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Full text of "Names of foreigners who took the oath of allegiance to the province and state of Pennsylvania, 1727-1775, with the foreign arrivals, 1786-1808"

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With the Foreign Arrivals, 178(5-1808. 








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The following list of foreigners who took the oath of allegi- 
ance to the ciown of (ireat Britain and the Province of Penn- 
f^ylvania, from the year 1737 to 1770, with those to the State 
fi-oni the close of the Revolution, have been in part printed. 
The originals in the possession of the Commonwealth having 
been badly mutilated by searchers for untold fortunes, it has 
been deemed advisable to publish the entire record under the 
authority of the State and the lists have been carefully com- 
pared and collated. To make the same of permanent value a 
complete index of surnames is given. In some few cases, the Z 
entire list of ship s passengers is preserved with the ages of all. -^ 

Orginally these were furnished the proper authorities, but un- 
fortunately one by one they have been abstracted. 

Owing to the large influx of foreginers, especially German and 
Swiss, it was deemed advisable to compel all to take the oath of 
% * ailegance, which was at the first as follows : 

I, A B, do solemnly & sincerly promise & declare that I will be 
true & faithfull to King George the Second and do solemnly, 
sincerly and truly Profess Testifle and Declare, that I do from 
my Heart abhor, detest & renounce as impious & heretical that 
wicked Doctrine & Position that Princes Excommunicated or 
deprived by the Pope or any authority of the See of Rome may 
be deposed or raurthered by their subjects or any other what- 
■iJlate, State, or Potentate hath or ought to have any power, / 
soever. And I do d< clare that no foreign Prince, Person, Pre-'^ "^^ 
Jurisdiction, Superiority, Pre-eminence, or Authority Ecclesi- 
astical or Spiritual within the Realm of Great Britain or the 
Dominions thereunto belonging. 

-^ I. A. B. , do solemnly sincerly and truly acknowledge profess 
testify & declare that King George the Second is lawful & 
rightful King of the Realm of Great Britain & of all others his 
Dominions «fc Countries thereunto belonging, and I do solemnly 
& sincerly declare that I do believe the Person pretending to be 
Prince of Wales during the Life of the late King James, & 
since his Decease pretending to be taken upon himself the Stile 
and Title of King of England by the Name of James the Third, 
or of Scotland by the Name of James the Eighth or the Stile 
and title of King of Great Britain hath not any right or title 
whatsoever to the Crown of the Realm of Great Britain, nor any 





otlier the Dominions thereunto belonging. And I do renounce 
iV refuse any Allegiance orobedience to him cV do solemnl\ 
promise, that I will i>e true and faithful, & bear true Allegi- 
ance to King George the Second & to him will be faithful! 
against all traitorous Conspiracies i attempts whatsoever 
which shall be made against his Person, Crown 6^ Dignity, & I 
will doe my best Endeavours to disclose k make known 
to King G-eorge the Second & Ids Successors all Treasons and 
traiterous Conspiracies which I shall know to be made against 
him or any of them. And 1 will be true and faithfull to the 
succession of the Crown against him the said James in all other 
Persons whatsoever as the same is & stands settled by An Act 
Entitled An Act declaring the Rights & Liberties of the Sul)- 
ject, & settling the Succession of the Crown to the late Queen 
Anne & the Heirs of her Body being Protestants, and as th^e 
same by one other Act Entitled An Act for the further Limita- 
tion of the Crown & better securing the Rights & Liberties 
of the Subject is & stands Settled & Entailed after the De- 
cease of the said late Queen, & for Default of Issue of the said 
late Queen to the late Princess Sophia Electoress & Duchess 
Dowager at Hanover the Heirs of Her Body being Protestants 
and all these things I do plainly & sincerly acknowledge prom- 
ise & declare, according to these express words by me spoken, 
&. according to the plain & common sense and understanding of 
the same .Words, without any Equivocation, mental Evasion 
or Secret Reservation whatsoever. And I do make this Recog- 
nition, Acknowledgement, Renunciation & Promise heartily 
willingly and truly. 

All males over sixteen years of age were obliged to take this 
oath and declaration, as soon after their arrival as possible- 
being marched to the Court House, although in a number of 
instances they were qualified at the official residence of the 









A List of yk Palatine Passengers Imported in yk Ship 
William AND Sarah, Will'm Hill,Mast'r, from R<itter- 
DAM. Phlid'a yk 18 Skpt'bre, 1737. 


Hans Jerrick Swaess, 

Benedice Strome, 

Hans Jerrick Shooiuaker, 

Hans Martain Shoomak', 

Hans Mich'^ Pagman, 

Johan Ilabaraker, 

Hieronimus Milder, 

Henericus Bell, 

Hans Seri Seigler, 

Hans Mich'« Siell, 

Jacob Josi, a 

Daniel Levan, 

Andr" Siiumernian, 

Hans Jerrick Wigler, 

Johan Wester, 

Hans Adam Milder, 

Henrick Mayer, 
, Jacob Gens, 
^ Sebastian Vink, 

Jacob Swicker, 

Hans Bernard Wolf, 

Ann Fioren, 

Hans Jacob Ekinan, 

Hendrick Wittier, 

Jacob Panse. 

Hans Jerrick Wolf. 

Hans Jerrick Bowman, — 
VHans Jerig Anspag, 

Christe' Milder, 

Patrick Sprigler. 

•Toh Tol)' Serveas, 

Johannes Eckman, 
\ Christo' Laybengyger, 

Andrew Haltspan, 

Hans Mart" lierisbeyn, 
Jan Hend" Scaub, 
Abraham Beni, 
Fredrick Heiligas, 
Sebastian Creek, 
Alex. Diebenderf, 
Johan Will"' May, 
Caspar Springier, 
Michael Peitley, 
.Ino. Barne Lerinstey, 
Johannes Jlon, 
Hans Mch''^ Weider, 
Leonard Seltenrick, 
Will"' Turgens, 
Anspel Anspay, 
Adam Henrick, 
Ulrich Sieere, 
Junicufe Meyer, 
Hans Jor? Gleryelf, 
Steren Fredrick, 
Philip Feruser, 
Hans Filkcysinger, 
Hans Jerrick Hoy, 
And* Saltsgerrer, 
Jacob Milder, 
Johannis Stromf, 
Philip Swyger, 
Elias Meyer, 
Martin Prill, 
Peter Leyts, 
Johanes Hend*' Gyger, 
Johanes Berret, 
JacoV) Swartz. 


Hans Jorrick Schaub, 
Christian Snyder, 
Johanes Karteleme, 
Johanes Tiebenderf, 
Joseph Aelbragt. 
Jacob Meyer, 
Johanes Bait, 
Christopher Waher, 
Hans Adam Stoll, ^ 
Hans Martin Wilder, 
Hans Jerifj Arldnold, 
Hans Jerig Reter, 
Hendrick Gonger, 
Hans Jerig Roedebas, 
Christopher Wittmer, 
Clement Eirn, 
Johanes Mich'* Peepell, 
Phillip Seigler, 
Rudolph Wilkes, 
Abraham Farn, 

Hans Mich' Pliauts, 
Bastiaen Smith, 
Tobias Frye, 
Jacob Mast, 
Nicholas Adams, 
Johanes Leyb, 
Conrad Miller, 
Ulrich Hertsell, 
Hans Jerick Cxuyger, 
Hans Jerig Viegle, 
Hans Jerig Cramen, 
Albert Swoap. 
Diederick Roede, 
Hans Adam Beinder, 
Hendrick Hartman, 
Philip Jacob Reylender, 
Ernest Roede, 
Phillip Roedeall, 
Hans Jerig Milder, 
Uldrick Staffon, 

A List of Forkioxers Imported in the Ship James Good- 
will, I). Crocket, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
Portsmouth. Qualified 8ep. 30, 1727. 

Michael Sigrist, 
Joseph Schurgh, 
Jurgen Miller, 
Hans Longeneker, 
Raynard Yung, ' 
Wm. Wygart, 
Hans Michael Kunts, 
Ulrich Stoupher, 
Peter Zug, 
Abraham Abersolt, 
Adam Kiener, 
Hans Kiener, 
Christian Webber, 
Hans Michael Fiedler, 
Hendrick Wolfe, 
.Joseph Cla]>. 
Jurgh Clap, 
Christian Miller, 

Michael Tanner, 
Hans Haggy, 
Hans Leaman, 
Hendrick Aberlee, 
Jacob Wygart, 
Dewalt Leatherman, 
Jung Michael Kunts, 
Ulrich Zug, 
Barthol Sigrist, 
Jacob Fritz, 
Wm. Kiener, 
Hans Toster, 
Margaret Heistern, 
Philip Schaberger, 
Jurgh Steiniger, 
John Adam Philple, 
Ludowigh Clap, 
Jurg Coch, 


Jacob Wacter, Seni', 
Christopher Kirchhofe, 
Jacob Gass, Sen% 
Frederich Gass, 
Joseph Miller, 
Jacob Arnet, 
Hans Hein, 
Michael Lybert, 
Jacob Gangwyer, 

Jacob Wacter. Jur 
Jacob Siegel, 
Jacob Gass, Jnii", 
John Miller, 
Hans Miller,- — 
Paul Hein, 
Bastian Merree, 
Jurgh Zeugh, 
Hendrich Schultz. 

List OF the Foreigners Imported in the Ship Molley^ 
John Hodgkson, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
Deal. Qualified Sept. 30, 1727. 

Hans Erick Oner, 

Hanse Stuber, 
Michael Spowner, 
Hans Erick Herriger, 
Hans Ouer Parrent, 
Hans Adam Soulder, 
Johannes Snider, 
Porchas Hoffman, 
Johannas Crouse, 
Michale Sabastin, 
Agusten Weder, 
Hans Teyger, 
Henrick Penhort, 
Hans Erick "^etner, 
Stephannas Raper, 
Samuel Bare, 

Hans Erick Shillingburg, 

Henerick Hoffman, 

Ober Ulrick Shilenbergen, 
.Christane Walltone, 
^Hans Yow. 

Hans Erick Crable, 

Michel 1 Crable, 

Fellone Younge, 

Hans ('ooble, 

Hans Funck, 

Petter Good, 

Jacob Horrester 

JacoV) Houer, 

Frances Stoupe, 
Hans Jacob Bender, 
Hans Erick Keell, 
Luterich Vetterey, 
Luterich Peetter, 
Hans Michael Smith, 
Andres Elick, 

Felix Good, 

Weyan Teale, 

Hans Ubruk Shaneaker, 

Hans Leonard Hoffman, 

Marten Hofner, 

Henrick Fults, 

Merix Foux, 

Erick Lntwick Zell, 

Hans Rinch, 

David Marten, 

Jost Moser, 

Michell Schenck, 

Hans Moser, 

Jacob Shir, 

Henerick Meyer, 

Samuel Ouer Houlster, 

Jacob Roust, 

Jacob Baer, 

Michell Frances, 

Christane Soldernian, 

Samuell Gootl. 
RoduU' Landish, 



David Martin, 
Christian Moser, 
Rodulf Baine, 
Jacob Wanner, 
Christane Willand, 
Martine Kearsteuter, 
Johannas Pealer, 

Martine Kindege, 

Orick Leep, 

James Miller, 

Johannas Matther Eyger, 

Hans Miller, 

Hans Erick Feilter. 

Hans Mickell, 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Adventurer, 
Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 

John Davies, 
Oct. 2, 1727. 

Mich' Miller, 
Jasper Min^jale, 
Johannas Layman, 
Christo Miller, 
Tagus Lymone, 
Johannas Ulrich, 
Peter Shilling, 
Mathias Risling, 
Peter Rule. 
Mich' Kern, 
Christo Exell, 
Frans Basser Frans, 
Peter Wiser, 
Nich° Coin, 
Adam Pisker, 
Falser Ijyme, 
Jacob Hoofman, 
Ulrich Riser, 
Leonard Rodermill, 
Hendrick Horlogh, 
Alexd' Fritley, 
Christian Frier, 
Hans Peter Has, 
Jacb Fillery, 
Christo Ulrick, 
Evan Fosterhave, 
Joanes Yirk Heriger, 
Anna Barbara Fiseling, 

Ulrick Pitcha, 
Jon. Radleer, 
Jasper Neys, 
Jacob Sydie, 
Mich' Ykar, 
Hans Adam Oser, 
Jacob Meyer, 
Jacob Powman, 
Jacob Smith. 
John Scyham. 
Derrick Romshower, 
Joanes Cortes. 
Jn° Sower, 
Hans Martater, 
Joost Coope, 
Jacob VVellhelmey, 
Jacob Fisher. 
Katherine Rowland, 
Carolo Horlogh, 
Jacob Riser, 
Peter Boorlinger, 
Benetick Null, 
Scipilo Hoffmaning, 
Hans Holdeman, 
Hans Hisly, 
Christian Piger, 
Henerv Smith, 



List of Passengers Imported in the Ship Friendship of 
Bristol, john Daviks, Master, from Rotterdam. guAia- 
FiED Oct. itJ, 1727. 


Peter Hagmau, 

Johannes Leniser, 

Aiiaui Liebhart, 

Hans Russ, 

rsichoias Piee, 
, Peter Picksler, 

Jeraniia Miller, 

Matheis Schweitzer, 

Johan Vincens Mayer, 

Johannes Forrer, 

H enrich Lahr, 

Nicalus Bucher, 

Peter Melde, 

Philip Reemer, 

Johann (reorg Hoffmann, 

Henrich Strickler, ^^^ 

Christian Kriebiel, ^ 

Heinrich Schnable, 

Abraham Schwartz, 

Jacob Heistand, 
Martin Shallner, 
Valentin Kratz, 
Michel Eberhart, 
Christian Mayer, 
Hans Jerig Lehman. 
Johann (ieorg MuUer, 
Jacob Sneppeley, 
Johannes Kassel, 
Peter Ledman, 
Peter Possel, 
I^icklas Grossman, -^ 
Peter Eberhardt, 
Johannes Schonholtzer, 
Andreas Schwartz, 
.lohannes Hiestand, 
Albrecht Bauman, . 
Michel Miller. 
Johann Philip AViess, 

[ The oriffinal 

Peter Hackman, 
Andrew Urmi, 
Andrew Roarts. 
Henry Strickler, 
Jacob Histant, 
Abr"' Swarts, 
J n" Tegley. 
Jacob Snyder, 
Hans Reser. 
Jerimiah Lowman. 
Nicholas Chasrood, 
Ulrick Seheren, 
Henry Leer, 
Adam Lepert. 
Jn" C)verholsor, 
Albert Bowman..^ 
Nicholas Bogert, 
Hans Jeri Hatman. 
Mathew Switer, 

list IS herewith piven.] 
J no. Forrer. 
Michal Eberam, 
Joseph Eberam, 
Jacob Trycler, 
J no. Histant, 
Christian Mayer, * 
Peter Pinkslear,- 
Peter Hansberger, 
^/ Peter Leman, 
Christian Crybile. 
Henry Croo,' 
Martin Scheleren, 
Jn" Crybile, 
Hi 11 is Castle. 
Aljraham Miller, 
Hans Jeri Miller, 
Mathias Andres, 
Nicholas Chresman, 
Peter Welde, 



Jacob Snepply, 
Peter Folock, 
Phillip Bead. 
Henry Sneppley, 
Henry Schenholt, 
Johannes Castle, 
Falkert Adest, 

Phillip Bemer, 
Christian Fide, 
Chalatine (irak, 
Vincent Mayer, 
Uldrick Leemer, 
Peter Fenninia, 
Lodowick Bente, 

List OF Foreigners Imported in the Ship Mortonhouse, 
John Coultas, Master, from Deal. Qualified Aug. 24, 


George Bechtell, 
Johannes Bar, 
Andres Ente, 
Johannes Roth, 
Frederick Lider, 
Valentin Schurch, 
Jacob Jost, 
Vnicent Stoufer, 
Frans Latshow. 
Johann Dietrich Hengst, 
Christ Nassnianger, 
Johannes Bolla. 
Bernerd Henssel, 
Michael Gaisel, 
Johan Georg Doderer, 
John Jacob Hoch, 
Johan Christoph Meug, 
Johannes Huber. 
Johan Stock, 
Johan .Johannes, 
Abraham Wolff. 
Derick Oordt, 
Jacob Brulasher, 
Hans Fritz, 
Jacob Missel, 
Rudolph Hessier, 
Jacoli Koger, 
Jonas Kohleer, 
Jacob Brunner, 
ris. Schurch, 
Hans Wolf Dielinger. 

Philip Noldt. 
Baltas Gerringer, 
Steph. Haltsbuller, 
Jacob Storm, 
Johannes Dismer, 
Johan Scharch, 
Peter Denckelberg. 
Johannis Christ, - 
Henrich Willi. Dielinger, 
Peter Mittelkauff, 
Hans Weldgrau, 
Jacob Handschut, 
Hans Michel Detmer, 
Johannes Weygandt, 
Johan Georg Roth, 
Johann Michael Rand, 
ChristofTel Bencker, 
Michael Kohler. 
Johann Rorr, 
Phili}) Engert, 
Hans Erdt. 
Valtin Kuhle, 
Johannes Bar, 
Hans Kauff, 
Hans Philip, 
Conrad Rohr, 
Martin Schaub, 
Johan Kerr, 
Georg Schmidt, 
John Henry Ron, 
Johannes Morgenstern, 



Henrich Eschelmann, 
Johannes Kitsiniller, 
Kasper Heisdruker, 
Martin Wagbuhler, 
Johannes Naycoinmet, 
Hans Leonard Miller, 
Frederick Denckelberg, 
Gottfried Henke, 
Christopher Sullenger, 

Joliannes Lagerhalni, 
Johaii Jost Schmidt, 
Johannes Franckhauser, 
Hans Martin Miller, 
De.'ins Dunckelberg, 
Johan Peter Molich, 
Johan Albrecht Kohler, 
Hans Jacob Miller. 

[ The original 
Dirck Begtall, 
Philip Snolt, 
Peter Middelcalf, 
Abraham Wolf, 
Valten Kenler, 
Hans Taits, 
Johan Herer, 
Mich' Keiler. 
Johannes Bair, 
Hans Benlie, 
Jacob Heytshoe, 
Welhelm Dillinger, 
Baltes Gering, 
Andries Evie, 
Bernerd Hensell, 
Michiel Seybells, 
Johannes Morgenstern. 
Stephen Haltsbielder, 
Johannes Boot, 
Christopher Sullenger, 
Hans Dirk ])oddere, 
Hans Martin Miller, 
Hans Leondert Miller, 
Dirk Pordt, 
Hans Dirk Haak, 
Jonas Keeler, 
Marten Shoup, 
Jacob Brunner, 
Pieter Socts, 
Frederick Leder, 
Joh:in Edesniau, 
Uldrick Shark, 
Johan Shnrk, 

lint is herewith ffiven.] 
Johannes Roar, 
Jacob Brulasher, 
Xtpohel Benker, 
Xtophel Meng, 
Hans Meyer, 
Xtian Newswanger, 
Velde Glae, 
Johannes Wehlslen, 
Frans Latshow, 
Jacob Wit sell, 
Johannes Coopman. 
Hans Wolf Dillinger, 
Roidolp Heller, 
Hend" Raan, 
Hend'' Whelinan, 
Johannes Tracktehengst, 
Johannes Frankhuyser, 
Philip Ergert, 
Johannes Naycoinmet, 
Jacob Kegenhower, 
Johannes KeTsiniller. 
Hans Jacob Miller, 
Coenraad Keer, 
Jacob Hoogh, 
Hans Dirk Root, 
Mich' Detemer, 
Jacob Storm, 
Mich'. Ranck, 
John Lagerom. 
Casper Heytiering, 
Johaii Stock. 
Uldrick Shark. 
Dirk Smith, 



Jacob Joost, 
Clements Tonkelberg, 
Frederick Tonkelberg, 
Johan Peiter Melch, 
Mich' Honest, 
Johannes (Christ, 
Marten Vogelhove, 

Clements Tonkelberg, 
Peiter Tonkelberg, 
Johan Joost Smit, 
Vincent Stowfer, 
Godfrey Henk, 
Johan Elbreat Keeler, 
Johan Matthvs Peiter. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Albany, Laza- 
rus OxMAN, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 

4, 1728. 

Simon Scholer, 

Jacob Weiss, 

Lorentz Belitz, 

Conrad Dubois, 

Hans Georg Motz, 

Hans Miller, 

Andrew Ablin, 

Martin Kalb, 

Frid Christf. von Steysplatz, 

Heinrich Stellfeldt, 

Hans Jacob Donbach. 

Johannes Shonfeldt, 

Philip Thoman, 

Alexander Zarthmann, 

Hans Jeriek Rieger, 

Casper Riedt. 

Matheis Kapling, 

Casper Hoth, 

Michel Keim, 

Georg Gertner, 

Johan Carl Keil, 

Jan Blomen, 

Georg Frid V. Berbisdorff, 

Johann Philip Glasser, 

Friederich Eichelberger, 

Georg Wendel Biehel, 

Johan Daniel Bengel, 

Hans Jacob Biehel, 

Hans Georg Buch. 

Jerig Fred. Bergenstott. 

[ The original 
Mr. Striskem, 
Danniel Bengel, 
Philip Shoraan, 
Hans Adam Mire, 
Henry Stelfelt, 
Friderich Egelberger, 
Jacob Danbach. 
Hans Jeriek Beigel, 
Kasper Keshit, 
Jacob Weis, 
•Terik Booy, 
Jerik Gertner, 
Hans Miller, 

list is herewith given.'\ 
Mr. Chaplin, 
Simon Shaller, 
Philip Glaser, 
La ranee Belits, 
Casper Oot, 
Conradt Teboy, 
Jacob Beigel, 
Michel Keim, 
Elexander Zaartman, 
Joannes Schenefelt, 
Jerik Moots, 
Andrew Ablen, 
John Bloom, 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship James Good- 
will, David Crocket, Master, from Rotterdam. Qual- 
FiED Sep. 11, 1728. 


Ullerig Engelar, 
George Graff, 
Michael Hest, 
Matthias Firrumsler, 
.lohannes Gurts, 
Isaac Crison, 
Thomas Koppenheffer, 
Martin Balk, 
-^ Martin Moeser, 
Frederik ShoU, 

Mich' Korr, 

Loerens Durr, 

Bartel Eberle, 

Hans Adam Moesser, 

Jacob K-ims, 

Johan Casper Staffer, Sen', 
-Jacob MekeUng, ' " 

Hans George Seyler, 

Hans Jeery Bants, 
--^Hans Jacob Slauir, 
./ Hans George Mettler, 

Andries Krafft, 
Jan Seend. Holstender, 
Jacob Fucks, 
Egidius Grim, 
Johan Seend. Keller, 
Jacob Herman, 
Christoff Graaff, 
Hans Mich' Ruiter, 
Henderick Phihp Seller, 
Jacob Beyer, 
Adam Engeler, 
Sebastian Durr, 

Sebastian Eberle, 

George Shoemaker, 

Leond' Hicker, 

Johan Casper Staffer, Jun' 
-Teobald Mekeling, 

Jacob Sint, 

Andries Stickeler, 

Johannes Ruspag, 

Adam Summer. 

List of Passengers Imported in the Ship Mortonhouse, 

AUG. 19, 1729. 

Michael Borst, 

Dielmau Kolb, 
Carl Ernst Musselbach, 
Konradt Worntz, 
Heinrich Pubs, 
Christ. Brown. 
Jacob Obere, 
Conrad Kelner, 
Simon Rohl, 
George Threhr, 
Casper "norst, 
Nicholas Peffel. 

Johan Philip Rank, 
H enrich Schlengebuss, 
Heinrich Blimm, 
Andres Meys. 
Ulrich Kroll, 
Michel Walder, 
Baltzar Rohr, 
Hans MuUer, 
Jouannes Hoch. 
TJltimer Schnebler, 



Christ. KroU, 
Peter Wecher, 
Johannes Reif, 
Nicholas Carver, 
Johannes Ord, 
Richd. Fetter, 
Peter Weger, 
Jacob Seltser, 
Andrew Bastian, 
Uh-ic Roth, 
Moret Greet er, 
Johan Niclas Printschler, 
Valentine Jung, 
Johan Stephan Rinimer, 
, Abraham Kensinger, 
Hans Jacob Rudles, 
Gerhardt MuUer, 
Jacob Bowman, 
David Montandon, 
Christoph Schambach, 
Reynard Haider, 
Frederich Marsteller, 
Johann Mittel, 
Henry Daniel Back, 
Christian Longmaire, 
Philip Jacob Back, 
Jacob Reif, 

Jacob Krebiel, | ,- 

Adam Orth, 

Michel Weber, 

Valtiu Reiser, 

Wendeel Wyant, 

Jacob Reyer, 

Friderich Marsh, 

Rudolph Moor, 

Jacob Fetter, 

Hans Ulrich Frei, 

John Daniel VVorley, 

Hans Michel Heides, 

Jacob Eschelmann, y^ 

Hans Michel Frohlich, 

Hans Ulrich Hecker, 

Heinrich Gurtner, 

Johannes MuUer, 

George Adam Weddel, 

Henrich Killhauer, 

Christ. Bumgarner, ^ 

Johann Peter Moll, \ 
-Adam Bastian, 
Johann Georg Grossman, 
Georg Grossman, 
Martin Alstadt, 
Hendrick Sneevele, 
Jacob Sellers. 

\The original 
Dirick Truer, 
John Philip Rank, 
Jno. Miller, 
Eliz*. Erynstein, , 
Katherine Werness, 
I^ilman Colb, 
Michael Urelick, 
Mich' Boarst, 
Rudolph Moore, 
Uldery Roat, 
Nick' "Peffel, 
Hendrick Doabs, 
Hendrick Plim, 
Alee Ubera, 
John Furra, 

list is herewith given.'\ 
Juliana Truer, 
Anna Barbara Rank, 
Marg'' Miller. 
Connard Werness, 
Casper Dorest, 
Judith Colb. 
Anna Maria Urelick, 
John Haake, 
Hans .Jacob Roatslie, 
Suey Roat, 
Barbar Peflfel, 
Ultiner Snebler, 
Hance Hendrich Ubera, 
Christopher Brown, 
Jn« Christ" Croll, 



Mary Cunningham, 
Sarah Warner, 
Ehz». Miller, 
Andrew Mayes, x^ 
Katharine Hyder, 
Peter Weegar, 
Anna Christian Sligloff, 
Hendrick Soot era, 
Christopher Fry, 
Jacob Bowman, 
BetsHa Bowman, 
Apalone Sneeveler, 
John Miller, 
Anna Mary Over, 
Jacob Rooit, 
Valentine Fikus, 
Freenick Reeif, 

Katherine Rice, 

Dirick Adam Weedle, 

Adam Shamback, 
Coonrod Killinor, 

Moret Creator, 

Eliz* Keyser, 

Rich'' Fetter, 

Philip Jacob Back, 

Mich. Wever, 

Wendel Wyant. 
.Adam Bastian. 

Anna Judith Alstadt, 

Hanna Barbary Walder, 

Simon Reel, 

Jacob Seller jun'r. 

Jacob Eshelman, 

Agnis Keyser. 
—-Anna Barbara Kensinger, 

Rich. Haider, 

Katherine Ramerin, 

Ursley Bumgarner, 

Johannes Orde, 

Johannes Pirick Gfreesman, 

Christian Longinacre, 

Marya (rreesraan, 

Anna Barbary Longinacro. 

Anna Margaret t Mooselback. 

Ells* Shamback, ' 

3-VoL. XVII. 

Hendrich Warner, 
(rerrard Miller, 
Anna Maria Massin, 
Hance Mich' Hyder, 
Jacob Creeple, 
Hendrick Sligloff, 
Apalis Sligloff, 
Hance Uldrick Fry, 
Medelin Reymene, 
Anna Bowman, 
Anna Bowman, Jun% 
Jn" Casper Inkleree, 
Jacob Over, 
David Mantandon, 
Ju". Dan. Worley, 
J no. Adam Moor, 

John Rice, 

John Steven Regensberger, 

Ulderick CroU, 

Anna Dorothy Shamback, 

Johannes Binklee, 
Jacob Keyser. 

Jacob Fetter. 

Anna Margarett Fetter. 

George Dan. Back, 

Phillis Wever, 

Andrew Bastian, 

Martin Alstadt, 

Rudoph Walder. 

Hendrick Killhaver, 

Eliz» Seller. 

Nicholas Carver, 

Welder Keyser, 

Abraham Kensinger, ^' 

Frenee Kensenger.i-' 

Baltzar Roer. 

Christopher Bumgarner, 

Anna Marya Abarant, 

Johanna Beagleson. 

Frederick Marsh, 

Dirick Greesman, 

Corrole Arant Moo.'ielback, 
Mary Eliz* Mooselback, 

Peter Moll.>"» 

Johannes Middle. 



List of Foreignkrs Imported in the Ship Allen, James 
Craigik, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 15, 

Johannes Mack, 
Hans Gunde, 
Hibert Bender, 
Jacob Bossert, 
Jacob Kalckloser, 
Johan H enrich Kalckloser, 
Johan Christ. Krolf, 
Hans Jacob Kiebel, 
, Johann Martin Kress, 
/ Johannes Perger, 
Matheis Schneider, 
(leorg Dieter, 
Daniel Cropp, 
^ Velten Becker^ 
Ulrich Ellen, 
Jacob Schneider, 
Paul Liskes, 
Conrad Kolb, 
Saml. Galler, 
Jerrich Hubert. 
Jacob Cropp, 
Georg Vetter. 
Hans Georg Klauser, 
Johannes Fluckiger, 
Johannes Peter Koster, 
Hans Casper Kolb, 
Leonhart Anrweg, 
Valentine Gerhart Hirschle, 
Christian Kitzentander, 

Velten Mack. 
Andres Bony. / 

Peter Lesle, 
Alexander Mack, -i. 
Wilhelmus Knepper, 
Christophel Kalckloser, 
Hans Schlachter, 
Rinehart Hainner, 
Johannes Wintersee, 
Andres Krop, 
Mathias Ulland, 
Alexander Diehl, <- 
John Hissle. 
Christian Matler, 
Jacob Weiss, 
Jacob Lesle, 
Johannes Kipping, 
Alexander Mack, <f 
Joseph Brunner, 
Feltin Rofer, 
Joh. Jacob Knecht. 
Philip Mich. Durster, 
Christian Schneider, 
Christian Kropf, 
Hans Georg Koch, 
Jno. Jacob Hopbach, 
Johannes Wichtman, 
Henrich Peter Mitteldorff, 
Heinrich Holtzstein. 

[ The oriffinal 
Mischander Mack, 
Feltes Mack, 

John Heindrick Kalklieser, 
Emanuell Kalklieser, 
William Knipper, 
Peter Lisley, 
JacoV) Popart, 
Christian Snyder, 
Johannes Flickinger, 
Jacob Lisley, 

list is herewith ffiven.'] 
Johannes Mack, 
Alixander Mack, Jun. , 
•Tacob Kalklieser, 
Andrus Ponne. 
Hisbert Benter, 
Hance Contee, 
Jacob Wise, 
Jacob Snyder, 
Felte Beecher, 
Christopher Matten, 



Paul Lipekipp, 
Christian Cropp, 
Jacob Cropp, 
Hance Slaughter, 
Johannis Kipping, 
John Micliael Amwigh, 
John Jacob Kissle, 
Rinehart Hammer, 

Conrat I Her, 
John Martin Crist, 
' Johannis Mclnterleer, 

Linhart xVmwigh, 

Joseph Prunder, 

Mathias Ulland, 

Johannes Perger, 

Phillip Michael Fiersler, 

Hance Jorick Klauser, 

Feltin Rafer, 

John Jacob Knight. 

Henderick Peter Middledorf, 

ISIicholas Bayly, 

Jacob Possart, 
Johannes Possart, 
John Hendrick Prunder, 
Christian Hoffart, 


Anna Barbara Kessell, 
Susan Hammer, 
Margaret I Her, 
Maria lUer. 
^nna Catiina Crist, 
/ Phronik Mickinturfer, 
Magdelina Amwigh, 
Caterina Lisbet Prunder, 
Catrina Ulland, 
Anna Margaret Hoffart, Jun 
Maria Phillis Whitman, 
Susanah Catrina Hissle, 
Maria Magdelina Campbin, 
Agnis Kalklieser, 
Ferina Knipper, 
Caterina Benter, 
Maryles I^isley, 
Marilis Possart, 
Stinkee Becker, 

Christopher Halklieser, 
Andries Cropp, 
Christian Cropp, Jun., 
Johannis Pettickhover, 
Hance Erick Cogh, 
Hance Urick Kissle, 
Ulderick Eley, 
Samuell Graller, 
Hanee Gasper Kulp, 
John Jacob Hophack, 

Christian Kitsinlander, 

Mathias Snyder, 

Johannes Prunder, 

Jorick Hoffart, 

Johannes Weightman, 

Valentine Perhavt Hisle, 

Hendrick Holsteine, 

Jorick Fetter, 

Alixander Till, 

Mathe-^v Bradford, 

David Lisley, 

Daniell Cropp. 

Christopher Gotlip Matter, 

Johannes Ulland, 
James Craigie. 

Christian! Margaret Kessell, 
Eve Tabach Elee, 
Dorothia Galler, 
Elizibeth IHer. 
Anna Phillis Kulp, 
Magdelina Hopback, 
Anna Barbara Kitsintander, 
Magdelin Snyder. 
Anna Maria Latrine, 
. , Anna Margaret Hoffart, 
Anna Ursella Perger, 
Maria Catrina Fiersler, 
Anna Maria Klauser. 
Anna Maria Barbara Rafer, 
Joanna Margaret Ponne. 
Anna Margareta Mack, 
Anna Caterina Lisley, 
Susanah Possart, 
Susanah Snyder, "~ 



Maria Agnis Matten, 
Maria Kalklieser, 
Phillipiua Mackiu 
Caterina Slaughter, 
Macta Lina Pettickhofer, 
Auna Kipping, 
Anna Catrina Cogh, 
Magdelina Ackhorden, 
Eve Possart, 
Caterina Iller, 

Elizabeth Lisley. 

Christina Lipkipp, 

Anna Marg' Mackin, 

Rosina Cropp, 

Anna Lisbet Pettickhofer, 

Ketruid Pettickhofer, 

Sivilla Kipping, 

Anna Maria Ackhorden, 

Christina Lisley, 

Johanna Kipping, 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Thistle of 
Glasgow, Calvix Dunlap, Master, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified Aug. 29, 1730. 

Loudwick Has, 
Hans Jacob Teil, 
Christopher Bader, 
Leonard Grass, 
Pete Grisimer, 
Casper Feman. 
Rudolph I>raugh, 
Willem Heim, 
Johan Hendrick Smith, 
Cristoph Angubrant, 
Michel Thomas Seek, 
Mathias Thais, 
Irik Reimer, 
Jacob Nagoll, 
Geo. Sumger. 
Philip Groscost, 
Paulas Fitenhaver, 
Justice Sherer, 
George Hofman, 
Philip Hants, 
Abraham Fransu, 
Thos. Hammon, 
Jacob Sterfell. 
Fredrick Peifer, 
Johannes Caplinger, 
Tilde Bydleman, 
Ijllias Bydleman, 

Bernard Sighmond. 
Johannes Dunkell, 
Peter Oler, 
Jerrimias Hess, 
Cristian Leman, 
Steven Remer, 
Johannes Hun, 
Loudwick Ditman, 
Gerard Zin, 
Hendrick Fortne, 
Hans Minigh, 
Peter Bis w anger, 
Nickell Fiser. 
Jan. Casper Smith, 
Ulrick Shever, 
Casper Bittner, 
Johannes Sherer, 
Nickel Kinser, 
Johannes Hofman, L-^ 
Laurence Hoft, 
Casper Hartman, 
Cristian Shram, 
Rudolph Andres. 
Leonard Caplinger, 
Wolfer Sperger, 

Tetrick Bydleman, 

Jacob Ammon, 



Ulrick Styner, 
Hendrick Hess, 
Hendrick Gutt. 
Peter Wavinger, 
Bernard Ren, 
Loud wick Hurtzell, 
Peter Tederolph, 
Peter Moller, 
Valantine Michel], 
Geo. Undertenerd, 
James Moree, 

Thos. Hess, 

Johau Ekel Luckenbill, 
Casper Criger. 
Loud wick Moler, 
Tetrick Cover, 
Geo. Hurtzell, 
lieonard Hoogenunk, 
Fedrick Lenkenberger, 
Cristoph Hendrick, 
Cristian Thomas. 
Hendrick Luckenbill, 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Alexander 
Ann, William Clymer, Master, from Rotterdam. Qual- 
ified Sept. 5, 1730. 

Anthony Miller, 

Adam Tillipott, 

Johan Fredrick Lauseness, 

Johan Adam A tier, 

Johan Peter Waller, 

Jacob Miller, 

Waldes Laughaer, 

Michael Bleper, 

Adam Shuler, 

David Suffoltz, 

Rudolph Mastersundt, 

Fredrick Meyer. 

Hans Ulrick Crinston, 

Hans Mussel Burger, 

Martin Burger, 

Johan Fredrick Waller, 

George Mich' Brinfuss, 

Leopold Hilhgas, 

Johannes Cleyker, 

Hans Jerick Ham. 

Johanes Woldman, 

Johan Sebastian Braft, 

Hans Bartel Heinberger, 

Daniel Cristmau, 
Hans Lensenns, 
Johannes Herler, 
Martin Muller, 
Frans Plum, 
Martin Creiner, 
Martin Yonger, 
Peter Tilman, 
Johannes Ditner, 
Michael Harkman, 
Conrad Yongman, 
Charles C. Kallar, 
Bernhard Myher, 
Jacob Myher. 
Hans Jacob Oberholts, 
Henrick Marte, 
Johan Philii) Curnert, 
Henrick Cleimer, 
Mathias Selker, 
Johan Nuol Brecker, 
Christian Princeland. 
Hans Michael Verdus, 
Johan Carl Hornberger, 


List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Joyce, Wil- 
liam Ford, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Nov. 
30, 1730. 

Christian Miller, Nicolas Swort, 

Daniel Swort, Hans Wichel, 

Joseph Dommi, John Baer, 

Leonhart Kolb, Henry Shever, 

Egram Hale, Johannes Cuntz, 

Marck Nitzen, A. G. Schultz, 

Johan Ludwig Heintz. Hans Jacob Baer, 

Friederich Elberscheidt, Johann Adam Hoff, 

Andreas Hoffmann, Hans Ulrich Mayer, 

Leonliardt Pfudere, Johan Michael Fischer, 

Henrich Kilian, Johannes Oberback, 
Zacharias Barth. 

[The original list is herewith given.] 
Names. Age. 

Christian Miller, 60 

Mickell Shever 50 

Hans Leonard Shever, 12 

Nicholas Swort, . 38 

Daniel Swort, 31 

Hans Whickel, 25 

Lodwick Whickel, 27 

Joseph Tom, 35 

John Bear, 40 

Hans .Tacob Bear 17 

A ndrew Miller, 13 

- jeonard Coale, 32 

Frederick Elversite, 24 

I: enry Shever ". 24 

Ei^ram Hale, 24 

Johannes Coones, 24 

Mjirk Minger, 24 

o ohn Hoaf 27 

Mfitthew Moyal, 13 

"• 1.1-eunce Moyal 13 

vdrew Hofman 22 

■'^erick Moyal, 27 

"^od ry, 22 

■'^isher BO 




Names. ""^ „, 

Hans Oberback, ^^^ 

Leek. Park ^'^ 

Godfrey Skoall ^j 

Christian Swort, ^^ 

Jacob Swort, y 

Jacob Swort, 

Hans Swort, j, 

Lewis Whickel, ^ 

Hendrick Bear, ^. 

Anna Maria She ver^ \^^^ 

Barbara Shever, ^'^^ 

Maudlin Shever, ^ 

Beves Swort • 2,3 

Margret Whickel, "^ 

Margret Whickel ^^ 

A nna Barbra Tom, 2 

Christiana Tom ^.^ 

A nna Maria Bear, ^^ 

Anna Margaret Miller, '^^ 

Anils Miller, ^^ 

Anna Barbra Miller, , 

Maria Barbra Bear, . 

A nna Coal, 2;-, 

Margret Elversite, 2^j 

Anna Margret Shever, ^^ 

Sophia Hale, 2r, 

Elizabeth Aplin, ^ 

Kathrine Shernock, „„ 

Barbra Moyal, • go 

Margret Holston, 2- 

Maria Barbra, 


Percy; MASTER, from Rotterdam. Qualified Aug. 1-. 


Job. Georg Kirschner, John Fisher. 

Conrad Eckert, Ludw.g Han, 

Johannes Metzger, iT \ S^' ' 

Conrad MoUer, Chnsto Rit er, 

Johannes Diterichs. Andreas Erlewvne, 

Johan Millburger, Hans Ritter 


Joh. Georg Koch, 
Johannes iSpengler, 
Hans Georg Pluger, 
Engelberd Schraidt, 
Casper Holtzhausen, 
Johann Jacob Kraass, 
Johann Henrich Hammel, 
Hans Georg Bender, 
Hans Georg Lohrman, 
Johann Christoph Bauer, 
I-udwig Sauerinilch, 
Hans Adam Warthman, 

Barent Tisen, 
Georg Balser Wentz, 
Johann Michael Gleim, 
Philipp Knopp, 
Johan Henrick Knopp, 
Johann Jacob Scheibe. 
Frederick Babenmeyer, 
Georg Sebald Madriger, 
Philip Freiderich Vogel, 
Johann Stuntz, 
George Henderich, 
Hans Georg Lohrman. 
Lodwvick Goodbrood. 

[The original 
George Crisner, 
Michiel Clime, 
Henr\ Knop, 
Casper HaulhauBen, 
lacob Groust, 

uan Heindrick Hermel, 
judewig Faun, 
Joest Wenst, 
Conrad MuUer, 
Christopher Ritter, 
George Sebald Madinger, 
Johannis Diderick, 
Phillip Vogel, 
Tohanis Milburger, 
_ jTidwick Heck, 
Liudwig Sourmilg, 
Johanis Phengler, 
Jc>han Gorge Kaugh, 
■Bfc,rent Tysen, 
(Iteorge Loreman, 

list is herewith given.] 
John Fisher, 
Engelberd Shroud, 
Phillip Knop, 
Conrad Kerdt, 
Jacob Scheive, 
Fredk. Babemeyer, 
Johanis Midsker, 
Christopher Rink, 
Ludwig Goodbrod 
George Bender, 
George liOreman, 
Andries Erlenyu, 
Hans Retter, 
Christopher Bour, 
Johanis Kauns. 
Hans Adam Wartman, 
Jurgeck Hendricks, 
George Wenst, 
Hans George Fleger, 

in Crisner, 

rbary Milburger, 

mnah Shroud, 

in Knop, 
rbary Oven, 
'la Sounni'" 

Names of Women. 

Ann Fisher, 
Susean Clime, 
Katrena Knop, 
Dorathy Breling, 
Elizabeth Babemeyer, 
Barbary Han, 
ifotlev Muller. 


Ann Dederick, 
Magaret Madinger, 
Magreta CaTiiping, 
Elizabeth Hofniining, 
Elizabeth Loreman, 
Barbary Loreman, 
('atrena Vogell, 
Mary Ritter, 
Easter Milburger, 
Mary Smithing. 
Elizabeth Orisner, 
Pleny Fisher, 
John Shroud. 
Peter Knop, 
Mary Sourmilg, 
Neals Sourmilg, 
Michiel Hans, 
Charlis Muller, 
.John Dedarick, 
Katrena Hofmining, 
Katrena Loreman, 
Paser Vogell, 
Motley Ritter, 
Mary Fleager, 
Hendrick Mulberger, 
George Goodbrod, 
George Goodbroad, 

Elizabeth Wartman, 
Elizabeth Merdinger, 
Barbary Fredrakin, 
Mary Heck, 
Elizabeth Loreman, 
Eve Bender, 
Ann Erlenyn, 
Eve Flegar, 
Barbary Goodbrod, 
Mertin Crisner, 
Barbary Crisner, 
Elizabeth Clime, 
George Knop, 
Menea Knop, 
Catrena Sourmilg, 
George Hans, 
Hanis Hans, 
Elizabeth Muller, 
Abraham Wartman, 
Jacob Hofmining, 
Elizabeth Heck, 
Mary Loreman, 
Crates Ritter, 
Hans Ritter, 
Katrena Fleager, 
John Mealbury, 
Ann Mealbury, 
Anthony Smithing. 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Pennsylva- 
nia Merchant, John Stedman. Master, from Rotter- 
dam. Qualified Sep. 11, 1731. 

Michael Geberth, 
Peter Smit, 
Johan Niclas Weiss, 
Georg Heinrich, 
Christian Weiser, 
Abram Freeman, 
Friedrich Strubel, 
Frantz Kruck, 
Baltzer Seyler, 
Johannes Schenkel, 

Michael Feder, 
Abraham Sahler, 
Martin Boger, 
Jacob Steiner, 
Johannes Diehl, 
Friedrich Geberth, 
Valentin Schults, 
Heinrich Kramer, 
Christoph Berer, 
Conrad Sybert, 


^icklaus Puss, 

yoiirad Hoogh, 
Adam Sauer, 
Johannes Ryraert, 
Hans Adam Kremer, 
Jacob Lanius, 
Martin Hunsecker, 
Hans Georg Kelchner, 
Johann Georg Mayer, 
Johan H enrich Schmidt, 
Christophel Moll, 
Joh. Niclaiis Steinmetz, 
Joh. Jacob Woltzhoffer, 
Johann Philip Beyer, 
Rudolph Gasman, 
Joh. Engelbert Lack, 
Burckhart Kullmer, 
Tohannes Shaak, 
Hans Michael Horlacher. 

Laurence Roodt, 
Jacob Mumma, 
Michael Geyger, 
Johann Bartel Gucker, 
Ludwig Wulheit, 
Johann Michael Moll, 
Christian Schmidt, 
Christian Schmidt, 
Joh. Georg Bergstrosser, 
Johan Bernhardt Arndt, 
Johan Jacob Kruck, 
Hans Adam Echelen, 
Valentein Schneider, 
Hans Martin Schultz, 
Johannes Rynert, 
Johan Georg Schmidt, 
Johannes Bischofif, 
Andres Beyer, 
Melchior Wistholtz. 

[The original 
Michail Gybert, 
Michail Moll, 
Fredrick Wilsheyl, 
Bartel Kooper, 
Pieter Smit, 
Nicholas Reymeh, 
Gerick Heindrick, 
Hans Jerck Kelyerows, 
Christian Wiyser, 
Abraham Freeman, 
Frederick Stroubul, 
Jerick Meyer, 
Johan Heindrick Smit, 
Christophel Moll, 
Hans Kryhe, 
Hendrich Kremer, 
John Nicholas Heymestch, 
Christophel Beyer, 
Johan SchinKel, 
Philip Beyer, 
Han Martin Schults, 
Johannes Reymert, 
Laurence Rod, 

list is herewith ffiven."] 
Michail Feter, 
Adam Kremer, 
Hart man Huntseker, 
Jacob Lavins, 
Abraham Saler, 
Martin Bogber, 
Christian Smit, 
Jacob Steenar, 
Johannes Diel, 
Frederick Gybert, 
Christian Smit, 
Jerich Bergstreser, 
Barent Arent, 
Valentine Shults, 
Jacob Kryhe, 
Balser Seler, 
John Adam Egling, 
Jacob Jilsover, 
Valentine Snyder, 
Conrad Suyvert, 
Roslo Kusman, 
Nicholas Fuys, 
Conrad Koogh, 



Jacob Mumma, 
Adam tSower, 
Johannes Shaak, 
Johannes Jerick Smith, 
Borket Kilraiere, 
Andreas Meyer, 

Milchier Wilsteyts, 
Michael (iiger, 
Engelbert Lak, 
Hans Michael Horloger, 
Johannes Bischof, 

Women's names above sixteen. 

Barbel Bischof, 

Margarite Shilling. 
Anna Smit, 

Julian Larensen, 

Catherina Kar, 

Magdalina Wildheydt, 

Barbara Egling, . 

Margaret Kusman, 

Katrina Kosker, 

Eliz. Kreemer, 

Marilis Sybert, 

Catrina Grybert, 

Eliz. Rod, 

Katrines Vilsiver, 

Katrina Feter, 

Katrina Feter, 

Eliz. Porkholderen, 

Maria A rent, 

Anna Huntseker, 

Eliz. Huntseker, 

Christina Kreemer. 

Annabeiert Hoog 
Eliz. Shultsone, 
Magdalina Evelman, 
Catherina Steynmutch, 
Margarite Moll. 
Maria Beyeren, 
Catherina Stouden, 
Leona Islewood, 

Anna Maria Rygen, 
Barbel Selerem, 

Margarite Smit, 

Clove Stroublen, 

Creeto Cas, 

Lucretia "Wildheydt, 

Barbara Wildheydt, 

Amganius Reymert, 

Barbara Snyder, 

Eliz. Kreemer, 

Aulius Sybert, 

Sabina Gybert, 

Eliz. Gybert, 

Eliz. Lak, 

Charlote Radleven, 

Helen Feter, 

Crete. A. Kelgenar, 

Maria Kortson, 
Anna Smit, 

Frena Huntseker, 

Freuech Horloger, 
Margarite Beyer, 
Cathrine Shultsone. 
Katarina Smit, 
Maria Fobsengaren, 
Rosina Moll, 
Anlyas Moll. 
Magdalena Stouden, 
Joanna Fetter, 

Children under sixteen. 

Hendrick Beyer, 
Catrina Beyer, 
Lensard Steynmutch, 
Catrina Beyer, 
Julian Koog, 
Maria Melderen, 

Christina Kreemer, 
Jerick Beyer, 
Johannes Steynmutch, 
Jacob Schults, 
Johannes Koog, 
Maria Horloger, 


Ursse Hunlseker, 
Meyer Huntseker, 
Abraham Arent, 
Michael Feter, 
Conrad Moll, 
Maria Stadleren, 
Anna Velsoner, 
Magdalena Fuys, 
Margarite Rood, 
Barnet Gvbert, 
Mathias Grvbert, 
Cathrina Sybert, 
Eve Kreemer, 
Adam Kreemer, 
Laurence Kooker, 
Heinrick Kar, 
Gerich Heinrich Kar, 
Frederich Wiltheydt, 
Margaret Mumma, 
Rosina Smit, 
Margarite Zeeler, 
Catrina Arent, 
Maria Fuys, 

Anna Hunt?eker, 
Hannes Huntseker, 
Frederick Kelgen£|,r, 
Katrina Feter, 
Margarite Moll, 
Catrina Stadleren, 
Magdalena Lak, 
Catrine Rood, 
Julian Gybert, 
Sabina Gybert, 
Godlieb Gybert, 
Gerich Sybert, 
Christian Kreemer, 
Maria Kreemer, 
Christian Kooker, 
Christian Kar, 
Ehz. Wiltheydt. 
Jacob Mumma, 
Frederich Mumma, 
Johanna Zeeler, 
Jacob Arent, 
David Arent, 
Anliers Sybert. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Brittania op 
London, Michael Franklin, Master, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified Sept. 21, 1731. 

Hisbertus Barsch, 
Henrich Geber, 
Johannes Geber, 
Lucas Vetler, 
Leonard Bock, 
Johannes ^gender, 
Joseph Beyer, 
Hans Garner, 
Hen. Herbertz, 
Gelert Gelehren. 
Johannes AlViert, 
John Henrich Bahn, 
Veith Bruningher. 
Johan Adam Beyer. 
Hans Michel Ebert. 

Johannes Barsch. 
Hans Henrich Geber, 
Jacob Rasch, 
Henry Blicher, 
Hans Boschung. 
Johannes Frey, 
Jacob Gunt, 

Rudolph Holsinger, » 

Jacob Hachmam, 
Johan Heisland, 
Jacob Sevenkol, 
Abraham Halshaus, 
Hans Michael Blattner, 
Johan Jacob Beyer, 
Hans (reorg Ebert, 



Hans Michel DebilbisseiL 

Haurf Micliel Wilheliu, 

John Jacob Weynandt, 

Hans Georg Gunt, 

Hans Lenhard Holtzapfe\ 

Mich. Stocker, 

Hans Vogler, 

Oswald Wald, 

Jacob Wirtz, 

Johann Adam Ruppert, 

Hans Xieoi-g Moller, 

Michel Horsh, 

Christian Hubert, 

Ulrich Keyser, 

Jacob Kobe], 

AVjrahani Kern, 

Valentin Kleiui, 

Michel Meyer, 

Jacob Mier, 

Johannes Batholommay Riege 

Johannes Kirschner. 

Wilhehn Lautermilch, 

Johann Philip Lutz, 

Hans Jacol) Mautz, 

Hans Henrich Martin, 

Christian Miller, 

John Nehs, 

Hans Georg Noss, 

Gal). Bosher, 

Jacob Rohr, 

Joh. Christian Sackreider, 

Georg Willem Schwartz, 

Johann Adam Schroter, 

Jacob Schumacher, 

Hans Martin Wetzell, 

Michael Ness, 

Johannes Eschelman, 
Hans Georg Debilbissen, 
Hans Georg Friedle, 
Hans Michel Henning, 
Erasmus Holtzapfel, 
Christophel Drube, 
Lenhart Fieohr, 
Casper Weis, 
Jacob Nehs, 
Leonhart Steninger, 
Joli. Leonhai't Bihlmeier, 
Daniel Hubert, 
Jacob Carl, 
Henrich Kram, 
Nicholas Kanele, 
Gotfried Kraft, 
Wilhelm Kerkes, 
Jacob Meyer, 
Michel Mothes, 
r, Louis Timothee, 
Georg Dietrich Kohl, . 
Christian Lehman, 
Hans Peter Lederman 
Johan Thomas Meyer, 
Johan Casper Mnntz, 
Herman Miller, 
Mathias Nehs, jr. , 
George Passage, 
Johannes Roth, 
Matheis Smeisser, 
Joh. Mich'l Schrotner, 
Henrich Ludwig Schwartz, 
Valentine Siegmund, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Georg "Wannniacher. 

[The oriffinal list is herewith fjiven.] 

N>imes. '^•9^- 

•Tohanas Bathelmus Rieger, ~ 

Louis Timothee, ~ 

Giles Gilesz, ^'^* 

Gysbert Boeso, • ^^ 

Johannis Boeso, ^^ 


Names. Age. 

Jacob Savelhoel 18 

Henrick Geber, Sen. , 50 

Hendrik Gebei-, Jun. , 18 

Johannis Geber, 20 

Jacob Rieb, 33 

Lucka. Vetter, 55 

David Vetter 21 

Johanes Albert, 33 

Abraham Althaiis, 24 

Henrich Bahn, 23 

Michel Bladner, 23 

Veith Bruninger 35 

Johau Jacob Beyer, 33 

Hans Adam Beyer, 30 

Hanrich BJicher, 26 

Leonard Bock, 33 

Hans Bushung. 39 

Hans Georg Ehert, 30 

Hans Michel Ebert, 35 

Johan Eshelman, 19 

Johan Eigenter, 33 

Johanis Frey, 30 

Hans Michel Debelbesin, 22 

Hans Debelbesin. 18 

Hans Georg Debelbesin, 16 

Hans Michel Wilhelm, 22 

Josepli Beyer, 19 

Hans Georg Freidle 25 

Hans Georg Gunt 40 

Jacob (a unt, 16 

Hans Peter Gastner. 26 

Hans Michell Henninger, 32 

Rudolph Holsinger, 44 

Hans Leonard Holtsapfel, 47 

Erazamns Holtzapfel, ~0 

Henrich HerVjerts 40 

Jacob Hackman 20 

Johan Heistand, 19 

Michel Horsh 18 

Daniel Hubert 20 

Christian H ubert 20 

Jacob Kabald, 35 

Veich Keysei-, 70 

Henrich Kaam 34 

Nicholas Kennel, 42, 


Namts. Age. 

Jacob Kobel, T 29 

Abraham Kern, 23 

Georg Dietrich Kehl, 4G 

Johan Kerkes, 25 

Gottfried Kaaff, G3 

Valentine Klein, 20 

Wilhehn Kerkes. 28 

George William Ijautermilch, 27 

Christoph Lehman, 42 

Philip Lutz, 24 

Hans Peter Lederman, 18 

Eizabeth Timothee, — 

Gestrowte Gilesz, 40 

Helina Gilesz, 20 

Elizabeth Gilesz, 17 

Catherina Geber 43 

Sarah Geber 16 

Margerita Vetter 18 

Johaneva Prey. 33 

Katherina Albert, 30 

Katherina Rish, 33 

Maria Katherina Blatner, 27 

Barbaria Benninger, 40 

Katherina Bladner, 36 

Anna Rosina Beyer, 20 

A nna Maria Bladnerin. . . 20 

Katherina Biskin. 23 

Elizabeth Buek, 36 

Barbera Bushung, 37 

Magdelena Debelbesin 18 

Elizabeth Margerita, 18 

Margarita Eigenter — 

Solomia Fridley, 24 

Anna Maria Gunt, 40 

Margerita Gartner, 26 

A nna Maria Henniger, 26 

A nna Meyering 60 

Elizabeth Meyering, 30 

Magdelina Holsinger, 26 

Anna Barbera Holrsapel, 57 

Anna Barbara Katermenan, 23 

Barbara Horsh, 40 

Maria Magdelina Karol, 35 

Paita Hirt 45 

Maria Elizabeth Hirt, 28 


Names. Age^ 

Anna Maria Hirt, 24 

Maria Barbara Hirt, 20 

Feroniea Keyser, 66 

Magdelena Keyser, 28 

Anna Melia Keyser, 19 

Cora Kaani 32 

Katlierina Elizabeth Kenel, .- • 50 

Maria Kobel, 30 

Katlierina Kern, 22 

Elizabeth Kern, 55 

Maria Vesela Kehl 40 

Katherina Margerita Kehl, 16 

Maria Epha Kaalfn, 40 

Christiana Kerkes, 28 

Magdelena Lautermilch, 22 

Feroniea Leyman 25 

Katherina Meyer, 28 

Sophia Meyer, 25 

Katherina Meyer, 21 

A nna Martin, 32 

A nna Maria Moths, 22 

Katherina Muller 50 

Margereta Muller, 22 

Veronica Martin, 23 

Peter Timothee, 1 
Louis Timothee, ; 

Charles Timothee, I f'"°'" ^ ^^ ^ 

Mary Timothee, j 

Kathrina Geber, 13 

Maria Geber, 9 

Daniel Geber, 3 

Sophia Vetter, 13 

Magdelena Rish, \ 

Peter Rish, , from 6 to 3 

Henrik Rish. ) 

Nicholas Frey, 6 

Christiana Barbara Albert, 9 

A nna Katherina Albert, 5 

Sophia Katherina A Ibert, 3 

Georg Michel Blatner 2 

Hans Adam Bruninger, ^^ 

Hans Adam Bruninger, \ 

Anna Melia Bruninger, 7 

Dorothia Beyer, ]2 

Elizabeth Beyer, 10 


Jacob Beyer, y 

ChrisJ. Selin. Beyer. o 

Maria Katlierina Bock, 10 

Maria Paliiia Bocli, 8 

Leonard BocJi, 5 

Maria Elizabeth Bock, 2^ 

Hans Mii-hel Bock. 1 

Majz;(lelen Bushun^^ 11 

Hans Philip Bushung, 9 

Anna Barbara Bushung, G 

Christiana Bushung, 3 

David Bucht, 13 

Casper Debelbesin 10 

Katlierina Eigenter 12 

Anna Kreta Eigenter, 5 

Henrik Eigenter, 10 

Ludwig Eigenter, 3 

Magdalena Eigenter, 2 

Doratliia Eigenter, 6 

Lawrence Freidle, 2 

Hans Greorg Freidle, 1") days 

Hans Georg Gunt 12 

Johanis Gunt, , 8 

Maria Elizabeth Gunt 6 

Joseph Horsh. 8 

Peter Horsh 2 

Elizabeth Karroll 7 

Conrad Karroll. 2^ 

(iertrowte Kaani, 8 

Johannes Kaani. 3 

Pliilip Christoph Kehl, 11 

Hans Georg Kehl, 7 

Barbara Lehman, 10 

Kathrina Lehman, 3 

■lohanis Leliman li 

Elizabeth Martin, 6 

Anegau Martin 3i 

Rudolph Martin. 7 

Barbara Martin. 2 

Michel Meyer 29 

Jacol:) Mautz, 24 

Jacob Meyer. '■ 20 

StofTel Meyer, 23 

Thomas Meyer 32 

;j-VoL. XVI L 


Name^. Age. 

Hans Henrich Martin 30 

Jacob Meyer, 28 

Michel Moth, 24 

Johau Casper Muntz 16 

Christian MuUer, 60 

Herman Muller, 2o 

Mathias Nehs, Sen. , 58 

Johan Nehs, 36 

Dewald Nehs, 24 

Hans Georg Nehs, 21 

Mathias Nehs, Jun. , 27 

Geor<^ Passage, 20 

Gabriel Rosher, 29 

Johann Roht, 44 

Jacob Rohr, 28 

Johan Adam Rupert, 25 

Johan Leonard Steininger, 35 

Mathias Smeiser, 16 

Hans Georg Muller, 25 

Leonard Beylmeyer, 25 

Johan Martin Sakreiter. 20 

Johan Michel Shastner 36 

Michel St oker, 31 

Georg Wiihelm Schwarts, 23 

Henrich Ludwig Schwarts, 42 

Johan Adam Shrother, 39 

Valentine Sigmund, 22 

Jacob Shumaker, 22 

Johanis Smidt, 24 

Christoplier Teuber, 30 

Hans Vogler, 32 

Leonard Vicror, 24 

Ohswald Wald, 41 

Hans Martin Wetzel) 31 

Georg Wanamker, 30 

Johan Jacob Wynand, 19 

Casper Wys, 33 

Jacob Wirtz, 26 

Mich. Nehs, 30 

Jacob Nehs, 31 

Maria Barbara Nehs 60 

Anna Katherina Nehs, 28 

Dorothea Neahs, ■ 27 

Maria Magdelena Oberkuhan, 28 

Su.san Margerite Rosher, 33 


Na7nes. Aye. 

Maria Margerite Roht, 43 

Anna Barbara Rupert, 24 

Anna Barbara Heinninger, 32 

Barbara Snieii?«er, 50 

Margerite Smeisser, 20 

Hoster Margerite Shastner, 30 

Margerite Stooker, 24 

Maria Elizabeth Scliwarts, 36 

Anna Katherina Slauchin, 20 

A nna Maria Shrother, 47 

Katlierin Sniidt, 30 

Maria Katlierin Teuber, 29 

Katlierin Vogeler, 28 

A nna Barbara Waldt, 34 

Maria Barbaia Wetzell, 33 

Margerite Wauaiiiacher, 30 

Sicilia Wys, 26 

Maria Barbara Wetzelerin, 19 

Magdelena Nehs, 7 

Hans Jacob Nehs, 5 

Katherina Nehs, 2 

Michel Nehs, 1 

Elizabeth Margerite Rosher, 5 weekF 

Anna Margerite Roht, 13 

Hans Jacob Roht, 11 

Maria Margerite Roht, 6 

Anna Catherina Roht, 

Georg biniesser, 9 

Justus Rupertus Schwartz, 11 

Johanis Schwartz, 8 

Johan Michel Shrother, 12 

Hans Georg Shrother. 10 

Rosolva Waldt, 6. 

Hans Henrich Waldt, 4 

Hans Martin Wetzell, 6 

Nicholaus Wetzell, 4 

Katherina Wetzell, 3 

Johannes Moll,\. 15 

Conrat Henninger, 9 



List of Forkigners Imported ix the Snow Louther, 
Joseph Fischer, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Oct. 14, 1781. 

Christian Lemau, 

Jacob Mieliael, 

John Vendal Kerze> , 

Henrick Bowman, 

John Yerke Hami'icke, 

Jno. Peter Visanant, 

Phihp Eckord, 

Jacob Hoh singer, 

Melcher Heydon, 

Dort Hoste, 

Anthony Bankaulf, 

Johannes Uirick, 

Jacob Snevely, 

Philip Uh-ick, 

Christian Ernst Hagenmiller, 

Crosper Bowman, 

Oeorge Shoults, 

Jno. Christian Leman, 
Jacob Kerzey, 
Jacob Bi'ooner, 
Jno. Matthias Kramer. 
Philip Peter Visanant, 
Henrick Howervosse, 
Uirick Michael, 
Christolp Homborn, 
Philip Kitchin, 
Johannes Reach, 
Nicholas Smith, 
Johannes Conrad Frank, 
Christopher Neubert, 
Christopliei- Knowen, 
Casper Peter, 
Daniel Vessinger, 

John Godfrv Leman, 
Anne Barbara Kerzey, 
Conrad Kerzey, 
Catliarina Kerzey, 
Jeremiah Brooner, 
Wolf Henrick Brooner, 
Margaret Brooner, 
Elizabetli Slierren. 
Margaretta Kramer, 
Amaryllis Eliza Hamrick, 
Margaretta Hamrick, 
Maria Katharina Merchant, 
Jno. Ludwiclv Merchant, 
Jno. Adam Visanant, 
Margaretta Howervass, 
Pliilippena Howervass, 
Margaretta Eckord, 
Maria Eliza. Forrain, 
Maria Mattelina Fingareen, 
Catharina Michael, 
Barbara Holtsinger, 
Barbara Holtsinger. Jun. , 

Margret Michael, 

David Kerzey, 

Uirick Kerzey, 

Sophia Brooner, 

Jerenuah Michael Brooner, 

Appollina Brooner, 

Maigreeden Brooner, 

John Albright, 

Issabella Agnes Kramer, 

Paul Hamrick, 

Clara Hamrick, 

Jno. Yerke Merchant, 

Allena Visanant, - 

Anna Maria Spotson, 

Margaretta Howervass, Jnn. 

Anna Barbara Howervass, 

Susanna Eckord, 

Johanne Stroap, 

Maria Margaretta Michael. 

Philip Lawrence Michael, 

Jacol) Holtsinger. 

Tvvo infants not baptize*!. 



List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship No.iris, 
Thomas Llo^'d, Master, from Boston. Qualified May 
15, 1782. 

Martin Gasner, 
John Phil. Weljev, 
Johannes Behn, 
Johan Michael Sieginond. 
.—Christian Kenninger, 
Valentine Westheber. 

Casper Schirch, 

Mathias Weber, 

Johan Manclier, 

Michael Andreas, 

Joh. Dietrich Jungmann, 

Johannes Herman, 

Joh. (ieorg Liel)enstein, 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Samuel, of 
London, Hugh Percy, Master, from Rotterdam. Qual- 
ified Aug. 11, 1732. 

Martin Gerhard, 
Nicklas Korper, 
Mattheus Bockle, 
Samuel Brandt, 
Michael Uii-stein. 
iGotfried Stahl. 
Johann George Nungesser, 
Hans Jacob Beclie. 
Johan Jacob Behlerdt, 
Jacob Oberhaltzer, 
Christ. Frantz, Sen., 
Leonhart Dobler, 
Hans Muselman. 
Friedricli Kieffer, 
Jacob Fleiser. 

Georg Bender, 

Martin Weigell. 

Hans Georg (nrodeke, 

Frederich Mulchslager, 
- Henricli Ramsauer. 

Jolian Sebalt Kremer, 

Hans Wendel HoU. 

Andreas Slantze))erger. 

Johan Peter Heylmann, 

Joli. Freiderich Schutz, 

Johan Jacob Erdman, 

Christian Beudler, 

John Bendler, 
Laurent'/ Knockel, 
Ulrich Bockle, 
John Heneberger, 
Henrich Ebby, >- 
Michel Georg. 
Georg Philip Windemuth, 
Christopli Bockle. 
Hans Georg Klingmann, 
Johan Adam Andress, 

Samuel Scherer, 

Oswald Hostetter, 

Christ. Frantz, Jun., 

Jacob Crist, ■ — 

Georg Dobler, 

Jacob Stauffer. 

Johan Nickel Strass. 

Joh.Leonhardt Kieffer, 

Michael Kreider. 

Joluui Georg Glassbrenner, 

Wendel Brechbuhll. 

Johan (xeorge Kleinhauss, 

Wilhelm Bergheimer, 

Johannes Uhrich. 

.loh. Leonhart Ziegler, 

Joh. Phillip Schutz, 

Johannes Miller, 



Julius Dehr, 
Andreas Muller, 
Benedict Greruian, 
Jacob Knechell, 
Jacob Kiefl'er, 
Jaco)> Gut, 
Joliannes Zieger, 
Peter Stey, 
Jacob Albrecht, 
Wendel (Terlacli, 
Jacob Weyes, 
Jacob Grochnauer, 
Andreas Shetler, 
Philip Wendel, 
Johannes Lentz, 
Greorg Ludwig Horning, 
Greorg Klingman, 
Hans Michel Balmer, 
Ferderich Aldorffer, 
Hans Jerg iSteger, 
John Bernheisel, 
Hein Ulrich Fischer, 
Hans Georg yueichel, 
Augustus Wendel, 
Adam Hihegas, 

Hans Adam Neidig, 
Christian Biry, 
Christian German, 
Peter Balsbach, 
Martin Giller, 
Ulrich Burkhalter. 
Hans Paulus Boger, 
Georg Heyl, 
John Bumgardner, 
J. H. Hartmann, 
John Helford, 
Henrich Berret, 
Peter Frit, 
Carl Seyl, 
Eliseus Mayer, 
Johannes Brechbil. 
Caspar Wart man, 
Johan Philip Bogerj, 
Christian Balmer, 
Anastasius Uhler, 
Wendel Bernheisel, 
Hans Mich. Baumgertner, 
Peter Schellenberger, 
Wendel Worbel, 
Peter Schneider. 

A List of Passengers, Namks and Ages, ox Board the 
Ship Samuel, Hugh Percy, Commander, from Rotter- 

Na7)ies. Ages. 

Merdin Gerhard, 37 

John Bendler 24 

Johan George Nungeser, 25 

Nicklas Corber, 22 

George Philip Windermuth, 25 

Lorents Knochel 30 

Hans Jacob Breckly 46 

Christopher Noffel Bockly 20 

Mathias Bockly, 17 

UUrik Bockly, 19 

Samuel Brand, 24 

John Heneberger, 19 

Michael Sierlein 20 

Henrick Ebby, 30 


Names. ^ 

JacoV) Beelerth, g^^, 

(iottfret Staal, ^4 

Hans (Teorge Klingman, ^^ 

Michiel (ieorg ^^ 

Jacob Oberholtzer, ^^ 

John Mosiman, ^' 

Petter Wettstein, ^^ 

Adam Andras, ^^ 

Chritstian Frantz, Sen ^^ 

Christian Frantz, Jun. , ^^^ 

Feridrick Heffer, ^^ _ 

Jacob Crist 2^ 

Samuel Scheer ^.^ 

Jacob Flesser, ^[^ 

Lionhard Deebler, ' 

G eorge Deebler, ^^ 

Oswald Hosteetter, '^^ 

George Bender, '^'^ 

John Lents ^^ 

John Brechbiel ^^ 

Jacob Stauffer, ^^ 

Nicolas Strass, ^^ 

G-eorg CToedake, ^^ 

Leonhard Keffer, ^^ 

Merdin Weiggell ~^ 

Frederik Mulschlegel ;^^ 

Micl)iel Kreiter, ^^ 

John Miller ^^ 

Christian Bendler, .^^ 

Henrick Ranisur, ^^ 

Adam Neidig gg 

Jenlis Door .^^ 

Georg Glassbrenner, ^^ 

Sebald Kramer, ^* 

Wendell Breckbiel ^^ 

Georg Klien Hans, "^ 

Wendell Heell ^^^ 

Wihelm Bergheimer, ^^ 

Cristian Biry, 2^ 

Andreas Miller, g. 

Andreas Stautsenberger, 

John U" 


Petter Hailraan, ^^ 

Christian Geeman, ^^ 

Benedigt Geeman, 


Names. Age. 

Leonhard Ziegler, 31 

Frederick Shits, 22 

John Shits, 21 

Fetter Baltsbach 23 

Jacob Knockell, 28 

Martin Jeler, 22 

Jacob Erdinan, . 19 

Greorg Hornig, 20 

Jacob Kiffer, 27 

Casper Wardman, 26 

(jreorg Khnginan, 27 

Jacob Guth, 20 

Ulericli Burckliolter, 22 

Paulhis Boger, 40 

Philip Boger, 18 

Carl Bahner, 26 

Christian Bahner, 24 

Frederick Aldorffer, 25 

Anuastasius Uller, 23 

Johanes Zieger, 41 

treorg Stegget, 30 

(reorg Heyl, 31 

Fetter Stey, 30 

Wendell Berndlieisell 22 

John Berndlieisell, 20 

Michiel Baunigertner, 21 

Jolin Baunigertner, 20 

Jacob Abbrecht, 37 

Friderick Hartman, ,33 

Wendell (jerlach, 22 

John Helffurt, 33 

Ullerich Fischer, 28 

Jacob Weiss, 45 

Henrich Beerett, 34 

Fetter Schellenl)urger, 33 

Jacob Cjochnauer, 20 

Christian Gochnauer, 17 

"Fetter Frith, 18 

Andras Shittler 29 

Georg Quickell, 30 

Carl Seyl, 27 

Wendell Werbell, 33 

Philip Werbell 34 

Augu.stinns Wendell, 16 

Fetter Schneider . . 27 


Names. Aqe. 

Ellas Meyer, 43 

Adam Helligass, 24 

Names of Womtni. 

Kathrina Grerhart, 4.") 

Mergreed (lerhart, 30 

Barbara Bockly, 43 

Rossina Brand, 20 

Elizabet Evy, 28 

Maria Belertli, 19 

Katiirina Staal, 32 

Veronica Ebl)eriin, 17 

Thorodea Georgin, 45 

Christina Georgin, 20 

Thoredea Kiingman, 35 

Anna Mosiman 30 

Elisabeth Wettstein, 23 

Margaret h Augen, 30 

Elisab( th Augen 33 

Katiirina Teelen 23 

Anna Frantsin, 37 

Barbara Frantsin, 20 

Eva Frantsin, 19 

Madgtalena Frantsin, 15 

Maria KitTerin 46 

Elisabeth Kifl'erin 18 

Frents Silenaheffin, 23 

Anna Christin, 49 

Veronica. Sheer, 46 

Gretha Flesserin, 20 

Maria Hostettin, 28 

Sibila Nortin, 22 

Kathrina Benderin, 32 

Maria Creasnianin, ... 20 

Gretha Merstehn, ■ 19 

Gretha Wirbelin, 18 

Maria Lentsin, 25 

Cliristina Lentsin ^^ 

Maria Kifferin, 23 

Dorothea Weiggell, 20 

Susanna Bendlerin, 23 

Elisabeth Bendlerin, 23 

Anna Ranisaurin ^2 

Margretli Neidigin, 28 


Names. Age. 

Anna Brachbielin, 20 

Thorodea Klinhasin, 19 

Barbara Hellin, 33 

Salome Bergheimerin, 35 

Gertrauth Biriu, 23 

Anna Millerin, 23 

Silige Stautsenbergeriu, 24 

Anna Geemanin 28 

Maria Kifferin, S") 

Greda Wardnianin. 34 

Katlirina Klinginan 24 

Susanna Guth, 20 

Ester Burckholter, 20 

Eva Bogerin, 35 

Christina Ziegerin 40 

Margretha Ziegei-in, IG 

Kathrina Steggerin, 28 

Barbara Heylin, 30 

Margretha Steyin 35 

Katrina Heellin 24 

Magdalena Albrecht 30 

Rossina Hartmanin. 37 

Maria Hilfutin, ... 30 

Susanna Berglieimenn, 17 

Maria Fisherin 28 

Dorothea Weissin 40 

Barbara Weissin 19 

Anna Berethin 28 

Maria Shelenbergerin 30 

Anganeas Frith ... 17 

Kathrina Goclinouerin, 18 

Margretha Kremerin 27 

Sofia Kremerin 16 

Margretha Shehlttlern, 27 

Maria Quickelin 27 

Margretlia Kresmenin, 30 

Kathrina Seyl, 29 

Sara Werberlin 35 

Kathrina Meyerin, 37 

Susanna Meyerin j(5 

Names of Children. 

Maria Gerhart 3 

Henrick Beckly, 12 

Barbara Bockly, H 


Names: ^^t. 

Kcathrina Bockly, y 

Lisbetha Evy, 8 

Kathriiia Evy, ... . . 

John Evy, 4 

Margretha Evy, ;3 

Georg Staal, 12 

Ba,rl)ara Ebeiiy, 12 

Henrick Eberly II 

Elisabeth Oberholtster, 6 

Sainl Oberhokster, 3 

Margretha Wettstin, (j 

Judith Frantsiii, 12 

John Frants, 7 

Micliiel Frants, (i 

Veronick Frants, 8 

Eli.sabeth Frants, :3 

Barbara Hostetin, 10 

John Hostetin, 10 

Anna Hostetin, G 

Veronica Hostetin, 3 

Maria Benderin ' 8 

Katrina Benderin, 3 

Valendin Wungessei- 12 

John Lents, 3 

Abrah. Wulshleg, 8 

Christian Wulshleg, .5 

John Rainsaur, 9 

Ann Neidigin, 7 

Philip Neidig, G 

Barbara Hellen 12 

Anna Hellen 11 

Gottlib Hell 9 

Kathrina Hellen, 5 

Maria Hellin, 4 

Rosina Hellin 3 

Leonard Bergheimer 8 

Vellin Bergheimer, 6 

Maria Millerin ... 4 

Solome Stoutsenl 6 

Jacob Keffer, ... 8 

Lena Kefferin, . 4 

PeTTer Klingman, .... 8 

Kathrina Wertzin i) 

Mathias Boger 13 

Michiel Boger, • • 12 


Names. -^ge. 

Justina Bogerin, 5 

Jacob Zerger, 12 

Susanna Zergerin, 9 

Georg Beerger, 12 

Eva Steggerin, 9 

Mergretha Steyin ^ 

Eva Stayin, 3 

Michiel Albreth, • ■ • • ^'^ 

Eva Albrethin, 9 

Maria Albrethin, 3 

Christana Albrethin 3 

Georg Hartman 8 ' 

Margrath Helfurtin, 10 

Kathrana Fisherin, 4 

Rossina Weistin, 13 

Katlirina Weistin 8 

Kilsana Weistin, 10 

John Beireth, 8 

Henry Bereth, 6 

Casper Bereth, 3 

Georg Shellenberger, 9 

Magalina Shellenberg, 10 

Barbara Sutsin, 11 

Susanna Sutsin, .... 5 

Maria Schittlerin, 5 

George Kramer, 12 

Friderith Kramer, 9 

Gottfritli Kramer, 7 

Maria Quiekelin, 8 

Christian Beller, 8 

Johanes Werbell 13 

Kathrina Schneidern, 7 

Elisabeth Schneider, 5 

Michiel Mayer, 12 

Adam Meyer 6 

Kathrina Meyerin, '. 3 



List ok Passengers Imported in the Ship Pennsylvaxia, 
John Stedman, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
Plymouth. Qualified Sept. 11, 1732. 

Conrad Frick, 

Adam Klingen, 
Jacob <Tisi5, 
Michael Rein, 
Michael WuU, 
Philip Frank, 
Simon Carle, 
Hartniau Lauer, 
Wendel Fiser, 
Cornelius Krani, 
Johannes Weber, 
Daniel Mailer, 
Paul us Ryter, 
Ditrick (xauff, 
Michael Schnager, 
Michael Capp, 
Carl Ohliger, 
Friedrich Euiv, 

John Jacol) Bus, 
Johan Seleberger, 
Jacob Rod, 
Adam Louer, 
Jacol) Haus, 
Philip Kebelbe, 
Hans Rootelee, 
Conrad Schonig, 
Johannes Hoorle,- 
Henrick Ryter, 
Georg Mertz, 
Johannes Faas, 
JacoV) Schaad, 
Gabrial Konigh, 
Adam Zeyler, 
Mathias Shaub, 

Matthias Zollerkoffer, V. D.M. , Hendrick Christian, 

Leonard Immel, 
Geo Michael Hohlstein, 
Hans Georg Smit, 
Christofelt Stedler. 
Matheias Hauser, 
Hans Michel Much, 
Johann Peter Strack, 
Michael Witiner. 
Hans Michael Krumrein, 
.Michael Copenhaer, 
Johan Georg Amend, 
Albrecht Wolff gang, 
Hans Jacob Meyei-, 
Bernhart Wolffinger, 
Georg Friedrich Capp, 
AVilliam Chriesmerg, 
Wendel Weinheimer, 
Joseph Caspering, 

Michael Immel, 
Hans Georg Graff, 
Hans Georg Cuntz, 
Johan Georg Kauger, 
Simon Peter Holsteiner, 
Hans Niclaus Muller, 
Benedict Eiselman, 
Geo. Michel Schweinhart, 
Wolf Copenhaer, 
Mattheis Menchen, 
Christian Steinbach, 
Paulus Linaenbigler, 
Johann Georg Batz,, 
Bastian Wagner, 
Georg Palsgraff, 
Hans Leond C'onrad, 
Hans (xeorg Minhard, 

[The oriiiinal list is Jirrewith f/iven.] 
Cuspurd Wooldrich, Mathias Zulkover, 

Jacol) Gypen, Conrad Frick, 

Michael Revn, Hendrick Christen, 



Jon Jacob fxuss, 

Johan Celeberger, 

Michael Emelot, 

Hans Graff, 

Hans Jerick Smit, 

Hans Jerich Conel, 

Christophel Stedler, 

Simon Carlee, 

Adam Louer, 

Stephven Hook, 

Jacoi) Hans, 

Vinduel Fiseir, 

Jan Peter Struck, 

Micliael AVitmer, 

Hans Michael Cromer yn, 

C'ornelius Kraam, 

Wooif Copenhaver, 
~ Johannes Weaver, 

Conrad Slienegh, 

Daniel Miller, 

Christian Steinback, 

Peter Lyntsen Belgen, 

Paul Ruygter, 

Jerich Beats, 

Jerich Mirts, 
-Pieter Guns, 

Adam Bouer, 

Bast! an Wagenelr, 

Jerich Palsgrave, 

Michael Capp, 

Gabriel Hornigh. 

Curtis Ciiner, 

Adam Zeyler, 

Matthias Shaup, 

Michael AVill, 

Philip Strunk, 

Leonard Emelot, 

Jerich Michael Holsteyner, 

Jacob Roodt, 

Hans Coun, 

Hans Jerich Couger, 

Mathias Heyser, 

Hartman Louer, 

Simon Picter Holsteymer, 

Hans Michael Mogg, 

Nicholas Miller, 

Benedick Eselmen, 

Jerich Michael Swynhart, 

Philip Cuvel, 

Hans Rudler, 

Michael Copenhaver, 

Mathias Minegen, 

.leriam Eih, 

Johanna Hottle, 

Woolf Cunktoots, 

Hans Jacob Meyer. 

Hendrick Ruygter, 

William Crinuymerr, 

Michal Hinageir, 

Barent Woltinger, 

Casper Lodwich, 

Johannes Faase, 

Jacob Shaad, 

Frederich Capp, 

Leonard Conraed, 

Wintlael Wynheymer, 

Jerich Mynhard, 

Frederich Ernigh, 

WoTuen and Children. 

Eva Ehrish, 
Philip Aldrich, 
Susanna Aldrich, 
Margaret Sweeren, 
Gertrom Frick, 
Maurice Roger, 
Margaret Christon. 
.Teriek Christon, 
Eva Christon, 
Salomm Christon, 

Margareth Linermons, 
Pieter Aldrich, 
Anna Pourbel, 
Lena Brown, 
Benedick Bartholomus, 
Anna Gliristoun, 
Magdalen Christon, 
Henrich Christon, 
Catharine Christon, 
Maria Christon, 



Anna Suss, 
Anna Frank, 
Hans Conce, 
Cathrina Conce, 
Maria Burbel, 
Elisabeth Lower, 
Maria Holsteeyter, 
Susanna Fisar. 
Eva Snynhart, 
Barbara Swynhart, 
Barbara Mack, 
Maria Cavel, 
Elizabeth Cram, 
Cathrina Lotsharing, 
Maria Copenhaver, 
Rosina Copenhaver, 
Maria Minchaiu, 
Christian Miller. 
-Margaret Hottel, 
Curia Hottel, 
Hendrick Hottel, 
Dorothy Henbach, 
Margaret Meyer, 
Hendrich H. Meyer, 
Elizabeth Ruytor, 
Anna Ruytor, 
Caspar Ruytor, 
Maria Beats, 
Magdalena Beats, 
Margaret Marts, 
Elizabeth Marts, 
Maria Hynegar, 
Margaret Gouf, 
Odel Woolfinger, 
Pieter Woolfinger, 
Elizabeth Kerkenor, 
Jacob Hack, 
Barbara Bower, 
Frederich Ernich, 

(Jatharine Suss, 
Catharine Conce, 
Eva Conce, 
Margaret Trickier, 
Elisabeth Lower, 
Efree Houk, 
Sophia Engelhardt, 
Magdalena Swynhart, 
Andreas Swynhart, 
Johan Swynhart, 
Anna Mack, 
Barbara Cubal, 
Maria Lotsharing, 

Maria Lotsharing, 
Barbara Copenhaver, 
Catharina Copenhaver, 
Cathrina Eier, 

Michael Miller, 
~-Anna Hottel, 
— Jerick Hottel, 
—Johannes Hottel, 

Barbara Meyer, 

Susanna Meyer, 

Casparias Meyer, 

Martin Ruytor, 

Paul Ruytor, 

Barbel Ruytor, 

Adam Beats, 

Cathrina Beats, 

Dorothy Marts, 

Susan Beyeren, 
Michael Hynegar, 

Peter Gouf. 

Bastian AVoollinger, 

Johaniias Woolfinger. 

Barbara Hack, 

Frederick Hack, 

Maria Ernich, 

Anna Ernich. 



List of Foreigners I>iportei> in the Ship Johnson, of 

London, David Crocket, 
Qualified Sept. 19, 1732, 

Han Steininann, 
John Harwicli, 
Valiin Beei-. 
Conrad Behn, 
Thomas Matern, 
Jacob (Jruiz, 
Daniel Schew, 
Bernhart Peffer, 
Andreas Lohr. 
Tobias Hegeile, 
Friderich Riss, 
Johan Jacob Rower, 
Johan Jacob Kuntz, 
Job. Conradt Seheimer, 
Hans Martin Bullinger, 
Johan Michel Deeter, 
Joliannes Bastian, 
Joh. Balthasar Bott, 
Job. Adam Werner, 
.Job. Georg Baltz, 
Joh. Martin Bauer, 
Johannes Albrecbt, 
Johan Adam Leberger, 
Johan Christoph Beyer, 
Lorentz Kuntz, 
Christoff Englert, 
Leonard Weyer, 
Rudolph Bonner, 
Nicolas Ewick, 
Joh. Henrich Baum, 
Anthorn Gilbert, 
Nicolas Weil, 
Fredrich Miller, 
Thomas Sauder, 
Joh. Georg Steinmann, 
Johan Georg Meller, 
Hans Henrich .legner, 
Joh. Martin Schilling, 
M at h i as B ro w n wart, 
Pieter Derber, 
Peter Sevier. 
Conrath SeVier. 

Master, from Rotterdam. 

Lauren.s Hartman, 
Paul us Wegerlin, 
Henrich Sien, 
Jacob Muller, 
Andreas Overback, 
Jacob Rouse, 
Isac Cuschuah, 
Conrath BoDen, 
Lorentz Weber, 
Christoph Riss, 
Adam Himler, 
Christof Ehrenhart, 
Joh. Wilhelm Kollin, 
Joh. Martin Bullinger, 
Hans Phil. Zimmerman, 
Paulus A^einheimer, 
Lorentz Bastian, 
Joh. Philipp Gorich. 
Joh. Valtin Umstadt, 
Nicolas Evelandt, 
Johannes Ehermann, 
Johan Henrich Jung, 
Bartholonieus Morth, 
Lenhart Mn mma, 
Ludwig Leeman, 
Henry Oswald, 
Laurentz Bawder, 
Andreas Hemler, 
Johan Ewick, 
Ludwig Fredle, 
Valentin Wield, 
Adam Hummel, 
Johannes Dieter, 
Johannes Soffrens, 
Hans .Jacob Meller, 
John Michel Lochtner, 
Valentine Renner, 
Joh.annes Mossinger, 
Henrich Appel, 
Peter Gabele, 
Philip Smit, 
•lacob Trav, 



John Shullineyer, 
Thomas Cryle, 
Joh. Cieorg Sehm, 
Johannes tSehmitt, 
Job. Henricrh Miller, 
Joh. Jacob Neihaltzer, 
Michael Schulmeyer, 
,'iOl). Hen. Messerschmidt. 
Hans Wilhehn Brant, 
Conrad Schneider, 
Joh. Peter Genther, 
Joh. Paul us Lederer, 
J oil. Adam Kreil, 

Joliannes Frey, 
Frederich Mayer. 
Johannes KreneL 
Joh. Frid. Bauingardtner. 
Joh. Peter Schmidt, 
HansGeorg Tray, 
Johannes Hannar. 
Martin Caplinger, 
Christian Shneyder, 
Job. Leonhardt Herman, 
Joban Frantz Russ, — 
Job. Georg Gumpp, 
Joh. Georg Oberkagler. 

[ TItc original list 

Johannes Steyman. 
Lawrence Hartman, 
Agnes Steyman, 
Bartxira Steyman, 
Eliz-ibeth Steyman, 
Paa'us Harwiciv, 
IMicollus Havwick, 
Paul NVegerllne, 
Jacoo Wegerline, 
Otella Wegerline. 
Jacob Miller. 
Johannes Georg Miller, 
Maria MiOer. 
Katbarina Miller, 
Katbarina Bayer, 

Henrick Saen, 
Anna Saen, 
Elizabeth Hartman, 

Katbarnui Behen, 

Jacob Miller, 

.loban Jacob Miller, 

Johannes Micbal Lochtner, 

Johannes \egener, 

Tomas Matern, 

Anna Matern, 

Susanna Fegbtern. 

Elizabeth Overbeck. 

Matalina Overbeck. 
4 -Vol. XVn. 

i.s herevnih given.'\ 
Johannes Yerrick Steyman, 
Elizabeth Steyman, 
Katharine Hartman, 
Katbarina Steyman, 
Johannes Harwick, 
Jacob Harwick, 
Anna Maria Harwick, 
Oteliea Wegerline, 
Katharine Wegerline. 
Anna CUara Wegerline. 
Margaretta Mi)Jer. 
Elizabeth Miller. 
Anna Miller, 
Valentine Bayer, 
Anna Bayer, 
Katbarina Saen, 
Maria Hartman, 
Coneradt Behen, 
Maria Thristiana Behen. 
Charlotta Miller, 
Barbara Miller. 
Maria Lochtner, 
Katbarina Yegener, 
Margereta Matern, 
Elizabeth Matern. 
Andreas (Overbeck. 
Johannes Overbeck, 
Philips Overbeck. 



JacoV) Cruiz, 
Jacob Rouse, 
Valentine Reuiier, 
Kacharina Renuer, 
Maria Schwe. 
Margeretta Schwe, 
Isau Cushua. 
Elizabeth Missinger, 
Paule Missingei . 
Jacob Missinger. 
Juliana Pitfer. 
Margeretta Pitfer. 
Mat bias Brown Wart. 
Anna Brown AVaart. 
Margeretta Rower. 
Christopher Ernhardt, 
Maria Ernhardt. 
Elizabeth Bowlong, 
Andreas Lower, 
Johannes Lower, 
Eiizabrith Lower, 
Gerdradt Webern, 
Tobias Hogie. 
Elizabeth Hogle, 
Anna Hogle. 
Maria Konts, 
Barbara Konts, 
Maria Katharine Rise, 
Martin Rise. 
Margeritta Rise, 
Margericta Kellie. 
Andreas Hembler, 
Conradt Schynier. 
Anna Schynier, 
Elizabeth Biilinger, 
Elizabeth Bulinger. 
Barbara Tiniiueruian, 
Maria Tiinniernian, 
Elizabeth Deeder. 
Catharina Deeder. 
Susana Deeder, 
Johannes Ewick, 
Adam Ewick, 
Catherina Wynhainer, 
Henrick Wynhanier. 
Johannes Bastian. 


Rosiaa (^'ruiz, 
Clara Rouse. 
Margereta Renner, 
Daniele Schwe, 

Lodawick Schwe,. 

Johannes Schell. 
Johannes Missinger. 
Michale Missinger, 
Maria Missineer. 
Bernhard Pitfer. 
Barbara Pitfer, 
Anna Cockabelerin, 
Julian Brown W aart, 
Jacob Rower. 
Johannes Rower, 
Katharina Ernhardt, 
Conradt Bowlong, 
Anna Bowlong, 
Christianna Lower, 
Johannes Herman Lower, 
Lawrence Webern, 
Henrick WeVjern, 
Apolonia Hogle, 
Adam Hogle, 
.Jacob Konrs, 
Johannes Konts, 
Christopher Rise, 
Friderick Rise, 
Elizabeth Rise, 
William Kellie, 
Adam Hemler. 
Barbara Hembler, 
Maria Schymer, 
Martin Bulinger, 
Martin Bulinger, 
Philip Timmerman, 
Juliana Timmerman, 
Michaeie Deeder, 
Johannes Deeder, 
Nicolas Ewick, 
Hans Jurey Ewick, 
Paul Wynhammer. 
Philip Wynhanier. 
Jacob Wynhanier. 
Maria Bastian, 
Matilina Bastian, 



Lawrence Bastiau, 

y Joiuuines Bastiau, J uii., 
'' ,- Anna Bastian, 
.' Elizabeth Bastian, 
Julian Shollin^'. 
Anna Maria Friddile, 
Maria Friddell, 
Antliony (rilbert, 
Ursilla Bott, 
Philil» Yericli, 
Anna Millia Franicin, 
V'alentine V'ield, 
Nicollas V^ield, 
Marf,'t Vield, 
Frederick Miller, 
Adam Hinnele, 
Margeretta Souder. 
Hans Adam Verner, 
Katharina Verner, 
Valentine Umstadt, 
Johannes Saf ranee, 
Conrad t Stock, 
Lawrence Konce, 
(TerdrudT Konce, 
Maria Konce, 
Eva Luman, 
Joh. Yirich Paiilse, 
:Nicolas Evelandt, 
Marg(?retta Mosen, 
Jacob Evelandt, 
Martin Bovver. 
Helena Bower, 
Johannes Everman. 
Maria Everman. 
Anna Albright, 
Barbara Albright, 
Jacob Albright. 
Henrick Young, 
Anna Young, 
Matelina Sadler, 
Alex. Sadler, 
H enrich Sadler. 
Katharina Sadler. 
Barbara Lochbergher, 
Maria Englandt, 
Anna Bayer, 

, Heriiiane Bastian, 
.Elizabeth Bastian, 
Henry Bowman, 
Lodawick Fridele, 
Jacob Friddile, 

Maria Francisios Friddile. 
Johan Balser Bott, 
Henrick Bott, 

Margeretta Yerich. 

Luisa Francisco Kn.iiiping. 

Elizabeth Vield, 

Pauia Vield. 

Elizabeth V^ield. 

Chrystian Snyder, 

Tomas Souder, 

Margeretta Souder, 

Katharina Verner, 

Adam Verner, 

Jacob Umstadt. 

Maria Stifrance, 

Bartholomy Moorhead, 

Maria Konce, 

Margt. Konce, 

Lodawick Luman, 

Maria Lughman, 

Katharina l^aulse, 

Regina Evelandt, 

Martine Evelandt, 

Maria Evelandt, 
Susanna Bower, 
Johannes Everman, 
Elizabetha Everman, 
Johannes Albright. 
Matelina Albright, 
Ch'-istiana Albright, 
Lodawick Albright, 
ElizaVieth Young, 
Johaii Y'oung, 
Conrad Sadler, 
Maria Loobacker. 
Catharina Sadlei-, 
Johannes Sadler, 
Adam Lochbergher, 
Christopher Englandt, 
Christopher Bayer, 
Leonard Momma, 



Julian Momma, 

JDavid Momma. 

Julian Momma, 

Henry Oswaldt, 

Marg'. Wayer, 

Eliz". Wayer, 

Lawrence Bawder, 

Henry A pie, 

Henrick Miller. 

Elizabeth Miller, 

Engele Derber, 

Mateline Seyler, 

Matelina Seylei-, 

Peter Grabele, 

Philip Smith, 

Jacob Neythelzer, 

Mai'ia Susanna JSTythalzer, 

Conradt Seyver, 

Elizabeth Seyver, 

Conradt Seyver, 

Susanna Tray, 

Johan Shullmyer, 

Michele Shullmyer, 

Marp:eretta Tray, 

Johannes Hanner, 

Elizabeth HenrickMessersmitt, 

Tomas Cryle, 

Christian Sneyder, 

Johau Leond Hermer, 

Johan Frans Rouse, 

Fredrich Meyer, 

Hans Jorig Samm, 

Thomas Orydle, Sen., 

Anthony Momma, 

Christian Momma, 

Katharina Momma, 

Leonardt Wayer, 

Anna Wayer. 

Johannes Smith, 

Rudolph Bonner. 

Frederick Baumgardner, 

Marg'. Miller, 

Peter Derber, 

Peter Seyler, 

Michale Seyler, 

Valentine Seyler 

Martha Seylei-, 

Maria Gabele, 
Johan Peter Smith, 
Si vile Nythelzer, 
Marg" Nythalzei-. 
Matelina Seyver, 
Lftwrence Seyver, 
Hans Yerick Tray, 
Jacob Tray, 
Katharina Shullmyer, 
Johannes Tray, 
Johan Conradt Tray, 
Johan Henrick Messersmitt, 
Martin Caplinger, 
Hans Wilhelm Brant, 
Conradt Sneyder, 
Peter Kynter, 
Paul us Leyderer, 
Hans Joreg Gump, 
Johan Adam Cryle, 
Johan Jerig Overcogler. 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Pixk Plais- 

FIED Sept. 21, 1732. 

(^eorg Bast, Joh. Cline, 

Melcher Feler, Bastian Rudi, 

Christian Huber, Samuel Ma\er,__ 

Martin Mayer, Jacob Schere. 



Paulns Hertzel, 
Felix Firisler, 
Mathes Muller, 
Johannes Muller, 
Daniel IStauffer, 
Hans breorg Wagner, 
Christian Besicker, 
Johaii .Jacob Koch, 
Johan Frantz Fuchs, 
Matthias Kramer, 
Ulrich Ziniiiiernian, 
Andreas Ptluckiuger, 

.loh. Wilhehu tStraup, 

Joh. Philip Kistner, 

Halthasar Schonberger, 

Johan Fulker, 

Jacob Kutz, 

Christian tJTrom, 

Peter Bicker, 

Ulrich Stalley, 

Hans Danler, 

Jacob Swisser, 

Nicklaus Peni, 

Jacob StaulTer, 

Hans (iesell, 

Philip Ott, 

Hans Lechteni, 

Henrich Hertzell, 

Nicolaus (Jarn, /' 

Henrich Harstlich, V 
Andreas Cramer, 
Johan WoltT Berlett, 

Hans Huber, 
Rudolph Reichert, 
Johan Philii) Muller, 
Conrath Bcharll', 
Hans Zimmerman, 
(reorg Petei- Knecht, 
Christian Martin, 
Johannes Huisiner, 
Hans Jacob Keyser, 
jSiicol Zimmerman, 
_ Sa)nel Harnisch, 
Christ'off xVlbrecht Lang, 
Georg Bernhart Mahr, 
Joh. Adam Zimmerman, 
ToV)ias Pechtluf, 
Carl Wagner, 
Stephen Long, 
Rudolff Christen, 
Hans Stomply, 
Paulas Keyser, 
Jacob Bloom, 
FranTz Stadel, 
Andreas Wolflf, 
Johan Landis, 
Elias Wagner, 
Ulrich Resser, 
Hans Albrecht Bucher, 
Hans Melchior Werffel, 
Hans Ulrich Wagner, 
Hans Leonhart Hertzell, 
Michael Scharer. 

\Thc original list is herewith givei).] 


Names. „„ 

John Filip Muller '^^ 

Johanes Muller, '^^ 

Jurig Bast, ^^ 

Johanis Cline .^^ 

■Conrad Shirff, ^ t 

Daniel Stiller ,,^ 

Hasston Rndey, ~^ 

(Uirist" Hufler, ^.^ 

Melker Feeler, ^^^ 

Hans Zimbermau 


Names. Age. 

Sam' Myear, 50 

Martin Myear, ... 37 

Jacob Schere, 65 

PauUus Hartsligh, 50 

Jurig Wagner, . . 50 

Hans Huber, 54 

Jurig Peter Knight, 31 

Christ" Martin, 63 

Jacob Hossakei', 46 

Fehx Fisier, _ .- 50 

Rudolf Richard 40 

Mathias Muller, 2(1 

Joan Jacob Rook, ' 32 

Johans Hunsinar, . 23 

Johanis Frans Fox, . 25 

Tobias Pekluff, 43 

Johanis Fulker, '58 

Carl Wagonar, 52 

. BoUser Schonbarger, 42 

Jacob Koots, 58 

Stepen Long, . 47 

Cliristian Strom, 20 

Rudolph Christon, -rT 4") 

Peter Biker, 32 

Hans Stemphley, 47 

Ulrich Stelley, " 32 

Hans Loight, 60 

Hans Jacol) Keyser, . . 24 

Paulus Keyser, 27 

Veliy Danler, 23 

Hans Danler, ' . . 25 

Mathias Cramer, 40 

Nicklos Zimberman, 50 

Ulrich Zimberman, 27 

Sam' Harnis, 28 

Jacob Bloom, .' 20 

Hans Sliear, 07 

Johannis (Tross, gg 

Andris Flockinger, 20 

Jacob Swisser 44 

Cliris Albrit Ijong, j^o 

John W'". Stope 44 

Juvig Banhartmaii, gj 

jSiclos Ish o^ 

Frans Stedel, 32 


Philip Kisner .... 3- 

Atlaui Ziinl)erinan, '''•^ 

Ulrigg Boucher, '*5 

Henrick Havtsligh 5^ 

Nichohs Peni, .... ' 28 

Andi-isWoolf, ^^ 




Nicholas Carn, . 
Hans Melker Werfle, 

•facob Stofar 

Johanis Landis, . . ^ 

Hans Kessel, ^"^ 

Uillrig Waginar, 20 

Hendrix Hartsligh, 40 

Hendrix Hartsligh, jun., 17 

John Jacob Felker, ^^ 

Lenard Hartsell. 24 

Urigg Hartsell, . 18 

Elias Waginar, 1^ 

l^illipUtt f 

Andris Cramer, '^^ 

Hans Woolf Barlet, 2o 

Wo77ien's Names. 

Anna Eve Conacten, "'* 

Catarrina Hartsell, ^\ 

Magdilen Carnin ^^ 

Anna Fellar, JO 

Eiza Bush ^ 

Salome Zimarman ^3 

Barbarey Bogaren ^^ 

Hester Rigard, ^'^ 

EizaPectlof, ^" 

Anna Barlit, . . 

Mari Marlin Wagner, . . • ^^ 

Annis ])ro\vtwine, ^ 

Barbr Hartsell, '^^ 

Anna Rosin Clin, 

Anna Margrit Man, 27 

Susan Riser, 

Katrin Man, ... ' 

>Maria Crisst, y^^' 

^ Maria Collar ^' 

Anna Dority Woolf ^J^ 

""^ Gfrany Augmon, ~\^ 

Anna Suck, 



Names. Age. 

Anna Stapan, 18 

Anna Maree Basst, * 44 

Katharina Koots, 58 

Anna Maree Shunburg, 27 

Anna Margreth Fox, 22 

Aploney Sliapen, 69 

Catariu Light 50 

Sharlot Stedel, 33 

Cnristan Muller, 35 

Ann Mare Mnler, • 26 

Eliza Kucliren, 30 

Barvil Fisler, 40 

(iraniTz Miear, 39 

Orsell Wagner > 48 

Madelen Bear, . . • 20 

Frena Bear, 18 

Frena Bulgren, . 22 

Eliz Cramir 62 

Anna Mire Miar, 82 

Baeba Stephen, 20 

Catarin Scrivers, ... 30 

Maria Catrin Swisar, 50 

Matlina Staniplin, 43 

Christan Bricker, . . 29 

Anna Harnis, 20 

Hestar Brollar 57 

Offel Long, 42 

Ells Marty, 60 

Anna Cratsar, 20 

Barbi] Ziniarnian, 27 

Anna Stalley, 27 

Anna Mare Bissacor 20 

Eliz Zimarinan 30 

EHza Bezengreen, 24 

Matelin Sharin 20 

Cxeravin Martin, . . " 16 

Anna Light, 19 

Barbary Hufarin, 18 

(jraiiey Hufar, 20 

.-^Marey (irist 80 

Cristan Hartsel, 27 

Eliz Burn, 18 

, Maria Crisst 18 

Maria (jotliven Riearten, 17 

Orrla Feslarin 20 

Magdelin Tlieren. . 26 


Hans Zinibennan, 
Bastian Zinibennan, 
Jacob Man, 
Jacob Hubav, 
Jacob Miar, 
Christen Miar, 
Hans Peter Steley, 
John Manvell Brallion, 
Bastian Roots, 
Konyard Richarts, 
Jacob Foglear, 
Hans Urig Mulir, 
Jacol) Bizanor, 
Mat bias Cline, 
Maria Ziniberuian, 
MagreTt Wagenor, 
Anna Barl)a Brickrer, 
Anna Barbra Stelin, 
Franck Martin, 
Jacob Benia Hatslin, 
Margaret Karn, 
Eli 7, Hezelarin, 
IMichael Share. 


Christian Zimberman, 

Jolianas Bast, 

Hans ]\rartin Hiiinir, 

Jacob Burn, 

Martin Miar, 

Hans Pickleather, 

Martin Marta, 
Kangur Pactoll, 

Andaris Steedet, 

Urik Will'" Karn, 
Christopher Muler, 

Filip Mulir, 
John Barnats Strop, 
Hendrick Cline, 
Magritt Kisaron, 
Anna Miar, 
El/. Brickerin, 
Maria Zimberman, 
Soffia Catarina Picktlen, 
Margrit Bugerin, 
Margaret Kerharten. 
Ulrich Reyser, 


Sept. 23 1732. 

Michael Brandt, 
Johannes Art/., 
Balthas Stuber, 
Andreas Horn, 
Hieronynuis Crlantz, 
Michael Moser, 
Georg Unruh, 
Michel Potts, 
John Wingleplech, 
Malteis Riegel, 

Michael Koogh, 

An'lreas Wise, 

Conrad Clewer, 

Tobias Moser, 

Michael (xross, 
ffeorg Moser, 
Andreas Kihan,!/' 
David Holtzeder, 
David Fischer, 
Simon Meyer, 
Con rath l^ang, 
Johannes Schott. 
Henrich Steger, 
Henrich Lips, 
Simon Ciillinger, 
Cieorg Riegel, 
Nicolans Bartle, 
Andreas Schanp, 



Leon hard Moser, 
Hans Michael Muller, 
Friedrjch Tendelspach, 
Hans Martin Ronger, 
Hans Leonart Gram, 
Baltzar Bortner, 
Johannes HeJ^erhng, 
Daniel Kohuer, 
Hans Ulrich Hey, 
_ Johannes Becker, 
Jean Le Gene, 
Nicholas Bogerdt, 
Hans Georg Lehner, 
Hans Michael Hagg, 
Hans Peter Steyger, 

Mathias Walder. 
Jolian Geoi-g Prauner, 
Hans Georg Able, 
Hans Paulus Zantsinger, 
Lorentz Zwirner, 
Hans Leonhard Nydy, 
Hans Jacob Gander, 
Mattheas Wagner, 
Bernhart Shertle, 
Paul Le Gene, 
Vallentin Scheib, 
Johannes Grawius, 
Hans Melcher Stecher, 
Georg Michael Mack, 
Leonard Aani. 

[The orir/inal list is herewith given.] 



Michell Millier, ' 3q 

Michell Brand, 22 

Mich' Groce, og 

George Briner, 

Friderick Tendellzek, 

Hans Jerig Able, 

Martine Ronger, 




■ • ■ 38 

Paul Songlinger, 20 

David Ollseller, 45 

Jn"- Arts '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'. 35 

George Moser 4^ 

Balkar Sreever, . 00 

Andreuss Killiaen, qq 

Jerimy Glance, 29 

Andreuss Home, 00 

Matt Wallder 25 

David Fessher, 4q 

Mich Mossher, og 

Sim Mieire, 40 

Lawrence Swiner, 45 

Yerack Onru, ^^ 

Conratt Long, 00 

Mich Pots, _ ^Q 

Pantcy Porternei- ;^^ 

Hans Linnard Nidy, 28 

J no. Habling, g2 



J no. Shoale. . . . 
J no. Winc-leplank, 
Jendrick 8teiger, 
Mathias Richall. 
Jacob Canter, . 
Hendrich Lifts, 
Dan' Coll more, . . 
Matt Wagner, 
Oellrigt Hour, . 
Bernaerd Shirt le, 
Mich' Kogh, . . . 
Sim Gillanger, 

Jn". Baker, 

Paule Lissen, .... 

Jn". Lissen 

Andrews Wise, 

George Regalle. ... 
Fellting Shyp, ... 
Nick. Bocker, 
Jno. Grairfeus, . . 

Conrod Cle%^er, ... 

Nick. Bortle 

Tobias Mosser, .... 
Andreas Schaup, . . . 
Leonart Moser, . . . 
Paulas Moser, .... 
H ans Jorig Luhtner. 
Hans Melclier Stecher, 
Hans Michal Haagh, . 
George Michal Meek, 
Hans Pieter Styger, . 
Leonard Aam, .... 













23 ^- 






■23 / 





Names of Wotneii. 

Even Miller, 



Anna Margrett Branden, ^^ • 

Ossell Trumpin 

Marrea Medl Glance, 

Hannah Combin, do • 

Marrea Kinn, do. 

Marrea Barber, do 

Marrea Margretet 

Appalona Ollseller 

Margeratt Walton, 



Names. Age. 

Margeratt Ollsellev, 57 

Even Mosser, 40 

Even Barber Mosser, 50 

Christian Mosser, 24 

Mattlena Mosser, 28 

Even Cliristian Stigen, 23 

Marrea Barb Stiver, 30 

Eve Cripsizer Stiver, 48 

Anna Marrea Fissher, 25 

Susanah Barber Mosser, • 40 

Even Medlelen, do 53 

Marrea Lagener, do 32 

Marrea Mirene, <lo 38 

Hanah Sriger, 46 

Credle Stiger, 57 

Margret Potts, 22 

Margret Orone, 25 

Hannah Boble Long, 28 

Hannah Unruine, 26 

_ Appolona Afferline, 35 

AHzabeath Winlvleplanlvin, 36 

Mattelena Colemerrine, 36 

Uelly Hannah Liipysine, 24 

Marreas Righne 23 

Katterene Shoulen, 3-I 

Margeratte Clever, 44 

Katterrena Kanteren, 38 

Merreless Porterren, 37 

Margreate Nyden, 25 

Katterrena Paulteren .25 

Luiss Lissen, 3g 

Susannah Orttsine 39 

Credlelass Bennech, 53 

QirW Names. 

Merreless Bennech, Y 

Johanna Luiss Lissine, 3 

Marrea Katterine Lissine 9 

Johane Maria Lissine jj 

Marrea Martine Kanten, 4 

Hanna Mela Porterren g 

Hanna Mirea Shoulen 6 

Karterrena Shoulen 4 

Ciedleless Winkleplanken, 32 


Hanna Boble Winkleplankeu, [ 

Margerate Pottsen, ^ 

Margerate Stigeren, 

Appaloiia Mireneii, 

Kattereua Fisher ^^ 

Haiuiless Fisher, ^^ 

Haunainela Cripsizer, 

Hanua Margrett Cripsizer ^^ 

Hannah Boble Cripsizer, ^ 

Even Boble (Jripsizer, •. • • ^^ 

Hanna Margrett Mosser, ^^ 

Anna Marea Mosser, 

Anna Margreatte Mosser ^^ 

Allena Marger Ollseller, ^ 

Marrea Boble, ^ 

Anna Margreate Glance, ^^^ 

Susanna Ossell Trumpt, ^ 

Anna Barberer Trumpt, 

Boys' Names. 

Hance Adam Trumpt, ^ 

Hance Micalle Glance, ^.^^ 

Hance Peter Ollseller, , '^| 

Basion Mosser, ^^ 

Simon Mosser, ^ 

Hans Jerick Mosser, ^^ 

Hance Jerick Miere, ^ 

Hance Lennord Miere, ^^ 

Jerick Adam Stiger, ^'^ 

Hance Micall Potes, g 

Hance Felter Haverlene, ,^ 

Passion Shoule, j^^ 

Hance Felter Winkleplankeu, ^. 

Larrance Lessen, 


Jno. Jacob Cahter, .^ 

Jno. Jerack Cahter, ^'^ 

Jacob Portterner, ^., 

Simon Bennites, - 

.Tolianas Artes, 



List of Forkigners Imported in the Ship Loyal Judith, 
OF London. Robert Turpin. Master, from Rotterdam. 
QrALiFiED Sept. 25, 1732. 

Andreas (raar, 
MaTthes BaarsTeyn, 
Peter Kreiter, 
Jacob Miller, 
John Auterbach, 
Michael Peutz, 
Job. Christian Sluiltz, 
Johan Michael Ebert. 
Johann Jacol) Abel, 
Hans Philii) Spansailer 
Hans Burghart,' 
Friderich Kuhller, 
Hans (jreorg Pelinan, 
Johann Carl Reyer, 
.Jacob Lishire, 
Conrad Fey, 
Leonhart Hegell, 
Henrich Acker, 
Hans Kuntz, 
Cronomns Miller, 
Peter Saudter, 
Martin Heilman, 
Johan <Teo. Friderich. 
Johann Veit Jort?ev. 
Jacob Buhhnayer, 
Georg Peter Schultes. 
Joli. George Nadderman, 
Joh. Friedrich Hesser, 
Matthes Schmidt, 
JacoV) Spansaler, 
Michael Eniinert, 
Geo. Midi. Rey, 
Johannes Vogel, 
Jonas Wolf, 
Marcus Jung, 
Johan Hecker, 
John Geo. Furkill, 
Hans Georg Raiib, 
Georg MuUer, 
Friedrich Schaffer, 
Casper Kramer, 
Jacob Pretz, 

Jacol) Steli, 
Rudolph Brown, 
Johannes Kreiter. 
Henrich (xobell, 
Peter Ranch, 
Jacol) Kuntzel, 
Johann Adam Gaar, 
Johann Adam Abel, 
Johan Georg Schmidt, 
Hans Peter Schafer, 
Hans Georg Noll, 
Hans Georg Wagner, 
John Michael Rover, 
Fridrich Ehley, 
Liidwig Happel, 
Philip Raup, 
Bernard Walter, 
Wilhelm Berne, 
Paulas Muller, 
Hans Weldtli, 
Samuel Griffe, 
Andreas Schenk, 
Johan Geoi'g Honnig, 
Geo. Michael Schmidt, 
Joh. Michael Hoffacker, 
\ Johann Peter Kucher, 
Hans Jacob Stambach, 
Joh. Fried Burghart, 
Henrich Papst, 
Christian Reep, 
Phil. Ernst Kruber, 
Hans Georg Able, 
JohaiHies Bentz. 
Lenhart Lotz, 
Henrich Leibacher, 
Baltzer Conkell, 
Johannes Bintnagel, 
Johan Shu man. 
Christian Gum, 
Johannes Reep, 
(■onrad Walther, 
Joh. Geo. F. Emmert, 



.Toll. Martin Reier, 
Matt ha us 8chultz, 
Hans (Teorj; Riser, 
Philip Jaeol) x\cker, 
Hans Midi' Criger, 
Hans David Lentz, 
Joh. (jreorj^ Hotfnian, 
Martin Weylirecht, 
(-reorg Christoph Lay, 
Hans Antoni (iasser. 
Johan Niclvlas Ranier. 
Hans Martin Ban, 
Johanes Schmeltzer, 
Hans Martin Wevbrecht. 

Hans David Ely, 
Philip Ludwig (xuli, 
Creorg Adam Riser, 
Jolumn (Teorg Ruck, 
Hans (Teorg Kuntz, 
Joh. Philip 8auter, 
Johannes Heilnian. 
Joh. (jreo. ()l)erniuller, 
Andreas Cochenderff, 
Hans H enrich Eckler, 
Johannes Zusser, 
Hans (ieoig Tran. 
Johannes Rebnian, 
Hans (jeorg Birstler. 

[The original list i.v hcrewitli giveji.] 


Andreas Chars 

Adam Char, 

Jn" Michell Emort 

Jacob Stealy, 

John Adam x\ble, 

Hans Jacob Able 

^latthew Barstayn. 

Roland Brown, 

Mathias Smith, 

Hentlrick Papts, 

John Jurigh Smith, 

.lolin Jurigh Brothell 

Phillip Spinchire, 

Jacob Spinchire, 

Peater Scheaver, 

Christian Reap, 

Piter Kitter, 

Jacobb Miller, 

Hendrick Gaabell, 

Johnas Oterpack, 

Jurgh Burghart, 

John Jurgh Noll, ... 

Petter Roucli. 

Fredrick Killer, 

John J urge Waganer, 

Mickell Pontes, . . ... 

John Jacol) Rinpell, 

John Jurgh Pelman, . . . 



Names. Ai;e. 

John Mickell Raver, 4.") 

Hants Carll Reaver 22 

Hants Martin Raver, ](i 

Christien Ely, 4!) 

Hants David Elly, 20 

Jacob Lishire, 37 

Jacol) Lishire 30 

Ladwick Hapiiell. 30 

Mathews Shitz 34 

Coneard Fify, " 52 

3^hillp Lendea, C'eavy 20 

Hans J urge Reser, 52 

Jurgh Adani Reser, 22 

Philhp Roup, 51 

Michell Roup, 22 

Lenord Kegill 4y 

Barnard Walter, 58 

Conrad Millear, 17 

Hendrick Acker, 32 

PhiUip Jacob Acker, 30 

John Jurgh Rick, 32 

Hants Mickell Kragin, 31 

Jurigh Kitter, 37 

W"" Bearne 30 

Jurgh Hants Kunts 55 

Hants Jurgh Kunts, 19 

John David Linee 20 

Ravlin Miller. 53 

Crononius Miller 23 

Hants Wattlee, 50 

Petter Sowder, 48 

Hants Philipp Sowder {7 

Saniuell Griffe, 45 

Johanes Jerig ffoufnian 45 

ftlartien Heylinan 23 

Johannes Heylman, 10 

Martin Waybrick 43 

Jurigh Harknian 28 

Hants Jurig Oiireniiler, 24 

Christopher Lay 37 

Johan Jurig Fredrik 30 

Hants Jurigh Honick 20 

Jolm Heyl Jurigher, 42 

Andreas Shank 23 

Mickell Smith 25 


Na7nes. Age. 

Jacob Billmayer, 18 

Mickell Emert, 42 

Phillip Gripper, 29 

John Mickell Houjiacker 32 

Fetter Shulter 20 

Fetter Cooker 20 

Jurigh Mick'^' Rev, 22 

John Cristian iShults, V. D. M 30 

John Jurgli Hotrenian 32 

JacoVj Stainbagh, 28 

John Fridrick Hayster, 25 

Hants Jurgh Able 63 

Jacob Krech 22 

John Fradrick Burghart, 30 

Johanes Vogall 32 

Johannes Pens 23 

Hants Andreas Cochenderfer, — 

Hants Adam Gasser, 32 

Johan Hendrick Eckler 21 

Jonas Wolf 40 

Lenard Lofts, 25 

Marcous Jong 23 

Mathew Jong 21 

Hendrick Laybagger 46 

Johan Nicolas Reynier 30 

Joseph Baker, 25 

Baltser Conkell 30 

Valentayn Rocpert, -28 

Jn° J urgh Turkill 28 

Hants Bintneagle, 31 

Hants Jurgh Roup, 27 

Hans Shooman '. 32 

Johanes Ester 25 

Hans Martan Ruer, 30 

Jurigh Miller, 23 

Hants Jurgh Strian, 21 

Johannes Smeltrer, 26 

Johannes Repman, 19 

Johann Michell Albert, 20 

Christian Ryni, • 33 

Fredrick Sheav.M* 1^ 

Hans Martin Waybright, • • 1'^ 

Johannes Reep, 

Casper Creamer, 

5-VoL. XVIL 



Name. . Age. 

Conraad Walter, — 

John Jorig Fredrich Emert, — 

Jacob Rats, - — 

List of Forkigners Imported in the Ship Mary, of Lon- 
don, John Gray, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 26, 1732. 

Nicolas Staller, 
Conrath Miller, 
Christian Kling. 
Nicolas Steniple, 
Christoph Kisor, 
Cornelius Teele, 
Albrecht Strauss, 
Casper Miere, 
Georg Schussler, 
Georg Phillip Pier, 
Conrad Aberuian, 
Hans Michel Walck. 
Stephen Kennamer, 
Henry Cheesler. 
Joh. F. Rauschenberger, 
Christian Minier, 
Jacob Walder, 
Sinion Muller, 
Albrecht Hass, 
Georg Kling. 
Michael Dorr, 
Martin Ernst, 
Hans Georg Froschauer, 
Hans Jacob Eberman. 
Hans Adam Miller, 
Hans Henrich Teny, 
Jean Louis Avier, 
Hans Georg Embright, 
Georg Felte Pickel, 
Johannes Schaffner, 
Christopher Pickel, 

Jacob Reitlershan, 
Dewald Kase, 
Jacob Stempel, 
•Tacob Haul). 
Reinholt Ezle, 
Daniel Billiger, 
Andreas Moser, 
Jacob AVurth, 
Heprich Chesler, 
Joh. .Tacob Dreibelbiss, 
Hans GeorgEbenno, 
Hans Jacob Wurth, 
Johannes Mayer, 
Hans Jacob Cheesler, 
Jacob Marcus Imler, 
Jacob Walter, 
Herman Sin. 
Winnale Cattler, 
Carl Lisa, 
Johannes AVerth, 
Pierre Fleury, 
Nicolaus Kint, 
Michael Eberman, 
Johann Laudermilch, 
Hans Georg Minier, 
Hans Adam Roberts, 
Johann (Teorg Kohl, 
Hans Peter Verley, 
Hans Michel Mentz, 
Johannes Huber. 


[The orif/Dial list is lirrcwith fjivoi.] 
Na7nes. Af/es. 

Nicolas Taller 45 

Hance Froshorn, -^3 

Michal AV^reman 5<5 

Jacob Abreman 19 

Arnold Treetershan. 48 

Conerat Miller 40 

Fable Kees . . 20 

Christen Clinger 26 

Jacob Steinple 40 

Nicolas Stemple, 70 

Johan Loudmilch, 28 

Hansad Miller 23 

Jacol) Hoak 25 

Christo})her Kozer, 36 

Cornel us Teele, 25 

Jerick Philiv) Pear, ' 27 

Daniel Peliger 30 

Albright Strows, 20 

Jacob Triolpare, • • 23 

Conrade Abrainan, 23 

Anders Moser 24 

Casj)er Maire, 20 

Hance Jerick Ebener, 34 

Hance Hahvaloi> 25 

Hance Jacol) Wartt, 56 

Hance Jacol) Wartt 17 

Haffa Kenama, 60 

Jacob Kenama, 16 

Johanes Mozer, 23 

Henery Chissler 52 

Hance Jacob Chissler 22 

Jerick Chissler, 18 

Henery Chissler 16 

John Frederick Roasenl)urg 19 

Jacob Walter, 48 

Jacob Walter 19 

Herman Sin, 25 

Simon Miller, 25 

Wennell Kettle 43 

Rhineholt Ysel, 32 

All)right Hawse 33 

Erreck Mens Eniler .... 27 

Carle Lissey 20 

Michal Mans 33 


Names. Age. 

Hance Erick Cling, 16 

Jacob Hasinan, 40 

Johannes Went, 27 

Michal Davis, 37 

Hance Jericke Deave, 16 

Christan Mineer, 28 

Hance Jerck Mineer, 26 

Henrick Tersey 19 

Hance Adam Roberts 48 

John Lew Dellvasong, 18 

Pece Flewies, 36 

Leonhart Sable, 40 

Hance Jareck Cole, 26 

Hance Martin Errenst, 26 

Hance Jergenbright, 4;") 

Johanes Hoover, 57 

Hance Peter Verly, . ' 27 

Hance Errick Smith, 44 

Canesh Ever, 30 

Jerricks Felder Pickle, 33 

Jeneck Hennick Right 17 

Nicolas Kents 58 

Baldos Click 33 

Christopher Pickle. 48 

Johan Philop Pickle, 16 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Dragon, Chas. 
Hargrave, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 
30, 1732. 

Peter Matern, Hans Georg Soldnier. 

Christ. Hoffmann. Michel Dirr, 

Hans Laabour, Jacob Leipersburger, 

Leonhard Slosser. George Road, 

\^ Peter Raudenbusch, Leonhard Miller, 

Johannes Witman, Henrich Gruber, 

Peter Schlosser, Jacob Klein, 

Hans Georg Hegi, Christian Hubei- 

Andreas Schlauch, Simon Belsner, 

Johannes Geiger, Henrich Easier, 

.7 oh. Dietrich Greiner, Johan Georg Greiner, 

Johannes Schreyiackh.y Han Wilhelm Ziegler, 



Johan Phil. Hoftmanu, 
Hans Michel Reisner, 
Michael Graff, 
Geortr Fantz, 
Georg Hayle, 
Ludwig Sype, 
Henrich Klein, 
Hans Georg Dirr, 
Hans Adam Bender, 
Joh. Wilheliu Franck, 
Hans Peter Wolff, 
Hans Rudolph lUig, 
George Ludwig Schut/., 
Johanu Jacob Beyerle, 
Hans Georg Heill, 


.loh. Nicklaus Muller, 
Johau Philip Schlauch, 
Lenhart Bentz, 
Tobias Ball, 
Georg Seib, 
Frantz Seib, 
Joh» Friedrich Roixiich, 
Martin Weidknecht, 
Johau Adam Romioh, 
Hans Jacob Schrock.-^i^ 
Johan Heerburger, 
Hans Martin Kappler, 
Christophel Beser, 
Hans Ulrich Bear, 
Felix Brunner. 

[T/i>- original 
Andrea;5 Beetel, 
(Teorg Dirr, 
Martin Wytknecht, 
Jacob Lypersberger, 
Wendel Laaber, 
Adam Romich, 
Leonhard Schlosser, 
William Franck. 
t/ Henry Rowdenbosh, 
Henrich Groober, 
Johannes Hearburger 
Jacob Klein, 
Johanu Kyjer, 
Hans Georg Kroner, 
Peter Schlosser, 

Johannes Shryok,' 

Christian Hoober, 

Pliilip Hoffmann, 

Jacob Hayea, 

Simon Peltzner, 

Andreas Shlowch, 

Rudolph Illick, 

Henrich Baasler, 

Leonhard Pence, 

Tobias Paul, 

Georg T. Sober, 

list is /tercwith giv€>i.] 
Peter Matern, 
Michael l)irr, 
Christoph Hoffman, 
Georg Adam Bender 
Georg Roodt, 
Frederich Romicli, 
Leonhard Muller, 
^ Peter Rowdenbosh, 
Jacob Shark, 
Peter Wolff. 
Johan Wiltman, 
Henrich Klein, 
Wilhelm Kyjer, 
Dietrich Kraner, 
William T. Siegler, 
Jyicolaus Muller, 
Daniel Steinmetz, 
Johan Hayea, 
Gorg Hayea, 
Philip Shlowch, 
Michael Rysner, 
Martin Kopler, 
Ludwig Schitz, 
Michael Graaf, 
Georg Fawntz, 
Jacob Byerle, 



Christoph Basserer. 
Ulrih Bare, 
Georg Hay], 
Georg Syp, 
Frans Syp, 
Laurence Bechtle, 
Michael NuhIocIi, 
Jacob Tups, 
Hans Geofg Soldne" 

Siuiou Basserer, 

Georg Bare, 

Georg Adam Hayl, 

Ludwick Syp, 

Henrich Zowck, 

Felix Bronner, 

Dietrich Booeher, 

Wolfgang Birle. 

Friderich Englehart Uhlmann. 

A List of Foreigners Importkd ix tkk Ship Pleasaist, 
J. Morris, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Oci. 
n, 1732. 

Henrich Spengler, 
Friedrich Bassler, 
Johann Georg Senck, 
Jacob Friederich Klem, 
Ulrich Peters, 
Georg Spengler, 
Henrich Roth, 
Henrich Eckert, 
Fehx Miller, 
Friederich Notz, 
LTlrich Basler, 
Valentin Muller, 
Georg Michel Favian, 
Matthias Jurian, 
Phillip Schilling, 
Jacob Hornberger, 
Hans Bern Kuntzer, 
Mathies Anibross, 
Joh. Casper AVenterott, 
Han Michel Schnatterly, 
Johannes TafTehneyer, 

George Bar, 
Ulrich Badner, 
Baltzer Spengler, 
Johan Jacob Tinianus, 
Georg Hans Ped, 
Georg Keller, 
Jacob Paduni, 
Conrath Kolb, 
Johannes Gamber, 
Johannes Moak, 
Georg Mess, 
Conrad Rowp, 
\J Isaac Raudenbusch, 
Hans Georg Flack, 
Conrad Glasbrenner, 
Hans Peter Siegmund, 
Hans Philip Kresler, 
Hans Adam Schilling, 
Geo. Philip Schnatterly 
Hans Michel Hoffman. 

[The nrirrinal list I'.s herevitli r;ive7i.] 

Names. ' ^^^i, 

Pa.lster Spinj^ler, 24 

Henrey Spingler, c,q 

Johannes Keller. on 

' Oi 

Jarriek Senet, 05 


Names. ' A</)'. 

Jai'rick Bare, 21 

Lenuard Lutes, 24 

Ulrey Betterinan, 25 

Ulrick Fetters, 24 

Jarrick Henrick Fetters, 19 

Jarrick Spinj^ler, 31 

Jarrick Keller, 20 

Jacob Fritlrick Cliin, IT 

Henrey Roch, 20 

Jacob Fodom, 18 

Johanna Jacob Timmaner, , 20 

Isick Rouddebus 27 

Marthiy Jargon, 30 

Henrey Akers, 40 

JarickFoUick 30 

Jarrick Fisell, 23 

Phillip Shilhn, 30 

Connard Colp, . 34 

Connard Claspanner, 30 

Connard Ralfure, 29 

Fetter Ralfure, 25 

Jacob Hornbarger, 33 

Hance Fetter Signiount 23 

Barnet Counts, <^5 

Felicks Meller 40 

Connard Hellabran, 34 

Fhilip Crasler, 20 

Marthies Ambrose, ^7 

Johannes Canibord, 3'2 

Fridrick Nots, 32 

David Menner, . . . " •■ 20 

Adam Shillin 24 

Micharl Coch ^^ 

Johannes Moke, ^4 

Andrew Swiser, • ^^ 

Jacob Frock, 40 

Fridrich Fasler, • "" 

Olrey Fasler, ■ .. . . ^ . . 30 

Micharl Favon, ^^ 

Gasper Winterout, 28 

Jarrick Fhillip fenattherly, 28 

Jarrick Carne, ... -'•J 

Hance Micharl Snather]> , 

Jarrick Mess 


Valhntine Miller, ^^ 



Ifa7nts. Age. 

Hance Michr' Hofman, 34 

Johannes Tablemier, 23 

Cristofour Spraler, 33 

Jarrick Mich"^ Favon, 23 

David Meneir, — 

J. George Passage, — 

Connar Roupe, 33 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Pink, John 
AND William, of Sunderland, Constable Tymperton, 
Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Oct. 17, 1732. 

Moretz Lorentz, 
Georg Albright, 
Jacob Brakebill, 
Bartel Maul, 
Johannes Jagi, 
Peter Smidt, 
Christian Lau, 
Nicholas Paschon, 
Bernhard Weymer, 
Felten Schydecker, 
Pieter Hayvigh, 
Fridrich Wyssel, 
cjoh. Philip Reinhardt, 
Hans Georg Rohbach, 
Hans Philip Gleis, 
Johan Martin Schoffer, 
Benedict BrechbiJl, 
Michal Blomhauer, 
Conrad Low, 
Jacob Weber, 
Abraham Dubo, 
Antoni Albrecht, 
Nicklaus Koger, 
Gideon Hoffer, • 
Jacob Henrich, 
Han Georg Sprecher, 
Joh. F'klaus Boschung, 
Johar aul Derst, 
Phili^j Melchior Meyer, 
Johan Peter Apfol, 

C. V^ielgar, 
Laurens Kieflfer, 
Stephen Mattes, 
Hans Emich, 
Johannes Nagel, 
Baltzer Gurlach, 
Stephan Matz, 
Hans Georg Martin, 
Hans Ehr. Vosselmann, 
Johannes Deyman, 
Michal Weissel, 
Ludwig Johan Herr, 
Georg Adam Stis, 
Joh. Nicklaus Schmid, 
Sebastian Truckmuller, 
Hans Peter Brechbill, 
Hans Brechbill, 
Casper Willauer, 
Ludwig Hugel, 
Johannes Schook, 
Adam Wilt, 
Conrad Getts, 
Matheus Mauser, 
Hans Riehl, 
Johannes Vogle, 
George Veibert, 
Joh. Michael Hoffman, 
Hans Jacob Reyel, 
Mathias Rubichon, 
Joh. Georg AVahnsidel, 
Johan Jacob Scherr. 



[ Tlie original 

Hans Earhart Vosselman, 

Hans Emich, 

Laurence Rosier, 

Stephven Marts, 

Pieter Huvigh, 

Fridi'ich Wisel, 

Philip Melchionar, 

Johannes Yege. 

Philip Reynhait, 

Benedick Britljill, 

Hans Britbill, 

Hans Jerick Spreaker, 

Pieter Sinidt, 

Johan Michael Hufman, 

Bernard Weymer, 

Christian Low, 

Ijudwick Hugel, 

Morris Lorrence, 

Hans Jacob Keyl, 

Philip Jacob Proops, 

Abraham Dubo, 

Hans Jerick Roenbach, 

Adam Wih, 

Antonia Albrecht, 

Joseph Houbly, 

Conrad Gets, 

Jacob Kooyer, 

Bastian Trookmiller, 

Hans Keyl, 

Hans Jerich Martin, 

Paul Derst, 

Mathias Rubichon, 

Jacob Hendrick, 

Johan Jerich Vansettel, 

Jerich Vybert, 

Michael Proops, 

list is kcreivith ;jiven.'\ 

Pieter Harbyn, 
Helfliek Shedeicher, 
Joliannes Dej'nen, 
Fridrich Cooler, 
-Michael Wysel, 
Laurence Kelyfer, 
Ludwick Melchionar, 
Bartel Moll, 
Hans Pieter Britbill, 
Jacob Britbill. 
Johan Vintenhelver, 
Johannes Nagel, 
Johannes Hunsam, 
Nicholus Parishon, 
Balsar Gerloch, 
Conrad Low, 
Jacob Weyber. 
Johannes Shook, 
Jerig Adam Stis, 
Michael Miller, 
Philip Dubo, 
Johan Michael Smit, 
Gerich Allirecht, 
Hans Woolf Doopel, 
Hans Philip Glais, 
Nicholaus Kooyer, 
Mathias Menser, 
Gedon Huffer. 
.Tohan Martin Stropfield, 
Casi)errias Vielard, 
Hendrick Gek, 
Johannes Vigilie, 
PhiHp Melchior Meyer, 
P'eter Apfel, 
Jacob Sheare, 

Woinen and Childreyi. 

Margaret Harbyn, 
Nichohis Emich, 
Jacob Emich, 
Cathrina Matts, 
Dorothy Kooler, 
Barbara Hyvigh, 

Elisabetha Margareta, 
Dorothy Emich, 
Johannes Emich, 
Marilas Shyndech, 
Dorothy Rosar, 
Elisabeth Kooler, 



Ablonia Wysel. 
Barbara Kuyer, 
Johan David Kuyer, 
Anna Fugo Melchionar, 
Paliana Yege, 
Maria Britbill, 
Maria Helferen, 
Cathrina Spreakering, 
Cathrena Shabel, 
Maria Haufinan, 
Magdalena Panehson, 
Hendrich Panehson, 
Eve Panehson, 
Johannes Veymert, 
Anna Gluf Lowan, 
Christian Lowan, 
Margaret Lowan, 
■" Christina Bever, 
Dorothy Bever, 
Maria Shooken, 
Maria Shooken, 
Jacob Lorrence, 
Jerick Reylen, 
Catharin Spis, 
Susanna Spis. 
Felder Proops, 
Cathrina Miller, 
Caspar Miller, 
Michael Miller, 
Anna Dubo, 
Barbara Albrecht, 
Hans Albrecht, 
Bernard Husslich, 
Maria Glassen, 
Cathrina Trookmiller, 
Michael Reyl, 
Anna Martin. 
Michael Martin, 
Charl. De Meyeren, 
Johan Revenooch, 
Sophia Rynhart, 
Anna Wyberton, 
Maria Vyberton, 

"■ Susanna Wysel, 
"" Barbara Wysel, 

Maria Savina Kuyer, 

Luodwick Melchionar, 

Maria Katrina Melchionar, 

Katrina Moll, 

Anna Britbill. 

Christophel Helferen, 

Maria Nagelin, 

Maria Sniit, 

Eva Haufiuan, 

Andreas Panehson, 

Maria Panehson, 

Barbara Veymert, 

Maria (xerloeh, 

Philip Lowan, 

Barbara Lowan, 

Anna Hagel Reyn, 
._ Jacob Bever, 

Barbara Lorrence. 

Hans Shooken, 

Cathrina Shooken, 

Eve Reylen, 

Jacob Vorg, 

Michael Proops, 

Cathrina Miller, 

Christophbena Mille 

Hans Miller, 

Cathrina Proops, 

Anna Smit. 

Peter Albrecht, 

Susan Husslieh. 

Michael Husslieh, 

Maria Getson, 

Cathrina Reyl, 

Maria Reyl. 

Maria Martin, 

Magdalena Vielard, 

Cathrina Vansettel, 
' Apalonia Apel, 

Anna Kootson, 

Gertruy Smiden, 

Susan Vvberton. 



List of Foreigners iMPORTEn ix the Ship Samuel, of 
London, Hugh Percy, Master, from Rotterdam, qual- 
ified Aug. 17, 17o3. 
Hans Peter Frey, 
Abraham Kuhii, 
Jacob Rausher, 
Henrich Bischof, 
Andreas Frey, 
Michael Schmidt, 
Friederich Alldorffer, 
Hans Leonard Wolff, 
Hans Wolf Eiseman, 
Hans Werfel. 

Solomon Miller, 

Kilian Schmid, 

Melchor Wagner, 

Andreas Wigner, 

Caspar Millhouse, 

Jacob Fegely, 

Johan Lorig, 

Lorentz Schnepp, 

Henrich Beter, 

Peter Cornelius, 

Marx Gleim, 

Henrich Haller, 

Mattheis Ley, 

Michael Sturt/.ebach, 

Johan Lechtenwallner, 
•"^Hans Georg Ruch, 
-Hans Jacob Ruch,^ 

Hans Leonhart Leber, 

Henry Meder. 

Hans Jacob Mathis, 

Joh. Jacob Griesinger, 

Hans Kaspar Eysseman. 

Han Jacob Kammerlin. 

Han Michael Probst, 

Joh. Casper Korber, 

Joh. Henrich Adam, 
HanCasper Brenner. 

Joh. Conrad Kampff, 
Christian Kampff, 
Jacob Gerkenhauser, 
Joh. Peter Knobell, 
Ulrich Fhckiner, 

Han Bernhardt Trostell. 
Elias Theiler, 
Friedrich Kuhn, 
Christian Krobs, 
Peter Cuntz, 
Friederich Leiby, 
Hans Georg Peck, 
Hans Georg Wervel, 
Hans Casper Jost, 
Hans Fries, 
Martin Scheib, 
Hans Jacob Hoff, 
Christian Loflfel, 
Michael Probsc, 
Johann Kauflfman, 
Andreas Weltz, 
Jacob Wenger, 
Johannes Schnepp, 
Martin W^anner, 
Henrich Roth, 
Nicolaus Kan, 
Elias Hasele, 
Jacob- Krater, 
Hans Peter Beissel, 
Han Georg Strohauer, 
.Johan Jacob Ziminer, 
Johan Georg Ruch, 
Johannes .facob Ritt, 
Peter Drachsel. 
Lorentz Seyboot, 
Johan Lenhart Weiss, 
Johan Philip Hotzer, 
Justus Simon Wagner, 
Hans Adam Lang, 
Han Georg Zoller, 
Joh. Henrich Fischer, 
Joh. Wilhelm Fischer, 
Peter Ensminger, 
Gilbert KainptT, 
Han Lehnard Eimiger, 
Joh. Caspar Schaffner, 
Han Adam Stuckroth, 


Valentin Sneider, Hans Peter Mack, 

Christictn Danner, Henrich Fessler, 

[The original list is herewith r/iven.] 
Names. Ages. 

Hans Peter Fry, ' 44 

Listen Walter, 33 

Hans Jerick Strohaver, 33 

Casper Elias (jayler ' 37 

Abraham Koon ^^ 

Frederick Koon, 22 

Hans Jacob Symnier, 24 

Jacob Rusher, 52 

\ Christian Krapts, 33 

\J Hendrick Bishop, 20 

^■--. Jerick Rouk, Sen 48 

-^ Jerick "Rouk, Jun. , 24 

^ Hans Jacob Rouk 17 

Peter Coonts. 47 

Hans Jacob Reed, 45 

Leonard Lightner, 36 

Hans Jerick Peck, 30 

Hans Jacob Ganiooroon, 36 

Andrews Fry, 35 

Frederick Leyday, 38 

Frederick Alterfer, 18 

Michall Smith, 34 

Matthew Ley, 28 

Peter Pysell, 44 

Michal Stersebagh, 42 

Meliker Freys, 32 

Hans Wervell, 54 

Hans Jerick Wervell, 18 

Martin Jibe, 47 

Bernard Wolf, 29 

Gasper Toust, 21 

Solomon Miller, 22 

Hans Wolf Iseman 22 

Hans Jacob Hoff 33 

Jacob Matthews, 29 

Leonard Wise, 29 

Johannes Cresiner, 23 

Philip Hettser, 18 

Gillian Smith, 40 


Names. Aqe. 

Christian Lafell, 22 

Gasper Iseinan, 5y 

Meliker Wagner, 4g 

Augustus Wagner, I9 

Jacob Kiniuierling 24 

Hans Adam Long, 30 

Michael Bropts 54 

Johan Michal Bropts, 21 

Jerick Soller, . . 52 

Gasper Kervell, _ 40 

Hendrick Fisher, 38 

Andrews Wegener, 45 

Hans Koafnian, 43 

Hendrick Adam, 28 

William Fisher, 26 

Gasj)er MUlhouse, 28 

Andrews Welts, . . 44 

Gasper Brander 44 

Jacob Fegelj', 32 

Johanes Lerick, 26 

Johannes Snapp, 37 

Lawrence Snapp, 21 

Martin Wonner, 36 

Hendrick Peter 26 

Peter Hansminger, , 39 

Conrade Kempf 48 

Christian Kempf, 18 

Gilbert Kempt', 16 

Hendrick Roodt, 45 

Peter Cornelius, 48 

Jacob Kerkehouser, 29 

Nicholas Kaun, 41 

Leonard Tyminger, 39 

Marks Clyne 45 

^eter Knoble, 43 

Elias Hesly, 35 

Hendrick Holler, 44 

Peter Holler, 18 

Gasper Schoffner, 21 

Jacob Creder, 21 

Peter Troksell 42 

Olerick Flyckinner, 26 

Hans Adara Fokerall 48 

Hendrick Feseler, 50 

Lawrence Siber ... 53 



Names. ' Age. 

Bernard Trossell, 38 

Hendrick Meder, 52 

'Christian Ganner, 21 

Gasper Martin, 20 

Hans Peter Mock, 25 

Valentine Snyder, 22 

Women's Names. 

Barbella Fry 37 

Barbara Walter • 24 

Maria Crete Myring 26 

Maria Gatharina Strohaver, 30 

Anna Barbara Tayler, ^ 30 

Eve Koon, 59 

Cathrina Koon, 24 

Anna Maria Rusher 42 

Cathrina Rusher, 17 

Christina Rusher, 15 

Christina Krapts, 24 

Cathrina Rouk, 46 

Maria Barbella (^loonts. 45 

Maria Barbella Coonts, 19 

Anna Maria Reed, 55 

Sabina Lightner, 45 

Anna Barbara Tamorooa 37 

Cathrina Barbara Fry, 30 

•'Appellonia Fry, 58 

Maria Valma Fry, 14 

Maria Mettlina Leyday, 37 

Anna Ursula Smith, 31 

Anna Maria Ley, 24 

Susannah Pysell 33 

Crete Stersebagh, 24 

Ursula Snyding 25 

Maria Lydia Wervell, 52 

Maria Lydia AVer veil, 26 

Elizabeth Wervell, 17 

Anna Cathrina Jibe 44 

Anna Maria .Tibe, 16 

A nna Barbara Hoff, 33 

Maria Crete Wise, 38 

Cathrina Smith 46 

Maria Crete Smith 14 

Maria Crete Iseraan 53 

Maria Crete Iseman, 24 


Names. Age. 

Cathrina Long, 33 

Maria Crete Matthews, 24 

Martha Wagner, 38 

Barbara Brofpts 53 

Anna Kervell, 39 

Maria Kervell, 19 

Anna Eve Kervell 15 

Anna Lydia Fisher 30 

Cathrina Adam. 20 

f 'athrina Faugen, • 34 

Maria Crete Frj', 17 

Anna Maria Welts 27 

Appellonia Brander 42 

Eve Maria Fegely, 27 

Anna Maria Lerick, 28 

Barbara Snapp, 34 

Elizabeth Wonner, 33 

Cathrina Peter, 32 

Cathrina Hansminger. 33 

Cathrina Trootnienyn, 62 

Anna Maria Kempf, 38 

Cathrina Roed, 40 

Anna Eve Roed 13 

Elizabeth Corneliuy, 47 

Elizabeth Cornelius, 20 

Susanah Kerkeliouser, 28 

Maria Crete Kerkehoiiser, 50 

Cathrina Kaun, 40 

Maria. Crete Tyminger, 40 

Elizabeth Clyne, 42 

Juliana Clyne 13 

Ursula K nobl e, 43 

Anna Maria K noble 16 

Susanah Hesley 31 

Elizabeth Bittern 20 

Cathrina Holler 40 

Christina Holler 16 

Eli^abtth Kollren, 50 

' Cathrina Troksell 30 

Luodicea Flykinner, 35 

Juliana Fokerall, 43 

Maria Fokerall 16 

Maria Feseler, 48 

Maria Crete Feseler. 22 

Catharina Wagner 19 


Names. Age. 

Maria Crete Siber, 53 

Maria Crete Siber, 14 

Anna Maria Trossel, 32 

Anna (rertroud Meder, 32 

Catherine Meder 13 

Child rea' s Names. 

Valentine Fry, 12 

Eve Fry, 10 

Anna Maria Fry, 8 

Hans Peter Fry, 4 

Christian Fry, 2 

Barbara Strohaver 8 

Cat hrina Strohaver, 4 

Hans Peter Strohaver. 1 

Phihp Adam Tayler, 10 

Hans Martin Tayler, 8 

Rosina Tayler, 4 

Christina Tayler, 2 

Hans Jerick Koon, 15 

Anna Crete Koon, : 11 

Anna Crete Rusher, 10 

Anna Barball Rusher, 8 

Metelina Rusher, ... 7 

Maria Psalnia Rusher, 5 

Maria Crete Krapts, 4 

Anna Percy K rapts, ^ 

Michael Rouk, 10 

Maria Eve Rouk, 8 

Michael Coonts, 13 

Hans Jerick Coonts, 9 

Maria Crete Coonts, 7 

Maria Catharina Coonts 5 

Jerick Reed 15 

Anna Lydia Reed 11 

Maria Dorothea Reed, .... 8 

Hans Jacob Reed. 4 

Hans Jerick Lightner 8 

Hans Michall Tauiooroon 3 

Elizabeth Fry 9 

Mettelina Fry 3 

Christopher Fry 8 

Jacob Leyday 13 

Michall Leyday, 10 

Wolrick Leyday, 4 


Names. ■ ^0^- 

Cathariua Leyday, 1 

Hans Peter .Pysell, ^ 

Hans Jacob Pysell, ^ 

Barbella l\vseil, 1 

Leonard Wervell, ^ 

Catharina Jibe, 1^ 

Martin Jibe, ^^ 

Hans Jacob Jibe ' 

Hans Jerick Jibe, "* 

Christina Hoff, ^ 

Anna Maria (Smith, ^1 

Agnes Smith, ^ 

Cathrina Iseman, ^^ 

Barbella Iseman, ° 

Christian Long, ^ 

Appellonia Long, ^ 

Ursula Long, ^ 

Barbara Brofpts ^ 

Barbara Kervell, ^^ 

Elizabetli Kervell, ^ 

Eve Kervell, 

Anna Maria Fisher 1^ 

Sasanah Fisher, ^ 

Hans Jacob Fisher 

Catharina Adam, ^ 

Barbara Brander, 

Charlotte Brander, ^ 

Christina Fegely ** 

Jacob Fegely, ^ 

Hans Jerick Lerick, '^ 

Johannes Snapp, ^^ 

Lawrence Snapp, ^" 


Barbara Snapp, 

Maria Crete AVonner, 1^ 

Anna Maria Wonner, ^ 

Christian AVonner, ^ 

Henry Peter, 

Hendrick Hansminger, 10 

Catharina Hansminger 8 

Hans Philip Hansminger. 6 

Tsicolas Hansminger, 

Frederick Kempf, 

Hans Peter Kempf, ^ 

Catharina Kempf. "^ 

6-VoL. XVII. 


Names. ^9^. 

William Roed. 1'^ 

Catharina Roed, 9 

Lawrence Cornelius, 11 

Vronicke Cornelius, 8 

Mettelina Kerkehouser, 1 

Miclial Kaun, 12 

Hendrick Kaun, 8 

Johannes Kaun, 3 

Dorothea Kaun, • i 

Hans Adam Tyminger, 11 

Barbara Tyminger, 9 

Catharina Tyminger, 2 

Eliz. Clyne, 11 

Catharina Clyne, 10 

Dorothea Clyne, 8 

Marks Clyne, 4 

Eva Senus Hesly, 8 

Maria Crete Hesly, 1 

Hendrick Holler, 13 

Catharina Holler, 7 

Dorothea Holler, 3 

Philip Fokerall, 15 

Eleanor Fokerall, 9 

Jerick Fokerall, 7 

Jacob Fokerall, 3 

Godfrey Fokei-all, I 

Peter froksell, 9 

Daniel Trokeell, 7 

Benedict Siber, 11 

Catharine Rossel, 10 

Jerick Rossel, 4 

Maria Crete Rossel. 2 

George Meder, 8 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Elizabeth, 
Edward Lee, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Aug. 27, 1733. 

.Tohannes Kirschner, Johannes Mohn, 

Conrad Schott, .Tohan Philip Saner, 

Joh. Michael Grauel, Johan (xeorg Petry, 

Michael Ruth, Carl Hetrich 



Henrich Slent?, 
Ulrich Schuh, 
Johannes Loat7, 
Simeon Linder, 
Michael Faber, 
Stephan Launian, 
Jacob Muller, 
Jacob Kobbler, 
Johan Debalt Traudt, 
Johannes Herrgeroder, 
Job. Philip Schmidt, 
Frantz Weiss, 
Johannes Ohr, 
Jacob Serber, Jr., 
Jacob Zettle, 
Henry Strieker, 
Job. Henrich Schotte, 
Johan Philip Faust, 
Han Peter HotTman, 
Johan Philip Faust, 
Matthias Weidman, 
Hans Ueorg Perger, 
Simon Schermann, 
Andreas Klebsattel, 
Johann Ulrick (iaul, 
:Michael Reinhard. 

Johannes Jung, 
Jaro Schuh, 
Henrich Still, 
Simon Linder, Jr. , 
Aron Doganer, 
Jaques Bonet, y 
Johannes Knoll, 
Georg Scherman, 
Hans Martin Traudt, 
Job. Henrich Dewess, 
Hans Jacob Metz, 
Georg Ohr. 
Jacob Serber, 
Jacob Hanrich, 
Jacob Bellinger, 
Balser Metz, 
Johann Philip Faust, 
Joh. Henrich l)anig, 
Johan Peter Faust, 
Jacob Michael Eyb, 
Geo. Friederich Anselt, 
Wolfgang Muller, 
Hans Georg Nordt, 
Georg Henrich Mertz, 
Joannes Vogelin, 

[The oriffinal list is herewith fiiven.] 
Names ' Ages. 

Johannes Kernoser 

Philip Sover, ^^ 

Joannes Moon, 

Mich'. Frowell, J* 

Johan Joseph Faller *J 

Johan Jurg Peitry, ^' 

John Hendrick Shott, ^"^ 

Conrad Shott, 

Philip Foust, ^^ 

Mich. Rutt Z. 

Joan Hendric Finick, °^ 

Coblin Hetrick, 

Hendrick Stence, ' 

Hans Peter Houfman ~ 

Johannes Long, 

Johan Peter Foust, ^ 

Philip Foust, 


Names. Age. 

Jacob Elbe, 34 

Ulrich Shue 48 

John Jacob Shue, 20 

Johannes Lots, 35 

Mathias Whitenian, ... 56 

Mathew Wliiteman, 34 

vHenrich Still, 60 

Simon Lindar, 53 

Simon Lindar, Jan. , 16 

Frederick Onself 21 

Michael Fabar, 35 

Andreas Pogner, 54 

Stephen Lowman, 31 

\ Jacob Bonnet, .... 32 

Wolfeon Miller 41 

Jacob Miller 17 

Simon Shearman 49 

Jurigh Shearman 17 

Johannes Noll 29 

Jacob Houbler, 30 

France Wice 27 

Taball Troud 27 

Hans Martin Troud 56 

Hans Jurigh Ley, 28 

Jurigh Ore, 51 

Johannes Ore, 19 

Jacob Server, 56 

Jacob Server, Jun. , 36 

Rodolph Server, 21 

Jacob Houswett 34 

Jacob Hendrich, 28 

Johan Hendrich Tabas 28 

Nicholas Sly 24 

Jacob Shittle, 22 

Philip Smith, 33 

Hans Jurigh Nort 45 

Jacob Tilliner, 33 

Andreas Clipsadle 22 

Jurigh Heinrich March, 20 

Jjhan Ulrich Cool 30 

Johan Fagley, 28 

Henry Striker, 29 

Mich'. Rainard, 23 

Malster Mixt 54 

Hans Jacob Mixt, 20 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Hope, of Lon- 
don, Daniel Reed, Master, from Rotterdam. Quali- 
fied Aug. 28, 1733. 

Ulrich Wissler, 
Peter Steinuiaii. 
Hans Rot, 
Hans (irninbacher, 
Nicholas Tiinbennan, 
Rudolph Brock, 
Barnard Keller, 
Georg Richter, 
])aniel Roth, 
Andreas Lauch, 
Peter Schnmck, 
Peter Sayler, 
Georg Kreissenian, 
Abraham Miller, 
Henrich Tace, 
Michael Ably, 
Henrich Fegly, 
Steven Slonacker, 
Peter Eschehnan, 
Hans Georg Weittne. 
Joseph Flure, 
Christian Kerr, 
Ulrich Whitiner, 
Jacob Burki, 
Hans Georg Brimmer, 
Jacob Lachbaum. 
Hans Georg Schreyack, 
Johan Adam Reistel. 
_Joh. Leonahart Stein, 
Hans Georg Hoffner, 
Johan Jacob Muckli, 
Batetian Tryster. 
Georg Michael Treitter, 
Hans Jacob Gerber, 
Joh. Ad. Simon Cumm, 
Han Adam Spittlemire, 
Han Michael Steinbren, 
Hans Jacob Schreiber, 
Jacob Schreyack, 
Hans Steinman, 

Hans Steinman, 
Ulrich Reinhardt, 
Christian Stouder, 
Friderick Becker, 
Christian Reblet, 
Conrad Rauf, 
Peter Aarond, 
Frantz Klebsattel, 
Herman A rand, 
Heinrich Umberger, 
Christian Jolnde, 
Andreas Besinger, 
Jacob Bart, 
Benedict Wise, 
Jacob Rnbman, 
Barnard F'egely. 
Rudolph Schnebele, 
Christian Eschelman, 
Ulrich Loninacre, jr., 
Hans Timberman, 
Johannes Flure, 
Miciiael Whitmer, 
Peter Whitmer, 
Hans Snabley, 
Christian Blank, 
Heinrich Schmidt, 
Joh. Heinrich Vonreth, 
Han Geo. Eichelberger, 
Hans Georg Kohler, 
Johan David Deschler, 
Johan Carl Gramp, 
Han Leonhart Umberger, 
Hans Georg Gobel, 
Joh. Christopf Cumm, 
Martin Spitelmayer, 
Wilhelm Krauss, 
Abraham Kreutter, 
Daniel Huselinan, 
Han Michael Schreyack. 


[The original list is herewith given.'\ 
Names. Ages. 

Ulrig Wislaer 36 

Ulrig Rayenhart, 29 

Hans Crombacker, 26 

Hans Steman, 49 

Petter Steman, 26 

Hans Steman, 21 

Cristian Stoder, 45 

Hans Rood 23 

Hans Timerman, 63 

Hans Timerman, 16 

Cribtian Timerman, 14 

Josaph Fioriey, 51 

Josaph li'loriey, 19 

Johanes Fioriey, 15 

Cristian Keer, ' . . . 27 

Migiel Wi^man 65 

Ulrige Witman, 31 

Fitter Witman 21 

Hans Witman, 20 

Fitter Eslman, 50 

Cristian Eslman, 19 

Alrige Langneker, 69 

Olrig Langneckei-, 22 

Jackop Langnecker, 19 

Jackop Benke, . . 35 

Hans Snebliey, 37 

Cristian Blanck, 34 

Jerick Wiednar, 41 

Hans Jurig Briner, 27 

Fredrick Becker, 48 

Jackop Lughboom, 34 

Rudolph Brack, 47 

Cristian Riblet, 27 

Barnard Kelden, . 37 

Conrad Rauff, 40 

Jerick Rigtan, 47v/^ 

Henrick Srait, 31 

Fitter Arnt 21 

Andries Swek, 45 

Harraan Arnt, 50 

Daniel Root 30 

Janis Henrick, 20 

Adam Raytel, 24 

Hans Jurig A yslburg, 29 


Navies. ^0^. 

Hans Lenar Sten, •"] 

Hans Jurick Koller, 23 

Mickel Buss ^^ 

Hans Jurick Hofnav 

Fitter Smock, ^^ 

Daffid Eshen, ^^ 

John Jackop Mikle, 22 

Karl Uramp, "" 

Bastian Seyster, '^'^ 

Henrick Humberger, ^^ 

Hans Lenart Humberger, 18 

Micgel Humberger, ^^ 

Fitter Selan ^^ 

Cristian Jonliey, 20 

Andrias Besena 

Jurick Kraysman, "" 

Migel Drayten • • 20 

Hans Jerick Gobi ^^ 

Jacobes Kenwan, 

Cristoffel Kown '^^ 

Adam Simon Kown ^^ 

Francis Kesklipsger, . ^'^ 

Abraham Millar 22. 

Jacobes Bart 

Henrick Feess, 

Benedick Weess ^^ 

Martin Spitelmayer, "^"^ 

Hans Adam Spitelmayer ^^ 

Migeel Ibeliev '^ 

Jacobes Rodleman, 

William Grous ~^ 

Hans Henrick Fuglie ^" 

Matayes Figelie 2o 

Hans Lennart Figlie 21 

Migel Stenbrand, . . "f 

Stifan Lunneker, '' 

Jacobes Linck, 

Abraham Grutsan 

Hans Jackop Skrugefier, 

Daniel Hi slar H 

Rulloff Snebliey "' 

Hans Jarick Scrayack, ' 

Hans Scrayack, ' " 

Jackop Scrayack, 


Women's Names. 
Names. ^ffe. 

Anna Ester, 25 

Barbra Bengtal 39 

Margret Copfirsin, • • 65 

Barbra Raynhart 33 

Anna Bengtold, 36 

Maria Scutesen, 39 

Anna Scutesen, 30 

Madelin Stenian 18 

Anna Stofer • 19 

Anna Gerebel 48 

Elisbat Snebliey, 44 

Anna Rood, 19 

Anna Gislenin, 33 

Barbra Timerinan 20 

Anna Timerman, 18 

Anna Bonghart, 55 

Anna Maria Bugh, , 40 

Maria Floriey, 21 

Hanliey Floriey, 17 

Anna Ledenrnan, - 34 

Elisabet Bentold, 50 

Anna Bengtold, 3G 

AnnaWitman 16 

Catrina Reben, 35 

Madlena Ledenman ' 36 

Barbra Eshnan, 16 

Anna Blasinin, 71 

Anna Menckel, 23 

AnnaFigliey 33 

Madlena Figliey, 36 

Madlena Rubelie, 70 

Barbra Rittes 28 

Anna Katrina Rittes, 35 

Anna Klara Rittes 50 

Anna Barbel Bek , 23 

Anna Katrina Bek, • . 17 

Cristina Lugtboni, 33 

Anna Brack, 36 

Catrina Keldrien, 48 

Margrita Kelerin, 16 

Madlena Ruff, 34 

Anna Rigter, 49 

Anna Rigter, 15 

AnnaSmit, 32 


Names. ^^^- 

Agnis iSmiten, . ""^ 

Sibela Stenbraiuler, ^' 

Ana Madlena Linck, "^^ 

Ana Katrina Arnt, ■^'^ 

Seutik Luck • ^'^ 

Ana Margrit Arnt, 

Margrita Root, ''^ 

Ana Scraybrin, 

Barbra iSnebliey, 

Barbra Scrayack, " 


Sabina Ravfel, 


Barbra Rayfel, 


Julian Ayselberger, "^ 

Maria Koliriu, ^ 

Maria Marieng, 

EiefTa Busing, ^ 

Orstel Hoffnar, "^ 

Julian Huniberger, ' 

Eva Senering "* 

Froneck Junliey, 

Elisbat Junliey, • ■ 

Catrina Krayseman, 

Barbra (iobel, 

Maria Barbra Kenwan, 

,, T ... 43 

Margrita Kon, 

' Risina Klipsegel ^ 

Maria Madlena Millar ^ "" 

Barbra Weesen, 

Maria Spiteiniayer, ^ 

Anna Maria Spitelmayer, ^ 

Anna Madlena Spitelmayer, ^ 

Eli/abet Ibliey, 

Aplon Rollman, 

Madlena Grows, " 

Anna Maria Fighen, 

Catrina Figlien, „ 

Anna Maria Figlien, 

Children's JSames. 

Maria Greta Wees ^,-, 

Hans Fitter Ibliey, T' 

Hans Adam Ibliey, „ 

Risina Ibliey ^, 

Hans Migel Ibliey ' ' ^ 

Hans Jon Rollman, 


Names. Me. 

Maria Rallman, " 

Maria Figlien, 12 

Hans Jurick Figliey, 7 

Barbra Stienbrander, 8 

Sibla Stienbrander, <> 

Hans Adam Linck, H 

Risina Linck, < 

Migerd Arnt, 13 

Ana Maria Arnt 8' 

Susana Serayack 7 

Cristian Stoden, 9 

Jackup Eslman It 

Fitter Eslman 9 

Hanes Snebliey U 

Kasper Snebliey 9 

Katrina Snebliey 6 

Anna Katrina Snebliey, 13 

Anna Barbra Snebliey, 10 

Anna Bekrin 12 

Migler Becker 10 

Anna Lugetbom, 10 

Fridrick Brack 14 

Cristina Brack, 11 

Madlena Brack 8 

Barbra Keldrin, 10 

Catrina Ruff, 13 

Elesbat Ruffin, 12 

Hans Ruffin 10 

Hans Ruffin 7 

Henricli Smit, 8 

James Smit 4 

Jurig Adam Bueys, . . 13 

Loduick Buss, 11 

Maria Margrita Buss 9 

Janis Buss, 7 

Julian Humberger, 12 

Jans Humberger 10 

Lisbat Humberger, 8 

Anna Selirieg, 8 

Johanes Junliey, 14 

Hans Raynart Junliey, 9 

Jerick Hunslman, 11 

Margrita Hunslman, 13 

Antoniey Gobel 12 

Anna Maria Gobel 10 


Names. Ages. 

Madlena Grobel, ^ 

Jurig Adam Gobel, '' 

Hans J urig Gobel, ^2 

Jackobs Kenwan, 1" 

Hans Jerick Kenwan ^ 

Jan Kenwan, ' 

Efa Barbra Kon 1-^ 

Anna Maria Kon ^ 

Migel Klipsegel, . ^ 

Hans Jerick Klipsegel, ' 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Brigatine Pexn- 
sYLVANiA Merchant of London, John Stedman, Master, 
FROM Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 18, 1733. 

Johann Klemm, 
Georg Schultz, 
Johannes Naas, 
Andreas Kleim, 
Georg Schait, 
Johannes Riegel. jr., 
Georg Knop, 
Ludwig Ewalt, 
Daniel Ludwig, 
Peter Ruth, 
Mattheis (iisch, 
Ludowick Evaldt, 
Johannes Mihni, 
Paulus Schaffer, 
Bernhart Mauss. 
Hans Georg Grondt, 
Justus Osterrath, 
Johannes Gordner, 
Andreas Mosemann, 
Hans Burchard, 
Johann Schonfeldt, 
Joh. Valentin Pressel, 
Johan Michael Ott, 
Joh. Michael Staudt, 
Philip Angelberger, 
Johan Daniel Endt, 
Hans Georg Winter, 

Gotlob Klemm, 

David Schultz, 

Pierre Marot, 

Georg Kleim, 

Johannes Riegle, 

Michael Walter, 

Jacob Ott, 

Michael Ludwig, 

Philip Schmyer, 

Hans Lauer, 

Adam Vollmer, 

Fredereck Gotz, 

Peter Schmidt, 

Andreas Frey, 

Andreas Bauer, 

Peter Straub, 

Georg Adam Koch, 
Friederich Glass, 
Mattheus Buchler, 
Christian Mosemann, 
David Burchard, 
Johan Aullenbacher, 
Carolus Burckhard, 
Joh. Philip Weynandt, 
Alexander Gasser, 
Joh. Jost Ohlwein, 
Michael Sevdenbender, 



Johann Adam Beyer, 
Michael Kelchner, 
John Ludwig Sees, 
Johann Jacob Karst, 
Christian Hook, 
Johann Georg Grimm, 
Henrich Schmidt. 

Johan Valentin Endt, 
Johan Peter Saling, 
Hans Martin Santer, 
Joh. Christoph Igelsbach, 
(Teorg Barthol. Schaffer, 
Hans <ieorg Hauk, 

[ Tlie original list 

Johan Kleym, 
Jerick Shults, 
Andreas Mosman, 
Hans Borkhard, 
Johan Shoenvelett, 
Johannes Naase, 
Hendrich Rut, 
Hans Jerick Klyn, 
Johannes Rigel, 
Daniel Rigel, 
Valentine Presel, 
Carol us Borkhard, 
Paulus Borkhard, 
Jacob Oat, 
Ludwick Evaldt, 
Daniel Ludwick, 
Alexander Casser, 
Christian Louer, 
Johan Michael Stout, 
Philip Angelberger, 
Daniel Endt, 
Pieter Saling, 
Jerick Vinter, 
Fredrick Gets, 
Pieter Sniit, 
Jacob linger, 
Christophel Ylsbach, 
Jerick Bartel Shever, 
Andreas Vry, 
Johan Ludwick Seys, 
Hans Jerick Houk, 
Jacob Kaars, 
Hans Jerick Grondt 
Friedrick Claus, 
Mathias Beighler, 
Hans Jerick (iirim, 

is herewith fjiveii.] 

Goetloop Kleym, 
David Shults, 
Christian Mosman, 
David Borkhard, 
Melchior Grousaaiu, 
Pieter Marrot, 
Andreas Kleyn, 
Jerick Sheytt, 
Johannes Rigel, jun., 
Andreas Oulenbacher, 
Michael AValter, 
Johan Wynant, 
Jacob Knoop, 
Michael Oat, 
Michael Ludwick, 
Philip Smeyer, 
Pieter Roodt, 
Mathias Kish, 
Johan Jost Olwyn, 
Michael Seydebender, 
Valentine Endt, 
Adam Volumer, 
Hans Martin Souter, 
Johannes Miem, 
Hendrick Smit, 
Adam Beyer, 
Michael Keylechner, 
Paulus Shever, 
Parent Maus, 
Andreas Bour, 
Pieter Straub, 
Christian Hook, 
Jerick Adam Bouk, 
Johannes Cordiner, 
Justus Osteroodt. 


Women's Karnes. 

Elizabeth ShoenveUleu, 
Mariii .Tacoliii, 
Susaiia Kraiisam, 
Anna Krausain, 
Elizabetli Isaes, 
Ann I edit Marrot, 
Anlies Sheyett, 
Gertrouy Rigel, 
Anlies Oulabachren 
Margaret Spany, 
C'athrina Borkharc 
Gertrouy Out, 
Maria Smyeren, 
Sophia Roodt, 
Catharina Endt, 
Maria Baling, 
Magdelena Klym 
Anna Stoloyn, 
Margart Smit, 
Sarah Islsbach, 
Elizabeth Shever. 
Cathrina Maus, 
Cathrina Bourin, 
Maria Straub, 
Barbara Hougen. 
Eva Claasing. 
Maria Hooghen, 
Maria Bigler, 

Hendrich Souchvrett 
Guiliam Marrot, 
Benjamin Marrot, 
Marian Marrot, 
Sarah Marrot, 
Hendriek Kleyni, 
Maria Oulbachren, 
Elizabeth Borkhard, 
Maria Evaldt, 
Elizabeth Smyer, 
Mat hi as Cassar, 
Magdalena Casseren, 
Jacob Roodt, 
Piter Roodt, 
Elizbeth Baling, 

Anna Shulsen, 
Anna Krausain, 

Maria Krausani, 
I\Iargaret Naes, 
Marian Marrot, 
Fraiinek Kleynen, 

.Julian Sheyett, 

Sarali Rigel. 

l>orothy Viillerin, 

Anna Borkard, 

Anna Knop, 

Agnes Evaldt, 

Magdalena Caseren, 

Endick Endt, 

Christina Bartholeniew. 

Margaret Speting, 

Christina Kets, 

Elizabeth Smit, 

Anna Shever, 

Anlius Shever, 

Susan Fry, 

Maria Bourin, 

Caritas Vishering, 

Margaret Caars, 

Hanna Grondt, 

Margarit Coulerin, 

Maria Cordinar, 
, Anna Bigler. 

Children' s Names. 

Philip Marrot, 
Jean Marrot, 
Daniel Marrot, 
Susan Marrot, 
Hans Jerick Riet, 
Caspar Kleym, 
Abraham Rigel, 
Johannes Evaldt, 
Johan Smyer, 
Johan Cassar, 
Anna Casseren, 
Johan Roodt, 
Christina Roodt, 
Catrina Saling, 
.Terick Vinter, 



Hans Vinter, 
Maritis Stoloyn, 
Jacob ShulLsen, 
Elizabeth Kets, 
Johan Ruyter, 
Jacob Frick, 
Jerick Shever, 
Christian Strebeck, 
Margaret Shever, 
Margaret Bourin, 
Sophia Vishering, 
Elizabeth Vishering, 
Pieter Straub, 
Maria Tyluasin, 
Anna Cornar, 
Paul us Cornar, 
Anna Bigler, 

Andreas Stoloyn, 
Johan Stoloyn, 
Johan Kets, 
Bernard Kets, 
Pieter Ingold, 
Paulus Shever, 
Jerick Strebeck, 
Johan Shever, 
Christophel Fry, 
Anna Bourin, 
Christian Vishering, 
Jacob Straub, 
Jerick Houk, 
Rosina Clasing, 
Sal u mi Cornar. 
Eli/a,beth Bigler, 
Andreas Bigler. 

List of Foreigners Im^ orted in the Brigatine Richard 
AND Elizabeth, Christopher Clymer, Master, from 
Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 28, 1733. 

Frantz Schuller, 
David Mertz, 
Mattheus Bausser, 
Christian Bausser, 
David Edelman, 
Jacob Hennel, 
Jacob Lebegood, 
Hans Jacob Ut/, 
Hans Peter Somey, 
Hans Peter Somey, jr., 
Joseph Schumacher, 
Ulrich Burghalter, 
Hans Schurer, 
Marcus Christ, 
Johannes Weber, 
Hans Michael Mertz, 
Philip Jacob Edelman, 
Johan Jost Heck, 
Georg Schonmansgruber, 
Henry AVinterberger, 
Philip Dedigman, 
Abraham Wotring, 

Jacob Greib, 
Georg Lipp, 
Matheis Bausser, jr., 
Philip Mire, 
Adam Spohn, 
Michael Wise, 
Jacob Herman. 
Hans Georg Utz, 
Hans Jacob Somey. 
Otto Fredrick Somey, 
Johann Nicolas Seeger, 
Mattheis Beck, 
/ Jacob Christ, 
Marx Bigler, 
Mattheis Resch, 
Hans Conrad Lipp, 
Johan Georg Schuster, 
Jacob Huntzecker, 
Johannes Wollett, 
Georg Angstet, 
Johannes Rosenstiel. 


[The original list is herewith given. '\ 

Names of Men. 
Names. Ages. 

Francis Schuler 44 

Jacob Gripe, 21 

David Mertz, 44 

Johan Nicholas Mertz, 18 

Georg Leap 56 

Johan Conrad Leap 20 

Philip Jacob Edehuan, 25 

Matthes Bouser, 63 

Matthes Bewser, 22 

Christian Bewser, 18 

Philip Mire 36 

David Edehnan, 49 

Adam Spoon, 34 

Jacob Hainel, 20 

Ludwig Rigerd, 28 

Michael Wise, 29 

George Shustard, 44 

Yoost Heck, 35 

Jacob Hunsinger, 30 

Hance Jacob Liebegood, 39 

Jacob Harmon, 40 

Hans Jacol> Uts, 27 

Hans Georg Uts, 50 

Hance Peter Sovvmy, 59 

Hance Jacob Sowmy, 22 

Hance Peter Sowmy, 20 

Otto Frederick Sowmy, • • • 15 

Joseph Shumaker, 25 

Ulrich Burghalter, 40 

Johan Nicholas Sager, 39 

Georg Schenemansgruber 35 

Matthes Peck 39 

Johannes WoUet, 38 

Henry Winterberger 26 

Hans Sherer 30 

Jacob Christ 54 

Marcus Christ 1~ 

George Angsted 3i 

Marcus Beegler, 28 

Philip Tadigman, 36 

Johannes Weaver, *''- 

Johannes Rosensteel, 19 


Names. -^O^- 

Abraham Wootring, 33 

Matthias Rehsh, 29 

Naiiies of Women. 

Maria Schuler, 47 

Veronica Mertz, 40 

Catherina Leap, 50 

Anna Christina Leap, . 24 

Margaretha Edelman, 26 

Estiier Bouser 49 

Anna Margaretha Mire 40 

Anna Barbara Stammin 26 

Anna Maria Edehnan, 54 

Anna Elisabeth Bewser 20 

Anna Margaretha Spoon 28 

(rertruda Shustard, 32 

Sophia Glass 28 

Eva Maria Heck, 35 

Margaretha Liebegood, 40 

Catherina Harmon, 33 

Maria Catlierina Uts 34 

Barbara Holler, 77 

Maria Magdalena Holler, 58 

Maria Shoemacher 24 

Barbara Burghalter, 34 

Anna Barbara Sager, 28 

Margaretha Schenemansgruber, 28 

Engelina Peck, 37 

Anna Margaretha Wollet, 24 

Maria Magdalena Winterberger, 24 

Maria Magdalena Sherer, 22 

-'Magdalena Christ, . , 44 

Eva Catherina Christ 31 

Maria Barbara Tadigsman, 35 

Anna Maria Tadigsman 25 

Margaretha Weaver, 17 

Anna Margaretha Wootring, 32 

Magdalena AVisen, 25 

Barbara Kossely, 25 

Names of Boys. 

Johan Peter Mertz, 13| 

Baltasar Edelman, 4 

Daniel Bewser, Hi 


Names. , ■^.'/^• 

Jacob Bewser, ^ ^^ 

Johau Henrich Spoon, "* 

Johauues Shustard, 10 

Johau Jacob Heck, . ■ ■ *^ 

Johau Jacob Liebegood, Ip 

Dewald Harmon, ^'^ 

Jacob Harmon, '^ 

Hance Harmon, 


Hance Peter Harmon y months. 

Hance Michael Sowmy, ^^ 

Johannes iSowmy, 

Hance Peter Burghalter, 1? 

Johau Henrich iSager, ^ 

Samuel Sager, 

Johau ('hristiau Sager, 

Anthony Peck, ^^ 

Johan Henrich Peck, 

George Angsted, .... 

Johannes Angsted 

Phili]) Tarrismau, 

Hance Peter Wootriug, 

Names of QirJs. 

Christina Mert/, 

Anna Maria Leap, 

Anna IMargaretha Leap, 

Maria Esther Edelman 

Magdalena Bewser, 

Anna Maria Bewser, 

Anna Catherina Bewser, 

Anna Elisabetha Bewser, 




Anna Maria Bewser 1' ^^'^^ks. 

Anna Catherina Heck, ... 

Anna Gretlia LieV)egood 

Anna Catherina Liebegood, - 

Catherina Harmon, 

Barbara Harmon, 

Catherina Barbara Harmon, G months. 

Anna Barbara Haltiu 

Maria Magdalena Sowmy, 

Elisabeth Burghaltei-, ^ 

Anna Catherina Burghalter, 1~| 

Anna Magdalena Burghalter, ^ 

Anna Barbara l^urghalter. . , 

7-VoL. XVII. 


