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prepared by the public services division 


The entire staff, meaning all three facilities, is 
invited for another rousing skating party at the 
Fiesta Roller Rink in San Gabriel the night of 
Monday, May 15th, The cost will be $K 40 per 
person. We will have the rink exclusively from 
7:00 to 9;00 p.m . Reservations must be made by 
Friday, May 12 th at 5:00 pom . 


The long-awaited bicycle racks have arrived and 
will be installed shortly in the entrance area. The 
racks will accommodate 15 bikes with a locking 
ring for each , 

The recent as-needed -tour -guide examination 
conducted here produced a number of promising 
candidates. Three will be hired from the new list. 

Six tape recorders have been donated to the 
Arboretum by the Santa Anita Highlands Garden 
Club for use initially by blind visitors to the 
Braille Terrace and the historical area. Through 
the use of pre-recorded tapes the visitors can 
listen to an informative narration as they make 
their way through these areas without needing a 
trained guide. The recorders will be available at 
the gatehouse . 


Three new kiosks, a gift from Sunset Magazine, 
have been installed in the Demonstration Home 
Gardens Kay Bemis is doing a great job main- 
taining them under John Provine's supervision. 
You will also find new furniture to complement 
our gardens , 

Two employees resigned last month „ One is Bruce 
Jennings who is going into insurance sales. His 
leaving results in a vacancy at Lux Arboretum for 

May 10, 1972 

the position of Assistant Arboretum Gardener which 
has been posted, (Descanso also has an opening) The 
other employee is Gary Helm who has moved to 
Oregon, We wish them both good luck. 

A word of warning to all dog owners - Keep them on 
leashes at the beach! Chris Van Wagner received a 
$40,00 ticket for not having Olie "physically re- 
strained Very costly! 


Our research in air pollution here at the Arboretum is 
aimed at emphasizing the importance of vegetation to 
environmental improvement. 

Recently Pasadena Beautiful recognized the potential 
and is now conducting a campaign to plant 20,000 
trees in the Pasadena area. They have requested 
George Hanson and Linda Thorne to furnish data on 
the amount of pollution these proposed trees would 
remove from the air , On the basis of their cJjcu- 
lations derived from laboratory experimentation, the 
trees, if planted at random within the city, would 
absorb about 90 lbs, of ozone out of a total of several 
tons existing in the air on a smoggy day , (This, liow- 
ever, does not include other pollutants, such as PAN, 
Co, f bride, and lead Eventually foliage is able to 
absorb these pollutants too), If the trees were* planted 
so as to provide a continuous canopy over a relatively 
large area, a 30% reduction In the ozone level could 
be expected within the protected area. This could 
reduce the ozone concentration from 0,35 ppm (the 
school-alert level) to a more tolerable 0,25ppm, 
beneath th© canopy of leaves. There is no doubt 
that more trees will help this situation. Trees should 
be required in all parking lots, of which we have 
plenty in the L^ A. area, 


The camellias Kove finished blooming but there is 
still a myriad of color among the bedding plants 


dulas and fhe delphiniums, The roses ( 
at fheir peak of bloom. 

People and Happenings „ 

Mark Anffibny should be home from fhe hospital by 
the time this release goes to the press 

A demonstration on composting was given by 
George Lewis and Dr Breitmann of the Kiwanis 
Club on the 22nd of April It was attended by 
more than 200 people. All indications are that it 
was qu^ite a success, 

Mrso Phyllis Hill, a docent and member of the 
Descanso Guild, is supervising the refurbishing of 
the bird observation station New show cases 
have been installed for the mounting of specimen 
birds, bird nests and colorful eggs. Wall to wall 
carpeting is being installed alsoo If you are a 
bird lover you should consider a walk through the 
gardens because many migratory precocial (newly 
hatched birds that are covered with down and are 
fully active) and altricial (opposite of precocial - 
newly hatched birds that are helpless) birds have 
been seen recently, Some examples are the red - 
tailed jiawk, California quail, the coot, the 
swift, the belted kingfish, the stellar jay, the 
common bushtit, the thrasher, the grosbeak and 
the western tanager 

If you are an insect collector, then bring your net 
and ki fling jar because many interesting insects 
are out» Recently we have seen the Valley Car- 
penter bee . This bee is as large as the bumble bee 
but more colorful because the males are bronze or 
goidenicolor There are many other insects such as 
the mottled dragonfly, the swal'ow tail, the sphinx 
moth, Dianidae and the mourning cloak, the 
tarantula hawk and the stonef ly . 


Tne wteke-d of Ap-.i 2? -23 feotored the Silve- Spu^ 
Go<de'- C*ub Fiowe r Show [he South Boy Brome - 
liad Show followed on April 29-30. Public response 
to this event was an encouraging attendance of 1200+ 

Considering all the activity here in April, it is no 
surprise to find our monthly attendance figure total- 
ling over 7800 visitors 

Contractors are now grading for the 600-unit apart- 
ment complex to be erected northeast of us on 
Rolling Hills Road Excavation costs were estimatec 
at approximately $600,000! 

Repairs to the lake lining and island are complete 
The water level is near maximum and the spillway 
is functioning Now the only problem is how to 
discourage our weekend waders 

Flood Control s weather station got a face lift 
Juniper and portulaca do wonders for it 

Birds observed on the April walk Included, turkey 
vulture, longbilled curlew, whimbrel, Vaux's swift, 
Ash -throated flycatcher, warbling vlreo, black- 
throated gray warbler, and Bullock s oriole The 
Arizona hooded oriole, a species seldom seen in 
Southern California, was observed in the Youth 
Education Section