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Full text of "Names of registered nurses holding certificates permitting practice in Montana from January 1 ... to December 31 .."

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930 East Lyndale 
Helena* .Montana 


l ifUmEU 

Names of 

Registered Nurses 

Holding Certificates Permitting 
Practice In 


From January 1, 1950, Through 
December 31, 1950 


u 1 i 1 

State Board of Nurse Examiners 

State Capitol 
Helena, Montana 

3 0864 1006 5012 9 

Names of 

Registered Nurses 

Holding Certificates Permitting 
Practice In 


From January 1, 1950, Through 
December 31, 1950 

State Capitol 
Helena, Montana 


Anna Pearl Sherrick, R. N., Bozeman, President 
Sister M. Germaine, R. N., Havre, Secretary 
Sister M. Gerard, R. N., Lewistown 
Jane B. Stevenson, R. N., Missoula 
Marjory L. Wright, R. N., Great Falls 


Executive Secretary 
State Capitol 
Helena, Montana 


"The license of every person, licensed under the provisions of this 
act shall be annually renewed, except as hereinafter provided. On or 
before December 1st of year, the Board shall mail an application for 
renewal of license to every person whose license was renewed or to 
whom a license was issued during the current year. The applicant shall 
fill in the application blank and return it to the Board with a renewal fee 
of Two Dollars ($2.00) before January 1st, next. Upon receipt of the 
application and fee, the Board shall verify the accuracy of the application 
and issue to the applicant a certificate of renewal for the current year 
beginning January 1st and expiring December 31st, following. Such 
certificate of renewal shall render the holder thereof a legal practitioner 
for the period stated on the certificate of renewal, and shall be attached 
by the licensee to his or her license. 

Any licensee who allows his or her license to lapse by failing to 
renew the license as and within the time provided above, may be 
reinstated by the Board on satisfactory explanation for such failure to 
renew his or her license and on payment of a further fee of Two Dollars 
($2.00) in addition to the $2.00 annual renewal of license. 

A person practicing professional nursing during the time his or her 
license has lapsed shall be considered an illegal practitioner and shall 
be subject to the penalties provided for violation of this act. 

A person licensed under the provisions of this act desiring to retire 
from practice temporarily, shall send a written notice to the Board. Upon 
receipt of such notice the Board shall place the name of such person upon 
the non-practicing or inactive list. While remaining on such list the person 
shall not be subject to the payment of any renewal fees and shall not 
practice nursing in the state. When the person desires to resume practice, 
application for renewal of license and payment of renewal fee for the 
current year shall be made to the Board." 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 

Names of 


Holding Certificates Permitting Practice in Montana 
January 1, 1950 to December 31, 1950 


Number Name 

1785 Aaberg, Ella Graybeal 

A601 Aakhus, Maxine Monica 

4620 Aarthun, Shirley B. Solberg 

5963 Abenroth, Mary Louise 

A705 Abt, Evelyn Hedican 

A17 Ackerman, Frances Ardell 

4797 Adcox, Alice Hovde 

A18 Addington, Lois Margaret 

3380 Adler, Mary Walker 

705 Agee, Frances Vollmer 

5590 Agee, Geneva Evelyn 

A476 Airhart, Agnes M. Bugden 

1831 Akre, Catherine Tewey 

A788 Alavana, Dorothea Ethel 

A869 Albert, Evelyn Lorraine 

5352 Albert, Lucille E. Taliaferro 

A175 Albrecht, Marian Osborne 

6156 Albright, Barbara E. Keeler 

4206 Albright, Dorothy Crotty 

3312 Albright, Rose Wolfe 

A328 Albus, Dolly Marie Miller 

4485 Aleksich, Elva Anne 

4541 Alexander, Mabel B. Hovdahl 

4538 Alger, Hazel Hogan 

A537 Alger, Lois E. Sivertson 

2090 Aline, Marjorie Dunbar 

4515 Alke, Alberta R. Dobler 

1507 Allard, Eva M. 

1463 Alleger, Janet Northy 

A319 Allen, Irma Monserrate 

A463 Alley, Mary Lou 

A384 Allison, Alice Joy 

6098 Allison, Margaret Celina 

A655 Almli, Stella Repp 

1636 Alsop, Margaret Carolus 

384 Altman, Anna Crabtree 

A339 Alto, Jean Conroy 

5082 Amerman, Louise McDowell 

5880 Ames, Frances I. Sanks 

4902 Andelin, Mildred Kitchener 

A911 Andersen, Margaret Johanna 

A894 Andersen, Selma E. Valborg 

A900 Andersen, Vivian Boomer 

A884 Anderson, Ann Murphy 

3513 Anderson, Anne Simpson 

2013 Anderson, Edith C. 

A364 Anderson, Esther Jenson 

A879 Anderson, Eunice Irene 

A464 Anderson, Gloria Egan 

4860 Anderson, Harriet O. Schultz 




Hazen, North Dakota 

Box 1535, Denver, Colorado 

514 - 7th St. No., Great Falls 

Deaconess Hospital, Great Falls 

1604 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 

506 N. E. Prescott, Portland 11, Oregon 


W. 104 Courtland Ave., Spokane 12, Washington 

644 N. Bent, Powell, Wyoming 

1304 - 6th Ave. No., Great Falls 

361 S. 2nd St., Walla Walla, Washington 

6407 - 36th Ave. N. W., Seattle 7, Washington 

33 Edna St., Baldwin, Long Island, New York 

Wolf Point 

Box 66, Sidney 

Apt. 407, 1221 W. Porphyry, Butte 
612 N. Alaska St., Butte 
1053 State St., Helena 

Box 1496, c/o Gamble Robinson, Billings 

703 Colorado St., Butte 

Box 754. c/o M/Sgt. A. W. Alexander, 

Marchfield, California 

Box 655, Three Forks 

517 - 7th St. No., Great Falls 

7217 Schley Court, Pittsburgh 18, Pennsylvania 

675 O'Farrell St., San Francisco, California 

Rte. 1, Box 368, Centralia, Washington 

Box 741, Billings 

342 - 2nd Ave. No., Glasgow 

233 Pochin Place, Hampton, Virginia 

709 No. 18th St., Billings 

Rte. 1, Box 158A, Miles City 

601 Broadway, Helena 

Hot Springs 

512 - 7th St. No., Great Falls 

Box 64, Helena 

29 So. Rodney, Helena 

6040 Vantage, No. Hollywood, California 

Montana Deaconess Hospital, Great Falls 

1200 - 8th Ave. No., Great Falls 

517 - 2nd Ave. No., Great Falls 

202 Mueller Apts., Butte 

622 - 5th Ave. No., Glasgow 

711 - 11th Ave., Helena 

Box 36, Deer River, Minnesota 

Box 1251, Great Falls 

110 - 10th St. No., Great Falls 

1014 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 

\ I 

3602 Anderson, Kathryn Monforton 

2509 Anderson, Lela Muller 

A912 Anderson, Lorraine Buettner 

3363 Anderson, Lulu Gilman 

2702 Anderson, Marian Ruffner 

5039 Anderson, Mary Ann Gauer 

6035 Anderson, Mary J. Robinson 

2285 Anderson, Mazie Brooks 

2052 Anderson, Nina Sharp 

5097 "Andrew, Elaine O'Leary 

2503 Andrews, Florence McDonald 

3378 Angle, Ella M. Wiggins 

A30 Annand, Irene M. Bronec 

A696 Antignano, Margaret Brett 

4814 Antonich, Mary K. Kovacich 

4529 Apostel, Dorothy Goss 

A365 Appelhans, Myrna Kodalen 

887 Appleman, Prudence Ann 

2189 Ariss, E. Augusta 

A730 Armantrout, Roma Taft 

5772 Armont, Blanche McFarland 

1907 Armstrong, Erma Clopton 

4722 Armstrong, Harriet M. 

4330 Arnold, Hattie J. Hanson 

5530 Arnoux, Bertha May 

5223 Arnston, Ruby Bernice 

6011 Arpin, Barbara E. Klingler 

859 Arrambide, Margaret Dunbar 

A500 Aspenvig, Beulah Jacobs 

3146 Atherton, Ruth Graham 

3578 Atkins, Josephine Allard 

1381 Attebery, Elizabeth Theobald 

2057 Atwood, Anna Strand 

2615 Atwood, Pearl Christiansen 

A816 Austad, Dorothy Mae Jones 

1751 Austin, Elva Cole 

3216 Austin, Mable Ashdown 

A789 Avery, Gail Fiske 

3704 Ayers, Delia R. E. Goodman 

A231 Ayers, Kathleen M. Lynch 

5971 Babcock, Anna Lou 

A913 Bach, Lois Mae 

6180 Bachini, Marian A. Niemi 

1983 Bacon, Marie Peterson 

5786 Bair, Betty Doll 

4070 Bailey, Helen Hesslein 
3668 Bailey, Laura L. 

2132 Bailey, Leona Miewald 

777 Bailey, Myrtle Crabtree 

A791 Baird, Marjorie Jean 

2466 Baker, Donna Gussick 

A895 Baker, Jessie Margaret 

A725 Baker, Joyce Kathleen 

4071 Baker, Margaret Scott 
A340 Baker, Marion Frances 

3482 Baker, Mary Lechner 

A503 Baker, Phyllis B. Kershner 

3217 Baker, Sedly Gayle 

3197 Bakkeby, Gertrude Sowers 

6100 Balazic, Rosalie 

3375 Baldwin, Rella Swartz 

Box 501, Bozeman 

Box 614, Livingston 

1126- 1st Ave. So., Great Falls 

318 -4th St. S. W., Great Falls 

22 N. Chelon, Wenatchee, Washington 



609 Central, Great Falls 

Box 105, Colstrip 

118 So. Howie, Helena 

923 A 7th Ave. No., Great Falls 


1323^ K St., Bakersfield, California 
22 Gallatin St., Missoula 
419 E. Commercial Ave., Anaconda 
3003 Amherst, Butte 

1026 (up) 3rd Ave., Havre 

Reed Memorial Hospital, Richmond, Indiana 
1408 E. 1st St., Long Beach 3, California 
Barrett Hospital, 1100 So. Atlantic, Dillon 

Golden Eagle Hotel, Sacramento, California 

N. P. Hospital, Glendive 

c/o Maurice Arnold, Hinsdale 

1720 Termino Ave., Long Beach 4, California 

831 S. W. Vista, Portland, Oregon 

26 W. Lamme, Bozeman 



Box 1141, Red Lodge 

9 W. Cottonwood, Apt. 4, Bozeman 

Box 191, Powell, Wyoming 

617 E. Benham St., Glendive 

647 - 10th Ave., San Francisco, California 

702 Avenue G, Billings 

Box 1205, Great Falls 

604 - 3rd Ave. S. W., Great Falls 
M. S. T. S. Galen, Deer Lodge 

2545^ Greenville St., Oroville, California 
210 W. Brennan, Glendive 


707 No. 27th St., Billings 

1326 - 7th Ave. No., Great Falls 

Box 1089, Havre 

Box 546, Pittsburg, California 

County Hospital, Twin Falls, Idaho 

103 W. Park St., Livingston 

624 E. 3rd So., Salt Lake City, Utah 

95 El Camino, San Mateo, California 

E. 3622 Hartson Ave., Spokane 15, Washington 

Holy Rosary Hospital, Miles City 

Buttrey Apt., Glasgow 

N. P. Hospital, Glendive 

1234 Helena Ave., Helena 

330^ W. Alger St., Sheridan, Wyoming 

1027 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 
1712 - 2nd St. West, Billings 
608 W. Babcock, Bozeman 

108 Mallard St., Greenville, South Carolina 
517 W. 6th St., Anaconda 

605 Minor Ave., Seattle 4, Washington 
526 So. Wells St., Renton, Washington 

1254 Ball, Mary Spear 

A 102 Ballard, Mary Lou Newberg 

1308 Bandmann, Eva M. 

5160 Bandy, Catherine Anita 

4994 Bangiola, Elsie Alexander 

3918 Banks, Clara I. 

582 Banks, Margaret P. Murphy 

1989 Banta, Marian Schaffer 

5566 Barber, Helen Mae 

5722 Barkell, Dorothy E. White 

1856 Barker, Hazel Green 

2449 Barker, Nellie Cramer 

4578 Barkley, Margaret Ann Mundt 

917 Barlow, Esther Ann 

3579 Barnard, Lois Allen 

646 Barnes, Cora Vieweg 

A61 Barnwell, Opal Maxine Holyoak 

4190 Barr, Dorothy Deranleau 

3084 Barr, Lorraine Wright 

A914 Barr, Trevie Loree 

5995 Barrett, Patsy Ruth Genger 

3251 Barrett, Ruby Johnson 

4816 Barstis, Geraldine Kurth 

5341 Barta, Anna L. Sebastian 

A177 Bartel, Ruth Angela 

A827 Barth, Roberta Lee 

A271 Barthuly, Verne M. Rumph 

5815 Bartsch, Susanna Pauline 

5260 Basile, Florence L. Dunn 

3841 Bauer, Anna Long 

A915 Baulch, Fanny Bee 

A597 Bayer, Glenna A. Buffington 

4448 Bayers, Bertha Marie 

2860 Bayles, Florence Lauson 

A603 Beach, Dorothy Loretta 

4490 Beall, Marian E. 

4220 Beardslee, Vivian R. Felix 

3218 Beardsley, Edith Albrecht 

5098 Beasley, Dagny I. Olsen 

5608 Beatty, Davida L. Coughlin 

1892 Beatty, Laura Anderson 

5862 Beatty, Mary J. Kriskovich 

5808 Beaudry, Maxine L. Kitts 

5005 Beaulieu, Virginia Beccari 

3649 Beckett, Mary J. Koester 

2791 Beckwith, Anna T. 

539 Bedel, Louise Hoffman 

1967 Behan, Edna McDonald 

A24 Beirdneau, Barbara Marie 

3294 Belcher, Lois Slaughter 

4275 Bell, Anna Orchard 

A105 Bellecci, Ileane C. Norheim 

2982 Beller, Edna Hoylman 

4204 Benasky, Verna M. Cotton 

1988 Bening, Alpha Ryding 

5032 Bennett, Geraldine V. Flanigan 

6039 Berger, Bette Mae Sanders 

6065 Berger, Molly A. Adam 

A916 Bergstrom, Maxine Joyce 

A390 Bergum, Lois V. Hopkins 

2459 Bernad, Ruth Fiene 

5205 Bernard, Lily Arah Crane 

1173 S. E. Haig St., Portland 2, Oregon 
348 Woodland Ave., Richmond, Kentucky 
125 W. 6th Ave., Seymour Apts. C-l, Spokane, 

519 Alder St., Missoula 

153 Bevier Rd., University Heights, New 

Brunswick, New Jersey 
Box 124, Klein 

6841 - 26th N. E., Seattle 5, Washington 

Box 697, Van Dyke, Michigan 

2419 Ash, Billings 

216 W. Lamme, Bozeman 

W. 3915 Broad Ave., Spokane 12, Washington 

1032 Logan St., Helena 

2010 - 7th Ave. No., Great Falls 

1320 York Ave., New York 21, New York 

Rte. 2, 2104 - 6th Ave. So., Great Falls 

Box 458, Three Forks 

224 E. Pine, Missoula 

Box 1510, Havre 

Alpine Apts. No. 3-E, Anaconda 

605 - 2nd Ave., Laurel 

520 - 14th Ave., Havre 
525 So. Main St., Butte 

Rt. 7, Box 1149, N. Sacramento, California 

Route No. 1, Adrian, Michigan 

4934 Buckingham Ct., St. Louis, Missouri 

543^ So. Colorado St., Butte 

810 No. 29th St., Billings 

Box 305, Havre 

1836 So. 11th St., Missoula 

General Delivery, Scottsbluff, Nebraska 

415 E. Broad way, Lewistown 

The Holland No. 8, Havre 

650 W. Pine, Missoula 


Box 399, Helena 

4663 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles 27, California 

1115 Harvard Ave., Billings 

1912 Dickinson St., Miles City 

11158 Kirk Place, Kirkland, Washington 

517 Chestnut, Anaconda 

2625 - 2nd Ave. No., Great Falls 

610 W. 4th, Anaconda 

2001 New York Ave., Peoria 4, Illinois 

Box 1013, Libby 

316 E. Spruce St., Missoula 

302 Capitol Building, Helena 

55 Fort Hill Terrace, Rochester, New York 

4302 Division St., Los Angeles 65, California 

Crow Agency Hospital, Crow Agency 

Box 563, Elko, Nevada 

11830 Braddock Dr., Culver City, California 

Box 235, Harlem 

343 - 3rd Ave. E., Kalispeil 

903 So. Strevell Ave., Miles City 

Orofino, Idaho 


10 Yellowstone, Missoula 

55 Lake, Missoula 

Deaconess Hospital, Glasgow 

643 Ave. E, Billings 

2652 Averill, San Pedro, California 

Box 24, Ronan 


Berndt, Lillian Dahlmann 

2905 - 1st Ave. No., Great Falls 


Berryman, Harriet Shaffer 

3402 Farmington Rd., Stockton, California 


Berryman, Imogene Dorothy 

1797 McAllister St., San Francisco, California 


Bertoglio, Kathryn G. Linn 

220 W. Porphyry, Butte 


Bertrand, Helen Ann 

Hamili Apts., Bozeman 


Best, Lyndall M. Raynard 



Bever, Faye P. Bailes 

Box 343, Encanto Station, San Diego 14, California 


Beyl, Rosemarie Allison 

604 - 16th St. No., Gre'at Falls 


Biddiscombe, Bernadine M. 

Edgecliff Sanitarium, Spokane, Washington 


Bieber, Edna Kathryn 

Mcintosh, South Dakota 


Biegenzahn, Viola C. Lukes 

Box 1083, Billings 


Bigelow, Charlotte Crowley 

602 E. First St., Butte 


Bigovich, Ksenija 

506 E. Mercury, Butte 


Bingham, Dorothy Mae 

505 - 6th Ave. E., Kalispell 


Bingham, Regina Sherick 

5110 Klingle St. N. W., Washington 16, D. C. 


Bjorklund, Elsie Myllymaki 

1919 So. Arizona St., Butte 


Black, Amy Alice 

Box 145, Gallatin Gateway 


Black, Mary O'Day 

525 So. Ray St., Spokane, Washington 


Blackwood, Mary Alene Pitman 

Star Route, Bozeman 


Blair, Gloria A. Dosdall 

1525 Main St., Evanston, Wyoming 


Blake, Louise Robison 

Rt. No. 3, Kalispell 


Blakemore, Ona Ivie 

440 E. 3rd So. St., Elaine Apts. No. 47, 

Salt Lake City, Utah 


Blanchard, Deanna M. Peterson 

4 N. Rodney, Helena 


Blanchard, Ilene L. Hanto 

3804 N. Haight, Apt. No. 19, Portland 12, Oregon 


Blankenship, Neva Marie 

309 Gladstone, Sheridan,' Wyoming 


Blazicevich, Helen J. 

Box 1890, Stockton 100, California 


Bleecker, Evelyn Bates 

/ lo - lUm bt. b. W., Oreat Falls 


Blossom Ivlarjorie E Bricker 

Fort Shaw 


2524 Moulton St. Butte 


Blumhagen, Cecile A. Taylor 


Boarman, Constance L. Driessen 

N. 5221 Washington St., Spokane 12, Washington 


Boespflug, Helen K. Seeberger 

604 E. Towne, Glendive 


Boggio, Catherine Schreibeis 

1134 No. 30th St., Billings 


Boggio, Wilma H. Burnett 



Bogut, Clarabel Dyrdahl 

Box 95, Whitewater 


Bokma, Beulah Katherine 

Box 794, Conrad 


Bolles, Rachael Spoklie 

Rt. No. 2, Hamilton 


Bolz, Mildred Willis 

422 Nordin, Rt. No. 2, Sppkane, Washington 

AJ / U 

Bompart, Irene Lorraine 

ouo in . rawing, neiena 


Border Berdena A. Merene 

Route No. 1 , Belgrade 

A3 10 

Boreson, Evelyn Nauman 


Borgenheim er Ellen ^^arie 

j-^wa. \^/i.± v cl v^ttrii. n.uo^jiLLii, ^T.LiyLibia, Georgia 


Boucher, Barbara Jean 

Contra Costa County Hospital, Martinez, California 


Boucher, Louise Buhrer 



Boucher, Rose Gagnon 

227 - 4th St. E., Kalispell 


Bourne, Betty J. Kolarich 

Box 185, Billings 


Bowden, Ethelyn Grose 

614 Hollins Ave., Helena 


Bowen, Ina Jean 

Madigan General Hospital, Tacoma, Washington 


Bower, Lloyd A. 

Meadow Mt. Ranch, Star Rte., Libby 


Bowers, Hazel M. Strayer 

1303 Main St., Roundup 


Bowman, Helen F. Hewitt 

1015 Spring St., Lewistown 


Boylan, Margaret Stokke 

214 So. 7th, Bozeman 


Boyle, Mildred Josephine 

724 Maryland Ave., Butte 


Braaksma, Luella M. Cornish 

15702A Brighton Ave., Gardena, California 


Bracht, Esther Moore 

1706 Fort St., Miles City 


Brackett, Pauline Lancaster 

319 S. Merriam, Miles City 


Brady, Clarann Todd 

Box 335, Kalispell 


Brady, Edith M. Johnson 

3205 State St., Butte 


Brakstad, Joan Claire 

404 So. Tracy, Bozeman 


Branch, Martha Russell 

6518- 12th Ave. N. W., Seattle 7, Washington 


Braswell, Vera M. Homewood 

Glenrock, Wyoming 


Bratton, Sylvia Stephens 

1 D St., Bozeman 


Bray, Rose Huyser 

Big Timber 

1350 Breda, Viola Martin 

A917 Breidenbach, Joan Dufner 

3914 Breidenbach, Lillian Anderson 

A918 Breitbach, Doline Mary 

A184 Brendel, Hazel Virginia 

3262 Brendgard, Hazel Leighton 

A306 Brennan, Kathren Stark 

3296 Brent, Sylvia Smith 

A471 Bresnahan, Virginia Kanthack 

5801 Brickman, Ruth Elizabeth 

A903 Bridge, Alice Kabanuk 

2240 Bridge water, Octavia M. 

A737 Briggs, Mildred Hageman 

A55 Brimley, Donna Fay Hanberg 

5389 Briody, Ruth E. Dougherty 

5502 Brisbin, Ruth Bain 

1464 Brockway, Philida Nuhfer 

A885 Broden, Elsie Christensen 

2434 Broderick, Bertha Aker 

4196 Broker, Irene W. 

5902 Brooke, Alyce O'Connor 

5854 Brooks, Blanche Garland 

3104 Brooks, Madge McCain 

6058 Erown, Betty Nelson 

A49 Brown, Doris LeVene Foster 

6143 Brown, Ernstena Schepens 

3150 Brown, Esther Wagar 

2506 Brown, Hazel Midthun 

3027 Brown, Lily Goldberg 

A227 Brown, Margaret Leary 

5604 Brown, Marilyn Leola 

A64 Brown, Mary Catherine Ingalls 

A329 Brown, Mary Helen 

1138 Brown, Myrtle Nyberg 

A344 Brown, Odie Royal 

1307 Brown, Sylvia Adams 

A443 Browne, Vida Fay 

A474 Bruce, Arlene Mary 

A560 Bruce, Esther Lucille 

A449 Brugger, Marjorie Aumaun 

2314 Bruland, Ethelwynn Barton 

A992 Brunelle, Joan Clark 

2543 Bruner, Ada Williams 

2390 Bruno, Ethel A. 

5931 Bryan, Dorothy Mills 

3455 Bryan, Margaret Elineck 

A103 Buchanan, Ruth Nielsen 

A441 Buck, Eva Wallace 

1129 Buck, Florence McKenzie 

2769 Buckingham, Dorothy Haughian 

1313 Buckles, Gertrude 

A538 Buckley, Alma Louise Smith 

3632 Buckley, Lola M. Billington 

4687 Bucko, Ardis Randall 

4383 Budden, Anna Lanting 

999 Buell, Minnie Kingsbury 

2380 Buller, Dorothy F. 

3249 Burcham, Genevieve Johnson 

5728 Burke, Marji E. Kucera 

2050 Burleigh, Dorothy Sadlier 

2325 Burns, Dorothy Gonser 

A608 Burns, Eileen Violet 

785 So. 2nd, San Jose 12, Calif. 
112 - 2nd Ave. No., Great Falls 
824 S. 32nd, Billings 

The Scharleur, 198 Carl St., San Francisco, 

611 - 12th St., Havre 
679 - 7th Ave., Salt Lake City 3, Utah 
717 N. Tracy, Apt. D, Bozeman 
608 Hickory St., Anaconda 
2312 Virginia Lane, Billings 
112 Terry Ave., Billings 
502 Peosta Ave., Helena 
809 So. 5th, Bozeman 
c/o Roy Hanberg, Fairfield 
Box 256, Cut Bank 
1627 Dewey Blvd., Butte 
2164 Boyer, Seattle, Washington 
605 - 7th Ave. W., Kalispell 
1054 - 6th Ave., Helena 

U. S. Marine Hospital, Stapleton, Staten Island, 

New York 

Apt. 401, Veterans' Housing, Butte 

Box 513, Forsyth 


Box 531, Billings 

Box 502, Glendive 

406 Chaucer, Helena 

General Delivery, Anchorage, Alaska 

Box 554, Cut Bank 

956 W. Center St., Pocatello, Idaho 


Romont Apt. 17, Roundup 
Box 24, Missoula 
Kenwood Apts., Helena 

Rt. No. 3, Box 974, Bremerton, Washington 

2640 N. Watts St., Portland 3, Oregon 

3 No. Benton, Helena 

6342 N. E. 35th Ave., Portland, Oregon 

13 - 26th St. So., Great Falls 

932 Peosta Ave., Helena 

Box 98, Balboa, Canal Zone 


35 N. E. Lombard, Portland 11, Oregon 

809 Pico Lane, Los Altos, California 

252 Riverside Ave., Camas, Washington 

445 W. Central Ave., Missoula 

Box 1049, Thermopolis, Wyoming 

c/o Glen S. Buck, Creston 

1315 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 

Box 581, Terry 

Deaconess Hospital, Spokane, Washington 

810 No. 30th, Billings 

Box 1016, Williston, North Dakota 

1507 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 

Box 126, Hollister, Idaho 

Box 414, Conrad 

321 Wyoming Ave., Billings 

Box 815, Great Falls 

413 Wyoming Ave., Laurel 

401 W. College St., Bozeman 

Wolf Creek 

Box 1396, Cut Bank 

2725 Burns, Lucille Vance 

3854 Burns, Vernie Wing 

1248 Burrell, Helen Quast 

A381 Burt, Loraine Fluegel 

834 Burt, Martha Hagman 

4125 Burton, Ella Marie Kerner 

6059 Bush, Kathryn V. 

3928 Bussey, Gladys V. 

160 Butler, Bertha Todd 

4849 Butler, Mildred O. Puyear 

3786 Buzzetti, Helene Weinschrott 

118 Byram, Mayme Shovlin 

A919 Byrne, Eileen Mary 

A445 Byrne, Rita Bernadette 

1531 Cadwallader, Louise Fogleman 

2717 Cad well, Esther Sutton 

2841 Cad well, Grace Greenman 

4440 Cady, Rose Vosen 

2357 Callahan, Hazel M. 

1987 Callahan, Irene Rule 

5675 Callaghan, Muriel K. Ryan 

A609 Calvert, Juanita Crocker 

2545 Campbell, Ella K. Zittel 

6104 Caplis, Dorothy May 

5818 Capo, Elizabeth Martha 

4199 Carey, Helen L. 

A262 Carey, H. Elizabeth Reikofski 

A 187 Caricaburu, Genevieve Mary 

1428 Carlisle, Lillian 

3942 Carls, Alba Feronato 

A43 Carlson, Harriet Ann Edwards 

A477 Carlson, Henrietta Mae 

A920 Carlson, Theda Craft 

A867 Carpenter, Rose Foley 

5983 Carraher, Pernina Cadwell 

4951 Carrico, Dorothy Louise 

5151 Carrigan, Violet Brown 

347 Carson, Bertha Marie Beck 

4890 Carstensen, Anna Marie 

3696 Case, Floris Estell 

3125 Cassidy, Anne M. 

2273 Cassidy, Ruth 

4186 Castleberry, Margaret Argo 

3827 Castner, Catherine Currie 

2080 Cate, Mary Bradac 

A20 Catterall, Janette Allen 

5248 Cawood, Phyllis Marion 

A975 Cellan, Agnes Anderson 

735 Cerveny, Belva Hewitt 

5235 Chadbourne, Marion Bonine 

1879 Chaddock, Eva Romersa 

760 Chambers, Frances Kellogg 

5231 Chapin, Lorraine Bergmark 

5714 Chapman, Doris Ferrell 

4059 Chapman, Helen Wehr 

4628 Chappell, Margarite Talley 

971 Charlton, Alice 

2652 Charlton, Frances Kane 

Stayton, Oregon 
3615 Central Ave., Great Falls 
R. F. D. No. 2, Hamilton 
Deer Lodge 

