; before the, , men . amid 
:iiuicli. .clapping. . , , 

! After expressing; to those present his 
pleasure at, meeting them in this private 
President .Maclamin acknowledged, 
.(.hat in doing so he had declined the op- 
iportunity, to, preside ,at Dr. Cook4 iec- 

■ ture,. .whoi-p, i .lie asserted, the explorer, 
ii'ouldjtqll how he, did or did not reach 
the - 1 pole: I, The, advantages qf, social 
ilctiyity are, ill .a: large measure -'to avoid 
tiip mafowing so often resulting , from a 
professional career, ..Seize every oppor- 
tiinil.v; to. broaden, one’s self by com- 
liaiiiouship. with ;o, lie’s fellow students. 
To speak informally to the . student 
body, under the auspices of this as- 
sociation, be deemed, espedally; for- 
tunate,, Manj' look upon this assoc- 
iation,, as of some foreboding nature, and 
Seem to .sc; the serious side as an ob.- 
.jectimi. But ns it does deal with, the 
.hiost serious of a man’s career, so 
it should be given a fair, and honest 
consideration. Two difficulties, he said, 
seemed to cause men to shirk tlie at- 
tempt .;to solve the question of life. One 
the ;,inte,llectiial difficulties, brought 
about. Uj' tlie great change in the way 
of tliinking. had caused men to tuni 
from the ]irobleni or assume a determ- 
ined attitude of unbelief. It is not near- 
I.v SO important - to think right, as to 
act rigtit;. On tlie other, hand the moral 

! difficulty caused men to turn away, as 
‘ ninny doubted whether they ought to 
I profess what tliej’ feared they could not 
live up to. Ill conclusion, ho said, “Look 
at the problem seriously as you look at 
eveiy other problem. Do not shirk it.” 

Tlie chairman, then called upon rep- 
resentatives of the student activities, 
beginning witli R. H. Ranger 1911. The 
Teeli, the speaker offered to the new 
men as a gilt edge' security. As 67 
positions are connected with the paper, 
he urged, that most any one could find 
in one of them the recreation which he 
liecd. Business, advertising, circulation 
nnd news offer imriod fields for student 
work. To butt into other’s business is 
Hie Imsiness of the paper, but to do it 
with tact is the training it gives. The 
si’stehi of working on but one issue a 
week' allowed,' he said, a freedom from 
qdnflict with work. 

After a musical interlude, the Tech 
$how, ns introduced by its general Tfian- 
ager, Dudley Clapp 1910. You camiot 
always lead ,,in .athletics, but you have 
now the best college show in the country. 
In fact, this is the only place where the 
Show belongs equally to all. One hun- 
dred men are' connected- avith it every 
yeoi', and .its business department 
handled over $6000 in the past season. 
After Field Day come, the competition 
for business manager from the fresh- 
men class, then the lyric and poster 
contests, followed by the music writing, 
all of wliich are open to all. After mid- 
year, the cast is picked, about seventy 
in all, and, the rehearsals continued until 
April, when -the trip is taken to North- 
ampton, and perhaps eldewbere this 
year. With its high standings, acquaint- 
ances and dinners, ..the Show offers a 
field for all. Finally as a last argu- 
ment, he paraphased thus:; , 

(Continued from page 2.) 



PriRessors Will Tnstniot Enter- 
1 ing Glass 

; 'J’oiiight at 1013 will start, off 

ils college .c-oursei with a dinner which ; 
olds' fair to be tlie biggest fresbifian din- i 
ner yet held at the Institute. 

! For. • a menu. Steward Colton has 1 
drawn up -the best eonibination ever j 
beard of around here soiii; thing that lias 
tilings like oyster pattees as the minoi' 
Cinuppnents. . , , 

• .pu account of the lar^ number of 
rrc^hnieii who,, will turn up, it is doubt-., 
iu| wluther .tli? warlike attempts of the . 
sophomores will marr the happiness of 
Ihe . gatiieriiig. Stillj , there have been 
biiiiiioue; councils of late which promise 
Ihat wliatever may liapp’en, 1912 at 
least has deep laid pl.ots, one of whiah 
ill particular lias soiiietl'ing to do with a 
disappearing act of one wlio was iBt 

cciitly chosen, to diroet the forinatiofi 
of the clas'ti of 1913. 

! For the faculty, Dean Burton tvill 
give a talk at the diiitier on the ideals 
of student life and work at the Insti- 
tute'. (If a-11 those here, the Dean is 
tierliaps the one best adapted to telling 
ilieso things, because he has been in- 
i.iiiiiitcl.v acquainted with tli-e Institute 
since he first entered it as a topograph- eiigineering instruetov in 1SS2, .and 
he has been* acquainted with those vital 
-student ,"1 flairs which have come to him 
ill Ills office ns Dean since 1902. 

Mr. lliniiphreys will give a glimpse 
into that little known but very impor- 
tant depiii'tiiieiit of the Institute; tiiat- 
Of registration and arrangement of the 
ciasse.-, aud iioiirs. Mr. Litchfield will 
speak aliout tlie relations of the abimiii 
to the stiideiitiv and between bis sudden 
outbursts of “that reminds me” will 
])i-iibably tell .sometliiiig about the proper 
relntiuiis of student activities to stud'','. 

Professor D. C. Jackson, liead of the 
departiiiGiit of electrical engineeriug. 
will give a talk on his views of what . 
student life should be. He, unlike Prof. 
Burton, lias only been at the Institute 
since 1900. Therefore be wil! be very 
aide to compare how they do things at 
the l.iniversity of Wisconsin, where he 
was professor before 1906, with what he 
has seen done here. 

