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Sandra L. Snider - Assoc. Curator 

Condition of Buildings : 

1. Queen Ann e Cottage ; 

a. Building exterior was painted by Los Angeles County Mechanical 
Department this past fiscal year. 

b. Gordon Termite Co, inspected the building one year after treat- 
ment and found no new or remaining infestation. 

c A bid for painting the interior of the Cottage, sanding and 
varnishing the floors , and oil ing the woodwork was received 
from Anthony Triarsi of Anthony Decorators in Pasadena ($11,895) 
and was accepted by the Cal ifornia Arboretum Foundation. 
Work is projected to begin in August . 

d . Brochures and cost estimates were received from Scalamandre Co . 
in New York for replacement carpeting for the Music Room and 
the Parlor in the Cottage. Mid- Victor i an Wilton patterns 

are available in the necessary sizes at approximately $3,000 each. 
Funding is to come from Las Voluntarias history monies . 

e . All Cottage draperies are to be cleaned and repaired by Eldon 
Drapery in Covina with money from Las Voluntairas history fund . 
Draperies were removed in late July for cleaning, 

f. Funding from Las Voluntarias history monies has been approved 
for purchase and installation of improved Cottage porch lighting 
fixtures. Work is projected to begin in August/September . 

g . Vandals destroyed two of the three stained glass windows in 
the tower of U -..-!! in May , 1982 . Pasadena Art Glass 
undertook restoration and replacement of the glass and re- 
installed the windows in June . Pro tec tive acrylic glass was 
purchased by the Arboretum and installed ovei the to v. i ; Lained 
glass by Arboretum personnel. 

h. Restoration projects still to be accomplished include re-uphol stery 
of the set of parlor furniture in the Cottage and re-wiring of 

the prisms in the chandeliers in the Study, Bedroom and Parlor. 

i. Volunteer Milt Mar'. i 1 * Lving in the Bedroom close 

2 . C oach Barn 

a. Bids were solicited by the California Arboretum Foundation 
for new roofing for the Barn. Several types of roofing were 
considered with estimates ranging from $5,000 to $33,000. 

An engineering report was also solicited by the Foundation 
for purposes of analyzing the strength of the Barn structure. 
Work on a new wood shingle, fire retardant roof was begun 
by Virgin Roofing Co. in August . * 

b. An estimate was received from Anthony Decorators for spot, 
sanding and varnishing and thorough oiling of the Barn interior 
panel ling, currently in deteriorating condition . Cost woul d 

be $5,600. The project is recommended for attention in the 
very near future to prevent the pervasive weathering now taking 

c. Volunteer Milt Murset constructed wooden horses for display 
of period saddles in the case adjacent to the Tally Ho. 

d. The old tack room near the east entrance to the Barn, was trans- 
formed into a Stable Boy's Room (with bed, dresser, bath, etc.) 
when the saddles were put on permanent display near the Tally Ho. 


e. Projects s til 1 to be accomplished in the Barn include: 
repair of the torn velvet lining in the Tally Ho; repair 
of several pieces of farm equipment; restoration and more 
informative displays of blacksmith shop and farm implement 

3. Boa t h ouse ; The Baldwin boathouse was destroyed by vandals in 

1980 and has not yet been reconstructed. A "movie prop" 
deck currently obscures the boathouse landing and steps. 
It is recommended that the deck be removed as soon as possible 
for both historic authenticity and publ ic safety reasons . 

4. Wickiups : Only two of the original four wickiups remain and 

these two are in extremely poor condition. Unsightly cement 
"domes" should be removed from the wickiups and tule reeds 
used to patch the numerous exposed areas of metal framework . 
As they now stand, the wickiups are an embarassment to the 
Arboretum' s historical integrity. It is recommended that 
a long-term solution be the construction of two authentic 
shel ters (with willow pole frames and reed thatch) such as 
that constructed at the County Museum of Natural History. 

5 . Hugo Re id Ad obe: 

a. A viewing window in the sala (middle room), shattered by 
vandals in 1980, was replaced by a better quality plastic 

and by a stronger frame. Public viewing of the Adobe interior 
would be greatly enhanced f t <> I i ten window and frame 
were similarly replaced. 

b. Minor roof leaks continue throughout the Adobe during rainy 
seasons. New roofing will soon be necessary. 

c . The rain-damaged secretary in the sala needs to be stripped 
and re-varnished. A glass door, broken by vandals, needs 
replacement . 

d. In the courtyard, the iron door to the oven, removed by vandals, 
still has not been re-attached by County masons. 

e. It is recommended that an engineering report be solicited 
regarding the structural soundness of the Adobe. Major cracks 
in walls, door frames, and foundation continue to appear. In 
several places , the cement- lined floor is caving in. 

6. Santa Anita Depot: 

a. The exterior wood of the Depot was painted by Los Angeles County 
Mechanical Dept. this past fiscal year, 

b. Roof shingles were patched this past rainy season, but holes 
are again visible above the Baggage Room. 

c. Interior surfaces will need re-painting in the near future. 
It has now been 12 years since the original, painting. 

d. A steady drip from the bathroom plumbing is decaying the outside 
brickwork near the Depot back door. 

e. The outdoor waiting bench has deteriorated to such an extent that 
the Arboretum Shop says it is not repairable, A replacement bench 
is needed. 

f . Volunteer Milt Murset constructed shelving in the kitchen closet. 
Milt also installed weather stripping along the Baggage Room 
doors in an effort to cut down on the dirt blown off the hillside. 