701 N. Montana, Miles City 

127 - 2nd Ave. W., Kalispell 

c/o Quartz Hill Mining Co., Dewey 

1230 Amsterdam Ave'., New York, New York 

General Hospital, Glendive 

No. 8.212 W. 42nd PL, Los Angeles 37, California 

33 Wyoming, Billings 

M. S. T. S., Galen, Deer Lodge 

501 Elm St., Anaconda 

716 So. Grand, Bozeman 


Box 296, Roslyn, Washington 

814 Morris St., Washington, Illinois 

Correo 11, Casilla 12983, Santiego, Chile 

Box 116, Kremlin 

2049 Aberdeen, Butte 

2208 Elm St., Butte 

435 So. Atlantic St., Dillon 

1701 E. 66th Place, McLoughlin Heights, 
Vancouver, Washington 

245 North Ave. W. ( Missoula 
1104 West Cedar, Missoula 
574 - 2nd St., Helena 
614 Parkdale, Great Falls 
Fort Harrison 

3234 C St., Lincoln 2, Nebraska 
514 -20th St. No., Great Falls 

North Star Rt., Glasgow 

Beach, North Dakota 

607 Maple St., Anaconda 

610 - 6th Ave., Laurel 

414 Hill Arcade, Galesburg, Illinois 

Memorial Hospital, Casper, Wyoming 

1312 River Ave., Glendive 

1511 E. Pleasant, Walla Walla, Washington 

Nurses' Residence, Renton Hospital, Renton, 

Box 897, Klamath Falls, Oregon 
612 So. Rodney, Helena 
Box 98, Red Lodge 
Box 334, Belt 

211 No. Cottage Grove, Miles City 

419 West Burkitt St., Sheridan, Wyoming 

219 No. Prairie, Miles City 

1702 Ave. D, Billings 
Wilmington, Illinois 
Shields River Rt., Livingston 

1709 O St., Sacramento, California 
Box 446, Columbus 

709 - 12th St. N. W., Minot, North Dakota 
Box 829, Hueneme, California 
1126 - 8th Ave. So., Great Falls 
Box 1, Hardin 
1012 S. Wyoming St., Butte 
20982 Nunes Ave., Castro Valley, Hayward, 


5911 Charron, Elma Jean 

2009 Chasse, Aurice Weller 

A876 Cherry, Georgia Winnifred 

1905 Cherry, Mary 

4312 Chesner, Delores M. Williams 

2827 Chess, Edith Thibodeau 

2089 Chew, Elizabeth Dunbar 

1720 Chisholm, Catherine 

1673 Chisholm, Flossie McCowan 

A393 Chittick, Eva Marie Ingram 

A613 Christensen, Sylvia Peschardt 

3676 Christian, Virginia Blevins 

5019 Christiansen, Betty Virginia 

2511 Christiansen, Margaret Nelligan 

A192 Christie, Velma Atha Cox 

5984 Christopherson, Doris I. 

1920 Christopherson, Florence Everson 

5045 Church, Harriet R. Hellen 

427 Cirica, Jean Nolan 

5074 Cirrincione, June E. Martin 

5250 Cisney, Mary Patsy 

491 Clancy, Edna Kiser 

A478 Clark, Alice Lucille 

1924 Clark, Ann Gleisner 

2747 Clark, Stella Weber 

3930 Clarke, Daisy 

3931 Clarke, Dolly L. 

A480 Claxton, Carolyn Hegre 

2071 Clift, Edintha Armitage 

A 191 Clikeman, Lorine Frances 

4258 Clinard, Aileen J. Maguire 

1949 Cline, Irma L. Harris 

1940 Cloy, Agnes Sanders 

4945 Coburn, Marion Maltby 

4305 Coe, Elizabeth Tucker 

2616 Coey, Pearl Martin 

A527 Coldwater, E. Dorothy Rosenberg 

5449 Cole, Edna L. West 

2705 Cole, Helen Schank 

A680 Cole, Irene Rose Wong 

A402 Coles, Vonda Duene Lyon 

A345 Colier, Aileen Parkins 

A172 Collaer, Celesta Ruth 

A615 Collier, Marilyn May 

1726 Collins, Kathryn Griffin 

3019 Collins, Mary Alice 

A586 Collins, Norma Jacobson 

4128 Collmson, Martha Heath 

5219 Collishaw, Madeleine Johnson 

A698 Colton, Kathryn Shaffer 

3767 Combo, Lois Shea 

3966 Combs, Priscilla Hockett 

5386 Comer, Doris Marie 

A152 Compeau, Frances Catherine 

5570 Conklin, A. Marie 

A316 Conner, Mary E. Hostetter 

5251 Connolly, Cecelia Lillian 

A640 Connors, Dorothy M. Matter 

3732 Conrady, Ruth Lorenz 

A450 Consamus, Helen Margaret 

2008 Consineau, Myrtle Webb 

2289 Cook, Helen I. 

5053 Cook, Labina Jewett 

Fort Harrison 

5036 N. E. 16th Ave., Portland 11, Oregon 

Box 2094, Billings 

226 W. Silver, Butte 

619 - 14th St. No., Great Falls 

Box 475, Bonner 

1309 - 1st Ave. So., Great Falls 

625 - 3rd Ave. No., Great Falls 

Box 196, Augusta 

414 No. Grand, Bozeman 

Delano, Minnesota 

445 Rollins, Missoula 


513 First, Helena 

608 Thomsen, Dillon 

22 - 5th Ave. East, Kalispell 

800 W. 10th, Vancouver, Washington 

465 Kritzke Lane, Reno, Nevada 

706 Cannon St., Helena 

670 Baldwin St., Meadvilie, Pennsylvania 

County Hospital, Twin Falls, Idaho 


1501 - 9th W., Seattle, Washington 

E. 933 - 38th, Spokane 10, Washington 

Box 551, Forsyth 

726 - 1st Ave. No., Great Falls 

Nurses' Home, Fort Harrison 

1533 Helena Ave., Missoula 

523 North 31st, Billings 

611 Fourth Ave., Havre 

305 No. Main St., Springfield, Tennessee 

848£ Hornet, Butte 

629 Helena Ave., Helena 

Box 146, Cut Bank 

c/o The Plainsman, Plains 

14156 Aetna, Van Nuys, California 

c/o Capt. E. Coldwater, W9 Hg. 57th Fighter Wing 

APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Washington 
Rt. No. 3, Missoula 

3524 Cribbon Ave., Cheyenne, Wyoming 

22£ No. Park, Helena 

Box 1241, Glendive 

303 - 1st St., Whitefish 

429 W. Pine, Missoula 

1023 No. 32nd St., Billings 

2839 Webster St., Oakland, California 

Veterans' Hospital, American Lake, Washington 

c/o J. C. Penney Co., Cody, Wyoming 


112 - 5th Ave., Helena 

14 Yellowstone, Missoula 

805 W. Granite, Butte 

1100 - 1st Ave. N. W., Great Falls 

P. O. Box 90, Great Falls 

1239 W. Copper, Butte 

100U Maryland Ave., Butte 

318 - 3rd Ave. West North, Kalispell 

1460 High, Denver, Colorado 

Box 948, Helena 

504 Hickory St., Anaconda 

738 - 2nd Ave. East, Kalispell 

1220 - 6th Ave. East, Kalispell 

1951 So. 13th St. W., Missoula 

Box 66, Willow Creek 



CJook, Lois r. Weaver 

420 E. 5th St./ Casper, Wyoming 


Cook, Mary McKittrick 

lUUo oentral Ave., .billings 


Oooke, Joyce IN. rlauiler 

425 University, San Diego 3, California 


Cooke, Marian Goppert 

1Z4Z rnnceton, Billings 


Coolidge, Patricia F. Brophy 

8048 Sepulveda Blvd., Van Nuys, California 


Cooper, Rubye Bates 



Corbally, Helen Parsons 

zozi oentrai /we., <o?reat rails 


Cornelio, Rowena Rush 

207 Broadwater, Billintfs 


Corrigan, Carol Denisar 

0UO2 1^0. oisi oi M railings 


Corrigan, Elaine Morris 

jdox oo4, vvniteiisn 


Costa, Nora G. Hagen 

c/o Henry Hagen, Rt. No. 1, Billings 


Cote, Margaret Henry 

Box 675, Pasco, "Washington 


Cotter, Mary Faye 

/ ino. ooiiage, ivnies oiiy 


Couch, Helena Faye 

zioi in. vv . vjriisan, .roruana, uregon 


Couey, Kathryn Barry 

loll oenson ot., vallejo, Oaliiorma 


Cowan, Eva Florence 

Mount Edgecumbe, Alaska 


Cox, Hazel Manion 

luicj in. neiny ou, Dune 


Cox, Wana Edwards 

Porsy th 


Crack, Georgia Dowell 

ooz iNorm rieQmoni ou, firnngion, Virginia 


Craig, Mary Jane 

118 - 2nd Ave. S. E. Cut Bank 


Crandall, Helen Doggett 

725 Breckenridge, Helena 


Cranston, Vivian R. LeLacheur 

/ io - am oi., Lewision, laano 


Crellin, Ena J. Burow 

Box 779, Lev^istov\rn 


Cretsinger, Clara Mae 


Crocker, Natalie W. Morrow 


Crofut, Helen Murray 

o/o l errace oi., Aiiaaena, oaiuorma 


Cromeenes, Margaret Koetitz 

lHR ^ri "Rorr+tio Molonrr 
iUU OU. i-JfcrU. 1 Lltr, n.fcrlt?Ild 


Cromrich, Rose Marie 

Ronto l\Tn 1 C^rt] on 


Cronin, Marie Vollmer 

ooz oiaie 01., neiena 


Cronkright, Helen G. Feyhl 

oouo iviyrue .riace, oeaxiie o, vvasningxon 


Cronguist, Lula Sory 

dox z^z, vv mieiiaii 


Cross, Helen Delia Mann 

zouj vv . oin >vve., i-imaruio, lexas 


Cross, Mable Brush 

836 V/ellington Ave., Chicago 14, Illinois 


Crowley, Jean Middlemiss 

ooo vv . v_jraniie oi., -Dune 


Crowley, Mary Mcllhone 

934 Harding, AAfaukesha, "Wisconsin 


Crowley, Winnifred L. Cagle 

Prefab No. 12, Mont. State University, Missoula 


Crtalic, Norma Lee Newman 

jdox ooo, riea Loage 


Crumb, Patricia Agnes 

ZjZjU Vv . Oil Vci , DUllt; 


Culliton, Beverly E. Walsh 

PI 9 _ 9rH A vd A T-^f T\Tr-> Zl (^trorr+ Prrlle 
OlZi OI Li x\Vtr. OLJ., -tt.^-H. 1NU. t, V^jtI t?Li L JT Ullo 


Culver, Zaida Burns 

R P Tl TMr\ Zl ■Rillinrre 

n. r. lj. jno. ^f, Diiimgs 


Cummings, Elizabeth Hildreth 

Quad E, Mont. State College, Bozeman 


Cummings, Margaret Holland 

11/ upion ot.| Dune 


Cummings, Mary Helen McGee 

/ oo in. ivioniana ot., jouiie 


Cummings, Rosella M. 

415 E. Melrose Ave., W^estmont, New Jersey 


Cummins, Mildred Ann 

iioi jjiamona oi., ioutte 


Cunningham, Margaret Tocher 

Box 228, Livingston 


Currey, Maxine M. Moler 

1511 Longview Lane, Billings 


Currie, Marion Lehn 

/1U rairnaven, Oreat rails 

41 14 

Curry, Helen T. Sheehan 

ooy vv . loin, rasper, Wyoming 


Curtis, Alice Johnston 

rSox ill, Uut Dank 


Curtis, Emily Gene Younge 

246 Sherman, Denver, Colorado 


Curtis, Joyce Logan 

joox //o, ^noteau 


Curtis, Vina A. Koski 

357 San Jose Ave., Los Gatos, California 


Cutler, Mary A. O'Malley 

425 A. N. Col., Coulee Dam, Washington 


Cutstherope, Cecilia Mary 



Czekala, Annetta Mae Green 

120 Conklin Ave., Binghamton, New York 


Dahl, Clara Barrington 


4U1 Medical Arts blag., C^reai rails 


Dahl, Janet Snyder 

735 Broadway, Helena 


D'Aigle, Ethel M. 

1020 Seaboard Bldg., Seattle, Washington 


Dailey, Margaret M. Latsch 

The Governor Hotel, Olympia, Washington 


Dailey, Martha Gray 

916 - 2nd Ave. N. W., Great Falls 

1837 Dale, Dona Wilson 

5023 Dalin, Shirley Lorraine 

2929 Daly, Anna Bostian 

4771 Daly, Kathryn Mary 

4244 Dancer, Alice Kaasa 

2307 Danielsen, Alice M. West 

5338 Danielson, Evelyn Vilen 

A238 Danley, Marian L. Maguire 

1991 Darcy, Anna Shell 

A489 Dasinger, Lillian Freeman 

1105 Davidson, Mary Ellen 

6109 Davis, Joan Margaret 

3413 Davis, Kathleen Moloughney 

3451 Davis, Margaret Drinville 

1724 Davis, Myrtle Davis 

1653 Davis, Nilah Greene 

1237 Davisson, Maude MacMillan 

5739 Day, Ardith L. Engle 

A378 Day, Geraldine Johnson 

4897 Day, Marie Swenson 

4033 Dean, Mary Sankovich 

2966 Deck, Alice Ulmen 

1749 Dedman, Alice Anderson 

5255 Delaney, Mary Florence 

1942 De Mers, Dorothea Sonntag 

4724 Denis, Elsie Mirick 

6125 Dennehy, Virginia Kelly 

3394 Denton, Eleanor Knickerbocker 
A 153 Depner, Elizabeth Schwehr 

5755 Derzay, Miriam Chavrack 

3395 Deschenes, Mary Verville 
4652 DeVault, Leris Hoggarth 
3159 DeVine, Vivian Fansett 

A986 Devous, Madeline McCormack 

5145 DeVries, Ethel N. Yeager 

4499 DeVries, Jessie M. Brown 

A774 DeWitt, Beatrice Tenneson 

4031 Dial, Barbara Rohla 

5572 Dicken, Ida M. O. Havnen 

5470 Dickerman, Mary F. Warren 

3299 Dickinson, Ethel Wallis Smith 

2387 Diefenbaugh, Lela 

4514 Diers, Harriet Frances 

1852 Dietrick, Ethel M. 

A 186 Diettert, Ethel Peter Caras 

75 Dinsler, Birdie King 

5811 Di Re, Betty Lou O'Brien 

4132 Dittmer, Anna Rosell 

A974 Divish, Cora Smithson 

A203 Divish, Joan Gallus 

1725 Dixon, Wava L. 

5013 Doan, Virginia Briney 

36 Dodds, Mary Florence 

A195 Dodge, Catherine McGuire 

2244 Doheny, Irene M. 

5821 Doig, Anna Elizabeth 

A799 Dolatta, Lillie Martha 

816 Power, Helena 

1315 Leslie Ave., Helena 

422 Parkdale, Great Falls 

1110 Caledonia St., Butte 

Deaconess Hospital, Glasgow 

2080 Corson St., Pasadena 8, California 


1112 W. Montana St., Lewistown 

Route A, Helena 


15 W. Lamme, Bozeman 

V. A. Center, Wilshire and Sautelle Blvd., 

Wadsworth Gen. Hosp., Los Angeles 25, Calif. 

124 - 9th St., Havre 

818- 8th Ave. No., Apt. No. 2, Great Falls 
1301 Columbia St., Seattle 4, Washington 
2307 Locust St., Butte 

1018 N. 25th St., Billings 

Unit P-70, Univ. Village, Como & 29th Ave. S. E., 

Minneapolis, Minnesota 
817^ No. 28th St., Billings 

c/o T/Sgt. W. E. Dean, Base Flight Sgd., 5001st 
A. B. Gp., APO No. 731, c/o P. M., 
Seattle, Washington 

1951 S. E. 139th Ave., Portland 16, Oregon 

108 Lewis Ave., Billings 

125 - 13th Ave., Helena 

c/o American Embassy, San Salvador, 

El Salvador 
526 Euclid, Helena 
Route 61, Star Rte., Anaconda 
1133 Harvard Ave, Billings 
513 Cedar St., Anaconda 

2891 Perktel St., No. Sacramento, California 

109 So. B St., Livingston 
1239 - 9th Ave., Helena 
306 So. 26th St., Billings 
Route No. 3, Conrad 
Box 222, Palmer, Alaska 
Wolf Point 

Apt. No. 5, 214 No. Colville, Walla Walla, 

113 - 17th St. No., Great Falls 
Rte. No. 3, Clark St., Missoula 
1909 Minor Ave., Seattle, Washington 
Red River County Hosp., Clarksville, Texas 
Box 64, Parkland, Washington 
810 Getchell, Helena 
221 W. Front St., Missoula 
409 East D St., Yakima, Washington 
308 Alder, Anaconda 

Fergus County Health Nurse, 401 Montana Bldg., 

1511 - 3rd St., Havre 
1036 - 4th St., Havre 

State Board of Health, Capitol Bldg., Helena 

504 Caledonia, Butte 

623 S. Howard, Spokane, Washington 



1410 Worden Ave., Missoula 


Dollemore, Agnes Gctlles 

Rte. No. 2, Box 247, Clarkson, Washington 


Domitrovich, Lucille Vlctstelich 

419 Birch St., Anaconda 


Donnafield, Frances Schleining 

Veterans' Housing Unit A-7, Sheridan, Wyoming 


Donnell, Myrtle 

Times Plaza Station, Box 89, Brooklyn, New York 


Donnelly, Gwen Zeltinger 

401 So. Cottage Grove, Miles City 


Donnelly, Winifred 

V. A. Hospital, Boise, Idaho 


Donovan, Mary M. Nommensen 

Penwell Hotel, Apt. 43, Missoula 


Donovan, Olive Knutson 

512 No. Rodney, Helena 


Dool, Charlotte Alexander 

234 McLeod Ave., Missoula 


Dorlargue, Betty Martin 

O'Rourke Apts. F, Butte 


Dorsey, Margaret Caroline 

1027 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 


Dorval, Gertrude Glaude 

Haas, Washington 


Dotson, Mabel Overend 

602 Ave. H, Billings 


Doty, Dorothy Black 

2601 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 


Dougherty, Alice Rose 

Box 306, Wolf Point 


Dougherty, Angela Marie 

924 - 2nd St. S. W., Rochester, Minnesota 


Douglas, Maxine McCaffery 

100 So. Montana, Butte 


Dow, Lucile Campbell 

1514 Choteau, Helena 


Dower, Beatrice Wright 

2105 Wall St., Butte 


Downerich, Gladys A. Thibodeau 

Box 475, Bonner 


Doyle, Carol Maye Hilsabeck 

2 No. Cottage Grove, Miles City 


Doyle, Dorothy Longer 

304 S. Jordon, Miles City 


Doyle, Lorraine Chapman 

811 Knight, Miles City 


Doyle, Patricia June 

Fort Harrison 


Doyle, Pauline Breiner 



Doyle, Viola Johnson 



Drain, Dorothy Ries 

801 So. 28th, Billings 


Dresen, Charlotte A. Schwartz 

810 So. 5th St. West, Missoula 


Dresner, Beverly Leicht 

720 So. 6th St., Bozeman 


Drew, Anna Rosa Cash 

Box 2, Somers 


Drew, Jacqueline Ann 

801 So. 7th St., Bozeman 


Driscoll, Florence Shea 

208£ No. Washington, Butte 


Driscoll, Helen 

36 Glendora, Long Beach 3, California 


Driscoll, Lorraine Green 

666 Travonia St., Butte 


Driscoll, Shirlie O'Neill 

2100 Spruce St., Butte 


Drum, Dorothy M. Gates 

1019 Division St., Billings 


Ducker, Rene Anne 

Toole County Lutheran Hospital, Shelby 


Duddy, Helen E. 

503 E. Gallatin, Livingston 


Dudley, Mary Jane Kinney 

Riverton, Wyoming 


Dueringer, Ruth Adele Wood 

816 Getchel, Helena 


Duffey, Margaret Freese 



Duffy, Anola Smyth 

847 - 3rd Ave. West, Kalispell 


Duffy, Mayme B. 

319 So. Montana, Butte 


Duffy, Susanne Jenkins 



Duganz, Mary E. Larvie 

215 Washington St., Anaconda 


Duley, Muriel Donaldson 

3715 N. E. 115th Ave., Portland 13, Oregon 


Dumas, Marian E. Seidel 

Box 1509, Havre 


Dunbar, Anna M. Sestrich 

613 E. Commercial Ave., Anaconda 


Duncan, Dorothy Foley 

823 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 


Duncan, Phoebe M. Starr 

Rte. No. 1, Box 1160, Grants Pass, Oregon 


Dunn, Caroline 

803 W. Main St., Lewistown 


Dunn, Eleanore Wheat 

224 So. Bozeman Ave., Bozeman 


Dunstan, Phyllis June 

844 West Quartz St., Butte 


Durnin, Bessie L. Cook 

720 - 4th Ave. No., Great Falls 


Dyas, Dorothy E. 

Lettermen Gen. Hosp., San Francisco, California 


Dyer, Mollie Lawler 

Box 31, Moore 


Eakman, Frances Hallett 


13 Cedar, Bozeman 


Earley, Shirley Harris 

615 - 3rd Ave. S. W., Great Falls 


Early, Josephine Bolsta 

357 Santander Ave., Coral Gables, Florida 


Earnest, Hilda Weisz 

343 Edith St., Missoula 


Eastlick, Ella Thatcher 

801 Avenue B, Billings 


2800 Eccleston, Esther Krutar 

4780 Eckerson, Geraldine 

2436 Eddlemon, Reva Arpan 

1739 Eddy, Mary Roach 

3457 Edens, Leona Enstrom 

395 Edland, Berta Johanna 

A923 Edmondson, F. Evelyn 

5812 Edwards, Pearl Marie Woods 

3450 Eells, Rosanne Comeau 

1995 Egan, Florence Squires 

3638 Egbert, Lily McKnight 

5272 Egeland, Betty I. Gillespie 

1642 Ehlafald, Flossie 

2092 Ehlafald, Myrtle 

A801 Ehlang, Janet Beatrice 

A380 Ehlers, Mary Lou 

2487 Ehli, Matilda Kenney 

5028 Ehman, Elsie Lillian 

A802 Ehret, Gertrude Barbara 

4216 Eide, Edith Harter 

3923 Eklund, Nora M. Beatty 

4657 Elder, Betty L. Hedrick 

3360 Eldridge, Maurine J. Clasbey 

1568 Eller, Margaret Merry 

3009 Ellinghouse, Edna Armitage 

5222 Elliot, Louise Andersen 

6129 Ellison, Mary Ann Lipp 

A738 Ellison, Rose Wissbrod 

844 Ellsworth, Harriet Ainslie 

A324 Elmore, Martha Petros 

5705 Eloff, Angelina 

A44 Emerson, Mable M. Wood 

5990 Engle, Josephine Relda 

1255 English, Mary Stevenson 

A46 Engman, Marie 

5100 Enright, Jean L. Owens 

4266 Enright, Josephine McKelvey 

2023 Enseleit, Lydia K. 

A907 . Erickson, Blanche Pelletier 

4112 Erickson, Esther H. Nelson 

816 Erickson, Loretta Gorman 

A374 Erickson, Luella M. Cole 

4376 Erlandson, Helen Moir 

5284 Erno, Lorraine V. Hubbard 

4407 Errickson, Georgiana 

5062 Ervin, Grace M. Kersch 

3082 Eschenburg, Lubbertha Wieringa 

3743 Estell, Mildred Nelson 

2631 Estes, Valine R. 

12 Etan, Susan Andersen 

1767 Etzel, Kathleen Cooper 

A108 Eva, Amelia H. Ogle 

3641 Evans, Enid Neibaur 

4240 Evans, Faye Jenkins 

5030 Evans, Ginette Roberts 

2220 Evans, Helen Walsh 

2141 Evans, Julia O'Rourke 

5334 Eversz, Thelma Rosenberg 

2170 Eylar, Doris Sombor 

A803 Ezell, Patricia Lee 

615 North 3rd St. West, Missoula 

1315^ No. Catalina, Los Angeles, California 

912 Poplar St., Missoula 


647 E. Kent, Missoula 

114^ East Main, Anoka, Minnesota 

603 Yellowstone Ave., Miles City 

Twin Bridges 

4442 Arrowhead St., Baton Rouge, Louisiana 
324 So. Montana St., Butte 
Box 923, Sidney 

302 No. 5th, Livingston 
504 Walnut St., Anaconda 
504 Walnut St., Anaconda 
1322^ - 3rd St., Havre 

2514- 6th Ave. No., Billings 

9956 T.S.U. S.G.O., Letterman Gen. Hospital, 

San Francisco, California 
Box 37, Conrad 
420 So. 6th W., Missoula 
607 Spruce St., Anaconda 
Box 517, Whitefish 

629 No. 138th, Seattle 33, Washington 

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 


1414- 10th St. West, Billings 
102 No. Lake, Miles City 
22 Silver Bow, Missoula 
Box 815, Butte 

