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Full text of "Correspondence ?Parlatore (Filippo) and Engelmann (George),"

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Parlatore, Phillipe 

Rec. Sept. 26 1862 
Ans. Nov 19 1863 

London, September 9, 1862 

Dear Sir, 

I take the liberty of addressing this letter to you after a few years of having had the honor of 
making your personal acquaintance, to ask you please to be so kind to help me with the 
description of the conifers that I am preparing already for two years after reading the works of 
De Candolle. Everything that you could send me in regards dried plants and cônes from the 
United States, from New Mexico, California, etc., would be very precious to me including, the 
pamphlets in which you have described them. I am most interested in the species found by Mr. 
Wisligeny and that you have illustrated, of which I lack nearly ail and on which I place great 
value. I would also be very happy to own the Torreya with its ripe fruits and the Pinus 
occidentalis from the Island of Santo Domingo that perhaps you have in your collection. Would 
you own some cônes of the Abies or the Picea concolor found by Fendler and that I have not 
seen here nor elsewhere? Could you please send me one? You could send ail this to me via 
Florence in charge of G. Galliani and Co. in Livourne or through Vignole in Genoa, or Claude 
Clerc in Marseille, or even through Mac Cracken at 7 Old Tawny Str. London. Ail those agencies 
will see to it that what you send will arrive here in Florence. 

I regret not having anything here to give you, but I will hasten to send you the little things 
that I have lately published on the plants of Italy and Lapland, if that would be agreeable. 

Therefore dear Sir, please accept my most distinguished assurances and considérations with 
the honor of being your devoted 

Phillipe Parlatore 

Prof, of Botany at the Muséum of 
History in Florence. 

Translation Manfred Thurmann 


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Parlatore, Phillipe 

Rec. Oct. 19, 1866 

Florence, September 27, 1866 

Dear Sir, 

I benefit from the kindness of Prof. Asa Gray for showing you this letter and to inform you 
that I have just finished sending the Smithsonian Society a crate in which I have placed some 
plants, some books that I ask you to accept and the Pine cônes that you had the extrême 
kindness of lending me for my work on the Conifers. I regret that the letter that I wrote you 
during the time that you mentioned that you had received those cônes as well as some samples 
of conifers and some publications, were lost because of the war that is ravaging your beautiful 
country. I seem to be ungreatful but again I send you my most sincère thanks. 

They are already printing in Paris the Prodromus of the Manuscript of Conifers. I have 
printed here the first volume of my Italian flora where I expect to publish in the future other 
volumes in which I have already described 2600 dicotyledonic species. You will find among the 
small things that I sent a monograph of the gender Gossipium. 

Please, dear Sir, accept my considerate expressions of having the honor of being your 

Ph. Parlatore 

If you could send me your photograph, you would give me great pleasure. Please send it to 
me with good news. 

Translation. Manfred Thurmann