Coaoh Kanaly will address tlie class 
Oil tile subject of athletics, -with which 
lie lias been sa closely conuected since 
1907. Besides the work of coaching at 
the Field, which he has done for the 
past two years, he will -this year tolte 
up the addition work involved in direct- 
iVig the gyninasiuin work required of the 
freslinien. ' K. D. Fernstrom 1910, will 
also tell about the season tickets, 

jVtter tlie speaking, the class will lino 
up in Trinity Place and make that time 
honored hiaroli through the down-tow'u 
streets, finally winding up at 'Rogers’ 
steps for cheering. The sophomores will 
undoublably attempt to break up the 
procession, and the freshmen will only 
succeed iii completing the route by keep- 
ing ill close order. 


; At the Field yesterday four men from 
the freshmen and sophomore classes re- 
ported for the mile events. FeiTy‘1912, 
Palrymple 1912, Bylund 1913 and ' L. 
Hart 1913. For the 1912 relay, there 
■jvere present: Becker, L. B, Duke, Grant, 
Hettinger. L. S. Ballard, Applequest and 
Brown. Nine men reported for 1913 

'■ At the oval,, 1912 had football prac- 
tice with twelve men present. At the 
gym eleven sophomores reported for tug- 
of-war practice, and eighteen freshmen 

BOSI’OnV mass;, FKlDAYi ; OCTOBER 'i9q9v- 




Buy a Copy Every Day 


v ion CLASS PIPES.— Order: now ! At ; 
tile Unioiror from the committee. .>, . . 

■ ^ , W. J. SET.IGMAN. * 


M. COFFIN, ■* 


FRIDAY AT 12. ' A ' ' " i:-<f ‘ 

Sectione 1, 3, 4, 5, 10.: < 

A to. D; Asst. Prof. Seayer, .11 Eogei-s. J 

E to K, Mr..:Gimni 42 Rogers. * 

L to P, Mr. Collester, 44 Rogers. ,.] 

Q to Z, Asst. Prof. Robinson, 26 i 
Rogers. . < * 


Beginning todny, The Tech will 
not be on sale until 11:55, when it can 
he obtained at the usual, places. 

GRAPH Outfit for sale. A. W. Wells, 
Information .Office, Rogers Building. 

•notice: . 

All books for/i'ech Shpw, 1,910, must 

be in before.' November 1. ... Nninbered 
envelopes may be obtained at the Cage. 
The book 'should .'be numbered corre- 
spondingly, the name aiid "address of 
the author placed M'n the envelope, and 
both left; • at ' the Cage for Kenneth 
Greenleaf, Stage Manager. All who can- 
not have their produetioiis complete by 

■ Imt time should communicate with 
.t'rancis before October 22. Further in- 
forniation may beliad of Stage Manager 

Exceptionally pleasant steain heated 
parlor in private suite, elevator service. 
Suitable for two, 119 Burkeley street, 
suite 4. ' 10-7-’09 

condition, new tires, new cylinder, etc. 
f Price, particulars, and demonstration on 
applicafion to' J. C. P. care of The 

iVch. . lO-4-’Ofi- 

11)13 — The di-ills scheduled for Pidday^ 
and Monday afternoons; Oct. 1st and' 
4th.' will be omitted. The first drill 
will be held on Wednesday afternoon, 
Oct. Ctb. 

A snni of money was found in one 
of the buildings', which the owner can 
obtain from the Bursar. 

Offers Opportunities 
for Mutual Benefit 
In the Competitions 
for the Various Offices 




Those, in charge of each of these, 
departments fcan be found in 
THE TECH Office from 8:30 to 
g :oo daily. 

■1912 — Football Practice at the Oval 

4.00 P. M. today, Saturday at Field, ^ 

2.00 P. M. ' J, 

HHRELESS SOC,— Meeting of all of- 
ficers and the board of directors in the 
Union, Monday at 4.00. Very import- 
ant that all should be present. 



At Boston— Boston 9, Detroit 7. 

At Philadelphia— First game, Chicago 
8, Philadelphia 3; second game, Chicago 
6, Philadelphia 4. 

At New York— New Yorkf4, St. Louis 




1 ' Philadelphia . . ■ .620 

BOSTON ;581 

Cliieago ; 513 


New York - . .483 

Cleveland 467 

St. Louis • • ' 

■Washington .275 


At St. Louis— Boston 4, St, Louis 2. 

At Pittsburg — ^Firrt game— New York 

8, Pittsburg 2; second game, iPttsburg 

9, New York 1. 

j percent. , 

. Pittsburg ' .728 

ft Chicago 078 

New York .......; .610 

3 Cincinnati .510 

' pereent. 

Philadelphia 479 

St: Louis 354 , 

' Brooklyn 

BOSTON .283 

■What kind of Wild animals are al- 
lowed on the lawns of the public parks? 
Dandelions. ... 

_ 'Wffiy is a -widower after, ms wife is 
" three months dead like a- baby? Be- 
■ cause he b^ins to 'notice. 


The army yesterdn.v added its tribute 
To that wliicb the navy has paid to 
honor the memories of Uenry Hudson 
and- Robert Fulton, in the form of . a 
.monster military parade. 

: With . the flag of the .Peary Arctic. 
Chib flying at lier niastliead, the steam- 
er Roosevelt, wliieh bore Commander 
Peary on bis quest of the North" Poi^ 
arrived in New York harbor ye^erday, 
.just in the nick of time to pameijiate < 
in the closing cereihonies of ; the" -Hud- - 
bQii-Fiilton ceremonies today. . 

Tfe'-Neptime, Great Britain’s latest 
20,250 ton Dreadnought was launched 
at Portsmouth yesterday by the Duch- 
ess of Albanj'. The bulkheads of this 
super-DveaBnoiight are so heavily arny 
ored that experts consider her practi- 
cally uiisiiikable by a torpedo. 