812 So. Center St., Miles City 

320 No. Higgins, Missoula 

775 No. 2nd West, Salt Lake City, Utah 

702-B Fairhaven, Great Falls 

300 - 31st St. So., Great Falls 

Turin, Alberta, Canada 

Rte. No. 2, Box 256, Great Falls 

209 - 5th Ave., Helena 

Deaconess Hospital, Glasgow 

2195 Cottonwood St., Butte 

635 N. 5th St. W., Missoula 

650 So. Idaho, Butte 

1117L- 1st Ave. No., Great Falls 

R. R. No. 1, Ronan 

511 So. 7th East, Salt Lake City, Utah 
65 Jackson St., Freehold, New Jersey 
118 So. 8th St., Hamilton 

738 Jennings Ave., Vallejo, California 
1106 Wilson Ave., Havre 

3400 Sacramento St., Apt. No. 9, San Francisco li 

512 E. Summit, Roswell, New Mexico 
R. F. D., Poplar 

1108 Iowa Ave., Butte 

510i W. Galena, Butte 

303 W. Quartz, Butte 
Council, Idaho 

2332 N. E. Schuyler, Portland 12, Oregon 
2611 Amhurst, Butte 
948 No. 30th St., Billings 



5991 Pagan, Mary Jean 

5442 Fagenstrom, Joy E. Walker 

4293 Fahey, Eva Siegle 

A302 Falardeau, Bernice Winifred 

1545 Fallon, Mary Horgan 

5598 Faries, Bette J. Bonine 

916 Farnham, Margaret Oberlander 

38 Farrell, Rebecca Evans 

6113 Fassler, Dorothy 

5865 Fasso, Katherine Lester 

A764 Fawl, Aleatha Magdalen 

5380 Feather, Etna Shaker 

3936 Feeley, Marcella Deveny 

5912 Felix, Helen M. 

1461 Felter, Evelyn McWilliams 

5607 Ferand, Eleanor Carlson 

3269 Ferguson, Caroline Mason 

A924 Ferguson, Lorraine Catherine 

5823 Fetveit, Margit 

A711 Field, Harriet Ardelle 

A804 Fiene, Kathleen June 

4975 Finch, Mary E. Enos 

A618 Fischbein, Geraldine Eudora 

325 Fisher, Cella K. 

A688 Fisher, Christine Worsham 

4449 Fisher, Helen M. Breckey 

A759 Fisher, Marianne Fritchey 

5266 Fitzgibbons, Gladys Leahy 

A 144 Flanigan, Mildred Vogel 

4836 Flannagan, Ruth V. Motter 

5894 Flaugh, Nadine Mary 

4783 Fleming, Margaret Mary 

6114 Fleming, Opal Mae 

4906 Flinn, Elsie L. 

A805 Flockhart, Roberta Marie 

2884 Florman, Leona Sihtala 

5034 Flowers, Madeline 

4442 Flynn, Catherine Lucey 

2778 Flynn, Crena Rawe 

4907 Flynn, Margaret E. 
A349 Flynn, Mary Elizabeth 

195 Flynn, Selina Chauvin 

3725 Foley, Mary Ann Klopcich 

3958 Foley, Orpha Haug 

5581 Fopp, Angeline M. Markos 

2596 Ford, Cecelia H. McNerney 

4904 Fordham, Edna V. Bantz 

5853 Foreman, Ina-Belle Furlong 

3129 Forgey, Dixie M. 

5656 Forhan, Alice Dale Mehrens 

6054 Forsyth, Betty Jane Watkins 

A200 Fourtner, Gertrude Elaine 

1769 Fowler, Agnes Currie 

1647 Fox, Angela M. 

4042 Fox, Anna K. Styger 

718 Fox, Carrie Belle Clay 

1946 Fox, Eileen Hamill 

A982 Fox, Elizabeth Clark 

1650 Fox, Katherine Glaves 

Veterans' Hospital, Albuquerque, New Mexico 

812 Adele Ave., Whittier, California 
1007 W. Ray St., Seattle 99, Washington 
213 - 28th St. So., Great Falls 

103 Spencer, Helena 

3325 Martha Custis Drive, Alexandria, Virginia 
116 Wyoming Ave., Billings 
Box 1113, Fairbanks, Alaska 

V.A.C. Gen. Hospital, Los Angeles 25, California 

1107 E. Deny Way, Apt. D-3, Seattle, Washington 

1005 - 4th Ave. No., Great Falls 

315 No. 11th St., Worland, Wyoming 

Box 33, Sanders 

4008 N. Lincoln, Spokane, Washington . 

Broome County T. B. Hospital, Chenango Bridge, 

New York 
Worland, Wyoming 
216 No. 3rd, Bozeman 
Rt. No. 1, Deer Lodge 
Route No. 1, Kalispell 
124 No. 24th St., Apt. No. 39, Billings 
Deaconess Hospital, Glasgow 
c/o C. B. I., Springfield, Missouri 
Gascoyne, North Dakota 
1741 Grand St., Butte 
Box 353, Cooke 

Box 181, Breckenridge, Minnesota 
505 Clark Ave., Billings 
2000 Poly Drive, Billings 
Box 251, Whitehall 

A. W. S. J. C. Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, 

2066 Route 3, Billings 
Box 182, Milltown 
Beemer, Nebraska 
103 N. 8th St., Miles City 
220 So. Custer, Miles City 
210 So. L St., Livingston 
Box 185, Gallatin Gateway 
439 W. Broadway, Missoula 
1313 - 6th Ave. No., Great Falls 
439 W. Broadway, Missoula 
323 La Vasseur, Missoula 

813 Missouri Ave., Deer Lodge 
101 Montana Ave., Laurel 

529 "D" St. S. W., Ephrata, Washington 

805 - 5th Ave. West, Kalispell 

Sheridan Memorial Hospital, Plentywood 

8519 So. Flowers St., Los Angeles 3, California 

21 Beech Ave., Bozeman 

Veterans' Hospital, Sheridan, Wyoming 

704 Silver Bow Homes, Butte 

Deaconess Hospital, Havre 


1214- 40th Ave., San Francisco 22, California 
1908 - 6th Ave. No., Great Falls 
10232 Lampson Ave., Garden Grove, California 
2702 East-West Highway, Chevy Chase 15, 

204 Adams, Helena 
Star Route, Hardin 
300 N. Easton, Breckenridge, Texas 


5569 P'oy, Lola Ann Byington 

A619 Frame, Marjorie Trucano 

1323 Frandsen, Elta Davis 

2839 Franey, Lillian 

5237 Frank, Ella M. Bott 

1770 Frank, Josephine Davis 

5617 Fransham, June E. Fortney 

A925 Frazier, Doris Yvonne 

930 Frazier, Grace Thayer 

3536 Freeman, Frances Campbell 

A881 Freeman, Mary Peffers 

2180 French, Eva Warkins 

A382 Frickle, Marjorie Ellen 

354 Friederichs, Frances 

5510 Frier, Irene J. Fisher 

5993 Fuhrman, Charlotte Mae 

5784 Fukuda, Kay Kiku 

6115 Funk, Betty Jean 

1180 Furno, Kathryn H. 

2075 Gabse, Mary Benson 

1737 Gage, Janet MacNeill 

A490 Gajan, Cecilia Marie 

3945 Gale, Mona I. 

A714 Gallagher, Birdie Agre 

2591 Gallagher, Loretta McDermott 

6179 Gallagher, Veronica M. Rickerl 

1211 Gallivan, Mary Caldwell 

4408 Gallup, Sadie 

4314 Gallus, Grace Withrow 

4326 Gangstad, Gladys P. 

A491 Garbarino, Mary Louise 

A472 Garbarino, Violet Breyer 

5700 Garber, Betty Zoe 

A52 Garber, Dorothy Johre 

2521 Gardner, Alice Sheehan 

A338 Garnett, Elizabeth Ripley 

4656 Gartland, Jeannette Harney 

A383 Garza-Pena, Dolores 

3515 Gately, Emilda Smith 

4221 Gaudet, Lucille Flatness 

A399 Gauthier, Virginia L. Leary 

2425 Gavin, Angela Pozega 

1756 Gavin, Marie Bickel 

4786 Geer, Meredith Shirley 

4310 Geertz, Dorothy Weber 

1232 Genger, Daisy Murrill 

4931 George, O'Connor 

A436 Gerard, Klaura C. Pugh 

2551 Gerike, Gertrude A. 

A762 Gerry, Anna Borgrink 

5485 Gertzen, Margaret Sheffield 

2093 Ghere, Bertha Emmett 

A808 Gibbons, Lola Eunice 

4225 Gibson, Vivian L. 

A926 Gierke, Donna Ellen 

3458 Gilbert, Evelyn Epple 

6116 Gilbert, Evelyn Frances 

2574 Gilbert, Rita Hansen 

A7 Gilchrest, Fern Williams 

A455 Gillis, Mary Powers 

4 Custer, Missoula 

Rte. No. 1, c/o D. E. Trucano, Hamilton 
135 W. 2nd No. St., Price, Utah 
1474 Sacramento, San Francisco, California 

619 E. Front St., Anaconda 
18 Lake St., Missoula 

Columbus School of Nursing, Great Falls 

415 Alder St., Missoula 

Box 48, Dillon 

162 W. Granite St., Butte 

2717 Cherry St., Bakersfield, California 

Crow Agency 

1733 Winnie Ave., Helena 

3847 So. Broadway, Los Angeles 37, California 

2312 West 31st St., Los Angeles 16, California 
Carrie Tingley Hosp., Plot Springs, New Mexico 
336 W. Spruce, Missoula 


632 Logan, Helena 

311 W. 8th St., Ellensburg, Washington 
3647 Tolenas Court, Sacramento, California 
Box 372, Anaconda 

940 - 3rd Ave. So., Great Falls 

Ebert Apt. A-3-2, Livingston 

425 No. 3rd, Bozeman 

605 W. Galena, Butte 

626 Phoenix Block, Butte 

4603 N. E. 82nd Ave., Portland 20, Oregon 

911 No. 23rd St., Billings 

1421 "B" St., Walkerville 

424 Transit, Walkerville 

328 Hampshire, Lovell, Wyoming 

U. S. N. Hosp., Nurses' Qtrs., Oakland, 

537 No. Franklin St., Butte 
76 Scribner Ave., Staten Island 1, New York 

312 Wilcox Ave., Elgin, Illinois 
2819 Vine St., Dallas 4, Texas 
121 Capitol Hill, Walkerville 
415 - 2nd St., Havre 

Box 404, Red Lodge 

603 E. Front St., Anaconda 

523 No. Williams, Renton, Washington 

917 East 47th St., Chicago 15, Illinois 

521 Ave. G, Billings 


407 Hart Albin Bldg., Billings 

40\ W. 6th Ave., Helena 

N. P. Hospital, Missoula 

1259£ E. 1st St., Long Beach 3, California 

Cut Bank 

32-A Ximeno St., Long Beach, California 

U. S. Marine Hospital, Ellis Island, New York 

Margaret Apts., 224 Pattee St., Missoula 

117 Avenue B, Billings 

540 E. Pine St., Missoula 

Steep Acres Ranch, R. F. D. 2, Bozeman 


1164 W. Woolman St., Butte 


\ i 

5621 Giiman, Marian Louise 

2685 Gilmour, Olga Overland 

5699 Glasrud, Patricia Elbert 

251 Gleason, Laura Mills 

2404 Glogosky, Pearl Tickson 

2444 Godina, Alex Ann Castagne 

5855 Godsil, Kathleen Matilda 

2230 Goggin, Julia 

3036 Golberg, Miriam Hewitt 

A205 Golfi, Marjorie Gioretti 

2538 Goligoski, Helen Walsh 

A469 Good, Eugenia M. Blakesley 

2268 Good, Jamesina Worthingham 

3476 Goodan, Carmen Keil 

3463 Goodell, Ruth D. 

5785 Goodell, Velma Fern 

5751 Goodman, Elizabeth Wynkoop 

2468 Goodrich, Ruth Haverfield 

1516 Gordion, Audrey Concannon 

3603 Gossack, Marion Morrow 

4377 Gould, Carol Fredrickson 

4602 Gourley, Betty L. Schell 

A886 Grace, Helen Shoemaker 

A493 Grady, Sally Anne 

3065 Grady, Vivian Ray 

A366 Graham, Amber Beck 

2248 Graham, Helen C. 

3950 Grahek, Pauline 

A562 Grape, Edna Hedine 

2865 Graybeal, Patricia McMillan 

2736 Green, Florence L. 

2232 Green, Jessie McKay 

3947 Green, Veda Gill 

2236 Greene, Jessie White 

5721 Greer, Ruth O. Thomas 

4273 Grefig, Merle O'Connell 

A216 Gregoire, Lenora Horinek 

A54 Gregory, Dorothy E. Ross 

4834 Gregory, Ida Moe 

5625 Greydanus, Jannette 

5323 Griffith, Helen M. Olson 

4531 Griffith, Katherine Anna 

5043 Grindy, Lois Kathleen 

1511 Grinolds, Hilda Billstrom 

2097 Grissom, Geraldine P. 

1857 Grogan, Nellie C. 

3502 Grover, Helen A. Rosenburg 

1334 Guilkey, Ethel Lane 

3682 Gulley, Margaret Castro 

3999 Gulley, Marydrucilla McClintic 

A978 Gullickson, Arlene Davik 

2808 Gullickson, Esther Olson 

786 Gulotta, Wilhelmina Schulke 

5627 Gustafson, Eleanor Marie 

2253 Guyse, lone Kelsey 

221 So. 6th St., Livingston 
3425 - 3rd Ave. No., Great Falls 
531 Avenue D, Billings 

.1008 W. Myrtle Ave., Visilia, California 
Box 3, Red Lodge 
706 Texas Avenue, Deer Lodge 
611 Alder St., Anaconda 
Rocky Boy Agency, Box Elder 
Red Lodge 
Box 695, Havre 
Star Route, Powell, Wyoming 
234 Grand Ave., Billings 
Rte. No. 2, Missoula 

Com. Fleet Activities, Med. Dept., Navy 3923, 
c/o Fleet P. O., San Francisco, California 
1214 Holgate St., Seattle, Washington 
10 No. Jordan, Miles City 
Box 186, Fort Peck 

3813 N. E. Wasco, Portland 13, Oregon 
605 N. Black, Bozeman 
Box 142, Gervais, Oregon 
Box 46, Simms 

c/o Lutheran Hospital, Terry 
210 - 15th St. No., Great Falls 
710 - 9th St. No., Great Falls 
837 - 3rd St., Havre 
430 Florence, Missoula 

Monterey Co. Hospital, Salinas, California 

Box 93, Plains 

Box 1157, Missoula 

306 Montana Ave., Deer Lodge 

1212 So. 4th W., Missoula 

1820 - 6th Ave. So., Great Falls 


c/o J. B. Thomas, Rte. No. 1, Bozeman 

210 Silver Bow Homes, Butte 
Shombo Route, Havre 

c/o Bob Ross, Forsyth 
619 No. 31st St., Billings 

Ketchikan Gen. Hospital, Ketchikan, Alaska 

112 S. 33rd, Billings 

2 1 1 i Broadway, Missoula 
2901 Wharton, Butte 

503 - 6th St. So., Great Falls 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital, Whipple, Arizona 

315 W. Halliday, Pocatello, Idaho 

Deaconess Hospital, Spokane, Washington 

c/o C. A. A., Homer, Alaska 

11231 N. E. Fargo, Portland 20, Oregon 

2318 Spruce St., Billings 

Box 426, Scobey 

1734 So. 17th St., Lincoln 2, Nebraska 
414 East Barry St., Glendive 
811 No. 28th St., Billings 


4035 Haapala, Gladys Schwarz 

4963 Haase, Dorothy B. Lee 

3802 Hacker, Dorothy Thomas' 

2258 Haegele, Helen Orton 

A897 Haga, Mathilde Amanda 

Rte. No. 3, 6059 Lake Elmo Road, Billings 
Rte. 3, Box 491, Racine, Wisconsin 
Pattie Canyon, Missoula 
317 - 16th Ave., Helena 

Montana Deaconess Hospital, Great Falls 


5044 Hagan, Ada Alma 

2940 Hagen, Dorothy A. 

1443 Haggarty, Marie Hanley 

4712 Hahn, Ruth Horner 

3029 Haines, Regina Hallinan 

3128 Hale, Alice Dunn 

3943 Hale, Ella Fried 

3644 Hale, Mary V. 

3533 Hall, Alice Vuylsteke 

A533 Hall, Beverly J. Rude 

6137 Hall, Eunice Nyre 

4459 Hall, Kathryn Sutton 

2360 Hall, Margaret Sutherland 

A772 Hall, Vera Nickels 

A3 11 Holland, Charlotte Stennes 

4329 Halloran, Agnes Lee 

3752 Halm, Marion K. Potter 

2496 Hamilton, Helen Low 

5919 Hampton, Louise J. Griebel 

1467 Haney, Kathleen Reilly 

246 Hanley, Alma Elisha Locke 

A933 Hanley, Ruth J. Jochems 

2941 Hannifin, Hortense 

A927 Hannon, June Cavanaugh 

1210 Hanover, Winifred Figg 

1660 Hanratty, Agnes C. 

A928 Hansen, Bette Jean 

3836 Hansen, Helen Keyser 

1337 Hansen, Marie 

5741 Hansen, Marjorie Kate Wolfe 

4622 Hansen, Rose E. Spraycar 

5726 Hansen, Wilburta M. Clark 

A209 Hanser, Elizabeth Flora 

4119 Hanson, Audrey Walters 

1780 Hanson, Marie Engen 

5169 Haramia, Gloria Regina 
5679 Haratyk, Wilda M. Schrock 

1947 Hard, Mabel Dorothy 
A809 Harden, Dorothy E. 

4105 Hardie, Eva M. Davidson 

5512 Hardy, Marie M. Bonnett 

4488 Hargens, Ada Bailey 

A457 Harman, Grace A. Warner 

6118 Harper, Dorothy Florence 

5393 Harrington, Alice Morgenstern 

716 Harris, Caroline Reselli 

1495 Harris, Clara Adams 

A269 Harris, Clara Mae Roberts 

1152 Harris, Fern Simpson 

2673 Harris, Frances Meader 

359 Harris, Jessie Miller 

2768 Harris, Marguerite 

3500 Harrison, Grayce Redd 

2197 Harrold, Lucy Katherine 

5631 Hart, Lois Marie 

5170 Harter, Imogene Felton 

1948 Hartman, Clara M. 
2482 Hartman, Marie Janszen 
5487 Hartman, Marie H. Todd 
1981 Hassey, Lillian Oberg 
1683 Hassman, Evelyn Potts 

A264 Hathaway, Patricia Alice Rice 

A748 Hauge, Carol Jean Phillips 

Powell Hall, Box 357, University of Minnesota, 

Minneapolis 14, Minnesota 
City Hall, Missoula 
7 S. Excelsior St., Butte 
Box 815, Whitefish 
715i W. Quartz, Butte 
837 So. Main St., Butte 
Box A-6, McLaughlin, South Dakota 
1235 Vine St., Missoula 

509 W. Olive, Bozeman 

660 Emerson, Sheridan, Wyoming 



Box 484 (430-6th Ave. So.) Glasgow 

653 So. Montana, Butte 

809 East 4th St., Anaconda 

Nelson Route, Helena 

Rte. 1, Box 98, St. Helens, Oregon 

240 E. Works, Sheridan, Wyoming 

901 Lexington Ave., Butte 

4014 Brooklyn, Apt. 410, Seattle 5, Washington 

11 - 9th St. So., Great Falls 
669 S. Washington, Butte 
General Delivery, Bozeman 

329 Laurel Ave., Liberty ville, Illinois 
409 W. Broadway, Butte 
Broadwater Hospital, Townsend 
1112 - 9th Ave. So., Great Falls 
214 Burlington Ave., Billings 
Box 423, Sidney 
616 E. 4th St., Anaconda 
628 W. Kent, Missoula 

6100 Rose Ave., Long Beach 5, California 

520 North Ave. East, Missoula 

267 E St., Brawley, California 

M. S. T. S., Galen, Deer Lodge 

Box 371, Thermopolis, Wyoming 

223 E. 7th, Moscow, Idaho 

817 No. 28th St., Billings 

c/o Carl Davidson, Joliet 

Rural Route, Charlo 

1913 - 8th Ave. No., Great Falls 

Box 63, Terry 

Star Route, Roundup 

24 E. Center St., Butte 

1705 - 6th Ave. No., Great Falls 

12 Gladstone Terrace, Walkerville 
2317 Florence Ave., Butte 

Box 972, Libby 

1028 Howard Avenue, Billings 

Rose Mead Lake, Rose Mead, California 

1326 - 6th Ave. No., Great Falls 

4564 N. E. 84th, Portland 20, Oregon 


210 So. Dawson, Sidney 

3ox 730, R. R. No. 1, Mesa, Arizona 

3020 Quincy St., Butte 

1504 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 

Box 335, Kalispell 

327 S. Tschirgi St., Sheridan, Wyoming 
1290 Bon Rea Way, Reno, Nevada 
Wolf Point 

615 W. Washington, Lewistown 


Haugen, Helga Dahl 

Box 341, Sidney 


Havnen, Elizabeth M. 

714 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 


Havnen, Esther M. 

714 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 


Hawk, Hilda L. Lilly 

1741 - 42nd St., Sacramento, California 


Hawley, Marvelyn Mae 

817 W. Story, Bozeman 


Haworth, Hazel Barnett 

4719 - 168th St., Lawhdale, California 


Hayes, Florence Gibbs 

1632 - 25th Ave., Longview, Washington 


Hayes, Julia 

523 Chestnut St., Anaconda 


Hayes, Marion R. Maye 

320 So. 4th St., Hamilton 


Hayes, Mary 

St. Peter's Hospital, Helena 


Hays, Helen Jean 



Hazen, Gertrude Fehr 

Box 192, Mt. Edgecombe, Alaska 


Heagney, Frances Blevins 

629 E. Mendenhall, Bozeman 


Heath, Lillian Cinder 

718 2 N. 27th St., Billings 


Heaton, Gertrude Schuck 

E. 2307 Empire, Spokane 14, Washington 


Hebert, Lorene Hungerford 

1016 W. Diamond St., Butte 


Hebert, Mildred Keener 

Quarters 818A, Maxwell Field, Alabama 


Heckert, Mary B. Utermohle 

236 Washington, Missoula 


Hedensten, Virginia M. Fleming 

1715 Bill Holt Homes, Great Falls 


Hednaan, Helen E. 

1019 So. Washington, Lansing, Michigan 


Hegg, Irene T. Bourne 

1314 Sycamore, Duncan, Oklahoma 


Hegstrom, Eva 

732 So. Normandie, Los Angeles 5, California 


Hehir, Irene Sullivan 

422 Madison St., Missoula 


Heieren, Nina Lillquist 

496 - 8th Ave. E. N., Kalispell 


Heise, Charlotte M. 

1021 Claremont, Lincoln, Nebraska 


Heiser, Christine 

Box 476, Poison 


Heiskell, Anna Smith 

622 W. Mendenhall St., Bozeman 


Heisler, Irene 

703 Burlington Ave., Billings 


Helgeson, Hazel Connick 

315 Dilworth St., Glendive 


Helgeson, Helen Irene 

615 Avenue F, Billings 


Helmle, Lois Larmer 

Box 185, Chinook 


Hemnes, Aneda R. 

Veterans' Hospital, Fargo, North Dakota 


Hemovich, Irene DeLores 

Box 272, Hailey, Idaho 


Hempstead, Ruth A. 

1478 - 71st Ave., Oakland, California 


Henderson, Marian A. Pointer 

Box 126, Malta 


Hendrickson, Alice M. Sherry 

12462 Roseburg Ave. So., Seattle 88, Washington 


Hendrickson, Helen M. 

311 No. 10th, Miles City 


Hendryx, Doris Hatch 

15 Gallatin St., Missoula 


Henkel, Alice 

1042 No. 29th, Billings 


Henkel, Mitzi Clapp 



Henry, Agnes Johnson 

1600 - 8th Ave. No., Great Falls 


Henry, Ellen M. Hagstrom 

1605 - 10th Ave. So., Great Falls 


Herd, Dorothy Lundquist 



Heringer, Dorothy Jean 

224 South 32nd St., Billings 


Herman, Phyllis Eastlick 

County Hospital, San Bernardino, California 


Herminghaus, Evon Redmond 

3362 Burlington Ave., Billings 


Herndon, Dagmar Madsen 

Box 352, Miles City 


Herron, Irene Lafrantz 

2410 McDonald Ave., Missoula 


Hetland, Jeanette O. Kerkhove 

779 Lakeview Blvd., Seattle 2, Washington 


Heyer, Rose Biddiscombe 

Rte. No. 1, Pine Grove, Missoula 


Hickel, Patricia Lee 

1612 So. 92nd St., Seattle, Washington 


Hickey, Jeanne Schoeberlein 

c/o J. Schoeberlein, Lohrville, Iowa 

ooy o 

Hicks, Geneva Gore 

70 So. Davis, Helena 


Hicks, Geraldine Midkiff 

Rte. No. 1, N. W., Box 23, Great Falls 


Higby, Lorraine Kleffner 

1108 Prospect Ave., Helena 


Higgins, Betty J. Lovall 

915 - 7th Ave. No., Great Falls 


Higgins, Mary Ann Edwards 

224 N. 32nd St., Billings 


Hilborn, Bessie r. 

208 Larabie St., Deer Lodge 


Hilde, Edith J. Potter 

Box 893, Shelby 


T_T • n n i ■ t-\ i 

Hill, Alice Palmer 

1436 Cooper St., Missoula 


Hill, Margaret Selvicj" 

609 Broadwater Ave., Billings 


Hill, Mildred Bucklin 

603 - 3rd Ave., Havre 


Hillstrand, Leone Klich 

2614 - 2nd Ave. No., Great Falls 


Hobbs, Loretta J. Freund 

1122 2 No. 30th, Billings 


3689 Hodge, Dorothy Deegan 

3761 Hodges, Rosemary Rogers 

6019 Hodnik, Elizabeth M. Lucara 

A58 Hoffman, Margaret C. 

A 142 Hofstrand, Mary Ann Tomaskie 

1871 Hogarth, Mary Marte 

2621 Holden, Rosemary Courchene 

1134 Holderbaum, Katherine Moran 

644 Holdorf, Florence Vosen 

196 Holland, Blanche Hunt 

2214 Holland, May Kennedy 

5918 Holt, Marionne L. DeMoulin 

A930 Holtman, Dorothy McCully 

2662 Holtz, Charlotte Lewis 

3926 Holum, Agnes B. Burns 

A333 Homme, Helen Shaffner 

1500 Honert, Jessica G. 

3462 Honeycutt, Emily Good 

2586 Hood, Alice M. Anderson 

771 Hooks, Myrtle Vaughn 

1796 Hoole, Mary Ann 

4472 Hoppe, Erma H. Schwabe 

5318 Hoppie, Faith Nelson 

A 121 Horr, Adolphina E. Rieger 

A496 Horr, Neva Erdine 

4899 Horton, Doris Williams 

1670 Houseman, Mary Kerscher 

6037 Houser, Ina Mae Saari 

A497 Hove, Borghild Marie 

1587 Hovee, Mae Quesnel 

A756 Howard, Mary Freed 

2021 Howard, Nita DeTour 

2477 Howard, Rose O'Neil 

2943 Howell, Marie Ladd 
5353 Howk, Elsie Thompson 
A628 Howland, Joyce 

856 Howland, Marion Carston * 

3101 Hoyendahl, Aagot 

5486 Hoyle, Lois Spieth 

2846 Hruska, Beatrice 

A288 Hubber, Mildred A. Tucker 

5575 Huber, Marguerite Ward 

416 Hubert, Marguerite Mullins 

3804 Huchala, Margaret 

A498 Huckaba, Edris Alisa 

4661 Huddleston, Vivien Leona 

2061 Hudson, Fay Ungles 

3765 Huffman, Catherine Salinas 

2847 Hughlett, Marguerite T. 

2944 Hultin, Alice J. 
A726 Hults, Ruth Rounds 

4143 Hummel, Nettchen Becker 

A4 Humphries, Vina Mae 

A351 Hundtoft, Olga Petersen 

4542 Hunnes, Beulah Montana 

A63 Hunt, Maragret Genevieve 

4798 Hurley, Marian Lucille 

A392 Hurly, Mary Jo 

5637 Hurst, Carleen Joan 

4153 Husen, Helen V. Maclnnes 

A812 Hutchinson, Mary Margaret 

606 Hutchison, Susannah Rackham 

2006 Hyland, Agnes Walsh 

5010 Hyslop, Celia M. Blevins 


1108 No. 29th St., Billings 
Box 1197, Red Lodge 

311 A Eilers, Norfolk, Virginia 
314 - 5th St. S. W., Great Falls 

3730 E. Spokane, Tacoma 4, Washington 
2857 Greenfield Road, Phoenix, Arizona 
Cascade Co. Health Dept., Great Falls 
320 No. Davis, Helena 

1927 Manhattan, Apt. No. 1, Palo Alto, California 

709 Green Lane, Palo Alto, California 

Rte. No. 3, Box 250, Sherwood, Oregon 

100 Van Buren, Missoula 


Box 417, Hardin 

2402 McDonald St., Missoula 

2702 Goodwin Ave., Butte 


911 No. Kendrick Ave., Glendive 

Deaconess Hospital, Glasgow 
Box 71, Martin City 

c/o Sgt. R. L. Hoppie 37931797, Co. M, 12th Inf. 

