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in 2010 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

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HSsJ^^-T, ?4:ir i^<: .--..m 

Zi'*^"-- -"" •^""""'- '■■--" ■-—-'_-■>■•- -% "■>*-^-"-': .- 


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QTHE 1992 

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4i7.>5^: ;^' ; 







T/ie u)oods u;oiiW be very silent if the only birds that sang 
were the ones that sing the very best. 

As the sun makes it net 
Day by day make it nei 
Yet again make it new. 



'"r.^# ■■ y 

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^^^BP^^'v'* 'z 

i"_-^-- - 



/< is. Sir, as 1 have said, a small college. And yet there are those 
of us who love it. 

- Daniel Webster, Dartmoth College V. Woodward 

Education in the long run is an affair that works itself out 
between the individual student and his opportunities. . . 
Offer opportunities, leave the student to his natural reaction 
on them, and he w'" '- --■'"■ ' ' '- 





'^ ' ' ' " 




' . t^Vf* ^. 

',"?■ ,,^. ,a,. 

i* .... « 

i I l^v 


Nothing pains some people more than having to think. 

- Martin Luther King, Strength to Lav 

Indeed, all paths lead to knowledge: because the vilest and 
stupidest action teaches us something about vileness and 
stupidity, and may accidentally teach us a good deal more. 



r; :-""^^'^^/'' 




Socrates. . . .1 ama teacher, and take money; this accusation 
has no more truth in it than the other. Although, if a man wei 
really able to instruct mankind, to receive money for giving 
instruction would, in my opinion, be an honour. 


From the nineteenth-century view of science as God, the 
twentieth-century has begun to see it as a devil. It behoove 
us now to understand that science is neither one nor the 


• E.M. Forster, Howards End 

it that doesn 't belong. 

OllWrCli/ '. BACK: Ginny Reece, Ketura Duncan, Wendy McReynolds, Brenda Davis, Katherine Herring, Becky Shotwell, Elise 
Lillard, Rina Sakamoto, Fumie Takahashi, Sara Burns SECOND: Maura Porecelli, Cynthia Briggs, Anice Cox, Rebecca Grunko, 
Resident Assistant Allison Crawford, Katrina Wilder THIRD: Jeanne Howell, Laura White, Kristen Fuehler, Carolina Castillo, Tara 
Hunt, Hall Director Carrie Eby, Rebecca Mabry, Caroline Kempson, Laura Greene FOURTH: Alicia Therrin, Sabina Seveikova, 
Megan McSheffrey, Kelly George, Kathryn Temple FRONT: Amy Roid, Jon Pi-opst 

APARTMENTS: front: VaniUa Mitchell, Melissa Shaw, Stephanie Poon, Kim Austin, Jessica O'Connell, Jennifer 
Moss, Claudia Galvis MIDDLE: Connie Mongold, Mary Hudgins, Toni Harvey, Karin Ridgeway, Robin Seavers, Tory Jones, Jennifer 
Hill, Laura Hudson, Sara Heath, Mandy Ford, Lisa Cunningham BACK: Jeff Thigpen, Robin McWilliams, Jim Calabro, Jacob Stohler, 
Jeff Korte, Jason Smith 

r'rvAZjllZlirV 10/ lb! BACK: GregKeish,EricForeman, Brett Thompson, Eric Kaplan, James Greene, Rob Unseth.Bernie Smith, 
Mike Kopsak, J.K. FRONT: Russ Porterfield, Christian Scanniello, Chris Rose, Steve Smack, Doug Curl, Mike Sick 

IVlAJrC 1 rlwIJlJOl BACK: Michelle Berube, Rebecca Sunderland, Katherine Schnorrenberg, Laura Dunbar, Mariana 
Caldwell, Melissa Dunford, Liz Fellman, Nicole Robertson, Ten Blakely SECOND: Angela Aldrich, Dana Tritch, Tonya 
Susammatz, Cary Eddy, Genevieve Compton, Aki Alexandra, Nancy Spillman, Sabina Aliyeva, Hannah Johnson, Ten Pearson, 
JodyHargus,CaeliBourbeu, Lynn Harris THIRD: Amy Johanna Baptist, Sharon Rhoads,HallDirector Jen Reid, Heather Sowers 
FRONT: Tina Copeland, Sharon Cohen, Allison Mee, Jessica Mendelson, Sarah Paige, Beth Anglin, Joy Watson, Malaika Smith 

JwSS^— i ^»— — — — 

£S5SSSfx\-' C \* t^ 

ENGLISH: front: Dave Schiller, Ashley Myers, Ben Rose SECOND: Aristides Maza, E.J. Hofferman, David Lewis, Mark 

Ferguson, Nate Broehl THIRD: Jeff Kaplan, Chris Ward, Luis Castillo, Ryan Page BACK: Dave Zwadyk, Justin Helper, James Fenhagen, 
Sasha Micovic, Hall Director Troy Closson 

m ^ 

>^ 1 

•III "■■^^^^B 
•t>« ••■■ •••« ■ 1 


Much success in life derives from just bei 

1^ f/it'rt'. — Woody Allen 


PINES: LEFT: Betsy Mayer, Adrianne Rankin, Kevin Olive, 
Jennifer Mermans MIDDLE: Laura Slaughter, Megan Vaughn, Brian 
Mahonev, Isao Takahashi RIGHT: Rei Kiuchi, Christie Wilson 

HILDEBRANDT: left; Ashlee Gardner, Aaron 
Bohn, Amy Bloom, Mike Sadoof MIDDLE: Megan Palmer, Hall 
Director Angus McLees, Hobie Anthony, Stephanie Moller, Brad 
Aldous RIGHT: Tracy Davis, Nancy McCurry, Josh Palmer, John 

DANA HOUSE 1 : front: Chris Wetterau, Becky Salisbury, Deirde Murphy, Amanda Hollinger, Daniela Lopez BACK 
Susan Little, Ellyn Wells I 

BINFORD, FIRST FLOOR: Rich Ewell, Jon Mitchell, Tim Randall, Seth Jurnak, Jessie Shapiro, Darryl Nash, Robert 
Liscombe, Keith Rider, Morgan Fishman, Tony DeCicco, Daniel Boulden, Mike Stone, John Fraulo 

ii N P wlxL': Anna Nichols, Carla Quist, Sarah Thomas, Sara Wilson, John Fraulo, Teddy Kolev, Jessica Speltz, Amanda Ingi, Susan 
Roberts, Patricia Chrimps, Robert Liscombe, Macon Morrison, Richard Ewell, Jenny Heffrin, Jon Mitchell, Tim Randall, Morgan Fishman, 
Edith Symons, Emily Drennen, Meredith Burliegh, Jessie Shapiro, William Oliver, Emily Ellis, Kendal Thormen, Chelle Stinson, Katherine 
annon, Jon Petrashi, Kara Gordon, Kathleen Bryant, Rebecca Withero, Emily Brassell, Meg Colbourn, Jennette Phillips, Kathie McKinney, 
[ohn Armstrong, Tony DeCicco, Shana Goodwin, Keith Rider, Ellen Moore, Daniel Boulding, Tamara McNaughton, Wendy Norton, Karin 
Peterson, Mike Livingston, Seth Jurnak, Kristie Pendergrass, Paul Algier 


n '/' 


EDITOR'S NOTE: All right, you're 
wondering why there are no people in the 
Milner and Bryan pictures. 
ANSWER; Because no one showed up, 
despite earnest efforts by Quaker photo- 

POPE HOUSE; Nlcole Hall. Charlie Lee, Elizabeth Conrey, Alicia Stubnova, Laura DuBlois, Mark Magnarella, 
Michael Donnay 


FRONT: Susannah Street, 

^' \ Carolyn Bundy, Victoria 

■^^ Phelps, Laurel Nesbitt BACK: 

' .^ » Emma Geary, Martha McCoy, 

} _^4 , Adrianne Cadbury 


JJ AINI j\ 11 W U OlL O I Jacob Stohler, Lew Riley, Guy Vitaglione, Glen Greenough, Eric Dawson, Scott Genualdi 
Not pictured: Mark Sparling 

DANA HOUSE 4: front: Stephanie Bing, Anne Marie Altmeyer, Emily Lewis BACK: Kathryn Hill, Amy 
Garlow, Renee Lanier ABSENT: Manigault Duggan 




TOP RIGHT: Coach Pam Howe, Kim Ryder, Sarah Strohl, 
Joanne McNeil, Alicia Golden, Becky Shotwell, Victoria 
Phelps, Mandie Ford, Glenon Tredwell, Shana Jackson, Jen 
Cartland, Ali Dorer, Angle Durocher, Amanda Hollinger, 
Kristi Wachowiak, Dawn Cooper, Stephanie Ploeger, Emily 
Barry, Amy Thompson , and Edie Simmons TOP LEFT: 
Mandi Ford CENTER RIGHT: Victoria Phelps, Alicia 
Golden, and Angle Durocher CENTER LEFT: Victoria 
Phelps, Tony Maltese, Glenon Tredwell, Jen Cartland, Ali 
Dorer, and Angle Durocher BOTTOM RIGHT: Joanne 

TOP LEFT: Nat Havholm, Raul Sanllehi, Mark Keersemaker, Marcus Maginniss , Scott Hayman, Louis Tomeo and Chris 
Robinson MIDDLE LEFT: Chad Anderson, Mark Christensen and Nat Havholm TOP RIGHT: Chris Robinson and Raul Sanhelli 

BACK: Phil Roach, Louis Tomeo, Mark Keersemaker, John Friedermann, Aaron Hoffman, Chris Reed, Will Holt, Dale Cropper, 
Haley Watt, Coach Goldsmith MIDDLE: Leon Wolfe, Chad Anderson, Oscar Johansen, Charlie Johannes, Scott Haymond, Matt 
Andrejczak, Marcus Maginniss, Teddy Kolev, Chris Robinson FRONT: Eric Adamson, Raul Sanllehi, Nat Havholm, Will Grimes, 
Lance Anthony, Jason Wolff, Mark Christensen, and Scott Young 

FRONT: Paul Grantham, Jeff Hemdon, Barry Murry, Rodney Alexander, Greg Nichols, John Lambert, Calvin Hunter, Chip Hester, Shane Handy, 
Jay Derby, Andre Johnson SECOND: John Smart, Jeff Cobb, Scott Young, Kavin Corl, Cam Pridgen, Andy Ragan, Adam Costanzo, Shannon Manire, 
Clarence Inscore, Billy Hardison, Bron Thompson, Chris Chavis THIRD: J.J. Rogers, Colin D'Aiello, Chuck Gavit, Colin Mohlman, Derrick Kraemer, 
Wayne Kotcher, Max Appleby, Ty Clodfelter, Steve Green, Phil Lemons, Jon Wood, Brindon Christman, Gary Humphreys, Drew Baker BACK: Zack 
Smith, Eric Papas, Mitch Deaver, Pat Tully. Bill Lively, Bryan Garland, Anthony Moore, James Cassada, Brian Grantham, Richard Baldwin, Jim 
Bob Bryant, Scott Horack, Derrick Graham, Mike Roger. Andrell Johnson, Morgan Fishman, Jude Hunt, Bo Hall, Renado Hairston, Chris 
Richardson, Chip Meyer, Billy Barnes ABSENT: Kaz Nakagawa, Ken Saums 

John Lambert, Calvin Hunter and Max Appleby 

TOP LEFT: The seniors on this years team are: Laura Khngseisen, Clarise Forsyth, Alison Raney, Emily King and Carolyn Doss. 
TOP RIGHT: Alison Raney demonstrates her strong serve. 

BACK: Anice Cox, Coach Gayle Currie, Chuck McCrachen, Jen Caltrider, Brenda Davis, Chris Rose, Sandra Valbueno, Carrie Campbell, 
MIDDLE: Trudy Buckingham, Molly Seabrook, Tricia AUman, Susan Raney, Michelle Pitcher, Barbara Schmitz, Arlene James, Christina 
Schroeder, FRONT: Alison Raney, Laura Klingseisen, Clarise Forsyth, Emily King, and Carolyn Doss 

BACK: Phil Roach, Jeannie Taylor, Todd Gochneur, Melissa Shaw, Brenda Davis, Catherine Herring, Tonya Hood, Jeff Bailey, 
Jennifer Caltrider. FRONT: Patty West, Kristen James, Danielle Musser, Laura Klingseisen, Deana Pingley, Carolyn Doss, Becky 
Shotwell, Tricia Allman, Tara McCov. 

LEFT: Jeannic Taylor and the Women's Basketball Team 
RIGHT; Melissa Shaw, Deana Pingley, and Tanya Hood 

BACK: Coach Jack Jensen, Gregg Roark, Randy Scott, Brian Jackson, Davey McCullough, Chad Brown, Michael Wright, Dale 
Cropper, John Thompson, Phil Roach FRONT: Kevin Emmanuel, Andre Ricketts, Michael Roach, Paul Ferrell, Carlos Sanford, 
Colin Streng, Brad McCorkle, Reggie Hicks, Lee Capers. 

'iiTv AIH. ■* ^-^ 

BACK: Coach Fulton, Jason Coulumbe, Jon Petrash, Clint Acrey, Wayne Williamson, Jim Smith, Kevin O'Neal, Sydney Smith, Jude 
Crayton, Grey Fulton, Leon Pinkett, Phil Roach, MIDDLE: Brindon Christman, Tony Smith, Jerry Marshall, Scott Stier, Steve Foulks, Ty 
Simmons, Chan Whitson, Rick Beville, Marty Stern, John Hughs, Tim Houlton, FRONT: Clarence Inscore, Chad Axford, Bron Thompson, 
Shane Handy, Jeff Smith, Scott Abell, Jeff Thigpen, Rob Merry, Steve Coins, J.J. Rodgers 

Jeff Smith 

Bron Thompson 


Fennv Gixi^snianaiKl kini Au.stiii 

BACK: Phil Ro.icli, Jednnie Taylor, Alison Raney, Jen Caltrider, Dana Stewert, Robin Walcott, Pam Howe, FRONT: Julie Sullivan, Amelia Fisher, Sarah 
Paige, Kim Kemerer, Martha Parr, Sage Daly, Casey Lare, Sarah Strohl, Gigi Willard, Victoria Phelps, Joanna Cannon, Ginny Reece, Penny Grossman, Betsy 
Noelle, Arlene James 



J^®^*® Jr .< 




BACK: Pat TuUy, Todd Whittmer, Rob Bretton, Shea Varge, Nat Broehl, James Kittelberger, Chris Lane, Adrienne Huntington,Sean 
McNeill, Wesley Merritt, Phil Roach MIDDLE: Ted Porringer, Dan Snyder, Jason Freihage, Andrew Hultberg, Fred Goldman, Omari 
Williams, Josh Zelman, Anthony Bascone, Alex Gorman, Uri Karjane FRONT: Kenny Saums, Daryl Bost, Michael Boonin, Evan Smith, 
David Brown, Matt Parker, Ron Mechling, Jon Kallen, George Bullock, and Jamie Whitehead. 

Michael Boonin 

The team during a half-time break 

TOP CENTER: Eddie Dangerfield 

TOP RIGHT: Terry Mancuso 

BOTTOM LEFT Cari Peterson 

BOTTOM CENTER: Kristen Hodges 

BOTTOM RIGHT: Jeff Albright and 

Mark Christensen iL^m tki 

BACK: Coach Gayle Currie, Trudy Buckinghham, Catherine Herring, Trieia Allman, Hanako Ibaragi FRONT: Janey Campbell, 
Cari Peterson, Emily King, Terry Mancuso, and Kristin Hodges. 

BOTTOM PICTURE: Coach Dean Mattias, Owen Calvert , Ashely Meyers, Scott Schaffer, Eduardo Herrera , Peter Meroth, E.J. 
Hofferman, Jeff Albright, Mark Christensen, Troy Closson, Peter Burroughs, and Eddie Dangerfield 

1 1 I f f 


Coach Jack Jensen, Brett Thompson, Chris Hedrick, Bryant Reeser, Ian Downey, Greg Lewandrowski, Jim Pates, John 
Thompson, Cannon Morgan 

Jim Pates 


TOP LEFT: Bob Williams, 

TOP RIGHT: Elvvood and Ellen 
Parker, Math 

MIDDLE: Lynn Mosely, Biology 

BOTTOM LEFT: Chris Gjording, 

BOTTOM RIGHT: Vernie Davis, 


TOP LEFT: Joe Groves, Religion 

TOP RIGHT: Jack Zerbe, Drama 

BOTTOM LEFT: Ann Deagon, 

BOTTOM RIGHT: David Barnhill, 


TOP LEFT: Mark Thompson, History 

RIGHT: Linda Brown, English 

MIDDLE: Cyril Harvey, Geology 

BOTTOM: Joyce Clark and Mike 
Welch, Sports Studies 


TOP LEFT: Kenneth Walker, Math 

TOP RIGHT: Rudy Behar, English 

MIDDLE: David Philips, Japanese 

BOTTOM LEFT: Dave Maclnnes and 
Todd Woerner, Chemistry 

BOTTOM RIGHT: Marcia Frost, 

Parks, Justice and Policy 

Kuwahara, English 

BOTTOM: Michael Gills, 


TOP LEFT: Becky Gibson, 

TOP RIGHT: Bill Fulcher, 

BOTTOM LEFT: Bill Carroll, 
Political Science 

Stevens, Management 

TOP MIDDLE; Mel Keiser, Religion 

TOP RIGHT: Herb Appenzeller, 
Sports Management 

MIDDLE: Lou Spaventa, Claire 

Helgeson, Libby Jones, Gwen 

Reddeck, Deidre Murphy, Deborah 

Roose, Sara White, Kristin Seraphin, 


BOTTOM: Michael Joseph, 

TOP LEFT": Edwin Caudill,Management 

TOP RIGHT; Merry Moor Winnett, Art 

Tnili/ prodiictivL' goofing off is luiicii you 
arc tliiiiking about hoio your body syutlic- 
sizes vitaiiii}! D from sunsliitie WHILE you 
arc fitting in the sunsititjc syntiicsizing 
vitamin D. 

MIDDLE: James Gutsell, English 

BOTTOM: Jeffrey Janowitz, Psychology 


TOP LEFT: Martha Cooley, History/ 
Off Campus Education 

TOP RIGHT: Ed Lowe, Music 

MIDDLE: Richard Kania, Justice and 

BOTTOM LEFT: Dorris Merrick, 


TOP RIGHT: Robert Williams, 
Economics - his door is always open 
for students 

BOTTOM LEFT: William Burris, 
Political Science 

MIDDLE: George Lorio, Art 

McCauIey, Geology 

TOP LEFT: Rex Adelberger, Physics/ 

Yearbook Advisor ( most valuable 

professor on campus) 

TOP RIGHT: Lisa Young, Art with 

Martha McCoy 

/ 'would like to thank im/ students lulio 

lunke coming; to work sueli a good time. 

BOTTOM: Claire Morse, Psvchologv 


TOP LEFT: Sheridan Simon, Physics 

TOP RIGHT: Richie Zweigenhaft, 

MIDDLE: Wendy Snyder, 

BOTTOM LEFT: Chuck Smith, 

BOTTOM RIGHT: Bill Schmickle, 
Political Science 


TOP LEFT: Jerry Godard, Psychology 

TOP MIDDLE: Dean De La Motte, French 

TOP RIGHT; Lou Fike, Political Science 

BOTTOM: Jeff Jeske, English 



TOP LEFT: Bill Grubs, Accounting 

TOP RIGHT: Sylvia Trelles, Spanish 

MIDDLE LEFT: Vernie Davis, Sociology 

MIDDLE RIGHT: Bill Burris, Political 

BOTTOM: Steven Graham-Hill, Visiting 
Lecturer Management 

1H-; B 

MIDDLE LEFT: Carol Hoppe, 

MIDDLE RIGHT: Tim Kircher, 

BOTTOM LEFT: Adrienne Isreal, 

Almy, Geology 


Espinola, Physics 

Administration & Staff 

MIDDLE LEFT; Mary Broos, 
Head Trainer 

MIDDLE: Correspondence Center: 

Gertrude Beal, Dot Warren, Mildred 

Redmond, Libbv Happel 

BOTTOM: Bessie Smith and Mary Russell, 

w * ^^ 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HR^ ■' 


W ' "■ % 

k. , ^ 


' .i*i-, V phbbhl 

TOP: The Marriott Staff, FRONT: 
Joseph Johnson, Mary Hudson, Julie 
Tousey, Frankie Manuel, Pam Cagle, 
David Johnson, Jerry Ballaro 
MIDDLE: Jim Tribble, Donna 
Hursey, Madina Niana, Ruthie 
Brown, Wanda Bass, Brenda Welchel, 
Joseph "J, P." Pinnix BACK: Brian 
Mahony, Trevor Moore, Alejandro 
Ponce, Tim Tyree, Ann Webster, 
Sonny Chad wick 

LEFT: Diane Harrington, L.C. Jones, 
Lisa Harris 

MIDDLE: Lois Conrad 

BOTTOM RIGHT: Doug Gilmor 

t )' 

Cable-Wells, Dean of Students 

BOTTOM RIGHT: jimmy Walker, 

TOP: Registrars Office; Floyd Reynolds, 
Doris Kimmel, Lisa Wajda, Tammy Martin, 
and Norma Middleton 

MIDDLE: Financial Aid Office: Anthony 
Gurley, Sandy Courtney, Chrystal Mercer, 
Marian Fitzpatrick, and Diane Harrison 

BOTTOM: Business Office: Curt Bradbrook, 
Linda Clark, Vickie Crotty, Sheena Forrest, 
and Cathy Oliver 

TOP LEFT: Herb Poole, Library Director Sj^H 

TOP RIGHT: Carol Cothern, Bettv IHI 
Place-Bearv, Karen Behm, Library | 

MIDDLE LEFT: Meg Kaplan, Career 

MIDDLE RIGHT: Joan Marsh and Jan 
Prillaman, Career Development 

BOTTOM: Left: Danald Malloy, Dawn 
Heling, Middle: Carlten Bryant, Right: f 
Sharan Jones, Physical Plant 

TOP: John Lindstrom, Physical Plant, 
Mary Ann Weedon, Securtiy 


FOREVERGREEN: FRONT: Lisa Krell SECOND: Melissa Hoops, 
Beth Anglin, Susan Matz, Kathy Aycock, Jen Hill BACK: Amy 
Mathews, Eric Nordberg, Rich Ewell, Mike Livingston 

Brassall BACK: John Kalian, Jamie Whitehead, John Armstrong 



SENATE: FRONT: Guy Vitaglione, Meghan McSheffrey, Holly Winer, Brian Sugioka, Genevieve Compton SECOND: Paul Mosca, Susan Moesch, Emily 
Drennen, Amy Bloom, R.J. Nichols, Mike Sick, Michael Cody THIRD: Donna Devlali walla, James Green, Lou Willis, Erika May BACK: Susannah Street, 
loe Wallace, Eddie Pike, Jason Smith ABSENT: Brian Piatt, Anna Yeargin, Lew Riley, Katherine Schnorrenberg, Devah Waterman, Richard EweU, Alida 
Stubnova, Nancy Spellman, Nancy Benson, Chris Arline, Jaki Burkett, Gary Humphreys, Mike Kopcsak, Kier Tukey, Brian Yacono 

'QFS: FRONT: Rob Merril, Devah Waterman, Tim Allen, Claudia Galvins, Elenor McEntee, Roland Caroll, Joan Mallock, Becky Browning, Debbie 
array, Mr. Bill, Ritchie Eanes SECOND: Matt Rutzinski, Randy Scope, Jeff Roll, Neil Burris, Paul Mosca, Claire Woodward, Christina Pelech, Mark 
ilipper, Dan Williamson, Mark Walters, John Sauer, Amy Pomerance, Michael Stone, Seth Jurnack, Jude Hunt, James Fenhagen, Burleigh Kennedy, Elliot 
cker, Vicki Liles, Catherine Wilkins, Rob Button, Aron Bohn, Carolina Castillo, Dan McDonald, Jesse Schapiro, Michael Sadoff, Christian Scanniello, 
an Bobko, Matthew Busch, Scott Genualdi, David Lee, Jeremy Pickins, The Countess Louisa Spaventa, Scott Lee, Tim Anderson BACK: Jenn Fuller, Roy 
3ore, Reggie James, Steve Luber, Faculty Advisor, Emily Nolan, Carolyn Bundy 

<3FS MANAGERS: FRONT: Jenn Fuller, Ritchie FRENCH CLUB: Kristen Seraphin, Mary l?inaldi, Ellen Moore, Kelly Thomas 
ffnes, Claudia Galvins BACK: Catherine Wilkins, Scott 
C'nualdi, Reggie James, Rob Merrill 

GAY, LESBIAN & BISEXUAL AWARENESS: RJ. Nichols, John Hunsacker, Samatha iowles, John Saner, Geneieve Compton, Amy 
Pomerance, Michael Stone, Alison Mee, Paul Algire 

AFRO-AMERICAN CULTURAL SOCIETY: FRONT: Jepera Parker, Kim Johnson, Rebecca Mabry, Amice Cox, Joanna Cannon, Toya Hodge, Katrina Wilder, AH-- 
Crawford, Michael Cody SECOND: Keayba McKenzie, Stephanie Poon, Sharon Timsley THIRD: Milton Arston, Lee Capers, Chris ArUne, Daryle Nash, Sadio Hicks 

GEOLOGY CLUB: FRONT: Will Grimes, Haydee Phelps, Mike Green SECOND: Doug Curl, Tony DeCicco, Mike Sick, Sara Morrison, 
Georgia Wyze, Jackie Burkett, Shane Henry BACK: Connie Mongold, John Chambers, John McCane ABSENT: Jim Jerden 

HUMANITY FOR ANIMALS: FRONT: Lisa Krell, Meredith Shea, Elizabeth McMeekin, Yasuji Hajio BACK: Arlene James, Sarah Paige, 
Troy Martin, Elizabeth Conrey, Agnes Mavrogenis 

SENATE LEADERS: Anna Yeargin, Susannah Street, Guy 
Vitaglione, Brian Piatt 

HILLELCLUB: FRONT: Jessica Rochower MIDDLE: Chris Ward, 
Blair Fingerhut, Scott Kreitzer BACK: Fiara Glasser, Larry Bach 
Stacy Heller, Justin Cohen 

WEBSTERI AN PRE-LAW SOCIETY: Charlotte Smith, Clay McClain, Richard Ewell, Charles Dunn, Carolyn Bundy, Mary Samms, Jackn 
Stamant, Brent Rogers, Andrew Horvat 

UNION: a.k.a. The Village People: Joana Iwata, Scott Thornhill, Matt Rutzinski, Ron Mechling, Dan McDonald, Laura Orndorf, Page 
Bachman, Missy Swartz, Nancy McCurry, Robyn Seavers, Brady Rosenbluth 

THE GUILFORDIAN: BOTTOM: Jennifer Watts, Joan Malloch, Katherine Beldner, Vanilla Mitchell, Eric Dawson, Jeff Jeske, Faculty 
(Advisor TOP: Ben Rose, Scott Genualdi, Chris Ward, Doug Brumley, Matt Leavy, Justin Cohen, Josh Lewis, Carl Beehler, Nancy Benson, 
Louisa Spaventa, Scott Shaffer, Dan Boulden 

FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES: Catherine Herring, Daryl Nash, Carolyn Doss, Wendy Snyder, Love Medford, Faculty Ad visor Jennie Ta 

QUAKER CONCERNS: Max Carter, Faculty Ad\ isor, Kevin Olive, Josh Lewis, Steve Wood, Becca Grinko, Tara Hunt, Ryan Page, Johr 
Sauer, Mil^e Livingston 

NATIVE AMERICAN CLUB; Charlene Tointeta, Tara McCoy, Charlotte Smith, Lori Parker, Brad Hale and Connie Huntsman 

HOME: FRONT: Jessica Mendelson, Jeanette Philips, Kathleen Bryant, Mark Lande, Katharine Cannon, Sari Jaffe, Pete Begalla MIDDLE: 
Lyndon Bray, Beth Anglin, Heather Sowers, Samantha Towels, Hans Herr BACK: Kirsten Coit, Kristina Winslow, Mike Stone, Kristin 
Seraphin, Carrie Eby, Faculty Advisor John Lamiman, Bill Hardman, Jonathan White 

The Quaker 

Emily Nolan, Aimee Maxfield, Carolyn Bundy, Martha McCoy, Tina Copeland, James Clark, K.C., Charles Almy, Liz Fellman and their 
twins Chuck Almy, Kay Cee, Jimmy Clark, Christina Copeland, Marda McCoy, Cary Bundy, Aimelia Maxfield, M. Nolan 

Rejected Titles for 2 992 


1. The Cat's Meow 

2. The Meow of the Cat 

3. Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow 

4. Here Kitty Kitty 

5. Touch Me Again and I'll Claw 
Your Eyes Out 

The Editors of the 1992 Quaker regret any omissions; we apologize for any mistakes; we tried. We would like to 
officially thank the following people for their contributions. We couldn't have done it without you. Well actually 
we could have, but we would still like to extend our thanks. "We love you all!" - Ozzy 

Carl Beehler 
Heather Mclver 
Sports Information 
Bret Ayers 
Skip Davenport 
Troy Martin 
Tara Hunt 
Rob Merrill 
Martha Parr 
Sara Lebhertz 
Jessica Mendleson 
Claudia Galvis 
Jen Moss 
Sarah Paige 
Mike Stone 

Carolina Castillo 
Amy Reid 
Jacob Stoliler 

Chelle Stinson 
Christa Prout 
Amanda West 
Melissa Felix 

Betsy Vance - mentor 

Chris Robinson - cover drawing 

Oro Stanley - opening page painting 


GUITAR CLUB: Chris Hosford, Mike Saispas, Rob Button, Matt GERMAN CLUB: Glen Fultin, Amy Reid, David Eyre 

GERMAN CLUB: Susan Roberts, Erika LeMay, Melanie Scott, Dorothee Gates 

African- American Cultural Society 

Amnesty International 

American Friends International Studies 

Chemistry Club 


Community Senate 

CCE Student Government 

Computer Club 

Economics Club 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 


French Club 

Geology Club 

German Club 

Guilford Republicans 

Guilford Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Awareness & Support Group 

The Guilfordian 

Guitar Club 



International Relations Club 

Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship 

North Carolina Student Legislature 

Native American Club 

Philosophy Club 

Project Inreach: Multi-Cultural Awareness 


Project Community 

Psychology Club 

The Quaker 

Quaker Concerns 

Quintilian Education Society 



Sports Trainers Club 



Websterian Prelaw Society 

Women's Awareness 

Paris, Spring 1991 

TOP LEFT: Heather Binion, Mary 
Rinaldi, and Stacey Heller 

TOP RIGHT: Heather Binion, Mary 
Rinaldi, and Stacey Heller 

BOTTOM: Ben Cadbury, Heather 

Binion, Nicole Davis, Stacey Heller, 

Mary Rinaldi, Sara Karpenske 

Seminar West, Summer 1991 

TOP LEFT: FRONT: Lara Ramsay, 
Megan McAloon, Amy Kirshner, 
Chris Robinson MIDDLE: Ami 
Worthen, Marleen McCauley, Ben 
Hale BACK: Charles Almy, Martha 
McCoy, Alica Stubnova, Scott Craig, 
George Mavronikolas, and Jim Jerden 
with soil sample atop Mt. McKittrick, 
New Mexico 

TOP RIGHT: Delicate Arch, Arches 
National Park, Utah 

MIDDLE: Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde 
National Park, Colorado 

Chris Robinson, Alica Stubnova, 
Cindy Swartz, Geroge Mavronikolas, 
Beth Searls, Susan Matz, David Jones, 
Lara Ramsay, Sara Morrison, 
Marleen McCauley, Adrianne 
Rankin, Amy Kirshner, Jim Jerden 
BACK: Charlene Toineeta, Charles 
Almy, Jonathan White, Megan 
McAloon, Lee Fessler, and Martha 
McCoy at Valley of Fires, New 
Mexico. Not pictured: Lynn 

Australia, Fall 1991 

Sarah Bowditch and Laura Zimmerman 

London, Fall 1991 

Jennifer Keaton and Sarah Bowditch 

,Ojk>-^;^ mS* 

^''■«*f^ I^B^^^l ''^''' 'M' ji' 


ifr' ■ .'■' -Vrsi^^iilit 1 •• ^^^Btkti.:3t^^Hi^.^ 


Troy Martin and Natalie Peacock 

Troy Martin 

■Munich, Fall 1991 

TOP LEFT: Erika LeMay and Tara 

TOP RIGHT: Leon Pinkett, Bridget 
Van de VValle, Tim Snyder, Nicole 
Robertson, Sherra Clinton, Mary Jo 
Spaulding, Kate Marks, Betsy Noell, 
Stan Jewell, Courtney Jenkins and 
Mark Magnarella 

BOTTOM: FRONT: Stan Jewell, Liz 
Rowney, Betsy Noell, Bridgett Van de 
Walle, Tara Hunt, Kate Marks, Erika 
LeMay, Beth Pope BACK: Dieter 
Kuhnel, Joel Burgess, Alyson West, 
Jason Smith and Courtney Jenkins 

Guadalahara, Fall 1991 

■Italy, Spring 1992 

















TOP LEFT: Betsy Green and 
Sarah Lebherz 

TOP RIGHT: Russel Porterfield 

BOTTOM: Haley Watt, Kim 
Griffen and Russel Porterfield 

Diverse Community Experiences 

TOP LEFT: Tony Gabriel and J. J. 