'i’lie Wriglit brothers are seeking an 
injunction" againBt::Glenn H. Curtiss and 
Ith'e Herring-Ciirtiss Company, to re- 
strain the defendants from making, 
using, or selling the so-called Curtiss 
aeropiane, on the grounds that Curtiss 
has infringed upon the Wright brothers’ 

Rodin’s statue of Victor. Hugo was 
unveiled in Paris With elabomte cere- 
monies yesterday, and the week’s cele- 
brations to commemorate the fiftieth 
anniversary of the appearance of tiie 
‘•story of 'the centuries” were thus in- 
augurated. There will be a ceremony 
at the “Pantheon, a revival at the 
Couledie Francaise of “Le Roi S’ Amuse” 
and as^fU'eiiiony in front of Notre Dame 
with a procession of vagabonds carrying 

' The m.ayors of all the cities in Alaska 

■ and the editors of the leading news- 
^ papers have joined in sending President 
' 'J'aft a- telegram, urging him to aid 

■ theifi in securing the passage of a Ootj- 
gi'essional Act, giving Alaska an elective 

J Legislature. 

* President 'faft spent yesterday at tlie 
’ Alaska-Yukon-Paoific Exposition at 
Seattle, there reviewing a parade of 
soldiers, marines, school children, Igor- 
"" rfittes, Indiana, E-skimos and .Japanese 
^ in costume. The President was also 
initiated into the Aratic Brotherhood, 
, receiving a membership ticket inscribed 
on caribou skin, and embellished with 
’ twenty gold nugets from as many 
Alaskan and Yukon samps. 

Morse 'i iBenderiO# ; 


"Oar Materials 

: are ready for your inspection. 


Rooms 14-15: ■■ Tel- Oxford. 99 ' 


. Freshmen j9ttentioh / : - 

Trinity Court Petit Lunch 


Dinners Served for 20 and; ■ 

25 cents. J 

Meal Tickets for: $5.56 for $s.'oo • 


LOSS Of Old Men Will Not 
I Cripple Team 

r ' i 

> Although Technology has lost four of . 

> her best cross-country, men this year, 

, tliere is a wealth" of material, which, 

\ witli'IiardA’onsistelit work, should plape 
’ lier name .Well; toward the . top in the 

intercollegiate races. ' 

1 . H. H. Howland, R: Ellis, J. N. Steph- 

- enaon, and J..F. McCarthy have gradu- 
t a ted. All these men are veterans, hav- 
1 ing- placed several times for Technology; 

- and the first two have captained , a 
e Technology team. 

Coach ICaiialy has had the team can- 
didates at work early, but it is too 
e soon to make any definite statement, 
it Among the old men who are at work 
if again are: R. C. Jacobs 1910, captain; 
r- L. O. Mills 191i; P. D. White 1911, H. 
,0 O. Watkins 1912, C. P. Eldred 1911, J. 
10 D. McKenzie 1911, W. T. MacCreadic 
1 1911, H. S. Benson 1912, R. D. Van 
d Alstine 1911, B. C. Huber 1911, and V, 
,ll V. Ballard -1912. 

y W. Byland and L. Hart are two 
froshn'ien who are showing up well, . 

Location of Our Store 

Vi H l||l '■ I 





for Students Made in One Workshop oh 
the Premises and Ready for Immediate Use. 


Macullar Parker Company 

400 Washington Street 


; SATijj|M^j::;:^^ I m®;oiHE';OjENT 


WORK r ■ ‘ IlifldE CHANGED 

at(u fii bij'n'xfffi, ufjfil .oil ,i>'(.‘>|j«rw;j jimja'-'i ^^T/ii i!iO ' 


I i; ' M 

,;.. vuino 

■'n;Kijr«j.'itS ii .j • <[ 1 ;-,! 1 .: ; ;}•>.- 
-</.• y;:: , jU ii\y .:.^Ji,t>;,wi-i'-.J)- 

re X» Unioi 

;} ;•*'«» 
:| i:^).T'.f:: 

2t 'Y* M*' Cl Ai 

.•. ii « p- < r; — - ** *'*•> »»€iinri Bcrv ice- -iHav oe nan at tnft HTiinn 

i tOs- the; Uniityi^^frthei iapaiQitj^i of tabies 

f ief D. R. S^cvew . lias been in com^ set wftji. Iclitth* oii ihb/foil6^ t^'- 
unication with ail niembwa of the Coijibihation Breakfagts^S,^ 20 25 
ard during the snranier, and .ptelhn- and,30xcents ’ 

^ ary. Work \ — >.«» « 

[Each member of the boifrd - was first - 

dfnf T^hat they had. The 25 Cent Breakfast W ' the 40 

^ne go fa^ in^their department, and to Cent Dinner are tlie same as those 

«ehyed to, Aguiar .boarders. ..“ ' 

Little acE^aj Wo^k iSte ivititeB s^i^eei will bW ’conferred 

are departments, to' those^ who order combinations 
jrhe following have signifled their in- Smaller ordere will be serveras before 

Jii H. Stoyille toll, i^iD.owiiettiWfe .1911]' ‘f.?, /n fill. CelMiii-' and Cream* ' 

Hv Eebbon 1912, A. Campbell 

1012 and G-.H. Bobb, 1912, , 

sit was voted to hold weekly meetings 
at first until things are running smooth- C 
-Ijt :- '■ ■, h :;■ -;s\ : 

rilt was ypt^ tliat -'the iMitor-lu-chief ^ 7 ''-' i- 
add the BusipieSs Managed :be, empowered ^ 
tcj draw up specifications for the printer. 

-An extensio^ of time will be granted to 
all candidates for the art staff, and the 
cdmpetitidn .will, now be closed on IJo- 
veniber';-ist 7 " . The “question of the paper g 
on Which the. book is to be printed was Co 
' discussed, biit nothing definite was done. 

The entire board have started with 
the idea of being the„;first Technique , . CJ 
board that. wiiivhot ‘lose any members '' c 
by flimking, and tbs evil will be at 
least reduced. ", 

. , ,, -■ , i, ‘Butter. 

•'No.-' 2-1^200, •"' ■ 

Friiit or Cereal. 

\ Coffee, .liolT and Butter. 

jl .#7 > . A'o. . 3 — ^25c._ 

;:'v 7 " ’ :: Fruit7.|;; 7 ^ 

Cereal 'and dream, 

Two Bggs, , 

Coffee. Roll atid Butter. ' 

Ao. 4— goc..' : 

Pruit or Cereal;' 

Steak. Baked Potatoes. 