Reg., Fort Ord, California 
322 No. 8th St., Miles City 
703 N. Custer Ave., Miles City 

1721 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 

3626 - 38th Ave. West, Seattle 99, Washington 

Wolf Point 

312 - 14th Ave., Havre 
1430 - 2nd St., Havre 

2696 Casto Lane, Salt Lake City 7, Utah 

1127 Juliet Ave., St. Paul 5, Minnesota 

4488 Lemon St., Riverside, California 

1300 - 10th Ave. So., Great Falls 

1511 Howell St., Missoula 

Forestdale, Massachusetts 


Box 339, Cordova, Alaska 
822 - 5th Ave., Helena 
2414 Locust St., Butxe 
2345 Poly Drive, Billings 
3000 Wynne Ave., Butte 
Box 272, Libby 
Rte. No. 2, Missoula 

1831 Dupont Ave. W., Belle, West Virginia 

624 Wyoming Ave., Billings 

1110 Raritan Road, Cranford, New Jersey 

3854£ Girard Ave., Culver City, California 

Children's Hosp., Honolulu, T. H. 

717 - 2nd Ave. No., Great Falls 

Rte. No. 1, Hamilton 

501 Alder St., Missoula 

Rte. No. 1, Sidney 

2819 - 6th Ave. No., Billings 

Memorial Hosp., 588 Ave. C, Powell, Wyoming 
V. A. Hospital, Fort Harrison 
305 - 3rd Ave. No., Glasgow 
523 So. Ave. West, Missoula 
So. Ill Thor St., Spokane 15, Washington 
1039 Princeton, Billings 
228 Somers Ave., Whitefish 
929 W. Copper St., Butte 
509 - 7th Ave., Havre 

4282 Ille, Lucille G. Remus 

1943 Imes, Grace Spoolstra 

1547 Ingalls, Dorcas Armstrong 

5049 Ingebo, Frances Embry 

1992 Inman, Ethel Smyth 

A629 Ireland, Blanche Watts 

6121 Irigoin, Pauline Jean 

4800 Irwin, Ruth Ella 

5052 Ivanish, Ida Georgia 

1757 Iverson, Hilda Benson 

3070 Iverson, Leah L. Simard 


312 - 8th St. So., Great Falls 

LaTerraza Apts., Apt. No. 2122 C-N-Forgeus, 

Tucson, Arizona 
11 No. Custer, Miles City 

1175 Iris, Apt. 18, Los Alamos, New Mexico 
523 St. John Ave., Billings 
1410 Texas Ave., Butte 
Fort Harrison 

Woodland Clinic Hosp., Woodland, California 
1037 Church St., San Francisco, California 
Box 498, Bonner 
Girard Rt. ( Sidney 

2465 Jackson, Anna Greenway 

A990 Jackson, Lucille Vaughn 

5051 Jackson, Nelda M. Irvine 

A630 Jacobsen, Margaret 

1712 Jacobus, Irene McKoun 

4928 Jacgues, Louise Caldwell 

4802 Jacguot, Daisy V. Strong 

6123 Jakes, Edith Joan Kalal 

A394 Jameson, Mary • 

A65 Janashak, Julie Olson 

4862 Janetski, Genevieve Sewell 

4966 Janke, Florence Eichler 

A501 Janosko, Lucille 

2946 Jans, Luella M. 

A813 Janssen, Mary Alice 

992 Janusko, Katherine Ann 
3720 Jasmer, Florence Hallberg 
2934 Jasper, Grace Courtnage 
3231 Jaynes, Aimee Rose Doyon 
A905 Jeffries, Helena Hurley 
2331 Jelinek, Margaret 

1829 Jennings, Ailene Owsley 

4692 Jensen, Eva Regnier 

A888 Jensen, Helen Crandle 

A931 Jensen, Josephine Anna 

3473 Jensen, Lillian Weston 

4545 Jensen, Margaret Ann Jarding 

A387 Jensen, Mary Harpole 

A814 Jensen, Yvonne Amy Jepsen" 

5861 Jemigan, Esther Kleppelid 

A722 Jessen, Ethel Robertson 

A932 Jex, Donna Lorraine Harris 

5691 Jogun, Helen Emelia Tuss 

5546 Johns, Edith Schuyler 

1230 Johns, Gladys Monroe 

2251 Johnson, Agnes V. 
2798 Johnson, Alice Ecker 

4548 Johnson, Alice L. 

2498 Johnson, Ann K. Lynch 

4549 Johnson, Annette L. 

5634 Johnson, Bernadette Himsl 

4643 Johnson, Charlotte Kempf 

1120 Johnson, Edna W. 

3073 Johnson, Elaine Kusske 

A308 Johnson, Esther Marie Kiehna 

2252 Johnson, E. Ethel 

993 Johnson, Esther E. 

159 W. Springfield St., Boston 18, Massachusetts 
E. 1720 Queen, Spokane, Washington 
703 No. 30th St., Billings 

1018 Helena Ave., Helena 

Box 444, Livingston 

538 Edison St., Butte 

Box 593, Lewistown 

67 Park Hill Road, Billings 

Box 48, Billings 

1820 - 5th Ave. So., Great Falls 
1632 S. 6th St. West, Missoula 
1104 E. 6th St., Anaconda 

Renton General Hospital, Renton, Washington 

616 So. Custer Ave., Miles City 

1315 Laguna St., Santa Barbara, California 

3323 - 4th Ave. So., Billings 

Fort Benton 

1822 No. 24th Ave., Melrose Park, Illinois 
117 No. 3rd West, Missoula 
St. Clare Hospital, Fort Benton 
3115 Hannibal St., Butte 

2001 Locust Land, Rte. 3, Opportunity, Washington 

Box 1012, Lewistown 

603 Howard Ave., Billings 

1013 Phillips St., Miles City 

Box 45, Deer Lodge 

V. A. Hospital, Sheridan, Wyoming 

1006 - 6th Ave. No., Great Falls 

Box 71, Harlem 

Box 36, c/o W. C. Harris, Sun River 
6 Broadwater, Billings 

Morony Dam, c/o Mont. Power Co., Great Falls 

1626 Warren, Butte 

721 Stephens Ave., Missoula 

Box 29, Sheridan 

210 Becker Bldg., Aberdeen, Washington 
444 So. 11th, Corvallis, Oregon 
Box 371, Belt 

1112 Culbertson Ave., Worland, Wyoming 

Liberty County Hospital, Chester 

842 W. Silver St., Butte 

Box 408, St. Helens, Oregon 

113 No. 6th, Livingston 

Box 65, Livingston 

1140 Washington St., Redlands, California 


908 Johnson, Esther S. 

5790 Johnson, Hazel Alberta 

1955 Johnson, Helen V. 

1730 Johnson, Juliette Higgins 

A66 Johnson, Lillian Y. Janosko 

4415 Johnson, Linnea Elge 

4879 Johnson, Lois Ina Turli 

2851 Johnson, Margaret M. 

5153 Johnson, Mary Veronica 

5521 Johnson, Mildred Peterson 

1728 Johnson, Millie Gorman 

1736 Johnson, Odelia Munckton 

5538 Johnson, Patricia 

4806 Johnson, Ruby Martin 

2947 Johnson, Sadie McNoy 

A631 Johnson, Shirley 

4572 Johnson, Virginia Merrill 

4111 Johnston, Mary M. Murphy 

1597 Johnston, Ruth Trent 

1886 Johnston, Ruth Wilkinson 

2416 Jones, Eleanor Kerlee 

5055 Jones, Ellen Abigale 

A207 Jones, Evelyn Gronski 

2419 Jones, Julia H. Larson 

A889 Jones, Mary Margaret 

3683 Jones, Myrtle Craig 

4969 Jones, Virginia J. Bauer 

5286 Jorgenson, H. Virginia Sterns 

A934 Jorgenson, Leona Mae 

4384 Jovick, June A. Lappin 

5858 Joyce, Irene A. Hasquet 

1808 Juilleret, Florence Lloyd 

A395 Julian, Wendla Claire 

6177 June, Laura J. Brautigam 

3172 Junkin, Mildred J. 

3733 Justice, Ruth Lower 

1319 - 3rd Ave. No., Great Falls 

Rosebud Community Hospital, Forsyth 

440 Anaconda Road, Butte 

604 West A St., Moscow, Idaho 

718^ Fourth St., Deer Lodge 

c/o John Kindberg, Stanton, Iowa 

Margaret Apts. No. 4, Missoula 

3710 Pleasant Ave., Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Hotel Aberdeen, 17 W. 32nd, New York 1, N. Y. 

405 E. Vaux St., Sidney 

Toole County Nurse, Shelby 

O'Rourke Apts. No. J, Butte 

14 No. Custer, Miles City 

521 So. 13th, Bozeman 

Box 1272, Anaconda 

1419£ - 3rd Ave. No., Great Falls 

Box 775, Glendive 

Box 876, Cut Bank 

Wind River, Lander Rte., Lander, Wyoming 

510 W. 4th St., Anaconda 

905 S. 2nd St., Hamilton 

Montana State Hospital, Warm Springs 

368 W. Burkitt St., Sheridan, Wyoming 

Box 101, Twin Bridges 

1010 No. 32nd St., Billings 

817 Rosewood Way, Woodland, California 

35 Lyndale, Apt. No. 1, Buffalo 14, New York 

Box 179, White Sulphur Springs 

1115 E. 20th Ave., Denver, Colorado 

1005 Mt. Haggin Homes, Anaconda 


Box 921, Harbor Springs, Michigan 
Chelsea Apts., Great Falls 
212 W. Kent, Missoula 

3736 Blaisdell Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minnesota 
2120 Jefferson Ave., Redwood City, California 


4980 Kahoe, Constance Lindstadt 

A71 Kalanick, Leona Lillian 

1685 Kalberer, Alberta Raymond 

A817 Kane, Elizabeth Anne 

2105 Kane, Julia Harrington 

2931 Kane, Louise Bragg 

2670 Kane, Margaret M. McDonald 

A219 Kantorowicz, Bernice E. 

A397 Kapke, Bonnie Vae 

6101 Karr, Margaret Eleanor Boe 

554 Kasten, Wilhelmina 

A502 Kawakami, Elaine Kiyoko 

A632 Kaye, Victoria Michael 

2925 Keagy, Rebecca Allen 

A72 Keefe, Margaret Darling 

A398 Keel, Mary Ursula 

2502 Keenan, Lucille Matthews 

A818 Keffeler, Mary Lou Pearson 

5366 Keffeler, Miriam E. Zeltinger 

73 Kehoe, Martha Cresap 

5118 Keil, Jane Agrelius Shields 

A508 Keil, Kathryn O. McDowell 

267 Keim, Mary Thayer 

2697 Keller, Elinor Rist 


2501 - 4th Ave. So., Great Falls 

Rte. No. 1, East Missoula, Missoula 

408 - 7th Ave. So., Great Falls 

1032 W. Broadway, Butte 

Box 572, Miles City 

648 So. Idaho, Butte 

501 E. 19th Ave., Denver, Colorado 

501 E. 19th, Denver, Colorado 

1208 - 10th St. W., Seattle, Washington 

Box 433, Grants Pass, Oregon 

Med. Sect., 8th Station Hospital, APO 317, 

c/o P. M., San Francisco, California 
116- 2nd St., East Providence, Rhode Island 
Box 156, Veterans' Hospital, Fort Lyon, Colorado 
246 Broadwater Ave., Billings 
N. P. Nurses' Home, Missoula 
Box 42, Red Lodge 
507 Tatro, Miles City 
440 E. Sussex, Missoula 
647 So. Jackson, Butte 
745 Ave. F, Billings 
1216 No. 31st, Billings 
733 - 6th Ave., Helena 
1512 First St., Havre 

—23 — 

A819 Keller, Elsie Brooks 

2659 Keller, Helen M. Kurtz 

5174 Keller, Helen Wicka 

1111 Keller, Leota Eberl 

2202 Kellett, Luella Stickney 

A740 Kelley, Elsie Lusk 

1448 Kelley, Vivian M. 
4416 Kellison, Maud Long 
A73 Kellogg, Shirley Marion 
1719 Kelly, Alice Bock 

A820 Kelly, Elizabeth Jewel 

A983 Kelly, Emma Louise 

4003 Kelly, Kathryn Mehrens 

2464 Kelly, Muriel Goble 

5601 Kempton, Alyce Brandner 

4292 Kenison, Coryl M. Shill 

4146 Kenna, Elsie Holzworth 

5515 Kennedy, Arline Lenore 

4443 Kennedy, Francis Britton 

A633 Kennedy, Jean 

1449 Kenney, Cecelia M. 
2213 Kenney, Edith Vail 
2544 Kent, Verna Winchester 
A821 Kentta, Dorothy Marie 

1803 Keough, Susanna N. 

2371 Kerr, Margaret E. Wilson 

2488 Kerscher, Frances M. 

A699 Kesler, June Haycock 

4194 Kessel, Velma Berryman 

1802 Kessels, Ann C. 

4845 Keyes, Marie J. O'Neill 

3960 Keyser, Mina Hawthorne 

3449 Keyser, Ruth Cass 

A221 Kidd, Joan Grace Rummel 

3884 Kildew, Gertrude Reausaw 

3648 Kildow, Lois R. 

2255 Killorn, Etta Beseler 

5849 Kimmerle, Mary Rita Bertrand 

5611 Kimmet, Mary P. Dunnigan 

A297 Kimmitt, Lydia Rockwell 

A822 Kimmons, Mary Christine 

1925 King, Alice Giddings 

A692 King, Eloise Mae 

A602 King, Georgena M. Anderson 

5643 Kinnaird, Betty Ann 

A846 Kinnaman, Margaret Plumb 

A542 Kinyon, Eleanor R. Todd 

4263 Kipp, Marguerite A. Mason 

5031 Kirk, Dorothy K. Fiene 

4049 Kirk, Thelma Thatcher 

A868 Kirkelie, Ida Sies 

A910 Kirkpatrick, Beverly Joyce 

3445 Kirley, Fern Boyd 

1343 Kirley, May E. 

4641 Kisman, Marion E. Ottman 

2949 Kissinger, F. Roberta 

5923 Kissock, Jean E. Tippett 

5891 Kitchens, Lois Eldine 

1974 Kittell, Edith Malcom 

Sta. Hosp., Western Chemical Center, 

Tooele, Utah 
600 Douglas, Wenatchee, Washington 
Lolo St., Rte. No. 2, Missoula 
115 E. Seminary St., Danville, Illinois 

529 Cook Ave., Billings 
1311 P St., Sacramento 16, California 
Deaconess Hospital, Bozeman 
1900 W. Polk St., Chicago, Illinois 
420 So. Idaho, Butte 
1209 Silver Bow Homes, Butte 
N. P. Hospital, Glendive 
1633 Hickory, Torrance, California 
Box 156, St. Ignatius 

123 W. Kent, Missoula 
313A Treasure State Bldg., Billings 
Naval Hospital, Oakland, California 
512 - 7th Ave. W., Kalispell 
1250 So. Adams, Tacoma, Washington 
1037 No. 25th St., Billings 
923 Gordon, Miles City 
2436 Yale Ave., Butte 
1209 Peach St., Lincoln, Nebraska 
Box 91, Mt. Edgecombe, Alaska 
Box 132, Hinsdale 
1721 - 5th Ave. No., c/o Mrs. Roy Houseman, 

Great Falls 
Rte. No. 2, Kalispell 
839 Coulter Ave., Powell, Wyoming 
4833 Fountain Ave., Lebanon Hall, Los Angeles 

846 Waukesha St., Butte 
Rte. No. 3, Box 496, Fort Collins, Colorado 
Qtrs. 163-A, 30th Place, Sandia Base Branch, 

Albuguerque, New Mexico 
100 So. Montana, Butte 
Box 465, Spearfish, South Dakota 
1469 E. Baseline, Highland, California 
Ebert Apt. A-3-2, Livingston 
1610- 11th Ave. So., Great Falls 
223 Rockwood Blvd., Spokane, Washington 
1225 - 1st Ave. So., Great Falls 
43 Lewis Ave., Billings 

c/o Wm. I. King, State High School Supervisor, 

Dept. of Public Inst., Helena 
Student Health Service, M. S. C, Bozeman 
207 East Broadway, Missoula 
Box 331, Grey bull, Wyoming 
267 W. 7th St., Sheridan, Wyoming 
206 So. D St., Livingston 
1105 - 1st Ave. S. W., Great Falls 
990 Cloud Ave., Menlo Park, California 
504 South 9th St., Livingston 
Rte. 2A, County Hospital, Kalispell 
2001 - 4th Ave. So., Great Falls 

519 E. Front St., Missoula 

5151 B St., Springfield, Oregon 

U. S. Naval Hospital, Oakland, California 

2408 Elm St., Butte 

405 West Smith, Sheridan, Wyoming 
225 Leighton Drive, Ventura, California 


Kitto, Mary Mackey 

1942 Argyle St., Butte 


Klaboe, Mary F. Lester 

708 - 3rd Ave. S. W., Great Falls 


Klassy, Ethel Ruth Henan 

617 So. Grant Ave., Tacoma, Washington 


Klein, Violet A. 

Gen. Delivery, Bowman, North Dakota 


Klein, Violet Emma 

Box 371, Baker 


Kleppelid, Doris K. Murphy 



Klesney, Anne 

Box 33, Wolf Creek 


Klimper, Kathleen Patricia 

716 So. Pine, Santa Maria, California 


Klindt, Alice Sheets 

585 Ave. C, Powell, Wyoming 


Kline, Bessie Dick 

Box 114, Rudyard 


Knaff, Opal H. Tvetan 

515 W. Stanhope, Sidney 


Knapp, Margaret J. Butterfield 

Simpson Route, Box 44, Havre 


Knapp, Marian I. Elliott 

Rte. 2B, Kalispell 


Knaup, Jimmie M. Klaunig 

Box 65, Stockett 


Knittel, Ida Erma 

Edgecliff Sanitarium, Spokane, Washington 


Knopp, Gertrude T. 

2506 Modoc Road, Santa Barbara, California 


Knopp, Mabel C. 

2506 Modoc Road, Santa Barbara, California 


Knox, Mary C. Doggett 

818 Caledonia St., Butte 


Knutson, Auralia M. Koenig 

Box 123, Ronan 


Knutson, Marian Ella 

704 Ave. B, Billings 


Kodalen, Margaret Cameron 

1YI\ - 5th Ave. So., Great Falls 


Koefelda, Berniece Keough 

Box 369, Livingston 


Koehler, Helen R. Dartt 

2115 Park St., Missoula 


Koenig, Eileene Mulloy 

430 So. 6th St. E., Missoula 


Koenig, Evelyn Ruth 

Route No. 3, Kalispell 


Koesler, Mariann 

1018 Vine Street, Missoula 


Koetitz, Geneva Martin 

Box 1215, Fort Peck 


Koga, Cecelia Fujia 

Box 786, Kennedy Deaconess Hospital, Havre 


Komaki, Myrtle May 

1215 E. Spring, Seattle, Washington 


Kombol, Anne A. 

duo nepuDiic rsiag., Jjenver z, uoioraao 


Kommers, Ann Dorchak 

zouy - 1st Ave. bo., L^reat rails 


Konen, Norma Theresa 

COX 400, HDD/ 


Kono, Irene Stefl 

1318 E. Georgiana, Port Angeles, Washington 


Kopp, Pauline O'Brien 

1404 So. Elm, Jackson, Michigan 


Korbe, Lita L. 

3 No. Rodney, Helena 


Korin, Dorothy Sitton 

Box 102, Sand Coulee 


Koth, Esther D. 

Box 716, Jordan 


Kottas, Mary Bonner 

626 So. 3rd St. W., Missoula 


Kovacich, Kathleen W. Carroll 

905 E. Park St. (rear), Anaconda 


Koval, Anna Marie 

Columbus School of Nursing, Great Falls 


Kovis, Florence Redding 

611 - 12th St. No., Great Falls 


Kraft, Alice Gripman 

2509 - 3rd Ave. No., Billings 


Kraft, Betty Irene Sitzman 

506 W. Babcock, Bozeman 


Kramer, Shirley M. Bixby 



Kraut, Helene Marie 

1008 - 3rd Ave., Havre 


Krauth, Elizabeth 

John B. Simons Hospital, Whitefish 


Krebsbach, Beatrice Waite 

Box 134, Plentywood 


Krieger, Jean M. Perkins 

309 - 9th St., Pacific Grove, California 


Krudde, Henrietta C. Knapp 

Box 138, Bozeman 


Krueger, Maxine Kottas 

209 - 34th St. No., Great Falls 


Kruger, Ruth Marie 

2357 N. W. Irving, Portland 10, Oregon 


Kucera, Emma Pearl Chambers 

11 Colorado, Laurel 


Kuehl, Clara M. 

406 So. Main, Livingston 


Kugler, Juanita Wikoff 

1016 No. 27th, Billings 


Kuhn, Edna Moore 

Nursing Division, State Board of Health, Helena 


Kuhne, Mary Margaret 

619 Barnes St., Lewistown 


Kuhr, Violet Zona McGhuey 



Kulpas, Shirley A. Ewald 



Kurtz, Lois I. Lardy 

209 E. Hughes, Glendive 


Kurtz, Natalie O'Connell 

10 - 16th St., Black Eagle 


Kyger, Margaret Cunningham 

225 Terry Ave., Billings 


Kyle, E. Marie Halladay 

2327 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, California 


Kynett, Anna Cecrle 

Deer Park, Washington 


Kyser, Margaret Lucile 

1209 East 41st St., Seattle 5, Washington 


3170 Labrie, Rosalie A. Jewett 

4828 LaCroix, Lillian M. Mclver 

2857 Lahd, Alice J. 

2825 LaLonde, Synove Bratberg 

863 Lamb, Edith M. 

1800 Lambert, Mildred Johnson 

78 LaMoure, Emma Lindquist 

5253 LaMoure, Helen J. Darragh 

5863 Lampman, Mary Sue Spangler 
3885 Lampton, Dorothy Arnold 

A535 Lane, Emma Jean Sides 

4026 Lane, Nelma Rahkola 
3593 Laney, Florentine Jambor 
5988 Lang, Alpha Sadeane Curry 
5892 Langstaff, Dorothy Belden 
5364 Langstaff, Pearl Witt 

5762 Lansche, Winifred B. 

A296 LaReau, Margaret Joan 

A728 Larkin, Mary Catherine 

5475 Larkin, Mary Lacher 

4818 LaRonde, Lorraine 

3992 Larsen, May H. 

A 135 Larson, Agnes V. Spithoven 

4727 Larson, Blanche Gullickson 

6148 Larson, Gloria J. Spahr 

3145 Larson, Helen J. Anderson 

3845 Larson, Irene E. Schmidt 

A825 Larson, Lois Minerva 

6070 Larson, Lora Helen Schell 

5864 Larson, Merlin Geneva 
3927 Larson, Nora Bush 

873 Larson, Teresa M. Kuffel 

4027 Lasker, Doris Reep 
1390 Lathrop, Edna Violette 
1891 Lauman, Louise Almini 
3011 Lavison, Irene T. Bakke 
5948 LaVoie, Betty Mae Jarrett 
4522 Lawrence, Mary K. Flanagan 

A578 Lawson, Doris Hasweli 

A826 Leary, Helene Joyce 

1846 Lebert, Zelpha Bundy 

5696 Leckner, Helen I. Zetterwall 

5951 Lee, Catherine Ethelrida 

6017 Lee, Elizabeth FitzSimmons 

5406 Lee, Eva Jane 

3994 Lee, Ruth M. 

2101 Lefler, Rhena Herbig 

558 Leggett, Blanche Thompson 

3140 Lehmann, Kathryne Panion 

3051 Leisen, Hazel M. 

A82 Lejeune, Dorothy Elizabeth 

1970 Lemm, Margaret McNichols 

2905 Lentfer, Rosa M. 

A506 Lenz, Betty Emmaline 

4269 Leonard, Eunice C. Miller 

4444 Lerty, Annie Stevenson 

4858 Lessman, Madelyn Sather 

2018 Lester, Gladys Bucher 

6015 Lester, Rita Mae Lanning 

3984 Letz, Eileen Korber 

A458 Levengood, Josephine T. Severin 


Box 1504, Harlowton 

715 Cleveland St., Missoula 

Box 1402, Richland, Washington 


Montana State Hospital, Warm Springs 

Nurses' Quarters, Fort Harrison 

505 - 6th Ave., Helena 

18 No. Rodney, Helena 

Tyler Rte., Grass Range 

Box 642, Libby 

426 High St., Wallace, Idaho 

4 Lewis Ave., Billings 

507 So. Center, Miles City 
Box 665, Highlands, Texas 
Box 265, Bridger 

817 No. 29th, Billings 

U. S. Indian Hospital, Tacoma 5, Washington 

421 - 5th Ave., Helena 

1511 Lander St., Seattle, Washington 

Box 7, Fairfield 

1450 No. Dearborn Parkway, Chicago 10, Illinois 
Stillwater Community Hospital, Columbus 
1211 Princeton Ave., Billings 
1124 No. 24th Billings 

Box 431, Choteau 
Big Sandy 

1015 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 

Rte. No. 2, Hamilton 

545 - 5th Ave., Helena 
717 - 8th Ave. So., Great Falls 
230 No. Elm, Colville, Washington 
Box 291, Somers 

7700 Emerson Ave., Los Angeles 45, California 

405 Livingston Ave., Missoula 

Box 678, Hot Springs, South Dakota 

Box 306, Havre 

201 Orange St., Missoula 

461 California St., Kalispell 

508 East Montana Ave., Livingston 
1806 Harrison Ave., Butte 

30 Cedar Ave., M. S. C, Bozeman 

817 West Story, Bozeman 

717 E. 34th, Spokane, Washington 


328 No. Ewing, Helena 

808 - 2nd Ave. No., Great Falls 

Twin Falls Co. Hospital, Twin Falls, Idaho 

1004 E. Fifth, Anaconda 

1932 Wall St., Butte 

Box 884, Livingston 

230 - 12th Ave. No., Seattle 2, Washington 

Box 554, Fort Bragg, California 

555 Buena Vista Ave. W., San Francisco 17, 

1641 - 11th Ave., Oakland, California 
911 Nevada Ave., Butte 
903 Colorado, Butte 

1620 V St. S. H., S. E. Washington 20, D. C. 



Leverton, Jean Clare Hartley 

1101 Hobson St., Butte 


Lewis, Frances Viola 

97 Gen. Hosp., A. P. O. 757, c/o P. M., 

New York City, New York 


Lewis, Jeanellyn Brown 

1014 West Park St., Butte 


Lewis, Margery E. Jones 

123 - 9th St. No., Miles City 


Lewis, Marvel Muriel 

26 So. Benton Ave., Helena 


Lewis, Vera M. Rambough 

420 So. 6th St., Livingston 


Lian, Aagot 

Health Dept., Glasgow 


Lieberg, Elizabeth Ann Simkins 

825 Madison, Helena 


Likarish, Helen A. 