Names. Age. 

Marga>"etha Burf^halter, %^ 

Anna Maria Sager, 12^ 

Anna Barbara Sager, 10 

Maria Louisa Sager, 3| 

Christina Barbara Sager, 6 months. 

Anna Cath( rina Peck, \0h 

Veronica Sherer, 4 months. 

Eva Catherina Serer, 4 

Maria Catherina Tadigsman 9 

Anna Maria Tadigsman, 3^ 

Maria Barbara Tadigsman, 6 months. 

Anna ]\Jargaretha Wootring 7 

Maria Magdalena Wootrin?; 4^ 

Anna Louisa Wootring 2 

List of Forkigners Imported in the Ship Charminu 

Betsy, John Bull, Master, from London. Qualified 
Oct. 13. 1733. 

Johan Kettner, Henrich Mocklei, 

Samuel Ludi, Ulricli Leibegood, 

Adam Spag, Cliristian Andericli, 

Jolian Liebegood, Nicholas Burger, 

Peter Stocker, Johannes Lang, 

Johannes Lang, jr., Geo. Michael Kettner, 

Hans Peter Gruber, Hans Paul Vogt. 
Nicholas Het/el, 

[ Tlic original list is herewith r/iven.] 

Names of Men. 
N(ime.*>. Age. 

Johan Katner. 40 

George Katnei , 18 

Henry Meakle, 34 

Peter Gruber, 34 

Samuel Loody, . 18 

Christian Anderecli. ■ 28 

Ulrich Lebegoot 45 

Johan Pieter LeebegooT, IG 

Adam Spag GO 


Names. Aye. 

Nicholas Burger, 20 

Wilhelin Imler 55 

Peter Stocker, 53 

Johan V^ogt, 53 

Johau Long, ''•^ 

Johan Long, Jun 1^ 

Nicolas HelTsell, — 

Names of Women. 

Feroniea Katner, 34 

Susanna Meckle, 35 

Anna (iruber, 34 

Maria Loody, 46 

Susanna Leebegoot, 36 

Margaretha Burger, 50 

Anna Burger, 25 

Anna Iniler, 20 

Anna Stocker, . 51 

Maria Vogt 46 

Anna Long, '^6 

Maria Dorothea Heltzel, 30 

Names of Boys. 

.Tohan Henrich Katner, 9 

Henrich Adam Katner, 8 

Martin Gruber U 

Adam Leebegoot, 13 

Jacob Leebegoot, 10 

Adam Spag, 12 

Philip Burger 12 

George Breitengross, ... 13 

l^udwig Imler, H 

Johan Imler, 7 

Andreas Vogt, 12 

Caspar Vogt ^ 

Johan Georg Long, 1 

Christoffel Heltsel, 4i 

Hans Jacob Heltsel, U 

Names of Girls. 

Maria Katner, H 

•-Maria Meckle, . ^ 

'Catherina Meckle, 6months. 

•-'Dorothea liOodv, ^ 



Names. Age. 

Elisabeth Loody, 9 

Maria Loody, 3^ 

Anna Leebegoot, 8 

Maria Leebegoot, o 

Margaretha Burger, . 10 

Margaretha Burger, 6 months. 

Catlierina Imler, 20 

Sabina Iniler, 18 

Maria Stocker, 17 

Barbara Stoclcer, 13 

Catherina Vogt, 18 

Maria Vogt, 16 

Maria Long 10 

Catlierina Long, 8 

Barbara Long, 4 

Eva Catherina Heltsel, 12 

List of Forkigxers Imported ix the Ship Pixk Mary, 
OF Dublin. James Benn, Master, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified Sept. 29, 1733. 

David Karcher, 
Hannes Yorde, 
Cornelius Dries, 
Jacob Spengler, 
Elias Stickler, 
Johann Adam Dries, 
Philip Thomas Trump, 
Creorg Pfaffenberger, 
(reorg Dury, 
Asemus Ram bach, 
Nicolaus Moretz, 
Johannes Lap, 
Johan Martin Braun, 
Johannes Rothrock, 
Johannes Wingertmann, 
Johann Peter Theusler, 
Johann Arnold Billig, 
H enrich Sauer, 
Jacob Franck, 
Michael Friedh , 

Grottfried Reich, 
Andreas Dries, 
Peter Dries, 
Peter Hite, 

Hans Georg Harlacher, 
Johan Michael Noll, 
Christian Sooter, 
Georg Pfaffenberger, jr. 
Jacob H offman. 
Jacob Berkel, 
Peter Apple. 
Johannes Reichenbach, 
Philip Jacob Rothrock, 
Johannes Holtz, 
Johannes Teutscher, 
.Fohann (xeorg Riebell, 
.Johannes Stickler, 
Christian Blaser, 
Friederich Funck, 
Nicolaus Soder, 



Andreas Ney, 
Joiian Michael Dill, 
Friederich Dorfflinger, 
Hans Jacob Berkel, 
Johan Adam Warner, 
.lohan Peter Gottei, 
Johannes Slabaeh, 
Joh. Henry tSlabaeh. 

Hans Michael Hammer. 
Christian Ketelsberger, 
Hans Michael Keller, 
Baltzer Hreuninger, 
(jreo. Friederich Kohler, 
Johan Jacob (xottel, 
Jacob LoHcher, 

[The original list is herewith ciiven.'\ 
Names of Boys. 

Names. Age. 

David Korker, 12 

Hans George Yorden, 12 

.Pohannes Yorden, i> 

Baltasar Reich, 3 

Stophel Spengler, i;} 

Philip Strieker, 5> 

Adam Strieker, 7 

Henry Strieker, 4i 

Johan Phili]) Wengerman, 13 

Johan Adam Blaser V6^ 

Hans Mat/, Blaser, Ci 

Nicolaus Blaser, 3^ 

Christophel Deitscher, 4 

Jacob Deitscher, 2 

One boy of Funk not yet baptized. ... . . 7 weeks. 

Hans Henry Souter, 7 

John Jacob Brown, 1 

Hans Michel Nay, H 

Adam Pappenl)erger, 4 

David Hoffman, • 8 

David Rambach, 8 

Hans Jacob Rambach, 2 

Hans Michel KoUer, . . ' ' • 34 

Hans Jac<)>» Berkley, !) months. 

Hans Jacob Breuninger 13i 

Peter Kettle, It) 

Rudolph Lap, . 1' 

Tewald Slal)ach, '=^ 

Henry Slabaeh, ■ ■ ^'^ 

Hans (jeoi-g Loscher, ^4 


Nainen of Girls. 
Names. Age. 

Anna Cathrina Korker, 14 

Anna ElizabetJi Yorden, 5 

Maria Dorothea Reich, 3 

Maria Barbara Dries, 18 

Barbara Elisabeth Dries, 24 

Anna Maria Dries, 11 

Maria Ehsabeth Spengler, 16 

Anna Elisabeth Hite, o 

Elisabeth Sower, * 3^ 

Maria Magdalena Wingennan 11 

Hanna Felicia Wingernian, 8 

Anna Margaretha Wingernian, 3^ 

Catherina Blaser, 11^ 

Maria Magdalena Blaser, 9^ 

Anna Margaretha Blaser, 3 

Susanna Elisabeth Deitscher, IH 

Johanna Barbara Deitscher, Sj 

Maria Barbara Ribble, 1 

One girl of Funk not yet baptized, 7 weeks. 

Elisal)eth Friedly 14i 

Catherina Reichenbach, 8i 

Maria Barbara Reichenbach 5 

Anna Maria Reichenbach, 2 

Anna Margaretha Souter 3 

Maria Christina Brown, 14 

Anna Margaretha Brown, . . 11 

Catherina Brown, 33 

Anna Barbara Nay, 7 

Maria Margaretha Souter 6 

Christina Pappenberger, 9 

Elisabeth Pappenberger, H 

Anna Maria Hoffman, 11 

Maria Magdalena Hoffman 4 

Barbara Durfiinger, 13^ 

Anna Elisabeth Raml)ach, 10 

Sibylla Rambach, 4 

Maria Magdalena Berkley, 16 

Catherina Berkley, (ji 

Barbara Berkley, 3 

Anna Maria Breuninger, D 

Margaretha Kettle 19 

Christina Kettle 13 

.lohanna Margaretha Kettle, 4 

Anna Maria Lap, " 9 


Name.^. ^^'J*^' 

Anna Catherina Lap, '^ 

Dorothea Slabach, '' 

Catherina Loscher, '? 

Barbara Loscher, 

Mar^aretha Loscher, 

[The f,.llowiu^' Hst l.ein^- lile.l among the ijiuUilicaTions and 
arrivals i..r the year 17:5:;, is here placed. See p. 8:3. J 


Name ft. 
Henrick Stance, . . . • 

Mara Stance 

Anna Mara Stance, . . 
Mara Catrana Stance, . 
Mara Uoritea Stance, . 
Hance Jacob Stance, 
Hance Peter Hoffman, . 

Johenes Jong, 

Chon Peter Foust, 

Ann Eli/. Foust, . . . . 

Philo}) Foust, 

Micoli Foust, 

Cohannes Foust, . . . • 

Cohan C Peter Foust, 

Ann Eli/- Foust 

Matelina Foust, . . . 

Cohen Hendrick Foust. 


Caterina Gibe, ... 

Andries Gibe, ... 

Micoli Gibe, 

Marlina Gibe, .... 

Eli7.aV)eth Gibe, . . . 

Olrich Shaigh, .... 

Ann Eli/. Shaigh, . 

John Jacob Shaigh, . 

Ever Eliz Shaigh, . . 

Anna Eli/- Shaigh, . . 

Johanes Lutts, .... 
Margarett Lutts, . . . 
Hance Martin Lutts, 
Catrana Lutts, ... 
Eli'/.b Lutts 
















Na)ntti. ' ^ffe. 

Mareradell Lutts i 

Matliies Whitman, 56 

Mara Uatrana Whitiiiau, ^8 

Johaues Whitman 15 

Eliz'' Whitman, ^ 

Mathew Whitemau 34 

Margrett Whiteman, . 30 

Cristofes AVhileman. . . . ■. 8 

Mathies Whiteman fi 

Wendell Whiteman, 3^ 

Eli/^' Whiteman 3 

Henricli Still, '60 

Siinon Lindor, 53 

Margrett Lindor 31) 

Catrina Lindor, 17 

Simon Lindor, 16 

Elizabeth Lindor 11 

Larance Lin<loi', 8 

Hance Jercck Lindur 3^ 

Fredrich Onesell, 24 

Michal Fahor, ... 35 

Sarah Fabor, • • • ?-^ 

Fal)or Fabor, -4^ 

Michal Fabor, 3 

Androw Pogener, 34 

Catrana Pogener, 37 

Johen Tobies Pogener 3 

Steven Lowman 31 

Hance Jerick Porger, 22 

Jacob Bunett, 32 

Mary Bunett, 33 

Susanna Bunett, 4 

Cristana Bunett, -2 

Margrett Bunett, 8 

Johen Simon Bunett 3 

Wolfeon Milor, 41 

Margrett Milor 53 

Jacob Milor, 17 

Susanna Stoning. 27 

Sim" Sliei-man, 4!) 

Catrina Sherman "40 

Marilis Sherman, 22 

Maria Sherman,, 1^ 

Jerick Sherman, 17 

Catrines Sherman, 13 


JVavies. ^'^f/^- 

Philop Sliennjui, ^i 

Deniell Sherinau -^ 

Johiies Knoll 29 

Ann Mary Knol! 28 

Elizabeth Knoli 'H 

Margrett Knoll ^2 

Eli/. Hovern 22 

Jacob Hnbler ^0 

Anna Barbara H abler, 2o 

Anna H abler, '^2 

Anna Mara Hnbler, -4 

France Hnbler, 3 months. 

France Wise, 27 

Barbara Wise 20 

Tabell Troud • • - • 27 

Anna Crate Troad, 27 

Johanas Troud, 1^ 

Hance Martin Troud, 5<^ 

Hughtick Troud, ■'^S 

Mara Apell Troud, 24 

Johan Hendrick, 28 

JohanHendrick, 13 

Eli/. Lee 1^ 

Jerick Care. "'^^ 

Eli/. Care, 40 

.lohanes Herick Care, 1^ 

Jacob iSorver, 


Fronegh Sorver, '''^ 

Jacob Sorver, 26 

Barbara Sorver, 23 

Rodelph Sorver. ■■ 21 

Jacob Houswett, ^^^ 

Mara Hoviswett, "'* 

Barbara Houswett ^^^ 

Cradell Hoaswett, ^^ 

Mara Hoaswett, ° 

Ana Mara Hoaswett, '*? 

Caspor Houswett, 

Jacob Hoaswett, '^> '"onths. 

Anna Lee, 


Jacob Hendrick, 

Johan Hendrick Tabas -' 

Nicklos Slav ~"^ 

■ 02 

Jacob Shittell, 

Eli/.b Shittell, 2^ 


Names. A(je. 

Philop Smith, 33 

Doritey Smith 30 

Philop Smith « months. 

Hance Jerick Nort, 45 

Mara Bar))ara Nort 43 

Mara Kret Nort, 18 

Tobias Nort U 

Savana Nort, 10 

Jacob Tillingor, 33 

Mara Barbra Tilhngor, 28 

Johan Fredrick TilUngor, 8 

Andries Clipsadell, 22 

Jerick Hendrick Marcli 30 

Johan Oh-ick Coall 30 

Sohuey Coall 30 

Mathies Coall, 9 

Mara Coall, 7 

John Fagly, 38 

Anna Barbara Fagly, 26 

Hinrich Stiner, 33 

Mickell Rinehed, 33 

Catrana Rinehed, 23 

Mickell Mikt 54 

Anna Mikt, 4G 

Hance Jacob Mikt, 20 

Johanes Kesnoser 40 

Kertroud Kesnoser, 50 

Conrect Kesnoser, 14 

Johan Yerck Kesnoser, 12 

Marilos Honing, 20 

Anna Catrana Honing, 25 

Philop Sever, . . 23 

Johenes Moon, 83 

Margret Moon, 44 

Marica Moon, 10 

Matiles Moon, 8 

Vernor Moon, 

Conen liUtwick Moon, 3i 

Muol Cowell 32 

Ann Eliz*' Cowell 23 

Ann Catranna Cowell, Z\ 

Conrect Cowell, 3^ 

Savena Cowell, 34 

Johen Josep Fuler, 23 

John Jereck Petery 27 



Names. Agt. 

Joliu Henrick Shirt, 22 

Cuiiret Shott, 50 

Anna Catruna Bhott 49 

Anna Clara Shott, 16 

Coiiheiias Shott, ... 9 

Philop Fouyt, 30 

Ana Catrina Foust, 34 

John Jacob Foust, 4 

John Addein Foust, 2 

John Hendrick Foust G months. 

Micoll Rut, 56 

Ann Margret Rut, 5G 

John Henrick Tinick, 33 

Anna Mai'g it Tinick, • 36 

Anna Barbai'a Tinick, ^ 

Micell Tinick, 5 

Anna Margritt Tinick, 1^ 

Col)lin Hetrick, 4U 

Elizabeth Hetrick, 35 

Jolin Houst Hetrick, 1'^ 

William Hetrick, 10 

Catrina Hetrick ^h 

Colian Henrich Hetrick, 3 

Anna Margrett Hetrick 3 

List of Forkignkus Imi 
JOHX Stedmax, Master 
Sept. 12 1734. 

Christopher AViegner, 
Georg Kriliel, 
Georg Jackel, 
Georg Ander. 
Georg Reinwald, jr., 
Georg Wiegner, 
Hans Henrich Jackel, 
Georg IMentzel, 
Caspare Heydrich, 
Christo])h Wiegner, 
David Seibb, 
Georg Hevdrich. 


, FROM Rotterdam. Qualified 

Georg Hubner. 
Baltzer Jackel. 
Caspar Kribel, 
Abraham Jackel, 
Hans Wiegner, 
Baltzer Jackel, jr., 
Melchior Mentzel, 
Georg Weiss, 
Georg Scholtz, 
Georg Anders, 
Christoph Seibb, 
Geoi-g Drescher, 



ilelchior Meishter, 
Cxeorge Scholtze, 
Friederich Schop«, 
David Schubert. 
])egenhart Pott, 
Nicolas Delv, 
Ulricii Spies, 
Peter Ti-eidel, 
Valentin Dilil, 
Melchior Hiibner, 
Melcliior Kribel, sen., 
Melcliior Kribel, jr.. 
Balt/.er Hoffman, jr., 
Christopli Jakele, 
Christoph Reinvvald, 
Melchior Neumau, 
Balthaser Hey<lric, 
Mattliias Jackel, 
Gregorius Scholt/.e, 
Christopli Drescher, jr., 
Christopher Scholtze, 
Bernhard Steinbach. 
Hans Hubener, 
Johannes Van THiliken, 
Johann (reorg Rut/, 
Jacob Runipfellt, 
Jacob Wilhelmi, 
Johannes Senger, 
Heinrich Runipfeld. 
David HubuHr (sicki. 
David Jackie (sick), 
Hans Martin Tryster (sicki 

Baltzer Anders, 
Caspar John, 
Christoph Pauss, 
Wilhehnus Pott, 
Peter Schamker, 
Nicolas Winder, 
Peter Jager, 
Conrad Frey, 
Caspar Jackel, 
Christoph Schubert, 
Balthaser Hoffman, 
Georg Hoffman, sen., 
Jeremias Jackel, 
Gregorius Meisther, 
Abraliam Dihl, 
Tobias Hertteranfft, 
Cristoph Neumah, 
Christopher Jackel, 
David Meschler, 
Melchior Scholtze, 
Hein. Ludwig Urickhaus. 
Georg Bansche, 
Wilhelm Witzen, 
Jacob Friederick Rieger, 
Valentin Veruch, 
.Johannes Wildfang, 
.Johan Caspar Storller, 
Matthias Marcker, 
Christopher Kriebel (sick), 
Georg Reynold (sick), 
Antlreas Warner (sick). 

Under tiixteen. 

David Neuman, 
Georg Wiegnei-, 
Andreas Heydrich, 
Melchior Hubner, 
"Peter Labach, 
Johannes Pott, 
.Tacob Frey, 
Johannes Deck, 
Johannes Wolfgang, 
Valentin Wilhelmi, 
Friderich Drescher, 
Johann Nicalaus Steiner, 

Christopher Heydrich, 
Abraham Wiegner, 
Caspar Seibb, 
Georg Anders, 
David Schubert, 
.Tohann Wilhelm Pott. 
Georg Heinrich Ruth, 
Johann Henrich Deck. 
Johann Michael Wolfgang, 
.Facob Wilhelmi, 
Wilhelm Hertteranfft. 
Johann Jacob Spies, 



Philip Freidel, 
.lohaiia Jacob Hildebrand. 
Christoplier Kribel^ 
Christopher Hubner, 
Georg Kribel, L-^ 
Christopher Reinholcl, 
Christopher Meister, 
George Hertterauft, 

Joliami Jacob 8teiner, 
Hans Georg Volii^er, 
Clement Dubach, 
David Schubert, 
Christopher Hoffman, 
Melchior Wigner, 
lialthasar Jackel, 
Melchior Hei-tteranft. 

List of Forkigkers Importkd in the Ship Hope, Dan- 
iel, Reid, Master, from Rotterdam, qualified Sept. 
23, 1734. 

Jacob Bail man, . 

Michael Gerljer, 
Michael Fickel, 
Bernhart Richer, 
Han Jacob Fischl)ach, 
,Iohan Albert Langerfeld, 
Philip Esping, 
Peter Stani, 
H enrich Stettz, 
Johannes Jang, 
Johannes Noh, 
Johannes Artger, 
Simon Beil, 
Antony Nobel, 
Johannes Richter, 
.Johannes Heinsman, 
Johan Peter Gross, 
Aug. Henrich Kunstman, 
.foh. Philip Doldt, 
Joh. Wilhelm Ahlbach, 
Han Henrich Otterpacli, 
Joh. Arnold Reisch, 
Joh. Geo. Antony Muiler, 
(Christian Otto Schult/, 

Jacol> H offer. 
Christian Houser, 
Ulrich Buhler. 
Han Henrich Hoffman, 
Johann Wilhelm Graff, 
Gottfride Schierwager, 
Johannes Keiser, 
Christoi^h Rabe, 
Zacharias Ahlbach, 
Jost Smith, 
Georg Lulicken, 
Simon T\irl)ach, 
Joh. Henrich Otter, 
Antony Nobel, jr.. 
Christian Farnie, 
Johan Adam Schroff, 
.Toll. Henrich Klockner, 
.Toll. Henrich Heinsman, 
Zacharias Flamerfeld, 
Joh. Peter Schmidt, 
.Toll. Herbert Wel)erd. 
Joh. Hen. Weschenbach, 
Joh. Andreas Muiler, 
Cornelius l*arat. 


[T/ie original list is herewith given.] 

Men's Names. 

Name. Age. 

Jacobus Bowman, 38 

Beruhurtus Richard, 29 

Fredrick Kufer, 63 

Jacob Koser, 23 

Hans Hendrick Hofman, 22 

Hans Jacob Fishbach, 30 

Jolin Wilhelin Kras, 48 

Michal Gerber ,. . 27 

Christian Houser, 50 

Peter Gortner, . . 30 

Michal Fikle, 25 

Ulrich Buler, 29 

Joanis Richter 20 

Phillip Esping 28 

Christian Farnie, 27 

Joanis Keyser 50 

Jurgen Heynsuian, 45 

Joanis Heynsuian, 10 

Johan Adaui Shroof, 25 

Johan Peter Groose, 30 

Johan Hendrick Klaknor, 45 

Peter Stain, 20 

August Henrich Kunstman, 23 

Johan Henrich Heinsman, 30 

Christopher Rabie, 27 

Johan Phillip Duldt, 19 

Henrich Steldts, 31 

Zacharias Olilbach, 36 

Zacharias FJoinerfleid, 21 

Johan Willhelm Ohlbacli 28 

Johanis Jung, 40 

Jost Smith, 46 

Peter Smith 17 

Jolianis Nohe, 40 

Johan Henrich Otterbach 30 

Johan Herbert Weber, 23 

George Lubcken, 25 

Joanis Peter Apgard, 20 

Simon Kierbach, 23 

Johan Arent Riesh, 28 

Siemonis Benell. 16 

Johan Henrich Weshbach, 24 


Nuint. ^^■'^'• 

Johiui H enrich Otterbach, ''^ 

Johan J ai-f? Anthony Miller, ~-^ 

Joahin Andreas Miller 2^ 

Anthony Noble, '''^ 

Anthony Nol)le, Jnn' ^^^ 

Johan Alberts Loufrerfield, ^"> 

(TTodtfrid Sheerwagen, ^^ 

Christian Otta 8hult/., ^^- 

(]arl Fulker 'f^ 

John Robeson, ^^ 

Willhehn Haer. ^j^ 

Cornelius Paraed ""' 


Francis Uasons 


John Dehner, 

Patrick Caniell ^0 

Barbie Silvin, '^ 

John Ganiel, 

Daniel Camnieron, 

William Pursell, ' ^^ 


Oyn Doniwand, "^ 

Bernhard Caniell, *' 

Mark Fey 

Bernhard Megie, . 
Dorl)ie Carie, . . 
Nathaniel Morriu, 
John Nouland, 
Joseph Lameer, . 
IrJarnabie Franchit 
John Grun, 
John Canierson, . 
William Carter. . 
Patrick Heney, 


Wom.eii\s Names. 

Anna Margret H of man 

Cathrina Fishbach 

Sophia Margret Krazs, 

Eliza Cathrine Jongen 

Anna Cathrine Jongen 

Eli/' Maria Holdinghouseii 

Anna Gerber, 

Maria Leshrin 

Barbera Heglerin 

Anna Honsrin, 

Johanna Honsrin 




Name. Age. 

Anna Margritta Clundin, 20 

Anna Magdelena Bechtlerin, 2(5 

Anna Eliz^ Farnie, 23 

Cathrine Farnie 29 

Maria Cathrine Keyserin 4y 

Johanna Keysrin, 20 

Anna Maria Beuler, 33 

Cathrine Heynsnian, 45 

Susanna Heynsman, 30 

Maria Cathrine Shroof, 23 

Anna Catlirine Crrootz, 26 

Clara Klacknerin, 37 

Anna Duniat Ohlbacli, 37 

Anna Cathrine Fock, 20 

Gerderuth Flonierfield, 21 

Anna YA\i.^ Ohlbach, 26 

Anna Maria Jongen, 32 

Eli//' Bechtlerin 57 

Maria Barbara Bechtlerin 18 

Anna Maria Bechtlerin, . 20 

Anna Christina Smith, 45 

Eliz' Magdelen Smith 20 

Maria Clara Nohe, 40 

Gerdruth Nohe, 16 

Anna Maria Kierbach, 26 

Vreyja Cathrine Kierbach, 21 

Maria Reish 28 

Maria Margret Weshbach, 19 

Anna Maria Beust, 17 

Maria Eliz" Bomerin, 18 

Cathrine NoV>le, 42 

Christian" Eliz" Longerfield, 30 

Regina Barbera Spedin, . 40 

Susanna Zimmerman, 20 

Child reii''s Names. 

.Johan Casper Krazs, 11 

Johan Phillip Krazs, 'd\ 

Ann.a Gerber, . months. 

Bostian Lesher, 11 

Niclaus Houser, 11 

Hans Michal Keysor, 8 

Juliana Keysor, 4 

Anthony Heinsman, 11 

Maria Magdelena Heinsman, 9 


Name. Age. 

Margreta Susanna Shroof, 3 

Johan Henry (iroos 2 

Freysa Cathrine Groos, 4 

J oanis Gerard Klakner, -1 ^ 

Maria Eli/." Klakner, U 

i'athrina Klaknor, "^ 

Magdeliua Klaknor, ^ 

Joanis Willheliu Ohlbach H 

Joanis Gerard Ohlbach, C 

Anna Margret Ohlbach, 8 

Gerderuth Margreta Ohlbach, 2 

Joanis Peter Ohlbach, ~ 

Harmon Jung ^ 

Maria Gerderuth Jung, -^ 

Eli'/-" Jung, ^ 

John Jacob Nohe, 

Maria Clara Nohe, •'*J 

Cathrine Noble, '^ 

Joanis Lesher, ^'_^ 

Joseph Heinsnian. ^■_' 

Henrich Willhelni Riesh ^"^ 

Anna Cathrine Nohe, 1*^ 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Mercury, Wil- 
liam Wilson, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
May 29, 1735. 

Conrad Wurtz. Jacob Beshar, 

Jacob Schenckel, Heinrich H uber, 

^Jacob Neff, Jacob Tantzler, 

Johann Weiss, Henrich Merk, 

Hans Meier, ^ Caspar Netzh, 

Jacob Frey, Jacob Meyer, 

Hans Huber, Conrad Naffe, 

Hans Muller, Hans Ott, 

Johannes Heit. Henry Sui-ber 

Abraham Weidman. Rudolph Weidnmn, 

Hans Jacob Radtgab, ^ _ Johan Ulrich Aner, 

Baltzer Bossert, Caspar bchweitzer, 

Henrich Oswald, Jacob Perdschn.ger, 
8-VoL. XVII. 


Henry Brunner, Jacob Weidman, 

Hans Conrad Kaller, Jacob Madler, 

Henricli Schreiber, Martin Shellberg, 

Jacob Maurer, H enrich Scheuchzer, 

Jacob Shellenberg, Henry Mosock, 

Jacob AViest, Rudolph Egg, 

Rudolph Walter, Jacob Schmit, 

Conrad Meyer, Jacob Naff, 

Caspar Gut, Jacob Matz, 

Philip Klein, Hans Ulrich Amon. 

Rudolph Aberly, Jacob Conrad Naffe, 

Caspar Plauler, Abraham Weckerly, 

Conrad Rutschi, Christoph Neunieister, 

Johannes Molich, Henrich Forst. 

[The original list is herewith given.'] 
Name. Ap<i- 

Hendryk Gotschy 17 

Conrad Wuertz 2G 

Abraham Weidman 25 

Rodolph Weidman, 26 

Jacob Rathgep, 34 

Jacob Possart, 40 

Jacob Schenekell, 27 

Hendryk Huber, 70 

Jacob isfaf 39 

Jacob Dentzler, 40 

Hs. Ulric Aner 42 

Johannes Weiss, ' . . . . 43 

Balthasar Possart, 30 

Hendryk Merck, 19 

Killian Merck, 16 

Johannes Meyer, 39 

Caspar Notzly, 45 

Caspar Schweitzer, 20 

Hendryk Oswald 20 

Jacob Frey, 50 

Jacob Homberger, 16 

Jacob Meyer, 39 

Jacob Bertschinger, 19 

Hendryk Bruner, 17 

Hanskubler, 43 

Jacob Weidmann 40 

Conrad Keller, 36 

Conrad Naf 22 


Names. ^0^- 

Jacob Bucher, 


Jacob Metier, ^^ 

Hs. Mutler, ^^ 

Hendryk Muller, 

Johannes Ott, 

Johannes Heid, 

Hendryk Schreyber, 

Esther Gotschy, 

Barbara Gotschy, ^^ 

Esther Gotschy 

Anna Gotschy, . . . . 
Magdalena Steininfrer, 
Marie Weber, .... 
Barbara Haller, . 
Cleovea Sehenckel, . 
EHzabeth Possart, . . 
Ursula (irendehneyer, 


Magdalena Phister, . 
Verena Krebser, . 
Verena Kern, .... 
Verena Eberhar. . . . 
Elizabeth Winchla, . 

Barbara Weiss 

Elisabeth Weiss, . . 
Susanna Bindscheder, 
Elizabeth Wettstein, 
Elizabeth Peter, . . . 
Regula x\ppell, .... 
Barbara Weidman, 

Anna Isler 

Barbara Meyer, 
Barbara Eberhard, . . 

Regula Stotz, .... 

Barbara Glaur. . . . 

Catherine Isler, . . . 

Barbara Albrecht, 

Regula Maurer, . 

Catherine Ruegg, 

Rodolph Gotschy, . . 

Mauritz Gotschy, . . 

Beat G()tschy 

Magdalena Gotschy, . 

Judith Weidmann, . 

Barbara Weidmann, . 
















Name. Age. 

Rodolph Possart, 10 

Anna Possart, 6 

Ro(loli)h Hueber, 6 

liisabeth Hueber, 11 

Elisabeth Naf, 4 

Jacob Dentzler, 9 

Rodolph Dentzler, 5 

Abraham Dentzler 3 

Margareth Dentzler 4 

Abraham Dubenilorffer, 9 

Anna Brunner, 11 

Hs. Ulric Brunner, 6 

Verena Aner, 9 

Felix Aner, 7 

Hs. Ulric Aner, 5 

Margareth Aner 4 

Catherine Weiss, 9 

Susanna Weiss, 3 

Anna Weiss, 6 

Caspar Possart, 10 

Hendryh Possart, 3 

Rodolph Possart, ; . . . 3 

Hans Merck, 6 

Hs. Conrad Merck, o 

Leonard Meyer, 14 

Jacob Meyer, 9 

Barbara Meyer, 4 

Anna Barbara Frey, 10 

Elisabeth Frcy 8 

Hendryk Frey, 6 

Hs, Jacob Meyer, 8 

Magdalena Meyer, 6 

Jacob Kubler 5 

Elisabeth Kubler, 5 

Rodolph Dubendorffer, 3 

Martin Schellenberg, •<jO 

Conrad Zuppinger, 36 

Jacob Maurer 43 

Johan Hend Maurer, 19 

Hendryk Scheuchzer, 43 

Jacob Schellenberg, 45 

Hendryk Muschque, 23 

Hendryk SurV)er, 50 

Hendryk Surber, 15 

Ulric Aman 24 


7fam(. Age. 

Rodolph A})erly, 22 

Jacob Weist, 24 

Rodolph Egg, 19 

Rodolpli Walder 39 

Conrad Naf, 52^ 

Jacob Schniid, 32 

Jacob Schmid, 15 

Conrad Meyer, 51 

Melchior Meyer, 15 

Jacol) Naf, 24 

Caspar Gut, 19 

Caspar Blueler, 47 

Jacob Mathfinger 37 

Abraham Wackerly, 30 

Conrad Rutschy, 27 

Christian Erhard Neunieister, — 

Johannes Moelig, 40 

PhiUipp AVillem Kleyn, 23 

Hendrjk Forst, 19 

Verena Bentz, 19 

Ursula Schelleberg 17 

Regala Eberhard, 19 

Magnrit Zupinger, 19 

Margueret Maurer, 42 

Elisabeth Maurer, 19 

Anna Stuz, 30 

Barbara Dappeller, 52 

Magdeleu Krebser, 49 

Barbara Schuiid, 15 

Magdalene Weidman, 49 

Elisabeth Haller, 20 

Anna Naf 19' 

Magdel Mantz, 29 

Catherin Meyly, 29 

Barbara Lips, 30 

Saliane Catherine Barlin — 

Marie Cather Kirberger, 39 

Margurit Kentling, 29 

CJiildren' s Names. 

Anna Dubendorffer, (> 

Jacob Weidman, 5 

Mathias Keller, 1 

Jacob Bucher, 10 

Hendrvk Bucher, 8 


Name. Age. 

Marie Muller 5 

Anna Cleophe Schreik ^' 

Hs. Ulric Zupinger, 12 

Hendryk Zuppinger C 

Anna Marg. Mauer ~ 

Verena Surber, •"> 

Jacob Walder, 4 

Hans Jacob Naf, 9 

Jacob Naf 7 

Felix Schmid 12 

Barb Schmid, ..... 5 

Hs. Hend Bleuler, 13 

Catherine Bleuler, 9 

Hs. Jacob Bleuler, 8 

Felix Matzinger, 8 

Verena Wackerly. 2 

Jacob Rutschy, 10 

Hendryk Rutschy 7 

Hs. Jacob Rutschy, 3 weeks. 

Erenreich Moelig, 7 

Veronica Gertrat Moelig, 15 

Andreas Moelig, 4 

Marie Cath. Moelig, U 

Gottfrid Moelig li) 

JLiST OF Foreigners Imported ix the Brig Mary, of 
Philadelphia, James Marshall, Master, from Londoj;, 
Qualified June 28, 1735. 

Melchior Scholtze, Henrich Bo.shart, 

Peter Schwaab, Andreas Brinker, 

Wilhelm Gesel, Andreas Widnier. 

Zacharias Friedrich, Henrich Wurchman, 

Johannes Wurchman, Jacob Weidmer, 

Solomon Ruckstul, sen., Solomon Ruckstul, jr. 

[T/te original list is herewith ffiveti.] 

Men' 6' Names: 
Melchior Shults, Zacharias Fridrich, 

Hyndrick Possart, Pieter Swab, 

Andreas Brinker, Nicolas Botikofer, 



Hyndrick Woemian, 
Jacob Widiner, 
Willein Gissel, 
Solomon Ruckstoll, 

Women and 

Anna Possart, 
Hyndrick Possart. 
Hyndrick Brinker, 
Hans Brinker, 
Magdalena \V German, 
Barl)ara Woerman, 
Hyndrick Woerman, 
Anna Woerman, 
Marget Widmer, 
Anna Widmer, 
Elisabeth Widmer, 
Clive Rookstol, 
Hvndrick Rookstol. 

Johannes Woerman, 
Andreas Widmer, 
Solomon Ruckstoll. 

CJiildren's Names. 
Caspar Possart, 
Regula Brinker, 
Conrad Brinker, 
Jacob Brinker, 
Rede Woerman, 
Orsala Woerman, 
Elizabeth Woerman, 
Elizabeth Woerman, 
Jacob Widmer, 
Marget Widmer, 
Susannah Widmer, 
Barbara Rookstol, 
Barbara Rookstol. 

List of Forkigners Imported ly the Ship Billander 
Oliver, Samuel Merchant, Master, from South Caro- 
lina. Qualified Aug. 25, 1735. 

Hans Bucher, 
Hans Roller, 
Johannes Marti, 
Ulrich Yiha, 
Peter Henckels, 
Hans Michael Pingley, 
Abraham Mausslin, 
Christian Weber, 
Hans Leyenberger, 

Lazarus Wenger, 
Christian Zwaller, 
Jacob Stelly, 
Johannes Etter, 
Christian Brenholtz, 
Hans Ludenborg, 
Ulrich Mischler, 
Jacob Wilhelm Naath, 
Hans Bucher, jr. 

{The original list is herewith r/iven.] 

31 en's jVame.s: 

Name. •' ^ . 

Hans Booker, 

John Booker, "^ 

Lazerus Winger ^^^ 

Hans Roller, 


Name. Age. 

Christan Brenholts, 39 

Hans Pinkley 23 

Christan Swaller, 24 

Hans Lyinburger, 50 

Hans Lyinburger, 25 

Abram Meeseley, 43 

Hans Martey, 44 

Uklrick Mesler, 30 

Jacob Starley, 20 

Cristan Wewer, 28 

Ulerick Yelin, 27 

Johannes Atterley, 40 

William Naws, 39 

Peter Hankler, 21 

Women's Names. 

Cristana Booker, 35 

Ann Winger, 56 

Ann Winger, 18 

Susannah Koller, 35 

Ann Brenholts, 40 

Lizarberth Lyinburger, 45 

Lizarberth Lyinburger, ' 20 

Barberry Lyinburger, 14 

Lizarberth Mesler 25 

Ann Wewer 25 

Ann Wewer, 30 

Barbry Yelin, 25 

Barbry Yelin, 45 

Cristan Yelin, 20 

Mardling Spring, 23 

Margat Otlersin 4 

Apploney Greeno, 60 

Marry Naws, 3y 

Children's Names. 

Benjeaman Booker 13 

Cristan Booker, 10 

Jacob Coller, 9 

Peter Lyinburger, 8 

Hannah Lyinburger, 3 

Ann Mesler, 13 

Hans Wewer, 7 

Cristan Wewer, 3 



List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Harle, of 
London, Ralph Harle, Master, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified Sept. 1, 1730. 

Frantz He^kert, 
Johannes Lorentz, 
Johannes Hannewald, 
•Tacob Gemling, 
Wilhehn Hetterhng, 
Nicklaus Trewer, 
Karl Kern, 
Jacob Amandns, 
Matthias Speck, 
Andreas Grimm, 
Heinrich Dubs, 
Joh. Peter Van Laschet, 
Joh. Philip Wageman, 
Johan Valentin Voigt, 
Johan Daniel Braun, 
Geo. Nicolas Zysloff, 
Johan Peter Nargang, 
Johann Georg Jaky, 
Rudolph Hackmann, 
Cornelius Weygandt, 
Andrias Nargang, 
Clemens Slottenbecker, 
Joh. Wilhehn Speck, 
Johannes Willeras, 
Heinrich Gerhart, -^ 
Andreas Haillman. 
Johan Peter Feglin, 
Johannes Rothrock, 
Johannes Zacharias. 
Joh. Ludwig Weicker, 
Johan Georg Basel, 
Joh. Michael Weygell, 
Johannes Rissmann, 
Johann Georg AVambolt, 
Andreas Jochim. 
Jacob Hostedler^ 
Hans Ruppele, 
Jacob Jayser, 
Frederic Memart, 
Adam Seider, 
Adam Boher, 
Christian Erb, 

Johannes Kruck, 
Abraham Tiegarden, sen., 
Abraliam Tiegarden, 
Georg Zeisloff, 
Daniel Nargang, 
Michael Jochim, 
Nicklas Rebell, 
Peter Rentsch, 
Dietrich Martin, 
Nicolas Post, 
,Toh. Van Laschet, 
Christian Van Laschet, 
Johan Philip Wick, 
Johan Mathias Voigt, 
Johan Michael Graul, 
Johan Baltzer Zeisloff, 
Joh. Christophel Treber, 
Leonhardt Cronbach, 
Jacob Fellman, 
Hans Melchior Beyer, 
Johannes Biitler, 
Johan Jacob Weyl, -— 
Peter Slottenbecker, 
Heinrich Slottenbecker, 
Joh. Jacob Daubensi)eck, 
Johan Mathias Bruch, 
Johan Georg Mein, 
Joh n Jacob Barth, 
Balthaser Stephanus, 
Joh. H enrich Bruner, 
Joli. Ludwig Kammerer, 
Laborius Merschrath, 
Joh. Christoph Windemuth, 
Johann Georg Scheidler, 
Vincent Schackie, 
Jacob Evsen. 
Frederick Beegel, 
Andreas Kurtz, 
Jacob Sontag, 
Nilaus Lang, 
Ludwig Lay, 
John Jacob Zyderman, 



Andreas Cratz, 
Valentin Neu, 
Eberhart Ebeler, 
Conrad Frankenberger, 
Daniel Meyer, 
Paulus Brunner, 
Andreas Orross, 
Peter Rupp, 
Johannes Meyer, 
Caspar Myer, 
Caspar Stelling, 
Johan Brand, 
Christian Suder, 
Jonathan Heger, 
Jacob Cuntz, 
Jacob Kochenauei 
Adam Warn bolt, 
Gottfrid GruU, 
Christoph Rudolpf, 
Thomas Hummel, 
Johann Jacob Niiss, 
Heinrich Wohlgemuth, 
Georg Adam "Werner, 
Joseph "Wohlgemuth, 
Johan Philip Muntz, 
Caspar Kupferschmidt, 
Han Georg Handtwerch, 
Johann Adam Schauss, 
Johan Valentin Scherer, 
Johan Jacob Christler, 
Joh. Adam Hohenschilt, 
Georg Michael Friedrich, 
Johan Georg Lehnert. 

Jacob Libbert, 
Nicolaus Melcher, 
Christian Schryack, 
Johannes Rossinger, 
Johannes Hess, 
Christian Landes, 
Leonliart Jager, 
Michael Noll, 
Nicolas ^ngne, 
Ludwig Mauerer, 
Dewalt Beyer, 
Mathias Peck, 
Johannes Gerber, 
Mattheus Roser, 
Jacob Hollinger, 
Andreas Franck, 
Johannes Fuchs, 
Michael Linder, 
-Peter Hironimus, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Johan Conrad Bab, 
Abraham "Wohlgemuth, 
Jacob Ladtermann, 
H enrich Weydebach, 
Johannes Franckeberger. 
Johann Conrad Grimm, 
Zacharias Setzler, 
Isaac Adolphus Delb, 
Christian Stockly, 
Johan Peter Wambold, 
Johan Peter Marsteller, 
Joh. Georg "Windemuth, 

[TAc orifjinal list i.s hereu'ilh rjiven.] 

Men's Names. 
Name. -^O^- 

Frans Hecker, ^ 34 

, Johan Von Lasche, 50 

-.;^ans Peter Von Lasche, 35 

Christian Von Lasche, 1^ 

Johan Krik 29 

Phillip Wick * 25 

Phillip Weygamunt 23 


Name. -Age. 

Abraham Tegart, 4y 

Abraliaiu Tegart, 18. 

Johaiiiiis Hannavalt, 23 

Johannis Laurents, 40 

Jacob Kemmerling, 23 

John Valentin Fokt, i53 

Matthias Fokt, 19 

Dan' Boon, IG 

Michael Crowel, 53 

Geo. Nickel SeyloIT, 30 

Baltazar Seyloff, 29 

George Seyloff, '•^' 

Willem Heederhn, 27 

Daniel Nergan, ■ 20 

Peter Nergan, 33 

Nicholas Traver, 44 

Christ" Traver, '"^ 

Michael Yokem, 33 

Andreas Yokem 40 

Carl Kern 30 

Nicholas Rebel), . , 23 

George Shaky, 36 

Jacob Amandis, 30 

Leonard Croonback, -^^ 

Vincent Shaky, 34 

Jacob Hofstedler, 32 

Jacob Eyser, "^'* 

Jacob Eyser 21 

Johannes Ruppel, '"^ 

Fredrick Beckel, "' 


Jacob Jeyser, 

Aron Cortz, 2J 

Frederick Meindart, 24 

Rudolf Hackman 20 

Jacob Felman, 

Jacob Sondag, 

Cornells vViegant ^^ 

Abraham Sayler, '^*^ 

Adam Seyter '^^ 

Nickel Lang, 

Adam Bone, 

Ludwick Loy 

Christian Erb, ]^^ 

Peter Rhensh, ^~ 

Hans Melchior Pyer, 


Name. Age. 

Andreas Nergan, 37 

John Butler, 30 

Clement Stovitebecker, 36 

Matthias Speck 53 

Derick Mart 27 

JacoV) Weyl, 39 

Willem Speck 23 

Peter Stoutebecker, 3S 

Johan Willems, 48 

Hendrick Stoutebecker, 29 

Hendrick Geset, 48 

Andries Grim, 18 

Jacob Tovespeck, 22 

Andries Heelman 29 

Matthias Bouch, 23 

Jn" Peter Fegelin, 18 

Jn" Geo Mein, 16 

Johan Rootroke 50 

Jacob Salt Pate, 50 

Jacob Lederman, 17 

Nicholas Post, 18 

Hendrick Dups 28 

Andreas Cratts, 22 

Jacob Libbart 26 

Valentine Ney, 24 

John Snuyder 28 

Johan Zacharias 25 

Nicholas Melchior 28 

Baltazar Stebanus, 40 

Ludwick Wyker 19 

Hendrick Prunner, 24 

Abraham Appier, 20 

J. Geo. Basell 20 

Ludwick Kemmerick, 21 

Michael Wykel, 44 

Michael Holsacker, — 

Laborious Merschrote, 10 

Christian Schrieak 18 

Conraat Frankberger, 20 

Johannis Brosinger, 25 

Daniel Moyer, 28 

Johan Reisman, 27 

John Heep, 46 

Christ Windemoot 60 

Paul Bronner, 28 


Name. Age. 

Johan Geo. Vanbolt, 23 

Jn" Geo. Sheitler 22 

Conraat Krim, 20 

Christian Landes, 20 

Andries Gross, 25 

Adam Shous, 32 

Leonard Yayer, 26 

Zacliarias Setsler, 45 

Valentine Schere, • . . . . 19 

Peter Roope, '^^ 

Michal Noll, 1" 

Isaac Le Poltis Telp 25 

Jacob Christler 42 

Johannis Moyer, 48 

Nickel Anganie, 47 

Caspar Moyer, ^'^ 

Joseph Lyng, '^•* 

Ludwick Meyer ~9 

Christian Steckle, 2.j 

Casper Stelling, • •^'^ 

Jacob Nuss, '-^^ 

Bevalt Pyer 21 

Conraat Paap, '^' 

Johannis Brant ^^ 

Mathias Steck ^' 

Hendrick Wulgeniulh, '^4 

Abraham Wulgemuth -'- 

Joseph Wulgemuth -^ 

Geo. Adam Varner '-|^ 

Christian Suder, -"^ 

Hans Gerber, ^'' 

Jonathan Heeger, ^'•^ 

Matthias Reeser, 


Jacob Cunts, 23 

Jacob Hollinger, ^^ 

Jacob Leederman, 


Jacob Kochenaur, 


Herman Drott, 

Phillip Mentz ^^ 

Hendrick AVvedeback, '^'^ 

Casper Coppersmith, 

Johannis Frankberger, ^" 

Andries Frank 

Adam Vampult, 

Hans George Hantwerg 


Name. Age. 

Johan Fookes, ' 19 

Johan Nicolas Perninger, 40 

(rotfrici Cryl, 24 

Johan Adam Howanschilt, 30 

Johan Peter Vanpult, • 26 

Geo. Mich' Fridrick 32 

John Albrecht Ziegler, 26 

Peter Cheaver, 18 

John Peter Merstill 30 

John George Leonardt, 21 

John Geo. Wintermont, 25 

Mich' Lindart 36 

Christopher Rudolf, . . . ._ 19 

Pieter Hieronimus, 21 

Tomas Hummel, 25 


List of Foreigners Im 
GUSTus, Samuel Merc 
Qualified Sept. 16,17 

Georg Mayer, ** '' 

Jacob Meyer, 

Rudolph Essig, 

Jacob Muller, 

Jacob Pruh, 

Leonhart Stein, 


Rudolph Ranch, 

Hans Spiteler, 

Jacob Baire, 

Stephen JacoUT?-^.^ 

Christian Buchty, 

,Tean Comer, 

Nicolas .Tewdie, 

Joh. Georg Baumgartner, 

Johan Georg Ritter, 

Hans David Bilman, 

Hans Michael Carl, 

Philipp Guttman. 

Georg Abraham Essig, 

Han Nicolas Schmidt, 


lA^'T, Master, from Rotterdam, 

Stephen Schust, 
Georg Meyer, 
Willielm Huber, 
Simon Carl, 
Lorentz Fruh, 
Lorentz Simon, 
Jacob Kese, 
Hans Spiteler, sen., 
Nicolaus Tenne, 
Hans Jacob, 
Henry Books, 
A bi'aham Jacke, 
Hans Fiseler, 
Joh. Gabriel Laminle, 
Han Philip Fleckser, 
Johan Jost Dubs, 
Hans Thomas Keer, 
Gottfrid Lautermilch, 
Hans Michael Essig, 
Johan Jacob Busch. 
Han Georg Trautman, 



Hans Georg GratT, 
Han Jacob Beitert, 
Christian Schenblein, jr. 
Han Hegendorn, jr., 
Thiehnan Hiinschall, 
Christian Simon, 
Henrich Meyer, 
Daniel Heliendorn, 
Friederich Greir, 
Durst Tlioiniue, 
Hans Jacolv— ""^ 
Hans Georg Gerster, 
Sebastian Caquelin, 
Jean Caquelin, 
Dieterich Werhe, 
Hans Jacob Keller, 
Christian Dappen, 
Hans Rudolph Erb, 
Jonas J oner, 
Hans Siber, 
Hans Stockie, 
Francois Oriths, 
Eneas Noel, 
Jacob Altlandt, 
Christian Schlachten, 
Jean Francois Chrestien, 
Johannes Keller, sea., 
Michael Haalling, 
Hans David Merky, 
Johan Conrad Gauger, 

John Adolph Wenssel, 
(Jristian Schenblein, sen. 
Han Hegendorn, sen., 
Han Jacob Greider, 
Hans Jacob Dups, 
Friederich Gardner, 
Sebastian Graff, 
Bastian St ler, 
Martin Greider, 
Martin Douiey, 
Durst Thomme, 
David Lowenstein, 
Dieterich Caquelin, 
Daniel Koininer, 
Hans Inibernian, 
Benedict Yuhli, 

Waltes Bauniann, . 

Melchior Detweiler, 
Jacob loner, 
Hans Zwalle, 
Peter Binckly, 
Hans Binckly, 
Nicholas Orich, 
Joseph Noel, 
Peter Weyer, 
Rudolph Baumgai-dner, 
Collas Drasbart, 
Jacob Christman, 
Marcus Merky, 
Nicklaus Mesling, 
Georg Nicolas Gauger. 

[ The oripinal list is herewith f/iven.] 
Names of Men. 
Narie. -^O^-^ 

Gabril Lamle, 2(3 

Hance George Bumgartner, 2(5 

Hance Philip Flexer, 31 

George Meyer, -^ 

George Ritter ^ ' 

Johanniost Tupps, 18 

Stephen Shust 22 

Jacob Meyer, ^"^ 


Name. Age. 

David Bielmaii, 31 

Hauce Michall Carle, 23 

Hance Thomas Kurr, 19 

Gottfried Loudermilch, 28 

Philip Gutchmaii, ^ . 29 

George Meyer, 35 

Hance Michall Essich, 30 

George Essich, 40 

Rudolph Essich 70 

Johan Jacob Bush, 2C 

William Huber 29 

Jacob MuUer, 28 

Simon Carel, . . . .' 36 

Jacob Free, 28 

Lorance Free, 24 

Nichlos Free, 48 

Hendrick Free, IT 

Leenhard Styen 4G 

Hance Nicklos Schmidtt, 28 

Lorance Simon, 30 

Christian Simon, ... 60 

Friederick Gartner, 35 

Hance George Drautman, 27 

George Meyer, 63 

George Mouerer, 29 

Hendrick Meyer, 26 

Bastian Graff, 25 

George Graff, 34 

Adolph Wensel, 36 

Hance Jacob Biedert, 30 

Christian Sheiblj', 53 

Christian Sheibly 17 

Hance Heckendon, 50 

Hance Heckendon, ■ . . . 20 

Dannill Heckendon, 16 

Bastain Stoler, 42 

Hance Jacob Grieter, 55 

Fredrick Grieter, 21 

Martain Grieter 19 

Tielman Hirnschael, 55 

Durst Thome, 57 

Martain Thome, 32 

Hance Jacob Thome 29 

Durst Thome 24 

Jacob Stubes, 25 


iVaiuc. A(jr. 

Josej)h (Ji-ittr-er, ... 24 

Jacob Kese, 2f^ 

Rudulph Hugh. 2.") 

Hiiiice Spietteler, 4.") 

Hiiuc'-e tSpietteler, IT 

Jacob Doiiiine, ;5U 

Hance (xeorge (xerster, 2() 

jSicholas Teuiic, 24 

David Jjewesteyn, *^, . 40 

Jacob Paire, 84 

Haii'-e .Iacol)e, 28 

tStafi'ii Jacol)e, 23 

John Books, 2^) 

Christian Ruchdy, 74 

Abrahiiin Jacke, 2() 

Diderich Marschall, 2!» 

Sebastian ('aclvelie, oO 

Sebastian Cackelie, 22 

Didei-ick Cackehe 20 

Hance (Jackelie, . . 17 

Hance Coninier, . 4() 

Daiinill Counner, lit 

])ietlericli Werlie, * , 41 

Hance Tiselei-, 2:j 

Hance Inibei-niarle, 4(j 

Hance Jacob Keller, ;jo 

Nichlos Scluidie 2:! 

Hance Joner, ")0 

Jonas Joner, 20 

Hance Jacob Joner, 10 

Benedictus JjicJlJJe, ' 27 

Ciiristian Teppe, ;?0 

I'etter Brinliartt, ;W 

Walter Bauniaii, 32 

Hance Ebbei-, ol 

Hance Zwalle, 3(i 

Hance Stockie, ... ... 20 

Hance Cxoerge Knaap 4;-) 

Hance Rudoljjh Erb, . ... 20 

Jacob Brnderlf , -13 

Petter Pinkley, 2s 

Melcliior ])efl\vy]er, -57 

Christian Schlechter ... :!'•• 

Petter Belo, -to 

9- Vol XVII. 


Name. ^.(/t- 

Rudolph Buingartner, 55 

Francis Cristiaii, 40 

Co las Drasbavt 40 

Nichols (ierrard 30 

Perter Piiikelie. 32 

Hance PinkeHe, 41 

Hance Pinkelie, 18 

Joshannes Keller. 65 

Joshannes Keller 21 

Francis Oree, ... 50 

Nicholas Oree, 26 

Ennias Newell, 36 

Joseph Newell 56 

Petter Newell, . 16 

Jacob Christaniau, 25 

Michall Haling, 28 

Marcus Mar key, 45 

Hance David Markey 17 

Jacob Altland, 28 

Nichlos Mesling, 27 

Conerard Gauge)- . . 22 

Nichlos Gauger . 18 

Petter Weeger, 27 

Francis Oi-e a wife 8 children. 

Nicolas Ore. 

Nicolas Trasbart a wife and children. 

Pieri'e Dilon a Avife and 4 children. 

Nicolas Gerard a wife and no child. 

Jean Francois Chretien a wife and one child. 

Eneas Newell a wife and one child. 

Joseph Newell a wife and children of whom Pierre Newell 
is one. 

List of Foreignkr.'^ Imported in the Brigatixe Perth- 
AMBOY, Geo. Fhazer, Master, from Rotterdam, (qual- 
ified Oct. 19, 173(1. 

Al)raham Beer. Johau Frantz, 

Johannes Segel. Jacob Heller, 

Cas]mr Striiwel, Caspar LaniV)erT. 

Georg Keck. Paulus Antioni. 

Johannes Geier, Johannes Schler. 



l^eter Kohl, 
Jacob Steiger, 
.Johannes Herr, 
Dirk Scluitten, 
Pii>rre DeVeau, 
Joh. Georg Wicklein. 
Liulwig Wallsteller, 
Johan Peter Prietz, 
Francis .Iose])h Horni^, 
Friederich Bleibtreu, 
Johan Jost Mohr, 
Joh. Cln-istian Ihringer, 
AV)rahani Dunibaldt, 
Gottfried Eberhard, 

J)aniel tSchuhz, 
Peter Has, 
Deobald Veit, 
Nicohis Stopp, 
Peter t^uaselbauni, 
Jolian Liuiwig Seil), 
Johan Pliilip l^uickel, 
Joh. Micliael t^uickel, 
Joh. Caspar Scliniidt, 
Johan Adaiu Rausch, 
Johan Georg Quickel, 
Joli. Heinricli Schmidt, 
Ernst Fried. Ditnibaldt. 

Llst OF FoRKiGA'ERs Imported in the Ship Samuel, Hugh 
Percy, Master, from Rotterdam. Qitalified Aug. 30, 


Abraliani Farni, 
Christian Mailer, 
Jacol> Schober. 
Nicolas Marret, 
Benedict Toinas, 
Friedericli From, 
Philip Becker, 
Weyncli Rntisieli, 
Johannes Ries, 
Wilhelmus Beyer. 
Henrich Guthard, 
William Strub, 
Lorentz Becker, 
Simon Mineehr, 
Paul Frantz, 
Josepli Bischoff, 
Ulrich Bickell, 
Conrad Schutz, 
Francis Foi-dene, 
Jolian (xeorg Wichel. 
Joannes Drachsell, 
Peter Hugett, 
Jacob Wolir, 
Peter Bier, 

Henrich Werlle, 
Henrich Muller, 
Peter Yost, 
Jacob Kuntz, — - 

Hans Ebler, 
Darius Ruff, 
Lndwig Bothner, 
Jacob Volck, 
Jacob OfTenbaclier, 
Johannes Kohr. 
Daniel Filbert, 
Johannes Lang, 
Lorentz Schreiber, 
Peter Minich, 
Friedericli Eberhart. 
' Peter Budinger, 
Lenhart Glaser, 
Nicolas Meyer, 
Michael Fortineh, 
Johannes Schotller. 
Georg Weyrich, 
•Facob Lang. 
Peter AVolli', 
Johannes Haust, 



Ludwig Klein, 
Cliristiau Ruth, 
Philip Fenstenmacher, 
Johaii PetTer Drachsell, 
Andreas xVulenbacher, 
Hans (reo'-g Huttner, 
Johann Oeorg Ziegler, 
Johau Priederich Krafft, 
Heinrich 8teinnietz, 
Simon Honninger, 
Hans Greorg Lale, 
Johan ChrisToph Meckel 
Johan Paul Geiger, 
Johan Peter Stenibell, 
Johannes Cashnet/,, 

~Haus Adam Biedinger, 
Johan (ieorg Sauerl)ier, 
Johan Lenhart Volck, 

""Johan Nicolas Finck. 
Johan Conrad Muller, 
Johan Christian Doll, 
Jacob Baum. 
Johannes Baum, 
Michael Lower, 
Johan Wilhehn Welsch, 
Michael Schumacher, 
Wilhelm Rabenwalt, 
Johan Jacob Kintzer. 
Ludwig Becker, 
Johan Jacob Staudt, 

Johannes Staiadt. 
Johan Christian Dascher, 
Michael Spengler, 
Christian Brengel, 
Hans Adam Staut. 
Hans Michael Hetzer. 
Johan Jacob Kolb, 
Johan Jacob Nuss, 
Johan Thomas Kern, 
Michael Pfingstag, 
Johann Georg Roth, 
Ludwig Kornmann, 
Johan Valentin Lang, 
Johan Jacob Eichholtz, 
Hans Jacob Castnitz, 
Johan Adam Schneider, 
Johan Jacob Maag, 
Johan Heinrich Klein, 
Johan Adam Drumm, 
Bernhart Womer, 
Melchior Fordene, 
Andreas Muller, 
Jacob Lower, 
Johannes Peter Doll, 
Johan Jacob Welsch, 
Johann Peter Licht, 
Johan Henrich Moll, 
Johann Georg Geiss, 
Johann Adam Loffler. 

[The orinina.l list i.s hrrewifh. fjiven.] 
Men's Names. 

Name. Age. 

Abrah™ Funfurney, . . 64 

Henr" Wiriey, 60 

Chris" Miller, .27 

Henr" Miller, 81} 

Geo* Weigel 20 

Jacoli Schober 83 

Peter Yost, IS 

Nich' Marret, 24 

Joan'' Scheffler, 23 

Joan'' Tracksel, . 47 


Name. Age. 

John Peter Tracksel 19 

Clirist" Brinj,'el, 20 

Andr» Aulebakei-, 27 

Jacob ( !ounse 2:i 

Bened. Toinas, 27 

Hans Adam Stout, 1!) 

Hans (Ten" Huttner, -il 

Hans Eppler, ' 3i) 

Fredr'^ Froom. 2'.t 

Hans Mech' Hetzei- ^i'6 

Darius Ruff, 21 

Hans Geo" Zeigler. lit 

Jno Jacob Kolp 28 

Fredr*^ KrafTt 21 

Jacob Nuss, 30 

Fredr'^ Stemetts, 24 

Philip Backers, W 

Hans Mich' Backer, 23 

Ijudwick Bothner, 32 

Wirich Rutisilia 40 

Tho- Kern, H6 

Simon Henninger. 20 

Mich' PhinsTaag, 32 

Hans Geo^ Lale, 34 

Jacob Falck, 09 

Joann'' Ries, 21 

Jacoli Offenbache.-. '-iO 

Albert Biers, 28 

Joann' Roohi- 20 

•lohn Geo'' Roth, 24 

Henr" Guthart, 37 

Sam' Filbert, 27 

W" Strubb, 37 

Chris" Mickel, 27 

Ludw" Kornman, 24 

Paul Gier. 23 

Joann" Lang, '^** 

Joan Valant" Lang, I'j 

John Peter Stempel," '^^ 

Lorens Becker, •" 

Lorens Schriber. . 2(> 

Simon Minick, ''i 

Peter ]Minick 3!) 

Jo" Jacob Echoltz, 2.") 

Joann' Kashnetz, '*" 


Name. Age. 

Hans Geo'" Kashnetz, 19 

Paul Frantz m 

-—Hans Ad"' Beidini^er, 89 

\y Joseph Bishofp, 3» 

Fi-ed" Eberhardt, 40 

-Peter Beidinger, 34 

John Ad"' Snider, 41 

Ulerick Rickell, ' 28 

Jn'' Geo'' Sowerbier, 33 

Lenliard Glazer, 46 

Jn" Jacob Maag, 30 

Conradf Schutz 30 

Jn" Burghart Folek, 20 

Jn" Henr^ Klien, 33 

Nichol Finck, 33 

Nichol Meyer, 22 

Adam Drum, 31 

Fi-an' Fordene 26 

Mich' Fordene, 22 

Malicka Fordene 19 

Jacob Baum, 45 

Andreas Miller, 30 

Conrade Miller, j)0 

•Joann' Baum, ly 

Jacob Lower, -50 

Mich' Lower, 20 

Mich' Spangler, 26 

Barnard Woomer, 29 

Christ" Doll 25 

Peter Doll, 24 

Christ" Dasher, 22 

Geo" Weyrigg 34 

Peter Hugget 35 

Phil" Ffinstermaker, 20 

Jacob Lang, 27 

- Jaco]} Wolf, 43 

^ Jn" Peter Wolf. 17 

Jn" AVill"' Welch, 25 

Jacol> Welch, 21 

Peter Bier, 21 

Mich' Shoemaker 22 

Joann" Foust, 23 

Peter Leight, 21 

Ludw"^ Kein 40 

W™ Rabeuholts, 35 



Namt. Age. 

Jn" Heurich Mull, ' 22 

Joannes Stout, 30 

Jn" Jacob Kinser, 28 

Jn" Cxeo^ (rise, , 30 

Ludw" Becker, 28 

Adam Lifner, . 25 

Jacol) Stout, 26 

Herman Hartman, 24 

Christ" Ruth 35 

List of Forkignkrs Imported ix the Ship Snow Molly, 
John Howell, Master, from Amsterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 10, 1737. 

Valentine Stober, 
Jacob Stober, 
Frederick Ryffel, 
John Alliert Shaller, 
George Slialler, 
Nicholas Cochelrise, 
Hans Michael Hartlyn, 
Micael Hartlyn, 
Philip (Todfriet Munk, 
John Jacob Kayer, 
Valentine Rolevere, 
Hans Gomnier, 
John Rytzman, 
Jacop Shaft, 
Fredarick Horn. 
John Martin Frelich. 

Valentine Stober, jun. , 
Hans Jonas RylTel, 
Christiper Grooman, 
John George Albert, 
John Lenoard VVillfort, 
/George Simon Christ, 
George Fredarick Wollenweber, 
John Winter, 
Jacob Meyer, 
John Philip Kratxer, 
Christiper Gommer, 
Philip Adam Endler, 
Christiper Shakey. 
Philip Jacop Shaft, 
Peter Hane. 


List of Foreigners Impop.ted in the Ship Virtuous 
Grace, Joh\ Bull, Mastkr, from Rotterdam. Quali- 
fied Sept. 24, 1737. 

Antoni Ruger, sen. 
Isaac Koffman, 
Christoph StaulTer, 
Rudolph Lutzier, 

Antoni Ruger, jr. 
Jacob Schaub, 
Hans KotTman. 
Leouiiart Heier, 



.Jacob Schwarr/., 
Jacob (jirafr, 
Ludwif^ Born, 
Simon Stokee, 
Peter Render, 
Adam Weiss, 
Michael Uiricli, 
Adam l^ill, 
Christian Toll, 
David Bruch, 
Hans Weis, 
Joliannes Tasker, 
Christian Finer, 
Michael Carle, 
Hurckhart Kuger, 
Martin Hegendorn, 
Hans Jacob (xroller, 
Hans (Jreovg Schwart/, 
Albrecht Oraff, 
Frederick Cromer, 
Henrich Jacob Dillmann, 
Christian liiillinger. 
Rudolph Duckwell, 
Andrew Sunwald, 
Friederick Kiester. 
Jacol) Bullinger. 
Henrich Siiamberger, 
Hans Creorg Meyer, 
Henricli Wideabach, 
Henrich Engel. 
Michael Raiisch, 
Christian Bauer. 
Simon Hunsecker, 

Bernard Hanp, 
Jacob Remei, 
Jacoi) Rimy, 
Jacob Stokee, 
Jeremiah Smitt, 
Peter Staut, 
Abraham AVize, 
Jacol) WollT. 
BalT/er Hartsoc, 
Jacob Croyter, 
Georg Hecrk, 
Jacob Springer. 
Jacol) Hubler, 
Henricli Cxrimm, 
Albert Lebolt. 
Isaac Koffman, jr., 
Joliannes StaulTer, 
Hans Jacob Kobler, 
Hans (xeorg Reimmel, 
Simon Shunck, 
Hans (reorg Dillmann, 
Hans Michael TJIrich, 
Hans Georg Koiider, 
Jacob Hollinger, 
Hans (xeorg Friederi(!k, 
Henrich Schwerdl, 
Wilhelm Fisclier, 
Henrich Crossman, 
Jolian Jacob ('onradt, 
Johannes Weiss. 
Johannes Hunsecker. 
Hans Jacob Inhof. 

[The original list i.s liere.witk f/iven.^ 


AnV Reigel 

Ant> Reigel, 

Burgt. Reigel 

Jacob Shoub 

Isaac Koffman, 

Hans KofTman, 

Isaac Kottman, 

Hans Geo' Remei 

. 48 
. 24 
. 21 

. 50 
. 24 

. 53 


Name. ■^ff^- 

.lacol) Reiuel, 1^ 

Martin Hackador. , 45 

(Miris" Stoupher, 

Hans fcstonpher, 

.lacolj Koolor, 

HanH Jacob Koolei- 

Lenhart Hier, 

Rn(iol{)h Lit/or, 

Barn'' Honp 


Barn" Houp, ^' 


\ [ , . 17 

' ' ' 48 

'....'. 18 




' 32 

. , 21 

HanH (xt'o' Swartz, 
.Jacob Swart/, . 
Jacob Cxrove, ... 
Albrake (xrove, . 
Battel Reiniic, . . 
Simon Slnmk, . . 
Jacob Reinie, . . 

Lndwick Borne. 
Fredr" ('roiner, 
Jacot) Stokee, 
Simon Stokee, . 

Hans Geo*' Deleman, 

Hans Jac** Deleman, 

Hans Mich' Ulerich, 

Jerome Sinitt, . . . 

Christ" Bullinger, . 

Hans Geo' Konder, 

Peter Koniler, 

Rudolph Dnckweela, 

Jacob llollintjer, 

Peter Stout, . 

Andreas Sumwald, 

Adam VVize, ... 

A bra'" Wi/e, 

Geo'' Fredrick, 

FrecP Keefa. 

Mich' Ulerich, 

Henr'' Swaart. . . 

Jacol) Wolf, . 

Jaci' Bullinger, 

Adam Teel, 

W"' Fisher, .... 
Poltser Hartsoe, 


] . . 50 

■ . . . 20 

[,,...' 30 

■'''/.'' 18 




' ' ' ' ' 47 


] [ , 26 

' ' 39 • 

" . 00 


, ' [ , 45 

' ' ... 33 


[ 41 

'] 30 


'[ ' 28 




(Jhrist" Toll, ^. 

Henr'' Shamberj^e 



Name. • . ■ 

Henr'' Craseraan, 44 

Jacob Croiter, . . 38 

David Brook ' 32 

Hans Jurig Meyer, 25 

Jarigen Haug, 28 

Jacob Conrade, 28 

Henr" Wideaback, 40 

Hans Eatee, 55 

Joan' Weiss, 22 

JacP Springer, 32 

Henr* Engel 53 

Joan' Honsacre, 2l 

Mich' Roush 42 

Joan" Tasher, 89 

Chris" Bower, 17 

Jacob Howbelare , 26 

Hans Jac" Inhoft 17 

Chris" Finer, 30 

Simon Honsacre, 18 

Henr" Grim, 17 

Mich' Carlo, :^ 

Albert Leebolt, 24 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship St. Andrew 
Galley, John Stedman, Master, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified, Sept. 24, 1737. 

Job. Diterick Kelsch, 

Jacob Kintzer, 

Lengart Gerling, 

Philip Hesst, 

Christian Burger, 

Jacob Frist, 

Peter Rab, 

Frist Wanibolt, 

Caspar Huter, 

Joh. Askheinus Geroult, 

Georg Schisler, 

Joh. Stoer, 

Phihp Stoer, 

Georg Hesst, 

Joh. Schnauber, 

.Jacob Keim, 

Michel Neihart, 

Jacob Nis, 

Philip Leibengut, 

Wilhiu Schefler, 

Philip Frist, 

Michel Kortz, 

Conrad Jost, 

Valtin Steinmertz, 

Georg Kern, 

Joh. Jacob Schindelbeker, 

Henrich Stoer, 

Georg Test. 

Jacob liintz. 

Georg Klupinger, 



Tobias Pekel, 


J oh. Meyer, 
Andreas Schmid, 
Job. Meyer, 
Joh. Meyer, 
Nicolaus Schyre, 
Conrath Reich. 
Michel Braun, 
Oreorg Schneider. 
Joh. Spycker, 
Joh. Spycker, 
Jacob Lingel, 

Joh. Mevius. 

Frederich Heim. 

Philip Seger, , 

Conrath Rahn, 
^Philip Schmid, 

Jacob Rosemann, 

Georg Neihart. 

Geoi-g Kintz, 

Matthys Ledermann, 

Lorentz Keyser, 

Joh. Erdinan, 

Peter Drast, 

Jacob Werry, 

Peter Ling, 

Nicolaus Scharer, 

''Frederich Schmid, 

Wilhm Oiler. 

H enrich Wisler, 

Laus Kocher, 

Georg Kocher, 

Joh. Streigeler, • 

Peter Weinland, 

Philip Streiter, 

Caspar Zeigener, 

Georg Conrath, 
Daniel Zab, 
Jacob Wilier. 
Chriotott'el Schwenck, 
Ulrich Zolberger, 
Christian Est, 
Caspar Heyser, 
Henrich Mertz, 
Caspar Rep, 
Conrath Delb, 

Jacob Kuster, 
Nicolaus Koch. 
Jacob Neyschwanger, 
Christian Meyer, 
Martin Amweg, 
Nicolaus Bietel, 
Michel Anders, 
Georg Wanibolt. 
Elias Riigent. 
Joh. Peter Snycker. 
Gernard Hips-ciiman,' 
David Biler. 
Philip Wisinann, 
Ludowig Kolb. 
Georg Rahn, 
Bernard Dickhoff, ' 
Balser Deil, 
Frederich Neihart, 
Joh. Schotter, 
Christian Tron, 
Valtin Baumgartner, 
Joh. Altenberger, 

Joh. Justus Erdman, 

Conrath Wald, 

Henrich Kreyter, 
, Adolf Henrich, 
•^enrich Schmid, 

Nicolaus Colber, 

Paulus Lingel,*—""'^ 

Christoffel Schaub, 

Martin Kocher, 

Albrech Feid, 

Ulrich Horn. 

Joh. Appel, 

Martin Cron. 

Ludowig Wildangel. 

Jacob Conrath, 

Georg Gist, 

Daniel Zachery, 

Diterich Helt, 
Matthys Weber, 

Phihp Steffen, 

Hermann Weber, 
Valtin Dafel, 
Henrich Schefler. 
Joh. Funck, 



Peter Knepper. 
Ludowig Denier. 
Josep Zolberger, 
Andreas Heit, 
Philijj Edinger, 
Nicolaus Reist, 
Jest H lister, 
Joh. Keler, 
Ernst Seidel, 
ChristotTel Hubener, 

Nicolaus Ragent, 
Joli. Kelbach, 
Henrich Frantz, 
Adam Strauch, 
Daniel Reist, 
Daniel Hiister, 
(jreorg (xernand, 
Frederich Schonfelder, 
Abraham Wagener, 
Christoffel Krausen. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Bilander Towns- 
head, Thomas Thompson. Master, from Amsterdam. 
Qualified Oct. o. 1737. 

Triffion Ewig, 
Georg Engel, 
Conraed Lauterbach. 
Johan Georg Johe. 
Joan Georg Hecks. 
Johan Georg Eyler, 
Johan Carbo. 
Eberhart Geswint. 
Valentin Henneberger, 
Anthony Highley, 
Hans Geo. Kraus, 
Balthasar Sies, 
Peter Rausch, 
George Spengel, 
Andreas Kammener, 
Peter Marsteller. 
Anthony Himberler. 
Andrew Ajjple, 
Hans Matthias Pheyl, 
Conraed Prys, 
Leonard Kuyel, 
Georg Frederick Arnold, 
Christian Asbeehe. 
•^ Conraed Reinhard, 
Christian Frederick, 
Johan Step" Bernhart, 

Johan Deterwilt, 
Conraed Hoi her, 
Peter Lauterbach, 
Johan (Jasper Hayn, 
Peter Shaad, 
Jacol) Vogel, 
J. Casper Breuiaur. 
Johan Adam Filtzneyer, 
Simon Ersame. 
Hans Georg Frederik, 
Jacob Weseer, 
Hans Michel Finter, 
Vallentin Kieffer, 
Johannes Kistler. 
Vincent Kaflfer. 
Hans Georg Ehenian, 
Hans Geo. Mayntzer, 
Wendel Zwekeseer. 
Georg Schutz, 
John Jacob Sower, 
Georg Arnold, 
Johanis Slegel, 
Martin Phaldichen. 
Egilias Hoffman, \ 
Elias Obelhart, ^ 



Ludwif^ Frant/, 
Hans (-reo. Brey, 
Michae] Palmer, 
Mattias Gebbert. 
Frantz Wilheliu, 
Vallentin Heiuinelberger, 
V John Peter Bonnet, 
Johannes (Tefeller, 
Jon. Peter Yflow, 
Johan Adam Divanbacli. 
Jolian Georg Seyger, 
Bastian Besh, 
Silvester Holvert, 

<Teo. (Jasper Fensler, 

Casper Wendal, 

Hans MeHgor Heneberger, 

John Midi. Kirber, 

Johan Bart hold, 

Peter Wagner, 

John Slyger, 

(Conrad Ripper, 

Peter Cxordner, 

Johannes Lowra, 

Jacob iShank, 

John Henry Sleyger, 

George Casper Fernoier. 

List of Forkigners Impo 
Nancy of Londox, Chas. 
TEHDAM. Qualified Oct. 

Johannes Beitze], 
Michael Somer, 
Jacob Hubele, 
H enrich Voltz. 
Jacob Sontag. jr., 
Jacob Schumacher, 
Jacob Baumann, 
Cliristian Habeger, 
Henrich Karli, 
Jacob Schantz, 
Hans Gerber, 
Hans Holl, 
Isaac Holl, 
Hans Wenger, 
Jacob Miller, 
Valentin Jung, 
Jacob Beiler. 
Johann Jost Kun/.. 
Daniel Zacharias, 
Michael Zurger, 
Nicolaus Schrei>)er, 
Jacob Wilhehn Weiss. 
John Jacob Wetzel, '- 
Frederick Hoffman, 
Johan Georg ligenfrirz. 


8, 1737. 

Hans <Teorg <Tot/, 
Andreas Ziegler, 
Gottlieb Reisinger, 
Jacol) Sontag, 
Johannes Krauth, 
Christian <ieiger, 
Martin Funck, 
Joseph Habeger, 
Georg Maunt/, 
Hans Schant/, 
Hans Gerber, sen., 
Ht^ns Koffel, 
Wendel Holl, 
Christian Kurt/, 
Christian Muller, 
Benedict Tjehmaii, 
Abraham Muller. 
Hans ZiiuuK^rmnn, 
Jacob I'n.lerkolTer. 
Christian Hert/herjjer. 
Christian Bur(!ki. 
Johan Jeremias Jinit^heu. 
Johan Valentin Hasm. 
Johan .Jacob Dester. 
.\ndreas Ha<renbuch, 



Abraham Hann, 
Hans treorg K abler, 
Peter Lohrinann, 
Jacob Mast. 
Elias Schreiber, 
Claus Erb. 
Johannes Erb, 
Jacob Dester, 
Jacob Raisch, 
•Johan Martin Becher, 
/Hans Peter Bernhart, 
Y Hans G-eorg Heiss, 

Johan Stephan Conrad, 
Hans Peter Kuder. 
Hieronimns Eberle. 
Johan Philip Botzer, 
Hans Jacob Hobbecher, 
Thieimanns Weschenbach, 
Christian Lichte. 
Hans Michael Puncli, 
Wendel Heinrich, 
Andreas Weber. 
Peter Freydinger, 
Jacob Schopff, 
Thomas Shiri, 
Georg Ludwig Wagner. 
Balthasar Huber, 
Johan Matthias Albrecht. 
Johannes Kohler, 
Georg Philip Fuhrmann, 

Johan Dietrich Branner, 
Christian Gross. 
Ulrich Spiker, 
Peter Bruckei-, 
Claus Erb, jr., 
Adam Ffeller, 
Matthias Riechart. 
Georg Gross, 
Hans Peter Schipp, 
Johan Ludwig Heger, 
Johan Heinrich Heiss, 
Hans Georg Heiss, 
Hans Martin Reisinger. 
Hans .Tacob Fachler. 
Hans Jacob Kanffmaiin, 
Hermanns OrendorfT, 
Mattheis Hoffmann, ^^ 
Peter Eschbacher, 
Lorentz Nolff, 
Dietrich Uhler, 
Christoph Krauth, 
Ulrich Strickler, 
Christopher Ecker, 
Johannes Bowman, 
Valentin Uhler. 
Georg H enrich Ernsperger, 
Georg Titus Cap, 
Hans Jacob Strikler, 
Ge jrg Michael Duntz. 

\Thv orif/inal list is herewith piven.'\ 
Men's Namea. 

Hans Georg Getts, 
Hans Pieter Schip, 
Johannes Beltzer. 
Johan Ludwig Heger. 
Hans Georg Dannahawer. 
Hans Stephen Conradt, 
Leonard Resnor, 
Henrich Hais. 
Hans Pieter Conder, 
Jacob Houbely. 

Martin Baker, 

Hans Pieter Bergant, 

Michael Sommer. 

Abraham Dannahawer, 

Andreas Siegler, 
Georg Michl. Wollinger, 
Hans Georg Hais. 
Hans Georg Hais, jr.. 
Hans Jacob Shoemaker, 
Hans Martin Risiger, 



Godlieb Risiger. 
Heroniinus Eherlie, 
Georg Mentz, 
Jacob Sontag, jr., 
Pliilip Fertzer, 
Hans Jacob Bowman, 
Hfius Jacob Kaullnian, 
Cliristian Habbecktr, 
Hani^ Jacolj Habbecker, 
Hans Schantz, 
Hans (jrarb^r, jr., 
Hans Kauflfler, 
Isaac Holl, 
Hei'inanns OrendotT, 
Mathias Holiiuan, -/ 
Hans Wengar, 
Christian Kortz, 
Jacob Miller, 
Christian Miller, 
Johan Hendk. r4rini, 
Hans Greorg Baker, 
Hans Timnierman, 
Jacob Underkautier, 
Jacob Maslit, 
Ulrigl) 8pigher, 
Nicholas Schriver,"' 
Christian Bnrkie, Erbe, 
Glaus Erbe, jr.. 
Herman Younkha m, 
Valantine Haan, 
Fredrick Hoffman, • 
Jacob i>ester, 
Al)rahani Haan, 
Mathias Riger, 
Johan Peter Brander, 
Jacol) Rys, 
Johan Grop, 
Vindle Henrich, 
Titrich Ouler, 
Baltzar Huber, 
Christophel Craat, 
Hans Philip Kyser, 
Georg Fyt Cap. 
Peter Frydinger. 
Ulrich Streckler, 

Hendrick Foltz, 

Hans Jacob Fackler, 

Jacob Sontag, 

Johannes Gront, 

Christian Geyger, 

Martin Frank, 

Hendvich Carlo, 

Josepli Habbecker, 

Jacob Schantz, 

Hans Garbei-, 

Johainies Holl, 

Henrich Kaiitfler, 

Vindle Holl, 

Tielman Wespach, 

Christian Lichtie, 

Peter Espacher, 

Hans Michl. Pointz, 

Abraham Miller, 

Valantine Young, 

Johan Joost Konst, 

Benedict Ijenian, 

Daniel Zacherias, 

Jacob Biler, 

Michael Znrchen, 

Christian Hersberge, 

Elias Schriver,^ — 

Peter Bruiker. 

Hans Erbe, 

Jacob Williehn Nice, 

Johan Jacol) Wetzel, 

Adam Feller. 

Hans Georg Jiligafritz, 

Jacol) Dester, jr.. 

Andreas Hagabuk. 

Hans Georg Keebler, 

Peter Lorman, 

Christian Gros, 

Lawrentz Nolf, 

Georg Lodwick Waganei-, 

Fredrick Ouler, 

Andreas Weber, 

Georg Hendrick Ansparger, 

Johan Mathias Albricht, 

Johannes Keler, 

Hans Jacob Streckler, 

Jacob Philip Fonnan, 



Jacob Schop, 
TJioiiias Peary, 
Hans Michl. Dunts, 

Cliristophel Ackei-, 
Johannes Bowman. 

Women and Children's Names. 

Maria Magdalena Beltzeer, 
Urciila Dannaliower, 
Anna Maria Dannahower, 
Anna Harbra Sliedlerie, 
Barbara Hais, 
Anna Maria Slioeinaker, 
Georg Shoemaker, 
Catrina Houbely, 
Maria Risiger, 
Magdalena Fackler, 
Barbara Fackler, 
Maria Margareta Ment/, 
Catrina Sontag, 
Wilhelm Gayger, 
Magdalena Backer, 
Barbara Kauffraan, 
Joseph Carlo, 
Anna Habbecker. 
Catrina Habbecker, 
Maria Habbecker, 
Barbara Schant?, 
Eli/.abetli Schantz, 
Cliristian Schantz, 
Anna Eliza. Kauffler, 
Hans Jjeeman, 
Anna Marga. Orondoff, 
Jolianna Wagshiter, 
Joseph Wenger, 
Cliristophel Espacher, 
Elizabetha Znydering, 
Barbara Leman, 
Catrina Leman. 
Anna Timmerman, 
Barbara Biler, 
Christopher Biler, 
Elizabeth Biler, 
Catrina Lichtie, 
Maria Spigher, 
Barbara Herslierge, 
Peter Hersberge, 
Heneretta Sch river, 

Catrina Eliza Sonier, 

Abraham Dannahower, 

Maria Dorothea JJaniiahower, 

Dorothea Hais, 

Catrina Hais, 

Paul Shoemaker, 

Anna Maria Shoemaker, 

Eva Houbely, 

Martin Risiger, 

Adam Fackler, 

Eva Margareta Mentz, 

Eva Margareta IMentz, 

.Johan Lodwig Sontag, 

Barbara Gayger, 

Catrina Blawami. 

Anna Maria KaulTman, 

Maria Hauserin, 

Frena Souterin. 

Magdalena Habbecker, 

Catrina Scliant/, 

Catrina Schantz. 

Ferona Schantz, 

Magdalena Schantz, 

Barbara Holl, 

Abraham Holl, 

Eliza. Bossart, 

Anna Swalla, 

Eliza. Espacher, 

Barbara Miller, 

Ferona Leman, 

Benedict Leman, 

Barbara Timmerman, 

Ferona Biler, 

Anna Biler, 

Maria Biler, 

Barbara Masht, 

Barbara Sine], 

Justina Zurchen, 

Anna Hersberge, 

Maria Eliza. Schriver, 

Johan Georg Schriver, 



Philip Schriver, 
Anna Bruiker, 
Barbara Bruiker, 
Catrina Erbe, 
Jacob Erbe, 
Christophel Erbe, 
Anna Barbara Nice, 
Elizabetii Hoffman, 
Appellonia Jiligafritz, 
Magdalena Hagabuck, 
Eva Margareta Righer, 
Eva Dorothea Kievler, 
Margareta Lorman, 
Margareta Lorman, 
Agnes Reys, 
EHzabeth Nolf, 
Diana Henrich, 
Maria Magdalena Albricht, 
Gfeorg Martin Capp, 
Eva Maria Keler, 
Barbara Strickler, 
Juliana Fornian, 
Anna Margareta Bowman, 
Hans Jacob Bowman, 
Anna Mussellmanna, 

Catrina l^urkie, 
Hans Bruiker, 
Anna Bruiker, 
Anna Erbe, 
Cati'ina Erl), 
fJhristian Erbe, 
Barbara Nice, 
Barbara Feller, 
Fredrick Hoffman, ^/' 
Hans Georg Jiiigafritz, 
Barbara Riger, 
Wilhelm Righer, 
Maria Eve Kievler, 
Catrina Lorman, 
Maria Hannah Lorman, 
Anna Maria Nolf, 
Margareta Nolf, 
Margareta Waganer, 
Maria Margareta Albricht, 
Urdow Leren. 
Anna Catrina Strickler, 
Anna Strickler, 
Catrina Schop, 
Christina Bowman, 
Elizabetha Bowman. 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship William, Johx 
Carter, Master, from Rotterdam. 'Qualified Oct. 31, 

Mekell Riter, 
Jocb Pritell. 
Wen tell Bon, 
Johannes Madlong, 
Casper Sorber, 
H end reek Rhodt, 
Danell Rodt, 
Hanees Dietreth Uhl, 
Johannes Mowrer, 
Hanees George iMenser, 
Hans Miehll Hower, 
10-VoL. XVII. 

Johans Wendellbower, 
Gerhart Brener, 
Phill Joel Riter, 
Hance Adam Kitle, 
Johannes Shane, 
Petter Shefer, 
Jossent Gett, 
H end reek Rodt, 
Fredrick l>ietricJi Uhl, 
Mathew Swizer, 
Gosper Rigger, 



Jo.shans Miehll Hower, 
Jo.shans Kuhle, 
Joshans Tibald Shalt, 
Johans Meklas Fisher, 
Petter Fikus, 
Neeklows Muttly, 
Andrew Casinger, 
Oreorge Fythyin, 
Simen Shetle, 
Joshans Mekell Pulk, 
Joshans Balhar Rotgaver, 
Joshans MicJiell Spigell, 
Johans ffreydreek HainhoU 
Joshans Gasper Zunft, 
Hance Jocb Faver, 
Conraet Broun, 
Joshap Keyter, 
Miethows Smith, 
Tepolt Long, 
Jocb Hendreeh Wheetma 
Johans Erck Bour, 
Johans Miller, 
Johans Ventel Renst, 
Johans Hendreeh Lektler, 

Joshans Friek Muthart, 

Jacob Hower, 

Joshann Miehell Gazell, 

Hans Petter Howek, 

Cresten Miller, 

Josp. Fikus, 

Hance George Becholt, 

Cresten Yaki,<— 

Hance Georg Casinger, 

Jocb Croni, 

Tho. Pouer, 

Joshans Carol Hefley, 

Miehell Bower, 

Joshans Petter Buingartner, 

Erek Hendreeh Valinten Henke 

Hance Adam Faver, 

Erek Jocb Bentz, 

Jocb Krimus, 

Joshans Miehell Neyss, 

Joshans Petter AVillums, 

Johans Wheettraan, 

Johans Swing, 

Johans Conratt Ernst, 

Erek Adam Hame. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Brigantine Catha- 
rine, Jacob Philips, Master, from London. Qualified 
July 27, 1738. 

Hans Boach, 

Hans Seller, 

Christian Zug, 

Hans Ludwig Falbeystan. 

Jacob Zuch. 
Ulrich Seller, jr., 
Hans Schneider, sen.. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Winter Gal- 

ley, Edward Paynter, 
Qualified Sept. 5, 1738. 

Nicholas Elie, 
Simon Heller, 
Henry Weishart, 
Martin Beier, 

Master, from Rotterdam. 

Christoph Heller, 
Johannes Roth, 
Andreas Beier, 
Johannes Light, 



John Sauvage, 

Albrecht Eberhart, 

Wendel Drauth, 

Ludwig Meyer, 

Adam Mayer, 

Johan Peter Muller, 

Abraham Korper, 

Hans Adam ISchreiner, 

Joh. Michael Schreiner, 

Johan Michael Homer, 

Johan Martin Mayer, 

Augustus Ponsy, 

Philip Harlas, - — 

Wilhelm Best, 

Conrad Dust, 

Cjeorg Seiberth. 

Julius Rubell, 

Jacob Runck, 

Laz. Pal in, 

Jacob Bach, 

Hans Mich. Hochlander, 

Georg Hotfman, 
Nicholas Walter. 
Johan Miciiael Knab, 
Hein-ich LandgralT, 
Johan Michael Rusler, 
Paulus Kirchner, 
''Johan Michael Pr^is. -, 
Daniel Butt^rfass, 
Johan Adani Schaffer, 
Johan Jacob Hust, 
Johan Wilhelm Mayer, 
Johannes Wagner, 
Johan Philip Sebolt, 

.'Rudolph Schler, 
.^' Conrad Shmit, 
Philip Weber. 
Henry Teich, 
Andreas Bin, 
Friederich Haas, 
Henrich Becker, 
Friederich Krafft, 
Henry Feelt, 
Henry Klengler, 
Simon Deck, 
Jacob Hee, 

Lorent/. Heim, 
Gottlieb Eberhart, 
Johannes Bernt/., 
Peter Wagner, 
Johan Jacob Stahl, 
Frantz Ludwig Barth, 
Johan Philip Bayer, 
Joh. Henrich EschVjach, 
Johan Wendel Laschett, 
Johan Friederich Hase, 
Peter Bacher, 
Jacob Thebelt, 
Andreas Hoock, 
Casper Berger, 
Andreas Seim, 
Adam Wall, 
Jacol) Yenig, 
Christian Jani, 
Jacob Saddler, 
Stephan Lang. 
Johan Peter Hoffman, 
Jacob Barthelme, 
Hans Geo. Gerth, 
Mattheus Ulrich, (dumb.) 
Johannes Jager, 

Johan Martin Schrein^^r, 

Joh. Daniel Trolich, " 

Johan Christoph Wagner, 

Johan Jacob Krafft, 

Georg Ernst Lintell, 
Wilh. Zacharias Andich, 

Johan Philip Wagner, 

Sebastian Zettlemeier, 

Johan Nehs, 

Johan Miller, 

Philip Beyer, 

Wilhelm Janss, 

Jacob Bin, 

Markes Miller, 

Frantz Seel, 

Samuel Moeh, 

Melchior Stall, 

Adam Stoop, 

Georg Joughein. 

Conrad Zimmerman, 

Johan Melchior Weiss, 



Hans Jacob Tatweiler, 
Han Nicolas Preis, 
Hans Adam Heinder, 
Geo. Martin Loliniuller, 
Hans Pliilip Kohler, 
Jolian Pliilip Faass, 
.Toll. Balthas Sartorius, 
Daniel Druniberg, 
Friederich Fahrion, 
Charle Gillion, 
Isaac Vial, 
Conrad Ettinger, 
Ludwig Fillinger, 
Paul Prack, 
Johan Georg Hayd, 
Georg Philip Dollinger, 
Johan Michael Mattes, 
Johannes Cranester, 
AVilhehn Gelsendorf, 
Philip Beer, jr., 

Christophel Ainbruster, 
Andreas Frederick, 
Georg Andreas Stupp, 
Johan Jacob MuUer, 
Johan Philip Weicker, 
Johan Georg Faass, 
Johan Valentin Stocker, 
Joh. Valentin Lemerd, 
Johan Jacob Beyer, 
Adam Hoffmann, ^ 
Claude Chai'le, 
Matthias Gensle, 
Henry Sturf, 
Johannes Ewert, 
Henrich BuUinger, 
Johannes Bechtolt, 
Frid. Ambrose Tranberg, 
Georg Michael Hyltel, 
Hans Georg Schmidt, 
Johannes Lingenfeldter 

[Tlir original list is hereivith (iiven.'\ 

Men' s Names. 

Name. -^Q^- 

Jacob Stall 30 

Niehell Elie, 27 

Stofell Heller 50 

Simon Heller, 17 

Johanis Peter Miller, 49 

Johanis Rore, 22 

Henrich Weyshart, 30 

Frans Ludwig Parrott, 39 

Abraham Kirper .38 

Andres Beyer •'57 

Martin Beyer, 18 

Hannis Light, 56 

Johan Sauvage, 40 

Lorance Henn, 56 

Albreght Eberard, 20 

Godlief Eberard 18 

Hans Adam Schreyner, 52 

Michell Schreyner, 28 

Henrich Eshbay, 32 

John Wintfcll Losschet 30 


John Michell Renier, 2:! 

Jacob Deeahuse, 1^ 

Wintell Draut 'I'J 

Johanis Barntz, 43 

Liulwick Meyer, 20 

Martin Meyer, 1^ 

Willni Meyer, 1« 

Philip Wagener, 20 

Johan Wagener, I'j 

Peter Wagener 1'^ 

Sebasting Sedelnieyer, -jO 

Adam Mager, '^'^ 

Adam Nesh, . . ^'^ 

Johan Philip Seebolt, 2G 

Rudolph Shier, ^1 

Hans Michell Hoglander, 32 

Johan Miller, 32 

Conrade Smith '^'4 

Philip Hayer, '■'^ 

Philip Waber '~0 

Wilhelm Jans 2^ 

Jan Peter HolTman, -^ 

Jurg Hoffman, '^^ 

Henrich Tiech, • • ^9 

Jacob Bing, •''^ 

O 1 

Andres Bing 



Markes Miller, 

Jacob Bartelme, 

Nicholas Walter ^^ 

Fredrick Haas, 


Frans Seele, • 

Hans Jnrg Cferth, ... ^^ 


Henrich Backer, 


Samuell Mooke, 

Michael Knnap, 

Matehvs XJlrick, ^'^ 

Fredrick Kraft, | ^ 

Henrick Landgraaf, 

Melchior Stall ^[ 

Henrick Fehle, *' 

Jan Adam Stupe, "^ 

-r • ■ T .30 

Johanis .J ager, 

John Henrick Klingler ^ 

Hans Michell Rushell, "^ 

T T 1 • ... 27 

Jurg Joghim, 

Simon Deck. 


Naiyies. Age. 

Philip Beyer, 20 

Jacob Han, 21 

Peter Burchart 38 

Martin Shriner, 20 

Paul Kurgner, 40 

^Johan Danl. Freyligh, 39 

Michel Brush, 19 

Augusteen Brush, 14 

Jacob Debell 26 

Cristofell Armbrost, 28 

Philip Harlash 22 

Jno. Christ ofl. AVagner, 40 

Andreas Hook, 35 

Willm Beft, ■ 26 

Casper Berger, 30 

Daniell Buterfas 19 

Jacob Kraft, 38 

Jan Adam Shefer, 24 

Jurig Ernst Linthell, 27 

Fredrick Haas, 24 

Willelm Zacharias Andich, 18 

Conrad Dust, 38 

Conrad Ziininerman, 22 

Stoffell Urick 25 

Andres Saim, 20 

Jurig Sibert, 25 

Hans Jacob Doodwiler, 28 

Melchior Weis, 20 

Hans Adam Kinder, ' 24 

Adam Wall, 21 

Andres Fredrick, 21 

Jurig Lockmiller, 24 

Nicholas Repel, 23 

Andres Stoop, .... 34 

Jacob Miller, 22 

Johan Philip Weiker, 20 

Jacob Wenigh, 19 

Jacob Ronk, 22 

Hans Philip Kochler, 21 

Jurig Faas, 23 

Philip Faas, 20 

Valentine Stucker, 19 

Balthasar Sardorious 27 

Christian Janigh, 42 

Valentine Lemerd, 50 


Names. Age. 

Lorance Balien, 24 

Jan Daniel Droonberg, 21 

Jacob Zadler 20 

Jacob Back, 20 

Fredrick Farion, 30 

Stephen Lang. .... 35 

Adaui H of man, 23 

Jan Garlegillon, 45 

Charley Garlegillon, lit 

Hack Viall 20 

Georg Ide, 30 

Johanis Begthold, 23 

Jan Jacob Beyer, 22 

Mathias Gentslen, 20 

Henrick Bullinger, 28 

Fredrick Thronberg, 29 

Conrad Estlinger, 21 

Henrick Storff 2 

Hans Michell Matthys 22 

Jurg Michl. Hittel, .*<^ 23 

Johanis Kranister, 30 

Hans Jurig Smith, 21 

Wilm Kelsendorf, ^^ 

Johanis Lingeredler, 20 

Ludwick Fillinger, 2( 

Johanis Ebert ^^ 

Jurg Philip Follinger 20 

Paul Brack, -^ 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Glasgow, 
Walter Sterling, Master, from Rotterdam. Quali- 
fied Sept. 9, 1738. ^.-- ' 
Valentin Krantz, Melchior Clos, 
Ehrhard Kless, Johannes Zinn, 
Philip Jacobs, Nicolas Mock, 
Johannes Huppel, Adam Albert, 
Nicolas Kleh, Debalt Guth, 
Philip Drumm, Daniel Standi, 
Peter Staudt, Theobald Klee, 
Conrad Wolff, Jacob Bernhard, 
Daniel Corell, Gottfried Zerfass, 



Johannes Miller, 
Johannes Dreher, 
Henry Lawrence, 
Peter Koch, 
Wilhelm Daub, 
Thomas Schneider, sen. , 
Johan Adam Schneider, 
Matheis Fenstermacher, 
Johan David Diel, 
Michael Luteinger, 
Peter Daub, 
Albertius Koch, 
Martin Wall, 
Georg Stohler, sen., 
Bernhart Stohler, 
Philip Bartholomy, 
Johan H enrich Koller, 

,-Johan Wilhelm Gerhart, 
Johannes Bobenheiser. 
Johan Philip Heintz, 
Johannes Battelni, 
Johan Bernhard Ranch, 
William Mombaur. 
Johan Nicklas Bower, 
Conrad Rebman, 
Johan Georg Mill, 
Henrich Radebaugh, 
Heinrich Bommer, 
Johannes Jost, 
Wilhelm Die], 
Georg Klein, 
Philip Cunius, 
Jacob Triess, 
Peter Engell, 
Anthony Erford, 
Johannes Berger, 
Johan Adam Hubert, 

-Johan Nickel Emrich, 
Johan Frid. Michael, 
Johan Dieter Frey, 
Frantz Carl Huyet, 
Christopher Bernhart, 
Thomas Garniger, 
Henrich Bernhard, 
Bernhart Dahlheimer, 
Mathias Stohler. 

Daniel Schneider, 
Carl Neumann, 
Philip Gebhart, 
Jacob Mann, 
Jacob Grub, 
Thomas Schneider, jr., 
Johan Philip Rihl, 
Wilhelm Fenstermacher, 
Johan Nicklas Fischer, 
Michael Muller, 
Abraham Heintz, 
Michael Maurer, 
Deobalt Weber, 
Georg Stohler, jr., 
Johan Adam Bommer, 
Johan Adam Steyn, 
Johan Peter Oberkehr, 
Johan Nickel PecJv, 
Johan Nicolas Wolff, 
Johannis Pontius, 
Johan Nicolas Rausch, 
Johan Marx Heintz, 
Johan Henrich Walter, 
Johan Jacob Seibert, 
Christopher Kauffeld, 
John Peter Bower, 
Jacob Finstermacher, 
Henrich Jacob Anspach, 
Sel)astian Haupt, 
Peter Jost, 
Johannes Kuntz, 
Jost Mitzler, 
Jacob Tiel, 
Killian Noll, 
Stephan Braun, 
Leonhart Georg, 
Johannes Boos, 
Andreas Bobenheiser, 
Johannes Guckes, 
Johan Nickel Michael, 
Hans Adam Miller, 
Hans Adam Shade, 
Johan Christ. Neuman, 
Frantz Gildner, 
Johan Adam Hartman, 



'The orif/mal list is hcrrwitli t/tvcn.] 
Men' s Names. 
Name. ^ig^ 

Valentine (rranee, 30 

Thos. Snyder, 50 

Leonard Glace, 3(1 

Thos. Snyder, 20 

Han.'^ Adam Snyder 3q 

Dewald Yrauf, 33 

Johan Philip Reale, 28 

Johanis Zinnd, 31 

Philip Jacob.s, 42 

Han Jacob Jacobs, • Kj 

Nicholas Mook 33 

Peter Mook 2.j 

Mathias Finsterniacher, GO 

Wni. Finsterinacher, 25 

Johanis Hippell, 40 

Adam Halbert, 3.5 

Johiin David Diel, 32 

Nickell Fisher, 24 

Johan Nickell Klee 30 

Deobald Goet 28 

Philip Drum 3(j 

Daniel Stoat, 45 

Peter Stout, 17 

Hans Nickell Simon, 31 

Henry Hall, 50 

Deobald G. Lee, 2G 

Conrad Wolf, 19 

Hans Jacob Bernherd, 23 

Daniel Corel], 27 

Johan Nickell Wolf, 26 

Godfriet Serwaes 40 

Johanis Ponteus 20 

Johan Nickell Rouse, 35 

Johanis Miller, 21 

Philip Hanes, 40 

Marks Hanes, 19 

Daniel Snyder, ,",0 

Johanis Bartelme, 38 

Joanis Drayer, ~,:i 

Henry Walter, 33 

Johan Nickell Fink 29 

Bernherd Roug, 24 


Namt. Age. 

Carel Ley man, 26 

Henry Lorance 34 

Johan Jacob Syhert 28 

Philip Gibhert 26 

Peter Koch, 36 

Jacob Wean, • 33 

Win. Doub, 35 

Jacob (rroub, 40 

Peter Joost, 55 

Win. Uinboure 33 

Joanis Joosl, 17 

Christofl. CanfTeld, 46 

Joanis Coons, 45 

Win. Teil 19 

Nickell Brower, 54 

Johan Peter Brower, 18 

Joot Mittsler 45 

Conrad Retnian, 58 

Jurg Klein, 21 

Jacob Tiel 21 

Jacob Finstermacher, 29 

^ Jurg Mill 35 

4 Jacob Ansbach 25 

Henry Rodobach, 42 

Philip Conjns 38 

Bastian Houd, 23 

Henry Bauiner, .... 50 

Johan Adam Banmer 19 

Johan Peter Banmer, 16 

Gelian Noel, 46 

Jacob Fries, 25 

Philip Bartelme, 36 

Peter Engle, 20 

Johan Jacob Seibert, 20 

Stephen Braum, 37 

Johan Adam Steyn "{S 

Henry Keller, 30 

Hans Peter Oberkoer, 33 

""William Garhard 40 

Johan Nickell Kygler, 30 

Leonard Jurg, 30 

Anthony Enford, 40 

Johan Nickell PiK 27 

Johan Robenhuyzer 46 

Andres Robenhuyzer 21 


Name. Age. 

Addam Huppart, 20 

Jolian Hoeks, 22 

— JohuirNickell Enierrick, ^0 

Johaii Boos. .22 

Johan Nickell Micliell, 42 

Fredrick Michell, . 17 

Hans Adam Miller, 50 

Fredrick Frey, 38 

Hans Adam Schaer, 20 

Frans Carel Hoeyer, 20 

Christofer Neyman 17 

Johan Berrier, 2i) 

Christofr. Bernherd, 23 

Miclial Lntsinger, 29 

Michal Miller, 40 

Frans Giltner, 22 

Peter Doub, 20 

Miclial Dewald, 20 

Tlios. (xarririger, 22 

Johan Adam Hartman 24 

Abraham Heynes, 10 

Henry (rernherd, 22 

Melcher Klass ;}2 

Albert us Koch, 54 

Michal Maurer, 24 

Martin Wall, 33 

Deobald Weaver, 37 

Mathias Stoler, 47 

Yeadie Stoler 18 

Jurg Stoler 51 

Leonard Stoler 22 

Jurg Stoler, 20 

Bernherd Dalheymer, 20 

IjIst of Foreigners Imported in the Snow Two Sisters, 
Jamks Marshall, Com.mander, fro.m Rotterdam. Qual- 
ified Sept. 0, 173«. 

Johannes Dadinger, Johan Wildermuth. 

Melchior Schedle, Dietrich Benedict, 

Wolfgang Braun, JohaniJes Solder, 

Jacob Hauser, Philip Friederich. 



Andreas Frey, 
Henricli Fuiick, 
Christian Everhart, 
Simon Creysineyer, 
Bait has Bahret, 
Hans Mich. Reiss, 
Christophel Schneider, 
Hans Adam Heyhnan, 
Hans Martin Halter, 
Hans Martin Breuninger, 
Michael Friederich Zeyler, 
Hans (oreorg Bruoker, 
Johan Henry Rydenstock, 
Hans rfeorg Coon, 
Johan Bernhart Reber, 

Leonhart Notz, 
Joliannes Johe, 
Philip Smit, 
Matthias Keygei*, 
Johannes Merckel, 
Hans Wendel Hoff, 
Hans Georg Wagner, 
Hans Georg Greiser, 
Johan Gotlieb Breuninger. 
Hans Michael Easterly, 
Hans Georg Brendel, 
Johan Phlliii Brendle, 
Johan Wilhelm Wentzel, 
Johan Wolfgang Unger, 
Johan Henrich Meyer. 

[The original list is hcreivilh given.'] 

Men's Names. 

Name. ^9^- 

Hans Windal Hooft, 28 

Christn. Snyder, .33 

Hans Jorick Wagenor, 34 

Hans Adam Hoylman, 24 

Johs. Tottinger, 40 

Johs. Wildermoad 20 

Melehior Shertly, 55 

Hans Adam Zigler, 20 

Tidrick Benedick, 30 

Johans. Tolder. 26 

WoolfBruyn, , 45 

Hans Jerick Graizer, 50 

Jacob Houser 25 

Hans Marthel Holder, 24 

Casparus Holder, 26 

Hans Jerick Ireman, 37 

Philip Fredrick, 40 

Hans Martin Brininger, 35 

Johs. Godlief Brininger, 33 

Michael Easterly 20 

Bilker Tidrick Zeyler, 24 

Hans Jerick Brandel, 28 

Hans Peter Bricker, 32 

Andreas Fry 40 

Johs. Philip Brandel 20 


Na?ne. At/e. 

Leonard Notz -jy 

H end rick Funk, ;j5 

Jobs. Joho, ;>7 

Chrisn. Everhart, 4(3 

Jobs. Hendrick Rytllestack 40 

Hans Win. Wensil 35 

Pbibp tSmitt, 28 

Snnon Craysmeyer 20 

Matbias Keygar ;^r) 

Baldues Barret 40 

Hans Jerick Coon, 37 

Jobans. Mirkle, 2t] 

Woolf Fangerer, 24 

Leonard Reuor, 33 

Jobs. Hendrick Meyer, 24 

Hans Micbael Rise, 22 

Wo?nen's Namea. 

Catberina Hooften, 24 

Anna Elizabetli Hooften, 27 

Anna Maria Hooften, 30 

Anna Maria Sherth', 40 

Anna Bar{>ara Shertly, 32 

Barbara Tolder, 34 

Bar])ara Brininger, 28 

Anna Sbenk 40 

Anna Greiser, 37 

Anna Eva Greiser, ." • 26 

Maria Cbristina Greiser, 33 

Susannab Catbarina Greiser, 20 

Maria Marg. Ireman, 32 

Maria Herten, 39 

Anna Bareble, 34 

EHztli. Brininger 30 

Maria Dyer, 52 

Eliz. Catberina Dyer 32 

Maria Dorotby Dyer, 28 

Barliara Brickering, 34 

Catbarina Not/. 37 

Anna Funck 31 

Margt. Boaniining 2G 

Susanna Jobo, 44 

Cbristina Ijeonard, •'50 

Anna Everbart, 42 


Name. ^ffe. 

Anna Rydlestack, 26 

Anna Keyfjer, ■ 37 

Maf^dalen Smitzin, 34 

Ueronica Coon, 47 

Children's Names. 

John William Syman, 6 

Melchior Rugh 

Maria Smitzen, 11 

John Smitzen 5 

Tiderick Shoup, 7 

Ludewick Ileshever, 12 

Maria Shoupen, 13 

Hans Peterly, 15 

Maria Uliger, 9 

Anna Margaret Zigler, 4 

Christian Shonk, 15 

Jacob Dier, 14 

Hans Peter Zeiler, 15 

Magdalen Fisher, 5 

Catherina Fisher, . 8 

John Hendrick Brandel, It 

Anna Leonard 5 

Hans Ijeonard, 7 

Hans Keygar, 7 

Barbara (Jtting, 13 

Hans Michael Coon, 8 

Andreas Hoover, 15 

Christn. Elizth. Swartzen 10 

Hans Jacob Holder, 12 

France Joseph Ilesheaver, 12 

Hans Martha Herten 10 

Jerick Fredrick 6 

Eva Knurring, .* 6 

Hendrick Fry, 12 

Martha Fry, 9 

Jacob Fry, 6 

Maria Fry, 5 

Anna Fry, 4 

Dorothy Notz, 4 

Hans Gruve, 10 

Peter Grave, 8 

Anna Greossin 4 

Veronica Greossin, . 9 

Hannah Rydlestack, 10 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Robert and 
Alice, of Dublin, Walter (toodman. Commander, from 
Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. U, 1738. 

Jacob Bransteder, 
Mathews Alsback, 
Philip Hertzog, 
Peiter Kolp, 
Peiter Sybent, 
Jurick Mich. Roch, 
Godfry Bener, 
Gerit Hedrick, 
Hans Michell Torenberf^er, 
Valentine Schults, 
Jacob Prisher, 
Daniell Klingesmith, 
Jan Jacol> Klunt, 
Adam Daniell. 
Peiter Heyl, 
Johannis Br can, 
Hans Adam Geizler, 
Theobeld Scheifer, jnn. , 
Paul Mosser, 
Jacob Ray man, 
Michell Rayman, 
Hans Snyder, 
Christopher Wederigh 
Nicholas Sneuder, 
Joseph Kensell. 
Phylip Totser, 
Ph>lip VVeys, 
^Jan JacoV) Copheniiever, 
Hendrick Shingell, 
Hendrick Thomas, 
Abraham Heyt, 
Jan Jacob Shoemaker, 
Jan Nichol Holl, 
Christian Groab, 
Jan Jurick Roth, 
Johannis Eseogen, 
Michell Schoemaker, 
Stephen Jorenbexger, 
Johannis Keipher, 
.Ian Peter Kerch. 
Jurich Godt'reid, 

•Tacob Fi'ans, 
Peiter Butsell, 
Michell Kolp, 
Johanis Ferch, 
Jan Adam Snell, 
Johainiis Bener, 
Jurich Michell Kolp, 
Johannis Honsinger, 
AbraTn Hedrick, 
Oygell Torenberger, 
Luturg Boes, 
David Nagle, 

Jan Jurich Hedrick, 

Nicholas Miller, 

Casper Wyesgerper. 

Casper Dorst, 

Tobias Stear, 

Theobeld Schelfer, sen., 

Andries Meyer, 

Johannis Prisher, 

Michell Miller, 

.lacob Tomme, 

Andries Bader, 

Frederick Nicholas Sneuder, 

Hans Martin, 

Jacob Kensell, 

.Jacob Totser, 

Jacob Gorle, 

Lundert Nochper, 

Jan Nichol Craft, 

Conred Heyt, 

Pieter Heyt, 

Johannis Shoemaker, 

Jan Abram Holl, 

Baltser Renhowser, 
Theobel Vink, 
Philip Pehl, 

Jan Peiter Escogen, 
Anthord Bieller, 
Peter Ruble, 
Jacob Peck, 
Jan Adam Granast, 



Hendrick Rediiihower, 
Christian Stedler, 
Adain Dick, 
Casper Scheilk, 
Daniel] Clingesniith, 
Paulus Bulint, 
Christopher Hedrick, 
Peiter Keyper, 
Allex. Sclioefert, 
Reynhart Alsback, 
Cliristian Castle, 

Hans Martin Stersinger, 
Peiter Redinhower, 
Jan Nichol Nagle, 
Melchior Taut, 
Godfried Petzell, 
Lowrans Peirson, 
Pieter Hedrick, 
Michell Clemens, 
Byle Keyper, 
Jan Paul Kuns, 
Hans Trautiuan. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Queen Eliza- 
beth, Alexander Hope, Master, p'rom Rotterdam. 
Qualified Sept. IG. 1738. 

Men's JSaviet). 
Name. Ape. 

Ludwick Sible, 23 

Hans Otho Jerseto, . ' . . . . 45 

Georick Parkman i}3 

Wni. Brant 50 

Barnet Roat, 25 

Hans Otho Sliger, 45 

Georick Sliger, 23 

Jno. Sliger, 21 

Jno. Georick Sliger, 19 

Andres Felsinger, ."51 

Jno. Henrick Sides, 26 

Andres Lerick 50 

Peter Lerick 20 

Antho Lerick 18 

Christian Laback 39 

Rinard Laback 70 

Jno. Henrick Silicas, 25 

Sigmont Henly, 41 

Adam Schislor, 30 

Jno. Shimell, gg 

Henrick Weber, 41 

Johanis Konkell, 30 

Peter Spikt 44 

Casper Lerick, 44 

Christopher Stroder, 32 


Name. A(je. 

Henrich Weber, 28 

Nicholas Tye, 24 

Joliannis Letheriek, \h 

Joliaiies ('ocli, 78 

Hentick Cocli, 23 

Grabriel V'aj^ell 32 

Henrick JSinith, 50 

Juo. Smith 20 

Peter Smith, . 17 

Charles Rygard, 2") 

Ralph Snyder 23 

Wilhelm Eisdiie — 

Conrad Snyder 20 

Ueo, Lorison, 2G 

IMiciiell liorison, '>0 

Thus. Shane, 38 

Mark Sible 47 

.Ino. Sible 20 

Henrick Elinger, 21 

Henrick Veis, 36 

Nicholas Venholt, 48 

Johanes Snyder 40 

Weinard Weisell, 27 

Paul Uysell, 37 

Cliristo))hel Kirkhofe 43 

Ernst Sharp 39 

Jno. (xeorick Sharp, 10 

Ludwick Thomas, 34 

Johanes Straul, 37 

Johanes Peyer, 45 

Danl. Ifijlebourner, ' 45 

Johanes Starr, 38 

(reo. Terr, / 38 

Martin Weisell, 30 

Christopher Rooss, " 55 

Jno. Styne, 3? 

Henrick Seller 34 

Johanes Lerick, 44 

Johanes Shafer 34 

Johannes Masov, 34 

('onra<l Stej^ell, 33 

Henrick Sliger, 45 

Christian Morris, 21 

Nicholas Eakers a2 

II -Vol. XV 11, 


Naint. Age. 

Henrick Eakevs, 17 

Bevnaril Lynse, 20 

Fredi'ick Nickton. ;30 

Geoi-ick Sliarp. 30 

Isaac Sharp 20 

Martin Sweednen 51 

Geo. Konkell, . !'.• 

Theobald Smitli, 50 

Conrad Lerj^a, 48 

Henrick WeiseH, 38 

Casper Leap, 45 

Casper Leap 19 

Johanes Slt-jjell, 32 

Henrick Kyes. 29 

Henrick Nagoil, 24 

Johanes Alt, 40 

Henrick Cabill, 19 

Casper Schayber, — 

Johanis Suls{)ack 50 

Christian Nighthart 35 

Heni-ick William, 20 

Johanes Nomain, 38 

Conrad Lejmrd - 58 

Johanes Konkell 24 

Wni. Lei)ard 39 

Casper Doniinick 33 

Johanes Gotwalts, 20 

(Jonrad Miller, 23 

Philip Smith, 19 

Casper Shafer, . ' 25 

Conrad Gable, . . 07 

Jacob Ewald 24 

Nicholas (,'rack, v 24 

Nicholas Seigler, 20 

.Johannes Riser ; 23 

Wiliiam Smitli, 10 

Gabriol Lorisan 40 


List <>I'' Fc^iikigxkks Ixpohtku i\ tiik t^iiip Tii isili.:, John 


Ski'T. H), ]7:>8 

Men' s Names . 

Daniel Dryghler. Christian Brt'clibill. 

Henry Breclibill. William Bisliotl, 

Peter Habalier, Johannes tSlijijhrer. 

Isaac Oinniell, Christian Stidlei-. 

Valentine His, Jacolj Kinar, 

Abrahaii) Stidler, EliasAbin, 

Peter Founderburgh, Walter Foinulerbin i^li. 

Jacob Slygh, Thomas Ruygli, 

Hans Adam Snyder. Jan. George Lots, 

Johannes Uers, Daniel Snyder, 

Lorentz Gt)]d. Joshep Keller, 

Johannes Wymuller, Andreas Nayman, 

x\dam Koen, Johannes Keller, 

Henry Heckholt, Jost Perkerstocks, 

Carel Witman, (xeorge Michl. Gras, 

Joh. Jjeonard INHller, Christian Lut/., 

(•asper Lut/,, Jacob C'lodder, 

Hannus Diedrich, Johannes Kroon, 

Jacob Kaygar, Hans (xeorge Mayer, 

Jacob Schochman, Conradt W> niiiller, 

Andi-eas Mints, Elias Siier, 

Michl. Jiel, (Jaspar Kienar, 

Michl Vris, Simon Vris, 

Johannes Vris, Martin Krim, 

Johannes Krim, Hans Martin Bilder, 

Johan Jacob Pfarr, Jost Vryler, 

Johannes Coen, Hans Adam Lightie, 

Barent Smith, Melchinr Smitii, 

Conradt Kemelie, Michl. Underkanflfer, 

Martin Mansberger, Christian Lodder, 

Johan Herman Schiffer, Johan Henry Rimisnyder, 

Paulas Schiller. Bernhard Schiffer, 

Hendk Barthol SchitTer, Paulns Schiffer, 

Hendk Ad()]i)h Agenback, Philip (^oen. 

Michl. Hoel)ack, Andreas Hanovelt, 

Valantine Wilt, 'Lodowic Miller. 

(Jonradt Singler. Nicholas V^rydagh, 

Peter Snyder, .Jacob Bender, 

Elies Nicholas Bender, Jacol) Nichs. Bender, 

Diedrich Six. Johannes Frank, 

Philin Smelzer, (thoi-. Kinder, 


Peter Kinder, Caspar Kender, 

Jan. Rodolph, Jafob Kalladie. 

Vindle Lins. Jacob Hoeljack, 

Michl. Streball, Johannes Westhoiise, 

(Tec. Mathe. Wilier, Joannes Snions, 

Ulrigh Seger. Michl. Keyslenian, 

JMichl. Sinelzer, Johannes Mayer. 

liisT OK Passengers in the Ship Naxcy, Wm. Wal,la('k. 
Master. Qualified Sept. 20, l^^H. 

Name. ^ge. 

Simon I deling, 27 

Jacob Stinebroli 34 

Frederick Tryer, 26 

IjRwrence Klyne, 22 

Gasper Hoof man, ... 30 

John Prince, "38 

Tobias Hackerman 36 

John Peter, 34 

Thomas l^aulcher, 27 

.lacol) Lassaul, 29 

ChristiaTi Berkman 26 

Michael Jacob, 30 

John Bedsheller, 33 

Henry Mire, 30 

ISIichael Shole, Senr. , 63 

Michel Shole, Junr 36 

Christopher Mire, 17 

Anthony Englebert, 37 

Hendrick Hemper, 42 

(Miristian Switzer, 20 

John Eyhault 39 

Hendrick Nikerick, ... 33 

Jacob Mire, 27 

John Houselbeck, 35 

Nicholas Robertus 39 

George Painter, 36 

John Mire, 34 

George Mackly, • . .... 37 

Aaron Hoiisneck 43 

Jacob, 33 

Nicholas Onas, 38 


Name. Age. 

Joseph Mire, . . 25 

David Sliy(leai\.er, ..... 24 

Ulriclv Shydeaker, 20 

Hans Sliydeaker, 15 

Jereiiiiali Rhode, 48 

Matthias Leaver 24 

Andrew Kashly, 15 

Gorge Rowler, ;-59 

Jacob Reece, 49 

Mattiiew Reece, 17 

Jolin Meyminger, 55 

Michael Robb, 16 

Ynst Terr, 23 

Philip Hiner, 20 

C'onrodPletz, 28 

p.iilipTrap, 23 

Peter Musnier 21 

John Grossnickle, 21 

Francis Hackernian, .... 28 

Michael Mire 29 

Martin ]\rire, 23 

Martin Si)ringley, 36 

George Siiewier, "^^ 

Jacob ( 'loates, 

William Corst 27 

Philip Bens, '■^' 

Casper Mans, 20 

Michael Hemperly, 26 

Jacob Beck. 25 

Philip Kevell. 
Jacol) Frank, 
Thomas Rush, 


' ' ' 20 

John Howes, ' '' 

Jacob Adolph, ^ 

Martin Snider, '_ 

Andreas Ringer 
Mellcher Beelmt 
Jacob Easterly, 

John Kowler, 

John Kashncate, 

Jacob (Javelich, 

Martin ]\Iire, _'' 

John Hesselback, 

Andreas Ringer, ^' 

Mellcher Beelman, ^^ 


A List ok all the Mkx Passexgkrs from 8ixtkex Ykars 
AA'D Upwards on Board thk 8hip Friendship, Henry 


Nainc. Age. 

Floriau BobingtM-, 28 

("liristian yoiiiif^, 37 

Jacob Br list, 24 

Steplui Glaser, 48 

Valatine Slialler 24 

Michal ("ai-ger, 46 

Haus.Jurf? Be^^er 18 

Joanis Kohn, 30 

Dewald Klingler, 24 

Lov/ranee Diboui^ 43 

Joani.s !Ne^elie, 30 

Abraham Eker, r»2 

Pliilip Stover, ... 31 

Adam Kreps, 19 

Henry Syble 27 

Johaiiis Shryber, 32 

Adam Pence 22 

Jacob Folniei', 40 

Jacob Folmer, 15 

Hans l*eter Rodbeif^er, 40 

Christian Myer, 32 

Tobias Ditess, 33 

Dewalt Steward, 31 

Jacob Zorn, 20 

Miclial Hooverich 25 

Jurg Bueck, 30 

Joanis Swartswalter, 50 

Joanis Sheller, 26 

Jacol) Hoover, 25 

Johan (rrenshet, 38 

Miclial Mesnor 37 

Casper Mesnor, 16 

Leopald Jost, 36 

Jurp: ]\Iiller 21 

Bartle Bach, 54 

Adam Bach 18 

Jnrg Hartman 40 

Paul Hinie. .... 17 

Jacob Hime, 16 

Joanis Swaner, 20 

.Jacob Stamier, 18 

Jm-f^ Moler, 33 


Naiut. A (It. 

Johanis Stinglie, 21 

Fredrich l^ender -j;^ 

Bernherd IMoats, 40 

PLiiis Micliel Bniucli, 33 

Valatiue Pence, 48 

Jolian Jordan, 36 

Christopli Wys, ... 17 

.Jacol) Derrie ;i2 

Nicliolas Sti-oiis 25 

.lohn (Tofries, 30 

Val.'iTiu Rinisell, 17 

Abraham Wendell, 2G 

Joanis Fryling, 25 

Michal Boret 25 

Jurg Kaufman, 20 

Adam Ritter, 27 

Peter Loiik.s, 32 

Phillip Summer, 20 

Jacob Shop, . . ; 88 

Eberhard DroUinger, 32 

Adam Swartswelder, 19 

Jurg Kern 38 

Wendell Jacobie, 29 

Bernlieril Eger, 50 

Jacob Eger, . . . '. 25 

Michall Eger 23 

Adam ])rollinger, 30 

Fredricli Harte, 3(> 

Sebastian Neat 55 

H enrich Herner 40 

I>anil Kensimer, 45 

Vide Bechtle 36 

Jacob Wagner, 45 

foanis lienglie, . . 83 

Lorents Houts, 23 

Joanis Kensimer, 17 

Joanis Fredrich, 17 

Marke Smith 34 

Martie Karcher, 19 

Fredri.-h Kink 32 

Hans Jurg Buck, 40 

Fredrich Haylie, 20 

Martin Speek, •^•'» 

Jurg Kenich, -^^ 

Johan Wendel Brown, '■^'' 



List ok Foreignkrs 
Ware, ('ommanukr, 

12, 1738. 

Michael Gfrun, 
Adain Hiesser, 
Philip Hess, 
Thomas Renscii, 
Michael Pot/., 
Hans Diebalt Drosr, 
Joachim Stober, 
Hans Georg Wust, 
Martin Rein, 
Bastian Felte, 
Jacoli Stieger, 
Johannes Goldenberger 
Jacob Hoffman, 
Philip Jacob Bub, 
Christian Kaufl', 
Hans Goerg Fetter, 

Imported in the Snow Fox, Chas. 
FROM Rotterdam. Qualified Oct. 

Jacob Bahner, 
Adam Ullrich, 
Adam Ulnier, 
Johannes Asper, 
Martin Cludy, 
Georg Michael Balmer, 
Hans Martin Rein, 
Hans Georg Pauth, 
Peter Hesterman, 
Michael Krieger, 
Hans Georg Zimerly, 
, Hans Georg Frey, 

Christian Hohhnann, 
Christopher Bub, 
IHrich Hubster. 

[T lie original list is herewit/i, f/iven.] 

Name. Age. 

Michael Kreen, . 5^5 

Jacob Palmer, 26 

Adam Heyser, 29 

Godfred Kunig, 47 

Adam Ulrich, 24 

Philip Hoos, 25 

Hans Tlieobald Throog 41 

Martin Browne 34 

Michael Kevnig ' 41 

Michael Palmer, 45 











Jockein Stober, 
lllrick Kipsier, . . 
Martin Mayer, . . 
Martin Reyn. . . . 
Hans Martin Reyn, 
Peter Huterman, 
Hans Worster, . . 
Bastian Felti, . . 
Casper ]>ecker, . . 
Hans Jurig Fout, 
Michael Kryger, . 


Name. Age. 

Michael Kryger, Jr., 20 

Jacob Kvyger, ... . . '. Ifj 

Haus Ailain Oliner, ' •'"'•"> 

Philip Jacob Baart, 1!) 

Jacob Hteyger, ••'> 

(rari-ick tSemerly, •^'' 

Tobias Reesh, -^^ 

Leariner Tzink, I ' 

John Asper, '^^ 

John Cioldeberger, 23 

Michael ('atts, Senr., 48 

Michael Catts, Junr. , 1'^' 

Mark Claudy, 27 

Hans Fry 33 

Jacob Hoffman, '*' 

Christian Hoffman, '^" 

Johannes Ostwald, 2G 

Sebastian Colman, ^2 

Philip Jacob Bonha *'>•' 

HansBouha, 20 

Chris. Bonha, 25 

]\[elch()r Hontmaker, ^^ 

Philip Jacob Bonha. Jnnr., ^'^ 

Jacob Hourg '^''* 

Christian Canp, '^'* 

Hans Jurg Fetter, 20 

List of Forkioxkrs Imi 
Pattox, Commander, 
Oct. 2.-), 1738. 

Martin Fuchs, 
Steffen Rous, 
Andres Born, 
Johan Jacob Kuntzler, 
Theevia Fantzen, 
Christopher Zummer, 
Johan l^an Hetzer, 
Valentin Ant, 
Conrad Lange. 
Jolian Adam Fuch, 
Johan Adam Schreyer, 
Johan Jacob Schluter, 


FROM Amsterdam. Qualified 

"Nicholas Stebener, \ 
Johan Nic. Slummer, 
Peter Domas. 
Johan Jacob Steffen, 
Johan Nic. Thys, 
Melchior Znmmer, 
Johan Wendel Seyber, 
Johan Frederick Barts, 
Chris. Fuch. 
Jacob Meyer. 
Johan Nicho. Scherer, 
Johan Hildesheimer, 



» Johan Cxeorge Pauly, 

Johan Casper Stein, 

Hans Jacob Kneeky, 

Conrad Kern, 

Johan Henrick Pfleck, 

Jolian Hen. Abiarius, 
'Frederick Scliinidt, 

Sebastian Fehr, 

Valentin Stenipel, 

Johan Feldfliegel, 

George Heyer, 

Nicholas Joost, 

Jacob Wiklschutz, 

Henrick Torner, 
nGeorge Job. 

Michael Straube, 

George Stoltz, 

Jacob Geckan, 

Gabriel Haller, 

Johannes Deimer, 

Hans Mich. Tilzieffer, 

xYndreas Deck. 

Gottfried Branne, 

Jacob Frey, 

Johan George Weis, 

Johan Feyl, 

Johan Schmiick, 

Jacob Schrani, 

Johan Knockell, 

I'aul Weyer, 

Oswald Winkehnan, 

Johan Adam Fua, 

Johan Nic. Kinzer, 

Bernard Seibert, 

Hans Ad. Geeik, 

Johan Matthias Scherer, 
Valentin Nichola, 
Stephanus Klehr, 
Philip Wicker, 
Henrick Schneider, 
Christian Stucker, 
Christian Schmidt, 
Frederick Steinpel, 
Johan Peter Olier, 
Jacob Morgewegg, 
Jacob Mohr, 
Johan George Pieck, 
Simon Becherer, 
Abraham Hobier, 
f/onrad Waldman, 
Ulrieiv Reiger, 
Johannes Deck, 
Philip Gottskind, 
Baltzaser Lambert, 
Hans Michael Lange, 
Jacob Hoffman, 
Andreas Simon, 
George Sutz, 
Johan Martin Priem, 
.[ohan Sauter. 
Johan Geo. Beck. 
Johan Lantzinger, 
Jacques Maronette, 
Philip Wettszell, 
Simon Stoltz, 
Hans Lansz, 
Johan Andr. Kousman, 
George Crape, 
Joh. Jaes Seibert, 
Geo. Schramp. 

List of Forkigxbrs Importkd ix the Ship Saint An- 
drew, John Stedman, Master, from Rotterdam. Quali- 
fied, Oct. 27, 1738. 

Peter Leight, Han Yeriek Keil, 

Jacob Stintz, Jacob Seam, 

Johan Hend. Reis. Han Har. Deal, 

Manus Sasamandshouse, Johan Soemaker, 



Hans Ofer, 
Hun Nch. 8toter, 
Jacoi> Keiller, 
Velto Walter, 
Lewif^ Viusent, 
Victor Speitz, 
Siinon Derrick. 
And. Sin, 
Jacob Cinnerley, 
Hans Kinent Bene, 
Jacot) Waltei-, 
Cliris. Werger, 
Johan Slienkell, 
William Reiser, 
Chris. Hendrick, 
Anth. Kinter, 
Hans Wisler, 

Hand. Rinewalt, 
Jerick Hylmau, 

Chris. Souder, 

Niclil. Stavlor, 

Jacob Slietzer, 

Hans Herts, 

Miclil. Hellibrand, 

Hendrick Been, 

Chris. Li^ht, 

Martin Fesel, 

Adriess Walker, 

Hans HanilM-eet, 

Jurigh Bernard J^owinan, 

Fiet Ham})reght, 

Hans Jacob Catternian, 

Hans Miclil. Sheffer, 

Johannes Hootsman, 

Johannes (iroeber, 

Adam Ambright, 

Hans Philip Smit, 

Hans Caspr. Inderlydner, 

Merck Adams Brouns, 

Ulrich Fow, 

Johan Peter Vonsing, 

Jurig Nichl. Meyer, 

Hendrick Hoof man, 

Chris. Mayer, 
Lorentz Kryger. 

Jurig Bibigliaiise, 

Joliannes Kreive, 

(Jasi)er Huckaback, 

Yerick Kreil, 

Khris Wagner. 

Johan Conr. Benebender, 

Ste})hene Akerman, 

Conrad Neigle, 

Chris. Kinstler, 

<'onrad iSryer, 

Martin Teligin, 

(Jhetl. Buckemier, 

Martin Squartz, 

Tho. Everhad, 

Hans Summei'. 

Jerick Bergener, 
Niciil. Harman, 

Sam Beem, 

Peter Yosey, 
Peter Beem, 
Michl. Muster, 
Yerick Governer, 

Stephen Beninger, 

Arn. Slieder, 

Chris. Trevett, 

Hendrick Sower, 

Elias Bald, 

Jacol) Odering, 

Michl. Sycier, 

Hans Michel Witsell, 

Hans Michel Witsell, 

Hans Wyligh Catterman, 

Hans Michael ShelTer, 

Chris. Stein Clarther, 

Thomas Everhard, 

Jacol) Beyer, 

Michel Scheyvel, 

Jacol) Sterne, 

Jacob Reslaur. 

Hans Adam Bronns, 

Mickel Fraunk, 

Hans (Teo. Webber, 

Christophell Mayer, 

Johan Neveling, 

Mathias Hort, 

Johan (nirist Handhuize, 

Johan Haldhouse, 



Bestian Bender, 
Daniell Bibigause, 
Conrad Auibright. 
Andreas- Grunberger. 
J acob Walsh, 
Tenwes Rezer, 
Joan Hend Bosveld. 
Johan Hend. Hoffman, 
Joost Wilbn. Bleeher, 
Johan Jacob Wagner, 

Peter Bender, 
Wni. Haldhouse, 
Bertho. Mayer, 
Hans Martin Welch, 
Johan Geo. Weber, 
Jolian Rezer, 
Johan Joost Bo.sveld, 
Joost Hoflfman, 
Johannes Merker. 

List of Foreigxers I 
Geo. Houston, Com 
FiED Oct. 28, n;58. 

Jaoob Lantz, 
Johannes Geiser, 
(yonrad Mehrsani, 
Marcus Reniinger, 
Friedrich Muller, 
Hans Stegener, 
Joh. Wilhelm Bo.ssler, 
Casper Frelich, 
Henricli Jung, 
Daniel Muller, 
Friederich Brotsinan, 
Peter Hunrzicker, 
Hans Martin Hertz, 
Samuel Eberhart Kopp, 
Hans Peter Lantz, 
Friderich Sculpes, 
Johann Georg Grob, 
John Georg Lilie, 
Ijudwig Joseph Biehel. 
Hans Georg Bintz, 
Uhlerich Tiech, 


Michael Lantz, 
Peter Geiser, 
Peter Kocher, 
Casper Masbuch, 
Johann Jacob Dietz, 
Hans Adam Fehier, 
Nicolas Liser, 
Ludwig Meier, 
Christian Gysler, 
Michael Burn, 
Abraliam Huntzicker, 
Johannes Kleingenny, 
Hans Nicolas Ensminger, 
Gottfried Hardlacher, 
Hans Georg Tiech, 
Georg Miller, 
Hans JacoVj Sekefuss, 
Johann Georg Delp, 
Johan Peter Stegel, ' 
Johan Georg Hess, 
Michael Tiech. 


[The ori.gindl list is herewith invox.] 
Men's Names. 
Name. Age. 

Johaiias Cxlyngaii, 44 

Hause Mai-tiu Frets, 22 

Haiise Nicolas Hansinengev, 39 

Sainuell Overhard Coup. 30 

Godfret Hardlaker, 20 

Hans Pettev Lants, BO 

Uriah Teacli, 40 

Jacob Lants . . 28 

Micliall J^ants, 22 

Jolianas (rvser, 50 

Johanas Petter Gyser, . , 17 

Conerd Mareoni, 23 

Petter (Joker, 38 

Markes Reinengar, 38 

Gasper Maspech 2'J 

Jacol) Teach, 27 

Hans liarrat Steggens, - 34 

Fredrick Miller, ......' 2<> 

Peter Honshooker, ^ 53 

Abraham Honshooker, 83 

Haneriagh Coup, ., 38 

Hans .Jacob Secefues, 44 

Nicolas Leisser, 32 

Hanse Adam Feleer, 20 

r'^Cristian Fireleigh, ^^ 

Hanse William Busier, 23 

Hundrick Lillie, 32 

Hunderick Tilp 30 

Load wick My re, 25 

Henirick Young, '^^ 

CristiaTi (jysler, 21 

Daniele Miller 32 

ijoadwick Joseph Bialle, 35 

Micliall Burn, 39 

Fredrick Broatsman, 43 

Petter Stickle, 1-> 

Hendrick Sculps, 39 

Uriah ^[iller, 28 

Hansheria Benss, • 36 

Hansheria Hess, 31 

Woldrich Teach 56 

Michall Teach, ^^ 


Mult CkUdren under Sixteen. 

Name. -4.gre. 

Petter Teach, 14 

Michall Stoekhalerii 12 

Dauiell Misler, 14 

William Stoekhalerii 3 

Loadwick Haiisiniu}|t r, . . 7 

Philip Cristopher Coup, 10 

Hanse NicoH Lants, 8 

Yoghan Poul Lants, 5 

Michall Koker, 7 

Uriagh Carle Klyn, 3 

Yoghau Cristan Gfyser, 7 

Andrews Hinen Klyn, 12 

Andreas Secefues, 15 

Hanen Cri8toi)hele Secefues 10 

Haiien Jacob Secefues 6 

I^owell Secefues, 4 

Haneriagh Secefues 3 

Fredrick .Tacol) Young, 11 

Uriah Jacob Young, 10 

Cristopher Hendrick Young, 9 

(ioghani Y'oung 4 

Daniell Razour, 15 

Hanse Adain Burn, 4 

Jacob Hendrick Hroatsmaa. 15 

Urian Adam Broatsman, . . 10 

Y'ogham Fredrick Broatsman, 7 

Loadwick Coup, . 4 

Gasper Stickle, 11 

I^aniell Sculps, 7 

Hanse Petter Sents . 2 

Urian Stickle, 8 

Powell Herbolt, 14 

Nicolas Herbolt, 8 

Hans Herbolt 10 

Hans Adam Herbolt, 4 

Jacol) Herbolt, ... 8 

Woine^i and Children^f Names. 

Eli/.abath Stockhalern, 36 

Anna Creett Hansiningar 35 

Cristian Hansmingar, 13 

Kattarina Hansmingar, H) 

Anna Marrian Hansmingar 3 


J\'ain(. A<i< . 

Aiiuji Tiinbei-inou 2(> 

Anna Marelina TimlxTuion • . . . . 20 

Kattavina Coup, 40 

Mavfjareta Hardlakcr, 18 

Marelina Coup, 8 

Charlet Margreta (.'(nip (I 

Anneleiss Brij^htbyie, Si 

Anna Maria Timbernion :!0 

Hanah Mariats Timbeiinon 4 

Mariles Pitt Gysei-, . 20 

Elizebath I^itess, 24 

Hanah Barljara Poi-ker 5;> 

Meriles l^orker 22 

Hannah (h-ett Porker 1!) 

Marelina Kattrin Porkt'r 14 

Eveles Koker 29 

Hannah Maria Mareoni 24 

Anna Maria Hefran, 24 

ElizeV)ath Renieingar 29 

Eiizebath Resbell, .' 24 

Anless (iantson, M 

AnlessTeacli 28 

Kattarina Ijoslieart . . 24 

Marelis Tiganer, '. 2:! 

Mariles Sollie Millei-, 2") 

Maria Margrat Berian. 24 

Anna Maria Silks, 20 

Creetts Honshooker, 18 

Credle Crighban, 13 

Anna Lybet Freligh, 13 

Anna Margratin Nillen, 34 

Solfie Kiyn, . . 18 

Snsana Marih Klyn 7 

Anelie.s Seikefues, 30 

Kattarin 8eikefue.s, 12 

Anna !Maria Seikefu.s 5 

Eveles Byle, ... 18 

Margrat Myre, 38 

Kattarina Dorte HofTer, 48 

Rosina Dorte Hoffer, 10 

Madlin Young, 38 

Kattarina Gysiere, » 30 

Man-ia Barbara Bushier, (>0 

Kattarina Barball Buslile ' 10 

Hannah Maria Ravzor. 3 



Name. Age. 

Hannah Sollie Miller, 20 

Barball Burn, 9 

Meriat Olpon, . 39 

Greet Olpon, 4 

Maria Barl)ar Broatsuiaii 13 

KaTtarina Felier, 22 

Margrat Coup, y 

Maria Barball Hickle, 13 

Anna Barball Sculps 30 

Anna Maria Sents, 80 

Kattarina Barbal Sentt;, 8 

Anna Kattarina Miller. 35 

Aneria Hess, 2.") 

Anna Barball Herbolt, 2i) 

List ok Foreioxkrs 


Finn Oct. 30, 1738. 

Ijiidwig Nicola, 
Daniel Heenig, 
Johannes Meisters, 
Nicolas Hodely, 
Matheis Christ, 
Mattheus Dol)ler. 
Lndwig Pfantzlei-, 
Joh;in (ieorg Arnold, 
(Conrad Wannemacher, 
Matthias Bartholonie, 
Hans (Teoi'g Petery, 
Ijorentz Rans, 
Friederich Kehler, 
Jacob Frant/,, 
John Yeites, 
John Ludwig Potts, 
Hans Jacob Bener. 
John Adam Kintzel, 
Hans Michael Deinie, 
Ulrich Raudenbusch, 
Georg Adam Vegold, 

Imported in the Ship Elizabeth, 
maxder, from rotterdam. quali- 

Jolinnnes Muhr, 
Christoph Egen, 
(Jonrad Neidigh, 
Johannes Carl, 
Christian Lesch, 
Elias Beringer, 
Jacol) Schiltknecht, 
Philip Jacob Leyderberger, 
' — John Jacob Kesler, 
Hans Ulerich Fritz, 
Conrad Renner, 
Philip Besa, 
Mathias Poriger, 
Jacob Kern, 
Georg Ernst ISIeyer, 
Hans Conrad Vogelman, 
Andreas Rothenheffer, 
Hans Georg Windlinger, 
Martin Degenbeck, 
Christoph. Theophil. Creut/.. 


[The original list is herewith given.] 
Name. Age. 

Lodwick Nicholas, '■i^ 

JacoVj Shilkneght, 38 

George Arnold, • ^4 

Johannes Mayer 27 

Philip Jacob Leyderberger, 34 

Daniel Heyning, 30 

Christian Egan, ^^ 

Johannes Honethev, 36 

Johannes Mester, 43 

Tobias Swartz, 20 

Bernard Wainniaker, 40 

Hans Jacob Kesler, •■ 2o 

Mathias Bartholomew, 20 

Conrath Nydagh, ^^ 

Nicholas Hodele, 

Lodowick Fansler, . 
Geo. Adam Yegold, 
12-VoL. XVII. 


Johannes Harley, 2.) 

Hans George Fritz, 30 

Conradt Kenner, ^2 

Hans Georg Petery, 3o 

Laurentz Rous, 

Geo. Adam Mayer, ^^ 

PhihpBesa, ^^ 

John Lodwick Potts 2^ 

Henry Keoghler, "^^ 

Matheas Poriger, . ' ' ■ 

Jacob Frans, 

Jacob Kern, 

Johannes "ieites, 

Haus Jacon Bener, _ 

Conradt Fogleman, ''■' 

Andreas Rodenhanser, 

Hans Adam Kinsler, 

Mathias Chris, ^^ 

Christian Lesh 

Hans Geo. Windlinge, 

Michl. Deyne, ^;^ 

Martin Dageaback "^ 

Ulrich Rodobush, " 

Mathys Deolar ' 

Christian (Jreytz, 

Elias Beringer, 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Charming 
Nancy, Chas. Stedman, Commander, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified Nov. 9, 1738. 

Markus Tholhaver, 
Abraham Bei-lin, 
Samuel Schust, 

Jacob Dieterich, 
Jereinias Zamer, 
Hans Etimers, 
Peter Kreitzer, 
Christoph Abel, 
Michael Kleiu, 
Christoph Trenkel, 
Jacob Corrt, 
Christian Miller, 
Hans Fletiger, 
Ludwig Klotz, 
Peter Baldesberger, 
Abraham Hauswirth, 
Abraham Kunzig, 
(iBorg David Boos, 
Johan Michael Maurer, 
Hans Siegman, 
Ferdinand Dortzbach, 
Henrich Kistner, 
Peter Butz, 
Hans Geo. Strobel, 
Hans Michael Rein, 
Hans Adam Didel, 
Hans Jacob Kuntz, 
Georg Michael Kerber, 
Georg Frederich Berlin, 
Hans Georg Siegman, 
John Peter Waltz, 
Johan Henry Kepele, 
Joh. Stephan Guthman, 
Hans Henry Pohl, 

Andreas Kreitzer, 
Andreas Beyerle, 
Georg Hatz, 
Stephen Trenkel, 
Conrad Fleck, 
Hans Bollman, 
Nicklas Klagh, 
Joseph David Trissler, 
Johan Adam Zehman, 
Jacob Hochstetter, 
Christoph Siegman, 
Hans Georg Holtz, 
Henrich Meiss, 
John Siegman, 
Christian Miller, 
Martin Utz, 
Jac. Wannemacher, 
Hans Christian Gerber, 
Hans Georg Reisser. 
Hans Philip Mauerer, 
Hans Jacob Kuntz, jr., 
Hans Jacob Berlin, 
Johan Jacob MuUer, 
Bernhart Siegman, 
Johan Baltas Kneerster, 
Hans Georg Schenck, 
Hans Jacob Shank, 
Hans Jacob Muller. 

[The original list is herewith given.] 

Name. Age. 

Christian Kerwer, 46 

Jacob Didrick, ... 40 

Hans Michael Reyn 24 

Hans Georg Reyser, 26 

Hans Adam Didel, 30 

Mark Holhaver, 25 

Philip Mauer, 32 


Name. Age. 

Jereinie Seiner, <*- 27 

HanS Jacvi^UKuntz, 42 

Hans Jacob Kuntz, 21 - 

Jurigh Mich. Kerbel, 32 

Hans Jacob Barlin 22 

Geo. Fredk. Barlin, 18 

Abraham Barhn, 16 

Johannes Fayt, 22 

Leonard Shust, 20 

Peter Kreitzer 20 

Andreas Kreitzer, 24 

Everhard Miller, 19 

Christophel Abel, 20 

Joseph David Dresser, 33 

Adreas Beyerlie 23 

Michael Klen 22 

Jurigh Hatts, '. 33 

Peter Baldsberger, 16 

Christophel Trenkle, 48 

Stephen Trenkle 20 

Jacob Gorgh, 26 

Conradt Felt, 30 

Johan Adam Semen, ._ 22 

Jacob Semen, .- 27 

Abraham Hostwert, 24 

Jacob Hostedler 26 

Abraham Kunzigh, 24 

Christian Miller, 25 

Christian BuUman, 20 

Hans Fletiker, 16 

Nicholas K laugh, 24 

Hans Jacob Broser, 36 

Jurigh David Boos 24 

Lodowick Loos, 18 

Hendrick Spries, 22 

Hans Georg Bolts 25 

Johan Michl. Mouse 18 

Johannes Sighraan 40 

Hans Georg Sighman, 20 

Johannes Sighman 18 

Bernhard Sighman 16 

Johan Peter Wols li> 

Baltzer Kritzer ^^ 

Johan Hendk. Kippily 22 

Johan Ferdinand Dirtzibac!i, 33 


Name. Age. 

Hans Georg Schink, 37 

Christophel Segman, 25 

Christian Miller, 26 

Hendrick Keesner, 40 

Jolian Stephen Goodman 27 

Hans Jacob Schink, 32 

Hans Hendrick Woll 23 

Hans Jacob Miller, 43 

Hans Georg Stroball, 21 

Jacob Wannaniakei", 24 

Jacob Hour, 20 

Peter Potts 20 

Martin Oadt 24 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Snow Enterprise, 
Lynell Wood, Master, prom London. Qualified Dec. 
G, 1738. 

Jno. Jacob Vonderwerdt, 
J no. Righter, 
Jonerot Hirtzell, 
Jno. George Weber, 
Jacob Rotherwithei*, 
David Mansinger, 
Frederick Erter, 
Jacob Hirtzell, 
Frederick Recher, 
Jacob Restenholtz, 
Hans Burk, 
Martin Schudy, 
Conradt Weiland, 
Jno. Jacob Frolick, 
Jacob Horner, 
Jno. Michl. MuUer, 

Vincent Poiler, 
Jacob Hirtzell, 
Jacob Saxer, 
Thos. Lang, 
Jacob Mansinger, 
Jno. Mansinger, 
Felix Houser, 
Geo. Nothart, 
Jno. Recher, 
Hans Ruth, 
Henry Burk, 
Martin Griedy, 
Ralph Meyenhoffer, 
Casper Horner, 
Casper Keller. 



List ok Foreigners Imported in the Bilandkr London, 
Joshua Pipon, Commander, from London. Qualified 
Jan. 10, 1739, 

Felix Lang, 
Henry Lang, 
Jdo Pfister, 
Juo. Grosnian, 
Caspar Weider, 
Chi'istofel Kooli, 
Jacob Koch, 
Miclil. Bader, 
Jno. Thomas, 
Melchior Meyer, 
Jacob Dispion, 

John Lang, 
Jno. Ptister, 
Henry Ortley, 
Jacob Bartz, 
Jno. (ieorge Albert, 
Mark Kocli, 
Hans Koch, 
Peter Thomas, 
Burgat Wever, 
Christopher Bader. 

List ok Foreigners Imported in the Ship Jamaica 
Galley. Robert Harrison, Commander, from Rotter- 
dam. Qualified Feb. 7, 1739. 

Jacol) Muller. 
Henricli Hauser, 
Peter Huber, 
Lenhart Furer, 
Conrad Ackert, 
Henry Better, 
Jacob Fehr, 
Johannes Wittersinn, 
Hans Henry Angst, 
Rudolph Baumer, 
Hans Michael Schwinck, 
Adam Schwinck, 
Conrad Bauchler, 
Jacob Dunkel, 
Felix Clatley, 
Hans Anard, 
Henry Brunder, 
Henrich Schellenl)erg, 
Hans Jacob Hopman, 
Georg Brunder, 
Jacob Bucher, 

Hans Eppli, 
Casper Mayer, 
Henrich Muller, 
Henry Galler, 
Heinrich Ackert, 
Ulrich Schmidt. 
Hans Conrad Rosli, 
Henrich Hostman, 
Joachim Hanslay, 
Hans Henrich Sommer, 
Christopher Muller, 
Rudolph Decker, 
Andreas Nabinger, 
Jacob Meyer, 

Henrich Gantz, -—^ 

Henry Scheibly, 
Rudolph Shutz, 
Jacob Hopman, 
Felix Bachman, 
Christoph Weidman, 
Heinrich Bachman, 



Ulrich Swartzenberg, 
Hans TTlrich Hoffnaan, 
Hans Mogg, 
Jacob Kuntz, 
Jacob Meyer, 
Jacob Hina, 
Henry Glattly, sen. , 
Felix Bossart, 
Henry Meyer, 
Rudolph Schutz, 
Henry Stally, 
Bernard Riga, 
Rudolph Kamp, 
Felix Leinbaker, 
Hans Zollinger, 
Hans Jac. Baumann, 
Ulrich Baninger, 
Henry Overholtz, 
Hans Ulrich Naff, 
Hans Jacob Schaub, 
Hans Jacob Kern. 
Ulrich Nussli, 
Henry Wert. 
Felix Prankfelder, 

Johannes Bossart, 
Jacob Schwarber, 
Casper Preneir, 
Hans Meier, 
Hans Nussli, 
Henrich Otto. 
Henry Glattly, jr., 
Jacob Bossart, 
Felix Schutz, 
Lawrence Rieger, 
Henry Rokoop, 
Johannes Trenner, 
Johannes Scheibly, 
Henry LeinVjaker, 
Jacob Baumann, 
Melchior Dunck, 
Hans Bach man, — 
Hans Jacob Baninger, 
Hans Ulrich Meyer, 
Heinrich Dunck, 
Heinrich Kremer, 
Jacob Nargang, 
Casper Wideman. 

[The original list is herexvith given,'\ 
Names of Men. 

Name. Age. 

Hans Conraat Ruseley, 41 

Johannes Wilderson, 48 

Jacobus Muller, 38 

HansApely, 30 

Hendrich User, 33 

Hendrich Hoofman, r)2 

Caspar Mayer 30 

Hans Ulrich Angst, 25 

Felix Hubart, 38 

Hans Ulrich Muller, 24 

Leonard Furrer, 40 

Hendrich Galler ... 17 

Joachim Husley, 34 

Lloedolph Bawmer, 34 


Name. Age. 

Conraat Ackeritt 25 

Hendrich Ackeritt, 23 

Hans Hendrich Somer, 34 

Hendrich Beter ... 26 

Ulrich Smith, 29 

Jacob Veer, 35 

Jacob Swerber, 35 

Hans Moogh, 38 

Caspar Frener, 20 

Michael Swenk, 50 

Adam Swenk, 18 

Christoffer Muller, 24 

Jacob Eens 24 

Hans Mayer, 30 

Roedolpli Decker, 40 

Conraat Bachler, 38 

Jacob Mayer, 24 

Andrias Nabinger, 35 

Hendrich Brunder, 20 

Roedolph Shuts, ... 22 

Hendrich Shellenberg, 22 

Jacob Hopman, 26 

Hans Jacob Hopman, 18 

-Felix Bachman, 21 

Jurich Brunder, 19 

Hans Neusley, 45 

Christopher Wiedman, 40 

Jacob Hinne, ^^ 

Jacob Bonger, 38 

Hendrich Bachman 27 

Hendrich Otte 21 

Hendrich Kladney, . 28 

Hendrich Kladney, 20 

Ulrich Swarsenbach, 33 

Felix Bossart 48 

Jacob Bossart, ^20 

Ulrich Bossart, 1*^ 

Hans Ulrich Hofman 1^ 

Jacob Boeman, 

Hans Jacob Boeman, 1^ 

Hendrich Mayer, 30 

Felix Schuts, 

Melger Tinker, 1^ 

Roedolph Schuts, ^^ 

Ulrich Peninger, ^" 


Na?n€. Age. 

Lawrence Riger . . 34 

Hans Boogman, 27 

Hendrich Stally, 25 

Hendrich Roukop, 28 

Hendrick Overliolds, . . 34 

Barnard Riga 27 

Hans Friner, 25 

Roedolph Ramp, 22 

Hans J acob Peninger, 24 

— ^ans Ulrich Nef 29 

Johannes Shibley, 21 

Hans Ulrich Mayer, 32 

Hans Jacob Shaup 25 

Felix Linebaker, 56 

Hendrich Linebaker, 21 

Hans Sollinger, : . 40 

Jacob Dunke, 38 

Jacob Mayer, 47 

Felix Klatley, 36 

Hans Anner, 22 

Hendrich Gans, 34 

Hendrich Tinkee, 30 

Hans Jacob Kerne, 20 

Hendrich Kramer, 24 

Ulrich Neusley, 34 

Jacob Nargen, 28 

Hendrich Wert 27 

Hendrich Shible, 20 

Felix Franfelder, 38 

Caspar Wideman, 16 

List of Forkignkrs Imported in the Ship Samuel; Hugh 
Percy, Commander, prom Rotterdam. Qualified Aug. 
27, 1739. 
Johannes Fischer, Caspar Math, 

Johannes Meth, Henrich Thorwarte, 

Michael Adam, Peter Rule. 

Jean Daniel Bouton, Johannes Braunmiller. 

Michael Schmohl, Johan Leonhart Hortung, 

Johannes Schneyder Johan Georg Bar*^mann, 

Peter Welschans, Georg Freeman, 



Matheis Glaus, 

Michael Hahn, 

Michael Simon, 

Peter Schoffer, 

Michael Miller, 

liorentz Minich, 

Jacob Reiss, 

Jacol) Wolff, 

Christian Schug, 

Otto Riedy, 

Peter Nickora. 

Daniel Burger, 

Nicolas Kneisel, 

John Michael Kartmann, 

Johan Georg Heyer, 

Johannes Ermentraudt, 

Joh. Fried. Ermentraudt, 

Joh. Daniel Crub, 

Hans Adam Diehl, 

Carl Adam Diehl. 

Conrad Hausman, 
--^William Gerhard, 

Georg Sneyder, ' 

Daniel Kockart, 

Ludwig Geib, 

Sebastian Doll, 

Philip Lentz. 

Joh. Adam Schneider, 

Abraham Hendrick, 

Johan Georg Nickel, 
> Joh. Henrich Ehrhard, 

Sebastian Guckert, 

(Jhristian Schopffer, sen. 

Philip Jacob Schell, 

Johan Peter Preim, 

Johan Peter Stuber, 

Abraham Sehreiner, 

Johan Georg Faust, 

Johan Friederich Gabel, 

Johan Jacob Kockert, 

Joh. Nicolas INIombauer, 

John Peter Riedy, 

Casper Doll, 

Joseph Bederie, 

Joh. Adam Gottwais, 

John NicolasBac. 

l*aul Michael, 

Johannes Hahn, 

Simoii (ieres, 

Adam Becker, 

Michael Baur, 

Abraham Faust, 

Philip Hirsch, 

Michael Miller, 
_ Peter SchoU, 

Simon Drom, 

Frederick Nickom. 

Paul Samsel, 

Peter Mombauer, 

Johan Matheis Bartman. 

Johan Lorentz Hansell, 

Johan Philip Ermentraudt, 

Johan Peter Dressier. 
/Johannes Bischoff, 

Johan Daniel Diehl, ' 

Peter Steinman, 

Frederick Gerhard, 

Peter Grub, 

Johan Lamenick, 

Peter Moor, 

Jacob Fuchs, 

Christian Seyfert, 

Joannes Beyer, 

Peter Schwenck, - 

John Nicolas Hendrick, 

Joh. Christ. Zimmerman, 

David Lautenbach, 

Joh. Adam Klein, 

Christian Schopffer, jr. . 

Johan Henrich P'reys, 

Johan Philip Serfass, 

Johan Georg Schauss, 

Johan Christopher Ruth, 

Johan Adam Mailer, 

Johan Philip Gabel, 

Michael Mombauer, 

Johan Jacob Riedy, 

Michael Helffenstein, 

Christophe»* Doll, 

Joh. Bern. Bederie, 

Johiin Philii) Klein, 

Abraham Solomon. 


[The original list is herewith ffive^i.] 
Men's Names. 
Name. -Age. 

Danl. Buttong, 48 

Johanes Fisher, 48 

Johanes Brouiuiller 26 

Michl. Sraea] 34 

Casper Mead 48 

Johanes Mead 16 

Conrade Hartong, . 29 

Jurig Snyder, 29 

Juring Bartman, 45 

Johan Michl. Bartman . 19 

Johan Matthias Bartman, 16 

Henrich Dorwart, .... 40 

Michl. Adam, 36 

Johan Adam Shaffer, 30 

Jurig Hyer 24 

Lorince Hentzel, 38 

Peter Ruhl 45 

Peter Millhouse 42 

Jurig Freman, 33 

Matthias Clous, 32 

Henrich Snirtzel, 45 

Johanes Ermantroud, 22 

Philipus Ermantroud, 18 

Johan Fredrick Ermantroud, 16 

Peter Hayn, 40 

Conrade Housman, 26 

"Fredrick Gerhard, 25 

"VVillm. Gerhard, — 

Peter Tresler, 25 

Petter Groub 40 

Danl. Groub, 17 

^Johanes Beschoff, 10 

^Adam Diehl ." . 32 

' Danl. Delhi 26 

Carl Deihl, 22 

Jurig Snyder, 18 

Jacob Lamenich, 34 

Adam Snyder, 35 

Danl. Cookhart, 18 

Peter More 36 

Ludwick Gyb, 17 

Jacob Fuchs, 33 


Name. Age. 

SaVjastian Doll 40 

Christian Syphert, 43 

Peter Swink, 49 

Hartman Swink £0 

Abraham Hyderick 47 

Johan Nichl. Hyderick, IG 

Philipus Linsh 57 

Johan Juri^' Nichol 20 

ChristofTel Timeruian, 24 

Johan Henrich Erhard, 23 

Johan David Loudinback, 23 

Johanes Byer, 19 

Paul Michel 31 

Miclil. Haan, 24 

Johanes Haan, ' 18 

Sabastian Koockhart, 23 

Nichl. Simon, 63 

Simon Gehres 27 

Peter Shaffer. 24 

Adam Becker, 25 

Michl. Miller, 21 

Michl. Bouer, 27 

Christn. Shepffer, 52 

Christn. Shepffer, 16 

Laurince Minech, . 40 

Philip Schel, 23 

Henrich Frais 21 

Peter Brem, 39 

Philipus Serfas, ... 27 

Peter Stouljer, 30 

Abraham Foust, 24 

Jacob Kiec, 30 

Philip Hersch, 22 

Johan Jurif? Shous 22 

Jacob Woolf, 20 

Peter Gerhart, 22 

Abraliam Shryner 20 

Christoffel Kulh 37 

Johan Jurig Foust, 

Michl. Miller 42 

John Adam Miller, ~^ 

Fredrich Gabel, 37 

Philip Gabel, "^^ 

Christn. Shook, 4^ 

Jacob Cookhart, 24 


Name. Age. 

Nechel Mombour, 50 

Johan Nichel Mombour, 18 

Peter Shool, 28 

Johan Otto Reidy, 34 

Jacob Reidy, 19 

Peter Reidy 16 

Simon Drum, •'lO 

Peter Nickom, 24 

Fredrick Nickom, 22 

Nichel Helfenstyn, 44 

Daniel Burger, 40 

Paul Samsel, 31 

Philips Klien, 55 

Johan Adam Klein, 30 

Adam Gotwalt 20 

Nicliel Kneesel, 26 

Peter Mombour, 28 

Casper Doll, 18 

AV)raham Salmon, 19 

Nickel Bach 25 

Stoflfel Doll, 40 

Philip Doll 27 

Joseph Beerey 36 

Johan Barnard Pedre, 16 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Snow Betsy, 
Richard Buden, Commander, from Rotterdam. Quali- 
fied Aug. 27, 1739. 

Nicholas Leinberger, 
Johan George Scherer, 
Johannes Keiner, 
Melcher Keiner, 
Hans Peter Hoffman, 
Casper Herde, 
Peter Blaser, 
Hans Jacob Marum, 
George Wilhelm Hoker, 
Johannes Martin, 
John Daniel Muller, 
Johannes Hasselwanger, 

Hans Jacob Geiger, 
Daniel Dalwig, 
Bastian Unberhent, 
Martin Adam, 
Christian Prodenbaer, 
Hans Martin Barth, 
Hans Michael Ernste, 
Gerhard Heinrice Scrut?-, 
Friedrice Leitz, 
John Daniel Osterlin, 
George Beiker, 
Hans Jacob Berkel, 



Coenraad Becker, 
Valentin Ertel, 
Joseph AValte, 
Joliaunes Reichard, 
Coniaad Graaff, 
Matthias Hertzell, 
Frans WelUck, 
Johan Michael Roth, 
Andreas Engelhard, 
Jacob Lantz, 
Johan Godfried Straube, 
Peter Oberdice, 
Henry Streckies, 
Johan Nicolos Schriner, 
Fredrek Sliafer, 
Vallentin Unbehandt, 
Jurig Martin Horst, 
Mertsion Hock, 
Jacob Ollen, 

Velten Becker, 
Johan Peter Meyer, 
George David teockel, 
Martin Haag, 
Johannes Klein, 
Joiiannes Koch, 
Jacob Good, 
Johan Henrick Miller, 
Friedrich Ehrenfeichter, 
Johannes Bach, 
Jacob Ruff, 
Jacob Hess, 
Conrad Hakensmith. 
Michell Baker, 
Jacob Unbehandt, 
Conrad Unbehandt, 
Solomon Weibel, 
Nicoloes Ijeynberger. 

List of Forkigners Imported in the Ship Robert A>'n 
AiiicE, Walter Goodman. CJommandeh, from Rotter- 
dam. Qualified Sept. 3, 1739. 

Cliristian Herjin, 
Hans Jacob Snyder, 
Peter Eversool, 
Michel Haan, 
Frans Leyenberger 
Carel Shalle, 
Jacob Rieph, 
Hannis Hooffman, 
Hannis Steiner, 
Hannis Bouman, 
Hans Miller, 
Joost Brandt, 
David Scheffer, 
Jacob Smith, 
Nicholas Reitenhower, 
David Scheffer, 
Johannis Hawecker, 
Michel Theobald, 
Christophel Ovel, 

Hans Schans, 
Peter Risser, 
Jooste Eversool, 
Nicholas Elenberger, 
Joost Steel, 
Hendrik Steinour, 
Martin Hooffman, 
Christopher Bolinger, 
Jacob Steiner, 
Casper Scheffer, 
Samuel Brandt, 
Peter Biever. 
Jacob Stambacl), 
David Bielder, 
Hans Marn. Bielder, 
Jacob Sirgier, 
Abram Piethel, 
Hannis Schans, 
Jurich Honing, 



Nicholas Honing, 

Hannis Bick, 

Daniel Hooffman, 

Abrani Welslians, 

Jacob Burrier, 

Hendrik Pamberger, Senr. , 

Bernard Youtzee, 

Benedict Lesser, 

Hans Peter Trett, 

Matliew Oubolt, 

Albert Vanderlinc, 

Hans Nicliel Visser, 

Hans Simon Leenlmys, 

Ijowrens Proan, 

Bastiaen Kleyn, 

Jacob Keere, 

Hannis Miller, 

Hans Leobald Karlee, 

Conrade Beser, 

Nicliolas Lesser, 

Johannis Watering, 
Peter Hooffman, 
Peter Fohl, 
Samuel Barrier. 
Phillip Burrier, 
Hendrik Pamberger, Junr. 
Christiaen Herart, 
Christiaen Elenberger, 
Christiaen Trett, 
Joseph Oubolt, 
Phillip Martsloff, 
Fredrik Adam Wilhelm, 
Christiaen Bleym, 
Lowrens Pievex, 
Hans Adam Keere, 
Joseph Welshans, 
Leobald (irober, 
Johan Peter Gamberlen, 
Hans Michall Lesser, 
Johannes Conberfose. 

List of Passkngers 
William Vittkry 
Qualified Sept. 3, 
Johannes Mayer, 
Michael Kraus, 
Nicklas Schwartz, 
Jacob Franck, 
Justinus Hoffman, 
Johannes Wolfart, 
Martin Beniger, 
Johannes Loch, 
Martin Leid, 
Henrich Ullerich, 
Michael Trolers, 
Henrich Heyl. 
Leonhart Florer, 
Ludwig Hevener, / 
Wilhelm Werner, 
Johan Philip Illig, 
Georg Jacob Burchert, 
>Daniel Reinhart, 

Imported ix the Ship Friendship, 
, Commander, from Rotterdam. 

Egidi Mayer, 

Michael Blatner, 

Andreas Hack, 

Jacob Kubortz, 

Stephan Lasch, 

Conrad Florans, 

Jacob Loch, 

Johannes Nicol, 

Jacob Fame, 

Frautz Brossman, 

Veit Miller, 

Conrad Schwartz, 

Lorentz Fridtel, 

Johannes Werner, 

Martin Jack, 

Balthassar Hissong, 

Georg Ernst Biihler, 

Joh. Michael Laub. 



Johan Jacob Franck, 
Hans Peter Adicli, 
Anthony Fischbacli, 
Georg Micliael Wolf, 
Gottfried (Uiristian, 
Peter Ziinniernian, 
Georg Henry Hensell, 
Georg Thomas Heyl, 
Bernhart Herbolt, 
Johan Veit Bachler, 
Johan Conrad Philipin, 
Joh. Nicolas Mauerer, 

Georg Michel Bender, 
Johan Conrad Engel, 
Philip Stanibach, 
Johan Conrad Wolf, 
Hans Peter Muller, 
Christian Ehrgott, 
Philip Christoph Werner 
Hans Tliomas Heyl, 
Johan Henricli Rump, 
Henry Bleistein, 
Hans Ad. Haushalder, 
Henrv Bleistein. 

[ The orU/inal list is herewith ffiven.] 

Name. Age. 

Hans Myer, 40 

Johan Reedy Myer, \q 

Baltser Hissing 26 

Johan Philip Illig, 36 

Jurig Jacob Borkhart, 36 

Malchi Grous, 30 

Miclil. Platner 50 

Jurig Arnet Leghtner 23 

Nickel Swarr 20 

Andreas Haak, 20 

'Danl. Reinhard, 23 

Hans Michl. Laub, 22 

Jacob Frank, 25 

Jacob Keiport, 20 

Jurig Michl. Paynter, 55 

Peter Attick 33 

Conrade Engle, 24 

Justin Hofman 25 

Stephn.' Lash, 36 

Johannes Woolfert, 44 

Conrade Flowres 49 

Michl. Flowres 25 

Martin Bennegar, 35 

Anthy. Finshbacb, 35 

Pliili}> Stompach, 19 

Jacob Loch, 35 

Johanis Loch, 16 

Jurig Michl. Wolf, . . . ' 44 

Conrade Wolf, 20 


Name. Age. 

Johan Nickel, 25 

Johan Marte Leid, 45 

Grotfrey Christian, 30 

Hans Peter Miller, o2 

Peter Zimmerman, 35 

Jacob Farnee IB 

Fredk. UJerich 35 

Francis Prossman, 45 

Fight Miller 25 

Christn. Ergot, 25 

Henrick Hoyle, 40 

Conrade Swartz, 32 

Lenhard Flower, 29 

Barnhd. Fredel, 25 

Hans Jurig Hinkell 32 

Johan Ludwk. Hebner, • 22 

Henrick Blestre, — 

Philip Christian Vernor, 47 

Hans Vernor, 20 

\Vm. Vernor, 17 

Jurig Thos. Hoyle, — 

Jurig Thos. Hoyle, Juni. , 35 

Lenhd. Herbott '. . . . 20 

Johan Henrich Rump 21 

Johan Figt Benner, 22 

Martin Yoak 81 

Johan Adam Housholter 20 

Nichol Mourer, 23 

Conrade Philipien, 58 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Loyal Judith, 
Edward Painter, Commander, from Rotterdam, Last 
FROM Deal. Qualified Sept. 3, 1739. 

Bartholome Jesran, Jerick Mlckell Jesran, 

Henrick Kifer, Godfrick Mang, 

Jan Jerick Ransier, Janis Nickell Bullmer, 

Adam Bullmer, Peter Locke, 

Phillip Snider, Carle Heyser, 

Assmes France, Johan Nickell Klaa, 

Bastian Pluer, William Pluer, 

France Pluer, Peter Marker, 



John Niekell Weycliell, 
Hauo Adam Heucrley, 
Cfistophel Shope, 
Jahanis Beueriles, 
Jahan Jurick Dryer, 
Jahan Niekell Dull, 
Joost Lizer, 
Petter Hough, 
Valiant iue Shey, 
Haus .Jurig Burghart, 
Nicholas tSchmall, 
Heiirick Adam Klyn, 
Christian Rohrbaeher, 
Jacob Rohrbaeher, 
Barnet Waerth, 
Mathias Rehmer, 
Petter Bakker, 
Hans Adam Tanyn, 
Christian Heither, 
I'hillip Hasselbergei-, 
Hans Nichall Kiev, 
Johannis Ruperder, 
Henrick Wolfroiu, 
Philip Burgharl, 
Petter Bougher, 
Jacob Stuhl, 
Adam Shitterhelm, 
Jan Nikel Kleser, 
Tobias Webber, 
Stophell Smith, 
Phillip Risser, 
Abraham Stout, 
Mathias Telton, 
Nicholas Handwerke, 
Jurig William Thoor, 
Hans Jacob Madery, 

liaus Adam Pliiets, 
.lohan Jerick Shope, 
.lahan Niekell Shield, 
Jahan Niekell Shield, 
Peter AVolf, 
David Pordney, 
Jacob Hougli, 
Casp^^r Leydicker, 
Petter Rehm. 
Mathyas Zeberly, 
Jahan Adam Schmall 
Jcin Nichol Chateau, 
Johan Henrick Cxode'' 
Jahan Carle Hey, 
Jahan Adain Rehmer, 
NiehoU Rehmer, 
Ludwick Tanyn, 
Phillip Tanyn, 
Henrick Baugh, 
Jahan Jacob Thanie, 
Jacob Keuning, 
Sabastian Jacobie, 
Hans Adam Wolfrom, 
Petter Bower, 
Batholmye Bougher, 
Carle Shoul, 
Carle Keresh, 
Jurg Loub, 
Ijudwick Mous, 
Hans Nichell Goun, 
David Weyser, 
Nicholas Rodeberger, 
John Jurig Stout, 
Henrick Handwerke, 
Johanis Tilbouer, 
Martin Sinefrin. 




List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Lydia James 
Allen, Commander, from London. Qualified Dec. 11, 


Ludwig Frick, 
Andreas Krug, 
Henry Seetz, 
Rudolph Bar, 
Caspar Frick, 
Heinrich Bar, 
Hany Jacob Free, 
Johannes Schieifl'er, 
Henricli Hobei't. 
Hans Ulericli Weber, 
Joliannes Reittenaur, jr. , 

Johannes Frick, 
Ulrich Steiner, 
Henry Seetz, jr., 
Henry (irob, 
Hans Bar, 

Hans Jacob Hauser, 
Hans JacoV:) Grob, 
Johannes Weber, 
Johannes Kagie, 
Johannes Reittenaur 
Joli. Conrad Froiniu. 

[Tlic original list is herewith f/ivoi.] 
Men's Nainea. 

Hans Jacob Houser, 
Rodick Frick, > 
Johannes Frick, . . 




. ■ 19 

Andreas Crook, 45 

Hans Jacol) Frie 30 




. 30 







Uh-ick Spinder, 

Hendrick Seeds, 

Hendrick Seeds, junr. 

Hans Jacob Croop, 

Johannes Lay pert, 

Bartliol. Rodolplins iSjiri', 

Joliannes Weber 

Hendk. Hober, 

Hendrick Croop, 

Caspar Frick, 

Johanes Hakie, 19 

Hans Ulrick Weber 20 

Hans Barr 29 

Hendk. Barr, 20 

Hendrick Bone, 30 

Johannes Reytenaar 40 

Johannes Reytenaar, junr., . 16 

Coni;{iadt Fiyim, 

Erasmus Hannnand, in Nancey 




List of F()HEICT^'Eus Imported in the IShip Friendship, 
William V^ittery, Commander, frOxM Rotterdam. Qual- 
ified Sept. 23, 1740. 

Fredrick Erash, 
Jacob Mires, 
Johanes Cop, 
Jacob Kensley, 
Morris Millhiser, 
Sebastian Shoape, 
Fituas Hard wake, 
Mathew Shalk, 
Cloyce BroV)eck. 
Cloyce Spaineliower, 
Hans Sailer, 
Henrick Spaineliower, 
Hans Fry, 
Hiney Wagner, 
J olianes Seaes, 
Henry Rickenibacker, 
Hani= Flubacker, 
Saniuell Rickner, 
Hiney Greager, Jun. , 
Jacob Teager, 
Jacob Rickner, 
Jacol) Fow, 
Jacob Brooker, 
Hans Hansey, 
Hans Schot'ner, 

Hans Cristian, 
Andrew Eshenback, 
Johanes Byenard, 
Ruduf Kensley, 
Hermanns Hersling, 
Ludiwick Wisinger, 
Jacob Lebeik, 
Henry Rorer, 
Henry Brobeck, 
Jacob Spaineliower, 
(iodlip Brickner, 
Hans Greorge Sixider, 
Fredrick Fry, 
Martin Rauft. 
Lenard Werts, 
Jacol) Featerly, 
Jacob Flubacker, 
Hiney (xeager. Sen., 
Augustus Spain, 
Theoars Clioape, 
Martin;^ Keller, 
Johanes Fow, 
Hans Jacob Hansey, 
Marting Halfeillinger. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Lydia James 
Allen, COxMMANder, from Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 
27, 1740. 

Simon Hirsch, 
Christian Holenberger, 
Nicklas douwald, 
Johannes Arnold, 
Peter Altonius, 
Jacob Keyser, 
Michael Eichhart. 
Matheis Katt'er. 
Phihi) Tulman, 

Christian Weber, 
Arnold Schneider, 
Johannes Wil. Beck, 
Christian Coos, 
Philip Fritz, 
Henry Keyser, 
Jost Lang, 
Philip Petry, 
Daniel Schneider, 



Daniel Lucas, 
Matthias Fuchs, 
Johann Ditricli, 
Johannes Kichler, 
Caspar Wirth, 
Peter I^orentz, 
Henrich Reussen, 
Johan (xeorg Lohss, 
Johan Herman Lehr, 
Johan Jest Presen, 
Johan Henry Beck, 
Johan Henrich Tievves, 
Peter Henry Shook, 
Johan Nickel Beckeles, 
Johan Adam Fritz, 
Johan Peter Loie, 
Christopher Fuchs, 
Elias Gottlieb Stein, 
Johann Grerhart Schneider, 
Johan Peter Schuman, 
Joluinnes Kageiberger, 
Abraham Kirchhoff, 

Christoph Geist, 
Wilhelm Lang, 
Johan Teis, 

Arnold Schuman, » 

Nicklas Beyer, 
Peter Lamm, 
Johan Georg Crassman, 
John Georg Torenberger, 
j'ohan Jacob Hollenberger. 
Johan Wilhelm Folberg. 
Johan Jacob Beck, 
Christian Shwaigermeyer, 
Johan Michael Jacks, 
Johan Fried. Althoniuss, 
Lud\sig HartensTein, 
Johan (xeorg Brosius, 
Valentin Pracht. 
Johannes Berckhyser, 
Johann Adam Schneider, 
Wilhelm Heldebrand, 
Johann Simon Denner, 
Johann Jost Plohger. 