Coffee, Roli and Butter. 

Ko. .5 — 25e. 

Fruit of Cereal. 

,- ■ Chop. Kreiich Fried .Potatoes. 
Coffee. Roll and Butter. 

If o'. 8 — 20e, 

Pmit or Cereal. 

1 Bacon and One Egg. 

Coffee. Roll and Butter. 

The combination luncheon at 25 cents 
Mill generally be -as TolloM’s': ' 

Soup.- • ■ •• 

Choice of Entrees. 


Bread and Butter. 


The 30 cent dinner Mill usually be of 
the follow:ng.,extont: 



... / , Vegetables, 

i • 'Des'sert. 

The descent dinner Mil? in general- be 
about as follows:, . . 

' 'Soup. 

Fish or Entree. 



Desert. Coffee. 

Two Eggs. 






Rifle Cluli Season Opins wn 
Many Vaeancles 


Notwithstanding the' fwt -lihat s’evefa 
of its strong men .have left, the Rifli 
Club ejtpeets to do better this year thai 
ever before. The, yice-prdsident 'of the 
riub, C. .p. Jacobs has graduated and 
F- E. , Thompson, one of the executive 
committep, has also left. Among the 
meruliers/who are not back this year 

Kodney Ti^eeler find D. P. Marvin, who 
i has gone,- into . the United States Bevdnue 

. Cuttcr.;8diwice.v. . 7,-/7 , i ,.. ’??■?• .•'fcwyuii .i wi.Viun -: 

Several m'en have entered applicatiouB 

DlvKld’ Responsilfty Reaiaved 

that more freslnnen will appljr ' v • ■ ' ■ - ■ 

There will ha a meeting of tbh' e^ ' ' ' from lostroctors 

- -ecUtiVe committee early next Wek, to ” 7 

r. 'A new 'method of, teaching, descriptive 
;thia .geometry and meeham'eal drawing isibe- 
Sm^nce tbP entering class. 

' dn'der. the bid- method the lectures wdre 
Urn scitol given in Huntington Hall by one mein- 

' ffSnS'lSo partment'and ifisMon in the drawing 

oiitioOk^ba .room by anoithcr.member. In this wa^ 

'although aB' wme'.respohsible for 

"' the course sum 

ceasfully, there was no individual re- 
ut^ anl^^aT^^ sponsibillty. ' Accbrdiifgly it was thought 

■ 1 *“-^ to divide the class into small sec: 

battalion , pr^^tjc^ j^aT..j^^^ ’ • ' • - ' , 7 

^ . A n^.^mothod of , teaching, descriptive 
geometry aiid ' meehaiueal drawing 13 ! be- 
ing .used with jthis year’s enteruig class. 
Under the old" method the lectures Ware 

111 i ! -^ith gathering, ,of, tivo ihuni’.ed, , 01 ; 
b i|npi;e, men:>-thp,iy.,. 3 L ‘C. Ab-opened the. 
« rsopial ,iacti’ylties,,,of,:the lyqar. y After a 
• ;Ptql.qd 6 rPf a. j nunihfir, ! of I selections, some 
16 Jfrom file, Sho.w,i!reji(iered; :by the /lech 

• Prehestra,; yhc , speeches of . the . evening 
wyiei Begun,) .As .the: first speaker', of 
■the evening, J. Ahlers lfilO,, called. .upon 
0 . President Afeclavirim , was the- sign 
® HigiTA<i);app)nnsc. and the President 
• .fWk. his pJace.i before the:, men amid 
d ,»iuch,)Clapph^’'’ ' 

i. After expressing to those; present his 
e pleasure at, meeting them in this private 
President .Miieiaurin acknowledged, 
s .that in doing so he had declined the op: 
■portunity to .preside , at , Di% Cook’s Jec- 
'tui.e,,..wliore;£ -he -'asserted, the explorer 
‘Would , tell how he. did; or. did, not reach' 
The, . pg|e} |,,Thp, , advantages of ., social 
acUyitj: are, in, a; large, measure ''to avoid 
t-Jie rnarowing sp often, restflting , from a, 
professional , career. Seize every oppor^ 
1-unity to, .bipiolen,, one’s self by com- 
panignship,. with ;oue’s fellow students. 
To speak informally to the . student 
body,; under tiie auspices of this as- 
80.ciation, he deemed, especially for- 
tunate,. Many look, upon this assoc- 
iation. as of some foreboding, nature, and 
seem to sc; the serious side as an obr 
jection. But as it does deal with the 
.most serious part ;of a man’s career, so 
it .should be given a fair and honest 
consideration. Tm'o difficulties, he said. ’ 
seemed to cause men to shirk the at- 
tempt to solve the question of life. One 
the .intellectual difficulties, brought 
ahoiit^hj’ the gi'eat change n the way | i 
of thinking, hnd caused, men to turn 
n'oni tJie ]irobieni oi’ assume a determ- i 
iiicd attitude of unbelief. It is not near- 1 
ly so important to think right, as to 1 
act right,. On the other, hand the moral 
difficulty caused men to turn away, as' < 
'many doubted Muiethev t.Iiey ought to ■ 
profess M'hat they feared they could not s 
live rq) to. In conclusion, bo said, “Look 1 
at the problem seriously as you look at : 
every other problem. Do not .shirk it.” i 
The chairman, then called upon rep- 1 
rcsentatives of the student activities, \ 
beginning witli R. H. Banger 1911. The I 
Tech, the speaker offered to the new 
men as a giit ' edge: security. As 57 
positions are coimected With the paper, i' 
he urged, that; most any one could find ; 
in one of them the recreation which he i 
need. Business, advertising, circulation 
and news offer varied fields for student ,, 
work. To butt into other’s business is e 
the bnsfness of the paper, but to do it V 
,'|'’ilh tact is' the training -it gives. The • 
3j'‘st"eni of working on but one issue a 
Weck"allbM'ed, he said, a freedom from u 
oonflict M’ith work. ' I 