TOP RIGHT: Viktoria lane and 
Joanne Eure 

MIDDLE LEFT: Carol Stonburner 

MIDDLE RIGHT: Jurors at the mock 

rape trial sponsored by Women's 



FRONT: Vice Chair Stanley Frank, 

Howard H. Haworth, H. Curt Hege 

Sr., Edward J. Bauman SECOND: 

Louise B. Wilson, Mary M. Evans, 

Eldora H. Terrell, Marietta M. 

Forlaw, J. Wilbert Edgerton THIRD: 

Beth C. Macon, Victor I. Flow, Walter 

P. Blass, Howard T. Hinshaw, James 

T. Forsythe BACK: Alfred H. Schiff, 

Alan R. Hunt, President William R. 

Rogers, Joseph M. Bryan, Jr. 

TOP: La Senora Trelles ensefia la clase 
de espanol. 

MIDDLE LEFT: Russian History class 

MIDDLE RIGHT; Mark Ward and Tony 






For everything that passes, 
something beautiful remains.' 


SLB: D124, RAs, Austra- 
Ha, 9L... 1 love you. I 
couldn't have made it 
without you. 

"The tide recedes but leaves 

bright seashells on the 

The sun goes down but 
gentle warmth 

still lingers on the land. 
The music stops and yet it 

on in sweet refrains; 

-H. Marshall 

anna yeargin 

"So-called immutuable principles must accomodate themselves to 
facts of life, for facts are stubborn and will not yield." 

— Justice Felix Frankfurter 

Thanks to the 2nd floor T-wing Binford, Dana 1, and to 
Josephine. The fifth. 

"We come to the river 

We'll walk away from all this now 

We come to the water 
We'll walk away from all 
this now." 
— Rickie Lee Jones, "Flying 

Dick, NCW, JC & Mr. S.: Thanks. 

"Friendship is a chain of gold. Each link a smile, a laugh, a 
tear... A grip of the hand, a word of cheer... No matter how far or 
heavy the load... Sweet is the journey on friendship's road." (NP, 
PP, KH & MR: I love you all.) 

MC, KF, RS, SY, CJ, CD, CH, SH, DM & RB: "I'll never forget 
y'all." (Under Construction '88, CAS, MC's 21st, Jan's House 
Gang, RS: "How?"... "RU?" Fripp Island '92, "Rooster"). XOXO 

darren wright 

"He who dies with the most 
toys wins." 

anthony d. womack 

Dale, Mom, Dad. ..I finally made it. ..Thanks for being there, 
thanks to everyone who pushed me to be what I am today. 1 love 
you all... 

Guilford — What a great experience. I'll never ever forget it. 
Baseball #7 — one in a million — Coach Fulton — thanks for all the 
help — If it wasn't for you and my teammates. The Pittsburg 
Pirates wouldn't know who 1 am. Milner 146 — known as the 
most athletic room in the world. Room dog "Posse" Calvin 
Hunter, the boy has much talent. Also to TBC-C Tony, Billy, 
Calvin and the dancer 
Chris. Fellows, it's been 
fun. Football, my first and 
final year, what memories. 
Never underestimate a 
small 3'9" 160 lb. person. 

My biggest dream came 


daniel m. Williamson 

"Get bom. Keep warm. Short pants. Romance. 

Learn to dance. Get dressed. Get blessed. 

Try to be a success. Please her. Please him. 

Buy gifts Don't steal. Don't lift. 

Twenty years of schooling 

And they put you on the day shift." 

—Bob Dvlcin 

College would have been different (though not necessarily 
better) without the likes of 
Butch (the Pope, baseball 
and Chevy Chase), Chris n' 
Sidwell, Mom, Dad, 
Haymond (Beam and 
insulin), Willie G (go fish), 
Mark (thou speaks mas- 
terly), Morton (lord willin'). 
Bill Faulkner, Clay, Matt, 
Scottyoung, Perry Farrell, 
Stephen, HayD, WQFS, the 
Fellowship, Kinsley, Cory, 
Greg, Buddy Revelle, and of 
course AKW — beautiful, 
beautiful girl from the 
North, love you 'til Friday 
(or even longer). 


Guildenstern: (At footlights) 
"What a tine persecution — 
to he kept intrigued without 
ever being quite enlight- 

"Where it all ends I can't 

fathom, my friends, 

if 1 knew 1 might toss out 

my anchor. 

So I'll cruise along always 

searching for songs 

not a lawyer, a thief or a 


amanda west 

"You've got to say things you want to say. Go on and do things 
your own way — And you can climb any old mountain once you 
make up your mind." 

— Hank Williams, Jr. 

"When facing a difficult task act as though it is impossible to 


If you're going after Moby Dick — take along the cocktail sauce!" 

— H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 

Scott & Peter: Four years 
together! Lucky we're sane 
after all we've been 
through — I love y'all! 

Mel&Christa: I'll 
bungee on your head! Asa 
bee in a tree — 

Mother & Daddy — How 
sharper than a serpant's 
tongue — it is to have a 
thankless child — 
Shakespeare Thanks for 
everything — I love you! 

To all my friends — you 
know who you are, we 
made it — Thanks. 


kathryn ellyn 

"And the song from begin- 
ning to end, 

I found again in the heart of 
a friend." 

— Longfellow 

eugene wan 


Thanks to: my parents — sorry it took so long. Caroline, Joe 
and Amanda, Dr. G, Guilford and her family — for taking me in 
and helping me out. 

Life can be good. 

amy wagner 

S214, RA... Zana 
Schlonich, ST... sigh, ES... 
thank you, EL... the keys 
'90, Roxanne, picking 
strawberries, the Hill, 
shower?, slug, LB... open, 
windows, stolen cars. 
Tillers. EN... need a ruler?. 
Heaven, dog thief. AT... 
Nora Dr., magic pitas, 
Brassicaceae. MB. ..whew 
whooo. TW... treat! 

"Whatever my own practice 

may be, I have no doubt 

that it is a part of the 

destiny of the human race, 

in its gradual improvement, 

to leave off eating animals as surely as the savage tribes have left 

off eating each other." 

— Henrv David Thoreau 

guy vitaglione 

\> ^ '"1 "A philosophical problem has the form: '1 don't know my way 

— Ludwig Wittgenstein 

chris varner 

"I love the friends I've 

gathered together on this 

thin raft. 

We have constructed 

pyramids in honor of our 


— Morrison 

Thanks Mom and Dad 

jim tyldesley 

"Esse Quam Videre" 
("Quid Pro Quo") 


It's been a long difficult 
journey, but definitelv 
worth it. Guilford had been 
.1 great place to be for the 
past three years. 

Thanks to all of my 
family. Especially Mom, 
Daddv, and Steve. 1 love 
vou all! 

brendon keir 

"You can keep my things, 
they've come to take me 

— Peter Gabriel 

"At what point shall we 
expect the approach of 
danger? By what means 
shall we fortify against it? 
Shall we expect some 
transatlantic military giant 
to step the ocean, and crush 
us at a blow? Never!... If 
destruction be our lot, we 
must ourselves be its author 
and finisher. As a nation of 
freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide." 

— Abraham Lincoln 

"You gotta learn to live with what you can't rise above." 

— Bruce Springsteen 

"Don't worry about what you can't change.' 

-Eric Reid 

"To all those here who were my friends, may you live everyday of 
your life." 

— B. Keir Tukey 

charlene toineeta 

"Ye say they all have passed away, That noble race and brave; 

That their light canoes have vanished From off the crested wave; 

That mid the forests where they roamed there rings no hunter's 


But their name is on your waters; Ye may not wash it out." 

— Lydia Huntly Sigourney, "Indian Names" 

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Bill Carson. My heart goes out to 
you for giving me this opportunity to be where 1 am today. I love 

you. To my family, thanks 
for your support and 
believing in me and all of 
your love. I love you. To 
my best friend Charlotte — 
through the good and bad — 
we did it. I love you. Last 
but not least — to the rest of 
the Carson Scholars, 
especially Tara, Karla, and 
Lori, remember the good 
times we shared... Tears, 
laughter, stress, papers, 
exams, and parties, we 
couldn't have done it 
without 'em! Especially 
Bab's, Burps and Farts. 
How did we do it?! hang it 
there, you can do it. 1 love 

andrew tilden 

Christopher james tigani 


"Don't be afraid of your 

— Soup Dragons 

Inhabitants of Guilford 
College I thank you. I thank 
you for the pieces you give 
me to help me grow and 
prosper in happiness. You 
gave me your love and 
security v^'hich my confi- 
dence feasted upon. 

Again, 1 thank you. 

Words of advice to my 
brother Hoffy: "Don't kill 
'em with your eyes!" 

I thank my neighbors for your parmisean cheese. 

Lewis? Dales, thank you. You have shown me the true mean- 
ing of the word "friend." You have very special places in my 

Beautiful sisters — 1 love you. 

Mom and Dad: Thanks for showing me the meaning of a 
dollar. I love you. 

I'm graduating — on time and under budget! Guilford has been 
an eve-opening experience. Besides the fact thev need to get real, 
I had a blast in college. 88-89— Milner 110, R.m', 9/28, Prez, 
Senate, Lude, Mailboxes, Pus, Beers, Bus. Law, Red Flag, S.F., 
key?, IDS. 89-90— Milner 241, R.A., Fish, Genesis, Naples, Denon, 
Charlotte, 6-pack, Bud Basketball, Hell Hall, DugOut. 90-91— 
Hidden Lakes 5616 112, Filets, Homey, Trip Headquarters, 
Belews, Jud Board, Myrtle, Sante Fe, Largo, R.H.B., Rolex, Buds, 
Sigma Chi Alpha! 91-92 — Dearwood 801; Finance, Policy, Bar, 
Winston, Truck, A-Hole, 
Martino, Spring Break '92, 
USAir, F.A.'s, KDR, 21! 
Charleston, Daytona, SNL, 
Maggie. To my friends — 
B.T.,G.F., L.G., R.B.,T.C., 
T.R., B.C., B.A., L.B., KDR, 
S.H.,S.A.,T.F., E.O., etc.— 1 
will never forget you. To 
my non-friends — B.K., B.B., 
L.P.,V.R., P.S.,S.D.— Iwill 
never forget you. To Beth — 
Thank you and 1 can't forget 
you. R.R. and finally — I am 
outta here! (In typical style, 
I finished this with 5 
minutes to spare — no 
stress!). "Someday every- 
one will support the prod- 
ucts." "What? Me worry?" . ^ 

Later. V^mo^w^* 

Cynthia a. swartz 

"To be a witness does not consist in engaging in propaganda or 
even in stirring people up, but in being a living mystery; it means 
to live in such a way that one's life would not make sense if God 
did not exist." 

— Cardinal Suhard 

sarah strohl 

GuiUord has been such a 
building block in my life but 
it would have been nothing 
without the people that 
made my time here so 
special: Matt — How can 1 
tell you how much I love 
you? Sunrises, sunsets, 
banging head boards, 
breakfast in bed. Thanksgiv- 
ing, Easter, Christmas, how 
'bout that 21st b-day, walks 
on the beach, in the snow. 1 
can't imagine Guilford 
memeories without you. 
Jen & Laura — thanks for 
always being there — watch 
out for those Ohio turtle- 
neck men. "Flush." Vic— breath, "brick-jokes"— you'll make a 
great teacher someday. And of course Mom, Dad, & Jon — you 
mean the world to me. You have given me so much and stood by 
me all the way — most! W. Soccer — I have so much faith in you. 
Go get 'em. 

Guilford gave to me, now I give to it. Always remember: 
Gardez le temps! 


To my pals: I mess up 
those sayings on purpose, 

Remembering the Shore 
days... 20 min. naps w/DP; 
spilling daiquiri on MF; 
walks, laughs, and cries w/ 
LS; LN, VP, and BG always 
good friends; EL — and I 
thought 1 was always 
bitching! Europe — 1 want to 
go back; Guy — the soap 
with a happy ending; Dana 
days with C, M, A, L, E and 
V yet to come... of course 
I've had one too many! Oh! 
—what a pain in the... 

colin streng 

And dealing with Gilbert's "legacy"- 

1 want to thank my mom, dad, and brother for their support. 
Without Ranse's constant encouragement, I would have given up 
on trying to work my way through school. 

Douglass: 1 could not have had a better roommate or friend. 1 
will not forget all that you have done for me. 

Dana: You are truly a leader of men and a follower of women. 
Our trips to Landfall and our other golf outings are near and dear 
to my heart. 

Brad: Thank you for your friendship. I have thoroughly 

enjoyed playing basketball, 
ping-pong, and golf with 
you. Remember, though; 
"If you want to be the man, 
you've got to beat the man." 

Stephanie: I told you it 
would be a short four years. 


andrew Jacob stohler 

"In short, open revolt and exile is the only hope for change?" 

— Calvin 

To all the guys in Dana 3 (Lew, Eric, Glen, Guy, Scott, Mark 
and, yese, Angus): I give my love, respect and best wishes — all 
2.6 billion of them. 

To Jeff: If life were a sentence, you'd be an active verb. 

To Victoria: 1... am a telephone. You are, too, and a lot more. 

To Tara: Be careful 

stepping out of line — the 

gods don't seem too pleased 
by it. 

Thanks, Bojangle's and 
Dunkin' Donuts — couldn't 
have made it without you. 

To Mom, Dad and Sallie: 
I can't believe I ended up 
here again, and I renlh/ can't 
believe you supported it all. 
I hope you're as proud tif 
me as I am of you. 

"What is now proved was 
once only imagin'd." 

—William Blake 


"Time it was 
And what a time it was 
It was 

A time of innocence 
A time of confidences 
Long ago it must be 
I have a photograph 
Preserve your memories 
They're all that's left you." 
— Simon and Garfunkel 

What a time it's been 
here! These 4 years have 
been unforgettable. First — 
thank you Charles for all of 
the encouragement, laugh- 
ter, friendship, support and love. Ilove you very much. 125 

mark sparling 

Wooohooo! Busted at the hut-tub! 

"There is no creed so false but faith can make it true." 

"The mere athlete becomes too much of a savage. 
A woman is only a lesser man." 

"If the liberties of the 
American people are ever 
destroyed, they will fall by 
the hands of the clergv." 

— Lafayette 



seth snell 

"That little body is, 1 do 
believe, the greatest weight 
1 have on my conscience. 
For I realize todav that it is 
a mortal sin to violate the 
great laws of nature. We 
should not hurry. We 
should not be inpatient. But 
we should confidently obey 
tlie eternal rhythm. If onlv 
that little butterfly could 
always flutter before me to 
show me the way." 
— Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba 
the Gnvk 

i a 

shannon marie smyrl 


"It was no ordinary joy; it 

was sublime, absurd, and 

unjustifiable gladness. Not only unjustifiable, confrarv to all 


— Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba tlic Greek 

phillip brian 
david smith 

Jennifer smith 

Into the vvooly and 
mammoth thick mist 1 go — 
dragging one big slumbering 
numbering leg... Hop 
Dancing Skipping Scattering 
Light with the others. Leave. 
Go. Be gone. To where. To 
when. Afraid. Estatic. 
Trembling. Covering. Hide 
me. Home. Yes! Jumping. 
Up. Happylectricity. En- 
ergy. Let me go — yes! Who 
am I? Then and now. An 
adopted white male, age 22, 
psychology major, brother to 
a sister, son to a mother and 

father, nephew, cousin. Who am I! Phillip Brian David Smith. 

Brian Smith. BS. American. Student. Athiest. Floridian. 
Thanks to: my mother and father and sister — a better and 

crazier family than could have been hoped for... to Dorothy; to 

goo and bear and rug and muaa and Bubala Pal of my Now! 

"1 went to find the pot of gold 
That's waiting where the rainbow ends. 
I searched and searched, and then — 
There it was, deep in the grass 
Under an old and twisty bough. 
It's mine, it's mine, it's mine at last... 
What do I search for now?" 

charlotte a. 

First of all, a VERY 
special "Thank you" to the 
people who made coming 
to Guilford possible — Mr. 
and Mrs. William Carson, I 
owe you so much and am so 
grateful for all that you 
have done. God bless you. 
Janet and Van — ditto — you 
both are always someone I 
know I can talk to and trust. 
Thank you both, for all the 
wonderful support and 
encouragement along the 
way. Best friend — we've 
grown a lot over these past 
four years, and we fmal made it. No matter what — you and your 
friendship means more than you know. Thanks for everything — 
Karla, Tara, and Lori — what can I say? You guys are totally crazy. 
Sluts. Party animals. Don't ever change! 

To the one who has taught me the most important thing in 
life — LOVE. Stan, you've helped me through so much over the 
past four years. You've taught me what it means to be proud of 
who 1 am. You are always there to give a hug when I'm feeling 
down. I love you so much. 

Mom and Dad — I love you both. Thank you for the under- 
standing, patience and love. 

-S. Silverstein 

"You chart the path ahead 
of me, and tell me where to 
g^ stop and rest. Every 
'^^ moment, you know where 1 

—Psalm 139:3 

michael bryan simmons 

robyn shinn 

"No one becomes perma- 
nently comfortable. Life is 
not solved. Like a large 
hibernating animal it turns 
on its belly and once again 
we have to crawl out from 
under it. If we don't move, 
we die." 

— Hugh Prather 

elisabeth farrell shedrick 

robb "'guppy" shandroff 

holly s. sexton 

Mom, Dad, Kim, Wendy, 
& Chip — I love you all very 
much. Thank you! 
Nancy — how can I put four 
years of time into such a 
small space. Never forget 
the good times, we finally 
made it through. Good 
God!! Squeaker Forever! 
Spring breaks '90 & '91 Vail! 
St. Croix— 15C florist 
Prizzi's (Hey bud) Frosty 
cold bevy's — always. Just 
to name a few. Love ya 
Nanc — Keep in touch! I'll 
see you in Colorado or 
Chapel Hill? Boo-Boo 
thanks for always being 

there for me, I'll miss you — good luck in life. That's all for now — 

See ya Guilford! 

katherine schnorrenberg 

Guilford College, may I help you? 

"A picture postcard, a folded stub, a program of the play. 

File away the photographs of you holiday. 

And your momentos will turn to dust, but that's the price you 


For ev'ry year's a souvenir that slowly fades away." 

—Billy Joel 

Let us give thanks to God 
for all the gifts freely 
bestowed upon us 
For all that is gracious in 

For minds to think, and 
hearts to love, and hands 
to serve, 

For all valiant seekers after 
truth, liberty and justice. 
For Guilford College, 
We thank you. Lord. 

cyril schlup sarah taylor sargent 

'"Anything can happen now that we've slid over this bridge,' I 
thought, 'Anything at all...'" 

— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Gicnt Gntshi/ 

"Never let school interfere with vour education." 

Mom and Dad — "The sun and the moon." 

-Mark Twain 

raul sanllehi 

"To me heaven would be a 
big bull ring with me 
holding two barrera seats 
and a trout stream outside 
that no one else was al- 
lowed to fish in and two 
lovely houses in the town; 
one where I would have mv 
wife and children and be 
monogamous and love 
them truly and well and the 
other where I would have 
my nine beautiful mis- 
tresses on nine different 

— Hemingway 

To my friends (you know 
who you are): I won't forget you. NO WAY! 


"When you think about 
winning the whole set you 
lose, but when you think 
about each individual point 
you will ultimately win." 

Mom, Ron, Peter — Thank 
you for all of your encour- 
agement and support, but 
most of all for putting up 
with my "whirlwind" sagas. 
1 love you with all my heart! 

Holly — To all the good 
times we have shared 
together and to all the times 

we want to forget, 1 will always treasure the four years that we 
roomed together and our special friendship that will be everlast- 

Lori — Until our next 3:00 coffee, butt, rap session — see you in 

Jay — While I'm in N.Y. "I'll have Carolina in my mind" — 1 love 

Thanks and good-bve Guilford! 

Carlos devon sanford 

Guilford College — A cultural shock and one of the most 
craziest places I've ever visited for four years. The nature of the 
school and its inhabitants will always in my mind. Thanks for the 

Christopher alien rose 

New Garden parties, Mike, Pete, Thomas, Henry and Wes, 
drinkin' Glacier Bay, "Who greased the floor with Vasoline?", 
Jenn at INXS, Hi Burt, lacrosse. Rookie Night, "I hate the Dead," 
sport medicine, Lacyk at the Lighthouse. 

Livin' with that Wild African LASHUBA, Tripps' coffeepot, 
Cronin, Fuzzv and Charlie at BUDFEST, "Fuzzy kicked the 
Camero!", "Bust a Move" parties. Jay Peak w/Josepi. 

Brent, Eron, Brad — 8:00 daiquiri party, Porterfield, Olde 
English 800, New Year's Eve, Joy's fire alarm. Key West, The Bike 
Ride, "How about another 
margarita, George — it's a 
Combo Tennessee 
Fesque...", rugby. 

KA Guilford Volleyball 

Mom /Dad: Thanks for 
everything, 1 love you. 

Diane, you're terrific. 

To my friends — y'all are 

"Where the hell is 
Margaritaville? It's any- 
where you want it to be!" 

— Jimmy Buffett 

mary rinaldi 

Tlwnk voii trionds: 
Binfordicins Unite! Under 
Construction! Bien venue 
Suzanne. Dan-analysis: 
Crazy! Doug: coffee talks, 
strawberry daiquiris. INFO 
DESK! Greensboro Sum- 
mers! Pax Max. 
Vive la France: Stacey, Sara, 
Nichole, Bun, Serene, 
Heather (DO NOT ENTER). 
I'm in the back pack of 
Notre-Dame! Merde — 
Quoi? — Les Flics — Non — 
Si — Merde! 1 gotta pee! 

"Pour revenir, il faut partir." 
— H.C.B. 

To best friends/roommates EVER: Laura (original roomie). 
Heather, Beks — my personal psychologist, TerTer — I'm only 
"stinkiest farter," and newest: Maggie May. 

"Every violation of the TRUTH is not only a sort of suicide in the 
liar, but is a stab at the health of human society." 

— Emerson 

lewis adams riley 

"And the hope can persist that man will perceive ever more 
clearly, through his growing patchwork of complementary views, 
the general form of a pervading presence. But this pervading 
presence cannot be expected or required to be a resident of the 
three-dimensional space of naive intuition, or to be described 
fundamentally in terms of cjuantities associated with points in a 
four-dimensional space-time continuum." 

— Henry Pierce Stapp 

I love you Mom, Charcoal and Snoopy — thanks for your 
support and thanks Guilford college for the best time of my life 
(so far). 

manning reid 

"1 spent four years prostrate 
to the higher mind, got my 
paper and I was free." 

— Indigo Girls 

It's been a four-year 
struggle against reality ... 
Now what?! 

Hobbs — Up or down, 
I've loved you all along. 

D — Bedtime stories, bad 
music, Hobbs, Latinos, ^ni 
pedo?, Michelle, bending 
the rules... conservativism... 
everything. Be excellent to 
Thanks Mom and Dad. 1 love you. 

peter bounetheau reeves 

"Sometimes it's a bitch... 
Sometimes it's a breeze." 


Scott, we made it together, it's been a trip... Amanda, thank you 
for sticking with me, 1 will love you forever... Kimmy, you are one 
of the best things that ever happened... Jack, you saved my life, 1 
will always remember your care... Chris, your support has been 
unbelievable, we had some fun... 

"Take me where 1 only feel 
The wind across my face." 
— B.R. 

Karen and Betsy; Amy 
and Liz; Tris and Steve; 
Mellisa, Christa and Jill; 
Nancy, Renee, Rose, Stacy, 
John and R.J.... Your friend- 
ships have been unques- 
tionable and will never be 

"Can 1 sail through the 
changing ocean tides. 
Can 1 handle the season of 
my life..." 


Virginia griffin 


"It's a rare and special thing 
to find a friend who will 
remain a friend forever." 
— Ruth Langdon Morgan 

At Guilford, I have met 
many of those rare friends. 

Betsy, you made my 
sophomore year a wonder- 
ful start. To my Christmas 

Ketura, you have always 
been there and always will 
be special to me. 1 wish you 
all the luck. 

Mary Broos, I owe you 
my life. Thanks to a great friend and teacher. Coach Howe, 
thanks for introducing me to such a great sport and team. Go 

Thanks Mom and Dad, ultimately you made it all possible. 1 
love you both. 

John, 1 finally got a clue. You are the best and always will be. 
Good-bye Guilford. It's been great. 

alison raney 

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters 
compared to what lies within us." 

— Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"The heavens are calling vou and wheel around vou displaying 
to vou their eternal beauties and still vour eye is looking on the 

— Dante 

"On ne viot bien qu'avec le 
coeur. L'essentiel est 
invisible pour les yeux." 
— Antoine de Saint Exuperv 

Susan — Hang in. Gut it 
out. I love you. 

To the Guilford Volley- 
ball team — Never say die! 

Daryle — I love you and 
always will! 

jean quinn 

Mom and Dad: Well, it's finally over. You can breathe a sigh 
of relief now. Eighteen years of education, and now I'm a 
"grown-up." Or so they tell me. Without the two of you I could 
never have made it this far. I promise I'll make you proud. I love 
you very much. 

JSH — You make me a crazy person, but that's OK. Without 
you... fill in the blanks. ILY. 

GH — And to think 1 didn't like you freshman year. Things 
change, but only for the better. Who needs freshman year? Thank 
you for always being there 
for me. You mean more to 
me than you'll ever know. 

ToLS,'MK, RS: It was 
the best of times, it was the 
worst of times. I don't 
really know what to say, 
but thank vou. 

brent quick 

christa prout 

Like everything, this is at 
the last minute, so I'm not 
going to thank everyone 
personally, but you know 
who you are, and thanks for 
a special 4 1/2 years. 
Christy, Eron, Trev, Liz, 
Building Community, the 
formal (how much snow?) 
(Lis, you have how much 
money in your room?), Bart 
(Bitchie), Kathy, Ritchie, 
Barton, rugby: Take 'em to 
the ground. (You did what 
at UNC-W?), and finally 
Jaamy thanks (and I am an 
asshole). To all the girls I've 
loved, in retrospect, I'd love you all again. To my parents thanks 
for putting up the love, caring, and most of all $ (9.97 is not 
double-digit?) to get me here. I love you more than I show, or you 
know. Brent. 

mitchell p. 

"In the morning mist I 
walked with wavering steps 
towards a mysterious and 
wonderful shore. Dawn 
was contending against the 
last stars,... 

dreams were still hovering, 
and my soul, in the grip 
of dreams, prayed to 
unknown gods. 

In the cold white day I 
tread, as before, and a 
lonely road in an 
unknown land. The mist 
has lifted, and the eye sees 


how difficult is the mountain track, and how far, far away 

is still all that I saw in my dreams. 

And until midnight I shall be walking with fearless steps 
toward the shore of my desires, to where, on a mountain 
I beneath new stars, my promised temple, all ablaze with triumphal 
lights, awaits me. 

— Vladimir Solovev, "Untitled" 

There have been so many people that touched my life during 
my four years at Guilford. Each and every one of you is special, 
and have a place in my heart. Thank you, I love you all. 

Mom and Papa, you mean more to me than you will ever 
know. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. But, 
most of all, thanks for being luy mom and dad! I love you both. 

Grandad, I love you. Thanks for being my buddy all these 

Nick, my one and only brother, 1 love you. Good luck at Wake. 

"And in the end I realized 
that I took more than I gave, 
I was trusted more than 1 
trusted, and 1 was loved 
more than I loved and what 
I was looking for was not to 
be found but to be made." 

— Kevin Bacon 

sarah talton powell 

To love the one that society has ostracized; 
To reach down in the midst of strife 

To embrace the down-trodden spirit 
To love a child that the world has labeled as 

insignificant and worthless. 
Brings great joy to my heart! 