Jacob Knight, . . 
Johan Jacob Ways, 

irifiinitl /is/ ?.s /lereiri/li fyircii.] 
Men's ^^'f/ntfs. 



Johan Geo. Chressman 24 

Johan Geo. Loss, 19 

Johan Christian Garnur, 19 

Johan Hendk. Ererberger. 2G 

Simon Hersh, 18 

Johannes Hersh, » IG 

Christian Weber, 21 

Johan Herman Leer, 21 

Christian Holumherger. 48 

Johan Peter HolumV)erger, IG 

Johan Jacob Holumlergei-, 17 

Arnoldus Schnyder, 22 

Johan Jost Freesen, ' 2G 

Johan Wilhelm Folberg, IG 

Nicholas Cowalt is 

John Hendrick Peck, 30 


Name. Aye. 

Johan Wilhelni Peck, ' 18 

Jolian Jacob Peck 16 

Johannes Arnold, 25 

Christian Dibos, 23 

Christian Mayer, 33 

Peter Hendrick Smock, 25 

Johan INIichl. Jacks, 24 

Cliristian Coos, 20 

Johan Nicliol Peckoner, . 36 

Johan Nichols. Peckoner. Junr 15 

Peter Aldanios, -40 

Fredrick Aldainos, 24 

Philip Fritz, 36 

.Tohan Adam Fritz, IB 

Jacob Kayzer, 'it) 

Hendrick Kayzer, I'J 

Michael Rychart, IB 

LodwicR Hardasteiu 28 

Jost Lang, 2.) 

]\tathia Kafer, 33 

Philip ]'etre, • 23 

Johan Peter Lewi, 29 

Philip Coleman, . . •'•" 

Abraham Cfreenawali ^" 

fxeorigh Hrosins, . "^2 

Daniel Schnyder _ 1'* 

Daniel Taicas, ~^ 

Christo|jhl. Kyst 23 

Christ ophl. Fooks, 27 

Mathias Fooks, ''^'_' 

Valantine Braght, '-^^ 

Elias Ciodlif Stein, 24 

Wilhelm Lang, • . . . 34 

Johannes Ties Perkhavsei', . 

Hieart Schnyder 

Johan Adam Schnvder, ^- 


... 18 

Johan Diedrick Mart, 

Johan Ties Mart, 

Johannes Kieghler, 

- 'SO 

Johan Peter Shoeman, 

Arnoldus Shoeman. 

Wilhelm "Heldibrant, '''_* 

Johannes Conklebergh, 

AVilhelni Conklel>ergh '^ 

Caspar West, 



Simon Timor, . . 
Peter Sharpnagli, 
Urban Perkhoff, . 





Nicholas Byer 45 

Peter Lorentz, 20 

Peter Laaui, So 

Christopher Rysner 20 

Jost Pleher 31 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Samuel, and 
Elizabeth, William Chiltox, Commamder, from Rot- 
terdam. Qualified Sept. 30, 1740. 

Frantz Epgardt, 
Peter Berger, 
Joh. Peter Anders, 
Johan Christ Kraffeller, 
Jolian Christ. Scliinidt, 
Johan .lacob Fisclier, 
Martin Schmidt, 
Christian Kirbach, 
Friedericli Loliner, 
Joh. r-reorg Roricli, 
Joh. Morit/. Kolin, 
Joliannes Hadorn, 
Jost Kremer, 
Conrad Hirscli, 
Joh. Peter Schneider, 
Joliannes Wergraf, 
Johan Wilhelm Klein, 
Johan Adam Meyer, 
Johan Adam Mailer, 
Johan Friedrich Schneider, 
Johan Hnbrecht Dimott, 
Johan Simon Erlegner, 
Joh. Gerhart Lnckenbach, 
Joli. Hnbrecht Hainmacher, 
Johann Theis Mailer, 
Joh- Peter Shoemaker, 
Johan Adam Rorich, 
Johan Simon Hnller, 

Johannes Schnog, 
Johannes Hoffman, 
Paul Dunschman, 
Johannes Theis Fiser, 
Johan Christ. Frantz, 
Christ. Peter Fischer, 
Philii) Bosser, 
Greorg Wilhelm, 
J. Adam Luckenl)ach, 
Joh. Ernst Rorich, 
Herman Betzer, 
Henriciiis Schneider, 
Theis Schneider, 
Thomas Schneider,, 
Joli. Henry Arth. 
Christian Schumacher, 
Carl Jacob Weymer. 
Johan Adam Schneider, 
George Wilhelm Kirbach, 
.Johannes Brandenburg, 
Joh. Henrich Lnckenbach, 
Johan CxHorg Eller, 
Joh. Adam Hammacher, 
Johan Peter Schreiner, 
Johan Adam Bender, 
Joh. Peter Harhanssen, 
Johan Bertram Klein, 
Hans Henrv Muller. 


[ The orifiindl list is herewith f/ivr.)!..] 
Men' s JSayiits . 
Niimes. Age. 

Frist Ebgent, -'2 

Joiin Christ Christfellen -30 

John Tys Fuser '^-t 

John Tys Snoegli, "^^ 

Peter Berger, "'O 

John Hofman ^^ 

John Christ Smith, -W 

John Christ Frans -<> 

Jacob Fisher, . -'* 

Christ Peter Scheffer, 24 

John Peter Anders 22 

Paulus Dunsman, •^■1 

Martinns Smith 2.) 

PhiHp Bosart, •'•"' 

John Tys Fuser, 20 

John Adam Meyer, •^" 

John Adam Schnyder 24 

John Adam Muller, 2) 

Creorge Wm. Keerback. 26 

Clirist Keerback •^" 

Anthony Brandeburger 29 

l^aulus Leenderd, 

John HoubrigTymoet "'1 

John Adam Loukenbaek 24 

John Henry Loukenbaek, ^^ 

Simon Belsener, •''! 

John Jurigler, ^'' 

John Gerradt Loukenbart, -'^ 

John George Rurigh, 21 

John Ernst Rurigh 20 

John Adam Hammacher, "^ 

Hiibrig Hainmaclier, ~' 

John Piiter Dunsman, ~'^ 

.John Morris Rop, . . . . • "*" 

Jolin Simon Huler "^'^ 

lacoVi AVagner, ~ 

John Henry Miller 'I'J 

Hainan Pessert, 

John Hadorn, ' 

Crymon Schnyder 

John Peter Schnyder, 

John Adam Benter, 


Name. Ai/e. 

John Peter Shoemaoher, 38 

Joost Craemer, 30 

Tya Schnyder, 48 

John Peter Harhonse, iJO 

Jolni Fi-e(h-ick, W 

Thomas Schnyder, 50 

Conrath Hirst, 40 

John Achini Rurigli 40 

Jolni Tys Miller, 30 

Henry Reet, 34 

John Peter (Caspar 16 

Bertram Clay, 50 

JohnWm. ciay, 29 

Christ Shoemache: , 37 

List ob' Foreiuxrrs Imported tx thk Ship Loyal Jt'dith, 
LovELL Painter, Commander, from Rotterdam. (.Qual- 
ified Nov. 25, 1740. 

Anthony Keller, 
Andreas Beck, 
Georg Viantt, 
Simon Wher, 
Wilhelm Ohl, 
Henry Wagner, 
Peter Sheet z, 
Johan Wilhelm Oster, 
.lohan Jacob Theobalth 
AVilhelm Jost Becker, 
Johan Nicolas Zoll. 
H enrich Lindeman, 
Wilhelm Schmidt, sen 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Jacob Lindeman, 
Jacob Breem, 
Jacob Krimm, 
George Conrad, 
Conrad Wishong, 
Carle Gro, 
Mathias Schmidt. 
Conrad Schmidt, 
Johan Peter Muller, 

Christian Brentzer, 
Conrad Schneider, 
Jacob Kichler, 
Lenhart Gerhart,"^ 
Johann Wolff, 
Friederich Becker, 
John Henry Legire, 
Johan Abraham Haas. 
Andreas Refschneider, 
Johan Baltzer Hoffmann, 
Justus Lindeman. 
Johannes Keilman, 
Wilhelm Schmidt, jr., 
Valentin Schneider, 
Heinrich Brem, 
Valentin Krimm, 
Ulrich Hartman, 
Adam Maurer, 
Peter Becker, 
Johannes Werbel, 
Peter Grauel, 
Johan George Esling. 
Wilhelm Saur, 



Henry Thielbou. 
- Johannes Wagner, 
Caspar Boner, 
Johannes Diehl, 
Johannes Ley, 
Johannes Beclit, 
Conrad Schney, 
Jean Ganty, 
Johan Jacob Koch, 
Johan Nicolas Broder, 
Johan Wilhehn Betz, 
Johan Bernhard See, 
Johan Nicolas Fey. 
Johan Jacob Schertel, 
Johann Michael Busch, 
Johan Peter Mohr, 
Johan Friederich Loritz, 
Joh. (ieorg Gottschalk, 
Johan Peter WolJT, 
Johan Greorg Meier, 
Johan Nicklas Haubt 
Joh. Georg Seyter, 

Johannes Adam, 

Frantz Jost, 

Andreas Schmidt, 

Philip Kauff, 

Jacob Wolff, 

Johannes Frant/,, 

PhiUp Wishong, 

Peter Sell, 

Johan Georg Schneider, 

Johan Priedrich Engel, 

Johan !3ieterich Becker, 

Johan Abraham Bollenbacher, 

,Tohan Ulrich Scheier. 

Johannes Muller, 

.Tohan Peter Diehl, 

Herman Heynian, 

Friederich Wilhehn Nagel, 

Isaac Dieterich, 

Johann Georg Epple. 

Johan Wilhehn Esich, 

Johan Peter Hans, 

Jacob Sell. 

[T/ie orifiinal list is herewiih f/iven.] 

Men's Names. 
Names. -^^f^^- 

Johan Henrich Leshire, . 3^ 

Willm. Hannany, ^^ 


Anthony Keller, [^^ 

Christian Prinier, f" 

Willm. Sower '*^ 

Henrich Dielboen, ]^ 

Andreas Beck 

Joan Willm. Oster ^|j 

AVjraham Hass, 

Jacob Tevalt, 

Conrad Snyder 

Johans. Rali)hsnyder, * 

Andreas Ralphsnyder, ■ | ' 

JurgViant ^^ 

Joseph Kickiler, "^ 

Simon Vear, " 

Liniherd Kereherd, 


Name. , Age. 

Willm. Ole 60 

Willm. Yoast Backer, •. 30 

Johannes Woolfe, 23 

Balster Hoofeman, 36 

Goodloop Hermon, 36 

Henrich Wackenor, 48 

v Fredrick Backer, 19 

Nickolas Sell, 42 

Peter Sheets 60 

Justus Lintnnan, . .. .' 49 

Jacob Lintiman, 18 

Henrich Lintiman, .... 16 

Henrich Prim, 40 

Jacob Prim, 20 

Hanias Killiand, 20 

Willm. Smith, 56 

Willm. Smith, '. 24 

Hanias Smith, 17 

Feltie Crim * . . 50 

Jacob Crim, 18 

Ulrick Hart 37 

Yerick Conrade, . 50 

Jacob (Jonrade, 16 

Feltie Snyder. 29 

Adam Mouere, 32 

Jacob Cooke, 31 

Yerick Snyder 26 

Conrade Vishang, 30 

Nickell Breeder ■ 33 

John Angell 39 

Peter Becker, 22 

Willm. Beets 38 

('arl Crow, 44 

Johanes Vervell, . . . .^ . 33 

Didrick Backer "43 

Bernet Saye 26 

Abraham Bulipacker, 25 ' 

Michial Fie. 24 

Mathias Smith, 28 

Peter Croll, 26 

Conrade Smith, 3.1 

.Johanes Adam, 27 

- Hanas Wackner 20 

Nicholas Shire, 21 

Jacob Shatle, 24 


Name. ^0''- 

Johanes Miller, 20 

Fiance Thoft, 22 

Jasper Bonner, 20 

Andrias tSuiith, 22 

Hanies Diel "' 

Philip Kauflf 20 

IMichell Bush, 24 

Peter Diel, 25 

John. Peter Moore, |'"^ 

Henion Hemon, - 

Fredrick Laurance, 
Johanes ]jey, . . . . 


Fredrck. AVilhn. Neagle, 24 

John. Yurg Gudshell, 21 

Isaac Didrick, '^ 

Peter Woolfe, 25 

Jacob Woolfe 20 

Johanes Back, ^^ 

Yerick Eplv ^'^ 

Yergeorall Meyer *'' 

Willm. Eseck f''^ 

Henicall Hoyse, '"^^ 

Peter Hanse ^^ 

John. Yerk ]']shn, '^^ 

Hanias Frenk, 

Conrade Douey "'" 

Philip Vishang, 

Henrich Hype ^_ 

Peter Miller, )''l 

John. Yurg Seiden, '^' 

John. Candie, "^ 

Peter Sell, J? 

Jacob Sell, 

1.IST OF Foreigners Imi'ORTED ix the Ship Robert and 
ALICE, Walter Uoodmax, Master, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified Dec. U, 1740. 
Johannis Sidle, Johan N^ichll. Sidle, 

John Hen.lrick Crevtsnian, Philip Baiter Ghreytsman, 

Andrices Wint, J"l'" Wilhn. Hedelman, 

John Eader, Uright Sandlyter, 



.lohnMichll. Boush. 
Hans Uright Croiner, 
Andrices Sheib, 
Hans Martin Conrade, 
Hans Michll. Holtzshoe, 
Geo. Wni. Nangesser, 
John Jacob Timnier, 
Peter Eber, 
John Urich Smitli, 
Danll. Nort, 
John Adam Gorsh, 
Joseph Walter, 
Johannife Jacob Grim, 
Johan Jost Handzell, 
John Frederick Fighthelm 
Urigh Smith, 
John Phihp Heiliger, 
Willm. Morris Fidle, 
Johans Githck, 
John Milleger Hingering, 
Rol)t. Reynbrack, 
Hendricus Hanrade, 
Jacob Becker, 
Jacob Becker, 
Jacob Kress. 
Jacob Barthel, 
Joan Crist. Bassorer, 
John Nicks. Hiple, 

Johannes Rode. 
Andrices Cooler, 
Christian Redibank, 
Andrices Bence, 
Hendrick Hainer, 
John Jacob Ratger, 
John Hendrick Newman, 
Christ. Magell, 
Uldrich Hersman, 
Blaziers Beer, 
Anthony Feltman, 
Johannes Crim, 
Joan Peter Scobald, 
John Wm. Hull bright, 
Johannis Beitle, 
John Jacob Tim merman 
Urigh Lingefelt, 
■^ John J urich Rough, 
Hendrick Gitlick, 
Christ. Hellebrant, 
Abraham Curts, 
Philip Ishemell, 
Joanis Vogall, 
Jurich Philip Kress, 
Conrade Swettowser, 
Thos. Bruch, 
Peter Granser, 
John Eader. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Samuel, Hugh 
Percy, Captain, from Rotterdam. Qualified Dec. 3, 

Nicklas Kuntz, 
Johannes Schreiber, 
.Johan Konig, 
Nicklas Zoller, 
Peter May, 
Paulus Huey, 
Georg Keyser, 
Wilhelm Marx, 
John Adam Stump, 
Caspar Klocknei, 

Heinrich Wolff, 
Conrath Schneiss, 
Georg Born, 
Peter Spengler, 
Jacob Maurer, 
Henry Giessler, 
Samuel Taner, 
Philippus Kupperter, 
.lacob Schuster, 
Johan Henrich Frohlich, 


Adam Schneider, (ieorj^ Bombacli. 

Johan Nicolas ISciiwingel, Johan Nickel Scliiiiidr, 

Johannes Stool, - (xottfried Walter. 

Georj^ Schwingel, Johan Nicolas Zerfuss, 

Partluil (^strenian, Thomas Doi-ner, 

Nicklas (rruber, Philip Leaber, 

Jacol) Fuchs. (xeorg Maus, 

Andreas Miller, Philip Kreber, 

Henrich Kreber, Bastian Vey, 
Joh. Peter Werner. i- Peter Bischotf, 

Urban Aschenbrenner, Abraliam Schellberg, 

Johannes Zimmermann, Johan Nicolas Wuff. 
Joh. Nicolas Zimmermann, 

[The origin al list is hrmnith r/iven.] 

3Jeii\s iVa/MCA'. 

Na7ne. ^f/e. 

Folentine Singrove 32 

Nickel Conts, ^7 

Petter Kenick, • • 18 

Henrick Wolf, . . -. 2"' 

Mickel Burgrett, -^-^ 

Johan Shriber, .... 24 

Conorod Snus, '-^^ 

John Kenick, 21 

Phillip Ruperter 3(1 

Yerick Burry, ■*'- 

Nickel Tayler =50 

Petter Spengler 2G 

Petter Moay, 2) 

Lewick Vivel, "^'^ 

Jacob Mower, . '^~ 

Adam Stam, -^^ 

Danil Turnah 24 

Jacob Shuster, 2v 

Petter Tsawn, ^^^ 

Gasper Clekner ~'' 

Johonos Stol, ■^•"' 

Jacob Ruperter "^^ 

Mathias Clain 2') 

Jerick Bombock, -"' 

1 ft 
Adam Snyder, 

Poolos Hoav, 


/ • 



Name. Age^ 

/ HenrickFrailick, '. 25 

^William Bishof, 20 

Godfritt Waltler, 21 

Henrick Kaisler, 21 

John Fuse 31 

Jerick Kaiser, 26 

Sairuel Taner 21 

Isack Hancker, 18 

Joseph Neigh, 23 

Adam Bushart, 28 

William Marks, 37 

Nickel Crooker, 40 

Nickel Swengel, 44 

Mickel Swengel, 20 

•lerick Swengel, 16 

Nickel Smith, 40 

Philip Laper 25 

Jacob Fox, 25 

Nickel Surfas, 20 

Bartelma Oasterman. 36 

Thomas Torinan, 20 

Jerick Mous, 25 

Jacob Bloy, 23 

Andrew Miller 24 

Petter Verner, 20 

Petter Bishof 22 

Orbinos Ashenbrander, 37 

Philip Craber, 27 

Henrick Craber, 25 

Past Pheay, 25 

Abraham Shelerbury, 21 

Gerhartt Timberman, 46 

Nickel Wooff, 36 

Hans Nickel Timberman. 16 

Jerick Kreger, . . 30 

Petter Hagener 26 

s» Jerick Rough, 43 

Gasper Tsawn, 30 

Jerick Rathaback, 22 

Johanas Hall, 18 

Adam Kettering, 27 

Fred. Geyger 39 

Jacob Ammos, 66 



List of Foreigners Importku in the Ship Frances and 
Ann, Thomas Coatam, Master, from Rotterdam, last- 
FROM St. Christophers. Qualified May 30. 1741, 

Jurgh Adam Koch, Hans Jarg Koch, 

Peter HoU, Johaiie.'; Reisler, 

Conrood Smitt, Phillip Klein, 

Jurg Adam Ernst, Johanes Emmel, 

Winkell Horning, JacoVj Rij)er, 

Johanes Kiper, Johanes Rieser, 

Martin Bittner, Michl. Biegler. 
Peter Herpill, 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Marlborough^ 
Thomas Bell, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 23, 1741. 

Peter Kuhn, 
Ulrich Naffzir, 
Friedrich Meyer, 
Johan Ludwig (xerman, 
Johann Wilhelm Weisch, 
-Johan Greorg Wagner, 
Simon Vogelgesang. 
Michel Kreischer, 
Peter Staudt, 
Johannes Horn, 
.Jacob Oferdheir, 
Daniel Kieffer, 
Johan Jacob Hegel, 
Johan Nickel CEhl, 
(reorg Jacob Grlug, 
Joh. Wilhelm Engelman, 
Johannes Worscheber, 
Joh. Jacol) Kemper, 
Bernhard Kapp, 
Johannes Doll, 
Jost Gasserd, 
Jacob Bernhartt, 
Abraham Hess, 
Georg Ruth, 
Philip Ijeiii, 

Joh. Jacob Ick. 
Johannes Ladsher, 
Jacob Hill, 

Johan Friederich Freyss, 
Johan Jacob Kuhn. 
Johan r^'icklas Beyer, ^ 
Friedrich Zollner, 
Michael Seipert, 
Lenhart Kleim, 
Caspar Modus, 
Peter Kieffer, 
Michael Neumer, 
Johan Michael Weisch, 
Johan Daniel Groninger, 
Johan Jacolj Nicolaus, 
Johan Adam Kascht, 
Johannes Deiss, 
Johan Peter Engel, 
Daniel Simon, 
Johannes Meyer, 
Philip Kuntz, 
Peter Deiss, 
Johannes Kuhl, 
Nickias Martin, 
iNicolas Siiss, 



Peter Brent, 
Johannes Kleim, 
Johannes Dielbohn, 
Johannes Kuhn, 
Peter Bartoleme, 
Melchior Stahlman, 
Henry Bernhart, 
Phihppus Schneider, 
Johan Adam Kamp, 
John Jacob Person^, 
Johan Karl Fisliahason, 

Michael Swyug, 
John Nicholas, 
Friederich Bals. Ratsmith, 
Joh. Ludwig Hen. Kohl, 
Johan Tobias Ruhm, 
Hans Nicliolas Smith, 
Joh. Nicolans Schraucker, 
Anthonius OShler, 
Joh. Ludwig Hanckstein, 
Johan .Jacob Dietz, 
Johan Carl Metz. 

[T/ir orifjinal list is herewith fjiven.'\ 
Men' a JSamei,. 
Name. A{/e. 

Ludwick Caerman, 24 

Fredk Frace, 34 

William Wolf 22 

Jacob Pert 23 

Andrew Sterp, 22 

Peter Kin 18 

Jacob Kin, 21 

..- Johanis Wagner, 21 

Oniri Swider, . 60 

Peter Hawes, 18 

Michal Pair, 55 

Adam Haile, " 55 

Michal Welsh, . , ' . . . 65 

Joanis Latcher 21 

Fredk. Mayore 30 

.lacob Kill, 60 

Ciarret Plott, 36 

Simmon Fokle, ^. . 21 

Nichel Eale 20 

Fredrick Celnor, 40 

Daniel Crenigor, 30 

Michal Creier, aO 

Jacob Loock, 40 

Michel Giver 50 

Peter Stout, 43 

Jacob Nickolas 17 

Nickolor Clean , 27 

Parinhorn Trap, 20 


Name. Age. 

Daniel Simon, v>l 

Joanis Toot, 40 

Joanis Mayor, 24 

Addani Casit, ... 22 

Han AVilliam Enihnan, 20 

Michel Sipart ;;0 

Phillip Kuents, 2<j 

Jacob Arnold, 28 

Peter Dise, 25 

Abraham Haise, 20 

Joanis Kaile 20 

Joanis Welslor, 30 

Joanis Tise, 30 

Nickolas Martine, 45 

Phillip SHn 40 

Jacob Kimper 32 

Peter Englin 17 

Jeare Ruth, 26 

Dewaile Poon 30 

Michael Hess, 24 

Peter Praiel 22 

Fredk. Rotchmick, 24 

Fredk. Ratciimon, 30 

Joanis Cane, 22 

Ludwick Cole, 44 

Mickel Swinte, 40 

Casper Skaim, 40 

Peter Partle, 25 

Tobias Ring, 22 

Nicholas Spurior, 20 

Milkor Staimon, 25 

Joanis Horn, 24 

Han Nickel Smith, H 

Henrich Filparn, 21 

Mickl. Shpwnmaker, ' 23 

Gosber Mathias, 26 

Philip Snyder, 24 

Antho. Niler, 22 

Adam Carn 26 

Lodwick Hanston, 22 

Jacob Pasince, 20 

Jacob Gerdhire, , 1^ 

Jacob Ditts, 15> 

Carle Frieznor 21 

14-VoL. XVII, 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship St. Mark, ' " 
Wilson, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 

2G. 1741. 

Nicklas GreV)bert, 
Hans Philip EVjert, 
Matteas Foltz, 
Joacob Mattey, 
John Henry Miiller, 
Matteas Kortt, 
Philip Meess, 
Geoi-ge Tarrar, 
Lorentz Crone, 
Johannes Maetter, 
Ulerich Weys, 
Johannes Hirshner, 
John Martin Speyt, 
Johan Adam Von Erfle. 
Peter Juroby, 
John Frederik Henry, 
Jacob Stambagh, 
John Staarfinger, 
Nicklas Mensh, 
Friederich Hertzog, 
Joh Willhelni HolTnian. 
Lorentz Lnes, 
Joh. Nicklas Stegli, 
John Walder Fish bough, 
Michael Rees, 
John Caspar Ahlas, 
Hans Adam Renart, 
John Philip Pinck, 
John George Metz, 
Johannes Currel, 
Joh. Samuel Miihl, 
Joh. Philip IMaun, 
Joh. Henry Manerer, 
Lenhart Von Berge, 
Joh. Nicklas Huber, 
Johanne Bockejus, 
Philip Yost, 
Henry St oil. ^^' 
Johannes Flander, 
John Knafferig, 
Jacob Stoppelbein, 
Jacob Beyer, 

Peter Gemling. 

Quard Stehva, 

Johanes Von Erde, 

Wilhelm Muller, 

Peter Bernhart, 

Conrad Funck, 

John Henry Meenker, 

John Engel Broun, 

Nicklas Vogler, 

Wiepertus Luze, 

John Herman Ackell, 

ChristofTel Stump, 

Johannes Furst, 

Christeian Von Erde, 

Michael Fulper, 

Adam Shmall, 

Conrad Michael, 

Philip Shweiger, 

Friederich Reemer, 

Martin Becker, 

Philip Haas, 

Arnold Stegh, 

John Michael Gondakker, 

George Shmall, 
Martin Edinbourn, 
John Nicklas Steinert, 

Peter Hoffman, 

John Henry Kost, 

Jacob Currel, 

Hans Mauerer, 

Harry Jacob Metziger, 

Georg Turff, 

Conrad Finck, 

Martin Laye, 

Johannes Muck, 

Joh. Bernhart Denny, 

Friederich Klapper, 

J. Jost Shneyder. 

Jost Shneyder, Junior, 

Valient in Stoppell)ein, 

Jacob Gevit, 

Johannes Weller, 



Peter Gebhart, 
Joliannes Rewald, 
Philip Gal I bach, 
Christian Orrentorli, 
J. Henry Kroo, 
Adam Slireiber, 
John Adam Hebol, 
Philip Emmert, 
Jacob Kraus, 

Joliannes Slioun, 
Joliannes Imhoff, 
Conrad Stoltz. 
Willielm Bayos. 
Michael Christ, 
Michael Treytel, 
Philip Hoffman, 
George Pfaltzgraff. 

List of the Palatine Men's Names per the Lydia, James 
Allex, Master. Qualified 29th Sept., 1741. 

Name. Age. 

Jacob Brio, 30 

Abraham Brio 33 

Hans Niclil. Pliilips 18 

Casper Pliilips, 35 

Hans Georg Jacob .... 27 

Geo. Sheats, 25 

Hans Petr. Wambler 40 

Hans Petr. Wambler, Jun Its 

Hans l\richl. Wambler 16 

Adam Sclap, 46 

Peter Stoutsman, 16 

Jacob Welchhans, 25 

Jacob Many, 50 

Jost Many, 19 

Hans Adam Many, 16 

Jacob Many, 24 

Nicholas Kays 36 

Henry Conradt ... 40 

John Hendrick Ijike, 43 

Hendrick Leer, 45 

Nicholas Lutz 45 

Johannes Oger, 30 

Abram Knier, 24 

Jacob Peter 25 

Bernhard Kline 30 

Paulus Antonie, 22 

Hans Geo. Beave.- 21 

Dieble Beaver, 43 


Name. Age. 

Hans Jacob Beaver, 19 

Dieble Beaver, 16 

Hans Michl. Swenk, 45 

Hans Jacob Swenk, 16 

Johannes Sclinyder, 24 

Johannes Mattheur, 25 

Lorentz Hoshear 17 

Johannes Swartz, 24 

Jacob Rudolph Heyinour, 33 

Abram Kessner, 21 

John Lodwik Staine 20 

John JacoV> Fleek, 36 

Valantine Puff, 30 

Peter Clop 30 

Peter Hensell, 22 

Conradt Moore • . . 22 

Michael Weber, 19 

Michl. Grossman, 26 

John Peter Weys, 19 

John Nicholas Laam, 35 

Charles Miller . 25 

Wilhehn Paulus 40 

Jacolj Paulus, 18 

Hans Jacob Schnyder, 45 

Hans Jost Schnyder, 45 

Hans Peter Schnyder, 29 

Levit Albright, 27 

Geo. Hiirter, • 25 

Peter Ecker 40 

Christian Ecker 19 

Jacob Leathernian, 32 

Peter Tussing, 35 

Ulrich Roade, 45 

Christian Hosser 21 

Abrani Hosser, 18 

Jacob Greenawelt, 18 

Joseph Peck, 16 

Hans Ernric Nunmaker 45 

Rinhard Nuninaker, 20 

Henry Nunmaker, 16 

Michael Foultz 20 

I'hilip Karger, 20 

Peter Ecker — 



List of Forkigners Imported tn the Ship St. Andrew, 
Chas. Stedman, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Oct. 2, 1741. 

Johau Conrath, 

Peter Voigt, 

Phili}) Uliner, 

Michael Will, 

Paulus Michael, 

Nicolaiis Bauer, 

Johannes Pfeil, 

Jacob Meyer, 

Johan Philip, 

Jacob Pfeiffer, 

"Wilhelra Crauff, 

Nicklas Neezer, 

Jacob Aseby, 

Wilhelni Ludwip Becker, 

Friederich Christian Becker, 

Johannes Butterweh, 

Carl Jung Eurvett, 

Joh. Georg Daniel KiiVwrtz, 

Johan Philip Ebartz, 

Hans George Lagner, 

Joh. Michel Prenger, 

Hans Philip Hoffman, 

Rudolff Steinnian, 

Lorentz Schwenk, 

Gotfried Orbig, 

Bernhart Lachart, 

Hans Rutschman, 

Heinrich WeissmuUer. 

Johan Henrich Walter, 

Peter Buhl, 

Ulrich Sehoniig, 

Jacol) Gerges, 

Jacob Worst, 

David l^elatter, 

Hans Uhlerich, 

Conrad Giesy, 

Johan Peter, 

Frans Gran, 

Jacob Klein, 

Johannes Roll, 

Peter Miiller, 

Jacob Meyer, 

Daniel Henrich Elch, 

Nicklaus Jungblud, 

Jacob Albrecht, 

John Michael Behler, 

Carl Philip Wirtz, 

Augustus Kauffmann, 

Johannes Anthoni, 

ITlrich Stambach, 

Reinhart Bockney, 

George Caspar Hiille, 

Johan Moritz Dupel, 

Joh. Nic. Schappert Bernhart, 

Valentin Sees, 

Jacob Saltzberger, 

Simon Heinrich Hocker, 

Hans Surber. 

[ The original list r.s herewith r/iven.] 

Men's Names. 

Name. ^^.■, 

Hendrick Kugley '' 

Hendrick Widman, 

Michl. Middelercher, 

.»T , 1 .50 

Paulus Needscher 

Johan Nichs. Bouwer ^^ 

Godfret Wesel, 


Name. ■ -^Q^ 

Rudolph Becker, 19 

Johannes Pey] - 50 

Peter Keys, 1" 

G-uilhain Bischon, -iT 

Carel Philip Wyles 28 

Jac. Sousberger, 20 

Hendk. Soudagh, 31 

Xicolas Youngblood, 30 

Jacob Albright, -il 

Johan >'icol. Hemelright, -12 

Conradt Rifard, 33 

Jacob Pefer, ... - 38 

Hans Jacob Miller 22 

Jacob Humland, 25 

Johan Jac. Forster, 30 

Johannes Good 44 

Maurice Edrebell 24 

Jerich Caspr. Henlen, 17 

Jacob Mayer 29 

Hans Adam Grahum, 26 

Wilhain Kauf 24 

Hans Georg Lechner, 33 

Bernard Bussard 50 

Carel Crassen, 38 

Valentine Sies 40 

Hans Georg Miller, 40 

Christian Supining, , 22 

Bernard Reyn, 17 

Hans So^rber 54 

Hans Ulrich Hoober 43 

Hans Vileman 16 

Diedrich Vemer, 35 

Hans Michl. Klyne 25 

Johan Philip Echer 23 

Conradt Keyse 23 

Martin Hendrick, 32 

Hans Geo. Wileman, 24 

Philip Ullmer, ' 55 

Johan Peter Fut, 28 

David DeLauder. • 31 

Daniel Kieport ■ . J8 

Geo. Peter Darand 28 

"Walrab Coumand 50 

Hans Philip Coumand, 18 

Jacob Aubel, 13 


Name. Age. 

Godfret UrVjech, 22 

Isicliolas !Niser, 20 

Hans Butterwick 17 

Nicholas Schabert 21 

Peter Doo] 22 

Ulrich Shainy 27 

Hans Kaufman 25 

Jacob Sopen 45 

Johannes Still eherd, 31 

jSicholas Swink, 50 

Lawrence Swink, 18 

Johans. Michl. Peler, 24 

Philip Jacob Remiching, 20 

Daniel Remiching, 17 

Hans Peter Miller, 22 

Hans Lodwk. Miller, 21 

Jacob Fredk. Seger, 21 

Ulrich Hanbach, 34 

Hans Philip Kaufman 21 

Michael Will, 22 

Hans Peter Miller 20 

Johannes Anthony 32 

Andreas Ruff 36 

Hans Adam Dessler 38 

Jur. Fredk. Ubernesser, 17 

Hans Adam Stock, 40 

Hans Jurig Wein 26 

Rodolph Steinman 27 

Johan. [Nicholas Tringer, 31 

Hans Jacob Alwine^ 22 

Frans Kraw 28 

Michl. Verner 45 

Georg Verner, 20 

Hans Shutes 25 

Hans Richman 38 

Jacob Mayer 37 

Peter Herman, Bit 

Jacob Kleyn, 20 

Johannes Ernst Oil, 19 

Johannnes Schroll, 18 

Richard Bocking, •. 38 

Carle Young, 21 

Conradt Shereman, - ■ ■ 44 

Jacob Worst, 26 

Andrew Wisemiller, 29 


Name. Age. 

Christian Helbery, 24 

Simon Hendk. Hocker, . . 57 

Wilhelnius Hocker 16 

Johannes Hendk. Walter, 23 

Lod. Willm. Becker ~ 37 

Fredk. Christian Becker, 18 

Danl. Hendk. Esch 24 

List of Forkigners Imported in the Ship Friendship, 
Alex. Thomas, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Oct. 12, 1741. 

Paulus Muller, 

Jacob Diehl, 

Jacob Herth, 

Andreas Hubert, 

Wilhelm Erhart, 

Carl Schneyder, 

Valentin Embs, 

Friederich Helwig, 

Jacob Simon, 

Jacob Dinges, 

Peter Durny. 

Johannes Melchior, 

Joh. Jacob Schack, 

Philip Haldriter, -^ 

Matheis Schreth, 

Peter Haldriter, 

George Hubert, 

Caspar Rauland, 

Johan Georg Embs, 

Johann Georg Koch, 

Johan Nickel Schuster, 

Johannes Fiehman, 

Simon Jacob Boor, 

Joh. Conrad Lechleiter, 

John Philip Oliger, 

Joh. Christoff Schmuckheyde, 

Johan Jacob Schleiflf, 

David Dreher, 
George Hirt, 
Joh. Geo. Wiltenberger, 
Johan Peter Braun, 
Nicklas Klan, 
Wilhelm Antes, 
Cassimir Wessel, 
Peter Jung, 
Adam Weber, 
Peter Baal, 
Johan Handeise, 
Andreas Kranmer, 
Johannes Erhart. 
Adam Enler, 
Hans George Haldriter, 
Valtein Scheck, 
Jacob Lies, 
Daniel Hubert, 
Nicklas Bundry, 
Nicklas Holtzleeder, 
Johan Caspar Schneider, 
Valentin Hohwerder, 
Johan Wilhelm Hoster, 
Wilhelm Zimmer, 
Johan Georg Riegel, 
Daniel Korstmann, 


[The original list is liereivith fjiven.] 

Names of Men. 

Name. Age. 

Andrew Huber, 20 

Peter Beer, 24 

Paulus Miller, 24 

Jurgen Wedleberger, 42 

Peter Brawn, 28 

David Dicker, 29 

Jacob Tiel 21 

Jurgen Hert, 26 

Jacob Hert, 20 

■William Erhard 20 

Joanis Erhard, 21 

Hans Jurg Thebold 30 

Andreas Cramer, 30 

Jacob Sheik 24 

Adam Eyler, 33 

Valentine Sheik 44 

Mathias Shrood 31 

Christian Finstermaker, 40 

Jacob Lieser, 25 

Jurgen Kaltreuter, 33 

Philip Kaltreuter, 25 

Peter Kaltreuter, 18 

Casper Rowland, 20 

Daniel Huber, 22 

Jurgen Huber 24 

Nickolas Bundrigg 25 

Nickolas Kleyne, 19 

Nickolas Ilolslenard, 25 

Carl Snyder, 23 

William Antes, 28 

Joan Jurgen Ems, 47 

Valentine Ems, 19 

Casper Snyder, 18 

Johan Jurgen Kock, 22 

Valentine Huberter, . 31 

Casmire V/eisell, 19 

Johan Nickell Shoster, 25 

Fredrick Helwig, 22 

Peter Jung 23 

Jacob Simon, -^l 

Adam Weber, 21 

Jacob Tinges, 25 


Name. Age. 

William Horster, . . . 20 

Johaiies Flohman, 40 

Philip Moss, 35 

William Zimer, 33 

Rudolph Zimer, 18 

Peter Baul 26 

Peter Turni 30 

Simon Croon, 48 

Adam Syce, 25 

Johannes Melchier 28 

Jurg Ruger, 22 

Conrad Lechleter, 21 

Hans Eberdecker, 22 

Daniel Gortman, 33 

Hans Jurg Hinger, 25 

Philip Hinger 20 

Johan Jacob Shlyfe, 33 

Johannes Crist, 35 

Nicholas Hechler, 34 

Jacob Dundier 18 

Henrick Engell, 40 

Jacob Klein 40 

Nichol Shidermaidel, 26 

Martin Lamp, 36 

Christofel Smukhyd, 30 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Molly, Thos. 
Oliver, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Deal. 

Qualified Oct. 17, 1741. 

.Toseph Hobian, « Michael Miller, 

Martin Giese, Michael Boracker. 

Jacob Rimli, Wilhelm Schwarm, 

Veldin Weissig, ' Daniel Gillmann, 

Peter Godfried, Johannes Muller, 

Peter Mantz, Daniel Ecron, 

Michael Spindel, Christoffel Heine, 

Michael Simon, Johann Georg Druck, 

Johann Adam Scheib, Johan Ruddiss, 

Daniel Zinck, Michel Seuberlich, 

Martin Regelman, Lenhart Lammer, 



Peter Krammer, 
Henrich Becker, 
Joli. Micliel Herb, 
Conrad Riegehnan, 
Matheus Meyer, 
Job. Peter Bender, 
Hans Greorg Sterrles, 
John Nicklas Klein, 
Phil. Conrad Weydner, 
Johannes Stockschleger, 
Bartolonue Conselman, 
Johan Simon Hein, 
Johan Michel Keyser, 
Matheus Kilian, 
Herman Sauer. 
Johan Georg Kuntzel, 
Johan Jacob Gerst, 
Johan Jacob Kron, 
Hans Michel Schwartz, 
Johan Michael Kramer, 
Johan Michael Weicker, 
Hans Georg Riegehnan, 
Johan Christophel Stimbi, 
John Lenhart Siesler, 
Johan Jacob Decker, 

Alex. Stockschleger, 
Samuel Spiegel, 
Diterich Shweyzey, 
John Peter Siesler, 
Bernhart Switzig, 
John Geo. Hubeny, 
Andreas Unger, 
Johan Lenhart Beyer, 
Johan Jacob Moltz, 
Christian Commens, 
John Frederick Schipp, 
Johannes Mattheis, 
Johannes Zellman, 
Michael Hupster, 
Philip Daum, 
Jacob Engelman, 
Sebastian Herlieman, 
Jacob Engelman, 
Johan Peter Eitergall, 
Johan Henrich Weydner. 
Joh. Henrich Schmitt, 
Georg Philip Ruhl. 
Jolran Friederich Klein, 
Johan Wilhelm Saner, 
Johann Caspar Gress. 

\_Tlir original list is herewith givev.] 
Names of Men. 
Name. ' ^Oe. 

Joseph FaViion -^^ 

Michael Miller, ^'^ 

George Froke, ~' 

Adam Scaipe 

Martin Greet, — ' 

Jno. Nickel Klyne, 40 

Jno. Jacob Dicker, 20 

Lenerd Bier, "^ 

Conrad Wedener, •'' 

Michal Broke, ~^ 

Jacob Molees, 

Joanis Stochsleger ^"^ 

Jacob Rumpea, ^^ 

Willm. Swarm, ^^ 


Name. Age. 

Valentine Switzick, 49 

Daniel Gulman 40 

Peter Godfrey, 40 

Jeremiah Miller, 27 

Christn. Comens, 24 

Bartleineas Consleymen, 45 

Jno. Fredel. Schip, 22 

Peter Muns, 28 

Simon Hine, 27 

Joanis Maties, 38 

Daniel Ekron ■ . . 28 

Mical Selman, 17 

Nickel Kisar 47 

Mical Harps, 27 

Mical Seagle, 28 

Jno. Yurgen Creaps, 23 

Christofl. Hine, 38 

Gooder Dresel, 28 

Mical Zeman, 38 

Maties Schilion 44 

Philip Esdan 62 

Andres Unger 50 

John Jurgen Reitzel, 45 

Herman Sower, 47 

Sebastn. Hexleman, 28 

Andres Miller 18 

Jacob Greef, 50 

Jacol) Engleman, 20 

Jacob Engleman, Junr. , 18 

Hans Rudolph Ned, 20 

Jacob Ekron, *. 20 

Daniel Sink, 24 

Peter Nubergall, . 22 

John Yergen Ilomeney, 30 

Mical Seberlen, 40 

Martin Regelman, 40 

Leonard Lemar, 30 

Hans Mical Swarts 33 

Yergen Zemen Waker, 45 

Hendk. Smith, 38 

Mical Creman 3G 

Peter Creaman, 34 

Alexandr. Stoeksleger, 28 

Hendk. Backer, ^0 

Sam Speagel 33 


Name. Age. 

Mical Herp, 30 

Hendrick Wedener, 18 

Hans Mical Waker, I'i' 

Jno. Deder Switzick, 24 

Yournexfiel Roul, 22 

Conrad Reagleraan, -0 

Hans Yergen Reagleman, 18 

John Fredk. Cline 20 

Chi-istofl. Rumpea, •• ^8 

Jno. Wm. Sauer, 1' 

Jno. Lenerd Sizler, ^"^ 

Jno. Peter Sizler, 1^ 

Mattes Maier, ~ 

Bernd. Switzick, ^^ 


Peter Bendring, *^ 


Jno. Casper Greef, 

Johanes Greef, 

Sir: . , , 

In complvance with your orders we have carefully exanun d 
the State of Health of the Mariners and Passengers on board 
the Ship Molly Capt. Ollive from Roterdani and are of Opin- 
ion they have no infectious Disease and without Danger to 
the Inhabitants be immediately landed. 

Philadelphia, Octob. 10, 1741. 



To his Honour 

the Governour. 

List of Forkigners Imported in the Snow Molly John 

Cranch, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Oct. 2G. 

Peter Schmitt, " Jacob Schmid, 

Jacob Theis. Henrich Pfe.l, 

Johannes Hess, ^-^^'S Funk 

Stephan Rub, Friederich Ott 

Georg Keck, Joachnn Berger, 

Peter Meyer, Michael Jung, 


Peter Simon, 
Anthony Adam, 
Johann Nieolaus Ander, 
-Joh. Chri.stoph Wagner, 
Johan Wilhelm Huey, 
Jolian Peter Herbach, 
Joh. Greo. Wilhelm Kiistermau, 
Valentin Benedict Hardt, 
Johannes Metzler, 
Johan Philip Desch, 
Hans Dewald Siber, 
Jol). Henrich Daniel, 
Philip Nair, 

Baltzer Hamman, 
Peter Metz, 
Johannes Corell, 
Johan Heinricli Grilff, 
John George Meylander, 
Johann Peter Haass, 
Joh. Theobald Brauchler, 
Johan Michael Siis, 
Hans Adam Sontag. 
Hans Peter Hess, 
John Gothart Armbriest, 
Johan Andreas Krieger, 
Peter Main. 

[The original list is liere'vith given.'\ 
Men'n Names. 
Name. Age. 

Peter Smith 36 

Johan Michal Graff, 53 

Wilhelm Fey, 53 

Johan Yerg Meylander, 50 

Jacob Shmith, 31 

Peter Hprbagh 31 

Jacob Deys, 32 

Henry Pfeil, '. 26 

Johan Peter Haas, 25 

Johanes Haws, 18 

Yerigh Wilhn. Geeseman, " . . 23 

George Funk, 27 

Dewald Braugler 20 

Henry Shneas, 17 

Stephan Reep, 32 

Frederick Up, 30 

Valentine Yerkliarf 24 

Yerigh Bak, 40 

Joackim Boorger, 32 

Peter Meyer 20 

Michal Young " 25 

Peter Simon 20 

Johan Michal Fey 17 

Antho Adam 25 

Balzasor Hamman, 19 

Johans. Metzler, 50 



Name. Age. 

Johans. Metzler, .Turn-., 17 

Hans Adain Sontagh, 27 

Philip Tash, 40 

Peter Metz, 18 

Hans Peter Haws, 3G 

Hans Dewakl Sewer, 10 

Godhert Arnibreas., 18 

Henry Daniel 31 

Peter Weber 43 

Henry Zep, 19 

Reighart Fawst, 23 

Dewald Weber, 17 

Johanes Ermel, 25 

Henry Fawst 26 

George Op, 31 

Hans Adam Cresinau, 17 

Conrad Pop, 20 

Adolph Young, 31 

Sebastian Walder, . 36 

Vitus Shall, - 30 

Christian Hinkell, 35 

List of FoREittXERS Imported in the Snow Thane. Wil- 
liam Weems, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Nov. 

7, 1741. 

Gabriel Jung, 
George Grim, 
Adam Grim, 
Matteas Kolb, 
Peter Semier, "^ 
Johann Bolander, 
Vallentin Esman, 
John Henry Bob, 
Lenhart Zarburger, 
John George Weyman, 

Jacob Fortine, 
Carl Grim, 
Johannes Boss, 
Ludwig Essig, 
John Sebastian, 
Johan Adam Kircher, 
Valentin Winterstein, 
Anthony Schneyder, 
John Nicklas Kelch. 


[ The original list is herewith given.'\ 
Men' s Names. 
Name. Age. 

Gabriel Young 52 

Nickle Polander, 36 

Jacob Fortiner, 20 

Adam Sercher, 37 

Jerrig Grime, 30 

Care 11 Grime, 22 

Adam Grime, 25 

Hans Boos, 18 

Mathias Scalp, 26 

Joler Snesman, 19 

Valentine Vintersteen, 40 

Carell Loutvith, 22 

Carell Henrich Pape, . .' 30 

Anthony Snider, 17 

Peter Siner 28 

Bastian Hoop 37 

Henrich Whiteman, 37 

Hans Adam Whiteman, 16 

Leonard Arburgher, 50 

Nickle Clase, 27 

Jerrig Wightman, 25 

List of Forkigners Imported in the Ship EUropa, 
Captain Lumnsdaine, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Nov. 20, 1741. 

Joh. Mich. Marx, Paulus Furmann, 

Paul Furman, sen. , Dewald Shanck, 

Caspar Rubert, Johan Jost, 

Peter Walmer, — - Henry Kuhntz, 

Henrich Udry, Johannes Henrich, 

Konradt Rahm. Simon Gross, 

Theobald Gross, Ludwig Breit, 

Andreas Lann, Jacob Shneyder, 

Philip Crentz, , Johann Nicolaus Ander, 

Johannes Corell, - Joh. Christoph Wagner, 

Johan Peter Schreiber, Nicolaus Wagner, 

Jacob Lomger, Conrad Cornman, 

Philip Wirbel, Henrich Ensminger, 
Joh. Christian Hausknecht, John Daniel Begly, 

Johan Paul Bauer, Hans Arnold Meyer, 


Henrich Christinaii, Jolian Jacob Lo.sei-, 

Joiian Christian looser. Hans Niclas Eisenliauer, 

Jolian I'eter Eisenliauer. Johann Isenhauer, 

Hans (leor<;e Slineyder, Michael Haberstiu-k, 

Henry Nicklas Hostein, . Johan Andreas Kriej^er, 

Philip Nair, i^eter Main, 

Johan Peter Krieger, Johann Henrich Krieger. 

\T/ir ori'iiiial /i.ft is /lercwit/i f/ivoi.] 

Name. Aye. 

(ieo. Bieghie, 4;j 

Henry Ensminger 40 

John Christian Houskniglit, 24 

Christian Beckley, 23 

Daniel Heckly 21 

Godfry j^angbane 17 

Andreas Euyst, 24 

Michl. Mark, 4o 

Mathias Bower 25 

John l^aul Bower, 2;> 

Michael Bower 20 

Panlus Fierinan, ^0 

Panlns Fierinan. Junr IH 

Dewaldt Mayer, 27 

Henry Chrissman, 35 

(Jhristopher Ecker 42 

Johan Peter Welhan 40 

John Christian Y/e'.lian 16 

Henry Kauf 2.)^ 

Antliony Nave, -l 

Nicholas Wiilielni 30 

Jacob Jjezer, ^° 

Christian Lezer 32 

George Righter, ' "* 

Dieble Shank, 23 

Caspar Rupert, . . "^ 

Hans Jost Toby, 23 

Peter Walmer, 21 

Henry Kuintz ^' 

Henry Adam ^^ 

Johan Hendrick. ■ 

Conrad t Laani, . . 

15-VoL. XVIL 


Name. Ape. 

Jacob Sneck, 18 

Simon (-fros.s, iO 

Theobald Gross 34 

Fredk. Wolfaiigpr, 20 

Lodwig Bread, 21 

Hans Nichl. Joshowev . . 50 

John Joshowei-, . 28 

Hans Peter Josshowei- 25 

Johannes Josshovvi^r, 16 

Andreas Lnni, 24 

Daniel Micliaeler 20 

Hans .J iirigli Sclinydei, 40 

Jacob Schnyder 16 

Jacob Mower, ... 33 

Michl. Habersack, 23 

Antliony Swyn, . 24 

Hans Nichol Horstt-iu 17 

Philip Critz, 26 

Jacob Lunger, 25 

Conradt Gorman 18 

John Nichol Andre 24 

Sebestian Stain 25 

Johannes Correll, 36 

'Christo. Waganer ... 20 

Philip Swerber ■ » 20 

Peter Schryver, 27 

Nicolas AVaganer, 20 

Andreas Kryger, 22 

Godfret WallowebHr 45 

Philip Naar 26 

Peter Kryger, 27 

-Henry Kryger. 29 

Peter Main, 30 

Philadelphia Nov: 17, 1741. 

In comijlyancc Avith your orders we have carefully examin'd 
the State of Health of the Passengers on board three Shal- 
lo))S, brought fioin the Cajje from the Europa Cai)t. Lums- 
daine from Roterdam and found no Disease on board that is 

To his Honour 

the Governonr. 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Snow <'atharine, 
Gladmax, Commander. .Qualified May 28. 1743. 

Johannes Brucker, 
Michel Miescli, 
Henry Ahners, 
Jacob Lische, 
John Adolph Meyer. 
Paul Daniel Bryzelius. 
Michael Tannenbergei-, 
.lohann Philip Meurer, 
Georg Kastler, 
Georg Schneider, 
Friederich Post, 
Johann Leonhart Schnell, 
Joh. Christoph Heine, 
Johann Reinhard Ranne, 
David Walpert, 

David Bischoff, 

Michael tSeidel, 

George Wiessener, 

Johan Bj-andmuUer, 

Heinrich Joachim Sensemann, 

Johan Georg Hardtnei', 

Matheus Wittgie, 

Georg Enider, 

.Joseph Moller, 

Gottlieb Petzold, 

Christian Werner, 

Johan Georg Heidecker, 

Johann Michael Huber, 

Geo. Wissler, 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Brigatine Mary, 
John Mason, Master, from Rotterdam, qualified 
Aug. 25, 1742. 

Valentin Kraft, 
Johannes Seivert, 
Martin Arnold. 
Martin Schmidt, 
Peter Burgener, 
Peter AVelch. 
Abraham Liettel, 
Johann Philip Bertz, 
John Henry Kookes, 
Hans Georg Sneyder, 
Christoffer Danner, 
Georg Friederich Heranus, 
Gerret van Kouten, 
Peter Burkner, 

Daniel Etter, 
Andreas Straub, 
Jacob Reeder, 
Georg Kiester, 
Rupertus Bender, 
Hans Trachsell, 
Jacob Nagli, 
Johan Michael Zeister, 
Constantinns Stilling. 
.Tohan Friederich Ricker, 
.lacob Baiunann, 
Johannes BergerhofF, 
Jan De Mars, 
Christian Biigner. 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Loyal 
Judith, James Cowie, Captain, from Rotterdam. Qual- 
ib^ied Sept. 3, 1742. 

Bernhart Janson. 
Joliaii Fisher, 
Grottfried Schreier, 
AVendel Vetter, 
Daniel Lang, 
Johannes Mertens, 
Reyinond Souflin, 
Simon Wnschan, 
Johannes Lehn, 
Simon Jonas, 
Johan Jacol) Winterehle, 
i Jolian Jacob Schulev, 
I Wilhelm Anspach, 
Jolian Jacob Scheier, 
Johann Henrieh Dorr, 
John Adam Turn, 
Henricus De HoofT, 
Joh. Andreas Strassburger, 
Philip Henrieh Erben, 
Theobald Nebinger, 

Philii) Cronenberger, 
Johannes Rab, 

liudwig Sohott, 

Zachavias Heller, 

Johannes Sissel, 

Valentin Griin, 

Lorentz Plant/., 

Peter Barth, 

Johan Jacob Grub, 

Johann Lehnhart Fuhr, 

Paulas Westenberger, 

Johann Balt/er Schaffer, 

Hans Georg Shaffer, 

Christoph Plant?, 

Ludwig Metzger, 

Johannes Schumacher, 

Jonas Furtle, 

Martin Brandt, 

Nicklaus Jung, 

Peter Reisinger, 

Michel Herlein, 

Friederic Mengel, 

Kilian Fischer, 
Georg Metzger, 
■ Friederich Kerr, 
Jacol) Berentseller, 
Johannes Schultz, 
Dieterich Hobbach, 
Johannes Dernheimer, 
Friederich August, 
Peter Sohne, 
Jacob Taubtshel, 
Johan Peter Jung, 
Johan Georg AVeimann. 
Friederich Schollenl>erger, 
Johan Paul Weytzel, 
Johann Michel Sternn, 
Johann Jacob Roth. 
Friederich Germeroung. 
Henrieh Wolffskehl, 
Johann Henrieh Wagner, 
Johannes Lorentz, 
Peter Heu, 
Peter Klein, > 
Johannes Kehl, 
Friederich Pfeil, 
Christofiel Heucher, 
Johannes Daum, 
Johannes Rnhl, 
David Kell, 
Johann Georg Jager, 
Johannes Peter Frey, 
Johann Michel Paulis, 
Johann Valentin Kloninger, 
Samuel Fortinaux, 
Christoph Bergman, 
Conrath Hartman. 
Christoffel Geller,^ 
Johann Simon Graff, 
Fritz Weigert, 
Andreas Heckman, 
Wilhelm Bauer, 
Nicklaus Hedrich, 
Johannes AVolffskehl, 


Philip Heinrich Erber, Johannes Kalte, 

Johan Messenkohi, Johannes Sischel. 

Peter Bort, 

[Tlie orifiinal list is herewith niven.] 
JJeii'.s Names. 

Namt. Age. 

Barnard Johnston, 45 

Kilien Ficcel, 43 

Kihen Ficcel, 18 

Hanvinen Ficcel, 17 

Han Yarch Midcier 34 

Cxodfrit Shiller, 24 

Jacob Towiendicel, '. . . . 28 

Jacob AVinderhanier, 40 

Fredrach Cari-a, 45 

Han Peter Younge, 23 

.Jacob Shiller, 42 

Han Yarach Wayman, 30 

William Hansbach . 24 

Windel Fadder, ' 29 

Jacob Barn Peter 23 

Danial Longe, ... 19 

Martin Brand 20 

Johannes 8houtTs, ' 35 

Fredrack Shulenil)urger, 40 

Hannes Martens, ■ 20 

Peter Hoback, • 41 

Jacob Share, 22 

Rouniand Loufliiner, 34 

Johanpold Wisiel, 26 

Johannes Outenhanier, 23 

Henerach Tarr, 23 

Simmon Wishon, 41 

Fredrach Wineart, 22 

Miccal Starn, 30 

Johanas Lane, 40 

Hanadan Tereinger, 24 

Jon Jacob Road, 2') 

Philep Jonnas. .... 22 

Henerach es Teahoal', -'O 

Fredrack Carmeron. 39 

Andrews Strasburger, 2") 


Name. Age. 

Simon Jonnas, .' 22 

Heiirach Woolfscall, 30 

Peter Part, 48 

Nicolas YouK}?, 84 

Andrews Hickman, 34 

l*eter Richfinger, 28 

William Sower, 24 

Michael Henlang, 20 

Niclilas Hadrach, 28 

Joliannas Ficcel, 35 

Preats Mingel, 48 

Jonnas Woolfscall, 46 

Philip Henrach Arrwa 45 

Tabald Novenar, 28 

Henrach Wagener, 19 

Jacob Crys, 25 

Jonnas Lowerance, 43 

Hanyarah Yeaher, 23 

Philip Crownabarger 27 

Tabald Finck, 37 

Lanard Power 28 

Jonnas Sallar, 19 

Peter Hay, ' 55 

Peter Hay 19 

Jonnas Misacop 18 

Pol. Watsenburger, 17 

Ludewich Cline 46 

\/ Peter Cline 18 

^Xiiidewick Shott 29 

Jonnas Kiell, ... 29 

Peter Wastenburger. 30 

Tacheres Heller 18 

i Fredrach Pell, 50 

\ Michel Polles, 40 

Jon Balster Sheffer, 28 

Jonnas Ficcel, 38 

Cristofel Higgher, * 39 

PhiUe Creca, 38 

Phalten Clownenghan 17 

Johannas Thomi) 40 

Hannas Y'earach Sheffei- 40 

Sammel Fortenia, 17 

Lorrance Plance, 44 

Cristefoal Plance 32 

Cristefoal Barknian, 30 



Name. ^ Age. 

Jonnas Reel, 38 

Led wick Midsguer, 40 

Peter Port 18 

Conred Hardinan, 19 

Jonnas Showmaker. 45 

Daved Keel 20 

Cristefoal Kelder, "• 17 

Simon Crew, 34 

Jonnas Fortena, 56 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Francis and 
Elizabeth. Cteo. North, from Rotterdam, qualified 
Sept. 21. 1742. 

Michel Koltj, 
Johannes Withman, 
Jacob Cxeiger, 
Peter Rubel, 
Frederich Haussman, 
Christian Newcomer, 
Christian H enrich, 
Henry Cerber, 
.Jacob Schenck, 
Micliel Coppelger, ^ 
John Henrich Stoll, "^ 
.Tohan Michael Waidele, 
Job. Michael Kaschstler, 
Hans Adam Klein, 
Christian Newcomer, jr., 
Christian Hxird. 
Thomas Heunemyer, 
.lohann Georg Weith, 
.Morit/, Zug, 
Johannes Zug, 
Hans Georg Binder, 
Hans Georg Shenk, 
Samuel Wolilegemu+h, 
Hans Michael Bauer, 
Rudolph Wollenweiller. 
Lndwig Jacol) Fried l)urg, 
Johann Henrich Rengel, 

Michael Tliesser, 
Ulrich Halber. 
Johannes Eckel, 
Jacob Klein, 
Nicklans Walder. 
Andreas AValtaich, 
<^'onrad Bassel, 
Christoph Schmidt, 
Paul us Daterer. 
Johann Friederich lollgo. 
Christian Adam Hobel, 
Johann Jacob Holbein, 
Johann Henrich Stes, / 
Ullrich Neuschwanger, 
Johann Peter Waller, 
Hans Michel Fohl. 
John Gottfried Rieger. 
Johan Peter Kochlein, 
Christian Zug, 
Christof G'-iser. 
Matthaus Wendnagel, 
Hans Georg Knodler, 
Johan Matthias Plantz, 
Hans Georg Ruthy, 
.lohann Adam Stam, 
Johan Henrich Wolff, 
Nicolaus Gottschalck, 



Johan Georg Sehusslei-, 
Johann Perer Ott. 
Johan Henrich Dessler, 
Johan Henrich Ahl. 
Johan Jacob Bohn. 
Christian Jotter, j i-. , 
Johannes Knag, 
Uhllerich Stally, 
Jolian- Georg Faust. 
Johann Wilhehn Worth, 
Wilhehn Ruff. 
Peter Laaber, 
Meichior Hirtzel, 
A(Uini Sabert, 
Philip Shleyliouff, 
Hans F]wert, 
-rConrad Gerhart, 
Anton Faust, 
Martin Kirschner, 
Adam Ott, 
Conrad Ott, 
Johannes Reusswig, 
Joliannes Webei , 
Jacob Yoder. 
Jacob Kurtz, 
Perer Faust, 
Jacob Hanck. 
Johannes Walther, 
Phili[) Deter Huber, 
Stephen Bopennieier, 
Johan Michel Truckenmuller, 
Henry Miller, 
Gabriel Kohler, 
George Schultz, 
Christian Ecket, 
Bernhart Kober, 
Al)rahain Gross, 
Martin Stouver, 
Georg Adam Muller, 
Johann- Henrich Schertz, 
Hans Michael Doll, 
Johann Michael Seitz, 
Matheus Massiman, 
Christian Muller, 

Johann Henrich Odt, 

Leonhardt Miciiael Ruger, 

Johann Christian Horner, 

Christian Jotter, 

Christian Miller, 

Johannes Gerber, 

Johan Adam Heydrig, 

Johan Henry Creesinan, 

Johan Nieklaus Cuntz, 

Martin Meyer, 

Jacob Binder. 

Jonas Metzger, 

Joliannes Grob, 

Andreas Heintz, , 

Johannes Schafer, 

Heinerich Hirt, 

Nieklaus Rohrig, 

Peter Stam, 

Adam Ott, sen., 

Johannes Ott, 

("christian Rugner, 

Johannes Bohm, . 

Friederich Meyer, 

•Tacoi) Guth, 
Conrad Bloss. 
Johann Peter, 
Hans Jacol) Huber, 
Johan Peter Kohler, 
Abraham Kolman, 
Jost Fuchs, 
Ludwig Huber, 
Jacob Sarbach, 
Moses Binder, 
Andreas Bachman, 
Meichior Sclianer, 
Johannes Koohn, 
Ludwig Schmaltzhaff, 
Hans Michael Krafft. 
Christian Dannewald. 
Carl Philip Schultz. 
Johann Michael Bucher, 
Abraham Schnutz, 
Daviil Rotheheffer. 



List ok Forkignkrs Import 
AliICK, Martley (Jtisack, 
(Qualified ISei>t. 24, 17-42. 

Philipu.s Barger, 
Fridericli Mailer, 
Conrad PoofT, 
Philip Farenthal, 
Hans Rub, 
Michel Axer, 
Johannes Heydt, 
Philip tieris, 
i'aulus Bang, 
Adam G acker, 
Michel Weiss, 
Darst Ziegler, 
.Tohann Georg Christ. 
Johann .Tacol) Metzger, 
Johann Jacob Benedick. 
Simon Jacob Theil, 
Hildebrand Heckman, 
Johann ChristofTel Peter, 
Dietrich Danner, 
Simon Peter Diehl, 
Johann Henrich Werner, 
.lohann Jacob Schinitt, 
Johann Michel Koch. 
J oh. Abraham Brosius. 
Johann Jacob Riess, 
Jacol) Weber, 
liorentz Riess, 
Johannes Herljer, 
Johannes Kerch, 
David Weil. 
Johannes Krape, 
Andreas Kessler. 
Hans Adam Furtig. 
John Jacob Zervin. 
Adam Furtig, 
Hans Peter Wooll, 
Michael Danner, 


Master, krom Rotterdam. 

(Jornelius Miller, 
Ludwig Miller. 
• Veltin Paul, 
Jacob Stubigh, 
Friederick Becker, 
Michel Wolff, 
l^eter Geris, 
ISicklaus Hartt. 
Johannes Binacke!, 
Christian (fucker, 
Henry Stave, 
Johannes Ziegler, 
Georg Christian Ulricli,. 
Johan NicklasHyl, ^^_^___ 
Hans Adam Christ, — 
Johann Georg Schissler, 
Johann Philip Kercher, 
IMatheis Heinricli, 
Johan Jacol) Borne, 
Johan Friderich Heimer, 
Johann Simon ])rum, 
Johann Casper Schell, 
Johannes Brosius, 
Johann Georg Riess, 
Johann Jacob AVagner, 

Jacol) Stein, ^ — 

Peter Herber, 
Andreas Harter, 
Matheas Meyer, 
David Mackly, 
Peter Maus, 
Hans Adam Holdt, 
Friederich Schmidt. 
Philip Jacob Ehrenfelter, 
Joh. Paulas Reuther, 
Hans Geo. Kat/etistein, 
Hans Michael Spaai . 



List of Foreignkrs Imported in the Ship Francis and 
Elizabeth, (teorge North, Master, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified Amg. ;jo, 1743. 

Hans Bucher, 

Hans Zoblei, 

Hans Meier, jr. , 

Henrich Muller, 

Heniy Leer, 

Henry Sliwitzer. 

Johannes Hug, 

Kilian Gild, 

Henry Rudsh, 

Hans Heinrich Naflf, 

Henry Weidinan, 

Hans Gutinger, 

Henry Baumgai'dner, 

Henry Shmit, 

Hans Jacob Wurst, 

Johannes Boser, 

Lenhart Alterter Schmied, 

Felix Christ. Wagner, 

Hans Jacob Naff, 

Hans Ulrich Bladman, 

Henry Poldesberger, 

Heinrich Banerdt, 

Jacob AVegmann, 

Johannes Meier, 

Henry Good. 

Henrich Eck, 

Jacob Boumer, 

Hans Dups, 

Jacob Bar, 

Henrich Hitz, 

Heni'ich Suter, 

Hans Jacob Rnttlinger, 

Henrich Schleypfer, 

Jacob Bachman, 

Hans Jacob Pfister, 

Hans Ulrich Hegetsweiller. 


Henry Coughly, . 

Rudoli)li Mertz, 

Henry Rudolph, 

Uhllerich Naff, 

Casper Spery, 

Casper Crop, 

Heni-y Naff, 

Hans Myer, 

Hans Heinrich Hubner, 

Cliristopher Bosser, 

Henry Hebrecht, 

Hans Henry Naff, 

Henry Zutter, 

Daniel Harner, 

Felix Hierlyman, 

Melchior Steheli, 

Henry Subydorffer, 

Hans Rurckons, 

Hans Heinrich Schuerer, 

Henry Leinbach, 

Hans Jacob Usser, 

Rudolph Kleinpeter, 

Peter Scheurer, 

Ely Walder, 

Felix Leea, 

Johannes Buch, 

Hans Kuhn, 

Johannes Bar, 

Henrich Grob, 

Jacob Franck, 

Hans Jacob Meyer, 

Jjenliart Schnebeli, 

Johannes Schilderarad, 

Casper Si.abily, 

Hans Ulrich Binges, 


[The orif/inal list is heretvitk givch..] 

Men's Names. 
Name. Age. 

Hannes burger, o2 

Haniies Cockley, 39 

Hannes Ceheley 20 

Ilaiies Cebeley, 2n(l, 30 

Hendk. Moor, 25 

Rudolph Merts 20 

Johannes Meyer, 26 

Hans Henderiek Cueser, 45 

Henderiek Rutolph 3(1 

Henderiek Miller, 22 

Hans Henderiek NealT, 47 

Ulderiek Neaff, 40 

Henderiek Miller, 43 

Christophel Hosser, 26 

Henderiek Widenian 20 

Henderiek Eberick, 24 

Hans Jacob Sootter. 24 

Henderiek Lear, 30 

Gasper Parrey, 22 

Hans Hortinger, 23 

Hei^derick Switser, 25 

Haiines Bootter 20 

<Tasj)er ('i-oope, 20 

Johanes Hook, ~0 

Henderiek Neaff, 21 

Philean GiUok, 24 

Hans Henderiek Neaff, 19 

Henderiek Ponigardiner, . . 48 

Hannes Meyer _ ... 32 

Hans Jaeol) Scheurnieyer *^0 

Henderiek Ciroots "^4 

Hans Jaeol) Neaflf, 46 

Uutolph Miller, 44 

<Tasper Hinna, . ^'^ 

Hans Henderiek Hinna, 27 

Rudolph Bniith, 21 

Rudey Meyerhover, 20 

Hans Ulderiek Bladnian, ^^ 

Christopher Bladnian, ... 1 - 

Jaeob Sorber -'^ 

Hennery Sorber, '"^ 

Henderiek I^inebah, . . 

Hendrick Baltisbarger, 28 


Name. Age. 

Gasper Gladfelder, 33 

Henderick Waltter, 30 

Felix Walttei- 26 

Haus Jacob Houser, 20 

Joseph Frowenf elder, 40 

Henderick Bower, 25 

Rudolph Kleynbetter, 21 

Jacol) Wagman, 28 

Hans Jacob Weist, 21 

Felix Halieman, 23 

Henderick Goedt, 28 

Johannes Posser, 24 

Malichiest Steeley, 24 

I.enoard Aldorff, 28 

Henderick Seibedorfer, " . . 40 

Hans Fetter Lee, 62 

Felex Lee, 38 

Felex Groof, 26 

Hans Conrad Groof, 22 

Hans Jacob Meyer, .... 19 

Jacob Odt, 24 

Henderick Odt, 22 

Johanes Buchey. 21 

Hans Jacob Rinker, 28 

Hans Jacob Reidlinger, 23 

Yacol) Broinnier, 42 

Hannes Koor, 36 

Hannes Poops 24 

Lenoard Sneabley, 24 

Joseph Stelley 28 

Johannes Parr, ... 23 

Jacol) Parr, . .- 20 

Henderick Groop, 20 

Henderick Hitts. 40 

Henderick Sliffer. 37 

Jacob Freek 46 

Gasper Sneabley, 43 

Hannes Hilderbrand, 26 

Jacob Bookman 23 

Henderick Sutter 23 

Henderick Sutter, jr. , 2d, 30 

Daniell Herner, 34 

Jacob FisTer. 25 

Ulderick Ring( r, 36 

Henery Smith 20 

Hans Ulderick Hecetswilder 24 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Loyal Judith, 
James Cowie, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 2, 1743. 

Bartel Zoller. 
Phiiip Christian, 
Johannes Larer, 
Henrich Maag, 
Jolian Jacob. 
Friderich Feltberger, 
Nickel Runckel, 
Adam Brech. 
Joliannes Kramer, 
Bernhard Lauffersweiler, 
Johan Conrad Schutz, 
Johan Jacob Grittelman, 
Lorentz Schmalil. 
Jacob Haussman. 
Johannes Haljersod, 
Simon Kustener, 
Georg Fitterer, 
Jacob Moiiner, 
Adam Sclimahl, 
V^alentin (Troscl), 
Berniiiirt Becker, 
Johannes Bermes, 
.lacol) Keyser, 
Johann Philipp Wentz, 
Christopel Grossert, 
Georg Frederich GriVjel, 
.Johannes Hoffman, 
Johann Wilhelm Becker, 
.lolin Georg Miller, 
Johan Peter Braun, 
Philip Carl Angel, 
.Tohann Philip Beier. 
Johan Adam LTehrbass, 
Ulrich Freyhofer, 
Wendel Horst. 
Gerhart Fichker, 
Christian Weiss, 
Andreas Walter, 
Adam Kappel. 
Johann Jacob Huth, 
Johan Henrich Scheurer, 
Johan Adair. Reyd, 

Johannes Becker, 

Martin Dincky, 

Michel Seitz, 

Jacob Maag, 

Johannes Kirst, 

Lorents Laffersweiler, 

Johan Runckel, 

Johannes Jager, 

Daniel Martz, 

ISicklaus Scherstenberger, 

Johann Georg Epjielman, 

Johan Wendel Dannefelser, 

Adam Schmahl, 

Johannes Schreyer, 

Mattheas H offer, 

Peter Roth, 

Peter Miller, 

Lorentz Hardt, 

Wentz Schmahl, 

Friderich Fichgus, 

Joliannes Becker, 

Jacob Bentli, 

Philipp Hoffman, 

Christoph Weisskopff, 

Johannis Schwindt, 

Peter Schweikharth, 

John Valentin Hammer, 

Johan Adam Moses, 

Johannes Honig, 
-Johann Philip Ode welder, 

.Johan Adam Mohr, 

Johann Philip (Tambach, 

Johannes Gambach, 

Rudolff Buchy. 

Valentin Wentz, 

Bastian Bougart, 
Joannes Bott, 

Nicklas Keller, 

Johann Jacob Wilhelm 

Jacob Grosskoj), 

Hans Georg Sheyer, 

Johann .Jacob Petry, 



Johan Adam Fuchs, 
Johannes Mondshauer, 
Johan PhillippBohm, 
Andreas Weybrich, 
Johaun Philip Hardt, 
Johan Georg Wolffskehl, 
Nicolas Maneubach, 
Joh. Philip Schrieger, jr. , 
Johann Georg Storg, 
Johan Balthaser Groh, 
Johau Daniel Hoff, 

Johannes Bruckbauer, 
Johann Phillipp Bohni, jr. 
Hans Wolf Waltz, 
Hermanns Hoffer, 
Johann Emrich Bott, 
Mattheus Butterfass, 
Johan Pliilip Schrieger, 
Johan Hen rich May, 
Hans Heinrich Maag, 
Lorentz Miller, 
Joh. Jacob Fossbendler. 

[ Tke original 

Bartel Zeller, 
Hans Becher, 
John Conrad Shutz, 
Jacob Gidelraan, 
Valadin Hammen, 
Wilhehn Becker, 


Hendrich Maag, 
Jacob Beyer, 
(ieorg Millar, 
Peter Brown, 
Johannes Gerst, 
Lorentz Leberswyler, 
Jacob Stinckel, 
Johannes Yeager, 
Johannes Kremer, 
Adam Moore, 
Johannes Gambach, 
Jacob Naarbass, 
Philip Hoffman, 
III rick Freyhoffer, 
Wendal Horsh, , 
Valentine Wentz, 
Stoffel Krassart, 
Bastian Bomgerl. 
•Johannes Schwind, 
Jacob Hoodt, 
Hermanns Bott, 
Nicholas Keller, 
Adam Schmal, 
Hendrick IScheir, 

list in herewith pinen.'\ 

Barnard Lauffersweber, 
Nicholas Shart'enbefger, 
Georg Ebelman, 
Wendal Dannefelt, 
Philip Chris*^ian, 
Martin Lind, 
Michael Steich, 
Jacob Maag, 
Adam Moses, 
Johannes Henig. 
Philip Adam Weller, 
Friderick Fettberger, 
Nicholas Stinckel, 
Adam Brech, 
Carl Angel, 
Daniel May, 
Philip Peyer, 
Philip Gambach, 
Frantz Naarbass, 
Adam Hoffman, 
Rudolph Bucbie, 
Phi4ip Wentz, 
Stoffel Weiskopfe, 
Gerhard Fishkus, 
Christian Weiss, 
Jacob Wilhelm, 
Jacob Grooskopfe, 
Antoni Walter, 
Lorentz Schmal, 
Gerrard Scheir, 
- Antoni Kapel, 



Jacob Hunsmaii, 

Adain Steiss, 

Jacol) Petre, 

Adam Fax, 

Peter Bott, 

Johannes Brick l)aue7-, 

Philip Behme, • 

Peter Miher. 

Heerniannus Heeler, 

PhiHp Hart, 

Hans Hendrick Bott, 

Yoost Wolfkil, 

Wentz Schmal. 

Friderick Fishkus, 

Nicholas Mannebach, 

Hans Becker, 

Pliilip Springer, 

Hans Barbae, 

Hans Hendrick Maa^, 

Bait as Gromv, 

Jacob Keyser, 

Hans HofTinan, 

Hans Jacob Fossbinder, 

Hans Sclireir, 
Johannes Habersoot, 
Mates H offer t, 
iSiinon Stuffner, 
Geor^j Fitterer, 
Hans Mandshaw, 
Hans Wolfe, 
Andreas AVeisbright, 
Jacob Munner, 
Lorentz Hart. 
Georg Wolfkil, 
Adam Schmal, 
Valentine Gesl:i, 
Mates Botterfass, 
Bernard Becker, 
Philip Springer, 
Hendrick Mey, 
Georg Stnrick, 
Jacob Bantlin, 
(ieorg Fridricli Krinibu 
Peter Schweiger, 
Daniel Hoffman, 
Jjorentz Miller. 

List ok Foukigxkus I mi 


Skpt. 0, 1743. 

Adolph Eiler, 
Mattheis Basting, 
Wilhehn Bret?, 
Johannes Lees, 
Johannes Schiffer, 
Jacob Enck, 
Anthon Schneider, 
Nicklas Wolfart, 
Johannes Koch, 
Joliannes Riesset, 
Anton Zehmer, 
Johannes Bopp, 
Johan Nickel Sclinell. 
Johann Philij) SchneL, 


H enrich Hant, 
Henry Shoemaker, 
Jacob Bretz, 
Johannes Lisch, 
Phillippus Maurer, 
.Joliannes Gross, 
David J)antderer, 
Henrich Eckenroth, 
V'alentin Lorcli, 
Henriidi Meyer, 
(xottlieb Werth, 
Johainies Sohn, 
.Tohan Peter Schwager, 
Johannes Ickrath, 



•lohan Friederich Thor, 
.loll. Andoni Hellenthal, 
Johan Greorg Herman, 
Jolian Conrath (iuthmann. 
Johaun Jacob Stamm, 
Johann H enrich Mertz, 
Johannes Hermann, 
Mattheis Heimbach, 
Johannes Albenacht, 
Johannes Umstacit, 

Johan Jacol> Enck, 
Johann Georg Miller, 
Jolian David Schmidt, 
Johan Balthaser Gir, 
Johannes Niemand, 
Friederich Kramer, 
Hans Georg Afljrecht, 
Jacob Granoble, 
Johannes Clossheim, 
Johannes Mumrich. 

List of Forkigxkrs Imported tx thk Ship liYDiA, James 
Abkrcrombik, Master, b'rom Rotterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 20, 174:5. 

I I 

Jost Folmer, 
Dietrich Fohl, 
Johan Christian Walther, 
Joli. Henrich Hottinan, 
Johan Henricli Gucker, 
Johannes Weller, 
Dielman Schutz. 
Hieronimus Wel)er, 
Johannes Jung, 
Johannes Gring, 
Peter Althen, 
Henry Schwartz, 
Georg Frieh, 
Andreas Schmitt, 
Johannes Peltz, 
Jeremias Weidy, 
('asper Gastner, 
Johannes Benner, 
Johannes Bauer, 
Philip Heger, 
Johan Jost Dreisshach, 
Johan Peter Ruhl, 
Johan Gerhart Weick, 
Johan Wilhelin Eckroth, 
Johan Adam Gaul. 
Joh. Nickel Seidenbach, 
Johan Philip Anient, 

Johannes Bender, • 

Johannes Zepter, 
Joh. Christian Rischstein, 
Johan Jacob Gucker, 
Simon Dreissbach, 
Johannes Hunclie, 
•Johannes Ax, 
Konradt Wirdr, 
Herman us Bruch, 
Johannes Ffister, 
Wilhelm Hehbel. 
Matheus Lentz, 
Conrath Kohl. 
Johannes Roth, 
Valentin Roth, 
Frantz Greulich, 
Henry Fry, 
Frantz Bricker, 
Johannes Dorr, 
Georg Anient, 
Johan Ijudwig Rudolph. 
.) ohannes Blattenberger, 
Georg Wilhelm Eckart, 
Joh. Wilhelm Krautter. 
Johann Andreas Gutman, 
Henrich Lepkucher, 
Johan Christian NefT, 



Joh. Bernhart (resell, 
Joluiu Ueoi','? Schwartz, 
Joh. Friederich Sanger, 
Johau Nickel Sauer, 
Valentin Kletter, 
Valentin Heyer, 
John Goodman, 

Johan Jacol) Hacker, 
Christian Harshy, 
Valentin Schmidt, 
.lohan ChristofTel IjOoss, 
.Toll. Friederich Heyer, 
Conrad ISallar. 

[The. oriflinal list i.s herorUli f/iven.] 
Men's Names. 

Name. ^^0''-^ 

Jost Former, "^'^ 

Johannes Bender 30 

Johannes Bender, jr 1^ 

Frans Baker, •^' " 

Diedrick Fall, ^^ 

Johannes Septer ^^ 

Johannes Weller, 27 

Johannes Kenke, ^' 

Tielman Schutz ^'^ 

Johannes Ax, 

Heronimus Wei er ^"^ 

Christian Walter '^^ 

Johan Christn. Reistein ^^ 

Johan Hendk." Hoffman '^•^* 

Johan Jacol) Keeker, *" 

Hendrick Keeker ]^ 

Conradt Weit, ^J 

Simon Dreisback ^^ 

Johan Jost Dreisback, "'- 

Johan Adam Dreisl)ack, . ■• • ^^ 

Johannes Yonng ^ 

Heronimus Brough ^ 

Johannes Keuigh, ^^ 

Johannes Fiester, ~^ 

Lodwick Rudolph, "^ 

Peter Owl, ^[^ 

Johannes Platenberger, "^^^ 

Peter Alden, ^1 

Gerard Wyck, ~,'^ 

AVillhelm Apple, ~ _ ~^. 

Jurian Willm. Eckert . • - > 

16— Vol. XVI L 


Name. Age. 

Willhelm Elzeroot 18 

Hendrick Swartz, 10 

Willhelm Kreiter, 20 

Hans Adam Cowl, 20 

Johan Jacob Missenhamer, 23 

Rudolph Groodman, 47 

Johan Willin. (xoodman, 16 

Jolian Geo. Goodman, 18 

Mathias Lintz, 48 

(ieorg Vrie, 20 

Conradt Kool, 24 

Michl. Reyderback, 25 

Johan Mich. Reyderback 20 

Andreas Smith, 20 

Hendrick Leipkiger 30 

Jnrigh Ament 60 

Philip Anient 20 

Johannes Ament, 18 

Johannes Rood 32 

Conradt Saler 13 

Christian Neff 25 

Leonard Gesell 31 

Johan Jacob Ecker, 37 

Jurigh Swartz, 27 

Christian Harshe 30 

Johannes Peltz, 26 

Valentine Smith 26 

Johan Fredk. Ringer. 23 

Valentine Rood, 35 

Johan Nichol. Sower 50 

Jeremias Wytigh, 37 

Frans Grayligh, 45 

Casper Cassner, 26 

Johan Christo. Loos. . . 23 

Johannes Sen, 36 

Hendrick Vry 40 

Johannes Bower 38 

Johannes Tim 28 

Philip Hayer, 31 

Valentine Kleter, 23 

Johan Fredk. Hayer 23 

Johan Valentine Hayer 18 



List of Foreigners Importep in the Ship Rosanna, James 
Reason, iM aster, from RoTTEtioAM. Qualified Sept. 
2G, 1748. 

Jacob Hoffman, 

Jacob Schaueffele, 

Rudy Keyser, 

Henrich Christoph Heroldt, 

Johan Wilhelin Satler, 

(ieorg Christoph Sclioch, 

Hans Georg Markwart, 

Hans Conrad Bruner, 

Hans Muller, 

Gregorius Muller, 

Henry Muller, 

Johannes Fischer, 

David Schatz, 

Jacob Leglor, 

Hans Ferdinandt, 

Samuel Wolff. 

Andreas Strele, 

Jacob Haller, 

Henrich Burekart, 

Hans Ulerich Huber. 

Johannes Fischer, jr., 

Hans Jacob Remmler. 

Johannes Ketterman. 

Georg Philip Hummel, 

Hieronimus Henning, 

Hans Leonhart Wyland, 

Johannes Roodsman, 

Andreas Spring, 
Jacob Fincky, 
Johannes Jooghly, 
Hans Georg Bentzinger, 
Hans Georg Starner, 
Hans Georg Fuchs, 
Hans Martin Muller, 
Jacob Schuster. 
Georg Muller, 
Hans Brunner, 
Martin Wirlh, 
Jacob Prela. 
Friederich Stall, 
Casper Kessler. 
Casper Meier, 
Leonhart Strobel, 
Christian Haller, 
Michael Wyland, 
Hans Jacob Gassner, 
Hans Melchior Fischer, 
Bernhart Pfiaugner, 
Hans Jacob Hummel, 
Georg Christoff Herals, 
Hans Georg Kater, 
Hans Georg Etzweiller, 
(Jasper Bindschadler. 

[ The orif/inal 

Christaf Heralde, 
William Swishler. 
Hance Yarah Sturner, 
Christaf Shake, 
Marty Markwort, 
Lenard Fox, 
Polis Wingart, 
Hance Marty Miller, 
Hance Felex Wigmore, 
Felex Wigmore, 
Jacob Tinkey, 
Jacob Kiser, 

list is herewith giveji.] 

Hance Yarah Creatsenei . 
David Hufman, 
Androw Springe, 
Hance Yarah Fox, 
Hance Yarah Markwort. 
Jacob Shuely, 
Johanas Shillman, 
Gasper Castler, 
Casper Miare, 
Hance Conragh Browner, 
Roday Kiser. 
Johanes Youghley, 



Jacob Surter, 
Hauas Miller, 
Heurah Borgart, 
Rodlafe Weaste, 
Hance Jacob Hafener, u 
lianas l^rownei', 
Hance Yarah Heswiler, 
Johanas Fisher, 
Young Hance Fisher, 
Jacob Cinibler, 
Fredrick Stall, 
Hanc Jacob Humble, 
JacoV) Ligliiner, 
Samuel Wolff, 
Hance Yarah Cider, 
Lenard Strebel, 
Johan Earah Herald, 
freorg Elswiler, 
Jacob Hollard, 
Michael Wyland, 
Johannes Roodsman, 

Henrack Aldorphia, 

Earak Springar, 

Corise Miller, 

f !onarah Browner, 

Heurah Miller, 

Marty Vearte, 

Hance Melihar Fisher, 

David Strily, 

Jacob Flougar, 

David Shats, 

Hance Michel Droliner, 

Johanas Cadiman, 

Y'arah Ghristat Herakl, 

Philap Humble, 

Yarah Emmanuel Martine, 

Heronemos Hennawesh, 

Androw Strily, 

Christan Hollard, 

Hans ]jeonard AVyland, 

Casper Pinchadler. 

List ok Forktgxkrs Imported ix thk Ship Phcenix, 
William Wilson. Commander, from Rotterdam. (Quali- 
fied Sept. 30, 1743. 

Wilhelm Holty, 
Lenhart Wintergress, 
Matheis Treuckel, 
Christoff Holwer, 
ftlichael Bauer, 
Johannes Schnee, 
Henry Reydmeyer, 
Phillippus Bayer, 
Joh. Nicklas Lohman, 
Johannes Gansle, 
Johann Jost Kohler, 
Johan Cieorg Sternbii-ger, 
Johann Georg Schaffer, 
Johan H enrich Wagner, 
Benedict Nussbaum, 
Jacob Geiger. jr., 
-;fohannes Bar, 

Otto Hai, 

Johannes Dandoneer, 
Johannes Ungear, 
Jacob Rubly, 
Michael Leavy, 
Lorentz Protzmann, 
Paulus Behringer. 
Hans Michael Stumpf. 
J. Ernst Reiffschneider, 
Johan Frederich Esch, 
Georg Klingmann, 
Johan Valtin Reul. 
Friederich Miller. 
Peter Handwerckei-, 
Jacob Geiger. sen, . 
Matheis Kent, 
Johannes Stamm, 



Peter Giir, 
^ Melchior Biir, 
^Melchior Biir, jr., 
Daniel Schwartz, 
Philip Spegel, 
David Sausert. 
Jacob Siherrer, 
Isaac Will, 
Dewald Hoch.stadt, 
Henry Dornij^. 
Daniel Manss. 
Pliilipus Bartheus, 
Lorentz Cuntz, 
Conrad Wirth. 
Nichlas Hoffman, 
Henry Georg [Nees, 
Johann Jost Vetter, 
Anthon Ben.singer, 
Conrad Felbauni. 
Johannes Rendenaner, 
Christian Rorbagh, 
Joliaii Adam HerV)es, 
Hans ilichael Miller, 
Carl. August Erlwein, 

Jacob Biim. 
^'hristoijheel ]-5ar, 
Melcliior Seydler, 
Philip Ree.sher, 

Jacob Gansle, 

Prederich Koliler, 
Michael Eller, 
Henry Meyer, / 

.Tohann Henrich Haus.s, 
Michal Masserly, 
Peter Bartolomes, 
Nicklans Fey, 
Georg Huber, 
Adam Richman, 
Bernhart Mackler, 
Johann Niclas Gauer, 
Michael Steckbek. 
Hans Adam Felbaum, 
Casper Reithnauer. 
Joh. Michael Fiiiclithorn, 
Johannes Nnsbaum, 
Bernhart Muller. 
.Tohannes Schmidt. 
Jacob Kevser. 


Alice, Mautly Cusack, Commander, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified Sept. 30, 1743. 

Johannes Zilner, 
Nicklas Baker, 
Andreas Li ess, 
Michael Deato, 
(Jhrisrian Shally, 
Johannes Schutz, 
Johann Philip Emig, 
Johann Philip Emig. sen. 
Philip Fredrick May, 
Hans Adam Shally. 
Nicklas Schreiber, 
Johan Kolmangreuer, 
Hans Georg Stucki, 
Hans Jacol) Roller, 

Simon Zenger, 
.lacob Baker, 
Kasper Strom, 
.Tohannes Slialley, 
Matheas Baum, 
Karl Schwartz. 
Johannes Martin, 
Baltzer Schwerdt, 
.Toll. Liidwfg Shalley, 
.Tohannes OV)enhyser, 
John Henry Butz, 
.Tsicol) Schmidt, 
Christoff Sheaneman, 
Peter Gntliman, 



Samuel Landes, 
Johannes Bender, 
Hans Hardt, 
Samuel Bechtel, 
Joseph Ziebly, 
Jacob tehock, 
Abraham Derst, 
Oswald Neff, 
Bardel Miller, 
Felix Former, 
Conrad Toll, 
Joseph Sheffer, 
Christoff (Esterlen, 
Johann Greorg Frey, 
Hans Georg Endes. 
Christian Muller, 
Henrich Stertzenacker, 
Hans Georg Begtel, 
Felix Zollinger, 
Wilhelm Spats, 
Baltzer Gilbert, 

Conrad ffisterlen, 

Henry Gilbert, 

David Sarbach, 

Johannes Good, 

Deobold Bauer, 

Jacob Bucki, 

Mattheis Meier, 

Johannes Young, 

Henry Former, 

Baltzer Gilbert, 

Ulrich Cress, 

Hans Georg CEsterlen, 

Joh. Ludwig Truckenmuller, 

Andreas Hemberger, 

Hans Michal Ott, 

Hans Georg Muller, 

Philip Heinetsch, 

Johan Georg Schwartz, 

Heinrich Zwick, 

Jacob Gillinger. 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship St. Andrew, 
Robert Brown, Captain, from Rotterdam. Qualified, 
Oct. 7, 1743. 

Jacob Walter, 
Johannes Moak, 
Johannes Hauser, 
Georg Gartner, 
Leonhart Dewalt, 
Johan Merge!, 
Jacol^ Clausser, 
Joh. Adam Gerber, 
Hans Georg Maurer, 
Hans Peter Grumbach, 
Friederich Jayter, 
Hans George Eatter, 
Philip Jacob Buttman, 
Hans Adam Sommer, 
Johann Jacob Ringer, 
Jacob Eichhorn, 
Andreas Gullam, 

Friderich Stoll, 
Andreas Wollinger, 
Herman Busch, 
Lenhart Stein, 
Gottliel) Ziigel, y^ 

Gottlieb Schleer, -^^ 
John Nicklas Zeisinger, 
Geo. Mich. WeissmuUer, 
Johan Simon Kern, 
Hans Michel Striey. 
Georg Philip Kurr, 
Hans Martin Fischer, 
Johan Michel Wagner, 
Georg Friederich Ziigel, 
Daniel Meidinger, 
Lenard Fuchs, 
Martin Ruth, 



Jacob Hess, 

Hans Burgei*, 

Ernest Anion, 

Johannes Ulrich, 

Ulrich Wechlid, 

Jacob Striey, 

Johannes Mayer, 

Johannes Widniann, 
"Heinrieh Waj^ner, 

Johannes Rieger, 

Ludwig Dewys, 

Valentin Shutter, 

Jacob West, 

Hyroninius Trauttmann, 

J oh. Ludwig Kraft. 

Hans Jerg Backastos, 

Hans Ulrich Odt. 

Jac. Fried. Dochterman, 

Hans Jerg Anion, 

Johan Cjeorg Wittmann, 

Michael Wolfgang, 
< Johan H enrich Knauss, 

Joh. H enrich Gackenbach, 

Niclaus Kobelentz, 

Heinrich Brunner, 
Christie Casper, 
Frederick Hubely, 
Adam Hyleer, 
Joseph Hartinan, 
Peter Werner, 
Leonhardt Kern, 
Friederich Ziegler, 
Ant lion Knauss, 
Abraham Huller, 
Henry Shutter, 
Johannes Eberhart. 
Bernhart Diibinger, 
Hans Ulrich Hegli, 
Hans Ulrich Jackly, 
Hans Henry Bossart, 
Hans Jacol) Cioldner, 
Melchior Biihrly, 
Hans Georg CEliler, 
H. Peter Fronkhousen, 
Daniel Debus, 
Han Adam Zimmerman, 
Johan Philip Schneider. 

[The orifjinal list is hereivith given,] 

Name. Age. 

John Nicholas Reytringer, 17 

. John Adam Garber, 20 

Hans Jacob Walter, 20 

Geo. Michl. Weysmiller, 19 

Geo. Andreas Miller, 27 

Fredk. Stall, , 20 

Hans Geo. Mower 23 

Johannes Maak 40 

John Simon Karn, 2~) 

Hans Peter Kranback, 22 

Andreas Wolinger, 1!) 

Ulrich Creble 20 

Adam Kaller 20 

Jacob Strevey, 44 

Michl. Strevey, H 

Joseph Hartman, 29 

Fredrick Yeiser, 20 


Name. Age. 

Lorentz Tibber . 50 

Philip Korr, 33 

Johannes Hausev, 23 

Hans Georg Eter, 43 

Hans Martin Fisher, . . ' 25 

Geoi'g Gross, 30 

PhiHp Jacol) LoJnian 23 

Miclil. Waganer, 25 

Sebastian Bych 26 

Georg Gardner, 24 

Leonard Stain 28 

Leonard Dewaldt, 28 

Jacob Wayst 28 

Hans Adam Soninier ... 27 

John Merkell 25 

GodUph Leweys 26 

Jacob Clowser, . . 25 

Jacob Pringer, 25 

Daniel Mylinger, 24 

Jacob Eykhorn 19 

Peter Clowser 18 

John Everhart, 24 

Leonard Fooks, 22 

Heronimus Troutiuaii 34 

Bernard Evenenger, 29 

Andreas Keelliam . 23 

L^lrich Bower 21 

John Lodwick Kratf • 18 

Martian Rood 20 

Jacob Hiss 25 

Hans Ulrich Jackelip 20 

Hans Ulrich Bakersool, 16 

Hendk. Browner, ■ 25 

Hans Ulrich Jackie 33 

Jacob Sehnyder, 32 

Hans Weighler, 21 

Hans Ulrich Oatt 18 

Hans Hendk. Boshart 21 

Hans Hendk. Oatt, 25 

Fredk. Doughterman. 22 

Andreas Doaghterman 18 

Ernest Ainent 35 

Fredk. Ziegell 26 

Hans Jacol) Goldner 33 

Hans Geo. Anient, 38 


Name. ^g^ 

Melehior Beerlie, 3q 

Ezekiel Ocher, og 

Joliannes Ulrich, gg 

Joliu Freilk. Houblev 25 

Hans (leo. Witinan, 25 

Joliannes Mayei-, 30 

Geo. Eler, 20 

Peter Warner, 3,5 

Johannes Wydman, 25 

Miehl. Wolfanger, 23 

Leonard Kern, 24 

Hendk. Wciganer 28 

Christ o. Sliipert 20 

Fredk. Siglar 21 

Peter Franker, 28 

Johannes Righ'er, 33 

John Hendk. Knoif, 30 

Antony Knoif, 20 

Daniel Debus, 28 

Jacol) Debus, 20 

Lodwick Debus, 30 

Johan Hendk. Catenbaek, 17 

Hans Adam Zini merman 20 

Nichl. Coblentz 45 

Abram Ho])Ier 27 

Philhp Eras Shnydev ?.5 

Valantine Shutter, 45 

Hendk. Shutter, 22 

Godhph Zeigell. 22 

Phy. Reysner. 
Johan Mar. Say, 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Snow Endeavoi-r. 
Thomas Anderson, Captain, from London. Qualified 
Nov. 10, 1743, 

Matlieis Braunefelder, Adam Schaub. 

Jaooli Braunefelder, Matheis Braunefelder, jr. 

Hans Ulrich Schaub, 



List of Foreigxehs Imported ix the Ship Aurora, 
Robert Pickemam, Captain, from Rotterdam. Quali- 
fied Oct. 8, 1744. 

Jost Vrevel, 
Conrad Rorig, 
Joh. Phil. Foost, 
Peter Schafjfer, 
Johannes Baker, 
Matteas Meyer, 
Nicklas Meyer, 
Johannes Michael, 
Joh. Christian Berger, 
Mattheis Hem, 
Godhart Lore, 
Jacob Sclieyer, 
Matthis Noll, 
Marcus Andres, 
Joh. Jacob Henn, 
Joh. Hen. Dornbach, 
Joh. Adam Geyer, 
Joh. Geo. Kell, 
Joh. Wil Weiss, 
Joh. Donis Shmit, 
Pontius Wiern, 
Johan Adam Hirter, 
Johan H enrich Bock, 
Johan Christ Wirth. 
Hans Valtein Streder, 
Johan Adam Meyer, 
Johan Peter Sheff, 
Joh. Henrich Rorich, 
Joh. Adam Schumacher, 
Johan Konrad Weyer, 
Johan Christ Kohl, 
Johan Peter Weingerer, 
Joh. Peter Neytzert, 
.Johan Peter Meyer, 
Johan Georg Stiegeler, 
Johan Henrich Haffer, 
Joh. Georg Schuster, 
Johan Wilhelm Kell, 
Johan Martin Kohler, 
Johan Matteas Dexter, 

Johan Dornbach, 
Joh. Thieflfelbach, 
Daniel Foost, 
Pierre Aune, 
Johan Besenger, 
Matteas Meyer, jr., 
Jean P. Pavon, 
Philipus Fackert, 
Joh. Wilhelm Sage, 
Georg Nolen, 
Andreas Pichnoster, 
Johan Noll, 
Bernhart Neyzart, 
Joh. Paul Krebs, 
Joh. Peter Henn, 
Joh. Harfstenbach, 
Joh. Geo. Shuster, 
Joh. Jac. Reyman, 
Joh. Pet. June:, 
Joh. Wilh. Weyer, 
Johann Christian Kell, 
Johan Adam Hierte, 
Johan Adam Shog, 
— Johann Adam Wagner, 
Johan Georg Muller, 
Joh. Hermanus Frevel, 
Joh. Wilh. Ganderman, 
Georg Wilhelm Berger, 
Frantz Wilh. Kaulbach, 
Johan Wilhelm Lands, 
Joh. Wilhelm Koch, 
Johan David Dornbach, 
Joh. Peter Feyzer, 
Joh. Christof Stiegeler, 
Johan Bastian Miller, 
Joh. Henrich Schiemer, 
Johan Peter Cheert, 
Johan Ludwig Ehrman, 
Johan Peter Strunck. 



List of Foreigners Impoktkd in the Ship Phcenix, Wil- 
liam Wilson, Captain, from Rotterdam. QuAraFiEi) 
Oct. 20. 1744. 

Henrich Hartinann, 
(reorg Bchon, 
Adam Fischboru, 
Nicklas Peteo, 
Conrad Fuchs, 
Mattheis Kolb, 
Friederich Parteiner, 
Philip Wendel Klein, 
Job. Henry Mattinger, 
Job. Nicolaiis Wagner, 
Georg Odt. 
Jobannes Kuhn, 
Jobannes Fluck, 
l^aul Scbneider, 
Job. Fieblt, 
Henrieb Piatt, 
Wendel Benodes, 
Andreas Esbbacher, 
Jobannes Dieckert, 
Pet(ir Faust, 
Jacob Stepben, 
Andreas Sorger, 
Friedericb Huby, 
Andreas Grubel, 
Bastian Morian, 
Herman DecreiiT, 
Pbilip Bretz, 
Lewalt Laub. 
Joban Wendel Metzler, 
Joban Adam Morgen, 
Job. Pbilip Mauck, 
Cbristopb Westerberger 
Valentin Huss, 
Wymar Strunck, 
Jerg Wilbelm Staudt, 
Job. Baltbas Fiscbborn, 
Gerhardt Scblesser, 
Jobann Pbilip Andre*, 
Jobn (reorg Westberger, 
Fried rieb Huber, 
Jobiiii Reinbart Waltz, 
Jobann Georg Scbaffer, 

Joliannes Herbertb, 
Lorentz Erbacb, 
Antonius Fiscbborn, 
Theobald Klein, 
Andonius Weyrich, 
Job. Georg Wabnsiller, 
Johannes Scbneider, 
Joban Jost Tizler, 
Joban Herman Mohr, 
Jacob Bucbman, 
Johannes Klein, 
Pbilip Krebe, 
Paulus Eljerbardt, 
Martin Etter, 
Conrad Hefling, -^' 
Friderich Gresser, 
Martin Kiester, 
Johannes Wayemer, 
Friederich Stelwag, 
Gerhardt Fircus, 
Jacob Wagner, 
Conratb Jung, 
Antbonins Hoblicb, 
Henry Pad, 
Heinrich Liess, 
Philip Flugb, 
Martin Kolb, 
Jacob Rau, 
Jobann Adam Wegel, 
Casper Scbneider, 
Joban Peter Gotz, 
Rudolph Fiehl, 
Jobann Kuntz, 
Valentin Winesbeira, 
Job. Nic. Messerscbmidt, 
Peter Tauscbhaus, 
Friedericb Michael, 
Christian Eberbart, 
.Joban Nickel Hen, 
Joban Pbilip Wagner, 
('bristollel Dinckenscbiet, 
Fried. Christian Muller, 



Johann Valentin Hue, 
Joli. Georg Meisenheini, 
Johan Pliilip Hotlich, 
Johan Henrich Kuntz, 
Peter Philipp Halm, 
Johann DierlhotTner, 
Johan Peter Fuchs, 
Christoffel Fiehl, 
Anton Schneider, 
Johan Philip Roth, 

Joh. Peter Breyvogel, 
John Adam Klein, 
Johan Philip Kerchner 
Johan Adam Braun, 
Joh. Friederich Sauer, 
Philii* Peter (jrassert, 
Johan Peter Kolb, 
Uiellinan Diekenschiedt, 
Philip Jacob Bader, 
Han Dewalt Seltenreich. 

List of Foreioners Imported ix the Ship Friendship, 
John Mason, Captain, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Nov. 2, 1744. 

Herman Weber. 
Casper Weber, 
Jacob Fughs, 
Peter Bogert, 
Georg Bernliart. 
Nicklaus Kusig, 
Christoph Koble, 
Johannes Graber, 
Peter Williar, 
Peter Hann, 
Dewald Sperk, 
Johannes Bieber, 
Wolfgang Siess, 
Johann Schlogel, 
Johan Lobach, 
Philip Waghnier, 
Debalt Werner, 
Peter Gesell, 
Johan Jacob Ferber, 
Joh. Philip Ehrenhardt, 
John Peter Cusick, 
John AVilhelm More, 
Adam Scholkopf, 
Geo. Emig Haartz, 
Johann George Weber, 
Andreas ReitTschneider, 
.Tohan Georg Schmidt, 
Michael Bauman, 

Wilhelm WeVier, 
Gerhart Will, 
Jacob Engel, 
Valentin Vogt, ' 
Conratli Forster, 
Jachim Joan, 
Albrecht Muller, 
.Johannes Moll, 
Abraham Mischat, 
Johann Wohlleben, 
(ieorg Bieber, 
Dewald Beaber, 
Johannes Weber, 
Bernhart Roobe, 
Johannes Tieze, 
Dietrich Schattler, 
Philip Shaffer, 
Joh. Adam Radebusch, 
Anthonius Dillan, 
Joh. Henrich Vatter, 
John Jacob Summer, 
Theodorus Krahl, 
Johan Wilhelm Reuel, 
John Adam Haartz, 
Johan Adam Weber, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
John ."nter Noss, 
John Jacob Bildhous, 


Johann Jacob Stoltz, 
Juluiun oNickel (irob, 
Heinrich Jacob Krebs, 
Johaim Michael Klein, 
Johannes WildT, 
Heinrich Sclietfer, jr., 
Henrich Koppelberger, 

Johan <Teorg Schadel. 
(Teorg Konrad (frob, 
Johan Baltzer Kohier, 
Johann Ernst Solomo, 
Heinrich Schefifer, 
Henrich Feyerbach. 

List op^ Foreiga'kus Importki> i.\ thk Ship Carteret, 

Stevexsoa. Captain, from Rotterdam. grALi- 

FiED Dec. 11, 1744. 

Philip Stein, 
Johannes Zorlin, 
Hans Henry Dobler, 
Michael HauT, 
Rudolph Meeke, 
Philip Bickler, 
Waller Miller, 
Michael Anthon, 
Nicolas Herman, 
Friederick Kop, 
Albrecht Fried. "Binder, 
Balthazar Arnigast, 
Jacob Lanibrecht, 
Johannes Mayer, 
Friederich Deobeld, 
Johannes Kautz, 

Jacob CTraff. 
Han Peter Schuhlein, 
Hans Ofeorg Klein, 
Johannes Dewalt, 
Hans Forster; 
Jacob Bickler, 
Valentin Young, 
Henry Shwenk. 
Nicklas Steinuietz, 
Joh. Georg SchaalT, 
Johan Philiji Binder, 
Christophel Wel)er, 
Christo{ih Bittenbender, 
Joh. Christian Rehkoi>p, 
Fnederich Deobeld, jr., 
AVilhelni Jungck. 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Mpscliffe 
Galley, Georg Durell, Commander, from Rotterdam, 
LAST from Dorsetshire. Qualified Dec. 23. 1744. 

Christian Stauffer, Johannes St an be. 

Jacob Konig, Henry Docliinan, 

Christian Coots, Hans Lynter, 

Stephan Kurtz, Hans Ever, 

Jacob Engel, Jacob Sharff. 

Christian Konig, Samuel Konig, 



Johann Jacob Meyer, 
Christian Herford, 
Christian Krebill,v^ 
Adam Jacob Maurer, 
Leonhard Muller, 
Michael Trahnian, 
Johan Adam Werntz, 
Johan Jacob Werntz, 
Hans Gorg Schneider, 
Hans Peter Burye, 
Casper Schertzer, 
John Showalter, 
Henry Thomas, 
Hans Lichti. 
V al entin Heger, 
Christian Florig, 
Conrad Notz. 
Philip Haible, 
Ulrich Gotter, 
Philip Vetter, 
Jost Yotter, 
Jacob Muller, 
Peter Looh, 
Jacob Juncker, 
Jacob Pregly, 
Hans David Ern, 
Johannes Albrecht, 
Christian Fratz, 
Peter Wittmer, 
Rndolph Herdte, 
Rudolph Herdte, jr., 

Valentine Tallebach, 
Lenhart Klopert, 
Abraham Steiner, 
Johan Adam Gess, 
Andreas Henr. Pattheuer, 
Joh. Melchior Bruder, 
Philip Ludwig Werntz, 
Hans Georg (irratT, 
Hans Adam Young, 
Hans Georg Dewalt, 
Christian Mosser, 
Johannes Mosieman, 
Christian Lang, 
Frantz Gernandt, 
Elias Dietrich, 
Jacob Hoffling, 
Conrad Meckes, 
Johannes Meister, 
Bernhart Bear, 
Jacob Ebi, 
Peter Jutzy, 
Peter Weiss. 
Peter Mayer, 
Elias Rieth, 
Andreas Mosselman, 
Jacob Dauerschauer, 
Johannes Sauder, 
Rudolph Hand, 
Henrich Schlichter, 
Josua Caspar Herdle. ir., 
Geo. Wilh. Heydelbacli. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Ann Galley, 
William Wilson, Captain, from Rotterdam. Last from 
the Orkneys, Scotland. Qualified Sept. 27, 1746. 

Philip Bohn. Johannes Bohn, 

Johannes Dammer, Christopher Thomas, 

Thomas Hahn, Johannes Hahn, 

Conrad Raber, Carl Heydrich, 

Casper Heydrich. Daniel Zwier, 

Johan Peter Herman, Johan Georg Godschalk, 


Johan Baltzer Bohii, 
Christoph Hoirman. 
Johan Creorj^ Knodel, 
Joseph Egenler, 
Michael Egolf, 
Siinon Doltler, 
Heinrich Miiller, 
Valentin Soffel, 
Johannes Sheck, jr., 
Johannes Hummel, 
Hans (ieorg Hreckel, 
Bernhart Bohner, 
Georg iShneering, 
Hans Georg Tresclier, 
Jolian Bakes Biitzer, 
Abraham Rosch, 
Georg Heidrich, 
John Heinrich Kaltfleisch, 
Johannes Scliiek, 
Jacob It/el, 
Andreas Beck, 
Balthasar Strais, 

Christian Ijcntz, 

Philip Ziegler, 

Matheas Blechle, 

Michael Dietz, 

Jacob Siegle, 

Peter Reshe, 

Georg Rieth, 

Joseph Alber, 

Jacob Dauttel, 

Joh. Wilhelm Horst, 

Jacob Freymann, 

Johannes Soffel, 

Geo. Albrecht Hillegass, 

Michel Zimmerman, 

Christian Wagner, 

Michael Sickel, 

Mathias Streihle, 

Jolian Balthasar Damer, 
Jolian Ludwig Jjauman, 
Rubert Hartaftel, 
Johannes Kauflman, 
Michael Egolf, jr., 
Martin Lauman, 
Martin Blicke, 
Hans Peter l)annhauer, / 
Joh. Gottlieb Wehner, 
Johan Adam Heindel. 
Joh. David Schenheintz, 
Ludwig Falkenstein, 
Johan Andreas Jetter, 
Hans Mich. Nuehauser, 
Christian Kauflfman. 
Wilhelm Schmit, 
AVjraham Zimmerman, 
Johannes Ott, 
Micliael Batz, 
Jacob Ziegler. 
Johannes Krautz, 
Mattheus Hohl, 
John Lentz, 
Cliristoph Lentz, 
Conrad Dress, 
Johannes Seigle, 
Christian Strom, 
Georg Wram, 
Georg Bratz, 
Georg Hetrich, 
Friedrich Eichholtz, 
Johann Schroder, 
Casper Schneider, 
David Kuntzel. 
Hans Grunwaldt, 
John Michael Sickel, 
Melchior Mell, 
Michael Klaus. 



List of Foreigners Imported I^' the Ship Neptune, 
Thomas Wilkinson, Master, from Rotterdam. Quali- 
fied Oct. 2.J, 17-iO. 

Johannes Kauffeld, 

Henry EUer. 

Jacob Shnyder, 

Job. Friedi-icb Windst, 

Joban Peter Funck, 

Peter Sutter, 

Jacob Bauman, 

Adam Kogh, 
CjFrantz Reynhart, 

Valentin Leonbardt, 

Nicklas Kauffeld, 

Andreas Reinbart, 

Job. Peter Langenl)erger, 

Philip Grinder, 
- Job. Philip Reinbart, 

Henrich Steiner, 

Peter Willem, 

Jacob Steiner, 

Michel Werntz, 

Uewalt Angny, 

Jacob Leisser, 

(ieorg Ernst, 

Jean Duesto, 

Prancoi Conrien, 

Pierre Vaintvas, 

Conrad Conrath, 

Henry Shneyder, 

Christian Steiner, 

Michel Fischer, 

Georg Zimmerman, 
c Friederich Reinhart 

Arenne Consul, 

Henry Miller, 

Johannes Heindt, 

Job. Fried. Windst. jr., 

Joban Jacob Pfeiti'er, 

Jacob Ranch, 

Georg Kauffeld, 

Daniel Jacob, 

Nickla.'; Felle, 

Jacob Bauman, jr., 

Job. Christoff Hausmann, 

Isaac Steiner, 

AVilbelm Baussman, 

Johannes Steiner, 

Lorentz Baussman, 

Jacob Baab, 

Joliannes- Gobel, 

Georg Weber, 

Jticob Huntz, 

Casper Dewalt, 

Carl Risch, 

Pierre Gerro, 

Saul Ruibec, 

Joseph Gerra, 

Christoffel Pausch, 

Philip Wissner, 

Job. Bernhart Fer, 

Peter Grosnickel, 

Johannes Breitenbach, 

Job. Christian Leibrock, 

Alexander Gibbo. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Bilander Vernon 
Thomas Ricks. Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Aug. 1. 1747. 

Andreas Biirge, 
.Jacob Steinbring, 
Dewald Sheyder, 

Christoffel Biir, 
Christoff Cressel, 
Jacob Leesher, 




Marx Elili, 
Abraham Fuiick. 
Felix Weiss. 
Johannes (Trunwald, 
Heinrich Buttner. 
Samuel Witmer, 
Joh. Gi-eorf^ Meingastner, 
Johannes Rooghel, 
Hans Jacob Walder. 
Hans Casper Walder, 
Joh. Christian WampUt-r, 
Hans Bickell, 
Rudolph Hornecker, 
Henry Herker, 
Johannes Walder, 
Rudolph Huber, 
Henricli Huber, 
Hans Friedt, 
Heinrich Fiett, 
Hans Nickel Schmitt, 
Hans H enrich Weiss, 
Joh. Ludwig AVampfler, 
Jacob Steinbrachel, 
Friederich Wirtz, 

Henry (touI), 
.Jacol) tSiiajipy, 
Henrich JStartzman, 
Hans Michael Kuntz, 
Hans Mich. Buttner. 
Toljias AVagheman. 
Hans Caspar Feerer, 
Rudolph Hornecker, jr., 
Han-< Henrich Waldei-, 
Han Micliel Eysenmann, 
Hans .Tacol) Shappy, 
.Jacol) Schneheli, 
Ulrich Hornecker, 
Peter Bawman, 
Ludwig Weiter. 
Georg Wampfler, 
Henrich Huber, jr., 
Kilian Indorff, 
Wilhelm Otz. 
Hans Wilhelm Weidner, 
Hans Bleigestaufer, 
Hans Niclaus Biir, 
Hans (ieorg Schar. 

List of Forkignkrs Imported tx tiik Ship Ltdia. Wti- 
LiAM Tiffin, Captain, from London. guALiFiKD Skpt 
24, 1747. 

Johannes Vogei, 
Hans Peiffer, 
Peter Verner, 
Henrich ])anner. 
Hans Martin Wehrner, 
Hans Jacob Grullmann, 
Georg Jacob Nudell, 

Jacob Verner, 
Hans German, 
Michael Meyer, 
John Jacob Meishter, 
Mich. Vogelfanger Tiilly, 
Daniel Heinrichs. 
Thom. Hen. Breymayer. 

17-Vou XVII, 



List of Forkigners Imported in the Ship Restauration, 
James Hall, Captains, from Rotterdam. (Qualified 
^ Oct. 9, 1747. 

Dtivid Schercli, 
Julianiies Schan/, 
Tobias Ptlieger, 
Johannes Kneelit. 
Hieroninius (Ti-eber, 
Job. iieovg Suriner, 
Martin Ptiengstag, 
Jacob Endi, 
Georg Rohrer, 
Baltas Mauerer, 
Michael Wagner, 
Peter Mosser, jr., 
Andreas Beyer, 
Simon Isbod, 
Johannes Fuclis, 
David Kobe], 
Samuel Rosser, 
Michael Funck, 
Adam Tamas, 
Henry Righter, 
Michael Foss, 
Georg Beyer, 
Michel Meyer, 
Joh. Lorentz Straueker, 
Georg Fried. Klingei, . 
Heinrich Rosch, 
Joh. Daniel Busch, 
Samuel Wendel, 
Geo. Friederich Kasper, 
Georg Daniel Epplei-. 
Joh. Adam Kauffman, 
Jacob Muller, 
Philip Hinsch, 
Martin Streicker, 
Thomas Zigler, 
Georg Lertschle, 
Hans Adam Sebaldt, 
Joseph Bentzinger. 
Johan Georg Wendel, 
Johan Peter Lut/., 
Georg Wol! miller, 
Michael Hoffman. 

Martin Lesch. 
Nicolaus jMiller, 
Leonhart Horein, 
Andreas Seitle. 
Johannes Loffler, 
Joh. Georg Kuhner, 
Casper Ber, 
Georg Klees, 
Johannes Yetter, 
Jacob Hacke, 
Peter Mosser, 
Hans Guth, 
Jacob Wetzler, 
Christian Eller, 
Jost Kobe], 
Peter AVittmer, 
Jacob Beysely, 
Jacol) Gross, 
Christian Rupp, 
Hans Lay, 
Bernhart Beck, 
Martin Moll, 
Johannes Leonner, 
-Christoph Wagner, 
Hans Georg Klingei, 
Joh. Philip Biisch, 
Joh. Paul us Mister, 
Christian Muhleissen, 
Philii) Jacob Mayer, 
Johan Peter Beyl, 
Hans (xeorg Jung, 
Jacob Ro<ler, 
David Dietterich, 
Andreas Riess, 
Jacob Houpt, 
Lucas Flak, 
Hans Georg Torr, 
Joseph Ijobwasser, 
Hans Georg Hoffman, 
Johannes Schemmlein, 
Heinrich Hauptman, 
Joh. Frantz Lemndein, 



Job. Pliili]) Stock, 
Philip Hebeisen, 
<'hristopb Homan, 
Conrad Bisecker, 
Job. (jrottfried Bohner, 
Hans (ireorf^ Eberbartt, 
Job. Philip Hopff, 
Job. Chrisioph Silberbei'. 
Johannes Feldinayer, 
Hans I^eonard Bntz, 
Cliristoph Mubleissen, 
Aniireas Bossbardt, 
Balthes Zericber, 
IMattbeiis Mauck, 
Jacob iScliericli, 
Hermanns Mnniau, 
Christian Trai^her, 

Job. Michael Weekesser, 
Joban Jacol) Kbener, 
F) ietlericli Roiirer, 
•lob. Davitl Kleniui. 
llichael Reinardt, 
Hans (xeoi--^ Shniit/.er, 
(xott fried KatTenauer, 
Johannes Hermann, 
(xeorj^ Muckenberger, 
Hans IMichael Scblancb, 
(iot fried Lauerer, 
Micliel Schill, 
.Jacob Roscb. 
Jacob Heftier, 
•Johannes AVeissman, 
Joban Jacob Scliof, 
Christian Schneider. 

List ok ForkktN]-; us 


IFIED Oct. lo, 1747. 

,b)iiannes FncJis, 
.Johannes Adam, 
J^eter Steinmetz, 
Jacob Arnold, sen.. 
Mattheis Kern, 
Joban Peterey, 
Carl Baumberger, 
Nickolas Woolfe, 
Georg Kircli, 
Jost Fnllmer, 
Christian Eydani, 
Daniel Sanerwalt, 
Johannes Enck, 
Joban Henricli Knntz, 
Sebastian Bauer, 
Antlion Arnirester, 
Herman AViist, 
Dewald Ivno])!!, - 
Johanes ScJiertb. 
Matbeis J^ischof. 

Importku in tiik Shu' Two Biioth- 


.Johannes Jiosse, 
Johannes Bnch, 
.Johannes Opp, 
.Jacob Arnold, jr., 
Johannes Hermann, 
.Joban Heind, 
.rdiannes Eberhart, 
Henrich J\ireli, 
.Johannes BiscliolT, 
.Joliannes Wemaer, 
Henrich Julius, 
Joliannes Sohessler, 
Jacob Hnppel, 
Job. Cbri.stof MuUer, 
(reorg Wendling, 
Heinrich ScbartT, 
Xicklas (feljhart, 
(feorgins J-Joronii. 
Henrich Kern, 
Jf)]iannes l^dhm. 



Julian kSuntziu.'-. 
Frant/, ^.xerliufli, 
Philip Ko!p, 
Johan Niclaus Straitz, 
Jolian Jacob Sclunidt, 
Joli. Jacob Hiigert, 
Johau Pliilip Tlu)iiiaj<, 
Johau Fraut/. Ha,iiiuiei-, 
Johau (xeorg Keth, 
Jolian Adam Krober, 
Joh, Leonhart Negele, 
Johan Philip Herman, 
Jho. Peter M lister, 

^Joh. Jacob Bischort. 

-' Joh. Balthas Hieronymns, 
Adam Ingebrand, 
Philip Fidler, 
Gostinios Ortnei-, 
Johan Phi-lip Nachtgall, 
Joh. Valentin Harth, 
Johan Kickel Wiist, 
Johan (Jhristoph L3hr, 
Johannes Sassemanshaust-, 
Joh. Jost Bebighausen, 
J>antzAVill Hahn, 
Baltzer Mohu, 
Valentin Buchaker, 
^ Conrad Waageiuer, 

Johann (ieorg Anstatt, 
l^auius Diigard, 
Ernest Be ttenf riser, 
Joh. Christoph Strottzman, 
Joh. Bernhart Schneider, 
Johan Peter Bausmann, 
Johan Ernst Kurtz, 
Frantz Hen rich Gaus, 
Johau Peter Conradt, , 
Joh. Philip Klenuinirer, 
Johan Oorirad Momma, 
Frantz l*eter Lorentz, 
Joh. Wend el Eberhart, 
Joh. Diet, bchmidt, 
Joh. Frantz Hieronymns, 
<Teorg Philip Grroli, 
Henry Bail, 
Michel Niederauser, 
Johan GeDrg Huth, 
(ieorg CTriinemeyer, 
Frantz Michel Bischof, 
Johan Conrad (nreib. 
Johan Jost Ries, 
Georg Herrmann, 
Leonhart Muller, 
Uldlerich Mohn, 
Adolff Mav. 

List ofForkkxXkus Importkd— Namk of Ship Unknown- 


Johannes (iress, 
Henry Bangwer, 
Jacob Frey, 
Wilhelm Bauber, 
Hans Scheyer, 
Johannes Meyer, 
_ Christian W^enger, 
Johannes Sturapf, 
Georg Reith, 
Peter Kennel, 
Georg Kiistner. 

Peter Koch, 
Jacol) Spring, 
Niclaus Lantz, 
Adaiu Burger, 
Adam Schmitt, 
Charles Schmid, 
Georg Schat'er, 
Ludwig Tecker, 
Henry Frantz. 
Peter Frantz, 
Johannes Frey, 


thp: oath of allegiance. 


Frederic Dauber, 

Joli. Cliristian Petersohu, 

Jacob Alleniauu, 

John Henry tSchneyder, 

Johannes Wenger, 

Hans Adam Furne, 

Hans Greorg Lantz, 

Hans Philip Baron, 

Joli. Wilhehn Yet, 

Hans Dewalt Leyte, 

Henry Lochwalder, 

Hans Conrad Beck. 
IMiiUi) Henrich Seng, 
Jacul) Alleniann, jr., 
Jacob Scliw angei'. 
Christ<jtr (jottschalk, 
Abraham Frantz, 
Christian (xradimer, 
Sim. Con. Krineus, 
Hans Michel Klein, 
Nicklaus Wenger. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Edinburgh, 
Jamks RusriEL, Master, erom Rotterdam, last from 
Portsmouth. Qualified Sept. 5, 1748. 

Jacob Schumacher, 
Lorentz Reyder. 

Andreas Staut, 
Christoph Kumm, 
Dietrich Strubel, 
Johan Lorentz, 
( 'onrath Claus, 
]*eter Wingert, 
Peter Pfeiffer, 
"Friederich (rerhardt, 
Lorentz Werthes, 
Michel Gugesk, 
Joh. Peter Van Kannei 
Joh. Jacob Eyler, 
Joh. Nickel Mayer, 
Joh. Jacob Schlosser, 
Peter Wil. Calf roth, 
Joh. Nicolas Dost, 
John (Teorg Kirshner. 
]\relchior Brown, 
Heinrich Merckel, 
Georg Jantz, 
Bernhart Diehl, 
Johannes Diehl, 
Conrath Graff, 
Peter Schaffer, 
Peter Meetzler, 
Philip JMook, 
I'eter Krebs, 
Henrich Klatz. 

Adam Ranch, 
Thomas Kirch. 
Sebastian Barthol, 
Philip Halier, 
Peter Ott, 
Peter Dost, 
Simon Pilanus, 
Joh. Wiihehii Gartner, 
Joh. .]ac()b Brommer, 
Johan Nickel Buch, 
Joh. Nickel Leu, 
Joh. Herman Clauss, 
Joh. Wilhehu Fuchs, 
Caspar Franckfnrther, 
Adam Anders, 
Jacob Hoffman, 
Micliel Theiss, 
Matheas Krammer, 
Reinhart Gaul, 
Johannes Diehl, Jr., 
JJalrhes Erbach, 
JacoV) Julius, 
Matheas Betz, 
Baltazar Essig, 
]:ud\vig Bronhohz. 
Adam Reem, 




Martin Klein, 
Peter Stein, 
Geovg Erdnuiyer, 
Johannes Rielini. 
Valentin Hnth, jr., 
Valentin Muller, 
Jacob Veirlint^, 
.ioh. Valentin Opp, 
Joli. Adam Schnster, 
Johan Petei" Hej^er, 
Jacob Hilssheinier, 
Job. Valentin Lorentz, 
Joli. Leonard May, 
Henry Stein, 
(.^onrad Fritz. 
.Jacob Ebert, 
Wilhehn Nick. 
Conrath Buber, 
Phil. Reinhart (ros.sler, 
Johannes Wevdenhauer, 
Joh. Anton Bucholtz, 
Johan Michel Hoffner, 
Joh. Ulrich Hainnian, 
Vallentin Kubatz, 
Heinrich Scherer, 
Wilhelin Hans IMann, 
Johan Peter Weber, 
Ludwig Lindensclunidt, 
Georg Jacob Hart man. 
Philip Jacob Koch, 
Joh. Dan. Lindenschniidt, 
■Michael Wagner, 
Jacob Schammo, 
Georg Leuthenfer, 
Adam Uffner, 

Abraham Stein, jr., 
Abraham Stein, 
Paul l^lrich. 
Valentin Huth, 
Valentin Sherer, 
Felix Sautter, 
Lenhard G'^hler, 
Joh. Philip Schmitt, 
Joh. Stephan Franck, 
Joh. Valentin Klages, 
Jolf. Philip Lorentz, Kirchuer, 
Fi-antz l^eter May, 
Valentin Reiner, 
Matheas Ebert, 
Esaias Carl, 
Johannes Upp, 
Johan Lorentz Herschfanger, 
Geo. Lenhart Krumi-ein, 
Baldazar Spirznagel, 
Johan Peter Bionnen. 
Joh. Nickel Eberhart, 
Joh. Friederich Antes, 
Justinus Scherer, 
Hans Georg Betz, 
Nicolaus Muller, 
Christopher Weber, 
Nicolaus Lenhardt, 
Michael Hartman, 
Friedei'ich Herget, 
Dominicus Radel, 
.Johan Peter Michel, 
Johan .lulius Ream, 
.Johannes Foltz. 

List ok Fokkigxkrs Importkh tx thk Ship Hampshtrk, 
Thomas Cheesemax, Captaix, from Rotterdam. Qual- 
ified Sept. 7, 1748. 

Joahnnes Haust, 
Adam Mayer, 
Michael Widnian, 
Jacob Ruhl, 

Philip Hap, 
Johannes BischolT, 
I^eter Ferdig, 
Johannes Mayer, 




Hartiiiaii Adam, 

Georj^ SteyerwaUl, 

Johannes Deffithal, 

Jiieolj Runckel, 

Tobias Schall, 

Andreas Hollinger, 

Piiilip Merckel, 

I'hilip Koch, 

.ioh. x\ndreas Riegler, 

Johan Henricli Bott, 

Joh. Jjudvvig Wajjner, 

Johan Frantz Noll, 

Job. Friederieb Ritz, 

Pbilip Wendel Hensel, 

Joban Michel Didah, 

Jacob Sherr, 

Anthony Erinolt, 

Hen rich Cron, 

Jacob Schmidt, 
Christopher Rubi, 
Wolfgani,' Wolff, 
Anselmus Schreiner, 
Rev. Job. Albert Weygand, 
Joh.'Ueorg Stimmei, 
Adam Immerhausser, 
Joban Jacob Bentz, 
Hans Peter Kucbeller, 
Joban Michel Ohrig, 
Job. Erhart Baumgertel, 
Job. Caspar I^ederbolt, 
Johan Daniel Hamm, 
Philip Carl Piller, 
Philip Henrich Mohr, 
Job. Friderich Plotz, 

Johannes Adam, 
Conrath Maul, 
Nicholaus Christ, 
Friedericli Hammer. 
Jacob Holtz, 
Ciisi)ar Hoberling, 
Carl Engel, 
Michael l^asserman, 
Joh. Adam Muller, 
Pliii. J.ntlwig Hutig, 
J.)l). Dietrich Matthey, 
Joh. Henrich Noll, 
Job. Antbon Maul, 
Johan Tobias Holtzel, 
Johan Philip Baum, 
David Hag, 
Frantz (irove, 
.Johannes Engel, 
Greorg Lembcher, 
Lorentz Wentzel, 
Jacob Hammer, 
Andreas Miller, 
Job. Adam Wilhehn, 
Joban Peter Scbafer, 
.loban x\dam Sclimid, 
Jolin G-eorg Wabeber, 
Hans Georg Hag, 
Johan Georg Wiel, ' 
Johan Henrich Krom, 
Job. AVilb. Leymeister, 
Johan fieorg Weittnian, 
Hans Jacob Osterman, 
Johan Adam Weiss. 

[T/ic oripinal list is lirrnrUh >/ircii.] 

Name. . 

Hans Adam Willhelm '^^^ 

Johannes Houst, '^ 

Isaac tStimell ^ 

Philip Happ, '!,^^ 

xVdam Mayer '.^^ 

Johannes Bischoff, [^^^ 

Peter Scheffer, 


Name. Agj. 

Adam Imenlieyser, 25 

Hans Yerich Smith, 18 

Michael Wydman, 24 

Johau Jacob Ideek, 25 

Hans Yericli Webber, 45 

Peter Ferdigh, 40 

Hans Peter Keller, 40 

Yerich Hack, 41 

Amlreas Keyler, . 24 

Jacob Kool, 4i) 

John Adam Miller 25 

Johannes Myer, C3 

John Hendk. Bote, 4;, 

John .Tonas Bote, 20 

Philip Lodwick Hidit^H, IB 

Hartnian Adam, 40 

Johannes Adam, 16 

^ Lodwick Waganer, 20 

Dudrick Mathias, 23 

John Frans Noll, 4C 

John Hendk. Noll 20 

Yerick Styerwald, 40 

Fredk. Reets, 27 

John Albertus Wagentbotteu, 20 

Anthy Maul, 27 

Conradt Maul 25 

Johannes Dufleydal, 23 

Johan Misael Diteoir, 19 

Phillip Vendell Hensell 52 

John Tobias, 16 

John Phillip Bamm, .... 30 

Nicholas Christ 58 

'' Michael Orig, .... 35 

Jacob Rungell. 27 

Fredk. Hamer, 35 

„Tobias Schall, 42 

Jacob Holtz, 45 

Andreas Hodenar, 30 

John Yerick Wyl 21 

Caspei- Keperling, ... 22 

Phillip Wensell, 48 

John Boonif^irdle, 26 

Michael Baserjnan 21 

Carles Inglie, 25 

.Johannes Inglie. 22 


Name. Age. 

Phillip Kogh 19 

Jacob Schear, . . 28 

Jolin Hendk. Croin, 20 

David Agh 22 

Caspar J^etherholt'/, 58 

Anthony Erniolt, 28 

Johannes Frans fTi-ove, 54 

Hendk. Crown, 17 

Willhelni J^yniestei-, 58 

Jacol) Smith, 20 

John Daniel Ham 20 

Yerick Whytman, , 34 

Yerick Lamley. 30 

Phillip Cabel Biller 23 

Casper Rupy, 27 

Lorent/, Wensell, 47 

VVohlgang Wolff, 3G 

Jacob Hamer, 16 

Mathias Knip, 48 

Hans Jacob Osterman, 28 

Hans Elhnus Schrymei-. . 21 

Johanes Engel, 22 

Phillip Hendk. Moore, 41 

Adam Wys, 24 

Pridk. Blactz, 36 

Andreas INIiller iJ5 

List of Foreiwxers Imported ix the Mary Gtalley, 
(teorge Lawsox, Captain, from London. (Qualified 
Sept. 7, 1748. 

Niclas Deederich, 
Nicklas Thinges, 
Micolaiis Wolff, 
Caspar Klehr, 
Conrad CUinner, 

Jacob Back, 

Peter Hans Schneeder, 
Johan (ieorg Roth, 
Johan Peter Ranch, 

Michael Konig. 

Peter Edeborn. 

Friederich Heff, 

Peter Levan, 

William Kohl, 

C-feorg Weber, 

Heinrich Schuhen. 

.J oh. Grottfried Sommerlad 

Phil. Jacob Sommerlad. 



Johannes Hiei)pel. 
J)avid Sudder, 
Johannes Willericli, 

Abraham Geebs, 
Jolian Adam Weber, 

[ 'JVic orir/inal 

Abia Schneider, 

Michael Koni^, 

Peter Ed er born. 

Henry Shewhan, 

Georg Keith, 

Peter Raugh, 

PhiHp Jacob Somerland, 

Jacob Hairs, 

Peter Barnd, 

Conrad Brunner, 

Jacob Back, 

David Suder, 

John Adam WeV>er, 

list IS herewWi. r/iven.} 

Nicholas Derrick, 
Nicholas Dirgris, 
Nicholas AVoolfe, 
Adam Smith, 
Godfrey Somerline, 
Jacob Fath, 
Casper Clair, 
John Kippel, 
Abraham Giabs, 
William Kohl, 
Geo. Waber, 
Jolm Wilrick. 

List of Forkigxers Imtortkd tx thk Two Brothers. 
Thomas Arxott, Master, from Rotterdam. QuAr-iFiEi) 
Sept. lo, 1748. 

Johannes Herrmann, 
Peter Bier, jr. , 
(Jasper Kieffer, 
Jacob Scherer, 
ChriRtoffel Heck, 
Johannes Worner, 
Jonas Somerlad, 
.Jacob Hendel, 
Michael Gnnter, 
Phi]lii)pius Stein, 
Conrad Kohler, 
Johan Burckhart Braun. 
Johan Daniel Wirth, 
Siegmund Bassermann, 
Georg Carl Hot/., 
Johan Philip StelTan. 
Johan Conrad Ranch. 

Peter Bier. 
Johannes Knecht, 
Abraham KiefTer, jr., 
Jonas Eberth, 
Nicolaus Clement/., 
Johannes Laubach, 
Johanes Stein, 
Jacob Hock, 
.Tohannes Heckert, 
Johannes Koller, 
Johannes Schlegel, 
Johan Casper Apffel, 
Johan Peter Denig, 
Joh. Friederich Hotz, 
Johan Casper Engel, 
Joh. Conrad Viehman, 
Johan .Tiisi Rberth, 



Johaii Baltes 8cliatler, 
Julian iSicklaUft Kindt, 
Joliann Jost Dorr. 
Conrail Alex. Hang, 
.loll. Daniel Schneider, 
Joh. Henrich Engel, 
Johan Peter Enjjel, 
Johan Casper Ranmer, 
Johan Priederieh Reher 
Michael Reitt'snyder, 
Johannes Achiung, 
Ewalt (xantler, 
MatTeis Dilliart, 
Candias Messert, 
Jacob .Tirarden, 
Michael Hesler. 
Creorg Engel, 
Peter Dan her, 
Angnstns Petfer, 
Daniel Kober, 
Peter Felte, 
Carl Marth, 
Jacob Bretzius, 
Daniel Angst. 
Johan Philip Schwab, 
Joh. Michael Brucker, 
Johan Peter Lenhart. 
Han Adam Stroher, 
Johannes Stohr. 
Joh. Mattheis Strohr, 

Johannes Bitterweiii. 
Johannes Gestner, 
Johan Peter Messert, 
Johann Georg Fass, 
Joh. Wilhehn Engel, 
Ludwig Danb Niistei, 
Joh. Wilhehn Mnller, 
Johan Matliens Etter, 
Johannes Hnntzecker, 
Johan Paul Junger. 
Joh. (-ret)rg Meserschinidt 
TTlrich Wirth, 
Johannes Waltz, 
Johannes Deyh, 
Johannes Nees, 
Joliannes Schlegel, 
Henrich Frantz, 
Johannes Braun, 
Jacol) IS i ess, 
Johannes Muller, 
Nicolaus Kuntz, 
Michael Barges, 
Philij) Heini, 
Jeivniias Rnnckel, 
l^hilip Jacob Schaffer, 
Joh. Henrich Specker, 
Johan Jost Rnnckel, 
Mathens Hntwohl, 
Joh. Mattheis Stroher, 
Micliel Christnian, 
Johann Rouller. 

Casper Ay)sel, 
Bnckhard Brann, 
Peter Bier, jun. , 
Peter Deneck. 
Johannes Knight, 
Carl Hvde. 

[The nrurinal list is hrrcirith friren.] 

Daniel Krentz, 
Peter Bier, 
Johannes Hearnian, 
Simon Basserinan, 
Fredrich Hyde. 
Casper Kiefer. 

Abraham Kiefer, 
Casper Ingle, 
Phili]) Stevan, 
Christotlel Hick. 

Abraham Kietei-. jun. 
Johan Sherer. 
Joliannes Ebert, Clemence, 



Johan Conrad Fieiiian, 
Johannes Werner. 
Baltzer Schriver, 
Johan Peter Enjj^le, 
Johan Casper Krenier, 
Joliannes ISeu, 
Hans Jacob Kentleil. 
Fritz Weber, 
Conrad (Tunter, 
Hans Eckkart, 
Michael RafTsnyder, 
(Jonrad K eh lor, 
Ulrich Wirth, 
Johan Jurg Messersmith, 
Johannes Waltz, 
Nicholas Kind, 
Matthias Dieder, 
JoGst Durrer, 
Peter Meflfert, 
Jacob Grerrardin. 
Johannes Slegell, 
Peter Ernst, 
Conrad Kellor, Jan., 
Johan Jurg Vaas, 
Dtmiel Snyder, 
Eitel Engell, 
Joliaii Engell, 
Peter Taubert, 
Doininicus Presser. 
Lndwg. David Rupfiell, 
Nichols. Koontz, 
Michael Bartjes, 
Carl Marth, 
Jacob Bretzius, 
Johannes Stohr, 
Philip Swaab, 
Johan Michal Brnckei-, 
Joost Runkell, 
Mathias Hutwohl, 
Mattys Stroher, 
;\Iichal Christnian, 
Johan Fulleps, 
Joiian Jurg Kellor, 

(Jonrad Rauch, 
Johan Jost Ebert, 
Johannes Laubach, 
Matthias Opp, 
Henrich Krenier, 
Johannes Holsecker, 
Johan Jacob Hock, 
Michael Gunter, 
Paul Junger, 
Philip S^eyn, 
Hans Kellor, 
Hans Slegell, 
Ewald (runter, 
Johannes Agtung, 
Peter Antony. 
Johannes Kesncir, 
Johannes Tey, 
Egiduis MefYert, 
Johannes Holtz, 
Peter (xerardin, 
Johannes Slegell, jr., 
Conrad Kellor, 
Jacob Reichart, 
Michael Hasler, 
Henrich Frantz, 
Wilhehnus Engell, 
Johannes AVyandt, 
.Facob Nyce, 
.Johannes Muller, 
Daniel Kobir, 
l^eter Velte, 
Johannes Newhouse, 
Philip Grim, 
Wilhehnus Muller, 
.Jacob Schefer, 
Henrich Spicke; , 
Jereniias Runkell, 
Peter Leonard, 
Hans Adam Stoher, 
Daniel Angst, 
Mathias Stroher, 
Johannes Sumerlauter. 



List ok Foreigj«;eus Imi'ori'kd in thk IShh' .Itditu, Cat'i, 

IFIED Sept. 15, 1748. 

Hans Peter Schaler, 
Johaii Adam Leidig, 
Johan Pecer Fell, 
( 'onrad Hinkel, 
Aiif^ust. Eigeu)iert, 
Valentin Volker. 
Christ Peter Sauerniau, 
Johannes Spess, 
C'asper Andieiser, 
Erliart Miller, 
Uirii'h Kathmacher, 
iSaldin Tropp. 
Michael Ungar, 
Johannes Schui. 
Johan Michael Seefried, 
Christian Dapper, 
Johan Elias Weisskopf, 
Johan Jacob Hassingei-, 
Johan Mieliel Banssniann, 
Jolian l^eter Heckuian, 
Johan Henricli Hauser, 
Thel)ns Spies, 
Georg Nickel Warmkessel, 
Jacob Mot/., 
Heinrich Buch. 
Johan Heinrich Brosins, 

Hans Mich. Schaler, 
Joiiaii Nicklaus Cosie, 
Johan Adam Meier, 

Philip Knobel, 

Heinrich Altham, 
Wilhelm Kuntz, 
Christian Schneid, 
Jolian Lorentz Weigand, 
Freileric (rest, 
Johan Meier, 
Conrad Weigand, 
Johannes Schnell, 
Nicklaus Akerman, 
Jacob Becker. 
Mat the us Lescher, 
Jacob Seibert, 
Johannes Hassinger, 
Peter Gluck, 

Philip Anton Sanermami, 
f^onrad Rhein. 
Johan Henricli Beitzel, 
l^aiilus Bender, 
Jacob Bettentorfer, 
Hans Lndwig Arndt, 
(-reorg Melchior Stuber, 
Christ ophel Lauer. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Patience. 
John Brown, Master, from Rotterdam, qualified 
Sept. 10, 1748. 

Johan Geo. Enders. 
Philip Peter (Preiser, 
Johan Heinrich Erlenbach 
Jacob Biege, 
Johan Geo. Mack, 
Ernst Jung, 
Nicklaus Meisner, 
Geo. Michael Rotzermel, 

Hans (reo. Romel, 
Valentin Rumiuel, 
Adam Kastner, 
Jacol) Heisel, 
Johan Peter I^oncks. 
Henricli Deisinger, 
Philij) Carl Haas, 
Peter I^etermau. 



Johaii Casper Hopple, 

Joiian Conrad Bohner, 

Valentin Kotter, 

Dietrich Sahl, 

Andreas Rudolf, 

«jeo. Baltus HotTelbauer, 

Georg Kass, 

Friedrich Hafner, 

Erdman Koppe, 

Johan Adam J^ietridi. 

Johan Gotfried Kiinstnian 

Sylvester AVeinier, 

Adam Sommer, 
Sebastian Leininger, 
Johannes Hittenbender, 
Ludwig Weiker, 
Carol us Feier, 
Johan Jacob MuUer, 
Peter Mumnia, 
Johanes Miller, 
Heinrich Schwab, 
Joliannes Gethner, 
(reo. Baltzer Kleber. 
Hernhart Kuter, 
Hans xVdam Knnkel. sen.. 

Hans Kunkel, 

Anton Weinroth, 

Jacob Haller, 

Andreas Bohringer, 

Conrad Leubert, 

Johannes ZoVnngen, 

Geo. Fred. Reisiner. 

Casper Philip Niedering, 

Jacob Laudenberger, 

Pierre Cellier, 

Jacob Margel, 

Hans Ulrich Bucher, 

Lawrence Eilmann, 

Heinrich Mutsche, 

Nicklaus "Wanser, 

Johan Geo. Bernhard Sto 

Johan Rudolph Kendel, 

Stephan Wenger, 

Christian Wenger, 

Samuel Frei, 

Henrich Adam Miller, 

Baltus Maus Scheib, 
Johan Peter Roth, 
Conrad Reiss, 
Philip Hoffelbauei-, 
Valentin Caspei-, 
Johannes Kunkel, 
George Nutz., 
Joseph Pfund, 
Geo. Anton Neidig, 
Johan Ernst Kiesecker, 
n, Alberich Bosch, 

Johan Jacob Martin, 
Johan .lost Mertz, 
Johan Conrad Leininger, 
Johan Philip Hertzel, 
Johan Nicklaus Weiker, 
Johannes Mag, 
Michel Muller, 
Peter Heisler, 
Philip Wolff, 
Johannes Herter, 
Frederic Hagner, 
Geo. Philip Rulhaur, 
Johan Frederic Forst^-r, 
Hans Adam Kunkel, jr.. 
Johannes Summerauer, 
Mattheus Burger, 
Adam Bohringer, 
Johannes Schmit, 
Henrich Summeraurer, 
Hendrick Kuyl, 
Heinrich Peter Deist, 
Heinrich Hobele, 
Jacob Ehrich, 
Jacob Blikenstorfer, 
Jacob Stons, 
Justin Fleiss, 
Christoph Beck, 
Adam Hartman, 
Jacob Weber, 
lerz, Casper Gerster, 
Hans Menger, 
Peter Bergtol, 
Hans Wenger, 
Hans Geo. Miller, 
Michael Christmann, 


Jolian Jaco]) Carle, Joha.i Caspar Carle, 

Liulwig Ehei-lin^, Hei-irieh ]SatTei-, 

Johan Jacob Schaffer, AnJreas Keller, 

Ciirl (flasser, Johan Nickel Held. 

Michael Kessler, Johan Christoph Spreciier, 

Johan Adam Kornagel, (-feo. Adam Bauman, 

Johannes Hols, Jacobus Muller. 

The original list is liereivith r/ivcn.] 

Name. Age. 

Johan Yerick Enders, . . . ' . 38 

Johan Yerick Rommel, 50 

Valentine Hommel, 22 

Hendk. Ellaback, I71 

Adam Cassinar, 38 

Jacob Beek, 35 

Jacob Heysel ... 45 

Johan Yerick Wack. 23 

Peter Jjouck, • 22 

Bart el Tiesinger 6G 

Hendk. Riesinger, . 18 

Nicholas Mysenar ... .21 

Yerick Michl. Rotderman 20 

Phillip ('arel Haas . 47 

Phiilip Peter Keyslinger 2() 

Peter Peterinan, " . . 25 

Casper Habler, 30 

Bartholome Shewbly, 19 

Conradt Booner, •25 

Jan Peter Fols, 18 

Valantine Roder, 24 

C^'onradt Reis, " 43 

Diederio Sol. 37 

Philip Hefelhowcr, 30 

Andreas Rhdolph, 27 

Valantine Casper 18 

Yerick Baltns Heifelbower 24 

Johann^^s Knngel, . . 44 

Johan Kungel, lo 

Yerick Carl, 26 

Yerick Vnts 29 

Fredrick Hafner 20 

Joseph Piper, 20 


Name. A<je. 

Edmund Cobie, 29 

Yerick Adam Nydig, 42 

Johan Adam J)iedrick 50 

Johau Adam Keisacker 20 

Johan Oodfried Honstman 40 

Diedrick Rash 19 

iSilvestor Patsman, 18 

John Jacol) Martin, 41 

Adam Farner, 30 

Joseph Martsin 23 

iSebastin Lynenger 50 

Johan Conradt Lynenger, 17 

Johannes Peterbiner, 23 

Pliillip Herbel, J9 

Lodwick Drager, 23 

Johan Nicol Wyker, 18 

Carlos Boyer, 18 

Johannes Mack, 25 

Johan Jacob Miller ... 21 

Michael Miller, 24 

Peter Mumnia, 27 

Peter Heysler, 27 

Johannes Miller, 24 

Phillip Wolf, 20 

Hendk. Swab. 18 

.Tohcinnes Gertert, 29 

Johannes Hinkner 30 

Fi'idrick Hacknor, . 29 

Yerick Baltus Clever, 24 

Phillip Filhower, 24 

Bernard Kuter, ... 18 

Hans Adam Kungel, 6G 

Hans Adam Kungel, jun 30 

Hans Kungel, 2G 

Hans Somesower, 33 

Anthony Winigatt, 23 

Mathias Burger, 21 

Jacob Haller 17 

Adam Bieringer, . . 26 

Andreas Beringer, 25 

Johannes Smith, Sfi 

Conradt I,ei)old 33 

Hendk. Somerower, 20 

Johannes Soupinger, 29 

Hendk. Kuvl 37 


Name. Agt. 

Yerick Syderspinder, 2s 

Hendk. Pougher, 24 

Casper Schewbly, ' 23 

Hans Sibley, 30 

Henry Sibley 18 

Jacob Lauclenberger, lU 

Jacob Orie, 4G 

Peter Seller 32 

Jacob Bleykesoffer, 2") 

Ulrich Bourher, IT 

Jacob Clasley, 1~ 

Jacob Markie 4.5 

Jacob Stizhous, 22 

Jjawrence Spleiuarr, < ■ 39 

Christopher Beck 20 

Henry Bickie, 22 

Adam Hastnian ^^ 

Nich. Waniser 35 

Jacob Webber 32 

Barnard Stiglien, ^^ 

Casper Raster, 3( 

Rudolph Kenil, ~'' 

Johannes Wengar, "^^ 

Johannes Wengar, ^^ 

Peter Bartol. 24 

Samuel Fries ^^ 

Hans Yerick Miller, 38 

Hendk. Miller, 21 

Michl. Crasman, ^^ 

Jacob Carrel, 

John Casper Carrel 

Lodwk. Abling, ^^ 

Hendk. Neeter, ^^ 

Hans Jacob Shaffer ]^ 

Andreas Keller, 


Carol Glaser, ^ 

John Nichs. Knut ^ 

Michl. Keysler, ~.* 

Phillip Hungel, ~'- 

John Christopher Sprecker, ^;^ 

Yerick Adam Carnagal ~- 

Yerick Adam Bowman ~~ 

Johannes Holtz, ~ 

Jacob Miller, 

18-VOL. XVII. 



liist of forbignkrs imported in the ship patience and 
Margaret, John Povan, Captain, from Rotterdam, 


Johan Nicklaus Korndorfer, 

Carl Balrus Kern, 

Johan Heinrich Pfeil, 
e Dietrich Reinhart, 

Andraes Spieler, 

Heinrich Seeman, 

Michel Biehl, 

Johan .lacob Matthais, 

Johan Adam Gobel, 

Johannes Kneip, 

Jacob Deitz, 

Reichard Langer, 

Johan Die] Wentz, 

Peter Strohl, 

Hans Clem, 

Johan Friederick Geiger. 

Johan Adam Schneider, 

Johan Heinrich Brethnich, 

Johan Geo. Schad, 

Johan Peter Galler, 
- Wilhelm Wagner, 

Heinrich Krapf, 

Eckerle Schonkbach, 

Johan Nickel Pold, 
"^Johan Michel Rinehart, 

Baltzer Schwab, 

Jacob Oberkirsch, 

Henrich Kauter, 

Freiderick Mass, 

Johannes Busch, 

Johannes Unvezagt, 

Johan Nickel Jung, 

Johannes Lotz, 

Ludwig Pfluger, 
Johan Peter Veith, 
Heinrich Knobloch, 
Philii? Zimmer, 
Johan Ludwig Seeman, 
Friedrich Panheimer^ 
Johan Peter Neu, 
Johannes Fentler, 
Christian Hahn, 
Johannes Lantz, 
Johan Michel Deitz, 
Jacob Hoflfner, 
Geo. Henry Fuchs. 
Johannes Meininger, 
Johan Peter Hahn, 
Johan Gotfried Sen, 
Johan Michel Dreierling, 
Johan Philip Schmack, 
Johan Melchior Krautter, 
Gottfried Fremauer, 
Baltzer Fleischer, 
Peter Schmidt, 
Jacob Em rich, 
Jacob Landes, 
Antonius Brost, 
Johan Matthias Gelt, 
Michel Oberkirsch, 
Johan Casper Zwach, 
Heinrich Busch, 
Johan Jacob Hart, 
Wendel Kiefer, 
Anton Hamscher. 

[ The orif/ i.s lierewith fjiven.] 
Names. -A-ge. 

John Nicholas Corondorph, 22 

Ludwick Fliger, 30 

Baltus Karne 18 

John Peter Fick, ' 23 


Name. Age. 

Hendrick Poole 18 

Hendrick Knoblick, 28 

Diedrick Boyunaiui, 27 

l^hillin Siiner. 25 

Andreas Speler, 48 

Lodwick Seaman, 20 

Hendk. Seymour, ._^ X • • ~'^ 

Pliilip Jaeol) Jacobine IT 

Fredk. Spoonamer, no 

Micliael Bayle, 28 

John Peter Nay, 25 

Jacob Mathias, SO 

Johannes Killer, B2 

John Adam Kebel, 31 

Christian Han, 19 

Johannes Knip, *>8 

Johannes Lam, 6 

Joliannes Tiets, 50 

Michael Tiets, 17 

Reighart Langer, ■ • . 30 

Jacob Liefler, 48 

John Till VVym 20 

Yerrick Fookhes. 28 

Peter Strall 34 

Johannes Myenger 35 

Johannes Klyn, 24 

John Peter Ham. 30 

Fredrick Geger, 30 

Godfred Zoham, 29 

Adam Shnyder, 23 

John Michel Byerling, 33 

Hendk. Bretnight, 24 

John Philip Smick, 30 

Yerrick Shadd, 27 

John Melchior Kritzer 46 

John Peter Keller • • . 35 

Godfret Bremhover '• 27 

sWilliam Waganer 42 

Baltzer Flisher, 20 

Hendk. Craft 18 

Peter Smith, •'>0 

Carel Kahaback, '^2 

Johannes Kahaback 1^' 

Yerrick Emerick, 19 

John Nicholas Poligh 40 


Name. Age. 

Jacob Lantz, 30 

Michael Rieghart, 27 

WilheJem Greshev, 31 

Anthony Brost, 33 

Baltzer Swop, 43 

Mathias Kebel, 34 

Jacob Oriker, 30 

Michael Oriker, 27 

Hendrick Corwar ♦SO 

John Jasper Brake, 40 

Fredk. Muys 38 

Hendk. Freeman 30 

Hendk. Bush 26 

Anthony Hampire, 24 

John Bush 21 

John Jacob Hart 24 

Johannes Undersight, 40 

Windel Kefer 27 

Nichs. Young „ 18 

Johannes Loch 24 

Conrat Van Gemita, 16 

Yerrick Rizer, 20 

List of Foreigxers Imported ix the Ship Elliot, Cap- 
tain James Adams, from Rotterdam. Qualified Aug. 
24, 1749. 

Peter Rasch, 
Friederich Christian, 
Johan Geo. Wien. 
Richard Hoffman, 
Anton Wolff, , 
Carl Hedwig, 
Conrad Henrich Eckhard, 
Johan Martin Hoffman, 
Johan Martin Breis. 
Gottleib Beckler, 
Jacob Arndt, 
Peter Busch, 
Coiiraxl Wissner, 
Johannes Jonas, 

Gottheil Sigwart, 

Johan Friederich Bosermau. 

Jacob Hoffman, 

Johan Jost Krauscher, 

Johan Philip Fautz, 

Johan Geo. Bernhard, 

Geo. Peter Bestel, 

Johan Martin Busch, 

Johannes Strohschneider, 

PliiHp Vorback, 

Matthais Wagbach, 

Peter Hopp. 

Johan Geo. Kitz, 

Engel Jonas, 



Philip Kreischer, 
Carl Luihvig Stump, 
Jacob Kirch, 
Nickel Anton I>e\valler, 
Johan Henrich Jacobi, 
Johan Philip Buhl, 
Johan Anton Simon, 
Johan Philip Freidonbacli, 
Michael Jost, 
Johannes Beier, 
Christoph Saml. Bildman, 
John Greo. Rumisnus, 
Hans Geo. Haas, 
Johannes Jager, 
Jacob Fritz, 
Peter Klein, 
Johan Geo. Schneider, 
Johan Peter Tressler, 
Johan Daniel Miller, 
Phillipus Willemher. 
Johannes Philip Peiflfer, 
John Conrad Gentzler, i-^ 
Johannes Heidenreit, 
Philip Windermier. 
Simond Frankenfeld, 
Geo. Paul Geier, 
Johan Geo. Forster, 
Johan Casper Grasmuck, 

Johan Nicklaus Kreischer, 
Johan Paul Buss, 
Nicklaus Necum, 
Peter Nickum, 
Johan Jacob Jacobi, 
Johannes Standter, 
Johan Geo. Bktme. 
Johan Nicklaus Beier, 
Nicholas Hasselljach, 
Johan Jacob Hasser, 
Conrad Gebhart,- 
Conrad Lenner, 
Johan Jacob Mertz, 
Johan Nickel Lang, 
Jonas Fleck, 
Jacob Bauer, 
Heinrich Anton Konig, 
Johan Reinhart Schinein, 
Jacob Christian Gleini, 
Herman Beltz, 
Geo. Adam Gossler, 
Johannes Bintzel, 
Peter Markert, 
Anton Windermier, 
Johan Adam Geier, 
Geo. Frederich Kuper, 
Andreas Wolff, 
Johan Martin Bernheusel. 

List of Foreigners I 
Michael James. Maste 
Aug. 30. 1749. 

Hans Jacob Markle, 
Hans Markle, 
Hans Erbe, 
Hans Heinig, 
Hans Peter Groff, 
Hans Ulrich Fahr, 
Jacob Sahle, 
Jacob Ruber, 
Heinrich Buser, 
Frederic Brucker, 
Nickel Dammer, 

mported IX THE Ship Crown, 
H, from Rotterdam. guALiFiED 

Hans Geo. Markle, 
Claus Bershinan, 
Martin Weber, 
Jacob Groff, 
Hans Groff. 
Heinrich Sell, 
.Johannes Tschudi, 
Samuel Neunsch wander, 
Michel Beier. 
Heinrich Buster, 
Hans Weber, sen. , 



Jacob Stiernfelt. 

Hans Weber, jun. , 

Philip Schmeid, 

Hans Jacolj Stehle, 

Hans Halle, 

Martin Grrun, 

Jacob Guss, 

Martin Schudi, 

Rinehard Guntzenhauser, 

Hans Jacob Blonk, 

Hans Messner, 

Henrich Gerster, 

Jacob Seller, 

Adam Braubach, jun., 

Heinrich Braubach, 
Jacol) Weisner, 
Baltzer Strome, 
Jacob Roher, 
Hans Flubacher, 
Alexander Dammer, 
Johan Rudi, 
Hans Madere, 
Jacob Weibel, 
Durst Ammer, 
Leonhart Buser, 
Matthias Seller, 
Hans Scholtes, 
Hans Buser, 
Heinrich Thome, 
Hans Jacob Hassler, 
Jacob Walsner, 
H ms Jacob Messener, 
Johannes Marti, 
Martin Detwiler, 
Hans Dege, 
Daniel Ludin, 
Heinrich Brunner, 
Heinrich Schneider, 
Johannes Seller, 
Peter Litzler. 
Hans Rudolph Brobeck, 
Jacob Luthe, 
Heinrich Schatt'ner, 
Sebastian Hassler, 
Martin (irunblatt, 
Jacob Wurtz, 

Heinrich Stache, 

Matthias Bubele, 

Joseph Emanuel Pfiffer, 

Durst Halle, 

Martin Mier-Hoffer, 

Jacob Durr, 

Jacob Schweitzer, 

Hans Wumler, 

Martin Gasch, 

Johannes Tschudi, 

Friederick Schwander, 

Adam Braubach, sen., 

Jacob Tschudi, 

Martin Walleset, 

Hans Stohler, 

Martin Seller, 

Hans Stohler, 

Johannes Schutzer, 

Ernst Enders, 

Hans Ulrich Ehrenspenger, 

Adam Weibel, 

Philip Thome. 

Heinrich Handsche, 

Christophel Seller, 

Martin Scheider, 

Georg Scholtes, 

Jacob Danne, 

Adam Thome, 

Hans Jacob Gass, 

Daniel Messerle, 

Lorentz Marti, 

Hans Jacob Honecker, 

Hans Messemer, 

Heinrich Leibe, • 

Jacob Schopp, 

Hans Jacob Zahler, 

Martin Tschopp, 

Hans Ulrich Messmer, 

Hans Geo. Reininger, 

Stephan Spenhauer, 

Jacob Hassler, 

Bernhart Romstein, 

Hans Jacob Grunblatt, 

Christoph AViehlen, 

Jacob Gruder, 



Leonhart Hen, 

Matthais Sjjitier, jun. , 

Martin Spitler, 

Hans Gerber, 

Johannes Meier, 

Jacob Purnian, 

Peter Zeigler, 

Martin Herbster, 

Ulrich Fieler, 

Johannes Nicklaiis Machoid, 

Nicklaus Hauser, 

Mattlihis Spitler. sen., 
Hans Jacob tSpitler, 
Hans Graber, 
Nicklaus Dill, 
Johan Liulwig Bude, 
Conrad Zeij^ler, 
Aiuh-eas Donner, 
Heinrich Bude, 
Hans .Jacob Vorwenger, 
Abraham Hauser. 

List op Foreigners Imported in the Ship Chesterfield, 
Thomas Coatam, Master, from Rotterdam, (.qualified 
Sept. 1, 1749. 

Hans Jacol) Allert. 
Baltazer Mauerle, 
Jacob Sclilotterer, 
Martin Schauwecker, 
Martin Sclilotterer, 
Philip Geo. Midler, 
Hans Michel Lotters, 
Hans Conrad Katz, 
Bastian Meir, 
Maximilian Speidel, 
Johan Jacob Kies, 
Nicklaus Relan, 
Jacob Rupper, 
Christ in Riipple, 
Jacob Deible, 
Georg Limbert, 
Hans Ulrich Suller, 
Koster Meier, 
Baltas Zimmerman, 
Jacob Klotz, sen., 
Hans Leonhard Klotz, 
Elias Steb, 
Hans Stucher, 
Werner Sutter, 
Simon Heuche, 
Ludwig Konig, sen., 

Rolje Guide, 

Johannes Maurer, 

Joseph Speidel, 

Hans Conrad Schauwecker, 

Jacob Scldotterer. 

Johannes Keller, 

Jaques Moris, 

Johannes Meir, 

Martin Wachter, 

Hans Geo. Speidel, 

Lorentz Schwitzer, 

Solomon Gense, 

Jacob Dast, 

Jacob Uhler, 

Martin Schuler, 

Martin Gotz, 

Georg Fiickel, 

Johan Martin Beck, 

Jacob Scheufler, 

Jacob Klotz, jun., 

Gottfried Pusch, 

Michel Steb. 

Christ Wundeisen, 

Johannes Heuche, 

Joseph GriTz. 

Ludwig Konig, juu., 



Freiderich Seiter, 
Johannes Klein, 
Matthias Schlotterer, 
Michael Pfrang, 
Hans Christ. Beutler, 
Hans Geo. Blatz, 
Chrjstoph Gross, 
Christian Schafer, 
Hans Eberhart, 
Baltus Maier, 
Michel Treuspach, 
Elias Eberhart, 
Joseph Eckert, 
Hans Jacob Herr, 
Jacob Hauch, 
Johan Michel Christman. 
Michel Stierlen, 

Adam Warner, 

Joseph Hiller, 

Johan Conrad Schlotterer, 

Michael Kiele, 

Jacob Medscer, 

Hans Geo. Heisch, 

Simon Schneck, 

Conrad Kaltenauer, 

Johan Martin Heus, 

Matthias Lautenschlager, 

Jacob Reinthaler, 

Ludwig Hoch. 

Geo. Frietlerich Fischer, 

Hans Geo. Hanselmann, 

Johan Georg Weiss, 

Philip Kiibler, 

Conrad AVolflf. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Albany, 
Robert Brown, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 

Sept. 2, 1749. 

Johan Nicklaus Conrad, 

Johan Gerber, 

Johan Heinrich Metz, 

Johan Georg Kraft, 

Johan Michel Kabel, sen. 

Hans Kabel, 

Hans Peter Gembler, 

Johannes Schimpf, 
Johan Philip Bier, 
Johan Baltus Hetzler, 
Freidrich Gotsinger, 
Johan Michel Kabel, jun., 
Geo. Schwartz, 
Hans Michel Gembler, 

Johan Heinrich Blumenscheich, Johannes Winkler, 

Nickol Heist, 

Johan Philip Heist, 

Matthias Schoclc, 

Hans Peter Edelman, 

Georg Drucke, 

Wendel Schneer, 

Johan Christoph Rintzinger, 

Joseph Scholl, 

Ciiristoph Nutz, 

Johan Nibling, 

Johan Martin Schuck, 

Hans Martin Strein, 

Hans Georg Edelman, 

Johan Peter Heist, 
Johan Adam Ewalt, 
Valentin Edelman, 
Hans Redman, 
Johan Philip Hofthurmer, 
. Hans Jacob Wagner, 
Michel Buck, 
Johannes Grauer, 
Johannes Buchter, 
Hans Geo. Fischer, 
Geo. Michel Herold, 
Hans Georg Dreher, 
Adam Edelman, 



Johan Wilhelm Volk, 
Andreas Welker. 
Joliau Jacolj Joch, jun. , 
Jolian Michel Joch, 
Johannes Jetter, 
Geo. Cxintner, 
Peter Schafer, 
Matthias Nunnenuiacher 
Freiderich Lt3we, 
Hans Baltazer Schafer, 
Peter Edehnan, 
Johannes Miiller. 
Hans Georg Hassig, 
Johan Zacharias Erdroth, 
J. Leonhart Meier, 
Hans Adam Peitsch, 
Phihp Laudenschlager, 
Johannes Graber, 
Christophel Nagel. 
Peter Brunner, 
Johan Bernhart German, 
Adam Geistiger, 
Johan Phihp Georg, 
Martin Ranch, 
J. Georg Volk, 
Geo. Michel Frantz, 
Peter Kill, 
Alexander Klinger, 
Conrad Menges, 
J. Adam Rufweg, 
Johan Adam Rausch, 
Johan Geo. Rettig, 

Gottlieb Volk, 

Johan Jacob Joch, sen., 

Johan Peter Herg, 

Hans Peter Jetter, 

Hans Conrad Rorich, 

Johan (ieo. Menges, 

Casper Walser, 

Johan Adam Heckman, 

Hans Georg Nagel, 

Jchannes Heckman, 

Johan Wilhelm Cufer, 

Adam Luick, 

J. Nicklaus Delp, 

Johan Geo. Schafer, 

Johan Geo. Dressier, 

Johan Anton Walther, 

Philip Jacob Kreisch, 

Hans Philip Krischbaum, 

Johan Adam Gorm, 

Johan Adam Goetz, 

Adam German, 

Adam Lautenschlager, 

Johannes Klinger, 

J. Baltazer Jegel, 

Valentin Schuck, 

Marthi Schafer, 

Philip Jacob Walther, 

Nicklaus Beitzel, 

Johan Adam Krichbaum, 

Johan Wilhelm Krickbaum, 

Peter Bruner. 

List of Foreigners Imported is the Ship Saixt Andrew. 
James Abercrombie, Master, from Rotterdam, last 
from Plymouth, England. Qualified Sept. 9, 1749. 

Andreas Emmert. 
Arnold Kramer, 
Johannes Runkel, 
Adam Heinrich Borger, 
Jacob Linke. 
Peter Bauman, 

Joseph Bergstohlt, 
Johannes Webel. 
Heinrich Hammer, 
Jost StreithofT, 
Christian Halte, 
Jacob Rohr, 



Peter Singer, 
Ulrich EUenberger, 
Christian Stauffer, . 
Isaac Schnabie. 
Joliannes Wussing, 
^Michael Wagner, 
Christian Hassler, 
Jacob Hertzler, 
Hans Diirstein, 
Caspar Herschberger, 
.lolian Greo. Valentin, 
Ulrioh Blickstorfer, 
.Jacob Maschberger, jiin., 
Johan Jacob Kublinger, 
.rohannes Bohmer, 
Marcus Gruel, 
Jacob Kern. 
Johan Peter Bach,- 
Christoph Weber, 
Leonhart Kessler, 
Freidrich Nethoff, 
Jacob Brandt, 
Uiricli Stauffer, 
Daniel Berr, 
Andreas Keller, sen., 
Heinrich Casper Racke 
Johannes Korel, 
Peter Wilhelm, 
Frant/, Jons, 
Johan Theis Hiester, 
Baltzer Weinberger, 
Valentin Stitter, 
Ulrich Hackman. 
Abraham Brnbacher, 
Johan Adam Staller, 
Jacob Herbig, 
Johan Heinrich Gerndt, 
Johannes Mellinger, 
Johannes Jung. 
Christian Eschbacher, 
Hannes Wenger, 
Peter Helmann, 
Christian Fusch, 
Adam Hetwig. 
Hans Jacob Weise, 
Herman Feger, 

Christian Groff, 

Peter EllenVjerger, 

Johan Fried. Emrich, 

Johannes Rohr. 

Benedick Mellinger, 

Samuel KaufTnian, 

Hans Rudefrei. 

Jacob Hertzler, 

Christian Eschbacher, 

Jacob Herschberger, 

Johan Flickenstetter, 

Jacob Maschberger, sen. , 

Johan Henrich Wenig. 

Johan Daniel Kiiblinger, 

Peter Sternemann, 

Nicklaus Jost, 

Johannes Hahn, 

Jacob Leidig, 

Samuel Meier, 

Johan Peter Druck, 

Peter Ihrig, 

Johannes Berr, 

Daniel Stauffer, 

Johan Frederic Berr, 

Andreas Keller, jun. , 

Jacob Fried. Debertsliauser. 

Johan Engelbert Morgenstern, 

Conrad Hoffman, 

Christian Hirschberger. 

(Jonrad Hiester, 

.Johan Wilhelm Frank, 

Heinrich Stauffer, 

Johannes Walder, 

Johan Conrad Seibel, 

Hans Geo. Garner, 

Valentin Haag, 

Jacob Eschelman, 

Johannes Fink, 

Christian Wenger, 

Johan Brubacher, 

Jacob Eimann. 

Martin Schweng, 

Johannes Eppleman, 

Hans Adam Dorr, 

Johannes Huth, 

Simon Zehrmann, 

THE OATH OF allp:gian(u<:. 


Petpr Alius, 
Johan Peter Kramer, 
Jacob Weiss, 
Greorg 8eliainbach, 
Ulrich Torte, 
Ulrich Stober, 

(Jliristoi)hel Hentze, 
Matthias Weiss, 
Johannes Hackniann, 
Heinrieh iStauffer, 
Hans Cfeo. Hobler. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Priscilla, 
Captain William Muir, from Rotterdam, c^ualified 
Sept. 11. 1740. 

Jacob Bainnan, 
Heinrich Lier, 
Johannes Miller, 
Heinrich Barr, 
Johannes Liihr, 
Heinrich Sturapf, 
Jacob Stable, 
Hans (feo. Issler, 
Hans Schnable, 
fieorg Funk, 
Johan Rinehart Uhl, 
Rudolpn Huber, 
Jacob Biir, 
Caspar Plister, 
Hans Rudolph (Tallniann, 
Rudolph Naff, 
Hans Jacob Gubler, 
Heinrich Huber, 
Jacob Kuntz, 
Jacob Mauer, 
Jacob Hauser, 
Hans Hostedel, 
Jacob Schnable, 
Freidrich Schurp, 
yPaul Schorle, 
Johan Peter Miilhoff, 
Johan Michel Bohr, 
Michael Frank, 
Freiderich Stroh, 
Johan Philip Kiistner, 
Johan Jacob Walther, 
Johan Freidric Fruschte, 

Johannes Krauer, 
Rudolph Ode, 
Heinrich Huber, 
Melchoir Lieder, 
Friederich Stallenweider, 
Hans Murre. 
Heinrich Miller, 
Jacob (jriitinger, 
Ulrich Hofstetter, 
Johannes Wiss, 
Jacob Huber, 
Ulrich Haul)er, 
Matthias (ialhnann, 
Hans Jacob Meier, 
Jacob jN'afT, 
Casper Huber, 
Rudi Kuntz, 
Hans Kern, 
Rudi Mauer, 
Jacob Peter Seider, 
Rinehart Scherer, 
Jacob Bart, 
Johannes Schurj), 
Johan l^hilipMiilhoir, 
Nickel I'eteri, 
Johannes Ijorentz, 
Johan Peter Frank, 
Johan Ludwig Kiistner, 
(ieo. Dietrich ])iirr, 
Johan Heinrich Steiger, 
Johan Nickel rT(ll)el, 
Johan Matthias Bohr, 



Johan Michael Mattier, 
Johan Adam Bohr, 
Johan Nicklaus Wedertz, 
Johan Nickel Neu, 
Johan Peter Miiller, 
Hans Zubler, 

Johan Matthias Stroher, 
Johan Mat thais Becker, 
Johan Adam Neu, 
Heinrich Rutschi, 
Johan Bernhart Hoflfman. 
Hans Suber. 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Christian. 
Captaix Thomas Brady, from Rotterdam. C^uAlified 
Sept. 18, 1749. 

Friederieh Gelbach, sen.. 
Friederich Gelbach, jun. , 
Andreas Vogel, 
Hans .Jacob Schumacker, 
Hans Adam Hoffman, 
Valentin Kern, 
Geo. Ludwig Borg, 
Heinrich Albrecht,- 
Frantz Zeigler. jun., 
Valentin Bellinger, 
Martin Bernhart. 
Hans Geo. Mischele, 
Johan Geo. ReAvig. 
Adam Casper Geisinger, 
Adam Schneck. 
Jolian Pliili]j Horn, 
Michael Schumacher, 
Ulrich Maintzer. 
Geo. Michel Derr, 
Andreas Braun, 
Karl Walder, 

Johan Andreas Weckesser, 
Georg Hummel, 
David Pfautz, 
Carl Goss, 

Martin Schlachenhauff, 
.Tohan Michel Meier, 
Hans Geo. Haffer, 
Hans Georg Shuiner, 
Johannes Tille, 
Matthias Ostertag, jun., 
Johan Albrecht Eshelman, 

Frantz Gelbach, 

Paulus Brod, 

.Johan Andreas Deuler, 

Hans .Jacob Stotz, 

Friedrich Erb, 

Christoph Ludwig, 

Ernst Munkel. 

Frantz Zeigler, sen., 

Benjamin Kuni, 

Johannes Mischele, 

Julius Christoph Bachner, 

Johan Geo. Lang, 

Johannes Schaffer, 

Johan Ludwig Bauerle, 

Daniel Alteck, 

Wilhelm Foltz, 

Joseph Ressener. 

Johan Philip Henrich Sauer, 

Geo. Loenhart Braun. 

Geo. Michel Braun, 

Philip Raupt. 

Johan Jacob Datismann, 

Jacob Hiemann, 

Michael Hauff, 

"Wibert Rupp. 

Michael Hechelmann, 

Christian Romich, 

Hans Geo. Feucht, 

Michael Hauff, 

Matthias Ostertag, sen., 

Johan Michel Sommer, 

Abraham Stelmann, 



Michael Rummel. 
Hans Geo. Unangst, 
Baltazer Glisser, 
Martin Uanner, 
Conrad Bosh, 
Joseph Schmit, 
Christian Linbaoher, 
Johan Adam Ebert, 
Johannes Renter, 
Isaac Jung, 

Baltzer Dock, 

Johannes iSchraerber, 

Hans Peter Jung, 

Jacob Abt, 

Abraham Ribelet, 

Heinrich Jock, 

Johan Jacob Bauertz, 

Heinrich Neck, 

Michel Hauswirth, 

Anton Ecke, 

Johan Erliart Knappenbergei 

Martin Hirsch, 

Hans Adam Kreiger, 

Johan Erhart, f^^ 
Hans .Jacob Uber, 
Wilhelm Heische, 
Han.s Geo. Merkle, 
Matthias "Weiss, 
Jacob Risterholtz, 
Johan Geo. Linbacher, 
Johan .Tacol) Hirn, 
Jacob Wiilule, 
Christian Estenwach, 
Peter Gasse, 
Samuel Masser, 
Hans Peter Ribelet, 
Johan Nicklaus Koch, 
D. Thomas Hold. 
Christian Lenhart, 
Christian Gliisser, 
Peter Hamman, 

Philip Kugler, 
Jacob Rummel. 
, Christian Gutknecht, 

Bernhard Schweigart. 

List of Foreigners 
ERS, Thomas Arxot 
FiED Sept. 14, 1749. 