^ After a musical interlude, the Tech ' , 
ShoM', as introduced by its general ^lan- 
ager, Dudley Clapp 1910. You cannot ?, 
always lead , in - athletics, but you have 
how the best college show in the” country. , 
Ju fact, this is the only place where the b 
Show belongs equally to all, One hnn- 
dred men are connected- with it every \ 
year, and '-its business' department 
handled over $6000 in the past season. 
After Field Day, come, the competition 
for business manager from the fresh- ! 
men class, then the lyric and poster ■ 
contests, followed by the music writing, 11 
all of whieh are open to all After mid- P‘ 
year, the oast is picked, abojit seventy j 
in all, and the rehearsals continued until H 
April, when tJie trip is taken to North- iv 
ampton, and perhaps •, elsewhere this O 
year. With, its high standings, acquaint- B 
inces and dinners, the Show offers a re 
field for all. Finally as a last argu- i 
Ment, he parapliased thus-. . : (ii 



I ilO::!).! <T 

1 Messors Will Instruct Enter- 
Ing Glass 

t ] Tonight at ,6:30, 1913 Milf starl; o,ff 
e. Us ‘ college eoui-se; with a dinner wliich ) 
a bids' fair to be. the biggest fresbifian din- : 
e ner yet held at the Institute, 
h : For. : a . menu. Steward Colton .has: 
g draM'ii lip the best combination ever : 
f heard of around here som; thing that lias 
a things like oyster pattees as the minor 
a euiflpo.nents,;, ,. : 

t i ;0u account Of the , large ' .number of 
1 fi;c^limen. who,; will turn uPi it is doubt-. 

|u) wlitther .the .warlike atteuipls of t);«i , 

3 .sophomores will marr the happiness of 
5 the /gathering. Still, there have been 
t oEiAiiioua: colincils , of , late which' proinise 

■ that .ayhatever may happen, 1912 ' at 

• ijeust has deep ;iaid plots, one of whioh , 

■ ni particular has something to do with a 
I ijlisappeai'ing act of one who was rer 

I ifcntly chosen to direct the formatioti ' ' 
[ v>f the class of 1913. ' 

I, ' ipor the f aeul t y. Dean , B urton Mi II 

■ give a talk at the dinner on the ideals 

of student life and work at the Insti- 
tute. -Of all those here, the Dean is 
perhaps the one best adapted to telling 
these tilings, because he has been in- 
• iiiUitcly acquainted with the Institute 
siliee he first entered it as a topograph- 
icat engineering instructor in 1882, . and 
he has been* acquainted with those vital 
student affairs Miiicli have Come to him ■ 
in bis oaice as Dean since 1902. ; 

, i Mr. lluriiphreya Mill give a glimpse 
into that little kiioM’n but very impor- 
tant dcqiartinent of the Institute, that 
Oi registration and arrangement of the 
classes and hours. AIi-. Litchfield M-ill 
speak about the relations of the alumni 
Lo the siiUdent:;^ and between his sudden 
outbiir.sts of “that reminds me” will 
probably tell something about the proper 
relations of student activities to study. 

Professor D. C. Jackson, head of the 
departnient o.l electrical engineering, 
Mali give a talk on liis views of w-hat 
student life should be. He, unlike Prof. 
Burton, lias only been at the Institute 
since 1906. 'rberefore lie will be very 
able to compare how- they do things at 
tfie L•nlye^•sity of Wisconsin, where he 
M'as profes.sor. before 1906, ivith M liat he 
lias seen done here. 

Coach Kanaiy will address the class 
on the subject of athletics, with which 
he has been so closely connected since 
3 90i - Besides the work of coachin*r at 
the Field, M'hieli he has done for°tUe 
past two years, he M'ill-this year take 
up the addiiiion work involved in direct- 
ing the gyiimasium work required of the 
freslinien, ' K, D. Fernstrom 1910, M'ill 
also tell , about the season tickets. 

: After the speaking, the class will lino 
up m. Trinity Place .and nvake that time 
honored iiiareh through the down-towu 
streets, finally winding up at Rogers' 
steps for cheering. The sophomores tvill 
Uiidoublably , attempt to break up tbo 
firoeessioii, and the freshmen -will onlv 
succeed in completing the route bv keen- 
ing in close order. ' ‘ 


(Continued from page 2.) 

; At the Field yesterday four men from 
t-lie freshmen and sophomore classes re- 
ported for the mile events. Ferry" 1912 
Pah-J^mple 1912, Byliind 1913 and L 
Hart 1913. For the 1912 relay, there " 
were present: Becker, L. B. Duke, Grant, 
Oettinger, L. S. Ballard, Applequest and 
BroM-n. Nine men reported for 1913 

j At the oval,; 1912 had football prac- 
tice with twelve men present. At the 
gym eleven sophomores reported for tug- • 
of-war practice, and eighteen freslim^ 

boston; mass., SAruRDAVj OCTOBER a, 1909 


Published daily except, Sunday during 
the college year by students of the Mas- 
sachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Eutered as second class matter Sept. 
30, 1909, at the post office at Boston, 
Mass., under the Act of Congress of 
March 3, 1870; 

General Manager, 

K. H. Ranger 1011 

Editorial Board Business Board 
11. M. Davis 1011 N. DcEorest 1011 
Editov-in -Chief Business Manager 

’W.J.SeligniaulOU D. N. Frazier 1011 
Athletic Editor Circulation Mngr. 

0. B. Denison 19X1 

Exchange Editor 

Associate Editors. 

J. Aiders 1010 r D. P. Gaillard 1011 

A. L. Fahens 1910 
S. C. Botes 1911 

J. 1. Murray 1012 
G. H. Ivcitli 1912 

News Stair Business Stalf 

L. S. Walsh 1012 W. O. Whitney 1911 
E. B. Mo'ove 1912 R. M. Barton Bill 
.V. McE. Sage 1012 S. C. ^cll• 1012 
E. W. Davis 191'2 F. W. Barker Jr.l912 
K. X. \,ildes 1012 H. Mcnill 1012 
Cl. D. Kemp 1912 

All communications regarding adver- 
tisements should be addressed to the 
Business Manager. Regarding subscrip- 
tions address the Circulation Manager, 

Subscriptions within the Boston Pos- 
tal District and outside of United States 
must be accompanied by postage at the 
rate of one cent for each copy. 

