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Full text of "A proclamation : Flag Day, June 14, 1913 / by Woodbridge N. Ferris"

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0talp of iHtrliigan 

A flrnrlamattott 

lOg MonMiridijr 2s. Ifarris 

3Hag Dag 

JluttP 14, 1013 

iFlag Bag 

A Jlrorlamation hg tljr (Soumtor 

We believe that the American flag is the mo: 
beautiful and the most significant of all the flags of a 
the nations of the earth. June 14, 1913, is the 136tl 
birthday of our flag. The story of the stars an 
stripes is the story of a great and mighty people. ! 
symbolizes “life, liberty, and the pursuit of huma 
happiness,” the fundamental elements of a gre< 
brotherhood. Let the people of Michigan on Satu 
day, June 14th, display this sacred emblem on a 
state, municipal and school buildings? let America; 
citizens conduct such exercises as will encourage ot 
youth to love and reverence the flag and what j 

(Ebprrforp, I, Woodbridge N. Ferris, Governor of 
Michigan, do issue this proclamation and enthusiasti¬ 
cally urge the observance of Saturday, the fourteenth 
of June, 1913, as Flag Day, 

(Sttint under my hand and the Great 
Seal of the State, this twenty-first 
day of May, in the year of our 
Lord one thousand nine hundred 
and thirteen and of the Common¬ 
wealth the Seventy-seventh. 

;' the Governor: 

Secretary of State. 

. s 



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