106 Main St., Meaderville, Butte 


Lindahl, Ethel K. Jensen 

430 No. 3rd St., Missoula 


Lindberg, Dolores May Moe 

Box 66, Simms 


Lindblom, Ermajean Claris 

510 - 4th Ave. So., Great Falls 


Lindem, Mildred Christine 

124 No. 24th, Apt. 39, Billings 


Lindeman, Anna M. Pogue 

6530 Woodlawn Ave., Seattle 3, Washington 


Lindgren, LaVonne A. Thomas 

308 No. Bozeman, Bozeman 


Lindguist, Ardess Hindoien 

2117 - 7th Ave. So., Great Falls 


Lindstrom, Doris A. Fryberger 

No. 9 Thornton Apts., Missoula 


Link, Mary C. Sullivan 

824 - 11th Ave., Helena 


Linn, Mary Ann Jagues 

604 So. 5th, Apt. No. 4, Hamilton 


Lippard, Lillian Bates 

Fort Benton 


Little, Denise J. Davis 

280 Mary Ave., Missoula 


Livingston, Eugenia 

428 Power St., Helena 


Lloyd, Myrtle Hails 

835 N. Jackson, Helena 


Lockhart, Catherine Riley 

Box 315, Missoula 


Lockman, Inez Mae Haynes 

Box 175, Poplar 


Lode, Fannie 

Box 35, Billings 


Loewus, Meral Jane 

817 West Story, Bozeman 


Loffel, Martha Kathleen ■ 



Lofthus, Inez Eleanor 

823 No. 28th St., Billings 


Logan, Loretta Hermes 

336 Strand Ave., Missoula 


Loge, Elythe 

340 So. Curson Ave., Los Angeles 36, California 


Lohe, Raguel E. Davis 

Box 451, Ronan 


Lombardo, Gabriella 

9660 S. W. Pacific Highway, Portland, Oregon 


Long, Belva McKown 

Box 7, Saco 


Long, Evelyn L. Chapman 

Box 168, Auburn, California 


Loop, Margie Lucille 

Barnes V. A. Hospital, Vancouver, Washington 


Loran, M. Cassie Bailes 

213 W. Beckwith Ave., Missoula 


Lorensen, Rosemary 

1501 - 9th West, Seattle, Washington 


Lorenz, Gertrude Birrer 

533 E. Babcock, Bozeman 


Lorraine, Grace Marie 

M. S. T. B. Sanitarium, Galen Rte. 1, Deer Lodge 


Lose, Helen Theodora 

Box 52, Bridger 


Loughran, Connie Gene Conway 

2110 So. Arizona St., Butte 


Lovas, Suzanna 

5048 Orville Ave., Baltimore 5, Maryland 


Lovely, Harriet J. Reed 

526 West Spruce, Missoula 


Lovett, Dorothea Jane 

965 So. Pennsylvania St., Denver 9, Colorado 


Lovett, Marguerite Dalbec 

Maryland Apts., Great Falls 


Low, Mary Ira Irish 

Rte. No. 2, Colbert, Washington 


Lozo, Mary Theresa 

N. P. Hospital, Missoula 


Lubke, Margaret E. McDonald 

539 W. Front St., Missoula 


Lucas, Erma Petersen 

Fergus County Hospital, Lewistown 


Lucas, Nonie Lynch 

536 Woodford, Missoula 


Luce, Mary Daly 

209 - 4th St., Deer Lodge 


Ludington, M. Aileen Gerigk 

Rte. 2, Box 568, Oswego, Oregon 


Luedtke, Mary M. Weist 

522 E. Commercial, Anaconda 


Luhrs, Mary Rolph 

1935 N. W. 20th, Portland 9, Oregon 


Lulham, Clara J. Hargrove 

123 West Mann St., Glendive 


Lunceford, Wilma G. Foreman 

Rte. No. 1, Grantsdale 


Lundberg, Rachel Mayo 

N 3207 Dick, Rte. 10, Spokane, Washington 


Lunde, D. Camilla 

1414 - 2nd Ave. No., Great Falls 


Lunney, Mary P. O'Neill 

Box 154, Big Sandy 


Lyle, Marjorie Thelander 

828 W. 53rd, Seattle 7, Washington 


Lynch, Helen N. 

119 W. Daly St., Walkerville 


Lynch, Joy Piepho 

204 Ebert Ave., Richland, Washington 


1818 Lynch, Lucy Murtagh 
4152 Lynch, Margaret M. 
A985 Lyons, Margaret Louise 

25 Nugent St., New Hyde Park, Long Island, N. Y. 

1107 W. Park St., Butte 

404 E. Commercial, Anaconda 

2164 McAndrews, Helen Smith 

A980 McArthur, Eva Barber 

4905 McArthur, Margie Cooper 

A389 McAuliffe, Rosemary Baker 

3180 McBride, Edythe S. 

693 McBride, Elsie Christian 

A403 McCafferty, Betty Jean 

A355 McCaffery, Marion Egan 

5743 McCahill, Charlotte Perry 

5697 McCann, Bessie J. Zimmerman 

3997 McCartan, Ann T. 

2510 McCarthy, Margaret Mullowney 

6163 McCarty, Sylvia Mary 

1816 McCarvel, Ann Monahan 

2612 McCarvel, Margaret Casey 

2153 McCarvel, Margaret Ridge 

2014 McCaskill, Ida E. Bragg 

5820 McCaul, Helen Coleman 

3617 McCauley, Luella C. 

A937 McChesney, Jacgueline Bee 

5304 McClafferty, Mary Margaret 

5249 McClue, Irene E. Christiansen 

A976 McCollough, Frances Brunelle 

4888 McCorkle, Jean Barr Gogan 

898 McCormick, Irene 

5639 McCoy, Martha L. Keefe 

4908 McCullough, Ruth E. Hanson 

A731 McCullough, Zillah Mathias 

A563 McCune, Irma Lowmaster 

573 McDaniel, Katherine McBride 

4527 McDede, Marian M. Foxall 

5081 McDonald, Catherine Mary 

5868 McDonald, Irene Morton 
5370 McDonald, Katharine 
1574 McDonald, Leila I. 

5869 McDonald, Phyllis Madilon 
2205 McDonald, Phyllis Wilson 
A830 McDonald, Shirley Olive 

6111 McDonnell, Donna Fay Dowlin 

796 McDowell, Rose Brogan 

A831 McEldery, Sally McGuire 

3049 McEwan, Rose Laslovich 

A47 McFarland, Lucille L. Ferris 

A234 McFerrin, June McKittrick 

1571 McGhee, Angela McCann 

6021 McGowan, Josephine 

1972 McGrew, Opal 

457 McGuin, Jessie Wood 

4585 McGuire, Manila B. Parrott 

4009 McGuirl, Blanche Moran 

3272 McHugh, Delia Meier 

4028 McKain, Mary Bernice Reynolds 

2781 McKay, Lillian Shelstad 

4576 McLaughlin, Edith M. Monical 

3261 McLaughlin, Helen Lavelle 

5550 McLeod, Ann Joyce Spencer 

3263 McLeod, Jean Lindstadt 

1439 McMahon, Ita Ann Geary 


813 E. 6th St., Anaconda 
General Delivery, Libby 
839 Hornet, Butte 
2741 Placer, Butte 
1908 Howard St., Butte 
Box 1066, Havre 

1012 Harrison St., Denver, Colorado 

2220 Princeton St., Butte 

11324 No. 27th St., Billings 

11214 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 

1115 Delaware Ave., Butte 

3614 E. 68th, Seattle, Washington 

Spurgin Road, Rte. No. 1, Missoula 

415 Pine St., Anaconda 

418 Oak St., Anaconda 

415 West 3rd St., Anaconda 

Schlitz Memorial Hospital, American Falls, Idaho 

405^ W. Mercury, Butte 

830 Miami, Leavenworth, Kansas 

121 E. Vaux, Sidney 

107 Clear Grit, Butte 


120 N. Willson, Bozeman 

145514 Clark St., Van Nuys, California 

V. A. Hospital, 1025 Lamar, Memphis 4, Tennessee 

19 Grand Ave., Billings 

703 Central Ave. West, Great Falls 

233 Lewis Ave., Billings 

214 - 12th St. So., Great Falls 

1417 Goldie Ave., Sioux City, Iowa 

Box 67, Fort Benton 

825 So. Placer St., Butte 

837 Magnolia Ave., Beaumont, California 

Woodland Clinic Hospital, Woodland, California 

1210 Toole Ave., Missoula 

201 Orange St., Missoula 

Box 803, Belgrade 

131 West Quartz St., Butte 

605 So. 5th, Bozeman 

8 No. Warren, Helena 

Box 146, Oswego 

423 Chestnut, Anaconda 

6034 Yellowstone Ave., Billings 

Box 63, Cascade 

308 Crowley Apts., Lewistown 
Box 498, Columbia Falls 

Box 92, Conrad 

1104 No. Wyoming, Butte 

405 So. 32nd St., Billings 

28 E. Broadway, Butte- 

823 Placer, Butte 

1000 - 7th Ave. No., Great Falls 

602 Abbott, Richland, Washington 

8 Cross Lane, Levittown, Hicksville, New York 

4631 Batavia Place, Denver, Colorado 

309 E. Broadway, Butte 

116 - 4th St., Deer Lodge 


McMahon, Margaret A. 

1400 Fell St., San Francisco, California 


McManus, Florence L. 

V. A. Hospital, Livermore, California 


McManus, Rosemary Hart 

Box 81, Bridger 


McMillen, Colleen J. Sewell 

No. 7- 17th St. So., Great Falls 


McMillian, Beatrice Martin 

3022 Burnside Ave., St. Joseph, Missouri 


McNamara, Margaret Fitzgerald 

1001 E. Broadway, Missoula 


McNamee, Helen Duffy 

718 - 2nd Ave. No., Great Falls 


McNamee, Marian E. 

713 E. 5th St., Anaconda 


McNeely, Rebecca Ford 

Box 102, Boulder 


McNeilly, Marie Moore 

Rte. 1, Grove Street, Missoula 


McNutt, Gertrude Clauson 

3625 - 2nd Ave. No., Great Falls 


McRae, Flora Cambra 

Box 160, Dutton 


McRae, Ina Lee Thulesen 

15 Nc. 10th St., Miles City 


McRae, Mary Ellen 

311 No. 10th St., Miles City 


McVey, Rose Buhrer 

625 Woodworth Ave., Missoula 


McVicker, Barbara Lee 

V. A. Center, Hot Springs, South Dakota 



Macaulay, Margaret C. 

1017- 1st Ave. So., Great Falls 


MacDonald, Bonnie Marie 

1724 So. Kay St., Tacoma, Washington 


MacDonald, Frances Hixson 

321 So. 8th St., Bozeman 


MacDonald, Margaret Jean 

1724 So. Kay St., Tacoma, Washington 


MacDonald, Patricia Helen 

St. Regis 


MacGregor, Kathryn J. 

Residence Hall, State Normal, Dillon 


MacKnight, Mildred A. Hoover 

707 - 6th Ave. No., Great Falls 


MacLeod, Ferol Todd 

W. 1001 - 4th Ave., Apt. 7, Spokane, Washington 


MacRae, Helen Swift 

833 Rimrock Road, Billings 


Macumber, Virginia May 

1117 E. Front St., Butte 


Macy, Charlotte Calista 

19 W. Babcock, Bozeman 


Madden, Mary K. Hockett 

Box 338, Fort Peck 


Madden, Wanda Lorraine 



Maddison, Muriel E. Riley 

Rte. No. 4, Box 19, Springfield, Missouri 


Maddox, Dorothy Ann Blank 

c/o Fred Blank, Bridger 


Madsen, Helen J. Nelson 

Box 331, Shelton, Washington 


Maffit, Betty Jo Hanson 

1020 - 5ih Ave. No., Great Falls 


Maffit, Elizabeth Ann Phelps 

609 Third Ave., Havre 


Magdic, Mary T. Ryan 

205 N. Ave. E., Missoula 


Mager, Mabel Moen 

Box 386, Ronan 


Magness, Mary Alice Fink 

804 East 4th St., Anaconda 


Mahan, Rena Rachel Rinehart 

529 N. Gould St., Sheridan, Wyoming 


Maier, Victoria Louise 

3120 Grand Ave., Everett, Washington 


Malan, Mazel Mann 

2338 - 11 Patterson, Eugene, Oregon 


Malencik, Sylvia Agnes 

457 C St., Salt Lake City 3, Utah 


Malone, Betty Blanch Straw 

1810 Silver Bow Homes, Butte 


Malone, Mima Diamond 

Daly Memorial Hospital, Hamilton 


Malone, Ruth Sipple 

313 E. 6th St., Anaconda 


Mangan, Katherine Theresa 

404 Alder St., Missoula 


Manley, Mary Jesich 

Box 756, Olive View San., Olive View, California 


Mann, Regina Scott 

430 S. Sepulveda, Apt. 4, Los Angeles 24, Calif. 


Manning, Bertha E. Peterson 

935 Wildwood Ave., Colma 25, California 


Mansell, Dorothy Moira 

244 Ave. "E", Billings 


Mansfield, Rita T. 

306 Lexington Apts., Great Falls 


Mapes, Beatrice Talbot 

528 - 9th St. East, Kalispell 


Marantette, Delia 

No. 5 Von Don Apts., Missoula 


Marcinkowski, Maryrose 

Nurses' Home, Fort Harrison 


Marick, Mary Margaret O'Neill 

509 Madison Ave., Helena 


Marks, Helen G. Tihista 

828 - 2nd Ave. So., Glasgow 


Marks, Margaret L. Kelley 

Box 62, Virginia City, Nevada 


Marlowe, June G. Pendergraft 

Box 132, State Hospital, Evanston, Wyoming 


Margues, Mary Jean 

706£ - 12th St., Bremerton, Washington 


Marshall, Ruth E. Officer 

317 So. C St., Livingston 


Mart, Betty Vada Ridgway 

1115 No. 29th St., Billings 


Martin, Bernadette 

43 Clark Ave., Billings 


A513 Martin, Bernadine Ann 

5414 Martin, Betty Rae Tandy 
A747 Martin, Catherine Hadcock 

5567 Martin, Elizabeth Broomhall 

2562 Martin, Irena Algra 

A715 Martin, Marcella Haaland 

2729 Martin, Marcella Wherley 

3809 Martin, Mary A. Hill 

A407 Martin, Rita Jean McMahon 

2400 Martin, Ruby Morton 

A639 Martin, Shirley Nona 

1870 Martin, Talela Doris 

A511 Martina, Kathryn L. Mansanti 

A882 Massie, Ruth Pregger 

4565 Massman, Agnes Collette 

3221 Mast, Dorothy A. Brown 

5415 Mastel, Rose Helen 
1093 Matchett, Elva Bayne 

A942 Mathern, Marie Barbara 

432 Matlaw, Eugena E. 

1628 Matthew, Anna Belle Fitzsimmons 

2352 Matthew, F. Norma Troglia 

A45 Matz, Edna M. Engen 

4510 Mauk, Elaine Ruth Dally 

A514 Mayer, Grace E. Matoon 

1226 Maynard, Evangeline I. Letellier 

5804 Maynard, Gwendolyn 

3136 Meade, Cyrilla A. 

5519 Meade, Thelma J. Robison 

A145 Meckoll, Lola E. Wilkinson 

422 Mecum, Anna V. 

3474 Mee, Marie Jones 

5998 Meehan, Florence Gunderson 

A515 Mehrens, Mary Ellen Monahan 

2038 Mehring, Irene Lebeault 

5657 Meier, Margaret Mary 

1401 Melarvie, Inez A. 

3503 Melius, Maretta Russell 

6134 Mendoza, Ruby Josephine 

A516 Merkuris, Dorothymae 

1593 Merritt, Clara Smith 

1727 Mertz, Ednabelle Grinnell 

6130 Messer, Cecelia Ann Lutgen 

A96 Messer, Frances Margaret 

A556 Meszaros, Esther M. Ziebarth 

4268 Meyer, Bernice B. 

A97 Meyer, Betty Jane 

A594 Meyers, Lillian Mottershead 

5113 Michalson, Betty Jo Sands 

A943 Michels, Donna Mae 

4422 Michels, Lois Kent 

4466 Michie, Frances Mildred 

5776 Mielke, Millie L. Yackey 

1132 Mikesell, Lois V. 

2276 Miles, Eleanor Forsgren 

A834 Miller, Agatha Lucille 

1734 Miller, Anna Meyer 

A793 Miller, Catherine Ann Brusich 

5850 Miller, Ellen C. Brinkerhoff 

5138 Miller, Elizabeth Welsh 

1290 Miller, Helen Hand 

Nurses' Quarters, U. S. V. A. Hospital, 
Portland 7, Oregon 


1015i East 4th St., Anaconda 
Box 437, Ruth, Nevada 
R. R. No. 1, Box 69, Lewistown 
Basin, Wyoming 

1114 E. Polk St., Phoenix, Arizona 
Rte. No. 1-B, Columbia Falls 

814 Knight St., Miles City 
Box 563, Fort Peck 

1250 So. Adams, Tacoma, Washington 

1130 - 9th Ave., Helena 

1721 C Street, Butte 

L. D. S. Hospital, Idaho Falls, Idaho 

208 Metropolitan Bldg., Denver 2, Colorado 

c/o Mast Hospital, Myrtle Point, Oregon 

3 E. Minnehaha Pkwy., Minneapolis, Minnesota 

320 So. 5th St., Hamilton 

1517 No. Jordan, Miles City 

West 533 Sharp, Spokane 12, Washington 

304 So. Tracy, Bozeman 

2209 Maple St., Butte 

226^ Broadwater Ave., Billings 

12013 S. Fidel, Norwalk, California 

Box 1444, Havre 

68 A Franklin, China Lake, California 

607 No. 18th St., Billings 

815 Waukesha St., Butte 

Box 251, Belle Fourche, South Dakota 
c/o Mrs. Harry D. Wilkinson, R. R. No. 1, 

Bowen, Illinois 
32 Palmer St., Ramsay 
1140 Arreba St., Martinez, California 
1015 E. 5th St., Anaconda 
322 E. Park, Anaconda 

144 - 4th Ave. W., Dickinson, North Dakota 

1112 River St., Enterprise, Oregon 

13410- 2nd Ave. S. W., Seattle 66, Washington 

224 So. 36th, Billings 

Box 112, Betteravia, California 

12564 - 17th Ave. N. E., Seattle 55, Washington 

234 Mendenhall, Bozeman 

748£ Miles Ave., Billings 

1724 So. Kay St., Tacoma, Washington 

Box 603, Sidney 

Box 154, Tacoma, Washington 


503 West Alderson, Bozeman 
521 Madison, Helena 
Beach, North Dakota 
307 So. 8th Ave., Bozeman 
1423 - 2nd Ave. So., Great Falls 
214 Roosevelt Ave. So., Sidney 
U. S. Veterans' Hospital, Livermore, California 
c/o Klein & Cashmore Clinic, First Nat'l Bank, 

801 No. Cottage Grove, Miles City 
Box 512 Billings 
Amidon, North Dakota 
313 Howard Ave., Billings 

608 No. 28th St., Billings 

606 - 2nd Ave. West, Kalispell 

A99 Miller, Idabelle Gaden 

5085 Miller, Katherine Evelyn 

3286 Miller, Margaret Redwing 

A790 Miller, Maryisabei Baehr 

1208 Miller, Nora Engdahl 

A517 Miller, Patricia Helen 

5866 Mills, Madonna Leva 

458 Mills, Myrtle Weidner 

2956 Milne, Isabelle M. 

2024 Milne, Wanda Fehlberg 

A944 Miner, Wilma LaVera 

6024 Miroslavich, Ann 
5871 Mitchell, Beverly Gail 
3963 Mitchell, Christine Kruger 
4467 Mitchell, Ethel Celeste 
6135 Miwa, Hannah 

5418 Mizner, Barbara Blackburn 

6025 Moderie, Doris Mae 

5975 Moderie, Elizabeth R. Beccari 

A945 Modic, Dorothy Ann 

4799 Moe, Selene Lilly Huso 

1584 Moholt, Helga Osness 

A744 Moilanen, Betty Anne Ritteman 

A588 Monahan, Agnes J. Karaffa 

A243 Mondloch, Mary Lois 

A689 Monroe, Ethelmae 

A871 Monroe, Gertrude Blanchard 

4481 Monson, Nellie Walden 

5660 Montgomery, Ethel McAlear 

1340 Montgomery, Ruth Hilderbrand 

1252 Montgomery, Winifred Sieger 

A101 Moody, Peggy Jean Nelson 

5606 Moore, Alice Fern Calkin 

A732 Moore, Dorothy Proffitt 

3291 Moore, Ellen Schendel 

A27 Moore, Helen E. Reed 

4674 Katherine E. Milliron 

4770 Moore, Loyal M. Cotton 

4157 Moore, Marylouise West 

5444 Moore, Phyllis Warner 

A531 Moore, Shirley Mae Rice 

2119 Moran, Florence Lunn 

3370 Moran, Mabel Bunker 

1676 Moran, Magdalene Marcinkouski 

1533 Moran, Viola Geary 

A386 Moreau, Berneice G. Hallenberg 

4494 Morey, Evelyn Rita Bills 

A582 Morgan, Harriet E. Buck 

5483 Morgan, Marjeanne Chase 

5922 Morgan, Manita Lorrain Reed 

5076 Morgan, Mary Agnes Matteson 

A781 Morgan, Patricia Sarah 

5420 Morgan, Sylvia Eileen 

1546 Morgan, Winifred Hunter 

5107 Morrell, Mary E. Price 

3056 Morris, Charlotte Milles 

1135 Morris, Lily 

5688 Morrison, Mabel E. Stevens 

A442 Morrison, Margaret Anne 

A835 Morton, Bernice Lucile 

6181 Morton, Charlotte Mae 

A644 Moshovsky, Mary Frances 

A946 Moy, Joan Marie 

4351 Moy, Vivian E. McDowell 

925 - 6th Ave. No., Great Falls 

12 Wildwood Ave., Apt. 2, Oakland 10, California 

c/o Edward O. Redwing, Havre 

Gillette, Wyoming 

925-6th Ave. No., Great Falls 

335 No. Davis, Helena 

Wolf Creek 

1011 E St., So. Charleston, West Virginia 

1123 No. 25th St., Billings 


107 No. 7th, Bozeman 
304 Ash St., Anaconda 
Wolf Point 

808 - 8th Ave., Helena 
Public Health Nurse, Poison 

605 Minor Ave., Seattle, Washington 
703 Milwaukee, Deer Lodge 

Arlee " 

224 Pattee St., Missoula 
Box 443, Thompson Falls 
612 S. Sargent, Glendive 

601 N. 2nd W., Missoula 
1210 W. Quartz, Butte 
523 Johnson St., Missoula 
Cut Bank 

Box 98, Conrad 
Box 641, Poison 
Box 256, Shelby 

602 No. Ewing, Helena 

c/o Jorgensen Ranch, Big Piney, Wyoming 

812 - 3rd Ave. So., Great Falls 
503 W. Babcock, Bozeman 
1223 Ave. G, Billings 

519 West Main St., Bozeman 
3319 Montana, Billings 
Box 692, Great Falls 
1702 C St., Butte 

Box 434, Fort Steilacoom, Washington 
830 Terry Ave., Billings 

606 No. Jackson, Helena 

91 U - 2nd Ave. N. W., Great Falls 

Rte. 11, Box 6110, Sacramento, California 

313 E. 4th, Anaconda 

Rte. No. 3, Box 452, Yuba City, California 
435 South Dakota, Dillon 

813 Knight St., Miles City 

Apt. No. 4, Hi School Apts., Glasgow 

Box 672, Forsyth 

212 So. 5th St. E., Missoula 

2020 Utah Ave., Butte 

Box 352, Browning 

Stratford Apt. 19, Billings 

Rte. No. 1, Box 1013, Laurel 

c/o W. J. Morris, Lindale, Texas 

Box 1096, Great Falls 

422 - 11th Ave., Helena 

Box 127, Livingston 

1039 Princeton Ave., Billings 

624 No. 31st, Apt. 4, Billings 

V. A. Hospital, Sheridan, Wyoming 

11 - 9th St. So., Great Falls 

1114 Poplar St., Missoula 


876 Mudd, Zitta Briggeman \ - jT 

A244 Mueller, Helene Elizabeth 

3692 Mueller, Margaret V. Dumler 

4381 Mueller, Virginia R. Kennedy 

A573 Muggli, Anna Mae 

4573 Muggli, Mavis M. Merz 

5887 Muhlhauser, Helen Mae Walter 

1790 Mulcahy, Catherine Harrington 

3012 Mulholland, Ellen A. Bancroft 

A585 Mullen, Rosaleen Odilia 

1957 Muller, Dorothea Klaue 

1327 Mundt, Alice Farrell 

A100 Munsell, Betty Ann Schmitz 

5197 Munson, Gladys Whetham 

1566 Muntzer, Iris B. Menhennet 

A947 Murdock, Marjorie Jean 

5317 Muri, Marie Johannah 

2995 Murphy, Charlotte Bauer 

3277 Murphy, Dorothy Ann 

6027 Murphy, Gladys R. Buckingham 

2883 Murphy, Hilda Shively 

A645 Murphy, Jeanne Knudsen 

2625 Murphy, Margaret Davis 

A646 Murphy, Margaret Pearl 

1233 Murphy, Regina L. 

1817 Murphy, Ruth 

1329 Murray, Alice Fuller 

A 163 Murray, Betty Lou Jungers 

A356 Murray, Hazel Katherine 

A837 Murray, Helene Fern Prevost 

1690 Murray, Mary E. Shields 

A647 Mussell, Vivian Iona 

5155 Mutzenberger, Elsie Carolyn 

A838 Myers, Betty Stephen 

4839 Myers, Lois Mae 

5901 Nansel, Audrie Mae 

3183 Nash, Alvina Meyer 

5092 Nead, Jean Seaburg 

5914 Neet, Frances V. Martin 

A50 Nelson, Betty Jean Frey 

A727 Nelson, Dolores Guth 

6028 Nelson, Dorothy Jane 

3505 Nelson, Eleanor Sanders 

5554 Nelson, Elizabeth Wild 

2676 Nelson, Ethel Mittal 

3130 Nelson, Frances Gabrick 

A648 Nelson, Frances Joy 

A839 Nelson, Gertrude Irene 

A840 Nelson, Gladys 

3186 Nelson, Helen D. 

1592 Nelson, Lillian Schneider 

4354 Nelson, Louise C. 

A246 Nelson, Lura Evelyn 

4826 Nelson, Margaret Malcom 

1145 Nelson, Mary Alice Robinson 

3730 Nelson, Mildred Line 

A872 Nelson, Winifred Schagel 

3688 Neville, Virginia Davis 

17 N. Warren, Helena 

YWCA, Fifth and Seneca, Seattle 1, Washington 

Box 87, Hysham 

1040 Princeton Ave., Billings 

516 So. 8th, Apt. No. 1, Bozeman 

Rte. No. 1, Box 160A, Miles City 

520 Daly Ave., Missoula 

607 N. Wyoming, Butte. 

602 W. Quartz, Butte 

621 - 3rd Ave. No., Great Falls 

112 - 8th St. S. W., Great Falls 

535^ Hillsdale, Helena 

1506^ Palmer, Miles City 

Juanita, North Dakota 

1030 W. Park, Butte 


Box 79, Forsyth 

1504 - 10th Ave. So., Great Falls 
620 So. Montana, Butte 
514 Marion, Miles City 
423 Custer Ave., Billings 
538 Edison St., Butte 
Box 316, Santa Rita 
504 Caladonia, Butte 
Leonard Hotel, Butte 

MacMillan Co., 350 Mission St., San Francisco, 

Rte. No. 2, Rattlesnake, Missoula 
No. 9 Cascade, Missoula 
U. S. V. A. Hospital, Sheridan, Wyoming 
307 No. 8th, Miles City 
606 So. Atlantic St., Dillon 
Thompkins, Saskatchewan, Canada 
N. P. Hospital, Glendive 
45 E. Broadway, Apt. No. 6, Butte 
Box 243, Havre 


2615 W. Maxwell, Spokane, Washington 
Box 762, Helena 
Box 382, Glendive 

1300 So. 4th St., Leavenworth, Kansas 
Centerville, South Dakota 
1702 Ave. C, Billings 
Worland, Wyoming 

1512- 13th Ave., Anacortes, Washington 
941 No. Jefferson St., Apt. 38, Milwaukee 2, 

1414- 10th Ave. Sc., Great Falls 
Box 38, Belgrade 

Coulee Dam Comm. Hosp., Coulee Dam, Wash. 

c/o Mrs. George Davis, Avon 

335 So. 13th St., San Jose, California 

645 - 9th Ave. West, Kalispell 

1939 Florence Ave., Butte 

Sand Springs 

120 So. 33rd St., Billings 

69 Franklin Lane, Ventura, California 

Piatt Hospital, St. Maries, Idaho 

Box 93, Whitefish 

206 Leary Hall, University of Washington, 

Seattle 5, Washington 
Box 82, Warm Springs 


2120 Newark, Elizabeth J. Magers 

5917 Newell, Florence E. Clark 

5224 Newey, Twilla M. Badgley 

A948 Newstrom, Phyllis Shank 

A580 Newton, Sara E. 