■ Subscription $1.50 per year in advance 
Single Copies i Cent. . 

Printed by Puritan Linotype, Boston 


A 'hurricane to all intents and pur 
puses, has recently vitited the general 
library, but doubtless it was only 1013. 
At any rate. The Tech hopes and be- 
lieves that no man who has been in the 
institute a year or more has . been or 
ever will be guilty of making the library 
look as though the dump carts of the 
city of Boston had left their refuse 

For the heneOt <it 1913, The Tech takes 
pleasure in stating that it has become 
customary for Tech men to respect the 
library to tlie exveiit of refraining from 
seutleriug- newspapers about the floor 
and tables, carrying on conversation in 
a low tone only, and returning books 
and peviodicats to the shelves from 
which tliey have been taken. 

Prepare, practice, perform 1013 cheers 
for tonight’s dinner. 


The college football season of 1900 is 
now fairly under way, with all the 
larger colleges having games scheduled 
for today. Today’s college games in- 
eiude ; 

Harvard vs Wesleyan at Cambridge. 

Yale vs S}racu.SL at New Haven.^ 

Penn vs Dickenson at Philadelphia. 

Princeton vs Stevens at Princeton. 

Dartmouth 'S Vermont at Hanover. 

Brown vs Colgate at Providence. 

Millinins vs Bates at AVilliamstown. vs Springfield Training 
Selioi>l at Amherst. 

Tufts vs M’est Point at West Point. 

Holy Cross vs New Hampshire State 
lit Worcester. 

Trinity vs Worcester Tech at Hart- 

Carlisle vs Buckneil at Carlisle. 

Exeter vs Lowell Textile at E.xeter. 

Andover vs Worcester Academy, at 


Saturday, October 2. 

2:19 P. M.— Train leaves Back Bay for 
Hyde Park. First hare and 
hound nin. 

(J:30 P. yi . — The Tech dinner to 1913. 
Monday. October 4. 

1:00 P. JI. — Freshmen class meeting in 
Huntington Hall. 

4:l.j P.- M. — Banjo Club trials. 

1:09 P. M.— iTennis electibn, 21 Rogers. 
All intere.sted come. 


(Continued from page 1.) 

•‘The hoy stood on the burning deck,-. 
At least that’s how he feit 
Ho was a freshman here at Tech 
Where good hot stuff is dealt. 

So if to heaven yon would go 

■lust leai-n this lesson well 

You all must come out for the Show 

Or you will go to Harvard.’’ 


Gorton James 1910, Chairman of the 
Enteitainment Committee then spoke of 
the plans for the coming year. That no 
engineering subjects were to be dealt 
with, made the task hard, yet at the 
same time insured the object, a broaden- 
ing influence. Railroading, tariff, aero- 
nautics and national a flairs dealt with 
by able men will make an excellent pro- 
gram. i i\ 

Donald R. Stevens 1911, then intro- 
duced Technique 1911, with an appeal 
for men of the lower classes to get 
started in the departments of art, his- 
tory and gi'inds. He announced the new 
systems of grind collectors in each sec- 
tion, whereby all happenings of a humor- 
ous nature will be collected, and the 
system of work recording, whereby a 
man’s record will he given to his class 
electoral committee. 

The track athletics were represeiAted 
by E. H. Allen 1000, who told of the 
unexperienced men wlio had made good, 
and. of the meets of the coming season, 
and mentioning the ill fortune of his 
cla.s-5 track atldetics, urged the fresli- 
men to regain the prestige of the odd 

Mr. E, C. Warner, the college secre- 
tary of the Y. M. C. A., after compli- 
menting the I’eclmology Christian As- 
sociation by a clever story, told of the 
good woi\ tlie association was doing. 
In the other" colleges, the association 
has greatly enlarged, as reports of this 
and that meeting now indicate to the 
secretary. In the hoarding house prob- 
lem, there has been much investigation 
of the character of the houses and. lists 
made for new students. In fact the 
Association has been the servant of the 
students, and attempts to exert an in- 
Itiience for the highest and the best in 
all activities. So interested have leaders 
of the alumni become in the work, that 
they .ii’e going to support at the In- 
stitute a special secretary to meet the 
students, and search is being made, far 
and wide, for the right man for the 
position. Then in closing he urged, a 
response on the part of the general 
student body to cooperate with and aid 
the undertaking in its work. 

The giithering then were 'served witli 
light refreshments, and tlic orcliestra 
gave some more well received selections. 


Dr. Cook, the Arctic explorer was ver;. 
w:irnily greeted by the people of Boston 
upon his arrival in this city yesterday. 
Last evening Dr. Cook delivered a most, 
interesting steriopticon lecture on his 
polar <|uest to ,i lai'ge ami enthusisistic 
audience in Symphony Hall. 

To show their appreciation of the 
hii.spitality and kindness shown to them 
on their vi.sit to Vokahama last October, 
the officers and men of the United States 
Vtlantic Heet of sixteen battleships have 
Auhscrihed to buy a loving cup to he 
Dveseiited to tlie .lapauese navy through 
the State department. 


At This Store Exclusively 

French, Scotch and 
Austrian Sweaters 


Our buyer spent considerable time abroad in quest 
of these goods. Included are Scotch jacket sweat- 
ers from Shetland and other fine yarns, French 
jackets in various yarns and weights, and Austrian 
garmehts from vicuna, llama, Hymalaya, angora, 
and alpaca yarn. From those that can be carried in 
the pocket to heavy sweaters for motoring, golfing, 


3.75 » 25.00 

Our Showing of Men’s Sweaters 

We are the New England headquarters in knit 
goods for men. In addition to our imported goods, 
'*’• we carry full lines of the best New England makes 
in grays, white, navy, greens, reds, browns and 
combination colorings in sweaters, coat sweaters 
and knit vests. 