Johan Gerhart Schneidt 
Johan Diest Schneider, 
Johan Peter Schneider, 
Jacob Gruber, 
Johan Conrad Reffe, 
Adam Heinrich Heintz, 
Michel Reisener, 
Heinrich Wagner, 
Peter Anns, 
Hans Peter Lohr, 
Johan Jost Blecher, 
Johan Hermaiines, 
Johan Peter Holtasch, 
Johan Peter Lai, 
Johan Peter Lehmer, 

Imported ix the Ship Two Broth- 
Master, from Rotterdam. Quali- 

Weigand Schneider, 
Johan Max. Schneider, 
Christian Humbold, 
Wilhelm Jacol) Gruber, 
Theiss Reffe, 
Johan Hermanns, 
Peter Oflfner. 
Johan Heinrich Wagner. 
Philip Lohr, 
Johannes Peter, 
Johan Peter Miller, 
Johan Jost Fiesser, 
Johan Heinrich Lohr, 
Johan Christ. Lehmer, 
Christian Birkenbein, 



Jolian Albert Stecker, 
Jacob Kainbeck, 
Wilhelin Schafer, 
Johan Heinrich Fuchs, 
Johan Adam Fuchs, 
Johan Jacob Wirt, 
Johan Heinrich Ke.uler, 
Johan Peter Lupp, 
Simon- Holier, 
Jolian Krnst Kriimer, 
Johan Baltazer Schmit, sen 
Johan Christoph Klein, 
Johan Shilling, 
Johan Adam Schmitger, 
Johan Wilhelm Mallert, 
Johannes Greiss, 
Johan Jacob Hoffman, 
Johannes Bohmer, 
Wilhelm Dietz, 
Johan Adam Jung, 
Johan Philip Becker, 
Johan Christoph Ladenham 
Johan Peter Braun, 
Christian Steltz, 
Johannes IMewess, 
Johannes Peter Dieht, 
Johan Theiss Durschmann, 
Johan Jacob Haner, 
Johan Theiss Rub, 
Johan Michel Gessel, 
Michel Durschmann, 
Johan Nicklaus Schmit, 
Johan Peter Bath, 
Johan Adam Gemmer, 
Johannes Peter Sein, 
Johan Kann, 
Johan Wilhelm Jung, 
Christian Becker, 
Johan Peter Miller, 

Wilhelm Reckhauser, 

Johan Jost Schafer, 

Johan Heinrich Hoffman, 

Johan Heinrich Schmit, 

Johan Beisbecker, 

Chris. Matthias Gobler, 

Johan Philip Sauer, 

Peter Humricli, 

Johan Philip Leh, 

Johan Wemisbacker, 
. , Johan Baltazer Schmit, jun., 

Johan Peter Schuman, 

Johan Martin Schmitger, 

Johan Adam Spiess, 

Johan Martin Greiss, 

Matthias Traun, 

Wilhelm Kirsch, 

Geo. Schafer, 

Johannes Peter Jung, 

Matthew Becker, 

Johan Adam Becker, 
mer, Johan Peter Aller, 

Johan Peter Hess, 

Johan Jacob Carl, 

Johan Geo. Schultz, 

Bastain Braun, 

Johannes Siiger, 

Wilhelm Held, 

Johan Christ Riib, 

Ernst Becker, 

Johan Nicklaus Schick, 

Johan Wilhelm Jiiger, 

Johan Christ. Schneider, 

Christoph Lentart, 

Joachim Henn, 

Heinrich Scheich, 

Johan Theiss Becker, 

Johan Peter Schaff. 

Heinrich Weller, 

Freiderich Gottfried Schmit. 




IjIst of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Edinbuki;, 
James Russel, Master, erom Rotterdam, last from 
Portsmouth, England. guALiFiED Sept. 15, 1749. 

Abraham Jung. 
Heinricli Conrad, 
Joiian Friedrich Dietz, 
Philip Mertz, 
Johan Pliilip Hanne, 
Johan Jacob Becker, 
Nicklaus Biedman, 

-Friedric Scheimer, 

Johan Daniel Kailer, 
Johan Philip Dick, 
Valentin Henibelmann, 
Johan Conrad Liatz, 
Johan (too. Mundel, 
Philip Diehl, 
Jalins Spicker, 
Freidric Klar, 
Jacob Hanima.n, 
Johan Jacob Schafer, 
Johannes Ru dinger, 
Walter Sciimit, 
Valentin Heil, 
Adam Bauer, 
• Anton Schreiner, 

Johan Laudenschlager, 
Geo. Wacker, 
Johan Geo. Steiner, 
Adam Guss, 
Andreas Stain, 
Bernhart Scherer. 
Freideric Schwab. 
Wilhelm Schwerber, 
Samuel Kerch, 
Michael Kemmer, 
Stoppel Schuhmann, 
Philip Medsee, 
Michael Maurer, 
Latharius Pfannenbecker, 
Conrad Knepper, 
Johan Adam, 
— -Jacob Beiber, 

Frantz Nicklaus Faber, 
Johan Buchhaminer, 

Peter Lang, 
Geo. Conrad, 
Johannes Schmit, 
Herman Mauer, 
J eremias Biir, 
Philip Peter Becker, " 
Daniel Scheimer, _ 
Michel Scheimer, _ 
Johan Heinrich Lang, 
Johan Freideri«h Martin, 
Valentin Scherer, 
Adam Lami)e, 
Heinrich Miedel, 
Christoph Lambert, 
Hannes Spicker, 
Johannes Bauer, 
Peter Laub, 
Geo. Fengel, 
Peter Kutritt, 
Hannes Senffelder, 
Johan Heinrich Scheid, 
Jacob Wirth, 
Valtin Patri. 
Johannes Schnorr, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Michel Wacher, 
Christ. Neidlein. 
Geo. Henry Rissler, 
Peter Tamerus, 
Lorentz Scherer. 
Stephan Schwerber, 
Adolph Schmit, 
Jacob Kerch, 
Michael Peess, 
Johan Geo. Hinilerschied, 
Heinrich Schmit, 
Christian Schmit, 
Nicklaus Seltzer, 
Johan Peter Geiss, 
Andreas Bieber, 
Hans Jacol> Tanner, 
Heinrich Faber, 


Erasmus Stockius, 

Johan Nicklaus Fellenberger, 

Stephan Baier, 

Philip Dinges, 

Nicklaus Eisenuiiiuger. 

Johan Geo. Klein, 

Johan Jacob Gosser, 

Philip Bucke, 

Anton Hargesheimer, 

Peter Brauchs. 

Heinrich Schmit, 

Johan Wilhelin Schreiner, 

Jacob Zinn, 

Simon Horsch, • 

Johannes Halthaus, 

Carl Siener, 

Benedictus Schom, 

Johannes Von Der Lindt, 

Jacob Becker, 

Christian Egger, 

Heinrich Bender, 

Freidric Dick, 

Johan Michel Konig, 

Conrad Miller. 

Jacob Welmann, 

Fritz Schafer, 

Johan Gerlach Huhn, 

Jacob Mohr, 

Samuel Reitlinger, 

Jacob Gutman, 

Georg Kauck, 

Heinrich Zoll, 

Johan Martin Neubecker, 

Johan Michael Hoffman, 

Bastian Wenig, 

Johan Peter Steier, 

Johan Schormelein, 

Freidric Conrad, 

Nicklaus Rauh, 
Christian Achser, 
Matthias Bolland, 
Christoph Gideon Mj'rtetus, 
Frantz Hartman, 
Jacob Klein, 
Simon Charmeli. 
Geo. Michel Mauer, 
Geo. Friedric Siel. 
Michel Hargesheimer, 
Philip Rickhart, 
Jacob Zerl, 
Johannes Dietz, 
.Tacob Schamkuchen, 
(Jonrad Sch vveitzer. 
Erasmus Halthaus, 
Anton Birschart, 
Christophel Klar, 
Johan Michel Lawall, 
Jacob Brubacher, 
Johannes Bender, 
Wendel Essig,, 
Johan Jacob Sachs, 
Johan Michel Schaffer, 
Nicolas Grusius, 
Johan Walter Schwab, 
Johan Wilhelm Pfeil, 
Johan Daniel Huhn, 
Gerlach Strich, 
Freiderich Zerfass, 
Philip Gutmann, 
Christian Bernhart, 
Heinrich Marsch, 
Jacob Hollebaeh, 
.Johannes Alder, 
Johan Jacob Klopp, 
Johannes Seitz, 
Heinrich Steinmetz. 




Joiix Mason, Master, f 
Sept. 15, I74i». 

Samuel Sotiprin<;, 
Haiis Ulrich. 
(reo. AVaiineninacher, 
Andreas Ki-iiiner, 
Joseph Kaufiiiann, 
Hans (jeo. Weidenaner, 
Hans Adam Bauss, 
Hans Peter Wesser, 
<feo. Horter, 
Nickolas Rotli, 
Hans Loenhart Hinkel. 
Andreas Tiefenthal, 
.). Rudolph liiuder, 
•Johannes Cttoss, 
A braham Nonemacher, 
Jacob Messerle, 
Joseph Hahn, 
Michel Trachsel, 
Bernhard Trachsel, 
Johau Jacol) Mitschied, 
Peter (^erret, 
Uh-ich Micliel, 
Anion Altemann, 
Hans Philip Bijrsen. 
Tlieoljald Kuntz, 
Nicholas Issemann, 
Peter Eisenmann, jun. , 
Johan Nickel Koppel, 
Nickolas Schneider, 
Heinrich Kiippel, 
Peter Isch, 
Wilhelin Altuiann, 
Hans (ieo. Fundt, 
JJaniel l)uval, 
Daniel Darn, 

Johan Freitlerich Hiester, 
Samuel Dormeyer, 
Johau liUdwig, 
Heinrich Schaaf, 
Jacob Klein, 
Johannes Hart/, 

19-voL. xvn. 

RTEl) IN THE Sllir PllcK.MX. 

ROM Rotterdam. (.^i:aj.ifiki) 

(■reo. Caspar Heuss, 

Caspar Brunner. 

Johau Ludwip: Strass. 

Samuel Wanneunuicher, 

(xeo. Frantz Philippi, 

Hans Michel Ott, 

Heinricli Luther. 

Geo. Adoli)h Krol)er, 

Jacob Antoni, 

Nickolas Ricksacker, 

Johan (xeo. Schneider, 

Simon Walter, 

Johan Jacol) Mestenbach, 

Conrad Jest, 

Jacob Schneider, 

Hans Geo. Kleiss, 

Heinrich Guder, 

Geo. Trachsel, 

Heinrich Mitschied, 

Dewalt Stecker, 

Ulrich StoUer, 

Geo. Alreneck, 

.fohan Peter Eicher, 

Solomon Bacher, 

Hans Geo. Issemann, 

Peter Eisenmann, sen.. 

Michel Koppel, 

Jacob Koppel, 

Paul us Koppel, 

Peter Koppel, 

Jacob Altmann, 

Hans Adam Bauerwitz, 

('hristoph Bruniirer, 

Johan ])egrote, 

Johan Mickel Mallo. 

Heinrich Wilhelm ]\I;dili(;li, 

Jacob Dormeyer. 

Hans Jacob Witmer, 

Moritz Klein. 

Hans .Jacob Kuhl. 

;\ndreas Grett, sen., 



Andreas f-fretT, jiiii. . 
(xeo. Miller, 
Johan Nicklaus Miilei-, 
Jacob Zollicker. 
Adam (^raridadt-u. 
Huinber Benoit, 
Joseph ("outouii-. 
Hans (-reo. Springer, 
Michel Nicke, 
Abraham Cherdron. 
Johan Geo. Mi.lli^;, 
Herman Latour, 
Marx Sprinj^el. 
Conrad Woldfahrt, 
Jacob Laudernnlch, 
Johannes Guss, 
Christoph Beier. 
Francois (t rand ;i( lam. 
Hans Reiss, 
Heinrich Latter. 
BasTian Weiss, 
Johan Adam Walter, 
Martin Walter. 
Johan Bender, 
Anton Neibe, 
riirist. Brost, 
Johannes Rnhrig, 
Anton Rnhrif,'. 
Jacob Beiber, 
Jacob Jnnger. 
Hans Adam Herman, 
Samuel Perquy, 
Jacob Schmit, 
Hans Solli, 

Ulrich Kindlishberger, 
Johannes LaniotH'. 
Jacob Miller, 
Christian Miller, 
Nickolans Diirtvviller, 
Martin Diirt wilier, 
Michel Pnssel, 
Hans Struber, 
Jacob Missel er, 
Jacob Seller, 
Hans Geo. Sprini^er, 
Jacob Klein, 

Johannes (xrett, 

Philip Miller. 

Jeremiah Schonbach, 

Nickolas Daton, 

Joseph Charlier, • 

Johan (Teo. Acker, 

Peter Springer, 

Jacob Schneider, 

Jacob Nicke, 

Mattheus Kersch. 

Johan Rinehart Keller, 

Jacob Latonr, 

Christian Grette, 

Andreas Rutsiele, 

Wei rich Seltzer, 

Daniel Groberger, 

Prantz Soil, 

Felix Blei, 

Michael Schafei-, 

Philip leaner, 

Nickolas Babl), 

Jacob Walter. 

Johan Matthens Schumann, 

Wilhelm Laugharr, 

Christian Thathaiier, 

Simon Ruhrig, 

Johannes (Teibei-. 

Anton Bieber. 

Hans Michel Bieber, 

Samuel Speicher, 

Stephan Almann, 

Hans Miller. 

Jacob Widmer, 

Hans Meier, 

Johannes Walter, 

Johannes Honcher, 

Christian Fischer, 

Peter Miller, 

Daniel Diirtwiller, 

.Tohannes Kieffer, 

Peter Rast, 

Christoph Spannler, 

Joseph Mischle, 

Christian Stanfer, 

Mich. Adam J)ormeier, 

Abraham Dreachsel, 



Durst Dertnicher, 

Martin Ritter, 

•Jacob Hiirnlein, 

David Miller, 

Johaii (xeo. Reiiirock, 

Jacob Kratzer, 

Anton Biedcniann, 

Joliau Michael tSteiig, 

Joiian Michel Heller, 

Hans (ieo. Kuhn. 

Johannes Kuhh, 

Sebastian Bill'er, 

Jolian Luchvig Bent/, 

Christian Hart man. 

Christian Schwalder, 

Christian Sunier, 

Joiiannes Fames, 

Christian Kantfnian, 

J(jhannes Jjanist, 

Jacol:) Stanch, 

Abraham Kurtz, 

Johannes Rupp, 

(jreo. Clirist Sim, 

Jan. Heui'iclv Reckman, 

Theol)ald Hoschar, 

Heinrieh Hoschar, 

Johannes Reber, 

i\ndre Def^ranfj^f , 

(Teo. Hertzog, jun. , 

Peter Obersteg, 

Christian Hoclistatter, 

J oliannes Schwendemann, 

Simon Steckei, 

Flrich Richart, 

Conrad Wayner, 

Peter Herb. 

Hans Michael Meiser, 

Jacob Mann, 

(Jaspar Vetter, 

Frantz Kriebel, 

.fohan Lud\vi<r Griebler, 

Benedict Jjchuian, 
Hans Ijantz, 
Anton Kratzer, 
Jacol) Hob, 
Simon p]jchler, 
Jacob PDiber, 
Francois Hoj^non, 
Peter Kaulljnan, 
Fi-iederic Wohlfahrt, 
Johan Philip (irunewalt, 
Felix Seller, 
Georg Bentz, 
Jacob Bentz, 
I'rantz Marschall, 
Joseph Sumer, 
Matthias Naftzger, 
Rudolph Naftzger, 
Jacob Kauffman, 
Peter (irobe, 
Hans Geo. Standi, 
Andreas von (Tunern, 
Jacob Rupp, 
Peter Naftzger, 
Christian Kurtz, 
Erhart Bohm, 
Hans l^eter Hoschar, 
J'hiiip Henkel. 
Daniel Reinhold. 
Geo. Hertzog, sen., 
Kilian Zimmerman. 
Michel Riddelsberg, 
Nicklaus Hoclistatter, 
Ulricli Hoclistatter, 
Hans Schrantz, 
Uirich Misohler, 
Mattheiis Seiger, 
Ludwig Endelinann 
Jost Maiei', 
Martin Obersteg, 
Kurwald Beter, 
Johan Mickel Walker, 



List ok Porki(;xkrs Importkd ix the Shii' Patience, 
Captain Hugh Steel, fkom Rotterdam. (Qualified 
Sept. 10, 1749. 

Johannes Theiss Scliiiter, 
Johan Jacol) Crrisse, 
Hpinian Schneider, 
Jolian Zimnievnian, 
.lolian Ebert Stien. 
Jolian Heinrich Gnting, 
Hans Heinrich AVehler, 
Johan (tbo. HelTner, 
Johan Jacob Biihr, 
Hans Adam Krninbel, 
Philip Jacob Ernst, 
.Johan Martin Horn, 
Jacob Richart, 
Johan Bowman, sen., 
Hans <Teo. Mader. 
Andreas Hecker, 
Michael Mnller. 
Geo. Fried Zangraeister, 
Hans Peter Liewitz, 
Geo. Heinricli I'nan^st, 
Geo. Peter Glick, 
Johan Christ. Ottinger, 
Geo. Peter Vof?t, 
Adain Hetlinger, 
Georg Biedennmth, 
Carl Kaiser. 
Johan Bernhart Fehr, 
Hans Geo. Kainitz, 
Andreas TJnangst, 
Christian Zininierinan, 
Geo. Hotfenwerkung. 
Philii) Adam Bremer, 
I'eter Spohn, 
.Tohan Peter Taidwig, 
Geo. Michel Roger, 
Hans Martin Ischter. 
Ludwig Lindenmnth, 
Matthias Lieser, 
Wilhelm Besch. 
Andreas Hertig, 
.lohannes Enders, sen., 
Johannes Enler, 

Herman Battenberg, 

Engelbert Jung, 

Johan Michel Stolt/. 

Henrich Hartmann, 

Dietmann Greidelljach, 

Johan Wilhelm Hart, 

Johan Friederic Schulle, 

Geo. IjU<iwig Samer, 

Hans Adam Granlich, 

Jacob Ernst, 

Andreas RieV)mann, 

Heinrich Richart, 

Johan Geo. Bowman, - 

.Tohan Bowman, jnn. , 

Johan Wilhelm Wittigbach, 

Christian Eslinger, 

Johan Adam Zangineister, 

Hans Georg Bacher. 

Bernhart Muller, 

Andreas Mnller, 

Conrad Stoger, 

Caspar Kilian. 

Johan (Jaspar Senghaas, 

(reorg Leitz, 

Valentin (rranle, 

Heinrich Magascli, 

Christoph Keilbach, 

/-Michel Schlor, ■- 

^ David Kanntz, 

Hans Geo. 5lartin, 

Hans Philip Bremer, 

Philip Strahl. 

Hans Adam liUdwig, 

.Jacob Jjudwig, 

Mattheus Emmering, 

Hans Geo. Hertel, 

Hans (ieo. Ijindenmuth, 

Michel Billing, 

Andreati Bruschlein, 

.Tohan Christ. Wolber, 

.Johannes Enders, jun., 

Martin Bauer, 



Martin Reiss, 
Joseph Weigart, 
Joliau Ludwii? Barth, 
Johannes Ebert, 
Jacob Gliisser, 
PhiHp Herr, 
Johannes Wagner, 
Johannes Heihnann, 
Johan Peter Ziiuiueniian. 
Johan Adam Diem, 
(xeo. Michael (ribler, 
Hans C-feo. Sfhulmiann, 
David Heimlen, 
Jacob KantTnian. 
Johannes Sauerzapp, 
Joseph Hausser, 
Gottliel) Haninann, 
Pater Fink. 
Bernhard Bangert, 
Johannes Feiter, 
Johan Heinrir-h Stannes, 
Heinrich Hiifnei-, 
Andreas Muller, 
Adam Ernst, 

Ferdinand Reitli. 
Joluin A(him (ierstei-, 
(reorg Koster, 
Frei(h-ic DiirtHnger, 
Joseph Duinmer, 
Daniel Ehring, « 
David Keller. 
Georg Sell m it, 
Johan Freidericli Gall, 
Johan Adam Hoffman, 

Geo. Hofner, 

Matthais Heimlen. 
(reo. Himmelberger, 
Michel Kerr, 
Andreas Hiihl, 
Abraham Baumann, 
Daniel Fink. 
Lorentz Seyfreidt, 
Daniel Kurtz, 
Gottlieb Feiter, 
Peter Setzler, 
Bernhard Schniid, 
Thomas Kast. 

List of FoRKKiNKRs Importkp in thk Ship Spkkdwkll, 
Captain Jamks Cueagh, from Rottkudam. yuALiFiED 
Sept. 25, 1749. 

Stephan Stadler, 
Hans Gerhard WoU, 
Christian Hemmler, 
Christoph Hausser, 

ans (ieo. Pfaute, 
Jacob Greifung, 
Joseph Freimiller. sen. 
.Johannes Bertsch, 
Ludwig Held. 
Michael Schock, 
Michael Meier, 
David Hamm, 
Adam Buchmann. 
Andreas (fershwiller, 

Hans Muller, __^ 

Joseph Hitrscher, 
Johannes Hausser, 
Dewalt Metz, 
Heinrich Zimmer. 
Josei)h Freimiller. jun. 
Hans Jacob Held, 
Johanue> Weiss, 
(.'hristoph IMeier, 
Johannes Anstett, 
Hans IMorgenthaler. 
Jacob Wachter, 
Hans Diebolt. 
Johan Erharr Midler, 



Miclu'I Kleiiii, 
JohaiDies JSukeiiiiiuin, 
Andreas Hainiu, 
Jolian Freidric Leiiii, 
Johau Michel Muiler, 
Ludwig Moeer, 
Jac(;l) Miller, 
Bui-khart Ertmeier, 
Johan Egidnis Dessner, 
Michael Kint/, 
Fritz Wichart, 
Philij) Seifert, 
Jacob Friesel, 
Martin Wurfel, 
Oswald Haas, 
Hans Flach, sen., 
Andreas Sominer, 
Hans Schwerter, 
Michel Arngast. 
(xeo. Kappel. 
Geo. Stoss, jun., 
Leonhart Zitte, 
Samuel Schneider, 
Hans Jacob Heinerie. jiin. 
Josiah (irieb, 
(leo. Silber, 

Jacol) Hanmi, 
Hans Jacob Scheid, 
Johan Peter Keilner, 
Matthias Onzinger, 
Gilbert Ignatius Knipp, 
Adam Baier, 
Jt)han Weidner. 
Johannes Jauch, 
Mattheus Sehrutt, 
Johannes Held, 
Hans Georg Achenbacher 
Christoph Stumer, 
Johan Conrad Diss, 
Jacob Andreas Buhme, 
Hans Flach, jun., 
Andreas Flach, 
Hans Arngast, 
Andreas Herster, 
Geo. Stoss, sen. , 
Hans Jaco)) Stoss, 
Isaac Vetter, 
Hans Jacob Hemei-le, sen. 
Hans Geo. Moll, 
Mathew Lorent/, 
Christ Strahling, 
Hendrick Workman. 

List of Forkignkrs Impohtki) in thk Siiii' Ranikii, Hknrv 
Browning, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualibued Sept. 
20, 1749. 

Martin Katz, 
Johannes Reber. 
Johan Hans. 
Johan Schaffer, 
Johan Conrad Brust, 
Christoph Heindel, 
Jacob Katz, 
Johan Wilheini Geier, 
Johan Jost Riedel. 
Hans Jacob Sumer, 
Sebastian Weitzel, 

Jacob Katz, 

Martin Glass, 

Philip Djihn, 

Johannes Christoph Brust, 

Jacob Klenn, 

Johan Heit'/man, 

Johannes Landman, 

Johan Riedel, 

•Johannes Schneider. 

Jacol) Boiler, 

Friederic Weitzel. 



Johaii Heinrieh Weitzt-1. 
Johaii Adam Appel, 
Jacob (xi'oll. 
Conrad Lauterbach, 
Nickel Hess, 
Johau LudwigHess, 
Johan Heini'ich Striider, 
Dewalt Schust, 
Ijeouhart Keiser, 
Tlioinas Erricli, 
.Jacob iSanerwein, 
Jolian Freidric Hock, 
Nicklans Hess. 
Mattlieiis Uraff, 
Hans .Jacob Lutz, 
Johan .Jacob Reiscli, 
Christian Stosser, 
Johan Messert, 
Anibrosins Habermehr, 
Johan Heinrieh Printz, 
Adam Hopst, 
Johan Scliertel, 
Jolian Adam Fassnacht, 
Johan Heinrieh Leppicii, 
Micliel Henkel, 
Benedict Weiss, 
(,'arl Scliermaim, 
Johan Conrad Cieier, 
Feter Backer, 
Johan Creo. Schmaltz, 
Andreas Herreder, 
Johan Peter Scliarmann, 
Johannes Selig, 
Wolf Casper Geier, 
Johan Thomas Schmit. 
.lohan Melchior Lorei, 
Johannes Appel, 
J.^han Michel Oberhauser, 
-iohan Geo. Heppel, 
IMiilip Bebele, 
.loliannes Danderisch, 
.Iohan Christ Maurer, 
Hans Hahn, 
J. Henrich Schressler, 
J. Michael Gunkel. 
Johan Peter 8teii?f^rwalt. 

Thomas Ajipel, 
Johan IMiilip Weif^and, 
Philip Lanterbach. 
Christian Kneij), 
Johan Nicklaus Hes», 
Casper Striider, 
Johannes Striider, 
Eckhart Keiser, 
Geo. Christ. Eberhart, 
.Johannes Dilberth, 
Johan Heinrieh I^ehr, 
Johan C(jnrad Hock, 
Conrad IjUtz, 
Martin Lutz, 
Hans Melclioir Hammer, 
Johan Geo. Trippner, 
Andreas Messert, 
Jacoh Fiirtiter, 
Johannes Weber. 
Johan Heinrieh l^eter, 
.Johannes Conrad, 
Freid. Wilhelm Geist, 
Johan Conrad Fassnacht, 
•Joh.'in l^hilij) I^ehnint,', 
Johan Peter Seppel. 
Johan Caspar Schmit, 
l^eter Harting, 
Johan Henrich Geier. 
Jaochim Nagle. 
Johan Michel Schmaltz, 
.Johannes Herreder, 
Jacob Engel, 
(xeo. Ernst Schmit, 
.Iohan Rinehart Rohrl)ach, 
Johan Heinrieh Lorei, 
I'hilip Sultzbach, 
Heinrieh Eckel, 
Melchior Heppel, 
Johan Heinrieh Heppel. 
.Johan .Jacol) Danderiscli. 
Geo. Ernst Maurer. 
Michael Reillsclineider, 
Heinrieh Hartweck. 
Johannes (iraber, 
Johannes Steigerwalt, 
Johannes LandgrafT, 



Joiian Jacob Eckart, 
Conrad Grebliart, 
Erasmus Ro.seiiberger, 
Conrad Wagner, 
Johan Philip Jung, 
Johannes JJichler, 

Melchior Grebliart, 
Johan Adam Griill, 
Johannes Krebs, 
Johan Daniel Bauscher, 
Johan Jacob Hetrich. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Dragon, (teo. 
Spencer, Mastkr, from Rotterdam, LtAst from J)eal, 
England. Qualified Sept. 20, 1749. 

Johan Nickel Kucli, 
Johannes Gotdel, 
Johan (xeo. Fodel. 
Johan .racol) l^eterman, 
Andreas Peter Seiss, 
Johannes Eckel, 
Johannes Huss, 
Hans Katzenbacht^r, 
Simon Richter, 
Valentin Weber, 
Jacob AVeber, 
Johan Nicklaus Hein, 
Johan Peter Reisinger, 
Anton Strasser, 
Martin Seir. 
Philip Jacob Schmit. 
Johan Heinrich Spengler, 
Johan Heinrich Fuss, 
Jacob Beischail, 
Heinrich Brill, 
Jacob Miller. 
Heinrich Schmit, 
Mattheus Miller, 
Freideric Minler, 
Peter Huhn. 
Mattheus Wagner, 
Melchior Benedick, 
Michael Zindebach. 
Johan Nicklaus Schneider, 
Johan Diewalt, 
Kilian Hager. 
Anthon Miller, 

Christoph Kuch, 
Christian Fuchs, 
Johan Peter Weind, 
J. Christ. Heinrich Beck, 
Jacob Leber, 
Geo. Hoffman, 
Bastian Friederich, 
Ludwig Hasi)elhorn, 
Hans Gauss. 
Johannes Weber, 
Johan Philip Lauer, 
Johan Reisinger, 
Johan Peter Eckert, 
Thomas Bohner, 
Anthon Mohr, 
Philip Mehre, 
Philip Jacob Eger, 
Joiian Nickel Wentz, 
Peter Heinbach, 
Jacob Braun, 
Adam Gerber, 
Johan Bergdeller, 
Bern hard Wacher, 
AVilheim Hoffman, 
- Johannes AVagner, 
Johannes Zwalle, 
(Jaspar Him, 
Kilian Duringer. 
Tobias Heu, 
.lohan Heinrich AVeber, 
Johan Peter Schlabst, 
Ijeonhard Wallei-, 



Adam Ej^art, 

Friedrif Schutz, 

xVdaiu Bniaiier. 

Valentin Weber, 

Dewalt Schneider, 

Freideric Schweikart, 

JaCob Hitz, 

.Iaei)b Na.«s, 

Steplian Bauer, 

Hans <Teo. Hartliel), 

(ieo. Lump, 

Weiricli Beck, 

Jaeol) Roth, 

Johan Valentin Weber, 

l^anliis PLartman, 

Johan (Tf((. Ijiidwig, 

l^hilip ]\[uller, 

Jacob ])uri-, 

Johan (xeo. Krauss, 

Martin Sulle, 

(-feo. Jacob Scliafer, 

Michel Schneidei-. 

Johan Fried. Widman. 

Marrin von Kunneu, 

Josejih Heinrich Echart, 

Anthon CEhler, 

Jacob Wendling, 

Jacob Brunner, 

(xeo. Pliilip Hertung, 

Johan Martin Kalter, 

Johan Ross, 

Jjudwif^- Hitz, 

Cliristian HolTsTatter, 

Martin Lorcli, 

Jacob Frei, 

Peter Dagen, 

Wilhelm Miller, 

Michiiel Loenhart, 

Heini-ieh Weber, 

Jacob Krauss, 

Jolian Heinrich Hartman, 

Miciiael Kilian, 

Ambrosius Bender, 

Johannes Durr, 

Tobias Lauer, 

Johan Nicklaus Schafer, 

Johannes Enders. 

Baltazer von Kimnen, 

Jacob Weidler, 

Joiiannes Potz, 

Jacob Beck. 

List ov Fokkiw^kk.'; Import 
TAix Robert Mitchell, f 
Sept. 27, 1749. 

Heinrich Grob, 
Hans Huch. 
Heinrich (xrob, 
Peter Becker. 
Johan Heinrich (-irund, 
Michel Riedelniohs, 
Hans ('onra(L sen., 
Hans Conrad, jun. , 
Hans Jacob Mii^le. 
Heinrich Crosshart, 
Ulrich Koppe, 
Johan Christ. Scheidle, 

ED IN THE Ship Isaac, Cap- 
liOM Rotterdam. Qtialified 

Rudolph Hal)erle, 
Johannes txrel, 
Felix Millie, 
Jacob Flehman, 
Andreas Imik. 
Johannes Sturm, 
Philip Conrad, 
Johan Jacoli Stauck, 
Rudolph Feier, 
Albert Schnrz, 
Johan Frederic Kremer, 
Johan Adam Schreiber. 



Bait us Schreiber, 

Christian Merkel, 

Johan Jobler, 

Leonhart Lascher, 

Johannes Klippel, 

Andreas Burhart, 

Haas Adam Maurer, 

Wendel Becker, 

Jacob Wissraan, 

Johan jSickol Feiser, 

Johan Caspar Langenberger, 

Johan Adam Wolff, 

Rudolph Landes, 

Mattheus EcLternach, 

Nickolas Frantv, Gerlich, 

Johan Friederic, 

Johan Heinrich Welmann, 

Johan Mickeal Stumpp, 

Frantz Hemmle, 

Heinrich Huber, 

Jacob Vossler. 

Philip Haber, 

Johan Heinricli Beck, 

Ludwig Kern, 

Jolian Heinrich Kleim, 

Herman Haust, 

Johan Schreiner, 

Michel Fischer, 
Johan Valentin Steinberg, 
Mattheus Kehler, 
Conrad Weiss, 
George Fischer, 
Jacob Klippert. 
Johannes Hemsen, 
Johan Wedel Gerst, 
Johan Peter Ritt, 
Geo. Adam Fischer, 
Joliannes Jungblind, 
Heinrich Landes, 
Johannes Miller, 
Johannes Laudert, 
Peter Markhart, 
Johan Nickolas Senderling, 
Johan Geo. Schnable, 
Johan Daniel Weber, 
Christian Hemmle, 
Heinrich Burkhart, 
Johannes Bauer, 
Lorentz Haff'ner, _^ 
Ludwig Krebs, 
Geo. Schlosser, 
Johan Geo. Batz, 
Nickol Becker. 

List of FoRKiftXKRS Imported ix thk Ship Axn, John 
Spurrier. Master, from Rotterdam. yuALiFiED Sept. 
28, 1749. 

Philip Leidig, 
Wilhelm Rubel, 
Heinrich Braun, 
JacoVi Schwab, 
Jacol) Wieser, 
Daniel Schanling, 
Heinrich Mock, 
Hans Adam Hacker, 
Michael Hengst, 
Johannes AVeber, 

Melchior Luppert, 
Johan Damfuss, 
Johan Spicier, 
Johan Schvvitzer, 
Rudolph Yirnt, 
Daniel Schnuble, 
Peter Elser, 
Johan Jacob Sutz, 
Jean Tonteanzin, 
.lohannes Straubmann, 



Jacob IjaiuiscralT, 
Michael Ziiiiniermaii, 
Tlioiuas ijubeck, 
.Johannes Mertz, 
"Friederic Meier, 
Lorentz Henger, 
Johan Paul Traub, 
Johan Peter Beissel, 
Martin Eier, 
En^^elhart Kilter, 
Johan Piiilip Falch, 
Jacob Schuri, 
Joseph (-raliniann, 
Bernhart Hauk, 
(jeo Michael Schurtz, 
Hans Rudolph Kittweiler, 
Johan Jacob Kreiss, 
Hans Jacob Vogt, 
Johan Ewalt Bayer, 
Christian Schott, 
JoMimt^s Sucher, 
Jacolj Fachs, 
Martin Brabneth, 
Miclui"! Breisach, 
Jacob Schniiblien, 
Hans Michel Hank, 
Hans Adam ^Dsess, 
Henrich Vogt, 
Jacob Sclmell, 
Hans Kuhn, 
Jacob Kohlei-, 
Johan Jacob Fetfer, 
Johannes Hummel, 
Hans Fried. Schaffner, 
Cieorg Dangerant't, 
Sebastian Schneidmann, 
Johan Paul us Eisenlahr, 
Jacol) 8chupp. 

Johan Fried. Zinimernian, 

Johannes Zimmerman, 

Wendel Keller. 

Antireas tScholl, 

Johan Philip Weber. 

Jacob Ijejunes, 

Johan Anthon Schwartzliach, 

Johan Creo. Schreiner, 

Hans (jreo. Schoengarten, 

Kraft Hunner. 

Jacob Besselathe, 

Hans Ulrich Busse, 

Blasius Hauk, 

Melchior Auber, 

Conrad Renninger, 

Jacob Scheibethal, 

Caspar Derfenbacher, 

Adam Heinrich, 
Hans Geo. Huber, 
Geo. Heinrich Schott, 
Jacol) Weichart, 
Hans Musbrober, 
' Hans Schiinlien, 
Hans Michel Sciuister, 
Michael Gassier, 
Jacob Amman, 
Frantz Ness, 
Johannes Vogt, 
Adam Scherer, 
Hans Schutte, 
Nickiaus Matheri, 
Hans Jlichael Schwab, 
Jacob Schaffner, 
(xottlieb Maker, 
Johan Philip Hennemann, 
Conrad Meier, 
Johannes Uuuimei-. 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Jacob Cap- 

Shields, England. Qualified Oct. 2, 174<J. 

Johan Jacob Sinn, 
Friedrich Buchel, 
Hans Greo. Hotfinan, 
Christ. Fursner, 
Conrad Lauster, 
Martin Wolff, 
Jolian Heiniich Hergert, 
Johannes Hiiber, 
Geo. Bachart, 
Joseph Ritter, 
Paul heVmg. 
Geo. Michel Laubiuger, 
Freideric Pforsing, 
.lacob Ulrich, 
Johannes Becker, 
(^Jonrad Riese, 
Martin Bleinieir, 
Freideric Hoffman, 
Jolian Conrad Leithauser, 
Peter Seitz, 

Christian Freid. Hiiberlen, 
(xeo. Schwiegert, 
Johan Geo. Stein, 
.lacob Ruhr, 
Bernhart Gill)ert, 
Simon Grassmann, 
Johannes Meier, 
Marcus Gonner, 
(ieo. Karl Rupert. 
Friedrich Seidler, 
Matt hens Hartman. 
Johan Heinrich Rahm, 
Hans Geo. Menig, 
Jacob KautzTuan, 
Johan Geo. Heinrich, 
Johan Adam Hiltenbeitel, 
Johan Martin Eiholt/., 
Freideric Detsalt, 
Adam Schneider, 
Johan ^lichel Schneider, 
Hans Michel (riirtner. 
Christ opli HeiVjle, 

Johan Geo. Sinn, 
Hans Geo. Keplinger, 
Geo . Christian Spiingler, 
Friederic Walles, 
Philip Sturm, 
Michael Miller, 
Geo. Hoffman. 
Johan Chrisroph Kress, 
Johan Geo. Steigleder, 
Johan Conrad Leling, 
Hans Geo. Kraft, 
Jacob Fleischmann, 
'Johan Heinrich Kniiss, 
Daniel Freisinger, 
Joiiannes Roth, 
Geo. Eberhart, 
Jacob Sinder, 
Eberhart Wiedmeier, 
Martin Treibel. 
Martin Kirch, 
Hans (Teo Bauer, 
Jacob Trai;t, 
•lacot) Gilbert, 
Lorentz Hoch, 
Johan Jacob Biir, 
Adam Fachlei-, 
Hans Philip Schuster, 
Heinrich Rupert, 
Wilhelm Hoffman. 
Johannes Rahm, 
Heinricli Kramer. 
Johan Geo. Huntzinger, 
Gottfrietl Samuel Waltzer, 
Joiiannes Adam Baumann, 
Adam Eiholtz. 
Valentin Philip. 
Johan Wendel Kuhner. 
Johannes Zimmerman, 
Heinrich Wirth, 
Johan JacoVi Keii, 
Baltazer Bauer, 
Pete.r Seller, 



Philip 8tunij)f, 
Johannes Schletterer, 
Jacob Hieble, 
Johan Geo Orother, 
Melchior Wolfart, 
Jolianiies Vollv, 
Hans Miclieal CTintiier, 
Mattheus Dcitter, 

.Johannes Hartnian. 
Jolian Adam Roth, 
Melchior Vogeijuann, 
Joseph Volk. 
Johan (-reo. ^turner. 
Nicklans Dotter, 
Martin Dotter. 
(Maude ReinaU. 

List ok Fohkigners Impoutkd in thk Shu' Lks^lik, ('w 

7, 1749. 

Conrad Valentin, 
Wendel AVahl, 
Christopli (Teij^enbergei-, 
Peter (Trunenwald, 
Christoph Esch, 
Johan Adam Maner, 
Johannes Wessner, 
Freideric Schott, 
Rudoljjh Hoffman, 
Johan Philij) Krissmann, 
Caspar Klein, 
Johan .la('f)l) Metz, 
Friederic Fuchs, 
Anthon Kocli, 
Peter Kraut, 
l^eter Kurtz, 
Jolian Paul AVickert. 
.lohaii Peter Stininiel, 
.Fohan Greo. Kind, 
Wendel Jung, 
Johan Michel Messemer, 
Friederic Mai, 
Simon Biiunif^artner, 
Gottfried Gruntzweig, 
Philip Klein, 
Johan Jacob Engler, 
Johannes Becker, 
Valentin Patri, 
Peter Imsweiler, 
JacoV) Hiirberger, 

Hans Hanich, 
Jacol) Hammel, 
Martin Andreas, 
Ulrich Jehle, 
Johannes Hess, 
Martin Stossern, 
Mattheus Kraus, 
Johainies P>kmann, 
Heinrich Mohler, 
Peter Klein, 
Johan Herman Metz, 
Jolian Gerhart Neiniann. 
Jost Paul Clonrad (irober, 
Michael Schmeier, 
Philip Mauer, 
Johan Peter Wickert, 
Martin Schwenk, 
(yonrad Wolff, 
Martin Kind, 
Christoph Jung, 
Johannes Richter, 
Baltzer Schniid, 
Michael Klee, 
Hans Geo. Scheiffelen, 
Johan Diehlklein, 
Wendel Schineltzer, 
Johan Wilhelm Arrendt, 
Jacol) Hoffman, 
Anthon Peterslieimer, 
Michael Huv^^t, 



Jacob AVoimner. 
Christian Melchaft, 
Philip Kiircher, 
Johan Jacob Benuius. 
Johan Adam Karl. 
Michael Kuntz, 
Johan Rudol})li Miiller, 
Micliael Dinges, 
Jacob Kreuts, 
CTOttfried Sinderer, 
Hans (ireo Fischer, 
Stephan Hepp, 
(xeorg Hepp, 
Joliannes Miiller. 
Valentin Behler, 
Hans Geo. Brodbeck, sen. 
Georg Miiller, 
Johannes Lang. 
Johan Philij) Supper, 
Jacob Mauerer, 
Peter Grain, 
Philip Haupt, 
Peter Miller, 
(ieo. In rich, 
Jost Engeler, 
Johan Nickolas Meier, 
Heinrich Briih, 
Christian Schneider, 
-Philip Otto Wagner, 
Geo Schmit. 
Nickolas Dietricli, 

Michael Woinmer, 

Christ. Adam Muller, 

Johannes Pfeil, 

Johan Michel Tlieobald, 

Johan Pliilip Matthias, 

JacoVj Strauss, 

Peter Weber, 

Johan Jacob Walter, 

Gottfried Rommel, 

Geo. Martin Hausser, 

Bernhard Hepp, 

Jacob Leonharid, 

Johannes Warner, 

Conrad Behler, 

Hans Geo. Brodbeck, jun. 

Johan Rudolph Espid, 

Andreas Supper, 

Johan Adam Dorffling, 

Hartoloniai Mertz, 

Adam Stumm, 

Jost Fischer, 

Jacob Jiiger, 

Johan Rineliart Bohm, 

Jacob Meier, 

Jolian Adam Bath, 

Freideric Bender, 

Nickolaus Drenius, 

Johan Ludwig Sengriss, 

Pliilip .\dam, 

Johan Christoph Fachler. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Lydia, Capt. 
John Randolph, from Rotterdam. Qualified Oct. 13, 

Jacob Buch, 
Johannes Beck, 
Michael Kipp, 
Mattheus Oberfeld, 
Heinrich Hiibner. 
Geo. Wagner, 
Andreas Gembler, 

Stephan Maisch, 
Heinricli Bechner, 
Leonhard Meier, 
Geo. Conrad Bloss, 
Heinrich Tliomas, 
Bernhart Miller, 
Heinrich Heiser, 




Hans Peter Schinit. 
Johannes Hauswirth, 
David Bast, 
Michael bteinborn, 
Joluiuues Ohliger, 
Adam AVolnier, 
Hen rich iSchafer, 
Philip Arnolt, 
Joliannes Arnolt, 
(xeo. Simon Bressler, 
(ieo. Bressler, 
Heinrich Koch, 
Nicholas Simon. 
Liidwit? Herman, 
Michael Schack, 
Wilhelm Schack, 
.Johannes Oberle. 
Conrad Gliick, 
Johan Geo. Schreiber, 
Peter Rapp, 
Johan Geo. Hamn^er, 
Ambrose Kemerle, 
Michael Tsosser, 
Johan Heinrich Hettich, 
Johannes Schmit, 
Philip Hiiline, 
Ludwlg Flach. 
Hans Michael Seitz, 
Daniel Bock, 
Andreas Vogler, 
Johannes Barth, 
Jacob Schantz, 
Jacob Bauer, 
Michael Bastian, 
Caspar Dorn, 
(Teorf? Knrchner, 
AVilhelm Liible, 
Johannes Himmelreich, 
Johan Jacob Wei den, 
Peter Kratrinf?er. 
Geo. Jacob Scheirinann, 
Valentin Schalles, 
Geo. Vogler, 
Hans Geo. Ran, 
^Andreas Reinhart, 
Johan Philip Hausemann. 

Joseph Ballert, 
Conrad Liess, 
Johan Michael Bast, 
Geo. Lambert, 
Johan Peter Kiementz, 
Rinehart Hess, 
Jacob Adams, 
Peter Arnolt, 
Jacob Kneiss, 
Nickolas Bressler, 
Michael Borth, 
Ferdinand Jung, 
Christian Lentz, 
Michael Barth, 
Jacob Schack, 
Geo. Jacob Wagner, 
Johan Peter Oberle, 
Conrad Kohl, 
Geo. Heinrich Wiist, 
Cornells Van Stare ren, 
Johan Jacob Messer, 
Michael Peter, 
Hans Geo. Huff, 
Mattheus Keller, 
Johannes Scherer, 
Conrad Geidlinger, 
Jacol) Schweinfnrth, 
Hans Jacob SchuinHciier, 
Johannes Vogt, 
Johan Jacob Kahu, 
Baltzer Kiel, 
Hans Griisch, 
Carl Schantz, 
Heinrich Miller. 
Nickiaus Schaffer, 
Johan Ulrich, 
Johan Adam Ijiible, 
Joseph Gebhart, 
Adam Lotz, 

Johan Philip Ohlweiier, 
Johannes Koch, 
Johan Geo. Lutz, 
Bastian Schalles, 
Joliannes Ran, 
Johannes Weiss, 
Nickolaus Moloth, 



Michael Wiler, 

Philip Martin Hainrnel, 

Bernhart Strominger, 

Jacob Uhner, 

David Kehn, 

Johannes Geliseii, 

Wilhehn Karl, 

Georg Breinig, 

Jacob Brucker, 

Georg Krapsen, 

Christian Seider, 

Nicholas Forschberg, 

Geo. Ludwig Hoffman. 

Johan Peter Hinkenaner, 

Johan Stephan Deirerich, 

Johan Nickel Klein, 

Christian Carl Brand koenig, 

Johan Christoph Heide, 

Jacob Kautz, 

Jacob Bertsch, 

Philip Bodemer, 

Johan David Waltzer, 

Jacob Stadler, 
Jacob Donner, 
Mattheus Scheifflen, 
Stephan Stieffeimeier, 
Christian Hentz, 
Lorentz Weiler, 
Nickolas Geli»en, 
Freideric Doll, 
Geo. Christoph Miiller, 
Michael Brucker, 
Georg Kiiuier, 
Fernandez ThoU, 
Geo. Ruthenburg, 
Valentin Keller. 
V^alentin ScViweitzer, 
Jolian Michael Mintz, 
Johan Martin Heide, 
.Johannes Sturm, 
Michael Kautz, 
Mattheus Miiller, 
Andreas Ecker, 
Rupert Haug. 

List ok Ff)KKiGXKRs Imported ix thk Ship Dragon, 
Daniel Nicholas, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
Portsmouth. Exoland. Qualifikd Oct. 17, 1749. 

Martin Schrcitter, 
Nicklaus Brickner, 

Andreas Mohr, 
Hans Geo. Wotnbacli, 
(Jonrad Roth, 
Peter Harttnann, 
Felix Garten, 
Andreas Hertz, 
Hans Peter Goltz, 
Michael Schmit, 
Peter Tuchman, 
Heinrich Jacob, 
Hans Geo. Stambach, 
David Kreidmeir, 
Philip Fischer, 
David Schantz, 
Johannes Steibler, 
Stephan Furmann, 

Wilbert Gambert, 
Johannes Gamber, 
Jacob Wolff, 
Wilheliu Manges, 
Hans Danzel, 
Christinan Tuchman, 
Hans Michel Kuntz, 
Conrad Engel, 
Johan Leonhard Balthes. 
Heinrich Hubert, 
Valentin Bender. 
Andreas Birker, 
Johan Adam SteiV)ler, 
Peter Fischer, 



Jacob Fischer, 
Andreas Kirchner, 
Johannes Sauter, 
Heinrieh Fischer, 
Peter Biehl. 
Jolian Wahl, 
Wiliieliu Hoirinan, 
Abraham A lies, 
Johannes Bigler, 
Jacob Reiber, 
Peter (rroh, 
Tobias Horlin, 
Baltus Schneider, 
Johan Geo. Krunilanf, 
Georg Scheiii. 
Hans Michael Haiders, 
Hans Nickel Hadienschild, 
Simon Eschbach, 
Jacob Grambach, 
Johan Adam Meier, 
Johan Martin Forster, 
Johan Andreas Wagnei-, 
Johan Heinrieh Theis, 
Geo. Heinricli Witter, 
Johan Jacob Wiirth, 
Bastian Gernandt, 
Johannes Hoffman, 

Hans (-feo. (Tebharl, 
Johannes Midler, 
Johannes Rumpel, 
.IhcoI) (jriess, 
Johan Nicklaus Weiner, 
Andreas Emmerling, 
Johan Jacob A lies, 
Aljraham Reiber, 
Adam Sprengel. 
iSimon Metzger, 
Johan Simon (iroh, 
Anth<ni Zurch, 
Coni-ad Wissman, 
Conrad Sclieid, 
Geo. Heinrieh Scheid, 
Heinrieh Haiders, 
Conrad K rum bach, 
(^"asjiar Iba, 
Johanne.s Schrait, 
Hans Michel Kohler, 
Johannes Rberle, 
Johannes Kuhn, 
Wilhelm Zimmerle, 
Johan (ieo. Sclmeider. 
Philip Lorent/. Zinimei"le. 
Arnold Klehass, 

List of Forkigxkrs Lmportko ix thk Ship F.\nk, Captaix 

17, 1749. 

Christophel Graff, 
Christoph Willert, 
Gottleib Sohner, 
Samuel Hein. Aljendsclxtne, 
Christian Abendschone, 
Christoph Altrietli, 
Jacob Schneider, jun. , 
Christian Reiner, 
Adam Seifert, 
Michael Binner, 

20-VOL. XVII, 

('liristoph Graff. 
.Folian Martin Offner, 
Tobias Ma.ich, 
Reinhold Abendschone. 
Gottfried Banmgiirtner, 
Jacob Schneider, sen , 
] eoidiart Lang, 
Geo. Reiner, 

Johan Heinrieh (Terhich, 
Hans (reo. Huber, 



.lohan Geo. Hubpr, 
Paul Geiger, 
Johannes Schilling, 
Johan Adam Kilinger, 
Georg Geiger, 
Ludwig Treiber, 
Mattheus Stier, 
Leonhart Plantz, 
Jacob Plantz, 
Jost Sasmanshaus, 
Heinrich Benner, 
Arndt Althaus, 
Johannes Benner, 
Jost Weber, 
Georg Steuger, 
Conrad Kremer, 
Ernst Klinker, 
Johan Heinrich Rentzel, 
Johannes Gross, 
Wilhelm Schatz, 
J. Engel Stockraann. 
Johan Caspar Klein, 
Johannes Klein, 
Johannes Pfeil, 
Johan Graff hof, 
Jacob Hahn, 
Conrad Zeller, 
Michael Meier, 
Christoph Schneider, 
Martin Miller, 
Johan Martin Heer, 
Christian Damser, 
Martin Peterle, 
>J^acob Kisling, 
Geo. Friederic Hohn, 
Samuel Beck. 
Melchior Heckmann. 
Johannes Qjgeyer, 
Heinrich Stirf, 
Hans Geo. Kern, 
Hans Jacob Keller, 
Melchior Rahm, 
Johan Freideric Reiner, 
Wilhelm Claussenius, 
Gottfried Dietz, 
Jacob Adam Kraut, 

Caspar Wagner, 

Geo. Michel Haas, 

Jacob Stier, 

Christian Stein, 

Adam H ugle, 

Johan Christoph Wettwein, 

Johan Leonhart Hausser, 

Johan Jacob Schneider, 

Geo. Jacob Plantz, 

Jacob Weigand, 

Heinrich Misse, 

Ludwig Benner, 

Herman Weber, 

Conrad Stenger, 

Conrad Kram, 

Johan Christoph Kimm, 

Daniel Marburger, 

Jost Wilhelm Rentzel, 

Anthon Spies. 

Johan Heinrich Schraitt, 

Johan Philip Stockman, 

Jacob Klein, 

Darnel Benner. 

Johannes Wahl, 

Johan Geo. Zacharias, 

Jacob Zeller, 

Johannes Zeller, 

Martin Schneider, 

.Tohan Martin Hausser, 

Martin Witzerle, 

Johan Martin Reieser, 

Christoph Weimer, 

Johannes Peterle, 

Hans Geo. Meier, 

Hans Jacob Ploscher, 

Johannes Fischer, 

Casper Kessler, 

Hans Jacob Stotz, 

Hans Nordhoff, 

Hans Philip Rieber, 

Melchior Reiuhold, 

Nickol Baier, 

Christian Reiner, 

Paul Miller, 

Ulrich Heininger, 

Johan Conrad Birn, 




Johan Friederic Sting, 

Lorien Eisele, 

Johan Barnhart Jung, 

Leonhart Jung, 
Johannes Krcnier, 
Conrad Hirsch. 

List of Foreigxeks Imported in the Snow Good Intent, 
Benj. Boswell, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Nov. 9, 1749. 

Hans Geo. Besmer, 
Johannes Hausman, 
Paulas Hausman, 
Ludwig Mertz, 
Peter Fetzer, 
Jacob Heininger, 
Ludwig Stumm, 
Hans Geo. Kuntzehnann, 
Michael Jung, 
Georg Meier, 
Peter Mattern, 
Freideric Bascler, 
Ludwig Wenantz, 

Johan Christoph Besmer, 
Joseph Hausman, 
Johan Adam Kurtz, 
Johannes Kriemer, 
Johannes Heininger, 
Mattheus Plenninger, 
Jacob Miisner, 
Christian Pfingstag. 
Geo. Heinrich Steinel, 
Jacob Reinhold, 
Johannes Seirutscheck, 
Johannes Kessler, 
Heinrich Seider. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Patience, C apt. 
Hugh Steel, from Rotterdam, last from Cowks. 
Qualified Aug. 11, 1750. 

Stephan Beck, 
Peter GrofF, 
Andreas Muller, 
Jacob Jacobi, 
Matheias .Tacobi, 
Jacob Burkard, 
Jacob Conrath, sen., 
Daniel Miller, 
Samuel Werner, 
Peter Wieland, 
Jacob Heckendorn, 
Hans .Tacob Graff, 
Johan Nickel Muller, 

Henrich Lenlz, 
Christoff Bener, 
Georg Schned, 
Adam Jacobi, 
Peter Jacobi, 
Jacob Bar, 
Jacob Conrath, jr., 
Jacob Reichert, 
Johannes Halm, 
Hans Peter Treger, 
Hans Peter Graff, 
Johannes Peter Klein, 
Johan Nickel Cuntz, 



Joh. Wilhelm Fuchs, 
Johan Peter Fitz, 
Joh. H enrich I^ineweber. 
Christian Ulrich Lent/,, 
Johan Georg Ketteman, 
Georg Friederich Groh. 
Friederich Waltzer, 
Jacob Dannether, 
J. Michael Leidich, 
Georg Adam Eckart, 
Jolian Wilhelm Whann, 
Johannes Nickel Henrich, 
Johannes Adam Lauch, 
Johann Nickel Bred, 
Johan Nickel Hasber, 
Johan Peter Diedrich,' 
Philip Jacob Miiren, 
Hans Georg Eslinger, 
Peter Junge, 
Jacob Schwob, 
Geo. Adam Eckerdt, 
Balthasar Vetterman, 
Conrad Velten, 
Nicklas Miihleysen, 
Henrich Reinhardt, 

Christoph Fritz, 
Henrich Georg, 

Matheas Oberkirsch, 
Jacob Deremot. 

Andreas Rost. 

Johannes Eischby, 

Friederich Gerst, 

David Smith. 

Stephen Poland, 

Jacob Dobeler, 

Christian Shmitt, 

Jacob Keeilenthal, 

Johannes Palm, 

Casper Greiter, 

Hans Georg Sing, 

Johannes Baumgiirtner. 

Joh. Andreas Miihlschliigel, 

Johan Philip Ost, 

Friederich Henrich, 

"David Stadelmayer, 

Johan Adam Fetzer, 

Joh. Christoph Opiertuch, 
Johan David Junge, 
Joh. Conrad Wolffle,^ 
Christoph Ketteman. 
Joh. Jacob Rappoldt, 

— Johan Georg Bader, 
Carl Vollunte, 

Hans Michael Melber. 

- Johan Georg Bauer, 
Johan Christoph Kuntz, 

-Johan Arnold Reinhart, 
Johann Peter Schiitz, 
Johan Jacob Weirich. 
•Tohau Michel Conrad, 
.Tohan Jacob Liisbes, 
.lohan Nickel Jung, 
Johan Friederich Pfeil. 
Michael Junge, 
Georg Loadig. 
Joh. Peter Wohner, 
Georg Hamen, 
Jacob Miihleysen, 
Wilhelm Diedrich, 
Johannes Roller, 
Jacob Lentel, 
Christian Mener, 
Niklas Conrad, 
Abi'aham Ritner, 

% Paulus Reylandt, 
Dewald Gerst, 
Peter Poland, 
Peter Foltz, 
Hans Kawffman, 
Philip Prober, 
Michael Juncker, 
Johannes Reihle," 
Anthon Derfuss. 
Johan Conrad Br ess, 
Hans Georg Nagel, 
John David Gorges, 
George Fregerick Haug, 
Joli. Adam Satson, 
Johan Matheis Georg, 
Johan Michael Leib, 
Bartholomii Lentziger, 
Johan Adam Stiehl, 


30 e 

.loll. Albrecht Veher, 
Joliau Adam Dentzell, 
JobaiiJacob Miiller, 

Jolianues Esbensteiii, 
Joliun David Liuibecli, 

List of Foreigners Import 
JoHX Wadham, Master, 
Portsmouth. Qualifiek 

Jacob Lange, 

Isaac (junst, 

Georg Acker, 

Carl (.Tustav, 

Peter Biichs, 

Jacob Valentine, 

Bentz Iloony, 

Bastian Ledig, 

Hans Rughty, 

Peter Funck, 

Michael Kuntz, 

Johannes Bley. 

Dewald Wantlin, 

,]acob Reiss, 

Hans Michael Beyer, 

Johan Georg Ott, 

John Friedricli Ott, 

Johan Adam Bayer, 

Michael Neuman, 

Johannes Phili}) Schmit, 

Heinerich Lieninger. 

Johann Michael Kloss, 

H. Jacob Sander, 

Christoff Grindler, 

Wendel Insel, 

Johanunes Jacob, 

Guilliaume Gunser, 

Casper Stattler. 

Hans Georg Wetzel, 

Hans Georg Schenckel, 

Hans Peter Peters, 

Georg Friederich Hoon, 

Hans Michael Hetzel, 

Fi enrich Jacob Vanderburg, 

Hans Micliael Roth, 

ED IX THE Ship Bexnet Gally, 
FROM Rotterdam, i,ast from 

August lo, iToO. 

Adolph Riehl, 

Jacob Dencker, 

Michael Gallater, 

Johannes Koch, 

Jacob Lazarus, 

Peter Gutman, 

Balzer Lei brock, 

Jacob SchiilTer, 

Nicklaus Merklin, 

Andreas Miilier, 

Hans Dii ringer, 

Benjamin Kelhover, 

Friedrich Reiss, 

Johannes Hoon, 

Hans Jacob Silander, 

Joh. Jacob Shiitzlin, 

Johan Jacob AViippel. 

Joiian David Neuman, 

Hans (Teorg Baldespargel, 

Hans Peter Shrantz. 

Johan Frantz Fries, 

D. Carl Gottlieb Diesbergeii, 

•loseph Eck. 

Adam Steflfan, 

Martin Bender, 

Peter Merckel, 

Uhlerich Steiner, 

Hans Bergher, 

Hans Gerg Haliifas, 

.Johann Georg Siiss, 

Hans Georg Hoon, 

Georg Friederich Hetzel, 

Hans i\Iichel Reber, 

Christoff Ackerman. 

Julius Friederich Vollandt, 



Johan Georg Romster, 
Hans Geoi-fj Reichurt, 
Christian Fried. Knauss, 
Hans Adam Miller, 
Benedict Peter, 
Peter Lazarus, 
Diebolt Schwenck, 
J. Adam Brunslioltz, 
Hans Michael Bonet, 
Joh. Phil. Jacob Schott, 
Johannes Miller, sick, 
H. Nicklas Blader, sick, 

Hans Georg Shlaybour, 

Hartman Leibengut, 

Hans Michael Hell, 

Georg Jacob Briinsholtz, 

Adam Fixe, 

Georg Lees, 

Hans Midi. Leby, 

Hans Thomas Leininger, 

Johan Nickel .Fost, 

Johann (reorg Hafer, 

Friederich Lauderbrunn, sick. 

Henry Peter, sick. 

List of Forkigners Imported in the Ship Edinburgh, 
Jamks Russell,. Captain, from Rotterdam, last from 
Portsmouth. Qualified Aug. 13, 1750. . . 

Johann Corngibel. 
Johannes Beyer, jr., 
J. Georg Kirshner, 
Stoffel Bruning, 
Jost Schneider, 
Thomas Kloss, 
Andreas Kuch, 
Georg SchiilTer, 
Michael Lemer, 
Jacob Schiiffer, 
Joahnnes Delcher, 
Jacob Werntz, 
Jacob Lanish, 
Jacob Loch, 
Andreas Ditz. 
Johann Seybert Gertz, 
Johann Philip Heck, 
Joh. Peter Seyfert, 
Johan Georg Flour, 
Peter Marcus, 
Gettlieb Wyda, 
Michael Heinle, 
Conrad Haffer, 
Frantz Cuntz, 
Peter Spengler, 
Severimus Sheffer, 

Johannes Beyer, 
Michel Hamburgeis, 
Valentin, Siisttel, 
Ludwig Gassier, 
Thomas Kegel, 
Henrich Kloss, 
Jacob Moler, 
Johannes Wein, 
Daniel Klein, 
Johan Pasnacht, 
Johannes Delcher, 
David Herbster, 
Georg Heyle, 
Casper Strohl, 
Philip Conrad Aumiiller, 
Johann Henrich Lotz, 
Casper Brcining, 
Johan Georg Rabe. 
Johann Georg Miiller, 
Conradt Bohm, 
Casper Mug, 
Peter CoUep. 
Theobald Cuntz, 
Johannes Shinit, 
Christian Kempt, 
Jacob SchalTner, 



Jacol> Michael, 
Anthony Heauz, 
Ludwig liauer, 
Nicklaus Bard, 
PJiihjj Balbi«irer, 
Thomas Boujjh, 
Casper Conradi, 
Johann Rude! bach, 
Casjjer DiefTebacher. 
.Johannes Wolschliifjer, 
iSiiuon I-'eter Fernantz, 
Henry I)auiner, 
Johan Adam Htejn, 
Johann Oeorjj Klein, 
Lorentz Bau^tein, 
I*hilii)us Biicksell, 
.TofianneH FeuerHtein, 
Johan Herman iJippel. 
Wendel Kenniiif^er, 
Frederick lirinkmai;, 

Andr<-aH Sj>ielman, 
Valentin Keibhter, 

Peter JS'eeH, 

AndreaH Keanig, 

Piiilip Bhmith, 

Johann»-s KniHH, 

Jaco); FJufj. 

Johann*'" Phi]ij>H, 

Jacoti i>onn<'rber{j, 

Simoii M'Tckle, 

Jolianneh Mohl, 

Johann Martin HchiifTer, 

Johan Cliristoflel Bcliarfl, 

Johannes Schmidt. 

Johan Oeorg l^um, 

Joliannes Moller, 

Joliann Bernhard ChrJKt, 

Jacob V'ornwald, 

Johan Fried. Heilbrunn, 

Jjudwif/ Bchreiner. 

Chrint. Sam. Bach man. 

Joh. Ludwif^ Seyhwer, 

Hans Adam Wajcner, 

Ludwig Spannagel, 

Johan Henry Shoman, 

Georg Sebastian Krausfcer, 

Jacob Walter, 
Nicklas Spiri, 
Henry CoUer, 
Jacob Metziger, 
I'hilip liegtholt, 
Fried ericli HoJImann, 
Valentin Ehrtzrielh, 
Michael Matinger, 
Johann Jacoli Jirang. 
Johan L'lrich JJauiner, 
Kickolaus WoHf, 
Johan (Jasjjer lintter, 
Johan Pliihp liolsel, 
Christophel Mohr, 
Johannes Gertz, 
Johan Peter Leib, 
Hans Cjeorg Renninger, 
Jolianiies Bilert, 
]>udwig Pretzman, 
]>aniel Meerbagh, 
I-*eter Sickenberger, 
H enrich Pilgram, ' 

Peter Bohre, 
Carle Keanig, 
Kicklas Hirt, 
Christian HalTner, 
Kicklas B{jriiig, 
Andreas Bensell, 
Jacob Merckle, 
Carl Stedt, 

Johann Gottlielj Rabi, 
.Johan Georg Hoitzer, 
Samuel Falckenhahn, 
Johan Philip Stang, 

Joliannes Haffner, 

Christoffel Moller, 
Johan Adam Huber, 
Georg Fried. Heilbrunn, 
Johan J)aniel liuJiel, 
Wilheiiji ScJireiner. 
JoJi. Jjudwig Widiniann, 
Joiian Georg Ksch, 
Georg Adam Hobel, 
Jolian Adam Rf^gel, 
Andreas Brandner, 
-.loJian J^udwig I-JJjrhart, 



Johannes Pfister, 
Johannes Wagner, 
Peter Schmit, 

Matthias HeiBS, 
Nicolaus Cxerlach, 
Deitrich Kautz. 

List OF Foreigners Imported in the Ship Royal Union, 
Clement Nicholson, Commander, from Rotterdam, 
last from portsmouth. qualified aug. lo, 1750. 

John Brenhauer, 
J. J. O. Driesch, 
Casper Schmidt, 
Hans Prike, 

Jacob Of rob, 
Jacob Karner, 
Adam Staub, 
Philip Prike, 
Conradt Arnold t, 
Hans Weertz, 
Anthoni Emrich, 
Ma.rtin Schrenck, 
Andreas Hetz. 
(xottlieb Utz, 
Matheas Eyrich, 
Johann Greorg. 
Jacob Steebly, 
Nickel Faust, 
Jacob Shmith, 
Nickel Fuss. 
Johannes Hartman, 
Daniel Diidi, 
Herman Schwamni, 
Johan Conrad Scheffer, 
Christoffel Greruian, 
Wendel Bretz, 
Philip Bauer, 
Valentin Fidler, 
Christian Rust, 
Friederich PalT. 
.Fohannes Miesch, * 
Martin ImhofT, 
Jacob Werking, 
Anthon Kriiber, 
Peter Wolff. 
Johannes Grimb. 
Frantz Brunnholtz. 
Valentin G. Bast, 
Georg Hoffmann, 

Jacob Stehr, 

Matheas Rost, 

Daniel Braun, 

Andreas Haas, 

Adam Long, 

Michael Eyrich, 

Fftlix Jung, 

Philip Eberhart, 

Martin Schmitt, 

Abraham Gerhart, 

Peter Hambro, 

Matheas Fesbely, 

Peter Mann, 

Johann Wilhelm Lochmann, 

Frederick Schnitzer, 

Stephan Miirlich, 

Philip Dick, 

Philip Fuchs, 

Johannes Bauer, 

Martin Rubbert, 

Jacob Handshy, 

Friederich Miesch, 

Jose{)h Zug. 

Johannes Willar, 

Valentin Schmeltzer, 

Johannes Paflfler, 

Philip Welde, 

Philip Wilhertzbach, 

Philip Jacob Stiim])el, 

Friederich Jacob Cummer, 

Hans William Statily, 




Henry ITlly Statiiy, 
Joliau Peter Dick, 
Nicol Merckhiiiisser, 
Henricli Hauen^tein, 
Andreas Hertzo^, 
(xustav Frieilerich Schleider, 
Michael Luttinan. 
.Tohaii Martin Scliwartz, 
Johanu Cieorg Utz. 
Uernhard ffisterle, 
Jolian Jacob Ebenth, 
Matheis Bernhardt, 
JohannAdain Herger, 
Hans Martin Wurtz. 
Johan (reorg Fitier, 
Joachim Williehn Storck, 
Jolian Michael Hollich, 
Johan Friederieh Bresch, 
Simon Ley taker, 
Henrich Mnller, 
Jonas Vogt. 
Andreas Roth, 
Johann Gelheree, 
Martin Shonb, 
AVilhelm Mailer. 
Johan Adam Kern, 
Johan Philip Lndwig, 
J. Nickolaus Sanger, 
.Toll. Nicolaas Werking, 
Johann Adam Schmelt/er. 
Philip Wendel Opp, 
Johannes (xamber, 
Kilian Ganther, 
Isaac Widmer, 
Henrich Wolff, 
Achior Crebler, 
"Macol) Rincker, 
Friederieh Keeper, 
Henry Smith, 
Pnthy Weyss, 
Henry Triiily. 

Johan Heinrich Kaulzinann, 
RudoKT Widmer. 
AVeirich Wagner, 
Jacob Thumy, 
Philip Bruner, 

Johan Andreas Jungst, 
Dieiman Fuchs, 
Johan Dietrich Duey. 
Hans ^lichael Bauersachs, 
Hieronymus Schleider, 
Heinrich Holtzman, 
Hans Creorg Young, 
I'eter Ulrich Bauer, 
Hans Adam Kautzniann, 
Jol). Friedeirch Giasshrenner. 
Ludwig von der Schmidt. / _ -^ 
Johann Michiiel Schiil. 
G. Adam Renecker, 
Philip Peter Theyl. 
Fried. Christ. Koppeberger, 
Johan Philip Kirs(rhbaum, 
.Tohann Peter Perster, 
•Johannes Triimper, 
.Jacob Beensly. 
Wilhelm Discher, 
Heinrich Bauer, 
Friederieh Siiber, 
Hans Shoub. •^ .^ ^v 

Johann Christian Duey, 1> ^ _^..' 
.Johann IMillerschuri, ^'■'', ;- 

Joiiann Jacob Helwig, ". ; . • ^ 

Ct. Michael Kraus, " - 

Joliann Peter Schneider, 
Johannes Schnebli, 
Johannes Christ. Jir.immeret, 
Friederieh Wolff, 
Matthiius Bastenmeyer, 
Johann Peter J^enner, 
Johannes Rohr, 
.Jacob Crebler. 
Jacob Rorrer. 
Melchior Keeper. 
.Johannes Ziind, 
Henrich Felty, 
Rudolff Sherrer, 
Jiicol) Bercher. 
Henry Weyss, 
Hans Scheurer, 
Henry Brinker, 
Casptr Walxly, 
Jost Funck, 



Johannes Knob, 
Anthony Suder, 
Joseph Shomony, 
Henry Sifry, 
Georg Prall. 
Tobias Pfister, 
Jacob Lostatter, jr., 
Johannes Turny, 
Abraham Arb, sen., 
Johannes Housser, 
Hans Jacob Meyer, 
xLenhart Froly, 
Hans Georg Meyer, 
Henrich Koch, 
Hans Conrad Steininan, 
Joseph Lengenhar, 
Friederich Specht, 
Jacob Hassler, 
Hans Georg Shan, 
Johannes Weidraan, 
Abraham Im Oberstiich, 
Hans Jacob Biir, 
Ludwig Engel, 
Uhlerich Waldmer, 
Andreas Shneyder, 
Hans von Huber, 
Conrad Weydman, 
Conrad Bucher. 
Heinrich Haller, 
H. Nicholas Helhng, 
Conrad Kramer, 
Hans Georg Hennold, 
Rudy Hausser, 
Adam Christopher, 
Johannes Waspy. 
Johannes Schneider, 
Johann Adam Meng, 
Johaa Paul Glehas, 
Casper Weber, 
Hans Casper Scharer, 
Henry Wurtz. sick, 
Henrich Hambach, sick, 
Ludwig Bretz. sick, 
Jacob Werking, sick, 
Henry Bousman, sick, 
Christoph Eyerman, sick. 

Rudi Mauerer, 
Henry Kedlinger, 
(Tallus Fricker, 
Jacob Schiiredt, 
JacoV) Waasser, 
Jacob Lostatter, 
Conra<l Tshakky, 
Peter Balsam, 
Christian Mosser, 
Isaac Greber, 
Loonhardt Vonruff, 
Rudolph Hemming. 
Conrad Kuntzly, 
Hans Michel Neraker, 
Hans Jacob Zoble, 
Johan Nickel Jung, 
Melchior Winkeliaan, 
Abraham Hassler, 
Uhlerich Bitsferker, 
Johannes Bimmesdorfer, 
Heinrich Harneist, 
Heinrich Aweiss, 
Solomon Cauffman, 
Heinrich Bauinger, 
Johannes Zo])ner, 
Rudolph Guttinger, 
Christian Pfiiher, 
Caspar Bucher, 
Friederich Almbech, 
Michael Singer. 
Heinrich Boshart, 
Felix Hausser, 
Jacob Fischer, 
Jacob Wiispy, 
.Toachim Diehrig, 
Johann Casper SchafT, 
Hans Adam Seydler. 
Abraham Aberhalter. 
Hans Ulrich Sonderegger, 
Hans Smith, sick, 
Philip Bauer, sick, 
Henry Bretz, sick, 
Sander Sanger, sick, 
liorentz Ampel, sick, 
Anthonv Samber, sick. 




List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Anderson, 
Hugh Campbell, Captain, from Rotterdam, last from 
cowe.s. qualified au(i. 21, 17")0. 

Christian Betz. 
Johannes Gondei'man, 
Peter Heintzle, 
Samuel Luttig, 
Johannes Shinit, 
Christian Widinan, 
Conrad Hauser, 
Conrad Derr, 
Jacob Dengler, 
Jonas Miitschler, 
Johan INIiller, 
Christoph Miller, 
Gerhart Birkenbeile, 
Christian KaufTman, 
Johan Georg Miller, 
Johann Philip Emerer, 
Johan Philip Kambach, 
Johan Peter Weiss, 
Johan Wilhelm Brirzing, 
Jacob Bieber, 
Andreas Schade, 
Lenhai-t Zebolt, 
Johannes KaufTman, 
Johannes Bretz, 
Matheas Weymer, 
Henry Reinfeld. 
Johann H enrich Pick, 
Johann Henrich Cuntz, 
Johannes Henrich Horn, 
Jolian Christian Sturm, 
Joh. Heinrich Mauder, 
Johan Wilhelm Beel, 
Johan Henrich Schneider, 
•Tohan Jacol) Huber, 
Johann (xeorg Reichman, 
Philip Bopp, 
Johannes Naumann, 
Conrad Eischer, 
Johann Ludwig Ratter, 
Johann Peter Becker, 
Johann Jacob Bopp, 

Ludwig Horst, 

Martin Weber, 

Gottfried Biittner, 

Christoph Metz. 

Jacob Ritter, 

Oswald Dups. 

Gerhart Fiihr, 

Lorentz Hauck, 

Valentin Maitlin, 

Johannes Hebel, 

Johannes Schauerer, 

Michael Wagenmanu, 

Johan Baltzer Schmith, 

Hans Georg Steiger, 

Johannes Jacob Bliisser, 

Georg Deobalt Ahner, 

Hans Georg Rath, 

Johan Christophel Bretz 

Melchior Brunner, 

Georg Melcher, 

Jacob Ackermann, 
O Henrich Anton Reinscheidt, 

Johannes Marquardt. 

Johann Beck, 

Jacob Lyme, 

Johan Engel Gonderman, 

Johannes Peter Jung, 

Johan Georg Schneider, 

Johan Jacob Sturm, 

Johan Heinrich Schuster, 

Johannes Ludwig Beel, 

Jolian Daniel Rheiner. 

Johan Michel Huber, 
©Johan Mart in us Reinhardi, 

Johann Christian Rick, 

Jacob Heiiman, 

Christoph Steiner, 

Urban Friebele, 

Johann Peter Bat/. 

Johann Philip Moll, 

Keinhart Hasenbiirgei-, 



Johanu Theis Schmidt, 
Johann Gottlif^b Naumann, 
Henrich Anton Reinscheido, 
Johannes KaulTman, 

Johannes Scliwartzhide, 
Johan Conrad RulT, 
Henrich Leuchthold. 

List of Foueigxers Imported in the Ship Brothers, 
Captain Mi;ir, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. 
Qualified Auo. 24, 1750. 

Adam Shnyder. 
Erasmus Hess, 
Johannes Koch, 
PhiHp Kawtzman, 
Jacob Keller, 
Joseph Nagel, 
Adam Mensch, 
Christian Freund, 
Friederich Miller, 
Johannes Blumenschein, 
Johann Greorg Cfans, 
Johan Nieklaus Helm, 
Johann Matheis SchalTer, 
Johan Peter Schmiinck, 
Hans Martin Kurfes, 
Johann Daniel Hoffmann, 
Johann Georg Herr, 
Hans Georg Frey, 
Jost Jacoby, 
J. Jacob Freisch. 
Martin Benich, 
Otto Dan. Neuer, 
Hans Geo. Stanch. 
Johan Adam Wohlfahrt, 
Benedict Kreiger, 
Casper Karl, 
Nickolns Rome, 
F. Philip Holl, 
Johann Jacob Kiinmel. 
Joliann lioonhard Groh, 
Johann Henrich Keller, 
Johann Adam Kcirner, 
J. Jacob Reybolt, 
Hans Geo. Ganshorn, 

Adam Weber, 
Jacob Gerdner, 
Johannes Oi^hrle, 
Christian Shott, 
Johannes Walder, 
Abraham Schneider, 
A brail am Glass, 
Johannes Friessner, 
Johann Philip Heist, 
Johan Georg Horing, 
Johan Nickel Gress. 
Joli. Georg Schniirberger, 
Jacob Friederich Sahn, 
Johan Georg Dreher, 
Hans Peter Mnller, 
Johan Heinrich Hauck, 
Johann Philip Hiiller, 
Engelhart Wagner, 
Mattheis Miller, 
jMartin Aiisbach, 
Martin Weber. 
J. Leon. Reisch. 
Georg Martin Knhn, 
Peter Meyer. 
Andreas Frey, 
Daniel Cabel. 
J. Nickolas Holl, 
J. Adam Lncas. 
.Tohn Lenard Miller, 
.Tohann Peter Seger, 
Johan Georg Keller, 
Johann Georg Weiss, 
Martin Uimer. 
Johannes Stroll, 



Gr. Adam Baitholt, 
Con. Israel Oberle, 
Cxeorg Adam Barttel, 
Hans Georg Komish, 
.Toll. Jacob Wagner, 
Georg Michael Ganiber, 
Johann Jacob Bernauer, 
Johau Georg Koop, 
Johan Conrad Schultz, 
Johann Adam Edelmanii, 
Johan Ludwig Rauhzahn, 
Georg Adam Young, 

Adam Eberle, 
Job. Hen. Ijeaseman, 
G. Michael Romish, 
Johan)i Jacob Schuster, 
Johann Henrich Gam bar, 
Johann Peter Kramer, 
Hans Philip Bender. 
Johann Adam Pranck, 
Johann Georg MiiUer, 
.Tohan Peter Laurenschleger, 
Johan Peter Viilker. 

List of Foreigxkrs Imported in thk Ship Two Broth- 
ers, Thomas Arnt. Captain, from Rotterdam. yuAhi- 
FIED Aug. 28, 1750. 

Philip Peter, 
Christopher Gerner, 
David Metzger, 
Christoph Albrecht, 
Leonhart Heichel, 
Johannes Buhmer. 
Johan Georg Huber, 
Hans Georg Gerner, 
Georg Michael Schupp, 
Hans Martin Eiche, 
Hans Adam Pfisterer, 
Hans Adam Battenfeld, 
Johann Friedrich Thomas, 
Johann Wilhehn Stoll, 
.Tonann Willielm Kdlb, 
Joha*"'^ ATT.-T jjj^ Schneider, 

Christiii xuatheis, 
Andreas Wentz, 
Jacob Keble. 
Johannes Becker, 
Martin Weis, 
Bernhart Bertsch, 
Tobias Muller, jr., 
Peter Hergedt, 
Stephan Kneisei, 

Frederich Prophet, 
Johannes Kreutzwisser, 
Jac-ol) Stein. 
Sebastian Werner, 
Johannes Stoll, 
Luca;i Schiiffer, 
.Tohan Matheis Gerner, 
Johann Adam Holtz, 
Hans George Siegrist. 
Hans Adam Pfisterer, 
Philip Peter Huff, 
Johann Heinrich Ijeiblij 
Johann Jacob Schiiffer, 
.Tohann Peter B('>hmer, 
Johann Pauhis Muller, 
Michael Mell, 
Martin Tuch, 
Jacob Rosch, 
Michael Waltz, 
Jacob Bloss, 
•Jacob Weis. 
.Jacob Daniel, 
Tobias Muller, 
Matheus Brundle, 
Baltazar Loftier, 
Johannes Kerlinger, 



Daniel Sommer, 
Philip Battenfeld, 
Eberhart Bichel, 
Jacob Wolffer, 
Peter Martin. 
Johannes Warner, 
Henry Hillinger, 
Johannes Jung. 
D. Bernhart Rothbaus, 
Jacob Adam Nonnemacher, 
Johann Jacob Klein, 
Johannes Billheimer, 
Hans Georg Geltz, 
Johan David Buchel, 
Johan Jacob Braun, 
Hans Georg Muller, 
Joseph Seufried, 
Hans Georg Marich. 
Hans Georg Dischler, 
Christoph Meyer, 
Philipp Dellinger, 
J. Daniel Printz, 
J. Gottlieb Weniger, sick, 
Andreas Diirr, sick, 

Johannes Battenfel 
Mattheis Seufried, 
Matheis Stossler, 
Michael Tybly, 
Mattheis Martin, 
Lorentz Spatz, 
Mathias Berger, 
Hans Martin Kollmer, 
Hans Christoph Engberth, 
Hans Balthas Buck, 
Hans Georg Sauerbreu, 
Hans Adam Shmit, 
Hans Georg Weiss, 
Hans Georg Knodel, 
Christoph Friedrich Reutter, 
Hans Wendel Seufried, 
Joh. Christoph Bretzinger, 
Christoph Buckbeck, 
Johan Friederich Risch, 
Hans Georg Saal, 
Joseph Stumpff. 
Hans Geo. Kruster, 
Baltazar Munster, sick, 
Han Jacob Metzger, sick. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Phcenix, John 
Mason, Captain, prom Rotterdam, i,ast from Cowes. 
Qualified Ado. 28, 1750. 

Erdman Rchultz, 

Simon Peter, 

Jacob Saber, 

Johann Georg Leyss. 

Johan Nickel Vogelgesang, 

John Henry Weydigh, 

Jean Drapet, 

Michel Peter, 

Hans Wirheiner, 

Ernst Bohm. 

Georg Betzler, 

Ulrich Seigendaller, 

Georg Hultzler, 

Jacob Prison, 

Johannes Seltzer, 
Christian Bernhardi, 
Jacob Patz, 

•Johan Ludwig P^^leber, 
Johan Conrad Pi 
Johan Georg Kalteisci, 
Caspar Bruner, 
Henrich Gerlart, 
Jacob Moog, 
Conrad Zellner, 
Peter Seigendaller, 
Johannes Peter, 
Jacob Sheel, 
Henry Yeal, 



(jeorj? Yure, 
(Teor^ Kop, 
Conrad Hay. 
John Georg Debakl, 
Michael Lehman, 
Conrad Muni, 
Andreas Muni, 
Michael Berger, 
Nicklaus Yeisly, 
Andreas Diemer. 
Dewald Kuntz, 
Johannes Zurbruck, 
Jacob Buchman, 
(reorg Hans Anthoni, 
(leorg Friederich Lintz 
Carl Seusterditz, 
Adam Hiltenbrandt, 
Martin Burchhardt, 
Henry Meyer, 
Ulrich Fooks, 
Georg Lohr, 
Peter Bern, 
Jacob Haber, 
Jacob Reb, 
Jacob Muni, jr. , 
Debolt Beck, 
Henry Herman, 
Andreas Hotz, 
Peter Schraitt, 
Peter Erhart, 
Debalt Frantz, 
Georg Gees, 
Philip Hind, 
Solomon Philips, 
Johan Wilhehn Hertzog, 
Michael Forbringer, 
Joiiann Wilhelm Weiss, 
Carl Ernst Riiger, 
Johan Jacob Reich, 
Peter Schirmer, 
Valentin Mochel, 
Jacob Paule, 
AVjraham Enderly. 
Carl Heiser, 
Johan Solomon, 

(ieorg Saling, 
Jacol> Werly. 
Hans Michel Nf \steii., 
Henry Haberman, 
Christian Muni, 
Hans Ulrich Schleppi, 
Christopf Durrenbergev, 
Hans Jacob Seuter, 
Johann Georg Herman, 
Johan Friederich Riihu, 
Johan David Ziflfel, 
Martin Buchman, 
Nicklaus Jacob, 
Johannes Meyer, 
Christoph Fischep, 
Abraham Shopffer, 
Michael Straub, 
Georg Hatzinger 
Michael Kapp, 
Dewalt Fooks, 
Jacob Werner, 
Nicklaus Hegi, 
Dewald Theil, 
David Frarry, 
Jacob Muni, sen., 
Peter Dinck, 
Michael Cuntz, 
Georg Hauss. 
Jacob Riffel, 
Dietrich Erhart, 
Frantz Anton, 
Joseph Waltz, 
Jacob Anthoni, 
Johan David Bchinitt, 
Johan Jacob Peter, 
Heinrich Eberhard, 
Johan Gottfried Riiger 
Georg Siegeiithaller. 
Philip Jacob Volandt, 
Hans Braun, 
Heinrich Muller, 
Johannes Lips, 
Christian Gross, 
Jacob Heck, 
Jacob Meyer, 
Adam Weiss 



Jacob Fisher, 
Paul Weber, 
Hans Miller, 
Geoi-f^ Matler, 
Debalt Farringer, 
Conrad Hefer, 
Martin .lost, 
Michael Fisclier, 
Nicklaiis Kiffer, 
Philipp Ferber, 
Peter Will, 
Anthoni Grieser, 
Jacob Friederich West, 
Johan Friederich von Rohr, 
Gottfried Thiele, 
Johan Otmansdorff, 
Michael Shalleberger, 
Michael Lederman, 
Christian Andrse, 
Gottfried Peuckert, 
Friederich Zimniernian. 
Joh. Christof Heuschekll, 
David Ensniinger, 
Hans Heinrich Niicht, 
•Paneratiiis Reichhelt, 
Adam Haberling, 
Johan Geor"' Malle, 
Joseph Gerher, 
Johannes Phillipi, jr., 
Christian Phillipi, 
Hans Jacob Liebenguth, jr. , 
Johann Jacob Lelninger, 
Hannes Gerber, 
Dewalt Nagel, 
Georg Clauss, 
Johannes Phillipi, 
Christian His, 
Hans Deterig, 
Jacob Kloti, 
Ulrich Eggler, 
Hans "Wagner, 
Ludwig Wohlfahrt, 
Georg Engelhart, 
Heinrich iSrerchi, 
Joh. Gottfried Zichelhart, 
Thomas Shlighter. 

Johan Grimm, 
Godlieb Bobe, 
Henrich Presler, 
Killian Jaac, 
Georg Voltz, 
Philip Finck, 
Gottlieb Thurin, 
Jacob Schoch, 
Andreas Engel, 
Han.s Georg Etter, 
Georg Henrich Etter, 
Johannes Wedel, 
Joh. Andonus von Rohr, 
Christopliel Pfuller. 
Jacob Laubenhauer. 
Ernst Jacob Dippberger, 
David Dieterich, 
Johann Jacob Heiser, 
Johan Tobias Zimmerman, 
Joh. Michael Heuschkeh, 
Benjamin Heuschkeli, 
♦Georg Reinhart, 
Abraham Rithmuller, 
Hans Weckerling, 
Philip Friederich Winther, 
Andreas Wittenmeyer,- 
Johannes Phillipi, 
Andreas Phillipi, 
Hans Jacob Liebenguth, 
Pe^^er Liebenguth, 
Nicklaus Jost. 
George Shep, 
riasper Shniit, 
Christian Gurdner, 
Marx Dahleth, 
Hans Blasser, 
George Viet, 
Philip Stock, 
Sirach Schultz, 
Adam Reistebacher, 
Joseph Peter Bauer, 
Ludwig Wittenmeyer, 
Philipp AValetein, , 
AVilhehn Ehrman. 
Nickolaus Shlighter, 
Paul us Christian, 

A. J 



Han. Geo. Dierenberg^er. 
Hans Geovf^ Ludwick, 
Johannes iSteckel, 

Peter Haberstick, 
Hans Georg Schultz, 
Jacol) Guntzerhausser. 


Cautom, Mastkr, from Rottkrdam. (Qualified Aug. '61, 

Johannes Volhner, 
Martin Muller, 
Joseph Stable, ^^^ 
Joliann Gans, 
Georg HeuUng, 
Michael Rieder, 
Michel Hensel, 
Christoph Kendtel. 
Jonas Raub, 
Wilhehn Gettling, 
Job. Bernhardt Riede, 
Bernhart Bockenstihl, 
Job. Conrad Raisch, 
Hans Geor<^ Hetler, 
Johan Georg Bauer, 
Johann Georg Sieger, 
Geo. David Schneider, 
Johan JacoV) Cantz, 
Han Jacob Beitennian, 
Geo. Henrich Lutz, jr.. 
J oh. Geo. Marx. 
.T. Henry Seidensticker, 
Geo. Frederich Beitennian, 
Henrich Behringer, jr.. 
Christian Hanff, 
Michael Ferster, 
Christian Hornberger, 
Bernhart Gilbert, 
Frantz Kiihlwein, 
Andreas Sungel, 
Christian Blosser, 
Christian Giebeler, 
.Tohann Gitting, 
Johannes Jung, 
Philip Grabenian, 

21— Vol. XVII. 

Daniel Do8ser, 
Lorentz Schenckel, .-- — 
Friederich (ians, ' _ 
Tlionias Gans, '^'^ 
Johannes Zweigle. 
Andreas Brauer, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Johannes Glasser, 
Friederich Weiss, 
Geo. Hen. Lutz, 
Bait has Federhoff. 
Daniel HauV)ersack, 
Joh. Tobias Rudolph, 
Martin Jominei, 
Joh. Bernhart Wunsch, 
.lohann Georg Musse. 
Hans Georg Kuhne, 
Han Georg Beiteninan, 
Joh. Fried. Unrath, jr. 
Geo. Wilhehn Marx, 
Johan Henrich Klein, 
Frederick Bhinkenhorn, 
Henrich Behringer, sen., 
Johan Michel Bock, 
Joh. Jacob Weiss, 
Jeremias Hornagcher, 
Martin Prahnfelder, 
Christoph Wetzel. 
Jacob Wiirth, 
Johann Herbolt, 
Johannes Lowe, 
Dil lan Creutz, 
Johannes Rehbacli, 
David Nuss, 
Iinnianuel Boger, 



H enrich Wil. Stiegel. 
Han Greorg Benner, 
Joh. Jacob Gobel, 
Johan Jacob Baum, 
Han Adam Herbalt, 
Han Jaco/b Gilbert, 
Jost Henrich "Wehler, 
Joh. Jacob Brmabach, 
Dilmanus Weissgerber. 
Joh. Henrich Conrath, 
Joh. Georg Braunsberg, 

Joh. Ludwig Traber, 
Joh. Nieklans Gilbert, 
Joh. Georg Gilbert, 
Hans Georg Gilbert, 
Joh. Philip Haupt, 
Joh. Jacob Bartsch, 
Joh. Peter Gutelius, 
J. Daniel Shej'der, 
Johan Peter Kleim, 
Johan Henrich Jung. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Priscilla, 
William Wilson, Captain, from Rotterdam. Quali- 
fied Sept. 12, 1750. 

(Christian Reutzel, 
Conrad Grack. 
Nicklaus Weininger, 
Andreas Schuster, 
Nicklaus Schiiffer, 
Johannes Trank, 
Conrad Hertzog, 
Daniel Rossier, 
Joh. Wilhehu. Reutzel, 
Han. Mich. Wissner. sen., 
Joh. Henrich Rossier, 
Georg Ernst Rcisch, 
Joh. Georg Rossier, 
Eberhart Steigerwald, 
Georg Ernst Becker, 
Johannes Stang, 
Wilhelm Adelman, 
Carl Miller, 
Joh. Michael Stoffel, 
Andreas Oberdorff. 
•Tohannes Ommerth. 
Henrich Lotz, 
Thomas l^rtholt, 
Johannes Schlott, 
Georg Waidel, 
Balzer .Tager, 


Johannnes Grack, 
Peter Hartman, 
Georg Cunkel, 
Valentin Bom, 
Johannes Cunkel, 
Johannes Mayer, 
Kasper Oberdorff, 
John Henry Reutzel, 
Friederich Steinberger, 
Han. Mich. Wissner, jr., 
Geo. Henrich Rcisch, 
Joh. Georg Keyser, 
Joachim Gottschalck. 
Johan Adam Borner, 
Han Andreas Kachel, 
Johannes Huth, 
Joh. Simon Oberdorff, 
Johannes Diener, 
Johannes Mauss, 
Friederich Schneider, 
Valentin Corngieber, 
Michael Roth, 
Peter G under, 
Johannes Heyl, 
Lud'.vig Shmith, 
Johannes Fuller, 



Balthazar Filler, 
Carl Russ, 

Joh. Jacob Neuman, 
Johan Straushaar, 
Christian Hartiing. 
Johan Adam Roth. 
Ernst Phil. Kirscher, 
Johan Peter Muth, 
Melchior Kleinfelter, 
Joh. Henry RiiUey, 
Conrad Rossler, 

Johannes Lamb. 
Andreas G:iizel, 
"VVendel Laumeister, 
Balthazer Simmons. 
Johan Melchior Orth, 
Joh. Haltzer tStockel, 
Johannes Schuinan, 
Kicklas Berninger,- 
Johannes Moller, 
Simon Schierer, 
Joh. Hen rich Luft. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Brigantine Sally, 
William Hassleton, Captain, from London. Quali- 
fied Sept. 17, 1750. 

Christoff Reushaw, 
Peter Millen, 
Jacob Winkler, 
Nicklas Dick. 
Hans Ammich, 
Jacob Fuhrer, 
Hans Uhlerich Wuiisch, 
Augustin Scheffeler, 
Johannes Kuhn, 
Christoff Coblet, 
Hans Georg Frey, 
Jacob Miller, 

.loseph Ruff, 
Ludwig Falck', 
Hans Stober, 
Hans Stohl, 
Hans Stober, jr. 
Jacob Dick, 
Johan Gottfried Kiele, 
Friederich Schiirchler, 
Hans Georg Keller, 
Christian Stober, 
Hans Knerr, 
Abraham Yarsing. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship (Osgood. Wil- 
liam WiLKiE, Captain, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 29, HoO, 
Hendrick Bronk, Yerrick Wischt, 
Jacob W^iisrait, Laurantius Wiist, 
Jacol:. Wiist, Christopli, Shmit. 
Michael Shmit. Johannes Greiner, 
Conrad Toll. Georg Becker. 
Johannes Sell, Jacob Clauser, ^ ■ 
Henrv Clauser. Nicklaus Burge, 



Nicholaiis Hilrner, 
Han Geo. Hautzenbieler, 
Hans Adam Kney, 
Wilhelm Humbert. 
Johannes Schwab, 
Friederich Reist, 
Mattheis Schnepp. 
Hans Halta« Otz, 
Joh. Martin Neher, 
Christian Eiserloh, 
Christian Heussler, 
Andreas Knodler, 
Sebastian Kaiser, 
Christoph Albrecht, 
Johannes Schnell, 
Jacob Schneider, 
Christian Schnler, 
Hans Geors Prietz, 
Andreas Herther, 
Joh. Michael Rietweil, 
Johannes Dinges, 
GottHeb Mittelberger, 
Joh. George Ackerman, 
Lorentz Morgendauk, 
Joh. George Ludwig, 
Hans Jacob Binder, 
Hans Georg Meyer, 
•Johannes Bitzer, 
Jol). Georg Spediel, 
Georg Dick, 
Jacob Krebs, 
Ja'ob Schoch, 
Ludwig Stotz, 
Rudolph Christi, 
Jacob Schlosser, 
Ludwig Rietweil, 
Philip Jacob, 
Frederich Rvigs, 
Ludwig Bitzer, 
Hans Peter Weh, 
Friederich Gauss 
Ciiristian Schmoller, 
Jacob Frasch, 
Michael Reisinger, 
Joh. Henrich Binder, 
Joh. Gottfried Richter, 

Friederich Hurner, 
Andi-e Baudeniont, 
Valentin Petermann. 
Heinrich Horner, 
Gabrial Leide. 
Gottlieb Kauffnian, 
Bartolomjeus Eppler. 
Han Georg Ziegler, 
Heinrich Dietniar, 
Emanuel Breitscheid, 
Michael Heinrich, 
(Christian Knotz, 
.lohan Michael Guhr, 
Conrad Bender, 
Joh. Fried. Sautter, 
Georg Scheufelen, 
Jacob Scheufelen, 
Han Martin Wolfler. 
Johannes Moritz, 
Johan Arnold Runk, 
Conrad Mitt man, 
Nicolaus Haugendobler, 
Han Bastain Eberhartl, 
Hans George Mauti, 
Hans Martin Waltz, 
Johann George Gauss, 
Hans Martin Kientzlein, 
Johan Christoph Neidt, 
Michael I'eterman, 
Christian Faas, 
Edourd Deche, 
Peter Stotz, 
F. Schweitzer, 
Jacob Kiinig, 
Lorentz Dobbler, 
Georg Ulrich, 
Durst Cantick, 
Michel Bele, 
Ludwig Eiszele, 
Ludwig Morit", 
Johannes AVolfTer 
Anthony Schneider, 
Matheas Meyer. 
Han Mart. Kienstein, jr. 
Joh. Christian Seindel, 
Joh. Gottolb Hoppe, 



Han Geo. Koberstein, 
Jacob Fried. Kummerl, 
Han Geoi-fj Kniidler, 
Han Georf^ Murr, 
Hans Geo. Schnauffer, 
Joh. Daniel Losch, 
Georg Heigis, 
Christian Stotz, 
Jacob Ehrle, 
Jacob Uhllerich, 
Hans Jac. Schanker, 
JoliMM Jacob Losch, 
Johan Peter Bender, 
Johan Philip Mosser, 
Hans Georg Meppel. 
Hans Martin Miiller, 
Hans Georg Bascii, 
Joh. Wendel Ackerman. 

Johann Martin Kost, 
Han George Fackler, 
Han Geo. Schweigart, 
Han Georg Kuntz, 
Han Mich. Dentzer, 
Valentin Heigis, 
Mattheis Miller, 
Bernhardt Riist, 
Jacob Libheini, 
Andreas Kertcher, 
Louis Grizch, 
-Hans<Teorg Gutekunst, 
Johan Peter Bender, jr.. 
Hans Lndvvig Zimmerman, 
Hans Lndwig Stein, 
Philijjp Joseph Schilling, 
Johan Hen. Luder, 

List OF Foreignkus Importkd inthk Ship Brothkrhood, 
John Thompson, Captain, from Rotterdam. yuALiFiKD 
Nov. 3, 1750. 

Conrad Laubscher, 
Simon Minch, 
Matheis Hoffner, 
Jacob Sicher, 
Mattheis Briickert, 
Johann Nicolaus Schaffer 
Jacob Frey, 
Johannes Albrecht, 
Nicolaus Bonn «,i^ 
Nicklas Weinman, '^*'~ 
Paul Tomel, ^* 

Philip Leister, 
Nicklas Leister, 
Joseph Bassler, 
Jacob Schowalter, 
Peter Pahrene, 
Johannes Rub. 
Johannes Mast, 
Peter Stucke, 

Johannes Schaffer, 

Teobalt Wittgahr, 

Jacob Stark, 

Peter Sicher, 

Johan Jacob Laubscher, 

Johann Elias Wittgahr, 

Michael Fritz, 

Johannes Kreuss, 

Johannes Bonn, 

Michael Weisman, 

Wilhelm Triin. 

Hans Tinser, 

Peter Bassler, 

Jacob Bassler. 

Henry Stigel, 

Joseph Fahrene, 

Jacob Lichte, 

Hans Konig, 

Joseph Meyer, 



Hans Zorr, 
Michael Htille, 
Philip Feilein, 
Ludwig Fetzer, 
Hans Blauch, 
Michael Stuke, 
John Jost Schwalb, 
Peter Rothenberger, 
Georg Weiss, 
Jacob Behr, 
Paul Roth, 
Isaac Jung, 
y Johan Adam Heiss, 
Johann Peter Binkle, 
Hans Georg Schautler, 
Pierre Paris, 
Henrie Jeune, 
Johannes Schock, 
Joh. Christoffel Hembel, 
Christian Daublin, 
Johannes Showalter, 
Peter Lugenbiehl, 
Christian Bleich, 
Christian Kauffman, 
Johan Jacob Losch, 
Johan Adam Stiihr, 
Johannes Bassler, 
Peter Schowalter, 
Christian Rub, 
Johannes Hollei, 
Christian Fuhrer, 
Peter Delebach. 
Johan Georg Beck, 
Hans Gundelfinger, 
Christian Knebel, 
Johannes Hertzler, 
Georg Daniel Orth, 
Jacob Mossinger, 
Jacob Reif, 
Georg Rebschleger, 
Nicolaus Schmidt, 
Johan Georg Bauer, 

Peter Fisher, 
Michael Wurm, 
Peter Knabe, 
Hans Knebel, 
Hans Siegrist, 
Johan Jacob Wolkemer, 
Joh. Henrich Kiiblinger, 
Jacob Graf, 
Hans Funk, 
Christian Neuraan, 
Johannes Hertzel, 
Georg Friederich Bayer, 
Johatin Jacob Maag, 
Johann Nicolaus Meek, 
Isaac Paris, 
Michael Schwing, 
Peter Hohn, 
Sebastian Kappler, 
Johannes Lehman, 
Christian Showalter, 
Christian Eidener, 
Heinrich Schwartz, 
Johann PhiiippEckell, 
Johannes Rohrer, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Jacob Schowalter, sen. , 
Simon Wisham, 
Jacob Biirth, 
Nicolaus Miller, 
Andreas Hollei, 
Christian Neukummer, 
Wilhelm Werner, 
JacoV) Neftziger, 
Hans Hertzler, 
Johan Jost Weigandt, 
Melchior Geissert, 
Jacob Berg, 
Martin Funck, 
Jacob Hausser, 
Johannes Hausser, 
Sam. Schwing, 
Johan Anthon Eckell. 



List of Foreigners Imported IxV the Ship Sandwich, C apt. 
Hazlewood, from Rottkudam, L,AiST kromCowes. (.Qual- 
ified, Nov. 30, 1750. 

Jacob Simon, 
Peter Salladin, 
Jacob Rimmel, 
Joseph Kliipfer, 
Heinrich Schmidt, 
Adam Weigel, 
Henry Hartzel, 
Hans Jacob Ingler, 
John East bach, 
Cieorge Brech, 
Philip Grassman, 
H enrich Stumpf, 
John Martin Schaffmann, 
Peter Mantz, 
Johannes Riehl, 
Johan Jacob Koch, 
Michael Fiinfrock, 
Martin Nazurus, 
Ulerich Tuchsle, 
Georg Ost, 
Moritz Wober, 
Martin Biere, 
Fiederich Schor, sen. , 
Lorentz Klopper, 
Jacolj Bangs, 
Michael Frank hauser, 
Georg Philip Rimmel, 
Leonhart Rupperter, 
Mattheis Wilfanger, 
-Johannes Knauss, 
Johann Peter SchiiiTer, 
Peter Hoffschmit, 
Joliannes Fuchs, 
Hans Adam Biebel, 
Joh. Beruhart Kessler, 
Georg Philip T)eul, 
Johan Adam Gross, 
John Georg Wagner, 
Wendel Hermann, 
Michael Schor, 
Joh. Friedericli Pager, 

Johan Ludwig, 
Christian Fiess, 
Daniel Fahrer, 
Jacob Traub, 
Johannes Koch, 
Daniel Debuss, 
Johannes Moll, 
Andreas Muntz, 
Paulns Griindler, 
Johannes Leitz, 
Michael Mogge, 
George Cooper, 
Henry Hahn, 
Casper Retter, 
Friederich Schenckel, 
Johannes Fleisher, 
Peter Schmidt, 
Phili}) Becker, 
Rolandt May, 
Daniel Bricker, 
Jacob Pfitler, 
Georg Habrecht, 
Friederich Schor, jr.. 
Michel Kampet, 
Jacob Schmidt. 
Johann (Teorg Gass, 
Johan Philip Kiirgert, 
Johannes Will. Danger. 
Martin Deinberger, 
Nicolaus Lorentz, 
Jacob Bollinger. 
Johan Pefer Lamberti, 
Joh. Christoph Laubach. 
George Christ. Deul. 
Joh. Henrich AViiydemanii 
Georg Adiim Wagner, 
Kasper Rissnach, 
Hans Weber, 
Nicklaus Schande, 
Joh. Anthon Schwartz, 



Joh. PhiJip Schwartz, 
Christian Hagen, 
Lorentz Schiniedle, 
Jacob Becht, 
Engelhart Heiser, 
Caspar Mayer, 
Johan Greo. Swartz, 

Joh. Anthonius Kurner. 
Konrath Iinhott', 
Michael Hans Weber, 
Wolfgang Joh. Hagen, 
Gottleib Beckle, 
Nicklaus Hagen, 
Hans Adam sVeber. 

List of Foreignkrs Imported in the Ship Anderson, 
Hugh Campbell, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
CowEs. Qualified Aug. 25, 1751. 

Lorentz Durst, 

Jacob Maul, 

Hans Martz, 

Sebastian Greim, 

Hans Ritter, 

Martin Klein, 

Hans Adam, 

Philip Kinder, 

Hans Jacob Bernhart, 

Michael Dannerinborgen, sen. 

Johannes Zimnier, 

Joseph Riebell, 

Hans Michael Kuntz, 

Matheis Flach, 

Michael Karle, 

George Reiser, 

Otto Hasse, 

Henrich Fiirster, 

George Miller, 

Hans Peter Schmidt, 

Hans Straub, 

Christian Ritz, 

Peter Weber, 

Jacob Monchen, 

Hans Geo. Eisenberg, 

Michael Schlatter, 

Ha,ns Geo. Ulrich, 

Hans Geo. Num, 

.Jacob Miller, 

Hans Scheffer, 

Mathias Rost, 
Joseph Strossle, 
George Hoozer, 
Adam Greim, 
Peter Klein, 
Joseph Voltz, 
Hans Schiiffer, 
Andreas Hyder, 
Hans Georg Schneider, 
Michael Dannerinborgen, 
Hans Casper Strudter, 
Georg Arbengast, 
Michael Sommer, 
Lorentz Schone, 
Michael Weidt, 
Adam Storch, 
Johannes Fiirster, 
Valentin Clamde, 
Joseph Wittemer, 
Christoph Fleur, 
Hans Metz, 
Adam Gehrich, 
Jacol) Meier, 
Baltzer Niigle. 
Geo. Adam Wider-shein, 
Martin Schlatter, 
Johan Geo. Anmuller, 
Jacob Schetterle, 
Peter Wehrner, 
Michael Morith, 




Lorentz Leble, 
Hans Georg' Hununerlf, 
Hans Georj^ Hoch, 
Johannes Bauer, 
.Toll. Frieilericli Geyer, 
Anthony <Taubel. 
Ulricli Bernhart, 
Daniel Miller, 
Joseph Jorani, 
Johan Jost Frantik. 
Bartholoinaus Kreid, 
Joh. Abraham Arbeiter, 
Wilhehn Hammer, 
Johannes Seifert, 
Hans George Spint;, 
Jacob Thuringer, 
H. Michael Metz, 
Joli. Caspar Jungniann, 
Matthias Schwartzwelder, 
Johannes Hiklebrand, 
Joh. Ohristopli Ohle, 
Jolian Christian Alter, 
Peter I)esser, 
Mathias Snmer, 
Joseph Schlatter, 
Mattheus Hess, 
Hans Geo. Holdienst, 
Hans Michel Alger, 
Franciscns Eidien. 
Philip Haas, 
Lorentz Fischer, 
Anthon Schneider, 
Hans Geo. Siefried, 
Bartoleniai Heist, 
Hans Schiff, 
Michel Rebs, 
Hans Geo. Zundt, 
Georg Backer, 
Andreas Straud, 
Michel Kiirman, 
Johan Jacob Vogt, 
Georg Pfotzer, 
Hans Schott. 
Hans Rotenburger, 

.lost Srroh, 
Joliannes Frick, 
Michael Chrisback, 
Lvidwig "Werner, 
Peter Brulinger, 
-Abraham Reinhartl, 
Johannes Geiger, 
H enrich Erferdt, 
Henry Pemanche, 
('arl Wiederholt, 
Valentine Lohmier, 
Joh. Christian Schaner, 
Joh. Kilian Feltmann, 
Joh. Michael I>eininger, 
Dominique Flour, 
Joh. ]])ietrich rioffmaii, 
H. Martin Vaudalein, 
Jeremias Taubenheim, 
Hans Georg Selber, 
Johan Georg Reichwein, 
Joh. iMichael Gistelbarth, 
Augustus Milclisack, 
Geo. Valentin Hehl, 
Hans Geo. Bauer, 
Andreas Schetterle, 
Geo. Kurmeyer, 
Michel Slauter, 
Hans Geo. Huber, 
Johannes Haas, 
Michel Bauer, 
Georg Fischer, 
Hans Michel Siefried, 
Michel Kiintz, 
Hans Heist. 
Joseph Kautz, 
Hans IMichel Blank, 
Georg Beck, 
Georg Berg, 
Jacol) Walter, 
Marx Kiirman, 
Georg Mertz, 
Mattheus Kiirmau. 
Michel Kann. 
Johainies SchuTzerlein. 



List of Foreignkrs Imported ix the Ship Shirley, 
Capt. James Allen, from Rotterdam, last from Ork- 
iS-EY, Scotland, (^talified Sept. 5, 1751. 

Leonhard Maas, 
Mattheus Reutter, 
Heinricli Wagner. 
Michael Schneider, 
.Johannes Heist, 
Hans (jeorg Betz. 
Georg Jacob Hessel, 
Joh. Geo. Schumacher, 
Johan Martin KroU, 
Hans Georg Kloble, 
Johan Lorentz, 
Heinricli Crafft, 
Friederich Sinn, 
Jacob Schweigert, 
Henrich Kur, 
Nickolas Mildeberger, 
Fredrick Schetz, 
Georg Klech, 
Daniel Pracht, 
Georg Kreiiler, 
Andreas Kuhn, 
Johann Martin Seltzer, 
Christopli Horlacher, 
H. Michael Wurtenberger, 
Johan Conrad Beyrer, 
Michael Vogelnian, 
Friederich AVielandt, 
Johann Georg Blintzinger, 
Hans Michel Ott, 
Johannes Reiss, 
Barkhart Heinricli, 
Isaac Paris, 
Stephan Schertzer, 
Balzar Henning, 
Johannes Gilbert, 
Christian Mook, 
Lenhart Sumer, 
Dietrich Kiihin, 
Christian Rieger, 
David Frank, 
Georg Adam Stiirr, 

Johannes Fiihr, 
Henry Uhrer, 
Jacob Huth, 
Gottleib Roth, 
Michael Weiss, 
Christoff Ludewig, 
Johan Michael Scholte, 
Johan Caspar Spring, 
Johan Philip Wagner. 
Johann Gorge Ki ., 
Georg Kiebler, 
Thomas Geiner, 
Georg Schorth, 
Jacob Schaek, 
Martin Beyer, 
Lorentz Ludwig, 
Ludwig Schiittler, 
George Trantz, 
Johann GrosskoptT, 
Georg Balsbach, 
Johan Henricli Schirm, 
Hans Georg Wurteberger. 
Georg Michel Gretter. 
Johan Georg Riihlein, 
Hans .Tacob Vogelmann, 
Johann Michael Somuier, 
Frederich Schwartz, 
Georg Martin Carle, 
Jacob Bernard Danaker, 
Christopli Gniissle, 
Wendel Miinch, 
Johannes Ney, 
Samuel Shweigert, 
Conrad Sampel, 
Frederick Kratft, 
Christian Scholl. 
Michael Arnold, 
Peter Mugler, 
Frederich Gross, 
Hans Martin Seyfeird. 
Hans Adam Gramlich, 



Job. Bernhard Soli rank, 
Joliaun Michael Wajjiier, 
Hans Antlreas Zllling, 
Hans Adam Franck, 
Hans Henrich Kautznian, 
F. Johannes Schweitzer, 
Georg Simon Baum, 
Johann David Herbst, 
Hans Jacob Schoch, 
Hans (jeorg Hand, 
Johan Georg Ei)Son, 
Francis Edelberger, 
Michael Felix, 
Hans Schauman, 
Johan Michael Leidecker, 
Andreas Schmeltzer, 
Jolian Elias Horcht, 
Johannes Haas, 

Hans Georg Schrank, 
.Johannes Jacol) liraiin, 
Creo. i^'onrad Schweigert, 
Johan Friederich Teitz, 
Georg Michel Wolker, 
Hans Stei)han Martin, 
Johan Georg Gassinger 
H. t.Teorg Key, 
Melchioi- Lomel, 
Gabriel Rossi er, 
David Edlinger, 
Ludwig Ernst, 
Jacob Scheider, 
Jacob Gerringer, 
Melciiior Reisel, 
Christopher Ederle, 
Nickoias Mittelbiirger. 

List of Forkigxers Imported ix the Ship Patience, 
Capt. Hugh Steel, from Rotterdam, lasi' from Cowes. 
Qualified Sept. 0. 1751. 

John Hendrick, 
Diewald Hieg. 
Daniel Tien, 
Stephen Diirr, 
Isaac Reno, 
Daniel Erhart, ^ 
^Michel Harckart, ^ • 
Christian Galle, — — 

Jean Henri Pierre 
Johannes Stroh Schneider, 
Michael Strohschneider, 
Hans Georg Worthlein, 
Jacob Danninger, 
Samuel Panser, 
Christian Gabriel Conver, 
Johan Henrich Hiiring, 
John George Riehle, 
Johann Andreas Hiitig, 
Johann Andreas Becher, 
Johann Christoph Wieder, 

Pierie l^almas, 
Andreas Blecher, 
Jacob Weingard, 
Abraham Wild, 
Matthieu Moret, 
Christian Grau, 

(•■^ Johannes Bock, 

""■ Jacob Wolf, 

Johann Andreas Bersch, 
Johan Fried. Strohschneider, 
Hans I\!]cheal Mauer, 
Hans Worthlein. 
Michael Mcinch, 
Hans Peter Beck, 
H. George Gerhart,*" 
Phili}) "Wendle Horing, 
Johann Georg Sabb, 
Philip Carl Jiidi, 
Carl Anton Bergman, 
Joliann Georg RuofT, 



Johau ])iterich Weitzeii, 
J oh aim Frant/ Huler, 
Peter Martin, 
J. Henry Dietzel, 
Michel Trarbach, 
Jacob Trarbacli, 
iSicklaus Riniiuel, 
Jacob Wolf, 
Jacob Enkisch, 
Blasins Isele, 
Martin Erdiiian, 
Liidwig Rimniel, 
I^eter Haubert, 
Frantz Hoff, 
Geor^ Liidwig Math, 
J. Peter Thomas, 
Henry Miller, 
Johannes Rust, 
Jost Karji^er, 
Johannes Block, 
Nicklas Wolff, 
Friederich Mobs, 
Philij) Conrad Zeiler, 
Johan Martin Freitag, 
Johann Peter Miiller. 
Johann Philij) Haubert, 
Hans Peter Shutz, 
Joh. Adam Oberkirch, 
Johann .lacob Weil, 
Johan Adam Barthnes, 
Johann Georg Eberlman, 
Jacob Leil)rock, 
Petrus Tranenstack, 
Henrv Reichart, 

Johann Heurich Weitzel, 
Hans I'eter Ruber, 
Joh. iJeitz Sell moll, 
Jacob Martin, 
J. Adam Trarbach, 
Michael Schneider, 
Michel Block, 
l^hili]) Hiiring. 
Philip Gob, 
Michael Wieder, 
Jacob Stiihr, 
J. Peter Andrea, 
Peter Thomas, 
Peter Haut, 
Eberhart Chappelle, 
Conrad Millei-, 
Nicola Walter, 
Daniel Hess, 
Melchior Spehre, 
George Block, 
Peter W^olker, 
Bernhard Bauer. 
Johann Henrich Stohr, 
Georg Henrich Joseph, 
Johann Henrich Deiel, 
' Jobann Philip Litz, 
Johan Nicol. Bass, 
Johannes Schwarbach, 
Johann Peter HeJdenbaum, 
Johan Peter Striiher, 
Hans Adam Didrich, 
Christian Ivindner, 
Jolian Henrich Horing. 

List of Forkigners Importkb ixthkShipSt. Andrkw, 
Capt. Jamks Abercrombtk, from Rotterdam, last from 
CowES. Qualified Sept. 14, 1751. 

Johannes Lenn, Peter Eckman, 

Wendel Hanst, Peter Ber ringer, 

Jacob Brandt, Martin Schwab, 

Jacob Kimmel, Adam Kiinmel, 




Christopli Poth, 
.Jojiauiies Ehrinaii, 
Tlioinas Osterstock. 
LudwiiT I>e\\vilt, 
Peter Jacob Weiss, 
Henricli iSeidenbender, 
Johaiin Henricli Ijoliiuaiin. 
Hans Peter Henricli, 
Johaiin Conrad Biiuerle, 
Joliann Peter Sclinielrzer, 
Jolian Jacob l)aul)enberger, 
J. Philip Liss, 
J. Jacob Sliuniber, 
Valentin Kinunel, 
( Caspar Weigart, 
Johann Cieor^ Feick, 
Geor^ Peter Hiiter, 
Johan Henricli Eisennient^er, 
Georg Simon Schramm, 
Peter Henricli Eiseiimenger 
Johan Conrad Friedle, 
Peter Arnold, 
Friederich Biebler, 
Alexander Holder, 
Martin r)ietz, 
H. Mat hens Miller, 
J. William Volk, 
J. Adam Diersen, 
Abraham Gusman, 
J. Weiidel Schwab, 
Stephan Reigler, 
Hans (reovg Scheu, 
Josei)li Ehrman, 
J. A<ia.m Kirschbaum, 
Hans (ieorg Uhrich, 
Johann Georg Hub, 
Georg Adam Allbrecht, 
Johann Georg KochendiirlTer, 
Hans Peter Strein, 
Johann Georg Schafl'er, 
Johann Gottfried Stiickle 
Johann Daniel Betz, 
J. Balth. Eisenmenger, 
Johannes Georg Beck, 
Georg :Michael Weber, 

Jacol) Stahl. 
Miciiael Spengler, 
Valentin Daubenberger, 
fxeorg Lndwig St un'enl)ergei-, 
Rudolph Sidiopj)!, 
Johann Philip Kimmel, 
Georg Henricli liiisch, 
Philipp Ihringer, 
Hans Georg Spengler, 
Johann iMichael Friedle, 
Hans Georg Hiltman, 
Johannes Frick. 
Augustus Hub, 
Melchior Seib, 
3Albrecht Reinhardt, 
Hans Adam Hiiter, 
Joli. Christoph Stiiernschild, 
Johan Friederich Wnidiscrh. 
Georg Thomas Heimberger, 
Johann Jacob AVaft'ner. 
Andreas Lemel, 
Albrecht Dederer, 
Tacitus Geiger, 
Martin liender, 
Peter l^ininger, 
Kilian Destermiillei-, 
C'onrad Erich, 
Gottleib Ihrich, 
Hans Mauerer, 
Johannes Frick, 
Andreas Kramer, 
Joseph ISender, 
Weibreclit Nusshagen, , 

Georg AVilhelm Friedrich, 
Johann Jacob Selig, 
Johann Lndwig Ziegler. 
Johan Georg Ihrer, 
Johann Philip Dentsch, 
Johann Frantz Biebler. 
Johann Adam Stiickle, 
.Toliann Dietrich Saner. 
Johann Georg Feist, 
Michael Casper Fuchs, 
.lohann (feorg IjOscIi. 



List of Forkignkrs Imported ix thk Ship Duke op 
Bedford, Richard Jkfferso\, Master, from Rotter- 
dam, last from 1*ortsmot'th. Qualified Sept. 14, 1751. 

Friedericli Zabory. 
Johann Henricli Weickel, 
Abraham Beck, 
Andreas Beck, 
Samuel Weiss, 
Adam Koch, jr. , 
Andreas Knauer, 
Christian Reich, 
Andreas Schiifier, 
Georg Fetzer, 
Valentin Huth, 
Simon Burchart, 
Jacob Vasar, 
Johann Georg Beck, 
Johan Jacob Ziegler, 
Johan Melchior Knauer, 
Caspar AVeimer, 
Christoph Albert, 
Johan H enrich Krebs, 
Johann Adam Koller, 
Jeremias Geiger, 
Christian Giinther, 
Johan Peter Kammer, 
Valentin Mutschler, 
Johannes Schmuck, 
Johan (reorg Bender, jr., 
Johannes Kleinpeter, 
Martin Mattheis Schielin, 
-Georg David Reinhard, 
Johann Lorentz Stindtler, 
Johan Georg Stotz, 
Friedericli Wiirth, 
Johann Martin Fleischman, 
Johann Adam Brentzinger, 
Jacob Krug, 
.roseph Fnchs, 
Erhart Grimm, 
Abraham Koli, 
Christoph Heller, 
Caspar Miiller, 
Jacob Tbiirig, 

Friedericli Zabory, jun., 
Hans Michel Schafer, 
Isaac Wengert, 
Nicklas Miinder. 
Adam Koch, sen., 
Michel Koch, 
Johannes Knauer, 
Caspar Scherffig. 
Michael Spessert, 
Peter Gerbrich, 
Michael Heiler, 
Johannes De wetter, 
Jacob Lallemand, 
H. Michael Meyer, 
Joh. Michael Koch, 
Hans Peter Knauer, 
Georg Balthes Wecker, 
Matthaus Fetzer, 
Michael Gerbrich, 
Hendrick Courpenning. 
Joh. Remigius Spiegel, 
Johann Gottlieb Zinck, 
Friedericli Mutschler, 
Johan Christian Lentz, 
Hans Georg Bender, 
Johann Marcus Beck, 
Hans Peter Schiffahrt, 
Georg Adam Krauss, 
Hans Michael Knabe, 
Johann Philip Schmidt, 
Johan Jacob Gohrmann. 
Johan Martin Heugold, 
Henricli Bernhardt Diener, 
.Jacob Zabory, 
Michael Huth, 
Frantz Bruner, 
Jacob Hobler, 
Christian Galle, 
Henrich Heller, 
Philip Liebner, 
Henry Schloder, 



Caspar Metz, 
Johannes Bender, 
Peter Weber, 
Peter BJiigner, 
Johan Georj^ Bnrckhartit, 
.Toliann Adaui Schick, 
Johann I'hihp Dielil, 
Hans Peter Klinsteller, 
Chi'istoph Zieger, 
Peter Herr, 
Nicklaus Schultz, 
Johannes Schilffer, 
Martin Miiher, 
Christian Krebs, 
Paulus Schiirle, 
Johannes Stunipp, 
Carl Shaffer, 
Jacob Hiklebrandt, 
Hans Georg Resch, 
Hans Georg Miller, 
Hieroninias Konunele, 
Hans Georg Hanser, 
Matthens Scliiillhorn, 
Johan Peter Heigiss, 
Hans Georg Klein, 
Hans Georg Merker. 
Johan H enrich Haber, 
Johan Geo. Ritz, 

Henry Decker, 
Valentin Shaffer, 
Johannes Weber, 
Henrich Hummel, 
Joliann Andreas Held. 
Joliann Wendel Meichstnir, 
Lorentz Kunkel, 
Jacob Rewoid, 
Andreas Jund, 
Georg Kleiniiaher. 
Rudoli>h Hoffer, 
Peter Grauel, 
Andreas Kolb, 
Jacob Klein, 
Jacob G.alle, 
Jacob Geiyer. 
Nicklas Shmith Scliiiiidt, 
Solomon Heisch, 
Martin Henrich, 
Matthias Rockele, ^ 
Hans Jacob Knrtz, 
Joliann Jacob Fischer, 
Johann Ludwig Eiiisel, 
Peter Ludwig Hayer, 
Johan Adam Pole, 
Joliaini Adam Stoclv, 
Nicolas von Miinchler, 
Andreas Runclv. 

List of Forkigxeks Importkd i\ thk Ship Edinburgh, 

James Russell, Master. 

Jacob Bauer, 
Lorentz Kuntzman, 
Johannes Gottsger, 
Wilhelm GErdter, 
Henrich Katz, 
Henry Stumpff, 
Peter Fleck, 
William Saltzman. 
Johann Adam Allen, 
Johann Jacob Hiiser, 

Qualified Sept. ](). 1751. 

Peter Maurer, 
Conrad Zanck, 
Gottlieb Wagner, 
Conrad Bachman, 
Casper Wisser, 
Johannes ])oren, 
Joseph Tombei-, 
Henrich Pfeffer, 
Pliilipus Jacob Wagner, 
Hans Adam Miller, 



Hans Michel Grerber, 
Johann Henrich Volkner, 
Adam P. Heck, 
Johann Peter Mengen. 
AVilhehn Kupferschnieid, 
Peter -Lang, 
Peter Rhein, 
Adam Kober, 
Micliel Bauerman, 
'Uiristian Hahn, 
Nicholas Mathias, 
Johannes Mathias, 
Johann Wilhelm Heint/., 
Hans Adam Ferber, 
Wilhelm Adam Wolff, 
Johann Gottfried Kroh, 
Henrich Wilhelm Kochler, 
Johann Philip Eberth, 
Johann Georg Schnell, 
Johann Nickel Weber, 
Johann Peter Fitting, 
Johann Friederich Conrad, 
Johann Georg Reinheimer. 
Joh. Nicklaus Weyerbach, 
Johannes Weyerbacher, 
Joh. Wilhelm Graff, 
Henrich Daniel Deitt, 
Hans Henrich Noll, 
Georg Matter, 
Andreas Keyser, 
Michel Hardman, 
Lorentz Schweissguth, 
Andreas Wier, 
Hieronimus Tester, 
Nicholas Lindeman. 
Henrich Pfeister, 
Christian Scheib, 
Nickel Weber, 
Michael Burger, 
Peter Schlosser, 
Frantz Hiegert, 
Frederick Greenewald, 
Johann Friederich Fnchs, 
Jacob Zilchart, 
Ha:is Adam Kober, 
Johann Nicklans Kerr, 

Johann Henrich Guterinan, 
Johann Jacob Viilkner, 
Frant/. Wilhelm Jerholtz, 
Johann Henrich Stein, 
Hans Adam Matter, 
Carl Schell, 
David Rhein, 
Christian Kober, 
Johannes Schloter, 
-Peter Diitzter, 
Martin Mathias, 
Friederich Mehl, 
Philip Friederich Meyer, 
Geo]-g Justanus Noll, 
Georg Christophel Brehm, 
Johann Wilhelm Ferber, 
Johann Michel Eberth, 
.Tohann Nicolas Eberth, 
Johann Michel Stemler, 
Johann Nickel Weber, jr. , 
Johann Abraham Dauber. 
Johann Nickel Henrich, 
Johann Friedrick Griiff, 
Isaac Weyerbacher. 
Johann Andreas Wagner, 
Christoph Metz, 
Johannes Schleich, 
Johann Adam Walther, 
Jacob Keisser, 
Jacob Matter, 
Balthasar Jung. 
Peter Prinj. 
Nicolaus Schoppert, 
Abraham Schnell, 
Peter Pfeister, 
Christian Luther, 
Michel Weber. 
Johannes Henrich, 
Johannes Ort, 
Wilhelm Weirich, 
Martin Schuh, 
Carl Schinid, 
Hemrich Adam Scherer. 
Johann Henrich Rhein, 
Johann Jacob Muller, 
.lohan Valentine Benighoff, 



Johan Philip Benighoff, 
Jolianu Nicklaus Mehl, 
Johann Conrad Jost, 
Hans Georg Kast, 
Simon Burchart, 
Jacob Fridrich, 
Frans Hoover, 
Johannes Klein, 
Jacob Funck, 
Nicklas Zegler, 
Zachary Reiss, 
Georg Walcker, 
Johann Michael Heuler, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Jacob Shnaude, 
Georg Segnian, 
Daniel Lehuiljacher, 
Israel Burchart, 
Johan Peter Schuch, 
Johan Philip Seuft, 
Johan H enrich Lkng. 

Johan Friederich BenigholT, 
Johann AVilhehu JN'agel, 
A brahani Wenbacher, 
Jacob Inder, 
Johannes Arbengast, 
Jacob Hoover, 
Johannes Schmid, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Anthony Blum, 
.Johan Reiss. 
Blasius Beck, 
Johann Phili]) Kiister, 
Piiilip Hasselbacher. 
.Johan Jacob Bitter, 
.fohan Nicklaus Marhoffen, 
Christian Steyerwaldt, 
Philipp Henrich Weiss, 
Johann Nickel Schmidt, 
.Johan Sigmund Stautzer, 
Johan Henrich Holtzel, 
Johan Philip Christ. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Nancy, Captain 
Thomas Coatam, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 10, 1751. 

Jacol^ Guth, 
Conrad Koder. 
Michael Friess, 
Johannes Hopf, 
Andreas Berenstecher, 
Elias Bar, 
Conrad Miiuerle, 
Sebastian Schnell, 
Hans Wuchter, 
Christian Nagel, 
Daniel Kopp. 
.lohann George Rosth, 
Hans Georg Miiuerle, 
Johann Friederich Wiirster. 
Johan Georg Gonner, 
Hans Michel Schnauffer, 
22-VoL. XVII. 

A. Conrad Koder, 
David Miiuerle. 
Johannes Hackeler, 
Michael Capp, 
Jacob Kauffmann, 
Jacob Kennele, 
Jacob Scheible, 
Andreas Messerschmidt, 
Andreas Bitinger, 
Jacob Kopp, 
Hans Jacob Klett, 
Hans Georg German. 
Johann Friedrich Stoos, 
Johann Martin Lang, 
Hans Jacol) Pfeffer, 
Johann Jacob Super, 



Hans Conrad Steiger, 
Hans Georg Reicheniieher, 
Johannes Kircher, 
Hans Fredrick Brendle, 
Hans Georg Reinthaler, 
Johann Ludwig Nonneniach 
.lolian Jaco)) Scherick, 

Hans Georg Schnell, 
Michel Mauser, 

Johannes Heydel, 

Jacob Hauch, 

Hans Mayer, 

Johannes Kimmerlein, 

Melchior Hammer, 

Johannes Keuler, 

Jacob Raub, 

Baltzer Weit, 

Hans Jacob Wizer, 

Hans Martin Kimmerlein, 

Johann Philip Georg, 

Michael Schmidt, 

Johann Balthasar Geyer, 

Hans Georg Schnell, 
Hans Martin Entemann, 
Johan Lorentz Wilhelm, 
Jacob Fredrick Super, 
Johann Ulrich Fischer, 
er, Hans Georg Reynthaller. 
Johann Michel Riehle, 
Johan David Weissmann, 
Johann Mauser, 
William Schwindel, 
Elias Mayer, 
Jacob Haag, 
Coni-ad Steiger, 
Daniel Keuler, 
Johannes Kohler, 
Hans Hay, 
Hans Bernhardt Messerschmidt, 
Hans Georg Koder, 
Hans Martin Mohr, 
Johann Friederich Billiger, 
Johann Hay, 
Johannes Brockeler. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship B^^'^'Hers 
Capt. William Muir, from Rotterdam. Qualified 

Sept. IG, 1751. 

Johannes Leinberger, 
Johannes Bieber, 
Paul Mercker, 
Friederich Miihlefeld, 
. Michel Bieber, 
Christoph Weber, 
Peter Abert, 
Valentin Matter, 
Andreas Klein, 
Peter Dingis, 
Johannes Seifart. 
Johann Philip Schneck, 
Hans Jacob Farni. 
Friederich Entzminger, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Anthony Graff, 

Henry Schneider, 
Joseph Kennel, 
Henrich Seitel, 
Erhart Miihlefeld, 
Henrich Bieber, 
Georg Hacker, 
George Matter, 
Michael Oberle, 
Peter Mohr, 
Peter Heiser, 
Johann Jacob Ziegenfuss, 
Joh. Melchior Schwerer, 
Hans Adam Wagner, 
Johan Jacob Schmidt, 
rionrad Meintzer, 
David Bieboh, 



Michael Bieboh, 
Ludwig Weltiier, 
Daniel Zoller. 
Christian Peter, 
Valentin Bluniensteiii, 
Joli. (jreorg Kirchner, 
Martin Miiintzer, 
David Mussgnug, 
Johann Nicolaus Merckel, 
I^hilip Brentz, 
Johan Adam Stein. 
Ludwig Friedland, 
Johann Jacob Blum, 
Joh. Peter Schissler, 
.Jacob Ludwig, 
Henry Wolff, 
Friederich Kirchner, 
Christoph Hauer, 
Sebastian Nagel, 
.Jacob Heit, 
Georg Obermeyer, 
Andreas Mohr, 
Michael Raub, 
Anthony Hauer, 
Anthony Nagel, sen., 
Hans Georg Dillman, 
Hans Georg Uhlerich, 
Georg Bastian Eigelberger, 
Johannes JNJonitzer, 
(reorg Hoflfnitz. 
Johan Henry Paff, 

Jacob Roth, 
Jacol) Ritter, 
Jacob Frantz, 
.Job. .Jacob Gerling, 
Johan Wendel Beilstein, 
Bernhard Hauer. 
.Johann Michael Haus, 
Johannes Schmit, 
Georg Conrad Mnssert, 
.Johann Jacob Ahleni, 
Johannes Leissler, 
Johann Michel Mohr. 
Johan Jacob Maul, 
Johann Georg Hotzeler. 
Martin Wolff. 
Adam Adams, 
Christoff Hauer. 
.Jacob Hauer, 
Jacob Lehme, 
Joachim Nagel, 
Michael Weber, 
Georg Meintzer. 
Johann Georg Stiihlein, 
Anthony Nagel, jr., 
Hans Georg Kappes, 
Johannes Miinster, 
Johan Adam Heiser, 
Ludwig Schliicker, 
Friederich Daniel Miiller, 
Jjudwig Bender, 
Henrich Mag. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Two Brothers, 
Thomas Arnot. Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 21, 1751. 

Johannes Bausum, 
Johannes Decker, 
Jacob Jung. 
Johan Steinmetz, 
Jacob Pender. 
Joh. Christ. Fried. Wolfl, 
Johann Henrich Decker, 
Caspar S- ^inmetz, 

Philippus Bausum, 
Johannes Kahn, 
Abraham Jung. 
(Veorg Romel, 
Melchior Jung, 
Eitel (Terhart, ^-^ 
Melchior Jung, 
Johan Jacob Steinmetz, 




Johan Christian Lupp, 
Johannes Henrich, 
Valentin Fey, 
Andreas Gratz, 
Conrad Giesstein, 
Philipp Thomas, 
Ludwig Kleissinger, 
G-eorg Btraub, 
Mattheis Hunolt, 
Jacob Schauer,- 
Johannes Schraut, 
Henry Matheas, 
Johannes Bentz, 
Jacob Heinberger, 
Johann Georg Schiick, 
Caspar Kalckglosser, 
Georg Henrich Sohnus, 
Hans Michael Herzog, 
Johan Conrad Hass, 
Johan Jacob Molsberger, 
Johan Wilhelm Stantter, 
Johan Georg Etzler, 
Johannes Stauflfer, 
Andreas Brendle, 
Johannes Lupp, 
Caspar Augenstein, 
Gregorius Richter, 
Carl Lijher, 
Daniel Becker, 
Johan Conrad Kreger, 
Jo'.iann Georg Henrich, 
Johan Henrich Heine, 
Johann Daniel Hoffman, 
Johann Henrich Hartman. 
Johan Jacob Hoffheintz, 
Joh. Henry Mauerbach, 
Johan Jost Kring, 
Johan Martin Kreuder, 
Johan Daniel AVill, 
Johan Friederich PerleT, 
Johannes Kristmann, 
Friederich Klopper, 
Fried. "Wilhelm Herman, 
Johan Jacob Gobler, 
Johan Henrich Adam, 
Joh. Wilhelm Cromberg, 

Johannes Hein, 
Johannes Orth, 
Johannes Lappe, 
Anthonius Seeinisch, 
Jacob Eberhart, 
Philipp Hetz, 
Johannes AVerbung, 
Jacob Fegert, 
Wilhelm Hunolt, 
Simon Lung, 
Baltzer Kenti.ler, 
Nicolaus Stoltz, 
Han Martin Schors. 
AVolfgang Ruttegel, 
Johan Philip Eyster, 
Henrich Kalckglosser, 
Johann Wilhelm Weymend. 
Hans Georg Schmit, 
J. Jost Freidwirth, 
Geo. Henry Schmidt, 
Joh. Michael Lung, 
Christian Rohr, 
Simon Weier, 
Georg Lupp, 
Adam Lung, 
Ludwig Berckle, 
Henrich Arndt, 
Johannes Konig, 
William Molsberger, 
Johannes Becker, 
Johannes Heintz, 
Johan Jost Giersbach. 
Johan Henrich Gring, 
Johann Georg Deckei-, 
'Johan Henrich Ebbes, 
Joh. Henrich Nicodemus, 
Philip Henrich Noll, 
Johan Michael Wieg, 
Johan Adam Schmidt, 
Martin Christoph Riider. 
Johannes Molsberger, 
Joh. Christoph George, 
.Toll. AVilhelm Weinandt, 
J. Gerhart Zimmerman, 
Joh. Gerhart Schnhinacher, 
Joh. Wilhelm Badenueimer. 



IjIst of Foreigners Impo 
James Weir, Captain, f 
Sept. 23, 1751., 

Anthom Steiner, 
Johannes Gies, 
Adam Weiser, 
J. Conrad Koch, 
Herman Miiller, 
Johannes Kreis, 
Johannes Schlotz, 
Johannes Busch, 
Miciiael Lauffer, 
Johannes Vetter, 
.lohannes Beer, 
.Johannes Hombert, 
Balthas Kressmann, 
Joh. Engl. Eiunierd, 
Joh. Georg Christ, 
Andreas Steiger, 
Henry Zimmerman, 
Joh. Phil. Berger, 
Joh. Engel Bucher, 
Christian Hopper, 
Johan Plullippus Hohmer, 
Jolian Heinrich Vetter, 
Johan Bernhart Blatt, 
Johau Alexander Schiitz, 
Johan Conrad WoUeweber, 
Johan Henrich Rtlsling, 
Johan Pliilip Anhorn, 
Joliann Peter Schaaff, 
Joliannes Peter Reusel, 
J. Jost Walter, 
J. Henry Schmit, 
Philip Henry Schlotz, 
Hans Jacob Miiller, 
Johan Christian Baum, 
Johan Christian Leidtorff, 
Georg Andreas Carle, 
Johan Henrich Bucher, 
Joliann Christian Schmidt, 
•^.Tohan Henry Reinhart, 
Joh. Peter Flick, 
Johan Martin Flick, 
Gerlach Paul Flick, 


HOM Rotterdam. (Qualified 

Jacob Hetzel, 
Michael Wennert, 
Mattheus Lippoth, 
Johannes Mauderbach, 
Jacob Puhl, 
Henrich Gerhart,**^ 
Nicolas Reibolt, 
Johannes Meyer, 
J. Michael Lauffer, 
Johannes Qilple, 
Paulus Groninger, 
Johannes Backer, 
Matheis Lutz, 
Johannes Geistweit, 
Johan n Thomas, 
Everhart Thomas, 
Jost Heinrich, 
Joh. Ebert Steiner, 
Christian Schmidt, 
Johannes Wilhelm Fein, 
■Tohan Wilhelm Buhmer, 
Johan Friederich Getner, 
Johann Georg Seckel, 
Johan Ludwig Klein, 
Johan Christ. Zimmerman, 
Johan Henrich Kreiss, 
J. Henry Tillman,'— ' 
Johan Engel Weber, 
Johannes Engelberth Jung, 
J. Friederich Schreiber, 
Johan Philip Krum, 
Johan Jacol) Gonderman, 
Johan Michel Naipp, 
Johan Christian Benner, 
Joh. Phil. Daniel Pfeiffer, 
Herm. Adolph Schonpenmeyer, 
.fohann Egidus Hecker, 
Johann Henrich Schmidt, 
.Tohannes Henrich Peilfer, 
Joh. Philip Flick, 
Joh. Christian Zimmerman. 
Johan Wilhelm Stossner. 



List of Forkignkrs Importkd in the ShipNeptunk, Cap'J'. 
John Mason, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. Quai/- 
IFIED Sept. 24, 1751. • 

Christian Armbriister, 

Conrad Neuuieier, 

Jacob Scheier, 

Abraham Pons, 

Joliannes Horing, 

Johannes Redig, 

Melchior Trautuiann, 

Adam Pfeiffer, 

(ieorg Kleinbach, . 

Geoi'ge Crope, 

Frantz Moen, 

Johannes Gressner. 

Conradt Schmidt, 

Jacob Huber, 
-Balthaser Hess, 

Joliannes Hock, 

Daniel Erhart, 

Andreas Miller, 

Jacob Summer, 

Nicklaus Schey, 

Caspar Kessler, 

Jacob Nagel, 

Johannes Vetter, 

Henrich Hall, 

Casper Hoffman, jr., 

Jacob Buck, jr. , 

Georg Schill, 

Conrad Bauer, 

Balte.s Laub, 

Georg Kriesch, 

Siegmund Costie, 

Henry Schroder, 

Frederick SuUinger, 

Jacob Peterman, 

Georg Eppenzeller, 

Johannes Schnuringer, 

Jean Pierre Arnoul, 

Han.s Georg Anstein, 

Henrich Lautenschleger, 

Johaiin Adam Trinkauss, 
. Johann Georg Erhardt, 

Job. Michael Knetz, 

John Pieters, 
Henderich Boous, 
Philip Klmger, 
Johannes Hiiring, 
Johannes Daum, 
J. Adam Ewig, 
Bernhart Tagel, 
Christoph Kotz, 
Michael Link, 
Johannes Hirsch, 
David Maisheller, 
Elias Emminger, 
Jacob Tritsch, 
Conrad Rauher, 
George Kimmel, 
Johannes Geiss, 
Peter Beniger, 

Johannes Laurentius Schmidt, 
Ludwig Knoll, 
Adam Weiss, 
Johannes AVelt, 
Christoph Schropp. 
Stephan Herth, 
Casper Hoffmann, 
Jacob Buck, 
Johannes Werner, 
Andreas Berlib, 
Jacob Frey, 
Jean Coutier, 
Conrad Schiiffer, 
Benedict Ervig, 
Michael Sattler, 
David Kulm, 
Peter Klases, 
Georg Adam Weiss, 
■ Mattheus Armbruster, 
Leonhart Mentzinger, 
Johann Ludvvig Hiiring, 
Johann Bernhart Gotz, 
Johann Adam Wirdeberger, 
Johann Philip Meyer, 
Jacob Walter Wagner, 



Conrad Scheffnit, 
Johan Georg Schiiter, 
Johann Adam Geiss, 
Andreas Driichsel, 
Wilhelm Guttman. 
Hans Georg Spohn, 
Johan Georf? Heist, 
Johann Peter Trautmann, 
Joh. Adam Issener, 
Friederick Zimmerman. 
Georj? Zettelmeyer, 
Jacob Bogus, 
Clementz Frey, 
Joliann Georg Nollert, 
.Johann Michael Hag, 
Johan Ludwig Bilger, 
Antonius Lambrecht, 
Joh. Daniel Scharmann, 
Christin Hoffman, 
Christoplj Vanterberg, 
Martin Schaickel, 
Ewald Trummaner, 
Albrecht Schleppe, 
Joseph Zugmayer, 
Johan Bernhard Schiiffer, 
Joh. Wilhelm Miiller, 
Joh. Michael Diirr, 
Uhllerich Schwenkel, 
Martin Kogel, 
Hans Georg Stehle, 

Johan Wilhelm Grell, 
Johann Peter Schindel, 
Martin Heckenthurn, 
.Tohann Georg Ei.senbeiss, 
Hans Georg Heise, 
Johann Adam Heist, 
Tobias Daumiller, 
Christoph HoUebach, 
Andreas ReyboM, 
Jacob Zettelmeyer, 
Caspar Spanu, 
Henry Deutsch. 
Lorentz Schnuringer, 
Heinrich Eisenmeuger, 
Johann Georg Heist, 
Johann Jacob Got t wait, 
Johan Jacob Artzt, 
Johan Jacob Schneider, 
Conrad Selhoflf, 
.Tohan Conrad Esse, 
Joseph I/ehmann, 
Jacob Zollerman, 
Johan Georg Must, 
Phillip Mallecot, 
Johan Leon. Trautman, 
Johan Peter Klump, 
.Toll. Georg Hummer, 
Ludwig Klemmer, 
Michael Hahn, 
Jacob Horn. 

List op Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Phcenix, Capt. 
John Spurrier, from Rotterdam, last from Ports- 
mouth. Qualified Sept. 25, 1751. 

Martin Maurer, Jacob Bauer, 

Christian Laufner, Michael Merer, 

Georg Volpp, Antoni Stirn, 

(ieorg Stirn, Conrad Hi.ffler. 

Jacob Jordan, Andreas Roth, 

Jacob Heege, Albert Schneck, 
Michel Hoffman. 

Christian Pfeister, 



Martin Wagner. 

Balthas Widenmeyer, 

David Dentsel, 

Martin Herter, 

Hans Kohli, 

Jacob Riger. 

Simon Widniayer, 

Carlle Heu, 

Mathias Haufer, 

Georg Holtzinger, 

Peter Hoffman. 

Jacob Reigenbaser. 

Bait us Schlichter, 

Johann Georg Gehringer. 

Gottlieb Lunenmaeher, 

Friederich Veitschantz, 

Joseph Bohringer, 

Elias Stocki, 

Christoph Liick, 

arartin Ott, 

Matheus Kern, 

Jacob Kauher, 

Samuel Schikle. 

Frederick Heins, 

Jacob Waltz, ^ 

Philip Miiller, ^ 

Jacob Hartz, ( 

Thomas Fischer, \ 

Michael leaver, ' 

Bernhard Brand, 
, Matheis Bastian, 
' Johannes < 'onrad Lauer, 

Johann Adam Bauer, 

John Georg Kappis, 

Joh. Michael Lerchenzieler, 

Philip Ernst Wagner, 

Johan Friederich Fiirber, 

Johann Conrad Freeh, 

Joh. Michel Schumacher, 

Michael Lautenschlager, 

.Tohan Tobias Haag, 

Hans Jacob Stambach, 

Lndwig Teussel, 

Johan Gottfried Schmelger, 

Johaun Gottfried Fuchs, 

Georg Friederich Baisch, 

Martin Engelbert, 
Martin Ziegler, 
Martin Ende, 
Jacob Kohli, 
Georg Kohli, 
Georg Giinssle, 
David Herrmann, 
Albrecht Heu, 
Jacob Pfeister, 
.Jacob Maurer, 
Llichael Huder, 
Conrad Hoff, 
AJbrecht Hiibscher, 
Johannes Dietrich, 
Friederich Dannwolff, 
Samuel Dirstein, 
Kraft Hannold, 
Jacob Geigle, 
Jacob Hauber, 
Jacob Huber, 
Jacob Ott, 
Georg Hetzer, 
Jacob Feller, 
Georg Teuflfell, 
Mathias Diesch, 
Christian Neuflfer, 
Jacob Fischer, 
Dieterich Loffler, 
Baltzer Biimbel, 
Anthoni Blesinger, 
Georg Matias Weig, 
Hans Georg Weber, 
Hans Michael Braiinich, 
Hans Jacob Schletzer, 
Johan Melchior Mill, 
Joh. Valentin Hofifman, 
Joh. Balthas Scholhorn, 
Johann Georg Kiderer. 
.Tohann Conrad Kriigele. 
Andreas Hildenbrandt, 
Hans Georg Bertsch, 
Hans Georg Hiigele, 
Hans Jacob Gloss, 
4 Hans Georg Schlotterbeck, 
Christian Kiichler, 
Michael Bossert, 




Johannes Grainm, 
Micliael Kaucher, 
Jacob Hermann, 
Michael Wornner, 
Michael Mayer, 
Frietlerich Hirsch, 
(xeorg (Jarle, 

Christ Friederich Weiler, 
Mattheis Plocherr, 
.lohannes Albrecht, 
Johannes Weltschiedt, 
Christian Blaser, 
Martin Eiltinf?, 
Hans Conrad Kurtzle, 
Ciiristian Christein, 
Johannes Demuth, 
Pliilipp Jacol) Geis, 
Jean Diedier Moret. 
Lorentz Schmidt, 
Jacob Pfeiffer, 
Jacob Worner, 
Micliael Hudere, 
Conrad Host, 
Gabriel Wachter, 
Theopbilus Hiibber. 
Georg Baumann, 
Konrad Leuser, 
Hans Georg Ehrman, 
■ Jacob Kohler, 
Hans Georg Schotebecker, 
Christian Kiichler, 
Michael Bossert, 
Mattheis Hipscher, 
Christoph Hofman, 
Balthas Scliwinker, 
Johan Jacob Wcirnuer, 
Jobn George Blaser, 
Jacob Bind, 

Mattheis Hiil)scher, 
Michel Ernst, 
Matheis SchiinplT, 
Simon Brener, 
Philip Baiitinand, 
Joh. Siegmund Kiibler, 
Franciscus Stiir, 
Jacob Biickel, 
HansJacoV) Kichner, 
Joliannes Haner, 
JohaTines Rathgeb, 
Bernliardt Schneider, 
Hans Georg Chris-itein, 
Peter Christein, 
Friederich Kerchel, 
Johan Adam Rtoltz, 
Jacob von Kunnen, 
Mathias Laufer, 
Georg Hollinger, 
Peter Hoffman, 
Jacob Veigenbaser, 
Joh. Georg Fried. Bayer, 
Adam Hettinger, 
Samson Mittelberger, 
Michael Altrith, 
Michael Beuttel, 
IS'ickolas Schrift. 
Johann Gottfried Fuchs, 
Georg Friederich Baisch, 
Johannes Gramm, 
Jlichael Kaucher, 
Jonas Rupp, 
Hans Jacob Meyer, 
Hans Georg Blaser. 
Hans Georg Blaser, jr., 
Johannes Schilling. 
Christian Schneider, 



List oi"' Foreigners Imported in the Ship Queen of Den- 
mark, Geo. Parish, Commander, from Rotterdam, last 
FROM C OWES. Qualified Oct. 4, 1751. 

Christoph .Berg, 
Hartmann Fritz, 
Baltzer Martin, 
Jacob Wolff, 
Balzar Konifj, 
Georg Jacob Ullricb, 
Hans Georg Erbolt, 
Andreas Fridli, 
Andreas Roth, 
George Happetv 
.Jacob .Toder, 
Hans Reitzer, 
Michael Meyer, 
Wilhelm Bosch, 
Johannes Shulte, 
Caspar Fisher, 
Martin Friess, 
Conrad Weiss, 
H enrich Seitz. 
Heinrich Stehle, 
Nicklas Weiss, 
Georg Wolff, 

Johann Michel Hartmann, 
Johann Philip Bieg, 
Caspar Wagner, 
Melchior Ziegler, 
Frederich Sallade, 
Hans Georg Martin, 
Hans Suter, 
.Johannes Wagner, 
Heinrich Stohler, 
.Johannes Martin, 
Georg Grauss, 
.Johann H enrich Graff, 
Hans Schneeberger, 
Marx Oberhiiussle, 
Casper Schneider, 
Hans Schallenberg, 
Martin Dreisbach, 
Johan Henrich Hoffman, 
Hans Henry Shneider, 

Georg Wolff, 
Daniel Meyer, 
V^alentin Brock, 
George Liicker, 
Johann Friederich Bering, 
Michael Remer, 
Jacob Giesaler, 
Stephan Bieg, 
Nicklas Rippel, 
Durst Griiner, 
Hans Blanck, 
Henry Siiss, 
Christian Blanck, 
Friederich Ruthe, 
Bastian Mangold, 
Conrad Fuchs, 
Andreas Lantz, 
Hans Geisser, 
Jacob Stehle, 
Jacob ShoV). 
Heinrich Grell, 
Friederich Dirkerhoff, 
Heinrich Lachman, 
Horian Peter Kostler, 
Johannes Andreas, 
Martin Scheuerman, 
.Jacob Grosjean, 
.Jacob Kiigel, 
Jacob Regenes, 
Peter Rechrer, 
Johannes Ochseman, 
Johannes Carmane, 
Conrad t Schneider, 
Christian Bernhart, 
Hans Jacob Weiss, 
Hans Ulerjch Hess, 
•Johannes Schaad, 
Johannes Eidmeier, 
Johan Friederich Martin, 
Hans Henrich Wiest, 
.Johannes Campus, 



Antonius Stiitte, 
Jacob Reithlinger, 
VVeinbert Tschudi, 
Job. Friederich Steiner, 
Johannes Possert, 
Georg Schweiler, 
Valentin Meyer, 
Anthony Carinane, 

Johan Wilhelni Fries^. 
Heinrich Stehle, 
Johannes Strub, 
Friederich Lander, 
Joliann Friederich ? etzer, 
Hans Melcliior An(} regg, 
Daniel Wolff. 

1 1ST OF Foreigners Imported in the Bhip Jan^t, Capt. 
William Cunningham, from Rotterda.'i. (.qualified 
()ct. 7, 1751. 

Johannes Waller, 
Peter Gans, 
Philip Pfeiffer, 
Adam Jacobi, 
Adam Beckenbach, 
Peter LTlmer, 
Kilian Hausser, 
Henry Carle, 
Georg Bigler, 
Christ. Peifer, 
Bernhart Kreiling, 
Adam Jordan, 
Carl Wagner, 
Philip Ennes, 
Leonhart Biickel, 
Wilhelin Ewig, 
Matheas Nass, 
Heinrich Friedle, 
Jacob Kiinig, 
Jacob Sprecher, 
Hewald Storch, 
Philip Jacob Kiinbe, 
Friederich Humbert, 
Jacob Gallman, 
Johan Michel Schmit, 
Jacol) Walter, 
Jacob r)iether, 
Leonhardt Siinon, 
Johan Georg Beckenbach 
Johan Valentin Sommer, 

Michael Hoist ein, 

Peter Rossburg^r, 

Mathias Pfeiffer, 

Marx Breinig, 

Caspar Bp''''enbach, 

Georg Welter, 

Nickolas Stein, 

Martin Bigler, 

Johannes I^app, 

Stephen Zweier, 

Michael Alt, 

Jacob Holtz, 

Abraham Konig, 

Jacob Weimer, 

Johannes Hahn, 

Michael I^eonhart, 

Henry Haushalter. 

Melchior Krautter, 

Enoch Weber, 

Jacob Weimraer, 

Hans Georg Sprecher, 

•lacol) Hahn, 

Piewald Matter, 

George Scliend, 

Michel Fink, 

Christian Ewig, 

Ehrhardt ThiirwiichTer, 

Georg Adam Beckenbach, 

Georg Bernhart I^eckenbach, 

jSickolas Eschwin, 



Jacob h irth, 

Heinricli tzel, 
Johannes Kauffmann, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Andreas AltendorlT, 
Johann Jacob Lapp, 
Han Georpie Zweier, 
H.ans Greorge Odewalt, 
Geprg Jacob Schirmer, 
Hans Conrad Baiinian, 
Johann Nickhxs WolfT, 
Joh&n Jost Schweiger, 
Johann S'-..iou Shober, 
Abraham Biti.'ion, 
Johan Michael Hoffmann, 
Mat hens Konig, 
Chri '^oph Ketterman, 
Hans Georg Wollhuter, 
Philij) Jaco>) Humbert, 
Philip Jac ' Mfder, 

Jacob Kiimmerer, 
Johann Nickel Stunam, 
Johan Adam Best, 
Johan Peter Schang, 
Johan Lenardt Giisel, 
Joh. Christoph Weisbach, 
Hans Adam Diem, 
Job. Andreas Engelman, 
Michael Wiihrlich, 
Johann Georg Geisler, 
Johan Valentin Ross, 
Johann Jacob Weltz, 
EV^erhart Sahnat, 
Johann Georg Busch, 
Philip Jacob Hagenbuch, 
Hans Jacob Hiibbert, 
Jacob Schaffer, 
Johann Georg Steiner, 
Johann Michael Drioa, 
Andreas Kisselberg. 

List of Foreigners 


Qualified Oct. 1G, 17 

Lndwig Heinrich, 
Theodor IjarV)er, 
Andreas Schlenckfer, 
Conrad Rahm, 
Michel Umensetter, 
Mattheus Reich, 
Johannes Schott, 
Friederich Zoller, 
Friederich Hering , 
Andreas Leaderer. 
Martin Doll, 
Peter Stiickel, 
Johannes Meiger, 
Leonhart Behl, 
Georg Adam Brockeber 
Conrad Klingemeyer, 
Georg Adam Gaab, 

Imported ix the Ship Duke of 



A. Mattheis, 
Johannes Wissner, 
Ulrich Briiitinger, 
Jacob Umensetter, 
Christoph Siindel, 
Michael AVeihenger, 
Christian App, 
Johannes Griiuttler, 
David l>utte. 
Johannes Doll, 
Johannes Notz, 
Martin Ecker. 
Eberhardt Martin, 
Bait has Gcitz, 
ger, Georg Michael Kern. 

Joh. Conrad Leibbrand, 
Hans Jacob Baum, 




Daniel Bauiuann, 
Conrad MerKle, 
Jacob Zech, 
Martin Ebble, 
Jacob Beyerle, 
Jacob Stahlman, 
Adaiu Herman, 
Jacob Scherrer, 
Ulrich Hirschmaun, 
Johannes Stucke, 
Johannes Augenstein, 
Philip Nagel, 
Johannes Mayer, 
t^ Johannes Bischoff, 
Michael Fritz, 
Casper Meyer. 
Christian Fusch, 
Jacob Karg, 
Conrad Brendingler, 
Jacob Schiiffer, 
Graff Pillab, 

Georg Christoph Reichle, 
Johann Georg Mayer, 
Johann Adam Merkle, 
Johann Georg Maisch. 
Jacob Ludwig Ciippele, 
Johannes Brobeck, 
Georg Wilhelm Bantlion, 
Hans Georg Schaffer, 
Conrad Eisenhardt, 
Christophel Schlegel, 
Johannes Wunderlich, 
Matthens Sabererick, 
Michael Rosch, 
Jacob Esch, 
Christoph Folk, 
Philip Miiller, 
Michel Waltz, 
Conrad Grietzinger, 
Dieterich Kiimmerer, 
Christian Kiimmerer, 
Johan Georg Sendel, 
Hans Georg Heiin. 
Christ. Gottleib Scheiberle 
Joh. Friederich Steindorf, 
Johannes Schultheiss, 

('onradt Grietzinger, jr., 
Friederick Keppen, 
Johannes Winter. 
David Ansel, 
Friederich Wibei. 
•Joseph Ahnern, 
Jacob Jiingling, 
.Tohann Mader, 
Matheus Hirsehman, 
•Jacob Schwartz, 
Simon Nagel, 
Michael Deiss, 
.Johannes Mayer, jr. ^ 
Bernhardt Merkle, vy 
Ijudwig Feick, 
Peter Printle, 
Joseph Karg, 
Johan Geo. Englert, 
Johannes Messner, 
Bernhart Frick, 
Jacob Greiner, 
.Johann Andreas Mayer, 
Johan Andreas Mayer, jr., 
Johann Georg Weisser. 
Christian Grietzinger, 
Johan Conrad Held, 
Johannes Weihenger. 
Christ. Friederich Bantlion, 
Hans Georg Dutte, 
Georg Adam Schlegel, 
Caspar Wunder, 
Johann Georg Hoch, 
Joseph 'Brendlinirer, 
Michael Rosch, jr., 
Baltas Folk, 
Conrad Stohr, 
Stephan Katz, 
Martin Brodbeck, 
Johannes Brodbeck. 
l^eter Kiimmerer, 
Johann F. Brodbeck, 
Hans Georg Winter, 
Hans Georg Wehr, 
Hans Peter Spatli, 
Joh. Michael Zehntbaner, 
Andreas Hirsehman, 



Johan Adam Hirschinan, 
Mattheus Dullnick, 
Johan Frierterich St less, 
Philip Jacob Weidner, 
Hans Philip Roth, 
Lorentz Wessener, 
Hans Martin Seisser, 
Hans Greorg Hirnneisen, 
Adam E miner, 
Johann Georg Diirr, 
Micaael Katz, 
Johan Bardel Gottwalt, 
Johann Jacol> Waltz, 
Hans Gsorg Eckert, 
Wilhelm Koch, 
Abraham Eckert, 
Conrad Gensly, 
Johannes Eberhart, 
Hans Georg Schneck, 
Andreas Kappler, . 
Hans Georg Christ, 

Hans Michael Moser, 
Johann Georg Hiiman, 
Hans Georg Augenstein, 
Hans Ludwig Roth, 
Hans Martin Bischon, 
Hans Adam Meyer, 
Michael Hirnneisen, 
Andreas Schlenker, 
Michael Hehnle. 
Jacob Wellenman, 
Hans Georg Schneider, 
Hans Bernhart Frantz, 
Andreas Wichthorn, 
Michael Werner, 
Benedict Funck, 
Andreas Luttich, 
Friederich Heyl, 
Johannes Eberhart, jr., 
Michael Wolff, 
Hans Georg Ege. 

List ok Foreigeers Imported in the Ship Two Brothers, 
Thomas Arnot, Captain, from Rotterdam, last from 
CowES. Qualified Sept. 15, 1752. 

Georg Eisenmenger, Friederich Mayer, 

Jol). Christo. Friederich Kohler, Kilian Eisenmenger, 

Jacob Miiller. 
Nolgen Kremmer. 
Peter Hommer. 
Philip Bonn, ' 

Jacob Miiller, 
Bertram Baum, 
Moritz Lenn, 
7 Johannes Gerhardt, 
Jost Ferschbach, 
Conrad Wekler, 
Joh. Peter Bonn, 
Johann Peter Lentz, 
Leopoldt Valentin Gross, 
Johann Friederich Beck, 

Christ oph Arnold, 
Peter Schock, 
Paulus Gross, 
AVilhehn Huner, 
Conrad Winegarden, 
PauUis Hecker, 
Jacob Andres, 
Peter Dilss, 
Johannes Lutz, 
Joh. Silas Bonn, 
Johann Martin Gans, 
Johan Peter Schock, 
Johannes H enrich Metz, 
Georg Michael Eberle, 




F. Conrad Leberling, 

John Peter RodeV)agh, 

Diedrich Wilhelin Dischong. 

John Peter Bloni, sen., 

Herbert Schumacher. 

Wilhehu Peter Walter, 

Conrath Schneider, 

Joli. Antonius Kriiiner, — 

Johan Crottfried Kring, 

Johann Jacob Beyer, 

Johan Theis Wehr, 

Casper Kriimer, 

Adam Beck, 

Anthon Schmidt, 

Wendel Frey, 

Jacob Buss, 

Casper Liclitenberger, 

Joseph Konig, 

Borlvhardt Unangst, 

•Jacob Helbach 

Johan Christ. Kulenber, 

Johann Christ. Meyer, 

Johan Stephan Deiibler, 

Johan Christian Alburgrer, 

•Tohann Henrich Wirth, 

Johann Wilhelm Buttger, 

(ieov^ Andreas Raal), 

Johan Gerlach Meyer, 

Conrad LiinenVjerg, 

Jacol) Dills, 

.Toll. Peter Aller, 

.Tohan Sebastian Unangst, 

Simon laidwig Himroth, 

Wil. Henrich Brandenbiirger, 

Johan Peter F utter bach, 

(Teorge Michael MiJler, 
.Tohn Peter Blom, 
Johan Wilheim Ahlbach, 
John Christian Ottinger, 
Johann Theis H oilman. 
Johan Wilhelm Meyer. 
Joh. Herljert Lor, 
Johan Adam Imbodeu, — -*■ 
Johann Christian Seyler, 
I'aulns Bohm, 
Conrad Hahns, 
Johannes Wilhelm us, 
Johannes Jacob, 
John Antoni Statt, 
Thomas Gramlich, 
Gottfried Kappes, 
Michael Dietrich, 
Johannes Mattsen, 
Jonas Pool (Puhl), 
Joachim Statt, 
Joh. Christ. LichtenthiiUer, 
Johan Paulus Seel, 
Johan Peter Hammer, 
John Jacob Qillgarden, 
Hans Henrich Miinch. 
Johann Georg Metzger, 
Georg Michael Gebhart, 
Johan Georg Spiess, 
Nicolas Liinenberg, 
Moritz Wilh. Dills, 
Joh. Wilh. Weller, 
Johan Peter Schmidt, 
Johan Herbert Wingert, 
Johan Thomas Schumacher, 
Johan Herr. 

List of Foreignkrs Importkd in thk Ship EmNBumiii. 
Jamks Russell, Commander, from Rotterdam, last 
FROM Co WES, England. guALiFiED Sept. I'J, 1752. 

Peter Renau, Johan Fehlinger, 

Henry Hollinger, Paulus Hartung, 

Frantz Renau, Jacob Hirt, 



Jacob Beck, 
Nicolaus Mayer, 
Paul us Mauerer, 
Christoph Hummel, 
Peter Miihe, 
Johannes Roth, 
Johannes Bauer, 
Georg Herman, 
Christian Shneid, 
Ijeonhard Lauter, 
Johann Georg Demler, 
Joh. Samuel Huth, 
Johann Martin Schnepf, 
Johannes Bernhardt, 
Johan Georg Bauman, 
Andreas Gabriel I)ietrich, 
Bartholomiius Ijederer, 
Johan Carl Hager, 
Johan Friederich Kiess, 
Martin Kuntzman, 
Christoph Hardtmann, 
Michel Kiimell, 
Siegfried Billing, 
Adam Christoph Behning, 
Hans Jacob Roth, 
Stephan NerJinger, 
Sebastian Dreher, 
Jos. Bernhard Spath, 
Johannes Ziirn, 
Jacob Hauser, 
Isaac Buck, 
Johannes Gemser, 
Friederich Rosslein, 
Adam Stock, 
Friederich Pens, 
Joseph Schonal, 
Johannes Hendel, 
Joh. Friederich Huss, 
Johannes Hitzer, 
Jacob Wiedemann, 
Michael Friedreich, 
Valentin Brvittschiedt, 
Hans Jacob Feltzer, 
Christoph Bauer, 
Johannes Kerlin, sickf 
Jacob Miiller, sick. 

Paulus Schmidt, 
Jacob Fried, 
Wilhelm Keller, 
Paulu Walter, 
Jacob Kiiber, 
Friederich Roth, 
Georg Shneyder, 
Miciiael Fetzer, 
Christian Unger, 
Sebastian Maas, 
Jacob Bildmann, 
(reorg Casper Bohrmann. 
Georg Ijeonhardt Pfiiffer, 
Michael Hibscher, 
^Johannes Reinhard, 
Johan Wilhelm Trautwein", 
Georg Antony Scheble, 
Johan Jacob Helm, 
Hans Martin Kirschmann, 
Hans Michael Weismeyer, 
FraucisuS Lilier, 
Leonhart Claus, 
Martin Harsh, 
Johannes Schwartz, 
Johann Christoph Bentz, 
Johan Christian Benig, 
Jacob Friedrich Klasser, 
Johan Jacob Haydt, 
Georg Schild, 
Jacob Rinker, 
Jacob Meysel, 
Carl Korn, 
Jjeonhardt Rosslein, 
Andreas Fetzer, 
Michael T>iirr, 
Frantz Fischer, 
Johan Adam Schwartz, 
Johann Jacob Kerfer, 
Heinrich Ottinger, , 
John Adam Reihe, . 
Johann Rischerd,, 
Johannes Schweller, 
Joseph Schonal, 
Johan Christian Gollnitz, 
Erhart Kurbocker, sick, 
Johannes Jung, sick, 



Caspar ])eiliiif^er, sick, 
Michael Karg, sick. 
Geoi-fj Braun, sick, 
Conrad Gutli, sick. 

Jacob Weller. sick, 
Jacol) Roth, sick, 
Micliael ScliiifTer, sick, 
Baltzer Thuriuirer. sick. 

List of FoREiGifEus Imported ix thk Ship Brothers. 
William Muir. Captain, from Rotterdam, last from 


Johannes Stanch, 
Martin Karg, 
Peter Helling, 
Johannes Unruh, 
Stephaii (toss, 
Peter Bechtel, 
.Johannes Babb, 
Bastian Hellnian, 
Georg Lentz, 

.Toiian Michael Lindemuth, 
Johannes Edelnian, 
Wilheliu Hecknian, 
.Toll. Jacob Rudisel, 
H. Nicolaus Barringer, 
Johan Peter Gable, 
Hans Peter Edelnian, 
Hans Ulrich Beutler. 
Heinricli Rahausser, 
Hans Georg Holtzschuh, 
Nicklaus Hecknian, 
Hans Adam Eclelman, 
Georg Henrich Grainlich, 
Lenhart Hertell, 
Jacob Lorentz, 
Matheis Geyler, 
Hans Gergrich, 
Jacob Ibach, sen., 
PieV>olt Dietrich. 
Peter Bensel, 
Jacob Braun. 
Peter Hickman, 
Conrad Hyleman, 
Joseph Scheffer, 

28-VOL. XVII. 

Carl Fncht, 
Andreas Leisser, 
Jacob Seltzer, 
Daniel Utz, 
Johannes Eckert, 
Peter Seit, 
Jacob Miller, 
Andreas Ott, 
Samuel Herrman, 
Joliann Peter Sclnvartz, 
Hans Adam Heckmann, 
Joh. Conrad Kriechbaum, 
•Johann Jacob Winter, 
Johan Jacob Wilhelm, 
Hans Adam Gerig, 
Anthony Zimmermann, 
Abraham Billing, 
Hans (xeorg Sommer. 
.Toliannes Kolus, 
Jost Edelnian, 
Georg Jacob Ehresmanii, 
John Georg Edehiian, 
Antoniiis Miille.r, 
Hans Sohulterle, 
Andreas Geyler^ 
Michael Lapj), 
Jacob Ibach. 
Hans Moltz, 
Mattheis HofT. 
.Tohannes Sommer, 
Philip Seydelmaii. 
KiUiau Fiihrer. 
.(ohaiiu (xeorg Schmeltz, 



Joliann Georg Esser, 
Johann Erhard Lobstein, 
Hans Georg Mauss, 
Hans Adam Lehr, 
Andreas Kernberger, 
Hans Jacob Hage, 
Hans Jacot) Burghen, 
Johan Georg Werner, 
Johann Nicklas Schneider, 

Han Georg Edeler, 
Hans Georg Dammer, 
Philip Jacob Gottschalck, 
Hans Georg Marquard. 
Hans Jacob Merckel, 
Hans Adam Schnal)e]e, 
Hans Martin Sommer, 
Jacob Lasch, sick, 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Halifax, Capt. 
Thomas Coatam, froai Rotterdam, last from Cowes, 
England. Qualified Sept. 22, 1752. 

Christophel AVitmer, 
Nicolas Kohlei-, 
Martin Decker, 
Hans Feltz, 
Johannes Paulus, 
Jacob Olenthin, 
Bartholoniifi Evar, 
Peter Reeb, 
Johan Conrad Blecher, 
Michael Springer, 
Johannes Joseph us Roth, 
Hans Georg Dorter, 
Johan Ludvvig Borse, 
Hans Micliael Geyer, 
Anthony Rush, 
Friederich Schatf, 
Jacob Dietrich, 
Peter Wendling, 
Michael Conradt, 
Johannes Riegele 
Joseph Held, 
Georg Riibel, 
Martin H utter, 
Hans Jacob Muhle, 
Johannes Siirber, 
Hans Heinrich Meyer, 
Hans Casper Schladter, 
Hans Michael Weigel, 

Philip Engel, 
Friederich EV>erhart, 
Johannes Griese, 
Anthony Zinck, 
Christian Herman, 
Philip Hoffman, 
Jonas Imschmiedt, 
Johan Melchior Brombach, 
Johann Georg Kuntze, 
Johann Georg Kreyhach, 
David Sasmanhaussen, 
Johan Jacob Bersey, 
Johan Jacob Brucker, 
Michael Wentz, 
Jacob Hanick, 
Matheis Kientz, 
Jacob Juncker, 
Andreas Streiber, 
Jacob Sieg. 
Augustus Urban, 
Joseph Riibel, 
Johannes Patt, Weidman, 
Conrad Miiller, 
Hans Jacob Riimmen, 
Hans Conrad Wirth, 
Wilhelm Hausemer, 
Georg Hans Dietrich, 



Johann Philip Goress, 

Hans George Gleysler, 

Johannes Miiller, 

Hans Michael Huhner, 

Han Jac. Serl)er Ziiunierman, 

Henry Meyer. 

Heinrich Menck, 

Philip Hirr. 

Jacob Siirber, 

Henry Kuntz 

Caspar Wincker, 

Frieilerich Hursch, 

Johannes Jordan, 

Fried eric Kiininier, 

Jacob Schaaff, 

Matheas Roth, 

Martin Varninger, 
,Hernianus Ache, 
tLorentz Reinhart, 

Joh. David Wildermuth, 

Johann Jacob Hess, 

Johann Kraflfthorn, 

Johan Henrich Giitting, 

Johannes Michael, 

Joh. Daniel Steinseiffer, 

Hermanns Limper, 

Johan Jacob Brentz, 

Johann Dieterich, 

Johan Wennertblecher, 

Ulerich Gliikil, 

Conrad Ziegler, 

Jacol) Gross, 

Johan Nicklans Hoflfman, 

Joseph On/.eniilier, 

Jacob Roth, sick. 

Christian Drnchhart, sick, 

Matheis Miiller, sick, 

Hans Dewald Wandlin, sick, 

T. Nicklas Manser, sick, 

Johannes Kiittring. sick, 

Johannes Lndwig, sick, 

Hieroninius Schneider, sick, 

Hans Jacob, sick, 

Johann Georg Weber, 
Jacob Weisseberger, 
Paulus Schiiffer. 
Hans Philip Elter, 
Friederich Fleckstein, 
Peter Duweiler, 
Lorentz Diirr, 
Jacob Miiller, 
Heinrich Zolli, 
Ulrich Kreiser, 
Henrich Mercki, 
Johannes Meyer, 
Johann Rndolph, 
Jacob Klein, 
Johannes Gehr, 
Otto Pegy, 
Johan Ludnig Ache, 
Joseph Weingard, 
Martin Brungart, 
Georg Wilhelni Miiller, 
Georg Ludwig Marbnrger, 
Johannes Jacob Ache, 
Hieroninins Spies, 
Johainies Schreil)er. 
Hans Henrich Kanffer, 
Joh. Michael Kanzter, 
Johan Georg Hiissung, 
Joh. Jacob Miiller, 
Johan Michal Backer, 
Johannes Meyer, 
Joseph Altheer, 
Hans Nickel Qnierer, 
Johan Nicklans Farringer, 
Rudolph Zoll, 
Henrich Fi-ey, sick, 
Johannes Bruchhart, sick, 
Daniel Fischer, sick, 
Hans Georg Manser, sick, 
Jjudwig Gross, sick, 
Peter Bring, sick, 
Johannes Ewers, sick, 
Georg Adam Schiitz, sick, 
Michael Gross, sick. 



List of Foreigners Imported i:s- the Ship St. Andrew, 
Capt. James Abercrombie, from Rotterdam, last from 
Plymouth, England. Qualified Sept. 23, 1752. 

Christopli Horn, 
Andreas Bartruff, 
Abraham Zetee, 
Philip Becker, 
Valentin Becker, 
Ulericii Zui-ger, 
Ulrich Scherr, 


Jacob Baltzer, 
Hans Dommi. 
Ulrich Schercg. 
Jacob Orth, 
Christian Biilil 
Andreas Lintz, 
Daniel Klein, 
Leonhart Breiner, 
Nickolas Blanck, 
Johannes Ruts, 
Hans Blanck, 
Ulrich Hauser, 
Ulrich Fischer, 
Hans Martin Seller, 
Hans Martin Hang, 
John Philip Steinle, 
Jacob Hiestand, 
Johan Georg Knoch, 

Gabriel Spannagel, 

Simon Brand, 

Daniel Gerhart, 

Johan Georg Gramlich, 

Frantz Jacob Hiiussler, 

Jacob Bernhart Friederich 

Georg Adam Eberth. 

Johan Georg Kupper, 

Johannes Schmidt, 

Wilhelm Reiter, 

Jacob KaufTman, 

Johan Valntin Krass, 

Justus Schmiicker, 

Dorst Alleman, 

J oh. Bernhart Eytel, 

Joseph Kahl. 

Nickolaus Wissler, 

Peter Mack, 

Eberhart Luttman, 

Christian Stabler. 

H enrich Schenck, 

Jacob Lutz, 

Jacob Schiiffer, 

Jacob Blanck, 
Mathias Ecks, 
Nicolas Buch, 
Joseph Krop. 
Leonard Hetlle, 
Johan Friedericli Seller, 
Johan Christoph Rossel, 
Dewalt Billman, 
Philip Riibelinger, 
Johannes Webrecht, 
Ludwig Spannagel, 
Ulrich StaulTer. 
Frantz Kammer, 
Michael Lindesweiler, 
John Georg KiitTer, 
Bastian Bohrman, 
Johann Peter Lang, 
Hans Georg Bader, 
David Katterman, 
Hans Georg Nasser, 

Johan Jacob Bauer, 

Johan Heni'ich Krjiss, 

Daniel Arnoldt. 