Leigh=Phar-mor, loft building, late-night talks, shagging, tara 
collection, awesome blessing! 

Faye, an awesome SGL, 
Ann, Superwoman, Deirdre, 
Cindy S. (Shore buddy), 1 
love my SG! Thanks to all 
of my friends and my 

Mama and Daddy — 
Thanks for the support over 
the past four years! I love 

Jeff — Let's go to the 
beach! Thank you for all of 
the support and the fun 
times! I love you. Sweetie! 

Psalm 25:4-5. 

grey powell 

My years at Guilford will 
shape me in more ways 
than I will ever know. To 
put them all down — 
impossible. To leave 
anyone or anything out — 
unforgivable. I do love you 
all, though, and remember, 
this is not goodbye but 

1 would like to take the 
rest of this space to thank 
my mother who worked 
very hard to get me through 
these four years and my 
father who 1 wish were here 
to see it with us. I love you 

chris pojasan 

Dad, without vou I 
wouldn't be here. Wher- 
ever you are, 1 just want 
you to know that I will love 
you always. 

Thanks Mom and little 
brother for being strong for 
me all these years. I owe 
you a big one. 

Thanks Sue, Dave, 
Danny, Addy for being 
there for me. It's been four 
years of my life. 1 can't 
imagine what I've learned. 

Paula, Jen, Cindy, Chi, 
Sy — 1 wouldn't make it 
without vou all. 1 will miss 

Stephanie poon 

Four year old Grey Pouvll a student 
but not n pntieiit, serves ns a model 
for om- of f//t' bnhmce tests 

Graduation... a little delayed, but so important. Guilford... fun 
sometimes, boring sometimes, frustrating and hard work most of 
the time. 

Freshman year with BOD. Allison, we're the only ones left. 
Sophomore shenanigans in the Pines. Dre what were you think- 
ing? Lis & Chantelle, let's boycott 146. Junior year in 
Guadalajara. Terri, Bekki, Ami lost in DF and a worried Andy. 
That's CULTURAL experience. Dana, Michelle, how'd you meet 
the staff at Dadio?!? Anonymous note on my door from JR. 
Senior year in the apart- 
ments. Despite the differ- 
ences and the bills, we 

Thanks to all my friends. 
The old are as important as 
the new. Love to my 
family, still strong and 
supportive, & Beanie. 

Lee, Meisha, Allison, 
Chantelle, Melissa, Dre, & 
Wes — Love y'all! 

brian platt 

"And Enoch begat Irad, and Irad begat Mehujael, and Mehujael 
begat Methushael, and Methushael begat Lamech. And Lamech 
took two wives, Adah and Zillah. Adah bore Jubal, who was the 
father of those who dwell in tents and have cattle. Zillah bore 
Leland, who consorted with Joanne and begat Brian, and Brian 
was pleased and thankful to be borne into this family. Hence- 
forth, Brian journeved southward to an institution of learning, 
where he was taught manv profound truths from many wise 
teachers. He was befriended by many fine people, from whom he 
must now grievously 

— Genesis 4:18 

deana pingley 

teresa pierson 

Thanks Guilford for the 
manv memories and 
lessons! Hooligans, Milner 
parties, Muirs Chapel, Quad 
dances. Shore Basement, 
The Triple, P] in a fishtank, 
pre-party parties, shotguns, 
busted at Shell, men's 
soccer, never order a bucket 
of beer, "We have mistle- 
toe!". Spring Break '91, 
basketball, van rides, "I'm 
sleeping!", Serendipities. 
Thanks to all my ex-roomies 
for putting up with my 
moods! MA thanks for 
vour honesty and friend- 
ship — I'll never forget it! 
John, you'x'e made my life something wonderful. Thank you! I 
hope we make memories together forever. All my love. Thanks 
Mom, Dad and Kerrie for your love and support. 

"Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run 
there's still time to change the road you're on." 

— Led Zeppelin 

"Be yourself. No one can ever tel 

. vou you're doing it wrong." 

— James Leo Herlihy 

"The world is moved not only by the mighty shoves of the heroes 
but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest 

—Helen Keller 

victoria phelps 

To all of mv hall-, 
basement-, Dana 1-, and 
Dana 2-mates... to all of my 
close friends past and 
present... to all of the 
Education Department, 
Presidential Hosts and 
Residential Life Staff... and 
to all of my soccer and 
lacrosse buddies... "My left 
breast." (Coach, I'd belch 
for you if I could.) Laurel, 
Rodney, Clarice, Sue, Lisa, 
and Sarah, I could not have 
gotten through these four 
years without you. Thank 
you so much for your love 
and support. 

cari jane peterson 

Mom and Dad, I owe it all to you. Mindi and Tami, you are the 
best sisters a girl could ever have! To the volleyball and tennis 
teams, I am grateful for the life-long memories. A special thanks 
to Dr. Appenzeller, Coach Currie, Carolyn, Brenda, and my 
"Pepper-Buddy." Billy, good luck next year, you're a great guy! 
Thanks to FCA for keeping my faith strong. 

Clarence when you first came into my life, I never dreamed 
you'd soon be someone whom I couldn't live without. The times 
that we have spent and the feelings we have shared are more 
precious than words can 
express. If I had only one 
friend left, I'd want it to be 
you! I love you! 

"Commit everything you do 
to the Lord. Trust him to 
help you do it anci he will." 
—Psalm 37:5 

natalie fowler 

A tall woman casts a long 

"Long have you timidly 


holding a plank by the 


Now I will you to be a bold 


To jump off into the midst 

of the sea, 

and rise again." 

— W. Whitman 

To M&D, L&C— thank 
you for your belief & 

Appreciation to Guilford teachers — K.T., B.P., & D.D. 

With deepest thanks — Laurel, Rachel, A.M.T., L. Zim, Carolyn, 
(BB), Guppie, Robyn, Troy, Lins, Rose, Chris C, Kathryn, Lori, 
Carlos, Dara, Fig, Mel, & G man. 

— May you always find laughter and walk in beauty. 

laura Jeanne 

"Patterns of the past echo in 
the present and resound 
through the future." 

— Dhyani Ywahoo 

As I move toward the 
end of this chapter of my 
life, Guilford becomes my 
past. But as 1 move into the 
future, Guilford will also 
move with me. All the 
lessons I've learned, both in 
the classroom and out , will 
be a part of my Ufe forever. 
The friends I've made and 
the models I've looked up 

to, have all built upon my knowledge to send me ahead, prepared 
for the future. 1 have lived, studied, loved, grown, laughed, and 
cried with these people. Thank you friends! Thank you Guilford! 
Thank you Mom and Dad for making this all possible! Thanks 
bro! 1 love vou all! 

Jessica page 

When in doubt... Run around the woods or soak at the Yello or 
groove at the Yello or groove in the meadow ("'groove' is a very 
important Buddhist term" — DLB) or camp out at the Ranch or get 
taken hostage at the Ranch or bond or love (you know who you 
are) or dance (on Dana stage or anywhere) or flv or agenda the 
flight... or just Be. Alone or "to-geh-thuh." 

Or do it all at once. It's been done. Trust me. 

Butterflies aren't in your stomach — they're alive and well and 
living in your extremities. Let them do their stuff. 

sean patrick o'reilly 

...Milner 1st North, King, Duke Memorial, Dana, Bryan, Muirs 
Chapel, The Greenhouse, Dana 4, Serendipity, labs, papers, tests, 
exams, TGIF, Prizzi's, DoUv's, Spring Garden, College Hill, 
Daytona, Guilford College Lake, Founders, Mary in the Cafeteria, 
St. Patty's Day, Sharky's Lounge, Haymond and Stef, Dan (great 
roommate — messy and nocturnal — but great), tent climbing with 
A.B., Air Amigo, Big Pine Key, Whistle Bar, Fat Tuesday, The 
Hideaway, Blowing Rock, Hickory, The Dead, Stones in Raleigh, 
The Dessertery, Softball with the boys, Stella, Tilly, Arson, 
Rasputin, Tuggles Gap, 
Friendly Hills 18G, The 
Underground, WQFS, Cue 
& Spirits... Thanks for the 

"1 am going to get older... 
and be a very happy man." 
— Ervin "Magic" Johnson 

"You have nothing to lose 
and everything to gain." 

— S.P.O. 

It would be inappropri- 
ate for me not to thank my 
family for everything 
they've done throughout 
the years. You're the 
greatest and I love you. 

melissa joy 

"The one essential thing is 
that we strive to have Hght 
in ourselves. Our strivings 
will be recognized by 
others, and when people 
have light in themselves, it 
will shine out from them, 
riien we get to know each 
other as we walk together in 
the darkness, without 
needing to pass our hands 
over each other's faces, or to 
mtrude into each other's 

— Albert Schweitzer 

Many thanks and much love to my parents. Herb and Jo Poole 
my "adopted parents," Jack, Bert, and Ellen — for sharing their 
knowledge and love. To everyone else, you know who you are. 

emily nolan 

Long afterward, Oedipus, old and blinded, walked the roads. He 
smelled a familiar smell. It was the Sphinx. Oedipus said, "1 want 
to ask one question. Why didn't I recognize my mother?" "You 
gave the wrong answer," said the Sphinx. "But that was what 
made everything possible," said Oedipus. "No," she said. "When 
1 asked. What walks on four legs in the morning, two at noon, 
and three in the evening, you answered, Man. You didn't say 
anything about woman." "When you say Man," said Oedipus, 
"you include women too. Everyone knows that." She said, 'That's 
what you think." 

-Muriel Rukeyser, Mi/tit 

I grow old...l grow old... 
I shall wear the bottom of 
my trousers rolled. 

-T.S. Eliot 

Life goes on, with you or 
without you. 

-John Lennon 

to a, a, c, e, m, n, and v: 
Here's to us! Who's like us? 

dnmn few!! 



bill nisbet laurel marie nesbitt 

"Does not the worm erect a pillar in the mouldering church yard. 
And a palace of eternity in the jaws of the hungry grave? 
Over his porch these words are written: 'Take thy bliss O Man! 
And sweet shall be thy taste & sweet thy infant joys renew!'" 

— William Blake, "Visions of the Daughters of Albion" 


James Joyce, Ulysses 

paula mullins 

Hobbs, Betsy, Frances, 
Tara, Dirtv Dozen, midnight 
raids, Softball. Shore, 
laneane, Beth, Holly, Hope, 
Lisa, Kathv, intramurals, 
xolleyballfans, 1-85 AAA, 
King's Dominion. Dana 1, 
Laura, Helen, STRESS, 
Spanish, Jessica, STIM, 
Bolivia, Holy Sweat. Bryan 
C24; Laura, Stacie, Luv, 
Sara, Andy, Exec, Nancy... 
Thank you! I love you all!... 
Missions! Prayer! John 10. 
Matthew 10. Hacer justicia, 
misericordia y ser humilde 
ante el. 

Guilford... open-minded? 
Maybe... maybe not. 

"What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose 
or forfeit his very self?" 

—Luke 9:25 

"1 came that thev might ha\-e life, and might have it abundantly." 

— Jesus Christ 

"Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge 
him before my Father in Heaven." 

— Jesus Christ 


After 17 years of exile, at 
long last I achieved a 
degree. Thanks to my 
parents and family, the 
United Nations, the Luthern 
Family Service, the South 
Africa Com at Guilford, and 
all the friends who stood bv 
me in my poverty-stricken 
life. 1 hope to use this 
degree to make the world a 
better place for us all. 

Modimo O Gone. 

Thank God. 

Susannah lee mozely 

"De poetas y de locos todos tenemos un poco." 


"She too is enamoured of heavy winds, and vast panoramas, and 
green expanses of sea." 

— E.M. Forstei 

Special thanks to: Shannon, Seth, Mark, Terri, Anna B., Ritchie, 
Steve Terrill, Darlene, Luber, Linda, John Stoneburner, Richie 
Zweigenhaft, Claire, Sylvia, 
Mama, Aaron, Rebekah, 
Daddy, Ganey, Kristen, and 
the God of the sunsets. 

"I wanna dance and sing, 
somebody watch me do my 

— Prince 



"If in the twilight of 
memory we should meet 
once more, we shall speak 
again together and you shall 
sing to me a deeper song." 
— Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet 


If you leave take good care 
hope you make a lot of 
good friends out there just 
remember there's a lot of 
bad so just beware. 

-Cat Stevens 

I \ e heard you say many 
limes that you are better 
than no one and no one is 
better than you. If you 
really believe that you've 
got nothing to win and 
nothing to lose. 

-Bob Dylan 

susan moesch 

"This is a time in his/(her) story when women's voices must be 
heard, or forever be silenced. It's not because we think better than 
men, but we think differently. It's not women against men, but 
women and men. It's not that the world will be better when we as 
women, who bring our own perspectives, share in running it." 

— Betty Bumpers 

"Only you know that you exist; you go through the rest of you life 
trving to prove it to everyone else." 

— The Wise One in the Cafe 

rob merrill 

Thank you 

Mom, Dad, Kristin, Caroline and Barney, Claudia, Reggie, 
Mooney, Bill, Trory, Tracey Russ, Eric Buck, And Eric Reid 

For unwavering support and inspiration. 

ronald e. 
mechling jr. 

U of what... Golf Suite... 
I've been bit by the cobra... 
Felty, Rico, Meat, MAN, 
Johno, Haarlow... Buck 
Rogers Haircut... Scott, 
where's the cart... Missy, 
take care of the sound 
crew... Summer scandals in 

Guilford, the only place 
where the right to agree to 
disagree is wrong... where 
opinions create classifica- 
tions which cause discrimi- 
nation which means you're 
right and I'm wrong. 

RA life in the bible belt... What noise (Chaunce and Meat)... 
Where's the meat... Rogaine, we pray for a cure. Lax and Coach 
Goldv ($*!!#)... Beethoven and Thumper... Road trip'n to U of R... 
Low rider in the sky.- Dr. A. is he mortal... Guilford, thank you 
for the friends, headaches, hangovers, professors from hell, 
laughter, sorrow, and no job... 

clay martin mclean 

"When thev turn the pages of history 

When these days have passed long ago 

Will thev read of us with sadness 

For the seeds that we let grow 

We turned our gaze 

From the castles in the distance 

Eyes cast down 

On the path of least resistance 

The hypocrites are slandering 

The sacred halls of Truth 

Ancient nobles showering 

Their bitterness on youth 

Can't we find 

The minds that made us 


Can't we learn 

To feel what's right and 


Can't we raise our eyes 

And make a start 

Can't we find the minds 

To lead us closer to the 


—Neil Peart 

Thanks to my parents 
and friends for making my 
wondrous experience 

heather mciver 

"All that has been written 
about women by men 
should be suspect, for the 
men are at once judge and 
party to the lawsuit." 

— Poulain de la Barre 

"You're one of those people 
who's /or women, aren't 


paul m. mcgregor in 

"In the tombs of Enoch, in the queen's chamber, she lived guard- 
ing the holy cubit." 

— D. Boor 

"Tonight I'll shave the mountain 
I'll cut the heart from pharaohs 
1 pull the road off of the rise 
tear the memories from my eyes 
and in the morning I'll be gone..." 
— T. Waits 

"Home... 1 have no home... 
Hunted, despised, living 
like an animal, the jungle is 
my home. 

Now here in this forsaken 
jungle-hell, I have proven 
that I am alright." 

— Bela Lugosi 

"It was a face which dark- 
ness could kill in an in- 

— L. Ferlinghetti 

I would like to thank my family 
for their support, the faculty for 
their inspiration, and my 
friends for their spirit. Without 
you would not have been 
possible, worth it, or nearly as 
much fun. 

martha e. 

"First Samish Bay. 

then all morning, 
hunting osyters 

A huge feed on white 
wt>od State Park slab-plank 

and table 
at Birch Bay 
where we picked up rocks 
for presents. 

And ate oysters, fried — 
raw — cookt in milk 

rolld in crumbs — 
all we wanted. 


& got back in our wagon, 
drove away." 

— Gary Snyder 


Guilford has been the 
fastest and the best four 
years of my life. I'll never 
forget the great experiences. 
1 want to say thanks to all 
the professors who gave me 
the support and confidence 
I needed to push through 
and make the important 
decisions 1 make. Also, I 
want to thank my friencHs 
who helped me through the 
tough times and make the 
best times as special as they 
were. Steak, Mary, Heat, 
Doug, and my old roomie 
Leigh, 1 love you guys! Then of course there was the greatest 
Guadalajara group of all time; It could never have been the same 
without you guys!... and one last thanks to a special friend who's 
taught me a lot about life and relationships... Cool Bananas! 

brad mccorckle 

Dana, any guy who could room with me for four years must be 
okay, it's been great. Colin, can't believe your actually facing 
employment (screw it, go for an insurance scam in a big way!). 
Doug, stay the good guy you are, no matter how bad an influence 
Colin and Dana were! Paul, stay out of trouble and break some 
assist records (try to get coach to get his ear pierced). Hunter — 
two is up. Basketball team — good luck. Guys, don't worry about 
me; I've got the secret to success. As the great Chevy Chase said: 
"It's all ball bearings these days." So I've got that going for me, 

which is nice. Thanks to my 
family for supporting me 
these four years. 

collier lance marshall 

Cayman's, Colorado, and Wilmington... When renting a car for 
a couple of days, splurge and get the big Lincoln... 1 remember 
your name perfectly, I just don't can't think of your face... "If you 
don't like what you doing, you can always move to a different 
groove," Timothy Leary... Wave at children on school buses... 
Rabbit in back yard, BAM!... oooopsss... Sorry officer, 1 won't 
happen again... Keep it simple... Serentripity T's... Destroying 
Knightbridge, T.P., J.D., & R.S... GPZ 750... FZR 700... When 
paying cash always ask for discount... Wear out, don't rust out... 

Be original... Learn to fly 
fish... Once in your life own 
a convertible... Peace. 

terri mancuso 

Oh my Gott! I'm gradu- 
ating!? To roommates 
Mary, Bekki & Doug, too — 
sticking through these 
years, giving support, 
confidence, being there to 
listen and the great times 
we've had; coffee talk, "I'm 
so out of it," fall break '91, 
summer cookouts, pass out, 
Serendipity, "Hym goin do 
dalk lige dees to de end of 
de hwar." Mexico semes- 
ter — spades, Andy, Amy, 
Fannie, lost in D.F., 
Tapulpa: They made me 
drink nine of those! Somos 
contentos, contentos, 

contentos, a gusto! The rest of Guadalajara '90 who made it the 
best semester! Bookstore crowd — fun times during and after 
bookstore hours. Tennis — no more running! HH and marathon 
matches. Coach — making tennis a great experience. Mom, Dad, 
Robyn — your love, advice and support helped keep me plugging 
away. The others (Heat, Kady) who made Guilford a fun, learn- 
ing experience and a great place to spend four years. 

shannon manire 

Finally! It's here! So many memories, friends, and good times. 
16 seniors on the squad. Guns, amigos, steer, Coz, Clyde, Jumbo, 
Kermit (Bart), Silk, night time, Spanky, grand dad. Cam, Derbs, 
R.W. Emerson, and neck. Thanks for the laughs and a winning 

Mom, couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for the love 
and support. 

Julie, I love you. You gave me purpose and reason. Thanks for 
sticking with me, you'll never regret it. 

"Although the constant 
shadow of certain death 
looms over everyday, the 
pleasures and joys of life 
can be so fine and deeply 
affecting that the heart it 
nearly stilled by astonish- 
— Koontz 

Enjoy it while it lasts, 
'cause you only go around 
once. Party on! 

brywn malbasa 

"I want a world where people are respected for the ease and 
warmth of their melting... rather than the strength of their walls." 

— Clint Weyand 


Guiltord has given me so 
many things that I will 
always cherish especially 
great friends: Dana, An- 
gela, Dawn, Liz, Kim, and 
L'hristy. 1 will also take 
many memories with me 
from four great years; 
sleeping in strange places — 
Dawn's closet, other 
people's cars (D.E.); the big 
snowball fight; upside- 
down margaritas; the note 
on Dana's door; spring 
break in Key West — "Yeah, 
we caught all these fish"; 
polities— stop are you our friends; shopping with Wheeza; Angle's 
Inipala; the Clontz Hotel; Dawnit^here's to a record for roomies' 
Don t forget, "Remember sophomore year, wasn't that the best!" 

daniel macdonald 

3 a.m. fire alarms and Frank Sinatra. Fuzzy Ducks, Tequila 
Tuesday Parties, KP, M.G. Flaming Doc. Peppers. Paddywagons, 
Frog women, Kansas City mystery women, study partners, Byph, 
England, Ireland, water-skiing in Vermont, Camden Palace, ASC, 
Keiths, Schmichlights, AG, will the Vet get us there?, I'm going 
through new CD withdrawal! I love you Chris you're the greatest 
brother anyone could dream of. Koper and Canada and Dillon 
Fence. Angle & Melissa, my sisters, Ron how did we survive 11- 
A? UROFEST=Stress. Steph lizard King, H-man, Mr. McGoo, 

metal bunny Ferret, Mary 
the psychologist of fictional 
people. Love you Mom, 
Dad, Booper. 


"I'm glad I did it, partly 
because it was well worth it 
and chiefly because I shall 
never have to do it again." 
— Mark Twain 

"April is the cruelest 

— T.S. Eliot 

"I should be depressed. My 
life's a mess, but I'm havin' 
a good time." 

— Paul Simon 

"Funny. How?" 

— Joe Pesci, CoodFcUas 

"...The two greatest things in hfe — never rat on your friends and 
always keep your mouth shut." 

Robert DeNiro, GoodFiilns 

"Maybe I'm the big bad wolf.' 

-Robert DeNiro, Cape Fciv 

"Drink Me!" 

— Lewis Carroll 
Thanks to my parents and friends for all the great memories. 

david gregory linclon 

Thanks Mom and Dad, you were right. You brought my 
political science degree. Thanks for having so much free money. 

Thanks Guilford College for getting my cousin (Leon) and 
friend (Eddie) off the streets of Baltimore. It was cold out there, 
and they needed a home. 

Specking, churching, trecking, and creeping are not dead now 
that Wiggy and I are gone, we left LEON (inventor of these catchy 
phrases), Eddie, Mike, Dre, Quick (who's the mack?), Stan, and 
Antony to continue the legacy. 

Remember, people ARE 
the world's greatest re- 
sources. I'm out-y, ciao. 

elise lillard 

Thanks to my friends for 
the great laughs and for 
vour patience and love — 
Laurel, Amy, Lisa, Su, 
Victoria, Mary, Haviland. 
Thanks to the off-campus 
education people and Dottie 
Borei for helping me with 
Japan. And thanks to Mary 
for being there so 1 survived 

Thanks to my teachers 
for showing me how to 
learn after 12 years of mind- 
numbing grade school. 

Thanks to my family for ' ,. ..' 

not throwing me outwwhen I 
was a creep. 

Thanks to all the people who made it possible for me to gradu- 
ate from college and to be planning a successful, independent life. 

vicki lynn liles 

'"1 didn't know you were playmg.' said Roo. 

'I'm not,' said Eeyore. 

'Eeyore, what are(i) you doing there?' said Rabbit. 

'I'll give you three guesses. Rabbit. Digging holes in the ground? 

Wrong. Leaping from branch to branch of a young oak-tree? 

Wrong. Waiting for somebody to help me out of the river? Right. 

Give Rabbit time, and he'll always get the answer.'" 

— A. A. Milne 

MORAL: Why waste 
good sarcasm on those who 
don't appreciate it? 

ilia 1. levitine 

Russians are coming! 

dana letchworth 

Thanks, Guilford, for 4 great years! 

To Brad, "the hog-smoker," Colin "the J-boy," and Doug "the 
little engine" — it's been fun! 
See yah!! 


"Hard work, persever- 
ance, faith." "Reaching for 
the top!" "Golf is my 
religion?" Cardinal/Farm; 
Tom O'Briant; freezing on 
Groundhog Mountain; 
Seascape/Kitty Hawk, 1- 
under and enjoying Atlan- 
tic; Kingsmill; leading Max 
Ward; winning Oliver 
Dawson; "Pinehurst IS 
heaven." Lee, Hutch, 
Mitch, Jed, Haarlow, Mike, 
Booty, Jimmy P., WOW!, 
Ball, Riddler, Ian, Mouse, 
Flat, Slash, Brett, Jon, 4 

(Sweet Lew). What a team! 

Thanks: Dr. A, Coach, Joyce, Kathleen/Ralph (faculty/staff). 

"You've touched my life, and opened up my mind and future." 
Roomdawgs: Mike, Glenn, Sportfan (friends forever!); 

Suitedawgs/friends; "Thanks for the memories and keep in 

touch! A12->C32" 

High Point/Duke/Glenn; Richmond /Angus; James Taylor/ 

Dean Dome — "Carolina In My Mind." 

Flights/drives— NY <— > NC, [(100,000-^) citation], Mom/Dad 

"ITl be back!" 

Jonathan lawson 

When you throw something away, what does 'away' mean? 

"The way up and the way down are but one and the same" 

— Heraclitus 

— from here everything is downstream, and upstream. 

"1 owe a cock to Asclepius." 

dwayne gregory lawler 

"If there is any absolute it is 
never more than this one, 
vou, this instant, in action." 

Charles Olson, "Human Universe" 

John lambert 

michael lacyk 

Garth, Steer, Tiny, Mur, 
Dick Derbs... Murry where 
are your sheets? Tiny and 
his Tiny friends... Herndon, 
Dee, Fish, Mama and his 
hot sister... Paul, The Curve, 
Wisconsin, D. Poke... Derby 
can you hear anything? 
Davtona, Tiny Drool, 
Cabana, Sea Turtle, Bellv 
Flops. Football, 41-39, 17- 
16, O.D.A.C, Tiny's hands, 
Murry's Catch, Derby's 
score, 5 Holding Penalties 
and blocking back. Counter 
2b, Monkey and Zeus 
Hunter. In the End, I'm 
thankful for Ginny finally 

coming around, A Connecticut Yankee, 5 Down-home Redneck 
Fun Lovin' Parrot Heads who 1 love like brothers. 1 am also 
thankful for a senior class that had a iilglittlmc to it. Ginny, you 
mean the world. Finally thank God, Mom, and Dad. 


m. minke 

We're off to explore the 
rest of the world. Good 
luck to you all! 

Mom and Dad, thanks for the support and the occasional kick- 

S.O. dreams — Pleasuredome — Pinball Wizard — Islamorada — 
Muirs — laughing for no reason — keep a steady grin. 

jeffery a. kloss 

"Let your best be for your friend. 

For what is your friend that your should 

Seek him with hours to kill? 

Seek him always with hours to live. 

And in the sweetness of friendship let 

There be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. 

For in the dew of little things the heart 

Finds its morning and is refreshed." 

If 1 got anything from 
college it is friends. Thanks 
Pooh. Hey Honey! Monday 
night mayhem with The 
Robin McWillmins'. Shoot 
the Rockbaby! (in London) 
Quarter Staff: Stevie, A., & 
Beamer. Big Teddy Bear, 
Ed Lowe. Thanks Dan, 1 
miss you. Jack, thanks for 
the confidence! Eng. small 
group, you didn't see that! 
Oops, 1 almost forgot Choir 
Council. To my mother 
hen, thanks for three! 

-Kahlil Libran 


emily king 

Thank you, Mom nnd 
Dad, for everything, espe- 
cially your constant support 
and love. Coach Currie, 
\our support, concern and 
i\^H VI^H triendship has taught me so 

^^ B tB much. Thanks. Carolyn, my 

lln '^^H/^l fri'-'ii^i to the end. Who will 

Zgg^^ ^V< ■^^■'.^B I get a soda with at 2 a.m.? 1 

already miss you! Coach 
Taylor, my big sister. 
Thanks for all the talks and 

r^H i^^m fellowship. Proverbs 18:24. 

^^^ ' ^^H To Todd who will always be 

-^^^^ a part of me. That first hug 
was worth every trip. I 
wouldn't have made it without your love and encouragement. I 
Corinthians 13:4-7 Volleybair91: Never say die! Yes!! Paula, 
done your math yet? Me neither. Cripple!! MmniHmm. 

Tetris. Rosco. Thank God for bringing me here and bringing all 
these people into my life. Psalm 100. 

I'll never forget Guilford. Freshman — Binford, Absolut, many 
hangovers, quad dances, step forward if... benchtime, athletic 
offices, on the phone, homesick, tennis talks, living down the hall, 
tall, goofy guy in IDS. Sophomore — Bryan, Dana 4 parties, 3 
nights a week, Bacardi and wine coolers, revelation — tall goofy 
lax player, Petey, tennis sucks... concentration, motivation, 
domination... 4.0, Thursday night talks. District Doubles Champs, 
Nationals, summer school. Junior — not fat, settle down, volley- 
ball is awesome, Bridgewater, Concord, and Galluadet Champs, 

Bubba, tennis is awesome. 
District semis, goodbye to c, 
m, d, graduation party, 
February lax game. Se- 
nior — volleyball sucks, 
LSAT, law school, Pinebun, 
Dylan, tennis, GOODBYE! 
Thanks and I love you lots 
Mom and Dad. I love you, 
too, Carrie, Bruce, and Bill. 
Thanks for all the memo- 
ries — Carolyn, Clarice, Jill, 
David, Matt, Dickson, 
Heather, Janet, Barb, Karen, 
Puff, Kev, and Emmett and 
everyone else. 1 love you 
all. It's been awesome. 

timothy j. 

and brother-in-law, and 
lio\ ed in me when I did 
and may God bless vou 

The four years that I ha\e 
been here have been the 
most challenging of my life. 
Guilford College has 
certainly been more than I 
expected and 1 believe that I 
would make the same 
decision if I had to start 
over again. I would like to 
thank Mom and Dad for 
their support, Krystal who 
has been my friend and 
more, my large collection of 
aunts and uncles, my 
siblings Katrina and Jessica, 
my future mother-in-law 
all those other loving people who be- 
not. To my friends, farewell, do your best 
in whatever you do! 

leigh kemp 

kimberly m. 

"There is a place where the 

sidewalk ends 

And before the street 


And there the grass grows 

soft and white. 

And there the sun burns 

crimson bright. 

And there the moon-bird 

rests from his flight 

to cool in the peppermint 


— Shel Silverstem 

rebecca lynn jones 

"The sight of the huge world put mad ideas into me, as if I could 
wander away, wander forever, see strange and beautiful things, 
one after the other to the world's end." 

— C.S. Lewis 

"Leaves have fallen all around. 

Time 1 was on my wav. 