Jordan Marsh Co. 


National Shawmut Bank 





SI SUiVlJVlER SX., cor*« Chauncey St. 
Highest Grades . : Popular Prices 

Tech Men Should Patronize 

E. A. Maynard 


Garrison di St. Bototph Streets 
Near Tech Gym , 

By Competent Barbers 

Miss M* F* Fiske 


322 Boylston St., opp. Arlington 

is showing a handsome shade ia 
men’s chamois gloves at $2.50. 
a' pair. Other makes at this.. 
price are Fownw and Den^s 
in the popular cape leader iii 
handsome shades of teuii. 

.. -i, -• IS: f-.'-r ''■I''-”- 

’ ii . ■■- 

■ f 



(Continued from page 1.) ' 

■ Under tije Hew, scheme- each of tlic 
22 sectiourt of .the first year class has 
an iHstititaor and one -of tlie four small 
drawing rooms, into which 43 Rogers has 
been divided, asai^ed to it. At the 
first aniil last c.\emscs of the week, 
after tl»e lecfnariag' in Huntington Hall, 
it is neoessaiy to put two sections in 
tlie same roinii. lint as it is [damied to 
give mechanuaJ drawing at these ex- 
erci.MS, this is not so iinporbuit. At 
the iiml-weL'k exercise, iiowever, there 
will he liut one section to a room, and 
it is at tills exercise that the descriptive 
geoaietti'j’ is to lie tauglit. The four 
rooms will Ite in charge of the follow- 
ing instraetOTS: Jlr. H. K- Bnvrison, JIt. 

A. L. -(loodi'ich, Hr. ft. A. Breed and 
Mr. ft. lE. 'Gideon. The ground covered 
bv the cflunse 'will be the same as in 
jirerdons yeais, but tlie details *and 
order of Sutilnictii.-n ivill be left to the 
men in charge of the section. 

1'lie I'ocnse in second year' descriptive 
geojmolry ivili be cimducted in the same 
maimm- -a* fast year by Professors 
Ih'vin Keiii on and H, C, l^adley, al- 
tliOJTgh as file drawing wifi ‘lie done in 
,111 IvO-riTS. the sections will be neces- 
ssirily ire smTalier. 

Hie 'ootirse in freehand drawing is in 
chnige 'of .Mr. Frank M. Oracey.. 

For .iTT men connected with Tlie Tech; 
there will iie a meting at the office this 
afternooii at 2 P. M. All are requested 
to attiTal. 


The llmt exercise in Sugar Analysis 
(Course V, 4th year) will be Tuesday, 
■October 3 at 2 P M. In 24 'IF. 


"‘•The Polariscopc in the Chemical 
CabmUiry.” ptiblislied by Macmillan. 

(iiai. W. ROLFS, Instructor. 

First Year. 

ftectioii 20 — JlaUicmaUcs will recite in 
rocini 20, Rogers. 

Options in General Studies. 

" Italian and ftpanis^h were listed on the 
Ueiiei'iil Bulletin under the General 
Studies. They are. however, not u.c-, 
cepted l),v special Faculty action for tlie 
Uption in tlie General Study. 



Industrial Chemistry. 

Tiio t.xcjvisc in Industrial Chemistry 
on .Monday, October 4th, will be omit- 

Banjo Giuli — Triai.s Monday, 4:15, at 
Union. 1-Jvcryliody gets a ciiance, come 

Room in .Taiiiaica Plain; 20 minutes 
to institute. Good table board available 
near bv. 

Thone .lam. SlT-o T. E. SEARS, 
M. 1. T. 1903. 

(TIRELESS SOa- Meeting of all of- 
llcei-s and tlie board of directors in the 
Union, Monday -at 4.00.. '(^ery import- 
ant tliat all .sliould be present. 

>Icetiiig of till- Tennis Association, to 
elect ofiiai-s and make tournament ar- 
vnngeiiieiits. .411 ini-ei-estcd come. 21 
Rogers. 1:00 Tuesday. 




HERBERT H. BARNES, Pioprietor. 


S. W. Cor. Bi 

Near .Kltli St 


Sunday Morning Breakfast. 

Choice of 

7=3; Oatmeal. 

^ Q One Fish Cake. 

Corn Flakes. 
Baked Beans. 

One Roll and Butter. 

Hew, Modem, and Absolutely Fireproof 
Transient iaic.s. b2.50 with bath and up ,, , 

All iiutsidc rooms Send for booklet "" *’ *' 


Fornierlv with Hotel Imperial 
Pormeriv with Hotel Woodward 

One Cup (j/ Coffee. 

Saturday, October 2 — Dinner. 
Oliicken Bouillon. 

Roast Sirloin of Beef. 

Ma.sliod Potato.. 

ludiuii Pudding, launoii ftatice. 
'iVa and Coffee. 



of all kinds to order. Interiors — offices, 
offices, apartments, dwellings, paintings 
of outside and inside views. Also de- 
veloping and printing for othe^:-' Long 
and practical experience. Satisfactory 
work guaranteed. 

LutHer L. ShattucK 

40 Cents. 

Boylston Street 


Morse & Henderson 


Our Materials for Fall and Winter 
are ready for your inspection. 


Rooms 14-15. Tel. Oxford gg 




' Special attention paid to .students at 
M. I. 'J'. 

In the Hew Chauiicey Hall Building 
0pp. Copley Square 

A)1 Goods Required by 
Students at 


502 Boylston St. 

Drawing instruments and Materials, etc. 
Fountain Pens, Text-Books 

Tel. 1597-1 B.B. 