A520 Nichols, Catherine Jane 

3675 Nickel, Elizabeth Berger 

4760 Nicol, Marie L. Caine 

A247 Nielsen, Emma Marie 

4610 Niewendorp, Mildred Severson 

A226 Nikolaisen, Evelyn Larson 

A 170 Niles, Phyllis Anne 

1063 Nipgen, Jane Wright 

A248 Nirider, Martha Johanna 

4313 Nisbet, Bertha Williamson 

A413 Niven, Mary E. Franklin 

2320 Noble, Dorothy Dorchak 

425 Noeth, Lillian E. 

3137 Nokes, Verna Mutch 

3739 Noonan, Sara L. McCartan 

6076 Nordstrom, Odessa Ham 

2746 Nordtome, Elizabeth Vogler 

A977 Nordtome, Ressie Dixon 

A10 Nordtvedt, Grace Edith 

A521 Norenberg, Lois Margaret 

A650 Norman, Nina Lee 

A890 Norris, Nina Larson 

6074 Norris, Phyllis Ellen 

5320 Novak, Alice Lorene 

5564 Noyes, Marilyn R. Stewart 

4412 Nugent, Lilyan L. Halloran 

A651 Nulty, Rita 

A337 Nuxoll, Thelma A. Ruffing 

3416 Nye, Jessy Hall 

5665 Nyman, Lillian Anne 

2007 Nyquist, Edna Weber 

1040 T St., Gering, Nebraska 
c/o A. Newell, 215 So. 18th St., Coeur d'Alene, 

5626 Haynes Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana 

145£ E. Beckwith, Missoula 

660 Evans Ave., Missoula 

Lodge Grass 

3041 Floral Blvd., Butte 

Rte. No. 1, Box 1275, Vista, California 

Renton Hospital, Renton, Washington 

Merced Gen. Hosp., Box 231, Merced, California 


Box 562, Miles City 

319 So. 9th St., Livingston 

Ft. Washakie, Wyoming 

821 - 8th Ave. No., Great Falls 

1032 Breckenridge, Helena 

2126 - 6th Ave. So., Great Falls 

U. S. Veterans' Hosp., Palo Alto, California 

718 W. Park, Butte 

1025 Placer St., Butte 

4265 Madrona St., Riverside, California 
161 - 4th Ave. W. N., Kalispell 
609 - 6th Ave. No., Great Falls 

414 West 5th St., Williston, North Dakota 

806 So. 6th, Bozeman 

701 - 4th Ave. No., Great Falls 

3845 Banks Ave., Butte 

650 W. Pine St., Missoula 

Box 156, Fairview 

809 E. 4th St., Anaconda 

505 So. Montana St., Butte 

519 Howard Ave., Billings 

Box 63, Sweetgrass 

1516- 3rd Ave. So., Great Falls 

2720 - 2nd Ave. So., Great Falls 

2149 Oates, Katherine Purvis 

1509 O'Brien, Yvonne Beaulieu 

1581 O'Connell, Catherine M. 

2382 O'Connell, Dorothy Casey 

6086 O'Connell, Virginia Marie 

A522 O'Connor, Jane 

3587 O'Connor, Jeanette Green 

1363 O'Day, Exire 

6057 O'Dea, Lois K. Williams 

A107 Odegard, Doris E. Hampton 

3756 O'Dell, Alice Quissel 

2384 O'Donnell, Hildegarde Coster 

1577 O'Donnell, Mary C. McLaughlin 

2140 O'Donnell, Mary Ferry 

5630 O'Donnell, Ruth F. Harman 

3924 Oeleis, Mary Blyth 

A777 Offet, Mildred Louise Nelson 

5909 Ogle, Carole Imogene Quinn 

A300 O'Grady, Elizabeth Pilgeram 

3977 Ogrin, Nettie Keller 

1281 O'Hara, Rosalie M. Nadeau 

2628 Ohler, Marie Dupuis 

A784 Ohlson, Beverly Dopp 


2917 Anza St., San Francisco 21, California 

Box 799, Missoula 

Box 827, Poison 

715 - 9th Ave., Helena 

Bowman, North Dakota 

Queen's Hospital, Honolulu, T. H. 

Box 109, Bozeman 

1907 Wilson Ave., Chicago 40, Illinois 
222 No. 33rd St., Billings 

908 - 28th St., Ogden, Utah 
Gallatin Gateway 

229 Collins Lane, Grass Valley, California 
703 No. Warren, Helena 

909 Madison Ave., Helena 
412 West Olive, Bozeman 

2029 First Ave. S. W., Great Falls 

1540 DeFoe St., Missoula 

Box 4121, Centenary Station, Shreveport, 

1527 - 2nd Ave. No., Great Falls 
2303 - 2nd Ave. No., Great Falls 
249 East Birch St., Walla Walla, Washington 
Burke, Idaho 

10 Beaverhead St., Missoula 


3976 Ojala, Louise Keays 

A949 Olesen, Bette Mae 

2623 Oliver, Amy Daily 

5662 O'Loughlin, Zita M. Mus 

5831 Olsen, Clara B. Lockard 

3621 Olsen, Ida Mae Restad 

4995 Olsen, Ruth Ames 

A746 Olson, Helen Zeylmaker 

4915 Olson, Imogene Ruth Mosby 

4757 Olson, Doris Jean Burnham 

2376 Olson, Margaret Anderson 

A250 Olson, Mary Lillian 

A607 Olson, Mary Violet Broman 

' 2493 Olson, Sylvia Kriebel 

6173 Olson, Wanda Jane 

A684 O'Malley, Lillian Helen 

5940 Oman, Elizabeth May 

A252 Omley, Cleo Geneese 

A681 O'Neill, Audree J. Yunker 

2513 O'Neill, Nora E. 

5438 Onesti, Mary Ellen Thelen 

A652 Ono, Rena T. 

4086 Opsal, Marcella Hull 

4113 Orchard, Mary V. 

A591 Ormesher, Eunice M. Hysen 

2684 O'Rourke, Agnes 

1682 Orton, Jean B. 

A525 Ostaiin, Anna Marie Schmidt 

5462 Other-Medicine, Alice 

2573 Ott, Margaret Hagenah 

2870 Ottoy, Suzanne M. 

A576 Overmier, Joyce Torguson 

3631 Ovind, Florence Magill 

A842 Owens, Darlene Clark 

4606 Owens, Eleanor T. Segulia 

1573 Owings, Lillian McClean 

4810 Pacheco, Mary C. Kelly 

A 159 Padget, Oscia Mae Kirby 

1328 Page, Mae Finnegan 

A843 Paige, Magdalen Kohl 

A844 Palczewski, Martha Julia 

A806 Pali, Marian F. Fuller 

4389 Palmer, Nettie Townsend 

A950 Pambrun, Audra Marie 

5476 Pandis, Verda B. Lincoln 

3713 Pantenburg, Elvira A. Hebert 

2916 Papke, Doris Johnson 

A526 Park, Jean Marie 

2036 Parker, Clista Killingbeck 

A255 Parker, Florence Adeline 

3729 Parker, Irene M. Lindstadt 

4497 Parker, Lois D. Boswell 

5542 Parson, Hazel M. Tintinger 

5810 Parson, Ruth L. Schenck 

A256 Parsons, Doris Louise 

6174 Partin, Mertice May Pugh 

2185 Patterson, Harriet Wieble 

1202 Patton, Nina Culbertson 

1395 Pauline, Agnes R. 

117 W. Sussex, Missoula 

Montana Deaconess Hospital, Great Falls 

206 N. Merriam, Miles City 

110U North 29th, Billings 

414£ W. Broadway, Lewistown 

Stanley, North Dakota 

Box 852, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 

1907 - 2nd Ave. So., Great Falls 

Pacific Northern Airlines, Anchorage, Alaska 

324 South Yellowstone, Livingston 

Box 101, Fairfield 

N. P. Hospital, Missoula 

20U Orange St., Missoula 

714 No. 24th St., Billings 

c/o Tacoma Gen. Hosp., Tacoma, Washington 
2595 Clay St., Apt. 3, San Francisco, California 

316 So. Black, Bozeman 

c/o Jack Johnson, Deer Lodge 
2712 State St., Butte 
411 Virginia St., Butte 

W. 410 - 3rd Ave., Apt. 2, Spokane, Washington 
Arvada, Wyoming 

1098 West 13th Ave., Albany, Oregon 
1433 - 21st St., Santa Monica, California 

317 W. Spruce, Missoula 
Box 1483, Casper, Wyoming 
St.- Peter's Hospital, Helena 

205 Washington St., Kennewick, Washington 
Box 267, Crow Agency 
Box 855, Denton 

Brook Gen. Hosp., General Delivery, Fort Sam 

Houston, Texas 
Box 158, Terry 

239 East South Temple, Apt. 303, 

Salt Lake City 2, Utah 
259 Ave. F, Billings 

2290 Green St., San Francisco 23, California 
Box 81, Hot Springs 


39 W. Center St., Butte 

Box 122, Basin 

713 Cedar St., Anaconda 

903 So. Merriam, Miles City 

St. Mary's Hospital, Conrad 

Box 65, Imperial Beach, California 

Box 527, Victor 

Columbus Nurses' Home, Great Falls 

1123 - 10th Ave. No., Great Falls 

1836 N. E. Emerson, Portland 11, Oregon 


929^ Nevada Ave., Butte 
2600 Central Ave., Great Falls 
15457 Tuller Ave., Detroit 21, Michigan 
Box 246, Hamilton 

715 Breckenridge, Helena 

Box 524, Billings 

Chelsea Apts. No. 1, Great Falls 

Carrier 8, Helena 

1106 E. Kansas, Fort Peck 

Box 324, Whitefish 

640 - 2nd Ave. East, Kalispell 


Paxton, Alberta Eva 

12 E. Fremont St., Butte 


Peabody, Eva Heinrichs 

Wolf Point 


Peacock, Lillian Albright 

c/o Rose Albright, 1101 State St., Helena 


Peak, Eva Mae 

1708 Ernest St., Missoula 


Peal, Myrtle Gibson 

Warm Springs, Oregon 


Pearson, Evelyn Thomas 

217- 11th Ave., Havre 


Pearson, Phyllis Wolf 

100 Van Buren, Missoula 


Pease, Annabelle Frankforter 

512 Woodbury St., Miles City 


Pease, Eldah Marie 

524 No. 7th St., Montebello, California 


Peden, Eleanor Anne 

332 E. William, Ann Arbor, Michigan 


Pederson, Florence Audrey 

Deaconess Hospital, Billings 


Pedicord, Lelia M. 

1403^ W. 3rd St., Anaconda 


Peile, Iona White 

Box 601, Cut Bank 


Pellett, Lucille Clemont 

715 - 6th Ave. So., Great Falls 


Pembroke, Sallie Frankforter 

818 N. Lake Ave., Miles City 


Penner, Elsie A. Jorgenson 

Wolf Point 


Pennington, Martha Chrystal 

1101 Silver Bow Apts., Butte 


Perkins, Thelma Alverson 

Clyde Park 


Perras, Leona 

Memorial Hospital, Missoula 


Perry, H. Clarisse Clutter 

N. 2019 Columbus, Spokane 13, Washington 


Persha, Margaret Salono 

Box 713, Red Lodge 


Petaja, Agnes R. Dempster 

Box 276, Big Timber 


Peters, Alice Fournier 

141 Hastings Ave., Missoula 


Peters, Edna 

Box 65, Bozeman 


Peters, Stella Sonsalla 

c/o Indian Service, Lame Deer 


Petersdorff, Mary E. 

Mendel Apts. "G", 2610 Harrison Ave., Butte 


Petersen, Marie C. 

210 S. Tracy, Bozeman 


Petersen, Marion C. Doely 

Box 174, Cody, Wyoming 


Peterson, Agnes Soter 

Box 49, Missoula 


Peterson, Avis Ruth Persson 

Box 805, Sidney 


Peterson, Elda Overbye 

622 N. 27th St., Billings 


Peterson, Esther Hawkins 

Box 154, Joliet 


Peterson, Ethel Galbraith 

1010 - 2nd Ave., Havre 


Peterson, Hazel H. 

St. Peter's Hospital, Helena 


Peterson, Helen Culbertson 

714 - 2nd St., Helena 


Peterson, Helen Joyce 

212 Boston St., Lynn, Massachusetts 

a 1 1;7 

Peterson, Iiah Murrell 

0UI2 so. ora ot., .Hamilton 

fi 1 1 1 
A L i 1 

Peterson, Jean Hope Johnston 

uu^i-ri luin oi. iNO., ^rreai r ails 


Peterson, L. Dorothy 

rsox I/id, rieiena 


Peterson, Margaret 

805 Westwood Drive, Apt. 3-W, Clayton, Missouri 


Peterson, Margaret Elsa 

802 Poplar, Missoula 


Petterson, Mary Jane Scott 



Petesch, Mary E. Kirby 



Petrusha, Lorainne E. O'Brien 

Box 455, Libby 


Pfeifer, Lillian Butts 



Pfister, Beulah Clinton 

305 Equitable Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa 


Phelan, Blanche Baker 

2099 Euclid Ave., Helena 


Phillips, Eleanor E. 

4200 E. 9th Ave., Denver 7, Colorado 


Phillips, Elizabeth Lockard 

Box 74, Loma 


Phillips, Erna Kraenzel 

Box 302, Livingston 


Phillips, L. Amanda Johnston 

Route No. 1, Hamilton 


Phillips, Lorraine H. Ballard 

1516 Melrose Ave., Seattle, Washington 


Phillips, Mary-Frances Davis 

637 S. Church, Bozeman 


Phillips, Mary L. Morrissey 

Route No. 2, Ashton, Idaho 


Phillips, Nona Susan Miller 

2044 No. F St., Stockton, California 


Phillips, Patricia Treanor 

2352 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado 


Piazzola, Irene Mary 

Vaughn Hospital, Hines, Illinois 


Pick, Mary B. Mullen 

411 W. 3rd St., Anaconda 


Pierce, Ethel Peterson 

R. R. No. 1, Box 84, Taft, California 


Pierre, Mary Isabel 

Birmingham Gen. Hosp., Van Nuys, California 


Pirsko, Helen Ruth Cole 

1326 Oakham Court, Willow Run, Michigan 


Pitsch, Clara Katherine 

Worland Hospital, Worland, Wyoming 


Platis, Amie Ellen Tope 

Rte. No. 1, 9th Ave. S. W., Great Falls 


Plunkett, Janis M. McMahon 

425 No. Dakota St., Helena 


6033 Poehls, Mary Ann Piatt 

2393 Pohlmeier, Dorothy M. Houston 

108 Pollette, Marie 

2035 Polyblank, Mary M. Kenney 

2799 Pominville, Verda Johnson 

A396 Poole, Phyllis J. Kalfatic 

A417 Pope, Fay 

4684 Popham, Elizabeth A. Watson 

A128 Popnoe, Helen M. Secora 

2822 Popovich, Victoria Anderson 

A537 Popson, Jeanne Gamble 

4445 Poston, Alice Kinshella 

4163 Posz, Margaret L. 

5329 Potts, Mildred Jean 

A59 Powell, Helen H. Hollingsworth 

A418 Powell, Shirley Peterson 

1594 Powellek, Clara Snyder 

5399 Powelson, Margaret E. Horinek 

2518 Powers, Veronica 

4236 Poyneer, Hulda R. Hildermann 

6034 Poynter, Dena Lois Raile 
A620 Pranger, Marjorie Ann Freed 
A951 Preller, Lorraine Marie 

5837 Prentice, Daisy 

6136 Prestbye, Beulah S. Nielsen 

A742 Pribyl, Rebecca Tvetan 

2445 Prong, Eleanor Clark 

4591 Prouty, Nina May 

3939 Pryor, Constance M. Dougherty 

5959 Pullen, Roberta Taylor 

2523 Purcell, Marion Simon 

A 114 Putz, Shirley J. Baynham 

2653 Puzon, Ida Keil 

3707 - 4th Ave. So., Billings 
1735 Boulder, Helena 

518 Dayton Ave., St. Paul 2, Minnesota 
815 W. Fulton, Seattle 99, Washington 

c/o Mrs. A. H. Pominville, Rte. 2, Missoula 
Trailer 77, Unit 2, M. S. C, Bozeman 
653 E. 21st St., Salt Lake City, Utah 
1408 Van Buren, Missoula 

1036 N. W. 19th, Apt. No. 44, Portland 9, Oregon 

1102 E. 5th, Anaconda 

3021 - 1st Ave. No., Great Falls 

Box 293, Kalispell 

139 No. Quinton Ave., Topeka, Kansas 
650 W. Pine, Missoula 

1222 No. Howard, Spokane 12, Washington 

1208 - 8th Ave. No., Great Falls 

463 So. Brimhall, St. Paul 5, Minnesota 

519 - 3rd St., Havre 
606A West Park St., Butte 

Gen. Delivery, Anacortes, Washington 
135 Sunset Drive, Junction City, Kansas 
623 St. Louis Rd., Collinsville, Illinois 
Pine Hill Stage, Miles City 
State Board of Health, Helena 
1203 - 4th Ave. East, Kalispell 
314 No. Richland, Sidney 

New Windsor Hotel, Apt. 235, Seattle, Wash. 

1815 No. Palmetto, San Antonio, Texas 

338 - 29th Ave., San Francisco, California 

909 West Galena, Butte 

802 No. 32nd St., Billings 

333 Francis St., Glasgow 

Rte. No. 1 S. W., Box 429, Great Falls 

3568 Quails, Edith E. 

4446 Quails, Julie Britton 

4711 Quam, Emma M. 

6188 Quetschenbach, Arleen House 

4544 Quick, Hazel Ada Jardee 

2680 Quigley, Margaretta Naumann 

5877 Quigley, Marjorie Marie 

A815 Quinlivan, Ida A. Johnson 

2777 Quinn, Dorothy Allen 

3781 Quinn, Eva Trimble 

A358 Quinn, Mildred Dunn 

4390 Rabben, Elizabeth Thielen 

A952 Rabe, Carol Mary 

A 132 Raff, Rita Lois Smith 

A848 Raisl, Lucille Dorothy 

A359 Rambosek, Dorothy Southard 

1984 Ramer, Anna Knoof 

5766 Randall, Margaret Ann 

1687 Rapp, Margaret Rodvold 

6139 Rasmusan, Lucille Bertha 

A849 Rasmussen, Doris Christine 

5557 Rasmussen, Margaret E. Barth 

4983 Rasmussen, Patricia M. Randall 

4884 Rasmussen, Wilma M. Whitesitt 


Deaconess Hospital, Great Falls 

512 Columbia Ave., Whitefish 

502 - 10th St. No., Great Falls 

1152 Regent St., Alameda, California 

1006 No. Yakima Ave., Tacoma, Washington 

Detention Hospital, Great Falls 

c/o Ed Gagnon, Jordan 

1748 Stewart St., Butte 

726 Franklin St., Napa, California 

Box 24, Walkerville 


327 So. 7th, Livingston 

St. Mary's Hospital, Conrad 

527 Eastlake Ave., Seattle, Washington 

Bioomfield Star Rte., Glendive 

1926 Utah Ave., Butte 

1029 Phillips St., Missoula 

722 - 3rd Ave. No., Great Falls 

Rte. No. 6, Pasadena Park, Spokane, Wash. 

Fort Harrison 

404 So. Tracy, Bozeman 

300 No. Custer, Miles City 


Box 609, Fairbanks, Alaska 


Al 15 Rathbun, Betty Jean Hunter 

5331 Raths, Marie E. Rediske 
3285 Rau, Helen C. 

4553 Reardon,. Ann Josephine Kloker 

A198 Redeker, Patricia Ruth Fee 

3588 Rediske, Martha Heuther 

A778 Reed, Agnes Bickel 

1532 Reed, Helen Frederickson 

A218 Reep, Grace Johnson 

5402 Reeves, Winifred I. Johnson 

5332 Regan, Lorraine Margaret 
4844 Rehbein, Margaret Olson 
4447 Reid, Florence 

A261 Reid, Julia Ellen 

5440 Reidenbach, Neoma A. Thorne 

5878 Reis, L. Dorine Stevenson 

2810 Renner, Julia M. 

5651 Rennie, Jeanne Marie McBride 

2004 Reno, Mable Tuggle 

A119 Revelle, Phyllis Irene 

A263 Reynolds, Mona Bradshaw 

A265 Rice, Phyllis Lorraine 

A852 Rich, Sally Irene 

5746 Richards, Myrtice Atkins 

5227 Richards, Virginia F. Barnett 

A908 Richardson, Anna Kenney 

2763 Richardson, Evelyne Evans 

A953 Richardson, Viola Frances 

1278 Ridell, Billie King 

A154 Rider, Anna Marie 

4030 Riley, Lucy Roe 

4283 Rinderknecht, Ramona C. 

5806 Rinehart, Anna L. Albro 

4730 Rinker, Mildred Myers 

5921 Riordan, Mary B. O'Connell 

1314 Ripke, Florence Callahan 

5281 Rivette, Celeste C. Herzog 

1938 Roach, Evelyn A. 

3191 Roach, Ruby Molberg 

3826 Robbins, Helen W. Conver 

6141 Robbins, Margery Beach 
3646 Robbins, Pearl Johnson 

6142 Robert, Janet 

1451 Roberta, Edith Lawson 

A700 Roberts, Betty Gene 

2327 Roberts, Florence Halpin 

6151 Roberts, Jo Ann Sweeney 

2426 Roberts, Josephine McHugh 

3760 Roberts, Mary Alice 

5848 Robinson, Doreen Ruth Berry 

4029 Robinson, Esther N. 

3293 Robinson, Florence Pilch 

A293 Robinson, Mary Ellen Wolfe 

5482 Robinson, Maxine Moats 

2209 Robinson; Pauline Alden 

A86 Robinson, Thelma Lee Lord 

289 Rob/, Janice Kellogg 

4238 Rodda, Ruth Irvine 

A532 Roe, Anne Veronica 

A853 Roebuck, Rose Zagorda 

1760 Roeder, Inez Brannan 

1783 Rogen, Agnes I. Farrell 

3147 Rogers, Hildur Backstrom 


Box 428, Roundup 

Box 824, 619 E. 8th St., Anaconda 

Box 358, Poison 

Box 453, Baker 

1907 Billings Ave., Helena 

915 W. Mercury, Butte 

315 - 4th Ave. W., Williston, North Dakota 
Box 363, Henrietta, Texas 
1175 Jackson St., Missoula 

Memorial Hospital, 588 Ave. C, Powell, Wyoming 

St. Peter's Hospital, Helena 

1140 North 30th St., Billings 

1819 Gee St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

1421 - 7th Ave. No., Great Falls 


310 W. Park St., Anaconda 

1040^ W. 2nd St., Davenport, Iowa 
St. Anthony, Idaho 

Wind River Hosp., Fort Washakie, Wyoming 

1199 Vance Ave., Memphis, Tennessee 

713 So. 5th W., Missoula 

702 Miles Ave., Billings 

2102 E. North St., Decatur, Illinois 

R. R. No. 1, Laurel 


494 Coe Ave., San Jose, California 
126 McLeod Ave., Missoula 

405 W. Quartz St., Butte 

12th Station Hospital, Fort Clayton, Canal Zone 
10034 - 38th N. E., c/o N. P. Mack, Seattle 55, 

1327-6th Ave. No., Great Falls 
361 E. Broadway, Butte 

406 No. 4th St., Missoula 
812 - 3rd St. W., Roundup 

325 E. 77th St., Apt. 3-H, New York 21, N. Y. 

720 Rimrock Road, Billings 

739 Avenue B, Billings 

Rte. No. 2, Box 363, Great Falls 

517 Toole Ave., Missoula 


1611 S. E. Belmont, Portland 14, Oregon 

939 No. 30th St., Billings 

711 - 20th St. No., Great Falls 

215 So. Main St., Butte 

St. Peter's Hospital, Helena 

1965 - 12th Ave. W., Seattle, Washington 

166 Oney Ave., Huntington, West Virginia 

Box 597, Red Lodge 

2804 E. Garfield, Albuguergue, New Mexico 
619 No. 24th St., Billings 

525 - 13th St., Huntington Beach, California 

3137 Grand Ave., Huntington Park, California 

24 Custer, Missoula 

Box 484, Alturas, California 

Rte. No. 1, Box 4238, Philipsburg 

1325 So. Grand, St. Louis 4, Missouri 

3402 - 3rd Ave. So., Billings 

410 Maple St., Anaconda 

O'Rourke Apts., Butte 

1233 - 9th Ave., Helena 


5129 Rogers, Irene Talgo 

A420 Rogers, Jo Ann 

4950 Rogers, Katherine E. Rose 

3303 Rogers, Marie Tinjum 

A954 Rolczynski, Mary Patricia 

5319 Rolfsnes, Clara M. Nichols 

5672 Romo, Phyllis DeRosia 

533 Roney, Zella Hayward 

1466 Ronn, Anna M. 

4777 Roos, Lorraine M. Dooley 

6117 Root, Helen Alice Gjerde 

2072 Roscoe, Virginia Barlow 

3414 Rosecrans, M. Albertine Nicholson 

A767 Rosendale, Alice Ann 

1985 Ross, Anna Elizabeth 

5725 Ross, June I. Blankenship 

A659 Roth, Mary Delores 

5484 Roudebaugh, Patricia A. Naffzinger 

5500 Rouis, Inez D. Ahrens 

1441 Routledge, Jessie Gray 

1689 Rowe, Gladys Selene 

1341 Rowe, Irene Grogan 

A422 Rowlee, Phyllis Jane 

3890 Royce, Marjorie Mitchell 

3276 Rozanski, Helen M. Motyka 

865 Rubens, Madge Webster 

2095 Ruble, Nell Grant 

A993 Rudee, Madonna Hutchison 

2310 Rudio, Mildred Aldrich 

5860 Ruetten, Marjorie M. Hungate 

A660 Ruffatto, Caroline O'Connor 

5474 Rugg, Evelyn Dora Koger 

5783 Rundlett, Fay H. Florman 

A272 Rusher, Clarice June 

A123 Rushford, Margaret Louise 

A873 Russell, Floy Irene 

1781 Russell, Viola Everson 

1752 Ryan, Corinne Barnes 

1969 Ryan, Helen Y. McNeill 

2350 Rydell, Mary Strizich 

A 164 Ryder, Alice J. Anderson 

4227 Rykowski, Alice R. Granmoe 

5778 Sabo, Helen D. Thronson 

2703 Sadler, Beatrice L. 

2507 Sadlier, LaVerne Miller 

4603 Saksa, Neoma M. Scherlie 

A899 Salansky, Agnes Sedlock 

3471 Salina, Johanna Janszen 

3142 Sally, Arlene Springer 

5754 Salverson, Irene E. Buchholtz 

5335 Sanborn, Lois Irene 

1488 Sandaker, Laura H. 

5198 Sanford, Grace Elizabeth 

A854 Santini, Jeanne Theresa 

A412 Sasaki, Emi Nagamitsu 

5796 Satake, Irene T. 

931 Sathe, I. Minerva Blegen 

5676 Saunders, Elizabeth Ann 

3290 Saunders, Virginia Dunbar 

2388 Savich, Angela Domitrovich 

3814 Scanda, Alice Olsen 

Box 44, Red Lodge 

V. A. Hospital, Boise, Idaho 

206 Grevellea, Ontario, California 

808 Lemp St., Boise, Idaho 

1420 Jackson St., Missoula 

839 N. Alta Vista Blvd., Hollywood 46, Calif. 

Box 59, Bainville f 

1622 So. Elm St., Casper, Wyoming 

Box 176, Orion, Illinois 

1309 E. 4th So. St., Salt Lake City, Utah 

Box 101, Kalispell 

c/o Mrs. A. F. Barlow, Hamilton 

Daly Acres, Hamilton 

1147 Poly Drive, Billings 

1141 No. 28th St., Billings 

Rte. No. 2, Sheridan, Wyoming 

Belfield, North Dakota 

611 W. 13th St., Lexington, Nebraska 

Wolf Point 

Box 642, Dillon 

1014 W. Granite St., Butte 

15 - 34th St. No., Great Falls 

1256 Lafayette St., Denver 6, Colorado 

522 E. 81st, Seattle 5, Washington 

5543 S. Wolcott, Chicago 36, Illinois 

1217 - 6th Ave. No., Great Falls 

1322 W. Garvey Rd., Monterey Park, California 

Rhame, North Dakota 

2311 - 7th Ave. No., Billings 

Box 774, Cut Bank 


16133 Via Primero, San Lorenzo, California 

Rte. No. 1, Bozeman 

626 - 3rd Ave. No., Great Falls 

Mobridge Hospital, Mobridge, South Dakota 

Deaconess Hospital, Billings 

2215 - 25th, Liebbock, Texas 

515 Wyoming Ave., Billings 

1436 - 4th St., Havre 

1605 - 3rd Ave. No., Great Falls 

Box 277, Kalispell 

1120 Dearborn St., Salem, Oregon 



36U E. 14th, Eugene Oregon 
Box 201, Sunburst 
General Delivery, Fort Benton 
Cut Bank 

1814 - 8th Ave. No., Great Falls 
Box 436, Bozeman 

102 - 4th Ave. E., Mobridge, South Dakota 

665 Edina Lane, Salem, Oregon 

948 No. 30th St., Billings 

N. P. Hospital, Glendive 

1612 Central Ave., Great Falls 

Box 902, Havre 

Box 216, Harlowton 

1314 -22nd, Longview, Washington 

204 E. Babcock, Bozeman 

Fort Harrison 

Thompson Inn, 9 Mile, Butte 
2109 - 4th Ave. No., Great Falls 


2537 Schaeffer, Beatrice Trumbull 

3940 Schaeffer, Margaret Ellsworth 

5709 Scherrer, Lila A. Myers 

2070 Schillinger, Leatitia Allen 

A768 Schmid, Alphie Wagenius 

A510 Schmidt, Marilyn McKinney 

3896 Schneider, Audrey Metzner 

A127 Schneider, Mary P. Scott 

3844 Schneidmiller, Martha L. Ruby 

1405 Schoengarth, Mayme Northridge 

6144 Schomer, Dorothy Anne 
3156 Schopfer, Eleanor Dimmitt 
4690 Schroder, Katherine M. Grady 
5771 Schreckendgust, Dorothy P. West 
1371 Schreiner, Helen Rush 

5373 Schrepel, Elizabeth Thompson 

4251 Schrier, Mary E. Leonard 

5271 Schroeder, Celia P. Gatzemeier 

4361 Schroedl, Marjorie C. 

1469 Schrupp, Louise 

5164 Schuermyer, Mary Louise Corra 

5961 Schultek, Frances Piette 

3510 Schultz, Clarabelle Seward 

A855 Schultz, Dora Mae Turner 

4257 Schultz, Ella I. MacKay 

3912 Schultz, Evalyn Allen 

5563 Schumacher, Myrtle Vivian 

5680 Schuman, Hazel Fowler 

4605 Schuman, Marie Louise 

5158 Schuman, Naomi Anderson 

1541 Schustrom, Mabel Hankaas 

1203 Schwab, Kathleen Cushing 

6140 Schwartz, Magdalen M. Redmond 

3061 Schweitzer, Dorothea Oliva 

6145 Schwind, Genevieve Dorothy 
A991 Scollard, Elizabeth McDonnell 
2212 Scott, Agnette Doura 

A679 Scott, Joanne H. Whitney 

3283 Scott, Rebekah Prior 

2439 Seals, Mabel Beers 

4731 Seeberger, Gladys H. Pietsch 

4056 Seerup, Rose H. Vergin 

3995 Segling, Vernia Loncharich 

2470 Seifert, Christine R. Hedman 

4648 Seifert, Hazel Wells 

A129 Seifert, Winnifred M. 