Thanks to you I'm much obliged. 

Such a pleasant stay. 

But now it's time for me to 

The autumn moon lights 
my way..." 

— Led Zeppelin 

david Jones 

"In complete control, 

pretending control, 

with dignified authority, we 

lire chiirliitiins. 

Or maybe just a goat's hair 

brush in a painter's hand. 

We have no idea what we 


— Rumi 
"The past is not a husk yet 
there is change." 

— Adrienne Rich 

"To be men not destroyers." 
— Ezra Pound 

22 years 
what it is 

sarah Johnston 

1 am learning: 
without all of you 
I could not be me. 

Learning" to all of you 

Then she said 

Remember this: 

"La via del tren subterraneo" 

es peligrosa." 
and faded on the blowing of a horn. 

John preston 


:^ "Always carry a litter bag in 
your car. 

That way, when it gets full, 
you can 

just toss it out the window." 
— Steve Martin 

Christie 1. Jenkins 

Mom, Dad, Em — Thank you for you support, patience, and 
love — I love you! 

Airplanes. Hot tubs. Dana 3. E.B. Hey Crunchy: "Nothing 
Compares 2 U"... even though! — Charleston! 

"Liz" (you know I hate it) and B (always 'nerd' nlumys'.) — 4 
years guys, 4 years — through everything, both the ups and 
downs, you've stuck it out with me and "thank you" isn't enough 
to say all I feel but thanks anyway. 

Guilford, thanks — it's been one heck of a learning experience. 


Thanks Guilford for all 
the memories and special 
people. Football four years 
of my life. It was GREAT! 
Especially the last two 
years. Thanks to all my 
teammates and best friends! 
Chip, Shane, Rod, Greg, 
Lambert, Murry, Herndon 
and Ragan, we made it and 
we stuck together. Roomie 
thanks for all the talks, 
borrowed stuff and home- 
town memories. Shane 
thanks for four years of 
friendship and a Room Dog 

for "The Summer" of your life. Greg thanks for the two years in 
the dorm and being a great friend. Cari, we only had two years 
together, but they were the best years of my life. You are special 
and I love you. thanks for the talks, walks, support, comfort, and 

"With God all things are possible." 

calvin lamonte hunter 

Believe and it will happen. 

tara lousie 

scottie 1. hughes 

Ah, what a trip it's been. 
Introduction to Guilford, 
Beth Leitsch. Natahala. 
Shore Hall. SOS leader witli 
Beth Keiser. The Info Desk. 
Ping Pong. The Hut. The 
Lake. Hot tubbin'. Binford 
Hall Staff 1990-91, joy and 
pain. Pisgah Forest with 
Darlene as a freshman, 
Smokey Mountains with 
Josh as a senior. So many 
mountains climbed in .» 

between. Experience, • >- ' • 

growth, friendships. '^ 

Incredible memories of 
my fours years at Guilford — Beth Leitsch, Paula Mullins, Darlene 
Whitley, Jackie Stamant, Carrie Eby, Jacob Stohler, Scott Genualdi, 
Ted Kroll, Leslie Burnside, Wendy Gates, Maureen Keefe, Vaneeta 
D'Andrea, Beth and Mel Keiser. 

1 mourn leaving Guilford but I bubble with excitement of what 
is to come! 

"Verily the lust for comfort murders the passion of the soul, and 
then walks grinning in the funeral." 

— The Prophet 

Goodbye Guilford. 

Thanks Mom! You made it all possible. To all the underclass- 
men, you have the rest of your life to work; make the best of your 
school activities or you will regret it! 

mary carter 

"Each day is a drive 
through history." 

robin hubbard 

"We will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like water and 
righteousness like a mighty stream." 

— Martin Luther King, Jr. 

-Jim Morrison Thanks to the two most important people in my life: Mom & 

Tim — thanks for making 
these past two years the 
best of my life. You'll never 
know how much you mean 
to me. Remember — we're 
just two lost souls swim- 
ming in a fish bowl. 1 love 

Brannon and Melike — 
I'm really going to miss you 
guys, but true friends are 
friends forever. 
Mom and Dad — I haven't told you enough how much I appre- 
ate everything you've done for me. I wouldn't ha\'e made it 
ithout vou. Ilovevou! 

A'hat a long strange trip it's been." 

-Grateful Dead 

William dean 


Thanks to my very special friends. Mel, Christa Whitney Prout, 
Reba, Susan, and Nancy. I love you all. Each of you has made my 
life happier and better and certainly more fun. 

1 also want to thank the 
students at the Guilford 
County Juvenile Detention 
Center, especially Darius, 
who made me sure of what 
I want to do when 1 leave 
this place. 

My diploma in May is 
dedicated to John C. Grice, 
mv bud and my inspiration. 

kathryn Hoffman 

To Dad, Mom & Chickie: 

You have worked so hard to help me to be who I am and who I 
still wish to become. Always I will be grateful and hold you in 
my heart. 


"Let love feed your angel, the most beautiful angel." 

— written by Jessica Hoffman 

"We will be giving out a 
short quiz after the show 
and for all those people 
who have been calling out 
songs we've already played, 
I don't think you're going to 
do too well." 

—Bob Weir 

kelley hicks 

"Dark star crashes 
Pouring its light into ashes... 

Reason tatters... 
The forces tear loose from 
the axis... 

Search light casting 
For faults in the clouds of 

Shall we go 
You and 1 while we can... 
Through the transitive 
nightfall of diamonds?" 

— Robert Hunter 

Muirs Chapel, the Suite 
of Dreams, thanks to all my 

friends. Mom and Dad, EDF, and my Bro. In memory of H. 
Mason Hicks I, and General Kelley. 

chip hester 

jeff herndon 

1 leave Guilford College 
with many wonderful 
memories of the time that I 
have spent here. 1 can't say 
that I will miss the 7:20 a.m. 
football meetings and the 
late-night cram sessions, but 
I will miss the good times 
that 1 have spent with my 
best friends. I truly love 
you Delores, thanks for all 
the special moments that we 
have spent together. My 
parting piece of advice is 
the famous line from the 
great Casey Kasem, which 
is — "Keep your feet on the 
ground and keep reaching 
for the stars." Goodbye Guilford 

To Trish: Thanks for making the past two years the best years 
I've had yet. 

To the football team: You're the best 59 brothers a guy could 
have. Thanks for everything. 

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

danielle hermey 

"Countering the clocks of father time, raging/ racing women 
become counterclock-wise, asking counterclock-whys. Boundary 
shifting Sibyls become otherwise, uttering other whys. Our very 
being vibrates with earth, air, fire, water, and with the moon, sun, 
and farthest stars. Participating in communications/vibrations 
that range through spirit-space and time, boundary breaking. 
Boundary Living Prudes and Websters experience Presence in 
new and ancient ways. Therefore, we are ready to re-examine the 
meaning of power of the present, power of Presence, now" 
— Mary Daly 

"If you asked me what I 
came in this world to do, I 
will tell you: 'I CAME TO 

— Emile Zola 

stacey jill 

nathianal george havholm 

"How could I leave this behind?" 

To all my friends — 
thanks for the best four 
years! Keep in touch... 

Amy — tequila, Jan's & 
hot toddies! 

1 love you Kimberley! 
Remember the Three 
Musketeers. Love you too, 

To Justin, Blair & Hara — 
thanks for keeping me sane. 
You guys are great! 

Hey Faye — What can 1 
say? Here's to daiquiris, 
Serendipity '90 & '92, 
Norman, 25H, fruit pies, 
atulation, "give, give, give." I wub you, Faye-bug. 

Hey Paris gals! Mary, Heather, Sara & Nichole — what can we 
ly?! Ed, David Love, Yves & the Metro... an unforgettable 21st 
lirthday... the Paris Haircuts in Amsterdam... Spring break '91 — 
witzerland, Italy, Italian men, gelato (twice a day), & the canal! 
pecial thanks to Mom — for your support (& the 800 number!) I 
ove you! 

toni harvey 

"J'etais June femmej qui 
taisait tout et qui etait rien." 
— Cyrano 

Pas vraiment. During 
Guilford years, I have 
learned much from my 
many Guilford activities 
and experiences. I cherish 
the memories of my Apt. 
Mates, outings to Quaker 
Cinema, talks with 
Brannon, ma chere amie 
Mel, and mam/ long distance 
calls. Also, moments with 
Band, Websterian and Res. 
Life. Working in admis- 
sions. Christy — the apts. 
^ere an adventure. Remembering West Virginia... Jeff: Mon ami, 
; t'aime — Merci! Thanks for the toting and fetching Mom, Dad, 
nd Carrie. Dad, you'll get your little red sportscar soon, I 

In leaving Guilford, I'll remember; 
Father, a needy one stands before Thee, I that sing am he." 

— Omaha Tribal Benediction 

Bon courage! I'll visit soon. 

-Spinal Tap 

douglas scott Harris 

"Let's drink a toast to what might have been — To all that we were 
but can't be again and let's he thankful we parted as friends. 
Here's to the past — Let the future begin." 

— author unknown 

P.S. Thanks to all of my friends and especially Mom and Dad... 
You're the greatest. 

thomas Harrington 

robert shane 

I want to thank the 
LORD for the strength. 
Thanks to Mom and Dad 
for providing me with the 
love and support. Thanks 
to the 1991 Quaker football 
team and coaches, it is a 
memory I will cherish the 
rest of my life. 1 will never 
forget the great 4 years I 
have spent with my broth- 
ers: Greg, Chip (SILK), 
Clyde, Murry, Lambert, 
Ragan, Herndon Derby 
Paulv, Shannon, Rodney 
and Baker. Hope we can 

coach someday together and the business brothers can support us. 
Thanks for all the great times in baseball and good luck. 

Thanks to Alicia and the wonderful times we spent together. 
Some memories: winks across the cafe, the airport, and the trip up 
north. You are such a SWEETHEART! Good luck with school and 
soccer. Always remember to have faith in the Lord! And that I 
love vou! 

doug hall 

Milner 102, 122, 252, 353, Eric Reid, Grimsley, Cissy, Quaker 
Lake, Robert, Ruby the Sev, Info Desk, Steve, Linda, Joanna, 
Bookstore, Pam, Betsv, Amy, Sergei, Touch my monkey!. Polo 
Outlet, Mariel's Baked Potato Special, El Chihuahua, Pick a Flick, 
Bekki, Terri, Pass Out, Mary, playing pennies, Maggie, Mama Cat, 
Rent a Lincoln twice, D.C. Semester, Laurel (retent, retent!), 
Florida or bust. Group hugs, nature biscuits. How do you really 
feel?. Serendipity Sunday, 3am, I can't believe it's over I No, I 
really don't remember telling you to leave! Honest! They can send 
me to college but they can't 
make me think, Wesley 
Long ER, 2am, MTV, "'l 
heard you guys laughing," I 
used to think you were 
pretty, but now 1 see you're 
just tall. To Mom and Dad, 
who made the above 
possible, 1 love you. 

Julie gustavson 

Mom and Dad, thanks, 1 
love you. 

Haydee, ICD, TSC, I'm 
just cool... Rose, movies, 
poll sci steps, bank with- 
drawals... Lia, matzaball 
soup, Hnim, diet Coke and 
crab ragun... Chantelle, nice 
music, hall dancing, cleaner 
from hell... you guys are the 
best and no 1 did not win 
the scum shirt, L beat me 
with table awards, H on 
alumni, R for broken 
furniture, C because she has 
7. Dacious it looks lake 
rain. Noodle, Bud, Robyn, 
Bradley, Loudou and the 

uck out window. 
As the hi I fish guy always said, I'll miss you, love ya babe. 


\.K.A. Gustofwind, Jerry, the breeze, TCM. 

lisa guarracino 

'I'm not drunk, I'm just weird." 


Jeff grubbs 

"The autumn 

1 ias been our time together 

Our harvest could be a love 

that lasts forever 

No matter where this 

friendship takes us 

The truth is 

We can only be what He 

makes us to be 

In time we will see 

The love we might find 

In time we will be 

The place that we should be 

So His love might find us 

The Savior of our loneliness 

Just in time." 

— Wes King 

lilary. Amy, Teddy, the Saras, Jim, Chris, Kevin, Nancy, 
Xanne, Don, Alex, Mark, exec, TV — love y'all 
Sarah — I love you! Thank you for being so awesome! 
Thanks Mom and Dad and my family — 1 love you! 
Thanks be to Jesus Christ for His grace. 
JoJo and Granddaddy — for their guidance. 

I'm out of here. Beware of the "F" word — FINANCE. Mom 
and Dad, your support was needed and appreciated. Masher, 
Dude, all the hours spent with S.S. Twenty-four and you still look 
good. Sailaway Sillouette — John. Missed you — FROGGY. S — the 
memories will last a lifetime. M.J. I won't forget you. Budman 
and Boz — here's to group effort and great meals — I'll miss vou 
both. 1 bid Guilford FAREWELL! 

Well, enough about me, what do you think of me? 

douglas griffith 

1 would like to thank my parents — Mom and Pop, Dad and 
Fie — and also my brothers Dan, David, and Drew — for their 
continued love and support. 

Colin — you've been the best roommate and friend that 1 could 
have wished for — and you parred the road hole! I hope that 
Europe works out. You've always got a friend here. Dana — could 
we be more alike? Thanks for all your understanding and wit, 
Mr. CPA. Brad — you're a fine friend. I wish you beaucoup de 

Many thanks to mv 
friends, including Robin 
(THE MAN!), Bruce, Paul, 
Greg, Meg, Heather, 
Melissa, and the phone 
team, among others. 

"Trust in the Lord, and do 
good; so shaft thou dwell in 
the land, and verily thou 
shaft be fed." 

— Psalms 37;3 


"So call the field to rest; and 
let's away. 

To part the glories of this 
happy day." 

— William Shakespeare 

paul s. grantham 

and when I look back I'll see it standing all at once in a field of 
beautiful faces, eyes that speak through liquid images, telling the 
story of this place, this place that gave me a chance to become. 

Remember the place where the children play. Honor the child 
that marks your beginning. The passion therein is a genuine 
thing, and a passion is a wonderful thing to follow in pursuing a 
dream. Be not afraid to love. 

"Though nothing can bring back the hour 
Of splendor in the grass, of 
glory in the flower; 

We will grieve not, rather ^^^^^^^^^- .^ 

Strength in what remains ^^^^^^^^«^'- ---.. ■*'ll*- 

— William Wordsworth 

Ready or not, here 1 


tracy gordon 

"So, too, the tribes of 
women who are jumping 
off the face/foreground of 
the impoverished dooms- 
day world are growing. 
Since patriarchy is the 
perpetual poorhouse in 
which women are stored/ 
restored, afflicted with 
poverty of spirit, imagina- 
tion, intellect, passion, 
physical vigor, as well as 
economic poverty, it is 
clear — and clearer than 
ever — that we have basi- 
cally Nothing to lose!" 

— Mary Daly 

Stephen goins 

To: Driving golf balls down the hall. Watching Fletch, 
Cadiiyshack, and The Nnked Gun. (Better yet, quoting even/ line in 
each movie.) Spring Breaks with the baseball team. Late nights at 
Jan's House. Serendipity. Catherine. 

Looking hack at 4 years of Guilford College really makes me 
say, "I wish I knew then what I know now!" 

Ciao baby! 

manan Jessica 

"All 1 ever have to be is 
what you've made me." 

— Amy Grant 

LMK— Thank you. I'll 
always love you. Even 
miles won't ever separate 
us. Ohhhhhhhhh my 
goooooooood ness ! 

Ann — You're truly 
beautiful! Remember 
Greenville, SC 3 am! 

Jack Z. — You're very 
special to me. I'll always 
remember you. 
Paul — "I hope you don't mind that 1 put down in words how 
wonderful life is while you're in the world!" Thanks. Iloveyou 

Angel — My dear friend and roomie — cheezballs! Italians! 
Viountains Oct 91! Loveyou! 

Leigh Kramer — I've always had a special love for you. God 
■eally loves you, too. 

Other memories: IV, Windy Gap, Grace, Baby, choir, Paul 
Zoscia, Ed Lowe, singing, geekslap, rehearsals, Binford Formal 

All my precious friends — Thank you. You are cherished 

sarah gibbs 

"Women may be the one 
group that becomes more 
radical with age." 

— Gloria Steinem 

jean gibson 

"Don't think me unkind; Words are hard to find. They're only 
cheques I've left unsigned, from the banks of chaos in my mind." 


"Good times, bad times, you know we've had our share." 

— Led Zeppelin 

"Why do we do this?" ... "You gotta do something, don't you?" 

— Rebel Without a Cause 

"You haven't got a brain? 
How can you talk if you 
haven't got a brain?" 
"Some people without 
brains do an awful lot of 

—The Wizard of Oz 

scott genualdi 

"If you don't stand up, you don't stand a chance.' 

-Tonv Banks 

I made it, I think. Thanks to all who made it possible. To the 
guys of Dana 3 — one word, "It was goofy, nutty, etc." London 
'90 — Thanksgiving memories. Justin and The Guilfordian staff, 
"Just twenty more minutes." Junkets to K.C., N.O., and S.D. 
Butch, "You really WANT volleyball?" Vicki and WQFS, "The 
PSAs are coming." Scott, "Okay so it's Travis Tritt, NOW can we 

change the station?" Andy, 
thanks for being direct. 
Evenings with J.S. and C.L. 
Page and Tara, thanks for 
all your cooperation and 
insight. Finally Darlene, for 
whom no words can truly 
describe, 1 wish I could 
bottle up every conversa- 
tion we've had and play 
them back on auto reverse." 

emma geary 

A girl can never have 
enough lipstick. 

"Make it so." 

-Jean-Luc Picard 

wes gavins 

The Lo! Chris, Dre, VVilie Lee, Dave, Leon, Eddie, Kev, Money, 
Cody, Reggie, Poon, Allison, Trina, Bekki, Anice, Keayba, Joanna, 
Michelle, Jen, Dana T, Dana S, Anchi, Linda, John H., Lizzie Mae, 
Jessica, Carey, Blair, Aaron, Charhe, Jaki, Kelly, Megan, Res. Life, 
my professors, Stan, my fellow devil dog Jav Big., to those who 
have come before me, those left behind, and those leaving with 


Here's love and happi- 
ness to Lisa Abdou; the only 
woman strong enough to 
harness the Wigman. 


phillip paul 

I suppose that this is the 
time when 1 have to thank 
all of my friends and family 
for everything they've done. 

Mom, Dad, K.S.,J.C.H., 
and the rest of my family, 
thank you for all of your 
support, love, and dedica- 
tion to my college cause. 1 
couldn't have made it 
without you all. 

E.E.R. — Thanks for 
paving the way freshman 
year... Mil. 112, 143... T.O.R., 
B.B.T, R.B.G., L.B., Peter, 

Foxy, T.B.W., K.F., Crunch, Stein, Amer, Gin, Deana, Beane, and 
Lanou, you're all great. 

Ty & Cecil — the two best roomies. To Mary Neal, you're still 
old, but great. Thanx. 

Go Duke, Braves... Naples... Milner I.T.C.O.B.... Jan's House... 
Time for Days... JE... golf cart... A.T., C Z B... I luv u K.B.W., Fall 

C'ya at the top! 

Carlos garcia-puente 

Claudia galvis 

Thanx for everything, Mom, 
Dad, Chris, Juan, and 
Sheha. I couldn't have done 
this without you. Rob, Bill, 
Moon, and Reg, it's been a 
great 4 years. I'll never 
forget you! 

grey fulton 

Clarice forsyth 

"I'll never forget"... First 
year — Confession Line, 
"Old Time Rock-n-Roll," 
Halloween Night, a very 
modest girl named ICK, 
Sleep, Sleep Sleep... Second 
vear — Pete, One, Van in V- 
B, Jim Beam & Kyoto's with 
a 2-dav hangover, missing 
curfew, the practical jokes 
begin. Third year — Dana 1 , 
Bubba, Galludet, 
Bridgewater, Concord, 
Jaime's Party, 88 in a 65, 
Barb says "run," Em's grin 
at graduation party. Black 
Book, nerds. My last year — 
Volleyball, what more can 
aid?! 30*3 Pineburr, 1 can't believe I'm graduating! Oh, how 
r\ I' changed! 

ices & places may change, but my memories will always 
eniain the same!" Carolyn & Em 4 years... Thanks. Liz, 
Victoria — friends! But most of all Mom & Dad, I love you and 
hanks! You made the memories possible. 

As the profound Slappy is seldom quoted to say, "Ain't nothin' 
to do but to do it." 

wren fialka 

Guilford — 1 had a rough start with you but you've turned into 
a second home. Now it's time to jump out of the nest, but before 1 
take this inevitable leap there are many that can't go unthanked! 
To all my condiments, to our late night bug-out sessions and our 
moments of glory, you are all my heroes. To our neighbors, you 
added sunshine to our humble abode. To the men who kept me 
on my toes (you know who you are) and all those who seemed to 
join me on the continuously roving party circuit, thanks for 
leaving me with so many great memories. Mom, Dad, Joe, Matt, 
Sherra, Al &: Nug, I couldn't 
have lived with finer 
beings. Thank you Richie & 

Gratefully, Burger 





f /^ 



- it^ 


marc feuerberg 

"A man walks into a bar 
with a poodle under one 
arm and a salami under the 

melissa e. felix 


"In the end, it's all about 

The most important 
thing I have learned in m\ 
four years at Guilford is 
what "real" friends are. 

Mom, Dad, Peter, Ivan 
and Christoph thanks for 
the love and support 
you've always given me. 1 
couldn't have made it this 
far without vou. 

"While there is time, 

let's go out and feel everything. 

If you hold me, 

1 will let you into mv dreams. 

For time is a river, 

rolling into nowhere. 

We must live while we can, 

and we'll drink our cup of laughter.' 

To all of mv friends: you've 
each made your own lasting 
unique impression on my 
life. Thank you. To my 
girls: we looped it! And 
especially to my family. 
What am I without you? 

-Steve Winwood 

dana lousie everett 

"And will you succeed? 

Yes! You will indeed! 

(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed)." 

The Holden Friendly Girls— AC LE MM DC— Thanks for being 
mv best friends! 

aaron elrod 

elizabeth eckert 

I love you Mom, Dad, Kim, Brian, Susan, and little Kat! What 
am I doing GRADUATING?! Aagh! Did anyone 1 know not go to 
see Dick over these past four years? "Get there fast and take it 
slow"— Spring Break 1990 with 14 people! Espana— jSALUD! Oh 
my gosh, Ang, 1 think we're in a whorehouse! To 3R, Christy and 
all our pawties! 1 love you Dana, Dawnie, Angela, IVlinna and 
Christy— all the great times at HOLDEN HOUSE. You don't 
realize how much I'll miss you! Thank you to all my bcstest 
buddies who made Guilford a BLAST! And bestoof all, to my 

Golden Boy. 1 love you. 

And Topher, to all our X- 

mas parties and all the 

trouble you. Lance, and 1 

have been in over 4 years! 

I'll miss you! 

Carrie eby 

Clayton william durkin 

Cis, Lucy, Tara, I love you 
dearly. 1 remember dancing 
in the rain. Serendipity, 
streaking, beach trips (hook 
in my foot proved that Lew 
is a knight in shining 
armor), John's Island, first 
crush, Chris, fights about 
brownies, mushrooms, all- 
nighters (KM.), HOPE, the 
best roomie ever. Seminar's 
West (who threw that ham 
at me?), fireside chats at the 
Hut, "There's a saying old, 
says that love is blind," 
cocoons on my ceiling, Mrs. 
Field's (better than sex, 
Cis?) Cookies, Bear of Little 
irain (it works), HOME. 2nd born, 1st grad. 

Could he good. 

Could be bad. 

Thank you. Mom, Charley, Randy, Susie, Dad, Susan; I'm 
rateful to be part of our family. 

Carry on Z! (F.T.R.!) 

Goodbye, Shore Hall! 

ketura duncan 

Carolyn doss 

all dorer 

"Long have you timidly 

waded, holding a plank bv 

the shore, 

Now I will vou to be a bold 


To jump off in the midst of 

the sea, and rise again and 

nod to me 

and shout, and laugh- 
ingly dash with vour hair." 
—Walt Whitman 

"You can call me Al." 

— Paul Simon 

Mama, Daddy, Crystal, Ronnie, & Neil — Thanks for always being 

there — 1 love you. To the volleyball & basketball teams — Thanks 

for all the hard work, the successful seasons, & our friendships. 

Alison — "You know what we are," Christine — "Backrow posse," 

Brenda — "BOOST." Clarice — Roommate, teammate, & friend for 

the entire time. Thanks. — "Don't croak on me." Laura — The 

LATE night talks & secrets we shared. I'll never forget them or 

you. Em — What can I say? Us, not much our freshman year. 

Thanks for always understanding and for the special friendship 

we share. Mary, thanks for 

the pre-game abuse — I 

couldn't have made it 

without you. Dickson — 

Your friendship means a 

lot — Thanks for all the 

support. Linda, Dr. Roach, 

& Athletic Dept.— You 

act^ially made the "work 

hours" fun. Coach Howe — 

"Did you find my beeper? 

Coach Currie — From 

missed curfew to Oprah — 

We've been through it all. 

Coach Taylor — "Jeckyll" & 

"The Shadow." The two of 

you have had a major 

influence on my life, each in 

your own unique way. — 

The memories will last a 

lifetime. OK go. 

eric shane dawson 

good-by, good-bye. Used to express farewell. — n., pi. good-bys or 
good-byes. An expression of farewell. [Contraction of God be 

with you.l 

skip davenport 

sage daly 

leigh Cunningham 

I look back on the 4 years 
here at Guilford and I see 
friends, knowledge, sunny 
and rainy days, smiles, 
support, hardships, love, 
freedom, and a new Sage. 
Thanks to my family for 
supporting me in who I 
want to become. To my 
dear friends, I love you 
each. You are all unique in 
you own way and hold a 
place in my heart. Matt, 
Chris v., Steven, Al, Wren, 
Kathryn S., Reb, Bill, Maria, 
Anthony and others, 
memories we share will 
never be forgotten. Smile, 
lugh and grow. Chris, our friendship has blossomed over the 
ears, vou're a beautiful person inside anci out. Gregg, a roller 
caster ride. I love you with all my heart, you will always be a 
lart of me. Good luck everyone, smile, smile, smile. 

Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Thank you Lisa for giving me the confidence to believe in 

t.j. crook 

"Convention triumphs in 
the moralistic evaluation of 
the parts and details; art 
cannot be concerned with 
this, it drives toward the in- 
dwelling, all connecting life 
verve; it is indifferent to 
external existence." 

—Hugo Ball 

"I mistrust all systematizers 
and 1 avoid them. The will 
to a system is a lack of 

— Nietzsche 

"it's a strange courage 
you give me ancient star: 
Shine alone in the sunrise 
toward which you lend no part!" 

lisa Crenshaw 

"Links gehen, 
Rechts stehen.' 

— M\\ 

-W.C. Williams, El Hombrce 


"And that is why I say to 
you that, though it be a 
thrilling and marvelous 
thing to be merely young 
and gifted in such times, it 
is doubly so, doubly 
dynamic — to be young, 
gifted, and Black." 

— Lorraine Hasberry 

Thanks Guilford. 1 will 
miss you! 

carol joy crane 

"Make me the channel of your peace." 

-Prayer of St. Francis 

^^NJ. ' 





nichole craigo 

"The most beautiful experi- 
ence we can have is one of 
the mysterious — the sense 
of awe. It is fundamental 
emotion which stands at the 
cradle of true religion, art, 
and science. Whoever does 
not know it and can no 
longer marvel is as good as 
dead and his eyes are 

— Albert Einstein 

"By the side of the everlast- 
ing Why there is a Yes." 

— E.M. Forster 

Christopher craig 

Sister, mother 

^nd spirit of the river, spirit of the sea, 

iuffer me not to be separated." 

-T.S. Eliot 

matt cox 

I almost didn't get this 
quote in the yearbook. I 
have already missed two 
deadlines. I suppose this is 
sort of the story of my 
academic career. Oh well... 
But I had a great time! 

"It was all a pleasant business. My word yes a most pleasant 

— Hemingway 

dawn cooper 

"The only rose without thorns is friendship." 

-Madeleine de Scudery 

"Set your sights high 

the higher the better. 
Expect the most wonderful things 

to happen, not in the future 
but right now. 
Realize that nothing is too good. 

Allow absolutely nothing 
to hamper you 

or hold you up 
in any way." 
— Ellen Caddy, "Footprints 
on the Path" 

"We have been friends 

In sunshine and shade." 
— Caroline Norton 

Cecil conrad 

"Oh the goals we set may 

exceed reality 

Cause failure always is a 


Who can tell us that we're 


It's up to us to figure out 

What life is all about 

...through mistakes we've 

learned to gather wisdom 

'Cause wisdom helps us see 

our responsibility." 

— New Edition, 1988 

Special thanks to mv 
parents for their love and 
support and to Mary and 
Dickson for getting me 
through the past four years. 

kirsten coit 

"The clouds above us 

join and separate. 
The breeze in the courtyard 

leaves and returns. 
Life is like that, so why not 

Who can stop us from 

— Benjamin Hoff, The Tno of 

natasha colburn 

"10. how we are burnmg up our lives 

the subway 

hurtling toward Brooklyn 

her head on her knees 

asleep or drugged 

la I'in dii Ircn subtcrriinm es peligrosa 

many sleep 
the whole way 
others sit 

staring holes of fire into 
the air 

others plan rebellion: 

night after night 

awake in prison, my mind 

licked at the mattress like 
a tlame 

till the cellblock went up 

Thoreau setting fire to 
the woods 

Every act of becoming 


(it says here in this book) 

is an unnatural act." 

— Adrienne Rich, excerpt 

from "The Phenomenology 

of Anger" 

angela clontz 

D— That's 15 for you! 
Thanks for the tree Santa! 
D under the stall. She's 
eating?! Last bus?! Hide 
the cups under that tree! 
D — Do your ears still ring? 
"The Suite." My b-day, my 
can! Machines. Head 
count. Where's my 
roomie? Fall break in CH. 
We're looking at the stars! 
Keg Softball. Stirfry at 
leprechaun?! New Year's 
M? Spiked watermelon. 
Paris! L— Where RU? Is 
this a whore house? 
Serendipity Sheriffs. 
Holden House. I need fashion plates! Cafe Pasta. Who called 
Dr. j? M — ear! Extended dating? 1 really like him! TCBY w/ 
K — miss ya! Off to the beach! Skittles. D — gimme a high 5! 
DDLMC — we're not gonna live together forever?! I love you 

James robert 

What's the universe but the 
death of another day?" 