Johan Jacob Boltz, 

Joh. Michael Mauerer, 

Ulrich Lautenbach, 

Jacob Fried, 

Johannes Mack. 

Dietrich Schmitzer, 

Michael <^pp, 

Stephan Meyer, 

Heinrich Gebhart, 

Andreas Zorn, 

Christoph Carl, 



Christian Lutz, 
Peter Adam, 
Jereinias Eberle, 
Philip Schauer, 
Hans Jacob Berner, 
Jacob Steinbrenner, 
J oil. Leonliart Reuchert, 
Johan Georg Hattenbacii, 
.loiian Michael Streeke;-, 
Cliristoph David Scliauer, 
Hans Greorg Fiesch, 
Johan Peter Langinan, 
Jacob Reiter, 
Valentin Wiedei, 

Simon Reiht, 
Priederich Blanck, 
1/avid A Her, 
Priederich Miiller, 
Martin Steinbrenner, 
Matheus Breitsvvert, 
Hans Michel Hattenbach, > 
Hans Jacob Eberle, 
Johan Heinrich Riedel, 
Johan Georg Eberle, 
Hans Georg Fiesch, 
Johan Caspar Gunther, 
Christo})h Heinrich Reinhold. 
Jacob Worne, sick. 

List of Foreignkrs Impoutkd ix the Ship Ann (tallkv, 
(Japt. Chasv Kenxeway, from Rotterdam and last fuo.m 
Portsmouth, England. Qualified Sept. 2;3. 1750. 

BartholoiiiHe Eibach, 

Philip Heyde, 

Wilhelm Conrad, 

Andreas Kissel, 

.Tohan Priederich Sendtner, 

Johan Ludwig Biischler. 

Eberhart Christoph Schret, 

Johan Greorg Steiner, 

Henry Angerle, 

Michael Schnoor, 

Martin Miiller, 

Phillip Bleck, 

Jacob Miiller, 

Johan Valentin Seidel, 

Johan Gabriel Springer, 

Martin Georg Wahl, 

Hans Georg Hipp, 

Lndwig (Jonrad Schneider, 

Ulrich Spohn, 

Joseph Mayer, 

Simon Zeiner, 

Peter Spengler, 

Andreas Braun, 
Sebastian Lij)j)ol(it, 
JacoV) Mattler, 
Michael Obrist, 
Albrecht Hofmeister, 
Johannes Jacob Rau, 
Joh. Henrich Knntz, 
Johan Georg Riehni, 
Martin Schall, 
Jacob Boaz, 
Johan Elias, 
Christian Thorn. 
Jost Martin Waltz, 
.Tohan Priederich Springer; 
Johan Casper Spohn. 
Priederich Reichemler, 
Daniel Nonnemacher, 
Martin Wolll, 
}5alt baser Mank. 
Rudolph Schanb, 
Nick las Levdecker. 
Henrv Valentin, 



Peter Compos, 
Clemen tz Ober, 
Michael Meek, 
Thomas Heidler, 
Peter Iniibmit, 
Hans Georg Schaal, 
Benedict Spitzfaden, 
Hans Martin Mack, 
Johan Conrad Schenck, 
Joh. Jacob Wintzberger, 
Johan Friederich Braun, 
Georg Jacob Schneider, 
Wilhelm Conrad, 

Jean Rigonie, 
Georg Ludwig, 
Michael Wuth, 
Christian Mohr, 
Joh. Michael Miller, 
Joh. Georg Spengler, 
Hans Georg Miick, 
Han Georg Schley, 
Hans Georg Baiter, 
Joh. Georg Schwinederer 
Johan Georg Braun, 
Hans Georg Schwartz, 
Rudolph Schoff. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Richard and 
Mary, John Moore, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
Portsmouth, England. Qualified Sept. 2G, 1752. 

Peter Rommer, 
Casper Baltzer, 
Johannes AVeyant, 
Michael Bohm, '^ 
Peter Holiebach, 
Gabriel Armbnister, 
Johan Daniel Allsbach, 
Jacol) Daniel Sch'errer, 
Johan Georg Gensheimer, 
Johan Philip Paules, 
Peter Hut, 
Conrad Miller, 
H enrich Mosser, 
Jacob Klar, 
Adam Bernhart, 
Daniel Cramer, 
Baltzer Dickhans, 
Georg Seider, 
Antonius Walter, 
Joh. Philip Wentz, 
Johan Henrich Scherr, 
Philip Jacob Lehr, 
Johan Heinrich Strap, 
Valentin Schmidt, 

Peter Emmer, 
Johann Diehlbeck, 
Nicklas Bernhart, 
Andreas Ham, 
Johannes Conrath, 
^enrich Jacob Knerr, 
Johan Nicklas Karger, 
Johan Georg Emmerich, 
Theobald Becker, 
Ludwig Schmidt, 
Peter Bar, 
Michael Graff. 
Andreas Petri, 
Dewalt Grub, 
Michael Bauer, 
Johannes Kiistner, 
Casper Lademan, 
Joh. Henrich Steinhammer.. 
Joh. Benedictus Miiller, 
Joh. Theobald Bauer. 
Johan Jacob Siegfried, 
Geo. Fred Emrich. 
Johan Henrich Kipp, 
Johan Peter Kahler, 



Johan Philippu8 Hoffman. 
Joh. Peter Pfankuchen, 
Henrich Heidelbacli, 
Martin Sclimitt, 
Miftluiel Roth, 
Johannes Becker, 
EHas Schmidt, 
Friederich Samm, 
Adam Samm, 
Johan Adam Derting, 
Jolian Nickel Hemd, 
Martin Holtzhiiusser, 
Henrich Miissemer, 
Jacob Steinbach, 
Jost Schonwald, 
Johan Georg Haut, 
Johan Friederich Stuber, 
Hans Georg Eheller, 
Georg Peter Eckel, 
Hans Jacob Gebhardt, 
Joh. Henrich Henkenius, 
Elias Hummel, 

Georg Reit, 

Nicklaus Winchel, 
Michael Schleyer, 
Jacob Scliumman, 
Johannes AVas, 
Andreas Jackie, 
Nicolas Samm, 
Johan Henrich Hummel, 
Dewalt Dannfeltzer, 
Johan Georg Beck, 
Johan Thies Herman, 
Johannes Konig, 
Henrich Bierbauer, 
Simon Schumacher, 
Johan Wilhelm Stuber, 
Johan Phihp Stuber, 
Jolian Wilhelm Strieker, 
Simon Herrmann. 
Peter Leonhanl Henkenius, 
Michael Hoffman, 
Johannes Herman. 
Niciiolaus Walter, 


List of FoREIG^^ERS Imported ix the Ship Axderso.x, 
Capt. Hugh Campbell, from Rotterdam, last from 
Portsmouth, Englaxd. Qualified Sept. 27, 1752. 

Leonhart Bender, 
Urelich Volck, 
Peter Miller, 

Johan Martin Schweitzer, 
Hans Georg Marquart, 
Christian Durr, 
David Weyfaller, >' 
Michael Schellintr, 
Andreas Betz. 
Johannes Kurtz, 
Johannes Altig, 
Johannes Weber, 
Peter Ansell, 
Moritz Bauer, 
Johannes Deissher, 

Christoph "Mauerer, 
Georg Rif^gert, 
Jacob l^eiltel, 
David Haussman, 
Johannes Striitter, 
Nicolaus Schuder, 
Christoph Osterle, 
Martin Betz, 
Andrea^ Eppler, 
Pierre Lageau, 
Adam Weisl)art, 
Andreas Weh, 
Chrisro|)h Gisterer, 
Thomas Kniffel, 
Wilhelm Garein, 



Uottlob Herman, 

Thomas Piel, 

Jacob Blessing, 

Jeremias Lud. Engehnann, 

Mattheis Knigel, 

W. From, 

Johannes 'Weill, 

Daniel Reiitter, 

Peter Piel, 

Michael Schmidt, 

Friederich Steinle, 

Leonhardt Gniirr, 

Johannes Waltz, 

Carl Friederick Mnckenfuss 

Simon Zimmerman, 

Wilhelm Christoph Kessbohi 

Christ oph Rothacker, 

Joh. Caspar Wender, 

Johannes Wascher, 

Jolian Greorg Maul, 

Cxieorg Michael Beltz, 

Hans Michael Kretel, 

Joh. Georg Riest, 

Joh. Friederich Kiinig. 

Joh. Friederich von Rahden 

Balthas Fined, 

Johau Henrich Speh, 

Michael Ritter, 
Christian Peistly, 
Jacob Keiser, 
Johannes Schnieder, 
Nicklaus Henschler, 
Johan Frederic Lanl)le, 
Michael Heim, 
Philip Euler, 
Phiiipp Straff, 
Peter Dickert, 
Georg Wetzel, 
Christian Rapman, 
Wilhelm Fried. Schumann, 
John Georg Breymeyer, 
Jacob Frederich Fischer, 
er,Johan Friederich Fuchs, 
Andreas Scheibling, 
Joachim Briinchle, 
Johan David Harlacher, 
Johan Jacob Beltz, 
Johan Jacob Hetzel, 
Georg Ernst Lindenberger, 
Joh. Georg Schilger, 
Matliens Kulbach, 
M. Jacob Fried. Schertlein, 
Friederich Masser. 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship President, 
Capt. Dunlop, from Rotterdam, last from England. 
Qualified Sept. 27, 1752. 

Johannes Enttiger, 
Hans Bauer, 
Johan Georg Schneider, 
Jacob Nast, 
Michael Fischer, 
Carl Kluge. 
Conrad Huber, 
Michael Gantner, 
Solomon Westle, 
Christoph Strobe!, 
Johann Faber, 

Johannes Haufer, 
Johannes Lutz, 
Michael Riiss, 
Gottfried Stanch, 
Wilhelm Schneider, 
Wolfgang Eehner. 
Johan Briining, 
Jacob K upper, 
Jacob Midler, 
x\dain Sorg, 
Peter Baltzly, 




Jaf^ob Wild, 
Amireas Weste, 
Jacob Lanj;, 
(ireorf^ Dietweiler, 
Frantz Tiilipan, 
Joliannes Schmidt, 
Jolianiies Dengler, 
Joh. Martin Krainniller 
Johan Martin Ruber, 
(ieorg Albrecht, 
Johan Martin Pfeiffer, 
Micliael Pladermiller, 
Johan Georg Haidenberger, 
Georg Friederich Schertlen, 
Bernhart Homise, 
Cliristoph Schmid, 
Caspar Beintzighoffer, 
Joliann Hen rich Kostenbader, 
Johannes Schnecker, 
Hans Georg Looser, 
Johannes Schwencke. 
Martin Schillinger. 
Andreas Schwartz, 
Johannes Schiirtle, 
Philip Samuel Stahl, 

George AVild, 
Frederich Shwenk, 
Mattheis Boser, 
Jacob Theur, 
Henrich Hassler, 
Bernhart Alp, 
Johan Georg Haas, 
(Teorg Christoph Kruss. 
Johannes Folmer, 
Hans Martin Sclierne, 
Philip Jacob Nass. 
Ulrich Michael Bauer, 
"IJlrich Crackberger, 
Johan Peter Erman, 
Hans Georg Beck. 
•Tohan Georg Weidt, 
Johann Georg Wagner, 
Johann Christoph Peter, 
Melchior Beltzhuber, 
Johann Jacob Lang, 
Adam Angermeyer, 
Johan Bernhard Bauer, 
Hans Georg Boser, 
Georg Friederich Hengel, 
Johannes Albrecht. 

List OF Foreigners Imported ix thk Ship Nancy. Capt. 
John Ewing, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. 
Qualified Sept. 27, 1752. 

.Jacob Schweiler, 
Jonas Bastian. 
Carl Fr. Siebert, 
David Xander, 
Konradt Weiss, 
Georg Wenig, 
Friederich Baisch, 
Christoph Breisser, 
Michael Eyroh, 
Georg Grass, 
Joseph Bernhart, 
Hans Kintz, 

Jacob Schmidt, 
Georg Hauher, 
Philip Jacob Wunder, 
.Tohann Michael Hauss, 
Andreas Bastian, 
Matheis Deibel. 
Jacob Baish. 
Joliannes Butz, 
Joseph Stiindei. 
Jacob Dietrich, 
Joseph Bernhart, jr., 
Johannes Shwitzer, 



Jacob Zinchffer, 

Jaque Molann, 

Balthas Bauinin, 

Israel Eberlin. 

Valentin Hagner. 

Martin Fromin, 

Henrich Schlachter, 

Paul Waag, 

Samuel Miisse, 

Johan Friederich Danninger, 

Hans Stass. 

Joh. Philip Bietrighoffer, 

Joh. Georg Friederich Bayer, 

Jacob Bauerschmiedt, 

Georg Friederich Jauss, 

Johann Andreas Roth, 

Jacob Armbrvister, 

Jacob Stiitzniann, 

Christian Haml^erg, 

Hans Georg Kautz, 

Frantz Saltznian, 

Johan Martin Doser, 

Jos. .facob Ernst, 

Hans Georg Heinlopel, 

Casper Underweg, 

Joh. Martin Rii<lelmayer, 

Georg Friederich Schwartz, 

Hans Paul Henrich, 

Johannes Griess, 

Jaque Peirot, 
Michael Doser, 
Christoph Embich, 
Philip Soller, 
Ludvvig Erich, 
Andreas Jiiger, 
Christoph Mast, 
Rudolph Klaar, 
Philip Mail, 
Jacob Mussgenug, '' 
Jacob Kautz, jr. , 
Adam Friederich Weiss, 
Jacob Bauerschmied, jr., 
Christoph Rothbaust, 
Johann Friederich Uhlandt, 
Georg Michael Spatz, 
Johann Ludwig Seiler, 
Johannes Herrmann. 
Hans Jacob Lertch, 
Peter Haldeman, 
Christian Miihlheim, 
Hans Jacob Neuferdt, 
Georg Balthas Ernst, 
Johann Marx Klopfer, 
Herman Matsh, 
Hans Georg Krebs, 
Johann Georg Braun, 
Hans Michel Weller. 
Ludwig Thuringer, 

List of Forkigxers Imported ix the Ship Neptune. Capt. 
John Mason, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes, Eng- 
land. Qualified Oct. 4, 1752. 

Adam Hart man, 
Christophel Feichtner, 
Johann Ludwig Leib, 
Hans Michael Dock, 
Nickel Niihlich, 
Georg Mewes, 
Johannes Bernhart, 
Georg Werner, 

Valentin Litman, 
Nicolas Barron, 
Hans Michel Gutknecht, 
Hans Georg Hartman, 
Henry Henle, 
Christian Schmidt, 
Stephan Nicklaus, 
Michael Hoch, 



Stoffel Hussung, 
Daniel Conrad, 
Johannes Conrad, 
Paul Hoirinann, 
Adam Beiuer, 
Micliael Busch, 

Wendel Bissel, 

Balthasar Sclnvartz, 

Tlieobald Schwartz., 

George Meyer. 

Thomas St ran b, 

Johannes Kress, 

Caspar Kress, 

Hans Ailain Weber, 

Johan Michael Heinecke, 

Nicklaus Schweyer, 

Johann Andreas Gross, 

Johan Wilhelm Schneider, 

A ndreas Dormyer, 

Peter Schneider, 

Samuel Schultz, 

Philip Wentzel, 

Mattlieis Haller, 

Joliannes Schiiffer, 

Johannes Nicolas, 

Christian Bauer, 

Johannes Zippfle, 

Johannes Arries, 

Nickolas ScluiU, 

Conrad Rusch, 

Simon Sclimitt, 
Johannes Fehle, 
Johan Jacob AVolfT, 
Jolian Valtin Walter. 
J. Ciiristian Bolmeblutt, 
Hans Georg Kurtz, 
Johan Henricli Noel, 
Georg Fried ericli Kiinig, 
Christian Rohrl>acher, 
Johann Georg Werner, 
Joh. Sigmund Hagelgans, 
Johann Michel Harfer, 
Willieliu Trantmann, 
Hans Gforg Schwartz, 
Michael Hutzner, 
Dewalt Witterspohn, 

Daniel Stattler, 

Anthony Roth, 

Casper Fell, 

Jacob Scliwartz, 

Nicklaus Hohe, 

Matheus Andrse, 

Jacob Haberstich, 

Paulus Seip, 

Philii) Seip, 
. Jacob Kiihn. 

Johannes Hortig, 

Henry Kress, 

Johann Jacob Friess, 

Georg Lautensehliiger, 

Johan Adam Heinecke, 

Johann Christian Gros^ 

Johan Henrich Niess, 

Joel I)orin> er, 
Jacolj Dormyer, 
Conrad Schneidei-, 
Ludwig Kiister, 
Johannes Geiss, 
Peter Molsbach, 
Henry Lipps, 
Joseph l^ernhart, 
Peter Ullrich, 
Johannes Hirni, 
Ciirl Kress, 
Andi-eas Schall, 
Jacob Zieget, 
George Unckel, 
Matheas Ebener, 
Hans Peter Hertzog, 
Hubert l-?aumg;irteti, 
Hans Nicolaus Stephan, 
Joh. Jacob Becker, 
Hans Georg Kuhn, 
Philip Jacob Roth, 
Christian HolTmann, 
Phili]) rhristiau Weller, 
Joliinn .facob l)i(>trich, 
Johan Adam Wild, 
Christian Habersticli. 
Wilhelm Stauch, 
Jolian Adam J)iefz, 
Johan I^eter Isheim, 



Nickolas Scliall, jr., 
.Tohan Georg Weber, 
Johannes Hoffer, sen., 
Nicolas Lotz, 
Johannes Kaiitz, 
Gebhart Berthold, 
Joh. Henry Lohniiller, 
Johann Georg Jung, 
Joh. Michael Schmidt, 
Christophel Keller, 
Johan Philip Hreuning, 
John Georg Nicholas, 
Johann Jacob Bauniann, 
Johann Casper Doniui, 
Johan Heinrich Heiss, 
Johann Jacob Hipge, 
Johan Philip Miiller. 
.Johannes Glas, 
Georg Meyer, 
Christian Sterge, 
Michael Hessler, 
Ulrich Feitz, 
Peter Dunter, 
Johan Georg Kriegenmeyer 
Johannes Lohmiller, 
Johann Peter Schmidt, 
Christian Kautz, 
. Johan Caspar Kindt, 

Christoi)her Hlumei'. 
Johan Philip Grecli, 
Johannes Hoffer, jr., 
Jacob Gross, 

Johannes Conrad Srreuber, 
Georg Philip Kiister, 
Johann Georg Riibsamen. 
Johannes Hafnagel, 
Johann PhiHp HatTner, - 
Heinrich Schaffer. 
Johan Adolph Gilnian, 
Peter Zuugrig, 
Johann Michael May, 
Johannes Schwatzer, 
Joh. Adam Arries, 
Friederich Zurbiichen, 
Johann Peter Miiller. 
Hans Kiintze, 
Ulrich Sterge, 
Michael Spatz, 
Johannes Bliickinger, 
Peter Shneyaer, 
Valentin Lautenschliiger, 
Johan Wilhelm Lotz, 
Christopli Kistling, 
Johan Daniel Becker, 
Johannes Diehl, 
Johann Georg Nonius. 


Michel Danner, 
Johann Jacob Wilbrant, 
-Jacob Reinardt, 
Peter Sauder, 
Peter Pfeill, 
Peter Girstopher, 
I. Daniel Junger, 
Johannes Hirschman, 
Johannes Clauss, 
Johannes Tillman, 

Johannes Schreiner, 
Johan Georg Englehart, 
Balthas Maute, 
Johannes RubemiUer, 
Jacob Heller, 
Johannes Wolff, 
Conrad Feuh, 
Valentin Braun, 
Johannes Schell, 
Conrad Jung, 



Christoph (Terhardt, 
Johannes Ladeniacher, 
Henry K-ihlbaclx, 
Caspar Hubert, 
Hans Erling, 
Micliael Englehart, 
Mattlieis Miller, 
Johannes Huss, 
Willielni Kreutz, 
Johann Georg Hilnner, 
Johan Prieilerich Gass, 
Joluuni J^hilip Weller, 
Hans Martin Reiser, 
Johann Georg Oltenwaldt 
Johann Dietrich Riess, 
Daniel Leiht, 
Joh. Jacob Lerch, 
John Henry Schroni, 
Emanuel Heintz, 
Christoph Staffel, 
Johan Antonius Henner, 
Johan T*eter Schiinfelter, Jr.. 
Johann Caspar Fitting, 
Friederich Jacob Kiint/., 
Jolian Carl Wolff, 
Georg Martin Viitt, 
Christian Schneckenberger. 
Johan Conrad Mack, 
Johan .lunger Jung, 
Johann Conrad Fay, 
Johann Christ Riess, 
Johann Georg Hruder, 
Johann Simon Schreyer, 
Johan Peter Steinbach, 
Michael Bitzer. 
Johannes Retter, 
Michael Georges, 
Jean Christoph Markel, 
Joliann ]*eter Archbiss, 
Johann H enrich Beil, 
Lorentz Dolle, 
Matheis Bader, sick, 
Conrad Luntz, sick. 
Clans Henrich Gross, sick, 

Jacob iSotz, 

.Johannes Helrers, 

.Johannes Adam Sontert, 

Johannes JSchroyev, 

Jacob Dickel, 

Johann PS Hayner, 

Johannes Mayer, 

Henrich Kreuti'., 

Johan Henrich llumrich. 

Joh. Teis Reichel, 

Johau Engelhider, 

Georg Henrich Gross, 

Johan Ijeonard Harrigner, 

Johan Michael Biintzel, 
Hans Adam "Werner, 

Joh. Jacob Schwartz, 
Johann Engelschreter, 
Jacob Tilliger, 
Johan Jost Georg, 
Hans Georg Bader, 
Johan Peter Schonfelter, se^ 
Johann Georg Hoffmann, 
Johann Adam Schissler. 
Johann Adam Wolff', 
Johan Dietrich Schwartz, 
Hans (reorg Snlger, 
Johann Conrad Mack, sen., 
J. Henry Herman. 
Johann Peter Clossmeyer, 
Joliann Henrich "Wiesteir, 
Joliann Peter Jung, 
Joliann .Tacob Wagner, 
Adam Leonhart Schreyer, 
Johann Peter Sheffer. 
Mattheis Bitzer, 
Peter Grimm, 
Johannes Adam Adam. 
Johan (reorg Beck, 
Johann Martin Walter, 
Johannes Jacob Donatt, 
Johan Jacob Miller, 
Nicolaus Ruth, sick. 
Johannes Teis, sick, 
Clirisiian Freilich. sick. 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Snow Kettey, The- 
opHiLUs Barnes, ComiMANder, from Rotterdam, last 
FROM Portsmouth, Exgland. Qualified Oct. 16, 1752. 

Friederich Jacquart, 
Wilhelm Lenhardt. 
Philip Bideljunt,^ 
Joseph Mey, 
Leonhart Seuffert, 
Joliannes Henii, 
Henrich Miller, 
Johan Bluth, 
Philip Albi-echt. 
Andreas Mack, 
Johan Joachim Tcilcker, 
Johann Georg Hertranft, 
Johan Jacob Decker, 
Johann Jacob Miiller, 
Philip Jacob Mack, 
Joli. Daniel Weisenberger, 
Conrath Thomas Lied, 
Georg Michael Egert, 
Johan Jacob Heintz, 
Christoph Siiss, 
Jacob Hoen, 
Jacob Welde, 
Henrich Weidner, 
Michael Baker, 
Johann Daniel Miitschler, 
Johan Conrad Ruth, 
Johan Christophel Volck, 
Johann Jacob Neumeyer. 
Johan Wilhelm Strempel, 
!Nickolas Salladin, 
Henry Hess, 
Jacob Hey], 
Georg Welde, 
Peter KiJnig. 
Johannes Kallenbergei-. 
Jacob Shnster, 
, Heinrich Schenckel, 

David Welsch, 
Christian Closs, 
Daniel Klein, 
Johannes Gachon. 
Georg Schneyder, 
Andreas Heck, 
Christian W^entz. 
Philip SchefTer. 
Caspar Bauer, 
Christian iSand, 
Johan George Frey, 
Johan Michael Lied, 
Johann Peter HiJll, 
Johann Henrich Heyl, 
Johann Tobias Eberle, 
Georg Philip Lied, 
Philip Carl Schenckel, 
Georg Michael Hain, 
Georg Brauss, 
Joseph Weber, 
Georg Welsch, 
Martin Griin, 
Johan Dieter Marckbach, 
Johan Conrad Oestriech, 
Johan Christian Burg, 
Johann Peter I^iedenthal, 
Johann Philip Schneider. 
Jonas Ruderluft. 
Friederich Miiller, 
Georg Gass, 
Henry Sees, 
Nicklaus Konig, 
Abraham Sontag, 
Hans Georg Brenner, 
Philipp Schenckel, 
Balthaser Konig. 
John Dewalt, 




List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Duke of Wir- 


Jacol) Guth, 
Georg Ziegler, 
Michael Meng. 

Johannes Kleitz, 
Tobias Taul), 
Tol)ias Mick, 
Matheis Briuler, 
Balthasar Lotz, 
Friederich Stohr, 
Immanuel Fred. Weckerlin, 
Anthony Katterer, 
Johann Lndwii^ Uber, 
Johann Georj^ Fissler, 
Hans Jacob KeUner, 
Johann Lansch, 
Johan Simon Vogler, 
Jacob Micliel Hel, 
Johannes Seitz, 
Johannes Fachmeyer, 
Johann Jacob Baviman, 
Johannes Miller, 
Jacob Ban man, 
Andreas Gering, 
Joel Waltz, 
Friederich Mag, 
Peter Haller, 
Jacob Schuler, 
Martin Hang, 
Jacob Heitter, 
.Johannes Braun, jr., 
A agustin Stahl. 
Christian Hel)ling. 
Johannes Het/el, 
Hans Henninger, 
Christian Adrian, 
Matheus Stahl, 
Johannes Lemle, 
Jacob Wessener. 
Johann Michael Gutli. 
Sainnel Bahner, 
Cunrad Feuerbohner, 

Michael Stohr, 
Jacob Bosch, 
Christian Ziirn, • 

Mathaus Hi bier, 

Johannes Blickle, 
Christian Lutz, 

Johannes Wehing, 

Jacob Schaibler, 

Friederich Kilguss, 

Johannes Schwartzwolder, 

•Johannes Dechler, 

Johann Michael Fissler, 

Lans Georg Kellner. 

Sebastian Wegner. 

Johann Conrad Hesser, 
Johannes Sciiwartz. 

Hans Georg Heitzman, 
Michael Hauer, 
Michael Gunter, 

Johann Georg Ott, 

Michael Bach, 

Christian I^raiin, 
Matheis Bruchli, 
Georg Haber, 
Michael Herr, 
Jacob Hewass. 
Jacob Wein. 
Joseph Lang, 
Johannes ]3raun, 
Friederich Schmidt, 
Johannes \Vigold, 
Georg HafTner, 
Matheis Zager, 
Heinrich Scliwab, 
Friederich l)e}ian, 
Michael Fohine, 
Michael Jjemle, 
Matthens Lang, 
,Tohan Georg Guth, 
.lohan Martin Beth, 
Jacob Bernhart Schwab, 



Johann Friederich (iross, 
Martin Lang, 
Jacob I.anck, 
Jacob Giindner, 
Mattlieis Wessener, 
Jacol) Braun, 
Mich. Matheis, 
Jacob Bub, ■ 
Mattheis Van, 
Elias Finslaimer, 
Michael Lick, 
Hans Michael Schatz, 
Hans Martin Raible. 
Christian Ziegler. 
Johannes Lochmeier, 
Joliannes Shutz, 
Josepli Bontaux, 
Ulrich Seheermesser, 
Mattheis Kirsch, 
Johannes ijeix, 
Hans Georg Fritz, 
Anthoni Burell, 
Johann Jacob Masser, 
Hans Georg Gottle, 
Johan Adain Schwab, 
Georg Berger, 
Johan Jacob Keyser, sick, 
Hans Jacob Van, sick. 

Jacob Mass, 
Jacob Stehle, 
JacoV) Morhardt, 
Jacob Walter, 
Jacob Beyerle, 
Jacob Braun. sen., 
Christian Haas, 
Christian Stahl, 
Hans Geo. Finkbein, 
Johannes Zinsser, 
Johannes Lick, 
Johannes Raible, 
Christian Getz, 
Johannes Kugler, 
Albrecht Walter, 
Christian Koch, 
Friederich Schmeltzle, 
Christian Singer, 
Friederich Gesser. 
Hans Martin Lang, 
Andreas Westniau, 
Johannes Fleit, . 
Hans Georg Haak, 
Christoph Fried. Biller, 
Johan Georg Hausser, 
Gottliel) Zink, 
Michael Frick, sick. 

List of Foreigners Imported inthk Ship Bawlky, r apt. 
John Grovk, from Rotterdam, last from Plymouth. 
Qualified Oct. 23. 1753. 

Adam Ship, 
Heinrich Kiein, 
Christoph Reyter, 
.Johannes Heil, 
Peter Schwab, 
Hans Bauss, 
•Jacob Hottens,t6in, 
Moritz Schadig, 
Daniel Hiitzel, 

Adam Tesch, 
Jacob Wann, 
Christian Metzger, 
Georg Heil, 
Johannes Bauss, 
Johannes Koch, 
Johannes Schmir, 
Jacob Frey, 
Gottfried Schutz, 



Andreas Haag. 

Aiuireas Jauch, 

Henry Bauth, 

Andreas Vey,- 

KiJian Bauer, 

.JoIj. Willielm Engesbacli, 

John <jreorg Wendel, 

jViciiolas Miller, 

Johannes Miiller, 

Hans Peter Lein, 

Johannes Thunn, 

Joh. Philip Titshler, 

Wilhelin Uottlieb Jayssei-, 

Johannes l^incker, 

Leonhart Spang, 

Johan Nicklas Ott, 

Joh. NieklaH Staus, 

Hans fxeorg Stiedingei-, 

Lorentz Hanshalter, 

Joliannes Seitz, 

Matlieis Miller, - 

Matheis Kron, 

Friederich Kern, 

Philip Fisher. 
Conrad Ciolil, 
Andreas Perger, 
Valentin Stall, 
Georg Hartman, 
Christian Hugel, 
Johannes Roth, 
Stephanus Lotz, 
Ulrich Miller, 
John Ueorg Dager, 
Philip Henrich (iross, 
Joh. Michael Bieiner. 
Leonhart Banman, 
Georg Wilhehn Donges, 
Johan Friederich Wiibel, 
Johannes Qraushar, 
Elias Gohl. 
David Jung, 
Michael AViihelni, 
C^arl Hentz, 
I-*hilip Caryess, 
Johannes Hel)ei8en, 
24— Vol. XVIL 

Michael Uiittger, 
Martin Jager, 
Peter Simmon. 
Michael Kirt, 
Baltzer Simon, 
Johan Adam Zey, 
Johann Georg Gross. 
Johan Henrich Cress, 
Nickolas GridTenstein, 

Johann Simmon, 
Daniel Machleit, 
Joliannes Glassier, 
Johan Georg Srrobig, 
Joh. Georg Eberle, 
F. Peter Bauer, 
Andreas Frischkorn, 
Jacob Gumeringer, 

Joh. J'hilip Fretz, 
Jo,seph Burgetahler, 
Michael Lang, 

Jacob Weil, 

Clonradt Endres. 

Elias Most, 
Daniel Schmidt, 

Hans Merkel Schmin, 

Conrad Ahter, 

Henrich Simon. 

Andreas Hohl, 

Nicolaus Bohm, 

Justus Derbert, 

Johannes Lotz, 

Geojg Braun, 

Henrich Peter Tescli, 

Joh. Friedericli (yackly 

Melchior Katteman, 

Hans Georg Schmitt, 

Conrad t Donges, 

Joh. Nicklaus Grausluir. 

Bernhart Mauer, 
Johannes Stocker, 

Christian Kress, 

Andreas Brauss. 
Johannes Stehr, 

Gottfried AVeyland. 

< 'hristian Herrmann. 



Juliannes Milller, 
Chrisroph Hancker, 
Hans Georj^ Wiichter, 
Georg Henrich Bentz, 
Johann Georg Wuiulerlich, 
Georg Friederieli Klein, 
Georg Eberhai-t Doring, 
Jacob Schweitzer, 
Joiuinnes Annerle. 
Georg Adam Kern, 
J. Henry Staul)acli, 
Johan Tobias Kenner, 
Georg Christoph Steinert, 

.Joiiannes Bohn, 
Hans Georg Mock. 
Johan Gottliel) Frdlich, 
Johan .Jacob Schuppert. 
Hans Georg Gardner, 
David Hotteustein. 
Lenhard Schweitzer, 
Joh. Nickolas Bender, 
Jacol) Sultzl)erger, 
Jolian Henrich Gattung, 
Theobaldns Eberliardt, 
Joh. Conrad Trihiclvler, 
Jost Henrich Moller. 

Li.^T OK FoRKTGNER.'=! Imported IX THK Ship Phcknix, John 
Spurrier. (Jom.maxder, from Rotterdam, last from 

Portsmouth, England. 

Bastian Kender, 
Georg Here, 
Peter Alileniann, 
Conrad Ross. 
Thomas Geissler, 
J. Jacob Scheilbacker, 
Jacobus Sautranck, 
Johann Jacob AVetzel, 
Hans Michael Fries, 
Matheis AVilhehii Heining, 
Johann Wolf Wissler, 
Johan Henrich Katzbach, 
Johan Wilhelm Biicker, 
Johannes Stehlert, 
Leonhart Wassum, 
Frant', Hems. 
Abraham Eduinan. 
Johannes Schniid, 
Jolian liiidwig Peister, 
Johr.nnes Potzelman. 
J. Jacob Giltzelman. 
Joh. Melchior Hiiriier, 
Jacob OberdortT. 
Hans Thomas Dilim. 

Qualified Nov. 2, 17o2. 

Lorentz Michel, 
Johannes Riess, 
Heinrich Becker, 
Joachim Str6V)er, 
Philip Herdel. 
J. Henry Scholtes, 
Johann Henrich Schleich, 
Joh. Baltzer Kleinschmidt, 
Philip Jacf)b Hore, 
Johann Michel Wissler, 
Johann Caspar Wissler. 
Joh.Pliilip Schelbacher, 
Johan Micliael Biirger, 
Johannes Wassum, 
Christoph Kuhn, 
Philip Kurtz, 
Johannes Schinid. 
Andreas Bauer, 
Johan Christian Heydt. 
Hans Michel Itzel, 
Johan Adam Einner, 
Joh. Jacob Horner, 
Veit Fetterling, 
Hans Caspar Haag, 



Lndwig Halteineyer, 
Hans Melchior Stieffel, 
Joh. (reorg tSauselin, 
Johan Fried erich Berger, 
Joh. Henrich Kinsel, 
Hans Peter Meyer, 
Johan Michael Schrom, 
<Teorge Adam Frederick, 
.Johann Peter Weichell, 
Christian Tobias Hensel, 
Johan Friederich Volck, 
Hans Georg Hand, 
Hans Michael Beck, 
Georg Hopengartner, 
Andreas Altberger, 

Michel Bauer, 

Georg Horner, 

Peter T)ilnn, 

Peter Drach, 

Friederich Hirsch, 

Johann Bausch, 

Adam Rochia, 

Michael Leiberich, 

Jacob Gibler, 

Johannes Horner, 

Lorentz Kuntz, 

Peter Ross, 

Georg Miiller, 

Jacob Wolff, 

Andreas Biittel, 

Joh. Georg Hoh, 

Johan Conrad Wassum, 

Hans Cnristoph Schlesman, 

Johan Eissendal, 

Nicolaus Weigant, 

Philip Siera, 

.Johannes Kraus, 

Johannes iScholtes, 

Johannes Ender.s, 

Jacob Damer, 

Valtin Ehrhart, 

(.^hristopli Waltz, 

Andreas Klein, 

Carl Sell mid. 

Hans Geore Sell, 

Jacob Kriichinan, 

David Haltemeyer, 
Hans Adam Stieffel. 
•Tohan Georg Wimmer, 
Joh. Phil. David Spindler, 
Joh Conrad Duntz, 
Johan Caspar Wisner, 
John Christoph Weydner, 
Johan Nicklas Klein. 
Johan Christoph Biitner, 
Hans Georg Augenschweller. 
Joh. Henrich Schlessman, 
Johan Michael Liitz, 
Johan Nicklaus Ott, 
Conrad Kinei, 
Stephan Bauer, 
Hans Seuberr, 
Andreas Seubert, 
Jacob Bauer, 
Veit Garrecht, 
Michael Hoffman, 

Conrad Kurrz, 
George Bier, 

Jeremias CEsterlein, 
Nicklaus Strauss, 
Ludwig August, 

Andreas Dressier, 

Andreas Horauff, 

Johannes Fintzel, 

Andreas Eyrich, 

Hans Fertig. 

Hans i'hiiip Dosch, 

Joh. Georg Wassum, 

Michel Schiiidein, 

Christoph Schande, 

Michael Hundt, 

Sebastian Leybolt, 

Nicklas Ingellioff, 

Johannes Weisgerber, 

Johannes Miller, 

Christian Schiiffer, 

Johann Schiiffer, 

Barthel Schiitzlie, • 

Simon Balmer. 

Hans Gerbrich, 

Andreas Sell, 

Jacob Will, 



Tobias Ketter, 

Johannea Hotnian. 

Joliann Heffner, 

Lorentz Rohrig, 

Petpr Miiller, sen., 

Hans (reorg Fint/.el, 

Joliann Peter Reeg, 

Adam Hems, 

Joh. Michel Biuler, 

Andreas Lein. 

Hans Peter Steur, 

Hans Michel Wenner, 

Jolian Melchior Feder, 

Caspar Beuschlein 

Baltzer Lautz, 

Hans Peter Schaffer, 

Johan Henrich Monch, 

John Ludwig Bender, 

Ohristoph Kuhlemann, 

Johan Martin Noll, 

Johan Adam Herdel, 

Lorentz Joseph Dennschertz, 

Joh. Christoph Schaber. 

Joh. Stephanus Horn, 

Hans Georg Biittel, 

Joh. Ferdinandus Leiss, 

Heinrich Fleischer, 

Joh. Peter Miiller, 

Johan Conrad Stodter, 

Johan Heyser. sick. 

Johan Henrich Scholtes, sick, 

Joh. Henrich Koch, sick. 

Henrich Korn, sick, 

Michael Dinkel, sick, 

Joseph Sonmier, 

Lorentz Heffner, 

Johannes Honnig, 

Peter Fleischer, 

Hans Georg Lang, 

Hans Martin Franck, 

Nicklas Winterhalter, 

Johan Sewach, 

Thaddeus Dubler, 

Johan Peter Schmidt, 

Hans Franck, 

Carl Ludwig Miickelburg, 

Paul us Jacob Wolff, 

Hans Henry Forster, 

Hans Adam Schiiffer, 

August Henrich Schroter, 

Hans Adam Hoh, 

Johan Georg Strauss, 

Joh. Conrad Biitefisch, 

Carl Fried. Dan. Christian, 

Johan Georg Kallmeyer, 

Hans Georg Engelbert, 

Joh. Niclaus Schlossman, 

Johan Philip Buch, 

Hans Antonius Seger, 

Johann Heinrich Muth, 

Christian Damer, 

Hermanns Cronenberg, 

Andreas Drach, sick, 

Johann Leonhart Wieder, sick, 

Henrich Bed, sick, 

Micliael Kugel. sick, 

John Leonhard Karg, sick. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Queen of Den- 
mark, Geo. Parish. Commander, from Hamburg, last 
from Cowes, England Qualified Nov. 3, 1753. 

P. Wormian, Christopher Pabst, 

Zacharias Bach, A. Dietrich Schell, 

Johan Zwiebler, Andreas Schott, 



JacoV> Schott. 

Lainbrecht Philip, 

Magnus Schroder, 

Johann Scliliiter, 

J. Jacob Lautzen, 

Joh. Olnischild, 

J oh. Adam Grartner, 

H. Fred Lannin, 

Frantz Scliiitz, 

Friederich Schreyer, 

(jreorg Tiiomas (limpel, 

Casper Friederich Lutz, 

J. Christian Morenroth, 

Cieorg Gottlieb Faff, 

G. Henrich Herold, 

J. Nicolas Triinckner, 

Joachim Henricli Petloff, 

Nicholas Daniel, 

Joh. Casper Fried. GriiniinetT, 

Christoph liudwig (friuiiniei. 

(reorg Christoph Giinder, 

H. Zacharias Hagel>)erg, 

J. Christian Nesselroth, 
Andreas Ulsch, 
Georg Gartner, 
Michael Stahl, 
Johan Kreger, 
Christoph Meyer, 
Ernst Horniiffer, 
J. Henry Slniltz, 
Joh. Ernst Hein, 
Henrich Andreas Nagel, 
Joh. Henrich Sacknian, 
Joh. Sebastian Voght, 
Christ. Dietrich Meyer, 
Henrich Caspar Putsclier, 
Joh. Valentin Claudius, 
Henricli Notlidurst, 
Casper Gab. Miher, 
Christ. Ludwig Muencli, 
Christian Henrich, 
Friederich Ziniuier, 
Johannes Biber, 
J. Andreas Horniiffer, 
Joh. Gottfried Zassiger, 
Hen Rudolph Stoltze, 

P. Malheis El)el, 
Johau Egen, 
Peter Hruns, 
Simon Marcus, 
Peter Wiese, 
H. Mich. Menneke. 

F. Christo Torson, 
Zacharias Straul)el, 
Johan Meyer, 

Henrich Burchanl Gabriel, 
(Tet)rg Hastian Fischer, 
Hans Zacharias Ldnger, 

G. Leopold Heinig, 
Johan (Jasper Oberinan, 
Johan Adam Stoltze, 

J. Daniel Metzler, 

Hans Casper Batram, 

Johan Henrich Bauer, 

L. Ludwig Winckler, 

M. l-'riederich Kippenberg, 

Georg Christoph Miick, 

Georg Tilichael Hamscher, 

Georg Christian Klem, 

Conrad Schilffer, 

('hristian Nagel, 

Hen. Van Hoven, 

Joachim Hairloff, 

J. Fried. Lutzer, 

Christ. Wilgenson, 

Henrich Magnus, 

(Uiristian Henrich Habicht, 

Hen. Jacob Struckmeyer, 

Joachim Andrejis Briiutigam, 

Joh. Joachim Gortler, 

Johan Georg Giilhell, 

J. Martin Riittger, 

Johan Carl Menneke, 

J. Christo Schletz, 

Joh. Geo. Biirfuss, 

Carl Fred. Grobler, 

Fried. Solomon Weis, 

Dietrich Volkman, 

Joh. Henrich Siinger, 

])ieTrich von Hieren, 

Johan Daniel Eckebert. 

Joh. Friederich <^frassler, 



Joh. Bartho Muhlhalin, 
9 Job. Georg Reinhard, 
Johan Christoph Winter, 
J. Thomas Kuhu, sick, 
Johannes Miuck, sick, 
H. Christian Willfeld, sick, 

Casper Henrich Grimm, 
Joliau Zacharias Jahn, 
Joh. Henrich Hefthar, sick, 
Gottfried Wilheha Allhelm, sick, 
Johan Gustavus Kuntz, sick, 
Georg Christian Mayer, sick. 

Jolian Friederich Giinter, sick, Jolian Ernst Holland, sick, 
Georg Friederich Tesch, sick, Johan Henrich Klem, sick, 
Henrich Rudolph Nagel, sick, Christoph Mayer, sick, 
David Morsen, sick, ^Tottfried Reinknecht, sick, 

Joh. Ernst Simon, sick, J. Friederich Berghan. sick. 

Friederich Albrecht Scheller, sick, Joh. Henrich Wendel. sick, 
David Henrich Heyer, sick', Nicklaus Ruel, sick, 
A. Matheis Molin, sick, Hans Georg Brennhau, sick, 

Johan Ludwig Stotterman, sick, Johan Adolph Flock, sick. 

List of Foreigners Imported i.v the Sxow Louisa, (^apt, 
John' Pittcairne, from Rotterdam, last from (Jowks, 
England. Qualified Nov. 8, 1752. 

Michael Deeg. 

Christoph Kurtz, 

Ulrich Meyer, 

Johannes Meyer, 

Casper Krieger, 

Christian Hoffman, 

Jacob Hoffmann. 

Hans Georg Hausser, 

Johan Herman Rosenblatt 

Johan Christian Friess, 

Johan Michael Ge'ger, 

Georg Michael Schmidt, 

G. Friederich Hottenbacher, 

Wilhelm Fortenbacher, 

Leonhardt Schindler, 

Joh. Philip Schwart lander 

Johann Georg Meyer, 

Hans Michael Schmidt, 

Conrad Schindler, 

Frantz Schmid, 

Balthaser Scholl, 

Georg Gobel, 

Matheus Kester, 
Jacob Holder, 
Johannes Seller, 
Johannes Ullman, 
Adam Pabst, 
David Mellinger, 
Frantz Carl von Campe, 
Hans Georg Reiscli, 
Johan Leonhardt Bopp, 
Johann Martin Holder, 
Hans Georg Lantzer, 
Albrecht Miihlfelder, 
Hans Adam Stahl, 
Johannes Geiler,*^ 
Hans Georg Kautz, 
John Philip Welsh, 
Georg Philipp Bock, 
Johan Philip Odenwald, 
Johannes Romig, 
Konrad Pfau, 
Peter Diem, 
Christoph Giilberth, 


Joseph Beyrer, 
Christian Kast, 
Jacob Haag, 
Johannes Goss, 
Ueorg Karr, 
Hans Michael Carl, 
Johann I'eter Scholl, 
Georg Baltzer Schelling, 
Johann Jacob Ruther, 
Johan Georg Laubinger, 
Jac. Balthasar von Canipe, 
Johann Michael Piith, 
Johan Jacob Stoll, 
Simon Leitel Huber, 

Tobias Stahl, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Johannes Bader, 
Jacob Krieg, 
Friederich Sclirader, 
Johan Georg Koch, 
Johann Georg Stnrni, 
Johann Georg Gilbert, 
Johanu Jost Bauer, 
Andreas Gilbert, 
Georg Michael Miiller, 
Johan Martin Haussleiter, 
Georg Christian !NiiS6er. 

List of Foreigners Imported ix thk Shit* PHa-:xix, 
Capt. Rkubex Honor, from Rotterdam, last from 
CowES, England. Qualified Nov. 22, 17")2. 

Peter Antel, 

Johann Klos, 

Rudolph Hoffman, 

Ulrich !Nicholai, 

Leonhart Steller, 

Lambert Schmidt, 

Johannes Roth, 

Jacob Scheurich, 

Ludwig H enrich Nussbiickel, 

Johan Nicklas Althol, 

Georg Christoph Bauman, 

Johann Henrich BiJrser, 

Han Georg Rohrer, 

Jacob Friederich Schneider. 

Frantz Joseph Pfeifer, 

Jacob Zaller, 

David Jochnal, 

Peter Gillion, 

Henry Straul), 

Matheis Kauth, 

Peter Jung. 

Simon Schneider 

Jacob Liiper, 

Josias Schertzer, 
Jacob Hiiwit, 
Michael Burgen, 
Friederich Steiler, 
David Zimmermann, 
Johannes Mohr, 
Valentin Scheurich, 
Christoph Dosch, 
Johan Adam Lotz, 
Johann Peter Suter. 
Johan Adam Geiger, 
Jean Jaques le Roy, 
Johan Henrich Beckt^r, 
Johan i'hilip Albert, 
Rudolph Egy, 
Johann "W'urt?, 
H. Wetzel, 
Daniel Lawall, 
Jacob Guyer, 
Johannes i)ieff, 
AVilhelm Albert, 
Christoph Henrich. 
Johannes Halreriiieyer, 



Bernhanl Zendnieyer, 
Johann (xeorg Stuber, 
Joliaiui A<lain Speck, 
Johann Georg Gingenhan, 
Joliann Peter Lehmann, 
^ Johan Peter Conver. 
Johann Jacob SclielUng, 
Hans Georg Zanger, 
Johann Henrich Schat, 
Johan Matheis Sclieurich, 
Hans Michael Adehnan, 
,.■ Johannes Frohcli, 
Hans Shneyder, jr.. 
Christian Kuhbach, 
Abraham Peter, 
Paul Walleisen, 
Johannes Statler, 
Augustin Fieng, 
Henrich Lolleninger, 
Johannes Fisclier, 
Jacob Grauss, 
Rudoljih Dcibele, 
Henry Gesler, 
Ulrich Ott, 
Hans Georg Meyle, 
Johan Peter Pfannkuchen, 
Michael ITlhnann, 
Georg Nebeling, 
John David Henknl, 
Hans Martin Schenrich, 
Johan Peter Freinbes, 
Johan Rudolph Ferrer, 
George Henry Koch, 
Johan Michael Christian, 
Hans Jacob Back, 
Da:;ipl Kuhn, 
Frant/. May, 
Anthon Weinbrener, 
Wolfgang Wehibrener, 
Johann Philip Straub, 
Johann Rudolpli Kraft, 
Jacob Froelich, 
/ Andreas Bollinger, 
Geo. May, 

Hans Gi-oi-g Backofen, sick. 
Johan Lndwig Mickel, sick, 

Joh. JacoV) Winter, 
Guiliam Sibrik, 
Johann Georg Jock, 
Hans Georg Dosch, 
Jean Michel Lanblene. 
Hans Michael Claus, 
Johan Georg Merckling, 
Johann Michel Ihl, 
Johann Thomas Beck, 
Johan Martin Uostman, 
Ludwig Weiner, 
Philip Jacobi, 
Jean Botesman, 
Daniel Giigenhahn, 
Michael Peter, 
Jacol) Oglie. 
Bartholomeus Hoffman, 
Abrahani Fritz Ott, 
Andreas Roth. 
Jacob Gartman. 
(christian Roth, 
Johann Schadt, 
Joseph Inifeld, 
Johann Burckhard, 
Mich. Friederich Bueli, 
Johan A«lani Klein, 
Hans ^Michael Hoff, 
Johan Ludwig Lawall, 
Hans Michael Lutz, 
Adam Le Roy, 
Johann Georg Roth, 
Georg Henrich Kop, 
Georg Bernhart Kapp, 
Martin Johami Bauer, 
Johan Melchior EnsJer^^ 
Piere Guilluime, 
Kilian May, 
George HofTman, 
Johann Jacob Miller, 
Michael Schilffer. 
Johan Theobald Closs, 
Vinhert Tschudi, — — 

Bernhard Neff, 
Johannes Lenstche, jr.. sick, 
Tliomas Leyerig, sick, 
Johann Dietirch Eckel, sick. 




Jacob Reif^ert, sick, 
Hans (Teorg Beicht, sick, 
Abraham Freilicli, sick, 
Johan (iottfried List, sick, 

Jacob Dobeie, sick, 
Georg Huber, sick, 
Jacob Lupfer, sick, 
Jacob Scheywisci), sick. 

List ok Forkigxrrs Importkd in thk Two Brothers, 
Thomas Aknot, Mastkr, from RotterdIm. 

[Tliis list is witlioiu datec 
found among the papers of 
Jolian Gerhard Snyder, 
Jolian Clirisn. Snyder, 
Johan Chrisn. Humbel, 
Wiliielm Gnibert, 
Tys Reffie. 
Herman Hutier, 
Peiter Reifenaar, 
Johan Henrich Wagenaar, 
Philip Leur. 
Johannes Asseloer, 
•Tohan Petei" Mtiller, 
Johan Herman Heis, 
Hobrick Leur, 
Cliristn. Bemer, 
Christian Bierkenbeyl, 
Wilhelm Strikhausen, 
Jost Schefer, 
H^^nricli H of man, 
Johannes Smith, 
Teys Backer, 
Cliristn. Mathias <Tubler, 
Henrich Jong, 
Peter Jjup, 
Simon Hueller, 
Ernst Kraemer, 
Henrich Wilier, 
Fredrick Smith, 
T*eter Shuman, 
Ivudwig Spies, 
Adam Smitten. 
Martin Grys, 
Mathias I'raen, 

)f arrival or qualification, but being 
17.')2-o, it is here placed.] 

AVyant Snyder, 

Johau Peter Snyder, 

Jacob Grubert, 

Johan Conrad Reffle, 

Henrich Preins, 

Michael Reifenaar, 

Hendrick Wagenaar, 

Pieter Amoes, 

Johan Peter Leur, 

Johan Jost Bleiker, 

Jost Fisser, • 

Peter Hulbus, 

Peter Lies, 

Peter Bemer, 

Albertus Herk, 

Jacob Kambeck, 

Wilhelm Peifer, 

Henrich Fox, 

Adam Fox, 

Jerrig Werth, 

Henrich Kueler, 

Philipus Souer, 

Peter Homerick, 

Philipus Liest, 

Tonis Backer, 

Baltzer Smith, 

Chistn. Klein, 

Chri.stl. Hulbues, 

Martin Smitten. 

Wilhelm Maeier, 

Johannes (ttys. 

Jacobus H of man. 



Wilhehn Koets, 
Arnold Schiefer, 
Peter Jong, 
Teys Baeker, 
Christn. Badeheimer, 
Peter Broun, 
Christian Stels, 
Johan Tevis, 
Peter Dick, 
Theis Dinsnian, 
Jacob Hunier, 
Theis Rueb, 
Michal Gessel, 
Michael Uinsman, 
Wilhehn Smith, 
Peter Hats. 
Adam Geimer, 
Peter Seiu, 
Peter Gimbel, 
Andreas Jong, 
Christn. Baeker, 

Johannes Beiner, 
Wilhehn Dieds, 
Adam Jong, 
Philip Baeker, 
Peter Allen, 
Peter Haes, 
Jacob Barb, 
Jerg Schultz, 
Bastn. Broun, 
Theis Seier, 
Wilhelm Helmt, 
Christ Rueb, 
Arnst Baeker, 
Philipus Smith, 
Johan Wilhelm Jaeger, 
Christn. Sneyder, 
Stoffel Leonard, 
Hendrick Bemer, 
Wilhelm Jong, 
Theis Baeker. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship St. Michael, 
Thomas Ellis, Commander, from Hamburg, last from 
CowKS, England. Qualified Sept. 8, 1753. 

Joh. Fried Deer, 
Christian Warner, 
Andreas Shweishelm, 

John Henry Deer, 
Henry A. Deer, 
Peter Kunckel, 
Andreas Boger, 
Johannes Rehr, 
Wilhelm Latink, 
Lorentz Shiiler, 
J. Peter Millberg, 
Michael Kind, 
Conrad Eichler, 
Christian Aterholt, 
Ehler Herse, 
Herman Inbuss, 
Fred. Henrichs Barthals, 
Jol). Josephus Meinersen, 
John Henry Gross, 

J. George Sachse, 
Friederich Ranberg, 
Christian Latink, 
J. Henry Krape, 
J. Christian Heil, 
Christoph Wegener, 
Ludwig Topper, 
Johannes Resch, 
Andreas Linden, 
Henrich Sileyer, 
John Jacob" Port, 
John Henry Keller, 
Johann Henrich Ahrens, 



.loh. Henrich Billinf^eslebeii, 

J. Priedericb Fischer, 

Johau Nicklaus Relicopp, 

J. Henr\ Seydling, 

J. Andreas Vogt. 

Conrad Henry Sander, 

Johann Daniel Klenini, 

H. ChrisToph Gall, 

.Toll. Benedictiis BreittenfeldT, 

.lohann Gerhart Mayer, 

Fi-antz Arnt Rosn, 

J. Henry Gntjalir, 

Matheis Kirscher, 

Johan Friederich Sachse, 

Christian Wiilielm Coll, 

•L Henry IMessershniit, 

.Tohaini Christian tSachse, 

.1. Caspar Latink, 

J. Friederich A Her, 

G. Christ o])li Warinken, 

Cias Casten Kroger, 

Hieroninius Eicheler, 

Job. Hen. Eberhart Hansen, 

Friederich Henrich tStern, 

Hans Henry Tete, 

J. Henry Ratiker, 

Johann Kirscher, 

Johann Erich Renter, 

John Henry Saechs, 

George Wilhelin Hooker. 

[The foil on-infi 'Hist of passenrjcrs"' diflerinf/ in orthooraplnj from 
the forcfjoing is also printed.] 
Heinrich Christophel Bartels, John Heinrich Duhin 

John Friederich Duhin, 
Johan Jacob Port, 
Johannes .Josephns Mayner: 
John Heinrich Gross, 
Andrew Schweishelin, 
John Heinrich Bilsinglebeu 
Andreas Bieger, 
John Christian Sachse, 
.Johannes Kehr, 
Johan Nicklans Regkop, 
Wilhehn Lading, 
Heinrich Seitling, 
Friederich Uller, 
Christophel Warnther. 
Gonrt Heinrich Santher, 
<"'aston Kruger, 
Michael KincL 
Christoph Wegner, 
Conrad Eichler, 
Christoph Gall, 
Eberhard Hansson, 
Benedik Dues BreitenfeUi, 
Ellers P^'i-iessen, -' 
Herman 1 inbuBh, •, 

Franss Arnt Rosae, ..i >. 

Henrich Harinan Duhin, 
(Mnistian Warner, 
John Heinrich Keller, 
Peter Kunkel, 
John Heinrich Arnst, 
Hanss Henrich Messersinith, 
John Friederich Fischer, 
Johau George Sachse, 
Friederich Rantenberg, 
Johan (Jasjmr Lading, 
Christian Lading, 
Lorence Schlicter. 
John Andreas Vougt, 
Heinrich Krapp, 
l^eter Mnhll)erg, 
John Christian Heil, 
Daniel Keiin, 
Hironinins Eichler, 
Ludwig Deberwell. 
Christian Oderhold, 
Johannes Roesch, 
Friederich Stern. 
Andreas Lindner, 
Heinrich Mayer, 
H*^ini-ich Raertiger, 



Heinricli (ji-odion, 
Heinrich Fetter, 
John Friederich Sachse. 
Willhehn Dill, 
Mathes Kerscher, 

(Terhartl Moger, 
John Erich Reither, 
John Heinric'h Sachse, 
Johan Kerscher, 
(Teortce Wilhelni Hookert. 

I 1ST OF ForkktNkrs Import 
RiCHEY, FROM Rotterdam, 
Sept. 10, 175o. 

Jac. Bishop Berger, 
Viucentius Beg>?ari, 
Fiiederich Ziirn, 
Stei)han Lay, 
Moses Bauer, 
Peter Ueber, 
Friederich C-rruber, 
Baltiiis Zweig, 
Erhard Schief, 
Antlreas Frey, 
Friederich Kast, 
Albrecht Heckuian, 
Michael Kuhn. sen., 
Sebastian Hott'inan, 
Valentin Korn, 
Lorentz Huffert, 
Martin Hedinger, 
Stephan Frant/, Volch, 
Johan Michael Hauer, 
Johann Simon Schniieg, 
Joliann Matheus Braun, 
(-reorg Heinrich Alter, 
Johann Albrecht Fessler, .sen. 
Johann Andreas Fessler, 
Johan Stephan Riegler, 
Johann Mictiael Krauss, 
Johann Matheus IMayer, 
Johan Philip Kohleder. 
Johan Pliili]) Berberich, 
(-reorg Friederich Schweitzer, 
Johan (ieorg Zie^ler. 
Johan Christoph Nieth. 
Johann Friederich Bauer, 

Ki) IX THE Ship Beulah, Capt. 


J oh. (xeorg Rab, 
Johan Perass, 
Christian Schiedt, 
Andreas Lay, 
Simon Waltlier, 
Thomas Dietz, 
Jacob Michel, 
Christoph Zweig, 
Ludwig Schick, 
Jacob Wein. 
Hans (ieorg Wilt, 
Georg Arnold. 
Michael Kulm, 
Johannes Hoffman, 
Martin Biirger, 
Hans Waltz, 

Johan Michael Griiffenstein, 
Georg Friederich Volch, 
Georg Friederich Braun, 
Johann Friederich Freund. 
Joliann Henrich Hoffmann, 
•lohann Jacob Alter, 
, Johann Albrecht Fessler, 
Georg Conrad Braun, sen., 
Georg Conrad Braun, 
Johann Georg Braun, 
(ieorg Martin I^obele, 
Johan Michel Ungerer, 
J. Friederich Hiltzbeck, 
Johann Henrich Gebert. 
Johan Michael Lang, 
Johaiin Peter Bauer, 
Johann Wilhelm Ruth, 


Georf? SchjiUiier, I'eter TruckeniMiller, 

Jacob Saiiniit, Aiulrea« Klein, 

Oeorg tSehiiiiniel, .Toll. Jacob Kei)i)iicr, 

H. Adam Brenner, Job. Ernst tSatteltbal.'r, 

Job. Andreas Sclunie^. (ieor},' H enrich fc5cbiiir«'r. 

Georf^ Friedericb tScliali, Jolian Micbael Fi-anck, 

Job. Lndwi^ Sominer, Johan (xeor^' Diet/., 

Ueo. Friedricb Alter, ' (tco. Baltbas Lebner. 

[The '■'■list of passrnpprs''' ili/T'criiif/ xovicirhat i.s hrrcvnlh aivrii. 

Jacol) Hisbopbertrer. Micbel (xroefestyn, 

Stepbn. Frans Walk, Frediick Walk. 

Jure Rap, Joban Micbael Baur, 

JurgFredk. Broun, Simon Sinick, 

Fredrick Freundt, Vincent IVckary, 

l\fatbias Brown, Henricb HolTman, 

Jobannes Hartman, Joban ^rrafl" Kolp, 

Fredrick Zern. Cbristian Scbick, 

Jur- Henricb Alter, Jacob Alter, 

Jiircr Fredk. Alter, Ail)recbt Fisber, 

Albrecht. Fisber, jun., Anderas Fisber, 

Stepben Lve, Anderas Lye, 

Moses Baur. Simon Baur, 

Peter Hoeber, Conrad Bn>wn, 

Micbael Rap. U years old, Tbomas ])ieT«, 

Fredrick (rruber. Stepben Ruler. 

JiirfT Conrad Brown, Micbael Krauts, 

Jnrtr Brown, Matts. Mier. 

Jurtr Martin J)ebily, -lacob Micbael, 

Baltbes Scbwy, ^topbe! Scbwy, 

Pbilip Roleterin, Michael In*."^'; 
PbiUp Berberins, .T'-"^ ^ ^l'- ""t-^-l^' 

Erbard Scbick. Ludwu-k 

Jurs Henricb Scbweif/.er, Henncb (.ebhard, 

JurgZiegler, Jobn Mic-ld. Lon^r, 

Joban Cbrist. Niet. Anderas Frey. 

Jacol. Wvn. Fredrick Kast. 

, urjiatt Allu-ecbT Heckm.ii:, 

Jurf? Wilett, 

T * 11 Peter Baur, 

Jure: Arnold, ^ ^, ^ 

X. ■ 1 1 vjo,,.- Williani Read. 

Friedenck Ham. , . ,- , 

rr- , 1 1.' I... Mic il. Knbn. jini.. 

Mic uiel Kubn. '"' 

^ .• H^Pf,n-in Jobannes Hotlman. 

Biistian H oilman. 

Valentin Korn, 
T,orent7. Hottner, 

Martin lSnr{,'er, 
Henricli Scbyfner, 



Jurg Fredk. SlioU, 
Martin Hepinfjei-, 
Hans Jurg Shaller, 
Ludwig Sommer, 
Peter i)ruckiniller, 
Christoplier Diet/, 
Hans Jui-fj Kanip, 
Michael Tiber, 
Joackim Kepler, 
Ernst Statteldaller, 

Adain Walley, 
Balthes Leonard, 
Michael Frank. 
Jurj^ Grots, 
Jacob Sannnett, 
Andreas Klein, 
Ludwick Roseniiller, 
Jnrg Shiinniel, 
Adam Brenner, 
And eras Sniugg. 

List of Forki«ners Importkp in thk Ship Queen of 


QUALIFIED Sept. 11, 17o3. 

Ludwig RafTgarn, 
Georg Host man, 
Ernst Delitz, 
John Ewald, 

FROM CowES, England 

Caspar Griinberg, 
Henry Horgfeld, 
Tiiomas Fochtnicht, 
J. Ernst Kurt. 
Christian Arendt, 
Ludwig Brail, 
Lorentz Petri, 
Nicolaus Schaffer. 
Johannes Ta,ubert, 
J. Jacob Feucht, 
J. Friedrich Dehern, 
J. George Gerang, 
Christian Hiebe, 
Wilhelm Bremer, 
Christoph (xut, jr., 
Hans Georg Dissier, 
H. Christopher Shadecke, 
Jost Henrich Behe, 
J. Andreas Rudolph, 
Joh. Henry Engel, 
Johann Christian Temme, 
J. Valentin Neumever, 


J. Henry Frey, 
Andreas Grotheim, 
J. Jost Werning, 
David Albreciit. 
J. August Frey bach, 
Christoff- Endik, 
George Fischer, 
Christian Luig, 
Johann Reich man, 
Johann Valentin Elte, 
Johan Henrich Martenberg, 
Deiterich Broppstenstadt. 
Joh. Friederich TJngar, 
J. Andreas Bolthauei*, 
Hans Herman Arendt, 
Johan George Distner, 
Ludwig Wil. Bockrantz, 

Anthon Barthol. von Brunck, Joh. Carl Rauschenbach, 

Joh. Wilhelm Sehisle, 
Johan Christian Bolle, 
Johan Christian Schneidei 
Joh. Chi'istoph Go)>rechr. 
Joh. Christian (Tol)recht, 

Johann David Fischer, 
Johan Valentin Rausch, 
Jost Henry Kinige, 
(Torge Wilhelm Reburg, 
Frantz Henrich Ernst, 



Joliann Ernst Blanwart, 
Johauii Dinj^ler, 
Wilhelm Krebs, 
Nicolaus (Jliristian Otto, 
Henrieh Julius Bott, 
Jolian Bayer, 
Geor<j Feinine. jr.. sick, 
.T. Dietrich Wild, sick, ^ 
Christoph Weidner, sick, 
Christian Nice, sick, 
Erhart Reindei, sick, 

(ifo. Wilhelm von Liide, 
Christian (ioilstild, 
Peter Fred. Niemeyer, 
Job. Friederich Wanibeck, 
.1. Rudolph Bolstert, 
Johan Lndwij^ Starck. sick, 
Friederich Jordan, sick, 
Hans Herman Brand, sick, 
Joh. Philii) Preisinj;, sick, 
Jolian CTeorfj Miilier, sick, 
(.'hristooh (xut, sen., sick. 

[ Thi-t ^'■list of 2^assi'7tf/ers " 

Valentine Etting. 
Casper CTroundberg, 
Henr. Christo. Grutige, 
Joh. Ludwig Starke, 
Henr. Ferman, 
Christo. Welhausen, 
Thomas Frochtenicht, 
Augt. Ernest Deli/,, 
Joh. Fred. Junger, 
Ernst Cord, 
Joh. Andres Rudolph, 
Rudolph Goltstad, 
Hans Henr. Ahrens. 
John Henr. Engell. 
Joh. Ludwig Brahl. 
Joh. Jurger Kistner, 
Ludwig Wilhelm Pockran/., 
Andrew (irotheim. 
Jobs. Paul Rauschenl)ach. 
Nicholas Shefer, 
Joh. Taberton, 
Wilhelm Scheie, 
Joh. Didrick Witte, 
Joh. Augt. Frydag, 
Christian ToUe, 
('hristian Schneyder. 
Hans Heriuon Brand, 
Christo. iTobreeht. 
Peter Weidemer. 
'.-xeo. Wilhelm Reberg, 

(liffcrinfj fr oin for eg oiv.ff is fftven.] 

Hans Jurger Disseler, 

Joh. Henr. Vaitenberg, 

liudwig Rafhahr, 

Henr. Borgfeld, 

Joh. Geo. Gottschalhs, 

Geo. Bottman. 

Diedrich Dropenstod, 

Jolian Henr. Hesen. 

Geo. Temme, 

John Evalts, 

Joh. Andres Balthaur, 

Joh. Ernst Sommer, 

Christn. Ahrens. 

Joh. Augt. Spangenberg, 

Joh. Christn. ])onnne, 

Valentine Nortmeyre, 

John Henr. Freyre, 

Anton von Brunks, 

Frederick .Jordan, 

Joh. Jol)st Werning, 

David Albricht, 

David Fischer, 

Jacob Voght, 

Joh. Frederick DeVehrn, 

Valentine Rausch, 

Jobst Henrieh Kunshe, 

Christn. Lanthan, 

Christo. Ebechc, 

Joh. l^hilip Preising, 

Christn. (robrecht. 



Joh. Jurgen Greranke, 
Frans Henrich Ernst, 
(reo. Fischer, 
Christ a. Hippe, 
Tobias Starke, 
Erhard Reimleil, 
John Reichnian, 
CJhristo. Cord,4un. , 
Ofeo. Wilhehn von Lude, 
John Dingier. 
Joh. Jurgen Temrqe, 
Christo. Bechel, 
Nicholas Christn. Otto, 
Joh. Fred. Wanibeck. 
Hen. Julius Bohte, 
Daniel Ranberg. 
Nicholas Illrich. 
Christn. Ludwjg Harduiau, 
Peter Fredei-. Nemeir, 
John Frederich Unger, 
Christopher Evigher. 

Christian Neice, 
Lawrence Petere, 
Joh Erich Miller, 
Joh. Wilhelui Klencke, 
Christian I^ecke, 
Wilhehn Bremar, 
Christo. Cord, senior, 
John Blankart, 
Joh. Geo. Schefer, 
Joh. Basen Sanders, 
John Beyr, 
Christn. Goldstad, 
(\)nrad Brandfass, 
Geo. Christn. Jordan, 
Wilheliu Kabls. 
.Jacob <ieber. 
Ernst Ulrich, 
Christ Smith, 
Christian Goultstet, 
Johan Bawl Roushenbaclit, 

List of Foreigners Importkp ix thk Ship EdinbiirctH. 

Capt. James Russeli. 
Portsmouth, England. 

.Tohann Hindorff, 
•Julius Brecker, 
Peter Miller, 
Johannes Miller, 
.Jacob Braun, 
Philip Miihlhof, 
Jacob Dewalt, 
Conrad Guth, 
Peter Schuh, 
•Jacob Miiller. 
Michael Lang, 
Adam Hamscher, 
Carl A rend t, 
Georg Martin. 
Peter Steiner, 
•Johann Jacob Hamm. 
Johannes Ijaffer, 

FROM Rotterdam, last 
Qualified Sept. 14, lT."i;i 

Michael Halberstadt. 
Samuel Maus, 
Dewald Kreutz, 
Abraham Miller, 
Philip Jjantz, 
Conrath Kleim. 
Conrath Guth, sen., 
Andreas Hestrich. 
Heini'ich Schupp, 
Bastian Mohr, 
Ijudwig Bu.sch, 
.Joseph Zwisdle, 
Andreas Scher, 
JohaiiiiHS Jjimbergei', 
Philip Henry Gabei, 
Jacob Schott, 
Peter R. id tier, 




Pripdericli May, 
Jacob Zoinhrei. 
Philip Prietz, 
Jacob Bauer, 
Jacoli Heck, 
Peter Bader, 
David Schinitt, 
Martin (TriLs, 
WiUielin iSpiere, 
Adolpli Meyer, 
Jacob Bollinger, 
Philip Weber, 
Ulrich Weber, 
Bernhart Beck. 
Martin Braun, 
Marcus Angst, 
<Teorg (rohringer, 
Priederich Jiickle, 
Valentin HofTmann, 
Frantz Henry Hiilliiagel, 
Johann Jacob Wiesinger, 
Michael Ziinnierinan, 
Johann Adam Kreischer. 
Ernst Christoph xVdani, 
(Vjnrad Klenter. 
Johannes Schwa! b, 
Johann Jacol) Beck, 
Johann Georg Jost, 
Johaini (Jliristoi)h Mauerer. 
Jacob Kanirniuun, 
Johann (reorg I^eonard, 
Christian Jutzner. 
Johann Nickel Jacoby. 
Johann Peter Jacoby, 
.Jacob Krier, 
Peter Kuntz. 
Valentin Kolihnann, 
l^^riederich Schwart/. 
.Tuhann Jacob ]3achnian. 
El)erhart Schniitt, 
Johann Entzmenger, 
Joh. He..'-y Bintzel. 
Paulns (i, ardin. 
Johann Kraff (toss, 
Peter Flickingei'. 

2.-)- Vol. XVH. 

Jacob Tlireyer, 
Jacob Knab, 
Johan RanlTbohm, 
Jacob Bachnian, 
Daniel Heck, 
Samuel iStrack, 
Betman l^entz, 
Peter Klein, 
Johannes Pellentzer. 
I^aniel Hahn, 
Joliannes Stiitzel,--' 
Andreas Kamstein, 
Johannes Prey, 
Matheis Ewalt. 
Conrad Poltz, 
Paulas Hartman. 
liUdwig Volmer, 
CliristolTel Renner, 
Jean Pierre dn Corbjer, 
Andreas Beck, 
Philip Jacob MiihlholT, . 
Johann Georg Kuhn, 
.lohann Sebastian Krt^isciit'f 
Johann Casper Ross. 
Johann Petei- Bote, 
lialthaser Pemelier, 
Johann Reinhardt Rahmt'r. 
Johann Priederich NOgeler, 
CUiristoph P)eydel. 
Johann Nickel Michel, 
Coni'ad Wngner, 
Johannes FitM-gnth, 
.Tohann Nickid Jacoby, sen.. 
WilheiiH Slein. 
( 'arl Beinhart. 
.Tohann Adam Bdhm, ^ 
Theobald Angene, 
Philip Henry binn, 
liorentz Baclunan, 
]>nd\vig Jung, 
Johann Bintzel, 
.lohaiHies Bintzel, 
J;icoli Bollinger, 
J. Henry Schnur, 
Joh. Christ. Hntfuagel, 



Joliaii (reorg Weyshaav, 
John Henry Wiuiderlich, 
Conruil Mentzinger, 
Joliaimes Koriihaas, 
Johannes Buclitel, 
(fregorius Hutsche, 
Willielni Hartniaii, 
Andreas Huttenbacli, 
Johan Christian Diirr, 
Heinrich Adam Hc^tTnian, 
Johannes Auer, 
Ei)erliart Hartman, 
Johannes Kreiner, 
Heiirich Strack. 
Jacob Ott, 

Johan (xeoi'g Miirker, 
Valentin Fleck, 
Johann ('onrad Metz, 
Eiias Kneller, 
Johan Jacob Albert, 
Michael Decker, sick, 
H enrich Rodhat, sick, 

Johaini (ieorg !Steinl)ock, 
Justns Henrich Weber. 
Johan Wilheliii Weber. 
Johannes Wiihlfart. 
Christicin Fischer, 
Friederich Hartman, 
Friederich Widmeyer, 
Jereniias Kisterle, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Georg Melchior Hiel)ner, 
Jacob Knodel, 
Adam Roser, 
Jacol) Polweller, 
Jacob Miller, 
Philip I^ehrer, 
Paulas Hochstrasser, 
Johan Michael Hanber. 
Friederich Stephan. 
Sebastian (xabel, 
Friederich Kriimer, sick, 
Rndol})h Wolte. sick, 
Friedericli Hai'tman. sick. 

IjIST of Forf.ion 
Oapt. Hi'HH Stk 


Gottfried Haberle, 
Paul (^alTarel, 
Jaqnes (Tonrier, 
-Jacob trerhart, 
Jacob Fisher. 
Joseph Kinttel, 
Jacob Borman, 
Michael Scbeible, 
Martin Kiiyser, 
Pierre Gantier. 
Hans (Conrad Vorj^ 
Ferdinand Wiirt/., 
('hrisToph Fehr. 
Johann Georg Str 
Daniel Stanbe, 
Michael Aller, 
Hans Hent/inger, 

KRS Importki) tn thk Siuj' Patikxck, 

. IT, 1753. 

Taques Bahney 

]\Iatteu Ture. 

Lorie Niron, 

Adam Seitz, 

Jaqne Berber. 

Johannes Singer, 

Friederich l-Vnsel, 

Charles Shownet, 

Martin Fauss, 

Jean Bonnet, y 
ncker, Hans Georg Bross, 

Friederich Reinholdt, 

Johann Caspar Gross, 
issinger, Johannes Prenss, 

Jacob Bornle. 

Johaiuies Bodner, 

.Jf>haiines Hiller. 

i I 




l^hilii) Weiss. 
Henricli Kuoiiel. 
Tobias Knrtli, 
.Tohann Jackobi, 
.Joliannes Braiiniy;, 
Peter (xrobel, 
Peter Ijandif^, 
Peter liiihler, 
Simon Kerber, 
Eiias Nester, 
.Jacob Sanguiiiet, 
Pierre Jean Arniiii, 
Jereinie C'happelle, 
Henri Rochon, 
Micliael RiiKtler, 
Hans (xeorg IVller, 
Hans (ieorg Scholter, 
Andreas Miinoliinger, 
Joliannes Wiirnile, 
Etienne Brun, 
Gabriel Lansch, 
(Teor^j Martin Kreidler," 
(.Teor^ Arichei Daoher, 
Johan Friedericli Werner, 
.loll. Priederich Stiilile, 
(reorg Adam Weit, 
<T. Wilhelm Rieser, 
Hen. ('hristo. Hleieherdt, 
Hans (feorg Schiittinger, 
Philip Adelberger, 
Heinrieh Hac/Kman, 
J. Dietrich Steinbrecher, 
Sebastian Knartsch, 
Samuel Bosserman, 
Johan (ieorg FederhotT, 
Isaac <Trad, sick, 
r'hristian Baner, sick. 

Bernhart Juiitr, 

Matheas Alher, 

Johannes K-leinlopf. 

Adam Winhart, 

Casper Hassler, 

l-5astian Ehrig, 

Leonhaid Schauer, 

Michael Kerber, 

Christoph Schmit, 

.laques Bach, 

Lenhart Heller, 

.lean Pierre Chapj)el]e, 

Pierre Rochon. 

Jean Jaques Serviei-, 

.Toll. <feor{^ Knodel, 

•lean Richardou, 

Creor^ Valentin Bernhardt, 

Tlieodorus Friedhault. 

Gottlieb Heinrieh Facnndiis, 

Jacob (ierber, 

Michel Rom, 

Johannes Schweit/er, 

Jacob Ochsenreiter, 

.Toll. Friedericli <)(disenreiter. 

.Tolian Caspar Sie^, 

Hans Georjj Roller, 

ChristofTel Kleinlopf, 

Joh. Matthias Schmidt. 

Hans Georfj Adelbei'^er, 

Hans Adam SchiilTer, 

Hans Mnssleman, 

J. Lenhart Gerwig-, 

.Tohan Michel Ran, 

Fi-iederich Oswald, 

Ciiristoph Arndt, 

Christoph Larj^, sick. 

Hans (feoij.;- Ijeib. sick. 

f The orifjinal hsi ?.< Iicrriritli >iiven.] 
Mhu's 1^(1 Dies. 

Na III ('. 

Pierre Armeson, 

Godfret Giverly, 

Peter Schibilt. ■■ 




Name. Age. 

Jacol) Bald '^■> 

Paul Caiisferel, 4-") 

Mathias Doar, ' •!<> 

Jacob Doar, '. 18 

Jeremias Chappel, ~"» 

Peter Roshon, 2-i 

Hendrick Rosliou, 20 

Adam Siets, :!'» 

Jacob Cxoodier 27 

Jacob Zerway, 2i» 

Lodwick l^riine, 24 

Jacob Fi«her 22 

Michael Ressel, 20 

Yerrick Nodel oT 

Jacques Herge, . :)0 

Hans Yerrick Feller, 2.'t 

John Richardon, 2.") 

Hans Yerrick Sholtej- :^0 

-Yerrick Valatine Rynhard 27 

Andrias Minchinar, * 2h 

Joseph Nodle, 40 

Johannes Siger, 2!» 

Jacob Bornian 2") 

Fredk. Grinsel 2S 

Tlieodorns Fredk. Hoiiks, ;!0 

Johannes Worniley 21 

OfoilliiJh Hendk. Facundus, 27 

Hans Yrrk. Bros, 21 

Michael Schibley 20 

Carel Shonuk ' 40 

Ferdinand Wet/, ;!.) 

Hans Geoi-^ Federhaft. — 

Martin Keyser, 30 

Martin Yoss 41 

.Fredk. Rynholt, . 28 

Peter Cxoodier, 31 

John Bonnet. 22 

Christopher Hair, 21 

Elias Nisler, 20 

Jacob Bai-on, 28 

John Casper Gross, 22 

Jacob Synket, 2:1 

John Yerrk. Grissinger, -Sa 

Johannes Price, 30 

Yerrick Krevtler 22 


yame. ^,^e. 

Isaao Gross, oq 

Burnt Hiler oo 

r>iiiiiel Stowser o() 

Jacob Hickler, 21 

Michael Alex 07 

•loliannes Boataiaayer 2] 

Johannes Hensinger, 0(j 

Johannes Switzer, 24 

Johainies Hilleir, 04 

Michael Dickei- -24 

Jacob Oxerytei- 40 

Fi-edk. Verner • . . . 27 

Fredk. Oxeryter 2s 

Philij) Wye, 27 

Bernard Younff, 21 

Ulrick Nodel . 27 

Fredk. Kilie, 22 

Yerrk. Sheyligh, 24 

Casper Simon 20 

Adam Woost, 24 

Mathias Alher, 22 

John Frederick Fouciindies, — 

Yerrk. Roller 27 

Johannes Kurrx., 24 

i'hilip Risser, 27 

Johannes Klintop, 22 

(Jhristr. Klintop, 27 

Ciiristr. Klykroot, :50 

Mathias Smith 21 

.Tacob .\ckerman, 24 

Yerrk. Strattinger, 22 

Adam Wynhard 24 

i'hristr. Largh, :W 

Christian Bower, 27 

])iedk. Bower, 24 

Johiinnes Brynigh, -- 

(j'asi)er Fayster • 22 

.Tolm Adlebei-gei", •'! 

]*hilip Adieberger, '~i 

IVter Kibje -^'^ 

Adjiiii ShetTer "*' 

Balms Irigh •^'* 

I'etei- ]jandis, -' 

Henry Hacknian, 

Jjeonai'd Ishenaver, ■*' 




Peter ISuler, 

/Hans Musleuiau, 

•^ Michael Garber, 

Diedk. Staiiibruker 

Ijeonard Gerbick, 

Simon Gerbick, 

Cliristn. Sinitli, 

Lodwick Sniitli, 

Ste])heii Brun, . 

Sebestiau Ki^t.s 

Micliael Row, 

Jacob Gerber, 

Ijodwick Prisennaii 

GaV)riel Sus, 

Fredk. Oswald, 

Michl Rieni 

Johan Priederich l'"'edHiliaiit, 




List of I'oukigxers. I 
Mary, Johx Moore. ( 
from cowes. (.^iiali 

Joseph l^hiliipj), 
Petei- Juncker, 
P. Willi. Ziini. 
Geo. Adam Schober, 
Hans Michael Ran, 
Johan Henricli Juncker 
Johann Ernst Juncker, 
Martin Siihrer, 
Johannes Siglin, 
Joseph Lampater, 
Jose])h Wild, 
Adam Stall, 
Abraham liang, 
Priederich Kucher, 
Peter Janson, 
Joh. Ernst Nagel. 
Johannes Kuchen, 
J. Georg Metzger, 
Adam Obendortl, 


Commander, from Rotterdam, last 
FiED Sept. 17, 17o3. 

Ulrich Saberlidi, 
Joh. Martin Jacob, 
Joh. Knapschneider, 
Johan Caspar Kayer, 
Johan Jacob Kayer, 
, .Fohan Carl Siegle, 

Johan Christian Kniess, 
Andreas Diehm, 
Conrad Tjampater, 
Johannes T^ampater, 
Casper Weschner, 
Adam Grim, 
Michael Vollmer. 
Josephus Priederich, 
Paul us Brantigan, 
Christoph Mohl, 
Han .Jacob Adam, 
Peter Rahm, 
Peter Hitschner, 




Jacob Scbliiucliter, 
H. Albert Horner, 
.Toll. Christoph Beck, 
Joli. Henrioh ]\liiller. 
<Tei)rg Adam WirTmaiiii, 
Hans Barrliel Heck, 
Johan Caspar Arendt, 
J (fottfried Kanfroth. 
Johannes Schi-eibei-, 
l^iulus Hepp, 
Christoff AVaki:, 
J'eter Stass, 
Perer Seiler, 
Johannes (Tiirtz, 
Johannes Behring, 
Philij) Hanimerschmit, 
Job. Micliael Schubert, 
Johan Cxeorg Stump, 
Joh. (xeorg Maisch, 
Hans Martin Cielinder, 
Johan Adam Korner, 
C-feorg Friederich Stift, 
Carl Friederich Weidan, 
Joli. Daniel Druss, 
Job. Friederich Hess, 
Joh. Wilhelm Engelhardt, 
Hans Ludwig INIahl, 
Joh. H enrich Oberlender, 
(jeorge Nicklas Straus, 
Johan (ieorg Bick, 
Herman Weyskirk, 
Jacob Schenck, 
H. Greorg Grramly, 
Philii) Grindelmeyer, 
Joh. Matheus Pfanner, 

•bjhannes Such, 

Job. Philip Stein, 

Joh. Conrad SteinmeT/,. 

Joh. Michael Spannagel, 

Johann fieoj-g Klein, 

Hans (Teo. SchoUbammer. 

Ernst Wilhelm Kageroth, 

(xeorg Friederich Heininger, 

Jacob Wittman, 

Valenrin Schobig, 

Cbristo])b Heinickel, 

Christ oj>hel Cxref, 

Johannes Zollzeit, 

Simon Sark, 

David Reiff, 

Job. Nicolaus Schubert, 

Joh. Casper Wurm, 

Georg Friederich Pfiiiger, 

Joh. (xeorg (xelinder, 

Hans Jacob Kemmerli, 

Joh. fxeorg (xerstenmayer, 

Joh. Lenbart Hembd, 

Job Christoph Herth, 

C. Friederich Hutman. 

Joh. Friederich Satter, 

Cxeorg Paul Jiangenbacb. 

Hans Cxeorg Kreis, 

Johan Adam WoH!', 

Hans Jacob Oswald, 

Johan }*eter Rubter, 

Michael Kolb, 

Johannes Schmit, 

Hans Georg Seydelmeyer. 

Hans Georg Harsi. 

Joh. Georg Braun. 

[ Thr.folloir " list " differiitf/ suviriclidt is ]>rinte<l in ronneclimi. ] 
Joh. Casper Geyer, Job. Jacob Geyer. 

Hans Miciiael Rou, 
[Tlricli Zuyl)erlig, 
Joh. Ernst Jonckee, 
Peter Kicker, 
Fredk. Zern, 
.Vdam Sbober, 
Martin Zurer, 

Joseph I'bilip Rou. 

Carell Zeegele. 

Job. Hendk. Jouckee, 

Martin Jacob, 

Johan Knai»scbuy(ler, 

Johan Eys, 

Anderas Thiem, 



Joli. Nicholas Schubert, 

Casper AVeyinan, 

Johans. ZiegUn, 

Josepli liainpader, 

JiirgFredk. Flej^er, 

Joli. .1 urg Mimler, 

Joh. Kiinmerly, 

Hans Adam Hitner, 

('asper Wirshon, 

Adam IStall, 

Abraham Longer, 

Fredk. Qua, 

.losepli Frddrick, 

l*eter Jansem, 

Fredk. Heys, 

Paul Hruydigham, 

Joh. Ernst Nagel, 

William Engelfried, 

Christopher Mahl, 

.lolian Qua, 

Johan Metcher, 

Adam OverdorfT, 

Peter Hitsner, 

Henry Overlender, 

Johan Schick, 

Hans Donner, 

Joh. (Jhristr. Beck, 

Hendrick Miller, 

Joh. Michael Spannagel, 

Jurg Adam Witman, 

Valentine Schoper, 

Hans Jurg Kley, 

J'eter Nass, 

Barlol Hick. 

Hans Jurg iSchelhammer, 

Casper Aven, 

.Tohan Kerts, 

Simon Sack, 

])avid Rief, 

Hans Jacob Ostwalt, 

Jurg Hick. 

Herman Weyshit, 

Philij) Grantemier, 

Jurg Ramly, 

Hans Jurg Hough, 

Matthias Fonner, 

Joli. Michael Schubert, 
Hans Jurg Stump, 
.Toll. Conrad Ijampatler, 
Johannes Lampader, 
Joh. .1 urg Meys, 
Hans Martin Minder, 
Joseph Wielt, 
Hans Jurg Gerstemeyer, 
Jurg Fredk. Stliieff, 
Adam (nrhruen, 
Jacob Folmer, 
Charles Sims, 
Carl Fredk. Wiedach, 
Christopher Hert, 
Christn. Hotteman, 
Joh. Daniel Thys, 
Fredk. Souter, 
Jurg Paul Langebach, 
Christn. Mailes, 
Hans Jacob Ailam, 
Peter Ehm, 
Hans Jurg Gries, 
Jacob Schlachter, 
Adam Wolf, 
Nicholas Strousin, 
Pliilip Steyn, 
Conrad Steinmetz, 
Johans. Schriber, 
Jacob Witman, 
Paul Hep, 
Christopher Waltz, 
Christor. Heykill. 
Christopher Gi ief, 
Peter Seyl, 
Joh. Holscheyt. 
William Gallerot, 
(Totfried Knai)er, 
Johan Swarin, 
Jurg Fredk. Hemminger, 
Philip Hammersmith, 
Peter Richter, 
Jurg Seytelinier, 
Micaiiel Kolp. 
Joh Jacol) Schink, 
Johs. Smith. 
Joh. Jurg Brown. 



List of Foukiuxkiis Impohtkd ix thk Ship ]jKathlk.y. 
Capt. John Licklky, krom Hambur(4, j>\s'I" kko.m (Jowks. 

(^UALIFIKI) tSKPT. 1!), i: 

Andreas Foil, 
Christoph Ainelou, 
J. Chrisroph Bonier, 
Caspar Hi]lel)rechT, 
Daniel Lange, 
Henr> Neynieyer, 
J. Carsteii-Thorinan, 
J. Henry Hinsey, 
Christian Ranibery, 
Hiram Allenian, 
Henry Werner, 
Jolian Henrich 8ievert, 
J. Kart Halster, 
Friederich Vethei-, 
John Henry Hening, 
J. Wilhelni Voss. 
Joh. CTOttfried firolde, 
Fried. Wilhelni Sehleucker. 
Christ. Andreas ^sichtedt, 
•Joh. Andreas Meyei-, 
Hans Henry Busman, 
Joh. Philip Fertinhaeh, 
Joh. Christoph Ajjpach, 
Casper Liidwig Sievert, 
And. ChristofT IVfeinken, 
Johaii Fred. iStiftei-, 

( 'iiristian Schlcmmer, 

('hristoffel Ternifl, 

H. Henry C^lTer. 

C. Rudolph Rechiit'i-. 

Henry Busman, 

Andreas Jiusman, 

Ludwig iSchmit, 

Michael Uhl. 

Henry Shreoder, 

Johan Heneman. 

J. Henry Probe, 

Johan Christian Aileinan, 

Gonradt 8hmiT, 

Valentin Wegmeyer. 

Johan Peter Koch, 

J. Dietrich Sehr. 

Christophel Schlencker, 

Frantz Hen. Schlencker, 

Joh. Ludolph Welmeyer. 

.lohan .lost Miiller, 

Krnst H enrich tStulle, 

.lohan Stats Koch, 

Jolian Nicklaus Klein, 

GeorK Casi)er Huppener. 

Joii. Fried. Ciinstian .\ lleman. 

[The "/?.<! 

Joli. Hen. Hening, 
Peter (Joch, 
Joh. Died. Sheer, 
Christ r. Ramblen, 
John Wm. Slinker. 
CJhristr. Termell. 
Frans. Hen. Slinker, 
Casper Elebricht. 
Rudolph Freclnnicht 
Ludolph Wethernieir 
John Justice Miller, 

/■ foref/uiiit/ (hlteriiifi fioiiK'wIiat is here aircn.] 

And. Full, 
Han. Wm. Foss, 
Christ 1-. Slinker. 
Joh. (Todfrey Colte, 
Fred. Wilhelm Slinker, 
Christ r. Bremer, 
Hans Enert ('ustard, 
(Jhristn. ISeinsted, 
Daniel Lang. 
Ands. Meyer. 
Henr. Busman, 



Heiiuin<j Neineyr, 
Ka«eii Dorinan, 
Christn. Sleiner, 
liUdwig Smith, 
Michl. Ue], 
He. J. Schreder, 
Job. Christ r. A bach, 
Jolis. Heynaman. 
Casper Ludwig Seyiiier, 
Venier Ruhmont, 
Hhu. Seibas, 
(;oiii-<i(i Schmidt. 
Joh. Cord Olster, 
Valentine Niermeyer, 
Fred. Alaman, 

Ernest Still, 
Hen. Bosinan, 
Philip Furtenliar-h, 
Hen. Hinsey, 
Christn. Ranil)erg, 
Joh. Stas Cock, 
Hermon Alaman, 
Nichs. Klein. 
Ands. Bn.sman, 
•Toll. Hen. Proby, 
('hristn. Alaman, 
John Fred. Fischer/ 
Fred. Vecher, 
Cas])er Hi])ner, 
And. Christ 1-. IMintfer. 

List op FoRKifiKKRS Imported ix thk Shii' Nkptuxk, Johx 
Masox, Master, from Rottkiidam, last from (Jowes. 
Qi'ALiiFiEU Sept. 24, lTr)4. 

Friederich Melcher. 
Peter Diimmig. 
Joli. Michael Schiir|)hlein. 
Johan fxeorg Wen(^kert, 
Peter Keytel, 
Peter Wundt, 
Sebastian Werlein, 
Andreas Bolch, 
Andreas Schneffer, 
Joh. Peter Riess, 
Johannes Ross, 
Michael Hollebach, 
Johannes Reiss, 
Simon Echt, 
Georg Leming, 
Johannes Fleischer. 
Johann Michael Dosch, 
Joh. Sebastian HanimHtHr, 
Joh. Philij) Fern. 
Hans Thomas Winckiei-, 
Joh. Bernhardt Wahnsnch. 
Johan Georg HarmoM, 

Johann Wilhelm, 

Cfeorge Keytel, 

Greorge Nicoljis Weugiiteri-, 

Hans Michael Rather, 

Sebastian Hore, 

Nicklas Hebling, 

Michael Kretz, 

Philij) Kiester. 

Jacob 01)ei(lorlT, 

Georg Weiss, 

Conrad Winckler. 

Caspar Dollmann, 

Nicklas Hollebach, 

Georg Falock, 

Melchioi- Eisnert, 

Christian Reysing, 

Joli. Lenhart Wiittninger, 

Joh. Christoj)!). Freeiiih.ilx 

Hans Jacob Wincklf^v. 

Johan Georg Hollenbacli. 

Joiian Nicklas Saul. 

Georg Peter Fiichs, 



Joli. iS'icklaus Heckser, 
Epliraiiii lieuedicr Kaubel, 
Joliau TiioiDus Lennieli, 
Hans Casi)ei- Fiichs, 
J oil. Henrich Graf. 
Johau Caspar Selnien-, 
HaufS Michael H<iriier, 
Joliaii Geor^ Beck, 
Jolian Meyer, 
Andreas Sahiu, 
Georjr Wollf, 
Riiiilus Blitz, 
Christoph Birttel. 
Baltliaser Seiiberrli, 
Cxeor}^ Horn, 
Pliilip Weiss, 
Peter Lennick, 
Job. Adoipb Ott, 
Wilbehn Wiirt/., jr., 
.Toll. Georg Raab. 
An(h-eas Kriel>ec-b, 
Casper Henkel. 
Geo. Willi. Morash, 
Jacob Lever, 
Geor-; Schwenkert. 
Bart el Raunberger, 
Jf)lKUi Ger)rf,' Scliwal), 
Job. riiilip Kyricli. 
Joli. Micbael Heidt, 

Hans Adam Dierhein, 

Jolianii Geoig Wuiider, 
— > Nicklas Reinhart, 
- Christoph Korn, 

Micliael 8enl)erth. 

Jacol) Willfjer. 

Peter Hilbliiif^. 

Hans Schreck. 

Valentin OberdorlT. 

Johaii Heinricli Ord. 

Johan Mit-hael Seeli;,', 

Johann Adam Scliat/, 

Georg Philii) Kalck. 

John Michael Schai/.. 

BalT/.er Geori^ Clirist 

Jf)liaiiii Peter FHck. 

Johan l^hiiip INIeyer. 

Hans And. Wickert, 
(ieorg Henry ]iaiier, 
Hans Geoi'fj tStautz,, 
Hans Georg Carl Volck, 
Job. (reorg Conrad }Hnck, 
Johan Acbim Sauil, 
Johan Georg (OberdorlT, 
Hans Michael K<.ller. 
Jacol) ScbJitler, 
Balt/.er OberdortT, 
Adam Scheck, 
Jacob Roil, 
Johannes Horn, 
Hans Adam. 
Michael Hollenbacli. 
Adam Haiick, 
Sebastian Hiimer, 
Johannes Schreiner. 
Wilhelm Wiirtz, sen., 
Bernhart Shop, 
Johannes Hiike, 
Andreas Hommer, 
Lorentz Friederich Cioy. 
Johannes Trump, 
Johann Michael Werleiu. 
Job. Christopli Breiteiibardt , 
Job. Michael Krdners, 
Johan Paul Sclnvab, 
Johan Adam Saner, 
Haniies Scbnepper, 
!Xicklaus Beringer, 
Martin Seiiimel, 
Simeon Biirger, 
Johannes Stihling, 
Carl Milde, 
Andreas Seul)ertli. 
Christian Ernst Ni<Mii.'iii, 
J(»lian C'hrisrian KeNser, 
.loliann .Vdam Bolcb. 
Joli. Henrich Schafer, 
Philipp HofTmaii, 
Johan Peter St umj)!'. 
Georg l-*bilip Burger. 
Johann P;iiiln> I'lat/. 
Jolinnn Lenh.iri Sanll, 



Johannes Burkhardt, 
Johan Heurich Meckelein, 
Johann Michael Wasseni, 
A<lani Nicolaus Platz, 
Johan Len. Saner, 

Hans Meckelein, sen., 
Hans Meckelein, 
Johan Adam Schantz, 
Johan Schai-p. 


Fredrik. Mill^er, 
Peter Tinunick, 
Pieter Cidele, 
Nicolas WiTiegarden, 
Jerig Wiger, 
Laurence Coy, 
Hans Trump, 
Baltzer Rembinger, 
Sr. Bastn. Werhne, 
Jerig Sweyell, 
Michl. Greats, 
Michl. Enties, 
Paul us Swert, 
Adam Theem. 
Adam Finsick, 
Andreas Sniper, 
Jerig Wonder, 
Michl. ])osch, 
Sr. Bastn. Hamerter, 
Johan Rose, 
Christ n. Fernaber. 
Conod. Winkler, 
Thos. Whikler, 
Hans Rees, 
Michl. Holeback, 
Simeon Jost. 
Jerig Lennick, 
Milker Hisener, 
Christn. Priseinger, 
Jerig Founeg, 
Peter Foux, 
Johan Weiglielt, 
Philip Weys, 
Adam Hank, 
Tlios. Linnich, 
Hans Seyt/., 
Jnrg Wo)g, 

li/^t of jxisseiu/ers^^ is herewith given. '\ 

Michl. Hiltner, 
Michl. Schertliii, 
Jerick Cidele, 
Johan Righter, 
Bastian Horn, 
Jerig Swingard, 
Peter (Jlump, 
Nicols. Heblin, 
Michl. Werline, 
Ciiristop. Bridleheart, 
Philip Yirig, 
Michl. Heart, 
Andreas Bolk, 
l^hilip Keesecker, 
Adam Soul, 
Jacob OberdortT, 
Peter Reese, 
Ijeonard Rutinger, 
Jerig Weal, 
Philip Neer, 
Jacob Winkler, 
Casper Dollman. 
Jerig Holeback, 
Nicols. Holeback, 
Jerig Folk, 
Barnet Pankoce. 
Johans Flesh er, 
Nicols. Soul, 
Michl. Holenback, 
Hans Fixer. 
Eptiraim GarV>ell, 
Jurg Baur, 
Jurg Horp, 
Peiter Jjinnich, 
Casp'^r Foux, 
Bastn. Hinney, 
Johan Crrafif, 



Johan Atiolpliat, 
Joluins. IScyiier, 
.1 ur<^ Link, 
Barnerd Shop, 
Perer Wertz, 
Ainlrs. Friebieg, 
Miclil. Hoxener, 
Jjenonl Sower, 
riaspi-. Hiiickele, 
Hans Michl. Keylen. 
Johannes Vover, 
Andreas Haniniev, 
Johan ])iedich Weyor, 
Johan Christopl. Keyser, 
Joh. Henry Macklen, 
Ands. Sybert, 
Adam Isichl. ]^lar/., 
Jacob SliatTer, 
Johan Sclmeh, 
Henricli Schaffer, 
Joliannes Horn, 
Johan Perer Stouiptl, 
Martin Seniniel, 
Jurf^ Pliiiip Hurler, 
Jacob Wiichart, 
Joliannes ]^or^lieri, 
Hans Schat/,, 
Jurg Wolf, 
Jacob Schell, 
Phihp Hoffman, 
Hans Adam Scluiepper, 
Christop. Horn, 
ChrisTopl. Orth, 
Jolian Panlns Platz, 
Johannes Stickling, 
Charell :jrilder. 

Wilhelui Wert/., 
Jurg Rap, 
Casper Sner, 
Joiian Saul, 
Sebs. Ries. 
Adam Shriek, 
Jurg OberdorlT, 
Johan .1 iirg Heck, 
(Jhirstop Ernst Nieman, 
Jiiig Philip Moras, 
. Jacob Leyei', 
H em i rick Oort, 
Michi. Seelig, 
Hans Macklen. 
Joh. Michl. Wasom. 
Johan Hoiig, 
lialtser Ui»erdorlT, 
Johan Watzin, 
Jiivg Philip Kaggell, 
]^aif'/er Suyber, 
^Nicolas Heringer, 
Balt/.er (iiegh, 
Peiter JMick, 
Hans Leonard Saul, 
Peiter Hebling, 
Andrs. Zoam. 
Paulas Blitz, 
Christn. Bettel, 
Johan .\dam Schantz. 
— Nichols lleinheari, 
Michl. Snybert. 
Johan Simt'oii Hert^e:-, 
]->hilip Meyer, 
Johan Wilhelm Hiltn.-i-, 
James Sihott. 

List OK I'OREiGNKKS Importkp in TiiK Smr I'Kii.iv. .Iamks 

ABKmniOMBIK, COMMAXOKR, KK( »M RoTT KKl) \ .M. l-.\sr I'KOM 
pLYMOt'TH. yrALIFIKD SEPT. 2-1, l?.".;!. 

Martin Bauer, Christian Roth. 

Johannes Let/.. Christoph Frant/. 

Christoph HofT, .Michael Volt/, 



Holfern Holt/.nian, 
Johannes NaTterle, 
Casper IMaule, 
iSieklas Schreck, 
Cliristian Friedericli Pau^t-, 
.lohaiin Adam Zweyer, 
>.loliann Carl Erhardt, 
.lohau (Jaspej- Nill, 
Philip Jjeonard Hchwai-r/. 
Joliaii Adam Oberweiier, 
(Jasper 8chan' 
Michael Baum, 
Johannes Steinmaii, 
Ijjnatius Fichtel, 
Jacob Eberhart, 
.Jacob Stromschild, 
Ji^han William von Kngel. 
Jf)han Jacob Kleinbnb, 
J. Dietericii Oppenlieiin, 
Henrich Philipp Brumm, 
Friedericli Dannwiend, 
Johan Michael Sorg, 
Johan Jacob Blecker, 
J oh. Wilhalm KnutT, 
Johanneis Francis Panliis, 
Wiihelm (ionder, \ 

Jacob Hetrich, 
Miciiael Miiller. 
Conrad Jager, 
Martin Beck, 
Oreorg Mattsohn, 
Jacob l^erger, 
Philip Krebs, 
Jacob Hirsch, 
Henry Hassler, 
Tt. a. Daser, 
Martin Schneider, 
Joseph CTraflf, 
Anton Rantzler, 
Carl DngreitT, 
Philip Zorge, 
Carl Weinmiller, 
Jean Frans Baptiste, 
Treorg Antou Linder, 
Creorg Adam Greiss, 
fireorg Adam Siegrist, 

Jacob H. Hei-le, 

Jacob Millei 

Ferdinand Gei;e, 

Johan Andreas Huch, 

Johan Jacob Kautz, 

Johannes BemigholT. 

Johannes Bachman, 

Johan Michael Schumacher. 

J. (reorge Pinner, 

Carl Friedericli Waag, 

Jacob Hohr, 

Johann Fortnieier, 

Ignatius Vogt, 

fxeorge Baker, 

Conrad Winttemeyer. 

Johan Andreas Schriidlier, 

Hans Jacol) Steigelmanu. 

Joh. IMichael Herorn, 

(f. Wiihelm Albrecht, 

H. Creoi-g Ijeysig. 

Joh. Theobald Sternberger, 

Johan Martin Bettinger, 

Georg Peter Delp, 

Joh. Wolfgang Seiien, 

Peter Casper Schon. 

Peter Heiss, 

Georg l.,ange, 

Diebolt Sorg, 

Michael Brauer, 

Jacob Schmidt. 

.Johannes Walder, 

Valentin Schiiffei-, 

Jacob Krininger, 

Carl El)ersohl, 

Abraham Correll, 

('onradt Hiiber, 

Philip Jacob Meyer, 

Isaac Miiller, 

.Tacol) Nagel, 

Jacob Halier, 

Hans Michel Zonal, 

(xeorg Philip Ziegler, 

.Tohan .Jacob Zucker, 

.Tohau .Tacf)b Waltlier, 

Nicklas Turmeyer, 

Michael Feierstein, 


Joli. Geoif,' Sautter, Jos. Conmd Haussinan, 

Joli. Nic'olaus Bartholoiiirf, Joliau Casper RuiiietsclK 

J. Georg Schweiekhart, (reorj,' Christ. Reiiiholdt, 

.Toll. Friederich Engelliarr, .loli. Wolffian;,' Leit/.e), 

.luhaii Adam Schock, Joiiau Friederich Uebel, 

.Tohau Call Jactniart, Joliaii Conrad Kogel, 

.Tohann ('hristiai: Krebs, Jolian Mickel Spohn, 

Jolianiies Rudel. sick, JohanJae. Midler, sick, 

Nicklas Harter. hi(;k. J. Jacob behvin^'er, sick, 

Piiulus A. ])aser. sick, .1. Casper A\^eicheiifel<ier, sick. 

JJen's JVfniits 

N<u)ie. A,,'. 

Martin Bower, 44 

Christian Roth, . :{7 

Joliannis Lint/., jy 

(Jiiristoj)her Trouts 27 

(Christopher HoKp, ;;() 

Michael Folt.^-, 2:^ 

Hendrick Holtsinan 40 

John .Xndreas Bock, o,-, 

Jacob Hendk. Herle ;^,-, 

('hristian Fredrick Banser, ;^4 

Jolian .Jacob Kants, oq 

Fredrick Fetterle, ifl 

.lohan ('asper Nill, :;;; 

Jacob Miller, 2.-, 

( 'asper Meyly, ;!4 

Johannes Backinaii, . , . .• 2G 

Jolian Adam Zwirner 82 

Fretinant Kney, :}8 

Joliannis Rudel 28 

(■arle Erhart 84 

Johan Michael Slioemaker 28 

Philip Schwartz, 21 

Johau Jacob AUer, . 80 

Niftholiis Shracli, 84 

ISIichael Spanii, ... ;'>4 

('asj)er Schanck, 12 

.lacob Hoor, 27 

.lohan Jerick Bliimei- 20 

.Johan Michl. l^ohiiier 84 

•Johan Ff)rtiiiayer, 2(» 

Johannes Steinmaii 40 


Xatiit. Age. 

Johan Adam Ohei-wiudHv, 28 

Carle Waag 21 

Carle. AVindniiller JO 

Jerick Zeigler 24 

Francisous Ratity 38 

Ignatius Voglit 20 

Johau Jacob Ziicher, 2.") 

Ignatius Fiechel, oO 

Nicholns Herter, 17 

Jerick Anthony Ijinder, 18 

Joiian Andreas Shredlin 24 

Johan Wilhehii Mengel 42 

Jerick Backer, 25 

Jacob Eberhart, 36 

Jacob Steigelman, 25 

Berrdiard Winterman, 21 

Johan Jacol) Kleinbub, 23 

Johan Jlichl. Eberhanl 40 

Jacob Streenichild, 21 

Johan Diedk. Oppei-lieiiner 24 

Wilhelni Albreght, 32 

Philip Jacob BrniH 24 

AVilhelni (ranter 30 

Peter Fies, 30 

Jacoli Hetrick. 17 

Jacob Zerbingei-, 16 

Hans Jerick l^yssey, 30 

Jerick Blanck, SB 

Michael Miller, 35 

Fredrick I>ornwind 27 

Johan Stern berger 22 

Johan Micliael Saw rig 24 

Dewald Sawrig .... 27 

Johan Martin Bedinger, 18 

Conradt ,]eger 35 

Michael Bower 17 

Martin Beck, 21 

Jacol) Smith, 32 

Jerick Matzer, 30 

Johan Jacob iSJnckei-, 20 

Jerick Peter Telp 20 

Melchior Kanipf 40 

Johan Wolfgang Khinler 3!) 

Peter Mnsculus, 30 

Cas])er Slieen 38 


Nai)ie. I 

Hans Walter, ^' '^^^ 

Jacob Walter, I'l 


Jaeol) Berj^er, .-,., 

Valleiuiiie Shatter .,.' 

Piiilip Kreps 18 

Jacob Kreninger, ,,r, 

Jerick Adam Kuys, i„, 

Jacob Harscli, 00 

Carle Eber.sholl, oT 

Nicliolus ])ullinaver. 1, 

' t), 

Adam Si<^erist, o'> 

Nicholas Fyrestein ^^ 

Nicliohis Fyrestein, jr 2j 

H end rick Hashare, o(; 

Abraham Borell, . -m 

Johan Jnrick Santer -jo 

Conradt Hansman, ;.4 

Nicholas Bartholemy, g- 

Casper Rometch, 04 

Paulas Dasser 4- 

Af^atnis Passer, jrj- 

Jerick Shweykert, -,4 

Conrad Huljer, 4^5 

Martin Shnyder, 20 

Philip Jacob Mayer, . 00 

Jerick Rhinholt, ..." :>() 

Freih-ick Enj^elhart, ;;0 

Johan Wolffran^' J^eitzel, ;;0 

Casper Phlugtelder 4^ 

Adam Shack, ;{f; 

Josepli (xrafT ••() 

Isaac Miller, 2:! 

Johan Ubel, ;•() 

Anthony Cant/.ler, 07 

Jacob Nagel, 4O 

Johannis Binnif,'hoflf _ 

(Jarle Deerafft, 

John MichJ. Jacob _ 

John Carle Shakar _ 

Johan Conrad Karhel _ 

Christian Kreps _ 

Jacob Holler, 

Philip Zur^,- — 

2(; \<)i,. XVII. 



List of Forktgners Imported in thk Ship Brothers. 
William Muiu, Commander, from Rotterdam, last 
FROM CowKS. Qualified Sept. 26, 1753. 

Christian Diem, 
Miciiael Wiisener, 
Jacob Heisei", 
Loventz Kalkevy, 
Melchior Minalt, 

Peter Eysenbreit, 
Matheis Blocher, 
Johannes Karg, 
Ijudwig I'isclier, 
Daniel Wunderlich, 
Joliannes Kuss, 
-Uelchior Rieckhert, 
Michael Setzer, 
Jacob Mann, 
Johannes Zaberer, 
Nickolas Miller, 
Hans Jacob Fink>)ohner, 
Martin Schidenhelni, 
Hans fxeorg Hay, 

Burckhart Lindeinan, 
Johannes Joder, 
Stephan Kreidler, 
Johannes Hoch, 
Stephan Rev bolt. 
Hans Georf? Hop, 
Michael Schidenhelin, 
.Tohann Casper Koch, 
Johann Siinon Jiiger, 

Hans Georg Baltns Sonderweg. Georg Christoph Eberle, 

Johan Liidwig Wieth, 
Johan Martin Kreidler, 
Christopli Jacob Kiircher, 
Hans Wendel Huber, 
Johan Paul Schott, 
Hans Georg Franenfelder, 
Georg Albert h Dill, 
Hans Joseph Poss, 
Philip Hoffman, 
Lenhart Diterich. 
.Jacob Miiller, 
Ludwig Hertz, 
Martin Flisterer, 
Andreas Keyser, 
Paalus Bohler, 
Georg Peter Wilhelm. 
Ivenliart Beckermann, 
Hans George Mann, 
Friederich Tiay, 
Mattheis Rostlein, 
.Tohann Casper Marburg, 
.Johannes Herlein, 
.Jacf>b Matni, 
Friederich Kiinstlt^r, 
Johannes Mann. 
Martin Schneider, 

Philip .Jacob Kreidler, 
Johan Phili}) Schreher, 
Johan Philip Kliestedt, 
^ Georg Friederich Reinhard, 
Hans Georg Martstaller, 
Georg Friederich Andrte, 
Melchior Fliesbach, 
Friederich Mergel, 
•Jacob Hester, 
Christoph Miiller, 
Friederich Miiller, 
.Johannes Strohm, 
David Kind. 
Isaac Vendner, 
Eberhart Stallner. 
Friederich Henrich Knabe, 
Christoph Schenck, 
Bernhart Schneider, 
.Johannes AVeierbacher, 
•J. Andreas Ehrman, 
.Johannes LimV)ach, 
Philip Geyer, 
Friederich Jjeinbach, 
.Joliannes Steidle, 
.Jean Hartinau. 
Michael Schneider, 


Hans Geoi-fj Fischer, Joliau Jacob Miiller. 

Hans fTeorg Mann, Hans Georj,' Schweitzer, 

(Teorg Jacob Sclirainin, Jacob Schweitzer, 

Valentin Klein, Johan Weisner. 

\ T/ii' ori';i>i<i/ list is herewith f/ivni.] 
Men's JSanit!:,. 
Name. ' Arje. 

Hans Yerrick Thoin. 30 

Peter Isinybrid, 27 

Christian Dim, 30 

Jacob Finkboner, ... 27 

Matliias Plouglier 31 

Micliael Shitahell, 24 

Martin Shitahell, 22 

Micliael Wysnen, 21 

Jann Ecken, 22 

Casper Thock, 27 

Han.s Yerrick Ley, . . 21 

Frans Joseph Boss, 21 

Jacob Honeysen, 22 

John Simon Jager, 27 

JjiiiUvick Fisher, 2'2 

Hans Yerrick Ilnderwfgli 21 

George Christopher Eberly, v. . 24 

Lorentz Kilkere, 21 

])aniel Wondelrigh, 27 

Melchior Finhold, 22 

Johannes Roots, 28 

JiUdwick Welts, 24 

Pliilips Jacob Threydlen. 22 

Jolm Martin Threy<lleii 20 

Burchare Jjindaman, y-") 

Hans Philips Smycken, 24 

Melchior Rieger, 22 

Johannes Yeater, 21 

Fredrick Merkley, 2S 

Christopher Kirger ;iO 

Philip Hoffman, 27 

Jacob Hesteu 24 

Leonard J)iedrick, 21 

Christojjher Miller, 24 

Jacob Miller, 27 


Name. Age. 

Fredrick Miller 24 

Hans Philii) Flinsback 22 

Lodwick Fritz, 27 

Hans VVindel (iaber 'il 

Johannes Meysabacher, 21 

-George Fredrick Rynhard, 27 

John Paulus Shul 21 

Hans Yerrick Morstall, 22 

Johannes Stroine, 21 

Martin Festerer, 27 

Hans Ulrick Fraenfulder 24 

Yerrick Andre 'M 

David Kunly, 27 

Andreas Keyser, 24 

Philips Jacob Endner, 21 

Paulus Woolen 2^) 

Yerrick Albright 27 

Melchior Flintsback 24 

Jacob Sibzer 21 

Stephen Kreyder, 2;") 

Everhard Solomon 27 

John Jacob Man, ?>\ 

Peter Wilhelni 27 

Thomas Kogh 21 

Fredrick Knab 24 

Jobannes Zaberer 22 

Stephen Riebold, 21 

Leonard Lukerow 27 

Christopher Siienk 2ft 

Nicholas Muller, 24 

Johannes Limbac^k, 21t 

Johannes Heleren, il*) 

Philip Oeyer, 31 

Hans Yerrick Man, 30 

Jacob Man 41 

Bernard Snyder, 31 

Fredrick Lye 24 

Johannes Weyerbacker, 21 

Mathias Riesy, 27 

Andreas Ackerman 22 

John Casper Marbook — 

Martin Snyder — 

Michael Snyder. — 

Fredrick Ijimback — 

Fredrick Ken, — 




Hans Steitly 

George Fisher, .... 
Johannes Man, .... 

Jacob Miller, 

Hans Wolfmetrer, . . 
Hans George Man, . . 
Adam Sweigert, . . . 
John Hart mans, . . . 
Valentine Rein, . . . 
George xVdam Shreim, 
Jacob tSweitzer, . . , 


List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Windsor, Capt. 
John Good, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. Qual- 
ified Sept. 27, i7o;3. 

Rudolph Banninger, 

Daniel Schneider, 

(Christian Schober, 

Caspar Liitz, 

Samuel Siittel, 

Johannes Thomas, 

Georg i\Iossbach, 

Johan Nicklin, 

Philij) Reiss, 

Jacob Reiss, 

Job. Peter Diehm, 

Adam Leppert, 

Joh. Jacob Losliart, 

Joli. Martin Kietzmiller, 

Georg Stephanus Wallhauer, 

Johann Georg Schmidt, 

Signmnd Bond el i, 

Johannes Griiber, 

Christian Weiss, 

Johan Ferdinand Lehrer, 

Hans Georg Liitz, 

Hans Adam Scliatzman, 

Johan Peter Horn, 

Johann Jacob Friess, 

Johan Peter Beltz, 

Marcus Tomer, 

Martin Vogler, 

Daniel Speck, 

Heinrich Siittel, 

Christian Keller, 

(ieorg HofT, 

Casj)er Kapjies, 

J. Jacob Martin, 

Simon Reiss, 

Henry Estricli, 

Jacob Shrei. 

J. Wilhelm Tistel, 

Joh. Reinhart Batz, 

Johan Ludwig Beck, 

Johann Georg INfann. 

Johan Wilhelm Kronier, 

Henrich Ptister, 

Henry Bauer, 

Reinhart Dietrich Kercher, 

Johann Christoph Rein. 

Joh. Martin Bruckenmiiller, 

Henrich (iottfried Meier, 

Johann Joachim Kaysor, 

Johann Peter Grub, 

Michael Mi]l)erger, 



Johannes Bauniann, 
Johan Jacob Ostewald, 
Greorg Friederich Stadterer, 
Johann Philippus Pix. 
Andreas Griinau, 
Aclam Hoppacher, 
Johanii Michael Hobbaer, 

Johann Casper Diehl, 
Wilhehu Berckhiiuser, 
Johan Jacob Streibig, 
Simon Peter Strauch, 
Nicklas Mensch. 
Johann Georg Betz, 
J. Georg Sonnuer, 

[The ^^list of passengers'''' is 
" New lander.''^] 

Jacob Bowman, Newlantler, 

Rodolph Phaningar, 

John Rinehard Potts, 

John Ludawick Peck, 

Martain Failster. 

Georg Stafon Walhower, 

Sickmont Bondliock, 

John Craber, 

Hendrick Bower, 

Daniel Spack, 

Michael Broder, Newlander, 

Jno. Ferdinand Larer, 

Jno. George Lutes, 

John Martin Freukamlei-, 

Hendrick Shettle, 

Hendrick Good Fredmore, 

Christian Koller, 

John Jacob Frice, 

John Tomas, 

Georg Hauf, 

George Molsboh, 

Casper Deal, 

Nicholas liinn, 

Wilhehn Berksheirs, 

Jacob Streboh, 

Philip Sneap, 

Simon Trice, 

Hendrick Aushenech, 

Peter Dean, 

Simon Drop. 

William Teasel. 

John Michael Hoober, 

Nicholas Mans, 

Adam Hobach, 

alsu given including t/iose marked 

Jacol) Bushart, Newlander, 

Mark Stommer, 

John Martin Rackmiller, 

Phalick Snyder, 

Christian Shobart, 

John Geoi'ge Man, 

Hendrick Fiester, 

John Georg Smith, 

Christian Wise. 

Jno. WiJlhelm Cromer, 

Rinehart n)edrick Kergar, 

Jno. Christ of Rean, 

Casper Lutes, 

Adam Sheatsman, 

Samawiele SettJe, 

John Peter Horn. 

John Yoham Yeiser, 

Peter Groof, 

Peter Palts. 

Michael Melberchar, 

John Kowmer, 

Caspar Cobis, 

Jacob Aswalt, 

Fredrick Stillinger, 

Jacob Martin, 

Philip Rice, 

Jacob Rice, 

John Snow. Newlan 

Jacob Schori, 

Adam Labort, 

George Patts, 

Andriss Cronowar, 

George Sominers. 

.. J 



List op Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Halifax. Capt. 
Thomas (.'oatam. from Rotterdam, last from ("owes, 
England. Qualified Sept. 28, 17.""):i 

Friederich Keener, 
Heinrich Thiinei, 
Adam Syrva, 
Daniel Hrenner, 
Christian Banner, 
Jacob Rein, 
Johannes Bossert, 
Isaac Budenian, 
Andreas Hath, 
Joseph Schniitt, 
Johannes Heppener, 
Johannes Haass, 
Ludwig Wiirtz, 
Joliannes Mayer, 
Cliristian Heilhnann. 
Greorg Michael Wetternian. 
Georg Baldas Ungerer, 
Solomon Hartman, 
Michael Grossciaus, 
Jost Fischbach. 
Ptiiilus Weygant, 
Mattlieis Zacharis, 
Herman Gobel, 
Hans Michael Gock, 
Johan Henrich Praester, 
Andreas Staub, 
Jost Conrad, 
Johannes Kuhn, 
Christoph Weber, 
Joh. Caspar Weiss. 
Johan Jacob AVelter, 
Johan Conrad Hess, 
Johann Georg Schrjister, 
Johan Georg Himroth, 
Johann Georg Krauskopf, 
Johan Peter Brun, 
Martin Mayer, 
Nicolaus Kremer, 
Matthens Grondich, 
Adam Sayss, 
Jacob Urban, 

Johannes Kolle, 
Ludwig Luther, 
Andreas Seydle, 
Henrich Mercke, 
Paul us WollTe, 
Johannes Buch, 
Johannes Wagner, 
Talio Repair, 
Ciiristoph Schiitz, 
Jacob Streder, 
Gottfried Streidtz. 
Henrich Kohn, 
Johainies Heuckel, 
C. Friederich Maagg, 
Johannes Peter Hann, 
Georg Michael Megert, 
Johannes Danwisch, 
Heist er Himgiirten, 
Rudolph Meyer, 
Bernhart Schmid, 
Daniel Zacharis, 
J. Henry Stoflfel, 
Johan Georg Acker, 
Joh. Daniel Hagen, 
Daniel Amman, 
Felix Gerber, 
Andreas Ingan, 
Conrad Bornn. 
Joh. Ludwig Hester, 
Ludwig Henrich Karcher, 
Joh. Georg Stocker, 
Johan Georg Moritz, 
Johan Conrad Beties, 
Johan Georg, 
Johan Georg Fil]ii)s, 
Jacob Ringwald, 
Johannes Heyr, 
Georg BishofV, 
Georg Fiihrling, 
Michael Laub, 
J. Georg Steyb, 



Joliannes Laub, 
Joliii Adam Bald, 
Joliann .fost Schmidt, 
Joliaii David Deiiber, 
Peter Katzenmeyer, 
Johanu Casper Koch, 
fiottfried K<lrscliiiock, 
Johannes (ieortr Henne, 
Jacob Meyer, sick, 
Joliannes Manbauer. sick, 
David Bisstel. sick. 
Joliannes Schwartz, sick. 

Johannes Theis. 
Joliannes Achenbach, 
Johan (xeorg Sonneborn, 
Christian Rohrbach, 
Hans Nicklas Bdrger, 
Johan Adam Forsch, 
Adam Milchsack, 
Christopher (TeTzelman, sick, 
FeUx Miller, sick, 
Jacob Kreyder, sick, 
Jacob Schaafbahn, sick. 

f The original list is hereioith given.] 

Men's Names. 

Name. Age. 

Fredrick Knnner, 2!) 

Johannes Kolle, 25 

Henrick Dhenne 35 

Lodwick Luther, 31 

Christopher Fredrick Mache, 34 

Christopher Getzelman, 34 

Joliannes Adam Zhiir, 33 

Christian Heilniaii, ' 44 

Peter Hann 23 

Jerick Michl. VaTerman 20 

Johannis Michl. Moeherly 20 

Jerick Pattus Unf,'erer, 22 

Andreas Seidler 29 

Daniel Drenier, 29 

Johannis Adam Schmit 20 

Henrick Merhe, 30 

Daniel Auman, 33 

Andreas Staup, 41 

Felix Gerber, 20 

Solomon Hartinan 20 

Christian Henker, 34 

Jurs Conrad, 37 

Michael Grosselous, 21 

Andreas Engold 21 

Johannes KunT/., 20 

Rndolph Myer, . 15 

Felix Miller, 30 


Name. ^ge. 

Johannis Joseph Fishback, 20 

Bernard Schmitt, 20 

Johaimis Paulas Neigant, 20 

Daniel Zacharies, 19 

Johannis Ulrich Per, 88 

Graft Verber, 32 

Mathias Zacharies, 29 

Christian Panner _ 20 

Johannes Pauhis WoltT 24 

Johannes Henrk. Stoffle, 23 

Johannes Harnian (jreljel, 19 

Johannes Jacolj Rhine, 20 

Johannes Bock, 24 

Johannes Jerick Anacher, 22 

Johannes Michl. Kock, 21 

Johannes I'ossart, 19 

Johannes Waj^ener, 20 

Johannes Danll. Hugo, 29 

Isace Putemon, 23 

Daniel Repert, 24 

Lodwick Ester, 27 

Johannes Casper Weitz 21 

Andreas Heck, 42 

Johannes Christopher Schutz. 32 

Johannes Ernst Muuibaubei r 28 

Josei)h Schmit 23 

Jacob Streter 30 

Lndwick Henrick Karchar 2G 

.Tohannes Kepner, 24 

Jacob Velter 23 

Johannes Jerick Stecher, 23 

Johannes Conrad Ketz, 18 

Johannes Henrk. Preasterin 21 

Johannes Henrk. Maurit^, 38 

Godfrey SStriete, 27 

Conrad Pules, ^-^ 

Johannes Jacob Kriter, 3l 

Joliannes Jerick Kimortli, 28 

Johannes Jerick Prost, 2( 

Johannes Jerick Krausf^keep, 25 

Johannes Haas, "^ 

Johannes Jerick Pfhillips 29 

Johannes Peter Heun, ~"^ 

Joliannes Jerick Roan, -'8 

Lodwick Vertz 2'' 


Name. Ape. 

Johannes Heinckle, 29 

Joliannes Arnt Bate, 28 

Johannes Achenbach, 21 

Johannes Jost Schmit, 21 

Johainies Jerich Soneborn, i30 

Johannes Myer, -57 

David Deuber, 30 

Johannes David Pistor, 24 

Jacob Rengolt, 24 

Johannis Martin Myer, 18 

Johannes Heir, 26 

Jacob Schaufberk, 20 

Nicholas Krieiner, 27 

Johannes Jerick Bisoph, 20 

Mathias Kranibich, 20 

Christian Rorbach, 24 

Jerick Veriting 23 

Adana Faciz 30 

Johannes Miclil. Laup, 20 

Johannes Schwartz, 21 

Jacol) Urban, 28 

Peter Katzenmyer, . . 20 

Jonannes Jerick Stanp, -. . 18 

Johannes Laup, 18 

Johannes Nicholas Bnrjjer, 33 

Grodferd Kaarschnock, 32 

Caspf'r Kock, 32 

Joliannes Adam Fersh 22 

Adam Missacli, — 

Johannes Theis, — 

Johan George Haney — 

Johannes Sliueberger, Newlander, 50 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Two Brothers, 
Capt. Thomas Arnot. from Rotterdam, last from Ply- 
mouth, England. Qualified Sept. 28, 1753. 

Johannes Spiith, Mattlieis Dischong, 

Wilhehn Dischong, Frantz Klein, 

Conrad Liitzing, Leonhart Liitzing, 

Johannes Wagner, Martin Jung, 

Johannes Midler, Debalt Bosseng, 



Petor Staul)er, 
Johannes Wirt/., 
William Tilll)oner, 
J. (xeor^ Volck, 
J. Adam Kolilman, 
Michael Hot man, 
John Friedericli 8cliuy, 
Joli. Jacob Helplish, 
Johann Theis Scliiit/,, 
Johan Frantz Koch, 
Johan Peter Jun^, 
Christian Tressenstiitt, 
Jacob Kohl, 
Friederich Hainman, 
Johan Adam I'abst, 
Johan Peter Koch, 
Jolian Stephan Dieter, 
Joh. Willielm Hardtstang, 
Johann Baltaser Gotz, 
Johan Philip Gesseler, 
Johan Philip Dill, 
Johann Peter Hahn, 
Johann Adam Meyer, 
Johan Jung Richler, 
Johan Adam Pfetzer, 
J. (xeorge Winter. 
J. Adam Lang, 
Conrad Schmaus, 
Mattliias Nied, 
J. Wilhelm Shiitz, 
J. Henry Jiickel, 
Israel Matzfeld, 
Joseph Beck, 
Johannes Schey, 
Johannes Feiser, 
Friederich Kroh. 
Johannes Peter Held, 
Johann Philip Schneider, 
Johan Wilhelm SchiifTer, 
Frans Theis Schmidt, 
Johan Christian Ziiprian, 
Joh. Henrich Siignisch, 
Johan Georg Seitfert, 

Johannes Lein. 
Joh. Theis Huss, 
Johannes (irau, 
J. Joachim Seebert, 
Hieronimus Brnner. 
Jacob Bering, 
Rudolph Zimmerman, 
Johan Henrich Liitsch, 
Joh. Henrich Heesman, 
Johan Phihp Heyman. 
Johan Matheis Sclmeider, 
Joh. Valentin Wieber, 
Jolian Kohl, 
Johan Leonhart Midler, 
J. George Bechtol, 
Joh. Nicklaus Lohner, 
J. Jacob Eisenhauer, 
Johan Adam Schmit, 
Johann Adam Gotz, 
Johan Wilhelm Miiller, 
Johan Atlolph Gesseler, 
Johan Adam Wirth, 
Joh. Gerhard Miiller, 
Johannes Ehas Arnold t, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Johannes Nedig, 
Heinrich Schmaus. 
Johannes Sclimaus, 
J. Adam Shwartz, 
Johannes Feck, 
J. Georg .[iickel, 
Johannes Jung, 
Conrath Pfillips, 
Jacob Hahn, 
Johannes Pauli, 
J. Ludwig Shook, 
Joliannes Weitman, 
Johan Georg Bechtoldt, 
Joh. Paid us Schaller, 
Johan Philip Klein, 
Joh. Henrich Heymaiin. 
Elias Coiuatl Stegman. 



[Thf "/<6-f < 
lull. Fredk. Schie, 
Matthias Dislion, 
Frans Kleyn, 
( 'onrad Lessing, 
Job. Jacob Hiilpes. 
Job. Tbys Scbuts, 
Job. Hendk. Heins, 
Joli. Pbib{) Heiinau, 
Job. Martin Young, 
Jolis. Miller, 
Peter Stoube, 
Cbristian Tre.senstatt, 
Job. Pbilip Kesselar, 
Job. Pbilip Dill, 
Johans'. Knntz, 
Job. Adam Wirtb, 
•lob. CTerbardns Miller, 
William Dilbraner, 
Jobs. Oram, 
Job. Jurg Folk, 
Job. Adam Fatzer, 
.fob. Adam Colman, 
.lob. Adam BaVist, 
.lob. .Jacob Hering, 
.Toll. Jurg Backbolt, 
.lob. Nicholas Jjones, 
Jobannes Niedig, 
.lob. Adam Long, 
Job. AVin. Hortstong, 
( 'onrad Smous, 
Matthias Nied, 
Baltzer Gilk, 
.lob Adam Swartz, 
.7 oils. Sack, 
Job. Hendk. Eckil, 
Israel Motstel. 
.lobs. Wydman, 
.lobs. Young, 
Jobannes Heck, 
•John Wm. Shiver, 
Frans Smith, 
.Toll. Chris. Ijupreaiii, 
.Jacol) Haan, 
.Jobs Paule. 
V'alenriiiH Weavei-, 

1/ pa.sstiigcrs " m also r/wen.] 
.Johannes Spudt, 
Wilhelm Disbon, 
Adolph Zimmerman, 
Ijeonard Leasing, 
Job. Hendk. Lutsch, 
Job. Wm. Scbuts, 
Frans Koch, 
.Johans. Wagoner, 
Job. Peter Young, 
Teobalt Bossong, 
.Job. Matthias Snyder, 
.lobannes Limp, 
Job. William Miller, 
Adolph Kesselar, 
.Job. Peter Soon, 
Job. Adam Mier, 
Job. Tbys Huss, 
.Job. .Jurg Kigelar, 
.Job. Nicbos. Arnbolt, 
.Job. Jacob Severt, 
.Job. Lenert Miller, 
Hireminns Brunner, 
Michael Hofman, 
.Jobs. Snyder, 
.Job. Peter Kock, 
•Job. Jurg Wintter, 
Stepban Peter, 
.Jfih. Jacob Eysenbimer, 
.loll. Hendk. Smous, 
Jobs. Smous, 
.Job. Adam Smith, 
.Job. Adam Grits, 
Wm. Schitz, 
Job. Ludwick Schrick, 
Job. Jurg Eckil, 
Jobs. Peter Helt, 
.Job. Pbilip Snyder, 
.Job. Jurg Beckbolt, 
Conrad Philips, 
Job. Paul Schett'er, 
Job. T^hili]) Kleyn, 
Jobs. Skie, 
.Jobs. Riser, 
Fredk. Croue, 
.Job. Jacob Coll, 



Hanness Ooll, 

J oil. Hendk. Saeynisli, 

Eli.'is Conru'l IStackiiian, 

Juli. Heiidk. Hieiuai 
Fredk. Hainan, 
John (xeort; iSi\'erL. 


Arthur Traa, from R<> 
QuAiiiFiED Sept. 29, 175o. 

Philippii.s Scliniidt, 

Job. Perer Wiegel, 

Christian Maim, 

Ijudwig Liipi). 

JoUann Christian Wt-inhrenn' 

Clirist. Henricli (jreb, 

G. Peter Baer, 

David Giessler, 

Peter, Miiller, 

Joh. f(en. Krntz, 

Joh. (Jonrad Gran, 

Joh. Henry Held, 

Johannes Georg, 


Philip Schuman, 

Sebastian Weber, 

Jacob Biiller, 

Henrich Lauer, 

Henry Westeuhaber, 

Matthias Schiitz, 

Henry KiiniptTer, 

Christian Mann, 

Johan Friederich Schmidt, 

Johan Christian Greebel, 

Johan Peter Kolb, 

Johan Henrich Bnchner, 

Jost Henrich Meller, 

Johan Christ. Koll), 

Johan Wilhebn Jiini<, 

Joh. Z. Prnnt/., 

Martin Helfeysen, 

Johannes Selbach, 

Joh. Jacob Haass, 

Conrad Becker, 

Johan Phili|) Seyn. 

'KD IN T}!}'', Shit* Rowaxd. r'Ai-r. 

l"l'KHl»A.M, LA^r KliOM CoWKS. 

l>aniel Flender. 
Johannes Bncliner, 
Jonas Mann, 

Johann Georg Starck. * 

^r, Johan Stephan Klockner, 
Johan Theis Greb, 
George Hoover, 
Jacob Hetrig, 
.Toharmes Miller, 
Johan Hinilert, 
Christian Riibsauien, 
Johannes Thomas, 
Johannes Freund, 
Peter Kolb. 
Jacol) Shiit/,. 
Joliannes Keller, 
Theiss Lauer, 
Johan Frantz Grimm, 
Johannes SchiitTer, 
Martin Diel, 
Johannes Kregeloch, 
Paiilus Krum, 
Jolian Philip Sonner, 
Joh. Wilhelm Bohmer, ^ 
Joh. Martin Buchner, 
Johan Theis Brand, 
Johan I'eier Ladenlianr, 
Johan Adam Mass, 
Johan Peter Meyer, 
Bernhart Pfeiffer, 
Joh. Phil Foss, 
Johan Kngel St rack, 
Frantz Zeiler. 
Johannes Selbach, 
Job. Heinrich Bohme, 



Jolian Elias Steuerdach, 
Christian Blickensdorffer, 
Joh. Jacob Liiigeiilelter, 
Johann Tlieis Hissger, 
Jolian Henrich Held, 
Joh. (reorg Greorg, 
Johan Christ. Bentz, 
Joh. Henrich Spiith 
Joh. Henrich Schiiffer, 
Wilhehn Becker, 
Jolian Theis Kuhneinan, 
Johan Theis Schmidt, 
Joh. Henrich Strunck, 
Johan Theis Riibsauien, 
Joh. Grerlach Stahl, 
Matheus Ziininernian, 
Andreas Ecker, 
Henry Panix, 
John Peter Krainiiier, 
Johan Peter Braun, 

Johan Peter Schiiniacher, Blickensdorfler. 
Johan Peter Roch, 
Joh. Gerhart Hninbel, 
Johan Engel Thonia.'<, 
Joh. Greorg Knortzer. 
Johan Philip Spiith, 
Joh. Bastian Heun. 
Joh. (xerlach Schiiffer, 
Joh. Henrich Kiihnenian, 
Joh. Wilhehn Schiiffer, 
Joh. Henrich Pilger, 
Johann Peter Leiss, 
Joh. Christ. Slahl, 
Bastian Shneyder, 
Johannes Kruin. 
Johannes Kreutz. 
Herinanus Zininierinan, 
J<jhan Engel Braun. 

[ The ^'lisi of passengers " 

Philip Smith, 
Christian AVinebrenner, 
Peter Wile, 
Christian Krebb, 
William Young, 
Philip Schmid, 
Peter Baudenheimer, 
John William Bamell, 
Martin Bugner, 
Henry Bugner, 
Matthias Brand, 
Lndowick Lupe, 
Bernard Piper, 
Philip Folks, 
Engle Strunck, 
Francis Zeiler, 
Henry Miller. 
Henry Baumer, 
Philip Steinbach, 
Peter Shoemaker, 
David Kisler. 
Jost Blichenderfei-, 

differing from the foregoing is also given,} 

Greorge Stark, 

Daniel Flinter. 

John Steven Uleckner, 

Matthias Krebb, 

Peter Myer, 

Philij) Bosoner, 

John Kres Kribly, 

Peter Kelp, 

John Bugner, 

Christian Mann, 

Jonas Mann, 

John Saring, 

Martin HelLsinheiser, 

John Sail bach, 

Jacob Hass, 

Conrad Becher, 

Piiilip Seg, 

John Sailbach, 

Greorge Bare, 

Gfeorge Hutt, 

Christian Blichenderfer, 

Jacob Lingenfeihler, 



Peter Ruch, 
Peter Miller, 
John Hendrick, 
(Jonrad (ji'au, 
Mathias Hutzj^en, 
John Henry Held, 
John En^jle Thomas, 
John (xeorge, 
John Freind, 
Philip Bool, 
}*hilip Spear, 
Peter Kolb. 
Philip iSclieninan, 
Bastian Haine, 
John Schatfer, 
Jolin Keller, 
Matthias Jjaner, 
Francis C'roinni, 
Henry Wisthafer, 
Matthias Knneman. 
John AVilliani Schaffer, 
John Henry Filger, 
Martin Diehl. 
Henry Keni})f, 
Christian Mann, 
John j\Iatthias Rul)san, 
John Clranini, 
(lerlock Stalb, 
Andreas Eker, 
Mannel Ziniinemian, 
John Henry Benix, 
En^le Brown, 

Jjicoh Has^, 

John Miller, 

John Henry Greitz, 

John Christian Riehsomen, 

John Cierhard H annuel I, 

Henry Held, 

Adam Thomas Sterb, 

(jeorge (xeorf^e, 

(xeorge Kuert/.er, 

Jno. Christian Kens, 

Henry Speat, 

Christian Kolb, 

Jacob Schuster, 

John Henry SchafTer, 

John Bastian Weaver, 

Jacob Behler, 

Henry Lauer, 

.lohn William Bechker, 

John Henry Knneman, 

John SchafTer, 

Matthias Schmidt, 

Mattlnas Shitz, 

John Henry Stranck. 

John Kregilo, 

Peter Jjice, 

Paulns C!ramm, 

Christian Stall, 

Jno. Bastian Schneider, 

Matthias Zimmerman, 

John Kreitz. 

John P^-ter Kramer, 

John IVter l-Jrown. 

]iiST f)K FoiikhtNKUs Importkd in thk Ship Ooot) Hopk, 
Capt. John Tiutmp, from Hambi'IKt, last from Cowks. 
QuAi.iFiKi) Oct. 1, 17o:3. 

lllrich Reling. 
H. (jeorg Hencker, 
J. Henry Niederhnt, 
Christoph Michael, 
< Uiristfifel Ahlborn, 
Johan Kinerimen, 

I'ercr KnoVie, 

J. Henry Klap]>er, 

Andreas Feigner, 

Christofel Ohms, 

.1. Henr\' Nederman, 

Si moll Shriider, 



Jereuiias Pfiug, 
Elias Aue, 
Christian Konig, 
Christoph Reimaan, 
Siinoii Eberle, 
Grerdt Hurrelinaii, 
Carl AhlV>orn, 
Andreas Erkhard. 
Joli. Hen. Christo Rnncker, 
J. Henry Sellignian, 
Johan Peter l)ipi)el, 
Joh. Erich Schneeberg, 
Hans Christoph Engel, 
Johan Jacob Niecke, 
Joh. Andreas Forst-er, 
Hans Joacliim Meissner, 
Joh. Urban Kaulitz, 
Joh. Tlieodor Martini, 
Joli. Wilhelm Rober, 
Jean Jaqnet Lapierre, 
(xeorg H enrich Doreges, 

Christopher Pock, 
J. Henry AVorni, 
Conrad Hart man, 
Cliristopli Kneply, 
Jacolj Rinniann, 
Joh. Peter Piigner, 
J. Martin Weinberg, 
Johan Conrad Kleikani. 
Hans Henry Steedeberger. 
Joach Conrad Steinwehner. 
H. Andreas Wigman, 
Jolian Cieorg Laiiman, 
Henrich Christopli Diedrich, 
Joh. Henrich Ziegeler, 
J. Christopli Lenian, 
Joh. Gottlieb Wecker, 
Joh. Christoph Mosmeyer, 
Justus Carl Wil Martini, 

Joh. Christian Bachman, 

Joh. Andreas Friederichs. 

[The ''list'' as /nrnislied by the 

Friederick Rehing, 
Hans Henry Tutterling, 
Beams Stunbear, 
Henry Georg Baker, 
Henry Necliotock, 
John Peter Tij)i)ills, 
John Sniber, 
Christoph Homes, 

Henrich Ijowman, 

John Henrick Naderman, 

Jticol) Nicker, 

Henrick Sigher, 

Jeremiah Flug, 

Christojiher Pock, 

Johann Christoph Lemann, 

Christian Konock, 

Gotleap Wacker, 

John M.irtin Wenberg, 

Conrod Hartman, 

.John Theodore ^iartine, 

Christoj)her Rineman, 

master <if the vessel is also fiiveii.'] 

Henry Christophel Ring, 
Jobt Henry Selegman, 
Peter Knock, 
Jolin Henry Klampert, 
Andreas Figener, 
Henry Andreas Wiggman 
Christophel Michael, , 
ChristOT)hel Holborne. 
Hans Chris. Ingel, 
Henry Christoph Diderick, 
Hans Kineream, 
Simon Shroader, 
Johan Andreas Foster, 
Elias Oner, 

Jolin Henderick Worm. 
Hans Jockam Mesnar, 
.John Arban Contas, 
Andreas Lowrence Acord, 
Johan Christopher ^iomoyr, 
Jost Carols Martine, 
Simon Kverley, 



Jacob Reinan, 

Johaii Will jam River, 

Joliau Laper, 

Johann Peter Pickner, 

Johanu Andreas Fredreas, 

(iaret Hartmau, 

Johan ("iiiistian Backiiiau. 

Joliau Conrad Klitheim, 

Ph-nest Alborn, 

Jorgan Herrich Durj^ess. 

List ok Foreigners Importp:d ix the Ship Edixburg, 
Capt. John Lyon, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. 
Qualified Oct. 2, 1753. 

Job. Enj^el Jung, 

Job. Hen. Knodt, 

Job. Georg Cliristopb Herinj 

Pbibp "Wagner, 

Andi'eas Gerlacli, 

Jobaiuies Heyl, 

Antbon Keuscb, 

J. Henry Cronro, 

Friedericb Scbrieg, 

Jacob Loos, 

J. JacoV) Wiesser, 

Micbael Hauss, 

Job. WilbeJm Bubl, 

J. Dan. Maunsbagen, 
Jobanes Aurandt, 

.Tobannes Jiingst, 

Cbristoi)bel Hebener, 

Daniel Scblappig, 

J. Peter Meyer, 

Micbael Tascb, 

Joban Scbneider, 

J. Peter Kircboffer, 

Jost Henricb Weyerbause 

Jobannes Miiller, 

Joban Peter OrndorfF, 

Job. Pliibp Scbneider, 

JobaiiUHS Denig, 

"Wilbebn Cossler, 

Pbilip Valentin Kuessele, 

Joban Cxeorg Midler. 

J. (jfeorge Friedericb Liiser, 

Joban "Wilbebn Abl, 
27— Vol. XVIL 

Job. Conrad Scberer, 
Friedericb Kobler, 
J, Job. Henricb "Wessing. 
Gottfried Krum, 
AVilbelui Scbiidell, 
Henry (iiniper, 
Christian Duller, 
Antbon Casper Kamni, 
Christian Jauch, 
J. Peter Lehr, 
Job. Adaua Krum, 
J. (reorge Rosdorff, 
Job. Greorg Stabl, 
Andreas Schnyder. 
Job. George Schwartz, 
Adam KliJckner, 
Jobannes Renschmit, — 

Georg Scbiiflfer, 
J. Christian Schmit, 
Antbon Krum, 
Johannes Kregele, 
Job. AVilbelm H5ffer, 

Job. Friedericb Scball, 
Johannes Griiff, 

Job. Henricb Otto, 

Friedericb Burner, 

Jobannes Raup, 

Job. Gottfried Huble. 

Job. Solomon Heim, 

Johann Peter Bald us. 

Andreas Erdman Liinsmau 

Job. "Wilbebn Steir, 



Johan Conrad Schneider, 
Jolian Jacob Katz, 
.lohann Henrich Kiintz, 
Johan Philip Kobel, 
Johau Jacob Hortman, 
Job. Ludwig Sc]iweit;,er, 
Joh. Grerlach Bernhutter, 
Joh. Friederieli Weitzell, 
Johan Gerlach Klein, 
Joh. Henricli Steinseitter, 
Joh. Conrad OrndorfT, 
Johan Georg Waller, 
Hieroninins Schneider, 
Joiian Henrich Stoltz, 
Johan Georf? Schneider, 
F. Conrad Schmit, 
Joh. Jost Schlappig, 
J. Wilhehn Wisser. 

Johann Georg Loos, 
Johann Daniel Ruppert, 
Johan Henrich Printz, 
Johan Jacob Schweitzer, 
Johann Georg Schneider, 
Joh. Baltzer Dncker, 
Johan Anthonius Huhn, 
Philip Hen. Arndorff, 
Joh. Gerlach Muttersbach, 
Joli. Wilhelm Stumpf, 
Joh. Georg Stiefel, 
Joh. Wilhelm Wollenweber, 
Joh. Wilhelm Weller, 
Ernst Ludwig Krauss, 
Johan Peter Stoltz, 
J. Gerlach Wisser, 
Joh. Henrich Jung. 

[The original list is he.reinith ffiven,] 

Men's iiaines. 

Name. Age. 

Christoph Hering 25 

Conrad Scherer, 18 

Jon. Engel Young, ... 40 

John Henrich Knoth 33 

John Henrich Massing 19 

Henrich Otto 20 

Friederich Kehler 33 

Johanes Philip Sneiter 22 

Friederick Behmer, 22 

Johanes Wilhelm Haeffer 36 

John Dennis 48 

Jost Henrich Weyershauson 23 

Johannes Ruhtrauff 22 

Johannes Friederich Scholl, 21 

Gott. Fried. Hehller 20 

William Cassel, 20 

Philip Valentin Knefely, 16 

Philip Wagner 44 

John Solomon Heim, 24 

Gottfried Kriim 33 

John George Miller, 37 

Nicolaus Gerlach, 26 


Name. ^i_^^_ 

Urban Schettel, ^q 

John Petter lialtol 07 

Johannes Heith, 32 

Frinderich Loesser, 03 

Andreas Ertlnian Leynaw, 29 

Henrieli Kimber, 20 

Anthon Reish, 27 

Wilhelm Ehel, 20 

Christian Detter 49 

John Wilhelm Stoehr, 33 

Johannes Henrich Cronraw, 37 

(!onra(i Sneider, 25 

Johannes Preisser, 23 

John (reorge Loss 3g 

Anthonin.^ Hafferlam, 22 

Friederich 8chnuk, 24 

Jacob Katz, 22 

John Daniel Ruljert, 23 

John Henrich Helnse, 19 

Christian Youcli, 23 

Johannes Henricli Kuntz, 19 

Jacolj Loss, 24 

John Philip Kebeel, 39 

John Petter Laehr, 29 

John Jacob Schweitzer, 22 

John Joachim Wiessei-, 23 

Jacob Hoffman, 09 

John Georg Sneiter, 39 

Adam Xicodemns 39 

John Adam Kniiu jg 

Michael Faust, 34 

John Jost Rostdorff, 25 

John liUdwij^ Schweitzer, 38 

John Baltzer Dickert, 19 

Joh. Gerlach Bornlieker, 29 

John Anthon Houn, 19 

Wilhelm Buldl, 23 

John Georg Stahlsmit, 35 

Joh. Daniel Mauenshajren, 30 

John Friederich Weitzel 18 

Phi)ij> Heinrich Ahrendorfl, 38 

Andreas Sneiter, 18 

Johannes Aurant, 28 

John George Schwartz 48 

Hen. Godfried Till 24 


John Gerlach Klin, • . . >'>~) 

Johannes Tungst, 'Si 

John Gerlach Muttersjiach, 24 

Anthon Kleckner o" 

Wilhelm Stumpir 2!s 

Christoph Hubner, 20 

Johannes Heinrich Stt^insayfer, 2S 

John Georj^e Reichel, 32 

Johannes Rein Shnilt 2") 

John Daniel Schlapig, 2!) 

Jerg Scheffer, 22 

John Fetter Mayer, 2'> 

Conrad OhrendorfT, oO 

Wilhelm Woolenweber, 30 

Joh. Christ. Smit 47 

John Georf? Waller, 26 

John Wilhelm Waller 20 

Michael Tasch 43 

Anthon Krum, 40 

Hieronimus Snieter, 34 

Ernst Ludwii? Krauss, 43 

Johannes Sneiter 22 

Johannes l*etter Stolt/, 20 

John Heinrich Stoltz 49 

Johannes Kegenlo, 3") 

John Fetter Kirchhoffer, 28 

John Wilhelm Weisser, 43 

John Georg Sneiter, 30 

John Gerlach W'eisser, 24 

John Conrad Smit, 18 

Johannes Fetter Olirendorlf, 19 

John Heinrich Young, 48 

John Jost Schlapig, 33 

Johannes Muller, 23 

Ernst Christian Miller, 21 

Jacob Nickel, :'.0 

Johannes Grave, — 



List ok FoukktXkks Impoiitkd ix thk Ship Louisa, John 
Pitcairm:, Captain, from Rottkrdam, LtAst from 
('OWES. grALFFIKD Oc'T. :j. IT."):!. 

(Jouj-ad Kiilil, 
Ernst .lacoby. 
Philip Klein. 
Johannes Bnliliiiaii, 
Johannes Preyss, 
Andreas Kratz, 
Hans (Teorij Janse, 
Friedei'ich Heyer, 
Johannes Wiirirer, 
Stephan Riel, 
Friederich Diirck, 
Philip Hetrick. 
Herman Enirieh. 
l^eter Thran. 
Peter Mauer, 
Henry Fleck, 
Geor<^ Friedrich Kolln'ck, 
Johan (ieor^ Zenlani). 
Michael Pflocher. 
John Bastiiin Dar/., 
Jacol) Nenndorf, 
Benedict us Neidlinf^MT. 
Johan Adam Dat/.. 
Joiuin Peter Speihnaii, 
Joli. Wilhehn Riick, 
Johan Geori? (-frub, 
Johann Philip Inibach, 
Johann Albert Maurer, 
Johann Henrich Schniit, 
Georg Adam Mandel, 
Johann Jacol) .Nieman, 
Johan Christian Schweiler. 
Johan Philip Wachs, 
Hans Michael I^Liller. 
Joh. Georg Hasselbacher. 
Johann Peter Schmick, 
Achilles Stan, 
Joh. Wilhelm Volb.l, 
Friederich Zillow, 

Bait baser Vorbach, 
Matliias Becker, 
Johann Dach, 
Philippus Teche, 
Christian Weber, 
Johannes Fuss, 
Christophel Schiipf, 
Conrad Koljerling, 
Joh. Georg Braun, 
J. Henry Wemyer, 
Johannes IMfiller, 
Henrich Schmidt, 
Johannes Bauman, 
Johannes Kipp, 
Lotharins Richanl, 
<^'arl Emrich, 

Johan Henrich Seeberger. 
Johannes Blocher, 
Andreas Heister, 
Conrad Speilman, 
Philip Brendtle, 
Johan Philip Hehnel, 
Joh. Georg Hemmersbach, 
Jolian Christian Lauer, 
(Teorg Wilhelm Herd, 
Johan Peter Stadel, 
Johann Carl Volbel. 
Johan Conrad Strott, 
Johan Philip Zinlanb, 
Johan Christian Mandel. 
Henrich Wilhelm Becker, 
Johan Peter Grnb, 
Georg li. Gundrum, 
Hans Ca'^per Lnderman, 
Johan Peter Nickel, 
Philip Friedrich Warth. 
Carl Wenig, 
Joseph Geiger, 
Hans Georg Priese. 


[TItc orUjinal list is herewitli t/ire)!..] 

Men^s Names. 
Na7ne. Age. 

Conradt Riel 40 

Benedict Nitlinger, 24 

Philip Fanel, 38 

Baltzer Fortback, 30 

Ernst Jacobia, 22 

Mathias Becker, 27 

Adam Datz, ~1 

Sebastian Datz 10 

Gerril Bulnian, 22 

Philip See, 27 

Philip Klyen 22 

Joh. Henrich Klyen, — 

John Peter Speehnan, • 27 

Johannes Fries 31 

Christian Lauer, 27 

Wilhehn Ruke 24 

Wilhelm Hart, IS 

John Yerrick Grub, 19 

Christian Weber, 27 

Peter Statil, 29 

Andreas Kratz, 40 

John Philip Zinlaub 32 

Carl Philipby, 27 

Johannes Preys, . . 33 

Joiin Albright IMonrer, 24 

Hans Yerrick Jants, 27 

Conradt Strob 30 

Christian Shew, ... 27 

Hendrick Smith, 29 

Philip Zinlaub, .22 

Y'errick Adam Mantel, 24 

Christian Mantel, 27 

Fredrick Heyer 27 

Jacob Neyman, 21 

Conradt Kebling, 24 

Lodwick Sinser, 27 

Yerrick Brown, 22 

Stephen Riel, 27 

Yerrick Wilhelm Baker. 24 

John Christian Schyber, 2."> 

John Hendrick Weymaer . 24 

John Peter Grub, 27 

Fredrick Turk, 29 


Name. Age. 

Johannes MuUer, 27 

Pliilipus Wax, 24 

Philipus Halerigh, 27 

Yerrick Philip Conleron, 28 

Hendriclv Smith, 24 

Herman Emerick, 27 

Johannes Bowman, 24 

Diedrick Tran, 27 

Johannes Keep, 24 

Michael Miller, 27 

Hans Casper Briderinan 24 

Peter Mowrer, 27 

John Yerrick Hassell)erger, 22 

Peter Nichol, 21 

Lutherus Righart, 27 

Peter Smith, 27 

Henrich Fleck, 22 

Philips Fredrick Warth, 27 

Yerrick Fredrick Browback, 22 

Carrel Emuierick, 27 

Jacob Neyendorph, 22 

Hendrick Lebergen 21 

Philip Brenly, 27 

Peter Gflaucher, — 

Andrejis Leister, — 

Achilles Raugh, — 

Daniel Zinlaub. — 

Johannes Glaacher, — 

John Wilhelm Phiipel — 

Josej)h Guyer, — 

Conrad Speeliiian, — 

Carl Lehnley, — 

Frederick Zinlauli, — 

Hans George Price, — 

Johan George Hoffman, — 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Eastern 
Branch, James Neyin, Captain, from Rotterdam, last 
FROM Portsmouth, England. ytiALiFiED Oct. Z. W^Z. 

Johannes Dutt. Johan Brey, 

J. Martin Fanau. Sebastian Stauzer, 

Christ oph Curfes, Joh. David Hiess, 



Conrad Faiisser, 
H enrich Leiner, 
Sebastian Schaber, 
Ulrich Stierlein. 
Jacob Anthoni, 
Peter Billiinger, 
Johannes Chirine, 
Ludwig Christian. 
Matheis StoU, 
Peter Kas, 
Christoph Wolff, 
Daniel Parisien, 
Georg Eyseniann, 
Johannes Dorflinger, 
Hans Georg Heintzehnan, 
Johannes Rouner, 
Joseph Haanelam, 
Michael Basseler, 
Samuel Hetzor, 
Johannes Glasser, 
Jacob Weininger, 
Johan Michael Roller, 
Johan Martin Feyle, 
J oh. Andreas Lohrman, 
Hans Ulrich Stohner, 
Georg Wilhehn Schl.atterer, 
Michel Ludwig F'eitter, 
Johan Michel Schoneck, 
Johann Casper Hopff, 
Johan Georg Forg, 
Joh. Philip Vogelgesang, 
Hans Philip Klein, 
Georg Friedrich Theis, 
Andreas Schnabel, 
Andreas Deeg, 
Jost Peter, 
Friedrich Peeg, 
Jacob Schmertzka. 
Hans Georg Michael, 
H enrich Friederich. 

Christ. Miiusfall, 

Jacob Schmidt, 

Johannes Hopff, 

Johannes Lobss, 

Johannes Lieck, 

Jacob Schneider, 

Johan Christian, 

Gottlieb Miischlitz, 

Friederich Schiiller, 

Tobias Wandel, 

Wilhelm Decker, 

Johann Michael Drodbeck, 

Johann Ludwig Hellers, . 

Johan Nicklaus Zeitz, 

Philip Daniel Gross, 

Hans Georg Schenck, 

Casi)er Kreiter, 

Conrad Hart, 

Friedrich Glasser, 

Adam Dornberger, 

Henrich StoUzol, 

Johan Friederich Bleich, 

Joh. Andreas Lohrman, sen., 

Johan Martin Kielman. 

Hans Michel Ketterer, 

Christoph Henrich Spiegel, 

Georg Philip Feuerstein, 

Hans Georg Veiht, 

Joh. Henrich Krauss, 

Johan Jacob Reneb, 

Johan Georg Peck, 

Johan Lorentz Siegrist, 

Michael Hormann, 

Michael Vogel, 

Joseph Crisby, 

Johan Peter Lorie, 

Jacob Friederich Schenck, 

Johan Conrad Giessler, 

Johan Conrad Ludwig. 

^ i 



[The '■^list <if men passcnf/crs'" 

Johannes Doet, 

Michael Ruller, 

.loh. Martin Ej^eiy, 

J oil. Martin Fonau, 

Andreas Lohrmau, 

Christ n. Courfas, 

Jonan Martin Keelinan, 

Hans Micha' Hitterer, 

Hans Conrad Fouser, 

Chrism. Ivey, 

Christ. Fredrick Spiegel, 

Johan Jacob Smith, 

Hans Michal Schenick, 

Sebastian Shaber, 

Johannes Hop, 

Ulrich Spierly, 

Jacob Anthony, 

Johan Jacob Remp, 

Peter Belfinger, 

Johan Philip Vogelgesang, 

Job. Jurg Christian, 

Johan Jurg Beck, 

Jacol) Mosletts. 

Fredrick Faxis. 

Fredrick Steefer, 

Michal Herrenian, 

Christof Woifell, 

Jurg Iseinan. 

J oh. L lid wig Steller, 

Tsicholas Seytz, 

Johan Fredk. Glasser, 

Adam Dornberger, 

Hans Jurg Heyselman, 

Casper r-frevser, 

Michal Basseler, 

Johannes Runner, 

Michal Nogel. 

Joseph Hannekam, 

Andreas Feck, 

Jacob Sniotska, 

Jacob Schenk, 

Joh. Jurg Michael, 

Job. Conrad Ludwig, 

Bernard Swaal, Tsewlander. 

(IS given by Captnui Neviii is as 

Stepn. Tey, 
Fredrick Bleigh, 
Samuel }^estner, 
Sebastian Steiger, 
Andreas Jjohrman, jun., 
Johan David Fees, 
Hans Ulrich Boner, 
Hans Hitterer, 
George Wilim. Slatterer, 
Henrich Seynart, 
Michal Ludwig Keyder, 
Jurg Philip Feyersteyn, 
Hans Jurg WollT, 
Casj>er Hop, 
Johan Henr. Craus, 
Johannes Leeps, 
Joh. Jurg Firk, 
Johannes Linder, 
Jacol) Snyder, 
Johannes Sherney, 
Ludwig Christian, 
Johan Philip Kleyn, 
Lorentz Leekrits, 
Matthys Stoll, 
Peter Kees, 
Tobias Wandel, 
Michal Brobeck, 
AVilhelin Decker. 
Johans Derflinger, 
Daniel Parisum, 
Johannes Glasser, 
.Jacob Weyminger, 
Henry Stultzell, 
Conrad Harr. 
Philip Daniel Gros, 
Andreas Schnabbel, 
Fredrick Teck. 
Peter Lorrie, 
Joseph Crispen, 
Hans Jurg Schenk, 
Henry Fredricli, 
Joh. Conrad Gersler, 
Jost Peter. 



List of Foreignkrs Imported in the Ship Friendship, 
James Seix, Master, from Hamburg, last from Cowes, 
Qualified Nov. 19, 1753. 

Johann Petz, 

Johau Tabel, 

Christoph Wiichter, 

.Tohan Volks, 

Gottfried Forstei-, 

Jacob Bramer, 

Conrad Auhage, 

H. Ulrich Rossel, 

Joachim Dietrich Mohl, 

Andreas Gerlacli, 

Johan Lorentz Vogel, 

Joh. Fred. Franciscus Corsini, 

Joh. Fried. Landgraff, 

F. Michel Lorentz, 

Johan Andreas Klein, 

Johann Christian Zeise, 

Henry Jacob Noll, 

Joh. H enrich Bauermeister, 

Johan Friederich Beltz, 

Johan Hartman Eminel, 

Joh. Henrich Pott, 

Gottfried Nebe, 
George Kneeling, 
V^alentin Reyling, 
Christophel Auhage, 
Gottfried Lenian, 
Andreas Bletz, 
Andreas Singneitz, 
Christoph IMatthe.seu, 
Adam Stein, 
Lorentz Biischle, 
Joh. Heinrich Schneider, 
Christ. Henrich Jjutternian 
Joh. Henrich Barenlau, 
Conrad Henrich liirens, 
Johan Georg Gortllei-, 
Johan Peter Schniit, 
Joli. Henrich Comiilder, 
Hen. Christoph Pelikamp, 
Andreas Henrich Ijanneger, 
Joh. Henrich Sammann, 
Johan Dat. Haveshild. 

[ The original list is herewith ffive7i.] 

Name. Age 

Johft Beltz, 19 

Godfrid Neve, 25 

Jno. Dabel, 20 

Henry Sneider, 29 

George Kneiling, 30 

Frederick Franciscus Corsenez, 17 

Henry Lutterinan, 35 

Jn. Frederick Langrave, 40 

Christ. Wachtler, 32 

Valentine Rehling, 30 

Jno. Folkes, 38 

Christ. Auhauge, 20 

Jno. Hin. Raven tlau. 20 

Gotfred Foster 20 

Gotfried Leman, 34 


Name. ^^^^ 

Fredk. M. Lorensen, 21 

Conrd. H. lorns, ^2 

Jno. And. Klein, 28 

Juo. Greo. Gaiitler, 3-^ 

Jno. Clir., ^q 

Jacob Bremen, 24 

Jno. Peter Smidt, -jq 

And. Blitz, 23 

Henr. Jac. Nolte, 3q 

Jno. Henry Coramellder, 32 

Jno. Diedk. Havenshildt 38 

Jno. Henry Bohrmister, 44 

Henry Chrs. Delcanip, 37 

Conrd. Anhauge, • . . . 43 

Ands. Segenitz, 43 

Henry Ulr. Rissell, 44 

Chr. Mathieson I9 

Jno. Fredk. Beltz, 44 

Andreas Henry Lange ;j7 

Jno. J). Mohl, 24 

Hartman Emniell 3y 

John Henry Saman 

John Henry Folke, 

John Henry Pott, _ 

Lawrence Berkley, 

Andrew Gerlach, 

Adam Stein, 

Seven sick on 1joai-d whose names are not in this list. 

FouKiGNERs Imported in the Ship Nancy, Captain John 
KwiNG, FROM Rotterdam, took and Subscribed the 
u.suAL Oath and Declaration on Saturday the 14th of 
September, 17.34. .[[nhahitants of Lorain.] 

Abram Huguelet. Antoine Hogar, 

Charles Huguelet, Jeania Quepic, 

Johannes "Wolf, Peter Riimmy, 

Simon Keppler, Johannes Seyser, 

Friederick Kramer, Abram Joray, 

Johannes Biir, Abraham Gobat, 

Frederick Showay, Peter Smith, 



Carl Steiss, 

xVdain Maier, 

Christian Ciilly, 

Jacob Miiller, 

Pierre Vautie, 

Albert Otto Steg, 

Johan Henrich Steitz, 

Hans Michael Conradt, 

Heinrich Eisenhuth, 

Job. Daniel Zimer, 

Johan Jacob Kuntzelmann, 

Johan Jost Latz, 

Jean Pierre Monin, 

Johan Nickel Bauer, 

David Marchand, 

Abrani Zuille, 

Pierre Dechin, 

Philip Sponsler, 

Frantz Hahrd, 

Caspar Riegel, 

(jeorg Dessloch, 

Jacob Bauer, 

Joh. C+eorg Steubesant, 

Nicklaus Schwartz, 

Joh. Daniel Meylander, 

Abrani Le Roy, 

Abram De Die, 

Johan Henrich Hiiusser, 

Valentin Hnidenberg, 

Joh. Gottfried Herring, 

Abram Bouthert, 

J. N. Pechin, 

Gabriel Seger, 

Johannes Sciiilling, 

Jean Periter, jr., 

Jean Pierre Belle, 

Thomas Bauer, 
Michel Haag, 
Chris tolTel Waltz. 
Johannes Ull, 
Franc La Maer, 
Johan Peter Wedel, 
Christoph Scharlle, 
Johan Adam Wagner, 
Michael Klenck, 
Joh. Conrad Ziiumer, 
Johan Dietrich Gompff, 
Jean Pierre Monin, sen., 
Johan Jacob AViller, 
Jaques Barbery,t, 
Pierre Griene, 
Georg Gott, 
Philip Hosslinger^ 
Wilhehn Bahrd, 
Christian Boss, 
Jean Mathiat, 
Alexander Zuille. 
Jacob Craunwald. 
Mattheus Schendt, 
Johan Jacob Viill, 
Adam Le Roy, 
Ludwig Schreiner, 
Jean Jaque Allemand, 
Michel Amacher, 
Jean Christoph Pechin, 
Alphonse Louis Willemin, 
Frantz Philip Weis, 
Daniel Fischer, 
Jean Periter, 
David Butner, 
Johan Thomas Bernhard, 
Johannes Schellenbach. 

M. i 



FoKKiGXERS Imported in thk Ship Barclay, Captain 
John Brown, kiiom Rotterdam, last from (Jowes. Took 
THE Oath and I^eclarations to the Government Sept. 
14, 1754. 

Georjj Voltz, 
Isicklaus Bauer, 
Daniel Weiss, 
Nicklas Ash, 
David Pfeller, 
Jacob Traub, 
.lacob Kriiber, 
Tobias Resener, 
Jacob Geissler, 
(xeoif^ Michael Fautzer, 
Michael Hostnian, 
Jean IMerre Rottei, 
Georg Peter Loth, 
Bernhard Winder, 
H. Georg Hechler, 
H. Michel Unangst, 
,Joh. Friederich Haller, 
Philipp Kattenniann, 
Christian HofTbauer, 
Frantz Lndwig Uehlein. 
Johann Adam Dorr, 
H. Georg HatTner, 
Michael Kornwalther, 

Hans Michael Berr, 

Johan Conrad Bar, 
^ Andreas Bowman, 

Matheis Schreiner, 

Johan Schranck, 

H. Peter Engels, 

Johannes Georg, 

Andreas Kreissel, 

Michel Letz, 

Joseph Sudtner, 

Johannes Kiihler, 

Ludwig Stanger, 
/' Caspar Kaan, '^ j '■-,■■ 

Jacob B()ckhle, 

Peter Tlmin, 
I Matheas Wagner, 

Otto Biirgestrass, 

Abram Dnton, 
.lohannes Craus, 
Ludwig Haas, 
Georg Schniit. 
G. Peter Locheg, 
Michael Riieb, 
Friederich Schenck, 
Johanes Jiingst, 
.Tohan Conrath Mock, 
John Adam Fass, 
Nicolus Steinnian, 
J oh. Adam Traub, 
Christophin Pierman, 
Valentin Zaneichel, 

Samuel Tallebach, 
Lorentz Schcinman, 
Willielm Jacol) Fack, 

Bernhard Mirbach, 
Johan C^ar] Greiss, 

Georg WaH'unong, 

Johannes Schnarrenberger 

Hans Georg Stauch, 

Bernhart Ochsenbacher, 

Johan Martin Tlnangst, 

.Johannes Bahs, 

Gottlieb Nagel, 

Johan Backofen, 

Joseph Miller, 

Ludwig Schuster, 

Matheus Reuchler, 

Martin Hochler, 

Bastian Rust, 

Nickians Ehrhardt,- 

Michael Hauch, 

Georg Nilwiss, 

Michael Kiinle, 

Martin Schranck, 

Frantz Rotham, 

Han Nickel Kiinle. 

Michael Stauch, ir. 



Jacob Eichely, 
Wilhelin Zetzel, 
'(^hristopli Gans, 
Andreas Stanch, 
Hans Georg Feyl, 
Job. Jacob Strohnienffer, 
J. Michael Seiffer. 
Dewald Braunboltz, 
Johannes Scbunian, 
Job. Christian Jauss, 
Sebastian Muschler 
Micliael Stanch, sen., 
Mattheus Fautz, 
Hans Michael Bleich, 
Johannes Kleinfeld. 

Philip Hentzer, 
Bernhart Meyer, 
Matheus Alt, 
Bernhart Rebbuhn, 
Jacob Rethacker, 
Helfrich Knieriemen, 
Christoph Laicliinger, 
Hans Georf^ Fuchs, 
Jjudwif^ Bernh. Zwissler, 
Job. Nicklaus Martin, 
Johan Jacob Ranch, 
Philip Jacob GriedJer, 
Michael Werther, 
Johan Jacob Seitz, 

C-^ vL, 



foreigners imported ix the ship aoa'exture, captain 
Joseph Jacksox. from Hamburg. Were Qualified be- 
fore THE Mayor, ix the C^oiirt House, Sept. 25, 1754. 

Johann Hartniann, 
Johan Geor^ Jager, 
Johannes AVeiss. 
Frantz Gansbusch, 
Johannes Weil, 
Job. Adam Kohlass, 
Hans Peter Rehvan. 
Johannes Anderoler. sen., 
Johan Adam Zollbach, 
Johannes Seitz, 
Balthaser Riiab, 
Joseph Gasser, 
J. Zacharias Stokel, 
Anthon Lembach. 
Henrich Georg, 
Job. Jacob Reineck, 
Job. Gottfried Nagel, 
Johann Jost Beck, 
Job. Martin Gardert, 
Jon. Martin Matterstek, 
J. Jacob Cornelius, 
Johannes Deitrich, 

Christian Schiiffer, 
Andreas Weiss, 
•Johannes Anderoler, 
Christian Letzbergei-, 
Job. Andreas Hoffmann, 
John Georg Shmit, 
Johan Philip Wagner, 
Johan Jacob Weinman, 
Job. Conrad Spanenberg, 
Johannes Keim, 
Johannes Reidiger, 
Philip Michael, 
Herman Werner, 
Christian 'Nehlich, 
J. Philip Tamhoffer, 
Job. Wilhelm Schaf. 

( Minist. Candit. a 

Johan .TacoVj Riihlein. 
Job. Frid. Kunstrand, 

; George Kohler, 

: Johannes Liebach, 
Job. Jost Will, 



Joli. Nickel Bech, 
Johannes J)itmar, 
Joh. CTeor<^ Shniit, 
Christian Funck, 
Adolpli Urbacii, 
Georg Steinweg, 
Georg ISteinweg, ji*. , 
Johan August Srraube, 
Joh. Christopli Diemer, 
Johan Christian Eser, 
Joh. Micliael Weiss, 
Joiian Georg Jung, 
Joh. Nicklaus Handt, 
Joh. Matthias Miiller, 
Joh. Christoph Miiller, 
Joh. Leonard Rohrmann, 
Nicklaus Sosport, 

Caspar Schreiber, 
Philip Deringer, 
Johannes Mardersteck, 
Johan OI>erst, 
J. Friederich Ebernicht, 
Johannes Riitiger, 
Christian Ga.sser, 
Johan Georg (xiitsell, 
Joh. Dietrich lialtdauss, 
Joh. Heniich Neumann, 
Joh. Henrich Rohrinan, 
Joh. Danicil Franck, 
Joh. Georg Rausch, 
Joh. Henrich Hnppel, 
Johan Con rath I^ot. 
Math. Andonius Riitiger, 


PROM Rotterdam, Cai*t. M(^ore. c^rALiFiEn Sept. iio, 

Michael Fischer, 
Caspar Dietz, 
Michael Staiger, 
Andreas Zinck, 
Christoph Zinck, 
Jacob Saltzer, 
Michel Wolff, 
Jacob Wolff, 
Johannes Bether, 
Michael Wolff. 
Georg Hohl, 
Georg Grau, 
Joliannes Scholtz, 
Herman Fonnedus, 
Johannes Schauer, 
Jacob SchnereMl)erger, 
Michael Libelt, 
Johan Michael Strobel, 
Jacob Welthe, 
Johannes Schie.ssle, 

Raymond Fisclier, 
Hans Casper Berger, 
Johannes Sehnerenbeiger, 
Jacob Zinck, 
Gottlieb Bunte, 
l><avid Kohl, 
Jacob Adam, 
Ludwig Strf>l)el, 
Adam Knoblich, 
Johannes Hohl, 
Johannes Lauer, 
])aniel Stunipp, 
Valentin Iceman, 
Henrick Kiigele, 
Christian Kramer, 
Joliannes Kiirthner, 
Hans Martin Miiller, 
Michael Welthe, 
Lttdwig Moss, 
Hans Georg Bether, 



Hans Georg Welte, 
Jacob Adam VVendel, 
Christoph Pfeister, 
Georg Heisel, jr., 
UJrieh Rost, 
Fried erich Deiler, 
Jacob Marier, 
Casper Zinck, 
Jacob Busch, 
David AVolff, 
Jacob Zuch, 
Christian Zinck, 
Johannes Miisler, 
Johan Georg Busch, 
Joh. Michael Miissinger, 
Lndwig Zininieruiann, 
Joseph Feinauer, 
Mattheis Siiss, 
Wolfgantr Wolff, 
Johan Caspar Zintz, 
Hans Georg Meyer, 
Hans Georg Heidle, sen. 
Hans Georg Rossel, 
Georg Ludwig Kraft, 
Friederich Ronjinger, 

jnans Georg Meyer, 
Michael Herman, 
Georg Heisel, 
Martin Schmidt, 
Jacob Blessing, Burr, 
Johannes Wetzel, 
Jacob Steubler, 
Wolfgang Ulmer, 
Christoph Walters, 
Jacob Rainsberger, 
Georg Fried. n)ockesledel, 
Hans Martin Schiiffer, 
Jean Jac. Foulquier, 
Daniel Blumenschehi. 
Anthonius Schmidt, 
Joh. Christoph Beyrle, 
Hans Georg Ramsberger, 
Georg Frieilerich Zintz, 
Georg Adam Engell, 
John Martin Alisch, 
Hans Georg Heidle, 
Hans Friederich Klinger, 
Ludwig Wilhelm Zeller, 
Johannes Bernhard. 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Brothers, 
Captain William Muik, from Rotterdam. (Qualified- 
Sept. 30, 1754. 

