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prepared by the public services division 


We would like to welcome our new student 
worker In the business office. Miss Pearl 
Duenas. Pearl is a student at PCC and is 
replacing Louise Marks who has transferred 
into the Public Services Division. 

Tickets are now available for the Arboretum 
picnic scheduled for Saturday, July 28th at 
Monrovia Nursery. This years events will 
include swimming, food, ice melting contest, 
bingo, ping pong, sack races and lots of 
great prizes. All tickets must be bought by 
July 25th so don't delay. Get your tickets 
today and bring a friend. 

Welcome aboard to our new daytime Custo- 
dian, Richard 3arnes . Richard will be 
responsible for the Historical area. 


Tsuneo Imanishi has been appointed Arbore- 
tum Gardener and will be working with Joe 
Erby in the northern portion of the Arbore- 
tum . Sen McClaurin, Arboretum Tree Trim- 
mer, is transferring to Descanso Gardens 
this month o Gardening positions yet to be 
filled include Assistant Arboretum Gardener 
and Assistant Nursery-man . These positions 
are expected to be filled in the near future. 

All projects have been slowed down by 
vacations and illnesses but we hope norma! 
activities will resume soon. 

Joe Erby, Jack Toyota, and Ken Tokushige 
have started a car pool . Anyone interested 
in joining should contact one of these men . 


The annual "Color Your Community 
}eautlful" Awards Luncheon was held here 

Jul> 10, 1973 

on June 11 with 272 'ep-esentar* es of interested civk 
organizations in ar:endonce The community-wide 
project was sponsored b , Los Angeles Beautiful o Eight- 
silver trophies were awarded ♦o the winners, as well as 
a special award to the Depart'^ient of A'-boreta and 
Botanic Gardens. 

Our future main gate entrance on the Crenshaw Boule- 
vard side of the garden has been paved. The boulevard 
itself is being widened and improved. These improve- 
ments are all the more welcome since the Board of Super- 
visors approved funds for bu-iding our Administration 
building complex. Now the road and entry^ay will 
really be going somewhere! 

The staff display, entiled "The Par?o," took an award 
again this year at the Fiesta de Flores. This time it was 
a first place award. 

With the record breaking temperatures here at South 
Coast, the eugenics and svzygiums were at their best eve'-. 

Birds observed on the June walk included: ring-necked 
pheasant, rock dove, black-chinned hummingbi-d. c'itf 
swallow, mocklrgbi'-d, robin, hooded oriole, song 
sparrows, brown-headed cowbird, lesser go! dfmch , ar.d 
house finch 


We'd like to introduce Mvee new members of rhe Public 
Services Division: The. a-e WHIIom (BM I ) Washington 
and Thomas (Toni) Kaun , b'oiogs grods who will be 
working weekends and hol'doys as as- needed tou ; guides, 
and Louise Marks who has •rans'-V •> ' ' on N-e business 
office where she was working as a p 

worker and who Is now the Depo- -^ . ' ■ four 

guide . 

David Fields has been appointed Head Tou^ Gu'de and 
will be responsible fc 'he rou^ guidt- and school field 
trip operations a*- each of our ga^d^•n5. 

The demand for our Po-sonous Planf^ booklet bom school 
districts, the public, and a few unexpected sources such 

as a winery, conHnues. A somewhat lesser 
demand continues for our Vegetable Garden- 
ing brochure. Meanwhile, we have a new 
edition of the Fire Retardant Plant booklet in 
preparation for which there are already re- 
quests c Coming up around August 1: the fall 
three-garden Adult Education schedule and 
the Minicourse brochure for 1973-74, 


An effort has been made by James Doty to 
collect species of insectivorous plants o At 
present the collection consists of 7 species 
of Drosero, 2 species of Nepenthes ^ 1 
species of Drosophyllum , 1 species of 
Dionea, 1 species of Pinguicula , 1 species 
of Darlingtonia and 1 species of Sarracenia . 
Part of them, in good growth condition, are 
bemg exhibited to the public in the Research 
building = One of the species is quite inter- 
esting; Drosophyllum lusitanicum is the 
native of the chaparral in Spain, Morocco, 
and Portugal , Whether or not it can sur- 
vive our chaparral climate remains a 
:iuest!on , 

On the weekend of the Fiesta de los F lores 
at South Coast Botanic Garden, a raging 
brush and grass fire burned 1 ,000 acres in 
the area of Portugese Bend Drive in Rolling 
Hills just to the west of the garcjens- Eleven 
homes valued a^ more than $150,000 each 
were destroyed. The fire was fanned by high 
winds through tender-dry fuel created by the 
hot, dry weather of the preceding several 
days. An emergency meeting of the Rolling 
Hills City Council was held the following 
Thursday (June 28) to begin formulating 
guidelines on what must be done to reduce 
the threat of soil e»"osion from the denuded 
slopes and to ensure that such a catastrophy 
will never happen again in the area. Ken 
Montgomery of our staff was asked to speak 
at this meeting and to outline the potential 
of Green Beits around homes using fire- 
retardant, low fuel -volume plants . A tour 
of the burned a-ea two days after the fire 
had revealed that in several cases wide 

Green Belts of succulent iceplants and other ground 
cover species stopped the spread of fsre and helped 
save homes that otherwise might have burned » Thts 
fire also clearly illustrates the fact that fire -retardant 
vegetation around the home is only one aspect of 
living safely in foothill areas where the fsre danger is 
high The homes that were destroyed all had highly 
flammable wooden shake and shingle roofs, in every 
case, they caught fire from brands (burning debris) 
landing on the roof and not from fires spreading through 
surface plant fueis. 


Weed pulling has become a major activity for the 
senior biologist these days! On June 18 Dr. Enari's 
class in Edible "Weeds" as it was billed by the media, 
opened for registration o A record-breaking 242 
persons crowded even the SRO space. A second session 
was arranged for the following week and two full 
classes are meeting concurxntly, learning and yearn- 
ing over "weed" speclmenso Ben Suzuki^s Bonsai class 
for both beginnes-s and experienced students is also full 
to capacity. 

The History section has announced a charge in public 
hours for the Santa Anita Depot , It is now open Wed- 
nesdays 9-12 and 1-4, and on Scrday afternoons 1-4, 
Patty Warren is recuperating sa'istac^oriS y in the hos- 
pital and Sandy Snider is do">g an efifcsenf standby 
with the help of the Las Volun^a- as. 

Hazel Rodgers has announced he- ret' on 
August 1 ^ Hazel has gr/en »o g and dedicated service 
to our Plant Science L'b'a > 

The Youth tdwco' or sec '^on is or sast lap of the 
various summe-^ p-og ams and al- s^aff mKmbeJ-s are 

The South Coast Botanic Go dcr Founda»-ion has pu:"- 
chased a new metal garden house fo^ rhe Adu?r 
Education potting yard. 


Ben McCia.-sen. r,ee ■ ■mr^. • o.-r, -ht A bo-e'^m ,s 
moving o-e^ ro Descanso as s M^kt Sena Soufh 
Coast grounds ma»nter-ance mar La"-) C'a'k w»l> be 

our new custodmn as John Collado has retired 
and is on his way to the Philippfnes for a 
vacation. 3iU Outwm of Descanso has ad- 
vanced to senior grounds mamtenance man. 

The delphiniums are blooming better than 
ever this week; the hot weather seems to 
agree wjth them , 

The Descanso Gardens Guild donated a lovely 
flowering cherry tree to the gardens in honor 
of Francs Raitt, who is retiring this year after 
20 years of service to the gardens. We wish 
her the best of luck.