"I ate the last mango in 

I took the last plane out of 

1 rode the first fast boat to 

And Billy, there is still so 
much left to do." 

— bathroom wall. Captain 
Tony's, Key West 

'Tn the field of opportunity, it's plowing time again." 

-Neil Young 

sherra clinton 

"The true wonder of the world is available everywhere, in the 
minutest parts of our bodies, in the vast expanses of the cosmos, 
and in the interconnected ness of these and all things." 

— Michael Stark 



"Some men see things as 
thev are and say why. I 
dream of things that never 
were and sav why not." 

— Bobbv Kennedy 

"The weight of this sad time 

we must obey, 

Speak what we feel, not 

what we ought to say: 

The oldest hath borne most; 

we that are young 

Shall never see so much, nor 

live so long." 

— William Shakespeare 


Thanks Guilford for the 
memories — four wonderful 
wacky and enlightening 
four years: 2am no gas do 
you know where Bryan 
dorm is? Neil, Joe, Vic 
playing guitar ~ coffee 
houses, revelers, moonlight 
mice -- vie turn vour music 
down! "This is the end of 
the innocence" - Rebecca, 
Southwestern "I'm not 
interested" — "1 can under- 
stand, however, . . ." Sum- 
mer from Hell. Junior year 
in Hildebrant with Guppy 
and crew. Rich and the 
homeys at Fitness today 5x5 
yes I did it! The 721 Crew 
Neitche's going nuts! I'm 
hungry. Si tachies Lee Hancey 
Bar- "vou do not understand." 
Logs of thanks to all those 
who have made a difference: 
Neil, Rebecca, Rich, Sarah, Si, 
Guppy, Gio. Jose, Aaron, 
Brain, and Jack. Special 
thanks to my family and 
Ernest. I love you all. 

lori a. chamberlain 

"I'd like to make a motion that we face reality." — Bob Newharl 

Thanks Mom and Dad for supporting, listening, accepting, 
understanding and "flipping the bill" for the past five years. You 
have made my dreams a reality. Art and Teri — Thanks for being 
there. I love you all. Hey Hoi and Nan — "Coffee?" I've always 
appreciated your friendship and warmth. These special people, 
KP, IK, NP, DB, DB, DH, CM, Cap, VD, MG, and TC, have influ- 
enced and shaped my GuilCo experience in a memorable way. 

1 owe the most to my best friend. Bill, who has believed in me 
enough to grow, share and 
make life's transitions with 
me. GuilCo was a struggle, 
a joy, and a magic place for 
us. And what would we 
have done without the 
Pookla Pup. I love you. 

"Life is not a problem to be 
solved, but a mystery to be 
lived." — Unknown 

"And you learn that vou 

really can endure, that you 

really are strong 

and you really do have 


And you learn... 

And you learn... 

with every goodbye you 

learn..." — Unknown 

greg caporossi 

"1 am glad I did it, partly 
because it was well worth it, 
and chiefly because 1 shall 
never have to do it again." 
— Mark Twain 

"Life cannot waif until the 
sciences have explained the 
universe scientifically. We 
cannot put off living until 
we are ready. The most 
salient characteristic of life 
is its coerciveness: It is 
always urgent, 'here and 
now' without any possible 
postponement. Life is fired 
at us point blank." 

— Jose Ortega y Gasset 

Jacqueline k. 

Two very short years fuU 
)f memories and magnifi- 
ent times at Guilford. 
\iige: I'll never forget the 
rrazy times we shared! 
'UVAorbust!" Shana: 
L K'~' " S'^ Thanks for everything my 

Bt. k ; > beautiful leopar. "Do you 

Hyi^ W take AT&T?" Feeling 

^^^^^^ jsk^ H? heavy? Miss you. JS, JP, 

^^^^^^^ajl , W PM, ST, VR: Scooby-doo, 

^^^^^^^^^^^M never! PM: Where's "God," 

^^^^^^^^^^B Muggs, "tighty-whitey 

^^^^^^^^^Hh. ' man?". White-water rafting 

^^^^^^^^^"" crew: Y'all are wonderful. 

PB,]P, GB: Guys, you are 
the best! Keep on raisin' hell! JS: Good luck in your conquest 
aver Guilford. D21: A suite unforgettable — We made it through, 
"ladies." Thanks for being there! Kendall: "1 figured you'd sober 
up the more we drove around!" You're a terrific girl. JP — 
"Willo" — I love ya. Alex: Thank you — No mater how dark it 
ets — the light still shines. 

adrianne wardner cadbury 

Slowly the west reaches for clothes of new colors 
which it passes to a row of ancient trees. 
You look, and soon these two worlds both leave you, 
one part climbs toward heaven, one sinks to earth, 

leaving you, not really belonging to either, 
not so hopelessly dark as that house that is silent, 
not so unswervingly given to the eternal as that thing 
that turns to a star each night and climbs — 

leaving you (it is impossible 
to untangle the threads) 
your own life, timid and 
standing high and growing, 
so that, sometimes block in, 
sometimes reaching out, 
one moment your life is a 
stone in you, 

and the next, a star. 

— Rainer Maria Rilke, 

Many thanks to my 
friends and family for all 
their love and support. 

Carolyn bundy 

It is hard living down the tempers we are born with. 

- Gertrude Stein, T]>€ Making of Americans 

The forces of desire. ..ruin the flesh or raise the spirit. Or is it the 
other way around? 

- Chamberlain and Gilman, Degencmtion: The Dark Side of Progress 

Which of us has known his brother? Which of us has looked into 
his father's heart? Which of us has not remained forever prison- 
pent? Which of us is not forever a stranger and alone? 
- Thomas Wolfe, 

Look Honnvard, Angel 

2497, 8C, 7 A, DH2, 202 & 
113Archdale: thank you. 

It's funny. Don't ever tell 
anybody anything. If you 
do, you start missing 

- J.D. Salinger, 
The Catcher in the Rye 

Oh, the tempting pleasure. 
Oh, the exquisite pain. 

- W.A. Mozart, 
Cosi Van Tutte 


It is easier to bury than to forget. 


"I love him who makes his 
virtue his addiction and his 
catastroph: for his virtue's 
sake he wants to live on and 
to hve no longer." 
— Nietzsche 

f aye denise bublitz 


Kimberly — Shore 101 for 2 years — Loud neighbors, Lester, 
visits to Chester, "Joe, is she going to throw up?" shower singing, 
Dave, Steve and Taco Bell... I love you! 

Stacey-Bug: The best 3 years! Flatulations and belches in- 
cluded! Woodstream, daiquiris, "Perfect Neighbors," Norman, 
Krogering, Serendipity '90 & '92 — Give, give, give — you domestic 
woman! Thanks for giving me so much! 1 love you, roomie! 

My family: Deanne, Sas, Leigh, Vicki, Andy, Cris, Sarah P., 
Stacie, Paula, Nancy, S.G., 

Choir/ Allegro: You still 
have a piece of my heart, Ed 

Helen: Thanks for 

Kelly & SOS '91: We 

Tucker: Here's to house 
tours and 100-degree days 
at St. Croix! 

My deepest love and 
thanks to Mom, Daddy, 
Steven, and Sherri! 
1 Corinthians 13 

david brown 

To Guilford: If you want 
a fraternity, play lacrosse! 

To the Rugby "Club": 
Weapons? My butt! 

To Men's Soccer Team: 
It's not whether you win or 
lose, it's how you look. 

To everyone: "Just R-E- 

"Here's to you, and here's 

to me. 

Friends we are and friends 

we'll be. 

If we shall ever disagree. 

To hell with you, here's to 

...And don't you ever call me "Pooka" again. 

To Mom and Dad: All I can say is, "None better!" 


laura brooks 

Thank you. Mom and Dad and my sister Karen for your 
continuous support. I love you all. 

Four years. Freshman, Binford 222, First friendships, Mary, 
Halloween, Toga, Spring Break Miami, IDS 101, Walt Whitman 
Leaves of Grass. Sophomore year, Bryan 3rd floor, new faces, 
popcorn, pizza, parties, John Milton Paradise Lost. Junior year, 
Munich, Oktoberfest, "Walt Disney for Alcoholics," reunification, 
Leigh & Aaron, Herb, Tsachee's, Martin, Morton's class. Senior 
year, London, Troy, Greg, Cris, EUyn, Sara, thank you flatmates, 
"Opposition is true friend- 
ship" William Blake. Thank 
you Godard. Ireland. Will 
we ever return? 

Thank you Guilford! 

fred bronaugh 

anthony briggs 

These four years have 
been filled to the rim with 
change. My first year, I was 
alone & I thank Chris 
Tigani, James Clark, Wild 
Bill & Stacie for helping me 
get through it. Year two 1 
became a Christian and 
found out my clowning 
talent. I've been growing 
since then. I want to say to 
Leigh, Marian, Dave, 
Davey, A. Scott, Tucker, 
Alex, Andy, Chris, Misty, 
Mark, & Ev that I will 
always pray for you. I hope 
we will always be one in 
Christ. Proverbsl7:17"A 

fnend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for Adversity!" 

r.ikr care all! 

b. ross bozarth 

The crack of noon Alpin- 
ist Club, J.W. at Hugo's, 
D.C. and Georgetown, the 
"F" word (finance), Moore's 
Wall in a tornado, 
Sauratown, 5.10 Dude, 
Romper Room Social Club, 
Way Whips on Skin Toy, 
sunset and sunrise from the 
top, trips to Asheville, 
what's that, some kind of 
sick natural Gear Route? 

"Two roads diverged in a 
wood, and 1 — I took the one 
less travelled by, and that 
has made all the differ- 

— Robert Frost 

Yes, the Fish music. 

"A trout-colored wind blows through my eyes, through my 
fingers, and I remember how the trout used to hide from the 
dinosaurs when they came to drink at the river. The trout hid in 
subways, castles and automobiles. They waited patiently for the 
dinosaurs to go away." 

— Richard Braut 

"I couldn't think of a quote 
so I found this selection in 
my parents' nursery rhyme 
collection. It doesn't have 
some hidden symbolism 
intertwined with my life — 
so stop thinking about it! 

— Anthony Briggs 

"So hey anyways, you 
wanna piece a gum?" 

— W. Allen 

sarah lowell bowditch 

"Making your way in the world today 

takes everything you've got 
Taking a break from all your worries 

sure would help a lot 
Wouldn't you like to get away 

sometimes you want to go where 

everyone knows your name." 


LZ — our memories of 
yesterday will last a life- 

M, D, A & M— Thanks 
for your love and support. 
Thanks to all my close 
friends for the best 4 years. 

dena beth 


when I care about nothing 

except an apple: 

red as a maple tree 

satin and speckled 

tart and winy. 


when body is all: 

fast as an elevator 

pulsing out waves of 


hot as the inner earth 

molten and greedy. 


when sky fills my head: 

bluer than thought 

cleaner than number 

with a wind 

fresh and sour 

cold from the mouth of the sea. 


of sinking my teeth 

into now like a hungry fox: 

never otherwise 

am I so cruel; 

never otherwise 

so happy." 

— Marge Piercy 

stacie boggs 

"We try to change the inside by altering the outside, but it doesn't 
work... You can no more give what vou ain't got, then come back 
from where you ain't been... Everywhere vou go, there you are! 
You can't get away from yourself." 

— Robin Phillips 

"You have to be involved to be concerned." 

-Wes King 

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." 
— RP 

Remember your creator in 
the days when you are 
young, and he will be your 
hope under the sun." 

— Michael Card 

"Meekness is not weak- 

— RP 

"Let us hold unswervingly 
to the hope we profess, for 
He who promised is faith- 

— Heb. 10:23 

IV, always remember: 
Jesus is Lord! & the cat ;s in 
the door. 

andrew lewis bloom 

Guilford — you heard, now listen. Jesus died for i/o«. Roy — 
you know. Alex — my love goes with you brother. Butch — thanks 
for caring. I'll miss you. Small group — you stole my heart. 
Totally Stinking Awesome. Paula, Stacie, Chris, Nancy, Allen, 
Mark, Sara, Debbi, and Dove — you have encouraged me and 
loved me. I'll see you at the finish line. Scott G. — the answer 
remains the same. Jesus. Guadalajara Gang — 20 years later is 
only 18 away. Love y'all. Dar and Tara — you're awesome. My 
professors (especially Dottie) — what patience you have! Tucker — 
your friendship is a trea- 
sured possession that words 
can't describe. Everybody 
else — Jesus is the way — 
thanks for the walks, the 
food, the love and the 
friendship. God — only by 
your grace. Te amo. 

f. heather binion 

Thanks to everyone 
who's helping me make 
me... some more than 
others... you know who you 

Watch OUT! 

I'm coming to get you. 

jay m. bigelow 

Gamble PI 

melissa biber 

"as possible as yeast 
as imminent as bread 
a collection of safe habits 
a collection of cares 
less certain than I seem 
more certain than I was 
a changed changer 
i continue to continue 
where i have been 
most of my lives is 
where i'm going" 

— Lucille Clifton, / am not 
do)ie yet 

Four 1/2 years at 
Guilco — the best of 
friends — 1 love you all! 
Binforci, Mexico, Bryan, 
-what an experience of living and learning... 

At long last, the time has come for me to leave this fine institu- 
tion of higher learning. These past four years have seen some 
very interesting experiences, some of them memorable and others, 

At any rate, no matter how rough the journey has been, it is 
always hard to say goodbye because "goodbye" makes it all seem 
so final. So, to avoid the task of having to bear the emotional load 
that comes at such times as this, I'll simply say: 

"Hasta Luego..." 

nancy benson 

"walking through the city I saw the young girls 

with bodies all silk from underthings to eyebrows 

legs shaven 

heels pumiced 

nails glossed 

hair lacquered ' 

thighs taut 

eyes clear 

gladbreasted tittering girls 

and 1 wondered how even 

for an hour 

you could love a woman 

who has no silk 

no silk 

only burlap 

and that 

well worn 


and frayed 

with the effort of making a 


— Doris Vanderlipp Manley 

carl edward -^^jj ^ . l"^^ 
beehler *" "^ 

What? It's over already? 
And I was just beginning to 
have a good time! 

amy baynum 

anchi banh 

Xie xie nimen for an 
unforgettable fall '90 in 
Zhong Quo, Beijing. 

Bran, Dana, bu hui, Was, 
Wally, Joy-chi, Mehdi, Kinli, 
Lizzy Mae, and even you, 
Jimmy Van Crisp. 

vl L 

To all my friends: 

"Remember everything we said, did, and felt about each other." 

— CSN 

Mom, Dad, Tim, Jeb, Rob, Liz, and Sarah; Thanks for every- 
thing. I love you guys. 

phoebe e. bahr 

"The Philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various 
ways; the point, however, is to change it." 

— Karl Marx 

"Pooh and Piglet shuffled about a little and said, 'Well, good-bye, 
Eeyore' as lingeringly as they could, but they had a long way to 
go, and wanted to be getting on. 

'Good-bye,' said Eeyore. 'Mind you don't get blown away, 
little Piglet. You'd be missed. People would say "where's httle 
Piglet been blown to?!" — 
really wanting to know. 
Well, good bye. And thank 
you for happening to pass 

— A. A. Milne 

"It never could have hap- 
pened in New Hampshire." 
— R. Frost 

nicholas w. 

First, the obligatory 
"Tlwnks Mom & Dad" (Not 
that I don't love and care for 
you two more than the 
world — it's just so damn 

Second, my roommates 
o\'er the years — Chris 
Shepard, Jim Kohl, John 
Krause, Bruce Darby, Andy 
Moore, Kathleen Fecks, 
Mark Millspaugh, Ben 
Kealy, Greg Caparossi, Matt 
Cox, & John McCain. 
Thanks for dealing with me 
and teaching me so much 
bout relationships. 

Third, to all my dear old friends and the new ones I've met 
ilong the way — 

'Long may you run 

Although these changes have come 

Vith your chrome hear shining 

n the sun 

^ong may you run." 

— Neil Young 

butch arthur 

"On Monday, when the sun is hot, 

1 wonder to myself a lot: 

'Now is it true, or is it not. 

That what is which and which is what?' 

On Tuesday, when it hails and snows. 
The feeling on me grows and grows 
That hardly anybody knows 
If those are these or these are those. 

On Wednesday, when the 

sky is blue. 

And I have nothing else to 


I sometimes wonder if it's 


That who is what and what 

is who. 

On Thursday, when it starts 

to freeze. 

And hoar-frost twinkles on 

the trees. 

How very readily one sees 

That these are whose — but 

whose are these? 

On Friday — " 


Bark, bark, bark! Bye Zack, Tennessee, Stella, Utah, Georgia, 
Tosh, Rudolph, Dillon and Cliff! I'll miss you! Love, Arson. 
Bark, bark, bark! 

lance anthony 

tanya huegin 

If it's the last dance, dance 
backward. If you find your 
socks don't match, stand in a 
flower bed. And if you're 
afraid of the dark, remember 
the night rainbow. 

scott 1. abell 

It seems like yesterday I began my freshman year. I can't 
believe four years went by so quickly. Thanks Mom and Dad for 
the opportunity you allowed me that so many are not fortunate to 
experience. Words don't express the appreciation I feel for the 
sacrifices you have made. I want to wish all my friends the best in 
the future and thank them for all they've taught me about life and 
relationships. Thanks Guilford for everything! 


TOP LEFT: Chris Lynch, Amy 
Wagoner, Adam "Cosmo" Costanzo, 
and Cam Pridgen 

TOP lyCHT: "Can everybody hear 
me? Can everybody hear me now? 
OK, maybe I'll just yell, but remem- 
ber I have laryngitis," Jan Prillaman. 

BOTTOM: Sue Buckingham and 
John Hunsaker 


TOP: Steve Luber instructs seniors before the ceremony 

MIDDLE: Aaron Elrod, Sarah Bowditch, Angela Clontz, 
Dawn Cooper, Dana Everett and Melinda Mackey 

BOTTOM: Darren Wright, Eugene Wan, Glen Greenough, 

Vicki Liles, Angus McLees, Andy Bloom, Jennifer Smith, 

Sarah Powell, Jeff Grubbs and Fred Bronaugh 

TOP: Heather Binion and Katherine 
Schnorrenberg sing Laiidamus Te 

MIDDLE: Charlotte Smith speaking. 
Lew Riley, Anna Yeargin, Carrie Eby, 
Troy Closson and Carol Rauch 

BOTTOM LEFT: Seniors singing to 

family and friends: 

Here with your friends, 

I'm staying here with you my good friends, 

That 's just what I want to do. 

BOTTOM RIGHT: Let's all sing along 

with Joanna! 

Here with you frieiuis, 

I 'm staying here with you my good friends, 

'Cause life is so peacefid here with you. 


TOP RIGHT: Scott Genualdi laughs 
at Jacob Stohler's unattractive tie. 

BOTTOM: Seniors gather outside 
Dana after the ceremony. 

TOP: Sean O'Reilly, Roger Nebel and 
Laurel Nesbit 

(\BDOU Lisa Marie 
7(1 Farmstead Lane 
Windsor, CT 06095 

m ) (i88-.w:3 

ALLMAN Tricia Ann 
437 17th Ave DrNE 
Hickory, NC 28601 
(704) 3:8-4904 

ANTHONY Lance Ian 
120NW l.SthSt 
Long Beach, NC 28461 

BAILEY Angela Gene 
53S W Parkway Ave 
High Point, NC 27262 
(919) 887-180.'; 

BAUM Kalherine Jar 
6724 Westbrook Rd 
Baltimore, MD 2121! 

\BELL Scott Learned 
P O Box 3983 
Frederick, MD 21701 

ALLRED Philip Jeltery 
1.523 Lovett Street 
Greensboro, NC 27403 

APPLEBY Helen Frances 
1533 Clay St 
Blacksburg, VA 24060 

BAILEY Geoffrey Keith 
1407 PinelakeLane 
Bowie, MD 20716 

BAYNUM Amy Blakemore 
Richmond, VA 23226 
(804) 282-4938 

^CREY Clinton Patrick 
1529 Mossdale Ave 
Durham, NC 27707 

ALLRED Randall Curtis 
126CN Walnut Or 
Greensboro, NC 27409 

APPLEBY Michael Ma> 
1533 Clay Street 
Blacksburg, VA 24060 

BAKER Andrew Jr 
2214 Shaw Rd 
FayettevillcNC 28311 


BECKER Tobie Anne 
5272 Falcon Rdg Rd 
Roanoke, V A 24014 

\DAMSON Eric Anthony 
103 Claremont Road 
3ak Ridge. TN 378.30 

ALMY Charles Edward 
2702 Hill-N-Dale 
Greensboro. NC 27408 

ARLINE Christopher Neal 
PO Box 1 1 
Eccles, WV 25836 
(.304) 253-0435 

Marion, NC 28752 
(704) 652-9205 


BECKOM Scott Allen 
210 Unity Street 
Thomasville. NC 27.360 

\DDISON David Michael 
Roanoke, VA 24018 
704) 322-4755 

ALPER Zachai7 Seth 
RR Box 401 
East Dorset. VT 05253 
(802) 362-4464 

PO Box 224 
Hobgood, NC 27843 

BAKER Jeffrey Bryan 
490 1-C Tower Road 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

BEEHLER Carl Edward 
1 1 War Admiral Ln 
Media. PA 19063 

\HEARNE Allan J 
35 Second St 
3arden City. NY 115.30 

ALTIZER Howard Andrew 
725 Florham Dr 
High Point, NC 27262 

ARMSTRONG John Dougla 
1 18 Archer's Hope 
Williamsburg. V A 23185 

BAKKEN Emily Cooper 

18 Whillington 

St Charles, IL 60174 


BEGALLA Joseph Peter 
1771 Glencoe Road 
Winter Park, PL 32789 

\KSAN Oguz 
-link Guil Col 
?nsboro.NC 27410 

'VLBRIGHT Jeffrey Ray 
215 Holly Hill St 

iseur.NC 27316 

M.DOUS Bradley Tucker 
J8(14 Hwkns Creamer 
Damascus, MD 20872 

OiLDRICH Angela 
74 1 Canterbury Rd 
Kings Mountain, NC 28086 
704) 7.39-5049 

i^LE-XANDER Rodney Lamar 
?030 Markland Dr 

harlotte, NC 28208 
704) .394-7233 

■ALEXANDER Tanya Hueglin 
!5 Nubanusit Road 
Marlborough. NH 03455 

i\LGIRE Paul Stephen 
!02 1 3 Laurel Hill 
jermantown, MD 20874 

Brian Smith 
?nsboro.NC 27410 

ALLEN Joseph Preston 
PO Box 680 
Union, WV 24983 

ALLEN Timothy Martin 

.30113 Beechtree Ln 

iowie.MD 20715 

32 Ridgewood Ave 
Wheeling. WV 26003 
(304) 242-7461 

418 Lake Shore Ln 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

ANDERSON Benjamin Earl 
2901 Park Avenue 
Wilmington. NC 28403 

ANDERSON Charles H 111 
2003 Wildwood Road 
Salem. V A 24153 

ANDERSON Timothy Neill 
5401 Farley Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

5407 Marlin Street 
Rockville, MD 20853 

ANDREWS Rebecca Jean 
10 Brainerd Drive 
Cranbury.NJ 08512 
(609) 655-4693 

298 Azalea Drive 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

ANGLIN Elizabeth Jane 
350 Seneca Trail 
Maitland.FL 32751 
(407) 628-2982 

ANTHONY John Hobart 
540 Holly Drive 
Gainesville, FL 30501 

ARTHUR Carlos Ray 
216 Keller Avenue 
Fayetteville. WV 25840 

39 Wallace Road 
Princeton Jnctn, NJ 08550 
(609) 799-6048 

ATKINS Christopher A 
7205 St Crispins 
Summerfield, NC 27358 

ATKINSON Benjamin K 
45 Hilltop Street 
Newton. MA 02 158 

AUSTIN Kimberley Ann 
6264 Madison Court 
Bensalem. PA 19020 

AXFORD Chad Everett 
170BnarcliffeRd 29.301 

AYCOCK Kathryn Gardner 
917 W Stuart Dr 
Galax. VA 24333 
(703) 236-4644 

BACHMANN Susan Page 
69 Old Kings Hwy 
Wilton. CT 06897 

BAEDER Patrick James 
21 17 Heritage Hts 
Decatur, GA 30033 

BAHR Phoebe Eugenia 
Easton Rd 

Franconia. NH 03580 

BALDWIN Richard Allen 

2221 Jarrnan 

Muskegon Hghts. MI 49444 


BALLARD Kristi Michelle 
1037 Weaver Drive 
Oviedo, FL 32765 

BANH Anchi 
125 Summerlin Dr 
Chapel Hill, NC 275 14 

BANKS Aaron Thomas 
224 Blue Rdge Vista 
Asheville,NC 28815 

BARHAM Jeffrey James 
309 Alice Drive 
Anderson. SC 29625 

BARNES William Morgan 
5313 Delano Ct 
Cape Coral, FL 33904 

BARNHILL Katherine E 
2571 Country Club 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

BARROW John Knox IV 

Apt 23E 

New York, NY 10017 


BARRY Emily Renee 
219 E Lansing Rd 
Groton. NY 1.3073 
(607) 533-7563 

BASCONE Anthony Francis 
24 1 Dogwood Lane 
Manhasset, NY 110.30 

BELDNER Katherine E 
901 Regatta Road 
Charleston, SC 29412 

BENNER Andrew Phillip 
22225 Creekview Rd 
Gaithersburg, MD 20882 

2103 BeesonRoad 
Oak Ridge, NC 27310 

BENSON Nancy Michelle 
24 Longwood Drive 
Groveville, NJ 08620 

BERGER Philip Edward 
332 Jackson Street 
Eden, NC 27288 

BERGMANN Kathryn Ann 
1 2 Reservior Place 
Northpon,NY 11768 

BERRY Elizabeth J 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

BERUBE Michelle Lynn 
36 Ash Street 
Rehoboth, MA 02769 

BEVILLE Richard H Jr 
410 High Street 
Emporia. VA 23847 

BIBER Caroline Morgan 
406 E Kingston 
Charlotte. NC 28203 

BIBER Melissa Rochelle 
406 E Kingston Ave 
Charlolle. NC 28203 
(704) 372-6760 

BLEVINS Pamela Carroll 
PO Box 186 

Charlton Hgts, WV 25040 
(304) 779-2065 

BORAM Carissa Dawn 
Rt 4 Box 35 
Weston. WV 26452 


Quarters 7B 

New York. NY 10004 



1644 Gale Road 

Eaton Rapids. MI 48827 


BIGELOW Jay Moiu-oe 
10 Baylor Court 
Greensboro. NC 27405 

BLOCK Jon Eron 
2609 NW 23rd Terr 
Gainesville, FL 32605 

BORNE Benjamin Mather 
20 Sylvan Ave 
Wallingford, CT 06492 

BROOKS Laura Elizabeth 
614 Lake Hogan Ln 
Chapel Hill, NC 27516 

BULLOCK George E Jr 
P O Box 67 
Lebanon. NY 13085 

BIGGERS Lmda Claire 
620 Lakeshore Drive 
Goldsboro. NC 27534 

BLOOM Amy Sue 
3825 LaVista P-3 
Tucker. GA 30084 
(404) 939-5797 

BOST Daryle L 
Tabor Academy 
Manon. MA 02738 

BROWN Chad Kendrick 
Route 81 Box 76 
Peterstown. WV 24963 
(.304) 753-9894 

BVNDY Carolyn Ann 
2497 Grand Point 
Chamhershurg.PA 17201 

BING Stephanie Taylo 
POBox 142 
Bolton. MA 01740 

BLOOM Andrew Lewis 
Rt 4 Box 243 
Warrenton, VA22186 
(703) 349-2942 

14020 ElmsteadRd 
Midlothian, VA 23113 

BROWN David Andrew 
206 Elliott Road 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

BURGESS Joel Edward 
4280 Union Ridge 
Burlington, NC 27217 

BINION Heather C 
508 Lakeshore Dr 
Atlanta. GA 30307 
(404) 378-4039 

BOGGS Stacie Lee 
1828 Rolling Rd 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

BOURBEAU Caeli Skye 
6 Cherokee Street 
Boston. MA 02120 

BROWN Elizabeth EIIk 
1 8 Jordan Street 
Lexington. VA 24450 

BURKE Shaun Thomas 
1348 Stillwater Rd 
Lancaster. PA 17601 

BIRD Steven Andrew 
3086 Peachtree Dr 
Atlanta. GA 30305 
(404) 262-9482 

BOHN Aaron Trail 
1701 Lynwood Ave 
Winston-Salein.NC 27104 
(9191 722-0548 

BOWDITCH Sarah Lowell 
1 03 Loring Road 
Weston. MA 02 193 

BROWN William Hunter 
79 Tacoma Circle 
Asheville. NC 28801 

BURKETT Jacqueline K 
294 1 Wood Duck 
Virginia Beach. VA 23456 

BISHOP Christophe 
5613-A Forest Oaks 
Raleigh. NC 27609 

BOLTON Dena Beth 
1 1501 Valley View 
Anchorage. KY 40223 
(.502) 245-2677 

BOZARTH Bradley Ros: 
7878 Lake Dawn Dr 
Winter Park. FL 32792 

BROWNING Rebecca Buck 
2 Cabot Street 
Winchester. MA 01890 

BURLEIGH Meredith Irene 
3502 Creekview Cir 
Stone Mountain. GA .30083 
(404) 296- .3531 

BLACK James Christian 
POBox 312 
Kensington. MD 20895 

BOND Victoria Jennie 
5617 Riviera Drive 
Coral Gables. FL 33146 

BRACEY Meisha Latrese 
3308 Quail Hollow Drive 
Raleigh. NC 27609 

BRUCE Ian Frank 
41 Victoria Drive 
Annandale.NJ 08801 

BURNS Sara Jane 
200 W Penibrey Dr 
Wilmington. DE 19803 

BLACK Sarah Constance 
100 Rhododendron 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