Joh. Georg Kol, 
Joh. Peter Hahn, 
Henry Weidman, 
Wilhelm Staut, 
J. Georg Lucker, 
Jacob Kauffman, 
Michael Riitch, 
Hen rich Graff, 
Jacob Schnable, 
Johannes Forrer, 
Johannes Schore, 
Anthonv Weitzel, 

Johannes Miller, 
Johannes Aller, 
Jacob Bernhard, 
Joh. Ansthoch, 
Carl Heinrich, 
Johannes Schadel 
Jacob Huber, 
Valentin Stoldt, 
Johannes Knipe, 
Jacob Brubacher, 
Peter Weitzel, 
Stephan Wohler, 



Frantz Burgart, 
Jacob Pfister, 
Valentin Urlettig, 
Frederick Andreas, 
Cliristopliel Volekratli, 
Johan (jeor?^ Huniljerr. 
Georg Christ opli i:)uubei-, 
Johan IJiehl Kleinman, 
Johann Tiel AVertz, 
Hans Jacob Geist, 
Joiian Nicolans Stimmel, 
Leonhart Krunibein, 
Hans Mich. Koppenhiiffer. 
Daniel Sander, 
Joliannes Klein, 
Abraham Meilinger, 
Johannes Eicher, 
Abraham Hackman, 
Michael Burghart, 
Johan Christian Freundt, 
Frieilerich Behre. 

Heinrich Zumbrun, 

Johannes Ritschart, 

Joh. \Vollf,'ang Mohrinf,', 

Christian Eicher, 

Johann Georj^ Biemer, 

Hans Jacob Schaffner, 

Joseph Lemann, 

Martin Herman, 

Philip Metzger, 

Jacob Becker. 

Wendel Gilbert, 

Philip As, 

Johan Jacob "Wittnier, 

Johannes Miiller, 

Wilhelm Eschelman, 

Joseph Bubickofer, 

.Joseph Zieir, 
Daniel Ort, 
Hans Georg Krauss, 
David Hemgerberer, 
.Johannes Bartel Mishni, 
Philij) Jacob Spiith, 
Johan Conrad Schmidt, 
Johan Balthas Schmidt, 
Johann Peters Werth, 
Joiiann Georg Spies, 
Oswalil xVndreas, 
Johann Georg Becker, 
Conrad Wagner, 
Conrad Mercke, 
Joh. Lud. Ernst Schiller, 
Johannes Herschberger, 
Georg Michael Schultz, 

Joh. Jacob Brubacher, 

Georg Ludwig Meittinger, 

Hans Georg Zieff, 

Augustus Schaad, 

Christiiui tVolst, 

Hans Miildaler, 

Balthas Reiner. 

Abraham Bleistein, 

Johan Valentin Webel, 

Joh. Christian Wittmer, 

Jacob Dettwiller, 

Adam Kuntzel, 

Johannes Frey, 

Peter Pfister, 

Johannes Seithss, 

Caspar Knag. 

Christian Huber, 

Abraham Strickler, 

Henrich Heistandt, 

Johannes Kantz. 

28— Vol. XVII. 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Edinburgh, 
James Russel, Masteu, from Rotterdam, Qualified 
Sept. 30, 1754. 

Jacob Schlotter, 
Herman Grerlach, 
Johannes Hirsch, 
Cliristopljel Giihtt, 
Paiilus Lushorn, 
fieorg Wessig, 
Andreas Wegel, 
Casper Zahn, 
Philip Besteres, 
Johannes Lincker, 
Andreas Hiibner, 
Georg Lohr, 
Georg Eberhart Miihl, 
Johan Conrad Schiippler, 
Adam Strehm, 
Henrich Buch, 
.lacob Kern, 
Michael Wentz, 
Peter Paul, 
.Tohann Henle, 
Conrad Grim, 
Conrad Philips, 
Peter Diel, 
Werner Dickel, 
Hans Decker, 
Georg Diel, 
Peter Bigger, 
Conrad Geysel, 
George Sorge, 
Georg Burster, 
Samuel Haubt 
Jacob Hammerstein 
Eberhard Diehl, 
Henricli Gebhart, 
Job. Daniel' Krug, 
Georg Gottfried Viilcker, 
.lohan Georg Wilhelmi, 
Johannes Matthiius, 
Bernhard Matthiius, 
Conrad Weichart, 
Conrad Ludwig, 

Henrich Weil, 
Georg Hilt, 
Philippus Spetzius, 
Melchior Schimpf, 
Herman Summer, 
Anthon Petry, 
Ludwig Rahm, 
Andreas Dein, 
Johannes Bott, 
Jacob Ludwig, 
Rudolph Drach, 
Priederich Wi'.helm Frich, 
Johan Henrich Pfeiflfer, 
Johan Henrich Blecker, 
Valtin Beltzer, 
Erhart Weber, 
Matheus Kern, 
Christoph Essig, 
Adam Maurer, 
Michael Georg, 
.Johannes Grim, 
Georg Grim, 
Conrad Meiser, 
Peter Dickel, 
Jacob Giebel, 
Ernst Menge, 
Heinrich Weiss, 
Herman Geysel, 
Jacob Hoffman, 
Jacob Soudein, 
Joh. Nickel Haubt, 
Valentin Ulrich, 
Henrich Wenckler, 
Peter Weissman, 
Hans Michael Esper, 
Christian Merckell. 
Johan Peter Walchner, 
Bernhard Matthiius, jr., 
Georg Henry Rahm, 
Johannes Lndwig, 
J. Jost Bingeman. 



Friederich Schimpf, 
Heinrich Walther, 
Engelhard Ludwig. 
Joh. Jacob Sell mess, 
Casper Erb, 
Peter Hecht, 
Philip Ludwig, 
Conrad Bauer, 
Johannes "Weber, 
Adam Biicheldt, 
Heinrich Hock, 
Johan Ci-eorg "VVeitzell, 
Georg Henrich Haas, 
Johann Chrunz, 
Andreas Krauthaiuel, 
Joh. Dan. Langsdorfif, 
Friederich Hilderbrand, 
Johannes Bender, 
Conrad Schneider, 
Johannes Kemmerer, 
Peter Derdier, 
Lorentz Aalbahn, 
Jacob Hellbrich, 
Johannes Geisel, 
Frank Baltzer Schalter, 
Joseph Nordheimer, 
Georg Renner, 
Henrich Herter. 
Casper Becker, 
Jacob Renner, jr., 
Hans Georg Kroh, 
Philip Rohrig, sick, 
Georg Metzger. 
Johannes Kopping, sick, 
Casper Ziegler, sick, 
Mathias Ludwig, sick, 

Daniel Vetzberg^r, 
J. Henry Langsdorff, 
Ludwig Winckler, 
Balthaser Faulstick, 
Johannes Haubt, 
Conrad Lohr, 
Johannes Huber, 
Conrad Enders, 
Georg Kopp. 
Joh. Henrich Strehm, 
Anthoni Hecht, 
Christoph Rehble, 
Anthon Merckell, 
Joh. Conrad Schneider, 
Joh. Sebastian Fritz. 
Joh. Conrad Langsdorff, 
Herman Mathaus, 
Joh. Conrad Benuoi, 
Johannes Rupp, 
Heinrich Lupp, 
Johannes Menge, 
Gerhardt Aalbahn, 
Christoph Hellbrich, 
Hans Conrad Diehl, 
Johannes Knabe, 
Michael Kiinstler, 
Jacob Renner, 
Johannes Becker, 
Henry Stecker, 
Johannes Schmeh, 
Philip Sommer, sick, 
Philip Tauberman, sick, 
Jacob Rehble, sick, 
Henrich Peterson, sick, 
Georg Holl, sick. 

List of Foreignkrs Imported in the Ship Neptune, ('apt. 

Ware, from Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 30, 1754. 
Georg Meyer, Jacob Bersding, 

Mathias Heiner. Andreas Bingel, 

Gottfried Gebhard, ■ Georg Boltz, 



Johannes Re be. 
Georg Hoflfnian, 
Johannes Hoch, 
Phi Up Wilt, 
Jacob Weyant, 
Jacob Weyant, jr., 
Philippus Frey, 
Philip Wild, 
Benedictus Forster, 
Valentin Dalick, 
Joh. Georg Decher, 
Valentin Cleinentz, 
Hienrich Cappis, 
Jeremias Herbel, 
Jacob Graulich, 
Christian Bauer, 
Michael Miller, 
Christian Andreas, 
Friederich Betz, 
Henrich Haun, 
Johannes Lentz. 
Andreas Riehl, 
Jacob Schoff, 
Ludwig Herring, 
Conradt Wirl, 
J)avid Miller, 
Johannes Keyser, 
Johannes Volek. 
Burchart Shneyder. 
Peter Hilliger, 
Philip Becker, 
J. Henry Shneider, 
Hans Georg Kainm, 
Georg Michel LOhr, 
Joh. Henrich Kurcht, 
Johann Peter Decher, 
Joh. Georg Traxel, 
Georg Jacob Haussman, 
Hans Adam BeokenhauVi^ 
Johan Adain Edelman, 
Phil. Friederich Wiinger, 
Joh. Paul Gemberling, 
Joh. Carl Gemberling, 
Eberhart Krichmann, 
Joh. Henrich Schneider, 
Philip Dietrich, 

Friedrich Schneider, 
Daniel Stegner, 
Henry Klein, 
V. Briicke, 
Friederich Preis. 
Johannes Schober, 
Christian Rietz, 
Georg Hechler, 
Henry Schiiflfer, 
Christoph Speck, 
Conrad Wagner, 
Christian Hoch, 
Johannes Btickel, 
Georg Weyman, 
Henry Shneyder, 
Peter Stotzel, 
Friederich Betz, 
Henrich Holtzhaasser, 
Conrath Nie, 
Johannes Schmitt, 
Frederick Brand, 
Jacob Becker, 
Peter Step, 
Daniel Schrein,, 
Reinhart Stein, 
Peter Shamer, 
Wilhelm Grauss, 
Henry Haiu. 
Philip Lang, 
Arnholt Becker, 
Georg Reiger, 
Georg Christoph Dietz, 
Geo. Mich. Vitzthum, 
Joh. Henrich Brumbach, 
Joh. Adam Michael. 
Johannes Schuman, 
Joh. Thomas Bisshantz, 
Johann Carl Hermsdorff, 
Johan Bernhard Meek, 
•Toll. Nicklaus Hauer, 
Hans Adam Bleier, 
Hans Nickel Ensminger, 
Aug. Sigfried Eichler, 
Philip Jacob Fosig,,*"^ 
J. Adam Angold, 
Peter Rubel, 

I ! 




Joli. Christian Wissbacli, 
J. Jost Struberliiit;. 
Julian Philip Nold, 
Joh. Bernhart Woltl". 
J oh. Cxeorg Wentz, 
J. Peter Schrot, 
Johannes Bartenbach, 
Joh. Michael Schrott, 
Ct. Michael Andreas, 
Abraham Hokzhausser, 
Johannes Keller, 
Johan Christian Haun, 
Johannes Herman, 
,Arnho]t Scheretz, / 
Joh. Georfj Kribel,-" 
J. Jacob Dorsham, 
Valentin Gosper, 
Johan Peter Denger, 
Martin Neimiger, 
Johan Micnael Rapp, 
Johan Just Gack, 
Georg Ludwig Rosenmiiller, 

Joh. Georg Grundloch, 
Johannes Kleinbehl, 
Joh. Philip Kolb, 
Joh. Philip Bresel, 
J. Atlam Thomas, 
Daniel HolTman, 
Bait baser Bergmann, 
J. Jacob Zimmerman, 
Johan H enrich Haulf, 
Adam Hiillerinan, 
.fohan Peter Haun, 
Joh. Nicklaus Eisenmiiller, 
Joh. Peter Scheuermau, 
Joli. Conrad Meiger, 
Joh. Philip Dietz, 
Joliann Georg Gack, 
John William Kurtz, 
Ludwig Gach, 
Joh. Henrich Krantz, 
Johannes Krayly, 
(Jonrad Scherrer, 
Georg Michael Dauber. 

List o?;' Forkiojnkrs TMPonTKr> inthk Ship Phcktvix, Capt. 


Johannes Jung, 
Ludwig Giittgen, 
Peter Streier, 
Philip Wesger, 
Ulrich Fiissal, 
Johannes Gebhart, 
Johannes Andreas, 
Lorentz Alberth, 
Hans Kissiger, 
Andreas Felt, 
•Tohannes Heilbert, 
Lenhart Ott, 
Adam Gieg, 
Matheus Htumpf, 
Georg Schilfifer, 
Adam Diehm, 

Jacob Schneider, 
Abraham Stein, 
Peter Henrichs, 
Hans Reisch, 
Johannes Alberth, 
Johannes Sauer, 
Peter Miiller, 
Adam Dass. 
Johannes Beck, 
Andreas Fertig, 
Johannes SchillTer, 
Henrich Ott, 
Michael l^iirrei, 
Adam Miller, 
Peter Schiiffer, 
Peter Heiges, 



Heinrich Dann, 

Hans Adaiu Diehin, 

Melcliior Weppert,* 

Andreas Cunckel. 

Joh. Heinrich Miiller, 

Johannes Gabel, 

Michael Seitner. 

Balthas Hohl, 

Matheis Reinnart, 

Lorentz Cramei', 

Martin Shreier, 

Peter Thomas, 

Caspar Haas, 

Hart man Haas, 

Andreas Fertig, 

Peter Bechler, 

Andreas Grub, 

Jacob Fries, 

Daniel Ditloh, 

Ijudwig Schott, 

Georg Rail, 

Caspar Jest, 

Andreas Gerbrich, 

Carl Henrich Werckhiinser, 

Johannes Henriclis, 

Michael Fietter, 

Burckhardt Kiich, 

Frantz Weidinger, 

Hans Adam Sauer, 

J. Michael Teubel, 

Joli. Lenhart Bingel, 

John Georg Bopp, 

Christoffel Schum, 

G Philip Epsenhaar, 

Jean Jaques Raignel, 

Johannes Hartman, 

Casper Oberdorff, 

Andreas Briischlein, 

Peter Rohrbach, 

Andreas Hiiter, 

Daniel Schmidt. 

Nickel Neumann, 

Nicklaus Schindelmnii, 

Balthaser Rabaur, 

Balt/er Schneider, 

Henrich Messerschmidt. 

Thomas iiiehm, 
Thomas Bimmer, 
.Tohan Georg Heist, 
Peter Cunckel, 
Martin Sentner, 
Heinrich Haag, 
Dietrich Gerhart/ 
Lorentz Riidtner, 
Conrad Kern, 
Joliannes Hertz, 
Valentin Kaiser, 
Ludwig Kuntz, 
Michael Kriehl, 
Marheas Bopp, 
Johannes Geynian, 
Johannes Beyl, 
Philip Wagner. 
Frederick Christian. 
Peter Guth, 
Peter Ney, 
Dietrich Weirig, 
Andreas Schmidt, 
"Valtin Horner, 
Johan Nickel Dibs, 
Jost Schonauer, 
Lorenrz Mangel, 
Marcus Weidinger, 
Hieronimus Griinewald, 
Hans Michael Sauer, 
J. Georg Ruttenwalder, 
Joh. Bernhard Bopp, 
J. Henry Unckelbach, 
Andreas Schwartz, 
Hieronimus Gieg, 
Jean Pierre Voisin, 
Nicolaus Binder, 
Hans Senffbeber, 
.AVilhelm Weiss, 
Wilhelm Albert, 
Wendel Kremer, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Rein hart Wolff, 
Joh. Philip Schindelman. 
Abraham le Roy, 
Loj-entz Sandmann, 
Joh. Nicklaus Armheiner, 




Georg Pliilip Diehl, 
Joliau PetHi- Fischer, 
Willielin Metzger, 
J. xsicklas Gerhart, 
Jacob Schneider, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Joseph Reichard, 
J. Willjelui Zwib, 
Phil. Friederich Schiitrer, 
iNicklas Lehnier, 
Joliann Lelimer, 
Johannes Kauffnian, jr., 
Abraham Edinger, 
Johan Georg Gerlach, 
])aniel Hunsicker, 
Joh. ])aniel Pfeil, 
Jolian Peter Stiuiinel, 
Jacob Herman, 
Jacob Miller, 
Henry Shedle, 
Peter Biehl, 
Georg Friess, 
Adam Midler, 
Johannes Zinn, 
Conrad Dewa, 
Johannes \"eit, 
Nicklas Paul, 
Henry Gielman, 
Peter ^shelmann, 
Joseph Wiinger, 
Frantz Zechler, 
Hans Schwartz, 
Christoph Pantzle, 
Christian Heilhoff. 
Christoph "Widerich, 
<^-hrisrian Schwartz, 
Cxeorg Hartweig, 
ChristolTel Midler, 
Johan Georg Junius, 
]>avid Schroder, 
J. Nicklas Lorentz, 
Johann Michael Sauer, 
Wendel Wendeliug, 
Matthias Miiller, 
Christian Brengel, 
Jacob Hussing, 

Johann H el tier Cramer, 
Bernhard Thomas, 
Johan Jacob H elder, 
Philip Adam I'atilus, 
Philipp Schuch, 
Hen. August Grinder, 
Jacob Bernhart, 
Johann Jacob Angst, 
Bernhard Franckfiirter, 
Joh. H enrich Sachs, 
Hans Peter Schott, 
Johannes KaiitTman, 
Adam Heinbach, 
Thomas Hunsicker, 
Joh. Adam Batziuss, 
Joh. Albrecht Stiinmel, 
Michael Dietrich, 
Peter l)6rrnis, 
Adam Schmit, 
Henry Hather, 
J)aniel Biehl, 
Philil) Zepp, 
Christian Koch, 
liUdwig Wirth, 
Friederich Miller, 
Vexev Pick, 
Elias Jentes, 
Daniel Fiihrer, 
Hans Jantz, 
Uirich Engel. 
Ulricli Richte, 
Hans Schiitz, 
Christian Newcomer, 
Peter Baltzey, 
Peter Schwartz, 
Nicklaus Moser, 
Lorentz Enders, 
Friederich Herman. 
Joh. Henrich Schmitt, 
Jaeoij Rathebach. 
Gerhart Martins, 
Georg Magnus Conrad, 
J. Lenhart Bnrchart, 
Jacob Theissinger, 
Jacob Brengel, 
Christian Conrad, 




Peter Becker, 
Christian Fiihrer, 
Hans ^schehnann, 
Hans Ueberreist, 
Hans Jacob Moser, 
Christian Burckhalter, 
Uh'ich Newcomer, 
Christian Glimmer, jr., 
BartboJomais Beringer, 


Christian Briichtbiil, 
Nicklaiis Schantz, 
Jost Neuenschwander, 
Ulrich Burghalter, 
Hans Burckhalter, 
Sebastian Neuenschwander, 
Cliristian Gei miner, 
Abraham Brechbiilil. 


List OF FoRKiGNKRS Importkt) IN THK Ship Pkog^y. Capt. 
Jamks Abercroaibik, khom Rottkrdam. QualiIfikd Oct. 
16, 1754. 

Marcus Weckfort, 
Frantz Stichling, 
Ferdinand Frantz, 
Perer Gebel, 
Jacob Shutt, 
Henry Rubrecht, 
Jacob Frey, 
Peter Wudo, 
Hans Luppoldt, 
Friederich Koch, 
Matthilus Dies, 
Andreas Heckenleib, 
Joliann Dammel, 
Joseph Boger, 
Stephan Kraus, 
Martin Haas, 
JacoV) Henrich Zluhen, 
J. Joliannes Herrmann, 
Hans Michael Dies, 
H. Michael Hiipbisch, 
Henrich Lndwig Worn, 
Johannes Schumacher. 
Michael AVerster, 
Lorentz Martin Scherer, 
Johannes Class, 
Johannes Ricker, 
Hans Glee, 
Johannes Meyer, 

Henrich Hust, 
Wendel AVarner, 
Jacob Freyberger, 
Andreas Bonjour, 
Georg Kohl, 
Bernhart Egel, 
Abraham Trestel, 
Johannes Lui>poldt, 
Matheus Arnoldt, 
Johannes Hiisser, 
Friederich Hausel, 
Michael Koster, 
Johannes Hammel, 
John Shuster, 
Johannes Wersum, 
Hans Georg Zinn, 
Georg Henrich Bauer, 
Johan Friederich Linck, 
Joh. Conrad Moschler, 
John Georg Braucher, 
Hans Georg Ratze, 
Johannes Biecheler, 
Johannes Waleherr, 
Michael Rossnagel, 
Michael Krebs, 
Jacob Thum, 
Joliannes Meyer, 
Michael Klein, 



Hans SchiiJe, 
John Carl Kruiuholtz, 
Balthaser Wisser, 
Georg Adam Distler, 
HaiiH Philip Flachs, 
Johan Valentin Meyer, 
Hans (jreorg Kraus, 
Michael Schenck, 
Hans Martin Drang. 
Luciw. Fried. Freisinger, 
.Toll. Adajn Schnelleherger, 
Matthias Wasserniann,^ 
Georg Michel Felt, 
Hans Meyer, 
Johannes Vanliel, 
Wilhelm Reichly, 
Christoph Kress. 
Georg Adam Gronibeer, 
Johann Georg Kress, 
Georg Peter Kochendorffer, 
Georg Weber, sick, 
Melchior Jordan, sick, 
Jacob Graaf, sick, 
Michael Tietz, sick, 

Michael KiiUer, 
Antony Kettinger, 
Christ. Henrich Fiedler, 
Hans Michael Shmit, 
Jacob Friederich Meyer, 
Daniel Hingerer, 
Georg Schlei, 
H. Georg West, 
Hans Georg Tram. 
Hans Georg Arnibriister, 
Jacob Hikenleibly, 
Christian Reck, sen.. 
Christian Reck, jr., 
Martin ]\Iarckel, 
Johannes Kutz, 
Adam Grund, 
Johan Adam Pfisterer, 
Johann Peter Schlembnel, 
Hans Georg Schiettinger, 
Jacob Andreas Sprecher, 
Johan Friederich Hauser, sick, 
Anthon Wallbeyer, fcick, 
Johan (Teorg Kreyer, sick, 
Jacob Eberhart, sick. 

List of Forkigners Imported ix the Ship Friendship, 
Capt. Charles Ross, from Amsterdam. (Qualified Oct. 

21, 1754. 

Gabriel Keber, 
Joseph Weissert, 
Martin Shnyder, 
Gregorius Grim, 
Andreas Bonimer, 
Henrich Steller, 
Johannes Schinitt, 
Joh. Cliristoph Lang, 
Joh. Phili]) Scholierger, 
.Tohann Jost Jierger. 
Johann Wedelscheider, 
Johan Peter Hasbach. 
John Georg Shinit, 

Johannes Zeller, 
Albrecht Miller, 
Jacob Feiner, 
Dreyf Dersch, 
Johannes Manckell, 
Johannes Koch, 
Adam Steinbach, 
Johannes Shellenberger, 
Johan Georg Weissert, 
J. Henry Kaiitz, 
Reinhard Werkheiser, 
Joh. Dietrich Kalckbi-enner, 
John Michael Hoch, 



Johan Creorg Sten, 
Johanii Georg Stahl. 
Joh. Balthaser Harff, 
Johan H enrich Schmidt, 
Johan Jacob Mohr, 
Greoif^ Friederich Auger, 
J oil. Marcus Weylthoffer, 
.Johannes Reul)er, 
Ciiristian Diehl, 
Carl Wender, 
Jacob Fries, 
Anthon Russ, 
^fcfiijannes Vogt, 
Bernthirt Schalfer, 
Joh. Henrich Scheid, 
Philip Schweiger, 
Conrath Spenner, 
Johannes Iniuiel, 
Moritz (ToV)el, 
J. Friederich Korn, 
Johannes Freyling, 
Henrich Revel, 
Conrad Schmitt, 
Baltzer Schaltzer, 
Peter Stein, 
Johannes Buss, 
Anthon Dauber, 
Henrich Scharr, 
Georg Pott, 
Johan Philip Schreidt, 
Johannes Seybolt, 
Joh. Bender, sen., 
Konrad Freitenberger, 
"Joh. Michael Reinhart, 
Johan Conrad Kriig, 
Herman Wetzler, 
Johannes Riell, 
Arnold Dannhiiffer, 
Heinrich Esch, 
Johannes Schaffstall, 
Johannes Danneheim. 
Johan Henrich Voss. 
Johan Ludwig Bernhart, 
Friederich Stein, sick, 
Michael Dinges, sick, 

Johan Casper Freyberg, 
Johann Michael Stahl, 
Johan Henrich Bercheira 
Johan AVilhelm Mohr, 
Henrich Wilhelm Miiller 
Joh. Wilhelm Becker, 
Johannes Straul, 
Balthaser Stetz, 
Martin Bender, 
Johannes Miiller, 
Philip Seybolt, 
Nicklas Rab, 
Georg Kriig, 
Reinhart Schmitt, 
Henrich Peter Kolhner, 
Jacob Kahl, 
Lorentz Althart, 
Christoph Stedtler, 
Georg Steiner, 
Johannes Harff, 
.Johannes Wehrne, 
Johannes Amnion, 
Peter Klein, 
Johannes Kiick, 
Peter Buss, 
Philij) Luar, 
Johannes Stoldt, 
Johannes Mel)ur, 
Mattheus Diehl, 
Johan Jacob Laux, 
Nicolaus Heister, 
Johan Bender, 
.Toll. Henrich Rathschlag, 
Wil. Henrich Brubaker, 
Matheus Achenbach, 
Reinhard Kuntz, 
Conrath Langsdorff, 
Johann Peter Bernhardt, 
.Johannes Weber, 
Joh. Daniel Burkhardt, 
Johan Georg Meyreiss, 
Johann Georg Voss, 
Johan Christian Schmidt, 
Johannes Miiller, sick. 



List of Forkigners Imported ix thf Ship Baxntstkr, 
Capt. John DoyIiK, from Amsterdam, (qualified Oct. 
31, 1754. 

JacoV) Hiirman, 

Georg Wittiner, ' 

Hans Michael Millpr. 

Joli. Conrad Jauch, 

Joliannes Heintz, 

Johannes (xeisler. 

Martin Toorwanl, 

Jaques Tahnon, 

Jaques Carel. 

Adam Ege, 

Christoph Dii^er, 

Peter Butz, 

Johannes Weber, 

Joh. Peter Kebler, 

Valentin Jiiger. 

Johan Georg Jiiger, 

Nicklaus Baserman, 

J. Henry Ashman, 

Joh. Jacob Modi, 

Joh. Peter Wolff, 

Adam Mirtorum, 

Johannes Drey, 

Lndwig Lang, 

J. Peter Weber, 

Leonhart Weber, 

Jacob Liidwig Baiiniling, 

Joh. David Krauss. 

Friederich Schiel)e], 

G. Daniel Uhll. 

Hans Georg Knauss, 

Johannes Laucher, 

}Miilippe Rouchon, 

8. Bastian Geyer, 

Hans Georg Diilcker, 

Joh. Burcliart Hiiiisser, 

ChristotTel Midler, 

Georg Wiirthmann, 

Johan Adam Gebharl, 

Johan Christoph Barrell, sick. 

Joliannes Fiedler, sick, 

Pierre Tolman, sick. 

Bastian Wittmer, 
Andreas Eberharth, 
Johan Peter Rademacher, 
Matheis Heinlein, 
Konrath Weber. 
Joseph Connet. 
Martin Toorwarp, Jr., 
Jaques Carel, sen., 
Simon Ege, 
Balthes Miiller, 
Geoi'g Wirst, 
Philip Modi, 
Johannes Benner, 
Matthias Buchman, 
Joh. Jacol) Wolff, 
Joh. Nicolaus Derscher, 
Wilham Leeb, 
Joli. Conrad Georg, 
Jon. Georg Hofman, 
Abraham Gehr, 
Conrad Kemp, 
Peter Meister, 
Elias Hartmann, 
Johannes AVeber, 
Conrad Gildner, 
Georg Reissdorff, 
Christo])h Scliarf rich ter, 
Alexander Finck, 
Hans Midi. Biihllieim. 
Hans Jacob Stoss, 
Joh. Micliael Schickel, 
Johan Valentin Keliei-, 
Philipp Sarions, 
Johan Jacob Weber, 
Johan Nickel Minck. 
Jolian Henrich. Miiller, 
Wenzel Boresclnvag. 
Jolian Peter Emricli, [si( 
Johannes Bernharil Wench. 
Jacob Kress, sick. 



List of Foreig>je-rs Imported ix the Ship Henrietta, 
Capt. John Ross, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. 
Qualified Oct. 22, 1754, 

.Johannes Keipp, 
Jacob Seyboldt, 
(reorge Stohr, 
Noah Hagy, 
P. Henry Behr, 
Jacob Vohner, 
Friederich Haysner, 
Peter Stroh, 
Simon Higdal, 
David Ernstmeyer, 
Johannes Karcli, 
Christoph Saiither, 
Joh. Casper Bopp, 
Joh. Anthon Gralf, 
Creorg H enrich Reck, 
Johannes Rotlienbiirger, 
Joh. Georg Freck, 
Johan Adam Rohlandt, 
Georg Franck, 
Slichael Tomm, 
Peter Franck, 
Ludwig Zucker, 
.Joseph Schmidt, 
Jacob CEhler, 
Johan Christoph Priess. 
Joh. Bernliard Ressing, 
Johan Daniel Zier, 
Jacob Scliiefferdecker, 
Georg Adam Klee, 
Albrecht Schweinfarth, 
.Toll. Wolrath Kriiger, 
Georg Friederich Stubert, 
Bernhard Speck, 
Han.s Jacob Mayer, 
Gottfried Ludwig, 

Christian Schwai'tzwelder, 
Peter Dietrich, 
Jacob Knodler, 
Simon Behr, 
Philip Badert, 
Hart man Ransch, 
•Tacol) Haysner, 
Pliilip Gruss, 
Conrad Bohl, 
Simon Leible, 
Balthas Thiiringer, 
Joh. Henrich Scliwalbach, 
Johan Georg Bader, 
Joh. Georg Neuman, 
Johan Michael Jetter, 
Johan Georg Schneider, 
Conrad Schlemmer, 
Georg Vetter, 
Ellas Tomm, 
Albert us Roosin, 
Jeremias Eckert, 
Michael Kohr, 
.Johannes Koch, 
Jacob Sehner, 
Jacob Kaltmiller, 
Johan Reinhard Steiner, 
Johan Georg Reith, 
Johan Georg Herbst, 
Hans Mich Schaare, 
^Johannes Reinhart, 
Johan Georg Heiges, 
Joh. Henrich Giinther. 
Julian Philip Beuerle, 
Johan Georg I hie. ■ 




List of F(MiEiGNKiis i:\rpoRTK 
Thomas Coatam, fhom Ro' 
yuALiFiKD Oct. 22, 17.'>4. 

Johann Haas, 
Han.s (reor^ Merlin^ 
Micliael Schneck, 
]3ongre(l Nietzel, 
Henry Heinnitscli, 
Antlioni Sultzer, 
Johan (Tunderbusch 
Conrad Biicliler, 
J^ernliard Kreith, 
Lorentz Senkler, 
Johannes (xeitfer, 
Johannes Hoch, 
Joliannes Scliwab, 
Peter Matheis Ganshon, 
Hans Georj? Olierholtzer, 
Job. Wolfgang' Greinbach, 
Joh. Michael Abelinan. 
Hans Adam Schmidt, 
Johan Casper Wahl, 
Joliau Mitlinel von l^eri,', 
H. Thomas Schlosser, 
Johan Jacob Rotli, 
J. Ja.col) Werlierhoh. 
Johann Michael Koch, 
Elias Gordan, 
Georg Richter, 
Jacol) Strach, 
Jacob Urassel. 
H enrich Fleiss, 
Andreas Freck, 
Conrath (Jasper, 
Jacob Wol linger, 
David lilanck, 
Martin Rarr, 
Anvhony Hrann, 
Hans Jacob Frey, 
Albrecht Hiirckert, 
^oh. Leonhard Ilgenfritz, 
Weebehand Walter, 
Johan (Christian (iuth, 
Hans Michael 8wenk, 

1) IX THK Ship Halifax, ('apt, 


Johann Fcirch, 

Johan (xeorg Zest, 

licoidiard Schmit, 

Hastian (reringer, 

AlV)recht Rabenstein, 

Andreas Schober, 

Johan Reckert, 

Hans Oberzeller, 

Anthony Gruber, 

Michael Klein. 

Michael Poobagh, 

Martin Briell, 

Joh. Michael Kleinschrot 

Joh. Georg Getinbaur, 

Joh. Philip Hofmann, 

Joh. Michael Trister, 

Joh. Michael KanfTman, 

IL Friederich Schmit, 

Johan Georg Riess, 

Pauhis Fiissweg, 

Hans (Teorg Ihle, 

Johan Nickel Wetterhardt, 

Hans Adam Haner, 

Martin Dorsheimer, 

Jacob Darm, 

Gnstavus Reb, 

Johann Ihle, 

Adam Breck, 

Nicolaus Felix, 

Anthony Dirner, 

Peter Fegele, 

Jacob Weis, 

Jacob Stegman, 

Henrich Werni, 

Joh. Henry Amrein, 

Joh. Fried. 

Joh.'in Simon Schelberger, 

Johan Adam Ewa, 

Johan Daniel Heck, 

Johan Dietrich Brecht, 

Christophel Heii, 



Johannes Bacliman, 

Job. Henrich Briehll 

Hans Jacob Dirner. 

Joli Bernhart Wilier, 

Jacob Lang, 

Hans Georg Schiitz, 

Joh. Lenhart Kochendorffe;-, 

Martin Volcknieyer, sick, 

Matheis Tar, sick, 

Andreas Scliopp, sick, 

Johau Henrich Haas, sick, 

Johan Jost Koch, 
Hans Martin Schierch, 
Johan Georg Maull, 
Philip Gresel, 
Martin Pfeiffer, 
Jacob Hanengrath, 
Hans Michael Diissing, 
Johan Michael, sick, 
Nicolans Roniberger, sick, 
Nicolaus Gerringer, sick, 
JohanAlbreth Hen. Birkee, sick 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Sn^ow Good Tntext, 
Capt. John Lasly, from Amstkudaai, lasv from Gos- 
PORT. Qualified Oct. 23, 1754. 

Johannes Linck, 

Friederich Holtzappel, 
Jost Marthin, 
Casper Schwing, 
Johan Phil. Leib, 
G. Friederich Klein, 
Peter Staub, 
Christian Meyer, 
Johannes Aumiiller, 
Johannes Lang, 
Conrad Loray, 
Johannes Gliick, 
Friederich Deussinger, 
Mich. Rehbock, 
Frantz Peter Schultz, 
Joh. Nicolans HofTnian, 
Johannes Wohlenider, 
Johan Georg Giiss, 
Joh. Leonhard Rest, 
•Joh. Jacob Schiiffer, 
John Valentin Henkel 
Johannes Heyser, 
.fohan Georg Hoff, 
Joh. Peter Bleichenbacher 
Joh. Casper Loray, 
.Toll. Wilhehn Christian, 
Johan Adam Zollmann, 

.Johannes Ortt. 
Paulus Fabin. 
Andreas Zwanzger, 
Andreas Schaffer, 
Matheas Staub, 
Conrath Anniiiller, 
Johannes Bock, 
.fohannes Vogel, 
Anton Zollmann, 
Christopli Kopp, 
Mich. Leinberger, 
Nicklas Tillman, 
Marcus Anthon Schultz, 
Joh. Bernhart Heckardt, 
Ludwig Hen. Krutter, 
Johan Christopli Lang, 
Joh. Wilhelm Weiss, 
Johan Wilhelm Lieber 
Coni-ad Hejser, 
John Peter Zoll, 
John Jost Meyer, 
Georg Friederich Walber, 
Georg Henrich Walber, 
Joh. Wilhelm Hecher, 
Joh. Henrich Schwiirtzel, 



Jolianu Tietzwortzer, 
Job. Philip (iluck, 
Nicholas Resch, 
Friederich Stiinztel, 
Lorentz Arnold. 
Wilhelia Arnold, 
Philip Rieth, 
Peter Rosper, 
Johan Adam Blihle, 
Joharnies Briwdenbach, 
Johannes Stephanas, 
Joh. Casper Bock, 
Christian Scheldt, 
Johan Williehu Niese, sick, 

Johann Teitzworrzer, jr. 
Joh. Georg Hinckel, 
Jacob KoUer, 
Friederich Pepler, 
Johannes Hauck, 
J. Friederich Nebel 
Balthasar Frietz, 
Johannes Abachlendei 
Johan Christian Heintz, 
Joh. Philip Kleiss, 
Sam. Friederich Riigerr, 
F. Reinhardt Fischer, 
Frantz Jacob Miller, sick 
Michael Sonimer sick. 

List of Forkignkrs Import 
AND Sarah, Capt. Thomas 
Qualified Oct. 2G, 1754. 

Jacob Visser, 

Michael Wenhar 

Carl Menges. 

Jacob Sttirnei-, 

Adam Schiiffer, 

Joseph Dohner, 

H. Peter Carel, 

Anthon Kling, 

Johannes Roll, 

Herman Neyinan, 

Peter Menges, 

Johan Christoph Heiss, 

Nicolaus Q{;ilenschlager, 

Leonhard Joh. Kessier, 

Johan Georg Brincker, 

Johan Nickel Ijchr, 

J. Dieterich Zieller, 

Hans Adam Meistei-, 

H. Philip Hartman. 

J. Leonhart Brundieller, 

Philip Jacob Schwenck, 

Johannes l^runner, 

H. Adam Reybolt, 


Brodrick, from Amstkrdam. 

Michael Lehr, 
Adam Breydinger, 
Peter Voick, 
Jacob Shumbert, 
Jacob Haller. 
Anthony Rohr, 
Nicholas Seewald, 
Nicolaus Carl, 
Peter Edelman, 
Lorentz Mauerer, 
Jacob Carel, 
Joh. Wilhelm Schneider, 
J. Adam Schwiibel, 
J. Conrad Menges, 
Hans Georg Aeuchle, 
J. IMichael Schlauch, 
J. Leonhart Neidig, 
Joh. Adam Weber, 
Johan Philij) Kuhl, 
Hans Peter Joch, 
J. Adam Heck man, 
Joh. Jacob Helm. 
Nicolas Leberinan, 



Joliaiines Edelmann. 

Georg Adain Ranser, 

Hans Peter Menges. 

Adam Menges, 

Matheas Krauss, 

Peter Weygand, 

Friederich Volck, 

Peter Schnurr. 

Adam Neidig, 

Samuel Lowe, 

Philip Staal), 

Johannes Pfeiffsr, 

Johannes Reist, 

Peter Joh. 

Joh. Peter Krauss, 

Bastian Schraader. 

Johan Michael Schall, 

Joh. Leonhart Kistner, 

Johan Greorg Michel, 

Joh. (ieorg Edelman. sick, 

Jost Witt, sick, 

(reorg Kauffman, sick, 

Johann Bartman, 

Philip Sommer, 

Johann Georg Menges, 

Jacob Schmit, 

Michael Hubert, 

Michael Wirth, 

Conrad Geyer, 

John Ihrig, 

Jost Reichel, 

David Lowe, 

Hertz Kiest, 

Martin Kistner, 

Georg Schoff, 

J. Georg Krauss, 

Georg Lud. Nonnenmacher, 

Daniel Neidig, 

Joh. Bernhart Mayer, 

Joh. Jost Schlitz, 

Johan Jacob Helm, 

Hans Edelman, sick, 

Hans Schnellenberger. sick. 

Jolianne.s Breslauei', sick. 

List of Forkigxers Imported ix the Ship Johx axd 
Elizabeth, Capt. Peter Ham, from Amsterdam, last 
FROM Portsmouth. (Qualified Nov. 7. 1754. 

Nicklaus Lang, 
Wendel Fritzius, 
Henry Wolfling^ 
Henry Eyler, 
Johannes Nees, 
Johann Schiller, 
Berthold Henry Pott, 
Carl Friederich Schultz, 
Johan Henrich Schmid, 
Johannes Roley, 
Johannes Wevgandt, 
Burchart Hentz, 
Nickiaus Klein, 
Johannes Flinner, 
Johannes Horatz, 

Conrad Herman, 
Georg Hochreitter, 
Martin Krebs, 
Nicolaus Desch, 
Johannes AVinholt, ,^ 
Leonhart Peteri, 
J. Georg Birchenmeyer, 
Joh. Fried. Thebardt, 
Melchior Meichler, 
Friederich Adam Derst, 
Michael Scheck, 
Johannes Sh aster. 
Friederich Mangel, 
Johannes Miining, 
Henrj^ Shneyder, 



Michael Homaii, 

Peter Fischer, 

Albert Schiinck, 

Christian Aldt, 

Georg Flohri, 

Jacob (jrander, 

Andreas Scliwartz, 

Adam Bartholomae, 

Daniel Pavid Heiuer, 

Johan .Tost Siisser, 

Johannes Meistei', 

Joh. Ernst Fronheiiser, 

Daniel Leuckel, 

Philip Achebach, 

Joh. Henrich Franck, 

Georg Wilhelm Schneider, 

Martin Reinharth, 

Joh. Gebhart Letheisser, 

Jaco)) Aminon, 

Johannes Klein, 

Theobald Fein, 

Christian Kramer, 

Paul HofTman, 

Willielin Schneider, 

Johannes Fleclier, 

Cliristoph Mengel, 

Casper Diiiner, 

Michael NeyfF, 

Jacob Werthmiiller, 

Joli: Georg Kidlinan, 

Joh. Jacob Schlotzer, sen., 

Joliann Georg Fey, 

H. Georg Miller, 

.loh. Michael Uhting, 

Hans Nicolaus Dech, 

Hans Georg Kleinpeter, 

Johannes Oiirendinger, sen., 

Henry Schwart zenbach, 

Joh. Wendel Konigsfeldt. 

Jacol) Weingart, 

Carl Gleim, 

Daniel Pfad, 

Joh. Conrad Steil, 

Johan Philip Klein, 

Joh. Jacob Gross, 

39— Vol. XVll. 

Michael Krug. 
Henry ]3ock, 
Adolph Flohri, 
Johannes Rentz, 
Michael Schmit, 
l^iiilil) Boger, 
Jacob Dogent, 
Joseph Debeer, 
Bartholonii La Gneau, 
Johannes Heldniann, 
Joh. Henrich Schmidt, 
Johannes Schumacher, 
Henrich ])resbach, 
Jean Jaqne Cuvier, 
Joliannes Griiffenstein, 
Johan Adam Miinnig, 
Joli. Georg Gerner, 
Johan Georg Heck, 
Georg Meissner, 
Herman Henger, 
Johannes Hahn, 
Jacob Wagner, 
.Jacolj Ende, 
Johannes Roth, 
Georg Uder, 
Martin Cachler, 
Michael Staub, 
Joh. Adam Zehner, 
Johan Martin Losch, 
Joli. Jacob Schlotzer, ji., 
Johan "Wendel Lentz, 
Johann Peter Hauss 
Hans Georg Abel, 
Jacob l^ernhardt, 
Ancireas Gebhart, 
.Johannes Darendinger, jr. 
.Tolian Henrich Schuster, 
Cliristian Hauswirth, 
Joh. Nicklaus Seidel, 
(]hristoph Mai, 
Christian Keller, 
Jacob Miiller, 
Joh. Peter Bannot, 
P. Christian Gross, 
J'.)ii. Andreas Gotz, 



Johann Georg Schutz, 
Joh. Valentin Briinckniann, 
Johan Adam Nas, sick, 
Hans Minnich. sick, 

Johann Peter Herrmann, 
Caspar Fahnstock, sick, 
Richard Niis, sick. 

List of Foreignkrs Imported in the Ship Neptune, 
Capt. William Mallane, from Hamburg, last f^rom 

COWES. QUAliIFIED DEC. 13, 1754. 

Andreas Schindler, 
J. Andreas Knoclien, 
Joh. Georg Bohcli, 
Anthon Giinther, 
Ludwig Leib, 
Conrad Zprn, 
B. Christian Barkel, 
J. Peter Usbach, 
Joh. Offenhauser, 
Johannes Liebentraut, 
Walter Wittmann, 
J. Christian Kiihnman, 
Friederich Wiederliohl, 
Christopher Ruthelmann, 
Johan Simon Kiihler, 
Joli. Martin Martine, 
Julius Casper Srrebig, 
Andreas Jacob Emeyer, 
Jerome Diederich Soltan, 
Joh. Christian Schrader, 
Joh. Abraham GlimplT, 
Johan Henrich Sclilesse, 
Johan August Konig, 
Henrich Frid. Stammann, 
Georg Hen. Heller, 
Joh. Juhus Sorge, 
Johann Arntberger, 
Peter Henry Hentz, 

Gottfried Ficke, 

Nicolaus Albers, 

J. Gottlob Basler, 

Willielm Antlieis, 

Adam Miiller, 

Elias Israel, 

Joh. Ernst Ziegler, 

J. Christoph Urich, 

W. Claar, 

J. Christian Kruger, 

J. Caspar QDrrig, 

Christian Kalckbrenner, 

Joh;inn Holter. 

Joh. Henrich Schafifer, 

Hen. Bven, 

Joh. Christoph Zachriss, 

Joh. Christian Werlisch, 

Johan Henrich Weidner, 

Georg Christoph Maschcat, 

Joh. Gottlob Kiintzelman, 

Christian Gebhart Ziegler, 

Conrad Schnueheim, 

Jac. Friederich Shroder, 

Christ. Hen. Jacobi, 

Joh. Philip Alberti, 

Joh. Gottfried Ritter, 

John Kotter, 

Jolian PhiliiJ Kuchstein. 

▲ J 



The Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Neptpxe, George 
8MITH. Captain, from Rotterdam, i,ast from Gosport. 
(Qualified Oct. 7, 1755. 

Reiiner Landt, 

Christian Ocker, 

Israel Josep, 

Joseph SteiiiTnan, 

Jacob Bertsh, 

Jacob Wiirtz. 

Peter FincR, 

Albrech Shabert, 

Adam Weniger, 

Micliael Bhiass. 

Wilhelm Walder, 

Christian Stohr, 

Jacob Bucli, 

Michael WiJrer, 

Friederich Efre, 

Andreas Missner, 

Johannes Sreiney, 

Sebastian Senlieder, 

Johannes Malther, 

Christian Hausnian, 

Henrich Eniert, 

Friederich Schiedt, 

Jean Frentier, 

Cliristoph Kauffman, 

Joh. Adam Chretschenbach, 

Joh. Casper Bittonff, 

Georg Friederich Dilhnan, 

Henrich Henckell, 

Sebastian Schmidt, 

Hans Michael Krauss, 

Michael Scjiindel. 

Joh. Casper Zincke, 

Joh. Henrich Moser, 

Hans Georg Schiitfer, 

Coni-ad Baumann, 

Andereas Hufflinger, 

Johan Nickel Gast, 

Philipp Jacob Biir, 

Joh. Adam HelmstiUier, 

Johan Melchior Hirth, 

Johan Michael Weise, 

Bodo Otto, 
PhiHp Grieg, 
Henrich Metz, 
Christian Reutter, 
Nicklaus Rein, 
Friederich I)ietz, 
Thomas Leitz, 
Jacob Stierle, 
Hans Reinger, 
Johan Kaiser, 
Casper Uierich, 
Hans Buch, 
Michael Wer, 
Cliristoph Mayer, 
Johannes Schitz, 
Mathias Preissgiirtner, 
J. Philip Fischer, 
Conrath Miiller, 
Friederich Adam, 
Matheas Weis, 
Johan Petter, 
Georg Klinerer. 
Georg Peter Hitsser, 
.Toll. Ludwig Uantzebecher, 
Thomas L)antzeV)echer, 
Joh. Conrad Eirheim, 
Johan Henrich Finck, 
Gottfried Zergiebel, 
Casper HinderstietT, 
Johannes Backner, 
Joh. Jacol) Schock, 
Christ. Liuhvig Kiinig, 
Hans Georg Schneider, 
Christian Baumann, 
Joliannes Erbsheusser, 
Mathiius Obergfiill, 
Johann Christian Gast, 
Joh. Peter Hickman, 
Johan Michel Korner, 
Georg Christ. Webrecht, 
Adam Lorent Dietrich, 



Johannes Schneider, 
Bernhart Eilsheinier, 
Hans Georg Keller, 
Joh. Georff Blanckenbiller, 

Jacob Albrecht Haasi ; 
G. Michael Schwab, 
Johann Georg Volck, 
Samuel Fraatsrach. 

Uisf as furnished the Provincial aut/toritics is herewith 


Christian Acker, 
Peter Hall, 
Stophel Kaufman, 
Potto Otta, 

Thomas Tanzenbecher, 
Joseph Kleyman, 
Conrad Wirhinie, 
Christian Reyter, 
Nicholas Reeni, 
Fredk. Dietz, 
Johan Henry Finck, 
Henrich Hinckle, 
Sebastian Smith, 
Casper Henderstief, 
Hans Michl. Kraus, 
Adam Wenig, 
Christoph Henor, 
Michl. Schintel, 
Johan Casper Zincher, 
Joh. Henrich Messer, 
Hans Jurg Snyder, 
Casper Ulrich, 
Hans Jurg Scheffer, 
"Christian Backman, 
Jacob Buck, 
Michael Werner, 
Andreas Hofler, 
Fredk. Aegie. 
Johan Peter Rietel, 
Joh. Christ. Kast, 
Joh. Peter Heckman, 
Joh. Michl. Spitz, 
Andreas Mesner, 
Melchor Hirt, 
Joh. Philip Fislier, 
Conrad Mellir, 

Philip Haey, 
Jurg Peter Hoffner, 
Henry Metz, 

Joh. Adam Deutchenbach, 
Ludwig Tanzenbecher, 
Casper Petorf, 
Fredk Dielman, 
Jacob Perch, 
Jacob Wertz, 
Peter Finck, 
Thomas Lutz, 
Gotfried Zwigebul, 
Carl Houser, 
Albrecht Shappert, 
Jacob Stierle, 
Han Henor, 
Michl. Claus, 
Jacob Schoch, 
Christian Ludwig Konig, 
Johannes Keyser, 
Wilhelm Walter, 
Christian Stohr, 
Hans Buck, 
> Conrad Backman, 
Johannes Herbsheyser, 
Michl. Werner, jr., 
Christoph Mier, 
Maths. OberfeJil, 
Joh. Nichl. Kast, 
Pliilip Jacob Behr, 
Joh. Adam Helmsteter, 
Maths. Pregs, 
Wilhelm Kerner, 
Johannes Steynll, 
Sebastian Sunleyder, 
Johannes Maltthaner, 



Adam Vogel, 
Cliristoph Weybrick, 
Adam Lorentz Dietrick, 
Jacob Ulrich Hass, 
Mathias Weys, 
Hans Jurg Kellor. 
Henricli Emmert, 
Jurg Klingensmitli, 
Haiines Kran. 
Lsrael Manhiin, 
Reymer Lam, 

Christn. Bantor, 
Joli. Micld. Weys, 
Johannes Smierer, 
Bernhart Eygelsheymer, 
Jurg Miehl. Swab., 
Hans Jurg Volk, 
Peter Frutehe, 
Jurg Blanheubuller, 
Samuel ISackrack, 
Isaac Levy, 

FoREiGXERs Imported 
Charles Lyoa, from 

Friederich Leydig, 
Andreas Rietel, 
Joliannes Jung, 
Conrad Tinipe, 
Johan Valentin Renter, 
Johan Georg Koch, 
Joh. Henrich Fischer, 
Johan Just Hopman, 

IX THE Ship Pexxsylvania, Capt. 
LoNDOX. Qualified ]Nov. 1, 1755. 

Lorentz Seitz, 
Georg Friedericli Weber, 
Joh. Philip Fischer, 
Joh. Heinrich Albers, 
Georg Ludwig Hochheimer, 
Joh. Daniel Bniutigam, 
Joh. Melchior Hornung, 
Andreas ISicoiaus Falling. 

lisf^ fxirnished the Provincial authorities is here given.} 

Fatten Ryder, 
And. Riddle, 
Geo. ('ook, 
Dan. Bridegam, 
Johannes Young, 
Uste Hopeman, 
Philip Fisher. 
Hendriek AUbes, 


Fred. Li beck, 
Law. Sites, 
Lodowick Oakima, 
Frederick Waber, 
Hendriek Fisher, 
Melchior Hornan, 
Fred. Hopeman, 
Conrad Timber, 
And. Nicholas Atten. 




Lawre:^ce, LiAst erom London, qualified Nov. 10, 175G. 

Bernhard Uehlein, 
Ehrhardt Conradt, 
Leonhard Diirr, 
Caspar Bernhart, 
Joliann Peter Kliinck, 
Simon Hengel, 
Michael Miiller, 
Johannes Soinbero, 
Atlam Schmidt, 
Friederich Schciff, 
Casper Biener, 
Friederich Walther. 
Johannes Haas, 
Georg Ludvvig Crucius, 
Wolfgang Nicolans Heymau. 
Johann Heinrich KliJpper, 
Joh. Wilhelm Stiernkorb, 
Johan Georg Weinig, 
Johan Nickel Wagner, 
Christian Pauli, 
Rudolph FuUeweiler 

Paiilus Kamp, 
Georg Doll, 
Georg Lndwig EV:)erle, 
Johann Andreas Klunck, 
Johann Michael Kuhn, 
Nicklcius Hahn, 
Nicklas Pauli, 
Baltes Schinf, 
Johan Sack, 
Frantz Waner, 
Johannes Weytzel, 
Christian Segnitz, 
Valentin Diin-, 
Hans Wolff Gundel. 
Johann Peter Korner, 
Johan Valentin Pauli, 
Johan Georg Schmit, 
Johann Peter Weber, 
Joh. Nickel Zimmerman, 
H.ans Epplinger, 
Johan Michael Wagner. 

List op Foreigners Imported in the Ship Snow &qttirrel,, 
John Benn, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Ports- 
mouth. Qualified Oct. 21, 17G1. 

Peter Mischler, 
Cliristophel Bomberg, 
Andreas Graff, 
Daniel Schaab, 
Valentin Anwaldt, 
Johann Wilhelm Serger, 
Joh. Nickel Hertzog, 
Nicolans Schweitzer, 
Wilhelm Becker, 
H enrich Holtzapfel, 
John Henrv Diessinger, 

Eberhart Disinger, 
Johannes Beyerle, 
Stephan Danner, 
Friederich Lieberknecht, 
Casper Knobaluch, 
Johan Simon Mayer, 
Johann Conrad Serger, 
Johan Nickel Becker, 
Georg Vogelgesang, 
Hans Eckardt, 
•Toll. Jacob Vogelgesaug. 
Georg Friederich Rohrer, 




Johann Priederich Diehl, 
Johan Ludwig Proljst, 
Johann Dietrich Taub, 

Johann Jacob Hackuian, 
Johann Jsicolaus Diehl, 
Johan Jacob Probst. 

Forb:igners Imported ix the Ship Richmoni), Capt. Cha? 
Young Husband, from Rotterdam, last from 1*out; 
MOUTH. Qualified Oct. 5, 17(53. 

Joh. Jacob Peiffer, 
Johannes Schnutz, 
Johannes Schiitz, 
Peter Gratz, 
Heinrich Daum, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Frantz Miiltz, 
Conrad Betis, 
Joseph Born, 
Johannes Himner, 
Henrich Dietz, 
Johannes Glaus, 

Peter Huinberd, 

Jost Heintz, 

Joh. Philip Wahrenholtz, 

Johann Jost Dietz, 

J. Henrich Liick, 

Johann Henrich Panlus, 

Johann Michael Matz, 

Wilhehn Voltmer, 

Johann Peter Ginsberg, 

Johannes Basel, 

Andreas Dress, 

Andreas Mertz, 

Henry "Wagner, 

Johan Solll)erg, 

Johannes Just, 

Johannes Schaff, 

Georg Bastian. 

Johann Theis Kromm, 
' Johann Engel Becker. 

Johan Peter Sclineider, 

Andreas Holtzniann, 

Friederich Schonleber, 

.Johannes Zimmerman, 

Johannes Klappert, 

Rudolph Hehr, 

Jacob Gatz, 

Ludwig Agrioola, 

Joseph Fischer, 

Georg Bender, 

P. Pautz, 

August Hemerlein, 

Paul Grin, 

Peter Gotz, 

Daniel Paulus, 

Jacob Otho. 

Johann Henrich Niess, 

Johann Jost Himner, 

Johan Christian Scheldt, 
Johann Henrich Paulus, sen. 

Johann Friederich Stiill, 

Herman Janler, 

Johann Georg Ginsberg, 

Johannes Engel Ginsberg. 

Casper Midler, 

Wilhelm Dick, 

Matthias Lockner, 

Johann Daub, 

Martin Hasch, 

Johan Mai-bes. 

Henry Bonnet, 

Johan Jacob Hoflman, 

Johann Herman Khxpjiert. 

Johann Michael Bccker. 

D. Dietrich Burchardt, 

Johan lonas Scholl, 

Johan Daniel Royscher, 



.Tohann Georg Hibler, 

Johann EngeJhut, 

Lorentz Knori, 

Martin Schaffner, 

Dilinau Becker, 

Jacob Bergniann, 

Geor<^ Friederich Hulier, 

Conrath Wolff, 

Johan Heinrich Stiisener, 

Hermann Donat, 
Jacob Glassner, 
Heinrich Beinoller, 
August Eissinger, 
I'hilipp Warner, 
Friederich Berginann, 
Johan Henricli Wensell, 
Johannes Wickel. 

Foreigners Imported in the Ship Chance, Capt. Charles 
Smith, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. Qualified 
Nov. 1, 1763. 

Joseph Seifferdt, 

Philip Casner. 

Johannes Ludy, 

Philip Schappert, 

Henrich Alsbach, 

Jacob Spielinan, 

Georg Giinther, 

Johannes Gern, 

Jacob Baltzel, 
Adam Sanimuel, 

Johannes Schellenberger, 

Jean Henri Gaijdon. 
Job. Jacob Schnorss, 
Johan Peter Kessler. 
Philip Zumstein, 
Georg Ludwig Kesselrinck, 
Johann Nickel Kotter. 
Johann Georg Henninger, 
Johann Peter Hauck, 
Michael BecKer, 
Michael Zeiner, 
Johann Michael Altz, 
.lohann Jacob Sonntag, 
Johan Peter Becker, 
Jacob Schiidt, 
JacoV) Schlick, 
Peter Wolff, 
Friederich Arnold, 
Adam Schmidt, 

Valentin Giinssel, 
David Solter, 
Georg Ebert, 
Nicolaus Schappert, 
Philip Schmit, 
Casper Huber, 
Jacob Jantz, 
Andreas Feger, 
Carl Baltzel, 
Georg Jantz, 

Henrich Deharts Hiiusser, 
Johann Georg Vetter, 
Johannes Schatt, 
Johan Christian Schwab, 
Johan Georg Dorneh, 
Bernhard Ranhert, 
Johann Georg Miihlheim, 
Georg Jacob Baltzel, 
Hans Peter Studi, 
Hans Georg Zeiner, 
Johan Henry Shuntz, 
Jacob Ebersohl, 
Johann Hoffman, 
Georg Fischer, 
Johannes Dorst, 
Jacob Behr, 
Christian Wangolt, 
Peter Krafft, 
Michael Schmidt, 



Daniel Ziitter, 

Henry Schwantz, 

Johannes Engelbert. 

Ant lion Hausani, 

Samuel Miiller, 

(xeorj^ Henrich Fjackenhardt, 

Friederich Wilhelm Stahl, 

Johann Wendel Fackler, 

Johannes Jacob Hud, 

Johann En^^el CErter, 

Jost HenvitUi Schmidt, 

Johannes Becker, 

Michael Stotiel, 

Samuel Cyriaci, 

Johannes Striitzer. 

Valentin Nieodemus, 

Emanuel Meisterer. 

Philip Greorg K neihet, 

Halthasar Ziitter, 
Johannes Welier, 

John Henry Miller, ^ 

Martin Hraun, 
Johan Valentin Hauck, 
Johannes Dorbaum, 
Johann Benedictus Gfrieben, 
Johan Thomas Gil, 
Johann Peter Munner, 
Johan Eckert QErter, 
Johann Henrich Keil, 
John Bernhart, 
Heinrich Menges, 
Balthaser Christ, 
Johann Ernst Thiele, 
Michael Spielman, 
Nicolaus Wistadius. 

Foreigners Imported ix the Brigaxtixe SrccESS, Capt. 
William Marshall, from Rotterdam, qualified Nov. 

25, 1703. 

Abrahaiu Neu, 
Leonhardt Wass, 
Anton Niiryes, 
Johann Henrich Hedrich, 
Charles Christman. 
Joh. Matheis Stephan, 

Jacob Helnt, 
John Georg Bauman, 
Johann Kopher, 
Johan .lacob Miiller, 
Mat bias Christman, 
Johan Henrich Fetzer. 

Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Pallas, Richard 
MiLXER, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Ports- 
mouth. Qualified Nov. 25, 1703. 

Georg Ktihnele, 

Isaac Droqunt, 
Conrad Mayer, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
.Tcicob Weissert, 
Ijudwig Ainaus, 
Peter Opp, 

Georg Wagner, 
David Jansohn, 
.Johannes Schaaff, 
Gottlieb Koll, 
Johann Wendel, 



Martin Helder, 

Lewis Stutz, 

Johannes Georg, 

Henrich Flick, 

Johannes Blum, 

Georg Friederich Hammer, 

(reorg Wilhelui Janson, 

Friederich Holtzhausser, 

(■onrad Scherer, 

Martin Schneider, 

Wilhelra Bleininger, 

Johan Martin Merck, 

Johann Conrad Keiser. 

Johann Adam Hoffheintz, 

Wilhelm Ritter, 

Peter Schiitz, 

Andreas Obmanu, 

Martin Steplian, 

Baltzer Schaff, 

Philip Faust, 

Christian Pfeiffer, 

Peter Wercken, 

Jean Andrie Stockinger, 

Johann Georg Prestel, 

Johann Schittenhelme, 

Gerlach Wittenstein, 

Jacob Hauser, 
Jost Vohl, 
Jacob Heintz, 
Henrich Graff, 
Henrich Just Ruhrig, 
UJrich Biirkholder, 
Johann Henrich Straueli, 
Michael Braun, 
Joliann Georg Hochst, 
Johannes Freirief, 
John Henry Miller, 
John Henry Freind, 
Johann Jacob Schweit/er, 
Johann Daniel Hoflfheintz, 
Geoi-g Thomas Gerhard t, ^' 
Casper Reider, 
Lorentz Obmann, 
Henry Pfeifler, 
Friederich Hiittner, 
Philip Miller, 
Valentin Seipel, 
Abraham Senner, 
Jean Louis Seiz, 
Leonhart Frischkorn, 
Johann Christian Schreiber 
Georg Miller. 

List of Foreigners Importe 
Charles Smith, from Rot 

Sebastian Bender, 
Henry C. Shiel. 
Philip Shifferer, 
Valentin Metzger, 
Johannes Stranger, 
Adam Wanner, 
Matheus Roth, 
Philip Brogli, 
Peter Grosh, 
Andreas Amraann, 
Johannes Rittesheim. 

n IX the Ship Chance. Capt. 


Peter Neyer, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Balthas Kappes, 
Bernhard Geiger, 
Michel Baiidelo, 
Georg Sleig, 
Friederich Altherr, 
Joliannes Tandt, 
Georg Haag, 
Ludwig Schad, 
Anton i Vogt, 



Andreas Sclioll, 
Jacobus Ai'andt, 
Michael Hreinich, 
Daniel Dexheimer, 
Johann Pliilip Thouia, 
Joliann Martin Hes, 
Joh. Friederich Midler, 
Georg Peter Beck, 
Johann Jacob Sties, 
Johan Herman Mayer, 
Matthias Kemper, 
Georg Sclierer, 
Georfj Leonhart Stutz, 
Stephan Freundt, 
Johannes Wench, 
Johan Jacob Schiffner, 
Johan Stephan Saam, 
Johann Geor<^ Hundt, 
Johannes Kebner, 
Heinrich Schiiffer, 
Philip Blum, 
Johannes Vogel, 
Ludwig Feter, 
Peter Riicker, 
Johannes Theiss, 
Ludwig Huber, 
Friederich Ringer, 
Johan Georg Strein, 
HermaTi Zonnerer, 
Johan Christian Descher, 
Johannes Rick, 
Friederich Hoffman, 
Joliannes Weinl)erger, 
Valentin Bauer, 

Peter xVrandt, 
Peter Kraptl', 
Joh. Lndwig Dexheimer, 
Johann Peter Schmidt 
Johann Adam Schiffer, 
Joh. Michael Habiizel, 
Johann (xeorg Haass, 
Johann Wilhelm Weis^, 
Johann Nickel Mayer, 
Fra.ntz Schwartz, 
Andreas Druckenbrodt, 
Johan Peter Durst, 
Johannes Gerhard, 
Johan Georg Gebhardt, 
Johan Jacob Grob, 
Matheus Bremich, 
Johann Adam Bremich. 
Philip Abraham Hornich, 
Jacob Eckfeldt, 
Peter Ziirn, 
Andreas Bartel, 
Andreas Meisch, 
Josej)!! Chasseur, 
Peter Haas, 
Philip Will, 
Georg Gieibert, 
Michael Wilhelm, 
Friederich Wahl, 
Simon Descher, 
Johannes Pfalth, 
Johann Georg Theiss, 
Daniel Weniger. 
Sebastian Seyberth. 
Geo. Wendel Zimmerman. 

List OF FoRKiGNERS I.mportki> ix thk Ship Polly. Capt. 
Robert Porter, from Rotterdam, last from Uowks. 
Qualified Sept. m, 17G4. 

Bernhardt Beck, 
Johainies Schadt, 
Hans Guiner, 
Jacob Berchel, 

Nichl. Schluhte, 
Fi iederich (xalle, 
Joh. Jacob Reudt, 
Job. Jacob Mann, 



Cliristian Berjjinan, 
Jacob Wensrer. 
Joh. Daniel Konig, 
John Martin Stoll, 
Johannes Euhnan, 
Christian Lanj^, 
Joli. Jost Sclireckenangst, 
Jolin Melchior Hollebacli, 
Johann Peter Trein, 
Joh. Casper (xiittenberg, 
Jolian Friedericli Strass, 
Johann Carl Laiibach, 
Johan Greorg Weyckel, 
Johan Adam Franck, 
John Georg Schwaab, 
Peter Marks, 
Peter Grebiel, 
Conrad Bauer, 
Peter Dietrich, 
Carl Schmidt. 
Frantz Peter Hackert, 
Joh. Fried. Zimmerman, 
Anthon Noschang, 
Christian Ernst Beschler, 
Wilhelinus Moser. 

Baltzer Wenger, 
Nicklaus Lugebiit, 
Geo. Adam Graff, 
Johannes Beiser, 
Peter Steigelman, 
Johann Christoph Schmidt, 
Johcinn Jacob Graff, 
Johan Georg Schmidt, 
Johann Georg Eller, 
Joh. Micliael Bergman, 
Johan Conrad Strass, 
Johan Henrich Ehls, 
Johan Nickhis Franck, 
Johan Henrich Schell, 
Jolian Nickel Heibst, 
Andi'eas Grebiel, 
I-eonhart Bauer, 
Antoni Jutz, 
Adam Mishell, 
Antlioni Welte, 
Johan Valentin Dumm, 
Peter Thormeyer, 

Johan Mathias Hoffman, 

Jacob Neblinger. 

List of Foreigxkrs Imported in the Ship Sarah, Capt. 
Fraxcis Staxfell, from Rotterdam, last from Ports- 
mouth. Qualified Sept. 20, 17(34. 

Paul Hoffman, 
i^Conrad Bischoff, 
Michael Lauth, 
Peter Gcittel, 
Theobold Lehman, 
Israel Grob, 
Peter Hiib, 
Adam Liidy, 
Christian Meyer, 
Daniel Frick, 
Michael Hoffecker, 
Joh. Peter Weber, 
Johann Lichtenfeld, 

Godfrey Keyser, 
Georg Scherer, 
Adam Gottel, 
Henrich Eich, 
Jacob Hoch, 
Peter Schwaab, 
Theobold AVeber, 
Frantz Kettering, 
-Jacob Allspach, 
Conrad Frick, 
Jacob KiefTer, 
Leonhard Lenckner, 
Andreas Vol]i)recht, 



Joliannes Welte, 
AJartiii Hollinan, 
Jolian Ludwif^ l^etz, 
Johan Adaia tSchafT, 
Henvich Wettern, 
J. Henry Kisauer, 
Oswald Rap, 
Moritz Master, 
Johannes Greorj^ Specht, 
Jacolj Trein, 
Martin Ranch, 
Joliann Wilhelm Weber, 
Christian Fraiuilling, 
Johann Jacob Kautmau, 
Johannes Spielnian, 
Daniel Dansjnan, 
John Georg Hubacher, 
John r-feorg Drachsel, 
Hans Georg Scheyre, 
Hans Dietrich HolT, 
Johann Matheis Diebel, 
Johann Philip Welde, 
Jacob Feiock, 
Michael Met/ger, 
Georg Fischer, 
Johannes Dorr, 
- Carl Gerhardr, 
Arend Krissing, 
Christel Kiinig, 
Georg Kuhn, 
Johannes Gass, 
Johannes Hegenstill. 
Johan Christoffel Hint/., 
Johann Georg Wetzel, 
H enrich Nickel Raque, 
Johann Daniel Ijohr, 
Johan Peter Steiler, 

Michael Funck, 
Georg Jacob Scherer, 
Johan Urban Hetz, 
Friederich Com-ail iSchelTer, 
Theobold Itzberger, 
Johannes Blitz, 
Peter Gcittel, 
Johann Christ. SchanV), 
(Jonrad Fischer, 
Heinrich Schreiner, 
Johan Henrich Fashaus, 
Johann Jost Strack, 
Jacob Altvatter, 
Simon Friederich Schober, 
Johan Daniel Frahinann, 
Philip Holl'ecker, 
Johan Michael Thran, 
Henrich Ochssenbecher, 
Johann Henrich Hoff, 
.Johann Georg (xrossglass, 
Johann" Friederich Kiichner 
Jacob Schantre, 
John Schiister, 
JacoV) Gimsel, 
Johannes Finniger, 
Johan Herman, 
Peter Knhn, 
Wendel Sheets, 
Georg Schmeck, 
Johannes Hitz. 
Johann Peter Ottf rshelt, 
!• rantz Thomas II art man, 
Georg Henry Hartman, 
Johann Philip Kiilni, 
Hans Christ. Rac]ue, 
Conrad Schiiffer, 
Johann iMichael Jung. 



List of ' Forkignkrs Imported ix thk Ship Brittama, 
Capt. Thomas Arnot. from Rotterdam. (Qualified 
September 20, 1704. 

Christoph Heger, 
John Weber, 
Nicholas Smith, 
Theobald Roth, 
Andreas Vogt, 
Jacob Gitt, 
L. Gerscliheimer, 
Joliann Baiim, 
Gottfried Lamphardt, 
Andreas Ketteman, 
Johann Henricli Wolker, 
Peter Wiser, 
Jacob SchiitTer, 
Peter Paulns Leicht, 
Joli. Valtin Horter, 
Erliard Bodenstein, 
Phil. Henry Miller, 
Christoph Briickert, 
Abraham Messer, 
Christian Eberhard, 
Georg Lelmer, 
Georg Kuntz, 
Jacob Biiyerlein, 
Nicklas Staller. 
Dietrich Gerliart, 
Johann Bernharr Ott. 
Christian Haushalter. 
Johannes Georg Freiberger, 
Friederich Pautzler, 
Georg Philip Karwin, 
Henrich Marschheimer, 
Johan AVilhelm Ersterger, 
Adolph Carl Sclmeider, 
Tliomas Wagner, 
Joliannes Weibel, 
Adam Miller, 
Justus Leclileider, 
Valentin Stettler, 
David Schneider, 
Johann Friederich Vogel, 
John Conrad Lombach, 

Johannes Zopp, 

Augustus Weiss, 

Daniel Reig, 

Martin Jetter, 

Johannes Gitt, 

Adam Finck, 

Jno. Geo. Reiff, 

Casper Erhardt, 

Jon. Paulus Grasteinbreuner, 

Georg Michael Schraitt, 

Georg Santer, 

Johannes Krombach, 

Johannes Hochst, 

Joh. Andreas Velck, 

J oh. Adam Rau, 

Joh. Friderich Koch, 

Jacob Briickert, 

Johannes Kalbfleiscli, 

Fried. Joachim, 

Andreas Jiiger, 

Georg Lambarth, 

Henrich Wegner, 

Christian Rup, 

Friederich Bachman, 

Christoph Keller, 

Johann Andreas Schmidt, 

Georg Heinrich Schmitt, 

Johann Martin Ott, 

Johann Carl Schmitt, 

Georg Adam Zepp, 

Jacob Tieschmar, 

Georg Michael Oeltinger, 

Philip Lautenschlager, 

Christian Schellman, 

Stephan Weibel, 

Andreas Freiberger, 

Carl Garaus. 

Jacob Masohlder, 

Christian Fleckstein, 

Georg Wilhelm Schmitt, 

Johann Philipp vou Nieder, 



Johan Friederich Mopps, 
(reorg Friedei'ieli Helidz, 
Johann Adam (rratY, 
Greorg Valentin Dengen, 
Johaini Jacob Schmidt, 
Johan Philip Racke. 
Johann Andreas Spitzer, 
Johan Dietrich Hauck, 
Johann Philip iSchaetl'er, 
Hans Michael Ijamjmrt, 
Joh. Henrieh Fal)ricius, 
Johann Michel Michel, 
Hans Adam Tapler, 
Hans Michael Reseller, 
Martin Biihler, 

(xerhart Steinbrucker, 
Johann (jeorg (.xraff, 
Johann (ieorg Kaintz, 
Joh. Pnilip Seidenstricker, 
Philip Henrieh Engel, 
Johann Henrieh S{)itzer, 
Johan Friederich Beyern)eister, 
Hans Cxeorg Schusterdrelier, 
Henry Seidenstricker, 
Johann Ludwig Schiiffer, 
Joh. Geori^e Menkes, 
Christian Sachsman, 
.Tacob Bartscherer, 
]*hilip Deitrich l-^ishler. 

List of ForkiCtNkrs I 
Prussia, Capt. James 
FIED Oct. :'). 17G4. 

Jacob Haidel, 
Johann Miiller, 
(Terlach (Tran, 
Ludwig iSehell, 
Frantz Schweitzer, 
Andreas Finck. 
Wendel ApfTel, 
Henrieh Strohm, 
Georg Ridle, 
ISicklas Scherrer, 
Albert us HatTner, 
Elias Apffel, 
Christian Apffel, 
Johann Peter Vadel, 
Georg Peter Deisert, 
Joharnies Ott, 
.)oh. Philip Ranschkol)er, 
Johan Nicolans Dippel, 
•Fohan Philip Mattes, 
Georg Schwerdt. 
Johan George Ernst, 
Michael Pilati. 
Philip Jacob Suder, 


Henrieh Schell, 
Jacob "Weber, 
Philip Reseller, 
Heinrich Urekart, 
Johan Nickel Horst 
Johannes Stutz. 
Georg Schlemb, 
Georg Aplfel, 
Paul Schreek, 
Christian Wickert 
Georg Kentner, 
Jacob Specht, 
Georg Dolle, 
Johann Georg The. 
Christian Weber, 
Matthias Hendrich, 
Philij) Jacob Breszler, 
Johan Philip Steinmetz, 
Ernst Ludwig Reinl)()ld, 
Thomas Pilati. 
Joh. Nicolaus Seliwerdt 
Johan Peter Fischer, 
Johannes Kolb, 



Georg Michael Hart, 
Johann Georg Gantz, 
Johannes Koster, 

Johan Martin Hierdt, 
Johann Nickel Wagner, 
Joh. Philip Muhlmichel. 

List of Forkioxkrs Imported in the Ship Richmond, 


FiED Oct. 20, 17G4. 

Jacob Nill, 
Jacob Korber, 
Christoph Weber, 
John x\.llman, 
Johannes Rupert, 
John Adam Heckman; 
Conrad Jacoby, 
Jacob Hasbacli, 
Albert Giilcher, 
Frantz Kuhn, 
Sebastian Stier, 
Samuel Stauffer, 
Georg Taub, 
Gottfried Schott, 
Joliannes Seitz, 
Paul Kober, 
Jacob Metz, 
Abraham Jacob, 
Jno. Geo. Haffner, 
John Erlenheiser, 
Jacob Schneyder, 
Jacob Breisch, 
Jacob Bardon, 
Nickel Kiimerer, 
Peter Hanner, 
Nickel Gotz, 
Johannes Spengler, 
Daniel Weichel, 
Johann Peter Gerhard, 
Eberhard Kirsheyer, 
Johan Conrad Kauffman, 
Johanft Martin Rupert, 
Gottlieb Bockle, 
Wendel Heiss, 
Valentin Hackenbach, 

Friederich Gebberdt, 

Christoph Weber, sen., 

Bernhart Schneider, 

Samuel Starck, 

Joh. Wendel Barthohnai, 

Michel Halm, 

Wendel Runckel, 

Michel Heiser, ' 

Balthas Suuier, 

Johannes Gluck, 

H enrich Kurtz, 

Michael Reiner, 

Daniel Siitzler, 

Michael May, 

Peter Miiller, 

H enrich Alhnan, 

Jno, Geo. Ort, 

Conrad Minger, 

Jacob Kleh, 

Micliel Becker, 

Christian Jung, 

Wiihelm Feikert, 

Peter Hardtman, 

Adam Rieth, 

Johan Balthaser Hausser, 

Joh. Christoph Ulrich Krenser, 

Johann Christian Thiel, 

Johann Georg Diebert, 

John Georg Fullman, 

Johann Adam Sebiner, 

Michael Mayer, 

Georg Stattler, 

Johann Peter Schell, 

Johann Friederich Henrich, 

Matheis Koch- Weber, 




Friederich Hirsclifeidt, 
Joseph Breisch, 
Hans Georg Kurtz, 
Hans Georg Hajijenbach, 
Nicklas Liichner, 
Micliael Reidebach, 
Johann Adam Schiitz, 
Johannes Mensch, 
J oh. Jacob Engelhardt, 
John Petei* Beckel, 
Johannes Henricli Harn, 
Frederick Kiihhnan, 
Hans Michael Welsz, 
PeTer Reidenbach. 
Conrad Dieffenbacher, 
PhiHp Friedrich Miiher, 
Johan Peter Cliypfeius, 
Joliann Nickel Reidenbach, 

Christoj)h Martin Generdt, 
John Geo. Geiger, 
Jolm Marrin Knoblauch, 
Johann Andieas Kolb, 
Johan Philip Miiller, 
Wendel Guttiinder, 
Johann Michael Stofl', 
Wolfarth Reinhart Edinger, 
Johannes Jacob l^uandel, 
Johannes Ei-Jenheiser. 
Geoig Leonhard I'feitt'er, 
Johan Nickel Grimm, 
Hans Michael Henrich, 
Johann Dietrich Heiss, 
WilheJm Spengler, 
Johan Adam Weber, 
Melchior Edingei-. 

List of Foreigners Imp 
Rali'h Forster, from 
Qualified Oct. 27, 17U4. 

Johannes Hufer, 
Johannes Weiss, 
Andrew Wolff, 
Peter Miiller, 
Jost Meyer, 
Jacob Lossle, 
Jacob Hauck, 
Peter Schauer, 
Martin Herwald, 
Peter Wedel, 
Friederich Eppling, 
Daniel Strickler, 
Lazarus Herbei, 
Johannes Ludwig, 
Jacob Schibb, 
Johannes Diirr, 
Johann Michel AValT^r, 
Abraham Fetter, 
Johann Michael Klein, 
30— Voi>. XVII. 


Rotterdam, last from Cowks. 

Jacob Karch, 
John Berg, 
Jacob Hass, 
Georg Siel, 
Georg Etter, 
Matheis Peter, 
Johannes Hauck, 
Peter Scheide. 
Gustavus Schlosser, 
Gottfried Epphng, 
Johannes Will, 
Michael Shub, 
.Jacob Hunig, 
.Johannes Gress, 
Conrath Diirr, 
Lorent/. Diirr, 
•lohan I^hilij) Kiintsch, 
Jacob DiissardT. 
Hans Nickel Bauer, 



Johannes Hoffman, 
Johannes Ring, 
Urban Weidenmeyer, 
Nicholas Anthony, 
Johann Jacob Grross, 
Peter Nickles, 
Adam Meyer, 
Henrich Fuchs, 
Michael Schiff, 
David Konig, 
Gi-eorge Wiihelm, 
Henrich Kohl, 
Johannes Sellheim, 
Georg Heyman, 
Andreas Keck, 
Bernhard Steiner, 
Joseph Renau, 
Johannes Wittig, 
Philip Ecker, 
Adam Philipi, 
Adam Fiigle, 
Ulrich Eyman. 
Johannes Walsch, 
Johann Christian Gernet, 
Wiihelm Henrich Biegel, 
Johann Adtim Rudolph, 
.lohn Reinhard Kauffman, 
Jacob Sauerheber, 
Rudolph Schuman, 
Johannes Fuhrmann, 
Martin Hoylman, 
Johann Adam Rausch, 
Johann Ernst Daniel, 
Hans Georg ^otz, 
Michael Nieth, 
Georg Sachs, 
Michael Walter, 
Andreas Michael, 
Martin Heitz, 
Daniel Brennemann, 
Jacob Seitz, 
Rudolph Kiigy, 
Georg Altschuh. 
Johann Nickel Kahl, 
.lohann Henrich Lutz, 
Abraham Schantz, 

Johannes Fellman, 
Joh. Georg Weidenmeyer. 
Eberhardt Weidenmeyer, 
Ludwig Friebiirger, 
Conrad Bingman, 
Johannes Gernet, 
Paulas Pauli, 
Johannes Frietsch, 
Georg Wintz, 
Conrad Konig, 
Egidius Jung, 
Nicholas Ott, 
Joseph Hertel, 
Martin Schupp, 
Simon Fischer, 
Jacob Rippert, 
Henrich Baura, 
Dietrich .Tiiger, 
Michael Philipi, 
Johannes Deehr, 
Adam Neiss, 
• Johann Georg -Wagner, 
Johann Andreas Schad, 
Leonhard Biichler, 
Johann Lorentz Beck, 
Georg Adam Weickel, 
Henrich Schwerdt. 
Johann Schuman, 
Christopher Radebach, 
Johan Ludwig Sewaldt, 
Johann Georg Wetzel, 
Johannes Dage, 
Johan Adam Seyberth 
Henrich Roth, 
Gottlieb Nieth, 
Georg Deh, 
Samuel Schober, 
Michael Schaffer, 
Nicolaus Breidebach, 
Christian Brubacher 
Daniel Joder, 
Peter Grebil, 
Johann Georg Adam, 
Johan Adam Bruchhauser, 
Friederich Haffner, 
Conrad Hassentrager, 



.Jacob KanfTmaiu 
.Johann Georg Heyl. 
Johanu Jacob Heyl, 
Johann .[acob Leiman, 
Johann Vahin Becker, 
Jost Dettweiler. 
Ct-eorg Philip Pettri, 
Johannes Prenser, 
.Fohann Daniel Franck, 
Albrecht iSchunjaclier, 
.rohann Philip Giittman, 
Johann Linlwig Weber 
Johainies Kugelwerth 
Johannes Kiester, 
Christian Stauffer, 
Johan Henrich Lannert, 
Nicholas Ueberroth, 
Valentin Volck, 
Georg Bort/., 
Adam Ruth, 
Peter Ziefus, 
('hristopher Hess, 
Jacob Klamni, 
Johann Glasser, 
]*hilip Let/., 
Friederich Lossing. 
Herman WiTTscher, 
Johann INIichael Nagel, 
Michael Resmeyer, 
Georg Simon Rieger, 
Friederich Wurt/.bacher, 
Johann Martin Miider, 

Joliann Henrich Heyl, 
Johann Conrad Heyl 
Johann Peter Hostadt. 
Johann Henrich liausch, 
Christian Schowalder, 
Johann Micliael Bredebach, 
Carl Ladwig Baum, 
Melchior Weidenmeyer, 
Johann Georg Scherer. 
Benedicnis GiiUe, 
Johann Gottfried Weiss, 
Johann Michael Hirschlag, 
Johann Martin Klein, 
Johannes Kundelniann, 
Henrich Schneider, 
Adam Herman, 
Johan Jacob Nagel, 
Peter Harris, 
Nickel rierisch, 
Peter Ambrose, 
Peter Jnng, 
Simon Klos. 
AV)raham Peter, 
Michael Biittner, 
Johann Adam Biich, 
Hans Georg Baumant, 
Georg Peter Zenteler, 
Johann Andreas Unangst, 
Georg Michael Klamm, 
Johann David Schadt. 
Johann Henrich Sclumeberger, 
Conrad Holdebrand. 

List of Forkignkrs Importkd tn thk Ship Jkxkffkr^ 
Capt. Georgk Kerr, from Rotterdam, last from 

('OWES. QUALIFIED NoV. ."). 1764. 

Johannes Fuhrinan, 
Frantz Kramer, 

Frantz Kriimer, 
Antonius Kroinm, 
Simon Georg, 
Peter Hiirstman, 
Johann Lndwig Degen, 

Hans Penger, 
Jost Ranter, 
John -Jiiger, 
Henricli Kroniin, 
Georg Schi)n. 
Christian Roth. 
Johann Pldlip Endres, 



Joiiaiiii (rottfried Aleyer, 
Frantz Riibtiaineii, 
Johanii Krouiiu, 
Johann Best We>)f7-, 
Johanu (rerlach Finck, 
Johann Wilhelni Strunck, 
Johann Peter Peteri, 
Joliii Georg Maur, 
Joli. Dietrich Sclmiidt, 
Jost. Henrich Frant/, 
Joliann Wilhehn Frant/., 
(iottfried Stock, 
Christian Zimmer, 
Johannes Landes, 
Fohn Miller, 
Joliannes Ochse, 
J no. Geo Opper, 
Tlionias Welier, 
Friederich Decker, 
Martin Scheller. 
Henrich Stockel, 
Jacob Meisset, 
-.Ino. Wm. Miller, 
(Jhristian Hantzel, 
Jacob Wern, 
Peter Kriebihl, 
Johann Christ. Hensser, 
Joliann Andreas Wentzell, 
Johau Adam Steinwacks, 
Valentin Schuster, 
Hans Georg Schmidt, 
Heinrich Wiliielm Gruck, 
Joliann Adam Binger, 
Balthasar Dieffenbach, 
Johan Wilhelni Weynan, 
Johann Peter Hacheidjerg, 

Johan Georg Leininger, 
Johann Martin Nel), 
Johann Ciirist. LindorlT, 
Johann Gerlach Traut, 
Johann Peter Weber, 
Johann Henrich An, 
Johann Georg Reyman, 
Johann Jacob Schlosser, 
John Christ. Fuhisbach, 
Johanu Jacob Frantz, 
Johannes Volck, 
(Jonrad Braun, 
Jacob Landes, 
Ulrich Bieber, 
Andreas Braum, 
Joim Cond. Shiebel, 
J no. Diet Fehring, 
Johannes Riibelucht, 
Jno. Charles Hetrig, 
Johann Wantzbach, 
Nicklaiis Meisset, 
l*hilip Schmidt, 
John Schwab, 
Abraham Rai)])ler, 
Stephan Petri, 
.loll. Eiigel Stockev, 
Johannes Georg Reiitch, 
Johann David Mehn, 
Johann Henrich Giehl. 
Hans Georg AVuther, 
Johann Michael Braun, 
Johann Henrich Helensteuer, 
Johann Jacob Hortz, 
Johannes Gerhard Klein, 
Jacob Brenneniann. 
Johann Wiilielm Klein. 

List of Foreigxeks iMi'oiiTKti in the Ship Princk of James EufiAu, Master, FiiOM Rotterdam, last 
FROM (!owEs. Qualified Noa'. ."), 17G4. . 

Peter Rumen, 
Philip Becher, 
K:irl IThl, 

• lohannes Muth, 
Philij. Golb, 
iSicolaiis Booss, 



H«'nricli Happel, 

l^etev Dorr, 

Peter Rasbacli, 

Paul Bichler, 

Juliannes iSchertzer, 

Adam Heiiueberger, 

.Jac.ol) ISclieiiekweiler, 

Ueorj^ Willielni Kesler, 

Cieor^ Perer Hessler, 

AVilhelm Henrich Kus.s, 

Johann Valentin Schneidei-, 

Joiiannes Solmell, 

Johannes Kuntz, 

Adam Kiiiser, 

Casper Fries, 

i^eter J alien, 

Johannes Orth, 

Philip Barth. 

Adam Grless, 

Jacob Petry, 

Sebastian Thiel, 

Peter Hesler, 

Martin Seybert, 

Johan Jacob Mattheis, 

Peter l^anbenstein, 

Johann Philip Schen, 

Geor^ Schiiffer, 

Peter (Jiirius, 

Christopher Heidrich, 

Johannes Schneider, 

Johannes Weisgerber, 

Jacob Dorsheimei', 

Joiiannes Eckel, 

Peter Haerbarfjer, 

Ciiristollel Schmidt, 

Johannes Starck, 

Johann IMiilip Bittmaii, 

Conrad KorlTmanii, 

Johannes Manderfelth, 

( "harles Norheinier, 

Johann Nicklas Schneider, 

Philipi) Mittmann, 

Wiliiehu Kuntz, 

Georg Jiifjer, 

Heinrich Jiiger, 

Ludwig Mader, 

(Jarl Stas/,, 

(Tottlieb Becker, 

Peter Wann, 

Peter Umstatt, 

treorg Sell mi t, 

Thomas Kolhaiis, 

(ieorg Horster, 

Joliann Conrad Stoltz, 

Johan Christo{)ii Hnch. 

Johan l^eter Jjaubeiistein, 

Jacob Esj)enschied, 

Henrich Rihm, 

(xeorg Adam Diickel, 

Henrich Berninger, 

Joh. Burchanlt Knhbnann, 

Wilhelm Kirch er. 

IjIst of Forkignkrs Impohtki) IN' THK Ship Boston, Mat- 
THKW Carr, Master, from Kotteruam, I/Ast from CowEt-. , 
(.QUALIFIED Nov 10, 17G4. 

Henrich Spahr, 
Anthony Koley, 
Johannes Walther, 
Diebolt Lentz, 
Lorentz Jung, 
Michael Cfeorg, 
Deibolt Beit, 
Isaac Bertsch, 

Johannes Schwann, 
Johannes Wenfz, 
Johannes Pflanm, 
Andreas Kiippel, 
Ludwig Schaffer, 
John Schuppling, 
Jaqne Depre, 
Adam Lampart, 



Johan Aiulieas Fuchs, 

Johan Casper Keipper, 

Jolian Georg Muth. 

Hans Georg Biittner, 

Georg Adam Snltzer, 

Nickolaus Reidenauer, 

Simon Peter Baidemann, 

Johann Teobald, 

Johan I'hiiip Weytzel, 

Philip Glass, 

Peter Wentz, 

Georg Reidenauer, 

Christian Miihleisen, 

John Lampart, 

Henry Bauer, 

Peter Halm, 

Henry Scheffer, 

Peter Geiss, 

Henrich Fuchs, 

Peter Steffen, 

Jacob Conrath, 

Rupertus Waller, 

Philip Jacob Bansmann, 

Wilhelm Bernhardt, 

Conrad Fried. Bientelheimer. 

Johannes Spanckuobel, 

Henrich Baclimann, 
Johann Peter Schahl, 
Johan Valentin Dickes, 
Johan Carl Boley, 
Hans Adam Hartnian, 
Andreas Schneider, 
Christian Jacob Klein 
Lewis Siiimfassel. 
Henrich Herberger, 
Johannes Kessler, 
Peter Kendtner, 
Frantz Lambert, 
Peter Westermanii 
Jacol) Buss, 
Michael Week, 
Justus Eckhard, 
Henrich Fuchs, 
Peter Fuchs, 
Nicklas Hittel,/^ 
Johan Nickel Week, 
Andreas Baussmann, 
Bernhart IjOss, 
Casper Bernhardt, 
Johann Diter Blodel, 
Johan Georg StiittL^r, 
Pliilip Gerber. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship SnowTryall, 
John Clapp, Master, from Amsterdam, last from Pl,v- 

MOHTH. yWALIFIEU J)EC. 4, 1764. 

George Bender, 
Johannes Grans, 
Henrich Stauffer, 

:^ Jacob Keppel. 
Andreas Emrich, 
Johannes Bender, 
Heinricli Lautzenhausser, 
Abraham Schiiffer, 
Johannes Roscher, 
Philippus Stein, 
Bastian Bender, 
Carl Jost, 

Nickolaus Aberthal, 
Johannes Gaul, 
Valentin Braun, 

Peter Lautzenhausser, 
Christopher Mathias, 
Jacob Lautzenhausser, 
Johannes J ung, 
Anthony Opj), 
Johan Daniel Gross, 
Johann Jacol) Enck, 
Kasper Schonbruck. 



List of Foreigners Impoute 
Porter, Master, fhom Ro 
Qualified Attg. 24, 1705. 

Jacob Huntzicker, 
Jacob Nagele, 
Joseph Stecher, 
Christian Wunder, 
Elias Werner, 
Jacol> Gremberling, sen. , 
Christopli Stugel, 
Andreas Ehresmann, 
Lorent/. irronninger, 
Peter Sigfried, 
Jacob Mays,..,,,,^ 
Jacob "Wunder, 
Jacob Faut, 
Jacob Treuttle, 
Jacob Behr, 

Johann Philip Harttung, 
Paulas Sturm, 
Cliristoph rTiniihle, 
Hans Greorg Schneck. 
Johan Jacob Hanniiiller, 
Jacob Thorwarth, 
Jacob Schneck, 
Henrich Hopff, 
Georg Ufer, 
Rudolph Mam beck, 
Johannes Midler, 
Michael Hoff, 
Johanni^s May, 
Anthony Khein, 
Peter Gress, 
Gottfried Miinch, 
Micliael Widerick, 
Georg Simon Haushalter, 
Chrisroph J^ietrich, 
Henrich Bethgiss, 
Johann JacoV) Hofelen, 
Johann Jacob Schressel, 
Johann Wilhelm Bender, 
Martin Klaubach, 
Johan Georg Kiihler. 
Johan Martin Obermiller, 

D IN THE Ship Polly, Robert 
tterdam, last from Cowes. 

Andreas Heinr/., 
.Jacob Gay, 
Jacob Gemberling, 
Conrad Hauenstein, 
.Toll. Adam Friederich Doll, 
Georg Jacob Hauenstein, 
.Toll. Ijeonard T^eville, 
Andreas liuchhecker, 
Joh. Michael Gronninger, 
(Joiirad Miinch, 
Peter Zeiler, 
Elias Wiegandt, 
Teeter Gram, 
Jacol) Schultz, 
Samuel Behr, 
.JacoT) Schwenck, 
Johannes Rathacker, 
Hans Georg Schneck, sen., 
Christopher Hanniiiller, 
Johann Barthman, 
Jacob Hetzel, 
Georg Stadtler, 
FriedericTi Hippel, 
Christian IMaurer, 
Johannes Volt/, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
John Mich. Bishoff, 
Jacob Miiller, 
Michael Mensebach, 
Johan l^ernhart Dietrich, 
Georg Adam l^ressler, 
Valentin Kauffmann, 
Georg Adam Teis, 
Henricli Wilhelm Mayer, 
Christian HiiulTrer, 
Johann Georg Hoff, 
Joliiinn Nickel Fischer, 
Frantz Arnold Jjeihn, 
Johann Jacob ^lolir, 
Petei- Rudolph. 



List of Foreigners Imported im the Ship Chance, 
Charles Smith, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
CJowEs. England, qualified Sept. 9. 1765. 

Peter Kebbler, 

Charles Gi-iui, 

Jacob Geiger, 

Jacob Deinius, 

Caspar Roth, 

Balthas Breitenbiicher, 

John Philip Halferstock, 

Jacob Georg, 

Daniel Meyers, 

Jacob Krafft. 

Jacob Guth, 

Jacob Kendel, 

Johan Erendorff, 

iieorg Christian Miiller, 

Michael Kettenring, 

Joh. Georg Paul Christmann, 

Philip Henrich Mayer, 

Joh. Wilhehn Schaffer, 

Joh. Wendel Kiibeler, 

Matheis Hartmeyer, 

Eberhard Liittig, 

Martin Weber. 

Friederich Keller, 

Nicklaus Ludi, 

Jonas Dill. 

Wendel Schanck. 

Rudolph Brengel, 

John Russ, 

Isaac Frantz, 

Michael Ritter, 

Michael Miiller. 

Johann Christian Lessig, 

Joh. Adam Grieini, 

Joh. Burchard Krelss, 

Joh. Henrich Gernardt, 

Joh. Michael Seit/er, 

JoViann Philip Miiller, 

.Johannes Giedeliiiann, 

Christian Briitzius, 

Georg Krebs, 
Jacob Miiller, 
Peter Schmidt, 
Johannes Schissler, 
Henrich iiambert, 
Joiiann Georg Bauer, 
OJiristopher Kessler, 
Johannes Fecher. 
John Dauchawirt, 
Henrich Jviigel, 
John Klein, 
Jacob Kehl, 
Valentin Metzger, 
Joiian Philip Melter, 
Johan Jacob Kettenring, 
Johann Wilhehn Niisser, 
Joh. Christophel Kurtz, 
Joh. ('onrad Escher, 
John Henry Reichard, 
ChrisTian Hohl, 
Michael Heyl, 
Israel Bockreider. 
Peter Beixitsch, 
Johan Deinius. 
Christoph Kettering. 
Johannes Preiss, 
Jacob Kebel, 
Valentin Riibach, 
John Geo. Ferer, 
Matheis Hora, 
Joh. Georg Philip Lessig, 
.lohan Gottleib GampiTer, 
Johannes Ernst Kaps, 

Johan Friederich Weyrer, 
Abraham Breitenbiicher, 
Johan Daniel Miiller, 
Johan Michael Hover, 
Andreas Franck. 

! 1 




List of Forkignkhs Importkd ix tiik Ship Hktsv, Johk 
OsMAN, Commander, from Rotterdam, last from 


Ijiulwig Baurer, 

Daniel Kobel, 

Jacob Idler. 

H enrich Hermann, 

Michael Lowenstein, 

Johan Jacob Brattler, 

Abrain Schwing, 

Jacob Zehner, 

Joh. Treorg Pletz, 

Wilhehn Freund, 

Johann Jost Frieck, 

Benjamin Gassmann, 

Joh. Carl (xabriel, 

Jacob Friederich Schilffer, 

Johan Jacob Thiel, 

Johan Henrich Ohrendorft, 

Johann Christian Bet/. 

Stephan Hopflfer, 

Lorentz Rinckle, 

Daniel Zweigart. 

Peter (xarthner, 

John Heins, 

Jacob Sauss, 

Hans Merckle, 

Jacob Blavis Klan, 

Jacob Hiller. 

Christian Webr, 

Jacob Licht, 

David Gortschall, 

Johannes Bi'aun, 

Abraham Gleding, 

Johannes Riemer, 

Johannes Peter Zepperfeldt, 

Friederich Heckel, 

Johan Nickel Licht, 

Johan Henrich Clement, 

Philip Peter Laplace, 

Jacob Rockenbauch, 

Jacol) Print/., 
Henrich l*feitfer, 
Isaac Art man, 
Johan Mateus Dollraann, 
Hans rtiichael Brattler, 
Phil. Gottfried Mathias, 
Marrin Becker, 
Willielm Schiiffer, 
Peter Schneidei', 
Joh. Ebert CErter, 
Johann Henrich 
(TOttfried Grumbach, 
Hans Georg Ochs. 
Gottlob Jacob Liililer, 
Johann Georg Schneider, 
Johan A, lam Schneyder, 
Johann Adam Arnsterger, 
Philip Jacob Stockel, 
Johan Jacob Licht, 
Georg SchifT, 
Michael Zehner, 
Martin Segner. 
Benedict Schmit. 
Johannes WolfT, 
Darius Strauss, 
Martin Ostertag, 
Andreas Heckel, 
Joshua Metzg«^, , 
Conrad Schuler, 
Hans Georg Print z, 
Johan Philip Miiller, 
Georg Di^schner, 
Johan Jacob Birki, 
Johan Ruben Wellei-, 
Johan Conrad I^aiig. 
Johan Phili]) Schneider, 
Johan Friederich Ernst. 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Myrtilla, 
Capt. James Caton, from London. Qualified Sept. 31, 
1765. ' 

Martin Schmidt, 
Jacob Kapp, 
Martin Behr, 
Jacob Dieterich, 
Samuel Funek, 
Andreas Heidenich, 
Jacob Burgholdter, 
Adam Eckel, 
Ludwig Johler, 
Hen rich Frey, 
Jacob Niiumann, 
Jacob Wissler, 
Joh. Michael Meyer, 
Ludwig Schehlman, 
Josue Dedie,* 
Abraham de Roche,* 
Jean Richard Vierisard,* 

Christian Hauss, 
Martin Frey, 
Philip Behr, 
Johannes Burgholdter, 
Christian Burgholdter, 
ChristofFel Dieterich, 
Henrich Keller, 
Jacob Meyer, 
Jean Pierre Dedie,* ^ 
Johannes Krebiel, i/ 
Ulerich "Wissler, 
Henrich Kuhne, 
Sebastian Still, 
Johann Christian, 
Jean Dedie,* 
Jean Jaques Etienne. * 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Cottntkss of 
Sussex, Capt. Thomas Gray, from Rotterdam. Quali- 
fied Oct. 7. 1765. 

William Hacker, 
Rudolph Kaupper, 
Georg Michel Hertle, 
Melchior Metzler. 
Christian Schneider, 
Johannes Brombach, 
Joh. Christ. Schonfelder, 
Joh. Leonhard Hirsch, 
Joh. Jacob Scheppach, 
Joh. Gottlieb Ponce, jr. , 
Joh. Henrich Heyde, 
Joh. Christoph Schultz, 

David Vohl, 
Henry Stephan, 
Joh. Thomas Metzler, 
Jacob Sandemeyer, 
Conrad Brombach, 
Andreas Hubert, 
Frantz Carl Beau Jacques, 
Johan Theodor Hofius, 
Joh. Gottlieb Ponce, sen. 
.Toll. Henrich Bender. 
Johann Henrich Mell. 

•Swiss Frencb FrotestantB. 




List of FoRKKiXEiis Imported in thk Ship (Uianck, 
Charles Smith, Captain, from Rotterdam, last from 
CowEs. (Qualified Sept. 2:5. ITGO. 

Conrad Stoerckell, 
Johannes Hen, 
Joahnues Muller, 
Johannes Conradi, 
Jacob Weitzel, 
Nicholas Arnold, 
Johan Friederich Altverter 
Michael Siilheimer, 
Johann (jeorg Euricli, 
Jolian Henrich Kerne, 
Andreas Weiss, 
Henrich Locher, 
Johannes Miesemer, 
Adani Schiiffer, 
fteorg Trump, 
Joh. freorg Weber, 
John Peter Trump, 
Joliannes Kelil, 
Simon Bichler, 
Johannes Reb, 
Johannes Hugrer, 
Anton MundorlT, 
Joh. Christian Kunkel, 
Micliael Cirunewald, 
Johan Friederich Helme, 
Jolian Greorg Seip, 
Johann Peter Faist, 
Johannes jileister, 
Philip Blitz, 
Martin Lantz, 
Joh. G-eorg May, 
Friederich Liideritz, 
John Hasler, 
Gabriel Becker, 
Johannes ]\Iatteus, 
Henrich Kossel, 
Joh. Nicklaus Seit/.. 
Joh. Valentin Klopper. 
Joh. Michael Weingartner, 
.Joh. Dietrich Koster, 
Joh. Daniel Friischmuth, 

Johannes Groll, 
Peter Blass, 
Johannnes Lipp, 
(yoni-ath Eurich, 
Henrich Gross, 
Johann Georg Freytag. 
Johan Friederich Ulrich, 
Johann Georg Ehrenholdt, 
Joiian Peter Mehriing, 
Paul (Jonrad, 
Friederich Locher, y 
Henrich Dewalt, ^ 
Sebastian Hickman, 
Peter Burging, 
Geo. Conrad Seip, 
Heinrich Ehrhart, 
Johan Hirschbirg, 
Peter Weber, 
Joseph Schmidt. 
Christo})li Huger. 
Johannes Weber. 
Francis Beler, 
Johan Jacob Vogler, 
.lohan Peter Hijr, 
Johann Adam Oh), 
Joh. Benedict Schneider, 
Johan Franciscus Faist, 
Johannes Vogt, 
Johannes Emrich, 
Johannes Graub, 
Johannes Leiss, 
Joh. Adam Flick, 
Johann Borthlehr, 
Heni'ich Frey, 
Zacharias Endres, 
Joh. Ludwig Waltmann, 
Joh. Wilhelm Kliipper, 
Joh. Gabriel Grober, 
Joh. Henrich Detzei, 
Hannes Waldtinann. 
.Tohan Nickel Martin, 



(reorg Grainlich, 
Joii. Jacob Steinhart, 
Joli Friederick Miiller, 
Hans Georg Schnepj), 
John Adam Sand, 
Joli. Georg Zininierinan, 
(>hristopher Linger, 
Jolian Michael Kuh, 
JoLau Michael Laner, 
Jolian Nicolaus AVeibel, 
Joh. Henrich Leuthiliisser, 
Johannetj Schnabel, 

Henrich Jungst, 
Johan Peter Lowe, 
Joh. Jacob Matzenbacher, 
Johan Wilhehn Seip, 
Johan Christoph Simon, 
Simon Peter Irnbard, 
Phihp Colman Riimlander, 
Joh. Christoph Kampff, 
Johan Georg Ott, 
Johan Geoi-g Allsbach, 
Simon Gickert. 

List of Forki«nkrs Imported in thk Ship Bktsy, John 
OsMAN, Mastkk, from Rottkrdam, last from Cowes. 
ytiALiFiKD Oct. 13. 17GG. 

Johannes Brickert, 
Michael Rath, 
Joseph Stanch, 
Jacob SchiilTer, 
Joseph Singer, 
Fred. Hoflfman, 
Joliannes Mayer, 
Jonas Barone, 
Jacob Kern. 
Louis Robert, 
Jacob Hiihn, 
Johannes Linck, 
Peter Liitter, 
Johan Hage, 
Christoph Willemann, 
Christian Wolff, 
Johannes Mosser, 
John Keller, 
Georg Bub, 
Daniel Zimraermann, 
Johan Danl. Aeterbach, 
Andreas Liitter, 
Jacob Henckel, 
Johan n Georg Becker, 
Jost Henrv Vohner. 

Nickolans Biihler, 
Daniel Benner, 
Johannes Benner, 
Jacob Kauffman, 
Gottleib Geyer. 
F. G. Hirschmann. 
Johannes Dahm, 
JiOrentz Borie, 
Jacob (riinther, 
Johannes Hoff, 
Jacob Wagner, 
Valentin Schiirling, 
Michael Weiss, 
Peter Reyt, 
Jacob Greuther, 
Johannes Hiiuser, 
Valentin Hamm, 
Peter Gnite, 
Jost Knntz, 
Johan Herman Karl, 
.Jacob Shittlehelm. 
.Johannes Schmid, 
John Jacob Karl, 
Johannes Gelesener, 
Georg Schildtwiichter, 



Joliann Geort^ Vulnier, 
-Joliaun Jost Miller, 
Job. Melcliior Endlich, 
.Toll. Henric'li Frantz. 
F'riederieh Schitteiihelm, 
Johan Jacob Haussiuann, 
Johaiin H enrich Fessler, 
Georf? Frieilej-ich Iininicli, 
.Toliaiiu Cbristoph Gotz, 
Hans Martin Ziegler, 
Joban Micbael Kaiser, 
.Toban Filbert Slach, ' 
ijenbart Eckert, 
Cbristian Frey, 
Lorentz La(lenl)erger, 
Cbristoph Becker, 
Job. Georg Schne\der, 

Joban Georf^ Miller, 
Johann (ieorg Fiesser, 
Job. Henrich Biir, 
Job. Philip Lam bach, 
Georg Micbael Selierer, 
Joban Bernhard Borst, 
Joliann Jacob Fesler. 
Henrich Frantz Feck, 
Johan Geoi g Liclitenherger. 
Jolian Georg Adelbert, 
Johan Micbael SchiilTer, 
Johannes Wiist, 
Joban Bernliard Kortz, 
Pliilip Bnchnian, 
Joseph Haller, 
David Walhnan. 

List of Forkignkrs Imported in thk Ship Cullopian, 
Richard Hiintkr, Mastkii, from Lisbon, Portugal. 

gUALIFIKD Oct. IT). 1700. 

Pedro Oberlauder, 
Francis Prey, 
Francis Fisher, 
Peter Schotter, 
Carl Geissinger, 
Johannes Keck, 

Ignacio Onder, 
John Meyer, 
Peter Polo, 
Paul Abzeiger, 
Erhard Scblagel, 
Kicholaus ScboUer. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Polly. Rorkrt 
Porter, Master, from Rotterdam, last from cowks, 
England. Qualified (Jct. 18, 1700. 

Christian Reiss. Georg Schiittel, 

Nicolas Stoltzfus, (Christian Stohzfns, 

Jacol) Heifer, Jacob Holler, 

Jacob Dieiner, John Brodnier. 

Johannes Reuther, Job. Jacob Lentz, 

Ernst Wilb. Christ. Job. Hen. Miiiler, 

Johan T. Lupp, Johannes Geitling, 



Johannes Schwen, 

Philip Walter, 

John W. Herman, 

Andreas Stetzel, 

Valentin Wild, 

Michael Friederich Gutekunst, 

Michael Schottel, 

Hans Georg Horn, 

John Georj^ Herman, 

Hans Georg Kuntz, 

Hans Jacob Duchinan, 

Johannes Peter Stockmann, 

Johan Hen. Eissenherger, 

Johan Eberth Michael, 

Johan Georg Schreiber, 

Hans Georg Petri, 

Georg Valentin Steiner, 

Johan Conrail Erich, 

Johan (Jasper Trump, 

Abraham Donner, 

John Edelman, 
Johannes Bloch, 
Peter Miiller. 
Hans Jacob Met/,, 
Johannes Schrag, 
Ernst Schmidt, 
Johan Conrad Scheppen, 
Johann Nickel Wiertt, 
Frantz Herman, 
Philip Henrich Hecht, 
Johan Philip Jacob, 
Johan Jacob Schreiner, 
Johan Adam Widerstein, 
Johan Philip Gielberth, 
Georg Friederich Steiner, 
Joh. Philip Weltzheimer, 
Job. Philip Schreiner, 
Joh. Henrich Herdel, 
Johann Jacob Henninger. 


Davidson, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Ports- 
mouth. Qualified Nov 4, 1766. 

Paulus Amecker, Johannes Lemp, 

Jacob Brandenberger, Christoph Henrich Augnstinus, 

Georg Jacob Elsass, Georg Friederich Grobfe. 
Joh. Georg Sturmfels, 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Juno, John 
Robertson, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Ber- 
wick-on-Tweed. Qualified Jan. 13, 1767. 

Johann Bekenne, 
John Henry Hirsh. 
Johannes Mass, 
Johan Georg Seiiberth, 
Johann Henrich Kiiche, 
Johan Clemens Gulich, 

Michael Gotz, 
John Peter Boll. 
Joh. Hen. Lebo, 
Johan Georg Huber, 
Joh. Hen. Holdinghanser, 
Georg Mich. Kittelineyer. 



List OF Foreigners Imported in the Ship Sally. John 
OsMAN, Master, khom Rotterdam, last from (Jowes. 
Qualified Oct. 5, 17G7. 

H enrich Kleiber. 

Cieorg Leidich, 

•lohannes Soinmer, 

St'ei)hau Tuchinan, 

Job. Eineric'h Atlciiii. 

Michael Giitheil, 

Wendel Bernhardt, 

Christ o. Ludwig l)etw(ii«^r, 

Johan Greorg Wiitzer, 

Greorg Henrich Kintz, 

Johan Philip Huff, 

Johann Petrygandt, 

Joh. Nicklans Weygand, 

Jon. Henrich Krafft, 

Joli. Michael Bast, 

Johannes Miiller, 

Frantz Hohe, . 

Jacob Berndt, 

Henrich Weber, 

Caspar Acker, 

Michael Miller, 

Valentin Hohe, 

Jacob Linn. 

Jacob Kert, 

Konrad Heuer, 

Fran 1 7. Willi elm. 

Jacob Lambert, 

8imon Hohe, 

Dewald Ziegler, 

Adolph Dill, 

Adam Dorr, 

Andreas Sperling, 

Johannes Kemperling. 

Georg Henrich Voght, 

Friederich Kampfendahl, 

Joh. Theodore Hartnian, 

Walter Heyl, 

Frederick Kass, 

Jacob Gortler, 

Jacob Reder. 

Hans Georg Graberth, 

(reorg Kleiber, 

.Jacob Durwieg, 

Peter Wilrich, 

Philip Krimke, 

Bernhart Eglin, 

Peter Auchmann, 

Georg Bernhardt, 

Hans Adam Bauer, 

.Johan Andreas Seuiing, 

Adam Philip Kintz, 

Wilhelm Diewalt. 

Joh. Conrad Bertsch, 

Georg Keller Werfh, 

Joh. Nicolaus Ludwig, 

Joh. Hieronimus Augustine. 

Joh. .lac. H lifer, 

Jacob Eckenberger, 

Jacob Berndt, jr., 

Nickel Huber, 

Adam Huber, 

Adam Midler, 

Philip Huber, 

Jacob K lifer, 

Peter Diehl, 

Petei' Miller, 

Adam Reyter, 

Jacol) Urger, 

Philip Diet/., 

Hans Ziegler, 

TheoV)ald Fischer, 

Christian Miiller. 

Leonhart Beyer, 

Gabriel Bran, 

Adam Knoblauch, 

Martin Borntrager, 

Hans (ieorg Mattheis, 

•Jacob Zebalt, 

Henrich Kiess, 

Caspar Spies, 

.Jacob Riimmel, 

Johann Adam Lechler, 



Joliann Philip Liit/., 
Juh. Beriilmid Hofliuau, 
l^hiilp Frcilich, 
J)auieJ Lauth, 
Jobann Adam Reb, 
Joiuiu Henricli Fuishse,' 
Wiibebn Reuter, 
Micbael Klein. 
Hans (ieorg Bucbnian, 
Acbmi Eickenbersei\ 
Jobann Jacob Appei. 
Job. Wilbelni Benneburj,', 
Jonan Caspar Scbneider. 
Halthaser Heinricb, 
Michael Luch, 
Fred. Rinimel, 
Jacob Reiter, 

Jobann Simon Hiihe, 
Han.s Scbonenberger, 
Jobann Georg Miller, 
Jacob Lautb, 
Georg Adam Keffer, 
Hans Adam Palm, 
Leonard Albrecht. 
Peter Schweitzer, 
Joli. Friederich Scblemb, 
Job. Carl August Kiess, 
Pbilipp Rottmann. 
Jacob SteJlwagen, 
Phil. Leonbart Hartman, 
Nickolans Kabel, 
Geo. Hepleman, 
Johan Nickel Alberto 

List of Foreigners iMrouTKo ix the Ship Hamilton, 
• Charles Smith, Commander, from Rotterdam. Quali- 
fied Oct. G, 1767. 

(Jbristopbel Henritzi. 
Geo. Leon. Zeller, 
Friederich Satler, 
Michael Wambacb, 
Job. Henrich Beideman, 
Job. Friederich Anspach. 
Hans Michael Dreher, 
Matheus Kuntz, 
("brist. Wineman, 
Johannes Hoche, 
Peter Nenschwander, 
Peter Dietber, 
Henrich Seyler, 
Jacol) Euber. 
Leonbart Knor, 
Johannes HnV)er, 
Conrad Mahler, 
Heinricb Diet/, 
Job. Nic. Smith, 
Philip Christian Schrader. 
Johan Gottlieb Bliimler, 
John Peter Hess, 

J oil. Phil. Thoniger, 

Peter Rotbrock, 

Nicklaus Schiiffer, 

Johan Nicklaus Frick. 

Job. Henrich Grosshard, 

Jobann Peter Krumm, 

Andreas Dreher, 

Micbael Merlock, 

Henerieh Felton, ., 

Peter Krassel, 

Peter Nenschwander, jr., 

Casper Vitrius. 

Johannes Weiss, 

Jacob Nuss, 

Wen del Haintz, 

Conrath Rau, 

Jacob Weiochs, 

Philip Baltzer, 

Diebalt Kelboffner, 

Johan Conrad Schliipp, 

Friederich Mollinger, 

Johan Melcbior Reuschling, 



Johan Friederich Haint/., 
Frid. Williehu Ranliman, 
Johan Jacol) Beiickler, 
John Philip Meniclv, 
Johannes Burckeit, 
Christian AVinselier, 
Martin Kalckhaufer, 
Georg Peter Kostel, 
Henrich Medart, 
John Ewig, 
Heinrich Ketterer, 
Conrad Henrich, 
Georg Kuntz, 
Casi)ar Walter, 
Jacob Schneider, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Adam Lotz, 
Georg Hoock, 
Ludw'ig Hort, 
Conrad Gramm, 
Joseph Schleser, 
Jacob Hochstrasser, 
Henrich Nickel Heidrick, 
Geo. Michael Fuss, 
Joh. Michel Kuhnan, 
Conrad Bohnier, 
Johann Georg Butz, 
Michael Haintz, 
Christophel Schiedtert, 
Adam HninVjert, 
Sebastian Ettel, 
Michael Kiesser, 
Jacob Bod el, 
Michael Erhart, • 

Peter Bollinger, 
Andreas Neiman, 
Phil. Jacob Kuntzinann, 
Casiniir Bernhard Alherti, 
Frans W. Schwig, 
Johai Gottliel) Hauck, 
Philip Eahnann, 
Quirinns Michael, 
Mattheis Griissel, 
Philip Smith. 

31-VoL. XVII. 

John Bernhard Hoch, 

Peter von H ulen, 

Christoph Han man, 

John Adam Beck, 

Johann Jacob Frick, 

Johan Georg Biss, 

Peter Michael Klein, 

Johann ('onrad Reiss, 

Johan Zacharias Donselt, 

Friederich Hart, 

Daniel Bartsh, 

Michael Endres, 

P. E. Leonift, 

Daniel SollVierger, 

Christian Steiner, 

Johannes Hedinger, 

Peter Seekatz, 

Henry Wagner, 

Frantz Hopp, 

Joseph Blisch, 

John Wistermeyer, 

Joh. Christ. Kirschenmann, 

Georg Jacob Baumann, 

Geo. Michael Rhoades, 

Joh. Nickel Stuck, 

Christoph Seller, 

Friederich Bohmer, 

Conrad Wagner, 

Georg Jacob Siiss, 

Heinrich Walther, 

Henrich Horn, 

Fried. Vogel, 

Gottliel) Geiss, 

Jacob Albrecht, 

Jacob Schell, 

Johan Schultz, 

Friederich Stimmel, 

Friederich Coni-ad Hoff, 

Georg Fr'ederich Knoblauch, 

Lorencz Schmidt, 

Johannes Fiitter, 

Hans Philip Bott, 

Johan Peter Kiatz, 

Joseph Dubernock, 

Nicklas Mettern. 



List of Forki«xkrs I 
Alexander Hardy, 
FROM Portsmouth. 

Johannes Horn, 
Henvich Cxorf^i, 
Johannes Hirsch, 
Johannes Kistner, 
Carl Rohrig, 
Micliael Giintzler, 
Johannes Cxluck, 
Johannes Kleinpeter, 
Johann Peter Hocli. 
Friederich Fhissinaii, 
Johannes Bauer, 
Johannes Kunckel, 
Friederich Stegel. 
Johan Philip Faick, 
Johannes Kunckel, 
Johannes Breitenbach, 
Johan Henrich Lorey, 
Joliannes Kohler, 
Peter Schuster, 
Matheus Kohler, 


Master, from Rotterdam, last 
Qualified Oct. 26, 17G7. 

Casper Dietrich, 
Michael Kohler, 
Henrich Hesser, 
Johannes Keyser, 
Lorentz Schuster, 
Jacob Plat, 
Johannes Hem, 
Friederich Steigervvalt, 
Johannes Steigerwalt, 
Michael Jacob Bach, 
Joliannes Staub, 
Henrich Kunckel, 
Adam Uieterich, 
Leonhart Kronier, 
Johan Michael Alstat, 
Valentin Breitenbach, 
Johannes Christian, 
Johannes Bach, 
Johan Peter Uhl. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Brigantine Gram- 
pus, Henr\' Robinson, Commander, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified Nov. 4, 1767. 

Adrian Granget, 
Peter Dertwa, 
Johan Peter Gliickler, 
Johan Bernhard Welte. 

Christian Schunber, 
Nicolaus Miiller, 
Michael Unseld, 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Minerva, John 
Spurrier, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. 
Qualified Nov. 9, 1707. 

Johannes Nauman, 
Jeremiah Nauman, 
Johann Detmolder, 

Johannes Nauman, jr. 
Nicholas Blacher, 
John Miller, — . -^ - 




Peter Schumaeher, 
JohanneH rierr, 
Jacob Hellnian. 
H. Hainbacli, 
Valentin Faber, 
Jacob Horsch, 
Anthony Schocli, 
Jacob Weiss, 

Joli. Matlieis Sclileeinann. 
Cieorj^ Wittenineyer, 
Johan Martin MoTzer, sen. , 
Valentin Kainper, 
Hans (fpor^ Haaga, 
Johan Tliranbach, 
Christian Calnistroiii, 
Geo. Kessel, 
Gottfried Haaga, 
Bastian Dauber, 
Johan Christ. Dauber, 
Philip Jacol> Gentzler, 
Jacob Drill, 
JercTuias Algeier, / 
Michael Seitz, 
Valentin Stahl, 
Johannes Fusser, 
Hans Georg Mayer, 
•Johan Peter Schumacher, 
Joh. Dietrich Hennenberg, 
Johannes Georg Hefer, 
•Joh. Valentin Hattinger, 
Johann Georg Schiiffer, 
Deiterich Reidenmeyer, 
Johan W olfgang Bolschner, 
Johann Jacob Lang, 
Johan Daniel Schmolt/.e, 
John William Jasper, 
John Ludwig Baucher, 
Francis Flamer, 
Friederich Hahn, 
JacoV) Mich. Holber, 
William Zills, 

John Fischer. 
John Miller. -- — " 
Friederich Kopp, 
Christian Faber, 
Jacob Faber. 
Peter Fuchs, 
Joh. Masshalder, 
Christian KauU'man, 
V^alentin Faber, sen. , 
Georg Adam Wetterbauer, 
Jolian Martin IMotzer, 
Johan David Bordele, 
Conrad Schneider, 
John Adam Roltl)etzer, 
Johan Geo Schar, 
Mattheus Fischer, 
Eberhart Leitenberger, 
John Melchior Blankenburg, 
Johan Neiitzert, 
Michael Bucli, 
Henricli Lauchs, 
Philip Hitzler, 
Peter Miiller, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Jacob Hohlwein, 
Hans Bernhart Mayer, 
Johann Simon Schuey, 
Johan Wilhelm Endres, 
Johan Jaco); Zechiel, 
Georg Adam Deutsch, 
Nicolaus Albrecht, 
ISicodemus Ungerer, 
Johan Daniel Wilhelm. 
Johann Adam Pfeiffer, 
Johan Ludwig Dieterich, 
John Will. Beane, 
Johan Bremer, 
John Andreas Kirchner, 
Jacob Wockenhaut, 
Michael Trahn, 
Joseph Kund 



List of Forkignkrs Importk 
Browx, Mastkr. from Ro 
Qualified Nov. 10, 1767 

Adara Herterger, 
Loreutz Huber, 
Martin Waller, 
Simon Stein, 
Conrad Heuring, 
Simon Boni, 
Henrich Dolle, 
Martin Nicolaus Tscliudi, 
(jreorg Carl Miindel, 
Joljann Tschudi, 
Martin Tschudi, 
Daniel Ernst Hirach, 
Johannes Hiinner, 
Hans Michael Boni, 
Johannes Burman. 
Michael Liinhart, 
Christoph Ijochner, 
Johan Christian Roth, 

D IN THE Ship Sally, Patrick 


Johannes Egel, 
Hans Tschop, 
Martin Stohler, 
Frederich Biintz, 
Johann Giinssle, 
Valentin Neissel, 
Johannes Glotz, 
Greorg Wachtei', 
Johannes Stuch, 
Jacob Stobel, 
Martin Midler, 
JacoV) Erschberger. 
Christian Althaus, 
Georg Fried. Wiedmayer, 
Adrian Habliitzel, 
Joh. Rudolph Bopp, 
Philip Jacob Fuchs, 
Henrich Schaub. 

List of FoREiaxERS Imported in thp: Ship Pennsylva- 
nia Packet, Robert (till, Master, from London. Qual- 
ified Oct. 3, 1708. 

Martin Pontzius, 
Jacob Tiinder, 
Jacob Koch, 
David Pontzius. 
Jacob Mauss, 
Frans Peter Brenner, 
David Higenell, 
J. Frantz Helm, 
Hans JacobHofTman, 
Johan J*eter Midler, 

Ludwig Brenner, 
Wilhelm Pyni, 
Jacob Kuhnann, 
Jonas Apfel, 
Johan fxeorg Jung, 
Reichart Schell, 
Johannes Schumacher, 
Nicklas Kuhnann, 
Johan Georg Wiirtz. 



List op Foreigxers Imported ix the Ship Mixerva. 
Thomas Arnott, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
Portsmouth. Qualified Oct. 10, 17G8. 

Johannes Mohr, 
Fiiederich JStapf, 
Wendel Engel, 
Jacob Huhl, 
Johan Strobauli, 
Philip (iruntzge, 
Henrich Miiller, 
Jacob Frauenfelder, 
Michael Eilgentz, 
Michael Schiesler, 
.leremias Klein, 
Jost Gotz, 
Jacob Neu, 
Frantz Hanimet, 
Erhard Giebelhauss, 
Johan Klemnier, 
Philip Scheckler. 
Wilhelni Philip Knecht, 
Hans Jacol) Rippast, \ 

Johannes Schrath, 
(Jonrad Liickhaub, 
Johann Poffenburg, 
Johan Lenhard Wagner, 
Joh. Andreas Wiest, 
Johannes Stiickerd, 
Johan Valentin Krauss, 
Joh. Nickel Huber, 
Johannes Kuster, 
Ludwig Orth, 
Friederich Brand, 
Michael Wolff, 
Michael Ehrman, 
Johan Peter (Traflf, 
Joh. Christian Steynienn, 
Johan Anthon Stephan, 
Joh. Conrad Ran, 
Paul Weitenbacher. 
.Tohan Adam Meyer, 
Mathiins Koekenbach, 
Johannes Theis Miiller, 
Johan Peter Merckel, 

Johannes Kiinckel, 
Rudolph Dersch, 
Philip H5hl, 
Wendel Decker, 
Johannes Sostner, 
Christian Phiil, 
Georg Miihl, 
Johan Lenhard Herr, 
Christian Koch, 
Jacob Blautsch, 
Tliomas Sey berth, 
Maximilian Nentzert, 
Christian Echternacht, 
Michael Lehe. 
Paul Biichert, 
Joh. Peter Meier, 
Johan Christian Holland, 
Johan Jacot> Huhl, 
Henrich Strauiiiay, 
Casimer Hembd, 
Valentin Sandel, 
Johan Wolfgang Seyboth, 
Christian Wilhelm Friitz, 
Joh. Georg Mich. Strecker. 
Joh. Georg Eisenman, 
Joh. Peter Schmidt, 
Joh. Philip Schleicher, 
Michael Latsch, 
Daniel Weber, 
Conrad Braun, 
Peter Karp, 

Johan Christoph Weick, 
Joh. Balthasar Graff, 
Joh. Balthaser Kroh, 
Johannes Schiinilt, 
Georg Adam Ran, 
Jacob Zimmerman, 
Georg Henry Seyberth, 
Philip Peter Hantz, 
Philip Jacob Older, 
Johann Mathias Miiller, 



Jolian Wilhelni Kleman, 
Johan Jacob Walther, 
Johan Jacob Hiirinann, 
Michael Heiber, 
Josephus Heibler, 
Wilhelm Fuchs, 
John Hasselberger, 
Peter Obersheimei", 
Peter Fisher. 
Johaii Wilhelm Paulus, 
Joh. Georg Scheuennan, 
Joh. Henrich Haut, 
Joh Daniel Kauff, 

Georg Henrich Haug, 
Johan Jacob Dietrich, 
Johan Peter Sieffert. 
John Peter Meyer, 
Philip Sahl, 
Michael Mauerer, 
Melchior Schmidt, 
Jacob Zoll, 
Georg Einmiger, 
Joh. Matheis Best, 
Johan Tobias Mohr, 
Johan JacoV:) Schaftner, 
Johannes Scheyzer. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Crawford. 
Charles Smith, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
CowEs. Qualified Oct. 2U, 1768. 

Jacob Schmidt, 
John Gerste, 

Gottfried Schlang, 
Franc Gouche, 
Peter Barnai, 
Georg Erlinger, 
Conrad Scheffer, 
Jacob Welcker, 
Michael Welcker, 
Henrich Blum, 
Jacques Dedie, 
Abram Voisin, 
Gottlob Schwartz, 
Philip Giitz, 
Georg Hoffman, 
Joh. Jacob Escher, 
Johan Georg Scher, 
Gabriel A escher, 
Philip Huf, 
Joh. AVil. Hartman, 
Sebastian Hinderle, 
Georg Henrich Fischer, 
Georg Jacob Waltmann. 
Jacob Seltzer, 
Joh. Jacob Kiimrnel, 
.Johan Christophel Kellei-, 

Johannes Schiiffer, 
Andreas Ussener, 
Johannes Schiitz, 
Johannes Welcker, 
Johannes Kreiter, 
A raham Saruain,-^.>_ S r^ 
Samuel Saldret, 
Jacob Stehm, 
Henrich Herschberger, 
Hannes Weickert, 
Martin Schnabel, 
Johan Samuel Amweg, 
Christian Aescher, 
Jost Hen. Miiller, 
Isaac Cochet, 
Joh. Nick. Hartman, 
Joh. Matthias Hartman, 
Emanuel Waltmann, 
Johan Isaac Cochet. 
Johan Eichman, 
Johan Valentin Priess, 
Carl Ludwig Staudehauer, 



-) w 



Georg WillieJin Becker, 
Johan Antonius Frolioli, 
Fried. Samuel Heller, 
Jean Pierre Welle, 
Johan Samuel Giidtner, 
Johan Henrich Fohrman. 
Michael V. Huber. 
Joh. Friederich Schnabel, 
Daniel Spies, 
Martin Paff, 
Caspar Liitsche, 
Joh. Jacob Dietz, 
liudwig Kiehl, 
.Tohn (xeorg Beilstein, 
Joh. Nicklaus Heckmann, 
Joh. Heman Oberuieyer, 
Joh. Erhardt Schneider, 
Johan Henrich Strom, 
Andreas Got t hard Liibe, 

Johan Philip Haass, 
Friederich HofTmann, 
Juium Georg Griin, 
Martin Scluirt/, 
Jacob Ulricli Siltzel, 
Johann Philip IMichell, 
Ignatius Hengerle, 
Joh. Conrad Schnabel, 
Conrad Friihs, 
Joh. Philii) Fries, 
Peter Galloe, 
Joh. Hen. Leis, 
Joh. Adam Stand, 
Johan Wilhelm Diehl, 
Joh. Henrich Walterschen, 
Jost Henrich Schneider, 
Georg Dietricli Cochet, 
Johan Wilhelm Waltmau. 

List of Foreigners 
Samuel Hawk, fro 
Qualified Oct. W, 

Solomon Stenger. 
JacoV) Anthony, 
Jacob Berentz, 
Jacob Stenger, 
Johannes Nieds, 
Adam Anthonj% 
Johann Gernst. 
Gerhard Krug, 
Adam Stenger, 
Adam Horn, 
Joseph Emrich. 
Johan Gerhard Thiel, 
Stephani Felix, 
Martin Felix, 
Georg Schiitt, 
Nicolas Shory, 
Jacob Mayer, 
Henrv Bender, 

Imported in the Ship Betsy, Capt, 
M Rotterdam, last from Portsmouth. 


Peter Kiimmer, 

Joh. Philip Naas, 

Michael Bieber, 

Jacob Pasche. 

Philip Miinsch, 

Valentin Bieber, 

Jacob Bieber, 

Jacob Motz, 

Andreas Hauck, 

Frantz Schnell, 

Jacob Stenger, 

Jacob Anthony ilannwiller, 

Michael Lang, 

Martin Bauer, 

Valentin Miiller, 

Peter Sieber. 

I'eter Monnel, 

Friederich Mahler, 



Hannes Griessell, 
Georg Mutz, 
Nicolas Gliiser, 
Jacob Stoll, 
Johannes Gess, 
Andreas Bach, 
Michael Riuiu, 
Nickel Buhr, 
Adam Klein, 
Johannes Felix, 
Jacob Gotz, 
Ch. Frantz Christman, 
Christian Seyferr, 
Nicklaus Rauscher, 
Peter Reissdorff, 
Johan Philip Opp, 
Johannes Schulheis, 
Henrich Jockel, 
Johann Nicklas Midler, 
Martin Weisshardt, 
Mathias Miiller, 
Christian Kuntz, 
Georg Diipont, 
Johan Jacob Lorent/,, 
Johann Nickel Ivintz, 
Philip Micher, 
Philipp Schaninio, 
Johannes Dedweiler, 
Johan Peter Frick, 
Michael Wilhelm, 
Hans Adam Shory, 
Johannes Pfau, 
Georg AVendling, 
Johann Peter Jacquart, 
Jacob Haxisknecht, 
Adam Bernhart, 
Georg Etelwein, 
Christian Stenger, 

I'eter Driesler, 
John Matheis, 
Andreas Schmidt, 
Georg Huber, 
Nicholas Hardt, 
Henrich Hiebig, 
Philip Kippel, 
John Cottringei', 
(Jhristopher Kirchsettin, 
Job. Matheis Mannwiiler, 
Abraham Mattseil, 
Johan Peter Gerhart, 
Theobald PfatT, 
Jacob Schulheis. 
l*eter Armenbefer, 
Johann Friederick Leihe, 
Johann Henrich Marx, 
Joiiannes Schweyer, 
Fried. Willi. Hoffmann, 
Daniel Stenger, 
Wendel Giinther, 
Hans Georg Racher, 
Johan Georg Threin, 
Johann Nickel Lint/,, jr., 
Johann Nickel Scholl, 
Hans Adam Miiller, 
Friedrich Bracklohr, 
Hans Ludwig Herman, 
Daniel Gerhard, 
Michael Zimer, 
Hans Georg Ban, 
n)aniel Kiimmer, 
Joh. Henrich Hermann, . 
Job. Hen. Kriimer, 
Johan Adam Stenger, sen., 
Daniel Kammer, 
Daniel Hauer. 



List of Foreigners Imported ix the Shii' Nancy and 
tSuEKY, Capt. William Keys, from London. Qualified 
Sept. l, 1769. 

Frederich Roth, 

Joli. Balthaser Dernheimer 

Uli Schrack, 

Nicklaus Frest, 

Joan Guilielinufs Pytlian, 

Johann fjreorg Wunder, 

Joseph Schantz, 

Willielin Useuei-, 

Joh. Hen. Chri,stoi)h Jtotli, 

Christian Rotli, 

Jacob Grol), 

Nicklaus Ernst, 

Johannes (iabriel. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship London 
Pacquet, Capt. James Cook, from Lisbon. Qualified 
Sept. 29, 1769. 

Wentzel Serb, 
-^Johannes Miller, 
Martin Giith, 
Adrian Briist, 
Hermanns Cazo, 
Hen. Michael Dilhnier, 
Frantz Gronib, 
Joh. Her. Fried. Lippenkan, 

Martin Long, 
Thomas Briist, 
Frietlerich Diess, 
Pitre Indes, 
John Henry Block, 
Joseph Schmeuell, 
Joel Franciscus Todt, 

IjIst of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Minerva, Capt. 
Thomas Arnott, from Rotterdam, last from Ports- 
mouth. Qualified Oct. 13, 1769. 

Andreas Heier, 
Friederich Gfrommel, 
CJonrad Bock, 
Michael Bauer, 
Abraham Mellinger, 
Philip Moses, 
Philip Seyfert, 
Johan Theobald Emrich, 
Johann Adam Weller. 
Joh. H enrich Manderbacli, 
Joh. Henrich Dischardt, 

Lorentz Heier, 

Hans Georg Bopp, 

Joh. Jacob Bentz, 

Friederich Kesseler, 

P^-ter Ulrich, 

Bernhard Karg, 

Joseph Farni. 

Johann Adam Klein. 

Johannes Theis Arndt. 

Joli. Henrich Manderl)ach, jr., 

Johann Wilhelm Schuh, 



Georg Friederich Riick. 
Johann Nicklaus Dobler, 
Jacob Mussel mann, 
Johan Matlieus Dock, 
Henrich Klein, 
Nick. Bernet, 
Christoph Pasch, 
John Boll is, 
Johannes Herd, 
Anthon Fuchs. 
Johannes Weber, 
■ Job. Jacob Fritz, 
Jacob Farni, 
Michael Hertz, 
Michael Neir, 
Daniel ScheCEei", 
Johan Philip Becker, 
Joiian Christoph Fertig, 
Joh. Matheis Kalzenbach, 
Theobald Hess, 
Peter Siiwel, 
Antoni Dunkel, 
Henrich Porster, 
Theoba'd Schramm, 
Philipp Conrad Hiiussler. 
Philip Peter Rothenheusser, 
Johann Bernbard I^rintzel. 
Johannes Schneider. 
Johan Jacob Walther, 
Jolian Casper Pauli, 
Johan Christoph Scherer, 
Joh. Andreas Strasl)iirger, 
Johan Valentin Klein, 
Johan Michael Rademacher, 
Stanislcius Matter, 

Johan Georp: Zundel, 
Hans Georg Jacob, 
Jacob Siilger, 
Johann Jacob Walter, 
Nickelas Weber, 
Jacob Diehl, 
Jacob Fryer, 
Heinrich Fentz, 
Christian Jung, 
Andreas Heger, 
Georg Siematt, 
Michael Hier, 
Jacob Miiller. 
Conrad Hoffman, 
Michael Dosch, 
Jacob Berg, 

Johan Georg Goltmann, 
Philip Henrich Bohlender, 
Johan Nicklas Schaffer, 
Hans Vogt, 
Manuel Eberth, 
Johann Hemrier, 
Georg Martin Fentz, 
Jacob Henrich Arnold, 
Henrich Carl Stumph, 
Geoj'g Henrich Ziegler, 
Daniel Naumann, 
Johann Philip Frey, 
Johan Henrich PfefFer, 
Johan Ludwig Wasser, 
Johan Adani Stock, 
Johann Adam Steuer, 
Johan Jacob Kiefer, 
Johan Philip Hentz, 
Geo. Henrich Jacob. 

List of Forkig:«ers Imported ix thk Ship Crawforp. 
(Jhas. Smith, Commander, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Oct. 24. 17G9. 

Georg Rudecker, 
.lohannes Hinckel, 
yVnthon Miiller. 
Johan Wiihelm Stoll, 

Michael Satt, 
Friederich Kneiss, 
Johan Adam Barnietet, 
Valentin Hoffman, 


Johann Wilhehn Flick, Dieter Beyerle, 

Johannes HolT, Peter Thorn. 

Wilheim Miiller, Jost Henricli Theil, 

Christopher Scliniidt, Johann Theis Kenij)!!', 

Jolian Bernhart KeniplT, Johan Theis ISIiller. 

List of Forkignkrs Imported ix the Sxow Nkptunk. 
Thomas Edward Wallis. Commander, from LisBor^, 
Portugal. Qualified .July 2T, 1770. 

.lohn Nnttler, Franoicio Weytzer, 

Johann Paul Kapp, .Jean Baptiste, 

(ieorf!: Heinrieh Bremer. Philip .Jacob Michael, 

Johann Georg Bratfisch, Michael Muttler. 

JjIst of Foreigners Importej) in the Brio Dolphin', 
Capt. (teo. Stephansox. from London. Qualified Au- 
gust 29, 1770. 

Joseph Solomon, Peter Miller, ~" 

Georg Alison, Jacques Monier, 

Geo. Paris, Johann Jost Klein, 

Jean Serieux, Nicola Paris. 
Piere Paris, 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Snow Rose. George 
Ord, Master, from Lisbon, I*ortugal. Qualifed Sept. 

10, 1770. 

Johannes End, Peter Mohr, 

Antoine Dore, T-ouise Patier, 

Johann Kriisser, Petro Claude. 
Gille Sarier, 



List ok Forkigners Importkd ix the Ship Mixerva, 
Thomas Arnott, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
CowEs. Qualified Oct. 1, 1770. 

Georji: Mengs, 
Johannes Schell, 
Jacob Kuntz, 
Valentin Hess, 
Lorents Fiichs, 
Georg Gelle, 
Jacob Greiner, 
Jacob Schmit, 
Georg Liick, 
Peter Sclimit, 
Johannes SpriJth, 
Hans Georg Schell, 
Michael Nonnenmacher 
Andrea.s Eyrich, 
Mathias Weber, 
Frederich Hehlhoffer, 
.Tohan Georg Pfall, 
Johannes Scheib, 
Jacob Liick, 
Christian Werfer, 
Jacob Philip Harn, 
Jacob Ketterer, 
Martin Scherer, 
Johan Georg Bastian 
Georg Nickel, 
Heinrich Freyer, 
Peter Miller, 
Philip Simon, 
Georg Weier. 
Christian Schultz, 
Jacob Coblantz, 
Georg Ferber, 
Jacob Doll, 
Dieterich Offenbach, 
Andreas Kiefer, 
Georg Paul Freyer, 
Philip Jacob Bessinger, 
Hans Georg Herrmann, 
Michael Fiinfrock. jr. , 
J oh. Henrich Hornberger, 

Michael Schmitt, 
Georg Miiller, 
Jacob Marx, 
I'hilip Heitz, 
David Ott. 
Adam Lieber, 
Theobald Biisch, 
Sebastian Hitz, 
John Seitt'er, 
Jacob Liick, 
John Weyer, 
Georg Jacob Sturm, 
Johann Georg Kammerer. 
Johann Georg Schnepp, 
Caspar Pletsch, 
Joiiann Peter Bdssinger, 
Friederich Greiner. 
Georg Heinrich Maurer, 
Johann Georg Miiller. 
Mathias Scheuermann, 
Conrad Sebastian Koller, 
Micliael Lossinger, 
Johannes Becker, 
Philip Preissman, 
Job. Henrich Bastian, 
Conrad Holstein, 
Jacol) Paulus, 
Michael Schock, 
Jacob Heintz, 
Johan Schantz, 
Michael Gerst. 
Michael Schaffer, 
Henrich Giirtner, 
Jacob Oflfenbach, 
Johannes Gaul, 
Johannes Hembert, 
Matheis Widmer, 
Wiliielm Schlemilch, 
Stephan Fiinfrock, 
Hans Georg Mallo, 
Joh. Geo Zimmerman, 



Hans r-feor^ Weidinan, 
Georg Henricli IrJraunig, 
Martz Olftheintz. 
Martin Wager. 

Michael Kaminer, 
David Hirsclil)erger, 
Johan Henrich Witldte. 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Britannia, 

Richard Eyres, 
Qualified Oct. 3, 

J. Didier, 
Jean Izard, 
Jean Vinettier, 



from Lisbon, Portugal. 

De Labeaume, 
Guilliaunie Montniaton, 
Matlieis Kreis. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Sally, John 
Osmond, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. 
Qualified Oct. 29, 1770. 

Joh. Anton Trager, 
Francis Stein, 
Peter Joseph, 
Bernhard Seip, 
Johannes Ditnian, 
Dieti-icli Wilh. Bucking, 
Jolian Friedericli Hester, 
Johan Krafft Acliebacli, 
Johann Henrich Eul, 
Andreas l^ichte, 
Johannes Kriess, 
Jacob Schnell, 
Johannes Koch, 
Jolian Henrich Weyandt, 
Johan Theobald Franck, 
Johann Nicklaus Walter, 
Jolian Balthas Klein. 
Johann Adam Haar, 
Johan Chrisitan Breohner 
.fohann iVickel Bach, 
Johannes ReicheJ, 
Martin Hebeisen, 

Christoph Miiller, 
Joh. Georg. Aliefried, 
Paul Mingel. 
Daniel Volmer, 
Georg Christian Volcker, 
Thomas Engelhardt, 
Joh. Jost Sasiiijiiishausen, 
John Henry Denner, 
Johan Jost Birckelbach, 
Johannes Lichte, 
Jacob Schneyder, 
Christoph Beck, 
Johan Henrich AlTterbach, • 
Joh. Christopiier Diet/.. 
Ludwig Daniel Staudt, 
.Tohaiin Georg Schleicher, 
Johan Henrich Klieberstein, 
(Teorg Andreas Wagner, 
Johami Nickel Hass, 
Matrliew Merkel, 
Henrich Weitersteiri, 
Joh. Georg Dent/el, 



Christian Furbe. 
Henry Werule, 
Johannes Volhncn*, 
Johannes Franck, 
Justus Schmidt, 
Henricus Horn, 
Peter Vogt, 
Paridon Petersen, 
Rudolph Miller, 
Daniel Mise, 
Johan Christ, von HofT, 
Georg Ludwig Fischer, 
Johan Martin Gaul, 
Friederich Wilh. Bauniann, 
Johan Jacob Heinriegel, 
Christ. Ludwig Heinriegel, 
Johannes Hot hem, 
Johannes Schmidt, 

Paulus Stolhe. 
Johannes Bibighauss, 
.Tohannes Peck, 
Johannes Weyandt, 
C. G. Hanck, 
Jacob Biihler, 
Jacob Hubacher, 
Friederich Borsch, 
Hans Christian, 
Johann .Tost Weyandt, 
Johann Peter Kreb, 
Johannes Bachneid, 
Joh. Martin Bauman, 
Christian ^sclielmann, 
Balzar Heinriegel, 
Georg Emmert, 
Jolian Valentin Franck. 

List of Foueigners Imported ix the Ship (Jrawford, 
Chas. Smith, Master, from Rotterdam, last prom 
CowES. Qualified Nov. 23, 1770. 

Daniel Stauffer, 
Wiihelm Gramm, 
Cornelius Gramm, 
Peter Miiller, 
Carl Wiihelm Keck, 
Johannes Diehl. 
Andreas Serenus. 
Francis Kuhlman, 
Johannes Jauss, 
Andreas Gutting, 
Jacob Geiger. 
Johannes Summi, 
Heinrich Geiger, 

Jacob Rohrer, 
Johannes Heistand, 
Tobias Hartmann, 
Johannes Luft, 
Johannes Ginther, 
Carl Adolph Seitz, 
Jacob Els, 
Ernst Berg, 
Henrich Haub, 
P. F. Drotz, 
Georg Kleiderlein, 
Andreas Schwend, 
Cornelius Braun. • 




List op Foreignkrs Importkd in thk Ship Pennsylvania 
Packkt, Pktek Osbornk, Master, from London Qual- 
ified June 17, 1771. 

Conrad liacliinaii, 
Ludwig Rolii-Fi-, 
Philip Jacol) Weiss, 
Johaim Adam Lautli, 

Abraham Mayret, 
Joliannes Heyler, 
Joh. Georf; Fried. Bechtel 

List of Foreigners Lmported in tiik Brig America, 
William Copeland Lattimork, Commander, from Lon- 
don. Qualified Jttly 27, 1771. 

Johannes Eckman. 
Justus Dornsclieur, 

Jacob Russ, 
Johann Geortr Hals, , 
Joli. Martin von xsieder, 
Valentin Krig, 

Johannes Hepp, 
Lorentz Stalil, 
Geo. Jacob Kiiller, 
Johann Dietrich Hepj), 
Jolm Jacol) von Nieder, 
Joh. Georir von Nieder. 

IjIst of Foreigners Impc 
Thomas Arnott, Captain 
CowES. Qualified Sept. 

Jacob Wentz, 
Georf^ Miller, 
Philip Miiller. 
Jacol) Beier, 
H enrich Schafifer, 
Johiinn Peter Geissler, 
Caspar Osser, 
Jacob Jung, 
Alexander Oran, 
Jacob Wentz, 
Michael Waldenau, 
Friederich Hirsch, 
Carl Welcker, 
Philip Helif,-. 
Ulrich Kaiser, 

)RTED in the Smi' Minerva, 
, from Rotterdam, last from 
17, 1771, 

Henry Spiess. 
Gabriel Gasch, 
(christian Knebe, 
Peter Hertel, 
Johann Peter Knntz, 
Jacol) Weiss, 
Conrad Oster, 
John AVerge, 
John Geo. North, 
Adam Wagner, 
Wilhelm Heiss, 
Valentin Ijinn, 
Jacob Welcker, 
Henrich Kurtz, 
Mattheis Engel, 



Andreas Hertziger, 
Johannes Kost, 
Christian Gaul, 
Jacob Hantser, 
Ludwig Wegner, 
Jacob Tvauchs, 
Petrus Meyer, 
Erasmus Busch, 
H enrich AViedlandt, 
Joli. Barth. Rijhm, 
Williehu Fi-iederich Seeger, 
Johan Henricli Schmaltz, 
Johan Georg Jordi, 
Johann Geo. Friederich Schel 
Johann Georg Christmann, 
Johannes Giintert, 
Michael Hieberge, 
Johan Jacob Moder, 
Johann Georg Stierle, 
Friederich Seigmiiller, 
Johann Adam Wall, 
Johann Friederich Diirscli, 
Johann Conrad Schneider, 
John Henry Peterman, 
Valentin Saslavo Stadecker, 
Philip Jacob May, 
Jacob Kuhlinan, 
Johan Michael Straub, 
Joh. Gerliard Kaltschmidt, 
Johan .Tost Otterback, 
Philip Henrich Knapp, 
Georg Christoph Hebebold, 

Friederich I^ewald, 
Jacob Russ, 
Michael iSchmidt, 
Anton Glantz, 
Peter Kurtz, 
David Drexler, 
Joh. Peter Lehr, 
Dionisius Busch, 
Henry Dieterich, 
Johan Daniel Schroder, 
Carl Philip Ebert, 
Georg Jacob Stotzel, 
Johan Peter Liitsch, 
ler. Henrich Matterkens, 
Johan Henrich Schee, 
Johannes Reinholdt, 
Johann Michael Schmidt, 
Andreas Hettmansterger, 
Johann Michael Hoel, 
Jacob Griinenwaldt, 
Johann Georg Siiss, 
Johan Conrad Roth, 
Hans Peterman. 
Johann Philip Schenckel, 
Theobald Liebran, 
Sebastian Marcker, 
Adam Mollethor, 
Jacob Huthmacher, 
Joli. Stephan Guck, 
Joh. Erhardt Gayer, 
Philip Conrad Christ, 
Michael Trussler. 

List of Forkigxers Importep in the Ship London 
Packet, Oapt. Cook, prom Lisbon, Portugal. Quali- 
fied Sept. 19, 1771. 

Henrich Berger. 
Paulas Gottlob Grell, 
Jean Baptist e, 
Michelle Devignair, 
Piere Gabori, 

Peter Scliunke, 
Gerardins Vestens, 
Michael Esteuer, 
Etienne Teisser. 



List ov Foreigners Imported in tek Brigantine Recov- 
ery, Bull, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 

CowEs. Qualified Oct. 31, 1771. 

John Havei. 
Michael Gundere, 
Cliristian Furinan. 
i'aul Ackerman. 
I>aniel Niederhaus,-*, 
i't ter Schneider, 
< .'.ristian Weber, 
Johannes Benner, 
Philip Graff, 
Jacob Welsch, 
V^alentin Thomas. 
Michael Schiiffer, 
•ToJiannes Schnell, 
(xottfried I^ebrecht Schmidt. 
.Joh. H enrich Ortmann, 
Gottfried Henrich Diehoff, 
.Johann Michael Lahm, 
.Tohanri Peter Schneider, sen.. 
Joliannes Christian Horster, 
Jacob Henrich Wilhelm, 
Alexander Schumacher, 
Johann Jost Schneider, 
Hans Jacob Schiiffer, 
Johannes Eckstein, 
Johannes Schnell, jr., 
Johann Henrich Filger, 

Jacob Schupp, 
Johannes Ortmann, 
Johannes Herschman, 
Philip Burbach, 
Nicholas Becker, • 
Albert Belitz, 
Albert us Kratz, 
Andreas Schneider, 
John Martin, 
Wilhelm CErtter, 
Jacob Schiiffer, 
Peter Becker, 
Adam Rechel, 
Johann Georg Reiss. 
Johannes Nicklaus Neu. 
Christophel Bertges, 
Johannes Peter Schneider, 
Johann Jacob Denkircher, 
Jjudwig Schneider, 
Johann Nickel Welsch. 
.Tohann Adam Leonhardt, 
Johan Conrad Spangenberg, 
Wilhelm Ernst Felbach, 
Johann Martin Hisger, 
Johann Jacob Becker. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Tiger, Georgf. 
.roHNSTON. Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. 
Qualified Nov. 19, 1771. 

John Kreble, 
Nicholaus Schenerman, 
Ludwig Schneider. 
Hans Geortr Benner, 
Sebastian Wille. 
Nicholas Griinenwald, 
32- Vol. XVII. 

Peter Wagner, 
Jacob Wagner, 
Johannes Miiller. 
Johann Jacob Beyerle, 
Doiiiinicus Heyroiii, 
Johann Lautenschliiger, 



Peter Wasser, 
Henry Apple, 
Anthony Klein, 
Johannes Heigle, 
Caspar Beyei-, 
Nicklaus Kohler, 
Jacob Burg, 
Greorg Hann, 
Jonas Hlescl), 
Grustavus Miiller, 
Peter Odern, 
Wilhelni Kumpf, 
Johannes Ihrig, 
Henrich Ricker, 
Georg Eissenring, 
Job. Gottlieb Steinbecker, 
Johann Adaui I.ow, 
Johan Caspar Lorentz, 
Johan Wilhehn Schneider, 
Johann Nickel Martin, 
Johann Ludwig Starck, 
Johan Conrad German, 
Johannes Peter Reusch, 
Johannes Schott. 
Johannes Nitzel, 
Georg Volck, 
Peter Kessler, 
Johannes Benner, 
Jacob Marx, 
Peter Trexler, 
Jacob Kessler. 
Georg Michael Weiss, 
Jacob Samuel Golde, 
Johann Michael Beltz, 
Georg Mich. Raffenberger, 
Johann Wilhelm Fleck, 
Hen. Jac. Raubenheimer, 
Job. Hen. Lautenschliiger, 
Georg Henrich Kindle, 
Johannes Waltman, 
Johann Christ. Jiiger, 
Johann Peter Weill. 
Johann Daniel Cleiss, 
Lewis Noy, 
Sebastian Unacht, 
Martin Eberts, 

Adam Steiner, 

Henry Webber, 

Nicholas Jost, 

Matheis Fauth, 

Johannes Motte, 

Friederich Foltz,, 

Jacob Hoffman, 

Nicholas Hoffman, 

Jacob Ihrig, 

Johannes Lupp, 

Christoph Storner, 

Henrich Mulberger, 

Martin Grahn, 

Johann Friederich Don 

Johann Peter Schrig, 

Johann Georg Horn, 

John Bernard Leyer, 

Hans Heinrich Zimmerman, 

Gottfried Kuhner, 

Johannes Leonhardt Henn, 

Johann Adam Dracker, 

Johann Leonhard Ragel, 

Conrad Meyer, 

Johannes Miiller, 

Leonard Kessler, 

Johannes Schneider, 

Carle Benner, 

Martin Benner, 

Adam Grosshart, 

Michael Trexler, 

Conrad Haasse, 

Joh. Daniel Schwanfelder, 

Johann Nicolas Fuchs, 

John Le Port, 

Hans Georg Ackermanu, 

Georg Simon Griin, 

Johannes Wucherer, 

Johannes Willmann, 

Niclaus Samuel Gold 3, 

Georg Friederich Kiiclile, 

Wilhelm Schmidt, 

Johan Georg Sclieuermann, 

Johann Michael Ihrig, 

John Noy, 

Johannes Schletzer, 

John Jorts, 



Jacol> Scheibly, 
Adaiu Als, 
Johannes Reusch, 
Joliaun Jacob Menges, 
Joliannes Kiebel, 
Hans Mich. Lautenschli 
Anton Eberhardt, 

Philip Egie, 

Chrisr. Jereinias Scliinidt, 
<Joniad Radinan, 
Jacob Sanner, 

Johan (xeor^ Ijantenschliij^ei-, 
Conrad von Halt, 
Andreas Ehiner. 

List of Forkioners Imported in the Ship Crawford, 
Charles Smith, (Jommander, from Rotterdam, last 

FROM ('owes. (TiUALIFIED NoV. 35, 1771. 

Michael Mohrlock, Daniel Wolff, 

Mat bias Krauss, (jottfried SfoU, 

Jacob Friederich Hocklen, Johann Peter Kiich, 

Johann Stephan Siilj^er, Christoph Gottlieb Theiieman. 


Hryson, (Jommander, 


Jacol) Frey, 
Heinrich Meier, 
Jacob Biiy, 
Henrich Dicke, 
Rudy Funck. 
Willi. Becker, 
Johannes Heintz, 
Jacob Flnbacher, 
Martin Thoman, 
Mattheis Fiisselbacli 
Johannes Staub, 
Heinrich Fichter, 
Jacob Herr, 
.lohan Henrich Hester, 
Jean (iaspard Hathe. 
(yonrad Schwestenniiller, 
Johannes Klappert, 
Sebastian Harth, 
Martin J-'iinck, 


FROM London. Qualified Dec 1, 

Jacob Schneider, 
Friederich Biinley, 
Jacob Stiigger, _ 

Herinanus Dicke, 
John Koch, 
Michael Frey, 
Johannes Flubacher, 
Heinrich Busser, 
Christophel Winder, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Jacob Kugler, 
Peter Stein, 
Paul MS Bauer.sach.><, 
Jacob Zinnuernian, 
Sebasrian Straunian, 
Wilhehn Schumacher, 
Johann Martin Frey, 
Daniel Volck, 
Jacol) Schumacher. 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Gexeral 
WoiiFE, Richard Hunter, Commander, from Lisbon. 
Qualified Dec. lu, 1771. 

Charles Smitli, 
Francs Pross. 
John Carle, 
Nich. Biiss, 
John Fajoii, 

('asper Berger. 
(Jasper Treible, 
Anton Ernst, 
Joannes Baptista, 
Johanna's Schiiiitt. 

List of Foreigners Importe 
John Roberts, from Londc 
Heiirich Meisner, 
Christian Schmidt, 
Phil. Wilh. May, 
Friederich Heetor, 
Fjeiniiel I^ober, 
Martin Sudten, 
Joh. Friederich Honninger, 
Johanti Jacob Sf.hwentzer, 
Johann H enrich Voigt. 
Johann Andi-eas Frit/.e, 
Johann Georg Triihaii»»er, 
Johan Melchior Vast, 


I) IX the Ship Hope, Capi 
)N. Qualified Feb. 24, 1772. 
Hieronimus Henricii, 
(christian AVohler, 
Dietrich Muntzer, 
Theobahl Klein, 
Tlieobald Bastian, 
Greo. Adam Jacob, 
Johan Ernst Ziegler, 
Johann H enrich Steitz, 
Johann Jacob Hartinann, 
Johan TJlrich Biiyer, 
Johann Georg Meyer. 


List of Foreigners iMprmTEi) ix the Ship Minerva. 

James Johnston. Commaxt>eu, from Rotterdam, last 

FROM CowKs. Qualified Bkit. IW, 1772. 
Johannes Mayer, flaspar Wintz, 

Hans Plattner, Johannes Hanck. 

HansSchen, Lndwig Miller, 

GotTlob Hempel, Henri Perret, 

JacM)h Schaub, Chrisrian Apffel, 

Henrieh Schweitzer, Jacob Ballmer, 

Thomas Math, Jacob Schwele, 

Frantz Beck., Heinrich Schonblin^ 



111 rich Herberger, 
John Cliristian Fleit, 
Hans Peter Kiinuiier, 
Johan Friederich U liner, 
Hans Casj)er Heier, 
Hans Jacob Moller, 
Joliann David Bent/., 
Jonn Arnoklus, 
Martin Rudy, 
Henrich Wissich, 
(TOttfried Zeppernic, 
Johann (ieori' Kuhr, 

Jacob Horfacker. 
Hans Bakzer Biisch, 
Jolian Martin Ziinnu^r, 
Joliannes Waslinj,', 
(jeoif^ Henrich Delni, 
Johann (xeorg Kessler, 
Johannes Scliwerdlf, 
•Jaeol) Uberer, 
Wilni. Meyer, 
Hans Jacob Weier, 
John (jfeorg Slander. 

IjIst ok ForkkiNers Importkd ix thk Ship Trawforp, 
(Jharlks Smith, Mastkr, from Rotterdam, last from 
(^owES. Qualified Oct 10, 177'2. 

Andreas Hoffman, 
Jacob Deminel, 
Jacob Schwartz. 
Gottfried Wittnian, 
.loliannes Horner, 
(Tottfried Fechty, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Marx Schneider, 
Samnel Sclioch, 
Christian Rettig, 
Henrich Zercher, 
Johan ]'liilip Fitting, 
Jolian TliHobold Merckel, 
Johann Peter Ochiiei-, 
Johann Henrich Wageidiorst. 
Hans (ieorg Preis, 
John Henry Zimiiiernian, 
Michael Warthman, 
Georg Martin Biichtner, 
Jonathan Treuttle, 
Friederich Linck, 
Bernhardr Wieland, 
Joliannes Buchmiiller, 
Johann ('hristoph Scheibc, 
Joh. David Ziegler, 

Martin Hanck, 

Johannes Fischer, 

Valentin Welcker, 
Friederich Beyer. 

Jacob Scherer, 

IMartin Wieton, 
Johannes Keit^i, 

Jacol) Rnpp, 
Georg Franck, 

Wilhelm BaUzer, 
Andreas ]M idler, 
Johan Christian Nerbler, 
Henrich Franckforther, 
Hans Martin Mayer, 
Joliann <-'arl Wagenhorsi, 
Joli. Georg Warthman, 
Matheus Lindenineyer, 
Samnel Friederich Winter, 
Michael StanfTer. 
Peter Hainnian. 
Johann Georg Baum, 
Andreas Holtzbarth, 
Henrich Weissmiiller, 
.Jacol) Friederich l^anser, 
.Fob. Jacob Eberly. 



Joh. Greorg Einwiichter. 
Christian Schlauch, 
L. SinitJi, 
Jacob Arbreiter, 
Phiiipp Haniinaii, 
Jonathan Lincli, 
Christoph Mohr, 
Martin Mcillinger, 
Jacob Lauterniilch, 
Johann Hebeisen, 
Peter Gralte, 
Peter Lambert, 
Josf>ph Stump, 
Rudolph Seltzer, 
Isaac Bergthal, 
Martin Fischer, 
Jonas Nothstein, 
Joseph OJraff. 
Priederlch Wilhehn Hess, 
Johann Peter Harbacli, 
Johann Friedei'ich Betz, 
Philip Jacob Sartorius, 
Friederich Linck, 
Peter Weymer, sen., 
Johann Wendel Wiegele, 
Jacob Schmidt, 
Frantz Peter Drexler, 

Jacob Miillinger, 
Johann Werth, 
Johannes Sauter, 
Henrich Vogel, 
Andreas Weissart, 
Frederick Feitmeyer, 
Johan Conrad Discner, 
Johan Leonhard Fichler, 
Albrecht Kiimmerle, 
Johannes Beer, 
Johann Hess, 
Andreas Lambert, 
Michael Miiller, 
Georg Shuman, 
John Grramer, 
Balthas Bertsch, 
Johann Kram, 
Greorg Henrich Maurer, 
Frantz Carl Widman, 
Georg Friederich Betz, 
Georg David Scherm, 
Georg Michael Miller, 
Abraham Kohler. 
Christoph Saudrich, 
Georg Adam Haaraus, 
Johannes <<^nast, 
Peter Weymer. 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Catharine, 

Sutton. Master, from Rotterdam, x-ast from 

London. Qualified Oct. 19, 1773. 

Francis Stephani, 
Ulrich Otho, 
Geoi-g Bardeck, 
Francis Geisse, 
Henrich Gerding, 
Charles Friederich Knori, 
Cliristiaii Lindeman, 
Henrich Richmer, 
Joh. Christoph Lotsjmcli, 
Frantz Wertz. 

Leonhanl Miiller, 
Georg Keller, 
Martin Schule, 
Frantz Friedle, 
Perer Paul, 
Johan Caspar Koch, 
Gotthard David Flickwir, 
Frantz Fideli Schrenckenbiirger, 
Peter Mohrinann, 




List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Phokbe. 
Capt. Castle, from London. Qualified Oct. 19, 1772. 

Nicholas Jacobsoii, 

Georg Rehfeld, 

Joh. Friederich Bahlsdort, 

Frederick Schroder, 

Joli. Reiiihardt Schiibelle, 

Friederich Klette. 

IjIst of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Sally, John 
Osmond, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. 
Qualified Nov. 3, 1772. 

Gerlach Hass, 

Daniel Weiss, 

Carl Meier, 

.Tohn Holtz. 

Wilhehn Leiinian, 

Weynandt Rohr, 

Jacob Albrecht, 

Joliann Jacob Eller, 

Jell. Adam Matzenbacher, 

Johan Matheus Bottf^er, 

Johan Henrich Hartniann, 

Johan Gerlach Kupffer, 

Johann Georir Kubbel, 

John Miller, 

Johannes Fritzinger. 

Wilhehn Reiss, 

Conrad Ruder, 

J. W. Lopfer, 

Christian Sohmid, 

Christian Reeste, 

Nicolaus Frauwein, 

Johan Georg Knebelbach, 

Bnrchard Heier. 

Hans Georf? Schuderfer, 

Gottlieb Schlichter, 

Johann Jacob Boll. 

Johan Nicolaus Schuhriein, 

Joh. Geo. Ostertag, 
Scimuel Reiss, 
Johan Freymuth, 
Karl Geissler, 
('hristian Trautuiann, 
Henrich Roland, 
Johannes Krom, 
Wilhehn Henrich Ritter. 
hrnst Henrich Fritzinger, 
Jo. .lost Langebach, 
Johannes Schieberstein. 
Johan Daniel Koffer, 
Johannes Peter Schneider, 
Peter Rothenberg, 
Jacob Michel, 
Henrich Dieterich. 
Jean Halewyn, 
Jacob Theis, 
Mathias l^anli, 
Johannes Theis Schnell, 
.lohann Henrich Georg, 
Philip Peter Schneider, 
Nicklas Panlns, 
Johan Philip Bauer, 
Johan Jost Betz. 
Johann Wilhehn Meyer. 



List of Foreigners I mportkd in the Ship Hope, George 
Johnston, Master, froai Rotterdam, last from Cowes. 
Qualified Dec. :J, 1772. 

Henrich Lehr, 

Johannes Ohlwein, 

Johannes Jjosch, 

Johannes Elgerth, 

Jacob Bingler, 

Arnold Peters, 

Joh. Zacharias Lanj^hein, 

Philip Hardniann, 

Johan Jacob Gieb, 

Wilhelm Friederich Damp, 

Herman Roosen, 

Philip Martin Keilliauer, 

Henrich Schuler, 

Paul us Hoover, 

Antony Auer, 

Christian Stucke, 

Isaac Heuman. 

Justus Bottenfeld, 

Johann Jacob Pfaut:, 

Johan Jost Dahliner, 

Jacol) Finck, 
Johannes Hentz, 
Peter Keller, 
Willxelin Hecker, 
John Frickheflfer, 
Jacob Cacheau. 
Johann Georg Pflinder, 
Johan Philip Miller, 
Friederich Jacob Lauchs, 
Philip Wilhelm Schmidt, 
Georg Wilhelm Lehr, 
Georg Kirchner, 
Johann Adam Funck, 
Anthon Rausch, 
Jacob Masser, 
Georg Films, 
Friederich Steinhauer, 
Christian Sahm, 
Johan Jost Frickheflfer, 
Carl Ohlwein. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Brig Morning Star, 
Georg Demster, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
Cowes. Qualified Dec. 24, 1772. 

Gottfried Fisterer, 
John Weickel, 
Will. Kemp, 
Jacob Nusser, 
John Runkel, 
Johan Feirabend, 
Anthony Schiitler, 
Johann Lemer, 
Bernhard Nickel, 
Friederich Winder, 
Georg Schwartz, 
Johan Ludwig Magseiner, 
Andreas Stetling, 

Jacob Weltner, 
Jacob Kuster, 
Conrad Underseel, 
Abraham Richards, 
Jacob Hess, 
Friederich Hoffmann 
Peter Nonnelter, 
Ludwig Reinick, 
Philip Suppert, 
Christian Wenger, 
Frantz Mentzer, 
Henrich Magseiner. 
Johannes Hamscher, 




Nicklaus Ladmacher, 
Conrad Lan{^Hl)ach, 
Johaun H enrich Kiintz, 
Wil. Francis Turner, 
Johann Adam Esch, 
.lolian Gotfried Grossinehr, 
.Toiiaiui Jacob Pfeiffer, 
Frantz Henricns Hegert, 
Johann Peter Ulrich, 

J no. Jacol) Nanciker, 
Ludwij^ Henrich Deisiiian, 
John Jacol) Gerendt. 
Johann Georg Kesslev, 
Johan Heinrich Messert, 
Johann Adam Stoll, 
Johann Carl Miller, 
Johann Frantz Kelter, 
Jacob Niebergall. 

List of Foreigners Lmported in the Ship PENNSYiiVA- 
NiA Packet, Peter Osborne, Commander, from Lon- 
don. Qualified April 30, 177;i 

Edeine Halbon, 

Arnold Bodeker, 

Conrad GaVjel, 

Henrich Kese, 

Adolph Btrohl, 

Joseph Burchell, 

Johan Friederich Rintelman, 

Anton Le Rov, 

Andreas Kleinschmidt, 

Christopli Reinche, 

Sebastian Kleinschmidt, 

Gerhard Meyer, 
Johannes Miiller, 
Charles Kliickner, 
Philip Bahn, 
Gottfried Hebauer, 
Piere Carle Pouponnot, 
Johannes Hartman, 
Johan ChrisToph Hebiei^r, 
Johan Philip RieiTenach, 
Johann Daniel LehTiiann, 
Friederich Basermann. 

List of Foreigners Imported tx ihk Ship Catharine. 

Sutton, Commander, from London. Qualified 

April, 30, 1773. 

Henry Mollwitz, Etienne Moret, 

Pierre Factzedy, PhiliT)pe Sunbert, 

Ulrich Bastig, Jean Gourdain. 

Johannes Schmitt. Henrich Savet, 

Robert Hall, Ch. Friederich Obt>rl;inder, 
Johan Christoph Schweigerts. Henrich Conrad Boger, 

Joh. Bap Doudemand, Georg Baumann, 

Jean Daniel Pouriot, Simeon Meyland, 

Etienne Morlier, Augustin Gage I\Iercier. 



List of Forkignkrs Importkd ix thk Brioantine Dolphin 
Arthur Hill, Commander, from London. Qualified 
May ol, 1773. 

Friederich Heyii, 
Henry Cautz, 
Michael Horn, 
Mathiius Horelle, 
Andreas Heinlich, 
l']rl)ard Ahhnann, 
Friederich Schleiff, 
Peter Kappus, 
Jacob Leshong, 
Nicli. Heyer, 
Jolianu Martin Weber, 
Christian Basliedicli, 
Andreas Reinhardt, 
Philip Jacob Arcularius, 
Christian Pfeiffer, 
Christopher Keeger, 
Christopher Biegel, 
Eberhart VarelTens, 

Georg Pfetzer, 
Jacob Grube, 
Nichl Bardoe, 
Johannes Engel, 
Lndwig Reinhart, 
Johann Birstodt, 
Andreas Franck, 
Nicholas Gottman, 
Friederic Frey. 
Michl. Flyder, 
Johann Georg Kuntz, 
Henrich Meister, 
Henrich Arcularius, 
John AViseman, 
Zacharias Hohret, 
Johann Georg Vogele, 
Baithasar Paulssig, 
Jacob Marx. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Carolina, 
Ben.i. Loxley, Jr., Captain, from London. Qualified 
June 4, 177o. 

Gal). Valin, 
Hennricus Martin. 
Johann Georg Egert, 
Johannes Andreas Schmidt, 

IjouIs Demarer, 
John Ellers, 
Joachim Hartkopff, 
Gilii Doutremer. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Sally, .Tohn 
Osmond, Commander, from Rotterdam, last from 
Portsmouth, England. Qualified Aug. 3;}, 1773. 

Christopher Mingel, Mathias Ham, 

John W. Petri, Daniel Mesre, 

Ernst Mengeting, Joseph Shemler, 

(christian Leuthe, Heinrich Bruser, 




Herman Heldieh, 

Henry Beck, 

Philip Keyser, 

Isajic Levi, 

Johaiin Henrich Tliiele, 

Johann Carl Biittner, 

Johaiin Conrad Hasemann, 

A(loii)h rxottf, 

.Jolian Friederich Kukiick, 

Johann Jacob Engel. 

Johann Jacob Bastian, 

Carl van Wnwenhnys, 

G. Werner Himniel, 

Burcliardt Jung, 

Peter Liisch, 

Anton He^n. Ritter, 

W. Doll en dorp, 

John Daman, 

Mark Wolff, 

Adolph Unfug, 

John Feig, 

J. Conrad Arnd, 

Frant/ Mutschler, 

Andreas Wagner, 

Andreas Hanpe, 

Bernhard Horning, 

Johannes Gjidecke, 

Johannes Briicher, 

Jean J'eiters, 

Christian Lndwig Bussel. 

Johann Mathias Hinck, 

Johann Georg Vanberg. 

Johan Gottfried Fischer, 

Casimir Leitz, 

Tobias Buhnet. 

Conrad Maurer, 

Georg Sfhenck, 

Joh. Emanuel Klos. 

John Henry Fratscher. 

Johan David Mandeler, 

H. Conrad Hieron. jSchuh/.e, 

Joh Gottlieb Strietzel, 

John Vanderhuyst, 

Johan Peter Walter, 

Joli. Tobias Hess, 

Johan Gottfried Neinrich, 

Friederich HriolT. 
Georg Woltl, 
(rerhard Henry 2«Iobei, 
(ieorge Reininger. 
John Henry Bartram, 
John Loreutz Tempel, 
Johan Henricli Dreyman, 
('arl Rose, 

Christopher Schlachman, 
Johann Jacob Miiller, 
Johann Jacob Becker, 
r. Christ. Schultz, 
J no. Nich. Harm, 
Andreas Jung, 
J. Daniel Weismuth, 
J. Gottfried Nestler, 
Ernst Paul Petri. 
Martin Frechmeyer, 
Pierre Demje, 
Gottfried Vogel, 
Theoijold Stephan, 
J. August Just, 
.Johannes Braun. 
,Ioh. Adam Schmidt, 
Mathew Falliez, 
William Ubung, 
Henrich Hiigert, 
Albert us Schilack, 
Matliias Friederich l>aiibier, 
Carl Gottlol> Fridler, 
Joh. Hen. Philip Wehr, 
Johan Frantz Fuchs, 
Johann Peter (xiibriclj, 
Frantz Frischte, 
Ignatius Graffenberger, 
John Kirshner, 
Bartel l\Ietilmolshke, 
Friederich Marcus Montelius, 
John Henry Schwitger. 
John Beridiard Habner, 
Johan Christoph Bosse, ' 
Joh. Carl Rosenkrant?, 
John Henry Kelman. 
C'arl Enoch Schikibach, 
Johan Friederich Beck, 
John Christoj)h Bauiz, 



Francis van Bauke, 
Valentin Christian Lehnig, 
Joliaun Andreas Merck, 
Johann Christoph Fasel, 
John Valentin Kinberg, 
Henrich Wilhelm Busser, 
treorg John Ranch, 

Joh. Conrad Brackniann, 
John Herman Rudolph, 
Johann Christian Merck, 
Johann Joachim Welsmann, 
Henry Fred. Shuckers, 
Joli. Hen. Christ. Bremmer, 
Andreas Fahrenkorn. 

List of Forkignkrs Importkp in the Ship Brittannia, 
Jamks Pktkr, Master, from Rottbruam, last b^rom 
CowKS. Qualified Sept. i8. 177:5. 

Chrstoph Zern. 

Simon Schunck, 

Johan Grein, 

Johann Henrich Lohr, 

Johann Dieterich Bonig, 

Faul Matz, 

Andreas Lob, 

Peter Eckel, 

Johannes Mertz, 

Philip Conrad, 

Hans Joch, 

Liidwig Gerlinger, 

Jacob Deque. 

Adam Kiimminger, 

Mich. Runckel, 

Johannes Aal. 

Dan. Geo. Jung, 

Philip Bomeich, 

Jacob Schott, 

Joh. Jeremias Boemicii, 

Johann Georg Gunckel. 

Johann Georg Huss. 

.Tohan Balthaser Kramer, 

Johan Simoii Linck, 

Jonann Nickel Staudt, 

Johan Christian Fabritziiu 

Joh. Michael Kirschbaniii, 

Johan Wilhelm Frack, 

Joh. Michel Ellig, 

Michel Haas, 

Daniel Genter, 
Georg Miller, 
Georg Adam Vogelsang, 
Johann Georg Ehrefried, 
Hans Georg Klein, 
Henrich Saner, 
Jacob Liick, 
Christian Stecker, 
Anthony Weber, 
Augustin Hes, 
Henrich Schultz, 
Christian Leibich, 
Christian Schiitz, 
Christophel Orth, 
Andreas Ott, 
Daniel Spiess, 
Michael Jung, 
Jacob Wenner, 
Joh. Georg Wenner, 
Hermannus Scholer, 
Johann Carl Wentzel, 
Georg Martin Eberhardt, 
Johann Adam Kramer, 
Johann Georg Luck, 
.Tohann Friederich Becker, 
Johannes Welthshans. 
Hans xVdam Weiss, 
Hans Geo. Slettebauer, 
Gottlieb Mayer, 
Johannes DauV), 



Micliael Ruff, 

Martin Kramer, 

Joseph Schaak. 