2801 Selbman, Lily Larson 

A690 Selfridge, Jannette Marie 

2721 Seltzer, Delia Thomas 

A955 Serrette, Theresa Rose 

6146 Sethne, Kathryn Sedlacek 
5343 Setter, Marian Jean 

4609 Severns, Barbara Bumgarner 

2162 Severtson, Leisa Gilbert 

3345 Seyler, Frances A. 

3843 Shamley, Claire McCurdy 

1344 Shanahan, Antonia Kessels 

4393 Shannon, Irene Murphy 

A437 Shannon, Norma Katharine 

1150 Shapland, Flora M. 

3407 Shaughnessy, Ada Larson 

2950 Sheets, Margaret P. Kostell 

5942 Sheffer, Ruth Perrine 

5840 Sheldon, Alyce Gunderson 

531 Spencer, Helena 

415 Roberts Lane, Bakersfield, California 

519 Alder, Apt. No. 1, Missoula 

96 - 6th Ave. W. N., Kalispell 

Pompey's Pillar 

Rte. No. 1, Kerr Dam, Poison 

308 Kemmis St. W., Sidney 

1214^ Dodge Court, Cheyenne, Wyoming 

1309 No. Meade Ave., Glendive 

Box 237, Kalispell 

718 Sanders St., Helena 

606 West Quartz, Butte 

316- 1st Ave. W., Kalispell 

215 Washington St., Elkhart, Indiana 

Deaconess Hospital, Great Falls 

Box 135, Rudyard 

921 - 4th Ave. E., Kalispell 

Box 602, Sidney 

St. Vincent's Hospital, Billings 

2540 S. E. 17th Ave., Portland 2, Oregon 

212 - 5th St. S. W., Great Falls 

845 - 6th Ave., Helena 

Pondosa Apts. No. 1, Klamath Falls, Oregon 

420 So. Ashland Ave., La Grange, Illinois 

2078 Trombas, San Leandro, California 

Slater District, Malta 

Rte. No. 1, Laurel 

412 No. Broadway, Billings 

242 Dennis Ave., Salinas, California 

422 W. Chinook, Livingston 

1139 No. 26th, Billings 

608 No. 26th St., Billings 

4619 No. Maryland Ave., Portland 11, Oregon 

General Delivery, Glendive 

322 W. Broadway, Butte 

809 - 5th Ave. So., Great Falls 

Box 615, Powell, Wyoming 

Rte. No. 2, Box 858, Lutz, Florida 

934 Toole Ave., Missoula 

513 E. Benham, Glendive 

511 Spencer, Helena 
Box 385, Red Lodge 
902 So. 3rd, Bozeman 

512 Sumner Ave., Sumner, Washington 
Montana Deaconess Hospital, Great Falls 
211 No. 8th St., Miles City 

1025 No. 27th St., Billings 
11 - 15th St. So., Great Falls 

222 W. Washington, Lewistown 


223 So. 7th St., Hamilton 

2117 Cannon St., Kenwood, Helena 

Twin Bridges 


315 No. 10th St., Miles City 
2321 - 8th Ave. So., Great Falls 
1016 - 2nd Ave. So., Great Falls 
218 Randolph, Peoria 5, Illinois 
2827 Goodwin St., Butte 
1105 - 2nd Ave. No., Great Falls 
315 Morase St., Lewistown 
c/o Holt Stage, Kalispell 


5280 Shelton, Marion R. Hensleigh 

A736 Shepard, Janice Gertrude 

A169 Sherman, Nadine A. 

3504 Sheron, Florence Ryding 

2813 Sherrick, Anna Pearl 

5522 Sherry, Eleanore T. Prosper 

4036 Sherry, Helen M. 

4298 Shine, Elizabeth Swan 

2385 Shoemaker, Phyllis Daniells 

1236 Shorb, Luella MacDonald 

1192 Short, Marie Allard 

A851 Shorten, Lucille Reisch 

3741 Shrider, Kathryn McDonell 

5159 Shuey, Myrtle M. Andrew 

3609 Shull, Wilma Rector 

3569 Shumin, Mabel A. Reeves 

4077 Shunk, Marion S. Diercks 

5941 Shunkurler, Wilma Reinart 

A83 Shunkwiler, Eva N. Levengood 

A712 Sibley, Carole Lynne 

1928 Sigler, Ida Belle Grissom 

A661 Silla, Dora Madeline 

4297 Silliker, Ruth B. Sveen 

4569 Simek, Wanda M. McDonald 

3864 Simkins, Betty J. Magness 

1168 Simmons, Stella Youderian 

A787 Simon, Ella Mae French 

4611 Simon, Inez Marie 

5507 Simons, Lia Mae Dailey 

205 Simpson, Emily M. Lockey 

5265 Simpson, Herva Fiske 

1791 Sinclair, Edna Hein 

5261 Sinclair, Florence M. Dusapin 

6087 Sinclair, Florence I. O'Loughlin 

4842 Singer, Ida May Nickel 

5299 Singer, Ruby E. Lien 

A536 Sitzman, Helen Amelia 

A130 Sitzman, Florence Jean 

A424 Skakles, Ruth Rose Clark 

1194 Slater, Marguerite Arnold 

1556 Slattery, Helen Lazibad 

A275 Slenker, Mabel Mary 

6147 Slezak, Katherine 

3237 Slingsby, Charlotte Geibel 

138 Small, Christina W. 

2281 Smick, Merthel Stenson 

2760 Smith, Alice Ellis 

A704 Smith, Audrey E. Berntson 

5063 Smith, Dorothy Kirkland 

A662 Smith, Goldia Rhodes 

4431 Smith, Hazel Norris 

4500 Smith, Helen Butler 

4763 Smith, Jacgueline Casey 

4901 Smith, Jeannette Hicks 

5125 Smith, June Stanek 

3079 Smith, Lillian Tracy 

3685 Smith, Loretta Cyr 

4751 Smith, Louise E. 

A708 Smith, Lucille Peel 

A956 Smith, Margaret Patricia 

3184 Smith, Marie Mueller 

518 Smith, Muriel J. Gunter 

R. R. No. 2, Lewistown 

N. P. Hospital, Glendive 

11 Alderson, Billings 

Box 733, Mountain Home, Idaho 

Montana State College, Bozeman 

5433 Abbott Place, Los Angeles 42, California 

2326 - 54th Place S. W., Seattle 6, Washington 

110 So. Strevell, Miles, City 


874 Gretna Greenway, West Los Angeles 49, 

732 Yellowstone Ave., Billings 
1030 No. 30th St., Billings 
Box 133, Ronan 
Box 390, Jefferson, Iowa 
927 N. 25th St., Billings 
Box 437, Maxwell, California 
406 No. Kendrick Ave., Glendive 
801 No. Jordan St., Miles City 
2216 Main St., Miles City 
Devils Lake, North Dakota 
800 - 7th Ave. So., Great Falls 
Box 175, Monarch, Wyoming 
712 Kalispell Ave., Whitefish 
910 No. 27th St., Billings 
500 Birch St., Anaconda 
Box 69, Sidney 
Box 3235, Indio, California 
Public Health Nurse, Choteau 

213 North "G" St., Tacoma, Washington 
13 Beech Ave., c/o M. S. C, Bozeman 
1114- 3rd St., Helena 

3904 Abbott Road, Lynwood, California 
1214 Mahan Ave., Richland, Washington 
119 South Ave. West, Missoula 

707 No. 30th St., Billings 

707 No. 30th St., Billings 

418 E. Commercial, Anaconda 

Box 255, Augusta 

707 E. Galena, Butte 

Greybull, Wyoming 


8712- 18 N. W., Seattle 7, Washington 

317 South Dakota St., Helena 

Box 262, Grangeville, Idaho 

Mech. Eng. Dept., Texas A & M College, 

College Station, Texas 

Box 644, Buffalo, Wyoming 
Box 173, Great Falls 
Twin Bridges 

422 No. Yellowstone, Apt. 9, Livingston 
175 Birch Rd., Springfield, Ohio 
643 Cook, Billings 

466 Raymond Ave., San Jose, California 
209 E. 4th St., Anaconda 
1857 So. 13th W., Missoula 
Box 431, Hamilton 

General Delivery, Barstow, California 

Warm Springs 

237 North Ave. E., Missoula 

Apt. B, 535 Myrtle St., Missoula 


968 Smith, Myrtle Childerhose 

5883 Smith, Opal Joy 

1259 Smith, Pearl Stewart 

A874 Smith, Phyllis Mary 

A957 Smith, Rosemary Peplinski 

1529 Smith, Selina Everson 

5333 Smith, Wanda Robertson 

4925 Smith, Wilma Jane 

961 Smithers, Anna Barney 

A832 Smyth, Virginia Mabbott 

A37 Sneddon, Lois Davis 

1377 Snell, Louise Sparing 

4967 Snoddy, Calie Keil 

2179 Snyder, Bessie VanZyl 

5346 Snyder, Frances Munson 

A958 Sofferis, Irene Louise 

4172 Sonaglia, Genevieve 

A959 Sondag, Donna Rose 

5236 Songstad, Marjorie Booth 

3516 Sonsalla, Frances L. 

4294 Sorley, Cecelia Meyer 

A432 Soucie, Jeanne Wightman 

5282 Southward, Marjorie Heyn 

2526 Spalding, Charlotte E. 

2431 Spannagel, Anna Eugenia 

4437 Sparks, Olive Wigen 

2261 Spady, Florence Rehse 

3374 Spelman, M. Dorothy 

A 134 Spencer, Joan Silvernale 

5962 Speck, Evelyn Hudgins 
5243 Spence, Ethel Budge 

2175 Spoonheim, Genevieve Ternstrom 

A743 Spor, Kathryn Schimming 

5626 Sprague, June Gronley 

627 Springer, Myrtle 

3867 Spurling, Anna May 

4870 Stabilla, Jean Sullivan 

A325 Stadstad, Mavis Marie 

5764 Stahley, Betty Paronto 

6091 Stanley, Alice M. 

5446 Stanley, Lauretta Weaver 

A419 Stansell, Emily Ann Reeder 

1915 Stanton, Helen Delaney 

4704 Stanton, Margaret Olson 

3282 Staringer, Antoinette Polich 

A626 Stark, Anne Hawrylak 

2427 Staunton, Margaret Ronchetta 

3013 Stave, Rose J. Barich 

5787 Stearns, Helen Hedenberg 

5059 Stebbins, Kathryn L. Kelly 

2108 Steel, Iris G. Howard 

3270 Steele, Nora C. McCartan 

5963 Stefanich, Patricia J. McCarty 
A530 Stegner, Doris M. Puyear 

A3 Stein, Elzora Messer 

A178 Stenehjem, Agnes Bayne 

5973 Stensland, Dorothy J. Baynham 

5199 Stensrud, Maybelle C. 

3427 Stephens, Gertrude James 

A857 Sterrett, Annamae 

6093 Stevens, Grace Loomis 

1936 Stevens, Harriet Randall 

901 E. Apricot St., Tulare, California 
Box 402, Whitehall 
1117 - 4th Ave. So., Great Falls 
Apt. No. 8, 45 E. Broadway, Butte 
1221 Tower Grove, St. Louis 10, Missouri 
925 Redondo Ave., Apt. No. 6, Long Beach, 

649 No. Ewing, Helena 
Merchant Apts. No. 19, Laurel 
r i\ W. Lawrence, Helena 

319 W. Park St., Anaconda 

1214 No. 31st St., Billings 

W. 46 - 34th Ave., Spokane, Washington 

Burlington, Wyoming 

2326 - 54th Place S. W., Seattle 6, Washington 

Lemmon, South Dakota 

412^ Howard St., Hibbing, Minnesota 

311 No. 10th St., Miles City 

830 Mabelle Ave., Moscow, Idaho 

Nurses' Quarters, U. S. Naval Hospital, 

Philadelphia 45, Pennsylvania 
Box 273, Wolf Point 
319 Harris St., Missoula 
2120 - 6th Ave. No., Billings 
U. S. P. H. S. Relief Station, San Pedro, Calif. 
Box 281, Billings 
Box 2034, Cut Bank 
303 No. 5th St., Bozeman 
415 Spruce St., Anaconda 
Leigland Apts. No. 10, Great Falls 
829 Missouri Ave., Deer Lodge 
520 Date Ave., Laurel 

2610 Harrison Ave., Butte 

650 - 51st St., Oakland, California 

297 Blackshear Ave., Los Angeles 22, California 

Birmingham Hospital, Van Nuys, California 

1029 So. Wyoming, Butte 

703 Burlington Ave., Billings 

507 - 1st Ave., Laurel 

3317 - 2nd Ave. No., Billings 

3934 No. Division, Spokane, Washington 

343 Terry, Billings 

1216 N. Alabama St., Butte 

Rte. No. 1, Stevensville 

714 N. Jackson, Helena 

905 - 4th St., Havre 

Waubay, South Dakota 

514 E. Commercial Ave., Anaconda 

614 W. Dickerson, Bozeman 


112 Main St., Deer Lodge 

Box 468, Hamilton 

23 Beech Ave., M. S. C, Bozeman 

1132 Vine St., Missoula 

3530 So. Asotin, Tacoma, Washington 


303 So. 9th Ave., Bozeman 
Deaconess Hospital, Glasgow 
328 Jackson, Plentywood 
Box 735, Havre 

518 - 9th St. N. W., Great Falls 

P. O. 73, Gatun, Panama Canal Zone 


5416 Stevens, Lillian E. MattsonH- 

3719 Stevens, Mabel Jacobson 

3907 Stevens, Mary K. VanVactor 

A751 Stevens, Vanessa Gaddis 

3429 Stevenson, Jane Baldwin 

540 Stevenson, Margaret Hyland 

6150 Stewart, Ella Catherine 

4237 Stewart, Erma L. Hood 

A426 Stieg, Helen Louise 

A41 Stilger, Elsie Duggan 

3168 Still, Alma Jakoubek 

2338 Stillinger, Alice Nelson 

3771 Stine, Juanita M. Stephens 

3444 Stingley, Helen Beedie 

5974 Stockburger, Madylene L. Beall 

A960 Stockwell, Donna Marie 

5964 Stokes, Edna Mary 

A961 Stoltenberg, Dona Patricia 

2969 Storey, Bernice Wilhite 

893 Stout, Josephine E. 

4745 Stout, Lois Jane Ball 

A301 Straiton, Leona Galles 

2529 Strand, Hilma O. 

5091 Streit, Isabel Nagengast 

6081 Strickland, Lola May Beckman 

A462 Stringham, Mary Lanae 

A721 Stringlund, Marjorie Adele 

A962 Strom, Helen Rostomily 

3071 Strong, Helen M. 

4830 Strong, Mary Olive Merene 

690 Stuart, Emelyn Gonczy 

A295 Stucky, Patricia Pearl 

2863 Sugrue, Nora McCabe 

A665 Sullivan, Elsie Jean 

1966 Sullivan, Frances McCourt 

3485 Sullivan, Helen Lumley 

3373 Sullivan, Lelia Peterson 

1536 Sullivan, Margaret Good 

5895 Sullivan, Oma Helen Frazee 

A858 Sullivan, Theresa Catherine 

2405 Sunderland, Margaret "White 

5624 Svejkovsky, Margaret Gremaux 

2962 Swanson, Gretchen Roeder 

4962 Swartz, Delia Johnson 

6046 Swartz, Mary Virginia 

A 139 Sweeney, Fay Elizabeth 

5884 Sweeney, Julia Staudohar 

4627 Sweeney, Mary Catherine 

A242 Switzer, Mary C. Mitzlaff 

A981 Swoboda, Dorothy Davis 

2102 Symes, Fern M. Hyatt 

4856 Symmonds, Shirley Avis Rust 

A322 Agatha Marie, Sr. (Rummell) 

3868 Agnes, Sr. (Dooney) 

5965 Agnesine, Sr. (Klein) 

5202 Alberta, Sr. (Nett) 

152 Aloysia, Sr. (De'sy) 

2790 Amedee Marie, Sr. (Quay) 

297 Angeline of Valence, Sr. (Theroux) 

3350 Ann Bernard, Sr. (Anderson) • 

407 So. 34th St., Billings 

305 - 25th St. No., Great Falls 

c/o Mary Van's Flower Shop, Hepner, Oregon 

304 Clancy St., Helena 

328 LaVasseur St., Missoula 

55 Fort Hill Terrace, Rochester, New York 

Community Memorial Hospital, Hettinger, N. D. 

727 No. 12th St., Walla Walla, Washington 

1012 Harrison St., Denver, Colorado 

2200 - 7th Ave. So., Great Falls 

Rte. No. 3, Missoula 

218 Yakima Ave., McNary, Oregon 


608 - 4th Ave. So., Lewistown 
3020 - 7th Ave. No., Billings 
Beach, North Dakota 

317 No. 2nd West, Missoula 

Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis 7, Indiana 
Three Mile, Stevensville 
Box 567, Hamilton 

9 So. Bozeman, Apt. No. 6, Bozeman 
Fort Benton 

223 So. 5th St., Livingston 

703 No. 30th St., Billings 

1635 - 14th Ave., Seattle, Washington 

Holy Rosary Hosp., Nurses' Home, Miles City 

St. Peter's Hospital, Helena 

Box 976, Livingston 

Fail field 

2181 N. W. Glison, Portland 10, Oregon 

618 Cherry St., Anaconda 

951 W. Quartz, Butte 

1111 W. Woolman St., Butte 

643 Ave. E, Billings 

472 W. Main St., Helena 

820 W. Galena, Butte 

634 So. 2nd West, Missoula 

559 So. Lincoln St., Casper, Wyoming 

Community Hospital, Bonners Ferry, Idaho 

Box 136, Stanford 

509 E. 5th St., Anaconda 

310 Tatro, Miles City 

6736 S. W. 36th Ave., Portland 19, Oregon 

215 So. Main, Butte 

Rte. No. 1, Adair, Iowa 

917 Lewisohn St., Butte 

c/o Mrs. A. Mitzlaff, 413 So. 27th Ave., 

Yakima, Washington 
34 W. Center St., Eutte 
3309 - 2nd Ave. No., Great Falls 
Box 222, Bozeman 


St. Patrick's Hospital, Missoula 

Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Washington 

St. John's Hospital, Helena 

St. Mary's Hospital, Conrad 

Holy Family Hospital, St. Ignatius 

St. Patrick's Hospital, Missoula 

Providence Hospital, Wallace, Idaho 

St. James' Hospital, Butte 

3901 Ann Dolores, Sr. (Muckenthaler) 

1931 Anna Marie, Sr. (Pelletier) 

5350 Anne, Sr. Mary (Elizabeth Hail) 

3351 Anthony, Sr. M. (Livingston) 

3433 Bede, Sr. Mary (MacDonald) 

4946 Belina, Mother M. (Poetz) 

1702 Bertha, Sr. (Lapointe) 

3659 Bonita, Sr. M. (Johnson) 

1173 Camille de Jesus, Sr. (Lavigne) 

4382 Camillus, Sr. (LaGrandeur) 

1427 Candee, Sr. (May) 

439 Carmel, Sr. Mary (Brennan) 

5203 Catherine, Sr. M. (Agatha Matt) 

5683 Catherine Aurelie, Sr. Mary 

(Sophie Cormier) 

4612 Cecile, Sr. Marie (Pelletier) 

3600 Claudia of Providence, Sr. 

(Gertrude McMillen) 

A304 Clementine, Sr. (Mahoney) 

A989 Clementine, Sr. Mary (Penfrat) 

A963 Concepta, Sr. (Mock) 

244 Cosmos, Sr. M. (Kennedy) 

239 Damian, Sr. (M. Harneth) 

1595 Damian of the Sacred Heart, Sr. 


A360 Danielita, Sr. Mary (Cooper) 

332 Demetria, Sr. M. (O'Neill) 

150 Didier, Sr. (Mathon) 

1421 Dolores, Sr. M. (Archambault) 

3072 Dominica, Sr. Mary (Druce) 

4944 Dubuc, Sr. (Eugenia Mary) 

5885 Ephrem, Sr. Marie (Brunelle) 

5374 Esther, Sr. Mary 

A279 Esther Maria, Sr. (Boudreau) 

154 Eugene de Tivoli, Sr. (Robitaille) 

4736 Eugene Teresa, Sr. (McCarthy) 

4948 Eumelia, Sr. Mary (Mary Scheufele) 

1614 Fanahan, Sr. M. (Casey) 

A438 Fidelis of Providence, Sr. 

(Catherine M. Olsen) 

4365 Frances Cecilia, Sr. (Domme) 

2750 Frances Maureen, Sr. (Nichols) 

1596 Frances of the Sacred Heart, Sr. 

(Thibodeau, Eva) 

3526 Francis Anthony, Sr. (Altman) 

2564 Geraldine, Sr. (Beelaert) 

1047 Gerard Majella, Sr. M. (Shepherd) 

1288 Germaine, Sr. M. (Berlinger) 

2429 Gilberta, Sr. M. (Nash) 

2532 Gonzalve, Sr. (Laurin) 

A859 Helena of the Sacred Heart, Sr. M. 


2000 Helen of Troyes, Sr. (Landry) 

5122 Henry Maria, Sr. (M. A. Desnoyers) 

3903 Herman Joseph, Sr. (Koch) 

1189 Hortense, Sr. M. (Kelley) 

4613 Humilitas, Sr. Mary (E. Lamber) 

4614 Igmara, Sr. Mary (Agnes Frank) 
3203 Ignatia, Sr. (Weber) 

All Ignatius, Sr. Mary (Schweiger) 

St. John's Hospital, Helena 

Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Washington 

124 So. Airport Ave., Santa Maria, California 

General Hospital, Kalispell 

St. Patrick's Hospital, Missoula 

St. Mary's Hospital, Conrad 

St. Joseph's Hospital, Dalhousie, 

New Brunswick, Canada 
St. Ann's Hospital, Anaconda 
Hospital St. Jean de Dieu, Gamelin 

Quebec, Canada 
Columbus Hospital, Great Falls 
Hotel Dieu Hospital, Poison 
St. Joseph's Hospital, Deer Lodge 
St. Mary's Hospital, Conrad 
St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 

St. Joseph's Hospital, Dalhousie, 

New Brunswick, Canada 
Columbus Hospital, Great Falls 

St. John's Hospital, Helena 
St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 
St. Ann's Hospital, Anaconda 
St. Ann's Hospital, Anaconda 
St. James' Hospital, Butte 

Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Washington 

Kalispell General Hospital, Kalispell 
St. James' Hospital, Butte 

Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Washington 

St. Patrick's Hospital, Missoula 

St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 

Hotel Dieu Hospital, Poison 

St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 

St. Mary's Hospital, Conrad 

St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 

St. Patrick's Hospital, Missoula 

Carroll College, Helena 

St. Mary's Hospital, Conrad 

Holy Rosary Hospital, Miles City 

Columbus Hospital, Great Falls 

St. Vincent's Hospital, Billings 
Columbus Hospital, Great Falls 
St. Patrick's Hospital, Missoula 

Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Washington 

Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane 9, Washington 

St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 

Sacred Heart Hospital, Havre 

St. Ann's Hospital, Anaconda 

St. Clare Hospital, Fort Benton 

St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 

St. Clare Hospital, Fort Benton 

St. Vincent's Hospital, Pincher Creek, 

Alberta, Canada 
St. Ann's Hospital, Anaconda 
St. Joseph's Hospital, Deer Lodge 
Mount Carmel Hospital, Colville, Washington 
St. Joseph's Hospital, Chewelah, Washington 
St. Clare Hospital, Fort Benton 
723 - 5th Ave. East, Kalispell 


A964 Imelda Marie, Sr. (Prevost) 

134 Irene, Sr. M. (Ewinsky) 

1207 Jerome Emilein, Sr. (Ganshier) 

1246 John Marie, Sr. (E. Pithoud) 

A 165 John, Sr. Mary (Honora Ann Collins) 

A312 John Napoleon, Sr. (Comeau) 

1172 Joseph Arthur, Sr. (Levac) 

3376 Jude Thaddeus, Sr. (Boufford) 

1999 Jules Edmund, Sr. (Laurin) 

2533 Julian of Egypt, Sr. (Charlebois) 

A860 Kieran, Sr. Mary (O'Connor) 

4949 Lanfrida, Sr. M. (M. Becker) 

6165 Lawrence, Sr. Mary (Halligan) 

A86.1 Leo Mary of the Sacred Heart, Sr. 