486 BOYLSTON ST., 0pp. Rogers Bldg. 


i Drswing-lokg 

teroat Wntfog-lsk 
raunae Mucilage 
Drawine-Bcard Paste 
Liquid Paste 
Office Paste 
Vei^etable Glue^ Btc. 
■tre f he Finest and Beet/nkeancL 
4tfheHveif. Kmancapate yourself 
from the use «*f unrrosiveand 111* 
inhs and adhesives and 
aiiopt tne Hfffffhte /nke and Ad- 
Tlipy wUlbeareveJation 
To VfUi, tlH'v ar«* so «iweet. clean, 
iiiui (Veil |iiit ii|L 

4t f.>7*eri7//y. 

CHAS. M. dt CO. , MlfTK 

Kran* h»'» rhii-ajfo. Londriti 
37t Ninth St*’eet, Brooklyn | N«T . 

College Clothes 

Cleverly designed, splendidly tailored 
in our own shops, made from absolutely 
all-wool fabrics. The newest plain, 
conservative, gentlemen’s styles, — at 
reasonable prices. 

Bosi'caf, ■ma'ss.T] 'h Vgo^ - 

7I; 'MV/ iMn/l 

' 3 !■'-'» • 


1 : I \ f 


Buy a Ciftpy EVeiry Day 



r,' )••/' 3fj 



1911 CLASS PIPliS.rMDrder now' At[ 
the Union or from the;conin3i,tteD; . . , 

j; ’u;- seoviLLE. 
M.':cOFFIN.. , s, 


FRIDAY AT ,12. ' 

Sections 1, . 3, -,4. 5, 16; ' ' 

■' A‘,to.D, Asst. Prof. Seaver, 11 Rogers. 
K, Mr. Gunn, 42 Rogers; 

L to P, • Mr. •• CoUester, 44 Rogers. 

Q to Z: ''Asst;' Prof.': Rbliinson, 20 
I Rogers. : >"*■' i.U ' 

1. 'General.' 

GRAPH , Outfit for' sale. ;■ A. .W.,’ Wells, 
Information Office, Rogers Building! 


Alt hoolts for , Tech , Show, 1910, must 
he. riin,! before . November . 1.. Numbered 
envelopes may> be obtained at the Cage, 
The) booh) ! should be; . numbered cowe- 
spondingly,', the. , name and address of 
the author placed in the. envelope, and 
both left at the Cage for Kenneth 
Greehleaf,. Stage Manager., AIT Who can- 
not have their productions complete by 
■bat 'tiniei should communicate ■: with 
Francis, before October 22. Further in: 
formation may be had of Stage Manager 

Exceptionally pleasant, steam-heated 
parlor" in private suite, elevator service. 
Suitable ,frfr two, II!) Biirkele'V street, 
suite 4, ' ■ 10-7'-09 

(op(Jiiti'on,,'new tires, new cylinder, ete. 
Price, paiticulars, and demonstration on 
aiijjlicatiun to -J. .,C- care of The 
Tech. , ‘ 10-4-’09. 

'11)13 — ^The 'drills s'chedujed for Pridhy 
i\ud ilonday afternoons, Oct. 1st dud 
4th, \yill be omitted.. The first di-ill 

ivll 'lie held 'oti Wednesday' afteniobn, 

Oct: '6th.''' ' ■ ■ 

. A sum of money \yns found in one 
cif ‘'tub 'buildrng.s,-. which the oWnef can 
iilibiW fi'Jm the Bursar.- ■ 

■il)t'2^!Pootball Practice at' the Oval 
4,()fl' P. ■ Kl. ' today, S.aturday at Field 
2.00^ P. M. - '' 

•‘Tu'b.tlifeatve' tickets have heen' found 
I'br (.Sii'tiiiday -Matinee.' They may be 
hiul at tlife Busiiiess Office. 

' '^\e Bursar has. had left at bis office 
.sbine"dniWing'inatrunicnts which can be 
jjurcbfi-icd’ at ' 'a hAv'pr'ice._ • ■ ' ' ’ 

Faculty Notice. 

Course X.— Steam engiueering, Mon- 
day 1 2- 1 changed to Monday "'11-12. 

Coiii-se Xlil. — Steam engineering, Mon- 
day T2-1 changed to Monday 11 -I?. 

Hvdraiifics, Mdnctav.;ll-12 changed to 
Monday 12-i. ■ )' - 

German I. 

StudGUtav\\ishing to take this subject 
should leave their' Tabular, View cards 
with Professor. Vogel by - noon of Sat- 
urday, .October, , 3. marked German . I, 
• I givuig, P. 0. ndffi'ess. 

Offers Opportunities 
for Mutual Benefit 
In the Competitions 
for the Various Offices 1 



Transferred from all StatioAs 


Those in charge of each of fhese 
departments can be found' in 
THE TECH Office from 8:30 to 
9 too daily. 

Office Telephone 978 Back Ba^ 

Stable Tyiephoiae 1925-1 Boxbury 

32 Court Square 
34 St James Avenue 

' 1 ' 

- d! 

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■ Wbat 
. would 
it be 
’ worth ' 
i '. to you to own a Fountain Pen 
that) you .could cany around In 
yo.Ur pocket ot bagin any posi- 
', 'Uon with'the' positive asBur- 
.mce that It wouldn't leak? ' 

'XIu Moore’g Naa-Leakalile there 
is no way In wbioh the Ink can 
yosBibly leak out, Xhla pea Is 
'.Iways ready for instant use, 
indrtho moment It tohehes the 
, .laper, writes, without any pre- 
: iinlnary shaking whatever, 

. '■.'■nrlhormoroi It wlR carry' allv 
:;riu\ea of Inks, Mcludlng Copy^ 

. mg and India, inks, 

■,k There are many different 
Junds of Fountain Fens on the 
market, but there is only one 
ihnt is Ktnlittely satisfactory, 
and that Is Mom’s Noo-LoiiktiI>rei 




All About 
Inauguration of 
Dr. Mkeiaurin 



History of Activitiei 
Of /Last Year iii 

1 ’ ' \ ) ' , \ 

Reuhibn Issue 
A Pew Still Left i 
At Teoh Offibe^ ! 

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