Thomas Baumann, 

Philij) Riincke], 

Jacob AVenner, 

Stofel Neu, 

Hans (xeorg Weyl, > 

Johan Friederieli Kaminerlicli. 

Johan Nicklaus Bastian, 

Philipp Aberthner, 

Joliann Peter Schott, 

Johann Georg Kramer, 

Johan Philip Pflieger, 

Jolian Martin Kramer, 

Johan Philip Lnok, 

Johann Adam Engertt, 

Carl Anton Maas, 

Peter Haas, 

Wilhelm Voltz, 

Jacob Degen, 

Henry Erb, 

Jacob Schneider, 

Jacob Schneider, 4 

Conra<l Voltz, 

Georg Henrich Geek, 

Johan Michael Fischer, 

Johann Georg Reiner, 

Johan Michael Thome, 

('hristian Will. 
Ludwig Kramer, 
Christoph Henckel, 
Bernhart Webert, 
Bernhard Schmitt, 
Jacob Neu, 
William Rockenbrod, 
Johannes Reinhardt, 
Johan Henrich Herbst, 
Johann Jacob Waiblinger, 
Jacob Schauffler, 
iVaugott Labrecht Biehzer, 
Johan Nickel Reuthnauer, 
Johan Jacob Beheling, 
J ohan Georg Kramer, 
Johan Conrad Emicli, 
Johann Conrad Netscher, 
Johann Daniel Roth, 
Michael Jung, 
Jacob Hertz, 
Franc Smith, 
Daniel £chiitz, 
Michael Kieffer, 
Johann Georg Hereshler, 
Andreas Hirschee, 
Adam Schmel, 
Andreas Groner, 
Adam Schneider, 
Michael Satt. 

List of Foreioxkrs Importkd in thk Ship ('atharink, 
Jamep Sutton, Commandeu, from London. Qiialifiku 
Sept. 21. 1773. 

Georg Lufft, 
Phihpp Wild, 
Casimir Delbig, 
Georg Baucher, 
Conrad Trippel, 
Johan Henrich Becker, 
Michael H oh bach. 

Johann Schrecka. 
.Johannes Sander, 
Johannes Klein, 
Jac. Lud. Videbanr. 
Henrich Andreas Meyer, 
Christian Kiihn, 
Martin Eberhard. 



List op Foreigners Imported in the Ship Union, Andrew 
Bryson, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Ports- 

mouth. Qualified Sept. 

Christophel Leinn, 
Johannes Brand, 
John Peter Fuchs, 
Daniel Bernhard, 
Christian Gotz, 
Jacob Smith, 
Johannes Bauss, 
Johann Peter Schworer, 
John Philip Diffebach, 
Johan Michael Lenhardt, 
Johann Jacob Horner, 
John Georg Stortzemeyer, 
John M chael Clements, 
Johan Henrich Bauch, 
Johan Zimmerman, 
Joh. Adam Krausser, 
Jacob Arnoldt, 
Ludwig Schenckel, 
Hannes Schmidt, 
John Georg Sheflfer, 
Christian Beck, 
Johann Georg Keihlhaur, 
Johann Adam Hartman, 
Johann Nickel Schinaus, 
Johan Jost Leideck, 
Nicklaus Leonhard, 
AVilhelm Spies, 
Herman Spies, 
J. Leonard Riidel, 
Joh. Bourquin, 
Conrad Mardorff, 
Joh. Egel, 
John Hartman, 
Georg Hartman, 
Wilhelm Michael, 
Philip Andreas Erhardt, 
Johan JacoV) Aurandt, 
Johann Valentin Stegmiiller, 
Johan Peter Schmid, 
<Bjohann Adam Rinehart, 
Jacob Nicklaas Fiernhaber, 

27. 1773. 

Baltha.«er Hammer, 
John Gennett, 
Ludwig Bachman, 
Valentin Gotz, 
Georg Shreier, 
Johannes Schutz, 
Johannes Kiflfer, 
Johannes Wicke, 
John Henry Dambeiler, 
Georg Philip Gruber, 
Georg Adam Wendel, 
John Adam Zeitz, 
Johan Zacharias Conradt, 
Johan Lenhart Ihrig, 
Johannes Adler, 
Johan Spannman. 
Riiben Stier, 
Johan Renscher, 
Phil. Dan. Graff, 
Johannes Fiernhaber. 
Phili]) Peter Gruber, 
Johann Joachim Gruber, 
Johann Nickel Horn, 
Adam Rossmeissel, 
Friederich Grams, 
Andreas Fischer, 
Johann Pfeiffer, 
Wilhelm Busch, 
J. Georg Ihrig, 
Johannes Batz, 
C. Varlet, 
Joh. Geo. Egel, 
Johannes Herstein, 
Jacob Gercke, 
.Johannes SchiitTer, 
.lohan Matheis Flach, 
Johann Philip Donngen, 
Henrich Valentin Storcihes, 
Johan Philip Henck, 
John Georg Holtzchub. 
Andreas Friederich Sell wentzel, 



Johann Georg Leouliardt, 
Johann Peter Stcihr, 
Johann Gottlieb Metzger, 
Johann Philip Griiber, 
John Conrad Keibel, 
Johann Jost Lenhard, 
Johan Wilhelm Kriiger, 
Johannes Shaefter, 

Johann Leonhard Gottmann, 
Jacob von Lahner, 
Johan Henrieh Weber, 
Johann Henrieh Brausser, 
Johann Jacoli Hot!, 
Georg Adam Biiokel, 
Johannes Millhaii.ser. 

List of Forkigxkrs Imported in thk Ship Hope, George 
Johnston, Master, froiVI Rotterdam, last from Cowes. 
Qualified Oct. l. 1773. 

Andreas Dengler, 
Matthias Wexler, 
Johann Peter Weber, 
Johan Henrieh BuBch, 
Henry Steinbrink. 
David Niess, 
Christian Keberling, 
Andreas Oberdorff, 
Kraft Weyand, 
Fried. Volckel, 
Johannes Hubs, 
Johannes Hesse, 
Andreas Adam Seitz, 
Philii) Yeinan, 
Henry Miller, 
Leonhardt Schmidt, 
J oh. Hen. Klein, 
Johannes Wilhelm Carle, 
Johann Carl Mattisus, 
Johann Michael Conrad, 
Johann Michael OberdorlT, 
Johann Wilhelm Seemann. 
Joh. Wilhelm Eckhardt, 
Philip Adam SchucK, 
Johan Michael Hirsch, 
Johann Conrad Jung. 
Johann Friederich Welckel, 
Johann Georg Seidel. 
Johan Ludwig Pfeiler, 

Matthias Wall. 
Jonas Bollinger, 
Johann Jost Busch, 
John Christian Giith, 
Michael Stumpf, 
John Karn, 
Michael Banman, 
Jost Althaus, 
Conrad Gerhard. 
Henry Meyer, 
Georg Wunderlich, 
Franz Schmidt, 
Jost Welckel, 
Friederich Koeer, 
Johannes Strackbein, 
Jacob Schlatter. 
Nicklaus Henrieh Stephan, 
Johann Jost Bruch, 
Carl Ferdinand Conrad, 
Johann 1-iernhart Ran, 
Joh. Fried. Sasmanhaiiser, 
Joh Jeremias Ballenberger, 
Joh. Christoph Thei\, 
Johan Lorentz Dihm, 
Johann Henrieh Dan, 
Johann Lndwig Hantz, 
Johann Michel Seidel. 
Joh. Hen. Sasmanhaiiser. 

Ill 2 


List of Forkigners Imported ix thk Ship Charming 
Molly, Robert Gill, Master, from Rotterdam, last 
FROM Portsmouth, England Qualified Oct. 33. 1773. 

Christian Ernst, 
Valentin Dietz, 
( lassimir May, 
Friederich Wilhelni, 
Pierre Milot, 
Engelbert Classen. 
Johann Patteiss, 
.loban Henrich Hensle, 
Johan Michael Fuchs, 
Johann Filliberg, 
Johan Ludwig Schwanz, 
Johannes Eberhart Ohl, 
Johann Henrich Wentzel, 
Jacob Elgart, 
Christian Schonfeld, 
Daniel Weibel, 
Caspar Geissinger, 
Henrich Kleyn, 
Georg Buckart, 
Johannes Hartman, 
Christian Lambert, 
Arius Schnlicus, 
Friederich Baltzer Scherr, 
Joseph Cauffman, 
Johann Friederich Vogel, 
Johann Georg Vogel, 
Johann Adam Lang, 
Carl Heinrich Hartig, 
Johann Georg Miiller, 
Johan Friederich Bastnei, 

Nicola Chaillot. 
Thomas Krebs, 
Johannes Steckel, 
Johan Lechleitner, 
Mathias Astiraer, 
Andreas Emmrich, 
Johann Martin Puff, 
Hans Adam Weitzel, 
Joh. Conrad Leonhard, 
Joh. Friederich Freytag, 
Johann Christian Jetter, 
Johan Joost Blecher, 
Joseph Friederich Honstein, 
Henry Dayberer, 
Eberhard Meyer, 
Jacque Dubret, • 

Friederich Dietrich, 
Friederich Miiller, 
Caspar Adam, 
Johannes Hock, 

Jacob Gratl", — 

Johann Daniel Bonn, 
Nicholas Zutheimer, 
Johannes Friederich Braun, 
Johann David Steinmann, 
Johaini Peter Geyer, 
John Peter Ermolt, 
Bernhard Bauer, 
Johann Georg Theys, 
Valentin Charet. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Crawford, 
Charles Smith, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
CowEs. Qualified Oct. 35, 1774. 

Johannes Bud, Christian Mertel, 

John Schlichter, Joh. Math. Weber, 

Wilhelm Schneyder, Joh. Bap. Nonn, 

Andreas Zahele, Joh. Geo. Stiner, 

Johannes Klappert, Henrich Ober, 



Johannes Geistweit, 

Juh. Philip Keet^, 

Jno. Wni. Humer, 

Da^'id Reich, 

Johannes Dieber, 

Johann Henricli Dittman, 

Johann Conrad Trewitz, 

Johannes Henricli Kiel, 

.1".. .n Heniich Achen, 

'. . ■ ; Christ. Fried. List, 

..'Oil. (-feorg Birckelbach, sen., 

Tohn Daniel Hess, 

.J oh. Jost Miitz, 

.Johann Georg Reichman, 

Joh. Siegesniund Stedtekorn, 

Ludwig Giithing, 

Johann Ulrich Sieflner, 

Michael Midler, 

Matthias Hiifer, 

Henry Brum, 

John Fisher, 

AVilhehn Walther, 

Andreas Hild, 

Johann Henrich Durner, 

Johann Henrich Loos, 

Johan Jacob SchM'issfurtli, 

Johannes Deniandt, 

Joachim Stremmel, 

.!oh. Nickel Tlioina>. 

Killian Keller, 

Johann Fiirst. 

Darnel Meyer, 

Christian Meyer, 

Joliann Jost Strackbein, 

.Johannes Peter Stahl, 

.Tohan Friederich Man\valth«M-, 

Johan ('arl (xentzhimer, 

.lohann Henrich Graff, 
Joh. Georg Birckelbach, 

Jacob Trewitz, 

Jacol) Henrich Bast, 

Johan Henrich Schumacher. 

Georg Philip Zissier, 
.Johan Ludwig Becker, 

Johan Peter Rostweiler. 

Adam Michael, 

Wiihehn Scholer, 
(reorg liebank, 
Joh. Geo. Hartman, 
Adam Hainm, 
.Johannes Peterman, 
.Johann Georg Schneider. 
Hans Henrich Schreiner. 
Johan Henrich Hoffman, 
•Joh. Daniel Schweitzer, 
.Joiian Thies Siejjuer. 

List of Forkigxers Importkd i.v thk S\o\v Xkptmxk, 
Thomas Edward Wallack. Master, fro.m IjIsbon . 
Qualified Nov. 2'6, llTo. 

Joseph Le Beau, Charles Capell. 

"William Blach, Anthony Sinclair. 

Joseph !Martin, 

List of Foretoners Jmi'ortkd tx thk Shit Fami;. Jamkm 

Duncax.Mastku, from Lisi5o.\. Qualified Nov. 'J4. ITTo. 
Geo. Ravere. Joim Martin^. 

Daniel Sli.aDue, 

3:3- Vol. XVII. 



List of Forbignkrs Imported in the Ship Clementina, 
Patrick Brown, Master, from Lisbon. Qualified Dec. 

7, 1773. 

John Pepper, 
Maro Seroni, 
Francis Villeneaue, 
Francis Duchand, 

Charles Zemmer, 
Joseph Louvat, 
Francois Pechenet. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Montague, 
William Pickels, Commander, from London. Quali- 
fied Dec. 8, 1773. 

Jacob Furst, 
Peter Arendt, 
PliiHppe Engeroth, 
John Henry Lau, 
Christian Hallitschke, 
Johan Adam Handel, 
Mathias Conrad, 
Joachim Neubauer, 
Joseph Wa{?ner, 
Johannes Fessler, 
Trauffott Gottfried Mayer, 
Anthon Henrich Gnaschler, 
Johan Georfj Speiser, 

Friederich Waltz, 

Joh. Ludwig, 

Jacob Rissner, 

Johan Friederich Rieckert, 

Joh. Wendel Andreas, 

Johan Heinrich Kranel, 

Friederich Eberle, 

Joseph Walcker, 

Joh. Matthey, 

Joh. Friederich Zinckenritz, 

Georg Ladwig Kehnold, 

Johann Adam Schancweiler, 

Johann Christian Duncker. 

List OF Foreigners Imported in the Ship Snow Sally, 
Capt. Stephen Jones, arrived August 15, 1774. 

Conrad Bernhard, 
Michael Lillienthal, 
John Ulrich, 
Joh. William Sauter, 

Conrad Seifert, 
John Georg Gesel, 
John Sauter, 
John i>iehl. 



List of Forkignkrs Importkd ix the Brigantink Nancy, 
Thomas Armstrong, Mastkk, from Hamburg. Quali- 
fied Junk 21, 1774. 

Christopher Fuse, 
Cornelius Smith, 
Josepli Lorentz Herrnmnii 
Carl Friederich Miiller. 

Herman Schumen, 
.Jolutn Fried. Mat/., 
John Matthias Hauer. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Charming 
Molly, Robert Gill, Master, from London. Quali- 
fied Sept. 2<J, 1774. 

Henrich Kiintzel. 
Christian HeiJ, 
Georg Fried. Frick, 
Joh. Henrich Moser. 
Georg Paulus Merckle, 
Carl Christoph Nicht, 
Johan Georg Fritzler, 

Laurens Frost, 
Peter Stephan, 
Johannes Schwenck, 
Georg Jacob Weiss, 
Christian Langspech, 
Johan Georg Schneegantz, 
Joh. Ludwig Bettman. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Union, An- 

drew Bryson, Captain, 
CowES. Qualified Sept. 

Caspar Nuyne. 
Heinrich Dorr. 
Johan Wilhelm Miiller, 
Matthias Wild, 
Johannes Fuchs, 
Adam Stam, 
Philipp Miiller, 
Christian Rossin, 
Alexander Otto, 
Leonhart Opp, 
Nicholas Bayer. 
Fabian Kortz, 
Johannes Schaum, 

FROM Rotterdam, last from 

Georg Rnnimell, 
Andreas Schneynow, 
Johan Martin Schweikart, 
Carl Kurfur. 
Adam Seibert, . 
Lauchs Kochge.«, 
Jacob Eyler, 
Jost Spengler, 
Peter Kuhner, 
Friedericli (rantz, — -"^ 
Samuel Soheuck 
Peter SchiTiimel, 
* * * Riitticher, 



Jacob Volt/,, 

Frederich Weyler, 

Friedericli Bayer, 
'Martin Weiiner, V 

Peter Wall man, 

Joliann Walter, 

Johann Anthon Riilil, 

Heinrich Heidt, 

Caspar Steinmetz, 

(Jarl Buhrin^er, 

Friedericli KolhelTer, 

Philipp Thiebaut, 

Johan Georg Gottfried, 

Heinrich Engelfried, 

Martin Schwartz, 

Friedericli Beyerly, 
•Johannes Holtz, 

Michael Miiller, 

Johan Adain Leber, 

Ludwig Schwabeland, 

John Georg Baltz, 

Hart man Winck, 

Philip Jung, 

Michael Klein, 

Carl Steinmetz, 

Jacob Boss. 

Peter Spruckmann, 

Johann Zimmermann, 

l*liiiip Jacob Wagner, 

Henrich Adam Weltinan, 

(Totthold Fried. Enslin, 

Johan Adam Schlott, 

Friedericli Bergman, 

Peter Schwabeland, 

Johann Gotf. Paul Zimmerman, 

Johannes Becker, 

Melchior Wickert, 

Valentin Gottert, 

Johan Adam Steinl)ach, 

Jacob Heibenzeter, 

Nicholas Guit, 

Illrich Weber. 

Tjudwig An, 

Daniel Wolff, 

Michael Schilling, 

Johan Conrad Eiselen, 

Cliridtian Witmer, 
Matheis Feiring, 
Daniel Rickert, 
Nicklas Seiler, 
Peter Sietz, 
Heinrich Thering, 
Johannes Heimbach, 
Abraham Stotlel Jacoby, 
Heinrich Steinmetz, 
Michael Miiller, 
Adam Koningsfeld, 
Joh. Bartholomeus Ney, 
Christoph Herbster, 
Friedericli Freytag, 
Caspar Uhl, 
Johannes Carolis, 
Israel Ijeypold, 
Johann Nicolans (.^uast, 
Carl Christian Lndig, 
Christian Schwabeland, 
Nicklas Grauss, 
Bernhard Schwing, 
Philip Klein, 
Jost Leibinger, 
Johannes Had, 
Johan Adam Peclit, 
Nicklas Fitingher, 
Nicklaus Schneppenhansser, 
Valentin Beyer, 
Johann Detweiler, 
Johan Friedericli Stremh, 
Johannes Stoffel, 
Johan Carl Reutzlieiner, 
Johan Adam Friedericli, 
Michael David Esch, 
Christ. AVilh. Rathardt, 
Christoph Eufer, 
Johann Georg Bauer, 
.Toliann Nicol Ahr, 
Johann Adam Miller, 
Friedericli Held, 
Joseph Fiitsch. 
Jacob Ijeher. 
Johan Knrtz, 
(xeorg Kckhart, 
Jacob Gucker, 



Johann Jacob Roth, 
Friedei'ich Schiiuinenkessel, 
Joliann Christian Wilms, 
Juiiaun Adam Stock, 
(-feorg Adam Marggrander, 
Erhardt Freytag, 
Johann Gfeorg Miiller, 
Johan Peter Kurtz. 

.lohn (jeorg Ruttcr, 
Joliann Jacob IMedert, 
Johan Daniel Nisler, 
Johann Jacob J)ieterie, 
(reorg Jacob Haussler, 
Christian Glauttiegel, 
Leonard Kroneman, 

List of Forkigners Imported in the Ship I'atty and 
Peggy, Robert Hardie, Master, from Lisbon. Quali- 
fied Oct. 2'J, 1774. 

Jono Morauble, Jono Contono, 

Franco Barrera, Jono Ctimeti, 

Franc Cloter, Franz Boz, 

Jabopet Hoqnedas. Manuel Rodrigues, 

Francisca Rabane, Hipolito Poncelli, 

Juan Domingo, Juan Hinanso. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Sally, J(>hn 
Osmond, Master, from Rotterdam, last from (Jowes. 
Qualified Oct. 31, 1774. 

Christian Miiller, 

Hans Keller, 

Andreas Biihler, 

J oh. Maximilian Hake, 

Georg Katz, 

Adam Segel, 

Philip Lautenberg, 

Wilhelm Bramer, 

Ludwig Fister, 

Jonannes Schaffer, 

Jacob Klein. / 

Anthony Weber, ^y 

Pierre Maison, 

Johann Jacob Welcker, sen.. 

Frederick Mayer, 

Christian Ehmig, 
Ludwig Seltz, 
Caspar Miller, 
Jacob Stoff, 
Geo. Habel, 
Peter Lautenberg, 
Diewalt Klein, 
Peter Bartholomai, 
Johannes Kiinsinger, 
Daniel Zittel, 
Joel Klein, 
Chrisiiai: Schrochs, 
John Henry Klein, 
.Tohann Jacob AVelcker, 
Joli. Peter Cronenberger, 



Balthaser Eberhardt, 
Joseph Sheui, 
Johann Jacob Kunckel, 
Cliristian Schwier, 
Christian Roininel, 
Carl Bartholomai, 
Georg Schinaltzeit, 
Johann Conrad Schmidt, 
Friederich Cronenberger, 
Johann Georg Burcknard, 
Jacob Mussgenug, 

Peter Kohler. 
Johann Philip Weber, 
Christoph Triebela, 
Henrich Oberkircher, 
Friederich Lowenberg, 
Michael Bartholomai, 
Johann Paul Thomas, 

Wilhehn Wenner, 
Conrad Lindenberger. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Catharine, 
John Baron, Commander, from London. (Qualified 
Jan. 1&, 1775. 

Caspar Beaufort, 

David Zabern, 

Joh. Georg Fried. Wagner, 

Joachim Jacob Brandt, 

John Adam, 
Thomas Klenee, 
Johan Jacob Holtzer. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship King of 
Prussia, William Potts. Master, from Rotterdam, 


Ludwig EUer, 
Jacob Miiller, 
Johannes Oliersheimer, 
Conrad Tresenreuther, 
Johann Wilhelra Schilack, 
Johann Philip Kohlman, 
Johann Michael Hans, 
Joh. Paul Bein, 
Johannes Eckenberger, 
Nicholas Rudy, 
Mathias Kohler, 
Cai-1 Ritter, 

Georg Bernhardt, 
Nicolaus Sandmeier, 
Joh. Georg Lintz, 
Johann Georg Weihl, 
Johann Michael Trump, 
Johann David Weber, 
Johann Peter Geissheiner, 
Thomas Rentzheimer, 
Valentin Hohe, 
Nicolaus Grail, 
Leonhard Gotz. 
Johannes Fauth, 



Michael Bremer, 
John Seip, 
Casper Nickel, 
Christian Viitter, 
Jacob Teutzel, 
Joh. Kilian Boos, 
Philip Weber. 
Johan Friederich Huey, 
Jacol) Jost, 
Nicol. Heustang, 
Johannes Rentzheimer, 
Johann Nickel Meyer, 
Henricus Deinier, 
Johannes Kriedelbacli, 
Stephanas Spach, 
Nicolaus Borman, 
Johan Ernst Kessler, 
Christian Weissbach, 
Greorg Friederich Grawan, 
-d^olian Simon Schlars, 
Peter Horbach, 
Christian Gottfried Wiilert, 

Carl Toller, 

Jost Atstatt, 

Johan Herrman, 

Jacob Viitter, 

Conrad Becker, 

Jacolj Kohlman, 

Johann Sigwalt, 

Georg Conrad Busch, 

Theiis Zerfas, 

Ludwig Weiss. 

Johan Nickel Wendeling, 

Johan Friederich Meyer, 

Joh. Jacob Schmidt, 

Joh. Valentin Miindel, 

Nicklaus Ziminer, 

Philip Peter Midler, 

Joh. Jacob Knabenschtdi, 

Friederich Scluiidioltz, 

Johan Jacob Grawan, 

Johannes Sahler, 

JacoV) Henrich Krammer, 

Paul Stormt'elz. 


Names of Foreigners 

Arriviiio; in PeniisYlvania. 



^ ai^ 




List of Passengers ox Board the Ship Candide, Capt 
Adrian Laernoks, from Amsterdam. August lit, I78(j. 

J. F. Weyland, 
John Hufke, 
Jacob Vey, 
J. Kinsei, 

Chi'istian Reifwinar, 
Catharine Reifwinar, 
Marj^t. Bibeling, 
Fridk. Snider, 
Philip Oakly, 
A. Maria Bartje. 
Christn. Bartje, 
Martin Kelsel, 
John A. Botiy, 
Wni. Cliitland, 
Danl. Heys, 
Anth. Reynard, 
Antliy. Manene4-, 
Lewis Sneider, 
JacoV) Lehman, 
Christian Esby, 
Peter Cloos, 
Christian Hoofman, 
Christian Teresa, 
Dorothy Hoffman, 
Wilhelmina Hoffman, 
Tuk Lorman, 
Hans Plambak, 
Jos. Greinar, 
Clans Lexo, 
J. Manar. 
J. F. Weyland, 
Jacob Abrams, 
Maria Booger, 

Jos. Berenger, 
Lefreght Ken, 
F. Anthony, 
Leonard Pering, 
Lotart Riefwinar, 
Chria. Reifwinar, 
Susana M. Neugebran, 
Adam Speck, 
Cristr. Bartje, 
Christn. Bartje, 
Johan Bartje, 
Andw. Lengblood, 
Hendk. Andre, 
.Johan Heys, 
Werhard Thomas, 
Nichs. Riess, 
Wm. Thildinar, 
Abraham Dicks, 
Peter Andreas, 
Jacob Andreas, 
Wentzele Hoofman, 
J. F. Hoofman, 
Johan (/hristoffa Hoffman, 
Fried. Barhard Hoffman, 
Christr. Bull, 
Francis Stutt, 
Jolni Wolter, 
Jos. Arbor* 
J. T. Dubbendorf. 
Carl Friedk. Brothak, 
Ludwk. Kleywer, 
.Jacobus Vander Booger, 
Maria Hooger, 



Johanna Heintin, 
A. Maria Heintin, 
.Tohan Gotleb Klinjjer, 
Jolm Klinger. 
Maria Klinger, 
J. Chas. Bettig, 
Hans Peters, 
J. Fredk. Vognits, 

Susann Heintin, 
Maria Sophia Klinger, 
John Friedk. Klinger, 
Fredk. Coosky, 
Sophia Klinger, 
Henry Pekeli, 
Ludwig Rediken, 
Johan Kepky. 

List of Passkngkrs ox Board the Ship Patsey Rutledge, 
Capt. William Bell, from Hamburg. Sept. 27, 178G. 

Mr. John Hnrpst, 
John Vich, 
J. Edmon Ochme, 
Gotlil) Eickler, 
John Sclienell, 
Georg Anders Irig, 
Nicholas Folcass, 
Christian Caws, 
J. Friderik Caws, 
Hanna Cobbler, 
Frederica Charles, 

Mrs. Harpst, 
John Mart, 
J. Chris. Konig, 
Gottfried Kennig, 
Georg Proskey, 
Frances Joseph Lewdwig, 
J. H. Cruniburg, 
Dorothy Caws, 
J. Ct. Caws, 
Hanna Nerner. 

List Passengers on Board the Ship Nassau, Josiah Hunt, 
Master. October 10, 178(5. 

Mr. Apple, wife & son, 

Peter Salcon, wife & son, 

Georg Caysel, 

Win. Kinnick, 

Liidwick Jack, 

To])ias Shipherd, • 

Jno. Butcher, 

Joh. Feit, 

Georg Malk, 

Joh. Martin, 

Henry Snavell, 

Jno. Eatinan, wife & 2 daughs, 

Fridk. Riderband, 

Jno. Christian, 

Michl. Harpers, 

Henry Shrouder, 

Adam Symons, 

Jno. Farrell, 

Joh. Snvers, 

Joh. Rickard, 

Friedk. Shroud, 

2 cabin passengers. 


List of Passengkrs ox Board thf, Ship Hannah, Captaix 
Anduew Davis, fkom Amsterdam. Oct. 17, 1780. 

Jacob Ob, Liulwick Srei^eluiaii, 

Daniel Steigelman, Georg Millei-, 

(Jarrel Henry Shwanigel, ]Melcher Bang, 

Friederich Grime, Philip Carrel Wood, 

John Henna, wife <& child, Jacob Fratschil, 

Georg Sugwald, John Henrich Kobe!. 

List of German Passengers ox Board the Brio Dis- 

I'ATCH, from Rotterdam, Capt. John Vedeij. Oct. ;51, 

Mathies Berenloren, Ludwig Vorlender, 

Wendel Pyroth, Georg Eyden, 

Johan David Maternns, Antoni Pullig, 

Jo. Jos. Bauman, Christoph Gerrecht, 

Eberhardina Christiana Jjottereii. Adam Banrz. 

Franz Bangest, Mathis Cawein, 

Friederick Weinman, Georg Beriduird Steigelm;in, 

Christina Blankeimin, Philippina Fischerin, 

Elizabetli Blankenheiinerin. Barbara Doilin, 

Jacob Kappes, .loseph Krigner. 

Georg Martin Regele, .Johann Peter Scliivab, 

Johannes Heinrich Midler, Johannes Wekerle, 

Johann Martin Horn, Jacob HiifTer, 

Nicolas Hamburger, Susanna Loising, 

Anna Magdalena Teklenburgin, Ainalia Teklenbnrgin, 

Martin Vogel, Wilhelm Striebel, 

Peter Steit/,. Andreas Heerdt, 

Christoph liOh, Jonann Christoph Lilly, 

Heinrich Peihl, Fredk. Reichencker, 

Henirk Pieter Mallesie, Atiam J)orsh. 

Barbara Dorshin, J oh. Georg Nus, 

Johann Adolph Winkler, Michael Fliker. 

Johann Henrich Henning, Johan <Teorg Bindiaul). 

Georg Henrich Schwein, Franz Kummelman, 

Johann Heinrich Horner, Joliann Philip Horner, 


Names of Children. 

Henrich Pieter Mallesie, Johannes Mallesie, 

Willeni Pieter Mallesie, Anna Maria Mallesie, 

Maria Salloniie Dorshin, Margarieta Dorshin, 

Orchil Maria Horner, Maria ElizaV)eth Catharina Horner, 

Maria Catharine Horner, Maria Dorothea Flikker, 

Maria Dorothea Horner, Johan Michel Flikker, 

Johan Christoph Flikker, Johan Georg Nus, 

Anna Elizabeth Flikker, 

(The other child of Nus died near the AVillerastad. ) 
Johan Michel Erich Garrecht, Catharina Garrecht. 
Orchille Garrecht, Pieter Willeni Andreas Garrecht. 

List of Passengers on Board the Ship Bristol, Capt. 
Earl. Dec. 14, 1786. 

John Rokir, wife and child, Chris. Wm. Sahn, 
Mar". Eliz. Durin, Johana Sophia Barleates. 

Elisa Meyers, 

List of Passengers on Board the Ship Patset Rutledge, 
William Bell, Master, from Hamburg. May 22, 1787. 

Name. \ Age. 

Conrad Nics. Sommer, 40 

Andrew Peter Roos, 32 

Anna Maria Roos . 30 

John Andrew Paetz, 28 

Herman Wida, 32 

John Gottfried Stunger, 32 

Anna Christina Stunger, 36 

,Tohn Veizapff, 36 

Carl Friederich Schmidt, 31 

John Christian Meyer 28 

Hinrich Gerhard Schalke, 20 

Meinhd. Matth. Rabenau, 28 

Friederich Pietz, 27 

John Chris. Peterssen 24 


Name. Age. 

Friederich Voss, 18 

Hinrich Willin. Sancll>t>i^^ 17 

Martn. Pli. Peterssen 19 

Nichs. Strent, 18 

Herman Dieilk. Becker 27 

Christr. Kiellinann, 32 

Christr. Albert, G9 

Carl Edw. Alirend, 28 

Christu. Adler, 36 

John Georj^ Hensler ~". 35 

Jens Jochiiii, 40 

Job. CTottfd. Jargens, 35 

Johan Jahnke, 32 

Matias Rieper, 3G 

Hans Michl. Steffens 29 

Hans Caspr. E. Schomaeker, 34 

Friedk. Albert Vaye, 24 

Women's na)ne.<i 

Anna Eliztli. Baumann ... 28 

Anna Maria Buck, 28 

Catba. Marga. Dren'Dargs, 30 

Eliztb. ])animann, 25 

Christ. Cath. EckhofT, 16 

Cathn. Eliza. Gerken, 34 

E. M. Dorotliea Steliners, 28 

Charlo. Eliztb. Hnssen, 21 

Anna Sophia Hammers 24 

ChD. Gerdnik Horns 29 

C. C. W. Jasprams, 36 

Catba. Marga. Jabnkeii, 37 

Maria Eliztb. Kuliuer 44 

Anna Abel Lobsen 30 

Anna Catba. Langlob 22 

Catha. Margt. Moller, 46 

Maria Mcinings -^4 

AnnaMargta. Nelling, 31 

Maria Eliztb. Rugen, 38 

L. C. Sophia Friedleber 29 

Marga. Eliztb. Struven, 33 

Catha. Corns. Schmidt 19 

Anna Catba. Stacks ^9 

Lucia Eliztb. Scbmidt. 40 

Anna Catba. Scluittsen 38 

Catha. Eliztb Siemonsen 39 


Name. Age. 

Catha. Ma. Wagener, 38 

Anna Marga. Ziuiuierinann 27 

Anna Marga. Erbs, . . 22 

Cath. Elizth. Frahms 23 

Hauna Eliz. Kenning, 34 

Anna Kocks, 27 

Anna Cliristu. Meyer, 20 

Anna Eliztli. Moller, 2.j 

Anna Meyer, 20 

Elizth. Magda. Meyer 25 

Elizth. Sucken, 45 

Anna Catha. Seeman, 27 

Catha. Marga. Konig, 24 

Anna Marga. D. Fransen 32 

Elizth. Boden, 25 

Dora. Lutkens, 23 

Dora. Rosenbusch, 23 

Dora. Marga. Martens, 18 

A. C. E. Messen, 30 

Anna Maria Wohlers, 19 

Mrs. Smith — 

Juliana Smith, — 

A child Smith, — 

Jonas, 20 

Mr. Ham, — 

Mr. Hein, — 

Hinrich Kleinwortli, — 

A List of the Passkxgkrs ox Board thk Dutch Shii> 

NoRD America, Capt. Tys dk Haas, from Amsterdam. 
Oct. 10, 1787. 

Joseph Nyzel, Johannes Horning. 

Casper Gryvner, Adam Haaf, 

Adam Schwartz, Catharina Richterin, 

Georg Fey witli his wife and two children under 4 years, 

Peter Stark, Balthasar Mulder. 

Nic. Roth, Anna Maria Rothin, 

Jacob Hagiman, Anna Maria Hagiman, 

Christian Roth. Heinrich Roth, 

Grita R'-^thin, Anna Margreta Rothin, 



Mavf^rt^a Kothiii, 
Susanna Rotliin, 
Nicolas Kotli. 
Casp. Juugpri, 
Nicolas Kuauf, 
.Toll. Pauls, 
.]oh. (xeorg Pauls. 
Job. Adaiu l^auls, 
Daniel Phil. Euttinger, 
John L. Visaer, 
Frans Schaffer, 
Heinr. Koch, 
Elisab. Kochin, 
Johannes Naeel. 
Mai'ia Eva Jarkinsui, 
Maria Eva Jarkinsin, 
Jacol) Ciucker, 
Adam Segeler, 
J. M. Hildehrand. 
•Ian Valentin. 
(!orn. Stonfield. 
Daniel Andre, 

Engel (Nieulander), 

J. P. Grnvlig, 

- Viag, 

V. Hesshuyzin in the cai)iii, 
Joliannes Seitz, 

Eliza Rothin, 
Michial Roth, 

Kdnier Raap, 
Pieter Neuinan, 
Carl Swartz. 
|)oi-ethie Pauls, 
Juh. Hend. Pauls. 
Anna Maria I'auis, 
Klizaheih Fluckin, 
Johannes Plucks, 
Anna Maria Schiillerin, 
Cath. Kochin, 
•lohn Simons. 
J. F. W. Jarkins, 
Johanna Margreta Jarkinsin, 
Susan Doi-oth. Jarkinsin, 

Fred, riucker, 
('. AV. Sander, 
J. RitberT, 
Soph. Dor. Wolffin, 
John Jac. Wild, 
Hend. Hildenl)ran<l, 
Ja('ol> Schwartz, 
J. W. Kumi)f, 
P. Theobald in the fat)in, 
J. ]\f. liuchner, 
Wm. Mart. Wieland. 

List of (tkrmax Pa.sskxgkrs ox Board tfii': Shit Rosktta. 

FROM Amsterdam, Capt. Edk Corxkliss. Atmiil 5, 1787. 
Job. Jos. Terner, Frdk. de Wein. 

J. Ct. 1j. Benner. 

List of Ttkrmax Passkxqers who arrivkh at thk Port 
OF Philadelphia, ix the Shit Dorothea, Skveris J)al- 
sted, Master, from Rotterdam. Oct. 14, 17S7. 

Carel iVFoeller. (feorg Friedk. Arnold, 

Tfeorg Epler, Jacob Stuckler, 

Jacob Kuntz, Job. Henrich Nischwitz, 
84- Vol. XVIL 



Jacob Volkel, bis wife & 4 (Jliildren, viz: 
Maria Elizabeth Volkel, Toos Volkel, 

Johannes Volkel Ludk. Volkel, 

Maria Volkel, 

Martin Kruger. and six cliildren, viz: 

Anna Margretha Krugei 

Anna Christina Kruger, 

Anna Elisabeth Kruger, 
Jan. Philip Spelishus, 
Anna Christina Glaan & 2 children, viz : 

Maria Madelaina Kruger, 
Johann Ludk. Kruger, 
Catha. Elisabeth Kruger, 

Margeritha Glaan, 
Johan Peter Muller, 
Johan Georg AVeysz, 
Johann Balthazar Dietz, 
Johann Schatz, 
Joh. Rudolf Vos. 

Christina Glaan, 
Nicolaas Fritzgen, 
Anna Cat rut Liese, 
Jacob Stumpf, 
Johan Henr. Sieppert, 
Anna Christina Vos, 

Maria Marga. Haubergerin & 2 children, viz: 

Peter Hauberger, 
Anna Elizabeth Gernianin, 
Jacob Lex, 
Georg Rosseier, 
Johan Betz, 
Wilhelni Betz, 
Johan Richter, 
Johan Sahner, 
Anna Maria Sniit, 
Clara Schneider, 
Charlotta Faulhaberin, 
Johan Daniel Bohin, '■^ 
Jacob Ewi, 
Hend. Phil. Dornet, 
Michel Fautz, 
Johan Heymerdingen, 
Georg Jacob Rodel, 
Christophel Ruckert, 
Magdalena Ruckert, 
Martin Schneider, 
Magdalena T^ever, 
Roeloft Hayenants, 
Isaac Solomons, 
Johann Conrad Godschalk, 
Margera. Guthman, 
Nicolas Guthman, 
Henrich Gutenberger, 
Carel Ludk. Wilhm. Albertu> 

Johannes HauV>erger, 
(ieorg Diederich Lex, 
Henrich Bret/, 
Christian German, - 
Dorothea Betz, 
Jn. Jacob Richter, 
Johann Bernhd. Ran, 
Nicolas Fritz, 
Maria Dorothea Ran, 
Catha. Welden, 
Johan .Jacob Hem, 
Johan Daniel Spenscheid, 
T. Adam Nees, 
Wilhelm Troll, 
Fredrik Miller, 
Martin Herniker, 
Johan Nic. Probst, 
Hartman Ruckert, 
Hartman Ruckert, junr. 
Adam Lever, 
Charlotta Hexamerin, 
Ernst Fredk. Geyer, 
Johan Carl Koller, 
Peter Guthman, 
Philip Guthman, 
Anna Guthman, 
Adam Gutenberger, 
Johan Hendk. Neereman, 

1 i 



Johann Kolb. 
Juliana Weber, 
Johannes Weber, 
Joluin Henrich Weber, 
Johan Henrich Knebel, 
Anna Gertrut Knebel, 
Joha. Jula. Elisth. Bncheiier 
Catha. Liese Wunilerliuh, 
Johann Wunderlich, 
Maria Annetta Wunderlicli, 
Joha. Elisabeth Knoch, 
Christina Wieth, 
Anna Catha. Birkborch, 
Mat hi as Baldt, 
Johannes Hesselbach, 
Johan Henrich Hesselbach, 
Pieter Engel, 
Christophel Jobs. Engel, 
Christian Engel, 
Philii) Peter En^el. 
Anna Sopha Bierinan,wi(lw. 
J. (Jarel. Tob. Geyer, 
Henrich Geyer, 
Johan Philip Eeker, 
Fredk. Kroej^, 
Baltzer Martin, 
Nicolas Voltz, 
Anna Liese Voltz, 
Engelica Voltz, 
Georg Flcischouwer, 
Johan Georg HofTuian, 
Johan Matthens Straiib, 
Georg Wilhehn Diehl, 
Nelly Kelly, 
Johanna Regenstein, 
Andries Schreuder, 
Dorota. Bopp, 
('arl Strolie, 
Philips Jacob Strobe, 
Daniel Bopp, junr. , 
John. Simon Joncker, 
Hans Hen. Joncker, 
Johann Henrich Joncker, 
Andreas Dorscheyner, 
Adam Rech, 
Peter Bekker, 

Pieter Weber, 
Johann Henrich Weber, 
Craft Weber, 
Johan Fredk Welder, 
Anna Elisabeth Knebel, 
Susanna Knebel, 
in, Johann Joost Wunderiieh, 
Anna Liese Wnnderlich, 
Joost W^underlich, 
('oenraad Knoch, 
Pieter Wieth, 
Johan Henrich Birkborch, 
Johann Toost Birkl)orcli, 
Catha. Baldt, 
Anna Elsa. Hesse]l)ach, 
Herman Knocli, 
Sevila Catha. Engel, 
Johann Philij) Engel, 
Jacob Engel, 
Maria Catha. Kngel, 
Scholten, Wilhelm Scholten, 
Catha. Geyer, 
Mathias Eeker, 
Jacob Eeser, 
Jacob Sckinkel, 
Johan Michl. Kayser, 
Anna Maria Voltz, 
Barbara Voltz, 
Jacob Voltz, 

Philip Hendk. Schiekendantz, 
Johan Fredk. Schatzig, 
Philip Wilhelm Boiler, 
Sophia Kelly, 

Magdn. Christn. Regenstein, 
Henry Regenstein, 
Daniel Bopp, 
Sophia Bopp, 
Madn. Strobe, 
Daniel Strobe, 
Salomen Bopp, 
Henrica Joncker. 
Henrica Joncker, 
Johann Elias Kirberger. 
Susanna Maria Germanin, 
Henrich Srrohn, 
Johannes Seitz, 

532 namp:s of foreigners 

Abraham 8(^hinut/., Coenraad Heyinan, 

Jolianu l)auiel Bona, Georg Zeb, 

Johaii Chriistn. Bohin, Jacob (rot/., 

Peter Ulricli, M. lllricb, 

Anna B. Nagelerin, The Reverd. Petriis Heilbrun, 

Tlie Revenl. Joliauu ISaptii. Heill)ruu. 


Nov. 5, 178S. 

Joh. Henricli Stiele, Elizabeth Catharina Stiele, 

(Jatharina Stiele, Aug. Carl Frederick JjoefHt'r, 

Friederich Andreas Haase, John Matthys Sander.s, 

Joiin Ludwi^ AVernwag, Daniel Iluniel. 

Jacol) Knpper, (Uirisrian Haar.s. 
John Friederich Teuisch, 

List of (termax Passenoiers who Arrived ix the Ship 
Amsterdam Packet, from Amsterdam. Nov. 5, 1788. 

Fredrack Wasts, Joanis Sadellor, 

Daniel Buiupgardner, Oatrena Lanianning. 

Hendrick Wise, 

List of Germax Passexgeks who Arrived ix the Bri» 
Laurel, from Amsterdam. October 3, 1788. 

Pi-. Ansbacii, God. Bau, 

A. Ziiltz, Michael Ekker & Son, 

P. Ijeonard. 

Simon Keppelar, Win. Zotman, 

Christn. Bait, Cii. BiiNser. 

G. 'M. Smith, 



V. Aiispack, Schutts k^ Brotlicr, 

Cat liei-iue l>()uziii. J. Lotfler. 

lilS'r liK (jrKIlMAX 1\\SSK\(4KUS, WHO AliU I V 1<-. 1> TX THI'', BrKJ 

Mary, from A-Mstkrda.m, AtitIst 3, 1788. 

M. Kurtz an(! wifi', J. Fi-eiid, 

H. Masschei-t. J. C. Weedinan, 

P. Zeg, J. P. Coinmi'i^, 

E. L. Bacsoli, Eal Prisli, 

F. Nottenius, G. F. Alar, 

G. E. Gramer, G. Welspach, 

J. D. Knapsshneids, J. Alliuendinger, 

Mar^a. Kirzenea, A. ]Mari,'retha Scharfer, 

J. A. Seliiiiidt, J. C. Kate, 

Anna Susaiia Scharfer. Anna Mad. Seliarfer, 

J oil. Meliiirger, Angaita ScJiarfer, 

P. Call, J. G. Melhirger. 

John Berstiend & wife, 11. Georg Herman, 

J. Boce. John Schareaiini. 


LoNDOx, Ji'LY 7. 1788. 

lie ]\!inistre et Docteur. All)ert Fresne, sa fe)ne Lidic, '2 enfant 

Albert et Alberrine. 
Jean Henry Visard, sa feme Madelaine, ;^ enfans A J)ram Louis. 

Marie Anne, et iMargaritiia. 
Abrani Bonrquin, sa feint^ tSuzanne 2 enfans .lasne et l^ierre 

Jean Pierre Villiat, sa feme Marie Salome,:*, eutans Jean lienrv, 

Marie Anne, et Jean Geofrois 
Jean Jaqnes Villard, sa feme Siisanne ]\Iarii\ 7 enfans Marie 

Anne, Suzane, Jacob, Marie, Jean Henri. Elizabeth, ei 

Jacob Gossin, sa feme Madeleine. 2 enfans Suzanne et Emanuel. 
Abram p]steman, sa feme Anne, 2 enfans Anne Catherine et 



David Frederick Gobat, sa feme Suzanne. 

Jean Pierre Sauvain, .sa feme Catherine. 

Cliarles Frederick ])ubois. 

Daniel Girard. 

Abram et Frederick Raignel. 

l^avid Clievallier. 

David Eche, sa feme Suzanne. 

David Pretre, sa feme Catherine. 

David Carnal. 

Jean Aplizner. 

Jean Zeler, sa feme Anne Marie, o enfans, Jean, Anne Marie, 

Frena, Anne et Barb. 
Jacob Senn, sa feme Elizabeth, -i enfans Anne Marie, Jacob et 

Jean Henri. 
Jean George Pfremmer, sa feme, Anne, 1 enfant (Catherine. 
Jean Schffner, sa feme Anne, 1 enfant (Catherine. 
Jean Jaque Vaihel, sa feme Ursule, 5 enfans Jacob, Martin, 

Ccitherine, Barbe et Frederick. 
Jean Vaihel, sa feme Ursule, 3 enfans Jacob, Jean et Noe Vil- 

Martin Guetigeuer. 
Martin Schaub. 
Frederick Toma. 
Johannes Frichi. 
Susanne Gerr. 
Maria Neuschvander. 

Abraui Sauvain de vingestre en Virginia.- 
Abram Cai)tiaine Marchand. 
Abram Saupi. 
Jean Pierre Complaire. 
David Sauvain. 
Elizabeth Guntzehausere. 

Cnhin Passengers. 

Edwd. Hawkins, James Cocheroft. 

Mrs. Winship, 

List op Gkrman Passkngers os Board the Ship Patsky 


10, 1789. 

Baltzar Smith. Jacob Alterman, 

Henry Alterinan, Henry Kaihl. 

Christian Treichel, 




List of German Passengers who Arrived at the Port ok 
Philadelphia, from Amsterdam, in the Brigantink 
Philadelphia Packet, Captain John Earl, Commander. 
Sept. 29, 1781>. 

Joliannes? Brandhover, 
Christina (xertraut Strohn, 
Johannes Yenny, 

Sarah Brand liover, 
Johann Jacob Strohn. 

List of GERMA^ Passengers on Board the Brigantine 
Mary, Captain Kernen Fitzpatrick, from Amsterdam. 
October ], 1789. 

MeiVs Na^nes. 

Carel Waggener, 
Jacop Win, 
Adam Weiler, 
Lambrigh Wad. 
Lewdright Mingh, 
Jacop Berkelbach. 
Cristian Fornhoaf, 
Henrich SlieafFer, 
Henrich Heaf, 
Jacop Hornevius, 
Jonna Peter Schitz, 
Jacop Wast, 
Johannes Miller, 
Johanna Georg Hoffheintz, 
Johan Gorg Elert, (Swiss), 

Henery Smith, 

Daniel Counts, 

Justice Harknat, 

Carel Ludwigh Bamgat, 

Cristian Frank, 

Johanes Faner, 

Johanes Waggener, 

Peter Hosut, 

Adam Arnolds, 

Leis Henery Bast, 

Johan Jost Weber, 

Henrich Wilhelm Zimerinan, 

Johanes Sneider, 

Jolian Georg Elert, 

Conrad Dederich. 

Johana Harknat, 
Ana Elizabeth Road, 
Ellizabeth Frank, 
Anna Ma^delenie Find, 
Elizabeth Hornevius, 
Ana Cathena Hornevius, 
Ellizabeth Zimmerman, 
Anna Maria HofTheintz, 
Anna Maria Dederich, 

Wo7nen')i ISames. 

Jusina Renald, 

Maria Bamgat, 

Susana Craftin, 

Anna Maria Berkelbach, 

Elizabeth Crisiiana Horneviu.- 

Justinia Hart, 

Anna Maria Miller. 

Anna Magdelena Elert. 


NAMES OF foreig:xers 

trir/s' jYu/ih 

Ci-istina Harknat, 
(Jharlote Harknat, 
Pliilipine Banigat, 
Friedericka Fj-ank, 
Cristinia Buckle, 
Henneratia Shitz, 
Willejnenia Weber, 
Henerita Webei-, 
Uatlierina Weber, 
Maria Sliefenbaum, 
Anna Catherine Miliar, 
Ana Catherina HolI'lieintz, 
Anna Maj^delina Elert, 
Pliilipina Dedericli, 
Maria Cristine Dedericli, 
Justine Busserin, 

Anna Cristinia Harknat. 
Anna Elizabeth Banigat, 
Crisiina Bamgat, 
Leuise Sliarp, 
Hinerita Bast, 
AVillenienia Shitz, 
Carolinia Weber, 
Margarita Webei-, 
Caterinia Maria Weber. 
Louisa Sliefenbaum, 
Anna Maria Zimmerman, 
Anna Elizabeth Hofllieintz, 
Elizabeth Elen. 
Catarina Dedericli, 
Anna Mai'greta Dedericli, 
Elizabeth Dederich. 

Buys' JVames: 

Cristina Harknat, 
Honer Wad, 
Luddight Toolet, 
Philip Frank, 
(TOttfried Shitz, 
Frederich Henrich Weber, 
Friedeich Earl Weber, 
Anthon Sleifenbaum, 
Johanes Elert, 
Jacob Elert, 
Johanes Dederich, 
Johan Jacop Dederich, 

Caral Harknat, 

Han Crist. Wad, 

Friederich Bamgat, 

Cristina Frank. 
John Williem Shitz, 
Johan Henrich AVeber, 
Wilhelm Sleifenbaum, 
Jacob HofTheintz, 
John Just Elert, 
Johan Cxeorg Elert, 
Sebastian Dederich, 
Laud wight Frank. 

List of German Passkngers who Arrived at Philadel- 
phia, IN THK Ship Philadelphia Packet, from Amster- 
dam, John Earl, Master. March 31, 1790. 

Elizabeth de Wilde, 
Johanna Dam ess, 
Wilhelm Bloede, 


Jacobina Faust, 

Philip Haman, 

Peter Gans, cabin passenger. 


List of Passkxgers ix the Bnia Mauv, kijo.m Amstivrdam, 

Philadelphia, 4tii (.)ct()bek, ITUO. 
(ieovii I- WighteniKiii, Adam Finek, 

Wilhelinina Larin, Joli. (Tec>i-<^ llaselharli, 

David tSclineider, Joliaii Adam Hoitzwaiid. 

Jonatliau Schaaf, Clirisriaii Becker, 

Sain Fried. Sclioch, Juli. Jacob Hainan, 

Job. Knaut/, Juli. (ieoige Scbnitz, 

Fried. Heitz, Joli. Jacob Chur, 

Joli. Jacob Scheil, Peter Wedel, 

Job. G. Knecbt with his wife and three cliildren, vi/. : 

John i)iin Knecht, 

Job. (iod. Knecht, 2 

Anna Cath. Knecht, '6 

Heinz Ernst Burck, Johan Carp. Bertram, 

Pavid Rind, Adam Rotldiaas, 

Moses Nathan, Jan Kuyper, 

Lud. C. Kuhn, Jos. Scbreiljer, 

Joli. Cii. ]ihimmer, Anna Clirist. ]iertram, 

Job. Co.^nrad Rothhaar, David Israel, 

Christ. Heinz Borett, Job. F. liottinger, 

Hans G. Laubengaj'er, Casper ZoHecoi'er. 

List of Passenokrs ox Board the Brig Uxiox, James 

Dysbukg, Master. Philadelphia, Feb. 9, 1703. 

Cristiau Schlichting, John Friedk. Bachmann, 

John Samuel Anters, Anne Catherim; Koster, 

Anne Jurgens, Mr. Chas. Dachenhauren. 

List of Passengers from Amsterdam, Pr. r-oLtrMDiA, 
Capt. Wm. Maley. Arrived March 8, 1793. 

Fred. Lndewig Gutt, Sophie Salmia Gutt, 

Glarie Charlotte Reinhard. Frederich Gntt, 

Elisabeth Charlotte Reinliard. Frederika Fiieating. 
Louis Pignot, 


List of Passknqers per thk Ship John, William Whit- 
well, Commander, from Amsterdam. July id, 1793. 

H. V. Hauieiik, Charles v. Hanierik, 

Tustado, Georg Friedericlib, 

Aiine Brandt, Louis Mathew, 

Andrias Eliewin, Sophia Ellewin, 

Friedericli Eliewin, Catharina Ellewin, 

Margaretha Ellewin, Johan Michael Ellewin, 

Johana Catarina Ellewin, Johan Gottlieb Richter, 

Anna Brussin, Franey Eyman, 

Ruticius Haake, Engel Everst, 

Johana Catharina Seyny, Hanna Mipers, 

Johana Maria Soutling, Hanna Margaretha Eklinian; 

Anna Maria Christiana Sybrand, Henriette Cainphuysen, 

Wilhehnina Tysen, Gosse Scheles, 

Frunje de Ronde, Nicolaus Jacobus Bonirs, 

Peter Sables, Hiendrck Worhy, 

Hendrick Hoige, Cornelia Ebheling, 

Maria Schmit, Alida Korrich, 

Fried Christehnyer, Friederich Ellerkanip, 

Ellisabeth Ellerkamp, Eilisabeth Ellerkamp, 

Johan Carel Midler, Friederich August Friederichson, 

Dorothea Catharina Friederichson, Johanna Friederichson, 

Friederich Augs. Friederichson, Caert. Conraadt Friederich- 

Adarn Nukulus, Carl de Man Trotz. [son, 

Engel Cathr. Friederichson, 

List of Passengers ox Board the Brig Union Capt. Wm. 
Bell, from Hamburg. August 16, 1793. 

Mr. Laffert, Molter, 

Johnson, citizen of New York, Oppelt, 

Benade, Heinze, 

Caske, Heine. 

Gehbe, Miiller, 

Frederic Saalig, Braunscliweiger, 


Christian Gottlob Chalybaeses, shopman, 
Gottlieb Steuernagel, shoemaker, 
Frederic Gottlieb Lange, shoemaker, 
Joh. Gottlieb Solberig, printer, 
Charles AndreAV Thalman, printer. 



List of Passengers ox Board Ship (;o]>iimbia, Wili.iam 
Malky, Master, from Amsterdam. Hkv. 17, 1793. 

Josepli Faiirie, 

Johanu Friederich Jost Fabririus, 

Johaiiu Pilip Nortlumgel, 

Jjudif? Nothliiiagel, 

Jaines Borrawdale, 

Ann Kosetta Borrowdjile, liis wif*^, 

Joliann Michel Nicola^;, 

Philip Harig, 

Sabilla Harig, his wife. 

Catharina Salame Harig, 1 

Louisa Margaretha Harig, ; liis children. 

Maria Elit;al)eth Harig, j 

Clement Reutgers, 

Catharina Reutger.s, hi.^ wife, 

Wilhelin Reutgers, - 1 

Christian Reutgers, ' ^^.^ children. 

Peter Reutgers, j 

Catharina Reutgers, J 

Henrich Schuster, 

Dorothea Catharina Schuster, liis wife, 

Caroline Schuster, 

Friederich Schuster, | 

Catharina Margaretha Schuster, ■ i, is children. 

Henrich Scliuster, ' 

Christian Schuster, | 

Louisa Schuster, J 

Frantz Becker, 

Maria Johanna Becker, liis wife, 

Carolina Elizabeth Becker, ) j^.^ childern. 

Anthon Jacob Becker, » 

Henrich Lauer, 

Anna Margaretha Lauer, liis wife, 

Maria Sophia Lauer, I 

Henrich Ludwig Baltser Lauer, | ^^.^ children. 

Christian Lauer, | 

Georg liudwig Lauer, 

Georg Christian ITlrich, 

Maria Margretlia Ulrich, his wufe, 

Louisa Ulrich, ^^ j^j^. children. 

Johan Jacob Ulrich. ) 

Philip Cramer, 

Louisa Cramer, 

Jacob Wolff, 



Rieneklt Ton.s, 

Peter Gruiul, 

Hans Miclie] Kost, 

Christian Schrani, 

Cliristina Klein, 

Elizabeth Trinkels, 

Susanna Jones, 

Elizabeth Fuhner, 

Johaun Liuiwig Wilheljn Franke, 

Friederich Kertorel, 

Johann Friederich Wiiliehii < 'lirenstin, 

Jan. Pieters, 

Elizabeth Maria Pieters, his wife. ' 

Christian Pieters, , 

Laurens Pieters, ; ^^i^ children. 

Elizabeth Betts, 

Coenraad Betts, her son, 

Christina Bergs,^ 

Hanna Ijehmkiols, 

Johanna Meisandei*, 

Johanna Sansen, 

J oh. Jacob Frank, 

Lebilla Michlenbacli, 

Emanuel Friederich Schults, 

Johann Peter Frohwein, 

Johann Henrich J.ihrs, 

Georg Ludwig Reipenhausen, 

Christian Schube, 

Johannes Kurst, 

Michel Siebenlist, 

Juliana Muth, 

Maria Muth, her daughter, 

Jan Pistor, 

Andries Pistor, 

Johann Cristophler Tack, 

Jacol> Malainbre, 

Johann Henrich Sicniezing, 

Johann David Otto 

Arnold Heins, 

Johann Mat bias Metzger, 

Gerritje Muller. 

Louis Dominique, 

Jaeol) Opp, 1 

Jacob Loesch, [ Americans. 

John Bohlen, 


List of (tRRMAN ]*assencjf,us Arutvkt^ in tuk SShip Bro-i'h- 
ERS, Caleb Eahi,, ("o.MMANnKu. from llAMiuiKi. Sfi't. 
•2.'.. ITU;!. 

Philip Heiulriclv Kastrop, 

(-feorgiuH Wolfeliiio Fraiicoisc ]j\ cidaniii Hastrop. 

Susana Maria Bastrop. Crist ina Maria Ha-^trop, 

Marta Riniieina Bastroi). Aufjjnstina Bastrop, 

Maria ISeinmn, John Manns, 

Louis Wiilerholt. Louis Sij^frid, 

John Winclear, Jolm Stii^nian, 

John Crusp, James Shults, 

Betsav Alli)rinJ,^ l)ali)oy Beans. 

List ok Passengers ox Boaru the Buui Samuel. Bex- 
.TAMTx (t. Dexter, Master, from Copexhagex. Sept. ,'7, 
1 ;;•:•.. 

John (xeorg, -l"'"' Hileui. 

Francis Merckel, 

List of Germax 1'assexgers ox Boari^ the Brk; Polly 

James Dryburgh, from Hamburg. October 4. 179:5. 
Johann Blume, ]>hilipp Bahaaser. 

Johann Honn, ^^rl Benecke. senior. 

Juhus Benecke, junior, Wilhehn Hannibal!, 

;..hannLoeg, Andreas GronaU. 

A List of Passkxgkrs by the Ship Jeax. Daxl. McPher 

SOX. Master, from Hamburg. r2TH Noybr. 17i):J. 
Geor- Hinrich Burght. Elizabeth Myer. 



List of the Passengers on Board the Ship Peggy, John 
John Elliot, Master, from Amsterdam. Nov. 10, 1793. 

Jos. Guied Doornauiver, 

Jas (In Boir, 

Corl Peters, 

Corn. Win. En^lehart, 

Malik King, 

Van Offen, 

Jolau Boiler, 

Jol Malthert. 

Adam Berstroser, 

Joli. Ro], 

Jacob Krautt, 

Fried Hottz, 

Jacob Selzer, 

Valent Es/evein, 

Johan Schefler & wife, 

Carl Croni, 

Philip Von Dessen. 

Croni Vender Beek, 

M. Meyer, 

Frans Becke, 

Benjamin Hare, 

Pierre Jos. Porteur, 
]jeon Engelbert, 
Adrian Churvest, 
Wesselman Ting & Son, 
Joseph Helzel, 
Antji Gaspers, 
Elizabeth Bollerin, 
Jol Kiser, 
Mid Rings, 
Jacol) Hod el, 
Petan Korrel, 
Heinz Bedtlof, 
J.^avid Strolm, 
Jacob Tyd Goart & wife, 
Philip Hess, 
J oh Ran, 
Henz Smith, 
Godf Burnsel, 
1). Schumacher, 
Magdaline I.iigte, 
Hein. Mol linger. 

List of Germax Passengers Arrived in the ShipAp- 
POLLO C. Fitzpatrick, Captain, FROM Amsterdam. Feb. 
18, 1794. 

Johan Fredr-rieh Kohde, Bergmaister, 
Marie Sophie, his wife, 

Theii- children. 
Johan Deitrich Ernst Valentin, Geo. Fred. Heinrich. 
Georg Ludwig Troder. Johannette Catharine Elisabeth, 

Mariane Friederika Henrietta. Ehrgott Ferdinand Wilhelm, 
Heinrich Freidrich Stegnerus. Carolina Christina Elizabeth. 

These relatives. 

Henrietta Marie Vieter, 
Lndwig Ernst EigenV>rodt, 
Louisa Freiderika Scheuber, 

Gertraiid Elisabeth Vieter, 
Carl Rinehart Gottfried Stand- 
Mai'ie Lotharine Kann. [inger, 


Muinitdi iitejs. 

vfeo. Daniel Kl^l^^ Philip Clirisi ijiii Krjiussliarr, 

Mathews Hiister, Marie Elizabeth, his wife, 

Anna Elizabeth, Ills cliild, .1. C Ruler, 

Joseph JSlirau, Eliza Ellery, 

Margaret En^le, Stephen Buble, 

Tuie.hael Huhiian, Micliael Mante, 

J. G. .liiger, Michael Julev, 

Johaii Hels, J- •!■ Hm^', 

Fredvieh Nacli, ('hrisrine Nach, his wife, 

Philipiria Nach, his child, Jean F. Lautenger. 

List of PasskxPtKhs of Ship Joiix, Wii.t.tam Whitewkli>, 
Master, from Amsterdam. March 12, 1794. 

Johan "William Welke, 

Johanu Voi^el, 

Francis Anibrust, 

John Ja^er, 

Johan n Ungar, 

Daniel Pieper, 

David Koenig, 

Andreas Bosdorff, 

Joliann Gecke, 

Anthony Krigler, 

Frederick Hottz, 

Heinrich l^nchveld, 

Johann Kuyper, 

J oh an n Kas, 

Dominica Steinwyk, 

Johanne Tipo, 

Johann Herbst, 

Maria Magdalina Herbst, his wife, 

Maria Magdalena Herbst, , 

Johannes Herbst, ■ bis chil.iren. 

Johannes David Herbst, | 

Helena Paapers, 

Ainia Maria H uttenbaut,', 

Johannes Hartnian. 

Marji Hartnian, his wife, 

Maria Tnnnuites,- 

Anna Luggins, 


Elisa Peis, 
William Steinberg;-, 
Maria, Weegenaar, 
Juriau Kei)i)elar, 
.lolin Friedei'icli (Todniauii. 
John F. Obernliauser, 
Agala Obernhauser. liis wife, 
Mai'ia Elisabeth, | 

Jan, I 

Friederilc, i his children, 

William, I 

Simon ! 

Catharina Viege. 
Christina Maasin. 
Dororhea Muthen, 
Eliz. Hnttenbaug, 
Jolin i\rnlier, 
Agnes ]\Ionsieurin, 
Marie Anna Verylie, 
Txeoj g Nieolas. 
Johann Casjiar Werschiede', 
Anrhony Kollebem, 
Oonradt Hyde, 
Jacob Sauerheben, (American). 

List of PAssKXGEiis ox board the Ship Columbia, Capt. 
Wm. Malky, Bouxd to Philadelphia. May ol, 1701. 

Name. Ar/e. 

.John Dorneck — 

Anna Magaretha Dorneck, — 

Heinrich Jacob Dorneck 13 

Jolm IMichel Klapthor 13 

Magdalena Klapthor. ■ • • 9 

J^. W. Eichbaum, 

Jane Eichbanm, — 

Charlotte Eichbaum, — 

Arnold Eichbanm, 8 

NYilhelmina Eichbaum, 4 

WilliaTU Eicl)])aum (i 

Eiizal)etha Eichbaum • 2 

John Swetman, — 

ARRl\'I>;(i I.N PEN.NSYLNAMA. 5-ir, 

Nanu. Age. 

Nicolaus Fertile]-. — 

Cathariiiii Fernier — 

Ludwig Fertnei- ]2 

Mattis Fernier, — 

Elizabetha Fertner, _ 

George Fertuer, — 

Louis Fertner — 

15asilaur Fertner — 

Elizalietlia Fertuer, — 

John (Veoj-ge Fi-iederich, — 

M. Magdalena Friedericli, — 

Isicolaiin Friedericli, .") 

Pnilip]) Friedericli, ;5 

Ludwig Friedericli, • . . . 1 

John Carl Martin, — 

• lolin Coniiid Koch, — 

Friedericli Holfinan, — 

John Peter Scliiizel — 

John Atlaiii Miiller, — 

A. Dorothea Miillerin — 

Jolm Adam IMnller, — 

(Jonrad EViel, — 

Balthasei- tSpiess, — 

Michel Bui) " — 

Catliarina KilTerdorffin, — 

Anna Maria Veitin — 

A. CJatharina Kochin — 

Jacob Sevl)oldt, — 

Doi'otheii Korhei'in — 

Heinrich Wastgan — 

Joiin Riebel, — 

C ]\Iaria Riebel. — 

Jolm Friedericli EickiiolT, — 

Georg EickhofT, 11 

(Jonrad Eickliofl, 10 

Eberliard EickkhofT, — 

Jolianna Bell, — 

Margaret lia Hellt — 

Oatharina Weingartin, " — 

Henriette SiL^sanna Frolich, — 

Jolm Gotilob Knrsnei", — 

Johaui:.^ ^•-ul;!;! ICuhlstates — 

ISIar'i K]-:-abc-thn 8raal, — 

John Gadc, — 

U.-)-V(>L. XVII. 


Name. Age. 

Christian Zauerling — 

John Beutel, — 

John Casi)er Mattis, — 

Dorotliea Mattis, — 

Friedericli Christian Mattis, 11 

PliihpiJ Heinrich Mattis, 9 

Andreas Bush, 

A. Refjina Bush, — 

Carl Eberle, — 

Catharina iCberle, — 

Friedrich Eberle, — 

Wilhehnina Kirchnerin, 1 

George Andreas Eberle, — 

H enrich Jacob Eberle, 

Gerrit Kemp, " — 

Henrich Joseph Diedericli — 

Cathrina Ewig, — 

Henry Vaucker, — 

Peter Bewyr, 13 

Abraham Bewyr, dead, If^ 

Adolph Marx, — 

Catharina Marx — 

Christiana Marx 11 

Andreas Marx, . • • 8 

Jacob Marx, 6 

Gertrutli Marx, 3 

Augusta Waldberg, — 

Catharina Shaefferin, — 

Annji Bewyr, 't 11 

Margaretha Bewyr, 9 

Clara Moll en — 

Sophia Klinkel, — 

Catharina Korbin, — 

Friedericli Muller, — 

Carl Kniess, — 

Georg Datt, — 

Casper Rielman, — 

Philip Rittner, — 

John Volk, — 

George Christ. Kohler, — 

Lorenz Otto, — 

Justuz Christ. Stockman — 

Joiin Jacob Krall, — 

John Humler, — 

Maria Humler, 


Kcnne. A fie. 

Peter — 

C'athai'iuii Lazer, — 

Liulwig liiiTerz, — 

Margavetha Enterz — 

Margaretha Hulzin, — 

AVilheliniiia, Kniestin — 

John George Kniest — 

Johaiiiia t, ri-stiana Kniest — 

Carolina Kniest, •» 

Dorotliea Kniest '^ 

A. Elizabetli Diehn ~ 

Wiihelm Leonard — 

.Tacol) Geller, — 

Franz MeyerliofT, — 

Martha Helena Rnbenthal — 

Joliannes Ruhenthal, 8 

Andreas Rnbenthal, 'J 

f'hnstiana RnV)enthal, '^ 

Nicolaus Friedinger, — 

.1. W. Hoflfnian — 

Annatje Schensenia, ~ 

Richard Crown, 

George Haas, -^ 

David (rerad 

Catharina Gerad, ' ' ~ 

Geertruvde Soeter, 

List of (tkrmax Passkn^krs ARRivKn at tiik Port ok 
Philadelphia, ix thk Brig Uxio.x, Cai't. Folgkr, from 
Hamburg, Jujje 3, 1794. 

John HenMrich Idle, Baldid Goldner, 

Wilhn. Foyte, Hendriok Dewbeck, 

Johan Henrick Maries, Fridriek Brown, 

Georg Fridrick Newde, C. L. Jondernian, 

Elizabeth Jondernian, liis wife, Cristian Jondenuan. danghter, 

Lnavess Charlote Melegcj, Josei)h Dainant, 

Henry Roberts, George Perkins, 

Edward Perkins, Martha Perkins. 



C. E. Ewald, P A. Tietjens, 

A H. Kohii, J H. MOller, 

P. H. Jaron, F C. JScliiuidt. 
J. C. Miisculuis, 

List of Passkx«ers ox Board tmk Biin* Hollaxd, riAPr, 
('. FuAXKLix, Jr.. fj{om Amsterdam. Aiigi'st 20, 17!t4. 

Mailer Prevot, ji., i: A. (!»■ F. «le Fresnays, 

V'ogel, Isaac AVm. Barters, 

Vaa Kestel, Lel)art Ha\ler, 

William Follendorn'. NeAvlaiid- AiiTh. Biickman & Avil'e, 

er, free. Clirisl. Benedickt, 

Hans Jaco Bliiinaii. (^athariua TolleMdorii, 

Jc)sei)li Huliebrade »Sj wife, ]Vter Platz &: Avife, 

Juliana Wertmans. Anne Mnria Joliansin'^-, 

Anne Maria rroTtliebs, Ht'in Schilling, 

Willieliuina Ostendorf, .lohannes (xoet/.. 

Ant. Hnrtgen, ("arlLnd. I^nrch, 

]\Iaria Foncke Cioet/, with ~ .1. J. Coni'ad, 

cliiidren, Maria Opnian, 

C'atharinii, Aildens, ( ". II. C'oi-des, 

Cli. Miller, Anihy. Ueiirieks, 

.1. h. Menf?er, J. <'. I linen. 

.1. W. (Treiniel, J. H. Siebert, 

J. H. Fenseli. Anne ('atli. Metier, 

Carl Sartoriu^, Hendk. Buscli. 

Cornel* Van <len '\Veldenl)ei-t;. A b. Col)et, 

liouis Banltin, <'. Andrewsen. 

John Keves, John Klyn. 
Daniel Cobet, 

List ok tx thk Ship HiiiMixfiHAM P-vckkt, 
(vAPr. Cteorgk Lockykr, from Hamrttr(;. Ai'gust 3."), 


Monsr. Borthond, Madni. Berthou("», 

Mons. Deroeliea, Mons. Teraseou, 

Mons. .loiirnell, Mons. Berthond, 



(xorliiir ^sioolas Liuzims, 
iSusaua Barbery Lutzeii;-, 
Ijud. Heiirick Von Storicli, 
John Johann Strauble, 
Frederick Bode, 
Jos. Prey, 
(.■liristiance Frey, 
Catlierine Witt, 
Catli. Bamiianin, 

Cin-isiiance AVilhelniina ],in/.< 
I'rajK'is (lOtliiir JiUt/.en-, 
Henerick Hool<, 
Christian Ijuders. 
Rudolpli Bode, 
Carolina Bode, 
Barha. Frey, 
(rnstavus Wirt, 
Johaii Wit I. 

TjTst of Passkxokks" Na 
John Elliott, Mastku, 

.lohn Hainnion, 
iVbrahani ( 'olian, 
Jon Sweers, 
JohTi Rit/,, 
]'eter Erlin<^linrsT, 
(iodfrid Reinhart, 
Jasper Kraft, 
(Jasper Helliquesr, 
Christian Koi)pinf;, 
Henry Eggell Haiiia, 
Francis Dessalaur, 
Mattliias l)e Konin^', 
Ttnstaf Wetckind. 
EMnfuvi Woodsand, 
Hinion Kei)ler, 


, FiioM Amsterdam. N<n 

Eii/.abeTli Hainmon, 
Anjjel Cohan, 
AiiTonio Honius, 
Zwanan Veyal, 
>hu-^aret Erlinyimi-si. 
Mayn<is Stiiltz, 
Tedrie Frake, 
Henry ]..epper, 
Fe(h-ick Rosentlial, 
])anl. Holstein. 
Francis Van Tillia>i. 
Wilhn. Aulhorii, 
Tlios. Woodsand, 
Elizabeih "Woodsand, 
Jacob Elderst. 


li, 17!)4. 

].itt ok Passengkks .Vhuivkd from Hambttro. in thk 
Brigantink Sarah, Danikl May. Captain. Nov. 11, 

]je\vi-; l^onrdillon iS: '2 c]nl(h 
Jean Louis i>ub> . 
Antoine Cliarles Ca/enove, 
Andrr Jerret, 
David Martier, 

Alexander Crorn, 
Jean Salomon Fa"y, 
Jean .\ntoine Cazenove, 
David (randon, 
Jacob Buffle, 


IjISt of Passkxgers IX THK SHIP SoPHiA Oarolink, Peter 
Ehler, Commaxder, from HamburCx. Nov. 12, 1794. 

H Johinas Leuffer, wife and 9 children, 
H. Eckstein, wife and children, 
H. G. H. Liiers, H. F. Iden, 

H. F. F. Rahn, H. A. Scheel. 

H. F. Schleicherd, 

List of Passengers Arrived from Amsterdam, ix the 
Ship John, Wm. Whitewell, Captaix. Jan. 2, 1795. 

Mr. Stunie with wife & six Mr. Azony, 

children, Mr. Meyer, 

Mr. Ludwig, Mr. Kraz, 

Mr. May, Mr. Newman. 

List op the Passengers on Board the Ship Levonia. from 
Amsterdam. Feb. 27, 1795. 

Christian Brand, 

Jounes Frederick & his wife & two children. 

Names of the Passengers on Board the Concord, from 
Hamburg to Philadelphia. July 7, 1795. 

Mrs Jeanne Elizabeth Maler Prevost, 
Andro, j 

Henry. I her children. 

Andre Louis, } 
Mr. Peter GalJine, 
Miss Francis Gay, 

Mr. Zacharie Fangnelvey said Jjaroche, 
Doctor Heinrich Zolfers & wife. 



Joliann Gottfried Gadecke, 

Johaiin FriedrJch Wilhelm Neumann, 

John Dohrii, 

Louis Houssage, 

Louis Cr. Houssaj^e, Lepine, three brothers it tlieir servant 

Louis Renu Houssage, 1 

Henry Gallon, 

August H. Schmid, wife & two children. 

Johann George Hummel, his \vite Anna Miiria & his son. 

Christian Hummel, 
Christian Friedericli Ludwig Priister, 
George Dickelmann. 
Lion Massina, 
Levy Hirsch, 
Soren Royen, 

John Stone, seaman of the United States, 
Captu. William Campbell, citizen of the United Stales. 

Passengers ox Board the 
John Meanky 

H. Newman, 
.Tno. Newman, 
Filton Newman, 
Jno. Lefart, 
Jno. Ritkar, 
Jence Venan, 
Barbara Kesliener, 
Efferen Tigerin, 
Gorgon Fred. Bumach, 
Jno Inteibinger, Quin, 
Simon Newman, 
Betsey Stonis, 
George Bourben, 
Jno. Jacobs, 
Abm. Markel, 
Jno. Fritch, 
Edwd. Clarke, 
Jno. Belk, 
Mary Enar, 
Ciiarles Enar, 

Rose, from Hamburg, ('apt. 
Sept. 18, 1795. 

Mary Newman, 
Martin Newman, 
Henry Christ, 
Peter Spertzel, 
Hans Adam l^liller, 
Ursela Kingenen, 
Margaret Spertzel, 
Michl. William, 
Rol)t. Steinberk, 
Gabriel Zelinger, 
Philip Lagam, 
Benjamin "Wolfe, 
Ciiristian Steltty, 
Godfrey Keller, 
H enrich Bremer, 
Henry Eckart, 
Henry Baker, 
"William Clark, 
Francis Mnrshall, 
Amanual Enar, 
Jno. Newman. 



T^isT OK Passengers from Hamburgh, in Hamburgh 
Packet, Caleb Earl,. Master. Oct. 5, 1795. 

R. CampVjell, 

Rebecah Campbell cV child, 

P. S. Schild, 

Elizabeth Lants, 

Annah Si/bald, 

Louis Eiiiamiel de la FleclK-re, 

Johann Jacob Seidel, doctor, 

Friederich Grottlieb Segel, clerk, 

Johann Heinr. Georj^ Pax, servant, 

Johann Ernst Droy, cooper, 

Johann Michael I)eiken, 

Anna Maria Delken, 

Elsi van Leuvel, 

Ludolph Heinr. Ludwig Kiegel, joiner, 

Johann Jacol) Lents, joiner, 

Johannes Mecke, joiner, 

Johann George Leytman, joiner, 

Joliann Heinr. NnrenV^erg. baker, 

Heinrich Siegnion Zncker, miller, 

Friederich Knorr, miller. 

Names of^he Passengers on ]^oard thk Ship Thomas 
Chalckley. from Rotterdam, Capt Robert Rice. Oct. 
13, 179o. 

Jon. Henrick Stiever, 
Jacob Kernn, 
Jon. Coenraied Berkman, 
August Ludwick Hark, 
Fredrick Kouflour, 
Johanes Bruyn, 
Heiidrack Diearman, 
Ijiena Sudiea, 
Maria Roenes, 
George Bloodhart, 
Hendrick Donnett, 
Jan. David Benter, 
John Harps, 

Johannes Miller, 
Joseph Crumber, 
Josshiea Berkman, 
Louis Hark, 
Jon. Fill Graftt, 
Fredrick Sevou Boone, 
Cathn. Elisabeth Frielang, 
Julina Wieling, 
Rebecca Velveriss, 
John Mesner, 
Fredrick Fiering, 
Jan. Fredrick Sckierer, 
Jurien Roode. 

L ^ 



Anna Kiirter, 
Micliel Antony, 
Carieliena OaJn, 
Peter Hansen, 
Liotte Keni[)ers, 
Johana Eversrene, 
Eva Mai-ia 8cutts, 
Jaeol) Williams, 
Peter Niewill, 
Jacob Rnbl)el, 
Earnj-t Leanien, 
Catliirina Keatrer. 
Matliias Everstine, 
Hendrick Rintro|>, 
Carolina Rinetrop, 
Hendrick Rinerrop, 
Margriatha Trapp, 
Pliiiip f'lien, 
Johana (xutte, 
Grasjjer Hoonis, 
Gorit Frieser, 
Jan Newingliuzen. 
Arnoklea Niewinj^huzen, 
David Pristore, 
John Hridenba, 
Fredrich 8tones, 

Mi. 'lie R<.(.(if. 
Wiiliain Dit'cknian, 
William Ilendri(;k, 
I'redrii'lc St raTsburj^, 
Elisebfth Kloss, 
Jacob ScuTts, 
Jacob Frederick Scntts, 
.lol'an Willielui Oartan, 
Gerard Peisons, 
Freilrica Rubbel, 
Jur Jacob Keatrer, 
Eiisaeberh Van Orn, 
Jon. Hendrick Bearin ]-{oone, 
Elisabeth Rintrop, 
Fredrick Rinetroj), 
John Conrad Iliibner, 
/Daniel Allen. 
Christinea Clien, 
John Allof, 
Gasper Hierinan. 
Johannes liolb, 
jNIariea Jlolendel. 
Jacobus Hutchinssen, 
.Tohanes Sell>. 
.lohn Neclilos Kout/., 
Cf. ( 'hai-lotte Clever. 

List ok I^asskxgkhs ox Boarp thk BuKi I'rikxdship. 
Nathax Clarkk, Mastki; from xV-Mstkroa-M. Nov. 17, 

Doctor of M. & D. D. . .1. De Jongh. 

Christian Westt'ahlen. his wife and two children. 

C. A. F. Otto, his wife and three children. 

Elizabeth Seibel and child 

.lohan Nickel, his wife and two cliildreii. 

Johan Ulrich Ainnier, iiis wife and si\ cliildi-en. 

Henrich Schroider. his wife atid child. 

Michael Faust, his wife and three children 

Christian .Moller his wife and child 

Barbara Gass and child. 

Joiiati Peter Blankard. his wife and child. 

Daniel (xeorjjre Schatler. his wife and two (diildren. 



Anna Gabriels. 

Jolian Geenan. 

Nicholas Schreb. 

Conrad Kratz. 

Cornelle Casaly. 

Leonard Evers. 

Anna Elizabeth Durmans. 

Casper Henkel. 

Johan Michael Lehr. 

Conrad Fryberger. 

Johan Justus Wiel. 

Jolian Jacob Hermani. 

Johan Frans Pflaume. 

Anna Elizabeth Dalhoff. 

Johan Christoph Rhode. 

Jan Berler. 

Johan Jacob Vander Biechelaar. 

Johan Christian Nagel. 

Johan Godfried Pflag. 

Maria Kegelin. 

Johannes Kerkhuis. 

Klaas Peters 

Harniau Henkel. 

The Names of Passengers ox Board the Brig Mary, 
FROM Hamburg to Philadelphia, Wm. Bell, Master. 
Nov., 1793. 

Jonathan Reynolds, 
Christian Friedr. Schaaf. 
Johann Friedr. Rudolphi, 
Charles Moelien, 
Michael Viin Kuk and wife, 
Conrad Kreuser, 
Christian Samuel Michael. 
Christoph Ijupach, 
Mathias Friesd, 
Johann George Zurikel, 
Johann Koelling, 
Johann Schomerinel, 
Johann Gottfred Kaelbel, 
Phillip Jacob Volraer, 
Christoph Brickniann, 

Andrew Benade, 
Madame Schaaf, 
David M. Michael, 
Carl Ludwig Schmid, 
Heinrich Danker and wife, 
Christian Gottloli Paulus, 
Johann Gottfried Pictseh, 
Gottlie1> Byhan, 
Henrich Matthiesen, 
Carl Kayne, 
Henrich Poppe. 
Henrich Meitzel, 
Carl G.ottleben, 
Carl Witte. 
Henrich Wij-and, 


Christian Friedr. Bluiue. (Jliristiau Heinricli Maleliowll, 

Beiijaiuin Augsr, Jolianu liuppe, 

Johauu Christ oph Suvennanii. Johaun (Tasper Frisch, 

Johanu Gottlob iSchwartz, 
Johanu Adam Kreyn, 
Andrew Uhle, 
(reorge Bernhard Soliranin 
Johann August Geiger, 
Fiiedrick Williehn Mayer, 
Anna Peterson, 

Friedr. Williehn Herzog. 
Johann Carl Weiss, 
Friedrieh Uhle, 
Johann Conrad Philip Geiger, 
Phillip Gottlob Frank, 
Christina Friederica iSevbottin. 

List of Passengers Arrived in the Brkt Minerva. 
Capt. James Snell, Master, from Hamburg. Dec. lo, 

Jolian Jacob Behn, 
George Yoder Horst, 
Jacob Dilhnan, 
Christian Herder, 
Marie Lotharina Schreiber, 
Johannes Schrei, 
Marie Marietta Daub, 
Frietlerich Beking, 
Andreas Vitstach, 
Johannes Birkelbach, 
Henry Louis Martander, 
Johan Brazilius Moller, 

Andria.s Duchene, 
Gerlach Liif, 
Anna Maria Diliman. 
Johannes Peter Schreiber, 
Heinrich Ahhnann, 
Johannes Daub, 
Dilhnanus Daub, 
Jacob (Jhristoph Schinirer. 
Daniel Schorrer, 
Heinrich Rittner, 
Margaretta Carolina Llizabettn 

List of Passengers on Board the Ship Henry and 
Charles, from HAMurRGH. March 29, 179(j. 

Catherine Claussen, Nicholas Bowers. 

Passengers on Board the Brig Molly, Wm Campbell, 
Master, from Hamburgh. April 13, 179G. 

Joli. Bodel. 



A List of Passengers on Boarh the Ship America, erom 
Hamburgh, Capt. James Ewing. June 3, 179(i. 

Christian Martin ()idenbur^% Maria Elizabeth Oki(uil)nrg, 

Henrich OldenVjurjj, 
Eacl\vicl< (lirafT, 
Geo. Frederick Reguit, 
Johan H. Hrurcke, 
Christian Ranif^karl, 
Margaret Friedas, 
Edward Boysoii, 

Cliristiana Oldenburg, 
Lois Wernick, 
Christo])her Roller, 
George J^luni stock, 
Ludwig Frieds, 
Andrew Zeifs. 

liiST of Passengers ox l^oAiiD the Ship Harriet Balti- 
more, Capt. Thomas W. Norman. June 17, 179G. 

Fedrick Moller, l\Mlrick HarrshofT. 

(-'hristen Less, 

IjISt OK Passengers on Board the Ship Harmony, Cap- 
tain James Moore, from Hamburg. July 25, 17915. 

Joli. Gobhard Cunow, 

Augnsta Henrieta Cunow, 

Johanna Lehniann. 

Johann Christian El)beke, 

Joseph Metzler, 

Gnstar Lukendofl', 

Loni!^ IMarquis Rangoree, 

Louis Wilhnans, 

Earl Gastell, 

Henrv Streider, 

Hannah Dillon, 

Weigan Miller, 

Frederick Clear, 

•Just. H. Vaspar, 

AVilliam Gilland, 

Anna Denny & three children, John Wall, 

Beni(ina Sophia Cunow, 
Carolina Louise Cunow, 
Johann Caspar Freytag, 
Johann Gottlable Rentrer, 
Jean Baptist Chambaud. 
Ludewig Krunibharr, 
Johan Nyronieen Geetze, 
Cristopher Cake, 
Charlotte Philipjiine Cunow, 
Hannah Streider, 
John Otto, 
Fredk. Long, 
John Glassniann, 
John Long, 
Christian Denny, 


Jolin Youn|:,^ Christian Sholt/., 

Fi-edericiv Uoodrv, lieiijaiiiin (xaiiiiy, 

Grunther Walspir, Georije Walsli, 

J«)iiii Walsli, .](}iin Fakeuiiuer. 

Wiiiiain CTilliliau, 

pASSKxaKiis ()\ lioARP THi'; HfiKi Marv. Gatt. Eakl. I'UO.M 
HAMuruti. JihY ;■.(), IT'.k;. 

Name. -1.0" • 

William Hii)penst'el, fanner, 4G 

Ann Sophia fiippenstit'l, woman 4:5 

Ann Justina Hippenstiel, woman 17 

Mary Eliisabetli Hippenstit^l. woman, • 13 

Jolin Weber, farmer, 30 

Mary Elistli. Wolf, \voman 24 

Conrad liakl, fanner 28 

Ann Sopliia l-5ald, woman 28 

Frederic Bald, farmer, .... 24 

Christina Bald, woman, and onf (!lii](i (imtli. old 22 Flemmer, farmer 22 

Ann riertrouf Koein^. womiin, ... 22 

John Menu smitli ... 'M 

Ann Mary Menn, woman, .ind one child of i year, .... 20 

Eliaabeth Menn, woman, 19 

Philip Menn, farmer, 18 

John George Menn, farmer 17 

Ann Catharine Menn, f,nrl 12 

John Henry Menn, boy, 12 

George William Menn, boy 7 

Jost Henry Menn. l)o\, 5 

Jolm Jost Dickel, farmer, 23 

Mary Cath. AVeyand, IH 

Jost Aflerbafdi, smith 22 

John Henry Greve. farmer 34 

Ann Elisabeth Greve, '50 

Mary Elisabeth Gre-e, -W 

Jost 8trac,kl)ein, fanner 47 

Ann Mary Sfrackbein -^'^ 

Mary Eli.sabeth Strackbcin 21 

Jost Henry Srrackbein. iarnur 1*^ 

Valentine Strackbein. farmer, !•> 

Catharine Strackbein 12 


Name. Age. 

John Jost Strackbein, child 5 

Christoph Raff, fai-iner, 21 

John Ulrich Fi-auk, farmer, 20 

Philip Widman, fanner, 18 

Philip Mayer, farmer, 20 

John TTlrich Kusinaul, farmer 18 

Frederic Seyfried, farmer, 20 

George Spies, farmer, 26 

Elisabeth Spies, one child 1 month old 26 

Ludwick Strackbein, taylor, ; 30 

Richard Stremmel, farmer 35 

Elisa Gei-trout Stremmel, 36 

Ann Gertrout Stremmel, 20 

Ann Catharine Stremmel, 18 

Caspar Spies,, taylor, 50 

George Spies, farmer, 22 

Philip Spies, farmer, 20 

Henry Eckart, farmer, 19 

Pens Kauman, farmer 19 

John Jost Voelkel, farmer, 27 

Mary CatharineVoelkel, one child 1 mth. old, 20 

George Sasmanshaus, farmer, 22 

George Walter, smith, 20 

Sophia Schreckegast 22 

Philip Strackbein, farmer, 30 

Ann Gertrout Strackbein, 37 

Christian Strachbein, farmer, . . ■ 16 

Ann Elisabeth Strackbein, 14 

Catharine Strackbein 12 

Elisabeth Strackbein, 10 

Daniel Strackbein 8 

John Henry Strackbein 6 

John Jost Strackbein 3 

George Lud. Henk, wheeler, 32 

Ann Mary Henk, 25 

Mary Elisabeth Henk, 50 

Ann Gertrout Henk, 24 

Ann Elisabeth Henk, . 14 

John George Henk, 11 

John Jost Henk 8 

John Henry Henk "J" 

Philip Henk 4 

Jost Hald, farmer. 36 

Ann Mary Hald, 33 

Ann Sophia Bald. 20 


Na?ne. Age. 

Mary Elisabeth Bald 12 

Joliu Jost Bald, 9 

Louisa Bakl, and one oliiid of 2 years 

Jacob Gladen, farjuer, 28 

Mary Gladen, 28 

John G laden, 5 

Philip Miller, smith 2(i 

Eli^^-abeth Miller, 28 

Geor<^e Koch, 40 

Mary Ijuada Kocli 40 

Jos-t Henry Koch, 11 

Elisabeth Koch 7 

Jacob Rudolph, carpenter, 50 

Ann Mary Rudolph 48 

Mary Catharine Rudolph, 18 

Christian Rudolph, IG 

Abraham Rudolph 14 

Mary Ann Rudolph 7 

Francis Rudolph o 

George Deiniger, 37 

Regina Deiniger, with two cliildren, 24 

AVilliam Deiniger 16 

Catharine Deiniger 14 

IMichael Deiniger 12 

Lena Elis. Deiniger 18 

Messr. Joseph Donate & nis Lady, cabin passengers. 

List of Passengkrs by the Brig Amiable Matilda, Capt. 
Michael Burke, from Hamburg. [No Date.] 

Daniel Godlol) Strabe, Daniel Schwartzstrauber, 

Jaoob Schwartzstrauber, Johannes Dihring. 

List OF Passengers by the Sxoav Ixdustry, Capt. Rob- 
ert Miller, from Bremen. [No Date.] 
William Spickwall. man. Jolianna Dinnee, woman. 

Anna Maria Holm, woman. 



List of Passengers ox Board Ship Columbia, Capt. AVil 
LiAM Maley. [No 33 ate. ] 

Hind Jager, 
Gottlieb Jager, 
Frantz Jager, 
Fred. Wilh. Ibacli, 
Frelia I bach, 
Gottlieb Ibach. 
Giedion Ibach, 
Biniamin Hiitz, 
Hindraieta Hiit/., 
Job. Peter Hiitz, 
Abrin. Kornbusch, 
Chribtian Zeger, 
Peter Bond, 
Peter Horsberg, 
Engel Tesche, 
Helena Hasendever, 
Lodewig Estinghansen, 
Johannes Wayweg, 
"Wilhehn Mayweg, 
Jacob Henn, 
Arnold Muller, 
Alidar von Kempen, 
Raegus von Keuipen, 
C. Hend. von Lohn, 
C. Doretha Ibach, 
Carl Fred. Ibach, 
C. Wilhelmina Ziiters, 
Wilhehnina Ziiters, 
Dort. Drucks, 
C. Margreta Hanimes, 
Gottlieb Hamme.s, 
Joh. Peter Hamines, 
Johannes Hamines, 
Carlina Hamines, 
Wilhehn Hammes, 
Arnold Gran, 
Margreta Berteram, 
Joh. Hiersfeld. 
Gottlieb Kuhler, 
All. Catrina Wilhelm, 
Johannes Wilhehn, 
Arnold Sch niter, 

Catrina Jager, 
I'Vrd. Jager, 
AVilliHlininii Jager, 
Magdalena Ibach, 
Frantz.sisca Ibach, 
Ferdenand Ibach. 
J iLstafT Ibach, 
Margreta Hiitz, 
Carlina. Hiitz, 
Carl Hiitz. 
Joh. Lindeman, 
Danil Kiihii, 
Abriii. Wolfers, 
Adam Zeiseler, 
Catrina Tesche, 
Peter Heller, 
Wilhelm Hemmeruhs, 
I.sack Mayweg, 
Wilhelm Drucks, 
Johanes Berker, 
Beriiadus von Kempen, 
Elisabeta von Kempen, 
Biniamin Schlieper, 
Carl Ibach. 
Fredr. Dort. Ibach, 
('arl Ziiters, 
Derth. Ziiters. 
J ana Ziiters, 
Wilhelm Hammes, 
Abramiiia Hammes, 
C. W. Hammes, 
Abrin. Eieher Hammes, 
Wilhelmina Hammes, 
Lowise Hammes, 
Ai)nn. Berger, 
Wilhelm Berteram, 
Dort Berteram, 
Catrina Marg. Hiersfeld. 
Andreus AVilhelm, 
Elisabeta Wilhelm, 
Margreta Schniter, 
Abrm. Schnitei", 



Al)ru,ha]n Holu-nholt/. 

Cali-iiia llolieuholiz, 

D.ivid Holu'iiliolrz, 
JJort. Freth-i-iflis, 

Jacol) Sfhueider, 

Hars LoliiiKinii, 
Juli. Meekel.s, 
Giedriit Klein, 
Williemiiia Klein, 
J. Peter Klein, 
J. H. von (ler Pohll, 
Franizci.sell WestliolT, 
(-rroniiaus AVestliofi', 
Joli. Peter 8chniit, 
A. Mary. SchalT, 
Peter Halbach, 
Helena Halbach, 
Willielniina Halbacli, 
Peter J. Blunil)ach, 
Car] Blniubacli, 
El Isabel a Hodenbach, 
Abrni. H(Klenl)acli. 
Jaeb Ho(lenl)ach, 
Gottliel) ForliofT, 
Daniel Ahe, 
Dort Bousmann, 
Isack Kullenl)erg, 
Johanna M. Herder. 
Wilhehnina I'rederirks, 
Jacob Ijinj^enfelder. 
Gierdriith Bnickehnann 
Abrin. Prilckehiiann, 
Carl Brockelniann, 

.L.Iai-yreia llolieuliolT/,, 

Abriii. Hohenlioh/,, 

i-ici-iiianu l''redericli:;. 

Abriii. lliit/., 

Tcodcr M»'\iiiann. 

Juf^r«'n Misf, 

i'eifi- ivicin, 

( 'atrina Klein, 

Lowisa Klein. 

W. ]>aehleikirken, 

Frantz W est h oil, 
A. Mar^'i-ela AVestho:,. 
Wilhehii Wesiholl, 
Anna (Jatrina Schah. 

Harbera Eethar, 
Gierdriirh Halbach, 
Dort. Halbacli, 
(roTtliel) Hall)acli, 
('a. Mar^reta Bhiinbach, 
Teodor Hodenbach, 
Willielniina Hodriiljacli, 
Isaak Hodenbach, 
]-{inianiin H<ideiii)acli, 
(reorj^e Bauer, 
DockTonr Srraus, 
INelie Borneniann, 
Willielniina Kullenberj^, 
A brill. Frederichs, 
Carl W. Frederichs, 
AVill:. Brockelniann, 
AVillielniina l-Smck'-linann, 
AVillielni J-Jrot-keliiiann. 

A List of Passengers by thk Ship Jkax. Cai't. Daxiki, 

McPHEIlSf).\. FROM HAMBIUi,. |N(i DaTI:. 1 

Name. Af/e. 

Adolpli Hoofenagel, •">! 

Anna Maria Ploofenaj^el 4(1 

Anna Barbara Hoofenaf^tl 1>^ 

•M-Yoh. \.Yii. 


Name. Age. 

Anna Sabina Hofenagel, 16 

Adolph Hoofenagel 13 

Johannes HoofenageJ, . . 11 

John Adam Hoofenagel, 8 

Barbara Elizabeth Hoofenagel , 6 

Johannes Eckart, 45 

Ehzabeth Eckart, . . • • 44 

Anna. Sabina Eckart, 20 

Schalota Eckart 18 

Elizabeth Eckart, IG 

Johannes Eckart, 14 

Catrina Eckart 12 Eckart, •• • • • ^ 

Justus Eckart, 5 

Daniel Stenger, . 40 

Anna Sophia Stenger, 35 

Catrina Stenger 15 

Johannes Stenger, 13 

Daniel Stenger, 9 

Fritz Stenger , 5 

George Stenger \k 

Joliannes Gordon 37 

Anna Margreta Gordon, 34 

Anna Margreta Gordon, 13 

Elizabeth Gordon, 11 

Lova Gordon, 7 

Johannes Gordon, 3i 

Johan Andreas Vernike, 

Car] Christian Blume, 

John George Vrick, 

Christian Lam be, 

Gotlib Ernst Graff, 

Johan Daniel Panlie, 

Hieronimus Nicolas Heitman, 

Carl Beulow, wife and son, 

Didrich Beulow and wife, 

Cyprian Willmer, 

Christian Nicolas Phemoler, 

Francis Mayerhoof, 

Peter Malow\ 

Alexander Malow, 

Ml-. Livingston, a citizen of New York. 




AXBEUR Christopk Francklix, JrxioK. Ava. 19. 1797. 

Crentieu Achenback, 
Anne Marie Ahrenholtz, 
Justine Blulini, 
Jean Born, 
Jean Beltz, 
Jean Beltz, 
Krairt Beltz, 
Jecin Henry Beitzel, 
Marie Catherine Beitzel, 
Catherine Bentfern. 
Regine Elisabeth Baldt, 
Catherine BaltU, 
Jean Henry Baldt, 
C-fuillauine Baldt, 
Jean Josse Baldt, 
Jean Eckhardt, 
George Eckhardt, 
So))hie Eckhardt, 
Jean George Foeliel, 
Frederic Fobel, 
Fridriqiie Foel)el, 
Jean Nicolas Fischer, 
Anne Marie Priebe, 
Jean George Friebe, 
Chretien Frieloe, 
Jean Fobel. 
Chretien Friedrich, 
.lean Friedrich. 
Jean George Friedrich. 
Henry Franck, 
Henry Franck, 
Catherine Franck, 
Anne Franck, 

Adolph Arenholtz, 
Antoine Biuhiii, 
Daniel Bard, 
Justine Boin, 
Sophie Beltz, 
Anne Elisabeth Beltz, 
George Beltz, 
('atherine Beitzel, 
George Bandlioltz, 
Guillaume Baldt. 
Fredrique Foebel, 
Susette Baldt, 
Anne Marie Baldt, 
Jean Henry Baldt, 
Dietrich Baldt. 
Catharine Eckhanlt, 
Marie Eckhardt, 
Jean Engel, 
Anne Marie Foebel, 
Conrad in e Foebel, 
George Fredric, 
Jean Friebe, 
M. Catherine Friebe, 
Jean Henry Friebe, 
Jean August Frank, 
Catherine Filbel. 
Catherine Friedrich, 
Catherine Friedrich, 
Guillaume Friedrich, 
Marie Franck, 
Jean Franck. 
Madelon Franck, 
Elisabetli Franck, 

Fredric Guillaume Fiscbbach, Elisabeth Fischl>ach, 

Fredric Fclbel, 
.Taques Grote, 
George Grube, 
Heuriette Horchler, 
Adolph Horchler. 
Marie Elisabeth Hencke, 
Anne Marie Hencke, 
Chretien Hencke, 

Madelon Filbel, 
•lean .Taques Giirther, 
Chretien Horclder. 
Charlotte Horchler, 
Chretien Hencke. 
Marie Catherine Hencke, 
Jean .Tosse Hencke. 
Jean George Hencke, 



Jean Georj^e Hencke, senior, 

Jean Hencke, 

Catherine Hencke, 

Jean George Henel<H, junior, 

Chretienne Hencke, 

Louise Hencke, 

Jean Josse J unge, 

Elisal)etli Jung, 

Daniel Jung, 

Henry Jung, 

Philipp Kahm, 

Chreteinne Keherin, 

Marie Elisabeth Lepold, 

Valentin Lepold, 

Jean Lejiold, 

Jean Ijeibe; 

Jjouise Ijepold, 

George Lepold, 

Chretienne Lepold, 

Anne Elisabeth Mullerin, 

Conrad Metzger, 

Jaques Met/ger, 

Jea.n Midler, 

Chretein Pfeil, 

Gnillauniette Pfeil, 

Daniel Pfeil, 

Madelon Pfeil, 

George Petry, 

Marie Gertrude Pheil, 

Jean Pheil, 

Elisabeth Gertrude Pheil, 

Marie Margaretha Pheil, 

Jean Reinhard, 

Marie Rath, 

Marie Elisabeth Rath, 

Anne Marie Rath, 

Conrad Riehl, 

Jean Kiel, 

Catherine Riehl, 

Catlierine Risstein, 

Gottlob Schultz. 

Chretien Sassniann, 

Josse Stissniann. 

George Sassnuvnn, 

Anne Marie Saltzmannin, 

Anne Marie Sassinannhaus/.. 

Elisabeth Hencke, 
Madelon Hencke, 
(reorge Hencke, 
Chretien Hencke, 
Jean Hencke, 
George Daniel Hencke, 
Catherine J unge, 
Jean Junge, 
George Junge, 
Marie Jung, 
Henry Kauffmann, 
Valentin Leyiold, 
Anne Marie Lepold, 
Jaques Lepold, 
Jean Philip]) Lepold, 
Jean Lepold, 
Valentin Lepold, 
Charles Lepold, 
Louise Lepold, 
Henry Meyer,, 
])aniel Metzger, 
Jean Miesse, 
Pierre Pfeil, 
Anne Marie Pfeil, 
Anne Elisabeth Pfeil, 
Conrad Pfeil. 
Catherine Pfeil, 
Jean Henry Pheil, 
Marie Elisabeth Pheil, 
Jean Josse Pheil, 
Catherine Elisabeth Pheil, 
Jean Jost Risstein, 
Bernard Rath, 
Marie Rath, 
George Henry Rath, 
Nicolas Rath, 
Catherine Riehl, 
George Adam Riehhl, 
Jaques Risstein, 
Christine Risstein, 


]\rarie Sassniann, 
Elisabeth Sassmann, 
Gertrude Sassniann. 
Fredrio Sassniannshausz, 
George Guillnie Sassmanhausz. 



(reori^e Henry Sehreckt^gast , 
Marie Klisiil)etli iSchreclvef^asl, 
Creorije Schveeke^ast, 
Kvaft'r, Schneider, 
Josse Sfhueider, 
Oatliaviue tSchinidt, 
Marie i?lisabetli tSelmiidt, 
Jiisiine Scliiuidt, 
Georj^e Spiess, 
Henry .Joseph Sclnnidr, 
Jean Josse Sclineider, 
Jaqnes Schneider, 
(xeorge Schneider, 
Jyouise Schneider, 
MarJH Schneider, 
Anne Srejjniiiller, 
Elisa'>etl) Schneider, 
Jean Schneider, 
Geor^^e Schmidt, 
Catiierine Spiess, 
Kratft Spiess, 
GuillaTime Schneider, 
Louise Schneider, 
Georf^e Schneider, 
Elisabeth Marie Schneider, 
Elisabeth Schneider, 
Jean Thuni. 
(Tiiillainne Vogel, 
Kratrt V;.lci<el. 
George Viilckel, 
Anne Elisabeth Vtilckel, 
Marie Catiierine ViJlckel, 
Catherine Weber, 
Jean Weber, 

Jean Henry Wiedersprecher, 
Krafft Wied, 
Francois Wied, 
Sophie Wied, 
George Wunderlich, 
Marie Gertrude Wagner, 
Jean Chretien Wagner, 
Marie Catherine Wucli>)ohriii, 
Pierre Weber, 
Henry Wulff, 
Elisabeth Wulff, 
Jean Will IT, 
Marie Pheilin. 

Sopliie Schreckt'gast, 
I'Moriane Schreclvcgast, 
Daniel Schreckega>i , 
Mai-ie Klisabeth Schneider, 
Josse Schmidt, 
Jaxpu's Schmidt, 
Marie Schmidt, 
(Tuillaunu't t e Sciimidt, 
Jaques SaU/.nuinn, 
Jos>e Stilnger, 
Margaret he Schneider, 
Jjonis Schneider, 
Christine Schneider, 
Justine Schneider, 
Adam Stegmiiller, 
Jean Henry Schneider, 
August Sander, 
Catherine Schneider, 
Francois Spiess, 
George Spiess, 
George Si)eiss, 
Catiierine Schneider, 
Chretien ne Schneider, 
Chretien Schneider, 
Guillauinette Schneith'r, 
Jean Schneider, 
Anne Elisal)etli Thum, 
Dorotiiee Voogel, 
Marie Catherine Volcliel, 
Pliiiipp Volckel, 
Florentine Volckel, 
Josse Weber, 
Catherine Webe. . 
Marie Elisabetli Weber. 
Anne Eiisal)etii Weberinn, 
Justine Wied. 
Chretien AVied, 
George Wied, 
.Tean Wagner, 
i\Iarie Wagner, 
Jean ('onrad Wagner, 
Jean Wunderlich, 
Anne Weber, 
Anne Wulff, 
Jean Wulff, 
Kraffr Weber, 
Freulin Harrier Kiim-. 



Mr. Soss, 
Mr. Soss, jr., 
Mr. Holbecker, 
Napper Tandy, Esq., 

Cabin Passengers. 

Madame Soss, 
Mr. Bulfuld, 
Mr. Holbeck. 

Passengers by the Ship Voltaire, Ezra Bowen, Master 
FROM Hamburg. August 29, 1790. 

Joseph Douey, 
Leon Masan, 
Henry Mayerhoff, 
Frederic Damisch. 
Andrew Zeimer, 

Gabriel Brehant, 
John F. Gianque, 
Jacob Hebb & wife. 
Frederic Gotlieb Friz, 
Noel Senison. 

List of Passengers per Ship Concord, John Thompson, 
Master, from Amsterdam. October 15, 1796. 

John W. Godfrey, of Philadelphia. 

Fredrick Habel, 

Julian Robreacht, 

Rochus Sylva, 

Hermanns Joseph us Sylva, 

Bebramus Josephus Reus, 

Hermanns Josephus Reus, 

Anna Maria Elisabeth Reu!^, 

- servts. to John W. Godfrey. 

Maria Christina Sylva, 
Maria Thereza Sylva, 
Maria Dorothea Reus, 
Antonius Reus, 
Mathieu De Pre/. 

List of Passengers on Board the Ship Bachus. Capt. 
Richard George, from Hamburg. Oct. 15, 1796. 

Augusta Maria Fischer, the mother. 

Frederica Augusta Amalia Boetzsch, born Fischer. 

Albertine Henrietta Carolina Fischer. 

Johanna Augusta Adolphinna Fischer. 

Augusta Sophia Juliana Fischer. 

Frederich Fischer. 


Carl Fischer. 
Adolph Fischer. 
Johan Boetzsch. 
Ernst Neumann. 
Henry Moellinger, 
Johannes Guth. 

List of Passengers ox Board the Ship Mary, Samuel 
Parker, Master, from HAxMburg. Oct. 20, 179G. 

Colonel More de Pontgebeau. Johan Venbleck. 

List of Passengers on Board the Brig Polly, Capt. 

William Campbell, from Hamburg. Oct. 24, 1796. 
Thomas H. Pratt, Jno. Metzger, 

Will. Erpson, Barrw. Orrou. 

A List of Passengers on Board the Ship America, Capt. 
James Ewing, from Hamburg. Oct. 24, 1791. 

L. C. B. Orleans, Peter Bodevain, 

Mr. Denion, Nicholas Mascard, 

William Leamford, Alexander Joseph Lefever. 

Harmon Sase, John East. 
Mathias Dembrouiskie, 

List of Passengers on Board Ship George of Port- 
land, Francis Waite, Master, from Rotterdam. Oct. 
20, 1796. 
Peter Casper Kimpel, Anna GerTrnih Kimpel, 

Johann Abram Kimpel, Johann Arnold Jansen, 

Heinrich Sartou, Andrew Hegenbeni. 



Wilhelin Jansen, 

(Jornelki Creiner, 

George Walter, 

Mathias AValter, 

Alida Walter. 

Carolina Dan Streven, 

(Jatharina Sanders, 

Maria Magdalena Hebinann, 

Natlianiel Hehinann, 

Ghristoph Clausen, 

Adam Keb, 

Mina Keb, 

Abraham l^liimhosr, 

Gertrnth Rcemer, 

Riiloplis Sohnutli, 

Anna Gertruth Testhe, 

Isaac Testhe, 

Johannes Testhe, 

Peter Orth, 

Catharina Orth, 

Stephen Ortb, 

Anna Gertruth Friebaldt, 

Helena Questro, 

Abram Nijipes, 

Wilhelm Nippes, 

Martin Wansther, 

Catharina Hesthsthin, 

Wilhelm Hesthsthin, 

Elizabeth Cirokler, 

Helena INIeyerin. 

Peter Valtk. 

Lorentz Demeer, 

Anna Catharina Franck, 

Anna Kau, 

Anna Catharina Hoohstin, 

Catharina Brook, 

Hanna Hrook, 

Anna Eliz. Knipping, 

Jacob Knipping, 

Anna Elizabeth Schroader 

H. Cath. Kruins, 

Helena Meyer, 

Cecilia Meyer, 

Philipp Nenhost, 

Heinrith Sob watt er, 

Theordor Schreiber, 

Jolianna Amend, 

Ciiristiana Trossenberg. 

Alida Walter, 

Peter Walter, 

Elizabeth Manime, 

Maria Si mans, 

Henerien Hehmaiin, 

Samuel Hehmann. 

Christoph Ott Kainptz, 

Catharina Elizabeth Clausen, 

Elizabeth Keb, 

Simon Abraham, 

Wilhelm Roemer, 

Gertruth Roemer, 

Isaac Testhe, 

Wilhelniina Testhe, 

Daniel Testhe, 

Anna Catharina Testhe, 

Catharina Orth, 

Hrigita Orth. 

Anton Friebaldt, 

Ary Questro, 

Anna Christina Nippes, 

Daniel Nippes, 

Anna Catharina Nippes, 

Thomas Hesthsthin, 

Frona Hesthsthin, 

Dorir Hesthsthin, 

Johannes Denorn, 

Lndwig Gumder, 

Catharina Groth, 

Elizabeth Forss, 

Maria Graeffin, 

Maria Catharina Hoohstin, 

Wilhelniina Hoohstin, 

Anna Catharina Brook, 

Carl W. Bi-ook, 

Anna Marg Knipping, 

Cathrina Danitkers, 

Gertrttth Schroader, 

Christina Lndwig Meyer, 

Carolina IMeyer. 

Johann Friederich Schroeder, 

Fried erith Huth, 

Carolina Schreiber, 

Anna Maria Vogel, 


Alida Maria, Vogel, .lohaiincs Ivliiiiihare, 

Joluinues Zeller, .Johannes Roth, 

Anna (iertruth Roth, Rahel Roth, 

Sarah Roth, Ainia ( 'atharma Roth, 

Johannes Rotli, Anna iNIaria Rotli, 

Anna Cliarlotta, Roth, Jrlart iiiaiiii 'l\Misfer, 

Friedej'ick Breinicker, (ie()ri,'e iMiehel Futtin^, 

Anna Eh/.abetha I'uttinj^, IVtcr Johannes l'"'nttinfi, 

Johanna M. Futtin^. Joliann 11. I'^nttinf?, 

Maria (Jatharina Fnttiuj^, I'eter liter. 

(Jatharina iStephans, Eh/abet h Docs, 

Job. H. Phule, Anna .Juliana Plade, 

J'ohann Christo])hel Plade, Joh. lleinrich Plade, 

Job. Greo. Plade. Arnold us Pliide, 

Anna Maria Plade, CTertruth Plade, 

Abraham Ijevi, Johannes ^Meyuers, 

Helena Meyuers, Ijiinienlje van Kleve, 

Conrad Marx, Gerhardus Marx, 

Matthew J. Weini^arten, Johann ScbneilJ, 

Geor£je F. C. Friese, Walter Pettier, 

Heinricli Klein, Hert/o^ lievi, 

yauter Pbilipp, Maria Klis. Lef,'iii, 

Arnold Kai'thause, .Joseph Starek, 

.Tobann ff. Leignes, Elisabeth Leigues, 

Jolianna Elizabetba Leigue>. (Jatharina Leif^iies, 

Carl Alexander Jjeigues, Johann W. Eef,nuis, 

Johannes Leioues, .Johann Eudwii; Joseph Hansen, 

Anna Straniann, Jc^hann Gtjorj^e Fickkeiie, 

Clasina Ratenniacher, Eli/,al)etba Pecker, 

Petronella. Boos, Wilhelni Hoos. 

Peter Tiil)ert, Anna Williehuijia l>ibert, 

Johann Gottlieb Libert, Ainia Willhehnina Libert, 

Barbara Aubie, Herrmann Uoommel. 

Christian Pinsel, Enj?eiin;i I'insel. 

A List OF Passkxgkks ox lioAui) ttii'. Siiir Two Frtkxds, 
Captain Caleb Hathaway, from IIamimki;. Oct. ;n, 

Johan Fredk. Wille, Cliarles Henry Ferdenand. 

Joachim Valentine Benthin, Win. :Manfsin, 

Fredk. Wm. Otto. Johan Fortart. 

Christopher Hamermann, Charles Christ. Baxman. 

John Jodirm Prit, Wm. Peter Pariis, 


David Johnn, Zacharias Bricham, 

Frederick Uliristoph Brijehot, John David Moeller, 

John Barman, John Peter Sawer, 

Charles Fredk. Klana, John Henry Schlotsman, 

Christopher Frederick Dutent, Adam Cliarles Stiehet, 

Jolni Stichet, Michael H utter, 

Charles Schaltser and wife, John Prinfinger, 

Christ. Fredk. Huna, 

Henry Schwatz and wife and 3 children, 

Joseph Dominick Millant, Andreas Zimdecker 

John Henry Hornberg, 

Moritz Henry Koepper wife & one child, 

Henry Koenitr. 

The Commissioners of Relief to Gov. Mifflin. 

To Thomas Mifflin, Goiieruor of the CommonwealtJi of Penn- 

The Coniiiiissioners appointed by the Act of the Legislature, 
dated the 13th day of January, 1796 to afTord relief to certain 
distressed French Emigrants, 

Report that they hiive endeavored to fulfill the l)enevolent 
views of the Legislature, by personally distributing the sum 
of fifteen hundred Dollars granted f or tluit purpose, in money, 
wood, cloathing, and other necessaries, to about two hundretl 
and twenty necessitous French People, as V)y the annexed 
Schedule; many of whom were old, and some of them lame, 
blind, sick, or otherwise unable to support themselves. 

It was a very seasonable relief to them during the last win- 
ter, and spring, for which many of them have expressed their 
gratitude, on leaving the Continent, to return to their own 
country. Others remain, endeavoring to habituate them- 
selves to our language, customs, and modes of life ; of whom a 
number will we hope in future be able to gain an honest liveli- 
hood, with but little assistance; yet some worthy Individuals 
will probably continue entirely dependant upon the aid of 

Signed in Philadelphia the 5th day of November, 1796. 



All Account of Jloiiei/, Food and Clothing, distiilmted Amongst 
tJie Necessitous French Emigrants by t/ie Commissioners 
7iamed in the Act of the Legislature of Pennsi/lvania, passed 
the VUh of January, 1700, granting Fifteen Hundred Dollars 
for that Purpose. 

Francis, a child deserted. 

Morand, and child, hnsband absent. 

Ducas^e, 3 children, widow aged. 

Martin Garnier, woman jiregnant. 

ii'leur Delys and wife, intirm. 

Chevernet, two women. 

Delame, wife and 2 children, infirm. 

Clastner and son, aged. 

Niel and wife, infirm. 

Rigel, man. 

Sophia Poller, young woman. 

Felicite, and 3 children, lying-in. 

Widow Paquot, and daughter. 

Widow Darey, woman and child. 
^ J. Savage, wife and 3 children, blind. 

Gaya and 3 children, sick. 

Widow Belleyarde, daughter and grandchild. 

Constance, woman. 

Combilaire. widow with 3 children. 

Brestet, widow, and daughter. 

Pestel, man, aged. 
- Jean Leuis, man, sick. 

Sophia and child. 

Caroline, woman. 
"Abzira, woman. 

Coquigny, woman and 2 children. 

Francois Laurent, orphan child. 

Sanitte, woman. 

Henn, man, sick. 

Honen, 3 children. 

Luise, a child. 

Sylvie, woman. 

Angele, married child. 

Ju.stine, woman. 

Adelaide Andre and mother. 

Nanon and Charlotte, women. 

Rosalie, woman. 

Froment, man. 

DOwrle, woman. 

Claire and Zavre, women. 


Lavoche, woman. 
Dan. Sauream, man. 
Faick, Avife and 'd children. 
Madelain, and 2 cliildreii. 
Mane Modat, and 2 children. 
Tourtunce, woman and child. 
• Carrang, and 2 children. 
Gemaine Ivaunay, woman. 
Francoiis I^ersel, destitute, and 8 children. 
Belzan, t^ick m.'in. 
Souchet, aged man. 
Sauvage, sick woman. 
Dermarets. woman and 2 orphans. 
Mallerive, woman, l)lind. 
Jourdan, sick man. 

Lamonrout, woman and daughter, blind. 
Le (Trard, sick woman. 
Mail lard. 

Cockbnrn, aged man. 
La Feve. 

Mechand, sick man. 

Boudier. old woman and grandchild. 
St Roun. 

Leger, old woman, lame. 






Olivier, old man and infant. 

Saxie, widow, .sisrer and •"> children. 

Gvie, widow and *i cluidren. 









Rose tj email, man and wile, a^^ed. 

Bedane, aged. 

Corneille Jnene, a woman. 


Tlie whole numljer of persons relieved are jil>ont two hundred 

and Twenty perssons. 

Amount of l)ills for clothing?, heddhif^, &o, .t':!l r. 10. (i 

Ditto. J>itto. for l)read 41. 7.8 

.J>itto. Ditto, for wood ol.ll.ll 

Dittf> of money distriljuted iit difTereiit times ami 

paid for sundry necessaries, ITl.l'J.ll 

Total reoeivetl of tiie State Treasurer, ... £')tj2. 10. 

List of Passenger.-^ on JU)ari) tuk Ship I'^ntkuphizk. (".'Npt. 
Thomas Norui>, from HAMin'Rci. Nov. (;, ITiiti. 

Francis Brtino, Bernard Brant, 

Joseph Fiekart, Peter Dayor. 

Joseph Dayor, Franz Dayor. 
iM. Rouwer, 

List OF Passengers on Bf).\Rn liuKiANiiNK 1\\ik Hehk. 


March, 1707. 
J. L. AVinchins, J. Maiia Sara AVinchiuft. 



List of Passengkrs on Board the Ship Columbia, Reuben 
Mason. Captain, FROM Amsterdam. Arrived Feb. 12, 1797. 

Godfrey Sendt, George Neuinan, 

Mariana Meryly, Anthon Knesius, 

Eady Croun, Martin Wagenaar. 

Carl Gersing, Margaretlia Gersing, 

Caroline Gersing, Anthon Gersing. 

List of Passenojers on 
Joseph Johnston, f 

Laniherdus Velds, 
Hermanns Schols. 
Catlierina Schols, 
Catherina Rees, 
Maria Sauerland, 
Aiina Nyeinan, 
Johana Schilling, 
Anna Schilling, 
Maria Roth, 
Henrica Neukamp, 
Jan Coition, 
Carl Flaeg, 
Henrica Alterman, 
Peter Schnrnian, 
Maria Geener, 
Christian Pinsel, 
Nicholas During, 
Gertruy Appeldoorne, 
Elisabeth Mooleliangs, 
Elisabeth IMuUer, 
Wirnart Wiseman, 
Everhard Gerdorf, 

Board the , Capt. 

ROM Amsterdam. Feb. 24, 1797. 

Susanna Velds, 
Johanes Rees, 
Casper Sauerland, 
Engel Nyeman, 
Peter Nyeman, 
Jan Schilling, 
Wilhelmiis Roth, 
Gerrit Neukamp, 
Anna Rypse. 
Johanna Coidon, 
Regina Flaeg, 
Sophia Alterman, 
Renier Geener, 
Otto Keyser, 
Eaglia Pinsel, 
Dorothea During, 
Maria Moolehangs, 
Catherina Moolehangs, 
Casper Cause, 
Philipina Wiseman, 
Anna Vos. 

List of Passensers on Board the Ship Good Friends, 
John Smith, Master, from Hamburg. Arrived Feb. 
la, 1797. 

Ignace Lobez, AVilliam Geinly. 

Mr. Gafer, 


List of Passexokrs ox Board the Biug Peggy. David 
Hardie, Master, from Amsterdam. Feb. 15, 1797. 

Jacoli Downe, Peter Coupor, 

Wiiliaui Stock, John Prevra. 

List of Passexgers ox Board the Ship America, from 
Hamburg, David Hardie, Master. May 4, 1798. 

John HoolTinan of New York. 
Frederick Moiitmalliiig, of Pl)ila(lelphia. 
Louis Divernois, from Swiss land. 
Ct. J. Favre, from Swiss land. 
Francis Meissonire, from Swiss land. 
Miss Fabry, young lady, from Swiss land. 
Francis Saudry, from Swiss land, 
niiarles Gauiden, from Swiss land. 
John Ellice. from Swiss land. 
Mathews Weaver, from Swiss land. 

List of the Germax Passexgers ox Board the Ship Pexx- 
SYLVAXiA, David Williamsox, Master, from 1L\mbirg. 
Aug. 2G, 1798. 

Andreas Dotter, Margaretha Eliiartin, 

Fredrick Schwelger, Cliristian Schwelger, 

Johan Henrich Neil, Carl Wilhelm Westpalen, 

J. F. Sander, Sousanna Fietcherin, 

Cathrina Franzin, Maria Eli/,. Fran/.in, 

Maria Franzin, Johannes Fein, 

Daniel Lange. Jacob Bondcker, 

Henrich Reiter, Susanna Keitt-r. 

Henrich Reiter, Frans Hargo. 

Jacob Philips, Elizabeth Philipsen, 

Jacob Kelser, Christian Josteili, 

Anna Maria Schneiderin, Joh. Henrich Jung, 

Anna Maria Jung, Jacob Benen. 

Elizabeth Berner, Emericus Berner, 



Maria Anna Bernf^r, 
Maria Catharina ]^ernei\ 
Maria Eliz. Beigel, 
Maria Catli. Tresbacliin, 
Frans Schutt, 
Anna Maria SchuTt, 
Joliannes Fiseal, 
Johannes (jrassaner, 
Maria (xassaner, 
Peter Gassauer, 
Elizabeth Beclverin, 
Maria EHz. Groth, 
Anna EHz. Groth, 
Johannes Groth, 
Maria Cath. Winter, 
Maria Cath. Killerin. 
Jolin Philip Richstein, 
Cath. Eliz. Capann, 
G. C Lachenmeyer, 
Sophia Bilderback, 
J oh an Peter Lach. 
Anna Maria Tresl)achin, 
Johan August Rothe, 
Joliannes Lach, 

Johan "Wilhehii Berner, 
Bernhai\l Beigel, 
Jurgen H enrich Beigel, 
Anna Margt. Tresbacliin, 
Cathrina Schutt, 
Mamies Lime, 
Anna Maria Fiseal. 
Cathrijia, Gassauer, 
Elizabeth Gassauer, 
Daniel Gassauer, 
Johannes (xroth, , 
Anna Maria Groth, 
Johan Jurgeii Groth, 
Jacob AVinter, 
Anna I\Iarga. Nohnerin, 
Elizabeth Richstein, 
Philip Capann, 
Joh. Nichs. Schuni, 
Joli. Bilderback, 
Johan Kepple, 
Maria Eliz. Lach, 
vJathrina Tresbachin, 
John G. Bissen, 
Andreas Sombertv. 

Mr. Philipson, 

In the Cabii/. 

Miss I'hilipson. 

List of Passengers on Board the Ship Triton, from 
Bremen, Zacharias Spilcker, Master. Oct. 31, 1798. 

Sebastian Gester, Nicolaus Hake. 

List of Passengers on Board the Brig Pallas, Henry 
Hutchinson, Master, from Hamburg. Not. 1, 1798. 

Frederick Henning Stahl, Anthony Henry Todmann, 

Ferdinand Schmidt, Christian Holm. 


List of Passengers Aiirived ix the Ship Columbia, 
Henry Lelak, Master. Dec. li), 1798. 

Michael Gurts, 
Gerrit Hahn, 
Erhard Koller. 
John Peter Friedriks, 
John Pries, 
John F. Mensing, 
Ant. Engelhard, 
Jacob Bender, 
R. C. Kosterinan, 
Dan. Backer, 

EHas Kapi)eler, 
Samufcll Gut hie. 
Fried. Kaiun. 
John Georg Wirth, 
John H. Koll, 
John George Kocher. 
Mich. Sensowke, 
Ant . Schade, 
John Hraschloss, 
Wui. Teii Katen. 

List of Passengers on Board the Ship Fair American, 
FROM Hamburg, John C. Brevoor, Master. Oct 0, 

Johann Peterman, and children, 
J. G. Frank, widow. 

John T. Spies, 
Wilhelin Muller, 
George Frank, 
Elizal)et]i Troll, 
Jacobina Troll, 
Louisa Kenterg, 
Gnstaf Heinrich Dalinan, 
Johan Ludwig Eberliard, 
Johannes Frank, 

Johann Geo. Stolle, 
Maria Troll, 
(Jarl Hopfelpt, 
Christian IMinckler, 
Gideon Helhvig. 
Mvndert riinrich Brahms. 

Names of the Passengers on Board the Boston Packet, 
HuLiNG Cowperthwait, Master, from Hamburg. Oct. 
17, 1799. 

George Gotz, and Avife. 
Fred Bockel, and wife. 
George Vobell, and wiff-. 
Wilhehu Smidt, and wife. 
Jacob Dantzebecker, and wife. 
David Gentech, ^^<>tr. Weidner, 

Joh. Wassennmnn, Hen. Beck, 

37— Vol. XVII. 


John Kurtz, Hen. Teyen, 

Martin Reif, Beck, 

Beck, Beck, 

H. Muisse, John Meyer, 

Jos. Bart hen, Moller. 

John Guilhch, 

List of Passengers on Board the Brig Amiable Creole, 
Phineas Eldridge, Master, from Hamburg. Nov. 19, 

■ 1799. 

Christian Frederick Lange, Caspar Lange, 

Sophia St. Enieha Lange, Christian Ludwk. Lange, 

Johann Daniel Muller, Pierre Cenas, 

Ga.sper Verdal, G. W. R. Hogerdorn. 

I.,isT OF Passengers on Board the Brig Juno. John 
Philip Albens, Master, from Bremen. Feb. 25, 1800. 

Jolm George Selbert. 
Barbara Selbert, his wife. 
Casper Selbert, his child. 
Adain Selbert. his child. 
iMaria Selbert. his sister. 
Valentin Apple. 
Margaretha Apple, his wife. 
Kli.sabeth Elgedin. 
Catharina Kochin. 
John Adam Suss. 

List of Passengers on Board thh S'' Batid L'Homme- 
DiEU, from New York, who were Passengers on the 
Brig Ocean, (^Japtain Markau, from Bremen, for Phila- 
delphia, Wrecked on Long Island. Arrived March 

27, 1800. 

Henry Schlag. 

Anna Margt, Sclila;:^. wife. 

Anne Marg. Schlag, daughter. 


Anne Savino Scliia^, ilau<jliter. 
Michl. Schlag, son., 
Fredk. Handschuh. 
AJart. Hantlsc'huh, wife. 
Anchv. Ilandsiihuli, son. 
Jean Adam Hantischuli, .^^on. 
Eliz. Handschuh . (hiii^hter. 
Cathe. Handschuh, (huij^diter. 
(nruihu. Handschuh, son. 
Michl. Jordan. 
Catliarine Jordan, wife. 
Valentine Kuhnrich. 
Doretliea Kuhnrich, wife. 

List ob- PASSEXGKrvS Aurivkd i\ the Ship A^.n, J.\.\ Jri<- 
GENs, Master. August 10. 1.^00. 

Joli. Diedr. Nenstiel, with liis wife and four children. 

Andreas Nenstiel, Joh. xVndr. Mitz, 

Joach Friedr. Krickel. 

Joh. Andr. Maurer, wife i: three children. 

Hinr. Muller, Carl Sam. Prentzel, 

Joh. Jac. AValter, Joh. Andr. Schmidt, 

Franz Schachamayr, .loh. ValT. Un^er, 

Friedr. Dittmer, Joh. David PapsT, 

J. Ct. D. Fiedler, John Godfrey Daniel, 

Marcus Jacob, Friedr Krick, 

J. C. HolTinann, Peter Hinr. Ot.nier, 

Pierre P. Ignou, wife and Two children. 

C. T. Hannibal Suiter, (rertd Hinr. J.anj^'e, 

Joh. Ludw. Metsch, Moses Nathan, 

Abraham Isaac, Ernst Friedr. Schumann, 

Jonas Isaac, Conrad Keuter, 

Conrad Weyl, 

(Tottfd. Fichtner, wife and one child. 

Rosina Senfen, with lier child. Johann Chri<t. AVeise, 

Mart. E. Gottfd. Scheffler. Christ Heinr. Kiich, 

Johann Kamm., wife and one child. 

Joseph ReiTzenV-ohn, Franz Spitzer. 

Jonas Keineniann. with his wife. 

Wilhelin Preppernau, Johann Christ. Saltzmann, 

Carl Ludw. Czolbe, -loh. Fischer, 



Kaiifiii. Isaac Beyfusz, 

Peter Linck, 

Joh. Jac. Weber, 

Friedr. Marquard, 

Joh. Heiur. Weber, 

Franz Adolpli Wilke, 

Joh. Georg (xottfd Muller, 

Carl Fried. Woliu. 

Joh. H. Lienaii, 

Christ. Liidw. Kriiger, 

Joh. Henr. Teigei-, 

C. F. Krister, 

Valentin Volkel, 

Gotttd. M. Steckniar, 

J. G. Dolle, 

J. H. Henning. 

Anna Dorothea Klockinann, 

Joh. Henr. Lange, 

Johann Pohl, 

Johann .T.icob Welck, 

Wolf iSimou, 

Salomon Jacob, 

Georg P. Heiland, wife and 

Joh. Christ. Petsch, 

Heinr. Knorre, 

Fried. Augt. Schult/., with w 

Abrah. Hertz, 

Joh. Henr. Moller, 

Christ. Hiilsniann, 

liouis David Girard, 

Pierre Reaud, 

Gottfd. Schafer, 
M. J. Ettenhofer, 
Joh. Marquard, 
Johann Seidel, 
Carl Friedr. Mervier, 
Joh. Hen. 8chlotke, 
Heini". Georg Wagnei', 
Joh. Willi. AValter, 
Christ. Miiller, 
George KrafTt, 
Joh. Fried. Hohinann, 
Carl Schlinmier, 
Louis Volkel, 
J. L. Krinckhorn, 
jNathan Gerson, 
Christ. Vollnier, 
Christ. SchuJt/,, 
F. Gottl. Pflug, 
Heinr. Wiihehn Wilkinj 
Johann Jacob Halle, 
Jette Mosen, 
Aron Abraham, 

three children. 
Levy Hirsch, 
Joh. Casp. Kolbe, 

ife. Joh. Fried Kralil, 
Joh. Math. Reich, 
•loh. Henr. Lapp, 
Miciiael Pascli, 
J oil. Henr. Lange, 
Joh. Carl Hechr. 

jVamks of the PassknctKhs ox Board thk Ship Diana, Wm. 

HES.S, MASTKU, FKO.M l^RKMKX. Dkc. :!, 1800. 

Elmer Boerman. wife Anna. 

Catharina & Kichgy Boerman, children. 

.Sophia Boerman. sister to Elmer Boerman. 


List OF Passkngehs i:!j thk Brig Tuyphkxa, Thomas A u- 
xoLD, Master, from A."\isteri)am. Sept. :J0, 18U(). 

Bapr. Loro, Mich. Lai,'iii, 

J. W. Lous^eiiatto, Lucca Alas>a, 

Anro. Poggi, B. Mnlinari, 

A. L. Lange, P. J. Pricsterback, 

Jacob Lessee, (Ui. Korfes, 

Hub. Kaderiiiaclier, I. I). Suer Richd. 

J. Mehelai>, lleudric vau Henning, ."> years, 

Jaiik Sclimi(lt,Savali. o y. .Job. Bayer, 

Cliristfer Ruinptb, kSo])hia, '.\ y. Dorath Eisnin, 

Manh. Elis. Reistin, AVilhel Wachterhoh, 

Clirisn. Brandin, M. C Salion, 

Maria Leer, T. Van Wyngarde, Peter, y. 

J. H. Crolus, Henry Fredk. 

List of Passengers on Board the Brig Vexis, from Ham- 
BTTRG. James Stevensox, Master. Arrived July 8. 


Taylor White, William Joluison, 

Christian Viett, Henry Karl. 

<Todhart Jereon, and wife. 

List of Passengers o.v Board thk Brig Delaware, 
fro.m Hamburg, James Duxphv. Master. Arrived July 

11, 1801. 

Mr. Shenafield, Mr. Smith. 

Mr. Mehea, Cliristi;tn .Jones, a boy. 

List of Passengers of the Ship New York, of New York, 

from Hamburg. John Seaward, Master. Sept. 8. 1801. 
Alexander Lafouche, George Erich. 

Joachim Green, Friedericli Kiesling, 



Peter Schmidt, 
Pieter Sliai'p, 
Friederich Schumann, 
Joh, Christ. Lehinanii, 
Carl Schaaf, 
Maria l^ecliei', 
Joliaii Becher, 
Anna Weber, 
Conrad Miiller, 
Heinrich Rang, 
]\Iaria Rang, 
Jolian Becker, 
Mattheus Renter. 
Magdalena Schmitt, 
Magdalena Schmitt, 
Anna Pezel, 
Catharina Schmitt, 
Daniel Spiess, 
Maria Spiess, 
Jolian Spiess, 
Wiihehn Spiess, 
Catharina Schmitt, 
Maria Schmitt, 
Anna Schmitt, 
Joliannes Schmitt, 
Friedrich Klelss, 

Heinr. Fort man n, 
Greorg Mecke, 
Matthias Kieim, 
Georg Schuster, 
Friedricli Becher, 
Jacol) Becher, 
Alexander Weber, 
Johann Messerschmidt, 
Conrad Weber, 
Jolian Rang, 
Jost Rang, 
Magdalena Becker, 
Anna Renter, 
Johan Schmitt, 
Johan Pezel, 
Johan Schmitt, 
Johan Schmitt, 
Maria Spieas, 
Anna Spiess, 
Johan Jost Sjiiess, 
Jacob Schmitt, 
Maria Becher, 
Joh. Christ Schmitt, 
Catharina Schmitt, 
Peter Kollhagen. 

List of Passkngkrs Arrived ix the Brigaxtixe Express, 
Capt Resolve Gardner, from Rotterdam. Sept. 19, 

1801. ' ^ 

H end rick Sann, 
Johan Pieter Sann, 
Adam Sann, 
Johanna Sann, 
Maria Sann, 

Johanna. Sann, 
Barnendina Sann, 
George Sann. 
Jacoba Sann, 
Johanna Sann. 

Passengers ix the Brig Molly. Bexjn. Htjggins, Master, 

FROM Hamburgh. Sept. 80. 1801. 
George Frederick Miller, wife Margaret & two children. 


Passengers Names ox I^oard the Shii' JiivrxiA, Capt. 
Tristram Gardner, from Hamburu. Sept. 3o, 1801. 

Cathariiia Wiegaiul, Johann Heinr. Fist-her, 

Ohristn. Phillij) Beu.schel, Job. HainiU'l jieccli, 

Martin Folier, Joli. Heiiricli I iif,'('\vickell, 

vxottlieb Boramana, Willin Maul)er. 

List OF Passengers Arrived at the Port ok Philadel- 
phia IN the Ship Bliederman, Capt. Bereson, from 
Hamburg. Nov. 5, 1801. 

Joli. Wilhelm Humel. Anna j\Lagaretha Hauiel, 

Joli. Gottliardt Meyer, Bouchardt Heiiiietz, 

Frantz Peter Maanke, II. 1). AVillielm Graacb. 

List OF Passengers Arrived in the Brig Polly, ('apt. 


J. F. Leffler, .■) feet 4ino]i. lii^'b . lirown c()ni))lexiou ; l)lac'k iiaii-. 
H. Rude, 5 feet G iucli. bigli : l)rt)\vii complexion: black bair. 
J. C. Miller, o feet 3 incb. bif,'b : fair complexion; dark bair. 
C. D. Biicbbolz, 5 feet 2 incb. ; fair coini)lexion : !,M-a>- bair. 
Nil All Prnsian Measure. 
Lewis Combe, "'feet 4; l)lack bair; dark complexion. 

List of the Passengers on Board the Run' 1;klvidere, 
John Dorsox, IMaster. Boi-xd m PniLADia.i'HiA, from, Aug. '.?0, 180'2. 

l*a».stti;e Money 
.Money. Advancoil 

Valentin King. ^1^0 i^34 0". 

Jobannes Elbt, l^'t 22 Or, 

Micliael Kneis^>], 18'..' 3G 0.1 

Conrad Kneisel, 1^0 3(j O--) 


Passage Money 
Money. Advanced 

Margareta Mnllerin 180 25 00 

Jacob Jung, ISO ^6 00 

Will. Justi, 180 36 05 

Philip Weber 180 37 05 

Frantz Linde 180 32 05 

Michael Scliiiffer, 180 21 10 

Johan Hasselbach 180 33 10 

Andries Schiiffer, 180 20 00 

George Jung • 180 40 00 

his wife, 180 24 00 

Jacob Hoks 180 34 00 

Peter Linnekam 180 34 10 

Wi'.helm Heppel 180 32 10 

Peter Fratemacker, 180 31 10 

Johan Bucher 180 16 08 

his wife, l8o ]6 08 

Carolina Bucherin 180 16 08 

Rebecca Bekkenbachin, 180 35 10 

Jacob Hasselbach, 180 37 10 

Andries Flick 180 33 10 

Christian Acker, 180 33 10 

Jacob Nell, 180 35 10 

Margart Hasselbackin 180 37 10 

Catharina Hasselbackin, 180 37 10 

Jacob Jung 180 33 10 

his wife "..... 180 23 10 

Wilhelin Spies ,180 37 10 

his wife, 180 23 10 

Andreas Guttenberger, 144 

NicolHeld 180 

Wilhelin Stroeh 180 9 10 , 

Bernard Krebs 180 12 16 

Johan Adam Rothenmelk, 1«0 35 10 

Isaac Kalker, 180 

Philip Sauer, 180 33 10 

Clements Smeltz, 180 39 10 

Jacob Beckerbach, 180 35 10 

George Romer 180 33 10 

Anton Schroder 180 33 10 

Joseph Volker, 180 35 10 

Martin Eller 180 9 00 

Moses Wolf 180 6 10 

Salomon Joseph 180 3 10 

Henr. Pfeffer, 180 37 10 


I'a.Hsa^'c Money 
Money. Advanced 

Joh. TrautP 144 

Job. Fried llriL-h, 180 10 10 

Joh. Bauseman, . 180 

Johanna Jonin, lyo 18 00 

Joseph Kusett, 144 

Andr. Nase, 144 

Christ. Taarts 180 

Philip Taarts, 180 

Johannes Krautnian, 180 ;>! 10 

Valentin Krantinan, 180 35 10 

Joh. Lud. Remie, 108 

Johanna Maufrer, 180 

Wilhehnina Punnekack 180 

Joh. Ollich, 144 

Fried Zeigler, 144 

Hend. l^urkhard, ISO 

AVilhelni Harms, 180 10 

3:)ied. Koch, 180 3 18 

Fred. Adolp, 180 9 10 

Hend. Jacob, 180 012 

Johaunis Faust, ISO 

Philip Thorter 180 

Godfried Massenger, 180 — - — 

Joh. Carl Schadel 180 G 00 

Hend. Otterrte 180 00 

Jacob Valet, 180 00 

Fried Michte 180 G 00 

Wilhehn Kreis 180 

Adam Miller, ISO 

Johan Duckhardt, 1^0 

Hend. Drister, ,180 14 00 

Frans Telbrey, 180 16 00 

A. Durheinier, I'l^ 

John Riebel (Newlantler), free. 

his wife, l-^-t 

List of PASSKxaKKs ox BoARn thk Brio ITijaxia. Capt. 

Wm. (tEer.skx, from Lre.mkx. AuorsT 20, l>r!02. 
Andreas Totter, Anna Maria Totter, gcb Ruhrig, 

.Tohann Adam Totter, Christiana Totter. 

Carolina Friderica Limbertin, Catharina Weissmanlel, 


Johann Ziefjeler, Johanu Ziegeler, 

Anna Margaretlia Ziegeler, Catbavina Ziegeler, 

Hinricli Walter, Josepli lirand, 

Sebastian Reinij^, Nicolaus Sche.l, 

Johann Greorge Miiller, Jolian Caspar AVenzell, [inn, 

Peter Selpert, Rfxsine Selpert, gebohrne Rotli- 

Hanne Eva Selpert. Jacol) Selpert, 

Johannes Hofmann, Magdal Hofmaun, geb Bruckner, 

Johann Greorg Hofmann, Christina Hofinann, 

Anna Sabina Hofmann, Jost Heinrich la Roche, 

Anna Maria la Roche, gebohrne Fornialdinn, 

Nicolaus la Roche, Joliann Fritzius, 

Gertruila Fritzius, gebohrne Meinhardenn, 

Johann Fritzius, Conrad Fritzius, 

Margaretha Fritzius, J. G. Fritzius. 

Eva Cath. Fritzius, gebohrne Jordan, 

Nicolaus Leibold. 

Anna Cathar. Leibold, gebohrne Heinicken, 

Johann Georg Leibold, Elisal)eth Zehnern, 

Catharina Zehnern, geboli. Steinbach, 

Elisabeth Zehnern, Johann Schussler, 

Margarat El is. Schiissler, geb. Werner, 

Anna Barbara Schiissler, Anna INLirtha Schiissler, 

J. G. Barthelemy, Barthel Schlag, 

Mariana Schlag, geljohrne Barthelemy, 

Georg Friedrich Schlag, Johannes Schlag, 

Johannes Kaufmann, Hinr. Kaufmann, 

Conrad Euler, Johannes Reinig, 

Maria E. Reinig, geljohrne Maulinn, 

Johann Adam Miiller, 

Anna Mar. Miiller, gebo. Kesslerin, 

Anna Maria Miiller, Johann Miiller, 

Johann Rohrig, 

Anna IMargar Rohrig, gel), l^irksin, 

Jacob Euler, Michael Werth, 

Eva Werth, geljohrne Kiinreich, Catharina Werth, 

Adam Schmidt, 

Margaretha Jarges, gebohrne Scheit, 

Catharina Miillerinn, Anna Margaretha Mullerin, 

Jacob Muller, Traugott Jarges. 



List of Passengers ox Board the Ship Pkxxsylvania, 
Cai't. Peter Yorke, from Hamburg. Sept. T, l«o-2. 

L. A. ileckshers, 
Charles Sellee, 
Henry ]>ornhani, 
Jos. A. Man^^uzer, 
Pliilip Bloom, 
Mrs. Snell, 
Johst Snell, boy, 
John Reamer, 
Henrv a bov. 

Fr. Bar J,', 
John Muller, 
Bernian Maclui. 
Peter von Met/., 
Lewis Snell, 
Lewis Snell, boy. 
Ana Sophia Snell, 
Mrs. Reamer 

Lisi' ok the Passengers ix the Bhk; ^r.\RiA, ('apt. 

Dayi]) Haruie, Master, from Bremex to Piiil.vdel- 
PHiA. Oct. 5, 1802. 

Namt. ^'^fj<!- Oojiiipalion. 

Siemon Christian Bolzt% 22 Barl)er. 

John AV. Friedr. Steiiler, 20 Taylor. 

John Friedr. NVolleben 20 

Lornez Spillner, IS 

Friedr. Laseh, !•") 

Caspar Erb, 1'.) Fanner. 

Elisabeth Fischer, 41 

John Fischer Sr. , 40 f'oaclnuan. 

John G. Fischer 17 Weaver. 

Oatharina Fischer, 11 

Cristian W. Fischer 2 

Jacob Anspach, r»0 

Henrich Ehlers, 2") Farmer. 

Andrea Echhard, 28 

John Willers. 2(J 

Daniel Wiedemann, . . 2t) 

John Henry Weitzel IS 

John Hanfling 4^ Farmer. 

Zacharias Ullrich. "'^ 

Gerhard Henry Burger, '^^ 

Christoph Teich muller 20 Farmer. 

Margaretlia Zimmerman, ^'^ 


Name. Age Occupation. 

Jolm Henry Kersteiibrug, 44 non. 

Siinon Sainhard, 
Amelia Sainhard, 
Henricli Snnihard, 
Louise Samliard, 

Ulirist. Opperniaiin 45 Taylor. 

Cath. Opperniann, 2G 

Conrad Oppennann 15 

Elisabeth Opperinau 13 

Maria Opperniann 4 

Conrad Schaefer 31 Butcher. 

Elisabeth Scheafer, 20 

Louise Schaefer 5 

John Schaefer, 2 

Charles Denecke 47 Millwrij^ht. 

Eli.sabeth Denecke, 48 

Anna Martha Denecke, 21 

John Christoph Denecke, 20 Millwright. 

Catharina ]>enecke, 13 

Henriette Denecke, 11 

Jacob Nuckell, 40 Farmer. 

Maria Cath. Nuckell, 14 

John Friedr. Nuckell 13 

Christian Nnckell, 7 

John Nuckell 4 

Andrea Diederich, 30 Cooper. 

William Schau, 30 Taylor. 

Charles Guth . 35 Gardner 

Nicolaus Helmstead, 20 non. 

Adam Rodelsberger, 21 Turner. 

Henry Heitgrress, 20 Baker. 

John Andi-ew Holtz, 45 non. 

Friedr. Andrew Holtz, 15 non. 

Anthony Schmith, 19 Barber. 

Albei-t Pisch 23 Waiter. 

Charles Schmith, 19 Barber. 

Charles Peterson, 21 Waiter. 

Andrew Hister, 23 non. 

Henry Schroeder, . . 23 Farmer. 

John Danser 25 non. 

John Andrew Baker, 21 Soap boiler. 

Joh. Burke, 33 Barber. 

Gottfried Sailor, 28 Cooper. 

Christoph Ludw. Notnagel, 19 Shoemaker. 

Charlotte Elers, 20 


Name. Age Occnjialion. 

(ieorge iSchmith, 40 Taylor. 

Anna Catli. Schmith, 152 

Maria Schmith, 13 

Johanue Scliinith, 5 

Elisabeilie Schmith, 1 

Henrich Kayser, 45 Gardner. 

John Begener, 22 Stonecutter 

Henrich Nebeling 40 Turner. 

Anna Oath. Nebeling 47 

Samuel Nebeling, 10 

Cabin Passengers. 
William Geisse. 
Frantz William Geisse. 
Doctor C. Christ. Gerlach and wife Christiana, 

Report of Alien Passengers ox Board the Hamburg 
Ship Juxo, H. H. Walters, Master. Arrived Oct. 


T. Briethaupt, aged 22 years, from Saxony, merchant, mid- 
dle size, rounil fa(;e, blue eyes, common nose, dark Ijrowji 
hair, &c. 

Erich Fauts, aged 30 years, from Hanover, farmer, long and 
strong, fresh faced, blue eyes, sharj) nose, yellow hair, well 
shaped otherwise. 

List of Passengers Arrived at the Port ok I'hiladel- 
PHiA, on the Ship Devotion, Captain William Waters, 
FROM Amsterdam. Oct. 0, 1802. 

Peter Orllig, Fredk. Brodbeck. 

Carl Theodor Breuning, Joh. Melch Triinple, 

.Toh. Jac. Schiser, Joh. Schafer his wife & child, 

Christiana Fred Manger & daughter, 

Joh. Fred Volck, Willi. Weinel. 

Peter Traut, Walter Keivet 

Joh. Horn, Daniel Poller, 

Joh. Litzemberger. Jii-C' G ussier. 



Gasp Coenv. Liulwij,', 
Hein. Vinet. Ludwig, 
Martin Scluun, 
' Christian Usenberg, 
Greorge Jos. Seil, 
Heinr. Israel, 
John Balth. Werlin, 
Jolin TurnliHg, 
Joli. Grottl. Wils. Hunter, 
Job. Chri. Brenner, 
Phil Jacob Wolsey, 
Adam Weiltz, 
Cxeorge Michl. Lorentz, 
George Adam Geutb, 
Martin Engel, 
Jacob B rod beck, 
John Mumni, 
Neck Peters, 
AVilch Heinr. Scriba, 
Joh. Weirt, 
Joh. Joah Widding, 
Cliristian Hotlman, 
John Gat List, 
Joli. Geo. Hiiikler, 
George David Harrman, 
Jan. Van Brink, 
Joh. Dav. Kaufman, 
With Hassel, 
Joh. Jacob Winkebah, 
Joh. Geo. Kellner, 
Isaac Vorman, 
Jacob Swever, 
Jan. De Vert, 
Natj'S Alters, 
Joh. Veil. 

Jacob Srorm wife ct foxtr child 
Medurtns Schmidt t.^' wife, 
Theobald Lichieml)eiger, 
Jacob "Weigand, 
Albert Kergar, 
Joh. Heinr. Ott, 
Joh. Fred. Franch, 
Isaac Wilch Wolcte, 
Heinr. Meyr, 
George Wilch Lutze, 
Uli. Stroemberg, 

Heinr. Dietz, 
Andreas Zimba, 
Christian Schnitzel, 
Heirne Bentz, 
Joh. Jas. Suckler, 
John Geo. Kurter, 
Joh. Geo. Kler, 
Henry Gnntrum. 
Georg Fred Rachel, 
Heinr. Bortlield Bohrs, 
Augt. Orth, 

Johan Michl. Geisendorfer. 
Joh. Berkenhauer, 
Joh. Muller, 
Joh. Schnitzel, 
Frantz Gittinger, 
Jacob Duquit, 
Casper Graft, 
Heinr. Kleyn, 
Fredk. Martin Reis, 
John Diet Widding, 
Philip Chr. Greyder, 
Casper Hanch, 
George Leonh. Schafler 
Frantz Schnitter, 
Joh. Geft Arnold, 
Tiirkif Hattelsman, 
George Jacob Hassel, 
Joh. Brukhafer, 
John Fredk. Schober 
Chr. Kum, 
Geo. Hell, 
Philip Burhe, 
Fridk. Wilch Kop])er, 
Peter Havel tfc wife Maria, 
Joh. Georg Drufild, 
Andreas Simon, 
Gottl Glose, 
Benjamin Hahn, 
Jac. Hend. Henne, 
Joh. Euselin. 
Fred Voght, 
Fred. Wilch Gross, 
Angnst Gerke, 
Balth Mallerchon, 



Nicola DeVal. Christian Haar, 

Anton Ternos, Matliias Thonjas, 

Peter Noit his wife «fc five cliildren, 

Georg Rhan his wife «S: two cliiidren, 

Cath Ebeien & two children, 

Heinr. Schutter his wife i: fonr chiUh'en, 

Nicolas WeiiietT. wife i: two children, 

Dorothea Neithnian, Ernestina Weinen, 

Agnes Kenrin, Barbara Mackin, 

Arthar Ebelin, Anna Laube, 

Jan Dirli Ben j wort, (Jath Wohnliedt, 

Maria Aui, Elizabeth Van Abler, 

Jacob Bnl his wif<- .t ttiree children, 

Susanna Van Busen, 
Eliza Grotnover, 
Benjamin Siloz, 
Philip Hassinger, 
Joh. SchifTekl, 
Jos. Kuhns, 
Francis Linit ich, 
Adolf Katterfeld, 
Leont. (iunter, 
Jacob Mich, 
Jacob (-ragel, 
Joh. Berg, 
.lacob Becker, 
Jacob ]^aner, 
Johannes 3'feau, 
Snssannn, Slein, 
Martin Zink, 

P. Willi. Krugnian, 
Christn. Pick, 
Johndre \Velzet, 
Francs. Vellin, 
Jacob Stein, 
Joh. Fred Schick. 
Andreas Sclirehers, 
Carl liiulw. Wischneske. 
Martin Lanbs, 
Willi Fager, 
Coenir. Hocnig, 
Jacob Schwartz. 
Fredk. AVilii. Seibald, 
Jacol) Hac'listorz, 
Jannett De Viz, 
Peter L. Freidersdorf. 

List of Passkxgkks per tiik Siiir Tom, Capt. F. P. 
Permeix, Master, from Hambirgii. Arrivkj) Oct. 

Johan Philip Schnell. 

Jacob Stacher ^ wife. 

Johan Schneider iS: wife, 

Anna Elizabeth Baldt. 

Johannes Klippert \- wife: <lid not come in Ih- shij.. 

Frederich Kneippel. 

(^lirisn. Klippert. 

C. Aerie Khpperi. 


Henry Christn. Klippert. 

Johann (ieo. Stertziug ic wife, and Jost Henrich small child. 

Debus >}aldt & wife k small child. 

Johaiujis V^olchel and wife. 

Maria Magdalena Schmidt. 

Elizabeth Becker. 

Samuel Hiller. 

Johatiaes Gessener & wife. , 

Anne & Catharine Gessener. 

Johann, Henrich & Louisa Gessener. 

Maria Elizabeth, Johan Geo. &i Johan Jost Gessener. 

Peter Moller & wife. 

Geo. Christian Burj^er & wife. 

Anna Maria Burger. 

Anna Martha & Johannes liurger. 

Johan Henrich Grupe. 

Anthoin Rath Grupe. 

Anna Margaretta Grosien 

Johan Matheas Schneider. 

Johan Henrich Schneider. 

Anna Catliarina Schneider. 

Ijudwij^ Sclmeider k wife., 

Elizabeth & Catliarine Schneider. 

Johann Heinricli .t Joliannes Schneider. 

Johan George Reymann, 

Johan Henricli Gessener & wife. 

Johan Jost & Johann Henrich (iessener 

Johann Christ. Gessener. 

Catliarina & Cliristina Gessener. 

Johann Jost Sclmell & wife. 

Anna Elizabeth Schnell. 

Joliann Jost Sclineider & wife 

Elizabeth Schneider. 

Jost Henrich Henchell. 

Johann Conrad Ritter & wife. 

Henrich Gotze & wife. 

Henrich & Willielm Gotze. 

Joliann Geo. Hohmann. 

Philip their son. 

Joliann ])urfeldt. 

Kasemir Hesse. 

Margaretta Schneider. 

Maria Elizabeth Schneider. 

Dirch Gossen. 

David Thiiiim. 

Gerliard Wieler. 



Johami l)ii»l{^er. 
Joliann (iuiidelach. 
Johann Gotfried Bosse. 
Samuel Stob, 
Valtiu Wahui. 

List of Passengers on ISoard the Brig IMon, Jonas 

Warren, Master, from Hamburg. November 22, 1802. 
John Dandelot, (>luu-le8 Weyiiianu, 

Jacob Keller, Mo.^seti Jacobs. 

James Wayner, 

List of Passengers on 
Moore, Master, from 

Hartman Neef, 
George liiiid})erf?er, 
Peter Ende\-, 
.laeob Urbay Weyts, 
John Meyer, 
William Klief, 
H. Myer, 
George Pitz, 
Henry Christ. Marrin, 
Martin P. Wachter. 
John Gouper Geyer, 

Weissenbank (thre •}. 

Willielmina Sommer, 
Peter R. Olgate, 
Martin Hartey, 
Henry Janser, 
John Leder, 
Anna L. Leinkuhl, 
Fi'ederick Helling, 
Jacob Fi'ederick Meyer. 
Herman Crul. 

38- Vol.. XVII. 

Board the Shif Jacob, John 
.Vmsterdam. Arrived Nov. la, 

(ieorge Clir. Wagely, 


.Joseph Tliuj), 
Henry Renter, 
Casper Zeveizel, 
Jacob Schedie, 
Michael Harg, 
(Jhrislian Koot, 
Benjamin Jerry, 
JohnHenry Geise, 
John Adam Herer. 
Dietersoii Sommer, 
Jacob Fredrick Boehmer, 
Grevar Gaeome Olgate, 


John Eckstein and wife, 

John Peter Soltzer, 

John Wolfgang Stall. 

John Frederick Steysemann, 

CJiarles Storll, 

Michael Meuiinum, 



John Holler. 

Samuel Booker and wife. 
Joseph Mellnian, 
John Michael Sebakl. 
Henry Mej-er, 
Henry Suchnitz, 
Maths. Lambrechts, 
Hector Klein and wife, 
Lona.van Eonsonn, 
John Henry Pick el, 
Joseph Rune, 
J. I). Daniel, 
William Janier, 
Henry Batmann, 
John Kooh. 


Jacob Leeher, 
Johanna Staler, 
.Johanna D. Neith, 
Fredk. Gessner, 
Herman Runkhorsff, 
Conrad Kramer, 
Willhelmina van Giller, 
Andrew Sooman. 
Jacob David, 
G. A. Gross, 
Anna Schelvieck, 
William Melius, 
George Friedk. Pabst, 
Henry Toking, 
Martin Ombony, 
F. C. Daneger, 
Frederick Myer, 
B. Hamer, 
Maria lamphe Lautiere, 

van Zurdiogh, 

John Wolters, 
Peter Piersenson, 
Teri Isaaie. 
Paul Hoetleck. 
Chas. Bachiiian, 
Jacob Backer, 
Philip Toll, 
John Decker, 
Gerret Ross. 

August Johr, 

Antoni Ringold, 

Philip Mergether, 

Charles Bookenhagen, 

]\Iathias Tom. 

John Buchmann, 

Isaac Jacobs, 

John E. Seivening, 

Solomon Philip, 

John Henry Scuhltz, 

Abraham Gometz Palyetso, 

Henry Muller, 

Vilaas Schipper, 

Maria F. Fick, 

Frederick Ungrier, 

August David Ehrick, 

Frantz .Joseph Dreichs, 

Gottlub Snyder, 

John Henry Pohn, 

Chr. Emanuel Voget. 

J. Eberhard Klymar, 

G. Revntzer, 

Gertruit Everhauser, 


John Paul, 
Anton A. Rook, 
Frantz Roier. 
Philip Kuhner, 
Antony Nagel, 
Jacob Gresemyer, 
Christ. Henry Denn, 
Michael Stiezel. 
'Philip Cars. Zypher and wife, 
Charles Lautiere, 
George Lauer, 
Pierre Montermann, 
William Driesman, 
Antonie Roemer, 
W. J. Lam pay, 
John Zoitler, 
B. F. Kniper, 
John Crey Runk, 
John J>eander, 
Casper Ross, 
John Andrew Marlack, 
J. G. Grievagel, 



J. J. Grievagel, 
Merty Koppe, 
Sebastian Herman, 
Naatze Kroon, 
Chr. Isotherysieler, 

F. Leesenbef^, 
George Schiin)lt/., 
Paul Boysobo, 
Henry Kurt, 

G. F. Jiover, 
W. Nevtootrel, 

Maria Holenian, 
Frant/, Burbatli, 
Carolina Sclioltmanu 
Jansey Isebling, 
F. Raner, 


Peter Jleng, 
George Dill, 

Engelbreelit Selierbaune, 
Charles Clesire. 
('aroline Ijeekenl)er. 

Ltst of Passengers ox Boa 


Hans Adams Sallete, 
Heinrich Sallete, 
Anna Maria Sallete, 
Hans Adam Sallete, 
Ursala Sallete, 
Elisabeth Rude, 
Doriis Rude, 

Johann Jacob Rude, 10 yr.. 
Barbara Rude, 18 yr. , 
Maria Rude, 
Magdaiena Reyenlianse. 
Anna Tomnier, 
Trina Tomnier, 
PZlisabeth Lotze, 
FrJedericli M oiler, 
Barbara Reyginaas, 
Elisabeth Reygenaas, 1:^ yr. , 
ChristolTel Reygenaas.O yr. . 
Eva Keller, 
Helena Keller, 
Anna Maria Keller, 
Anna Schoi). 
Anna Schop, 8 yr. , 
Hans Adam Weirts. 
Heinrich Weirts, 
Usula Schoj). 
Hans Jacob Busei-. 
Johannes Rolle, 
iHronimus Roll*', 

RI) THK Ship TltAVKLjjKR, (^APT. 

Amsterdam. June 22, l«():j. 

Elisabeth Sallete, 
Anna Barlnira Sallete 
Elisabeth Sallete. 
Friederick Sallete, 
Boras Rude, 
Friederick Rude, 
Johainies Rude 12 yr. , 
Elisal)eth Rude, 
Heinrich Rude, 
Riimmeyer Reyeidiause, 
Hans Jacob Tomnier, 
^Martin Tomnier, 
Heinrich Lotze, 
Hans Jacob Reyginaas, 
Hans Jacob Reyginaas, 
Trina Reygenaas, 12 yr. , 
Martin Keller, 
Martin Keller, 
Henerich Keller. 
Wernfird Scliop, 
Christojih Schoj), 11 yr. , 
.Toliannes Weber, 
Miirgareth Wt'irts, 
Heinrich Schop, 
.Jacob Schop, 
Jiarb. Bnser, 
Jacob Rolle. 
I'lricli AVngenaar, 


jSamks of foreigners 

Andreas Wagenaar, 

Martin Buse, 

Priderick Tommer, 

I^icolaus Snyder, 

Christian Hagelaar, 

Barbara Weber, 

Peter Sechmund. Cook, 

Johann Sechmund, 

Garret Henricli Teyle, 

Barend Bruuder, 

Johann Stortz, 

Joh. Fr. Bach, 

Carl Jacob Bernarde, 

Philip Heterish, 

Joh. Jac. Thee man, 

Joli. Carl Cron)bliolT/., 

Rud Rudbrock, 

Casper Heint/,ler, 

Frantz Josej)h Binie, 

Joh. Christ. Ehrenfried, Ijock? 

Frant/. Pott, 

Joh. Fry, 

Partricuis Ab Sager, 

Nicolaus Klyn, 

Geort^ Bauer, 

Geirts Lieve Borts, 

J. Ch. Gerkels, 

Jolianna Jacoba Ijindrot. 

Fr. Glockner, 

Joh. And. Kliber^', 

Gerret Krugh, 

Jacob Heyberger, 

Jacob Harsel & his wifei' two 

Johanna Anton Schrender, 

Jolianne Martins, 

AViUiam Roelof Hronrven, 

Johannus Schnde, 
Martin Tuchter, 
Heinrick Kreyeveller, 
Hans Jacob Kriller, 
Fritz Rude, 
Heinrich Lutenecker, 
Catharina Sechmund, 
(Jarl Henristo Sechmund, 
Johann Martin Eitel, 
Christ. Fried. Bozeto, 
Pliiiip Heird, 
Fried, Becker, 
T. M. Betist, 
Barand Minne, 

F. L. Reineke, 

G. L. Schelfer, 
.loh. W. Kleist, 
l^aurentz Kerteling, 


Catli. Pott, 
F. Nestler, 
Philip Krum, 
Everen Degenfield, 
Georg Reichniann, 
Joh. F. Philipson, 
C. F. Schusler, 
Peter ('hristiaan, 
Joh. Th. Zunein, 
Joseph Stop, 
Barthold Laar, 


Johanne Bursche, 
Engeline Gesine Brourven, 
Nancv Barlles. 

List of thk Passengers ox Board the Ship Chari.otte. 
AVHKREOK Thomas Hortox is Mastkii. from Hamburgh. 

Sept. 5, 180:i 

Adam 1) rocker, 

Johannes Glaucer, wife and two children, 

Tiiidwig Harpell, wife and live children, 



Frederick Harpell. wife and fom- cliildreii, 

(ieorge Frittz, witV niid oin; child, 

Peter Smith, 

Frederick Seller, 

Christian Estricko 

Christian Raw, 

Conrad Wilpley, 

Christian Keans, 

Martin> "Wilpley, 

George jN'eysinger, 

George Rickell, 

Peter Hartline. 

.Toiiannes Bandele. 

Godlei]) Schwarts, 

wife and four children, 

John Hiirkolt, 
Alias iJanhaiir, 
George Cook and wife, 
Christian Wilpley, 
George Sinibernian, 
Jacol) Wiker, 
Adam Lay bolt, 
Johan Riley, 
^hltthews Prizer, 

Hendrick Bender, wife and child, 

C'onrad Cabell, 
George Striker, 
Wilhelm Banghest, 
Christopher Kodman, 
Jacob Nestle, 
Christian Poorbalt, 
Jacob Shine, 
Wilhelm Woolf, 
Frederick Rickell, 
Martin Fnllbrake, 
Bernard Horgg, 
l^eter Hausenbeck, 
Tobias Swink, 
Charles Straup, 
Peter Byder, 
Frederick Keppell, 

Wilhelm MardolT. 
George Dippele, 
Henry Jordan, 
John Wilt, 
Jacob Poorbalt, 
Ctiristopher PrincekolTer, 
Christian Koffman, 
Johan Estricker, 
Frederick Cunsman, 
(Conrad Blank, 
Gabriel Englehart. 
Johan Harm, 
Christoi)her Asi)ell, 
Martin Jacobson, 
Johan Peterson, 
John Rockholt, 

Henry Lovenfort, wife and two children, 

Christian Gaadyard, John Danhanr, 

Johan Riddle, Christian Vandele Ande, 

Jacob Poles, wife and ihiee children. 

List of the Passengkks o.\ Boauh thk 
Caleb Earl, Master, rrom Hamburo. 

John Heinr. Fried Tiiym. 
JacoV) Kohl. 
Joh. Benjn. Zeibig. 
John Christh Danicke. 
Joseph JN'iwatel. 

Shit Foriukk, 
Sept. 8, 1803. 


Fi-iedk. Trerking. 

John Anil. Carpo. 

Christian Kuntz. 

Hans Gath. 

EHas Hertz. 

Johannes Seip. 

Anna Catharina Seip, his wife. 

Anna Catharina Seip, j 

Johannes Seip, [ their children. 

Johann Peter Seip, j 

John George Bohm. _^ 

Margaretha Bohni. b. Seipen his wife. 

John Peter Bohni, his son. ^ 

Johann Vulgarn. 

Ijeopold Mailer. 

Eilinger Motig. 

Franz Konig. 

Peter Muller. 

Anna Catharina, his wife. 

Martha Wiliielniina, ) ^j^^j,. ^hji^j.^^ . 

George. ^ 

Heinr. Conrd. Hern. Schrader. 

John Christn. Wilhm. Tager. 

Arnold Hessel 

Maria Margaretha, his wife. 

Eberhard, | 

Christoph, I 

Catharina, [ '^^'^^'' children. 

Johannes, j 

Adam Seip. 

Jacobine Seip, his wife. 

Joliti Friedk, ) ., . , ., , 

' - then- children. 
Albertus. > 

Leopold Rudolph. 

Anna Catharina, his wife. 

Anna Elisabeth, | 

Caspar. i eiiji^ren 

Anna Maria, I 

Maria Catharina, j 

Jacob Friesen. 

Johannes Gerke. 

Anna Maria Gerke, 1). Bunkerdren, his wife. 

Maria Gertrut, ] 

Anna Maria, i 

T . ^ their children. 


Marianne, i 


(Teorge Ludwig Althaus. 

Christian, his wife, with one chiJd. 

George AVm. Reimsclmeider. 

Maria Schiitter, » ^ 

,,,. , , ,, , I two sisters. 

Ehzabeth fechntter, > 

Just. Heinr. Holdinijhausen. 

George Holdinghausen. his son. 

George Andr. iSteidehuuller. 

C'arl Baumgarten. 

Christian Hinze. 

Friedrich Kuntze. 

Johannes Wetter. 

Jacobus Han. 

Maria Gertrud Han, I). Gerke 

Mathias Htm, < . , , ., , 

- their ciiildren. 
Anna Catlianna Han. > 

Joichim Heinr. Maack. 

Gottlieb Nitscko. 

Friedk. Hupfenstiel. 

Maria Elizabet. liis wife 

Johann Jost, their son. 

Joh. Kraff Goebels. 

Magdelena, his wife. 

Johannes Franck. 

Magdelena, his wife. 

Hinrich Bode. 

liOuise, his wife. 

John Hinr. Franck. 

Louise, I 

John Ludwig, \ his children. 

Maria Elizabeth, i 

John Hinr. Frank. 

Catharina, his wife.. 

Jiirgen Schneider. 

Gerdruth, his wife. 

Jacob. 1 

Johannes, ! their children. 

Anna Elisabeth, | 

Catharina, J 

Joim Wilhin. Koth. 

Catharina his wife. 

Johannes Debes. 

Rosina, his wife. 

Freiderica, j 

George Heinrich, I their children. 

Maria Catharina, i 


John Jurjjn. Weber. • 

Maria Elisabeth, liis wife. 

Maria Magdalene, 

Johan J urgen, j hi.s children. 

Wiih. Christian, J 

Louise Sclineidern, 

Anna Margaret ha, her sister. 

Elias Kirschtein. 

Catharin;! Sneider, his bride. 

Jost Berckelbach. 

Cliristina Imholin, his bride. 

Ludwig Richstein. 

Heinr. Kramer. 

Maria Gertde. Webern, his bride 

J urgen Kesster. 

•John Philip Lange. 

Maria Gertrude, his mother. 

Johannes Martin. 

Anna Elis. Schmidtin, his bride. 

John. Jost Roth. 

Louise Rodepiller, his wife. 

John Hinrich, I 

Ludwig, jtlieir children. 

Fritz, I 

Hermann, J 

John. Jost Rodepiller. 

Catharina, liis wife. 

Maria Elisa, ), their children. 

Anna Elise, > 

Magdalena Weilin. 

Jacob Weil, her brother. 

Hinrich Boden. 

Hinrich Blumenstiel. 

John George Afterbach. 

John Danl. Eckel. 

Johannes Wies.s. 

Christina, his wife. 

Joh. Christ. Weber. 

Friedk. Messerschmidt. 

Maria Elisa, his wife. 

Maria Elisa, his daughter. 

Jer Messerschmidt. 

Johannes. ). ^jg brothers. 

Joh. Hinrich, > 

Carle Buck. 

Anna Maria Buckin. 


T. Weber, a child. 

Wilhelne. Buckiri. 

Ludwig Schuiitlt. 


John Christr. his hrother.s. 


Anna Maria Ehsa, ' i • • ^ 
^ , Ills sisters. 

Dorothea, > 

Jolm Daiil. Pfeiffer. 

Wilhehn Saure. 

Anna Catharina, liis wife. 

Henrietta Friderica, ! 

Anna Maria, |- his children. 

Elisabeth, | 

John Liudj^. Bremer. 

Maria Cath., liis wife. 

Catharina Eiisa, l 

Catharina, [ ^^^.^ children. 

Joh. Ludwig, I 

Anna Elisa, j 

Joh. Hinr. Schmidt. 

Catharina, his wife. 


Johannes, | their children. 

Anna Catharina, ; 

Joh. George Bremer. 

Maria Elisa, his wife. 

John Pecer, | 

Joh. George, I , . , ., , 
. „,. their children. 

Anna Ehsa, 

Anna Maria, | 

Gertrud Jacobs, ). brother & sister. 

Mathias Jacobs. > 

Joliannes Rischstein. 

Louise, his wife. 

Catharina Elisa, i 

John Jacob, | 

Johannes, 1- their children. 

Christina, j 

John Jost, i 

Catharina Elisa Dresbach. 

Anna Elisa Dresbach, lier chihi. 

Anna Elisab. Groth. 

Peter Otto. 

Cath. Elisa Frankin. liis bride. 


Jacob Spies, a child. 
Michel Berger. 
Sybilla, his wife. 

Conrad, ) t,,^ children. 

Anna Maria, ) 

John Gottlieb Schlichteweg. 

Victor de Ville. 

Elizabeth, his wife. 

John Gottfd. Newniann. 

J oh. Conrd. Scliaul. 

Francois Serrurier. 

Johan Junkhau.s. 

List of Passengers Arrived at the Port of Philadel- 
phia, ox BOARD the Brig Moravia, AVilliam Geerskk, 
Commander, from Bremen. Oct. 3, 1803. 

Herman Sammler, and 2 cliildren. 

Mathias Zacharias. 

Johann George Kraul. 

Reinhard Drescher. 

Catharina Jungerin. 

Johann Daniel Biirn. 

Casper Lorenz, wife and 3 children, 

.Joseph Bubeck, wife and 4 children. 

Dorotiiea Ulrich, and 3 children. 

List of Passengers Arrived in the Ship Commerce, 
Nathaniel Ray, Capt. . from Amsterdam. Oct. 1), 1803. 

Henrich Potzjn, Mattheus Giste and wife, 

Hans Jacob Giste, Daniel Wagner and wife, 
.Tohannes Hunzinger and wife, Elizabeth Hun/inger, 

Margaret Hunzinger, Dorst Studi and wife, 

Jacob Studi, Anna Studi, 

Durst Studi, Jacob Weber and wife, 

•Johannes Weber, Christian Weber 

Marie AVeber, Daniel Hoffman and wife, 

Anna Hoffman, Elizabeth Hotfman, 



Daniel HolTuian, 
Elizabeth Griall. 
Anna Maria Miller, 
Heinrich Manifold, 
Cathrina Schop, 
Martin Mathery, 
Jacob Martin, 
Jacob Hoch, 

Benedict Berger and wife, 
Barbara Berger, 
Hans Jacob Gas, 
Hans Jacob (Trieder, 
Hans Jacob Grnber and witi% 
Anna ]\laria (jrruber, 
Anna Gruber, 
Catbarina Miitzenberg, 
Johannes Binger and wife, 
Johannes Binger, 
Hans Jacol) Binger, 
Adam Briegel, 
Peter Raus, 
Nickolans Mang, 
Frederich Bnrchard, sen , 
'•' Daniel A nspacli, 
Philip Jacob Bauer ami wife, 
Jacobini MuUer, 
Jacob Meyer, 
Johannes Speck, 
Cathrina Speck. 
Nicklaus Kuhlenkami)f, jr., 
Aric Hall, 
George Reidt, 
Johan Wein, 
Conrad Zingermann, 
Frantz Nolleneyer and wife. 
Magdalene Noffeneyer, 
Philip "Wiedemann, 
Antoine Techeld, 
T. H. Roestleyn and wife, 
Hetner BieV)er, 

Johan Christopn (rottleih Scli 
David Gid.-iud, 
George Freiderich Schanfelf. 
Johan (xeorg Wrieman, 
Thomas Walter, 
Philip Nenjahr, 

Henrich GraiT and wile, 

Anna Barbtira (xralf. 

Hans Jacob Miller and wife. 

Heinrich Mangold and wife, 

Hans and wife, 

Anna Gast, 

Jacob Bochlin, 

Heinrich Martin, 

Adam Borli, 

Anna Maria Gas ;Berger). 

ElizaVjeth Berger, 

Anthon Gas, 

Hans Georg Gast, 

Martin Gruber, 

Elizabeth Grubei-. 

Christian Miitzenberg and wife. 

Maria Binger, 

Terena Binger, 

Catharina Bernhard. 

Philip Heinrich Blum and wife. 

Johan Georg Peter 

Fiiederich Burchard, jr, . 

Johan Georg Branch, 

Freiderich Kramlich, 

Anna Maria Schmetzer, 

Daniel Weingesser. 

Studarth Speck. 

Nickolatis Kuhlf-nkampf, sen. 

Lorentz Sallade, 

f'arl Henche, 

Georg Adam Klenk, 

Georg Philip Enler, 

Georg Heinrich Runckel. 