BOOHAR Bryant A 
700 Manchester Ave 
Media. PA 19063 

BRAGG Willa Beatrice 
687 Percy Street 
Greensboro. NC 27405 

BRUMLEY Douglas Robert 
8682 Somerset Lane 
Germantown.TN 38138 

BURRIS Robert Ncill Jr 
2414 Richardson Dr 
Charlotte. NC 28211 

BLAKELY Theresa Kay 
654 Clearview Dr 
Clifton. CO 81520 

BOOHER Karin Alicia 
534 Ridgeley Lane 
Richmond, VA 23229 

BRASSELL Emily Gill 
105 Wedgwood Drive 
Morganton. NC 28655 

BRUTSCHE Jennifer N 
Dallas. TX 75229 

BURROUGHS Peter William 
3605 Willmsborough 
Raleigh. NC 27609 

BLANCHARD William Wells 

7 St Clair Rd 

New Vemon. NJ 07976 


BOONIN Michael Paul 
2 Hilton Court 
Stony Brook. NY 11790 
(516) 751 -.3088 

BRAY John Campbell 111 
4 Willow Glen 
Atlanta. GA 30342 
(404) 256-9699 

BRYANT Kathleen Adams 

252 Old 

Wayland. MA 01778 


BUSCH Matthew Natha 
3901 Beverly Hills 
High Pomt. NC 27265 

BRIGGS Anthony Paul 
Rt7Box 1724 
Lexington. NC 27292 

BRIGGS Cynthia Ann 
3824 Hyde Park Dr 
Roanoke. V A 24018 

(703) 774-95(J6 

BRIGGS Heather Beck 
Route 7. Box 1724 
Lexington. NC 27292 

BRODIE Cynthia June 
6901 Wooden Rail 
Summerfield. NC 27358 

BROEHL Nathan Gerald 
900 Quinby Avenue 
Wooster. OH 44691 

BRYANT Linda Evelyn 
725 Glensford Dr 
Fayetteville. NC 28.304 

BRYANT Robert Jimmy Jr 
412 E Simmons Ave 
WillumiMon, NC 27892 

BUBLITZ Faye Denise 
12601 Merry Drive 
Chester, V A 23831 

BUCHANAN Patrick Heath 
.3405-6 Whitehurst 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

17 Darby Ct 
Bethesda,MD 20817 

BUTLER Cathleen M 
213 Blake St 
Norfolk, VA 23505 

BUTTON Robert Justus 
1811 Slrathmore Dr 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

BYNUM Chantelle Renee 
6818-103 WndngCdr 
Charlotte, NC 28212 

CADBURY Adnanne Warder 
135 Jay Street 
Albany. NY 12210 

CALABRO James Anthony 
1810 Hobbs Road 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

5 Lovcii Si 

;rlv. MA 01415 

CASTILLO Ciirolina C 
POBox 17I4S 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

103.10 Versailles 
Mequon. Wl .S.1(W2 

COBB Ashley Kinchen 
Route .1 Box ISO 
Winterville. NC 2S,'iyO 

COOK Wesley Todd 
1 6 Chancery Place 
Durham. NC 27707 
(')!')) 493-216.1 

CALL0WA1' Sarah Belh 
504 I/: Norlh Si 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

CATES Doroihee Anne 

PO Box 105 

Easl Vassalboro. ME 04935 


CHRISTIE Carl Robcn 
Allanla. GA.303I9 
(4041 233-6647 

COBB Jeffrey Baine 
104 Dover Ln 
Jacksonville. NC 28540 

COOPER Carroll Da« 
6150 SW 40th St 
Miami, FL 33155 

CALTRIDER Jennifer Ly 
Rl 3 Box S3A 
Elizabeth. WV 26143 

CATES Scott David 
Route 3 Box 260 
Roxboro. NC 27573 

CHRISTMAN Brindon John 
Rl 4 Box 931 
Eden. NC 27288 

CODY Michael LaJuai 
Rt 4 Box 7.39 
Reidsville. NC 27320 

COOPER Franklin Cullen 
23 Savage Street 
Charleston. SC 29401 

CALVERT Owen Hayes 
957 Bryans PI Rd 
Winsion-Saleni. NC27I()4 

CAUDILL Deanna June 

Rl 2 Box 34 

Fort Gay. WV 25514 


10527 Brevity Dr 
Great Falls. VA 22066 

COHEN Justin Greg 
105 Rhododendron 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

COPELAND Christina Lynn 
10319 Wtkns Mill 
Gatihersburg. MD 20879 

CAMP Margaret Manel 
1233 Brooknood Rd 
Shelby. NC 28150 

4803 Brookhaven Dr 
Greensboro. NC 27406 

PO Box 1 7087 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

COHEN Samanlha Lynn 
Lincoln. NE 68506 

CORE Robert Kavin 
765 Pan Handle Rd 
Gold Hill. NC 28071 
(704) 279-5793 

Lexington. KY 4050: 

2 Doolittle Court 
Gaithersburg. MD 20879 

CLARK Hilary 
1 5 Fox Ridge Road 
Sparta. NJ 0787 1 

COIT Kirsten Hemdahl 
Rl 8 Box 2111 
Buckhannon.WV 26201 

COSTANZO Adam Matthe 
6720 Pauline Dr 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 


Rt 1 Bok63-I 
Elkins.WV 26241 

CHAMBERLIN Rebecca King 
PO Box 64 
Watertbrd.VA 22190 

CLARK James Roben 
HC-02 Box 145 
Allisonia. VA 24347 
(703) 766-3.565 

COLBURN Nalasha Melissa 
232 Rhoads Avenue 
Haddonfield. NJ 08033 
(609) 795-5907 

COTTRILL Shannon Dawn 
OttoRle Box 141 A 
Spencer. WV 25276 

CANNON Joanna Yokona 
438 Cadwalader Ave 
Elkins Park. PA 19117 

CHAMPION Joseph Thomas 

200 Bethlehem Rd 

Kings Mountain. NC 28086 


CLARKE Kevin Sean 
1705 Grove ST 
Greensboro. NC 27403 

COLE Rachael E M 
3 Brynhurst Cl 
Durham. NC 27713 

505 Chestnut Ave 
Towson.MD 21204 

CANNON Katharine E 
Route 1 Box 1 35 
Black Mountain. NC 28711 
(704) 669-2078 

3808 Orangepointe 
Valrico. FL 33594 

CLAY Alexander S 
-3578 Rariier Dr NW 
Atlanta, GA 30327 

COLE Thomas Reedy 
107 Kitty wake Dr 
Newport News. VA 23602 

5712 Telfair Cove 
Charlotte. NC 28210 

CAPERS Willie Lee Jr 
4346 Palmetto Ave 
Columbia. SC 29203 

CHASE Derrick Alan 
721 Mohawk St 
Tumersville.NJ 08012 

228 Chffdale Dr 

COLLIER Forrest Leonard IV 
3107 WickershamRd 
Charlotte. NC 282 11 
(704) 366-0508 

2939 Isaac's Place 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

CAPOROSSl Gregg Alle 
2140 9th St NW 
Hickory, NC 28613 
(704) 324-9030 

CHAVIS Christopher D 
2512 Glenhaven Dr 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

CLIFTON Ashley Brooke 
2910NW31 Terrace 
Gainesville, FL 32605 
(904) 378-6474 

COMER Marianna F 
2(K) E Greenway N 
Greensboro. NC 27403 

COX Anice Renee 
-3464 Mickle Avenue 
Bronx. NY 10469 

CARRIER Katherine Lyn 
PO Box 8357 
AsheviIle.NC 28814 
(704) 255-0527 

CHEEK Tamra Shay 
607 Seven Oaks Dr 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

3021 LeefieldDr 
Hemdon. VA2207I 

COMPTON Amy Jennett 
100 Berwick Drive 
Oak Ridge. TN 37830 

COX Brigid Lee 
702 Hillary Court 
West Chester. PA 19382 

922 Woodlake Court 
O'Fallon. IL 62269 

2341 Pine Meadow 
Kemersville. NC 27284 

106 Billy Avenue 
Archdale. NC 27263 

COMPTON Derek Wils. 
1(K) Berwick Drive 
Oak Ridge. TN 37830 

COX Matthew Douglas 
1412 Hunting Ridge 
Raleigh. NC 27609 

CARTER Maia Grace 
905 King George Dr 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

CARTLAND Jennifer Curry 
5812 Chevy Chase 
Washington, DC 20015 

Route 7 Box 1225 
Thomasville. NC 27-360 


3249 Jackson St 

San Francisco. CA 941 18 


CHIRINOS Patricia 
Interlink Guil Col 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

CHOU Philip Dietrich 
1301 ParkDnve 
Elizabeth City. NC 27909 

CLONTZ Angela Mane 
1902 Overland Dr 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

CLOSSON Troy Lynn 
5812 End O'Trail 
Fori Worth. TX 761 12 

CLUMP Anneliesa 
1 326 Welcome Cir 
Durham. NC 27705 

COMPTON Genevieve D 
6431 Briarwood Rd 
Columbia. SC 29206 

CONRAD Cecil Dean 
Rl I Box 872 
Lexington. NC 27292 

CONREY Elizabeth J 
5941 Mineral Hill 
Sykesville.MD 21784 

CRAIG Christopher M 
2908 Tutman Court 
Raleigh. NC 27614 

CRAIGO Shannon Nichole 
Rt 1 Poplar Fork 
Hurricane, WV 25526 

3-300 Buchanan 301 
Mount Rainier. MD 207 12 

CRAYTON Jude Lawrence 
II 22 Third Si 
Brookings. SD 57006 

DAVID Ameen 
Washington, DC 2000S 

DEPUY Hillary Leslie 
3925 N Abingdon St 
Arlington. VA 22207 
(703) 237-2556 

DUNFORD Melissa Kay 
S50 Anderson Ave 
Marion. VA 24354 
(703) 783-3720 

EMANUEL Kevin Demetrice 
2920 Chapel Hill 
Durham. NC 27707 

CRENSHAW Lisa Dianne 
2726 Anderson Dr 
Raleigh. NC 27608 

Dogwood Hollow 
Sewannee. TN 37375 

DERBY William Jay III 
19G St Croix PI 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

DUNKLE Jonathan Mark 
460 W Lafayene 
West Chester, PA 19382 

EMERSON Ashley Ann 
4222 Maybrook Dr 
Greensboro, NC 27405 

2300 S River Rd 
Melbourne Beach. FL 32951 


DAVIDSON Jonathan A 
2809 Midvale Ave 
Philadelphia. PA 19129 

POBox 17121 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

DUNN Charles Hardy 
POBox 1271 
Try on. NC 28782 

ENNIS India F D 
Rd 3 Box 399 
Pittslown. NJ 08867 

CROPPER Dale Robert 
25 Jackson Road 
Salisbury. MD 21801 

DAVIS Brenda Lee 
1904 E Washington 
Orlando. FL 32803 

DEWAR Jason Todd 
7645 Penns Gi^e Rd 
Summerfield. NC 27358 

DURKIN Clayton Willi; 
88 Andover Ct 
Wayne. PA 19087 

ERATH Michael Glennon 
107 Prestwick Dr 
High Point. NC 27265 

CROWDER LaTasha Chene" 
3439-E Oak Arbor 
Charlotte. NC 28205 

DAVIS Charles Sidney 
PO Box 208 
Fort Gay, WV 255 14 
(304) 648-5608 

DICKSON Kimberly Anne 
P O Box 78064 
Greensboro, NC 27427 

DUROCHER Angelique V 
2821 Williamsburg 
Shrewsbury, MA 01545 
(508) 842-8996 

1 19 Drink' 
Exeter, NH 03833 


CRUM Danny Ray 
8817 Hwy 421 
Colfax, NC 27235 

DAVIS Layla Vanessa 
980 Harte Dr SW 
Atlanta, G A .30310 

DIffiSO Mara Joy 
2040 Firetower Ln 
IjamsvilIe,MD 21754 

DWYER Paula Renee 
315 Pendleton Dr 
Greensboro, NC 27409 

EURE Joanne Lynn 
POBox 17145 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

CUMMINS Karen Leigh 
1801 ChadwickRoad 
Englewood, FL 34223 

DAVIS Mary Nichole 
1738 JonesboroRd 
McDonough, GA 30253 

DODGE Lisa Anne 
PO Box 1964 
Pinehurst, NC 28374 

EBY Carren Cornell 
3320 Bluffview Dr 
Louisville, TN 37777 

EVANS Justin Ian 
5102 Launnda Dr 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

2208 Greenwich Ln 
Wilson. NC 27893 

DAVIS Rebekah Elizabeth 
32 Southampton PI 
Durham. NC 27705 

DONNAY Michael David 
2000 Fountain Rdg 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

ECKERT Elizabeth Ann 
4324 Ben Gunn Rd 
Virginia Beach. VA 23455 

EVERETT Dana Louise 
30 Ledgewood Road 
West Hartford. CT 06107 


6906 Heritage Way 
Charleston. WV 25312 


DAVIS Robert Michael 
3605 Oakdale Dnve 
Birmingham. AL 35223 

DORER Alison Louise 
3421 York Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

EDDY Cary Ellen 
422 Westwood Drive 
Chapel Hill. NC 27516 

EWELL Richard Thomas 
64 Summit Street 
South Portland. ME 04106 

CURL Douglas Cummmgs 
2794 Acom Court 
Winsion-Salem.NC 27106 

DAVIS Tracy Elizabeth 
1617 Hertford Road 
Charlotte. NC 28207 
(704) 333-2083 

DOSS Carolyn Delyce 
42 1 Poteat Road 
Mt Airy. NC 27030 


POBox 17144 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

EYRE David F 
Hatfield. PA 19440 

D'AIELLO George Collins 
PO Box 446 
Roper. NC 27970 

DAWSON Eric Shane 
4083 Old River Trl 
Powhatan. V A 23139 

12351 Lilac Dnve 
Anchorage. AK 99516 

EGRESSY Barthold Jakob 
POBOX 17160 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

FEHRENB.ACH Elisabeth A 
123 Kingspoint Dr 
Williamsburg. VA 23185 
(804) 229-8532 

DADA Veronica 
St Croix PI 15J 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

DEAVER Donovan M Jr 
Fayetteville, NC 28304 

DOWLING Amy Suzanne 
3126 Garst Cabin 
Roanoke. VA 24018 
(703) 774-9301 

ELDER John Daniel 
4603 Oakcliffe Rd 
Greensboro. NC 27406 

FEIGLEY Laurel Megai 
2725 Duncan Street 
Columbia, SC 29205 

DALY Sage Clarkson H 
Chestertield. NH 03443 

DEBLOIS Laura Elizabeth 
3838 N Causeway Blvd 
Metaine. LA 70002 

DOWNEY Ian Flynn 

263 Elm Street 

S Dartmouth. MA 02748 


ELIAS Michael Wilson 
401 E Deborah Dr 
Salisbury. MD 21801 

FELIX Melissa E 
720 E Sierra Madre 
Glendora.CA 91740 

1744 E 25th Street 
Baltimore. MD 21213 

DECICCO Anthony Ha 
13360 Previt Place 
Hemdon. VA 22070 

DRENNEN Emily Deanna 
561 Summer Hill Rd 
Madison. CT 06443 

ELLIS Emily Mane 
832 Kenmore Road 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

FELLMAN Elizabeth Anne 

8 Walbndge Road 

West Hartford. CT 061 19 


4082 Blunienthal Rd 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

DEHART Christopher Todd 
4004 Adamson Dr. 
Greensboro, NC 27407 

DUNBAR Laura Lynn 
1210 Fallsmead Way 
Rockville, MD 20854 

ELROD Aaron Zeigler 
P O Box 220384 
Charlotte. NC 28222 

106 Wild Turkey Tr 
Chapel Hill. NC 27516 

101 Windsor Road 
Greer. SC 2965 1 


DEJONGH Melinda Camilla 
823 Emory Drive 
Chapel Hill, NC 275 14 

DUNCAN Ketura Dawn 
603 Melrose Ave 
High Point, NC 27262 

ELZINGA John Marsha 
1309 Millstone Rvr 
E Millstone, NJ 08876 

2813 Clarendon Ave 
Roanoke, V A 24012 
(703) 366-0956 

II KKARO Joseph A 
s:: si.iifordshire 
(>Kko\sville. MD21(>30 
liiil I (i(i7-h2ti8 

[ 1 KKELLPaul McGec 
I l>^ Collums Road 
Ch.iivl Hill,NC27.M4 

I I SSLER Lee Megan 
1111 [i.iwvood Place 
. Cluipel Hill, NC 27516 

5805 Dale Road 
Baltimore. MD 21209 

FIALKA Jennifer Wren 
1959 Rockingham Si 
McLean, VA 22UII 

HOLDHN Candace Leigh 
535 Audubon Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

FORD Amanda Anne 
964 Allamanda Dr 
Delray Beach, FL 334S3 
(407) 243-4852 

FORD Timothy Arjuna 
Route I Box 1 248 
Easton.MD 21601 

FORMAN Eric Robert 
954 Chelten Hills 
Wyncole, PA 19095 

2505 Nation Avenue 
Durham, NC 27707 

FRENCH Tracey Lee 
1717 Durham St 112 
Burlington, NC 27217 

166 N Fores( Ave 
Rockville Centre, NY 11570 

FRIEND Melissa Maria 
177 Meadbrook Road 
Garden City, NY 1 1530 

122 Randall Avenue 
Port Jefferson. NY 11777 

FUEHLER Kristin M 
Rt I Box 490 
Claremont. NC 28611) 

FINE Thomas Edward 
506 West Drive Cir 
Richmond. VA 23229 

FORSYTH Clarice Ann 
805 Pitman Road 
Greensboro. NC 27406 

POBox 17167 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

1 3303 Torrington 
Midlothian, VA 23 1 1 3 
(804) 794-5098 

GIBBS Sarah Chiles 
4700 Doyle Terr 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 
(804) 384-6689 

FINGERHUT Blair Alison 
1520 Silver King 
Aspen, CO 8161 1 

FOULKS Stephen Ray 
716 Meadowood Road 
Greensboro, NC 27409 

FULLER Jennifer 
306 Hillcresi Rd 
Raleigh, NC 27605 

GAULT Charles Neal III 
8793 Wood Mill 
Cordova, TN 38018 

GIBNEY Ka(herine Thi< 
1071 NMomanaSt 
Arlington, VA 22205 
(703) 532-5240 

170 Hooker Avenue 
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 

MoundsviUe.WV 26041 
(304) 845-6840 

GAGNON Mark Henry 

POBox 1023 

Saratga Springs, NY 12866 


GAVINS Sylvester 
28 Marconi PI 
Brooklyn, NY 11233 

GIBSON Juanita Jean 
506 Parkersburg Rd 
Spencer, WV 25276 

FISCHER Sara Beth 
699 View Dr 
Pleasanton. CA 94566 
(415) 846-6685 

FRANZ Curtis Manfred 

1 1 Seneca Road 

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 


GAISER Mara Gabrielle 
5618 Greenlee Road 
Greensboro, NC 27410 


GEARY Emma Eh/.abelh 
1 Surrey Lane 
Durham, NC 27707 

GIBSON Margaret 
PO Box 326 
Hanland. VT 05048 
(802) 457-3389 

nSHER Amelia Michael 
20224 Valley Mill 
Freeland,MD 21053 

FRANZEN Signe Ruth 
12 Winthrop Court 
Durham. NC 27707 

GALVIS Maria Claudia 
412 Hobbs Road 
Greensboro. NC 27403 

GENTRY Lamar Curtis 
2520 SW 14th Dr 
Gainesville. FL 32608 
(904) 335-4077 

GILBERT Marian Jessi 
4547 Peeples Rd 
Oak Ridge, NC 27310 

FISHER John David 
3218 Oliver St NW 
Washington, DC 20015 

FISHMAN Morgan Edward 
3562 Macomb St NW 
Washington, DC 20016 

PITCHER Kimberly M 
1019 Dennis Avenue 
Orlando, FL 32807 

2025 Virginia Rd 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

FLANNERY Bnan Edward 
2 Oval Court 
Bronxville, NY 10708 

FLORIDO Juan Ignacio 
POBox 17165 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

FRAULO Jonathan Peter 
4575 Watson Drive 
Doylestown, PA 18901 

FRAZIER James Blake 
5708 Halcun Dnve 
Roanoke. VA 24019 
(703) 362-5973 

FRAZIER Jeffrey ScotI 
519 Edinburgh Dr 
Burlington. NC 27215 

FREEMAN Douglas Blake 
704 W Walnut St 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101 

FREEMAN Sara Robin 
One Northdaie Road 
White Plains, NY 10605 

FREIHAGE Jason Edward 
10ll6Colebrook Av 
Polomac, MD 20854 

GARCL^ Puente Carlos 
St Croix PI 4C 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

GARDNER Ashlee Anita 
1103 Forrest Blvd 
Decatur, GA 30030 

(404) 284-6634 

428 Duckworths Cir 
Morganton, NC 28655 

GARLOW Amy Elizabeth 
5942 Big Horn Dr 
Roanoke, VA 24018 

GARRETT Phillip Paul 
1225 Sam Lions Tr 
Martinsville, VA 241 12 

GARRISON Jennifer Lee 
198 Gamson Farm 
Fort Mill, SC 29715 

GENUALDI Scott David 
3 1 Lee Lane 
Summit, NJ 07901 

GEORGE Derek Albert 
1201 AptD 
Birmingham, AL 35209 

GEORGE Kelly Ann 
111 Unadilla Ave 
Asheville. NC 28803 

GETZ Donald David 
1 101 Airlie Road 
Wilmington. NC 28403 

GIANG Huyen Thi Bich 
4013 Mcintosh St 
Greensboro. NC 27407 

841 Audubon Ln 
Winter Park. FL 32789 

GILLIS Stephen Malcolm 
1 126 John Jones Rd 
Bahama. NC 27503 

Route 2 Box 1 1 1 
Montrose. WV 26283 

GLASSER Hara Brooke 
7433 Dehlman Ave 
Norfolk. VA 23505 

47 Maple Hill Farm Road 
Penfield. NY 14526 

GODWIN Anne Otwell 
P O Box 454 
Parksley.VA 23421 

GODWIN Jimmy Dalton Ji 
12900 TwihghlDr 
Charlotte, NC 28227 
(704). 545-5 1 68 

COINS Stephen Todd 
4325 Bellgrove Cl 
Hamsburg, NC 28075 

GREEN Steve Latnonte 
2 1 5 Church Street 
Beckley.WV 25801 


65 West 90th 

New York. NY 10024 


Route 1 Box 387-D 
Bethel. NC 27812 

HEIL Michael Edgar 
Ri 1 3 Box 
Hickory. NC 28601 

GOLDEN Alicia 

148 Whiting Lane 

West Hartford. CT 061 19 


GREENE Laura Pamela 
1761 Rainbow Cir 
York, PA 17404 


Lawsonville, NC 27022 

HARDMAN William Colema 
Rt3Box 162-C 
Sylva. NC 28779 

HEIN Robert Kyle 
220 Zeblin Road 
Atlanta. GA 30342 
(404) 257-0087 

GOLDMAN Federico Pablo 
5369 Loch Leven Ct 
Dublin, OH 43017 

GREENE Ousmane K 
2357 Sherry Street 
Yorktown Heights. NY 10598 

146 Woodland Ave 
Winnetka. IL 60093 

HARGUS Jodie Angela 
4109 Lake Sherwood 
Baton Rouge. LA 70816 

HELLER Stacey Jill 
191l7Capehan Dr 
Gaithersburg. MD 20879 

307 S Olive St 
Media. PA 19063 

26 Fall.s Road 
Shelbume. VT 05482 

HAIRSTON Renado Leon 
Rt 1 Box 542 
Maninsville. VA24II2 


1823 2nd Ave 

New York. NY 10128 


HENDREY Jennifer K 
57 Robinson St 
Shoreham, NY 11786 

Washington. DC 20010 

5931 NW28thTer 
Gainesville. FL 32606 

HALE Bradley Jay 
POBox 1461 
Cherokee, NC 28719 

FLSlRRIS Douglas Scott 
3449 Woodlnd Hlls 
Roanoke. VA 24014 

HENRY Holly Eleanor 
3387 Morning Dove Road 
Roanoke. VA 24018 

GORMAN Alex Peder 
356 Trevor Lane 
Bald Cynwyd. PA 19004 

GRIFFIN Kimberly K 
5332 Lakeview Dr 
Durham. NC 277 1 2 

HALL Douglas Lashmit 
2523 Woodbine Road 
Winston-Salem. NC 27104 

HARRIS Elizabeth Scott 
611 RockfordRoad 
Greensboro. NC 27408 

HENRY Shane Travis 
Ri 1 Box219-D 
Rock. WV 24747 

GOWELL Knsti Anne 
225 Gamage Avenue 
Auburn. ME 04210 

RD 7 Redgaie Road 
Sewickley. PA 15143 
(4121 741-4736 

HALL Jennifer Anne 
115 Bianwood Drive 
Boone. NC 28607 

HARRIS Lynn Patnce 
1925 Longleaf Dr 
Charlotte. NC 28210 

HEPLER Justin W 
859 Skyline Dnve 
Erdenheim, PA 19118 

GRAHAM Derrick LeDon 
Route 2 Box 1 37-B 
Riegelwood, NC 28456 
(919) 655-9897 

GRIFFITH Devin Lloyd 
24 Shannon Court 
Medford, NJ 08055 

HALL Maria Nichole 
2606 First Ave NW 
Hickory. NC 28601 
(704) 327-4553 

HARRIS Schon LeNair 
1408 Jackson St 
Buriington.NC 27215 
(919) 227-0325 

HERMEY Danielle E 
5300 W Friendly 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

GRAHAM Elizabeth Wade 
Rt 3 Box 230 

Purcellville.VA 22132 
(703) 338-.3976 

GRIFFITH Douglas Vernon 
921 Shamrock Road 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

HALL Michael John 
319 Lone Pine Rd 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

HARRISON Jeanette L 
48 Laurel Circle 
Malvern. PA 19355 

HERNDON Bryan Scott 
3023 Dillon Road 
Jamestown, NC 27282 

GRAHAM Mary Walker 
Rt 3 Box 2.TO 
Purcellville.VA 22132 
(703) 338-3976 

GRIFFITH Robert Walker 

RR 1 Box 314 

West Wilton. NH 03086 


HALL Richard Dunwody 111 
5404 Westfield Dr 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

Princeton, WV 24740 

HERNDON Jeffrey Dale 
Rt 4 Box 721 
ThomasviUe. NC 27360 

GRAHAM Tracy Gordon 
Route 3 Box 230 
Purcellville.VA 22132 
(703) 338-.3976 

GRILL Natalie Jean 
407 N Wilkinson 
St Pauls. NC 28384 

404 Lantern Lane 
Berwyn. PA 19312 

HATFIELD Jennifer Ann 
2303 Meadow Brook Lane 
Blacksburg. VA 2406(1 

HERR Hans Joseph 
1441 Naaman's 
Boothwyn. PA 19061 

GRANT Eliesha 

78 Webster Avenue 

Port Washington, NY 1 1050 


GRIMES William Scott 
Route 2 Box 309-E 
Bahama. NC 27503 

HAMILTON Michael Coy 
Rt 16 Box 2141 
Lexington. NC 27292 

HAVHOLM Nathanial G 
748 Beall Avenue 
Wooster. OH 44691 

HERRING Frances C 
POBox 215 
Rockford, TN 37853 

GRANTHAM Brian Dougla 
209 Lakeside Drive 
Snow Hill. NC 28580 

GROSSMAN Penni Michelle 
724 Kilbum Road 
Wilmington. DE 19803 

HAMILTON Thomas Robert 
615 Central Ave 
Glendora, NJ 08029 

HAYMOND Gordon Scott 
1.362 lOthStPINW 
Hickory, NC 28601 

HESTER Larry Bullock Jr 
Raleigh. NC 27615 

GRANTHAM Paul Stuart 
209 Lakeside Drive 
Snow Hill. NC 28580 

GRUBB Wyndee Olo 
106 Pelham Road 
Delran. NJ 08075 

HANDY Roben Shane 
Route I Box .54 1 
Pleasant Garden, NC 2731 3 

HEDRICK Christopher T 
200 79th Street 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

HESTER Megan Shea 
Id Country Club Trail 
AshcMlle. NC 28804 

GREEN Elisabeth Ruth 
5-D Woodstream Ln 
Greensboro, NC 274 1 

GRUBBS Jeffrey Brian 
5317 Broadmoor PI 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

HANNA Timothy Noel 
210 Eddy Street 
Ithaca, NY 14850 

HEEKS William G III 
1004 Ocean Ridge 
Wilmington, NC 28405 

HICKS ChnsIopherK 
8 Midland Gardens 
Bronxville. NY 10708 

GREEN James Scott 
5311 Sandstone Dr 
Fayetteville, NC283II 

GRUNKO Rebecca Aeron 
51 Berkeley Street 
Somerville, MA 02143 

HANNUM Kelly Mane 
20-L Hunt Club Rd 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

HEFFERAN Jennifer Lee 
Frazier Apt # 1 3 
Greensboro, NC 27410 
(919) 855-7478 

HICKS Clair Jane 
PO Box 1 1 59 
Lewisburg,TN 37091 











HICKS Reginald Clay 

HOFFERMAN Fnior\ J.ison 

Rt6 Box 123 

11547 Lilting Ln 

Louisburg, NC 27549 

Fairfax Station. VA 22039 



HICKS Sadio-Tene Ebonese 

HOFFMAN Aaron Neilson 

"-'1 [ .ision Avenue 


Biill.ilii, NY 14215 

Jupiter, FL 33477 



HIDER Jill Wheaton 

HOFFMAN Kathryn Shane 


829 Lantern Lane 

Reslon.VA 22(191 

Langhome, PA 19047 



HILL James Allen 

HOFFMAN Sara Haines 

2408 Ridge Road 

619 Summit House 

Raleigh. NC 27612 

Westchester, PA 19382 



HILL Jennifer Kathryn 

HOLLINGER Amanda Nora 

Route 2 Box 1 66A 

921 NW 37th St 

Rock Hall, MD 21661 

Gainesville. FL 32605 



HILL Katho-n Lee 

2001) Lawton Bluff 

HOLMES Timothy David 

Charlotte. NC 28226 

2122 Sycamore Lane 

(704) 366-6266 

Kalamazoo, MI 49008 



705 Hurley Avenue 

HOLT William Newell 

RockviUe. MD 20850 

402 Kimberly Or 


Greensboro, NC 27408 


HINSHAW Jennifer Megan 

314 Fenton Place 

HOOD Robert Daniel 

Charlotte, NC 28207 

501 4th Street 


Radford, VA 24141 


HOCKETT Leigh Anne 

Rt Box 407 

HOOD Tonya LaShan 

Pleasant Garden. NC 27313 

105 Camp Agape Rd 


Blyihewood, SC 29016 


HODGE Toiya Lynn 

8200 Henry Ave Fl 
Philadelphia, PA 19128 

HOOPES Melissa Hester 
1749 Westwood Road 

1 31180 Luni Crowe Rd 
Roswell, GA .30075 


475 Brookwood Dr 
Athens. GA 30605 
1404 1548-2696 

HOSFORD Michael C 
Atlanta. GA 30318 

HOUGH Megan Suzanne 
4844 Yorktown Blvd 
Arlington. VA 22207 

HOIILTON Timothy Stephen 
16432 Keats Ter 
RockviUe. MD 20855 

HOLIPE William Dean 
P O Box 547 
Statesville. NC 28677 

HOWELL Hilton Maxson 
416 Bristol Road 
Lexington. KY 40502 

HOWELL Jeanne Marie 
14584 Triadelphia 
Glenelg.MD 21737 

HUBBARD Robin Elizabeth 
1420 Floyd Avenue 
Richmond. VA 23220 
(8()4| 353-1613 

HUDDART Lia Susan 
508 East Polo Dr 
St Louis. MO 63105 

HUDGINS Mary Carter 
2316 Hickory Ave 
Burlington, NC 27215 

HUDSON Anne Bartlett 
641 Rock Creek Rd 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