2282 Leona, Sr. M. (Kallas) 

2560 Linus, Sr. Mary (Harrington) 

A785 Louis Cyprien, Sr. (Desaulniers) 

1519 Louise Helen, Sr. (Cormier) 

5375 Madeleine, Sr. Mary (Hohn) 

2196 Magdalen, Sr. M. (Greenhill) 

829 Magdalene of Providence, Sr. (Durfee) 

3075 Marcia, Sr. M. (Divish) 

A896 Marina, Sr. (Good) 

5732 Marguerite Therese, Sr. Marie 

(Marie Claire Gravel) 

3074 Mary of Compassion, Sr. (Charbonneau) 

616 Mathias, Sr. (Horan) 

4175 Matilda, Sr. M. (Eulberg) 

1170 Mercy, Sr. M. (McDonnell) 

5548 Michael, Sr. (Blossom) 

1761 Miriam, Sr. (Brenner) 

4474 Miriam Dolores, Sr. (Groves) 

A280 Noel, Sr. Mary (Kuntz) 

1733 Norbert, Sr. M. (Hurley) 

A902 Olivia, Sr. Mary (Dorr) 

341 Pascal, Sr. M. (Baylon) 

3076 Pascaline Marie, Sr. (Oliviera) 
5770 Patricia Marie, Sr. (Corrigan) 

615 Ferpetua, Sr. M. (Quigley) 

443 Peter of Avila, Sr. (Dorais) 

3779 Peter Claver, Sr. (Thomas) 

4947 Preciosa, Sr. M. (Gertrud Buechler) 

4738 Providence, Sr. (Sedonia Doyon) 

A3 13 Raymond Arthur, Sr. (Gregoire) 

5524 Rene, Sr. Mary (Regner) 
3002 Richard, Sr. M. (Caron) 

4616 Robert Mary, Sr. (Annie E. Butler) 

2719 Rodrigue, Sr. M. (MacNeil) 

A589 Rose Alexius, Sr. (Anna M. McLaughlin) 

3663 Rose Michael, Sr. (O'Conner) 

3204 Rose Veronica, Sr. (Jellik) 

621 St. Camille, Sr. (LeGourrierec) 

1046 St. Ediltrude, Sr. M. 

3352 St. Joseph, Sr. (Kearns) 

4300 St. Omer, Sr. M. (Royer) 

5525 Samuel, Sr. Mary (Wear) 
2200 Servule de Rome, Sr. (Renaud) 
5435 Sylvia, Sr. Marie (Samson) 

Columbus Hospital, Great Falls 

Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Washington 

St. Clare Hospital, Fort Benton 

St. Vincent's Hospital, Billings 

St. Patrick's Hospital, Missoula 

Holy Family Hospital, St. Ignatius 

Holy Family Hospital, St. Ignatius 

Sacred Heart Hospital' Spokane 9, Washington 

St. Clare Hospital, Fort Benton 

Columbus Hospital, Great Falls 

St. Ann's Hospital, Anaconda 

Mount Carmel Hospital, Colville, Washington 

Kalispell General Hospital, Kalispell 

St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 

Holy Rosary Hospital, Miles City 

St. James' Hospital, Butte 

Columbus Hospital, Great Falls 

Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Washington 

Holy Rosary Hospital, Miles City 

Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Washington 

Columbus Hospital, Great Falls 

Costelar Creche, 818 Costelar St., 

Los Angeles 12, California 
St. James' Hospital, Butte 
St. Vincent's Hospital, Pincher Creek, 

Alberta, Canada 
St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 
Columbus Hospital, Great Falls 
Holy Rosary Hospital, Miles City 
Kalispell General Hospital, Kalispell 
St. Vincent's Hospital, Billings 
Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Washington 
St. Patrick's Hospital, Missoula 
Holy Rosary Hospital, Miles City 
Holy Rosary Hospital, Miles City 
Kalispell General Hospital, Kalispell 
St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 
St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 
Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Washington 
St. Joseph's Hospital, Deer Lodge 
St. Clare Hospital, Fort Benton 
Columbus Hospital, Great Falls 
St. Mary's Hospital, Conrad 
Columbus Hospital, Great Falls 
Holy Family Hospital, St. Ignatius 
Holy Rosary Hospital, Miles City 
McKennan Hospital, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 
Notre Dame Academy, New Carlisle, 

Quebec, Canada 
St. Vincent's Hospital, Pincher Creek, 

Alberta, Canada 
St. John's Hospital, Helena 
St. Joseph's Hospital, Deer Lodge 
St. Vincent's Hospital, Billings 
St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 
Sacred Heart Hospital, Cheti Camp, 

Nova Scotia, Canada 
Hotel Dieu Hospital, Poison 
St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 
Sacred Heart Hospital, Havre 
Convent Mary Immaculate, De Smet, Idaho 
Sacred Heart Hospital, Cheti Camp, 

Nova Scotia, Canada 


5376 Tarcisius, Sr. (Vallee) 

2194 Tharsilla, Sr. M. (Dahmen) 

2267 Theophana, Sr. (Sargent) 

2368 Thomas Mary, Sr. (Legendre) 

2264 Thomasine, Sr. M. (Grishaber) 

1380 Timothy, Sr. (Bellemare) 

A686 Walter, Sr. Mary (Swann) 

219 Wendelin, Sr. (Stocklin) 

3759 Xavier, Sr. (Richardson) 

5123 Yvonne, Sr. Mary (Edna Cormier) 

3904 Zeno, Sr. Mary (Rickenbach) 

Columbus Hospital, Great Falls 

Sacred Heart Hospital, Havre 

St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 

St. Patrick's Hospital, Missoula 

124 So. Airport Ave., Santa Maria, California 

Columbus Hospital, Great Falls 

St. Vincent's Hospital, Billings 

St. Joseph's Home, 707 E. Mission Ave., 

Spokane, Washington 
Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane 9, Washington 
St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown 
Holy Family Hospital, St. Ignatius 

A965 Tackmier, Marion Louise 

A668 Tadej, Rosalie Theresa 

A541 Tait, Nancy Jane 

2174 Talent, Henrietta 

4874 Tallent, J. Dorothy 

A862 Tanner, Lorene Amaryliss 

A966 Tarpo, Lena C. 

355 Tash, Mabel A. Graham 

5886 Tatarka, Joanna Margaret 

4302 Tate, Laura L. 

A967 Taylor, Dalice R. 

5428 Taylor, Fern A. Schulz 

4872 Taylor, Lillian M. Sweet 

1465 Taylor, Margaret Beddor 

A465 Tebay, Marion F. Atkins 

2796 Tefft, Josephine Iten 

2689 Tennant, Mae Peterson 

5795 Thaanum, Marjorie D. Rossberg 

5816 Thackeray, Fern E. Bilderback 

5791 Thackeray, Thurza C. Kenny 

5623 Thatcher, Margaret D. Goddard 

4718 Theis, Geneva Matilda 

3699 Thomas, Eva Flansburg 

6048 Thomas, Jean M. 

5703 Thomas, Mary Grace Caras 

5687 Thompson, Anna Louise Staton 

483 Thompson, Beatrice Butler 

3242 Thompson, Betty Hammond 

5453 Thompson, Eleanor M. Wold 

92 Thompson, Evelyn I. McCreanor 

1786 Thompson, Frances Goozee 

4396 Thompson, Lois M. Zahller 

A362 Thornton, Margaret Bondurant 

734 Thorsness, Bertha L. Reisz 

3078 Throckmorton, Helen Thrasher 

4877 Tiefenthaler, Rita Agnes 

1514 Tighe, Agnes Chovanak 

4581 Timm, Fay Nelson 

5711 Tingey, Margaret Ora Bailey 

3780 Tinjum, Lillian V. 

1382 Tipton, Blanche E. 

A906 Titlow, Marion Phillips 

3171 Tobin, Nellie Carver 

A282 Todd, Daphne Belle 

5559 Toennis, Esther L. Glaser 

6126 Tognetti, Mary E. Krings 

5498 Tolson, Mary C. Swisher 

301 So. 5th West, Missoula 

St. Clare Hospital, Fort Benton 

Mueller Apts. No. 408, Butte 

115 So. Pacific St., Dillon 

16 Casey St., Butte 

Fort Belknap Hospital, Harlem 

311 No. 10th St., Miles City 

1631 - 16th Ave., Seattle 22, Washington 

Route 3, Bozeman 

315 No. 2nd St., Apt. 4-A, Las Vegas, Nevada 

Fort Harrison 

2025 So. 12th St. E., Apt. B, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Box 215, Terry 

426 Miles Ave., Billings 

218 South 4th, Hamilton 

1229 Ave. G, Billings 

5 Custer, Missoula 

423 - 8th St., Havre 

Box 226, Havre 

Box 710, Missoula 

Division of Services for Crippled Children, 

U. of Illinois, 406£ Gallatin St., Vandalia, 111. 
Box 26, Schatz 
309 W. Granite St., Butte 
508 So. 3rd W., Missoula 

c/o Pima Indian Hospital, Sacaton, Arizona 

875 Head St., San Francisco 12, California 

17226 Kittridge St., Van Nuys, California 

W. 604 - 17th, Spokane 9, Washington 

727 No. Warren, Helena 

No. 9 Arcade Bldg., La Jolla, California 

1627 - 20th St., Cody, Wyoming 

909 Bill Holt Homes, Great Falls 

Box 235, Circle 

Box 411, Kevin 

97th General Hospital, A. P. O. 757, c/o P. M., 

New York City, N. Y. 
General Delivery, Havre 
4036 Riverside Road, Billings 
604 No. 24th St., Billings 
Box 683, c/o Mrs. Grace Johnston, Logan 
Bryant Hotel, Tacoma, Washington 
1100 Bobbett Drive, San Bernardino, California 
N. C. Bar Ranch, Glacier Park 
415 W. Galena St., Butte 
220 No. 10th St., Miles City 
222 Washington St., Lewistown 

5735 Tomaskie, Rosemary Schuhmacher 

5206 Tombre, Helene C. Iversen 

1143 Tomlison, Beulah E. Pratt 

A283 Tommerup, Margaret 

A284 Tommerup, Minnie 

A285 Tommerup, Myrtle 

5596 Tonn, Edith Mye Blair 

1526 Toole, Mary Dolan 

2722 Toomey, Helen M. 

A683 Torkelson, Eleanor Annie 

2592 Tormey, Madeline Giudici 

2237 Torski, Lucy A. Winn 

3247 Tout, Evelyn M. Hoskin 

5780 Townsend, Ruth L. Albert 

A616 Townsend, Ruth N. Daylong 

A634 Tracy, Margaret M. Kilgallan 

3915 Trainotti, Velma M. Babcock 

A996 Transue, Virginia Irwin 

2184 Trovers, Alice Works 

A693 Tredik, Amelia Labash 

A682 Trefney, Grace Taylor 

2606 Trevethan, Ruth M. Anderson 

A286 Triplett, Beverley Daly 

5789 Trodick, Marie C. Jensen 

3080 Tucker, Imelda E. 

A287 Tucker, Ina May 

A968 Tucker, Rhea Jane 

4631 Tuckey, Grace E. Tunnicliff 

4483 Tunby, Helga Nygaard 

2345 Turmell, Ella W. Scharf 

3710 Turner, Mildred H. Haug 

A547 Turner, Phyllis A. Walley 

A 160 Tweto, Barbara N. Wingo 

5377 Twomey, Catherine Julia 

4502 Tynes, Frances L. Carr 

A673 Tyson, Patricia Ann 

1607 Ullman, Florence J. 

5997 Ullrich, Ruby B. Griff 

5355 Ulrich, Patricia Glay 

2776 Undem, Magdalene Quarn 

1430 Undem, Victoria Copa 

3742 Ungaretti, Ethel E. Menicucci 

A85 Uppinghouse, Hazel C. Lonnevik 

1385 Urban, Lillian R. 

1776 Vaissade, Elizabeth DuBois 

5411 Valach, Pearl J. Mane 

6063 Valacich, Mary C. Shide 

3531 Van Daele, Martha M. 

1268 Vanderberg, Annie 

3115 Vanderhoof, Feme Rumsey 

A875 Van Ee, John 

4632 Vanek, Hazel W. Turner 

749 Van Horn, Frieda Lehmann 

A641 Van Risswick, Laura J. Mikulecky 

4748 Van Voorhis, Jeanette C. A. Bergman 

A674 Varelia, Marie Frances 

1476 Vaughn, Olive Welin 

718 - 2nd Ave. No., Great Falls 

Cropsey, Illinois 

716 So. Pine, Santa Maria, California 
716 So. Pine, Santa Maria, California 
716 So. Pine, Santa Maria, California 

520 Knight St., Miles City 
Box 1715, Helena ' 
1003 Caledonia St., Butte 
114 - 7th St. No., Great Falls 

Box 532, Camp Meeker, California 

Box 567, Victor 

Box 1188, Sheridan, Wyoming 
54 E. Granite St., Butte 

1319 W. Young St., Wilmington, California 

813 So. 5th St., Bozeman 

1638 Third Ave., Los Angeles 6, California 

108^ E. Lamme, Bozeman 

20 So. 9th St., Bozeman 

939 W. Granite St., Butte 

1508 - 8th Ave. East, Kalispell 

327 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 

Box 171, Browning 

No. 32 Leigland Apts., 11 - 9th St. So., Great Falls 

538 W. 5th Ave., Denver, Colorado 

Box 501, Baker 

211 Hastings Ave., Missoula 

357 - 6th S. W., Euphrata, Washington 

504 - 16th St. No., Great Falls 

734 Cherry St., Missoula 

Box 845, Butte 

2318- 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 
140 No. 28th St., Lincoln, Nebraska 


Box 186, Big Timber 
Box 307, Broadus 

521 No. Benton, Helena ' 
609 So. Nowlan, Glendive 
Rte. No. 1, Florence 

908 E. 3rd St., Anaconda 
112 - 12th St. No., Great Falls 


2036 C St., Eureka, California 
602 - 5th Ave. No., Lewistown 
Larimore, North Dakota 

804 W. Grand Ronde, Kennewick, Washington 
1415 E. 6th Ave., Sioux Falls, South Dakota 
Fort Peck Agency Hospital, Box 173, Poplar 
Leonard Hotel, Butte 

4722 - 18th Ave. N. E... Seattle 5, Washington 

446£ - 10th Ave., Havre 
715 Rimrock Road, Billings 
Box 117, Warm Springs 

Box 575, Whitefish • 


2762 Veatch, Margaret Ennis 

4182 Vennard, Freda Will 

1014 Verlanic, Kathryn Bosonitz 

643 Vicars, Frances Barnard 

2726 Vickery, Feme Clements 

4914 Victory, Mary E. McLeod 

4434 Viestenz, Donaleen Carson 

A675 Vincelette, Joan Darlene 

2850 Vincent, Elizabeth Johnson 

1954 Vitt, Eva Jette 

A544 Vivian, Lauretta Mae 

4018 Vodarski, Hazel Ojala 

722 Vogel, Alma Void 

6110 Vogel, Lorraine E. Donahue 

A987 Vogl, Barbara Ann Dawes 

4295 Vollmer, Doris J. Stokke 

A408 Voorhies, Betty M. Merrill 

A545 Vorce, June E. 

5441 Voulkos, Mary 

4307 Wagner, Elizabeth M. 

3584 Wagner, Maybelle Finlayson 

2889 Wagner, Ruby L. 

5135 Wakefield, Helen Keefe 
A429 Walden, Alba T. Ruffatto 

5326 Waldlullig, Evelyn J. Patten 

5321 Waldron, Agnes M. O'Brien 

A716 Wales, Ruperta Coughlin 

1373 Walker, Henrietta Schrupp 

2665 Walker, Margaret MacDonald 

3046 Walker, Virginia LaFurge 

4801 Walker, Winifred Jacobs 

5602 Wallace, Margaret J. Brennan 

5729 Wallette, Ingeborg A. Larson 

5652 Wallingford, Geraldine McCabe 

2065 Walls, Alta C. 

A548 Walsh, Lucille Catherine 

1849 Walsh, Margaret Cameron 

A68 Walters, Albina Job 

A421 Walters, Betty Ann Roose 

A549 Walton, Ellen Edith 

1312 Walton, Frances Bruneau 

5443 Wambeke, Catherine 

A969 Wandler, Patricia Ann 

A211 Wankel, Wanda G. Harris 

5527 Ward, Ann Dorothy 

A970 Ward, Ann Marie 

5671 Ward, Florence F. Petterson 

5803 Ward, Helen J. Lammers 

A552 Ward, Patricia Marie 

5136 Warden, Betty Jean 
6077 Ware, Norma Lee 

3280 Warn, Jean A. Pendergast 

4058 Warner, Maxine Dorothy 

5589 Waters, Dorris Reed 

1847 Watkins, Harriett Brandegee 

6152 Watne, Marguerite Sutherland 

3209 Watson, Catherine Haggerty 

5445 Watson, Irline 

5896 Watson, Jessie M. Hallett 

4180 Watson, Kathryn L. 

652 Watts, Donna E. 

944 Custer Ave., Billings 

7 No. Broadway, Red Lodge 

405 E. Park, Anaconda 

Muselshell Valley Hospital, Roundup 

408 - 8th St., Havre 


Hettinger, North Dakota 

718 Central Ave., Billings 

City Drug Store, Hot Springs 

1818 So. 12th West, Missoula 

Apt. 208, Mueller Apts., Butte 

Adele Apt. No. 12, Great Falls 

6828 Plaska Ave., Huntington Park, California 

407 Woodland Ave., Laurel 

2003 Main St., Miles City 

221 So. 10th Ave., Bozeman 

318 E. Commercial Ave., Anaconda 

747 N. Warren, Helena 

513 W. Main, Bozeman 



211 So. Jordan Ave., Miles City 
1412 - 1st St., Havre 
509^ So. Idaho, Butte 
235 W. Copper St., Butte 
Box 305, Philipsburg 

4134 Dwight St., San Diego 5, California 

830 N. Washington, Centralia, Washington 

Star Route, LaGrande, Oregon 

Rte. No. 1, Fair Add., Great Falls 

10407 W. 107th S. W., Tacoma 9, Washington 

c/o Geo. Brennan, Box 202, Whitefish 

South Shore Cabins, Whitefish 

Box 895, Thermopolis, Wyoming 

Rte. No. 2, Box 410, Porterville, California 

Cody Hospital, Cody, Wyoming 

Riddle, Oregon 

321^ No. 10th St., Miles City 

1410 No. 6th, Boise, Idaho 

404 So. Tracy, Bozeman 

302 Blackstone Apts., Great Falls 

1232 No. 30th St., Billings 

Scranton, North Dakota 


601 E. 6th St., Anaconda 

Sacred Heart Nurses' Home, Havre 

4207 N. 61st St., Omaha, Nebraska 

White Sulphur Springs 

921 W. 3rd St., Anaconda 

1024 No. 30th St., Billings 

204 E. Babcock, Bozeman 

Box 341, Boulder 

618 - 4th St., Couer d'Alene, Idaho 

2417 Ottowa Ave., Butte 

917 - 9th Ave., Helena 

321 - 1st St. West, Kalispell 

Box 987, Glendive 

814 So. Higgins, Apt. No. 1, Missoula 

Box 1009, Glasgow 


1008 Third Ave., Havre 



5543 Wayman, Helen M. McCaskie 

A430 Weatherly, Jacqueline Hazel 

A240 Webb, Mildred D. Maki 

1782 Webb, Mildred Francis 

4062 Webster, Ruth White 

4634 Wedum, Janet Lucke 

1990 Wegesser, Ethel Severson 

4131 Weiler, Mabel Cunningham 

5054 Weis, Emerene Jones 

A720 Welch, Mary L. Reed 

5694 Wells, Helen Ardene 

4708 Welsch, Mildred Snyder 

A971 Welsh, Kathleen Marie 

A575 Weninger, Marie Theresa 

4210 Wenner, Doris A. Dixon 

1053 Wenzel, Mabel Stage 

3329 Wert, Irene H. 

4191 West, Beatrice C. Barrett 

1941 West, Ethel Siderius 

A21 West, Virginia Allderdice 

A557 Westergaard, Ingrid Grundtvig 

6056 Weston, Helen Marie 

A678 Westphal, Betty Lou Keogh 

3214 Westwater, Helen Antonich 

1164 Wetzsteon, Dora 

1885 Whaley, Ann L. 

4558 Whaley, Helen M. Lefdahl 

4883 Wheatcroft, Elsie Mae 

3774 Wheeler, Katherine Sweeney 

A125 Whitbeck, Leontina M. Schmitt 

2339 White, Donna M. Oberg 

A769 White, Dorothy L. 

A892 White, Ethel Coleman 

5591 White, Wanda Allen 

A553 Whiteaker, Juanita June 

1324 Whiteheld, Mabel De Yong 

1477 Whitfield, Anna L. Welsh 

4986 Wichman, Eleanor F. 

5977 Wicks, Marie I. Biggs 

2374 Wiechard, Marie Melaney 

3111 Wiedman, Ellen Taylor 

1861 Wiest, Sadie N. Hyatt 

5191 Wiggin, Hazelle Irene 

A794 Wilber, Shirley E. Calanborn 

1613 Wilcox, Celia L. 

5362 Wilcox, Georgia Helene 

A451 Wilcox, Gertrude E. Hobe 

1605 Wilder, Agnes M. 

3123 Wiley, Mary Florence 

3379 Wilke, Isabelle Armstrong 

2817 Wille, Clara Yeske 

4230 Williams, Dorothy J. Hancock 

2473 Williams, Eugenia Hildermann 

A210 Williams, Mary K. Hanson 

4918 Williams, Thilda M. Nilson 

815 Williamson, Laura Folkman 

A146 Wills, Nelda V. Cook 

A 147 Wilson, Betty Jean 

608 Wilson, Harriet Rockwell 

2370 Wilson, Isobel Farol 

4630 Wilson, Susan Tokarchuk 

General Delivery, Forsyth 

700 Steiner St., Apt. 304, San Francisco 17, 


322 No. 7th St., Livingston 

822 - 10th St., Alamogordo, New Mexico 


405 S. Sargent Ave., Glendive 
637 W. Silver, Butte 
Box 402, Anaconda 
Rte. No. 3, Bozeman 

1431 Minor Ave., Seattle 1, Washington 

Box 385, Thompson Falls 

Box 876, Lewistown 

Anamoose, North Dakota 

1315 - 7th Ave. No., Great Falls 

500 Prospect, Sturgis, Michigan 

Rte. No. 1, Box 236, Ft. Pierce, Florida 

1825 So. Washington St., Butte 

Box 172, Livingston 

College of Emporia, Emporia Hall, 

Emporia, Kansas 
25 South Drive, Plaudome, L. I., New York 
517 Idaho St., Boise, Idaho 

810 No. 3rd St., Ishpeming, Michigan 
10115 Wesley, Country Homes Park, 

Spokane, Washington 
1032^ No. 28th, Billings 
723 - 8th Ave., Helena 
Sand Springs 
Box 2135, Billings 
515 So. Center, Miles City 
4045 Brooklyn Ave., Seattle 5, Washington 
c/o Gift Center, Whitefish 
300 E. Commercial, Anaconda 
2151 E. 2nd St., Butte 
707 So. Grand Ave., Bozeman 

5036 - 37th Ave. S. W., Seattle 6, Washington 

43 W. 86th St., New York, New York 

829 DeFoe St., Missoula 

216 No. Jordan Ave., Miles City 

Box 821, Poison 

Box 1176, c/o Mrs. H. H. Beverly, Cut Bank 

Box 335, Pablo 

1042 Arvin Road, Billings 

St. Vincent's Hospital, Billings 

413 Eddy Ave., Missoula 

820 Hilda Ave., Missoula 

1008 - 3rd Ave., Havre 

Box 845, Butte 

16 - 9th St. N. W., Great Falls 
c/o Baan Wille, Jordan 

4822 W. Charlestown, Seattle 6, Washington 
410 Penn Ave., Laurel 
309 No. Black, Bozeman 

603 E. 42nd St., Seattle 5, Washington 

2188 Pershing Ave., San Bernadino, California 

St. Mary College, Xavier, Kansas 

259 So. Oakland Ave., Villa Park, Illinois 

916 - 5th Ave. No., Great Falls 

824 - 8th Ave. No., Great Falls 


6169 Wine, Shirley J. Johnson 

2406 Wing, Eula Thompson 

2078 Winkler, Dorothea Black 

A864 Winninghoff, Frances Ann 

4840 Winter, Lovella M. Nadrau 

A752 Winton, Frances Jane 

5692 Wirak, Rita G. Unverzagt 

5833 Wirth, Flora C. Peele 

A697 Wirtz, Mavis Marie 

5226 Wise, Jean K. Barnett 

A865 Witter, Margaret Tervo 

6155 Wojcik, Pauline Regina 

2423 Wold, Meryl McManigal 

3092 Wolden, Inger Christophersen 

4696 Wolf, Catharine Soennichsen 

5454 Wolfe, Dorothy 

6185 Wolfe, Ursula Kengla 

A148 Wolff, Palma 

3910 Wolkow, Malinda E. 

4359 Wolverton, Corrinne M. 

4315 Wood, Elaine 

1391 Wood, Lorraine McGoldrick 

A709 Woodard, June Pederson 

4209 Woodruff, Louise Dinzl 

A988 Wooley, Helen Gay 

1480 Wordal, Genevieve Yaple 

2269 Worrell, Katherine E. 

5843 Wright, Marjory Lucille 

A866 Wuest, Dora Mae Cate 

5996 Wulf, Betty Jane Gribble 

2885 Wynn, Margaret C. Simonet 

4183 Yale, Sylvia Ostrem 

A53 Yelsa, Kathryn J. Gee 

A972 Yochim, Beverly Heyer 

A77 Yonce, Mae E. Knebel 

3034 Yost, Wilda Herbst 

1471 Young, Hazel Severns 

2208 Young, Isabel M. 

5890 Young, Julia Joyce 

A600 Young, Marjory Violet 

4755 Youngbauer, Eva M. Buckingham 

5147 Yuhas, Geraldine 

3564 Zadra, Helen O'Malley 

4885 Zelezny, Betty Mae 

1548 Zelka, Ursula Janskovitch 

A973 Ziebarth, Edith Helen 

4640 Ziegler, Esther Marie 

1169 Zimber, Elizabeth Zigan 

1997 Zimmerman, Emily Stinger 

1271 Zwisler, Esther L. 

1411 - 8th Ave., Helena 
Rte. No. 1, Manhattan 
705 - 6th Ave., Helena 
Box M, Philipsburg 
Box 294, Ronan 

22 W. Main, Apt. 15, Bozeman 

T-25, M. S. U., Missoula 

1737 - 11th Ave., Helena 

N. P. Hospital, Glendive 

702 Miles Ave., Billings 

Star Rte., Pierce, Idaho 

1059 Hamlin St., Gary, Indiana 

119 So. Nolan, Glendive 

933 - 3rd Ave. So., Glasgow 

2305 - 3rd Ave. So., Great Falls 

204 - 8th Ave. No., Lewistown 

507 Peosta, Helena 

1740 Gilpin St., Denver, Colorado 

Public Health Nurse, Conrad 

109 - 13th St. So., Great Falls 

1326 - 6th Ave. No., Great Falls 

3192 E. Pine St., Missoula 

1608 Howell St., Missoula 

608 So. Prairie Ave., Miles City 
617 Main St., Hamilton 

609 E. Beckwith Ave., Missoula 
5087 Miller Road, Lansing, Michigan 
Montana Deaconess Hospital, Great Falls 
114 Ave. D, Billings 

2501 Amherst, Butte 

2320 - 2nd Ave. So., Great Falls 


126 So. 8th, Livingston 
514 River St., Missoula 
Box 584, Missoula 

2850 Coolidge Drive, Corvallis, Oregon 
1815 Washington, Caldwell, Idaho 

610 So. 8th St., Hamilton 
Smith Clinic, Glasgow 
1229 Jackson St., Missoula 
Harvard Apts., Helena 
924 Tatro, Miles City 

521 No. Benton, Helena 


Box 384, Plains 

1363 Grove St., San Francisco, California 

Box 111, Hardin 

Scranton, North Dakota 

33 U E. Front St., Missoula 

323 Alder, Missoula 

337 Plymouth St., Missoula 

315 Washington Drive, Helena 


Montan a 

S 610.73 f$&n 
1950 cc,.3 
. rd of examiners for 



Name s o f ^a.Ti stered nurs.- 

certificates permitting practice 

in "on tana 



Montana. Itoard of examiners 
for nurses. — 
Names of registered nurses 
holding certificates per- 
mitting practice in Montana. 

S 610.73 M761in 
1950 cop. 3 

NO. 4,