Johan Nickolas Keuflfer, 

Barbara NofTeneyer, 

Egbert Dersch and wife, 

Bernhard Wiedemann. 

Joseph Gremond, 

Johan David Deeg, 

Peter Sieboldt. 

.lacol) Eggert. 

(xeorg J^'riederich DitMu. 

Carl Harmstach, 

(ieorge Stumm, 

Johan IJndek'Ugel, 



Philip Stoppel, 
]jucas Eggerinan, 
Andreas Kretz, 
Samuel Gerster and wife 
Adam Schaub and wife, 
Barbara Schaub, 
Martin Schaub, 
Hans Georg Hassler, 
Hans Jacob Freiburger and 
Johannes Freiburger, 
Jacob Schaffner, 
Anna Rudy, 
Johannes Egger, 
Magdalene Hohl (Andereg), 
Michael Gloss, 
Johan Roseustellner 
Peter Kroneburger, ' 
Adam Bernhard. 
Christian Binger, 
Bernhard Herges, 
Andreas Bernhard and wife, 
Johan Joseph Herges,. 
Hans Bessener and wife, 
Mattheus Bessener, 
Hans Ulrich Ische and wife. 
Hans Ulrich Ische and wife, j 
Hans Jacob Ische, 
Freiderich Ische, 
Catharina Schweitzer, 
Adam Tschudi and wife, 
.Johannes Thomme, 
Anna Thomme. 

Conrad Jjampe, 
.Jolian Jacob Wagner, 
Johan Heinrich Rickers, 
Johannes Gerster, 
Hans Jacob Schaub, 
Anna Sehaul), 
Johannes Schopp, 
Anna Sehn, 


Hans Jacob Freiburger, 
Henrich Rudy and wife, 
Johannes Rudy, 
Jacob Andereg and wife, 
Geo. Ludwig Kin/Je, 
Johannes Reif, 
Johan Andreas Beck, 
Michael Walsch, 
Hans Ulrich Binger, 
Werner Schittler, 
Michel Kauffer and wife, 
Jacob Bernhard, 
Ulrich Schmit, 
Freiderich Bessener. 
Hans Bessener, 
sen. , 

r. , Johannes Ische, 
Marie Ische. 
Danl. Weltger, 
Bernhard Schweitzer, 
Hans (xeorg Tliomraa, 
Elizabeth Thomme. 

List of Passengers on Board the Ship Canton, Thomas 


Master, from Amsterdam. Arrived Oct. 7, 

Mr. Prediger and sister, 

Mr. Schryver, 

Mr. Teleken and servant, 

Mr. Boon, 

Mr. Beeresteen, 

Mrs. Prediger, 
Mr. Everts and 2 servants, 
Mr. Pletts and wife, 
Mr. Van Enst and clerk. 


Mr. Roberrs and 2 little brother.s. 


P. F. C. Halbee, 
C. Muller, 
C. Walker, 
F. Ely. 
Jon. Rap, 
Black Gridle, 

(to. Rap, 
Go. Myer. 
J. Smith, 


Mr. Prediirer's man. 

List of Passengers 
Alfton, Master, 

Scud de Harts Becket, 
Joseph Bible, 
B. Hummel and wife, 
Francis Wessells, 
Carl Fred Erdman, 
Gerrit C. Senden, 
Jacob Hannig. 
Dirk Pom pies, 
Marus Kolen, 
Joseph Pomplier, 
Joseph Brocheck. 
Wilhelm Hulsenberg, 
Fred, f.afava, 
Michael Herns, 

B. Dolman. 
Christiana Salveyler, 
Jacob Moses, 
Pieter Groenwood, 

C. Sauten, 
Barend Everet, 
J oh. George Eberlejn, 
Kaufman Isaac Hayje, 
.Facoba Sobe, 
Anna Elisab. Teock, 
Jacob Van Achten, 
Jan Land, 
John Juist. 
M. A. Welnagle, 
Peter Flaming, 

Schumman a girl, 

Peper Seel, 
Cath. Hive, 

Dx Board THE Snir Favorite. .John 
FROM Amsterdam. Nov. 15, 180:5. 

Blasius Sl^^kmeyer and wife, 
Johannes Schlorser, 
Joseph & Maria Hummeii, minors, 
Maria Lindman. 
Peter Bockhoart, 
Johannes Streignagle, 
Jan. Plankman, 
Bram Hieman, 
Johan George lluisnian. 
Christiana Si^ier, 
Jacob IjuIi, 
Anthoy Heri>()ld, 
Aaron lMiilii)s. 
LudolT Otte. 
Henrick Pothoff, 
Barend Bceren<ls, 
jMcob Ey)steina. 
Jan Barner and wife, 
Joh. Gertr Sauten, 
Jan Jacob Dobler, 
Senf. Mois. Schifl', 
Joseph Robeson, 
Magdalen Reiter, 
Christian Corneliese, 
Jan Hendrick Keuberen, 
Johannes S. Smitt, 
John George (iirke, 
Coena Serbel liroun, 
Carl Ehlers, 
Johanna Schnap, 
AVilhelmina Bos, 
Conraad Kehl, 



Johan Jacob SchedeJ, 

Philip S. Jurken, 

G. Berz, 

Isaac Waiter, 

B. Venden Berht, 

John C. Kerber, 

Maria Weithard, 

John Renit, 

Msyer Poplak, 

Janna Kagee, 

Wilhelin N. Preeper, 

Maria C. Preeper, 

H. Hoiiiberg and wife, 

H. Romberg, )_ ^^^.^^,.^ 

A. Horn berg, > 

Maria N. Regnier, 

Engel Raddeuiaus, 

Hend. Kraanier, 

Wm. Fred. Hink, 

Johannes Kuller and Avife 

Johanna Kuller, 

George Seholder and wife, 

John Seholder, | 

George Seholder, I 

r. o I 1 1 ( minors. 

Eva Seholder, 

Andrew Seholder, j 

Frederick Dorr, 

Jacob Diehl, 

Elizabeth de Young, 

Jacob Wirtman. 

Nic. Van Mervont, 

Barb Estel, 

Jacob E^el, 

Lamb Koener, 

Roger Toutenhoofd and wife, 

Magdel Toutenhoofd, > n^jnoi 

Oath. Toutenhoofd, > 

Joh. Dubrannuer, 

H. Better. 

S. L. Conteret, 

Jan Magel Fet, 

Johantette Fet, 

Johanna Fet, 

Catharina Fet. 

Anthony Petts, 

Johan C. Kunso, 

Henry Rich man, 

Hend de Jong, 

John Van Mausorn, 

Fred Boene, 

John Pieterse, 

John Wilh. Keldwick, 

Maria de Lernn, 

A. Wolf, 

John Preeper and wife, 

Jacob Preeper, 

Ehris. Winter, 

Jacob Gaiman and wife, 
M. AVarninck. 
Jacob Kuntrell, 
Johan Scheligs, 
Ronna W. Kuller, 
Philipina Kuller, 

John Ham mar. 
Van der Wamer, 
Rosetta de Young, 
Dr. Hoffman, 
Frederick Girtman, 
Carth Estel. 
Fred Estel, 
George A. Doll, 
Hend Williams, 

Otto Van Wingaarde, 
Gutze Van Tellage, 
Dort Hotfraan, 
Eva Sebina Fet, 
John Peter Fet, 
Margretta Fet, 
Ludwick Luner, 
Philip Ulmer. 


List of Passk?jgkrs o\ Roard thk Buig Prnnsyiaama, 
Peter F. Moody, Master, from Amsterdam, Nov. 15, 

Jiistu.s Walter, N. Diugelwein, 

Elisal Krebsin, Helena Kre'o.'^in, 

Adam RiHing^er and wife. Pliilip lieclitel, 

Adain Gei"enstein,afjed U yeai's, J. G. Voegt. 

.lohan Seltenreicli, Enfjcll Walter, 

Herin. Olyslage, Friderick Ccster, 

Abraham Coster, Frederick Heintz, 

Anna Coinelisse, Catharine Schniit, 

Care Opit.s, Fred. Jac. Vanderhuvell, 

Jell. W. Krngman, Jedwir Fricke, 

Godf. Schermacker, Phillip Frolick, 

John Ab. Winter, M. Mackie. 

List of Passengers Arrived at the Port oi' Philadki-- 
phia, on Board the Ship Carolina, ]*n. Moork. ^Master, 
Feb. 21, 1804. 

P. F. Corvoisier Saudoz, a Swiss. 
C. Fisher, a German. 
C. G. Schneider, a (xerman. 
William Rodir, a German. 

List of German Passengers on Hoard the Bukjantine 
Union. Capt. Hause, from Tonningkx. Arkived at 
THE }*ort of Philadelphia, March 10. IHUI. 

Charles Seagel, John Sneider. 


List op Passengers ox Board the Brkt Newton, John 
Riley, Master, from Hamburg. Arrived August 11, 

[Name. Occupation, Age,^Height.] 

Henry Pressell, sadler, 28, five feet 10 inches. 

his wife, 21, five feet JO inches, 
(jr. A. Simon, sailler, 24, five feet 10 inches. 
T. E. A. Janna,, 26, five feet 4 inches. 
G. Fischer, slioeniakei-, 18, five feet 4 inches. 

his wife, 18, five feet 4 inches. 
H. But/., no trade, 18, five feet 4 inches. 
Joseph Nagle, no trade, 22, five feet 4 inches. 
G. A. Seebert, miller, 38, five feet 5 inches. 
G. A. Whihmack. weaver, 34, five feet 4 inches. 
G. Tausch, farmer, 30, five feet 6 inches. 
A. D. Scheile, blacksmith, 21, five feet G inches. 
A. Sihgman, no trade, 15, five feet. 
G. Comeke, chairmaker, 43, five feet. 

C. .Jardner, distiller, 36, five feet 8 inches. 
L. Knuppel, carpenter, 18. five feet. 

H. Bauer, butcher, 28, five feet. 

H. Kruges, clerk, 37, six feet. 

A. Sueke, clotlimaker, 25, five feet. 

G. F. Weyrick, sockmaker, 26, five feet 6 inches. 

Franz Hoffman, taylor, 45, five feet 8 inches. 

J. W. Euieke, farmer, 30, five feet 4 inches. 

P. H. Mi nan, shoemaker, 24, five feet 4 inches. 

J. J. Betz, taylor, 19, five feet 4 inches. 

H. G. Porch, turner, 23, five feet. 

J. C. Becker, blacksmith, 24, five feet 8 inches. 

D. Heigening. watclimaker, 30, five feet 8 inches. 
J. Maul, farmer, 24, five feet 5 inches. 

G. Stalid, farmer, 29, five feet 5 inches. 

J. J. Sahn, farmer, 36, five feet 4 inches. 

W. G. Liiikel, carpenter, 20, five feet 8 inches. 

G. Lauber. farmer, 21, five feet 5 inches. 

P. Sasmanehaus, farmer, 20, five feet l> inches. 

J. Sasmanehaus, farmer, 26, five feet 5 inches. 

J. H. Beltys, carpenter, 30, five feet 8 inches. 

E. Bantzs, taylor, 22, \\\e feet 8 inches. 
J. Buch, miller, 21, five feet 6 inches. 
H. Beitzil. taylor. 21, five feet 4 inches. 
H. F. Ehlers, taylor. 29, five feet 2 inches. 


Oamniassasea, no trade, 19, live feet 4 iiic-hes. 
Hauir, no trade, 1!J. live ieet 5 inclies. 

B. Bestells, slioeiiiaker, 2.J, five feet 4 incheis. 
F. Keinili, carpenter, 27. live feet 4 inches. 
H. Kligiubui-^^, taylor, 21, live feet. 

E. Reiter, locksuiitli, 2i). five feet 3 inches. 
J. Schmidt, no trade, 3b, live feet H inclie.s. 
J. Reiter. taylt>r, 25, five feet 8 inciies. 

J. H. Hahs, lociisniith, 20, live feet 8 inches. 
J. Fisher, la.rnun-, 31, five feet 'J incJies. 
his wife, 20, five feet. 

F. Schewetzer, butclier, 32, five feet 8 inches. 
J. Balt/.er, weaver, 22, five feet 8 inclies. 

C. Fuclis, linen weaver, 2'), live feet G inclie.s. 
L. Fuclvs, linen weaver, 23, live feet G inches. 

Ij. (t. Boiirni, maid servant, 27, five feet G inche.s. 

J. H. Wahl, taylor, 19, five feet ."i inclies. 

J. Jockeln, servant, woman, 51, live feet. 

Johs. AVahl, boy, 11. 

E. Sheider. maid servant, 22. five feet. 

A. Dickie, farmer, 30, five feet G inches. 

J. (i. xSet/., farmer, 30, five feet G inches. 

his wife, farmer, 31. five feet. 

Ids 2 cliildren, 7 ii 4 years. 
End. Net/, farmer, 40. live feet 4 inches. 

his wife, 35, live feet. 

Ids chiltl, 10 years. 

his sister, servant maid, 30, five feet. 
1*. Spies, farmer, 49. live feet 4 inches. 

his wife, 39, five feet. 

his 8 children, 21, 19, 17, l.",. 13, 11. 9, 4 years old. 
<i. Ruhs, farmer, 3G, five feet 4 inches. 

his Avife, 40. 

Ins 2 children. 12 & 14 year.s. 
P. Fucks, Sadler, 32, six feet. 

Ills wife, 40 years. 

3 children. 17, G & 'AS years. 
M. Ban/., farmer. 48, si.v feet. 

his wife, 40 years. 

G children, 2r), 14, 13, 10, 8, 7 years. 
.T. Donners, farmer. 32 years, live lei-i. 

his wife. 24. live feet. 
?. H. Brann, farmei-. 3v. live f.M-t 8 inches. 

his wife. 29, fi ' ■ fee; 

his sister. 19, live leei. 
;!9-Voi.. XVII. 


J. G. Mohle, slioeinaker, 29, five feet 2 inches, 
his wife, 84 years. 

2 children, 4 yrs. & 18 weeks. 

J. Bochen, farniei", 28, live feet 8 inche.s. 

liis wife. 
J. C Eulers, carpenter. 32, ^ix feet. 

his wife, ;]o, five feet. 

3 children. 

H. C. Bertels, shoemaker, ;'>0, five feet. 

his wife, 2'.) year.<. 

2 children, 
r. Donnier, taylor, 29, five feet G inches. 

his wife, 24 years. 

1 child, 4 years, 
his sister, lo years. 

H. Kuhn, carpenter, 26, five feet 6 inches. 

his wife, 20 years. 
A. Gungheim, shoemaker, 31, five feet 8 inches. 

hisAvife, 80 years. 

2 children, 4 <& li^ yrs. 

Jusn. Sasmannhaus, farmer, 30, five feet. 

his wife, 34 years. 

his 2 children, 12 & 8 yrs. 
G. Strachbein, farmer, 30, five feet 6 inches. 

his wife, 29 years. 

his 2 children, 7 & U years. 
A. E. Strachbein, farmer, 31, five feet 4 inches. 

1 child, 4^ years. 
G. H. Trite, farmer, 10, five feet. 

his sister, maid servant, 19. five feet 2 inche 
.lust Trite, farmer, 45, six feet. 

his wife, 35 years. 

5 children, 19, 16, 13, 4, 1 years old. 
E. F. Huster, tallowchandler^ 44, five feet 4 inches. 

his wife, 33, five feet. 
G. Kuirimerer, tanner, 31, six feet. 

his wife, 29, five feet 

his mother, 61, five feet. 

3 children, 12. 0, 4 years. 

M. Kelmer farmer. 40, five feet 6 inches. 

his wife, 27 years. 

1 child. 7 years. 
G. Wahl, farmer, 37, five feet 5 inches. 

his wife, 27 years. 
J. Schune, farmer, 30 years, five feet 2 inches. 

his wife, 30, five feet. 

1 child, 3 years. 



]*. 2s'eiriiy, farmer. 44, live leel b iiiclies. 

his wife, 28, live feet. 

liis mother, 70 years. 

4 cliildreii, 14, 18, (!, 4 years. 
Leid Radebach, farmer, 27, live feel. 

liis wife, 23, live feet. 

2 children, 3 &; lA years. 
A. M. Schmitter, farmer, 42. live feet. 

1 child, 1» years. 
Rumenshid, no trade, 21, live feet 4 inclies. 
Mary Klein, maid servant, 22, five feet. 
Andw. AVatinbolt, cook, 28, five feet. 
W. Turner, cabin passenger. 
Mr. Rochhendorf & lady. caV)in passengers. 
J. Malcolm and lady, cabin passengers. 

List of Passk.vgers Arrivkd .vt thk Pout ok T'hila- 


FifOM Hamburg. April 17, 1804. 

(Jottfried Wilhelm JMiilip, 
Christ. Gottl. Schmidt, 
Joh. AVilhelm Riiting, 
Michael Kiisner, 
Christ. Nitscher, 

AVolmer Julius Heinr. Meyer 

Joh. Friedch. I\leisch, 

Nicol. Adolph Suck, 

Frantz Becker, 

Joh. Joachim Stoltz. 

Joh. Herman Schaeffer, 

Ernst Midler, 

Chnstn. (Triinberg, 

Hinr. Munsenheimer. 

Joh. Eberhard Wehhagen, 

Joli. KrafTt Wunderlich, 

,Tose}>h KorfT, 

Anton Christ. Schroder, 

Joh. Friedch. Breege, 

Joh. Anson, 

Joli. Christ. H. Lanckan, 

Jacob Marsch, 

Carl Philip, 
Joh. Carl l*hilip Klein, 
Joh. Casper Everling, 
Hans Nicolaus Kros, 
Joh. Andr. Brandt , 
Johann Wilschiitt, 
Heinr. Uberhoff, 
Peter Becker, 
Jacob Hampst, 
Joh. Heinrch. Harthmann, 
Georg Weidemann, 
Joh. Joachim Giiuther, 
Joh. Hinr. Aim, 
Anton Rasch, 
Gotll. Strahlheimer, 
Joh. Christ. Schultz, 
Joh. ])av. Peter Mittelstaedt, 
Wilhehn Keyser, 
lOlias Salomo/i l*ai)penheimer, 
Christ. Riihle, 
Joh. Nicolaus Beyer, 
Herman Mich. Bosseck, 



Josei)h U blond, 

Joh. Beriih. Stciltzner, 

Nicolaus Beyei-fsdorff, 

Joh. Adaia ProebssttM-, 

Sam. Hinrick Kroll, 

Jac-ob Gersoii, 

Joh. V. Bergen, 

Friedch. Holtz, 

Thomas Hoffmann. 

Joli. Albert Billlioch, 

Wolff Isaac, 

Jacob Sieinon, 

Bernhd. Kriiger, 

n)ettloff Joenicke, 

Friedch. Gottfr. Fuln-mann, 

Friedch. Kadwitz, 

Joh. Gottl. Tiippel, 

Joh. Christ. Schnioch, 

Christ. Einmerling, 

Lasch Johannsen, 

Hinr. Andr. Schnlenbui-g. 

Call Wilh. Trewill, 

Joh. Friedch. Holte, 

Friedch. Miilier, 

Heinr. Eoth, 

Bernhd. Kantzler, 

Casper Fahts. 

Egeroth Franck, 

Heinr. Rotjeroth, 

Heinr. Werkentin, 

Aug. Friedch. Rehlmann, 

Joh. Gottfr. Her.scheimann, 

Joseph Wilh. Berber, 

Joh. Philip Thiel, 

Peter Fiihles, 

Joh. Hinr. Kreutzburg, 

Aug. Christ. Hesse, 

Benjamin Kann, 
Joh. Hinreli. John, 
Jean Frans Pinard, 
Luis Alexander. 
Georg Pappler, 
l*aul Hoffmann, 
Ciirist. Gotti. Weis, 
Joh. Christ. Holt/. 
Joh. David Borst, 
Aloses Levy, 
Levy Kohn, 
Joh. Clans Pfeil, 
Joh. Heinch. Schmidt, 
Joseph Ahrends, 
Benjamin Samoel, 
Peter Nicol. Lippert, 
August Midler, 
Samuel AVessel, 
Ephraim Munthan, 
.Toll. Joseph Ciaus, 
Jiirgen Mich. Liitjohan, 
Christ. Jac. Dreyer, 
Joh. Fried. Zahn, 
Asmus Heia. v. Miinden. 
Jiirg. Heinch. Schultz, 
Carl Krauss, 
Joach. Carl Kronstiiber, 
Joh. Gottl. Lungwitz, 
Joh. Andr. Gehres, 
Friedch. Alexander Grundl, 
Jacob Meyer, 
Heinr. Lohr, 
Joh. Christ. Grassmann, 
Georg Friedch. Quedenfeldt, 
Joh. Gottf. Miilier, 
Joh. Herm. Kriiger, 
Carl Friedch. Niculai. 

Married d- Women. 

Anna Cath. Maria Miilier, 
Anna Munsenheimer, 
Cath. Margar. Wehhagen. 
Juliana Schnltz. 
Maria Margar. Breege, 
Maria Cath. Hoff'mann, 
Maria 3)orothea Schmocli, 

Anna Cath. Giinther, 
Jeanette Rasch, 
Cath. Elisabeth Wunderlich, 
Bergitta Christina Keyser, 
Friedericti Carol. Christ. Kroli, 
Anna Maria Bosch, 
Maria Elisabeth Rotjeroth, 


Henrietta Rotjeroth, Barbara Elisal). Ottoiii. 

Marj^aretiia Elisal) AViiikelineytM-. 

Anna Sopliia Kollcn, ^Vilh^'llnilla (Jhrist. (Trmul, 

Auiiii Mar^M'.-. IJlunieu, 

Anna Juliana Hini'ictta Giintlier, 
Job. Hiur. Mujisenheiiner, 
Joh. Frietlch. H. Wehhagen, 
Joli. Hinr. Welihai^en, 
Johanna Maria Clirist. Wehliageu, 
(jortf. Friedeh. Conrad Scliult/., 
Maria Matjdaiena Breej^e, 
Johanna Christ. AVilhehii" Breege, 
Anna Kroll, 
Maria Krol?, 
Wilht-lni HofTman, 
Joliannes Hollinavni, 
Herman Wilh. Martuissen, 
iNIaria Cath. Lena R oT.ieroth, 
Christ. Jacob Hesse, 
Carl Hesse. 

Passkxgers on Hoard thk \Mi\r. Lkopakd. Capt.vix Piuot 

Shaw, from Lubeck. Arrivkd Ar(;rsT 2.-.. I.su4. 
Frede.ick Hartel, J'-^cob Holts. 

John Wesch, Lt^vi Solonian, 

David Balba, Lndwiok Ressing, 

l^ovhevi Boitz, Henry Reichel. 

Cxeorge Drnnimer, 

Li"^!' ok Passengers LAXDKn at the Eazarett<. from on 


Amsterdam. Augfst 27, 18U4. 

John Lolliger, J'-^^"''' ^'•^»"*^'- ^^"'' ''''^''- 

Janette Banger, Elijah Banger. 

Frena Banger, Jacob Banger. 

Clans Barer an.l wife, Samuel Bater and wde, 



Anna Maria Batei-, 

Hauiiali Gro.^s, 

Jacob Atz and wife, 

Jacob Brieten.ster wife and ch 

Jacob Switzer, 

Jacob Scluide wife and child, 

Jacob Geister, 

Joliannes Frisher, 

Jacob Scliwitzer, 

Johannes Schwitzer, 

Hans Jacob Schwitzer, 

Hans Jacol> Gresty, 

Henricli (Tresty, 

ISicol. Horey, 

John Ulsrersli, 

John Sclmeeder and wife, 

Tur Atz, 

Henery Schaub, 

Jacob Buster, 

Jacob Schwitzer, 

Margret Scliwitzei-, 

Jacol) Erl) and wife, 

Maths. Erb, 

Reninj^en Erb, 

Henil Erl). 

Ehzabetli Sciiudy, 

Henry HaiTeHinger and wife, 

Anna HalTel linger, 

H. Rudy and wife, 

Barbara Barter, 

A nna Maria Barter, 

Henry Mangold and wife, 

Barbara Mangold, 

Jacol) "Wagner and wife, 

Jacob Burgy, 

JMaria Burgy, 

Frena Schnieder, 

Maria Schnieder, 

Nichola IMischile and wife, 

Anna Maschezer. 

Sacor Maschezer, 

Bascher HalTillinger 

Jacob Thoni, 

Fredk. Thoni, 

.Jacob Hasly, 

Jacol) Gras, 

Jacob Gross and wife, 
Jacob Alt and wife, 

Martin Vogl, 
Casper Schafner, 
Joliannes Gerster. 
Lund. Bey, 

Anna Margt. Schwitzer, 
Urseie Schwitzer. 
Hanst. Gresty and wife, 
Hannall Ernst Gresty, 
John Bey and wife, 
Jacob Kreger, 
John Burkerd, 
Jacob Schneeder, 
Henery Burgy, 
John Att, 

Jacob Schwitzer and wife, 
Nichola Schwitzer, 
Hannah Schwitzer, 
Peter Segrest Erb, 
Hance M. Erb, 
Catharine Erb, 
Martin Schudy and wife, 
Martha Schndy, 
Anna Maria Haflel finger, 
Margt. Haffel linger, 
Bern. Barter, 

Johannes Barter, 

Jacob Huser, 

Hannah Mangold, 

Martin Mangold, 

Jacob Burgy and wife, 

Margret Burgy, 

Hannis Jos. Schniedei' and wife 

Ainia Schnieder, 

Tsichola Schnieder, 

Martin Mascliezer au<l wife, 

Martin Maschezer, 

Jacob Haffillinger and wife. 

Feter Thoni and wife, 

Johannes Thorn, 

Johannes Hasly and Avife, 

John Jacob Gas and Avife, 

Elizabeth Gas. 



Jacob Moria and wife, 
Jacob Moria, 
Saiene Moria, 
Anna Grreider, 
Maria Weber, 
"Widow Schaub, 
Henry Schaub and wife, 
Henry Schaub, 
Frans Frederich Reis, 
Jtieol^ Strul) and wife, 
Elisabeth Revir, 
Adam Greider and wife, 
Hans Schaub and wife, 
Maria Scliaub, 
Hanns Schaub, 
Henery Schaub, 
Maria Scliaub, 
Barbara Schaub, 
Jacob Gas, 
Heinr. Thorn mas, 
Widow Hanner, 
Nicole Michle and wife, 
Margretta Michle, 
J. J. IMtmau and wiff, 
M. E. Smith, 
Johannes Minner, 
Henry All)rite and wife, 
Marj^ret Albrite, 
John Roland, 
Frederick Herman, 
Mr. Eyerman, 
Francis Jjautherback, 
R. Kolinan, 
G. Witmeyer, 
Jacol) Attz, 

Anna Schols. Kretclier, 
Christane Kretcher, 
Samuel Euert, 
Elizabeth Popi)el, 
M. Zimmer, 

Barbaia Moria, 

Anna Moria, 

Hans (reorge Greider and wife, 

Hans Jacob Walter and wife, 

Jacob S('lia,iil) and wife, 

Henery Schaub, 

J-5arbara Schaub, 

Daniel Reis, 

Henery Huser and wife, 

CathJjCdne Revir, 

(JarhSi'ine Revir, 

Jacol) Greider and wife, 

Martine Scliaub, 

Catliarine Schaub, 

Heinz Schaub and wife, 

Elisabeth Schatib, 

Jacob Gas, 

Anna Gas, 

Jacob Heartman and wife, 

JoseijliRnig and wile, 

Antony Matter, 

Regiiia Michle, 

Daniel Michle, 

Jacob Michle, 

Catharine Michle, 

Jacob AVeber, 

Frederick Fenciiel, 

Margret Minner, 

Daniel Albrite, 

Arnold Hei-maii and wife, 

Conradt Markly, 

Henery Hiiferand wil^' 

Francis Grove, 

Friederick Gauble, 

B. Folger, 

Antoy. Kretcher and wife, 

Anna Cath. Kretcher, 

Catliarine Kretcher, 

Jacob Ba;il).'ind wife, 

Lud. Eppelschiei. 



IjIst ok Pas.skxgp:r8 oy Board thk Ship Maria Elizabeth, 
Capt. Henry Httchiso.n, pm{om Toxmagen. Sept. 10, 

Wilhelm Frederick, Anna Maria Frederick, wife, 

Elisabeth Frederick, dauf^liter, Jolumnes Freilericli, son, 

Jacob Weber, 

('hrisiiau Koster, stepson, 

Elisabeth Weber, tlanghter. 

Conrad Rehorhn, 

Frederic Rehorhn, son, 

(Teorj^e Pel)ler. son, 

.Margaret Brensill, wife, 

Anna Gotliard, wife, 

Jacob Bruinps, 

Just Bode, 

Christian Bode, son, 

Herman Bode. 

Anna Elisabeth Wiele, 

Catharina Elisabeth, daughter, 

Elisabeth "Weber, wife, 
Everhard Weber, son, 
.lohannes Otto, 
Elisabeth Rehoi-hii, wife, 
Charlotte PebJer, 
William Brensill, 
Johann (Tothard, 
Lndwig Schmidt, 
Andreas Schroder, 
Anna Elisabeth Bode, wife, 
Cathrina Bode, danghtei-, 
Anna Elisabeth Bode, wife, 
Kraft Wiele, son, 
Johannes Marbacher, 

Caroline Marbacher, wife, Christina Marbacher, daughter. 

Johan (xeorge Marbacher, son, 

Francisea Marbacher, daughter, 

Carl Marbat'-her. son, Valentine Marbacher, son, 

(Jaroiina Marbacher, daughter, 

Anna. Maria Marbacher, daughter. 

(Jonrad AVigham, 

Jjuis Schuemaker, 

Christian Wike, 

S. H. Wike, 

Johann Christ Wike, son, 

Catharina AVike, 

('iiristina Moller, 

Maria Magdalena Moller, danghtei-, 

C. Louise Moller tlaughter, 

Anna Elisabeth Moller, daughter, 

Veit Wigham, 
Maria Lismannhausen, 
Elena Eiith. Wike, 
Catharina Wike, wife, 
J. Frederic Wike, 
Johann H. Bode, 

G. H enrich Moller, son, 
Catharina Miiller, 
Louise Ruter, 
J. Ijudewig Ruter, son, 
K. Luise Schneider. 
Georg Antelius Zimnier, 
Eve AVeber, 
Elisabeth AVeber, 
Johannes AVeber, son, 

Catharina Renter, 

Catharina Miiller. daughter, 

J. Christian Ruter, son, 

Jurgen Schneider, 

Anna Cathrina Schneider, 

Michael Klingelhover, 

Johannes Peltz, 

Johann Heiiricb AVeber, son, 

Gottlieb Steiillai'4, 


Andreas (.Ti-iiii, ( 'iitluuiiif (iriin. daiii^'hifi-. 

]^iiili{)piiia Jaeobinc (rriiii, dauf^htfr, 

Henrietta (jrriiii, dau<^hter, IJhrisTiaii liUdwi;.: ( irim, son, 

(ieorge Vennil, Barhaia. V'ennil. wile 

('hristoph Balbach, Sel)asiian Snatz, 

A(iam Rulule, Josepli Steicherwald, 

Pliilip Lent/.. Isaao Sinison, 

Caspar Lihmann, J. C. WollT, 

Majjdalena WoUT, wife, (reor^' I'eiershall, 

Joliann Turchint;, Johann Georj^e llelliiiann, 

Joseph Hert/.berger, Catliarinti Kessler, 

.lust. H. Kessler, son, 

Anna Mar<^aretha Kessler, dauf^hter, 

Johannes Kessler, son, Catliarina Messerschniidt , 

Anna E. Messerschniidt, daughter, 

Christina Messerschniidt, dau<,'liter, 

Johann Frederic Messerschniitit, son, 

Anna l^arbara IMesserschniidt, (hiughter, 

Johan Just IMesserschniidt, son, 

Friederich Benfer iMesserschinidt, 

Maria EHxaUeth his wife, Joliannes I'ret^aiind, 

Mr. C. H. Witti^niiaiin, ! 

Mr. Kelveit, j 

Mr. Vincent I.inan, cabin i)assen^ers. 

Mr. J. J. Ha-en. | 

Mr. J. F. K. Jahnke, 

J. FeldentrofT, Jonathan Eash. 

Maria ^Ia-,'delena Eash, Cliristiaii Wurfei, 

Joliannes (^eyfert, Elisabeth (.'eyfert, wife, 

Barbara C^eyfert. danf,'hter, Johannes Ceyfei-t, son. 

Elisabeth Ceyfert, daughter Eve Ceyfert. daughter, 

Nicholas Cevfert. son, Johannes (,'eyfert, son. 

Lorentz Ceyfert. son, Johann F. liuchanuer, 

Helena Buchanner, wife. Johaii Quick, 

Anna E. Quick, wife, <Teortre Quick, son, 

Martha Quick, daughter, 

Anna Catharina Quick, daughter, 

Johann Nicolas Hartzel, Johann (Jeorge Hart/.el, son 

Philip Schniit, Elisabeth Schniit, wife. 

Peter son, Catharina Sclunit. daughter, 

Phihp Schniit, son, Jacob Schn.ii, son. 


Report of Alien Passengers ox Board the Ship Marga- 
ret, FROM Amsterdam, E. C. Gardner. Master. Ar- 
rived AT THE Port ok Philadelphia, Sept. 10, 1S()4. 

[Naijie, age, place of birt/t, o<-(-upation, lieigld, color of hair.] 

J. Kirn, w.fe, 2 cliild., 29, Wirtembei-<,', hlacksiniih, 5_tft., dark 

(t. Reicharcl. wife, 27, Asliberj,'. fanner, o^r ft. , dark brown. 
Jjewis "Weiss, wife. 1 cliild, 20, Vuihini^en, butcher. Sift., dark 

John "Winter, wife, 4;'), Vaiiiinj^en, weaver, ^k ft., dark brown, 
Israel Bader, wife, 2 child.. 27, Oberhansen, weaver, G ft.. 

dark brown. 
Casper Humel. wife, 4 child., 3G, Ehriiifjen. distiller, G ft., dark 

John Shertler, wife. ;! child., .')4, Marktjhiningen, farmer, (Ift.. 

Jacob Benzenhofei-, wife, 2 child., ;54, Shondorf, farmer, G ft., 

Michael Conradt, wife. 7 child , 50, Ijiidwii^sbur^r, weaver and 

silk-dyer, 6ft., brown 
David Ruckenbrodt, wife, 2 child., oO, Malmsheim, weaver, ."i^ 

ft., flaxen. 
Henrv Len/., wife. 4 child., 4:;. J^entelspach, farmer. ~i\ ft., (fark 

"William Geisenndorfer, wife, 1 child, 24, Stuttgnrd, musician. 

ft. , flaxen. 
Frederick Emhard. wife, 1 child, o-"», Muhringen, tayioi-. C) fi.. 

Charles Kuhnle, wife, 1 son. 01, Egenhansen, t,'-eometer, .">i ft., 

dark brown. 
Conra 1 Grabenstein, wife, 4 child., 5."(, "Wallheim, farmer, 

ft., dark brown. 
Christoph Epting. wife. 1 child, 2.j, Bissingheim, cooper and 

brewer, G ft , Ihixen. 
Godfrev Villiuger, wife, 27, Beningheim. soai)-V)oi]ei-, ."i^ ft., 

AVilliam Hartstein, wife, 2 child., 40, ITnterhaiisen, stone- 
cutter, 5^ ft., dark l)rown. 
George Leu/.e, wife, '^> child., motber-in-law. "It. Ehningen. 

farmer, Hi ft., black. 
Gotlieb Kaiser, wife, 1 child, 20. Jieiisteiii, HK-reiiani. •">! fi.. 

dark brown. 
Jacob Eheman, wife, ."J child., 40, Shornbach, farmei-. ft., 



David Hnniel, wife, 7 child. , 43, Ehuin^'en. t oixicr-o-ljox mak.T, 

I) ft. . dark l)r<)\vn. 
Peter Hafelin. wife. 1 ciiild. :U. Xordlieim. slioeinaker. oi ft., 

red brown. 
■Jacol) Herman, (icliil.l., 44. <ienkeii<^en. farmer. 5', fr. , l)]aek. 
Martin Hermau, :! child. , 4:! <ieiikeni?en, shoemaker. Gft.. dai-k 

(Teori,'e Hurj^'hard, wife. 7 child.. 1 maid servant. 4;i, ( )l>eraichen 

farmer. .I^ ft., yellow brown. 
(Teor<,'e Kies.s, wife, 5 child. , H'^, Mehrins^en, farmer. r,\ fi.. dark 

Chri.siian, wife. -2 child.. :il. Heimerdinf,'eu. shoemakci-. 

'tr, ft. . brown. 
Joshua Vaihint^er. wife. 7 child.. r)2. l'"'eidl)a('li. farmer, (i ft., 

Frederick (jross, wife, child., 40, Oberaichen, farmer, () ft., 

Cliri.stopli Mohl, wife, o chikl., ."iS. Phullinj^en. farmer, ')\ fx. 

L"onhard Ulmer, wife, '> child., I maid servant, 40. Miiliringen. 

farmer, 5i ft. , black. 
Greori,'e Hiecliteler, wife, o child., 42, (f reniMibach, stockin^'- 

wea\er. oft,, black. 
Leonliard 8tai^er, wife, 4cliild. . 1 maidservant, -I'.K Miihrinijen. 

weaver, T)^, ft., black. 
Thomas Ulmei-, wife, 1 child, ns, ]M()hrin^en. slioemaivi-r. '> fi., 

C-reorge ]:)ertsh, wife, ') child.. 4'>, Unterhausen. cooper, ."i^, ft., 

George Wal/., wife, 1 child, 28. Muhringen. farmer. (I ft., black. 
William Klerniundt, wife, 41, Cairo, farmer, 5 ft., brown. 
Michael Biihl, wife, mother, .si.ster, 4 child . 44, Mussberg. 

farmer. G ft., dark l)rown. 
George Keppeler. wife, 4 child., •"■)•'), Pfullingen, farmer, ."ii ft., 

Frederick Wolfer, wife, 5 child.. 'Ml Markgroning-'u. farmer, 

•")i ft. , brown. 
Jacob LiiUicli, wife, 1 child. O""). Uielingshansen farmer. ."". fi., 

Jacol> Hohenstein, wife, :!•""., Eowehausen. miller. (I ft., brown. 
John de Young, :J0, Medembleck. military oi^icer. (i f i . . light 

Dederich Heydorn. 1'.), Pyrnioni, ))rinier, .".j, ft., brown. 
Frederick Stroh. "J^, Sachseiiheim. taylor. ."ifl.. lla.xen 
Christoph Sholl, 2-2. Gral)en. laylor. r> fi.. lla.ven. 
Michael Bat^sler, '21. IStremi)teli)ach. farm.-r, Oft., dark brown. 


J. Jacob Geiger, 54, Bissiiigen, carpenter, ft., dark brown. 
Frederick Henninger, 2'J, Ladwigsburg, stone-cutter, 5^ ft., 

dark brown. 
Frederick Friz, 18. Rielingshausen, weaver, 5 ft., dark brown. 
J. G. Hausbiirg, 28, Halle, stocking-weaver, ')k ft , brown. 
Ernst Lewis Graier, 34, Markgruningen, sheplierd, (ift., brown. 
Daniel Trippel, 31, Marligroningen, butcher, o^ ft., dark brown. 
Daniel Brenner, 2~>, Bentelspach, farmer, 5 ft., dark brown. 
Lewis Gruis, 8, Heiibrunn, clerk, 4 ft., flaxen. 
Lewis Burkhard. 21. Lndwigsburg weaver, 5 ft., flaxen. 
Jacob Reuk, 21, Enzweiliengen, carpenter, 5^ ft., flaxen! 
C. Adam Belz, 18, LudwigsVjurg, taylor, 5^ ft., flaxen. 
Frederic Joos, 8, Lndwigsburg, rope-maker, 5 ft., yellow. 
G. Godlob Zimmerman, 23, Ludwigsburg , .shoemaker, 5 ft., 

G. Frederic Bnchhalter, 20, Ludwigsburg, baker, 54 ft., brown. 
J. Frederic Schiifer, 25, Shornbacli, weaver, G ft. , flaxen. 
J. George Kurz, 20, Gros.«ashbach, cooper, 5 ft. black. 
G. Adam Trefz, 19, Gro.ssashbach, baker, 5^ft. , brown. 
John Klein, 24, Westhof, architect, ~tk ft., flaxen. 
(Tottlieb Lillicli, 20, Rielingshausen, weaver, 5Hr., yellow. 
J. GoiUielj Gotz, 20, Grossachsenheim, glass-maker, 5^ ft., 

Christian Ernst, 22, Felll)acli, farmer, 5ift., black. 
.)ohn Heiiii. 34. Rluhringen, weaver, 5Mt. , yellow. 
Jacob Hofmeister, 21, Fellbacli, farmer, Gft.. black. 
J. Micliael Riesch, 24, Heim^^rdingen, farmer, G ft., black. 
C Godfrey Phiiler, Ludwigsburg, turner, 5^ ft., brown. 
Felix Trumpeter, GO, Braunau, clerk, 5i ft., grey. 
Anton Miizel, 18, Hamburg, book-binder, 5i ft., }>rown. 
Juda Bair Levy, IG, Kreuznacli, clerk, 54 ft., flaxen. 
Regina Shollinn, 48, Snaith, 44 ft., black. 
Catharine Kriimerinn. 40, ]\Iohringen, 5 ft., black. 
Charlotte Neuferinn, 34, Muhringen, 54 ft., biown. 
Elizabeth Shwiiglerinn, 50, Geriiardstadten, 5 ft., black. 
Frederika Dobelmann, 20 Ludwigsburg, 44 ft., darlc l)rown. 
Godlleb Heim, 37. Moliringen, weaver. 54 ft., yellow. 
Anna Maria Armstrong. 28, Gottenborg, 5 ft., flaxen. 
Mary Armstrong, 12. Gottenborg. 4 ft.. flaxen. 
William Vanderveen, 20, Brenkelen, Holland, doctor, 44 ft., 

T>)l)ias .Tacol) Ezechiel 18, Amsterdam, Holland. 44 ft., l>rown 
Joim Lehle, 33. Markgriiningen, bvitcher. Gft.. black. 
David Jung, 24. ]\Iohringen, joiner. G ft., flaxen. 
David Willitiger and wife, 27. Beningheim, soap-boiler, 5 ft., 



Jolin Ariiil)rnsi, witr, ■.'child., 28. l-Jniosi-ii. sc'hooliiia.stci-, ."» ft. 

Widow liurkiijird. ocliiitl., oU, (frossaclisen, o It., blacdv. 

List OF PAssKNCiKK.-; ox Loaiji> thk Shu- FoirnM;, ('.\i»'r. 
MooKK. Now ;;. iyu4. 

JS'aiiK. Af/e. 

Henry Zenck, drowiifd 48 

Maria Zenckuiii, .... 4U 

J. J. Zenck, IS 

John Zenck 14 

Anna Elis. Zenck, lU 

Margaret Zenck, 5 

Eli/.. Opingen, 40 

Caspar Larber, .id 

Gertrude Larber, o'2 

Larber H' ^^^,.^^^ 

Larber ... JV 

Melchior Larber, ; '28 

Elisabeth Larber, 27 

Larber I 

Frederick Wilhausen, •')■) 

Anna Marg. Williau.seii . 4") 

Henry W. Wilhausen 1!> 

George F. Wilhausen, 10 

Marg. Charlos Wilhausen ]"2 

John Christ. AVilliausen ]U 

William Wilhausen 8 

(Caroline Wilhausen, 4 

Wilhausen, dead, 1 

John Clirist. Ku:niiier, 3:^ 

Dorothy Elis. Kuuiiiier -iS 

John (-feo. Kiiiimier H> 

8an)l. Wni. Kuniiner 1- 

John F. Kuiuiner, 4 

John Dan. Kuninier lU 

Charlotte Kumnier '•>■> 

Hannah M. Kunimcr, 1^^ 

Henry Knessling ... 44 

Anna Eliz. F. Knessling =>•• 

J. C. (Charles Knessling 11 

Frederica Knessling, 8 


Name. Age. 

Knessling, dead, 1 

Heni-y (rroteyahn, .... 32 

Sophia Groteyahn, 28 

Groteyahn, 2 

Jacoli Hartinan, 36 

Maria E Hartinan, 31 

Peter Hartnian, 7 

Cath. Hart man, . . 5 

J no. George Hartman, 2 

Eliza Hartnian, i 

Cath. Petrien, 30 

Wilhehnina Leitert, 4 

J. C. F. Leitert, dead. 

Carohna Leitert dead. 

Leitert, dead, 

Leitert, dead. 

Jacol) Adam, 

John P. Stauss, dead. 

Eliz. Stanssen, dead. 

Johannes Zotte 29 

Catharine A. Zotte, 29 

Henry Zotte 4 

William Zotte 2 

Peter Zicker, 44 

Hannah Elis. Zickeren 40 

Henry Zicker, 18 

Catherine Zicker, 7 

Henry Kohlhaner, 33 

Cath. Eliz. Kolilhauer, ... 27 

Eiiz. Becker 48 - 

Jolm Kohlhaner, 6 

Peter Kohlhaner, 3 

Catherine Lotsen, .54 

Peter Henry Lotsen, 24 

Annetto Lotsen, 16 

John Jost Goldman, '..... 26 

Eliz. Goldman 26 

Sophia Goldman .'56 

Goldman, 1 

Peter Zeshek 34 

So})hia Zesheken, 36 

Margaret Zesheken, 14 

Jacob Kessler 38 

John F. Lotz, dead. 

Philippina Kessler, 31 


Name. jt/<. 

Anna M. Lotzen, 30 

Phillip Kessler, 8 

John F. Lotz, 4 

Maria C. Koutley ■ . . ;jo 

Anna E. Koudey 11 

Joh. Geo. Koudey 7 

Koudey II nios. 

Carolina Helden, ;js 

Felix H. Helden -20 

Conrad Heldt, dr<)\vne<l, ... 17 

John P, Heldt, 2 

Christ. Hahn, 40 

Susannah Folkin 45 

Hann "Willi. Hahn. ir> 

Peter Deisel 27 

Catharine Peisel, IS 

Christian PfalT :!0 

Caterina Pfaff 82 

Cath. Pfaff, dead, Ij 

Anna M. PfalT, 12 

Cath. Elis. Pfaff, 

Henry Pfaff 5 

John KoJilhauer, 27 

Mar. Cath. Kohlliauer 30 

Anna Elis. Kohihauer, 7 

Peter Kohihauer, •> 

Conrad Kohlnauer, - 

J. G. Weil 27 

Anna M. AVeil 31 

Juliana Bohenner 22 

William Weil, 8 

Maria Cath. Weil ^> 

Cath Elis. Weil, ~ 

Johann E. E. Shuhinun dead. 

Anna Cath. Slmhinan 34 

Christ. Shuhnian ^ 

Christina Shuhnian ^ 

Henry Drolsbach, ^2 

Christina Drolsbach -^l 

C. A. Salhein • '^^ 

Drolshach ^- 

Drolsbach ^ 

Drolsl)ach, ''' 

Drol.vbach "^ 

Drolsbach ^l^^-'^- ^ 


Name. Aye. 

Maria Elis. Greiss, 39 

Anna M. GreiKS, " . 16 

Gatherina Griess, 14 

Jost Muller, 42 

Anna Marg. Mullnr 89 

Jolm lu tiller, 19 

Jonas MuJler, 17 

Cath. Elis. Muller, lo 

Sophia Mnlier, 13 

Jacob Muller 11 

John P. Schneider, 39 

Peter Schneider, 14 

Ludwig Schneider 7 

John S. Fuchs, 45 

Anna E. Fuchen, 43 

Jost Fuchs 20 

J. Henry Fuchs 19 

J. G. Fuchs, 15 

Eliz. Fuchs, 12 

John Fuchs, 10 

Catharine Fuchs, 5 

Simon Fuchs, 3 

Conrad Seip, 39 

Maria E. Seipen . 28 

Maria C. Greasniau dead. 

Anna Elis. Seip, 7 

John Seip, 4 

Peter Reinhard, 44 

Eli^. Reinharden, dead. 

Peter Reinhard 22 

• Anna Elis. Reinhard, 10 

George Henry Reinhard, 15 

Aima Reinhard 13 

John Hotrinan, 47 

Susanna Hoffman, 41 

Conrad Hoffman, 17 

John Hoffman, 13 

Henry Hoffman, 10 

Anna Cath. Hoffman, 7 

Anna Maria Hoffman, 3 

John Henry Stahl, dead. 

Maria E. Stahl, 30 

John Stahl, — 

Stahl dead. 

Stahl, dead. 




John Heuiv (Joiirad, 

Magdaleiia (•ourad, 28 

Conratl, 2i 

Peter Frantz, 44 

Christian Newart, '2!» 

M. C. Newarten, 25 

Newart, dead, li 

John Henry Sclnnidt,, , .->2 

Anna EHz. Schmidt 42 

Anthony Scliniitlt, drowned 1<) 

Lud\vi<^ iSchniidt, 17 

Jolm Sclunidt, ]:) 

Catli. ISchniidt, 11 

J. Martin Sclimidt, G 

Casper Heipel, — 

Cliristina Heipel, dead. 

Heipel, — 

Heipel, — 

Heipel - — 

Conrad Frendt, 40 

JJorothy Frendt, 3^5 

Carolina Frantzen, 37 

J. Georf^e Frendt, IT 

Conrad Frendt, 11 

Friend t, 1 

John Ottelierdendorp 40 

Eliza Otteherdendor]), — 

Conrad Otteherdendorj) "1 

Conrad Becker 20 

Eliz. Lamp — 

Daniel Meyer 28 

Daniel Neieman, 28 

Anna Eliz. N'etz, 14 

Adam Netz 

Jolin Christ. Kulj), 32 

Wilhelmina Knlj) dead. 

Christian Ijechner, dead, 30 

Anna M. Lechner, 30 

Henry Boehm, 22 

Anna E. Boehm, — 

Nicholas Schneider, •'•■ 

Anna M. Sflmeider 2<> 

Jacob Schneider •"» 

Schneider, <lead 3 

40— Vol. XVII. 


JSame. <'?^^- 

Schneider, dea<l, . 1 

Jacob Reiiibein. . 29 

Henry Cliarles (jehe, 24 

John Philip Klotz ... 24 

Gustavus Burcli, 24 

Frederica Burchen, 20 

Christian Nesster, 30 

Vincent Schaxentruber, 26 

Yorick AVagoner, 28 

Jacol> Waf^oner, 25 

Jolm WohUeel, 28 

Jolin Christ. Seitler, 30 

Jolm Herni. Kreuis, 28 

Heinrich Dohrnian, dead. 

Henrich Gunther 28 

Alexander Levi, 27 

Leopold Abraham, 28 

Jacob Himnielman, 40 

Jacob Legnor, 36 

John Val. Boder, 20 

Susnian Hertz, 22 

John Jost. Marcs, 20 

John Christ. Ziese, 33 

Samuel Weibel 36 

Frederick Mericli, 23 

John George Buch, 32 

Charles Ph. Kratz. 20 

Christ. Aug. Kleimath, dead. 

Gerlach Heusgo, dead. 

Charles Fredericb Schmidt 36 

Caspar Muller, 25, 

Frederick Weisener, 22 

Hinrich Walter, 43 

Johannes P. Honnis, 19 

George Vollberth — 

Christ. JNienaber, — 

Henry Heatherley, — 

John Hubbard, — 

Timothy Lane — 

Ferdinand Muller, doctor of the ship. 


List of Passkngers Aurivkd ix thk Huw Cato, ('apt. 
Lkvi Lauuen, from the Rivek .1 ads .near Brem];.\. Nov. 

:!, Ib04. 

^'aine. Country. 

John Frederick (Terhanl Nieiiiuii (Terinaiiv 

Joliii J>iul\vii^ Heneke Germany. 

John Chrisu)plir. MiiHer, (lerniany. 

Christiana Sopliia Eleaiiora Mullfr, u ii.> (Teriiuiiiy. 

John Predericiv Muller. cliild Geriiiany. 

Ijouis Muller, child, Geniianv. 

Henry Keiser, Germany. 

John Wm. Smith, Germany. 

Geo. Tippeidioner, ' Prussia. 

Joseph Schmitler, Germany. 

Fre<lerick Lubeck, Germany. 

Henry Grobe, Germany. 

J. Anthony Grobe, Germany. 

Eckard Muller, Germany. 

JohuGunter, Germauy. 

John Gottlieb Bogener Prussia. 

Henry (xrafT, Prussia. 

Frantz Muhll)erger, Germany. 

Frederick Loschenkohl Germany. 

John F. Freese Denmark 

Joiin Died. Michaelis, Germany. 

Lorenz Breitenbach, Germany. 

Elisal)eth Breitenbach, witt- (Tennany. 

I'eter Breitenbach, child, Germany. 

William Breitenbacli, chihl Germany. 

Henry Breiten])ach, child, Germany. 

John Breitenbach, child, Germany. 

Frederick Goeb, Germany. 

Ernst Fred. KnaufF Germany. 

Abraham Berend Cohen Hamburg 

Christopher Reider, Switzerland. 

Fisher, Germany. 

Wheeler Germany. 

< Simon Becker, Germany. 

Rudolph Giese Germany. 

Frederick Gerkie Germany. 

Gerkie, wife Germany. 

Gerkie, child, Germany. 


:names of foreigners 

List of PasskxctEhs ox Bo 
Jamks Church, Mastku, 


David Dryler, 
Gerhard JSiinons. 




C. Rossinbergen, 
C. Ottin, 
C. Volmerin, 
George Koch, 



Christ n. Bausset, 
Mary Bausset, 


Christiana Veignerin, 
Michael Veigner, 
Daniel Hammn, 
Barbary Harmen, 
A. Maria Dobleriu. 
Cath. W. Kohleriii. 

Breining, ^ 

John Breigning, 
Johanna Breiniinger, 
Jacob Keitzler, 
Frederick Keitzler, 
.lob Keitzler, 
A. Maria Keitzleriii, 


S. Forklin, 
Eve Forklin. 
Cath. Wormerin, 
Fredericka Leibharden, 
J. F. Vander, 
Petei Ulrich, 





J. F. Maergle, 


Margeret Hainina, 


FROM St. Thomas. March 4, 


John Bardesrosiii, 



Barbary Ehvangeriii, 
A. B. Ricker. 


J. Volmer, 
John KocIk 


Henry Bausset, 
Emanuel Bausset, 
Catharina Veignerin, 
Frederick Veigner, 


Godfrey Hamma, 


Elizabeth I^oblerin, 
Catlin. Kohlerin, 
Johana Breigning, 
Magdalin Breiningen, 
Christiana Breiminger, 
Jacob Keitzler, 
Jacob Keitzler, 
Johanna Keitzler in, 
Fredericka Keitzlerin, 
Maria Forkien, 
F. Forklin. 


Mag. Wormerin, 
Fredericka Leibharden, 
Catharine Ott, 




K resell, 



J. F. Harma, 

Ann Maria Hamma, 

Godfrev Hoesrz, 


JVlapctlalina Hosel. Ritt?r, 

John (jeo. Hoetz, Maria Kitteriu. 

Barbciry Ritterin. Barbary Ritterin, 

Fredk. Ritter. (Todfry Rirterin, 

l>orotha Rirterin, Jacob F. Deuschlin. 

M. Denschelin, Scheidler, 

C. F. Denschlin, Eve Scheidler. 
John Scheidler, 

List of thk Passengers ix the Siiii' Lit ilk CiiEmH 
Daniel Bhewton, Master, from Amstkhdam. Arkivkd 
May 7, 1805. 
Gob])s West, Branco Deionj^ and son, 

Christopher ]Neunhot'ssnre, George Snyder. 

List OF PASSENCfEUS ox Boaiu) the A.mkkicax Shii' "The 
Liberty," Captain Sidney H. Birroigh, from Amster- 
dam. Sailed from the Texel. Ar(4iTST 4, 180.-), Arrived 
Oct. 18, 180.-). 

Name. ^^ r Native Plar, . 

Mr. Hasseler, . . cK^^:-y^ Aran. 

Mrs. Hasseler " C * Aran. 

Magdalena Crvsin. s.Tvani. . ^U^<<^ . Anm. 

Mr. Zoller, ". . Jo^^Aa^ . ^ Knu-ndin^'.-n, 

Mr. Muslin, ... ^^*''"f'- 

Mr. Chaillet, ,^-r / > / / / Mnrten. 

Mr. Yschiffely, Jy^C^'Mf^ ■ ^^•''■"• 

David Fr^d ysclnfb-l>, ''../,/.* Bern. 

Mr. Neuhans, ^^'^l^- 

Mr da Ccste ^'>""- 

Mr. Blanchanl, Chainbeis'- 

Madame (-.ex, ^'.'^^'''> • 

Anthon. (iex. son ^ ''''■''>■ 

Mr. Obussienr Lausann.^. 

Mr. Albert Lausanne. 

Mrs. Albert Lausanne. 


Name. Native Flone. 

Mr. Marcel Lausanne. 

Mr.s. Marcel, Lausanne. 

Mr. Riss, Deitinj^en. 

Mrs. Riss and 2 soii>, Doitingen. 

Mr. Grostely, Bern. 

Mrs. Gostely, Bern. 

Mr. Thonian, Hollsteni. 

Mrs. Thoman, Hollsteni. 

Mr. Voghly, Pratten. 

Mr.s. Voghly, Pratten. 

Mr. Dreyer, Bern." 

Regina Dreyer, his dan., 2 son.-^, Bern. 

Mr. Schnuh, SuniniiswaUI. 

Mrs. Schnuh, Suminiswald. 

Mr. Mundweyler, Diinicken. 

Mr. Wirz, Grelterkinden. 

Mrs. Wirz, Gelterkinden. 

Mr. Ziegler Unturansein. 

I^Irs. Ziegler Unturansein. 

Mr. Suther, Diepflingen. 

Mrs. Suther, 2 sons, Diepflingen. 

-Joli. Jenny, l^iegten. 

— Mrs. Jenny, " . . . . Diegten. 

-HVIrs. Jenny Diegten. 

Mr. Schwyzee Lausen. 

Jacob Jenny Gelterkinden. 

Mrs. Jenny, Gelterkinden. 

Mr. Iinhoff, Aristorg. 

Mr. Ziirlin, Diepflingen. 

Mrs. Ziirlin, Diepflingen. 

Mr. Gerster, Gelterkinden. 

Mrs. Gerster, Gelterkinden. 

Mr. Graff'elin, Hollsteni. 

Mrs. Graff'elin, Hollsteni. 

Mr. Freyvogel, Gelterkinden. 

Mr Mug, Siesach. 

Mrs. Mug Siesach. 

Mr. Gerber, Zunsgen. 

Mrs. Gerber, 2 sons, 1 dau . . Zunsgen. 

Mr. Scliaub, Muttens. 

Mr. Bury, Gelterkinden. 

Mr. Wel)t'r Grnianlingen. 

Mr. Frey, Siesach. 

Mrs. Frey, 2 sons, Siesach. 

Mr. Hirbin, . Gelterkinden. 


Name. Native Place. 

Mr. Handschin, Uykenbach. 

Mr. Bossard, Herrissan. 

Mr. Friokert, Gelrerkinden. 

Mr. Kinzly, Leonberg. 

Mr. Bauinan, Men^naii. 

Mr. Winckelblec'h ' ' ' Basel. 

Mr. Martin, l.iestal. 

Mrs. Martin, 2 son-, :!<iau.. Liestal. 

Mr. Leivissonn • . . . . Berlin. 

Mr. Col mar, Brestenberg. 

Mr. Rubin, Thun. 

Mr. Schmidt, Aran. 

Mr. Bunot, Herrissan. 

Mr. Lippoldt, Dornburg. 

Mr. Dalmazo, Turin. 

Doctor Daller Lausanne. 

Mr. Salathe, Scllesberg. 

Mr. Schwukeri liaknau. 

Mr. Luthi, Lansnaii. 

Mr. Kinot ■^*'st. 

Mr. Kuhn, Deffersheim. 

Mr. Hanhardt PfetTicken. 

Mr. Niehans l^*^'"''- 

Siuiii^- <-iir}s irithnitl I'an n: . 

Catharine Wachter Botzberg. 

Susanna Flnbaeber Lampenber-. 

Mary Derghard, Amsterdam. 

Jii/ l/i^ Sailor.-. 

Peter Halbout, Guernsey. Eng. 

James Vivent, (ruernsey. Eng. 

William Braun United States, 

List of Passengkrs ox Board thk Ship Margaukt. En- 


[Name, or.cupation and age-nil nations <,f ^^■u rtembero, (Ger- 
many. \ 

Jacob Geyger, farmer, ^ 

Elizabeth Geyger, 

J. A. LiV)rant, farmer ■ 


Rosina Libraiit, 34 

Andreas Li brant 12 

Frederica Librant 9 

Ludvvic Librant, 6 

Jacob Librant 3 

Edward Librant, 2 mois. 

Solomon Wolf, farniei-, 3o 

Elizabeth Wolf, 30 

Georfje Wolf, 9 

Johannes Wolf 3 

Maydalena Wolf U 

Solomon Wolf, h 

Michael Libely, farmei-, 43 

Maria Libely, 45 

Michael Libely 19 

Joseph Libely, 17 

Christian Libelj', 8 

Maria Libely G 

Ijouisa I>ibely, 8 

Casper By red farmer 39 

Rosina Byred, 39 

Frederick Byred, 13 

Gotlob Byred, 2i 

Johannes Byred | 

Joseph Geyger, farmer 3l 

Anna Geyger 30 

Marf^aret Pesting, servant maid 17 

Johann Senable, shoemaker, 29 

Regina Senable 22 

Frederick Senable, ^ 

Johan G. Specht, vine-gardener 44 

Margaret Specht, .... 48 

K. Margart Specht 20 

Catharine Specht 18 

Gotlieb Specht, . 16 

David Specht, 12 

Abraham Specht, o 

Michael Binenger, house-carpenrer G7 

Sabina Binenger, 5o 

Anna Maria Binenger, 28 

Frederika Binenger, 20 

Sabina, Binenger, 18 

xVdam Librant, stone-mason 19 

Paul Frank, farmer, 45 

Barbara Frank, 42 

Regiua Barbara Frank 18 


John George Frank, 12 

Freilerica Frank, ■"> 

Avelluirt Frank, 13 

Fronica Frank, 2 

riiristina Frank, i 

(reorire Miller, butcher, 25 

Frederick INIiller, servant boy. . 13 

George F. Frank, farmer 4') 

Margaret Frank, '^^ 

Feronica Frank, 1~ 

Christian Frank, 1*^ 

G. Frederick Frank, • • ^ 

Elizabeth Frank, ^ 

Christianna Frank, 2 

Jacob Lible, farmer, 2o 

Christina Lible, 21 

Johannes Ijible, ^ 

Christoph Bower, farmer ^^ 

Christianna Jiower, 28 

Johann Ludwig Bower ^ 

Christina Bower, 2 

Johann Georgo Schillinger. farmer 32 

Maria Barbara Schlllinger, 28 

Eli/abeth Sehillinger ^ 

Johannes Sehillinger 3 

Jacob Springier, farmer, 38 

Agnes Springier, *^^ 

Barbara Springier, '^^ 

Godfried Springier, ^-J 

David Springier, 10 

Jacob Springier ' 

Barbara Si)ringler 

Godliep Springier, "born on board." 

Catharine Sniper, servant maid, 1^ 

George Schambacher, farmer, 30 

Margaret Scham))acher, ^ 

Jacob Schambacher 

John George SclKunbacher, ^ 

Margaret Schambacher 

Johannes Schambacher ^ 

Catharine Schambacher, ~ 

Christian Zerwick, butcher 

George F. Wagner, blacksmith '^^ 

Magdaiena Wagner, . . ~| 

Johanna Catharine Wagner, ' -^ 

David AVagner, 


George Wolfley, butcher 10 

Abraliain Biser. cooper, 42 

fHiristianna Biser, 45 

Abraham Biser 18 

Gotlib Biser, IT 

Christianna Biser, 1j 

Auguste Biser, 13 

Gotfried Biser, 10 

Carolina Biser, 8 

Johann Biser, 3i 

Frederica Biser 2 

Johannes Rap, farmer 3') 

Maria Catliarine Rap 22 

Johannes Rap 5 

Maria Julitmna Rap. . , o 

Anna Moss, gentlewoman, 3') 

Frederick Tapilots, baker 25 

Mathew See Muller, taylor, 34 

Magdalena Muller, 38 

Elizabeth Muller, 11 

Henrica Muller 3^ 

(iotlob Muller, 1 

Sarah Mailer, "born on ))<)ar(l." 

Jose])!) Spiece, tayJor . 34 

Elizabeth Spiece ■>^ 

Jacob Amand, farmer, 44 

Magdalina Amand, 3^ 

Johannes Killinger, weaver, 24 

Anna Maria Killinger, 28 

Anna Catharine Killinger, 17 

Johann Fredei-ick Killinger, 1 

Godfrey Rich, farmer, 21 

Johannes Weidman, vine-dresser, 42 

Barbara Weidman, 43 

Ijeonhai'd Weidman 13 

Johannes Weidman, 3 

Johannes Bidle, vine-dresser, 42 

Anna Maria Bidle, 50 

Johannes Bidle ]'.> 

Johann Sceider, butcher, 45 

Christianna Sceider, 45 

Charles Sceider, 14 

John Fred. Sceider 12^ 

John Gotlieb Sceider 11 

Christian Sceider, .... 2 

Malchia Crener, farmer, 32 


Rosina Crener, o'.) 

Elizabeth Crener, j 

Johaun Cr. Schruntz, t.iylor , 00 

Charlotta Schruntz, 45 

David Selhart, 44 

Ehzabeth Selliart, ^sj 

Catharine Selliart, :^ 

(-foiifrey Haga SeHiart, '"born <>u Ixiard." 

Jacob Voley, baker, 40 

Jacob Voley 17 

Johann Kortz, tayhji-, 4~) 

Barbara Kortz, 34 

Barbara Kortz, 

Johannesi Kortz, .■> 

Jacol) Kortz 2 

Godfried Beaiir, weaver, 3") 

Anna Maria Beaur, jnid-wife, J'.i 

Chri:sto]jh B*^aur, 12 

Johannes Beaur, 7 

David Beaur, -i^ 

Maria Beaur 2 

Jacob Lil)ebe, shoemaker, . . 1 2."> 

Johann Eikehoff, stone mason, 23 

David EikeholT, stone mason 20 

Jolian Beanr, farmer 42 

Elizabeth Beaur, 30 

Johan Georf^e Beaur, 10 

John Jacob Beaiir "i 

Anna Barbara j^eaur, 4 

Adam Vernin, farmer 5G 

Louisa Vernin «'*- 

Annna Maria Vernin, 18 

Margaret Vernin, I'j 

Daniel Vernin, 15 

George Richenbred, weaS'er, 44 

Magdalene Richenbred, 33 

George Richenbred, 1'* 

Johannes Richenbred, * 

Leonard Michler, weaver, -■ 

George M. Fagaler, goldsmith, 3<> 

Rosina Fagaler, .... ''^ 

"Wilhelnuna Fagaler, ^- 

Hendrick Fagaler 1" 

Gotlieb Fagaler, '^ 

Johann Fagaler, ' 

Louis Fagalt 



Jefferson Fagaler, "born on board." 

Jacob Dingier, tayJor, 3G 

Louisa Dingier, 42 

Frederica Dingier, 

George Hinden, cooper 33 

Anna Hinden 82 

Gorlieb Wevor, stone mason, 38 

Catharine Wevor, 3o 

Dorothy Wevor 3^ 

Johann George Mose, weaver, IS 

Johann Abale, l)iacksniith, 17 

Thomas Siler, tanner 2-1 

Barbara Siler. maid, 18 

Johann Wolmer, baker 30 

Philip Sijuon, barber 18 

Johannn Lise, vine-dresser, 22 

Catharine — , 42 

Christina, her daughter, servant;, 12 

Johan F. Wise, taylor, Sii 

Frederick Schible, clerk 2l 

Abraham Bundle, farmer, 43 

Juliunna Bundle, 40 

Johan Bundle 13 

Jacob Snndle, 9 

Henrica Sundle, 4 

Catharine Sundle, 1 

Johann Weidman, potter, 53 

Michael Weidman, 21 

Johann Weidman 19 

Anna Maria Schohen, servant maid, 2(5 

Johannes Meyer, carpenter, 24 

Johann Numer, farmer, 20 

Johan G. Bentz, shoemaker, 47 

Elizabeth Bentz, 49 

Catharine Bentz, 18 

Jacob Bentz, 13 

John Bentz, 7 

August Arnifelt, apothecary, 31 

Joh. Lousey, batcher, 29 

Ijouis Linder, mill-wright, 21 

Adolph Stroup, clerk, 21 

Johan Ried, silversmith, 21 

Jacob May, stone mason, 30 

Emanuel May, stone mason, i'2 

Hendrick Inndler, farmer, 30 

Anna Lindler, 40 


Johannes Lindler, V-i 

Anna ijindlev, 11 

Joseph Alhis, distiller 29 

Elizaljeth Alhis, 20 

P. F. Grair, merchant, So 

Edward Klinsmith, stone mason 17 

George Leveren, farmer, 29 

F. F. G. J)oV)lenar, goldsmith 22 

William Conolly, from Ireland, weaver, 20 

Nancv Conolly, from Ireland, 24 

Passkxgkrs IX Ship Verney, Capt. Ei.isha King, kiiom 
Amsterdam. Sept. 5, 1805. 

[Name, place of birth and age.] 

Johan Augustin, Gendiotfen, •^'i 

Phillipine Augustin Jalniinn, Feltzkirclien, *12 

Henri Hecl<er, Hoesten |^'' 

Gottlieb Joluin Lichtenecker, Frankfnrtli, 30 

Fredericka Liclitenecker, Hanau 30 

Philip Hock. Rendel ^^ 

Jacob A all, DusseldorlT ^^ 

Jolian Everieh, Dillsum. Issenbnrg 30 

Anna Maria Achtzehterin Evericli, Dillsnm. Issenbnrg. . 24 

Joseph Baden, Rhein Biectbach 3- 

Anna Maria Baden, Haren Westphalen 29 

Friedrick Batlen, Rhein Brectbacli, 11 

Johan FrideriCk Herlinger, Stargard, ... 33 

Frederika Herlinger, Stargard 23 

Charlote Herlinger, Amsterdam 8 days. 

Johannes Konig, Feldbach, '^ 

Christina Fredericka Wessner Kunig, Feldbacli 31 

Heinrich Hettinger. Rlieineck, 

Catharina Hettinger, Betigheim, ^11 

Heinrich Hettinger, Betigheim ^' 

Lorenz Hettinger, Betigheim - 

Christina Eva Hettinger. Betiglieim 1 

Bernhard Hettinger, Berigheim, ^^ 

Mathias Hettinger. Betigheim, ^' 

Gottlieb Heninger. I>ndwigsburg ^^ 

Peter Hilderbandt. Hardehansen, ~- 

Elizabetli Hildebrandt. Munster 


Johaues Winterradt, ; ^ „ I • ... 46 

Maria van DerlindeiiWinten-adt, I 'f^^^T^,^,' j ... 38 

-^, .,,. ,Tr. X 1^ scliaft Pialtz ^ ^p 

Phillip Winterradt, •,-, ^ ^ ■ ... 16 

^ , ,^,. ,, I Rafensteni, „ 

Johannes W mterradt, j (^ . . . 9 

Conrad Krugeli, Mandelsheim 40 

Johannes Janssen. Enierich, . . 38 

Johana Janssen, Emerich, 40 

Johaner Janssen, Emerich, 13 

Johaner Bernhard Sief^eniann, Sandeheck, 24 

Elizabeth Siegeniann, Sandebeck. 26 

Elisabeth Sief^eniann, I'averborn 1 

David Hann, Gross HebbacJi, 50 

Maria Magdelena Hann, Gross Hebbach, 52 

Catharina Barbara Hann, Gross Hebbach, 24 

Johana Augusta Hann, Gross Hebbach 22 

(,'atharina Magdelena Hann, Gross Hebbaclj, 13 

Johan Gaspar Methe. Rohdra, 50 

Anna Elizabeth Kratzenbergen, Zunstersbach 41) 

Anna Maria KniJllin, Wattrotli, 28 

Michael Friederich Strasinsky, Elbing, 26 

Johana Wilhelniina Oonstanz Strasinsky, Preus Minden, 26 

Carl Strasinsky, Preus Minden, 10 months. 

Jacob Link. Gross Gotha, 24 

Joseph Mohr, Alten Krantheim, 28 

Andreas Stuhl, Marbach 27 

Johan Christoph Miiller, Werdenhausen, 44 

Anna Franzisl<a Miiller, Kassel, 38 

Catliarina Margretha Miiller, Hofgeismar 13 

Anna Cathrina Miiller, Hofgeismar 12 

Johan Heinrich Miiller, Hofgeismar, 9 

Johan Martin Miiller, Hofgeismar, 3 

Dorethea Elisabeth Miiller, Hofgeismar 6 

Johan Conrad Miiller, Hofgeismar 4 

Christoph Phillip MvMer, Hofgeismar, 1 

Johan Michael Brigel, Haubersbronn 35 

Maria Rosina Brigel, Geisingen, 32 

Johan Georg Brigel, Geisingen, 8 

Joseph Brigel. Geisingen C 

Anna Catharina Brigel, Geisingen, 1 

Christoph Friederick Neff, Feldbach, 23 

Mathew Glauner. Feldbach, 22 

Mathens Friederick Schmidt, Feldbach, 21 

Johan Christoph Pauli, Lndwigsburg, 35 

Dorethea Helena Pauli, Ludwigsburg, . . • • 33 

Charlota Pauli Ludwigsburg U 

Matthis Friederick Maille, Feldbach, 47 


Cutliariiia iSarbani Alaillt^. Feldbach, 50 

Cat luiriua liar bcira Mai lit", Feldbach, 25 

Matliias FriedericU ]\Iaille, Feldbach 22 

Johaner Maille, Feldbach, 21 

Fredericka JIaille, Feldbach 19 

Walburga Maille, F"'eldl)ach, 15 

Maria Magdeleiia IMaille. Feldbach 12 

Friederich Hauser, Feldbach, ol 

Eva Margreth Elniingeriun. STriunpfelbach 21 

Christina Barbara Seiseraiii, KeuiiiaTli, 24 

Carl Flor, Hilderheiin 18 

Adolpii Harzfelil, IIeitlin<,'steldt 28 

Juiif^ Michael Stark. Schneid, 52 

Michael Stark, Schneid, 19 

Jacob Friederick Stark, Schneid 15 

Mar<^retha Stark, Schneid 12 

Christoph GrolT, Greiningen 30 

Johane Krehl, Minsinj^en auf der Alp, 38 

Michael Kramer, Rauchingen o2 

Johana Jiickle, Heinierdingen, 23 

Johana Jiinj^ling, Mai bach (am Neker), 20 

Christian Schneider, Stoltzenberg, (West Preusse) 25 

Friederich Kohler, Schweiberlingen 3(5 

Joseph Steil)el, Frankfurth, 24 

Carl Wankel. Fulda 34 

Phillip Jager, Willofs 24 

Christian Kring, Heyger Seelbach, 27 

Anna Catharina Kring, Rottenbach ... 24 

Johanes Heinj-ich Eichert, Heyger Seel bach, 27 

Joost Heinrich Eichart, Heyger Seel bach 24 

Jacob Baner, Beningen, 38 

Johaner Winter, Oberraschel, 25 

Jacob Frey, Of en burg, 20 

David Krauter, Ungeheurhof 27 

Michael Herlein, Feurbach 45 

Catharine, his wife, Feurbach 47 

Melgior, his son, Fenrhach Ifi 

Anna Margarethe, his daughter, Fenrbacli 24 

Johan Philip, his son, Fenerbach I-^ 

George Philip, his son, Feuerbuch 11 

INIichael Miiller, Detter ^'^ 

Christina, liis wife. Detter, 38 

Burkardt, his son, Detter, "^ 

Andreas, his^ son, Detter, ^ 

Andreas Kessler. Weissenbach, 42 

Margretha; his wife, Weissenbach, 45 


Johan Michael, his son, "NViessenbach, 7 

Anna Margretlia, his daugliter. Weissenbach, 18 

Catharina Elisabeth, his daughter, Weissenbach, .... l.j 

Dorethea, his daughter, Weisenbach. 10 

Maria Catharina, his daughter, Weissenbacli 4 

Margretha, his daughter, Weissenbacli, 1 

Andreas Kessler, his son, Weissenbacli, 14 

Johan Stephau I^ielil, SeikenhotI, 28 

Elisabeth Thoniasin, his wife, SeikenhotI', 23 

Margretha Tlioniasin, Seikenhoff, 28 

Heinrich Becker, Manheiin, 32 

Paul Wolf, Manheiin, 30 

Michael Wolf, his son, Manheiin, 17 

Johan Heinrich Kring, Heygerseelbach, 40 

Elisabeth, his -wife. HeygerseelbacJi 30 

Ludwig, his child, Heygerseelbach 12 

Anna Maria, his child. Heygerseelbach, 10 

Christian, his child, Heygerseelbach, 8 

Johan Heinrich, his child. Heygerseelljach 

Anna Margretha, his child, Heygerseelbach, 4 

Catharina, his child, Heygerseelbach, months. 

Heinrich Miiller, Langenbach, 43 

his wife, Langenljach 24 

his child, Langenbach, 2i 

Joost Neeb, Marienburg 22 

Christ Neeb, Marienburg, _ 20 

Johanes von Treupel, Heygerseelbach. . 23 

Elizabetha his wife, Heygerseelbach, 24 

Christian Mak, Gross Aspach, 19 

Johan George Mak, Gross Aspach, 24 

Jacob Wirtli, Gross Aspach 22 

Daniel Wirth, Gross Aspach, 19 

Jacob Wilhelin Dechant, Nassau Weilburg, 22 

Georg Friederieh Fechting, Waldangelbach, 30 

Peter Schmidt, Ober Mollau, 28 

Johan Rohnisch, Frankfurth, 45 

Sophia Dnsing, Hanover, 28 

Ludwig Donath, Eichenstreuth, 18 

Heinrich Becker, Manheim, 32 

Maria Schnlenberg. Lipstadt, 23 

Christop Knudel, Detislieim 24 

Johan Georg Rosch, Henningen, 4.") 

Regina, his wife, Henningen 43 

Christoph Kogel, son in law, Henningen, 18 

Barbara Rosch. his daughter, Henningen ]•"> 

Jacob, his son. Henningen, •"> 


Anton Meyerle, Manheim, 03 

Gerhard Miiller, Nassau JJiehlenburg 03 

Ludwij,' Friederich Hiigeli. Unterturkhtijn o,) 

Jacob Heker, Schweiberdingen, 48 

Elisabeth, his wife, Schweiberdingen 4Si 

Catharina, his daughter, Schweiberdingen 24 

Elisabeth, his daughter, SchweiberdingtMi 2U 

Anna Maria, his daughter, Schweiberdingi'n, ],") 

Conrad, his son, Schweiijerdingen, 12 

Eva Elisabeth Bauer, Markgruningen, 2;5 

Jacob Friederich Midler, Vachingen, 24 

Tobias Biihler, Ottisheim 17 

Jung Conrad April, Ertenbach, 32 

Eva Catharina, his wife, Ertenbach, 32 

Catharina, his child, Ertenbach, 1 yr G months. 

Johan Stephan Weipert, Enzweihingeu lii 

George Michael Plessing, Holinwarth, 47 

Anna Margretha, his wife, Holinwarth, 3(i 

Anna Maria Catharina, his daughter, Holinwarth 21 

Johana Cristina, his daughter, Holinwarth 13 

Maria Magdelena, his daughter, Holinwarth, 1] 

Johan Daniel, his son, Holinwarth fi 

Johanes Nagel, Uurlach 19 

Joseph Steibel, Frankfurth, 18 

Conrad Jiickje, Heiinerdingen, 23 

Maria Bartels, Embden, 29 

her child, Embden 4 

Conrad Vogt, Hesseidiassel 34 

Christian Lorenz Allich, Heilbron, 32 

August Fickardt. Deilmoit 27 

Carl Montfort, Zell, 36 

List of Stkkuage Passexgkus on Hoaup thk Suit The 
LiTTiiK Cherub, Daniel Bukwtox Mastkk. Oct. 18, 

Joh. Phil. Pogert, wife c*c two children, 
Conrad Ijoorer tV his wife, 
Magdalena Ret/.in, 
Josuas Beck, 

41— Vol. XVII. 


Carl Otten, 

Johaun Haefele, wife & three children. 

Christian Kirn, wife & three children, 

Jacob Ekelsberger, 

Johan Tronipeter, wife & seven children, 

Jan Hendk. Rit-hter & wife, 

Joseph Simmering & wife, 

Andreas H utter, 

Bernhd. Sohwager, 

J. Reinhd. Schmidt, 

Wilhelm De Cludt, 

Heinrich Fischer, 

Wilhelm Roth, 

Ludwig Schaber, 

Friederich Flugfelder, 

Abr. Bedinger. 

Heinr. Wies, wife «Sr daughter, 

Henery Frind, 

Liewis Querne, 

Joseph Ritsckky, wife & two children, 

Joliaii Abt, wife & one child, 

Heinr. Abt, wife & two sons, 

Heinr. Abt, wife, 4 daughters & 2 sons, 

Christoph Hortel, wife and child, 

George Loorer, wife & child, 

Engelhd. Aunderich, wife & 2 children, 

Ernst Freundt, wife & child. 

George Adam Dies, 

Widow Werle & two sons 

Wendel Fitus, wife & 4 children, 

Thomas Kegel & son, 

Friedr. Klein, 

Hein. Donias, 

Ignaz Diebold, 

Christian Thoma, 

Samuel Martin, 

Friedr. Weiland & his wife, 

Sebart Himmelsbacher, 

Johann IMillicli, 

J. A. Moriau. 




List of Passengers on li( 


PHiA. Oct. 2(i, ISOo. 

Fredk. Henning, 
Tobias Silber, 
Jacob l)or\vai'th, 
Conrad Halnilfii, 
Eberliaid El)ersphwein, 
Mathias Trautweiii, 
Geo. Wagner, 
Grotlb. Klett, 
Peter Flach, 
Saml. Etter, 
Godfrey Keiscli, 
Christ. Kainanii. 
J^Iatthias Speidel, 
Henry Schwartz, 
Jacob Geissel, 
Joh. Kiihrer, 
Mich. Shehrer, 
Jacob Brnchlacher, 
Bal. Berd.scli, 
Martin Rebstock, 
Michael Wittier, 
Jacob Wittel, 
Jacob Lilhch. 
Geo. Fredk. Schniid, 
Elias Entz, 
Geo. Jiiger, 
Jacob Knodel, 
Jacob Casper, 
Conrad Bahnniuller, 


Jacob Bnscli, 

)ARD THE Ship Faik .\mi.;ki(an, 
FROM Amsterdam to J 'in lade l- 

David Konig, 
Albrecht RulT, 
.Tiicobina Knodeiin, 
David Kanr, 
Carharina SchaiTerin, 
Simon Diirwachter, 
Joli. Hunn, 
EHzabeth Dorwartli. 
Christ. Vogt, 
Margaret he Besson. 
Adain Reichard, 
George Keppeler, 
David Hainle, 
George Schwitte, 
Joli. Geo. Blalier. 
Joh. Stnmp. 
Jacob Horr, 
George Haiilt, 
Christ. Rail, 
Jacob Rentz. 
Joh. W'altz, 
Marrin Flutli. 
Jacob liipp. 
Jacob Huniniel, 
Jonn Entz, 
Mich. Hagnian. 
Mich. Wolfangel, 
Jacob Rentz, 
Ph. C. Lex. 


John Fisher. 


List of Passengers on Board the American Ship Three 
Sisters of Bremen. Burthen Owned in Bremen by 
Geo. W. Thaler and Others, H. Halslop, Master, 
FROM Bremen. Nov. ;}0, 1805. 

[Natne, age, place of nativity, occupation.] 
John Chr. Mengel, 25, Bettelhausen, farmer. 
Catharine Mengel. 24, Bettelhausen. farmer. 
Johannes Muller, 30, Fischenbach, farmer. 
Catharine Lise Muller, 28, Fischenbai-Ji, fanner. 
.John H. Muller, <>, Fischenbach. 
Conrad Sergar, 30, Bloosbach, farmer. 
Catharine Sergar, 28, Bloosbach, farmer. 
Carl Sergar, 2, Bloosbach. 
Johannes Benfer, 48, Fischenbach, farmer. 
Ann Lise Benfer, 50, Fischenbach, farmer. 
John Chr. Benfer, 20, Fischenbach, farmer. 
John Benfer, 13, Fischenbach, farmer. 

William Weber, 50, Sassenhau.sen. farmer. 
Anna Lise Weber, 41, Sassenhausen, farmer. 
George Weber, 22, Sassenhausen. farmer. 

Maria Onnoleese Weber, 14, Sassenhausen, farmer. 
Ann Christiana Weber, 19, Sassenhausen, farmer. 

Maria Catha. Weber, 24, Sassenhausen, farmer. 

Carl Speck, sen. , 56, Laasfe, weaver. 

Welhelmina Speck, 32, Laasfe. 

Carl Speck, son, 18, Laasfe, baker. 

Christian Speck, IG, Laasfe, no occupation. 

Fredk. Speck, 3, Laasfe. 

Frederica Speck, (5. Laasfe. 

John Bruch, 32, Laasfe. mason. 

Dorothea Bruch, 3(5, Laasfe. 

Anna Catharina Bruch, 3, Saasfe. 

Margareth Weber, 13, Sassenhausen. 

Jonn Jost Diederick, 48, Reistein, farmer & weaver. 

Louisa Diederick, 47, Aarfeld. 

John Diederick, 24, Aarfeld, farmer. 

John Ust Diederick, 13, Aarfeld, farmer. 

Christian Diederick, IT, Aarfeld, farmer. 

John E. Heyn. 31, Laasfe, painter & gla/.ier. 

Catherine Lise Heyn, 28, Laasfe. 

Catharine Lise Heyn, 2, Laasfe. 

George Weber. 28. Bettelhausen, shoemaker. 

Danl. Zacharias, 20, Elsoti, tailor. 


Charlotte Gerineyer, '22, Laa.sfe. 

Maria tSchneider, 24, SasseIlha^^<eu. 

Victor Kesler, 23, Berleiiburj,', clerlv. 

Carl Werner, 23, Laasfe, baker. 

Fredk. Herschljerg, 23. Saasfe, fanner. 

Gabriel Senner, 23, liettelhauson, farmer. 

Anna Catha. Spiesen. 17, Bettelhansen. 

J. Pulferich, 30, Heinbach, huntsman & waiter. 

John II. HofTnian, 2."), Wilsdorf, coaehniaii. 

Jacob Wolf. 22, Saii.^fe, weaver. 

John Eckell, 28, Aarfeldt. farmer. 

Geo. H. F. Hublitz, 28, Aarfeldt, tailor. 

John Vobel, 21, Aarfeldt, farmer. 

Anthony Vobel, 22, Aarfeldt, farmer. 

Elizabeth Vol>el, 24, Aarfeldt. 

Justina Vobel, 2.'3, Aarfeldt. 

Joseph Hilker. 25, Mun.ster, joiner. 

Bernard Nebe, 20, Wehr, joiner. 

Philip Nelie, 23, Wehr, joiner. 

Martin Cappe, 28, Wilsdorf, farmer. 

Joseph Peter. 29. Bordeaux, waiter. 

Maria Eliza Burnin, 24, t<chwar/enan. 

Jacob Benner, 2.'j, Wivenbach, miller. 

List of Alikn Passkngkrs ox Board thk Ship Acoliis, of 
Portsmouth, N. H., Jacoh Trkadwkll, Ma«tkr, from 


RivKR, 0th Dkcembkr, 180.J. 

\ If nine, age, place of uaUvity and occitpafifni.] 

Frederick Below, 24, Hernhut, joiner. 

Abraham Reimer, 27, Dantzig, mill-wright. 

Jacob Reimer, 28. Dantzif?. mill-Wright. 

John Ray. 18. Klbing. clerk. 

Class Dick, 22, Einlage, farmer. 

J. Georj^e Fraulicli, 28, Hernhut. blacksmith. 

John Hartnock. 20. riernhut, taylor. 

Magnus Iluttin, 42, Christian's feltin, Denmark, cabinet maker. 

Gotlo!) Hebener. 44, Gnaudun. btitcli. r. 

Christian Bricz, 33. Hernhut, tanner. 

George Irmer, 32, Gnadunfelt, backer. 



List of Passengers ox Board the Ship Johakes Andreas, 
Jacob Hinr. Harmsen, Master, from Tonningen. Dec. 

80, 1805. 

Mrs. Caroline Louis, 
Mr. Nicolaus Biinuing, 
Mrs. Elisabeth Elstiier, 

Mr. Nicol. Louis, 

Mr. Daniel Soheel, 

Joseph Elstner, 

Mr. Casper Elstner,), ^1,^,1,.^^^, 

Johannes Elstner, > 

Mr. Levin Anoker, Mr. Frieder. Kuncke. 

Mrs. Margaretha Harmsen, Mr. H. Hinrich Harnisen. 

List of Passengers Arrived at the Port of Philadel- 
phia, ON Board the Brig Katharine, John Lawrence, 
Master, from Tonningen, July 26, 1806. 

Isaac Christian Zupniann, 

Heinrich Friedericii Begner, 

Gofried Grouse, 

Friedrick Luste. 

Micliel Schilling, 

Jacol) Byli, 

Car el Sibhard, 

Johannes Batz, 

Jacob Eruch, 

Heinrich Ehele, 

Heinrich Ihnszen, 

Christian Jacobi, 

Coenraad Schmidt, 

Jacob Baum, 

Godfried Ramler, 

Carel Zichter, 

Caspar Natcheni, 

Jacob Israel, 

George Koch, 

Andries Bond, 

Jacob Koch, 

Ditch. Kruxxe, 

Friedrich Zepprich. 

Joseph Weisz, 

Claudius Vichnier, 

Friedrich Rhike, 

Johann Friedrich Braenaer 
Henrich Hettman. 
Gaspar Legvvein. 
Andreas Lincke. 
Wilhelni Lindt, 
Carl Waulke, 
Christian Heinrich Peters, 
Friederich Bindel, 
Jacob Thuniann, 
Errard Strom, 
Henrich Peters, 
Wolfgang Schneyder, 
Sebastian Nasgigi, 
Jotiann Godfried liange, 
Johann Mirch, 
Jacob Ditmer, 
Elias Vouner, 
Daniel Lintz, 
Johann Nitz, 
Godheb Vedet, 
Moxnitz Binder, 
Johann Nuviihre, 
Michael Ruil, 
Jacoi) Abraham, 
Adam Luwig. 
Friedrich Petersen, 



Georpje Bansch. 

Catharina, daughter, 

Heinrich, t^oii, 

Daniel Schmidt, 

Bernard, son. 

Maria Catharina, daughter, 

.lohann Justus, 

(Jhristina Elizabeth, wife, 

Reinhard. son, 

Maria Catharina, daugiiter. 


Jacob Heinrich, 

Andreas Hubut, his brother, 

Maria, daughter, 

Barbara, daughter, 

Johann Kruxxe, 

H. Roger, 

Leopolde Knie, 

Caret, son, 

Harms Staeghch, 

Carolina, daughter, 

Valentin Zutter, 

Bai'i)ara his wile, 
Clirisioph, son, 
Hinrich Laurence, son. 
Anna Christjana, wife, 
,]()h. , son, 
Neils Madzen, 
Johann (Joenrad, son, 
Coenrad, son. 
Christjan, son, 
Jolm Thierman. 
Sophia Dorothea, wife, 
Heinrich Hinfeldt. 
Elisabeth, wife, 
Katharina, daughter, 
Friederich Heuir, 
Daniel Harpe, 
Andrew Bendix, 
Christina, wife, 
Charlotte, daughter, 
Leopold, son, 
Charlotte, his wife, 
Auguste, son, 
A. Brommer, 

List of the Passengers Arrivep ix the Brig Isabella, 
John Edwards, Master, from Rotterdam, ox the 3()th 
April, 180G. 

Philip Live, wife & three children. 

Thomas Suindener, wife cS; daugheter. 

Jacob Inhoop, wife & one daughter. 

Herman H. Haikmar. 

.Jacob Bark. 

John E. Lewis. 

Henry Bark. 

William P. Rury. 

Jacob Mire. 

Antonello Bemant. 

Frederick Tunisse. 

Anthony Stoel. 

Mattheu Andresser. 

Matthe Engeler. 


List of Passengers on Board the Ship Orlando, Danikl 
S. Stellwagen, Master, from Amsterdam, Bound for 


Henry Gass, witli wife & four children, oldest 15 years. 

Henry Martin, a single man. 

John Dagen, with wife & two cnildren, oldest 15 years. 

Jacob F. Beck, with wife & one small child. 

John G. Beck, a single man. 

John J. Gass, a single man. 

Fr. Iniioff, a single man. 

Anna Schafner, servant woman to F. InhoJf. 

Christian Steinmetz, single man. 

Henry Hanshew, a single man. 

Fredk. Hanshew. a single man. 

Danl Rieker, with wife & 3 children, oldest 10 years. 

Fredk. Gapa, single man. 

Jno. J. Freyvogel, with wife & 4 children, 18, 10, 14, years. 

P. Kalp, with wife & two small children, 1 born at pea. 

Margaret Singley, single woman. 

Machael Singley. with wife& one small child. 

Rosina Singley, single woman. 

Jolin Schnearley, a single man. 

Jacob Halfadle, with wife & one small child. 

Anthony Shammon, a single man. 

John Srout, with wife & 3 small cliildren, one born at sea. 

G. A. Young, Avith wife 4 children, 13, 12, 0, 2 years. 

Adam Ehrhard, with wife & 4 children, 14, 12, 7, Sk years. 

John Lull, a single man. 

Henry Ebner, a single man. 

Fred. Rubini, a single man. 

John Slick, a single man. 

Fredk. Fisher, a single man. 

Ursilla Halfadle. a single woman. 

Chn. Loter, with wife. 

Philip Brown, a single man. 

Leond. Schnieviey, a single man. 

Barbara Caufman, a single woman. 

Charles Streamer, a single man. 

Conrad Anne, a single man. 

Jacob Welper, a single man. 

Chr. F. Krutz, with wife & one child 2 years old. 

John Lenger, a single man. 

John L. Rian, a single man. 

G. F. Blume, a single man. 


Chn. Kneaiiain, a sinj^le man. 
John Feltinan, a single num. 
Jno. P. Michaels, a sinjjle man. 
John Hendriclvs, with wife. 

F. Essick, a single man, the shij) docnor. 
Anthony Presdeska, a single man. 
John Kreamer, a single man. 

Chr. Krintintsvine, a single man. 
P. Krausenljurger, a single man. 
Joseph Chnirdle, a single man. 
John J. Alkewhen, a single man. 
a. F. Verner, a single man. 
John C UlTerman, a single man. 
Sophia Sanerkaup, a single woman. 
Eliana Stock with son, a widow woman. 
Sonina Stock, a single woman. 
Adrina Brillonburg, a single woman. 
N. Rackard «fc wife, 

G. L. Smith, a single man. 
Mary Dickerling, a single woman. 
Anna Dickerling, a single woman. 
Mary Driden, a single woman. 

Jno. Deger, with wife & one small child. 

Julian Jansen, a sinj^le man. 

VVm. Rider, a single man. 

John H. Meat, a single inan. 

Henry Saga, with wife ic two children, 1:5 iV: 1 years old. 

List ok Passkngkrs per Ship Atlantic, ELiHir Doty, 
Master, from Amsterdam. Sept. 15, 180G. 

John Hoernle, ElimV)eth Hoernle, wife, 

Joseph Hoernle, Madaline Hoernle, 

George Bentell, Katharine Bentell, wife, 

John George Bentell, Frederika Bentell, 

Anna Maria Bentell, Johanna Bentell, 

John Frederich Bentell, Israel Bentell, 

Katy Bentell, George Boehringer, 

Katharine Boehringer, wif.'. .lohann Boehrineer, 

John Konzelman, Dorothy Kon/elman. wife, 

Frederick Konzelman, John George Konzelman, 

George Wild, Maria Wild, child, 



Thurry Federbush, 
George Velte, 
E. Katy Velte, 
Gottlieb Schurle, 
Gottlief Schurle, 
Lucina Rein, wife, 
Jacob Rein, 

Margaretta Scholle, wife, . 
Margarette Scholle, 
Matthew Scholle, 
Elizabeth Scholle, 
Barbara Brown, wife, 
Elias Wilhelm, 
Christian Frederick Wilhelm 
Johanna Wilhelm, 
Christian Velte, 
Johanna Holterreich, wife, 
John Jacob Holterreich. 
Barnard Duurwachter, 
Elizabeth Duurwachter. 
Jacob Wohlgemuth, 
John Jacob Wohlgemuth. 
John Langenbacher, 
George Jacob Langenbacher. 
Catharine Langenbacher, 
Elizabeth Knodel, wife, 
Jacob Zimmerman. 
Matthew Henning, 
Gaspar Goetz, 
Katharine Goetz, 
JJavid S tipper. 
Ferdinand Haug, 
Mathew Kleine, 
Katharina Kleine, his wife, 
Ludwick Kleine, i 
Jacob Kleine, \ 

Jacobina Kleine. 
Christina Kleine, | 
Dorothea Kleine, J 
David Hurlebans, 
Sophia Hurlebans, 
Barljara Hurlebans, 
Margaretha Schaefer, wife, 
Katharine Schaefer, 
Christina Wyngartner.wife, 

Elisabeth Federbush, child, 

E. Katharine Velte, wife, 

George Velte, 

Eliza. Scharle, wife, 

Matthew Rein, 

Katharine Rein, 

Jacob Scholle, 

Jacob Scholle. 

Salome Scholle. 

Gottlieb Scholle, 

Frederick Brown, 

Phillipina Brown, 

Regina Wilhelm, wife, 

John Jacob AVilhelm, 

Gottlieb Wilhelm, 

Katharine Velte, wife, 

George Holterreich, 

John George Holterreich, 

John Holterreich, 

Elizabeth Duurwachter, wife, 

Wilhelmina Duurwachter, 
- Margaret Wohlgemuth, wife, 
. Christian Wohlgemuth, 

Katharine Tjangenbacher,wife, 

Gottlieb Langenbachr. 

Theophilus Knodel. 

Conrad Knodel, 

Jacob Zimmerman, child, 

Agnes Henning, wife, 

Frederica Goetz, wife, 

Frederica Goetz, 

Rosina Stipper, wife, 

Eliza Haug. wife, 

Jacob Kleine, his father, 

his children. 

Eliza. Hurlebans, wife, 
Eliza Hurlebans, 
David Schaefer, 
Christine Schaefer, 
Jacob F. Wyngartner, 
Jacob Wyngartner, 


(•..") 1 

Mavf^arretta Wyn^artner, 

(jeorge Wyngartner, 

Micliael Wyii<jartner, 

Katy Bonnet, wife, 

John Bonnet, 

David Bonnet, 

Rosina Baker, wife, 

Rosina Baker, 

Rosina Rapp. her child. 

Friderica Bamesberger, wife, 

Cnristopher Leiclit, 

Ludowig Leiclit, 

Dorothy Leicht, 

Christoplier Leicht, 

Mary Katy Veltes, her daughte 

Regina Zeller, 

Widow Boehringer, 

PhiUp Jacob Boehringer, her c 

Susanna Rosdannen, 

Peter Rosdannen, 

Margaret Rosdannen, 

Magdalen Leicht, her child, 

John Hoherreich, 

Gottlob Ruff', 

Jacob Sunder, 

George Schmidt, 

Joseph Gottewa, 

Christina Buchinrotten, 

Katy Wei son, 

Magdalen Kehrweger, 

Ehsa M. Imler, 

Mary M. Rnssenbrod, 

George Russenbrod, 

John Rnssenbrod, 

George Wagner, 

Anna Wagner, 

Jacob Wohnle, 

Katy AVohnle, 

Anna Mary Wohnle. 

Johanna Smith, wife, 

Regina Smitli, 

Barbary Knapper, 

Gottlieb Knapper, 

Margaretta Herman, wife, 

Anna Barbara Rinz, wife, 

Anna Maria Rinz, 

Friedorich Wyngartner. 
(xoilfrey Wyngartner, 
.losei)h Bonnet, '''^ 
Katharine Bonnet, 
Frank lionnet, 
James Baker, 
Phillip Jacob Bakei-. 
Christina Rapp, 
John Barnes be rger, 
John Bamesberger, 
Dorothea Leicht, 
Andreas Leicht, wife. 
Gottlieb Leicht, 
Widow Veltes, 
Regina Zeller, her danudner, 


Maria Rosdannen. 

Magdalen Rosilanner, 

Magdalen Leicht, 

John Frederich Reichert, 

Frederick Gerne, 

Tluirry Knodel, 

John Kappel, 

Jonn Reichart. 

Eliz. B. Hoorlin, 

Magdalen Eisel, 

Margaret Veiten, 

Dolly Spael, 

Mary E. Lantenschlager. 

Jane F. Knorn, 

Mary A. Russenbrod, wife. 

Michiiel Russenbrod. 

Anna Maria Wagner, wife, 

Jacob Wagner, 

Katy Wohnle, wife, 

John J. Wohnle, 

James Smith, 

John F. Smith. 

Jacobina Smith, 

Margaret Knapper, 

Wen tell Herman. 

Sieplian Rinz. 

Anna Barbara Rinz, 

James Krail, 



Mary Krail, wife, 
Margaret Krail, 
Phiilipina R. Hinger, wife, 
Margaret Eppele, wife, 
Jacob Eppele, 
Anna Maria ReilT, wife, 
John ReitT, 
Mattheus Rieff, jun., 
John George RieiT, 
Maria Agnes Schule, wife, 
John G. Schule, 
Anna Maria Schule, 
John Mutchler, 
Christine K. Mutchler, 
Anna Murkenfuss, wife, 
Anna B. Murkenfuss, 
Mary A. Schule, wife, 
Anna E. Herman, 
Anna Herman, wife, 
Anna Herman, 
Anna M. Herman, 
Jacob F. Schuler, 
Dorothy Keison, 
Jacob Haller. 
Charlotta Haller, 
Francis Blanck, 
John Merle, 
Piederich Feierbush, 
George M. Schmeid, 
Anna M. Stygerin, 

John J. Krail, 
William Hinger, 
Lewis Eppele, 
Lewis Eppele, 
Matthew Reiff, sen., 
Maria Agnes Riell, 
Anna M. RieiT, 
Maria M. RielT. wife, 
George Schule. 
Anna M. Scliule, 
John Adam Schule. 
John Jacob Schule, 
John G. Mutchler. 
Jacob Murkenfuss, 
Regiiui Murkenfuss, 
Ferdinand F. Schule, 
Jacob Reiff, 
John Herman, 
John G. Herman, 
Maria B. Herman, 
Theophilus Schuler, 
Lawrence Lewis, 
Katherine Haller, 
Juliana Haller, 
Johannas Haller. 
Regina HamesV)erger, 
Christian Voehle, 
.T. G. Kauker, 
Christ. Seaitman, 
Lewis F. Hauguuiyer. 



Augustin Le Moine from Liege. 
Christian Fokke, from Hanover, 
Ijuring Herman, MadgeV)urg. 
IsraelSolomon, from Holland, 
Isaac E. Israel, from Holland, 
AVjr. E. Israel, from Holland, 
L. M. Goldsmidt, from Holland, 
Moses Jacobs, from Holland, 
Rosina Jacobs, from Holland, 
Jacobey Dese\ , from Holland, 
Ary Van Holy, from Holland, 
Theodorus A. Brongers. 



List of Passkxgkrs 
Dklaxo, Ma-stkh, 

Conrad Riither, 
Ferdinand G. Evans, 
Martin Martin, 
Balamy Martin, 
.lolumnas Martni, 
Barbara Martin, 
Fidela Houder, 
Mary Sender, 
Feronaga Souder, 
Jacob Rudey, 
Anna Anneshausly, 
Hendrick Anneshansly 
Jacob Anneshausly, 
Anna Anneshausly & c 
Fred. Draes, 
Hendrick Tjideritz, 
Barbara Freidle, 
Maria Friedle, 
Elizabeth Freidle, 
Cordelia Friedle, 
Mary Bunz, 
Mary Hansinger, 
Anna Wooser, 
Christiana WankiniUer 
Jonah Stal)ler, 
John Stabler, 
George Woolf, 
Fred. Pfersich, 
Barbara Fuhnerin, 
Johann Hainscher. 
J oh an Vogel, 
William Waltz, 
John Erkert, 
John I'eternian, 
John Ktigeie, 
George F. Smith, 
Fred. Osterloh, 
Louisa OsTerloh, 
Julian Osterloh. 
Christopher Glasser, 
Anthony Arinpriester, 
Michael Woolf, 

ox Board Ship Cordelia, Calvin 
FitoM A.mstkhdam. Oct. 22, 180«. 

Lewis Fowle, 
Godfry Minoch, 
Mary jMartin, wife, 
.Jacob Martin, 
Maria Martin, 
Elizabeth Martin, 
Eluor Souder, 
Joseph Souder, 
Jticob Souder, 
Henrick Anneshausly, 
Salania Anneshausly, 
, Anna Anneshausly, 

hi Id Henry, 

Henrick Ursbrug, 
Casper Freidle, 
Barl)ara Friedle, 
Rachel Freidle, 
Anna Freidle, 
John Bunz, 
Jacob Werber, 
Magdalena Temple, 
Christopher Wan km i her, 
Rachel Wankmiller, 
TMagdalena Stabler, 
Christiana Stabler, 
{■'red. I)resel, 
John M. Lesig, 
Fred. A- Erkert, 
Charles Maysenholder 
George JacoV)y, 
Bernard Henrichs, 
Valentin HoV)bert, 
John Griitzinger, 
Fred Kiigele, 
Joseph Swartz, 
Mary Osterloh, 
Charles Osterloh, 
Albri Osterloh, 
John Siegworth, 
Jacob Woolf, 
George Sanger, 



Fred. Presel, 
Valentine Hoga, 
John F. Fry, 
Christian Raisch, 
Michael Stoltz, 
Aljrahani Woolf, 
Frederick Rosendal, 
Jacob Neif, 
John M. Wilt, 
John Fr. Dobere, 
Rebecca Shanger, 
William Kramer, 
Catharin Krainer, 
Cliristian Kramer, 
Jacob Kramer, 
Dorothy Nief, 
Christian Nief, 
Christopher Keysers, 
Margaret Keysers, 
Catharine Keysers, 
Charlotta Strumfer, 
John Strumfer, 
Christian Giinther, 
Regena Giinther, 
Catharin Giinther, 
Rosena Giinther, 
Joan Waltz, 
Catharena Waltz, 
Abraham Young, 
Christiana Woolf, 
Christiana Woolf, 
Barbara AVoolf, 
Regena Waltz, 
Margaret Stiger, 
John G. Stiger, 
William Ulmer, 
John G. Giinther, 
Eve R. Giinther, 
Johanna Giinther, 
Samuel Giinther, 
Dorotha Matzgar, 
H enrich Matzgar, 
George Matzgar, 
Simeon Rebman, 
Anna Rebman, 
Agguth Rebman, 

Dorothy Sanger, 
Thomas Hoga, 
Goodly Riiisch, 
George Lermon, 
Isaac Woolf, 
Frederick Woolf, 
Maria Rosendal, 
Jacob Kramer, 
John Weyman, 
Williain Shanger, 
Jacob Jactter. 
Anna Kramer, 
Mary Kramer, 
William Kramer, 
Christian Nief, 
Catharin Nief, 
Jacob Nief, 
Christena Keysers, 
Abraham Keysers, 
Eve Wolfrin, 
William Strumfer, 
Michael Giinther, 
Barbara Giinther, 
Margaret Giinther, 
Hannali Giinther, 
Jacob Giinther, 
Elizabeth Waltz, 
Christiana Waltz, 
Abraham Woolf, 
Alvan Woolf, 
Elizabeth Woolf, 
Michael Waltz, 
Michael Stiger, 
Johanna Stiger, 
John G. Wacker, 
Johanna Stopster, 
Anna A. Giinther. 
Catharen Giinther, 
Elizabeth Giinther, 
Abraham Matzger. 
Fred. Matzgar, 
Johannas Matzgar, 
Jacob Matzgar, 
Catharin Rebman, 
Catharin Rebman, 
Dorothy Rebman, 


Joseph Rebuian, ('asper Rehiiuiu. 

Barbara Rebinan, Ma<;ilaltMia Rebinan. 

Christena Rebinan. John Rebinan, 

Simeon Rebnian, Jacob Schleiss, 

Christena Feit, Fred. Wurster, 

Fred. Feit, Mary Feit, 

Johannas Feit. Charles Feit, 

Hersch Leib, Samuel Jacobs. 

Meirs Samuel. Jolin Smith. 

List of Passengers ox Board the Ship Atlaxtic. Capt. 
G. W. Bt'rbank, from Amsterdam. Nov. 8, ISOO. 

JSame. Age. Conntn/. 

Jacob Selzer "!« Frein/.lieim. 

Anna Marie, ^^ 

JacoVj, 21 

Christina, ^^ 

Ludwig, -- 

Charlotte 11 

.Toh. xVdam ' 

Catharina ^^ 

Carl, ^ 

Andreas Bauer 4S PafTensfliwabenheim. 

Catharina ■^' 

Joh. Philhp 21 



Elisabeth. ^'-^ 



Christine, "^ 

Samuel ',,,,, 

T 1, rM,.. Kl^ininno- . 29 Mllilllielin. 

Johann Chr. Klein lunu 

Clara Anna Sophia. 


Catharina Carolina Sophia ^ 

and an infant born at sea. 

George Dreisbach »" Wit^-enstein. 

, 32 


George, ~ 


Anna Marie '^ 

Marie Elisabeth 1" 

Johann Heinrich ^ 


Name. Age. Country. 

Elisabeth Gertraud, 8 

Anton, 6 

Margaretha, :J Witgenstein. 

George Heinricli, 1 

George Heinricli Dreisbacli, ... 24 Wirgenstein. 

Marie Magdalena 20 

Johannes George 1 

Phillip Dickel, 2i> Witgenstein. 

Christina, 23 

Magdalina, 2 

and an infant horn at sea, (-harlotte. 

Phillip Strackbein, 24 Witgenstein. 

Christina ^iO 

John Philip, 1 

George Missen, 33 Witgenstein. 

Anna Maria, .... 24 

ami an infant born at sea, John George. 

Adam Friedrich Kopp, 39 Neckervveyhingen. 

Christina Magdalena, 34 

J oh. Freidrich, 18 

Justina Margaret, 4^ 

Peter J>ionis von Franz, 30 Coeln. 

Caspar Joseph von Stein 29 Trier. 

Phillip Heinricli Oertel, 24 Strasburg. 

Joliann Conrad Fieischniann, . . 29 Cnlinbach. 

Johannes Maysenhoelder, 21 Stugard. 

Jacob Heppler, 23 Eslingen. 

Job. Wilhehn Berg, 29 Rheinbreitbach. 

Joha.nn Schaub, 28 Ijisthal. 

Jaspnr Hesse Goeniann, 44 Weener. 

Theodor AVebner, 25 Rathskirchen. 

Gottfried Knecht 48 Solingen. 

Christian Friebel, 25 Schleiisingen. 

Gottfried Lindeinuth, 23 Eisleben. 

Franz Schaffer, 20 Paterborn. 

Conrad Simon, 23 Milsongen. 

Peter Jacol) Loehr 25 Hittenhausen. 

Friederich Peter Loehr, 22 Walhalwen. 

Peter Jacob Kettering 24 Hermersberg. 

John Jacob Kettering, 18 

Walter Walter, 42 Walhalwen. 

Michel Wild 2 Salstadt. 

Simon Schaeffer, 19 Gerhardsborn. 

Phillip Gillerd, 23 Jestwesler. 

Cassimer Heinricli Seifort, .... 24 Murhardt. 

AKKlVlN(i JN l>E.N.NSVJ.\AM.v. 

y II int. A(/<. (■'.untn/. 

Johauu Christian Negeii', 18 tSpit'yelbei-g. 

Christoph AVilheliu 2"i Stiiiiplebacli. 

i<"'rie.lericli Idler, 27 

John Gtorg Knecht, 20 (Tabeiberg. 

Conrad Birkle, 20 Osweiler. 

Valentin Hobert, 2ii Vach. 

Wilhehn Haltniann. 22 Disbur^'. 

Debora Wissels, 22 ^Vesp. 

John Dirk liorkink, 23 l^ordiio. 

IjTst of Passkn«ki{s on Board thk Ship Thhkk Sistkhs 

Capt. Herman Haaslooi', fkom Brkmkn. Dkc. 1, 1806. 

Thomas Magnus Streck, Maria 8treek. 

(Jaroius Magnus Streck, Ferdinand Mouritz Streck, 

Alexander .Magnus Streck. <;arolina Blandina Streck. 

Helena Clarissa Streck, Louisa Wilhehnina Streck. 

Maria Amelia Streck, Johanu (iotleib Koutze, 

Anna Koutze, Anna, Rachtl KoutZf. 

Eleonora Constantin Koutz.-, Anna (^juolina Koutze. 

S(.phia Hedewig Mumsen, Albrecht Burghard Mumseu, 

.loliann Hoehn, Anna Catarina Hoehu, 

.Tohann Christopf Hoehn, Chiistojif HoeliTi. 

Catarina Hoehn, Maria Elizabeth Hoehn, 

Hendrieli Innghin^ Anna Elizabeth Junghi;i. 

Hendric-h Junghin, AVilke Zimmermann. 

Martin Fincken, Alh.-id Fincken, 

Diedrich Fincken, (ierverd I'^iueken. 

Peter Berglieiser, Anne Elizal)eth Berirheiser. 
John Jacob Berglieiser, 


Fair American, Capt. Jesse Fralky. from Amsterdam 


.Jacob Schaal iuu\ wife, Hiin> (ieorge Schaal. 

KosinaSchaal. Gottfried Schaui, 

Friederick Schaal, Michael I>ertsch an.i Nvife. 

.lacob Keller and wife. Hans George Mahie and v.\\<-. 

(Miristian Mahle. IH years. Dorothea Mahle. Ki years. 

Hans George Mahle, 1:5 years. Elizabeth IJahl.', 12 years, 
42— Vol. XVII. 



Matthias Jjarier and wife, 
Lydia Jjarier, 8 years, 
Maria Agnes Stohs, 
Fried. Pfeil and wife, 
Lndwig Pfeil, 
Fried. JNachtrnp and wife, 
Joh. Adam Nachtrup, 
Doix>thea Nachtrup, 
(TDttloli .Jaeob MuHer, 
Eva Schalin Layer, 
Carl Fried. Seybold, 
Johann Grross and wife, 
Christiana Romen, 
Abraham Frieschknecht an 
Michael Scholkopf and wife 
Rosina Scholkopf, 
Anna Maria Scholkopf, 
Peit Handel. 
Maximillian Obermey, 
Joliannes SchefTerin, 
George Schefferin, 
George Frail SchefTerin. 
Joh. Fried. Dizler, 
Joseph Daiger, 
Jacob Konig, 
Christian Raul. 
Anna Kleinjung, 
Joseph Sampson and wife, 
Joh. Ant. Baker, 
Christian Glink, 
.Johannes Chevalier, 
Margareth Kuhnel, 
•Toh. Adam Fnkel, 
Johanna Elisab. Roclofs, 
Joh. George Schuh, 
Maria Adrina Cornman, 
Carl August Frostdorp, 
Mattheus Krannenburg, 
.Jacob Kern, 
Fried. Wilh. Mierman, 
Christ Lehman and wife, 
Daniel Lehman, 
Daniel Hafner, 
J. G. Schallenmiller. 
Jacob Mun, 

Noa Larier, 11 years, 
Hans George Stohs and wife, 
Carl Stohs, 
Gotefried Pfeil. 
Christina Kurtz, 
Catliari na ]^fach t r u 1 1 . 
Joshua Fried Nachtrn]), 
-Barbara Nachtrup, 
Johannes Layer and wife. 
Fried. Buler and wife, 
.Johannes Pertscli, 
Christian Gross, 

d wife, 
Margareth e. 

Joh. George Schtilkopf. 

Mattheas Palmer and wife, 

Henrich Christ. Scliremnan, 

Fried. W. Wolters. 

Margareth SchefTerin. 

Andreas Schefferin. 
Simon Frail, 

Michael Schuler and wife, 

Frantz KaufTman. 

Joseph Newbert. 

Joh. Fried. Kleinjung, 

Carolina Bastert. 

Fried. Weisbeck. 

Gottlieb Kussmann. 

.John Ernst Hisbert. 

Johannes Kuhnel and wife, 

Christophe Frederick Unkel, 

Casper Rail, 

Maria "Wilh. I\roesen, 

Daniel Beck, 

Jacob Wagner, 

Johannes Marie, 

Arnold Felder, 

George Schastler, 

Bernh. Imthurx, 

Nicholas Lehman, 

Henry Jacob Hafner and wife, 

Christoph WollT. 

J. M. Mother, 

Joliannes Cannape, 



Wills, Mastku, from Amstkhdam. Aprils, 1807. 

Louisa Tallonn, Frederika Tallonn, 

Rosina Tallonn, Christina Tallonn, 

Manette Maueuore, Salome Hauer, 

.lobn Fisser, -lo''" Rvn^'ers, 

Vincent Cxoat, Baptist Biissev, 

.lohn Busser, John Baptist Busser. 

.lohnTeschalett, Peter Laubie. 

Li^T OF Passkngkrs ox Board thk Schoonku Betsey. 
.IAME^^ Foster, Master, from Toxxixgen. Arrived at 
Philal>elphia. May S, 1807. 

{Name, age, j>/are of iiativih/ nn<l ,„:<■„ paf ion.] 

f-reori,'e INfiller, 40, >'assan, fanner. 

Kleanor Miller 40, Nassau. 

Christian Miller, 14, Nassan. 

,lohn Miller, 11, Nassau. 

Franois Miller, 8, Nassau. 

(ieorge Miller, 3. Nassau. 

Catharina Miller, 13, Nassau. 

J)aniel Harnian, 37, Bremen, black.-nnth. 

Elizabeth Harman, 2;> Bremen. 

Elizabeth Harman, 11, Bremen. 

Maria Harman, 7, Bremen. 

Jacob Harman, 3, Bremen. 

Daniel Harman, 3, Bremen. 

Antonia Shafer, 38, Nassau, carpenter. 

Marv Siiafer, 33, Nassau. 

:\Iaria Shafer, 8, Nassau. 

Caterina Shafer, 0, Nassau. 

Johanna Shafer, 1, Nas.sau. 

rhrisTina Shafer, 2(i, Nassau. 

l>ONvell Lowman, 32, Bremen, miller. 

Elizabeth Lowman. So, Bremen. 

Henrv Lowman, G, Bremen. 

Hannah MatherwaT.son. GO, Breu.-^u. 

Maria A His. 30. Bremen. 

Henrv Alli^, 12, l^remen. 

cm y A :\ 1 1 ; s ( > i ^ vo r e layFAis 

BHrl>;i.r\ Alii-, ■">, liremeii. 
Nicholas A His, 2, Bremen. 
Johanna Folk. 20, Hanibnij^^ farnier. 
Hannah Tolk. 24, tiii\\\\mvg. 
Frederick Holtsnian, 2'). HaniWiUi^. weji.ver. 
Maria Holt.snian, 2'). Haniburj;. 
Ehzabetli Ryer, 20, Bremen. 
Maria Bayman, 20, Breman. 
.Tolianna Fi-ash, 22, Bremen, tayior. 
^-Christian Kenisinj^er, 34, Bremen, Taylor. 
Daniel Harckey, 20, Bremen, tayior. 
Emannel Srick, 24, Bremen, taylov. 
Conrad Rashpaker, 19, Bremen, tayior. 
Christian Brinley, 22, Hambnrg, Taylor. 
Jose]>h Laman, 40, Bremen, ])aker. 
Adam Plebl), 22, rianibur^x, baker. 
John jSinian, 20, Hambnrg, baker. 
Andrew Hel/er, 19, Hambnrg, baker. 
John Sheerhnlt, 25, Hambnrg, baker. 
John Chri.ston, 21, Hamburg, butcher. 
John Mark, 30, Haml)nrg, bntcher. 
Letmon Jonass, 22, Hambnrg, Imtchei-. 
Christian Arperman, 19, Bremen, gunsmiTh. 
Andrew Leabo, 40, Bremen, gnnsmiTli. 
Jacob iNinian, 25, Hambnrg, blacksmith. 
Valentin Teckler. 2n, Hamburg, shoemaker. 
Michael Gute, 4."), Haml)nrg, carpenter 
John Mainsult, 28, Hambnrg, carpenter. 
Godlip Fiers, 30, HambTirg, brewer. 
Bernit Hiine, 27, Hambnrg, weaver. 
Jjafel Seamon, 22, Haml)nrg. 
Elias Hinaman, 19, Hambnrg. 
Joseph Meyer, 2"), Hambnrg. 
Solomon Swabler. 19, H.-imbnrg. 
Lapil Chnrch, 19, Hambnrg. 
ChrisTian Fi-itz, 29, Bremen. 
David Frost, 28, Ham))nrg. 
John Sella, 18, Hambnrg. 
Francis Smith, 2a, Hambnrg. 
Johanna. Fannil, 40, Bremen. 
Elderick Shansembar, 20, Hamburg. 
John Coltin, 14, Hambnrg. 
John Watinberg, 81, Hamburg. 
John Folk, 48, Bremen. 
(Christian Oflman, 44, Hamburg. 


List of thk Passkxheks on I^oaud thk Huk^ Isabella, 
FROM Amstfkuam, RoGKii CitAxi;. Mastkk. July 15, 


^.lolni Clii'. liyiiliardt, (thci-i \'au Foi-stciil)*'!'^, 

William Van Heek, (Jlirlic. Fiiec-tiii, 

Fried Karl KihjU, (Oiirad Fberhardr, 

Daniel Eise, Koiirad Jjinkiu, 

Maria Aii<^. Linkin. (feoi'^ri- Moiter, 

l^hilip Fisliei-, J:iu. J. Alxiuh, 

Will) Ber^^, ^ (ieorj^e Hnickniaii, 

(Miristiiin Alfey, John Soldiegel, 

Willi. <TOtt. (xranter, John 8t. Batster, 

iVter 8eytfert, Anthony Kampf, 

J^eter Rarisinbart, 'George Hartnuin, 

?Nic.h Sohliegel, >'ick Bohne, 

Jolm Mtiller, John (feorLre IMeilier, 

Ferdinand Happel. Jno. Chry. Preurler, 
Chr. Hake with wife and live children, 

John (-reorge Baden, Fried Ludw. Ach, 

Joseph Boroonne, Fried Lndw. Ende. 

John Jacob Heionker, Philip F'^rietl Hahnlen. 

(ieorge Hogevan, Willi. Schnaiiher, 

(Jarl Ogg. Vgnlen iMatterinan. 

('arolina Trantin, (ieorge Reick, 

Christopher Hntt/., (Tcorge Sanderson, 

('hrisiopher tSchnierhani, John Genan. 

List of I*AssEN(iKRS ox Boahi> Siiii* I'HKPKiticK .AiorsTis. 



Moehlin, wit h his wife an<l tour children. 

Andrianns Veweiihari. .Maiihias Scliroeder. 

Deidrick Yanson, H.-n.ry Berse, 

Abraham Schacht. Jacob :Minion. 

Abraham Vanderiinden. Hrniy }N»nder, 

Heir and liis wife, J>aform iV son, 

Lena Schnld, 1»- B Mullen \- son \ servant pirl, 

I'assavant &i wife, Krimel iV wife, 

J. N. Care, Diederick Oinis Baker. 



List of Passexger? ox Board the Ship Mechamc. >'. 
Bagley. Master, from AM-sterdam. Sept. -.ix, l>?u7. 

John D. Thiele. 
Rosina Schuh. 
Uavi? Schuh, 
Emanuel Schuh, 
Auguste Schuh. 
"William Chrisr. 
Maria Isken. 
Jan Winet. 
Henri Most, 
Jacob Saefried, 
Gotleb Grass, 
Gotlieb Muller, 
Henry Harte, 
William Brundt, 
Anton Meger, 
Gerrit Willms, 
Jacob Reichenocker, 
Sophia Pioler, 
Catharine Beckling, 
Jan Gotle. 
Chrisfophe Gotle, 
Maria Gotle, 
Carolina Gotle, 
Abraham Falling, 
Catharine Falling, 
Frederic Dageler, 
Frederic Tenkerney, 
Chri?ti Kunz, 
Maria Kunz, 
Anthon Kunz. 
Charles Blum, 
Jost Heindorf. 
Catharine Heindorf. 
Jan Schulrheir. 
<'arolin Schtiltheir. 
Peter Shoebur, 
Leonard Shoebur, 
John Barsch. 
Henry Barsch, 
Jaques Agterman. 
Charlotte Kleinhousen. 

Frederick Schuh, 
Frederick Schuh, 
Gottleib Schuh, 
Frederick Schuh. 
Lewis Kleiusmith. 
Lewis Christ. 
Jan Buller, 
Gotlieb Sactorius, 
Henri Arnokl. 
Frederic Tinninger, 
William Muller, 
Charles Harte, 
George Krauter, 
George Everling. 
Frederich Meyer, 
Jan Reichenocker, 
George Pioler. 
Jacob Zopse, 
Maria Beckling, 
Rosina Gotle, 
Louisa Gotle, 
Louisa Gotle, 
Henry Gotle, 
David Falling, 
Frederic Burderinaini, 
Daniel Ritter, 
Jan Fischer, 
Catharine Kunz. 
Henri Kunz, 
Elisabeth Eppelpheii). 
"William Heinmetz. 
Maria Heindorf. 
Henri Heindorf, 
Christiana Schnltlieir. 
Carl Shoebitr. 
Elisabeth Shoebnr. 
Maria Shoebur, 
Elisabeth Barsch. 
AViiliam Veraut, 
Wilhelmine Schroedes 
Christiana Breiiier. 


Cathaiiiie Eiehiiucker, Maria Kinisjiian, 

William Scheppleiu, Uemy Meikleiii, 

Lewis Han{,'e, Auj^'ust Hauge, 

Aufjust Hange. Sopiiia Haiige, 

Catharine Boge, Aiii,'el Bo^'e, 

Joh. A. Zeigler, Deiiois Lai-oche. 

List of Passkxgers Aiirtvkd at thk Port of Philadkl- 
PHiA. ON Board THK Ship William .roH:<STON. Dkckmbkr 

:J, 1807. 

[Namt, ngt-, place of licit icity ami uccuj^atio)/. ' 
John Swarzentruber. wife & 1 child, 31, Waldeok, farmer. 
H. J. Martin, wife »t 3 sou.s, Canton Basel, farmer. 
Lewis Steinj^otter, ID, Hein, farmer. 
Godlieb Bunger, 34, Oldenburgh, distiller i farmer. 
Philip Krocker, 24, (iihisheim, baker. 
Christian AVismatt, 2j, Oberrode, baker. 
J. Cath. Deboldin, 23. Idigheim, baker. 
Mary Tenni'^.son, 19, Rotterdam, servant girl. 
Fredrick Ramspott, 20, Roden, farmer. 
John Haeppe. 30. Hessia, farmer. 
Basiian Keohl. 2'>. Federsheim. miller. 
John Shmall, 20. Hanau, baker. 
Balthazar Striegel, 41, Bieberach, hatter. 
Catharine Smoke, 34, Hamburg, servant girl. 
Caspar Leonhard, wife & 2 cliildren, 42, Canton Znrricli, brirk- 

<J. Lindeman. wife tV 3 children. 39, Bishwailer, coopei-. 
M. Shafner. \sife ic 1 child, 30, Maul burgh, farmer. 
Josepli Erhard, 2S, Rodersdorf, farmer. 
Jacob Wolf, 33, Wilganstein, farmer. 
Henry Afterbach, 2'>, AVitganstein, carpentei-. 
Margareth Micliels, 27, Gunstadt, servant girl. 
Anthony Sholze, 23, Nanenburgh, clerk. 
Henry Spate, 21, Nanenburgh, saddlei-. 
AVilliam Oesterling, 18, Mehrenhausen. tanner. 
Fred. AVm. Graf, 22, Niederwarholdern, tanner. 
Gerhard Benjn. AVitstach, 18, Amsterdam, clerk. 
Toby Shunheit. 21. Tiiringen, clerk. 
J. <'hristian King, 21, Liitzen, butcher. 
L. Mundhenke, wife i: 2 children, 20, I-'yrmoni, .shoemaker. 



Henry Muiidhenke, 32, Pyrinout, j^anlener. 

Lewis Mundlieuke, 20, Pyriiiout, shoemaker. 

Josepli Ciral)e, 19, Liigde, locksmith. 

John Wm. Ziigel, 21, Murhard, butcher. 

John Godlieb Krail, 22, Sulzbach, butcher. 

John Deivid Hafmann, 23, Edmanhausen, butcher. 

Lewis Laitenl)ertjer, 23, Kakenwesten. butcher. 

Andi'ew Miidenlind, 23, Unlervviederstiidt, miner. 

Andrew Brabender, 20, Rheinbreitbacli, miner. 

.John Peter f^raef, 27, Leinaltkirchen, iron melter. 

Joseph Beinarseck, 30, Boliemia, smith. 

C (TUternian & son, 44, Dickheim, smith. 

(jreorge Steiner, 23, Gutach, baker. 

John Pickel, 24, Lintz, tinker. 

John JacoV) Bauer, 25, Marbach, butcher. 

John Swegler, 25, Witzenliausen, gardener. 

Geo. .Tost, 24, OlTenbach, Viaker. 

Geo. Fred. Bhim & wife, 33, Marbach, weaver. 

Justina Streftin, 2(5, Sulzbach, servant girl. 

Jacob Dentler, 15, Bentelsbach, no trade yet. 

John Fred. Hess, 14, Shnaid, no tra<le yet. 

Eliz. Vol! & six children, 40, 

C. Henry Voll, 17, I 

Jn. Henry Voll, 14, ! 

Jn. Godlieb Vol], 12, )■ Kornwesrheim. 

Henrietta Voll, 10, 

Jn. Fred. Voll, 4, I 

Sophy Eliz. Voll, 2, 

John Fred. Walter, 57, Eslingen, blacksmith. 

Godlieb Gockeler, 15, Shnaid, no trade yet. 

J. G. Volmar, 15. Shnaid, no trade yet. 

Godfrey Sandsenbacher, 23, Marbach, butcher. 

Mathew Pleiz, 21, Steden, carpenter. 

Godlieb Chr. Grainer, 20, Ludwigsburg, needlemaker. 

Geo. Fredric Thum, 38, Backnang, woolen weaver. 

Jn. Leonliard Kirciiner, 35, RodenViurgh, skindresser. 

C Cath. Benzenhiiferin, 17, Stuttgard, servant girl. 

Juliana Frizin, 3(5, Backnang, servant girl. 

Fred. Leyer & wife, 23, Breunigswiler, linen weaver. 

John Shaubel, 24, Marbach, locksmith. 

George Shauliel, 22, Marbach, turner. 

Christian BanshaiT, 3fi, Cornwestheim, gardener. 

Matthew Leible, 24, Hosselwardt, shoemaker. 

John Jacob Fisher, 10, Kronbach, shoemaker. 

John Wacker, 18, Hosselwardt, taylor. 

Jo. Chr. Klotz, wife <S: 1 child, 38, Marbacli, taylor. 


Henry Chr. Eckhiirdt, IS', i\iiii-b;icli. soapboiler. 

El). ("!i. Bauer (Ji; wife, oT, Marl)jicli, biuclier. 

Burkh F. Vof^el, 20, Fisliinj^en, butrtier. 

(xeo. Frml Hau.^ser, 22, Marbaeli, butcliei-. 

John Mozer, 22, Sreden, Ijutclier 

Cliai'ies Haiwadt, 2<J, Ecksten, slioeniaker. 

(ietrud RicliTern, oS, Manheini, wonmu cirok. 

John Godf. Wiirlein, 3.5, jSiirdlin^'en, butcher. 

Chr. (fodl. Gscheidle, 21, Grossliohren, l>inclier. 

AVie^and Kurtz, 20, Didderhausen, (•aii)ent er. 

J. F. Kock, ;'3, Hanielu, butcher. 

('atharine Leizin, 24, Ludwi^sliuru:, ser\;un ^iri. 

J. C. Mohr ic two chihiren. 

M. H. "Winkel, uife & 1 child, 40, Eiinith, 1)aker. 

Aug. Ferdinand Rainniann, o2, Berlin, turner. 

Micliel Hofstetter, 2."3, JSordlingen, nierchant. 

Jo. Geo. Shaetter, 23, Carbaeh, taylor. 

John Henry Kesling, 18, Hande, no trade yet 

John Wilhelm, 2o, Aran, butcher. 

Hendrejetta Wesselniann, 24, Belisten, .servant f,nr]. 

C. van der An, Avife & 1 child, 87, Fulda, tutor. 

Dorothea Smith, 24, Am.sterdani, servant <?irl. 

Godf. Henry Volkniar, 30, (roslar, coppersmith. 

Chr. Lewis Frank, 2o, Koenif^slirun, locksmith 

Jacob Knoes, 28, Riisselheim, baker. 

Jacob Smith, 33, Dirkheim, 1)aker. 

Bernard Midler, 23, Wiirzbur-,', sus]>eiider maker. 

Jacob V'yl, 12, Amsterdam, no traile yet 

John Gavelt, 29, Amsterdam, clerk. 

Philip Wm. Hartel, 20, Guttingen, book binder. 

John Aug. Borstorf, 20, Ma^'debur^'. carpenter. 

Dorothea Mundhenk, 22, Pyrmont, seamstress. 

Mary Chr. Humannsen, 20, Fsiniren. seamstres.s. 

Godlieb Hammer, 10, 

Christina Hammer, 12, Schnaid, no trade yet. 

Godfry Hammer, 8, i 

R. Frederika Tochterman, 32, i 

Chihlr. Frederika Tochterman, 12, 

_ ., ,\birliacn. 

Conrad Tochterman, ^. , 

Godfry Tochterman, 7, 

Frederika Cressinann, 32, Marbach. 

John Staufer, 27, Laiselheim, miller. 

Henry Staufer, 28, Laiselheim, miller. 

Henry Znrcher, 2~>, Delfeld. miller. 

John Winklar, 21, Horn, farmer. 

^'icolaus Shaub, 20, Listhal, servant. 



Susan Shaub, 22, Listhal, servant ^irl. 

Petei- Smith »t wife, 32, Montelmiier, doctor. 

Ferdinand Teniine, 46, Brunswick, professor of learning. 

John Rudolpli Cfrote, wife and two children, 50, Osnaliruck, 

Christian Heydorn, 20, Pyrmont, watchmaker. 

List of Passengkrs Arrivkd at the Port of PhilapeIv- 
PHiA, on Board the Ship Three Sisters, Capt. Haas- 
loop, from Tonningen. January 5. 1808. 

Catharine Leinpert, his wife, 
Peter, their son, 
Friedr. Wilhelni Bainhrecht, 
Maria Sophia Auge, his wife, 
Wilhelmina, their daughter, 
J. Valentin, their son, 

Johannes Leinpert, 
Catharine, their daughter, 
George, their son, 
Henr. Auge, 

Mar. Field, their daughter, 
Henrietta, their daughter, 
Reinhardt, their son, 
■ Christian tVieir son, 
Anna Clara Wahl, his wife, 
Kunigunte, their daughter, 
Anna Webern Krug, his wift-, 
Elisabeth Kluben, 
Conrad Jaeger, 
Dominico Marete 
Jean G-hio, 

Friedr. Wilhelm Seucke, 
George Richter, 
Heinr. Keil, 

Gertrude, their daughter, 
David Hirschfeld, 

H enrich, their son, 
Melchior Wahl, 
Heinrich, their son, 
Johannes Krug, 
Elisabeth, their daughter 
]S^icholaus Matheus, 
Augustin Ghion, 
Geo. Balister Zenore, 
Johann Andreas Schaub, 
Johann Frie<lr. Seucke, 
George Koch, 

Anna Margar Keil, his wife, 
Johann Muller, 
Johann J^unckel, 

Johann George Speiss and his wife, 

G. Carl Zeidler, 
Wendelin Baunigarten, 
Friedr. Maertens, 
Heinr. Brandes, 
Johann Schmidt, 
Heinr. Freiderike, his wife, 
Carl, their son, 
Frledi, theii- son. 
Christine Ganiseu, 
John Georg Unger. 

Benjamin Beckenbaok, 
Carlo Balck, 
August Maertens, 
J. H. Machle, 
Johannes Feillmann, 
Hanchon, their daughter, 
Wilhelm, their son, 
Johann Ignatz Wegener, 
Casper Lindguist, 
AVilhelm Branat, 


Carl Luilwi}^ Eifei't, ilciu. Albeit Han iiiann, 

(-reorge Heine, Joh. Heiiir. Ulim, 

Ohri^tiau Seitz, Andreas Hollman, 

Catharina Strieker, Hinrich Mollei-. 

Anna Catharina. liis wife, Elisabeth, theii- daughter, 

CI. Wottlieb, their son, Wilhelni Hanehe, 

Maria Catharina,, his mother, Heinrich, his -son, 

(Jatharina, liis daughter, Anna Cordes, 

Johann Danl. Haache, Otto Hein Ileinseiuann. 

Joh. Conrad Lahrs, Herman Klamp, 

John Henr. Renter, Christian Nool, 

Hinrich Prietag, August Muller, 

Numsen. Went, 

Luhne, Doctor Dode, 

Friedrick tSienzenberch, Joli. Dottier Saxe, 

Arnd. Harms. .Toaelim <Trevisniuhl, 
Nifliolas Schroder, two infant children. 





\ / 





? ^' 




{f/ 1^^ ^^!p 


[The followiii}^ Index has been jn-epared with a great deal of 
care. Owing to tiie wretched cliirography in the original- and 
worse spelling, those referring to the Index, will not find j)er- 
chance every variety of orthography given in tlie lists of ininii- 
grants. ] 

Aam, 58, 59 

Aaroad, 85 

Abrams, 523, 568, 580, 626, 646 

Abersolt, 8 

Aberlee, 8, 114. 117 

Ablia, 14,273 

Abaraat, 17 

Able, 58. 62, 63, 65, 85, 178, 179, 449 

Abertnan, 66. 67 

Abia, 163 

A bach lender, 447 

Abzira, 571 

Abiarius, 170 

Abt, 285, 642 

Abeadschone, 305 

Aberhalter, 314 

Abert. 338 

Abach. 394 

Abclman, 445 

Aberthal, 470 

Abzeiger. 477 

Abcrthner, 509 

Abale, 636 

Aboult, 661 

Ackhordea, 20, 

Acker. 62. 63. 64, 144, 181, 290, 309, 

452. 479, 584 
Ackeritt. 183 
Ackell. 210 
Achtung 267 
Achser. 288 

Achenbacher, 294, 408, 410, 442 
Ackermaii. 309. 315, 324, 325. 389 

497, 498 
Ache. 355. 661 

Acord, 416 

Aclifbai'h. 449. 493, 563 

Achc'ii. ')13, W)j 

Adam. 8, 75, 77, 79, 81, 184, 1H6, 188, 201, 
202, 22:;, 225. 259, 263. 264, 287, 30A 303, 
328, 339. 340. 3.-)7. 36.^). 385, 3<t0, 392, 395, 
431, 451, 466, 479. 512, 518, 622 

Adest, 12 

Adolph. 1&5. 397, 585 

Adich, 191 

Adelman. 322, 376 

Adrian, 367 

AdelberKcr, 387, 389 

Adelbtrt, 477 ... 

Adlt-r. 510. .■i27 

Aflbrugt, 8 

Aogender, 28 

Acngrne, 122 

Aeuchie, 447 

Aescher, 486 

Allerbiich, 557 

Affer, 60 

Affterbach, 493. 600. 66:1 

Ajrenback. 163 

ARh. 265 
407. Atrtuug. 268 

Apricola, 455 

AKtorman, 662 

Ahrcns, :{78, ;{83. 527, 612 

Ahlbach, 109. 110. 112. 113.351 

Ahlas. 210. 
^ Ahl. 2:e, 417. .508, 591 
401, Ahlborn, 415, 416, 417 

Ahncr. 815. 349 

Ablem. 339 



Ahter, 369 

Ahrehdorf, 419 

Abr. 516 

Aildens, 548 

Akers, 71 

Akerman, 171, 269 
■^ A is, 499 

Alstadt, 16, 17, 483 

Albert, 28, 30, 31, 32, 65, 135. 181, 355, 334, 
375, 386, 438, 450, 453, 481, 537, 639 

Althaus, 30, 306, 484, 511, 599 

Albrecht, 36, 40, 42, 51, 73, 73, 74, 115. 142, 
143, 145, 151, 212, 313, 314, 340, 354, 284, 
317, 324, 325, 333, 345, 361, 366, 382. 383, 
398, 400, 404, 480, 481, 483, 503, 616, 628 

Aldorflfer. 38, 40, 75, 76, 236, 244 

Albreth, 44, 48, 437 

Aldrich, 46 

Altlandt, 127, 130 
^ Altenberger, 139 

Alsback, 159, 160. 358, 456, 460 

Alt, 162, 347. 430, 449, 456, 561, 614 

Altonius, 195, 196 

Aldamos, 197 

Alwine, 215 

Aimers, 227 

Albenacht, 240 

Althen, 240, 269 

Alden, 241 

ADeman, 261, 290, 356, 370, 393, 394, 428, 
464, 508, 555 

Allert, 279, 286. 351, 357, 379, 386, 399, 432 

Altvatter, 461, 475 

Altschuh, 466 

Albertol, 480 

Alison. 491 

Aiar, 533 

Allof, 553 
Alterman, 534, 674 

Albertus, 530 

Alius, 283, 305 

Alteck, 284 

Alder, 288, 329, 380, 381 

Alisch, 432, 641 
-^ Altman, 289 

Alteneck, 289 

Altrieth. 305, 345 

Aimbach, 314 

Alger, 329 

Alien. 335, 378, 653 

Altendorflf, 348 

Aiburger. 351,371 

Altheer, 355, 458 

Altig, 359 

Alp, 361 


Altboi, 375 

Alher, 387, 389 

Alex, 389 

Althart, 442 

Aiisbach, 476 . 

Aigeier, 483 / 

Aitefried, 493 

Allmendinger, 533 

Aiibring, 641 

Alters, 590 

Aim, 611 

Alexander, 612 

Aihis, 637. 659, 660 

Aikewhen, 649 

Alfey, 661 

Araweg, 18, 19, 139, 486 

Ammon, 20, 111. 116, 347,407,408, 442,449 

Amend, 45, 340, Ui2, 348. 568, 634 

Ambrose 70,71,467 

Amandus, 121. 123 

Ambruster, 148, 150, 543 

Ambright, 171, 173 

Ammos, 208, 377, 457 

Amiieiser, 269 

Ammer, 278. 653 

Ammann, 299, 458 

Ampei, 314 

Ammich, 323 

Ameion, 393 

Amacher, 428, 478 

Amrein, 445 

Anspacli, 7, 152. 154. 228. 480, 532, 533. 587 

Andres, 11, 20, 37, 39. 198, 199, 350, 351, 361, 

301, 330, 333, 346, 350, 363, 403, 404, 433, 

436, 437, 514, 523, 629, 571 
Angeiberger, 91 93 
Angubrant, 20 
Anseit, 83, 84, 349, 359 
Ang8t«t, 94, 95, 97 
Andericla, 98, 347. 642 
Ander, 107, 108, 139, 222, 224, 226 
Aner, 113. 114, 116 
Anganie, 125 
Anderoler, 430 
Ansparger, 143 
Andich, 147, 160 
Angst, 181. 182, 267, 268, 385, 439 
Anard, 181, 184 
Angeii, 303, 237, 238 
Antonie, 130, 211, 213, 215, 268, 289, 424, 

425, 487, 533, 653 
y/ Antes, 316, 317,262 
' Anne. 350, 285, 572, 648 
Anthon, 253, 319, 466 
Andereg, 604 
Anson, 611 
Anolser, 646 



Aiulrc'iiser, 647 

Anncshuiislj-, 653 

Ande. 5<J7 

Angiiy, 256, 385 

Anstutt. 2(i0, 293 

Anmuller, 328 

Anhorn, 341 

Aiistcin. 342 

AnKcrle, 357 

ADgermeyer, 361 

Aunerle. 370 

Antel, 375 

Anacher, 409 

Ansthoch, 432 

Angold, 436 

Antheis, 450 

Anwaldt, 454 

Anters, 537 

Andrewsen, 548 

Antoinede, 593 

Appeldoorne, 574 

Aplin, 23 

Appel. 48. 52, 73. 74. 100, 115, 124, 139, 140 

241,295. 480, 4!)8. 524, 578 
Apgard, 110 
Apely. 182 
April, 641 

Apflel, 266. 267. 463, 484, 500 
App, 348 
Appach, 393 
Aplizner. 53} 
Arldnold, 8 
Arnet 9 
Arent 26. 27 28, 85, 86, 89, 90, 301, 382. 

384. 391, 459, 514 
Artz, 57, 58. 61. 343 
Artger, 109 

Arnold. 140. 176. 177, 195, 197, 209, 227. 
259.303,312,330. 333." 342. 3.-)0. 356, 38U, 
381, 411. 412, 440, 447, 456, 47.5. 490. 501, 
510. 529, 535, 590, 662 
Arth, 198 

Armbriest, 222. 223. 621 
Arburghcr 224 
Arrwa, 230 
Arraurast. 253, 294 
Armrestcr, 259 
Arntbergrer. 450 
Arnsterger, 473 
Armenbefer, 488 
Arndt, 269, 276, 340, 387, 489, 507 
Arb, 314 

Arbengast, 328. 337 
A r belter, 32<t. 502 
Arrabuster, 342. a58, 362, 441, 653 
Arries. 363, 364 
Archbiss, 365 

Arnst, 379 
Arm in, 387 
Armeson. 387 
Arndorff. 418 
Armbemer, 438 
Artman, 473 
Arcularius, fiOi 
Arbor, 52;? 
Arenboltz, ,563 
Armstrong, 6L0 
Arml'elt, 6;it! 
Arperman, 6(i0 
Asbecbe, 140 
Asper, 168, 169 
Aschenbreuner, ;!0u, 206 
Aseby, 213 
Asseloer, 377 
Aswalt, 406, 
Ash, 429 
Ab, 4:33 
Asbman. 443 
Asterbacb. 476 
Astimer, 512 
Aspell, 597 
Atler. 21. 120 
Atterley, 120 
Attick. 191 
Aterholt, 378 
Atten. 453 
Atstatt, 519 
Atz, 614, 615 
Att, 614 
Augen. 41 
Augmon. 5) 
Auterbach. 62 
AuUcnbacliLT. 91. 1.32. 133 
Aut, 169 
Aubcl, 214 

August.228. 371.555. 637 
Auber. 299 
Aiiiunllcr. 310. 440 
Ausbacb, 316 
Aubie. 569 

Augenstoin. 340. 349. 350 
Augeiiscnwfller, 371 
Auer. 386.416. Mi 
Aushenech, 40ti 
Aurandt. 417 419.510 
Auliage. 426, 427 
Auger. 442 
Au. 468.' 5 16 
Augustinus. 478. 479 
Auchmann. 479 
Aulhorn. .549 
Auiiay. 572 
Aubcrte. 573 
Aull. 637 — ^ 



Auge, bt)6 
Avier. 66 
Aven, 393 
Aweiss, 314 

Axer, Zi3 
Ax, ~'40, 241 
Azony, 550 

Bausset. 628 
Bardesrosin, 628 
Baden. 637, 661 
Bartels, 641 
Bahnmuller, 643 
Banscli, 647 
Bark, 647 

Baraesbersrer, 651,652 
Bastert. 658 
Bayman, V60 
Banshatr, 664 
Baiiihrecht, 666 
Barnietet. 490 
Bachueid, 494 
Bay, 499 
Bauley, 499 
Bardeck, 502 
Bahlsdorff, 503 
Bastig, 505 
Bashedich, 506 
Bardoe, 506 

artriim, 507 
Brtutz, 507 
B;illeiiberg-er, 511 
U.t^tiier. 512 
Barrera, 517 
Baii!<est, 525, 597 
Barleates, 536 

Bahner, 632 

Bdcsoh, 533 
Bamgat, 535, 536 
Bastrop, 541 
Baltasser, 641 
Baultin, 548 
Bartets, 548 
Uielileikirken, 561 
Bandholtz, 563 
Baxraan, 569 
Barman, 570 
Banecourt, 572 
Bargo, 575 
Barthen. 678 
Batmann, 594 
Barlies, 596 
Ban dele, 597 
Bayje, 605 
Barner, 605 
Banz, 609 
Bdlba, 613 
Bater, 613, 614 

Barter, 614 

Barteleme, 8, 147, 149. 153, 154. .58*; 
' -Balthes, 304, 417 
Baltz, 8, 48, 405^51(1 

Baer, 9, 13, 22, 23, 56, 69, 70, 71, l;36, 413, 414 
Baine, 10 
Baiimgardner, 16, 17, 38, 40. 49, 52, 126, 

127. 130, 139, 146, 234, 235. 301, 305, 308, 

363, 599, 666 
Bar, 12, 70, 194, 234, 344, 245, 256. 257, 283, 

287. 300, 307, 314, 337, a58, 427, 451. 477 
Balk, 15, 660 
Bants, 15, 4!:4, 525, 608 
Bastian, 10. 17, 48, 50, 51. 239, 303, 311, 

344, 361, 455, 492, 500, 507, 609 
Bach, 16, 17, 147, 151, 166, -iS.'), 188, 189, 

203, 282, 325, 307. 372, 387, 483. 488. 493, 

Bayly, 19, 275 
Bader, 20. 159, 181, 252, 308, a56, 305, 372, 

375, 385. 444. 618 
Barth, 22, 85, 87, 121, 147, 169, 188, 228, 

293, 303, 469 
Barbra, 23 
Babenmeyer, 34 
Barsch, 28, 602 
Bahn, 38. 30. 505 
Bankaulf. 30 
Balmer, 38, 40, 108, 371, 500 
Balsbach, 38, 40, 3:30, 617 
Batz, 45, 255, 398, 315. 405, 510, 646 
Bartholomus, 46, 93, 152, 176, 177, 208, 

245, 399, 401, 449, 464, 517, 518 
Baum, 48, 132, 134. 245, 263, 264, 322, 33l, 

341, 348, 350, 362, 398, 462, 460, 467, 501, 

628, 646 
Bawder, 48, .53 
Bast, .53, 53, 56, 57, 303, 312, 479, 513, 5*., 

Banhartman, 54 
Bartle, 57, 59, 304, 317, 459 
Baarsteyn, 63, 63 
Bau, 63, 488, 532 
Basler, 68, 69. 70. 307, 335, 336, 424, 435. 

450, 619 
Ball, 69 

Basserer. 70, 304 
Badner, 70 

Bausser, 94, 95, 96, 296 
Bansche, 108 
Barl, 117 



Basel, 121. 124.23!.4r.5 

Battoiibers:, 2!t2 

Bab, 12'.'. 125, 256, 290, :m, 615 

BanRert, 293, 613 

- Uauman, 127. 12',t, 141, 154, 182. 



IJachart, 300 

256, 257. 271, 2t<l. 283, 21)3, 300, 



Ballert, 303 

o49, 352, 364. 367, 369, 375. 406, 



B.ilbierer, 311 

457. 481. 494. 505, 509. 511. 525. 



Bauersaclis. 31::, 4(t9 

558, 631 

IJastoumc.^'cr, 31:! 

Backer. 133. 149, 193. 202, 220, 



Balsam, 314 

341. 355, 370. 377. 400. 451. 577. 


Bauinger. 314 

Bart bold, 141,261,273,317 

BaycrleJn. 462 

Balieu, 151 

liattenfeld. 317. 318 

Battelm, 152 

Hartsch. 322, 481 

Bah ret, 150, 157 

IJaudemont, 324 

Bareble. 157 

Harthnes, 332 

Bald. 171, 388, 408, 531, 532. 557. 



Bass, 3:i2, 42',t 

503, 591, 592 

Bauerman, 336 

Baldesber<rer, 17s, 179, 2;!5. 309 

Bausum, SW 

Barlin, 179 

Badenheimer, 340, 378, 414 

Bartz, 181 

Baisch, 344. 345, 361, 628 

Baumer, 181. 182.414 

Bautmand, 345 

Bauehler. 181, 183. 191 

Barringer, 35:i 

— Bachraan. I- ,. 182. 183. 232. 2:34. 



Baltzer, 356, 358, 439, 480, 501, 609 

385.398.399.416, 417, 44.;, 452, 



Bartruff, 356 

495. alO, 537, 594 

Baltzly, 360 

Banin^er, 182, 405 

Bauerschmeid, 362 

Baiissiuan. 256, 200, 269, 451. 470 

, 58") 

Barron, 362, 388 

Bartniaii, 184, 18.5. 180. 2;«J, 448, 


Batram, 373 

Baker, 189, 241. 245. 250. 366, 378, 



Bartuss, 373 

422, 551. ?,%, 651, 658, 001 

Backofen, 370, 429 ~^ 

Baugh, 193 ' 

Barthals, 378, 379 

Bayos, 21! 

Barb, 378 

Baal, 216, 218 

Baitdauss, 431 

Bak, 222. 26.5. 206. 370 

Balme, 380 

Barj^er. 233 

Baptiste. ;198. 412, 491, 496, 500 

Bang, 233. 327. 525 

Banser, 399 

Bauerdt, 234 

Banner, 407 

Barbas, 239 

Bate, 410 

Bantlin, 239. 34'.> 

Bamell, 414 

Bartheus. 245 

Baltof, 419 

Backastos, 247 

Bauermeister, 426, 427 

Baker8oai, 248 


Bauraberjjcr. 259 

Barberat, 42s 

Bangwer, 269 

Bartenbacli, 437 

Baron. 261. 476 

Batziuss, 4.39 

Baumg-ertel, 26.3 

Haumling, 443 

Bassernian. 263. 264. 260. 207. 441 

1, ,505 

Barren, 443 

Bartjes, 268, .523 

lUnnot, 449 

Banid, 266 

Barkel, 450 

Barr, 283. 292 

Bantor, 453 

Bart, 283, 311. 428, .56:1 

Backrack, 453 

Bacbner. 284. 289. 292. :>;7 

Balizel. 450 

liauerle. 2W, ;5:i:i 

Bandelo, 458 

Bauertz. 28.5. 2M' 

Bartscherer, 403 

Bath. 286. 302. .36!< 


-fiaier. 288. 2<.t4. 299, 306. ;545. .50(1 

Bickle. 464 

Bauss. 289. 368. 371. 510 

Bausch. 467, 510 

4:l-VuL. XVII. 

I 074 


Bauraant, 467 
BattiDger, 483 
Baucher, 483, 509 

Bauer, H, 47, 48, 51, 91, 13C, 138, 152, 
187, 213, 224, 22^^ 231, 240, 244, 246, 
277, 287, 292, ;»7. 298, 3U0, 308. 311, 
313, 314, 3aX'321, 326, 329, 332, 335. 
343, 344. 3M, 356,358, 359, 360, 361, 
360,309^370,371,373. 375. 370.380, 
385, 387, 395. 396, 397. 400, 405. 428, 
435^ 436, 440. 459. 460. 465, 470. 472, 
4T9, 482, 487, 489, 503, 512, 515, 516, 

/'591, 596, 003, 608, 035. 639, 641, 655, 
/ 664,665 

Beller, 7, 44 

Bender, 8, 9, 18, 24. 25. 37, 39, 41, 43, 69, 
167, 172. 191. 198. 219. 227, 246, 209. 
290, 297, 302, 304, 309, 317, 324, 325, 
334, 335, 339, 359, 370, 373, 435, 442, 
458, 470, 471, 474, 487. 577, 597 

Herret. 738 

Beed, 12, 372 

Belli, 7. 171 

Bessener, 604 

Bemer, 12, 363, 377, 378, 418 

Bente, 12 

Bechtell, 13, 42. 69, 167, 246, 353, 495, 

BcQcker. 12. 13. 415 

Becholt. 146. 148. 151. 163, 311, 411. 41 

Benlie, 13 

BeliU, 14, 277 

Bengel, 14 

Beigel, 14, 121, 123, 466, 576 

Berbisdorfif, 14 

Bergenstott, 14 

Beerger, 44 

Beagleson, 17 

Resh, 141, 292 

BeiUer, 18. 19. 199, 552 

Beecher, 18, 238, 331, 468 

Barer, 25 

Bergstrosser 20. 542 

Beyeren. 27, 47 

IJenninger, 31, 171, 190,191 

Beylmeyer, 34 

Behn, 37, 48. 49. 555 

Beclie. 37. 42 

Behlerdt. 37, 39, 41 

Beudler, 37 

Bergheimer, 37, 39, 42. 43 

Bernheisel, 38, 40, 277 

Beerett, 40, 42. 44 

Bendler. 37. 38. 39. 41 

Bel gen. 46 

Beats. 46, 47, 301 

Beer, 48, 130, 14>'<, 204, 217, 341, 502 

Besicker, 53, 85, 87 

Berlett, 53, 55 

Bezengreen, 56 

Bennech, 60, 61, 317 


Berne, 62, 64, 479 


Bentz, 62, 69, 117, 146, 105, 204, 263, 291, 



352. 369. 370. 414. 489, Ml. 590, 636 


Belsner 08. 69. ITO 


Beyerle. 69, 178, 179. 349, 368. 432, 444. 



491. 497. 516 


Beser. 69, 190, 460 


Beetel, 69. 204 


Betterman. 71 


Bever. 74. 211. 212 

Beissel. 75. 141. 209. 281. 299, 563 

Beter, 75, 183, 291 


Benke, 86, 88 


Bengtal. 88 


Beigler, 92, 93, 94, 95, 207 _ _- 


Beck, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 165, 170, 195, 


200,201.235, 258, 361, 270,273,379, 


297, 398, 303, 306, 307, 315, 319, 336, 


331, 333, 334, 337, 350, 351. 353, 359, 


365, 371,376. 385. 391. 393. 395, 397, 


400, 405, 411, 412, 434. 435. 430, 437 


459. 466, 481, 493, 500. 507. 510.543. 


578. 604, 638, 641, 648, &58. 663 


Bewser, 95. 90. 97 

Berkel, 100, 101. 102, IhS. 340. 459 


Beil, 109. 358. 200. 315, 305, 438 

Beuell, 110 

Bechtler. 112, 276, 460 

Beuler, 112, 141 

Beust, 112 

Besher, 113 

Beitert, 137, 128 

Bernhart, 140, 142, iri, 152, 153, 155 


308, 210, 213. 252, 376, 384, 388. 313 


328, 329, 346, 352, 358, 361, 362. 363 


387, 428, 432, ^i9, 442. 449. 454. 457. 


479, 488, 510, 514, 518, 596. 603, 604 

Beltzer, 143, 144. 360 

Best. 147. 150, 348. 486 

Berntz. 147, 149 

Berrier, 155 

Benedict. 155. 156. 233. 296. 548 

Benner. 159, 176. 177. 192. 240. 306. 307 


322. 341, 443, 476, 497. 498. 529. 645 

Berkman, 164, 338, 377. 331, 437, 456 


516, 552, 594 

Bedsheller, 164 

Beeiman, 165 

Beger, 16ti 

Becherer, 170 

Been, 171 

Bonebender, 171 

Bergner, 171 

Bear, 354. 326 




Ber, 358, 282. 429. 452 
Beysely, 258 
Bebig'hausen. 260 

Lietz,2t>i. 262, 315, ;«o. ;m. ^50. m:. 40*;. 

4:it). 4GI, 473. 502, 50J, 5o0. o4U, iMo 
Herges, 207, 497. 540. 
Bettentorfer, 269 
Berytol, 270. 281 
Bestel, 276,609 
Beier, 277, 2iK) 
Beutler, 2t;0, a53 
Beisbecker, 286 
Benoit, 390 
Beiber. 290 
Bebele, 295 
Bsischail, 296 
Bergdeller. 296 
Besselathe. 299 
Bechner, 302 
B.'unius, 302 
Besmer, 307 
Benix. 415 
Bensell, 311. 353 
BeensLv, 313 
Bercher, 313 
Bertscb, 317. 331. 344, 451. 469, 479. 502. 619. 

Bernauer, 317 
Betzler. 318 
Bele, 324, 348 
Beltin»er, 425 
Bertholt,322, 364 
Berniaeer, 323, 469 "' 
Berg, 326, 329, 346, 383, 465, 490. 494, 543. 

587, 591, 656. 661 
Beckle, 328. 384, 465 
Benighoff, 336. 337, 398, 401 
BeilsteiD, :339. 487 
Beniger, 342, 352 
Berlib, 342 
Beuttel, 345 

Beckenbach. 347. 384, 666 
Befaning. 352 
Bersey. 354 
Berner. 357, 575, 576 
Beiltel, 358 

Beintzighoffcr, 361 -' 
Beltzhiiber, 3tU 
Beuschlein, 372 
Berghan, 374, 612 
Beggari, 380 
Berbericli.380, 381 
Behe, 382 
Besen, 38:! 
Behering. 391 
Bettel. 397 

Bc'ttin}.M'r. 398. 401) 

iJeckurmann. 402 

BcTkslieirs. 406 

Bet its. 407. 455 

Bernhutter, 418 

Beltz, 426, 427, 434. 498, 5ty, 620 

B'irkk'v, 427 

Belle, 428, 545 

Bet her. 431 

Behre, 433. 444. 4".6, 471. 474 

Bestercs, 434 

Bersding. 435 

Beckeiihaub. 4;!6 

Bercheim, 442 

BeinoUer, 456 

Beyermeister. 463 

Becker. 18.' 19, 58,' 59. 62. 65. 8! 
131, 132, 133. 135. 142, 143, 144, 
187, 189. 200, 291. 202, 2W. 2^0. 
216. 219, 233, 237, 2B8, 2«9. 269, 
287, 2(i8, 297, 298, 30(, 30^. 315. 
323, 32 <^ 340,. 356. 358. 359, 363, 
375,-413, 414, 415. 421. 422. 433. 
440, 442, 454. 4.5.5. 45t;. 457. 464. 
473, 475, 476, 477, 487, 490, 4d2, 
507. 508, 509^13. 'STQ.'jW,, 527, 
539, !y69, 576r5S2, .59Ji_51'2. 596,' 
622. 625, 627*, 640 

Bokeiine, 478 

Beit, 469 

Bethgiss. 471 

Bei.xitech. 472 

Beuujaciiues. 474 

Benneburg. 480 

Beuckler. 481 

Beane. 483. 518. 541 

Berentz. 483. 605 

Bernet. 490 

Bessinper, 492 

Bergthal. 502 

Beheling. 509 

Bettman, 515 

Beaufort, 518 

Berenger, 523 

Bettig, 524 

Berenlorcn, 525 

Berstiend. 532 

Bertram. 537. 660 

Benade, 538. 554 

Ben eke. 641 

Bedtlof. 542 

Beutel. 546 

Bewyr, 546 

Berthoud, .548 

Belk. 551 

Berler. 554 

BckiDg, 555 

i. 86. 90, 
147, 185, 
213, 214, 
284. 286. 
364. 370, ' 
435. 436. 
467, 469^ 
4'vr. 499. 
Ml. 5:J7, 
*608. 611. 



BeCilow, 562 
Benttern, 563 
Benthin, 569 
Bellejarde. 571 
Belzan, bTZ 
Belle%'re, 573 
Berard, 573 
Bedane, 573 
Benen, 575 
Beytusz. 580 
Beuscliel. 583 
Beech, 583 
Beg'ener, 589, 646 
Berkenhauer, ^(K) 
Beu.iwort. 591 
Berz,606, 661 
Below, 645 
Bendix, 647 
Bemant, 647 
Bentell. 649 
Beiaarseek, 664 
Benzenhat'eriu, 664 
Becket, 60"> 
Berht, 606 
Beltys, 608 

Beitzil, 60S 

Bertels. 610 

Beyersdorff, 612 

Berber, 613 

Bey, 614 

Benzenhotter, 61S 

Bedinger, 643 

Besson, 643 

Benfer, 644 

Beem, 171, 339, 319 

Benss, 173 

Berian, 175 

Beringcr, 176, 177, 244, 372. 331, S32, 395, 
397, 440 

Besa, 176, 177 

Berlin, 178, 179 

Better, 181, 606 

Bederie. 18-5 

Bi-terey, 188 — 

Bever,15,36, 27, 28. 30, 31, 32, 33. 48, 49, 
51, 92. 131, 133, 135, 131, 146. 147, 148, 
149, 150, 151. 171, 185. 196. 307. 310, 319, 
237. 338, 244. 258, 309. 310, 336, 330. 351, 
862', 375, 383, 384. 479. 495, 498, 501. 515. 
516. 580, 611 

Beiker, 188 

Beueriles. 193. 444 
Beckeles, 196 

Berger. 198. 199. 231. 250. 318. 319, 341, 
•368.369,371, 380, 386, 398, 401. 431. 441, 
496, 500, 560, 602, 603 

Berckhyser, 196, 406, 657 
Betzer, 198, 301, 424. 435 
Becht. 201, 338. 377, 431 
Behler, 313, 277, 303, 415, 438, 475 
BendrlQg. 221 
Begly, 324, 235 
Bertz, 327, 293, 304 
Bergerhoff. 227 
Berentselier, 228, 337 
Bermes, 337 
Boiitli. 237 

Bentzinger, 343, 245. 358 
Beerlie. 249 
Besenger, 2.50 
Benodes. 251 
Biecheler, 440, 468, 554 
Bingeman. 434, 466 
Bisecker. 259 -- 
Bitterwein. 267 
Bieringer. 273 
Bintzel, 377. 385 
Birkenbeln, 3&5. 31.5, 377 
Biedman, 387,391,470, 480 
Blrschart. 388 

Biffer. 391 

Biedenmuth. 392 

Birker. 304 

Bigler. 353 305. 343. 347. 389, 475 

Binner, 305, 438, 45 i 

Birn, 306 

Bitsferker, 314 

Bimmesdorfer, 314 

Birkee. 446. 473 

Bilhinger. 434, 435 

Billbeiraer, 318 

Bitzer, 334, 365 

Biebler. 333 

Bininger, 333, 632 

Bitiiiger. 337 

Bieboh, 338, 339 

Bind, 345 

Bieg, 346 

Bitilion, 348 

Bierbauer, 359 

Bietrighoffer, 363 

BiS3el, 363, 408 

Bideljung, 366 

Billingesleben, 379 

Bishopberger, 381 

Birckelbach, 493. 513, 535, 555 

Bienteliieimer, 47u 

Bitiman, 469 

Bittonll, 451 

Bingler, 504 

Biegel, 506 
Birstodt. 500 
Biehzer, 509 

I . 



Bibeliup. 523 
Bindlaub. 525 
Birkborch, 531 
Bildcrback. 570 
Bissea, 5;<> 
Bioie. bW< 
niaixer. tXW, 604 
Mible, 605 
BilUioch. 612 
iiiechteler, 619 
Biser. 634 
Bidle, 634 
Bindel, 646 
Biss. 481 

Birchenmeyer. 448 
Bissbautz, 43(i 
Bigger, 434 

Biehel. 14. 139. 172. 173, 274. 318. 439 
Bmklee. 17. 127. 320 
Biswauger, 20 
Bittner. 20.207 

Bischoflf. 20. 27, 75. 76. 131. 134. 163. 185. 
186. 205. 200, 227. 259, 260. 202, 263. 349. 
407, 410, 460. 471 
Bihlrueier. 29, 65 
Biskin. 31 
Biry. 38. 39. 42 
Bicker, 53. .54. 379 
Bissacor, 56 
Bizauor. 57 
Bintnagel, 62. 65, 233 
Birstler, 63 
Billiper, 6<"., 338 
Birlf. 70 
Bittern, 79. ;337 
Billig. 100. 292. 352, 353 
Bin gel. 435. 438. 408 
liindshedcr, 115.243 
Bilman. 126. 128. 277. 352, 356 
Bickell. 131. 257 

Bier, 131, 133, 134, 219, 266, 267, 280, 327, 371 
-Biedinger, 132, 134 
Biler, 139, 143, 144, 159, 265, 311, 368 
Bin, 147, 149 
Bilder, 163. 189 
Bibighausc. 171. 172. 260, 494 
Bintz, 172,461 
Bialle, 173, 
Biover, 189 
Bick. 190, 391 
Bischon, 214, 3.50 
Bieghie, 225, 369, 273 
Binder, 231, 232, 2,5.3, 324. 438. 646 
Bieber. 252. 287, 290. 315, 327, 338. 373. 4t>. 

487, 603 
Bildhous. 252 
Bieren, 373 

Bittenbender, 253. 270 

Bloinen, 14 

IJloom. 14, 53, 54, 277, 337, 339, 351. ,587 

Blimm. 15 

Bleper, 21 

Blicher. 28. 30. 285, 3151, 354 

Blattnur, 28, 30, 31, ;i2. 190 

Blank, 85, 80, 278, .329, 346, 356, 357, 40i> 

445. 597. 652 
Bloinhauer, 72 
Blasin. 88 

Bliiser. 100. lol. 102, 188, 315. 320, 345 
Blueler. 117. 118 
Bleibtreu, 131 
Blawami. 144 
Bleeber. 172. 643 
Blcym. 190 
Bleistein. 191. 433 
Blestre. 192 
Bloy, 206 

Bloss. 232. ,302. 317. 451 
Bladiuan. 234. 2.J.. 
Blattenberger. 240 
Blechle, 255 
Blicke, 2,55. 3,57, 367 
Bleigestaufer. 257, 270, 273, 283, 4U 
Blactz. 20,5, 280 
Blumenscheich, 2b0. 316. 432 
Blecker. 377, 387. 398. 400. 4.J4. 449. 512 
Bloi. 290. 309 
Bleinifir. 300 
Blader. 310 
Blosser, 321 
Blankeuhorn, 321 
Blanch, 326. 513 
Bleich, 320. 424, 425. 430 
Blintzingor, SiO 
Block. 3;J2. 478. 489. 513 
Bliigaer. 335 
Blumeustein, 339. 600 
Blatt. 341 
Blessing. 360, 432 
Bleier, 430 

Blitz. 395. 397. 412. 420, 427. 401. 475 
Blocher, 402, 421. 482 
Bluiner. 304. 3!>9. 5;)7 
Blesmger. 344 
Bliciiendorfer, 414 
Bin 111, 306 
Blickingcr. 364 
Blanwart. 383,384 
Bleicbenbacber, 446 
Blihle. 447 
Blaasy:. 451. 475 
Blanckenbiller. 452. 4,53 
Blum. 458, 459, 480. 541, 555. 562. 6(53, 603. 

b48. 603, et;4 



B'leiniuger, 458 

Biodel, 470 

Bliimler, 480 

Blisch. 481 

Blankenburg, 483 

Blaiitsch. 485 

Blesch, 498 

Blankheim, 525 

Blaakenheimer, 525 

Blisser, 532 

Bloede, 536 

liloodhart, 552 

Blankard, 553 

Blumbach, 561 

Biumhost. 568 

Blanchard, 572. 629 

Blumen. 613 

Boynnand, 275 

Boserman, 276, 387 — 

Bohr. 283, 284, 311, 590 

BorR, 284 

Bosh, 285, 346, 367 

Bohiner. 282. 286, 317, 341, 393, 399, 413, 

417, 481, 593 
Borsen, 289, 354, 375 
Boiler, 294, 413, 531 
Bobe, 320 *■ 

Berth, 303, 467, ■ 
Bodemer, 304 
Bough. 311 
Bousm^^ M 

Bookenstihl. 321 

Borner, 322 

Bogus, 343 

Bodner, 386 

Bottger, 351, 503 

Bohrman, 351, 356, 386. 388, 511. 580, ,583 

Boaz, 357 

Bohneblutt, 363 

Bontaux, 368 

Bollinger, 376, 385, 481 

Botesmau, 376, 382. 383. 394 

Borgfeld, 382, 383 

Bolthauer, 382, 383 

IJockraaU. 382 


ite, 384, 385 
Boatamayer, 389 
Bolch, 394, 395, 396, 397 
Borell. 401 

Bohler, 40:'. 444, 476, 542 
Bondeli, 405, 406 
Bosoner, 414 
Bornheker, 419 
Bouthert, 428 
Borster, 434 

tiSi, 489, 531 

Bocheldt, 435, 436 
Bonjour, 440 
Boteschwag, 443 
Bolich, 450, 490 
Bomberg, 454 
Bodenstein. 462 
Boley, 470 
Bockreider, 472 
Borthlehr, 475 
Borie, 476. 614 
Bill, 478. 503 
Borntrager, 479 
Bodel. 481, 555 
Bolschuer, 483 
Bordele, 483 
Bonl, 484 
Bossinger, 492 
Borsch, 494 
Bottonfeld, 504 
Bodeker, 505 
Borelle, 506 
B )uig, 508 
B')emich, 508 
Bourquin, 510, 533 
Boz, 517, 605 
Botly, 523 
Booger, 523, 594 
Boden, 528, 600 
Bouzin, 533 - 
Boce. 533 
Bourben, 551 
Borett, 537 
Bottinger, 537 
Bonirs, 538 
Borrowdale, 539 
Bosdorfl, 543 
Bode, 549, 599, til6 
Bourdilloa, 549 
Booms, 553 
Bolb, 553 
BoysoD, 556 
Bond, 560, 646 
Bornemaan, ^Ql 
Boetzsch, 566, 567 
Bodevain, 567 
Boudier, 572 
Bondeker, 576 
Bockel, 577 
Bolze, 587 
Bookenhagen, 594 
Boysobo, 695 
Borts, 596 
Bozeto, 5% 
Bochlin. 603 
Borli, 603 
Bockhoart, 605 
Bocae. 606 



IJourm, 60(1 

IJochcn, 610 

Bosseck, 611 

Rohenner. 62"? 

lioehm, 625 

Boder, 626 

Bog-ener, 627 

Bose, 663 

Borkink. 657 

Borconue, 661 

Borstorff. 665 

Bowmau. 7, 11, 16, 17^ 36. 51. lUH. UU, U2^ 

143J44. 145. 157, 183, 18'J, 273, 21)2, 4U6, 

423, 42<t ^ 

Boorlins-cr. 10. 189. 327 
Bop-crt. 11. 25, 26. 3(j. 40. 42. 43. 44, 58. 59, 

237. 244. 252. 321. 378. 397. 440. 449. 595, 

BoUa. 12. 382 
Boot. 13 
Booy, 14 

Borst, 15, 16. 189. 477. 612 
Bossert, 18, 113. 115. 116. 118. 119. 144. 182, 

183. 247, 248, 259, 314, 344, 345, 407 
Bony, 18 

Bour.24. 46, 92, 93, 94, 146, 180, 187. 193, 213 
Bock, 28, 30, 33, 250, 303. 321, 331, 374, 399. 

409. 446. 447, 449. 489 
Boscliung. 28. 30. 31. 33. 72. 410. 412 
Bosher. 29 
Boeso. 29 

Bockle. 37. 38. 41. 42. 43. 429 
Bott, 48. 51. 237. 238, 239, 263, 264. 383. 434, 

Bonner. 48. 52.201. 203 
BoUen. 48. 288. 540 
Bowlong. 50 
Bossaker, 54 

Boucher. 55. 70. 124. 193, 290 
Bogarcn, .55 
Bortner. 58 
Boble, 61 ^ 
Bonet. 83. 84, 141, 310, 386, 388, 4.55. 507, 

BoDKbart, 88 
Bouk. 92 
Bover, 105 
Bonier. 112, 152, 441 
Botikofcr. 118 
Boher, 121.311 
Boon. 123. 552, ,553, 60i 
Books, 126, 12<t 
Bothner, 131, 13.3 
Born. 136, 137. 169, 20t, :i22, 38*;. 407, 45:. 

.563. 602 
Botzer. 142 
Bon, 145. 194, 335, 350. 512. 532 

Bouch. 146 

Boos, 152, 1,55. 159. 178. 179. 223. 

468. 519. 569 
Bobenheiser. 152, 1.54 
Bobing'er, I66 
Boret, 167, 229, 506 
Buuba. 169 
Bosveld, 172 
Bossier, 172. 173 
Bollraan. 178. 179 
Bolts. 179. 3.56. 435. 613 
BouKur. 183 
Boog-mau. 184. 236 
Bouton. 184 

Bohn. 232. 254, 255, 370, 512, 661 
Bosser. 198. 199. 234, 235, 361 
BoUenbachcr, 201 
Boush, 204, 270 
Bom bach. 205 
Bockejus. 210 
Bockney. 213, 215 
Boor, 216 
Boracker, 218 
Boorgcr. 222. 281, 408 
Bob, 223. 239 
Bolander. 223. 490 
Bower. 225. 236. 242. 248, 389. 399, 

6*! "^; 

Bopenmeier, 232 ■(. 
Bomo. 233 
Hoiiuier. 234 
B .Inn. 2:18. 259. 291. 294. 302, 310. 

351 369. 385. 413. 530, 532, 598 , 
Boingert, 238 
Botlertass, 2:19 
Bom, 345 

Bohner, 255, 259, 270, 271. 296. 42; 
Bosse, 2.59. 403. 428. 507, 516, 593 
BoomRirdle. 264 i.-u'^ 

fi'ihringer. 270. 344. 516. W+. 651 
Hoyer. 272, 595 
Bourbcr, 273 
Brulusher, 12. 13 
Brunner. 12. 13. 18. 36. 69. 70. 75. 

121. 122, 124, 181, m\ 243. 247. 

281. 289, 297, 313. 314. 318. 334, 

Brumra. 398. 400. 513 
Bradford. 19 
Brintuss. 21 
Braft. 21 
Breckcr. 21. 384 
Breliug. 24 
Brandt. 37, 38, 41 

125, 160, 189. 228 

383. 413. 414. 436. 485. 510. 518 

573. 580. .5^6. 011.647. G66 




49. ii2. 57. 58, 
229. 282. 332. 





Bruuingher, 28, 30, 33, 101, 102, 289.329