HUDSON Laura Elizabeth 
P O Box 286 
Rockland, DE 19732 


HODGES Kristin Dawne 
7305 Bay Hill Ct 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Wyomissing, PA 1 96 10 

1 1 1 Woodbine Terr 
Morganton, NC 28655 

HUGHES Johnny Vernon 
Route 2 Box 543 
Creedmoor, NC 27522 

HUGHES Mark Anthony 
Creedmoor, NC 27522 

HUGHES Scottie Lynn 
7 1 7-B Edgewood Ave 
Thoniasville. NC 27360 

HULTBLRG Andrew Paul 
447 Windsor Lane 
Statesville. NC 28677 

HUl.TGREN Krislian U 
5620 William & 
Virginia Beach. VA 2.3455 
(S()4) 499-8569 

HUMPHREYS Gary Edward 
Rt I Box 455 
Pnchard. WV 25555 

3523 Vista Ave 
Cincinnati. OH 45208 

HUNT Andrew Lee 
100 Broadmont Terr 
Falls Church, VA 22046 

IRINTJudc Justin 
PO Box 325 
Tabor City, NC 28463 

HUNT Tara Louise 
P O Box 658 
Sparta, NJ 07871 

HUNTER Calvin Lamonle 
Route II Box 164 
Greenville, NC 27834 

HUNTSMAN Connie Louise 
Rt 1 Box 157-A 
WhiKier, NC 28789 

46 17 Tower Rd 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

IHRIG Elizabeth Ann 
2511 EWoodlynWay 
Greensboro. NC 27407 

IMMERGUT Joseph Neil 
41 Meyer Place 
Riverside. CT 06878 

INGE Amanda Carole 
3 Ranch Court 
Florissant. MO 63033 

INSCORE Clarence Lee 
9402 Leesville Rd 
Raleigh. NC 27613 

ISCEN Ahmet 
3309 Wedgewood PI 
Greensboro. NC 27403 

IVES Nathan Louis 
335 Chunns Cove Rd 
Asheville. NC 28805 
(704) 252-0272 

708 Kings 7th Walk 
Brooklyn. NY 11233 


JACKSON Michael Norman 
132 Laurel Road 
Arden. NC 28704 

JACKSON Shanna Dawn 
1 960 Georgia Ave 
Winston-Salem.NC 27104 

JAFFE Sarana Hanna 
5116 Moorland Lane 
Bethesda. MD 20814 

JAMES Arlene Nicole 
799 Bayview Avenue 
Amilyville. NY 11701 

JAMES Bruce Fiedler 
PO Box 104 
Birchrunville. PA 19421 

JAMES Kristen Elisabeth 
1215 Wilshire Blvd 
Oklahoma City. OK 731 16 
(405) 843-9830 

JAMES Reginald 
2707 Harlem Avenue 
Baltimore. MD 21216 

JANE Viktoria Augusta 
2370 Yeager Court 
Bensalem, PA 19020 

JANSEN Joy Caroline 
103 Royal Club Dr 

Cary.NC 27513 

JENKINS Christy Leigh 
4030 Abingdon Rd 
Charlotte. NC 2821 1 

JENKINS Kathryn Kendall 
28 C Hilton PI 
Greensboro. NC 27409 

JENNINGS William Thomas 
1 1 2 Country Club 
Savannah. GA 3 14 10 

JERDEN James Lonnie 
4165 Whitewater 
Atlanta. GA .30327 
(404) 233-6403 

JE.STER Jon Kristopher 
432 Erwin Rd 
Durham. NC 27707 

JEWELL Stanley G Jr 
Box I South Street 
Cato. NY 1.3033 

217 Burrin Ave 
Stratford, CT 06497 
(203) 378-1907 

JUROVICS Nicole Rebecca 
4826 Rembert Drive 
Raleigh. NC 27612 

KEITH Elizabeth Marie 
POBox 1392 
Richinond.VA 23211 

KIRSHNER Miriam Amy 
2524 Wnghtwood Av 
Durham. NC 27705 

KOPCSAK Kristen M 
906 Monticello St 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

POBox 17301 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

JUSTICE Michael William 
Annapolis, MD 21401 

KEITH Sarah Adeline 
3450 Fraternity 
Winston-Salem. NC 27127 

10613 DaysailerDr 
Fairfax Station. VA 22039 

KOPCSAK Michael John 
906 Monticello St 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

JOHANSON John Preston 
1906 Hopi Trail 
Austin, TX 78703 

KABBASH James Charles 
1999 Franklin Dr 
Charlottesville. VA 22901 

KEMERER Kimberly M 
1031 Gary wood Ln 
Arnold. MD 21012 
(301 ) 974-4436 

KIUCHI Reijiro 
Greensboro. NC 27403 

KOVALENKO Lesya George 
5 1 Banjo Branch Rd 
Mars Hill. NC 28754 

JOHNSON Andre Randel 
Route 5 Box 44 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

KAHN Jennifer Lynn^ 
108 Oak St 
Carrboro.NC 27510 

KEMP Leigh Meredith 
5913 Sentinel Dr 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

909 Heron Drive 
SilverSpnng.MD 20901 

KRAEMHR Demck William 
58 Horseshoe Drive 
West Boylston, MA 01583 

JOHNSON Andrell Lamont 
PO Box 278 
Mizpah. NJ 08342 

KALLEN Jon Edward 
1711 Chateau Coun 
Fallston.MD 21047 

KEMPSON Caroline E M 
25 Melrose Ave 
Asheville, NC 28804 

4548 W Grace Ave 
Mequon. WI 53092 

KRAMER Leigh Anne 
2408 Winton Road 
Durham. NC 27707 

JOHNSON Hannah Rachel 
240 Foreside Road 
Falmouth. ME 04105 

KANG Su-Jung 
Interlink Guil Col 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

KENNEDY Burleigh Roy IV 
1952Masthaven Cl 
SnellviUe. GA 30278 
(404) 972-5086 

KLOSS Jeffrey Allen 
233 Shell Drive 
Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 

KREITZER Scott Matthew 
2003 Jolly Road 
BaUimore.MD 21209 

JOHNSON Kimberly Renee 
1470 SW 5th Ter 
Deerfield. FL 33441 

KAPLAN Eric Michael 
5 Triple Crown Ct 
Nonh Potomac, MD 20878 

KETNER Timothy James 
Route 2 Box 340 
West Jefferson, NC 28694 

POBox 17359 
Greensboro, NC 2''410 

KRELL Lisa Jane 

14 Stratford Road 

West Hartford, CT 061 17 


JOHNSTON Daniel Harold 
1821 Meadowdale Ave, NE 
Atlanta, GA 30306 

KAPLAN Jeffrey Finn 
208 View Street 
Black Mountain, NC 28711 
(704) 669-2074 

c/o Mrs. Khamala 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

KOCHER Wayne Christopher 

9 Ehot Drive 

Lake Grove, NY 11755 


KROLL Edward William 
505 W End Ave 
New York, NY 10024 


JOHNSTON Sarah Hillary 
Baltimore, MD 21214 

KAPLAN Stacey Meredith 
225 Cummings Avenue 
Elberon, NJ 07740 

KIELTY Mary Deirdre 
3409 Wythe Avenue 
Richmond, VA 23221 
(804) 355-3882 

KOGER Michael A 
8 Beardslee Hill 
Franklin, NJ 07416 

KUSCH Roben Alexander 
540 Sea Oak Dnve 
Vero Beach, FL 32963 

JONES David Connor 
1 1 7 South Battery 
Charleston, SC 29401 
(803) 722-6782 

KARJANE William Yur 
3 1 9 Briarwood Ave 
Haddonfield, NJ 08033 
(609) 858-7076 

3005 Faufax Road 
Greensboro, NC 27407 

KOLEV Teodor Petrov 
POBox 17343 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

Interiink Guil Coll 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

JONES Raymond E III 
24848 Deep Water 
St Michaels, MD 21663 

JONES Rebecca Lynn 
1918 AshbrookDr 
Wilmington, NC 28403 

JONES Victoria Houlding 
50 East Road 12J 
DelRay Beach, FL 33483 
(407) 278-8960 

JORGENSEN Amy Elizabe 
th6607 King Lawrence 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

JUDGE Kathryn Allen 
Route 3 Box 38 
Pittsboro,NC 27312 

JURNAK Seih Andrew 
Santa Fe. NM 87501 

KARO Daniel Peter 

5 1 Amherst Road 

Pon Washington, NY 1 1050 


KARPENSKE Sara Jennifer 
406 W West St 
Southpon,NC 28461 

KATAOKA Natsuko 
Interiink Guil Col 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

KEALY Benjamin John 

10 E 95th St 

New York, NY 10128 


Florissant, MO 63033 

KEISH Gregory Ewing 
21 19 N Huntington 
Arlington, VA 22205 

KIM Taehoon Andy 
1 17 Ironwood Drive 
Chapel Hill, NC 27516 

KINCAID Ariene Frances 

PO Box 362 

Meadow Bridge, WV 25976 


KING Emily Mclntyre 
4606 Virginia Ave 
Charleston, WV 25304 

KING Mordecai Preston 
1359 Perry Place NW 
Washington, DC 20010 
(202) 829-0038 

KING Virginia Claire 
3S09D Cotswold Ter 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

KINSLEY Benjamin James 
3257 Three Bndge 
Powhatan, V A 23139 


KOOISTRA Margaret Minke 
2700 Lincoln St 
Camp Hill, PA 17011 

LABBY Kevin Richard 
84 Lakeside Dnve 
Bemus Point, NY 14712 

■i K MiL-hael Waller 
( .iriiphcll Drive 
.ih Foifsl. NC 2K768 
•i \4,S->i'W7 

LEMONS Philip Wayne II 
606 Creslview Dr 
Durham. NC 2771 : 


LILES Vicki Lynn 
10717 Six Forks Rd 
Raleigh. NC 27614 

LYTLE Amy Sue 
427 Carsonia Ave 
Reading. PA 19606 


2631 Sky view Ave 
Langlmme. PA 19047 

(215l 7S7-4I IS 

I VDI) Sharon Angela 
I Jii 1 \irpon Road 
Ch.ipi-I Hill. NC 275 14 
• 11 442-1441 

LENNON Robin Ann 
4405 Westboumc Rd 
C.reen.sboro.NC 27410 

LILLARD Ehse Renee 
SS2.1 Willowmede Dr 
Clemmons.NC 27012 

MABE Joseph Kevin 

Rouie 2 Box 4 1 1 

Pilot Mountain. NC 27041 


MALLOCH Joan Kallllc 
108 Rockview Lane 
Morganton. NC 2X655 

LAMBERT John David 
2080 Glade Dr 
Christiansburg. VA 24073 

LEONARD April Joanne 
Rt I Box 763 
Sophia. NC 27350 

LILLY Derreek Frane 
106 Sugar Loaf Dr 
Wilton. CT 06897 

MABRY Rebecca Renee 
31 17 Minnesota Rd 
Charlotte. NC 28208 
(704) 393-3844 

MALTESE Anthony Joseph 
1 12 Berkeley Place 
Massapequa. NY 11758 

LANDAU Anva Kar 
115 Deert~ield Road 
Bogart. GA 30622 

LEONARD Erin Dunn 
1885 Sandy Ridge 
Colfax. NC 27235 

LINCOLN David Gregory 
4902 Pilgrim Road 
Baltimore. MD 21214 

MACCARO Jessica Lauri 
1024 Thomas Ave 
Baldwin. NY 1 1510 

MANCUSO Terri Loui> 
Potomac, MD 20854 

LANDE Marc Phillip 
4720 Drunimond Ave 
Chevy Chase. MD 20815 

LESLIE Stephannie Lyn 
1 503 Woodspath Ln 
Columbus. OH 43232 

LINCOLN Robert Gordon 
6 Baldwin Street 
Pennington. NJ 08534 

MACDONALD Daniel Robert 
POBox 17275 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

MANGIN Melinda Mai 
1620 Wilson Ave 
Menomonie. Wl 5475 1 

LANE Brian Alexander 
1006 W Trinity 
Durham. NC 27701 

Route 4 Box 74 
Snow Hill. NC 28580 

LINO Veronica Celeste 
1453 Potomac Hghts 
Fort Washington, MD 20744 

MACE Lindsay Dawn 
2 1 6 Shore Loop 
Winter Haven. PL 33884 

MANIRE George Shannon 
35 Dudley Circle 
Durham. NC 27703 

LANG Christopher M 
817 Aberdeen Lane 
Bay Shore, NY 11706 

LEVINE Karen Alane 
2610 Jefferson 
Chapel Hill, NC 27516 

LITTLE Susan Rulh 
Route 39 Box 109 
Saint Marys, WV 26170 

MACIVER Kimberly Darden 

1840 Duke of 

Virginia Beach. VA 23454 


MANN Matthew Taylor 
15536 GrinnellTer 
Derwood. MD 20855 

LANIER Leia Renee 
3613 Hathaway Road 
Durham, NC 27707 

POBox 17370 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

LIVELY William Knox 
1408 KnightwoodDr 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

MACKEY Melinda C 
107 Darhn Circle 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

MARINO Jordan Greg 
1 2 Slurbridge Ln 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

LARA Rafael 
Interlink Guil Coll 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

LEVY Matthew Asher 
7409 Masonboro 
Wilmington, NC 28409 

4709 Montgomery Ln 
Bethesda,MD 20814 

MACPHERSON James Biodie 
POBox 17356 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

MARKS Kathryn Jay 
2595 Griffith Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

LAWLER Dwayne Gregory 
Warrington, PA 18976 

1 34 Anthony Ln 
Clinton, NY 13323 

LONG Deborah Elise 
1808 Ferdinand St 
Coral Gables, FL 331.34 

MAGINNISS Marcus Picho 
604 Johnston PI 
Alexandna, VA 22301 

MARQUARDT Christopher M 
1688 Moorings Dr 
Reston. VA 22090 

9525 Gravel Hill 
Woodsboro, MD2I798 

LEWIS Daniel Miguel 
5301 Edington Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27504 

LOPEZ Jose Fernando 
lOB St Croix PI 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

2001 NW27thDr 
Gainesville, FL 32605 

MARSH Kenneth Dodson 
High Point, NC 27260 

LEE Anthony Scott 
901 S Washington 
Dunn, NC 28334 

LEWIS Elizabeth Shinn 
1064 18th Ave NW 
Hickory, NC 28601 

LORD Carolyn Robbins 
201 Ridgewood Road 
Baltimore, MD 21210 

MAGNE Olivier Jean-S 
8C Woodstream Ln 
Greensboro, NC 27410 
(9191 299-2598 

MARSHALL Collier Lance 
Route 5 Box 135 
Mocksville, NC 27028 

LEE Charles Andrew 

PO Box 266 

CId Spmg Harbr, NY 11724 


LEWIS Emily Auchincloss 

242 Jelliff Mill 

New Canaan, CT 06840 


LOUGHLIN Gregory Weber 
1411 Maywood Drive 
Fayetteville, NC 28305 

MAHONY Brian Peter 
45 Sylvan Avenue 
Miller Place, NY 11764 

154 Mt Hill Rd 
Danville, VA 24540 

LEE Charles David 
3339 Johnny Cake 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

LEE Wilfnd Chi Shing 
306 Whitehead Hall 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

LEMAY Erika Nissan 
Rt 7 Box 41 
Chapel Hill, NC 275 14 

LEWIS Joshua Daniel 
48 Gracelyne Road 
Asheville, NC 28804 
(704) 254-2969 

LEWIS Joshua Grant 
3375 E Lakeshore 
Baton Rouge, LA 70808 

LEWIS Maria Jane 
920 N Tioga St 
Ithaca, NY 14850 

LOVEKIN Stephen L L Jr 
3825 Pinecrest Dr 
Hickory, NC 28601 

LUKER Marc Anton Miller 
216 Stonewall Hght 
Abingdon, VA 24210 

208 Lakeway Drive 
Lewisville, NC 27023 

MAIER Alexanders 
P O Box 890 
Manchester, VT 05255 
(802) 362-2692 

MAIER Edward Handy Jr 
1233 Staunton Road 
Charleston, WV 25314 
(304) 342-0256 

MALBASA Nicole Brywn 
108 Benson Drive 
Statesboro, GA 30458 

MARTIN James Taylor 
3400 Sterling Ave 
Alexandria, VA 22304 
(703) 823-3424 

MARTIN Troy Allen 
Route 1 Box 48 1 
Newton, NC 28658 

POBox 17388 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

MASON Jeffrey Alan 
20(15 Inverness Ct 
Raleigh. NC 27615 

McCOY Martha Ellen 
P O Box 886 
Franklin, WV 26807 
1304) 358-2275 

Rt 2 Box 306 
Delbanon, WV 25670 
(304) 426-6058 

MICHELI Alisdair R 
1 5 Washington Rdg 
East Granby. CT 06026 

841 Longbow Road 
Charlotte. NC 2821 1 

MASTON Jennifer Lee 
2237 Windward 
Virginia Beach. VA 2.3451 

McCOY Tara Leigh 
Box 32 Mtn Noble 
Cherokee, NC 28719 

McSHEFFREY Meghan Anne 
17 Gushing Street 
Hingham. MA 02043 

ICOVIC Aleksandar 
1452 BamardsviUe 
Bamardsville, NC 28709 
(704) 626-2560 

MOORE Annabel Holland 
1612 Maryland Ave 
Durham. NC 27705 

POBox 17385 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

McCRAY Lindsey Warv 
2 126 Gloucester PI 
Wilmington. NC 28403 

McVICKAR Bnan Matthew 
Rocky Mount. NC 27804 

5 1 Church Street 
Charleston, SC 29401 

MOORE Anthony David 
Rl 2 Box 738 
Greenville, WV 24945 

Interlink Guil Col 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

MATZ Susan Ann 
POBox 17412 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

RR 2 BOX 848 
Clinton, NY 13323 

5308 Seminole Ave 
Tampa, FL 33603 

McCURRY Nancy Helena 
1028 Shadowbrook 
Charlotte. NC 2821 1 
(704) 366-5740 

McENTEE Eleanor M 

533 Locust Ct 

Webster Groves, MO 63 1 1 9 


McWILLIAMS Christopher 
3418 Cottonwood Dr 
Durham. NC 27707 

3723 Cardinl Downs 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

MEDFORD Victoria Love 
249 Oakwood Lane 
Indian Trail. NC 28079 
(704) 882-1897 

5 Blue Heron Drive 
Brunswick, ME 0401 1 


MILLER Erol Kemal 
Route 2 Box 219 
California. MD 20619 

MILLER Joanna Kay 
331 College Avenue 
Richmond, IN 47374 

MOORE Ellen Kirsten 
618 Tower Bank Rd 
SevemaPark, MD21I46 

MOORE Julie Courtney 
33 Skyview Lane 
Mount Airy, NC 27030 

MOORE Suzanne Lee 
2 Andrea Rd 
Topsham, ME 04086 

208 W End Ave 
Haddonfield, NJ 08033 

McGRAW Kathleen Joy 
3 Arrowhead Lane 
Armonk, NY 10504 

MEDLIN Mark Leonard 
906 Charfield Dr 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

MILLKEY Alexander M 
2626 Parkside Dr 
Atlanta. GA 30305 

MOORMAN Johanna Louise 
RR2 Box 325 
Flora. IL 62839 

1605 Wellington PI 
Westlake Village, CA 91361 

MclVER Heather Hille 
1 15 S Franklin Dr 
Florence, SC 29501 


MEE Alison Michelle 
2271 Coles Avenue 
Scotch Plains. NJ 07076 
(908) 889-5039 

MILLS Melissa D 
4001 Chandworth Rd 
Charlotte, NC 28210 


MORGAN Albert Cannon 
700 Clyde Drive 
Jacksonville, NC 28540 

MAXWELL Regina LaChelle 
POBox 2131 
Fayetteville.NC 28301 

McKENZlE Keayba L 
Atlanta, GA 30314 

MENDELSON Jessica Wind 
Rt 5 Box 1 3 
Lewisburg. WV 24901 
(304) 645-3708 

MILLSPAUGH Mark Charles 

1551 NE43St 

Ft Lauderdale. FL 33334 


MORRISON Margaret Macon 
2319 Wren's Nest 
Richmond. VA 23235 
(804) 272-6080 

MAYER Ann Elizabeth 
PO Box 750 
Highlands. NC 28741 

McKINNEY Anne Kathleen 
102 Hwy 226 South 
BakersviUe. NC 28705 

MERMANS Jennifer E 
740 Weddington Rd 
Matthews. NC 28105 

MITCHELL Jonathon Wait 
271 N Main St 
Cohasset, MA 02025 

1726Shookstown Rd 
Frederick, MD 21701 

MAZA Duerto Aristides 
Interlink Guil Col 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

McClEAN Martin Clay 
700 S New Hope Rd 
Gastonia, NC 280.54 

MEROTH Peter Windsor 
23 Legion Drive 
Abington. MA 02351 


MOESCH Susan Mane 
Greensboro. NC 27407 

MOSCA Daniel Paul 
4901 Holly Ridge 
Raleigh. NC 27612 

McALOON Megan Colleen 
Boon Amer High Sch 
APO New York. NY 09080 

McBANE Matthew Scott 
Snow Camp, NC 27349 

McLEES Angus Armstrong 
1628 Park Avenue 
Richmond. VA 23220 
18041 353-0223 

McLEOD David Noell 
419 Lakeshore Lane 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

MERRILL Robert Charles 
5 Ashwood Terrace 
Newburgh. NY 12550 

MERRITT Wesley Bragg 
14 Hemlock Avenue 
Huntington. NY 11743 

MOHLMANN Colin Thomas 
32 1 West Noble St 
Louisburg. NC 27549 

MOLINARI Mariano Tomas 
3L Woodstream Ln 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

MOSER Bnan Keith 
Route 2 Box 129 
Pinnacle, NC 27043 

POBox 17387 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

McCAIN John W W 
2848 Fairmont Road 
Winston-Salem.NC 27106 

18928 Diary Road 
Gaithersburg, MD 20879 

MERRY Roben Ellsworth 
1313. Meme Ridge 
McLean. VA 22101 

MOLINARO Noelle Elise 

1 Poplar Road 

Long Valley, NJ 07853 


MOSS Jennifer Anne 
Rt 2 Box 369 
Cleveland. TN 37312 

McCLURKIN Rebecca E 
10426 Mtn Quail Rd 
Silver Spnng.MD 20901 

McCORKLE Richard B 
3534G Farmington 
Greensboro, NC 27407 

McNeill Joanne 
70 Gun Lane 
Levittown. NY 11756 

McNeill Sean William 
70 Gun Lane 
Levittown. NY 1 1756 

MEYER Charles Fntz IV 
4601 Joseph Hopkin 
Summerfield. NC 27358 

MEYERS Ashley Scott 
1 5 Southgate Ave 
Annapolis, MD 21401 

MOLLER April Stephani 
3705 Locust Hill 
Taylors. SC 29687 

MONGOLD Connie Lyn 
Route I Box 317 
Rig, WV 26836 
(304) 4.M-2754 

MOWERY Heidi Brian 

P O Box 7578 

High Point. NC 27264 


MOYER Gregory Collin 
89 Watercresl Dr 
Doylestown. PA 18901 

.11 '.I [ >' Susannah Lee 
iM"' \\,i> bridge Ci 
;,ii, ivh. \c:7Mi6 
Ul'h ssl-4673 

^LIDIMBE Claude KahcM 
526 Racine Si 
)urham. NC 27707 

NOELL Eli/abelh Evans 
2008 Reynolda Road 
Winsion-Salem.NC 27106 

NOLAN Emily 
41 12 Terrace St 
PhMadelphia. PA 19128 

24604 Lunsford Cl 
Damascus. MD 20872 

OSHIMA Hajime 
POBox 17454 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

PATES James Frederick 
10 Bales Road 
Lexinglon. MA 02173 

PEACOCK Nalalie Fowler 
1305 Willow Drive 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

PF ri Y Russell Jeflrey 
3 1 1 New Slrecl 
Greensboro. NC 27405 

PFAFF Molly Megan 
4829 Willet Drive 
Annandale. VA 22003 

tlLiLLINS Paula Darlene 

14Caslle»ood Dr 

lary.NC 27511 

NORTON Melissa Joy 
115-LD Abingdon Cl 
Gary. NC 275 13 

PAGE Jessica Rachel 
85 Wesi Slrecl 
Warwick. NY 10990 

PEARSON Douglas He 
310 W Union Si 
Morganlon, NC 28655 
(7041433-1 1114 

PHELPS Haydee Gle 
42 Ridge Sireel 
Kalonah, NY 10536 

MURPHY Deirdre Anne 
>244 N Nottingham 
Vrlington, VA 22205 

NORTON Wallenda Ann 
306 Debbie Drive 
Stalesboro. GA 30458 

PAGE Ryan Patrick 
3603 Downing Si 
Marietta. GA 30066 

PELHAM Deborah Randolph 
81 16 Eastern Ave 
Wyndmoor. PA 19118 

PHELPS Victoria Lou 
3138 Airlie 
Charlotte. NC 28205 

»IL!RRAY Deborah Lvn 
j41 New Albany Rd 
vioorcslown. NJ 08057 
(609) 234-2296 

O'CONNELL Jessica 
3501 Ramblewood Cr 
Cleveland. TN 3731 1 

PAGE Tucker Bums 
81 1 Shannon Road 
Asheboro. NC 27203 

108 W Monroe Ave 
Alexandria. VA 22301 

PHILIPS Jeanetle Ma 
344 South Candler 
Decatur. GA 30030 

MURRY Barry Gibbs 
116 Clover Ln 
Oxford. NC 27565 
(919) 756-7491 

Ml SSER Carrie Danielle 
Rl : Box 89 

Rural Retreat. VA 24368 
(703 ) 686-4964 

O'MARA Judith Brannon 
3703 Spring Meadow 
Ellicoll City. MD 21043 


O'NEAL Stephanie M 
509 Jeroma Lane 
West Chester. PA 19382 

PAIGE Sarah Beth 
8495 Rainbow Brdg 
Springfield. V A 22153 

PALMER Josh Thomas 
250 Borton Drive 
Woodstown. NJ 08098 

PEREZ Sylvia Patricia 
9-G St Croix PI 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

PETERSEN Karin Margaret 
19 Sherman Ave 
Summit. NJ 07901 

PICKENS Jeremy Wayni 
4227 Bluffs Lane 
Durham. NC 27712 

4595 ToUgale Road 
New Hope. PA 18938 

NAFF Sara Elizabeth 
2513 Kilboume Dr 
Greensboro. NC 27407 

O'NEIL Kevin McCarthy 
307 Woodland Ave 
White Sulphur. WV 24986 

PALMER Megyn Elizabeth 
250 Bonon Drive 
Woodstown. NJ 08098 
(609) 759-3080 

5905 Buckhom Road 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

PIERCE Brian Parker 
34 Carlton Dr NE 
Atlanta. GA 30342 


POBox 17448 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

O'REILLY Sean Patrick 
3288 Page Ave 1008 
Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

3840 Guinevere Ln 
Winston-Saiem.NC 27104 
(919) 768-4868 

PETRASH Jonathan David 
3 106 Edgewood Road 
Kensington. MD 20895 

PIERSON Teresa Ann 

P O Box 352 

Birch River. WV 26510 


7415 Piney Branch 
Takoma Park. MD 20912 

33 North Remington 
Bexley, OH 43209 

PAPPAS Eric Theodore 
257 Berkley Avenue 
Lansdowne, PA 19050 

PETREE John Adam 
511 Westmont Drive 
Fayetleville. NC 28305 

PIKE Edward McKay 
1 1 6 WoodmonI Drive 
Paris. KY 40351 

NASH Daryl G 
1801 73rd Avenue 
Philadelphia. PA 19126 

OLDHAM Julia Trethaway 
1604 Par Court 
Johnson City. TN 37501 

PARKER Barbara Lorraine 
POBox 801 
Cherokee. NC 28719 

PETTUS Jimmy Alar 
Rl 2 Box 30B 
Pinnacle. NC 27043 

PINGLEY Deana Rene 
70 S Hughes St 
Hamilton. VA 22058 
(703) 338-5403 

NELSON Steven Angus 
, 1404 Country Lake 
' Greensboro. NC 27406 

i NESBITT Laurel Mane 
6505 Wachese Lane 
Knoxville.TN 37912 

NICHOLS Anna Eleanor 
128 Gilman Avenue 
Nashville. TN 37205 

NICHOLS Gregory Scott 

Rl 4 Box 220 

N Wilkesboro. NC 28659 


NICKELS Robert Justm 
216 Eldrid Drive 
Silver Spnng, MD 20904 

OLDS Samantha 
Plateau Lane 
Bedford. NY 10506 

OLIVE Kevin Douglas 
9703 Clearwater Dr 
Knoxville, TN 37923 

OLIVER Julie Lynne 
5300 Radbrook Dr 
Greensboro. NC 27406 

OLIVER William D 
2106 Mt Blanco Rd 
Chester, VA 23831 

3901 S Ocean Dr 
Hollywood. PL 33019 

PARKER Jepera Constanza 
3215 Pell MellDr 
Orlando, FL 32818 

PARKER Matthew Lindley 
George School 4553 
Newtown, PA 18940 

PARKHURST Ellen Dclletl 
l96Longstreel Dr 
Gettysburg, PA 17034 

PARR Martha Anne 
125 Fireside Cir 
Baltimore. MD 21212 

PARRISH Charlolle Lynn 
270 Smith-Edwards 
Kemersville. NC 27284 

PINKETT Leon Frederick 
34 Dowling Circle 
Baltimore. MD 21234 

POPE Janet Elizabeth 
5111 Fairoaks Road 
Durham, NC 27712 

PROTHERO Park Mitchell 
5409 Duxford Place 
Burke. V A 22015 
I703> 323-7706 

RANEY Alison Palm 
Durham. NC 27707 

Thomasville. NC 27360 

PLATT Brian Wesley 
1051 Montrose Dr 
S Charleston, WV 25303 
(304) 744-9657 

PORCELLI Maura Patricia 
5306 MacArthur 
Washington. DC 20016 

PROUT Christa Whitney 
3021 Country Club 
Winston-Salem. NC 27104 

RANEY Susan Windha 
4610 Hunter Ridge 
Durham. NC 27707 

RICHMOND Lois Renee 
7003 Beecher Road 
Pleasant Garden. NC 27313 

PLAVETIC Katarina 
1900Zebley Rd 
Wilmington, DE 19810 

PORRUA Uceta Ignacio 
Interlink Guil Coll 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