Special activities : 

1. Field Leader Training: A six-week session in California History 

was conducted for 18-20 prospective History and Nature field 
leaders from late September through mid-November . Of this group , 
ten new History leaders were added to the rolls, 

2. Queen Anne Frolic, September 18, 1981: As usual, History volunteers 

gave the Cottage a thorough cleaning in preparation for the Frolic. 
History docents and other volunteers offered guided tours through 
the Cottage (for groups of 10-15 guests ) from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. , 
while the Assoc. Curator conducted special guided tours for tables 
of Arboretum Benefactors. In addition, a special display of photo- 
graphs of movie locations using the Arboretum, from 1937 to 1980, 
was presented in the Coach Barn. 

3. Benefactors Dinner, June 1982: The Historical Section provided 

hostesses dressed in period clothing from the Arboretum collection 
during the cocktail hour in the Coach Barn. The Barn loft area 
was opened for benefactors to view special displays and to look 
at the underpinnings of the new roof they would be funding. 

4. Lecture/slide talks : The Assoc. Curator spoke to the Monrovia Historic 

Houses group July 30, 1981 on the Baldwin Ranch and to Las Vol untarias 
November 9, 1981 on Mt. Lowe . 

5. A list of items on loan to the Historical Section was compiled and 
registered letters were sent to al 1 owners of loaned items asking 
that they either donate the items outright or make arnangements 
for retrieval of the articles. This move was necessitated by 
questions of Arboretum responsibil. ity for articles not actual ly 
owned by the facility. 0 the letters sent, 3 replied, 2 were 
returned marked "deceased , " and one went unanswered. Of the 3 
replies, only Patricia Warren retrieved her items. Anne Puree! 1 
and Dextra Hopper both asked that their items be held for retrieval , 
but neither has followed through as yet on arrangements to pick up 
their articles. 

6 . American Protection Industries burglar alarm system was al lowed 
to lapse (monthly service bills not paid ) in July, 1 9 8 1 , because 
of poor service and 1 ack of response to requests for improvement . 
The historical buildings have been without burglar alarm protection 
for a year now, but attempts are being made to either instal 1 our 
own system or contract with a local company for alarm protection. 

7 . An Historic Preservation Commi ttee of volunteers, headed by Marilyn 
Llewellyn, was established in January, 1982 with the purpose of 
providing ongoing cleaning and refurbishing service to the historic 
buildings. The committee meets once a month (third Monday) at a 
designated building to undertake spec i f i'c cleaning projects. 

To date , accornpl ishments include cleaning and oil ing saddles and 
tack in the Barn; cleaning Cottage stained glass, marble mantel s 
tiles and woodwork; dusting and vacuuming Depot. 

8. The book Arcadia: Where Ranch and City Meet, a photo history of 
the city of Arcadia from the days of the Baldwin Ranch to the 
present, was completed by the Assoc. Curator and Arcadia Library 
research 1 ibrarian, Pat McAdam, in November 1981 and distributed 

to purchasers . Several copies we r e secured for sale in the Arboretum 
gift shop. Many additional photographs were added to the. Historical 
Section files through this proj ect . 

2. Slide collection: We have now re-numbered and fully descirbed 

over 2 ,000 si ides in our collection and cataloging by subject 
has begun. Al 1 important si ides , especially those used in 
talks , are being duplicated as time and money permit, 

3. Anita Baldwin collection: Letters, clippings, documents, photos, 

etc. have been arranged by subject matter and a subject file 
is being developed. 

4. Historical magazine articles file: pertinent articles continue 

to be referenced by subject on index cards, though not as ex- 
tensively as in past years. 

5. Decorative arts file: information, descriptions, historical 

background of various antiques are being collected in a vertical 
file for reference use. 

6. Baldwin Ranch file: Extensive research notes are arcanged by 

topic (horses, winery, family tree, etc.) and stored in Hoi linger 
boxes in the Assoc. Curator ' s office. Notes in longhand are 
typed by volunteers and duplicated for inclusion in the file. 

7. Arboretum History file: The beginnings of a research and docu- 

mentation file on significant events in Arboretum history (1947- 
present ) came with the work on an Arboretum chronology this 
past fiscal year. It is hoped to expand this file with infor- 
mation from Garden magazine, publicity releases , etc. 

8. Historic clothing collection: Clothing has been more centrally 

located in metal closets in the south wing of the Coach Barn 
loft this past fiscal year. Clothing has been sorted by type 
and' period and work has been progressing on matching existing 
accession cards and descriptions with items on hand. A separate 
accessioning system for clothing (in addition to the regular 

' ing) is being set u, '"•>- > r ease in infor- 

mation retrieval . 

9. Accessioning of artifacts: Each of the historic buildings has 

been inventoried to ascertain which artifacts remain of those 
represented on accession cards of past years. Missing items 
are being reconciled with missing cards as all donations are 
checked against master accession books . 

10. Rotunda displays: Every 2 months, or as requested by the Education 

Dept. , an historic display is put in the north Rotunda case . 
Displays this past fiscal year have included an Arboretum chronology, 
Santa Anita Depot historical time line, and 2 separate displays 
of photographs of Arboretum movie locations. 

11. Public information: Various requests for historical information 

are regularly answers 1 via mail and/or telephone. 

12. Building maintainence : The historical buildings are inspected 
by the Assoc. Curator twice a month or as needed. Problems are 
noted and forwarded to the Superintendent for appropriate action. 
Light bulbs are changed in the Queen Anne Cottage as needed by 

and Assoc . Curator (a groundsman is usually asked to do the ceil ing - 
level spot lights) .