PRUDEN Michael Tho 
1004 Wolcott Ave 
Norfolk. V A 23513 

RANKIN Adnanne A 
1 1 8 Lakeshore Rd N 
Denver. NC 28037 

RICKETTS Andre Carlyle 
2414 Richmond Ct 
New Bern. NC 28560 

PLOEGER Stephanie 
PC Box 325 
Ascutnuy. VT 05030 

Route 1 Box 165 
Jane Lew. WV 26378 

PRUYN David Charles 
3740 Red Oak Court 
New Orleans. LA 70131 
(504) 394-3683 

RAU Michael Eric 
4755 Country Club 
Winston-Salem.NC 27104 

RIDER Keith Benton 
625 Shearer St 
North Wales. PA 19454 

PLUM Eric Cristopher 
1 23 Franklin Drive 
Mullica Hill, NJ 08062 
(609) 478-4543 

POBox 17490 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

82 Western Ave 
Jersey City, NJ 07307 

POLAND Jessica Ann 
Raleigh. NC 27604 

POMERANCE Amy Eli/abcth 
135 Homestead Dr 
Athens. GA 30605 

PONCE Julio 
POBox 17465 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

POON Stephanie Greta 
1 34 N Brook Rd 
Springfield. MA 01 1 19 

Interlink Guil Col 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

POSTAL Pietro 
Interlink Guil Col 
Greensboro. NC 274 10 

POWELL Frank Grey 
3305 Clark Ave 
Raleigh. NC 27607 

POWELL Sarah Talton 
2501 Pine Needles 
Goldsboro. NC 27534 

PRIDGEN John Campbell 
218 Wards Bndge 
Warsaw. NC 28398 

PROPST Jennifer Leigh 
4(M Princeton St 
Martinsburg.WV 25401 

PROTHERO Kelly Dawn 
5409 Duxford PI 
Burke. VA 22015 

PUGH Rand Edward 
168 Dulchcr Street 
Hopedale. MA 01747 

PULLLAM Margaret Noelle 
218 Pleasantview 

King. NC 27021 

PUTZEL David Henry 
184 Columbia Hghts 
Brooklyn. NY 11201 

QUICK Samuel Leon 

P O Box 485 

High Point. NC 27260 


QUICK Thomas Brent 
2m) NW 23rd St 
Gainesville. FL 32605 

QUINN Jean Marie 
293 Wall Street 
Meriden. CT 06450 

QUlSTKarla Emily 
4913 N 28th St 
Arhngton. VA 22207 

RAGAN Anthony Glenn 
148 Crescent Ct 
Winston-Salem.NC 27127 

R.AKES Steven Douglas 
1 02 Green Acres Ln 
Greensboro. NC 27410 
(919) 288-8348 

RAKOWER Jessica 
Ciiral Pictures 
Miami. FL 33126 

RAMEY Lee Allyson 
1 2 1 W Seeman St 
Durham. NC 27701 
in 19) 3711-9189 

RANDLE Timothy R IV 
966 Sequoia Drive 
Lewisville. NC 27023 

RAY Melanie Lynn 
1710 W New Hope Rd 
Goldsboro. NC 27530 

RAY' Tommy Lamar 
516 N State St 
Lexington. NC 27292 

REECE Virginia Gritfin 
3105 Stockton Rd 
Pocomoke City. MD 21851 

REED Christopher M 
325 MorganviUe Rd 
Matawan. NJ 07747 

REEDER Katrina 
9504 Cape Ann PI 
Gaithersburg. MD 20879 

REESER Bryant Wexler 
208 Tafl Street 
Eden. NC 27288 

REEVES Peter B Jr 
The Masters School 
Dobbs Ferry. NY 10522 

REID Amy Elizabeth 
POBox 17516 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

REID Jennifer Manning 
4466 Kellogg Cir 
Dunwoody. GA 30338 

REILLY James McCabe 
104 Penn St 
Rivenon. NJ 08077 
(609) 829-8727 

RENTLE Vanessa Leigh 
200(>Garrell Drive 
Wilson. NC 27893 

RHOADS Amy Elizabeth 
1702 Pleasant Dr 
McComb. MS 39648 

RIDGWAY Karen Elizabeth 
3644 Catalina Road 
Lake Park. FL 3.14 10 

RIEVERS Ana Paula D 
3909 Henderson Rd 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

RILEY Lewis Adams IV 
Annapolis. MD 21403 

RINALDI Mary Ellen 
Atlanta, GA 30324 
(404) 237-4341 

Route 1 Box 400 
Pillsboro, NC 27312 

ROACH John Michael 
5503 Turtle Cove 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

ROARK Gregory Alan 
P.O. Box 210 
Wolfeboro. NH 03894 

ROBERTS Susan Carol 
P O Box 1 7537 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

ROBERTSON Nicole Ruth 
2308 Shady Pine Ct 
Gastonia. NC 28054 

ROBINSON Christopher P 
320 Runnmg Fox Rd 
Columbia, SC 29223 

ROBINSON Delores Marie 

Rt 1 Box 427 

Fori Gay. WV 25514 


Interlink Guil Col 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

[OGERS Jiiscph R Jr 
208 Bentley Lane 
laleigh.NC 27610 

SALISBURY Sarah Rebeti 
7300Tanbark Way 
Raleigh, NC 276 IS 

S24 Merrie Road 
Raleigh. NC 27606 

SHAW Melissa Carol 
25 1 2 Avalon PI 
Hyallsville, MD 20783 

SMITH Anlhony C\imphell 
705 Chatham Strcei 
Winston-Salem. NC 27101 

OSE Benjamin 
19 Whitehead Cir 
'hapel Hill. NC 27514 

SALMONS Terri Gail 
POBox 17.541 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

SCHROEDER Christine N 
1 8942 Grotto Lane 
Germantown. MD 20874 

SHEA Meredith Laurei 
9620 Walts Branch 
Rockville. MD 20850 

SMITH Audrey Utiey 
44 Cedar Hill Cir 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

LOSE Chnslopher Allen 
101 Marlowe Road 
talcigh. NC 27609 

SANDERS Antony Nola 
115 Circle Coun 
Elkin.NC 28621 

SCOTT Jane Leslie 
8659 Rio Grande Rd 
Richmond. VA 23229 

SIIIMIRICK Daniel Casey 

Potomac, MD 20854 

SMITH Bernard Leroy 111 
22 Peach Hill Road 
Darien. CT 06820 

tOSENBLLlTH Brady Warren 
41 Poplar Dr 
lorgantown. WV 26505 
304) 598-3432 

SANDERS Peter Keli 
1620 Bridle Path 
Lansdale, PA 19446 

SCOTT Randoll Antonic 
2902 Holland Ave 
New York. NY 10467 

SHEDRICK Elisabeth F 
11101 Bellavista 
Potomac, MD 20854 

SMITH Brendan Bergii 
36 Nottingham Road 
Greenvile. SC 29607 

toss Sean David 
OBox 105 
rherokee.NC 28719 

SANFORD Carlos Devon 
.343 Burlmgate Dr 
Greensboro. NC 27409 

SEABROOK Mary Elizabeth 
CMR445 Box 91 
APO AE. 09046 

SHINN Robyn Annette 
101 Fox Ridge Ln 
Winfield, PA 17889 

SMITH Charlotte Arlene 
Bx 148 Wrights Crk 
Cherokee. NC 28719 


15 Park Avenue 
vlanhasset, NY 11030 

POBox 17538 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

SEAL Susan Joy 

22 Shoal Creek Fls 

Signal Mountain. TN 37377 


SHORE Eric Alexander 
3,34 Winding Way 
Merion, PA 19066 

SMITH Daniel White 

514 Lee Way 

Bel Air. MD 21014 


*OSTAN Carol Elizabeth 
1031 Queens Road 
Charlotte. NC 28207 

SARGENT Sarah Taylor 
1 5 1 Spencer Ave 
New Bern. NC 28560 

SEITER Allison Eileen 
26 Ridgewood Terr 
Maplewood. NJ 07040 
(201) 763-0515 

SHOTWELL Rebecca Ann 
4550 North Park Avenue 
Chevy Chase. MD 20815 

SMITH Dennis McLawhom 
P O Box 358 
Robersonville.NC 27871 
(919) 795-4684 

*OTH Matthew Wayne 
2680 Windmill Dr 
Vorktown Hts. NY 10598 

SAUER John David 
13817 Arctic Ave 
Rockville. MD 20853 

SELBY Heather Marie 
4605 Hornbeam Dr 
Rockville. MD 20853 

SICK Michael Alan 
20 Willow Way 
Canfield, OH 44406 

SMITH Evan Arthur 
19 Barley Shear Rd 
Flemington, NJ 08822 

ROWNEY Eh/abeth Wyn 
jl2 Brandon Dnve 
Mount Kisco. NY 10549 
;9 14) 241-2746 

SAUMS Kenneth L 
96 Mine Street 
Flemington. NJ 08822 

1324 Brooks Ave 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

SIDWELL Jason Allai 
339 E Maple St 
Granville, OH 43023 

SMITH Jason Alexander 
178 W Poplar St 
Mount Airy. NC 27030 

RUDZINSKI Matthew Hylai 
207 Peirce Road 
Wilmington, DE 19803 
(302) 652-6928 

RYAN Jennifer N 
3332 Ventura Cir 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 

1 507 Emory Road 
Atlanta, GA 30306 
(404) 373-9733 

SCALES Katherme L 
2742 London Lane 
Winston-Salem. NC 27103 

4152 Curly Hill Rd 
Doyleslown, PA 18901 

PO Box 1 7545 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

SIMMONS Jeremy Tyrone 
Route 2 Box 63 
TobaccoviUe. NC 27050 

SIMMONS William 
593 Amberidge NW 
Atlanta. GA 30328 


SMITH Jeffrey Jay 
5400 Beechmont Dr 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

SMITH Jennifer Nancy 
3443 Launcelot Way 
Annandale. VA 22003 

SABERT Michael 
4503 Bnarly Ct 
Charlotte. NC 28210 

SADOFF Michael Elliot 
1000 Smith Level 
Carrboro. NC 27510 

SADOWSKY Mark David 
175 West 93rd St 
New York. NY 10025 
(212) 865-5274 

POBox 17544 

nsboro.NC 27410 

SALERI Sy Sasun 
1811 Mission Sprgs 
Katy.TX 77450 

10507 Miller Rd 
Oakton.VA 22124 

SCHILLER David Garrett 
826 Northbrook Dr 
Raleigh. NC 27609 

SCHLLIP Cynl Alexis 
131 W Highland Ave 
Philadelphia. PA 191 18 


SCHMITZ Barbara Jean 
2tOGreen!awn Terr 
Copiague.NY 1 1726 

3824 11th Ave S 
Birmingham. AL 35222 

SEVERS Robyn Marie 
St Petersburg. FL 33712 

SEXTON Holly Shore 
RR I Box 22B 
Sargentville. ME 04673 

SHAFFER Scott Stoner 
300 Sourwood Ct 
Millersville. MD21108 

SHANDROFF Robb Edward 
215 Adams Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11201 

SHAPIRO Jesse Sayre 
240 Ramstein Road 
New Hartford, CT 06057 
(203) 496-9350 

SIMPSON Laura Landis 
606 Emory Drive 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

SLADE Jason Marshall 

PO Box 645 

Rich Square, NC 27869 


1715 Dunleith Way 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

SMACK Stephen Kent II 
3335 Dorchester Ct 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 
(804) 384-7046 

SMART John Edwin 
Route I Box 442D 
Stoneville, NC 27048 

SMITH Phillip Brian D 
7425 NE 8th Court 
Boca Raton. FL 3.3431 

SMITH Sharon Elizabeth 
5338 Coburg Ave 
Charlotte. NC 28215 

SMITH Susan Malaika 
332 High Street 
Moorestown, NJ 08057 

SMITH Timothy Whitney 
1 104 Willow Dr 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

SMITH Zachary David 
604 Aspen St NW 
Washington. DC 20012 

SMYRL Shannon Marie 
1643 Fall Valley 
Houston. TX 77077 
(713) 446-5363 

SPARACINO Lara Kathryr 
3204 Jennifer Dr 
Durham, NC 27705 

5 1 Creslwood Road 
Monroe. CT 06468 

SUGIOKA Brian Scott 
319 BayberryDr 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

32-K Hunt Club Rd 
Greensboro. NC 274 10 
(908) 229-7724 

SNELL Seth Efrem 
6 D Street 

Petersburg, WV 26847 
(304) 257-4467 

SPARLING Kimberly 
212 Spring Lane 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

STEVENS John Dudley 
POBox 1238 
Purcellville. VA22132 
(703) 554-8705 

SULLIVAN John Hampto 
1121 Country Club 
Lexington. NC 27292 
(704) 249-3524 

3 1 2 Crescendo Way 
Silver Spring. MD 20901 

SNYDER Daniel Watchom 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

SPARLING Mark Aldrich 
Rt I Box 980 
Moncure. NC 27559 

2370 Fairway Dr 
Winston-Salem. NC 27103 

SULLIVAN Julie Michol 
36 River Road 
Weston. MA 02193 

THIGPEN Jeffrey Lyn 
Route 3 Box 3436 
Burgaw. NC 28425 

SNYDER Timothy Martin 
Route 1 Box 169 
Menomonie. WI 5475 1 

1211 Nathan Hunt 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

2050 Allentown Rd 
Hatfield. PA 19440 


519 Evanswood PI 
Cincinnati. OH 45220 

THOMAS Jay Bradley 
6721 Jasmine Cir 
Roanoke. VA 24019 

SOBSEY Leah Jassm 
121 Dixie Drive 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

SPELTZ Jessica Grace 
7978 Hwy 100 
Nashville. TN 37221 

STIER Scott Jo 
1 16 Esther Drive 
Cocoa Beach. FL 32931 

SURIS Jose Antonio 
P O Box 2045 
San Juan. PR 00903 

THOMAS Kelly Leigh 
PO Box 75 1 
Bumsville.NC 28714 
(704) 682-4248 

SOLBERG Peter Knott 
3224 Kelton Ave 
Los Angeles. CA 90034 

SPENCE Jessica Lyn 
5966 Pier PI Dr 
Lakeland. FL 33813 


STINSON Anne Michelle 
2303 Yorkshire Dr 
Greensboro. NC 27406 

SWARTZ Cynthia Anne 
2 Ledge Hill 
Shelbume. VT 05482 

THOMAS Sarah Kathryn 
2734 Highland Ct S 
Birmingham. AL 35205 

SOSA Emilio Roberto 
POBox 17584 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

4521 Drummond Ave 
Chevy Chase. MD 20815 

STOCKTON Collette C 
Rt 11 Box 137 
Vicksburg. MS 39180 

243 Park Crest Dr 
Roanoke. VA 24014 


THOMPSON Amy Elizabeth 
801 Academy St 
Rural Hall. NC 27045 

SOUTHARD Jason William 
1 35 Concourse West 
Brightwaters. NY 1 1718 

SOUTHARD Virginia Ruth 
Box 1054 

Williamson. WV 25661 

POBox 17547 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

STAMANT Jacqueline M 

110 Holly Drive 

New Windsor. NY 12550 


STOHLER Andrew Jacob 
528 N. BloodworthSt 
Raleigh. NC 27604 

STONE Michael Watson 
602 Edgevale Road 
Baltimore, MD 21210 

SYEED Najeeba 
1602 Attorney Ct 
Hemdon. VA 22070 

SYMONS Edith Christine 
3525 Bradley Lane 
Chevy Chase, MD 20815 

THOMPSON Andrew Owen 
McLean, VA 22101 

THOMPSON Brett James 

3 Durham Place 

Lake Grove. NY 11755 


SOWERS Heather Jo 
24936 Deep Neck Rd 
Royal Oak. MD 21662 

STANFORD John Steve 
1900 Richard Jones 
Nashville. TN 37215 

STOWE James Conner 
3026 Rustic Lane 
Charlotte. NC 28210 
(704) 552-6689 

Interlink Guil Coll 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

705 Forrest Road 
Warsaw, NC 28398 

926 Wilson Blvd 
Mishawaka, IN 46545 

15J St Croix PI 
Greensboro. NC 274 1 

STREET Susannah Page 
7258 Lasting Light Way 
Columbia. MD 21045 

TALLEY Amy Elizabeth 
10021 Apache Road 
Richmond. VA 23235 

THOMPSON Ellen Gower 
510 Salisbury St 
Kemersville. NC 27284 

STRENG Colin Brandt 
4600 Big Tree Way 
Greensboro. NC 27409 

STROHL Sarah Anne 
3 Southview Road 
Randolph, NJ 07869 

STROUD Margaret Lathan 
345 Terrell Coun 
Charlottesville. VA 22901 
(8(.)4) 293-6289 

STRUBING Alexandra L 
932 Rosser Ln 
Charlottesville. VA 22903 

P O Box 752 
Lcwisville.NC 27023 

TANDON Barbara Preni 
2605 Woods End Ln 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

TAYLOR Jackson Ivey 
2618 N Edgewater 
Fayetteville. NC 28.303 

TEATE Leshe Catherine 
1 1 1 Lamont Dr 
Decatur. GA 30030 
(404) 378-9420 

EMPLE Kathryn Dale 
421 Blackland Road 
Atlanta. G A .10342 
(404) 233-8030 

TERMINI Angela Frances 

Rt I Box61A 

Big Bend, WV 26136 


223 Shadowlawn Dr 
Jamestown. NC 27282 

THOMPSON Michelle D 
592S-F W Friendly 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

THOMPSON Tracie Ann 
29 1 1 Wade Rd 
Durham. NC 27705 

HOMSON Christine Kimberly 
54 Hawthorn Place 
Briarcliff. NY 10510 

THORMAN Kendall Field 
22 1 2 Robinhood 
Houston, T,\ 77005 

lllnKNHILLTimolhy Stolt 
N'l: Soiih Hiils 

K,iiiii^iK Nc:7(ii: 

I 'I I 'II 7SI-W47 

TUCKER Elliot Moure 
7920 Spruce St 
New Orleans. LA 701 IS 

Rd .1 Box 2SH 
Franklord, DH l')')4 
|302| 732-672') 

WALL Janies Randolph 
1035 Washington 
New Bern. NC 28562 

WATERMAN Daniel Earl 
3 Laurel Lane 
Amherst. MA 01002 

1305 Bearhollow Road 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

TLIKEY Brcndon Kei 
142 BeechwoodDr 
Carrboro.NC 27510 

VAUCiHAN Megan Dan 
4001 Davis PI NW 
Washington, DC 20007 
(202) 338-4875 

WALLACE Joseph Andre 
4013 Maccorkle Ave 
Charleston. WV 25304 

WATSON Joy Christine 
1209 Buncombe St 
Greenville, SC 29609 

TlGANl Christopher J 
4010 Kennelt Pike 
Greenville. DE 19807 

TULLY Patrick John 
2 Sawmill Way 
Flemington. NJ 08822 

VICKREY Elizabeth K 
5807G Sharon Rd 
Charlotte. NC 28210 

WAN Eugene Wei-Ming 
5506 E Tomahawk Or 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

WATT Haley Elizabeth 
200 1 Lakebrecze Wy 
Reston.VA 22091 

TILDEN Andrew Fuller 
100 Crabapple Lane 
Chapel Hill, NC 275 14 

TURNER Michelle Leigh 
3829 E Lee Street 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

VIDRINE William 
206 Proban 
Brevard, NC 287 1; 
(704) 884-5669 


WANG Ling Yun 
4115 Edenton Lane 
Durham, NC 27707 

WATTS Jennifer Dian 
Rt 3 Box 1 70 
Maysville. WV 26833 
(304) 749-7676 

TINSLEY Shavon Naquita 
Rt 3 Box 263 
Axton, VA 24054 

6921 Deerpasture 
Columbia, MD 21045 

720 Davidson St 
Raleigh, NC 276(59 
(9191 782-6082 

WARD Christopher John 
348 Edinburgh Dr 
Fayetteville, NC 28303 

WATTS John Thomas 
2911 Wyclilf Road 
Raleigh. NC 27607-3036 

TOBKES Michael L 
34 Fountain Lane 
Jericho, NY 11753 

TYREY Marc Ross 
3306 Rolling Hill 
Durham, NC 27705 

VON GAL James Christian 
3 180 Thomas Avenue 
Montgomery, AL 36106 

WARDE Caitlin Mary 
701 Cardigan Court 
Greensboro, NC 27410 
(919) 299-9244 

WATTS Steven Michael 

POBox 128 

Fort Gay, WV 255 14 


TOH Siu Lin 
Route 7 Box 47 
Hillsborough. NC 27278 

UNSETH Robb Allan 
313 WeslwoodCir 
Virginia Beach. VA 23454 

9130 Bronze Bell 
Columbia, MD 21045 

WARE Laura Elizabeth 

Hunisville,AL 35801 

WAYMAN James Thon 
932 Can Street 
Greensboro, NC 27403 

TOINEETA Charlene 
POBox 1134 
Cherokee, NC 28719 
(704) 497-6894 

VALBUENA Keith Julio 
2227 Overlook Dr 
Mount Dora, PL 32757 
(904) 383-5900 

VRONSKY Kaela Sage 
4 S Madison Ave 
Spring Valley, NY 10977 
(914) 356-8625 

WARMACK Cronin Phillips 
PO Box 475 
Woodland, NC 27897 

1 Cobb Terrace 
Walpole, MA 0208 1 

TOMEO Louis Michael 
3793 Windsor Drive 
BethpagcNY 11714 

VALBUENA Sandra Marie 
2227 Overlook Dr 
Mt Dora, FL 32757 
(904) 383-5900 

9025 Nolesgate Rd 
Charlotte. NC 28215 

WARREN Christopher S 
Washington, DC 20016 

WEAVER Sarah Lynn 
1 10 E Brentwood 
Greensboro, NC 27403 

TOMPROS Marcus Angelo 
1705 Chesterfield Way 
McLean. VA 22101 

VAN METER Sarah Rebecca 
10 Mountain Ave 
Woodstock, VT 05091 

WADDINGTON Douglas Karl 
Atlanta. GA 30309 
(404) 873-5233 

WARRICK Melike' Susa 
8608 Oak Avenue 
Gary. IN 46403 

WEBB Karen Bryant 
15 First Street 
Berryville.VA 22611 

TOWLES Samantha Leigh 
205 Stonegate Dr 
Silver Spring. MD 20905 

VAN PELT Andrea Kay 
21 Hoskins Road 
Wilmington. OH 45177 

23 Longview Ave. 
Madison. NJ 07940 

WASHBURN Sarah Dortch 
653 E Wilson Ave 
Wendell, NC 27591 
(919) .365-5177 

WECKSLER Christen M 
520 First Street 
Annapolis, MD 21403 

TRAYNOR Christopher T 
512 Links DrE 
Oceanside,NY 11572 

TREADWELL Catherine G 
5420 Grove Street 
Chevy Chase, MD 20815 

TRINDER Catherine R 
Media. PA 19063 

RITSCH Dana Michelle 
350 Derrick Ave 
Uniontown.PA 15401 


6J St Croix PI 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

156 Homecrest Ave 
Trenton, NJ 08638 

VANCE Elizabeth Renee 
POBox 17616 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

1900 Thomleigh Rd 
Midlothian, V A 23 113 


VARGE Shea Patrick 
PO Box 2324 
Pinehursl, NC 28374 

VARNER Christopher C 
7422 Skyline Drive 
Frederick, MD 21701 

WAGER Christopher Edwii 
3131 EBrigstock 
Midlothian, VA 231 13 

WAGNER Amy Elizabeth 
9 Elser Hill Road 
Lititz, PA 17543 

WALKER Heather Lane 
731 River Run 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

WALKER Kelly Kathryn 
3217 Green Forest 
Ellicott City, MD 21043 

WALKER Lara Allison 
PO Box 570 
Faufield, PA 17320 

Interlink Guil Col 
Greensboro. NC 274111 

WELLBERY Kathleen Ann 
855 NW 110 Avenue 
Coral Springs, FL 33071 

WELLS Kathnn Ellyn 
Tr\on Road 

Rulherfordton. NC 28L'9 
(7(>4i 286-920S 

WHITEHEAD James Raymond 
412 Montgomery Si 
Laurel. MD 20707 

WILSON Kristl 
33 Mountainside Rd 
Mendham. NJ 07945 

WOODCOOK Christopher A 
7431 Caruth 
Dallas. TX 75225 

YOUNG Larry Scott 
Hwy 152 East 6011 
Rockwell. NC 28138 
(704) 279-2024 

WENNER Amanda Kai 
1 1 1 Quaint Road 
Media. PA 19063 

WHITLEY Darlene Marie 
15 Howe Street 
Lewiston, ME 04240 

Rt3Box 14 

Rutherfordton. NC 28139 
(704) 287-4325 

8221 Old NC 86 
Chapel Hill. NC 27516 

YOUNG Robert Scott 
6380 Euclid Road 
Cincinnati. OH 45236 

WENNIK Joel David 
6 Cypress Avenue 
Oakhurst. NJ 07755 

WHITSON Charming Alan 

Asheboro. NC 27203 

WILSON Sarah Anne 
67 Woodlawn St 
Hamden. CT06517 
(203) 281-0327 

837 Westminster Or 
Lancaster. PA 17601 

YOUNG Robin Rebecca 
905 Lillian St 
Martinsville. VA 241 12 
(703) 638-7074 

WESNEY Thomas J 
6 Orchard Street 
Coscob. CT 06807 

WILDER Katnna Launce 
5833 Seminary Rd 
Smyrna. TN 37167 

WINER Holly Ann 
5900 Brackenridge 
Baltimore. MD 21212 


WRIGHT Darren Scott 
2205 New Garden Rd 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

YOUTZY Deborah Joy 
42 East South St 
Geneseo. NY 14454 

WEST Alyson Anne 
1711 Three Meadows 
Greensboro. NC 27408 

WILKINS Calhenne 
2957 Welcome Drive 
Durham. NC 27705 

WINSLOW Knstina C 
11526 Hill Meade 
Woodbridge. VA22192 

WRIGHT Michael Aaroi 
116EDelavue Ave 
Penns Grove, NJ 08069 
(609) 299-6542 

ZAMORA Allison Diane 
20 Old Wood Rd 
Bemardsville. NJ 07924 

WEST Amanda Custis 
607 Yorktown Drive 
Chapel Hill. NC 27516 

POBox 17646 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

Route 1 Bo.x 334 
Cherokee. NC 28719 


4847 Worchester PI 
Jamestown. NC 27282 

ZEHMER John Kinsley 
19 Brandon Rd 
Newport News. VA 23601 
(804) 595-0876 

WEST Douglas Robert 
1907 Baton Drive 
Vienna. V A 22182 

WILLARD Gillian Gould 
6502 Montrose Ave 
Baltimore. MD 21212 

WITHROW Rebecca Lee 
207 Glendale Drive 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

YAJIMA Shihomi 
Interlink Guil Col 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

ZELMAN Joshua Nathaniel 
619 Arlington St 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

WEST Jill Elizabeth 
504 Longdale Cres 
Chesapeake, VA 23325 

WILLIAMS George Thomas 
651 Lake Calhenne Dnve 
Maitland,FL 32751 

WITT Ann Jennifer 
24 Pioneer Drive 
West Hartford. CT 061 17 

YEARGIN Anna Rivi 
5607 Village Way 
Roanoke. VA 24014 

ZWADYK David Michael 
4729 Stafford Dr 
Durham, NC 27705 

WEST Patti Jo 
Ri 9 Box 369-F 
Morganton, NC 28655 

WILLIAMS Kimberly Ann 

200 E 62nd St 

New York. NY 10021 


WITTMER Todd Wesley 
310 Braebuni Glen 
Millersville. MD2I108 

YO In Ho 
POBox 17640 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

WETTERAU Christine L 
1 100 Kenton Dnve 
Toms River. NJ 08753 

212 Clinton St 
Brooklyn. NY 11201 

WOLFF Elizabeth Jean 
520 N Harbor Dr 
Atlanta. GA 30328 

lOB St Croix PI 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

WHEELOCK Angehque M 
237 Fiitro Avenue 
Clarksburg. WV 26301 

WHIGHAM Tajhia Lee 
Po Box 331 
Dillsboro. NC 28725 

WHITE. Eh/abeth C. 
I l9 0mionl Rd 
Chatham. NJ 07928 

WHITE Jonathan Senter 
POBox 1024 
Slatesville. NC 28677 

WHITE Vicki Ann 
20 Carol Street 
Buckhannon, WV 26201 

Rt 1 3 Box 566 
Greenville, NC 27858 

WILLIAMS Oman Kenyata 
8628 Binghampton 
Upper Marlboro. MD 20772 

2400 Fulling Mill 
Middletown. PA 17057 

223 E Elm St 
Granville. OH 43023 

WILLIAMSON Daniel Moore 
223 E Elm Street 
Granville. OH 4.3023 

1760 S Boston Rd 
Danville, VA 24540 
(804) 822-6726 

WILLIS Loise Harper 
503 Edney Ridge Rd 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

WOLFF Jason Traman 
Rt 1 Box 1746AA 
Davidson. NC 28036 

WOLFF Leon David 
Rt 1 Box 1746AA 
Davidson. NC 28036 

WOMACK Anthony Darrell 
Route 1 Box 185-A 
Chatham. V A 24531 
(S04) 432-2316 

WOOD Jonathan Mark 
Jamestown. NC 27282 

WOOD Kathleen 
1 1 760 Gainsborough 
Potomac. MD 20854 

WOOD Steven Eberly 
1813 Shady Lane Dr 
Dayton. OH 45432 





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ApuaM 'uosuiqoy sajopQ 

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'uosuqof i{4aqBziig 'uioojg Xmy 

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'aDUBjauioj Xuiv 'jaSuuioj pax 
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